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File: 1444456159885.png (258.17 KB, 540x394, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.26…)

No. 190640

No. 190642

File: 1444456220838.png (181.13 KB, 389x385, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.47…)

Last thread hit reply limit.

She is currently live on cam with Mike here:

No. 190643

Thank you SO much for making this thread.

No. 190644

File: 1444456305728.png (350.7 KB, 605x513, help.png)

>relationship goals

No. 190645





No. 190646

File: 1444456367928.png (1.13 MB, 1496x839, 1.png)

No. 190648

I would actually chill with Mike tbh. He seems like a pretty okay guy to be friends with, but Charms in insufferable.

No. 190649

File: 1444456455110.png (411.09 KB, 1103x601, uffhhhhhhhhhh.png)

>why is no one fucking talking?!? I hate this!

yes. they are playing jenga. people are trying to chat. but they just ignore it and continue to bicker embarrassingly.

No. 190650

Can they not see that chat? They keep bitching about no one talking while ignoring the people talking.

No. 190651

mike is a qt tbh

No. 190652


no wonder why she's asking $ for a fuck machine

No. 190653

I feel sorry for you, anon.

No. 190654

Mike seems alright to have as a friend. Likes games, seems chill.

He's definitely gay, btw.

No. 190655

He's a fucking faggot ass cuck bitch. I would fuck his ass and mouth with a used dildo to show him what a piece of trash he is.

No. 190656

what's the point of mike being on cam…? it's not like they do anything sexual together.

No. 190658

I wanna pump his ass full of hot jizz. Then I want to make him drink his own piss

No. 190659


>what is the guy on the right

kek x1000000

No. 190660

lol'd at mike's wink wish i got a cap of it

No. 190662


10/10 banner material

No. 190663

someone make it happen!

No. 190664

i haven't laughed that much over a cow in forever

No. 190666

tbh I wanna fuck mike while charlotte watches in the corner feeling cucked

No. 190667

someone ask how big mike's dick is

No. 190668

File: 1444456855076.png (3.57 KB, 295x45, screenshot-chaturbate.com 2015…)

No. 190669

File: 1444456863770.png (243.72 KB, 557x408, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.00…)

No. 190670

I wanna piss in his mouth while I have a yeast infection and let bread rise in his mouth

No. 190671

this is boring as hell. call me when someone tips her another 450 tokens.

No. 190672

>17 anonymous users

does anyone have a chaturbate account? plz troll biglottes

No. 190673


No. 190674

Holy shit, someone just tipped her 449 tokens

No. 190675

just happened anon

No. 190676

File: 1444457050975.png (228.37 KB, 543x424, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.03…)

the gross part

just sign up shes letting free users talk for now i think

No. 190677

I wanna keep Mike in my basement and make him lick my feet clean after long jogs

No. 190678

at least they are mildly interesting right now
and looks like she got even fatter, jfc

No. 190679

File: 1444457163499.jpg (512.64 KB, 1140x666, 1111.jpg)

>i want boy on right naked

No. 190680

250 tokens for Mike's shirt off, oh god.

No. 190681

File: 1444457217537.png (231.59 KB, 560x422, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.06…)

i want to see him shirtless so bad

i wanna see what we're workin with

No. 190682




No. 190683

mike seems so uncomfortable about taking off his shirt.. but i am strangely curious as to what's under there.

No. 190684

File: 1444457253656.png (502.68 KB, 697x523, eww.png)

No. 190685


that hairline

No. 190686

File: 1444457255095.png (243.95 KB, 563x425, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.07…)

>faces of obesity

No. 190687

>astral_cami: lotte is makeup goals
>cookiemonstrxx: lotte and mike are good looking
>astral_cami:i agree ^

can't be real, right?

No. 190689

File: 1444457327284.jpg (184.78 KB, 624x470, 225544.jpg)

Annnd back to playing Jenga.

No. 190691

Those are some of the worst implants I've ever seen.

No. 190692

>cookiemonstrxx: hit him
>cookiemonstrxx: please

No. 190693

guys i can't even breathe
>luvcutebois596: how big bra size girl on right?

No. 190694

>how big bra size girl on right?

No. 190695

File: 1444457410025.jpg (38.25 KB, 290x42, Untitled111-7.jpg)


No. 190696

File: 1444457428037.png (262.54 KB, 568x417, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.10…)

No. 190697


But anon, they are 34 TRIPLE D's!

No. 190698

File: 1444457484546.png (386.93 KB, 789x513, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.10…)

No. 190699

File: 1444457517403.png (348.79 KB, 702x524, fat.png)

No. 190700

File: 1444457521423.jpg (173.66 KB, 618x472, 1111111.jpg)

She's spanking Mike omg

No. 190701

Lol mike seems a little mad

No. 190702

i think i know why he's a quasi-single NEET now…. he's fucking retarded

No. 190703

>how much tokens for a punch in the face
>how much tokens for a punch in the face
>how much tokens for a punch in the face
>how much tokens for a punch in the face

No. 190704

File: 1444457614379.png (21.16 KB, 357x137, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.13…)

No. 190705

File: 1444457651524.png (658.93 KB, 1216x506, Screenshot (373).png)

shit's getting too real

anon, i swear you took those screenshots off my computer…

yeah, the bickering is unreal.

No. 190706

File: 1444457652265.png (134.02 KB, 290x408, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.13…)

>no gyno
not what i thought

No. 190707

mike is as gross underneath
i can't picture they fucking

No. 190708

File: 1444457673003.jpg (161.99 KB, 618x464, Untitled-91.jpg)

No. 190709

File: 1444457705940.png (141.42 KB, 306x411, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.14…)

>tfw your bf weighs 100 lbs and u weigh 200 lb

No. 190710

>how much tokens for a punch in the face

No. 190711

File: 1444457756851.png (101.72 KB, 241x345, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.15…)

>when u prefer cock instead of cowtits

No. 190712

File: 1444457786901.jpg (155.34 KB, 618x464, Untitled-119.jpg)

Wow, that was awkward.

No. 190713

Mike: she's really bad at sex

No. 190714

I like it in a pedo revenge hate fuck kind of way

No. 190715

File: 1444457826047.png (298.3 KB, 613x517, obesewhaleandauschwitzvictim.p…)


No. 190716

they look like a pair of bulldykes

No. 190717


No. 190718

this is so perfect.

only 180 tokens until they make out guys!!

No. 190719

File: 1444457978161.png (166.92 KB, 523x289, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.19…)

>what is jaundice

No. 190720

>the beach ball on the left looks like she has jaundice

No. 190721

>the beach ball on the left looks like she has jaundice

No. 190722

which farmer said it?
>192660810a: the beach ball on the left looks like she has jaundice


No. 190723

>192660810a: the beach ball on the left looks like she has jaundice


No. 190724

>lotte: yeah my boobs are like beachballs
>make: no they were calling you fat

No. 190725

>Mike: They're calling you fat but you aren't
>Charms: I don't get it

No. 190726

File: 1444458113539.png (259.88 KB, 578x422, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.21…)



No. 190727

File: 1444458115341.png (385.16 KB, 1109x595, lmao.png)

>192660810a: the beach ball on the left looks like she has jaundice

ma nigga.

No. 190729

our new banner should be a collection of the quotes from this show

No. 190730

File: 1444458190168.jpg (24.39 KB, 480x323, women-laughing2.jpg)

No. 190731

hes so effeminate wtf

No. 190732

>jenga up pooper

guys stop i can't stop laughing

No. 190733

this is the best thread on /pt/ atm

No. 190734

can we get a skype group going for this fam

No. 190735

what is the rate of tokens to real money? just how much has this bitch gotten to sit around with her cuck bf and play jenga?

No. 190736

ur bf don't fuck u riight, thats hwy u need fuk macihine?

i'm dyng…..

No. 190738

File: 1444458449095.png (58.96 KB, 190x270, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.27…)


No. 190739

>I don't like to masturbate because I'm lazy, so if I have a fuck machine, it'll do it for me

No. 190740

TOKENS*0.05 = $

No. 190741

apparently Mike has THE BIGGEST dick Charms has ever been 'fucked' with…

No. 190742

i think mike is about to cry because he lost jenga x3

No. 190743

File: 1444458577403.png (76.37 KB, 209x294, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.29…)

manbaby crying in the corner throwing a mantrum

No. 190744

But wheres the proof?

No. 190745

mike is about to show us his dick, girls

No. 190746

I want to see his cock so i can lol at it

No. 190747

apparently he has a big milkjug fetish

>i have a big boob fetish

>charlotte's boobs aren't fetish level
>really big
>double this

jfc i guess he pressured her???

No. 190748

>Charlotte's boobs aren't, like, fetish level. They're still great though


No. 190749

File: 1444458755033.png (315.42 KB, 601x511, Screenshot (395).png)

dis nigga took his boxers off, i saw it in the reflection of the cabinet. get in here girls

>tfw when your obese landwhale gf tugs on your cock

No. 190750

I SAW IT 2!!!

No. 190751

come on mike, we all know you like dudes.

No. 190752

>kynn_: DS stylus in mike's pee hole pls

No. 190753

>kynn_: DS stylus in mike's pee hole pls

Mike should just start camming, people like him more than charms.

No. 190754

He's a cute loli boy. I'd tie him up and smother him with my titties

No. 190755

Someone suggest that in chat.

No. 190757

File: 1444459063573.png (10.37 KB, 264x31, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.37…)

No. 190758

>mike is a pouty pouty princess

No. 190759

she'd look so much better with a pixie cut with her still thin/cute face wtf is she doing.

also mike is fucking gay af.

No. 190760

mike can't get hard because he has no gay porn to fap to before

No. 190761

>how big is it in size tho
>in comparison to like an object?
>like a 2L coke bottle?


No. 190762

Ewewewewww… He's scrawny as fuckkkk.

No. 190763

File: 1444459191219.jpg (55.7 KB, 1280x720, mike-default.jpg)

Yikes. His body is giving me Until Dawn flashbacks.

No. 190764

File: 1444459219272.png (317.99 KB, 607x509, disbig.png)

charms talking about how big mike's dick is, apparently.

>confirmed for charms fucks mike with a strap on

No. 190765

wowfivelol: is the fuck machine for michael or yourself?

No. 190766

They look like most ugly heterosexual couples honestly

No. 190767

>I shaved today, if we don't get me naked I'm gonna be really upset


No. 190768

>mike calls her lottie

This fat bitch doesn't deserve a cute little twink like him.

>though he is a NEET living off her mother's money so maybe they do deserve each other

No. 190769

I bet he has a pencil dick, bigger than 6" but no girth whatsoever.

No. 190770

So the tokens are worth less on this site than MFC?

No. 190771

She's reacting pretty postively/jokey to us obviously taking the piss out of her and Mike and his effeminacy.
I'm surprised.

No. 190772

Mike: ok gaiiiizzzz

he's gay. h e ' s f u c k i n g g a a a a a a a ay y y

No. 190773

>Wanting a bf who can't get hard

No. 190774

i would want him as my house slave. i make 60k/year. maybe i should proposition him

No. 190775

File: 1444459402567.png (42.9 KB, 178x180, 1421464161901.png)

he put his undies back on.

No. 190776

no, its the same for mfc

you don't need twinks hard. you just fuck the boi pussy

No. 190777

i think she's too dense to realize any of it

or she's just going to eat the pain away after the show

No. 190778

Mike confirmed for serious mommy issues. jfc

No. 190779

Wait, he took them off?!
Fuck, did I miss something :(

No. 190780

Can't get hard to women, that is.

Get on that shit. Do you live in Cali too?

No. 190781

>tfw you will never be mike's mwommi and bake him chicken tendies and give him good boy points

i thought they lived i michigan

No. 190782

Is that where Charms is now? Shit. I must be still thinking of back in the day where she would go to the BABY San Francisco store multiple times a month. I guess I don't actually know where they live.

He took them off, you could see the reflection in the cabinet but her never showed anything.
>tfw you can't get hard to your jaundiced beach ball

No. 190783

How how much is 70 tip points in dollars?

No. 190784

Mike just admitted to being queer.

No. 190785

>i'm not attracted to charlotte because she's a girl

No. 190786

hardly ever gets question about his sexuality what a fuckin joke lmao

No. 190787

>Are you bi mike?
>I'm not attracted to charms because she's a girl
>tumblr babble

No. 190788

$3.5 for her, $7 for the user

No. 190789

I thought he was joking.
So confused.

No. 190790

Dis nigga is GAY.

No. 190791

This is my favorite new thing because I get to actually chat with these morons. haha

No. 190792

Are they offended by the term bisexual? I'm so confused. If you're attracted to both men and women, you're bisexual mike

No. 190793

jfc thats so little. How do these hoes just sit for hours to get decent pay.

No. 190794

he's offedned by it because it implies he's attracted to women

nigga full one gay

No. 190795

streamate is better

No. 190796

nah, chaturbate is GOAT if ur not an ugly beachball with her faggy twink

No. 190797

Agreed. He needs to come out of the closet.

No. 190798

He has no muscle mass, how old is he?

No. 190799

File: 1444459906902.png (251.89 KB, 549x416, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.51…)

>tfw u don't want to sex ur beachball but she making u

No. 190800

File: 1444459944000.png (208.71 KB, 501x426, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.51…)

i would fuck his boi pussy tbh

No. 190801

Same. This is too much fun.
I feel like any second now Charms will throw a strop and leave though, due to no one tipping anymore.

No. 190802

File: 1444459956998.png (350.6 KB, 693x526, fat.png)


No. 190803

File: 1444459969651.png (225.09 KB, 558x418, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.52…)

>tfw ur abusive beachball whores u out on online

No. 190804

He's skinny because biglottes eats everything in the house and feeds him scraplets under the table.

No. 190805

if I had a dick, I'd pound his ass so hard.

No. 190806

File: 1444460045538.png (341.8 KB, 695x527, CRACK.png)

No. 190807

File: 1444460050164.jpg (140.22 KB, 554x452, Untitled-91111.jpg)

No. 190808

File: 1444460058153.png (147.64 KB, 356x415, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.53…)


No. 190809

Has to be in his early to mid twenties.

No. 190810

File: 1444460067090.png (266.88 KB, 611x515, Screenshot (399).png)

Can you actually make money as a couple on these sites?

>dat ass

No. 190811

fuck anon i'm laughing so much i'm going to wake the neighbors

No. 190812

Won't she stop the basic user chat then? haha Don't wanna piss off Biglottes

No. 190813

Did it fam

No. 190814

File: 1444460164934.png (197.91 KB, 514x343, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.55…)


No. 190815


No. 190816

YOU'RE SO BOLD. hahaha

No. 190817

File: 1444460198944.png (14.3 KB, 358x50, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.56…)


No. 190818

I'm dying. Whoever posted 'try lifting lottes' is my favorite anon

No. 190819

omg you guys this is the best fucking thing I'm kekking so hard

No. 190820

oh my god…..
did u guys catch that

>he's happy with how i look

>mike shrugs
>lotte looks devastated

No. 190821

>Charms: I'm happy with hoe I look so I don't want to work out
>Mike: She's happy, I'm not

No. 190822

I want to save Mike from BigLottes

No. 190823

I wouldnt mind doing that with my SO, but I wouldnt want to show our faces so I'm not sure how much that works.

No. 190824

File: 1444460327480.png (117.03 KB, 259x437, imnothappy.png)

>Charms: I don't care! I'm happy with how I look.
>mike's face when

No. 190825

File: 1444460328203.png (223.65 KB, 502x392, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.58…)

>mikeblinktwice: mike are you okay? if you need me to call the authorities to come help you just blink twice


No. 190826

wowfivelol, how the fuck has she not kicked you holy fuck
this is hilarious

No. 190827

I'm pissing myself fuck

No. 190828

tbh fam idk

No. 190829

It's true, he has to fight amongst dozens of cats on the floor to get the tiniest sliver of bacon she drops from her slavering maw.

No. 190831

Hahaha. I'm dying

No. 190832

Me and my SO have talked about it a lot, and tbh I wouldn't mind doing it with him. But I have to lose 15 pounds first and get some extensions before I would be half-way happy showing myself on cam.

>sage for OT

No. 190833

lmao no anonymous users

No. 190834

dis bitch blocked anonymous users

No. 190835


>how often do you have sex


No. 190836

Anon viewers are blocked! Boooooh!

No. 190837

no it glitched, come back guys. just refresh

No. 190838

She just blocked anon users.
Anyone who wants to watch just make an account, you don't have to sign up with an email. Just a username and password.

No. 190839

if u make an account ull be able to talk

No. 190840

>how does one romantically kiss?

No. 190841

I bet the whole house reeks to high heaven of endless ammonia from cat piss.

No. 190842

You don't need an email, just a username and password.

No. 190843

yeah, I like that you don't need an email to join.

No. 190844

Mike Scraplets should be his new nickname.

No. 190845

fucking kek

No. 190846

She said if they get her undies off she'll give him a bj

No. 190847


i wanna say something about the choker.

No. 190848

She mad cos her secret is out for why he's so skinny, she gonna start wearing a bib from now on so he can't get none.

No. 190849

Scrappy for short.

No. 190850

File: 1444460841804.png (314.53 KB, 597x509, Screenshot (403).png)

Mike Scraplets and his Jaundiced Beach Ball

No. 190851

lol yes.

Or someone make their s/n stolen choker.

No. 190853

I don't want to pay real money but I wanna see dat boi pussy

wat do fam

No. 190854

Only give her monies if she promises to buy him some protein shakes.

No. 190855

>I don't want to pay real money but I wanna see dat boi pussy


No. 190856

I know. It sucks.

No. 190857

Do it for your fellow farmers.
We'll love you forever.

No. 190858

If I do it, will anyone else help as well?

No. 190859

It has to be protein shakes though and no other food cos she'll eat it otherwise, Scraplets there needs more sustenance.

No. 190860

dis bitch talking about her stupid makeup remover again

No. 190861

thats what i thought

No. 190862

He'll just weasel out of showing anything, don't spend real money.

No. 190863



No. 190864


No. 190866

File: 1444461424202.png (33.87 KB, 358x172, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.16…)

lmao @ mukbang

No. 190867


No. 190868

File: 1444461451993.png (368.2 KB, 1105x547, killme.png)

forgive me fam, for i have sinned

No. 190869

hey anon, we don't say that word in here!

No. 190871

File: 1444461553931.jpg (127.08 KB, 558x394, Untitled-8222.jpg)

here we go

No. 190872

Mmmoitie!! You're golden

No. 190873

Don't mention the farm. what are you doing? haha

No. 190874

He seriously looks like he's gonna burst out crying at any moment.

No. 190875

File: 1444461669217.png (91.75 KB, 256x323, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.20…)

No. 190876

File: 1444461690949.png (254.39 KB, 564x419, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.21…)

No. 190877

File: 1444461724385.png (101.26 KB, 216x359, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.21…)

>tfw ur abusive gf whores you out for $5

No. 190878

M-My boner.

No. 190879

File: 1444461743394.jpg (145.74 KB, 558x420, Untitled-8.jpg)

No. 190880

Eh, she won't have a clue. I just said 'farm.' could mean anything.

charms talked to me and i'm spending real money to see a gay man wear panties and be spanked by a beach ball. what is my life right now, guys?

>i hope you realize i spent real money on you farmers. i love you that much.

No. 190881

Love you too.

No. 190882

Poor dude can't even get hard.

No. 190883

File: 1444461862870.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)


No. 190884

i bet he'd get hard with my fist up his ass

No. 190885

We love you too, anon

No. 190886

>charms talked to me and i'm spending real money to see a gay man wear panties and be spanked by a beach ball. what is my life right now, guys?
I laughed so hard at this.
Thank you so much anon, we truly appreciate the keks you gave us.

No. 190887

Kinda sad to think this is prolly the most attention shes had in ages, I bet Scraplets will be making more appearances from here on.

No. 190888

all my keks. This nickname is gonna stick

No. 190889


i literally shrieked

No. 190891

File: 1444462045916.jpg (81.57 KB, 399x600, fam.jpg)


y-you make my kokoro go doki doki, anon-sempai…

No. 190892

i feel bad for him. he seems uncomfortable and only doing it for lotte.

No. 190894

File: 1444462087475.png (135.09 KB, 264x426, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.27…)

No. 190895

scraplets and beach ball

No. 190896


Agreed, but listen to his rambling. He's kinda glad to be talking to people other than Charlotte. They're so weird.

No. 190897

yeah i bet this is the first social interaction he's had this week tbh

No. 190898

File: 1444462188132.jpg (74.13 KB, 202x415, Untitled777-7.jpg)

Just noticed this in the users list, kek.

No. 190899

No. 190900

>blckdrgn: i love your tattoos why did you decide to overlap them sweaty

No. 190901



i love your tattoos why did you decide to overlap them sweaty

love u

No. 190902

>she's always sweaty

mike being real

No. 190904

File: 1444462571722.png (216.63 KB, 487x404, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.35…)

No. 190906

lol, as if charms could fit into AatP.

No. 190907

>blckdrgn: how much tip to have girl sit on little boy]

No. 190911



No. 190912


Well if he is living off her camwhoring for so long its the least he could do. Or be honest with himself and lotte and find some sugar daddy.

No. 190913

everyone is there is from lolcow. i swear.

No. 190914

Someone should just offer Scraplets all the tokens if Biglottes goes and stands far away on the other side of the room and be made to watch his show.

No. 190915

File: 1444462907372.png (282.08 KB, 535x543, Screenshot (413).png)

>charms: why aren't we married yet?!

bringing out her other neglected animal btw

No. 190916

How tall is little scrappy? He is so cute but he doesnt look any taller then Lotte.

No. 190918

he looks so little. i would love to sit on him

No. 190919

File: 1444463064167.png (374.8 KB, 1101x563, putinpooper.png)

No. 190920

>blckdrgn:do you make a lot on here for a lesbian couple?

No. 190921

lol this fucker

No. 190922



I KNEW IT!!!!!!

No. 190923

No. 190924

File: 1444463323617.png (689.38 KB, 1149x632, cuck.png)

lol @ mike pretending he doesn't know what a cuck is

No. 190925

They were talking about cucking

and lotte was like "yeah i was turned on when mike cucked me, he ahd sex with some sarah girl"

and mike was like "really? wow ill bring more people over then"


No. 190926

"I'll just hire a man to do everything so I don't have to. I'll just have my name on the front so it looks like I'm a kind a giving person."

Damn, Charms…

No. 190927

i'm out of money fam

pls donate to scrappy, he needs food

No. 190928

meant "kind and giving" ^

No. 190929

>blckdrgn: in relation to snake how big is mikes phallus

i love u

No. 190930

bruh thats some fucked up shit.

No. 190931


No. 190932

>mike cuts himself

No. 190933


i love you 2

No. 190934

File: 1444463580614.png (110.27 KB, 257x354, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.52…)

twinky twinky

No. 190935

That snake will usually get fed every 2 weeks or so, MC Scraps has competition.

No. 190936

No. 190937

hahahahah fuck

No. 190939

No. 190940

why does this retarded fat whore get a qt twinkslave like mike

No. 190941

MC Scrapz in da houses wit' his new hit single "Where My Next Meal At, Hoe?"

No. 190942

someone post that in chat

No. 190943

>i will not keep asking i want to pay you i do not want to waste MY TIME
blckdrgn is killing me

No. 190944

>dat belly outline
Jesus she's obese

No. 190945


No. 190946

come on guys… tip for the scraps

No. 190947

thanks mmmoitie

No. 190948


thank you i'm crying and really phoning in on this character I've created

i might actually pay for "boy in lingerie" dammit lolcow if i put in like 150 will someone help

No. 190949

Now we got "MC Scrapz" "scrappydoos" "scrappy" and "Scraplets" its a word that keeps on giving, unlike Charms… Selfish hoe, FEED YO MAN!

No. 190950

File: 1444464287451.png (285.64 KB, 551x473, Screenshot (417).png)

anytime, fam

No. 190952

File: 1444464405861.png (394.4 KB, 707x520, cuck.png)

No. 190953



No. 190954

unless someone tips, they're going to leave…blckdrgn now's your chance

No. 190955

>leaving because no one tipped

No. 190956


the lowest amount is 11 dollars and i can't get used to that yet, maybe the tomorrow show when there's more of an audience

No. 190957

they'll be back tomorrow… gather up your pocket change chillins

No. 190958


They're both so boring. No one's going to tip if it's a repeat of Mike Stares at Phone As Lotte Squawks Like Hungry Seagull.

No. 190959

File: 1444464751422.gif (568.95 KB, 162x152, 1422253028362.gif)

>Mike Stares at Phone As Lotte Squawks Like Hungry Seagull.

No. 190960

Seriously, what do they expect?
That was fun for us regardless though.
Can't wait to see what Scrappy will do for us tomorrow.

No. 190972


Anyone else think he looks like OrangeCitrus a bit? Except cuter.

No. 190984

File: 1444483508637.png (838.6 KB, 1024x592, help this poor skeleton man an…)

Mike should set up his own mfc so he can escape from beach ball hell

No. 190987

I see it.

No. 190995

File: 1444491676670.jpg (15.09 KB, 296x271, retard.jpg)

Never have i laughed that hard at a lolcow thread this was hilarious

No. 190997

File: 1444492131347.gif (478.4 KB, 300x169, tumblr_ma7behSryf1qz53j7.gif)

>tfw you let your bf play skyrim and cuddle instead of going on the farm and watching the best point in new lotte saga

SO many conflicting emotions…
Scraps needs to eat more tho lol

No. 190998

Mike's so scrawny, like, not even the good kind where they at least have a decent amount of muscle.
His body is fucking gross and i'm so sure he's gay.

No. 191001

It's ok anon i missed it too, it will happen again maybe.
>tfw i have no one to cuddle but still missed it bc i was crying myself to sleep and fell asleep exhausted
; _ ;

No. 191009

she still has the fangs i see

No. 191010

shit she got humongo

No. 191011

omg im so late to this thread but i am dying

No. 191016

This is what I get for going to bed early, missing this goldmine. Goddamnit

No. 191017

you're fucked up

No. 191019

File: 1444498652610.jpg (75.61 KB, 728x409, image.jpg)

Oh my god mike is so ugs. He looks like the fuggo from I love you Beth cooper

No. 191020

So he didn't show his dick?

No. 191025

unpopular opinion:

But judging by the screenshots in this thread a fat smiling charms looks adorable.
If her personality wasn't so rotten i'd try to gf her.

No. 191028

tbh if charms dropped the whole goffic tatto0o0o spooky thing she'd be much more attractive

if she went blonde and had a pinup style and did her makeup pretty again. 99% of what makes her look so bad now is this goffic shit. the tacky overlapping tattoos, the makeup that makes her look like a zombie, the ratty hair, the dumb piercings.

No. 191029


Nope, he was pretty careful to keep his business out of sight. He didn't seem into the whole camming thing.

It reminded me of a more awkward version of Big Lotte's ex. She would join her on cam but had boundaries she wouldn't cross.

No. 191030

I'm actually into her Addams family looks but i agree she could wash and comb her hair.

I fucking love the fact her belly hangs over cute lace panties.
Fat girls tend to start wearing huge un sexy granny panties that go over their gut.

I know most people here consider the old charms far more attractive though but to me that was a dime a dozen sort of girl.

No. 191032

I think Charms looks adorable in some of these pics. Fat, yes, but cute and happy. Her and Mike are cute together in a weird mismatched sort of way. I didn't see the video, though.

Her hair is awful, though. She needs to give up on it and wear wigs til it's healthy again.

No. 191035

>mc scraps

No. 191043

Jfc Mike looks like a butch lesbian woman I know

No. 191053

I missed the best night. Jesus, I laughed so hard reading all of this. Haven't laughed this much in a long time. They better come back on tonight. They're going to end up making money off of just us.

No. 191055

Holy shit this thread is hilarious.

No. 191058

That's 25 bucks for her, and he could have bought the tokens in bulk, so idk how much he actually spent but one token is 5 cents for the model.

No. 191061

I came here for the mad Scraplets.

No. 191063

He's MC Scrapz and all don't like him,
Here's a little story I'm and sure you'll like it,
Swift and sly always playing it cool when I call on her,

No. 191068

hahaha holy fucking shit this is the greatest thread. Too bad I went to bed as soon as it got interesting, apparently. Did they say a time for today's camshow?

No. 191089


When is big lotte and the scrap back on cam then??

No. 191091


She doesn't plan beyond the next dozen cookies and can of soda for dinner. Probably when/if she decides to roll out of bed.

No. 191092

I'm surprised she doesn't cam in bed tbh!

No. 191095

he is so skinny maybe because charms eats everything and then lets him lick the plates.

No. 191099

I agree, on some pictures she looks bad but she is cute on cam now.

No. 191106

the tru queen of the harvest moon has arrived. tenk q farm for best thread.

No. 191108

if she decides to whore scrappy out tonight, ill buy tokens for sure

No. 191119

I don't get it either

No. 191121

Her body is still absolutely disgusting and yes, her rotten personality ruins any attractiveness.

No. 191122

She can't do much about the tattoos she already has, but she needs to stop getting them. And her ratty hair is just so awful and unforgivable

No. 191135

No. 191136

Even if she just finished them. It seems like she gets one after another

No. 191141

I see your unpopular opinions and raise you another:

If she didn't have those gross doodle tattoos, didn't ruin her hair by spam-dying it black, and cleaned up her act in general she'd be total qt material even with her gained weight.

No. 191149

i like her body that's the whole reason i said i'd gf her

No. 191157

dang her hair is thinning really badly.

No. 191158

To the anon from last thread that knew about Charms' mom's snowglobes… Pretty sure I know you IRL. Did you see those when you visited the house?

No. 191346

She twittered that her tattoo artist is taking the year off. I dont know too much about tattoos. But doesnt that sound irresponsible? I would think that if an artist starts something they would have an obligation to finish their work.. instead of leaving it uncompleted..

No. 191356

she said on twitter she'd be on cam tonight

where is she :(

No. 191365

Mike blasts that he's asexual all over social media.. Why does Lottie think sex work would be his cup of tea?

I am interested in seeing his tiny body pound her jiggling fat Whailord body tbh

No. 191366

for the last time people MIKE IS NOT ASEXUAL THAT WAS A JOKE

No. 191368

Does he have twitter? I kinda wanna creep him

No. 191369

yes plz provide receipts

No. 191370

Mike said that he's ASSsexual. He was making a joke.

No. 191375

i'm sad. I want her back on cam.

No. 191376

Charms isnt really on top of finishing tattoos in the first place. But with how busy it can be and the wait times for popular artists, I can see how this can happen. It isnt like the girl will never tattoo again, she just has shit to do and so is taking a break.

No. 191404

Still fucking losing my shit over how Mike basically admitted the other night that he's displeased with how fat Charlotte has become and how unattracted he is to her kekekekek

No. 191405

I swear this is like a trainwreck getting worse and worse. Her tattoos are tacky as hell and too many,her hair are ratty and absolutely disgusting,she is now overweight and going obese,… meanwhile Pixyteri is trying to lose weight and shit wow i never thought i would live long enough to witness such a thing.
Charms just need to stop holy hell. But she is a terrible person and completely cray so i dont really feel sorry for her. Just some kind of pity?
Also she needs to feed poor Mike. Really.

No. 191408

It's not irresponsible. Tattoo artists work really hard, especially if they are well known or really good. It's not unheard of for people to wait months in between getting their tattoos finished. My dad has been tattooing for 20 years and while he can't afford to take a year off, he has done long sessions with people who have had sleeves take a damn long time because of busy schedules on top of the healing process.

Charms is just an impatient fat ass.

No. 191421

File: 1444647605592.png (22.13 KB, 598x168, sure charms.png)

She keeps saying shit like this, but doesn't she realize saying and doing are two different things? lol

I only started working out too, so I sort of understand the whole constantly saying "yes, I'm going to start going to the gym TODAY!!" and then not going, and how difficult it is to keep on going in the beginning, but you just gotta not pussy the fuck out and keep on pushing yourself. Of course, as another anon mentioned, she wouldn't like to exercise and would rather focus on dieting. I bet her idea of dieting is not drinking the asstons amount of coke she usually does for one day, and then she'll just be right back at it once she doesn't see 50lbs drop within those 24 hrs. Or she might even decide to just "slowly" cut it out of her life instead of quitting cold turkey. I don't think she really understands the concept of doing things while thinking in the long term. Her entire life is always instant gratification, and until she moves past that, she'll probably never lose weight without surgery. She's never thinking about the future.

No. 191456

Isn't it pretty common to become an apathetic person on bdp meds? I mean if the girl is hopped up on a cocktail of tranqs i don't really feel like it's such a huge surprise she fucks up her makeup and gained all that weight. Idk, how bad is it to go off your meds with bpd?

No. 191467


First of all you don't need meds if you have BPD. Second of all if she is on a bunch of meds like narcotic ones I wouldn't be surprised that she wants these just to get high and shit like many many people do.

These meds are normally ONLY given out to EXTREME cases and only for lets say 2 weeks-a month until you "settle in". They are not a long term prescription. But if you want to get high go to a shit doctor and he will give you allll the drugs you want.

She's prob just high all the time/sedated so she gives no fucks (obv) and thats why she has gained 9000 pounds/shit makeup.

No. 191468


Also I want to add that there are no "BPD Meds" as in FDA approved BPD medication for BPD. Just off label to use or to treat other issues possibly related

No. 191479

Thank you for clarifying, I don't know much about BPD at all. Do you think it's possible that she's faking it? I know that sounds horrible but i feel like a lot of people online claim personality disorders as excuses for their shitty behavior. I found out about Charlotte through lolcow so I have no idea how she was before.

What triggered her spiral into cowdome? From what I've gathered she was just some e-famous lolita or something?

No. 191488

I believe she has BPD. Some of the criteria for BPD is feeling like you don't fit in anywhere, self harm, rapid mood swings that are triggered by events (rather than bipolar mood swings which are triggered by literally nothing), abandonment issues, extreme idealization of relationships and some other things. Based on how long she kept Aoi around after the abuse, I'd say she definitely has abandonment issues and idealization of relationships. Self harm could count for the multiple tattoos and rapid weight gain. She was also anorexic for a time so that could be included. She seems to have rapid mood swings in the sense that she goes on these manic shopping sprees and gets things she wants without doing the research needed (example: her snake). Idk guys, I think it fits pretty well.

No. 191490

Hm. You make valid points anon. I've been reading up on it a lil bit now, and it looks like a lot of them experience having a "favorite", like a person they snap without. Doesn't look like she cares that much about mike. Do you have to fit all the criteria to get diagnosed?

No. 191498

Nope. I think you need to fit something like 5 of the symptoms for a diagnosis (within reason). *I might be misremembering this

I do think she has BPD. I'm diagnosed with a different cluster B personality disorder and a lot of them are overlapping in symptoms/come in pairs, too. I think it's called comorbidity? I never pay a lot of attention to the little details so that might be typo'd.

For example, I don't have NPD but I have a good chunk of dysfunctional narcissistic traits (similar to someone with NPD). Charms could be the same (borderline crossed with traits of other disorders). Diagnosis is usually a process of elimination/psych review over the long term. Because charms has been online for years we can pretty readily see her history, showing a ton of these symptoms. So even if some symptoms don't fit BPD or better fit other disorders, if her main chunk matches BPD that's likely what she's got.

There aren't any medications for a lot of cluster B disorders. But they'll give you meds to help deal with the symptoms. Mostly though it's therapy to help teach you to cope or function within society. Which is a long term effort, and doesn't 'cure' anything.

No. 191501

you cows are mentally ill. He looks so disgusting.

No. 191531

is bpd short for bipolar or borderline personality disorder?

No. 191532

I always think bipolar, but it's borderline

No. 191537

Bipolar is just BD (bipolar disorder)

Since Bipolar is one word, and Borderline Personality is two, it makes sense.

No. 191547

Yeah, I didn't find him attractive at all. Not even in the weak, effeminate twink sense. But hey, whatever floats everyone elses boat.

No. 191559

Even if there isnt BPD speciality meds doesnt mean that she is abusing her meds. It is common to use medications that are more heard of for other disorders because medications treat certain issues and not whole disorders.

Because BPD is hard to treat and has less than ideal levels of research it makes a lot of sense for her to be on a lot of medication to try to even her craziness out. I do think there is an issue with her just taking the meds because while it did calm her down and stop the shouting matches she is still keeping up a lot of problematic mindsets, which should have been stuff she deals with in therapy on top of medication.

No. 191584

Same. He doesn't really have a single redeeming feature physically. I'm actually surprised old charms settled so low.. though presently I feel worse for him

No. 191585


I didn't say that she is abusing her meds because there are no "BPD" ones. I meant she is abusing her meds maybe just because she is Charlotte or because she is being over prescribed and uses it as an excuse (" I HAVE to take these meds")

No. 191587


Just just needs to shut the fuck up about it and do it. People who talk about doing shit stimulate in their brain a sense of accomplishment by saying it, and are less likely to actually go through with it and put the work in.

No. 191591

Just like the more she insists she loves her body and she's confident/other people are jealous, the more glaringly obvious it is that she's unhappy. Confident, happy people don't need to shout it to the world every damn day. They show their happiness and confidence through their actions. Good on her if she's legitimately serious about getting healthy, though.

No. 191596

tbh i know more people with personality disorders who FAIL to take their meds than those who try and get high off of them.

most of the ppl i know, myself included, are so depressed that we just don't both taking care of ourselves. lotte seems to not take care of herself AT ALL.

also some people just end up 100% hazed on their own prescription.

No. 191616

What are other people's preferences, anon?

No. 191621


I feel like it's obvious she's not happy even before she admitted she needed to lose weight, I just have a hard time making fun of that because it doesn't prove anything. If anything id she needs to use public affirmation to the benefit of her self esteem, cool.

but claiming to be moving towards being health conscious rather than celebrating real progress is bullshit. O/T af but i'm biased because i was casual friends/person-i-love-to-hate with this obese bitch who constantly said she was "addicted to junk food" for sympathy then shitposting about "finally going to be healthy guiz!". I have a painfully low tolerance for that, you're in control of what you eat and if you're not then get help like an adult. erg.

No. 191622

tbh I don't think she's ever been really happy. She spent a lot of time on Gaia which points to her not having a lot of irl friends (save 1 or 2 she would talk about), she clung to Aoi because she was so desperate to have someone love her even though that person was an abusive fakeboi that used her for her money, she developed an eating disorder in her never-ending quest to please aforementioned fakeboi… she ridiculed people, she made friends with Dakota and sold her out after some imaginary slight… happy people don't act like that. I think she feels worthless in the sense that she tries to buy friendships and she KNOWS they only want her money and her praise. She KNOWS she has nothing else to offer. Maybe this is a symptom of her BPD or maybe this is the cause. But as long as I've known about her, the only times I saw her be something resembling happy was when she was talking to or about Aoi.

No. 191623

I also know she was picked on a lot as a child. iirc they called her Sam the man. She turned to this megabitch personality in an attempt to make herself feel better. As long as she was looking down on other people, she wasn't looking down on herself. I almost feel bad for her.

No. 191627

Unpopular opinion: I still find Aoi pretty attractive.

No. 191628

She IS a cam girl. I'm a sex worker myself but all that sex-positive bullshit is annoying, no I am not depressed but I do have issues and pretending sex work isn't harmful to women is a load of crap really. Or maybe working as a sex worker gives you issues, or both. Whatever.

No. 191630

In other words he's gay. Because he likes men's asses.

No. 191632


Former cam girl here. I think it's the opposite. Broken people turn towards sex work, they just don't realize it until later in their sex work "career". Girls like Lotte will pretend and hold onto the last shred of "normal" but after a while they realize that they're the bottom of society. I think Lotte has hit that point, with getting fat etc and seeing how many of her old members dumped her.

No. 191633

I think unless you are extremely poor and have zero choice or opportunities in your life, being a stripper is a symptom of deep personal issues. I am a stripper and I'm getting my life back on track, and dancing makes me feel like shit now. It used to feel empowering and blablabla but it isn't, once you get some actual self-esteem.

No. 191637

Seriously. If you have access to your own money/funds and still choose to buy junk, your shitty weight gain is on you. Charms is even more infuriating since she has unlimited funding and still chooses to be fat and eat garbage/not work out.

No. 191643

File: 1444714382712.jpg (16.34 KB, 585x215, buy me shit.jpg)

Drag Scraps back on cam and you could probably buy it yourself, Charms.

No. 191650

Christ, her shameless begging is nauseating.

No. 191705

anybody got a link to Aoi's tumblr?

No. 191718

little-master and cherryvampire but he doesn't update very often

No. 191779

No. 191798

bitch is a fakeboi

No. 191801

Meh I talked to Aoi briefly when I still believed her to be male so it's hard to remember they're actually female lol

No. 191810

>Not even in the weak, effeminate twink sense.

Slightly tangential, but this just reminded me of when she first posted a picture of Mike on her tumblr and got hundreds of asks asking if he was ftm and calling him feminine looking, and she wrote this huge paragraph about how she couldn't understand why people were saying it in reply to one.

This coming from a person who literally couldn't tell someone was biologically female after seeing they didn't have a penis.

No. 191838

And then she posts on insta about eating a giant cookie! GG Lotte, that diet started off well.

No. 191845

lol seriously. i mean if we're willing to throw a couple bucks this way for mike, imagine what actual gay men would do for him. like it or not, he's a pretty cute twink

No. 191847

and about 1,000 calories in sushi.

pig disgusting

No. 191854

How does one even eat that much sushi? damn

No. 191855

She could easily whore Mike off to gay men and straight women, but then she'd be pissed he's making more than her and cut his food rations in half.

No. 191856

File: 1444752388925.jpg (105.16 KB, 929x595, charmsdoesntwashherface.jpg)

Charms admitting she doesn't wear her fucking face all the time. That's really disgusting.

No. 191857

File: 1444752417592.jpg (40.52 KB, 922x578, butyourdiet.jpg)

This doesn't even look appetizing. I guess she's off her diet already.

No. 191862

File: 1444752811097.jpg (64.38 KB, 921x588, Clipboard02.jpg)

It won't be long until she returns to this routine.

No. 191864

File: 1444753465367.jpg (51.12 KB, 922x592, thisiswhyyourefat.jpg)

The worst part is, she's been eating this way for a long time. People don't get fat in a week or two. She's been eating junk food for breakfast for months.

No. 191866

what product is she even talking about?

No. 191875

Something called the magic eraser. it's a facial cleanser/makeup remover.

No. 191876

No. 191879


So it's a fucking overpriced flannel.

No. 191886

It's supposed to have two sides or whatever, but it's literally a microdermal towel or something.

No. 191915

>drinking milk
its probably full fat too.

people that drink milk are disgusting. especially "real" milk. either substitute with some unsweetened nut milk, or don't use it at all. it's so extra.

No. 191918

You have some issues…

No. 191919

bceause if you get the rolls, it's like 600 calories for a dynamite roll or w/e the glorified avocado roll is, and she had another roll which was 8 pieces which was probably like 400.

rolls are usually just 90% rice and a teeny tiny little bit of fish. ppl rly underestimate how unhealthy sushi is

No. 191921

Yeah, I drink unsweetened almond milk and it's creamy and delicious. It's also only like 20 calories per glass. Charms probably has all fat cow's milk.

No. 191930

no, i really don't. im not even an anachan. i'm 110 lbs and 5 feet if you want proof. i just think that drinking basically liquid fat is really gross and unhealthy. the whole milk company propaganda of "you need calcium for strong bones" is bs and already proven to be a money marketing tool. ugh

No. 191934

Lol settle down you insecure fatty. Any food is fine to eat as long as it's in moderation, you shouldn't drink 5 glasses of milk a day or whatever but normal people can have some milk without getting fat bc they know how to moderate their intake

No. 191938

Different Anon but milk is pretty fucking gross.
In early years it was to be considered a luxury given the fact that cows only produce milk whilst inseminated, but we've grown that dependant on it we've created this process of keeping our livestock in a perpetuated state of being artificially inseminated just to get their milk.

Imagine keeping human women artificially inseminated and hooked up to machines which suck the milk from their tits. The idea is revolting to most, but not when you apply it to cows because most people have been brainwashed into thinking that cows just naturally produce milk all year round and that it's good and healthy for us when actually around 75% of the world's human population is lactose intolerant; and most don't even know they are unless they are having violent reactions to the stuff.

I will still eat ice cream if it's offered but idk, actual milk has always repulsed and disgusted me. Humanity needs to seriously cut down on their consumption of it. Gluttonous humanity at it again.

No. 191944

I feel the same way. I refuse to drink milk. Milk in products aren't an issue, but straight from the carton, it's gross.

No. 191945

While I agree that cow milk is revolting and coconut milk is the business, can we please keep this thread on Charms?

No. 191959

no, some foods are just not fine. like milk. milk is disgusting and gross. it's like drinking pure fat. unsweetened almond milk is greatest of them all.

if you drink anything with massive amounts of added sugars, you're probably the fatty. i'd rather eat clean in moderation than pollute my body "in moderation"

No. 191967

File: 1444766486078.png (264.85 KB, 844x592, itsformike.png)

>agree with all points

Charms added this to her wishlist. Though we all know it's really going to be for Mike. It's only a matter of time before she starts whoring him out.

No. 191978

charms's ass would swallow that up whole. i really hope its for mike

No. 191982

No matter how much you type, your insecure ranting isn't going to elevate your self esteem, Anon.

:^) Just like how no matter how much Charms eats, she'll still feel empty inside.

You and Charms should probably be friends. You both have that helpless vibe to you - easy to spot. Trying so hard to feel validated.

Bring back video blogs if you take me up on the idea of being her bff. With someone like yourself in her house it'll be thrice the



No. 191985

If you weigh 110 lbs at 5'0, you shouldn't be lecturing anyone else about their diet.

No. 191986

Shut it ana chans. The anon who kept self posting about muh thighs was only slightly more annoying than you people, but you make up for it in sheer numbers.

No. 191988

Oh god, my sides.

I'd feel sorry for Mike if he weren't so pathetic and actually wanted to take charge of his own life. At first I didn't question his sexuality since there are plenty of androgynous men that are straight but after seeing all these screen caps of his mannerisms? GAY.

No. 191990


Oh my god ana-chan do not fucking start.

No. 191995

idk why do many of you cast your pity in Mike's direction.
Before Charlotte got back together with Mike she was at the height of her game and the best she ever looked.

Ever since Mike came back into the picture she's gone steadily downhill.
My honest opinion? Mike is an enabler that keeps her dependant on him because she houses him, finances him, pays for his food, his utilities and his medical/dental costs.
He basically never has to work and gets to spend all day playing vidya or working on commissions whilst occasionally feeding and making pickups for Charlotte, who apparently barely leaves her room these days.
That's a pretty sweet deal.

Also I was pretty friendly with Charlotte and used to chat with her on Skype years ago when she was first dating Mike.
He steals her clothes. It was one of the reasons they broke up in the first place.

No. 191998

Who cares? I'd rather be average sized, healthy and maintain muscle mass than an amerifat who can't live without binging on cartons of milk.

No. 191999


he is a manipulative NEET

No. 192000

>He steals her clothes. It was one of the reasons they broke up in the first place.

Like, to wear, or to sell on for cashmonies?

No. 192002

>BMI 21.5
Oh jesus christ save us it's an obeast man the harpoons

No. 192005


To wear.

I remember one night she came online raging because Mike had vanished with her car and also a very expensive goth brand jacket she had left lying around.
She was hella mad because she was paying for a shit load of his dental treatment at the time as well.
Supposedly Mike has a lot of problems with his teeth.

No. 192007

File: 1444772529687.png (94.38 KB, 774x987, 1424298483246.png)


Ohhhh I actually found a screenshot relating to that night.

btw I know some of you are gonna read this and be like "pfft bitch wake yourself up" but to be fair she did ask him to wake her after paying for all his shit and then he made off with her car and her phone so she didn't have access to an alarm.

No. 192009

File: 1444772894333.png (53.84 KB, 772x583, 1424300823364.png)

No. 192010

>but to be fair she did ask him to wake her after paying for all his shit and then he made off with her car and her phone so she didn't have access to an alarm.

Nah man that's abusive shit right there, it's the exact same thing she said when Chloe dumped her. It's pretty clear she spends all this money on people so that when they stop behaving in exactly the manner she expects, she can turn around and blackmail them with it. Unless you explicitly state what you want back from someone when they you do something for them, it's manipulative as hell to randomly turn around and start making demands of them.

As for her saying
>I didn't agree to pay for his XYZ

Yes you did Charms. By actually paying for it. You can't buy someone something and then turn around and say "I didn't agree to buy that for you!"

No. 192012

I have no doubt Mike is a piece of work himself but I do wonder how much of this was imagined by Charms.

Especially given she seems to give endlessly only to use it as a guilt trip.

I don't think Mike is innocent but yeah. Charms, especially if she has BPD, likely has a distorted view of reality from time to time. This might be one of them. Too bad she can't get rid of him, you can even see in their cam interactions he has no sincere interest in her.

How did they meet, anyway? They really seem so mismatched.

No. 192013


>nah man that's abusive shit right there

Hmmm you say that but aside from being a super-bitch Charlotte was actually a hell of a lot more stable then than she was now.

If I asked my boyfriend to wake me up and set a back-up alarm on my phone, only to wake up hours later than I expected, boyfriend gone, car gone, mobile gone, hell yes I would be fucking mad.

Also you're forgetting, Charlotte had actually just dropped thousands on Mike's dental work. When he ran off this was him actually him trying to ditch her. He used her.
They're both cocks imo but I actually hate Mike more because he knows that Charlotte is mentally unstable but continues to use her for her money anyway.

No. 192014


Nah none of this was imagined.
She actually legit called the cops on him because he technically committed GTA. As far as I'm aware I don't think she ever got the jacket back either.

No. 192016

>How did they meet, anyway? They really seem so mismatched.

I've been wondering this since their cam night. The chemistry between them was so odd.

No. 192018

How many tips would people pay to see this on Mike? She needs to get back on cam.

No. 192019

By imagined I meant more the circumstances/what she really relayed to him. I don't doubt that he went driving.

No. 192020

Does he seriously have no job?

No. 192022

Naw they had a (surprise!) dramatic break off

No. 192023


>Hmmm you say that but aside from being a super-bitch Charlotte was actually a hell of a lot more stable then than she was now.

She's still had BPD though, and it completely skews a person's perception of reality, like the other anon said. One of the most classic symptoms is black and white thinking and Charms displays this pretty badly; even if the situation wasn't that bad she'd have thought it was the worst thing in the world ever to happen.

>When he ran off this was him actually him trying to ditch her. He used her.

I'm not sure any of this can actually be corroborated. There was also a rumour flying around during this time that Charlotte actually locked him in the basement after fixing his teeth whilst he was still drugged up, that was from a mutual friend of theirs. (Someone has screencaps, pls post if you do)

Not saying he's not a user dick though, he's clearly an enabler and if he actually cared about her at all he'd leave so she'd have to learn how to survive without a codependent relationship.

No. 192024

File: 1444774003329.jpg (419.32 KB, 1379x960, 486774_10151585117845480_15677…)


>how did they meet, anyway? They really seem so mismatched.

They met at a convention back in 2007-2008 back when Mike was dating that screwball Fangirl Sarah (picture related).
Charlotte knew he had a girlfriend but they began boning behind her back anyway.

Sarah is still thirsting for Mike, but then she legit believed they were going to marry and shit before Charlotte came onto the scene. I feel sorry for her.

Mike was leeching off of Sarah too until a better meal came a long in the form of Charlotte.

No. 192025

It seems as if Charms was done with his bullshit back then. Why did she take him back? And isn't Charms' mother paying for everything?

No. 192026


He didn't just go driving. She'd just finished paying for all his dental work and then I think it was a few days later he just ditched and tried to break up with her.

idc how nutty Charlotte is that is scummy as fuck.

No. 192027



No. 192028

Charms definitely uses money to manipulate people. Chloe was able to get out, but for some reason Mike will take all the abuse since he's living rent free and having charms pay for everything. She is pathetic, really.

No. 192029

Chloe left Charms' fat ass over a month ago. Maybe even longer. Charms went through her mail or something and Chloe was basically done with her abusive shit.

No. 192030


Yeah I reckon she has BPD as well but it definitely wasn't as pronounced back then as it is today. Something has certainly caused it to become more destructive and I honestly can't say what it is but I don't think Mike is helping in any way.

>there was also a rumour flying around during this time that Charlotte actually locked him in the basement after fixing his teeth whilst he was still drugged up, that was from a mutual friend of theirs

This is true but he wasn't drugged up, also I think it was after he made off with her car, mobile and jacket, but I'm not 100% on that one.

No. 192031

That's what I was trying to remember.
There should be Tumblr meltdown caps of the whole thing from both sides somewhere.

No. 192032

I don't understand what his appeal is..?

I've always had a thing for Charms. If I wasn't in a relationship I'd try to steal her affections from him.

No. 192033

Aw, she's cute. Sorta OT, but Mike's No more heroes cosplay is really damn good. I hope Sarah moves on though. I think Mike cheating on her and breaking up with her is better for her. Who the fuck wants to date a cheating man anyway? Once a cheater, always a cheating scumbag.

No. 192034


I think they are both pretty abusive tbh, just both in different ways.

No. 192035

Thanks for the info, Anon. Was really curious.

No. 192038

For a lot of people personality disorders hit their 'peak' in your 20s so it might be that, really.

At least, I believe I've read that somewhere. Maybe it just becomes more noticeable because the abnormal behavior is prolonged beyond the age range of teen angst.

No. 192041

File: 1444774669835.jpg (37.78 KB, 620x465, 182510_507723392585387_2144479…)


Yup and you know what the real kicker is?
Mike made the NMH Sylvia cosplay for Sarah to wear - then gave it to Charlotte who wore it to a con with him directly after they broke up.

Also please forgive me I got those dates totally mixed up. It was between 2009-2011 they met.

Basically they hooked up a while, just FWB stuff, then parted ways, then Charlotte bumped into him at a con in early 2012 I think? They started fucking, then dating, broke up late 2012/early 2013, and then started dating again in…. early 2014 I think?

No. 192043

File: 1444774861995.jpg (99.73 KB, 720x960, tumblr_mnc46vJEV11sq9szto6_128…)


No. 192044

File: 1444774983402.jpg (112.39 KB, 1440x810, 12.jpg)

You're my favorite anon right now. Thank you so much for all this info. Mike really is a scum bag. I mean, that is really fucked. He screwed over his current gf with charms, but charms is just as guilty for fucking a dude already in a relationship. They honestly deserve each other.

I hope Sarah is in a better part of her life now without Mike

No. 192045

Damn, charms is fucking cute here. R.I.P hot Charms.

No. 192046


yw, and regarding Sarah… nah. She's also kind of loopy but idk, I think she still misses Mike because Charlotte made some bitchy fucking post a while back laughing at how Sarah was creepin' Mike's Facebook and making sad statuses about him.

She makes Youtube videos, here you go.


No. 192048

The same Sarah from this bit of chatlog, isn't it?


No. 192049


I have no idea but probably.

No. 192050

Oh forgot to add.

Mike's ex, Sarah. She was on Dr. Phil.

No. 192051

She needs to get a name that isn't from when she was 15.

No. 192052

This is so stupid
>my daughter likes horror movies
>there must be something wrong with her!! she's only an innocent little buttercup

Glad my mom didn't do this b.s to me when I was a teenager.

No. 192053

File: 1444776050076.jpg (24.87 KB, 480x480, 11218519_10206678745157661_200…)

btw, this is the girl Charlotte is dating now, the one she says is a literal cyborg.


No. 192054

File: 1444776084276.jpg (31.46 KB, 480x640, 1391927_10202316678308716_8026…)


Old pic of them together.

No. 192055


No. 192056

No. 192057

Uh.. no idea who you think I am but I know Charms from Gaia and personally don't care for R9K.

No. 192059

yeah i agree its abusive when people do this but only to a certain extent. the way that mike does it, he literally USES her. he's abusing her. he knows she is mentally ill but enables her and doesn't actually help because he knows that when she becomes healthy and stable she will dump his NEET user ass.

so they abuse each other

No. 192060

So if mike is really a scumbag then there's no way he wasn't fuckin Chloe, right?

No. 192061

Info-anon, do you know anything about that? I was the OP of this post. They were on cam talking about cucking, and charlotte said it turned her on when Mike cucked her and had sex with sarah. when was that?

Do you think Sarah still misses Mike because he might be fucking her on the side?

No. 192063

File: 1444777741776.png (66.15 KB, 558x482, Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 7.08…)

100% certain

he got these asks about it on his tumblr and was SUPER defensive

No. 192068


How the heck does charms find new people - well ladies to date.. when she never supposedly leaves her house.

No. 192070

Internet I'd imagine

No. 192085

Why do these cute insane girls always live in America? Where can i find my own Lotte to love in my country?

No. 192093

Conventions apparently. Cross-reference potentials with the popular cam sites and Tumblr.

It's a bit of homework but I have faith in you, anon.

No. 192098

Going outside and talking to women actually does work.. Yeah.

No. 192110

i can't understand why anyone would want a woman like lotte. There's a reason the only man who'd stay with her is a gold digger.

No. 192114

cos i know the guy posting itt and he is mentally insane

No. 192137

He should go to /b/ where he belongs. Or better yet, leave lolcow altogether. I'm sick of these male anons suddenly invading.

No. 192142

>You have some issues…

you're grown and still drink breastmilk anon (+ meant for babies + of another species + the actual babies are killed so you can have the milk instead of them + cows are raped/forcibly impregnated over and over just to keep them lactating)
who's got issues? drink water bro

No. 192146

that and the fact that you dont need it to survive. it's an excess and the fucking cows are PUMPED with hormones and antibiotics. even the "free-range" BS has lots of added toxins to it. i dont understand why anyone would drink it. meat i can understand because some people need to get their protein that way. but milk is an excess and a luxury that no one needs in their life.

No. 192153

Holy shit I don't even drink cows milk anymore but annoying vegan cunts like you make me want to pound the stuff down again.

No. 192164

Maybe one day anon.


Jokes on you i am female. A lesbian and a major chubby chaser.

I have posted in this thread before as:

And you might know me as lesbian chubbychaser in the dakota thread although i haven't posted there for a while.
A mod can confirm this.

No. 192179

HAHAHAHAHA NOOOOO THIS GIRL? oh boy. i wish I could tell you what I know. but the bottom line is what you already know: she's insane.

No. 192182

>chubby chaser
Kill. Yourself.

No. 192189

Weird.. She has a mutual friend with me o-o… Also I'm now stalking Charms, Chloe and Mike on fb.

No. 192196


kek, not her but you do realise that there are people who eat meat that abstain from milk for this reason too right?

Get out of here you filthy milk-drinker.

No. 192197



No. 192198


>a lesbian and a major chubby chaser

Confirmed for shit taste.

>a mod can confirm this.

You know for a fact that they don't do this any more. What are you doing?

No. 192199

We are on lolcow… all we do is drink milk.

No. 192200

Actually, mods can't even see IPs. So only admin would be able to do this.

No. 192203

can all the vegans and pro anas permanently just the thread? you guys never contribute and always bring us off topic

No. 192206


Jesus how new are you?
Of course Admin is ABLE to do it, but he made a public announcement a while back stating that he would no longer do it on request.

No. 192207

I'm not new, been here since day 1. also i'm not the person you've been replying to. I was just correcting you that the admin, if he were willing, would be the one able to do it, not the mods.

Get the sand out of your vagina, holy shit.

No. 192211


I never once stated that he was "unable" to.
You read my post wrong; that is your problem. Deal with it.

No. 192221

Not the same anon you're replying to. You said for mod to confirm you for lesbo chubchaser from Kotex's thread, >>192207 merely stated that admin would have to be the one to confirm since mods can't even see IPs. Stop sperging.

Back on topic, when is MC Scraplets and his Jaundiced Beach-Ball gonna make another appearance?

No. 192222

File: 1444808421712.png (355.34 KB, 849x555, lovelylor.png)

You need serious help with your anger issues.

Anyway, BigLots is getting another tattoo.

No. 192224

holy shit can she stop

I really want to know what will take her to actually realize that she's hit rock bottom.

No. 192230


This is pretty terrible. Like some bad junji-ito moon child cat beast with downs.

No. 192246


Er, what the fuck are you on about? I'm not the dyke fatty chaser.

No. 192271

File: 1444823158790.png (157.27 KB, 500x366, 1438751767112.png)

omg this looks exactly like the kind of crap my edgy 12 year old sister draws. down to the terrible linework. i know its a sketch but this was drawn by a tattoo artist? they couldnt even draw cat paws that dont look like floppy cut up sausages and she wants that on her body.

No. 192275

Haha, what an idiot.

Reminds me of a high school "friend" I keep on fb for shits and giggles; she gets chicken scratch tattoos precisely like that, in between her pregnancies of course.

No. 192276

i think there should be a law against tattooing mentally ill people. honestly she is going to wake up a few years from now and regret everything. that is, if she ever wakes up.

all of these shitty tattos probably will end up dragging her further into depression.

No. 192277

>i think there should be a law against tattooing mentally ill people

Aw, but that would kill like 80% of their customer base!

No. 192279


can any tattooanons enlighten me on why people get tattoos? sometimes i think they are cute and nice, but like a year later they just end up looking like a gray blob, even the "well done" ones… why would you get somehting like that permanently on your body? if you want a piece of "art" why not just buy a picture of it and hang it up in your room, or silkscreen it on a t shirt?

No. 192280

People who get tattoos are either a) insecure, b) think they are unique and special, or c) mentally unstable

No. 192284

Eww. Cut one in half, and store the 1.5 in tupperware somewhere until they go bad and have to be thrown away.. or just throw them away.

I'd rather have the glass of milk, but I personally care the cow mine comes from.

>Guess that's not what Mike wants. e__e

No. 192285

Important memories usually but a lot people these days only get them to be quirky.

No. 192288

First time lube gets on those feathers, it is fucked. Can't picture the fluff being big enough for her ass though.

It's honestly a very cute accessory with the right ears, for fucking like bunnies on Easter.

No. 192298

I've got a half sleeve, a thigh tattoo and a few random ones dotted here and there. Never been diagnosed with any sort of mental illness, have a good job, my own home and generally have a good life. I get them because I like them in all honesty. They don't have ~deep and significant~ back stories, I've just liked the design. They're all in places that are generally covered by clothing. I just like them. I like the feeling of the needle, I like the excitement of getting a new one. Some people like dyeing or changing their hair every few weeks, some people get plastic surgery and some people like needles drawing pictures on their skin.

Don't get me wrong, there's some amount of special snowflakes and edgelords out there who make me cringe with their obvious attempts to show off their ~uniqueness~ and then there's Charms who's personality traits are fat and tattoos.

Polite sage for OT but answering anon questiob

No. 192299


No. 192301

>>190925 >>192024 >>192048 >>192049
I wanna know if it is or isn't, sooooo bad.
was gonna say this wig style and color suits Lotte better than the other girl

I think her personality disorder was evident when she developed an ED as a preteen/teen, while hopelessly clinging to every lie from a girl pretending to be a guy on an internet anime-based forum, and allowing that person to manipulate her IRL.

People brushed off the abusive attitude (somewhat) while she was their idea of 'pretty'. Burned bridges with lolitas, went goth. Apparently weight gain kills the goth attraction? Isolation sounds less exhausting. She's also never had a good lifestyle, or diet. Calorie restriction saved for no nutrition garbage. Treats herself and others horribly, misery loves company.

No. 192315


Someone once said that body is a temple that sometimes needs decorations. I think it's more like a preference nowadays like why would you settle for a crappy silkscreened tshirt when you can forever be an edgelord.

Charms is probably just trying to fill her inner void with impulse tattoos. She most likely has seen a lot of well tattooed women but fails to see the line between good and bad tattoos and just tries to cover everything up in order to look like her ideal.

Her mom will probably pay for the removals tho, no worries.

No. 192317

>girl is trying to lose weight, but goes and eats two cupcakes and a glass of milk for breakfast
>anon takes issue with the milk

No. 192319


Hahahaha, oh my, guys, you have no idea.
The tattooss that Charms has currently? Those are NEVER coming off. Never. At most they can fade them to a blotchy, black mess, but those are there for life now.

No. 192323

Tbh I think she heard the "being fat means more room for tattoos! :-)" spiel and took it to heart.

No. 192331

i know it seems autistic, but it's annoying to me because the difference between cow milk and nut milk is so miniscule to someone with a beginner's palate.

if she cut out sugar-ladden beverages out of her diet, i guarantee you she would drop like 20 pounds fast. that means coke, milk, everything. even if she stayed eating the way she does. so it is really annoying to see her NOT EVEN FUCKING TRY.

i know a lot of really fat people who refuse to replace their soda with the diet version, their milk with skim milk, etc. it disgusts me to be honest, because most of their excess calories come from the liquids, not the food. its insanely easy to drink your TDEE.

tl;dr: it's charlotte's fault she's fat.

No. 192334

How do you think Lotte will be like when she's like 45 and her mom is dead?

No career or family presumably.

Do you guys think she'll be one of those homeless overtattooed meth addicts I always see downtown?

No. 192343

tbh if I drank a lot of fizzy drinks and was trying to lose weight I would not switch to the diet shit either because of the aspartame.

Thankfully I only have a caffeine addiction.


No. 192355

She'll probably have some kind of sugar daddy or live in a polygamous fet house (I mean, she already does. It'll just be some new house not paid by from her mom)

That is assuming her mom doesn't leave her a fat inheritance (though she'll probably blow through it. All puns intended..)

Also a little off topic but I'm one of the Anons who said they like Charms (don't see the appeal in Mike + am not pursuing her because I'm in a relationship). I'm not the chubby chaser girl or whatever guy from /b/ or /r9k/. I am the same Anon whose mentioned they have a different PD/agrees Charms fits BPD. Some people just like her - though I suppose you'll have to take my word that we aren't a bunch of samefags.

No. 192376

she has two other siblings though. i dont think she'll get enough inheritance to blow through it if they have to divide it out.

No. 192378

I wonder what Mike would do without charms? How would he be able to sustain himself. In a way I'm sure charms keeps him there so that he doesn't end up homeless. But at some point you would have thought Mike would attempt to seek employment. Mooching off someone indefinitely can't feel good.

No. 192381


Tastes differ don't be angry cows~
And i was not aware i come here to laugh and occasionally look at batshit insane girls being cute not be a part of the ~community~

If an admin/mod or whatever sees this they have me permission to confirm that i am from The Netherlands and that my previous posts are mostly me being a thirsty lez.

No. 192384

Almond milk, soya milk etc is revolting.

If your cow milk tastes the same as nut milk you need to send them to the butcher.

No. 192386

Can you all shut up about milk, you fucking autists?

No. 192388

Apparently he leeched off his last gf before her, so likely he'd just find a new money bag

No. 192389

Nobody fucking cares shut your mouth.

No. 192522

sorry that youre a fatty who needs an extra layer of sugar and fat down her gullet

No. 192527

They made diet drinks now without aspartame

No. 192538

You're 5'0 and 110 lbs, you're not going to convince anyone that you're thin or attractive by sperging out over milk.

No. 192589

No kidding… I weigh that much at 5'6" and most of it is muscle.

And drink milk all the time.

I don't know why she thinks spewing this ~`°•mahou vegan•°`~☆how dare they inseminate cows desu crap is going to make anyone stop drinking milk. If she didn't say she was 5' I'd think it was Kiki gracing us with her presence in Charms thread. I thought only keeks could be so easily influenced she'd believe others would be the same, but I guess this Anon, too.

No. 192615

Why the fuck are we still on the milk thing?

No. 192626


because we're all autistic. I bet milk anon is the same one sperging about fruit in the snow thread.

Anyway back to charms, any news of her doing a cam show soon? Did we see those new horrible tattoos in action last time?

No. 192645

A lot of people get tattoos for personal meanings to them. Some people do get them for attention, but i've been in the business for 10 years now and a lot of people do get them for their own reasons. different reasons for everything.

No. 192646

lol salty as fuck

No. 192649

How many shitty tattoos do you have

No. 192651

Oh fuck off. Why are you so mad people get tattoos?

No. 192652

Why do you have tattoos? Did daddy hurt you?

No. 192654

Can we please get back on topic, no body cares about your shitty opinions on milk or tattoos. No body.

No. 192662

No. 192673

Since when does a woman getting a tattoo mean she has daddy issues? i never even heard that shit. My dad is an artist actually and i started tattooing almost 10 years ago. You sound like a stupid cunt. Sorry for OT.

No. 192687

I'll try not to get off topic but just my personal insight. I've been tattooing for a year and a half and hardly any of my customers are trying to be quirky edgelords. They just want pretty shit on their body, a lot of them get em so regularly they don't post about it online anymore.

Of course you do get the annoying cuntbag like Charlotte every now and then who is just getting random shit to 'fill up' so they can use the #tattooedgirls hashtag. That's fine for the artists though, its easy to make money off people like that. Fuck, that design looks like something from a 2006 drop dead shirt though.

No. 192691

Charlotte is going crazy with her tats lately. She just got one last week and now she's like "Oh no, I'm running out of body space" Isn't she only like 23? I have three and they're all over 7-8 years old now.

No. 192692

Everyone looks better without tattoos. I remember when charms was totally against tattoos. She's doing the exact opposite of what young charms would do.

No. 192693

File: 1444869170265.png (1.02 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 192700

at this point if lotte went on chaturbate right now with mike i'd probably throw ten bucks her way. im so desperate for new milk. fuck you charms.

No. 192701

same. Especially because my judgment is impaired from alcohol. Seriously, she could make money off of us.

No. 192702


personally, i have an "in memory" one for a family member i was very close to. another has to do with my college major. people get them for different reasons, just like some people may dye their hair or opt into cosmetic surgeries. if you can (safely) alter your appearance to you liking, why not, right?

u mad mummy and daddy are gonna kick you out if you get one? stop trying to be an edgelord. who gives a shit what people do to their body if, as above, it's safe and fits their aesthetic.

No. 192707

This. Oh man, there was another anon ITT who said if she ever comes down her bpd pills high she will be destroyed with all this tattoo garbage. Worse than the weight gain or bad plastic surgery. She used to change her look all the time but there is nothing but damaged trashy tattoo whore now. Point of no return, literally.

No. 192709

that was me. i went through a dperessive cycle where i didnt take care of myself and the only clothing i bought were sweats and i spent all my money on junk food (didnt get fat somehow) and HONESTLY like i regret it so much i could be like at least $2000 richer now

i can't imagine what would have happened if i'd become obese and covered myself in shitty horrible tattoos though. are these removable? can you laser them off? or if she wants a real job she'll have to cover them up right? can they be covered up?

No. 192716

Trina is a sweetheart, shame she had to deal with Charms retardation.

No. 192719

>It's the exact same thing she said when Chloe dumped her

Uhh no it's not. Chole dumped her because of some stupid bullshit involving a package then left the apartment when she was suposed to be cat sitting. I also know for a fact that Chole was in the last thread defending herself. She ever went so far as to get all defensive over some tumblr post she made about "fuckboys"
>omg u must be one of the fuckboys lol white male tears!?!

No. 192721

>It's abusive as hell to expect something in return from people you spend money on

You have a fucking retarded definition of abuse, anon. Not everyone goes into a relationship expecting an equality in power. If someone else is paying for all your shit, then you should do something to help out. Don't accept their gifts or money if you don't like it. You can't complain about the intention of another person who gave you a gift, gifts hold a lot of meaning and lots of people refuse to accept them for this reason.

No. 192724

Actually, she did say basically the same thing when that happened, how she spent all this money on her ect. ect. and tried to sound like the victim when clearly that wasn't the case.

No. 192742

Yeah, but we have to be able to differentiate between "abusive" and throwing a dick move. ~Abuse~ Gets thrown around so much these days, soon it won't mean shit.

No. 192744

There's no doubt in my mind that abuse occurred, I mean it really isn't hard to believe with her

No. 192754


The type that she's got are never coming off completely.
They'll fade a bit but that's about it.

No. 192755

vanilla unsweetened almond milk is based
i like it more than normal milk, try it fam

No. 192757

Enjoy ur puce, blood and urine

No. 192758

stop derailing the topic with your vegan bullshit fam

No. 192759

You misinterpreted what I said, but it's a subtle difference. Expecting people to be nice to you after spending money on them is perfectly normal, for example, your parents expecting you to do chores around the house because they pay for you to live. Using money or gifts you previously claimed were "Free" - As in, no repayment in any form is required - to later blackmail someone into behaving how you want is abuse. if you claim something was free when you gave it to someone, you can't later change your mind and demand repayment. Charms actually said this in the same breath after Chloe dumped her. Showing gratefulness for something doesn't mean doing whatever the person who was kind to you wants. This is a well documented abuse tactic that I only found out about after I was in an abusive relationship.

No. 192831


I really hope this shit show is a troll

Vegan milk bitch anon needs her own snow thread at this point

No. 192846

I think its like 3 diff ppl because i posted about it initially… ANYWAY


my bf was like this. i am very minimalist & hate gifts. my bf would buy me expensive things and pay for my groceries even though i never asked him to do etiher of those (and didnt want him to) but i'd be obliged to accept under pressure. i evem talked to him before hand like "this is a gift, right?"
well, when shit got bad a year later he blew up in my face and said "LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY IVE SPENT ON YOU!! BLAH BLAH BLAH"

charms is the same way. sorry but money doesn't buy loyalty, charlotte. being a good person does. no one will stay with you just because you pay for their food.

No. 192849


Yeah my boyfriend used to do this inadvertently too, buying me shit all the time, sneaking me gift games on Steam and such, but when we'd argue he'd always pull that shit up and be like "I'M SO NICE TO YOU I'M ALWAYS BUYING YOU STUFF" and I was like "bitch stfu I never fucking ASKED for any of that shit in the first place goddamn".

Thankfully he's stopped now and understands how shitty it was at the time throwing that crap in my face.

No. 193114

Holy shit can you shut the fuck up about how milk is good or bad and how tattoos are for people witj issues or not. Nobody cares ffs back on Charms you autists. The 5"0 110lbs fatty can leave and stop shitting the thread
>u a meen ana chan
If that helps you sleep at night fatso now shoo shoo

I think she will not end well at all the more it goes really…she keeps putting on weight by eating crap and she keeps getting terrible tattoos everywhere she will regret everything if she ever realize.

No. 193129


Nobody has mentioned it for over a day way to bring it back up fuckshit.

No. 193145

i know this feel
i never ask for stuff even as a kid for my birthday or christmas because i dont want it shoved in my face later or to have that feeling like i owe someone, even though it was a 'gift'.

No. 193184

File: 1445014455750.jpg (116.8 KB, 640x1077, image.jpg)

This girl is referring to lotte as her girlfriend on Instagram and it wouldn't fucking surprise me considering their mutual taste in great tattoos.

No. 193187

110 pounds at 5' is a normal bmi and not on the high end of normal either. I seriously doubt most people here are under 100 pounds

No. 193188

i think she knows about this thread (like obviously she does because she was really into /cgl/ and used to selfpost herself on 4chan a lot) and thats why we havent seen mike on cam anymore

No. 193189

File: 1445015616739.png (89.1 KB, 609x624, Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.12…)

okay honestly good for you but i just reported the person you are replying to for weight-baiting, because the admin said to do that. instead of shitting up the thread about milk and each other's weights just REPORT!!!! ffs


now for an update on lotte because i love her as a cow and i hate seeing this thread slow down.

this is her lecturing yet another person on how HORRIBLE their tattoo ideas are. this coming from the person who wants to get yet another shitty tattoo. the guy deleted the post.
i'd rather have a cliche tattoo that's well done than the chicken scratch lotte constantly gets tbh fam

No. 193191

File: 1445015829777.jpg (33.97 KB, 300x300, 300x300.jpg)

I thought I'd post this cute picture of Little Lotte and her Mommy! Idk how old it is. She looks so kawaaiiiii here~

No. 193193

File: 1445016148891.png (340.41 KB, 480x586, qt.png)

This is my favourite Lotte era.

No. 193194

Wow, I didn't even recognize this was Charms at first.
She looks nice.
I still personally think silver-hair was best era but she does look cute here.

No. 193195

File: 1445016435595.png (436.5 KB, 480x640, lotte.png)

This was right before that, and it was definitely my favourite because she looked so pretty. I don't think blonde suits her that well but I think she looked really nice in terms of makeup/weight/bone structure.

No. 193196

File: 1445016474467.png (621.93 KB, 1217x838, qtpi.png)

Here is a picture you may have all seen before, it's one of her GG shows on mfc.

No. 193199

this is cute.
though her makeup looks kinda shitty to me. wasnt she a cosmetology student or something? but she has only gotten progressively worse lol

No. 193205

This is genuinely hot and is something I'd be fucking down to watch.
Dammit Charms, why can't you go back to actually acting/looking/being sexy. This is what gets viewers and tips.
Not sitting on your obese ass guzzling down syrupy coke, complaining and occasionally unenthusiastically and unsexily showing your botched tits, gelatinous ass and crusty snatch.

No. 193206

her makeup skills have always been shit for a comsmetology student.

No. 193207

File: 1445017831366.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 400x300, tumblr_n1jssj27nb1rn65wxo1_400…)

the feels

she even used to seem happier. i remember when i took a break from /cgl/ and saw her on mfc one night, like 2 years after i stopped hearing about her. she was almost unrecognizable and so so so gorgeous.

if you would've told me she'd look like she does now i wouldn't have believed you

No. 193209

cosmetology* jesus, sorry

No. 193222

Sad - she is cute there.

No. 193232

I am so certain it's been mentioned before but what is the brand of the dye wash or whatever she used for this color?

I always got silver/grey by mixing colors and although it eventually got nice it started purpleish and faded weird.

Sorry for OT, I just love this shade on her so much and it's making me hair nostalgic.

No. 193235

Damn, I don't know what she uses specifically, but I've had pretty good results with super titanium/light Redken colors (9T I believe?) followed by the Blonde Idol purple shampoo/conditioner. I had her color for about a year and that formula always worked for me and stayed until I needed a root retouch. Hopefully that helps you.

No. 193241

Thanks Anon! I'll definitely check those products out.

No. 193257

Charms has no right to lecture anyone about anything right now.

No. 193258

I thought that was her grandma. Damn.

No. 193259

This is my favorite charms era. Damn, she was so cute. perfect tits. Such a shame…

No. 193286

she used to be so hot, damn
this is tragic

No. 193291

Holy shit why did she let herself go???!!

No. 193307

Whoever did her extensions here needs to be shot. Way too long for how short her hair is. If she wanted this length she needed more bundles. Sorry I know how much people are in love with her during this phase

No. 193308

I don't know why people do honestly. She was a disgusting person back then and its finally showing on the outside. Good.

No. 193313


She was a horrible person, but she was really really pretty imo

It's funny as fuck that she was such a vain, snobby cunt and her good looks have faded so quickly, but I kinda feel a bit bad for her seeing as the reason she's let herself go so much is because she's mentally ill and surrounded by enablers. That would take its toll on anyone.

No. 193316

The things she done to her body are irreversible now.. The ugly tattoos.. The lopsided implants.. Added with her weight and a bf that enables her.. Well even if she loses some weight - and I don't see that happening unless she becomes single and independent again. she's stuck with a wrecked body.

No. 193371



she could afford a decent personal trainer and expensive organic shit, and I'm sure her rich ass mom would encourage being healthy. like bitch you have all the resources to be hot AND you're a sex worker whose job depends on being hot

she could be making so much more she just refuses to try and buys a fuck machine for her disgusting pig self instead.

No. 193389

File: 1445053826064.jpg (111.49 KB, 640x640, lomeli.jpg)

This is when she did a show with Lomeli, aka Dirtypillows, aka Stacy, aka Toki, aka swaglordmfc. She was dating Aoi before Charms I believe, then Aoi dated Charms for a while and went back to Toki. Charms has always been reallllly jealous of her.

No. 193430


interest in doing something permanent and embracing a record of it. complete honesty- as a woman i just feel powerful and they're sexy.

if you're not a fucking idiot, you'll save up thousands and during that time you'll be on the wait list for a world class artist. it's forever so if you're going to do it don't fuck around.

but yeah people like charms give tattoos a bad rep cause she's going after people that are probably just starting out and practicing. unfortunately thats how tattoo artists get better though, and why laser services are a great skill to learn and jump on now.

No. 193440


Out of curiosity what hair color do you think suits her best?

No. 193448

Blonde or silver.

No. 193468

This is so fucking hot.

Goddamn, Charms. Look at your life. Look at your choices.

No. 193476

I'm new around here, but wasn't this chick camwhoring on /b/ and Stickams around 2010/2011?

No. 193526

stop posting this chick in every lotte thread. youre so thirsty for her i'd suspect ur either her or aoi lmao

No. 193528


kek, you're not even responding to me when I'm the one that posted her in the last thread.
There's obviously more than one person that finds her attractive, deal with it.

No. 193529

No. 193543

File: 1445103414994.jpg (83.33 KB, 750x445, image.jpg)

Hnnnh seriously, this face just gets me. RIP hot Charms.

No. 193581

suuuure. everyone in the last thread agreed she looks like a tranny

tbh lotte has some weird obession with trannies all over her blog, wouldn't be surprised if she has a boner for that one too and is now shitposting her all over the thread…

No. 193593

So hot. Fuck you charms! Fuck you for fucking yourself up when you got so much potential!

No. 193626

File: 1445128070366.jpg (16.8 KB, 320x320, 11327855_113798038952815_71641…)

You really think nobody else on this thread would find her attractive? Unique features and big lips = tranny, apparently.

No. 193627

She would definatly suit silver hair

No. 193629

File: 1445128598198.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 193630

Is that a wig

No. 193636

yes if u want the link to it let me know, its actually pretty good

No. 193641


Damn you're embarrassing yourself because now I know for a fact that it's not just me laughing at you, it's at least two other people.

No. 193642

stop samefagging you sound like thighs-chan now. ur waifu looks like a tranny get over it

No. 193644

Oooh, do share.

No. 193645

File: 1445131700190.jpg (195.48 KB, 1913x955, sdfsdf.jpg)


Hahahahaaha oh wow

No. 193646



No. 193647

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014KN8JL4?colid=1N5VV73AVUF01&coliid=I1VN1KFMKDI4RE&ref_=wl_it_dp_v_nS_ttl this i think, but even if it isnt its still very high quality and prob one of the best synthetic wigs ive ever seen

No. 193649

She's too much of a weak bitch to actually give up her shit diet

No. 193651

Her face does look very plastic/fake looking IMO. I wouldn't say she looks like a tranny but I understand where they were coming from.

No. 193661

I believe she said she used some wash that had to be done every time she showered (which was when she did do so) and it was shitty irl because it was patchy. So whatever she had didnt work too well.

No. 193663

I remember hearing it was a wash but I didn't realize it was shit. Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep with the stuff the one Anon suggested.

(Though I won't lie, def checking out that wig up there)

No. 193666

File: 1445138951471.jpg (877.14 KB, 1070x986, 2015-10-18 04.28.25.jpg)

Irrelevant but if you guys are looking for a steel grey dye as opposed to a rinse this is the only one one I've ever found to work and picture related is the colour it gave me.


It says permanent but it's definitely semi.
Most of it is washed out after 2 weeks but initially it will tone your hair wonderfully and then the grey hues will start to build with more applications.
Unfortunately that does mean damage but you're never going to get grey hair without damage sadly.

Oh and the colour I have in the picture is it applied to about 2 shades away from the lightest blonde. Hope this helps.

No. 193667








you do this in every fucking thread, make a thread about this bitch if you want but straight up stop defending her here no one gives a shit in the slightest. give it the fuck up.

No. 193668


It's more than one person shitdick.

No. 193669

It's like she can't enjoy art without having it permanently etched on her body. Just get a T-shirt of it or something, jfc.

No. 193674

I don't buy that. Every time you post her the thread devolves into a shit store. S/he looks like a well done post-op tranny, get your circlejerk out of this threa plz.

No. 193677

>unique features
Unique for a woman that's for sure. That fucking jawline.

No. 193686

it's cheat day anon~

No. 193724

Seriously. she's so quick to get tattoos that have zero personal meaning to her. it's basically just like "hey, this is funny!!!"

No. 193734

Everyday is a cheat day to Charms

No. 193735


I literally JUST proved that it wasn't me by attempting to delete the earlier post and screenshot ting it, which I see you conveniently ignored.
Fuck off.

No. 193736

File: 1445166080699.jpg (106.97 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nuhsl5Lhd21r7bup3o1_128…)

God this Emily chick who is doing all her current tattoos is fucking awful.

No. 193737

File: 1445166097183.jpg (106.62 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nudtfxmmcR1r7bup3o1_128…)

No. 193738

File: 1445166110301.jpg (95.36 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nw3egljy0s1r7bup3o1_128…)

No. 193740

Is she an apprentice?
This stuff is so dodgy and shite.
She didn't even manage to place the Howl's Moving Castle one properly so the star that (I presume) the girl wants covered up is actually being fully concealed.
Just a little higher and to the right probably would have done the trick. Ah well, looks pretty atrocious anyway.
Covering up a bad tattoo with a bad tattoo. Smart.

No. 193756

What the fuck. How can Lotte be rebooting shit criticizing bad tattoos then turn around and get all of her terrible shit from this artist?

Someone should submit one of her recents to a blog she follows kek. She'd be bullshit.

No. 193758


I'm gonna submit her latest leg tattoos to a terrible tattoo blog.

No. 193859

File: 1445184847293.png (1.35 MB, 1048x1106, Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.1…)

I don't know why lotte (im pretty sure its lotte) has such a boner for this girl. she literally looks more man-ish than that tranny that got made fun of on halfchan recently (the blonde one from /snow/)

now that this conversation has started, im 99% sure this "woman" is a post-op tranny. dem hands and dat face and dem shoulders, christ

No. 193863

Totally agree.

No. 193874


Everyday is also a cheat day for her bf.

No. 193884

No. 193908

Charms looks just like Alaska Thunderfuck here.m

No. 193913

It's not even a good burger. It's fucking Burger King fake shit.

No. 194086

File: 1445207969934.jpg (113.01 KB, 960x544, 2015-10-18-183357.jpg)

Mike confirmed for sjw.

No. 194090


>If you disagree with me I never want to talk to you again

No. 194092

ugh. No wonder he likes dressing charms' underwear.

No. 194105

File: 1445210770216.jpg (67.96 KB, 960x544, 2015-10-18-190949_1.jpg)

>I can't handle different opinions.

No. 194164


If anyone else follows Mike on fb he's chimping out big time and blocking people left and right. He keeps this up and we might have to make a separate thread just for him.

No. 194168

first time I've seen someone spell it "goodbuy"
confirmed idiot, they belong together.

No. 194177

it was most likely just autocorrect, anon

No. 194182

Holyshit-that's bad. That's so bad. I've seen stuff like this with first year artists…damn. Poor girl.


This coverup is atrocious!!

No. 194183

She could've just gotten the other tattoo lasered off. Now she's stuck with this beyond amateur work. It doesn't even look like it's supposed to be from Howl's moving castle.

No. 194184

Do it.

No. 194185

That's exciting. I had no idea he was sucha sjw idiot.

No. 194211

Haha I just noticed the pokemon in the back.

No. 194212

Omg thank u bb. I've been wanting to find a nice grey for awhile

No. 194219

File: 1445246419899.jpg (59.6 KB, 600x641, f19.jpg)

autism and tumblr really makes sjws not be able to tolerate varying opinions, huh?
how do they function in the real world?
i guess mike doesn't considering he just mooches off of charms, lol.

No. 194278

she's near 13/14 here. She was dropping weight and in a goth/recently discovered Mana phase before lolita. She would back comb and flat iron sections of her hair with got2b glue type shit into 'spider legs'.

No. 194279

holy fuck this person is gonna let this artist do an entire sleeve on them?
this is who charms is going to?

looks like they've got access to plenty of idiots for practice. x__x

No. 194281


Does that bad tattoo blog she follows take submissions? Bonus points if you submit it there.

No. 194519

File: 1445316969149.png (28.48 KB, 592x352, auBBYOj[1].png)

No. 194520

File: 1445317040617.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.78 KB, 778x1280, tumblr_nwi2e7Nahb1shp2t7o1_128…)

i feel like some people here might like this

No. 194528

Is there a disgusting dog on their bed/couch where a bunch of sex toys are? ugh

No. 194533

File: 1445319358570.jpg (86.39 KB, 325x810, 1424556170394.jpg)

No. 194537

This is so fucking stupid. I don't care HOW long ago it was she did something or how much she's *~*changed*~* now, but she STILL did hose things and she is still responsible for her behavior! This whole "I'm not the same person I was x years ago!" shit is just a way for dumb cunts to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. As if it was someone else they can pass the blame onto. It's pathetic.

No. 194539

Exactly. People who said "Well I was young and immature" to avoid responsibility are just as bad as the assholes who say "I was drunk."

No. 194541

Wow she's really saying that people shouldn't judge another person for what they did seven years ago? Sorry, but you decided to document all of your drama on the internet, so people are still going to judge your character based on this. If anything, she should own up to her past behavior and apologize.

No. 194548

File: 1445324885301.png (403.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-19-02-53-16…)


I sent her that ask relating to the choker and she's fucking dodging today shit to fuck.
Yeah Charlotte, you stole the choker when you were 16 and an idiot teen, but you sold it for financial gain only 3 years ago when you were 20 and an adult.

No excuses.

No. 194576

I think thats their hairless cat… As far as I know, Charms doesn't have any dogs.

No. 194590

I thought that too but it seemed huge in comparison. Jesus mike must literally have the height/body of a prepubescent boy

No. 194591

This is actually the first time I've heard her admit to this.

No. 194600

Kek, i didnt even know lotte during the choker thing, or know about it. i post here because shes a fucking cow now. a nasty, fat cow. she used to be horrible to other girls on MFC and bully them when she was on top, and now that she's fallen hard on her face, a lot of us are laughing our asses off. kekekekek.

No. 194603


Ughhh what the fuck Charlotte
Admitting to it means jack shit if you just get pissy and defensive over it instead of apologising.
You're still "that person". You might have grown up but what you did was something you made a conscious decision about and you need to take responsibility for that instead of using 'the old you' as a scapegoat. Stop using "B-but I've changed!!!" as an excuse.

I hate people who always make excuses for themselves instead of apologising and trying to make amends for being an asshole.

No. 194644

I'm actually mildly impressed she didn't use mental illness as an excuse/try to get the heat off her by that

No. 194705

She and Aoi used to have dogs. Chihuahuas and some little white thing. I can't remember what exactly it was. iirc, when they split Lotte took the white dog. I wonder what happened to her.

No. 194710


The chihuahua was her grandmas.

No. 194712

she sounds sooooo much like gaia charms there lol lol
actually it just sounds like a myspace/early 2000's "about me" in general

No. 194756

Charlotte stole the choker in August of 2010. That isn't 7 years ago, thats 5 years ago. she's 23 now, so she was 18 when it was stolen.

No. 194798

Fatty says his dick is that big but I doubt it.

No. 194886

Curious, how did Charms get her fangs? Are they naturally long canines or did she get them permanently capped?

No. 194903

She went to a dentist for them. Its kinda sad thinking about how proud she was of her teeth then.

No. 194904


Damnnn, I bet that cost a fair bit… is she really making that much money in camming for expensive body mods?

No. 194905


She was*.

No. 194906

No. 194908

I don't see the point of posting that but okay.


Cheers for answering my questions as they were somewhat random.

No. 195075

>she used to be horrible to other girls on MFC and bully them

What did she say? I'm a bit new to her, I kind of want to hear of her bitchy past.

No. 195421

It was so long that I can't even remember, but after her fight with Ashe, she talked shit about her for a good week or two on cam every night. Same with Zoe. And whenever there was a girl doing better than her she would rant about how she was more harder working and how she deserves more, when she'd hardly ever even go on cam.

She uses people. She used Ashe in my opinion to get popular, without her she would be no body.

No. 195577

File: 1445576046480.png (2.42 KB, 444x30, Untitled.png)

where are you bitches shes on chaturbate with scraps

No. 195578

Oh shit, finally on a night when I'm home.

No. 195580

she keeps hiding the cam from people that dont have tokens in their accounts :/

No. 195581

Well, looks like she won't be making much money then.

No. 195582

Gasp!! Penis pump x scraps?? I must see!

No. 195583

It says that I must agree to the room rules in order to view her cam. No clue where to agree to them. :/

No. 195584

type /agree in chat. the notification lags

No. 195586

Scraps' dick is so limp under that pump :(

No. 195587

File: 1445577637000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.26 KB, 618x466, gross.jpg)

So… they pumped Scraps' dick and he can't even get hard from her touch. He's so limp.

No. 195588

I wonder if its stage fright

No. 195589

as revolting as her tits. she's touching it as if it were an iguana or something.

No. 195590

File: 1445577807816.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.13 KB, 622x468, limpdick.jpg)

Now she's giving him a hand job but he's so disinterested and limp. He so doesn't find her attractive.

No. 195591

File: 1445577819605.png (897.45 KB, 938x670, bittersweetsymphony.png)

I can't believe the current song choice to this shit

No. 195592


No. 195594

File: 1445578088618.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.33 KB, 614x462, stilllimp.jpg)

She's still begging for tokens so people can see her giving a shitty blowjob to her gay boyfriend. He still isn't hard.

No. 195595

File: 1445578091047.png (Spoiler Image, 379.21 KB, 476x379, softie.png)


No. 195596

I can't stop laughing

send help

No. 195597

They're boring as hell right now. All they're doing is sitting there and complaining about no one talking or tipping.

No. 195598

this is so depressing

No. 195599

this is so boring.. not sure I can keep watching.

No. 195600

File: 1445578572343.png (2 KB, 193x23, thank.png)

"…technically nothing since it's not 200, but thank you…"

stay classy charms

No. 195601

Wtf is that thing

No. 195604

is she still on??

No. 195605

File: 1445579488458.gif (2.76 MB, 255x234, 1426017958389.gif)

No. 195606

Goddamn, did I miss all the fun?
Says her room is offline.

No. 195607

File: 1445579593280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.77 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

….whats up with his dick?
I get all dicks are different, but that looks like an elephants trunk.

No. 195608

this is disgusting

he is disintrested bc he is very obviously gay, but that didnt need repeating

seriously this is fucking disgusting


No. 195609


That's such a sad, floppy peen… It's also now misshapen due to over pumping.

No. 195610

holy shit his dick is disgusting

No. 195612

Do you seriously have to have tokens to view her cam?
This is bollocks.

No. 195613

What's that weird looking plasticy ring around the base of his cock?

No. 195614

I didnt have tokens but was able to view her cam when she was online.

No. 195615

I assume a cock ring.

No. 195616

Could over pumping cause himself to become limp?

No. 195618

She used a penis pump on him and that ring is just where it was attached.

I didn't have tokens either but I was able to view by just making an account (doesn't require an email) and agreeing to her room's rules.

No. 195619

That's weird; I'm logged in and it keeps saying her room is offline no matter how many times I refresh. So lame.

No. 195620

I have now saved this image and I'm going to show it to my workfriends over coffee…

It is too trainwrecky NOT to share and I hope it makes one of my colleagues choke on their beverage and die.

No. 195621

I'm not really sure how they work to be honest, I'd say Google for examples if you're curious enough.

No. 195622

Ohh, I see it now, it's like a big suction mark, the lighting made it look shiny and I was like wtf is that.

No. 195623

Gdi, is she still online? I missed it!

No. 195624

rofl what a cunt.

No. 195625

His dick looks deformed. it's freakin me out.

No. 195626

She looks like she's eating a subway sandwich.

No. 195629

that is honest to god the most disgusting penis i have ever seen

No. 195630

File: 1445583772364.jpg (6.88 KB, 225x225, descarga.jpg)

No. 195633



No. 195635

File: 1445585376480.jpg (196.41 KB, 1500x1125, 05062105-tomky-geoduck-adult.j…)

No. 195636

fucking hilarious

No. 195637

ITT disappointed scrappy mcscraps fan girls.

Also her boobs are fusing together WHATTHEFUCK

No. 195640

File: 1445586711299.jpg (22.38 KB, 274x274, image.jpg)

Her implants are too heavy for her muscles to support so the skin has literally separated from her sternum wtf. I'm going to throw up

No. 195649

Pretty sure what you're looking at is her moon tattoo she has there.

No. 195666

When that little fold happens between the boobs just underneath, it means she's putting on more weight than the last time she cammed.

No. 195672

looks like the beginning of symmastia, if not just a lighting issue or tattoo.

No. 195677

Honestly I can't fucking get over how intensely mangled mikes dick looks

No. 195710

Like actually is that because of the pump or is his dick fat and gross?!

No. 195712

I've only seen three penises irl growing up, but yeah, that shit doesn't seem like it's healthy. It's just like about to explode into blood and pus everywhere or something. It just looks painful.

No. 195714

I've never seen a cock like this in my life, unbelievable.
I missed the show, was it like that before they used the pump out what?

That is… grotesque.

No. 195718

It can't be healthy for him if she does that to him on a regular basis… Blood clots, burst blood vessels, impotency.

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to pump that severely, they're both fucking moronic.

No. 195719


It's fucking preposterous. I showed it to my male buddies. There was talk of surgical removal. I think i saw some tears. What the actual hell is up with that fat limp snail of a dick.

No. 195721

Pumped dicks and clits are absolute horrors. Mike's dick is no exception. She couldn't have stuck with just a normal handjob or blowjob after a certain token amount? Why throw in the pumping which is probably not visually appealing to many people?

No. 195736

That's… that's not real… is it?
I just threw up.

No. 195737

When I first looked at this I thought they attached some fake fucked up dildo over his limp dick… :(

That's such a disgusting dick, I feel so sorry for Mike.

No. 195745


I like his shirt

No. 195749

>tfw missed the best Charms cam night

I was here for the first one. Now I'm just mad.

No. 195753

People who watched the show: did he seem like he enjoyed it?! Because holy shit. It's one thing if that's what he's into, but incredibly fucked up if lotte coerced him into doing this for $$.

No. 195756

I didn't get to watch it, but the caps of him completely flaccid + on his phone looking bored while she's attempting to stimulate him say no.

No. 195774

File: 1445609326428.png (242.17 KB, 424x448, image.png)


That's his penis?

No. 195776

He was obviously disinterested but to clear up the confusion (I really don't know how you guys are this uneducated in this kind of shit):

Yes pumping his dick is why it looks deformed. It also prevents boners and he loses sensitivity so yeah, it could be his dream faggot gagging on it and it'd probably be the same result.

No. 195777

Isn't over-pumping like this supposed to be extremely painful as it causes pressure to build up in the tissues?
Can't dicks lacerate from this shit?

No. 195797

File: 1445614308262.gif (390.74 KB, 480x270, 1441895065128.gif)

No. 195801

is this the girl that was friends with Kota? what's the sauce on that? new fag here

No. 195804

File: 1445615222468.gif (4.98 MB, 320x240, 1441751476958.gif)

No. 195805

me too.. it looks so odd.. I thought it was a fake at first.

No. 195807

This isn't what I expected.

No. 195812

Yes, I believe they were friends briefly and met irl but I don't think they really hit it off

Charms is a cow that goes way back, was really popular for being batshit retarded on Gaia, used to be an elitist in lolita, known for stealing a rare lolita item from a comm member(with proof) and used to trip on /cgl/. So she's pretty well known in the community, though always for being crazy/a bitch (her borderline really shows in retrospect).

I'm sure she lurks here, all things considered.

No. 195823

There's tons of guys who have a fetish for girls laughing at and making fun of their dicks. We need to show them this thread.

That dick looks like it needs medical attention.

No. 195830

Oh god I missed so much

No. 195834

Holy shit, my ex boyfriend is coming over today and he is one of those people. I will definitely show this to him!

No. 195835


No. 195843

File: 1445622434398.jpg (22.36 KB, 400x266, image.jpg)


No. 195849

oh wow I couldn't imagine them even giving each other the time of day was this charms girl ever decent looking at any point? I've heard of this girl from the Kota thread and was curious

No. 195853

If you check the previous threads, >>190640
Yes she was, but was determined to destroy herself one way or another

No. 195854

File: 1445623876272.jpg (71.36 KB, 640x640, 1530832_689913827718738_576440…)


Yes. Once upon a time she was very, very attractive.

No. 195858

she was never good enough to support the MUA thing, but damn, how have her skills deteriorated so much?

No. 195865

File: 1445624901872.jpg (78.82 KB, 768x1024, BiQcExoCMAAgPiy.jpg)


idk fam, it's pretty depressing.

No. 195893

File: 1445631420875.jpg (19.86 KB, 397x250, ashley-tisdale-nose-job.jpg)

did Charms ever get a nose job? her nose looks kinda nose job-y here. it's cute though, i'm jealous.

No. 195922

Looks more like better make-up than a nose job.

No. 195956

File: 1445639983537.jpg (47.08 KB, 720x576, 1367758102376.jpg)

What the FUCK is wrong with that dick? Seriously wtf? He's not even hard from having a girl suck his cock?
What a limp dicked faggot lol.
Seriously though, why is his dick bent like that? Does anyone know?

No. 195957

File: 1445640175525.png (372.89 KB, 461x573, 1408048630697.png)

She was once skinny and pretty and shit on fat/ugly girls a lot. Now she is one of them.

No. 195958


How the fuck can this entire thread be so in the dark about this

No. 195959

How do we know he pumped his dick?

No. 195964

dat shiny wig tho

No. 195968

File: 1445641171802.gif (526.41 KB, 570x496, 1432604956535.gif)


I've seen some fucked up dicks. but nothing like that. holy fuck. I think im going to vomit

why doesnt he get that shit checked out? gay or not that dick is not in good shape and i dont even think itd be possibe for him to get hard

No. 195970

Because most of lolcows users are lonely old weebs who only had 1 dick before if they were lucky.

No. 195974

pumping is not a permanent thing, its like a hicky in concept.

No. 195976

ewwwww. normal dicks are disgusting enough but that shit needs to be fucking amputated.

No. 195977

1) they mention it in the cam session (not sure if they showed it happening

2) the fuck, you're joking with me and I'm too much of an autist to get it, right? This is exactly what pumped genitals look like

Do you guys seriously think that would be a normal penis?

I want to believe this thread is mostly samefagging wtf

No. 195978

File: 1445641926208.jpg (9.68 KB, 200x200, 1379703049521.jpg)

No. 195980

I really don't think people are understanding this

Like, you know that retarded kylie jenner lip challenge? Where people suction their lips til they become all swollen and puffy? It's the same fucking concept. It goes back down to normal.

Like holy christ you guys this isn't that unknown as far as sex toys go

No. 195996

No. 195997

I dont think most people need dick pumps to get off. Like toys yeah, but that does not look appealing, that looks like a swollen mess of blood and pain.

No. 196007

I think everyone understands what's going on, there were posts about her using a penis pump on him before pics were posted.
Regardless, his giant puffy slug dick is fucking terrifying. If my bf came at me with that thing I'd try to chop it off.

No. 196010

Maybe not in their personal sex lives but there's ads all over the Internet that spout them. I've never seen a sex toy store without them. Very simple, understandable concept anyway.

It's def a fetish thing but it shouldn't be this alien

No. 196021

I'd only ever really known about the pumps because of the references in Austin Powers and this is the first time I've seen one in action and oh baby jesus why

No. 196027


>>shouldn't be this alien

oh they definitely should. they can stay alien to me my entire life please

No. 196036

I totally thought it was a fake rubber dick when I first saw it. How could it be that big but still so soft & spongy??? That pic where she's holding it…omg…then the last one where it's all droopy & bent…*sadpenis

No. 196110

Look, people know what a fuckig penis pump IS, but is the majority don't use them then they won't know it makes your dick look like an over cooked hotdog
It's fucking gross, end of story, "normal" or not

No. 196261

Yeah, his penis looks weird because it was pumped, you can look up videos and people end up with really weird looking genitals.

It's perfectly normal considering what they were doing.

Then again a lot of lolcow is naive as fuck.

No. 196269

what I wanna know is how he could be so disinterested with a girl on the end of his dick. my boyfriend would NEVER have his phone out during any kind of sexual activity, much less act as bored as mike did. its depressing. I'm starting to think the "lol mike is gay" posts may actually be true.

No. 196281

Or charms disgusts the hell out of him wouldn't doubt him being gay af tho

No. 196283

Well the penis is awful and charms is disgusting but at least the wig looks nicer than her own hair, good for you big lots

No. 196422

"Big lots" reads so much more appropriate than "big lottes" haha!

No. 196423

almost kawaii enough to befriend dakootz. what happened charms.

No. 196424

no she just has a really lopsided face and used to know how to work her angles.

No. 196428



No. 196453

NononononononoNONO you have to answer now
I first thought it was a fake dick like in >>194520
Is it even real? Please answer, tell me it isn't, I'm begging you farmers

No. 196454

File: 1445702795261.jpg (142.03 KB, 677x515, alice-face-palm-featured.jpg)

Jfc read the goddamn post your responding to. It says right there that they pumped his dick. So yes. That's his real penis.

No. 196460

So aside from a new grey wig, literally everything in the Charms House of Horrors is some fucked shit. Big Lotte's diet, Scraps' tortured penis, the pet situation.

If there's a mummified kitten under a stack of unopened buttplug boxes it shouldn't surprise anyone at this point.

No. 196464

File: 1445703520722.jpg (81.94 KB, 275x202, 1442652637027.jpg)

Tune down the salt, fellow. The grotesque view of Scraps' scrap made me blind for some minutes.

No. 196509

That is by far the most fucked up cock I've ever seen in my entire life. I have NEVER in my life seen a dick like that hoooolllyyyy shit and I've seen a LOT of penis pumps in action, none of the ones I've seen have been THIS fucked up though… He must use it like, every day for years or something…

No. 196513

Okay guys we get it shut up
His cock looks gross

So unless you are going to contribute with something relevant shop posting about it, you posting "omg gross cock" for the millionth time does nothing

No. 196521

Stfu that cock is the most interesting thing in this thread for months

No. 196538

I literally thought he had a penis sleeve too!! It looks fake and mangled.

No. 196566


No. 196567

Whoever makes the next thread, should include the words "MCscraps" and "Big Lots".

No. 196578

Mike pls

No. 196580

File: 1445715604111.jpg (219.64 KB, 908x730, 1012.jpg)

It looks like you can hang coats on it. I thought it was fake at first. Wasn't Lotte the one that posted ages ago about how she thought she was lesbian but then she loved this dude's dick too much and how it was the only dick that got her off?

No. 196642

Well, at least she didn't lie: it is big. Fucked up in a singular way, but big.

No. 196643


You realise it's only big because of the pump right?
It draw a lot of blood into the penis whilst simultaneously causing the tissues to expand to near-dangerous levels by creating an internal pressure amongst the cells.

It's kind of like when divers resurface too quickly and they get the…… bends

Badum-dum tsh

No. 196644

Its only "big" from being pumped.

No. 196646

So to anyone who has pumped.. or knows about pumping. Is it painful?

I have no clue why mike would willingly do something like that. maybe it was a first time sort of thing. Or perhaps big lotte wanted to make his thing appear larger if shown off..

No. 196653

I've pumped my pussy a few times in the past and it's kinda painful but I get off to that stuff. It wasn't done to an extreme but Mike's dick looks like it has been over pumped.

No. 196655

yes there is a slight pain involved but not unpleasurable if that's what you are into

But never pumped to the degree of mike's dick though, that's some straight outta porn shit.

No. 196660

Anybody have a cap of her face forward? I want to see what her wig looks like clearly

No. 196661


It doesn't actually hurt what you're pumping unless you pump it really high which isn't really possible with the cheap sex toys anyway. The pain is where the tube digs into your fat/bones.

Mike probably just pumped his dick at a normal pressure for like an hour. His dick will probably be back to normal in under a day.

No. 196696

I have never seen a dick that curves like this…

No. 196697

Her boyfriend is extremely hot and I want him to fuck me

No. 196700

Find Jesus.

No. 196701

I don't see how it's an excuse or not taking responsibility to say "I was young and dumb and this has already been addressed" when discussing past fuck ups in general, especially when it's to random strangers in the internet. People make mistakes in life and no one's perfect. The point is to own up to them and learn from them, not stay in a constant state of apology until you die and feel an obligation to random people on the internet you will never meet to explain yourself. Honestly, if the worst someone has done in their life is steal an expensive choker 7 years ago and they've admitted to it and clealry know it was really shitty, they're a better person than most. I'm not saying this about Charms specifically, just in general I think it's kind of stupid, needlessly unforgiving, and reeks of a "my shit smells like roses" mentality to say people summing up their 7 year old mistakes with "I was really dumb, but it's over now, I'll give you more details off anon" is an excuse or not taking responsibility.

Also, Charms didn't make the choker drama public, the person she robbed did.

No. 196706


You know nothing about this case at all and therefore have no right to comment.

For starters, she's lying out of her ass about the timeline. The theft occurred in 2010, so 5 years ago when she was 18, a legal adult and old enough to know right from wrong let alone not to steal from a friend.

Secondly, she has never once owned up to this nor admitted to it, hence her trying to skirt around the details by saying "it may or may not have happened".
It obviously fucking did and I can attest to this after Charms personally admitted to me on Skype that she stole it 3 years ago when the drama resurfaced again after she listed it for sale. I was disgusted at the time by the sudden confession and the way she laughed about it but I genuinely thought I valued her as a friend so I said nothing like a coward.

Not 7 years ago, not 5 years ago, in fucking 2012 which was only 3 years ago and would have made her 20 years old going on 21.
A good person would have mailed it back to her ex-friend, not resold something that never belonged to her in the first place for personal financial gain.
Her mother is a goddamn laywer for god's sake she should damn well know better.

The fact that you think a complete stranger having to buy the choker off Charms and mail it back to the victim is totally okay tells me you don't belong here at all our that your parents for a piss poor job of raising you. Leave.

No. 196714

File: 1445749271558.jpg (112.27 KB, 427x431, image.jpg)

No. 196718

you don't love yourself …

No. 196720

Holy shit that's fucked up. Would of looked better small and limp. Should of left that shit alone

No. 196732

I see your point, really I do. And I agree. But when that fuck up is stealing something rare and expensive from a friend and then selling it and pocketing the money, it really calls for more than an admission of guilt and a promise to be a better person. If she were interested in moving on from this and becoming a better person, rather than just trying to worm her way out of it, she'd have given back the choker or the money at least.

No. 196733

Have a read and educate; 2010-2012 was the timeline as above anon said.

>>the original post about the theft


>>the post regarding her selling it


No. 196740

Can we NOT post links to protected community journal entries? It's so frustrating! Post a screen cap or something ffs.

No. 196741

would've. Not would of.

No. 196743

sorry I didn't realise it was protected; I'll post screencaps when I get off my cellphone because no one likes huge cellphone screencaps.

No. 196745


I like huge cellphone screencaps.

No. 196746

I love 'em
post 'em all the time
fuck 'em they love it too

No. 196759

Yep, yep, I know, it's pumped. Looks like an hot dog mixed with a twisted tree trunk, one of those trees which settle in the wrong place and end up growing crooked. Adansonia, maybe.
But still she didn't lie. I wonder how does it fit in her vavoom

No. 196760

Please sage this kind of shit

No. 196815

I meant it's 3 pages of content and would've had a mountain of caps to upload.
Anyway have the entry regarding the theft; having read through the comments most of them are asspats to OP about how they "look so much better wearing it" so I've only capped the main entry plus a copypaste reply from /cgl/ that was Charms response to it and people responding saying very few Moitie pieces were on sale at the con that weekend let alone a choker from a very rare set released 4 years prior.

2nd entry was much shorter so I've included everything from that here
http://i.imgur.com/JX1OAyg.jpg (imgur because Gyazo shrunk the cap down)

No. 196835

Ah the times where people posted on getoffegl. Maybe cap the sales post and the link of the picture with charms' having the choker in the first one too? I think her friend is wearing it (Aoi?)but its clear that it is the same as the one in the sales post.

No. 196837

File: 1445803569139.jpg (39.16 KB, 426x511, 33200et.jpg)

No. 196957

So, charms is asking for money for vet bills for a dog she found in the road. She says her credit cards are maxed out and the bill is $550. That's just the bill for the emergency vet diagnosis, not even treatment.


No. 196976

Does she even genuinely care about animals? I mean, scooping up a dog off the road and trying to find help for it is a pretty noble thing (IMO) but she hoards cats and likes to buy new pets (e.g. The snake) as accessories so to hear that she's bringing in another animal just makes me sad. Is she going to be able to care for this dog, assuming it gets the treatment? Is she putting the fuck machine BS on hold or is she still saving up for that? She is so terrible with money considering she has a well-off mom that pays rent/electric/whatever…

No. 196979

I think charms DOES care about animals but not in an altruistic way. From her perspective she's protecting/loving/caring for them and it probably does make her upset to see one hurt/abused. However I think she likes them in a selfish sense (because they bring her some form of fulfilment). I don't think she's capable of seeing it this way, though. She doesn't understand true selflessness because she's never felt it. It's why she thinks she's being good caring for these animals (even though it puts them in an overcrowded environment that isn't good for them). It's also part of why she thinks people owe her so much when she pays for all their things - these are her ideas of being selfless.

From my personal experience this is not uncommon for people with personality disorders. They simply can't understand it any other way because they've mistaken their own selfish feelings for self sacrifice/caring.

In this way they have their own form of "caring" and to them it is genuine, but from a normal functioning person's perspective it is not.

Sorry for tl;dr. This is the easiest way I felt I could adequately explain this.

No. 196981

I feel like she's doing it for internet asspats but if it actually helps a dog more than hiders, who cares why?

No. 196986

Do you think this might also have something to do with her mother being wealthy? I have a feeling Charlotte was "bought" through her childhood, which would probably give her a skewed perception on love and caring.

No. 196998


Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head, Anon! I had wanted to mention that as well, but figured my post was tl;dr enough.

People are quite complex so I'm sure there's a plethora of reasons, but I think that's a very large contributor to her present mindset/actions.

(There's usually some debate that personality disorders are created via a combination of nature and nurture. Though I don't know everything, I am not surprised to see her where she presently is in life given the circumstances).

This isn't to say any of what I said justifies her actions. I simply wanted to try to offer some perspective on them.

No. 197018

I'm probably just repeating the same shit people have already said, but I find it very hard to have sympathy for Dickpump McGee. I know some anons like him because he looks like a twink but he's only with her for the money and he knows it. He's a gold digger. I feel pretty bad for the girl he left even if she is a psycho.

No. 197064

Why are her credit cards maxed? I thought she was living expense-free thanks to dear old mom?

Hope the dog recovers, though.

No. 197084

Did you just completely miss the part where anon said they weren't specifically talking about Charms?

You sure got mad…

No. 197095

Probably because charms is already in debt from when she just stopped doing things plus she overspends on top of what her mom gives her for thinks like the snake, tattoos, new makeup, etc. She isnt really making a lot of money with camming now but she still spends a lot.

No. 197101

>Probably because charms is already in debt from when she just stopped doing things

What was she doing before?

Also, how hard could it be to live frugally, especially when you never leave the house?

No. 197149

>never leave the house
That's probably a huge reason why she overspends. She has nothing exciting going on or to look forward to, so she shops just for the sake of having something. Plus, she likely has to keep pumping out money for Mike's stuff just to keep him around, which I'm sure isn't cheap either.

No. 197286

File: 1445971207780.jpg (1.67 MB, 3264x1836, 20151027_123220(0).jpg)

Sorry for OT but I ordered a Charms grey wig from this seller (not the one in that link, but another by that seller using the same stock photos and as far as i can tell pretty much the same thing).

Anyway, it just got delivered to my work. It looks pretty nice for a synthetic and if anyone else was wanting one I would recommend so far. I haven't tried it on yet since I'm at work, but very nice for the low cost. Shipped fast.

>pic related

Wig cap that came with. Laughed quite hard at the picture they chose.

No. 197288


And yeah, she still spends like she has an income. Tattoos, piercings, jewelery expensive makeup, lingerie, dildos, 5 millionth cat, etc.

No. 197465

I don't want to get off topic, but I think a lot of Charm's clothes look pretty cute. Anyone know the kind of stores she shops at?

No. 197471

Check out her Amazon wishlist, I think she has some clothing on there. You can find it by going to her Twitter.

No. 197499

She also buys from killstar (aka overpriced hot topic) and either black craft cult or black alter apparel (aka wanna-be killstar)

No. 197920

Well if anyone is curious.. the dog had to be put down.. its actually kinda sad to be honest. Apparently she will also donate the remainder of her gofundme proceeds to charity.

No. 197930

Sad to hear it didn't make it.
When she produces receipts for the donation I'll believe it.
Inb4 to goes to her 'charity for a fuck machine' or a memorial tattoo.

No. 197931


ugh really? i wish you wouldn't.

house of widow is dope, dollskill has a lot of overpriced shit but you can weed through it. honestly if you look through who these goth cam girls' instagrams they follow a lot of lesser known brands that eventually get picked up by sites like dollskill or wasteland.

honestly if you were more specific about the look i could recommend some bc i fuck with goth shit hard, but not charms' style so i don't want to throw things at you that miss what you're going for.

to bring this on topic, i don't think charms even looks best in black, the only advantage is that it's slimming on her. she looks way better in greys, but i'm glad she's not doing that pastel shit. bitch needs some earth tones.

No. 198134

>'charity for a fuck machine' or a memorial tattoo
kek that would be so Charms, though

No. 198171

>the money went for a fuck machine so I can make more money camming so in the future when I steal someone's lost pet, I will definitely have money to pay the vet bills and not have maxed out credit cards from buying sodas
I hope the money goes to a new penis pump/penis for scrappy saddick so they don't get laughed off the internet again

No. 198238


I wanna believe Charms is better than that but yeah.

No. 198276

not that anon, but i'm interested in what you'd throw out; any and all

No. 201886

File: 1447059538789.png (683.58 KB, 574x786, zR3NE6s[1].png)

i mean, it's kind of distorted

No. 201888

File: 1447059794750.png (882.21 KB, 936x600, g2drTZk[1].png)

she's looking kind of like old charms

No. 201890

>no distortion

Yeah…the moon is oval

No. 201920

> 115 -> 161

No. 201921

Does she have problems with her eyes now too?

No. 201968

how the fuck do you gain 50 lbs in 6 years? baffling

No. 201972

how tall is she? If she is like 5'6" or under I actually reckon she's telling the truth about her weight

No. 201977

File: 1447098633610.jpg (101.33 KB, 767x1024, Bh_W3ifCAAEEZi8.jpg)


Not even 6, she was still really small just 2 years ago whilst she was at the height of her camming.

No. 201978

It's blurry as fuck now.

No. 201979

How is she covered in tattoos in just 6 years?? My oldest tat is 10yrs old and i'm just now getting my third. It's like she just tattoos random shit onto her body every few weeks! Calm down, Charms. Also

No. 201980

That house just got another room installed, fat bitch. Tattoo is so stretched out.

No. 201982

I have a theory about how Charms got to be so big. Maybe instead of BPD, she's bipolar. Now with bipolar people, a large number of them end up with thyroid disorders and can make people balloon the fuck up in a matter of months. That COULD be a reason why she gained weight so rapidly, but more likely it's because she went from having an ed to eating everything that isn't nailed down. Idk man just a possible theory.

No. 201983

File: 1447099647750.jpg (66.21 KB, 1024x576, BRgzvNJCQAEh5A6.jpg)


No. 201984


Anon, BPD stands for Bi-Polar Disorder…

No. 201985

File: 1447099740195.jpg (90.75 KB, 1080x1080, 11930816_900101916748074_12903…)

God she's turned into white trash, that earring is hideous.

No. 201993

Never forget.

Fucking disgusting

No. 201995

no it doesn't???

No. 201996

BPD actually stands for Borderline Personality Disorder since PDs is the short form for Personality Disorder. That's why you don't see BiPolar Disorder written as BPD very often. Since PD usually marks a personality disorder like NPD, HPD or ASPD

No. 201997

She's pretty short. I'm 5'7 and she was a few inches shorter than me.

No. 201999

if she's not bipolar and is taking mirtazapine it would explain a lot, but this is the same person who washed twelve cookies down with a can of coke so it could literally just be shitty food and laziness.

No. 202003


Binge Purge Disorder, Bi Polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, these really need some new acronyms.


liek, omg!!!???

No. 202015

File: 1447105694502.jpg (189.87 KB, 778x1280, tumblr_nxgnfj8z3S1shp2t7o1_128…)


No. 202016

She always looks like she smells bad lately.

No. 202017

File: 1447106087722.jpg (133.15 KB, 616x925, d.jpg)

I'm just looking back at some of her old posts and this was when she officially began to run downhill.

Oh and btw when she says "drama" she means this was when Mike's gf found out Mike was sleeping with Charms.

No. 202030

She really does

No. 202035

Charms is a cheating slut and Mike is a fucking scumbag. They deserve eachother.

No. 202036

She looks like that one broad from tumblr with the bad eyebrows and the pink wig. Jane-something or cutie-whatever. I can't remember her username.

No. 202061


No. 202075

The circle lenses make her look 10x more soulless.

No. 202077

>eating in bed
>on white sheets
>visible food stain

fucking savages

No. 202102

That rustled my jimmies as well. I already have issues with people eating in bed, but he has the plate on a white sheet and just…ugh the food is going to get on everything. I bet they don't even do laundry much either. Both probably have poor hygiene.

No. 202345

i really like this earring tbh, it just doesn't work on her.

No. 202385

File: 1447173800191.png (39.34 KB, 646x740, 1446077223501.png)

>I need, I need, I want, I want

Bitch didn't you JUST buy a fucking snake? You're not even employed, fuck.

No. 202387

File: 1447174539242.png (262.27 KB, 1156x877, Untitled-1.png)


Literally all she ever talks about these days is what she thinks she wants and thinks she needs.

She is so materialistic it really is unbelievable. I feel my life is getting to cluttered when I step even slightly over the minimalistic line save for my wardrobe; her bedroom must look like a fucking bombsite.

You can't mask the pain with purchases Charlotte get your shit together fuck.

No. 202399

I'm a shopping addict just like charms, I don't suggest it. I actually came from a similar background as she did too. My father is incredibly wealthy and constantly medicated my issues with money, stuff and drugs. Fortunately, my dad really did love me and got me into real therapy before it did too much damage, but during my lowest point of depression and anxiety I ran up 2 amex cards (about 15 grand). That was dad's que to step in and actually provide attention, caring and some financial planning. I have a good job now, but I still get into trouble whenever my life get's overstressed, just now I have the tools to control myself (kinda) and bail myself out if I get into trouble. TLDR; personal blog, but seriously, her tweets read like a rich kid's distressed inner monologue

No. 202404

girl needs help
its one thing to use material possessions to fix your problems but when those possessions are animals - its just a sad shit show

No. 202407

ew the thought just grosses me out. its one thing to eat in bed o na rare ocasion and be super careful but now i am just imaging them rolling around in crumbs and makeup scum and grease and cum

No. 202422

I think people who are disgusting hoarders need to be screened before they can buy a pet. And seriously, living things are not accessories. ugh, this pisses me off.

No. 202424

Haha, oh barf. But this is probably an accurate response to what happens in their bedroom.

No. 202433

I don't even understand what you'd do with all of this stuff. I feel like you'd probably just use things once or twice and never touch it again.

No. 202439

>10k so I can move out
uhhhhhhh lol

No. 202447

This is actually sickening. What a disgusting human being she is.

No. 202450

you just answered your own question. That's exactly what happens. The thrill of acquiring is better than the thrill of using. You use it publicly once and then you toss it (I gave my shit to friends/charity because I hate clutter) or horde it.

No. 202455


Thats how I got with skin care/ make up foundations. I would love the idea of buying it. But then it was meh when I used it. Looking back its ridiculous how much I spent. Though I do have a few friends who seem to like my handmedowns..

But animals is a whole other story. I currently work part time. And since I have had pets in the past (bird types). The cost of going to the vet if something goes awry is too much for me to consider ever getting another pet. That is until I have a better job. Buying random things is one thing… buying a living thing (and in her case multiple dogs omg) is another.

No. 202457

thats what even more depressing

No. 202489

And that's really what draws the line between being frivolous and being dangerous with impulse spending.

No. 202533

Her recent twitter post says that she is out 'house' shopping. How the heck can she afford her first house? Unless its on her mothers dime..

No. 202561

Could be for her mum, she is selling the current house.

No. 202567

Well shit, I hope they can get the cat stink out.

No. 202569

Deep down I hope she doesn't get a dog or dogs, but a part of me knows it's a high probability. It makes me wonder what will happen to her cats and possible dog(s) welfare.

Will she lock them all together in one area of the house?
Will she just let them mingle with the dog(s)?
Will she slowly introduce the dog(s) to the cats, or just buy it and release it from it's leash the moment they walk in?
What will her reaction be if the dog(s) aren't cat friendly and injures or kills one or more of the cats?

On the dogside:
Would she walk it, house-train it, and give it enough attention/exercise for the breed?
What happens if the dog has issues and starts wrecking the house/possessions?
Will she just lock in a room or outside when it's not cute/fun anymore?
Will it get proper training?

No. 202648

Charms can barely look after herself, let alone her animals. I honestly feel bad for the animals, and I hope Scraps jump in and feed them.

No. 202653

I figure it's Scraps who feeds and cleans up after the cats. If only out of his own sanity/health.

No. 203036

Charms is 5'4.
This tattoo isn't even 6 years old. 5 at most.

No. 203038

Pretty sure Chloe said Charms made her and Mike look after the cats when asked how Charms coped with having so many.

No. 203075

File: 1447301254629.jpg (4.99 KB, 250x226, 1354678332919.jpg)


>eating on the bed instead of a table like a normal human being

No. 203083

A lot of people do that. What's so bad about this?

No. 203098

File: 1447306779361.jpeg (123.02 KB, 640x1041, image.jpeg)

k charms, if u say so

No. 203101

don't get mad anon, she's finally taking our advice and going BBW

No. 203103

most people, not in college, with real houses/apartments don't eat on their bed that has white sheets. It's a pain in the ass to clean and sleeping in crumbs is really not fun. It's a thing you do when you're younger (especially if you're sloppy) but someone at charms' stage really shouldn't.

No. 203107

you're right! At least she isn't pretending anymore and since her makeup is looking better (and less like it was done in a druggy haze) it helps her look better over all

No. 203117

Is she really marketing herself as BBW? 15lbs overdue kek

No. 203140

File: 1447316054452.jpg (29.04 KB, 400x404, 1442886067792.jpg)


Here are my theories on Mike…

1. He's intentionally drugging her up and taking measures to undermine her health so that he can have control over her. The fatter she gets, the more health issues she'll have and the more she will depend on him and he'll never have to work again.

2. He has a feeder fetish and wants to see Charms blimp

No. 203170

Because it's filthy. You're eating where you sleep and it's not hygienic. Are you a child?

No. 203171

>that stomach

No. 203172

I don't think he has a feeder fetish, but I can see him drugging her up. She's his meal ticket.

No. 203187

This upsets me
This many tattoos cant look good unless the rest of you looks decent

No. 203204

I think mike just got a sweet deal when it came to charms and he's just riding it out as long as he can. If charms is cut off dear ol moms bankroll then he might move on once he finds someone more beneficial to him.

No. 203219

>Binge Purge Disorder
You mean bulimia??
>Bi Polar Disorder
Why are you spacing it out? It's Bipolar Disorder, one word, the acronym is BD.
>Borderline Personality Disorder
this has always been BPD. Like that anon above said, PD always stands for "personality disorder". She's always had BPD, she's not bipolar. We'd see obvious manic phases if she was. She's shown all the telltale signs of BPD, but we've never seen her act manic, and with as much as she cammed back in the day, we would have.

That's so depressing. I'm sorry, anon.

When you're used to getting, you just start chasing the high from receiving things.

Do you think a therapy animal would be good for her? I want to say no, but maybe if she rehomes the other babies, and focuses on one, it might help her to help them.

I really hope not, because that's terrifying. I think he's just a gold digging enabler riding this wave for as long as he can before she's a wasted up old hag at 28.

No. 203349

if she gets a dog im gonna find out where she lives and steal her dog. no way am i letting her torture a poor animal. bitch can't even take care of herself. dogs are hard work, especially "big sturdy" dogs. they need constant 24/7 attention and love and long ass walks


sorry i'm a huge dog lover and i just want to save big breeds from shitty people like charms who use them as accessories. i mean if she really wanted a dog for the right reasons she could adopt an smaller, docile breed OR go to her local shelter and adopt an older, more docile breed. instead she's going to torture some poor animal because "muh goffic dog"


No. 203353

I think the problem with getting a therapy animal is that she'd just treat it as an accessory. Then once it got boring or there's animals that need saved, it'll just get into a new hoarding situation.

No. 203369

Don't be sorry! I'm a huge animal lover myself and i would call the aspca if I find her address.

No. 203370

File: 1447365345786.jpg (236.9 KB, 1024x1811, CTk70MwU8AAQA4a.jpg)


No. 203373

File: 1447365455368.jpg (127.27 KB, 1080x1080, 12063036_1662647367345249_2083…)

Her makeup application really is getting worse though.

Somebody else mentioned a thread back about one of the meds she's on being notorious for making you uncoordinated in your fine motor skills and vacant/apathetic.
I have to wonder just how much truth there is to that.

No. 203374

File: 1447365504730.jpg (83.5 KB, 1080x1080, 11875562_183014598708372_17148…)

No. 203375

She's so unhygienic.

No. 203376

wtf. That looks awful.

No. 203379

Ugh I have the same NARS concealer. Why does charms gotta make everything look so trashy

BTW has charms ever posted or acknowledged lolcow?

No. 203382

Oh my lord what the hell. Yes it is weird as fuck if you rename a dog after a dog that died. And she should NOT have an akita holy hell. They're big and cute but only for experienced dog owners for a reason; they have a temper and are very strong-willed against listening most of the time. That thing could destroy any other animals she has.

Honestly I'm so with >>203349 I will take that dog away from her myself.

No. 203384


Yeah, somebody linked here once and she actually found a few pictures here and reposted them saying shit like "omg look at how thin I was!".


Her last Akita didn't die, she bought it and then decided it was too much work after LITERALLY a week and sent it packing to the pound.

No. 203385

Yeah this is worse or on par with Felices mistreatment of animals

No. 203386

Jesus christ what a dumb cunt. Akitas are a lot of work but so are any dog. She should not be allowed to have pets.

No. 203388


I don't actually believe Felice actually mistreat her animals.

Even when one of her ex-friends came out and exposed her one of the things she made clear was that the one thing everybody had wrong about Felice was how well-cared for her pets for and how much she loved them and took them on regular walks every day and played with then regularly.

For sure she used them as props sometimes and definitely shouldn't have smoked around them, but I'm not gonna roast her for that shit, it's pretty minor. It's not like she was never walking them or starving them.

No. 203389

She's a cunt, she doesn't understand how needy most dogs are.. I'd liken them to parrots to be honest because of how much attention they require. Especially in the puppy stages. They want to be with you 24/7 doing active things. Charms will just spend all day at her computer or in bed sleeping or eating and the dog is going to be in literal turmoil and suffer from so many behavioural issues because of that alone. No doubt she won't train it properly either.

She is so stupid.

That is horrible… christ. Sending an animal to the pound should get you barred from adopting ever again in my opinion.

No. 203395

Did she ever get that Charizard X tattoo?

No. 203397

File: 1447367955013.jpg (100.7 KB, 654x590, sdsdf.jpg)

>sorry ur too poor to afford me

No. 203398

File: 1447368042951.jpg (39.27 KB, 687x609, sdsdf.jpg)


Damn this comment rustled her more than she wants to admit.

No. 203399

File: 1447368098766.jpg (136.54 KB, 599x998, sdsdf.jpg)


Such rustle.

No. 203417

Sorry but I hate people who use NYX products. I think they're cheap and most people like her only use them because RPDR used them one season. Maybe I'm just a makeup snob but I cannot STAND NYX.

No. 203432

No one cares.

No. 203443

I agree about NYX, probably half the reason her makeup looks like shit if she's using meme products like NYX

No. 203447

Plenty of jewtube byooty gurus do just fine with NYX. Charms has always sucked at makeup, it's even worse now probably because of being doped up on meds + letting herself go. There's plenty of things to rag on her about. Cheap drugstore makeup isn't really one of them.

No. 203449

Did you guys know that when she applies her makeup she wears 3 pairs of falsies, sometimes 4 pairs?

Is that normal? I can't even wear 1 pair without becoming irritated by their presence.

No. 203450

wtf??? Is this a thing/has she said this? That must suck ass. I've layered two when they don't look thick enough but a really good pair is generally good enough.

No. 203459


tbh I don't think her makeup in her Get Ready with Me video was too bad, but maybe that's because she had the blessing of soft lighting idk.

No. 203469

Those are swatches to show what the colour looks like when applies. She's clearly not going outside like that.

No. 203471


Swatches or not her application is fucking terrible.

No. 203473

It wasn't too bad, no. But all around, her application should be a lot better - she did go to cosmetology school.

No. 203474

I actually really liked this video. It seems like a blast from the past at this point.

No. 203475

Agreed with everything you said but especially this
>That is horrible… christ. Sending an animal to the pound should get you barred from adopting ever again in my opinion.

No. 203488

NYX is cheap as fuck but the main bonus to using them is a) with the proper primer, their shitty staying power can be maximized and b) they keep up to date with current makeup trends/colors and if you're a poorfag (and Charms has no excuse, because she can clearly afford top of the line shit) then they're a reasonable alternative to dept.store brands. I don't want to spend over $10 on a lipstick, but if you'd like to convince me why I should, I'm pretty sure there's a makeup thread floating around on /g/ somewhere.

No. 203490


Try on a NARS lipstick next time you go to sephora

No. 203498

Thanks a lot guys. Not only did I spend a hell of a time stifling laughter so the boyfriend won't walk in on me giggling at pictures of a mutilated penis, but all these screen caps of Charms fat body has led me to skip dinner. Seriously…it's like her gut is trying to escape her body by slinking away in a puddle.

No. 203580


She should probably not take any pictures of her gut while sitting down. It just makes it look worse.

No. 203648

I hope all you bitches know what colourpop is. As a makeup guru, charms should absolutely know and stop fucking with this nyx shit.

No. 203684

that's only a year ago????

No. 203688

Her body is so gross now.

No. 203696

File: 1447464861070.jpeg (165.67 KB, 750x1050, image.jpeg)

that boob job looks fucked

No. 203702

This would be so cute if it didn't fucking overlap with that absolute garbage heart tattoo.

No. 203705

File: 1447465818525.jpg (260.07 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nxs65fdK231shp2t7o1_128…)

Oh man, she got two others too.

No. 203707

File: 1447466118603.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-14-01-54-27…)

She's going to be on Twitch tonight with Scraps btw.

No. 203711


link please

No. 203718

File: 1447468498106.jpg (109.38 KB, 900x506, palo-albums-premium-pages-back…)

No. 203719

Sweet Jesus these look like shit. They're the same quality as prison tattoos.

No. 203721

No. 203725

They're on twitch now but it's boring. Wish they were on chatroulette again, that was so entertaining.

I swear I'll tip if they start doing weird sex stuff again.

No. 203727

>tfw you tune in to watch mike and charms interact & it's just charms on her phone and scrappy actually playing

>"it's not my responsibility"

mmmkay charms.

No. 203731

jfc charms looks like shit

No. 203732

the bitch just ripped ass
like it was the thing to do

No. 203735

File: 1447470893385.png (141.15 KB, 258x192, Capturer.PNG)

No. 203742

Holy shit they're arguing about Scraps being shitty when they play games
Who's the other person talking?

No. 203747

her brother?

No. 203762

i cannot get over how terrible her tit job looks. they're so high and hard looking.

No. 203780


yo sugar is seriously SO BAD for your skin health and plays such a major role in premature aging.

exhibit A, Big Lottes.

No. 203782

File: 1447491330686.jpg (55.62 KB, 960x960, 11831795_856080431148127_14777…)

Charms, your tattoo artist is shit.

No. 203784

wow thats really awful. looks like something a weird middle schooler would draw.

No. 203787

oh god.
& that's going to be on them forever.

No. 203791

Way to post one of the very few bad ones. I just checked her facebook and her tattoo's look pretty dope in my opinion.

No. 203792

a lot of times people will bring in actual sketches they themselves drew and have the tattooist create a stencil from it. This looks like something the wearer made/drew.

No. 203795

what honestly happened to charms?
she went from a seemingly confident, happy and educated young girl to a fat, dependent and miserable morpheus blob

clearly she got the breast implants at a desperate attempt to look and feel pretty/sexy again and due to her lack of funds and poor choices has been left with two, extremely hard and shiny looking, odd shaped breasts that do NOTHING for her body. to meet it seems she's using them as an excuse to get fatter? "oh my boobs protrude further than my belly again so i have room to gain more". i'm sure a few simple diet changes would have proved more rewarding than those awkward looking plastic domes

No. 203797

Are you new?

No. 203798


Are you?
She's obviously making a rhetorical statement, not asking a question.

No. 203800

Idk but watching her stream last night looking basic af just made me think she is just some normal girl struggling wuth some shit
Sure she scammed and pulled some dick moves but when people do that its a sign of inner turmoil

No. 203802

Are you blind? Those are some apprentice level tattoos.

No. 203803

But does it need to be repeated in every charms thread? We get it, she's a mess and has been for some time.

No. 203806

Her breasts are disgusting.

No. 203807

I actually really love that Bat tattoo. It's just that placement that is absolute shit because it's so cluttered with her other chest piece.

No. 203808

Holy fucking shit, that is beyond DA-tier. I bet you the person who got it is a fat smelly ass fanboy/fangirl too.

No. 203818

Are they only online?

No. 203820

File: 1447521929443.jpeg (82.92 KB, 906x750, image.jpeg)

All of my what

No. 203821


God I just don't know what to say.
She really needs a revision.

No. 203822

File: 1447523234996.jpg (331.05 KB, 2048x2048, 11802699_879503272139176_63528…)

Shoot you got me!
No but really the artist isnt as bad as you guys try to make her out to be. But whatever

No. 203829

Yes she really is as bad, if not worse, TBH

No. 203830

File: 1447525930987.jpg (61.6 KB, 960x960, 12191899_893551537401016_25627…)


Her stuff is pretty terrible Anon.
Her technique is just bad.

No. 203831

File: 1447526022553.jpg (59.54 KB, 960x960, 11947439_864656493623854_17838…)


Like, I wouldn't let her come near me with a tattoo gun if she were the one paying me.

No. 203834

File: 1447526078418.jpg (127.33 KB, 960x960, 11816802_856440947778742_51447…)


Would you?

No. 203836

Oh god, you can see where the "old" boob used to end. I kinda want mine done but then I see shit like this and it makes me think twice. I don't doubt she went to a cheap surgeon, but still…

No. 203841


Dear God those are some unattractive titties. What the hell happened? Why is her boob job so fucked? Was it a bad surgeon or did she fuck it up herself? Jesus Christ her tits look fucked, how can she think this looks remotely good????

No. 203843

Dear god this is so bad. So very bad.


There's a boob trying to burst out of her other boob. This is the worst boob job I've seen in a long time. Charms should sue her surgeon.

No. 203849

Charms has always been a fucking MORON and she even admits this herself.

No. 203851


>Oh, that's not so bad. Not something I'd want on my body, and the face is definitely too shaded, but…


No. 203854

Oh fuck my sides. Those MSPaint oval fingers.

No. 203860

I can only wonder if her tits look so bad is because she started wearing underwire push-up bras right after having it done (less than two weeks post surgery) or if it's because her surgeon was just plain awful.

No. 203863

either way, it's still her fault for wearing underwire push up bras wayyy too early. maybe her surgeon was terrible, but she just made a bad boob job worse.

No. 203868

looks like she got an implant over the muscle OR she also needed a lift from her weight gain and said fuck it and got implants only.

No. 203872

Why….? I thought this is cute

No. 203874


Kind of ignorant around the subject of titty-jobs, but why is underwire on a freshly did titty bad? Can it leave impressions/dents in the skin whilst it's still healing or something?

No. 203899

iirc you need to let them settle and be au natural for a few weeks after, or they don't heal in the proper position.
someone can correct me if i'm wrong, however.

No. 203909

Head mine done after some cancer mumbo jumbo. Is for scaring reasons. >The underwrite will dig and re-open the incisions.
>The constant rubbing of the underwire will encourage uneven or keloid scarring.
>can interrupt healing on the internal incisions that will create thick, internal scar tissue which make mammograms or cancer detection difficult.
>with added weight of new implants, can deform shaping and make it look unnatural.
>prevent natural settling
>cause infection (especially if skin or bra isn't cleaned)

Doctors suggest wearing only sports brass for the first month.

No. 203911

Best results are usually 2 months of healing with sports bra. Reductions/lifts also have much stricter rules since actual muscle tissue is manipulated. If she goes through with a lift she'll be fucked, since you need over 12 weeks of careful healing and hygiene for them to look good.

No. 203918

Her other stuff, I'm not too fond of… But this one is really cute.

No. 203926


I don't think any remotely respectable tattooist would come near you if you called it a "tattoo gun" you fucking idiot.

No. 203933


I got mine done and they look nothing like hers, trust that your personal anatomy, your surgeon, through what part of your body they are implanted, the size, and the type/shape of the implant have everything to do with it.

She had a specific anatomy that the surgeon clearly didn't work well with at all. I flew out of state to go to someone in LA that had extensive experience, plastic surgery is always a matter of "you get what you pay for", and I feel like she didn't ask her surgeon for examples of work he/she had done on women with the same anatomy/skin type as her, which is critical.

This is already OT, but for real I'm such a huge advocate for them if you want them because I fucking love mine, so I'd hate to have someone turned off of them because of this mess.

No. 203935

File: 1447546639184.png (1.16 MB, 1118x618, Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.16…)

why would you do this to yourself. holy shit
this actually makes me feel like vomiting, im not even exaggerating

No. 203936


Her left boob looks wonky because I'm assuming she got them under the muscle like you're supposed to, and she had an incision under her boob, so when she lifts her arm it puts a weird tension on the implants. She had a shit surgeon, but she's also a dumb ass for posting a picture of literally the least flattering pose she could do.

No. 203938

What body part is this??

No. 203939


Nigger do I look like a motherfucking tattoo artist I don't know the terminology you pedantic shitsucker.

No. 203940

her stomach. see: her belly piercing.

dont worry, took me a while to figure it out too

No. 203941


That's the right side of her hip/stomach.

No. 203942


It actually looks like they're over the muscle to me, and that dip underneath the base of the implant is the implant resting on top.

idk though, I could be wrong.

No. 203950

Yikes, those wings are awful. This person had no reference for this or just didn't give a shit.

No. 203951

Oh cabbages!! You can tell a shit artists when they can't draw a rose from a cabbage. Also, fucking christ– those wings…

No. 203954

Charms' stomach, jfc!!! She really is a lardwhale now.

No. 203960

..is she muffin-topping an elastic waistband?
Charms, no.

No. 203981


No. 203995

File: 1447553545686.png (1.1 MB, 876x876, Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.11…)

what is she doing to herself… charms STOP

No. 203997

is this her leg? why does she bother even shaving it? she's repulsive anyway, might as well not bother with the effort.

No. 204054

would never advocate getting a boob job. have fun replacing them every ten years anon for "muh self esteem"

No. 204056



No. 204057

I find it really disturbing on how many changes she seems to have gone through in just a year.. the boob job. The weight gain.. the need for more pets after the snake.. and all these non-stop tattoos. I dont even know anymore.

No. 204058


You have to shave whatever area you're due to get tattooed.

No. 204059


If having their ta-ta's done improves their quality of life what's it to you.
You should worry less about other people's lives and more about your own.

No. 204060

People who get implants love to display how pathetic they are on their sleeve, or rather on their chest.

No. 204069


Dude I am not huge on implants myself but you've got issues.
Did a pair of silicone tits kill your father, rape your mother and butcher the family dog?

No. 204070

Where did she get all the money for these tattoos when her cards are supposedly maxed out? Whoever said she was gonna use the money donated for that dog on tattoos fucking called it.

No. 204071

Charms no. Please stop getting cartoons and shit permanently etched on your body by an amateur. That shit looks like it was drawn by a twelve year old Tim Burden fan with sharpie.

No. 204072

It's not a Charms defense but I think her better tattoos came years ago when she was able to cam without making viewers itch.

Agreed that she would probably use doggy donation money on anything that popped into her head though.

No. 204076

That was me. Has she mention anything about that since it happened?

No. 204079

Wait, is that purple thing real? It looks like it's drawn with a ballpoint pen…

No. 204083

I think it's just the temporary ink the tattoo artist uses as a guide. Could be wrong though

No. 204088

File: 1447588191477.jpg (74.21 KB, 750x729, image.jpg)

Yeah, it's stencilling marker. The tattooist will usually make a copy of the image they're given onto special paper and then trace it onto the skin with these markers, and then 'trace' it again with the tattoo gun. So yeah it is literally drawn on with a pen lol.

Anyway pic related is the finished tattoo.

No. 204103

File: 1447594887749.jpg (31.2 KB, 256x261, good gracious.jpg)

No. 204106

>mfw I can't even type 'mfw'
>mfw I don't have a face

No. 204110

Why would you permanently etch this on your body? Jesus christ someone get this girl the help she needs. This is how meth-addicted prisoners are supposed to look, not privileged JAPs.

No. 204142

I figured mfs meant 'my fucking sides' bc you're laughing so hard at how awful these tattoos are.

No. 204151

Holy shit; I actually kind of love it. Too bad it's only one out of a whole clusterfuck of bad tattoos.

No. 204152

Jesus. This shit is horrible but so fucking funny. I can't stop laughing, oh my god.

No. 204159

File: 1447606797951.jpg (65.89 KB, 1080x1080, 12224191_1726085324274440_2410…)

Aaaand another.

No. 204163

File: 1447606993812.jpg (628.91 KB, 1752x851, jhbjb.jpg)

I honestly believe Charms has just given up completely.

Scraps looks like he can't believe he's still got the scam going.
Everything bad that has happened to her in her gaining weight, going crazy with the tattoos, getting on heavy meds, losing her hair, losing her MFC work, losing her apartment all happened after he showed up.

I know a while back people were talking about Charlotte being the abusive one in the relationship but I'm legit starting to think otherwise. I think he keeps her fat and doped up and crazy and has tricked her mother in to believing that Charlotte needs Scraps as a caretaker.

No. 204166

File: 1447607144520.jpg (273.44 KB, 628x1761, 1447556312930.jpg)

No. 204167

Charms always had these spontaneous, expensive shopping sprees. It used to just be lolita and makeup, though. I think the issue with Mike is …before she was actually too lazy to go out and feed herself. Now, as her man slave, he gets her what ever she wants when ever she wants. The cat thing is probably just her being afraid of being alone.

No. 204168

Or maybe Charms is really mentally unstable and he is taking advantage of that? Most mental illness manifests in its early 20s, so yeah she was normal before but still on a downward trajectory. I think she is crazy to the point where if Mike leaved, she'd probably die because she'd be unable to take care of herself.

No. 204173

File: 1447607598137.jpg (96.4 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nxtz4h70GU1r7bup3o1_128…)




No. 204175

Is this supposed to be something?

No. 204177

the bats…wottt happened

No. 204181

File: 1447608207806.jpg (184.01 KB, 1080x1080, 11376342_791814420916138_18870…)


idk but it was supposed to be done by a different artist who did the outline but then went out on hiatus or something, so she let this other chick finish it.

This is what it was supposed to look like.

No. 204182

Ah. The resulting tattoo does look very haphazard in comparison. Still ugly either way.

No. 204183

It still looks like a blind mess. What the fuck is going on with the body? Shame about the heads and the wings, bud that… Galaxy body? Nah

No. 204190

the resulting tattoo looks so bad. oh my god… jeez. i can't draw at all and i've never tattooed anyone but i think i could probably do a better job than that. it looks like a shitty 2nd grade art project (like most of her tattoos do)