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No. 181943

Previous thread hit post limit

Let it out anons.

No. 181957

I've been told that I have a really low self-esteem. I take things way too personally, and awful things people do to me stick around for what feels like forever.

For example, one of the big things bothering me right now happened back in November. I was playing a video game, not a care in the world, and suddenly the admin decided he wanted to enter into a pissing contest for no real reason. So he turned on cheats for himself, and started stomping me into the ground. Instead of leaving, I instead asked why he was doing this, and his response was "Because I'm a doctor making 200K a year and I can spent my money however I want you fucking commie nigger.". He then stomped me into the ground some more with his cheats on, and kicked me.

The thing that has stuck around with me about it wasn't the game part, but the feeling of being helpless. I felt genuinely unable to do anything about it after it happened. That feeling has persisted for months.
I know I could have just quit the game, but the thought that this awful man with his poisoned mind is out there treating people has made me anxious to even visit a real-life doctor.

What do I do to get over it? I feel like a paranoid bitch right now.

No. 181959

This girl I was best friends with in high school that I fell out of contact with in our first year of college keeps trying to reconnect with me but we have nothing in common and I just don't want to be her friend anymore. She was a really toxic person in high school and even if she's changed I just don't want to hang out with her. She periodically messages me and refers to me as her best friend, even though I respond with short answers and never contact her first. She fucking sucks at making friends so I know she just wants to hang on to me for as long as possible and I feel bad because I know she's just lonely, but fuck I just wanna move on. I don't wanna fight or have a falling out but it's just weird that she hasn't moved on from me at all and keeps calling me her best friend.

No. 181960

>Because I'm a doctor making 200K a year and I can spent my money however I want you fucking commie nigger.
But that's a lie and he was clearly trolling you because he could tell you were upset for even asking him why he'd done it.

No. 181961

I want to think so, too. But I checked his profile and other people on his friends list seriously seem to also think he's a doctor.

So he's either playing a long game, or he's a doctor.

No. 181962

I had this problem too because I grew up in redneck country. A lot of the hick girls who I went to school with that were absolutely awful people keep trying to add me to facebook every now and then.

I just let those invitations sit because I'm too shy to decline them.

No. 181964

Grow a spine and tell her you're not her best friend plus you don't want a friendship with her anymore.
Yeah you'll look like a bad person in her eyes but apparently you think she's toxic despite who she may be now so it doesn't make sense to care about her opinion anyway.

They're internet friends and you don't know. Unless there's a practice with his name listed it's all bullshit.

No. 181965

>Unless there's a practice with his name listed it's all bullshit.
I didn't even think of that. I just assumed he worked in a hospital.

No. 181966

Trust me, any "doctor" would have some kind of online trail as practices and hospitals do list their names as staff.
He's probably some lab rat. Any kind of person who has to show off their "power" in a video game must not be very powerful irl.

No. 181967

This actually makes me feel better. I tried telling some people I knew about this incident and got those people sympathizing with him ('it's his right to play however he wants even if he cheats, etc') and that made me feel exponentially worse.
I guess you are right, though. There's no proof of that and I shouldn't take his word for granted. Thank you.

No. 181988

>Grow a spine and tell her you're not her best friend plus you don't want a friendship with her anymore.
I've thought about it but a) I'm fucking weak, and b) that would destroy her and I just don't have it in me to do that to her. Literally every friend she has ever made has stopped talking to her at some point because she's irritating and emotionally abusive and yet I still can't bring myself to hurt her feelings because I know half of the stupid shit she does is out of ignorance and idiocy rather than actual malice. Also I've never had a falling out with a friend (growing apart, sure, but not falling out) and I don't want to start now. I never see her in person anymore so it's relatively easy to keep my distance, and I'm just kinda hoping she'll make new friends and move on in her own time.

No. 181989

If she's ignorant of her shit then be the one to educate her. The worst that happens is that she gets pissed and stops talking to you.

No. 181990

Having a problem with trying to be friends with a flirty guy. It's obvious that we both used to crush on each other but I have a boyfriend I'm committed to. I'm friends with the flirty guy and I'm starting to just see him in a platonic way now but unfortunately his texts are really flirty still (100% more than his irl behavior). I reply to his texts by avoiding whatever compliment or innuendo he's made but I'm always so paranoid my boyfriend will see them and think something is going on. Flirty guy knows I'm in a committed relationship but I worry he's reading too much into any of the usual relationship issues I once mentioned in passing, but he's not like this irl. Men are a nightmare, I just want to be friends with a hot guy and be his wingman.

Agree that you should just tell her that you don't want to be her friend because of the things she has done.
Ignorant isn't an excuse, so don't put her on a pedestal. You can type up an honest message without being cruel about it and just leave her to respond to it however she wants to. If you're afraid of her responding afterwards then just repeat that you don't have room/time in your life to talk to her and block her.

No. 181992

Thanks for advice anons. Honestly I've already decided that I'll just let things be for now because she doesn't contact me very often anyway. I'm really just complaining about it because I saw her for the first time in a long time today so it was on my mind lol.

No. 181999

There's a girl in my uni class that acts really weird towards me. She acts strange with everyone, but with me it seems particularly bad. Like she thinks I'm gross/annoying/retarded.

Sometimes she'll make friendly conversation, other times it feels like she's only doing it out of pity or something. Sometimes when I try to talk she'll straight up tell me 'Honey, I don't feel like talking now' or interrupt me before I can get to the point when she thinks I take too long to explain things. Sometimes she says things like 'I wanna go alone, okay?' when I ask if she's going in the same direction.

She admitted at some point that she used to be a bully when she was younger and is now trying to change, but I still feel a really nasty vibe about her. She hasn't really done anything super nasty to my face but it's little things like these that piss me the fuck off. Yeah I usually eat alone in the canteen and sit alone in class and rarely talk to people, but I don't need anyone's pity, I prefer it that way and I've never been outright mean to anyone so I don't see why people would be mean to me.

No. 182016

I'm sick of my bf not having any backbone. I feel like we have a 24/7 power exchange with me a his dom. I'm sick of having to tell people that he doesn't like them, or that he doesn't want to help people because he doesn't have the balls to say anything himself. I'm sick of him asking me for approval for every little fucking thing. Like its nice that he cares about my opinion, but he doesn't have to ask for my permission to hang out with his friends or shit like that. I'm his girlfriend, not his mom. I understand that he had a rough childhood where he wasn't allowed to speak up, but at some point he needs to grow a spine and realise he is an adult man who is allowed to say no and have opinions of his own.

No. 182028

tell him that his texts are making you uncomfortable and ask him to stop. give him a warning that if he continues you're going to block him. and if it comes down to that, don't be afraid to follow through. even if you think it's mean, or rude, or whatever. he should respect your boundaries. this sort of thing can land you in a lot of trouble and he should understand that and know better.

No. 182029

My health is shit and I don't know why or how. The doctors couldn't really find anything. I'm so done with feeling sick all the time and not being able to go out and do things for fear of throwing up. It's compounding with the depression and anxiety and turning me into a literal shut in. Half the time I can't even describe what feels bad, my body just feels like shit but I can't even point to what hurts.

No. 182032

This is a really stupid vent but I wanted to get this off my chest anyway. I've been having trouble keeping up with online friends lately and it's been stressing me out. I don't know how to divide my time between them and I feel bad if I don't speak to one while speaking to another. Makes me feel like an awful cunt because they each told me how much they appreciate talking to me and getting to know me. Maybe I'm over-thinking it all. I'd like to take a break and focus on myself for a week so I can feel more sane again but I'd feel guilty leaving them hanging like that, especially because most of them are really lonely and seem to rely on me as their main source of conversation. And a few know something has been up with me lately and I've explained to them that I've been going through a crisis of sorts, which is unrelated to this, but the stress that comes with maintaining these friendships hasn't been helping with anything at all. Talking to them is starting to feel like a joyless chore and I think they can sense that.

No. 182033

I know that feel. It's particularly complicated because I'm pretty much glued to my phone so even if I take an hour and reply to everyone, I'm sure to get some replies back and they'll be hanging on my mind until I deal with them. The ride never ends!
I'll get lonely and talk to a ton of people on Hellotalk and then get overwhelmed and drop them all and repeat cycle. I'm the kind of person who will be stressed until a task is completed. With friends there's kind of never a point where you get that satisfaction of "Right, job well done."

That said, I do have a couple cool kids who I can either chat with for hours or ignore them for days and there's no harm done. It's hard to find friends who you feel that comfortable enough with.

No advice here. "The only winning move is not to play at all" seems to be the toxic lesson I keep teaching myself though.

No. 182034

I hate that you cannot criticise islam without being labeled a supermegaultraracistislamophobebigot. Like gee, a religion founded by a warmonger is more violent than one founded by a rebel hippie or a meditating beggar, its not bigoted to point that out.

No. 182036

It's not even that unpopular of an opinion. Islam is a shit religion.

No. 182040

I don't know man, I live in a libeal country that welcomes even the most extreme refugees, I might as well be hitler rallying for the death of all minorities here.

No. 182041

I know that feel, anon.

I hate my body. I get sick (a cold/flu/stomach flu/mono) at least 3 times a month. It sucks but that's not really the worst part. My biggest problem is that I cannot, for the life of me, stay awake. If I sleep for 7-8 hours, I feel utterly exhausted. I can function on 11-12. But even then, I will find myself falling asleep throughout the day and I can't even control it. I'll fall asleep at school, at work, at my friends' houses, on the bus– everywhere. It's kind of scary because I'm scared I will fall asleep somewhere dangerous. Because it's really hard to wake me up when I've fallen asleep.

It's making my life so hard and has been for years. I have so much trouble keeping on top of normal things no one else has issues with. I have tried to hard to tell my doctor about this but she just brushes me off. She tells me to go vegan and exercise, but I exercise 3x a week, I'm already vegetarian, and I'm underweight. I don't have any vitamin deficiencies or anything. I actually broke down crying the last time I saw her and tried to make her understand how badly this was affecting my life, because she just told me "I can find no biological reason for your fatigue, don't come back unless something is actually wrong."

Anyway, I'm sorry you have to deal with a shitty body too. I can barely keep up with life. I have lots of other problems but this just makes them all so much worse.

No. 182044

Wow, that sucks, anon. I'm in an especially conservative part of America so no one defends Islam here. It's openly hated on.

No. 182054

My sister and her girlfriend are getting married now that gay marriage is being legalized in my country. I should be happy, but the girlfriend is a terrible person. Shes controlling, manipulative and has the biggest victim complex over everything and she blames me for all kinds of completely nonsensical things. Like, she will have a legit breakdown if I dont smile or make enough eye contact with her when we meet, or if she doesnt get to tag along to a concert I wanted to take my sister to. My sis and her have only dated for 2,5 yrs and have almost broken up 3 times already. There have been several cases where plans were cancelled last minute because of the girlfriend having a temper tantrum. She blamed me of saying nasty things about her mom and then proceeded to say nasty things about my mom in the same sentence, while still somehow acting like she didnt say anything mean. Stuff like that. Shes 30 and acts like a goddamn brat.
I used to be close with my sister but her girlfriend has changed her and I feel like I dont know her anymore. I understand that its her life and her choice to marry whoever she wants but I cant help but feeling like shes making a gigantic mistake. Our mom agrees with me but shes trying to bottle it up inside. Im trying too but its not easy. I stress about the wedding so much that Im actually losing my hair. I guess I should just stop caring so much and accept drifting apart and changing as a part of growing older (im 24, sis is 27) but it fucking hurts because we used to be inseparable and I really think my sister deserves someone better.

No. 182056

So I'm watching Outlander because a friend of mine suggested it to me and I've been curious.
It could have been a nice show… if the whole scenes between Jamie and Claire were cut out. Really, it's not bad but their relationship is cringe inducing as fuck. It's the Christian/Anastasia over again.
>He beats her, calls her a slut over doing something
>Then plays the victim and SHE says she's sorry and asks for forgiveness
>She's just another Stockholm Syndrome-chan protagonist
>Even though she's depicted as a "stronk womyn"
>He's possessive as fuck whenever a man is near her, but then proceeds to tell her he wants to fuck another woman… then plays the victim again and she reaches him asking for forgiveness again
I want to pour some bleach in my eyes. Give me back the time I've lost watching this shit.

No. 182065

It's a very obvious Harlequin novel turned into a book tbh
>Le Current Year Mary Sue goes back in time and falls in love with a sexy Scottish warlord prince
>somehow everyone starts obsessing over the show in spite of its crappy premise and crappier writing

No. 182066

And everyone falls in love with the Mary Sue obv.
I watched thinking that "Hey but it's from Starz, maybe it won't be so shitty". I was wrong.
The worst thing is seeing all those women fawning over it, going all "Where oh where could I ever find a man like Jamie"… Like an attractive douchebag? Just walk into a club girl

No. 182067

The setting is something new for Americans to romanticize and it's simultaneously cashing in on the 50 Shades bullshit. Those are the only explanations I can come up with for it's popularity. I tried to read the book myself when someone recc'ed it to me. The writing was so goddamn amateur and the premise so stupid, I put it down halfway. I can't believe I even made it that far, honestly. It's drivel, plain and simple.

No. 182069

I had a huge test today. I studied for so long, understood all the material, knew it like the back of my hand. When I start to take it, there was significantly more questions on it than we were told and lots of complicated problems to boot. We only had 50 minutes. This was a 1 hr 30 minute test easy for your average person knowledge it the subject, minimum. Partway though I silently had my first mild panic attack as certain conversions I needed to know flew out of my head. By the time I remembered them, I didn't have enough time to go back and and do the problems correctly.

There goes $500.

I want to walk into a bus.

No. 182074

File: 1487986713029.jpeg (31.8 KB, 620x465, 995808i.jpeg)

don't want to get into it but i feel like saying it anyway - i really hate myself. a lot. almost every night i lay in bed wishing i were a different person and crying myself to sleep over it.

No. 182075

Was this a standardized test or a class test?

If it's a class test, is it the kind of test where you may get some kind of scaling applied if everyone else did equally as miserable?

No. 182077

do you wanna say why and share your reasons? would that make you feel better somehow, maybe?

No. 182078

I have these feelings, too. My psyche recommended drugs that I don't take.

No. 182084

Most monotheistic religions are a scam. I get the same reactions criticizing Christianity, except I'm normally criticizing the people who claim to practice it.

People call me a filthy lib even though I'm an ex-Catholic and fiercely critical precisely because I was so involved with the religion and therefore know egregious behavior when I see it. Islam and Christianity are pretty damn awful viewed through a progressive lens–both have violent and patriarchal overtones. But as long as both are maintained at a personal level and it doesn't spread to influence federal or state decisions, I don't care.

Unfortunately, I think Christianity is rocking the boat harder than Islam currently is because of the actions of the current US potus and the federal government making it clear that it favors the religion over others and non-theists. I don't know why people would be calling you a bigot just for criticizing the religion, but I guess it depends on the context and where you're bringing it up.

No. 182088

I disagree, there is certainly a greater backlash at least in more leftist circles if you criticize Islam. We need a more radical radical feminist movement.

No. 182095

>We need a more radical radical feminist movement.


So empowered, this will really show the patriarchy.

No. 182097

The amount of butthurt on that video is pretty good.

No. 182100

If you think christianity is rocking the boat more than islam, you haven't payed attention to the massive refugee crisis. Europe is bending over backward to accommodate muslim wishes. Muslims are basically allowed to rape and be violent and they won't get punished since "they don't know any better and its their religion and culture". The media covers up whenever a refugee commits crime. Hell Sweden just allowed a 14 year old child bride to be legally married to her cousin since its their culture and she seems mature. 50 fucking percent of muslim refugees here think sharia law should be implemented here , 20 percent thinks criticism against islam should be illegal, and seven percent think death penalty is a fitting crime for blasphemy against islam.

But if you dare say Islam has any blame in this fuckery, liberals will claw your throat out for being intolerant against their culture.

No. 182106

That… isn't radical feminism.

No. 182107

different anon. but maybe not so much rocking being done by christianity, but ultra conservative evangelicals are and have been plotting/implementing what could be called a takeover of major parts of the political system as 'warriors of god' and with the ultimate goal of converting the united states "back" into a Christian nation with all of those ultra conservative policies in tow. why do you think all these US politicians are weirdly crazy religious nuts compared to maybe the larger portion of christian citizens? it's not just because they're old men, btw.

No. 182111

File: 1488041817380.jpeg (34.33 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

I must vent because I think I'm going crazy.
Fucking boyfriend. I feel bad when I hang out with friends because that pisses him off. Like he does not say why he just acts moody and bitchy during (if he is there, he LOVES just sitting with my friends and scowling like a little bitch) and after I have fun or enjoy myself. He constantly tells me how I do not pay enough attention to him/do not boost his confidence enough. I have no idea how to do that, he does not eider he just tells me I'm doing everything wrong. I am also doing sex wrong even trough he expects me to do all the work (no oral for me lol) and I have to suck his dick/ride or he gets all sad and shit and we're back to square one.
When we started going out I assumed he was this very confident dude since he acted hat way. As soon as I we started going out its like I'm his fucking mom. He is a little whimpering bitch all the fucking time and it drives me crazy. I walk on eggshells around this man to avoid his fucking horrific accusations of me 'ruining every piece of confidence he has ever had' which is bullshit and we both know it is. He does not cook well or clean and refuses to learn, he also assumes that when you have sex only the women has to be clean? Like he just Fucking enters with his Fucking shitturd breath attack.exe and breathes on me without a Fucking care in the world and when I point it out it waaaah waaaah the Fucking baby-man any has awoken Jesus Christ.
I am on my third year of an engineering degree so I'm pretty busy you know and so is he but Fucking noooooo I must pay homage to him and sacrafice my mouth to his dick every night as he plays fucking harthstone and does not do the work they I had already completed and handed in.
And he moans about it oh Jesus Christ the meaning oh god kill me just Fucking kill me being in a relationship with his guy feels like he biggest Fucking mistake of my life
I may come back to this and vent more

No. 182112

I explicitly said United States, but I'd believe you when you say that's the case for Europe.

I'm just salty because Christian politicians are directly interfering with reproductive healthcare, privacy, and immigration standards for vetted individuals. The past few terroristic incidents were caused by white older males. Islam doesn't have much to do with our problems here.

No. 182137

dump him numbnut, he sounds like an immature piece of shit
have some self-respect, there are plenty of guys that would clean and not whine constantly

No. 182143

File: 1488055515578.png (2.72 MB, 1024x1536, 768a9021a8a868a12396378240ca91…)

I want a really racist white separatist female friend. I'm so lonely, and I want a companion who shares the same beliefs as me. Every girl I talk to is either extremely liberal or extremely normie or both. I'm afraid no other female I can get into contact with would tolerate my extremism. It's social suicide to admit that I want to deport all non-whites and revoke women's suffrage.
It might even sound like a troll now, but I'm serious. I have no social life outside of a few acquaintances and family. I want a bff I can really open up to and connect with, but I'm pretty much blacklisted from finding meaningful relationships.

No. 182145

My sex drive is about 300 times higher than my bf's and not getting enough sex turns me into a cranky impossible-to-deal with monster. Unsurprisingly my behaviour has put a lot of pressure on my bf and lowered his already abysmal sex drive. He's absolutely perfect for me in every other way except for in the bedroom. For someone with a high sex drive such as myself this situation is unbearable. I don't know what to do anymore and am gradually sinking more and more into self-hate by the day.

No. 182148

Lol stay lonely you self hating bitch

No. 182150

It's not out of hate why I feel this way.

No. 182151

So you want to be put on a pedestal for the color of your skin while taking the easiest path in life via always having to follow orders without ever having to think for yourself? That's very beta of you. Carve out a life for yourself instead of hoping a life is made for you.

No. 182152

no one cares.

No. 182153

just leave him, you dip

No. 182154

Masturbation time!

No. 182155

>So you want to be put on a pedestal for the color of your skin
No. I do not feel that my race is superior to anyone else's, but that each race is different and are happiest among themselves. It's more that I wish to have sovereignty. There is no refuge from multiculturalism in western countries, and whites are undeniably dying breed globally. I have concerns for the future of my people. It's not unnatural.
>taking the easiest path in life via always having to follow orders without ever having to think for yourself?
I don't know why you'd think I think that. I don't need to be able to vote to be capable of thought and reflection. It's precisely because I have weighed of the consequences of universal suffrage that I came to this conclusion.
>Carve out a life for yourself instead of hoping a life is made for you.
I do have a life I have made for myself, I only wish I had friends.

No. 182158

>I do not feel that my race is superior to anyone else's
Then why'd you ask for a "racist" friend? Being a racist literally means you view races as superior to others.
It's called the rural south. You can find lots of companionship with rural blue collar white people but there's a reason they stay and a reason why you better conform to their ideals and not be a freak in any way.

>I don't need to be able to vote to be capable of thought and reflection.

But you'd be taking away your voice. And that would be convenient up until people start making laws and lording over your person that you don't like.

No. 182159


Are you American? If so, I'm honestly curious – is it not hypocritical to want to deport non-whites when white Americans are not natives to the land, either? Also, you say there's no refuge from multiculturalism in Western countries – what about those of us who are non-white but born and raised in America and for all intents and purposes are NOT multicultural?

Also if you could outline why you don't believe women should vote I'd be interested in hearing it.

No. 182162

File: 1488060892983.jpg (849.56 KB, 2940x4566, 852fff5b4c2f119b9e056a13e03b3c…)

>Then why'd you ask for a "racist" friend?
It's the easiest and most relocatable terminology. I can say "race realist", if you'd like. It doesn't really change what the average person thinks of someone who doesn't cow-tow to the multicultural narrative.
>It's called the rural south.
I'm sad to say that logistically it would be impossible for me to make any friends there.
Yes, I am American. WASP with ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war.
>is it not hypocritical to want to deport non-whites when white Americans are not natives to the land, either?
Sure, depending on your ideology. I do think that it was an injustice to the natives, what the settlers did, and also to black slaves. It doesn't stop me from advocating for the interests of my own group, however. Non-whites who have moved in recently advocate for their own ethnic interests, and they have replaced the natives, as well. I don't want to get wrapped up in racial guilt, because it only leads to weakness and confusion.
>what about those of us who are non-white but born and raised in America and for all intents and purposes are NOT multicultural?
Multi-racialism is still the issue, in fact, race is a bigger hurdle to unification than culture. All races generally possess different physical and mental characteristics and capabilities, and produce different kinds of societies. I prefer the culture that whites have created and maintained. If whites become a minority, the culture will change permanently and irrevocably.
You could argue that what was done to the American natives was horrible- they were a people who lost their sovereignty and their culture and were usurped by a foreign one. Their numbers dwindled as another group took their place in hegemony over the American continent. If it is seen as an atrocity to do this to their racial group, is it not appropriate that I would feel bad if a similar situation were happening to my group, whether or not they "deserved" it?

>why you don't believe women should vote I'd be interested in hearing it.

Societies should be run as if masculinity was the foundation. All great societies were ran and maintained by great men. Masculinity is what should be promoted for the nation as a governing body. Pride, empiricism, duty, bravery, are all very masculine traits. I know there are women who possess these traits but they are a scant minority, especially since even men have a hard time living up to these standards. I do not have a problem with women, and I don't think they are inferior, I just think they are different and not suitable for politics and war. Women are by far more emotionally driven, more nurturing, and more caring. These are things which must be driven from politics, since it only leads to weakness. Other, more masculine cultures will infiltrate and overthrow a more weak feminine one. You are seeing this now with political Islam.

I believe that nature governs all things on earth, including the various races and both sexed. Forced equality is against nature and only causes struggle, strife, and conflict. It is best for all humans to work in the confines of the natural order than to blatantly defy it, for what gain? No one has ever given me an answer.
I'm not really a hateful person, I just feel like the world is unraveling and there's not many people who can see obvious truths our ancestors new for thousands of years. Maybe our recent generations just took it for granted and lost their way.
If you're interested I can list you a few books and public figures I admire.

No. 182168

Feeling very lonely and bored recently, met a guy online I've been texting with recently. Things got sexual and he asked for a sexy picture of me, sent him one without my face because I'm not an idiot.
"That's not you."
Doesn't believe it's me. Man I can't get laid IRL or via text.

No. 182169

idk write his name on your tits in lipstick or something

No. 182170

I'm seriously struggling to tell if troll of just really really ignorant+mucho dunning kruger effect.

No. 182171

You're very smart to not include your face, anon. Don't bend under his pressure, you don't owe him anything.

No. 182174


oh my god anon this actually made me laugh a little. i would love to be your friend and listen to you rant. i also know this.
i know females mature faster than males but when i was way younger i still had chores to do. it's ridiculous how childish men are these days. so many women end up being their second mothers because they have a huge ego and think they can do no wrong and that they shouldn't have to do things because theyre either a. men or b. think theyre above those tasks and/or you

you seem like you can do better. i know you prob love him and you're only mentioning the shit things but honestly you could probably find a way better guy doing much less. oral every night is pretty much every man's dream

No. 182177


just do a time stamp. i hate men who try to sly their way to get more out of you, they dont deserve shit. good job on being smart

No. 182198

if anything, find someone else. It's not like you can't go almost anywhere and find good cybersex.

No. 182212

I think it's a man pretending to be a woman.

No. 182222

Thinking the same. Talking of women as "they" instead of "we".
Tbh, racial purity is not a thing (where do you draw the line? Can Scottish people mix with people from the Spanish south?) so I'm just going to have babies with someone of a different race. Have the guy already, just need to stop taking birth control. Not trying to decimate the number of white people, just living my life.

No. 182236

why don't you just get a bf and be friends with guys? because guys have less drama and you're different than other girls anyways

No. 182245

File: 1488090819153.jpg (649.69 KB, 2048x1284, edcf8919387de3012d73feb8db3e82…)

How am I a troll? Can you argue any of my points? Is it impossible to believe that I prefer to live around my own people and want what is best for them? That's how our species was for thousands of years, it's only up until very recently that multiracialism became a focus of western democracies.
I'm not a man, why would you think that? Do all women have to have the same opinions to you?
White people are people with predominant ancestry in Europe. You can take a genetic test to prove you are white, so it's not like an abstract concept. It's not that hard to understand. Constant subdivision is just another way to muddy the water. I understand that there are ethnic differences between Europeans, but we should all act as allies in the struggle against non-whites. That being said, I don't have a problem with different ethnicities of whites mixing, but it can be harmful if taken to the extreme. It would be very sad if somehow the entire population of Denmark was replaced by Poles. You would fundamentally lose Danish culture, and the Danish people. On a individual level I don't see a problem, however.
I do think it is a crime against nature for very different races to create offspring, like an east Asian mixing with an aboriginal. The child usually has a confused and troubled identity and health problems. Mixed race children are more prone to schizoid disorders and depression. I would prefer if they didn't have to be born.

No. 182250

>Do all women have to have the same opinions to you?
No, but generally women who want their rights taken away based on some weird appeal to nature logic tend not to be the most mentally sound persons.

No. 182253

Good god are you the same person whining about trannies using bathrooms in the other thread?

No. 182254

I think you're misunderstanding why I would prefer it if women were not able to vote. It's not some sort of masochistic urge, it's out of my own self interest and preservation of the society I live in.
Women tend to have destructive voting patterns. They treat the government like a patriarch and use it to divvy out benefits to themselves and to their preferred causes (which is now multiracialism). This instinct is not a bad thing when applied to the right places, but these patterns will undoubtedly cause the weakening of a nation. Women should care for their children, their family, nature, the arts, any hobby that allows an outlet for their nurturing instincts, but not politics.
It is undeniably true (this has been studied)women are far less happy in the spaces once considered to be for men. Women are the most happy being at home instead of involving themselves in the global market or politics.
It's only because I want what is best for women and for my country that I have came to this conclusion. I am completely mentally sound, would you say that every human being before the 19th amendment were not "mentally sound?"?

No. 182258

fuck off, obvious virgin /pol/tard

No. 182259

>Women tend to have destructive voting patterns.
Like what?
>inb4 multiculturalism
Why do you assume only women want multiculturalism?
Do you even know what happened to a nationalist, populist government whose agenda it was to preserve white heritage under a patriarchal ruler that subordinated women to the domestic sphere? Ever hear of some dude called Hitler and all the destruction he caused for his people based on emotional and irrational decisions?
>women are far less happy in the spaces once considered to be for men
You mean like colleges and the ability to transport themselves without male escorts? And your source is?

No. 182267

Why don't you browse boards like r9k where they'll be more than happy to accommodate your needs of being kept on a tight domestic leash? Or does their MtF waifu threads ward you away?

No. 182308

Still gonna have that East-Asian/European baby. kek

No. 182311

>The child usually has a confused and troubled identity
Because of how others treat them. It's not an inherent thing.
>and health problems.
IIRC only one study ever claimed this, and it was still a stretch because of the shitty sample size and isolated area of the study.
>I would prefer if they didn't have to be born.
Many people would also prefer if incels and Dylann Roof types wouldn't have to be born, and they're a lot worse than most mixed race people in literally every way so I'd say they're the real crimes against nature lol

No. 182312

>I am completely mentally sound
of course you are ;)

No. 182325

My bff's dog of 13 years I basically grew up with, died today at 5 am.
I've just seen him yesterday, that wasn't even in the plans. I haven't seen him for years, and I insisted to see him yesterday. I knew he had a tumor, since a couple of weeks. My friend asked me if I wanted to see him in these days since now she knew it was uncertain how long would he have lived, and I insisted to do it yesterday. We took him to the pet shop to take a bath, he was lively. Then we brought him home, he started puking for two times and then started stumbling and falling on the floor when moving, as if he was really tired. My friend said the same thing happened two weeks ago, the vet said that this happening once in a while was a good thing because if he were a young dog it would have happened on a daily basis. It gave me some hope.
But this afternoon I turned the phone on and I saw the message from my friend.
It's so sad. And also so weird. I've been feeling weird during the whole night, and the whole morning. I had a weird feeling on, as if I was expecting it even though it was reeeally unlikely to happen. I'm glad I said him goodbye, but it's so hard to accept. I still can feel his freshly bathed fur through my fingers as I cuddled him, and his sweet sad puppy eyes looking at me.
I think I'm too emotional to ever own a dog, if a dog that's not even mine can hurt me so much.

No. 182364

aww :( I'm sorry anon. He sounded sweet.

No. 182369

I'm still so utterly sad about it, it's pissing me off to no other. Someone who I was good friends with started bullying me, but extremely hard for "copying" her, as in buying a ps4, although this isn't my first ps4, she accused me of copying her and bullied me all the way, she took my profile picture from Facebook and ruined my image, making fun of my appearance, calling me names, even her mum thought I was pathetic, and she showed me it. I did the right thing and I refused to get dragged in, but the fact that at the age of 20, you'd bully someone, especially when they said themselves that they were bullied throughout high school, just for a fucking console. It's pathetic, I cried non stop, and I'm still sad about it.

No. 182378

My sister gets pissed at me because I don't want children. She gets pissed if I don't play games at Chuck E Cheese with my kid nephew. I just never had a desire to want kids. Sure it's nice to have offspring that will keep your legacy going, but other than that, I've felt no real need to raise children. I like my privacy, my freedom, and because I easily gain weight, children are definitely a no-no. I just wish people would stop getting pissed at me for having no motherly instincts.

No. 182382

what a cunt. i hope karma bites her in the ass.

No. 182390

>buys a ps4
She's going to have a very hard time in life, anon.

No. 182421

He was. He was that super chill kind of dog you can cuddle to oblivion even if he doesn't know you and he would never turn vicious, just like a big living plush toy. At least he didn't die alone, my friend cared after him all night long until the end. He was loved very much.

No. 182487

Stop being friends with her, ignore her completely,its over even if you still try to be friends. When i was in high school I got bullied by so called friends and even my twin but still hung out with them as i was made to believe you need to have many friends.

No. 182492

Not really venting but I just discovered I have either a short upper jaw or long upper lip (upper teeth aren't visible when I speak or rest my jaw/part my lips) and it's been fucking me up for a few days now

No. 182530

I don't want a normal job. I don't want to fit into that lifestyle.

For years I have been contemplating quitting my low-paying job and pursuing art. I have a reasonable amount of talent and I've won awards for my art before. And I think if I really gave it more effort and time, I could do something special.

I'm in school (for STEM, not art,) and I work. But I really want to quit my stupid shitty job and just draw and get through school. Obviously the conclusion to this is "how are you going to support yourself? How do you know your art is even good enough? Why can't you just do it and work/go to school?"

When I look at my dream realistically, it seems impossible. How do I survive as a student making art? But it's all I think about– how much better I could be, all the projects I want to do. I can't stop daydreaming about it at work.

I don't know if I sound lazy or stupid or out of touch with the "real world." I just feel like I don't want to waste my 20s working a menial job when I could be doing something so much better. I have my whole life to be boring.

I don't know.

No. 182532

I've been in a relationship with a great guy now for a few weeks. He seems to have fairly conservative morals, but he's on vacation in my country, in Amsterdam. I'm usually not a paranoid person, but I really hope that his friends won't pressure him to go to the red light district or clubs. Or that he notices that he got with an ugly girl for Dutch standards and that he'll rethink the relationship.

No. 182537

You'd get sick of it real quick anon. It's only fun as a hobby because it's a hobby.
If you had to eat pancakes every day for the rest of your life you'd get sick of them in a few weeks and never want to look at them again.

No. 182539

agreed. just keep on with art on the side, not saying you cant try and make money off of it but just make sure that before it becomes lucrative you have something to fall back on. Is it that youre just sick of the job you have? Try shaking it up with something in a different field.

I did retail for years and felt the same way. I was trying to find anything creative that I could bank on, turns out it was much harder than I thought. But I do online sales for MtG cards now and turns out I'm super great at what I do and now working a lot isn't really as grindy as it was before.

don't lose the passion. it could become that art is another job and you lose the same feeling towards it if you have to churn it out.

No. 182544

Rather than dreaming about dropping everything and focusing on art, see instead if you can successfully work on it weekends and evenings. If you do art full time, you don't get weekends or downtime so you might as well get used to that. Cut down your paid working hours to the minimal if possible.
If you can maintain a focused work pattern and generate enough of an income from your time making art whilst doing your dayjob, then you can consider it full time. If it's what you want to do be doing, then don't daydream about it, just do it.I learnt the hard way that I'm not capable of that sleep/eat/art lifestyle, you need to be either very driven or very lucky for it. You have to be able to work even if you don't feel 'inspired', too.
Alternatively, look at jobs abroad. If you're not bothered about career progression from now then go be somewhere exciting, lots of positions geared to young workers abroad offer limited pay but exciting life experiences

No. 182545

File: 1488201326908.jpg (103.14 KB, 799x924, 15727012_1057823457674244_4093…)

I told my boss I'd cover for a shift I didn't think I'd have to. This morning I am told I need to do the thing I told them I would offer to do. My reaction: vindication. This new "talk yourself out of negative thoughts" thing does work well though, so I've essentially compromised with myself and agreed to go buy expensive Thai food to make up for what I thought would be a day off.

So maybe not a vent, just me coming to terms with having to not be a lil' bitch.

No. 182548

Responding line by line to the whole post like that always reeks of autismo, also MUH ELOQUENT GENTLEMENT ART AM ENLIGHTENED
I wish you could hide posters on this site

That 20 year old's childish behaviour was good news for you, now you're free of having to be their friend. As an adult you should be able to get over it without crying for a whole night

Don't "come back and vent more", just dump him!
If he's not threatening you with violence or blackmail or anything else I can't even imagine why anyone would pander to this baby. Literally why? You don't owe anyone sex, ever. You don't owe that guy anything PERIOD

No. 182555

Maybe look into architecture/design? They would be good careers that use artistic skills and have decent paying jobs. That way, you can do some art but not worry about money.

No. 182564

Respectfully, don't think I'd get sick of it. It's all I did during high school. For for years it was my entire life. I know it's "just a hobby," but it's something I'm really happy throwing myself into.

I'm not trying to make a job out of it. I'm not trying to make money out of it. I want to do it because I love it.

Thanks. But I also go to school full time, so essentially working part time at a real job and part time at art means that I would just end up "working" full time. Which is why I don't want to work a real job.

Basically, this is all just going to remain a dream. Thanks anyway guys.

No. 182566

I can't stop thinking about being a camgirl. I've been depressed for a long time and don't care that much anymore and I'm too incompetent to have an actual job/learn a skill. The thing is I'm really young so if I start I'm afraid I'll destroy any possible future I could have working at a normal job.

No. 182568

If you're young then you should probably invest more into school/education/courses/seminars/volunteering/hobbies etc.
Maybe even look into therapy or take up running or any other physical activity. (Helped a shit ton with managing my depression)

I know being a cam girl is tempting and looks easy af but it's actually a lot of work, you don't make that much and like you said, it could screw you over. A lot of these camming sites don't have "protection" so anyone can use a screen recording software and upload your session anywhere.

No. 182569

Excercising is so fucking boring. I force myself to do an hour of cardio a day so I don't turn into a blob because all of my hobbies are just gaming and reading, but I really dislike how there's pretty much nothing to do except focus on how uncomfortable you are for the next 60 minutes. I get bored of my music, it's hard to watch/focus on videos on my iPad mini screen, and it's pretty impossible to read while I run, too. I don't think there's a particular remedy for this for me, it's just an hour out of my day I have to do something I really dislike - I just have to accept it. At least it's good for me.

No. 182570

Why don't you try running outside or lifting? Maybe change the machine you're using? Instead of running do biking? Or the other way around? You can also do hiit or body weight workouts that will also make you sweat.

I'm the exact opposite of you, I loath cardio lol (will have to start running eventually bc stamina and shit :/)

No. 182577


No. 182578


No. 182582

I fucking hate my job almost entirely because of the commute. I hate getting up early to drive for an hour next to semi trucks and old people to an entirely different city

I want to quit so badly but I just started and it's full time with benefits. Plus nothing in the town I actually live in is hiring right now.

No. 182586

Is there any way to can try to get a place that's closer? I know how you feel, the commute from my house to my university is half an hour

No. 182592

just put on ABBA and carly rae jepsen

No. 182593


It's probably what I should do. I'm just reluctant to pay the overpriced rent in a small middle of nowhere town. Which makes it my fault more than anything.

No. 182596

I used to be a camgirl and honestly the money isn't that great. It's great for what it is - sitting around chatting with people and getting naked, but unless you're like amazingly beautiful with an incredible personality, it's not a living wage.

Also the camming industry has changed a lot. It used to be much easier to make money but now everyone and their mom is doing it, it's oversaturated. Sure you sometimes see girls that make ridiculous amounts of money - but most of it isn't real. They literally pay people to pay them those massive amounts publicly so they look popular.
Things like private cam shows aren't a thing anymore either, you're expected to do it all in public where even guests can see everything, you rely on tips from your regulars. Which you don't have when you first start, so you're doing it for free. It's really shit.
If you're willing to get naked for money, consider stripping. If you work far away and make an effort to look different enough so that no one recognizes you for sure, you can make much better money even if you're not that cute.

No. 182608

This. I was a camgirl a few years ago, and kind of sort of dabble in it (mostly people offering money for old content) and back then if I busted my ass and really really tried hard and got lucky enough to get people to want to cam with me, I would rake in about $50-$60 dollars a day.

Not to mention, one day you might do good and earn $80, but then your profile will be dry as fuck for 3 days. You can get some good money, but its not going to be consistent good money. And thats if you really put effort into it all.

No. 182614

I have a crush on a guy
He seemed to like me and we have been talking on an off for the past 2 years
Once he got drunk he said he liked me and we have a really close relationship we go on dates and such and fooled around before (no sex though)
Buttttt every time I suggested going into an actual relationship he would say he can't because he's busy with school. Each time this happened I'd cut contact with him and each time we came back to each other after a few months
Well we started talking recently again but I'm the one that starts conversations?
He suggested meeting up so that's the only reason why I haven't lost hope yet but…should I just give up?
I just feel ugly and annoying
I wish we could just cut contact for good I like him so much though

No. 182616

He sounds like he's genuinely busy, in which case your pressuring him into a relationship probably isn't helping matters. I'm a busy person too and having an SO at the same time is hard because they constantly pull your sleeve and demand attention/sex/dates, birthdays and anniversaries. I don't mind those things on their own but it can get really annoying when you're trying to concentrate on doing well in school.

Either that or he's just leading you on, in both cases I'd say it's best to just look elsewhere.

No. 182621

File: 1488295512670.jpg (21.37 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>not attending class this semester
>classmates talk about one class in our promotion's facebook group
>say it sounds like an interesting class
>they get offended and angry

No. 182622

I've been through enough of these to confidently say that he's just leading you on. Too busy is always an excuse for "I'm not interested but you're cool enough to be my backup", which explains the on and off communication you guys have.

Do move on. If he was really interested, he'd make time. Guaranteed.

No. 182624

Yeah and I realised I've been the only one messaging first :/
Fucking sucks
I guess I should give up

No. 182626

Seconded. Guys make up the most absurd excuses when they're simply not interested.
There was one time a guy told me "I would date you but we live too far from each other, I'm not into LDRs" and I was literally 10 km away from his town.
There's no such a thing as "being busy" if you're genuinely interested in someone, guaranteed.

No. 182630

There, there anon. I totally emphatize with you and I wish I could hug you then kick the guy in the nuts for you for being such a dirt bag. If you feel really down about it, I like to remember this quote:

"In life you'll meet a lot of jerks. If they hurt you, tell yourself that it's because they're stupid. That will help keep you from reacting to their cruelty. Because there is nothing worse than bitterness and vengeance… Always keep your dignity and be true to yourself."

You'll find a guy who is better and nicer and who will actually make time for you, and it'll be worth it.

No. 182632

just found out a have an 800 dollar outstanding balance on my university account that I have to pay off or I can't register next term :^) I have no way to pay for about 300 dollars of it and I can't even be mad because it was my dumb ass that didn't pay close enough attention to my student account that got me into this mess. Idk what do ahahhahah my only choice is to somehow get a job with enough hours to pay it off within the next month or so or land a miracle scholarship.

No. 182640

Thank you
I also showed our texts to my friend and they said that he doesn't really put effort into our conversations and he seems like he's not interested
Ughhhhh heart hurts

No. 182644

i'm going through the exact same thing anon, i've loved a guy for many many years and its gotten hardly anywhere. always tells me he's busy in some way or form, and i can tell he doesn't put much in the conversation, and if i didn't message him first, i would never hear from him. i've known for a long time it wasn't worth it, i would always give him excuses and believe him "maybe he really is busy…" "he works full time time.." stuff like that. but the simplest solution is usually the right one, if he wanted to be with you, he would be. reading these messages really stung today :(

idk anon. i hope you and i can find someone who actually wants to be with us one day. sorry to be so dramatic, this just hit me a little hard.

No. 182651

this is going to be long, i'm sorry:
for the past two and some years i've lived in a house shared by my bf, me, and his two brothers (being laid off and pretty poor forced us out of our apt at a bad time).
they have two dogs, a large blue heeler and a little samoyed.
the brothers neglected the fuck out of those dogs, they were left outside from 8:30am to 10pm, sometimes even til 1am and for context i live in the snowy north and this happened year round. then when the dogs were let in, they were caged up in a small hallway in front of my door. two dogs in a 9x3 space.

i am not on great terms with the brothers so me speaking out or criticizing how they took care of ( or didn't) their animals would have caused furious drama we didn't need, but i did bring up my concerns with their mother, because i'm friendly with her. it was waved off mostly, so i didn't bring it up much after. so the dogs are neglected and unloved, never getting physical contact except when i sat down to pet them and talk to them. their life sucks.

back in october the blue heeler got sick with i assume was pneumonia; wet rattly cough, gagging, producing mucus and saliva. she had a really really rough time, and i desperately wanted her to go to the vet. my bf and i couldn't afford to do it, and the brothers weren't willing too. so she suffered for months, and the cough started to dry out, but her breathing was labored and harsh and got worse over time. weeks ago i had to bring it up to their mother and she said "you know, she's old and taking her in to get diagnosed would cost a lot only to have them tell us to put her down. not really worth the cost" i was taken aback, but told her it would still be best to take her in. the younger brother has money from an inheritance, he could've done this for the dog. i personally wanted them to give her up to a no-kill to get treatment or to be humanely put down.
regardless she suffered, but had moments of getting better. she was already a sick dog, getting seizures they never bothered to diagnose or treat, so i thought she was toughing it out. that didn't last long and she got worse, and the past few weeks she had been sitting up, unable to breathe or sleep, her belly bloated, her in distress.

she died this morning after a few seizures and deaths throes. i heard it as i was cleaning, i thought they were her normal seizures. the brothers were upstairs, where they could see and help her, watching tv. she made a hard fall and i thought she had regained herself but when i listened through the door i heard the younger brother say "well it was bound to happen."
it wasn't immediately clear to me what that meant, so i went about my business, more wary however. when i stepped out a few hours later the hallway was bare and mopped and i didn't hear the harsh breathing i normally would. i knew she was gone. the brother's(who has said in the past he refused to give her up) last words about this poor animal was "it was bound to happen" that's it.

i'm upset and bitter and angry and i want them to burn. there's still the samoyed for them to neglect and let suffer. i wanted to do the things they refused to, but i couldn't and i hate myself for it.

she deserved better, she deserved a loving home with people who wanted to be around her, not just lock her away and let her slowly suffocate to death.

No. 182656

Those dogs need to be 'stolen by someone' or to 'run away' and be dropped off at a humane shelter if these guys are gonna be this disgusting about it. People like that should never be allowed to have a pet again. Whole family, including the mother. They're bad people anon.

No. 182659

the samoyed won't run away, it has opportunities to all the time. it knows it's routine outside to the yard and back into the upstairs hallway. that's all he cares about.
a few years ago the mother bought tiny fragile, most likely puppy farmed, teacup chihuahua. she lets the dog eat chicken bones and she never trained her so she barks a lot. to get her to stop, she screams at it.

i hate them so much. my family went above and beyond for our family pets and seeing this shit makes my blood boil.
after this disaster tho, i will be speaking frankly to the mother, letting her know exactly how disgusted i am.

No. 182661

and by " won't run away" i mean it wouldn't convince the brothers if i absconded with it and gave that excuse. no one in the neighborhood or surrounding ones like this household, they let the dog(s) bark all day so it "being stolen" is also a no.
sorry i wasn't clear.

No. 182664

~Animal control took them? Neighbours complained you didn't call them.

~It had a seizure or are something poisonous in the yard and died, you got rid of the body.

~Guy was walking a female in heats and he followed, So crazy he never does that!

Idk just suggestions. The brothers and mother are seriously awful people. Hope you don't have to interact with them again after you can move out. Sucks that his family are a bunch of pricks.

No. 182665


The time to act was before the heeler died because it is illegal and considered neglect to not provide medical care for your animals. Does the Samoyed have adequate shelter and access to food and water when it's outside? If it does then there's not much you can do other than have a frank conversation with the mother/brother and ask why they have dogs they don't take care of or care about, and point out that living creatures are not toys.

No. 182671

thanks for the suggestions, i'll mull it over and discuss it with my bf.
when i'm gone i will never see the brother again and they can rot in this shithole. the mother lives most of the year in another state so i rarely see her anyway.
i know, but the fear of being kicked out and becoming homeless kept me from retaliating against their cruelty. not a good excuse…but idk.
it does have a doghouse with heating pad inside along with food and water. there's no obvious signs of neglect, so i'll just bring this up with the mother like i mentioned here >>182659 .

i don't know what they did with her body. i'm really scared they just put her in the trash bin or just wrapped her up in a garbage bag and put her outside for the time being. it's cold enough to preserve her body.

No. 182695

File: 1488353445307.gif (493.78 KB, 500x342, SUqBZG1.gif)

i hate social media. i have no friends and i'm not attractive, its useless to me. my gf loves the worst social media things like instagram, snapchat, facebook, and what not. i hate all those sites. her instagram is private and i don't understand how to use snapchat so i can't see what she's posting there.

all i can see is her facebook posts, which get many likes and are basically garbage. the only things that i have in my facebook are things related to our relationship, hers is filled with shitty tumblr gifs and shitposting.

i'm starting to realize that her political beliefs are quite different from mine (i won't get into details cuz i know the thread will go to shit). and she's the type of dumb normie girl that i've always hated (i hate the word normie but its the only word that describes it… maybe basic would be fitting? i'm not sure). its so stupid but seeing any of her posts on social media make me rage because they remind me of how different we truly are.

i know i shouldn't care what my girlfriend does on social media. i know that jealousy is bad. but she literally refuses to talk to me about her problems or whats going on with her life. but she has no issue telling strangers on the internet about her problems (she would rant on insta before she made it private. i would't be surprised if she still does).

i know you all probably think "well so what she's happy and posts a lot on social media? what you want her to be miserable and have no friends like you"? and y'all would be right. like??? i'm just so bitter lol i hate myself

No. 182702

Work as much as you can anon, but when it gets to the final week don't be afraid to borrow money. Preferably from friends/family rather than a terrible loan company, but just get it paid off, and as soon as you are registered then start busting your ass to pay it back. Contact your student welfare team.

If there is even the slightest bit of hardship for that dog and you won't take it away yourself, you should contact a shelter as an anonymous tipster. If it's barking all the time and it's clear the other one died from coughing, then that's enough for a stranger to have noticed. Also if the body is lying out there you should report asap and mention that too, it adds weight.

Set her free

No. 182706

I'm a 20 year old high school drop out with a plethora of mental issues but I really want to become a psychiatrist or work somehow in the medicine industry although I'm not sure if it's too late for me, I have 0 job experience, barely education, on governmentbux I'm a failure.

No. 182707

>she literally refuses to talk to me about her problems or whats going on with her life
Maybe that's because you rage over social media posts and think of her as basic, dumb and boring when she voices her opinions? If you're different to the point that you think less of her whenever she shows the differences, just break up and stop the cycle of bitterness.

No. 182722

What kind of sociopaths are those guys? I'm mad as fuck just reading this. Animal abuse makes me fucking angry. You really must be a sociopath to not feel even an ounce of affection and compassion towards your own dogs. The heeler could've been saved or put down earlier saving her the pain.
Regarding the samoyed… I love samoyeds, I'd take him right away but I'm not in the right situation now and we 100% live in different countries, lol. But you could take care of him? Or as >>182656 said, just take him without telling them and drop him off at a humane shelter, or give it in adoption to someone. Or report the brothers' ass for animal abuse.

No. 182724

Almost every person studying Japanese at my university is a weeb or is super cringy. I studied Japanese 3 years ago, left because I wasn't really interested and remember that they were quite mean to me. It's crazy because those are the same people who usually used to be bullied back in high school. I had some of them next to me on a public transport just a few minutes ago and God the CRINGE. And they all fucking go to Japan on a working holiday visa, speaking loudly on the train/subway and living their weeb dream in akihabara and dressing like when you were 14 and still figuring out who you were. I'm from France and I wonder if it's just in my country that people who learn Japanese are that ridiculous. It pisses me off.

No. 182725

File: 1488386938452.jpg (7.75 KB, 236x291, 045821f762cff2baa51c596ea13432…)

I think i'm becoming a female incel.

>> Just got out of HS and have no idea how to follow. Everyone my age has their lives made.

>> Socially akward, probably haves the 'tism.

>> Hates self. It's hard to shower because i have to look at my body.

>> Literally looks digusting but don't know what to do because mirrors and not having sister, friends and a mother who never used make up in her life.

>> Literally never had a friend in my life for more than a year.

>> Would sell my soul for living like "the normies".

>> Bullied in middle school. Still have the feeling that people are judging my looks all the time.

>> Goes outside only if absolutely necessary.

>> Kissless handholdless virgin that lives with parents.

I think the only difference is that i try to be a kind and good person, and that my politics are moderate.

No. 182727

I'm sorry anon
But seeing that there's a problem is always the first step, or something like that. You just have to work on yourself. Yes it's difficult but not impossible.

No. 182729

I'm married/not incel but I'm still like this for the most part. I need to be social and try new things, but normal people don't have time for my autism and can't sympathize when I fail. I want to have a female friend like you so we can do that shit together.

No. 182732

No. 182733


that's just her personality, she has a very hard time talking about her feelings. i thought it was cute at first but after a year of dating i just think she's immature. i don't know what to say, i was just venting my petty ass.

No. 182736

A few days ago I admitted to myself that I have a crush on one of my closest friends and future housemates; yesterday I slept with her. I learnt that eating pussy is excellent, or maybe just hers, and that I really want to do more of that, but, also and equally, watch films and smoke spliffs and eat picnics and pick fruit with her all the time. I fuck around a bit but I've never been in a healthy relationship and am clueless as to how to pursue one, which is perhaps good, because this is an efficient way to cause a proper mess at some point down the line. I love her a bit though

No. 182741

File: 1488393089397.jpg (71.61 KB, 750x499, rWpIxlo.jpg)


Lets be autists together, anon.

I think i could get along with incels if they weren't pedos misogynistics murder-advocates pricks.

Also >>182707 do you mean that you are also disgusted by yourself? That would mean that i won't be cured even if i got a "normie" and married.

No. 182742

File: 1488393673018.jpg (66.28 KB, 540x876, IMG_0274.JPG)

i had a crush on this one guy, and for the first time in my life i think i had finally found a guy or even a person within my social circle who i made a connection with, even if it was based on just general interests. he figured out that i had feelings for him pretty quickly, and he turned me down, saying he didn't have the same feelings for me. it's been like 2 months since the fact and i'm still incredibly upset. this is gonna sound stupid, but i had spent so much time thinking about him and wanting him that ultimately i'm sad that i'll never be with the person who i finally had genuine interest in. and it fucking sucks to be in a semi social circle with him considering he messages my friends and seems to really like one of them. i keep compring myself to them and i can see that he'd rather want someone who's small and more attractive than i am.
it seriously fucking sucks and i can't stop thinking about him. when i'm on break and not walking by him every other day then i seem to slowly stop being concerned. but as of now it just really bothers me. and everyone around me is going "get over it lol", but they have no idea that i'm incredibly lonely, and that something like this completely wrecks me.
what the fuck do i do

No. 182744

Today I told a friend ('Jane') about a mutual friend/acquaintance ('John') and his behaviour towards me. John has a temper problem and acts awfully rude towards people he deems 'gross' and 'uncool' while sucking up to those he thinks he can get something out of, and has stepped on my toes in the past. This did not sit well with me, and I told her as such. All of a sudden Jane starts defending him, saying he's 'just honest' and 'that's just how he is, you need to know how to talk to him and not let it bother you'. She said he ruffled some feathers when they were organising a party together for this same reason, so apparently I'm not the only one who doesn't like him.

I'm no doctor but in my village we call that being a miserable prick and beat it out of you if you can't play nice with the others. I still don't understand how that kind of behaviour can be excused like, I don't care if you're his friend, time to call a spade a spade.

I hate people who act like total plonkers and say they're being 'honest' or 'real'. Shut the fuck up, you know perfectly well what you are.

No. 182745

>Everyone my age has their lives made.
Lol, no they don't. They're high school graduates just like you. Very few people are completely independent and on their career paths at that stage. Stop watching anime and movies and basing your life on fantasy standards.

No. 182749


Holy shit i was waiting for someone to say this.

The problem is that i know that.

Just because they are pretty, smart, short and skinny and already know what to do with their lives, haves lot of friends, aren't disgusted with themselves and have a supporting family. I know they are just people we all are just people, but when i am in front of someone like that i feel like they have so many things that i don't; that i'm missing so many things that are common for them.

I also know that just because they know what career path to follow, that doesn't mean they will succeed.

I know that i'm just a human, but it just doesn't feel like it.

I was rejected too many times, i got told to kill myself even so it doesn't feel like i should be alive.

>> tfw you make yourself cry.

No. 182751

>already know what to do with their lives
They're high school graduates. It doesn't matter what they think they're going to do with their lives, the fact is they're likely to change and go through periods of self-doubt and insecurities. You're judging them at face value without actually knowing them or what's going on behind the scenes.
I'm sure there are people out there who assume the same about you because if you're not airing your life story and problems on social media these days, people tend to assume everything is fine and that you have a plan.

No. 182752


That makes sense. If you don't want to read me attention-seeking please stop reading right now.

It's a feeling, and then a chain reaction that comes along with thoughts. It's not really rational, but it makes sense all the time.

>> People assuming i live easily.

Literally never happens. I look and feel disgusting most of the time. In HS i used to get asked if i was sick or needed to sleep, but it's just who i am. I almost never smile.

>> Other people also have problems.

Not the same. I'm sure average-looking people never felt like they can't stand their own self.They are always easy laughing.

I really want to stop being and feeling like i do, i just don't know how to start. I need a guide to make a strict plan or i'm not going anywhere. I don't want to be me anymore.

No. 182757

I don't know who you are and you sure as hell don't know me, but listen. From reading your posts, I am seeing a lot of myself from 2-3 years ago in 'em and it's hard to read because I know roughly what it is you're feeling.

Take it from the other anon: no one has their shit together. Anyone who thinks you have an easy life are probably just projecting and wanting something to vent their own frustrations on. We often deny other people's successes, no matter how minuscule, when our own lives are in the shit. So please just ignore them.
In regards to the self image problems, I can almost certainly guarantee that everyone has these thoughts. And that's not me belittling the vicious thoughts you're having about your own self image (mentally and physically). I understand that. It's only been recently that I can look at myself in the mirror without wanting to do awful things to what I see.

You just need to break the chain. Cut off the obsessive cycle of thoughts before they even have chance to grow. It really is easier said than done but I believe you can do it as you've got the awareness to realise there's something not right here. A lot of people don't have the mind to see that and are happily living their life with a distorted sense of self worth.

It will take time and there will be set backs (which you're totally allowed btw! Progress is full of them) but you've got this. Start fresh. Try new hobbies. Speak to new people even if you're shaking like jello on the inside. Anything to make life fresh again and eventually you will start to build that confidence up and the rest will come after.
I am sorry if I have rambled at you or haven't made much sense, but I do sincerely hope that I've helped even just a tiny bit and that tomorrow starts better for you.

No. 182760


Thanks anon. I'm glad that things are working for you.

I only disagree in that not everyone is like us. I think they might be something wrong with how my mind works and how i see myself.

Having a job is literally a routine like school, except that you get paid. I think i could do it alright. Then i should get professional help.

Really just crying and talking about it made me feel relieved.

I don't think i could overcome all my problems by trying to be confident.

No. 182763

X-post from the abuse thread on /g/ but, it works here too right?

I'm really fucked up right now. Yesterday was supposed to be a chill day and I ended up telling my boyfriend and mom that I think I was abused as a kid by my stepdad.

I say think, because for the life of me I don't remember my childhood that well… Only bits and pieces and I only really remember highschool up. Yesterday I felt so relieved to say something but now I'm doubting myself. My stepdad did some shit but, I don't remember him like this and I feel so guilty for even thinking like this.

But in a weird way it makes sense because what I do remember was weird… I was weirdly sexual as a kid, I played with dolls till like I was around twelve and my favorite thing to do was pretend they where fucking. I'd decapitate them, take their faces off with nail polish and I even had a cabbage patch kid which I wrote "sex" all over. I still have that doll and it's the only real "evidence" I have.

When I got into highschool I'd let guys finger me in the hallways and empty classrooms, I jerked a guy off in the woods and the cops told us to leave, I used to drink vodka when I got home early and my stepdad never said anything about it, plus I'm a pothead (I was high when I accidentally told my boyfriend and he convinced me to tell my mom)

I've told both of them I'm not sure if it's even real, and I'm definitely not going to try and press charges or even figure out if this did happen.

Yesterday wasn't the only time this thought crossed my mind, the first time I felt it was like in December… TMI but I was in the car with my boyfriend going home one night and I could just feel a vaginal pain like nothing else. My mind flashed to my stepdad but I told myself I was just remembering the first time he taught me to ride a bike. I still believe that but, fuck I'm confused.

I googled repressed memories and I relate to quite a bit… the most noticable is the fact that I peed the bed till my late teens, after I knew I'd never see him again.

The worst part is that… for some reason I remember liking the "attention" I got.

Yesterday I felt so relieved to talk about it but now I feel guilty because, what if I lied and made everyone feel bad for nothing? Why would I even do this in the first place?

The memories I had yesterday where so fucking vivid and now I can't remember anything at all.

Someone plz tell me it was the weed.

No. 182764

That's okay. And you're right, not everyone has the same mind as you but mine feels similar in that I too have very critical thoughts about myself but they are getting better now. Maybe see if there is someone you could talk to professionally?
I forgot to mention that I attended cognitive behavioural therapy too and I found that helped loads when I was at my worst. I am not sure if that is available to you?

Oh don't get me wrong, confidence doesn't fix everything and I am not implying it does. Just sometimes I feel that putting yourself in a new situation can help. Please look after yourself. <3

No. 182768

honestly it sounds like you were definitely sexually abused and you should go to therapy, not just to talk about it but to handle it properly.

i don't think you have anything to feel guilty over. it is common for sexual abuse survivors to convince themselves they wanted it or it did not happen because it is easier than admitting something as traumatizing as molestation happened to you as a child.

i think the fact you've told someone means subconsciously you want to process what happened and finally heal.

No. 182769


But I'm just really scared I'm wrong. I mean it just feels wrong to even say it out loud :/

I feel so guilty to think about it… Guilt than I'm relieved… And that I'm not really that mad that this happened, if it did.

I don't even know why I'm so nervous and guilty because it's not like I want to press charges or even talk to him again. But I can't bring myself to fully believe anything because I don't remember anything

No. 182778

My sister is going to get a Sailor Moon tattoo, how tf do I talk her out of it?

No. 182783

By talking her into a naruto tattoo. Jk. Hopefully it is small.

No. 182784

>future partner may be put off by it
>can stop a person from getting a job they want in future
>in some countries you cannot actually go to public baths with a tattoo
>could literally change mind about it the next day

These were my reasons lol

No. 182788

I have trouble paying attention to most things, especially when I'm feeling the slightest bit anxious (which is the majority of the time). Like, I can't keep up talking to someone, or hell, even listening if I'm doing or planning something else. I'm not sure why I'm like this, but it comes off autistic and no matter how hard I try to concentrate it doesn't help. I doubt this is normal and I'm not sure if I've always been like this. Maybe to an extent, but I haven't noticed how bad it is till now. It's really embarrassing.

No. 182790

What's unattractive about you?

No. 182792

If she was born before 1993 then let her do it because she's probably a legitimate fan who grew up with it. If she's a tumblrina/never cared about it til the recent super cringe worthy fake fandom, let her do it as well so she can regret it.

No. 182800

i plan to let it be know that it is in fact illegal (i had to check my state and county) to withhold medical attention from an animal in need and if it happens again, i will call someone.
I did find out the next day that while the whereabouts of her body is unknown, they decided to bury her in the backyard.
it sounds sentimental, but i know that it's the easy, free, nearby solution. the cunts.
they're really terrible people. neither has a job and the older one is nearing 40 years old, they both just live off the younger ones freemoneycode. they play video games and watch tv all day and sleep. my hatred for them is palpable, so i make a point to never let them see me or be around me. if worse comes to worst i'll snatch the dog and take it to a shelter. full stop.

No. 182801

you're not wrong. i think what is happening is you're avoiding the reality of what's happened. hence why you say "i'm not mad it happened if it did." you've blocked things out so much you can't even emotionally connect with the event. these feelings and memory loss are really common with traumatic events and childhood abuse. i really urge you to see a therapist to deal with this. it's also common for people to recognize their abuse when they have children and they are the same age when they were abused, and it's better to deal with this now than later.

No. 182814

File: 1488432906795.png (130.81 KB, 502x558, linus.png)

Sigh. Sometimes I just hate myself so much. It's been 11 months and here I am still feeling sad over my breakup and missing my ex. I've done my best to get over things, but I simply can't. Dunno why. I spent some time alone, then got involved with another person for a while, lost weight, thought a lot about my life, cried, etc. but I AM STILL SUFFERING SO BADLY. I know I will, eventually, move on for real but… yeah.

No. 182817


This was basically me 7 years ago.

1. Get into therapy to work on your social issues. Not doing this is my number 1 regret.
2. Don't go to college yet. Get a a job, work for a year or two. My parents forced me into college right out of high school when I wasn't ready and had no idea what I wanted to do, and all it did was set me up for failure. If you do eventually go to college, ask your professors about where to start looking for internships. I can not stress how important internships are for not only figuring out what exactly you want to do but for getting hired in the future.
3. I'm going to be 100% honest with you. For some people it doesn't get better. There are people who end up alone, who end up losers with dead end jobs, who live shitty, miserable lives. I'm not saying you're one of them, and this period of your life is the best chance you have to wind up not that way. But it is a possibility, and some of it isn't even your fault, though many people will tell you it is. If it comes to that point, the only advice I can offer is that it's the little things that will get you through the day.

No. 182821

>feel like shit the entire day, beating myself for being useless and weak
>mfw I forgot to take my meds and was in withdrawals

No. 182823

>sign up for Japanese classes at uni because I want to take it more seriously/need credits anyway
>studied for a few months previously, get put into beginner/intermediate
>first tutorial, weeb girl sits next to me
>she speaks fast, can't understand half of what she says
>tutor makes us translate some sentences, we swap notebooks to check
>mfw her answers are not even close to being right
>wonder if she was talking gibberish the whole time
>second tutorial, sit with a white girl and a Chinese girl, both took Japanese last year
>Chinese girl seemed to know what she's doing
>white girl was more lost than I was
>rest of class was a mix of confused or semi-confused
I don't know if I should drop a level or what. I'm fine with the grammar and vocab we're learning, and I'm catching up quickly with what I missed from last year. But I feel really thrown off by the disparity between everyone's levels. Should I bother continuing?

No. 182825

If you're fine with vocab and grammar, then you'll most likely pass the class. The issue is, are you learning?

Don't worry about the disparities because some people are great at reading, writing, and remembering kanji (esp the Chinese people who already read/write Mandarin), some people are more comfortable speaking, and some people are really good at listening.

Focus on the content, and be honest with yourself. IMO, if you're catching up quickly, then you're most likely just fine where you are.

No. 182827

With Japanese classes it's either like this or spend 8 weeks on learning kana it seems.
You should keep going Anon. Maybe do some extra listening on the side - watch some animu or drama for example.
There's a japanese language thread in the catalog if you want to discuss it, too.

No. 182840

Thank you for taking the time to reply anon.

>The issue is, are you learning?

I definitely am, and I feel like I'm consolidating things better as well since I have classmates to practice with now. I'm just worried I'm learning a little too much. We did a listening and read the script, but I had to look up a few grammar points I didn't know. I can't tell if I'm being challenged a healthy amount or if I'm seriously behind. Our Japanese department is notoriously wayward as well.

>Focus on the content, and be honest with yourself. IMO, if you're catching up quickly, then you're most likely just fine where you are.

Thanks anon, I hope you're right. Outside of my experiences with my classmates I understand 70~80% of what's going on, which I think is do-able?

I appreciate the reply, thank you anon.

>With Japanese classes it's either like this or spend 8 weeks on learning kana it seems.

I swear it's never been like this in any other language class I've taken, is there something about Japanese classes?

>You should keep going Anon. Maybe do some extra listening on the side - watch some animu or drama for example.

Does animu/dramu watching with subs really help? I've always had some doubt about it but my listening is my worst, so I'm probably wrong for doubting it.

No. 182841

>is there something about Japanese classes?
I think there's some sort of wall due to the grammar and culture being very different. I feel like you need to get used to reading or hearing a lot, even if you don't understand, before it starts making sense - at least it was like that for me. For a while I'd translate random stuff without any idea what I was doing and then when taking actual classes it came almost naturally to me.
In my opinion in Japanese practicing is the most important thing, but it might be different for you.

Also a big issue with Japanese classes is that they're often taught by Japanese teachers using Japanese methods - learn all the grammar and then do exercises, without ever building your own sentences, always using example sentences. I think all my Japanese teachers were shit, and when I got a japanese language teacher who wasn't Japanese it was incredible. So yeah there's that maybe.

>Does animu/dramu watching with subs really help?

Yes, definitely. Maybe also trying to watch an episode without subs and then with subs to see what you understood.
I watch a lot of anime and have been listening to basically only Japanese music for the last 6 years or so (been a weeb for a while) and listening/talking are my forte. Then again it might be different for you. But I'd recommend watching anime/drama or learning songs.

But in general it's a bit weird to doubt that, getting immersed in material in the language you're learning is a common recommendation no matter the language.

No. 182844

>In my opinion in Japanese practicing is the most important thing, but it might be different for you.
I agree, I used to do translations for random stuff like you and it did help for other languages. I don't know why I feel intimidated by Japanese specifically, but I guess I'm not helping myself by shirking away from it.

>Also a big issue with Japanese classes is that they're often taught by Japanese teachers using Japanese methods

That was one of the biggest complaints I've heard from people who took this class. We have a 'flipped' system where we learn grammar at home and then do exercises in class. The teachers essentially tell us to do an exercise and stand around watching us do it. I've learnt more from talking to classmates than from teachers so far.

>But in general it's a bit weird to doubt that, getting immersed in material in the language you're learning is a common recommendation no matter the language.

It is weird, I don't know why I thought that. Thanks for all the advice and reading my complaints anon, you guys have really motivated me to work harder on my moon runes. Now I'll have something better to do than flashcards on my commute.

No. 182872

I'm in uni and it's close to spring break and I fucking hate taking tests this close to spring break. The professor told the class the test would be unlocked and available to take in proctored computer labs on campus by today and there's nothing. A lot of the students have contacted the professor that the test isn't unlocked and we haven't gotten a single reply. Everyone on campus has to leave since the uni basically sends everyone home for school breaks.

I have to leave by 6pm tomorrow and everything closes early, including testing labs because of spring break. I'm running around my dorm packing and working on assignments for other classes while stressing over this test. The assignments for the other classes aren't a big hassle but the testing is really bothering me since I can't park my ass on campus after tomorrow when everything is closed. I fucking hate it when professors wait to assign tests at the last minute cause things like this happen every time.

If I can't take the test tomorrow I'm just gonna say fuck it cause I've tried contacting the professor and so have classmates.

No. 182875

nah dude. picking up a language is hard and it comes way easier to some than others. you can still be a smart person with average or below average linguistic intelligence. it is way harder for adults to learn languages anyway. if someone in your class already grew up speaking another language it will be easier for them. don't compare. just study hard.

No. 182885

It's really not. If you had the same environment as a child learning a language you'd basically learn the same way. Adults are either smart about learning a language and get quicker results than children or they're not as smart, don't want to speak because they're ashamed or whatever, fall back on their other languages and will be slow as fuck.

If you're fine with the contents of the course there's no need to take an easier one.
If you can, watch variety shows. They usually have most stuff subtitled in Japanese.

No. 182890

that isn't true, it's scientifically proven that children exposed to a second language at a young enough age absorb it faster. it is much harder for an adult to learn a second language without any exposure. of course it isn't true for every single person tho

No. 182902

File: 1488509501791.png (899.16 KB, 846x630, foca.png)

after two months going steady and weighing 20lbs less than in dec, i binged ike a pig today. i feel like shit even though i know i will eat properly tomorrow. fuck. i always do that when im on my period, its like i cant control myself.

No. 182919

Make sure you and any classmates have evidence of contacting the professor with no response e.g. phone records, dated emails, right up until office closure hours. Just in case.

Stop feeling sad about it and own that shit, do a bunch of exercise as a penalty(light exercise actually helps with periods anyway) to balance out some of the binge and get right back to eating healthily asap. Don't waste your time crying over being human, two months is a great achievement, now start again and see if you can beat it.

No. 182923

It's my bfs birthday in a month and I have no idea what to get him. Well, I do, but it's expensive.

I thought about buying him new headphones, but it would cost me 510kn, which is a big chunk of my paycheck and I'm anxious af about spending so much money on something he might not like- He linked them to me a while ago but every time I buy him something he says he want he's not exactly impressed or happy about it. Not to mention he makes twice the money I do and already "has everything" which makes it difficult to find something for him. And all of the stuff he would like is extremely expensive… I can't exactly give 1.5k for a gaming mouse he might not end up using or for car parts…

Not to mention I have to save up 7k by July and other shit. Ughhh

No. 182928

Why not ask him what he wants? Not everybody like surprises. I would honestly prefer to go without a gift than end up with something I don't use because it's not exactly what I need (being picky as hell).

No. 182929

I did. But he said it's kind of dumb to ask. Will probably do it again because idk.

Yea, he's like that too. But I really hate seeing him be disappointed or sad because he does expect a gift…it's a bit complicated.

No. 182930

Well,I'm sorry but he's kind of an ass then. How are you supposed to guess what he wants if he doesn't tell you? You don't get to be disappointed that your gf is not a mind teller..
Anyway, maybe then opt for an experience instead of an object? A restaurant? Two tickets to a movie he wants to see?

No. 182935

Not gonna debate that because he sure can be…and childish sometimes.

I wish, but he works 12 hour shifts mostly so I can't really plan ahead :/ But thank you for the suggestions, I'll figure something out (:

No. 182937

Pretty long for a full story so will green text the gist of it

>been is guy X on and off since senior year HS

>although he is wonder he has a habit of just breaking up when we have big fights

>I usually come crawling back

>for once I don't and start trying to meet other people but still in contact with him

>X lets me know he regrets breaking up this time (since I didn't come crawling back obvi)

>I'm sick of my dumbass thinking he's the one and tells him I'm going to see what's out there now that I'm free, and he should focus on getting a college degree/job

>finds a cute boy and he actually likes me

>Its obvious I'm the "wtf does he see in her" kind of girl when he talks about me to his friends.

>he likes me anyway and that makes me feel good

>We will call him T

> Goes out with T for about a year but between him quoting college and not doing much with his life and his depression I don't think I'm good enough support for him

>we take a break because I just feel as if I'm giving more that I'm receiving at this point

> X and talk again intimately

>Somehow gets roped into a relationship with him because he assumed I was crawling back and I just went along with it because of how happy he was

>T visits and he's even more wonderful in person

>we do the do

>feels like trash because now I'm completely confused

>comes clean to X, he's way more understanding than I deserve

>none of this would of happened if I had just been clear about my emotions

I don't deserve either of them at this point, I honestly just want to be by myself for a while. But they both are fragile mentally and I just want them both to be happy. I honestly wish T just found someone that's attractive enough to be with him and X to find someone better. I wouldn't be so sad if I was alone if they were happy.

No. 182946

Imho x is way "understanding" because he doesn't actually value your relationship , and if t is still anything like he was when you left him, then he's not worth dating either.
Neither of them sound like dreamboats, stop putting men on pedestals and actually just love yourself girl. You don't have to date every sad broken loser you meet out of duty, you aren't their mother.

No. 182950

I just went and tried for the test again and still nothing. It sucks cause I leave today just like everyone else has to. We all have our emails to the professor saved and even emails we've sent to each other about the test not working(we sent them to ask who all is having trouble). I can't stay on campus much longer so the test will just have to be taken after break.

No. 182952

Thank you, anon. You're right. I'm not feeling sorry for myself anymore today and already started eating properly and exercising again

No. 182970

File: 1488581340458.jpg (18.81 KB, 201x250, IMG_8425.JPG)

I think a guy who's older than my dad likes me. It feels so awkward. Fuuuuuuuck.
I just started working at this place 2 weeks ago, and he's been talking to me a little bit everyday. Yesterday he said "so do you take your boyfriend out a lot?" and I said no, I don't have one. Today he asked me if I wanted to go flea market hunting with him this weekend since I mentioned earlier that I did that sometimes. I felt too bad to say no. Arhhhggg why?! It feels even more awkward because most people think I'm about 16 when they first meet me. He has to be older than 45.

No. 182971

Is there a reason why we don't have a fat/ugly man hate thread, and if I made one would there be any interest? I know we have things like fat hate general, but lets be really 99% of the time it's about other women, and I really want a place to bitch about what a fat ugly piece of shit Johntron is and lament the fact that men like the walking abomination that is Steve Buscemi have viable careers in Hollywood.

No. 182972

Anon, for me, can you milk that shit and have him be your sugar daddy?

Sincerely, ugly anon with no chance.

No. 182973

File: 1488587699236.gif (4.74 MB, 320x180, IMG_8426.GIF)

Jontron is a thicc cutie. I don't know what you're on.

No. 182974

If I could, I would gladly trade places with you. I told my mom about it and she flipped out. Anon, I hope you'll find that special older man to financially exploit someday soon.

No. 182975


The only thing more disgusting than his obesity and pubic neckbeard is the pathetic thirst of sad women like you.

No. 182980

How dare you offend Steve?

No. 182986

I despise how emotional I am. I was never like this before I had my son, now my hormones are really fucking me over and I feel EVERYTHING, even to empathising with goddamn cartoon characters. I cannot listen to or sing along with certain Disney songs without crying and getting overwhelmed. (Colors of the Wind, How Far I'll Go, You'll Be In My Heart and Let It Go.) It just seems abnormal. Maybe I need counseling.

No. 182987

I live in my grandma's house in a nice neighborhood. However, she is gone much of the year, so I thought I could rent out her room on AirBNB while she was gone. I think I could find $600/mo for a roommate, but that option isn't available because she often comes back. I felt like I would be wasting money if I didn't rent the room out.

However, the process is driving me up a wall. I didn't realize I had to do so much cleaning!!!! I can barely clean up after myself, lol.

I thought I would get college aged kids who were chill and wanted a place to crash while they were roadtripping or such.

Now Air BNB is planning on shutting my listing down because of some subpar reviews. This is really frustrating because I just bought a ton of shit to improve the house, and now I feel like I wasted a bunch of money.

The two people with the most complaints were people who were staying here overnight and then left in the morning. Despite that they still complained about stuff like dirty dishes.

Also the solutions seem contradictory. Some people think that raising the price will weed out shitty guests, while others think that lowering the price makes people think they are getting a good deal. I feel like the price I've been charging is fine. It's about the same to stay in a shitty motel in a crappy part of town.

Idk, is there not a better way to rent out my room? Haha. I just wish I could find more chill people.

No. 182988

Maybe don't rent out your grandmothers property just because you're staying there and thought you could get some extra cash?
Especially if you're not prepared, or even able to keep a room clean let alone an entire house.

Honestly though you're a total shitbag for renting out your own grandmothers bedroom. Hope she kicks you out tbh.

No. 182989

Wow, aren't you a judgmental bitch? My parents bought the house for my grandma so she could have somewhere private to stay when she is here. The other 90% of the time, it's empty, so I thought I could help me and my parents out by taking care of the renting. Apparently that makes me a "shitbag" lmao

I think things are tidy but not spotless. Some people are chill with that, some aren't. I thought I could attract more people like me who like to travel casually but don't care for luxury options.

My solution is to investigate my renters more and try to weed out the non-chill ones first

No. 182991

i am legitimately the fattest person in my inpatient clinic and my bmi is ~13.5
there are girls here with more rights than they say you can have at bmi 15 and theyre still skinnier than me
i hate this i want to go home and i dont even feel like i deserve to struggle

No. 182994

>My parents bought the house for my grandma so she could have somewhere private to stay when she is here.
Not that anon, but because your parents own the house, this gives you the right to march around like you own the place? They bought the home for your grandmother, not you. They're giving you the privilege of staying there. Is this something your parents even wanted, or are you just putting words in their mouth? You are a spoilt child with no business being a landlord when you can barely take care of yourself, as per your own words.

No. 182995

File: 1488636846195.jpg (97.95 KB, 460x700, 1010bbd747ba204a5f1e3b3c2bebea…)

>My DADDY bought this house, you'd better watch out!

Lmao fuck off kid.

No. 182996

Uhhh yeah, why are you jumping to conclusions? They live down the road. I'm trying to rent this out to help make them earn some extra money and to compensate for the fact I'm staying on their property for free. Somehow everyone got the idea I'm renting it out behind people's backs. No, the renting payout goes straight to my parents' bank account.


Wow what a bad asset XD

No. 182997

Using the property your parents are letting you stay at to pay them back, my sides. No wonder why you can't clean up after yourself. Coddled af. There are these concepts called a 'job' and 'independence', it would benefit you to look into them.

No. 182998

Holy shit you sound like a fucking awful person. Grow the fuck up, or go complain in some place filled with spoiled brats like yourself instead.

No. 182999


Yeah, I actually do have a job, and I have been paying my parents back from it. And you are so trendy 'af"

Wow, you're a hard knock thug, you sure showed me. I thought this was the vent thread in general, not the vent thread only for the most tragic thug princesses like you. I never complained my life was difficult, I just wanted to vent about cleaning since I was feeling stressed out about it. Idk where the chip in your shoulder came from. But if you're good at keeping a spotless house then you should consider renting out on Air BNB anyways.

No. 183000

Yeah, a lot of old guys do that. I wonder what are they thinking? Especially if the girl is pretty while they look like an old sock… A lot of self esteem I assume. Tell the creep to f off

No. 183001

File: 1488642707534.gif (2.3 MB, 400x265, ZGWIRTQ.gif)

I've been dating this guy for a few weeks, and it was going great and we were getting along really well. We had sex for the first time on Wednesday, and he woke up the next morning with a UTI. He just broke up with me because he was 'shocked that he caught an STD' even though I told him countless times that you can't 'catch' a UTI. And he was worried that since he got it the first time, that there would be 'too many problems' in the future.

Fuck my fucking life.

No. 183002

I think you doged a bullet there, he sounds like an ass

No. 183003

Yeah, sounds like an idiot. Plus, he probably had that uti a few days before you had sex. Takes longer than for girl. You sure he wasn't looking for an excuse to dump you with the extra of making you feeling guilty for it?

No. 183004

I doubt it because he's making a big deal about how it's NEVER happened to him before, and how he would think about me going off and having a whole bunch of sex with other guys. He literally thinks a UTI is an STD because his doctor told him (we aren't in North America, so the standard for medicine here isn't exactly the highest). He's been overreacting about it every since he go symptoms the next morning.

He still wants to be friends, so there would be no motivation to make me feel guilty for it. I honestly think he's just being brash and stupid.

No. 183005

so he called you a std-ridden whore, but still wants to be your friend? have self-respect and choose the right decision anon

No. 183006

Yeah, that's fishy as fuck. I'm still thinking it's a way to fuck you when he wants. You don't stay friends with people you're mad at because they gave you an std. I'm betting good money he's going to come back soon and tell you how he forgives you about it and that you should make it up to him (watch out for him 'revealing' to his friends you're a 'slut')
You really should cut contact with that guy,doesn't sound like a safe situation to me.

No. 183007

Call me a virgin but can people get UTIs from sex?? And fuck, anon. How did you manage to have sex if you currently have a UTI? god knows it's one of the most painful things I've ever experienced, no idea how anyone could manage to have sex like that

No. 183008


You can get UTIs from sex, but they're not really considered an STD, since you can get them from stuff like wiping back to front (getting ass germs into your cooter), holding your pee, having a catheter…

Sex is just one of multiple potential causes. They're much more common for women, though, much rarer in younger men. (Generally, men under 40 don't get them.) I would say that you could call it an STI (sexually-transmitted infection, as opposed to disease) in this case. This doesn't mean that anon's slutting it up, it just means that bacteria was transferred from her to him. (If that was even the case.)

Also, anon didn't say that she had a UTI, just that the guy did.

Anyway, my take on it is that this guy sounds pretty stupid and kinda scummy. Don't give in, anon!!

No. 183009

My boyfriend used my laptop and didn't log out his facebook account and I feel like an absolute bitch because I have read the messages between him and his best friend. It was all colloquial shit until his friend said my boyfriend should be careful with me since he doesn't want to see him depressed because of me again. I've been depressed for years and years but when I'm around my boyfriend I act out of it and in a way it's therapeutic since I feel like I have a personality outside depression but sometimes I just snap or become avoidant and I don't want him to be depressed because of me, I don't want to hurt him.

No. 183012

The dude I'm living and have discussed marriage extensively with is, despite being a wonderful person who I trust and am comfortable around 100%, kind of unrelatable in that he doesn't share my weird tastes and humor and morbid curiosity etc. I've dated and fucked people before who were all "hey check out my terabyte of bathtubs-full-of-eels-and-roaches porn! check out this video anatomy atlas with preserved corpses!" and those interests drew me to them, but those relationships always ended up fucked. Still feel like I'm lacking that element now even if I'm much happier on the whole, and have doubt bouts about it. BF humors my gross shit but isn't that kind of person. He's normal af and not really the sharpest bulb in the bucket either. Do I just get over it or how do I approach him about this worry?

No. 183015

>I think a guy who's older than my dad likes me.

All men "like" you, i.e. all men want to fuck you. You just have pathetically low self-awareness and don't realize it. You believe that grown men have women they "like" in the same way that teenage girls have crushes on guys, the reality is that guy would have sex with any girl, you're nothing special.

This is not something specific to him, this is not because he's older, all men are like this.

He's just older and realizes that attempting to seduce you is the best choice, because the best case scenario is he gets to have sex, and the worst case scenario is that he gets rejected (who gives a shit). That is his mind set, younger guys tend to not think like this because they're afraid of rejection.


If she told you he was an attractive rich older man he wouldn't be a "creep".

No. 183016

Sexual attraction =/= romantic attraction. Pretty sure they were referring to the latter.

You sound like a rustled old slimeball

No. 183017

>Sexual attraction =/= romantic attraction. Pretty sure they were referring to the latter.

"Romantic attraction" doesn't exist for men, that guy is not chasing after her for "romance".

Men don't compete against other men so they can get "romance" from women. Pretty much everything you have to offer besides sex is a negative to men, they just put up with it because they want sex.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 183018

Does the puffiness and bloat from increasing cals to maintenance ever go away? ;_; doesn't help that i'm getting my period soon but my self esteem has taken a huge hit these past few days, I just want to be normal.

No. 183021

Are you ok

No. 183023

It can be common to get a UTI when you have sex with a new partner. It is a bit more common for girls to get them because the bacteria balance is more delicate for women, but consider it: normally you have a certain balance of bacteria in your nether regions that keep everything in check. When you have sex, you are introducing an entire new range of bacteria to that area. That throws off the balance and can make a UTI happen.

It is absolutely not contagious or related to getting an STD and it can happen even between the cleanest new couple. Same thing can happen with oral for the first time as well. Often people do adjust to the new person after the first UTI though and of course they can always be caused from stress, bad diet, bad hygiene, etc. Peeing as soon as you can after sex usually prevents them.

No. 183025

How much salt are you eating?

No. 183027

That's not true and I honestly feel bad for you if you believe that

No. 183028

I try to keep it to a minimum and just use it to season my veggies/eat low sodium foods. I do eat a LOT of carbs though.

No. 183030

The number of emotionally needy, low sex drive-having dudes I know contradicts this.

No. 183035

Touched a nerve princess?
I'd be pissed if I paid to stay somewhere and there were dirty dishes lying around too. Lazy as fuck. Cleaning isn't hard, you're just spoiled and selfish. What you're venting about isn't a real problem, other than your shitty disposition and attitude. Go apologise to your mother or disinfect your doorknobs you tit.

No. 183046

>If she told you he was an attractive rich older man he wouldn't be a "creep"
Get out of here robot

No. 183065

Yeah you have to do a lot of cleaning for AirBnB guests. I've searched for listings when I visit the coast and the landlord owners have really strict rules and clean the place like an actual hotel ie. no dishes, clean floors, no clutters, sheets have been laundered after each guest etc.

The guests are paying you good money for a property you don't even own or pay bills for. So the least you can do is play maid and make sure there's no dirty dishes in the sink.
It's not Couchsurfing.

No. 183071

It's the same anon again. I'm a bit surprised my story seemed to cause this many people to argue.
I didn't end up going with him, my mom told me to make up some excuse for that day. Today I texted him, apologized, and asked him if he was interested in me since I was getting the feeling. He said no, he was just impressed that we had something in common. He has a daughter my age and would be mad if someone twice her age was trying to pursue her.
I can't really trust it thought. Am I misjudging it? He was the one who wanted to talk to me, went out of his way to ask if I had a boyfriend after talking to me for only 12 days, hardly knows anything about me, asked for my number, knows full well he's twice my age and all we have in common is flea market hunting. He'd be mad if someone his age wanted to date his daughter, but it makes no sense that he'd be ok with asking a girl her age to go out shopping alone with him? I'm just all very taken aback by the whole thing and very frustrated. He seems like a very popular guy at work, everyone is joking around with him a lot, and I feel bad that I can't trust it.

No. 183078

Ugh I'm dealing with a situation that I know will mostly get better after time.
I developed a brief relationship (it didn't even become a real friendship lol) with a guy with the emotional maturity of a teen. One week after we met he refused to give me space after he dumped his emotional issues on me. Tbh I have my own issues and didn't want the responsibility of managing his. Codependency is not cool.

I wished that I never met him or at least interpreted his yellow flags as red immediately. He sent me a novel of a text message ending with the creepiest line: "it was only a week but it was really wonderful."

No. 183081

I'm so sick of this person my boyfriend knows. She constantly inserts herself into things that are intended to be for us as a couple, and will make almost anything about her even if it's totally unrelated. Sometimes it seems like she's jealous of me for taking up his time or something, but I don't think about that too much because it seems too self-centered to think that lol. My boyfriend doesn't really like her, either–he only tolerates her because they're working on something together and doesn't cut her off to keep the peace because she's such a drama queen and would make herself look like the victim. I've seen her emotionally manipulate him countless times, especially when he tries to stand his ground with her. I can't believe someone as self-centered as her exists. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the bad guy here, I've tried to talk to her and be nice to her but she blatantly ignores me. I want so badly to be nice to her, but she makes it so hard and I have no idea how to deal with her.

No. 183086

You are absolutely not the bad guy here anon. The only way you can get rid of that bitch is by putting your foot down once and for all, and be prepared for whatever drama she kicks up. If she's this irritating to you both, I'm sure everyone else secretly hates her as well but won't say anything for the same reason. There's no point trying to reason or be nice to that type of person, because then she thinks she can step all over you.

No. 183092

Just tell him you don't think hanging outside of work is appropriate. If he presses it, mention the age gap and/or spending time with coworkers outside of work makes you uncomfortable, end of story.

No. 183097

I know it's petty as fuck, but it pisses me off so much when popular bloggers copy or literally steal from smaller ones and then take the credit for it. Like bitch, no, that's not your quote or art, you literally copy pasted it or reposted it from someone without credit/claimed it as your own.

It's not a big enough issues to call them out but it still pisses me off.

No. 183105

It's not that weird things like pregnancy genuinely alter your brain chemistry, sometimes forever. Very frustrating but you're not alone with it, I cry at any commercial featuring a family.

What do you both want out of a marriage? If you're both in it for a comfy life together then that's perfect, but if you alone will always want kink then you can't just hope to will it away even if you do love him. Also, if you are 100% comfortable with him you should be able to talk to him about this. Even if he is never going to partake in your fetishes, you need to be able to talk about how you feel about that with him. Better to talk about it now than let resentment grow in the years of silence.

No. 183135

File: 1488828843896.gif (1.63 MB, 500x448, tumblr_nqkaes3RQJ1sg1ksjo2_r1_…)

I had a falling out with a guy friend who i was very close to. Close for years, non-sexual simply platonic relationship.
TDLR on why we fell out: he treat me like shit and used my kindness for his own personal gain - for years. He told me to not speak to him and thats what i've been doing.

Well, we live in the same uni Accomodation, same flat. The way you get to your room is layed out that you have to walk in and out the office also. Well he sits in the office all day everyday - doesn't go to uni (also on the same course). Since we fell out i've been getting the feeling the office workers and random people are just ignoring or talking behind my back etc. I just blamed this on my anxiety and tried to look past it.
Well these past few days have proved it true. I walked past him while he was with some girl in the office and whispered "thats her" she turned around glared at me - no idea who she is.
The girl who works at the office is around the same age as me (20ish) and she point blank refused to speak to me, normally if you walk past the office you get a "Oh hiya!" well not anymore since he's be saying bad stuff about me, she looks at me and looks away, my boyfriend caught her whispering something to ex-friend after i'd walked past and her nodding her head towards me. Other than the office people, no one really knows me here, i stay in my room and study 90% of the time. But I get so many dirty and horrible looks from people because of him.
Thing is, he can't even muster the courage to look in my direction and yet he's actively trying to make my life here hell. Even after the falling out, i told our group of friends to just act like everything's normal and don't leave him out of stuff since they were considering ditching him.. I wish i didn't stick up for him now.

My anxiety about the whole thing is through the roof, i can't go in my kitchen because he's always inviting people over. Last time i went in I had a random girl in MY fucking kitchen staring my down as if i just hit her or something. I have people I don't know always in and out of my flat all day and it drives me insane. I just want to study and get good grades, why does he have to try to ruin this while trying to seem like the good amazing friendly guy when he's the total opposite.

No. 183136

jerk theory: he's cheating on you with her and is playing up this 'no i really hate her, babe' charade to keep you off his trail. lbr, why would he keep hanging out with someone he hates?

No. 183151

Ask one of the people such as the office worker what he has been saying about you. Or ask him what he has been telling people. The guy is a jerk though. Sorry about that.

No. 183157


Srsly sounds just like my ex. He's a 30 y/o with the mindset of a teen, chasing for pretty girls to obsess over them for short periods of time and shoving all his problems on them, showing them the tattoo of a girl wearing a red dress with two skull cats around her, and telling them lots of sob stories. Not a bad person but kinda clingy and with loads of emotional unsolved issues. Wish he could just find some peace, if he could ever cope with his problems he'd be such a catch. I felt like shit for a long time because I couldn't stand his angsty attitude, I was through rough times as well and we couldn't make it as a couple at the end.

No. 183158


If this is a girl I'm sorry haha

No. 183161

Hey anon I totally understand about needing to express your kink, and you are probably normal, and although there are probably people out there that are also normal and like that shit, the majority of people into sick shit are sick themselves. In my opinion I'd find another outlet for it while keeping your relationship. Especially if you want kids, trust me, a normie guy will mean you can sleep at night.

No. 183177

I start my first job ever on Wednesday & I am so scared. It's your typical retail job & I have the social skills of a wet towel. I know what to expect, but at the same time I don't. Everyone always tells me I look 14 & I'm kinda afraid if someone will ask if I'm a kid… I feel so nervous aaa

No. 183179


good luck!!!

just think, some anon (probably more than one) out there is rooting for you! you can do this!!

No. 183181

i have a bunch of things on my mind but they all need context and i'm just too bummed and anxious to explain right now :(. so i'll leave a simple little vent;

always a bit sad if someone you kinda admired/thought mutually liked unfollows you. i know it doesn't mean much but i can't help but feel sad about it :(

No. 183190

I don't want to unfollow some of my mutuals on tumblr bc of this, I don't wanna make them sad.

No. 183191

I'm probs gonna take the next two terms of college off bc I'm suicidal, constantly stressing about minor stuff, and can't focus on anything or retain information. I'm torn between feeling overwhelmingly relieved and feeling super super guilty that I won't graduate on time (even though I know it's really not a big deal not to graduate on time especially these days).

No. 183193

You can't graduate if you kill yourself. Take the time off and try to remember that it's not wasting time. It's utilising it in the most useful way. It's not lazy it's smart.

No. 183198

Take all the time you need anon, your health is the number one priority. There was a 90 y/o who just recently got her doctorate on the news, it's never too late to graduate. All the best to you.

No. 183203

File: 1488886128481.jpg (160.81 KB, 1024x691, 1479408063670.jpg)

I wish I had a boyfriend or girlfriend. I've been alone for almost a year and working on myself. I don't take psych meds anymore and my depression is a lot better, finally, after a decade in hell. I don't feel as suicidal as before. I'm about to finish uni soon so the future seems bright despite the fact I'm basically penniless. I've gotten skinnier, I look healthier… So… Why am I complaining about boy/girlfriends? God, I just feel so alone. I want someone to cuddle with me, kiss me, and make plans for the future with me. My closest friend has become an ass after getting with a neet, always justifying herself and excusing her behavior because of the things he does, so I feel extra lonely. I took a shot at a new relationship after my last proper relationship ended, but it didn't work because the girl I liked was in love with a much older man who treated her like shit. Then I met this guy from Australia and we tried a LDR for a few months until his grandmother died and his life went down the toilet and we decided we should just remain friends. That was fine by me, especially because when his life went downhill, I noticed I felt bad for him, but not as bad I'd feel if I truly loved him, so… Meh.

Oh god, I'm such a mess today I can't even express myself properly… Fuck.

>Things are finally not complete shit

>But I'm lonely
>Being my own person has become terribly hard and empty
>Someone love me

No. 183206

I don't like my life, even though I should.

I just got a new job with great pay and great mobility, and closed on a new apartment.

And I still feel like shit.

Things that made me feel happy before don't work. I spent all day yesterday in bed. I feel like I'm completely broken and fucked up to the point that I'll never be happy. I hate my body, I hate my personality, I hate nearly everything about myself.

I feel like no one really wants me, as a friend, as a partner, as a person. Even though I have friends, I know they're going to leave me.

No. 183208

I don't know how to make fucking friends so I talk to my ex and I make myself sad. Most of the time, he just answer direct question.
I suck, I wish I could just die.

No. 183210

>two weeks ago
>in Spain
>at bar with fellow expats
>friendly conversation with Australian guy
>yeah he's bretty cute
>at some point notice all others in our group have left
>decide to share a final beer together and head back ourselves
>buy beers
>start dancing awkwardly together
>brushes his hand now and then against my waist
>omg does he like me
>put my free hand on his waist, shoulders
>"sorry, am I touching you too much maybe?"
>"no, not at all"
>continue awkward dancing
>some awkward conversation too
>after a while of this suddenly he leans forward
>whaaat he wants to kiss me?!
>kisses me
>make out in bar in front of numerous other patrons
>later head back to hostel
>kisses before going inside
>forgot to mention he's working there
>walk past reception
>they're judging us
>he grabs extra blankets and takes me up to the roof
>more making out
>awkward fumbly affectionate rooftop sex
>lots of kissing
>he cums
>after sex cuddles
>we're holding hands
>15 mins afterglow
>but I have to leave to catch my flight
>he takes my details
>shower, pack my shit, head down to reception to check out
>reception KNOWS
>I can tell by their faces
>oh god it's humiliating
>but I'm so happy
>he made me an omelette
>check out complete
>walks me outside, kisses me goodbye
>still thinking about him

Sigh. So now…

>we're fb friends

>message each other occasionally
>DESPERATELY want that D again
>wat do

We're in different countries right now, but I have a two week break coming up in April. I want to tell him I'd like to meet up, because I totally could, but I don't want to be that crazy person who doesn't know how to one night stand (which is true, it was actually my first one)…

No. 183211

Sounds like you had a sweet little fling anon. If I were you I'd keep the approach as such. Don't make it out to seem like you want to get married and have his cute Aussie babies. Just remark how you might be in town and it'd be fun to hook up again. I'll also say this, I don't want to stomp all over your nice feelings but if he works at a hotel and the other employees are giving you the look chances are he does this all the time. So just accept it as a fun fling, maybe something more can come of it and maybe not.

No. 183217

Don't worry, haha, the same exact thought crossed my mind regarding the look @ reception, and I hold no illusions about having any cute Aussie babies…

So, hm, should I just go for it? You don't think it comes off as clingy or desperate to msg him about meeting up again somehow? I guess the worst he could say is no thanks. Tho it would devastate me a tiny bit, lmao.

No. 183218

I am livid. My former employer is spreading rumors that he had to fire me because of bad behaviour, when I actually quit. I can't belive it after I worked so hard there and put up with so much bullshit. And it was my only work experience so I am even more fucked when trying to get a new job.

No. 183219

Yeah I think you should. If you had fun and he had fun there's no reason why you can't have some more fun. Definitely emphasize that it's just for fun/hook-up though.

No. 183222

>I'm fucking tired of being labeled as drama or crazy because I don't put up with fuckboys antics

I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm tired of these early twenties guys who think so highly of themselves and band together to label girls as crazy psychos. They do stuff like call girl at odd hours of the night, say cheesy corny stuff to get laid, dump their emotional bagage all over the place but if you dare send 2 texts in a row or get angry because they randomly blew you off it's all "Omg chillll … why are you dramatic, I didn't know you were such an angry psycho"

I'm tired of playing the cool gf who's conviently only there for sex. I'm gonna start acting high maintenance to at least get great dinners out of it.

No. 183223

Why are you even humouring people like that in the first place? It's not like they're not obvious to spot.

No. 183227

:') Thank you anons.

No. 183228

Does anyone else have family issues regarding an immature narc older sibling being treated as your responsibility? I have an older sister like this and the way I am expected to put up with her crazy shit is driving me up the wall. She was calling me a nazi snitch over something mundane a couple weeks ago, now she's acting like everything is great and nothing happened - yet I am apparently a jerk for thinking that is fucking crazy? Why am I always expected to be the bigger person? I'm trying to be firm about not taking her shit anymore but it's hard when I get guilted for not kissing her ass. Meanwhile none of the weird/violent/obsessive shit she's done to me seems to matter or be remembered. Feels bad man.

No. 183230

I've tried and she just brushes me off other than the girl in the office I dont know the people that seem to dislike me so i'm not 100% about going up to them randomly

No. 183232

This is going to be poorly written so I'm sorry in advance.

I hate how much I pick apart the faults of others. I rarely talk to my friends anymore and little things about them bother me a lot. The problem is obviously me because I have done this with my friends throughout the ages. I was a doormat a lot in the beginning because I was so unlikable otherwise, but once I stopped those friends left. Makes sense, since I am no longer a doormat. However some friends I have had for 3-6-10 years… I am having a hard time interacting with now? A lot of them just feel really inconsiderate even though that is probably just me because they have lots of friends. Also nearly everyone I know basically vomits all their woe is me shit on facebook (different friend groups too) but even if they call me to talk, I can't handle the melodramatics anymore. It's never anything serious, just their feelings about something trivial that I don't have the emotional energy to work on since I spend all my energy hating myself. I have a few friendships with adults who actually act like adults but I see them maybe once a month and feel pretty lonely most of the time. But with everyone else I'M expected to be the one to contact them otherwise I never hear from them, or they just complain about their lives and never ask me how I am, or they are just wrapped up in the stupidest petty shit about some ex friend from years ago and yell at me about it and I just can't OR they just brag about all these AMAZING things going for them while I am sitting here with shit and they know it. I physically can't stand it anymore and I have basically pulled away from everyone except a few casual/adult friendships and I am so fucking lonely.

If any little thing happens that affects me negatively because of a friend's behavior, I basically just dwell on it or if it is bad enough (like they stand me up a few times), I stop talking to them. It's a stupid move since these days everything is about who you know but I can't work like that. I see other people I look up to who seem to just have great, caring friendships but I know not everything can be judged by what's on the internet but they seem to actually love each other and be considerate of one another? I just feel like most of the time no one gives a shit about me, even though I know the problem IS me. And I just make it worse by disappearing. I am so shit at friendships and tired of loving people who say I am a good/close/important/best friend but then throw me aside so easily. I must really be the worst.

Fuck fuck fuck.

No. 183235

File: 1488922173538.png (228.33 KB, 368x482, 1484244389604.png)

My small group of friends decided to go to a restaurant 4 weeks ago because we had a week long break before going back to college. One of them couldnt come and another wants to invite her friends that nobody knows and cares about, we're all back to college and really busy and they're still planning to go to the restaurant and somewhere else too somehow. I really dont want to go anymore because now that I'm not on holidays anymore I'm really busy with a bunch of assignments. I'm pissed at them, I might not go and save some money and time this way. I know it's a dumb thing to complain about but it was something I was really looking forward to at the time because I was depressed and still am.

Also, I guess it should go to the college thread but whatever: I'm suck of college. I feel like it!s a waste of time because I'd rather try to earn money and professional exoerience instead and teach myself foreign languages at my own pace. The administration is bullshit, the teachers are annoying as fuck or incompetent and Im surrounded by rich spoiled brats at worst or just unrelatable students in general. I'm scared for the future because of all of this. I wish I could just work to earn enough money to live by myself and spend my free time on video games and other hobbies.

No. 183236

*sick of college

No. 183239

True, I know I was naive. Some of them are very manipulative though and I fell for it hard, because I live in dreamland where everyone is considerate of eachother.

I won't go into much details but I work in the night/party industry and it's obviously filled with these types of guys. I wish I had a more regular work schedule to meet balanced people :/

No. 183246

>late to a tutorial, couldn't sit with the sort of friend I made
>no big deal
>we start doing exercises
>tutor wants us to do them in pairs/groups
>ask if I can join the boys next to me
>mfw they completely ignore me, don't even try to include me
>whatever, I'm used to it, I'll do it myself
>don't bother moving next to them the next time
>tutor asks the boys for me if I can join them
>I go about my own business knowing they'll ignore me again
>mfw I hear them talking/snickering about me whilst I'm sitting right next to them
A nice reminder to me that university doesn't teach maturity.

No. 183249

I get kinda disgusted when my roommate brings a guy to the house, fucks him, then tries to hang out with me afterwards. As someone who loves looking at porn, I feel like a weird type of prude

No. 183283

Uni is worse than highschool for me.
People have babbys first day trip away from Mum and go ape shit.
I live in an Accommodation, for some reason i'm the only girl and english speaker in my flat not sure how it's fair.
I walked into the kitchen this morning to a pan left on the hob with it turned on and half eaten egg fried rice just left everywhere.
Uni is forcing me to hate chinese students.

No. 183285

I'm an asshole to people that I find gross. When I have enough time to think it through I can stop myself, but when it comes to snap decisions I always find myself saying 'no' to any request from older smelly guys at work even though I would have done it for a nice lady. Really petty stuff like people asking if they can put something behind my desk or whatever. I don't think race plays in to it at least, it just seems to be about whether I find the person pleasing/attractive to the eye and sometimes if they speak clear polite English. I'm a bit of a sjw so I hate myself for this so much.

You should start putting in complaints to whoever is in charge now. A history of well evidenced complaints against the mess your flatmates make will help if at the end of the year you get hit with a bill for cleaning/damage. My flatmates fucked up the communal area by never cleaning and the bill was huge, but I managed to get the charge waived for myself with this same method.

No. 183307

My current boss is a sociopath and is trying to set my coworkers and I up for failure(he's trying to have us fired or quit voluntarily).

He's known for gaslighting, sexual harassment, manipulation, as well as emotionally and psychologically abusing his victims-I mean, workstudy students/employees.

I fear I've become his next punching bag and is trying to make a case of insanity/mental incompetence towards me. Just this past Monday, he was ringing a bell on my direction, out of annoyance I've tried to find the source of the noise (I kinda knew he was doing it but wanted to find the specific location) but ended up slipping and falling and made look like an idiot and everyone (boss and coworker) pretended I was the only one hearing things (of course, my cw knew this). I fear this wasn't the only incident and cannot remember one previous to this.

Previously he used to threaten me (he still does, more subtly now) with terminating my job and shit and would constantly harass me for not being a "perfect employee" out of nowhere. Granted, this is my first office job as I previously worked in retail and it's only been a couple of months since I started.

There may be a lawsuit and court hearing coming from all four of use (my cw who I work with every other day has a lot of evidence as she was his first victim), I just don't know when and how to prepare myself and I don't really want to testify when that time comes to pass but I know I have to 'cause it's either that or being declared to mental to hold a job.

No. 183312

I'm sorry anon, if anyone sounds too incompetent to work it is him. How can anything get done with that fucker around? Good for following through with a lawsuit, very brave anon.

No. 183313

My boyfriend was in a abusive relationship for years (verbally, physically, etc) and as a result gets very sad and angry with me when I lose my temper with him.
My personality is I don't like people to hover when I'm not feeling good. I don't like to open up until I'm ready to vent my feelings. I'm working on this, because I want us to work and I don't want to release anger on him, but his personality is to try to make me feel better and smother me when I'm upset, which makes me more frustrated for space.
Today I was making food, he came to visit because I'm a bit ill. I burnt the pan a little and went to scrub it. He was trying to help, I know, when he told me that he would do it, but I told him I wanted to do it (friendly enough) he thought I was being stubborn and we had back and forth about it, him trying to pry it off me. I told him to go away a third time and firmly grabbed it back. It made him feel upset and unappreciated but at the time I just needed to do it by myself. He had been hovering the whole time when I was cooking.
How can I control my temper? I usually verbalise better to tell him I want to do it (even though he just wasn't choosing to listen to me) but he then said I keep making him feel worthless and it's a red flag for abuse. I don't want him to feel insecure or bad but it's ridiculous to me I can't get a little bit frustrated with him without him getting literally hysterical. I do things quickly out of frustration but I would never abuse him and it makes me feel like an evil person when all I do is get a little annoyed sometimes. How do I control my temper when he smothers me anons?

No. 183326

It doesn't seem like you have much of a temper, and you seem reasonable in your frustration. Your boyfriend needs to get over it and learn to cope. He cannot expect you to constantly walk on eggshells to make him comfortable. Him pushing your buttons and then yelling abuse when you snap is actually pretty manipulative. And this coming from someone who has experienced verbal and sexual abuse.

No. 183327


Thanks anon, hopefully everything goes well whether the lawsuit is filed or not. Recently, I found out one of my coworkers is working alongside him for our (myself and other two's) downfall.

In the meantime, I am looking for jobs to get extra cash (we don't get paid much as workstudy students) so I can gtfo by the time this semester's through

No. 183351

Around two years ago one of my best friends, the same who mocked me for liking glam rock and shit, as they were gay and looked like women, came out as MtF. At first I was super supportive (read tumblr brainwashed) of him but lately I'm so done with his shit I just want to stop being her friend.

He's not out to everybody yet and he made me lie about it to our mutuals friends, which I hated but still did because I was dumb as fuck. He started talking about getting the boobs and once even tried to guess my size and when I told him it he said something like "no way yours are really small, I hope I get mine much bigger". He talked about boyfriends and cute animu guys (we both like anime) and hot guys. Our chats started to become just that and nothing more. He tells me everything from his job, how is colleagues speak about the boobs finally starting to grow "so I really ned to hide them". We can't have a chat about anything else, it always has to be the boobs, the operation to take out his dick, the meds, the body, the makeup, well, all of those things that he thinks defines women.

Then he has these times when he stops talking to me for weeks and when he comes back he acts like it's my fault, because I didn't say anything or because he was suffering so much with his body. It started to gross me out and I just want him to hate me so I can finally be free of him and his delusions. I'm glad I started reading a lot of shit about trans that opened my eyes.

I'm probably being a little shit but sometimes I just wanna emphasise being a woman (I don't usually dress up or use makeup) to make him feel bad and envious lol

No. 183352

samefagging but I don't wanna to arise another "trans" thread here, I'm just venting

No. 183354

I had a person like that who gave me the last push to quit facebook.

No. 183360

Sometimes I feel like my boyfriend enjoys making me worry. I have extreme anxiety issues and my boyfriend is currently the one I care about most and because of this I constantly worry about whether he's ok or not. We're long distance. He's had suicide scares many times before so when he doesn't reply to me within the span of two hours, I freak.

He even told me that he sometimes just doesn't respond to my texts because he's annoyed with me at the moment (he backs this up with bipolar disorder, saying that his view on people switches from now and then unintentionally) but I feel like this is a game to him.

This may just be my paranoia talking, but I'm afraid that he thinks it's funny and purposefully worries me by not responding to me and giving short answers like "im fine" and "you dont have to worry about me anymore"

Or maybe I'm just paranoid. I dont know.

No. 183363

I'm tempted to do the same, really. I did it for a year before but my classmates made a group to share university materials and I made a new account because of it. But seriously I'm so tired of him and the fact that he is such an hypocrite.

No. 183367

It sounds like you're being a tad paranoid anon, I have bipolar disorder as well and I hate how it changes my attitude towards my bf so often, I love him and I always regret not opening up to him or thinking badly of him because of my mood swings but I can't help it. Althoguh I don't know your bf and he might jusbe a dick.

No. 183380

What's a shame it's so sad losing a friend, but Friends develop different interests and grow apart all the time and ghosting starts to happen, it's normal. If you dump them and they ask about it then try to play that up rather than mentioning the trans thing. Starting on hormones is pretty much endless PMS or a second puberty, their chemicals are out of whack completely and they're getting all of this ego pumping feedback from the internet, but they might eventually develop into a decent human again. Don't be the catalyst to let them stay an asshole.

However if you want to stay their friend then stick up for yourself and stop mollycoddling them. What happens if you try to steer the conversation? If you lead by example and say "sorry I'm honestly not that interested in boys/makeup/boobs, they're just there, but have you watched x?". When they're rude about your body, say calmly that it hurts your feelings, but follow up with an unrelated question so that you can both move on from it. If you have nothing in common anymore then just give up.
Either way don't be a bitch by deliberately trying to make them feel envious, that's such a cheap move. If they take offense to normal stuff like you mentioning your period that's one thing (you can counter that they get to talk about their boobs, and so maybe both of you should be banned from those topics) but deliberately hurting them is not going to make either of you happy. Just don't talk to them if you're going to do that, be the bigger person.

No. 183381


Thanks anon, I think so too, but I think it's just a learned behaviour so I try to not be too hard on him.

No. 183385

Update: my group of friends reserved several tables for this saturday, which is stupid enough as it is, so we could eat there at 12h. I have a shitload of assignments all of a sudden so I don't know what to do. I'm so salty, it was supposed to be the first time we were going out together for almost a year and I'll either not go or go and spend the whole afternoon feeling guilty. I feel dumb for finding this annoying

No. 183405

File: 1489086486817.jpg (30.84 KB, 300x313, The-adventures-of-barron-trump…)

Cunt sauce. I have to do an interview over the phone. They said they would call me within the hour 3 hours ago, and I called again, and they said they had "a lot" of interviews and the office is only open for 3 more hours and they might not get to me today!

I have been waiting my whole LIFE FOR THIS PLEASE HURRY UP AND FUCKING CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 183409

File: 1489091737772.jpg (34.89 KB, 500x430, 81a0f2996579a900112004a7b3e550…)

My brother has been missing for almost a day now. He was supposed to meet with his gf today but he never showed up. He also didn't come home and should be at work right now but didn't check in. He isn't answering his phone, it looks like it's dead/turned off. Usually if it close to dying he lets his gf know, but he didn't contact her or any of us today. I got into his gmail to locat his phone but it seems like it's not connected to the email. None of his friends our relatives saw him today.

I have never had a conversation with him longer than 3 sentences, we never got along very well but this is making me want to bawl my eyes out. I just want him to come home…
As morbid as this might sound, I hope he's dead rather than kidnapped or sold into slavery or some shit.

No. 183410

Oh my god, anon I'm so sorry. That's horrible. How old is he? If he's a teenager maybe he wants time to think by himself alone from the world. I did that a few times when I was younger without telling anyone where I'd go or do, and would turn off my phone.

No. 183412

I assume you have reported him missing? In the mean time you can call hospitals near you and check if he's there, he might have had a smaller accident! Might be best to talk to the police first, but you can alert facebook? Shit anon, sorry this must be horrible for you :(

No. 183413

Doubt it, he's not the kind to just wander off, especially without telling his gf, he's also 27

It just feels unreal. I hope he's safe, wherever he is. It's cold outside and dark :(

No. 183414

Report him missing, get in contact with anyone you know he knows, ask clerks at stores and gas stations in the area if they've seen him. Does he wear a smart watch or anything that could be traced? Any devices linked to his phone?

No. 183415

It's almost 10pm and my parents want to wait until 11pm or so because he might still come home. I think they don't really want to accept it yet

We called the hospitals, nothing turned up sadly :/

His gf asked around, no one saw that day
And no, he has an old ass lg but I couldn't track it because it's not linked to anything with his email

No. 183417

Well, I can understand that they want to wait, but time might be of the essence. Maybe try asking them to do it for your peace of mind?

No. 183418

Will do.

I just don't get how no one saw him. He works in a hotel, nightshift, so when he leaves in the morning there are people around, it's also in the center of the town

No. 183419

Tell them that it's better to accidentally make a mistaken report than to wait.
It's still very likely that he will be fine and just rock up home but on the off chance it's always better to err on the side of caution

No. 183420

Thank you for you advice in dealing with this. You're right, I should probably act more like the adult I am instead of being a bitch. But damn he used to be a really wonderful person before this trans thing happened and I'm just sad that he's becoming one of these tumblr entitled trans that thinks that women oppress them. I'll just wait if he says anything, if not I'm ready to move on. Once again, thanks a lot.

No. 183425

I need to get less dramatic.
I love my boyfriend more than anything but I'm going to leave to the other side of the world in two weeks, for a full semester. A few months ago I was okay with the thought, I knew that I'd be so busy and have so much fun there that I probably won't think that much about how much I miss him, but with the departure day looming closer I'm feeling more and more like this will be super hard.
Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I need to get myself together.

No. 183428

File: 1489100432968.jpg (18.73 KB, 400x400, CgHGea8WEAAXVU6.jpg)

I'm new at the gym and I've already had 2 personal trainers look at me, give me pic related smile and loudly ask if I'm okay.

Yes I am fucking okay, can't I fucking read the instructions on the exercises machine without one of you jackasses coming up to me? I'm not a complete novice to exercise, just fuck off. I hate my fucking resting suffering face.

No. 183429

How's it going, anon?

No. 183438

File: 1489113620325.jpg (355.94 KB, 1000x760, 1482357531331.jpg)


i feel ya anon. i have no friends. i've been trying to lose weight (and i've been doing good i guess) and no one approaches me. when i try to approach people they seem scared. i tried changing my style to look normie and still no one liked me. now i'm trying to go back to my shitty edgy style because it makes me happy but… i feel like it makes people feel more put-off by me. basically no matter what i do people won't enjoy my company. i've been told that i'm boring and unfunny to my face. i'm just fucking unlikeable. whenever i think i'm making friends it leads to nowhere, they only talk to me once and never again. i hate myself so much. i think things would be different if i wasn't so ugly, but theres really nothing i can do about it? so i'm just so fucking lonely? and ugly? and no matter how much i try no one seems to like me? i'm halfway through college and i've yet to make a friend. i'm so fucking lonely.

i don't crave being in a relationship… i just crave company, someone to talk to. i'm fucking lonely, just in a different way than you are? i'm sorry i'm just venting too. anyways i feel ya. let's kill ourselves together.

No. 183451

It's 4:30am and he just came home. Said he lost his phone
Idk what to think about it, but I'm glad he's back home

No. 183454

So, boyfriend is extremely clingy. I am not very affectionate. I want to leave him and start a great new life. I already know the answer to this venting question.

No. 183456

We have things to work on but he just blew up at me because in addition to not being as affectionate recently, I wanted to be "alone" for 30 minutes before I went to bed. I wanted to unwind. We had a fight earlier about sex and affection and we both agreed to work on things and it was all good. He falls asleep on the couch, I get up and tell him "let's go to bed". We get up. I bring my laptop, and I tell him if it bothers him that I bring it to bed, let me know (because this is another problem I need to work on). He says yeah, it's okay, I just want to cuddle. Immediately, ugggh I feel dread. I don't want to cuddle. We just had an argument about this intimate shit I just want to be left alone. He takes this as him being unloved and not attractive to me. I understand where this anxiety comes from, because I have been less affectionate for reasons I explained to him and I thought we could work it out, it wasn't a big deal, it's a hygiene thing among other things. But I laid down with him, we spooned for like 5 minutes, I couldn't sleep because I was still all wired from shouting at each other. I got up, I said "I'm just going to sit in the living room for 20 minutes." He's like "oh, you can go on your laptop in here." I reply, "No, I'm going into the living room." I am starting to cringe just writing this out, it pisses me off so much just thinking about it. He goes "oh, okay" pretty reluctantly, I get that he's upset that I want to be alone. He gets up within 10 minutes and goes into the living room, turns on the TV and starts smoking weed. I'm super irritated, I've mentioned that not having space is bothersome to me. I get up and say, with obvious restrained anger in my eyes, "Not to be rude, but I just want to be alone for like, 20 minutes. I just want to relax". I go into the bedroom. He comes in and is asking me "Well if there's anything you want to talk about let me know". I snap, which is obviously making the issue seem more complex than it is, and say that I just wanted to be fucking alone, curse words curse words I just wanted to be fucking alone, period, no offense to you, we just had a fight, etc.
He comes back with "Well that's what makes me feel unwanted!/unloved!" and his version of "relaxing" IS "cuddling with girlfriend". It's not absurd, I was just pissed and didn't find that activity very relaxing! So I freak out and cry, blabbering about how it's not so fucking hard to understand that I just want to be fucking alone, he shoots back that it IS hard for him to understand, because it's not how HE feels about it and how we share intimacy. I got called out of work today, not because I magically wanted to, but because business is slow, and he throws that in my face like a double whammy - I work harder than you and you got alone time today so this can only mean I am unwanted. That pissed me off because only until RECENTLY was he working full time, I paid our rent in entirety TWICE, AND OUR DEPOSIT, bought him pants and new shoes for work because his legs and back hurt and he wanted to have style, who doesn't, I did too, we went to H&M together it was a whole thing!

So he gets pissed and says that he feels like our relationship is a ticking time bomb and that I am just going to break up with him soon. Not all at once, but soon, and that scares him. Exactly what he said to me is "I'm afraid you're going to break up with me because I'm acting like a psycho." (about that wording, not precise, but used the word psycho specifically) We both have problems, I am willing to work with him and help him feel less insecure, but he's not fucking helping when he says that.
I get up and go. At this point is 12:30 AM and I'm going to walk down the strip to get cigarettes. He's following me down the road, under the impression that because I left with him, I'm going to angrily walk with him, and for whatever reason, he wanted that to happen.
He stops me, tries to hand me cigs, and tell me that he'll go out if I stay home because he's worried about me walking down the strip by myself, at night. I get it, it's a little sketchy, I cross the street when I'm walking towards people, I walk fast, I survived doing that the three years before we started dating.

I just tell him to leave me alone. He argues, he doesn't want me to leave. I relent, and he says something to the effect of "I'm putting a lot of effort into making you happy, and it seems like you're not returning the favor". At this point I want to throw myself into a moving car and let my guts spatter all over the place. I just walk away as he says "I love you". Fuck you.

I come home after a brisk walk and too many cigarettes to a note, on the bed, detailing that he takes back everything he says, he has a problem, it's not my problem, and he's a shitty boyfriend. He writes, verbatim, sorry I'm a shitty boyfriend.

What do I even fucking do? I feel like I'm getting fucked with to the nth degree. It almost doesn't feel right. I'm not the most emotionally stable person, but this is bothering the fuck out of me. I have to live with him at least until August. I seriously want to leave him at this point. I don't know what he could do to make me think otherwise. Maybe I just need some sleep.

I'm just sick of every argument him throwing all he does for me in my face. I never mention the bullshit I do for him when we fight. It's so fucking annoying. I can see through your guilt tripping. You're driving me crazy.

God, I know this is an impossible question, but has anybody experienced something crazy like this? Is there anything "simple" that could clear the air? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Any second now he'll probably come in accusing me of torturing him for not immediately forgiving this dumbassery and making him "tired" for work in the morning. Please, make me feel like shit, I just want to be guilted into being a better person for you and only you.

No. 183460

>Is there anything "simple" that could clear the air?

If you really want to stay together, the only thing that can initially clear the air is telling him your faults clearly and concisely about this, tell him how you really feel about him, apologize for anything you feel you did is wrong, and then say how you feel.

To be honest you both sound a little immature (I am not trying to be mean, I'm just judging from your interactions). It is 100% normal for one person to do their own thing while in bed before going to sleep for a bit as long as it isn't say, EVERY night (like spending hours on your laptop/phone) when the other one wants a little talking/cuddle time. It's fine if you are not a bed talker/cuddler, but most importantly is asking yourself is that just how you are, or do you just not want to do it with HIM specifically? If it's the idea of him, well, there's your answer, you aren't as attracted to him and should probably let him go.

I can go on if you like, I'll be awake a bit longer, but I hope this is a good start. My s/o and I had a lot of bumps down the road and had little weird things like this happen over the years, but you can eventually even it out. It's basically a situation of 2 people expressing their love differently, and a happy medium can be reached after enough trial and error. (So long as you actually want to stay with that person.)

No. 183463

It sounds like you're a good friend, I hope it works out for the two of you but it's their loss if it doesn't. You can always come back to us if anything changes!

Good! This is soppy but maybe you should tell him you were really worried for him and didn't know what to do if something had happened to him. You say you guys barely talk, so it might be good to just put that out there

Like other anon, I just don't feel from this that you want to patch stuff up with him. I understand that you're locked into your apartment until August but if you see him more as a friend or flatmate then ending it cleanly is the right thing to do, there is no shame in being unable to return someone's feelings. People can't guilt trip people into loving them. However if you do want to make this work then you both have to communicate better like other anon said.

No. 183464

You're right, we are both immature. I have intimacy problems that I need to work on. I have an attitude. I am still thinking of breaking up with him. If not because we aren't compatible, but because I clearly am not affectionate enough for the average relationship. I think it's more of my problem that I need to deal with than his, because a lot of his problems would be alleviated if I was turned on by him enough to be as affectionate as he wants. That's really it, he doesn't turn me on, and I don't really have a clear inkling of what actually turns me on.
And I have an attitude and am a snappy cold bitch who doesn't make eye contact when we argue. It's a lot of problems on my end. Thanks for the response. I'm really dreading everything. It's really hard to be honest and not just beat around the bush.

No. 183466

Anon, sage goes into the email field (:

No. 183467

No worries, happy I could help a little bit. Have a little snack and some water if you can, and some sleep asap. If you have to face him before sleeping, ask if you can talk in the morning because you are really drained and don't want to say the wrong thing/not say what you mean because you are sleepy. I find arguing/having heated discussions while tired makes them 1000% worse so I hope you can both sleep for now.

I totally understand, I was (and still am) horrible socially, and was very similar to you when I dated/got in my first serious relationship. It takes a lot of trial and error and arguments to learn those things about yourself and how to refine your bad traits to where they don't hurt others as much. I am sure you can do it, but for now the main thing driving your decisions is how you feel about him.

If you both express yourselves in a relationship differently, that is totally fine and no one's fault. It's trying to force the other person to just be completely ok with it if it hurts them that isn't ok, which seems like it is happening on both sides. It sounds like he really wants to try and if you are unsure it is fine to keep trying until you know for sure (that you have feelings for him or not I mean), but if you don't have that urge to make it work that feeling is probably speaking for yourself. No harm, it will hurt both of you a bit, but there is nothing wrong with not bieng compatible.

No. 183468

Also sorry for all my typos and grammar mistakes in both of my posts, I am super tired but don't want to sleep lol

No. 183480

I feel so lonely. All I want is to be a good friend or love someone but every time I get close to someone I end up pushing them away because I'm afraid of showing my feelings and be rejected until people just don't care anymore about me.
It hurts so bad.

No. 183483

I'm a rigid, unfeely person. I'm truly envious of every person in this thread who spills their heart out because I'm so out of touch with myself I doubt I could do it if I tried.

No. 183485

I'm so fucking sick of my body. I have an ED and I was forced to eat more by my therapist a few months ago when I was BMI 15. I didn't appreciate my body back then, I thought I was extremely fat. Now that I've gained from eating and binging a lot, I can say I'm fat. I don't weight that much actually, my BMI is like 18 now but the change in my body just makes me feel so uncomfortable. I hate it. I feel so damn sick and I want to travel back in time or just starve myself to death. I can't get through a day without crying because of how worthless I am. I know I'm an awkward anachan but I just wanted to let this out.

No. 183493

I have an eating disorder that I'm in recovery from. I feel a lot better eating with other people. Every single time I offer my boyfriend anything I'm eating he says no and it makes me not want to eat it. I'm so sick of this. I know. I'm being insane and irrational and it's not his fault, but I really need the support. I hate everything.

No. 183495

if you have to read the instructions then it's pretty clear you're a novice

No. 183501

I'm a novice to the gym, not to exercise. I did light strength training at home because I was afraid of going to the gym and get judged for being a weak recovering ana chan, after countless people telling me nobody at the gym really cares about other people I decided to sign up which has proven to be true except the fucking personal trainers, most of them aren't even in shape either I'm going to the gym to try and get stronger not to have some flabby old cunt asking me if i'm okay because I look lost and young IT'S JUST MY FUCKING FACE argh sorry for sperging anon I'm just tired of people always asking me that stupid question ;___;

No. 183511

i haven't been to any of my classes in one month. one I haven't gone to literally all semester. I'm gonna drop out or be suspended. I was supposed to get my passport last fall in order to travel (tickets and living expenses paid) this summer but I didn't and still haven't because I'm a fuck. now there's not enough time cuz I also needed to get a visa. lol depression

No. 183523

I have a job interview on Thursday for a job I really really REALLY want - it's in a field I've been wanting to specialise in for years, it's in a place I'd love to move to, I'm fully qualified and have enough experience to move into it (otherwise they wouldn't give me an interview, right?). I'm just nervous as hell - the only interviews I've ever had were for the job I'm in currently and I want this job so badly. I've spent the past few days just rehearsing interview questions and learning specifics about what the place does, I just don't know what else I can do.

No. 183528

It's fine, and I understand being bothered by trainers. Just try to think, it's their job.
If you're really bothered just put in headphones and watch youtube videos that explain how to use equipment.

No. 183550

I'm back to crying spells. Haven't had those for a few years. Pls god just kill me.

No. 183559

You're going to be fine. Usually interviewers know that you're nervous and don't see it too negatively.

No. 183561

File: 1489301224167.jpg (72.36 KB, 734x659, mfw.jpg)

Sooo, if I've processed and understood what has just gone down correctly…
>bf comes home from work with a nug of weed after trying to find a hookup for us
>thank him, tell him I made steak
>he eats two
>we continue watching a nostalgia childhood movie because some parts are trippy and stupid
>after we're done bf complains he has to go in early for a business meeting
>I have tomorrow off and was going to stay up late on the couch
>tell him he should go to bed now so he won't be tired and regretting it
>he leans in to kiss me but he doesn't go after a few
>suddenly he pounces on me and starts doing silly shit trying to make me laugh like blowing on my tummy and neck and trying to tickle my sides
>I still had the mouse in my hand but I wasn't letting go bc I wanted the laptop
>kept trying to take the mouse
>prickles me with his beard stubs, gropes and fake humps me
>humor this for the first two minutes but after that it was pretty unfunny
>playfully in nice tone tell him to get off
>tell him in seriousness to get off a couple times
>he doesn't, thinks it's funny to 'restrain' me more like holding down my arms
>tell him to get the fuck off and bang him w/ the mouse
>laughs it off
>tell him I ain't fuckin him and to get off now
>after a few minutes of me not playing along (I'm talking like 8 minutes of this shit total) he gets it
>"So I can't show you any affection huh? Even after I got you that weed?"
>can't tell if he's still playing games or not
>I laugh and say "Hah, no not like that. You were being ridiculous and obnoxious."
>mind you I wasn't even saying this in a pissed off/negative tone, I wasn't trying to make him feel bad
>"Hah, yeah okay."
>he gets up in an agitated manner, proceeds to speedwalk to bedroom door
>"Are you..mad at me, bf?"
>"Hah. No. Goodnight."
>slams door

I didn't do anything wrong…

No. 183568

Yeah, maybe you shouldn't be doing drugs with that guy around…

No. 183569

Why are you surprised about someone having abnormal reactions when under the influence of drugs?

No. 183579

This has never happened before, and he hadn't had any. Today he's acting like nothing happened.

No. 183581

Sounds like he's testing the waters and pushing boundaries, anon. Plus, he was guilt tripping you with the whole "but I got you weed" shit. Fuck him. Sounds like he's going to turn into an abusive cunt down the road.

No. 183582

And he's acting like nothing happened after he tried to push sex on you while you were stoned and he was sober? Sounds like a major red flag. Maybe it was a one off but I would be wary of being stoned/passing out if he's here 'cause it sounds like he could potentially abuse you if you were not putting enough off a fight to deter him on a night he really wants it.

No. 183584

Have you talked to him? Maybe he will apologize and see that he was being too pushy. Sorry your bf is being a dickhead

No. 183601

He texted me bc I had to go to his job (bartender) to pick something up. He apologized for what happened last night, said he had a few beers after work and was acting fresh.

No. 183613

File: 1489370554265.jpg (176.37 KB, 1331x1380, aleppo hospital.jpg)

I haven't had my car for a month yet and I've already made a massive dent on the door.

No. 183617

Sounds like a really shitty excuse to me. Alcohol can impair your judgment but it doesn't stop you from knowing when your SO is uncomfortable and asking you to stop multiple times.

No. 183636

Sometimes I really consider getting breast implants. I'm a B right now, but ideally I wish I was a D?

As much as I consider getting implants I love the feel of natural breast plus implants are expensive and id be awkward to go back to work.

No. 183646

I hate how girls who talk about body positivity and uwu don't hate on other girls, girls are wonderful uwu, are the most hateful, catty bitches. I have never met anyone who hates other girls and try to bring them down more than those girls. They are just as drama filled and awful towards their own gender as the "one of the guys, not like other girls" girls.

No. 183653

Soon I will be moving out of my parents' house to my own place and I'm scared I might go full anachan.

No. 183656

They have passed before and so eventually they will pass again so please be kind to yourself. I get them too anon, you aren't alone.

If that ever happens again, just flat out tell him when to stop and that he is doing stuff that you don't want him to do. Don't apologize for feeling uncomfortable or soften it like that ever again anon. If he acts like a manbaby again like that if he doesn't like being told no, then it's a serious red flag.

Prepare some meal plans. Most people forget how to look after themselves when they move out, so it's not a bad idea to plan what groceries and kitchen utensils you will buy and what meals you will cook for the first two weeks.

No. 183707

My house burned down in September, I am a lot better now but holy fuck I miss my poor cat so much all the time. ): There are so many normal things that remind me of her. I miss my furry best friend.

No. 183708

christ, anon, that's fucking awful.

No. 183709

Ugh everytime my parents go on holiday in the summer I go on a crash diet (I'm not deluded enough to call it ana since it's just a few weeks at most). I'm moving out soon too and I have no clue what's gonna happen.
I'm pretty well adjusted food-wise because any appearance of having an eating disorder is terrifying to me. But when I'm left to my own devices I just stop caring.

No. 183711

I'm so sorry anon. I'm sure your cat had an amazing life with you despite that, so many cats never have the opportunity to have a caring family or a life at all.
I hope you're okay otherwise anon, regarding insurance and such.

No. 183716

Dw, you don't have anybeating disorder if you can unironically use the term 'ana'
Just a regular dieter like 75% of first-world women

No. 183718

Yeah I just used "ana" because the anon I replied to did though I dislike that term a lot… but no I don't have an eating disorder. Hence the parentheses about it but ok

No. 183720

My condolences to you anon, may she rest in peace. It's good to hear you're doing better, keep on.

No. 183722

Your post was understandable and it was obvious that you were using "ana" to explain. The other anon is just pissy. Anyway, if you feel like you are at risk when moving out it could be beneficial to talk to your doctor about it. Better safe than sorry!

No. 183723

Ugh, I want to let go of my ex so bad But I don't know how. I still check hourly my messages but it's clear he barely even wants to talk with me. I feel so needy and I hate it. I wish I could stop caring so much.

No. 183724

Fair-o. Sorry, it's too hard to take any thing that says 'ana' or other cutesy stuff as anything but 13 year old humble bragging. I saw your post and immediately assumed.

For real tho, just make a meal plan and work at keeping it. Idk how y'all have such a hard time with basic self-care when you're apparently not mentally ill or handicapped.

Either you're not actually doing anything bad or you're deliberately hurting yourself and downplaying it. Eat the food, drink the water. Mum and dad being home shouldn't change that unless something else is wrong

No. 183725

Stop checking. Just don't do the thing. Delete all the texts, the number, the social media connections, all of it.
It's hard but you just use willpower.

No. 183729

Problem is that I have no fucking willpower. And I can't delete that fucking Google hangouts out of my phone so I just end up checking out of habit. I feel bad about just going nuclear and block him again. I will look crazy and emotional, we've been back in contact only for a few month after a year of no contact. It's messing me up so bad, tho. I'm such a whimp.

No. 183733

Get some willpower then. Challenge yourself. Nothing and nobody is forcing you to check so stop doing it. Tell yourself that you don't do that anymore.

No. 183735

I'm probably gonna come of as an angry feminist for this but I'm just so tired of it.
I work in a mostly male dominated industry (construction) and I guess it's not THAT bad compared to some situations but some things just irk me.
For instance, I'm the only one who ever makes coffee or who has to do the dishes. Whenever someone sees me, they immediately assume I'm the secretary while I have a pretty high function.

When I follow extra schooling, I'm usually the only woman in the class wich almost always leads to the teacher having to joke about it one way or another. I mean I get that you never have women in your class but is it really that much to ask to just treat me as a regular person instead of making jokes about washing machines or hair extensions? (don't even wear those, had my hair in a tight pony tail) Whenever I'm in a class full of guys, I try to keep quiet because I don't want to attract any attention to myself but that doesn't seem to help. I'm even afraid of asking questions because I can hear everyone thinking "see, girls can't do this job!" I pay attention to dress sober but I'm not gonna dress like a man.
I'm afraid to complain about this to anyone (besides friends) because it will just be written off as "lol angry feminist" but they have no idea how annoying all these little things are because it doesn't happen to them. My collegues just laugh it off but they have no trouble to get teachers or clients to take them seriously.

I can understand why women wouldn't pick a job in a male dominated industry, we often get shot down before we even get a chance. And when we do get a chance, it's a never ending struggle to prove ourselves despite being a woman

No. 183736

also, I'm shy and socially awkward so I really don't like the unnecessary attention.

No. 183737

A friend of mine from high school was catching up with me a few months ago and when we were talking about old classmates she mentioned a quiet kid from our class bragged to her about getting foreign girls to send him CP and his gf is a little girl from America. I thought it was very creepy considering how the only people he would hang out with were the little girls during break and occasionally another kid from our class. Fast forward to today I'm on instagram and I decided to check this kids profile because I'm very bored and can't sleep, I go and check the people he's following and 90% of his following list is "little models" from Russia or young actress and even a fucking 3 year old I feel sick f

No. 183748

Don't think this belongs in the advice thread and I don't think it need it's own thread, but anyway:

Do any of you guys know some interesting sites to browse?
Usually when I'm at work I have some free time because right now we don't have a lot to do. I used to go to FunnyJunk but the site is swamped with memes, shit ton of lewds and retarded men/boys. It's terrible but I like the cute and video game channel, but the comments are still shit.

Any suggestions? browser games are fine too, just to keep the boredom away.

No. 183750


No. 183753

boredpanda, cracked, listverse, laughingsquid. like the above said, wikipedia and any other single focused -pedias are also good for browsing.

No. 183754

Thanks anons!

No. 183758

if you like movies and series I can suggest tvtropes
or maybe you can play games on your phone?

I used to love that site but it seems to have few good articles since the site got overrun by sjw's

No. 183764

i still go there in hopes of a rare seanbaby article.

No. 183776

Do we no longer have an advice thread?

I really need some and /adv/ ignores anything that isn't bait or relatable beta male drama

No. 183778


No. 183782

I did before I asked, only found dead threads with last replies from a year ago? Am I being retarded/blind?

No. 183796

Last talked to this girl I know a few months back and she still pisses me off. Hasn't really worked a day in her life, but thinks she's hot shit. Last summer she told me some sob story about how horrible her family is, and I was sympathetic, but she's not even trying to change anything about her situation. One problem her folks had with her was her being a lazy fuck, but when I last asked her about her aspirations for the future she said she won't be doing anything because she's trying to get pregnant. Congratulations, you'll continue being a waste of space until you get impregnated, and then – what then?
She always talks about how great she is, when really she's one of the most pathetic people I've ever met and she's not even a teenager but in her early 30s.

No. 183807

I found some in /g/! I was looking for some earlier.



No. 183808

I guess I didn't link them properly.


No. 183835

My niece's friend revealed to her that she likes getting high on her medicine and that in a few months time if she took enough she'd be able to die. She's in 6th grade.
My niece told her mom[my sister] and then they told the girl's mom. And now they're emailing the principal. I'm extremely distraught and pissed. I don't blame my niece since she's young and this is probably her first experience dealing with a friend in trouble, but my sister went about it all wrong. And then my mom got pissed at me because I started ranting that parents aren't properly equipped to deal with a child going through this most of the time and they'd just punish or get angry at the kid. Hell, emailing the principal is just going to make the girl feel like she's in trouble when she's pulled into the office to talk about it.
I just don't think this should be made into a huge deal. Another adult who won't react irrationally and is close to the girl should've been told discretely. Or my sister should've talked to my niece about suicide and had her talk to her friend one on one.

I'm also worried I might be projecting way too much though. I started to have issues with wanting to commit suicide when I was her age. I know that when I came out to my mom about it, she blew up at me and made it about herself, so I shut down. I can't open up to anyone anymore because of that. I don't want this girl doing the same just because people can't fucking talk to her straight and treat her issues with respect.

I also used to help out at that school and she used to be in my class for 2 years so I know her personally and know how the staff usually deal with these things; which is not very well. I just feel so sad.

No. 183838

Wait do you think she shouldn't have told anyone that her friend is abusing meds and seems suicidal?

Her parents need to know, and the school is equipped to refer her parents to counsellors and probably provide some basic counselling at school as well.

It's a serious thing and needs to be dealt with like the danger it is. Casually saying 'that's not very good' isn't going to do anything.

No. 183855

You seriously want your 12-year-old niece to talk to her friend about suicide? I think that's a way too heavy topic for an elementary student.
And of course her parents need to know, if my child had suicidal thoughts and parents of her school friends knew I'd be furious if I wasn't being informed. Just because your mum was shit at talking to you does not mean the girl's mum is equally crappy.

No. 183859

Sage bc diary but I had to be resuscitated after suicide attempt that happened. It could have been prevented if my friends mother had told mine that she knew I had been cutting myself so yeah, it's good that this kids parents have been told.

OP is seeing it way too personally to be reasonable about it imo. Privacy about depression and suicidal ideas lead to deaths.

No. 183897

I hope this is the right place.

Two years ago I left home. I went to a different country and married my long distance bf. When I did this, I ceased contact with my mother, step-dad, and their family. Mom was a narcissist, and since leaving, my mental health has improved A LOT. For months my mom, her friends, even her fucking drug dealer harassed my husband for months, we got it under control about 3 months ago and I was doing great! (Obviously I'm not 100% okay, I'm still a little depressed and anxious, but whatever)

Then this morning I made a new IG account, to post things separate from my personal life, and I don't know how, but everyone I had got away from was there. My mom, step-dad, all the old family. Everybody came up in the suggested users to follow "based on my likes" even the only post I had liked was so irrelevant. I deleted immediately in case anyone saw but now I'm just so. Shaky. I haven't had a panic like this in such a long time. My arms went numb, my mind is a complete blur, I can't even see right. I just don't understand how this can happen.

I'm not really expecting anyone else to read or care. I just want to know when this will end. Seeing a photo of my mother sending me into a fucking panic attack. I feel so pathetic. I thought I was making progress.

No. 183898

just keep breathing anon.

it sounds like you're having a panic attack. IT WILL END. you will be okay. just slow breathes & even if its out loud count things you notice with your senses. sights, smells, sounds. go through them all

No. 183899

for a lot of people, a small amount of immersion will help prevent the sudden onset of panic when they see pictures of somebody they're on negative terms with, ect. (it happens with exes too). just try to sit with it instead of hiding from it or trying to erase it.

nobody can hurt you or harm you or anything. none of them can affect you right now. they are not in your life right now. they can't hurt you or make you upset. only you can and its okay if you still have unresolved feelings and DO experience painful feelings towards them just know in time it will go away

No. 183902

I'm a shut-in NEET with practically no motivation to do anything and I feel like it's ruining my life, I just don't have the motivation to fix it.

I spend all of my time thinking about the productive and useful things I could do with all the free time I have like sewing or learning a new language or starting a new project or something creative like drawing or making videos but I don't actually do anything. It makes me hate myself that I can't just find the energy to do ANYTHING. I'm losing all of my friends because I have no energy to talk to them and I have almost no hobbies and never leave the house anymore, all I do is sit around and stare at my laptop.
I just want to motivate myself to do SOMETHING. I only get progressively worse at this point.

No. 183905

Maybe this is cliche advice but discipline is much more important than motivation. Discipline is doing something even when you don't want to because you know that it'll benefit you - even if not immediately benefit you. You just have to do it, try not to take your personal feelings into account.

I've had many of the same situations and one being that when I was in school and I skipped classes for weeks and was failing every class, I realized that I had to get my ass in check so I did. It definitely wasn't easy but it had to be done and sometimes, pain and discomfort and awkwardness can be beneficial even if it doesn't seem like it. It helps if you have someone else to keep you in check but ultimately, you have to do it yourself and kick your own ass when you need to.

No. 183906

File: 1489605076774.png (95.71 KB, 489x537, ugh.png)

When I see posts like this I can't help but laugh. This is what /pol/ makes to people.

No. 183916

I am starting to resent my boyfriend for being such a spineless pussy ass bitch. I just want a man who will stand up for me and for him self, not someone who wil cower in fear until I come and sort things out.

No. 183920

i do this every once in a while: i find a cow, obssess about her for weeks and then forget she exists. she can still be milky, but i just stop caring. it's like some people just get bored of their gfs and bfs. but with cows.
i hate that about my personality because it makes me feel like i have no life (tho i do, i just have lots of free time) since i spend so much time reading about people who dont even know me, and laughing at them or just hating them because they're so shitty, and that i am an idiot because i move onto other stuff so fucking fast. not only with cows, i actually lose interest pretty fast as a rule.
i remember i was like this with margo, venus, onion, etc etc etc. my current fav is luna, and she has been since her first thread, which is my oldest dairy cow.
maybe my hate boner just isnt that great, which might be good in the end.
after venting, i have a question to ask here because apparently the Search bar is gone(?) otherwise id just use it:
i binge-watched this girl's Madlelynn videos and idk why i dislike her a lot but i kept watching kek. she came out as the infamous extremely pretentious weebish vegan who wants to be special in a 'dorky', hipster way (just watch the vid, its one min). if anyone knows anything about her please let me know, especially if milky (she has like 800.000 followers and i do live under a rock when it comes to e-celebs or tumblr so..).

No. 183923

im super over my chronic debilitating pain ~~~~ too bad its my life and will only get worse as i grow older :^)

No. 183924

That sucks, anon, I'm rooting for you to be able to cope and I'm sure you're very strong… I have pretty severe health issues but no pain. Chronic pain one of the scariest things ever to me and I'm sure hard to live with. But at least you're not a munchie from the farm, huh? kek

No. 183933

File: 1489626712690.jpg (23.69 KB, 745x610, 1486558280801.jpg)

>when you're trying to be supportive but say something stupid instead
this happens way too much.

No. 183936

It was a joke. Okay, ot is not for me

No. 183939

lol i was referring to myself, anon. my friend came complaining to me today and i came off too optimistic and read into it too much. came off rather tryhard'ish and now i'm sure he's annoyed by me.

No. 183953

thank you, anon. i appreciate it. i hope you're health problems are manageable and you get all the healthcare and emotional and physical support you need!

and yes true, atleast i'm not a munchie lol

No. 183975

So I went on a vacation with my mom, my aunt, her husband and my granddad.
A little back story on my aunt: she's a doctor, she's model-tier hot and comes from a good family, looks 25 when she's really ~33 (wont lie Im a bit jelly lol) but dear lord, she's got issues. She lost her first husband in a car crash when she was in her mid twenties and remarried when she was around 30.(In our culture, this is a bit taboo, but okay.). Idr if she was like this from before she lost her first hubby or not, but she's got a bit of a shitty personality. She has a habit of mocking the people around her incessantly (even though its said she doesn't really mean it?) and is unable to control her negative feelings, resulting in temper tantrums. She also has a really high pitched, kinda nasal voice which just makes things worse but I digress.
(Imo shes a good person with flaws but thats not the point here)
So she gets a new hubby who's actually kind of a good guy (except I dunno rn.) who seems to treat her fairly well, like putting up with her shit and going all like "honey calm down please :)" when she's screaming over…whatever. He's kinda chill I guess and values logic a lot from what I've personally seen.
Except this morning my aunt throws one of her regular bitch fits (over not wanting to stay at her mother-in-law's house because she thinks she's the personification of every shitty personality trait known to man (she's not)) and screams about how her husband never pays attention to what she wants and starts jumping down the throat of any poor soul that is misfortuned to be in the immediate vincity at the time but okay. She quiets down after a few bitch fits and we all go back to our hotel sometime around noon. After thirty minutes or so we hear (mind you, her room is all the way down the hallway) the sound of my aunt sobbing really hard, really loud. My grandad, my mom and I were just like "Oh they're just having a fight and she's throwing a fit again."
Apparently not. All of us go out again in the afternoon and on our way back to our hotel my mom elbows me and tells me that no, my aunt wasnt throwing a fit. Her husband lost it and started threatening her. From what I was told, he had pushed her against a wall and put pressure on her neck (these exact words), yelling about how he was going to kill her and pushed her around a bit. While my mom is telling me this, my aunt breaks down crying.
Thing is, he's never been violent. Ever. My aunt isn't the type to keep things to herself either. And now all other parties (my grandad, my mom and me) are freaking out, because on one hand they don't want my aunt to divorce and on the other hand…well, no matter how annoying your SO is, threatining to kill them is not okay. So my grandad (who has REALLY bad heart issues) is fucking losing it, and my mom (who has mental issues) is fucking losing it, and I'm just sitting in a corner wondering what I should do to help.

Sage for bs vent even though this is a vent thread.

No. 183987

…how bad is it to air you grievances at your job in a meeting environment than is designed to be "open"?

I only ask because at our most recent meeting of this nature at work I've expressed my displeasure in being boxed in to what is essentially prep work for everyone else in the lab and not being able to get trained/signed off on actual testing (despite being promised that I'll be trained "soon"). It doesn't help that we've restructured recently so me and one other person are essentially responsible for 75% of the shit that goes on, but because I can't test things on my own (bc I'm not trained) it mostly falls on her.

Like, I involuntarily cried because I'm sick of spending 80% doing media making and cleaning. I didn't get a degree to essentially become a science house wife. (I also don't have a solid control over my negative emotions. Like, my body just decides "you're going to tear up now. Have fun working through it." but maybe it helps my "we redid this shit 3 weeks ago and I am very unhappy with how everything has worked out because I have even less of an idea of what's going on than before, which isn't helpful when I'm essentially in charge of making sure we have everything we need to make timely testing happen".)

I'm highly considering finding a new job… but there isn't anything within 25 miles of the apartment I have a lease on until 2018.

No. 183988

I've thrown up straight energy drinks 3 times this week and I abuse vyvanse and caffeine pills to get ahead in class and yet it feels like I just dont work hard enough, like I should be getting even less sleep, like theres always more I should be doing… its a crushing sense of performance inadequacy and I feel like by talking about it im disappointing my boyfriend and my image…

No. 183989

Burning yourself out never works. You need sleep. You need sleep as much as you need studying.

If you don't get any sleep, your ability to retain information goes down the toilet. The more you strain yourself to study and work, the less effective it becomes overall.

You can force yourself awake for study sessions, but the longer you go the further the returns on keeping yourself awake go down. Go to bed.

No. 183990

Lol energy drinks are pure shit and ADHD meds don't help you study or focus unless you actually have ADHD. Since you're just abusing it, its acting like the stimulant it is and probably made your grades way worse than if you had of studied and worked harder like everyone else.

Why does anyone still think Ritalin etc does anything other than get regular people a little bit high?

No. 184040

File: 1489753005277.gif (431.31 KB, 181x140, 1462305526422.gif)

This fucking guy i fell out with who I actually live with in my student halls is trying to make my life hell for some reason.
We had a falling out after a long friendship and it was fairly civil, we just didn't talk to each other.
Now i've had a lot of issues this year living at these halls with noise and lack of sleep and i've complained hundreds of times, I got 2 exchange students moved out of my flat due to harassment and threatening behaviour towards me because I politely asked them to not smoke in my flat due to my breathing issues.
Well this guy who i fell out with has known me FOR YEARS, he knows i dislike cigarettes but I don't mind if it's outside or in an open area. Well since falling out he started smoking, then he started smoking in my flat making it smell so bad, it's awful. He's now had parties in the flat for 3 nights in a row, including day time where random people are just in the common area/kitchen all day. I'm pretty shy person, so i try not to interrupt if someone has friends over resulting me not going into the kitchen. I have to make food in my room sometimes because of it.. which isn't bad because a party lasts for a few hours, right? Wrong, 3 days. 3 full days.
I found out earlier that he told one of our friends that he's doing it because he knows i would avoid the kitchen and that i wouldn't go in and eat and he wanted to make me as uncomfortable as possible.
I've had people knocking on my door and running away, shouting my name in the corridor and being forced to stay awake till 5am, even when he knew i had a job interview and had to be up at 8am he chose to make as much noise as he could.
Here's the thing, i would normally complain. but this fucking guy since day 1 he's moved here with me he's had his face in every staff member that works in these halls. The cleaners, office workers, maintenance guys, you name it. If i did complain they wouldn't even tell him off due to how much they all love him and they're all friends with him. I just dont know what to do and im trapped in my own room all the time.
It's so fucking annoying, we fell out and didn't talk. Nothing was said or done it was just no talking but all of a sudden I have 20+ people who i don't know hating my guts and basically setting up camp in my kitchen.
Please i just want to study..

No. 184049

That doesn't sound like anything but bullying to me. Confront him or get away from these people

No. 184050

I am here to vent some GOOD VIBES. I reunited a woman with her cat that was missing for over a week. I was posting here a few days ago about how sad I was about losing my cat months ago - helping this worried lady and her cat makes my heart so happy.

No. 184051

Why don't you just woman up and tell those randoms to get the fuck out of your kitchen/flat? It is YOURS after all. If they don't leave, get the police involved. The cops would definitely tell anyone who's partying to break off and go home. I'm pretty shy too but I would just tell them to fuck off. Simple.

No. 184053

File: 1489774706244.jpg (51.87 KB, 480x270, tumblr_inline_nm4xz9ibjE1qct3k…)

I just want a dick and balls. With a real, working prostate. and NOT some vagina and clit with a Gspot.

I don't care about other people's genitalia preferences. They're entitled to have their own preferences to their genitals.

but FOR ME, I just want a fucking dick. I feel disgusting whenever I "feel turned on" because I KNOW that i have the wrong fucking genitals. I've felt this way since I was fucking 6, and yet, here I am still trying to pay for my surgery.

It isn't even the fact that half the world considers me a "degenerate" for doing this. It's the fact even the best surgeons in the world aren't perfect with their methods, and still expensive as fuck, and practice far away.

No. 184054

Seconding the other anon, you need to call the police if there are random people in your flat and you want them to fuck off.
You should confront the guy and ask him what his problem is. It's definitely bullying. I hope he and everyone else leaves you alone or you find someone else to room with or something.

Also if you haven't attempted talking to the RA or whoever deals with this stuff because you know they're friends with him… you should anyway. Never know what'll happen til you try

No. 184055

I only slept 15 hours this week, insomnia is killing me slowly and treatment is not working. I'm gonna fail my classes again if it goes like this, fuck my life.

No. 184062

I'd be your racist friend, but not your anti-women friend.

No. 184069

>and ADHD meds don't help you study or focus unless you actually have ADHD.

That got disproven ages ago, amphetamines and its derivates (Adderal) or Methylphenidate (Ritalin) work the same on people with ADHS as they do on people without the condition.

No. 184070

So why are non-ADHD people who take them still useless at exams and life when it's meant to help?

No. 184088

Well they dont have adhd… so what does that tell you? They're perfectly capable of studying without meds but they're lazy so they think takings meds will work. Nope. People with adhd actually need them to function.

No. 184092

File: 1489812630122.png (247.03 KB, 500x411, 1489342914838.png)

Goddamn, I'm just…so conflicted right now? My sister (for as long as I can remember) is a borderline narcissist and known to lie and/or over exaggerate every little thing. God bless my parents as they've tried to get her help, and she is smart (off at uni) but this current situation… She claims that last year at her senior party a student raped her. She didn't say anything until she went away to college a few months later. She never told my family exactly what happened because we're supposed to believe her but I guess everyone the detective interviewed said that they were both drunk and trying to get back at their exes? Not to mention there's no physical evidence. The only people who are saying that it did happen are my sister and her two friends who actually said she was wrong at first? Well I guess after being told there's nothing they can do she tried to take him to court, and now she's warning us that if him or his friends come into contact with us to call the police. I live in a small town and this kid and his friends are these weird fucked up, drug addict rednecks so now I'm fucking terrified that they're going to vandalize/damage our house and cars or even try to harm my mom and I. My parent's don
t believe her, my therapist was even skeptical. I feel so shitty for saying I dont believe her but she has always thrown my family under the bus; people calling our house to yell at us, students confronting me back in high school to get in my face and vent all their shit about my sis, the list goes fucking on. I can't do it anymore anons, should I just silently stand by? she is definitely mentally ill, thank god she's staying with boyfriend #600 because I can't talk to her anymore.

No. 184095

I had a huge crush on my coworker and today I found out hes gay and has a boyfriend. Not that theres anything wrong with being gay. I'm happy for him, its just that… I really thought we were getting somewhere. But I guess I just overestimated the signs. I know there's nothing I can do so I'm letting it go. Just wanted to vent somewhere.

No. 184097

Changing your private parts isn't going to fix this problem.

No. 184099

Ok, I finally mesured my breasts and it doesn't fucking make sense.
I was a 85c before gaining weight. Now, I'm spilling from these. Except after mesuring, it says I should be a 85b?

No. 184102

Measuring is shit, you're most likely not a 85 unless you are super fucking fat.

No. 184111

I'm terrified of smelling. My breath, my body, whatever. What's driving me nuts is that I don't know if I do or don't and even if I do I wish someone would tell me, even though I know nobody will.

I know my breath smells when I'm really hungry or as soon as I wake up. Brushing my teeth doesn't help. As soon as I have something savoury, like a sandwich or slice of pizza in the morning it goes away until I'm like literally starving again. In between meals I pop xylitol mints. I brush regularly, including my tongue and cheeks, but I'm still paranoid and try not to get too close to people.

I walk to college every day so I get a little sweaty in between (winter, lots of layers, usually in a hurry to get inside), but I don't think I smell. I wash my clothes whenever they start to smell or look dirty, but where I live nobody washes their clothes after every wear (I think it's an American thing) and jeans and jumpers are seldom washed yet nobody has body odour issues. Most people I know smell nice. I do the smell test before putting anything on but I can usually only smell my deodorant. I also ask my bf but he always says the same. I wash regularly and use a homemade, lavender-scented deo, and I change my underclothes and wear a merino wool layer and heattech tights under my clothes. I'm still super paranoid about it.

The reason I'm paranoid is because I've seen comments online like 'Ewww, you don't floss? Your breath must reek' and people making fun of their friends with bad breath or BO/thinking they're dirty without telling them anything.
I've also heard people say things like 'you can't know if you smell because you can never smell yourself' or 'your bf/gf can't tell either because they're used to you' but I've definitely smelled myself before, even when others couldn't (when I wore a polyester T-shirt one summer) and I've definitely smelled my bf before too, multiple times.
Also, my bf is kind of obtuse and my aunt once had to tell him he had bad BO in front of everyone so I'm also worried that he's just clueless and doesn't notice even when I do smell.

Sorry for the novel, I just don't want to be known as 'the smelly girl', I'm awkward enough irl.

No. 184114

french 85, 70cm.

No. 184116

If it makes you feel any better anon, I worry that I sweat off my deodorant or that it's stopped working, even when it isn't that hot out. I have awful social anxiety, so that might be part of why I constantly feel the need to make sure I smell nice.

No. 184125

Have you tried clinical strength anti-persperant? It's for people who sweat enormous amounts so it should definitely help prevent any stink from regular daily sweating. My diet sucks, so I often reek of ketosis and rexona clinical was a life saver.

Sugarless gum will work for breath, and a nice perfume could help ease some of the anxiety. A quick touch-up of deodorant and perfume after lunch or a loo-break could help as well.

It sucks feeling smelly, but you're almost definitely not a stinky person. Is there anybody at school/work you trust enough to say something along the lines of 'hey, you'd tell me if I ever smelled bad right? I'd hate to smell and not realise'

For real though, you probably never smell as much as you think you do. Your daily bathing, deodorant, and clean clothes all smell good.

No. 184133

someone i work with is very very obviously cheating on their husband with a coworker. they're always attached at the hip at work, it's shameless, everyone in the place knows they're a thing. but she's on her facebook posting happy anniversaries with her dude, like "this was a trying year" …. trying to find a place to fuck your work bf? work guy is an uggo with no self esteem too, so she wrings hundreds of dollars of makeup and food and shit out of him…. they're both fat and uggo, honestly

bothers me so much to know this poor dopey guy is sitting at home with her crotchspawn having no idea. she's friends with work dude on social media too, i want so badly to tag him in the comments of her lovey-dovey posts like oh hey [work dude] i thought you two were together?

but she's otherwise a nice person who i don't want to hurt…

No. 184141

the thought that no one would see it coming if i were to kill myself keeps ringing in my head lately

No. 184142

shit, same. I'm so bitter and unhappy lately that I almost want to do it just to shock everyone.

No. 184148

Yeah, I try to sniff my pits in the toilets every now and again just in case and it only ever smells of deodorant… I generally don't smell at all, but I never know how reliable my own nose is. Whenever I tell someone I'm not a smelly person they say it's impossible b/c everyone smells… So I don't know whom to believe anymore

No. 184150

So I just started a new job and I'm dreading going to work after being called the n word by a patient I was sitting. I don't know how to get over that slur, I WAS SO FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE! I wasn't even suppose to be sitting this guy, I only deal with less severe patients and this dude was not that….There was actually a mix up and I got the wrong patient.

Ugh, I fucking hate them for mixing up the patients and traumatizing me with this shit.

He made me so fucking uncomfortable, I'm transferring to the children's hospital after I'm done with my first month.

:/ I honestly fucking hate them for making me go through all that, I was scared for my life when they left me in the room with him….

No. 184151

You were scared for your life because he said 'nigger'?

No. 184152

He was in restraints when I was suppose to be sitting him and spoke about killing the nurses….That fucking SCARED me!

Not to mention, they let him out of his restraints not shortly after…

I'm only a few days in and they decided to put me with a suicidal patient. Which was a huge mix up, since I'm only suppose to be dealing it less severe patients. It's in my contract.

Also yes that word made me super uncomfortable, I never had it said to me before! And this dude shouted it at me three times before I ever stepped within the room, I was in utter shock…

I know a lot of people assume within America it must be common place to hear racial slurs due to all the race shit in the media, but in reality I never dealt with any of that. I got lucky….


No. 184153

I know to a lot of people think the word nigger has no weight, tbh I use to think being called that word was terrible but not soul crushing.

Until it happened to me…It felt like shit.

I don't know how people can deal with having racial slurs constantly thrown at their faces, I'd snap

No. 184156

Some people are way less smelly than other. I tend to have smelly armpits, my friends doesn't but tend to have really smelly feet.

No. 184157

Dude, the guy was obviously unhinged. Whether he called you a nigger or a whore it doesn't matter, his opinion is obviously unreliable. I do understand why you were scared now, though.

No. 184158

life is so expensive and housework is unending

No. 184159

Holy shit, that must've hurt. Sorry you had to go through that!! I feel like this, your shock and all, makes a lot of sense because any abuse and racist-motivated abuse especially is something that's nearly impossible to imagine unless it happens to one.

No. 184163

It really triggers~~~~~~ me when I see stuff like pic related being shared by people I am acquainted with because I just know they're talking about YA romance garbage ass books. You are 28 years old. Pick up Wuthering Heights at least, goddamn. I have a passion for classic literature and it feels like all of that is being shit on when I see someone who has never read anything written pre 2005 claiming to have such a love of books. Idk maybe I'm just autismo.

No. 184164

File: 1489941765264.jpg (368.54 KB, 1077x1222, Screenshot_20170319-113656.jpg)

Oops, dropped pic…

No. 184165

My mom has cancer and I steal her pain pills. She doesn't like them v much and hasn't noticed but honestly I don't know what I'd say if she confronted me about it I'd probably just completely lose my mind but it's just so impulsive and I don't even notice how awful it is until later

No. 184179

I thought I could handle a long distance relationship.

Finally, after being away from my partner for the majority of 3 years, loneliness hits. I miss going on dates. I miss having someone around.

I finally realized just how little time we "spend" together (i.e. texting throughout the day). He works all week, while I pull 9-10 hour weekend shifts; when we're off at night he's hanging with buddies and playing video games, while I have to go to bed fairly early for the occasional weekday shift or school; when I'm off during the day, he's at work. We used to have regularly scheduled Skype dates, but he liked spontaneity. Because of the lack of scheduling, they dwindled off into maybe once every three months, at most.

He said he could be home within a month or three, but because of our circumstances even that's not a promise. I would much rather kill myself than break up with him. I'm not sure if I'm staying with him for the comfort and consistency, because of the time put into it, because of my dependency and abandonment issues. I care for him, dearly, but there's a part of me that wonders if this is still right.

No. 184190

I lost my grandfather suddenly in a car wreck almost 2 years ago. Family grew apart, I avoided grieving properly by concentrating on college and my job. Up until recently, it's been hitting me out of nowhere with the outbursts of crying/anger spells. I'm terrified of death even more so now and losing the people closest to me is a thought that haunts me everyday. I've become so paranoid and anxious of death, I've also let myself go health wise.

I have accepted he has passed, but my grandparents raised me so he was more like a father to me. There are days I get caught up in my own daydream and want to call him about something going on in my life or to vent(I never deleted his number from my phone). Then it's like a kick in the stomach I can't. I never got full closure, I have a lot of guilt and anger inside of me I don't know how to cope with it.

I know many people have experienced loss, but I never knew what it felt like until he died. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

tldr; I've let myself go, I never leave the apartment unless my boyfriend urges me to get out and go somewhere, lost friends, panic disorder and depression are at it's worst.

No. 184191

As long as he isn't being shady and you don't suspect him doing anything behind your back, sounds to me like you should stick with it. That is, if there's a chance you'll be together again. If you're just going to be perpetually long distance for the foreseeable future, then maybe you should let him go. You aren't being fair to him or yourself by calling a few text messages a day a solid relationship.

No. 184192

You should stop :( Especially if they're opioids.
If you're unhappy enough with the relationship that breaking it off is crossing your mind, but you would still >rather kill myself than break up with him, then somethings wrong imo. If you really feel that way about a relationship of the quality you're describing then maybe you need to work on valuing yourself more or some junk like that. Or maybe you have some other issue that you could seek a bit of help for. I don't really know, I just wanted to say what came to mind.

No. 184196

I fucked my life up by being an unmotivated depressed idiot. I fell for the community college meme, and proceeded to flounder about for a few years skipping classes, changing majors, retaking classes, never studying, not doing homework, etc. I finally graduated back in December with a low GPA (2.2) and an Associates of Science degree. The only college that would accept me was one of the worst colleges in the state (Radford University) and now I am attending there. The school had/has a reputation for being a huge party school, so you know the kinds of people that attracts.

You can choose to believe me or not, but I'm actually a smart person, I'm not living up to my potential. I don't fit in here, I have no friends and romantic prospects are nonexistent. I'm trying to raise my GPA just high enough to transfer out to a marginally better institution in around 6-8 months, but if that fails I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm considering trying to find people of my own sort on the internet in the mean time, but I don't know how to go about doing that. At the very least I have all A's and B's now, taking only Sci/Math classes, so it's not so bad.

That's my story. Wish me luck I guess.

No. 184197

Good job raising your grades, for real. I'm in the floundering stage right now, I'm taking the next few terms off uni to figure myself out a little. I know what you mean about not living up to potential, and the fact that you're doing something about it and getting better grades says a lot about you. Good luck.

No. 184198

Sorry, this is going to get really long. Found this thread and it’s exactly what I need.

My boyfriend treats me like absolute garbage and I’m at a loss for what to do. For a quick background, we dated when we were 14, and broke up a couple weeks later because he cheated on me with my best friend at the time, then decided to get back together with his ex. We still talked though, and when we were about 17, I snuck him over a few times when he would sweet talk me and try to get me to sleep with him, even though I didn’t want to. I just wanted him to like me. He would keep trying to pry my legs open and I’d tell him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. He’d keep going and going, and I’d tell him no, over and over. I got scared every time, so I kicked him out. Every. Time. Is that sexaul assault? I don’t fucking know. Anyway, I moved after that, and we still kept in touch, and I still liked him, and I still had pipe dreams that someday we’d date or be together whatever, and he still just saw me as a piece of ass. He legit said that taking my virginity would be like a “prize” or some shit.

So whatever, I moved back home 3 years later. We hung out. We made out. Two years went by, now I’m here. Within those two years, he never wanted to call me his girlfriend, ever. It wasn’t until I threatened to break off contact that he dropped the “I love you” bomb that he decided that we’re a couple. It took him a year + some months before he would even take me out in public. I lost a ton of weight and grew my hair out and then FINALLY he started to take me outside my house. He never told his friends about me until recently. Until about 3 months ago, he fucking shoved me into a dark room and refused to let anyone know I even existed. His family didn’t know about me for a year? Something like that? I was an invisible, sad, embarrassing fuckbuddy for more that one and a half years, and even now, I still feel like I'm nothing more than that. He comes over, falls asleep, wakes up, fucks me and leaves because everything else takes priority over me.

Last year, we experimented with sex and I told him I liked things rough. He’d slap me around, that sort of thing. Then it got to the point where he’d do that outside of the bedroom. I jokingly wouldn’t leave his car one time, and he backhanded me and told me to get out. There were quite few instances like that, and he thought it was ok because it was my ‘fetish’. I went to lunch with my ex-boyfriend, WHICH I TOLD HIM I WOULD DO TWO WEEKS BEFOREHAND, and he… like. Actually beat the fuck out of me, and had sex with me when I didn’t want to, and it scared the absolute shit out of me to the point where I just laid in bed and cried for an entire day afterward. I don’t want to call it this or that, but it was legitimately scary. I told him that it felt like a hatefuck, and he said “yeah, it was, I’m pissed."

He told me he cheated on me a few months ago. Because I'm a fucking moron, I told him that I forgive him.

But now, I’m fairly certain he’s cheating on me again. He’s hanging around with his ex-girlfriend and the fucking time, and I'm a salty jealous bitch because she's the text-book definition of perfect. He doesn’t go anywhere with me anymore, but goes out of his way to spend time with her and accommodate her. They text all the fucking time, he talks about her all the fucking time, and he's admitted to me that he's lied to me about hanging out with her. He tries to reassure me that nothing is going on, and that everything is fine and that we’re “good”, but I’ve finally reached the point where I’m fed up and angry and disenchanted, but not yet strong enough to confront him or say “fuck you, I’m done, leave me alone”.

It’s so easy to say “just leave,” but I've invested 10 years of my life into this festering piece of human trash that it’s really, truly and honestly, not that easy. I love him, and I've loved him for a very, VERY long time. I'm furious, miserable, and stressed beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and I know I could do better, but when I think about my life without him, I just fall apart. I'm a pathetic, stupid, fucking moron. I realize this.

No one has to give me advice. I just really, really needed to get that out there. So thanks, lolcow.

No. 184200

He sounds insanely unhealthy for you, anon. I know it's easier said than done and you've commented on that but you should really leave him. I understand 10 years is a long time but yikes, he sounds like a fucking horrible human being. You can do a lot better than him. Yeah, you may like it rough in the bedroom but he shouldn't be hitting you otherwise. And him hiding your relationship from people for such a long time is such an awful thing. Not to mention the cheating. Don't let him treat you like this.

No. 184202

>we dated when we were 14, and broke up a couple weeks later because he cheated on me with my best friend at the time, then decided to get back together with his ex. We still talked though, and when we were about 17, I snuck him over a few times when he would sweet talk me and try to get me to sleep with him, even though I didn’t want to. I just wanted him to like me. He would keep trying to pry my legs open and I’d tell him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. He’d keep going and going, and I’d tell him no, over and over. I got scared every time, so I kicked him out. Every. Time. Is that sexaul assault? I don’t fucking know. Anyway, I moved after that, and we still kept in touch, and I still liked him, and I still had pipe dreams that someday we’d date or be together whatever, and he still just saw me as a piece of ass. He legit said that taking my virginity would be like a “prize” or some shit.

If I were you I'd read this part you wrote over and over and then some more. He cheated on you as a kid and then you paint him as a sleezeball who just wants your virginity and then you end up with im anyway?? Why do you want to be with this guy again? He cheated on you recently and there's a good chance he's been cheating on you the whole time, not taking you outside or calling you his girlfriend probably made it a lot easier for him.

>I've invested 10 years of my life into this festering piece of human trash

It really doesn't sound like an investment to me anon.. what are you getting out of it now that 10 yrs have passed? He hits you? I wouldn't stick around to see what else I'd get out of my investment if I were you. Sorry for being rude but after reading that he wouldn't take you outside of your house for a year and a half I think that's the kind of thing you need to be told. If this is really how it is then you've been treated like a joke for a long time and idk how you still accept it.

No. 184203

Since you haven't done anything to get rid of this absolute asshole after 10 years, I'm just going to assume you like the drama and being treated like a piece of human garbage. So, good luck with that. Have fun for the next however many years this subhuman decides to keep playing you and hurting you. Hope he doesn't get too violent and decides to kill you one day. Oh well. Nothing of value will be lost anyhow. :(

No. 184204


You are truly, utterly pathetic. I'm sorry, but you are. You probably think something like "Well at least I wasn't alone", but honestly even if you had died a virgin it would have been more respectable and less cringey to read than this. You shouldn't love him, and even if you do it isn't an excuse for the way he treated you, and how you just took it. You're not sympathetic, you're not pitiable you're just fucking stupid and gross. Grow up.

No. 184205


oh and somehow my eyes weren't working so I missed the part where he "beat the fuck out of me, and had sex with me when I didn’t want to" and you laid in bed crying for an entire day. That's NOT a "hatefuck", but I'm not surprised he agreed, if you actually think that's what it was it lets him marginalize the shit out of what really happened. If you have any self respect you'll just leave this dude instead of talking to him and being manipulated

No. 184206

Oi, this got way more attention than I wanted it to, but thanks guys, I appreciate it!

You're absolutely right, and I should have seen the signs 100 miles away, but I was so blinded from the start that I honestly threw all of it out the window and didn't care, admittedly. All the little details and how I felt during the past 10 years are really complicated–I'd be here forever if I went into all of it, but I'd probably just narrow it down to the psychology being manipulated over and over again, especially at such a young age. But the thing is, I didn't come to that realization until recently, when I really started reflecting back on this and putting the pieces together.

It's really not that I like the drama, but I will admit that I'm co-dependent on him and he's the only person I've ever been that way with. I also didn't mention it in my post, but he has insane anger management issues. He's had a restraining order against him, and harasses everyone to get an upper-hand just because he thinks it's hilarious. Sociopath, I wouldn't be surprised. If I end up dead, I wouldn't be surprised either, but maybe he has to give a shit about me to kill me so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


>If you have any self respect you'll just leave this dude instead of talking to him and being manipulated
Thankfully as each day passes I'm getting more pissed off and more disillusioned and I just don't give a shit about what I used to want for us, so I do want to leave. My problem is that I'm scared because I don't know what the aftermath is going to be like. When he's been coming over and I think, "okay, say it NOW", but I always end up choking.

No. 184207

Once you have nothing and can see the hell you are about to slip into it becomes a life or death situation. There is no other path for me, it is success here or entering my own personal Hell, the destruction of dreams. Just a word of caution, I took a few semesters off too.. it completely killed my motivation and set me back at least a year. Don't make the same mistakes. You will regret it.

No. 184208

.. So it's okay for you to see your ex boyfriend, but if he does it with an ex girlfriend he's suddenly ~an abuser wah~

You both sound fucking stupid. Highly doubt most of that is even true, you seem like the type of whiny bitch to play the gender card. You deserved it and have no room to talk then, and I'm only sperging because I felt bad for you up until you contradicted yourself with thw ex situation. Lmfao shut up.

No. 184209

I hate it when people try to hold be accountable for someone else's actions. I'm not in control of what other people do, most of the time I'm not even aware. And if I am aware, they usually don't take my advice.

So I wish people would stop trying to make me feel accountable for the stupid shit other people do, that I don't agree with. 99% of the time if I'm associating with someone, it's not because I have a fantastic choice in the matter.

No. 184210

Understandable, but when it boils down to it you're the only one that can stop it. No one is holding a gun to your head, and as far as abuse goes, I've been in that with my ex but it wasn't difficult.

You can love them but if they aren't treating you with the respect you need then cut it off and don't complain about being treated badly if you're choosing to not fix your situation.

No. 184211

Yes, but I'm not in control of the things people do or say. I can't stop people, and it is unfair to judge me for their actions.

Yeah, fine, judge me for my response. But before I respond - before I am even aware of the actions that people are taking - why judge me for what they do? I am not God, I don't control them. I don't oversee their actions. Why should I be railed for shit that I'm not even aware of?

Or when someone says something I disagree with, all I can do is tell them to stop.

And as far as abuse goes, sometimes it is harder for some people to leave abusive situations. I was raped as a kid so I struggle to leave abusive situations. I'm not sure why I should be judged for something that I struggle with, especially when I take a proactive approach and am always trying to do better.

But at the end of the day, if I ditched every single person in my life for doing shit that is disagreeable, I would be alone. And homeless. I choose a roof over my head and a quick meal over principals.

No. 184212

I've got really severe eczema all over my body, and I've just started Uni so stress is making it 1000x worse. I'm embarrassed to let my boyfriend see my red, scabby, rashy body. I'm embarrassed to go to Uni because even if I wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, it's all over my face and hands too. I'm trying to eat better to see if that will help but I'm rapidly losing hope. Any eczema anons out there feel me?

No. 184213

I do apologize for being aggressive, what I'm trying to boil it down to is you know you deserve better. In my past, I've been raped as well and ontop of other types of abuse. It is hard to leave, and no I'm not saying you're in control of who says what because that's out of your hands.

What you ARE in control of is removing yourself out of that toxic environment. I know you can't just get up and go, but make a plan on how to get out of it.

Also when I mentioned cutting out people, it wasn't about disagreements(that's going to happen with any and every one). The ones that are toxic and causing you significant stress is the ones you definitely need to cut out imo.

No. 184214

Thanks for the advice. Did you work at all during the semesters off? I'm going to try and get a job because I actually kind of have to – my school won't let me register for financial reasons. I'm hoping that having a job will at least keep me busy and not kill my motivation.

No. 184222


I don't think he's doing anything shady or questionable! He's very honest and as far as I know, I'm his only major relationship, if not his only relationship, ever. I talked to him last night about when he'd be home again (permanently), and for all we know it could be at least another half a year, best case scenario. At worst, he doesn't come home that quickly and it's another 2 or so years until he's permanently back.

Oh, I know I've got some stuff going on with regards to self-image and self esteem. I'm looking into regularly seeing a therapist again. Hopefully I can make that appointment soon and bounce ideas off of them as well.

Thank you both for listening to me and responding though!

No. 184229

File: 1490029164618.gif (399.44 KB, 177x177, help.gif)

It does feel like bullying, he managed to have 3 more parties after this, so 6 in a row, every night.
The thing about confronting him is that i'm a fucking pussy when it comes to it. Although today I was going to finally tell him to fuck off and leave me alone but he wasn't in.. I just need to catch him when he's alone so i don't get ganged up on, which is fairly difficult.

I did complain on the 4th party of the 6 nights due to the drugs and cigarettes in my kitchen and nothing happened. Just my luck the the super old and chill security was on that night and he's not very good at telling people off. At this point i'm going to wait till i finally bump into him again and let it all out.
He started liking my Instagram pictures, knowing i would see him to that because he thinks it would upset me(?) yeah i don't know it's just super childish.

Getting the police involved is that LAST thing i would want to do but if it continues i will have to do it. I do have to live here for the next 7 months and I want to live here pretty low-key for that time.

also, yup. They were knocking on my door EVERY night of those 6 parties. Every. fucking. night. I try not to answer my door since thats giving them the attention the so clearly crave. But next time it happens I think i'm just going to run after them and at least get their picture for proof, since i have no idea who they are, they're my ex-friends bffs so apparently they know a lot about me???

No. 184231

If they're making noise after a certain hour you can just go and call the police, and if they have drugs all the better. Just make sure there's none in your room I guess?

No. 184251

File: 1490047193569.jpg (50.43 KB, 492x480, king_crimson_-_red_-_front_[co…)

There's been another death at my college, and it seems like it's suicide. It's just so sad because this was a first year who had a whole life ahead of them. I'm not angry but just sad that they chose to take their lives instead. I had a friend commit suicide last year and I'm still pretty shook…
It also doesn't help that my school is known to be stressful for its rigorous academics and internships that students must take every alternating terms.
:( rip

No. 184272

My SO is using steroids and he changed into a different person. I want to tell him to stop but he's really head strong. Idk what to do.

No. 184274

he's gonna fuck up his heart and die at 54. i wonder if he thinks getting swole is worth that.

leave him.

No. 184278

He is only going to get worse. His dick will shrink and he'll develop boobs if he doesn't quit asap. Give him the resources to see what he's in for and tell him that you want him to quit in a calm and collective way. If he doesn't it might be smart to get out, most of them turn violent bc of the hormones.

No. 184281

I'm fucking falling apart. I don't know what to do.
I haven't taken my meds in 2 weeks, haven't showered since wednesday, and its like everyone around me is leaving me. My friends don't talk to me very much anymore, and I'm left all by myself those times. My boyfriend of a good few years broke up with me because apparently I didn't make him happy enough anymore. I have no one left in my life, it took me forever for me to find someone like him and its like I never meant anything to anyone I've ever known. I've cried almost everyday for the past few days, at small little things, I spend hours each night crying and screaming and trashing my own room. I've fallen asleep on a pile of clothes I don't even know how many times. Now I'm extremely falling behind in school and it just feels like everything is crumbling around me. Why has everyone left me.. what is wrong with me? I try so hard to be the friend I really never got to others and I'm left with nothing. I'm making it worse for myself now because this has all made me extremely irritable and reclusive and now I just don't even think people should be my friend anymore. Everyone should just go away and let me die because thats exactly whats gonna happen. Nobody around me probably even cares about me, and would hardly notice if I was gone. I can't sleep and I can't even function like a normal human being anymore. I want to tear my hair out and claw my skin away, I want to die.

No. 184286

Take your meds, that's an easy one. I hope you feel better soon.

No. 184287

Take your meds.

No. 184288

Well no shit you guys, I'm not retarded. Me continuing to not take my meds is honestly more of a side effect of those things. It's the thought that counts.

No. 184291

Medicine helps but it's not going to take it all away. I'm in the same position as you regarding the friends/job/school part. I wish I could tell you how to make it stop but I don't even know how myself.

Just know that everything that is bad now, it won't stay that way. Little by little it will get better.

No. 184292

First of all, try to relax and take a deep breath. I know it feels terrible right now for you. I've been there before. It feels so dark and empty, like you've reached the end. But you have to know, that there is most definitely a future for you. There's a lot to experience in the world and the possibilities are literally endless. You might not have any idea what your future holds, but you can find it by experiencing life and taking on opportunities.
First of all though, you need a support network. It sounds like you have secluded yourself from everyone. Do you have family members you could talk to? A counselor or psychiatrist? If you don't, there is likely a hotline number you could call. Please anon, get help. As much as it doesn't seem like it, there are people who care for you and would be sad to see you go. I hope you feel better and feel free to talk here if you want.

No. 184295

My own dad call me a neo nazi because I'm against islam because its a horrible violent religion. Yep that me, the nazi who want to protect womens rights and lgbt rights. The horrid nazi who dares to be against a religion that would stone me for being a bisexual woman.

No. 184296

I know that frustration too. the current media and political push to be all inclusive without regarding what is being included is so strong atm. it's really easy to be pro-islam when you're told all over the place that it's what's right and that those who disagree are nazis and that you can ignore what they say.

No. 184303

bless you anon

Unfortunately whenever you work with people, especially old or ill/angry people, these things might happen. It doesn't make it ok but you also need to have a thick skin. Just btw if you do work with kids, you WILL hear stuff like the n-word. Kids are dumb, I remember saying Golliwog at school even though I didn't know what it meant just because other kids said it. Good luck, though.

I'm really sorry anon. Loss never truly goes away but you learn to live with it in time. Try to live as best as you can for him until you can safely remember the good times, but also be kind to yourself, there is no normal way to grieve and nobody should expect you (even you) to just get over something like this.

No. 184318

File: 1490105178997.jpg (87.57 KB, 640x640, 17309745_10212125093352098_519…)

I've posted in vent threads about being pissed at myself for "wanting" stimulants all the time, thinking I have a problem, and that I can never shake the quasi-addiction feeling.

Turns out I have ADD. I've had ADD my whole life. I obviously feel a lot of validation for things, but I also feel bitter that my parents didn't believe it existed or was something worth testing for. No, I don't actually blame them for anything, I more blame my father for telling me a few months ago it isn't real.

So I just sent him a message telling him that he needs to do some research and get back to me, I'm not going to waste my time convincing him that something he doesn't even believe in is real. It's more insulting that he thinks I would knowingly accept bullshit information from some random source, not a bunch of medical professionals and a family doctor whom I've seen my whole life.

So my rant is just because I've heard "pull up your bootstraps" and "try harder" and "stay positive" my whole life, wanted to kill myself multiple times over perceived failure and inability to do anything worth acknowledging, and now I realize that everything - my binge eating, my trouble focusing, my anxiety in hanging out with others, my conversational problems, they all have to do with ADD. My eating disorder, ADD. Depression, anxiety, ADD. God fucking dammit, I'M FREE!

No. 184322

I hate my boyfriends family with passion, especially his little brother, I'd punch that little shit in the face

No. 184326

I'm fucking sick of men who behave like children. Half of the men I am forced to interact with are like that. They are around 30 years old. The lengths they go to avoid any responsibility is amazing. Like travelling up to two hours so their moms can wash their clothes or take care of their documents. Has this always been that common? Or is it just my coworkers?

No. 184331

You're basically just using ADD as a new crutch tho.

No. 184335

Are you American?
Odds are your doctor is just mass-diagnosing you like everyone else.
Also it sounds as if you really want to have ADD, so I'm willing to bet you're just gonna start popping pills and using it as an excuse for everything.

For the record, it's totally possible to be a good student even with ADD, you'd just need more time to get everything done, so you're probably still just lazy.

No. 184342

File: 1490120413196.jpg (269.12 KB, 1988x1456, nadyayaya.jpg)

I'm pretty much fucked at this point. I can't go outside or interact with others because I feel like I'm dying, I can't focus on anything, can't learn anything, I feel like I'm going crazy everyday, I have no hobbies, just waiting for the days to pass me. My anxiety is so fucking bad my palms are always sweating and I feel like I'm having a heart attack, for the past couple of months it's gotten so bad I can't even go to school at all. I live in Eastern Europe and people don't even believe mental illness exist, my grandma thinks I'm possessed by the devil when I have panic attacks and my dad thinks I went ''crazy'' like my mom and I'm irrecoverable.
I'm also addicted to masturbating, I masturbate 3 times a day and been doing so since I was 10 and my kidneys hurt because of it, I'm also a huge binge eater and I pick my skin everyday and I look like a meth addict because of it.

I'm going to a psychiatric hospital next week and I'm terrified because I heard they are like jails over here but hopefully I'll get some medication.

No. 184344

the hotmail servers are down. I hate no idea and got scared that someone might've gottein into my account ffs

No. 184345

No wonder my phone kept asking for the password.

No. 184351

File: 1490125930983.jpg (64.22 KB, 500x318, 1475842528100.jpg)

I am sooo fucking nostalgic today. Relieved still. Just thinking about one of my exes who was LEGIT crazy, always in and out of mental hospitals, taking electroshocks and shit. He threatened me after our breakup, destroyed every friendship he ever had, and overall was a shitty bf during our relationship but i stayed with him because, besides ~loving~ him:

1. my self esteem was zero
2. part of me thought i could 'fix' or 'save' him
3. guilt. he was good at guilt tripping me and used to say id be at fault for his suicide, so yeah

I remember one day when he started to attack me because he thought i was the soul of his dead twin reincarnated in a new body, and was mad at me because I left him to be born alone. Yeah, you read it right.

It's so easy for him to lure girls and new friends because he is very good looking and knows how to chat. A friend of mine used to say he was a narc. I completely agree with her and I actually did agree back then as well, but I couldn't break up with him at the time.
Sometimes I wonder if I could do anything to tell the world that he's insane and abusive, or find a way to stop him, but then I remember anyone who interacts with him more than three times will know that he's not mentally sound, so I shouldn't worry about other people's safety.
He's truly a shit stain of a person. I hate even thinking about him, not because I miss him, but because it reminds me of how unwell i was during that period. I let him cheat on me and do horrible stuff to me and other people. He also destroyed any kind of hope I had that most people were good or that you can blindly trust others 9don't blame me, i was very young) which is probably good but i miss the innocence.

also, sometimes i go to bed and start wondering if he's going to find me and kill me. i dont mind dying tbh, im still super depressed despite the fact I am trying to improve. but, no matter what, i dont want to die BY HIS HANDS.
Thank god we live really far and he doesn't know where I am right now and probably never will.

sometimes i wish he'd kill himself like he always said he would, just so i'd sleep better at night. i hope that doesn't make me an awful human, but it's the truth. I wonder if someday i will finally be happy and bam, he will pop up to destroy everything. our relationship ended over a year ago and i cut ties for good around Nov. He was still going after me last month.

No. 184355

I hate medschool. Hate it! I was so excited during the first 2 years because I felt like I was learning something interesting and useful. But all rotations are incredibly boring and it seems like a doctor's work is just paperwork and following checklists and kissing your superior's ass. It seems like no one else has any interest in science. I didn't want to give up but this damn course takes 6 fucking years to finish. I've always looked down on those who go to medschool because of pressure from their family, but I can't even remember why I chose this life. I was so brainwashed I didn't even consider any alternative.

No. 184356

A few weeks ago, I agreed to buy my friend some random shit off of taobao because I thought it would be a nice thing to do and she is too scared to use one. I asked for just the price of the items + shopping service fee.

The money got to me yesterday, but I couldn't pay for the SS because I was super sick. I spent the entire day sleeping. My friend was asking me what's wrong, so I told her I might have mono or strep throat. But she still insisted on finalizing the transactions today. Wtf??? I'm doing her a favor, not a job. Please, learn how to use taobao yourself if you want things done at your pace.

All of this has been rubbing me off the wrong way. She's only been texting me about looking up stuff and taobao and then asking me if the money has arrived in my bank account yet. I don't know, this makes me want to distance myself from her.

If you don't like patient care have you thought about doing medical research?

No. 184364

Itty bitty vent here, but damnit, while I'm enjoying going to bed early and being well rested and all the advantages that go with it, I miss eating junk food late in the evening. I don't know why but I just love to eat unhealthy food when it's late.
It has zero advantage and makes my skin go bad but I miss it.

No. 184369

Maybe you could go into pharmaceuticals instead? Like, I think the science behind medicine is cool. You could work in a lab instead of with patients.

No. 184370

seconding this. My bf does Biochemistry and it's perfect for people who want to be doctors but not on the front lines

No. 184374

Been struggling with a sort of.. depression for many years now. I've not been very well since a very young age and I'm 20 now. Why can't I grow up and be a normal functioning person? I can feel myself getting worse and worse, my mind feels like it's deteriorating faster and faster now. I can't stop thinking. I feel so alone, and I know it's selfish. I'm always tired, my face feels loose, my heart always hurts and my skull feels like it's going to crack open from the pressure inside.

Talking doesn't help… I find myself walking out from the doctors feeling much much worse than when I arrived because I've already gone over every solution/suggestion/idea on how to make me better 1000 times in my head and I physically just… can't help myself. I'm so drained. Maybe I don't want to help myself, I don't know.

Things are bad. Just had to let this out to someone I didn't know. Sorry haha

No. 184376

What about it do you hate? Have you researched what you would like to specialize in? If you don't like the idea of having a supervisor, you could open your own practice. You got this far - I highly recommend you carefully look at other options before deciding anything.

No. 184390

You say doctors arent helping. Tell them you want meds and therapy.

No. 184397

I think i might be bulimic. It's fucking stupid. I don't fit the "I'm out of control" or the "I'm cleansing myself" stereotypes, and I don't feel like any of the stuff I read about it fits me, but I still throw up. It's not about losing weight and not related to how much I eat. I just throw up. It's been going on for about two years, sometimes every day for weeks, sometimes only once every two or three weeks. I used to be very underweight but I didn't starve myself to be thin either, I would just do other things, like clean, or work instead of eating. I don't know what the fuck this is all about. I'm not this fucking earing disorder snowflake, and I can't relate to them. I'll talk to my therapist about it, I just needed to, well, vent. Jesus christ I feel so dumb.

No. 184417

I'm pretty much Pixielocks without the money and old and not lying to myself anymore. I fucking hate myself so much for being the most mediocre waste of opportunities ever to exist, I have had SO many opportunities and here I am, nearly 30 with no career and no velocity. I can take enough responsibility to work a minimum wage job and be self sufficient, but I can't get myself on track to an actual career or follow what are meant to be my passions. I wanted to be an artist but now I've grown up I'm just over it, I've accepted that it's never going to happen but all the people around me still expect it from me. Old friends don't want to talk to me after they hear I'm not pursuing and art career, even though I try to smile and talk positively about how I'm just focusing on living and paying my bills, they avoid me like I just told then I have a contagious disease. I like to say it would be different if I had rich family to pay for my life but even that feels like a lie. I'm miserable that it's turned out like this, people just keep rubbing salt in the wound when they won't accept it.

I went through something similar, by letting yourself think of that old stuff it's like you're still in that situation, being controlled. The best thing you can do is remove all traces of that from your life and do everything to never think about it again, or get a counselor so you can unpack it in a contained space away from your life. He's gone, don't let him stay.

No. 184419

You've clearly been reading about snowflakes online too much if you now think bulimia isn't a legitimate mental disorder. Go get help instead of comparing yourself to others and having a superiority complex at that.

No. 184422

I have a mental disorder because of long-term abuse during my childhood and youth. I learnt about my disorder two to three years ago when I hit rock-bottom. Then, I had really strong suicide thoughts and my depression had really ruined my life. However, I got help and even though everything was still a horrible mess I swear the suicide thoughts were gone from the moment I took that route. Fixing my life is still an on-going process though and after this time, I don't really get better at it (organizing it and stuff). Meaning instead of going on to get an apprenticeship, I'll have to go inpatient at a clinic (which will take soooo much time). I do have therapy but it's not enough. Idk, all of this is giving me a sense of defeat, I worked really hard on recovery but it looks like a normal life is still out of reach and … more gaps on my shitty resume. I'm actually terrified. As long as I have a sense of getting better, I'm good, mood is good, high hopes are up but now this. I also have these death wishes now, far from what I used to have and not at all demanding but it's like I wouldn't mind not living my life. And often I have these surreal moments where I don't want to believe this is my life, especially waking up, so .. ya … my vent on ~lolcow.farm~ lol

No. 184423

I really hope you feel better soon anon

No. 184427

Thanks a lot!!! I'm glad I can vent under the cloak of anonimity

No. 184428

Thanks a lot!!! I'm glad I can vent under the cloak of anonimity

No. 184429

Thanks a lot!!! I'm glad I can vent under the cloak of anonimity

No. 184431

It's not about having a superiority complex, and i never said i didn't think bulimia is legitimate. I'm just venting about what this feels like for me. I am getting help. I guess I could have worded it differently, because my main issue is that 99% of resources I've found online seem to treat people who are dealing with this like we're out of control and made of glass, needing to be coddled.

sorry if that offended you.

No. 184432

Thank you, anon. I think a counselor could help me a lot, i need to stop obsessing

No. 184462


I definitely get the image in your head, and I don't deny that there is a startling reluctance to reconsider handing out amphetamine salts to children, it's pretty ignorant to assume that ADHD isn't an actual debilitating thing. Not making it seem like I struggled tooth and nail my whole life, but it specifically is interfering with my career.

And, for the record, I was a good student with ADD. I got diagnosed after college, from which I did graduate. You're not the first person to equate different feelings with laziness.

Sage because you got to me anon, I feel like I fell for some classic bait.

No. 184482

File: 1490248232299.jpg (150.6 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0528.JPG)

day hasn't been going so well and worse in a quiet house

i feel like i've emotionally recessed into the moody emo kid i was in high school because i can't process whats happening

every passing minute feels like toture

just waiting for the worst to finally materialize into existence

either way, it's a break from my usual obsessive self-hatred

No. 184489

I hate that no one in my family respects my allergies. I feel like vomiting and get extremely dizzy if someone eats shellfish/fish in the house. Nuts makes it hard for me to breathe. Too bad nobody cares and my family still eats those things when I'm at home. And that isn't all that often, so I don't get why they can't wait until I'm out of the house.

Man, I hope I won't die of anaphylaxis one day :)

No. 184501

I did it again….after months of not doing it. I'm already 30 years old and I still cut.
I do feel a lot better now, nothing seems to matter anymore and all my stress seems gone.
I'm pretty sure it's a bad thing that I don't feel the slightest bad about cutting, oh well.

No. 184502

what made you cut?

No. 184504

My boyfriend won't stop talking about his exes whenever something tangentially related to them comes up. I don't know whether I'm being overly jealous or if he needs to shut his trap.

No. 184506

That depends, if he's still close friends with them or only recently came out of a very long relationship with them, then it's to be expected, but if they broke up long ago and aren't a part of each other's lives anymore then he's fixating.
Either way there's nothing wrong with saying that it bothers you, and reaching a compromise.

No. 184508

I hate children. I can't stand them, I don't know how to act with them and most of all I don't understand how people can actually want children… And I really wonder if I'm 'normal', as everyone around me loves or at least like children a bit…

No. 184517

You were a kid too at one time, you realize? I can get not really wanting to be around them much, but you sound like you vehemently hate them. Which is degenerate as fuck.

No. 184519

No you are just a sperg who can't act normal around kids. Hating kids is pretty immature. I get not liking kids and not wanting them, thats fine. But hating them, thats childish.

No. 184521

You don't need to be rude asf. It's not like I want to hit them when I see them or anything so calm down, English isn't my native language so maybe I expressed what I feel toward them in a wrong way. And yeah I do realize I was a kid once, but implying that I should like them because I was one once is completely stupid tbh

No. 184530

File: 1490294620948.jpg (94.23 KB, 642x960, 17311155_1336319363081975_2012…)

I get what you're saying. I don't get angry when I see children, but sometimes I get anxious because I am fearful of how they perceive me. I also don't want to be even close to a bad influence, even in passing, so it makes me stumble all over myself trying to interact with a kid.

You're not degenerate, the only way anon could know for sure is if they knew you, but this is lolcow, where we're all ready to rip each other apart.

No. 184543

fugg I'm so nervous about leaving abroad. I'm going on a semester in Japan and I've never lived away from home for more than a month. I've been reading up a lot and I have acquaintances there so it should definitely be okay but it's so close now that the apprehension is overpowering the excitement.
Mostly I'm afraid something will go wrong at the airport and I'll miss my plane or something. I only need my passport, visa and e-ticket but I'm still afraid something will go wrong with one of those.

No. 184547

I am so angry with Bioware. Andromeda was hyped up so much, and it is completely shit. Shitty graphics, shitty animation, shitty everything. How can a supposedly "next gen" game look worse than games made 5 years ago?

And why does Bioware hate gay men so much? Like 8 min of cencored romance with a random npc, versus 1 hour of fleshed out romance with full on sex scenes for lesbian and straight romance? Kind of funny considering they hyped up their diversity so much.

No. 184548

Yeah, we were all kids at some point. Some day we will all be corpses. Doesn't mean I've got to be comfortable with a corpse in the room. :^)

In all seriousness, there's nothing wrong with hating or even just feeling uncomfortable around children. I feel really awkward around kids and have no desire to have any. Some kids can be cute, I suppose, when they're polite or curious about learning. More than the kids, I can't stand their crazy entitled parents. The kids are learning by terrible examples.

No. 184549

i feel that anon. i get eczema all over my body especially over my hands and arms, worse in the winter time. most people know not to be dicks and draw attention to it but occasionally i'll get some patronizing customers at work making comments about my hands. i get so embarrassed i nearly cry. :/

No. 184560

It will be fine anon almost all the girls here went to japan and theyre fine.

I noticed most of this board is just closet weebs.

No. 184564

File: 1490319140151.jpg (90.5 KB, 340x509, Rhinoplasty-before_after.jpg)

I've posted in the ps thread before, but posting here again for visibility since I want to hear multiple people's opinions about this/don't trust my own.

Do you guys think top pic is a difficult nose shape to fix? I'm going to get a nose job soon and it pretty much looks like the top picture.

I'd very much like to get the result the lady in the picture had, and I have very delicate features so the bulbous, bumpy nose just makes me look ugly. What do you think she had done, what should I suggest to the doctor? Ofc he's going to give his opinion too and we'll decide what to do together.

Third, my doctor is very well-respected and so many women sing his praises, but very recently one lady's told me that he doesn't care about the end result and that there were others who were unhappy but didn't say anything out loud. How likely is it that he'll fuck my face up?

Fourth, if I get the tip reduced and raised slightly, will it sag over time? Will it be noticeable that I had rp when I get old(er)?

Basically I'm shitting myself because of that lady's comment and want to make sure things go as well as I can hope.

Pls respond :(

No. 184568


Idk if this is your case anon, but I had bulimia before. I really liked the sensation of throwing up, it was cathartic to some extend. It was a way to cope with shit happening in my life during that time and the suicidal tendencies that I've had for the most part of my life (still managing not to kill my self tho). I didn't give a fuck about being slim or wathever, I did it just because it felt good. The joy of self destruction at the palm of your hand (or just a finger, sorry for the bad pun lol).

Talk with your therapist about it. Even when it feels fine, it's not cool having bulimia cheeks, horrible stained teeth and stomach pains.

No. 184569

I enrolled in 4 subjects this semester, thinking I'd be able to handle it. To nobody's shock, I couldn't. I got so far behind in one of the subjects that I completely forgot there was an assessment today. It was only worth 1.5% of the final grade, but I know I'm not going to get any better. So I dropped it. My mom won't stop with the I-told-you-sos and saying that everyone else has graduated already. Thanks mom…

I hate having chronic fatigue. Honestly, I feel worse than when I was fucking depressed and ready to kill myself every day. Knowing that I'm going to spend the rest of my life like this makes me want to kill myself now, just end it early so I don't have to slug on for another 60 odd years. I don't have the energy to do anything and everyone thinks I'm a lazy piece of shit. I feel like I'm a lazy piece of shit.

No. 184577

Thank you so, so much fir answering. I was diagnosed today with "atypical bulimia" and I'm going into treatment. I feel so alone. I know not everyone is blessed with a support system, sadly, today I realized i might be one of those people. I have friends, family and a bf, but they all have their own shit to deal with. The other anon was so mad. I never ment to make anyone mad, I'm just scared. My experience is not like yours but I really appreciate your words. I'm so sick of making the people around me more worn out. I will do my best to get better. I hope you are better, anon. I hope that anyone reading this, who feels alone knows that at some point, we all do. I'm not killing myself tonight.I will get better. Thank you again.

No. 184581

File: 1490335321727.gif (1.86 MB, 245x200, tumblr_inline_omz0gis96Y1r4gu4…)

I'm disappointed as well anon, but I honestly don't think that it's a terrible game. The gameplay is decent, though some animations in cut scenes are wack, even for Bioware. The writing is what bothered me the most, really. The plot doesn't support the game very well, so small things like visual bugs and creepy animation seem worse. Also that horrible excuse for a CC doesn't help things. Bioware isn't what it used to be after that shitstorm of an ME3 ending.

They're still marketing Mass Effect towards dudebros which explains all the M/F and lbh, the lesbian romances are for them as well. If you're talking about the Jaal fiasco, it was kinda low of Bioware to bait on twitter that broRyder could romance him. If they had said outright from the start that he'd only be available to femRyder they could have avoided this altogether. Even so, I am more confused as to why Liam and Cora aren't bi, cause y'know, Jaal's an alien.

I still like the game, but I'm disappointed because of what it could have been. It doesn't deserve the hate though. Memes for sure, but not the kind of vitriol I've been seeing on boards/forums. Lastly, I actually think Sara is kinda pretty? But I'll never be able to unsee things like pic related. She looks legitimately retarded in some scenes, which is just a shame.

sage for sperg

No. 184584

My mom just yelled at me because she's embarrassed that I'm graduating a year late and has to lie to people when they ask. She's cursing up a storm. Not like I haven't slept properly in 4 years, I'm doing this because I think it's fun being fucking sick and having my entire life ruined by something everyone thinks is arbitrary

No. 184585

It's a shame that so many big companies that used to make really great games are slowly becoming worse. OR at least it's more noticeable.
Ubisoft, TellTale, Bethesda, etc.. Or maybe it's just a bad game for gaming. Either way, it's a shame.

No. 184586

While the Jaal thing was poorly handeled, I could do without him being a male romance. And I get having more characters to romance for dudebros. But no fleshed out m/m romance what so ever? Even ME3 had that. And DA:I got so much praise for having romances for everyone. Was Bioware thinking "Gee our fans loved that, lets never do that again".

I think the game deserves all the hate it got. It is a game made by a huge company with a big budget, and was supposed to be a fresh start for the series. It should't have the problems it has. But when you hire people for being "inclusive" and "progressive" instead of being good writers and animators, I guess this is what you get.

No. 184591

Pfffffft you fucking graduated didn't you? You slogged through years of hard work whilst managing shitty health. Your mum should be grateful that you're dedicated and successfully earned a diploma and education, not bitching because it wasn't fast enough for her liking.

Has she gotten a degree since the 70's? She's probably got no idea what it's like.

No. 184598

Your mom is overreacting. You're probably putting yourself through a lot to achieve this much. Seconding what >>184591 said. Your mom shouldn't rag on you for taking a little extra time. That happens a lot, honestly, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. You'll feel a lot better when it's over. I sincerely hope you find a job doing something that makes you happy and that you can rest easy soon.

No. 184612

>Do you guys think top pic is a difficult nose shape to fix?
Absolutely not, it's pretty easy to fix.
>What do you think she had done, what should I suggest to the doctor?
Show him pictures of the result you'd like on yourself. If you're not familiar with rhinoplasty's language, pictures talk more than words. And even if you're familiar with it, pictures are better.
>Third, my doctor is very well-respected and so many women sing his praises, but very recently one lady's told me that he doesn't care about the end result and that there were others who were unhappy but didn't say anything out loud. How likely is it that he'll fuck my face up?
There will ALWAYS be people unhappy with the result. This count for every surgeon in the world, as good as he can be. Hell, on realself there's even people who went to Grigoryants that ended up with a result they don't like.
Literally everything that counts is the happy/unhappy patients ratio. What do happy patients say about the doctor? Is he honest? Does he care about fulfilling your request? Also, you shouldn't panic because of something "a lady told you" because there are people paid by other surgeons to badmouth their "rivals". Look at your surgeon's works, do you like his style? Search for more opinions. But keep in mind that for every surgeon there will always be people unhappy with the result, and it's natural because some people have unrealistic/impossible standards (for ex. "I have a giant bulbous nose and I want a tiny Kardashian one! What, why did it come out slightly bigger than a Kardashian nose? Yes I know that I have thick skin and my nose was big, b-but it's the surgeon's fault!") or didn't communicate enough with the doctor. Speak up about your request, don't be afraid to annoy him since it's his job and it's better to be annoying that ending up with a nose you don't like.
>Fourth, if I get the tip reduced and raised slightly, will it sag over time? Will it be noticeable that I had rp when I get old(er)?
Eh, honestly I don't know. He could use grafts to raise your tip. I don't think a rhinoplasty nose could sag worse than a natural one tbh.
I wrote an essay, hope it helped

No. 184619

That helped a lot, thank you so much!
I've hated my nose since I was 13 or so, so I'm super happy to get it done, I just don't want to replace it with something even worse.

No. 184626

File: 1490378477965.png (163.55 KB, 295x371, 3221.png)

Same, I was around 13-14 when I started being self conscious about my nose and I'm currently turning 22 and saving money, in max 2 years I should make it.
Another thing is that you should have realistic expectations: from the side view your nose already seems easy cake, I don't know about the front, but for example a person with a bulbous nose can only expect a reduction of max 30% of its original width, more than 30% would mean a collapse for sure. Check out Bella Hadid's nose: can you see that weird shadow on the middle of the nose bridge? It's called "inverted v" and happens when the surgeon takes out too much cartilage in order to reduce, more than 30%, or when he digs out the bridge too much in order to give a "ski slope" shape from the side, and the nose starts collapsing. The inverted v will be more and more visible, and it's not just an aesthetic problem because your nose slowly loses its ability to breath and you will have to get a revision surgery by a good doctor. This to say, choose wisely and avoid those surgeons who promise you a Kim Kardashian nose despite your starting point. When I was 15 being the innocent girl I was I sent a mail to an infamous surgeon in my country, known to reduce large noses like crazy (now everyone avoids him like the plague because he fucked up too many people) including pics of my nose and the nose of my dreams of then asking him if it was possible and then? He told me that "everything is possible" and that's a HUGE red flag because it's a blatant lie, surgery is not Photoshop, he was not being honest. Not everything is possible, there's a limit and if your surgeons tells you otherwise he's lying.

No. 184640

Thanks for sharing your experience, anon! Every little bit helps, I appreciate it a lot.

From the front my nose looks okay, the bridge looks prominent because it's too 'tall' (projects too far away from the face) and the tip is kind of bulbous, but not potato-tier by any means. It seems longer than it is because of the hump and lowered tip. If I had it done it would still look like my nose from the front, just a tad shorter (and imo more flattering and less wonky) because of the raised tip and no hump.

No. 184642

Glad it helped. Your nose seems easy to fix. Good luck!

No. 184657

id be your bud, bud

No. 184668

I've been fantasizing about cocaine for a while now. I never tried but god damn do I want it. Too bad I never leave outside my house and I have no friends. :(

I've only tried alcohol and I love it.

No. 184672

I have two boys who have loved me a lot and been through a lot with me for years and idk what to do I don't want to choose but I might have to in the future, I know somebodys getting badly hurt and I hate this

No. 184673

maybe they'll pick each other though

No. 184677

Weird, I thought I was the only one who had this specific fantasy. Except I don't like alcohol. Something about cocaine specifically makes me want to do it.

No. 184679

>MMO I play introduces free username changes after a bot/inactive account cleanup
>Look up some names for fun
>Accidentally click the wrong button
>Now stuck being 'Aunt Barb'

No. 184680

File: 1490448746200.jpg (94.02 KB, 1024x645, reybugs_by_rob3tck-d99b0m4.jpg)

forgot reaction image

No. 184681

aunt barb isnt so bad. i had a friend who was cheesesteak bonus for awhile because of that same misclick.

No. 184686

I have completely fucked up my life.

I got a full ride scholoarship to school, and I'm going to graduate to work at Target.

I don't even think I'm going to move up like they promised, I was hired under the impression that they wanted to use me for what my degree was in but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a cashier pretty much all the time despite that not being on the job offer form.

I'm going to struggle to make my basic needs, live in the same state for the rest of my life, and live alone in a tiny apartment that I picked so I can walk to work, because I also don't have a car.

I'll have to put all my money into savings for emergencies, an eventual car, and to pay off any medical bills that I know will be ahead in my future, I have BPD and bipolar, I'll have to pay for meds, and therapy, and always have backup on hand in case I wind up in the psych ward again.

I'll come home to an empty house, no boyfriend, no pet, and right now no roommate, eat cheap food, and just make enough to eek out a sad little life by myself.

I really just want to die.

No. 184687

lmao it's not so bad

No. 184689

kek. did you try contacting a mod or something?

No. 184693

>i wonder if i'm normal lol i hate kids im so diffurent xDDD
you sound like you're still in middle school and childish yourself. grow up and get some personality instead of being an edgy cunt.

No. 184698

You could always find a new job. It's not the end. Your life isn't fucked up.
Graduating from college in itself is a big achievement. What degree did you graduate with?

No. 184702

This. I know it seems like you fucked up your life, but if you are on lolcow then you are still probably pretty young (<35). You could always get a graduate degree. It's only 1-2 years, and if you get something in a useful field you'll have lots of options.

No. 184704

why are men the way they are…why is it so hard for some of them to stick to one person, at least have the balls to break up instead of cheating or paying fucking cam girls…

I also wanted to make muffins for the first time today, on my own. Asked my mom if she wanted to help a little since I'm not sure how to work with an oven. I'm a complete newbie at cooking and baking. It ended with me being showed to the side while she was doing everything. I only cleaned up after her…fml..

No. 184706

I wanna do cocaine too lmao. I don't even drink or smoke. The only other drug I really use is caffeine lol.

No. 184707

Imo it's insanely overrated. Hope you guys get that good good soon though

No. 184710

don't be a teenage edgelord, all cocaine does is make you feel anxious, trembly, and stupidly invincible. if you want the experience, go chug 18 energy drinks and empty the contents of your wallet into a toilet. it's also way addictive and if you're stupid enough to be like 'omg i wanna do coke', you're going to get your dumb ass addicted and be like toopoor

t. someone who had a coke problem

No. 184711

jumpin on this train. its not that great. youre missing out on nothing. i think people hype up stupid shit as teenagers like omg drugs and have stupid amounts of sex early and paaaaarrrtay because youll miss out!! because its edgy and ~*cool*~

in reality, its pretty tryhard. i mean, i feel like even after the initial being able to legally buy cigarettes and booze and freaking out about that, the glamour dies out and it turns out it doesnt turn you into a super cool version of yourself. same with drugs. you just end you being you with a bad habit.

No. 184713

I'm >>184706 and i'm definitely not about to go buy any dang coke don't worry. Don't even know where I'd get some. I realize it's dumb and edgy which is why I'd only ever admit it on an imageboard.

No. 184716


I heard a lot of ppl who dislike coke go to South America and try it. They end up loving it since its of a higher quality than what they usually can get.
Costa rica is a country I'm thinking of

No. 184717

Let me squeeze a post into the drug convo (I'm actually serious, by all means, feel free to continue)

I'm an anon that recently mentioned mental health struggles here due to abuse.
Well, I have a schizophrenic brother (that is the only diagnosis I know tho and he could have more) …
He lives in sheltered living. He has had bad luck with girls (he's been a bit socially awkward). He is really sensitive and sweet. Growing up, he was one of the more sensitive siblings and really smart. He's an adult now. He likes gaming (oh, I love gamers flaming at him…..) and works doing some crafts sometimes.
I love him a lot but I find it hard to relate to him and read him sometimes. I try to keep close contact but I'm not too social myself and lazy/depressed with contacts and we don't have too much in common, so it's awkward sometimes. One time I suggested visiting in the future and he just said he doesn't want me to be bored. (He can relate to another family member pretty well though btw, about that I'm relieved). I don't wanna project shit onto him but our father had had it out for him the most and I know that's why his (genetically predisposed) schizophrenia had broken out at the peek of domestic fights and I witnessed it. I still feel heart-broken about it. Clue number one him being a cinammon roll too good for the world is that he forgave our father and keeps close contact with him even though our dad is a dick. And he's just generally positive and sweet. It's also worth mentioning our mum is pretty much gone from our lives. I don't want to be an ass in denial of his new life but I often find myself wishing him a better fate and worrying about his mental health and the possible breakdowns ahead. I'm afraid of him ever feeling lonely and abandonned in his life or else and I wanna be there if that helps. Most family members don't think about these things but I just feel like he is still a boy that slipped into an unfortunate, cruel and cold life and I don't wanna close my eyes to that but draw my consequences from that as a sister.
But I also know that he has his own personal integrity / personality / responsibility and that he has to be strong given what he has worked through and that he's as independent as can be and I should respect all that.

No. 184722

File: 1490489896022.jpg (11.2 KB, 265x190, images.jpg)

I get how you feel and want to send you a cyber-hug, anon. It's hard when you have to work a lot for what feels like nothing

In that, I wanna include every poor soul that didn't get answered even though they may have hoped for an answer (then again it's mostly about writing it out right)

No. 184729

you're cute

No. 184732

i'm >>184710 , my best friend was columbian and i lived in miami, i got the good south american shit, trust me. you don't come to dislike it because it's not good enough shit, you come to dislike it because you're always chasing the good parts of it as they diminish, until you're only doing it to keep yourself from feeling sick and shaky. coke is not some 'omg lel i smoked a blunt at a party' kind of shit where you can just go on a bender and quit cold turkey with no repercussions.

sorry to sound rustled as fuck but that was a stupid-ass argument. its like "oh if you dont like smirnoff ice, just try grey goose instead, you'll end up loving it" - when the point is don't fucking seek out substances to be cool in the first place. same shit as people who start smoking cigarettes bc cool people do it.

smart choice

No. 184743

you sound like a good sister. good luck with w/e you try to do for or with him

No. 184763

A couple of weeks ago I got to knew my ex boyfriend (who recently broke up with me) got himself a new gf and doing the maths it all seems like he had been cheating on me for at least 4 months. He didn't care that we were together 4 years and I tried to support him both emotionally and financially, even though my parents weren't approving the relationship.
What bothers me the most is how this girl has been chasing him for almost all of the time that we were together and how he couldn't even tell me about her existence, while every damn time I went out with friends I told him about who they were. Though I blocked him, when I was deleting chat-logs I saw that his new profile picture was a photo of her, while he was caressing her face or hair.
He never did any of those things with me because "he didn't feel any bond with people" and "because I was the only one he talked to" he wanted me to be patient. Fuck it, really, I don't even miss him at this point, it just makes me so mad to have put so much effort in a relationship with a robot, rock or no-sense-being.

The girl is pretty cute and that also drives me nuts because my self esteem problems, which almost disappeared, are rising again.

I wish Karma existed. At least I don't cry anymore.

No. 184767

>coke is not some 'omg lel i smoked a blunt at a party' kind of shit where you can just go on a bender and quit cold turkey with no repercussions.
Eh, I did exactly that. I actually did it on a daily basis for over six months and when it became too hard to buy more I just quit it cold turkey because it wasn't really an addiction.

Not everyone who do coke end up with a problem, anon.

But then again, I never liked it that much, I much prefer alcohol.

No. 184769

Why say shit like that when people, probably kids, are talking about trying it? THEY might end up being the ones with a problem.

And maybe you didn't have a problem where when you decided to stop and found you couldn't, but you did have a problem where you wasted money on and used a drug daily for 6 months that "I never even liked that much".

No. 184782

Sounds like a piece of shit asshat and what a precious new thing he has built on a cheat, how romantic and glamorous….., hope you feel better soon, anon.

No. 184784

>Not everyone who do coke end up with a problem, anon.
not everyone who plays russian roulette gets shot, so it's totally safe to try it!

you realize how dumb you sound? why would you risk starting on a stupid, expensive, addictive behavior just for cool points? is your self confidence that cripplingly low?


No. 184786

You sure are right, but the other anon isn't wrong either. Some people just don't become addict.
I honestly would be curious to know why.

No. 184791

possibly genetic predisposition to addiction.

No. 184806

I come from a recent break-up and would like some casual intimacy. Nothing emotional, just some physical contact. Sex perhaps, too. I'm pretty low-maintenance and wouldn't even desire this if I weren't a social hermit and buried in stress rn.

No. 184807

I come from a recent break-up and would like some casual intimacy. Nothing emotional, just some physical contact. Sex perhaps, too. I'm pretty low-maintenance and wouldn't even desire this if I weren't a social hermit and buried in stress rn.

No. 184808

the other anon isn't wrong at the basest level of what they said (some people are less predisposed to addiction) but it is still a wrong as heck statement to say 'oh well you might not get addicted, so go for it, dont listen to these words of warning bc i personally am a unicorn'

No. 184809

Has anyone here had permanent hair removal on your face? I want to get either laser hair removal or electrolysis for my stache and sideburns. I have fair skin and dark hair but my facial hair is mostly peach fuzz. What would work best?

No. 184812

I want to learn a cool skill. The only thing "interesting" I can do well is crochet, but not well enough to make money off of it or anything like that. Idk, it just frustrates me that I feel totally useless in life.

No. 184814

I got a major in apparel marketing with a concentration in visual merchandising, and a minor in business.

23 now, and I can't justify grad school now, but I'm considering it in the future, maybe even in something far outside my original degree.

I mean, they like me at work and my manager said she was going to move me into makeup for my next shift (I love makeup) and I'm doing visuals in April, so maybe I'm just starting slow?

I just don't want to wind up poor and bored. I want to make just enough to travel a bit and indulge in my weeb hobbies privately, and that's it.

Thanks Anon, I really hope we can all feel better, I love you bitches.

No. 184818

What are you into, and what have you tried so far? There are so many interesting and cool hobbies to pick up! The hard part is really continuing with it after the novelty has worn off.

No. 184828

I fucking hate people who think because they have kids it makes them fucking special above everyone else.
I was only trying to be empathetic with this fucking bitch who was audibly pissed off and ranting because her plane was delayed. All I said was that I understood how frustrating it is to be delayed for a few hours, and her snarky prick ass was all like "YEAH I DONT THINK YOU DO I DOUBT YOU HAVE TWO KIDS."

What a fucking cunt. I wanted to take it back and say I hope they delay it eight hours and one of her kids throws up. I'm still mad about it.

No. 184829

The other day I found "I'm tired" scratched into one of the desks at my university's library and someone actually took the time out of their day to scratch "wait till you have kids!!" underneath it.

No. 184831

I'm learning to draw, anon. Start with me. We can both suck.

No. 184836

File: 1490585634277.jpg (119.13 KB, 800x800, Zc5I8zq.jpg)

a (not very close) friend of mine on fb is constantly posting writing memes like pic related and i just want to scream A WRITER IS SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY FUCKING WRITES INSTEAD OF POSTING MEMES ABOUT IT every time. if he wrote a single page for every fucking writing meme he posted, he'd have a goddamn book and could call himself an actual writer by now. he constantly posts infographics about how to actually start writing/how to overcome writers block but never uses any of the damn advice.

i'm bothered bc i've written 4 books, totaling well over 1000 pages. recently, i wrote a 250 page novella in two weeks as a way of catharsis/something to keep me from breaking my streak of sobriety. it isnt that goddamn hard to write; just fucking put words on paper. even if they suck, even if you know it's the worst shit you've ever spewed, you have to charge through or you'll never find your stride.

>but anon, how do you know he isn't writing

firstly, he's lamented to me about how hard it is to even get started, so no fucking way he's got more than 3 shitty pages at best. secondly, he's a chronic oversharer, so every page he wrote would come along with an 'omg such an author XD' post on facebook.

also, i don't honestly believe that anyone who shares goddamn writing memes is an actual writer. they're a wannabe, a poser, but not an actual writer. some people are just NOT MEANT TO BE WRITERS, even if they feel they have a story to tell. having an idea for a book doesn't make you a goddamn writer, it's ACTUALLY WRITING THE THING that makes you a goddamn writer.

>but anon, why not just unfollow him?

a good friend of mind asked me to befriend him bc he's going through a personal struggle that i made it through before, and he's really in need of good people to form a support group. he's honestly not a bad guy, besides being way entrenched in fandom in that tumblr way. besides, the stupid memes are only a small part of what he posts, and the rest ranges from kind of genuinely funny to amusing in an almost /snow/-tier cringe way. i try to block the pages that he gets all these fucking memes from but they seem to come from a different one each time.

>but anon, why not tell him this?

again, i dont know him very well and it would be mean af sounding no matter how i did it, it'd just seem like i was unnecessarily shitting on his dreams to totally be the next JK rowling.

No. 184837

I feel like since I've moved out of my parents' house last month I've relied more on alcohol to cope with depression than before. Like, I know that I could/should be on some sort of meds because I was on them for awhile while in college (but I got them through the school's counselling center and that required appointments that basically boiled down to sessions with me going 'my mom's expectations o me screwed me up because she had no one to push her, therefore she was way too hard on me growing up and grounded for getting B's on progress reports and shit and comparing to literally any I grew up with but raging at me when I did the same'… and that wasn't productive. Like, I know why I am sad. That, and they somehow managed to make my already underweight self to lose more weight (I went from 105bs to 90-95lbs at 5'4 with no effort or real diet change… which also concerning for both parents and professors I was close with. Friends, for some reason, didn't notice or care)

… but since I've graduated and been off of things and now shoved into the real world™, I really feel like I need to get back on them but have no idea how because I never went to doctors normally as a child so I have no idea how to schedule appointments or even a fucking general check-up because I never did that growing up despite having fucking health insurance and it pains me because I'm already anxious as hell about shit like this.

So, I guess for anons that went off of meds for awhile, would it be easier to bring, like, a old bottle to show that "hey, I was on these before and would like I get back on them" in regards to medication? Or what? I literally have no idea how to function in a doctor's office because my parents were really indifferent towards any sort of 'hey, can I get a general check-up/bloodwork done' anytime I would bring it up? Because they still are that way and, like, I want help but I'm on their insurance.


I think drinking 2-3 drinks a night alone (be it beer or liquor-based) isn't healthy behavior for a 24 year old and I want to get better… but I just.

I just can't do it on my own because I always pass shit off as a joke to any sort of friends I have.

No. 184839

If you are desperate go to any strip club and ask any girl, she will direct you in the right place.

Sauce: was a stripper in college. Kek

No. 184840

*to the

No. 184854

stress at work that got build up, the day after it, I realised it was related to hormones too since my period started then. I always get weird the day before my period.
I'm doing better now, just once in a while I seem to burst.

No. 184855

what happened? are you okay?

No. 184857

I feel you there, I'm the same with my period. Even if I feel great all week, on the night before my period (usually friday night, great way to start the week-end) I get a huge fit and can't stop crying for like 2 hours. I just find all the reasons I can to hate myself and everything. And when I get my period on the next day I just feel so stupid…

Speaking of which I'm going to stop taking birth control soon since I'm abroad and I'm so scared I'll go back to crying like this regularly instead of just once a month. BC makes my period super regular, I hope it won't get too messed up after stopping.

No. 184858

File: 1490614829891.jpg (120.17 KB, 790x843, virgin.jpg)

Fucking Hell, i need to vent.

Basically i'm in 2nd year Uni. This guy who has had no friends for his entire uni experience was talking on this anon app called Yik Yak. I reached out to him since they mentioned they were in the same year and course.
We have 2 group work assignments this year and i thought,hey, more the merrier.
I reached out to him and told him our friend groups discord info etc and told him to join if he wants to take up the offer.
2 weeks go by and he finally joins.
Now my friends are very offensive. Racism, sexism etc. It's that kind of friendship where everyone is aware of each others "pushing point" so anything other than that point is basically free rein and anyone can say it.
I made him aware of it and told him to please tell us if anything we say is too much and we will stop immediately. He told us nothing offends him but if something comes up he'll tell us. After about a week he starts making sexual comments about me and my boyfriend, who everyone was just confused as since my gender or my relationship never comes into question. We just chose to ignore it.

A month goes by, he's really weird and the classic nerdy virgin. He wears the same clothes day in and day out, smells a bit, but he's a good worker and I normally don't judge people like that. The deadline for our first group assignment is due, he's becoming more and more odd. It gets to the point where i'm begging him to tell me what part of the work he's done so i can complete it and hand it in. The night before hand in we got the group on discord and talked it all out and did a massive chunk of the work. I tell him i will go into uni early the next day to finish up any work. I get no reply and he leaves voice chat because someone was playing his youtube vids over voice comms, telling us that he's busy and to leave him alone. I go into uni the next day early and I let him know that I will be there incase he needs any help with his part of the work. I get to uni, no hello or look in my direction. He's clearly still upset from lastnight so i leave him to it. Every 20 mins or so I keep asking him if he's okay and if he needs help since im sitting around doing nothing. "yeah anon everything is fine". We had to show this work in a demonstration that day he said he was done and it was fine. We get to the demonisation and his part work isn't there and he's deleted a good amount of the work because it was "broken". We end up with a bare minimum pass grade at 40%, it pisses me off because I always try to get 70%+ on my work for my degree.

Fastforward to today. I tell everyone i'm going into to uni early to finish up the work that is due in for tomorrow if anyone needs help with their part let me know and i'll do my best. I made a colour coded Google doc for everyone to write down their tasks and if they needed help. He was in a mood all day, assuming from last weeks group work grade that he fucked up. He was complaining that I wrote down tasks on the google doc that we dont need to do. All i said was that i copied and pasted them from the assignment specification so we know what we need for a good grade. He continues to tell me to fuck off. Since he told me to fuck off I told him to fuck off and kys because I cba with this shit the 2nd time in a day before hand-in. the other people in the group don't like him because he deletes stuff from the work and doesn't tell us. He proceeded to bring my relationship into it which has nothing to do with uni since he's a kissless virgin, stood up, slammed his chair down and stormed out the class.

mfw I have to try to get him to come onto discord tonight and do work with the rest of us when he will still having an "episode".

Let this be a lesson to you anons. Don't befriend the friendless kid in the corner of the class, they're friendless for a reason.

No. 184859

>Don't befriend the friendless kid in the corner of the class, they're friendless for a reason.

Your lesson there is pretty damn on point. Little Billy is in the corner because he doesn't shower, Susy is there because there's something off about her so she can't function in a normal social circle, and Tommy's there because he's an asshole, etc. People want to pass off being in social situations like that as them just preferring it that way or something like that, but it's so rare for that to be the whole case (if any of it) that these people just aren't worth taking a chance on.

No. 184860

Fuck that. Can't you kick him out ? He's actively sabotaging the group. I had to deal with someone like that and after two times in a row, we would keep the person out of the current states of affair, give them a bullshit job (either something we could go without or something someone also did as back up) and just get the job done between us. It's not fair to have more job to do but it's better than failing because of an idiot.
You could also go nuclear and go to the teacher but eh, wouldn't advise it.

No. 184861

Sounds like a potential Elliot Rodgers, but without the money. He feels like you, and the world owe him something, anything. You're just murky on what that is because you're rational and he is insane. The sexist part is disturbing, I would talk to someone at school about the worrying behavior.

No. 184862

I look absolutely terrible and it seems I can't do anything about it. I tried starving myself, but even at a BMI of 16 I looked chubby, even doctors encouraged me to lose more weight due to my fat percentage. Now I'm trying to gain muscle, and that seems fucking impossible for me. I get 150% of my daily needs for protein, I train with 2-3 days in between them and I do heavy weights with low reps. I seem to only be gaining fat and getting weaker.
My boyfriend is super muscular and I feel horrible for being with him. He has to deal with my lumpy ass body, while he looks like a Greek God (but not with a small package). He got with me expecting that I'd end up looking better, but that's not happening. I want to fucking kill myself.

No. 184863

You look chubby at a 16 BMI? Looks like a bad case of body dismorphia to me, Anon.
And if your bf got with you hoping your body would be better in the future, he's a fucking asshole and I understand where those deep self-esteem issues come.

I suggest a good hard look at the fact that the standards in your head might be fucked up and maybe an appointment with a psychologist if it's distressing you this much. You deserve better than feeling this bad.

No. 184864

I need to vent abouy my middle school years.
I was a real fucking weird girl. I didn't know how to get along with my classmates and I just had one friend. I didn't have any idea that this bitch told shit about me to other people and from 8th grade to the next year she and other group of 5 girls fucked me up.
I just moved to another school, I made a great best friend but I had some trust issues and didn't make more friends.
Now I'm 19, I fear most girls because I don't want to get hurt again, my self steem is shit and I don't know how the fuck I'm gonna make it to adulthood. I'm only alive because of my family and I don't want to give these whores their prize.

No. 184865

You couldn't have helped it, anon. When people gang up on you like that there's usually very little you can do. Teachers can't and won't do shit, if you stand up to them they're more influential and outnumber you so it can make everything worse. Switching schools was a good idea and possibly your best solution.

No. 184866

Most people when they are underweight have a flat stomach with no fat on it, I still had the stomach of a chubby person including a fat person's bellybutton, while I could play my ribs like a xylophone. And even then I only had a very small thigh gap and looked in general nowhere near underweight.

He's not an asshole, he's just very big on self improvement. He in general expects me to become better in the future and is now just bearing with me with some of my flaws.

No. 184868

Yeah, i will take full responsibility for taking him in. He's just such a fucking autistic child.
We want to kick him out but it's the day before hand in and i don't think we can at this point even if we took it higher up. the only thing we can do it give him a lower contribution percentage. Everyone is graded out of 100% and i'm thinking about giving him 80% and splitting the extra 20% between the rest of us.
He is basically an Elliot. His nickname is Gollum since he look and acts like him, turns out even in Highschool he had the same nickname and my friends gave him that name too, says something really. I'm going to cut off all ties after this assignment hand-in tomorrow. If he continues I will report him.

One thing I didn't mention is that he did hit me once, nothing super hard or bruise worthy, but he hit me. He says it was a joke but I don't think so. After that our whole group and my bf got onto him for it and I think that was his big shut down moment.

No. 184869

Welp, regardless, it was really nice of you to try to include him at first. Not all shy people are fucking weirdos.
But yeah, time to cut your losses.

No. 184872

One google search 'underweight with belly' will tell you otherwise. Seriously, anon, it's unhealthy to think like this. You're never going to have a godess body, there are always going to be flaws.

People with perfect fat distribution, no cellulite, and incredible muscle tone (while being a woman - yep, it's harder for you than it is for your bf) are super rare.
And I get wanting to self improve, it's great. It's great you've been working this hard on yourself.
You know what's not so great? Feeling like killing yourself despite all these efforts because your expectations are never going to match reality.
And finally, yes. He is kind of assholish. You don't get with people with 'flaws' in the hope they'll match your expectations later. I get that you can ask that someone do their best and keep up but there, it sounds like he has you convinced that you're shit and full of flaws while he is incredible. That's not pushing you to be your best self, it's bringing you down and borderline abusive.

No. 184874

I'm gonna jump on the "your boyfriend is an asshole" train. I don't give a shit if he has the body of a Greek god. My boyfriend is gorgeous as in I've compared him to a Greek god like you have compared your bf (seriously,) skinny, and has lean arm/leg muscle, and he would never think of expecting me to "improve" my already skinny body. He's told me if I gain weight, that's just more to hold.

I'm insecure about my waist measurements too. I calculated my BMI and I'm about yours. Very skinny, can't build muscle, etc. Your stomach is "big" because it's a fucking organ. If you tone it, it'll look different, but normal skinny people have a bit of a belly unless they stretch.

If you want to eat healthier and exercise, good on you, but your boyfriend's desire for you to improve yourself crosses from reasonable and into borderline abusive.

No. 184876

I'm not skinny, I'm skinnyfat, I'm more fat than skinny. It looks really really bad. Plus I already gained a shitton of weight, I'm almost at a healthy weight now, so I look like an absolute cow now. I have no idea why he hasn't dumped me yet.

My waist is fine, it's my stomach that's the problem. It aren't organs pushing it out, it's actual fat that jiggles when I so slightly move.

He's really not abusive. Isn't it normal to want your girlfriend to be at least a bit attractive? He likes fit girls that's all. He's also constantly busy with improving himself as well, it's not hypocritical.

No. 184879

I am going to say this again: this is not healthy. BMI isn't always the best measure, and fast weight gain isn't either, but your boyfriend going in expecting you to improve yourself to be on "his level" is abusive.
>I'm almost at a healthy weight now, so I look like an absolute cow now

And this alone is a really, really bad indicator of your mental state. Exercise if you want or need to, but your bf should not be discouraging you from being a healthy weight. If you're not fit enough for him, that's not your problem. He is not above you.

No. 184880

He wants me to be at a healthy weight, but rather because of muscle than fat. He wants me to be actually healthy instead of skinnyfat. That's not abusive.

No. 184881

what about thyroid issues? snoring?
some people who snore can sleep for hours but they don't REST

No. 184882

The idea that he is "perfect" or that you don't need to have expectations of him because he's already ~fit~ but he does of you is wrong. He should fucking love you as you are and if he does, he will change his tune after hearing how upset you are over this. Another anon said it's harder to gain muscle as a woman and she was right. He needs to stop expecting your body to act the same way as his. You need a certain amount of fat to have your uterus function correctly without being doubled over in pain every month.

Just do you know I'm not just being mean to your bf, my bf likes skinny/petite girls. But he loves me, so he's not going to drag my self-esteem into the dirt because I age or gain some weight, because he's not going to look the same forever either.

No. 184883

File: 1490632619107.jpg (31.79 KB, 427x640, lina lansberg.jpg)

My boyfriend doesn't care about me gaining weight, as long as it's the right weight, muscle. He wouldn't mind me looking like Lina Lansberg (ufc fighter), he isn't expecting me to look like some petite ballerina. The problem is I've only been gaining fat, probably 0 muscle. So I look like absolute shit and I am terrified to see him soon. I have more fat on my stomach than necessary, not just the amount that is vital, I mean actual chubby levels.

No. 184884

See? It's only "allowed" if it's the "right" weight. That's where my problem is. No one should have that level of control of your body if you're just a bit chubby. You aren't severely overweight, and for all we know, you may be putting on weight because of thyroid or hormonal issues beyond your control.

(Fwiw I look like the UFC fighter you sent actually, I'm just way less muscular and more curvy in the hips. Remember that she is an athlete and that's what she does for a living so of course she's super fit!)

No. 184885

I'm not 'a bit' chubby, it looks really really bad. It doesn't help that I'm flatchested so it looks so much out of balance. I'm really worried that he'll throw up the next time he sees me. He deserves someone who doesn't look like a sack of potatoes.

No. 184886

Send pic because it's hard to believe

No. 184887

>I'm almost at a healthy weight now, so I look like an absolute cow now

If you really think like this, seek help anon. This is a hella ana mindset.

No. 184889

I'm really serious and a bit concerned that you may have BDD or are going to develop an eating disorder. You should not have to feel this way about someone who loves you. Please see a therapist, and if you're this concerned about how you're eating and exercising, see a nutritionist too. But see a therapist.

No. 184890

Doctors kept encouraging me at a BMI of 16 to lose more weight, so no it is not an ana mindset. Imagine what they'd tell me now.

No. 184891

k but which greek god? Zeus? Apollo? Hephaestus? Priapus? is he a bull or a swan or maybe a donkey??

sage for bad mythology joke

No. 184893

No. 184894

You can't lose weight and target your stomach. You can exercise to tone it and that is it. What country are you in and why are your doctors telling you this? Because if they knew the mental toll this is taking on you, they would refer you to a psych.

No. 184895

Doctors aren't omnipotent.

No. 184896

Oh they know about my issues and I'm already seeing a psych, and they still encouraged me to lose more. I'm from the Netherlands.
I know I can't lose weight and target my stomach. I said I was trying to gain muscle, but instead I'm just gaining fat.

No. 184897

Yeah, are you sure those were real doctor? Or are you somehow made entirely out of fat while being uderweight?
It getting so delusionnal I'm either really concerned or starting to think you're trolling.
Please, this is not healthy, physically or mentally.

No. 184898

Yeah a certified general practitioner. And yeah basically, barely any muscle, just fat.

No. 184899

it had to be the asshole.

No. 184900

You could change what you're eating and start doing more weight exercises, but I'm going to reiterate that it's really _really_ not okay how you're being made to feel about yourself.

My brother is actually overweight and he's becoming so obsessive that he's compulsively exercising and has an eating disorder. That's not better than being fat.

No. 184901

Ok, you're psychiatrist SHOULD NOT be encouraging this. Are you kidding?
I'm from Belgium, I know what people are supposed to look like here. You're not going to tell me that this is the 'normal' here.

Well, you should get yourself to some scientist asap, 'cause it's incredible. Like 'we're going to power giant robots with it' incredible.

No. 184902

He only looks like him, in personality I can't exactly compare him to Greek gods since most seems to be quite scummy.

All I'm doing are weight exercises… I don't really like cardio, but obviously since I'm Dutch I still cycle a bit.

My GP is encouraging me, my psych doesn't really care. Most Dutch women look like tall skinny super models with huge tits, I look like a fat hobbit child, I don't look normal.

And I just meant I have very little muscle and a high fat percentage, that's not exactly impossible while being underweight. Skinnyfat is a thing.

No. 184903

To add to this, my psychiatrist was concerned I lost 13kg over six month after stopping neuroleptics and while being almost obese BMI wise.
No legit doctor is going to see rapid loss of weight or being underweight (not even talking about encouraging it) as good. I think you're full of shit on this one, honestly.

No. 184904

>Most Dutch women look like tall skinny super models with huge tits
You sound delusional.

No. 184905

She weighs me every now and then and checks on me and tells me whether I'm still okay with losing weight. Even at a BMI of 16 she said it was fine and that I indeed have too much fat I should get rid of. I don't dare going now, because she'll probably tell me I'm dangerously obese.

No. 184906

Is your doctor a skeleton in a labcoat ? If so, I'm sorry but I have to tell you this is not a legit doctor.
You should see a live doctor, anon.

No. 184907

Dr. Anachan jfc. You need to see a different doctor. And I know for a fact that not all Dutch women look like that.

If stereotypes like that were always true, I'd either be a complete lardass shopping at Walmart or a bikini girl with a crisp tan

No. 184908

Yeah evidently, I'm a Dutch woman who looks like a sack of potatoes, a lardass, but I'm in the minority.

No. 184909

File: 1490634888985.jpg (408.6 KB, 996x1600, stock-photo-laughing-skeleton-…)

Found a pic of anon's GP. Looks a little chubby for my taste, tbh.

No. 184910

Just passing by lol keep your convo going

I've been in a LDR with my boyfriend for 6 years now. It's also my first relationship so idk how they're supposed to "look like" after such a long time?

The main problem is obviously the distance. And me being clingy and attention/approval seeking. Other than that we work perfectly together irl. We'll be moving in together in a few years but shit it's mentally difficult to handle. We both have some communication issues and hearing less from him because we both work is getting to me. I have a hobby to fill the time but I get anxious that something isn't right if he doesn't talk to me at least 30% of the day. I should probably get used to it. After such a long time there isn't a lot to talk about and our lives sre rather boring.
I suppose the main issue here is that I'm being insecure and can't really get attention from anyone else. I've been neglected as a child so I guess I also might've developed some abandonment issues.

TLDR you can't leave me alone for too long or I'll start crying because I'm a womanchild

No. 184911

Being a needy person in a LDR is the worst. My neediness really dropped after I got in a IRL relationship, tho.
And 6 year is an awfully long time. Is there any end to this, a future where you live together?

No. 184912


Whahahahaha, girl. Do you even have eyes? Have you ACTUALLY looked around? Most people are around a BMI 25 or so. You seem a bit biased into thinking every Dutch woman is tall and skinny with bit tits.

No. 184913

Actually obesity isn't that much of a problem here. Most young women are on the lower end of a healthy weight or slightly underweight.

No. 184914

Wtf are you me? I feel like that pretty badly sometimes but am able to chill out at others. We're probably moving in a couple of years but haven't been together nearly as long as you.

Odd as it may sound, having a shared hobby helps. Appreciate each other and work together on stuff. It's way too easy to take someone for granted after that long and even if your days are boring, it's worth asking how you're doing. My bf and I ask each other how were doing and say good night almost every day. We're just happy to hear how each other are doing even when we don't have much to discuss.

No. 184915

I feel you
I feel you so hard
I haven't been with my ldr bf very long (less than a year) but if he as much as takes over 30 minutes to respond I start getting anxious and nervous and think he finally realized I'm shit and doesn't want to talk to me anymore.

But, anon, six years is way too long. I second >>184911.

Maybe you're skinnyfat and have a high fat%…? Just trying to make sense out of this woman you call a doctor

No. 184916

Yup, it is. :/

We're actually working on an apartment. There's still a lot to do but I think it's worth it.

We also started dating when we were 16, so…ya

No. 184917

You sound like you've never even been to the Netherlands

No. 184920

I've been saying already that I just have a serious case of being skinnyfat. But people seem to think that's impossible.

Naja moet je maar lekker zelf weten dan hè

No. 184921

I m 20 and a virgin

No. 184922

not as rare as you'd think, rare is really the wrong word completely, you're just part of the minority now is all. Don't worry, you'll find yourself in the right situation at the right time.

No. 184924

Uhhh, I dunno, I never had a gf before

No. 184925

I lost my virginity at age 23. Sometimes it takes longer for people to have sex for the first time. I know telling you not to worry won't work out but yeah, try not to worry way too​ much.

Also, slightly OT but jesus, girls need to stop faking these super cringy noises like hentai. Last time I had sex was pretty nice but she wouldn't stop with the strident noises and it was bothering me so fucking much.

No. 184928

Maybe it was just the noises she makes when she like it, dude.

No. 184929

idk if it's really something to vent about, more me just overthinking.

I've always thought streaming/youtube would be fun to do. Not make a career of it or anything but I love games, I'm pretty witty/funny and it would just be fun.

I told current bf about it and he went and bought me a few basic things to start streaming, but now I'm hesitant and keep putting it off.

The main reason is a few years ago I was in an ldr with a guy who, after I broke it off, spread my nudes around online, gave out my phone number, and stalked and harassed me online for almost two years. I left the internet for awhile, deleted all my stuff, changed the names I went by online.
Things have died down but I know for a fact he found my old Instagram a few months ago.

Even if I go by a new name, I look different ( lost weight, new hair, etc. ) and even though I surely won't have a massive following or anything, I'm so afraid of having any kind of presence online anymore because of him.

I'm so paranoid about it but my bf is being so supportive and excited for me I just want to let loose and have a little fun but I can't seem to let it go.

No. 184930

Fuck that guy. That sucks. Your boyfriend sounds really sweet though.

No. 184938

I started hating one of my closest friends. Her current boyfriend is a fucking loser and she can never keep her personality when she dates someone. So basically she's become like him: complaining about everything, acting like a bitter weakling, etc etc.

I feel sad because I want my friend back and talking to her won't work, I know because I already did that. Honestly I hope her shitty relationship ends soon.

No. 184942

For some reason it annoys me a tad bit how so many Westerners are atheist. it wouldn't annoy me so much if a lot of those Westerners who call Christianity "superstitious" read horoscopes and think meditation can open your third eye or some shit.

It just makes my skin itch.

No. 184944

Hey if that creep spreads your nudes or stalks you he's committing a crime and you're 100% right to prosecute him. Fuck it, some scumbag with a grudge shouldn't get to decide whether you do something fun online or not.

Obviously it's not this way with everyone but I think the majority of people, if they watched your channel and found him spreading your old nudes they'd be just as disgusted with him.

No. 184945

How come? Is it just because they jump on the metaphysics retard train with the other hippies or is it an issue with atheism itself?

No. 184951

Bf of 4 years just told me he basically only has sex because I want to, and he mentally disappears… I've got a really high libido and if he mever had sex again he wouldn't care. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 184955

Can we trade boyfriends? My libido is non-existent and I feel really bad for putting him through this. We have a mostly sexless relationship, which is fine for me, but I think it bothers him (though he'd NEVER say that.)

No. 184956

Not the anon but I'm in the same boat anon. Been dating my bf for a few years and we don't really have sex often even though we fucked like rabbits the first few months. We temporarily moved in with my parents (which made sex too awkward to have) and the habit stuck after we moved back out. Our relationship isn't different without sex, but I feel guilted by online media that says healthy or closely bonded relationships are fucking on a weekly/daily basis.

No. 184957

in the beginning of my relationship i wanted sex all the time because it was first non-ldr and i craved physical and sexual contact. we would have sex a modest amount of times, later on he never wanted it anymore. he would rebuff my advances and i slunk away hurt and dejected. then i was hit with hormonal turmoil which removed any amount of sex drive i had left.
blah blah years of nothing downstairs for me blah we would only have sex a few times a year (our birthdays, valentines etc). he would ask every now and then, years after i lost my drive; i would rebuff him because i didn't want to and a few times i was being petty.
we haven't had sex in nearly 2 years.
i ask him if he wants sex sometimes, even if it's just him getting off. i feel the contact alone would bring us closer as a couple, but he usually doesn't want to. i feel like a glorified roommate and it has fucked me right up.

No. 184958

What the fuck do you do at times when you're at the club or whatever with the mates and suddenly your mood shifts cause you realize you're not good at these things and you're not a WOWOWOO party person, shit man I just ruin the mood for everybody and I don't know what to do with myself and I stand there on the dance floor ready to fucking off myself.

I want to be the extrovert person I used to be but now it's just exhausting and most of the time people are fucking terrifying nasty evil creatures

No. 184964


i can't tell if i am average, below average or what in the looks department. i've been told both and i genuinely don't know where to go for an ubiased rate.

when i was 16 i asked /soc/ and i got everything from a 4 to a 9, depending on how sad and lonely the guy that rated me was.

i feel weird and dissociative. i am too scared to ask anyone. i wish there was a way of being privately rated without having to post my picture online where people could find it.

i have always wanted to be one of the pretty girls since i was a child. idk. you're not meant to care as much as i do but my obsession with my looks has distorted my perception so much i don't even know how ugly i am anymore.

No. 184968

The former. I don't care for atheism on itself except if that edgy overbearing type. But something is really obnoxious about the faux atheism when they really just favor Eastern religion/concepts over "Western" ones

No. 184970

Your phrasing confuses me a little, do you mean you don't care ABOUT atheists unless they're the awful edgelord types?
Or do you mean you don't care for atheism as in you dislike the entire belief?

I totally agree about retards jumping on the spiritualist/enlightened/shoving crystals up their arse trend. It's embarrassing to reject say, Christianity as stupid but then say that minerals emit auras or having some old Chinese man stick needles in you will cure disease.

Most of them just like the look of "gypsy" look (racist little fucks tbh) and just go along with the ignorant hippy/tribal thing to keep up appearances imo. The ones who truly believe it are too stupid to be allowed out alone though.

No. 184971

Go home? If you don't like it, you're not gonna force yourself to.

No. 184976

That would be amazing, if they both stayed themselves but reversed sex drives/desires… I'm really hesitant to break it off. He's moving in with me in a week, and he's practically perfect. Of course there's always a fucking catch, isn't there? He isn't open to non-monogamy either which…really sucks, but I'm too much of a sperg to want it from anybody but him.

No. 184997

It really bothers me when people take competitive games overly serious. Sure, losing sucks, but there's no reason to freak out over it, verbally abuse everyone on your team, and then rage quit the game entirely in ths middle of the match because you're too upset. Like, I just can't understand these people. You aren't going to put Overwatch Master rank season 4 on a job application. This game is not important at all. Just… chill?

No. 184998

I feel guilty because I keep having nervous breakdowns in private but when I'm with my friends I can laugh and joke around fine.

I tell them what's going on, and they support and love me, but I feel like I don't deserve it. I feel guilty that I'm fine around them, and then when I'm home I'm back in a bad place again. I don't want them to leave me, if they weren't in my life, I would probably finally go off the deep end. I just feel guilty for being in their lives, I'm always scared they're laughing or complaining about me when I'm not around. I don't want to be a burden, they don't need me to burden them.

Also had a terrible date with some guy last night that asked me out. It lasted 10 minutes. I didn't even like him, he just messaged me on a dating site and asked me out and I said yes out of boredom/self-loathing/deseperation. I spent the 10 minutes just questioning my life while he sat at the other end of the table in some pretentious bookstore/coffeeshop.

No. 185000

Sounds like you need professional help, anon.

No. 185001


lol, I'm getting it, I don't know if it's helping anymore. I haven't seen my therapistin weeks, I don't see her until early April.

I'm seriousy considering taking heavier drugs for it, like litium, or looking into ECT therapy or something.

No. 185002

ECT is serious business, and still a quite… intrusive treatment. Can I ask what diagnosis you have? You mention not wanting your friends to leave you. I don't have any personal experience with that emotion, but I would think working on being okay with being alone would benefit you greatly. You also mention lithium, if you have bipolar I have read that it can be very effective, but maybe a combo of ssri's and cbt could be enough? Good luck anon

No. 185003

BPD and bipolar, I did have BDD on my chart but I don't think it's as intrusive. I've been in DBT therapy for about two years now and it was working really well until recently.

It's weird because I was pretty used to being alone most of my life. I was isolated and basically sheltered growing up.

No. 185004

My bf admitted to me that he knowingly slept with a girl who was in a relationship. I hate cheaters and wouldn't want to associate with one or someone who facilitates it, but I really like this guy. Everything else about him is great. I wish he didn't say anything.

No. 185005

How old was he?
It's a scummy move but sometimes young make stupid decisions without thinking it through and later regret it.

No. 185007

I'm in my mid-twenties and involuntarily involved with my abusive male biological producer because of bureaucracy things and he's using the opportunity to bully and trigger and guilt-trip me and as cringy and tumblry as that all sounds I'm already in a bad place and just want to DIE. FUCK. Like, it's a fucking joke that I'm this old, this is dragging on for so long now and I still get to feel like a victimized lil girl as an adult, it's ABSURD

No. 185010

Are you me, I just found out about this too. But he didn't tell me, he lied about it, I had to hear it from someone else. Was not more than 2 years ago, maybe just 1.

No. 185011

Honestly you do sound like a petulant tumblrina.

No. 185020

Yeah I know asshat. You sound sheltered

No. 185021

Sorry you're triggered that your dad told you to clean your room :(

No. 185022

I love him and we are making a future together. We've been together 6-7 years and I can't stand this dead bedroom. I want to fuck but either he doesn't want, he can't keep it hard or I just don't bother trying since it ends up disappointing.
We used to fuck a lot. Now, we've gained weight (Im chubby but normal bmi, he is overweight).
Honestly, I just want to feel horny again, hands shaking and rosy cheeks.
It's killing me.

No. 185023

More like beating me and being an abusive narcissist but it's not like you care anon-chan amirite. Here, have some edge-points for detecting that tumblrishness you h8 so much and looking for an excuse to bitch!!

No. 185024

More like beating me and being an abusive narcissist but it's not like you care anon-chan amirite. Here, have some edge-points for detecting that tumblrishness you h8 so much and looking for an excuse to bitch!!

No. 185025

communicate with him

No. 185034

So why bring it up like a petulant 15 year old who wasn't given the right colour iPhone?
Look up shelters and domestic violence services in your area and seek help.

No. 185046

I'm so glad I'm not your father

No. 185049

I didn't ask because it made me sick just hearing about it. I'm guessing he was in his mid twenties or so, maybe earlier. He said he felt guilty about it sometimes.

Sorry to hear anon. Lying about is even worse. Did you confront him?

No. 185058

There's nothing to communicate about. He is mildly upset about it but doesn't care that much about sex. I tried to encourage him to lose weight (lost a lot myself and feeling like I look ok again) since it seems to be a big part of the problem.

No. 185060

Do you think he's feeling insecure about his body and that's why he doesn't want to have sex? Have you tried with the lights off etc? It sounds stupid but sometimes just touch and no sight can be relaxing and intimate and lets you not feel insecure.
If he doesn't want sex now but he used to, you should talk about why. It may be an uncomfortable topic for both of you but if you don't find out what's bugging him it will hurt you more and more.

No. 185061

Mid-twenties isn't that old. Your twenties are for figuring things out and it sounds like you've found yourself in a shitty situation with an abusive person.
Is it not safe/viable to move back in with your parents for a while? What's the bureaucratic part of this?

No. 185063

Well you wouldn't be if you have a pussy right?

No. 185065

It's not just relaxing, it's being able to do it. He has no stamina and a big belly. Honestly, it turns me off and we can't get very var anyway and I end up frustrated.
We tried to talk about it multiple times but we get nothing out of it. He's sorry we're not having it and that's it.

No. 185069

wellll this is different for every couple and TMI but does he give you oral? Because like, even if he has no stamina because of his fitness (which I find hard to believe because I dated an unfit fat guy who smoked and he didn't find it hard to have sex) -even then, if he's not interested in having sex with you in other ways, oral, fingering etc then that sounds like it's a problem with drive not ability if you know what I mean.
If you guys used to have a healthy sex life and it's gone out the window it has to be mostly psychological.

I understand the frustration thing, anon. I've wanted to cry in the past from disappointing sex lol
feels bad man.

No. 185070

Also just to add, if you're not turned on by his body, he probably knows it. Which is a pretty bad libido killer for most.

No. 185076

There is something to communicate about, everything you wrote earlier.

No. 185080

Well, I don't like oral, so that's moot. But yeah, I guess I'll try again getting us in shape.
But honestly, it's hard getting myself motivated, I already had to work like crazy to get my weight in check. Having to motivate him on top of that seems impossible.

No. 185081

File: 1490782062762.png (118.03 KB, 500x566, Instagram-MOOD-f91bcc.png)

I've slept around with a fair share of men, but lately I've been hooking up with this guy I met on Tinder, and holy shit every time we've done it has been amazing. In the past week I've been over to his place three times and we've had amazing sex each time. Doesn't hurt that he's pretty hot and has a pretty cool personality.

I've always though that I've had a pretty terrible sex drive. Even though I've had a lot of sex, I never really craved it? so to speak. But I guess me and this guy must have just clicked because we've been at it like rabbits ever since we met. I guess I'm just really happy because I haven't been this 'satisfied' in a while

No. 185085

holy shit are you me??? because literally the exact same thing happened to me a month ago. it felt so freaky at first to actually want sex of my own volition, and for the sake of sex itself and physical enjoyment instead of wanting sex because low self esteem and blah. this is the first time i've actually enjoyed giving head and stuff–my ex used to make me give him head right after we argued and it always felt like a punishment, like something degrading. now i just want to make this guy feel good and it's not anything degrading at all. idk

No. 185088

File: 1490787943713.jpg (63.98 KB, 625x417, enhanced-20980-1450122692-5.jp…)

I honestly dislike how makeup looks on hooded eyes. Most of the time you can't see more than half of it and having to put on makeup above my eyelid feels retarded af. I never really know if I overdid it or if it looks alright.

Not to mention how a shit ton of tutorials which are meant for hooded eyes, are preformed on none hooded eyes. Like, great. I'm so salty about this lol

No. 185090

So..i am with a boy for some time now, he is lovely. He cares fo me, helps me, is there when i need him..but i dont know if he is the one. My ex cheated on me and i am very sceptical now when it come to relationships

No. 185091

Same lol I end up just watching blankly as other women talk about buying all these nice eyeshadow palettes because even when I put on a full eyeshadow look of different pretty colors and say to someone "what do you think of my eyeshadow" they're just like "what eyeshadow"

No. 185095

My eyes are semi hooded, but you still barely see my eyeshadow. It makes me really mad tbh. I have a few high end eye shadow palettes, adding salt to the wound, I guess. I hate genetics.

No. 185105

This is random, but I really hate the culture surrounding autism on the internet. I think they are so arrogant about their intellectual capabilities and expect people to treat them special because they are such delicate gifted unicorns or whatever. Most people with autism (even discounting the pant shitting retards) are unremarkable academically and they seem to lack drive and motivation to really excel. I just hate people who need to feel special without any accomplishment or distinctions.

No. 185108

Every single time I get a group project to work on, everyone fucking drops the class or otherwise bails until the past portion of the work. Every time I have to haul them along to keep my own grades up just to have them pop in and add some half assed suggestion or thought to the already polished project.

Yes I know, inform the professor and have proof I tried to contact them, but it doesn't help the fact that the prof. always tells me to just do it alone anyway even if it's supposed to be a 6 person team and then grades as if everyone was helping the entire time.

I just want to scream.

No. 185111

Shit I know how you feel. My first ever lab in college, both my lab partners stopped showing up toward the end of the term, and I was and incredibly shy avoidant teenager so rather than talk to the TA I did the entire final project + presentation myself (although my TA did give me an undeserved A, probably because she felt bad for me).

No. 185114

My closest (unrelated) friends and I don't talk anymore. We used to talk every day, on the phone or chat, but now it seems like they only post a FB status to talk about their lives. I don't read fb nor do I feel comfortable in that kind of… atmosphere? idk it feels weird to write personal comments on someone's personal post where there is lots of mixed company.

One become famous online, the other became a cow, but I still care about them even though they haven't asked me how I am in over a year. I reached out but kept getting ignored when I tried to catch up. I don't know what happened, but I am done trying to be close friends with people. Something always happens. It's probably me somehow, even though they have always been very self centered. I should have known it would turn out like this. I regret everything I ever bought or did for them. They threw me out like trash.

No. 185116

It's for my anthropology course, I 100% need my team to be active and help but we're fucking 2 days til due date and they've done nothing and ignored me. It's a week long thing and it was so simple to do but I've been through this shit 5 times already and refuse to do the entire thing alone.

No. 185231

File: 1490867951245.gif (10.78 MB, 378x389, IMG_6356.GIF)

Fuck that ugly, fat, multi hair coloured cow I served at work today, I asked if it was "just that" after scanning your item and asking for your store savings card, you said yes, somehow every single other person I have ever served in retail knows that I was asking if they wanted cash out and asks for whatever amount they want.

But no, not you you bitch that you wanted cash out and that you were not asked for it before storming off and didn't allow me to ask if you wanted it out after the fact.

You screwed yourself out of not having money you dumb mole, congrats.

No. 185244

Sorry I'm late. Yes, I totally get that, it's not like I'm always quiet with a duct tape over my mouth either. it's just it sounds idk, fake as fuck just like in most types of porn. WAHHH OHHH YESSSH YEAH I NEED TO SCREEEEAM OTHERWISE YOU WON'T KNOW IM ENJOYING ITTTTT type of thing. It turns me off a bit

No. 185254

Ok, one thing I have to say is some women like to fake some of it to get in the mood.
I like fake moaning, it makes me feel sexy and it's easier to get off. It's not screaming tho, but I guess some women think it's what men want.

No. 185257

Every time I start to trust someone, they give me a reason to distrust them almost immediately. Why do I bother.

No. 185270


I'm pretty noisy when I'm really into it and sound porny when I talk dirty but actually am like that, it's been weird dealing with because I don't want to sound fake when I'm not actually faking it. my ex was weird and didn't really appreciate blowjobs, sexy lingerie, etc so I'm still getting used to that a lot of stuff I thought was "too much" or "too sexual" is actually considered hot or rather unusual for someone not to fake

No. 185273

I hate the anxiety i get when people dont respond to me. The guy Ive been seeing hasnt responded to any of my messages tonight even though they are all marked as read. I just spent a few nights at his house and it seemed okay, but i am just scared of being ditched by him because I really like him. I'm already predicting that we probably wont be seeing each other again. Fml

No. 185274

I had to have a total hysterectomy at 34, which is not really okay because there's some weird stuff happening to my skin, but I can handle that.

What I can't handle is that I am unable to lose weight the way I used to and the doctors tell me it's totally normal that this happens but I'm so depressed over this that I'm crying all the time. I eat proteins, veg and fruit (not much fruit because I want to cut out sugar entirely) and I work out five times a week doing treadmill/cardio/fucking crossfit and this tire around my fucking middle will not go away. I can't fit into any of my clothes. My mother and grandmother both look like teapots and I want to cry because I'm going to look like that already? I'm not even that old.

I'm seriously fucked up over this and I do not know what to do.

No. 185275

Try swimming. I had belly fat issues and while the chub isn't completely gone, it's a lot better than it used to be

No. 185276

I can't keep friends for the life of me. I'm just too intense and overbearing. Yes I know I'm insane. My manipulative bitch of a mother always told me no one is going to like me but my family and it looks like its right.

The only people who can tolerate me are nuts people. I'm nuts.

No. 185285

I resent my mom for ignoring me as a kid. She never taught me how to be lady. I didn't learn how to comb my hair, brush my teeth, shower regularly, dress properly, take care of my skin, ect until I was 15 years old. Even then it was a gradual process. I was bullied in school because of it and I was so oblivious I didn't know why.

It's weird because when my mom was growing up she was an attractive woman and clearly groomed herself, wore makeup, ect, yet she couldn't be assed to teach those things to me or she did it too late and gave up too fast. I remember my mom berating me for having uncombed hair and being a bad dresser but my dad used to just slap chemicals in my hair and barely bought any clothes for us. We never went out anywhere and most of the money was to food. I only learned how to eat and now I struggle with my overweight body to this day.

My mom used to never let me go outside and I was always stuck on the computer b/c of that. I have poor socialization skills as a result and barely any friends.

Sigh, I've been changing myself lately but I just feel a lot of resentment and bitterness to them. My sisters still look poor and unhygienic and my brother is starting to look the same way too. It was their fault I was bullied and excluded by my peers but they of course blamed all of it on me. My mom used to look at me in disgust because I didn't stand up for myself until much later.

I feel all of this has imploded inside of me lately. I feel more looks-obsessed than ever. I'm more defensive and aggressive than I've ever been. And I'm getting into a lot of deep destructive shit. I need to get away.

No. 185286

don't stress too much over it anon. he could be busy or something, or it's possible he's not sure how to reply back. wait a little and give him the benefit of the doubt. and if he's purposely ignoring you then know he isn't worth your time.

No. 185287

Also my bf is the only person in the world who cares about me and knows all of my secrets but we barely spend time together. We're LTR and he's not online anymore. I feel like we're growing distant. I just feel alone all the time and that this relationship is a heavy weight. I'm getting frustrated and will turn to self destructive behaviors soon

No. 185293

My best and only friend is a girl I met online about three-ish years ago and ever since we met she's been dealing with on and off severe depression and crazy mood swings. She's had suicidal ideation in the past before but always got over it. But every thing in her life seems to be falling apart and I'm extremely worries for her, I worry she'll kill herself soon. She's told me of these hallucinations she's been having recently and I'm worried and scared I'm going to lose my only friend and I don't know how to help over the internet. I feel so useless.

No. 185295

Maybe she is a narcissist and didn't want her daughter to end up prettier than her

No. 185296

there's only so much you can do online but keep in contact with her, be reassuring, and try to be there for her when you can and let her know that you care for her. does she have anyone irl who can help her? like a parent or a friend? maybe try to direct her towards them.

No. 185298

it's possible. She always said she wanted to kill me and I didn't believe her until she tried to. I don't like her at all after that.

No. 185302

I try so hard to let her know I care and that I love her like a sister I never had. But nothing I say or do feels like it has any impact. And no, she doesn't have anyone. I try to be everything for her because she doesn't have anyone else. It feels awful, I just want to help, but I don't know what to do, if I can do anything at all.

No. 185327

It's my boyfriends last week in America so we had the plan to go see movies at a drive in theater as a last goodbye with 2 of our friends and one of the girls boyfriend.

My bf, myself and Girl 1 all agree on movies to watch and Girl 2 and her bf said we could pick. We offer up our choices and girl 2 said "well I'll see" and shortly after my boyfriend berates her on wanting to drink at the movies as she's out designated driver.
Next day after he has a word with her, suddenly she said our movie was bad, she doesn't wanna see it and we're watching the new beauty and the beast movie because she wants to and the lego movie because her bf wants to.

I point out that none of us 3 wanna see those movies and they've already seen them anyway, but she just snaps that I should have planned a better week to go when SHE is the one who picked the date.

I'm so fucking pissed right now she's acting like a spoiled brat.

No. 185335

Go on a date alone with you bf, and wait until you turn 18 before posting here again.

No. 185353

I cant stop thinking about how envious i am of my coworker and how many friends she has and how popular she is and how she can be friends with anyone she chooses. She hangs out with me because she pities me. she cuddled with my bf while we were broken up. shes better friends with everyone i like at work. she hangs out with my ex-fuckbuddy all the time and knows i still have complex feelings for him. shes young. im ducking 27 and cant even finish the application to a community college ive been working on for 4 months bc im so stressed and depressed from my deadend job. i am obsessed with her. i am so lonely.

No. 185362

> it's hot and stifling inside the office
> co-worker doesn't want to open the window or door
> turns on the AC
> now it's fucking cold and stifling

I get a MASSIVE headache every day thanks to her. I've also got sinus problems so the whole thing gets worse during the day and the damn piercing pain after I get out of the building takes at least an hour to go away

No. 185365

I feel so bad. I had a breakdown yesterday and my partner told me he was ok with me just staying at home and doing nothing if I wanted to drop off again.
I'm a useless piece of shit. I'll would off myself if I was sure not to fuck that up again.

No. 185367

Apparently my co-workers think I'm some kind of nerd wizard because I showed them that incognito mode is a fucking thing.

No. 185376

File: 1490974677451.jpg (10.66 KB, 174x275, 1488329244167.jpg)

There's a special place in hell for those people who cancel on you last minute. There goes a week of planning.

No. 185377

Meta-vent because it's not actually a problem, but what the fuck is going on in snow? Every other thread is full of fangirls bitching about girlfriends of rando youtubers or nobody-insta/camwhores. Did something happen to pull? Am I just getting jaded and it's always been like this?

No. 185380

File: 1490978233555.png (119.64 KB, 500x356, 84jsd.png)

Family drama is driving me crazy and my godfather keeps trying to pull me into it (like he always does when he knows he fucked up)

>Godmother calls me at 3am crying

>Godfather is stealing her pills again and screaming at her
>Pick her up and keep her at my place
>Go to sleep immediately cuz I have a cold
>Wake up to 30+ long texts from him and tons of missed calls
>Ignore him because I know his game
>Godmother goes home, get more texts from him
>At 1pm he swears to start rehab and therapy again on Monday

>5pm comes and HE ADOPTED A PUPPY

>I have no clue if he asked my Godmother but I highly doubt it
>Haven't heard from her since, he's been texting me stuff like "we're calm now" and "don't worry" even tho I don't reply
>Don't want to get into their drama but am genuinely worried for them

Keep in mind he stole pills back when I was 19 and did the same shit. Bought things without thinking. Swore rehab then pretended like it never happened. Screamed at my Godmother even though he was the one in the wrong… just, ugh. I'm 21 now and this is bothering me like crazy but idk what to do.

No. 185381

>5pm comes and HE ADOPTED A PUPPY
>I have no clue if he asked my Godmother but I highly doubt it
>Haven't heard from her since, he's been texting me stuff like "we're calm now" and "don't worry"

No. 185382

Well, a puppy is a great way to fix a couple. Plus, you don't need to wait 9 month to get it!

No. 185385

This sounds like my fucking dad and my grandma.

She keeps him up even though he's 44 and is still an addict. Then she complains about him like??? STOP GIVING HIM AN OPTION TO IT'S SO FRUSTRATING

No. 185389


Crazy family issues suck, im sorry anon.

No. 185396

At least you have someone who cares about you, more than some can say. Stay strong anon.

No. 185414

>live with dad and his gf in her house
>make minimum wage 8 dollars an hour
>have to pay them 100 dollars every two weeks to live here
>have to simultaneously save up for a car bc no support
>they wont let me eat food unless i buy my own
>wont let me use toilet paper unless i buy my own
>tfw dad and his gf only took me in bc im over 18 now so they dont have to take care of me and can just pull the "youre an adult buy your own stuff" card
>100 dollars every two weeks is more than half my paycheck already so cant really afford groceries, essentials, and save up for a car on top of that
>dad and gf are shitters who make fun of my disabilities all the time and call me a baby/retarded
>constantly clean up after dad and cook for him unless i want to get yelled at for not mommy-ing him
I need advice, farmers. I LOVE my job but my home life is making me miserable living with these two. But I also have to walk for 30 minutes to get to my job in harsh weather conditions in the middle of a bad area (shooter capital of america and tons of gang violence) because they will not give me a ride. I've gotten really bad frostnip and vertigo from this many times before which is ultimately unhealthy not to mention the fact that the area I live in is bad.
On the other hand, if I move in with my mother, she lives out in the middle of nowhere where there aren't many jobs but I can have a loving home life with all the basic essentials and food, and save up for a car, my own place, etc if I manage to snag a job. Am I being a brat? Should I suck it up and continue living with my dad or should I move in with my mother?

Sorry if I left out details or post is incoherent, I am extremely stressed out and tired.

No. 185415

maybe you could rent a room in a large house? College kids tend to do that so rent is cheap for everyone. You can keep your job that way. Or, you could stay with your mom, but good luck on finding a job.

No. 185416

I've looked including online and the only place that's within walking distance of my job is 700 a month. Even in surrounding towns, people are asking for over 500.

No. 185420

Sorry to hear about your situation anon. You're absolutely not being a brat, they're just being assholes. Could you start applying for jobs in your mom's area and see if you get any bites? Or move by yourself to a low cost area? If your dad and his gf are going to charge you for everything and abuse you, you might as well pay the same to live alone. All the best.

No. 185421

Just move in with your mom. Why stay where you are? You make jack shit for money and everything you do make you're forced to spend instead of save. Your home life is toxic. You're defeating yourself at this point.

No. 185427

Please go live with your mom. Feeling supported and loved comes first.

No. 185429

Move in with your mum, it's not worth it.

No. 185445

File: 1491057496887.png (237.38 KB, 500x339, 215927_original.png)

I just woke up and they're already talking trash to me when I've done nothing but do everything they asked me to do before I got here; get a job right away, pay rent, pay for my own stuff, don't argue, and keep quiet. Yet, its still not enough to keep them happy. I'm going to move in with my mother before I somehow get trapped here. Thank you guys.

No. 185469

I'm currently studying abroad and my friend's boyfriend is in the same uni as I, while this friend is in another region. And holy shit he's insufferable.
He's always been kind of annoying, like he thinks he's smarter and more cultivated than everyone. But recently I've started feeling like he doesn't even respect his girlfriend.

Instance one, he hadn't installed internet in his room yet, so I told my friend he'd probably be able to talk to her once that's done. Later I mentionned to him that I said that and he told me I shouldn't have, like "now she must have spent her entire day on her phone waiting for me to send her something, she peobably wasted her day for that". Okay…

Then today we had an argument about veganism, basically I was explaining to someone that if you don't eat animals you should take B12 supplements. Please note that my friend is also vegetarian and takes B12 supplements. And my friend's boyfriend started going on about how that was bullshit, B12 is present in vegetables (it's not, some vegetables have a similar thing to B12 but it can't be absorbed) and he researched for many years while me and his girlfriend just jumped head first into this diet without thinking. And when I explained what I've read he litterally told me "scientific evidence isn't evidence".
Now, he's a big boy and he can do whatever he wants, and he's not vegetarian anyways so he doesn't need supplements. But it baffles me that he thinks so lowly of his girlfriend. It feels like he thinks she's just a little idiot who does idiotic things, but whatever it's her life, so let her take her littlr idiot supplement and don't think about it. If my boyfriend started taking supplements for something I'd try to understand and actually read about it, not fucking ignore scientific consensus or his arguments.

This friend is quite precious to me and it hurts that her bf is such an asshole. I'm sure he can be sweet with her and maybe they've agreed to disagree on some things, but it doesn't sit right to me that he'd talk about her like this. I don't think I'll talk to her about it because it's not my place but I'm so frustrated.

No. 185473

Good for you, anon. I hope everything goes well.

No. 185479

File: 1491084330559.jpg (59.07 KB, 600x760, devilish.jpg)

>stuck with free riders for the whole academic year doing group work
>either lie to me and make shitty excuses or just do fuck all and ignore me
>I'm always nice and make no fuss about anything, so when I warn them about deadlines they never take me seriously
>I'm elected group leader for a group project
>only 1 person in the group gives the slightest semblance of a fuck
>informed everyone of the project deadline 2 weeks prior, everyone starts doing shit on the due date
>don't even know what it's about
>most don't even hand in anything
>one of them lies about being sick and moves it for the day after, doesn't even honour that
>tell them I've handed in the assignment with only the names of the team members who've participated and everyone will be graded accordingly
>suddenly everyone FREAKS, complains about me being unfair, I should've said it was important, threats to message the teacher etc
>I say nothing and let them stew
>mfw the deadline wasn't even real and the project was moved for the week after, I just wanted to watch them shit themselves in fear
>still get hate messages 2 days after
Gnaw on my minge flaps, lazy cunts

No. 185481

They have no moral right to talk/treat you this way, in fact it's them who must pay you for cleaning and mommy'ing them.

My mother can be insufferable, but if i cook and clean she WON'T dare to say a word to me.

What kind of dad makes his kid pay 100$ him every two weeks? How much of a shitty person one must be to go THIS low?

No. 185487

100$ every two weeks is nothing compared to what a person who lives on their own pays monthly

No. 185495

Was bored last night and went to my FWB house and got really wasted and had to stop mid-sex to go throwup and ended up sleeping on his floor instead of next to him when i came back jesus christ im so embarrassed

No. 185497

My flatmate just physically assaulted me, she hit me in the head and punched me because I tried to get a video of her verbally abusing me. When she started hitting me i fought back and pulled her hair and bit her because i'm 100lbs while she's at least 200, she has tried to cry crocodile tears to the police and say she has injuries too and apologize to me but while I bit her she laughed and said ''oh are you going to bite me now?'' she has mental problems so she tries to hide behind that veil, but it's not the first time she threatens me and if she thinks she can get away with it she's fucked I am fuming, I will press charges and put this cunt away for good or get her evicted.

No. 185508

Well, I'm guessing a live-in psychologist would cost 10 times that. They really got a bargain on that one if you think about it.

No. 185513

Petty revenge usually makes me cringe but fuck, anon, that's golden. Good for you, honestly.

No. 185524

I had a twitter mutual & we got along really well. We were DMing each other almost every day and we kept up with each other in our convos. Our tastes and thoughts in music, ect was reaaally similar so we ended up liking each other.

Then we had somewhat of an argument about beauty standards then she ends up acting passive aggressive to me and shutting me out. I just deactivated my account and welp, nobody bothers to mention me or care.

It reminds me of the time when a school friend who I thought liked me ended up randomly blocking me just because I disagreed with his opinion. Who does that?

I know it's childish but I have no friends IRL. I was actually beginning to like this person even if I didn't feel things yet.

Sigh, I'm just going to continue arguing with strangers.

No. 185537

Anon, I want to say that you should people that like you for who you are, but I'm pretty sure that most people don't like argumentative people, which it sounds like you are. Learn to hold your tongue a little, even if you think their opinion is 'wrong'. Winning arguments isn't always truly winning.

No. 185540

I think spending time reading boards is wearing me down. I already have low self-esteem and now feel like I'm inferior as a female and will never even finish up my degree. Don't know where else to go tho, since I have no fucking friends.

No. 185546

The thing is I'm not argumentative with these "friends". With the twitter friend she asked how to make herself "glow up" (since she's always complaining about her weight and her looks) and I told her to invest in skin care, hair care, lose weight, ect, and it's like she took personal offense to that comment. The fuck? Why want to hear someone's answer if you're not going to like it?

Her views border on feminist/retarded liberal and I'm more moderate so I knew we were going to clash one day, but I thought she was gonna be able to take it since I'm the one always expected to "understand" my other friend's stupid viewpoints.

I got into an argument with another online friend that was way more heated and blunt than this one and we ended up still talking to each other. So a lot of people can't handle differing opinions while some can, unfortunately.

Idk man, I'm just bummed out. Idk how so many women can make emotional connections but cut you from their life with quickness. Men may be stupid and slow but I never had any of them do that.

No. 185548


No. 185550

>100 dollars every two weeks is more than half my paycheck already
You're only working 12 hours a week?

No. 185553

They're probably busy with school and work part time.

No. 185555

pretty sure most complainers are looking for sympathy, not for advice

that's why people suck

No. 185556

gl anon. I feel the same about working and I've thought about daytrading myself but it seems difficult to learn.

No. 185563

Hey lolcow. I don't have anyone I can confide in with this, and I don't really want anyone to know.

I've been having a breakdown due to stress and I took 800mg of my Wellbutrin instead of my 200mg prescribed dose. I feel horrible. I'm just worried, am I going to die? I read that I probably won't die, but I could have a seizure. I'm not trying to kill myself, I'm just being reckless.

You can judge me for being stupid, I know I'm stupid. But this dumb website is the only place I can reach out to.

No. 185564

I don't have any good insight or knowledge when it comes to meds but anon, you should try self-inducing vomiting if you haven't already. Get it out of your system asap!

No. 185567

No. That's stupid. Unless you just took it seconds ago vomiting is useless.

Call your pharmacist and ask their advice, drink water, don't take another dose until told to by your chemist or doctor.

No. 185569

This is going to sound so retarded but hey, this is the vent thread: i wish i had a boyfriend.

I still think about my ex constantly (call him my boyfriend in my head even though the relationship ended months ago), feel super bitter when I'm scrolling down threads and see that some disgusting cows and snowflakes have bfs and honestly just want the feeling of falling in love and taking care of someone/being taken care of. I miss and want those things.

But I don't know how to find a guy. Everyone at my workplace has a GF and all the other men I know don't seem to want anything remotely serious, so I'd rather not fuck guys who dont want to commit even a tiny bit. I don't believe I'm LDRs anymore and i feel sad as fuck, sigh. I am very cute and I've been improving my fitness lately. Maybe the problem is that I don't know where to go to find someone. Sitting on my ass won't do anything and apparently my close friends have no one they want to introduce me to.

No. 185571

Call the poison help line because you could have a seizure, get serotonin syndrome (which is fatal or could lead to more devastating problems like muscle breakdown and losing a limb), or stress out/worry yourself enough to go into a full blown panic attack with tremors lasting for a few hours. Don't dick around with meds.

No. 185574

I would really advise against day trading. I say that as someone who studies finance. You need stupid amounts of money to actually do anything with it, and even then it's really hard to beat the average.

No. 185578

How are you holding up anon?

If you haven't called the poison help line, or otherwise sought help yet, I would still advice you to do so. The fact of the matter is that even if you come out of this physically unharmed, it is worrisome that you felt like you had to triple your prescribed dose. since you got your meds legally i'm presuming you are in some kind of treatment with your doc, please let them know why you felt like you had to do this. Pain and anxiety relievers are tricky bitches, and are very addictive for most people. I hope you are okay, and that you take this seriously.

No. 185584

Open an etsy or something and charge out the ass for artisan dildos, idk. It's good to invest your money solely for the fact that interest rates are dog shit nowadays and having a savings account is just idly pissing it away without really doing anything fun with it, but like I said it won't be enough to make a living let alone beat the inflation rate. Now is THE time to start a business, my man.

No. 185586

tbh wellbutrin is not an benzo. Anon probably felt reaaaally bad for a day or two without any high (like you would get on xanax for example).
Every time I overdosed on A.D medication (even just like taking a dose by accident) it felt like I was dying. But the lethal dose is always WAAAY over that.
Like, you would have to take an entire box and top it off with alcohol for it to be even remotely dangerous.

No. 185593

The pills aren't really the issue, that's my point. It's the mentality behind the act. They need to talk to someone.

No. 185595

You're retarded and probably 16 considering you randomly mentioned xanax. And there's different kinds of a.d medications with different compounds and multiple uses. 800mg of wellbutrin could cause hallucinations, seizures, and other complications as already stated. Going over the recommended dose is dangerous.

No. 185599

Yankpill me, what's wellbutrin? Sounds like a shite vitamin supplement, is it the same thing as xanax? I used to take 5mg for my anxiety… Can't even imagine what 800mg would feel like. A coma, maybe.

No. 185601

You have to be 16 to know that xanax is a benzo? Wow.
And, I have medical training, you dumbass, I've seen enough AD overdoses to tell you that at most, you're going to spend the night in the ER being semi passed out and feeling like crap.

It's a fucking AD. Xanax is not an AD, it's a benzodizepine. Wellbutrin is given for depression and axiety, it's also known to be given to people with weight problems in particular as it tends to make you lose.
Xanax and benzos are fast acting, you can feel their effect in 15 minutes. AD take time, 3 weeks for most people to start acting.

No. 185656

I've been trying online dating and wow it sucks
I have a flat chest and whenever I mention it to guys on the dating site you can tell they get disappointed
"Good butt tho?"
"Oh well boobs is just an add-on"
It's killing me on the inside that boobs matter so much to guys
It makes me want to get a boob job even though I like my tits
Seems like a man will never be satisfied with my boobs

No. 185657

Same anon, same. Even if my bf says he likes them I can tell he is kind of disappointed. But I've got a nice butt to compensate tho. (and want to get a boob job eventually)

That's kind of the problem with online dating. People will pick you based solely on appearance. Eventually you'll find someone who will like them, don't be too worried about it.

No. 185660

I'll give you the number to my ex, who forced me into an eating disorder so that I lost my (small) chest :^)

No. 185662

I'm really tired of drawing, but it's the only thing I'm okay at. I can't seem to find a style I like, but at the same time I want other people to like it even though I never show my art to anyone! I'm constantly beating myself over & over because I simply can't master " it " & " it " just never shows up in my drawings. I'm always thinking of how I wish I could draw, but I just can't put it in paper. I'm incredibly frustrated because I just want to be happy drawing again. Then I see god awful tier art in the ytartist threads & sulk even more because they draw like shit & get money for it??? Somehow?? I have a love hate relationship with art uuu/

No. 185669

File: 1491299260272.jpg (139.35 KB, 500x587, yup.jpg)

My boyfriend is lying to me about thinking I'm pretty. And I don't know what to do about it.

No. 185670

If this makes you unhappy with your bust, there's nothing wrong with wanting a boob job. If you're happy with your size, ignore those guys. Attraction is absolutely important in relationships and guys are allowed to have preferences but you're more than T&A.

No. 185671

What do you mean "lying"?
If're sure that he's lying sit him down and talk about it with him.

No. 185672

He keeps insisting he thinks I'm pretty, but everyone is wondering why he is with my ugly ass. He explains it's because of my personality, but a good personality doesn't outweigh no physical attraction.

No. 185674

Maybe you are pretty to him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If he loves you the way you are and isn't being a dick then great. Why are people even telling you that?

Still, talk to him if it bothers you that much. Or try to improve yourself. At least your self esteem.

I mean, I was in a similar situation. My bf is like 8/10 meanwhile I might be a 4 lol (just to shorten the story) and we've been together for 6 years. What other people say isn't important. What is important however is that the two of you are happy.

No. 185675

He can't be happy with me. How can he make love to someone who is as ugly as I am?

No. 185676

God people who refuse to listen to reason and accept it when they are told they are anything positive are fucking annoying.
If you're that fucking convinced you're ugly just post a picture and we'll tell you if he's lying.

No. 185677

Yeah I'm not going to do that. I don't want to be turned into a meme like that one girl from 4chan.

No. 185678

If his dick get hard the he can lol

Oh come on, you can't be that ugly. Get some self esteem. Seriously.

No. 185679

I said make love, not screw me and then feel bad about it afterwards.
And yeah I am that ugly. I posted in /r/amiugly, and the first thing someone asked was whether I was autistic.

No. 185682

At this point I'm convinced you're a troll. Or maybe you are autistic.

No. 185684

I am autistic, but apparently people can see it just by looking at my face. That's not a good look.

No. 185688

File: 1491313205325.jpg (72.54 KB, 1000x800, 5 month.jpg)

I really wish my boyfriend would make an effort to better his health and body. He has a manual labor job that he only works half of the month. I understand he's tired and wants to chill at home, but he's become so doughy and his eating habits are awful. I don't want him to have a six pack, or huge arms, or anything like that. It would just be nice if he put a little effort into his appearance for me like I do for him. Everything I say to convince him falls on deaf ears and he completely ignores it.

No. 185689

And yeah, I would leave him if he ever approached "Boogie" territory. I'm not taking care of a fat for the rest of my life or until he dies from the 'beetus.

No. 185697

>boobs matter so much to guys
That's not really true, it depends. First of all, where are you from? Different nations have different beauty standards and stuff. Also, it is totally possible to like small breasts: they're usually round and perky, and often match a slim body. There are a lot of guys who like, even prefer smaller cups.
And don't even think of a boobjob just to satisfy some stranger's tastes. Especially if YOU don't have any issue with your chest.

No. 185698

He looks fine, just hairy as fuck lol

No. 185699

That's not him, just a picture of close to what I would like for him to achieve. My bf is also hairy though, like this guy. Which is fine with me tbh. Just not fat.

No. 185700


You want him to ACHIEVE that? That fucking gut and moobs? 1) get better taste, and 2) HOW FAT IS HE NOW? You

Jesus Christ you all really need to stop enabling fat men.

No. 185701

File: 1491320398196.jpg (265.98 KB, 606x1024, 3895893492_fb442e2987_b.jpg)

The guy could esily be a strongman. They tend to look fat but can pull trucks and shit. It might not be aesthetically pleasing but it's not exacltly unhealthy because they have a lot of muscle under a layer if fat.

No. 185704


Adding muscle to fat isn't healthy. You still have fat pressing your organs, you still have fat floating around in your blood, you still are wrecking your joints. The world doesn't follow HAES rules anon.

It's not visually pleasing(unless you have a fat fetish lol) and it's certainly not healthy.

No. 185708

I thought this was supposed to be him now oops!

Well, if he doesn't want to change there isn't anything you can do about it though.

No. 185709

Wow, you really need some education and realistic expectations. Men with cut abs and huge muscles are obviously unhealthy because they eat a deficit of calories (and/or likely use steroids.) It's a kind of manorexia. The guy in that picture I posted is a body builder. Natural, not overly large. His physique is easily obtainable (though time consuming) for a man who eats well and works out.

No. 185710

Your body has to have a certain amount of fat for you to even be alive. I'm sure he has that normal amount, just bigger muscles than most men that he worked to achieve.

No. 185711

i wanna cut so badly but I promised myself after last Saturday I wouldn't. I'm not even fucking home right now so i can't smoke these feelings away fml

No. 185713

I was feeling really good yesterday and then one small thing happened to remind me how much my life is fucked up so I ate my emotions and slept all day.

No. 185714

File: 1491330355377.jpg (649.67 KB, 900x1215, body-fat-percentage-men.jpg)


>Wow, you really need some education and realistic expectations

Expecting men to not be fat is a realistic expectation.

>Men with cut abs and huge muscles are obviously unhealthy because they eat a deficit of calories (and/or likely use steroids.) It's a kind of manorexia.

That's a lot of dumb assumptions there, fatty.

>The guy in that picture I posted is a body builder.

And? You can lift weights and still be fat, and fat is still unhealthy.

>Natural, not overly large

A huge gut and moobs are not natural, fatty


Yeah, 6-17% of fat. Notice how that guy the delusional ham beast posted is well past that range.

Why is it we have multiple thread about health, diet, and fitness, and spend out time bashing women for their poor health, but the minute you two see a penis that all flies out your head and you scramble to find excuses? I'll say it again- Stop excusing and enabling fat men. Stop being dickmatized.

No. 185718


Just curious, are you a man or a woman?

No. 185719

>eating at a caloric deficit is anorexia

No. 185721

File: 1491333905497.gif (1.08 MB, 500x314, bl.gif)

No. 185724

I meant that it's an extreme deficiency and some men even become bulimic to get that "V" or abs. Read the link at least, jeez.

No. 185726


If I said I was a man that'd put the fat-enabler-chans in quite the predicament, wouldn't it? On the one hand I'm Big Daddy Dick and they're good little dumb sluts, so what I say goes, right? On the other hand, coddling hambeast men is about as sad as you can get so they should do it, right?

It's a tough decision uwu

No. 185735

You…really don't know anything about eating disorders, body building, fitness, or what men are meant to look like. Stop, because your fatty-loving defenders are embarrassing.

No. 185737

File: 1491342517922.jpg (86.28 KB, 800x580, 03.jpg)

LONG. I really needed to vent.

I wish I could accept my sexuality. As time goes by I feel more and more attracted to women, both romantically and physically. Unlike most girls who find out they are lesbian or bisexual in their early to mid teens, I only "realized" that when I was around 20 years old (almost 5 years ago), fell in love with one when I was around 22 and had sex for the first time around the same period (I've never had sex with a guy, only with a woman. Not even sure why I am adding this detail, but whatever).
I still like men, yes, and I can definitely feel attracted to them and fall in love with a guy. I was in love with one not that long ago. I can see myself settling down with one in the future and all of that – but I suppose I've been growing a preference for women.

This would be fine if my family was accepting.

They have absolutely no idea because I've never said anything and I'm very, very feminine.
I grew up as a conservative Christian and even though I don't believe in god, at least not like I used to, I feel horrible and umconfortable.
My mom would NEVER speak to me again if she knew I like women. She'd fucking hate me.

I know some people may read this and think 'anon, you must be overreacting and exaggerating, moms almost never do that even if they say they wouldn't accept a gay kid'. Well, not mine. She would. And fuck, she means so much to me. Knowing my mother and other close family members would hate me is heartbreaking and the older I get, the saddest I get as well. I have tried therapy (not conversion therapy, just regular) and nothing works. I guess I suffer from internalized homophobia, or something like that. It's not aimed at others, only at myself. I've spoken about this on lolcow before, the last time was probably sometime last year – so yeah, it's something that really fucking hurts and bothers me.

I know I don't have to tell my family about who I truly am, and that I could just keep doing my thing without them knowing, but hiding things is terrible. Sometimes I think 'what if i find a girl i love? i'll never be able to bring her over, make her feel part of my family, etc. My family won't attend my wedding, my family this, my family that'.
I'm currently single and I've thought about trying to find a date, but why should I even do that, if in the best case scenario things worked out, I couldn't be with them? Or would be with them but rejected by the ignorant, hateful people I love?
These things kill me.

I wish I COULD be straight. I wish I could stop hating myself. Or that they would accept me.
I also sometimes wonder if I'm like this because I was sexually abused by my ex stepfather. Some people are prejudiced and say that's one of the reasons why women 'become' lesbians and my fucking self homophobia screams that to me on my shittiest days.

Here I am today… feeling fucking suicidal, thinking about my life and wishing I could learn how to not give a fuck.

(those are Kase-san and Yamada if anyone is curious)

No. 185744

Just saw a report on an area in Stockholm where sharia muslim motherfucks are controlling entire neighbourhoods where they heavily harass women for shit like wearing revealing clothes, drinking wine on their balcony or for just living their life as a single woman, someone made threats even to kill a woman's dog.

They also have a school where they separate girls and boys.

What the fuck is happening to my country, idk what to think and feel

No. 185747

I went to a con with a guy from work, his girlfriend, and a couple of his friends he plays vidya with and jesus. I don't know how he puts up with his girlfriend. I've met her once but it was brief and she seemed nice enough… but turns out she is loud and obnoxious and I think what grinds my gears the most about her is that she didn't thank any cosplayers she took pictures with and was just like "Selfie!! :D", shoved a camera in their face, and then continued walking… like. Surely someone taught you better than this.

She was also kind of snappy with the waiter when we went out to eat afterwards and never said please/thank you or anything like that to them (and it's not like they were rude servers or anything. They were nice and did their best. You could that after she ordered her drink and told him to 'make it snappy!', though mildly jokingly I think? I honestly couldn't tell at this point that they knew what they were getting into with her… so they basically approached everyone else at the table to ask if the food was okay/what we wanted/if we needed separate checks.)

I feel so prudish for saying this but I need to get this off my chest because it bothered me so much. She's twenty-fucking-four and should know better. It doesn't help her boyfriend is kind of a beta so he's not going to tell her off (especially since she has a job that pays more than him now)… but ugh. How do people not have basic manners?

No. 185750

You're being a little too nitpicky about his physique. If that's a recent photo he's not looking out of shape, just a slightly higher bf% to muscle. Jeez anon, you had me preparing myself to see a pimply Gurgle tier vegan with a mom belly.

No. 185751

Whoops, didn't realize the picture wasn't actually him. Ah well.

No. 185758

I've read that these same guys drink alcohol, don't cover their knees (muslim men are supposed to cover their knees, even when wearing shorts), and sleep around. Is this true?

No. 185767

I'm starting to wonder why your boyfriend is with you as well, you're absolutely insufferable

No. 185772

It's not prudish. Rude ppl are everywhere and exploit the polite passiveness of people with manners. I think rudeness is a serious character flaw.

No. 185774


>Big Daddy Dick

No. 185775

It's okay to sleep with infidels, especially if you own them. It's generally a big no-no to share a woman in the same session however.
>t. wasted too much time researching and understanding Wahhabi ideology.

No. 185776

Hi anon. I have gone through something similar to you so I wanted to reply.

I know a lot of people these days just go on and on about how OUT you need to be about every little detail about yourself: your sexual orientation, your gender, your xyz… Honestly, it is YOUR business at the end of the day and no one else's.

Like you, I have kept my orientation away from my family because unfortunately they just would not understand. No one knows them as well as I do. It would cause a lot of problems and anguish for everyone on all sides. To me, that is simply not worth it. I am a-ok knowing who I am and sharing that with who I want. I found what works for me and no one can tell me otherwise how much better it would be if I was "out."

Ultimately, your comfort level is what is most important. If you feel ok not telling your family, that is fine! All those fuckers who say you will regret it or are a disgrace or whatever can eat shit. This situation is different for everyone. Just because something about yourself is unconventional (not that I feel being gay is, but you know) does not mean you have to wear it on your sleeve and confess it to everyone.

So long story short, you do you boo. If you wind up seriously dating a girl and decide to be in a committed relationship with them, THEN I would worry about all that. But for now, you don't know who you will wind up with. When that time comes the answer will probably be clearer too.

No. 185777

I should add, don't let this affect trying to date a girl now either. Go for it! Don't even think about your family. You don't have to tell your family every little thing you do or who you date. Many straight people don't tell their parents about their s/o's all the time too. If it gets serious, there is lots of great advice to handle that when you get to it, and like I said the answer will probably be clearer to.

You'll be fine. <3 Just keep doing you and try to not overthink it!

(Also please don't try to rationalize liking girls. Girls are often awesome so there really doesn't have to be a reason.)

No. 185795

>want to get a facial piercing
>know very well I'll probably have a lot of trouble with it because it won't heal right or fast like my navel one
>tried one of those faux ones just to see how I'd look like with one
>looks bad
>still "want" one

I'm officially retarded.

No. 185796

Ughh I'm late to the train but just read about PHMB (a chemical which might be cancerous) and saw that my micellar toner has it and I've been using it all over my face. Now I don't know what to do since I have a nearly full bottle of it - of course I'd like to get rid of it and get a PHMB-free one, but I smoke too so I'd feel like a hypocrite throwing the unused toner away because it MIGHT be cancerous vs. smoking which is KNOWN to be… though i want to quit smoking too

No. 185799

You'd probably have to use the stuff for YEARS before you'd get cancer. Not to mention a lot of shit has been labeled cancerous in the last few months.

No. 185804

I thought facial piercings were stupid but got one I liked anyway. It definitely grows on you after time, I love mine now and get compliments from randoms a lot. As long as you go to a reputable place, take care of it and watch carefully for signs of rejection, you should be fine. Go at it anon. /enabler

No. 185805

Yes this is true. For the first time my whole life I've been living in Sweden I feel unsafe at nights in my own damn city

No. 185813

Thank you so much for you sweet and kind reply, Anon. I know that in the end you're right, especially about the part I don't have to share anything about my SO's. After reading your response, I feel a bit more comforted even though I haven't spoken to anyone else about it yet. Sending a hug, ty x

No. 185815

Sweden just seems like a shithole now. Not too long ago I read a story about two refugee boys who raped a girl in the school bathroom, and the principal tried to cover it up. When it was exposed he said "all three are victims".

Not that my country (Norway) is far behind

No. 185816

No. 185818

Sounds like you guys need diversity training.

No. 185822


I get major schadenfreude watching what's happening in your countries and the rest of Europe. Just wait until the Russian mob gets more established and your crime and murder rate shoots up, up, up! Remembers- the increase is because you're a violent racist country :^)

No. 185823


Actually I have used it for ~3 years… However I know this is just my anxiety nitpicking and that the point was not to stress about it too much. Thank you anon for the affirmations, that was just the thing I needed!

No. 185829

File: 1491429652565.gif (9.56 KB, 275x262, 1490289016316.gif)

>Guy I was talking to via tinder adds me on fb
>Go on his profile to see that in his latest posts he's with a girl
>I visit his profile again after a couple of hours and ALL of his posts and pictures with this girl aren't showing anymore, his last post now is on July 2016
>The idiot has a girlfriend and seriously made all that hiding effort thinking it wouldn't be suspicious at all
Oh well, too bad I know. Bye bye, cheater boi, you tried.

No. 185830

I talk to this guy all night, we're making plans and at last minute, I have a doubt and double check if my profile says i'm in an open relationship.
It says I'm single. I panic like hell and tell the guy it's ok if he wants to decline.
He does.
Was the nicest and funnest guy I talked to in fucking month. Feels bad.

No. 185841

Apologies for the rant.

Every time I use an un-PC term (eg 'retarded') on social media, a thousand retarded liberals from the US descend upon me to call me stupid, cruel and a bad person even though it's clear that no offence was meant.

My best friend, who was raised in a Middle-Eastern country, once said that religion is significant but should be kept private (which I agree with, and which has worked in my little corner of Europe for some years now, after a messy, religiously motivated civil war), and people called her 'brainwashed'.
She also complained about her family being backwards, blaming girls for everything and forcing them into dangerous situations because of tradition, but that she still loves her home country and doesn't think running away abroad would solve anyone's problems. Everyone automatically assumed that she used to live in some shithole with no running water, acted super condescending towards her (basically telling her she's wrong and that the West needs to save all the poor Arab savages out there, even though she's the one with the first-hand experience) and demonstrated such utter cluelessness about how emigration works and the kind of money/sacrifice it takes for someone to move abroad. Holy shit, I was livid for days.

They're all so fucking preachy and self-righteous but know so little and, what's even more terrifying, care so little about those actual people they're halfheartedly trying to defend and their opinions. They think American logic (lol) applies everywhere, don't actually want to do anything about a particular problem in society and only ever want to yell and complain until somebody makes the problem a little less visible and gives them the illusion of everything being A-OK.

They've no clue what actual terrorism is like or what it's like to live in a conflict zone, they believe superficial things like the colour of your skin and which orifice you prefer to stick your cock into determine how lucky you are in life, and will just as superficially try to remedy any social problem by getting upset until someone uses the word they like. And if you so much as suggest that there's other people with different opinions and experiences, they'll call you ignorant. Ironically enough.

Trump can't destroy America soon enough. Going to love every minute of it.

No. 185868

You should tell her. Poor girl.

No. 185895

I feel dumb for putting so much work into my blog. It's not that personal, it's more full of resources on different health related topics and shit. But at the same time I wonder why I even bother with this? It's not like I'll ever make money or anything useful out of it.
I guess I just really love (micro-managing) all that stuff and mess in the html.

Obv. different anon but I was wondering if that's really what one should do? I mean, yea I'd do it, but I'm kind of worried of getting into some sort of crossfire between them?
Especially if I know the guy but not his gf.

No. 185907

If you think it's bad on the internet, try living in the middle of it or going to one of these prestigious bastions of progression and liberalism (university.) I have no plans to leave my country, but it's hard trying to stay as sane as possible between the extremes.

No. 185916

>I have a doubt and double check if my profile says i'm in an open relationship.
I know the word "cuck" gets thrown around a lot, but your boyfriend is a literal cuckold, he's okay with you fucking other guys, I have less than zero respect for him.

It's only 50% of the US that's like that (stupid decadent liberals). The other 50% isn't, it's just that the former has more online presence.

If you know someone is a cheater, you should ALWAYS tell the person they're cheating on.

If only men could vote, there wouldn't be a single muslim in Sweden.

Those are what pectoral muscles look like at a moderately high level of bodyfat.

That guy is actually very muscular and lifts weights, he's not just "fat", look at any powerlifter. Tons of women (and fags) love that type of physique he has.

No. 185917

What could he even do to convince you? How often does he have sex with you, and how enthusiastic is he?

You're one of those people that consider any form of dieting to be an "eating disorder".

Tons of guys on 4chan like flat/small boobs.

Big tits are comical and a sign of old age, and only niggers like big asses. Small tits are better, stop trying to date Chad/niggers brainwashed by rap music and Hollywood films.

You wouldn't date a NEET that was otherwise attractive, wouldn't cheat, and wanted a serious long-term relationship.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 185918


>Those are what pectoral muscles look like at a moderately high level of bodyfat.

The key word being fat. He's a fat ass.

>Tons of women (and fags) love that type of physique he has

Those women are called fat fetishists, and no there's not a ton of women who like it, most think it's fucking gross. Because it is.

No. 185919

I'd do it, but
a) Since the little fuck has hidden everything from me, I've read her name only once and I don't remember it anymore
b) Stupid Facebook settings would lead my message into the "Message requests" field that no one ever checks, since we're not friends, and she would never read it
c) A lot of girls here are dumbasses, so she wouldn't believe me and say that it's a fake profile or even put the blame on me.

No. 185920

Samefagging, dumbasses as in "My boyfriend cheated on me but OH it's all evil other women's fault that seduced my poor, poor man into doing something he would have never done, even though he goes around saying he's single. Damned sluts rot in hell"

No. 185925

I opened up to my mom and told her I'm afraid to get a job because I'm scared of interacting with people and failing at the job itself. she called me ridiculous and lazy and told me I'm useless. which are all true lol just sucks to hear it from another person. real nail in the proverbial coffin was when she said she was getting sick of me living with her and told me "I'm sure you have a friend you can live with." what a hoot.

No. 185934

File: 1491504334999.jpg (33.55 KB, 640x430, qzbs5.jpg)

Soooooooo, my boyfriend just found out yesterday that he has syphilis. We've been together for like a year an a half. I read the virus can be dormant, but for how long?? Not sure how I should approach this…
Should I suspect cheating? It seems out of character but I've been fooled before..

No. 185936

Posts like these make me think only autists are obsessed with muh pure innocent flatchest waifu!!!

Poor flat chested girls.

No. 185937

Im on Black Twitter and I use as many non PC terms as a I like. It's great.

No. 185942

girl he playin u!!!! beat hisass

No. 185944

3 words: trust no bitch

No. 185947

Syphilis is a bacteria not a virus anon.

No. 185994

Next time I hear someone saying shit like "Girls are full of drama blah blah they always gossip, guys don't do that" I'm going to lose my shit. In two different times of my life I've been part of two mostly-male friends groups with only a few girls, the last one was also a nerd group, and guess what. Us girls of the group were very close and always defended each other, while the guys, nerdy heterosexual guys, were always the ones causing drama. I swear they gossip more than the entire Lolcow site. And they gossip about people they used to know online they don't even talk to anymore, nitpicking on the smallest things ("Lol X started writing for a website" "Lmao Y is posting pics with a guy, I wonder if she's sleeping with him") God they were insufferable, I'm so happy I left

No. 185996

Paperwork is fucking exhausting. I'm starting a semester abroad right now and I made a bank account, got health insurance etc, but today the bank called my dorm when I wasn't there. Apparently they'll try again on Monday, I don't know what they want and it kinda freaks me out. Why couldn't they just send an email, god.
This is already kind of making me want to go home, as pathetic as it might sound.

No. 185997

I feel this. I'm an expat and there's sooo much shit that I still have to take care of just so I can pay taxes here. The process is so confusing and complex that it's virtually impossible to do it on your own (unless you're fluent in the language, which is…really difficult) so I went through my language school employer. Haha, yeah, the lady they've employed for the past few years is on her way out because she's notoriously petty/unresponsive/unreliable. Bitch still has my visa, so that's…great. SHOULD be getting it back in the coming week. We'll see.

No. 185998

you mean immigrant

No. 185999

I feel the exact same way. Sure girls talk shit too but most guys want to know every little thing a girl does, who she's seeing, who she fucked … They'll even tell friends who do the same with their own friends.

But because it's guys I guess it'll never be gossip.

No. 186005

There's been a terrorist attack in Stockholm with 3 confirmed deaths and 8 people injured but there may be more. I was hoping those sacks of putrid shit wouldn't manage to attack my country as well but no one anywhere is safe, huh.

Shit like this makes me wish these people would purge the world of evil by killing themselves and no one else.

So fucking sick of everything

No. 186006

I mean, it's not a permanent move. It's a temporary move for work/school and I'm from America. There's no plan to apply for residency or citizenship, so I'd feel weird calling myself an immigrant.

No. 186007

God that's horrible. I can't even imagine how that must feel for people affected. I'm honestly scared for the future of Europe seeing and hearing about this mess. Maybe I'm overreacting or melodramatic but this just keeps happening. I hope you and everyone you know is all right.

No. 186010


ISIS no longer has the capacity to terrorize anyone.

No. 186011


It's divine punishment for the racism and colonialism your racist country has benefited from. Thank your rapefugee overlords for blessing you with cultural enrichment.

No. 186029

Such a bipolar post.

No. 186042


No. 186044

News has me stressed out as hell

No. 186047

It's funny because all jokes aside Sweden actually practiced colonialism and racism for centuries but the target was their neighboring country Finland, a white nation. Even up to the 50's the native Swedish were encouraged not to breed with the Finnish because it would ruin their "pure genes".

So yeah, have fun dealing with the refugees Sweden. You kinda brought this upon yourselves.

No. 186049

It's actually funny twice over because shitstains like you sit on your ass saying that the innocent people who died a horrific death, lost limbs and are fighting for their lives deserve it because of something no one in Finland who doesn't live in bumfuck nowhere and whose parents are cousins blame the Swedish people for.

Disgusting fucks like you are the reason things like this are even allowed to happen in today's world. Eat shit.

No. 186052

I'm way too thirsty for my crush. It's sorta amplified by the fact I've had few social contacts and feel lonely. We met yesterday with more company and late at night I dreaded saying goodbye so fucking much. We'll meet at an event again soon but I just wanna fastforward to the point where we (hopefully) make out because I've been craving him hard. We're both really, really shy but have exceptionally much in common. I picked up a bunch of clues he's interested in me, too, or else I wouldn't wanna take my chances persueing him. I haven't had good sex for a long time now (didn't seek it and not all too satisfactory sex life in a rs) and he just seems perfect for me. We had so much fun yesterday, he's smart, funny, hasn't had a gf in a while and is probably horny, too, and he has this polite interest in me and this demenour that just makes me feel he might be drawn to me similarly. All of this is making him so irrresistible to me….. thirsty-chan over

No. 186054


No. 186055

Turkey's done way worse, but I've never seen any SJWs advocate for it to be destroyed.

No. 186073

because turks are ~*brown*~ anon, they look like, totally different from the rest of mediterranean europe acording to american sjws, k? So they're part of POC-stan and can't be touched.

No. 186074

This almost 40 yo man sent me his pic in an okcupid message, excusing himself to not having it up because a student contacted him once and it was spooky.
It links in one click to his fucking twitter account and it looks like he his a politician.
How can you be this dumb?

No. 186079

I think anon was referring to how Sweden took tons of middle eastern/african refugees in and let them rot and fester with radical ideologies while turning a blind eye. Not what they did to Finland.

But however almost everybody in Finland still remembers and most of them still carry a grudge but the swedes like to think it never happened. Source: I'm Finnish.

No. 186080

It's so funny how people on Tumblr go on and on about the Brits colonizing different countries, but I've never seen ANYBODY talk about what the Ottoman Empire did to the world.

No. 186083

Blackmail him into giving you money

No. 186090

My country was enslaved by them for some 500 years, the shit they did to the locals was all kinds of disgusting. Chopping all the influential men's heads off and sticking them on a stake at the gates of the capital to scare people into submission, cutting children's limbs off, taking male infants from their parents to train them to be mercenaries, raping young brides so they'd fall pregnant with a Turkish baby. Things were so bad that half of the country's population up and left for Austria-Hungary because they'd give us food and weapons to fight them. But because we we're ~evil white ppl~ I guess it doesn't count.

Funnily enough we don't really have a grudge against Turkey now, most people here quite like it and spend their holidays there, because we're aware that it's a stupid thing to do since it happened a long ass time ago.

We do have a raging victim complex though, and our police/bomb squad have a thing for bashing Muslims, as does the military. But that's not because of Turks (who are actually a lot more sane in that regard), that's because of crazy converts in Bosnia and other surrounding banana republics like ours that like to stir shit and then cry racism when they realise they've poked the bear one too many times. I don't mind, we've not had a single aloha snackbar to date and the place is pretty safe despite the crippling poverty and corruption.

No. 186094

Are you Serbian, too?

No. 186115

Don't forget about how they think only blacks were enslaved (not to mention they were captured by their own kind). Whites and all the other races were enslaved as well at some point in history (why middle eastern christianity was forced onto europe, also the barbary slave trade).

To them, they think world history is American history as if those were the only events that have ever occurred.