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File: 1480203658076.jpeg (99.39 KB, 720x685, 56d36844f364f.jpeg)

No. 204373

See some DDLG losers on tumblr? See someone completely insane on fetlife? Want to make fun of Domly Doms? Or maybe you have just found some crazy adult babies or foot fetishists. If someone is acting like an attention seeking idiot with their fetish, post them here.

No. 204380

Here, have one of the worst things I've ever seen on the internet. I found this blog years ago and it's haunted me ever since. Obviously this link is extremely NSFW.

tl;dr literal schizophrenic tranny who enjoys shitting and pissing themselves, bathing in other people's shit and piss, self-mutilation, having unprotected gangbangs with random guys and pretty much any kind of degeneracy you can think of.

He hasn't posted in a long time which makes me think he died of AIDS or some kind of hideous infection from playing in shit.

Seriously don't click that link

No. 204381

Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 204382

File: 1480206739549.png (972.6 KB, 1097x824, image.png)

Kinda looks like onion in this pic

No. 204391

File: 1480208132062.png (185.46 KB, 640x1136, delete this.png)

i hate misogyny fetish people. they are so gross and awful. other kinks gross me out but misogyny makes me angry and sad

No. 204395

I was confused for a sec because I legit thought this was onion and thought I accidentally clicked on pt and not snow. Scary.

No. 204396

Christ on a fucking cracker what did I just click on.

I hate misogyny kinks because I lowkey have one. The idea of a guy "taking advantage of me" (in a planned, consensual manner) is super hot and I'm really ashamed of it tbh. It's not like the only way I can get off or anything so I usually just pretend I don't have it.

No. 204397

its kind of different when a woman has it imo. because social conditioning is everywhere for that kind of thing. but its worrying when someone finds treating someone else in a bad way a turn on. but you do you with consenting adults anon.

No. 204398

File: 1480209013493.png (38.74 KB, 527x469, delete me 2.png)

No. 204399

File: 1480209062894.jpg (130 KB, 640x1136, delete me 5.jpg)

this guy seems like a huge snowflake tbh. and where does he keep getting all these girls from?

No. 204401

File: 1480209163702.png (401.85 KB, 719x1280, delete me 3.png)

No. 204407

It's about time this sickos got their own thread

No. 204409

this is why i'm kink critical/anti-porn

No. 204410

File: 1480211299899.png (602.67 KB, 500x411, 00.png)

>A perfect illustrated description of the eventual and inevitable fate that awaits all feminists, social justice cowards, and gender "crusaders" when their time comes. Eventually, every single one of you man hating, rug munching, politically correct, birkenstock wearing, trigger warning retards will be held accountable for your words and deeds. You will be forced to pay 10 fold for every unkind, untrue, and vicious slanderous accusation you've made towards the males who so graciously allow you to co-exist with them. Your "righteous" beliefs and rhetoric will do nothing to save you, and you will be exactly as powerless to protect yourselves as you have always been. Up until this point the Patriarchy was only a buzzword that you used to justify you unspeakable and illogical activities. Now when you are finally held accountable and it is real, staring you directly in the face, let's see how strong your convictions are, especially when you actually feel it crashing down around you and crushing you underfoot. Just watch how quickly your change your tune then, bitches.

No. 204411


Really I always kinda like him, he seemed like one of few sane ones. What's snowflake about him?

He met his subs through fetlife and events.

No. 204414

no man who gets off on humiliating a person like that as a fetish is sane. that legit stems from a psychological abnormality, just like littles are more often times than not victims of child sexual abuse. i'd run for the hills if i ever found out a guy i knew was into shit like that. i don't care how "professional" he goes about it. you're lying if you'd ever let someone like that around your kids. or any child.

this entire scene is a fucking cesspool. absolutely horrifying.

No. 204418

File: 1480213475092.jpg (37.83 KB, 531x610, delete me 4.jpg)

god bless america

No. 204422

I try not to kink shame, but god damn. I had some real winners that followed me or I came across on my old kink blog:
-One of those 2dom4u assholes who wanted a literal sex slave. Contract and everything.
-some DDlg people who would wear diapers everywhere and actually get changed in the bathrooms (if caught they claimed they were disabled and needed help or some shit)
-someone who made 2 girls 1 cup look like a Disney film.

No. 204423

I've said it before, but I find it skeevy as fuck that 40+ year olds reblog and follow this shit. The "littles" are barely legal adults and obviously have issues. Somehow, I find the fact that older supposedly more mature men are encouraging them worse than the snowflake posts themselves.

No. 204425

>my old kink blog
You belong in this thread

No. 204426

basically. i don't know how people can focus so much on the girls and how cringey they are when it's glaringly obvious they're dealing with trauma like no girl who's right in their mind will be into the level of degradation they're asking for. especially the focus on outright infantilization. but the guys??? straight up pedophiles and rapists. like the reddit type. no exception. they're completely taking advantage of these girls.

No. 204427

Hey, I grew up! Hehe.

No. 204429

although disclaimer i think the ones into mild kitty daddy kink milk shit are 100% tryhard white girls whose dads didn't pay enough attention to them. and are basically just pedophiles themselves, given their obsession with reblogging bald pussies and disturbingly underdeveloped labia.

No. 204440

Shit i remember this guy from when I had a tumblr

I fucking hate him. hes like 30 and he recruits girls who just turned 18 off of tumblr. sick fuck

No. 204454

File: 1480218435984.gif (629.34 KB, 300x340, d49b62d51e4e5ca1d4492ebd784ea4…)

No. 204456

What the actual fuck?

I just puked in my mouth. What the fuck is up with people.

Next people are going to be freezing their period and eating it.

No. 204457


No. 204466

Femminista do that, anon.
Not joking, google "period cookies"

No. 204470


"What the fuck" doesn't even give justice to how fucked up this is.

No. 204479


Please kill me.

Seriously, this whole thread is bizarre. everything is shocking/disgusting or fucking weird.

No. 204497


Why does this website hate kinks so much

No. 204502

Just me and my ?daddy?, hanging out I got pretty hungry? so I started to pout ? He asked if I was down ⬇for something yummy ?? and I asked what and he said he'd give me his ?cummies!? Yeah! Yeah!?? I drink them!? I slurp them!? I swallow them whole? ? It makes ?daddy? ?happy? so it's my only goal… ???Harder daddy! Harder daddy! ??? 1 cummy?, 2 cummy??, 3 cummy???, 4???? I'm ?daddy's? ?princess ?but I'm also a whore! ? He makes me feel squishy?!He makes me feel good?! ???He makes me feel everything a little should!~ ??? ???Wa-What!???

No. 204505

what the fuck is WRONG with people??

No. 204506

Why did you do this to us? I could have lived my whole life happily and never seen this

No. 204511

So, so glad I'm not having kids. This shit is terrifying. How messed up is someone to think this way?

No. 204513

Stupid bitches who watch porn think this is normal.

No. 204514

The only reason I like this thread is because for once no one is arguing and everyone is equally disgusted

No. 204518

Man I love the idea of this thread since I hate when I come across these folks but that's half the problem, once I come across one I turn the other way and rinse my eyes out with bleach. Idk who is popular or famous in like the ddlg scene or who has drama or what not because from my perspective they're all crazy.

Also cookie cutter. Wah wah I'm a little even though I'm chubby and ugly and I love Disney movies and coloring I'm five years old it's not all sexual uwuuu.

daddy doms are even worse. Ugly fat dudes role playing and writing terrible porn fic on their blogs next pictures of men in suits with belts in their hands.

I don't think I can keep tabs on certain blogs like I can in the spoonie thread.

No. 204521

File: 1480225689815.gif (1.98 MB, 350x210, tumblr_ogg2ytAc8k1qlrxh6o2_400…)

abdreams.tumblr.com is a great blog if you hate yourself

No. 204523

how do you stray so far from god's light

No. 204524

File: 1480226177999.jpg (32.38 KB, 290x366, disgust.jpg)

if i had a fetish like this i would sign up for electroshock therapy

No. 204525

by being a pedophile, mostly.

No. 204526

How did Harley Quinn get associated with this mess?

No. 204527

chances are your doodle got diddled when you were a toddler so you'd be in need of therapy anyway

No. 204528


No. 204534

Seriously? This is apparently her tumblr: playtimewithprincess.tumblr.com

No. 204535

Spill the beans!

No. 204537

give us the deets. was she always this weird?

No. 204538

Yeah, her real name is Lauren and she tells everyone it's Luna.

She's always been batshit crazy.

No. 204543

File: 1480227164517.jpg (139.49 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3400.JPG)

Photo dump of "Luna"

No. 204544

File: 1480227184446.jpg (90.6 KB, 720x720, IMG_3398.JPG)

No. 204545

villainous-cenobite and the-doll-collector both really really like to complain about feminism. why would a dominant person be so offended by uppity women, you suppose. nah but really both of them seem like future serial killers. i wouldn't want them around me.

No. 204546

File: 1480227216946.jpg (117.73 KB, 960x960, IMG_3399.JPG)


No. 204548

she looks like exactly the type of person to be into abdl tbh

No. 204550

File: 1480227343463.jpg (295.26 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3401.JPG)

This bitch always claims to be such a tortured soul and desperately wants to be artistic.

But no one takes her seriously, because she's a short/pizza faced/big beaked/frizzy haired psycho

No. 204559

File: 1480227913970.png (251.86 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Soon trump will take away her pull ups too.

No. 204562

No. 204564

I'd vote for Trump if he promised to deport diaper fetishists tbhfam

No. 204567

File: 1480228234651.jpeg (273.8 KB, 800x1000, image.jpeg)

No. 204573

Not the right word for it. I agree that it's creepy that they exclusively reblog small labia, but fully developed women can have tiny labia. This is kinda an unimportant point, it just irks me because lately I see a lot of "only children/porn stars who have had surgery look like that!!1!" on art with small labia. I'm definitely all for normalizing larger labia, but it's disturbing to have my genitalia compared to a child's.(blog more)

No. 204575


i can't tell if this blog is a joke or not. punks turning into jesus-loving 50s housewives.

No. 204578

lmfao i'm pretty sure he's serious. the other blog he links to is good too https://virtuousmodestlady.tumblr.com/

i love the idea of these people jerking off to knee length skirts, loose fitting sweaters and bible quotes

No. 204594

Thank you we dont all have roast beef vaginas

No. 204608

i meant it as in bald pussies and underdeveloped vaginas are two different things! tiny labia is tiny labia but underdeveloped labia is a completely different thing which is what i was referring to and why is said underdeveloped and not just small. same with breasts a grown woman's small breasts are different from a tween's underdeveloped breasts. there's just pictures where you know it's not a grown woman you're looking at. at all. and that's why it's usually cropped.

for starter's the pigment. the anus and the genitals turn a darker pigment after puberty. not meatloaf dark but at least a tinge of pink. that goes with nipples as well. next it's the hair follicles. a shaved or a waxed vagina will still have visible follicles. but in some photos you can see that there is absolutely nothing there and it's nearly rubbery smooth. but i guess i should've just said vagina as a whole ah that's my bad.

but in general it's still uncommon for labia to be like, teenie tiny just from a standard puberty hormone point. we all know why these blogs in specific will never reblog a hairy crotch or prominent labia so for me it's gross either way(not the labia but the fact it's on their blogs!)

No. 204611

lol what an edgelord

No. 204613

Yeah I totally get what you mean. It was more of a general statement than an attack on you, it's just a pet peeve of mine lately.

No. 204616

>literally wears diapers
>"Goodbye womens' rights"

No. 204618

Dude, a lot of people/established porn companies Photoshop vaginas to be "more attractive" (ie smooth and blurred and unrealistic).
It's kind of sad.

No. 204636

yeah that too ugh. it's disgusting how porn companies deny how big the market for "teen" porn is. the most searched term on porn sites worldwide is "teen" along with "stepdad". the rise of the ddlg scene is no coincidence.

another one of the most glaringly obvious cp pictures for me are where they're wearing panties. right away the design will differ greatly from regular petite underwear, and the fabric will hardly be stretched at all. another thing is the size of the stitching compared to the surface area of the crotch. it will look significantly larger than normal. idk why but that one disturbs me the most i get physically sick because it's something so common you know? any little girl could squat while playing or just have fun in a bathing suit, and somewhere some old guy or fucking young guy or even a girl is getting off to that. the whole stereotype of old creepy loner pedophile is dead. now anyone could be a pedophile and it's all thanks to tumblr tbh.

honestly fuck anyone into this scene. even the littles who are csa victims. that doesn't mean you should dedicate your life to satisfying people like the ones who raped you, and contributing to a community of predators who want to normalize the idea of pedophilia under the guise that it's a harmless fetish.

No. 204646

this might be the nastiest thing i've ever seen on this sight omg what

No. 204649

this thread has caused snakes to physically manifest in my house

No. 204661

Okay I get the cow appeal of a lot of these girls but stuff like this just makes me think their bf is behind the bulk of it. Either that or she's internalised some of the weirder pro ana shtick and her bf is clueless to it all but willing to go along.

No. 204665

I'm betting my money on them(him? her?) dying due to eating so much shit or getting killed by the "mommy". It'd be fascinating to know what they're doing these days.

No. 204669

"Daddy's lil monster"
Suicide Squad's fault I guess

No. 204676

File: 1480254018125.jpg (232.8 KB, 793x1097, IMG_20161127_143927.jpg)

Just seeing abdl tag on tumblr gives me instant brain hemorrhage

No. 204679

Poor dog probably doesn't understand what it's seeing

No. 204682

Run, Fido!

No. 204690

Damn I wish I hadn't clicked this. Of course it's a tumblr account though

No. 204692

This bitch looks like a younger version of Maggot

No. 204694

File: 1480257527662.jpg (29.77 KB, 476x687, 14963113_159483571185795_84814…)

The fact that she's whispering most likely because her parents are in the next room. Fuck dd/lg and similar, seriously. They should all get lobotomy.

No. 204701

I've seen so much worse stuff, so much disgusting, repugnant, degenerate behavior but for some reason this makes my stomach churn and grit my teeth. What the fucking fuck is wrong with people.

It's horrible that so many girls in this thread could probably be normal girls and get caught up in 'kink culture' or groups or whatever and so desperate to label themselves they become these disgraces.

No. 204702

File: 1480259584133.gif (630.18 KB, 500x378, 1450555034288.gif)

Slightly off topic but I hate the whole 'I love Disney and cartoons and coloring' as an excuse/justification for this embarrassing behavior. A lot of people like those things who aren't posting pictures/GIFs of themselves in diapers, talking about swallowing cum for 'daddy', and broadcasting even more nasty shit. How can you fucking live with yourself knowing this stuff is out there with your face attached to it? These stupid kinks are an attention seeking flavor of the month most of the time, when this DD/LG thing is over isn't it going to be horrible to know you put yourself out there showing and talking about getting horny acting like a baby and wearing diapers?

Looking at this stuff is like looking into the abyss, knowing these people exist, I need to go to fucking Church.

No. 204712


No. 204721

That's another really unfortunate side to it. You can't enjoy kid stuff without a ddlg blog coming out from the left field and associating themselves with you.

No. 204728

or getting comments on your posts like "daddy buy me thiiiiiiiiiis" or "please give me cummies in this daddy!" on any cute fashion related post.

No. 204729

Anything good in life is just a new thing to fetishize. They're so fucked up they can't enjoy anything without making it a 'special kink' so they're unique in some way.

No. 204730

File: 1480266874965.jpeg (251.71 KB, 691x625, image.jpeg)


No. 204737

i think what's worse is that slowly people can't believe that you could like kid stuff without ~secretly~ being a little. an adult liking things related to their childhood automatically means it's sexual which is so fucked up because childhood is all about innocence and happiness and now it's one of the most sexualized things.

No. 204747

I know, I love Barbies, Monster High dolls and stuffed animals, and I love collecting them but barely bother anymore since I think about this stuff and it kind of gets to me, or think about someone seeing it will associate me with this stuff.

Seeing people sexualize being a baby or a toddler is the most sickening, stomach-churning thing, it's the most precious and beautiful time of your life and they make it dirty and sexual, making bondage binkies and such. It's literally about kids, I don't care what anyone says, you are associating sex with children and toddlers, and anyone, especially with a child, can see how disturbing that is.

No. 204760

Does anyone follow brat-grrrrrl2 on tumblr? Not sure if she counts because she's an actual sex worker.

No. 204761

>WEH I have a tiny labia ;)

No. 204763

I do! I think she's hot tbh, which is the only reason i followed her in the first place. She has a pretty nasty attitude from what i've seen.

No. 204766


Agreed, anon was trying to brag. Still, many women have small labia but i wouldn't say that is really any better or looks better tbh. As long as you don't have super huge labia, you're good. Trust me I know what I'm talking about since I'm a lesbian, kek. Love your labia, gurls

No. 204769

Good to see your still self posting on lolcow after all this time

No. 204770

Roastie detected
I'm not quoted anon but it's really annoying to have small labia and have people constantly talking about how your fucking pussy is a pedophile's dream and how women in porn with pussies like yours are stimulating pedophilia and feminists, feminists for god's sake, acting like women with huge roast beef labia are the standard for Grown Women and anything less than that is prepubescent.
I mean, even if you're an innie chances are your pussy isn't very pleasant to look at. We don't need even more shaming on top of that.

Fuck this shit, anon didn't sound braggy at all. Yes, I mad.

No. 204772

Her 'nasty attitude' is what she believes to be her unique selling point.

No. 204773


triggered much roastie? They didn't even mention their small labia until the end of the post ffs

exactly. its the same as fat bitches implying a woman who's less than 170 pounds is a 13 year old boy who will only attract pedophiles(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 204779

Back when I used tumblr I came across a blog and I don't remember the name fully it was like somethingbabycakes and she had an adult crib and wore diapers and I feel like she took ageplay to a whole new level…

No. 204781

the grossest is when you see camgirls who start camming when they just turned 18, and you can tell they are not through puberty yet because they start and their vagina is still how you described (underdeveloped) and not pigmented. and they're SO popular on the camsites

and then two years later you see them again at 20 and they have dark brown pigment and fully developed labia, and they no longer make as much money as they did when they were 20. makes you think doesnt it?

No. 204782

Check out the youtube comments (remember this girl is probably not even older than 15)

>This chick needs some dick in her life.

>She kinda hot tho, feelsbad

>u 18 yet?

>(in response) doesn't matter

>listening to her saying harder daddy harder is giving me the most uncomfortable boner, someone send bleach please

>I got hard as granite when she started whispering "Harder daddy, Harder daddy <:O" Damn I'm going to jail, somebody please send me Marlboro packs.

>I can't masturbate to anything else now.

>Weirdest boner ever.

>I'd give her my cummies everyday.

>I got a boner

>It's actually perfectly natural for guys to get off to lolies like this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/10948796/Paedophilia-is-natural-and-normal-for-males.html

>My penis is having a nervous breakdown and does not know what to do.

>I came

>I have the guiltiest boner right now…

>Her whispering "Harder Daddy, harder Daddy" is giving me the most uncomfortable 'Groid Boner of my Life. Please fax me a Gun so I can shoot myself.

>The younger the better dad always said

>If she's 13 I'm 13

>If her age is off the clock she's old enough for the cock

>This is wife material. #goals

>How can I raise my 4 daughters to be like this?

No. 204783


Both of these tumblrs have me so confused…just why.

No. 204785

Thanks for this, sometimes I forget why I think men are fucking pieces of shit and this is an awesome reminder.

No. 204788

i get that some of those are meant to be Edgy Jokes but holy shit. fucking disgusting

No. 204789

i totally get what you mean but it's true that the obsession with innie rubbery smooth plump vaginas in porn totally stems from the "teen" fetish aka thinly veiled pedophilia. because while it's completely natural for some women it's not common, and not all of those women do porn you know? just like not all women with huge gorgeous tits do porn. bleaching your genitals and labiaplasty are practically standard now in porn. your agent will set you up with an appointment for free. and you know what? breast implants are becoming less common. that really says a lot. super disturbing. it sucks that a petite woman is now so closely associated with sex AND pedophilia at the same time like? what a fucking time to be alive. some colonial shit.

pornstars used to be huge fake tits with heavy makeup and huge hair. the market for that is dying out. now the most popular ones are the ones who look like teenage girls. amateur ~~feminist~~ camgirls masturbating with binkies and toys in their bedroom are what porn looks like now.

No. 204793

most of these guys probably aren't even in their 30s yet….

No. 204795

that reminds me, does anyone have caps of that scrawny 13 year old "daddy" limp-wristedly flailing his belt around? it was a meme on tumblr for a while

No. 204800

i read an article about a boy in middle school who got arrested for posession child porn. he said he started watching porn when he was 10 because of his friends, and that he just kept going through websites until he landed on child porn ones by accident and he just kind of kept going. i'd hate to see what these people are like by the time they're in their 40s. it's terrifying thinking about them having kids one day.

No. 204802

Wait, I'm missing something? Is she here? I remember mentions of her in other threads.

No. 204803

File: 1480276825575.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, tumblr_inline_mwr4d5lfZE1qfj23…)

? This one?

No. 204804

Oh hey! Long time no see self poster

No. 204807

Some of them definitely were, they had their face as their profile picture (talk about stupid) and they had beards and were obviously older than 25 for sure

I hate how people deny that a lot of older men are closet pedophiles… I was in a relationship with a guy for many years and we broke up because I found CP on his phone. Like, real actual CP not the shit posted in here.

This >>204785 is a good post. We should never forget that a large portion of men (not all men!) are pieces of shit.

No. 204808

>amateur ~~feminist~~ camgirls masturbating with binkies and toys in their bedroom are what porn looks like now.

Which is disgusting.

No. 204810

yeah she made some very obvious self posts here a while ago
stuff like "omg guys have you heard of brat grrl she seems like a bitch but she's rlllly cute here's a link to her blog"
she's a typical attention whore

lol yes that's the one

No. 204813


>How can I raise my 4 daughters to be like this?

this is probably just an edgy joke, but I want to stab whoever wrote it.

No. 204814

If it helps, the comments in response were 'rape them'

No. 204836

Binkie princess anyone? She had a documentary made (or someone approched her to make a documentary about her/her "lifestyle") and it made a huge fuss. She made like a 30 minute video talking about it called "Dear Ignorant People". The comment section of both the documentary and that video is pretty insane.
Her youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjq-XsenvGBgzao7rFvU4Q
Her tumblr: binkieprincess.tumblr.com

No. 204840

This times a billion. And most tumblr shits tbh.

No. 204853

Is that strawberrykisu girl into ddlg? Either way I hate seeing her shitty snapchat adverts spammed all over my dash.

No. 204854

Best thing to come out of this topic.

No. 204856

Yeah, I totally get it and it's fucking disgusting. I just think it's counterproductive to attack the "aesthetic" itself and the women who fit into it instead of the industry (and the men who support it). It's like attacking thin women in order to fight "oppressive beaty standards", except it's worse because, innie or not, I've never met a woman who was not ashamed of how her vagina looked.

Thanks for being civil, by the way. That's becoming rarer and rarer around here.

No. 204873

>found CP on his phone
Yikes anon. I can't imagine. Glad to hear you left him.

No. 204875


Last time I checked she was. Don't know if she's so obvious about it now but she called her boyfriend daddy I thought.

No. 204887

I feel you, anon.
Ever since I was like 6 years old (yes, six) I've had sexual fantasies of being tied up and 'raped'. Being treated like a thing by someone that I love is the only fantasy that turns me on. Sometimes I wonder if I wasn't sexually abused by someone in an early childhood, but pushed the memory out of my system.
Doesn't mean that I'm not disgusted by those kinkshits. Wanting to get hurt because of low self-esteem, sexual abuse and other issues is a MUCH different thing than wanting to hurt others in order to get off. I hate it when people on tumblr are like 'well you can't help your kinks!!!'. You can literally go to a sexuologist in order to work out why the fuck you need to hurt your partner in order to get your dick hard… or at least try not to engage with your kink (not run a blog and not consume porn related to it) and seek more healthy ways of expressing your sexuality.
The second part is what I do, I try to avoid content focusing on sexual violence and degradation. Seeing this kind of stuff does turn me on, but also makes me cry and want to hurt myself. Deep in my heart, I see myself as an object to be used, and not even pretty enough.
I hate myself so much for being so fucked up.

No. 204919

File: 1480289366814.jpg (79.08 KB, 640x640, 8061b33fd5eb25ab8b905f4e0d3859…)

Just because its kink doesn't make it not abuse jfc

No. 204923

yep liberal feminists think domestic abuse and rape is a-ok as long as you call it "kinky"

No. 204925

they're only doing a favor to the misogynistic rapists who have always wanted a submissive girl to abuse lmao. they're probably thanking their lucky stars these garbage cunts created a haven for them. probably laugh about how stupid they are too.

No. 204927

it's incredibly retarded
i imagine they think "shaming gay people for their sexuality is bad so it must be bad to shame anyone for any sexual preference!"
except there's a difference between wanting to fuck someone of the same sex and wanting to rape and abuse people

No. 204928

File: 1480290596577.png (8.34 KB, 492x283, a BIG STICK!!!.png)

I love when these blogs respond seriously to joke posts.

No. 204932


No. 205002

Self-awareness and self-control is huge anon and definitely puts you a step above some of these bloggers.

No. 205396

someone wishes they were amanda palmer

No. 205408

Are there any links to her self posts or anything? I've been a long time follower of hers & a long time user on here and have never seen it lol

No. 205426

ANON! I'm so glad someone else has this! I have been sexual since the age of 4. I used to touch myself because it felt nice but didn't understand why. When I grew up I wondered if I'd been molested but I doubt it, I think it's just a naturally high sex drive. I too have rape fantasies and love the idea of being submissive lol. Sage for blog post but relieved to find someone else like me, would never share this irl (not even with a partner, I find it too shameful.)

I hate the ddlg trend. Men are stupid and if you start acting like a baby/child during sex then you're basically training them to be pedophiles. Sure, it's fine if you're around to provide their kink, but what if after a year of age play you leave him? And sex with a new partner doesn't turn him on like age play? What if he decides to go after a little girl next? It's just disgusting and I hate it. And I hate how young teenagers are playing into it because it's trendy.

No. 205460

File: 1480309047202.png (17.03 KB, 275x310, tumblr_o860mpeijM1vwy0mio1_400…)

It happens all the time on tumblr.
I hate how normalized this shit is on there and you're not allowed to point out how it's enabling pedophiles.

No. 205464

Do all of you just have vanilla missionary sex all the time?

No. 205467

did you write this from your elsa potty

No. 205470


Oh, I love this game! "Don't agree with us so you must be one of them".

I wrote this from my grown up bed. Did you think of this from your dry, "sex is just an obligation" pussy?

No. 205476

It makes sense if everyone in this thread has boring sense, using your logic? "Their kinks are enabling pedophiles!"
Doggystyle enables zoophiles, spanking enables pedophiles, being tied up enables serial killers….

No. 205477

This is actually a very common urge in children; it's based off of curiosity more than pure sexuality, however it's more apparent in sexually abused kids… Most people won't admit young curiosity with their own genitals, but if you've been abused you'll be more curious with other person's genitals than your own.

No. 205478

I'm so sorry that you can't imagine sex being passionate and fun without pedophilia by proxy or unhealthy relationship dynamics, anon :(

No. 205479

No. 205481


Laying on your back and doing nothing sounds very fun, you're right.

Sorry you can't imagine two consenting adults restricting their personal bedroom preferences to the bedroom. ): You must be around a lot of dysfunctional adults with no self control. Or one of them.

No. 205483

File: 1480310791124.gif (1.54 MB, 320x240, bGcPeJI.gif)


we're not talking about a sexual position. we're talking about wearing binkies and children's panties, speaking in high pitched voices, emphasizing their "tiny" bodies, using baby/child vocabulary, a constantly using children's toys as props during sex. wearing animal masks and walking on all fours while barking and sleeping in a cage enables zoophiles. being tied up, choked, abused, dehumanized, "enslaved" and being mutilated with knives and plastic bags enables serial killers and any other human being that wishes to harm another.

>two consenting adults restricting their personal bedroom preferences to the bedroom

just like pedophiles restrict their personal bedroom preferences in their room when they masturbate to child porn on their computers. just because it's in a bedroom doesn't make the paraphilia justified.

No. 205484

Because there is only 'lying on back sex' and 'pretend-rape sex.' Seek a therapist if you feel this way, anon.

No. 205486

personally i enjoy having a smooth easy orgasm while lying comfortably on my bed.

imagine bragging because you need extra effort to get off. y'all are like the sexual equivalent of those people on infomercials who can't cut potatoes or open jelly jars without some $30 device you have to keep replacing cos it's poorly designed.

No. 205487

I love how this argument always devolves into the defensive kinkster assuming the other party has boring vanilla, missionary sex. It's like ya'll are so into your kinky shit that you forget that there's various levels between "Lie back and think of England" and "fuck me daddy tie me up I'm your little whore"

No. 205489

not anon you're referring to but I think you're talking past each other. You oppose this stuff on principle, it sounds like the other anon is saying that as long as no one is hurt and everyone properly consents it's nobody's issue.

Same shit that comes up every time there is fetish drama.

No. 205492

Problem is that public tumblr blogs are not their bedroom. It's out there for the whole non-consenting world to see

No. 205493


>just like pedophiles restrict their personal bedroom preferences in their room when they masturbate to child porn on their computers

Except the difference in this situation is that children aren't being harmed. Can you genuinely not tell the difference between consenting adults essentially playing pretend and children being forced into something they can't consent to?

If there's any proof that these people's kinks are being carried over into non-consensual and harmful situations, you might have an argument but I don't see any proof of that happening. All I see are people reeeeeing at other people, oh god, having unconventional tastes. I bet you think video games incite violence, too.

No. 205496


Why are you ya'lling at me and, again, assuming I'm one of them because I don't get overdramatic about other people's kinks?

I can count the times I've had sex on one hand, and I'm not into any of this. I just don't understand what the problem is if no one is genuinely being harmed. Safe to assume most of these people wouldn't have public blogs displaying this shit for the world to see if they had intentions of actually hurting someone.

No. 205497

>I can count the times I've had sex on one hand
we can tell

No. 205498

usually shit like this is behind a paywall or you have to purposely look it up, but tumblr has…..children and teenagers. the thought of people under the age of 18 exploring kinks that might not be in a safe manner…

No. 205499


Which is it? I'm either one of these people who likes to be fucked by a bunch of old men and called a whore, or I've hardly had sex. You can't choose both.

But, I'm sure if I said I had a bunch of sex, you'd be calling me a slut. I think ya'll just like complaining for no reason.

No. 205500

For that matter, there's been a lot of problems in Tumblr communities where DDlg blogs will start following or reblogging posts from minors with perverted additions. So yes, they are involving children in their kink without their consent.

No. 205501

sorry you have mental issues

No. 205502


And it's their problem that children's and teenager's parents don't have parental controls set… how? Not to mention, children and teenagers can access porn just as easily as they can access tumblr. It ain't hard.

No. 205503

Because most people don't like the idea of… Normalizing fucked up kinks that involve harming other people? Rape fetishists who indirectly fulfill their sexual desires with consenting adults are still rape fetishists at the end of the day, and get off to the thought of harming another person/animal.

No. 205504

i mean really, you just sound like an unsocialized kid whose ideas of sex are warped from looking at internet porn
if you had a normal relationship with sexuality you would understand why most people find it offputting to see adults sucking on pacifiers and pissing in diapers for sexual pleasure

No. 205505

Are you still talking about the ddlg fad? The idiots are spreading it all over the place, but that's not inherently exclusive to ddlg. It could apply to any fetish out there.

There's a difference between calling people out for posting it publicly and calling them out for liking it in the first place. Shouldn't conflate the issues.

No. 205507


Then my points don't apply to them. All I'm saying is that having these kinks isn't wrong as long as all parties are consenting adults, because it seems everyone in this entire thread thinks kinks are wrong no matter what.

No. 205508

So we've moved on from "they're not involving actual children" to "well if children get involved, it's not our fault for their parents not doing anything about it". Which is it? Are people keeping things private or not? You can't say that they're not involving kids and then say that if kids get involved, it's their own fault. Adults are responsible for their actions as well, and they should not be involving minors in kinks. Let alone kinks enabling pedophilia for fuck's sake.

No. 205509


Oh, yeah, you caught me. I'm a 14 year old who likes having dog collars on my neck and wears diapers and has never had a normal relationship…

All because I said there's nothing wrong with having a kink as long as it's consensual. Jesus, lol.

No. 205510

I've been involved in plenty of kink shit. I draw the line at anything involving an inability to give consent. That includes anything fetishizing pedophilia. Not everyone who has a problem with DDlg is anti-kink.

No. 205511

so what if it's consenting? people consent to self destructive activities all the time. there are people make the decision, out of their own free will to shoot heroin, eat mcdonalds for every meal, cut themselves, get a big swastika tattoo on their face… just because it is consented to does not mean it's ok

No. 205512

No, the issue is with kinks that involve abusing other people, not kinks in general.

No. 205513

>Can you genuinely not tell the difference between consenting adults essentially playing pretend and children being forced into something they can't consent to?
yeah it sounds like the guy can't get their hands on the real thing and are just settling for second best which is a hairless teenage girl he can pretend is a child when he closes his eyes. read the comments on this video of a little expressing her love to her "daddy". >>204782 the majority are men referencing fucking actual children. these are the "daddies" you're catering to. pedophiles who are grateful they found a way to act out on their fantasies while justifying it under the guise that they're using an adult to aid them. there's nothing unconventional about pedophilia and there never will be. sucking smegma out of foreskin is unconventional. eating shit is unconventional. fucking a pickle is unconventional. squirming like a baby while wearing a diaper is pedophilia.

>I just don't understand what the problem is if no one is genuinely being harmed
it's catering to pedophiles. this "kink" specifically. any man into a petite bald/colorless pussied girl speaking in a high pitched voice and wearing children's clothes while roleplaying about living their lives playing with toys, wetting their diapers and taking naps is. a. pedophile. a smart pedophile. using an adult girl to act out on their fantasies is the next best thing to using a child-sized sex toy from china. they can take their fantasies one step further without being put in jail.

THIS! scroll through their archives and chances are you'll find a post that was removed for child porn. or those blogs that have numbers at the end like daddysslutbaby4 because that usually means they were already terminated for posting child porn.

No. 205514


You're right, I was confusing your post with someone that said they shouldn't have blogs at all.

No, they shouldn't be reblogging minors, that's not okay. And they don't fall under my point that kinks are fine if everyone's a consenting adult. I'm sure you can report them to tumblr if they're involving minors, though.

No. 205515

honestly have no problem with kinks. I just draw the line at powdering a grown women's vagina, putting a diaper on her, while people are taking a picture of it.
That churns my stomach.
Yeah, you're all consenting adults, but you're still sick fucks.

No. 205516

Sexualising things meant for children (like binkies, toys, Disney films, etc) is still fucked up and will have negative effect on them.
Why is this a controversial statement to you.
Besides… Orgasms are a powerful conditioning tool. Imagine a previously normal dude getting a raging boner cause he saw an actual little girl sucking on a binkie.

No. 205517

Plenty of people have tried reporting it. Tumblr staff doesn't care. Tumblr staff won't even take down actual Nazi shit, let alone DDlg shit.

No. 205518

so how do you tell apart a minor and a petite adult who is dressed to look like a minor? how do you know that pic of an ass in dora the explorer panties belongs to an 18 year old and not an 10 year old? especially on tumblr where images are often reposted without sources

No. 205519


Alright, you worded it in a way that I can see where you're coming from. Some of the posts here just seemed like it's not okay to have any kinks, consensual adults or not.

No. 205521

Yeah, I love it when people are like "there's nothing wrong with beating your partner during sex if it's safe, sane and consensual!!!" and "cutting yourself is wrong and unhealthy!!! You are sick and need to get help" in the same breath.
After all, I'm consenting to slashing my wrist with my own hand and I take care to clean and bandage the wound after I'm done. So which is it? Apparently self-harm is A+ okay when it allows a gross dude to get off.

No. 205522


Wouldn't it be crossing some legal line at that point?

No. 205525

Tumblr is ages 13 and up and has some (granted very limited) adult content controls that many kinksters don't bother to turn on so kids will get a face full of vagina while searching the kitty and princess tags

No. 205526

File: 1480313247456.gif (174 KB, 800x800, source.gif)

No. 205527

the nature of sexuality is that it's always evolving. the stimulation will eventually die out like batteries, and you'll need something stronger to get off. someone into hands on their neck will end up wanting to get choked. someone with an 8 inch dildo will eventually want a 10 inch dildo. someone into being spanked will eventually want to be whipped. now take that exact same essential and default law in regards to sex and apply it to someone into barely legal girls sucking on pacifiers and speaking in high pitched voices while they beg their daddies to fuck their "teenie tiny" pussies. what do you think is the next level in 20 years? that's what we're getting at.

No. 205529

This. And people try asking them to enable those options, doesn't work either. DDlg bloggers feel so damn entitled to their ~kink~ that they'll purposefully ignore requests from actual minors to tag or flag their blog. And then they cry some bullshit about how they're misunderstood or oppressed, when all the kids want to do is look through tags or related blogs without a bunch of pervs jumping on things.

No. 205530

>Why are you ya'lling at me and, again, assuming I'm one of them because I don't get overdramatic about other people's kinks?

Probably because you're getting pretty overdramatic over other people's assumed lack of kinks.

No. 205531

I once came across a gallery on Deviantart that was just creepshots of children that some dude took while they were playing outside. His whole favorites page was borderline CP, but DA staff ignored my reports because I didn't take the time to report every image individually, and this was all right on the Newest page. Reddit has/d a thriving sub for pedophiles to talk about their fantasies as well. Tumblr probably doesn't care either, I think the most they ever did was filter images out of certain tags but obviously people find ways to work around that.

No. 205532

not to mention implying that not being into girls pretending to be children makes you boring. as if that's an exciting and adventurous place to take sex.

No. 205533

Personally I have nothing against kinks if they don't involve glorified (if consensual) abuse and pedophilia. For example, nothing wrong with foot fetishism, even if it's not my thing. By all rights go and buy that Vajankle, I don't care.
I don't oppose certain kinks because I'm a *~prude~*, it's because they enable abusers and pedos.

No. 205537

it's bad enough we have words like brutal, hardcore, monster, extreme and punishing becoming normalized preferences in porn. we don't need kids and abuse(not whipping and bdsm but literal starvation, humiliation, degradation, beating, cutting, enslaving) to be added to that. because the latter will NEVER be okay. and it's completely unacceptable to call it a harmless kink under any circumstances.

No. 205538

File: 1480313796546.jpg (107.5 KB, 350x491, 2827376480_4db0294b1d_o.jpg)

It's not even THAT tabu, our entire culture is vaguely pedophilic, even though we like to pretend it's only Japan that has issue with grown men masturbating to teens and kids.

No. 205540


I already explained that it seemed like a lot of the posts here were condemning all consensual kinks. I'm not into girls pretending to be children…or girls at all.

And I still don't think there's a lot wrong with some light slapping and choking or whatever.

No. 205543

I bet the west actually has more of a problem with it because we like to act like this shit doesn't exist. But I'm from the US so I don't know about other places.

No. 205544

>And I still don't think there's a lot wrong with some light slapping and choking or whatever.
i don't think any of us believe this tbh. although what is extremely harmful is to shame people for not being into that as if they're boring or uncool. it just forces girls into situations that make them uncomfortable because they want to impress a boy.

No. 205545


But then where are you drawing the line between "acceptable" abuse (whipping) and "unacceptable"? It's a little hypocritical to say "x abuse" is okay but "y abuse" isn't.

No. 205548

do you think it's normal and healthy for someone to inflict pain on themselves?

if not, why do you think it's ok as long as there's another person involved and they call it bdsm?

kinks are fine as long as they don't involve self harm/degradation or normalizing harmful practices (i.e. rape and pedophilia). jacking off to feet or leather or pantyhose is a kink. wanting to be abused is a mental disorder

No. 205551


The same could be applied to what someone just said is fine: light choking, slapping and then whipping, though.

Is it okay for someone to be choked, hit, or whipped in a regular setting? If not, then why is it okay with another person involved?

No. 205555

not sure what you're trying to say here, my post was arguing that 'light slapping and choking or whatever' is not healthy

No. 205556

Who else noticed how hideous ddlg girls are

No. 205560



And, then neither is whipping or BDSM by definition even though you just said it was fine in >>205537

Which, shouldn't be your place to say when the whole point of it is that there's consent, trust, respect, self control, and the agreement that either party can stop. It stops being okay when it stops being consensual, but to say it isn't okay in the first place because you assume that it can't possibly be consenting or that there can't be self control is ridiculous.
And it's weird to categorize light slapping under slicing your own skin open which exposes you to actual danger that you can't safely back out of.

No. 205564

File: 1480316472856.jpg (155.62 KB, 1000x1076, tumblr_ncba33eTgY1tlz0blo1_128…)

>But then where are you drawing the line between "acceptable" abuse (whipping) and "unacceptable"? It's a little hypocritical to say "x abuse" is okay but "y abuse" isn't
isolated whipping and spanking comes from a pain kink mostly. and physical pain isn't necessarily abuse by default. kind of like those people who like putting hooks through the skin on their backs and hanging off the ceiling. but it's all a very thin line and needs to be approached carefully. as far as i know the bdsm community has been around for decades(around the 50's specifically) and there are very strict rules and guidelines around it. if practiced strictly around those rules it never escalates into something unsafe or harmful to either party involved. and since so much of bdsm revolves around rules and discipline it doesn't happen often. this creates a safe, consensual environment to carry out kinks centered around mild dominance(which can be acted out by both men and women which is important) and mild submission(again, which can be acted out by both men and women.) it shouldn't be extreme enough to warrant a therapy box or a comfort box, which is what a lot of these amateur tumblr supposed bdsm enthusiasts do, with a lot of people from the bdsm scene have criticized for going against their rules. (although disclaimer i'm not into bdsm at all)

abuse is defined as "treat (a person or an animal) with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly" and "the improper use of something" notice how it says cruelty and improper. bondage and discipline isn't violent and it isn't cruel, really. in my opinion the so-called "hardcore" gangbangs with just a lot of grunting and spitting and hair pulling and pushing with emphasis on calling the girl a filthy slut or a whore seems extremely abusive to me. that's what i see abuse as. it's abusive behavior. it's the kind of thing an actual abusive man does to a girl. spending 30 minutes tying a girl in some intricate japanese rope position in a perfumed red room to afterwards spank her 10 times? not really.

>do you think it's normal and healthy for someone to inflict pain on themselves? if not, why do you think it's ok as long as there's another person involved and they call it bdsm?
depends on the pain. tattoos inflict pain. piercings inflict pain. scarification inflicts pain. spanking and whipping the bottom often times falls into the same category. especially when spanking is never meant to scar you permanently and in bdsm it's not "tradition" for it to be on the face. again, not all physical pain is abuse. and it 100% depends on the context! sex is all a gray zone. calling your boyfriend daddy isn't always about pedophilia it depends on the context. beyonce calling jay z daddy isn't pedophilic. just like drake calling girls baby or babygirl isn't. but when you're pairing it with calling a girl tiny and putting her in a binkie and you call her things like baby and kitten, well then it stems from pedophilia.

>jacking off to feet or leather or pantyhose is a kink. wanting to be abused is a mental disorder

100% agree. a lot of abusers will mask their abusive behavior as bdsm or just having a dom or a sub but that's not what it is at all. for example i saw on some supposed daddy dom blog that "you must always listen to daddy. he knows what's best for you. if you disobey or challenge daddy you will be severely punished". like first of all daddy isn't standard bdsm vocabulary. second, bdsm isn't a lifestyle it's a single encounter that never in any way bleeds into regular life.

that's not me lol. i'm confused about what you're saying there. not sure if you'd like to continue the discussion with me or anon!

No. 205565

i'm not >>2055337 or >>205544 dummy, there's more than one person here who disagrees with you

it doesn't matter if you consent to be abused or degraded, it's still unhealthy. if you saw someone 'lightly slapping or choking' themselves you'd immediately think they were mentally ill, it's no different when other people are involved, and in fact having some random creep from a fetish site do it to you makes it less safe than doing it yourself

No. 205566


I'm confused as hell as to who is who, now… typing styles.

No. 205568

you can tell it's me because i write in huge paragraphs rip. but anyway i'm >>205544 and >>205564 in regards to the bdsm conversation.

No. 205571


I'll let you read >>205564 because it basically says everything you're not grasping in your effort to banish kinks you don't agree with.

No. 205572


Thank you, lmao. I just got confused because they answered my question in your typing style.

No. 205585

>Be a closet nymphomanic with fucked up bone structure around the crotch so sex hurts like a motherfucker
>Have turned to BDSM as a way to make up for it as there's only so much fun to be had when all I can do is give the guy blowjobs

I used to be open about my kinks if anyone asked, but at this point I keep it to myself, don't go on any sites that focus on it or anything of the kind. Every female I've met that's been into kink has been fucking batshit insane and fucked my life up worse than any guy ever has.
Fake doms usually give themselves away pretty quickly if you're not stupid enough to jump into their arms right away - Hence, why they probably go for tumblrinas, as they do seem unstable and stupid enough to go for the first moron they see. I'm not really a part of the kink scene as all people I've met, besides my former dom, have all been completely batshit insane and toxic as all fuck. And even so, the DDLGs of Tumblr give us all an even worse name than we deserve. Their shit really should not be considered kink.

No. 205590

this thing of an actual dom being like, a person who never stops being controlling and wanting to discipline you or whatever is just masked abusive behavior. like this is a guy who just wants to control you all the time. bettie page was a dom but she never tried to control people in her life or abuse them. bdsm can be pretty silly and people invest a lot of money into these "worlds" that they use as an escape from being people they're not like in real life. but this is what it was like before. now with the extremely violent porn culture guys have been into since they were in middle school, you really can't trust doms who claim to be from this scene anymore. i'll take an awkward vanilla mouthbreather in bed any day instead of a guy i don't feel safe around.

No. 205591

>this thing of an actual dom being like, a person who never stops being controlling and wanting to discipline you

You are aware that there are different types of doms, right?
You can easily keep BDSM in the bedroom and out of your personal life, which imo is the healthy type. On top of that, the sub has to consent with anything the dom does in the bedroom, unless they're doing CNC which is only done when trust has been established.
Then there's total power exchange in which the dom is controlling 24/7, and if he ever tries to do this without any consent, he'll have just revealed that he knows fuckall about BDSM.

And this may sound arrogant, but the ones that agree to that type of power exchange are the ones that need help. I had a particular rough time in my life a few years back, and thought it might be nice to go into that type of relationship, where I won't need to think about what I wear, eat, or do, cause he'd be in charge of that. I was extremely depressed, suicidal and just wanted someone to take over my life so I wouldn't have to think for myself anymore. It's an easy way of living when you don't have the mental energy to consider how unhealthy that is.

No. 205594

i'm just so used to the so-called daddy doms of tumblr that the whole 24/7 dom personality type just rubs me the wrong way. even when it's all consensual. it just feels like a red flag that a guy would want to treat a person like that for an extended period of time. because then it bleeds into household activities and lifestyle stuff and it's like, i feel like that could easily go into a very bad place. i agree that the healthy type of bdsm is the one that stays in the bedroom, like most if not all sexual relations.

yeah i can understand that. that's where it seems off to me. in a situation like that it's rooted in mental illness for you, but it's still about just getting off to the guy. that to me is irresponsible. that just feels like taking advantage of the situation. so many of these guys come across that way. (i hope you're doing better now btw.)

No. 205599

>Fake doms
I'm sorry, but isn't it a No Real Scotsman logical fallacy?
Those ARE real doms, sadly.

No. 205601

I'm doing great now, anon. I was stuck with the wrong (kink) crowd, got much better after I cut 2/3 of them out of my life, and since I recently cut contact with the last batch I can say that I'm actually feeling genuinely happy now. Wish I had juicy stories to tell in this thread, but sadly this whole thing could fit into a big novel with how much drama these idiots have caused over what is essentially a sexual act and nothing else.

But yes, absolutely. I consider the whole 24/7 total power exchange a massive red flag as well. It -can- be "healthy" if you're both at an age where you fully understand what you're going into. For instance, back when I was active on Fetlife, I came across multiple 40+ couples that had a 24/7 thing going. Their writings were still cringy as fuck (seriously, middle aged women calling their boyfriend "Master x"….), but at that point I feel like they've lived long enough to know what they've agreed to, and are responsible enough to stop if it needs to come to that. But I'm not convinced that the tumblrinas and their daddys are all that aware.
I only really popped into this thread because I read all of this as people who don't understand the difference, but I'm relieved that I might have misunderstood that.

Fake doms is what you call the guys that are in it for the easy pussy and control and don't necessarily understand that BDSM =/= abuse. You could argue that more of these has popped up since 50 Shades of Grey became a thing.

No. 205605


…Is that guy literally 13 years old or is it a joke because of how scrawny he is? I hope he's not really 13. Ffs.

No. 205610

When kinksters post in non-kink related tags people can see their "uwu cum in me daddy i'm a whore slut" posts you know it's not like they keep themselves contained

No. 205678

If these girls didn't have a tumblr to post about these things I think a lot would not be "littles".

It's more about online attention and being all edgy and they clearly just see other's doing it and think it's the in thing to do.

No. 205686

hoo boy where do i start. i once worked with a girl who was well into her 30s and everything she did was clearly for attention. she was very uncomfortably open about her kinks and ran the local munches. she had a key chain that was a little flogger and would wear dog collars and be led around on a leash by her dom in public. all of her kinks were very mainstream 50 shades of gray type stuff. she loved those books too.

i went to a christmas/solstice party that she was holding at her home and there were whips and floggers hung on the wall, in this home where she took care of her 4 year old child. one of her friends was a girl who acted like a dog and ate real dog treats. there was a secret santa gift exchange and all the gifts were kink related except for a small handful. thank the lords i ended up with a normal box set of teas.

she was also a furry, said she was a ferret. the first time i interacted with her was actually at my previous job at a craft store where her and a couple other people were buying some stuff and they loudly proclaimed that they were having a furry party. the thing that made her most memorable from this experience (besides the shouting and the whole furry thing) was her haircut, which was like if a Romulan got a very bad cheap hair cut. her bangs were very pointy and triangular.

she was also a witch and claimed that she met a unicorn in the forest who imprinted an M on her hand to let her know she would get married someday or something like that.

we ended up firing her because we discovered she was stealing a bunch of stuff from our store. we figured it out when only purple stuff was going missing and it was no secret that purple was her favourite colour. i did a count of all the purple things one day and left early leaving her alone in the store. the next day i did another count and found that over $1000 worth of purple product was missing.

at one point i was trying to find her facebook to show my roommate a picture of her weird hair and instead stumbled upon an old news article from 2003 about how she locked her baby in a room and let it starve to death. this lady was messed up from head to toe.

No. 205705

jfc this is so disturbing.

No. 205707

>old news article from 2003 about how she locked her baby in a room and let it starve to death. this lady was messed up from head to toe.

No. 205711


i hesitate to post it because it has her name and the city we lived in and makes her very doxxable. and there was only 4 of us working at this store and i was the only one of her coworkers who went to her christmas party so if she ever caught wind of this she would know it's me.

No. 205712


also i'm having difficulty finding it again because i can't remember her last name, it's been several years

No. 205714


sorry i found the article. still hesitant to post!

No. 205716

Could block out the name and location, or anything else that could reveal specifics and put you at risk. The odds of her finding the forum are slim if identifying info is blocked out.

No. 205718


i tried that once on another image board and someone googled the text and found the article with the names and locations.

No. 205719

Ah gotcha, don't blame you for being nervous then. If it's gonna put you at risk, it's probably not worth it.

No. 205728

>she locked her baby in a room and let it starve to death
Wait, how is she not in jail?

No. 205749

File: 1480357879172.jpg (24.11 KB, 590x350, avocado-577516.jpg)

anon, pls be lying
for my sanity's sake

No. 205754


according to the article she had nine-month conditional term to be spent at her mom's house, followed by 27 months of probation, plus counselling, prescribed meds, and wasn't allowed to be around kids. article says she didn't have a curfew or perform any community service though. probably played the "post partum depression" card to avoid jail time.


i wish i was. imagine my position having to work next to her with this knowledge in my brain.

No. 205757

youre a retard

No. 205771


this one takes the cake for me. It's so damn specific

No. 205772

i guess this guy got his first boner in sunday school and never got over it

No. 205774

yeah the west definitely has a huge problem w/ it.

look at japanese porn (not the 2d stuff) and tell me how it is even remotely vaguely pedophiliac. the women are all usually sporting bushes and gravure models usually have tits. thats the most popular japanese stuff out right now.

look at the most popular western porn stars right now. stuff like 21naked of nubiles. the girls are all shaved, have innies, are 90 lbs or under, and have barely no tits.

we are just as bad if not worse. i'd say japan has it pretty rough but at least they are not so blatant? in america it seems as though we are TRYING to be as degenerate as possible.

to make the image i googled for "teen porn" in american and japanese ones respectively. and then i looked at streaming websites and porn companies for both.

the american stuff i saw… i need to go bleach my PC. i'm pretty sure if you just google "teen porn" and go through the top links you'll stumble upon real CP. all of the pictures here are 18 year old actresses tho. but they definitely dont hide the availability of CP and remember that most men ARE googling "teen porn" (it is the #1 porn search term)

anyway after doing this little experiment i pretty much hate ALL men for being so fucking attracted to little kids. evil. i need to go bleach my brain out.

WARNING: highly nsfw

No. 205780


that redhead looks like an actual child.

No. 205782

for real, it's kind of spooky. At least the other ones have some curve despite being slim, but this girl has the lack of waist, slightly chubby arms, and completely flat chest that just look so childlike…

No. 205783

its what men are attracted to. all of the top earning cam girls are 18-19 and borderline prepubescent.

i don't know what happened and how we went from big tits and asses being what men want, to men wanting… that shit.

but if you ask men under the age of 35 honestly and unanimously how young they would go, i bet many of them would want girls as young as 11-12. most men online (i.e. reddit etc) talk about wanting to lower the age of consent "if you can bleed you can breed".

it's honestly no surprise to me. the fact that people ignore it in the west is what is so shocking. you get bashed over the head with it constantly.

if we woke up tomorrow and there was no age of consent in the west, i would guarantee you the popularity of child porn would dwarf regular porn.

No. 205784

>virtuous Christian ladies in pleats
How oddly specific…

No. 205785

http://kinkshamingtania.tumblr.com/post/152836985467/master-list-of-matchmaking-blogs I'm typically okay with kink shit as long as they keep it in their own communities, but involving minors in kink is just too damn much for me to condone

No. 205787

Sauce on that readhead pls

No. 205788

idk it was a thumbnail from a video on xvideos under "teen"

No. 205789

google Jav mum to get the real Japanese version of your western example.

No. 205790


ok thats just as bad. although a lot of them still have big boobs.

either way it seems to be a "male" problem. they are the ones consuming rampant amounts of CP… not women (obviously)

child porn market = 3 billion $

regular porn market = 10 billion $

No. 205791

Something similar happened in my country and that woman has been sent in prison for 20 years, even with the post partum depression card. Where do you live? It's really weird

No. 205793



No. 205795

Canada has shit child protection laws, especially when they involve the biological mother.

No. 205801

Fucking this.
I'm terrified of falling in love with someone and finding out that they're a pedophile.

No. 205802


Men in general are pigs but you can't use reddit as a base for how young the average dude would go.

I'm pretty sure 15 or 16 is the youngest most guys would go if they could get away with it.

Still gross but the average dude still seems very into chicks who have some sort of T&A.

at least I want to believe most guys aren't that skeevy

No. 205804

>>205802 again

nvm I didn't see the most men >online

No. 205807

most of our generation is online tho. at least the "education" "intellectuals" are.

they used to consider pedophiles as 3% of the male population. but now i think if you expand that definition to include hebephiles and ephebophiles (basically the men we are talking about ITT), we'd be talking about anywhere from 15-30% of men "of this generation"

that's… a lot.

No. 205808

the only difference between a guy on reddit or 4chan and a "normie" guy is that the redditor doesn't try to hide how gross he is

No. 205809

50 shades of Grey actually fucked the bsdm community. A friend of mine is dominatrix and her business is going low because so many teen tumblrerinas are into "teh kinkz" now. The worst part is that actually grown up man are taking advantage of moronic 15 years old with daddy issues.

No. 205815

I remember a news programme did a segment about online grooming and set up a fake profile for a 13yr old girl on a website. It got hundreds of messages from guys, when "she" reliterated she was only 13 they said they didnt care. Made me real depressed.

On a more thread related note I left the bdsm scene after too many doms were trying to make me into a "little" cant stand that shit personally.

No. 205817

i think a lot of us have similar stories from when we were younger.

when i was 12 my parents were shitty and i was basically allowed a computer in my room and w/e. and i would go on forums and chat sites and tell guys i was 12… they were always so thirsty. fuck i remember being 12 and a 30 year old guy would message me links to some BDSM profile of his and tell me about how he wanted to take me to the playground. im fucking scarred for life just thinking about that LOL. i remember trying to contact the fbi about him but im 99% sure they didnt take me seriously at the time because law enforcement just kind of ignores this kind of stuff largely.

its always been in-your-face. people just deny it, i dont know why. you have tumblr as a textbook example now - 15 year old girls run rampant and hook up with 30 year old "daddies" - barf.

No. 205818

The thing that kills me with the daddy Dom's on Tumblr is how can you have shitloads of experience and only be 18-20ish. Like how. That means you were either practicing in a kink underage and have no concept for the basic rules of bdsm. I even see some of these fuckers on fetlife now,and honestly as someone who's been into this kink for awhile it just throws me off on how popular it got. Yeah you have really fucking gross people in it but in irl meets most of us are in our late 20s to mid 50s. Like it's wild seeing these young kids 13-23y/os in it.

No. 205819

Also forgot to put time and place and keep your kink private and not out in the open. Like a large majority of these fuckers do. Our com has kicked out five different couples that couldn't just be decent human beings in public.

No. 205821

YO anon, I'm in the same boat as you. I recently opened up to my husband about having a consensual non-consensual fantasy. Thankfully he said it's weird but he said he's down to try it. We already have a dom/sub relationship ONLY in the bedroom not like these sick fucks where they flaunt it on the internet.
(sage for blog post)

No. 205826

File: 1480374545020.jpg (167.86 KB, 1280x720, gremlin.jpg)

>calling this creature hot

self-poster confirmed

No. 205838

Brat-grrrl or w.e is batshit and deserved her own thread TBH. So much milk there.

No. 205861

Can you post that photo again?
I've been looking for that actress for hours now

No. 205862

She really does. I've been thinking about making one for her forever. She has a steady supply of milk, lies a lot, and causes drama while acting like she's above it.

Tinydoll/Prettylittlevictim/Baby-pig needs one too.

No. 205864

No. 205865

Honestly you could just lump them all together and it would be steady milk and more people could be added.

Stop asking for barely legal porn.

No. 205868

At least tell me how you found it!

No. 205872

Stop derailing the thread with pedophilia discussions and porn requests. Bans will commence.

No. 205873

She had a 4 year old child living with her? She killed a baby, and had a bunch of for torture sex objects out in the open for her child to see? Please tell me cps was at least called. I'd be scared for that child.

No. 205874

What the fuck anon.

No. 205875

dumbass, just look up teen on any porn site and stop asking people in this thread.

No. 205877

I'm looking for that specific actress you retarded monkey.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 205885

Clearly cps wasn't called at all. But if something this crazy happened shouldn't this article be an easy Google search?

No. 205895


she claimed not to do anything bdsm-related in front of the 4-year-old so for all i know they were just on the wall for the party? idk, it's not like a kid is going to know what they're for if they're for decoration and not being used. i imagine she had to do some sort of mandatory counselling or something when she had this kid. the kid looked happy and healthy so idk. i had talked about it with my other coworkers and getting involved with cps seemed like a bit much. we figured there had to be more we didn't know if she didn't get jail time and had a second kid.


then google it? you don't even know what country this happened in, what would you google?

No. 205896


i'm not sober and just remembered i recently stated i was in canada lol but still!

No. 205961

Didn't she have that really cringeworthy kittenplay video with her boyfriend up at one point? I can't find it on her channel anymore.

No. 205969

File: 1480393982276.jpg (499.84 KB, 1280x4567, 1432774986956.jpg)

these ddlg bitches are all posers
Pamperchu is OG

No. 205980

File: 1480395554299.png (133.85 KB, 1407x825, ddlg.png)

I was browsing ddlgforum earlier today for funsies and came across a discussion on whether or not it's a potentially destructive fetish, and this post was surprisingly insightful regarding some of the toxic aspects and potential of the lifestyle.

Pretty much everyone in the thread seemed to miss the fact that the kink probably draws in toxic people far more than it creates them, though.

No. 205988

Exactly this.

No. 205989

You mean the one they used on Tosh.0?

No. 206009

jesus fucking christ I thought the sperm popsicle was the worst but this…..

I've noticed this too actually. Most of the popular porn stars are now skinny with small tits, shaved innie labia and a very youthful appearance. It's pretty disturbing how somehow the society seems to be pushing the "blooming" age to be lower and idolize the idea of a woman peaking at 14.

No. 206027

File: 1480402701103.jpg (229.05 KB, 640x1422, Stop appropriating Daddy.jpg)

Imagine being this elitist about fetish shit.

No. 206029

saged but… where do whippets come into it? is this not the dog?

No. 206032

It's slang for the nitrous oxide found in canisters. No, I don't know how huffing the gas out of whipped cream cans is related to BDSM.

No. 206036

weird af, i'm almost wishing i'd joined the bdsm 'society' that popped up in my school

No. 206039

File: 1480404091592.jpg (54.18 KB, 736x707, 0c53d6933b3139ed82cfb4817b27f5…)


>"Daddy" has deep fucking roots

There's something just really funny about that.

>Actual queer leather people who do Daddy

I'm imagining fake gay people made out of leather with little families. Like leather dolls. Kek.

No. 206041

File: 1480404486390.jpg (147.63 KB, 890x704, image.jpg)

whippets are a muscle relaxant that some people use to loosen their sphincters for anal sex.

No. 206042

i have to get rid of my dogs

No. 206208

Kek. At least that person has something right about those couples being vainilla af. They just want to be edgy.

No. 206282

Oh gods have you seen the pussy-stretching/vaginal gaping community though? I don't particularly care of a girl's pussy is tight or not, but some of the girls there are deforming themselves. The number of them with impregnation kinks is really high too.

No. 206285

This reminds me of that girl from my Strange Addiction. Just looked her up, she does porn now. Somehow she seems much less crazy than most of the people in this thread.

No. 206316

Pamperchu ended up getting Hodgkin's Lymphoma as a result of his disgusting little kink. I think he is in remission now, but I'm not sure. He and that whole scene really freak me out.

No. 206319

I feel sick

No. 206320

>They keep it in the bedroom

Then why do they blog about it, share pictures about it, brag about, go into public showing it off, etc. etc.

More like keep it in the bathroom

No. 206332

The thread starter is 16 but no, these gross kinks don't affect dumb impressionable kids at all, nah.

No. 206333

Holy shit, are you serious? That is so tragically hilarious. Part of me wants to feel bad for the guy, but then my sense of rationality kicks in.

No. 206344

Pamperchu surviving cancer while innocent people die is proof that God hates us

No. 206353



He made this video about his diagnosis; he didn't say that the dirty diapers were the cause, but I think anyone with a basic knowledge of biology will probably arrive at that conclusion.

The dumpster diving/microwaving/wearing soiled diapers completely wigs me out, as does the whole daddy/little scene. I don't know really anything about him (nor do I want to) so it's possible he could have done some horrible things, but as it is Pamperchu doesn't seem like a bad guy – just weird – so I feel bad for him. And I think it's bad juju to wish death on him.

No. 206469

>the bdsm 'society' that popped up in my school

Please elaborate.

No. 206512

I….what? I need bleach for my brain. That physically hurt reading it.
That's a big reason why I deleted mine. I never got into certain kinks for private reasons and it hit me one day that teens are going to read it somehow and it made me think "no…you have teen shit to do. Learn who you are as a person and stay away from shit like this"

No. 206524

He seems to be doing fine.

No. 206599

Well, I'm glad he seems to be okay (from a health perspective). Now I can forget he exists.

No. 206653

i mean, some kinksters got together and had an unofficial society were they hung out and talked about their kinks/slept with each other

No. 206660


>restricting their personal bedroom preferences to the bedroom

We're literally talking about online kinksters that boast their kinks to the world for everyone to see, including people who don't want to see that. How is that restricting them to the bedroom.

No. 206680

I had a gay boy roommate who used to do this all the time for fun, never realized it was also for sex. That said he'd also do poppers at totally random times too.

No. 206885


and this youtuber has such a stank attitude

No. 207061

Boy, am I happy to see a thread on this. Some of these people are really scummy. Pre-emptive apology for the blogpost, but my own older sister posted pics of me as a child and an underaged teenager on her ddlg fetish blog. I guess I was just clickbait to her. Mind you I was raped as a kid and this had me really fucked up. Never look at her the same way again.

Might be my bias speaking but based on what I've seen, there's so much selfishness and delusion going on here. It makes me sick to my stomach. Sure, two consenting adults, great–but I'm still going to raise an eyebrow.

No. 207079

god why did i just have to discover this ""ABDL"" part of youtube by clicking those vids. these people are like the intersection of abuse-romantizing fragile-but-edgy tumblr bbydolls and dA autistic furry manchildren in diapers. literally the worst of the internet

No. 207086

This is fucking horrifying

No. 207089

Oh my god… I hope your sister gets what she deserves for acting like such a piece of shit.

No. 207101

Don't women clad in tattoos just scream "innocent little girl" to you all?

No. 207115

Is it bad that the thing that bugs me about most of this is that they own lolita clothes and no matter how hard non-kinkster lolitas scream it's not ageplay, ageplayers wear it.

but this person has Angelic Pretty stuff (or replicas, I didn't pay the best attention)

No. 207116

omg anon that is fucking horrible does she still have this shit up?????

what a nasty thing to do omg, she totally fits in with these cows. i would never be able to forgive her. i hope she gets what's comin..

No. 207121

Wow. Can't believe there would be people who would stoop so low just to get more followers for some shitty fetish blog. Hope you're doing well now anon.

No. 207581

has anyone heard of princesspeachykitten/princesspeachykitty?

No. 207584

why are you namefagging?

No. 207595

Anon is probably selfposting too

No. 207602

ew shes gross she wanted to be a cam girl

No. 208285

File: 1480846090080.gif (3.54 MB, 320x240, 1500.gif)

Thank you for lightening up this otherwise depressing thread

No. 208341

I remember seeing shit like this on My Strange Addiction a few years ago and it's sad how nowadays it's normal to act like a fucking baby

No. 208349

Oh man, I love how the "daddy" is so reluctant about all this.

No. 209108

No. 209591

File: 1481047684725.png (429.7 KB, 1242x2120, IMG_0276.PNG)

Just looked this up. I don't know if they are permanently fucking up their vaginas (they think they are) but this sounds scary.

No. 209592

File: 1481047727594.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 316x220, https://68.media.tumblr.com/81…)

No. 209605

Shit, me too. Riley the trans baby. After seeing that episode, I later saw an infrograph they made about how to feel like having an uncontrollable bowel movement and it was literally about stuffing marshmallows in their ass.

No. 211824

File: 1481428432134.jpg (92.65 KB, 1024x683, tq2s5Qi95pFO1xm_H4t5YU1GxTbwaK…)

its always this type i swear to god

No. 211954

>all guys will be vacuumed into my big hole

why just why

No. 212363

Someone who is braver than myself please open that gif.

No. 212370

No. 212372

>pink floyd
As expected.

No. 212376

wow the uh…the human body is really amazing…

No. 212414

File: 1481520517840.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, findjesus.jpg)

No. 212416

File: 1481520873612.gif (643.21 KB, 320x180, G-rated version.gif)

For those not wanting to click it here is a sfw gif that shows whats going on.

No. 212426

I laughed entirely too loud this late at night.

No. 212445

Fuck. I was a little for a while (yea. i know, but just listen) and now its just fucking disgusting to me. I have some pretty deep psychological issues that have affected my sexuality and no doubt does this girl too, based on what she's said herself. It was not healthy, and was just making it worse, let's not mention all the creepy 30-40 somethings that I was with either (and for some time I was still a minor while I was with them, which they were aware of). The only part about it that was nice was the "im gonna treat you nicely and care for you" aspect, which wasn't even true of 99% of my "daddy's" and tbh the abuse I suffered made being in a normal relationship really difficult. This is not good, not even for most people in the community. I gag every time I see this kind of shit, please stop for fuck sake.
Sorry for the blogpost, I guess this triggered the fuck out of me or something.

No. 295324

Sooo I came across her back up Facebook account because apparently she's blocked for a month from using her regular account because people keenreporting her. I also have a screen shot one of her friends posted and it's got her snap handle on it. I hope whomever is reporting her keeps doing it and gets her shit taken down. If she's anything like I knew her to be, she's ruminating on this right now.

No. 295328

File: 1492717408792.jpg (65.53 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m2qvk5Za0T1qctm5no1_500…)

Anyone remember Sheena? Her tumblr is disgustinghuman.tumblr.com

She stopped posting frequently because people kept posting her photos on vk

No. 295331

yeah, I remember when she was a sex worker. not sure what she's doing now

No. 295337

I have, they all have ugly ass faces and awful bodies, prob the only reason why they get into ddlg, they can't get into normal healthy relationships with non pedophilic men

granted, some normal bdsm girls are pretty cute, but the ddlgs are full of uglies

No. 295350

ugh yes i don't remember much about her now though

No. 295363

I hope she dies from a hole from her vag and ass being torn into one big hole

No. 295368

Oh man, I haven't thought of Sheena in ages. I wonder what she's up these days.
This post got me thinking back to this one Australian girl on tumblr (Slorg-something?) I think she used to call herself Pixie? Her blog was a fucking trip. When she was underaged, she'd like constantly post nudes and her doing drugs and arguing with her parents. I vaguely recall her boasting about having sex in a stairway and posting the video on pornhub? I felt sort of bad for her cause she seemed legitimately fucked up. I think she mentioned actually being autistic.

No. 295373

File: 1492722066644.png (659.25 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_2017-04-20-22-54-08…)

Figured Screamkiwi/Brittany belongs here

Got a new bf who isn't a fan of cats, but loves dogs, and changes her entire persona around him. Suddenly gets into puppyplay instead of kittenplay. Got rid of her old cat because "he is too much effort", and plans to get ferrets and huskies like they aren't much more work than a cat. Her ex offered to take the cat, but to spite him she refused. Even called him a stalker for contacting her about the cat. Suddenly loves her dogs, even though she previously hated them and complained about them all the time.

No. 295385

What the fuck. Her cringey public petplay obsession is one thing, but her abandoning animals like objects, not even letting a guy who genuinely cared about the cat have it, and wanting to pick up new ones on a whim when she clearly is not emotionally capable of committing to care for any animal, is just disgusting. Yet impressionable teenagers will still flock to this squash-nosed sack of crap in droves because she has edgy hair and piercings

No. 295395

I know who you're talking about. Her blog got deleted for CP after a while (funnily enough, when she was just about to turn 18).
She still goes by "slorg" on Tumblr. I actually unironically liked her in that "era", I was even younger than her and she seemed like an interesting person, despite all the bad stuff.

No. 295396

Also, samefagging but she once got naked on /b/ and shoved a crucifix up her vagina.

No. 295397

Wow her reasoning for getting rid of her cat is a blatant lie. Pretty sure everyone knows ferrets and especially dogs are MUCH more work than cats.

No. 295478

Sheena privated her ig a while ago, so I guess she got really tired of being ~tumblr famous~

No. 295482

mhm, it's been private for a long time. she's kind of active on twitter though but I forgot her username. it's p easy to find though

No. 295504


Ughhh these things make me wish I didn't belong to the human race

No. 295510

I remember her!! She used to post on cgl a lot, and she supposedly stole a BtSSB dress from a thrift store lmao. Last I saw of her she was trying to be ~non binary~ and was into ddlg, her ~daddy~ looked like a complete fag.

No. 295523

Can you guys post screenshots from her insta?

No. 295554

My revulsion.

No. 295711

sage for blogpost, but a couple of years ago when i was 17 i worked in an ice cream shop. a couple walked in, the typical ddlg couple- man in smart clothing, girl in frilly dress and pigtails, etc. they walked in right at closing time, so the shop was empty, and i was alone. they wouldn't talk to me, (customer service required me to say a set script), only the man held a finger up to say wait or something, and they talked to each other. i tried to busy myself cleaning or something, but i heard snippets of their conversation, basically shit like "daddy can i get a strawberry ice cream!"
anyway when it was time to order they did so and were leaving, and when they were almost to the door she exclaimed that her shoe was untied and knelt over to tie it, exposing her diaper.

No. 295849

File: 1492784376528.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 118.31 KB, 500x667, image.jpeg)

I don't follow her on ig, but maybe someone else does. I'm curious what she's up to nowadays myself

She also seems to have taken down her mygirlfund page. Can someone with an account confirm? She used to go by Sheetiva on there

I've always wondered whether Sheena is her real name, since Sheetiva/Lestrange obviously isn't.

No. 295986

She took that down a while ago.

But if anyone is followning her on IG, feel free to post pics. I kinda miss her..

No. 296092

I kinda miss her too lol, I used to check her blog almost every day

No. 296130

File: 1492815564706.jpg (58.97 KB, 612x612, IMG_9578.JPG)

She isn't as active online as she used to be, but has anyone heard of Isibella Karnstein aka TheLittleSkylark?
>left rich family and school in England at age 18 to become a pet for old 45+ aged master who works for NASA in Colorado
>lives with 3 or 4 other girls in "the chateau"
>master paid for her to have some monsterous implants
>in charge of online kitten play magazine
>posts of general inner sufferings and depression despite having a life of luxury
>love torn between master who won't "collar her" and other old rich dudes
>now in polyamorous relationship with the Father Sebastian, a fang smith of the vampire community
There is a lot of past milk of her

No. 296131

File: 1492815583847.jpg (74.23 KB, 640x427, IMG_9577.JPG)

No. 296397

those are the worst fake tits I've ever seen.

No. 296426

Wait, how old is this this chick? She looks like one of my friend's moms.

No. 298787

She's only about 25-26 now if I'm recalling correct.
I know her main master is at least double her own age.

No. 298851

that's a tranny, right?

No. 299096

No. She's an actual female. I met her at a few fetish parties before she had her awful boob job. She was really into her cat costume, super bubbly and spoke with a heavy cockney accent. Her master then was such a pompous prick.

No. 299393

I always got that's impression about him from the way she talked about him. I think he sees a lot of the women he's around as possessions that show off his financial status. He takes a groups of them on trips a lot. While Isibella seems to be one of the favorites I can tell he hasn't committed to her the way she wants him to. The way he doesn't want to fully commit to women that would bend over backwards for him is sad, but no one is making them stick around I guess.
I think that Isibella clings to these types of men because she's known nothing but luxury her entire life and has never really obtained anything herself. She claims that she runs an event planning business and has her own money but I think she has a lot of assistance for it. People have also said that when she met her master that he was struggling financially and that she agreed to help use some of the money her parents gave her to support their livestyle if he became her master.
She lives a very interesting life but I can't say that I have a lot of respect for someone who has gained most of what they have through fucking old rich dudes. She would be nothing without them.

No. 299396

All that money and that boob job is still terrible. Why and how?

No. 299425

I've seen her before and wondered if she had a blowup doll fetish or something because of the awful, unnaturally-shaped implants paired with that dead-eyed stare she apparently does in every photo

No. 339236

File: 1498094870082.jpg (1.25 MB, 2048x2048, F8DFF761-AF46-4721-BDFB-31A790…)

No. 339246

is she a little or just an ugly lolita?

No. 339249

judging by the tags I'm going to say a little.

No. 339338

this looks like one of Kota's old shoops

No. 339346

Daddy Doms are the most insecure closet pedos of them all

One of them I went to school with,use to shit himself in class and had some bowel problem or whatever then he grew up into a 2dom4u pedo and goes for extremely younger girls, faps to loli, and has the biggest mommy issues I've ever seen

He literally tries to beat up girls over small things and constantly yells and threatens girls, I knew a girl who he didn't like but she sat a few feet away from him once and he went ape shit and kept trying to threaten her and growled, even choked her once because she refused to do push ups for him(she didnt have anything with him like that she hated him, he brags about kicking girls in the vagina so hard they bled, and has been known for beating up several young girls, keep in mind none of this was consensual nor did any of the ladies have anything to do with him

No. 339347


No. 339350

Police here suck, I live in a southern state, its literally the exact opposite of what mgtow or meninists preach how the police force favors women, if a woman defends herself after being groped, and someone sees, they report her, and she gets in trouble, its rare for actual rapists, perverts, etc to get into trouble, sadly I've seen iy happen way too often, men who beat the ever loving shit out of women, rape them, sexually assault them,get into little or no trouble, and the court will stretch their cases like crazy because there's "little to no proof" even if there's a damn video, where as women get into trouble so much easier, it's sad, the school officals saw him do all this stuff but refuse to give him any punishment because they feel bad for him, even one girl I knew use to get beaten up almost everyday when she rode the bus by guys, but when she tried defending herself and broke a guys phone, she got into trouble and not him despite her having a nosebleed

No. 339378

why mix the two??? for real lolitas have been trying so hard to distance the look from the paedophilic connotations for DECADES now and now this? fml.

No. 339382

Did she really leave her rich family at such a young age just to be with some old guy? What's the story behind that?

No. 339446

Recently watched Netflix's "Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On" and thought of this thread. A lot of parallels there between some of the stuff discussed here and in the documentary.

No. 339512

Some girls think that life will be easier this way. However an anon said she gave him money, so idk, maybe she's just stupid.

No. 339516


>posts of general inner sufferings and depression despite having a life of luxury

Gee, I can't imagine why she finds her life in a Playboy Mansion-esque harem unfulfilling. What a dumb bimbo.

No. 339545

File: 1498154201767.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7740.PNG)

No. 339548

Does she have a mental disability?

No. 339549

File: 1498154924378.jpg (344.67 KB, 750x880, You_Doodle_2017-06-22T18_08_10…)

No. 339561

sure if there's one called 'old fugly wench'

No. 339574

"I make you my wife"

No. 339576

Jesus, why is that everyone I've seen so far involved in this kink are really unfortunate looking?

No. 339722


it's not the kink it's the attitude isn't it? everyone OUTSPOKEN about this kink is busted, i like to think that there are,and there are, quiet ddlg people who limits the stuff to the bedrooom.

No. 340063

File: 1498236487681.png (151.67 KB, 701x957, IMG_0861.PNG)

ok, I'm a pretty practiced internet stalker, so I invested some time into that blog (horrifying experience) and I've found out this thing's real name as well as the real name, Facebook, occupation, and current blog of its "Mommy".

what I've gathered from my research trail is that some time after "Catie" stopped posting a few years ago, he was hospitalized. There are some posts that briefly mention being admitted to a psych ward (I'm guessing involuntarily) "for [his] schizophrenia/fetishes." I'm guessing that's what happened. After that he abandoned the blog. At some point in the past "Mommy" completely deleted her kink blog which was mastermommyrebecca. I think after Justin's hospitalization or major mental breakdown or whatever happened, they decided to cut the extreme shit/piss/vomit/torture/24-7 ABDL lifestyle stuff out of their lives. Towards the end of 2013, Rebecca made a post on her "normal" Tumblr noting that they had "taken a break from kink to focus on normal adult things." From what I've found, they don't seem to have resumed the kink lifestyle to this day.

In 2015 Rebecca seems to have developed a severe depression, and in 2016 their marriage (yes, these absolute freaks of nature are married - if I calculated right she was only 18/19 when they married and he'd have been 20/21) was close to divorce. At one point they were living separately. 2017 has mostly been feeble efforts to keep it together. she posts a lot about how the spark is dead and she misses how it used to be. They seem to be stuck in a state of permanent misery.

both of these people are extremely mentally ill and would have made for fantastic cows if they had continued to post about their depravity publicly. Their relationship is extremely unhealthy and I'm amazed it's held on this long.

I'll post the links to their info and stuff along with relevant caps if anyone is interested in doing their own looking around.

I do have to say that while it's clear they did make efforts to cover their tracks and conceal their disgusting lifestyle, they weren't careful enough. It took me less than an hour to find all the info someone could easily use to totally ruin their lives, tell their families, friends, workplace about all the incredibly immoral and depraved and gag inducing things they have done.

Be careful and always double check your social media security settings and internet footprints, guys. Even if you have nothing to hide, people like me have no trouble unravelling the trail to your real identity, so if that's something you care about, be smarter than these shit-gargling (literally) retards.

No. 340101

This thread reminds me of this dude:
Huge sexist. Has no age preference(eww).

No. 340103


wow how did you find this guy, he's like, terrifying and i can't separate his role from his actual character and that kinda frightens me

No. 340104

Because you run into these types on fetlife or while looking for porn on Tumblr. Any dom I know would never be this shitty.

No. 340106

Also sage for samefag but I think all those "virtual modest christian lady/spanking" blogs are run by the same person or people. All the image macros look the same.

No. 340961

kek anon, you are fantastic.
Can you post the caps of the "mommy" complaing about the relationship?

No. 341122

Jfc these types terrify me, however I am not surprised by this blog. A lot of men who hate women seem to use "kink" as an excuse to be public about their fucked up views. There was a guy on fetlife who wanted all women's teeth to be pulled out and heads shaved, sorry but I'm not buying wanting to permanently mutilate a woman's body is simply just kinky.

Also, I'm not vanilla in the slightest, but I've seen the difference between your regular dom….and whatever the fuck these degenerates are.

No. 349221

File: 1499594870986.jpg (6.02 KB, 260x217, 28ea5e9369e4499f4d3bc583c08ff7…)


No. 360773

File: 1501067150024.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4090.PNG)


the difference is jarring

No. 360800

Jfc her legs and arms are so meaty
What's up with that kek

No. 360830

What's some of the past milk on her?
All these replicas and poorly constructed lolita dresses.

No. 360880

This ddlg stuff would be less cringe if these girls had daddies who are 40+ but usually their "daddies" are teenagers like them and it doesn't look like they could dim anyone.

No. 360978

it would also be significantly more repulsive. appreciate the teen daddies.

No. 361289


Holy shit anon, can you please come back and drop some links on catie & Rebecca? I always had a horrified fascination with these cows and would love to read more. What a great thread this would make.

No. 361362

Same, hope anon comes back. I really want to see how these freaks try to be "normal"

No. 361378

I third this idea. I'm so morbidly curious. I've never seen such depraved behavior jfc

No. 366500

File: 1501858859546.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1012x1412, Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 11.4…)

I just found this ddlg variation if ddlg wasn't enough rancid. This is a blog ddlg/puppy play/furry/leather daddy. I don't know how to explain it but is basically a gay couple, one of the guys like to wear diapers and be a little while being a leather puppy. They defend the puppy play in front of little children. Also, they piss in public because that's what dogs do amrite guises?
Beware because is a lot of hardcore furry content http://pupmicro.tumblr.com/

Anon please come back

No. 374920

Eww, I found out that someone I know is into puppy play now. He's only 19. What the fuck.

No. 376065

God I'm glad I found this thread, some shit is going down in my local community but this makes it look like a tea party.

Anyways does anyone have any shit on the Danes family or whatever from Fet. Three or four twentysomething women and one fifty plus dude. One left her kid in Toronto (or Ottawa) to live in Las Vegas with him.

No. 393347

File: 1506485017342.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0654[1].PNG)


Oops. Sorry, friends. I somehow forgot all about this until I came across all the screencaps on my phone. I very much want this horrific shit off of my device, so get ready for a hefty dump incoming.


"Mommy" is a woman named Rebecca Dallmann.
'Catie'/Justin doesn't seem to have a Facebook, but you can see him in photos on Rebecca's if you look.

The following are a bunch of relevant screenshots, highlighting what I found amusing or interesting. Mostly about their relationship and personal lives.

Pic related, from a really bizarre video where Rebecca burns Justin's thigh with a lit cigarette and he sits there moaning and pissing himself.

No. 393349

File: 1506485117721.jpg (166.43 KB, 405x720, IMG_0662.JPG)

This is a photo of Rebecca and Justin around when they first met - before he started dressing up as a scat/vomit fetish full time baby. As I mention before, they met and married super young.

No. 393350

File: 1506485198694.jpg (97.82 KB, 640x434, IMG_0826.JPG)

This is a picture of them with a former fuckbuddy who was the 'Daddy' in their relationship for some time. Not sure what happened there. He looks like a creep, but they're all freaks, so they probably belonged together.

No. 393352

File: 1506485264908.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0860.PNG)

No. 393353

File: 1506485344689.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0868.PNG)

Justin has served in some capacity in the US Army (hence the buzzcut and partial fatigues) in the past.

No. 393354

File: 1506485414207.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0875.PNG)

>You are my best friend, my partner, the holder of my heart, and the person whose mouth and asshole I regularly shit and vomit into


No. 393355

File: 1506485460239.png (161.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0880.PNG)

Rebecca has a Twitter too

No. 393357

File: 1506485534948.png (926.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0881.PNG)

Facebook screenshot for posterity

No. 393358

File: 1506485628877.png (125.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0874.PNG)

Can you imagine these two freaks, who spent years on end indulging in violent, dangerous, and disgusting fetishes where one of them was a baby and the other was its 'Mommy' having an actual infant of their own? Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 393360

File: 1506485663960.png (145.11 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0873.PNG)

No. 393362

File: 1506485814168.png (182.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0850.PNG)

Trouble in Paradise

No. 393363

File: 1506485854811.png (149.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0849.PNG)

No. 393366

File: 1506486079511.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0648.PNG)


Anyway, I'm done dumping. Lots more to explore in Rebecca's Tumblr. Enjoy, Anons.

No. 393540

presumably this and her facebook aren't linked to her kink stuff. That's fucking messed up to post honestly. Even if it was easy to find

No. 393979

I love you anon. I'm beyond disgusted. She mentions a therapist, I wonder if she talks to him about her disgusting fetish but who really needs some therapy is "Catie". I hope both freaks don't have children.

No. 394076

Public information. Not against the rules. Easy to find by following the breadcrumbs sprinkled by the cows themselves. Get the stick out of your asshole, anon. lmao

No. 394687

Oh shit, did Catie find a new scatmommy?
I'm just curious if Rebecca was as into this nasty stuff as Catie was. Rebecca's a sick fuck but at least she sounds relatively (?) sane.

By the way, thanks for the milk anon <3

No. 411459

I'm lesbian and i like this kind of stuff, tbh i feel ashamed of myself.

No. 411502

guys like this make me laugh. imagine being so weak and pathetic that you sit around blogging exclusively about something you apparently hate and think so little of. Realistically he's obsessed with women and can't ever get them, or he's secretly gay and can't deal with it, so he's become an angry little incel-type Trump-lover who spergs on Tumblr. Fucking losers, kek

Sage for noncon

No. 421452

File: 1510457878905.jpeg (800.91 KB, 2560x1920, AB75284F-4F0F-473E-B910-C3746A…)

can someone tell me why she looks so ita? is it because she should have worn a blouse under the OP?

No. 421456

the aesthetic doesn't fit her looks, it doesn't fit most girls anyway unless they're really careful, don't overdo it or underdo it, have pale skin, like very pale skin, or a childish face and slim body, which she has none of, she doesn't really need to wear a blouse under it but rather she needs to stop being delusional about herself

No. 421487

her features are so indistinct she needs to wear make up like the rest of the lolita community

No. 422590

File: 1510546671470.jpg (87.73 KB, 745x961, tll.JPG)

her '''daddy''' omfg! gag

No. 423452

So many of these cringey daddy doms on Tumblr write like incels, and their obsession with fucking butts (saying vaginas aren't tight enough, what in the shitting hell) makes me think they're closet gays in furious denial, maybe that's why some littles look so unfortunate for a female and have weird body proportions

His eyes are saying "give bob and vegene"

No. 429993

I noticed the same shit around DDLG communitty too, lol. And most of doms end up playing the victim role everytime their partner says that she doesn't want to do anal. Like boy, if you are that obsessed with anal, better buy a strapon for your s/o or become bi/gay.

No. 431080

most of them know nothing about anal too and assume all womens assholes are going to be clean, bleached, shaven, douche/emptied, and lubed up at all times then complain when their dick hurts or they have shit on their dick

it's kinda hilarious tbh, it's like they think they live in a porno and don't know the hours to prepare for anal, coming from a woman who likes anal myself. Doms are big babies who think actual sex is like porn then cry when its not

No. 433530

File: 1511856306858.png (7.34 MB, 1125x2436, 42635FCA-C3A4-4443-A848-BFF7E2…)


is she not wearing a petticoat!!!? omg is she getting off on being ita i s2g

No. 433592

File: 1511874269273.jpg (69.12 KB, 657x960, KakaoTalk_20171128_135811623.j…)

Everthing she wears looks cheap af

No. 433610


she has such bad taste as well. all her prints are the worst.

No. 437952

Sad that degenerates like her can afford AP tbh

No. 437959

why do manfaces always have to wear sweet lolita

No. 437991

Please, this bitch is wearing obvious replicas.

No. 438011

cause they think cute things will make them cute.

No. 442325

File: 1513031103182.jpg (50.32 KB, 597x960, 344365t.jpg)


No. 442333

it's a retarded pic overall but those dirty socks really do trigger me

No. 472767

I know this thread is old as fuck, but has anyone heard of quietbella? I’ve seen some posts about her drama with her husband, but I have no idea what happened tho. She cheated on him, he threw out all of her „little gear” - that’s all I know abt that drama.

No. 472780

File: 1516149617491.jpeg (903.87 KB, 1125x1891, 73E44C61-D605-4D24-BB39-E0D4F8…)

That internet girl has a thread here she calls herself a “bunny” and her Splenda daddy won’t give her anything so she has to beg online.

No. 472789

she is so fat how has he not broken any branches

No. 473371

File: 1516197016308.jpeg (501.46 KB, 1124x1998, 6FD05F97-5A62-4A73-8E84-497F69…)

>wearing a JSK with a crew-neck
what is wrong with her???

No. 473376

File: 1516197604809.png (467.44 KB, 505x599, Screenshot.png)

He looks old af…

No. 473386

if you think that's bad. >>473376
this fucking waist bow as a headbow shit is newb as fuck. i hate girls who wear this as a fetish.

No. 473387

how do you know it's a waist bow?

No. 473826


Having known someone who was in a 'doll/master' relationship in which her boyfriend was a dom 24/7, the abuse is blatant.

Example: he would force her to wear clothing she hated, control what she ate, control how often she left the house and with whom, and show her off sexually to people that didn't fucking want to be a part of it, myself included. It was creepy and bizarre; we'd all be chilling and suddenly he's rip her skirt up and show us her panties or jam his fingers into her mouth. It was obvious she didn't enjoy it, but her previous relationship was worse according to her.

No. 473848

So I guess can give some input on this as I am/was in a cglg relationship.

1st rule of bdsm is not to make it public as it would involve people unwillingly.
No consent =\= .

All of these girls will have issues trying to find a job when their tumblr daddy finds a new flavour of the month girl.

It’s not about the kink for them they just found a different way to humiliate their girlfriends and make them more as a child so they can “control them”

No. 473891

why will they have issues finding a job? don't you mean finding a relationship?

No. 473927

Unfortunately despite the official rules involving clear consent, abuse is rampant in bdsm/kink communities.

No. 474456

File: 1516289665828.jpeg (476.19 KB, 1124x1999, C535C5E6-C5D7-4B78-8854-78D377…)

why does she edit her hand so much it looks broken???

No. 474712

Hell yeah, fellow kinkster. Also I’m surprised there aren’t more stories like that itt, usually attentionwhores who pander to DD/lg don’t have the first clue about how to be safe or what rules are. For them it’s just about the attention and ~aesthetic~. It would be nice to have a mature kink discussion thread in /ot/ or something. Sage

No. 474715

i'm a lolita with a fair share of ap from the pastel vom era and I can confirm these are not replicas. She's just so remarkably ita that they look like they should be on her/in her surroundings

No. 474720

how can you tell?

No. 474728

it would be even nicer if you could go be a degenerate piece of shit somewhere else like fetlife or tunglr

No. 474757

cause she's a lolita, that's why i can also tell about the waist bow

No. 474797

File: 1516311421379.jpg (51.32 KB, 640x458, mpreplica.jpg)

that's not a waist bow that's the memorial cake headbow in sax >>473371

also I can tell her angelic pretty prints arn't replicas because the details are correct, replicas are usually really obvious because they often use the wrong lace and the overall cut is often off. >>433592 vs replica in picture here. If you're familiar with the look a dress/print when you see a replica is usually very obvious
sage for ot

point is, She's even more disgusting for spending so much money and ruining brand to be a degenerate

No. 482546

File: 1517049645008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.9 KB, 395x750, tumblr_mn0yeuf92r1rbkfsgo1_500…)

This thread just ruined some part of my mind.
From the very first post (pictured) to the ever so catchy "cummies song"… microwaving and wearing used diapers found in the dumpster… interspersed arguing about the fetishism and normalization of rape and pedophilia being okay… POV "little girl" routines…. semen popsicles…
I just don't know anymore. This has to be cursed. The mental illness is festering, oozing.

No. 482560

Wow, I wish I had never clicked on that spoiler.

I'm generally of the opinion that two consenting adults can do whatever the hell they want, but DDLG/CGL is becoming so genuinely gross and degenerate to me, especially with this new wave of online "littles". I'm way more tolerant towards letting someone suspend you from a ceiling and whip you for 2 hours or halfway choking yourself to death for kink than pretending you're a 7 year old being fucked by her dad.

No. 482584

>literally torturing a woman because of your creepy, sadistic, misogynistic kink is totally fine if she hates herself enough to say yes, but ddlg is awful!
if you say so, anon. i think they're at least equal.

No. 482595

OT but I noticed all the sex-related documentaries have seriously low ratings and no explanation for it, incl the one you mentioned. I'd watch them to find out but I'd find them seriously depressing and I can't bring myself to do it.

Is there anything about them that warrants the low ratings? Or is it just that men are pissed because people are exposing the horrors of the industry??

No. 482596

File: 1517060315682.jpg (96.71 KB, 1206x1206, 24132074_2093587704198210_5371…)

Justin reactivated his Facebook account. This is his recent picture.

No. 482602

what the fuck is on his face???

No. 485200

File: 1517236342380.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.38 KB, 1080x1530, IMG_20180129_152847_499.jpg)

Is it normal to have such weird boobs with 19?

No. 488537

I'm sorry but sometimes I just feel so blessed to have perfect breasts and vag(no1curr)

No. 490568

That is disturbing…

No. 490571

Tons of women have lopsided or disproportionate boobs.
Is it common? Yes.
Is it something you find aesthetically pleasing? No, obviously.

No. 490730

This. At the end of the day those are perfectly normal boobs and I personally can't stand seeing girls tear others down for being perfectly normal. God knows we get it from guys enough

No. 490733

i'm more concerned with her teeth. the saggy disproportionate boobs she can't help, but the tartar & coffee stains she can.

No. 490977

Wow. He seems to have totally changed his life. I’m guessing he’s been heavily medicated for his schizophrenia/ other mental illnesses and good for him honestly. Better to live life as a normie dude than an infantilized troon who gets off on poop and vomit.

No. 507432

File: 1518983370566.png (2.07 MB, 1864x1112, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 2.45…)

This little bitch showed up on my explore page the other day so I did some digging. I'm surprised no one here has mentioned her, considering she's got 36k followers on Instagram.

>Goes by the name Simone.

>Apparently 17 but shoops herself to hell and back to look 5 in order to attract pedophiles.
>Batshit obsessed with Lana Del Rey, as evidenced by her entire look being based around Lana's Lizzy Grant days.
>Now interested in knives and soft gore – possibly a baby Yungelita in the making.
>Seems to be getting into that white trash abusive relationship romanticization Nicole Dollanganger aesthetic about 3 years too late.
>Was kidnapped by her admittedly disgustingly abusive 20-something-year-old boyfriend when she was 16 around late 2016, has been milking that trauma ever since.
>Her next boyfriend was a confirmed (by her) neo nazi that painted nazi cartoons. He was also abusive like the last one.
>Unsurprisingly, she herself is a bigot at her best and a racist at her worst – she posted a video of her drawing swastikas in the sand, shared Hitler memes on her second account, and told an Inuit "fuck culture" when the girl was explaining why her people wear fur.
>She and her friends openly bullied a girl on Instagram for "copying" her aesthetic (when the girl told her that DDlg helps her cope with her CSA, Simone called her a liar and a fake)

Her ig: https://www.instagram.com/babydarkokitten/
Her tumblr: http://jumpropejailbait.tumblr.com/
Her lengthy PULL thread:

No. 507437

File: 1518983561131.png (133.62 KB, 396x500, wow.png)

dropping screenshots of her messy ass. here's hitler.

No. 507444

File: 1518983836601.png (123.61 KB, 281x500, ex.png)

her ex that kidnapped her being abusive. here's an article from when he got arrested for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor.

No. 507448

File: 1518983855738.png (131.06 KB, 281x500, ex2.png)

No. 507450

File: 1518983871396.png (115.6 KB, 281x500, ex3.png)

No. 507454

File: 1518984062275.png (662.85 KB, 720x1280, ex4.png)

No. 507462

File: 1518984393758.png (111.65 KB, 669x500, bullying.png)

bullying some random girl for daring to have a similar aesthetic to her already-overplayed one.

No. 507463

File: 1518984444376.png (77.56 KB, 281x500, bullying2.png)

No. 507470

File: 1518984832041.png (164.77 KB, 281x500, ugh.png)

neglected to mention that she denies being into DDlg and then posts shit like this.

No. 507471

File: 1518984857894.jpg (49.36 KB, 301x500, dump a wholeass bucket of holy…)

No. 507502

File: 1518986050682.png (1.5 MB, 886x881, Výstřižek.PNG)

wow wtf. what i find creepy is how she posts pics of actual children as well, thats weird af. she seems weirdly obsessed

No. 507737

This list of “kinks“ or whatever reads perfectly like the checklist of the sort or structure and attention neglected kids crave. I’ll never not believe DD/lg is jut adult women trying to cope with having emotionally distant or neglectful parents via sex with older men they wish they had for fathers as kids.

No. 511513

Oooh these two, they're in the same anti-ddlg fb group I'm into, always defending their "kink". The girl seems a bit more mature, while the guy is a total asshole and spergs out all the time. Overuses the [triggered] meme in 2018 (when he's actually the triggered one) and even called a woman "pedophile" because she likes to have her tits sucked during sex. The irony

No. 517516

That group is cancer. It wasn't anti-ddlg at all, it even says in the group description they're not pro OR ANTI ddlg. All the anti people came in though and now they spend more time bitching about how awful the ddlg defenders are than actually posting relevant ddlg stuff to laugh at.
To be perfectly honest these two weren't even that bad. The boyfriend was pretty gross and annoying but the girl was fairly chill.

No. 517683

File: 1519919015918.jpg (97.87 KB, 1250x703, 160825_1v5k4_dickens-mcewen-ac…)

I think these two suit this thread perfectly. From Toronto. Jason Byrd Dickens (retrodeviant) and Dylan MacEwan (dirtydoll/prettybitterpill)

Anyone who remembers the original Degrassi, might recognize him as Scott the abusive boyfriend. Also both 'big' in the Toronto scene. Busted for possessing and making cp and bestiality. Tumblr famous for some gross hucow pic. 2 kids that they were allegedly involving with their shit somehow. And yes, he has a Daddy kink.


No. 517749

I don't know if we're talking about the same group because the one I'm talking about is anti and even the admins say it, and a lot of dd/lg cringe is posted daily, but the girl was gross and annoying too.
>saying that wanting to have your tits sucked during sex is closer to pedophilia than dd/lg
>joining anti dd/lg groups just to whiteknight your kink

No. 518329

We are absolutely talking about the same group because I saw those two in it and everything you're talking about. The admins don't like ddlg themselves but it says right in the group description that the group is not strictly anti nor pro ddlg.

No. 518330

File: 1519958278065.png (7.91 KB, 319x188, chrome_2018-03-01_20-37-48.png)

No. 518345

i'm also in this group and don't quite get why they say that.

No. 518582

Do you have any screenshots? And her daddy is 28, you would expect some maturity

No. 557925

I know this chick has already been discussed in June threads, but she kind of comes across as a kinkster cow in her own way. Aside from filming her mental illness episodes, this video stands out cause like… imagine thinking it's ~so deep uwu~ for a person or room full of people to verbally abuse you because you dropped a fork or made tea without sugar. some kink stuff makes sense, but why do all these daddy doms and little girls focus on the stupidest shit to base their relationships around?

No. 588805

File: 1526772744844.jpg (160.74 KB, 900x1200, DcMRG3AW4AAn27y.jpg)

There's this thot on Twitter called Kuru who lies about her age and panders to pedophiles, I know there's a bunch of egirls now but I keep seeing her come up and it only takes a quick scroll of her tweets to smell how badly she reeks of "insecure little loli wannabe who needs validation of neckbeards"

I hate fake uwu egirls who pretend to like hentai and kinks for attention and money, it's gross.


No. 588811

File: 1526772887129.jpg (139.57 KB, 900x1200, DcMRGCWWkAUqQFJ.jpg)


I forgot to add this but she claims she's 22, abuses filters and Shoop, and makes buttmad posts for attention as well

No. 588850

If anyone's pinned tweet is a photo/photos of themselves you can rest assured they are desperate for attention. I get the feeling those kinda people could be destroyed (emotionally) very easily as they obviously have no self esteem. Not a great thing to advertise to the world (they also ALWAYS pretend they are tuff and don't care!!!!)

No. 617892

File: 1529657152787.png (839.1 KB, 1334x750, DB9E8B2D-1022-42F9-A5F8-72788C…)

Oh, boy, have I got a juicy one for you guys.

It’s old milk, but I don’t think it’s ever been shared anywhere here or KF or any other lolcow discussion websites. I present to you Sid and Penny: A Tumblr Romance.

Penny (cuntzillaa on tumblr) met Sid (degenerate-cowboy/facet-of-faces) through mutual porn and kink communities on tumblr. With she being addicted to pain and he being a sociopath, they naturally got along well. Things went into dangerous and extreme territory pretty quickly and soon Penny started cutting herself up at his requests, inserting knives in her vag, hitting herself in the face etc. It got even worse when they met in real life. And then it turned out he was cheating on his wife.

this drama all played out in such a niche part of Tumblr’s communities that it may have gone totally unnoticed if it weren’t for someone who put together an 8 minute documentary of sorts and sent it to efukt. It was published January 2018 and taken down pretty quickly. but there are dupes of it online and it is equal parts hilarious, horrifying, disgusting, and fascinating.

Here is the video someone pieced together, which is NSFW and NSFL. Knives, self harm, physical abuse, obvious emotional abuse, rampant mental illness, general disgusting acts:
It’s hard to stomach watching it.

bonus reddit post about this video with some interesting discussion in comments https://www.reddit.com/r/eFukt/comments/7rcwhj/the_horrors_of_tumblr/

No. 617901

Jesus christ he just straight up punches whatever that tumblr is in the face.

No. 618216

Thanks for sharing anon, I just read the thread instead of enduring the awful video but that was interesting enough alone

No. 640978

File: 1532002236818.jpeg (302.14 KB, 1162x1879, 62784AA9-A5F1-4B1C-B31C-F95849…)

Surprised nobody has mentioned this milk goldmine

-has her full name attached to her nasty ass hardcore stuff

- 250+ pounds but a “diagnosed anorexic”

- sperged for weeks about how ‘triggering’ someone saying her Bitmoji was thinner than her

-changes starting weight a few pounds heavier on fitness account every few weeks
to make it seem that she’s made more progress

-porn filmed in parents house on old iPod (lmfao) a few hundred veiws at best.

-abounded her premium Snapchat over the skinny Bitmoji drama, no compensation

She’s way too milky, she deserves a thread in snow

No. 640983

File: 1532003071600.jpeg (307.39 KB, 1186x1844, 473DD6CE-E078-487B-932B-03ABC7…)

Wtf this fatass is gross as shit

No. 693567

File: 1537544046074.png (5.7 MB, 1125x2436, EEA84D8B-50A5-4D6E-864D-31EA3C…)

No. 693639

The skinny bitmoji drama sounds hilarious, any caps?

No. 693738

It's just so disgusting and how old is this dude?

No. 693910

ngl this is the first time where I'd say that we're going to have to burn some brand bc theres no kind of soap than can cleanse that nasty.

No. 697870

File: 1538006143637.png (8.22 MB, 1125x2436, 880E2067-DB55-4A07-9C0F-7A2753…)

are these two doing this in public? a CHILDREN'S playground???

lmao just noticed her hands

No. 701126


He looks like Ralf Little

No. 701150

she once infiltrated a ddlg meme page just to defend herself. After she got taken down her daddy came to defend her. I'd post caps but the original page got zucked

No. 701153

File: 1538335093505.jpg (1.35 MB, 3464x3464, 1538297288371.jpg)

taken from cgl

No. 701446

wow this retarded bitch. AP makes some great socks and their cardigans are cute AF??? like sorry bitch, they're probably falling apart bc you're fucking up the seams.

>not knowing that it's called ACRYLIC when it's yarn, not polyester.

>not knowing that cotton yarn 100% pure isn't really used for apparel items anyways.

dang, it's good this girl has a sugar daddy, because shes such a retard theres no way she can live on her own. acts like she's some some hard expert on brand but doesn't know what fibers are actually good for what purpose. bitch fuck off.

No. 701450

Kek he really does

No. 702723

Late reply, but I'm very familiar with this cow as one of my best friend was horribly dumped by her boyfriend when he started to gravitate around her and her clique, he even used some of my friend's money to go visit her (I don't think anything happened between them though).
She's just a shut-in neet who spends her day on Twitter, she's the kind to go "stop sending me explicit messages, I'm not here for that" when she posts a lot of "sexy" pics of her thighs, plays a lot with the "loli imouto imagery" and constantly references hardcore hentai. She lives with a beta orbiter who pays for the apartment of course, and I've been told that she'd send nudes for free, she's so desperate for attention that she can't even sell them. She's also a very nasty person, constantly shittalking other women.

No. 702915

File: 1538528244882.jpg (405.13 KB, 1080x1284, e373633e-a749-44fe-bc6e-1f46cf…)

Shielastretch used to be a feedee, is obsessed with wrecking her vagina, and has rape and abuse fantasies. But the worst part is she fucks her dog and got tattoos to mark her as a dog fucker. She's a crazy delusional bitch who got an animal purely for the sake of fucking him, and her boyfriend/husband seems equally bad if not worse.

No. 702944

Also jesus christ. Just googled that woman and her Tumblr is a fucking hive of degeneracy. Someone rescue her poor doggo

No. 702956

Omfg, I tried to investigate to see if I could find mention of the dog stuff myself, but I honestly can't look at her tumblr without gagging.

No. 703069

Sheilastretch has been around for a loooooong time. I used to look at her stuff out of pure morbid curiousity, one of those "it's awful but I can't help but look" car accident type things. She's crazy.

No. 760130

The guy Isibella AKA Perdita Woodley was dating was Father Sebastiaan who was exposed by another guy she was fucking called Logan South — both are 'vampires' in the 'vampire community'

it was said that father sebastiaan is a rapist and has sexually assaulted many women and some underage girls. Lots of girls came out and supported the allegations on logan south's facebook page just search 'logan south father senastiaan' on facebook and you will see the posts ;-)


No. 760528

Brittany Simon is a huge attention whore. I had to unsubscribe from her - she actually used to have an interesting content long time ago. Then she got into kink and became quite insufferable. She pretends that she's this great "BDSM educator" and a huge intellectual, but she actually makes her Patreon money by posting naked photoshoots, uncensored sex toy reviews, and catering to horny internet dudes in other ways. And now she's also supposedly considering getting into sex work and having a relationship with another known sex worker, Milkwebs. I just can't with her. Oh, and of course, she has to attention-whore with her BPD too.

No. 760531

File: 1546894918715.png (Spoiler Image, 380.93 KB, 581x420, yuck.PNG)

Milkwebs is disgusting

No. 760534

File: 1546895066783.png (Spoiler Image, 281.11 KB, 576x360, kms.PNG)

Actually, I scrolled a few more tweets down on milkwebs to see if that was the best example, and jesus h. christ this girl is fucked.

No. 762366

File: 1547155959628.jpeg (913.68 KB, 1242x1786, A000C713-2D66-443E-A4C0-ADC0A7…)

maybe I’m just a prude who doesn’t ~get it~, but saying “this is home” next to a picture of her getting waterboarded is pretty grim.

I’ve always found the whole bdsm positivity thing kinda cringy tbh

No. 762369

I always feel really bad for the parents of children who grow up and get into this trash. this is like accepting abuse and then glorifying it.

No. 762371

fucking nasty as hell. what the fuck– this is why ~sex worker empowerment~ is disgusting

No. 762405

This is awful and so grim, god. Does she really think this is helping her develop meaningful "skills"? Imagine how warped her personality must be from this shit.

No. 762461

I think a lot of these girls are disturbed in some way and are basically using BDSM as another form of self-harm. The fact that someone else is harming them with their consent suddenly makes it OK in their eyes. They're not fucked up, they're kinky, you know.

No. 762539

lol this isn't waterboarding. how is this supposed to be rough - a comfy shower with a flannel on your face? you can try this it's not uncomfortable.
Waterboarding is when the subject is lying down and tilted beyond flat so that the lungs are above the throat. Water thus pools in the breathing tube (and cannot be coughed out due to the cloth) and it feels the same as when water is in the lungs (drowning response)

No. 762612


she spent 25 minutes more on carl of swindon than anyone ever needs to

No. 762795

But… she seems to be lying down in the photo?

No. 763174

>beyond flat
flat not enough the head has to be below the chest a bit or the water just goes in the swallow tube instead.

No. 763241

I admire that you're able to recognize so clearly what's happening in the picture, as we basically only see her head and it's hard to tell what her exact position is.
Anyway, I doubt that a person like her, who drinks people's piss, would be just up to some "comfy shower".

No. 763353

Exactly this. BDSM is glorified self-harm. Don't know why people see this shit and try to pass it off as okay, but pathologize other kinds of self-harm like cutting.

No. 763361

It definitely is when it comes to subs, and as for doms it's an abuser's heaven.

No. 765129


I'm glad you bought this girl up. Because of people like her dragging Lolita into DDLG, I am being portrayed by older men in public as a fetish because I wear what I wanna wear, which happens to be cutesy feminine dresses because I hate 'normie' clothes. I was on the train last weekend and while I wasn't looking I heard a loud click, and the 50 something year old dude had his phone pointed at me. Her account is gone, I think it was spammed until she couldn't get it back up. Her twitter mentions she couldn't revive the account. I hope she never comes back, but I am salty as fuck that she has that milky planet special set JSK I want. I should mention before anyone says about me spilling personal shit, I'm saying this because I'm a minor and I'm more than done with being the number 1 sex trend. Melanie Martinez is to blame for this.(no one cares)

No. 766193


I just spent an hour capping all her shit on tumblr. I hate you so much for introducing me to this degenerate human being.

No. 766236


"dragging Lolita into DDLG"

Oh you sweet summer child…I remember back in ye olde days of livejournal EGL when the admin MissMeganMaude turned out to be an adult baby/DDLG model.

No. 766239

Can you post your best caps? I don't think I want to venture there myself to sift through that shit.

No. 766618


I'm really sorry in advance.

No. 766619

File: 1547602046421.png (Spoiler Image, 282.34 KB, 560x413, unknown.png)

No. 766620

File: 1547602068757.png (Spoiler Image, 251.05 KB, 583x637, unknown-1.png)

No. 766622

File: 1547602090842.png (Spoiler Image, 389.53 KB, 593x687, unknown-2.png)

No. 766626

File: 1547602125251.png (Spoiler Image, 231.54 KB, 517x695, unknown-3.png)

No. 766628

File: 1547602151417.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.85 KB, 540x263, tumblr_inline_p4s4k1aLJb1rxvc9…)

No. 766629

File: 1547602169349.png (Spoiler Image, 297.79 KB, 509x649, unknown-4.png)

No. 766630

File: 1547602191821.png (Spoiler Image, 410.12 KB, 523x687, unknown-5.png)

No. 766631

File: 1547602219103.png (Spoiler Image, 504.08 KB, 503x693, unknown-6.png)

No. 766633

File: 1547602239652.png (Spoiler Image, 395.41 KB, 515x687, unknown-7.png)

No. 766635

File: 1547602254998.png (Spoiler Image, 512.11 KB, 505x689, unknown-8.png)

No. 766637

File: 1547602277703.png (Spoiler Image, 348.68 KB, 520x606, unknown-9.png)

No. 766639

File: 1547602292379.png (Spoiler Image, 296.65 KB, 511x475, unknown-10.png)

No. 766640

File: 1547602339350.png (Spoiler Image, 252.33 KB, 511x635, unknown-16.png)

"fan art"

legit this one has proper dogfucking so be warned

No. 766645

So, the worst parts that I found out are:

- she has at least one child
- she's had her tubes tied (she calls it "slut surgery")
- she mods r/holewreckers and there's a discord for it (https://www.reddit.com/r/HoleWreckers/comments/7ackvh/offical_holewreckers_discord_chat_cum_talk_kink/) NSFW/NSFL obviously
- she's into dogs and horses
- she's a vegan and into sustainable living (dunno if that's bad, but I thought it was an interesting tidbit for a dogfucker)
-she wears large vaginal plugs daily and can orgasm when it's pushed out of her
-she has a surrogacy and childbirth fetish
-she has a long term partner who… is okay with her and the dog

No. 766647


I apologise because this bitch is revolting

No. 766685

Kek what a try hard, she looks like she stinks.

No. 766694

>unshaved armpits
color me surprised

No. 766695

>- she's a vegan and into sustainable living (dunno if that's bad, but I thought it was an interesting tidbit for a dogfucker)
makes sense considering a lot of vegans act like animals are human, so why not let them fuck you like a human too while you're at it!!11!

No. 766705


I really really hope she is just a edgy troll. Those posts made me wince

No. 781102

File: 1551112321870.jpg (8.02 KB, 300x225, misc09_anonib_zps445f4da5.jpg)

I can't fucking look away, what a car crash. Her poor dog…
I went on a deepdive and found an old photobucket with feet pics as well as pic related. That may be her or maybe just tattoo inspo?She's very active on reddit but really boring - just rants about veganism all the time. Looks like she's in some sort of hole wreckers discord too.

No. 781107

Found her website. http://legitkink.net/home No mention of dogfucking here.

No. 781131

Why does she have 'bult' tattooed on her back? Is her lack of taste so severe she can't even get a simple script for her stupid slut tat?

No. 898867

lol i legit thought it said "shit" at first glance

No. 898877

>Ever since I was like
6 years old (yes, six) I've had sexual fantasies about rape

bullshit, you're either a dude larping, lying, or you have false memory syndrome.

It's IMPOSSIBLE for a child to fantasize this type of disgusting shit unless they were exposed to porn at a really young age.
I know this because I WAS exposed to porn as a toddler. Sadly, as an result I use to fantasize horrible shit I saw from the porn. But, as I'm older I realize that I was a child that didn't comprehend anything and merely imitated from them.

If you're truthful, then you must of imitated from it. Like all children, you were an innocent impressionable child that didn't understand shit!. Like children kill or torture animals because they don't have the brains to comprehend what they're doing. Children don't have secret rape agendas, WHY do I have to obvious about this!!! Children do have secret espionage agendas tho, damn you Timmy that drank my Capri-sun when I wasn't looking.

Or the other option that makes sense and logical - that you're a fucking creep that's lying to gain sympathy points and have us be more understanding to pedophilia or sick kinks. You're dog whistling pedophilia, essentially. Fuck off, pedos deserve the bullet.(necro)

No. 898886

thanks for bumping a dead thread to draw attention to yourself. very cool

No. 900646

no problem, it was to draw attention to that retarded 3 year old pedophile comment.
Although, whatever makes you feel good about your attraction to children anon.
Also thats gold, most posts on snow are anons bitching, what makes my post any different besides necro. I thought this site was for milk and discussion.
You realize you replying to me also brings attention to yourself? You had to bump my necro post with yours just to make yourself feel edgy and super cool. Fuck off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900666

sorry your uncle touched you or whatever but learn to fucking sage autist

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