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File: 1443645788905.jpg (195.17 KB, 1469x1201, 1443636472862.jpg)

No. 37899

(The subject of this thread's posts have been revealed due to deceptively attempting to have the thread deleted. For more information, please see >>48811.)

Because the previous thread >>27528 reached its maximum reply limit.

For more info on her drama and some lulz worthy content, go here:

No. 37925

She's a snaggletoothed, chubby, boring tard. One day she will finally an hero or stumble on some dignity and disappear forever. Why encourage her to be visible in any way?

No. 37939

She looks like she smells like moist dirt and armpit.

No. 37979

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She's not snaggletoothed lmao

No. 37986

Her teeth aren't aligned with the others, she's very snaggletoothed.

No. 37989

File: 1443661733657.jpg (581.25 KB, 1589x1166, Studio_20150930_210418.jpg)

This wannarexic girl on embers insta is gonna by ember a "new" brace, I'm 100% sure if ember had an old one we'd have seen it.

Embers budget can't handle it rn because she's only got room for her daily starbucks drinks and weed

No. 37992

You'd think one of her parents would put her on their insurance and she'd just get the damn thing for free. They seem like they have loser jobs though, so I don't know.

No. 37996

I just like checking her instagram to see her adding, removing, or editing her "diagnosis list" It's like checking the weather, today we have a chance of severe scoliosis!

No. 37998

Funny how NPD never ends up on that list, even though according to her she's totally not ashamed of it and it's 100% true. Okay, Ember. Whatever you say.

No. 38002

File: 1443664216702.jpg (47.91 KB, 380x444, image.jpg)


There are definitely a couple snaggles in that garbage disposal mouth

No. 38004

Has she been diagnosed with NPD?? That would explain a lot…

No. 38006

she has said she was diagnosed but people with NPD are not able to step beside themselves and acknowledge their flaws. like for her to be a self hating narcissistic is like the definition of a oxymoron. it really is not possible for her to be both lol.

No. 38007

File: 1443665524590.png (123.65 KB, 284x318, 1440633871950.png)

No. 38008

omg does she have a butt chin???

No. 38011

No, she has a potato head.

No. 38012


People with legit NPD are very good at hiding it, she isn't so I'm gonna go with no as well.
Although you can def. be a self-hating narcissist, very deep down.

No. 38013

File: 1443666323688.jpg (36.9 KB, 592x490, 0MHmlOG.jpg)

lmao it's inappropiate but i just know ember wishes she was that complex

No. 38023

File: 1443669286461.png (368.27 KB, 639x639, tumblr_nuxzqkyIGh1qz6f9yo1_128…)

Nothing I love more than candid shots of snowflakes that look NOTHING like how they look in self portraits. If there are anymore, please share them for the lulz.

No. 38032

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>37989 she's posted several pictures of her back brace…

No. 38037

File: 1443672911749.jpg (231.07 KB, 2048x1024, spoopy brace.jpg)

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>37989 she posted these just over 2 months ago, a bunch of screenshots of her deleted posts are floating around

No. 38039

looks like a tank top. she says her back is at a 32° curve but her back doesn't look that bad at all.

No. 38046

Oh shit! I can't believe you guys don't remember, she bought one of those fake "stomach toner" tops and I would literally bet money that that's what that is.

And you'd be able to tell if her spine was 32° curved because she upped the contrast enough to see her spine.

No. 38050

File: 1443676521837.png (985.85 KB, 1075x1828, MEKcYdm.png)

She wants people to believe she has a 32° curve at the bottom of her spine, even though she's posing. She has plenty pictures of her back that show otherwise, including the pic used for the other thread by OP.

No. 38057

She apparently works multiple waitressing jobs, sleeps crammed in shitty, cheap twin beds with another person, and is generally in poor health from being wannarexic… honestly her back probably does have some problems.

Not severe scoliosis, but problems that still might be improved by a brace. Given her habit of exaggerating all her medical issues it's probably just some general pain and slight spine issues from bad posture.

No. 38058

She just claimed she had been sleeping jammed in a twin bed with her ex, but it was bullshit. She lived in her own room with her mom. I can't believe how many of Ember's fabrications get regurgitated as history, she lies con.stant.ly.

No. 38061

People need to start pointing out the lack of body change in her comments. If she's a "recovery" account she should be gaining, talking about her meals, or doing something other than posting wannabe thinspo and whoring for products. Where is the "recovery," Ember?

No. 38112

Recovery from what?
She's got nothing to recover from, unless you count being an insufferable douche as a disorder or disease.

No. 38122

Exactly my point. If people played along like she was a real supposed-recovery account, she'd have a lot to explain.

No. 38142

ember has been steadily using drugs ever since she was 15 though. she would post photos of pills, weed, alcohol, etc a couple yrs back and even now, talks about taking adderall and pain killers. i would not be surprised if she lies about how much pain she is in to not only us, but to her actual doctor just so she can score more pills.
because no one knows how you feel best besides yourself and this wack job has been lying for years now. wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she lies her (flat) ass off IRL too.

No. 38146

Her back would probably feel better if she didn't spend so much time bending over and taking selfies

No. 38147

File: 1443704163541.png (132.25 KB, 491x186, whatavictim.png)

>>dumb cunt
>>go shove your ugly little greasy haired attitude and shove it up your enormous ass


this has to be the worst, most uncalled for
comeback ever. why does she have the
mentality of a 12 year old?

No. 38149

Holy shit, what did that cloud person say to her?

No. 38156

File: 1443705479421.png (505.68 KB, 1182x526, rollypollyscolly.png)

left: an x ray of a back that has a 32° curve (same as Ember claims)
left: ember's back
right: an x ray of a back that has a 28° curve

though she may be purposing posing/leaning, she does look to have a slightly
curved spine but ABSOLUTELY not as severe as she says. so once again,
we have another example of how much Ember will exaggerate for attention.

tune in next time when she begins to beg for donations to receive a back
surgery she does not need/will never get.

No. 38158

she once said she looks like mr. burns without her back brace kek

No. 38162

I think it takes her a long time to figure out what things mean

No. 38164

As far as I know, kids in the US get scoliosis checks every year or whatever by the school nurse. At least that's how it was when I was in school. So obviously Ember's scoliosis isn't a huge issue or she would have had back surgery by now.

No. 38165

LMAO, the tiles are all distorted.

No. 38170

Dang, you must have gone to some kind of fancy school, kek. They just checked us once at puberty, in like 6th grade iirc. Old farmer here, but still, every year? When did they start doing that?

No. 38171

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38058 her ex even proved that they lived together though… Its been proven multiple times that Ember doesn't live with her mother and hasn't for a while.

No. 38172

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38165 nah the tiles definitely aren't warped, I ran both through FF

No. 38180

File: 1443710784226.jpg (81.21 KB, 1018x539, Screenshot_2015-10-01-10-44-34…)

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I didn't know she was doing meet ups?

No. 38181

Pretty sure she lived with her ex's parents

No. 38184

not sure, but the person who posted the screenshot of what ember said, made a post stating that they asked her to stop posting thinspo and that's how she replied

No. 38185

hey would you mind posting some screenshots of fairys.sin's instagram account?

No. 38188

File: 1443711998872.png (7.58 KB, 512x154, 6.png)

No. 38189

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38181 until they got their own apartment with that redhead chick

No. 38191

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38185 it's not private its public you can look at it

She commented last night on Embers back brace post saying they were meeting up today

No. 38192

File: 1443712370610.png (6.07 KB, 258x121, uhhh.png)


No. 38196

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38192 oh :/ it was public yesterday when I found/followed her

No. 38198

would ya mind posting some screenshots of her account then? im just curious as to what she looks like and if she has any photos with ember.

No. 38199

File: 1443712658100.jpg (261.67 KB, 1052x1510, Screenshot_2015-10-01-11-15-25…)

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38198 there aren't any with Ember yet but they're apparently hanging out today, maybe we'll get some lulzy unphotoshopped Ember chub.

Although this chick is super weird

No. 38200

File: 1443712721282.jpg (289.71 KB, 1078x1525, Screenshot_2015-10-01-11-15-19…)

No. 38201

File: 1443712827613.jpg (168.02 KB, 1074x1370, Screenshot_2015-10-01-11-19-16…)

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She's even uglier than Ember omg

No. 38202

she's kind of cute but the dolls really disturb me for some reason. thanks for the screenshots!

No. 38203

those glasses are super unflattering and she does look very bad here but imho, she is prettier than ember.

No. 38204

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She's way uglier than Ember, damn!

No. 38205

File: 1443713233269.jpg (194.42 KB, 1078x1488, Screenshot_2015-10-01-11-24-54…)

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She's really creepily obsessed with these dolls :/ and unfortunately she is definitely much much uglier than Ember. No wonder Ember is willing to hang out with her.

No. 38209

File: 1443714217946.jpg (253.68 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

whats with anorexics and dolls.

related one of embers followers also obsessed with dolls.

No. 38210

What? no. I went to public school here in NY my entire life. Every year was a scoliosis and lice check.

No. 38211

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I live in MA and we only got scoliosis checks in k-3 and then once in grade 6

No. 38213


Nigger that's Teatrin, and she isn't "obsessed" with dolls, her actual job is face-up artist, i.e. she gets paid to paint them for other people.

>she's skinny

>must be anorexic

How fat are you.

No. 38214

She looks healthy to me tbh

No. 38218

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Whoa there no need to use the N word bro

No. 38220

File: 1443718015606.png (168.56 KB, 396x387, uhhh.png)

uhhhh what a punchable face this cunt has

No. 38221

this is creepy as fuck >>38205

this.. not so creepy but still cringe worthy >>38209

No. 38224

File: 1443718196933.png (828.25 KB, 992x968, Pantieface.png)

are those… panties on her face??

No. 38226

After a few minutes of lurking this Tumblrinas Instagram and Tumblr I saw what >>38209 meant. She said herself that she has an eating disorder and that she's trying to recover but after that its "OMG I HATE ABS! I WANT TO BE CUTE AND PETITE AND FRAGILE UWUWUWUWU -shows nipples-" she sounds annoying as fuck.

No. 38227

those eyebrows

No. 38230

File: 1443718952318.jpg (165.03 KB, 1920x1080, shimoneta-89.jpg)

That's what the character wears. Most shops make a pair of panties to go with the cosplay.

No. 38231

thank you dear anon for explaining

No. 38232

No problem. I was actually looking into buying that exact cosplay, so that post was pretty helpful.

No. 38233

File: 1443719815515.gif (593.19 KB, 788x882, shoop.gif)

Why do I feel so compelled to make a thread about this girl????? Just going through her blog.. she seems like a snowflake by all means.

Should I make a thread? Should I post about her here? Or does no one care about this girl.

No. 38234

File: 1443719996310.png (242.7 KB, 672x262, teatrin'.png)

just found an old PSA, warning people that she was planning to end her life soon kek

No. 38236

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Make a new thread about this freak. This thread is about Ember and her lulzy drama

No. 38241

Okay, I'll think about it.

No. 38250

File: 1443724093573.jpg (93.01 KB, 534x535, IMG_20151001_132628.jpg)

No. 38252

idgi what is shooped here they are different angles lighting makeup

stupid piercing i like the orange though

No. 38255

File: 1443725371916.jpg (148 KB, 640x960, EW1.jpg)

whannorexic tried to pretend she was triggered by Yom Kippur..even though she's not Jewish. Ive never wanted to slap her harder.

No. 38256

File: 1443725391239.jpg (157.56 KB, 534x836, IMG_20151001_134818.jpg)

It's as fake as she is

No. 38257

that looks so bad omfg i love it

No. 38258

if she makes less than like $750 on the books a month, and has less than $8,900 in the bank/checking account, she qualifies for medicaid in NY. i have NY medicaid. too bad she's too stupid to fill out the online application :)

No. 38259

Dude I hope to go she wears that thing out in public. The world needs to see this shit hahahahah.

No. 38260

yo she did the same shit to me. i asked her why shed be fasting on yom kippur if she's not jewish, and added that even if she were, she wouldnt be fasting if she's in recovery from anorexia as "the very young, old, and sick are not expected to fast" which she would know, if she were jewish..
and then she told her pro ana minions i was bullying her and they should report me. poor ember, always the victim.

No. 38262

I thought she'd drawn on a Hitler stash, her nose is too big to draw attention to

No. 38263

File: 1443727202628.png (226.02 KB, 446x522, hitber.png)

I think it's really interesting that her
boyfriend and his family would seriously want
her to STARVE HERSELF all day, when they
"apparently" know that she suffers from a very
severe case of anorexia (according to her).

If she truly had an eating disorder, that
whole scenario is fucked up and I seriously
doubt they would suggest she fast on a Jewish
holiday, despite not being Jewish and having
an ED.

No. 38264

File: 1443727671329.png (407.47 KB, 369x472, e.png)

Hate to break it to you, Ember, but Emily does it better.

Your nose is far to large for you to look good while wearing a septum. Drawing attention to that enormous honker is the worst thing you could do. Instead of getting septum, ask for some make up so you can contour your nose.


No. 38267

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38263 she said that his family doesn't know about it, only he knows

No. 38268

whether they know about her "super serious anorexia" or not, no Jew expects a non Jew to fast just because they're dating. She just saw an opportunity for the attention and pity she craves.
If she was serious about Yom Kippur, shed have apologized to anyone she may have hurt and asked for forgiveness as well as fasted, because Yom Kippur is the "day of atonement". but i don't think she did any apologizing.. no, she just picked out the 1 aspect Yom Kippur that suited her attention seeking needs.

No. 38279

I think a septum wouldn't be bad on ember, but she'd have to get a small thing, because it's a faux septum it hangs too low.

The jewelry is just too big and unflattering, it really pulls in on the negative aspects of her face (big nose, thin lips) and makes them more obvious. Also, since her brows are so dark, her face has no balance. I'm so used to wannarexics being obsessed with taking care of their appearance that it's almost jarring to see one be so unaware of what flatters her.

No. 38280

She seems to look o without those glasses, I feel bad that she had to meet ember with her mom around. I wonder if mommy dropped her off or came with her to pay for her drink. (Seems a hassle for her mom to come with her, if they don't live together?)

No. 38287

I wonder if she let them all hit off her bong

No. 38290

File: 1443734095870.png (448.05 KB, 550x919, Screenshot_2015-10-01-17-13-39…)

No. 38295

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38280 she said her MAN came with her…not her mom

No. 38296

No. 38299

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

What is everyone's obsession with ember and her mom? She clearly doesn't live with her anymore, the background of her photos is much different now and she doesn't use her sister as a prop anymore. She clearly lives with her boy toy of the moment and is squeezing hard on his balls and his wallet…

No. 38301

File: 1443735011975.gif (659.42 KB, 550x919, god-damnit-i-tried.gif)

tried so hard to make her attractive.. ugh

No. 38302

that septum ring does look like a hilter stache lmfao

No. 38303

wanna see hilter? just look at this photo and squint your eyes. or if you have glasses, just take them off.

No. 38307

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Doesn't Emily have a septum ring like that one? I bet that's why she put it on her wish list

No. 38309

Don't worry trail off everyone's reading your posts.

No. 38310

That's such a big difference and it's mostly lighting, holy.

No. 38312

I'm so glad she uploaded another picture where you can clearly see its one of those "waist wraps" people buy thinking it'll slim their stomach. She was bragging about it on twitter awhile ago, I doubt someone has screenshots, though. Unfortunate.

No. 38317

File: 1443737079890.jpg (177.12 KB, 1078x1599, Screenshot_2015-10-01-18-03-21…)

No. 38318

File: 1443737187191.jpg (100.44 KB, 1078x1334, Screenshot_2015-10-01-18-05-21…)

No. 38319

that is a back brace, but it's the kind you buy from walmart because you're 60 years old and your back hurts, not the kind that would be prescribed by an orthopedic MD for scoliosis

No. 38325

Now the real question, is it shooped on or not?

No. 38326

No. 38328

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38325 its in her Snapchat story too so idk

No. 38329

Does anyone have the waist toner tweet?

No. 38331

File: 1443738685031.gif (25.32 KB, 605x413, kek.gif)

Lol all she would have to do is suck in, wrap that fat toner around her waist then hold her breathe for 15 seconds as she snaps 20 odd photos of her waist.

No. 38332

File: 1443738831308.jpg (477.71 KB, 959x583, tumblr_nvda4cDrI31skko9wo1_128…)

saw this on ember's tumblr and i hate to admit it but this photo is insanely cool

No. 38334

i think she just read deenie one time and added one more fake diagnosis to her bio. i'd feel sorry for her faking so much online but then she's a massive cunt who called cps on someone who exposed her lies so shrug

No. 38338

This is triggering bc people with bindis fast and I have real life anorexia™

No. 38339

Shouldn't you be meeting your anasister instead of trying to bait people into giving your tumblr, bindi bait-post attention?

No. 38358

File: 1443745200627.png (505.47 KB, 1131x1131, img1443745150318.png)

No. 38366

i'm the same person as before >>38202 and omg she is soooo cute here (fairys.sin, not ember)

No. 38374

Tbh I think she could be nice and interesting and hopefully she and ember fall out and we get some juicy deets

No. 38376

>"I'm in recovery!"
>Goes on a 3 mile walk with anasister
Tbh if they start hanging out, we might actually see some whann weightloss happening?
Also juju has a bmi of what, 21? And her and Ember look like they have similar body-types?

No. 38380


They both look like those girls Trudy and Cassie who were in an anorexia/bulimia intervention episode together.

No. 38382

No. 38385

Trudy is doing well in recovery! Her instagram is trudyyg

No. 38387

Cassandra's is cassangawaya, she looks to be struggling a bit more.

No. 38398

recovery from what exactly? Trudy has been trying to lose weight for years, she just can't do it. She was just in the hospital for self harm or some shit?

No. 38630

File: 1443892082428.png (1.06 MB, 2048x1367, PhotoGrid_1443891679061-1.png)

Oh for fuck sakes, I can't believed I actually called it (almost). Ember is contemplating starting a gofundme to purchase a backbrace for her SUPER SEVERE SCOLIOSIS. This is getting so stupid.

No. 38637

Lol so she apperently has this great well paying job but can't spare $60-$80 for a backbrace? Hahah maybe if she didn't blow all of her money on drugs, she would be able to afford one.

Also, if her back seriously did hurt all the time like she claims, I doubt she would not have bought herself a brace already. Like I said, she has a fucking job, so why can't she just buy one for herself???

She seriously doesn't have $100 saved up?…. God damnit, it's annoying as fuck that she still wants to beg for money online but pretty much nothing but pro ana morons believe her shit, so I sort of wouldn't care if those scum bags got scammed kek. Only the worse people associate with Ember, anyways.

No. 38639

The one she wanted last night is under $50 >>37989 If she genuinely needed this, she would have bought it for herself months ago instead of trying to wear a fat toner >>38318 >>38317 and pass it off as a backbrace.

If she does start a gofundme, I can't wait to see what obscure amount she will try to raise lmfao.

No. 38641

>>i can't even come close to affording that

Are you fucking with us? What happened to your amazing jerb???

No. 38655

File: 1443897375546.jpg (370 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-02-13-57-39…)

"I'm in so much pain oh my god idk if i can walk right now"
Then why are u taking selfies lmao

No. 38668

I had an IUD placed and it hurt soooo bad, even a couple hours later I was still cramping. But, like, I wasn't in crippling pain and went grocery shopping right after my appointment. So, if I can manage the pain of having a hard plastic device shoved into my vagina then proceeding to run errands, I am positive she can take a simple selfie after having one removed. No need to drag this chick just because she knows Ember IRL. She'll discover soon enough that she is nothing but bad news. Like we should pity this girl for having such a pile of dog shit as a friend.

No. 38669

I'm not really dragging her but the histronics are kinda funny tbh
It's like "oh i am in pain wait i gotta take a selfie so i can tell everyone on instagram"

No. 38675

Someone should make a call out instagram like they made for Sarah because this chick is really gross, she's straight up scamming again.

No. 38678

It begins

No. 38683

Another scam eh

No. 38693

File: 1443908251397.png (683.78 KB, 2048x895, PhotoGrid_1443907974744-1.png)

The other day, her curve was 32° and now it's 22°…. and the original back brace she wanted was only $40… and now she is wanting people to give her DOUBLE that amount… God I hope no one is dumb enough to fall for this scam. Anyone know how to report this to gofundme?

No. 38695

I reported it as a scam, it's on the page of her gofundme it just says report. It gets reviewed then sent to the authorities. She can get in real trouble, and I hope she does.
I left my number on the report so that the authorities can contact me, and if they do I'm going to let them know what's up because I have all the proof I need. Feel free to do the same.

No. 38696

File: 1443908548904.png (515.33 KB, 2048x1454, PhotoGrid_1443908366815-1.png)

Great because this is absolutely a scam. There was no need for her to purposely find a more expensive back brace and ask for even more money to cover other "medical expenses". I hate able bodied bitches taking advantaged of good people who donate to their causes.

No. 38719

Update: They e-mailed me the confirmation of the fraud report, and I sent back the various conflicting statements.
I'm curious to see if this develops more, I wonder if she'll be charged.

No. 38736

File: 1443917691773.gif (478.9 KB, 277x306, bernard.gif)


No. 38739

omg u horible ableist monster!!! how dare u she is just a poor hard-working girl who needs help 4 her medecal needs ;_;

No. 38750

File: 1443921998405.gif (103.79 KB, 255x197, 440.gif)

No. 38753

Duuuuude I hope to God they notice the holes in her ~tragic scoliosis story~, like how she changed the curve degree and went from wanting a cheap brace to a much more expensive one, for no reason at all.

No. 38754

hope you told them that her name isn't "ember lee" but is actually "ember whann". she probably lied about her name just in case anyone tried to Google her before donating.

No. 38755

Wow yeah why would anyone change their name when asking for donations? Has to be a scam.

No. 38757

Her followers seem really gullible, I'm sure they'd believe anything she says. She seems to collect the naive/stupid people around her and do her best to try and swindle money for them.

"Buy me this $40 Tamagotchi, I will literally do anything!"
Even with her small brain cell collection she'd be bored within a couple days. Even if I did support buying her anything, her trends or whatever change so rapidly it'd be pointless.

No. 38760

She tagged her home, it'd be interesting to see anyone using gofundme from rochester actually calling her out on this.
If she keeps this shit up, I'm going to fb her dad.
It's like when I worked retail, we wouldn't call the police when we caught teenage shoplifters-we called their parents.

No. 38761

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Her name is ember lee… That's her middle name it's not fraud going by your first and middle name lmao

No. 38762

You're putting words in people's mouths. Read things more carefully.

No. 38918

anon is saying ember uses Ember Lee instead of Whann to avoid being caught out, not that she's lying about her name being Ember Lee. at least I think that's what they mean.

No. 38919

File: 1443980162501.png (305.66 KB, 826x674, incon.png)

Ember has always had a really bad problem with keeping her lies consistence kekekekek

No. 38920

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>38918 but her middle name is Lee so she technically is just going by that? That's not illegal or a lie

No. 38921

Yes, that's exactly what I meant! She always goes by "ember whann" but decides to go by "ember lee" when asking for free money? Yeaaaah, totally not sketchy.

No. 38922

File: 1443980380577.png (133.89 KB, 677x503, yay.png)

Yo her campaign got deleted and she replaced the gofundme link in her bio back to her wishlist!!! Fuck yeah :D


Thank god that ugly cunt won't be scamming anyone with her fraudulent sob story!!

No. 38923

Are you autistic that's literally what was being said, shes using ember lee though so if people search it up her bullshit ember whann scams dont show up how fucking stupid are you

No. 38925

Shhhh if we stop replying to them, they'll go away.

No. 38927

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She posted earlier that she was "getting death threats" so she deleted the campaign. Doubt it.

No. 38928

Hahahahahah omfg no, there is no way people sent her death threats over that shit.

Though I don't doubt that they probably just spammed her with messages about how her original scoliosis story didn't match the one she used when she tried getting free cash from strangers, and what a fucking idiotic lying sack of donkey shit she is lmfao.

No. 38929

But that's a good lie she used (not that we believe it). It's just another example of how Ember ALWAYS is the victim, no matter what really took place rofl.

No. 38933

File: 1443982431799.jpg (27.82 KB, 390x419, pepe.JPG)

No. 38988

I wonder if I send death threats, demanding she recreate her gofundme or else I will KILL HER TO DEATH, if she will do it out of FEEEEAR for her LYYYYF

No. 38993

i just really wanna see her get caught out for this by one of her loyal followers. that would make my year.

No. 39011

Ehh I don't know if that'll happen. Every person who seems to be all "buddy-buddy" with Ember are the same people who are constantly ask her for promos and shout outs, so it seems like they're just using her for followers lmao.

I am positive if Ember didn't constantly do promos, she wouldn't have any followers or "insta-fwends". I have never seen Ember receive a bunch of followers or attention without 1) buying followers, 2) putting herself in the middle of other people's drama (EX: Felice, shmegeh, Emily, ect), 3) posting her photoshopped thinspo in #proana tags.

If she wasn't such an attention whore, no one would know about this loser's pathetic existence.

No. 39021

File: 1443995118109.png (8.58 KB, 310x64, 1.png)

Ember is back to spamming Meghan's thread again: >>33495 kek

No. 39034

>tfw your scam flops

No. 39057

File: 1444009797682.gif (2 MB, 250x214, 2mbe2Z8.gif)

Seems like she is going after whoever she believes was the one who reported her gofundme scam to the moderators. There's no chance that Em gets called out and then immediately after, some "anon" is spamming truth blogs with messages about Meghan and then her thread starts blowing up with samefag posts.

No. 39058

It's funny because it's not her, I reported it. She going to blame the truth bloggers, etc, but none of them had anything to do with it and I'm impressed by how quickly she lashes out.

The paranoia is great.

Part of me suspects a lot of the whimsical hate comes from Ember, Emily and whimsical herself because all 3 like to stir the pot. I doubt any of them genuinely mean it, same with how I expect Eboni and Ember have a friendship where the fake frenemy and bash themselves on anon for attention. The only person I actually know that dislikes whimsical is Eboni, maybe whoever EDL is, too.

Either way, it's super amusing and it's interesting to watch.

No. 39059

Dislikes whimsical correction, Deja* not Eboni

No. 39060

Damn I thought Deja and whismical made up? I always see Deja in her notes, liking/rebloging/commenting on her posts. Are they frenemies too?

No. 39062

They might've, their whole spat is based off of miscommunication and non-facts so it'd be easy to make up if either of them were genuine about it.

No. 39063

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Yea, I haven't seen Deja going off on whismical in a long time. Last I heard they made up.

No. 39066

File: 1444014053188.gif (845.92 KB, 245x170, vJ17KD5.gif)

Her obsession with thinking Meghan is obsessed with her is pretty lulzy, to be frank.

No. 39073

Deja likes things as a bookmarking system, or something? She mentioned it awhile ago.

No. 39074

Isn't that… what it's for though? Doesn't everyone do this?

No. 39077

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I've seen reblogs and friendly comments from her on Meghan's posts too though so who knows.

No. 39083

File: 1444021778695.png (3.25 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1444021723154.png)

the kind of people she promotes… ugh i think im going to be sick. ember is such a scumbag.

No. 39088


No. 39093

File: 1444029214433.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_2015-10-03-12-25-44…)

>>don't call me pretty

Don't fret, no one wants too.

No. 39097

File: 1444033536953.jpg (8.75 KB, 236x236, 7a487cebc9f9d1bafbafab76d125b0…)

No. 39105

File: 1444042899160.png (201.7 KB, 640x480, Vlcsnap-2013-02-01-19h08m16s12…)

No. 39108

Ew, she's so untoned. it's disgusting.

Anon, i freakin love you.

No. 39112

in america, this is considered thin, and if you say it's gross all of the 5'3 115lb girls will jump on you and call you anorexic lmao

No. 39144

She isn't fat or anything, but she just seems heavily untoned- like she never works out. She just barely eats much and loses it through starving.

No. 39146

This is a meme
Stop. She's just flabby. That is what you mean. Flabby. Soft. Untrained.

No. 39151

Don't sugarcoat it, what you really mean is fat.

No. 39156

Eh, no. There's a difference between being fat and it just being obvious you don't lift or exercise.
You can live a sedentary lifestyle without inhaling the goddamn fridge, and it just shows on some people.

No. 39157

lmfao dude no, she is not fat. just doughy.

No. 39170

File: 1444054280507.png (1.19 MB, 1820x1414, PhotoGrid_1444054161433-1.png)

New day, new drama.

No. 39171

File: 1444054358733.png (535.85 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_2015-10-05-10-03-50…)

this is so entertaining

No. 39172

File: 1444054441884.png (418.86 KB, 1080x1188, Screenshot_2015-10-05-10-01-29…)

man, ember is one salty bitch

No. 39173

I love watching these dumb asses argue over who is pro ana and who isnt lmfao They're all so the dettached from reality.

No. 39174

File: 1444054702731.png (165.66 KB, 1080x526, Screenshot_2015-10-05-10-16-49…)

No. 39175

File: 1444054748527.png (725.4 KB, 1080x753, Screenshot_2015-10-05-10-16-34…)

Hey Ember, where'd you steal this photo from?

No. 39178

File: 1444055550362.png (138.11 KB, 620x390, 2015-10-05 10.31.26.png)

cant get over how homely she is, ick

No. 39182



No. 39183

Will someone with an account PLEASE tell those girls about what a shitty fucking liar Ember is? God, link them this thread if you feel so compelled. I just am so annoyed watching Ember try to play the victim once again, as if she didn't called herself the "thinspo queen" while posting on myproana.com

No. 39185

Let the pro-anas tear each other apart. Who cares.

No. 39191

I just want to see Embers reaction to being called out by a farmer tbh

No. 39196

Someone posted a screenshot of that the other day already.

No. 39208

i feel blind then

No. 39210

File: 1444060829685.png (94.9 KB, 493x318, ddUDE.png)

>>Ok i did enough research on you, you post from your phone, which is paid for by let me guess the people that take care of you. And they happen to not know what you are up to, well if you don't take this shit down soon, and i do mean soon. I will contact whoever it is that is paying for your phone and the police of Indiana and tell the what you are doing :) trust me i have the ability. My mom is a skip-tracer and my grandma is a constable. So get to deleting or your parental figures will be contacted.

Helloooo new copypasta.

No. 39211

I mean I want to see her get called out in front of her ana buddies on a platform she can't delete the comments from. This girl's picture would be prefect to call Ember out on because there's several people commenting, that are seriously defending ember bullying the piss out of that girl and would probably lose it if they discovered what a fraud she is.

No. 39213

File: 1444061509302.gif (249.38 KB, 400x265, tumblr_mh41esh1CD1rghimeo1_400…)

This has to be my favorite photo of Ember. She looks so much like Squidward, it kills me.

No. 39214

Then do it yourself?

No. 39215

Too damn lazy to make an account. Was hoping someone who already had one would want to do it if I posted the idea shrugs

No. 39216

I'll do it. What do you want to say?

No. 39220

Hmm well, you ought to @ several people just to be certain that they read the post. Like these people: @forever_jinxedd @cloudinhale @d.arkminds
Maybe just tell them all that Ember is a fraud who ran a self made fan page for herself, where she called herself the "thinspo queen", ran several pro ana accounts, and generally is insufferable af. may also want to include that she bullies a lot of people. This isn't even the first time I've seen her go off on another girl on instagram.

No. 39221

And perhaps suggest them to check out these links to discover what a scumbag she is. I'm sure the chicks she was actually harassing this morning will love to look into what a cunt she is.


No. 39222

Someone's already done it.

No. 39223

File: 1444062611217.jpg (50.68 KB, 358x590, ttf.JPG)


No. 39224

File: 1444062704950.jpg (14.46 KB, 325x139, ttf.JPG)

then no more comments

No. 39227

There's more with links to here further up. The picture of Ember wearing a yellow bikini.

No. 39228

dude if you have comment, you should go comment and agree with that mya person. the more people who say ember is a proana scum bag, the better.

No. 39229

The pic was just deleted.

No. 39230

kek sad days

No. 39231

File: 1444063095345.jpg (92.6 KB, 919x581, f.JPG)

and this is new

No. 39232

No. 39233

File: 1444063380532.png (621.93 KB, 929x608, woopwoop.png)

Please take a moment to imagine Ember calling the police, crying about how someone reposted her photo and didn't tag her :'[

Just try to picture it

No. 39234

She knows photoshop well enough to know how to put @embersrecovery on it. Now she's just having a go at this girl for the luls. Seriously, almostt 20 and picking fights with 13(?) year olds. Jesus.

No. 39236

File: 1444063693022.png (85.37 KB, 1080x257, Screenshot_2015-10-05-10-35-13…)

Ember has to be a legitimate fucking psycho, man. She went from saying that she has spent ALMOST 3 days, demanding to be tagged then went to saying just 2 days >>39233 but when you look at the actual photo, it says it has only been up for ONE FUCKING DAY. Damnit, she has to lie about everything doesn't she? >>39170

No. 39238

At first, she wanted to be credited because this chick has 6k followers but since Ember didn't get an immediately pack on the back, she threw the BIGGEST FUCKING HISSY FIT, and started a massive flame war which resulted in some great copypasta >>39210 and now she is crying over how TRIGGERED she is that someone considered her "thinspo" (THOSE ARE HER WORDS, MIND YOU. SHE CHOSE THAT WORD FOR HERSELF.) and is seriously trying to turn this into a fucking legal debate.

No. 39239

anybody gonna comment on this post about what a shitty proana cup of horse urine ember is?


No. 39241

she used to run her own fanblog calling herself the "bony queen" tho haha

No. 39242

File: 1444065513497.jpg (39.51 KB, 400x253, image.jpg)

Embers not pro ana eh? The fan blog she ran for herself contradicts that

No. 39244

File: 1444065587732.jpg (45.51 KB, 250x375, image.jpg)


No. 39245

Pretty positive tiny.tiny.fairy went though and deleted all of Ember's comments off of her posts.

No. 39253

File: 1444067354726.png (238.45 KB, 1080x1136, Screenshot_2015-10-05-13-46-30…)

if she needs a back brace so fucking badly, why did she just add two random pieces of junk that cost over $80 altogether? if she really needed a brace, she would be focused on getting someone to buy her one, not a retarded ass camera lens for your cellphone.

No. 39271

ember is a cunt, in other news water is wet

No. 39318

File: 1444087005578.jpg (122.33 KB, 535x539, IMG_20151005_171301.jpg)

Posted and deleted a few minutes later

No. 39325

Her nose looks legit likes a dick

No. 39327

so many flaws. what an unfortunate looking girl.

No. 39334

Wtf she's shopping her collarbones differently

No. 39368

She looks like irl squidward.

No. 39376

She must contour the absolute fuck out of her face and chest to look as emaciated as possible.
That's why she looks so fucking dirty and patchy in all these pictures.

No. 39388

Oh she does

No. 39397

I wouldn't say this is considered thin in America. Average definitely, esp. for her age.

No. 39427

File: 1444132754376.jpg (78.63 KB, 643x660, e.JPG)

She needs to get over to vk where her photos are being ILLEGALLY stolen and uploaded on thinspo pages. That is, unless she only picks on 13 year old girls. SEND YOUR ARMY, EMBER!!!

No. 39453

Does she have no internal organs? worst. shoop. ever.

No. 39461

File: 1444144284227.jpg (43.93 KB, 322x388, bamboo.jpg)

It's called "sucking in". Her face is probs as red as a bamboo's ass cheek from holding her breath.

No. 39462

This is what Ember's future holds.

No. 39465

File: 1444144745165.png (103.13 KB, 1080x290, Screenshot_2015-10-06-11-15-49…)

did she really refer to herself as a pro ana goddess… she is so delusional

No. 39468

File: 1444145128908.png (342.67 KB, 1080x1033, Screenshot_2015-10-06-11-22-20…)

Man it's so weird seeing Ember, the biggest wannorexic ever, telling someone else they're faking they're eating disorder. I guess she is only saying that because she IS faking hers, and whenever someone points out what a fraud she is, she takes it as the biggest insult ever, which would explain why she uses it on other people.

No. 39477

Where did you get these?

No. 39480

yesterday's flame war. i took a lot of screenshots before the post was removed. if i find anything else lulzy when i read through the rest of them, i'll be sure to post them.

No. 39519

File: 1444155357448.jpg (48.7 KB, 503x203, remember.jpg)

You guys remember the Emily Crocker hate blog Ember made? (It was called ecelebcopycats which mainly focused on Emily and then the url was changed to emcrockpot-lies)

No. 39520

She actually did struggle with an eating disorder. I used to follow her on Instagram because I thought she posted some lulzy stuff sometimes. If you go way way back you can see that she will mention in in comments, I think she even has some pics up from when she had an e.d.

No. 39543

I bet Ember messaged iCovery.

No. 39545

Ember was already busted as ECC

No. 39549

durr? lol

No. 39556

File: 1444160036366.png (144.29 KB, 540x664, tumblr_n5fq2boI151takp3go1_540…)

Lmfao you sure are against pro anas Ember

No. 39561

No. 39594

File: 1444164601033.jpeg (434.26 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

She lurks soooooo hard oh my god. She made a vk account so she could reply to the comment on the photo hahahaha

No. 39596

she has had an account for months, though she may have just created this one. idk.

No. 39608

ya it's why she reported nikki to child services out of spite, because they were in on it together

No. 39614

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

No she reported Nikki because Nikki was the one who ip trapped ember and exposed her for running ecc. Nikki had nothing to do with ecc. The blog maddieatsdicks was the blog ember and Nikki ran together not ecc

No. 39622

So the cunt spergs out on a 13 year old but adds this person who worships bonez as a friend. Jesus, what a vile piece of shit.

No. 39625

File: 1444169568356.jpg (37.42 KB, 376x539, nice friends.JPG)

No. 39626

File: 1444169702145.jpeg (94.37 KB, 640x777, image.jpeg)

I just realised she follows a proana page as well lol. It's the 4th one which has a link to this https://m.vk.com/public_42diary

I can't read any of the Russian though so can't say for sure.

No. 39628

File: 1444170098451.jpg (44.51 KB, 741x458, translated.JPG)

>42 - a cozy home for losing weight

No. 39632

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Its her old account though insure she's been following most of them for a while now

No. 39635

What's your point..?

No. 39655

Ember posted a photo on her Instagram earlier that showed her weight being I think 97.6 lbs, which honestly isn't really underweight. I weigh 98lbs, I don't have an ED and I'm almost certain she's about the same height as me. Our weight is average for our height.

No. 39672

Bamboo is a plant/tree.
Did you mean baboon..?

No. 39835

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>39655 how is that not underweight for someone 5 feet 5 inches tall? That would put her BMI at about 16. Under 17 is considered "severely underweight"

Like I understand not liking the chick but being a douche about her obviously underweight body is fucked up. I suspect you're Nikki Burke, am I right?

No. 39836

I'm sorry, I don't know who nicki is but I had thought I remembered seeing in her old thread someone had proved she was shorter than 5' 5" so I apologize for my mistake as I was going off of what they had thought with her height. That was a mistake on my end for misunderstanding her actual height.

No. 39837

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>39836 she's posted multiple pictures of her ID that proves she is in fact 5'5"

No. 39838

Well my id says I'm 5'4" and I'm actually 5', but like I said was going off of the other thread where I had remembered seeing them discussing her height so like I said I apologize for getting that wrong.

No. 39839

This is true but you should keep in mind that 98lbs/5'5 isn't really skelly tier. It's underweight, yes, but only by like 5 or 6 lbs - plenty of girls are that weight just bc they are naturally thin. It looks skinny but not spoopy

No. 39844

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>39839 either you have BDD or are purposely trying to trigger people. Either way, she's severely underweight.

No. 39848

oop you're right, my bad

No. 39854

No. 39863

Lol my id says I'm 5'6 and I'm 5'9. They don't measure you, you just fill in whatever you feel like. I haven't updated my information since I was 15.

No. 39867

File: 1444232888220.png (1.06 MB, 1832x1411, PhotoGrid_1444232788080-1.png)

~heart emoji~

No. 39868

ember isn't under 100 lbs lmfao. She is quite obviously around 115lbs, but just sucks in, sticks out her collarbones, sucks in her cheeks, and photoshops the shit out of her pictures hahahah. Her videos prove she is a fat fraud. You can't just take Embers word for anything.

No. 39869

File: 1444233846359.jpg (105.23 KB, 640x998, image.jpg)

And here's a profile she made before she was attempting to be spoopy queen of the internets where she filled her height out to 5'0. She's also claimed to be 5'4, 5'5, 5'6 etc etc

No. 39873

mixed ethnicity???? she's as white as milk lmao

No. 39878

She probably thinks being Irish and German means she's mixed the girls so fucking dumb

No. 39904

I lie about my height and my weight on my ID lmfao

No. 39945

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>39868 she literally posted a picture of her on a scale that says 97.6

No. 39948

Kek probably puts weights or books on it, Ember is too fat to be anywhere below 110lbs.

No. 39949

It's still on her ask.fm

No. 39951

She is leaning back, putting her weigh in the counter behind her. She is probably well over 110lbs now and shifted her weight before taking the photo. It's very easy to do, when I get home from work I can show you an example. I will put my feet on my scale and you will all see me lose over 20 pounds instantly lmfao.

No. 39952

its so obv bc of her feet, she is definitely resting her fat ass on something hahahah.

No. 39960

File: 1444249309132.jpg (130.14 KB, 534x746, IMG_20151007_151824.jpg)

No. 39962

File: 1444249342251.jpg (185.09 KB, 530x848, IMG_20151007_151813.jpg)

No. 39992

Wow do they not have real scales at her doctors?

No. 40003

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>39992 supposedly she goes to a private doctor

No. 40008

This the same scale in all of her old bathroom pictures…..

No. 40009

tbh I want ember to become to spoopy skeleton she so desperately wants to be. I would love to see her get down to 75lbs, like she "craves" to be. honestly, I just want her to suffer from legitimate health issues that are associated with losing so much weight. I want her to know what real pain is.

No. 40011

She is leaning on the sink, lifting herself up so the number would go down because she is to much of a pile of dog shit to be truthful :)

No. 40013

no one thinks she "rewired" her scale lmfao. plus this is just proof that she lurks this website, is the one continously samefagging, and making all of these god awful threads about tumblrinas.

No. 40042

Id eat my own shit if she's considered "very underweight" lol

No. 40043

Lol exactly, this is not a scale in a doctors office. They wouldn't use a ten dollar kmart scale.

No. 40067

Even walk-in clinics have real scales. Also, if they knew she had an "eating disorder" and that was their scale I'm sure they would have picked it up and taken it so she wouldn't weigh herself unsupervised and take selfies. She's ridiculous.

No. 40077

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Absolutely no medical office has wood floors like that or Walmart scales. The wood is extremely unsterile since anything that drips on it soaks in. Every single Doctor or hospital has special floors none of them containing wood since its porus and they all use the old fashioned scales or if they have electronic ones they look like the scales they have at the vet where it's basically a big medal machine thing and the weight is shown on the wall or whatever

No. 40092

In a previous insta post of her nurse in pumpkin scrubs, you can see wood floors.

No. 40093

^ and it is the same square, back and forth wood pattern in both photos.

No. 40096

No. 40098

No. 40100

Sorry couldn't figure out how to do a photo from an Internet url

No. 40102

This seems like an easy out for ember whann

No. 40105


What do you mean?

No. 40124

Looks like a flebotomy office. I know most dr offices/hospitals don't allow personalized scrubs/doctor offices don't use digital scales (too unreliable)/have to have special flooring. Working in both flebotomy and as a medical assistant that's just my opinion

No. 40125

Either way she wasn't weighed by the nurse in this photo. If she was really diagnosed with anorexia they:

1: would weigh her on a scale where she wouldn't be able to view her weight

2: would use a professional scale to get the most accurate reading period

3: they would NEVER in her life let her take photos of her weight

No. 40147

Yes if a patient views their weight they are suddenly not eating disordered…
Look I agree with your points but there are a shit load of incompentent people out there. Or perhaps not even bad at their job just not specialized.

No. 40149

Agree. Look at Aly. Her doctor is obviously not doing a proper job.

No. 40151

Yup I was going to state her as an example but I forgot mid-sentence.
Now, I don't think Ember has a serious ED but she is probably a bit underweight and more than likely has disordered eating. She is a terrible person but she obviously has issues.

No. 40152

Correction: her issues are not eating related, she just has a severe personality disorder

No. 40158

Is compulsive lying a personality disorder?

She doesn't show any BPD systems, and NPD fits her on paper but she's obviously not got that in reality…I think she's just got a vivid imagination and a poor memory.

She has highdeas, she let's them run their short lived course and then goes back to her pro ana roots.

Additionally, and not addressed at the reply above:
Skye, I understand you're active in this thread but she's a gross person and one day you'll realize it eventually. Dropping by and posting with a few trailed off sentences isn't doing anyone any favors.

No. 40164

She always struck me as histrionic. I mean just look at the symptoms.

No. 40185

I feel like a phlebotomist would know how to spell their own job title.

No. 40190

Stop trying to armchair diagnose her. Sometimes a shitty person is just a shitty person.

No. 40196

Tf did I say she had

No. 40209

so wait. what's wrong with her? she looks. . . totally normal. busting out some squats with 20lb weights + 3 fried eggs in the morning would help grow a booty.
Her boobs are bigger than my post preg tits. That is something I have been so uncomfortable with. 32D's- vanished. Either her hips are narrow, or I'm super wide. At 5'6" & I can weigh 115-123 without thighs touching. No lordosis or sclerosis here.

Yeah.. This struck me as odd, or is it a joke? I feel like that misspelling would have to be intentional.

No. 40227

Forgive me, English is not my mother tongue so it's easy to make phonetic mistakes.

No. 40235

File: 1444318432031.gif (3.53 MB, 416x270, no1curr.gif)

No. 40347

File: 1444337973218.jpg (120.84 KB, 532x836, IMG_20151008_155810.jpg)

Nice list if pro ana shout outs! Great job not triggering people

No. 40352

That is literally her Grandma's house

No. 40355

That's exactly what I have been thinking.

No. 40359

If she really went to a private doctor,

>1) first of all why does she look like a homeless bum, if you had money you'd certainly wouldn't be looking like that

>2) if she really is, and she herself must not be paying for it, but still obviously pro-ana and WANTING to be sick for attention, her family needs to know so they can use it for something useful instead of this ugly pathetic piece of shit who thinks the world revolves around her and an army of mentally sick followers she wants to have an advantage over

>3) doctors offices for one, don't have porous surfaced floors or shitty wood tiling for sanitary reasons, they DO NOT let you look at the number, or use a digital scale. the extensor digitorum on the front of the ankle is not tensed, it ALWAYS is when you stand upright and put weight on it, it's obvious she's leaning back, and lying about her height too.

Ember, not everyone is as fucking dumb as you. You have no sense of anatomy, proven through your shoops and stupid stunts like this. Obvious you don't have legs like Xavier Renegade Angel. You're fucking dumb and the fact that you think destroying yourself and others is a way to get attention you're fucked in the head. You are a literal laughing stock. True lolCOW. If you find power in weakness, you're simply weak. Weak, weak, weak, pathetic piece of shit.

No. 40361

Unless you're super fat try this:

Just lift your leg, and pivot your foot up and down. In up position, you see that muscle and tendons around it tense it, foot down it's gone. You can stand up and flex your big toes and you'll really see it then. The fact she is claiming to be standing up, and nothing at all is being tensed, especially with how anorexic she is…. Fucking bullshit to the maaaaax.

No. 40365

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

A lot of dr's offices allow the nurses to wear seasonal scrubs around the holidays it's normally just hospitals that are strict with uniform to that extent. Also why is the snap pic of the nurse in scrubs taken from such a low angle. Normally when you're a patient in a doctor's office you sit on that tall bed in this picture it looks like she's sitting in a corner on a regular chair like as if she's just there with someone else. Reminds me of when emilyologist kept taking pics inside the emergency room and made her followers worry about her the entire day and then finally admitted she was just there with her friend who broke her arm lol

No. 40369

she can't complain, she tells her followers to mass report people all the time. karma is a bitch. of course she has a backup account.. people who are doing something wrong usually have a back up account, like pro anas.

No. 40380

Lmao exactly, why fear being terminated to the point where you continously have to beg everyone to follow BOTH of your accounts? Your main and your inactive seconadary account which you will turn to when you inevitably get deleted for posting ~triggering~ content on your main.

If she really believed she wasn't doing nothing wrong, she wouldn't have a "back up" account. She knows she is in the wrong yet she doesn't care about anyone but herself. She is such a pathetic swine.

No. 40424

Ember be like

>>pro ana people are scum!! get the fuck out of here with your thinspo! i am not your proana goddess! STOP USING ME AS YOUR THINSPO QUEEN! I AM SRS GUY!!

>>five minutes later

>>go follow my boo @dying.2.b.thin! ~several retarded ass emojis~

What a hypocritical cunt she is.

No. 40425

if she has been diagnosed with anorexia since she was 8, no fucking doctor would let her look at her weight, let alone LET HER PHOTOGRAPH it????

i think she just visited her grandma or something and used her bathroom scale or some shit. plus you can definitely tell she is leaning back on something due to how her feet look.

what a fucking moron. I hate this bitch.

No. 40426

There's usually a chair you can sit on while you wait

No. 40441

File: 1444351151948.jpg (98.31 KB, 1034x571, Screenshot_2015-10-08-18-51-23…)

No. 40448

i kind of believe her weight though a bmi of 16.2 isn't really that thin

No. 40449

yeah it doesn't usually look freakish unless you have a very large frame. especially not if you're skinnyfat.

No. 40450

See, things like this make me seem like she went with her sister.

No. 40452

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>40450 or she's taking advantage of her pediatrician to get drugs because at an actual hospital, they will call you out and are not easily manipulated into prescribing pain killers and xanax together. Or wellbutrin for someone with an eating disorder for that matter

No. 40453

but she's nineteen? if she was seventeen and at a paediatrician i would kind of believe it but ???? how does that even work? what are the age brackets for this sort of thing?

No. 40460

well if you are in college, you can visit a pediatrician until you are 21 years old but ember gave up on getting an education at age 16, so I have no idea what is going on here. either her little sister had an appointment and she tagged along or she is just milking her parent(s) insurance because she adores the attention she gets for being the "sickest, most fragile ana angel in existence". sucks for whoever is having to fork out the cash for her unneeded doctor appointments but hey, if her parent(s) are dumb enough to believe her shit, let them go bankrupt. im sure it's their fault she is so god damn insufferable, anyways. I can't imagine what a piece of work her mother is.

No. 40480

File: 1444365881594.png (437.87 KB, 561x975, Screenshot_2015-10-09-00-43-06…)

her mom looks just like ember if only ember were to stay out in the sun for weeks on end and allow her skin to shrivel up like a rasin.

>>pic related (ember w/ her mom)

No. 40488

File: 1444367645009.jpg (70.87 KB, 500x596, 2ZtRdnh.jpg)

Prob ember irl

No. 40491

File: 1444368084167.png (24.18 KB, 545x224, anorexia bmi.png)

Stop with these dumbass posts about how 16 BMI is basically obese!!! You're not even thin until you're at an 11 BMI, even that's just if you have low BF%!!

No. 40542

File: 1444400573126.jpg (110.61 KB, 537x672, IMG_20151009_092104.jpg)

Dumbass dirty bitch

No. 40543

no one said it was obese you butthurt retard, you obviously just dont know what normal thin people look like

No. 40544

Where did her collarbones go? And chest bones? Can she only target one thing at a time, this is so weird

No. 40546

says the person who says a BMI of 16.2 isn't thin tho

No. 40547

Is she contouring her shoulder? Is that why she looks so dirty?

No. 40548

>>40450 >>40452
I cannot imagine how she would be able to see a pediatrician at her age. If she's been going to the same one her entire life, maybe it's an ohh I can't trust someone new, you've been there so long~ but even then, work is work.
No dr would ever give someone with a history of eating disorders Wellbutrin! It's a great appetite suppressant/helps quit smoking while aiding depression.

What is with all these wannanarexic's wanting to be children forever in their parents homes? Responsibility and the real world are not that damn scary.

Gonna turn herself into a hunchback pushing her shoulders so far forward to show off clavicles.

No. 40549

she said it's not THAT thin

it doesn't look bony and ana unless you have an extremely wide frame

No. 40555

File: 1444404022994.jpg (29.14 KB, 539x302, liliil.jpg)

ember is out and about, sending anonymous hate to people again.

No. 40556

File: 1444404095409.jpg (62.26 KB, 540x391, tumblr_nuxujzYkV21qcdl07o1_540…)

this would be funnier if that was ember in the background

No. 40557

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>40542 I'm sorry but you guys all keep saying she's dirty, have you ever heard of a shadow? Ever heard of upping the contrast? Just because part of a picture is dark doesn't mean something is dirty. You must all be small town hicks with no sense of the real world huh?

No. 40579

File: 1444408294486.jpg (369.27 KB, 1600x1600, image.jpg)

Ember stopped using ms paint to draw in shadows after she got called out for this picture. She uses bronzer now which is clearly obvious by her lack of knowledge of how human anatomy works

No. 40581

File: 1444408388050.jpg (39.72 KB, 400x378, image.jpg)

Check that spray can tool rib shadow

No. 40586

File: 1444409785811.gif (2.94 MB, 1605x2321, skinnyfatbitch.gif)

kek ember is a fucking lard ass. she may say she has a BMI of 16 but have you actually looked at a photo of a person who actually has that BMI?

if you haven't, here are some links you should check out:

http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-48994-body-shape.htm?StartAt=0#.Vhfeu3pViko 5'5 100lbs

http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-47016-body-shape.htm?StartAt=4#.VhffJ3pViko 5'5 100lbs

http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-39754-body-shape.htm?StartAt=9#.VhffSXpViko 5'5 100lbs

http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-26001-body-shape.htm?StartAt=16#.Vhffh3pViko 5'5 96lbs

^ ember body looks fucking huge compared to those girls.

in my honest opinion, her body looks more like it is well over 110lbs than below 100lbs.

check out these photos:

http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-47218-body-shape.htm?StartAt=2#.Vhff-HpViko 5'5 115lbs

http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-47130-body-shape.htm?StartAt=3#.VhfjuHpViko 5'5 113lbs

http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-44103-body-shape.htm?StartAt=7#.Vhfj9npViko 5'5 117lbs

http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-43204-body-shape.htm?StartAt=9#.VhfkDnpViko 5'5 121lbs (looks just like ember)

anyone who says otherwise are either fucking delusional or ember herself.

>>screenshots are from this video https://vid.me/aQ8s

No. 40592

Woah, her gut is so huge, it hangs over her pants line.
It's no surprised she sucks in while taking selfies.
If she didn't, how could she be taken seriously by all
of the other pro ana idiots who follow her account?
No one would be impressed by that body if they knew
just how flabby it really is lmfao.

No. 40593

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>40592 it could easily be bloating though

No. 40596

Can she suck in any harder? Jesus

No. 40597

Yeah because arms, thighs, and butt cheeks can all become bloated.

Did you even see the disgusting fat that hangs off of her arm?

No. 40598

No because if she could, she definitely would be.

No. 40601

File: 1444412576753.png (153.98 KB, 691x551, notsurprised.png)

Ember has created yet another thread about some Tumblrina nobody. What is this, the 5th one she has made now?


No. 40605

File: 1444412878723.png (511.29 KB, 796x578, wt.png)

tfw you realize she is using it as a fat toner

No. 40609

File: 1444413077173.png (212.4 KB, 924x494, f.png)


>>block & ignore!

that's kind of hard to do when she is actually talking about lolcow, where posters are anonymous and she can't control us. she's the one lurking the threads and whiteknighting herself. she doesn't have to do that.

No. 40628

I actually think luna is creating all these threads.

No. 40629

Where are her magical chest bones and collar bones

No. 40652

She has greasy hair 90% of the time, she's a dirty smelly hippie.

No. 40653

File: 1444418779587.png (507.99 KB, 512x525, 3161398_1471-2474-11-219-2.png)

i almost want to buy her one of these braces so she'll shut the fuck up and stop lying

No. 40656

Holy fuck that looks awful

No. 40663

Isn't Ember like 19? or 20?

I'm 20 and have a moderate scoliosis (and wear braces like ember for pain managment) because Wearing the more "intense" braces would do nothing for me at this point (would not correct, the doctors said the right age for this is when you are 11,12,13,14 ish, right now nothing would help correct my back besides surgery).

I get that ember is an attention whore but honestly her having scoliosis is not far fetched and you do not need to be wearing one of those intense braces to have no real issues (Mine is bad enough I have 3 inch difference in hips besides other problems and I never wore one of those braces).

No. 40672

Her stomach looks so huge here, wow.

No. 40674


ember why do you constantly feel the need to divert attention to luna you bumpkin?

No. 40689

read that as blumpkin…

No. 40735

I don't give a shit who creates these threads, but I do give a shit when that one annoying fart guzzler insists on reposting that stupid fucking MS paint "Embr Whann created this thread" image in all of them. stop repeating it, we know you think she created alllllll the threads, doesn't mean she actually did.

No. 40765

tbf i don't have a great knowledge of scoliosis so i'm going to defer to you here. i've just been aware of ember and her bullshit for long enough to know that she would do literally anything for attention and tragedy points. she wants braces to pose with in her bedroom but would never wear something severe or noticeable like a milwaukee brace in public because she just wants the "interesting" parts and not the reality. and also everyone she knows would know she was faking if she is faking. idk i'm rambling but i guess you're right

No. 40816

File: 1444446606122.png (832.46 KB, 1035x1471, PhotoGrid_1444446273754-1.png)

Wow, way to be against those who are pro ana and run thinspo accounts on instagram, Ember.

Seriously though, actions speak louder than words. She screams she hates "pro ana scum" while simultaneously promoting/followong thinspo account and actual pro ana users. She is a major fraud, plus she is chunky as fuck. It's hilarious that she says she weighs so little while having such a fat gut >>40586 The only way she could ever be 97lbs while looking like that is if she was 8 inches shorter hahah. Still would be a ginormous cow though.

No. 40818

>long hair
>female clothes
>wants to be skinny and fragile

These fucking fakebois

No. 40821

File: 1444449411540.png (166.98 KB, 1080x537, Screenshot_2015-10-09-23-50-31…)

BRB vomiting

No. 40857

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Lmao whimsical is the one going around with her dumb ass ember whann created this pic dumbass skank

No. 40868

No. 40870

It's some chick from Tumblr. I don't know if there any legitimacy to this >>40857 claim though. I wouldn't be surprised though. That girl loved exposing Ember a year or two ago.


No. 40873

Rofl Meghan isn't the one doing it though? Back when all of
those threads popped up that wanted to discuss Tumblr nobodies,
who just so happened to shit all over Ember at any chance they
got, I instantly knew who the original poster was. It was just
too damn obvious to me, as it should been to everyone following
Em's drama.

Anyways, it isn't her. You can refer to me as L and my blog
starts with SS. If you can figure out who I am, awesome sauce.
Just do me a favor and don't fucking tell Ember because she
sends me enough anon hate as is.

No. 40874

No. 40875

Eat my ass.

No. 40906

File: 1444496674727.jpg (153.05 KB, 526x763, IMG_20151010_120213.jpg)

*begs for followers
*in return 45,000 other pro-ana's might see your pic, if I decide to post it, IF you're skinny enough
*and if you're lucky we can help you learn to starve to death just like us, or at least teach you to Photoshop to look like it

No. 40912

You can always tell embers posts by the insult that sounds like an edgy ten year old. Considering she's basically an edgy ten year old at heart.

No. 40913

Not to mention how obsessed Ember is with Megan.

No. 40942

So according to Ember, promoting thinspo accounts isn't being pro ana.


No. 40965

it doesn't just go one way tho. it looks to me like Meghan is equally into the drama. she has quite a history in the truth blogging community and shit, and I'm inclined to believe she posts here regularly. maybe not as much as ember, but regularly.

No. 40969

I can't agree with you. Meg and I talk on snapchat everyday and she used to always send me snaps and videos of her laptop screen as she was (truth) blogging about Ember but she hasn't mentioned her at all in the last few months (besides taht one time when Ember sent her that anon telling her to kill herself). I haven't brought up Ember to her in a long time though. Should I ask if she is posting in this thread?

No. 40971

Is this L? (anon from above?)

No. 40972

File: 1444505710773.png (596.28 KB, 872x590, wtq.png)

It's been 3 hours. prepare for Ember to promote a shit ton of pro ana users.

No. 40980

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Uhm don't bother Megan can't admit to anything and she's all over all these threads because she follows and has sent megvnmvrie asks before and other people mentioned on here. The girl has no job and sits home all day obsessing over teenage girls on the Internet. She's ran about 6 truth blogs already on tumblr where she acts all bad on anon and then when people expose her she fucking runs LOL

No. 40989

This has to be Ember KeK
The anon blogs Megan ran
were deleted over a year and a half
ago and she told everyone
she was the OP of them months
back because that fat deja girl
wouldn't let just it die
for some reason. Why don't you
remember that? They blew up the
#ember-whann tag for a month straight
with their drama. And isn't
she a teenager too? Anon, you
need to chill tf out.

No. 40991

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Megan's 21 an her blogs are still there just locked

No. 40992

links pls

No. 40993

She just turned 21
so she was 20 when
she ran those blogs
Ember is only two
years younger?

No. 40994

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

34155, ew-videos, emcrockpot-lies, multiple failice/felice fawn blogs, ew-screenshots, kristin-likes-to-lie, ad-screenshots, and half of those were all ran at the same time. Emcrockpot-lies is still there but the rest of them she changed the urls and put a pw on them.

No. 40995

ew-videos wasnt ran by megan but the rest were

No. 40996

No. 40997

why do you think this? i actually follow the person who did run it's main blog. they linked me to the page of download links for the videos but i never clicked any of them. i also wasnt the one who posted them here.

No. 40998

341 and the ew/ad-screenshot blogs were linked and were all deleted when ember had 341 terminated

No. 40999

Whats their blog url

No. 41000

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

No 341 was a long time ago and ad-screenshots was only less than a year ago because ad stands for autumn's diary and ember started using that autumn alias wayyyy after 34155 was gone

No. 41008

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Ad-screenshots went away when Megan posted statcounter hits about something but posted hits from someone's hits on her ad-screenshot page and then at the same time posted screenshots for another blog she was running at the same time and snar asked her why she has access to two separate blog's statcounter hits i.e. She gave herself away running them both and then suddenly stopped posting on them and then locked them and never said anything lmao

No. 41009

Does anyone else get the feeling that most of the girls who are subjects of these types of threads are regular posters? I'm seeing a lot of posts that look identical to certain snowflakes' typing styles, especially Ember and Deja. I can't be the only one who suspects this.

No. 41010

hey Kristen. did you also make the Meghan thread, or are you just posting here?

No. 41012

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

My names not kristen. I'll admit I lurk the drama because it's comical but I'm no one any of you would know

No. 41014

oh, my bad, it's just you type identically to Kristen. as in, really truly the same, right down to the irregular sentence structure and run on sentences.

No. 41015

I more-or-less avoid this thread because I don't recognise any of the typing styles of the anons who post in the aly/ash threads. There's humour in those, whereas this latest lot are sour faced cunts. Plus, Ember is fugly as fuck and I piss myself too hard at her pathetic attempts to be sp00py.

Summary - I think a lot of the posts here are by snowflakes.

No. 41022

Yeah I like the aly/ash/ginger threads but all the other anacow threads seem really suspicious. I don't necessarily think they're self posts but I bet most of the posters have some kind of personal vendetta with these people. I bet there's lots of samefagging too. Sage for awful thread.

No. 41032

I kinda wish the admin would do with one of these threads what they did with the princess doll thread, have people guess which posts are self posts and then eventually reveal them. I can dream..

No. 41190

File: 1444581965744.jpg (145.4 KB, 534x745, IMG_20151011_114359.jpg)

Nice tips!

No. 41223

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>41190 those are actually helpful though. She's not telling people to starve themselves or not eat, at least she's giving actual advice

No. 41233

girl purges after she binges tho

No. 41259

File: 1444589011930.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1612, Screenshot_2015-10-11-14-40-37…)

Embers friend reminds me of that "first day of 11th grade. heck yeah. miss my friends. see you there." hahahah. Damn, why couldn't they have taken a better photo.

No. 41260

No. 41261

File: 1444589308101.png (67.19 KB, 514x378, 1.png)

wonder who room this is. check out the (th)inspiration poster in the background.

No. 41262

damn hanging out with such a fugly bitch almost makes ember look cute (keyword: almost)

No. 41266

She said on her ask.fm that her first tattoo is going to be a chest piece. Wonder what it's going to be.

No. 41267

Who cares. She said that at the start of the year that she was going to get her first tattoo in June but it is now October and bitch is begging for back braces. She's all talk so again, who fucking cares.

No. 41269

File: 1444590092485.jpg (95.41 KB, 1600x1067, worst-chest-bones-tattoo.JPG)

Kek something like this, I'm sure

No. 41270

she already said her first tattoo was of something dahmer related, when she was still sucking up to victoria campbell lmao

No. 41274

File: 1444590879564.png (174.61 KB, 500x253, large.png)

let's hope she gets some of her "professional tattoo artist" friend to do it in their dirty bathroom like nikki did
>>pic related; it's nikki tattoo lmfao

No. 41764

File: 1444605215199.jpg (103.53 KB, 538x537, IMG_20151011_181227.jpg)

Teaching her new buddy the collar bone trick?

No. 41782

i dunno she looks legitimately ill, she had the same crazy deep nasolabial folds that aly does

No. 41783

pix pls

No. 41784

jumping in late but why are people saying she is chubby and flabby and stuff. And that she photoshops? Darkening areas of her body aside, how else is she Photoshopping? She legit looks very thin. Maybe not in older photos but in recent ones she doesn't look photoshopped. Not defending, actually truly wondering if I'm missing something.

No. 41785

i'm judging from the bw picture here though

No. 41786

No. 41787

I'm gonna go ahead and play devils advocate here; that reads nothing like Ember or her friend. I actually kind of agree with this anon's sentiment- I have seen people calling ember chubby but to me she honestly looks like she's sitting right between average and slightly underweight. nowhere near as emancipated as she pretends to be, but nowhere near chubby either.

No. 41788

fuck. *emaciated. thx autocorrect

No. 41810

Why does Ember never wear a bra?

No. 41815

no need to when your tits are that small. if I was as flat chested as her I wouldn't wear one either tbh.

No. 41818

she has tits but they're saggy af and when she doesn't wear a bra, her gross saggy tits stretch her skin across her chest.

No. 41865


No. 41866

Yes. And I saw a remark such as "look at her fat ass flabby arms" and honestly I would not consider them anywhere close to that. I mean I can't comment on her personality bc I'm just jumping in. But calling her fat or flabby seems ridiculous. Again unless I'm missing some huge photoshop fail proof.

No. 41876

Pfft, bitch is like a c cup. They just look like they belong under a thirty something mother of two's shirt, not a 120lb wannabe anoretic.

No. 41877

So do I but my bmi is 18, so its not just a spoopy skellington thing.

No. 41878

This must be what ember looks like before she blends her bronzer-bones in.

No. 41921

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She's definitely not a C cup. If you look in the original photo on the original thread about her, her entire titty fits in her hand, if that bitch had C cups her tits would be spilling out everywhere. >>41876

No. 42054

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She's definitely not even close to a C cup. You're delusional >>41876

No. 42056

i wanted pic of fairy. idk why that anon said ember, that's not who I was referring too.

No. 42058

File: 1444664661289.png (1.34 MB, 2048x950, PhotoGrid_1444664486799-1.png)

just gonna leave this here

No. 42062

She definitely should not NOT be wearing a bra. Those have to be the saddest tits I've ever seen on a 19 year old.

No. 42090

File: 1444668233776.jpg (105.89 KB, 600x398, boobschart.jpg)

she has a weird combination of lemon and water wing titties

No. 42099

File: 1444669018276.png (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1610x966, dddd212.png)

the images that emma cee account posted are fucking insane. i can't believe girls can get so god damn spoopy looking


No. 42101

File: 1444669297000.png (96.95 KB, 456x359, 1444521660257.png)

Bottom left is right out of a horror movie
Top left has to be cancer or some horrible genetic disorder or something, Auschwitz prisoners look healthier than that

No. 42103

File: 1444669822611.jpg (91.61 KB, 616x737, 5456yhrt55.jpg)

She had a baby…Anyways, I wonder if she's actually a fatty because she never posts pics of herself really. I also think the guys who follow all these anas are fucking creepy as hell. They actually want to fuck these skeltals.

No. 42109

The horror movie one is Nana Karagianni.

No. 42118

Holy fuck, I've fallen in to the VK hole and I can't get up. What absolute madness that place is

No. 42121

If she could get pregnant and bring a baby to term there's no way she's anywhere near 50 pounds. Probably just a wannarexic or a fetishist pretending to be an anorexic girl

No. 42206

No. 42208

No. 42210

File: 1444683819154.jpg (23.72 KB, 500x370, e07eb43607648e26e3c3f69f58c020…)

>Einsturzende Neubauten tattoo
wtf you bitches should stick to evanescence

No. 42213

File: 1444683915143.png (91.38 KB, 473x251, xsjhryd.png)

Ember be like
>>what's something you do to keep yourself positive? like what is your favorite pick-me-up?

When obviously, her favorite pick me up is to post images of herself sucking in <3

No. 42230

>>i hate my body
>>kiss my super cute ass

Damn that was a quick 180


No. 42245


If she's as skeletal as she claims she doesn't have an ass. Tho we all know that.

Also who's that Peter guy who sent her an ask on her ask.fm recently? I read the whole thing and I think it shows pretty well what a nutcase Ember is. Wonder what happened to her "self harm" and "BPD"

No. 42246

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>42245 I actually remember she used to post gross explicit self harm photos all over Tumblr and Twitter until she got called out by her Ex for it and then she "recovered" from self harm. That was over a year ago though

No. 42253

File: 1444688943453.png (444.42 KB, 865x768, Screenshot_2015-10-12-18-26-39…)

hahahaha omg why does she think she can pull off giant fake septums? lmfao

No. 42255

File: 1444689105964.png (1.13 MB, 919x783, Screenshot_2015-10-12-18-29-46…)

but she is rly fat as fuck so her ass is HUGE (pic v/ related)

No. 42258

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>42255 alright she's obviously not spoopy thin bit she isn't fat. This is clearly the same person who keeps calling her chubby, flabby, fat, obese, etc. Either you've got major major body issues yourself, or you're just being a dick on purpose. Ember is not fat. She's a piece of shit, and she's not Ashley thin, we all know this, but she isn't "fat" or "flabby" or "obese" and this needs to stop.

No. 42259

Looks ugly on everyone. Only looks good on minotaurs and african savages.

No. 42260

shes skinnyfat

really out of shape I bet she can't run for shit and can hardly lift 5kg

kinda sad actually

No. 42261

Why the fuck doesn't she get an actual septum piercing?

She is flabby, but no, she's not fat. That said, I do find it funny when wannarexics are told they're fat. Ember in particular deserves to be insulted.

No. 42264

i agree. she's a thin girl. not spoopy or hardcore ana skinny, but still naturally lean and long.

No. 42269

the same reason why she doesn't wear her backbrace out in public and why she sucks in during selfies instead of just losing 10lbs. she wants the look but not the dedication.

No. 42270

ember is fat as shit tho?

No. 42275

This thread is embarrassing as fuck. I got halfway down and all the screenshots posted of embers shit are from like '2 seconds ago' '1 minute ago' nobody gives a shit enough about any of the lolcows to be that eager. Imagine being this obsessed with yourself to self post this much.

No. 42297

why does she use these huge ones? why not a smaller one? would look much better

No. 42299

Are you delusional? She is no where close to be considered "fat". Maybe not anorexic skinny but to say fat I feel you are just trolling.

No. 42306


reminds me of princess doll tbh. all these self deprivating comments, the constant self-posts from her instagram/etc. lmao lmao lmao. MODSSSS

No. 42309


Deprecating, not deprivating. Deprivating isn't even a word.

No. 42335

File: 1444702368862.png (264.43 KB, 506x498, Screenshot_2015-10-12-21-26-43…)

dear god

No. 42336

at least she isn't sucking in her cheeks I guess

No. 42344

Why the half smile? It's awful, I guess it's because her teeth are fucked?

No. 42352

File: 1444706706097.jpg (193.96 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I sincerely wish she was referring to her own existence with that caption. Bitch is wrecked.

No. 42353

The video ember posted of herself sucking in is hilarious. Her stomach wobbles and the frames skip around. What a terrible edit.

No. 42354

Since when is smiling without showing your teeth weird? thats just nitpicking

No. 42358

Maybe you amerifags have different cup measurements. I used to be a c cup and they were just big enough to fill my hand. Either way, she sure as shit isn't close to flat chested.

No. 42412

Not every C cup is the same size. The cup will be smaller as you go down band sizes.

No. 42413

Not to mention that sizes will vary extremely by brand, like all other clothing.

No. 42415

Sure, Ember's body is nasty as shit, but fat as fuck? Really anon?

No. 42471

You sure as hell did not need to post her ugly ass photo TWICE

No. 42474

Not to be a white knight but considering she won a big contest and then broke up with her boyfriend that kind of makes sense. If she was just a random weeb dancing on YouTube it would be arrogant but she actually had business in Japan.

No. 42505

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>42353 its not edited, she sent it out on Snapchat as well. She's moving her body, her stomach isn't just magically moving, she turns HDR body in the shot.

No. 42510

There are plenty of apps that let you upload videos to snapchat. The frames obviously skip around and the surface of her stomach clearly changes. Come the fuck on. https://vid.me/s26y

No. 42513

What? Did you post this in the wrong thread or did I somehow miss something?

No. 42524

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>42510 no there definitely aren't though. Its clearly not edited. You just need another thing to nitpick about. Next you're gonna start claiming she's obese again right? Can this thread just fucking die already?

No one gives a fuck about this girl. No one. She is boring, worthless, and nothing even close to special. She doesn't deserve a thread here, let alone TWO. Let this thread, and this spoopy cow, die.

No. 42623

Hide the thread if you hate it so much. I'm not the same person who called her obese, and there's not as much samefagging here as everyone likes to assume. Just like "no one cares" has basically become lolcowspeak for "this irritates me personally".

It's definitely edited. At the very least it should be obvious that no body is that high contrast IRL. It's clear from other videos she's not that thin, and the image jumps around almost as badly as a gif halfway through.

No. 42626

The color tone changes between frames at the beginning, too.

No. 42629

She's doing another shoutout with other pro anas, again. Ugh…
At this point I just want to see her account get deleted for whatever reason.

No. 42632

File: 1444770316154.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_2015-10-13-17-03-35…)

Literal definition of being pro ana: promoting thinspo accounts

No. 42633

File: 1444770442290.png (55.89 KB, 963x170, Screenshot_2015-10-05-10-35-34…)

Only Ember and those who ~properly credit~ her can use her as thinspo.

No. 42635

File: 1444770709658.png (294 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_2015-10-05-10-22-07…)

dat feel when you realize her account is still there


No. 42636

File: 1444770737572.png (106.46 KB, 1080x330, Screenshot_2015-10-05-10-22-36…)

another related pix

No. 42642

All those accounts she's in cahoots with don't even add up to 50k much less 50k+, fucking pro ana death wish liar face

No. 42742

I think she deleted all her old pics to hide the fact that she's miss scoliosis now.

On that note, her back wasn't bothering her at all when she was cringe dancing on cam.

No. 42743

File: 1444791028704.png (773.53 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_2015-10-13-22-49-19…)

yay now thinspo accounts to report

No. 42782

holy shit I didn't even think about her back when she was wiggling her ass on cam. now how does she explain that? ;)

No. 42822

I feel like it's time to abandon the term "pro-ana." No actual pro-anas identify themselves as such anymore. They're all "pro-recovery" thinspo accounts, now.

No. 42823

sage for samefag because I'm an exhausted dumbass, but also - this girl has no concept of how DMCA laws work other than Tumblr's incompetent enforcement of her (relatively admirable) attempts to get truth blogs deleted.

No. 42850

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

This thread is the most fucked up thing I've ever read damn, you people are boring and lifeless

No. 42861

Hey look, Embers up! Thanks for unprivating your insta!

No. 42865

File: 1444827392718.png (1.47 MB, 1177x1179, Studio_20151014_085350.png)

Do you have two sets of knees? Or did you just forget to smooth it all out after widening your legs' distance from one another?

No. 42871

And again she's promoting other pro anas.
Ok, how do we get rid of her? Reporting isn't working since she deletes everything.

No. 42959

File: 1444838613525.png (292.22 KB, 1039x1205, Screenshot_2015-10-14-11-56-22…)


Maybe just email the IG staff directly with screenshots of her self made (100% not recovery based) thinspo and their links (even if they lead to deleted images) just so you can be confident that they're aware of her scummy behavior.

No. 42960

If you have an account, go report her account and images here: https://www.facebook.com/help/instagram/contact/364531043625021


No. 42961

Soooo wavy. Why is everything soOoOoOoOo wavVvVvVvVvy?

No. 42989

File: 1444842727918.png (383.52 KB, 564x471, 099.png)

>>The policy:
Any account found encouraging or urging users to embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders…will result in a disabled account without warning.

>>The reality:

The network has made tags like #thinspiration, #probulimia, and #proanorexica unsearchable. Although this was an enormous step for Instagram, users can still easily find over 300,000 graphic photos by searching the tag #ana, although it first displays a warning. Instagram’s logic in keeping the tag live is that its pictures will not always be promotional of eating disorders and that they don’t want to quash pictures concerned with survivors’ experiences and recoveries.

While a few photos seem innocuous enough, they’re made insignificant when placed beside bloody razors, bruised, stick-thin thighs, and quotes that exhort others not to eat. These sorts of images abound on the application despite the above policy, and other tags, such as #thinspire, are still searchable without a disclaimer. It would appear that Instagram largely relies on its users to report disallowed content, which seems ineffectual when the majority of people posting under and searching the #ana tag are those looking to perpetuate it. The ban of certain tags is a solid start, but more needs to be done if Instagram is serious about eradicating the content from its network.

No. 43075

File: 1444860480413.png (78.01 KB, 959x332, Screenshot_2015-10-14-18-04-14…)

at first I thought someone left a comment which read "fat legs" kek

No. 44135

File: 1444916198874.jpg (100.6 KB, 537x760, IMG_20151015_083435.jpg)

Doesn't post triggering pics? posts false pro ana stats for all the minions to skinny praise her

No. 44136

When I searched her name on instagram, there's an account called ember.whannorexic and it showed a pic of her sucking in and it looks the exact same.

No. 44143

File: 1444920149778.png (113.66 KB, 640x960, image.png)


It might be an exposing account? But then again, it's Ember so who knows

She also has an private insta, "emberrrw", the profile picture is her and her bf

No. 44151

Lol so now she's 5'5.5? Yeah ok ember you just keep lying to make your ass look thinner than it is. We all know your BMI ain't lower than 19.

No. 44179

She's gone full pro-ana! She's gonna "relapse" soon.

No. 44190

File: 1444930851542.png (286.73 KB, 360x640, 1444927577500.png)

I was lurking 4chan and found a photo of a girl that looks like Ember, if Ember actually was underweight.

This girl is like a bullion times prettier than her though.

No. 44192

>>I don't wanna deal with treatment

Says the girl who has never even BEEN in treatment.

No. 44194

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44190 are you on crack? That girl is far from underweight and looks nothing like Ember tbh

No. 44195

I wonder if she follows Aly. This doctor's appointment and possible treatment seems suspiciously timed.

No. 44196

File: 1444931535967.jpg (48.91 KB, 500x506, tumblr_mr1eckwSYj1r19itco1_500…)

No. 44197

>a bullion times prettier
Wouldn't go that far.
She looks slightly better than Ember but still gaunt and haggard as fuck.

No. 44198


No. 44200

Don't these cunts know how obvious it looks when you're sucking in?

No. 44201

I dm'd her bf on insta, I'm so pissed off at her today.

I have to work now, please post the results.

No. 44246

File: 1444940273767.png (919.64 KB, 1188x1185, Studio_20151015_161537.png)

Looks like the scoliosis spread to her legs, guys.

No. 44248


No. 44253

File: 1444940539433.png (893.76 KB, 1178x1177, Studio_20151015_152621.png)

The one she deleted.

No. 44281

How many knees does she have, wtf.

That's not how the body works.

No. 44282

File: 1444943871001.jpg (107.11 KB, 818x1018, lol.jpg)


No. 44283

File: 1444943983168.jpg (48.7 KB, 680x116, lgfbcx.jpg)

Compressed them for the lulz

No. 44286

File: 1444944581938.jpg (120.54 KB, 538x615, IMG_20151015_162704.jpg)

Boo fucking hoo

No. 44292

>still shaking and freaking out

Yet still managed to hold the phone still and compose herself enough to make sure she informed her Ig followers about it.

No. 44295

Who takes a photo of themselves throwing up a peace sign in extreme distress???

No. 44302

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44282 shes standing with her toes facing each other and straining and bending over all at once. Try it with your own legs. She's turning her knees in to give her a thigh gap and cropping out her feet so you can't tell her thinspo trick.

No. 44303

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44295 that's a repost of the one she posted earlier with a different filter. Anon posted it >>44253

No. 44310

File: 1444949970287.png (922.58 KB, 1657x1226, PhotoGrid_1444949866321-1.png)

Is this you?

No. 44313

File: 1444950314043.png (600.92 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_2015-10-15-19-03-17…)


No. 44314

File: 1444950325910.png (343.74 KB, 518x471, Screenshot_2015-10-15-19-02-08…)

No. 44316

Holy shit and she already deleted this post lmfao.

No. 44319

I made this, then got lazy. I blocked her though, so it's going to be interesting.

No. 44329

File: 1444952374972.jpg (89.26 KB, 532x637, IMG_20151015_183347.jpg)

What just happened?

No. 44333

Bitch had 55 followers, now 900?

No. 44336

File: 1444954120230.png (96.35 KB, 254x275, 1440452337829.png)

No. 44340

No this was that accounts other account. the person who "gave" her the account had 2 one with 50 followers and then this one as well.

No. 44344

File: 1444956287564.jpg (239.97 KB, 1280x950, tumblr_nwaf4hnMcT1qaj0pmo1_128…)

i know this is about ember but i didnt know who else would laugh at this pic with me, HOW DIRTY ARE HER FEET LIKE WOULD YOU NOT CLEAN THEM BEFORE DOING THAT?

No. 44351

Southerners tend to go barefoot 99% of the time. I'm not surprised tbh.

No. 44353

who is this and why do we care about her feet

No. 44354

ROFL yup that's ember, alright.

No. 44357

File: 1444960212545.png (382.87 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_2015-10-15-21-47-51…)

>>That poor girl was forcing herself into an eating disorder to get closer to girls she deems as "goals" "thinspo" etc. She wanted to be "cool" so she began starving herself.

Ember can relate because that's exactly what she did to Emily and several other girls with Anorexia.

No. 44361

Is that you deja?

No. 44368

Déjà has repeatedly said her and Megan have no issues. Id put my money on ember

No. 44371

Deja sent her hatemail the other day, I saw it in Embers tag.

No. 44372

Probably forgot to hit "anonymous".

No. 44397

File: 1444973974950.jpg (211.24 KB, 1463x797, Studio_20151016_013832.jpg)


No. 44424

A lot of girls take prenatal vitamins because they're just a good multivitamin for women, so it's probably nothing tbh. If she is trying to conceive, though, god help us all.

No. 44454

File: 1445006434962.png (1001.38 KB, 1947x1035, PhotoGrid_1445006183888-1.png)

>>My wishlist only has recovery items. Things I truly need.

This made me laugh so hard last night, I just have to share.

No one fucking NEEDS a 5lb bag of cheese that cost almost $100, omfg.

No. 44455

Didn't she get an IUD like Whism did though? I doubt she is trying to have a kid kek.

No. 44460

I'd understand why she wants all that food if she was poor, but this, lmao

Luckily most of her followers are kids so they can't buy her shit

No. 44462

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I'm trying to figure out the point of this picture. Her entire face is covered and the room she's laying in looks disgusting. The main focus of the picture is her dirty feet? Why upload that ew.

No. 44464

Maybe she's one of those hippie/boho/moon children/wild child or some shit

No. 44466

Anyone care to explain who this is and why we care about her? Her photo was posted but you can't see her face and nobody ever said her name, so I'm at a complete loss here.

No. 44468

meg is a georgian/redneck who probably doesn't even own a pair of shoes. most hicks go barefoot everywhere, it's disgusting. her feet are probably stained with dirt, ewwww. i don't evn want to know what her toenails look like.

No. 44469

I did a reverse search and can't find this image anywhere. Where is it from?

No. 44491

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I was wondering the same. It looks like whimsical from tumblr, but I follow her and have never seen that photo posted on her page. Self post maybe?

No. 44495

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44491 it is whismical from Tumblr she's fucking self posting here like she does in every single thread. She's more self obsessed than ember it makes me want to vomit.

No. 44496

it was on her blog but she deleted it shortly after. i bet kristen or ember posted this photo of her, bitching about her dirty feet. these girls are wack jobs.

talk about nitpicking.

No. 44498

File: 1445015680067.png (132.09 KB, 659x617, Untitled.png)

Can confirm this is http://dejaentedevil.tumblr.com/ from Tumblr.

Looking in her tag, she literally just told whimsical ~almost~ the exact same thing that this anon just said.

So, uh, hey fuckface, you do know there is a thread for her, right? >>33495 There is NO REASON for her to be discussed here.

Stop trying to derail a thread about a pro-ana wannrexic with a photo of some random bitch's feet. It's creepy as fuck and does not relate to the topic of this thread whatsoever.

No. 44500

oh god why is deja always crawling on whismical's dick ahahahahah talk about being obsessed xD

No. 44501

File: 1445016085153.png (592.1 KB, 939x607, Untitled.png)

In other news, now is a great time to report Ember's thinspo account since she is currently promoting several other thinspo accounts, as she tries her damnest to get 10k followers.


No. 44503

Go here to report her account if you do not have an Instagram:


No. 44509

File: 1445017566388.png (46.56 KB, 492x538, Untitled.png)

I just reported her, here's what I sent to instagram:

This account is presumed to be recovery based but the person who owns the account is constantly posting thinspo, other pro-eating disorder related content, and promoting other pro-eating disorder accounts. I hope you look into this person seriously. Here are links to other posts they have made:

>>I don't want to provide the links I sent them in case Ember is lurking and tries to delete them before they can be reviewed.

I also want to add that she is repeatedly posting content and then deleting it shortly after. For example, she has asked her followers to report other Instagram accounts, in hopes their account will be terminated. Here are links to screenshots of posts she has deleted:











I really hope you check out each of those screenshots. She harasses and purposely triggers almost 10,000 people multiple times a day and it's not right, considering she normally keeps her account private and leads people to believe she is "pro-recovery" when she is really just posting photos of her collarbones, ribs, and the like while talking about how hungry she is and how little she ate that day.

No person in recovery would post as many "body checks" as embersrecovey does and I strongly believe she is violating your guidelines.

No. 44510

>>hurrr i wanna recover.. some1 buy me a 5lb bag of cheese… it's my only chance of survival.. whines

No. 44512

She is lurking because immediately after I posted this, she deleted around 10 pictures from her page. Good thing screenshots exist :)

No. 44513

Also, Ember, since you ARE here, eat a greasy pile of horse shit :)

No. 44515

I reported her for promoting pro ana accounts, but despite what she thinks, there aren't any pics to report where she looks skinny to report. Sorry, Ember.

No. 44516

Yeah there's waaaaay more screenshots of her being a raging fucking cunt to innocent people than there are photos where she actually looks ~triggering~ KeK

Which is why I reported her for harassment, lmfao.

No. 44517

Reported the friends she just gave a shout out to as well (all except the coffee woman one). Don't have to trawl through all the hashtags to find this filth when she does the job for me.

No. 44518

I bet it was Luna who posted that picture of meghan, not ember. Ember told me that luna was bitching about meghan the other day so i assume the fat twat did it

No. 44519

tbh thats probably why she hasnt been deleted for promoting eating disorders. the staff takes one look at her fat thighs, chubby cheeks, and how much she abuses the contrast feature and they instantly know that this bitch is the poorest example of wannorexic that they have ever seen.

same here!!!! every time she promotes anyone, i immediately go to their accounts and report as many posts as i can (the ones which deserved to reported, at least)

No. 44520

Thats funny because Eboni (Why do you call her Luna???? Not her name) sent Megan a message the other day, where she is basically just inhaling her farts, telling her how amazing her store is. /cringe

No. 44521


her name on tumblr and facebook is Luna?

No. 44523

Reporting the ones who comment DONE as well. Some thinspo accounts there. Thanks, Ember.

No. 44539

File: 1445021815970.png (1.97 MB, 3114x1674, Untitled1.png)

Yeaaaah, because everything you see on the internet is totally fact.

"Luna" is the cringey ass nickname she started to use when she decided to become a huge attention whore like her bffl Ember. Just like how Lauren Cook wanted to be called Felice Fawn (FF ended up going back to her birth name, in case anyone didn't know this.)

Anyways, has anyone else seen the kiddie porn Eboni Eden has been posting on her Tumblr? She is only 17 years old http://ask.fm/alienhoe420/answer/132477447538 but has images of her underwear and hard nipples on a daddy dom / little girl blog.

It's pretty disturbing like she's trying really hard to act like a little girl and has even started to type like an 8 year old would while acting normal on her public Facebook account.

The whole act is just so forced which adds to the creepiness of it. It's fucking awful for a grown person to sexualize a minor but for a minor to sexualize themselves and actually post sexually explicit images of themselves in "bdsm", "ddlg" and "rape play" tags is horrendous.

I'm sure she is in this thread and Eboni, when you read my posy, please just THINK about what you are posting on the internet and the kind of impact it will have on your life. Posting semi-nudes of yourself while you are a minor is a terrible thing to be doing. I hope you can realize this.

No. 44541


did you really just go screenshot all of that? creepy

No. 44544


this girl seems problematic as fuck, has anyone addressed this behavior before?

No. 44548

I didn't want to type that whole thing out without proof to back my claims then have you to pull an Ember, and delete all of the posts which I was referring too.

And it's not hard to find these accounts when you have them all linked in your ask.fm bio ya big dummy.

Ehh not really because she is just another basic little snowflake who sucks up to major snowflakes just to seem even more problematic.

There was a thread made for her but I believe she created it herself because the OP sounds a lot like Eboni and most of the posts sound like a samefag >>23707 It's been dead for almost a month now >>23812

No. 44550


i saw that thread that was made about Eboni, at first i thought it was a self post because who the fuck cares about a nobody like her but then i messaged Ember about it under the guise of one of her thinspo ana-babies and she admitted to me that she made it, she said she purposely made it look like a self post because she doesnt want Eboni getting attention

all these snowflakes are so two-faced and bitchy i love it

No. 44551

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44550 any screenshots? Frankly I don't believe you at all.

No. 44552


ill look through my messages now, im pretty sure i can find what she said

No. 44554


Can't help but think these are just Eboni samefagging

No. 44556

No. 44557

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44552 Eboni stop trying to blame Ember for the shit you put on yourself.

No. 44558

File: 1445023968269.jpg (47.88 KB, 377x484, cf65083b33089710b170e45bb9be4b…)

she acts like such a pretentious p.o.s. on her facebook.

No. 44561

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44550 so any actual proof of your bullshit claims or no?

No. 44562

File: 1445024768068.png (31.52 KB, 435x413, embers confession.PNG)


it took me a while to find it sorry

No. 44565

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44562 this is photoshopped. Ember said that her boyfriend saved up and bought her the brace, it was even in her public post about it. Nice try Eboni.

No. 44567

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44562 yeah I'd like to see an uncropped version that's unedited with date and time stamps. Then I'll believe it.

No. 44569


she never said her boyfriend DIDNT get her the brace? she never told me who it was who bought it for her tbh she just said "someone"

im really NOT Eboni, i dislike her just as much as you, which is why i posted this so she knows her precious ana-besty is actually making threads about her

No. 44570


^^^ nice samefag

No. 44571

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She wouldn't say "someone" if her boyfriend bought it for her, she gushes about him feeding her attention every chance she gets. If you provide an uncropped screenshot with time and date stamps, I will believe it.

Otherwise >>44562 we all know you're eboni.

No. 44574

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>I'm really not Eboni

Yeah OK and ember didn't run fyeahemberwhann either

No. 44577

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>44562 Ember doesn't add people on Facebook or answer messages unless you're friends with her irl or are a Tumblr friend from way back. The only person from Tumblr she's still friends with on FB is Eboni.

So its very obviously you Eboni, you should just stop now.

No. 44579


part of me wants to believe that message, because it seems like something Ember would do. and you know for a FACT the only person saying its fake is Ember herself

i'll be polite about it though and ask if we could have more proof? im intrigued

No. 44580

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

If >>44562 would post the uncropped screenshot with the whole conversation I'd be inclined to agree and believe it, but the message sounds more like Ebonis words than Embers. Eboni calls people"honeybee" all the time. Ember uses more demeaning terms like "babies" and "little lambs" because she sees them as her army of minions.

No. 44581


ive never seen Eboni use the term honeybees, i see her using stupid kiddy terms like "lil pixie" and "sweet angel" but thats just to fit with her tacky child like aesthetic on tumblr lmao

No. 44586


omg Eboni shut the fuck up, your best friend "Wren" who you constantly post about is literally more; controversial, interesting,
problematic and more attractive than you

i might just make posts about her to piss you off because we all know you love being in the spotlight

No. 44588


does wren have a tumblr? lol

No. 44589


if you look through Ebonis tumblr far enough you can see posts of them together, her tumblr is http://foxonacid.tumblr.com/

No. 44592

File: 1445028240897.png (229.81 KB, 539x677, 1445025224123.png)

Can we talk about how much Ember lurks this website though?

There's a thread for attention whores on Instagram and Ember told one of the girls they were discussing about it. And then told someone else that this is a website where anon mock ~popular~ people.

Hmmmm maybe that's what /pt/ is but honey, you're in /snow/. Ember is actually one of the reasons why this separate board was made. She is the epitome of a flake & mistake.


No. 44594

Seems like she scans each thread to see how she can insert herself into other people's drama. I bet she even likes/comments on aly's posts now.

No. 44602


Ember we see you lurking :-))

No. 44603



shit i didnt mean to tag that comment oops

No. 44604

just delete and try again lol

No. 44606

Ember doesn't talk like this, her writing is really forced and awkward. This just reads fake nice, like someone pretending.

No. 44607

File: 1445029652308.jpg (25.47 KB, 510x340, 2800733-6850730596-winte.jpg)

Hey if Eboni is 17 and is posting here, that means
she is violating the rules and needs to be banned.

Can the mods check the IP addresses or something?
She lives in the UK if that helps narrow it down.


No. 44611

Ember falls under the following categories:

>>special snowflake/lolcow

>>wannabe Internet celebrity

No. 44616

File: 1445030724347.gif (884.18 KB, 245x138, pmsl.gif)


No. 44618


if it helps Eboni's IP comes up as Manchester UK

No. 44619

File: 1445030952353.png (297.16 KB, 880x580, warrrrr.png)

Facebook says she is from Warrington, England.

No. 44620

Warrington could come under Manchester, even though it's between Manchester and Liverpool.

No. 44621


yeah i already knew that i mean on statcounter its always said Manchester for some reason? either that or Newcastle

No. 44622


"no workplaces to show"
"no schools to show"

soudns about right, uneducated little twerp

No. 44623

She could be using a mobile dongle. I'm in Manchester, but when it traces my IP it usually says different places in England.

No. 44624

File: 1445031175044.png (569.69 KB, 962x598, lol.png)

she seems p awful

No. 44625


"princess tiger-lily"

who the fuck lol

No. 44626

Don't tell me you're in here too… I am sick these british moron self posting.

No. 44628



No. 44631

File: 1445031902723.gif (647 KB, 1007x592, wait-for-it.......gif)

I am not looking to start a
discussion about Libby, I just
found this lulz worthy and felt
like sharing.

No. 44632

They're all under 18 so.. ahem..

No. 44633


and theyre all boring

No. 44634

File: 1445032139212.png (68.27 KB, 769x334, Capture.PNG)

laughing so hard

No. 44640


her typing makes me wanna kill myself

No. 44642

File: 1445036260747.jpg (36.27 KB, 560x560, cringe.jpg)

She deliberating does it so can continue to fit the fantasy of all the gross older dudes who follow her Tumblr.

No. 44645

Reminds me of dolls kill, fucking hate their marketing

No. 44647

why are young girls so obsessed with attracting older guys?

No. 44656

File: 1445040416025.jpg (118.34 KB, 537x528, IMG_20151016_190515.jpg)

Jesus, she's gonna break a rib or pass out from lack of O2

No. 44658

Lol she looks so average here. Her legs and arms…

No. 44659

She keeps folding over those leggings to make it look like a gap, idk how she makes people think she has a thigh gap be a use she never posts with her knees together. She's never going to get one without faking it, she's super pear shaped.

No. 44662

i wonder what she looks like from the side when she's posing for these pictures… like she's trying to take a dump probably

No. 44667


You have a voicemail

No. 44670

This is the same Disney text shit ember has

No. 44671

File: 1445047560404.png (158.23 KB, 500x315, https://40.media.tumblr.com/d0…)

Remember whann

No. 44672

What is she trying to do here? Just buy a fucking corset.

No. 44679

File: 1445053322241.jpg (548.25 KB, 617x1633, lmfao.jpg)

apparently calling ember out makes you "pro ana" and her little buddy fairy.sin lied about her hacking skills. big surprise.

No. 44680

File: 1445054049402.png (3.68 KB, 287x25, Capture.PNG)

sucking up as per usual, love it

No. 45206

As if ebony didn't insert herself into every little drama possible on tumblr including self submitting to every gossip blog possible

No. 45235

File: 1445076041498.jpg (7.01 KB, 237x318, image.jpg)

No. 45243



No. 45274

File: 1445091597996.png (52.94 KB, 644x424, purge.png)

Ember's stomach contents isn't the other thing she likes to purge.

She deleted over 50 images in the past couple hours, KeK probs out of fear of being terminated by Instagram. I wonder how painful it is for her to delete her thinspo that have over 200 notes. I bet she cri evrytiem.

No. 45302

File: 1445094183941.png (1.13 MB, 2048x1267, PhotoGrid_1445094091337-1.png)

I wonder what it's like for people to follow Ember, thinking "oh wow, 10k followers? must be an interesting account" to realizing that all she does is beg people to promote/follow her several times a day while posting hideous selfies of her gross man-face and close ups of her thighs (p.s. the reason she has NEVER NOT ONCE posted a full body shot is due to the fact that she does not a thigh gap. If you could see the uncropped versions of her pics, you would see her feet are a mile apart).

No. 45305

File: 1445094372531.png (429.47 KB, 527x747, 2015-10-17 11.04.39.png)

Hahaha I love when she posts photos of her wearing that nose ring. If you squint your eyes, she looks just like a hilter.

No. 45311

I wish that fat bitch would post the uncropped version of that photo so we can see how fat she really is.

No. 45342

Hahah fuck she does.
Thanks for the keks anon.

No. 45350

File: 1445099773303.png (213.24 KB, 944x336, omgplsbereal.png)

>>Hey loves, I absolutely hate having to do this, but I need to face reality. I will most likely be going back to treatment, I have an appointment to figure it all out on Tuesday. ? if you wouldn't mind checking out my wish list, I would love you forever ?? its just filled with things I need as far as recovery goes, and because money is so tight, any little but helps ??? thank you so so so much xoxo

No. 45353

File: 1445100176823.png (315.25 KB, 914x806, nopetheydonot.png)

Looks like her followers are finally starting to question her bullshit :')

I wonder if Ember will block my.delicate.perfection and delete her question, come up with some bullshit excuse (i totes need to know if i am gaining since i am trying my best to recover), or be truthful about the REAL reason she wants a weight tracking scale: TO FUCKING LOSE WEIGHT.

Y'know, since she isn't anorexic, isn't in recovery, and lies about every little "illness" she has.

(P.S. She posted a photo of her scale on ask.fm, she just wants a fancier one that she can connect to her smartphone)

No. 45355

File: 1445100797061.png (232.07 KB, 900x1018, omg.png)

>>ohh emm geee i MIGHT go into treatment so pls buy me stuff that i need to recover!!!!

Because every recovering (w)anorexic definitely needs an espresso maker, reusable baby food containers, a food scale, and a FIVE POUND BAG OF CHEESE.

I just.. like.. is.. she trolling us? Or is she seriously this fucking stupid/transparent?

No. 45356

She just deleted this post btw.

No. 45360

Half the list is fucking 0 cal shiritaki noodles

No. 45363


Are you kidding me? Ember is the most uppity cunt I have ever seen. I doubt she has ever felt depression.

No. 45370

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>45363 She's got a wellbutrin script tho

No. 45389

It isn't hard to go "waaaah I am sad all the time" and then get a prescription from a doctor. I take a SSRI and it took only one to 10 minute appointment to get them.

Ember tries her damnest to lie on the internet but it's hard to do when her receipts trail behind her. But in the real world, with real doctors who trust their patients (Ember said she has had the same doctor for a long time), it isn't hard to get what you want. Espically if the pills she is aiming for aren't addictive but actually help repress her appetite.

I mean, it's not like they can just draw your blood and go, "yup this person is definitely depressed, just look at their blood test results!" and since most female suicides happen while they are teens, doctors try their best to help those who say they need help and Ember is just taking advantage of the health care system and whoever is paying for her insurance.

I can't wait until she can't mooch off of her mommy's insurance and magically gets completely better and never needs to go to the doctor again (because she can't afford it when she is the one having to pay).

No. 45392


imagine Ember makes a list of stuff that will genuinely help her recover and you all bash her for it… ur all battys

No. 45393

To be honest, ever since I discovered this loser and how she badly she wants to be a spoopy skeleton, I secretly hoped she would get down to her ULTIMATE GOAL WEIGHT of 65lbs.

Call me sick but I would love to see her get that skinny and actually have to suffer from the health problems that real Anorexics have to deal with every moment of their life. I mean, that is what she wants, rght? She's been working on it for a yeat now but literally never lost a single ounce of weight.

No. 45401

Okay I will humor you.

Please tell me one way an Expresso machine could possibly help a person recover from Anorexia?
(She added TWO of them to her wishlist before telling people that she only has things she NEEDS TO RECOVER in her RECOVERY wishlist)

Take your time, I am very patient.

No. 45403


when i was recovering from my eating disorder i asked my parents for some really weird shit, i obsessed over stuff like cake making tools and baking trays (random i know) but thats what my head told me to do

it was a weird obsession but i couldnt help it, idk part of me wants to assume that Ember is doing the same, or at least i hope she is

No. 45413


fuck off Luna

No. 45414


you're literally the only girl dumb enough to defend ember anymore, she doesnt even like you, the only contact she has with you is liking pictures of your legs and stomach because they're smaller than hers when shes not sucking in her massive gunt.

Ember LITERALLY made a thread about you and has sent multiple nasty anons about you to OD, why are you still sucking up to her?

are yuo really that desperate for attention, does someone REALLY have to make a thread dragging you to?

No. 45415

Def luna. You can tell she's here when one of her tumblr threads pops up out of lolcow purgatory.

No. 45417


she has a lolcow thread?

No. 45419

Nah a few weeks ago she posted 4 or so threads about some random tumblrites and ever so often bumps them when she's butt hurt about something.

No. 45421


omg which threads did she make? i wanna report/laugh at them

No. 45422

All of you are so dumb, it's literally Skye.

No. 45426

I still don't understand people saying she's fat. She is clearly not fat.

No. 45427


who tf is skye

No. 45429

That girl that made that blog giving Ember a rimjob

No. 45430


the emberwhanngo one? omg that was so tragic

No. 45439

i hate to keep up the talk on irrelevant ass eboni, but literally the only reason "luna" is losing any weight is bc the dumb bitch is always taking drugs.

No. 45440


what does that have to do with anything?

No. 45441

she's always talking about her "ED" and posing in ridiculous ways to look thinner. she's just as bad as Ember is my point.

No. 45442


nah i do believe she has an ED, i just dont think its as severe as she makes out

No. 45444

eboni is always posting photos of dried blood in her nose, lines of white powder, pills, weed, and the like. she doesn't have an ED, she is just copying ember who is copying emily who is copying felice fawn. plus there's photo of ebonis fat gut in her thread that was posted a couple weeks ago.

all of these girls are boring af though, i never thought i would actually miss felice's fuckery.

at least she was attractive.

/end of eboni discussion

No. 45445


heather how can you say anyone has a fat gut? have you SEEN yourself pahah

No. 45446

I don't know if that blog belongs to Skype but she was discussed in Embers previous thread.


She's just another wannorexic who sucks farts out of Embers bare asshol but freaked out, deleted all of her blogs, and then blamed the "truth bloggers" on tumblr for finding her main blog when in reality, she had her main linked to the side blog and someone on lolcow messaged her and told her.

No. 45447

err my name isn't heather but i won't lie and say i have a perfectly flat stomach when i know i don't KeK. i just think it's funny when eboni posts photos of her sucking in to the point where ribs poke out on tumblr, when there's candid shots of her, with a big ol' tummy.

at least when i post pix of myself online, i don't make myself look like a completely different person :)

No. 45449

File: 1445113653756.jpg (64.79 KB, 540x960, what are thooooose.jpg)


finding candid pics of her from a year ago is funny

No. 45451



cant tell if she looks chubby in this one or not, its a candid one, maybe she just got lucky and managed to hide her rolls

No. 45452

um can we please go back to talking about Ember??? you know, the one who actually DESERVES the attention?

No. 45453

for fuck sakes, post this boring trash in her thread >>23707

No. 45454



No. 45456


her friend took the picture though so it is candid???

No. 45459

Ember looks so old and haggard, like a 40 year old crackhead.

No. 45460


you know thats not ember right?

No. 45462

File: 1445117496448.jpg (153.28 KB, 625x748, image.jpg)

I almost put a spoiler on this image because bitch is so fug. Look at her hair. Look at it. Look at her make up, look at that fake septum. She is a hot fucking mess, no amount of weight loss can help ugly like that. That shits permanent.

No. 45463


Why in the fuck did you post this photo? Do you not know it has already been uploaded?!?!? Ugh.


No. 45464

Fuck off Ember. Stop self posting your dog shit face in here.

No. 45465


ive only just noticed how far apart her eyes are, she looks like a fish

No. 45466

more like a squid…… ward

No. 45468

File: 1445119076794.png (1.7 MB, 988x1736, can.png)

uhhhh no, thats def a webcam picture she took of herself lmao

here are some real candid shots of eboni

No. 45475

these are all from a long time ago, a picture from her in highschool (i believe she is in college now) and pictures of her from February?

do you have any more recent candids or not

oh and btw i know her friend took that picture of her bc i was the one who took it, im the one who you just got pictures of Luna from of fb, nice try, leave her the fuck alone you cretins

No. 45477

>>maybe she just got lucky and managed to hide her rolls

Wow what a great friend you are!!!!! :D

No. 45478

b-b-b-bbut Eboni has no friends :o

No. 45480


i never said that about her, i said i took the picture but id never say she was fat, i spend almost every day trying to get her comfortable with her body, why would i tear her down on your shitty thread?

No. 45481

Eboni has a potato nose

No. 45482


and its probably rotted away due to being a dirty drug addict

No. 45483

is this that princess tiger whatever girl?

No. 45486

because shit like this dont just happen.

theres no way a photo of eboni is posted in a random ass board on the internet and then out of the blue, the photographer of said photo magically appears in the thread to defend the legitimacy of the image.

lolcow isnt a popular site that everyone and their grandma lurks for KeKs. someone probably linked ember, then ember linked eboni, then she linked you.

like i said, coincidences like those just don't happen.

you're yet another two face attention whore just like eboni and ember.

welcome to the club.

No. 45488


ofc i got linked here? i never said i just randomly found this site ffs haha, literally though me and r Luna were having a sick time when i took that photo, massive coke binge followed by perfect smoke out in the morning, she's literally hot asf and i feel sorry for you guys that you have to TRY and downgrade her, because ive had her IRL and she's perfect. bye

No. 45491

File: 1445121338704.jpg (32.7 KB, 426x426, DSCN1884.JPG)

Yup, that has to be that ugly Ren Gray girl hahahah. Man this thread is really starting to go to shit. Too many fat cows in here, tryna to be farmers.

No. 45492


hi aimee

No. 45493


"ive had her IRL" ew i dont even wanna think about that tbh

No. 45495

Man calling all these chicks fat and saying what a huge "gut" they have when they clearly aren't and don't. I just don't get it. I mean are we looking at the same photos here?

No. 45496

Though, tbqh, I am not even surprised that there's a shit ton of proana whiteknights in an Ember Whann thread.

Only the most fucked up, hypocritical, stupid ass people actually like Ember, so ofc they would post here.

Oh shit, so you aren't friends with Aimee anymore? Did it have something to do with uploading this cringey ass video of the two of you dancing? :')

No. 45497

This tread should really only have Ember and Eboni in it, cuz neither of them deserve their own treads.
we don't need anyone anymore irrelevant than these two already on here in here.

No. 45498

My definition of fat isn't even close to Ember. You guys just seem bored.

No. 45499

Uhhh no we should treat Eboni like Libby Kime and NOT REPLY TO HER OR HER UGLY FRIEND

No. 45500


aimee this is so obviously you now omg im laughing at you i really am "willow"

No. 45502

Eboni and Ren are both under 18 sooooo, Mods??

Lol I literally do not know what you are going on about but modsss, can we please have these retards banned? Shit, how do you even contact them? The post above mine is definitely by Ren Gray.

No. 45503


aimee you're in your 20s and you're acting 12 grow the fuck up

No. 45504


no wonder you had to move to liverpool because everyone in warrington literally hates you

No. 45505

It's really humorous that you immediately assume that this is one particular person. I don't know what beef you have with "Aimee" but as long as you keep thinking that's me, I don't really mind. Anonymity babyyyyyy.

No. 45506

Ooookay ya ugly wackjob. I'm from America but I heard a funny joke about liverpool once.

"Why does a river run through liverpool?"

"Because if it walked, it would be robbed"

And from your comment, I can only assume it is somewhat of a ghetto? shrugs

No. 45507


liverpool is an okay place but i dont live there so idc if its a ghetto or not

No. 45510


I'ma go ahead and tell you all that I made all of the posts above^ Sorry for spamming the thread with nonsensical bullshit. This Ren chick is just an moron and I can't control the urge to drag her.

No. 45511


should have been your throat rather than your umbilical cord </3

No. 45512


No. 45513


are you literally retarded, it means they should have cut your throat at birth not your cord you autistic fuck

No. 45514

File: 1445123119800.jpg (71.12 KB, 489x349, Trolls.jpg)

No. 45517

Well that escalated quickly

No. 45562

this Ren girl seems so stupid. like she posts on a website that is known to dig up dirt on (and dox) people and when it happens to her, she instantly thinks some person she knows irl? does she not know the type of people lurk here? unless she linked that other girl, why would she think that girl would know of this thread?

these people really have no idea what they're getting themselves into here. most anonymous people are pretty relentless, cruel, and love to troll.

No. 46244


Ren Gray is notorious for spouting her mouth off first and thinking later, if you dig deep enough theres a lot of people who hate her.

she posted comments on a girls picture (i believe the girl is called jess) basically calling jess fat and laughing about her father raping her

truly disgusting things

No. 46310

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Ember actually posted an uncropped pic for once.

No. 46320

does she not realize how stupid she looks posing like that?

No. 46326

"time to star being a grown up."

Ew, bitch can start by going to an actual piercer in a sterile environment.

No. 46330

posing like what? the comment you replied to was deleted.

No. 46331

oh my god aimee lol pls get a life, this is getting so pathetic

No. 46338

File: 1445191477222.jpg (33.87 KB, 220x275, 1445167298528.jpg)

No. 46350

She's definitely shooping again

No. 46352

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I don't see any shoop, just shitty filters and saturated contrast and dumb posing

No. 46381

Same, looks like she just sucked in her gut, then wrapped that brace around her as tight as she could possibly manage before taking this picture.

And since she clearly isn't holding her phone as she took this, she most definitely has her camera phone on a timer so she could pose (chest back, shoulders forward, feet apart, toes pointed inward, poke butt out, annnnnd TENSE) before the image was snapped.

It seriously looks like she is using that brace as a corset/fat toner.

I don't think she is using photoshop but she is definitely editing her photos, and quite possibly "slimming" them, like her bestfriend im_skinny_beautiful2 does.

No. 46407

It still doesn't look right though. I may just be looking too hard cause I want there to be shoop. It looks like she shooped herself onto a background kind of tho lol.

No. 46409

she def used the slimming effect

No. 46474


omg the girl who's piercing her has such chubby arms, who is she haha

No. 46484

stop trying to derail the thread, no one gives a fuck about you ren.

No. 46485


im not even Ren, i mean they're both fat asf, not just the girl piercing her lmao

No. 46488

stop trying to derail the thread, no one gives a fuck about you ren.

No. 46489

No. 46494

Jesus H. Christ. She looks worse than I thought. And her voice is way deeper than I expected.

No. 46510

thats exactly what everyone else says ahahah

you expect her to have a quiet, mousy voice, but nope~ she has one of those gross, new yorker accents.

No. 46513

tbh the video's lag makes it so comical, like as she is talking about how she was supposedly diagnosed with Anorexia between ages 8 and 9, she is just sitting there, looking completely healthy and normal.
not underweight in any way, nor does she even look sick in anyway.

plus she has such a soft body too. she seriously should work out some to tone those flabby arms and stomach.

No. 46517

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Ember doesn't have an accent. A New York accent sounds like the bitches off the show Mob Wives. Only NYC has that accent and ember is far from the city and sounds completely average.

No. 46520

i'm not native to america but i can tell the difference between a southerners accent and northerners accent and she def sounds like she is from new york.

No. 46521

No. 46523

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>46513 she looks pretty skeletal in that video though tbh. You can actually see her chest bones and she's not forcing them into your face. Idk I don't think she's average, she's a thin girl, but not anorexic at all.

No. 46526


No. 46527

She draws them on with bronzer

No. 46534

File: 1445209121878.png (1.18 MB, 764x1030, v.png)

rochester is like a 5 hour drive to new york city

bish where?

like i just went through that video frame by frame and the only time i ever saw the slightly hint of a chest bone was when she was hunching over (between 0:40 to 0:47) but it quickly vanished when her boob shifts.

No. 46535

Would you just look at that ~super boney! arm in the middle screenshots.

No. 46539

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

You can't draw on chest bones omg so naive

No. 46540

File: 1445209508237.jpg (10.8 KB, 236x314, a520124b440bbac06274becfb2e3d9…)

not saying ember does but yes… yes you can

>>pic relate - someone's halloween make up

No. 46541

Have you ever heard of contouring?

No. 46542

No. 46543

I was just looking for something on youtube to post. Have another…

No. 46553

Anon did you forget about contouring specifically when you made this post, or just drawing in general

No. 46570

Who's Aimee? Is she that tumblr famous bulimic from a few years back…? I think her url used to be "stilllugly".

Any of you guys remember her cringe worthy shenanigans?

No. 46572


no her url is sickups, she changed her name to willow (not legally obviously) she's just another edgy try hard

No. 46648

you guys are just nitpicking. She clearly looks thin in that video. Not saying everything she says is 100% honest but did you ever think that maybe she does have a legit eating disorder? You don't need to be 70 pounds and below to officially have one. And you all are here nitpicking and saying she's flabby, has a fat gut, etc. no. She is thin. She does not have a gut. Going by those standards I wouldn't be surprised if either A. You guys have a disordered view of what thin is or B. You are overweight yourselves so are picking any little thing you can.

I don't know this girl. I don't know anything about her lying or anything. But I do know she is thin.

No. 46663

Shut up Ember, no1cuuuurs.

No. 46665

File: 1445225595705.png (393.9 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_2015-10-18-23-29-46…)

And here we have Ember encouraging disordered behavior! Weeeeeeee!

>>Bottom anon is talking about fasting

No. 46666

Read down more, the ask was "day 5 being a mom"

No. 46668

Nice quads lmfao

No. 46673

File: 1445226493574.jpg (11.77 KB, 320x320, 12081171_1175902649106573_1549…)

She literally looks she's sucking dick, it looks like one of those porn ads in sidebars.

No. 46674

Yes because anyone not jumping on board calling her a fat lard MUST be Ember herself. I seriously have no clue who she is as a person. I'm just stating the obvious. She is thin. She is not fat, chubby, has a huge gut, etc. her legs do look thin. You do not need to be severely underweight to have an eating disorder. Therefore she very possibly could have one.

I don't care what you guys say. However, trying to call her fat or any other form of overweight is very much grasping at straws and nitpicking. Because she is thin.

If you do think she is any form of fat/overweight you are either overweight yourself so you are picking at her whatever chance you get, bored and trolling, or have a disordered view on what thin should be considered.

No. 46676

Fuck off Ember.

(It's obvious when she is here because she updates her instagram repeatedly when she is online)

No. 46679


"if you think she doesn't have anorexia, then you must be fat"

ok ember, nice disordered thinking you got there.

No. 46680

I keep saying this but, usually it's skye.

It's so annoying, half this board is "hi ember".

Ya she's probably lurking 23/7 but she's not always posting.

No. 46681

Dude you just posted this photo on your instagram, chill. Those who lurk your account will see it soon enough. Also, you're obviously sucking your thumb. Stop trying to drag yourself, you sound like am insane person.

No. 46682

I only think it's ember because whenever she posts a new selfie, she immediately uploads it here. Notice the filename of this photo >>46673 Looks like the kind of filename images have on your camera roll. She posted it here straight from her phone.

No. 46683

Lol get over your paranoia holy shit

I actually lol'd, thanks for that

No. 46684


I'm on mobile, I used this sight to avoid a screencap lmao

No. 46685


No. 46703

Lol I'm really not Ember or any of those other chicks but ok. You keep saying that. Also I never said if you don't think she's anorexic you are fat. I said she can be anorexic without being deathly underweight. I said she is indeed thin. I said that you are (either or) as I listed reasons why you would think she's overweight or fat. You were the one that accepted me calling you overweight out of the other 2 options. So….. Ya. She isn't fat.

No. 46726

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Ember reminds me of Kaila on that episode of intervention. Not physically, but the way she treated her illness. The whole "I'm more powerful than you because I can starve myself, I'm prettier and better than you" complex they both have.

No. 46733

Due to a report that this person possibly was under 18 in certain pictures or is still under 18, images and videos of a lascivious nature are being removed.

No. 46738

Embers hips are actually so wide wtf

No. 46789

Ember is 19 though? And the videos of her were recorded in March of this year, when she was 18.

The only people (that I am 100% on) who are underaged here are Eboni and Ren.

No. 46790

File: 1445265884607.png (63.45 KB, 674x258, Screenshot_2015-10-19-10-38-39…)

Oops forgot to add the screenshot.

No. 46796

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Ember clearly reported you lmao. Same shit she does on tumblr with the dmcas

No. 46798

Holysquad? Did I miss something?

No. 46800

I actually reported the posts that I believed were Eboni and Ren and I guess that admin thought I meant Ember…..

No. 46801

Do you know for sure that she's 19, excluding what she publicly lists as her age? Has she graduated high school, for example?

No. 46802

No, these reports are unrelated.

No. 46803

that's what she calls the group of pro anas who all do those "wanna be promoted to 65k???" scheme.

i truly wonder how many of Embers followers are fake though. 10,000 people but she can only get 300-400 likes on an image? doesn't make sense. seems like most of them are inactive or spam accounts.

No. 46804

She dropped out of high school at 16. Though in this video https://vid.me/EzMd/ember-whann-s-anorexia-story-which-is-100-fabric she says she was diagnosed with anorexia between 8 and 9 then says that she has been suffering from anorexia for "about 10 years". Also the date on that video is May 2015 and her 19th birthday was in August.

No. 46805

File: 1445268810101.jpg (50.7 KB, 338x600, avatar.jpg)


I just remembered she posted a photo of her ID which says her birth year is 1996, making her between the ages of 19 and 20.

No. 46806

Do you know the location of the person who reported this thread?

I'm only asking because I curious if it was Ember.

No. 46808

p.s. this is where she posted the pic of her ID btw

No. 46810

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>46790 a lot of her pro ana buddies with big follower counts have it in their bio. Idk what it means though.

No. 46814

I just explained it here: >>46803

No. 46847

Thank you.

No. 46872

waiting for Eboni or Ren to try insert themselves into the drama again

No. 46879

I hope they are banned now because I reported their comments and the thread Eboni made for herself, explaining that they're both 17 years old.

No. 46885

no theyre not banned

No. 46891

How do you know

No. 46921


magic mate

No. 46926

Oh.. I get it… You're either Eboni or Ren… Gross

No. 47093

this thread is a mess

No. 47254

File: 1445382169505.png (119.89 KB, 1080x708, Screenshot_2015-10-20-18-57-06…)

Lol I can't even tell you how many things I have bought for myself off of Embers wishlist lol.

>>pic related, buying these now

No. 47255

File: 1445382185412.png (327.4 KB, 1080x575, Screenshot_2015-10-20-18-57-51…)

No. 47261

How are they? I wanted to get leggings for the colder weather but never had leggings before. At target I found some nice ones but they looked like they didn't go down to the ankle. Unless I'm not trying these on right?

No. 47269

I actually already have a pair of these but just ordered the charcoal one. I really like the pair I currently have though.
The fleace on the inside is insanely soft and keeps my legs nice and warm when it's cold out. I've had them for about 2 years now too, so they're incredibly durable, considering my normal pair of leggings last me around 6 months to a year.

No. 47270

Oh and the pair I have fall past my ankle, I usually tuck my socks into them.

No. 47277

File: 1445387932017.png (190.79 KB, 1080x495, Screenshot_2015-10-20-20-37-27…)

Randomly came across another proana account with #holysquad in their description

No. 47319

Awesome thank you!

No. 47324

Her icon also looks like one of those Face Q icons that the Tumblr shoplifting brigade uses

No. 47351

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>47324 that's because it was made with FaceQ lmao

No. 47375

File: 1445439944605.png (1017.52 KB, 1603x511, v.png)

I sent this blog http://edramaqueens.tumblr.com/ the message on the far left and the first two "confessions" on that blog are talking about how badly they wish they were Ember's friend (lmfao) and the second one talks about how "eating disordered" Ember now looks.

I mean, did I call it or nah. Because I totally saw this shit coming. Every anon on this site shits down Ember's throat but anons on Tumblr suck farts right out of her ass.

(Presumably because those anons are Ember herself)

Fr though, every "eceleb confesssions" type blog are fucking riddled with anons fawning over Ember, it's pretty damn obvious who that is since Ember is a wannabe internet celebrity, along with a wannarexic as well.

No. 47475

File: 1445456820692.png (272.39 KB, 547x942, jaja.png)

Lol @ Ember self submitting to "eceleb" blogs.

Get rekt ya grimy ass bitch.

No. 47478

File: 1445458698388.png (1.13 MB, 1131x1131, img1445458556471.png)

Grow up! You're almost 20 years old!

No. 47479

omg I s2g, I was just in the middle of making a college similar to this.

and just to be real with you all, that comment
>>I had a huge salad for dinner that my boy made me? it was delicious but I feel bad about eating that much.

Really fucks with me because I am trying to lose weight and have only eaten a really big salad today and yeah. Just fuck you Ember, she is such a pro ana scum bag.

No. 47480

omg, that's embarrassing af. bitch is probably lying to make herself seem cute. then she takes pics of the bandaid on her arm trying to act like she had some major shit done, when in reality she probably just had a checkup and got her bloods taken.
truly ~tragic~

No. 47484

No. 47485

No. 47493

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>47484 Yeah, I agree this place is definitely legitimate

No. 47498

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Then don't look at her obvious thinspo Instagram you idiot.

No. 47505

The fact that they were triggered by a post on an apparent "recovery" account just proves what Ember is actually trying to do here.

No. 47506


A+ samefags btw

No. 47509

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

It's been obvious what ember is trying to do with her Instagram account. It's old news that it isn't actually a recovery account. Report it and shut up already. But don't blame someone for triggering you when you go out of your way to obsess over her accounts when you know all she does is post about anorexia.

No. 47511

yo just hide the post if youre gonna get this butthurt over it

No. 47514

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Im not butt hurt I'm here to laugh at the lulz of ember whann not listen to some retard cry over her posting about eating a salad.

No. 47538

File: 1445467498625.png (1.13 MB, 1785x1386, PhotoGrid_1445467415905-1.png)

Oh the irony.

No. 47539

File: 1445467580901.png (700.2 KB, 1080x1153, Screenshot_2015-10-21-18-42-12…)

>>this is one of Embers back up accounts

She literally has a scale at home and has taken photos of herself standing on it. She just can't stop lying, can she?

No. 47540

File: 1445467658220.png (Spoiler Image, 997.42 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-10-21-18-38-43…)

Yeaaah, you're totally not promoting eating disorders Ember.

No. 47542

File: 1445467805915.png (968.66 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_2015-10-21-18-48-30…)

Looks like she got another fake septum.

I wonder if this one will make her nose look ginormous like the others lol.

No. 47545

why does she order faux septum rings offline when she can easily stop by hottopic or spencers and buy some?

No. 47554

tbh i think the ones she got, she received for free. because online shops with small follower counts see ember's 10k and think that if they send her promotional items, she will promote their brand and they will receive genuine customers but all of Ember's followers are like 12-15 year old wannarexics who don't have a debit card, paypal, or even a bank account.

No. 47555

That couch looks like it reeks of cigarettes

No. 47560

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

>>47554 the black one was a gift, she tagged the girl who bought it for her in her first post about it. The new one is supposedly a promotion gift. I feel like if she'd ordered it herself it would have her full name on it, not just Ember <3

No. 47571

tacky shit

No. 47595

File: 1445476037251.png (1.16 MB, 1673x946, PhotoGrid_1445475906715-1.png)

This right here is why Ember is a shit promoter. You don't just tell people you got that shit for free then explain to someone else how you got free shit.

No. 47596

this will only encourage people to ask for promotional items instead of actually purchasing their jewelry. if one shop doesn't give you a sponsorship, move into the next one. online store on instagram are a dime a dozen nowadays.

No. 47597

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She doesn't drive how would she "just go to hot topic"

No. 47609

Yet you see her ass spamming the instas of the people before they send her shit…

No. 47661

Overpriced anyway. You can find way better prices online. That goes for any kind of stores.

No. 47681

File: 1445487179419.jpg (143.89 KB, 640x975, emberinsta2.jpg)

I saw this on her instagram this morning. No shame at all, huh.

No. 47685

She's already pulled this scam before.

No. 47688

Lol wow she went to a legit lab to get legit blood work. Do you know how many reasons there are to get blood work? This could be an std screening/regular lab work/blood tox screening/pre MRI blood work/etc etc

I've had my blood work down almost every year. This means shit.

No. 47694


>>"You need a Star Wars hoodie?


No. 47697

This. Different healthcare system but, whenever I go to a GP with something that is probably nothing but could also be something they always do blood tests just to make sure. Her doctor probably noticed how bad her vitamin and iron levels are from her terrible eating habits and shipped her off to get more specific information on them.

No. 47705

People are gonna catch on to her shit more and more, btw it doesn't take a genius to put a bandaid over a cotton ball and say try very had bloodwork.

No. 47714

Her followers are children, all they care about is her body…unless you mean the shops then nvm

No. 47719

She can pretend to be spoopy but she can't pretend to be pretty lol

No. 47732

Thats why shes still ana, shes aware that her ugly face wildnt bring in anyany followers so shes using kids lol it wont last long tho most of the kids will grow up

No. 47871

File: 1445538879543.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_2015-10-22-14-08-02…)

tru @youcanfindmeintheforest

what IS with her chin

No. 47872

also what is with her eyebrows, jawline, and collarbone?????

No. 47877

What's with her whole fucking face?

No. 47885

trying so hard to look gaunt but ended up making herself look fucking retarded instead

No. 47889

Looks like someone needs a better editing app, she looks like she edited her collarbones and they just ended up being a line

No. 47891

File: 1445540513228.jpeg (121.07 KB, 640x839, image.jpeg)

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Only posting this in here as a reply to the person who posted that selfie she took with the dirty feet. I was laughing when I saw this on my dashboard this morning because it explains her dirty foot selfie that was posted in this thread the other day.

No. 47897

Lol she deleted that persons comment already

No. 47898


No. 47927

This fucking hillbilly.

No. 47931

I've seen embers family pictures, I stg everyone in that drama circle is so redneck.

No. 47966

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Why wouldn't she just send the person she was with to go in and buy her shoes or drive back to her house? She doesn't have a license so she obviously was with someone. Unless she walked which means her nasty ass feet were prob soaked in mud by the time she got there.

No. 47974

Take the stuff about Whim somewhere else, we're talking about Ember here.
So, what are your guys predictions, where willl our ana qween be in a year?

No. 47979

Exactly the same place she is now. A nobody with no career aspects, still faking anorexia, still trying to be instagrams thinspo queen

No. 47999

I'm waiting for a fake miscarriage tbh

No. 48010

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Sorry, I honestly didn't feel like digging up her thread. Plus someone posted about her dirty feet in this thread so I figured I would just post it here since the discussion was already started here prior.

No. 48012

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She deleted the reblog she made about running in the store barefoot. Someone's clearly lurking this thread…..

No. 48019

She's probably the "anon" who just switched the topic back to Ember.

No. 48020

No. 48030

No. 48042

File: 1445552540342.png (1.03 MB, 1092x506, 2.png)


>>inb4 ember files a billion dmca claims against this blog

this blog owner is a dope. why would you post an honest opinion on ember's picture. you know tumblr is going to side with her and most likely have your blog deleted with every picture of her ugly ass mug.

No. 48048

Why is she trying to make herself sound like she is homeless?

No. 48061

>Money is tight
>Consistently buying starbucks

No. 48065

Pity, I like drama blogs and there are so few about now, I hope it stays.

No. 48108

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She definitely is because I just went on her blog to look for the post and it's reblogged again with a tag saying "oops I accidentally deleted this" after you pointed out that she deleted it….. She's confirming even more that she's on this website.

No. 48173

lmao is every snowflake becoming a scammer recently? Luna made a post saying she's thinking of starting a gofundme but then did even give a reason why?

then the next day said she wrote it because she was "wavey"

No. 48196

You do know that whismical create this thread, right? Of course she is here lmao.

No. 48197

Ember has been scamming since she came on the scene, she's never stopped.

Literally everything ember does is so she can get free shit.

No. 48199

Keep all Eboni drama in her thread, please and thank you


>>I even linked the thread so don't even "hurrr 2 lazy 2 dig up thread on ma ownnnn"

No. 48201

Here, you too, go here if all you're gonna talk about is whismical: >>33495

No. 48203

File: 1445608814793.png (1.48 MB, 2048x1151, PhotoGrid_1445608582882-1.png)

Embers gets called out for the lying hypocrite she is and this is how she replies lmfao. Classic cunt behavior.

Her caption in the far left image:
>>Still harassing me huh @never2old2recover ? Are you just going to harass me on every account I haven't blocked you on until you physically can't obsess over me any more? You post about me on gossip websites on the daily boo, if you think you're anything but my biggest fan and obsessor you're wrong ??? so please keep it up with the "fat cow" etc. comments, they just make you look like the twat you are, and it doesn't bother me in the least so ??

No. 48204

File: 1445608953462.png (52.39 KB, 1080x171, Screenshot_2015-10-23-10-00-46…)

Haha that top comment, surprised Ember didnt delete it since it even whiteknighting her.

No. 48207

File: 1445609896420.png (72.57 KB, 1080x282, Screenshot_2015-10-23-10-10-58…)

Isn't it obvious? She can't call out the ~haters~ on this website, so whenever she gets a negative comment on one of her social media accounts, she HAS to blow it out of proportion and take out all of her anger that she has towards us, on that one particular person in front of all of her followers.

Basically trying to make herself look like a victim while simultaneously victimizing the person by sending her proana #holysquad after them.

Personally, I love when she does stuff like this because the "hatemail" is always super accurate and her replies are perfect examples of the type of scum bag Ember really is lol. She just really let's her colors shine when she does this.

Also, she just admitted to lurking this thread if anyone still believed she doesn't come here every chance she gets.

No. 48210

File: 1445610399622.png (2.19 MB, 2048x1918, 2015-10-23 10.22.43-1.png)

Someone should DM lushie.recovery and tell her that Ember is faking scoliosis for attention, since lushie obviously has a very serious case of the same disease.

No. 48211

File: 1445610707529.png (1.75 MB, 2048x1210, PhotoGrid_1445610490396-1.png)

only posting to point out ber retardedly low like count on her posts. You're telling me a person with 10,000 followers can't even break 500 likes on posts that been up for hours? Yeah, okay. That totally seems legit.

No. 48213

File: 1445611009852.png (863.35 KB, 1080x952, Screenshot_2015-10-23-10-34-35…)

She is now promoting pro ana accounts by posting their thinspo on her account.

So, now is a A+ time to report her.


No. 48224

I'll never get over how shitty ember is at promoing. Even the fakebois are better.

When someone sends you shit, you don't show that shit you just model it. They want you to pretend like you bought it wear it all the time, she promos something for a day and then shows something shitty.

The crobinson necklaces look like something actually nice, but she'd rather show off $2 chokers.

She's actually the stupidest person I've ever seen, this bitch has no common sense and karma has given her an ugly face with a giant nose.

Good luck with your overgrown, overdrawn eyebrows you greasy peace of shit.

No. 48226

No. 48228

Seems like she took your advice and actually put it on to take a picture this time. Lool.

No. 48232

File: 1445616266204.png (2.51 MB, 2048x1879, PhotoGrid_1445615880401-1.png)

Her hair in this picture grosses me the fuck out. How did she manage to fry her roots???? Has she ever used conditioner once in her entire life?

Ember, beg your followers for some deep conditioner and quit dying that shit for a at least a month, you are KILLING your hair.

>>inb4 Ember claims her disgusting hair is a result of her SUPER SERIOUS AND TOTALLY NOT FAKE AT ALL decade old anorexia, not because she dyed her hair black, bleached it, dyed it dark brown, then bleached it again within a few months.

No. 48234

File: 1445616527799.png (103.83 KB, 396x342, omg.png)

Ohhh and lol @ how her suckened in cheek bone melts into her neck

No. 48235

She's squeezing all her pics now, it makes her forehead look huge.

She's blurring too much shit, trying to hide her nose

No. 48236

She ought to start blurring those split ends.

No. 48237

She should just blur out her whole face tbh

No. 48240

She'd have better luck taking a real anas pick and shooping her face onto it.. her contouring is so bad. She looks like one of those baby fakebois trying to contour cossupree make up for the first time like shit

No. 48243

File: 1445617699253.png (555.11 KB, 1318x922, mhm.png)

Remember 2 months ago, when Ember tried to pretend that her little 9 year old sister is transgernder? Well…….

>>Right pic is from her mom's facebook, posted earlier this month. Ember is fucked up for trying to say her little sister believes she is "supposed to be a boy" when she obviously is a very normal little girl.


No. 48245

That kid is gonna hate her sister when she's older, she's gonna look at Ember for the loser she is.

No. 48246

What the hell? I was mad when I saw that post of Ember's, like you could tell if someone was legitimately trans from a single comment??? What a fucking idiot.

No. 48249

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

One time on her Twitter she was tweeting someone about how her little sister is autistic and was talking about the outbursts she has in public and stuff. Not sure if she really is autistic or if it was another publicity stunt.

No. 48253

File: 1445621016854.png (539.98 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_2015-10-23-13-16-30…)

Ember be lurking so fucking much today haha.

And sure, you're totally going to block people after begging for months to get 10k followers hahaha. Watch her maybe get rid of 5-20 people, tops.

No. 48257

She just wants people to like her stuff

No. 48265

File: 1445623227941.png (70.42 KB, 1080x298, Screenshot_2015-10-23-13-57-15…)

.. after it was pointed out how little likes she had on her pictures, considering how many people follow her account. her real followers are super confused and worried sounding tho lol

No. 48266

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Honestly Idt she's lurking I think it's just a ruse to get more likes in general. Like she probably isn't going to delete anyone because that will lower her following appearance. She's just posting that so people freak out and spam her pics with likes to make her look better.

No. 48273

Are you serious? So seeing Ember reply to "anonymous" messages on ask.fm that refer to subject that were ONLY discussed in this thread, having her delete posts moments after we shit on them, and then watching her delete over 30 posts minutes after someone said they reported her thinspo to the staff is all one big ass coincidence????? Like there's more examples but come the fuck on, man.

You're either an oblivious moron, one of her whiteknights (which I doubt since no one likes her enough to stick up for her), or Ember herself, which is probably the case.

So, bye Felicia.

No. 48275


literally die with your shit spam posting

No. 48278

Her life is so pathetic, she should honestly just kill herself

No. 48284

File: 1445625265310.png (1.37 MB, 1131x1131, img1445625115523.png)

The "holy squad" members. Basically just helping each other not eat and cheering each other on.

No. 48296

why tag me if you've blocked me? whats the point? its not like im gonna see it on IG.

(bc we all know you're in here)
Ember: the day you stop pretending to suffer from anorexia is the day i stop mocking you at every opportunity that presents itself. You never should've used Yom Kippur to seek attention for your wannarexia. THAT was when i started commenting. i knew of you before that, i thought u were disgusting, but that crossed a line for me. Submit what on the daily? I've submitted ONE screenshot of you to one blog, "boo". The only people "obsessed" with your chubby ass are the 13-15 year olds who can't see thru your photoshop bullshit.

No. 48299

"mental health social worker" ..ummm? yes? i am an LMSW and i do specialize in mental health. and, coincidentally, i live in NY too.
i know money is "super tight" for you Ember, that'll happen when you dropout of high school, so ill give you a free biopsychosocial evaluation anytime. Though i think we all already know you're suffering from some severe Munchausens By Internet.

No. 48311

im laughing so hard at the comments on embers last insta pic, i think "spewwy" is finally turning on her hahah

No. 48313

File: 1445633020505.png (101.86 KB, 335x330, Capture.PNG)


No. 48317

Poor Spewwy :(:(:(:(;(

No. 48318


she has a point about the holysquad hashtag though, bullshit is it not a bodytype

No. 48319

Ember told Erika and iCovery about the threads here guaranteed. I thought Ash or TFC did it, but Ember seems way more likely.

No. 48320

What is it

No. 48321


"holysquad"? its basically a bullshit proana club that was invented by a bunch of pro anorexic girls with large follower counts on instagram, bunch of vain turd IMO

No. 48324

File: 1445636823464.png (98.97 KB, 956x347, Screenshot_2015-10-23-17-45-28…)

Awwwwww Eboni will never be apart of the #holysquad now :( She's made a total ass out of herself hahhahaha

No. 48325

Eboni is a skinny girl fetishist

No. 48334

Just so you all know, she didn't block anybody. Her follower cout went up 10 people actually.

That's exactly what Ember is.

No. 48338



"we're not a body type" OKAY

No. 48358

File: 1445642917231.png (100.55 KB, 905x282, Screenshot_2015-10-23-19-24-14…)

No. 48359

yes everything is OK because she is a FRAUD who isn't even underweight. she's literally trying to lose weight, not fucking gain it. ember is so damaging to the girls who follow her account for recovery posts. she clogs up their feed with unneeded thinspo on the fucking daily

No. 48361


damn she deleted her comments, i wanted all of ember's followers to see he call out ember on her skinny squad

No. 48397

who called ember out? im confused. looks like eboni was just fetishizing being skinny and bashing herself for pity points. she probably thought if she made it seem like she wasn't obsessedd with herself, they would take her in but noooope.

No. 48420


i think ember probably would have said yes to eboni being in their little skinny squad if she wasnt such a chunky cunt lol

No. 48450

Thank god, an actual clinical professional. Please go explain how diagnoses work to the morons in the fakeboi thread who think you can be diagnosed comorbid bipolar and schizophrenic.

No. 48451

File: 1445657984730.png (107.87 KB, 1018x417, Screenshot_2015-10-23-23-31-34…)

We all know that Ember would say she has this syndrome in a fucking heartbeat if it wouldn't immediately invalidate all of her other ~super life destroying illnesses~ that she steadily has to bring up when she wants a $100 hoodie or a $30 expresso machine.

I wonder how Ember reacted when she read an anon say they think she has that disorder, then Googled it for her only to realize it described her to a fucking T, but in the worse way she could imagine.

No. 48512

File: 1445672175484.jpg (94.3 KB, 640x902, image.jpg)

Isn't this the exact same choker she "promoted" for 3rdchakra? Wtf is wrong with these idiot sellers, sending their $0.75 jewelry out to every moron with a few thousand followers who asks? They deserve to go out of "business" quickly.

No. 48515

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

No it's because these poorly ran online shops just buy the same wholesale charms off amazon and resell them for money when it's all the same exact shit. It's exactly like whimsicals shop, all tacky ass charms bought off eBay and resold. The funniest part is they claim it to be hard work or something like stringing a 5c charm on a 5c choker string makes them a jeweler or something……

No. 48516

Sage b/c this might belong in Whismical's thread, but that's exactly what I'm talking about. I lose my shit when I see people like that begging for money while making no effort whatsoever to gain a real job.

No. 48524

cool sage bro

No. 48525

If you wanna call her crappy pics "personal photography" you're entitled to do so, but her "art" is pure high school Into To Photography trash.

No. 48553

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Her whole life is trash. From her store down to her nasty muddy feet.

No. 48613

>Please go explain how diagnoses work to the morons in the fakeboi thread who think you can be diagnosed comorbid bipolar and schizophrenic.

i don't know much about this fakeboi population, they seem really irritating. simply put, if they experience psychotic symptoms associated with schizophrenia, but also have extreme shifts in mood (highs/lows), (and not faking for attention) then we would call that Schizoaffective Disorder. not schizophrenia and bipolar. Its kinda comparable to the fact that you can't be diagnosed with anorexia AND bulimia at the same time. every time i see "Ana & Mia" in someone bio i want to reach thru the screen and slap them.

If i cant self diagnose even though I'm licensed and actually trained to do diagnostic assessments, then neither can these fakebois and anas.

No. 48661

Holyshit, I followed some of these people just to snoop on their private accounts and…

They are all fucking bonkers.

No. 48664

Her follower list is a great source for accounts to report. The self-harm accounts that post graphic pictures are exceptionally awful. These people desperately need attention.

No. 48668

You're telling me Megan is so boring and unproblematic that you have to talk shit about the bottom of her feet? That is fucking hilarious right now. Next, you will drag her for having messy eyeliner lol.

No. 48678

Oh, there are plenty of reasons to make fun of Megan, from her bullshit store to her hillbilly feet, greasy hair, desperate self-promotion, and -now that you mention it- terrible makeup, yep. She's a sad middle schooler trapped in an adult woman's body. I would feel sorry for her if she didn't bring every bit of misfortune on herself by choosing tumblr whoring instead of growing the fuck up.

No. 48682

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Her selfies are so pointless and nasty. her entire room looks disgusting, her wardrobe is dirty and ugly looking, her face is hideous (that nose and round face is so awful to have to look at). Her phone must be the oldest android ever because her photos are awful quality and makes everything look even more gross. And now on top of it we have to see physical dirt on her feet. You would think someone who spends so much damn time editing the boulders of acne off her face would notice the mud on the soles of her feet. She tried to post a portrait of her face the other day being all self positive, yet her face was entirely airbrushed. I wouldn't give two fucks about her because her blog is horribly boring and filled with reblogs from herself but the fact she has the nerve to say shit about other people makes her cringeworthy. When your face is that fucked up you don't have a right to talk about other people.

No. 48691

Hey Kristen (: How's camwhoring?

No. 48695

Just bunch it out, this is so irrelevant to anything.

No. 48696

Shut the fuck up about Megan, no one cares about your personal vendetta, take it to the Megan thread. Take it to the Tumblr thread. Literally no one cares about her except you.

No. 48702

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

there's multiple people posting about her mate. It's not a surprise, when you have 20k followers you're gonna get talked about. But I agree, can we get back to ember because I don't want to hear about this girl she's uninteresting and ugly

No. 48712

damnnnn this nigga fucked up on this girls entire existence shit

No. 48774

File: 1445730282240.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_2015-10-24-19-40-53…)

Is this you?

No. 48789

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She has 20k? That's sad because her posts only get about 10 notes before she spams them. I only have about 200 followers and I get more notes than that.

No. 48790

File: 1445736282260.jpg (174.56 KB, 546x700, Uy1pyqx.jpg)

No. 48791

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

You should have commented this to the person posting screenshots off tumblr. Like any of us care that someone submitted a *~confession~* about her to a gay ass drama blog.

CAN WE PLZ GO BACK TO BASHING EMBER. no one cares about this dirty girl. stop posting her or make your own thread.

No. 48811

I've been aware of Ember's posts for a while. Amusing though they may be, she has not yet broken any global rules until a few days ago. Self-posting and samefagging are perfectly allowed, as long as you don't post a thread about yourself.

Even vendetta threads and posts are permitted if they aren't overly egregious in their "call to action" or their amount of false information.

A few days ago, she reported this thread, as well as several posts with images and links across many different threads. The report reasons started out like this:

>She was under 18 in these

>Person in photos and videos is under 18
>This girl is 15 in these pictures

She was reporting content that was somewhat sexual in nature. I did not investigate too deeply and considered it reasonable that some of the content might be from 2 or more years ago. I probably should have verified more closely initially, since I'm not sure if even those claims were true, but I did delete images and edit links that I thought could be construed as sexual.

It appears she was expecting I would outright start deleting posts or even the whole thread. After she saw me censor a few things, the reports escalated:

>This girl is 15

>This girl lies about her age she is actually 15, and there are nudes here of her
>The girl being posted about is actually 15 years old and not 19, and there are nude/semi nudes

Past tense quickly changed to present, to try to convince me to remove more content. Lying about lying about one's age is a clever tactic, I suppose, though probably only if you haven't previously posted a picture of your ID card online.

>Global Rule 5. Do not try to evade bans or intentionally deceive or manipulate lolcowchan staff.

She is not banned, but must identify herself in the name field at all times if she makes any future posts.

All of her posts across all boards have been marked as "Ember". You can CTRL+F "Posted by Ember" in threads to see her posts.

Threads she's made:


Other threads she's posted in:


No. 48832

This is amazing.

No. 48837

holy shit lmao

No. 48839

Thank you. Everything Ember has posted has been so utterly and horrendously stupid and I'm glad she's been exposed.

No. 48841

omg Ember anonymously talking shit about her Rochester ana buddy… I'm not surprised, but I do hope fairys.sin finds out and gives Ember a swift kick in the ass.

No. 48844

Still reading through the exposed posts. I am actually very confused as to why she shit talks herself. I understand any attention is still attention and how people can be like that. But the stuff she is saying. Like why volunteer yourself to be made fun of even more? I am actually a person who had defended some things in the past about her but I feel like I'm seeing her as a completely different person. And she is clearly saying she photoshops herself as herself. Is that her admitting to it or just going along with what people are saying to keep the topic on her?

No. 48845

Because all ember wants is attention, good or bad. She self submits to all the blogs and if no ones talking about her she's a nobody white trash uggo from upstate New York that no one gives a shit about

No. 48847

Well, why did Princess Doll do it? She was even a lot meaner about it. Drama = attention. Attention = good.
It's pathetic and, if anyone was on meta chat earlier, I don't understand why people were so friendly to and forgiving of PD for doing that, honest or not. Maybe if she had posted some sort of public post, but nope.
Sorry for the slight derailment eh

No. 48851

Based Admin-sama. It's fascinating and repulsive to read what this nutjob writes about herself (and her "friends"). What a pathetic mess this thread is.

No. 48853

Wow, going through this thread and seeing the things she said about herself and her so called "friends" really takes my opinion of her to a whole other level. I'm her friend, but after this, idk man. I stuck up for her, I felt sorry for her, I hoped for her to get better, I helped her gain followers, etc. but now? I don't even know what to say. I'm a lot more disappointed than I thought id be. I mean, I've read this post but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, I thought people change, maybe she's not like this, but idk…..this is crazy. I'm done with her, for sure.

No. 48854

Just finished all the exposed posts. I feel hurt for her friend she met up with. She was the one calling her "uglier than ember" and "no wonder she hangs out with her because she's uglier than her". In my honest opinion I didn't see the friend as ugly. I didn't see ember as ugly either. But my gosh….. She seems so bitter and mean. Makes me feel sad for her. Like what could make her so angry in life to be so hateful. I feel duped for defending her in the past. I literally thought maybe the hate on here was just for boredom and that Ember was nice in real life.

I like to see the good in everyone and I don't know what to feel about Ember now honestly. Manipulated and ignorant. I feel … Stupid

No. 48855

Will every comment she's ever made under her ip now be marked or does mod go through and manually mark them? I feel like she's had her hands in a few more threads

No. 48856

I feel the same. I defended her as well. (I'm the poster from above) I feel so manipulated. I'm sad to say I'm easy to play though I guess. I really do try to see the good in everyone.

No. 48857

That's how I feel too considering I thought me and her were friends. After reading all this and what she said about herself and her "friends" makes me so mad that I even gave her chance. I should've known better.

No. 48858

Same. Sorry I'm the one who literally just relief to you before seeing your reply to me. I feel so dumb.

No. 48859

A huge group of people didn't start exposing her behavior just because. It sucks it takes people getting directly effected by something until they realize that maybe someone isn't pretending to be who they thought they were. Either way I suggest you cut ties immediately because I can promise they only reason she's your "friend" is because you're either anorexic and she's using you to legitimize her fake illness or you're useful in other ways

No. 48860

At least now I don't feel like I'm going crazy. I felt like a lot of the posts that turned out to have been made by Ember and Eboni/Luna/whatever were samefagging, but I wasn't 100% positive. And yeah, I feel really bad for the "friend" she shit-talked. That's disgusting.

No. 48861

I can assure you I'm not anorexic at all, although after readings this I just assume now that our friendship was based on her just getting followers out of my online "popularity" and it's a shame because I've read this thread, I've defended her, I've kept in touch with her, I've kept an eye on everything said here, but I still chose to give her the benefit of the doubt. Now, I'm cutting ties and no longer associating with her ever again. I'm angry because a lot of her followers came from me.

No. 48862

Well. I may have been played but at least I was the better person. I still have my kind heart. But what she has is apparent anger, emotional issues and a whole lot of really negative exposure and all the proof now to back it up. I forgive you and let it go but I really do hope you in time grow up. There is good in the world. Just were hoping you were part of that. I mean there were people who gave you the benefit of the doubt. Who truly did care. And you used them. Honestly. Grow up.

Lesson learned.

No. 48863

It really is. I am torn. I want her to see what she wrote so she knows the truth but I also don't because I feel she'd be so hurt. I know how it feels to be back stabbed.

No. 48864

Although it would hurt her "friend" to see what ember wrote, it's probably for the better. She doesn't need someone like ember in her life if that's how she's going to treat her.

No. 48865

Yup. You're right. Sad. I could never talk about a friend like that. I'm glad she was exposed though. People like me who actually thought better of her can see what you all could have told us before.

No. 48866

I did find it very ironic when she, herself, posted a screenshot of her own post saying how "ember is obviously lurking on lolcow".

You think?

No. 48867

File: 1445762239574.jpg (15.09 KB, 421x109, jnhikn.JPG)

Personal Favourite <3

No. 48869

I do wonder if she will post a response to all of this.

No. 48870

File: 1445762394306.jpg (17.9 KB, 923x76, jnikjn.JPG)

also this kek

No. 48872

thats amazing.

No. 48873

I wasn't even following this thread because I think ana snowflakes are boring, but now I will be.
I love shit like this.

No. 48874

same. Loved the Princess Doll thing too. That Bitch was insane, I kind of miss her

No. 48875

No. 48884

Ommmmggg this is so fucking pathetic ember

If you are so thirsty for attention just run down the streets naked or something

No. 48889

File: 1445778228390.jpg (100.91 KB, 1242x592, image.jpg)

No. 48891

These are my fave posts where she's desperately trying to call herself pretty while saying she's not ember

No. 48893

File: 1445778629618.jpg (254.6 KB, 1024x955, depositphotos_5322326-Women-in…)

haha wow, Ember was actually posting here? I assumed all of those accusations were just paranoid weirdos

No. 48895

In her old thread she said was has faking NPD too.

No. 48896

Someone show her rochester ana buddy this shit

No. 48897

What the FUCK makes people selfpost like this? Why would you want to hear a bunch of people calling you fat and ugly? I can understand doing it once to see what people think of you, but posting in the thread for months and shit talking yourself… why?

No. 48898

I like how she started by shit talking herself then got insecure and started whiteknighting

No. 48904

File: 1445780921138.jpg (95.67 KB, 540x540, 00000000p.jpg)

she would look cute if she forgot the whole emaciated look, fixed her eyebrows and hair. I don't think she has ugly features to begin with, she just really wants to highlight the bad ones..

No. 48909

If she fixed her eyebrows, she'd be soo much better looking.

Imo she should fix her eyebrows, do a nice chocolate brown a la Zooey Deschanel with a subtle ombré at the ends (she's gonna need to cut off at least to her shoulders and use a better shampoo and conditioner), stick to light blue clothes (her marble light blue sweater looks actually pretty nice for her eyes and skin tone I was surprised), pose like a normal tumblr girl instead of raggedy ana, stick to cat eye for makeup because she should keep it more natural (no lipstick, shiny lipgloss), lose the nasty sweatpants and leggings look and buy some jeans, and move out of her home town radius because she's never going to grow emotionally if she's in a protective bubble.

She has so much potential, I would love to take her on as a project and make her over, it'd be like an episode of what not to wear or something.

No. 48913

Or how about get off the internet all together and spare us another basic bitch infesting cial media with her useless presence?

No. 48914

omg, im laughing so much. I knew she was a self obsessed cow, but this is just ridiculous.

No. 48915

But then no one would pay attention to her :(((((((

No. 48920

Do you think she'll be kicked out of #HOLYSQUAD

No. 48925

Ember is loved in the #HOLYSQUAD, they're too stupid to believe this.

No. 48927

This plus eboni getting called out is even better than princess doll

No. 48928

Looks like half of them don't have it in their bios anymore

No. 48930

for real? I don't even know who's in it lol

No. 48931


I used this for reference >>48284

No. 48933

Those are not all pro-ana accounts though, at least they don't seem that way to me,

No. 48936

File: 1445788711721.jpeg (46.53 KB, 750x362, image.jpeg)

This is my favourite.

No. 48943

Fragile.turtle is in some severe denial, it's amazing how far someone will go to live in naivety

No. 48945

Does anyone have ember on instagram? Has she posted anything?

No. 48946

Nope not a peep. She'll ignore and deny

No. 48951

Ember you are ugly as fuck. Like actually.

No. 48952

Personally I'm interested in how the others will react & how Ember plans to go about trying to cover her ass on this one. Good luck though, she's a shitty person all around, I wish she'd fall of the face of the earth honestly.

No. 48954

I hope fairy.sin sees embers bs, what a toxic person

No. 48960

File: 1445793595560.png (127.61 KB, 800x432, mhm.png)

from her old thread

No. 48962

File: 1445793634082.png (80.16 KB, 924x395, Screenshot_2015-10-25-02-09-56…)


No. 48963

File: 1445793657077.png (109.24 KB, 916x464, Screenshot_2015-10-25-02-13-31…)


No. 48966

Rude as fuck.

No. 48975

Half the people in that group appear to be younger than ember, they aren't going to believe you guys so sending them lolcow threads isn't going to change how they act.

Unfortunately when they're older they will look back and realize ember is faking serious illnesses, and in 5 years when Ember is doing the same shit and begging shamelessly for 0 calorie miracle noodles and other bs stuff she claims is for recovery she'll have a smaller following.

They're going to take what they want from this, half will actual deny ember posted what she did, and things will carry on as normal.

It's a sad thing to watch, but people will stand beside their friends no matter what-even if they're toxic, problematic and have an instagram entirely made up of sucking in and contrasting pictures to high heaven to look boney.

No. 48991

>I don't know what to feel about Ember now honestly. Manipulated and ignorant. I feel … Stupid

honestly, you should feel stupid. Theres an enormous amount of evidence proving what a vile, nasty piece of shit she is. and it couldn't be easier to find, you just have to google her name.

No. 48995

I'm not sure if sending the lolcow threads will increase the amount of milk or threaten the supply. Probably best not to do it. Her friends will figure it out anyway.

No. 48999

Thank God Ember finally got called out. I hate this stupid, ugly cunt. I hope she's embarrassed as fuck right now. She got what she fucking deserved.

No. 49003

She's really sensitive about her teeth and the fact that she dropped out of high school.

I don't feel sorry for her "friends." There are warnings about this woman all over the internet.

No. 49007

holy shit, this anon called it.


No. 49010

Nice trips!!! And same, I really want to contact fairys.sin, and tell her what Ember really thinks about her.. Just so she can get the fuck away from her.

Also, JuJu is in IP right now and I feel that Ember over befriended her because of her illness. She wanted to use her as an accessory and as a motivator, I'm positive.

So fucked up.

No. 49012

Oh my god, that was meeee!!! I'm not even surprised that I called it though. Have you had a chance to read through all of the comments Ember made about Emily?

It's fucking disturbing. It's been years and Ember is still obsessed with Emily, but in such a horrible fucking way. I definitely believe Emily is still getting hate mail from her now.

No. 49013


>No one gives a fuck about this girl. No one. She is boring, worthless, and nothing even close to special. She doesn't deserve a thread here, let alone TWO. Let this thread, and this spoopy cow, die.

>Posted by Ember

No. 49014

i hope a lot of her followers see this thread. I posted the link on my IG, a lot of embers followers requested to follow me bc she told them I'm a "bully" and "please report and block her". Who needs to be reported now?
Think twice before blindly following anyone and doing their bidding for them. Ember said it herself, she considers her followers to be her little "minions". I hope as many "minions" as possible see this thread.

No. 49015

i really hope someone posts screenshots if she does.

No. 49018

Turned her notifications on so if she does post ill be able to screenshot quick.

Cant wait to see her hilarious excuse for this

No. 49020

I don't think she's even going to acknowledge it on her insta tbh

No. 49021

Please stop linking lolcow to outsiders, ffs. This is how we get newbie spergs.

No. 49022

It's too late. We're already too far gone.

They might as well.

No. 49026

they're wanarexics and 1 or 2 anorexics who aren't in recovery. electriceffy thinks she's weight restored, and because she's "weight restored" its ok to post consistent thinspo poses of herself. But she has a bmi of like, 15, so I'm not exactly sure wtf she's doing/thinking.

No. 49027

This girl was specifically interesting to me because in her bio she has a video of how not to believe instagram people pretending to be thinner, yet is embers friend.

No. 49029

Why do you think they are wanarexics? I mean the shit Ember has done is wrong, that's what this thread is about (most of the time), but just because those girls are her friends (we'll see when that ends :')), does not mean they're fake and all as well? I'm not following ALL of them but I have seen some of their profiles, I wouldn't call them wanarexics :/

No. 49031

sorry but when she orders her 10k followers to block and report me for bullying, I can't help but rub the fact that they were used by an attention whoring liar in their faces. Whether they believe it or not, i can't control. but its pretty clear/undeniable now that admin has labeled all her self posts and threads.

No. 49035

>Why do you think they are wanarexics?

are you one of them?
out of like 6? i said 2 are anorexic, like electriceffy. but the others are mostly just really young, like the majority of embers followers are. and its not uncommon to be very lean when you're very young. too many girls learn they can use their natural thinness, a filter and some posing, to get attention for being anorexic.

No. 49040

You said out of 6, 1 or 2 are anorexic. I'm just curious as to why you are claiming the other ones are wanarexic. I am not one of them, I am just following some of them and I personally do not see the 'wanarexicness' that you claim to see, which is why I asked.

No. 49042

File: 1445797748170.png (61.09 KB, 709x572, dumb af.png)

i contacted one of her little #holysquad buddies and this was her reply

so yeah, they're all pretty stupid

No. 49043


oh and here's the link, i sent more messages and so did someone else

No. 49045

File: 1445797852741.png (36.46 KB, 702x314, d.png)

No. 49046

She's right though, it's a fact that ember posted everything marked but we can't prove it.

No. 49047

Sending more asks at this point is beating a dead horse, she's not going to believe you. Her and de.prived or whatever are not going to believe it, and they are reinforcing eachother to not believe it so it's even worse.

I'm sure they'll have it on their minds when they lay down to sleep tonight, let them figure it out themselves.

No. 49048

weird how she is able to trust a random girl on instagram over a thread that is loaded down with proof of all of ember's shitty behavior. even without he labels, there are so many screenshots of Ember being a lying scum bag.

people just believe what they want

No. 49049

Ember preys on people younger than her that she can easily manipulate, that's why she used to always post on pro ana forums looking for "little sister" she could be the "big sister" to.

It's pretty creepy now, but it'll be creepier when she's older.

No. 49051

Admin doesn't have to prove anything, you can tell by the screenshots ember took.

No. 49055

Yes, people are stupid.

The average person wants to be loved, to have friends, to feel validated.

To believe this thread her 'friends' will be losing those things. They'll feel dumb for putting their trust in her.

Though rationally we can see it would be worse to continue contact with her, they cannot, yet.

People are easily manipulated to fulfil emotional bonds and desires. That's exactly what has happened here.

No skin off our backs, though.

No. 49057

To be honest I don't think all of her manipulation is intentional, personally. I think she's a plain girl with very low self esteem and these are the only ways she knows how to get attention or maintain friendships.

I imagine she didn't have many stable friendships growing up.