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File: 1695404444453.jpg (317.41 KB, 1920x1080, 103.jpg)

No. 1902426

Previous Thread: >>1893706

The briefest recap possible:
Lots of relapse baiting, copious nonnie-on-nonnie spergfighting, everyone loves Posting Tube, munchies are munching, and the grown women of edtwt continue to work tirelessly to be Eating Disorder Influencers.

The longest recap possible:
Ashley/Tamzin is dipping her toes (8.4/10 stars, according to 10 foot fetishists) back into the munchie waters and having fun trying out Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and hemachromatosis. Lies about being detained, clings to the past, and (I hope I don't shock anyone by saying this) really wants attention. Deleted her tiktok. One very dedicated nonnie hunts for evidence of Tamzin's hysterectomy claims and is successful.

Kate claims to have lost 18lbs in two weeks by subsisting on laxatives, diuretics, and vodka, and is purging so much she can't get the smell of vomit off of her hands. Her 30k+ follower edtwt account got suspended, so she made a new one. It was suspended within a day. She made a fresh account (dietkaate) that's currently private, but took her tiktok off priv and started posting there again. She also started posting herself in skinny-fetish subreddits, and met a new guy (again…) but this one's special because now she gets to do tons of coke on the weekends.

Bun is relapsing, OD'd, and is blocking her close friends on edtwt for copying her (by starving themselves), and requests that everyone just learns how to starve themselves properly (by starving themselves) instead of copying her (by starving themselves). If you know anyone who is currently starving themselves, please remind them to submit their yearly licensing fee to Bun in order to continue doing so.

Marie/Elise remains in a pitiful state. She posted a picture of herself standing next to an irl, but even edtwt thought it was fucked up of her to compare their legs. She deleted it and apologized. She made a thread about how horrible it is to be BMI 8 but continues to post lots of incredibly grim bodychecks.

Return guest mirubunnie got broken up with after someone sent her nearly 70k follower edtwt account to her boyfriend and he got upset with her about the negative impact her posts have on young and impressionable girls. She briefly (pretends) to consider deleting her account, but she enjoys being a verified ED Influencer too much to pull the plug.

Enara gets called out for hospital shopping and continues to be unable to resist cataloging every breath she takes in the hospital. Really hope for some more detail from her. I'm absolutely on the edge of my seat, and I know the rest of you are too.

Lucinda gets brought up and is apparently moving to the USA. Yes, her existence is sad. Yes, she has destroyed her body. Yes, there's a lot of unsettling fanart of her. If this is news to you, check out Lucinda's thread: >>1775242

Laura does the leg thing again. She wears some pink clothes, looks disheveled, begs for attention, decides to go priv (let's see how long that lasts). Totally novel and astounding developments. We cannot help but be captivated.

Lyss thinks it'd be normal to hire movers to move some boxes from her old apartment to her new apartment…in the same building. She also thinks that it would cost $1,000 to do so.

Kate-orbiter Maddy, the 39 year old Anorexic Pioneer Woman of edtwt, joins Kate in triggering children as a hobby.

Zara is so recovered. She's the most recovered. No one has ever been this recovered.

Eugenia continues to deteriorate, and we learn more about how batshit her family is.

Rachel continues to educate us about the importance of spoilering images.

Grifter Mosaic/Mel gives updates from the hospital.

Sydney, Elzani, Fi, and Stef are not doing too great.


No. 1902432

thank you and bless you for making it before the last one got locked!

No. 1902436

OP here. In case anyone gets annoyed about the links: removed a bunch of the links that were in the previous list because lots of the accounts were deleted. Wasn't sure about the names or links for some of the cows that don't get posted about as often as others, so I hope someone who's more invested in those cows will want to add them in the replies.

I guess I'm also missing the obligatory rules disclaimer, so to that end: blogposting, posting people under 17, and cowtipping are against the rules.

No. 1902438

Low quality reply, but damn. Really good thread, OP. Good overview of the cows' current antics too

No. 1902439

oh im sure kate will be thrilled with how much space she got on the op pic. kek thank you nonnie

No. 1902447

File: 1695406683768.png (186 KB, 522x512, milkmind.png)

happy to be of service, nonnies

kek my personal bias notwithstanding, she was objectively the dairy queen of the last thread

No. 1902458

One of the best OPs in a while!

No. 1902468

File: 1695409642027.jpeg (146.2 KB, 1170x431, IMG_6191.jpeg)

Discord anon here, I’m probably going to start posting collages or image dumps in the evenings when I get the chance. Current milk: new guy is 36 and into skinny chicks. He gave her a bladder infection (“got nutted in and then passed out”) and she’s struggling to take her antibiotics because she can’t stop purging.

No. 1902484

discord anon, you’re the best anon. thanks in advance for the collages. it’s only been about a week since she met him, right? kek i’ve never seen a moid-induced UTI progress to a full-blown bladder infection so quickly. the chronic dehydration from lax/diuretics probably had something to do with it. a coke addict skinny fetishist ten years her senior is going to do wonders for her ed and bpd.

No. 1902486

Thank you nonna, the thread is perfect!

No. 1902523

File: 1695417059879.jpeg (56.66 KB, 1024x538, IMG_7653.jpeg)

Sage because not contributing but has anyone gone to ip with Stephanie Veloso Rodas? How did she pass away?

No. 1902524

File: 1695417111802.jpeg (152.57 KB, 742x1123, IMG_7654.jpeg)

No. 1902539

i don’t think there have been any official statements about the exact cause (that would be gauche) but speculations include alcohol poisoning, intentional or unintentional (latest mention i could find is here >>1721246)

No. 1902548

File: 1695420174533.jpeg (239.54 KB, 749x1134, E37826F6-476A-41AB-A571-04AA4B…)

She’s back!
‘Things are good’
Sad video about ‘being the chubby one amongst friends’
Another sad singing video
Odd leg lifting

No. 1902549

File: 1695420247852.png (4.65 MB, 750x1334, 3044B85E-68F1-4138-A685-3EC905…)

No. 1902552

File: 1695420361968.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, 90CE8F44-25AE-4C24-AB35-AD5D86…)

I can’t understand the song she’s mouthing on the other video.

No. 1902559

File: 1695420976594.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.1 MB, 2522x2243, ec.jpg)

EC looking more skeletal, and loving flaunting it, every day. The amount of her hip bone that we can see is horrifying

No. 1902576

JFC thats absolutely nightmare fuel

No. 1902580

This is so random but does anyone remember Caroline (@officialcaronlines_music)? I didn’t follow her super closely but everything about her seemed so suss. From her terrible singing voice/auto tuned songs, her weird videos all in the same outfits of like a sweatshirt and knee socks, her seemingly empty mansion, the fact that she always looked like she never washed her hair, and of course her brief MCAS and hospitalization…. It was all just so weird. I have a tinfoil based on nothing that her mom wants her to be a pop star and buys her followers and producers but there is really no explanation for anything about her. I just checked her insta and she hasn’t posted since June. Any autist anons who have done a deep dive and have info about her?

No. 1902586

after just FOUR days? i really took the time we had without having to see that awful filter paired with an utterly depressing leg lift for granted

No. 1902635

I went to the post you linked, and that Maury video was actually of a woman named Melissa DeHart. It was Melissa who developed problems with alcohol after she had recovered from the worst of her eating disorder, and it was said that alcohol poisoning was the likely cause of her death.

I found this article about Stephanie - it seems that she was on The Doctors, not Maury, and she was not an alcoholic, but she did take too many painkillers at one point. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5093679/Anorexic-woman-finds-disease-her.html

No. 1902645

File: 1695429852443.jpeg (121.31 KB, 508x849, IMG_2895.jpeg)

it’s so easy to chalk miru’s tweets up to ana-brain but i’m pretty sure that, unlike her face, her stupidity is au naturel

No. 1902651

Last thread was the only thread I've missed for awhile, wtf happened to get a new thread so quickly?

No. 1902652

honestly, a lot of new fags blogging, colours ranting about the nhs having favorites, and infighting resulting from the first two things.

No. 1902676

what the hell is she doing? she's really parading her skeleton around like that on tiktok of all places wtf.

No. 1902682

File: 1695436380249.png (420.68 KB, 681x708, Screen Shot 2023-09-22 at 9.32…)

Despite begging for money for Crumble cookies and moving boxes / costs, Lyss apparently has spent enough money on Starbucks to buy a dumbass cup with their reward points.

No. 1902750

I guess her "leaving" was just another way to drum up attention, not an actual attempt at curating her online experience. Assuming she really HAD left with honest intentions, do you think she could admit that she came back because she feels lost without negative attention from internet randos?

No. 1902776

nah, she would never own up to that. but we all know it.

No. 1902785

File: 1695451572640.png (6.35 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_9221.png)

Mosaic now has her long awaited (free) pegj toob and is munching pain. I bet the money she’s stolen from her followers for her toob is going towards her opioid addiction. Love that sly smile.

No. 1902815

Kids go home the same day with panadol after getting a surgical tube. She had a fucking morphine PCA for a WEEK and is still taking pain meds. What happened to the $5,000 she scammed on her go fuck me for her tube that she got done publicly after the Aussie doctor told her to fuck off?? Someone report that shit. How does ANYONE believe her bullshit, she is clearly a con artist in every way and this ‘wife’ is in on it too

No. 1902819

File: 1695458826309.png (587.95 KB, 931x483, ItsAShame.PNG)

For some reason I'm really struggling to find a last name, age or any actual information on her other than she's LA-based. A random scrote has been bullshitting on her TikTok that she's passed away but no actual information other than "a TV station covered her". Can't find evidence of that either. Can't stand it when people poison the well. It's a shame she went down the ana route though, she looked pretty prior.

No. 1902820

File: 1695458922847.png (330.44 KB, 1388x309, updated.PNG)

Her youtube channel has actually had it's playlisted updated, today even. So if she manages the page she's alive at least. It seems weird that if she did pass that there'd be no official statement, unless they'd try and milk sales from falsifying life rather than milking sales from death.

No. 1902823

very avant-garde album covers, at least

No. 1902878

File: 1695476000928.png (794.71 KB, 882x490, daylia.PNG)

From the other thread: >>1902853
>A nonnie has accidentally outed herself as a farmer in the quest to provide lostallsanityx milk. Your sacrifice is not in vain, kek.
>Daylia has been arrested, and refused bail to try and get into prison but they just let her go home. Nothing's changed. She seems to make videos using the police too, got a policeman to say "feet" for her police feet video. Bizarre to be so close to them.

No. 1902966

File: 1695490700521.webm (10.04 MB, 7281802980137946374.webm)

the juxtaposition of this video and the "Eat" one >>1902005 is too funny. if anyone's begging kate to eat it's only because they don't know that this plumber spends all of her free time in the bathroom, too.

No. 1902982

At least she used to be consistent with the Tim Burton goth-emo aesthetics and being extremely thin was part of it, but nowadays she is like a drug addicted sex worker for fetishists

No. 1902986

Kek she would be a swiftie

No. 1903021


That’s what I thought too. I thought it was a day surgery and very basic over the counter pain relief. It’s just wrong how many people she’s used for her elaborate larping. Maybe her wife is just a mindless ‘sheep’ kek

No. 1903025

File: 1695500014549.png (579.47 KB, 432x677, Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 3.12…)

Stef is so transparent. She can't even post a picture of her dumb Harry Potter shirt without making sure her tube is in the picture.

No. 1903049

File: 1695503170036.png (207.44 KB, 429x602, Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 4.04…)

Zara is such a rude, defensive asshole all the time. (I actually don't think it's weird to not have cake on your birthday if you're not celebrating with anyone, but jesus christ she could be minimally polite or just ignore these messages. The level of defensiveness makes it seem a lot less normal.)

No. 1903064

File: 1695505927953.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x2120, B5E75435-FB54-4476-95B2-4C70CE…)

does anyone else remember when zara said she couldn’t drive until she was bmi 15? it was a screenshot where she deleted it really fast from her story. looks like she’s bmi 15 now

No. 1903066

That kind-of reads like the dad gave them a lift, since both she and her dad met up with the friends?

No. 1903141

the smug passive aggression must be required to be an anachan. as well as the ability to get high sniffing your own farts.

No. 1903143

File: 1695518251997.png (420.07 KB, 519x919, 7282180589942328581.png)

kek who indeed…

No. 1903173

Nonna, this is a good thread and i loved your recaps!

No. 1903174

She looks like a cat about to lick its own arsehole. Very dignified.

No. 1903177

It is a simple surgery, unless you have complex medical issues (either GI issues which necessitated the tube in the first place, or ones meaning anaesthetic has lasting effects). Or unless you're a munch.

No. 1903178

File: 1695524154339.png (112.08 KB, 428x509, Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 9.55…)

Apparently Enara owns a fucking horse?

No. 1903185

This comment made my night nonna, I actually wheezed, thank for you cheering me up - kek!!

No. 1903204

Does she live near the countryside? Owning horses is likely a rich girl thing in Australia too, but less of a rich girl thing if you're in a farming area.

No. 1903205

I mean, it might be sort-of reasonable, but it's still pretty ridiculous given that she cries sometimes about not being able to save up enough money to get additional private health insurance or whatever

No. 1903207

File: 1695529801577.png (232.89 KB, 431x682, Screen Shot 2023-09-23 at 11.2…)

> I am too heavy for him to carry

No. 1903229

A couple of options - it might be her mum paying for it or a family horse, or she's with some therapeutic riding program but has 'her' horse the same way lots of us who had lessons as kids would ride the same horse each time.

No. 1903231

I mean, at least she recognises this. I remember that fat influencer throwing a shitfit because a ranch wouldn't let her ride a horse. Animal welfare trumps feefees.

Anyway, she can still enjoy the horse - exercise him, groom him, chill out with him or whatever it is horses enjoy.

No. 1903233

She lives in Cairns and is a member of this pony club: https://www.instagram.com/earlvilleponyclub/?hl=en

No. 1903234

I can't help noticing those riders are all at least 10-15 years younger than Enara. No grown up clubs in the area or is this her version of the pediatric ward?

No. 1903240

>I'm skinny and pretty
But you eat like a fattie and will purge yourself ugly. Nice cheeks.

No. 1903262

LLL needs this sweater kek

No. 1903271

File: 1695538634102.jpg (292.61 KB, 1102x1700, Collage_2023-09-24_01_55_07~2.…)

No. 1903273

File: 1695538989533.png (1.51 MB, 853x1544, Screenshots_2023-09-24-03-02-3…)

No. 1903279

How the hell does she keep gettinf away with all this shit

No. 1903292

That's what I'm wondering too. They've picked her up so many times for literal shoplifting and then let her go home. So. Many. Times. Surely by the nth time they decide to just actually arrest her…considering shoplifting is..illegal?? Got me damn confused sorry for retard brain moment

No. 1903296

Samefag but also aus horsefag, pony club australia has extended membership ages to over 26yo to give senior adult riders opportunities to experience competing, social stuff etc etc. Still not super common but is becoming more popular. Considering Enara's issues/past it's definitely her weird childish mentality keeping her in pony club and not befriending horse people her own age though

No. 1903297

her use of „aloud“ makes me angry

No. 1903299

Because she's too unhinged for the cells. She's like, banned from Incarceration because she's too much to handle

No. 1903307

I thought Australia was good for looking after criminals. Don't you guys have something similar to Broadmore or any actual secure prisons? I don't get how anyone would be "too much for a cell"? i just assumed she's handled with kiddy gloves due to the fact they're petty crimes and she's mentally retarded, and will possibly soon to be dead from huffing. I don't get how the mum can stand by and watch though.

No. 1903308

Yeah Melbourne has this hospital prison thjung called Thomas Embling that if you’re crazy criminal then you go there. That’s what she needs tbh or at least long term psychiatric carr

No. 1903312

i wouldn't call literally burning buildings down and setting fires in public petty crimes

No. 1903316

yes and she got sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for that, ayrt clearly meant the shoplifting deodorant to inhale or whatever she spends her days doing

No. 1903327

Every state has a psychiatric prison for mentally ill prisoners so how the heck is she constantly set free again honestly she’s a danger to everyone around her including everyone who has to see her literally self harming in the middle of coles and physically pull her off the train tracks and off the roads out of traffic???

No. 1903329

no, she has been setting fires even recently and they don't hold her

No. 1903338

does she possibly have a family member or something in law? not an ausfag but i know in the us if you have cop family members it can be relatively easy to get off on stupid shit

No. 1903340

i was thinking the same thing, she's so fucking CORNY. obviously made both those videos to be like see guys i do eat! bitch, we know you eat lmao your chipmunk cheeks are horrific

No. 1903356

>>in the us if you have cop family members it can be relatively easy to get off on stupid shit
~God bless AmUrRicA~

No. 1903368

My ex kept his dads business card in his car for when he got pulled over for speeding, he never got a ticket

No. 1903378

File: 1695561872949.jpeg (380.44 KB, 1334x557, IMG_2908.jpeg)

you’ll love this, then

No. 1903386

Basically she's the skinny version of Lilee Jean i.e. no talent and a delusional stage mum

No. 1903392

File: 1695564783439.jpeg (646.6 KB, 2048x2048, 50C465D0-460C-46E0-A244-3A7CD3…)

Stef put all her tiktok antics in one video kek. The baby pictures and dance videos being posted to music about trauma and then the body check and tube. She’s really wanting the views or asspats

No. 1903406

File: 1695567652628.jpeg (392.56 KB, 1125x1952, IMG_7331.jpeg)

Anyone else following unwholesome Helena ?

In and out of psych wards with bird psychosis, substance abuse and Ed

Currently AWOL

No. 1903410

Yes. I’m enjoying her chipped tooth era

No. 1903417

When this showed up on the first page I thought it was cp spam for a second

No. 1903418

No but I'm interested to hear the background on her!

No. 1903455

I don't get why she used the picture where she is asleep when she was little, it's kind of odd choice.

No. 1903457

Showing off all her bones, obviously. She would never admit being proud of her thinness, but she probably is.

No. 1903467

besides her Pro-Ana bullshit, she seems to be extremely dumb. like, genuinely retarded.

No. 1903492

She was homeless whilst pregnant
Has a child in the care system
Posts on TikTok when she’s doing well and does daily ‘take my meds with me’ and then disappears
Gets bird psychosis probably from drinking and using or ends up in hospital from an attempt which lands her back in psych.

Recently ran away to France bc she was getting death threats from some woman for not paying off a debt. slept in a park

Sold her phone so she’s not posting on tt for now but is still active on club and only fans bc she has to pay off her drug debts somehow

No. 1903523

Cooney is basically a teaching tool for medical students at this point. You can see all her skeletal structure and the overlay on top of where the muscles..well, where they should be.

No. 1903524

Ok I need someone to explain 'bird psychosis' to me because I am apparently too old for the internet. Unless it was a typo in which case still help please.

No. 1903529

Why did you remove the onlyfans screenshot anon? Just curious. And wonder at what point she changed her username from wholesomehelena to -unwholesome.

No. 1903530

File: 1695583679227.png (412.41 KB, 345x608, burbs.PNG)

I think it's just psychosis that involves birds, on a tiktok she mentions a black bird with a white bee just following her around when she stopped her medication.

No. 1903534

Discord anon here, Kate has her kids currently so nothing interesting going on other than the cum-triggered bladder infection.

No. 1903535

File: 1695584245619.webm (669.94 KB, 640x480, 7282174634894609669.webm)

kek she deleted this one, but she kept up the one in the ed recovery tag since it gained some traction

No. 1903537

File: 1695584340808.png (30.64 KB, 419x258, awareuwuness.png)

samefag. at least she misspelled the tag so not as many people in recovery will be exposed to her bullshit

No. 1903539

File: 1695584773187.png (362.34 KB, 478x633, 154008.png)

that's good news, in a way…
i don't follow her priv account but you can still see replies to her tweets, and since someone replied to her latest tweet with "same" and a pic of hard seltzer, it looks like she's still drinking while on prescription antibiotics, skinny genius that she is

No. 1903579

She’s admitted several times she doesn’t have anything diagnosed so I’m guessing munching and jsit after the medication

No. 1903580

File: 1695588195836.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, DB713702-0BEA-447D-BAC2-896CA0…)

Laura seems to be making a point of selling larger sized items of clothing……..Probably to insinuate she’s losing weight. How does she even get money to buy so much stuff all the time? Someone told me that UKfags’ benefits stop after they have been in hospital for a year ?

No. 1903582

File: 1695588300688.png (4.87 MB, 750x1334, F6AE24AC-9E78-42B0-9E0C-161CF9…)

She’s selling a lot.

No. 1903584

File: 1695588490704.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, C6D58A0B-6630-49CA-B2EF-79D34E…)

Enara really?! Really?! I thought she was banned from hospitals and everything?

No. 1903590

File: 1695588562193.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 99174220-6797-41C6-9C88-A2EDFA…)

No. 1903594

Way to shame anyone of that size wanting to buy anything too.

No. 1903601

She still has ravioli hands, if she's lost weight, it's been water weight.

No. 1903617

File: 1695591586703.png (501.13 KB, 429x697, Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 4.39…)

She's almost making fun of herself at this point

No. 1903622

god she's embarrassing. she could literally be working in a hospital and get to go there every single day with a badge with her name and picture and everything, drink all the hospital coffee she wants, be friends with the staff for real! etc. but noooooo that would mean she would have to be the one caring for others, and that's just not her way.

No. 1903624

Right? She's qualified as a diabetes nurse, which is a pretty low-stress nursing job that she could do super part time if that's all she can manage. It's not even like she was focused on bedside nursing where she'd need to be able to work long shifts, lift patients, etc. She could work a cushy 9-5 clinic job.

No. 1903638

File: 1695595162461.jpeg (282.05 KB, 1098x737, IMG_1082.jpeg)

found on her tellonym. as if zara will ever gain to a bmi of 15. she’ll keep on pretending to be the queen of health whilst her organs rot and bones crumble. annoyingly, she looks a million times better now but it’s only because she was so extremely skelly beforehand. if we didn’t have her previous state to compare to, she’d get ragged for being so underweight and acting like she’s better. but the difference is so stark between her worst and now that it gives the fake impression she’s doing well.

No. 1903738

File: 1695607581779.png (558.49 KB, 475x642, Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 9.05…)

Oh look, it's time for Stef's latest tube/church selfie in her favorite slimming pose

No. 1903746

I was wondering wtf it was too (spontaneously taking flight and abandoning where you live? some kind of hoarding/nestbuilding fixation?) but the only search result is this girl and it's just her being obsessed with random birds kek

No. 1903763

It's a psychosis that involves the conspiracy theory that 'birds aren't real', I assume. People often get paranoid and think there's hidden cameras everywhere during mania and psychosis, some people might get fixated on conspiracies like birds being surveillance drones.

No. 1903772

When did she grow into a wine mom who got sunburnt during a vacation?

No. 1903773

You're doing the Lord's work nonnie, she's my favorite cow ITT. It's so sad her teenage "fans" are too dumb to see that she's a trainwreck

No. 1903800

they’re dumb, and it’s sad, but it’s even sadder that their prefrontal cortexes aren’t fully developed, they’re desperate, and they’re vulnerable, and Kate is using all of that to her advantage in order to feel worshipped and adored. it’s one thing to need a place to vent, even when you’re an adult or parent, but purposefully cultivating a cult of personality in a community filled with kids when your whole personality is self-destruction is just fucked. S tier trainwreck tho!

No. 1903836

she reminds me of eugenia's mom in this pic

No. 1903848

Even if her benefits stop while inpatient, her parents probably still give her money for clothes, snacks, phone etc.

No. 1903849

I'd guess she's only not allowed in psych for her pre-scheduled 'respite stays' because of her self harming antics there last time. A&E would have to see her if she was having an actual medical emergency. Then again none of these girls seem ever to go to their GP/family physician and always head straight to the hospital.

No. 1903868

she was just banned from the private clinic where she was doing the respite stays, so it's just that she can't go back there

No. 1903870

File: 1695627005036.png (801.34 KB, 595x791, Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 2.29…)

For all that Stef tries to insist that she's just posting pictures of herself living her life, nothing to do with the tube, she's totally not trying to show off the tube because she thinks she's the sickest ana … she really has made her entire life about the tube, kek (1/2)

No. 1903871

File: 1695627028563.png (289.92 KB, 596x439, Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 2.30…)

No. 1903889

As if she's not loving that

No. 1903907


Stef must be so desperate for validation that she reached out to Snapchatbot to talk about her feeding tube. Everyone at veritas must be sick of hearing her already

No. 1903913

File: 1695633453137.jpeg (781.66 KB, 1125x2012, IMG_7346.jpeg)


Helena’s OF

Forgot sage in reply so deleted and reposted

Bird psychosis - basically she thinks blackbirds are following her

She did a post about it and has a literal escape suitcase full of things to hide from the birds -

Secret key to hide money from the birds
Hi vis jacket
2 first aid kits
Police evidence bags
Fish shoes to attract cats
Drawings of cats to chase off the birds
Mugshot of a bird

No. 1903916

File: 1695633588414.jpeg (236.85 KB, 1125x1805, IMG_7347.jpeg)

No. 1903919

>drawings of cats

I love this girl. Mental illness isn't funny, but this is freakin adorable.

No. 1903920

Sorry for being such a fucking bird nerd, but the only black bird with a white beak in the UK is the rook. They're pretty big but not anywhere near as common as (eg) blackbirds although their beaks wouldn't be mistaken for white.

No. 1903933

does any psychfag know what can cause this type of phobia? why birds

No. 1903936

It's not phobia, it's paranoid delusions.

No. 1903941

File: 1695640216932.png (1.83 MB, 867x5202, Helana_article.png)

She's an alcoholic, it seriously does fuck up the brain when you're heavy and dependant on it. You can believe/see a lot of things whether coming off alcohol or during active heavy use. No idea why it'd be birds specifically for her though, the brains a strange thing on substances. I do wonder if she lapsed on alcohol for the episode to happen again though, always thought that once detox was over etc brain chemistry would correct itself bar any permanent brain damage. Kind of fucked if you have to carry on living with it.

No. 1903947


Not taking meds, drinking, coke, h and other substances … not sure why it’s birds specifically with her but I guess that’s the nature of psychosis, you’ll do and believe things that don’t make sense to anyone rational

No. 1903952

No. 1903978

dainty gorl

No. 1903985

I don’t think psychosis is funny (usually). It’s a serious condition and must be awful for the person but ……Her bird escape suitcase………I just can’t! Not cowish at all but I’m sorry this is really funny. FISH SHOES?! In the suitcase at all times?! She’ll be attracting vultures or eagles or something, never mind blackbirds! And drawings of cats ?! MUGSHOTS of the birds?! What’s she going to put in the evidence bags?? Poor girl to feel she’s being persecuted like this but omg this is too funny.
Hopefully she doesn’t know that crows can actually recognise human faces and have been known to pick out and attack and follow people for real.

No. 1903991

Absolutely not a pro-ana scumbag. Doesn't even mention her ED. Just a standard waste of space junkie with repeated drug-induced psychosis. Are these threads now just about anyone who spends time in psych wards?

No. 1903994

these fish shoes she has…are they shoes that look like fish, or shoes that smell like fish?

No. 1904003

I think she’s been mentioned because she’s lost a lot of weight recently but I’m pretty sure that was due to drugs instead. So yeah she doesn’t belong here although I like following her antics on tt. We need a general thread for psych cows

No. 1904017

Agreed, I've been wanting a general thread for malingerers in the psych system and people who larp as having psychiatric problems that they obviously dont have. I wouldn't include munchies though especially since those threads are locked/banned(?)

No. 1904019

What does she look like now?

No. 1904020

I am also very interested in the fish shoes kek. I’m imagining brown leather shoes with slices of fish for insoles that you stand on! Sliding around and……The smell!
She should get a cat. Or if she can’t look after one then leave food out to feed strays/ neighbouring cats so they come around her place. I would also add recordings of loud cat noises to the escape suitcase.
Sorry, sorry, off topic.

No. 1904028

not to say that a separate thread wouldn't be a good idea, but this thread almost serves that purpose already as there's just so much overlap. like half of the current crop of cows (e.g. enara, laura, other laura/colours, lostallsanityx etc) are bpd headcases where the ed is sort of incidental to their milkiness, and there's not really much milk at the moment from the purely pro-ana cows (kate excepted). maybe there's enough other pure psych cows (like helena) to sustain a separate thread though? idk

No. 1904035

Yeah there’s loads of psych cows on TikTok that we could discuss like Alex Moorhouse, Hayley (iknowyouarewatching8888) and Katya (katsrecovery2023)

No. 1904045

i'm in favor of a separate thread. the headcase cows are already tangential to the thread topic at best and end up being the root of most infighting and blogposting. a lack of scumbag milk for a period of time doesn't mean these threads should be derailed.

No. 1904047

I think it’s almost impossible to have just an Ed and no other mh issues, surely? Normal, stable, happy people don’t starve themselves or whatever else any of these cows do.
Just having an Ed is going to make you anxious and depressed and obsessive (or the other way around). Or personality disorders or ptsd or psychosis (Luci) cause the Ed?
Seems most people come to the attention of services because of their Ed as it’s obvious to see in most cases and once professionals dig a bit they find something else. Or lots of something elses!

No. 1904052

But it’s so intertwined. I see what you mean and some of these people like LAS never post Ed stuff, but if you’re trying to keep the thread pure Ed then something like a cow posting sh is not milk. Even if they have an Ed. Cows like Han and Emily J shouldn’t be on here as they’re not really posting Ed stuff anymore. The majority of LLL’s antics wouldn’t be posted as they’re not Ed related (spiders, boot, sock, face scratching, faking other illnesses, ‘dancing’, sabotaging discharge). Colours never belonged itt in my opinion. Doesn’t seem to have Ed content except other people’s. There would be barely anyone left. And the hardcore ana queens like EC and Ash don’t do anything different than they’ve been doing for years.

No. 1904053

Comorbidities are very common, yeah. But while having an ED will make someone depressed, anxious, and obsessive, it won't automatically make someone a Pro-Ana Scumbag.

There are more than enough psych cows to sustain a separate thread, and once the thread exists there will be more discovered and added to the crop. It's a much broader range of unhealthy attention seeking behaviour and those communities tend to be way less guarded than ed communities because they want the attention and discovery. The ed communities generally focus on attention from within the community instead.

No. 1904057

I think having a separate thread (this ones) for Zara and those then a separate thread for people like that bird psychosis, Laura, etc who larp anorexia

No. 1904058

Clinging to the cows that already exist and have been exhaustively discussed is the only reason there would be barely anyone left. Note how the majority of actually milky and proana behavior at the moment comes from newer cows. All you have to do is scroll edtwt for 10 minutes and you'll find milk. It's up to nonnies to process and deliver!

No. 1904059

Agreed and separating real pro anas vs ones who fake the disorder because they clearly have other issues like bpd would be best. Although Ham is annoying and milky I never understood why she's on this thread other than probably munchausen

No. 1904060

Exactly. This was how these threads started with people like Elzani but then the new farmers came in and ruined it by flooding the threads with Ham

No. 1904061

Then how do you define criteria of being a mental illness cow? Not trying to criticise, just thinking making it so wide open as to include all mental illness then what is considered milk? Attention seeking? Then you end up with basically a PD thread. Weird behaviour like the fish shoes and bird protection case(kek)? You end up with a psychosis thread. DID would basically just be arguing about fake claiming. And munchies are not allowed, I think someone posted further up?

No. 1904062

and why fish shoes? birds aren't repelled by fish lol it doesn't make sense

No. 1904067

I would argue that actual pro anas are quite rare. Also wannarexics like Kate I don’t consider actually anorexic but she openly promotes Ed’s and really wants it more than most of the atually skeletal cows so I’d say you can be a pro ana scumbag without actually being anorexic. You just really think you are or want to be for some deranged reason. And they would belong here imo.

No. 1904069

To attract cats apparently. Cats like fish. I do want to know the details of these shoes quite badly.

No. 1904073

Yes but Kate actually has disordered eating. So a pro ana with disordered eating would apply but a pro ana cow without disordered eating wouldn't because it's clearly bpd or maunchausen think Laura, Ham, etc

No. 1904075

Also let's not lie we're all mentally ill here but we're not cringe dramatic attention whores

No. 1904076

I mean, the whole /snow/ category is for unhealthy attention seeking behavior. Then there are subcategory threads and threads for specific people. Basically everyone posted in /snow/ is a mental illness cow. The arguments about DID already happen in this thread, fish shoes are happening as we speak, munchies are discussed on the regular anyway, and that's all derailment of this thread IMO. There's definitely a way to get all of that kind of behavior under one umbrella without explicitly making it a munchie thread, even though I don't see anything in the posted rules about that being banned. A thread like "Social Media Psych Ward" would seem apt. I'm open to starting the thread later today or tomorrow myself if it makes things easier.

Nonna you don't strike me as a newfag but please sage your posts

No. 1904078

Apologies saging this one. You hit the nail right on the head. I think most of us who have been here since the start would appreciatw separating the threads. Ham, Laura, fish shoes, being in a separate thread will stop all this derailing occurring from all these newfags coming from edtwt and tt

No. 1904080

You talk about newfags but repeatedly keep not saging (write ‘sage’ where it says ‘email’ when you’re making a post).
Can someone possibly be pro ana without at least trying to have disordered eating?! Otherwise they would be an admirer of anorexia ie a fetishist if they weren’t doing some kind of behaviour themselves m.

No. 1904081

Fish shows are happening as we speak KEK

No. 1904082

Sorry I’m not new but I never learned how to green text.

No. 1904083

haha that's funny because i was thinking someone who thinks these threads started with Elzani definitely strikes me as a newfag

No. 1904085

Thanks Nonna. Could be really good. (Could be a flop like the fish shoes but I guess we’d find out). Only concern would be confusion/fighting over who goes where and how many threads everyone has. Not to mention pages open in farmers’ browsers.

No. 1904088

Fish shoes* but I’d take fish shows too. Seems anything goes right now.

No. 1904090

No I'm not new I just gave Elzani as an example because she was fairly one of the firsts. I remember threads before had less posts in them but I don't remember the exact people discussed as they aren't discussed anymore so I currently only have Elzani and Aly in mind. Shmegeh too

No. 1904091

This wasn't me lol why you replying on my behalf huh?

No. 1904092

Oh and that girl who used to post pictures covered on blood. Can't remember her name

No. 1904093

People with disordered eating, diagnosed eating disorders, and those who appear to be larping can all be pro-ana scumbags. Really the anorexia vs. wannarexia conversation is moot so let's not get into it kek.

Alright so maybe nonna isn't an oldfag, but not being an oldfag doesn't make someone a newfag. And they saged and apologized.

I think that it would be reasonable to link to the Psych Ward thread in future new Scumbag threads to ease the transition and establish that there is a history/connection. And that way, it would be easy to navigate to the thread and post there instead. We can live with the overlap, probably, because at least it will still mean that there will be less derailment. It won't be a clean switch but it'll get better over time.

No. 1904099

I agree with everything you said except for the wannarexia one as they belong in the separate thread because most of their behaviors are bpd and munching which is why the thread is getting derailed in the first place - newfags think we can just throw anyone with mental illness and attention seeking behaviors on here or skinny people with drug problems

No. 1904119

Niamh on vinted… seems like she's in the single digit bmis now. Is it true she's ip?

No. 1904120

Image board

No. 1904122

File: 1695663669002.png (1.74 MB, 853x1552, IMG_7686.png)

She took down the original post on Vinted… that was quick. If anyone managed to screenshot it and the others do share

No. 1904123

File: 1695663669376.png (1.03 MB, 1237x623, vint.png)

nta but here you (all) go

No. 1904124

Looks like EC if not less

No. 1904126

disclaimer that this was posted 2 months ago by the way


we all successfully ignored that reply and now you're bringing it back into the conversation because…?

No. 1904127

Because it's probably Niamh kek

No. 1904134

no way kek im not here to bonerattle, she has lost a lot but she’s not at EC’s level and lets hope she doesn’t reach that point.

No. 1904139

you’re delusional. she’s skinny, not EC level spoop, or marie, or even zara. and she’s IP now anyway

No. 1904140

Did anyone ever post proof that she's in IP? I don't remember seeing anything conclusive about that.

No. 1904142

How do you know she's IP?

No. 1904143

No one at all has confirmed it, if she was in IP would she have had access to her phone and be doing stuff on vinted? probably not. Personal tinfoil was Niamh throwing people off "well if she's getting help - no point trying to find out how she's doing/talk about her". I do hope she is getting help though, I don't get how you can stand around and just watch your daughter die in front of you.

No. 1904145

File: 1695666106883.jpg (343.65 KB, 1080x1821, IMG_20230925_201937.jpg)

Zara is definitely relapse baiting right after going off on someone for "judging people's recoveries", Aka calling out fakers who refuse to gain weight, shocker

No. 1904146

I think I'd like to make a "Cluster B(itch)" thread to go up at the same time as ProAna104 and have it linked. Any cows that are subjects on this thread could remain relevant to the thread if it's milky but it would give us all a place to discuss the cows that have golden laced milk but don't currently fit into a thread.
Something like must have 3/5 to qualify:
>diagnosis in bio
>currently inpatient or revolving door patient
>main milk not coming from eating disorder behaviours (that's still this thread)
>lurker / poster
I recon it would be shit up by the cows because they can't resist but that in itself is entertaining
Thoughts, feelings, opinions?

No. 1904147

Look at my baby hairs!
(And hands, loose clothing and poor circulation!!)

No. 1904149

Tbh she'd have plenty of Internet/ phone access in Scotland. Have you ever seen her mum? Looks like such an almond mum who's probably chuffed to bits to have a skeletal daughter with straight As

No. 1904159

File: 1695668312151.png (395.61 KB, 453x646, Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 20-55…)

these are the fish shoes on her tiktok
but what about seagulls?

No. 1904161

LMAO how is she real, I wonder if she rubs sardines or anchovies on them as well

No. 1904165

Damn, shmegeh brings back memories. The most entertaining of the cows. She still has a dedicated thread somewhere here, too bad the whole Mena revival situation didn't provide more milk and she ended up disappearing again

No. 1904167

why are the cows so obsessed with pulling these stupid ass faces. omg you're so quirky Zara. it drives me insane, it's one of the main reasons i hate seeing Niamh's ugly fucking face all over this thread.

No. 1904172


She’s not an almond mum, she’s actually very nice. I don’t know what’s going on with her ignoring her daughter though.

No. 1904176

File: 1695672376826.png (896.04 KB, 728x879, krisnlola.PNG)

Not sure if anyone remembers atravelsaway >>816652 she's still alive and kicking despite her super serious heart issues where she is dying on a daily basis and being resurrected by her boyfriend. On her service dogs account (krisnlola - RIP to the doggo) she looks as well as ever, doesn't do the whole schizo larp (and never seemed to around the times she was in the fake coma or had Maurice or the pilot as a "boyfriend"). I can't seem to find any other account of hers though, but damn that was a ride. I don't even remember her talking about a service dog? it truly feels like she kept so many parts just split on social media. Seems like she never recovered from the anorexia though, still has it in the bio along with GAD. Nice to see an old cow kicking after doom scrolling through the old threads and realizing how many are dead now.

No. 1904177

Two things, how would you know? And don't reddit space

No. 1904191

you’re asking me to doxx myself now. she’s in REDU in livingston. this is the same ward that the likes of smorven and abby have both been on. there are many patients there of varying ages who have social media and have friends who they speak to and might inform. some patients are also farmers. is that vague enough to not be considered a blog? hope so. she is there, believe me or not, but it’s fact.

No. 1904199

would enara stay in this thread or go in cluster b? like i know she claims seed or whatever but i think at this point its more her being a revolving patient

No. 1904204

Elzani was about the last decent bit of milk on here. In the good old days of crying Emily and journey to Emma and Allegra and smorven and Claire threads were much more interesting and were about anorexia not other stuff.

No. 1904206

All you had to say was she's on your ward sweet anon
That doesn't surprise me, though. Was she admitted when you first posted?

No. 1904212

File: 1695676738871.png (331.75 KB, 1280x720, OkZara .png)

No. 1904215

ED units in the U.K. are low secure units, meaning social media and phones are allowed. She probably is posting bc she is bored lmao

No. 1904216

I'm glad she's getting help but also considering how smug she was about running around all bony, I've gotta say…sucked in Niamh kek it was going to happen sooner or later

No. 1904219

Worth noting that lothian psych wards are normally quite strict on photos and videos though. Baffles me how abby got away with all her posts

No. 1904221

abby is one of the most selfish and disruptive patients ever, vomiting in front of people, bashing herself on walls when she’s not getting attention, shrieking her head off and just generally causing a scene when she’s not the focus of everyone else. i think fighting with her over her phone usage is just not worth it to the staff.

No. 1904225

i wasn’t the first poster (the unsaged post that came out of nowhere, not integrated etc). she’s been in REDU almost a week.

No. 1904226

this is fucking amazing, I'm sure Zara is seething right now (given that she clearly reads here)

No. 1904245

Muh pancreas

No. 1904247

File: 1695680015527.jpeg (303.88 KB, 828x1374, AC83DB6E-3E3B-4BE4-8753-D03396…)

Hmmmm, gonna take a stab in the dark here and say she’s gearing up for something kek

No. 1904252

did she look any worse than the last Vinted pics? Wondering if her parents finally saw the light and got her in

No. 1904254

>he’s 36
Laura, no… lmao oh boy

No. 1904259

At first I thought Laura was stalking a poor nice batista, but after reading everything, he is definitely trying to take advantage of her. How old is she, btw?

No. 1904262

whaaatt!! is there more than just that one screenshot? i need all the details please! ughh god i know men have no standards and will fuck anything, but omg she's so gross

No. 1904263

yeah personally I think enara would fit much better in a general cluster b/psych ward thread, none of her current antics seem to relate to the claimed ed. same with lostallsanityx.
I feel like cows with a very long history in this thread shouldn't go to the splinter though? like laura's main issue is clearly bpd not the ed she has/had, but she's been a mainstay of this thread for a loong time

No. 1904270

she's either 27 or 28, but I agree nonna. she's retarded and stunted. maybe she knows what she's doing but maybe not, hard to tell. Also what happened to the "bad men" scaring her? Laura don't chill with some random man from starbucks bc he gave you free coffee, wtf. Regardless "staff have been protective of me" is so moronic of her.

No. 1904275

enara has definitely drifted away from her ed larp, but she's still very milky as a different type of cow so I would also love to see her in a different type of thread and would be sad if we stopped discussing her altogether

No. 1904284

but enara still talks about her fake eating disorder constantly all the time

No. 1904303

personally i think an easy way to go about deciding what stays here and what goes in the new thread is just keeping it simple; if the majority of their milk comes from anything ed-related (including larping anorexia, because pretending to have anorexia is still “pro-ana” to a degree) they stay here, if the majority of the milk is something else (like enara & her hospital stays, laura and her … whatever the fuck, lostallsanityx etc) they go in the general psych thread. hoping it does get mad because i have a whole stash of personal cows from tiktok with various attention-seeking, revolving-door antics i’ve always wished i had a place to share

No. 1904350

Please!!! The greatest part about this tread are the BPD fags I’d love to see more

No. 1904353

Wtf is wrong with you? The fact that you have to post such cruel hate on a poor individual that is actually a sweetheart is so deranged. Get help(lost newfag)

No. 1904360

No. 1904362

yeah, your one dumbass post is definitely going to single-handedly reform lolcow and save all starving orphans

No. 1904390

First of all, sage. Second, if you think what that nonna posted is cruel you've gotta leave like right now. Before we start calling the cows "dummies" and "doody heads". Really hate for you to bear witness to that ugliness, your poor tender heart couldn't take it.

No. 1904397

Why even be on this site when you're this sensitive? Or on the internet at all.

No. 1904400

File: 1695705163126.png (337.25 KB, 430x625, Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 12.1…)

Why does Han basically always have her stomach out? and kek at the line on her forehead from poorly done fake tan

No. 1904410

Literally no one cares. Sage your vent.

No. 1904412

That hairline is tragic…

No. 1904416

Was she a sweetheart when she was using the image of a pilot saying it was her boyfriend and faking her coma's and constant near deaths and saying he was posting on her accounts? That her hair was magically turning white because of her super serious health conditions (bleach) amongst all the other crap? kek. She seemed pretty nasty in messages to others too when anyone questioned her. But just for you Anon, I'll be a little nicer: her doggie was cute, shame we never saw it during her larp. (Though did think she went off the deep end like Maureen with the sheer amount of dog pictures until i realized it was a dogs account) Happy now?

No. 1904440

Maybe he has some sort of mental issue/is retarded too, who works at Starbucks in their 30's by choice that's not some sort of rainbow flake?

No. 1904455

She’s not quite 18 yet tho? Is she on 1:1 for being underage?

No. 1904464

Severe eating disorders are treated in REDU if they are almost out of CAMHS or too unwell just due to the location of the ward and access to general (I think, not certain about the latter)

No. 1904520

File: 1695738599735.jpeg (621.1 KB, 828x1107, 29707137-B843-4F90-A1E8-827452…)

This person pisses me off. Can anyone tell me if she’s milky enough? Her tiktok is public .chiarafrancesca and her instagram is francaafn

No. 1904521

Thread pic nom.

No. 1904534

Definitely a vendetta post

No. 1904535

What are you 12? You sound like an immature twat

No. 1904536

Why on earth would it be a vendetta post? She's an old cow that was quite funny and it was nice to see she was doing well. Learn to sage newfag.

No. 1904540

Ntayrt but if anything they were replying to someone who actually did sound like a 12 year old

No. 1904541

Is she even 16+? every time I hear "school" in posts it sets off red flags.

No. 1904544

She said she was 17 a long time ago so she must be 18 or almost 18 by now

No. 1904548

Will be working on the cluster b/psych ward/etc. thread in the afternoon today (I'm >>1904076) after reading through everyone's opinions. It's refreshing to see that this was a well received suggestion after so many threads filled with infighting kek. It might be best to consider the first thread a trial run, and it's likely that the first half of the thread will involve a lot of deliberation and nonnies working towards something of a consensus over who belongs there, though I agree with you in that the thread the content belongs in should be tied to what aspect of the cow's behavior the milk is tied to.

kek I'm disgusted at myself for posting these walls of text so I'll be back when the ward thread is up nonnies. Thanks to everyone for your input and suggestions

No. 1904552

nonna pls call it Cluster B(itch)

No. 1904554

Couldwe shove colours in there once her thread fills? i don't think she's special enough to warrant a thread to herself. Plus it's extra keks for her to seethe as she hate reads about enera and co.

No. 1904559

You can still be in high school when you’re 18 kek

No. 1904561

thank you so much for doing this, but for the love of god i hope it's not just filled with people arguing about who belongs in which thread.

No. 1904625

File: 1695752263249.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1441, IMG_7352.jpeg)

How long until fi finds herself back in hospital

No. 1904631

And em

No. 1904641

lmao please. Em is fat. but yeah probably for having a meltdown because she can't handle uni and having to act like a grown adult

No. 1904653

she is not fat, she is at a normal weight, get off the internet and see a therapist

No. 1904654

Yes that will be colours' new home. She's not special enough to get her own thread now that there's a Cluster B(itch) thread going up.
Thanks for the hard work Nona who's offered to make it; I'd personally move LLL, Enara, lostallsanity the pigeon paranoia kid over and include their histories and links, but mostly keep the "recap" (introduction) about the amount of infighting in the ProAna threads due to the lack of ana but extremely good quality, high fat milk pun not intended

No. 1904655

Ntayrt but I think they mean in terms of being near hospitalization. She has so much weight to lose before she's in that category with the breathless fi

No. 1904656

Samefag, I should add I'm colours of my vandetta OP hence the conviction in my tone kek

No. 1904678

File: 1695756315058.jpeg (592.72 KB, 2048x2048, 6C41B736-E353-4E9E-B11A-912A1E…)

Laura really out here acting like we don’t all know filters and make up exist?

What even is the point she’s trying to make here? Yes, the meds they give you for screaming at the bad men and eating a fucking sock will make you into a doped up cow

Also wasn’t she leaving this account? How long did that last..

No. 1904694

banishing all the wannarexics especially the overweight/obese ones and the ones known to lurk here would be hilarious tbh

No. 1904698

He’s a 36 year old Stbx barista, I’m sure he’s not prize himself.

No. 1904699

and plus she looks way less unhinged in the before pic lmao oh laura smh

No. 1904701

File: 1695757630512.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1826, IMG_7359.jpeg)

Found another Zara ..as in she pretends to be recovered and preaches all about self love and how far they’ve come just because theyve put on a few kgs but still refuse to actually acknolwgde they’re not at healthy weight

@laurasylv she has a link tree ofc

No. 1904703

I can’t decide if she looks like a penis or a sperm.

No. 1904725


Do you think anyone’s told her how she’s looking more and more like Gollum each day with the more weight she loses?
How unfortunate.

No. 1904729

"Ah shit, here we go again!"

No. 1904734


You’re delusional if you think em is fat, she’s no longer even at her healthy weight and we all know she’s losing now she’s at uni and not under her mums supervision.
Def not underweight (yet) but she’s at risk of going back into hospital for sh

No. 1904747

File: 1695761501296.jpeg (688.3 KB, 1170x1652, IMG_5211.jpeg)

Confused why she has so many supporters when all she posts is super vague updates about always being unwell

No. 1904750

boo hoo she's a disgusting and horrible person

No. 1904751

File: 1695761807920.jpeg (545.82 KB, 2048x2048, 299E98CE-09F8-48AD-984C-088846…)


Just incase any of you haters missed the pure delusion

No. 1904752

File: 1695762034955.jpeg (156.95 KB, 585x1266, 3C558831-CE3C-4C14-8444-CF1E63…)

What housed individual goes to Starbucks for their water? Or is it just that coffee has too many calories for Lyss

No. 1904758

kek did she post this after seeing the post here about her filters and makeup? also the fact that she said “zombified” in that previous story the other anon posted makes it even more obvious she lurks

No. 1904759

File: 1695763478309.png (697.24 KB, 755x607, fashionnhs.png)

gotta say, fish shoe knows how to work a rag way better than kate does

No. 1904762

File: 1695763936528.png (487.57 KB, 707x614, thebirdsareback.png)

wait, i just realized…they're destined rivals

No. 1904776

KEK ty anon for the laughs

No. 1904777

Wow I haven’t seen a picture of her for a while. That’s actually really sad how quickly she’s relapsed. It amazes me how fast it’s happened. I don’t like her much, I find her annoying but I don’t hate her either and was happy to see her actually (apparently) getting better.

No. 1904785

Fucking kek

No. 1904786

Nobody likes a white knight

No. 1904790

She does this every time she weight restores. Previously it’s been when discharge from services has been mentioned, she’s come out of hospital, appointments have decreased etc. It’s been the same cycle with her since she was a teenager. Often once the novelty wears off and the asspats decrease, so does her weight and ability to “just breathe”. Her parents, although massive enablers, must surely be tired of her shit now seeing as she’s been doing it over and over since she was about 13 and would maybe, idk, want their adult daughter to actually be an adult and not have to baby her constantly?

No. 1904795

ZI think she intentionally stopped posting pictures so the difference would be as shocking as possible

No. 1904797

lmao Laura is lurking HARD. so embarrassing she made such a big deal about making a new account and she can't stay off this shit. you'll never lose weight by sitting on your fat ass stalking lolcow all day.

No. 1904804

no she's just a broke bitch but still wants pics of starbucks cups for the gram

No. 1904807

I don't understand how she loses weight so quick, she must literally stop eating all together

No. 1904809

File: 1695769575719.png (807.33 KB, 1300x950, psychward.png)

Presenting: >>1904806
Cluster B(itches): BPDs & Wannabes

It's not perfect, and I couldn't spend the whole workday doing all of the requisite digging for cow histories, but hopefully it should do for now.
Sorry that took so long!

No. 1904834

File: 1695773767300.jpeg (328.61 KB, 750x553, IMG_2936.jpeg)

having been homeschooled explains so much about miru

No. 1904856

You're a Real One for this. Well done.

No. 1904871

why do you say her parents are enablers?

No. 1904873

anorexics often have crazy high metabolisms in recovery, like they maintain on 4000 cals. so ofc they deteriorate really fast when they start restricting again

No. 1904874

semi-new and have looked through previous threads but haven't found an answer
why is tilly no longer talked about even though she clearly is not in recovery

No. 1904875

who do you think pays for the super pricy protein bars and custom ana spoons and the place where she lives while photographing her daily toast? Also, haven't they threatened the NHS with legal action before, to get whatever Fi wanted at that point?

No. 1904878

File: 1695777913258.png (1.02 MB, 1197x688, Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 8.24…)

I think it's also been a lot longer period of weight loss than we're remembering since she doesn't post many pictures anymore. The last one where she looked healthy was in June.

No. 1904904

File: 1695780722545.png (1.17 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230926-221018.png)

This must be the best day of her life rn

No. 1904906

can someone genuinely explain to me why the fats get NG tubes so often? From what I've seen, at least in the US, tube feeding is generally considered a last resort for most weight restoration cases

No. 1904909

I think she lives in the part of Autralia where they follow really strict guidelines that lead to a lot of tubing. Stuff like just orthostatic hypotension or claiming to have not eaten for a few days can help qualify you for an automatic tube. So a lot of the larpers or attention seekers know exactly how to hit the criteria.

No. 1904915

enara must have heard she was getting booted from the pro ana thread

No. 1904954

wait, someone just posted screenshots of enara in the hospital like a day or 2 ago..is this another admission since then or same admission?

No. 1904955

that was just her standard couple-times-a-week visit to the emergency room, I think

No. 1904965


No. 1904990

Anyone got an update on our fave gal and how her pregnancy is going? Sorry to be spoon fed but I'm not a follower. I think her account info says she's IP atm?

No. 1905015

"not sure how I'm going to cope" my arse! enara makes me want to a-log so hard…

No. 1905018

no words. it looks like she added more filters.

No. 1905020

It's a shame, she's actually very pretty when she's weight restored.

No. 1905022

strongly disagree

No. 1905024

Helena, Enara+ LostAllSanity aren't LARPing their psych issues. They're all mentally ill/messed up for sure even if they milk it for attention or can't go a day without seeking medical attention.

No. 1905025

Enara isn't larping having psych issues, but she's definitely trying to larp having a restrictive eating disorder.

No. 1905026

She's in her mid 20s at least but she's stunted AF from so long in hospital. I'm sure she missed a good part of her education because of it, and this is probably the first time a guy's shown an interest IRL as an adult. I hope she's careful.

No. 1905028

i don't think the the anon you replied to was suggesting that the cows in this thread are larpers, just that there are potential cows out in the wilderness whose malingering deserves a thread

No. 1905030

UKfag here - if someone is a barista at 36 here they're either a troon or Eastern European. Sometimes from South Asia.

No. 1905031

She's giving me big Fit Vegan Ginger vibes. It's the smile/emaciation lines/eyebrows/big face with no fat content thing.

No. 1905034

No1currs. Also she is quite pretty. Vendetta fag?

No. 1905035

What I don't get about Fi is that her sister(s) were also severely anorexic no? They've recovered and moved on with their lives. Fi is stuck in permanent childhood/dependency and the sisters don't seem to be a big part of her life. Must be very upsetting for them to be around her when she refuses to try and recover consistently.

No. 1905037

People literally have different brain physiology. Even if they're siblings, so could be that. But yeah it must be hard for her sister

No. 1905038

hi cow(hi cow)

No. 1905045

I know they're not clones of each other, but I wonder if it's something different in the way the parents have treated them. Whether Fi's always been the baby of the family or something (is she the youngest?). I've seen in my own family, where two older cousins will get bitched at and shouted at by their mom constantly but the youngest is like the golden child and gets away with a lot more before invoking the wrath.

No. 1905046

Holy shit nonna? That thread pic is fucking beautiful

No. 1905048

Move her to the Cluster B thread and stop flooding this thread with wannabe shit

No. 1905063

oh no, i can't even find her account? damn am i blocked, or did she delete it?

No. 1905064

Just searched and I can't see it either. Hopefully this means mum-mode is switched on

No. 1905068

File: 1695803687174.png (648.78 KB, 637x755, Screenshots_2023-09-27-04-32-2…)

No. 1905069

File: 1695803745256.png (66.84 KB, 623x193, stillup.PNG)

Still up, just private. She hasn't posted in 9 weeks to main, but has to stories.

No. 1905071

File: 1695804191943.jpg (683.75 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230927_094250_Gal…)

Sorry this is my pride talking!
sorry I need asspats

No. 1905075

Coffee culture in australia is big so some people are career baristas and like win awards for their coffee and stuff. Country and culture make a huge difference lol

No. 1905076

A queen

No. 1905078

That's definitely not the case, they could maintain on 2000 cals maybe but not 4000. Also, she's been unwell for so long that her metabolism would have massively slowed down. I'm anorexic and have been inpatient many times and my metabolism has never been fast.

No. 1905079

Also strongly disagree, she's really ugly which is unfortunate

No. 1905080

File: 1695806111314.jpeg (406.9 KB, 1170x2070, B3017FE2-E053-4CAB-8CA3-167CC9…)

she’s looking quite good actually, i’m happy for her

No. 1905081

this isn’t your blog nobody gives a fuck

No. 1905083

I was simply replying to the comment about how anorexics apparently have fast metabolisms and using my experience, fuck off

No. 1905085

Using personal experience no matter how relevant to the topic at hand is a cardinal sin here anon, didn't you know?

No. 1905087

I just said I've been inpatient, hardly went into detail

No. 1905088

No, she has a younger sister (the one who also suffered with an ED but seemingly dealt with it alone) she alluded to not going home for Christmas because of Fi and her ED, and how many christmases prior were spent visiting in hospital, how everything had been broadcasted online over the years etc. It was mentioned in threads late last year iirc. Quite sad actually.

No. 1905089

oh wow, the sister really shared that online publicly? good for her if she did

No. 1905091

she's fantastic, i love her

No. 1905092

Late to this but jfc the absolute state of her life rn, I feel so bad for her daughters

No. 1905095

“i’ve been impatient many times” okay. do you want an award for being the sickest ana?

No. 1905099

ntayrt but here's the old post if you're interested >>1395502
it was more intimated/implied rather than stated outright as a dig at Fi

No. 1905117


Can someone tell me how Fi’s gonna spin this relapse story? If her anorexia really was a symptom of her autism and doesn’t have anything to do with her weight..then why is she losing weight now her parents have pandered to all her ‘autism’ needs when it comes to food?

I feel so bad for her sisters having to deal with the shit this cow larps
(does anyone know if both fis sisters had anorexia too or if it was just her younger sister pip?)

No. 1905121

Nta but the reason for that is because it makes anachans blog here too freely for attention and validation. And most of the time it’s not relevant at all it’s just them using their anecdotal experience in an argument or trying to jam in stuff like “My bmi is low” or “I’ve been IP” where it isn’t needed

No. 1905122

File: 1695814857049.webm (604.16 KB, 576x1024, Untitled.webm)

Any idea what Kate won?

No. 1905128

File: 1695816341348.jpeg (167.8 KB, 764x1654, IMG_7371.jpeg)

When you filter so much your chin blends into your neck

No. 1905133

Laura posts go here >>1904806 now.

No. 1905141

You want a trophy little sick baby? Just had to get it in there multiple times didn’t you? You must be the sickest ana of all fucking time.

No. 1905142

You know a high percentage of the people posting on here are anorexic themselves right? Nobody needs your special ‘personal experience’ brags to explain Ed’s to them.

No. 1905149

Next thread recap needs to contain a big notice explaining, once and for all, that this thread is full of the sickest ana chans and that no1currs about personal shit.

No. 1905156

File: 1695820999513.jpeg (275.03 KB, 750x930, IMG_2941.jpeg)

Kate’s newest twitter account @dietkaate is no longer private

No. 1905167

Ty nonnie! She looks gorgeous and happy. One of the best graduations from this thread

No. 1905168

File: 1695822266873.mp4 (2.46 MB, SnapTwitter_Rh-O3fyUhh6ZmKOI.m…)

the bird is back

No. 1905173

File: 1695822482145.mp4 (1.65 MB, SnapTwitter_5CAP2OMQXZIuDqnn.m…)

only news is she went off her meds (trazodone) cold turkey 10 days ago, she’s at a new lw and is gunning for 10 more lbs

No. 1905180

but the starbucks barista in question is in britain

No. 1905196

File: 1695825755817.jpeg (193.67 KB, 750x689, 4F173A16-E6F2-41B3-9999-25E990…)

Not sure how to get the video to display in the same frame but it says 38.1lb, how is she claiming to be in semi recovery when she’s still bmi 8?!

No. 1905200

She looks like someone's bad first attempt at 3d modeling a human

No. 1905211

File: 1695827384995.jpg (304.33 KB, 947x2048, media_F6FA73YWAAAg9gi.jpg)

What an unfortunate bum for a 25 year old kek

No. 1905214

File: 1695827601124.jpg (97.56 KB, 708x1000, qbwb.jpg)

thank you nonna, it's based on the cover of the book that mean girls was based on kek

No. 1905220

Any one able to get the pic?

No. 1905223

File: 1695829331713.png (84.23 KB, 604x278, 2309270.png)

it's just her standing on the scale, 10 second video

No. 1905227

The effort she goes into sucking in contorting her body and clenching ffs what a loon

How old is this cow? And she has children?
How is she out here posting shit that edtumblr wannarexics were doing in 2000 it makes my skin crawl

No. 1905230

She looks good! And the most normal she's ever looked. I almost didn't recognize her.

No. 1905231


Bmi 8? How tall is she?

No. 1905233

No. 1905234

She looks so good, I hope she has a beautiful baby and loves being a mama. Absolutely my favorite success here, keep it up gremlin queen kek.

No. 1905249

So happy for her wish her the best and to her baby! Btw how old is she?

No. 1905250

she turns 26 in october. two girls, oldest kid is around 5.

No. 1905256

god could she pose any harder kek

No. 1905264

File: 1695833146842.jpeg (110.55 KB, 1170x970, IMG_1476.jpeg)

nonna you just don’t understand how long she starved for this

No. 1905283

Honestly cannot believe the complete and amazing turnaround she has had. This girl was borderline feral, living in her filthy cave room, seemingly antisocial/socially inept, dressing wildly inappropriate for family functions and beyond obsessed with her purge inducing plate photos out the same window we thought she might topple out of and share the fate of that ketchup bottle (or whatever). She always had an oddly sweet and endearing way about her though. I really wonder what changed in her life for her to improve so dramatically. While I don’t doubt she still has issues she may be working on, I feel she is truly an inspiring cow that these other lame, self wallowing attention seekers could learn from. A breath of fresh air in this thread, wish her all the best for her new life to come.

No. 1905287


Wonderful! I hope the happiest life for her- from grubby plate gremlin to clean, healthy looking preggo I could just cry.

No. 1905299

She truly looks like she has a new lease on life. Amazing to see and I hope she keeps it up.

No. 1905309

could this be in kg?

No. 1905310

Don't line break after the post number ("reddit spacing") because it makes your posts stand out

No. 1905313

Kek that’s so embarrassing

No. 1905321

Marielise is 4’7

No. 1905325

no, that's pounds. if it was in kg (84lbs), her BMI would be in the healthy range at 19.5, as she's only 4'7". her condition is just that grim.

No. 1905361

hahaha omg that was creative, awesome work! just reminded me of this line from the movie - "Laura, I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you."

No. 1905362

Are we sure she’s that short? That’s legal midget size.

No. 1905368

congrats your kids must be so proud

No. 1905369

kek the way she's larping severe anorexia is too funny.. or too sad idk. she's clearly disordered but so delusional

No. 1905371

sorry if I'm asking to be spoonfed but when has im_powering been mentioned? I've been lurking for a pretty long while and I haven't seen her mentioned but her account has always been in the links of every new thread

No. 1905372

Earliest i can find so far is thread #51 >>1158852

No. 1905375

Agree, I'm rereading old threads and she was so scary sick. I actually cannot believe she's better

No. 1905377

Yes she’s legally a dwarf

No. 1905396

what threads?

No. 1905423

early pro ana scumbag threads. duh?

No. 1905462

"I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can't help it that I'm so BPD wannarexic."

No. 1905474

File: 1695858469717.jpeg (192.13 KB, 586x918, IMG_2948.jpeg)

she’s SO tumblr. can’t be helped

No. 1905480

She did a Tiktok live yesterday and a crisis officer is visiting her house this week from all the calls they received.
She said she's had them and the cops called all the time on her and that they know her by now. And everytime they do nothing…she was such a snotty brat in the live about it.

No. 1905482

And three inches of that is eyebrows.

No. 1905483

Hardly, just because you're probably a fat cunt sitting behind a screen wishing you were thin lol

No. 1905486

it's not only a rule here, it's the ancient rule of anon boards. also the reason why if you ever reveal you're a woman on a /b/ thread the only sort of replies you'll get are 'post boobs then'. it's 99% of the time not relevant to reveal your personal information to an anon board. when you post on an anon board, you must become an anon. 'integrate', you know

No. 1905491

The tiktok trend of trying to save Eugenia is just endlessly repeating history, from younow, to youtube, to twitch, to tiktok. She has the Greenwich police dept phone number saved as a contact on her phone, and even made vlogs about having a 'lovely visit' with them. The tiktok children don't realize just how enabling every single person left in Eugenia's life is and don't realize all these tactics have already been utilized and failed. People are just wasting their time and wasting police resources with her.

No. 1905554

I'm fucking tired of Eugenia being around showing her disgusting body. She also uploads videos in revealing clothing, fucking triggering just watching an 30 yr old scumbag dressed as a disney character or sum. I'm hoping that jackskellington looking ass bitch dies. Also when shes on live people keep donating to her and telling her to get help and that stupid bitch just smiles and says she's okay like,,, let that bitch die. she ain even anorexic shes fucking disgusting.(a-log)

No. 1905558

At this point I just wish people would stop talking about Eugenia on all platforms, commentary channels keep on endlessly milking the topic over and over again. We get it, she is sick and her family enables her. She can't be helped because not only is she in denial but she also knows that it gets her views and gross fetishists to give her money. She is an adult so she can't be forced to recover either so if she doesn't want to then she'll die or become like Ash and be a medical mistery I guess. Maybe if people stopped paying attention then she would be forced to do something else.

No. 1905566

They keep talking about her as a poor child when she’s 30 years old. Very infantilizing and gross

She does it for massive donations from anorexia fetishised coomers

Same I’m so tired of the same old shit ‘omg Eugenia is dying any day now’ for the past decade.

No. 1905567

There was a woman who looked exactly like her that I would see every week walking by my house. She would walk super slowly like an old person but she was probably only about 25. Would see her regularly for about 10 years, then one day never saw her again. Idk if she moved or died (more likely) but she was exactly this BMI by the looks of it and very similar looking to EC. I get reminded of that lady every time I see her. What’s weird is that woman dressed in similar flashy gothic style outfits too.

No. 1905578

I know the human body can do amazing things but whenever I see Eugenia it still surprises me that she seems fairly able to walk normally, with uncomfortable shoes and clothing too. She still has enough energy to put on make-up (even if it looks shaky and questionable) and she livestreams for very long amounts of time. There is no doubt in my mind that she must feel like shit all the time but she really doesn't show it.

No. 1905586

I agree it’s actually pretty incredible she can walk, dance, sit up and stream for hours, try on dozens of outfits, apply that makeup that must take at least 10-15 minutes or so etc. Other anas ive talked to who had BMIs below 10 basically said they felt like death warmed up and could hardly move around without feeling like their limbs were made of lead and completely numb like permanent pins and needles. I don’t know how she does it, I guess her body has just adjusted to it.

No. 1905597

File: 1695874792837.png (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, ivi.png)

This admittedly comes across as incredibly autistic behaviour, but constant questions about when cows were first/last mentioned and the minor nuisance that is searching for old threads prompted me to compile a list of all of the Scumbags threads (RIP #90) and start noting appearances of Significant Cows. I've clearly gotten ahead of myself, so before I waste any more time on this I thought I'd ask if any nonnies would actually care for such an index. I am leaning towards not bothering with noting appearances so as not to coddle lazy farmers and newfags too much.

As a sidenote, was funny to see ivi (https://twitter.com/lmndrp_) posted all the way back in the second thread 7 years ago >>74929

No. 1905620

Good on youngest sister for making that choice, and realising that being around Fi so soon into her own recovery (which sounds fairly recent at the point she made that post) is basically going to pull her back into the spiral. Fi is a martyr to her cause, and doesn't seem like she wants to recover - she's too gleeful about it and seems to relish the pain it causes her mum. It must be really hard for both of her sisters.

How old is Fi though? I don't actually know. I would have said 21-22 but if her younger sister is living and working in London I would assume she'd be that age herself.

No. 1905621

I'm sure we have professional "career" baristas in the UK the same way we have career bartenders and brewers. They sure as shit ain't working in Starbucks though.

No. 1905622

I think she must have had a come to jesus moment. Hospitalised for a medical event or something (maybe chaotic electrolytes from the purging) and they pushed her into therapy and … I'm just speculating. Whatever's happened I'm so so glad to see her doing this well. It's an incredible turnaround, and she's one of the cows (I don't even want to call her a cow!) who actually seems really sweet and nice.

No. 1905623

By medical definition, you have dwarfism if you're 4'10" or less when you stop growing. I know this because I wanted to know if Danny Devito was a dwarf. At 4'10" exactly, he is.

No. 1905624

I feel like she must chug electrolyte drinks off camera. I'd say prescription pain meds too, but I don't think her body could process them properly at this point.

No. 1905653

i was thinking that she's probably too short because of anorexia, it for sure has stunted her growth since she's had it during her supposedly puberty years or even earlier

No. 1905659

I hadn't thought of that, but that would almost certainly be a factor in her short height too.

No. 1905672

Our favorite (former) gremlin is having her own lil grem. I am so happy for her. As it seemed that honestly she was never going to recover. The turn around she has had is the most remarkable out of any graduated cow (which there are very few that won’t/don’t end up back it seems)… I do miss the slop photos sometimes tho, and the forlorn bottles of ketchup outside her window on the lawn.

No. 1905684

I do feel nervous for her, post-birth is when a lot of the trouble starts. I'm hoping she can keep it going onwards and upwards and uses her little one as strength to keep going even if things get rough. The sheer amount of mums with EDs that do well during pregnancy only to then relapse due to PPD, stress or body issues is heartbreaking and frustrating.

No. 1905685

Nta but kek, replies like this are so embarrassing. You people have such a one track mind and every time an anon tells you to quit blogging you just default to sperging about how they must be obese for not giving you asspats for starving yourself, you know being skelly is just as embarrassing as being a hamplanet right? Go to therapy and stop spewing your mental illness all over the thread kek

No. 1905693

I think Fi is 26

No. 1905728

She’s 26…. Going on 10 kek

No. 1905739

Godspeed nonnie. I’d be interested at least and it’d be helpful. Maybe if you do then hopefully future thread ops can keep a link in the summaries.

No. 1905769

Also interested in this sort of index,thanks anon!

No. 1905775

Was it Dorian? Kek

No. 1905789

kek nona that was my first thought

No. 1905793

Dorian is pretty much alive and she hasn't had EC's body weight for 10 years straight.

No. 1905799

If you spent the time compiling the list and don’t want your hard work to go to waste you could post it, not a newfag but I’d appreciate seeing when some well known cows were first mentioned. I completely forgot about the girl in picrel, her pics used to be all over tumblr, I guess she’s still doing the same shit just over on twitter now

No. 1905817

She’s probably on all sorts of uppers…….Maybe. Although if her mother doesn’t let her open the door to see the moon I’m not sure how she’d let her go out and buy drugs. (Unless her mother does allow that, which would be horrendous……..But then wouldn’t her mom take them too so she can also get skinny? Kek). If she gets drugs it seems like it must be illegally because surely no Dr would be prescribing stimulants to someone in her condition?! I can’t imagine she’s even been near a Dr in years because any one of them would send her to hospital on sight if they want to keep their licence, surely? But who knows?! Obviously I’m just spitballing here.
The long streams and the incessant (although obviously fake) positivity and attempt at being ‘bubbly’ and upbeat at all times seems like it MUST come from drugs. How can even a non starved person livestream for 6-8 hours, regularly?! With no food or bathroom breaks or even water?! With that level of energy, talking, engagement and moving around? Focusing on games or on make up, even dancing?! Seems to me that she has to be on drugs. Purely tinfoiling that but anyone in that extreme state of starvation is going to be constantly exhausted and very mentally unstable and fragile: crying a lot, breaking down all the time, extremely depressed or just emotionally shut down. Not to mention the physical complications and pain she must be in. I’m surprised she doesn’t black out every time she stands up off that chair or gets off the floor after her ‘dancing’ tbh. She must be at least seeing stars when she gets up but she holds it mostly together for really long livestreams. She clearly trusts her body enough to hold up being on live streams so long without something happening but it seems a pretty bold assumption on her part! To keep up the energy and act that she does just seems remarkable when anyone else in a similar physical condition is basically disabled and in a very depressed and fragile emotional state. This just makes me think it must be drugs keeping her going so she’s able to keep acting this way.
Nobody has ever seen her drink coffee or energy drinks as far as I know (I don’t think she’s consumed anything at all in public ever except water for her ‘throat’, which I don’t think she actually even did, it looked like she faked even drinking WATER, which is really disturbing).
My conclusion (if anyone cares) after all that ramble is that she must be taking a bunch of stimulant drugs to keep her going and to keep her that energetic. And probably other stuff because she must be in pain and probably have kidney, GI and heart issues……..But then she’d need to get all that from a Dr so same issue of why she isn’t hospitalised if she’s being seen by a Dr?!
I can’t believe that in all this time she’s been ill she hasn’t passed out multiple times, had seizures, been incontinent, had organ failure/damage or just been damn exhausted and depressed and laid around crying for days! We all know it’s not a fun illness so how else apart from drugs is she as energetic and engaging and seemingly able as she is? She hasn’t even broken a bone as far as we know!
Obviously one day she will die and maybe the truth will come out. (Or possibly she will recover but it’s not very likely). At some point either way there will be a tell all documentary I would think.
(Sorry for the length nonnas, feel free to ignore my musings).(integrate better)

No. 1905820

That would be interesting. A lot of work but if you’ll willing to do it?! And didn’t someone say #90 could be revived from archive or something?

No. 1905826

It is possible to have anorexia from childhood/ pre-puberty and still reach a normal (or even on the taller end) adult height. I guess it’s the age old ‘every body is different.’ I think it’s definitely stunted some people’s physical growth in height but not others.’ Maybe it depends on if there are periods of time where the person ‘recovers’ or consumes more calories for a while, or whether their illness and intake is pretty much the same and very restricted for the whole of the time they should be growing.

No. 1905827

I would wholeheartedly appreciate a knowledge base akin to what you're proposing, and I'd be happy to help with it.

No. 1905828

‘Pretty much alive’ kek.

No. 1905839

Jfc Nona this isn’t Reddit kek, condense your posts a little

No. 1905846

I'll separate it into sections instead of a thread-by-thread breakdown of when cows emerge, which should make it less time consuming.
Yeah, the last time I saw her posted was here >>1804860. She's a bit milkier now that she's more involved in Kate's circle, but it should be said that >>1800695 is just a great thread in general to return to. Lots of Nikol being batshit and her beach ball belly era, Kate being a narc/eagle/regina george wannabe. Some headbangers who might be worth checking up on and migrating to the Cluster B(itches) thread.
Yes, #90 is still available on the Wayback Machine. Thanks for the reminder to check.
Thank you nonnie, we'll have to resist the urge to wikify it kek. I'll reply again once I'm clearer on the scope of it all.

No. 1905865

File: 1695922418842.png (124.69 KB, 1080x724, Screenshot_20230927-121113.png)

Yep, she really is that short.

No. 1905866

Regarding Marie/Elise she never gives a straight answer but alludes to having never gone through puberty at all due to her ED from a young age and other unspecified health issues .

No. 1905907

Not trying to wk her but baby hairs actually appear in recovery, not with restricting.

No. 1905914

I must admit, i read through your entire post and it was a good read but this violates the community guidelines. you don't sound like a newfag so in the future maybe (not trying to be mean) try to condense your posts a little

No. 1905915

Rarely and only if you recover before your 20s/25s.

No. 1905922

File: 1695930158756.jpg (455.57 KB, 1124x2227, mobilecrisisteamuguuyyyssaaa.j…)

This might actually get interesting. The baggy clothes and massive sunglasses will not fool them kek. Hands will be a dead giveaway.

No. 1905979

File: 1695937811354.jpeg (743.95 KB, 828x1382, 0C440AC7-4060-4BBF-8ADD-ECAB46…)

Not milk but kek nonnas, she wasn’t even away for a week and now it’s back to regular programming. This “throwback” was inbetween all her story posts selling her size 18 clothes. Laura your “relapse” bait sucks.

No. 1906004

My bet is that she’ll either have a lawyer present or has already been coached by one. I sadly, highly doubt any positive outcome here. Interesting how public she’s making it though.

No. 1906009

Please save any Laura-related milk for the new Cluster B(itch) thread!

No. 1906010

What does it violate? Talking about a current cow, saged, not blogging or a-logging, not a minor, not fighting or derailing.

No. 1906026

Very doubtful she's on stimulants. If she were, she likely would have passed away by now. Her BP and HR are already fragile from malnourishment, and I imagine introducing anything that would strain her heart, especially something she'd be taking every day like what you suggest, would be the end for her. The thing about Eugenia is she is just a strange medical anomaly. She is not suffering the classic symptoms of malnourishment. I remember in that Shane Dawson video, she said the treatment facility doctors were stunned that her vitals and organs were still in good shape. I fully believe it, because you literally can't fake being okay when your body is not. Especially for as long as she has.

No. 1906044

I do think some people have thought she may have some seizure-like activity on some livestreams sometimes. I’m not a med fag but it at least looks like some electrolyte is off by the recordings. Also the diaper scandal, it’s it’s true will prove some incontinence.

No. 1906048

File: 1695946851095.jpeg (499.37 KB, 750x881, IMG_2967.jpeg)

oh, well this is intriguing. not excited to discover what this loser sounds like but what could bun be so pressed about? and why would she be surprised to end up in a screenshot or something in a video when she’s crawling up EC’s ass on the regular

No. 1906063

File: 1695948641108.jpeg (407.22 KB, 750x852, IMG_2968.jpeg)

some very avant garde nail care going on here

No. 1906116

If someone was anorexic from say 11 until 17-18 it's probable they'll have a small growth spurt when they reach a healthy weight. Sounds like Marie's only ever been underweight since getting there though.

No. 1906118

I can believe that. Nikki Grahame never got her period either as she was younger than 10 when she got ill. I feel like the anas whose eating issues started pre-teenage years are a whole other level of unwell and disordered, it's so depressing to think about kids starving themselves. I can't even think of them as lolcows even if they're baiting for asspats and concern like Marie does, because it's basically all she's ever known.

No. 1906145

File: 1695960759793.jpeg (193.04 KB, 750x945, IMG_5060.jpeg)

Encouraging her followers to abuse YouTube's report function. You can't strike someone's video for using screenshots of your PUBLIC twitter account, retard. A public twitter account where you reply to Eugenia, a public content creator

No. 1906146

Nta but it’s long and drawn out, it reads like a Reddit post. So maybe integrate a bit cause you stick out like a newfag, notice how everyone else’s post is short and to the point, and no one is using exclamation points.

No. 1906227

Nope still no excuse

No. 1906229

File: 1695973624453.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1125x1967, IMG_7386.jpeg)

No. 1906236

Has there ever been anyone that claimed to be in treatment with Eugenia?

No. 1906254

first, she needs to relax a little. that strained neck looks painful. chill abby, you can learn to breathe from fi.
second, she's genuinely prettier without makeup .. cuz it's so bad I don't even know how she put this shit on her face, thought it was cool, took a picture and posted it on Instagram. it's seriously awful.
third, showing her new sh cuts in the pic is so unnecessary she could've took a pic either hiding it with some emojis or something or without showing it at all.
also why did they discharge her, wasn't she inpatient? I don't see she's got better..

No. 1906255


She hasn’t really been to treatment apart from that one time she got 5150’d - just long enough to put on a few kg (anyone actually know how long she was there? I didn’t watch any of the shane/katie docs)

No. 1906256

File: 1695976472979.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1125x2034, IMG_7387.jpeg)

So fi is planning on returning to uni - guesses on how long that will last?

Back in hospital before Christmas again I think, just in time for all the attention to be on finding fi again

No. 1906257

this may be unrelated but how do these cows get forehead vaginas? I could imagine getting bruised if they bang their heads long enough. but a whole ass vagina with occasional periods ? damn

No. 1906267

I’ve always wondered this - when headbanging youll get bruising too so they’re probably picking and cutting them back open which is just another level of look at me I’m insane

No. 1906276

Speaking about anorexia in the least anorexic way possible.

No. 1906288

She was in a treatment facility in Connecticut for 1 month post-5150 in California. A 5150 is just a psychiatric hold that cannot span longer than 72 hours. Eugenia has been very uptight with revealing anything about the center she went to in Connecticut. She openly talks about how much she hated the 5150 and that it traumatized her, but all she's said negatively about the treatment center is that they forced her to eat a lot

No. 1906292

They discharged her because REDU only has 12 beds and they're sick of reserving one for her like 8/12 months in a year when there are people who want to get better and actually put effort in that are now the priority for beds. She's also a disgusting human being, purging on demand and having literal tantrums which I'd suspect isn't what's acceptable on an ED unit

No. 1906293

Headbanging on a sharp corner..not even banging but more like tapping. Headbangers-as-self-harmers don't often use their foreheads because they'd get caught and there would be measures put in place to stop them. The vagina crew are left to do it on wards because they are not actually at risk of brain damage (because they aren't actually banging their head, but also bc it's all rotten away)

No. 1906294

File: 1695983696106.jpg (43.51 KB, 896x500, Jessica-Eye-GETTY.jpg)

the skin on the head is really thin and tight, so any kind of serious blunt force trauma will split the skin apart instead of a regular bruise. you can see this with ufc fighters who get open bleeding gash wounds on their face if they get punched hard enough.


No. 1906307

I believe 6 or 7 months? I could be wrong because I’m not a fan of hers so I don’t follow her. But last night I was checking her Instagram and her post from January 28 2019 says she’s stalking a break from Social Media, and the next post after that is her comeback video with Shane on July 19 2019.
I don’t know how it works in the US but in my country I had to volontary sign for the amount of time they had planned out or go to court if I refused and stay longer (court usually votes for longer periods of time and is very strict). She probably signed for the first option since she got out so quickly.
(Sorry for mini blog, I can delete this if needed)

No. 1906317

File: 1695987105851.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1909x3362, IMG_0135.jpeg)

I don’t remember who was asking about Niamh and how old she was this week but she turned 18 (?) today! Posted this on Snapchat this morning.
I hope this will upload successfully, it’s my first time posting an image here.

No. 1906320

Does she post a lot on her Snapchat?

No. 1906321

She took everyone out of her Snapchat when her pictures got «leaked» so I don’t know. This story was posted public as I’m not in her close list anymore.
So to answer your question, publically no. Idk why she made this one public maybe she wants people to wish her a happy birthday?

No. 1906323

After the 5150 she stayed in treatment for one month, which is a very short time for recovery. Afaik her and her mother got her out of treatment as soon as they could, then she made the comeback documentary and the video with that mental coach girl. They really just forced her to eat a lot and they didn't even give her a tube, I doubt any therapy had any affect on her because it was just a month. It was guaranteed that she was going to relapse, you could even see how ashamed she was of her weight gain (wearing baggy clothes, still not showing herself eating anything, being visibly uncomfortable around food in a cooking video with her mother). She started losing weight right away after that.

No. 1906325

The anachanning aged her face so quickly it’s crazy

No. 1906332

That whole potential obsessed-chan "I'm BMI 13" "I'll be out of CAHMS soon so i can starve!" "I wanted to be her fwend but now i relapsed!" is playing on my mind, it felt like either someone larping as Niamh (potentially with the twatter), or is Niamh trying to play games for arsepatts. Happy birthday to the lass though, and i hope recovery goes well. It's all downhill from your 18th so make the most of it.

No. 1906345

I might have misread your post (English isn’t my first language) but I am not Niamh? Nor do I know her? I used to follow her and had her on SC that’s all.

No. 1906346

Kek happy birthday you ugly rat ♥

No. 1906350

Ah sorry, it was just ping-ponging off the whole Snapchat thing with her making that picture public whilst having removed others (never used the platform so i'm not too sure how it works). It's making me wonder if she was larping a lot of the obsessed stalker chan stuff herself. Pardon the 'tism.

I don't personally get why people see her as a rat, it's more of a frog for me, or she looks like she was holding frogs in her mouth. But sorry anon if you think i'm Niamh kek, normally i like the whole cat amongst the pigeons but meh.. i'm not going to larp as a kiddo.

No. 1906357

ok we get it youre not niamh
doesnt she just look thrilled to be 18

No. 1906362

To be fair, most 18 year old probably wouldn't want to be in hospital on their birthday, and those that want to remain in childhood wouldn't want the day to happen either. Thrilled enough for a body check though.

No. 1906377

REDU has 12 beds but most of them are empty. They discharged her because her BPD is so prominent and BPD doesn’t respond well to repeat hospital admissions, and she is disruptive to other patients as well

Niamh is defintiely in REDU rn though

No. 1906397

File: 1695999260542.jpg (711.43 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20230929_154944_Ins…)

right I know this is unnecessary & cruel but… fiona is the ugliest person I've ever seen. I say this as someone who appreciates unconventional features. can't help but wonder if that's related to her ED somehow?

No. 1906406

She looks average imo, not pretty but not particularly ugly either. Just older than her age because of ED

No. 1906409

yeah it's completely subjective I suppose. just never encountered someone who hurts my eyes like that kek

No. 1906419

She totally went m.i.a with showing no pics so that when she finally did her weight loss would be blatantly obvious and would get all the 'you look sick are u ok' ass pats

No. 1906420

A newfag who posted a picture and saged? I praise you. Other newfags need to learn and see how easy it is. Thanks for the update non

No. 1906426

File: 1696001937508.jpg (520.45 KB, 880x878, Breathe.jpg)

What I see when I look at that pic

No. 1906427

She won’t be going back to uni.
We’ll get another Christian’s of elf hats and outfits. And daft tea spoons or bowls

No. 1906443

It's the lack of fat on her face probably.

No. 1906445

My bad for miscommunication nona, i don't think you're niamh i was just piggy backing your birthday wishes

No. 1906449

No she's just boggin regardless of weight imo

No. 1906453

she's nice enough looking when a healthy weight, but being underweight makes her look so dreadful, more so than other anachans imo

No. 1906461

I was amazed how actually pretty she is when she's not so gaunt and her features aren't disproportionately large due to lack of facial fat.

No. 1906462

yeah, her face is just wrinkles and a huge nose at a low weight, but at a normal weight she is not ugly at all

No. 1906467

File: 1696008629370.jpeg (Spoiler Image,710.01 KB, 1170x1825, IMG_6339.jpeg)

marie/elise posted a new bc spoiler for toothpick legs

No. 1906487

File: 1696012276946.png (3.16 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0633.png)

New cow? Tiktok is @q0rpz3 and goes out of her way to bodycheck in videos, while getting all defensive to people in the comments talking about her having an ed

No. 1906491


I went to a small residential place in Boston that I was told from other patients Eugenia had been to. It was an expensive program and only allowed 10 patients at a time. Phones were also locked up until you were on level three. I don’t think Connecticut had a lot of programs and her mother is from Boston so it makes sense

No. 1906493

Has anyone ever figured out if Dorion actually has bonespo pictures lingering around the internet? She talks about it like she’s so proud but I’ve never found an image tied to them

No. 1906495

Omg, I used to follow her. She looks like she’s lost a lot more then back then, though. I would say it was a year or so back?? She was thin but now she’s gone full skelly.

No. 1906496

that face to leg ratio kek someones a purger

No. 1906498

Yes, they've been posted in these threads

No. 1906500

Isn’t that the place where the meal plan is like

Breakfast , egg muffin
Snack, fries

Kek id literally rather kill myself

No. 1906503

Eugenia spoke to a crisis team yesterday… i wonder how she is, people are saying her new video is scheduled and not uploaded regularly idk they’re prob splurging

No. 1906504

she's not ugly. especially when she looked healthier before her relapse, she's average. anorexia makes her look so much older and uglier though

No. 1906505

if kate's discord anon sees this, did she delete the discord? she's been very quiet since she made her twitter public

No. 1906509

God. she looks more disturbing than EC

No. 1906511

KEK for real! it looks shooped

No. 1906513

Discord anon here, she hasn’t been on in a few days but everyone else is still active. She may have seen it being posted in these threads and then decided to stay off for a bit. She did remove over 100 people from the server, though.

No. 1906514

File: 1696016482424.jpeg (905.4 KB, 1125x2077, IMG_7396.jpeg)

So fis taking some time … oh the vagueness of this cow

Also she hasn’t been right even when she was healthy 6 months ago (even though she was posting about how well she was doing then)

Basically keep on lying to everyone and yourself fi. Never change

No. 1906526

She's probably got the kids right now so forced to do something productive instead of taking shit selfies

No. 1906527

There are a series of pictures of her here >>1436374 where she's at a healthier weight. It makes a huge difference.

No. 1906528

wasn't respecting such a quick response, thank you for the update. she wasn't kidding about unleashing the banhammer, wow

No. 1906529

I know, right? Discord anon working overtime on the farm

No. 1906542


Kek the blocked out bit and her straight left knee are a bit of an edit giveaway

Love how these edtwt cow edit out their faces bc they all look like pure shit from starving for so long..so worth it u guys

No. 1906546

File: 1696020659279.jpeg (614.19 KB, 1125x1781, IMG_7395.jpeg)


Fi from may 2023 (so ..4 months into her 6 month hell?)

Thinks she’s confusing autism with delusion

She must have forgotten to breathe

No. 1906552

Her eating disorder looks ugly on her. I think she looks pretty weight restored but the anorexia seriously ages her and makes her looks pretty awful.

No. 1906555

File: 1696021775555.png (15.17 KB, 147x320, IMG_9370.png)

I don’t think stories can be scheduled. Maybe someone else can do it for her? But sadly, I doubt she’s gotten help. I did notice no live though still. Maybe she’s building up anticipation for the views. Most likely.

No. 1906563

She forgot to breathe

No. 1906564


She needs to let those damn eyebrows grow back in

No. 1906574

Obviously I don’t stick out because you clearly have no idea who I am. I didn’t violate shit.

No. 1906577

You should be hella nicer to me then for once kek and show some respect for me being ‘a whole other level.’ Oh yea you wouldn’t know because you don’t get any facts straight.(unbridled autism)

No. 1906585

The index is ready, apologies in advance for very long reply.

No. 1906588

Has anyone else noticed that Fi is re-using old pictures she has already posted and is trying to pretend they're 'recent'. Some of her mirror pics are the exact same as photos from October 22

No. 1906589

——–Early days——–
E____, Aly, Ash, E___y (Crying), Gracie, Laura (Forever Flourishing), E___y (Cro____), Olivia/Ivi/lmndrp_, turtle, Zoe, parismelodyraven, random IG girls & morbidly obese bulimics, everything is a shoop.
001: >>44088
002: >>74624 – Olivia's first appearance
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006: >>94114 – ccaty's first appearance
007: >>99329
008: >>106059 – Cassie's first appearance, Jenna fakes cancer & deletes, Laura still in the background
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010: >>117640 – First appearances of "Healthy" Cacia and Kell who's "refeeding" at 400lbs
011 (failed thread): >>119001
011.5: >>120427 – Kadee's first appearance
012: >>123455 – Eleri's first appearance
013 (failed thread): >>128327
013.5: >>129036

—-Banhammer Unleashed—
Admin locks thread #14, says anyone who mentions the cows or tries to make another Scumbags thread will be permabanned. Scumbag threads reallowed with scumbags #15, discussion of certain cows prohibited.
014: >>134257
INTERLUDE: >>204361 – wannarexic camgirl cancer-faker Jenna gets her own thread
015: >>208597 – Mostly Ariana and Jonzie

——Need Moar Cows——
Laura, N2F, Elzani, Georgia K Collings/porgie, Shan, chronically.ams/Amy Lee Fisher, Korey, Tilly, Bekah, Smorven, thane_of_windhelm/Bella, tinyboosteps/Becky, Ky, kittyand_olive_/Katy, miffysjourney/Marie, Lyss/honeyfox.ed, Kelsey/Kennedy, Sophie Westling, Shay, fightinginsidevoices, littlestlee, dustbinflower
016: >>243674 – Laura reemerges via selfpost. Bekah.
018: >>500530
019: >>546984 – Glorious N2F
020: >>641683 – Laura, Ky, N2F posts apple-sticker plate
021: >>697266 – Ganer and Elzani's first appearances
022: >>754044 – Georgia throws up all over herself, posts butthole blood clot
023: >>781808
024: >>798217
025: >>814082 – EC recovery era, Korey relapse era
026: >>827665 – Ganer gaining traction
027: >>844594
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032 (shit thread): >>915865

—-Full Fat Milk Days—-
Enara, Alexys, Sarah, Kate Kusmina, Dasha, _ghostofme, littleliterarylaura, Mihaela/pro_recovery_stigma_free, Dharma/starvin.to.strong.eats, Han/Hannahfightsthis, ovi, Molly/moll.eats, Rosa/recoveringvillain, Anna/bored_with_ana, Ro Mitchell, TikTok anachans, Laura's BBC doc appearance (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7vcla5)
033: >>928482 – Enara joins the cast, Laura is in a documentary
034: >>938978
035: >>951374 – Georgia admits herself, gets tubed, then replaces the feed with water
036: >>959342 – mostly Georgia, mini munchie invasion, TikTok milk more prevalent
037: >>970708
038: >>984518 – Laura gives herself a black eye, perfectly disgusting N2F food pics
039: >>1002596
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048: >>1114184 – Han has fully stolen Georgia's thunder

——Milk Must Flow——
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049: >>1124866 – Zara's first appearance, no one wants her
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052: >>1168484 – Nikol's first appearance
053: >>1181069
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055: >>1201609 – Georgia attempts, Nik's first appearance
056: >>1215061 – N2F horrorshow accelerates
057: >>1228808 – Cece milkdump
058: >>1243167 – more Cece
059: >>1253881 – Cece tubed and in a wheelchair she doesn't need
060: >>1263315 – Zara is still unwanted
061: >>1273047
062: >>1284808
063: >>1301579
064: >>1313641
065: >>1323678
066: >>1334985 – Niamh and Fi's first appearances
067: >>1347217 – obsessive vendettachan won't stop posting Niamh
068: >>1361980
069: >>1375940 – Enara re-discovered, lots of Fi and Cece, Niamh vendettachan(s) are unrelenting
070: >>1393271 – N2F's eyelashes are huge but they can't save us from the Niamh posts
071: >>1410299
072: >>1420439 – Fi's been crying for 3 threads straight, Cece high off her own farts
073: >>1434549 – N2F unleashes inner chav

—Milk is Contaminated—
Marie/Elise/daintieskinny, Ashley/Tamzin, Hayden, Ceaseless Niamh and Zara posts continue, lots of headbangers. Nikol is unhinged, her twitter feed is milky and fresh. Cece cries and wiggles eyebrows a lot. More fat LARPers with tubes.
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075 (horrific thread): >>1481424 – N2F acknowledged as a queen, Georgia munching and tubed
076: >>1507879 – Marie/Elise's first appearance
077: >>1533184 – Cece begins gleefully flaunting relapse
078: >>1549888 – Tamzin's first appearance, Nikol tugs at her loose butt skin
079: >>1563602
080: >>1572512
081: >>1584556 – Georgie is just a munchie now
082: >>1592764
083: >>1606196 – carolines_music is back, Ganer's orange and dehydrated, Han (not Ham) bodychecks
084: >>1623710 – Hayden's first appearance, lots of Ganer, momsfav deteriorates, Cece is free

——-Milk Drought——-
Stef/smennella, Abby/_abbyygardner, Ganer's post-competition relapse speculation, Han (not Ham) gets worse, Hayden goes to New Farm, Laura is in supported living after 3 years in the hospital
085: >>1647740
086: >>1675101
087: >>1695588 – Stef's first appearance
088: >>1722350 – Abby's first appearance, Nikol gains rapidly, Laura headbangs
089: >>1736335 – terrifying pics of Nikol's binge belly, carolines_music appearance
090 (baleeted): https://web.archive.org/web/20230305235036/>>>/snow/1751458

—-EDtwt Milk Subsidy—-
Kate/Keanna/baasickate/dietkaate, bun/bunnieslilblog, Rachel Beltz/babybicep, Becca/trying_to_recover_becca_2k17, Amalie, mirubunnie, Jaydie, Aidel, baniieva104_/baniievaa, Emily/em.sorge, lostallsanityx, bjelcat/idontfckingcare, Wilkomira and Kennedy (aka Kelsey) died, Mosaic makes an appearance, Fi's BBC documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHQWYZ0JlZs
091: >>1768412
092: >>1787202 – Kate, bun, and Rachel's first appearances, lots of edtwt drama, N2F smiling
093: >>1800695 – Kate's bird pose and "so-called ana face", lots of Nikol, Fi's BBC doc is out, Olivia is rediscovered 8 years after first appearance
094: >>1818000 – Enara milk, Kate flaps her wings, Tamzin and Laura dance
095: >>1827446
096: >>1837565
097: >>1843568 – N2F preggo
098: >>1849877
099: >>1862789 – lostallsanityx's first appearance
100: >>1874088 – Lyss reemerges
101: >>1883975 – mirubunnie, Amalie, and em.sorge's first appearances
102: >>1893706
103: >>1902426

No. 1906590

Nice try nonnie but the edits are because of underwear and fetishists. Unfortunately it’s not edited.

No. 1906592

“My nurse is refusing to call this a relapse”
I just know that’s pissing her off deep down, kek. I guarantee Fi will be making everything about her and ruining another Christmas within the next few weeks.

No. 1906593

Ahh finally. Even at a healthy weight she just looks like a literal toad to me. Something about her face is wrong, it's too squashed together and flat in weird places and her eyes look permanently swollen. Her over plucked eyebrows make it even more obvious.

No. 1906619

I don't agree. I think ana face just ages her hard, but she otherwise just looks like a normal girl when healthy. Average pretty. I think "ugly" is thrown around loosely. When I think of an ugly person, I would think of someone that would make me do a double take if I walked by them on the street. Most people are never ugly, just not overwhelmingly beautiful

No. 1906624

Nona, you are amazing. Now I can go and read all the good milk without having to sift though the curds.

No. 1906626

She’s really not ugly.

No. 1906638

you trying to win most dedicated ana prize today or something?

No. 1906640

Unless blessed with Eugenia's weird luck in keeping her face pretty for so long (that ship's sailed now), anyone is going to look like shit when they're that underweight. Dehydrated skin, sunken eyes, facial hair sprouting quicker than the hair loss on the head… and it doesn't always go away. I have a friend who's been recovered for years and she still has those 'emaciation lines' near her mouth.

No. 1906643

Sorry I hope I didn't make you sad. Yeah sometimes I get competitive with my anorexia and I say things I shouldn't

No. 1906645

do you really think this is the right place for this shit? you're doing exactly what we're mocking

No. 1906646

I'm aware of what I'm doing. Most of the time it's just attention seeking spam(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1906648

File: 1696033854693.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, lqb.jpg)

don't take this low quality derailment bait, for the love of god

No. 1906649


But actually, ~the most dedicated ana prize~ goes to this anon:

Congrats for your hard work nonna!

No. 1906650

But I did get to bmi 13.3 today
Pre iously known as bmi 13.5 ban evading anananon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1906659

kek thank you, I hope everyone enjoys the vintage milk. 001-015 is mostly "thighs are shooped!" with more blogposting, infighting, and cowtipping than I thought was possible.

As a bonus, collected the Aly threads too. I think she's still doing well.
001 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/pt/101158
002 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/pt/121883
003 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/pt/127911
004 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/pt/131511
005 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/pt/138697
006 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/pt/146319
007 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/pt/159243
008 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/pt/173114
009 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/25478
010 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/37087
011 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/42283
012 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/48258
013 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/56772
014 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/64095
015 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/73958
016 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/91978
017 - Aly_realrecover: >>>/snow/124275
018 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/223291
019 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/325480
020 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/356015
021 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/379099
022 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/391360
023 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/399004
024 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/407792
025 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/438253
026 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/457426
027 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/478038
028 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/506705
029 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/554293
030 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/602344
031 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/653753
032 - Aly_sjourney: >>>/snow/740653

No. 1906662

File: 1696035129580.png (48.83 KB, 147x320, IMG_9375.png)

ECs tiktok account has disappeared.

No. 1906663

God bless you nonna

No. 1906664

Yep, just saw a tiktok about it and came here to see if anons know about her account.

No. 1906666

she probably just gone banned or something, nobody is going to take down someone's tiktok if they get committed which I'm sure is the internet rumor

No. 1906676

Same anon. It’ll be interesting to watch and see. A lot of tinfoil IG already out there. But apparently it’s a court mandated thing and she’s in a psych ward. No idea what’s happened to her tiktok but apparently it’s already back.

No. 1906695

File: 1696038548802.mp4 (17.62 MB, 3394859288.mp4)

I found this video today. Very interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8nVfRRXeik

No. 1906697

It honestly really is impressive (if not autistic but who the fuck am I to judge?) and I hope the next thread creator remembers to include it in the intro!

No. 1906708

I love OhLordyItsJordy’s videos. Just watched his livestream about her too.

No. 1906709

Sexy. Thanks nonna!

No. 1906732

File: 1696044686008.jpeg (Spoiler Image,396.52 KB, 1170x2080, B75CA717-F3A0-4E35-B945-97955E…)

There's quite a few that circulate still, spoiler for extra spoop

No. 1906760

Hes an overly nitpicky and hypocritical asshole

No. 1906767

How do you guys sit through this faggots videos? He just speculates and makes shit up about people, sitting in his dirty gamer chair with his receding hairline while he condescends everyone he makes money off of. He’s like a tapeworm or a parasite.

No. 1906774

I’ve only watched his videos on EV. But I’ve never heard him be judgmental

No. 1906775

Samefag. Sorry meant EC Kek

No. 1906776

He has a raging hateboner for amberlynn at least so in those videos you can see him be overly nitpicky over nothing, make offensive remarks and then slap himself on the wrist immediately to avoid consequeces because god forbid he ever does anything wrong. His pure speculation opinions are delivered almost like facts and he's always right and the people he reacts to are always wrong and can never ever do anything right.

No. 1906806

His content is incredibly boring.
There's a trend of middle aged youtubers who just sit and speculate about drama with almost always little to no insight into whoever they are covering other than what everybody else has said.

Every video is
"Hmm yeah this is baed. She definitely knows what's she's doing."
"Blue butterfly wahhh"

No. 1906811

File: 1696064519020.jpg (636.7 KB, 1920x1920, Still kicking.jpg)

Ash has given us a full face pic. Still looking rough. Her body must be the most resilient in the world cause with what is been through…it's an enigma how she's still alive, but the OG kicks on

No. 1906829

what the fuck how is she still alive oh my god

No. 1906834


Do you know which site they primarily used?

No. 1906835

Oh God what a sad existence. Poor girl though. I don't want to be mean but she looks like a sick hairless rat roaming in the gutters.
There is hope even for that stage though. It's up to her.
It's sad that you can't help everyone. She doesn't have people that can help her? It's up to her though whether or not she wants to help herself on not.

No. 1906841

Accurate, the Amberlynn ones are so sad, it’s like obese southerners who look like they smoke 3 packs a day sitting there all smug that they’re not as obese as her kek, making comments like “oh she turned her head to the left you guys, that means she’s lying.” YouTube snark channels and those body language experts are the worst thing to happen to YouTube kek

No. 1906846

Not reddit like you. Stop the spacing

No. 1906849

Probably has, but yeah if you aren't open to the help nobody's going to be able to do anything unless you're a danger to somebody else

No. 1906864

One of the early forums was a place called Thin Pages. The archive is here: https://web.archive.org/web/20030801074907/http://thinpages.com/ her user was "n0thing" for what it's worth.

No. 1906867

gosh nonner this is seriously impressive! I’ll find this very useful too, cause blindly trawling through threads in search of some forgotten detail or appearance is a major pain
also, does anyone know why #90 got nuked? I missed a few threads and didn’t realise it was gone til I saw all the green links in the OP of colours’ thread.

No. 1906875

this. people are too lazy to search for information themselves so they have to get some fag on YouTube to badly explain it to them

No. 1906910

I had a blast scrolling through some old threads, thanks for your work nona!

No. 1906918

Niamh update! I am really sorry about lack of pics but she only posts on her private snapchat story which tells you when you screenshot. She is voluntarily in an adult inpatient unit! Just turned 18 yesterday or day before. I think the last months since she finished school it really hit her that she won't get anywhere if she continues like this. I actually believe she will gain this time but i guess we will see. She's completing her hospital mealplans and seems to be doing well. I doubt there will ever be any more milk from her. Im happy for her.

No. 1906920


you can see here that she's ip. look at the carpark in the background. def not her house

No. 1906923

You must be new. Ash has been around forever. I don’t consider her a cow. She’s not attention seeking. She’s just existing the only way she knows how.

No. 1906925

Use another device and take pics of the screen that’s playing the Snap Chat kek.

No. 1906927

For future reference anon, there are methods to screenshot snapchat things without notifying the person. It's worth looking up as things obviously change, but an example is screencasting your device to another and taking a screenshot on that secondary device. Or using another device to take a photo of your screen for a ghetto version. Thanks for the update and good luck to her, hopefully she learns to not depend on social media attention too.

No. 1906928

Is there any EC news? Sorry for asking but I can’t see any actual news about her.

No. 1906935

>I doubt there will ever be any more milk from her
KEK ok

No. 1906941

Stories can be scheduled, but I think EC has someone helping her with her social media anyway (not her mom).

No. 1906945

She has been like this at least for 10 years and if I remember correctly she will be 33 this year. Not sure her body would be capable of physical recovery anymore even if she wanted. Her name is Ashley Isaacs she used to have her own threads years ago

No. 1906963

File: 1696092201022.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20230930-173822~2.p…)

Is she that stupid that she thinks we can't tell how heavily filtered this is?

No. 1906966

No just tons of speculation and Jeff Star being a twat as always. EC's TT was banned, then brought back and ol Jeff is claiming credit for that. There's loads of tinfoil regarding the dubious posting by EC and her liking comments. A good point made was that she may be held at the moment while a Judge makes the final ruling. She may be at home or more likely in the hospital with access to her phone, but monitored. Probably won't know anything for at least a few days. Sorry no screenshots I'm on break right now and gotta go back kek.

No. 1906968

She’s deliberately not posting for the attention. She has had stuff like this happen for years, I think that’s why she moved from LA specifically to avoid being detained against her will.
We will just have to wait and see.
It’s as if she’s trying to hide something kek. Oh, I’m like just dehydrated, I’m fine. Like my doctor says I’m healthy.

No. 1906985

i hate her deformed smile so much. keep your tongue INSIDE your teeth you fuckin creep.

No. 1906992

I thought we decided Laura belongs on the Cluster B thread? >>1904806

No. 1906995

I genuinely have no idea how someone could maintain the kind of weight Ashley does and live for as long as she has. I wonder what it is about people like her and EC that make them survive for so long on so little, while most of us would die long before we even got to these sorts of weights.

No. 1907009

First ayrt yeah she's definitely trying to hide her skeletal form but she won't fool a crisis team. From what I understand, CT does have involuntary commitment and it's handled through probate courts. If she is being committed then we won't know for a while. Just gonna have to wait. I don't see how a crisis team wouldn't commit her, as it would reflect pretty fucking poorly on them and cause some significant outrage. They're likely aware of her internet status and the people who have clamored to have her committed. This whole situation is wild. I'm sure Deb is lawyering up like mad but a lawyer can't help if the judge says she's going IP. Either way, this is going to produce some serious drama and I'm waiting with my popcorn bucket.

No. 1907018

Looks like a cluster bitch to me

No. 1907040

I’d like to thank the anons who brought the skinny back into pro ana scumbags. after the drought we needed a separate forum

No. 1907045

The body kind of adapts. They know exactly how much to eat to stay alive but maintain a very low weight. I doubt she’s capable of doing much physically so puts her body under minimal stress. Plus add in a lot of luck that her heart hasn’t given out. Yet. But in terms of life span, it won’t be long. You always think you’re ok until you’re not.(learn to sage)

No. 1907056

It’s giving naked mole rat for me

No. 1907060

Thanks for spoon feeding. Appreciate it. I couldn’t find anything at all about her since the announcement of the crisis team visit. Except the make up video which was almost definitely pre shot and scheduled, and a bunch of (mostly males) talking out of their ass about nothing.

No. 1907062

For what it’s worth I hope she gets actual help this time. I would love to see her get better but I know it’s ridiculously unlikely. She’d have to completely change her life and live away from her family and probably give up her internet fame. People will never stop asking and commenting about her body and Ed now, whatever happens. I know there’s going to be a crazy documentary at some point and it would be great if it had an ending that wasn’t as toxic and dark and messed up as the place she’s got herself into now.

No. 1907068

>I doubt there will ever be any more milk
Why does this sound like Niamh trying to get us off her tail? Obviously hope for the best for her but idk given her history

No. 1907069

Is it possible for EC to recover?
I'm asking it in the most ignorant way, because I actually don't know if it is possible.

I'd love to see her getting better, but I reckon what kind of a treatment does she need to follow that actually works.

The only time she was ip, it was only about a month of so, which is clearly insufficient, not only for anyone recovering from an ed but also for someone as EC that has been like that since she was a kid.

I wish her well, but I'm not sure if treatment is going to change her fate.

No. 1907071

I wasn't around for 90 but I think it was a mess of Colours self posting

No. 1907073

This is exactly what im doing rn. After a while you’re able to calculate exactly how much u need to be a healthy bmi 13.2


No. 1907075

Knowing Niamh went into IP voluntarily gives me some hope for her. I hope she can get over this and move on. Deep down we all want our cows to move onto greener pastures.

No. 1907076

I thought she was IP for 3 months?

No. 1907078

Maybe it was three months, I don't remember exactly, but still not enough.

No. 1907085

I've seen young girls worse than her recover. At her age I think there's still a lot of hope.

No. 1907091

I did laugh when he talked about the butterfly thing. EC uses that emoji because she likes it. I doubt she even knows what Cerulean Butterfly is.

No. 1907094

I've more often seen that she was gone for 1 month. Which, as we all know, isn't even close to long enough to actually get better

No. 1907096

File: 1696110855911.png (125.19 KB, 758x782, 7389626553.png)

No. 1907098

File: 1696111126958.png (100.98 KB, 695x598, 7389485942.png)

No. 1907125

File: 1696113849388.png (6.51 KB, 286x103, kjhgfdsdfghj.png)

Nta but yeah, you did kek

No. 1907129

jesus, the absolute desperation of this speculation is pathetic. Eugenia does this shit all the time. She'll disappear for days at a time when she sees people are gossiping about her/worried about her, just to prolong the attention. I can tell you exactly where Eugenia is: on her pink couch at home, scrolling and laughing in satisfaction at all the attention she's getting. Connecticut doesn't even have any laws for involuntary hold like California does.

No. 1907132

File: 1696115295759.jpeg (352.95 KB, 750x1289, IMG_5068.jpeg)

Samefag. She's literally live right now. Kek. What are the conspiracy theorists gonna say next? It's a prerecorded live and she's actually in a hospital? She's gonna continue to make money off her ED til the day she dies, and the more people make these stupid speculations and give her attention, the more money she gets. Maybe if you spam her tiktok live with donos, then she'll go inpatient! Retards

No. 1907136

File: 1696115812729.jpg (318.4 KB, 1080x690, Screenshot_20230930_190933_Dri…)

Except they do for inpatient commitment should the courts get involved. Clearly though that didn't happen as she's live and flaunting her freedom. Enjoy it while you can, bonelord. Can't wait for the sperging.

No. 1907140

She said on her live that she had a discussion with the crisis team, they asked her a bunch of questions, and apparently they told her they would be back in a few months. So I guess that's that.

No. 1907141

Money really buys anything. Very sad though to see her live. She’s Dayi g she had some commissioner there or something

No. 1907144

Yeah, I doubt a random crisis center unit is going to appeal a court order for a 30 year old woman who sits in her house all day to go inpatient, knowing that as soon as the system spits her back out she'll immediately relapse again. As soon as people stop gripping their dicks waiting for the moment Eugenia dies on stream or is forced inpatient, and just stop watching her and giving her the attention she craves, only then will there be a chance for her to recover. But that'll never happen, and she'll continue to milk her ED for money for all the eager spectators

No. 1907147

And we here shall sit back and kek, as we always do. Honestly the frothing she's creating is as amusing as her own insane antics. Don't get me wrong, EC needs to go the fuck away and these idiots need to stop paying attention to her, however, the circus is rather hilarious from afar. What I'm anticipating is her behavior now that she has EXACTLY what she wanted, and how far she's going to go now.

No. 1907149

Learn to integrate redditor
Don't use spaces after the reply number

No. 1907165

It is a good and entertaining few keks here and there. I just wish the conspiracyfags and redditfags would keep their delusions to reddit and tiktok. There's plenty of other born-yesterdays that will "ooo" and "aww" with them, don't have to bring it over here as well

No. 1907167

If the TT bring actual milk and learn to fucking integrate (read the rules newfags) then I'll that's fine for me but newfags who can't integrate need to learn or gtfo
Image board ppl!! Sage non milk! Don't blog and don't space like an autisticfag. It only clogs up the thread and we're onto a new one within a week. They may as well pay themselves
Ok rant over. Sorry nonnies

No. 1907234

File: 1696146425849.jpeg (529.94 KB, 828x1467, IMG_1154.jpeg)

reading these threads made me look up old cows. Anyone remember her?

No. 1907240

We've never received a straight answer from the jannies regarding thread #90. Anyone's heresay as good as anyone else's.

No. 1907246

Honestly, I don't feel angry at her. She is sick delulu and has 0.1 braincells left. She looks terrible and has aged 15 years in the past year. No matter what she tries to do she is going to age and won't be the skinny spoopy teenage girl she was 10+ years ago she just can't stop it. If she keeps going though she'll just stop aging in general. Her parents are the biggest scumbags in the story. Her friends can't do more because if she isn't willing they can't force her and lock her up and they have their own lives and problems to look after can't 24/7 on her.
The ones that I'm angry at are everyone giving her attention. Especially that Dorian retard that i absolutely despise, she is so damn annoying repetitive and can't get over her own anachan issues reminiscing her spoopy days everyday from 20 years ago, move on girl you are already 40, anachaning isn't a personality trait. I'd rather watch ham sniffing cookies larping recovery with her mom next to her clapping. Anyway thanks to her fucking video, saying goodbye to eugenia for the 20th time, everyone went to write goodbye messages to her as if she died. This ofc did nothing but bring her more attention and feed her illness much much more. Ok not only Dorian, other terminally online on YouTube youtubers too. More angry to YouTube and the other money grabbing platforms profiting from her sad miserable existence.
Don't care about freedom of speech this type of public low-key celebrity content be it spoopy anachans, landwhales mukbanging or munchies should be instant banned and not allowed on any platforms. I'm not talking about real legit recovery documentaries, people trying to lose/gain weight which can be helpful to other people. As long as they are not Rachel-tier that is. Attention is like drugs to these people, rocks dragging them lower to the bottom of the sea until they drown.

No. 1907247

File: 1696150260402.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1925, 34AC20A2-56D1-4BF5-AF16-FB5156…)

Recent fat cow addition new farm revolving door finding_lexiem is right on time with a nose hose that she doesn’t even connect to feeds she just grins away with like a Cheshire Cat. How anyone can be a patient there and claim to be receiving real treatment by real doctors is astonishing

No. 1907253

what happened to some anon's claim that New Farm was going to stop tubing willy-nilly, keeping people forever, etc?

No. 1907273

The more I see Eugenia and the people she surrounds herself with, the less bad I feel. She is a spoiled rich girl who has been enabled her whole life. She literally has never struggled financially like most people do. Her family could pay for the best care in the world while I can't even find a affordable therapist. Fuck the ugly witch and her retard mom and brother. If they were poor I guarantee she would have died already.

She despises the one true friend of hers, Jaclyn, while she worships Jeffree who constantly mocks her to her face. Let the spoiled brat live in delusion until her heart gives out. I used to get sad thinking she will past one day. Honestly good riddance. Everytime she has fans approach her in public, they are always children. She knows who her content appeals to. She's nasty and vile. The fun personality she used to have is gone.

>The ones that I'm angry at are everyone giving her attention. Especially that Dorian retard

I'm just tired of people infantilzing her. Nobody does that for 600lb morbidly obese people. But everyone treats Eugenia like a special innocent angel.

>Don't care about freedom of speech this type of public low-key celebrity content be it spoopy anachans, landwhales mukbanging or munchies should be instant banned and not allowed on any platforms.

I agree she should be banned but for the fact she would actually stop having attention she so greatly craves. I don't think just having a ED means you should get banned. But Eugenia can't even admit to having one and keeps pretending it's natural.

No. 1907295

"Boo hoo boo hoo
I can't fine a good fewapist wah"

Shut it some people want to be anorexic it doesn't need to be treated. Go talk to a blank wall they'll probably care just as much as a real qualified therapist

No. 1907307

I'm not talking about normal people suffering with anorexia I'm talking about people like eugenia who show up at my fucking 8 year old sister's feed without her searching her. Same ofc with pigs mukbanging and glamorizing this disgusting lifestyle.
It's terrible really. It's easy to filter on instagram or twitter edtwt and spoops, most have private accounts anyway. But on YouTube she is all over bc she pays and retards like Dorian make goodbye sad cry emoji videos.

No. 1907313

File: 1696170330399.png (6.13 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_9628.png)

Kate’s recent ig story. Does anybody know what she was hospitalised for?

No. 1907316

Probably shat out her intestines or something, dainty gorl style. I saw an article about the laxative shortage over in America at the moment and couldn't help but cackle, tiktokers and edtwtfags like Kate running supplies into ther ground.

No. 1907328

Shut up vile worthless cunt, I'm just pointing out her family has resources to help her and all these people trying to get her help while people are constantly dying from drug addiction, depression, poverty, ect that want help. Let her kill herself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1907332

Nta and I think Eugenia’s content should be marked for adults only or something so kids don’t see it but at the same time your sister is going to see a lot worse on regular YouTube in general, I honestly feel so bad for kids today growing up with the internet because their exposed to so much at such a young age and it’s pretty much unavoidable at this point

Also nta but can you like calm the fuck down kek, if you post something here you’re opening yourself up to negative replies. Write in a diary if you’re too sensitive for that

No. 1907333

Shitting your guts out is trendy nowadays huh

No. 1907350

I hope this close call will teach that cow a lesson, after she watches her little daughters worry about their mommy. Get your shit together and don't bring kids into this world if you can't take care of them like you can't even take care of your own. She doesn't live in a third world country, she can get help for free even.

No. 1907362

close call? i highly doubt it was anything serious. probably got too coked out and panicked and called an ambulance.

No. 1907364

I don't think Eugenia would magically stop being anorexic if people took her social media accounts from her. I think banning them would probably help all the kids who watch her, but I don't think for a second that it would make Eugenia stop starving herself.

That being said, it's pretty clear to me that she glories in the attention she gets from all this. One thing we tend to forget about Eugenia is that she's been bullied for most of her life. People leaving her all sorts of hate comments, etc, is like water off a duck's back, because at this point she has incredibly high defenses. Nothing gets in that she doesn't want in. She focuses on the people who are nice to her and ignores absolutely everything that's negative. To her, the more attention there is, the more possible good attention she will get, and the rest is all white noise. This is why I don't understand why people keep going to her videos and ranting and raving about how she needs help and she's going to die and etc etc. It's useless. If she hasn't listened yet, she's never going to.

No. 1907366

I'm going to guess she fucked up her electrolytes somehow and/or got dehydrated. Restricting and purging do that eventually.

No. 1907367

Kek, that was my guess too

No. 1907390

Kate lives in Ottawa so I doubt the lax shortage in the US is affecting her kek.

From what discord anon has shared with us, I’d be comfortable assuming she ended up with a kidney infection from that UTI she got from the guy she’s seeing. The lax, diuretics, alcohol, and coke are probably what made it progress from a UTI to a bladder infection within days, then she wasn’t properly taking her antibiotics because she was still purging almost if not daily, and then the infection probably made its way to her kidneys.

No. 1907394

samefag, but I’m really curious as to whether she was found at home in a bad state or passed out or something, or if she called for help herself. I don’t think she usually has her kids on Sundays, though this looks like it was taken last night. Her sweatpants look like they have a wet patch.

No. 1907397

What about the wet patch?

No. 1907413

Kidney infections can cause incontinence but it's not in the right spot so I'm just tinfoiling at this point

No. 1907414

i think that's just a shadow. she's still seatbelted on a stretcher, looks like she's in a hallway and they just brought her in and are checking her in at the desk. but she's already neen hooked up to a monitor so i dunno. anyway my point was she is alert and taking pics for the gram, she's fine, just a fucking cow.

No. 1907455

Anons seemed to think she was self-posting from threads 51+ ( >>1159166 ). There were newfag unsaged posts trying to constantly bring her up without providing milk. I see a mention in thread 49 ( >>1130196
) Haven't yet gone back further than that but that is the running theme. She's even mentioned in #45 as a name drop in a reply to something unrelated, but struggling to find names with "hxn" in text form this early. The name Han in general early on referred to larper han.

No. 1907462

Wow. No and I don’t want to! I’m a fan of piercings but seriously what is going on with her mouth??

No. 1907470

It’s not just #90 itself but on the actual Colours thread at the beginning there were quite a few comments saying ‘why hasn’t she turned up yet? What if she’s actually dead?’ There were definitely comments saying ‘then this will be an obituary thread then’ and that sort of thing. Those ones that go that far have disappeared off that thread.

No. 1907476

Thanks so much for the info nona, sorry for the comment deletion I noticed Han was posted in the index right after I posted my question and felt retarded for not seeing it before kek

No. 1907479

I’ve heard that too. Now I’m very curious. There’s certainly less NFC milk

No. 1907484

I don't recall that ever being in the colours thread, there was someone saying to make a colours thread (and used that very phrasing about the obituary thread). And the anons asking if colours had entered her thread are still there in her thread. ( >>1759972 ) And that thread is archived too if you want to compare. It's funny how even now she's playing the victim, and threatening suicide to try and bully people - I'm sure she's still flooding her IG with posts about cows too. Along with having a brand new thread with her subject of special interest to fap over (BPDers one).
Narc injury is a beast. Calm your tits.

No. 1907491

File: 1696199957942.png (37.73 KB, 679x163, Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 5.38…)

Imagine living with Lyss. By the way, her dad (that she always demonizes) is the one who hooked her up with this cheap housing.

No. 1907504

If you loook closely at the monitor it looks like her blood pressure is in the bottom left of 144/87 so I doubt she was dehydrated and passed out or something like that. Was probably off her face in coke

No. 1907515

I can smell the autism.. and a hint of British

No. 1907533

yeah I don’t think it’s heart related. her HR is 87 which is normal for being stressed out or anxious. semi-related but she tweeted a few weeks ago about feeling like her resting heart rate is too high for being underweight kek she’s neither an athlete nor severely underweight but she’s expecting what, a RHR <50bpm?

No. 1907536

She's stupid. It's not hard to have a heartrate of over 80 while underweight. All it means is that she's not fit.

No. 1907538

File: 1696208061194.png (120.03 KB, 665x348, Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 7.53…)

pic rel, where she admits that her dad arranged this for her (even though he's so terrible, mean, awful)

No. 1907546

File: 1696209624956.png (564.22 KB, 475x643, Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 8.20…)

Right on schedule, here's Stef on her weekly pass to go to church aka take tube selfies.

No. 1907548

Bullshit she's heading to church in bike shorts.

No. 1907549

kind of an unusual outfit choice for church

No. 1907550

what's her job? can't actually picture her working

No. 1907551

She might change on the way? But that looks like the spot where she's take a couple of those selfies and they're always on sundays and sometimes go with videos of her in the car on the way to church or clips from church. The clips she posted seemed like a really "hip" church so they might be pretty casual

No. 1907552

She's a personal aid for people with disabilities. so basically their insurance pays for her to drive them places and help with day to day tasks. She posts a lot about going to see movies with them (they buy her tickets if they go together or she gets in free as a caretaker)

No. 1907581

It's the stretched nostril piercings that make me gag.

No. 1907589

File: 1696219135661.png (538.63 KB, 428x705, Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 10.5…)

The service Stef has been attending, seems new agey and like she might go dressed like that

No. 1907646

File: 1696232501001.png (551.01 KB, 448x669, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 2.41…)

I guess people at Veritas are also annoyed by Stef, kek

No. 1907690

File: 1696244612590.jpeg (360.21 KB, 1170x1933, IMG_6381.jpeg)

Discord anon here, it was for alcohol poisoning

No. 1907706

kinda wonder if she'll end up like shmegeh. alcoholic drug abuser with her ED being the only thing that keeps her relevant. comparing her to shmegeh is kind of a disrespect though. at least shemgeh had some tact in her strive for attention

No. 1907712

File: 1696249244448.jpeg (149.49 KB, 721x966, 4F1B1363-DECA-40AA-B64A-4D0C1F…)

This girl is delusional. She has like 5 videos of her binging and shares how she binges on 3k calories everyday on her instagram francaafn yet tells people she’s in recovery

No. 1907753

File: 1696258004689.jpeg (Spoiler Image,297.75 KB, 1170x2029, IMG_9008.jpeg)

She presents as just another lost cause, se-an with no intentions of getting better. She probably used her 5 mins of strength for the day to stand, smile, then lay back down as if she doesn’t know it’s killing her. Does she just not give a care? I at least appreciate “honest” cows who get real with you despite the controversy they can store. Pet peeve- smiling & leaving people with a false ideal that doesn’t exist.

No. 1907758

lol what a shock. at least she admitted that and didn't try to make up a lie about it being ED related. i think if some cunt ends up in the ER for getting sloppy drunk, child welfare should automatically get involved. plus she probably tested positive for coke and if she's been using anything else recently.

No. 1907760

Lyss is always looking for a handout–and at the same time always insisting she "never asks for help."

No. 1907789

File: 1696265460181.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2142, 1850026D-2616-4CE3-907A-963513…)

RachelRising is live on tik tok and telling people she’s “in recovery”. Feel like she’s trying to be like Eugenia with the way she’s acting on live/how people are talking in the live….

No. 1907804

She wanted to get into gaming to be like Eugenia for the sheckles, so there's that. I was wondering how she was doing after being outed recently, everyone stopped mentioning her after.

No. 1907883

Honestly she looks so happy on all of her photos I almost envy her, not for her spoopines that's disgusting but because she clearly found the meaning and direction in her life. Same about Eugenia, she is doing what makes her the happiest and they will never have to struggle with complex normal life problems just living their ignorant, brainless one dimensional life.

No. 1907888

yeah i have to disagree with you, anon. eating disorders are mental hell, im sure both her and eugenia are very depressed, very physically unwell and struggling immensely. have you seen eugenia when she gets mad on live?
they do not look like two women who have found meaning and direction in their lives at all, they look like two women who are hiding from life and problems in a really dangerous and horrible way.

No. 1907894

Maybe you are right… but I wish I could be so proud of myself one day as Stef is with her tube. I've never seen Eugenia live I only check these "anti"-pro-ana girls on instagram sometimes but this em girl looks so proud of her bones too like she just got a nobel prize.

No. 1907896

But I really don't want to belittle anyone's suffering who has an ED, it's just looks a really effective way of escapism (like any other addiction, but with the added bonus of feeling like you've really achieved something). sorry I really shut up now.

No. 1907911

File: 1696283016487.jpeg (956.42 KB, 828x1417, 5C9B1180-BF0C-4337-B81D-66A96E…)

Looks like someone is relapsing. The minute she goes home she starts it again

No. 1907915

File: 1696283707925.jpeg (Spoiler Image,991.38 KB, 1076x1944, IMG_1104.jpeg)

z looking surprisingly nice but still scoring out her arms to hide the fact her bicep is still smaller than her elbows…

No. 1907918

I really don’t understand why people keep saying she’s relapsing. She looks fine

No. 1907919

I thought school started back up again a month ago

No. 1907932

File: 1696286207213.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2082, Screenshot_20231002-233449~3.p…)

Followed this former cow for ages does anyone know what edu this is?

No. 1907933

I was about to say he'll no don't compare this bitch to shmegeh. Shmegeh had some real shit going on, it was fucked. Then the whole thing with Ash. Shmegeh was no larper or cow. At the risk of wk she was kinda the OG that ask the wannabes started to emulate and she hated it. This was all before Felice Fawn and her BS. Last I heard Shmegeh was doing well and had a job. I wish her the best cause Tumblr days were gucked up an

No. 1907934

I can't handle her TedTalk way of speaking. Everything is a psa or some soapbox pseudo inspiration BS while palming off product. She hasn't recovered at all since she first posted about it and it's going to be 10x harder now that she made herself into an ED Recovery influencer

No. 1907936

I'm pretty sure at this point that she's a Eugenia wannabe. she comments on EC's posts, said she wants to start gaming, tries to act and talk like her. what a pathetic life (for both of them) i hope they both recover though.

No. 1907938

Look at the changes in her face - the skelly lines are coming back, her cheekbones are getting more prominent, etc. She's not full spoop yet, but her face is definitely a lot less full than when she was in treatment.

No. 1907940

what do we think she's scribbling out? Is Zara a cutter?

No. 1907942

i assumed it’s because she got a tellonym saying something about her upper arm still being smaller than her elbow in response to her claiming how she’s much recovered. she responded on her story in the usual arrogant bitchy manner but have noticed she has posted even less of herself than normal. can’t stand to be called out on her bs

No. 1907961

File: 1696289517963.jpeg (333.36 KB, 554x684, A4D2F0E6-6B82-42E6-B8BC-708E27…)

Old cow @savannaskiing Is back in the hospital. I forgot what thread she was first in but she is a munchie who has been known to self sabotage for a few days to get medically unstable to scam her way into hospitals except they only ever keep her there for a few days because she’s not underweight or needs to be there. She has made her account private but I still have access to her close friends list

No. 1907962

File: 1696289701331.png (311.2 KB, 597x516, Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 10.3…)

Kate has been in the hospital

No. 1907966

That Mother of the Year title on lock for Kate.

No. 1907971

File: 1696290485027.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2034, IMG_5527.jpeg)

Stefania must feel so validated that she’s friends with a spoop . She made it to acute so she probably thinks that the other anachans think she’s one of the sickest! Kek

No. 1907991

File: 1696292526000.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3035.png)

“is this the so-called mia face?”

No. 1907994

if her bpd ass was mixing alcohol with trazodone you know she wanted something to happen

No. 1908016

File: 1696297160068.png (490.51 KB, 426x723, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 8.39…)

May officially left medical school

No. 1908017

File: 1696297215337.png (168.92 KB, 425x691, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 8.39…)

And went out on this incredibly mature note, demonstrating why she's definitely not a stable human being that I would want in charge of my medical care

No. 1908037

File: 1696300910328.jpg (325.06 KB, 815x1717, flexnsinew.jpg)

KEK they got her to flex. Old man Jeff got her to take three sips of water on live, and apparently suggested they smoke weed together. EC thinks he's "a nice person" and would try weed for the first time with him. Nonnies I am so so sorry I can't post the clips because a) I'm retarded and b) I keep missing out. Jeff is milking his new cow for all she's worth, and she's literally throwing money at him by giving him massive gifts on TT battles. If any nonnie has the ability to catalogue this shit please please do. I'm certain it's about to get wild.

No. 1908041

File: 1696301498685.jpeg (769.38 KB, 1170x1820, FB6AC0CF-0538-4F39-B5F3-083EC6…)

Be so fr right now lol. This girl is live all day saying she’s in recovery but has a nose tube hooked up to nothing and says “eat with me” but doesn’t. Also recovery? For real?

No. 1908082

File: 1696309593341.jpeg (758.18 KB, 828x1326, IMG_0076.jpeg)

Not really cow but this girl pisses me off. “Chronic illness warrior” but obvious eating disorder. She posts a lot of “healthy” recipes that I’m sure she never eats.
This is her website. https://thenakedfoodlife.com/partner-with-me/
Funny how she does the exact opposite of what she says here.

No. 1908086

File: 1696311177947.png (526.13 KB, 485x734, Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 12.3…)

What the hell

No. 1908096

Oh great- another Amy

No. 1908118

She's pulling her shoulders back kek

No. 1908132

Possibly another Porgie?

No. 1908134

you know what, i'll fucking take anything that's not her retarded ass bird pose

No. 1908151

i was IP with her and lyss at the same time kek. you can imagine what that was like. they stayed there for like 3 months. mealtime was literal hell, lyss would request some shit like a plate and knife for a banana and hoarded condiment packets

No. 1908187

>muh medical career

She wasn't anywhere near medical school. I still feel bad for her but she'd never have managed to get there anyway.

No. 1908188

I know she's a fully qualified doctor but I cannot imagine having a psych who is so frail looking and obviously mentally ill themselves.

No. 1908189

She'd be good as one of those doctors you call up for medical certificates but I can't imagine someone so lacking in self-awareness doing anything else.

No. 1908221

>Generic lounge chair, generic hospital door.
The post and premise is a little bit suspect though. Why would it matter what specific unit they're in? Could be a general psych ward.(Though it is rather cute they've got nightmare before Christmas stuff for Halloween - I'm assuming given it's October). Just need to remember the farms aren't your personal army and feel free to bring milk though given she's private.

No. 1908231

To the person who was ip with em.sorry, do go on. How was she day to day? Spill all.

No. 1908296

There was another qualified psych - just as sick - had a yt channel called something like EDB - she vanished.
Was friends with Fi.

No. 1908324

She's never worked as a doctor, so I would be shocked if someone would hire her. Wouldn't she have to pass an occupational health check?
I think she was literally in medical school because you get admitted directly to that degree pathway in the UK (different to the US where you do a bachelor degree first)

No. 1908326

File: 1696357799580.webm (8.13 MB, 720x1280, Untitled (1).webm)

Abby's back on her bullshit, flailing around and stumbling toward the camera. Kek at the dust and debris that starts floating around once she shakes her hair out

No. 1908344

This looks like it would sound the same as rolling around in hay. She looks so uncomfortably demented.

No. 1908354

I thought she was still only on an access course! (the one that gets you the high school qualifications you'd need to get to do a medical degree - many people who change careers do them)

No. 1908358

I wish I took a screenshot but yeah, she’s back to “showing off her shoes” by standing on that table again. Totally not showing off her thigh gap…

No. 1908361

File: 1696363554725.jpeg (505.84 KB, 1170x2335, 53CF0686-7EEC-4659-875B-CE6D93…)

I don’t think this person has been mentioned before probably because she seems more bpd than pro ana but she is always on my fyp having some sort of psychotic break. Today she was screaming about at her viewers about EC. It was quite entertaining to say the least. She said she only eats one meal a day and can’t have kids because of her “very serious Ed”. Even listed her weight and height to all of her followers who probably also have Ed’s kek. Towards when I joined she was sticking her tongue out and showing the food in her mouth to everyone on purpose. I feel like this one is more bpd though so I don’t know if this is milk.

No. 1908371

File: 1696364436079.jpeg (544.52 KB, 1170x1959, 30FF7920-1F4F-475E-8008-7D7264…)

Twitter fags never fail to amaze me on how disgusting their meals can look and people will still ask for the recipe

No. 1908372

File: 1696364488240.jpeg (353.59 KB, 1170x1052, F4842264-9B12-40B9-9EB9-98BF75…)


No. 1908387

File: 1696366210765.jpeg (132.98 KB, 586x1016, D97DE834-0A6F-4A75-9E00-8B5940…)

Kek I got it for you. That was my first thought: ‘That’s how you show off shoes?!’ Wouldn’t most people just take a picture of them in the box at first opening? And then a picture of their feet in them? Sure, it’s definitely the shoes she’s showing off. And why do so many cows wear (imo) really ugly shoes? The ones that look like kids’ chunky school shoes. Laura was always wearing them in her old ‘dancing in the park’ pictures. Ugly brown T bar things.

No. 1908389

File: 1696366260791.jpeg (90.5 KB, 597x683, 82E161C0-53FF-4784-B90A-0C074A…)

No. 1908391

File: 1696366710049.jpeg (72.91 KB, 528x676, DB56047D-39B3-45BD-A74C-D1D16E…)

Look legit

No. 1908394

File: 1696366830134.jpeg (392.87 KB, 750x1193, 85413086-C017-40A8-B0F1-F58343…)

Was it @getting_eb_back ? She was a dr and practising for a while. Then….. Not.

No. 1908395

File: 1696366887204.jpeg (409.06 KB, 750x1205, 9EBF7CE9-6190-4C1E-9FA4-3D133F…)

No. 1908398

File: 1696366982115.jpeg (292.07 KB, 750x1145, C3932C7F-6D50-40F9-BB40-1176F9…)

No. 1908399

File: 1696367095480.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.64 KB, 749x1142, CDC4A890-F65D-44AD-9DC0-51850C…)

Really not looking so good now. Shame as she seemed to have a good career as an actual dr and do well at it.

No. 1908415

No offense to her, but it looks AWFUL. Abby, heard of a comb? brush? showering..? anything of that sort?

No. 1908416

she looks miserable it's sad.. and she looks dehydrated asf, someone give her a glass of water-

No. 1908431

I don’t know why she never shuts her mouth in photos

No. 1908454

Opening one's mouth slightly is a trick used by models to make their cheeks look thinner. But this girl just looks like a zombie when she does it.

No. 1908468

Doesn’t the side eye emoji mean “your bullshit is so obvious?” Not like they’re friends?

No. 1908476

That’s her yes looks even worse . Last time she did a video she was IP somewhere - guessing she is still there.

No. 1908477

No. 1908522

That’s what I was thinking too. Sydney seems to be quite a hypocrite and calls people on their bullshit

No. 1908553

File: 1696389909770.jpeg (558.57 KB, 1164x2393, IMG_9295.jpeg)

spoiled for skim/non milk, but why do all these cows insist on posting dumb videos dancing in their hospital rooms? Kek at the caption on the video needing to disclaim not eating lunch. Username is recoverwithme18 on tiktok

No. 1908570

File: 1696393097062.jpeg (950.05 KB, 1179x2044, IMG_1071.jpeg)

I know this cow has been mentioned before. She has worked her way to a g-tube because of chronic illness. Says diagnosis of SEED/SEAN. Always in hospital. Always going on about how bad she is treated. Now trialing ketamine as a treatment for her anorexia. Not only that, but asking her followers to donate to this experimental treatment through a go fund me. Asking for $24,000 which will be spent on what?! Why do all these cows start GoFundMe’s?

No. 1908571

File: 1696393121986.jpeg (748.49 KB, 1179x2107, IMG_1072.jpeg)


No. 1908588

top fucking kek didn’t she spend like 4 of those 5 years in treatment? something about this girl just brings out my inner alog

No. 1908594

Shmegeh was absolutely a cow. Just because she's not larping her illnesses doesn't make her not a cow. She was an alcoholic that abused ADHD meds to lose weight and ended up abusing her girlfriend. It was also in the realm of attention seeking when she decided to pop back up on the internet because Mena started talking about the abuse case again. Anyone can end up like shmegeh. She's not some exclusive super sick mentally disturbed goddess.
She has her own thread here >>49394

No. 1908595

is that…. chocolate??

No. 1908596

Clunky shoes are in I guess, but they look comically large next to such spindly legs. She must have to wear 4 pairs of socks to keep them on.

No. 1908597

I've heard of ketamine for pain and depression but not for anorexia. Has she tried THC? kek

No. 1908603

I want to say Bethlem royal hospital, Tyson west 2. I’m not 100% sure. But I’m like a solid 95 haha

No. 1908605

I just scrolled through her tiktok and ngl she's really funny, a lot of her videos seem like satire so maybe that explains some of her weird livestream behavior. If you catch any milk while she's on live feel free to post it, I'm curious to see her next one cause I can't really pin if she's cowish or just kind of a troll

No. 1908612

HOW is she ever going to work as a midwife? I would not trust her holding anything let alone a baby

No. 1908613

I think BBQ sauce? But anachans love their bizarre food combinations so maybe it really is a garlic pizza with chocolate sauce and half a shake of grated parmesan. All of it fat- sugar- and flavour-free, of course.

No. 1908615

She's a midwife (or training)?? No lol. I have family who work as midwives and they are on their feet so much, that's just not possible for her right now.

I thought chocolate as I saw something that looked like a star shape. Not much comes in those shapes!

No. 1908640

Agreed completely

No. 1908642

File: 1696410902754.jpg (1.41 MB, 3992x3276, 0351116372.jpg)

The stark difference between her appearance in posed selfies vs tagged/group photos is really something, damn.

Given the "emaciated baby monkey" look and the fact that her elbows are wider than her biceps, she's really not fooling anyone.

No. 1908652

File: 1696412834176.jpg (210.75 KB, 919x1820, Screenshot_20231004_224351_Tik…)

Elzani.. relapse?

No. 1908662

hard to say at this point. she admitted to not eating much after becoming depressed after a breakup. a lot of ex-anas easily get funneled into other forms of ed, like the 'health nut' thing

No. 1908715

The bigger the shoes the smaller your legs look kek.

No. 1908722

What do you mean "This was all before Felice Fawn and her BS"? They were both very much active on Tumblr at the same time and both of them heavily exaggerated their illness in all of their photos. The only difference is how they went about it. And it was literally impossible to be on ED Tumblr in 2013-2014 without seeing them plastered all over, so they were absolutely aware of each others BS too.

No. 1908750

File: 1696423204881.jpeg (424.68 KB, 750x1195, 96CDF4BF-8A1E-40B6-9F5C-267855…)

She wrote something of an update. A bit cryptic.

No. 1908752

File: 1696423403230.jpeg (348 KB, 750x1004, ECFA8105-098B-47DE-805A-BF58DA…)

It’s weird how bad she is at writing, considering the level of education needed to become a Dr. But she seems to be saying she has brain damage from her Ed.

No. 1908753

File: 1696423522084.jpeg (178.72 KB, 750x1068, 15AB0A5E-00C4-47BD-8081-FAFACB…)

And then this pic just because she got some weird ass comments.

No. 1908859

Relapse or no relapse I’d still love to see her second video vlog from way back of life in the Haldon unit and post general hospital.

No. 1908874

Me too.. wonder why she never posted it?

No. 1908967

It's not hard to say, she clearly is going for the fit thing. Which is dangerous for someone who had such a bad case of anorexia. But so far nothing indicates she is relapsing.

No. 1908980

File: 1696459164093.png (3.89 MB, 1170x2532, C481E20D-EB50-4E12-94B6-B8A7D1…)

It’s a good thing a heat wave is currently hitting New York so Emily could venture out without freezing. I don’t know why anyone in their 20s wants to look like they’re in their 90s? And also how is she in a relationship? Isn’t she supposed to be in hospice? I have so many questions

No. 1909026

File: 1696466093628.jpeg (656.31 KB, 824x1195, IMG_1118.jpeg)

abby reminds me of n2f slightly- just a general vibe of grimy-ness and mental illness in a feral way

No. 1909036

File: 1696467523191.png (2.39 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20231004-205654.png)

No. 1909050

She’s in “hospice” which means she eats an ice cream cone a day and takes trips every day because she can’t work

No. 1909054

Amazing of you to do this, thank you. Is anyone else finding errors though? A few of them I clicked and searched for the respective cow’s name occurrences on the page and it shows up as zero. The Georgia and Stef first appearances for example

No. 1909056

I definitely did make some errors, sorry nonnie! It was a rush job.
In those cases they still get mentioned within the sections that I divided it into for sure (the sections kind of function as a fallback in that way), and sometimes it's because someone who posted them for the first time didn't include their handle or name and just posted a screenshot of their IG with something like "anyone else follow this bitch she is so xyz" and no one gave a shit so they didn't get discussed until someone else brought them up again and actually included milk.

No. 1909078

File: 1696477819424.jpeg (806.93 KB, 1271x1285, IMG_2089.jpeg)

Anyone know what happened to a YouTuber called Nicfstr ? She vanished - I think IP - was around at the same time as Dora ( Dora goes exploring)

No. 1909083

File: 1696477995859.jpeg (842.09 KB, 2048x1351, IMG_2090.jpeg)

Or this one? ( not really a cow- no milk and always seemed pro recovery - had a daughter)

No. 1909166

She’s doing well now and recovering. Probably trying to move away from the ‘sick’ YT.

No. 1909190

Although I'm not sure about Porgie, I can confirm that Stef's first appearance is in Scumbags #87, specifically >>>/snow/1711915. None of the posts there actually mentioned her name in writing, but the Tiktok screenshots did.

No. 1909196

this isn't really milk. she's not facetuning out her pores and wrinkles like the majority of the internet at least. everyone looks like shit in tagged photos compared to selfies in good lighting. the whole 'eating disorder disguised as healthy living' crowd are a dime a dozen, so unless she's doing something else particularly kek worthy, who cares

No. 1909218

File: 1696507224850.jpeg (227.49 KB, 1125x1875, IMG_7487.jpeg)

Abby’s Vinted - abbyygardner

What the actual fuck are these photos she puts up to try and sell

No. 1909240

This is such bad marketing lol. As a costumer, I would expect the clothing item (s) she sells to have blood stains on them or to be generally grimy. Cannot imagine someone dares to buy her shit.

No. 1909244

From feral to maternal. What a turnaround!

No. 1909246

Christ almighty, the headbanging must have damaged her brain if she thinks these are okay ways to advertise her clothes.

No. 1909255

File: 1696515831470.jpeg (391.87 KB, 750x1334, 0D12FC69-6000-4173-AC50-166BA7…)

in dainty enara news, she’s getting fleeced $10 for an app that i shit you knot is a SMARTWATCH SCREENSAVER APP. good use of those funds not privileged etc etc

No. 1909260

oh god lol i honestly like abby, and i've said it before that she's pretty but she's fuckin ruining herself and will regret it. but she has def lost her damn mind thinking these pics are the way to sell her shit.

No. 1909293

Maybe she doesn't want to sell it just show off her body on another platform

No. 1909294

Just double checked, Georgia was one of the ones mentioned with no name or handle in her first mention here >>767806

No. 1909295

File: 1696523394785.png (61.07 KB, 337x316, trazzz.png)

kek was just checking to see if she tweeted recently and she said that it was alcohol poisoning AND a trazodone overdose

No. 1909304

So baffles me why people who recover leave all their old you tube views of the delve sick still up. You’d think they would want to move on. Lots of the people on my YouTube subscriptions list just vanished

No. 1909308

just a little bit of alcohol poisoning. omfg she is insufferable.

No. 1909310

File: 1696526781360.jpeg (480.69 KB, 1169x1509, 507DFD54-ED8D-45DF-912C-2E039F…)

ahh yes wasting money on childish nonsense rather than rent. I would rather jump out a window than be as delusional as her

No. 1909319

It's so funny how these anas think having stick legs will make them look youthful/childlike when they have the drained looking faces of overworked 50 year old women stuck in deadend jobs

No. 1909345

File: 1696531960599.png (212.51 KB, 584x612, aus.png)

haven't seen PradaCals/@sickPradaAngel posted yet but she definitely toes that wanna-be ED influencer line.

No. 1909365

File: 1696533952580.png (5.3 MB, 1170x2532, 1CC7154B-2870-478D-8FF3-C13DAB…)

I posted about this one a few threads back. Def a personal cow but It’s so laughable that this clearly overweight girl spends her entire day on live with a tube larping about her sooper severe anorexia. Got a chuckle out of this post of her sobbing but being sure to get her tube in all its glory for the cam.

No. 1909372

File: 1696534293941.png (322.6 KB, 398x397, ange.PNG)

Angela seems to be doing a little better weightwise (not as monkey face-ish compared to last years youtube video), she still posts on her IG account (ange_miniarts) sparcely.

No. 1909416

This milk sounds incredible. Can you farm some content from the live? (Screen record, convert to webM and post. Keep it about 15 seconds and you shouldn't have an issue with file size)

No. 1909430


No. 1909483

This reminds me of that girl in everyone’s middle school that wore a knee brace but had no injury and just wanted attention

No. 1909502

That's the difference between a lolcow and someone who has recovered from an eating disorder.

No. 1909507

File: 1696551045437.jpeg (1020.36 KB, 1025x1771, IMG_1025.jpeg)

she is so unlikeable and her pre-ed photos are average at best. pretty is a ludicrous description

No. 1909508

as someone who skips the posts about this cow, I saw this and genuinely thought she was 40-50, is she not?

No. 1909521

Thanks she does look marginally better

No. 1909522

She's like 30

No. 1909524

Please keep Enara posts on the Cluster B(itch) thread, thanks!

No. 1909553

File: 1696559251408.jpg (828.32 KB, 4000x2628, 1696558816288.jpg)

Bold of her to post this when it's literally proof that she doesn't meet the criteria for AN. Even an atypical anorexia diagnosis requires significant weight loss, which she clearly hasn't experienced because she always looks the same. How can someone have an "unwarranted fear of being overweight" if they're already overweight?

The person calling her out in the comments did make me laugh, though.

No. 1909554

File: 1696559538486.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 4000x3546, 1696558766504.jpg)

I genuinely don't understand why so many ED LARPERs carry on about their sooper serious anorexia and terrible body image but somehow have no problem posting the most unflattering photos of themselves? (spoiler for the semi-jumpscare)

No. 1909556

She also claimed to have been admitted to ACUTE at one point when she was 14 yo but ACUTE only takes 15+

No. 1909557

File: 1696560393954.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1179x2403, IMG_4862.jpeg)

No. 1909558

File: 1696560416192.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1179x2227, IMG_4861.jpeg)

No. 1909559

what year would it have been when she was 14? Because they haven't been accepting 15yos for that many years either, it was 80+ until like 2019 or so.

No. 1909636

fucking moon faced ass mothafucka bitch not even a normal weight just straight up overweight cow

No. 1909638

I know 80+ is probably a typo for 18+, but this sent me nonna

No. 1909640

not even rattle rattle-ing

No. 1909643

no, you can't.

No. 1909659

File: 1696578838087.jpg (695.42 KB, 2160x3224, 1696577609988.jpg)

Pretty sure Jaycie is 16 based on this post from a few months ago, so she must've been 14 in 2020-2021?

On an unrelated note, that's a Lucinda-level misspelling of "currently" if I've ever seen one

No. 1909662

File: 1696579024356.jpg (440.45 KB, 2035x3276, 0226521123.jpg)

It's still extremely doubtful that she was ever at ACUTE considering that it's been strictly ages 15+ ever since they started offering adolescent treatment, but she seems like the type of person who would go to ERC's ITU and later try to pass it off as ACUTE.

No. 1909665

i think i have a new favourite cow. why lie about something so easily debunked. its giving Niamh when she said she was hacked but the IP address showed it was her self posting…

No. 1909670

I guess it's possible that they'd stretch the age by a few months if she really needed it (sometimes things are more flexible than posted guidelines), but I straight up do not believe that she would have spoopy pics / tube pics from ACUTE and not post them. There's no way she was ever there.

No. 1909678

kek I thought this was Ham for a moment

No. 1909723

File: 1696591658897.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, 210B72F1-89A7-4610-9CF3-5E29D7…)

Not milk as such but ever since Han has been diagnosed with ADHD she is blaming every single thing she does on “ being neurodivergent” and its strengthening my hate boner. You heard it here first folks, missing your dead family members is caused by neurodivergence kek

No. 1909727

File: 1696592047033.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1104x2074, IMG_7493.jpeg)

Is the nose hose included in the bundle?

No. 1909732

What the absolute fuck??

No. 1909734

how was this even found

No. 1909736

Kek this is definitely fake. Doesn’t look real and we’ve seen enough close ups of Niamh’s stomach to know it doesn’t look like that. I actually feel bad for her at this point cause leaking fake nudes when she’s come off socials is kinda fucked

No. 1909739

vandettachan, this is too far. what the fuck. even if it IS real, she just turned 18 last week making this illegal.

No. 1909740

looks real enough to me

No. 1909743

Kinda like Fi with her sudden-onset autism who said losing her dog was extra super hard and difficult because ~AutIStic~ Seems if you’re neurotypical you don’t have the ability to grieve kek, who’d have thunk it?!

No. 1909746

come on farmhands take this down and check IP for vandetta or self post. I feel quite sick knowing I've just potentially un-spoilered real child porn, or even worse, a vandetta made fake(don't bump for this, reporting is enough)

No. 1909747

image description for when it is inevitably removed:
screencap of a reddit post. niamh in a typical "look at muh outfit" body checking stance from the hips up but this time shes naked and anon has put 2 tiny black dots to obscure her nipples. She has all of her shite on her walls still, meaning she CANNOT have been 18 in the image given she turned 18 in REDU last week and the walls were cleared up months ago. The bottom left portion of her torso seems blurry, in an edited kind of way. It could (and hopefully) be fake or edited, but >>1909736 saying >know it doesn't look like that has a bad take because it does look like her midriff in my opinion. If it was real or not, that's not milk. That's child porn.

No. 1909782

niamh i hope you're okay because that was fucked
white knight, ban me, don't care. i know you, or someone on the ward will see this and pass it on.
you're doing so well, you're doing the right thing. stay out of the public eye, put your head down and finish your meal plans. you are too clever to rot yourself into an early grave, straight a's on a couple strawberries a day? think of your fucking potential on a fully nourished brain. real or not, child or NOT, what just happened is reprehensible. Lolcow should be banned on the REDU.
Not everyone hates you. Even some of us who bullied the shit out of you on here. I know for me, it was coming from a place of bullying you off the internet for YOUR OWN SAKE. For THIS reason. Don't go back now. You need to let your life go beyond this and please, please don't let this take you back to the internet.(hi cow)

No. 1909843

Well, looks like I'll be having something approaching fun writing the recap for the next thread kek

No. 1909869

she also blames staying up all night and sleeping all day and basically doing fuck all with her life on muh neurodivergency muh adhd

No. 1909876

Sorry but what qualifies someone as a cow who is cringe vs an individual who actually is struggling with their mental health and have anorexia? I don't think every person with anorexia acts weird and is cringey.

No. 1909881

File: 1696611389951.webm (4.46 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

How does Han afford to buy so much shit online? She doesn't work, pretty sure she's not on tard bucks, do her parents give her an allowance or something?

No. 1909894

You've already said it - weird and cringey makes cow.

No. 1909896

Benefits? Savings? Student loan? Parents giving her money? She's probably buying on Vinted or something so it's not all new stuff.

No. 1909905

student loan for what? she’s not at uni. she sponges off benefits and her parents

No. 1909913

Their behavior. Mainly hypocrisy, attention seeking, infantilization, munchausen-esque behavior, etc. is what makes them a cow. For example, crystalkaro is probably every ana-chans idol on social media, but you won't see her on these threads because she doesn't act like a cow

No. 1909914

She's likely on the highest level of PIP and will get another benefit on top. What happened to her job?

No. 1909969

She had a lot from a go fund me

No. 1909978

i really doubt she ever had a proper job

No. 1910007

File: 1696627484994.jpeg (746.02 KB, 1061x1751, IMG_1125.jpeg)

sept last year has a job- never mentioned again. reckon it lasted a matter of weeks if that

No. 1910051

Ketamine is a legitimate treatment especially if they also have depression. ERC uses it pretty widely.

No. 1910117

File: 1696640549209.jpeg (399.13 KB, 750x1022, IMG_3079.jpeg)

bun almost experienced a modicum of self awareness

No. 1910130

File: 1696642290585.png (57.13 KB, 676x211, Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at 8.29…)

Lyss crying about her father scheduling a long layover in NYC on her freeeee trip to visit him (he's paying for everything and was the one whose connections got her a new cheap apartment)

No. 1910174

File: 1696646880497.png (178.74 KB, 491x645, Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at 9.47…)

Zara would like to remind everyone that she was very, very sick (because she was the best ana)

No. 1910189

File: 1696650122459.jpeg (281.32 KB, 1798x765, img.jpeg)

heads up nonnies, miru just discovered a new brand of autism

No. 1910248

God, does this bitch ever do anything but post unflattering selfies and whine about how hard her life is online? I wouldn't trust her to provide medical care in any capacity, even if she was just in a tech or patient care assistant role.

No. 1910275

No, that's what makes May so much more difficult to empathize with than some of the other people we discuss. She's just 100% sure all the time that she's being majorly inconvenienced / wronged and complains about it. Even when it's stuff that impacts lots of other people and is just part of life. Her unhinged emails to people are pretty amazing, though.

No. 1910365

She looked better with weight on her to be honest. If her primary motivator for anorexia is looking young/staying young, I'm sure she looks pretty haggard behind the filters.

No. 1910381

So not the point but the placement and legibility is killing me. Wouldn’t be surprised if a blue butterfly end up in the space between “chove” and “life”

No. 1910383

File: 1696698358430.jpeg (471.98 KB, 1500x3000, IMG_1419.jpeg)

Kek at Marie trying to shame/out pedos when she constantly posts to pander to them. Girl, pick a lane.

No. 1910387

wait so this guy's defense is, "omg i meant like a childish body" …..okay? that's what she thought you meant, like what tf do you mean…

No. 1910401

Vendetta Chan, she doesn’t do anything anyone else on the internet doesn’t do. Not milk.

No. 1910404

Nta but plenty of anons have posted Marie before, why are you assuming this is from a vendetta chan?

No. 1910411

why does anyone think dressing or acting childlike way is "pedo-pandering". people usually do it because they feel like they are children inside and they dont want to be sexualized at all (especially not by pedos)

No. 1910413


No. 1910429

Np, it is assuming because the posts are always talking about “pedo-pandering”. Which is a pretty messed up thing to continually say, especially considering the seriousness of it and that most people don’t want to be sexualized.

No. 1910432

Oh good point, I hadn't noticed that before

No. 1910465

even if she is pandering to pedos (she may be or may not be, we can't read her mind), pedos who send those messages are still scum of the earth and should be called out for it if not worse

No. 1910468

File: 1696717438691.png (419.2 KB, 952x750, 2938742.png)

Saged because Amy's too boring to be milky but I found her new account from another thread and she's claiming she's changed and no longer body checks but there's a bodycheck right under it kek, thought it was funny

No. 1910496

>It's probs a "vendetta chan" (ew that makes me sound like such an incel)
Does… does she think we're men?

No. 1910510

No I know everyone here is female, anyway I just wanted to show that you can go from not keeping anything down to keeping stuff down and not panic about throwing it up asap and not exponentially increase in size which was the thing that stopped me trying to get better in the first place. And yeah that was a bodycheck lol, never said I stopped completely I just don’t post them 24/7 for attention/validation/nor to promote a sick bmi anymore.(global rule #4)

No. 1910512

Kek way to out yourself as a farmer, I'm not surprised though, it was pretty obvious especially in the way you fake recoiled at using terms like vendetta chan. Anyway if you really were serious about recovery you'd delete twitter and stop hanging around here, you're still young enough to recover fully without any long term repercussions. Might as well quit now and go full throttle with recovery before you go further down the anachan pipeline, if these threads have taught you anything it should be how quickly the spoops deteriorate

No. 1910515

Hahaha I just lurk here, im not a farmer You guys are funny, helped me see how fucked up and cringe it is to be promoting this bullshit online. I honestly rarely use twitter. I’m not gonna end up like these institutionalised girlies(emoji using newfag)

No. 1910516

Like my average daily screen time on twitter is 2 minutes. I’ve spent more time on the tesco app than twitter

No. 1910517

Well then I'm glad we can be of service kek

No. 1910518

maybe next you can work on being less self-obsessed (as evidenced by your dumb flurry of posts about yourself)

No. 1910539

Interesting. I'm UK nonnie and it's nowhere nearly as widely used here.

No. 1910577

am I the only one then(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1910611

kill yourself

No. 1910651

Completely agreed. There's a huge difference between people who intentionally cater to fetishists by posting sexualized images of their emaciated bodies (i.e. EC, Wilkomira, and Kelsey/Kennedy) vs people who get targeted by pro-ana creeps despite posting strictly SFW content.

Not trying to WK Marie, but I don't think expressing discomfort around unwanted sexual attention is inherently milky. Bragging about fitting into an infant sized BP cuff, though? Definitely cow behavior.

No. 1910654

Tbh I kinda get people like you who get ana after being overweight for years. Heard all your life to lose weight,stuff like you are fat etc and Asian households are in general notorious for their wrapped body image and weight standards and shitty parenting and tactics. And it just hits you one day and it goes downhill from there, jumping from one ED to another. Some of your actions were demented and degenerate though but unlike some cows here you can be justified due to your age that comes with immaturity. Hope it gets better for you,but as nonnies here suggested better leave edtwt,twitter in general actually and all of the anachans,otherwise you'll more possibly going to relapse or even end up dead. Be careful. Your life is just starting don't waste it anymore on something that will not offer you anything and withhold you from doing and trying things. Even the "girlies" talked here can change their lives and turn it around but only if they want to and try. It's all up to you no one else.

No. 1910688

File: 1696764168891.jpg (797.96 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20231008-122032_Ins…)

"I used to be the spoopiest plz dont forget"

No. 1910716

File: 1696769429058.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1958, IMG_3728.jpeg)

Is anyone by any chance following Emily Coburn (emsrecovers on tiktok)?
Had her video on my fyp just now and got curious because she makes the typical ‘that’s what I eat in a day in recovery’ videos, but it’s basically only junk food throughout the whole day. Even when she’s eating by a ‘meal plan’ half of what she eats is sweets and bars.
She also has a video of herself challenging one of her fear foods - cake, and the whole time she talks about how scared she was and how she didn’t even want to eat it but oh-so bravely managed anyway and right after finishing the cake (like, literally, plate still in front of her) she finishes a tub of ice cream. That last bit immediately made me think she 100% purged this right after.
Also her never swallowing anything besides drinks in her videos.
And her hands look super weird (swollen and purple).

I don’t necessarily think she’s particularly milky so don’t come for me. I just would like some input on some ppl that are more experienced with recognizing fake recovering anorexics and maybe provide a small lul on the side.

No. 1910727

File: 1696771958904.png (27.11 KB, 603x342, angelkaate.png)

kate has been surprisingly quiet lately. i'd expected her to milk her hospital visit for as much attention as possible. she's either lurking hard or is friends with a lurker kek. i wonder if she's more active on threads

No. 1910846

Who is this?

No. 1910870


No. 1911029

File: 1696823362668.png (1.42 MB, 753x1253, Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 11.44…)

Holly alleged mk ultra subject

No. 1911042

She’s back! My favorite cow because she’s just so unhinged. Shame she barely posts.

No. 1911098

Jfc her hand looks dead, her circulation must be complete shit

No. 1911116

File: 1696851777220.png (Spoiler Image,8.02 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7522.png)

Bitch where? Your hair just looks dirty

Any excuse to show off though right

No. 1911197

File: 1696868809555.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231009-172519.png)

han thinks that bee pollen will help grow her boobs as if that ship hasn't sailed a long time ago due to chronic malnourishment

No. 1911204

wait LC knows who holly is wow i need to read this thread more. she was doing well with recovery but even then her face looked 60 years old oh well

No. 1911215

Will Fi be spending another Christmas in hospital wearing daft elf outfits and hats and using teaspoons? - probably - if not on a tube again.

No. 1911230

File: 1696875000635.png (2.3 MB, 1392x974, zx11wx.png)

Has anyone come across this girl yet? Maybe not typical subject for this thread since she doesn't pose with tubes etc but thought she fits more here insteadof personal cows thread. She runs this account Classicnymph with 303k following, filled to the brim with ~aesthetic etheral willowy waif nymphy alien skinny~ art (not hers ofc) like thousands of pics of Belladonna of Sadness (which she compares herself to) & other stuff. All intermittent with her own selfies, always bare armed, popping collarbones and doing all the classic ana poses, or these weird videos of herself flapping her arms around to trippy music. Her comment section is filled with "Pls seek help/Omg she promotes EDs to her followers!/Shut up she just posts a selfie god forbid she's thin" retardery etc.

No. 1911231

File: 1696875065067.png (618.7 KB, 1370x832, z1124.png)

People started reporting her and she made a big fuss about how her freedom of expreshunn~ and ~life work of many years~ is threatened (kek she's literally reposting someone else's pics) and i guess she at some point said she's going to take selfies to her private account, but she still posts same stuff anyway. Her alt account is itziarevangeline and has even more of blatant pro, she allegedly used to tag her stuff as proana before she got popular.

No. 1911232

File: 1696875120798.png (1.01 MB, 1222x832, z113.png)

Obviously she's an attention seeker and thriving on speculation and all sort of attention both positive and negative, but i find it so cowish, the way she speaks and thinks of her "work" as something such meaningful and hard. She just started a Patreon where she just… posts "high quality scans" of somebody else's art. wow. so amazing.

No. 1911233

File: 1696875189760.png (277.25 KB, 506x742, z1132.png)

Here's her throwing a tantrum when someone pointed out it takes 2 seconds to google stuff. Guess it's a lot of hard work to be a NEET sitting 4 hours uploading Pinterest pics to Instagram you know, people should pay her for this.
Cows from this thread should quit their jobs/benefits, they could always just post Belladonna of Sadness screens and take people's cash lol

No. 1911239

if she's your favorite cow you haven't been here long or don't understand what a cow is. explain where the milk is or stfu and stop posting some random edtwt bitch you don't like.

No. 1911316

File: 1696892297158.png (4.5 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6511.png)

Kate has apparently been dealing with depression and as she’s from Canada it’s thanksgiving up there so she’s probably spending time with her family and can’t get up to trouble.

No. 1911338

Kek I never even frequent this thread but saw her pop up on the main page. Followed originally because I like aesthetic accounts on instagram but she's really been hamming up (lol) the proana posts recently.

No. 1911354

File: 1696898161996.png (880.32 KB, 750x931, IMG_7697.png)

i’ve followed her for a while kek shes always ranting about instagram shadowbanning her anachan nudes. i like a lot of her posts but she posted woody allen a few days ago so i unfollowed her spoopy ass instantly. she used to look like this. itziar sanchez guardamino

No. 1911356

her dancing videos are hilarious too, shes so mentally ill i feel bad

No. 1911357

This smells like a vendetta or self post

No. 1911382

A very unsubtle scar show off.

No. 1911384

Not to me, seems more like someone introducing a personal cow to the herd.

No. 1911470

A vandetta ?

No. 1911472

Nta but personal cows are not automatically vendettas

No. 1911474

anon, please, learn to spell vendetta. I'm begging you.

No. 1911502

Omg, she used to be beautiful, she looks unrecognizable now. this lays to rest explanations how it's all "natural" lol her fans are midwits. Yeah she always bitches about shadowbanning and every single time she threatens do delete it all if we can't have the nice things, but always ends up staying and hammering even more anachan pics (thigh, arm, collarbones stuff etc). The way she writes is insufferable, all the ~i'm endless galaxy 3 metres tall slender alien astral being therefore it's art~ stuff, and the level of delusion thinking she should be paid for reposts and book scans lol. various people are drawing her and iirc she was selling prints/phone cases i think (?) of said art, wonder if she shared anything with the artists.
kek if you're gonna accuse anyone of vendetta posting, at least learn to spell. No, it's not vendetta posting. What >>1911384 said.

No. 1911506

I agree she's cow material! she's so dedicated to her pleiadian larp it's delusional

No. 1911536

File: 1696924785587.png (63.14 KB, 746x618, ig.png)

Her rants and tantrums over IG bans sometimes were sending me, judging by this i would normally say she's 16 but something tells me she's probably 24+.
She has countless accounts (classicnymph, itziarevangeline, ancestralnymph, ancestralglimpse and a Telegram) but first 2 are most relevant. I just don't get how she has time or energy to keep up all these accounts, even without Patreon moneybegging she must have rich parents so she can just ogle herself, record twirly flappy dance videos and search the net for etheral shit all day.

No. 1911542

File: 1696925936725.png (433.17 KB, 597x667, Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 3.18…)

Stef has been going really, really hard on the Christianity lately. (I'm still laughing at some anon calling her a JAP several threads ago, so the performative Christianity really sends me every time)

No. 1911544

File: 1696926046900.png (538.48 KB, 450x725, Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 3.20…)

But don't worry, a lot of it is also weird performative ana stuff, like this video where she's squatting the whole time to make her thighs look smaller and keeps patting her tube

No. 1911624

you can embed tiktoks now

No. 1911628

thanks nonna, I didn't realize and will start doing that

No. 1911675

File: 1696948701243.png (3.62 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0708.png)

-and the “I’m the sickest anorexic award” goes to…

No. 1911678

>the lowest bmi they've ever seen
get a grip

No. 1911680

File: 1696949271618.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1125x2070, IMG_0709.jpeg)

I feel like @emma_3213 doesn’t get posted enough on here. Also wtf is up with all these anorexic girls using vinted/depop as an excuse to body check?!

No. 1911723

oh wow, i havent been on here for a while but i was really rooting for them:/ I'm sad and frustrated they relapsed(:/)

No. 1911725

I was literally about to post the exact same thing. She definitely deletes comments bc her posts are really pro ana but all her comments are supportive

No. 1911734

What’s journeytoemma up to now?

No. 1911743

File: 1696962702367.jpeg (312.92 KB, 1170x1131, 9609C7E6-7CD0-4DE9-9DEA-E0B031…)

“Omg guys my dad actually cares if I get better”

Why do they always act like this fr. Her profile is her posting skeleton body checks and always talking about how her parents say she’s so skinny etc

No. 1911744

This is so fucked up. Blokes literally at the end of his tether talking about wanting to die, because he’s so desperate for her to get better and feels utterly helpless, and she’s like TEEHEEE!!

No. 1911747


No. 1911777

File: 1696966793564.jpg (679.17 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231010_204000_Gal…)

No. 1911778

File: 1696966840139.jpg (912.44 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231010_204003_Gal…)

>42 weeks (295 days)
Lest we forget Queen Lynn the dietician and the toob

No. 1911789


She is genuinely really incredibly unwell but her posts can often be infuriatingly “I am the sickest” and yet also “I don’t know why I’m in hospital”

No. 1911813

She deletes every rational and non pro ana comment. Why do these people think they can get away with posting such pro ana crap

No. 1911852

>using they/them
you must go back

No. 1911877

i don't think frances is a cow. she's just genuinely struggling.

No. 1911878

go back to reddit, retard

No. 1911881

She is doing that to hide the weight she’s gained in treatment

No. 1911883

I keep trying to work out what exactly is off about this girl. It's not just a classic case of British Face, but I think I've finally got it. Her mouth is really fucking small. It's so weird.

No. 1911885

A fat retard encourages her to do these and she tells him what a good person he is. It’s insane that ppl cancel JKRowling but not these people.

No. 1911889

File: 1696987334078.png (264.46 KB, 312x394, Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 8.22…)

For anyone who still had doubts, the blanket in this picture confirms she was at ACUTE.

No. 1911894

No. 1911904

is that why she always smiles with her mouth wide open..to make it look bigger? if so it's not working, just looks retarded and unhinged.

No. 1911925

no she just smiles like that bc she’s retarded and unhinged

No. 1911935

right, her eyes always look crazy when smiling too kek

No. 1911939

She also has like super super super thin lips

No. 1911944

Maybe that's why she loves her tube so much, it's a distraction from her tiny bumhole mouth

No. 1911948

It was funny at the start but now it's just redundant and giving her farm time to feel special. She's retarded but boring

No. 1911949

Is this Holly now, or an old photo?

No. 1911950

File: 1697013280660.jpg (687.97 KB, 1079x1157, Screenshot_20231011_163345_Ins…)

She needs to give up and just shave her head. I think it'd actually look better cause..I dunno what this is. Looks like the middle of her head is bleeding

No. 1911951

maybe she dyed it like that as a reminiscent love letter to her headbanging days

No. 1911982

Yikes she needs to give up the makeup

No. 1911993

Gurl those extensions were wasted on her.

No. 1912032

this is such a bizarre look that I almost like it. she looks like some sort of blood-streaked tribal mask that you would wear to intimidate enemy warriors

No. 1912046

It’s because Billie Eilish’s hair is like this

No. 1912090

What happened to her career as a makeup artist after someone (family member?) spent £££ for her to do that P. Louise course??

No. 1912104

File: 1697052400671.png (176.67 KB, 593x767, 2023-10-11_15-26.png)

this is so unhinged

No. 1912105

File: 1697052632232.png (76.38 KB, 588x234, 2023-10-11_15-28.png)

samefag. her doctor is pretty fucked up for this, but at the same time "i try my best not to eat" is such a weird uwu anachan (miachan?) thing to say to a doctor

No. 1912114

She is classic BPD - she will literally morph herself into anybody she has become obsessed /fascinated with - in this case it’s Billie

No. 1912122

Doctors probably see annoying munchie anachan attention whores at the emergency department non stop, unless someone is actively dying they probably won’t bother freeing up a bed for them when it could be used for someone who actually has a serious life threatening emergency, not just someone who’s underweight.

No. 1912145

ayrt. good point, and i also don’t see what a doctor/hospital could do for her right now if her life isn’t in immediate danger. if she actually wanted help/to change she’d talk to her therapist about a plan instead of fishing for validation/concern from a doctor

No. 1912149

Kek what was she expecting? A mandatory psych hold? Them to call her parents? Hold her hand and tell her it's gonna be okay? She's an adult, her weight is just slightly below average and there's a Canada wide doctor shortage. The ER doctors don't have time to coddle an emotionally stunted 25 year old, at most they'd tell her to see a therapist and move onto the next patient. She's so weird kek

No. 1912151

File: 1697061110459.jpeg (501.84 KB, 828x971, 5A0E8868-C470-458E-8596-3AD98C…)

No. 1912170

can she ever make a post where she's not asking for something ridiculous, or…? also isn't she some kind of companion for people with problems? but has no patience for a 95 year old woman?

No. 1912194

yeah, grandma is totally making a dig at your break-up from a decade ago. not just asking the usual annoying older relative questions.

No. 1912195

I'm pretty sure the only reason Lyss enjoys her job is because she seems to often get paid to mostly hang out with her clients. They go to movies, get Starbucks, etc, and I'm sure she's not paying for it. I doubt the agency assigns her to anyone with significant physical needs. She doesn't seem capable.

No. 1912208

File: 1697068812247.jpeg (299.79 KB, 750x648, IMG_3144.jpeg)

kek kate’s just not satisfied with allegedly being told her blood sugar was so low they were worried she would die in her sleep. the spooplarp must go on

No. 1912242

File: 1697074181000.jpg (311.26 KB, 1076x1818, Screenshot_20231012_092754_Ins…)

She's not looking too good. I'm surprised she can stand tbh

No. 1912244

File: 1697074501778.jpg (454.52 KB, 1920x1920, Card.jpg)

Hurt by toxic relationships?
"Don't foster what isn't healthy"
Isn't she a part of edtwitt?

No. 1912255

I legitimately cannot understand what is happening here, I feel retarded. can someone translate

No. 1912256

she's functionally retarded from ana brainrot, anyone who takes her "advice" is even more of a snivelling moron than she is. i fucking hate bitches who pose pigeon-toed like uwu I'm so childish cant even point my leg-feet right teehee. she will not be missed by me when she succumbs to her own moronic aesthetic brainworms.

No. 1912257

why do I hate these crossed arms uwu poses so much

No. 1912265

Because she’s intentionally trying to look like a vulnerable scared child to make pedophilic scrotes horny

No. 1912269

every girl I've known to do this sort of shit was the biggest pickme on the planet. they'd always be anorexic and talk in artificially high-pitched voices. the fact that she's killing herself for this aesthetic should be laughed and and scorned with no pity. seriously these women are the wors and only drag the rest of us down.

No. 1912274

face of a 17 year old boy with the body of a 95 year old granny, yasssss queen so kawaii!!! sidenote i love how these spoopy idiots always take selfies in monstrous houses. i might be able to feel a modicum of pity for them if they weren't thoughtlessly flaunting their wealth and privilege constantly

No. 1912275

Eh, Marie lives near the twin cities and there are a lot of areas in the cities or suburbs where you can buy huge houses for not much money compared to other cities. Like, five bedroom houses for under $300k. If both of her parents work, they don't have to be rich to own a home there.

No. 1912278

I get what you're saying, but most people in the US can't even dream of conjuring up 300k for a house, let alone people outside the country. She lives in extreme decadence by any global standard and seems happy to be able to flaunt her ability to indulge in her compulsion to starve herself into looking like a fucked up demonic version of a child while not having to work or perform any actual adult responsibilities. I guarantee that if she had been forces into working she wouldn't be doing this shit.

No. 1912280

Yeah, I'm not really trying to defend Marie (she pisses me off to no end), she just doesn't strike me as being from wealth in the way as Zara or that posh girl who deleted everything etc. She definitely doesn't live in one of the nicer / more expensive parts of the twin cities, based on pictures she's posted, and her vrief foray into college was at the community college in downtown Minneapolis.

No. 1912282

Ok, I get where you're coming from and I appreciate the info. Sorry if I seemed overly inflammatory I just can't stand the strand of anachans who live in privileged wealthy bubbles and feel the need to create drama via their EDs because they have no real problems in life.

No. 1912284

100% agree with you. Marie acting like a coddled baby who will be a burden on her parents for the rest of their lives is still distasteful, maybe even more so because I'd worry about whether they'll be able to retire at a normal age if they have to keep caring for her forever

No. 1912297

Saging because obviously no milk but I find it insane that it was the troon tweet of all things that could’ve ran Nikol off the internet. I don’t understand how that was the straw that broke the camels back kek. Weak as hell

No. 1912300

File: 1697082511236.jpeg (196.59 KB, 1170x697, IMG_5661.jpeg)

She also claims she’s a minor despite being 19 or 20

No. 1912304

Many anas goal is to look small and vulnerable and childish, why would you be surprised that many of them are into pedo pandering, DDLG and ABDL shit too? They probably piss/shit themselves due to their muscle wastage and actually have to wear nappies too.

No. 1912306

first of all YUCK. second of all fucking LMAO at her trying to pass as being a minor while looking like an especially rough octogenarian

No. 1912312

I don't think any of us are surprised, we just want to publicly display and criticize the depravity of these people.

No. 1912333

File: 1697090002219.png (341.58 KB, 480x754, Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 12.5…)

tube selfie: emo edition

No. 1912358

That is genuinely really odd

No. 1912376

Any time a woman has a feeding tube she has to take a million and one selfish like it's an accessory like come on

No. 1912399

Saged as no screenshot but looks like Emily Jones is alreDy thinking of leaving her nursing course keks

No. 1912414

oh no i am shocked. said no one ever.

No. 1912415

File: 1697105772165.png (1.15 MB, 853x1552, Screenshots_2023-10-12-06-13-2…)

No. 1912444

File: 1697110414580.jpg (477.68 KB, 1920x1920, Bloop.jpg)

Girl give it up you ain't no Kandy Muse

No. 1912445

File: 1697110445849.jpeg (446.52 KB, 828x1597, IMG_3856.jpeg)

Anyone else interested in this larper? Munchie for sure, has a stoma for her many (many) v srs medical conditions. Larps anorexia but is a typical BPD chan


No. 1912446

File: 1697110472847.jpeg (468.65 KB, 828x1693, IMG_3857.jpeg)


No. 1912465

File: 1697114017139.jpg (283.52 KB, 1020x1780, 20231012_133123.jpg)

Frances is looking spoopy. Her dad supposedly didn't want her going to hospital?

No. 1912466