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File: 1456789950034.jpg (90.53 KB, 550x522, BINGEDAGAIN.jpg)

No. 99329

Because the previous thread is reaching it's reply limit >>94114

A place to discuss ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram/Tumblr or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
Third thread: >>79031
Fourth thread: >>83974
Fifth thread: >>89109

No. 99332

Lol that pic though. Just go on MPA - so many little hoes who've been "restricting to 500 for months" yet their CW is still like 195lbs.

Threads of "help I'm stuck in a 5 day binge!!!??!"

No. 99335

Why are you still typing? I've been diagnosed and rediagnosed and when the dsm v came out in 2013 I was REDIAGNOSED to AN and I was at a BMI of 18, however my history with the disease and the fact that my BMI was only that high because of a recent inpatient trip made me now eligible because I met most the criteria. And this was by a leading eating disorder specialist in my state, not some Ana tumblr tard who doesn't know what they're talking about.

No. 99336

Take this back to your diary thinspo-chan.
Nobody gives a fuck about your attention hungry whining or your super super special diagnoses.

No. 99337


"mah diagnosissss!"

No. 99338


No. 99339


one reply was enough. No need to strain yourself.

No. 99340

File: 1456794519502.jpeg (120.49 KB, 640x818, image.jpeg)

"Pro Anas Fuck Off" Newest post shows off chest bones.. Try again Crying Emily..

No. 99341

Why the fuck are a bunch of 17 year olds with OSFED arguing over how to diagnose eating disorders. Get yer Ph.D. first you little shits, you ain't doctors

No. 99342

She looks like ginger in the first photo ?

No. 99344

Sorry anachan, but multiple people just don't care about your sob story. Go get your assgap pats somewhere else.

No. 99347

it's so sad now that our favorite ana queen ember is gone…

No. 99348

More like Munchausen queen…

No. 99352

I hope she stays away and stops being such a retard but I doubt she will last a week offline.
She'll start up some new "secret" thinspo account while she's faking inpatient, and in a few days there'll be a story about how she was caught with drugs/purging/its just too hard wehh/too sick or some sorta bs.

No. 99354

I give it two-three days.

No. 99355

Attack of the chest hugger!

No. 99356

Ash is the one and only Ana queen.

No. 99363

She belongs in a fucking ward.

No. 99364

I hope she lasts a month because those inpatient girls will rip her to shreds. Even if (big fat IF) she is 88 pounds, sick as all hell, girl is still a nutcase

No. 99365

Ash 2.0 in the making.
Once becca finally wheels her chair grave into a hospice and leaves her there, crying Emily will assume the cockroach-crown, become more skeletal and hysterical, and begin surviving on a steady stream of pity.

She's living her dream.

No. 99368

why do you think you should be diagnosed with anorexia when the diagnosis of atypical anorexia exists for people who display all the symptoms of anorexia except low body weight?? and atypical AN would go under OSFED so.. why are you still typing

if your tx facility put anorexia and not atypical on your paperwork, it was for billing purposes, or to just get you approved in general.

No. 99369

Day one in group therapy and she will be begging to sign out if she's even in a facility.
I'd give my entire wardrobe to be a fly on the wall during her supervised meals. She'll be watching the sick women to see how she's supposed to act, one of them will notice her watching and go straight for the jugular.
Come morning vitals the nurse will find her furiously masturbating over all the "thinspo" walking around.

No. 99371

It's going to be a fucking rumble

No. 99372

File: 1456799063748.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_2016-02-29-21-21-11…)

this is so extra

No. 99374

File: 1456799151267.jpg (29.15 KB, 400x303, tumblr_no7rq4t0ja1qz6f4bo1_400…)

No. 99376

File: 1456799454682.png (137.76 KB, 1080x748, Screenshot_2016-02-29-21-22-01…)

scrolling through emily c's blog and 1) why would you even respond to anon hate unless you just wanted attention 2) "i dont even know who you are" is that supposed to be an insult?.. you're replying to an anonymous person, emily. you literally could know that person and if you dont? so what, you aren't special..?

No. 99377

Below 18.5 is considered underweight. The original convo that I think this poster is replying to is that BMI isn't a diagnostic criteria for anorexia but a guideline used by the WHO and therefore to determine the severity of the disease.

The only weight guideline in the DSM V is maintaining a low/under norm weight and the refusal to gain/fear of gaining.

So if someone is 17.6-18 and have the stated criteria as decided by a doctor, they can be diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and not atypical anorexia. BMI is not an accurate indicator of someone's health.

No. 99380

someone got into their mother's liquid eyeliner

No. 99398

she sent it herself so of course she answered

No. 99402

Aww, I was just getting into the flow of discussing Ember.

Anyone interested in an ~~ana~~ who claims to be in the low 50 lbs and 5'7, yet appears completely normal? Not thin in the slightest. A few weeks ago she even said she got into the 40's. I think she's delusional, and her scale is set to kg.

Other than that, she's pretty boring.

No. 99404

File: 1456808908444.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_2016-03-01-00-05-57…)

ot but this image is such a perfect example of chick who is skinnyfat.

No. 99406

Pro Ana's fuck off then lists diagnosis and includes no other info other then mental illnesses. Like beyond the obvious thinspo right off the bat in her bio it's obvious who she wants attention from.

No. 99409

She's cute! ^_^

No. 99410

Thats chubby not skinnyfat

No. 99411

Her legs look nice at least

No. 99412

bitch needs to use a darker color to fill in those brows

No. 99413

No, that's just regular fat.

No. 99414

No. 99416

no, that's chubby, but keep telling yourself that "regular fat", anachan

No. 99418

Is it because she's an "apple body" shape or like, top heavy? Her legs do look good tho.

No. 99420

last I'm gonna comment on that pic cuz it isn't relevant, but she really just seems to have a wide bone structure rather than being "fat". People here aren't taking the width of her ribs/hips into account here.

No. 99421

File: 1456811514404.png (2 MB, 1358x1536, PhotoGrid_1456811386097-1.png)

can we all at least agree on this?

No. 99425

Can we fucking stop? If you want to debate this, go to myproana.com.

No. 99426

Not really fam.
That's not skinny. Plus this entire discussion is derailing. Take it to /b/

No. 99430

Nope because that's more like skinnyfat and skinnyfit.

No. 99434

*if EW is in ip, the only way in hell she got in is by claiming bulimia. That's literally the only option she has since she is at a completely fucking normal weight. God I hope she gains like 50 pounds she deserves it

No. 99436

File: 1456816783495.gif (477.69 KB, 500x232, plsno.gif)

>the most cancerous thread on lolcow

No. 99437

this thread has gone to shit. unless you're going to post about wannarexics and proana scumbags then fuck off. the debate on whats "thin or not" is not for this thread. stop derailing with what you think is fat or not

No. 99477

This picture is so stupid. Whoever created this apparently doesn't realise there are EDs that include bingeing? That doesn't make them less valid.

No. 99480

File: 1456839042302.png (646.77 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Not a whole lot of lolcow material other than the fact that she's clearly lying about her weight or the scale is wrong her set to kg. Trying not to feel to bad about criticizing an innocent eating disordered girl's weight… (More photos to come)

No. 99481

File: 1456839135130.png (377.6 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


According to her bf she's 5'7. She looks completely healthy to me.

I'm 5'0 and looked emaciated at her weight.

No. 99483

File: 1456839205833.png (501.31 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


Four wks later and she's down 20 lbs…

No. 99484

File: 1456839253141.png (560.57 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


And looks like this.

I don't believe it.

No. 99486

Hahahaha that is such an obvious lie. At 52 lbs she would be noticeably thinner than aly_realrecover which she is obviously not. Pathetic.

No. 99489

wow i am surprised she would post that; and that no one has called her on it? maybe you are right about the scale being set to kg. but if so she would be 156 in that 1st pic, which seems a bit high. i'm not sure though, maybe some shooping/stretching is to blame but i would guess a little lower for her height. who knows though

her insta bio says she is a stay at home parent? and she's taking body check selfies. from the examples posted she's definitely not the most heinous offender, but that's still kind of sad

No. 99490


I honestly think this is what her scale is actually telling her. I kind of feel bad for her that she believes that.

No. 99492

doesnt she know how small 50-40lbs is? Like did she never google it or somethig? How much does she thik people with an ED/anorexia weigh? 0-10lbs? Its just not making a lot of sense.
And yea, she looks normal

No. 99500

maybe she doesn't realize its set to kgs?

No. 99505

My scale has a toggle on the bottom and will also say if it's set to kgs or lbs on the display, but if she doesn't have a digital one then it's easier to mistake lbs for kgs.

No. 99506

I'm 5'7" and if she weighed 56kgs she would look like me. She looks smaller, but not underweight. I peg her at about 130.

No. 99510


56kg would put her at BMI 19.6. Doesn't seem too high.

Some people do look bigger at lower weights due to body composition, but even if she's underweight she's nowhere near 56lbs.

No. 99517

Yeah it's possible but how would she lose 19 kg in four weeks? I don't see a huge difference between the pictures size-wise

No. 99520

i meant that she said she was at 71 lbs, which could possibly have been 71 kg or 156 lbs.

i agree with anon above, i would guess about 130 as well but she may carry her weight differently, or at least be working the camera angles

No. 99526

File: 1456850140167.jpg (54.28 KB, 489x325, DONTYOUS.jpg)

OP here, I try to find triggering images, preferably with a proana overtone lol

No. 99527

This is the most unnecessary conversation ever. She's a lying bitch and its ridiculous to even say she weighs under 115. Why waist time with this bullshit?

No. 99530

I wonder if Ember had a shit in front of a nurse yet lmao, they monitor everything you do at first. Even your bowel movements :')

No. 99531


Because it really seems like she at least thinks she's being sincere? You'd think she'd shoop herself or something if she was going to lie that drastically about her weight.

No. 99535

File: 1456852152245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.67 KB, 1080x1080, cutienbm.jpg)

>spoiler for blood

This is Abbie, better known as cutiebum. Here is the caption for pic related:

>Today has been so terrifying. The North Western Infidels protesting in Liverpool are scum, throwing fireworks, smoke bombs, glass bottles and bricks. They cheered as I was carried away with a head pouring with blood. Thankfully I’m fine now and getting stitches tomorrow, I’ve been sent so much love and I’m so thankful❤️ Please be so careful if any of you witness these demonstrators.


Some of you may know who she is, so I just felt like sharing this.

No. 99536

File: 1456852223077.jpg (80.03 KB, 540x540, cutiebum.jpg)


>Hi guys. Just a post to let people know I’m on the mend and feeling better every day. The entire thing has been very traumatising but I’ll get there. I’ve made the decision to delete Facebook and to stop using social media so much as it wasn’t letting me forget at all. I hope you’re all okay and I’ll be back whenever I feel ready, thank you again for the huge amount of support ❤️ All I want now is to forget really. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Also don’t I look like a different person? So puffy and weird. Ha, bye bye.) ??

No. 99544

And this is post worthy because…?

No. 99550

File: 1456854130534.png (561.04 KB, 652x1220, Untitled-1.png)

found this girl. the only obvious shoop i noticed was the bottom photo and how the wall was warping into her body. i'm horrible at detecting shoops tho so if anyone else wants to take a shot at it her page is public

aside from that it's painfully obvious she uses the instagram editor to make herself look thinner and her legs look longer.

No. 99552

The first picture looks like a tilt shift, so that makes sense.

No. 99555

Sorry, meant to say pic 1 and 2 is the product of tilt shifting, and maybe some shoop on pic 2. Pic 3 is shoop.

No. 99558

No Emily, you're not cute.

Any pictures?

No. 99559

She might actually be a little underweight.

No. 99562

No. 99565

that 'warping' is just a shadow

No. 99567

File: 1456856333553.png (28.95 KB, 352x368, Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.1…)

i don't see how a line that's consistently straight until it reaches her butt and melts into her body is explained by "just a shadow"

No. 99582

nah you just stupid that's why you don't see it or understand what you see

No. 99596

File: 1456864210046.jpg (569.54 KB, 1102x1100, 46545.jpg)

No. 99598

You have to be 18+ to post here. Fuck off back to MPA.

No. 99599


just because she's not deathly underweight doesn't mean she's not somewhat underweight, idk if it's the ana's in this board and their warped perceptions but some angles and photoshop to make herself look ill doesn't mean she's not unhealthy somewhat

and tbh isn't being obsessed with having an eating disorder… an eating disorder

/inb4 people call me a fattychan or amber or something

No. 99600

I get what you're saying. Personally IDC what Ember does, if she wants to waste time in IP, let her.

No. 99601

Agreed, Ember is clearly not "fat" as some have posted here. She obviously is slim and even underweight with issues surrounding body image and diet. I;m guessing lots of people here have restrictive ED's themselves and a warped sense of body image which can be fucking tedious to read about. They all thin calling someone fat is the highest insult sigh.

No. 99604


I think Ember could be underweight, but she definitely doesn't have an ED, and I'm pretty sure she hasn't even "tried" to develop one. Her weight pretty much hasn't changed for the last 4 years. You'd expect fluctuations.

Agree with you though. The straw-grasping on this thread is real.

No. 99610


How the fuck could you know if someone you doesn't personally know, or should I say someone who is not you, does or does not have an eating disorder… No, you just can't know.

No. 99615

File: 1456866955436.jpg (64.92 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_o102lhmjfs1qc6rb…)

has this chick been posted before?

>HAES advocate, apparently "recovered" from OSFED by basically binge-eating

>lied on national television about being diagnosed anorexic
>revealed that she's obese and still gaining weight (must not have reached her "set point"!)
>recently claimed that obese class one is healthy.
>self-made thinspo and self-harm photos are on her photography blog classed as "art".

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bodypositivepear/
Tumblr: http://everythingeatingdisordered.tumblr.com/
Photography: http://sarahyoungphotography.weebly.com/

No. 99618

File: 1456867453669.png (814.74 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-01-15-10-44…)

I think its hilarious that emeber says people are creepy and wierd for "stalking her"
But shes a fucking creepy ass weird stalker.

Im glad shes finally is some type of mental health ward. I hope the real ed girls chew her up and spit her fat butt out.

When i was IP for a suicide attmpt, fights happened on the DAILY. Ill never forget when this Bi-polar girl went ape shit on this other loon for being annoying and BODY SLAMMED HER TO THE GROUND
I hope someone there does that to ember and literally slams some sense in to her.

No. 99619


you seem emotionally invested in proving her legitimacy… thought you were in IP, Ember?

No. 99620

Showering on that stupid little chair whims a nurse watches you scrub. She's gonna love it.

No. 99622

Maybe not for sure, but when someone claiming to be an 88 pound anorexic, looks nothing like an 88 pound anorexic should, it raises red flags.

Ember may have some form disordered eating, body imagine ect. But she is NOT an 88 pound anorexic.

No. 99623

Exactly. She is not 88lbs and never will be.
I can not wait for someone to recognize her or google her after they get out of IP. I'm ready for that milk

No. 99625

File: 1456869041730.jpg (25.72 KB, 537x303, IMG_20160301_154906.jpg)

Well it looks like someone is already bored without his doughgirl

No. 99628

And why was mentioning your weight necessary?

No. 99634

Thats probably what she did tell the doctors to get in to ip. But to everyone else is cause of "muh sevr anrexia"

No. 99636


it's not even that. she's spent 4(??) years with an inconsistent ED story, faked a diagnosis instead of trying to get one (which more or less confirms that she never thought she'd be able to actually be diagnosed), has lied about having multiple mental illnesses, and yet has nothing except a bunch of shooped photos and a sketchy video of a scale.

she could end up dying from AN and no one would believe that shit because she's the girl who cried wolf.

No. 99639

Not her, just stating the truth.

No. 99645

Except she wont die from AN because shes not AN. Like i said she may have a for of disordered eating and what not, but shes NOT an anorexic.
And even if she did develope AN and she was dying from it anyone would be able to tell and her doctors wouldnt let her die lol. Also if she actually became a spoopky skelly, well.. god save us all. Shed milk that to death and beyond.

No. 99647

You don't have an eating disorder if you think about wanting one???? Wtf many people obsess over losing weight without actually doing anything to lose weight. That doesn't mean you have disordered eating patterns.

Ember clearly isn't 88lbs and she clearly doesn't have any real issues with food if she can chug 1,200 calorie Starbuck drinks and eat every meal her boyfriend cooks her. She has tried to mimic other disordered individuals, saying she has the same issues as them, but she has never actually developed any kind of disordered behavior. She doesn't struggle with eating, she doesn't obsess over calories or burning them. She doesn't struggle with purging or any other form of self harm it seems. She acts completely normal?

The only real problems Ember has, from what i can tell, is with her self esteem, her constant need for validation, and her obsession with the internet. Because she has those issues, I assume that's where her mild anxiety and depression stems from. The rest of her "disordered" are fictitious. You can't say you have all these issues but never actually display them.

No. 99648

File: 1456874885844.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-01-17-00-25…)

Idk where to put this, but i cam across this chick on insta. Her whole profile is filled with self harm and blood. I reported her, but i thought i should post here and get her account taken down. Its disgusting and harmful to her follers


No. 99649


Stop this fucking shit. You seem mad underage too…

No. 99650

Brilliant input, thanks for commenting.

No. 99651

Seeing people post this shit on insta is super embarrassing…
I did that shit when I was 12, but then a few months later I realized it was fuckin ridiculous & embarrassing. I'm still a self harmer 7 years later & I can barely stand people seeing them during the summer, let alone posting them online constantly like an attention seeking brat.
…and a lot of these types of people are adults - what the actual fuck.

No. 99652


No. 99653

Lol it was a typo chill

No. 99654

When i self harmed i did everything in my power to hide it. Once, i was wearing shorts, and they must have come up too far and the waitor noticed the cuts and was like, "oh are those from your cat?" Infront of all my friends i was having lunch with. It was embarrassing as hell and cause me to almost have a panic attack. I just dont get how these girls can flaunt it like its a trophy from being fucked up in the head.

No. 99656

File: 1456876038357.jpg (563.66 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160301_174351.jpg)

Did we forget to shop all our pics the same?

No. 99657

Same dude, same.

I remember being an attention seeking 15-year-old twat posting my cuts on tumblr for the attention, so I can't really berate this girl for doing it. I know what it's like to try to fit into to that disgusting online community. But again, like you, I stopped that shit very soon after I realized how stupid I was and how damaging and attention-seeking it is to post pictures of your fresh self harm online.

I still self harm, seven years later, but I haven't posted any pictures since then. Nor do I ever talk about it. And you can bet your ass I wear long sleeves and pants even when it's 100 degrees out. I can't imagine being an adult and still looking for attention online through self harm.

/sage for personal blog, sorry

No. 99659

Oh my God I hate SFY. She tells all her gullible vulnerable followers to binge eat their way into health and recovery but for her MM is not true? And she doesn't have to follow the guidelines?
It's also pathetic that she pretends she was anorexic. Her stupid thinspo photos on her photography blog are also labelled "anorexia".
Doesn't she work in an ED treatment centre? Those poor patients.

No. 99663

If he sends you a dick pic I'm dead

No. 99666

I used to self harm and tried my best to keep it hidden at all times. Once when I was in driving school the instructor saw the edges of some scars not fully covered by my sleeve and asked if I had been burned. All these years later I still have to keep my arms covered up, even when I'm home by myself.

No. 99672

dude, who pissed in your cheerios? Damn.

No. 99673

Obviously you, since you're so buttblasted about it

So the hundreds of Anas talking about their eatin disorders is 100% okay, but talking about self harm when a girl who posts self harm pictures is posted is not? Okely dokeily

No. 99685

No shit, I was just playing. You chill.

No. 99691

a bit OT, but has anyone here noticed nomvegannom/cupidofchaos/Janna seems to be dropping a little weight again lately? She used to be really popular on youtube at the height of her anorexia.

No. 99696

I remember her!
Pity she's losing weight again. She'd done really well recovery-wise before that AFAIK

No. 99708

Lol someone should message Andrew pretending to be interested in him. See how long it takes him to "cheat" on dough girl. She cheated on AJ in the first place.

No. 99709

you do it yourself slut

No. 99710

He hasn't approved me yet, idiot. Someone who has access to him, DO IT

No. 99714

Alright thats going to far like dont bait the guy with someone from this site. Im sure he'll find some tramp to bang on his own.

No. 99725

Lurk moar faggot

No. 99727

Can you image how ugly their kids would be??

No. 99739

The one on the lower left hand corner is funny. It looks like she has a tiny erect penis tenting her underwear up in the front.

No. 99789


I think she does work in one, yeah. Fuck her though. I'm pretty sure most of the shit she spews is to combat obvious insecurities about her own recovery. She must have some concerns that she's still gaining weight, but if she tags on to herself that "this is the only way to truly recover" (I think she's stopped advocating solely for MM now and just unrestricted eating/binging as a whole?) she can somehow trick herself and others into thinking that she's the Most Recovered.

No. 99800


lrn 2 reading comprehension dumbass, it was an exaggerated hypothetical

>doctors wouldnt let her die

>implying people dont die of anorexia

No. 99833

File: 1456927020669.jpg (41.52 KB, 526x209, IMG_20160302_073305.jpg)

Busy little bee last night. And of course Jotlphotogtaphy is one of them. I swear she is going to skin Ember and wear her around town lol

No. 99845

There is plenty of skin to go around if she wants to do that.

No. 99852

Maybe Ember is just using her bf's instagram instead of hers so no-one catches onto her lies.

I'm still on the fence whether Ember has actually gone to IP or not. And if shes not it makes sense that she would be using her bf's instagram or making a fake account to keep track of all the eating disordered people she used to follow.

No. 99863

Your newfag is showing

No. 99868

Either way, if it's him or her it's still hilarious. I hope we get more to come with this.

No. 99877

Sarah is such a hypocritical bitch. She was even called out on YourEatopia when she posted about feeling insecure about being obese and how she had exercised in recovery. They questioned her recovery and she threw a fit. But it's totally okay for her to question other people's recovery when they don't follow every single aspect of MinnieMaud, even though she never followed it herself. There's always one rule for Sarah, another for everyone else.

No. 99879

Yup, even when her blog got terminated sge managed to get it back. Its really sad

No. 99900

That actually makes a lot of sense. She's addicted to social media drama and I'm like 80% certain she's not in IP. Remember when her posts got exposed here and she pretended she was in the hospital?

No. 99907

Relax ember, nobody wants your hobbit BF anyway

No. 99916

I do. I gots me a hairy dwarf fetish. Mmmmbaby.

No. 99919

Can we stop posting about Ember until she produces us with more milk?

shits getting mundane

No. 99926

Post about someone else then.

No. 99928


I can't find that thread at all, that sounds exactly like Sarah though so I don't doubt it happened. She's such a child. God knows why anyone still takes her advice.

No. 99934

stfu emily

No. 99935

Fuck you, Samantha.

No. 99939

File: 1456948899062.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2246, Screenshot_2016-03-02-11-57-56…)

No. 99942

This is either a self post or Emily trying to get everyone to stop talking about Ember. I see nothing wrong with the IG post.

No. 99948

File: 1456950552570.jpg (258.02 KB, 900x1381, 2016-03-02-21-26-29-645.jpg)

So she was a 13 or 14ish bmi 3 weeks ago and now she's a bmi of 18. That's kinda funny because she claimed before that it's hard for her to gain even at 3000kcal and that she suffers from refeeding syndrome but nice gal lol

No. 99951

Those feet… :(

No. 99955

she started recovering and gaining weight 3 or 4 months ago, not weeks.

No. 99960

Lolcow isn't a place to criticise random sick women for recovering too fast. Believe it or not, but most of us are not anorexic. Post drama-ridden clowns, not just people suffering from mental illness. Jesus Christ.

No. 99961

But she posted a pic some weeks ago (not more than 4 weeks) and said that she's now at a 14ish bmi / gained 3kg.

No. 99962

How about you underfed little fucks go elsewhere if you want to talk about how fat your friends are. They are of no use to Lolcow. Make your own anonymous image board. Make a tumblr. Text each other. But just get the fuck off of lolcow. These nobodies have no milk and they are boring/sad.

No. 99966


refeeding syndrome can cause extreme sudden weight gain r u retarded, gb to mpa

No. 99976

Wow. You're all types of autistic. Clearly never been to a town hall or idk, looked at other threads.

No. 99991

ember isn't posting, do you think she's really in ip and they've taken her cell phone away? i hope she gains 50lbs and is miserable forever.

No. 99994

Will you stop avatarfagging these shitty mcr gifs holy fuck

There's not even a point to your post you just wanted to avatar post

No. 99996

Kek not ember pls try again

No. 99999

You're all autistic and you should leave

No. 100000

Nah, go purge, bonelord. I enjoy my shitty reaction images.

No. 100001

Lol what if ember refuses to eat because she wants to be the most anorexic of them all, and ends up with a ng tube. Wish she had her phone to take selfies.

No. 100003

It's getting so obnoxious. Keep it to the bandom thread where anons care about what they listened to when they were 13.

They're barely relevant reaction gifs, its just adding to the cancer.

No. 100004

That would require her to (A) be in hospital or a clinic and (B) consistently refuse food, which she only wishes she could do.

No. 100006

File: 1456960657192.jpeg (102.77 KB, 194x326, image.jpeg)


suck a fuck

No. 100007


Nah, in the U.S., lots of IP/res do tube feedings, not just hospitals. Almost all IP does it, and at least the res I went to did. I'm not sure whether she's IP or res though.

No. 100008

Wow nice get!

No. 100012

When she gets back we're definately going to get tales of NG tubes, being restrained, dramatic group therapy stories and probably a 'relapse' because of what she learnt from the other girls.

No. 100015

he got really fat lmao

No. 100016

He probably went ip like ember

No. 100017

Ugh, so underage it hurts.

No. 100019

We'll get a poorly rehashed version of wasted, wintergirls, and sob stories from sick little girls from Instagram.

All of her info on treatment will be outdated bullshit or inaccuracies from lifetime movies or the youtube documentaries she vicariously lives through. I'm kind if excited to see just how wrong she gets it tbh.
She's an appalling liar, but the results are hilarious.

No. 100020

The point is that she's in neither. She's sitting at home, sucking down frappes like usual. Who is going to tube her? Her boyfriend Bilbo?

No. 100022

Ugh, so salty it hurts.

No. 100023

You dropped your gif there.
Can you at least post bands who aren't hideous and shitty?

No. 100024

I bet she tells us she wouldn't eat so they took away her clothes, a la Girl, Interrupted.

Kind of impressed she has been able to keep herself from posting for this long, though.

No. 100025

there should be a bingo card for cliche ED movie scenarios that wannarexics rip off

No. 100026

She'll be lurking hardcore, and probably using one of her fifty or so 'secret' thinspo accounts. She's got heaps of sockpuppets to get her attention fix.

No. 100027

Lemme see what I can do

No. 100028

File: 1456964577913.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, eyerollgif.gif)

Don't think what someone's reaction gif is matters. Now stop derailing and go get something to eat.

No. 100029

Oh man, I'm being shit on for liking terrible emo music from the early 2000s, wow that's never happened before, how shall I ever deal with it. You seem very butthurt about this. If you're so upset, why won't you let it go? I won't ~trigger~ this thread with gifs anymore if it really bothers you so much, because I'm not into derailing. But you might want to consider unclenching your anus every once in a while.

No. 100030

do you always spend your time complaining about dumb shit or

No. 100031

Stop detailing and fuck off already you insufferable cunt. You're as funny as a fart in a jar, despite apparently thinking you're some kind of le epic troll. Listen to Helena and cut yourself some more.

No. 100032

Never heard that one before :^)

take your own advice, fag

No. 100033

I wouldn't be surprised, tbh.

I'm still curious as to if she continues to post on lolcow. I know, she's required to identify herself in posts, but I am sure that Ember knows how to change her IP and get around that.

You know she's gotta be checking this thread every day for new underage mentally ill girls to follow.

No. 100034

I bet anything she's lurking here regularly.
She'll have some proxy, but as long as she's not constantly self posting or wking herself I don't think its an issue.

She's probably also working on her editing skills to get some sweet shots that look like she has a feeding tube.

No. 100035

Derail harder, plz.
This thread hasn't been about you enough yet.

No. 100036

Can I get some suggestions for bingo?

No. 100038

>Nah, in the U.S., lots of IP/res do tube feedings, not just hospitals.

no, actually, you're completely wrong. Most ip/res places in the US do not use tubes. A few do, like ERC, and they also allow electronics (most places don't). Funny coincidence how the few places that tube and allow electronics have the most revolving door patients…i wonder why that is.

whereas in the UK and Australia, it seems like if you don't eat, you get tubed, regardless of weight. and get to keep your electronics. Instead of tubing people for not eating, especially when their weight isn't even close to dangerous, they should take the phones/laptops instead.

No. 100039

I don't think it's an issue either, but I'm still quite curious about it. I remember her galactic meltdown from the time when her posts were revealed a few months ago.

Ember should pick up some shoop tips from Kota. Maybe then she can turn herself into a tru ana snowflake qween

No. 100041

File: 1456966864652.jpg (78.43 KB, 679x415, hance1.jpg)

From Hancesolo's facebook

No. 100042

File: 1456966885292.jpg (102.66 KB, 663x477, hance2.jpg)

No. 100043

I'd assume Renfrew tubes since Shelly and an NG one in Thin.

No. 100045

Jesus Christ nat.
What is she doing to herself.

No. 100046

Oh god Embernobyl was such a good tantrum!

No. 100052

It's about time she got blocked from using tumblr. Maybe now she'll actually recover instead of doing the whole 'alcoholic 3edgy5u look at me-don't look at me' shit she's been playing for years.

No. 100057

B-but it was art and fashion not thinspooo!

No. 100058

nope. shelly came in with that tube in her stomach, and she went to the hospital after being admitted to have it removed. I've been to renfrew 2x, they don't tube. if you're critically underweight they'll send you to a medical hospital for tube feeding, if you're not emaciated renfrew just kicks you out.

No. 100060

Ooooh ok. Why do they kick you out if you're not emaciated, though? that seems kind of stupid.

No. 100063

renfrew likes the easiest patients. its a very big community, like 35+ girls and women, plus some very incompetent staff. they aren't equipped to treat someone with a severe eating disorder. Renfrew is all about $$$. they give zero fucks about patients recovering.

No. 100066

I actually legit hope he cheats so she has a hardline reason to get the fuck away from this vile excuse for a "man". Ember is nasty as hell, but my hatred for ugly gross old desperate perverts is so much deeper.

No. 100071

That's the impression I got from Thin.

No. 100073

File: 1456976231380.jpeg (190.65 KB, 750x1208, image.jpeg)

I've always been convinced that this girl is on some heavy drugs and this photo shows her arm with marks that remind me of heroin marks..
She's abnormally skinny and claims "high metabolism" and has severely fucked up teeth. Either bulimia or drugs. Or both who fucking knows

No. 100077

Definitely drugs.

No. 100078

Seriously she put "high metabolism" on her Insta bio? I can't cringe any harder at this girl…

No. 100086


I was Renfrew in Philly in 2009 and they did tube feedings. Very few people had them, like maybe 3 out of 60 patients. They did often send people to Belmont if they were still difficult. But they def did tubes. So did ERC (which someone already mentioned). Only two places I've been, so I guess I overgeneralized when assuming most.

No. 100088

Sara is an insufferable brat, but I actually believe she really is just that naturally thin. She was able to carry her baby full term and he's clearly healthy. She's been the weight she is for years now, no fluctuations, so I believe it's her body's natural state. She has even stated she's very embarrassed about how skinny she is.

No. 100090

Also, she's said before that the jewelry she had in her tongue cracked her teeth when she was younger. (I hate-follow her on insta)

No. 100093

Then she must not take proper care of her teeth, I.E. brushing, flossing etc etc.

No. 100094

Yooooooou don't understand what tongue jewelry does to your teeth at all.

No. 100095

For someone who's embarrassed about being skinny she sure posts a lot of photos of her legs/her in thinspo poses

No. 100096

Oops, meant to respond to this post.

No. 100098

File: 1456983525197.png (156.34 KB, 386x343, Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.38…)

not the same anon you replied to but have you seen her videos??? like you had to have watched her youtube videos before if you follow her insta. i'm not talking about a cracked tooth when i say her teeth are fucked up. i'm talking about the nastiness that's going on in her gums. that's not from jewelry

She either does some hardcore drugs to fuck up her teeth or she just doesn't give a fuck about oral hygiene

No. 100099

oh god ew, I had no idea they were THIS bad. She said she's self conscious of teeth before as well…
As far as she's shown she's only a heavy pot smoker, plus again, she had her healthy baby boy not that long ago(which can also make teeth worse, which happened to my mother when she was pregnant) …Hmm.
I'm intrigued though.

No. 100100

i'm not saying her child isn't healthy because from the photo she posts he damn right does look like a healthy baby.. but don't assume just from pictures online or her word that he is.

i mean for all we know there could be underlying conditions due to how she (clearly) treats her body, but those conditions aren't visible to what she puts online.

No. 100102

Top fucking keks I needed that! Bless you anon! ^_^

No. 100103

Even if you're a hardcore drug addict and drink and smoke and eat like shit, the majority of the time you're still gonna have a healthy baby. The risk is just much higher, but far from a guarantee.
I'm not advocating for that shit obviously, it's repulsive. It's just very possible her kid is totally fine.

No. 100106

Crack addicts can and do deliver healthy babies, and women who have been a perfect model of health have stillbirths.

Not always, obviously. Alcohol or drug use dying pregnancy is incredibly harmful.

No. 100107

no, i know that
my point was that anon shouldn't assume she has a healthy baby just because of her instagram posts / what she says online

this whole thread is a perfect example of how easy it is to be deceptive on the internet

No. 100139

Yeah, good on her facility for blocking Tumblr.

No. 100141

File: 1457013086020.jpg (300.67 KB, 1512x1512, Got eem.jpg)

She literally cannot stay off the fucking internet

GG Ember

No. 100146

Not in Ember's defense but maybe she requested to follow and that person only now accepted? It would make sense for Ember to be online but yeah, just saying it's a possibility.

No. 100148

I would KILL to see what she posts on this account

No. 100150

Here's a thought: If these fags are really that mentally ill WHY THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE AN ONLINE PRESENCE AND POST ABOUT IT? Delete that shit.

No. 100151

she got ugly lol

No. 100155

This. It is common to see this on following/follower counts on social media. I would be shocked if she didn't find some way to get online though, she is one of the worst Net addicts I've ever seen.

>>100139 Word. I don't get how any treatment facility allows people on social media when many of their patients are likely connected to toxic webspaces.

No. 100158

I was thinking that too, but I guess we'll see

No. 100159


most pathetic excuse for milk i've ever seen, please post more entertaining cows

No. 100161

who was that one ana snowflake that would whine constantly "i cant live without muh cigs and muh drugs" but they were just snorting adhd medication that they were perscribed? I unfollowed a while ago but their account was hilarious

No. 100164

Feel free to post your own

No. 100166

> post more Ana flakes and cows
> anon posts a potential cow
> other anons denounce as self post or em/em/em taking the focus off em, em or em

No. 100172

Heather made a post about how she's lost 25 lbs since january.
It's an unpopular opinion here, but I like Heather, and unfortunately & embarrassingly I have to admit seeing it "triggered" me since I've been trying to stop binging/purging.
I don't think it was a necessary post, I think she just wants validation for it…

No. 100173


No. 100174

File: 1457023066117.jpeg (46.51 KB, 640x586, image.jpeg)

No. 100177

That's because those posts are not of a cow - ie: someone who can be milked - just boring nobodies with anorexia.

No. 100205

Please kill yourself, saying someone triggers you isn't milk.

No. 100206

If reading about someone's weightloss is triggering, how the hell do you manage to lurk this thread without wanting to slit your wrist? kek

No. 100209

why is this thread crawling with people foaming at the mouth for any excuse to share their ED sob stories. no one cares

No. 100211

File: 1457029595645.png (1.92 MB, 1425x1254, heather crader.png)

Confirmed anon is fat/ugly as fuck, no chubby bitch could trigger someone who is actually thin.

Also, left image was taken December 2015 and right was posted February 26th 2016. It doesn't even look like she lost a single pound, let alone 25 pounds. It actually looks like she gained weight lmao.

No. 100217

Someone has been dragged to filth and is mad about it ?

No. 100233

I agree. Maybe she gained 45 pounds binging over the holidays and then lost 25 of it just by returning to normal eating lol.

No. 100234

That's exactly what I thought. Woah.. great minds.

No. 100239

Her face looks a bit like Khloe Kardashian's.

No. 100241

File: 1457033318465.png (212.29 KB, 400x328, chleo.png)

2012 Khloe Kardashian lol

No. 100243


I actually also like Heather but thats maybe a 5lb difference tops, and it's a gain not a loss. u ok there heather

No. 100244

Don't assume she's healthy because she was able to carry a child to full term. There were plenty of women who became pregnant and had children in concentration camps during the Holocaust, and they were being starved. Same for women in North Korean labor camps.

No. 100247

Don't forget; she is a totes Native American don't call me white!!!!1!

No. 100248

She is Native American, though

No. 100249

Do any of you remember kayla/odolnost? From Tumblr? She was a famous yoga and anorexia blogger 2010-2013?

No. 100250

Oh God she's pathetic for lying, she actually looks like a pig in the new pic.

No. 100253

Pic from last week; her thighs look huge compared to how they looked in 2015 lmfao

No. 100257

Never stated anywhere that I was thin
Damn, you guys are fucking vicious, jesus.
Not milk, but is relevant to this thread & figured people here would be interested in it regardless.

No. 100258

To be fair to her, the outfit in the right is unflattering. Anybody would look heavier in jeans that they could barely do up and the knot in that top puts way too much emphasis on her stomach. The pic on the right is slightly bigger too. I don't think she's lost weight, but she hasn't turned into a huge lump of fat or anything.

No. 100260

Um… good for her? I honestly feel bad for her and I'm glad she's getting help. She seems like an average person, and she's not ugly.

No. 100261

No one thought you were thin and no one finds interest in some fat truth blogger lying about weight loss.

This thread is for proana scum, Heather doesn't meet the criteria so again, please kill yourself.

No. 100262

Stop trying to whiteknight yourself, Heather. You're fat as hell.

No. 100268


The samefagging is strong

No. 100269

You don't make the rules of the thread or speaks for what everyone in this thread is interested in.
She's relevant bc she's constantly on Ember's bullshit and has been brought up in previous threads.
The point is Heather engaged in posting something akin to what she's previously slammed other people for.
Get over yourself and stop being so damn salty, anon.

No. 100270

Please read the name and description of this thread. No where does it say "discuss people who discuss the proana scumbags posted in this thread". This isn't your fucking hugbox, take your vendetta elsewhere.

No. 100271

Ugh, yeah I remember her.
What a tool.

Wow who did heather post about on tumblr to get this much salt? Her weightloss isn't triggering anyone lel, she's never once called herself skinny.
Its not like she's deja levels of obese.

No. 100272

Show me on the doll where Heather touched you.

No. 100273

Because all wannarexics and anas are attention whores.

No. 100277

File: 1457043401654.jpeg (83.9 KB, 537x399, image.jpeg)

Stfu heather. Why is this always the only comeback you cock suckers can come up with? It's clearly an unpopular opinion to like this bitch. Quit acting like some fat loser on the Internet has the ability to hurt everyone's fee-fees just cause you get triggered by "cyber bullying."

No. 100279

you guys I actually think Ember might be inpatient omfg I've been trying to call her phone the past day and it's been off

No. 100282

She has a thread of her own if you really wanna post about her. She doesn't really fit in this one

No. 100283

True. if you Tumblr fags wanna bitch about how she hurt your feelings, go here >>32772

No. 100284

Did you follow her more recent blogs? I think she's hilarious to follow because she can't keep track with her lies. And how she makes up sad stories and pulls the victim card to get pity. You can only get to her most recent blog when you're logged into tumblr though which might disqualify her as /snow material

No. 100289

Amazing. Battery's probably just dead though, or mommy forgot to pay her cellphone bill.

No. 100294

I think that she is too. She wouldn't have managed to keep away from the internet this long otherwise. She hasn't even pretended to hand her account over to her bff (who was never mentioned before or since)

No. 100295

Ember will be back in a week,
2 tops, if that. I think she's actually there too tbqh.

No. 100296

Stop. You're embarrassing yourself. Take your hate boner for heather to tumblr and stay there ana-chan. You're fagging up the thread and the fact that you assume that heather is the only person who thinks you suck at living shows how retarded you really are.

No. 100297

what the fuck

No. 100298

I don't have her new URL!
I have a tumblr for this sorta shit I should follow her

No. 100299


Kayla's new blog? Not sure if you're talking about Kayla or Heather.

Didn't Kayla get a boob job and start cam-whoring?

No. 100300

Odolnost, not heather.
Salty-hungry-anon has stopped vendetta posting I think.

No. 100301

I just checked and looks like she deleted. I know she had a tantrum because she asked to be rated on a scale 1-10 and someone said her face is ugly but her body is nice.
You missed so much drama. It's only a matter of time until she remakes. She begged for money for a hospital bill because she was uncomfortable begging from her parents, but begging from strangers is fine? Then a few days ago she posted the bill was reduced to a third of the original price but no mentions of refunding anybody.

No. 100302

What a shady bitch

No. 100303

Yes 10k boob job but cannot afford hospital bills (or pretends she can't). Idk if she still cams but she was in a porn once :/ and she posted nudes on tumblr and her mom found out so she deleted but remade her blog.

No. 100304

She also likes to talk about how rich her parents are (but when she was in high school she acted to be poor and Tara stiles made Reebok send her free stuff). So it doesn't make sense to beg from her followers. She does those things all the time, making up sad things for pity then later post the truth and act like she never lied. She also said her boyfriend was manipulative and abusive then said he is the best boyfriend in the world, she made up this lie multiple times.

No. 100310


go back to mpa you fuckin tard

No. 100312

every time heather gets posted: 'lol she must of dragged you so hard on tumblr'

Piss off heather you are so glaringly obvious. This website is full of catty bitches who dgaf about you so it's so blaintent when you try and defend yourself, you flabby pasty twat.

But yeah. I reckon embers IP too for real this time. The amount she's went on and on about it, asking people what she should take with her etc when she's supposedly been IP before a couple of times? The best thing she could do rn is own up to lying about all that shit when she's out.

No. 100313

She is overweight now, it's not good for anyone.

No. 100314

File: 1457051539389.jpeg (86.32 KB, 600x399, image.jpeg)

Are you that hate boner bitch that pops up whenever her name is mentioned just to chimp out on anyone who doesn't agree with you? Chill out, if she can dish it, she can take it.

No. 100315

I think you can fool anyone into at least sympathizing with you enough to provide some sort of care for you. She must've been hardcore practicing her spiel before she went through with her screening.

No. 100323

File: 1457054267058.jpeg (469.72 KB, 2048x1160, image.jpeg)

I don't know where to post this girl but I'm gonna do it here since this thread is titled "attention whores". Plus my sock poppet account follows only Ed attention whores and this girl was on the explore tab so I figured she's probably associated with some ED accounts

Basically I've been following this drama where a girl and her mom beat up this girls sister and I'm laughing at how ratchet these girls sound & how her last like 5 posts are telling her 40k+ followers about it

No. 100324

Shut the fuck up and go to her thread and stop samefagging up this one.

No. 100325

File: 1457055463563.jpeg (20.49 KB, 350x236, image.jpeg)

Autistic dag. You can't even tell difference between writing styles. To the river with you.

No. 100326

Why so many followers? The ghetto drama?

No. 100345

Who needs writing styles when you keep posting irrelevant memes, you're doing all the work for us.

No. 100354

They can't all be real. Her posts don't get enough likes.

No. 100355

File: 1457061565918.jpg (219.09 KB, 1366x768, BgRvwvG.jpg)

this was on the picture of her with a guy. she deleted all these.

No. 100357

File: 1457061873533.jpg (155.84 KB, 916x594, wut.jpg)

I checked out her account and somehow she knows Onsions one time cuddle partner. Lolcow worlds collide!

No. 100367

>is on an image board
> doesn't know how to image board
New fag cancer.

No. 100394

fucking hell someone get these girls a keg of conditioner

No. 100509

Well duh, Ember didn't go to treatment. We all knew that, but now there's proof. She's pathetic.

No. 100511

Is Ember's hobbit boyfriend aware of her internet presence? That was the reason AJ broke up with her. Someone should enlighten him.

No. 100512

What the absolute fuck are you talking about? We were all just agreeing that she did possibly go to IP. Catch up.

No. 100519

Can we stop pretending Ember is a victim of her boyfriend, please? And that it's not like she's some defenseless 14-15 year old girl?
She's an adult and, fuck, if she wanted to she could date a fucking 80 year old man for all anyone cares.
Don't worry for anything this girl has going on in her life. Not even for a second.

No. 100525

Um no actually it'd still be gross and abusive if she were dating a much older man. We know that Ember is very immature and has low self esteem.
I don't think there's anything wrong with her current relationship though, he just seems like a regular dude, he's not ugly just short. The ewwww commenta are just people with an ember hate boner

No. 100531

I don't think she's IP, I think she's been using Andrew's account to follow people like someone posted earlier. Just my two cents.

No. 100556

>"you're judging him by looks!"
>pedo tendencies get brought up
>"well you don't know him PERSONALLY!"

No. 100563

File: 1457096510069.jpg (36.36 KB, 883x70, ember whann ip address.jpg)

If Ember is in inpatient, why did this Tumblr receive hits from her workplace????????????



No. 100564

OK I am stupid but how does she get that info?

No. 100566

statcounter has a code you put on your tumblr blog and it tracks visits

No. 100571

Oh wow, interesting. I figured it was some kind of analytics. Thank you for explaining.

No. 100573

They use http://statcounter.com/ which allows you to copy and paste a code onto your webpage and it tracks every user who visits within the last 30 days, or you could pay for an account but I personally see no point unless you own a popular site. It's normally used to figure out the identify a person who is sending anonymous hate on Tumblr though. Some people accidentally will visit a blog straight from their own blog page (www.tumblr.com/user/url) that basically gives away their url since only the owner of said blog could visit their own blog page.

Most people use the Tumblr app to get around being detected but Ember has never been very bright and openly lurks her own drama so often, that she forgot that she needs to stay as incognito as possible while she fakes IP treatment for a week or two. She was probably stoned when she visited their blog lol >>100563 It's easy to do dumb shit while high.

No. 100574

Even before the drama caught his Insta, he wasn't posting pics but he was still following girls almost instantly

Things might've changed but this isn't new behavior

No. 100579

>inb4 'they let me out of IP for a few hours each workday so i can keep my busboy job at the dive bar !!!!!!!!!!!'

No. 100580

File: 1457102200758.jpeg (145.16 KB, 640x1041, image.jpeg)

O Emily!

No. 100591

No that's no you Emily, you fucking fatass alcholic cunt. You wish you could pull of edgy, alcholic loser look

No. 100592

Or is Andrew lurking while at work. Don't they work together?

No. 100595

Maybe he finally googled her name and is look at all the masterposts/proof/etc about her lol

No. 100596

No joke, thought this was Emily

They look the same in profile but head on its a huge difference

No. 100598

Or her mother

No. 100605

File: 1457106096675.gif (680.74 KB, 500x280, kimk.gif)

No. 100622


No, Emily you are twice her size.

No. 100629

File: 1457113119022.png (190.12 KB, 373x327, image.png)

Just when you thought she couldn't be more pathetic.

No. 100646

Kimiperi, she claims to be naturally skinny and not anorexic thanks to her diet of veganism and genetics but the amount of thinspo poses etc in her feed. She's changed recently but uses that scummy flat tummy tea so doubting her genetics claim

No. 100647

she's never said anything about an ED before, but all the ana-chans use her as thinspo

No. 100649

I recall her posting pics of her very emaciated arm refelcted in her laptop screen and the caption was "what the fuck is wrong with me?"
If she's claiming it's natural now, she's a liar (unless she's gained a bit of weight, I don't care to case it out myself) She has mentioned disordered eating habits before and how she was trying to overcome them and even had that she was "Orthorexic" in her FAQ page sometime 2-3 years back.

No. 100651

I followed her way back when and she claimed to be hospitalised and didn't specify for what. She was on the orthorexic kick before other tumblerinas found it

No. 100654

Who would hire kimiperi to do modelling work anyway? Her face is unappealing and there's nothing special or unique about it.
All she does is follow the hipster/tumblr fashion schtick and maintains a very low weight. It's a repetitive look that I can't believe is still chugging along.

No. 100679

That's Ember's Android phone, though.

No. 100682

She almost did it. she almost convinced everyone that she was IP.

No. 100685

I followed her way back in the day on tumblr and she would make ED related posts and tag them as #anorexia

No. 100695

>Mistakes someone with identical haircut posing with alcohol as Emily
>Must be Emily!

No. 100728

>>100357 oh look and the other blue haired girl is the one that was singing in billies after-cuddling livestream? wth

No. 100734

Where does ember work at?

No. 100786

File: 1457140233978.jpg (515.43 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160304_190253.jpg)

Chunky Monkey

No. 100796

>dat hunchback slouch
How old is this anon?

No. 100802

File: 1457142212309.png (573.6 KB, 462x602, Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.41…)

thoughts on eugenia cooney? cow in her own right or just another thinspo idol?

No. 100808


Kek, Emily liked this post on tumblr. Lurk moaaaaar

No. 100810

Emilys photos are all lighting and angles

No. 100813

she's old news

No. 100818

mooooo she really looks like a cow

No. 100819

She just posted this video on YouTube. These are screenshots

No. 100821

File: 1457144852088.gif (1019.87 KB, 500x281, Britney-Spears-Cringe-Face.gif)

No. 100826

File: 1457145872700.jpg (34.34 KB, 412x567, 3edgeomg.JPG)

Edgelord Russian wannarexic if anyone wants an interlude from the Ember.


No. 100836

Okay plan for confirming ember isn't IP. Someone who doesn't care about getting blocked from her IG should comment something mean on her most recent pic, calling her out or shit. If she deletes it and/or blocks you, she's obviously not IP.

I'd do it, but uh, I don't want to be blocked?

No. 100842

File: 1457149837982.jpeg (129.98 KB, 750x1084, image.jpeg)

What's worse than a proana wannarexic scumbag?
A proana wannarexic scumbag who tries to use her followers to buy her expensive makeup so she could "feel pretty"

No. 100843

I'll do it, but what should I say?

No. 100848

Dont try and pretend like ember isnt lurking, if you do that she will just know ahead of time and ignore it

No. 100849

If you're not a drag queen or other type of stage performer, why the fuck would you need ben nye banana powder?

No. 100850

Why do you guys care so muchs she isn't forcing her followers to buy her the stuff

No. 100852

Because it's a widely used product, especially for highlighting or baking.

No. 100854

That's not milk we need someone who has milk

No. 100856

Either way she's fucked. Delete/block and we knows she's a pathetic scumbag liar, or leave comment for thousands of followers to see.

No. 100857

Is someone going to comment mean on her account to see if she lying

No. 100858

File: 1457152497458.jpeg (104.51 KB, 750x612, image.jpeg)

No. 100861

I just snorted

No. 100866

>complains about how we need someone who has milk
>doesn't post about anyone

No. 100868

File: 1457156018062.jpeg (135.97 KB, 750x1107, image.jpeg)

No. 100869

File: 1457156063064.jpeg (108.01 KB, 750x1055, image.jpeg)

This girl is so proana she complains about being fat and how she going to starve herself and she posts nude pictures all the time

No. 100871

Keep baiting her. Post a link to the evidence that she's still around.

No. 100874

>complains about glorifying mental illness
>thinspo pose

No. 100879

This isn't exactly hard proof, but I will say that the angle she took the photo of the sign from is not exactly possible if she were driving past it and entering the hospital. It's like she stood on the island in that intersection and took it. If she were actually driving in, the view of the sign would be from a different angle. She probably wouldn't be entering from that part of the intersection anyway, if she drove from Rochester. If you google map it, it has takes you to a back entrance. I can't see someone who doesn't know the area entering the hospital from that way.

No. 100883

I wonder if you called outlook and mentioned that you were sending a patient a care package and what information you need to address it etc if they would technically confirm/deny a patient doesn't exist. Or even call and say you're trying to reach patient ember whann but don't know what department she's in …

No. 100884

Wtf are you talking about. What picture? What sign ?¿??¿

No. 100885

This bitch is so fat and her eyebrows are atrocious

No. 100886

No. 100887

gawd i no she lyke literally obese

No. 100889

granny style?

No. 100894

Aaaand she's private. Boring.

No. 100895

Hence I asked where she worked it's really that simple

No. 100899

eugenia is genuinely a really lovely person, very funny. She definitely uses too much eyeliner and she's not anorexic, she has a condition which makes it extremely hard for her to put on weight. She gets shit all the time on her ig, just go through the comments. She's not a cow.

No. 100903

Then she should just say that instead of avoiding the topic completely. People would shit on her a lot less.
But she doesn't, sure it's a personal issue but she's a public figure. Most of her fanbase is made up of preteen girls. It's gross.

No. 100907

Exactly, like this girl wants the speculation to continue bc it gets her attention and she thrives on it.
She's not funny and has a grating personality.

No. 100913

oh my fucking god could she be any more boring

it's extremely funny if you consider the fact that she thinks she looks "smart" in this outfit lmao.

she's probably the only one buying the discount floral printed everything in forever21. really awesome this dork made fun of aeropostal when this is just as bad.

No. 100914

All these midwestern suburban white girls look the fucking same what the fuck

No. 100916

did you miss when this guy's ex came in and said he referred to ember as "a dumb ho who's always trying to get at him", and he said this while trying to get back with said ex? she spilled on him, and tbh i wish she kept going.

lurk more, he's garbage and i hate him more for it.

No. 100927

Because its super trendy to slap super expensive stage cosmetics on your face for selfies so people think you know heaps about makeup.

They think price is the same as skill.

No. 100932


Can you anas stop calling healthy chicks "fat"? be more original/truthful with your insults or post that shit on mpa instead, god

No. 100948

File: 1457180087874.png (294.19 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

merh. Probably coulda done better

No. 100949

File: 1457180108026.png (575.02 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

All my comments are at the bottom(underage + cringeworthy)

No. 100950

File: 1457180121533.png (202.14 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 100951

File: 1457180147307.png (197.28 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 100952

File: 1457180161527.png (315.47 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 100967

she justifies her complaining about her weight because she's a ~*model/dancer*~ and "my job requires me to be thin!!"

No. 100990

>what is bait

No. 100991

Even if ember is IP and doesn't delete these comments for a few weeks, it's still amusing as fuck.

No. 100995

You must be fat too.

No. 101015

Yeah, I was thinking about something along those lines. Like say that you want to send a care package to Ember and ask what it is and isn't ok to send. I'd do it but I'm not in America.

No. 101018

If she is currently IP then chances are she's told someone there about her 'online haterz' that 'make muh anorexia worse'. When she faked her diagnosis papers ages ago one of the reasons she wrote was 'problems with online friend' so if she wanted to proof of hateful comments on her IG, she's got some right there.

No. 101021

What I can't get my head around is that if she isn't in IP then she lied to her own family on Facebook and has convinced her boyfriend to go along with the charade.

No. 101024

There's always the possibility she did go there when the picture of the sign was taken on Snapchat but it wasn't for admission. Not sure how it works but it could've been for ab assessment that didn't result in her being admitted. If someone actually sick came along then they will have taken the bed meant for her and she ended up being turned away. That would explain the family/bf knowing about it.

No. 101043

Huh. Now that you point this out I'm pretty convinced she must be in IP. Maybe there's an explanation for the ourdoughnut ip thing but IDK what.

No. 101044

File: 1457205005936.jpg (35.06 KB, 520x381, whaaaaan.JPG)

maybe I'm late to the party and this isn't her actual fb but

No. 101048

Someone print out these
and mail them too her.

No. 101053

not sure if any of you are familiar with the tumblr blog http://e-drama-lulz.tumblr.com/ but there's been speculation that it is actually ran by Ember Whann despite how often they would post negative stuff about her. i just want to make it known that ever since Ember "left for IP", that that "truth blog" stopped posting altogether which just further increases my speculation that Ember runs it.

No. 101055

That blog screams Ember after a quick look.
Even when negative stuff is posted about Ember, it's always dismissive stuff, and the whimsical hate is strong. I'd bet money on that being Ember.

No. 101057

anyone knows how should archive that blog to their best abilities

No. 101058

Links are archived automatically

No. 101059



No. 101061

File: 1457208945174.png (103.21 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Obviously no one has actually checked to see where ew claimed she was going but here it is. It's a child psychiatrist. Maybe her younger sister is actually there and she used her to get mail? More info to come brb

No. 101064

So I just called this place and it's a hospital but obvi they couldn't give me information but in order for eew to receive mail there it would have to be addressed to her specifically aka as a patient in "this division" so she's obviously lying out her fucking ass bc she did not put that in the OMG guys I'm so Ana send me letters here here's the address. Mail for people not there just goes in the trash. You have the info call if you don't believe me and press number 4 after the prompt. If some one gives me her work name I will call them also and we can just end her lies.

No. 101065

Would she risk putting CENTER FOR EATING DISORDERS on the address though? People would obv put her name, then the eating disorder thing if they were to send it.

Did you ask if they had a center for eating disorders? Could act like an interested potential patient.

No. 101066

obviously that doctor has an office on the same campus as The Outlook. I didn't have to "look up" where EW said she was going, I was already familiar with that NY presbyterian

No. 101070

File: 1457209777184.jpg (88.05 KB, 500x423, outlook.jpg)

No. 101071

and before anyone calls me stalker or whatever I said I was concerned about my friend who said she was there but hasn't responded to my mail and the lady told me to put her "specific" building information and center for eating disorders was not there so I had my info wrong. So ew is obvi lying out her ass and let me just dig some more to find her place of employment and it's very easy to find out if she's been at work or not. I will let everyone know. I'm only doing this shit bc there are stil so many very young and impressionable girls who believe her lies. Also the dr listed at the address ew put does not treat eating disorders. She treats general and fucking drug abuse. Which would be very fucking easy to get into especially for embers loser ass

No. 101075

File: 1457210474086.png (14.86 KB, 598x283, ember whann.png)

Remember when Ember tried to raise $1,500 so she could afford to go to inpatient that people actually donated too.



Ember never did go to ip after she got those donations either (she raised like $60)

No. 101085

File: 1457211562063.png (130.52 KB, 720x300, ember whann.png)

No. 101086

File: 1457211779729.png (13.11 KB, 998x254, embe whann.png)

Remember when she was ran off of MPA for photoshopping her "thinspo" so she made her very own proana forum where she referred to herself as the Queen.


No. 101087

File: 1457211798436.png (249.82 KB, 500x501, SHE EATS.png)

i love this picture of ember

No. 101088

File: 1457211829950.png (326.21 KB, 500x510, ember whann thinspo queen.png)

No. 101090

She's so full of shit, if she OD'd on Vicodin they would have given her Naloxone. Good try Ember.

No. 101091

File: 1457212384834.png (798.81 KB, 606x1172, ember whann.png)

This is supposedly an unedited image someone snagged from snapchat


No. 101098

this the kinda shit got me thinkin Ember could actually be a cutie if she just had some fucking dignity and chill

No. 101099

I really hope Ember's writes letters to herself, takes photos of them, and talks about how much she lovesher supporters.

No. 101110

Amazing. Ember is the worst. She needs to buckle down and actually starve herself kek.

No. 101112

Isn't that photo old af

No. 101120

Here you go you lovely soul. Call and ask please please

No. 101123

File: 1457214790570.png (282.9 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

My dumb ass forgot the pic

No. 101125

Oh Ember. The jig is up and it's hilarious.

No. 101129

Omfg lol. What should we say if we call her work place?

No. 101130

"Hey, can I speak to Ember please?"

No. 101131

I know right! Like she's already been caught lurking on Tumblr so just give up and give us your sob story about what "happened in IP". I can't wait

No. 101151

Wait am I missing something here? She said she's at the Outlook which is a legit ED treatment place. Are we seriously debating this or is it about something else?

No. 101153


She's not working the catering tonight and the lady made me triple say her name so I don't think she even works there buts thanks

No. 101156

did you even bother to read the thread or

No. 101157

maybe she quit? or got fired?

No. 101162

another thing to try would be to call and ask next time ember is working, say you found her wallet and want to return it to her in a public place. Say you dont want to give it to anyone but her to make sure nobody steals it.

No. 101163


Does Andrew have where he works listed? I don't have social media but will in a heartbeat call him

No. 101166


She said they don't keep schedule of their catering employees

No. 101167

its the same place as Ember

No. 101168

No. 101169

Ok but that place sends people out and they also have a theater with food and plays attached so I don't think it's that place at all. I'll lurk more later when I have time and I'll Nancy Drew the shit out of this

No. 101170

it was on Andrew's fb page idk

No. 101171

Yeah I'm still lost. I get the calling her workplace thing but the mailing address, no.

No. 101172

I think calling once was enough, it'd be VERY strange if a bunch of random people just started calling about her from long distances.

No. 101173

so? what are they gonna do? not answer the work phone? lmao

No. 101176

Well for starters how about you don't bother innocent employees with BS during supper rush.

No. 101177

meh whatever

No. 101180

I'm in no mood to lurk but some one link me to her boyfriends Facebook. Promise results will be helpful

No. 101181

No. 101183

So Andrew is working tonight but he is busy right now during rush hour. Can't wait to talk to him :)

No. 101184

The IG accounts that Andrew has been adding - do they contain images of half naked teenagers by any chance?

No. 101191

You're pretty daft if you think no one has tried this before. He doesn't give a fuck. People constantly send him incriminating links and pictures of Ember. Nothing happens.

No. 101193

If you actually call him, you'll just give more credibility to Ember. That people are trying to "bully" her so much that they'd call her boyfriend's workplace. Which is… pretty fucked up actually yeah.

No. 101199

You actually have no idea of my intentions or what is going to happen. But nice try ember ;)

No. 101200

File: 1457222271330.png (181.5 KB, 587x465, emily crocker.png)

this is so embarrassing, she sent herself this ask

No. 101201

File: 1457222468984.jpeg (83.51 KB, 547x923, image.jpeg)

Her mom also works at the same place as a bartender so you could ask for her.

No. 101202


I love you guys :)

No. 101203

Honestly this >>101200
Sounds more like Ember than I do.
But whatever you're doing it's just pointless and weird.
Some stuff I would do. Calling her work and asking for Ember, or the hospital. A certain limit has to be drawn though, we're not solving a murder case here.

No. 101204

calling her work would be hilarious what if they put her on the phone

No. 101205

You are so obviously ember

No. 101206

and then what?
On another note, wow her family sucks. So many Trump supporters nananaing about that darn lib media and so on. I almost feel bad for her.
Some of them have reblogged her post (s) about eating disorders etc though.

No. 101209

am I the only one who thinks this is going too far? you guys are seriously invested in her, it's weird. what happened to not interfering with the cows?

inb4 "hi ember"

No. 101211

Can you say you're majoring in anything when you dropped out?

No. 101212

Nah fuck off. Did Ember personally shit in your cereal or something?
Even if she did, you have no right to bother her boyfriend, parents or coworkers just to ~prove~ how awful she is. We already have proof of that. It's not necessary.

No. 101213

>lolcow is not your persona army
Nope. Admin told that cringey "H.A." person off for doing that type of shit. Can't remember if admin banned her, but I'm glad I don't have to read "heyo" anymore.

No. 101214

A few are going too far. E.g. calling her boyfriend is too far. Someone got banned in the last thread for taking that shit too far.
Read the fucking rules people.

No. 101218

As much as I'm tired of their futile attempts, I want the to persevere. Maybe getting banned will clear up some of the cancer.

No. 101223

You all can say whatever but I can assure you I'm not trying to bring her personal life into this. All I'm doing is proving she is not in ip where she claims to be and where young girls think they will end up if they stay like photoshopped ew. This shit is not cute nor fun nor winter girls worthy. I'm only looking out for people that were my age when I got consumed but this lifestyle.

No. 101226

>I'm only looking out for people that were my age when I got consumed but this lifestyle.
This is a forum for laughing at spergs, not the morality brigade. Go away.

No. 101229

Gathering a personal army and doing fucked up shit on your own are different things

Idgaf what happens because neither person is in the right lol
Just gives me more shit to read

No. 101230


That's cute. So when I bring the milk with proof she's not doing anything she says she is; then you all will laugh? Nice

No. 101232

Also since you're too fucking retarded to understand, I'm baiting this butch. This whole fucking thread is clearly about this cunt and has been but nobody gives anything to it so fuck me for bringing entertainment. It must be nice having a ZERO IQ

No. 101233

So she is faking it and her body is photoshopped. It's pretty despicable but so fucking what.
Those young girls can and do also follow a lot of other girls who are legit anorexic, and very sick. Ember is at least going to "treatment" for her very "severe anorexia".
Meanwhile other women are pretending that they're totally fine and don't have an ED at all even though they're like 25 lbs underweight. I would say that's worse than what Ember is doing. Yeah it's part of the disorder, but posting pictures of your bones sticking out isn't.

No. 101234

You're providing us with plenty of entertainment. Keep baiting Ember, ignore the protesters.

No. 101235

Ember is a predator. The other women are mentally ill, but Ember is legitimately out there to hurt young girls.

No. 101237

How exactly is she more harmful than any other girl with an ED and social media? Yeah, she's fake, but to people who do not know that, it doesn't matter.

No. 101239

> No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world. Just use common sense. Even if what you are doing may be technically legal, please don't plot a year-long "psychological warfare operation" against someone "for the lulz". This site is not for ruining people's lives.

sorry to be that guy, but you all sound very underage, asking each other to contact ember's family and workplace. let her fuck this up by herself.

No. 101242

I guess what makes people so damn salty about her is that she appears to be faking it. How dare she fake such a godlike and prestigious illness as Anorexia Nervosa??!!
But actually the things she has done are pretty mild compared to many ecelebs with real anorexia. Ya'll are just pisses that she stole your special label. Even radfems arents this mad about transwomen.

No. 101245


If this site isn't for ruining assholes then why does it exist? You can't have your cake and eat it too. Have you not learned anything from here? Omg let's post personal data and info of a person; let's post links to their pages and links to their receipts; let's have a whole fucking web page dedicated to how shitty an individual is but not do anything about it; let's all be middle schoolers watching a classmate help others find way to hurt themselves but no tell. Like really. Fucking delete this website then if you don't want people using information from this site to help other people. And before you say omg suck young much stupid, I'm well into my 20's and found this from old school Felice drama which led to truth blogs which eventually led here which showed me more young and dumb children. So fuck your website and fuck you if you don't want me to do good. Delete this whole fuckin page with access to so much info to save people. Seriously. Or ban me please. Bc I have no self control.

No. 101246

This website is meant to laugh (aka milk) at people (cows). We're not supposed to interfere with the milk; it should flow naturally. If it doesn't then they might not actually be cows and maybe you shouldn't post about them.
I am still interested in discussing Ember, or speculating about her. I'm cool with stuff like confirming whether she's actually IP as well, but no I'm not down with bothering other people in order to achieve that goal, or actively trying to ruin her life. Seems like common sense to me, not just the rules.

No. 101248

Shh, shh, it's okay. Just take your meds, shove a few more pounds of snack food in your mouth to get your sugahs up, and you'll feel better in no time.

No. 101260


Awe how nice of you to tell everyone what you do. Glad to know you're a fat fucking pig.

No. 101261

Why are you so desperate to prove anything?

She's doing a fine job by herself. You're way too upset over all this anon, you need to take a break from lolcow.

No. 101266

Not even the same anon but just stop.
Go back to mpa.

No. 101282

no, if she shit in my cheerios id be thrilled, bc then id have the green light to kick her ass.

I'm not previous anons, not today anyway, but the idea that EW likely lied her way into IP pisses me off for a few reasons.. the top ones include:
-there are almost no IP/res options for ED tx in NY, bc the state has made it extremely difficult to get the licensing required for them.
-The Outlook is not only 1 of very few, its 1 of 2 that takes medicaid (the other is in east bumblefuck long island)
-The Outlook has very few beds.
-as a social worker I'm annoyed she's lying to and attempting to manipulate my colleagues (i work in psych units in nyc, i consider most psychiatric social workers my colleagues, but especially the ones working for the gov't in NY)

i really hope it was ember lurking ODs page, bc if i 100% believed she was actually at the outlook, i might just get too pissed off and call them.

No. 101285

this is fucking boring, can y'all chill tf out or take this somewhere else instead of clogging up the board

No. 101286

I'm gonna go against the grain here and say, you don't fucking know Ember or whether she has an ED (which gasp includes more than anorexia!) or not, you're not her doctor and you have never met this bitch in your entire life. So you don't get to decide whether she or anyone else deserves anything.
Yeah fine Ember isn't anorexic (if she is she's hiding it really well lmao) but she isn't the first or the last to photoshop herself skinny, and yes that includes people with EDs and AN.
Just chill. Are you on a waiting list at the Outlook and Ember took your place? Maybe then you'd have something to whine about, but if that were the case maybe you're just as theatrical as her.

No. 101288

>Are you on a waiting list at the Outlook and Ember took your place?

i don't like my tax dollars going towards her getting ana points is more accurate.

>which gasp includes more than anorexia!

uh but thats what she's claimed to have for years, all while staying the exact same size.

>she isn't the first or the last to photoshop herself skinny

i said nothing about photoshop. i said i don't like her wasting my states very few resources, nor do i like her fucking with my colleagues.
its social work appreciation month btw, but no one knows that, bc we're rarely appreciated ;)

No. 101291

The reason I voted for Ember to not have her own thread is because you guys are like this, I thought it'd mean less Ember posts

You guys and Ember feed into each others bs and when she's not around you lose it

No. 101292

yeah seriously. ember is fun for a few laughs but then everybody starts moralizing and bitching as if we aren't all here for the same (mean) reason

No. 101293

WEll, Ember is for sure lurking. No one says "daft" except her lol.

If we call her work enough times, she'll get fired… Or we could just explain the shitty things she's done and say we felt threatened as customers and thought she was going to poison us or something. Wouldn't put it past her!

No. 101295

I have no doubt most of her online persona is a complete fabrication, but I don't think she got admitted for funsies or simply lied without having at least something to back it up. Not for IP.
We don't really know how Ember is paying for this either.
I may have gone a little overboard defending her though I'll admit. I'm just annoyed at the direction this thread is going, my bad.
I wasn't aware "daft" was an Ember thing? Ok.
If she's IP she probably quit/got fired, that's just the way it is at these sort of jobs.

No. 101296


She's used "daft" as an insult. She went through a wannabe British phase which included overusing the word "mum" and "twat." I'm from England (currently living in America) and it makes me laugh.

No. 101299

Ah, well I didn't even know it was a British thing either.

No. 101301

I know everyone thinks this girl is pathetic, but the more I think about it… She's dirt. She dropped out of high school, faked a serious illness, bullied young girls, cheated on her bf, and the list just goes on. She has literally NO redeeming qualities. She called CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES on someone as revenge. The second she does something illegal, I'm on the phone with the cops so fast. She's toxic and will ruin lives unless she's dealt with.

No. 101304

Does anyone have an informative post about the CPS thing? Google isn't much help other than vague references

No. 101305

she called CPS on some girl named Nikki who used to truth-blog, it was total bullshit. I remember Nikki posting about a case worker coming to her home and realizing Ember was basically full of shit and everyone was pissing themselves about wanting to get Ember into legal trouble over it. I don't think anything ever came of it and Nikki is no longer blogging, but I know home–truths and SNR were heavily involved when this was happening so they might have a post or two about it.

No. 101311

Does it really matter?

This entire thread is pretty much speculation and forced milk

No. 101313

I remember when the CPS thing went down. It was really sickening. That was the moment Ember went from (in my mind) pathetic little girl to really evil.

No. 101314


Um. Yes, it matters. Making a false CPS report is a crime. Did you even know that??

No. 101317

Also, just an FYI- Ember in the past has messed with facebook privacy settings so that certain posts are hidden/visible to a public audience. She might have posted her address and only let a few people (and then the public) see it.

No. 101319

Okay, but Nikki was/is a literal drug addict.

No. 101320

WAS being the operative word. Nikki had really cleaned up her act by the time all of this went down. She was stable, clean, living in a good place, and with a support system and no intention of going back. No reason for Ember to call CPS over petty internet bullshit.

No. 101322

She wasn't on drugs at the time Ember made a FALSE CPS report. Jfc. Do you think there's ANY excuse for what Ember did? No. There's not.

No. 101323

Sometime after that happened she apparently had no custody of her kids anyway, bc she was a user. She made a lot of posts about meth on her tumblr after the CPS situation. I'm not justifying what Ember did, but Nikki is still a shit parent.

No. 101324

The report didn't say anything about drugs to my knowledge. Ember said the kids were beaten, they weren't fed, and their house was filthy. Nikki posted pictures of her house/fridge that day and it was so obviously a setup by Ember.

No. 101325

Do NOT make excuses for Ember. Making a false report about ANYTHING (especially child abuse) can ruin someone's life. She (Ember) deserves to be in prison.

No. 101326

>Does it matter if Ember is lirking
>Um yes it matters if she makes fast CPS reports!!1!

Can you stop frothing for five seconds and figure shit out

No. 101327


What are you even talking about?

No. 101329

Thanks but I can't find much about this, or like actual proof.
I do believe you, it's just weird that this isnt part of her "master post" which kind of sucks btw. Mostly just her wearing bindis and and "fatshaming". Someone else should make a better one.

No. 101330

Not to mention that Nikki really loved/loves her kid. Drug addiction is a disease, and if her child was taken away because of it, I feel just as bad for Nikki as I do for the child. She was doing well and if she has relapsed she's obviously suffering. It may be a bad situation but it isn't our place to judge Nikki or Ember's place to start bullshit.

No. 101332

Cool story but that's old milk. The whole thing is very shifty from both points anyways so idc.

No. 101333

Dude, I followed both Nikki and Ember when it happened. It was fucking sick. I didn't believe it at first, but it did happen.

No. 101334

The difference between us calling places in Ember's life and Ember making false police reports is that Ember is a criminal.

No. 101336

If Ember really did think this girl was falling back into a severe addiction then she did the right thing by calling CPS no matter how much she loved her kid.

No. 101337


Hi Ember. And no, it wasn't "shifty from both points." You called and made a false police report. You committed a crime and tried to ruin someone's life.

No. 101338

Prove it.

No. 101339


As was stated before, Ember's report said that Nikki was starving her kids and beating them. Oh and that their house was infested with bugs.

What does that have to do with drugs? Ember, you are a dispicable human being.

No. 101341

I could do a public records request. Your (Ember's) name would be redacted if you respond to them within 10 days. It will say exactly what you told the investigators and what the outcome of the case was.

No. 101342

If you keep baiting me and denying it, I will obtain the records and post them. Your call.

No. 101343

Screenshots someone? Proof?

No. 101344

What the hell are you on about?

No. 101345

Ember called authorities in a different state and told them this girl she was bullying online (Nikki) was abusing her kids. Child protective services investigated and realized right away she lied.

No. 101346


Oh hi again Ember. There's this thing called a public records request. You can obtain any police document/file from a public case. I've done it before with my stalker and again with a botched investigation. All it takes is that records request and you have a few weeks to have your name redacted (crossed out), but your initials will stay in the report. Everyone will still know it's you.

No. 101347


You should try to learn your rights. They're very important when you do things like making false reports.

No. 101348

Thank you anon.
I'm sorry though I still don't get why no one has screenshots (or actual proof) of this, meanwhile there's a hundred screencaps of her wearing a Bindi and calling some girl fat… I'm really not trying to defend her.
Hi, that's nice but I'm not Ember, I'm not American, and I'm not a criminal.

No. 101349

If you're truly not Ember, I apologize.>>101348

No. 101350

Samefagging, I just found some stuff that seems to relate to it (the name Nikki helped) so I'll shut up while I read it up on it. Thanks guys.

No. 101363

File: 1457246679797.png (142.6 KB, 500x281, image.png)

Small picture but proof. Nikki also posted the report from the social worker stating it was a false report and her child was healthy.

Nikki didn't start using meth until her boyfriend left and took her kid with him and was given custody.

No. 101365

samefag but ember took this and sent it to a friend to brag about doing it and that friend submitted it.

No. 101371

Having anorexia is fucking embarrassing as fuck why would anyone ever brag about that shit.

That's what I can never understand. It used to be that being very thin while consistently looking down on eating disorders was the thing, that's what made you cool and strong. Now it's so many weeeee little baby bitches who want to be worthless parasites in inpatient wanting to throw tantrums over being forced to eat.

I mean women who are actually out accomplishing things would be mortified to be called out for an ED, I guess I don't understand why these girls don't even try to look like someone worth envying.

No. 101374

Yeah, that's unreadable, so it's not really proof.

It's attention. To them, any attention (good and bad) is worth being an useless, pathetic drain on society.

No. 101379

I'm not here to make you give a shit. Just stating what happened to that cringey bitch after she claimed she was gonna prove ember wasn't ip. Admin blocked her and stated why. But please, get banned. Trying to do that shit is tumblr tier.

No. 101385

What lives has she been on the verge of ruining? Who are you to determine how she gets "dealt with"? I don't understand why bitches in this thread don't know how to lolcow and let people like ember dig their own graves.

No. 101388

>to Ember Whann
>cc CPSIntake@dhr.state.ga.us
>Fwd: Nikole Burke (also known as Nikole Hulbert)
>5 files attached

>Good afternoon,

>Your request has been forwarded to the DFCS Child Protective Services Intake Unit for review and response.
>Have a great day.
>**Responding agent: Please provide summary to [can't read], not the DFCS mailbox. THanks in advance
>DFCS Communication Group


>I am emailing because I have some some disturbing photos of this Nikole Burke of Goerogia, who has 2 children. She smokes marijuana and cigarettes around her children, as well as glamorizing her drug use online. Her social media links are the following:
>She frequently smokes illegal drugs around her children, as well as physically and [can't read (mentally?)] abuses them

Looks like a picture of the inbox on Outlook.

No. 101390


No. 101400


because it's seen as the diagnosis that gets you skinny these days. bulimia and OSFED still come with their handful of shame, but everyone in the pro-ana community is dying to get on the anorexic train because they think it's some kind of excellent diet. it's messed up.

No. 101405


This is so cringey. congrats, i think you're all finally more obsessed with Ember than she is of herself.

No. 101416

This thread is really weird.

No. 101438


Yeah Ember is probably fawning over how much everyone is obsessing over her. These people dragging each other through the mud over her is exactly why she keeps up with all her lies. Although this was extremely entertaining to read. XD

No. 101441

Agree! Like we've been making fun of her in the past anytime she would put up some pass-agg post on Twitter and Insta about ~haterz~ and their obsession with her. Well, ya'll have been proving her case with that ringing up everyone she knows shit just to prove what we already know.

No. 101444

Right! I think that's a bit overboard. She's just a bimbo on the internet who is so desperate for attention she can't even keep her own lies straight. I hope one day she quits the shit and grows up.

No. 101445

Samefag, but for now… Continue the show Ember you're keeping me entertained until I start college because I graduated whoopsies.

No. 101472

You're dirt, Ember. Accept it.

No. 101500

OT but is there a thread for SJWs/moralfags?

If not, I am considering creating one for everyone to discuss SJWs and the ridiculous shit they do/say.

Would anyone be interested in something like that? I would rather ask before creating a shitty thread.

No. 101501

There's a tumblr/sjw thread in /b/

No. 101502

Thanks! Did not know. I won't be making that thread after all.

No. 101507

File: 1457283312216.png (2.52 MB, 1757x1173, emily crocker.png)

Uhhh don't think this has ever been posted.

>Emily C. with face full of make up versus her actual apperence


No. 101508

She actually looks better in the photo without makeup. She looks human.

No. 101511

Truth be told, I agree with this anon. She looks nicer without makeup as crazy as it sounds.

No. 101513

Agreed. Her application is so heavy handed and lacks talent and experience. Her eyebrows are literally blocks.

No. 101515

File: 1457284364637.jpg (6.11 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

Stop embarrassing yourself Emily, your natural face looks look as if you passed out on a pile of poison ivy lmfao. Also, you really need to stop sleeping with eye make up on. That's the reason your eyes are so fucking puffy and red.

No. 101516

File: 1457284378624.png (34.87 KB, 589x245, lmfao.png)

Newfag alert

No. 101517

its not hard to find lmao

No. 101529

Nuh uh!

No. 101532

Awh I'm already getting shit talked! How cute. I've been here for two days now. You're late sluts. Thanks for checking me out though.

No. 101533

Emily doesn't look bad without makeup… she looks like a girl without makeup.

Try harder next time, Ember.

No. 101534

Someone screenshotted a relevant post, reel in that ego

No. 101536

Just think it's cute you guys were late to finding out. You've already replied to me a few times too. Thanks for noticing me. No ego just a sarcastic bitch. No need for hard feelings.

No. 101540

No one cares who you are, you haven't achieved anything. Stop being a complete newfag.

No. 101543

Who the fuck are you even supposed to be

No. 101545

This weirdo rubs her bean to Jeffrey Damher, brags about being named after a murder victim http://amethystmoonchild.tumblr.com/post/138618090622/true-crime-facts-about-myself
and is also dating some douche who controls every little thing she does lmfao http://amethystmoonchild.tumblr.com/post/140408539707/so-since-austin-is-being-a-douche

No. 101546

Well I live on Earth so I'm assuming human. What about you?

No. 101547

Do us all a favor and stop treating this thread as a personal blog and post some fucking proana scumbags.

No. 101548

Since I assume you're friends with OD, you should take her advice re:posting here. The point is to be anonymous and not to use tumblr norms. I'm glad you mastered Google, but stfu.

No. 101549

Because lolcow is SOOOOO difficult to find? You google it and it's literally the first link.

No. 101551

What excactly are you trying to say?

No. 101552

Actually am one of the few TC blogs that doesn't sexualize serial killers. I have better things to do. He also doesn't control EVERYTHING. So got anything else? You want to put me on her? I don't really give a shit. You're just a bunch of people on the Internet to me. I have cute cats and my boyfriend and I love to read you guys act like fools and LAUGH. He and I actually have a pretty good relationship. We fight and disagree but whatever what relationship is perfect. We've been together for more than two years Awh look Ember I'm sorry I'm stealing the spotlight from you. Don't get too mad. :) I track by the way so I can see all of you :) I'm not crying or slitting my wrist over you guys so have a nice day you guys are dumb as hell.

No. 101553

No it wasn't the first link. I've also NEVER used lol ow before. Clicking on the first link brought me to a thread that was 4 years old. Sorry I don't sit around all day and yell at people over a girl I don't know. I just came here for the laughs. You guys are more entertaining than ember.

No. 101554

kill yourself

No. 101555

The very first hit on google brings you to the front page of lolcow. It's easy enough to find /snow, it doesn't take a fucking genius. No one gives a shit about a fugly nobody like yourself.

Can these stupid tumblr cunts just fuck off already.

No. 101560

File: 1457289572834.gif (357.37 KB, 480x267, bitchin.gif)

No. 101562

File: 1457289624570.png (69.49 KB, 550x618, lmfao.png)

you're embarrassing yourself so much right now? and for what?.. is this an accomplish for you? did you only start to drag ember just for the chance of being discussed here??

i am so embarrassed for you right now

No. 101563

Who would have thought all these daft twats (look I'm Ember now guuuuuiz) would make my day! I'm so glad you're telling me all these things I give no fucks about. Pitiful little anons telling people to kill themselves. How cute. Keep going I know Ember isn't posting much so you need someone to shit on in the mean time. I got all day

No. 101565

people who don't give a fuck never have to say they don't give a fuck… your behavior is making me cringe.

No. 101568

File: 1457289830873.gif (442.67 KB, 500x288, great.gif)

No. 101569

Nope unfortunately I could give a fuck less what you guys have to say :) I only made those posts because I know you fuckers are lurking. Dumbasses. I purposely lurked here to find out about Ember I was NEVER expecting it would be such a big deal that someone would stalk my blog just to post it here. How pathetic are you. You guys purposely screenshot my post about finding this. The only reason you did it is because you guys CRAVE confrontation. Nevermind I do my own damn research on Ember and have been for months waaaaaay before I ever came here.

No. 101571

File: 1457289986952.gif (877.94 KB, 500x440, indian rock n roll.gif)

No. 101572

milk or gtfo then

No. 101574

I was milking until you guys decided to be Nancy Drew and find my blog. Hope you find some good dirt on me. We can have tea and share stories. I'm going to go back to the rest of the world but I'll be lurking anyway. Have fun ;)

No. 101576

What the fuck is going on

No. 101577

File: 1457290402083.gif (1.25 MB, 245x300, oh purlease.gif)

No. 101579

oh damn. why would you do that? i'm getting second hand embarrassment from this chick. please just stop.

No. 101580

Dude your posts show up because you literally tagged them lolcow

Nobody even has to visit your blog

No. 101581

kill yourself

No. 101584

>face full of makeup
You misspelled photoshop

No. 101585

I'm lost too anon, I guess this person feels all high and mighty because they found lolcow and are now being discussed here? I don't know. They sound like they're thirteen.

Go back to school kid, no one cares about your spazz attack.
Either share the milk or move the fuck on.

No. 101589

I did not think that calling this dumb cunt a newfag would result in her taking a giant shit in our thread. My life is one big regret.

No. 101590

Stop feeding this cancer attention. It's derailing and you're giving the retard what she wants. Just report and move on.

No. 101591

are you even old enough to post? you type like you're fucking 12

No. 101593

this is all your fault you giant butthole.

Seriously though, why do these silly little girls think they're the shit just because someone posts a screenshot of their tumblr or whatever? You either one of us or want to be a snowflake hella bad.

No. 101594

i'm so embarrassed for her. Really, with the self sent anon? Yikes.

No. 101595

File: 1457290934819.png (60.77 KB, 577x529, lmfao.png)

I can't help but believe that this entire act was done purely for attention.

Snowflakes dragging snowflakes. Who woulda thunk it.

No. 101596

Shame on you farmer! You disgrace the board!
Not really actually….this thread is even worse than the /pol and robot threads in /b.

No. 101597

Sorry I deleted that post bc I didn't add my commentary but here it is again >>101595

No. 101598

Pls stop. You're perpetuating this chimping out.

No. 101599

..wait theres a thread about robots?

No. 101601

it's a lil entertaining though. i love when retards rage out and scream about how much they don't curr!!!11!!!1!11!!1!!!

Uh oh, another newfag alert.

No. 101603

File: 1457291126485.jpg (23.51 KB, 446x322, milkalternative.jpg)


It'll do.
My favourite part is the desperation in justifying how good her relationship is.

No. 101604

I was trying to do this thing called a joke! My bad.

No. 101605

File: 1457291203097.png (153.33 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I'll explain. I know for a fact that the truth blogs on Tumblr do not like to give out lolcow threads. Now I have been lurking on Ember for a few months now and so when I found the thread I made a post about it (the lovely anon screenshot it) now mind you I HAVE NEVER used lolcow (I don't know how it works) So when I googled it the only threads I could find were from 4 years ago. So I clicked on the snow link and it still DIDNT bring me to the most recent thread. (I've included the screen shot of what does come up when I click it) After finding it I ONLY lurked on here and didnt make any comments at all. The. I started seeing stuff so I chimed in. Then today I saw that my post was screen shot with "newfag alert" or whatever. So I said something about it but of course I'm sarcastic as hell so my response was that. In turn I immediately was attacked then a few of the anons on here started lurking on my blog and bringing up shit that was unnecessary. So I made the next posts on Tumblr because I KNEW you guys would immediately lurk and I KNEW you'd try and bring it into this too. I don't want internet "attention" at all. All I wanted was to come here for Ember updates since Tumblr doesn't have them as much. But I've noticed after only a few days. This place was a terrible idea. I was on your guys side, hating Ember for the dumb shit she does just like you guys. But whatever. That is what happened. I'm not fishing for attention I'm just not going to let someone call me a newfag when I know my shit about Ember and only made that first tumblr post because it was a fucking bitch to find. The photo I included is of the latest post on the snow thread that comes up when I click it. Just saying.

No. 101608

not reading that, pls kill yourself

No. 101609

File: 1457291353145.jpg (54.93 KB, 320x525, 1427868240217.jpg)

Jesus H Christ

No. 101610

Learn paragraphs.

No. 101611

You know could have always ASKED People how to navigate this website. Not everyone is an as whole on here. I for one would have surely pointed you in the right direction.

No. 101612

For what purpose? Let these dumbasses see themselves out because they get so ass blasted over stupid shit. We don't need more unintegrated users. If she can't be assed to read the rules and not chimp out like this/derail threads, then they don't need help learning how to image board.

No. 101613

>I HAVE NEVER used lolcow (I don't know how it works)

You made this very obvious, there was no point in saying this hahah.

>I KNEW you guys would immediately lurk

I'm the only fucking person here who is screenshotting your posts, stop acting as if there's a gang of people "stalking" you.
Here's how I found you: Your post (the hospital reviews) that was tagged as "Ember Whann" popped up on my dash because Tumblr thought I would want to follow you. After seeing that, I checked out your blog for more milk but immediately saw this >>101516 and thought it'll be lulzy to share it here. That was a clear mistake because now you're derailing the living fuck out of this thread.

Please stop talking about yourself, this isn't your personal blog.

No. 101614

>I don't want internet "attention" at all.

Stop replying and get off of the computer then

No. 101619

File: 1457292686384.jpeg (85.71 KB, 636x456, image.jpeg)

Oh fuck off Jolty, you read these threads you know Ember's full of shit. Get some real friends and stop asslicking every person mentioned here

No. 101620

>lil young woman

i laughed

No. 101621

It was only a joke after you realized how much you humiliated yourself with your tumblr posts. You make Ember look mature by comparison.

No. 101623

File: 1457293139464.png (53.5 KB, 558x546, lmfao.png)

>I actually like the Truth Blogs on Tumblr and would prefer to stay on their good side

Who voluntarily wants to be dragged? Of course you want to stay on their good side. You can't openly shit talk Ember if they knew how big of a hypocritical attention whore you are aswell. I guess you weren't around when the truth bloggers took turns shit talking Ember for being obsessed with serial killers.

>send me anon hate

Well that just confirms you are only in this for the attention. You don't even care if it's positive or negative. You just want ANYONE to talk to/about you. And looking at your blog, only one anon messaged you and they weren't even being mean. You're probably confusing the hell out of the people who follow your account right now by talking about "all the anon hate" you're getting.

No. 101624

What an insufferable cunt.

No. 101626

I'm just a loser bith with BPD I belong in the worms with the dirt I'm not important I'm not special I'm not unique I hate me. I have BPD.

No. 101627

Holy shit I really thought you were amethystmoonchild at first. Great impression.

No. 101628

File: 1457294007244.gif (2.36 MB, 278x166, z93Cq.gif)

Honestly, this thread has been just spiraling and I think it's reached its lowest point

I've stuck around only because I'm a stubborn asshole and I regret it, the milk was poisoned weeks ago

Goodluck to farmers who want to brave the storm

No. 101629

Agreed. Ember is an awful person, but stalking her is creepy and this isn't a truth blog or a vendetta site. Ember isn't a lolcow. I hope Admin stops these pro-Ana threads because there are other places to discuss these people (MPA, tumblr)

No. 101630

File: 1457294438055.gif (9.45 MB, 447x250, Oh ye fer sure.gif)

>Tumblr user

No. 101631

Ember is a definitely lolcow since she produces decent milk quite regularly, I believe that anon was referring to this recent amethystmoonchild shit storm that just blew over.

Though I've never been into the idea of contacting people in [Ember's] real life. Some people here are a bit far too invested in her downfall, it's best to just stand back and watch her ruin her life on her own.

No. 101632

Moonchyld or whatever will get banned soon. Just stop responding to it.

No. 101633

If she licks them hard enough, she might get skinny.

No. 101636

So, any more Ember sightings?

No. 101637

I've been visiting this thread because it has become a lolcow in and of itself.

No. 101638


thanks, ghost world anon, for making this thread not completely awful

No. 101639

Chaotic neutral

No. 101640

File: 1457295779712.gif (788.67 KB, 500x266, go seymour go.gif)

You are welcome.

No. 101641

i just searched "ember whann" on tumblr out of interest and i can't believe the sheer amount of people who hate her. everyone knows she's a fraud, everyone knows that she spouts bullshit 24/7… so why is she still doing it? why does she carry on? if i was her i'd be fucking mortified, delete all of my online accounts and start again OR just stay off of social media for good. she's definitely mentally ill, but not with an ed. fucking weird girl.

No. 101642

I think she realizes she's fucked and just thrives on the attention. Her reputation is ruined. She has nothing else to lose.

No. 101646

Ember has something very wrong with her and she craves validation and attention. It doesn't matter if this attention is positive or negative as they both help to fill the gaping void in her person. She's sad. She's very, very sad.

No. 101647

She probably wasn't praised or disciplined very often as a child, so she's still acting out for attention as an adult. She's a vety good example of a child who wasn't abused or neglected, but who also wasn't validated by her caretakers.

No. 101651

Ember Whann is what happens when your neglect your child to do drugs all day while she occupies herself on the internet.

No. 101653

According to Ember, her parents divorce when she was 7-8 years old and it's obvious that her father hasn't been apart of her life for the past 5 years, she would often mention and even post photos with her mother, but would never mention her father.

So, she probably has a gaping hole in her life where her father's love and approval once was and she is constantly trying to fill it with validation from 14 year old strangers on the internet.

No. 101654

That also would explain why she is dating a man who is 8 years older than her too. She craves attention from her father and since she'll never get any, she seeks it out from older men. IRL or not, she just needs someone to tell her she is doing good.

No. 101656

Ember wants the attention and love that anorexic women and girls get, but she doesn't have the slightest predisposition towards an eating disorder. She would love to be in the hospital with a tube up her nose, surrounded in letters from her followers and having nurses weigh her and make sure she's comfortable.

No. 101657

Growing up(I'm talking like 10-13 y/o), I wished I had cancer or some other deadly illness because I just wanted attention from my family. Nowadays, I'm grateful as fuck for my health but I can understand the wanting to be sick thing. It's because they want to be noticed and cared for, pretty sad.

No. 101659

I used to give myself asthma attacks for the attention when I was 9-10. I also understand her mentality, but it's really pathetic for a 19-year-old woman to be doing this. I bet if she ever has a kid she'll go all Lacey Spears on it.

No. 101661

I leave for a couple hours and what has this thread become? I'm so fucking tempted to make a fake ~~Ana~~ account just to give lolcow some milk, so we can stop arguing over pointless shit.

No. 101662

It stopped. It's okay now. Now we're talking about Ember.

No. 101675

File: 1457303152931.png (333.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-06-16-22-36…)

Not sure if this is relevant. I know its an old account, but it suddenly poped up when i googled her today.

No. 101684

Who wants to bet that Ember ordered a whole bunch of medical supplies online and is just waiting for them to arrive before she "returns" with photo

No. 101687

ember keeps losing instagram followers while she's away

No. 101692

That's what happens when Instagram starts deleting bots.

No. 101696

Did ember say how long she'd be gone? I can't wait to see ember 20lbs bigger…

No. 101721

Ember, I can't wait to see you stuffed with fat!

No. 101725

Well she'd still be normal…

No. 101729

Wait are you insinuating that, if Ember is in IP, she will come back just as fucked up as she was when she went in and that this entire charade is a complete waste of insurance money?!?! Say it ain't so, anon!

No. 101734

We all should report ember Instagram everyday all day so she get deleted or someone hack it and delete it

No. 101737

You have to be 18+ to post here.

No. 101741

Someone said the picture was "unreadable", I could read it and just thought I'd help out other anons who might be curious about the message content.

No. 101771

File: 1457333320621.jpeg (168.87 KB, 750x949, image.jpeg)

Does this girl photoshop? Looks wierd to me

No. 101777

Nice self post. Clean your room next time.

No. 101778

Kek it looks like she's Struggling so hard to hold up her saggy tits. Why not just wear a fucking bra in the first place.

No. 101779


Ditto. Stop fucking self posting. You're a nobody and clean your damn room.

No. 101780

And no she doesn't photoshop, she just has huge legs.

No. 101786

Why does one leg look bigger than the other

No. 101790

File: 1457336023072.jpeg (132 KB, 745x1194, image.jpeg)


No. 101791

WTF is with these people who take pics with filth and/or messes in the background? Images posted online = there forever. Clean that shit up ffs!

No. 101802

doesn't look shopped to me, i think the left leg is just bent slightly forwards?

No. 101806

Because humans aren't perfect proportional. Surprise! One of your tits is probably bigger than the other one, which you might have known, but it's possible for that to happen to other parts of your body too. Hope you're able to live comfortably with that knowledge.

No. 101807

I don't think that anon meant you. But yes, the picture was unreadable to me, so thank you for typing it up.

No. 101811


Stop talking to and about yourself.

No. 101826

Is this really the first time you encountered 100% female girly girls going by male pronouns?

I hate their guts for doing against what good feminism fought for bit that's hardly fit for the ana thread.

No. 101827


What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 101840

"huge" legs…jea. sure. is lolcow a place for bitter pro anas nowadays?!

No. 101856

No, she's just fat. Thunder thigh, skinny fat, jiggley squishy body

No. 101862

It always has been, but it's getting worse. Leave them to it. It's their problem.

No. 101865

Eh, I wonder what you would think about someone with a normal bmi. Then again you're probably the girl in the picture and self posting anyway so whatever.

No. 101867

Hi, druggyflxwer.
Your ig is embarrassing. You like speed and prescription drugs and showing tour hands with bulimia marks and the toilet you purge into. You're not special or interesting nobody cares about your body. Get a fucking grip. Jesus.

No. 101913

how can a 15-year-old have already so saggy tits…

No. 101927

File: 1457370576751.jpeg (212.32 KB, 750x1171, image.jpeg)

I posted this attention whore earlier bc she made a these ghetto videos talking about a girl who kicked her sisters ass

Long story short she made all these videos talking shit and she's white as hell but tries to talk like she's from the hood.
And she finally got her ass beat

No. 101928

It's actually a fit because junkiejournal claims to have an Ed /is friends with all Ed accounts
My point is how is someone going to claim they're a guy and then post their saggy tits

No. 101940

File: 1457373226517.png (139.23 KB, 952x538, ember whann.png)


>Hey everyone, Ember's real life friend here. I have sent her 6 books and a card. Her and her boyfriend work in the same place so you guys can fuck off about the IP address you psycho stalkers. I have pics with Ember as proof of real life friendship. You are all Internet tough guys, come here or give me your address if you are within 2 hours of Rochester and I will fuck you UP. She doesn't have to act in a way that you guys like, she has friends and family who love her no matter what. New flash, no one gives a fuck about people who are so bored with their lives that they are checking other people's IP addresses LOL

>If anyone wants to message or snapchat me something I DON'T know please feel free OhxBeverly except for as much shit that has been thrown back and forth no one actually has anything interesting to bring to the table. Hater bitches~

Ember's real life friend is asking people to add her on snapchat and send her shit about Ember that she doesn't know.

Her snapchat is OhxBeverly
and her instagram is https://www.instagram.com/ohxbeverly/

If anyone actually tries to reason with her, please provide screenshots.

No. 101943

ho boy
>kidney failure

anyway all you have to do is google ember's name

i can only imagine that ember's real life friend would be as reliable as ember herself so why even bother - on the other hand wouldn't it be ironic if ember was actually anorexic =|

No. 101949

This dumb bitch. There is proof she still Photoshops all over this thred. What an oblivious ignorant douchebag. Bev will be Embers next victim, it's just a matter of time

No. 101950

Uhhh Ember and her have been friends for years? If you want Bev to realize how shitty Ember acts on the internet, we're gonna have to literally convince her that Ember did all of the horrible things that she's done. I mean, she actally believes that Ember stopped photoshopping when she was 15!

No. 101954

An we use "photoshop" as a general term for "Editing." It's like using the word "google" to search something on the internet.
Ember Photoshops, edits, streches, skews, warps, adds burn/contrast to images…etc

No. 101957

File: 1457376065027.jpg (87.62 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Ember just blocked some chick while supposedly in IP.

No. 101959

File: 1457376100179.jpg (163.56 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 101960

And how does one not notice how ember stands when you take selfies together lmao she's practically falling forwards

No. 101961

Oh maaaaaan, huahuahua. I so wish I was within her two hour drive of Rochester. Id like to see her try fmti "fuck me up". She takes dumb bitch to a new level JFC

No. 101962

Before any anons try to figure out what fmti is abbreviation for, its a typo oops. I meant ME.

No. 101964

File: 1457376584770.png (227.51 KB, 1002x920, INTENSIVE.png)

It'd be funny if this whole time Ember went to stay with her grandmother or something

"Hey if you get any mail at IP can you send it to this address"

No. 101965

>will fuck you UP
>puts instagram on private because of the meanies on the internet

No. 101966

She's willing to pretend she would drive 2 hours, what a specific radias

No. 101967

File: 1457376913293.jpeg (427.91 KB, 2048x1818, image.jpeg)

This girl just posted about how ember just blocked her

Ember how can u block if ur ip

No. 101969

File: 1457377054386.jpeg (216.6 KB, 750x1117, image.jpeg)

No. 101971

am i the only one missing felice?

No. 101977

I saw Kayla's alias odolnost's porn, it's lame unless there's another one out there people on tumblr meant. Not even really porn and she acted so tough and sex worker about it

No. 101978

With Felice at least it was real drama and not about someone drinking Starbucks

No. 101980


thats so unsuprising tbh she always exaggerated literally every little thing in her life. she was always talking up the camming and the ~~film but it never seemed like she did anything real. just part of her little phase where she was this liberated free love gurl to overcompensate for the "i'm totes ace" shit from her high school days

of all the original tumblr ana girls, kayla was by far the most obnoxious. and had a very punchable face

No. 101981

You remember how in her freshman year of college she said she was doing all these cool things like sex drugs and alcohol and had lots of friends? Now she says she was so very lonely her freshman year and always in her room, when she pretended she was having all the crazy sex.
Maybe there's another video but it was just a naked yoga video from the side. All there was to see was her naked profile lol

No. 101982

But when was the last time she checked embers account

No. 101984

Yeah even during her freshman year her story was so inconsistant. One day it was all about partying and friends and guys and then like a week later she would be making dramatic posts about having no friends and everyone being worse than high school. Same with the flip flip between OMG BODY POSITIVE and the obvious continued ED shit. And the loving/hating her boyfriend, parents, brother, yoga, running, everyone, everything, anything that supported her attention-seeking angle of the week.

Plus with the way she deleted like 90% of her personal posts two minutes after posting them so no one could ever call her on her shit, and the look at me don't look at me thing that was honestly more out of control than what shmegeh and co did.

I'm actually really glad i don't know her current url bc she was so infuriating but I could never stop hate reading her shit.

No. 101985

she actually deleted her most recent tumblr 'boobsandbread' because she asked for honest rates on her appearance and someone messaged her that her face is a 3 and her body is an 8 lol. but she will be back, no doubt.
i also remember her borderline racist posts about the black people in her college and how the big black meanies were totally discriminating against her.
or how she said her family is poor and now they are making six figures, or her 'abusive' dad who is suddenly the best.
and remember how she acted totally recovered from her ed, used gi problems as an excuse for restricting and ended up at 70 pounds?

No. 101986


Those fucking profile pics though. It's like a competition (which it is).

No. 101987

last comment said she was following her a couple days ago, so i'm guessing then? and ember went ip more than 2 days ago

No. 101989

File: 1457381441878.jpg (165 KB, 539x728, IMG_20160307_140913.jpg)

These two Bitches, JFC
Predators taking over for Ember while she's "gone"?

No. 101990

… I mean, a statcounter receipt is preposterously easy to fake.

We don't have all the information just yet. Hopefully, something more verifiable will emerge.

No. 101991

Yeah, everything she ever wrote about the other students at her college came across SO clearly as racism.

Tbh I feel like her real issue wasn't even her ED. She just seemed really…incapable of handling social situations, and like she couldn't handle ANYTHING negative, even really constructive criticism from fangirls.

lol about the rating. That's a very Kayla type of flounce. And tbh she really doesn't have a good face.

No. 101993

That's what I was thinking. I definitely don't believe she's IP right now, but the statcounter thing should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm waiting for Ember to slip up and actually post something on social media, which she will.

No. 101997

Her ED was probably just a coping mechanism or symptom of her anxiety and OCD. She posted a few days before deleting she would rather be anorexic again than have anxiety.
It also annoyed the shit out of me how anything vaguely critical was "unsolicited advice" (how is a message unsolicited when you have anon turned on?) and everything worshipping her was fine.
And the whole gofundme thing was pathetic as fuck, begging for medical money when your parents are loaded and lying about the amount of the bill

No. 101999

Honestly OD wouldn't ever photoshop just to bring up ember.

No. 102004

Who even is OD?

No. 102005

They're way too troubled and interesting to not live like pigs.
Teehee my six week old dirty underpants on the floor are cute cause I'm such a MPDG and so high all the time. What is soap teehee.

No. 102007

Why is joltography still crawling around any proana mentioned here like a big old pinworm? She's such a clutchy cringey creep with all the WKing and stalking.
is her account all dedicated to her proana wank material or does she pretend to have -muh ana- as well?

No. 102009

No. 102011

one of the truth blogger people. There's the donut one and the junky one mainly

No. 102019

tumblr dumbass here (probbaly because I have better things to do with my time, not counting lolcow) but what the fuck is a truth blog?

No. 102021

Is she you? What relevance does she have to the Ember drama? Where did she come from?

No. 102022

basically a blog ran by a SJW

No. 102026

I'm not that anon but I guess she was posted because someone abbreviated her as "OD" and then another anon asked who OD is. I think she posted the screenshot of ember being online when she's supposed to be in IP

No. 102027

No. 102029

She's a special kind of mentalness. Her disorder has yet to be discovered. Possibly a syndrome, so she may even get it named after her - coo!

No. 102030

Being a teenager.

No. 102034


i really don't think her parents were loaded, though. i don't buy the "poor" story OR the "loaded" story. i think they were super fucking average middle class upstate NY small town, but that wasn't interesting and didn't feed into her persecution complex. so it was either "woe is me i'm so poor i work so hard buy my used thongs" or "lollll don't question my spending i'm SUPER loaded and yes i earned all my AA money myself doing a job i will not talk about but not because it doesn't exist, no no!"

her dad didn't have a college degree and i think worked a pretty standard blue collar job but had been for a while so probably did decently. don't remember about her mom but i think she also had a pretty normal job. but given that she and her brother both did hobbies that weren't super cheap and kayla had a decent amount of spending money for clothes, yoga shit, and overpriced organic food, they weren't poor either. their house, as seen in her billions of yoga videos, was super average for a middle class (maybe more blue collar or lower middle class, but definitely not poor) family in her area.

sorry i think only like 3 of us are talking about kayla but I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS

No. 102036

She's well into her 20s.

No. 102038

Being a 20-something loser.

No. 102044

That's probably true, I do think they would have more than enough money to cover Kayla's ER bill though. (She says they can afford to put her brother through a prestigious music college…?)
Someone messaged her about contacting the hospital and ask about the details of the bill and getting it lowered, she said her mum already did that and it didn't get lowered. Then literally two or three days later she said her mum called them and could get them to lower the bill to $600 vs $1800 like Kayla said? By that point she had already grifted $300 and then posted about expensive vegan supplement shit she bought. I never liked her but didn't think she could sink so low
It's a shame she doesn't have a blog currently, she produces so much milk her blog would be a goldmine for this thread.

No. 102050

She's not a SJW. Heather would be closest to a SJW. OD points out people being pathetic and lying for "fame". That's all.

No. 102052

Wow a disease that makes you a stalker and a snowflake. She's so special.

No. 102053

Since I assume you are OD (and Olivia?), how do you know it's Ember's IP address? I want to believe you, but I'm just not buying it.

No. 102055


oh definitely. i missed the hospital story (didn't know about this current url until it was mentioned here after it was already deleted) but that's just not consistent with literally her entire story? like she was in residential ED treatment (NOT medical IP, voluntary resi) like 5 years ago and they afforded that. and they're paying her and her bro's college? not that this couldn't be the last straw or w/e but i think it's bullshit and probably part of her pulling another drama on her parents, who she is a complete bitch to based on how she frames any discussion of them on her blog.

No. 102056

Yeah, OD is the more tolerable of the two and probably less SJW than Heather.

I think that whole tumblr group has her IP address purely because Ember is a moron that couldn't stop lurking and sending messages.

No. 102057

Fair enough.

No. 102058

One time, my kidneys were so infected that the right one stopped working for like, a couple days. I was in so much pain I couldn't stay conscious and pretty much screamed every time I tried to move. I was on a few different IVs for antibiotics and fluids and painkiller and my online friends thought I was dead because for about four weeks I didn't even think about a computer, let alone posting selfies, arguing with 13 year olds or delaying medical treatment.

When your organs get really sick or stop working, there's nothing in the world but pain and please please god help me. Ember, you're full of shit and if you wanna be a writer (ember Allen Poe kek) you're gonna need to do research and character development. This is weak, 1/10.

No. 102059

How can someone with no character write a character though? She is about as deep as a puddle.

No. 102060

I just checked this thread for the first time since last week and I'm actually so glad to see people discussing Kayla. It was really frustrating back in her most popular days because between her popularity and her censorship it seemed like no-one recognised how shady she could be. I also found her to be blatantly pro-anorexic very far into when she claimed to be recovering, as she would always have some new reason why she couldn't eat this and that, and why for some reason her weight was healthy even though she was still rather underweight and no-where near the weight she was before the anorexia.

She was one of the many B&W anorexia bloggers who preached about being recovered while undereating, going vegetarian, and exercising obsessively and maintaining slightly higher but still unnatural weights. Yet attacked anyone for ever suggesting she was no different to pro-ana girls.

No. 102061

I'm not OD, I just follow her blog and repost sometimes lol. Idk how she has it but I'm guessing through a statcounter since ember likes to send badly disguised anon messages every few weeks when the posts about her stop.

No. 102062

She should read a book that isn't Stephen kind tier trash and learn about character depth and progression. It would help make her online persona more interesting.

No. 102066

Heather can be really funny but when she starts in with the mayo-can't dance-no culture-lol whitey crap she's insufferable.

No. 102068

Quick summary of the ER story:
She had an earplug stuck in her ear, was in pain, Jake (boyfriend) brought her to the ER where they had to wait for hours and were allegedly sent away after a nurse looked into her ear and told her to go to a specialist. So allegedly she was supposed to pay $1800 for a nurse looking into her ear.
Then the drama began when Kayla received the bill. She bitched about her "abusive", "manipulative" boyfriend because he didn't offer to help her out. She cried for hours about how hard her life is and bad things always happen to poor Kayla. Then she made the Gofundme and received donations through Paypal. Someone asked why she didn't ask her parents and her bullshit excuse was that she wanted to be independent and not be a burden on them (when she claimed they were wealthy). Then when she had grifted $300 she suddenly announced the bill was reduced. That night was a huge pity party lol, she begged for sympathy claiming she was still deaf from the earplug.
I think she has or had a scholarship for college, but it might have been cancelled when she changed her major. I don't know how this works.
A few weeks ago she posted about how mean her parents are, how she grew up without them, how they were always busy making money and then the next day she posted a caring loving text from her mum, she also posted very often about her mum being her best friend.

Tbh I still find her pro anorexic, she is still very thin. Shouldn't a grown up weigh more than when she was 14? She also posted about how she liked being "very very smol" ok Kayla… And she's vegan and back to yoga again. I'm convinced her digestion issues were fake or made to sound worse than they were to have an excuse to restrict. I read somewhere (maybe GOMI?) her mystery illness was gone when she ate a pot cookie?

No. 102070

File: 1457390983154.png (886.17 KB, 649x1115, badshoop.png)

No. 102071

She looks like half a centaur.

No. 102074


Oh absolutely, her digestion issues were faked. Remember how many different thing she decided she had, all of which had weight loss as a side effect? Yet no doctor ever discovered any of them.

The thing most telling about her weight is that her pre-ED body looked nothing like she looks now. When she was 13 and 14, she had a really normal amount of body fat and wasn't even thin. She was a perfectly healthy looking kid. She did sports too. It's painfully obvious this odd and too lean shape she maintains now is the result of continuing to restrict. And it's obnoxious how she gets so self-righteous whenever anyone points out the obvious, that she is too thin for her natural body type and it shows in her weird proportions and how she is smaller than she was as a healthy teenager.

No. 102076


No. 102077

File: 1457392395117.jpg (432.88 KB, 649x1115, fixedit.jpg)

fixed it. her background was super "worm hole-y"

No. 102079

Every little thing gives her a hernia but at least she's funny about it.

No. 102081

lol at this wylona-tier sandbag ass

No. 102082

didn't we have a screenshot or something of Ember calling people fat? She's hardly great at sticking to the recovery shit herself

No. 102083

she's 5'7 172 lbs. there is no way she looks like that. kek she looks like a fucking betty spaghetti doll

No. 102086

Go on pornhub and search 'teen practicing nude yoga' it's really not even porn though, but she probably felt so badass about it because now old creepy men jerk off at her video.

No. 102090

So many shitfits but they're usually funny as fuck and she never seems to take herself too seriously. I think a lot if the hate for her comes from people missing some sarcasm

No. 102155

And now she's made several little videos defensively responding to all the instagram comments. I'm convinced most of those followers are there for the cheap drama.

No. 102185

I really just think older dudes are the only ones desperate enough to be with her. and he's an undeniable loser in every regard, so his approval is worthless.

No. 102187

File: 1457403768393.png (2.21 MB, 1559x2048, PhotoGrid_1457403589069-1.png)

I'm struggling at trying to figure out if this girl shoops or not..


No. 102189

I mean at first, I was thoroughly convinced she just stole photos until i noticed that she has the same sheer drape in the background if her full bodies and the close ups.

No. 102190

This fucking girl is gross. She goes around saying she can only fuck someone she "loves" because ~anxiety~~~~ yet she has slept around with a guy who let a kid suck his dick for drugs of all people.

No. 102191

pretty convinced she does. her videos look almost the same but just slight differences. the most noticeable is the disappearing and reappearing little pouch of chubs on her tummy.

No. 102192

Top right is obviously shooped but the other ones look fairly natural to me. She should shoop herself more tbh, she's chunky as hell and has a downs face

No. 102193

File: 1457404354629.png (1.15 MB, 894x898, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.31…)

reminds me of a more natural version of this gem, which IS shopped (doesn't need to be said.)


No. 102195

File: 1457404542328.png (100.36 KB, 460x562, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.33…)

comment on above

checking out the @wiacollections page that i found this image on i see the @yungelita girl in >>102187 is on there too. i bet she was directly influenced by lillith's shopping style.

No. 102198

File: 1457404804483.png (284.07 KB, 343x294, dhdhdh.PNG)

She's got some dakota-tier alien baby shoop going on

No. 102199

File: 1457404812062.png (1.04 MB, 888x886, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.39…)

relatively minimal shop version of her body

No. 102208


Lol forever at her one giant buttcheek

No. 102210

I saw this on the explore page on insta the other day and I fucking laughed so hard. So embarassing.

No. 102215

File: 1457408515718.png (921.27 KB, 890x884, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.38…)

I would say that she deserves her own thread, but it's exactly the kind of attention she's looking for and I don't think it'd even be that interesting without enough local New Yorkers with stories about her just being fucking stupid.

I will share that she dropped out of school (was never clear where she was going, but I'd bet New School, MAYBE nyu) to work on her "original independent" horror film. You can see some "shots in progress" on her instagram, like this one:


starring other local new york snowflake, fucking mirella.

Anyway, perhaps needless to say that she's good friends with heroingranola.

No. 102220

how is she even popular on ig? who falls for this shit tier shoop and early 00's hot topic aesthetic?

No. 102223

I see her comment on literally every single post of every single trendy aesthetic instafamous bitch, that's most likely how.

No. 102233

Why she got a random pastry on her back? Why is her skin smoothed out af? Why is that bath water diarrhea green?

No. 102237

Would anyone here be interested in a thread where we can post 5edgy4me insta/tumblr 'aesthetic' druggies like Lilith and Holly and that catatonia chick?

No. 102240

No. 102244

File: 1457412538873.png (2.34 MB, 1458x2048, PhotoGrid_1457412423893-1.png)

No. 102250

um…. reasons? she's a great person who i follow, she's supportive, kind, and actually seeking treatment. find better ways to waste your time.

No. 102251

I dont care how sick this girl is, she's posting close up pics of her bones while shes 'recovering'. she likes the attention this disorder brings here, in one pic she said she was tired of people staring at her in public and that must in fact, be 'ugly', no bitch, you're fucking emaciated and you know hats why they're staring. quit the charade.
How do these girls think looking back at photos of themselves at their lowest weights is gonna affect them once they're recovered, if they ever acually do? its fucking retarded, man.

No. 102252

>great person
>seeking treatment

>constantly posting bonespo on her "recovery" account

teenage wannarexics please leave

No. 102253

also, she's gonna post unnecessary before and after pics of her anorexia for validation, but trying to act like she's ashamed she's whittled herself down so small and then wonders why people ask her how she did it. thats straight up proana content idc what she's trying to pass it off as.

No. 102275


what's the link to her tumblr/blog? i always lurked her stuff. i even bought something from the store she runs. reading all of this, i feel like an idiot.

No. 102279

who is the Kayla everyone's talking about?

No. 102282

so many people fall for this shit especially guys, aka her whole fanbase except other highly shooped girls. I showed her one large butt cheek to a guy and he thought it wasn't shooped. idiots

No. 102283

does she know that she can't actually have breakfast at tiffanys?

No. 102284

>>Massive family curry night (so I bring my salad) but neither of my brothers are eating because one is ill and one is extremely hungover and so I can't eat because I can't be the only sibling eating… So no dinner for me then

That is not actively recovering. She's like the Ali of England without emojis

No. 102286

No one must be ~sicker~ than me no matter what!

No. 102305

What do you think her BMI is? https://www.instagram.com/thelifeofbubbless/

No. 102316

she isnt a snowflake and theres no milk. where are the actual wannarexics? the actual cows? lets not post sick people, lets laugh at idiots instead

No. 102317

Go back to MPA and ask them. We're not here to give you "goals."

No. 102318

ACTIVELY recovering?! she literally just started recovery. do you even have an eating disorder or ….?

No. 102326

>Yeah it's part of the disorder, but posting pictures of your bones sticking out isn't.

You'd be surprised.

No. 102352

are you selfposting or just retarded?

No. 102353

A girl on Tumblr, she doesn't have a blog currently but she deletes all the time then remakes. Her previous URLs include odolnost, yogurtkayla, yogurtkayla2 and boobsandbread. You can find some pictures when you google odolnost. She was a popular recovery/yoga blogger back in the day and recently became a "fitblr"

No. 102369

There are already enough shitty people "recovery warriorz" in the "fitblr" community, too bad none of them produce milk. The only one that I remember used to be birdyally who lied about her ed and child porn etc.

No. 102371

Lord-swoldemort or whatever has a stick up her butt, but that's about it I guess.

No. 102373

21, maybe 20 on a good day.

No. 102375

Id say tree, not stick. Her face makes her x times more annoying imo
There are a few who also lied about their ed I think. Oatsandjen or someone lime that? I honestly cant remember at the moment. Most of them are just annoying fucks because of their fake ass positivity tho

No. 102380

When Ally came back as healingally because four weeks away from Tumblr totes got her into the recovery mindset, she was on such a high horse about recovery. I remember she reblogged a post about the labeled serving size of instant oats not being a real serving, but when someone asked how many packs of instant oats she uses, she said she uses one?!

She has such a punchable face and she's a hypocrite and a liar and I'm sure she lies/lied about her weight. In August a few days after she was diagnosed as (she claims) anorexia b/p subtype, she said she weighed 97 lbs which would put her at BMI <17. Then a few weeks ago she said when she was diagnosed with anorexia she wasn't underweight?
She also brags about constantly exercising and threw a fit when people on here and on Tumblr said she doesn't look the weight she said she was. Her response was "Sometimes the body doesn't catch up immediately when you lose a lot of weight". That's called water weight loss, hun… Jenna produces a lot of milk imo, she lies about shit every day, is entitled, ugly as fuck, hypocritical and whiny

No. 102383

File: 1457451352251.jpg (454.24 KB, 1280x1707, f1u0Ln2.jpg)

Around the time this picture was taken she claimed to be a 15 BMI

No. 102384

I can't believe people still kiss Allys ass after everything. I'm honestly glad she got exposed, especially when her followers were harassing people who pointed out how obviously underweight she was

Lmao I remember that. Bet she enjoyed all the attention she got here. Btw swoldy shoop her face or are her huge bug eyes and allergic reaction-like lips real?

Some other people that come to mind are
horsesandfitness (that obviously underweight chick that claimed she was a healthy weight and shit, idk ehat happened to her)
greenteasmiles (was selling mealplans even tho she was not certificated and there was some other drama involving her)
and fitness-fits-me, same as above

No. 102386

I think she really looks like that, she posted a photo with her sister once and she looks the same.

Horsesandfitnessxo is now caoimhesfitness, I think she has an ED, she just doesn't look healthy. Though to give her some credit she deleted the old one because she didn't want to be known and popular for being skinny

No. 102402

File: 1457454435493.jpeg (604.76 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

She's been mentioned in earlier threads, & & it looks like she's lying in a tub full of pee in the right photo, but I can't get over how all she seems to worry about is gaining weight while she's fucking pregnant. I mean I get it, an eating disorder is shit to deal with, but when you're pregnant weight gain has got to happen, I swear she hardly thinks about how this all effects her unborn child. Doing squats and talking about how guilty she feels for eating and nourishing her body and her child. Having had a child myself I know it's weird to watch yourself get bigger, but it's also selfish and wrong to not think of your child's wellbeing. She needs to work with her doctors to make sure she stays on track & keeps that growing baby fed. Being obsessed with her weight makes me wonder just how great of parent she really is considering she has another child as well. Not trying to be a moralfag here, just pissed off that she can't see how harmful it can be to over exercise and worry about weight gain 7.5 mths into this pregnancy. She's got the mind of a teenager and should get help before raising and baring children.

No. 102409

can someone fill me in on the Ally drama? I've heard the odd thing about her but I never found out what it was all about

No. 102414

I wasn't following her at the time so I'm not totally sure about any of this, but what I know is:
-she had a popular fitblr, posted before and afters of her 50+ lbs weight loss, people looked up to her and she said she lost weight the healthy way. She posted selfies on her active Myproana account though and someone recognised her, she even gave out tips.
-Was pretending to be in recovery while still very much bulimic and always posting thinspo pictures of herself
-Posted tiny portions and inspired others to copy her, they posted pictures of tiny food servings writing shit like "Channelling my inner birdyally <3"
-Part of the fake recovery fitblr clique with lord–swoledemort and others
-On her new blog healingally she continued to post blatant thinspo poses, tiny servings etc

No. 102421

ugh, she complains about having a bmi of 19 WHILE PREGNANT. she also constantly mentions wanting to "get my body back" after having the baby but he still wants to recover? which would be impossible because she was super emaciated before

No. 102433

File: 1457462990113.jpg (440.99 KB, 1280x1707, y4FBbZ4.jpg)

She doesn't look anorexic or even underweight to me

No. 102436

lmfao she doesn't even look under BMI 20. and i've been seriously generous with my BMI guesses on this thread.

No. 102440

She's the same size as me wth. She's not anorexic she's average. If she gained anything she'd get fat.

No. 102441

Yup I have a small frame and that's what I look like at BMI 20-21

No. 102442

her face looks late 20's-early-30's, how old is this woman? Judging by clothes younger than she looks.

No. 102444

She's 23, has a degree from college but mooching off her parents and supposedly 'freelancing' lol

No. 102445

I think she's 5'4 how much would you guess she weighs? She claimed to be 94 pounds in October and supposedly kept losing after that haha, and now she's gained some weight she says.

No. 102447

>She has such a punchable face
Oh man this.

No. 102449

If she's a BMI of 20, like one anon guessed, 117 pounds. If 21, then 123 pounds. So, you know, just 23-29 pounds (10-13kg) off from what she claims.

No. 102450

Who cares?
The fact that she's obviously lying about it is milky. The actual number is irrelevant.
Back to mpa with you faggots.

No. 102452

Does taralynn mcnitt fit into this thread?

Guru gossip says she's still up to her BS, I'd start a new thread or bump an old one but the milk is at a trickle so it'd be a waste of topic

No. 102453

Didn't mean to spark a huge discussion about her weight but was curious how big people think the difference is between what she claims and what she more likely weighs :)

No. 102454

Meant Gomi, not GG

No. 102455

Were you reading her blog when she was in the Dominican Republic and those pictures of what she really looks like were posted?

No. 102456

Didn't Jenna say she had cancer? Tbh I don't want to question anybody having cancer but I have a feeling if that had been true she would have mentioned it a lot more

No. 102457

Yeah, I'm pretty caught up

I was shocked because I was a hambeast looking up to her back then

No. 102458

Samefagging, but a lot of her old jello posts have been deleted-even though her old tumblr is still up and the names are still in the recipe index

No. 102459

She's also inconsistently shooped some older photos. But it's the complaints about getting her body back and having gained the weight one needs to carry a baby that make me cringe. She needs a good slap, should be concerned with the babies health instead of "doing squats challenges & bawl bawl my legs hurt now"

No. 102461


Omfg… She's at least 20, not even exaggerating. Why does she think people will believe she has a BMI of 15?? SHES NOT EVEN CLOSE TO UNDERWEIGHT

No. 102462

I don't believe for one second she was diagnosed with anorexia binge purge subtype unless her dr doesn't know shit and she pretty much admitted she lied about her weight at the time (in August when she was diagnosed she said she was 97 lbs putting her at a BMI of 16, then months later said she wasn't underweight when she was diagnosed with anorexia). Hmm, fishy

No. 102464

She's probably another one of those atypical anorexics that think they ~earned~ the diagnosis because "weight shouldn't matter!!111!!11!". cringe.

No. 102465

Dude she's not even skinny AT ALL. 15 BMI is borderline emaciated. She's got meat on her.

No. 102466

She justified her diagnosis by saying restricting is her main behavior when she posted very often about purging all day and not keeping any food down. That doesn't sound like restriction, that's bulimia, but she probably wanted to fit in with the other cool anorexics on Tumblr

No. 102467

this is why tumblrinas need to stop self-diagnosing. they have no clue what each diagnosis even means, let alone qualifications.

No. 102468

No. 102469

no one really cares unless its some new info

No. 102472

and i had just started to think we'd stopped beating that dead cow for old milk…

>inb4 "hi ember"

No. 102474

No. 102513

File: 1457479877789.jpeg (147.52 KB, 640x1005, image.jpeg)

There's going to be some drama on ED Instagram tonight!
This girl has told several accounts to kill themselves when they disagree with her, she went from a normal weight and is now overweight but ~mah ED~ and she's proud of guys cheating on their girlfriends with her because she's apparently hot shit.
An account was made calling her out http://instagram.com/exposingbecky and when she sees it, shit is going to go down. Prepare yourselves for the drama or just go through her IG and read her already posted shit

No. 102517

>super emaciated
Lol no her pictures were badly photoshopped to hell and back

No. 102520

File: 1457481824452.jpeg (169.58 KB, 640x1094, image.jpeg)

Lol even her old shit is great, there's drama all over her account!

No. 102662

She's so fucking fat holy shit

No. 102664


Here's her facebook. Someone should contact her parents. She should NOT tell people to kill themselves.

Who's contacting her parents? I have to run to something, but can if no one volunteers.

No. 102666

Found her Melanie's sister's facebook. Do you think Melanie should be the one contacted?

No. 102671

File: 1457487547657.jpg (91.47 KB, 456x810, payX0a0.jpg)

She says she is completely healthy and always posts before and afters.

(her previous url was horsesandfitnessxo)

No. 102674


She looks healthy… look at her legs. She has a thin waist and she's sucking in. Other than that, she looks normal. Her weight is mostly in her hips and legs. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 102675

Nice self post. Get off this board.

No. 102676


WHAT THE FUUUUUCK. Can someone please give this chick a slap in the face?

No. 102677


I don't think they even were… shes not thin and never was.

No. 102679


What is wrong with people in this thread? Stay the fuck out of people's lives you're not the internet police jesus

No. 102680

>she looks healthy


No. 102681

I will give the validity of her ED the benefit of the doubt bc she looked pretty chubby in her facebook pics and she had pics of herself where she's thinner than now and also back then.
((doesn't mean she's not a giant, tryhard edgecore baby bitch though))

No. 102682

not the same anon, but in some pics i will agree she does actually look healthy and in shape - while others she looks sickly.
she may just carry her weight oddly. like for instance im overweight, but my chest bones stick out. by the time i'm a healthy weight, it'll probably look gross. ykno so maybe her body is like that and she just has a big build?

No. 102683

I would consider her unhealthy because she went from a healthy weight to obviously underweight (there were many more photos on her old blog, some were quite shocking) and she seems to have an exercise addiction, plus she wants to lose more weight apparently. She has to restrict and exercise heavily to maintain that weight. When she eats like a normal person for a few days she posts about how fat she got and lost all her progress.

No. 102684

I think it's confusing because in some photos she looks healthy and fit and in some she looks almost skeletal. It doesn't help that she's reposting old photos from her old blog without giving a timeframe

No. 102689

She was my thinspo to lose weight because she was fat as fuck and got super skinny without starving herself (or so I thought). I'm glad I never realized she had a weight loss blog until after I lost weight because her advice is terrible and she eats processed "healthy" food constantly and Starbucks.

No. 102692

File: 1457490847699.jpeg (392.25 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpeg)

Looks like she has extreme pear body fat distribution and huge shoulders.

Her bodyfat percentage looks pretty low bodybuilders can have borderline disordered eating when they are cutting.

Her upper body is fucking gross.

No. 102694

I think it's sad she talks about her old body in such a hateful way and like getting underweight was necessary to implement healthy changes. Some of the Google image results for horsesandfitnessxo are pretty disturbing.

No. 102705

>extreme pear
>huge shoulders

So… hourglass then?

No. 102710

File: 1457497039040.jpg (104.48 KB, 720x1059, soanalol.jpg)

What is this bitch's issue? 'Not pro ana' gets mirror to bodycheck better

No. 102711

That's not milk, sounds like you have problem with her

No. 102712

'Pro-ana Scumbags General'

No. 102713

Isn't she under aged

No. 102718

File: 1457498180614.jpeg (121.36 KB, 750x1056, image.jpeg)

This girl photoshops and it kind of funny she thinks no one notices

No. 102788

File: 1457503683010.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nqvevrxfzr1uzyex8o1_128…)

Honestly all she had to do was tone her body. At least she seems to be gaining now?

idk how old the pic is, doubt its recent, iirc she used to be even smaller. poor girl had a lot of anas following her that kept complimenting her etc., surely it didnt help. And wasnt her first blog terminared because someone reported her selfies/before afters?

No. 102808

She pretty

No. 102867

No. 102873

She's one of the rare anas whose face still looks cute. Most of them end up looking like either children with cancer or old ass women.

No. 102874

Grow some thicker skin and leave her family alone.

No. 102891

Not really. Her bone shape is inverted triangle. Her hips are pretty narrow woth broad shoulders. But all her fat goes to her legs and hips. I guess that makes her hourglassish but it's why she's so bony as fuck on top while being normal on the bottom.

No. 102896

This thread seriously belongs on myproana. There's no milk here anymore, only a horde of underage anas screeching about nothing interesting in the slightest.
Also stop with the weight/BMI posts. Not only is it boring and catty as fuck, but it can actually be ridiculously triggering as I feel a lot of you have lost sight that eating disorders aren't merely about weight. Those lurking who struggle with an ED and are at a healthy weight probably feel invalidated as fuck right now.

Just my $0.02. I'm leaving before I have to read another post that makes me actually want to gauge my eyes out

No. 102902

No one said you can't be a healthy weight and have an ED, but it's wrong to be an obviously healthy weight and claim you're anorexic, and they do it because they think the anorexia diagnosis will make them more popular and make them appear sicker

No. 102929

Already been mentioned a few times

No. 102973

If she's wearing binders that might have something to do with it.

No. 102976

>eating disorders aren't merely about weight
They aren't, no, but AN is /also/ about weight. A low weight is part of the diagnosis, there's no way around it.

>Those lurking who struggle with an ED and are at a healthy weight probably feel invalidated as fuck

Only if they claim/believe they're ~ana~ whilst being at a healthy weight - in which case they SHOULD feel invalidated, because what they claim/believe really isn't valid.

Those of us struggle with an ED know it's not all about weight. That you can be at a normal/high weight and have an ED. That if they're in recovery and this thread triggers them, they should stay away from it. It's annoying when someone expects bulimics to be spoopy, for example, but we usually just correct them.

No. 102982

File: 1457539487884.jpg (169.84 KB, 640x1092, 1.JPG)

I got a new special snowflake for y'all.

No. 102983

File: 1457539499062.jpg (152.14 KB, 640x986, 2.JPG)

No. 102985

File: 1457539679842.jpg (85.57 KB, 476x810, 3.JPG)

No. 102987

Uhh I'm failing to see the special snowflake-ness? That common phrase probably just popped in her head and she was like, "That's bullshit. Let me write about why it's bullshit." Big deal.

And selfies. Wow gosh oooh so interesting (as if that's not what instagram is for) wow

There's nothing special here. I hope to god this is a self-post.

No. 102988


Right? This thread used to be at least somewhat amusing, but now it's just a venting space for insecure bitches to post pictures of their friends who they're jealous of.

No. 102989

Excuse her for having a mental illness. Jesus Christ fuck off.

No. 102994

Do you even realize what this thread is for?

Literally every single girl posted in these threads has a mental illness. You sound dumb as fuck.

No. 102995

You know that everyone posted here is mentally ill, right? They are all going through the same shit that the girl recently posted is. You just feel bad now and you wanna be all goody goody because you are selective as fuck?

No. 102999

No. 103000

>Do you even realize what this thread is for?

Newfag alert. Lurk moar.

No. 103001

Or so they say, and they're not all eating disordered

Nobody feels bad because only a small percentage of people are actually sick, don't let tumblr self dx fool you

Not every single person is mentally ill because they're a dramatic teenager

No. 103002

What? Shut the fuck up, you don't even make any sense. Get out of this thread, you clearly don't understand it.


No. 103003

And please stop samefagging.

No. 103004

gb2 mpa

No. 103006

You have no idea what's going on do you

>Anon image board
>Everyone is the same person!

No. 103008

I found the selective faggot. You're samefagging, fatass. At least try to cover it up better.

What's with all the fucking newfags all of a sudden?

No. 103009

It's 2 different people, are you ok?

No. 103011

Prove it.

No. 103012

File: 1457541690134.jpg (5.6 KB, 247x139, Hhhehe.jpg)

This isn't 4chan, my posts aren't marked

No. 103013

Too much effort.

No. 103014

Then shut the fuck up.

No. 103015

I'm gonna keep posting famalam

No. 103017

Cool buzz word. Every person posted in these threads has at least some kind of mental illness, even if some are trying to make it look like they have anorexia. That's still a fucked up thing in your head to have to try to keep up doing all the time.. posting edited body shots.

No. 103019

They're in the same league as catfish

>Makes up sob story

>Uses edited pics
>Goes through life normally otherwise

No. 103020

That's why I posted her in here, to join the crazies.

No. 103023

this is basically the same argument as when people are like "oh but if you WANT an eating disorder, you're sick!" or "if you WANT to be sicker, you're sick!"

ok no.

you might just be a very average angsty teen who needs to get out more and is substituting a faked mental illness on the internet for an actual social life and meangingful relationships

just because it's dumb and unhealthy doesn't mean it's a ~*mental illness*~ and shooping pics and using thinspo angles isn't a fucking ED

No. 103025

This is so embarrassing

No. 103033

We don't even have the same grammatical style. Nice try though!

Actually, I'm with this anon, laughing at the "omg samefag everywhere" when there's not.
Or maybe we are all the same person, and that's what "other" anon is trying to tell us about everyone here being mentally ill.

No. 103050

I'm pretty sure that anon meant the cows posted here.. not the anons

No. 103062

She posts on snapchat all the time

No. 103064

>We're all Ember
>We're all samefagging

It's just me replying, this board isn't even real it's all in my head

No. 103065

What's with these anorexic faggots showing off their saggy boobs?

No. 103071

Because looking like a sick bag of bones is a great way to gain asspats for life!

No. 103082

And so is posting about your cuts and hospital bracelet for all to feel so so so sad 4 uuu. Lmao.

No. 103101


Why don't we clear up what anon want to see, as in what's fair game

I think anyone attention whoring while exploiting harmful things is pretty fair game (including the emaciated anas, and SH posts as long as they get a spoiler)

Pro anas who want EDs and shoop

Also fitspo bloggers that obviously aren't eating enough, etc

No. 103106

The problem is that emaciated girls who shoop are a dime a dozen. They're boring and unfunny.

No. 103108

True, what if there was a follower minimum
Or they're obviously shitty people so it's not just some fag posting because their fee fees got hurt

No. 103111

I want to see posts of bitches that are doing something aside from just being anas. Are they starting drama? Denying their EDs? Making disgusting frankenfood dishes? Being Crying Emily levels of attention whoring borderline? Post something that we haven't seen a million times before.

No. 103114

Contribute something before you start complaining. Lazy faggot.

No. 103115

File: 1457551961189.jpg (454.21 KB, 1280x1707, 4CwsFLW.jpg)

I really wish she would stop lying to her followers. There is no way she is actually diagnosed with anorexia.

No. 103116

You have no idea how much I have or have not contributed, dumbass.

No. 103117

Lol, riiiiiight.

No. 103118

those arms though, jesus christ.

No. 103119

Stop lying.

No. 103120

Anon asked what we wanted to see. That's what I want to see. Stop trying to stir shit up.

No. 103121

boooo hoo :( cry more :( :(

No. 103122

Can y'all stop getting so buttmad every 3 seconds

No. 103123

Yup are those the arms of an anorexic and someone who "kept nothing down" for weeks? And was at a 15 BMI? Not really.

No. 103125

I can't. ;_; I've already cryed out all my tears when someone called me a newfag.

No. 103132


By that logic every person who diets is mentally ill. Nah, these people just think an eating disorder = fast weight loss, or a bunch of attention and felice-fawn-level infamy. The only mental illnesses they have are fictitious.

No. 103133

I miss felice

No. 103141

File: 1457554821295.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Started following this girl on my shitposting account. My god, can you be any more conceited or insecure? She was just giving you a compliment. Get help, retard

No. 103152

tbh either she made up this encounter or the other girl was throwing shade bc that top doesn't even have a fit really.

but my bet is "bubbles" made it up so people would comment "oh sweetie ur sooo tiny it doesn't fit at ALL don't worry" just like when people bitch to commenters who say they look "better" or healthy," in hopes that their fangirls will rush to their defense like "she doesn't look healthy! she's VERY ILL don't ever say that or you will TrIgGEr her"

and it's always "recovery" accounts that do this, fucking top kek

No. 103157

She's IP. A girl there may or may not have made a pissy comment about her weight. Skelords making comments about each others appearance. Sounds like their usual MO.

She knows she looks thin. If she thought for one second she looked otherwise she wouldn't post a posing pic of her wearing the shitty shirt on a public ig. Jesus, I'm really a pacifist but sometimes my thoughts wander towards AK47s,

No. 103179

File: 1457561755123.png (1.21 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-09-17-14-36…)

I wonder if she'll keep it up. Good for her?

No. 103202

I doubt it considering she posted and quickly deleted a crying selfie earlier and has left multiple crying selfies on her account and that ridiculous picture where she's basically just showing her chest bones

No. 103203

This little BPD attention whore can't stop herself from posting crying selfies and smiling attacks on her followers. It'll last until she RUINS EASTER OMG BAD EMILY BAD EMILY I BELONG IN THE DIRT

No. 103215

So do you think she actually cries because she hates herself/is genuinely upset, or do you think it's all an act? She seems really disturbed from other pics, unless I'm confusing her with the one who hurts herself [I don't remember her name]

No. 103224

How old is she? She's got a saggy tit

No. 103236

She's genuinely crying and upset. She's genuinely disturbed, but she uses her mental illness for attention with the crying selfies.

No. 103238


I'm not the other anon, but imo it's a little of both. She is upset, but she milks it as much as possible for instagram and attention. I mean really no one who is GENUINELY having a panic attack or crying hysterically to the point of hyperventilating is thinking "damn which filter should I use on the best one of the 10 different crying selfies I just took?"

To put it another way, if someone took away all her social media, she'd probably have a lot fewer "breakdowns" unless she figured out another way to get an audience. What's the point of flipping shit if no one is there to give you attention for it?

No. 103244

Isn't that what BPD is about though? being disturbed but also using your illness to get attention??

No. 103246

I hate seeing someone say they have BPD nowadays because literally every teenager says they have it

No. 103247

even though you cant get a diagnosis for it if you're under 18

No. 103249

No. The disorder compels you to seek attention and validation, typically however possible due to an unstable sense of self.

They're attention seeking, but not using the disorder to do it. Its a symptom.

No. 103250

There's very rare exceptions but its a long process to be diagnosed, and teenagers frequently display BPD behaviors simply because they haven't fully developed their brain yet.

No. 103252

Is the reason they don't diagnose early is because the symptoms are so similar to how a teenager would feel

I can understand why they think they have it if that's the case, but mostly I just see the word being thrown around as someone fakes a panic attack/suicide/does something shitty and only to excuse their behavior

I don't doubt their claims of anxiety or depression though, I couldn't imagine this generation without it all things considering

No. 103259

Basically, teenagers are still developing and are kid of hyper-emotional, and impulsive. That's all normal teenager stuff, and a teen with depression and/or anxiety can appear to have the exact symptoms and behaviors of BPD.
The thing is, most teens will emotionally mature and develop a solid identity.
People with BPD sorta don't, and their emotional processing abilities remain pretty juvenile, and their sense of self is constantly changing, subject to their rapid and intense emotions.

No. 103744

Is there a way to differentiate the two (BPD and basically raging hormones)?

Sorry I have literally not heard anything about it besides "uwu you're not responsible for your behavior" posts

No. 103746

File: 1457571860758.jpeg (452.84 KB, 1254x1652, image.jpeg)

Seeing as ember is away I've found you a new booger to like. I'm a friend of this wannarexic phoney and she needs to be exposed

No. 103747

File: 1457571959516.jpeg (229.35 KB, 1253x1466, image.jpeg)


No. 103748

File: 1457572083149.jpeg (352.18 KB, 1270x1481, image.jpeg)

And she claims to have ehlers danlos syndrome and says sometimes she can't walk and her "anorexia" makes it worse but there's no way someone with EDS could do this one day and two days before be stuck in bed

No. 103753

I agree. Crap like this is asking for a subluxation if you have a connective tissue disorder like EDS.

No. 103762

Apparently according to people from her old IP place she was never tubed but always claims she had a tube for like two months or something. She is a compulsive liar and she even stuck headphones up her nose and claimed she had been tubed ?
I pity her

No. 103767

w-what's wrong with her head?

No. 103789

Fairly long term observation, and usually age. Once someone's of an age where these behaviors are atypical its a major sign.

Mostly its just observation. BPD's will frequently have a history of suicide attempts, self harm, substance abuse, sometimes violence or petty criminal activity. Lots of trouble with impulse control and handling emotions.

History of unstable relationships, and frequent falling out with friends/family is one of the big symptoms. inability to keep a job or house can sometimes result too.

Its one of those things someone needs a psychiatrist to diagnose and a long term psychologist to learn to manage.

No. 103791

That Neanderthal brow…

No. 103798

omg emmie ? she said one that she had a miscarriage like two weeks into a pregnancy that's called a fucking period

No. 103799


You make things very obvious.

No. 103805



No. 103806

cough vendetta cough

No. 103815

There's no such thing as raging hormones. It's the socioemotional area of their brain that is on overdrive.

No. 103819

didn't emily c have a miscarriage at some point or am I imagining it

No. 103856

WOW. So sick. Much ana. And yeah EDS patients should NEVER, EVER do this kind of thing, if they even could without massive dislocation! I have a friend with EDS. What a load of shit this girl is. I don't buy it. Oh yeah and wtf is with these girls who are lyk zomg I had to be tubed for ONE fucking feed?!

No. 103857

OMG topkek do you have a pic of the headphone-tube thing?

No. 103918

according to ember

No. 103964

I don't have a pic of the headphone tube bc she deleted it after getting soooooooooooo much hate ?

No. 103968

File: 1457632980860.png (404.84 KB, 531x345, 1457505319016.png)


This shit is the equivalent of a laugh track

No. 103974

…and that it didn't exist anyway, possibly?

No. 103976

If you want to be taken seriously take note of the etiquette on this site, you sound like a 14 year old IG wannarexic - which you probably are.

No. 103977

>suuu muhch h8

please gb2 mpa. i'm sure your other wanna friends are more likely to emoji-laugh at your ana bff with you than we are. questionable anecdotes aren't milk.

No. 104034

File: 1457650455940.jpg (66.05 KB, 540x405, cfeeOxb.jpg)

She does not look eating disordered at all. Now she seems to copy some of the Tumblr bloggers who started lifting in recovery, like aubernutter

No. 104035

Wheres her booty at? Shes straight up and down

No. 104036

shut the fuck up

No. 104037

why're you bringing it up if you have no proof? Newfag alert.

No. 104038

tf are you on about

No. 104039

Jealous of her flexibility but she looks like a fucknig alien

No. 104040

I remember when she bragged about her ass before her "anorexia" lol. How can she still claim to be anorexic when she looks BMI 20?

No. 104042

20 on a good day. i have a bmi of 16 but at lest I have an ass.

No. 104044

Admittedly I could only stand her blog for 3 pages but is she claiming to still be underweight/anorexic? I'm screaming

No. 104045

Her alleged daily exercise definitely doesn't show. She looks like a pudgy normal woman.

No. 104047

She claimed a BMI of 15 a few months ago, supposedly gained 10 lbs since then which would put her at 17 at the most… But look at her. Now she's claiming to be addicted to exercise on top of her "anorexia" and daily purging.

No. 104049

BMI of 17? LMFAO those guns are at least 15 pounds each! I mean she's not fat but……dear god

No. 104051

>not fat
are you serious? She's no obese but she's defiantly pudgy

No. 104054

I mean, she hasn't posted numbers in a while, but the last time she did she claimed 94 pounds and made hints after that that she lost even more. Then a few days ago she posted about gaining 10 pounds in a month.

No. 104055

no1curr about your bmi, faggot

No. 104057

well aware of that, just putting in my $0.02. Shes basically all pudge and doesn't work out.

No. 104092

What is up with you anons getting so aggressive over stat mentions? What's so fucking terrible about it?

No. 104094

Anon posts their stats usually to humblebrag

Does this >>104042 seem like it needed to be posted at all?

Look up 32" waist chan

No. 104095

>newfag detected
Lurk more.

No. 104098

File: 1457666717103.jpeg (91.67 KB, 640x890, image.jpeg)

shoop? or just weird bumpy legs?

some of her posts are very questionable, posting thinspo pics captioned hope this doesn't trigger anyone followed by sob sob recovery sob sob so proud of me, when the rest of her photos she looks very underweight still? Or it's shoop, I haven't the best eye for these things.

No. 104099

File: 1457666851586.jpeg (102.6 KB, 640x993, image.jpeg)

Another pic for comparison…

No. 104103

That super awkward moment when ews troll of a boyfriend actually excepted my fb request and is giving all the deets <3

No. 104105

are you… serious?!

No. 104106

This pic looks normal, but >>104099 looks weird

No. 104107

Probably not since they aren't spilling milk

No. 104112


No. 104119

Anon you cant say shit likenthat and then not post some proof to share with the rest of us hungry farmers

No. 104125


Obvi I'm not going to give ew a chance to con her way out of this. Or even give him the heads up. I'm going to MILk this for all its worth :,)

No. 104142

then why would you say anything in the first place, dummy

No. 104144

You mean you're lying.

No. 104146

Because they're full of shit

No. 104147

I mean I really hope this is actually Ember because it's pretty sad otherwise.

No. 104150

of course she did. almost all of the popular fitness bloggers had some sort of ED so she had to jump on the bandwagon. i just dont get why shes getting so many asspats/attention, compared to the others she doesnt even look fit/ripped etc (more average) and doesnt seem to know shit about fitness other than the standard "eat healthy and exercise" crap. idk havent been on her blog in a long lobg while

No. 104153

It's pretty sad both ways.

No. 104158

And she's very obviously jealous of those who are fitter or thinner than her. She posted about how it annoys her when people post a photo of their abs with an unrelated caption, but almost every single selfie she posts has an inspiring quote in it. Sorry but abs are a million times more inspiring than her ugly mug. And she is always giving shit to people recovered from EDs that post before and afters of their weight restoration because they allegedly brag about how skinny they were - but when someone asks her to tag her photos she mocks them

No. 104198

so people cant post pics of their abs but she can post pictures of her guns? alright lol

eh, the before/after thing is hated in the "recovery community" because "it shows people only care about their weight and it doesnt show how important the mental part is!!!", of course thwy ignore the caption where the person is writing about how hard it was mentally to overcome x & y.

tbh I dont think she got any milk, shes just annoying af. why are all these pro anas so boring

No. 104200

She's just crazy insecure lol.
They are all so boring because their lives revolve around their usually made up or grossly exaggerated eating disorders, the closest thing to a real cow would be odolnost Kayla with her constant lies and most recent mini scam.

No. 104206

Right? Jesus this thread is cancer.

No. 104214

Then go back to your precious weebs

No. 104221


kayla really is a cow, it's a shame more people on this thread aren't familiar with her. i guess it's because her ~glory days were like 5 years ago and she's been so spaztastic with creating and deleting accounts lately that people really only know about her if they were around in her heyday?

No. 104236

Aubernutter is such a piece of shit, she acts like lifting and clean eating are the reason she recovered and is a crush60 ambassador while still very sick mentally. She was diagnosed with bulimia but self diagnosed herself with "every eating disorder there is" lol

No. 104239

Gotta cover her tracks constantly so no one can call her out, but that unfortunately makes it harder to show why she's a cow. Like all the lies she makes up, you only know she's lying if you've followed her for at least a few months and ideally since her odolnost blog :( it's a shame. She will be back though. At least I know there are some people who agree she is shady as fuck thanks to this thread.

No. 104243

mind telling us who she was/is? its not like we have a lot of people to talk about

she doesnt even do crush workouts lol but I like her, shes not a massive cunt or THAT dislikeable imo

No. 104246

Self post or newfag.
Either way, die.

No. 104247

I think Crush/the founder is kind of shady, but this is not the thread to discuss that. I think she's in denial of her eating disorder. She tries to be a role model for those in recovery but she's still sick. Not a cow though.

No. 104249

File: 1457712187858.jpg (116.71 KB, 1280x720, QrDX0L6.jpg)

This is Kayla that was mentioned here a few times. Some of you may remember her as odolnost, she was a well known recovery blogger back in 2011-2013 and very into yoga. Before that, she ran a pro ana blog called 98pounds98.
Since 2013 she has deleted her Tumblrs multiple times for various reasons. Some URLs were velvetfork, yogurtkayla, yogurtkayla2, boobsandbread, wafflekayla, kayladoeshappy.
Imo she's a cow because:
-always makes up new food allergies and other reasons to restrict
-faked GI disease to have an excuse for her anorexia (I read that she claimed her horrible disease was healed by… A weed brownie)
- always lying about shit and not keeping track of her lies, examples: used to say her family was poor so she got sent free clothes by Reebok, then said her family is rich. Recently lied about not being able to afford an ER bill, said it was 1800 dollars, begged her followers for money, received a few hundred dollars then said the bill was reduced to 600 dollars even though she previously said the hospital refused to reduce the bill.
- when she's mad at her bf she says he's abusive and manipulative, gets everybody on her side, when they get back together she attacks people for reminding her of his "abuse"
-when someone kisses her ass her followers are the best, but any kind of advice or criticism is "unsolicited advice"
-said she was recovered when she was still very anorexic, always says she's recovered then later admits she was restricting at the time
-lies about her social life
-brags about her past as a camwhore and being in a porn when her porn was a nude yoga video where you didn't even see anything because she filmed her side
-made racist comments about her freshman year roommate and other students at her college

No. 104252

File: 1457712558772.jpg (275.24 KB, 1280x853, fTzZtuE.jpg)

Her most recent reason to delete:
Asked followers for rates on her appearance. Someone said her body is a 9 but her face is a 3. She attacked the person (even though she asked for honest rates?) said people suck and deleted.
She has also lied about her social life in the past. Her freshman year she said she was partying every weekend, had a lot of casual sex, so many friends, drugs and alcohol then later said she doesn't have any friends.
Her YouTube is kaylatronful

No. 104253

Kayla also said she was deaf in one ear for pity points a few weeks ago when she talked about how horrible and abusive her bf is. One look at her ig reveals: a trip to the ENT solved her deafness

No. 104259

Holy shit she is UGLY af. Her boobs are 10/10 though.

No. 104260

different poster but kayla was also extraordinarily attention seeking in some pretty standard anacow ways:

*would make look at me/don't look at me status updates about restricting, weight #s, calorie #s, even a few times asked people to guess her weight/bmi, but any time a follower would mention (even really politely) that they were concerned she'd attack them and claim that they didn't know her and she was SO! RECOVERED! (and then as the poster above stated, she would later on be like "i've actually been restricting for months and months, but NOW i'm not bc suddenly i'm [insert new restrictive fad health-kick thing here] and even though this is something people always use to disguise their EDs i s2g i'm totes being soo healthy"

*on again off again exercise addictions she would get REALLY defensive about, like miles and miles of running in extreme weather or crazy gym workouts. when people asked if it was too much she'd say "NO, I LOVE [workout obsession of the month], THIS MAKES ME HAPPY AND IT ISN"T DISORDERED AT ALL" and conveniently forget she had ranted multiple times in the past about how much she hated running, the gym, etc and "only did it in the past to lose weight"

*vastly exaggerated her family's alleged problems to the point that you had to wonder if she point blank made them up. she would accuse her dad of being abusive in various ways, then later she magically had a great relationship with him. she would be "bffs" with her mom and then make a post about how she was worse than her dad. also as mentioned above, would flip flop between claiming her family was "poor" (usually when she was shit talking her dad) and that they were "rich" (usually when people questioned her huge AA purchases). this was despite of the fact that she posted tons of pictures and videos in her room, kitchen, living room, and yard and you could 100% tell that she lived in a very average working class/middle class house with decorations and furnishings that were consistent with that, and so was her entire family's lifestyle.

*semi-responsable for starting the "here's my wishlist" trend among former pro-ana, current pseudo-recovery/fitblrs. posted tons of shit, received tons of shit, rarely thanked anyone, and bitched hardcore at anyone who mentioned that she was asking for gifts. she would say shit like "no this is just up here for me teehee" ok right

*threatened suicide on multiple occasions, would make dramatic "life isn't worth living" and then either delete or do an automatic redirect so you couldn't see her blog, then would come back and act like everything was fine and bitch at anyone who dared to ask if she was ok

*for a long time as odolnost, during her ace/sex-repulsed phase, she made posts suggesting her first time was not consensual or otherwise traumatic. then later on, in her freshman year of college when she was suddenly all about sex, she answered a question about her first time and it was basically "my friend and i were bored when we were like 13 so we decided to try it, it took 2 minutes and we were both like whatever"

*consistantly claims her body is at its "healthy set point" (and does this in a pretty broad visible weight range) even though she has posted pre-ED pictures and was a legit healthy weight then and significantly bigger then she is now, even though she was 13/14 y.o. then and is now like 22

*would constantly post about how lonely she was and had no friends, but when people would try to be helpful by suggesting shit like "join a club" she would either attack them for "unsolicited advice" or she would provide a very elaborate excuse that sounded like a fucking after school special, saying a fake-sounding story abotu how she'd tried everything and EVERYONE HATED HER FOR NO REASON AND MADE HER LIFE MISERABLE (even though if you followed her for a long time, you could gather that she was very closed off and didn't really attempt to make friends)

*constant attention-seeking posts she would immediately delete, and then attack anyone who mentioned them or responded to them

despite of all this, she had a huge number of followers since she joined tumblr super early and was part of the original group of pro-ana people (back in like 2007-08). so she had a lot of stans who would lick her ass constantly in hopes she would notice them, as well as the other "popular" pro-ana fake-recovery girls, most of who were similarly socially awkward and "loners" in real life who would post about the "mean popular kids" irl while seeming to lack all awareness that that is exactly how they behaved on tumblr

sorry for tl;dr super bored & procrastinating paper

No. 104262

She had a boob job (which is fine) but thinks they look natural lol. Also forgot to mention, before the boob job she always said she loved her small breasts

No. 104263

Perfect summary of her attention seeking.
One more thing comes to mind: flip flopping between loving her job and wanting to quit college to work full time then saying she hates her job and they demand too much from her.

She basically makes up lies depending on whatever will get her the most attention and pity

No. 104264

she does the flip flopping about literally EVERYTHING. also about school classes, wanting to "run track in college" even though she wasn't consistent and would either run tons of junk miles to burn calories, or not run for months, her major, yoga, and basically everyone in her life.

a couple of times she would have a school project with someone and then it would turn into "omg i made a friend we're so close she's so great!" and then a week later there would be an EXTREMELY dramatic and clearly exaggerated story about this "friend" (aka group project partner…) suddenly "turning against her" for something super minor and/or imagined (like not saying hi back in the hallway, or not inviting kayla to a party even though the project partner probably never even thought they were friends in the first place)

she's got issues but damn she really doesn't want to help herself get better, and anyone who suggested anything to help gets shot down.

No. 104265



She looks like she took her dentures out. It's like she's actually 90 years old but with oddly smooth skin?

No. 104266

It always seemed over the top how quick she was to call someone her best friend. A friend/acquaintance invites her to tag along with her and her friends? Wow, new huge friend group and best friends forever! Hung out after class once? Best friend! Etc. I remember her mom wanted to organize a graduation party for her but Kayla didn't have any friends. That sounded like such a lie to me and it's a teenage drama movie plot. Lonely girl has a party thrown for her but no one attends. Sure. It was probably a family only gathering and Kayla made it sound like a huge thing to get pity.
For someone who claims to be as adult and independent and responsible as she thinks she is, she sure does not give any fucks about her mental health.

No. 104271

Wtf kind of priorities……
She should've spent that money on her face.

No. 104273

File: 1457717817424.jpeg (66.33 KB, 458x481, image.jpeg)

what the fuck is he doing with his mouth lmfao

No. 104274

His mouth looks fine to me? That bit between his thighs looks really dodgy though.

No. 104276

The sucking in fish face

No. 104277

No. 104280

>muh cheekbones

No. 104281

Is that a fakeboi? The thighs are extremely thick for a male… much less a supposedly anorexic male

No. 104282

Yes shes a girl

No. 104283

File: 1457719939228.jpg (276.97 KB, 675x481, blobfish-psychrolutes-marcidus…)

she's serving up some blobfish realness

No. 104284

File: 1457720354398.jpg (28.82 KB, 432x570, muh knives.JPG)

She makes me laugh with every picture she posts. Those pictures with her fucking knives in them. Woooo, scary af.

No. 104285

>pretty boy
im dying

No. 104287

How more fakeboi can you be to wear a pretty boy shirt

No. 104288

File: 1457722047996.jpeg (398.87 KB, 750x745, image.jpeg)

wearing he/him

No. 104294

>her face is a 3.

That's pretty accurate, her square face is a catastrophe. That picture is brutally unflattering.

No. 104301


It's a desperate thing to wear a t shirt to get people to think you're male. It's tragic to be so insecure and into yourself you're so desperate to be recognised as a particular gender. Who the fuck cares if you've got tits or a dick. Just get on with life ffs.

No. 104307

are that bulimia cheeks?

No. 104308

I really don't think so, I think that's just how she normally looks. Her ED was anorexia

No. 104310

if he/she/it forced his/her/it's legs any further apart those pants would rip

No. 104311

I wouldn't be surprised if her legs get numb wearing her pants so tight. It's not like they do her fake anorexia any favours because they emphasise her average thighs.

No. 104314

top kek that's a fucking perfect description. What an ugly fucking mug. 3 is generous, IMO.

No. 104319

I can't shake off the feeling that she's self posting.

Does she have any current blogs or whatever? If not then I don't care.

No. 104322

Her YouTube is kaylatronful
Her IG is kjones178
Her Twitter is private

She always deletes her Tumblr blogs for a few weeks, makes a new blog, keeps it for a few months, then deletes again for stupid reasons (like the aforementioned rate thing where she wasn't happy that someone thought she was ugly). Due to the constant deleting and remaking she is difficult to get into, but she was extremely popular on Tumblr back in the day

No. 104328

File: 1457730598529.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 104351

Oh Emily

No. 104352

What the fuck she looks like a tumour.

No. 104363


None of the posts about Kayla have sounded at all like her, tbh. She has a pretty distinctive "voice," and it's also fairly inconsistent with her MO to post anonymously about herself. I know it's hard to "prove" anything since she doesn't have any tumblrs up she hasn't deleted and not many people on here are familiar with her, but her particular brand of attention-seeking really doesn't jive with this type of board.

No. 104373

Idk for once I actually think emily looks cute in that pic

No. 104376

Those eyebrows :(

No. 104390

The brows clashing with the wig which in turn clashes with everything that has ever or ever will be invented, and wrapped up with a cat lady's shirt.

Sorry bout your taste anon.

No. 104393

jesus christ that`s the worst purgeface i`ve ever seen

No. 104395

Holy fuck

No. 104400

I want to ring the juice out of her massive bulimia cheeks. Dat some crazy facial edema.

No. 104402

whoa. BUUUUUUUUTTTTER FACE. Those tits are immaculate. I'd be insanely jealous if it weren't for that god damn grandma face.

No. 104404

Sage for ot, but looking at dat face made me think of this:
Are bulimia cheeks painful?

No. 104405

the swelling is mildly painful, but rotting teeth/raw skin in the mouth and throat hurt way more

No. 104406

no, you hardly feel any different with them

No. 104408

Emily, are you struggling to find someone new to copy? Is this why you do such egregious things to yourself?

No. 104414

I think that color brightens up her face a good deal. Dyed black hair just isn't very flattering for her. Sorry, Em.

No. 104415

A shiny 40 dollar wig from eBay isn't doing any justice. She needs to grow her bangs out and go to a warm brown/caramel baylayage

No. 104423

The black doesn't look good but this shiny plastic pink looks worse. If she'd give up the edgy tryhard looks and didn't have such a harsh color she'd look 100x better.

This wig does her no favors at all.

No. 104424

I wasn't saying it was perfect, bro. But it's obviously an improvement from her matte, strongly black color.

I agree with you though. Longer bangs, caramel brown hair. I know baylage is super in right now, but even if she just got some highlights too it would help her so much.

No. 104425

Okay guys, I get it. It's not a great wig. I'm sorry if what I said was stupid or whatever. I just feel like it really showed how her face could be brightened up by a different hair color than the flat black she always has.

No. 104426

Why are you obsessing over ems hair. It's a stupid cheap Amazon wig which she's said I the past. She gets them for fun why do y'all gotta bring her down from just having a little fun in her life. She's not tryna to impress anyone jesus h christ calm yo selfs

No. 104427

are the cigarettes making her age faster? I swear she used to look prettier.

No. 104428


Her teeth look nice as fuck considering the bulimia.

No. 104429

it's not impossible to have nice teeth when bulimic. Just difficult. Rigorous care can keep them mostly ok but not forever

No. 104437

Why do you cows always refer to any discussion that isn't praise as obsession or stalking?

You're equating a few posts pointing out why they think the wigs/aesthetic look bad and equating it with derangement or a criminal offence.

No. 104438

I'm just saying why I don't like it. You can like it all you want. Go buy the same wig for yourself, idc fam.

No. 104447

I'd say she's an autumn, I think she hasn't realized what colours work for her yet but she doesn't seem to take in any advice imo

No. 104450


hoooowwwww many selfies can you take in front of the same fucking wall making the same derby face, and please get a shorter nose stud what the fuck is wrong with you.

where the fuck are her eyelashes
she 100% cannot pull off foiled lipstick

No. 104452

did you literally just ask if cigarettes made her age are you absolutely fucking retarded

No. 104460

File: 1457761001106.png (155.38 KB, 1440x1321, Screenshot_2016-03-11-23-26-49…)

No. 104461

Idk it looks the same to me unless it's her more private account.

No. 104463

Honestly this bitch annoys me so much, with how much she kisses Emily's ass but rabidly hates Ember. Yeah Emily did a half assed apology then still went straight back to being a cunt, they're not that different.

No. 104464

No. 104466

They threw Emily under the bus recently

No. 104468

How does one get mouth lines that fast? Magic?

No. 104472

Can you bitches just stop with this shit,
>muh nasolabial folds
Thing already. Seriously just shut up. They happen in your early 20s if you're not autistic and move your facial muscles around sometimes. And no shit smoking and drinking makes it worse.
Emily looks fine she's just really desperate and makes herself look like shit because she's a colossal idiot.

No. 104473

How so? It's been a while for me

No. 104476

>not trying to impress anyone
You can say that when she stops jumping on every bandwagon, riding the coat tails of burnt out ecelebs, and copying every 3edgy5me tumblr/Instagram bitch.

No. 104477

Throw her under the bus or called her out on some real shit?
Two different things anon.

No. 104483

I'm not sure, I just figured they didn't want to give her attention since she's mostly just embarrassing herself and self-submitting

It's not like Emily can trigger people anymore

No. 104485

Samefag, but maybe we consider recently and a while to be the same time period

No. 104497

I just assumed it's because Ember is actually a joke and Emily is boring and self submits relentlessly. Why make it more complicated or personal than that?

No. 104506

File: 1457781370024.jpeg (266.94 KB, 1279x1661, image.jpeg)

"Bloo bloo, no one likes my photos, you're all so inactive, I have so many followers but no one cares about me"
Maybe people just have better things to do than like a fucking pic of your legs. Honestly, why do these kids care so much about this shit. Put your phone down & get a hobby or something.

No. 104523

Has ohchickpea been mentioned in any of these threads? She's pretty entertaining. Claims to have DID, keeps adding "alters," most recently a fakeboi! There are also little children in her "system" and she makes videos as her various personalities. She just started claiming this in the last 6-9 months but already the story has become more and more elaborate. She also seems to attention whore for comments.

Sorry if I'm late to her party, I don't remember seeing her mentioned before, and she's been giving me a lot of entertainment lately.

No. 104531

I used to follow her when she only hinted at DID. When she started giving them names and giving them lives, I unfollowed her. It all became ridiculous and facepalm.

No. 104536

Yeah it just got weird when she randomly started talking about all these 'alters' I remember her account last year didn't mention any of those. It got weird when she started posting the videos of her 'child' alters and talking in the baby voices

No. 104540

Is DID even real?

No. 104541

I think it's more commonly induced by therapy, fantasy, and trends at this point than it is a genuine disorder.

No. 104542

i think so but extremely rare.
i think out of many people that claim to have it, its actually that they convinced themselves they have it, amongst a myriad of other PDs. or theyre just snowflakes.

No. 104546

A quick Google search showed that 90% of US therapists have never met a patient with DID, and 66% of all alleged DID patients are being treated by 1% of all therapists. And supposedly the numbers are similar for other countries.
Perfect snowflake illness.

No. 104549

"Dissociation" seems to be the latest trend, even Ember was claiming it right before she "left."

No. 104554

lol this idiot. she's one of the biggest "SFS" spammers in that IG community. her followers are only following her for more followers, which is the same thing turtl.ed cares about, follower count. And now she's wondering why they're inactive? bitch, they never cared about you to begin with. they all came from SFS spam.
this is why i unfollowed her, all she posts are "SFS" and sad attempts at thinspo.

No. 104555

i've been following cassie, formerly known as rachael, for years. idk if DID is real, its a controversial diagnosis in the psych community. but with ohchickpea, i get the feeling she's been hospitalized/institutionalized for so long that even though she says she wants to go home to her flat, she is terrified of living life outside the hospital. this new DID could be an attempt to keep herself IP longer, she may not even realize it. idk. id never unfollow her though, she is a sweet girl and i find her really interesting, but she's def been institutionalized.. i wonder what her life would look like if her family had stayed in NJ instead of moving to Scotland. she never would've been IP for anorexia for as long as she has in NJ (i think she's been in the hospital since she was 14?) or anywhere else in the US.

No. 104557

Can you give more background? I have a hard time untangling her actual story. I think she picked up the diagnosis from a specialist for real, tbh. As in I do believe it is therapy induced, in her. Others, not so much. I did not know she used to be called Rachael?

No. 104559

I don't know about Cassie's situation (I do follow her on IG though). But I definitely think DID is real. I've come across it frequently in the psych community, where people display very intense "switches".

In regards to naming your alters, I'm pretty sure it is encouraged as a way to separate yourself from your alters, and also work out the details of the trauma of each one.

No. 104560


Actually, I wanted to mention her here a long time ago, but I do not know if she is just really really ill or makes it all up (not on purpose)

for me, sometimes it is really strange to read all those texts, her younger "alters" have written…
Dunno…it developed so damn fast

No. 104561

Did you see her stupid "shoutout to whoever decided to shower us" post? She really romanticises that illness like it's so cute and funny …

No. 104563


yes. Tbh I really can´t imagine that.
Sry for diaryfagging but I have a dissociative Disorder and simply can´t understand making this up on the Internet.

Did you see the "Cassie was bad" video`?

I do feel sry for Cassie and do not know if we should discuss her here

No. 104566

How is this bitch going to shit talk Areopostal when she buys her clothes from Rue 21? I swear I saw that ugly floral shirt on the clearance rack for $3.99 when I took my 12 year old sister their to buy some cheap sandals last weekend.

No. 104567

her name was originally Rachael, she had it changed to Cassie maybe a year ago? the name change process over there is ridiculously simple, like she filled out some card, had 2 witnesses sign and thats all it takes. but apparently "rachael" is still in there and cassie has taken over for her? idk.

>can you give more background

sure, not sure exactly what you want to know, or how much i really know, but as far as her being diagnosed with DID, i don't think she is. because as she puts it, her therapist believes DID exists/that she has it, but her psychiatrist does not believe DID is real, and so she is not technically diagnosed.

No. 104569

I've seen her posts about renting out a flat to move into, presumably in the near future, and based on that alone I assume her DID isn't real. No way would she be cleared to go live independently if multiple children occasionally take over her body uncontrollably, for indeterminate lengths of time, right?

No. 104573

I've only read the famous DID books like When Rabbit Howls, Sybil, Sybil Exposed and others connected with Project Monarch etc. Oh, and one by a psychic who uses Ouija boards to get the people to connect with their alters.

I can understand giving aspects of your personality you don't understand a name to work through behaviours and feels, but I hate when a group of people like all these new IG DID "community" fake it for attention. Same with any disorder. They get it wrong and make people genuinely struggling with the disorder sound like a twat.

This Cassie was interesting until she went overboard with the alter thing. After my hundredth roll eye I had to stop her polluting my feed.

No. 104576


I only think it´s weird that she has toys for each "alter" (sry, English is not my mother tongue)
e.g. there are dinosaurs for the boys and dolls for the girls…

No. 104578

If I think it's fucking creepy that Cassie posts videos of her alters. For example, she's made quite a few videos of Eva, who is supposedly 4. If I was four, I think I'd be reverting to my childlike state, not fucking using a smart phone to post videos to social media.

No. 104579

What's Cassie's social media? I've never heard of her and I'm curious

No. 104582

there's a link to her tumblr on there too

No. 104583

File: 1457805577681.jpg (130.92 KB, 802x1334, tumblr_static_anblyj85h0gk44sk…)

she's now found photos of random people online to show what her 'alters' look like

No. 104584

Hahahahahahahaha the bear

No. 104592


I notice her alters are all above average looking people. Even the bear is a handsome dude.

No. 104593

oh god, i used to follow her. her DID is totally fake. i wasn't certain what to think at first but her videos are more than enough proof for me. she's a terrible actor.

No. 104594

I notice all her human 'alters' are white. She's claiming to have a bear 'alter' before a non-white 'alter'. Definitely a way to piss of tumblr anyway…

On a side note, has she uploaded a