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File: 1643996518742.jpeg (514.71 KB, 1170x1170, 1F7A6EF4-DC6E-4D4C-BC99-359413…)

No. 1434549

the last thread was marginally less crusty than its predecessors, there is hope yet for the ongoing entertainment that is the pro-ana scumbags.

Fiona is 'finding' nothing (not even new or original captions), though we feel she would benefit from discovering a new crying face, and we are sure her parents would like to find a new elected cameraman to film her meltdowns.

lilfeofhan has a blog. full of spelling mistakes and practically incoherent. woohoo!

our loathed cece still continues to behave like an embarssingly delusional middle-aged woman with zero accomplishments and a massive case of munchausens-by-tiktok.

Niamh the narcissist is still posting the odd bodycheck 'throwback', but as expected, the 'OOTDs' seem to have ceased now hospital had brought the weight gain that results from the infinite tube photos.

similarly, emisfighting seems to be fighting nothing but common sense- the precious (and bizarrely grimy) little soul has taken her first sips of nutrition.

Zara looks like she's dying whilst continuing preaching to the masses. anons suspect there is a suspicious fudging of medication and weight gain sabotage. much inspiration, much recovery.

nourish continues to baffle us all- from bizarre creations to semi-naked shots… to looking almost normal at times? we're not here to complain though, the entertainment compensates for the vomit-inducing (quite literally) concoctions.

Scarlett also looks like she's dying, quite legitimately, and will probably still be 'coaching' from a hospital bed due to some organ failure or perhaps dropping a weight on her foot. whichever comes first.

Anna continues to lie and exaggerate about everything from academics to allergies, Georgie continues the woe-is-me posting, recovering_jas is a photoshopping nightmare, emsinrecovery is purging away and humble bragging about avoiding hospitals, and even may has made a reappearance.

as usual, sage in email field, 16+ subjects only,
dont post yourself.


No. 1434567

there is a swedish cow that would be perfect here but i don't know if any anons speak swedish

No. 1434572

you could post translations with the screenshots

No. 1434576

Pretty sure there are plenty Swedish speakers, or other Scandinavians here. Maybe not enough interest for continuous posts about the same person, unless turn out being exceptionally interesting. But variety is great, I'm here for it.

No. 1434578

File: 1643998188843.gif (1.33 MB, 640x480, caramelldansen-dancing.gif)

No. 1434593

Thanks for the thread and updated links nonnie, appreciate it!

No. 1434613

File: 1644000125157.png (430.63 KB, 485x783, oopsie scarlett.png)

Scarlett accidentally revealing her weight then desperately trying to do damage limitation. Also, she changes her height whenever her size is called into question. She's been anywhere between 5ft and 5ft 3 depending on her mood.

No. 1434629


No. 1434639

File: 1644001397051.jpeg (143 KB, 787x1344, FCD2D8F8-F7F9-49EE-88FC-E14BB8…)

Thanks for the thread nonnie!

Scarlett also posted this to her story - I get she is a raging orthorexic who shells out for overpriced protein products but also has no idea how much what an ordinary 20 year old spends on food, but honestly? No one is spending 100 quid a week on food on top of groceries. Scarlett: Your coaching business isn’t floundering because everyone else is a lazy fattie who doesn’t ‘want it enough’, it’s floundering because you’re condescending, unqualified and unprofessional.

No. 1434673


If you have to make posts shaming people into purchasing your services you might just need to accept no one wants your services

No. 1434685


I’m sure Fi lurks on here. There was a comment on her nails and they suddenly changed, and notice how the hats have stopped being worn.
Pretty sure >>1434011 was her pointing out and reminding us how very unwell she is.

No. 1434689

File: 1644004628700.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 897D825D-D79E-4149-A0D2-AEE8F9…)

Somebody get this girl a nose hose.

No. 1434705

File: 1644005312449.png (3.12 MB, 1170x2532, 931563C4-22DD-435B-A9CD-93D579…)

not often i give a shit about a cow but the fact she isn’t monitored or <looked after> in any way makes me so uneasy.

No. 1434706

File: 1644005362237.png (3.43 MB, 1170x2532, 9EC58B66-9A21-4BB3-B4AB-BD33A5…)

surely she would be sectioned??

No. 1434713

But look at Paris , neither is she, totally off radar and disengaged from services.

No. 1434734

but zara isn’t paris- she’s only just turned 18, she’s at university, she seems present in society. how has she not had some sort of intervention

No. 1434744

Nah, the original post might have been her, but that was me responding to an anon accusing the original post of "claiming Fi was healthy" by quoting a portion where they said the exact opposite. I guess I could have made it more obvious by saying something like "??? how did you reach that conclusion when they wrote the exact opposite".

No. 1434781

If a year ago she was 38kg and is 5ft (I think she’s probably taller than that) then her BMI would’ve been in the 16s. Not exactly the # healthy fitness queen like she likes to act like she is kek

No. 1434792

File: 1644012323607.png (599.82 KB, 750x1334, C8BC2A19-5E7C-48E7-9110-E47454…)

The girl who posted all the stuff about Scarlett has saved some of it on her highlights which I bet Scarlett is raging at. I would love her to do an expose on what she was like as an inpatient bet she turned her room into a makeshift gym

No. 1434794

I wonder that too. Surely someone at her university would be concerned

No. 1434797

She’s an adult, with full mental capacity, who isn’t suicidal and is not currently in a medical crisis. People can’t be sectioned just because someone is worried about them or because they’re living an unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 1434812

why do you think someone will intervene? I've went to university, depressed, drunken 24/7, not eating, self-harming and no one, even my "friends", cared. As long as you don't attack other people you aren't a problem and no one cares. If you are away from home and school the first time in your life you are busy building a new life and there is no place for people dragging you down and university staff can't be bothered, at least in my country, after all you are an adult and if you can't handle adult life you shouldn't be out there.
And yes, I find this sad, because for me, today, they are still children, but that's just how it is.

No. 1434951

File: 1644026496515.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 333.02 KB, 1124x2222, E7015F6A-EAF1-41F7-8FF9-6BBC16…)

Laura has seemed to go on some kind of massive blocking spree but her gofundme is still up and getting donations she “hates” to ask for. Nice.

No. 1434968

>>1434951 slow your roll vendetta chan she hasn't updated or shared it. This is stale and yes I find her insufferable

No. 1434971

Um I’m no bodybuilder but isn’t weight like a pretty big part of determining how much muscle you’ve gained? There’s no way in hell she doesn’t keep track of weight and she’s deluded to think she can convince people otherwise. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if these numbers were indeed accurate, girl still looks like a skeleton she just has abs now.

No. 1434973

Not exactly milk but cece has the worst taste in clothes and her romanticize your life vlogs are cringe inducing

No. 1434974

File: 1644028802876.jpg (324.23 KB, 1080x1955, Screenshot_20220204-213724_Ins…)

Dropped pic bc I'm retarded

No. 1434975

She’s incredibly milky and deserves to be posted here lol but I will be patient

No. 1434978

Dare I say it but Cece would be cute (still insufferable) if she dropped the sad beige clothes and cottagecore grandma shit. And you know, stopped the whole bug eye thing.

No. 1434982

>>1434968 eh not to be a bleeding heart but I'm not sure any of our poor retarded cows "deserve" this they just attract the wrong attention.

No. 1434983

>>1434974 no I agree cece isn't ugly she's just annoying

No. 1434986

>>1434974 Idk nonnie Cecelia's close up of putting her mascara on with the intentional slow blinking was…not cute

No. 1434988

Normally I’d agree but I feel like people being cows is one thing but scamming people for pity gifts/donations crosses a line. Fi is super childish and stuff but the strain she’s caused her sisters and the e-begging is true pro ana scumbag behavior. Niamh gets on my last nerve but she is legitimately a child and even she doesn’t e-beg

No. 1435017

My apologies because this isn’t cow-related, but there’s a young girl that has a feeding tube because of long term Covid. Do you think this is more of an eating disorder issue?

No. 1435020

Fucking christ milk is so dry anons are grasping at toobs

No. 1435056

Anyone who posts on social media is leaving themselves open to be the topics of discussion on sites like here . They all know we exist so if they don’t want to be talked about then they shouldn’t post on YT or IG or TT.

No. 1435058

I thought weight determined which class of competition you went into. She must know her weight to determine her food intake/ calories/macros etc

No. 1435112

Yes, or Munchausen’s by proxy, poor kid

No. 1435146


Oooh I'm curious now, is it Sophie?

No. 1435179

Isn’t that what EC’s mother has?as well as EC being screwed up herself.
That girl doesn’t look that thin.

No. 1435181

Late but if I remember correctly back in October she was very open that her weight was 42kg

No. 1435185

nothing to do with being thin- it’s “long covid” that’s caused it, not an eating disorder.

No. 1435194

You sound regarded anon. The article states that she has many long term effects of COVID. Not everyone who needs a feeding tube had an ED nor does it mean her mom is making her sick you muppet.

No. 1435201

When did it become okay to post about an 11 year old with physically health problems on here?

No. 1435204

>>1435201 Exactly. And anons only question is "would she have an ed" which wouldn't even make it milky. Even needing a feeding tube for an ed isn't scummy behaviour.
Try harder and leave this random kid alone

No. 1435213

File: 1644070213026.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 1D7F8C30-DFD7-489A-9A04-79D07F…)

She reminds me of young Fi on tumblr posting her hospital body checks on the tube.

No. 1435215

I thought she went home? Why is she back in there?

No. 1435216

File: 1644070734360.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1170x2013, DAF090E8-AFDC-4B7C-B198-8639DD…)

When cows unite

No. 1435218

Expect she just got some leave/ a home pass. Disappointing, I thought she had stopped with the body checking.

No. 1435220

I think that video/picture she posted was a throwback to when she was healthier/happier but she’s definitely still in the edu

No. 1435227

Both S* and Camille voluntarily admitted themselves for refeeding and weight gain at perfectly normal weights bc they compete to be the sickest ana chan.
I predict S* will ask for a nose hose just like Camille, bc being tubed once when she was 16 is her only personality trait

No. 1435229

Swear this narcissist is only “comfortable” when showing off her body. It’s like there are two types of anorexics: those like this brat who want to flaunt their bones whenever possible and those who genuinely want to hide (not you, Fi). The first group I honestly find hard to pity

No. 1435242

When twitter and tiktok migrants started outnumbering oldfags ten to one

No. 1435269

There are still some of us left! The milk’s so skimmed I thought about posting some personal cows but more than anything they’re just depressing. SEED isn’t ~glam~ when you’re in your 30/40s no matter what Cece and Paige might think

No. 1435296

That 11yo kid in question has had a full story in the "Mirror" already..?
So why bother..?

No. 1435314

File: 1644078116750.jpeg (793.15 KB, 1124x2062, 1FC4B6C9-533D-47D0-BD6E-032815…)

So Laura is getting kicked out of ACUTE. I hate all her glamorizing and e-begging but I actually kinda feel bad. She should have put in some serious effort in the past instead of always signing out after a couple of weeks, then she wouldn’t be in this situation.

No. 1435334

File: 1644079044936.png (1014.86 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20220205-163304.png)

Posted a couple of days ago. Let's not forget Ham's larp. This gut show is becoming a regular thing. Reminding us she was anorexic in post below.

No. 1435335

File: 1644079072195.png (43.54 KB, 612x295, Screenshot_20220205-163239~2.p…)

No. 1435347

>>1435314 nonnie, this makes me sick to my stomach. I'm not one to white knight but for gods sake she pared her friends down to 300 and at the very least you're going to get blocked. If you're pretending to be a close personal friend of her that's just…sick. do you know her in real life or personally? Cows are meant to be mocked from a distance.

No. 1435350

>>1435314 my heart dropped, I won't lie. She's going to die. Seconding anon above me, if you're pretending to or know her irl, just….stop. this isn't ebegging or shooping.

No. 1435360

File: 1644080302745.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2074, 1B8021C4-0599-4797-AD77-33FC02…)

i dont even know what to comment first.
“tough day”
“to keep breathing”
“it will be ok”

No. 1435361

it’s sad but eventually that’s what happens when all other options have been exhausted. you can have the greatest team and hospital care in the world but if you repeatedly don’t comply what else can they do?

No. 1435364

It’s even more sad when certain other cows get all and every bit of support given to them for years at a time and don’t utilise it after so many chances, whilst others end up down the palliative route as the only option left. Must be horrific for her family either way.

No. 1435365

I never wished death on the poor girl, I even said I felt bad for her. I mean we all hope these people can eventually get better and I was sad to see her story take a turn like this. Don’t act like I’m doing anything to her irl or being cruel when we all post here. Did you see me posting this image with some sort of sick glee? Don’t get confused, we all update here.

No. 1435367

ACUTE said they’d take her back when she was ready. Maybe this is the wake up call she needs. I honestly hope it is.

No. 1435370

>>1435347 honestly, yes, it seemed like sick glee that you made it onto her close friends. And no I'm not saying she isn't a cow but I hope we can all take a step back from her for at least a little while

No. 1435372

File: 1644081345639.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x2160, D1F1A637-58F8-4870-BEE9-560246…)

Why are they left be together the hospital and their teams know how competitive they are there taking up hospital beds to do wheelies on wheelchairs

No. 1435374

You are right. Sorry if my intentions seemed unkind, I really do hope things can improve for her

No. 1435376

>>1435347 I've held my tongue but seeing other anons agree I want to lay off Laura. I see a lot of anons get up in arms or act like she isn't legitmately horribly emaciated because she stretches/shoops. Someone can be an attention whore and genuinely dying. I like to laugh at n2f and co and I only scroll here occasionally but when a cow closes their circle, deletes all their socials, or wtv she's done it's not milky, it's sad. I'm a boollie too, but Jesus fucking christ

No. 1435377

>>1435370 gleefully rubbing your hands together about a cow being sent home to die is pretty cow like yourself. With a friends list that small you're also basically cowtipping/going to get blocked and won't be around if she starts wilding out

No. 1435387

Post 'em anon, the milk runith dry

No. 1435390

There are multiple things that red flag this case, actually. Sorry you’re too r slurred to understand.

No. 1435392

call me retarded or devoid of empathy, but if she doesnt want to die she can just eat. it's literally her choice whether she gives up and dies or if she tries to get better

No. 1435393

Unless you know this person in real life, considering a sensationalized article from the Mirror a "case" makes you the r slurred one

No. 1435394

I wonder how college is going

No. 1435398

Her parent chose to put her in a tabloid. You don’t think that’s the tiniest bit troubling? I wouldn’t comment on some random kid, no. If there is literal public record media coverage, that’s a different situation. Sorry but you’re being ridiculous. (Also, I’m not the anon that posted about this in the first place.)

No. 1435400

This. People do recover. A lot of people recover or at least stabilise enough to have some kind of life. She literally says in the post that she didn’t complete, aka she was fucking around and manipulating like she always does. I’m sick of these shitty behaviours being validated on here when it’s a tHiN eNoUgH cow doing it. If one of the chunky ones acted like that, we’d all call it out.

No. 1435405

For the last time when did I act like I was happy this was happening? I updated the thread just like everyone else updates the dying twins or Eugenia or whoever is similarly in her state. I said I felt bad, I said I never wished death on her and that I hope this is the wake up call she needs. I agreed to lay off of her. Drag this out if you want I guess.

No. 1435409

I speak Swedish and would love to see a more local cow lol. At least drop the @?

No. 1435411

I'm sure the vending machine company love her feeding cash in for Mars bars and crisps.

No. 1435413

Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't see that in the screenshot? Did she say that elsewhere?

Anyway, I agree this is sad. It's possible for it both be a "play stupid games, get stupid prizes" thing and a "it's really fucking sad that a twenty-something is being directed to end-of-life care".

No. 1435415

Their 1:1 is probably just glad it means they’re not fucking around trying to SH or escape, at least if they enjoy making hospital tiktoks they’ll stay in hospital…
Someone called Sorcha out for one of her ‘I’m exercising oops I shouldn’t be on bed rest’ and her response was ‘my ED doesn’t see the logic of bed rest’.
I want to petition for her to be discussed again. Milk is dry and she is pissing me off.

No. 1435421

File: 1644085368392.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x2243, 031E852F-8032-4B8A-B7CE-9E6040…)

Paris def not ok in the head. She is live on TT, trying to mix cake butter with a tiny hand mixer that doesnt work. And people are saying “you are moving mountains” and “you made such process”

No. 1435436


So it's her usual BS bingo again…

No. 1435440

Has Paris ever been ok in the head?

No. 1435443

haven't been online, sorry for not posting further. swedish cow: her instagram is @nellie.
recovery, and she has at least two tiktok accounts (nellierecovery and yourlocalmushhroom). she loves to post about her ed and her suicide attempts, even during her last attempt showing the amount of pills she took. bpd cow, od'd on paracetamol. there is so much more, i'll spread it out on other posts

No. 1435470

File: 1644090118428.jpeg (252.31 KB, 750x1331, DA127BF3-4F70-49C0-9B52-F312A0…)

jfc n2f looks so much better in this. why doesn’t she dress like this again?

No. 1435483

I second this, because we desperately need fresh milk. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Sorcha has so much potential after years of making her “grippy sock vacations” into a personality trait. Pity her “recovery” instagram is deleted.

No. 1435484

Struggling, powering through,bit of a meltdown, anxious, getting Fi back, last bite. Makes me cringe. Someone should tell her that Quest bars are so last season and now it’s manilife peanut butter or something.

No. 1435487

I third this motion and would like to add I’ve gotten access to her private Instagram sorcha.documents for more milk. It’s a while since she’s posted but…

No. 1435489

Kek I forgot to sage

No. 1435490

do all of our cows have private ig as well?

No. 1435497

This is sorchas private now very triggering must warn she talks about her weight heavily

No. 1435509

i wonder what cows such as Fi post on their private. Crying all the time?

No. 1435526

She fucked around and found out. Anons outside of the us don’t seem to understand there are other hospitals that take super spoops. Laura can choose to engage in recovery. ACUTE is setting a boundary that they will no longer treat her there because it doesn’t help. They know she uses their unit as sick confirmation. The way she writes makes it sound like palliative care is her only option but they presented her with at least 2. It’s always shocking when a treatment center does the right thing. I hope Laura uses this as motivation to make the right choices

No. 1435547

Yeah, it's honestly the right thing for them to do. They got her medically stable / out of immediate danger and then told her that they won't enable her anymore. It's also unlikely that it really came out of the blue - most of the time, if a center discharges someone for a "single" act of non-compliance it's because they already had a behavioral contract in place saying that would be the consequence based on their past behavior.

They're refusing to let her use their center as a revolving door, which is what we criticize other centers for allowing. It's honestly a therapeutic decision on their part because it's telling her that they won't participate in her using treatment as an identity.

No. 1435549

File: 1644095119630.jpeg (161.06 KB, 750x1334, A4BEAF16-5F0B-4BFE-A683-FA0113…)

Post screenshots of Sorcha’s posts please, ithat account is private.
I am so curious.
But we already know her weight because she “accidentally” revealed it was 43.3kg back in October on Tiktok

No. 1435568

File: 1644097300795.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1284x2469, 19FA5722-C136-465B-905F-FED61E…)

stanky em upgraded from a few sips of supplement to a sip of Diet Coke (!!!!!!) which she obviously got her poor mum to record. no idea how to embed videos from insta on here so just a screenshot for now but she was forcing herself to shake à la early rorecovering content, presumably to add to the ultimate restrictive ana who hasn’t had a thing orally in MONTHS shtick she has going on, but the only thing she achieved was a spot-on impression of those animals with cerebellar hypoplasia. i don’t know whether to feel sorry for the parents put in the situation of being asked to record the most ridiculous ott shit possible for clicks and asspats from fellow ana warriors or irritated by the fact they actually do it. same goes for fi’s parents.

No. 1435572

Just watched it, she is clearly purposefully moving - it’s too slow and the movements are too large to be proper anxiety shaking. But we know your fear is only uwu valid if it’s physically showing

No. 1435578

File: 1644098069556.jpg (396.92 KB, 1079x1918, Screenshot_20220206-081906_Ins…)

This is an all time new low. Begging for alcoholic beverages?

No. 1435579

as we all know, ana-chans are very scared of diet coke

No. 1435582

Wasn’t she discharged from ip still on NG? My bad if she’s no longer tubed but WTF? Too sick uwu to eat but well enough to get drunk? Get fucked

No. 1435584

File: 1644098357530.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 2999x3999, AC5063E2-D265-4C12-872C-D6B97C…)

New EC valentines video. Bodychecking in ill fitting lingerie with a few t shirts sprinkled inbetween to make it seem like it’s not an OnlyFans set. She better enjoy valentines days because at the rate she’s deteriorating, it’s probably her last one.

No. 1435585

Torn between thinking this is very fake shaking or she is resting her elbow on a shaking knee and that’s why she’s looking like that?
Ham really started the trend of taking a bite/sip of a fear food and realising it tastes good so it’s no longer a fear. Why does she go from shaking to the grin at the camera after the sip. And she’s actually anorexic. Make it make sense.

No. 1435586

jesus christ how is she allowed on any platform theres no way you can say this isnt harmful to young girls and especially seeing the way everyone would fawn over her before they all gave up on her probably made girls who were already fucked up feel like if they looked like her too people would have no choice but to pay attention to them

No. 1435596

>>1435400 I agree w previous anons about laying off her but I also agree that she can take her skelly ass to torrance Sanford or a local med surg floor. She's in a terrible state and i think she'll be better off without the revolving door. Palliative is an option for super spoops in the US and I do believe it was offered to her AND that she could go get her bmi up at another medical stabilization program. ACUTE itself sperges out that its the "one and only" but it def isn't and someone in Laura's poor state can be admitted to any hospital.

No. 1435601

>>1435400 it's also not like she's banned they said if she's fully compliant she can come back any time I just assume no more fucking about with incompletes or ama'ing from res the second she gets up to bmi 14

No. 1435625

File: 1644102023874.jpg (159.21 KB, 1076x881, Screenshot_20220205-175357_Ins…)

Why do they all use the world "belly"

No. 1435635

She needs time to breathe because she can't do two things at once.

No. 1435647

As far as I understand she has a peg tube now.

No. 1435654

File: 1644103974456.jpeg (918.29 KB, 1145x1581, 43B04577-9B5F-4BE3-9423-2C3DC4…)

The fact people think Zara is actually recovering blows my mind. Good for her for all her achievements, god knows how she manages while dedicating all her energy towards pretending to recover.

No. 1435713

She's also claiming that her ED gave her celiacs now, which is 100% not possible because genuine celiacs is an autoimmune disease

seems like she's just casting around for more reasons to claim she's ~trying so hard to gain weight but can't~

No. 1435731

File: 1644111021438.jpeg (350.28 KB, 2013x1264, 74A831D4-DDC8-40B9-902B-A2BBF7…)

Yes Fi it’s a fork not a teaspoon.
Please someone tell me the #howdoyouHUGO was not specifically created just for her.

No. 1435781

>>1435731 if only that dog could speak. Doesn't she have a whole separate recovery insta for the bloody dog

No. 1435791

File: 1644116188434.jpeg (284.86 KB, 1124x896, BBEB4196-2A87-44C7-AEB6-28337F…)

has it been mentioned that she's soft spoken yet??

No. 1435802

I heard her talk for the first time and it made me instantly homicidal. She has to be putting it on.

No. 1435806

Snäääälla berätta vem åtminstone, jag är så nyfiken

No. 1435874

Who the fuck searches TikTok for that #?

No. 1435930

God I hate her so much. She’s completely insufferable.

No. 1435958

File: 1644135422626.jpeg (127.67 KB, 1080x916, 13E7F7AE-969D-4B73-9EFF-EA10A7…)

She non-ironically believes she is picrel

No. 1435990

Basically on the 14 on jan she had gained 3kg so pledged to starve herself until she was admitted basically can’t post screenshots because I have a small recovery account and she’ll know it’s me who’s leaking this shit

No. 1435996

File: 1644144704341.jpg (726.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220206-104844_Ins…)

She really looks worse than she ever has. I do not get how she is still so functioning so well in this physical condition and how uni aren't intervening. Does anyone ACTUALLY believe she's recovering or are all her little pals just playing along? If it's the former then they are total retards.

No. 1435998

I don’t think she’s deteriorating, she’s been that size for a long time. Guessing people follow her because they want to believe it’s possible to recover without weight restorations.

No. 1436000

Na, if you look at pictures of her in that purple dress from last July when she had her school leavers ball, she looks worse now. You can tell from her face alone. I don't understand how you uni aren't forcing a leave of absence. They surely have a duty of care.

No. 1436003

As long as she’s submitting work etc and paying fees uni won’t give a toss about her health. Welfare stuff at uni is shit and doesn’t do anything. I’m guessing if she’s anorexic she’s probably a high achiever too so will still be getting decent grades and doing her work fine.

No. 1436004

File: 1644146459120.jpeg (157.52 KB, 1098x1170, 62CD4974-8FFD-4163-A83B-02870A…)

Does anybody know anything about this girl ? She has a YouTube but hasn’t updated in a while. No idea if she has insta or tiktok either. Not saying she’s milky ( although recording in skimpy tops is daft ) but curious why she’s vanished - ? Gone into treatment ?

No. 1436007

still looking like a street hooker from Bulgaria

No. 1436010

This isn't/shouldn't be the case. Many people have been forced to take a leave of absence from uni due to the physical effects of an ED despite paying fees and submitting coursework. They are being extremely negligent. This is probably partly because she isn't under ED services though. If she was, I don't doubt a consultant would be contacting her uni. She's very smart and sneaky. It's a shame as she has a lot of potential but it's all gonna go to waste.

No. 1436011

I think her standing next to a healthy weight girl her age (and not to be a dyke, but a buxom one at that) is really highlighting how terrible she looks. I agree with other anons who are saying as long as she keeps up the appearance of doing okay at uni they don’t give a shit what happens in her personal life. I watched it happen many time and I’m sure many other anons have tales of people on their courses who were obviously falling apart but because they submitted work and turned up to lectures more than 50% of the time the uni didn’t notice.

No. 1436013

Perhaps we’ll see a Becky the Dog v.2?! She already has the crying/snotting everywhere story posts perfected down to a T, enabling parents she’s extremely reliant on and attached to at almost 25, the E-begging and the dog’s very own insta account. #PrayForHugo

No. 1436016

Agreed. It really does highlight how horrendous she looks. She's fucking irritating but I have a bit of a soft spot for Zara tbh and think she could easily be a successful young woman in the future if she gets her shit together. It is starting to look less and less like that's gonna happen though.

As an aside, she's only in first year. As impressive as it is, it's unlikely she'll be able to keep up this level of academic success/any at all as she progress through her law degree unless she stops pretending and actually makes positive change in regard to her AN.

No. 1436064

File: 1644156009708.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, 0CC905E7-5C09-497D-BA55-1A6786…)

Sorcha is .
She says she has lost “loads” since she was 43kg and she “nearly got tubed”
Anons who have access to Sorcha.Documents pls post screenshots, she won’t know who you are bc she has lots of followers

No. 1436070

She’s removed me fuck

No. 1436075

Since when does anyone give a fuck about sorcha? Milk that dry?

No. 1436081

not to WK her but no she hasn’t claimed that her eating disorder gave her coeliac, and there’s a pretty well founded link between EPI/ pancreatic issues and coeliac.

No. 1436085

i’m the same, it’s sad she’s so sick because as far as the cows go, she’s the one i think could actually make a difference. she’s very eloquent and seems to have very little tolerance for the usual recovery community bullshit. her posts are usually informative and accurate, and i have no doubt she has the intelligence and capacity to be successful, but as of right now she’s not going to make it past this semester

No. 1436095

thank god I'm not the only one, I felt like a damn shipwreck victim when I saw that anime loli gif 4 posts in, lost and confused. who let the troons and gen z kids in? I miss felice and elzani

No. 1436096

I’m glad even acute is tired of her antics. They saw through her attention seeking/I want to be the sickest/this is a game stories. She got what she deserved. Also, I bet there’s SO much more to them wiping their hands clean of her that wasn’t shared. Acute doesn’t just give up on people- even people far sicker than she was.

No. 1436097

File: 1644159698922.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1799, BEC4C647-C66D-4F72-9B55-D15B2D…)

grimy hand aside this was so so cringe, what is with cows making their parents film them?

No. 1436099

>>1435314 eh ACUTE does administratively discharge people. It's not as rare as you'd think. It's a tad dramatic to say they've "wiped their hands clean of her" kek she's welcome back when she's ready to get her shit together. Can we stop fucking sperging about acute though (me included) usfags seem rabid about it

No. 1436100

I think it’s worth talking about. I know people who have done some over the top stuff like screaming fits and throwing the iv pole, they still didn’t get discharged. The real question is what did Laura do that led them to that decision. That behavior is exactly milk.

No. 1436103

>>1436099 I know of a girl who was there over the summer who was originally certed but accidentally brushed the nurses hand who was holding her down during a force feed and they accused her of assault and threw her on the Denver streets. I'm all for calling out bad behavior, but we really don't know what happened and speculation isn't as much fun as idk cece or n2f. Inb4 mini modding I'm not saying we can't it's just been done to death

No. 1436107

File: 1644160993385.jpg (235.4 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20220206-102031_Ins…)

"Please pop up" needs to be added to her bingo card

No. 1436109

Fi's a fucking adult baby from my pov at this point. Cringey as fuck.

No. 1436110

S* is a banned topic. Shut the fuck up you idiots or it will bring her back self posting on here and shitting up the thread. We don't talk about her, she thrives off the attention.

No. 1436114

File: 1644161507845.jpeg (1.09 MB, 992x2157, AB00BB3C-7C42-4848-8904-6EE76D…)

Has Dora lost weight?

No. 1436117

No. 1436118

Don't mean to WK but I don't think she actually does self post, I do think there is a seriously fucked up Vendetta Chan out for her though. Anyway I'll respect the ban regardless, not me who posted earlier btw.

No. 1436138

She never gained weight. She has always looked like this.

No. 1436141

File: 1644164536516.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, 3EA14246-F2CE-4D2B-88C5-AE299B…)

Why do the ED recovery community glorify and idolise this smug emaciated child for her “recovery realness”

No. 1436158

>>1435374 You did nothing wrong anon. If you didn't post this, in a few threads time people would be asking what happened to Laura, and if anyone has access to her personal/ private accounts. Don't let these moralfags make you feel bad for sharing what theyd actually want to know

No. 1436170

>>1435374 ntayrt but I think nonnie was just as they said updating on laura because she's genuinely very ill and we're here to boollie, but as for most of us I think we just want them to stop fucking about and live. Hope she gets into another us hospital for super spoops quietly and moves on

No. 1436171

posted in a previous comment but ill summarise again:
ig: nellie.recovery
tiktok: nellierecovery and yourlocalmushhroom
she loves to post about her ed and her suicide attempts, even during her last attempt showing the amount of pills she took. (how brave!) bpd cow, od'd on paracetamol, of course. claims that a 3kg weightloss is extremely severe, even though she is overweight… ( 163cm and 76kg ) rattle ratlle
there is so much more, i'll spread it out on other posts.

No. 1436172


The better question is why do the parents agree to do stuff like this. Yes, positively reinforce her degeneracy by treating your adult daughter to a nose piercing and record her super serious struggle to drink a calorie free beverage while sporting a crusty head banging wound.

No. 1436179

hmmm anon. you follow her, have liked her post and have a lot of notifications yourself. process of elimination tells me you’re one of her ~recovery community~ pals?? not very kind of you, that

No. 1436183

File: 1644168204112.png (121.42 KB, 429x258, Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 11.2…)

yes, she has, but it was on a story that I didn't screenshot so I can't find that particular one anymore. Attached a screenshot of her talking about having celiac.

No. 1436197

Why did / does Paris’s mum film her doing those absurd dances while eating chocolate in public cafes?
Why did Fi’s mum film her having yet another snotty ramble the other day ?

I sometimes wonder if the parents know what happens to those videos. Although I know Paris’s mum follows her insta and comments - which is a bit weird.

No. 1436219

File: 1644170513731.jpeg (395.48 KB, 1582x1170, 556E4774-2180-4C24-A61E-443255…)

i hate how this zara vendetta is turning me into a WK but here we go- two seconds of looking on her account and it’s been in her highlights disguised as a recovery inspirational message.

your hate boner is blinding you.

No. 1436220

samefag but zara is so problematic it’s pointless making things up to fuel your dislike of her- stick to the facts and not hearsay, it stops the threads being derailed

No. 1436230

I was probably not being very clear, but I understand that it's because of her pancreatic issues caused by her eating disorder - my point was just that she's found another reason to claim she can't eat enough for ~legitimate reasons~ and gets to subtly flex that she's a Very Sick ana because she's having medical complications

No. 1436256

this exactly. they saw how she was using them, she tagged them in her shooped posts all the time. it’s similar to lindsey, how she just kept going back there, getting attached to them, tagging them in her body checks, etc. and eventually they sent her home. it’s not like they’re telling laura to go die, she has other options. she can go to any medical hospital. they’re just sick of the bs.

No. 1436259

File: 1644173201460.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1284x2240, EB25AB6D-8765-4A0E-B9C4-860BB1…)

Fi definitely lurks. She was well enough to parade around at a musical a few weeks ago but isn’t now?

No. 1436263

What a surprise that things are tough! Has she ever had a day when she hasn’t said that?
How many fucking favourite quotes does that girl have? She must have a very big book of them somewhere.

No. 1436264

File: 1644173428783.jpeg (538.82 KB, 750x1334, 61BA4FBF-AB91-4A74-A76F-DFBE5D…)

the usual complaining about hating the ng.
good to see that she looks a bit less anaemic tho

No. 1436266

File: 1644173463310.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2028, 6B2E6C06-F349-43A8-9226-12091F…)

how long is niamh going to post old videos and pictures of her bad angled posing??? might start a calculation of what percentage of her posts will be poorly disguised “throwbacks”

No. 1436305

I'm sorry anonitas, but due to a lack of current milk I was trodding down memory lane and can't find an old cow. I have searched far and wide and cannot find in the old threads or recall the name of that dippy skelly who would eat in food courts and dance like a legit retard. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Name? Outcome? I wanna experience those dance videos again.

No. 1436307

that's Paris

No. 1436308

Paris I assume. Literally talked about her a bit up the thread.

No. 1436312

File: 1644177075654.jpeg (370.91 KB, 750x1260, BA4FEA95-57AC-43B3-8CC2-8F77AE…)

Another quote for you here nonnie. Also ‘months and months’ in the wheelchair and a series of cringey pics and vids, just in case people forgot she had to be pushed in the wheelchair (only whilst in public where people could see how sooper sick she is, or when it wasn’t for musicals in the fucking capital city though!) I’m so glad that she managed that, emphasis on, VERY short walk, definitely would’ve been shorter than the walking she’s done previously, I’m sure.

No. 1436313

Isn't well enough to sit in a theatre seat like a few weeks ago? How is a person not well enough to sit in a seat and watch a musical? Is mummy too busy giving a talk about property investment strategies to bother taking her dear daughter to some shitty musical?

She should be grateful that milking her illness dry and being TOO SICK to see a musical is her only problem in life. Tbh, she should be grateful she can afford tickets to the theatre.

No. 1436317

she had to walk(!!!) to the seat in the theater, remember? god forbid she do that now that she's used up all her precious energy standing in a field with her dog

No. 1436322

How many followers does Laura have now? Like did she just block 90% of them?

No. 1436325

File: 1644177602778.jpg (85.49 KB, 636x763, paree.JPG)

I'm going to say it. Fi looks fucked in the face partly because she's ugly. She's underweight. Gaining a bit, but still skinny. Anon above mentioned Paris. Paris, imo, is probably in worse state than Fiona. Her legs are similar. PARIS FUCKING WALKS. Sad thing is, Paris can't even bring herself to do much other than go to a plushy shop. She wants to an hero CONSTANTLY. Where is fi's depression? Jesus, I think I've reached peak ana scumbag with fiona.

No. 1436326

different anon, but I'm also curious when she started hr blocking spree. Was it the first time she got posted here?

No. 1436343


Look back at the thread about 4 years ago. At one point Paris even had her own thread
Think her IG is something like struggling strawberry.

No. 1436345

Paris is worse than Fi, not by much but Paris is beyond awful and just wallows in self pity weighing strawberries and shit.

No. 1436346

Yeah, it's https://www.instagram.com/strugglingstrawbxrry/

She really is getting worse. I think she does the Paris dance on tik tok, but don't know her @ there.

No. 1436365

She has at least two @parismelodyraven and @parismelodyraven2

No. 1436367

Is there any photos of Fi at a normal weight? I agree that her natural unfortunate face makes her look sicker but I can’t imagine her granny face with some fullness.

No. 1436368


Wooow I didn't know that was her. Thanks!

No. 1436374

File: 1644180114777.jpeg (831.28 KB, 750x848, 4EAA1817-3A2A-4CB7-A316-D344C8…)

here’s fi at a healthy weight. she looked much less like a 60 year old man when she weighed a normal amount.

No. 1436375

File: 1644180124493.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, 9963CF37-2F5C-4320-A3A4-DE9342…)

She’s genuinely really pretty at a healthy weight. She doesn’t look like a dehydrated bean
Pity about the sperm eyebrows tho

No. 1436382

File: 1644180350552.jpg (109.97 KB, 656x841, april 2020.JPG)

In every pic of her at a healthy weight, she still wears short sleeved tops. No prizes for guessing why.

No. 1436389

File: 1644180676340.jpg (71.65 KB, 605x799, Capture.JPG)

Not sure if her blog's been mentioned: https://fiandharrisadventure.blogspot.com/

No. 1436406

File: 1644181660177.png (3 MB, 750x1334, 9D869D89-47E6-4151-BF14-03AD8A…)

Yet another blatant body check video from recovery_for_jas. Claims to be showing off her “gains” but IMO she looks just as spoopy as she did pre-“recovery”??

No. 1436418

theres this blog as well.
she hasnt let a platform http://findinggfi.blogspot.com/

No. 1436429

File: 1644183158022.jpeg (852.63 KB, 750x1334, CE1FFB40-7F6A-4A43-BF70-68461E…)

Only a true BPD queen would decide to “starve herself until she gets admitted” when there’s a national crisis for beds

No. 1436430

Sorcha is banned.

No. 1436433

she also has a million ig:

No. 1436436

File: 1644183461456.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 52EDD19B-6D70-4EB8-82E0-2EDFF0…)

Don’t forget :
https://recovery-vs-relapse19.tumblr.com/ where Fi posted graphic, blatantly pro ana/ pro sh type updates for years

No. 1436444

File: 1644183906505.jpeg (613.57 KB, 1170x1546, 3F80D584-CF7A-4C00-9682-A380E4…)

i mean… she looks totally different to her photoshopped images, kek. (img example)

No. 1436474

Gasp. Photoshopped?? What gave you that idea?? Looks completely natural to me. LOL

No. 1436503

>>1436326 I don't care one way or the other about most of these cows but it's hardly surprising that they don't like being posted here. I'm no moralfag (I mean I'm here) but many of these girls, antics and all, probably find being posted here very distressing. I don't think it's milky for them to tighten up their accounts tbh.

No. 1436505

>>1436444 this image will never not make me chuckle what the HELL

No. 1436506

Oh, I agree with you, I was just curious how quickly it happened because I'm curious if she's reading here.

No. 1436512

I think it’s pretty sage to assume the vast majority of the cows read this forum. Almost everyone in the community knows it’s exists given that it is mentioned on the large accounts every now and then. And if I was discussed frequently I would want to read about it so I assume they do too even if they do not comment.
People seem surprised but this forum is not that much of a secret. It’s a given Fi reads here, pretty sure Zara does, Cecelia definitely does. Any cow complaining about ‘anonymous trolls’ or people on tell/sending hate messages to their inbox I assume reads here and is trying to pretend we’re not what they’re talking about.

No. 1436518

definitely this, plus if they mention it outright their followers will flock to the board like moths to a flame, and especially for accounts with lots of followers you can assume that they’re not all friendly.

No. 1436537

A review of which cows lurk:
Cecelia: definitely lurks regularly (proven by her changing things lolcow points out) but vehemently denies.
Fiona: definitely lurks. Probably loves the attention bc BPD.
Life of Han: claims not to.
Wateremelons: unknown.
Dora: has posted in the past I believe, seems weirdly chill?
Sorcha: History of lurking and posting. Either self posts or has a vendetta chan
Emily Jones: unknown
Jas: doesn’t acknowledge lolcow.
Bored With Ana: definitely too intellectual to mix with us peasants
Paige: unknown
The twins: too incoherent to post on here
Nik: hasn’t acknowledged lolcow
Ham: claims not to lurk.
Nourishtoflourish: too busy binging and purging to read
Ganer: no
Shan: no
Im_powering: unknown.
Soph.ventiing: unknown.
Zara: claims to have blocked the site bc it’s “triggering”. Suspected to lurk though.
Dharma: unknown.
Scarlett: unknown.
Elzani: no.
Paris: unknown.
Feel free to disagree. Let me know

No. 1436563

Not sure. One of her fb accounts she said she was deleting, but has another one running that’s barely got any followers on it. The thing that’s funny to me is that ACUTE def didn’t call her out for her posts on their own. One of her trusty ERC friends that constantly preach recovery shit/kiss her ass must be lurking here. They think they’re such good recovery warriors being nice to her in the comments but lurking here before she was even posted. ERC cows can be such hypocrites. I know Laura didn’t come here herself, someone in her close circle who giggles about ana chans like the rest of us must have come to her “so concerned” about her being on such a “nasty site.” I’d give my right lung to know who lurks here.

No. 1436565

File: 1644192936489.jpg (243.78 KB, 1076x1773, Screenshot_20220206-190550_Ins…)

Can't find it to reply but is this the lindsey you meant nonnie bc I've been sitting on her for a while

No. 1436566

ntayrt, but yeah that's her

No. 1436567

File: 1644193061590.jpg (321.26 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20220206-190916_Ins…)

Loves a good toob pic as do they all. Lmao at the staff looking pissed in the background

No. 1436568

File: 1644193089466.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1695, 20220207_011625.jpg)

Poor thing. Anyone have a clue as to "so hot to idol die 5 days" could mean?

No. 1436571

File: 1644193248778.jpg (424.92 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20220206-191953_Ins…)

The caption

No. 1436572

it comes right after the fact that she's got covid, so I'm guessing it's supposed to be "have to isolate for five days"?

No. 1436576

File: 1644193651635.jpg (295.77 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20220206-192452_Ins…)

Has an offshoot recovery account

No. 1436577

are you leading up to all her OOTDs that she claims are totally not body checking? or should I screenshot some?

No. 1436578

File: 1644193830152.jpg (209.51 KB, 1080x1032, Screenshot_20220206-192715_Ins…)

Soz for dump she frequently subjects staff to being in her photos knowing it's all against the rules.

No. 1436587

File: 1644194416541.jpg (256.31 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20220206-193338_Chr…)

The tiktok is something else. Not sure how old she is I'm guessing early 20s

No. 1436590

The fact that someone is sharing tons of old photos of her says to me that it is Laura sharing them because she has openly admitted she doesn’t like this girl for lots of reasons. Quit being mad you got called out Laura and try to to pull others down with you.

No. 1436592

What's Laura's deal with Lindsey?

No. 1436595

>>1436578 I can't imagine laura venturing to this site let alone knowing how to post seems like she thinks she's above it all.

No. 1436596

She claims Lindsey was a horror of an acute patient who actually did assault staff & had charges pressed. she says that security had to sit outside her room bc of how violent she was.

No. 1436597

>>1436592 all erc/acute girls are messy messy messy

No. 1436600

>>1436576 I'm the anon you replied to I don't know laura but I guess know of her from lurking Lindsey's ig came up on my explore page and I did some digging. Apologies if she's not quite cow material

No. 1436602

I think Lindsey is promising as a cow, I don't know why that anon thinks otherwise

No. 1436606

>>1436600 anons are just salivating about the acute thing and harping I think lindseys cow material too but I won't bring more if no one's interested. P sure she's public

No. 1436616

I think she's referencing to herself as a hot idol and that she has to chill now that she has covid but worry not, soon we'll get to see our bulgarian street walker again

No. 1436712

I think she would be surprised by the number of qualified medfags here

No. 1436716

If she does have coeliac, she should gain some weight in the next few months. It’s common for people with coeliac to improve after starting a gluten free diet as their gut starts absorbing nutrients again. If she doesn’t, she’s either restricting or eating gluten.

No. 1436743

Since she hadn’t self posted in ten minutes. Nobody cares about schorcha except for schorcha.

Nourish is looking better but still like she’s stranded on some eastern euro street turning tricks for beets

No. 1436760

Smorven and her friends lurk too because she’s posted comments about it.
Paris I think she does lurk .

No. 1436835

soph venting reads, (and i suspect also posts).

No. 1436841

kek what is that pose? She looks like a dad leaning down to his young child to give an 'okay champ' talk

No. 1436878

Cooking like a piss drunk excavator operator at half past three in the morning

No. 1436879

Nik lurked, I'm pretty sure about some remarks.

No. 1436915

Anna is too illiterate to type anything into the search bar and spell it correctly. Seriously. Am I the only one that noticed she’s incapable of basic spelling and grammar???

No. 1436916

File: 1644241406545.png (323.11 KB, 952x592, Screenshot 2022-02-07 14.40.51…)

screenshot from when she took an od of paracetamol .
in a tiktok (now deleted, she shows her drinking charcoal and pictures of her iv)

No. 1436919

File: 1644241517283.png (412.07 KB, 952x592, Screenshot 2022-02-07 14.44.17…)

No. 1436920

File: 1644241629605.png (385.4 KB, 952x592, Screenshot 2022-02-07 14.44.36…)

No. 1436921

File: 1644241733510.png (285.3 KB, 952x592, Screenshot 2022-02-07 14.47.54…)

swedish cow talking about her sooper severe ed that made her lose 4 kilograms!
sorry for spam, anons.

No. 1436931

She is only 16.

No. 1436933

16 and up are allowed. Does no one ever read the rules or do you have comprehension issues due to malnutrition?

No. 1436954

From the era of cryingemily, around 2015, does anyone remember or know what happened to;

Smokedvelvet - felicity- always in and out of ip

aisling_step_at_a_time - Ais - from Ireland , also always in and out of ip larping autism and made YT videos for years before IG

realitybehindmy_smile - Allegra - posh and wealthy, BP multiple times a day yet still held down a job and posted body checks

Someone called Poppy whose username was something like Krispy Kreme - would always post naked body shots of herself

bye_bulimic - Laura - went to a posh clinic in South Africa- did it fix her?

hllylzbth - not a cow - had kids, appeared recovered, vanished.

No. 1436979


Yeah, but why is it all in fucking Swedish????

No. 1436987

instagram has removed the translate button, and i can't be bothered to translate it w/o google translate so i'll reply to each of my posts with the translation, nonnie

No. 1436988

the translate button is on the mobile app but not the web browser version

No. 1436993

Translating screenshots..?
You stupid, nonna..?

No. 1436995

Hey! Now a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Last Tuesday I went to the emergency room after my 2nd overdose. I had to go directly to the children's ward where I was admitted with an iv. There were apparently really high levels of paracetamol in my blood and I had to have an iv for 20 hours. One iv that I had for 16 hours and another for 4 hours. While I had a drip, 2 people came in from the psychiatric team who talked to me and we agreed that I would be hospitalized after I finished the drip but only 1 hour later I had regretted and did not want to be hospitalized at all and I said to the staff at the pediatric emergency room that I do not want to be admitted. had to do several ECGs and blood tests. My 16 hour drip was set at 9:00 on Wednesday morning and had it until 01 at night. 01 at night I was woken up by the pediatric emergency room and had to do an ECG and blood test before I could fall asleep again. 06 in the morning I woke up and ate breakfast before the ride to the bup came at 10:00. I then got a ride to the bup. They wanted to put me in but I refused so I got lpt on Thursday before I got my lpt removed yesterday and could go home. I do not hope that the post was too fuzzy. Now afterwards I feel even worse than before the intoxication and all I can think about is death. Lets see how the weekend goes.
(bup= camhs in sweden)
(lpt= section)

No. 1436996

i meant going to the post and copying it. brain damage?

No. 1436997

File: 1644250863477.jpg (31.75 KB, 480x342, chefbork.jpg)

No. 1437029

I know I never have anything positive to say anymore but it's because everything just goes to hell. I have 100% decided what I will do when I return to the treatment home the day after tomorrow and I hope that this plan does not fail like the others. What more can I say? I feel like shit. Have such severe anxiety all day. I never tell my mother during the journey home, however, because I do not want to spread negativity. One of my best friends went to SIS yesterday and now I feel completely alone. I know I have many other friends around me but she is the only one I have been able to talk to with in recent weeks. Feeling so lonely and abandoned. Regarding the eating disorder, I have lost 3-4 kg, which is nice but can hardly focus on it because I feel so bad. Weird text but I do not feel well at all and can barely focus or think.

No. 1437030

As an adult, it feels wrong to laugh at some mentally ill teenager being treated in a children's hospital.

No. 1437036

Well this might not be the site for you then. No one is forcing you to discuss her either if you desperately want to stay.

No. 1437042

Nothing lulzy about this Swedish girl, sry.

No. 1437045

her ig isn't bad, but i reccommend you scroll through it. her tiktoks are certainly more… interesting. @nellierecovery and @yourlocalmushhroom. call me vendetta, but there is definitely something

No. 1437050

Okay, I'm calling vendetta. And a rather poor one.

All there is to see is a chubby, sad teenager with bad skin. I cannot see some ProAna scumbag.

You know the title of this thread?

No. 1437059

sorry for the vendetta. personally despise her since we were in the same unit and one minute she is autistic then the next she throws that persona in the trash. right word would be bpd scumbag. i'll take my anger out on something better than an anonymous thread on the internet. thanks for the unexpected realization, nonnies

No. 1437078

She’s basically swedish porgie, one of the boards most beloved cows. Why do people, rather than ignoring posts they don’t like, feel the need to shit up the thread with posts complaining that they don’t think someone is cow material. If you don’t show interest people will get the hint and stop posting (unless you’re the self posting irish mutt but that’s different)

No. 1437089

Speaking of old cows what happened to that other Ally/Allegra who was a druggie, lived somewhere in the North West US with her parents who coddled her and paid for everything… did she die?

No. 1437090

I don’t think that’s a flex… kinda disturbing if there are

No. 1437091

>>1437089 she died

No. 1437092

for some reason I can't remember any real details about her so apologies for asking for spoon-feeding but when/how? Also what was her name/SN again?

No. 1437095

oh no, people can have a reasonable career and also enjoy making fun of people on the internet

No. 1437096

There are some of us in healthcare, I'm Scottish and work in hospitals that Anna may also be working in once shes in 3rd year of her degree.
Kinda freaked me out when someone I have a decent chance of bumping into popped up in this thread.

No. 1437099

this is exactly what i wanted to say, thanks anon. are you swedish?

No. 1437107

File: 1644258915096.png (108.61 KB, 817x711, 1617812772342.png)

>>1437092 idk if the cause of death was ever confirmed?

No. 1437141

It doesn't really matter, since there is no fresh milk you get from a dead cow.

No. 1437189

i don’t think paris lurks

No. 1437199

File: 1644264914280.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 1031x2156, D9FFA291-077B-4D8B-922C-051157…)

I don’t even think sorcha is lurking I think she’s self posting. Either that or she’s being cowtipped there’s no way she could know so fast

No. 1437232

Some idiot farmer joined Sorcha’s live and cow tipped so Sorcha went straight to lolcow and read everything live on stream. She then blocked anons who had access to her private triggering ED journal (sorcha.documents).
Anons, don’t interact with cows. You spoil the milk for everyone.

No. 1437235

I’m a britfag actually - but I enjoyed the accompanying sad face selfies, with the what I can only assume are long self pitying captions.

No. 1437241

check out my translations, self pity much. in other posts says how little she eats but gains weight and blames it all on olanzapine. contradicts herself by saying she wants to be skinny but in the next post complains about the fact that the ed services gave her a meal plan and left. (ed services are not that bad in sweden, not as many weight requirements)

No. 1437253

her face gives me nightmares

No. 1437319

File: 1644275209024.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1284x2261, 1BDA5F12-14CC-4CF5-A5CE-E25A9C…)

Did Paige really discharge herself because of online trolls? If you’re medically compromised then what the boolies say online shouldn’t make a difference.

No. 1437323

File: 1644275284723.jpg (164.5 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20220207-180524_Ins…)

Saged for nitpick cece back with another awful outfit

No. 1437325

>>1437319 I mean she should ignore it, but moralfags are in denial if they think we aren't bullying the cows

No. 1437346

Yeah someone definetly cow tipped, but it seemed like it was actually done by the psycho Vendetta Chan because they were mean about it, and just like they shit up the threads they also shitted up her stream. I actually wouldn't be surprised if it was all the Vendetta trying to make it seem like she self posts by tipping etc. to make us hate her more. I hate to say it but after witnessing how fucking weird the Vendetta Chan was on her live I almost feel sorry for her.

No. 1437369

S* knows who it is though, firstly she suspected that is was Camille and started saying that it could only be Camille because no one with that little followers would get on to lolcow but then started saying that it was someone in her hdu.

Also she did say her IP address was blocked from lolcow which probably means she gotten a ban over prior postings. And who actually gives a fuck about the Irish leprechaun

No. 1437373

Same anon but also would just like to add that she always seems to pop up her more when she’s struggling, when she’s doing well and out of hospital she’s never on here but when she’s losing weight and in hospital she’s all over the thread. What are the odds that she’s trying to bone rattle herself and use this as some kind of meanspo.

No. 1437396

I can’t believe smorven has any friends she’s such a whiny pretentious little pseudo intellectual.

No. 1437402

File: 1644280847422.jpg (40.33 KB, 537x741, Capture.JPG)


Recovered. Married. Pics with husband aren't as tacky as Aly and Berto's. Good to see she isn't going to have her kids taken from her.

No. 1437441

Fat monkey with a white man….sickness of modernity(racebait)

No. 1437445


Are you ok racist-chan?

No. 1437454

oh, fuck off

No. 1437481

File: 1644286515717.jpeg (25.04 KB, 480x360, 1FF25B89-4857-4C74-95C2-F03395…)

Seethe kkkchan

No. 1437484

come on anon, you know most ED lurkers aren't actually malnourished enough

No. 1437578

File: 1644294704929.png (351 KB, 433x500, Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 10.3…)

totally "not a body check"

No. 1437587

File: 1644295621122.jpeg (472.02 KB, 828x1331, BC910DC0-E91A-4AA7-8484-38A88D…)

Of course not

No. 1437588

nonnie, didn't you see the next one where she asked you not to comment on her contortionism?? bodies are just weird like that, duh.

No. 1437591

File: 1644296004549.jpeg (135.27 KB, 769x622, 1E16576D-D922-4FAF-B6E4-E33108…)

It’s just my kyphosis acting up again. Silly me.

No. 1437605

File: 1644298238268.png (2.68 MB, 1281x1291, Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 12.3…)

No. 1437606

File: 1644298305816.png (2.54 MB, 1210x1300, Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 12.3…)

No. 1437607

File: 1644298403428.png (1.77 MB, 1072x976, Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 12.3…)

No. 1437613


maybe I'll regret saying this, but her food seems to be … getting more normal

No. 1437619

Sorcha is the only person discussed on this thread that I genuinely hate. She insights a deep rage within me that can’t be described. I accidentally followed her TikTok and within 10 minutes 99% of my recommended videos were hers. She is so insufferable that it’s hard to believe she’s real and not a social experiment or something. She makes me lose hope in humankind. On top of everything, she’s clearly at a healthy weight, but she loves the validating feeling of being hospitalized and the attention that comes with it. What a sad life she leads. And while I cant help but feel a little bit bad for most of these girls, I have absolutely no sympathy for Sorcha. We know she lurks, so I hope she reads this and decides to get her head out of her ass and grow the fuck up.

No. 1437626

So…stop talking about her?

No. 1437639

Vendetta Chan, is that you? Why hast thou feathers been ruffled? Regardless of how rage inducing her posts are though, she is clearly underweight.

No. 1437642

What is with all of the skellies having large red abrasions on their foreheads? Im assuming this is self harm but is there something unique to this w anorexia? As if they couldn't look more shocking and disgusting.

No. 1437643

it's not an anorexia thing, it's a bpd thing. They see each other head banging and imitate it for attention.

No. 1437645

It's basically the dancing plague of 1518 but with wifi.

No. 1437646

Not even just a bpd thing, it's not even categorizable yet. It's the bastard child of the internet and self harm. I'm sure the dsm will soon have a category for this shit, but for now we must suffer the Munchausens by internet and trendy forehead grazing twats.

No. 1437647

head banging isn't new. It's been associated with low-functioning autism for a long, long time. why would there be a new dsm category for something that is literally just self harm? "self harm" doesn't always mean cutting

No. 1437650

Head banging has been in literature forever. It was old info in the sixties.

Take away any other means of getting attention from a bpd or anorexic and they will smash their heads up to get their way. Smorven is a huge fan of it.

Low functioning autists will do it as well but more cause they can’t communicate or desperately need sensation than to make the staffs day harder.

No. 1437672

Okay but you can't tell me all those cows have the tism. It's literally monkey see monkey do, it's not like other kinds of self harm


And yeah it's been around, but not to this degree and not on the internet like it is now. The internet is making it contagious, if course not in a literal sense, but it's so obvious that people see others do it and try it themselves. It wasn't like that before the internet.

No. 1437674

They’re all attention seekers competing with each other to be the saddest waif and they all saw smorven get assloads of attention for it last year.
One copies her and the rest of the herd follow suit because BPD in treatment centres is mostly a race to get the most attention the fastest

No. 1437677

And there is a name for these behaviours that spread in inpatient populaces (social contagion). It isn’t in the DSM because it’s not a diagnosis. Some of you lil tykes talk rubbish.

No. 1437683

it's crazy that THIS is the thing they choose to perform for attention. I've never seen it before a year or two ago. It really must be a BPD thing, as you guys are saying. Forgive the stereotyping, but most EDed people don't want to broadcast their instability like this. Precisely because it makes you look like someone who should be permanently in a rubber room. Giving yourself brain damage, how lovely.

No. 1437684

It’s a great way to detach a retina and end up blind.

No. 1437688

Allegra, Laura and Holly are all recovered. Allegra and Laura no longer have ED related social media . I dont know who poppy is.

The rest are still ill, although Felicity is finally trying a bit. Aisling is as infuriating as ever.

No. 1437691

Literally can you fuckin read? I'm talking about it being spread via internet, not inpatient facilities god

No. 1437701

Jesus christ anon. Can almost feel your blood pressure rising through that response. Fucking calm down.

No. 1437706

are there any cows who do it who aren't inpatients?

it's the same idea either way, though

No. 1437708

Thanks . Pleased to hear some of them have recovered .

No. 1437709

Aisling was nearly as annoying as Smorven

No. 1437716

For british standards?

No. 1437717

Can you update on any British accounts from the older days? Angharad? Izzy?

No. 1437718

The leg lifting Laura?

No. 1437719

Ntayrt, but idk why this made me laugh so much

No. 1437727

Yes, it's social contagion. The same way cutting and wannarexia was a nth a thing before sm. Same with females wanting to be male and vice versa. If something's popular and you're damaged to some extent, banging your head or being a they/them works for attention because it's en vogue.

No. 1437753

No don’t think so , but not sure who you mean, this Laura was a nanny somewhere in London and had a gym addiction as well as BP. She was friends with Allegra and another girl called Helena.I think she came back from Montrose and went back to uni to become an OT. She was never particularly milky so didn’t come up on here ( maybe once or twice)

No. 1437765

Oh I don't think I even know her. By leg lifter I mean the face scratcher bpd queen who got herself locked away for a long long time and now sports a puffy af face.

No. 1437791

Smorven must have been one of the original head bangers

No. 1437795

>>1437791 I'm sure she's very proud.

No. 1437798

She's still locked up, she's been in IP for like 2 years now. No news really she just posts constant throwbacks

No. 1437800

But then they wouldn’t really be too hard to airbrush on just for an insta post

No. 1437807

>>1437578 what…what is she doing

No. 1437824

File: 1644327457379.jpeg (604.94 KB, 1170x2353, CF3ABA36-DF17-45BF-8F42-ABBB33…)

Bodies are weird? Mmmhm. Clearly contorting to look smaller is weird and posting online makes you scumbag material. This post was so attention seeking just like her Tiktok. Another x-acute patient who was kicked out. That her patterns. She post pro stuff then defends it in this poor me I’m a victim way.

No. 1437831

File: 1644328711596.jpg (63.35 KB, 500x585, ECFlashing.jpg)

EC posted a valentines video.
Flashing her underwear again to "prove she does not wear a diaper"
because you totally don't wear one when you stream 8+ hours and never go to the bathroom….sure.

No. 1437835

I do not have a hard time believing that she doesn't go to the bathroom for eight hours. She also never drinks anything on stream and is probably pretty dehydrated all the time.

No. 1437837

File: 1644329260869.jpg (244.63 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20220208-090630_Ins…)

She gets rabidly defensive in the comments

No. 1437838

File: 1644329306706.jpg (243.21 KB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_20220208-090611_Ins…)

She kept replying to this one even when the commenter just did not respond lol

No. 1437839

File: 1644329981715.jpg (52.18 KB, 1157x753, eugenia.jpg)

Gonna need to brew some specter oil and rub it on my silver sword for this wraith.

No. 1437886

At a certain point, their joints and skulls being the only mass in their bodies begins to make them look bulky which is completely ironic.

No. 1437917

can she please get cancelled already…. she is absolutely ridiculous, and the fact that YT and IG keep her content up is also f*cked up

No. 1437930

I don't know what YT and IG are gonna do cause they would need to treat all eating disorder content the same so people like Nikocado and Foodie Beauty and all these creators would surely also need to have their content restricted/removed.
I mean I want it to happen but I think social media institutions are avoiding dealing with the inevitable backlash they will get when they eventually have to label content like Eugenias as potentially harmful.

No. 1437982

honestly I wish all her accounts would get deactivated and banned. Not for her benefit, but because her content is damaging. She's a blatant asshole and if she wants to go kill herself she should do it in private and not bring her audience into it. Yeah she has an ED, but most of this screams "I'm doing it for attention because my ED is my only trait"
She can permanently fuck off, and shame on youtube for allowing this

No. 1437986

you can tell even with extensions in that her hair is thinning. I don't feel bad for her and no one else should either. I agree with the other anon, I hope she does get cancelled

No. 1437987

What's with the rexies that don't drink anything ? never in my 10 years of anorexia I went "oh drinking water will make me fat".. wtf

No. 1438002

Why are you blog posting? Serving Cece SEED queen vibes. Your ED isn't relevant, go back to MPA

No. 1438013

File: 1644343580612.jpeg (516.83 KB, 750x1334, A6507F77-4E40-43E8-AE2B-A23BA0…)

Pretty sure this girl Ruby is faking being tubed. Those are earphones.
Shes average weight, fairly hefty tbh. Having an ED and self harming is her only personality trait. Her tiktok is fluoxetinefittie2.0.
She’s currently in a “relapse” and going back to the psych ward to beg for a tube

No. 1438017

Pretty sure thats a tube cause it does look like it has the measurement indicator lines on it close to where it curves roud into her nose and she happens to be wearing white earphones in the same ear the tube is hooked over.
Also where it curves over her ear you can see the true diameter of the tube which would be too thick for the earphones shes wearing.

No. 1438034

File: 1644345117197.jpeg (10.16 KB, 750x440, A2316E4C-5CF5-4FC5-B489-0794D8…)

These are ng tubes. They’re thick enough to allow nutrients to pass through.
This really does look like a pair of apple headphones kek. I hope I’m wrong.

No. 1438039

She has a pair of headphones in as well as the tube, silly

No. 1438045

File: 1644345712596.png (2.77 MB, 828x1792, 53F15406-3C3C-4A06-ABE1-076B9D…)

This swedish girl keeps posting ”ootds” but it’s clearly body checking. (Aliciasrecovery) on instagram

No. 1438056

to be fair, she was quite underweight a year or so ago when that picture was posted. she was in hospital for 3+ months. now though… she has obviously gained a lot of weight and at this point i just think she denies the fact that she isn't underweight anymore. was very sick but now she just wants attention

No. 1438059

learn2sage , nonnie

No. 1438060

other swedish cow had more milk. alicia might be a cow but more milk is needed than a simple ootd showing her body

No. 1438062

Yes ofc but Alicia is a real cow. She’s been in the ed community for almost 7 years i think? and keep posting the samw triggering stuff as when she was 12

No. 1438063

File: 1644346821128.png (396.39 KB, 452x760, disordered.png)

Scarlett whining about the so called sport she loves sooo much. Ganer is bad but at least she seems to love the gym, albeit to a totally unhealthy degree and she does maintain a reasonable level of body fat. Scarlett is just fucking miserable which is why she's such an utter bitch to everyone, including her clients.

No. 1438065

File: 1644346930293.png (337.58 KB, 466x809, Screenshot 2022-02-08 185814.p…)

Also her form is just horrible. Bragging about crap numbers and she can't even lift properly. No wonder her back is always fucked and she's injured all the time. Much fitness, educated coach. Everyone she's giving advice to is so screwed if they're going by her form. That back arch, weights so far behind her head, just…what in the actual fuck.

No. 1438066

File: 1644346951615.png (388.24 KB, 461x870, back snap.png)

This one's even worse.

No. 1438067

swedfag here. i'll check out her account, BUTPLEASELEARN2SAGE

No. 1438068

Agree with you. She is 18 now i think and still in the same position as many years back. Been inpatient too many times and i don’t even think she wants to recover tbh

No. 1438069

Nta but you don’t have to sage when there’s milk calm down

No. 1438071

is she on a private account? she seems interesting

No. 1438073

Yes private account

No. 1438077

i follow requested, i speak swedish. (im the anon who posted about nellie.recovery)

No. 1438081

Being hydrated makes you weigh more, duh. No one said having an ED makes you think rationally. A pound is a pound to some.

No. 1438089

What is Laura's fb acct?

No. 1438100

File: 1644351599958.jpg (83.83 KB, 383x673, 20220208_221848.jpg)

I don't know if Ember is still banned, but have you guys notoced shes still faking her anorexia and made an account to her recovery again. She just flaunts her old bodychecks there that were photoshopped. Sorry if still banned.

No. 1438127

Would you plz stop blogposting, pReTtY eD sNoWfLaKe?

No. 1438138

Potential cows to keep an eye on for milk:
- Melly.moo (cringey 30yr old ausfag who larps DID and refers to herself as we/us. Has a permanent tube)
- Mentalhealthwithk : morbidly obese ausfag who begs for the tube and head bangs like an autist. Cringey body positivity. Claims she aLmOsT DiEd from anorexia
- momsfavdisappointment : Tiktok spoop who sulks abt getting tubed in acute bc she was hiding food. Hides in her wardrobe. Probably autistic tbh
- charlottefkncharles / lottaspice : the Tiktok girl who sucks in her stomach until she looks constipated in a desperate attempt to be the sickest ana chan. Currently tubed
- millerssecrets : potatofag who begs for a tube every month while at a perfectly normal weight. Was besties w S* but is now suing her
- Brianna.recovery (mini Porgie.)
- bellyb_recovery : performative recovery account who is constantly called out for her blatant body checking and “accidentally” showing her weight is 30kg
- enaralouisee - fat bpd headbanger who suibaits for attention when she gets criticism
- Amy Bronwen Ellis - spoopy 3stone SEED sufferer who e-begs to get funding for private IP bc clearly the NHS fAiLeD hEr.

No. 1438145

If the milk stays this dry will the threads die out? They just don't make the cows like they used to

No. 1438146

>>1438138 does anyone know whatever happened to Bella with the rotten teeth

No. 1438159


finallyy somone mention Melly.moo.
claims gastroparesis with a formal diagnosis of anorexia. I think gp is anorexia in disguise

No. 1438163

It’s the internet, there will always be dumb anorexics for us to milk.
We have to actively seek out new cows,
not just shut down every new suggestion out of stubbornness.
Hell, we can even find new milk on current cows (like look through Fiona’s tumblrs, they’re a goldmine.)

No. 1438165

When did Christabel reveal her weight??

No. 1438178

why is someone suing S*? What for?

No. 1438190

damn, I haven't heard about her in years, last thing I read was she being on weed and gaining weight, while liking some rappers. It's like bringing Felice Fawn back, kek. Those old cows were great, wish there was new milk on them.

No. 1438194

Why are you talking like that god awful Netflix special? Rexies sounds retarded

No. 1438205

File: 1644359855702.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1158x2142, 6389B1C0-02B9-4946-AF27-D50034…)

currently she has anorexia, gastroparesis, did and solely depends on nose hose for nutrition.
oh and overly attached to her dietitian

No. 1438209

is she the one who tried to raise money to go to australia to get a feeding tube because her doctors in new zealand kept telling her she didn't need one? or am I mixing her up with someone else?

No. 1438228

File: 1644361763455.jpeg (232.35 KB, 750x1334, D81E1EB5-AD25-4729-9F21-099A65…)

Yes that’s her. In the go fund me, she conveniently doesn’t mention the chronic ED which caused her to be UW in the first place. She’s not actually chronically ill.

(Zara is the name of one of her personalities)

No. 1438233

File: 1644362241128.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, 1D12415D-8A33-43AF-A90E-FD265E…)

Jas and um.hi.its.zara are bizarrely similar:
both girls post everyday about gaining soOoO much weight and eating more than anyone they know…
While remaining utterly emaciated and spoopy.

No. 1438240

last i know from her, she went the munchie route, while complaining that her medicine for lack of protein made her fat and feminine,
at that point she didnt post much already apart from doing "smoke test" complaining that she is feminine,

very boring compared to her earlier state

No. 1438263

Bit late of a reply but why did nonnies stop spoilering n2f's food pictures? & Can it start happening again please?

No. 1438330

File: 1644368608009.png (4.91 MB, 1125x2436, DC61A39F-8B41-4050-B459-FBBFA3…)

Anyone ever brought up Mel? On tiktok it’s melslife_x she has an insta about anorexia recovery and tiktok too ft all the fave videos like “eat with me” or “I’m struggling to eat this so I’m going to film myself crying and look directly at the camera bc that’s genuine”. Oh and as per, also has bpd

No. 1438331

File: 1644368642685.png (7.44 MB, 1125x2436, 03603B6C-F033-43C2-8D78-AD9270…)

Follow up screenshot

No. 1438359

She has an ED but not very milky.

No. 1438387

Which Netflix special ? rexie is a pretty common word also not sure who made you the cool word police. Go away.

No. 1438388


Literally wrote one paragraph. Don't be a retard.

No. 1438391

says the idiot who can't stop telling us about their eating disorder

No. 1438404

"Can't stop telling us"
I Wrote one paragraph one time.

Maybe eat something so you can stop being irritated by life all the time, retard. Or post some milk instead of policing everyone's comments. Gosh.

No. 1438411

you've posted the same water comment before and there's at least two people telling you to fucking stop

No. 1438456

Camille/ millersecrets is threatening to sue s* for context Camille and her underage friend apparently had an incident leading to nac for them both (is what sorcha has claimed) and sorcha spoke about it on live dispite on going investigation.

No. 1438469

what is nac?

No. 1438511

File: 1644380556434.png (1.01 MB, 684x752, Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 10.2…)

Is Laura already back at acute or just recycling an acute picture for a birthday post?

(caption in reply)

No. 1438512

File: 1644380587194.png (21.1 KB, 500x71, Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 10.2…)

No. 1438530

>>1438511 she just posts less on that account. Hopefully she'll just be admitted to a medical floor quietly and move on with her life.

No. 1438535

She posted that today. maybe she's trying to pretend she's still at acute because she doesn't want to discuss getting kicked out on her public account? the comments definitely sound like people think she's still there

No. 1438539

I watch Melly.moo and she drives me bonkers. Her huge collection of squishmallows and her refusal to even try to get better is ridiculous.

No. 1438540

>>1438530 she's annoying but not necessarily milkly to not discuss that on a bigger account looks like she didn't disclose where she was at all there

No. 1438541

>>1438159 squishmallows scream cow to me now tbh

No. 1438545

Not discussing getting kicked out is very reasonable and actually the normal thing to do, but pretending to still be there by posting old pictures would be funny

No. 1438548

File: 1644382818802.jpg (227.96 KB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_20220208-235944_Ins…)

Stumbled upon this. Unsure if cow but made me lol. She's CHARGING people for these "studio edits"

No. 1438549

>>1438540 I think it's impossible to tell if she's just using it bc she doesn't have a new photo right now. I'd say if she keeps recycling it's milk but this one off isn't

No. 1438550

File: 1644382945458.jpg (276.6 KB, 1074x1791, Screenshot_20220209-000210_Ins…)

No. 1438579

I swear she posted on one of her accounts that it’s her birthday and she also just had a palliative care consult

Should’ve screenshot. All the comments ignored the palliative part and were just happy birthdays

No. 1438583

Of course the gofundme was set up by coffee cats recovery

No. 1438589

>>1438228 waiting for fiona to set up a gofuckme for more Llama hats

No. 1438605

No. 1438609

yes, please spoiler n2f's food, it is so repulsive and ruins my day every time I see it

No. 1438616

File: 1644394815445.png (Spoiler Image, 3.65 MB, 2444x1471, n2fhookermode.png)


ntayrt, but hopefully this mini collage of n2f playing dressups(?) as a whore helps un-ruin your day.

No. 1438621

P sure some anorexics do think that water will make them gain weight (which is true since they will gain water weight) - and with water, I think it can go either way: potomania (to curb hunger) or potophobia (fear of gaining any weight at all)

No. 1438628

Nonnie you’re retarded
she is very clearly wearing 1 headphone in her ear & has a tube on the same side

No. 1438629

They’re not retarded, just a huge vendetta-chan. I follow this girl and someone always sends her tells about how she’s obese and was never tubed because of that one photo (from her tiktoks she’s clearly WR but not obese or overweight and was obviously tubed). She’s not a cow and barely talks about her ED on Instagram but not sure about tiktok

No. 1438637

>>1437107 was this allyfighting?jeeeesus

No. 1438649

Anyone know what's currently up with Skylar (iirc)? The legitimately crazy girl who was in medium secure for beating up a nurse. I recall something a couple threads ago about her going into a general ward soon?

No. 1438650

I thought Elzani posted before in response to something in one of the earlier threads? or is my memory just tripping?

No. 1438662

thank you, nonna
I'm glad there's no smell-o-vision yet

No. 1438663

Did Nourisht0Flourish delete her instagram?

No. 1438665

File: 1644405654109.jpeg (614.1 KB, 750x1241, 21C131C3-CE16-4F3D-9C75-5B5ECD…)

No. 1438666

I tried searching her name and it did not come up. She might have blocked me. Disappointing, because I was the one providing the N2F milk for a while.

No. 1438672

If anybody wanted a symbolic picture for "obscene idiot", there you have it.

No. 1438679

Skin maggots Aly died? Damn, that's grim.

No. 1438681

Is she wearing a swimsuit top over her bra?

No. 1438687

Yes she did - i can’t remember what but she posted more than once a few years ago.

No. 1438703

Daintyalytoo was her Instagram

No. 1438733

File: 1644420940234.jpeg (488.33 KB, 750x970, 68112498-8E3D-48DE-BBC4-E115F7…)

I’m here because of thinemma00’s announcement in her discord server not too long ago. I want to preface this by saying I’m not active in this server. I’ve joined ED servers from myproana for the lols and this happened to be one of them. I just lurk and share with my friends. When I found out she was a lolcow I just had to share this. I kind of highly doubt any of you are in the server and she’s addressing nobody (I lurked a little on here and saw her accusations of someone hacking her from lolcow but nobody did she’s just old and doesn’t know how the internet works) but I’m in the server so today I will be the wannabe hacker she’s referring to! However this server is legit disturbing. There’s a million things wrong with it but the main being it’s full of underage girls being slammed by Emma’s pro ana ~tips n tricks~ as well as thinspo, bonespo, “diet challenges”, etc. And they are all completely brainwashed too. Emma is one of the biggest pieces of shit all of my friends know about from the proana communities I’ve joined. I can spill more if needed but she’s honestly just a terrible person. Between egging on minors to starve, to encouraging them to post body checks in their underwear, (I have that channel blocked off for legal reasons if god forbid it came to that), to glorifying her eating disorder every single fucking day in front of these impressionable minors. A girl in the server died apparently and instead of saying anything at all about the dangers of an ED she glorified her by saying she was a “true ana icon”. So now these kids are probably thinking they should become an ana icon too, she’s basically promoting death at this point to minors. I have no idea how she knows this girl died unless they were friends on Facebook or something. But she did look pretty deathly ill. I’ll post more photos to show the messages she sent about the girl. If you want more tea/horribleness from Emma let me know and I’ll drop more screen shots. Sorry for the long ass post. And before you ask - no I cannot send the link to the server because she sees who creates invite links and bans them. As much as I hate her I don’t want to be ban just yet because of the tea. Your best bet to getting in would probably be to lurk myproana and find discord servers. Hers is “TTU” or “the thin universe” and I believe her user on mpa is thinemma00 as well, I could be wrong. You might have to make an account to ask to join. But also if she lurks here and knows I suggested that she won’t accept anyone anyways, but it’s worth a try if any of you really want in.

No. 1438734

File: 1644421053165.jpeg (485.87 KB, 750x1067, 9FD45C86-2D0A-4C4A-9000-EE15D9…)

Her announcement of the girl dying

No. 1438736

File: 1644421098174.jpeg (334.11 KB, 750x955, B9AC90E1-E83F-4197-B62C-FFFA43…)

Said girl who died
(Idk if any of you know of her?)

No. 1438758

never heard of thinemma but jesus christ. pro ana servers may be toxic but i have never seen one this bad. sage for sperg but creating a pro ana server where small impressionable children can easlily lie about their age and get sucked into eating disorders that might plague their whole life??? that is one true pro ana scumbag

No. 1438767

I'm interested in any milk you want to share

No. 1438780

File: 1644425967314.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, 31E837A9-F163-4F17-B5D6-489F9B…)

Louise recovery got called out for posting constantly with a fresh head banging wound, and all the “hate” made her slit her wrist and go to hospital.
Apparently it made “ana take over” too.
Typical BPD attention seeker who has been flaunting her SH wounds for years
She’s like Fiona in her tumblr heydays.

No. 1438784

File: 1644426324749.jpeg (206.93 KB, 750x836, C3B057C1-33EE-4017-8384-72E4DA…)

There’s a lot. Believe me when I say there’s a lot. It’s really funny how she says she’s anti bully but bullies anyone who disagrees with her or anyone who’s fat. I’ll post more if there’s more interest. This is just an indirect she tagged literally everyone to see. She has over 200 people in her server, mostly minors. It’s disturbing.

No. 1438801

File: 1644427263548.jpeg (484.99 KB, 750x1039, 8498F328-9755-465C-BBE5-472D7B…)

Also funny how she gets on people like this for “bullying” over food facts but she bullies people over food facts herself. Sorry I’m shit @ collages. I’ll end my dump for now!

No. 1438802

Why do these people not just make their own Discord server without her? Baffling that they stay to be abused when servers are free to make/run

No. 1438806

File: 1644428475701.jpeg (783.44 KB, 750x1052, 4FA271C1-57A7-4DED-9D17-D34DA8…)

Most of the server is them kissing her ass. She completely brainwashed these kids. They look to her as like an ana fairy god mother or some shit. She has a channel in her server “all about Emma”. Whenever someone calls her out all of her underage minions come fleeing to defend her. She is so selfish and people just feed off of it. To be fair whenever she calls people out they end up leaving. But sometimes they don’t. Fructose girl left. But there was a girl who she straight up embarrassed the shit out of. She has two body check channels - a high bmi body check and a low bmi body check. Basically a girl posted in the low bmi body check channel and Emma started flaming her telling her she wasn’t skinny and she needs to post in the high bmi channel. The girl dmed her a better picture and Emma issued a public apology for embarrassing her and took it back. That girl is still there despite the abuse. Pic is of a bunch of her minions kissing ass and defending her lmao
Also wanted to add she went to rehab recently for alcohol abuse and people from the server all pitched in to buy her jewelry or some shit.

No. 1438807

File: 1644428851073.jpeg (415.3 KB, 750x1017, 7CD1F636-B078-4BBC-82F4-AB1ADA…)

Here’s a pic of her apologizing for embarrassing that girl (those messages have been deleted) as well as the channel she made for herself lmao
She’s honestly just old and gross and selfish and has nothing better to do besides egg minors on the internet to develop a life destroying ED.
SORRY I know I said I’d stop dumping but there’s just so much milk !

No. 1438809

is Emma even that thin? fucking bizarre that she somehow became an idol

No. 1438815

File: 1644429381992.jpeg (431.76 KB, 496x1085, 100729E0-C112-45C8-A831-8FAB24…)

No, she’s not. Pic related. There are many girls in her server WAY skinnier than that. She also always wears hollister and dresses like a 2010 popular high schooler (despite being 40). She lives in Kentucky and is just the epitome of trash. She also has an iPhone but is somehow never able to take a good quality picture?

No. 1438830

Not all iphones take decent pictures especially if they're old editions, and have poor lighting conditions. She seems so familiar and i can't place it, though those eyebrows seem tragic. I'm guessing she overpluked them back in the day and never really was able to move on.

No. 1438848

kek at the fact that she appears to weigh more than the girl she called fat

No. 1438866

She absolutely does

No. 1438878

Thank god, actual milk. Based anon. It was getting desperate over here.

No. 1438895

This girl is probably the most unbearable cow after cece's. Constantly attention seeking, blaming "the system" for her self created issues, thinks she is special because she is gay and annoyingly obsssed with pronouns.

I Truly feel sorry for her parents.

No. 1438896

Don't you have to be thin to be an Ana ~queen??? She looks like a white trash middle age woman who hates a world she can't understand

No. 1438921

File: 1644435950718.jpg (85.09 KB, 1080x1011, 20220209_194509.jpg)

Do we know what her real name is? She goes by amber Jean and Emma Harte (second pic incoming)

No. 1438923

File: 1644435996594.jpg (120.85 KB, 1080x1249, 20220209_194519.jpg)

>>1438921 she also has this account

No. 1438927

File: 1644436087432.jpeg (347.8 KB, 750x1066, 353C08B6-6C25-4BB1-A675-E56D08…)

Spot on. She doesn’t understand anything that’s remotely new. Take this super cringe conversation for example of a meme she didn’t understand. “not kool” lmao
also I low key feel like this girl may be calling Emma out since she posts the oldest, stupidest memes. Dumping more for reference.

No. 1438933

emma has to be the groomiest groomer of all time, jfc

No. 1438937

Here’s some memes fresh out of 2010 myproana

No. 1438938

File: 1644436379831.jpeg (353.62 KB, 750x1073, DCB05195-2CC3-4B4F-BAE0-296D1D…)

Didn’t add the pic fml

No. 1438948

File: 1644436957387.jpeg (535.53 KB, 750x1334, 7EA87677-4631-47E0-A414-1C926A…)

“this post was difficult to make” yes Zara because you’ve never experience ED recovery in your life

No. 1438951

File: 1644437084050.jpeg (392.36 KB, 750x1073, BD128E14-3DEB-4E00-B1A3-38896C…)

She also posts trash like this… she’s fucking 40… grow up. And to answer >>1438921 question someone created a thread on her a while ago in the wrong place that had a bunch of her info here
(Sorry if I linked that wrong I’m still figuring this site out)
Also that thread mentions her abusive bf who she’s still with and has now made an entire channel on her server dedicated to trashy girls fighting because she is so very proud of herself for fighting off her trash abusive bf. That was a whole other saga/story if anyone is interested. Sorry for shit photo crop too, I suck just trying to share the milk the best I can.

No. 1438953

don't apologize, you're bringing better milk than most recent stuff

No. 1438991

Dont apologise this is actual milk for once, keep it coming

No. 1439004

Is there any interest in milk from forums like mpa / etc
I have old accounts on most of the main ones and can look around on them. On the hugbox version of mpa there's a whole subforum dedicated to the 'hardcore' anas which is usually good for a couple laughs. Sorry for being vague, the admin for that one searches references to the site name fairly often supposedly

No. 1439019

File: 1644441595431.png (71.23 KB, 535x628, Screenshot 2022-02-09 211316.p…)

Does make you wonder with the looks and sounds of the spouse she has. Bumped into >>1181767
and her account seems to be removed from MPA but i couldn't help but kek that she listed two of her own accounts as her favourite thinspo accounts.

No. 1439028

File: 1644442448963.jpeg (310.55 KB, 750x878, CFFEC450-7ABD-447A-A9A3-1B178E…)

Okay I’m gonna dump her stupid fight thing. First she makes this announcement her bf is beating her and kind of implies she’s going to murder him “I’m about to do something I might regret” & giving away ownership if she does

No. 1439034

File: 1644442620262.jpeg (240.87 KB, 750x919, 2C63320E-3805-443E-99B5-3E7D3D…)

THEN she goes missing and all her minions freak, some of them start messaging her on Facebook I guess

No. 1439036

File: 1644442753767.jpeg (344.73 KB, 750x1060, 1546BFF3-D941-4AB7-94D8-BDAB8B…)

She comes back saying she’s okay and brags on herself for beating him. Remember, domestic violence is never okay unless you’re doing it yourself. (not saying it’s a bad thing she fought back)
And ofc all her minions come running to suck her dick

No. 1439040

File: 1644442961351.jpeg (367.87 KB, 750x952, 53ED9590-8419-4310-8560-05AE80…)

(Some of these screenshots are old, taken when it just happened and I sent it to my friends then in case the dates seem off)
The real kicker is this… the same NIGHT this happened, the same NIGHT her boyfriend beat her ass, she made this channel. To praise and glorify women who fight. She’s not shaken and recovering, she’s not calling the police, she’s posting about how proud she is for fighting and is making a whole ass channel to praise fighting. Who the fuck does that after getting beat?? And also she’s fucking 40 and WHITE. She is the definition of trailer trash. And of course she’s still with this boyfriend.

No. 1439051

>>1439036 this is the kind of shit I lurk here for. Thanks nonnie

No. 1439060

Is she employed? How does she have so much time to be on discord 24/7?

She put herself and Katekusmina in the same category kek. The alcoholism isn’t helping her that’s for sure

No. 1439065

who is Katekusmina?

No. 1439082

>Remember, domestic violence is never okay unless you’re doing it yourself

Domestic violence is always ok when it's women defending themselves against abusive scrotes, nonna. Grooming minors over Discord is disgusting and she's trash for that, but the only thing wrong she did re: her boyfriend was not killing him.

No. 1439102

File: 1644447023244.jpg (84.16 KB, 828x977, FKXuHVyX0AQoRVG.jpg)

Is this the same girl?

No. 1439108

>>1438736 I believe so. She was pretty active on mpa idr her user

No. 1439111

yeah, username on ig was extremist vegan something

No. 1439141

File: 1644449143367.jpeg (568.95 KB, 750x1094, 4B62C536-398B-45F6-894A-428418…)

I’m honestly not sure? Was lurking to try to find, in September 2021 she said she worked as a manager at Taco Bell. She also has said she worked as a waitress before. But in November 2021 she posted something about leaving something in “the office” (idk if she’s referring to an office at the back of Taco Bell?) she also posted this weird flex once and tagged everyone. She tags everyone (200+ people) for the stupidest shit all the time.

No. 1439146

File: 1644449254295.jpeg (137.88 KB, 750x439, BDAC377C-5F32-4D3D-8971-FAF1F7…)

Like did you really need to tag 221+ people to announce you weren’t bleeding out your ass?

No. 1439148

Milk from hug box pastel MPA would be great (I don't have access)

No. 1439154

File: 1644450025158.jpeg (825.92 KB, 723x1074, 354ADEBC-B168-4113-917F-DB156A…)

Yup looks like it. It’s a shame. She often posted really disturbingly underweight body checks. But she would also post her crazy binges? Idk when I see someone her size saying she ate 6 footlong subs it’s hard to believe she could even handle that much food. Put together a shit collage from some of her server postings so you can see what I mean.

No. 1439181

Wow. Thats sad she died. I followed her IG recently….I noticed how underweight she was.
EC is like her weight.

No. 1439196

File: 1644452855334.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 4032x3024, pt2022_02_10_01_20_32.jpg)

From the "hard core" forum over at the hug box, telling each other all the benefits of their ED

Hopefully it's legible, idk. This one isn't so bad maybe, but note the "it makes my autism better" motif.

No. 1439198

File: 1644452928750.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.64 MB, 4032x4032, pt2022_02_10_01_22_35.jpg)


From the confessions thread

No. 1439199

File: 1644453023863.png (290.33 KB, 1080x890, Screenshot_20220210-005128.png)

Okay last one for the dump, but not so hug boxy are we lol

Wish i knew which user she was roasting. I'm shocked they left her post up since it's clearly from another user's signature

No. 1439205


That user with the name Boney Vampre talking about their autism and other habits makes me think of Dorian. Wonder if it's her…

No. 1439209

Last I remember, she hated mpa, and I also googled her YT name to find a recent thread talking negatively about her.

Also pretty sure she can spell "bony."

No. 1439210


Might have been a long shot I guess. I always wonder with her whether she's smart and manipulative enough to implement some reverse psychology, as with the spelling (or maybe someone already had it as a username with the spelling correct). I always feel as though she lurks everywhere - total narcissist who can't stand not knowing what the entire internet is saying about her. Just my little conspiracy theory.

No. 1439251

i believe she took her life, which makes it a bit more disturbing imo. girls like EC and Ash aren't taken out easily. they have some crazy genetic adaptation.

No. 1439259

File: 1644459268802.jpeg (425.85 KB, 1125x1600, 2CF3D051-3D26-45EE-8BB0-E89C3B…)

It seems Sophie finally having to go IP again. I'm assuming the inhumane treatment of the previous places she went to was them trying to make her eat. Anyways, we might get IP pics and all that from her soon.

No. 1439274

What's her IG can't find it under anna_24x

No. 1439285

File: 1644461915775.png (5.39 MB, 1125x2436, 19C0AA16-8AD2-46C8-8D7C-BED9A5…)

Yeah, she’s “totally” in the ICU… Up and walking, no oxygen etc. Almost everyone in ICU is bedbound and can’t get up and walk let alone make a TikTok

No. 1439289

I was in the ICU once and I wasn't on oxygen and I could get up and walk

No. 1439298

Probably psychiatric ICU

No. 1439300

If it was psych ICU she wouldn’t have an IV and wouldn’t have her phone

No. 1439301

Isn’t most of anachan hospital trauma from them being made to eat?

No. 1439354

File: 1644472806674.png (838.18 KB, 828x988, c41220a42a319562d2051693eaba2b…)

Holy fuck, that girl! She was an active MPA blogger. Prostitute with a BMI of 13 who was constantly shocked the men who slept with her were ana fetishists. Super BPD, had tried to get assisted suicide for it but was turned down.

No. 1439372

She self posted here some time ago >>1157597

No. 1439398

What was her MPA name?

No. 1439399

File: 1644480741488.png (864.46 KB, 792x1024, 215bcd4385f22e3983c2a8efc72a0c…)

No. 1439400

No. 1439410

File: 1644482491475.jpg (526.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220210-083826_Fac…)

Found her FB

No. 1439413

Someone actually sent her diapers in the mail, I don’t think they will give up until she cracks again.
I really wish she would get cancelled already

No. 1439415

File: 1644482829971.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x2085, 32B20DDB-A734-407C-BE67-6C3EFD…)

Same face because I forgot to post cap because I’m a retard

No. 1439419

Emma you need to lose some weight. Pretty fat for a pro ana server queen.

No. 1439423

Her eyes are so dead looking, egad!

No. 1439424

Another swedfag, I sent request on IG and she has a new TikTok @Alliesextrakonto2.0 where she basically just posts body checks.
Always wearing clothes to show how spoopy she is and even made a TikTok just standing there and writing "my jawline tho"

She's definitely milky.

No. 1439432

Depends where they go i guess, especially if they're mixed with other mentally unwell patients with different mental health issues. Units can have all sorts especially if mixed wards or you get an unfortunate mix and staff not monitoring people correctly/giving free reign. But i could imagine force feeding being traumatic itself especially if restraints needed, if you've got a true physical phobia of something being forced through it could probably mess someone up further (but obviously with anorexia its life saving/necessary evil).

No. 1439447

File: 1644489357213.jpg (392.41 KB, 1080x1929, Screenshot_20220203_180910_com…)

Anyone else notice @brianna.recovery on tiktok ? - she's an ausfag, I think 18 or 19 now. Always has such a stupid smirk on her face whenever she's t00bed. In and out of hospital constantly. Claimed all her organs were shutting down despite being at a healthy weight. Not sure if milky, more of a larper really.

No. 1439466

She was lying about her weight. This is closer to a BMI 11 than BMI 13.

No. 1439487

File: 1644493876151.png (797.47 KB, 750x745, c14ef61868f0406a480a344004615b…)

Her lowest BMI was 11 and she looked even smaller then (picrel). She always looked pretty small for her BMI, which is a matter of individual body shape.

No. 1439514

This is ugly as sin.

No. 1439560

File: 1644504634177.png (4.4 MB, 1284x2778, 1270B047-BBC9-42D2-99BF-AC21C0…)

She’s informal now so I’m assuming she hasn’t beaten up any nurses or patients in a while. She fucked around and found out that medium secure isn’t the ultra valid BPD haven she thought it would be.

No. 1439577

File: 1644506297593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.19 KB, 663x948, 3ECCB4DA-B901-4A71-8617-C1872B…)

Legitimately the worst shoop I’ve ever seen. “Idk what my hair is doing it got wound around my arms” That’s photoshop girlie. Back to posting OOTDs and horrible photoshop after being kicked out. If she was so upset and worried by palliative care you think she’d take it seriously.

No. 1439592

File: 1644507654587.jpeg (537.91 KB, 828x1133, 95D807A9-A3AF-402A-B8D3-A2452F…)

I would argue that this one is even worse

No. 1439595

File: 1644507723068.jpeg (560.54 KB, 828x1022, 5F288AF3-2E4A-4502-BF0F-9E6545…)

And for the anons who can’t see it
This is what sticks out. I may have missed something though

No. 1439597

>>1439592 not saying this isn't a ridiculous body check but I zoomed in really close and it does look like a bunch of hair around it. Still ridiculous

No. 1439599

>>1439595 legs are two different sizes lol

No. 1439611

File: 1644508276764.jpg (381.8 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20220210-105053_Chr…)

Cece reminding us that she's a chronic seed case yet again

No. 1439619

>>1439599 why are all the shoop cows genuinely skeletal yet butcher themselves.

No. 1439620

What's her @

No. 1439636

I can't stop looking at her face. It's so weirdly put-together.

No. 1439638

forgot to sage, still getting back in the habit

No. 1439640

>>1439560 old lego head

No. 1439675

File: 1644511344582.jpeg (834.09 KB, 1170x1707, 4C700D02-FC85-458D-8BB2-E79135…)

katy is filming bodychecks from hospital, it’s genuinely very sad

No. 1439692

File: 1644511851247.jpg (59.11 KB, 923x490, acromalgy.JPG)

Being non compliant isn't helpful. It's also embarrassing at 30 something.

Thanks for bad shoops, anon. I love bad skinny shoops.

To me she looks like she has the face that people with gigantism have. I don't think she's ugly, just odd looking. It's the bone from her nose down that looks like it's thickened up or something.

We never found the details about who she battered, did we?

No. 1439746

File: 1644513950588.jpg (292.18 KB, 1028x1779, Screenshot_20220210-105324_Chr…)

When she whinges about her dietitian I don't get it she's 30 no one is going to force her to see one

No. 1439747

I dont believe that. EC just wants sympathy over this.
I bet she had her mom by these while out shopping, so she could get sympathy posts and pretend like someone mailed them to her.
I really think she is smarter than people give here credit for, especially since the flashing has become more blatant.
She lives off drama…cause you know it ain't food kek

No. 1439760

File: 1644514411575.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220210-123134_Ins…)

Yea, I call bullsh*t on that. She seems perfectly fine to Bodycheck and twitch stream.
I think the whol package was faked for sympathy points.

No. 1439790

Compare this >>1439611
with >>1439675 and >>1439760
and it really highlights how silly Cece’s claims of being ~chronic~ and ~non-compliant~ are. I’d argue she’s very compliant actually. How many times has she voluntarily been to treatment and accepted a tube now? Still seeing a dietician when WR etc… seriously, she needs a job or a hobby.

No. 1439912

The most cringe worthy of a video Katy did ( or maybe it was Maria) was a while back of them on holiday somewhere around a swimming pool in bikinis. I’m guessing it was one of them filming the other.
At least with them you know they don’t have the brain capacity anymore to be able to shoop the photos or videos and what you see is them in reality. Sad though.

No. 1439943

Oh can you see the pampers behind her in the left corner tucked behind a shopping or a mailbag. Why did she left them there if they were something she would use? I would throw them the fuck out or just put them in the trash, not just keep them laying in my room.

But who would think she wouldn't need them? She is so malnourished that we could be 99% sure she needs some types of help to keep her.. dry..

No. 1439947

I mean people don't usually lose bladder control unless they have nerve damage or are actually actively dying, if anything I wouldn't be surprised if she chronically has bladder retention considering she streams without drinking or taking a toilet break.

No. 1439955

Fasting for long periods of time can give you liquid diarrhea and sharts.

No. 1439960

That requires actual fluid intake though and I wouldn't be surprised if she is afraid of liquid making her heavier too, it's likely she's chronically dehydrated if she restricts fluids too.
Plus she strikes me as being too scared to wear a nappy on stream considering she is so obsessed with her appearance.

No. 1440030

despite her being in kentucky, she looks oddly familiar to me too >>1438830

No. 1440036

You can tell her hair is thinning out. Those ponytails give it away

No. 1440040

I think it's just because she's very "generic white lady"

No. 1440071

would be fucking mental if it wasn't thinning. she's been at a low weight for a long time.

No. 1440093

Paige definitely lurks, as does Emmy/wateremelons. Saged bc pretty useless info but iirc they both pretend they don’t read posts and then directly reply to them under the guise of ‘receiving anonymous messages’.

No. 1440229

I actually don't see any shopping, all the things you've circled seem normal, not all doors are cut perfectly straight at the bottom,it seems like such a reach to say its shopped. >>1439599 as for the legs being two different sizes clearly she's just standing with one further back.

No. 1440236

Funny how she almost exclusively posts photos on a white background so they’re easier to photoshop. It still looks ridiculous & most people don’t believe her. I’ve been deathly sick before & offered hospice. I wasn’t posing for photos. I think Laura is full of it & an attention seeker.

No. 1440269

>>1440236 rattle rattle. No1curr how sick you were. Go back to mpa. Besides that even with shooping it's still obvious she's extremely ill. Plenty of dying ana chans pose for selfies. It doesn't make her any less of a scumbag, but she is in a state. I feel like with the cows who are legitimately ill it just gives them more fodder to say everyone's a bully when anons constantly want to rattle that they were worse off. Also lol her hair is 100% fake

No. 1440272

>>1439595 bless you nonnie this is def shooped but as previous anons said most of the shoopers are skelly to begin with. It's subtle, but the legs do not match. Just looks ..off

No. 1440335

File: 1644550884233.png (109.91 KB, 660x364, Death Notice of Anna Hayes.png)

Someone on MPA is claiming to have doxxed her thoroughly and found lots of ~sCaRy dEtAiLs~ about her life, but I'm suspecting they might have gotten a false positive. Her basic dox to an obit (https://rip.ie/death-notice/anna-hayes-ballyboughal-dublin/485775 also picrel) and family social media is easy enough, but they're claiming to have gotten all her hooker details and be sO hEaRtBrOkEn by what they found.
I suspect she might have found a '''''true story''''' of '''''sex trafficking''''' by someone with the same middle and last name: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12187771-trafficked
It's obviously not her lmao, wrong country, wrong timeframe, wrong everything
Anyone else know what's up?

No. 1440337

File: 1644550912601.png (1.58 MB, 1125x2436, 98CD76E4-AE60-4D8E-B5BF-2BA087…)

So, hear me out: this IG account posted a story with a screenshot of Elzani commenting on one of their Tik toks, which would be irrelevant if it wasn't because that TT account seems a bit darker than the kind of account the recovery queen would admit she looks at.

Anyways, not very milky but it seemed interesting. (Not sure why they r posting it now the comment is from last year).

No. 1440339

^^Same anon, sorry for the retarded cropping

No. 1440388

File: 1644555296989.jpeg (342.22 KB, 1124x1841, C023834B-9BC5-4D4A-AF19-5D3426…)

Caption on 2/2

No. 1440390

File: 1644555503457.jpeg (781.71 KB, 1125x1418, 8DCCD394-C87A-4B61-B80C-E28269…)

Trying to make herself sound sooper sick….
“The nappy pants they have here are too big” hmm I’m sorry but I work in age care and I’ve seen tiny, frail old women wear them.
“Still on continuous feeds 120ml/hr plus a full meal plan”. Ok love? Doesn’t mean you’re sooper sick or special, that’s just how they transition you onto full meal plans… We’ve seen you and know you’re not sooper sick and frail

No. 1440396

what is your fucking problem

No. 1440399

File: 1644556047281.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1104x2055, 1B1DF7E1-9A4C-4564-B9F9-5C18D9…)

Also has anyone else noticed that within the last week she has posted FIVE videos dedicated to how her tube is taped?? It’s clearly for the attention, otherwise she would just tape it normal. Also who the fuck would pull their phone out for a TikTok with the tube hanging half out??

No. 1440404

She sounds like an aus version of journeytoemma

No. 1440405

I don’t think elzani is as recovered as she makes out.
There is something strange that she’s never once mentioned therapy or the cause of her ED, and how can anyone go from being the state she was in to fully recovered so fast.
Something just doesn’t sit right. Not saying she’s milky, just a bit off.

No. 1440407

Since when is doxxing okay? What the hell. Even if she's the biggest cow on earth that's just so fucked up

No. 1440459

She's never been severely underweight. Even at worst she looked bmi 17 at the worst. She is such a exaggeration queen. I think her main issue is untreated BPD, she loves hospital. Acts like she's a nurse of the future but can't stop herself from craving the hospital bed for herself, poor diddums.

No. 1440464

File: 1644569901493.png (970.66 KB, 720x1429, Screenshot_20220211-185700~3.p…)

This gives me "I didn't eat for 3 days so I could be lovely" vibes. 2 days without eating to become suuuuper frail?

No. 1440476

If you search xlosthopex on Google, it comes up with her posts on a suicide site including asking if she can give a suicide drug to her pets. I can't view the site because my internet browser Barr's access.


No. 1440485

The farms aren't your personal army, you don't interact with the cows, retards like yourself is why milk dries up. Learn where you are ffs.

>>1440476 personally I was hoping no one would bring up SS, just like sites before it. Awaiting yet another news site to pick up the pitchfork and ree into the void. They're comforting places for those in dark places but hell, I wouldn't want to give more exposure in case kids lives are lost where there is actually hope for change.

No. 1440495

File: 1644573547937.png (74.29 KB, 962x313, ❀• xlosthopex’s bodychecks upd…)

Not a surprise, she was super duper suicidal. I managed to get into the forum using a proxy and the thread you probably found wasn't actually about killing her pets, it was someone else asking whether a veterinary drug would work and her replying.
Suicide forums are pretty low on the very very long list of things someone seeing this site and wanting to ree could ree about lmao

No. 1440497

How do you use a proxy?

Ugh, can't help but feel helpless for people like that

No. 1440503

She was a hooker, her twitter where she was vocal about veganism links to her place of work (lap dancing club in dublin) and she tagged a lot of photos there of her working. As for anything deeper, it feels too skivy for looking into details of a dead girl.

No. 1440510

Are you sure she was a prostitute? From my knowledge, she was only a stripper/lap dancer.

No. 1440533


No. 1440538

Just like journeytoemma! Only she was a nurse.

No. 1440563

I thought in general it's naive to think that strippers only do that sort of thing? And with her saying stuff like " I would happily declare my income if it didn’t mean myself or my clients could end up with a fucking jail sentence because I outed myself as a sex worker" I'd be hesitant to believe it's all just lapdances or the likes. If the clubs are legal and going surely strippers are too? thus nothing to hide.

No. 1440598


Scarlett had better watch out. I really hope this bitch does get sued and it sets a precedent for predatory coaches seeking out clients with EDs they're not qualified to treat. Shame the UK doesn't have the same litigious culture as the US in this one sense.

No. 1440611


She wasn’t or isn’t a nurse. She did like one year of a nursing degree and told everyone she was a nurse.

No. 1440612

File: 1644591259915.png (3.4 MB, 828x1792, E41DD3CF-E8FB-4501-8884-C8AAF6…)

Speaking of Scarlett - I’m sure her mum appreciates being used as Scarlett’s motivation, by way of Scarlett pretending her mum is in a burning building during her cross country runs to help herself to run faster. That’s pretty out there on its own. What’s even more out there is the fact that Scarlett posted yesterday that her mum had a car crash and was in hospital and then posted this gem today. The whole thing sounds very healthy.

No. 1440617

File: 1644591603330.png (681.2 KB, 828x1792, 8DE2D5B2-AE7C-41A2-A553-F944C5…)

The post from yesterday. Wasn’t going to post it as it’s not milk and we’re not monsters. But I’m just quite shocked she would give that motivational advice today after posting this yesterday. Feel free to disagree if I’m being over-sensitive or nit-picky.

No. 1440622

Did you ever watch Anna archer fitness in her early days on YT? She was deep in her bulimia living off veg and water noodles and posting videos about how that was the way to eat and train. She was and is sponsored by gymshark and I was baffled why they didn’t drop her for giving out bad advice and being a bad rioters model. Probably money.

No. 1440623

Was that youtuber Oat Fiber(Oats McGoats) ever mentioned here?
Got curious cus I just went through my list of subscriptions to unfollow a bunch of people, don't think she's been active anymore though

No. 1440630

File: 1644593899479.png (11.04 MB, 1170x2532, 5603A997-575E-475B-862C-5294DF…)

we know from her mum that dora started out with bulimia- and the sight of these glands indicates we’ve come full circle

No. 1440632

File: 1644594000274.jpeg (953.36 KB, 1170x1437, 02DE7181-DEB5-4CA9-8E13-0FD634…)

>>1440630 she looks a healthy weight at least

No. 1440646


She needs to be kicked out of the house. Half of these girls in this thread don't recover because they are way too overly coddled. Of course Eugenia has more than enough money to live alone, but I think being along in a big empty apartment and showing her sick body to pedophiles every night might help reality sink in.

No. 1440650

She's on Instagram and last I saw she was getting married, but she also made a post saying "I'm fat now." and another one about raw veganism so definitely in her ED still. She's really cute and likeable and never even loses weight, so I wish she would just stop the bullshit. She's too old for that anyways.

No. 1440651

File: 1644597268023.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x2086, 98FC6B08-C107-4CB0-AB93-C34EC0…)

Zara not so subtly letting her followers know that she didn’t really eat gluten anyways.

No. 1440654

her mother will never let go of her, that's one of the reason she won't be able to recover. I can only imagine how much her mother likes having her old, sick daughter at home and will hinder everyone trying to get her help. Getting away of such a mother-daughter relationship is the hardest part and if her mental and physical health is about to collapse every second, there isn't much she can do.

No. 1440660


Being along in a big empty apartment and showing her sick body to pedophiles every night might give her the kicks that she craves all the time..?

No. 1440707

File: 1644602900236.jpeg (521.23 KB, 750x1334, 65700AA2-F189-411B-8144-13F466…)

Guys Han is fully on solid meals orally, and off the NG tube entirely!
And getting discharged soon!??
I always thought she was the most insufferable cow but I’m honestly impressed.
Have a feeling it won’t last long though.

No. 1440711

File: 1644603163270.jpeg (275.93 KB, 750x640, 6F83134E-DCB0-44B9-9306-701533…)

I’m kind of shocked considered when she died she called her a “true Ana icon”

No. 1440712


Yes she looks really good, sounds much more reasonable and happy, I’m really hopeful for her. Maybe the weight gain has helped with her clearly unstable emotions.

No. 1440713

fwiw I don’t think you’re being nitpicky, nonna. Yeah it’s sad about her mam but “sorting things out for hospital” probably involves packing her Fitbit charger and a pair of dumbbells for sitting by the bedside. God forbid she loses them ~gainz~

No. 1440722

>ethically go on encouraging pro Ana behaviors
>pro Ana

jesus wept. just shut it down

No. 1440726

Is she on solids though or is she just calling her usual ensures a meal

No. 1440743

>she was an ana icon

No. 1440747


Not overly sensitive at all. No-one's off-limits for Scarlett, whether that's her injured Mum or her dead Uncle. She's a total psychopath. She has no ethics and doesn't care about anything or anyone besides herself. Everything is about her, burning calories, eating high volume foods and obsessively posing/taking selfies. Utter narcissist in the true, diagnosable sense.

No. 1440748

I thing she fears legal actions, I don't know the laws, but maybe there is something that people could do and she would be fucked if they get through to her. After all she is old enough to know what she is doing and she is more of an predator than a "normal" eating disordered ally.

No. 1440755

File: 1644606204946.png (Spoiler Image, 6.49 MB, 1170x2532, 6FE545EE-E9BB-4017-9734-649CC5…)

Has anyone brought up @alice_nevin. Super spoopy, claims she’s been in recovery for almost a year and that she’s doing really well… constantly posts bodychecks under the guise of “fitchecks”. And no one is calling her out

No. 1440757

File: 1644606308111.jpeg (347.78 KB, 750x1334, F2802780-E729-43B6-B749-A9934F…)

Okay never mind her “meals” are actually just ensures again…
Progress is progress though I guess

No. 1440761

Yes agree but i think Alice Nevin is autistic bc she sais she needs to go to bed at 10 pm every night and loves to be alone, idk but she seems very strict and autistic

No. 1440762

File: 1644606469853.jpeg (201.34 KB, 1169x1435, 7ABF6E57-510A-44CA-95F1-A89F3D…)

I’ve only seen one account call her out for her bs. Apparently she’s been recruited by a modeling agency too

No. 1440764

**this was @lililovesapples calling out ppl who believe that they don’t need to gain weight to recover, Zara was also mentioned

No. 1440766

Jesus Christ why is everyone obsessed with anachans being autistic? Not everyone with a slight compulsive trait has autism. It comes up every thread and it's so fucking old already.

No. 1440769

But she is clearly autistic

No. 1440770

blame kiwifarms and 4chan lol

No. 1440771

Lily is not better her self i think she is just jeaolous bc they are underweight

No. 1440774


Sure, some fucking amateur can diagnose neurodivergency via tiktok. Whatever you say.

No. 1440780

Anorexia is a restrictive eating disorder so if anything I'd think they'd be more likely to have OCD. Which would explain compulsive or obsessive traits better than autism. Though most people use autistic as an insult rather than a diagnosis on internet.

No. 1440783

Just asking is Fi autistic for real or do she just wants to be autistic and faking being very odd?

No. 1440784

I think >>1440748 is right. This person linked doesnt sound like an anorexic but moreso one of those ana-coaches who got off on making girls starve themselves or supporting, mostly underage girls, to starve themselves. I'd think most discord servers similar have creeps like this and maybe that's the case?

No. 1440786

No. 1440788

Lily was underweight but never spoopy

No. 1440793

No one’s cares about some random TikTok girl. Where’s the milk?

No. 1440795

im quite happy ab lily. she seems like a good person, and since she hasn't been sick for so long i think she has a big chance of recovering

No. 1440799

i was inpatient with her and she was actually really nice and really motivating so no milk there

No. 1440801

thank god zara was mentioned. she always preaches about how nobody gains weight overnight, but she has lost in the last months? if she has been in "recovery" for so long it would definitely be noticed to some extent. it does take time for some people, but not to that extent

No. 1440805

zara gets discussed here all the time, kek

No. 1440831

Not another one like Fi doing pottery painting

No. 1440832

No. 1440834

When did her mum let that slip?

Subtle position of hand covering glands

No. 1440857

it was listed ages ago on the threads

No. 1440859

File: 1644612516394.jpeg (104.57 KB, 519x539, 35453A29-9904-4559-A96F-63E780…)

this was doras mother

No. 1440865

She acts like she isn't weight restored.

No. 1440880

I'm starting to believe she's not recovering at all and she's still a scumbag.

No. 1440890

Stop blogposting, ffs.


No. 1440892

OCD and autism and highly comorbid with ARFID and restrictive anorexia. Its hard to guess who might have autism because we don’t know them and so many cows lie and say their don’t b/p. I don’t think most cows who are suspected of being autistic on here are genuinely autistic but statistically there’s a higher chance. There’s also been this weird push to pretend lots of women with BPD are autistics who were misdiagnosed. Some might be but again statistics

No. 1440893

You're certainly not alone with that assessment, nonna.

No. 1440898

>>1440880 She said on a live a few days ago that she started drinking coffee and had already had 5 cups that day, so yeah no much recovery going on there. She also made sure to mention that it was plain black coffee

No. 1440940

Yeah, she's clearly either in deep denial or lying (or both)

No. 1440952

File: 1644616914844.jpeg (850.47 KB, 1170x2145, 60BB5D6E-2A9B-4767-AF2C-676847…)

idk she bothers me. Just like she did with Emily, within a few days of admission she made a “bff”. it seems like she loves being in hospital. institutionalised much?

No. 1441001

She literally has TikTok’s explaining her OCD which she’s had since she was 8 And had to be taken out of school for.
Defs potential scumbag tho, claims to be in recovery but no evidence of that at all

No. 1441003

>>1440952 I spy cece lol

No. 1441055

and this is probably the reason why Fi hasn't been section and she is still at home and wasting resources.


No. 1441060

“but for some reason in the UK your care plan stops the day you turn 18.”, maybe for the majority of adults in the UK, it doesn’t if you’re Fi though. How they can sit and complain and go to the media and news etc about the NHS but have a daughter that’s been a revolving door constant drain since 14/15 baffles me. They have the money to afford private if they wanted to, so it can’t be that bad for their previous daughter.

No. 1441061

I meant precious no previous kek

No. 1441062

>>1441055 Fi also posts that it's "appointment day" almost every day. She's getting an exorbitant amount of care

No. 1441064

I think they were friends before?
Anyway I'm so tired of her posting constant body checks

No. 1441128

File: 1644629541402.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1541, A8AB019D-A627-4056-9BC3-FA1F92…)

hmmmmm…. unconvinced. gotta slip in the “i was severely underweight”

No. 1441129

File: 1644629567742.png (5.18 MB, 1170x2532, DBE33C29-8DF1-42DF-9D2B-5186D1…)

and yet being sent inpatient, looks relatively fine ??

No. 1441131

File: 1644629652648.png (5.67 MB, 1170x2532, A1ADA48A-98FB-4BBC-AF73-19CB5D…)

including lots of “collarbone popping” photos in tiktoks too… she doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on if she’s going to go down the route of criticising others.

No. 1441134

File: 1644629765435.png (9.76 MB, 1170x2532, 12FF4254-D6DF-4FA5-B4F3-AF9DEF…)

and you can see the desperate attempts at straining through this video too.

No. 1441136

File: 1644629865252.png (8.03 MB, 1170x2532, F37B1F54-F9AA-4C64-93A4-256698…)

begone, WK, her tiktok is embarrassing

No. 1441145

She sure seems to like mentioning that her habits are more on the disordered side even though she claims to be recovering..

No. 1441151

File: 1644631077248.jpeg (1006.58 KB, 1170x2010, 170C05FF-31D2-49C4-B807-CFC3FF…)

cece finally got a job

No. 1441152

File: 1644631109288.png (708.17 KB, 720x921, Screenshot_20220211-203437~2.p…)

No. 1441153

File: 1644631158298.png (146.23 KB, 716x894, Screenshot_20220211-203453~2.p…)

No. 1441212

Congrats, Cece, you’re a 30 year old woman with a master’s degree in a field with huge demand. She could’ve gotten a job in a heartbeat at any point in those 8 months, and not a low-paying one either. This level of celebration is infantile and embarrassing.

No. 1441221

She had essentially no work experience so I’m sure the demand was smaller. Her collecting unemployment while not actively looking for a job was enraging so yay I guess?

No. 1441230

Quest and protein bars aren’t cheap either.

No. 1441232

What is the Facebook group called?

No. 1441265

She was sent IP three times, she got worse after that…. I don’t doubt she was severely underweight weight but she’s definitely exaggerating

No. 1441268

File: 1644648953864.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2256, B835AF33-0DC8-418D-8F2E-E2F5D8…)

Like she was clearly underweight, maybe bmi of 15 or so. But she has said that she’s now at a healthy weight, her content is getting more pro-recovery now and it seems like she’s actually trying

No. 1441287

File: 1644651847679.png (8.03 MB, 1170x2532, 08A32118-9093-4782-8B04-FF2573…)

This French cow always posts strained videos, showing how thin she is… and has the tube at home, obviously pretty milky

No. 1441331

Don't cut yourself on that popped out collarbones, gorl. And don't forget to breathe while posing for your fellow TikTokkers…

No. 1441345

File: 1644662592790.jpeg (314.42 KB, 1170x2154, 82DD5A40-8E47-4A4B-BCC2-23A745…)

New cow? Popped up on my fyp yesterday, filmed her dinners with her parents and the videos are super awkward because she’s filming herself while making “normal” family conversation round the dinner table. Has posted a few what I eat in a days with obviously too little food and a much needed bodycheck at the beginning. Only watched a few videos but she’s already getting under my skin. She’s @lukarecovers on tiktok. She also posts bodychecks on her personal account

No. 1441346

File: 1644662686116.jpeg (444.32 KB, 1170x2138, FD47120F-F69D-4D04-9451-7673BB…)

Like there’s is no pretending that this is anything other than a blatant bodycheck

No. 1441348

She doesn't look like she is wearing underwear. is this a minor?

No. 1441352

>>1441348 Pretty sure shes 18, turning 19 in March. she has a lot of revealing pictures of her in her underwear on her public instagram so I hope so

No. 1441355

not wearing underwear with clothes is nasty even if it is a pair of short shorts.

No. 1441360

It also seems like she posts more proana stuff in French rather than English so I'd say she's for sure a cow

No. 1441362

Idk, for me IG does not work like that. If a person I follow has liked the post, let's call them X, it says "X and 3 others liked this post." So I don't think that's Cece.

No. 1441375

Luka is lovely and definitely not a cow. She is super genuine and kind.

No. 1441381

What are you even on? Do you wear knickers in swimming cosie or bikini set too?

I'm assuming anon meant that Cece liked the picture, if you look in the likes.

No. 1441446

What's her master's in?

No. 1441455

Is that you Luka?

No. 1441470

Different anon here, I second that Luka is very genuine. This site is not for people like her, she is clearly trying hard and while yes, she does seem awkward on camera, who doesn’t?

No. 1441472

File: 1644679641391.png (4.94 MB, 828x1792, 5385237A-1EF8-4467-943F-318F5D…)


No. 1441474

File: 1644679723346.jpeg (161.15 KB, 828x738, F28E057D-9208-4594-A4F8-5188D0…)

Could be valid, but people can be weird

No. 1441488

>I graduated with my M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Portland State University., where I earned the Oregon Speech-Language Hearing Association Graduate Student Award.

Info from her linkedin

No. 1441491

Tbh, her CV/resume is quite impressive if she isn't embellishing it like I do

No. 1441497

She drinks alcohol in some of her Tik toks so, most likely.

No. 1441501

It's weird, she seems super sweet on her tik tok and then her IG… is something else. Not sure how milky she is, but definitely follow for a while and see if she provides.

No. 1441502


That is very incorrect. You can lose bladder control from kidney issues, anorexia, utis, etc.

The reason anorexia can cause it is because the bladder is supported by muscles. When you’re significantly underweight and no longer have enough fat, your body uses what it has to: muscles. Therefore, the bladder muscles (detrusor muscle which makes up the bladder wall) become weaker, leading to bladder incontenence in the absence of kidney damage and the like.

No. 1441634

Recovery my ass

No. 1441645

She's posing around like a cheap whore.

No. 1441729

File: 1644696528778.png (6.55 MB, 1125x2436, 623B7294-A583-4E40-8808-558A39…)

The editing to make her thigh gap look bigger is so obvious. Where is the separation from floor to wall etc? How do these people not notice how obvious it is before posting? Actually embarrassing! This is crystalkaro on Instagram if anyone didn’t know

No. 1441734

File: 1644697207470.png (2.52 MB, 1452x2048, Screenshot_20220212-151857.png)

Her recent tiktoks have this promo code, do companies (other than dollskill) seriously still sponsor proana shit

No. 1441740

Not convinced

No. 1441748

File: 1644698896459.jpeg (235.17 KB, 827x1234, 11970E84-C223-45C9-97C8-FF0ECB…)

I don’t get why Niamh still is on just tube feeds. She said she was’nt allowed to eat before and was only on feeds. If her body can’t handle food, why was she not in general. Dont make sense

No. 1441749

Whats niamhs new tiktok account?

No. 1441783

her body can handle food fine. she wants a tube for photos. she’s deliberately non complaint and pulls the tube out, and she purges so they put them on continual feeds.

No. 1441788

anyone who has the time and is not over her by now, can watch Fi's 19 minute video and tell us if theres any milk?

No. 1441815

Basically the day was super hard, reallyyyyy difficult. She had to take it ‘hour by hour’, appointment day. Crying. Super anxious cue over the top face rubbing. Then cried some more about how people are getting bored of her, crying about how hard it is to recover. Crying about how she’s struggling but the world and life is still continuing around her. Crying because she’s making slow progress. Hugs and talks with mum and dad. The usual.

No. 1441825


as suspected, nothing new then. old tape

No. 1441845

And she had several engraved teaspoons and ended on a favourite quote…..

No. 1441880

File: 1644714360572.jpeg (400.42 KB, 750x990, B53473DC-C3CE-4236-8BB9-B6C058…)

Not sure if anyone is still interested but.. holy shit, thinemma actually left! Apparently she’s left and come back before, though. I don’t know much about the new owner. I know this: she’s 23, “17.9 bmi” and fat shames viscously. She also posts meanspo and actively makes challenges and diets involving the minors. Still super disturbing, just definitely not a life as hilarious as Emma’s. I couldn’t find any pictures and that’s probably because the selfie and bodycheck channel is gone.

No. 1441883

Wanted to add literally the first thing she said as the new owner was how much she hates “anti pro ana communities”

No. 1441890

wasn't she found to be posting on here a while back? she left her email in the sage field. i remember her ugly mug. she probably still lurks.

No. 1441894

Yup that’s her!

No. 1441906

Man, they just can't get a low BMI queen huh ? Hahahaha anyways it seems that server will remain a milky one after Emma's reign. Good.

No. 1441952

Did anyone see @smoothiebowlmia stories yesterday? Currently on her highlights on her profile. she’s claiming people have been stalking her, anyone know what the deal is? She’s been mentioned on here a few times before but not someone I’ve seen regularly be gossiped about

No. 1441953

File: 1644720274146.png (4.1 MB, 750x1334, 3314C3B6-8276-4557-8E95-478376…)

No. 1442101

she’s the one who did shit photoshop kek

No. 1442102

she’s an awful speller

No. 1442103

Accuse. They're two entirely different things.
But i don't doubt too much that there are some shitty people out there, see it often with vendetta chans here. Shitty morons that don't understand you're not supposed to touch the poo in any way, certainly not meant to be messaging teams or families. Eating disorders are insidiously competitive, and I think it triggers some really shitty people who are equally cows themselves. That's why it's always fun to look at friends of cows brought up here, always never fails to amuse me when they're outed to be posting their friends here (friends close, enemies closer et el).

No. 1442138

She's close to a few of the cows posted here. Referred to Niamh as her best friend, Zara, Paige, Paige's friend Kyra.
If she goes through with the "vegan/fashion/lifestyle" shift, I think she may produce a reasonable amount of milk. Seems like an easy way to post tiny meals and body checks under the guise of a wannabe influencer.

No. 1442165

How are the pro-anas so… normal weight? Bunch of wannarexics I'd say.

No. 1442168

That's what pro anas are, aren't they? Real anorexics don't need to follow internet tutorials on how to starve themselves or join weight loss groups for accountability.

No. 1442194

rattle rattle

No. 1442206

k, retard. you can have 'real' anorexia and also be pro-ana, dumbfag. Not everyone who is pro-ana is a wannarexic. go back to MPA and twitter if you think it's a flex to show how good of a "real anorexic" you are

god, sometimes I wish this board wasn't anonymous because we have so many cows contributing, I want to know who you are.

No. 1442221

if you check her tiktok you’ll see that she actually looks like that though. her edtwt acc is http://twitter.com/blushydior

No. 1442226

File: 1644768026966.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 2A2AA7B0-B45E-4E08-804B-9C0C54…)

I could have sworn that in her weekly posts of her such exile she used to include “file for unemployment,” which I was shocked that she qualified and kind of disgusted that she got to use it. Wonder if she’s saying this now because she got that kind of feedback? Anyone else able to corroborate that she definitely posted about it or am I just insane? Also tinfoil that she asks herself questions about inconsistencies we point out here…

No. 1442231

How's that rattling?

No. 1442233

Show me where I said I was anorexic

No. 1442234

>>1441729 many of these girls that edit are also genuinely emaciated. Shooping doesn't automatically mean a cow isn't ill, it's just funny

No. 1442236

I'm assuming because of the whole "real anorexics~" rhetoric as if you'd know what a true blue, badge of honor, anorexic is. People with anorexia can still be pro ana, and engage in proa ana activities and general scumbaggery.

No. 1442242

she did? when?

No. 1442245

I remember that. maybe she filed and got rejected tho.

No. 1442255

You only qualify if you’re actively applying for jobs, which she said she started in January

No. 1442258

Well you assumed wrong. But I see your point. I didn't think too far ahead, I just reckoned that wannarexics are more likely to have those culty rules and tips and tricks because they just don't know how to stop eating where as a person with anorexia might lose their appetite due to trauma or something else rather than just "I wanna lose weight".

No. 1442281

there's a lot more criteria to be eligible than just not having a job and actively looking for work…

No. 1442347

File: 1644782133343.jpeg (357.63 KB, 1284x2324, 208384F9-5441-4DDD-82A3-E81AB5…)

Another spoon rocking the gore on her forehead. This trend is actually insane

No. 1442350

Tubes, spoops and head banging, classic cow

No. 1442353

File: 1644783362707.jpeg (124.34 KB, 828x1291, 7A0E6FEA-E8CA-444C-A082-52FE69…)

Wow, way to totally ignore her privilege. Not only could she afford months of treatment, she was able to live off her savings for 8 months. Depending on what bills she was paying during that time, she had at least a fairly significant amount of money there. According to previous farmers’ reasoning that Cece’s most recent job was as a school speech therapist (Google redirects speech therapist to speech pathologist, assuming that’s the same thing but idk for sure), she was theoretically making a salary of approximately 70-90K a year. For non Amerifags, that is a lot of money for a single, childless 30 year old, even living in a more expensive area like Portland or Seattle.

Tldr is Cecelia continues to be a whiny, entitled, and immature cow who should probably just shut tf up about what a “victim” she is.

No. 1442354

This exactly. She’s already said that she’s somewhere under BMI 14 and she spent the fall in inpatient. If she edits then it’s barely noticeable and there’s not much milk on her except for blatant body checking on Tiktok afaik

No. 1442355

>>1442234 ayrt, anons tend to use anything to claim the cows aren't "truly sick" but a lot of them are and shooping an already emaciated body is common but IMHO also sad.

No. 1442356

File: 1644783906745.jpg (421.16 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20220213-152414_Ins…)

Anyone find it annoying that cece claims to have "five best friends" constantly sage for nitpick

No. 1442358

File: 1644784063271.jpeg (467.33 KB, 750x1334, 2B320043-81FC-47EE-9799-369953…)

She went to inpatient with Niamh (Scottish blonde tiktok girl) last year.
Both are serial body checkers, head banging spoops who love a bit of attention.

No. 1442359

File: 1644784153688.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, E7FB4260-5CB9-4CAC-8F55-4D7849…)

And just like Niamh, her accounts are full of her underweight body checks, fresh head banging wounds and tube selfies.

No. 1442367

Do they only head bang when they are IP? Or does it carry on after discharge? How can anyone think going around in public with their head looking like that is a good look. Screams attention seeking. Maybe that’s what they all have long hair.

No. 1442377

She posted about filing for unemployment on her weekly schedules. I posted about how disgusting that is on here 48 hours ago. >>144122 she was either lurking herself or her followers also picked up on it
She talks about her life for the past year as being funded by her savings but she’s living at home. She might have been more motivated to get an actual job if her parents stopped enabling her.
In her slight defense Seattle and Portland are extremely expensive. Her parents are loaded though I doubt she has any debt

No. 1442379

Samefag here’s the post I made >>1441221 the other day

No. 1442380

>>1442347 bangs. She needs bangs.

No. 1442405

File: 1644787986026.jpg (29.26 KB, 203x213, rugratsbabyhelmet.jpg)

Or a baby helmet/head nappy, anything would be an improvement.

No. 1442448

last thread >>1380628

No. 1442454

File: 1644791502847.jpeg (277 KB, 395x855, 0A7B2040-A7C2-457E-962E-D22F4E…)

the levels of photoshop from this girl are hilarious- look at those drawers, kek.

No. 1442456

File: 1644791556568.png (8.27 MB, 1170x2532, E2C72C85-BA7F-4602-BF87-18CCAC…)

also, she’s clearly a binge / purge subtype, her chipmunk cheeks and glands are always so swollen

No. 1442471

I mean, that's not really milky unless she's claiming not to be

No. 1442502

is this girl 6'8" or what?

No. 1442550

Get off the obsessive nitpick with neck glands and purging. There’s nothing fucking there

No. 1442551

Get off the obsessive nitpick with neck glands and purging. There’s nothing fucking there

Think the bottom draw is just broken

No. 1442555

forgot to screenshot, but did anyone see porgie’s story post on her having gastroparesis?? i haven’t been in the threads much, so i apologize if this isn’t a recent development

No. 1442558

forgot to screenshot, but did anyone see porgie’s story post on her having gastroparesis?? i haven’t been in the threads much, so i apologize if this isn’t a recent development

No. 1442577

File: 1644821520786.jpeg (413.75 KB, 1170x2037, 8CBE4490-8D14-445F-971B-601426…)

Oh hunnie

No. 1442601

File: 1644824682771.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, B63B60B9-BF11-4217-A2BD-9AB9DA…)

Here it is. Our poor fragile waif is living off of ensures and soup.
Upcoming Munchie larp ?

No. 1442611

She's definitely going to be a munchie. Anything for pity and attention. And of course she has gastroparesis now. Of. course. It's because of her sooper serious ed, isn't it?

No. 1442616

File: 1644826764103.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1032, Screenshot_20220214-101644.png)

are you kidding me? Have you looked at her twitter? constant fake/overblown visits to doctors who say insensitive remarks and tell her to "run on a treadmill to feel better." But they somehow all want to get her inpatient, too? Pretending that 2 rice cakes puts her over a calorie allotment. There's being into your eating disorder, and then there's pretending that you are a 10yo child at the brink of death, a misunderstood child triggered by her own doctors! Right. She is 21 in Scandinavia. No one is going to "section" her.

Also, this is a toddler dress, I will not believe otherwise unless she actually wears this in a picture.

No. 1442621

She’s severely disordered and acknowledges it regularly. I personally don’t think that that on its own makes someone a subject. I don’t know if you’re Scandinavian yourself but I’m from here and that’s indeed how things can work, but sure. Until she’s in some sort of drama or whatever I just don’t see her as cow material.

No. 1442713

File: 1644841624932.png (69.54 KB, 1448x280, Screenshot 2022-02-14 07.26.50…)

nta but I think she's cow material and she seems like a massive cunt to boot

No. 1442717

Considering she managed to never ever lose weight with a super serious ED I don’t think she’s going to lose any with a crippling gastrointestinal disorder either, she truly is a marvel of science.

No. 1442728

>>1442454 why is everything super jagged tf

No. 1442753

What’ll it be next, TPN? If she goes full munchie it’s totally gonna be a Dani/Bethany type situation (obese but “can’t eat”). She’s already fuckin enormous

No. 1442808

because she’s a shit shooper lol! she’s been talked about a lot on EDtwt for her bad photoshopping, and having had the misfortune of seeing her in the waiting room at the cullen centre (adult ED service), she looks totally different in person.

No. 1442819

I mean it's also just super low quality, pixelated, zoomed in, sharpened image.

No. 1442825

swedfag here. you can get sectioned at any age, but for adults you have to be under a certain weight, heart rate, etc. of course it is easier if you are underage because of parents, but adults do still get sectioned here.

No. 1442827

Might as well give her linkedin. Her job was what you say. I took it for granted she was living off her parents cash when she moved back to Seattle.

She should just say five friends. Those are probably the only friends she has (surprised she has any tbh), and the rest are work acquaintances. I can't even imagine what she could bring to the table in a friendship. If you wanted to cry on her shoulder, she'd bring the subject back to her and her woes.

No. 1442830

Dropped the link.

Is the board fucking up for everyone today?

No. 1442838

Won’t lie I was thinking the exact same thing but to scared of anons fighting me.

No. 1442879

That’s true now that you mention it, I think her status on edtwt has really gotten to her head and she gives off somewhat of a.. narcissistic vibe lmao
I believe I only saw her as ”unqualified” because I compared her to other cows on here but if we ignore those then yes, she’s worth taking a look at. She just started a mass reporting campaign towards some kid for posting her pre-ana photos so that’s an ongoing roller coaster.

No. 1442895

Omg no-pants Bethany and Dani are some of my favorites. I have a bit of a soft spot for Dani (who is still doing tons of ED shit and unfortunately aging like a raisin)

No. 1442961

Not defending her behavior but that girl is very ill. If you look back at her account she dumped a shit ton of weight since mid-2020. Wouldn't be surprised if she is deep in all sorts of behaviors. Her natural body was close to Ham's.

No. 1442967

where are you seeing that? her last video on tiktok was uploaded in january

No. 1443028

File: 1644866215786.jpg (528.84 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20220214-141327_Tik…)

>>1442456 I think nonnie meant crystal? Her old tiktoks show a rapid decline

No. 1443035

File: 1644866798747.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x2142, 2A0979E9-FCC4-4381-993A-E25993…)

heres something, someone should be proud of

No. 1443051

File: 1644868087942.jpeg (1.37 MB, 2268x3024, 35208E66-04ED-491C-8BC6-A8C09F…)

Did I do okay yet lol(no)

No. 1443072

it's possible to be ill and not be a bitch and attention whore. She knows damn well her heart rate is too low, why does she need to post it on twitter to get 100+ responses telling her to go to a dr!

No. 1443081

b-but how else can she brag about being the best anorexic

No. 1443098

File: 1644871792281.png (147.05 KB, 420x600, Nimetn1.png47DE6157-A3DF-488A-…)

Wouldn't the dress realistically be too short?

No. 1443112

>>1442961 agree w nonnie. Many of these girls are extremely ill and at the same time extremely annoying. So it goes.

No. 1443129

File: 1644874453280.jpg (89.68 KB, 750x700, H247830380a9c48bcafd8156156442…)

I just hopped on over to their twatter, and she said to someone it's from aliexpress. Looks like a beefier dress that sits about mid thigh (on asians/shorties though). Not sure if the flatlay was deceptively short or not, but it did seem like a toddlers/young kids dress from her photo.

No. 1443135

Cece why do you have high school experience on LinkedIn????? I love how the undergrad degree she finished in 3 years was a random art degree that shouldn’t be 4 years anyways

No. 1443225

considering she's about 7 foot tall, i'm not sure aliexpress is the right place for her to be shopping

No. 1443243

OP, yes. thanks.

No. 1443254

sure, I saw that aliexpress link too. Dress on the floor looks nowhere near that length, and the top isn't the same either (though that is to be expected). It looks like a little kid's dress that would end well above her crotch. I guess we'll see if she ever wears it.

I stand corrected on whether adults get sectioned in Scandinavia. I'm in a European country where that would not happen unless you were deemed incompetent to make decisions, and this is very rare unless other severe mental illnesses or deficits are indicated. She looks really sick but that doesn't automatically translate to involuntary commitment. There are rights one has as an adult, provided one is not an immediate danger to oneself or others.

No. 1443361

7 foot? Surly not….. is that not like close to record height?

No. 1443406

No. 1443420

File: 1644897854015.jpeg (737.03 KB, 828x1287, 9658C6D9-CB58-4B1F-AA04-E1E8F3…)

I mean I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than watch a Eugenia video, but I’m curious. Any anons seen this already? Could give us a quick breakdown?

I’ll try give it a go myself but I can’t promise anything.

No. 1443437

this shit’s weird as hell

No. 1443471

i skimmed it. it’s like 20 mins long and she doesn’t get to the point until halfway through, spends the first 10 minutes on a long ramble about how people are sooo mean to her and Why can’t we all just be nice uwu… then despite the title she only addresses one rumor, that she wears diapers. says she doesn’t wear diapers, she’s sorry she freaked out on stream about it. 9 more minutes of diaper tangent

she also says in the end that she might make a video talking about her rehab experience. no doubt if she does that she’s going to say it was terrible and she didn’t need treatment and those psychiatrists were just bullies

No. 1443483

I watched it last night and I usually cannot stomach her videos but I watched this the whole way through…I found it concerning the amount of times she mentioned suicide and going to "a really bad place" mentally. She mentioned more than once that sometimes "people" get so affected by bullying that they kill themselves. I interpreted it as her beat-around-the-bush way of telling us she is or was suicidal to some degree. I really do think she's reaching her breaking point and won't be able to pretend everything is fine much longer.

She also mentioned that she got really upset by the diaper thing because her grandma is living with them and needs to use them. Makes sense. But I think she was upset about it moreso because she doesn't want people to think her body and organs are anything less than "fine"

No. 1443498

i'm not familiar with the deep dark corners of ana social media and lifestyle, but how long can she really keep living for? It seems like people have been saying "she's toast any second now" for 5+ years. She was always noticeably anorexic, but she's so, so, so bad now that I can't understand how her body is still functioning. Can you really just live normally at that weight? I don't get it.

No. 1443505

File: 1644905042261.jpg (267.31 KB, 1920x800, Ss_firenze.jpg)

low body weight anachans live longer than most people think they would but its definitely not a normal lifestyle. she'll feel like absolute shit the entire time and not have energy to do basic stuff.

they will live a half life, a cursed life

No. 1443516

Yeah as long as she can continue living a carefree lifestyle where she never has to work or worry about life, she'll probably survive a lot longer than we think. But fuck, I wouldn't wish her quality of life on my worst enemy

No. 1443526

So you just get really tired? I thought it would affect your organs and stuff and that's what kills you. Does it just happen really slowly? I mean she's been like this for so many years and still acts the same.

No. 1443528

it really, really depends on the person, both on what they're doing and how well their body can tolerate the effects of that behavior.

No. 1443529

The exhausted feeling can be a motivating factor or comfort thing. I’d gamble the depression is what makes most super spoops tired and leads to their eventual demise. Not to sound like a cow but it’s a pretty difficult and long process to kill yourself from straight restriction. The general public doesn’t seem to understand that Eugenia eats some food just not enough to gain weight. With 50% + of people with EDs dying from suicide it’s probably more likely at this point

No. 1443553

File: 1644912705541.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, DCCCF47C-627C-401B-A648-A39E05…)

Just wondering if anyone / why no one has talked about @Nikkolels yet?

She’s saying her followers for want her to be fat and screaming at them that her “weight gain” isn’t water weight. She posts body checks 24/7, says she’s eating 1600 calories and maintaining, but she is adamant she’s not got an ED, but she posted about going into recovery for her OCD, lol. She also shits on anyone else who has an ED and says it’s unhealthy to be at that weight.

No. 1443557

File: 1644913286364.png (4.36 MB, 828x1792, B0E789BE-AF1E-4FCF-B64B-D89D1A…)

Luka Scout’s “wieiad” was probably not even 800 calories. Accompanied by a body check of course.

No. 1443569

Crystal actually went to the hospital last night. Good for her.

No. 1443590

File: 1644917546017.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 274.46 KB, 820x1465, 0280788A-8D5F-4B95-84E4-F86417…)

this is her, right?

No. 1443592

Oh my that looks bad. Is it bloating or something medical?

No. 1443630

that's pretty standard bloating for someone who's been restricting/purging long enough to be significantly underweight.

No. 1443632

some people are just genetic outliers when it comes to extreme endurance, in a parralel universe she could be on some David Goggins shit running 24hr marathons or doing heroin every day for 40 years.

No. 1443643

This reminds me of what 80 year old thin women look like naked but less wrinkly.

No. 1443655

Crystal seems to go to the hospital every few days according to her casual references on edtwt. So did one of you cowtip by telling her on cc that she's on this site? "Good for her" kek yes, brave little toaster.

No. 1443689

Normal for someone with AN-BP . It’s just bloat and fluid.

No. 1443690

File: 1644928085266.png (65.66 KB, 1294x214, Screenshot 2022-02-15 07.26.42…)

yeah seems like she's taking it really seriously

No. 1443727

i think she has very regular doctor visits like most scandinavian anacows but this was some kind of emergency visit and she's still there

No. 1443929

she could easily make it into her late30s/ 40s. Look at Litch Queen, Nikki Grahame, and the twins. It takes a long time to die of chronic malnourishment. As long as she is eating something and gets some amount of fluids she can carry on like this, albeit likely feeling like shit constantly, for a long time. It's other behaviors like purging and lax that really bring you to the grave faster, but even so there are plenty of severe bulimics who live with the illness for decades.

No. 1444020

Did anyone catch Porgie’s story where she claimed to have gastroparesis? Is this a new development? The story disappeared when I went back to screenshot, and this was a few days ago- also haven’t been on the threads much so I apologize if this has already been talked about

No. 1444023

do you just post this question then throw your phone in a canyon or what

No. 1444030

Technical difficulties! When I tried to post the first time it gave an error message, so I just assumed it didn’t post. Major Apologies for being a dumb*ss

No. 1444053

is lifofhan discharged?

No. 1444060


her lives are so boring. she just sits and scrolls thrrough the phone and blandly answers q's once in a while like is a chore

No. 1444184

File: 1644967156268.jpeg (243.15 KB, 1199x1464, BF0D7B8B-6C09-41F0-BEBB-BB4283…)

No, lifeofhxn is still inpatient, but her discharge is upcoming.
Unrelated, but kek at her admitting she doesn’t know if she will bother drinking/eating when she leaves IP. Recovery queen

No. 1444227

File: 1644971373605.png (2.29 MB, 2530x1326, possible cow.png)

I dont even know if I can call this milk, it's kind of sad

No. 1444236

File: 1644972343011.jpg (267.78 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20220215-194445_Chr…)

Posting with diet soda in the hospital is peak ana cow behavior

No. 1444246

File: 1644973631366.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, A035BD90-A84E-4DC1-AFDD-C741DB…)

Of all the strage things Paris has posted, this has to be the strangest. She’s a grown woman and she thought posting this was a good idea?? Someone needs to take her phone.

No. 1444355

Can children please stop publicly posting their nudes?

No. 1444378

This site is so fucking vile. I cannot believe authorities haven’t been contacted. What the hell is wrong with you all!

No. 1444385

File: 1644985879379.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 55.29 KB, 679x452, 685E6E62-2C69-491F-9262-26E79E…)

>>1444378(samefagging idiot)

No. 1444388

That is so fucked I hope those pictures get removed. I hate that these girls think posting these are okay because it isn't sexual or something, anorexia fetishists do not care. I also wish literal children would stop being weird af calling their minor bfs daddy. It's all just so incredibly sickening. Not a day goes by where I don't worry for children on the internet.

No. 1444413

Even more so given she’s publicly put her address on her ig hoping for people to send her stuff . Even the twins aren’t that stupid.

No. 1444414

Wtf haven’t you put a spoiler on that?

No. 1444431

oh no, the police are going to tell us to be nicer on the internet :(

No. 1444470

I fucking hope so!

No. 1444484

Don’t you have calories to count?

No. 1444500

File: 1644996831243.jpg (440.21 KB, 1080x1628, munchiesgonnamunch.jpg)

She was introduced in the previous thread with her utter delusion about ~health~

Speaking of such things. Ofc Georgia decides to lean into munchiedom - like the ana shtick was ever going to be believable. But, as with all munchies, she has to be "complicated" and the situation is dire. I wonder if this gastroparesis will result in a perma-tube.

No. 1444536

Gastroparesis without weight loss is extremely suspicious. I know medical fat phobia is bad but when do we cross the line into enabling munching?

No. 1444539

File: 1645003430525.png (6.82 MB, 1125x2436, 469C3CB4-DDE2-4053-99C3-33066E…)

No. 1444543

File: 1645003673568.jpeg (413.84 KB, 1125x1933, 9D506083-A4BA-4A96-A605-8D878A…)

For the kween who cannot eat anymore and needs a hospital admission .. “the posts weren’t on lolcow so you didn’t see them”
So here you are porgie, this one’s for you! Clearly a lurker (cue the NG tube)

No. 1444549

File: 1645004657023.jpeg (209.98 KB, 828x661, 55DBB046-97C7-4972-AF2B-BD75F3…)

This is such a weird thjng to say, people are just concerned about her and this is her reaction

No. 1444561

Eh she's not wrong, that's exactly how competitive anachans can be.

No. 1444570

My worry is that this 'Daddy' isnt a minor at all. She's 17, posting nudes, and talking about her Daddy. I bet anything its some 30 year old scrote.

No. 1444583

Moderate is one up from mild, so no big deal. Going to have to try harder.

I see her purposely eating crap to make it worse rather than changing to a healthy diet.

No. 1444589

idk I think this is more what someone deep in her disorder thinks is true: it's paranoia. In reality, an anachan will always want to be the thinnest and will never feel the thinnest. Anachan thinks everyone want her to be 'normal' or 'fat.' It's a self-focused obsession. Although EDs are competitive, I don't think EDed people dwell too much on others' actual recoveries since that's out of their control. I was only active in limited ways in online communities but I didn't see very much malicious or hypocritical encouragement. The people who did do that were kind of known for being BPD or messed up in other ways.

No. 1444595

File: 1645009098068.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 5AF75168-8E19-4738-9532-4D5A59…)

kek, which one of you cow tipped old Porgie

No. 1444600

Yeah she got cowtipped hard tonight
Kinda not cool

No. 1444601


No. 1444605

Sounds like was it Shay? Can't remember her name. She was a two faced friend and she lurks here.

Idk anything about gastrointestinal stuff, does morbid obesity contribute to the problem?

No. 1444609

File: 1645010707481.png (1.11 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20220216-112343.png)

That definitely happened.

No. 1444625


vendetta-chan much nonnie

No. 1444636

Cow tipping is a retarded thing to do, and is against the rules. Can't follow the rules? shouldn't be here. This is why we can't have nice things, dries up any sort of milk all because people want to goad the cow. And is also cow behaviour.

I wouldn't call that anon vendetta chan, i remember Shay was caught posting about porgie in the past few years despite them being friends. It's one example that always comes to my mind when i think of "friends close and enemies closer".

No. 1444638

Vendetta against who?

No. 1444645

Is it just the angle or has her face gotten even moonier?

No. 1444646

File: 1645016606691.png (1.04 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20220216-112327.png)

She's gaining weight, but it's not surprising.

No. 1444648

File: 1645016686020.png (1.19 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20220216-112356.png)

And she had two

No. 1444662

She lives in a fantasy larp world making shit up that didn't happen in order to make another shit post for attention. Wonder who she copied/where she read it this time?Or maybe she came up with it all on her own!

No. 1444673

Missed opportunity to tell the nAsTy man she’s in “recovery” from a super serious definitely real totally not fabricated ED!
…oh wait, this never happened.

No. 1444674

She's going to eat the whole damn cake, not just a slice. She "weight restored and recovered" super fast and this is exactly why.

No. 1444744

Laura is asking for opinions on Sanford. Says she’s “on a waiting list” for Torrance Memorial as well but their website says they’re not taking any ED patients from out of state due to covid. Maybe they’re making an exception for her? Meanwhile she’s still posting shoops where she’s made her thighs smaller than her wrists.

No. 1444745

Is this on facebook? I don't see it on her remaining instagram account

No. 1444764

>>1444744 sage for mild blog but torrance does take out of state on and off it depends on covid cases in that county iirc friend went over the summer

No. 1444771

>>1444549 christ this is pathetic how has she not been discussed prior to this

No. 1444779

File: 1645030369595.jpg (203.34 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20220216-115026_Chr…)

Dropped pic Crystal flexing about being the uwu sickest

No. 1444782

She’s off of edtwt and some people on here don’t like to talk about it. Crystal has also been cowtipped btw.

No. 1444788

>>1444771 everyone complains about lack of milk but the amount of cowtipping lately is ridiculous.

No. 1444793

Yeah totally happened very believable

No. 1444795

Jesus, the bloating on her stories right now is disturbing. I genuinely feel bad for her because I can tell she’s so mentally ill.

No. 1444798

>>1444609 I've missed Ham she always delivers kek

No. 1444810

she’s an edtwt staple for sure but i know a ton of people found her through tiktok. it’s tragic to see her bodycheck on there while a majority of people in the comment section are girls wanting tips on how to look like her.

No. 1444856

File: 1645037082998.jpeg (875.96 KB, 828x1454, 66EC419C-2679-4FD3-BBDD-4C43B0…)

Her family bullies her for looking like this? Hard to believe.

No. 1444865


there are some fucked up families out there, nonny.

No. 1444881

I’d love to see what her family looks like.

No. 1444893

Sanford or Stanford? Johns Hopkins takes skellies but I presume she’s aiming to go to California where she can’t be certified. >>1444881
Some families are horrifically abusive. I think we all know spoops aren’t the most accurate sources of information though

No. 1444898

>>1444744 Sanford takes skellies if it's thar hospital in ND. Agree w you nonnie most of the centers that take super spoops would cert her. Hopkins for sure can afaik. As for nikol jfc either she's lying/exaggerating or the mom's anorexic too

No. 1444899

File: 1645042014591.jpg (385.42 KB, 1007x1720, Screenshot_20220216-150605_Ins…)

Good God this girl is unhinged

No. 1444915

Reminds me of Elzani

No. 1444990

File: 1645049908043.jpeg (255.25 KB, 828x1401, B602BCE3-0544-4487-9E3F-D0E186…)

Scarlett is eating in a deficit and talking about hiding her feelings in her muscles. Completely unhinged at the moment

No. 1445012

File: 1645053052583.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 750x1334, F1801911-EF25-4903-B178-943CBA…)

Spoilered the photo because it’s VERY graphic. It shows the remains of a woman that died from complications having to do with bulimia. Click at your own risk. So now @nikkolels is admitting that she purges? After denying it countless times whenever she’s been asked? What’s the point of posting that image and asking her followers this? Fucking disturbing.

No. 1445014

Love how the options are idk or no you'll be fine. The denial..

No. 1445017

I think she is alluding to being concerned about the volume of food she consumed stretching and rupturing her stomach.

No. 1445025

Kek the top causes of gastroparesis are eating disorders and uncontrolled diabetes. Georgia’s POTS is fake, so if she actually has gastroparesis (which I doubt), I’d wager it’s her obesity and resulting T2D. High blood sugar is no bueno. And the best treatment for gastroparesis? Healthy, appropriate diet, with medication if necessary but since this is all another Georgia larp doubt they gave her anything. Besides, she’s such a massive whale it’s clear she doesn’t have GI issues. Georgie Porgie full of shit like usual.

No. 1445118

the opposite for me. the options are "i don't know" or "you'll be fine, i think" like she wants to hear that she's endangering herself.

No. 1445219

I would literally be fired if I was a nurse or doctor and this fucking reanimated waterlogged corpse came lumbering in, squealing about how she can’t eat. This fat bitch could survive on multivitamins and water for up to two years with all of the fat
Stored throughout her body. This bitch has been fat for so many years even her toes and fingers and pudgy and obese. She is literally loaded with lard throughout her entire body.

No. 1445339


Yes and shitting all over some other influencer more successful than her for promoting perfectionism, when she herself always bangs on about showing up every day and training so hard you make yourself cry. She's a bitter hypocrite who just can't stand that this other girl is doing better than her.

No. 1445375

File: 1645112707475.jpg (508.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220217-154227_Ins…)

Jesus christ, is this a bad picture or is Zara really going that bald? She is just looking worse and worse. Still got some impressive chewing and spitting glands going too.

No. 1445399

She just looks so unwell, I don’t know how she manages uni and full time work like that.
Out of all the cows, I honestly think Zara has the most potential if she just … genuinely recovered???!

No. 1445406

File: 1645115461441.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2391, BA36D108-71AD-454A-A644-7124C9…)

not the glands again. that’s just her fucking bony jawline

No. 1445420

Nothing to tell she purges, just a mentally ill girl genuinely terrified of binging

No. 1445432

File: 1645117317139.jpg (333.22 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20220217-115907_Ins…)

Zara has nothing on Cecelia's hair loss kek/s

No. 1445434

File: 1645117517377.jpg (328.72 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20220217-115855_Ins…)

No. 1445450

Cecilia hasn’t lost hair, she’s just got a massive forehead and an unfortunate hairline.
To have lost hair, she would have had to be as genuinely underweight and malnourished as she pretends she is.
bMi 12 sEeD cHrOniC aNoReXiA

No. 1445467

looking at it again for some reason i think she looks much better than she has recently?

No. 1445470

Agreed but I don’t know if it’s just makeup. Yes, she’s clearly very underweight but at least in this picture she doesn’t look visibly unwell aside than that or super shockingly spoopy. I’m not bone rattling but don’t see the purpose of continually talking about how underweight she is.

No. 1445503

Lmao. Her hair is probably thinning because she's getting old. Too old for this bullshit.

No. 1445578

Is she ever positive about anything? she’s so fucking missable all the time.

To me it doesn’t look like hair loss it looks like dark hair with pale undyed roots/ hair going grey. can someone show me where the hell the hair loss is?

No. 1445613

>>1445467 don't mean to rattle but also find the pearl clutching about zara's state a bit tiresome. Yes she's very unwell but many other cows are equally low weight and no one frets over them. She belongs here imo bc she doesn't practice what she preaches.

No. 1445643

File: 1645134638197.png (198.38 KB, 750x1334, 4DDE6FFF-C144-47DC-AD63-88EEDE…)

Hxn just needs £50k to start eating solids again!!
Hurry guys, drop your credit card numbers below to save this starving child.

No. 1445653

she also claimed she'd be eating solids in her current admission. funny how the goalpost is always moving.

No. 1445664

I was going to say Cece is the ugliest cow, but then I thought of Porgie & Fi so idk…

she’s so looks so plain in everything. Also she looks like she’s ageing mighty fast. She looks so boring & unfashionable.

No. 1445668

I was going to say Cece is the ugliest cow, but then I thought of Porgie & Fi so idk…

she’s so looks so plain in everything. Also she looks like she’s ageing mighty fast. She’s so boring & unfashionable.

No. 1445672

I feel like she’s setting herself up for relapse

No. 1445709

people are more in disbelief that she managed to ‘escape’ the system which she was clearly very very deeply involved in (recent hospital admissions and sectioned etc etc)., and now somehow off at university with a bmi clearly below 12, probably less, somehow still running about like a mad thing totally without consequence. it’s beggars belief.

No. 1445717

her jowls and philtrum make her look like droopy dog in this photo kek

No. 1445721

Even Droopy the cartoon dog has more enthusiasm in his facial expression kek

No. 1445727

She’s aging because that’s what happens when you’re 30. It’s just more pronounced in her because she always has an Eeyore expression while behaving like someone 10 to 15 years younger.

No. 1445731

This is suspiciously leading me to think she’s aiming for an EDS diagnosis considering POTS and Gastro are often experienced by those with EDS.

No. 1445877

File: 1645151581142.jpg (245.4 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20220218-132330_Ins…)

Why is Cece always banging on about electrolytes? If you're not purging or abusing lax why do you need electrolyte supplements?

No. 1445897

Maybe this is her subtle way of saying that she did purge. Relapse incoming?

No. 1446010

Oh lord that's probably exactly what it is

No. 1446107

Ffs, she's got moon craters on her forehead.

No. 1446108


Guess she didn't take it to make a lightbulb glow.

No. 1446113

File: 1645185535061.png (194.6 KB, 484x361, Screenshot.png)

What a scary looking gorl.

No. 1446219

>>1445434 jfc her skin texture is…something else.

No. 1446263

File: 1645203007516.jpeg (790.13 KB, 750x1334, AB7BD716-E22E-4402-915A-DEF545…)

Melly.moo the DID larper claims that wearing a mask is traumatising
she’s actually quite milky for a tiktok cow
oh no I meant ~they~

No. 1446377

File: 1645212480602.jpeg (292.47 KB, 828x1439, CBE9E90C-D976-4212-AA5C-FABEDC…)

Hxn preaching about not posting harmful content while proudly showing off her open head banging wound (and she frequently talks about not showing pictures of SH). What a hypocrite

No. 1446389

she’s also currently posting youtube videos filmed months and months ago at a considerably lower weight than she is now, and seems to be trying to conceal that fact from viewers

No. 1446391

File: 1645213145314.jpeg (277.92 KB, 828x1394, 13EF1B49-FD52-4AD0-A280-3E9516…)

Also adding that she is posting photos of herself wearing the clothes she is selling at her LW (this was clearly taken ages ago). She posted other items laid out on her floor so it’s not like she’s doing it to show the fit or anything.

No. 1446392

Ok final one but topkek she’s tagged Fi, Emily, Paris and Watermelons in it

No. 1446420

File: 1645216645460.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3464x3392, 20144628-EAD8-4A20-872F-A46A1D…)

After flashing her panties for months, EC FINALLY got banned from twitch for flashing her nipple. She’s making tiktoks right now pretending to be unbothered while looking like a dehydrated corpse.

No. 1446422

What’s her you tube called?

No. 1446434

>>1446377 not to wk but it makes sense an anachan is self conscious about gaining weight. My biggest issue with hxn is that she drains the nhs dry and can't even be bothered to eat solids.

No. 1446448

No. 1446457

Starting to get that spooky old lady face that all ana-chans get once even the fat in their face disappears. Makes you age 50 years at once!

No. 1446459

I mean she will probably get the ban lifted but that’s another blow for her kek.
Her pretending to be fine on tiktok is telling, she’s def not okay. Wonder when she will finally crack?

No. 1446637

Good riddance. She looks awful, that hair is getting thinner by the week. Her 30s are gonna hit her like a brick, anachans think they're invincible in their 20s, but a lot of the time the long-time effects really start to set in.

Hope she's happy with herself living with her parents who don't give a shit about her health at 27 lmao

No. 1446692

File: 1645240207600.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2100, 0BE7D47D-E9C7-43E5-8FD4-6557C4…)

oh Fi is back on her feet again

No. 1446716

File: 1645242959832.jpg (724.39 KB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_20220218-225400_Tik…)

I'm totally fine not streaming tonight guys…

No. 1446799

Holy fuck. This is the first time she looks like this in the face. She always had a rounder face, no matter how underweight she was. It’s really going downhill from now on.

No. 1446800

Mel or whatever she/they are called, talked to the local news about irrelevant subject and only mentioned gastro issues for the toob.
nothing about anorexia or did


No. 1446809

It's like watching that scene from Hercules when he dives into Hades' pool of souls and immediately ages like 50 years

No. 1446839

Seriously, your posts are sounding like a retarded self-post, Mel "or whoever they/she are." No1curr, certainly not about your pronouns.

No. 1446902


haha im def not her

No. 1446951

File: 1645276009868.png (5.34 MB, 828x1792, 4BE1D060-AE68-4EE1-A476-A5F450…)

emisfighting’s got some competition

No. 1446968

Why tf is she suddenly obsessed with flashing? Is the anorexia rotting her brain and impairing impulse control?
It's extra weird cos I don't imagine she's had a sex drive for years being that underweight, but she must be getting off on it if she's straight up showing her boobs on stream when she knows she'll get banned. I don't understand WHY

No. 1446971

She gets mad amounts of money for doing that. Simple as.

No. 1446977

Just saying this, refusing to eat and drink for long time is something else than anorexia. The know that tube feedings will make them gain more weight than following their mealplan, by following your mealplan you have control and get discharged a lot faster. But refusing food and water is just so fkn stupid, its not anorexia is something else.

No. 1446980

>>1446951 can any ukfags explain why these units even let this happen in the US they'd be discharged for noncompliance almost anywhere

No. 1446990

It’s called Munchausen's syndrone

No. 1447013

Wouldn’t happen in Canada either and health care wise, we’re pretty similar. The UK system is shocking letting these cows refuse food/water for years

No. 1447036

“letting them”/ what else do they do?? pinch their nose and force it down?

No. 1447076

involuntary tube feeding

No. 1447109

They are being involuntarily tube fed though that’s how they’re still alive. If they were discharged they’d (probably) die (if they don’t start eating/drinking) and a lot of psychiatrists don’t want to take the risk of an investigation/prosecution.

No. 1447123

that’s what’s already happening you goose. anons were saying they should be discharged which seems stupid

No. 1447126

File: 1645298207419.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 98.17 KB, 828x713, 12238E44-5EC9-40CF-9CFB-BB452B…)

In case anyone is curious here’s the nipple flash that got Eugenia cooney banned. She confirmed that it was unfortunately only a 24 hour ban.

No. 1447137

Because insurance.
the US has private hospitals who have financial incentives, so they instantly discharge anyone who isn’t making progress (bc it’s not worth their money).

The NHS is a free public healthcare system, so they can’t be selective about who they admit. They can’t risk a lawsuit (for negligence) so they’re stuck with all the complex patients like Em, Lego head etc.
(It’s why private hospitals will refuse to admit patients with BPD, a history of physical aggression, ADHD/Autism etc)

No. 1447188

File: 1645304350390.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1906, 1BABC725-3193-4696-A8F6-EF8726…)

The thing about spooops is that they are actually spoopy with out photo shop so why do they shop so much? It doesn’t make sense to me. Anyways how can she have bad body image when she’s openly posting blatant body checks?

No. 1447189

Do they use bridles on tubes now? Or have they stopped?

No. 1447193


Who is she?

No. 1447207

File: 1645305805721.jpeg (368.24 KB, 1284x2778, C7786C21-2E15-46FF-8A12-2F54F1…)

Okay Laura.

No. 1447216

Christ, I forgot about her. That's her claim to fame though, so I doubt she'll ever stop posting about it and actually move on with her life.

No. 1447225

File: 1645307234057.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1241x2165, 7E8FCB7C-E3CB-4B90-A302-33D5BF…)

2/2. I guess she really wants us to talk about her?

No. 1447234

yeah well. shes not skelly anymore so hardly relevant in a pro ana thread any more. wasnt that screencap from a different, older thread as well? is she trawling to stay relevant here or gather sympathy from her followers?

No. 1447238

did she SH to tell us something

No. 1447241

Or her release date got close again and she needed to do something to stay in the hospital for a bit longer.

No. 1447245

File: 1645309363672.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1284x2272, 5C3F66FB-B04B-480F-9CA5-39DD31…)

Yeah, I’m certain that screenshot was from a thread 2.5 years ago. She’s spending her night getting mad at old comments, reliving the glory days of the 5 minutes when her bmi dipped below 18.5 no doubt.

No. 1447248

I’m guessing you linked wrong nonnie but I’ll answer anyways, can’t remember exact username br0ken_bambi or something but was mentioned in this thread a while back due to photoshopping. Won’t lie I feel bad for her cause she’s genuinely ill but also constantly moaning on her stories about being sent to hospital for an admission but it never happens. Not sure if she qualifies as milk but definitely a personal cow of mine.

No. 1447255

@br0ken_bambi is definitely milky also friendly with the twins. Looks like your personal cow is becoming more relevant anon

No. 1447256

Why do cows feel the need to constantly body check she isn’t even subtle about it. These are the worst proanas in my eyes

No. 1447258

Imagine her 40yrs old, still in a unit locked away in the system with her only achievement in life being that documentary

No. 1447288

File: 1645312368128.jpeg (764.88 KB, 828x1460, 94438032-4AA3-4B60-9991-BE0F3D…)

Why does this one keep getting tubed. She looks obese.

No. 1447305

File: 1645313712582.jpeg (219.76 KB, 750x1260, F8B108C4-C9F3-4D29-9458-68162D…)

I know she’s been posted about before but ??? What is this??? I’m so confused how she’s able to do this kinda shit in hospital but that’s honestly second to her making a post to say “eating disorders aren’t fashionable” when she’s here trying to make it fashionable. Idk I get fashion and makeup is fun and makes you feel good but isn’t there a time and a place?

No. 1447319

I think “bringing a look I came up with in hospital” means she thought of the look in hospital and is now out of hospital and this able to do the look

No. 1447323

She admits to having a reupload of this clip taken down already.

No. 1447326

File: 1645314900748.png (493.61 KB, 504x902, scummy.png)

no, shes in the hospital anon, she posts multiple tiktoks in the hospital corridor prancing around with her toob.

No. 1447331

I was referring mainly to her having posted “ootds” and things of the like when she was in hospital but the fact she’s back in and still doing it just solidifies it all for me lol

No. 1447338

Good God she’s worse than Fi was in her hospital outfits !

No. 1447347

File: 1645315749782.jpeg (1.67 MB, 2048x1496, 0CF36582-AB1F-440B-8F32-EA688C…)

Any back story or milk in this one - she has a yt channel Jasmin Traill and IG recovery_for_jas

No. 1447354

god, the number of times this bitch is brought up by people who clearly don’t read the threads. she’s a terrible photoshopper who now reckons herself a recovery guru.

No. 1447360

File: 1645316989158.jpeg (417.96 KB, 750x1334, E292BA4D-3440-4115-8008-3CDDF3…)

Honestly Jas is quite milky. She claims to be autistic (like Fi, Smorven etc). 19yrs old, but looks like an old age pensioner.
Spent the last few years in CAMHS units pissing about with a tube.
She’s the notorious bendy leg shooper who posts preachy Ham-type recovery content (“fOoD iS fUeL yOur bOdY nEeDs it!!!1!) while maintaining a BMI of like 11.
Has a recovery YouTube channel, instagram and Tiktok (recovery_for_jas)

No. 1447362

File: 1645317213444.png (3 MB, 750x1334, 3A69E5BD-C2F7-44DD-86D9-7B380A…)

Nonnie be kind to Porgie Junior. The poor delicate little waif “nearly died of anorexia”.
Kek at the comments “Why don’t you just pull it out if you hate it so much”

No. 1447396

File: 1645319272144.jpeg (309.52 KB, 1170x1970, BE862C37-713C-47A1-B978-197C4D…)

Only fans must not be bringing in cash now that the skelly fetishists aren’t watching

No. 1447425

Why not just wait for "less than a week" and pay for it yourself?

No. 1447479

>>1447305 never understood why this one wasn't discussed more

No. 1447587

Sorry couldn’t find any way of searching the 73 threads for her.

No. 1447654

What's the insta ??

No. 1447806

Oof I have alot to say about this one right milky little thing

No. 1447830

File: 1645368206623.jpeg (567.35 KB, 750x1334, EB2CC9D6-6C16-4980-9BD8-9727F4…)

This is Brianna’s instagram. just the usual tube pics and awareness posts, not as milky as her Tiktok.

No. 1447834

File: 1645369677458.png (1.05 MB, 720x846, Screenshot_20220220-150315~2.p…)

Have some Sunday motivation from the bravest ana warrior.

She almost didn't go out because she hated her reflection, but she went and didn't miss out on a burger.

Ty, Ham. You're amazing.

No. 1447835

Looking chunky

No. 1447845

they still do use bridles, just not commonly. the girl in the photos above with the tube and all the outfits - vinylmannequin - had. a tube with a bridle.

No. 1447856


that girl goes out to eat so much it’s crazy. when someone with ‘anorexia’ constantly, and willingly, goes out to eat so much like this surely they’d be considered recovered by now. it’s not even just the odd meal here and there, it’s lunch, dinner, snack at costa. we’re talking unknown cals, having someone else prepare your food, eating in public. so many usual anorexic fears.
on top of her regular big fat sugary baked oat breakfasts?
if she ever had a restrictive eating disorder, it’s gone. and if she does have a current disorder, it’s either bed or weirdo freak syndrome
never seen her make a healthy choice whilst eating out either, odd that.

No. 1447863

I'd love to know how she can afford to go out to eat constantly be it costa, maccies or burgerjoints. It's almost like she's out eating daily.

No. 1447874

pictures of women smiling at food

No. 1447907

i feel is such a mean thing to say but each time i see Hannah here claiming anorexia recovery in such big size herself and eating out claiming is a big deal, i automatically think of an anorexic seeing her post and not want to recover so they wont end up like her

No. 1447955

Fi hasnt posted in a few days…
anyone knows why she drop off the face of earth?

No. 1447990

She’s still posted on TikTok . No doubt she’s struggling or having a tough day or having meltdowns over meal plan increases . Or maybe she’s too busy being taken out in the wheelchair on shopping trips or out dog walking. Or ,at each she’s busy setting up an Etsy shop of engraved teaspoons or painted bowls and plates. Or maybe she’s knitting woolly hats.

No. 1447991

File: 1645386317613.jpeg (964.1 KB, 1536x1223, FDDB3CB7-5321-4BDC-BA12-DF8F47…)

No. 1447995

she hasnt in 3 days? nor she posted her so important that we dont care protein bar reviews

No. 1447997

>1 waiting, 1 like
I see her videos are peak popularity.

No. 1448005

>>1447955 her older sister had a baby. I'm guessing she can't cope with the attention not being on her for once.

No. 1448008

I smell a relapse

No. 1448014

can you even really call it a relapse if she clearly hasn't actually been trying to recover?

No. 1448018


oh a new baby in the family!wonderful news - for everyone else. But Fi wont be the baby of the family, wait she never was but she was acting like it and was getting all the attention. Wonder how she will react now that a real baby that actually needs attention, stills the show

No. 1448178

File: 1645402765415.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x2289, 41AC9C4D-F9D8-4DB8-85D8-8E5B09…)

zara looks worse on an almost daily basis now, yet preaching to the masses about the benefits of recovery- abusing (not taking) medication do we reckon?

No. 1448336

File: 1645414783589.jpeg (71.64 KB, 377x640, VC7ECHjl.jpeg)

Josie "recovering" before taking a huge jug of bowel prep for her super speshal surgery that she won't give us details about but SEND HER FLOWERS. Such a "recovery win" but don't worry guys, she's shitting it all out.

No. 1448397

Can someone share more of her acc?

No. 1448421

definitely looks like a meal someone with gastric issues would eat. NOT.

No. 1448436

Or anorexia

No. 1448456

Hopefully she’s dead

No. 1448462

That's a bit harsh anon..

No. 1448489

don’t fucking a-log.
She may be a degenerate leech but we don’t wish death on her or any of the cows.
Except maybe Cecilia.

No. 1448498

Nice hypocrisy there nonnie. What so bad has cecelia done that SHE of all the cows deserves death?

No. 1448502

nta, is she the mom of the baby with the giant head? cuz if so, agree

No. 1448523

Cecelia doesn't have kids.

No. 1448557

Think it was meant to be a joke anon, I know how you twitter transplants struggle without tone indicators.

No. 1448560

I don't have twitter but I am autistic thank you very much

No. 1448579

i see that fi is still successfully managing to totally manipulate her team to ensure the increases to her meal plan are as small as possible. she happily eats chocolate-covered protein bars on a daily basis, yet her increase was a sachet of options hot chocolate added to his porridge! a whole 40 calories to cry and feign terror about eating!

No. 1448581

image board.

No. 1448583

Nah you're just borderline.