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File: 1585601341205.jpg (575.09 KB, 544x971, IMG_8380.jpg)

No. 951374

Georgie Porgie and not so little Lee decided they want to be readmitted.
Everyone is very sad for Elzani's fam since they are stuck with her and she's eating all of their food.
N4F likes to hide the expiry dates on her food so no one knows how disgusting she really is.
Laura likes to lick the soles of her shoes.
Ganer washes her hands too often.
Experienced farmers were nostalgic for shmegeh and Felice and others.
Aly has been playing up for attention.
Anna beats ana decided to make a new account specifically to document her relapse.
No sign of Alexys on the last thread.

A whole host of other things that I haven't mentioned so read the last thread:

Some but not all of the cows:

No. 951380

Thanks, anon! Helpful info about Laura. Stand 100 metres from her.

No. 951387

The recap of current cowvents is glorious. You’re doing god’s work, thread-making anon.

No. 951388

Honestly, I didn't follow the last thread very well so I probably missed some big developments

No. 951398

I mean, no mention of Kelsey(?) being discharged to shoop some more bedroom panty shots while she works her way back down to maximum spooplevel, but otherwise I think you hit the nail on the head.

No. 952052

georgia is still fat. hope this helps!

No. 952055

File: 1585615143636.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, D1CDD1D6-9718-4C5B-A3A9-DA7EB4…)

Georgia, you don’t need to go there at all.

Hopefully during her quarantine, she’ll be bored and want out as she won’t get the attention she wants.

No. 952067

File: 1585618726460.jpg (730.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200331-023618_Ins…)

Sage bc idk if this is milk or not but looks like Paris wants people to buy her food now (also what is it with the cows and freezing yogurts)

No. 952070

Anon, her only option is to relapse, have some empathy for poor ol' Porgie! I genuinely don't understand how she can get a bed this quickly, even with private insurance. How can they allow such an obvious malingerer to get all this attention she's craving? In a lot of countries you're lucky to get a bed if you're acutely suicidal, someone like Porgs wouldn't stand a chance. It really feels like she's legit bribing someone for this. Outpatient should be her one and only option at this size.

No. 952076

But you didn’t sage…

No. 952081

Lee wasn’t admitted, she posted a video rant (screenshot is redundant) about how the doctor discharged her with a crisis number. She called crisis and they said to go back to the the hospital. And blah blah blah.

AND she said new farm told her they weren’t admitting anyone unless they had attempted. So how did porgie get in? It may be different for the imaginary ed program, who knows.

No. 952093

Was glad someone else brought this up that’s what I was thinking when lee said nfc weren’t admitting. Is Porgie just making it up?

No. 952097

Lee could also be making it up that they’re not admitting anyone right now to cover the fact that they might have just thought she’s not that sick and doesn’t need to be there

No. 952098

File: 1585625378805.jpg (1.02 MB, 1069x2063, 20200331_132901.jpg)

Georgia is there waiting

No. 952100

New Farms could have changed their admission criteria in the time since Georgie was referred by her doctor yesterday afternoon, so Georgie made the cut-off but Lee didn't because she was too busy sperging out in a public emergency room all night. A lot of changes are being brought in 'as of midnight' with less than a day's notice in Aus lately.
Of course, there's also the distinct possibility that one or both of them is lying out their fat ass.

No. 952104

File: 1585625804535.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, AD4906F7-78AE-4A99-8026-F78B09…)

Going back again. I imagine they are trying to limit admissions due to covid but maybe somewhere will take her since she’s desperate.

No. 952118

File: 1585628984979.png (Spoiler Image, 3.14 MB, 750x1334, 46C24352-A2C5-4DF6-9F26-CBF013…)


What is with the bruising on her forehead?! (Spoiler bc idk if it might be triggering…). I’m assuming it’s from head banging, which seems to be happening a lot on insta lately, and I genuinely don’t understand it. I just picture them discharging her, her hanging her head against the wall/table/something, and them just waiting until she’s done to remind her that she needs to go…

No. 952120

File: 1585630489641.jpg (831.26 KB, 1066x1895, 20200331_145407.jpg)

Welp the georgia and leah sarga 3.0 starts

No. 952121

this shit is insane. im aussie too but i was removed from hospital less then 20 hours after a suicide attempt a few years ago (i didnt want to be in hospital but still??) and these people are not in any kind of life threatening danger from ED or trying to take their lives how the fuck are they getting admitted? most hospitals wont admit you to psych wards unless you're in a manic episode or schizo here. im ??? at how these fuckers are managing to get in especially during this pandemic.

tldr: dumb blogposting about aussie hospital mental health services.

No. 952123

Lots of lying and/or private health insurance. Take your pick

No. 952125

same fuckin' boat here, booted out of hospital 12 hours or so after an attempt with next to no resources and told to figure it out myself - and i've got insurance.

does georgia have connections to someone in the medical field? like is her doctor related to her or something? because she's certainly skipping the regular channels.

No. 952135

Her mother works in the medical field somewhere

No. 952188

File: 1585646674625.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1716, 9CC7B05C-FFE5-46DA-B492-1CC24F…)

Settled in all comfy and cozy with her fucking plushies, like the precious anawaif that she is. Thank goodness they searched her bag, they probably had to confiscate all of her extra snackies.

No. 952193


Combination of it being a private "clinic" and some hardcore manipulation on her part. They seem to have plenty of beds and plenty of hands out to take these people's money. Check out the reviews of this place online. Many mentions of them giving unnecessary treatments to claim on the "patients" private health insurance so the Drs can get a new Mercedes. This is not like the public system, they're not needing to turn away desperate people in an emergency because they're swamped…they're accepting the people who are providing them consistent cash, no matter how flimsy their excuse is. It's money grabbing. Pretty sweet deal for her Dr.

No. 952195

File: 1585651869366.jpeg (703.31 KB, 828x1723, 961D7EE1-1645-4600-BB38-9489D4…)

Most severe anorexics would be delighted at the added opportunity to jump up and out of bed to burn that extra .005 of a calorie, but not our Georgie! She’s angry that she has to lift her own floppy tits off the bed to close the door.

No. 952196

Logically they don't close it completely as doors make a noise when opened so they dont want to wake the patients up when rounding at night every hour or so. Some places put a towel in the door. God forbid they do something nice

No. 952200

bit of an odd one but did anyone watch the docu Dana the 8 year old anorexic? She had an ed when she was young, it was all very strange and sad and a lot of things were left unanswered. I follow the girl through my anon account , she much be 20ish now and seems to be doing fine, but happened to notice she follows porgie. Seems unlikely they’re just normal friends as they live in different countries. Wonder if there’s any history there or if it’s plain coincidence.

No. 952204

This is so fucking ridiculous. The rest of the world - ESPECIALLY the healthcare sector - is working tirelessly to fight COVID and yet we have Gorge over here out and about desperately seeking someone to feed into her anorexia delusions. She's literally packed herself up (including cute little diamond art craft kits) for a little holiday whilst nurses and doctors are being worked to absolute exhaustion in their fight against COVID.

No. 952206

I follow her too. It's lovely to see that she seems to be living a genuinely satisfying and ED-free life. It's weird that she follows Georgia back. I assume Georgia followed her first and Dana just returned the favour.

I guess Georgia just hopes that by following Dana she might develop actual anorexia through osmosis or something.

No. 952217

Documenting everything as if it's a road trip. How long until her first day in the life stories? Genuinely disgusted.

No. 952223

New farm is not a real hospital. It's little more than a hotel for munchies. Farm is the correct word as they just collect these cash cows there and take all their money. You buy your way in. It's not like public, if you've got money, they'll take it. You want extra BS like ECT? Sign you right up for it, regardless if you really need it. They'll take that money. Drs need their new car this year!

It's absolutely negligent and just encouraging these malingerers.

No. 952226

The craft kit is the real kicker for me. Like it’s summer camp. I guess she was worried that if she quarantined at home there wouldn’t be enough people to pander to her pathological need for attention and validation that she’s soopersick

No. 952238

what’s dana’s insta?

No. 952241

Yeah the whole of the healthcare system is prepping but psych is different. The priority in psych is the reduce exposure to the virus; limit admissions, no visitors, no leave (except to grounds maybe), and for staff to be extra vigilant in reducing exposure when not working. If the virus got in, it would spread like wildfire around a ward and there could be staffing issues as a result. Basically psych aren’t facing the same pressures as medical so don’t get so uppity about it.

Does Georgia need an admission? Most likely no. But she never said why her doctor was worried… so maybe she expressed suicidal thoughts or something idk. People still need psychiatric help, and outpatient isn’t necessarily great at the moment since they are reducing contact with patients.

No. 952252

Anyone know how Smorven is doing?

No. 952259

File: 1585671474836.jpg (345.49 KB, 720x887, 20200331_171732.jpg)

She's boring as ever. Reckons she had a mini-stroke a couple of weekends ago though, and her mum has the ol rona. Other than that she's been remarkably dull.

No. 952273

Wouldn't she get out on general psych if she'd said she was thinking an hero? I can't even imagine thinking of packing a diamond art kit if anyone felt depressed to any extent.

There's fuck all wrong with her apart from her wanting to be treated as if she was ill. I hope the fact the staff are going to be giving less time to her and concentrating more on the new regulations is going to leave Georgia feeling she isn't getting enough medical attention and leaves.

It's sickening to see these special snowflakes thinking theyre the centre of the world, wanting particular flavours or brands of food sending to them, complaining that they're finding this time difficult, wanting concern heaped on them. Fuck off.

No. 952306

Right. Whenever I’m feeling suicidal the first thing I do is gather up my stuffed toys and crafty kits and head on over to the hospital for a lil vacation. I wonder if they let her bring her own snacks? I know she struggles with the amount of vegetable exchanges they force her to have.

No. 952333

Georgia is just taking a bed from someone that actually could need it. I bet she's just lonely during supposed isolation and being in hospital will give her more of the attention she craves

No. 952342

Gods forbid she stay home to help her parents with groceries or errands. She really has no responsibilities at all to avoid…yet she's avoiding them. She gets foid brought to her, cleaning done for her, ffs.

No. 952402

How long til the nose hose pics appear?

I find these two genuinely baffling… Perhaps they fancy the 12 weeks of lockdown in anachan camp.

Meanwhile in the real world, people in genuine need can't even get obs & bloods done…

No. 952416

I wouldn't be surprised at all if they both planned it together.

No. 952434

File: 1585695466932.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x1925, AA179C89-06B4-48E1-9343-D0981B…)

during this pandemic and time of need, may we all take a moment to send ghost a pizza voucher so she can b/p…i guess at least she’s not trying to get herself admitted

No. 952448

File: 1585697065532.jpg (9.32 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

If all indirect debits didn't get taken out of my bank account today, I'd willingly donate the cash to Shelter to provide food and temporary housing for the homeless and needy right now.

A gift card for a twat who wants to regurgitate a pizza? Nah.

No. 952488

Its almost like they were running a contest. There is no need for them to be in there. They eat fine at home, chug booze more than a sailor and don't exhibit any unhealthy weight loss. Lee and Porgie need behavioural therapy for their unmanaged personality disorders, not eating disorder programs.

No. 952494

File: 1585703011868.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1914, Dafaqleah.jpg)

……….. i just……..

No. 952501

File: 1585704244216.jpg (916.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200331-202115_Ins…)

So thoughtful! Hi Georgia.

No. 952502

File: 1585704372102.jpg (928.18 KB, 1080x1920, 20200331_202140.jpg)

New selfie angle: straight up the nose

No. 952503

God she disgusts me. She's taking treatment from someone who actually needs it

No. 952505

Okay, you got our attention. Enjoy the feeds and the extra pounds you'll gain. Useless cunt.

No. 952506

She's going to need a bariatric bed at this rate.

No. 952508

imagine willingly accepting 24 hour feeds when you’re already a fat lard as it is, just to be able to take a lil selfie with a tube down your nose so you can continue to kid yourself that you’re somewhere near unwell? gross

No. 952509

Why would they give her the nose hose anyway? Unless she's got underlying health conditions (which she doesnt) then she's not in any serious danger. She was eating and drinking fine at home and decided she wanted more attention

No. 952511

Why do yall have to be such assholes lol?

No. 952512

She was so incredibly distressed the past few days but less than 24 hours at new farm and she’s feeling much better and wanting to prank her mum… they really do work wonders at new farm.

No. 952513

Because you do not need NG feeds, Georgia. Grow up and lose some weight already.

No. 952514

I know it's april fools day & all but seriously…

No. 952515


I'm not Georgia, the fact that you guys have to claim "self post" the second someone has ad different opinion is telling though.

No. 952516

It's really disgusting how her tits take up so much room on her selfies.

No. 952518

We’re just pointing out flaws of these ridiculous cows. If you disagree so strongly, you are welcome to close the web page.

No. 952519

She’s such a glutton it’s disgusting. Healthcare workers are being overworked and she has no problem taking away treatment from someone who might actually need it. She doesn’t need a feeding tube, with her floppy shapeless tits and obese body.

No. 952521

Fair enough…if you were just, "pointing out flaws". I really don't think calling her a "useless cunt" is just pointing out flaws. Your disrespectful to someone who obviously has some kind of mental illness.

No. 952522

What genuine medical need is there for the tube?

No. 952523

Lol, so because she’s mentally ill means we can’t be honest? Why are you here?

No. 952524

Well, I agree that the anon could have left that last sentence off but everyone is entitled to their opinion whether it is positive to negative towards others.

No. 952525

good to see miss porgie is toobed, since she’s so dainty and malnourished. imagine a global pandemic going on and all you care about is ass pats

No. 952526

You're a literal pos Georgia

Whats with the million picture documentary? •getting admitted •waiting to be admitted •havent done admission papers •got a nose hose •shout out to fans •explain how speshal she is to get hose when not on EDP
You purposely 'relapsed' porgie. Wtf game are you playing?
Her Gp and Pdoc need to be investigated because this shit is wrong, for the health system and for her munchie head

No. 952527

All I'm saying is it's rude and just morally wrong. You guys are free to say whatever, I just think it's unnecessary and pointless. I'll take my obviously wanted leave now lol.

No. 952528


Lets not get into morally wrong shall we.

Purposely "relapsing" and treating hospital like a holiday camp, taking up space being a malingering snowflake whilst the world is suffering from a crazy pandemic.

Also morally wrong.

No. 952529

It's always fun when a cow visits the board. Unfortunately we're going to get way less milky posts now.

No. 952530

Anon, you gotta remember psych is not the same as medical so bringing up the pandemic as a reason for her to not be admitted isn't relevant. But wasting a bed and stopping someone with an actual eating disorder from getting treatment, yes that's morally wrong.

No. 952531

>>952527 cool YOU think its wrong, doesnt mean it actually is. Subjective. Theres a simple solution for your dissapointment in our moral values…and thats to gtfo You minions and WK make no difference. If were so abhorrent, dont read. As the meerkat says, simples

No. 952533


Drs & nurses are being redeployed from pysch to frontline

No. 952539


Hospital anon here. Typically, fat people make the worst patients. More often than not, they're on their call lights every 5 minutes and demanding more than anyone else. I've had fat spoonies demand for me to put non-skid socks on their feet when they're perfectly capable, and even had fatties like Georgie demand assistance being toileted.

Georgie is exactly the patient I hate. They get a sick thrill out of taking up valuable resources, making slaves of medical staff when we have more important patients who actually need our assistance.

Georgia, you're fucking fat. I've taken care of patients like you and know exactly how you look without clothes. Disgusting. The last thing you and all your mass needs is help eating. Stop playing games for tube selfies. Here's a tip: stop pretending to be fearful of food and actually BECOME fearful of food. Because you are going to die from obesity if you continue down this path. You know what? You're a monster. I delight in knowing you WILL end up a type II diabetic with several comorbidities including heart disease. Your life will truly be as fucked as you're currently pretending it is, except much worse. You won't be getting to play with nose hoses–your care plan will instead say "cardiac diet" or one of the many other restrictions we place fat patients on.

I guarantee your nursing staff are sick of you. They talk about the absolute size of you and how ridiculous it is that they have to smile and treat you as if, because of your insistence. Fuck you, literal cow.

No. 952540

The wk is here because the blobfish mentioned lolcow. It'll get bored.

No. 952542

As for nurses being redeployed, it depends on whether they’re a psych only nurse or if they trained as a general nurse and went into psych. Either way a few years in psych and they’d be clueless going into medical. Psych wards are full of support workers and agency staff too and they're certainly not going to be redeployed.

Consultant psychiatrists and senior psychiatrists are going to be the absolute last doctors to be redeployed because psych patients still need doctors. Junior doctors and doctors training in psych, on the other hand, are very likely to be moved over to medical.

Folks, people still need hospital treatment for non-covid conditions. Georgia doesn't need hospital treatment at all but my point is that she's not being anymore of a drain on resources than if there wasn't a pandemic.

No. 952570

Everyman and his dog know that psych presentations and admissions are up currently due to the stress and extra stress of the pandemic. Psychological health is health

No. 952595

She is being more of a drain though because she is taking up resources that could be given to someone who has a genuine need for them due to the current situation. The impact that this virus is having is massively widespread and there will surely be a higher demand for psych services due to actual suffering caused by covid. The whole world is feeling the pressure right now and the last thing that's needed is people like Georgia draining the health system.

No. 952596

Glad to know other people get the same delight, kek. She's greed and gluttony combined.

No. 952609

Personally (back in the day) I froze my yoghurts so that they took longer/were more difficult to eat. Idk if that’s the reason they’re doing it, though.

No. 952619

File: 1585727880619.jpeg (735.01 KB, 1242x2014, B22E8684-D6A5-4B7C-90A9-C7E218…)

Night snack aka early morning b/p at 3am. For real though if she really was eating and keeping down, which we know she isn’t, thousands of calories which are mostly sweet things like she claims there should be no reason for her blood sugars to drop when she non stop eats. Something weird is definitely going on and now it makes sense as to why she keeps all of her food hoard in her room, I’d be concerned seeing someone having to eat like this at 3am. The thing is she’ll act like this was a huge #recoverywin and was just honouring her hunger and fighting against the evil ana and her followers will believe iteye roll

No. 952622

Prevent blood sugar drop. Yeah even if she would keep it down, this food is just pure crap. And b/ping at 3am in the morning… Damn

No. 952628

File: 1585731526132.png (9.14 MB, 1242x2208, 88FAF1F2-601B-4E4F-948C-AC1508…)

never seen this girl mentioned here, but have a screenie of her feed. she has several hospital admissions and judging by her bodychecks, she’s actually an alright weight, does look emaciated at all, but seemingly is so sick that every time she goes into hospital for physical health, she’s sent straight up to psych for a tube. her admissions last a few days, and her psych admissions last a few weeks max. like georgia, all her selfies are long faced, dead stare and dry lips. scary

No. 952629

Also , not to mention the fact her profile picture is of a supplement drink turned into a “aesthetic” because clearly it’s glamorous to drink them. I her recent she looks so pale and dull trying to make out she’s dying or something.

No. 952636

Pretty sure she’s off limits since she’s apparently only 17 and we don’t snark on minors?

No. 952638

I'm properly disgusted at Lee's attempt at an April fool's. Yeah such a laughing matter for those who can't get pregnant or recurrent loses bitch.

No. 952640

Read the damn rules, newfag.

No. 952641

Not a newfag, but minors where I live means under 18. Upon review of the rules I see lolcow defines them at 16 and under. Looks like she’s free game.

No. 952644

In the UK psych and ED wards are being shut/ consolidated in preparation for high staff sick leave/ need to self isolate.
Day care for EDs are shut.
Outpatient psych is limited/ online/ all cancelled depending on area.

No psych nurses are fairly useless on medical/ ICU however there is going to be high staff leave so fewer beds/ appointments.

So as much as Australia is doing things differently… Georgia is still being a waste of space. If she actually needs 24hr feeds then she also would be having her blood sugars checked frequently and throughout the night (which she'd moan about, so we'd know, we'd have bruised finger photos!).

No. 952651

what’s the difference anyways? as soon as she’s 18 it’ll suddenly be okay to dig into her? but yeah, 16 seems to be the cut of limit anyways so next

No. 952658

Since she's 17 it means decisions about NG feeding can be made by her parents. Her account is private and I'm not about to go and request to follow a 17 year old, minor or not. So bring some actual milk or forget about her.

No. 952668

File: 1585750249553.jpeg (459.72 KB, 2042x1861, 3FAA6B19-8A92-4A59-AE56-9D32F6…)

Found Laura’s twin.

No. 952672

File: 1585752025266.jpg (727.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200401-103441_Ins…)

"My last parakeet lived for 5 years" their lifespan is 5-12 years. She also barely, if ever, let him out of his cage. Yet she wants a parrotlet, arguably the biggest asshole of small parrots. She can't even keep a job and is always begging everyone to take care of her but wants an expensive pet. She pisses me off more than most with her entitled bs

No. 952675

But anon, their faces make her so happy! What more justification than that does one need to buy a living, breathing creature that they don’t have the capacity to actually properly care for?! Sickens me that these cows treat animals like props and play things.

No. 952689

Do people call budgies "patrollers"? Never heard that before. Budgies are irritating bastards. They're old lady pets.

No. 952690

Soz, parrotlets*

No. 952696

File: 1585755619012.png (582.24 KB, 824x539, Screenshot_20200401-163228.png)

Went to look at Elzani's feed. Yesterday she went all by herself to shop groceries for the whole family! Three boxes of oatmeal then. I'm interested what she actually bought. No way can she do a family shop without a car. Her definition of"family shop" is going to pick up a bar of chocolate for Mumzani, OK yah and a multipack of crisps for her sisters?

No. 952701

Nah they're two different birds. Parakeets are the same thing as budgies and not actually parrots. Parrotlets are actual parrots, and need a massive amount of attention, socialization, and patience. None of which Aly has

No. 952702

She really hasn't got a clue about real life.

No. 952758

This irritates the hell out of me, if she really didn’t let her birds out of the cage as much as they should have been then that is going to make them unhappy and so will die early.

No. 952775

Could be wrong but pretty sure she was driving in a recent video? one where she went to the airport to get her sister and surprise her parents. Perhaps it’s a parents car

No. 952800

Parents’ car. Parents’ money for groceries. Living under her parents’ roof wearing clothes bought and paid for by, you guessed it, her parents. Yet she thinks she’s the epitome of successful recovery. She gained weight, sure, but she’s about as far from a functional adult as one can be.

No. 952808

She passes her driving test? Wow. I really want a grocery haul video. I really can't imagine she'd know what to buy for others unless she had a list. She probs found all the depressing social distancing and queuing regulations AMAAAAZING.

No. 952849

File: 1585781406552.jpg (732.85 KB, 1057x1650, Screenshot_20200401-234817_Ins…)

Raw sausages with mustard on toast anyone?

No. 952853

She forgot to turn the sausages in the pan. That carpet.

No. 952879

File: 1585784886219.png (1.41 MB, 828x1792, 5B65C645-A471-4229-BB7E-31D5F1…)

Why are we not still talking about Shay (@fightingg_4health) I know she’s been mentioned on previous threads, remember the time she posted HER OWN MEDICAL RECORDS and claimed a nurse did it, completely outing herself for faking and her ‘anorexia’ being just BPD. Wellllll she’s still in the farm being tube fed and claiming to be losing mass amounts of weight despite still looking normal/pudgy AND NOW she’s claiming she will be on home feeds and set up a fucking go-fund me… if she really needed them they would be covered by Medicare (ausfag here that’s been on home feeds myself). Also claims to have chronic gastro pain and constipation yet no ones made the connection that the gastro issues are probably because she takes endone multiple times a day. She’s next level milky right now

No. 952883

File: 1585785606738.jpg (620.21 KB, 1059x1694, 20200401_185415.jpg)


No. 952884

File: 1585785661654.jpg (685.61 KB, 1080x1676, 20200401_185432.jpg)


>refeeding syndrome


No. 952891

Refeeding? K Jan. Wasn’t she just whining about having eaten too many crackers and dip at her nan’s birthday a few days ago?

No. 952895

also >perfectionism

lol where? Even on Instagram where she could obsessively cultivate her entire image, she's satisfied with being a dumpy, sloppy-looking bitch with stretched-out Kmart leggings and tabletits.

No. 952896

Her ED isn't too good at numbing if she's able to give us step by step accounts of every little thing she does.

All that alcohol, cake, crackers, junk food she didn't admit to obviously wasn't as much as she usually eats, hence refeeding.

She's like normal obesities. She's a deviant self-feeder. Why tf does she want to get bigger?

No. 952903

Exactly. Home feeds are basically covered. The pumps are sent free. Your dietician sends the script to nutrica and they fill and send the bags and lines etc. And clearly she has private health so any extra pharmacy costs can be claimed. Of she actually needed the feeds she wouldnt have to pay anything kek wtf

No. 952914

There lowkey needs to be an investigation into new farm basically encouraging fake eating disorders.
Georgia, Lee and Shay are not in need of any legitimate refeeding. Their weight is stable and within the healthy and overweight range. They are not malnutritioned beyond what an unhealthy diet of junk causes.

No. 952918

File: 1585789952767.jpg (895.78 KB, 1061x1887, 20200401_201144.jpg)

Agh this is what I wanted please give me attention I am so frail and anorexic

No. 952919

File: 1585790198647.jpg (942.51 KB, 1080x1920, 20200401_201547.jpg)

>my calories are still in a weight loss zone

No. 952923

File: 1585790360694.png (1.45 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-04-01-21-17-47…)

Its because you're fat, porgie. Jesus

No. 952927

then don't agree and ask to be tubed then….how ridiculous.

No. 952933

Even with the rate increase she could still lose weight. 60ml/h over 24 hours is 1440 calories. She’s got a fucked up thyroid if she gains from that. OR if she gains, we know it’ll be from all the snacks hidden under her tits.

No. 952940

Farmer with access to shays accounts can we have more milk please

No. 952967

They can't even do bloods right at the that place. Do the staff even have qualifications or are they kids on work experience?

Yep, I'd like to see a hidden camera docu about NF. $$$$$$$$$$$$

No. 952974

Gorgie, it’s not lolcow gossip you need to be worried about, it’s what the other patients will be saying behind her back. ED patients are really good at being cruel bitches. No doubt they will be enjoying the shit show and using her antics as cover while they slip food into their sleeves.

No. 952987

never post but always scroll past and see this girl in the ED thread, wondering WHY, when she clearly doesnt have an eating disorder?? how is she in a hospital with a tube worrying about calories? what? which hospital in good conscience can allow this BS to go on, especially with the pandemic and increased strain on the healthcare system. truly mind boggling. she should be ashamed.

No. 953003

Another thing I don’t get is how she constantly complains about “I don’t wanna be admitted” yet she also posts about how she can’t wait to talk to her doctor about her “ed struggles” and such? I mean she’s a legal fucking adult nobody can MAKE her go to the hospital. (Unless of course she was severely underweight and dying with a court order but obviously that’s not the case)

No. 953010

>the uncertainty of adult life
welcome to the fuckin world georgia, we're ALL uncertain. taking a holiday to hospital isn't going to fix that shit, it'll still be there when you get out.

someone call A Current Affair and get this farm exposed damn.

No. 953018

she does want to be admitted though. its new farm after all, not like shes being admitted publicly due to an actual medical complication. if she had a legitimate restrictive eating disorder she would panic at the notion of being made to gain unnecessary weight.

No. 953033



No. 953042

She won’t accept me.. ): I want to stalk xD
She blocked me on her personal? account, Kennedy..(Cowtip, newfag, lack of integration)

No. 953043

I would pay upwards of a million pounds to hear what a patient with an actual ED at new farms truly thought about ol georgie but i’m starting to think they don’t actually have any…

No. 953047

They do but they're not milky or thirsty for attention like porgie, shay and lee who documment their entire life on social media

No. 953051


how hard is it for newfags to realize you dont have to type some stupid name in. it's an anonymous site read the fucking rules

No. 953066

Notice how she waits for an admission to post a pic on her account. Scroll through and it's all pathetic history of tubed. She looks too old and rotund for any of this childish stuff to make anyone feel sympathetic…she just seems like an unlikeable fat slacker.

No. 953068

File: 1585825500687.png (875.12 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200402-120355.png)


No. 953073

File: 1585826949485.jpeg (95.57 KB, 728x819, F3F50A1E-5A98-44B9-BA67-3842A7…)

Has it occurred to her that all of her blood sugar issues, which is why she purports her doctor is worried and putting her on feeds, is obesity induced diabeetus, not because she’s an anawaif who definitely hasn’t eaten anything but sweet&low for months on end?

No. 953075

I know people have said this but she really takes joy in looking as much like a downie as possible. why does she think she’s so interesting that a normal person would want an update post? However i hope she posts one for her loyal friends here at lolcow

No. 953077

She already posted it. She took that poll almost 40 hours ago.

No. 953080

12 hours ago.

Why do they want to reassure people they're ~safe~? Nobody cares. These sad fucks don't have friends, only a bunch of randoms on ig who honestly don't care if they live or die.

She looks like a downie because she's a bad actor. She's trying to look very ill when theres fuck all wrong with her, except fatty liver and maybe some beetus thing goin on.

No. 953082

Fuck. Isolation has clearly skewed my sense of time beyond any semblance of reality. Soz.

No. 953094

That's okay, I keep thinking every day is Monday.

How long do we all think she'll stay in this time? There's got to be an Ensure pic first. Then eating junk food with her dad. Then one where she has a #recoverywin and it feels great. Oh, and a meal plan.

No. 953099

Probably at least 14 days so she can get off the special quarantine floor and onto the ana fairy floor. I’m counting the hours until she bravely gets her dad to bring her in some chips or cake so she can really challenge her eating disorder and show anorexia who’s boss. #inspiration.

No. 953115

File: 1585837686906.jpg (904.08 KB, 1072x1906, 20200402_092358.jpg)


I don't know much about nose hoses so I didn't know the measurements. She's still eating in addition the hose because so dainty. Can't imagine losing much weight like that.

No. 953122

if I was in an ed unit and someone who looked like georgie walked around with a nose-hose, I'd run

No. 953125

The whole ED paraphernalia is her fetish. She's perverse. She doesn't even feel embarrassment posting pics she's taken of fucking medical machines.

No. 953131

File: 1585840160767.jpg (544.5 KB, 1080x1509, 20200402_100848.jpg)

Face scratching again and looking fucked up. No more hospital admissions though. I wonder why.

No. 953132

File: 1585840314846.jpg (36.95 KB, 900x514, Top-10-Dr-Now-Memes-2.jpg)

No. 953136

Her lack of balance in her latest video is funny af

No. 953137

Lol she just deleted it

No. 953143

File: 1585842238793.jpeg (700.19 KB, 828x1546, 4C3F87D3-7607-48CA-AC0E-91F48C…)

New video tonight yeah babyyyy. How does anyone follow her non-ironically?!

No. 953145

That could pass as a n2f pic

No. 953153

"I'm safe"
How much can you really be struggling with wanting to hurt yourself if you're busting your ass to get somewhere that prevents you from hurting yourself? I guess this is the million dollar question for all these cows though
>>952539 Scary that people like you work in a theoretically helping profession dealing with peoples bodies. Most of our catty asses don't take this into our professional lives
I can't imagine the amount of neuroses someone would need to be big and voluntarily accept treatment designed for fast weight-gain

No. 953155

Her posting that report on the fact that she doesn't have an eating disorder still confounds me but is also in my top 10 cow moments

No. 953156

She is so spoilt it’s ridiculous . Given the fact she’s heathy can drive and has free time she could be doing a lot to help the country at the moment by putting stuff in food banks or volunteering - but no she’s sat at home perfecting the art of making so random dish and taking countless photos to put on Instagram

No. 953171

Also just because it’s in a tortilla does not make it a fucking quesadilla!! Are all British people retarded about Mexican food or is this an Elzani thing? I remember she had her first “burrito” a while back and it also made me question if she had ever seen a Mexican restaurant in her sheltered life.

No. 953179

Who wants to wager a bet that she pronounces the l’s in “tortilla”?

No. 953193

newfag here. i hit up elzani's youtube channel and clicked on her "what i eat in a day - Christmas granola" video and it had a lengthy montage of her eating different foods. in literally all the clips of her eating carby/"unhealthy" stuff her bites were tiny as fuck and so timid. you'd think after such a long rEaL rEcOvErY she would have gotten past that behavior. but no. also all her vids are titled by the food she eats so she can get as many clips from starving idiots who just wanna see vids of someone eating.

No. 953210

These threads would be a good starting point for a journalist interested in reporting on NF kek

No. 953212

uk fag here - we’re all this retarded about mexican food. there’s a lot of takeaway catering to different cuisines here but you rarely if ever see mexican based cooking that isn’t a large chain restaurant

No. 953219

Backing up this info. We're bog into Indian and Chinese/Cantonese. Mexican restaurants aren't a big thing. In supermarkets we can get make your own taco kits, guacamole dip, but not much else.

However, despite this, I know most people say TORTEE-A, but p sure Elzani would struggle.

No. 953220

Big* into Indian, tho in the bog after a vindaloo

No. 953228

100% she says tor-till-a

No. 953229

also probably says kway-sah-dill-ah

No. 953240

File: 1585854675437.gif (18.43 KB, 384x384, giphy.gif)

I can't applaud out of my window because it only opens 3 inches, but I hope it's okay to post this here instead. I know some of our farmers work for the NHS, so…thank you. Truly appreciate you all, health workers.

No. 953241

(For non uk anons, 8pm is when we cheer for careworkers, so I'm not being totally random).

No. 953265

considering she’s from devon (exmoor if i remember right?) she’s even less likely to be exposed to different food. There’s less influence from other cultures, compared to somewhere like the west midlands or london. her parents have sheltered her from growing up in an already very homogenous area. that or some sort of food autism

No. 953279

Nearly! It's Exmouth. True what you say. It's coastal and the popular places to eat are fish n chips restaurants or grills. Oh, and clotted cream scone tearooms. Very English. Devon's"nice" but really closeted from other cultural influences. It's o obvious she grew up there.

No. 953284

does her location/upbringing explain her manner of speaking? the cadence, rhythm etc. it's so grating to listen to

No. 953289

She is still so entrenched in her eating disorder, I wouldn't be surprised if when she's not eating, she watches her videos on repeat to relive the experience of eating

No. 953291

Her dad has more of an accent. Elzani's picked up a poshness from her mum, and maybe her friends. Being middle class influences her speech more than her locality. She talks very much like any boarding school girl would speak. That weird T sound she makes sometimes, in that hospital for for eg, is odd. I don't know what the hell that is.

No. 953293

she has friends now? big if true. i was under the impression she pretty much only hung out with her family and all her hobbies revolved around her next meal. her personal IG post-eating disorder only features herself and immediate family.

No. 953294

File: 1585861651145.png (663.79 KB, 720x1009, Screenshot_20200402-220519~2.p…)

Oh ffs.

No. 953296

Nah, from her time at school.

No. 953301

someone finally snapped a picture of the creature in the corner of my room during sleep paralysis huh

No. 953303

i thought i was the only one who found her forcibly strained smiling face creepy

No. 953305

Isolation baking woooo! Yeah baby! I mean, hundreds of thousands of people are struggling with job loss and keeping food on the table, but covid is all fun times and biscoff spread in elzani-world!

No. 953306

Her whole existence is in isolation. She doesn't even have to adapt.

No. 953307

Every food item in this picture looks like literal poop

No. 953339

watch the first 10 seconds of this video and you'll regret it, trust me, had to turn of yt to save some poor braincells

No. 953351

File: 1585868814675.jpg (20.71 KB, 400x400, 1582437016326.jpg)

No. 953354

I got to something about adding milk to porridge. She looks so distracted when she speaks like she's on drugs…or hyperactive.

No. 953359

>>953132 i love dr now

Jonzie Anon!– im thirsty–please come thru
I need to know how shes manipating with all this going on

No. 953369

so apparently elzani was hospitalized a couple of times around when she was 17ish - and then going by her personal instagram again when January 2018 when she was around 21ish. which begs the question, how the fuck are we still sitting here talking about her quasi recovery.

also, this website is like the fourth thing that pops up when you google elzani. what are the chances she's reading anything about herself here?

No. 953377

She’s known to post about herself here. Usually trying to get people to say she still looks too thin with random, off topic prompts like “so what does everyone think about elzani? She looks like she’s gained some weight.” With no picture and not building on any discussion about her, just completely out of nowhere.

No. 953387

There's no way she doesn't post here. I think all the cows do at some point or another, they can't help themselves.

No. 953392

File: 1585872447479.jpg (8.41 KB, 235x132, b30de6a27c9a0b365093d7a6bbac93…)

Me too. I wish he was my uncle.

I believe she posts the suspicious posts mentioned here >>953377 for the fact no anon admits it's them which usually happens.

No. 953433

Just something i noticed on elzani's new video; she's still asking her mum "doesn't this look good" "did i do good" in regards to food, plus when her sister said elzani didn't like the mashed bananas she went STRAIGHT to her mum and said "alicia said i dont like the bananas but i do!!" as if she's desperate for everyone to believe her recovery is so perfect. god did her sisters sound irritated in this video, i especially liked it when Elzani picked up the camera and started recording herself cooking and her sister complained about her being so slow. Lol. very quick jump cut.

this is my first time posting so i hope its okay

No. 953443

> i especially liked it when Elzani picked up the camera and started recording herself cooking and her sister complained about her being so slow. Lol. very quick jump cut.

What time is that at? I don't want to watch anymore of the video than necessary

No. 953450

No way on earth or heaven is she not on the spectrum. No. Way.

Good first post. We'll keep ya.

No. 953456

If anyone is incredibly bored in their social distance and wants to hate life a bit more a compilation of all this shit would be incredible. I never watch Elzani vids for obvious reasons but I do wish I saw some of this stuff
Aww I love that, that’s so sweet

No. 953480


at 6:37

No. 953559

File: 1585900615880.jpg (150.82 KB, 750x1333, 92013688_652202938953378_66341…)

i mean.. at this point she's just trolling right?
It takes literally 2 mins to change a bag plus she wouldn't hear a thing over her snoring anyway.

No. 953563

I’ve actually been at new farm with porgie and seeing her tubed like the dainty fairy she is actually caused me to have a full blown panic attack and pull my tube out because I didn’t want to end up looking like her… was my first admission there and my brain then thought everyone going in would end up obese like her. I cried to the nurse about it saying I didn’t want to be as big as her and they legitimately said that’s not the first time they’ve had a patient say that… sorry for blogging but thought it was relevant

No. 953566

>I cried to the nurse about it saying I didn’t want to be as big as her and they legitimately said that’s not the first time they’ve had a patient say that…
I was just wondering if her obesity would trigger any of the actual anas in there. I hope Porgie knows she’s not only being a burden to the medical staff, but also making other patients uncomfortable.

>Eating is not going well
You had cake at a party just days ago, fatass.

No. 953568

Because she’s a massive cow. Literally.

No. 953570

File: 1585904136108.jpeg (407.37 KB, 530x837, F813C952-1662-437B-85B8-2106B4…)

Where tf is she in this pic? Is the blue a car? A bin? Is that her fence?

No. 953579

First post, got bored, watched some Elzani.
1:20 - painfully disjointed speaking
2:48 - 'very excited to eat this' 'it's the best' in the least unenthusiastic voice possible
3:20 - showing baby photos. How is this relevant? No one cares about how 'gorgeous' your dog or sister or whatever was Elzani.

The repetition of beautiful every thirty seconds is going to kill me, that's if the terrible camera angles don't get there first. No one needs to see under her chin, Jesus.

6:42 'Hurry up, you take so long' seems the filming and related faffing about doesn't go down well with the sisters. Apparently her sister is school age and honestly I'm surprised she's younger than Elzani. She acts far less childish.
7:39 'I used to not eat butter, but I do now hehe' that laugh rivals her enthusiasm for falseness. We get it, you need to feel the need to prove you're really recovered.
8:20 'she put loads of butter on mine mum' gotta prove you're recovered and not bothered by food amiright?
'before I would have freaked out, but now…' she really feels she has something to prove.
10:00 her sister is really not enthusiastic to be on camera and I'm getting the vibe she's sick of Elzani being constantly babied when she's an adult.
12:32 Why. That. Angle?
14:00 Listening to her disjointed rambles is quickening my mental decline.
18:00 Sister is getting frustrated again. Elzani can't follow instructions to make dough.
20:00 Please stop doing that to the banana.
21:20 Sister says Elzani doesn't like mashed banana. Elzani swears she does. Gotta eat everything because it's definitely real recovery. Please don't lick the spoon like that.

I tapped out at 22:00. All I got from that was Elzani can't talk coherently to a camera, her sister is getting slowly more sick of her and all she thinks about is food and proving her recovery is real this time.

No. 953585

this would be more convincing if her instagram grid wasn't just photos of food between tube selfies.

No. 953605

I’ll try ~things that never happened~ for 400.

This newfag has lurked and seen farmers question exactly this so they just wanted some of their own involvement in the attention and drama. Y’all are gullible. While this very well could happen, the way it was told is such obvious bullshit.

No. 953609


She's there through choice if she doesnt like the 1000 calorie food bag she knows where the revolving door is…

No. 953610

Gr8 b8 m8 8/8

No. 953614

Exactly. She just likes to complain so she purposely places herself in situations that give her something to complain about. She’s loving every second of ana fairy summer camp, rest assured.

No. 953624

No. 953627

No. 953630

“ For some reason they ration food, refuse to give larger portions when asked or second helpings. Tea and coffee is not 24hrs and only available at designated times. No patient fridge for storing goodies either! ”

Found georgieporgie’s review!

No. 953648

At this point, I can only think of her as an elaborate troll. An obese woman admitting herself to a clinic because she… can't eat. She could br a cleaner at this place and uses her break to troll lolcow with fake pictures. How can she be real. This level of unbelievability is epic.

No. 953649

File: 1585927663048.jpeg (512.53 KB, 828x1233, 4261FDF7-DEAC-447C-8166-7DB142…)

I would almost beleive she was a high level troll if it were for the fact her account spans years of this act. She has posts from years ago hooked up to ECG’s, showing off that delicate ana frame. Pic for reference.

No. 953660

She wasn't even obese at this point. Her anorexia is so special it makes her gain.

No. 953661

File: 1585929051019.jpg (11.66 KB, 235x235, 0c7ef6f41aa37252858547a1bdfa3a…)

>Eating is not going well

No. 953663

Elzani in three words - spoilt, irritating and chubby. And still no hospital video.

No. 953680

i think she’s not posting it bc she doesn’t want to have to look back at old footage from when she was really skinny, it’d probably trigger her.

No. 953696

File: 1585933353883.jpg (477.4 KB, 720x1208, 20200403_174406.jpg)

This one was touched on briefly last thread I think (the one writing the shit book) but she deserves way more attention from these threads than she gets. She's a pretentious twat with a terrible attitude.

"Recorded everything because I knew anorexia wouldn't let me remember" my ass. Recorded everything to post for look-at-me-im-so-sick asspats more like. (It's a video of her mum brushing her hair while she sits smugly showing off her tube)

No. 953699

No energy to brush her hair, but okay to apply eye makeup.

Can to look back, this is the one with terrible grammar and punctuation?

No. 953704

File: 1585934892628.jpg (491.52 KB, 719x987, Screenshot_20200403-182412_Ins…)

That's the one. Her 'book' (or at least the excerpts she's made us privy to) is just self-gratuitous navel gazing rubbish about her super special anorexia that totally isn't like any of the other millions of cases of anorexia. With a side helping of daddy issues too.

No. 953705

Even if anon’s story is bs, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has happened before. She literally embodies the other patient’s fears.

Wtf is this photo, why would she take this?

>She wasn't even obese at this point.
She definitely looks obese in that photo. Look at her stomach. She’s just sucking in and tilting it back to try to make it seem smaller.

No. 953706

She irritates me, gets out of hospital acting all self righteous and posting social experiments that were like a slap in the face to her followers, lies about doing well then suddenly is back in hospital, relapsing for some more chapters in her shitty book? All she does now is bitch about how much she's having to do on her own in this hospital, well yes sweetie you are the only one who can make you recover, you won't have nurses holding your hand in the real world. Oh and she's suddenly "chronic"

No. 953707

Any time someone gets out of hospital and starts spewing preachy, know-it-all recovery advice my eyes roll all the way back in my head. Anyone, literally anyone, can gain weight and ~*~recover~*~ in the hospital / inpatient, doesn’t mean they know fuck all about the real world.

No. 953716

These cows always claim recovery yet none have ambitions, unless to bang on about how they had a shitty trauma and eating disorder is an ambition. Elzani, Laura, Georgie, this Paige girl, all of them even down to Italian Aly, no plans for a career or developing interests that don't involve food or nutrition.

This is a pretty internet age thing. In the past they'd go on to have families and have a normal life - eg Chloe the French girl from that docu. While attention's there to get online, they milk it FOR.EVER.

No. 953723

I think that anon meant that she’s managed to get significantly fatter, to the point where she couldn’t even manipulate the angle like this anymore, all while claiming to have a super serious ED.

No. 953725

Yeah, I was thinking this >>953723

In that old pic she looks more than plain overweight, she's definitely problem fat, but she could make herself look borderline obese. Now she really has to struggle, even wearing baggy sweaters, to show her…weight loss. She has to squash her arms and legs together and has that calf gap severely overweight people have. Her face is the face of an obese person, like Dr Now's patients have. She's gained significantly.

No. 953726

I agree, that's what obese people look like. Maybe increase in death fats is messing with what people think obese is. Medically obese chicks get called chubby or thick all the time, so I'm not surprised. (Before anyone says something about bones rattling, obesity is strictly established on a BMI scale and that's what I'm refering to.)

No. 953732

File: 1585940452510.png (31.84 KB, 720x302, Screenshot_20200403-195913~2.p…)

She's pretending to be the dog and sending herself comments again.

No. 953743

File: 1585942344819.png (7.75 MB, 1242x2208, 4602A9B9-52B9-4289-9849-40DDC7…)

what the fuck is with this new mustard obsession? she’s putting it all over everything

No. 953745


oh my god at 9:55 when she's eating lunch with her sister, her sister points at her drink all disgusted and goes "what the fuck is that" and mentions about how it looks like water, I'm assuming it's a powder mixed with water to make juice? and Elzani goes "perfect consistency" the sister responds so incredibly derisively "that's not the right word, it's concentration." she literally sounds like she wants to bash Elzani's head in right there, the family dynamic is so awkward why would anyone film this, let alone post it publicly.

No. 953747


Maybe it comes up easier when she purges? Also, I had such a visceral reaction to this picture. It looks so disgusting.

No. 953751

That must burn coming back up.

No. 953769

Spoiler that shit pls

No. 953771

I was just going to say that!

No. 953773

I'd say it's just squash, basically really concentrated juice that you put in a glass and top up with water.

No. 953776


These "chronic" bitches are all the same. They can't hack real life so they regress and get coddled by absolutely everyone until they die.

They want people to congratulate them for eating a different brand of peanut butter, as if it's an achievement. "chronic" anorexia is just being a lazy cunt who can't/won't put in the effort to improve their mental health despite expending a fuck tonne of resources that others would be desperate for.

No. 953794

File: 1585948781646.jpeg (375.84 KB, 1125x1982, 6680EC77-9E62-45C5-B3DA-965386…)

someone save this poor creature

wat the actual shit. just when you think she can’t sink any lower….those are clearly still…frozen ?!!!

No. 953795

Yeah right, no energy to brush her hair!
I’ve seen people so much more underweight than her jog around in circle to burn calories. Absolutely glamourising the whole thing.

No. 953799

That's just grotesque dressing a dog up like a prick.

No. 953803

File: 1585949773011.png (79.88 KB, 500x577, Screenshot_20200403-223314.png)

Oi, Becky…

No. 953805

For someone supposedly into ~fashun~ Becky is shit at dressing herself, let alone the fake service dog

No. 953816

She doesn't look sick, she just looks smug.

No. 953821

What is this shit?

No. 953824

It's an unsaged, comment link less shitpost by the looks of things.

No. 953829

File: 1585951414095.jpg (199.87 KB, 720x360, Screenshot_20200403-224236_Lay…)

That's exactly the vibe I get from her. I wish we could post videos from instagram on here because this one's a doozy. Forcing herself to look as sad and scared as possible while she sips Pepsi max and a long caption patting herself on the back for it.

Probably going into a-log territory here but she, along with Georgie porgie, are two of the biggest cows who invoke sheer anger in me. Neither of them have any ambitions beyond raking in sick points and taking endless tube selfies. At least Paige is somewhat skinny, but Georgie is only draining her daddy's bank account instead of the NHS like this useless Paige creature.

No. 953839

Thank God she got the side of her face with the tube stuck to it or I would never have known she was soooo sick.

No. 953842

>"We have to live and endure torture and some of the absolute worst kind"

Piss-poor comprehension of how to structure a sentence aside, does this bitch really get away with writing shit like this? The WORST torture?? This is a mockery of anyone who has actually suffered, and not from this farcical self-inflicted nonsense. Once you have insight it's in your hands. She just chooses to remain sick.

No. 953849

Wow, how not-like-other-girls, very unique to have an eating disorder that rooted from trauma rather than everyone else's eating disorders that root from being shallow and vain. She's the girl in groups who's hellbent on clarifying how especially tortured she is
>>953706 chronic?? Wtf is she, 14?

No. 953850

>We with eating disorders are so brave.

People with EDs who choose to go through recovery are admirable. Not attention seekers like this who ot for tubes and stare at a glass of Pepsi.

No. 953853

File: 1585953593679.jpg (361.03 KB, 1080x1168, 20200404_003633.jpg)

I dont remember seeing these being posted, but if they were I'm sorry. I just stumpled across these comments on georgies IG and I thought it was funny how she really wants to defend herself and her super serious eating disorder lool

No. 953855

File: 1585953644334.jpg (461.92 KB, 1080x1631, 20200404_003653.jpg)

No. 953856

File: 1585953782450.jpg (441.7 KB, 1080x1559, 20200404_003710.jpg)

No. 953859

File: 1585953862209.jpg (444.95 KB, 1080x1515, 20200404_003729.jpg)


sorry for the spam

No. 953863


15kg in 2 months at her size is a bad thing? kek And she's acting like she can't refuse treatment. They're forcing this on her!

Also, the issues with her organs etc. are probably caused by her weight. She's so delusional. Wow.

No. 953864

Couldn't agree more, "chronic" anorexia is just people who could easily recover if they wanted to stand on their own two feet, but they don't

No. 953868

>Assumes looks thinks she loves the tube
>Posts multiple pics of her tube, machine and feeds

Fair assumption, I'd say.

Her crash diet days are anorexia. Ookay then.

Checking into hospital to gain weight. Typical anorexic behaviour.

No. 953869


these attempts to categorize the ED into a very specific type are so pedantic. it's literally getting to the point of "I'm a log(e)x/RNA + DNA with SPQR and/or LGBT symptoms, but on alternative Thursdays I'm y=mx+b."

No. 953872

LMFAO just what I was thinking

No. 953875

Quite some feat to have anorexia since she was 11 yet remained fat throughout.

No. 953891

File: 1585957795000.png (219.46 KB, 512x539, Screenshot_20200404-004617.png)

It's private. She's really pretty and looks great. Idk why the Podge is following her. A crush probs.

No. 953897


wow! this is so nice to see. i don't come here for uplifting content but this is really awesome.

No. 953936

File: 1585962475919.jpg (282.78 KB, 941x734, Nownownow.jpg)

Dr Now says…

No. 953940

Porgie, your doctor sends you there because New Farm Clinic is Ramsay Health and he financially benefits from sending you there.

No. 953945

File: 1585964129608.jpg (915.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200404-022906_Ins…)

Jesus Christ she's nearly 30

No. 953949


To be fair, she said her doctor was "worried about refeeding syndrome." Which is still bullshit.

No. 953950

icon n username showing, duck

No. 953959

Lmao at that person exposing themselves but anyway, at least we know Georgia is lying

No. 953969

File: 1585968153072.jpeg (393.98 KB, 750x1206, A3093D32-BCA3-47AB-963E-5D8EC1…)

Has anyone took a look at Porgies YouTube channel? Her saved videos list was updated 5 days ago, apparently she watches “My Eating Disorder” videos and ED video edits kek

No. 953981

I'm always genuinely happy to see people recovered. The shit they went through to recover makes the cows seem more pathetic. Dana was away from her family for MONTHS at 8 years old, but this lot are so mummy fixated some can't even have them out of their sight for two seconds.

Marry me, Dr Now.

I thought she was only around 24 years old. Sounds awful, but I'm not expecting her to see the year out. Her disintegration's been a lot faster than Ash.

She's getting all the right things to say to sound authentic from them. Her appearance will never make any ana dob story sound convincing.

No. 954047

But her sisters speak differently ! , like elzani's "accent" seems so strong. Interesting what you said about being more connected to social class than region. Her family doesn't seem very posh to me, she mentioned they all used to live in a caravan, before moving to this house.

No. 954058

I’m the last person to have sympathy for porgies lying ass, but that thought pattern of yours is also quite distorted. So if a 300 pound person really did develop anorexia and rapidly lost 100 pounds and sought help before waiting until they were emaciated to get help, that means they need to worry about fellow patients being triggered or fearful of becoming their size? Come on, that’s just stupid fatphobic

No. 954059

Same fag but it really shows how problematic the fatphobia is in the recovery community; only people who are still on the lower end of healthy in recovery are admired.

No. 954065

Lmao. It’s not “fatphobia” if a fat person triggers an anorexic. Fat people literally personify what anorexics fear the most. So, yeah, if an obese person gets admitted into an ED unit, they’re probably going to trigger people. Georgie has been obese for years now though, and obviously isn’t anorexic.

No. 954066

Thats… that's not what fatphobic is.

No. 954069


yes thank you

No. 954071

if a 300 pound person rapidly lost 100 pounds, they're still well above healthy weight (unless theyre very tall or something) and no reputable clinic is going to give them tube feeds to make them gain weight back. Someone that size has no need to be 'refed' or to gain weight. Georgie is probably around the 200 pound mark (assuming she's fairly short, which it seems she is) so claiming she lost 30 pounds still puts her above a healthy weight. most doctors would congratulate an obese person on that, not send them to an ED clinic to be tubed and gain it back.

No. 954076

I suspect that when she claims to have “lost 30lbs” she doesn’t mean consecutively. For every night she goes to bed weighing 202lbs, wakes up and takes a shit and weighs 200lbs she counts that as having “lost 2 lbs”, even if she’s back to 202 by the end of the day. With that kind of math and logic skill she can tell herself she “lost” 30 lbs over the course of two weeks, even if she remained 200-202 the whole time. Sounds absurd, but we’re talking about a girl who is convinced she needs an NG tube to avoid refeeding syndrome despite being obese.

No. 954078

Still fatphobia, might be part of a mental illness and being triggered might be somewhat understandable but complaining about it to a nurse is a bit precious and tbh most anorexics would be more worried about the next meal or comparing themselves to the new patient with a single digit bmi imo. Not a fan of Georgia but also think any of her fellow patients who are genuinely distressed by the mere presence of an obese person need to learn to deal with it not be pandered to.

No. 954081

Resident fatso here to tell you that's not fucking fatphobic, of course mentally ill anachans will get triggered by a fat, no matter if the fat did indeed have an ed. Ffs.

No. 954082

This isn’t a HAES hug box. Fuck off if you’re triggered by the suggestion that an obese person doesn’t need to be inpatient with a tube funnelling liquid calories down their gullet. Even if it was legitimately anorexia and she had gone from 300 to 200lbs, treatment would involve regulating eating, not medical intervention to prevent further weight loss.

No. 954086

I’m OP and I absolutely agree, tube feeds or a weight gain plan is absurd for someone obese

No. 954087

Worded it so much better than I could have, thank you anon haha

No. 954088

it’s irrelevant because georgie has had absolutely no rapid weight loss at all, so she’s getting toobed for no reason.

No. 954089

Im not the least bit triggered. Also never suggested it’s reasonable to tube or refers an obese person. I just have empathy (well, not for Porgie kek) and am thinking about how messed up that is if a fat person with a legitimate ED (who will end up underweight/experiencing complications as a result of their unhealthy weight loss) should feel unwelcome to receive treatment until they’re too far gone. My initial reply wasn’t anything to do with Porgie and the reality of her situation, it’s just about the narrative ppl are spinning when they start generalising outside of her

No. 954091

File: 1586001801313.jpg (486.83 KB, 713x1268, 20200404_130302.jpg)

Is anyone else fed up of these idiots comparing the lockdown in the UK to the time they were sectioned due to their own stupidity? How selfish do you need to be to make a pandemic all about you and your self-inflicted struggles? The girl who posted this is annoying too - part of the Glasgow Priory gang, bitched nonstop about how she was 'abused' there (read: staff didn't take her attention seeking shit) and constantly posts throwback body checks from when she was skinny despite being WR now.

Maybe not the milkiest but better than this stupid HAES fatasses vs anachans bullshit clogging up the board rn.

No. 954093

File: 1586002377599.jpeg (681.69 KB, 750x1307, 8365DEBB-D800-4568-9790-AAF4D9…)

I’m sorry, I know Nourish posts may be getting old and less milky, but I have to ask… mustard on Mac n’ Cheese? I’ve known people who put ketchup on it, but mustard? Am I the only one who has never heard of this abhorrent convo??

No. 954094

File: 1586002533111.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, 12841A1C-5092-41F7-BF2A-EACF3F…)

I’ve never seen a ketchup bottle get like this.

No. 954096

>implying fat phobia is a bad thing

No. 954097

Overweight people are tubed if they’re not eating because full-on starvation is a problem at any weight… I’ve seen it a few times inpatient, where people have fucked themselves up enough by not eating that they’re at medical risk even though they’re overweight. Not all tubes include enough calories to gain weight, if they wanted they could put in an amount where she’d still lose weight.
I also agree that if someone’s anorexic at 300 lbs and rapidly losing weight, why wait until they’re sicker to treat them? Again, treatment doesn’t = weight gain unless you’re underweight

No. 954101

Thats a bottle that has stayed in that room the moment it was bought.
When not used, i picture it under her bed, or a desk with the other million bottles of sauces she has

No. 954102

still it's not fat phobia for an anorexic to get triggered by a fat person, is anorexia fatphobic then? since their illness literally makes them afraid to gain weight.

No. 954108

Yes you're right but Georgia isn't starving herself, she is stuffing cakes and icecream and doesn't understand there are other reasons for her health issues (like simply being overweight).

No. 954111

but they won't be anorexic because anorexia nervosa requires distorted view as to reality of the low weight.

No. 954113

I can imagine someone might add a bit of mustard to the cheese sauce if cooked from scratch, but never known of using mustard as a squirt on afterwards. It's got enough taste without adding anything extra. Her tastebuds must be shot.

Can we stop the fatphpobia debate pls?

No. 954114

Also, lol how she covers her chipped self care nail polish with an emoji, as if that makes a difference.

No. 954115

Meant to link to the scuzzy ketchup bottle pic.

No. 954119

Definitely agree, I just meant that there are legitimate reasons for fat people to be on feeding tubes sometimes
I meant atypical anorexic, sorry for not clarifying.

No. 954121

Nothing has made me hate a cow without knowing anything about them like this. This story is the ultimate combination of: not understanding how difficult it is for some people who were working hard and suddenly had to drop everything to deal with staying indoors 24/7 and reminding everybody that she’s special and needs to be sectioned because she’s !!!very mentally ill please pay attention to me!!!! She doesn’t understand that normal people are upset because they actually want to live their lives and do things, unlike her who spends her whole life trying to get into hospitals so she can be coddled. sperg but also she deserves it, selfish bint

No. 954123

recovery_starfish is doing the same

No. 954128

I can't believe I'm seeing people unironically calling out "fatphobia" here of all places. What's next? Is someone gonna cry about slutshaming in the camwhore-thread?

No. 954129

Can't you be anorexic without body dysmorphia though? Like you could be anorexic and know you're not fat, but you still fear gaining weight, and, actually like your underweight body?

No. 954136

Yeah. Some of it is knowing you're underweight but you feel fat. Mentally you can feel as fat as Georgia looks but know you're not fat.

No. 954144

Why are we continuing this conversation?
We know, anon. You don’t need to explain BDD to an image board where more than half of the contributors are anorexics.

No. 954148

Boredom. Shoulda kept quiet and look what exciting oatmeal Elzzzani made today that was DIVINE. I swear no more contribution to topic. Maybe I'll bother A&E next time I'm bored. J/k.

No. 954154

I ask because I'm anorexic but I don't have body dysmorphia. I guess sometimes I "feel fat", though. But it's more that I feel that I "eat too much" to "really" be anorexic as opposed to "feeling" fat.

No. 954156

No. 954157

Talk it over with your psychologist, drop the subject or go to mpa, but most importantly, learn to sage.

No. 954159

post your spooky scary skeleton body for proof pls

No. 954164


No. 954174

Every mh recovery account I follow has made a story or a post comparing the lockdown to being detained in hospital or just being in hospital. Every. Single. One. I don’t think this girl needs to be singled out. She is not milky, she posts the occasional throwback to when she was underweight but most of her stories are singing. She does not deserve to be discussed on a pro ana scumbag thread just because you find her a bit annoying ya know.

No. 954175

Anon with Jonzie access post updates please!!! I assume she’s swinging to one of 2 extremes - poor widdle baby me so compromised I am going to die if I get coronavirus; or going to bond fires and drinking with friends because she “doesn’t care if she gets the rona.” But someone please confirm before I resort to fabricating fan fiction.

No. 954177

Can we please spoiler screenshots of N4F’s food. These two aren’t as bad as others but a warning would be appreciated.

No. 954178

I don't see how most of the people bitched about on these threads even are pro-ana tbh. I think these threads are just people with EDs bitching about other people with EDs because they find them annoying or attention seeking etc.

No. 954179

What I don’t get about Alexys is why she keeps changing her username. I made the last two threads and each time she’s had a different username. Even since I made this one it’s changed. It’s alexys610_ now

No. 954182

Yeah most aren’t necessarily pro ana but it’s still the name of the thread. And most of them meet the requirements for discussion. The girl I’m referring to doesn’t.

No. 954189

Pro ana because even though they aren't wearing ANOREXIA IS A LIFESTYLE NOT AN ILLNESS T shirt, they glamorise everything about eating disorders. Tubes, being in hospital, their weight, references to how much they've just purged but o god it's awful I ate all this look at my pre binge haul I ate all this but woo I'm spoopier than you.

They either love documenting treatment, or refuse treatment, or blatantly take the piss out of recovery services. Some even use gofundme to get pity dollar so they can get a holiday or get people to pay for their photoshoot setting (hospital).

That is why they're pro ana scumbags.

No. 954196

How is someone "pro-ana" if they refuse treatment? Also I don't see how documenting treatment is inherently "pro-ana", but I suppose it depends. Maybe some of these people are still in the "honeymoon" phase of their ED, where they feel that they're in control and could stop (if they wanted to). Also if someone has a tube, should they lie about having one? Deliberately avoid posting pictures of themselves so they don't show the tube if they have a tube? I'm not saying every person posted on these threads isn't like how you described, but it isn't all of them. Also I've idea what "spoopier" means.

No. 954197

To be fair I think at least 40% has just got to be cows baiting, posting pics of themselves to see what reaction they get

No. 954198

Is referring to people with EDs as "cows" really appropriate?

No. 954199

Shoo newbie

No. 954200

File: 1586023818746.jpeg (37.05 KB, 384x384, 29B05081-F268-4C40-98E1-E69290…)

No. 954201

Not a rebuttal nor an argument.

Yeah, I am. So?

No. 954202

Learn to integrate or get the fuck out faggot.

No. 954205

So is this site like 4chan, then? It would appear so. Maybe more like /pol/?

No. 954210


No. 954211

We are not Wikipedia, that is for sure. Just close your browser and talk to your recovery fiends on insta.

No. 954218

actually i found her more than a bit annoying, using the fact that everybody has to shelter in place to bring up the time you got sectioned is massively attention seeking. If you’re mad she’s getting the attention she wants for being a whiny bint then don’t read the thread

No. 954225

I bet she's never known what it's like to have not a single soul to do their grocery shopping when they're not allowed out indefinitely. She's never known what it's like to suddenly lose their job and not know how they're going to pay rent and bills. She's never been to the funeral of a loved one and not been able to give any comforting physical contact to a relative, or not allowed to visit a dying parent in hospital.
To be totally, absolutely alone.

Nope, it's all about the injustice of not being able to go to gigs while everyone around them runs around doing their cooking and shopping while they take selfies. It makes me want to punch these cows in the throat tbh

No. 954227

File: 1586027276971.jpeg (364.34 KB, 651x776, 8AE0DDCD-7DBB-46F7-9056-424C55…)

I’m not mad, I’m saying every person I follow on Instagram has compared this lockdown to being sectioned. Why only mention her on here when they are all doing it?

Please bring some actual reasons to discuss her on the thread other than saying she’s a whiny, selfish bint for comparing lockdown to being detained in hospital.

No. 954229

>Please bring some actual reasons to discuss her on the thread

Nobody owes you an explanation or reasons. Just leave, dear WK.

No. 954231

Well, any chat about her is going to die out pretty soon since she is boring as shit

No. 954232


It probably wouldn't have even gone on this long if the WK hadn't swooped in.

No. 954233

I'm not sure who you think I am but I'm not in recovery and I'm not on Instagram, nor do I have friends.

No. 954234

>nor do I have friends.

Perhaps when youre inevitably put out to pasture you can work on that.

No. 954236

File: 1586028273413.png (682.45 KB, 750x1334, 8AF90AAE-1947-4CEC-B42D-DA6FA7…)

Laura loves milking this documentary. She looks like she’s lying through the teeth in it but she probably thinks she put on an amazing performance kek

No. 954237

Put out to pasture?? Also I don't want friends. I just found this forum by chance.

No. 954238

i’m only continuing to discuss her and call her a bint because you’re wking. wouldn’t have tried to dig into her account and find more milk beyond that, because clearly she’s your standard ED recovery warrior. what i said about it being attention seeking actually does apply to every account that posts this kind of shit, but unsurprisingly i was talking about her post because she was posted, i wasn’t attacking her specifically

No. 954239

I saw that documentary. She actually seems ill? What are your reasons for hating on her? I'm curious.

No. 954240

It's good for my mh too. It makes me lmao when I watch her flailing around.

Laura's the only person who remembers that instantly forgettable documentary.

No. 954241

Read the threads, anon. We’re not here to spoon feed you. And please sage.

No. 954242

There's 35 of them. I'm not going through them when you could just explain it to me, unless you can't justify your seemingly petty, bitchy hatred of someone detained under the MHA? I wonder… are most people posting here, clearly people who themselves have EDs, are they overweight? Are you jealous because you CAN'T get help, therefore you hate on people who get it who you feel "don't appreciate it" or "like to show off"? Honest question.

No. 954247

File: 1586029245877.jpg (125 KB, 600x784, 17c993e91388640a12f82636bf6d2a…)

Yeah that's it. We're huge and want to be in hospital. Here we are at our last meet up. Now leave?

No. 954249


nobody cares you dont have any friends, if you dont like the site, dont post. they're called cows, the site is called lolcow, deal with it and sage

No. 954250

tag urselves. im the one on the right

No. 954252


then I want to be the one with the hairknot

No. 954255

It was an honestly question. It has been said that most people posting here themselves have EDs, so why do you hate on other people with EDs? Because they get help and you feel that you deserve it more? That they don't appreciate it enough, and if only you had that help, you would appreciate it?

I'm not saying anyone should care. I don't care. I'm at ease with it. I don't dislike this site, I just like to play devil's advocate, and I'm a "new homosexual" here.


No. 954256

You’d only need to read the most recent 4 or 5 to get the gist of what goes on in these threads.

No. 954258

Second from right.

No. 954260

I’m in the grey knickers

No. 954261

>am thinking about how messed up that is if a fat person with a legitimate ED (who will end up underweight/experiencing complications as a result of their unhealthy weight loss) should feel unwelcome to receive treatment
I don’t necessarily think that fat people seeking treatment should feel unwelcome, but they’re going to make patients feel uncomfortable nonetheless. You sound fat by the way

No. 954262

Sorry we argued about how I didn't think you were fat enough to be there.

No. 954265

Any Shay milk? She stil begging for money for her toobes?

No. 954267

I’m still in the early stages of BED, I’ll get there soon

No. 954268

File: 1586030132430.png (95.28 KB, 800x691, Screenshot_20200404-205401.png)

I think this is the reason for the newfag.

No. 954271

File: 1586030459512.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, BB69F5DB-2A9C-491E-8800-C94E20…)

If she’s in quarantine before moving the the ED ward, why is she allowed visitors?

New Farm is such a fucking joke. If admitting an obese patient for an eating disorder and giving them a feeding tube wasn’t bad enough, they’re now only pretending to quarantine their patients during a pandemic.

No. 954272

Her dad just turned 70 as well!

No. 954276

>WTF!1!!1 lolcow is so scary and is just like 4chan!1!1
i hate newfags

No. 954281

Covifags are worse than summerfags. I’m predicting an influx of “omg u guise r so meeean” posts as bored cows and cowwannabes start googling themselves.

No. 954282

File: 1586031289205.png (56.5 KB, 310x502, Screenshot_20200404-194257.png)

They've always existed. Some sperg about us on ig

No. 954290

>so if I get tubed again I guess I’ll just shut up about it

Every single story since she got tubed is either about it or has a selfie with her tube

No. 954291

>fascist cesspit

No. 954292

The girl is a he/him pronoun, hence throwing fascist around freely.

No. 954300


>there are some chilling yet weirdly pedantic speculations on whether someone is in true 'real recovery' or just 'trying to have the best of both worlds' and attract attention of both recovery and relapse

you retard, that's literally a real thing ED specialists have to fucking discuss especially when considering if someone is really to leave ip/res/php …

No. 954302

File: 1586033454413.jpeg (296.68 KB, 827x1282, 9991B235-8410-451B-8EB4-E76245…)

Old cow no one asked for says she’s lost but still looks fine even tho claiming to be almost underweight in her story. Also just don’t wear crop tops if you’d that uncomfortable? No one is forcing you to show your body

No. 954306

File: 1586033769497.png (54.89 KB, 320x463, Screenshot_20200404-215343.png)

She bangs on about it for ages. Must've hit a nerve.

No. 954315

File: 1586034357229.jpg (771.77 KB, 1080x1834, 20200404_160443.jpg)

First the "quesadilla" and now this

No. 954326


interesting how she says that the content of this website essentially puts her ED thoughts on a screen, almost like someone people here know what they're talking about and aren't just putting things out of their ass.

assuming that's dinner-plate sized bowl, that seems like a normal portion for a healthy weight person. it's definitely not the meal for someone who is proudly still in "rEaL rEcOvErY"… I really wonder how Elzani got released from the hospital to her attentive and seemingly intelligent mother, but her mother and her never worked on following a meal plan together. ie it's pretty standard that for weight gain, a dinner needs a calorific drink like juice/milk, a dairy, multiple starch portions, etc. it's so weird how no one is monitoring this.

No. 954333

Must've taken ages to chop a few things like that. That cucumber is micro thin.

Agree with above, that's a pitiful meal. It's more an accompaniment to something else.

No. 954334

File: 1586035618773.jpg (879.04 KB, 1067x1567, 20200404_222530.jpg)

30 and still photoshopping her pictures to look the sickest, she won't live much longer

No. 954336

The walking dead. This is vomit. Spoiler worthy for sure.

No. 954340

What's up with her skin? She gets stacks of comments on selfies. People shouldn't leave her comments. She likes it too much.

No. 954341

I delight in her ignorance. She doesn’t THINK it’s a real poke bowl? Well yeah- it’s kidney beans and corn with some crappy steamed shrimp. It’s not even kind of a poke bowl. 10/10 she pronounces poke like the verb.

No. 954354

This looks like the thing that chases me in my nightmares. Yuck.

No. 954357

P sure she wants to die. It's just not okay to document it on insta. All those pancakes she posts aren't fooling anyone.

Her nail beds look pretty good for someone so ana sick.

I've also concluded she's well off. She eats out a lot, has iPhone, designer bags, her apartments looks spacious. So many Ana's in Russia and they have her mentality where their weight really is something to be proud of.

I give her until August tops, if an illness doesn't get her first…even a cold. I know her mum dying fucked her up, but isn't there bereavement therapy there? Such a waste.

No. 954359

Kek exactly. People SHOULD be worried about getting fat, just as much as underweight.

No. 954383

Ehhhhh, I think we shouldn’t post her sisters. They didn’t ask to be part of the elzani-gong show and they aren’t cows (her mom is fair game because she’s as bad as E)

No. 954384


why are britfags obsessed with the word whilst, can someone explain that to me

No. 954387


Noted. I just thought it was funny how Elzani posted a picture of her sister glaring at her with that caption.

No. 954388


I wouldn't say they're obsessed. I don't see it unnecessarily used. Just another difference between American and British English

No. 954396

That’s cute, never been overweight in my life tho (despite feeling like it). I just care about people who are. Anyway I’m keen to move on now if y’all can

No. 954397

lmao girl same

No. 954408

Britfag, educated but no genius, never use whilst. Think the only time is when copying out poems at college. I like how olde worlde it sounds tho and the fact the T is "parasitic".

No. 954409

File: 1586043923384.png (78.77 KB, 888x357, Screenshot_20200405-004300~2.p…)


No. 954423

Another britfag here, I say both whilst and while, but definitely say whilst more.

No. 954434

I think her parents discharged her before the Drs wanted to let her leave. She never mentioned any day patient or even therapy
She's put on a load of weight but still obsessed with food.

No. 954436

File: 1586047911002.png (795.86 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-04-05-10-50-12…)

Do these twats realise that it isn't normal to be sectioned? No, you won't get empathy when you waste beds for attention.

No. 954448

most of us aren’t friends with people who need to be sectioned multiple times kek, these cows I swear

No. 954477

Wtf is with these tweeny WK-ers
Is it Britfags cause Ausfags were asleep. Either way gtfo, stop clogging up the feed with pointless arguments that have been argued countless times before.
If you're new, go back and read threads and rules ffs, you got the time. Learn to sage and its a goddamn image board so fuck off with this BS

No. 954479

Wow what a sanctimonious, untrue piece of crap
Theyre nothing a like and trying to make those conne tions for pity and a feel of superiority kek
Cows these days are so entitled. Its like they feel its ok to say anything about EDs cause theeey have one. Any wonder the wider population thinks anorexia/EDs are an attention seeking disorder.

No. 954487

Zac Bagans is even worse off when he's locked down. No light except infra red cameras and he gets physically attacked by demons.

Why are they even complaining about being sectioned? They can use it to brag, as illustrated, but duh, it's to save their fucking lives. I hope they grow out of it because if the world ain't fucked already …

No. 954511

File: 1586060968465.jpg (249.66 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20200405_052851_248.jpg)

That poor dog looks bloody terrified

No. 954539

Does anyone have a link to Lauras documentary that works in the US?

Amazing how the second the pandemic starts heating up the cows are admitted. No struggling before admission, just angry that no one is focusing on them anymore. Also this isn’t the place for convos about fatphohia. Who wouldn’t be terrified of becoming Georgia’s size if they heard her talking about ~muh anorexia~

No. 954544

File: 1586072162198.jpg (292.83 KB, 1079x1790, IMG_20200405_173218.jpg)

Not sure if this one (earth.and.em) has been mentioned before but shes another one of those long term UK IP stayers. Bonus is shes a well sized head banging sort who never shuts up about her "anorexia". She posts all her head bang wounds and reports on her daily IM meds. Her latest update is she needed support to eat an apple.

No. 954549

the doco on Laura can be found on torrents, if you dont know how to torrent fuckin google it… im not ya mum.


or direct dl link here:

No. 954561

File: 1586083051039.jpeg (1.17 MB, 828x1506, B76E8A2B-AA61-4902-9402-9230AA…)

Shout out to all the incredible nurses working selflessly in the current crisis. But an extra specia shout out to the nurse who was able to keep a straight face as Georgie put on a big show about struggling to eat. Undoubtedly it was because she was being forced to have vegetables and a somewhat balanced meal instead of crisps, dip and cake.

No. 954587

>i feel like im a joke
trust your gut (lmao) girl, normal weight people who "struggle" to eat an apple ARE a joke

No. 954588

The UK needs to stop these long-term stays, they're truly not helping anyone. These cows need responsibilities, they have no motivation in these places because there are literally no expectations of them

No. 954595

that half assed attempt to cover her forehead craters - can’t not cover them incase she gets accused of posting gore, can’t cover them completely because then how will she get attention?

No. 954605

I actually know this girl and she's as much of a joke as she thinks she is. She's been in hospital pretty much continually since 2015 and posts the same type of shit on her personal snapchat (forehead wounds proudly on display). At least most of the cows posted here keep their antics confined to their like-minded recovery warrior audiences but seeking ass pats from normies like this one does is especially asinine. She used to have a perma-tube as well, quite refreshing to see they're refusing to indulge that particular feat any more.

Obviously can't provide screenshots from snapchat but she posted a photo immediately post-headbanging once with blood dripping down her chin. She seems to do well enough for leave but immediately goes back to the same shit as before as soon as she gets back. The epitome of a resource leech.

No. 954639

Because she probably put her parents on a guilt trip and promised to eat etc at home. I find it bizarre that she left IP with no follow up, no day care, no weight monitoring .

No. 954643

Let’s also remember that she’s TECHNICALLY an adult, which makes forcibly holding her on a unit tricky (and before the blog posting, bone rattling anachanna farmers jump on me: yes, I know it’s possible to be sectioned and all. Just more complicated. it’s easier to get out while still massively underweight than it would be for a minor.)

No. 954644

Re: the tube, of course she did… what happened when they decided to stop humoring her and took it out? She was magically able to maintain her weight all of a sudden?

No. 954668

File: 1586109870446.png (553.41 KB, 720x892, Screenshot_20200405-185428~2.p…)

Note Maria's Dr Now pic!

She didn't stay on lockdown at her parent's house because of her sister. If it wasn't obvious they feed each other's disorder, she won't go back to their place because sis won't go with her. Now she can't manage on her own because she overeats and has a blocked toilet. Sad that she's the twin whi would've been most likely to recover if she didn't have that weird twin attachment going on.

No. 954669

Why do these idiots have to make a pandemic all about themselves? Most of this isn’t even true.

Daily walk? Definitely still possible if you’re approved section 17 leave. You can even spend multiple days at home if your risk is low enough.
Freedom to eat/sleep when you want? Depending on the ward and obviously apart from EDU plenty of patients stay in bed all day or stay up all night, take naps, order takeaways, get snacks brought in and eat when they want. All while sectioned. Unless it’s part of a care plan or the unit has certain rules, whether or not staff “encourage” it makes no difference.
Without organised activities? Ok yeah, being stuck on a ward is boring. lt’s hard to organise activities when dealing with an especially unwell (or challenging - shout out to attention-dependent cows like Laura!) mix of patients and the place is already underfunded. But they try, even if it’s just goal-setting or very basic OT groups whiners like this often refuse to attend anyway.
Without any signal to contact family? Ward phones are a thing. They’re usually landline numbers.
Not to mention many sectioned patients aren’t actually well enough to give a shit about any of these things.

Sorry for the sperg anons but Alice can stfu

No. 954672

Might sound brutal but it’ll probably take one of them to die before the other either commits to making real improvement or offs herself. The codependency is insane

No. 954675

You're right. Going by her pic, she's using public transport still. If lockdown gets harsher because dicks think it's okay to sunbathe in crowded parks, she's going to have to stop her epic walks and bus rides. It hasn't even been three weeks and she's not coping on her own.

No. 954687

File: 1586112519488.jpeg (276.75 KB, 1125x1600, B114563A-1A3D-4F03-A563-771661…)

K’s missing their morning body checks in Costa. marmite vegan seems to get it

Can’t disagree with the nurse. ONE bite at a time, Georgia…you should be chewing each mouthful, not inhaling the whole lot Kirby style

No. 954812

guess who’s in hospital again ..

No. 954819

Boris Johnson? This is an image board, provide the goods or gtfo.

No. 954825

File: 1586126754354.png (1.06 MB, 720x1233, Screenshot_20200405-234300~2.p…)


Laura probs, making zweet love to BoJO.

IMG. Thank goodness!!! Phew, still gets to keep the tube!

No. 954836

File: 1586127730054.png (168.26 KB, 366x422, Screenshot_20200405-235758~2.p…)

Oi. This is hellweek. Post milk or feel the wrath. Is it leg lifter? Are they filming a Panorama and she found out?

No. 954849

its definitely an attention seeking personality disorder thing rather than a legitimate eating disorder. even the "low weight" pics she posts and talks about missing being that weight are healthy weight photos..kek. Every day there seems to be a drama for her. I feel sorry for the staff. What a burden.

No. 954857

Depends really, was triggered myself for a while until I focused back onto my goals and developed a routine etc. Especially fir those with autism.

Possibly due to staying in and overthinking? Other than that the NHS has already got too much going on atm.

No. 954859

Absolutely sickens me that New Farm Clinic happily panders to these delusions for money. There is no medical reason as to why she requires overnight or continous feeds. Bolus at most and that would be if she actually managed to not wolf down her meals.

No. 954861


No. 954863

George wants nothing except babying. The way she talks about her doctor being worried about her, working on a plan with him, not wanting to let him down. Then the nurse holds her hand while she eats, reassuring her. It's extra gross that it's a hefty woman in her 20s trying to portray herself as a helpless child.

No. 954878

File: 1586133432332.jpeg (422.93 KB, 750x1074, 56746E10-D0DD-4E79-9C34-684049…)

I’m not talking about people who have genuine mental health struggles only speaking about the cows who are parading around new farm

Spaceship update. She’s been posting more frequently. Her father passed. It seems to have encouraged her drug seeking behaviors

No. 954879

Has this dead eyed heifer ever been admitted anywhere other than New Farm? It’s like she’s keeping them on retainer

No. 954884

File: 1586134489621.jpeg (269.26 KB, 1125x891, C5376F3B-2533-41D7-9482-AE93EF…)

instagram is hilarious

No. 954892


Why did you remove the account name?

No. 954893


No. 954895

As much as this Trump fan pisses me off, this is the first post of hers I feel sadness for. Sad she lost her dad and knowing how addictive painkillers can be.

Idk, I'll spare my judgements for future posts. Seems her coping behaviours are all self destructive. I'll never get over those MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN baseball boots though.

Innit! I always search #lolcow on ig, and search lolcow on mpa. These kids need to lose some naivety and grow a thicker skin.

No. 954897

yes. always. only emergency department visits at other hospitals for her blood test irregularities caused by her poor physical health from obesity

No. 954901

Yes i relate to that deeply. I always got the impression her pro-trump posts were borderline trolling. I don’t think anyone is celebrating her dad dying but I am curious to see if she will be able to stop with the drugs and the munching. I have a bad feeling she will go full blown hEDS zebra!!! for pain meds

No. 954902

File: 1586136748971.png (840.4 KB, 709x1287, Screenshot_20200406-023009~2.p…)

I wouldn't know where to begin with Georgia's AMA session.

Please notice the tube. She wants you to.

No. 954905

OMFG! LMAO, how hard is she trying to pop that "collarbone" out and show it off! like cmon, seriously?! it just looks like a ridge where her blubbery table-tits ends and thats it…

i cant even…

No. 954906

why does she look like a sweaty victorian orphan on her deathbed? upwards angle isa no good

No. 954913

Why has her face melted?
And she needs til get rid of sonce of that luggage under those eyes

No. 954914

Jesus she looks horrible here

No. 954918

Im begging you Jonzie Anon! Come back to us! I hope you arent Corona'd
My mind's going nuts having all this time to make up scenarios in my head of what she could possibly be doing rn.
Has this all triggered here ED again? Is she in a bubble because she's so immunocompromised? Id she going to stay at new mumma bears house so sje can get treatment through all of this, have her alters come back to protect her?
Has she hoarded a bunch of maks? Is she, or will dhe get admitted?
Help Jonzie anon, i need answers

No. 954919

Georgie kinda always looks horrible because she’s just so overweight. Very occasionally she takes an okay-ish selfie.

Idk maybe she thinks looking sweaty and pale will earn her some sympathy points since she’s sooper sick

No. 954921

All the hallmarks of demonic possession, I tell you. P sure that she makes herself look worse pre pic. Rubbing her eyes and lips, etc.

Lol at anon jonesing for Jonzie. Someone please give her her fix!

No. 954922

File: 1586139801447.jpg (26.64 KB, 400x400, fLirynDm_400x400.jpg)

The crazy I thing about her is how pre anorexia she was decent looking. Img is her Twitter pic. In the depth of anorexia, instead of looking terribly skinny, she…well, yeah.

No. 954925


Crazy what anorexia can do to a person!!

No. 954930

File: 1586140634181.jpg (545.34 KB, 1064x1891, 20200405_213529.jpg)

It must not have been cake and crackers if she only ate half

No. 954931

See, she ran to replacement mother figure for comfort. Any excuse. Expecting that Ensure snap v soon.

No. 954933

how to tell she hasn't got a restrictive ED: she happily lounges around while being pumped full of heaps of calories. Its upsetting to know its NG formula being wasted and someone else could be needing that.

No. 954937

“Needing it”
it’s not like anachans are lining out the doors of NF waiting for a hopeful bed and help. This is pay for what you get medicine. She’s obese and wants to be force fed and they’re cool with that. As long as they get their money, it doesn’t matter who is treated

No. 954939

I am on ward with georgia. She's not even upstairs on the EPD. She's on this general ward one with the rest of us here for general psych stuff. These nurses aren't use to her so while she waits for a place upstairs shes behaving so yo-yo like. She vomited after dinner that night then called the nurses to tell them and one actually sat with her. All meals are in rooms currently due to the virus. Its tiring to watch. Can EDP just take her back we dont want her

No. 954941

proof or GTFO

No. 954943

'diet time' and dr now stickers on maria's pic while georgia goes on with her ana fantasy, top kek

No. 954945

Crazy how fat can change your face

No. 954949

File: 1586148100823.png (590.2 KB, 720x1176, Screenshot_20200406-053824~2.p…)

How do NF screen visitors? How tf do NF think it's safe for patients to visit in THE CAR PARK ?
Is this a clown school?

No. 954954

Highly doubt miss Georgia would purge and not share it with the world. That is unless she is hiding her true bulimia

No. 954967

Can you take a photo of a menu or something so we can see youre actually in there
If true plz keep pouring

No. 954968

File: 1586154247119.jpg (271.18 KB, 954x603, Screenshot_20200404-084838_Chr…)

No. 954984

Considering EDP is downstairs and the general ward is upstairs, this person is making shit up

No. 954985

File: 1586160347344.jpg (624.04 KB, 1080x1064, 20200406_180059.jpg)

No EDP is upstairs. There is a dining room, courtyard and 2 other wards downstairs. You can walk up the stairs or use the lift to get to EDP which is also shared with another general ward and you can access the outpatient/day program by going upstairs and turning left.

Menus are done in the morning and dinner has already happened but here is the program people get. Yes im doing the purple ones

No. 954986

also been to new farm. the previous anon could actually be there. New farm has 3 levels and EDP is on the middle. She could be either top level or on the ground floor.
I’ve actually been on edp with her. She was known to scrape her plate clean and ask the nurses to start her “feed” to ensure she got every calorie.

No. 954989

File: 1586161452356.jpeg (3.53 MB, 4032x3024, 216160C9-3F39-4719-A472-C2E66F…)

That’s not the current group schedule. (New farm fag here). You’re making shit up. Leave the woman alone ffs

No. 954999


Lolcow's turned into a fucking NF reunion group. Nobody cares about your colouring in sessions, stop posting your shitty mementos.

No. 955001

Is shay still inpatient? Anyone got access?

No. 955013

File: 1586172576310.png (3.24 MB, 1730x1144, parxom.png)

…she turned 30 yesterday. does anyone know what's up with her face, I'm just curious.

No. 955015

that same screenshot and mention of her age has been posted already, all you had to do was scroll up. stop bringing up already mentioned milk.
her face is like that cause she’s dangerously underweight, surely you could’ve deducted that on your own?

No. 955017

File: 1586173485625.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 067834BF-86EB-424F-8587-36CE9B…)

No. 955018

File: 1586173573256.jpeg (653.72 KB, 750x1334, 9027A398-E043-4856-BF85-DCBEC8…)

No. 955020

Dead.human.here666 water just broke and is going into labour, praying for that baby

No. 955023

do you have any screenshots anon? private account and I don’t want to miss any story posts about this, looks prime cow material

No. 955033

maybe nothing's being posted because there is no milk. literally stop begging b/c you sound obsessed with this cow

No. 955036


What's she in the hospital for this time?

No. 955038


Hey, maybe you should strive for some real goals? Instead of just wanting to be underweight, scratched up and institutionalised.

This bitch is pathetic. Nobody who's mentally healthy is impressed by weight loss and hospital stays. What a drain of resources and a waste of life.

No. 955040

Didnt say, seemed to be fine playing sims back home a few hours later though. Could’ve been check ups or something who knows

No. 955041

Sorry replied to wrong anon

No. 955044

agreed. like congrats on your fake eating disorders.

No. 955051

i don’t think everyone on NF is faking? not everyone in hospital is faking.. like you get this right?? only the few cows that post it online, that’s not even a large enough percentage of people in hospital undergoing treatment for eating disorders for you to generalise that EVERY PATIENT is a faker.
some of you have been on this thread for too long lmao, find another hobby to go alongside it

No. 955053

We didn’t mean YOU. You’re extra special and definitely not a milkymilkymoocow. Your eating disorder is 100% legit. We just mean those OTHER people.

Ffs. Don’t come in here all defensive, explaining eating disorders to this thread as if it isn’t comprised mostly of people with / in recovery from one. If your feefees are that delicate, go back to club penguin…or neopets…or tiktok. Whatever the tweenyboppers waste their time on now days.

No. 955054

They have a point though. The comment they replied to implied that everyone saying they had experience with NF is faking. That's a ridiculous assumption and just makes it seem like the people on the thread think all eating disorders are fake

No. 955060

File: 1586183160382.png (9.72 MB, 1242x2208, 448BC3AA-B5DA-4C2E-81D4-8FBC30…)

No. 955062

File: 1586183350578.png (1.24 MB, 1242x2208, 9F0EA2AC-7791-4CB8-A563-65EF1A…)

Dead.human.here666 still has time to answer tells tho

No. 955063

File: 1586183420837.png (9.12 MB, 1242x2208, 247718D2-7966-463E-81E8-F19216…)

No. 955064

Pretty sure she’s two weeks early not good for the baby

No. 955072

Surly there are other things you could find to nitpick about other than just assuming her situation is “not good for the baby,” since you clearly know nothing of the subject. Full term is considered 38-40 (or 41) weeks. There is nothing wrong with going into labor “2 weeks early.” Most babies are born before 40 weeks.

No. 955074

Okay but… where's the milk?

No. 955082

I live in this thread do why don't I recognise that s person? Ig profile says it's a pronoun cutter. Not interesting. Woman in labour.

No. 955105

unless the baby is born wearing a proana t-shirt i don’t see how it’s relevant

No. 955106

File: 1586190969225.jpeg (882.26 KB, 828x1549, 5B437FFF-B4E8-484F-8C4C-2C5722…)

Bizarre food combinations intensifying. I predict she’s going to be the next n2f once she decides she can’t handle any more weight gain and/or gets the hang of purging.

No. 955109

I was thinking it wasn't too bad. I mean, at a Chinese takeaway they have egg fried rice…then I read about the hummus and… WHY?

That's got to taste like shit.

No. 955111

And let’s not forget that it’s all plated on top of raw, dry ass looking spinach. Undoubtedly trying to make it look (and feel) like a bigger portion than it is. Nice ~*~real recovery~*~ ya’ got there.

No. 955117

Lots of protein to fill her up! She has the knack of making what she's eat look like more. Aly was good at that. Unless that's an ostrich egg, that portion's pretty small. She's totally stupid trying to do this without a nutritionist.

No. 955121

you’re right anon - i don’t even think that’s a whole egg. fully recovered lol

No. 955125

Adding the hummus mid-meal really does sound disordered. Was everyone eating and she just jumped up and pulled a tub of hummus out of the fridge and started mixing it in? It all sounds a bit binge-y and frantic.

No. 955127

File: 1586195513373.jpeg (1015.82 KB, 1242x1860, F447FA7C-1635-4C8A-8D66-B9BE07…)

For those who are interested in the latest N2F. Her caption last night made me laugh and she also had chicken soup for breakfast this morning

No. 955128

File: 1586195984462.jpg (980.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200406-185539_Ins…)

Soup for breakfast! Not at all disordered N2F

No. 955129

That's her BIG F*ck u to lolcow, haha

She's right, it's surprising how much you have to consume to gain BUT … picture her grabbing those chocolates and cookies and manically scooping PB with them and ramming them in he mouth. Chewing a toffee, going back in with biscuits and PB, fighting the fullness sucking on a lollipop, then back at it again.

CRAAAVING that sugar, totally not having a binge at 2am.

Sure, J.

No. 955131

Spot the 2018 expired dip!

No. 955133

File: 1586196653107.png (332.21 KB, 613x515, Screenshot_20200406-190819.png)

No. 955135

Nimbus and Sweet Pickle Dip should be the new lolcow mascots. They’re the real victims here.

No. 955144


No. 955145

That pickle could now contain the coronavirus vaccine.

No. 955147

Also a big fuck you to her followers. I don’t gain weight and I never purge or exercise!! I’m better than all of you peasants with normal metabolisms. That’s going to do a number on the people who are convinced she’s telling the truth

No. 955168

File: 1586204837452.gif (8.1 MB, 480x360, C390D889-5AB3-47C5-847F-15CCCE…)

>never binged or purged ever !!!!!
Sounds entirely believable……
Her weight might low enough for an AN diagnosis but there’s no way this girl isn’t full on bulimic

No. 955173

File: 1586207160851.png (887.76 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200406-220450.png)

Fears gaining weight.

No. 955178

"Oh fuck my water broke, better post this on Instagram"

God save that kid

No. 955179

“Losing my dad” -proceeds to check herself into anachan summer camp rather than staying home and helping with running errands. Makes her father leave the house to come visit her and bring her treats-

Okay Jan.

No. 955180

This unit thinking not gaining weight and recovering are exclusionary in her case is funny. Georgia, losing weight (in a healthy manner) would do you good. Better than getting fed in hospitals and sitting on your hospital bed the whole day.
I'm sorry, forgot losing weight would require eating less, my bad.

No. 955188

new drinking game: take a shot every time the sweet pickle dip gets featured in one of n2f's disgusting concoctions.

No. 955189

>not achieving highly

Would help if she concentrated on her education instead of fannying around playing anorexia.

No. 955190

Fuck, we’ll be wasted by 10am.

No. 955192

Don't forget to sage, anon.
If we made a drinking game out of these cows we'd be at AA by July! At this stage they're so predictable we could do n2f bingo, Georgie bingo, Laura bingo. Surprised she didn't hide the date with a haribo.

No. 955198

Please, PLEASE can some farmer make this bingo card happen.

No. 955202

I would love to but I don't have the tooools. However, farmers never fail to deliver delicious fare and this must happen.

No. 955205

Someone please put this next to a picture of her.

No. 955212

is that expiry 2018???

No. 955213

“Gaining weight”
is currently in hospital being “refed”
is obese
weight has visibly increased at a concerning rate in the past years

No. 955215

Yep. May 2018.

Voluntarily being "refed"

No. 955217

File: 1586213823298.jpeg (307.17 KB, 1372x1372, 728497B8-B311-48BD-A164-FF8155…)

Are you sure you couldn’t do this yourself, anon?

No. 955226

File: 1586215235256.jpeg (168.24 KB, 750x897, F1CEA9FF-4067-406F-A94C-CF45E6…)

Soz if it’s shit kek. Don’t post very often

No. 955227

Very good, anon. All that's missing is the tabletop boobs.

No. 955229

File: 1586216082469.png (140.9 KB, 560x668, ePCKq9e.png)

love it anon

No. 955230

Perfection. Excited to play.

No. 955233

File: 1586216835707.jpg (775.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200407-004616_Ins…)

She definitely is a boarder…

No. 955234

File: 1586216886827.jpg (868.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200407-004628_Ins…)

And I'm not sure how much spread one person needs!?

No. 955237


Floppy tits can count as table tits.
Would've included Ensure/ feed pic, but it's covered in the here in other boxes. Ty!

No. 955238

File: 1586217236294.png (84.67 KB, 300x359, n2f 2.png)

No. 955240

Lol good stuff. Isolation brings much creativity.

No. 955241

the gü spread next to the smart price spread… unless she’s trying to find the best chocolate spread you can currently buy I have no idea. maybe spreads are easy to purge

No. 955242

ugh call me mad on the internet but this is actually disgusting. people are really fucking struggling to get food delivered rn and this bitch uses a slot for 5 chocolate spreads ?!

No. 955243

Before enlarging pic i thought she'd written protein WORMS. NAH, those are maggots.

She got an ASDA delivery. HOW?

Part of the reason I hate than someone who doesnt NEED a delivery got one.

Thanks, anons. Look forward to starting this.

No. 955245

File: 1586217634054.jpg (470.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200407-005818_Ins…)

Yeah sure Becky show us how spoopy you are

No. 955247

I'm positive you're the only one who feels that way. Must be missing her garden centres zzzz

No. 955248

File: 1586217922421.jpg (20.86 KB, 333x500, JaKDVgK.jpg)

just realised what she reminds me of. gorl looks like chucky

No. 955249

The spreads and cereals come to £10.42 on Asda's website so potentially it was part of a big shop made by her family a few weeks ago. Seems a bit extreme for her to only get that stuff when there's an extra charge for orders under £40.

No. 955253

Boo hoo. Life's been 'getting to' her for years, hasn't ever stopped her grifting.

Fair point, anon. I kind of assumed it was part of a bigger order because ~she craves a lot~ and ~Has what she fancies ~~and definitely eats all of the shite she plates up for the 'gram

No. 955254

Don't ASDA have the monthly charge thing? Her family might have that.

So much chocolate and sugar. Her diet is so poor.

No. 955256

That's not spread, it's throat lube!

No. 955258

File: 1586219697459.jpg (269.59 KB, 1080x2134, Screenshot_20200406-193257_Chr…)

This blanket is so vile. I can't image the degree to which her room must smell like stomach bile. I wonder if she purges in her room. Her toilet must be completely clogged at this point with vomit. Maybe not though, since everything she eats is basically jelly.

No. 955264

The monthly delivery pass has the min spend of £40

No. 955266

She's more a puke in plastic bags purger. The kind who hides them in her room and forgets about them.

When I read the pukers on mpa I'm surprised they don't have permanent plumbing problems. One pukes her binges in the shower up to 12 times a day. How does that not clog up the pipes?

No. 955270

That's easily done for a week's family shop, throwing in some washing up liquid. Unless she actually spends at least £40 on a binge shop/delivery. But then she must go to the supermarket in person because she gets the OOPS bargains.

Still, really selfish to nab a delivery slot right now.

No. 955271

What life? She doesn't do anything. Zero responsibilities. Zero expectations. Zero independence. Zero social life. Zero friends. Zero desire to help herself. Get on with it Becky

No. 955272

How is she still alive

No. 955278

File: 1586221382632.jpeg (215.39 KB, 749x1192, CFF60120-C300-4070-8444-C78734…)

>I’ve not ate in x days
Just say 2 days. These cows are annoying af, maybe she did it to avoid triggering anybody but it’s only been 2 days. Or perhaps she wants to make it seem like she fasted for longer.

For reference >>954544

No. 955279

What does adsa do with food that is about to expire? In the us they will heavily mark it down and put it in the back of the store before eventually throwing it away. Nourish also doesn’t seem like the kind of person who’s above dumpster diving

No. 955292

File: 1586223232492.png (882.94 KB, 944x1380, Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.33…)


rona made me do it. mode: easy

comment if you got a bingo!!

No. 955294

File: 1586223324874.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x2560, 20-04-07-11-34-41-002_deco.jpg)

Not sure if anyone remembers this one. She used to tout total starvation while in a normal fleshy body and claim big medical emergencies (including nearly dying) constantly. It seems she's back and LARPing as a friend as well, both accounts running a thinspo account. I cant remember her old usernames, hopefully someone else remembers.

No. 955302

File: 1586225033434.png (1007.11 KB, 1196x966, S9Fhz2g.png)

Perfection, anon.

No. 955303

Kydailydiary? Or something like that, with different variables for her hundred accounts. I wondered what happened to her. Didn't she also claim to be norwegian or some shit.

The bingos bring me back, didn't we have some in the italian Aly threads?

No. 955316

File: 1586228660071.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-04-07-04-03-06…)

Don't worry, we remember you're sick, Sarah. You don't need to do this.

No. 955317

Yes that's her! She bleached her brows and hair to piss yellow and tried desperately to pass it off as her natural colour.

No. 955318


No full fat Coke shots?

No. 955322

Supermarkets in the UK do the same. Some people go specifically for those items at the end of the day (they used to have a sticker that said Oops because it was the sell by/use by date). Some would do the dumpster dive thing, especially freegans, but supermarkets started putting bleach into them to stop it.

It's been commented that a lot of bullimics buy the reduced items for obvious reasons. N2f has had pics with a lot of the food with the heavily reduced price stickers on them, sooo…

No. 955324

Ah how is her boyfriend pilot Pete?

No. 955329

You killed me on the 'stacey dooley says im sick' one
Nice job

No. 955331

That was a different pathological liar actually, kek! This is the one who claimed her bf was abusive and gave her a black eye, but then the next day it was that she fainted and fell into a door. Couldn’t keep her story straight if someone paid her. Oh and he also saved her life multiple times via CPR jajaja

No. 955337

Sage for quasi blog but i once saw what I assume to be a crazy AN b/p chick (she was terrifyingly spoopy) digging through the trash bags in front of a bagel shop at night in NYC. I watched her fill a huge shopping bag with discarded bagels. It’s def a thing.

No. 955340

Eurgh why bother showing off that she’s got meds to take? She needs to let the fringe grow a bit and stop crimping her hair. But we have to be careful talking about her because we don’t want her fans flooding the thread again

No. 955349

to the anons talking about n2f, didn’t get a screenshot i don’t think but when n2f was sharing she was excited for her 10286th spread to arrive from asda a few days ago , the corner in the basket said £102 something , so i’m assuming she did her own shop … or she pays for her family which is unlikely

No. 955361

File: 1586236823178.jpeg (233.13 KB, 750x1211, 80295EAE-41A2-4585-9432-486FD7…)


No. 955362

Quit wasting valuable resources Porky! There are people actually in need of care and the doctors and nurses don't need to deal with your bullshit.

No. 955372

"I'm getting patched up and I'll be okay"
aw. I hope they kissed it better before they put the barbie bandaid on her booboo.

No. 955373

Probably attacked the nurse who brought her a piece of fruit for afternoon tea instead of her beloved cake and crackers.

No. 955374

what kind of pill is that big?? looks like a TUM

No. 955382

File: 1586245234692.jpg (Spoiler Image, 533.11 KB, 1028x2083, IMG_20200407_083615.jpg)

New ana? Posting videos of himself self harming etc whilst playing super emo music.

Spoilered BC self harm TW, this was the least graphic pic, rest were of him actually cutting

No. 955384

Unless you’re gonna bring some relevant milk from him, keep stuff that graphic off the thread. If all he posts is self harm then what’s the point?

No. 955388

Who sends a frail waif like Georgie to the ER during a pandemic for a ittle wittle papercut? They should keep her in quarantine for longer since she’s been there now but it’s new farm and they flout all the rules. God help any actual immunocompromised anorexic on the EDP.

No. 955391

"don't you know I am too frail for that???? I need 3000 calorie meal plans WITH tube feeding"

No. 955392

Speaking of pandemic, only pandemic she could be at risk of contracting is SwineFlu

No. 955393


looks at profile
sees the pronouns 'he/him'
also sees the OP refer to her as 'himself
notices that the profile is on private with >300 followers

GTFO out of here you self-posting fake-boi!

No. 955394

>he/him in bio
yea its a girl

No. 955395

She already has Mad Cow's Disease.

No. 955398

A on, please, my sides

No. 955407

File: 1586253200665.jpg (Spoiler Image, 619.75 KB, 944x1692, Screenshot_20200407-150608_Chr…)

I was re-reading through Alexys' KF thread and came across this pic of her kek This is from when she was suffering from severe seizures.
Anyway it got me thinking, with her Heroin and Fentanyl tendencies/use (not going to say addiction) it reminds me of this lady


Everyone would know the infamous pic of her barely being able to sta nd with her bf supporting her. Came out a lot of her weightloss (basically all) was due to severe fentanyl use/addiction. Her and her boyfriend (super creepy guy) lied to public for years, raised money on gofundme (ofc) for treatment and never went. The whole youtube channel is weird and cringey. I havent watched any recent videos but looks like shes lost weight on the past 4 months. Ill post the pic
Sorry if its been done before, not sure if many knew the story that went along with the picture

No. 955408

File: 1586253670797.jpg (Spoiler Image, 591.34 KB, 962x1441, Screenshot_20200407-175628_Chr…)

Rachael Farrokh for anyone interested or not sure who she is


This is her plea for help. She was heavily using fentanyl at this stage while saying it was her anorexia and lieing to multiple news outlets about her situation
Pretty fucked up when you look into it more. She may have a thread, im sure she would on KF. Her bf seems to be a big enabler and seems to get off on making videos and being Rachel's carer

No. 955409

Georgie isnt on EDP atm

No. 955410

Yes, hence why I said she should be quarantined for longer because of her potential exposure. But new farm are letting quarantined patients have visitors so they’re obviously pretty lax on the rules

No. 955411

File: 1586254987970.jpg (210.03 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20200407-181318_Chr…)

Rachael Lyne Farrokh actress, anorexia, Fentanyl dependence, request for money. Fraud Peggy Claude-Pierre Montreux Cegonha-


This has a full run-down. And the interesting part is the treatment center she went to was run by Peggy Claude-pierre. If you're familiar with Brontes story (Australia) or the Montreux centre (in Canada) back in the 90s and how abhorrent the treatment was. Many girls came out weighing less than when they went in.
Apologies for un-saged stuff if it's been done before

Update: jesus crisp people are still donating to her gofundme!

No. 955414

File: 1586255540336.jpg (736.91 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20200407-182830_Chr…)

Looks like theyre back on the money grabbin train or shes back on fentanyl
Her face is noticeably thinner than at Christmas/new year
I Hate to think people are donating their-probably limited- income on her fake recovery

No. 955415

File: 1586255924143.jpg (672.53 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20200407-183511_Chr…)

Theyre both lieing pieces of shit

No. 955420

File: 1586256672568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 464.17 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20200407-180959_Ins…)

Be SaFe mY uNiCoRnz

No. 955424

Lol anon, you didn't.

No. 955438


When I read that my first thought went to the head banging/face scratching, since that seems to be in right now.

No. 955443

Not sure about private places- but public psych wards are cutting admissions in half- and only admitting people who are high risk. Public wards don’t usually seem to have group programs, but if they do they are cutting them out etc. surely private places would be doing the same? Seems the lack of beds are really lacking now- surely these cows can give theirs up for people who actually need it. Gotta wonder if their desperation for asspats is actually a disorder in itself- if only they’d admit to it and get the help they need for that.

No. 955444

Omg that was my favorite cow.
Her nick was kydailydiaryk, now it’s 5babibai5, majortriggerwarning, cravingbonessince2005, and few others. She is larping as two BFFs, “Babi” and “Air”. She keeps talking to herself on behalf of those two accounts, but she’s too dumb about it and she posts her own selfies in both for attention, and also pics she found online of skinny girls.

She used to dye her hair blonde and pretend she’s Norwegian, making up stories about how she is a Viking and was constantly using phrase “I will bring you fucking ragnarok”. Now apparently she doesn’t claim Norwegian anymore, but calls Mauri her husband. This guy has intelligence of a gold fish.

She’s also now posting constantly about her liquid fast, claiming that for weeks now she’s been living off 50-300 kcal a day. She’s also gathering other anachans to join her.

No. 955445

I don’t think she’d be willing to disfigure her face like that or do anything that would cause much actual discomfort. I’m guessing probably a little knick to her ankle (or somewhere else with equally few nerve endings) with a razor just to create some blood and attention. Much like her “anorexia”, I suspect her “self harm” is all just a bunch of lip service.

No. 955446

Kek- at her weight she should loose on that- if she’s not eating on top of it. Also idk much but if someone srsly at risk of refeeding they usually start around 20ml/hr for 6hrs or 24 then increase by 20ml or 30 ml increments… porgie shits me… as does shay… why fkn have the feeds when you don’t need them? Medicare will usually only fund that stuff if you srsly need it. A private Dietician might suggest it or support it cause they r private - so idk medicare won’t fund. Still. It is goddamn expensive- money hospitals could use for other things.

No. 955449

(Psych-fag) Not fatphobic- that term kinda implies that the person who is fatpbobic hates/ judges fat people based on their size- sometimes/ often people with eds don’t give a crap about the ‘fat’ person sitting next to them. It is definitely reasonable to be triggered in that situation…. since when r we bagging out people who might be fatphobic/ judgemental when this whole thread is just that.(no1curr about ur psychfaggotry)

No. 955451

Not even new farm would send someone to the emergency room for face scratching/head banging. Probably did just cut herself a little bit. You’d think it would have to be quite bad to go to the ER but knowing Georgie, she probably demanded that she go for a pretty minor cut.

No. 955453

How’s is there anything even left in that?! Unless she is literally eating 1mg every time kek. Mybs she’s keeping the container just to use for pics? Had a friend once who used to keep empty food packets in her house so when her friends and family came to visit they’d think she had food in the house. Still feelin sorry for n2f . How is her potassium and body not wrecked from bingeing and purging??

No. 955480

She had her bags checked when she was admitted. Doubt she did much damage. Can't even scratch the surface with a plastc knife. Bless. She wouldve felt so cared for having a nurse tend to her gash

No. 955486

Lol I wonder if she’s done any of the diamond art she made sure to take with her. Probably not because she’s super duper depressed and wants another round of ECT to lengthen her admission.

No. 955492

Too busy snuggling her stuffies and watching tv I’ll bet. For someone who claims to be struggling so much with anorexic behaviours, she’s sure got no trouble laying in bed all day. Thank goodness she didn’t also develop any exercise compulsions or she’d be twice as thin!

No. 955559


She was sent to that department by herself after an attempt at something? Of course she took her phone with her.

I expect she was hoping for a 1:1 to have someone to herself. Any self harmer who isn't doing it for attention wouldn't make injuries visible, but no doubt she told a staff member.

No. 955562

Lol, thanks for that. Two deliveries! Jsyk, dont write anything in the subject field, just sage in the email field. This made me audibly laugh. Jeez.

No. 955565

File: 1586287884650.jpeg (449.96 KB, 916x1564, 2050B5B6-F41E-40DA-8C3D-378BC5…)

Because as if her non-stop online food orders weren’t enough she has now uploaded a haul of a trip to tesco which included even more spreads!! The sheer selfishness after her telling her followers they should not be going out to get food and they should do it online if it’s essential. Will she freeze these hot cross buns or just continue to eat them until they grow mould on I wonder?

No. 955570

This definitely ticks the evidence of hoarding and b/p box. Doubt those hot cross buns are around long enough to see the freezer. Fuck her for getting home delivery.

No. 955574

That fucking sheet or whatever that is… I can smell the mold and ass germs

No. 955575

File: 1586289122384.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.88 KB, 974x1508, Screenshot_20200408-034842_Chr…)

Can someone identify this for me in n2f's pic
Spoiler.. just incase

No. 955578

I noticed that too. It looks like she cut off part of an animal. Idk but I'm afraid. I think she worships the devil.

No. 955579

That’s a dog chew ^^^^

No. 955581

File: 1586289858248.jpg (304.12 KB, 1404x1753, Screenshot_20200407-210151_Chr…)

I honestly can't believe the twins used to be doctors. How can she not know than an opioid is addictive?

No. 955594

She could've googled it herself. She writes things so people respond.

No. 955611

"..high on oxycodone,"
"..is it addictive,"
Referring to it as being high should br enough indication that you KNOW the answer. Gorl is just asking for pity points or trying to convince people to think she is just naive and totally isn't developing an addiction, and or isn't aware of it.

No. 955616

A bitch really out here buying four kinds of bread, and during a pandemic no less. Her impulsive need to have multiple slightly different varieties of the same food really gets me lol.
If you're obtaining opioids through a doctor/pharmacy they make it pretty clear that they're addictive even if you somehow don't have the common sense to know that already, she's obviously just fishing for attention.

No. 955620

There's a 3 of 1 item only cap at Tesco. That might stopped her buying more hot cross buns.

As for Maria, why does she read the fucking patient leaflet? Many times I've thought she days things for interaction. When she had a rectal prolapse she asked what one was. I think we've all had shitty doctors, but…

No. 955621

Doesn't says grr

No. 955675

Really? The black part is what's confusing me
So does she have a dog… or..?

No. 955689


The whole damn oddity is confusing me. Dog chews are normally pig skin. This is HOLLOW and has HAIR all over it.

No. 955690

Oh, yeah. She's posted dog related things in the background. Looked at one point she was using the dog bed as a tray.

No. 955699

File: 1586307748043.jpg (Spoiler Image, 305.86 KB, 1080x1896, IMG_20200408_110053.jpg)

Spoilered 'cos headbanger but earth.and.em is back complaining about hospital even though she loves it, being found with sh tools and now reliant on fortisips but wait…. Theres a miracle

No. 955700

File: 1586307788094.jpg (237.94 KB, 1080x1935, IMG_20200408_110039.jpg)

To be her size I doubt this is a first kek

No. 955723

File: 1586311752620.jpeg (57.68 KB, 570x545, 68624164-9B2E-4C14-9C22-DA25D9…)

No. 955727

Ofc she was
Maybe the dog is a living vacuum cleaner and licks up all her crumbs
The dog needs to lick the bowls, cups and containers clean

No. 955728

A mushroom stalk perhaps?

No. 955741

Deer antler for the dog? Dog chew thing idk

No. 955773

File: 1586322905196.png (1.1 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200408-061320.png)

George needs tips how to eat.

No. 955775

File: 1586323017549.png (1.23 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200408-061313.png)

Don't bother to try purging. It hasn't done anything in the past after all.

No. 955781

Isnt that something you should ask your primary? Or your pdoc? Or the fact she's been in that program minimum 3x a year, she'd already know this.
Here fishy fishy

No. 955783

Translation: “I can’t wait to eat my meal!” Such a star anorexic

No. 955787

Her use of “etc” in that context seems so weird… like eating disorder behaviours blah blah etc etc can’t name anything other than restricting and purging

No. 955798

she wants to binge but without the purge.
get treatment for your actual binge eating disorder, that is how to eat properly.

No. 955823

Why is she asking her internet hug box for tips? Isn’t that why she’s in treatment, milking her daddy’s insurance? Surely the $1000+ a day anachan camp bed should be able to provide her with all the super special tips she needs.

No. 955826

Shes been there enough times to pick up tips from actual ED patients. Maybe its because she doesn't have an actual ED

No. 955831

File: 1586341979963.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1485, 94713C22-0879-4AEA-86D0-1490F9…)

Next level unflattering picture, spending all her daddy’s money even though she’s 22 and plenty capable of working, surely she’s trolling. Trolling or completely tone deaf.

No. 955848

Next level frustrating because millions of people are out of a job rn, in debt, clowe to losing their homes etc Not long ago when Covid started affecting jobs and she lost her Dymocks one, she complained that she was stressed due to money, even though she lives with her parents and is under their unsurance. And NOW since shes all special and tooby and doesnt have to participate or even acknowledge the real world. But hey, flaunt that you just wasted $100 while sitting in, basically a hotel, and get coddled like the special snowflake you think you are (or ate trying to be)
Seriosuly Porgie, fuck you. Pull your head in, realize why you're there and actually work to get out.
I lk think her parents cant stand her and she knows it (i doubt her mum cohld take her shit 24/7 for 2 months) so, go to NF, pretend you're all #realcovery and get the excuse you need to eat all if the things you really want to eat during isolation

Pardon rant, but her entitlement has really been grinding my gears lately

No. 955861

I second this. Shes a waste of resources and money.Anyone noticed how she doesn't act like actual ED sufferers? She never calls herself fat or any derogatory word to do with intake or weight..instead she straight up advocates her dire need for toobing.

No. 955864

And she never seems to actually struggle, or she forgets that she’s supposed to be pretending to struggle. She’ll talk all about how her anorexic behaviours are at an all time high and she can’t eat anything then she’ll post a story not three hours later with her floppy table tits, lazing about in bed, drinking wine from her unicorn cup.

No. 955871

True… and most ED sufferers also tend towards presenting themselves as fine even when they’re not. You’d think someone her size would be happy to be able to go undetected for a while

No. 955873

File: 1586356843776.png (612.06 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_2020-04-08-15-34-09…)

Oh my god,she's going to strain something in her attempt to pop her collarbone. she has to put her shoulder up to her ear geez.

No. 955874

Wow, she’s gained weight since her latest admission (or what I think is her latest? Rolling admissions make it hard to tell). She would actually be so pretty if she stayed this weight, stopped scratching her pimples and didn’t pose like desperate, attention seeking cow. What a waste.

No. 955889

Damn, looks so fucking terrible.

No. 955893

She blocked most people trying to follow her and has probably disappeared from the face of ana Instagram. It was easy to find her siblings after all that came out so probably best for her

No. 955895

>>955873 your icon is showing

No. 955898

Yep. she's doing what Maria and others do, asking questions she could find online but wats people to engage with her.

Are 1990s jeans a thing now or are is she wearing them because the waftiness is especially for leg lifting? Typical supported housing décor. Looks like she's dealing well without the Starbucks.

No. 955901

If she's staying off insta because she's gaining weight the I hope she doesn't come back.

No. 955953

File: 1586372119426.png (503.83 KB, 720x1053, Screenshot_20200408-195249~2.p…)

Maria's claiming she's already addicted to the hillbilly heroin.

No. 955955

Maybe tell your GP then, you fucking donkey. I know her brain’s fried from decades of SEED but there’s no way she’s that stupid

No. 955969

File: 1586374372455.png (665.94 KB, 871x534, Screenshot_20200408-202610~2.p…)

I just found out two things about the twins.

1/2 They were on Hood Morning Britain 9 years ago.

No. 955971

File: 1586374435023.png (336.08 KB, 720x1022, Screenshot_20200408-203039~2.p…)

2/2 That should say Good.

Their parents are journalists/writers.

No. 955977

Hood morning sounds way more gangster and badass though!

Tbh that show will feature anyone clickbaity and the twins are nothing if not gimmicky click bait. Completely devoid of substance, but good for a 5 minute shock piece. That’s literally all their life and legacy will boil down to.

No. 955981

Yeah but they had Eamon Holmes interview them! I looked foe a clip to see how they behaved but founf nothing. Their dress sense is…unique.

This means it's probable their mum put them forward for the Daily Mail article, which is odd.

Maria's spending the day walking, which is pretty much against advice. One day, when this situation is over, I want to visit their Costa and watch them. I love weird twins.

No. 956050

File: 1586385766103.jpeg (864.32 KB, 828x1515, 663BD891-0715-4C35-AE22-96F096…)

Hey Georgieporgie: you’re a coddled waste of clinical resources who can’t keep her stories straight.

No. 956058

Be american and even more furious this fat waste gets government student money on top of dat healthcare that's super good with parents insurance. A big red white n blue fuuuuck youuu piggie bitch.

No. 956059

"I don't usually rise to your bullshit…" But you have like four times this week alone Porky! I'm glad we can keep you entertained in these trying times.

No. 956061

What is student payment from centrelink?
She’s out of her mind if she thinks the world will be back to normal by May and that she has employable skills

No. 956065

Not on her parent's insurance? How can she afford insurance that covers unnecessary admissions to a private hospital?

No. 956072

File: 1586387659198.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1104, 20200409_071244.jpg)

Just a little info on signs of Factitious Disorder.
There's definitely cows who fit the description

No. 956076

Perhaps you should stay off social media, worry less about what randoms say here. Get rid of your phone and 90% off your symptoms would go away cause you wouldnt have an audience to perform to.
Oh wah wah you got ticked off? Well trust me, the majority of the ED community are sick of your bullshit and wasting resources.

No. 956082

And bitch you're so coddled, it's part of the reason you're doing this. You wrap yourself in cotton wool and then blame non existant disorders. You can't recover if you've never had an ED

No. 956085

Get a real job and get your own apartment. That's being self sufficient. You are totally coddled if your life is playing sick, posting tube face on Instagram, and having your parents support you. Whatever "tutoring" you do won't pay your bills. What your mum said about you was spot on.

No. 956086

What did her mum say about her? At one point in her last admission she said her mum said something that upset her but I don't remember Georgie actually saying what it was.

No. 956087

She told her she was disgusting.

No. 956108

I need a N2F update ploise

And Jonzie anon, do i need to use a ouija board to summon you?

No. 956111

Allegedly. I suspect lots of these cows make up stories about their parents for sympathy and attention and general immaturity. They're like little fourteen year olds throwing a fit and screaming at mommy and daddy for "ruining their life" because they won't let them go to a party.

No. 956113

Hello fellow ifgw member! WKs tear me apart but I see a strong correlation between fat people with EDs and ott/victim mindset

Mom told her she was disgusting. Georgie alluded to this referencing her weight although there is no evidence the convo ever happened besides Georgia’s story about it

No. 956114

Holy moly calm down porgie, I can feel the earthquake from your raging across the sea

No. 956117

File: 1586391202184.jpeg (230.5 KB, 750x1201, 928F5742-D4BA-4DF5-A740-016AA7…)

Ganer posted this 3 days ago. The comments are full of people saying she’s inspirational despite not noticing she’s still underweight and has a severe obsession with overexercising.

No. 956123

You're gonna get sass for not spoilering that shit.

She's definitely got a ridiculous exercise addiction and needs to stop marketing herself as a recovery and fitness coach, because she's as sick on the right as on the left, but I would no longer consider her underweight looking. She's probably borderline healthy weight, it's just 100% muscle in the worst kind of way. Her face still looks anorexic and sunken but her torso is muscley and thick and has the unhealthy vascularity of a 20 year old boy who just discovered steroids.

No. 956125

Honestly, putting any vaguely noticeable weight gain next to the left pic would look better than that one. Still looking underweight and pretending to be the picture of health…not impressive. Commenters saying otherwise should be ashamed. She looks awful. She could drop dead. Is that what they want her to do?

No. 956128

How tall is she? Is she a petite frame? Still doesn't look a good weight. Shooting from that angle makes her legs look more solid, but from the undeveloped waist, she looks tiny still.

No. 956140

File: 1586393446785.jpg (572.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200409-014903_Ins…)

Still just the usual, she did remove comments off a post when someone questioned her getting another food delivery tho!

No. 956145

File: 1586393707472.jpg (652.33 KB, 1080x1509, 20200409_015303.jpg)

Oh and here is a gross floor picture…

No. 956148

the irony is that icon belongs to @bad.thoughts.bongs.andbandaids / https://www.instagram.com/high.bi.wanna.die/

No. 956149

you don't need to be in hospital. needless new farm admissions are your modus operandi for attention. use that money you have for a hobby rather than roleplaying as an anorexic because no one believes you, not just due to your size but because you don't express any ED thoughts other than ones attached to your evident binge eating.

No. 956150

>>956111 case in point, Ash, biggest liar about her mum

No. 956152

That's not the current profile pic. Did they change it or are you lying?

No. 956153

No. 956159

What the hell room is that? It looks like a garage but with a carpet?

She IS a notorious self poster though.

No. 956161

File: 1586394826235.png (4.66 MB, 1242x2208, 0879B73D-34BE-497C-80B4-04F49B…)

i’m pretty sure that Grace girl is the one who posted about a ‘full day coke’ and is SIXTEEN. why is this adult making friends with literal children?
‘recovery’ account or not, that’s gross.
Don’t know about the other two, but that Caitlin girl is also best friends with Grace and she’s 18 but acts about 12. Either way, it’s weird.

No. 956163

apologies, meant full fat coke >>956161

No. 956164

File: 1586394895337.jpeg (182.66 KB, 1372x1372, E5C8275A-714C-4F0C-979D-6800B7…)

Nah kid

No. 956166

She doesn't eat enough, and certainly not enough of the right foods, to actually gain muscle in any real way. Anyone who works out as much as she does will have some muscle definition, but she's stringy and frail-looking, and not functionally strong at all. Somewhere in another thread there was a post showing how much weight she lifts, and it's pathetic. Especially after two years or whatever it's been. And she hasn't progressed past this point for so long because she refuses to eat as much as she would need to to actually build a strong, muscular body, rather than one that just looks kind of muscular because she has no body fat.

Sage for fitness sperg, but ganer pisses me off.

No. 956169

I'm allergic to gyms/exercise, but I've searched the anorexia recovery hashtag and there are brilliant examples of women who've really gained a fit healthy body. Idk if they're orthorexic, but they're nothing like weedy gamer.

No. 956171

File: 1586395267209.jpg (1.81 MB, 1920x1920, 420.jpg)

Hi.bi.wanna.die runs and ED meme page, most made by her kek
Theyre cringe worthy and basically #Im14AndThisIsDeep
Lololol omg guyyz EDs are sahhh crazy
Im betting most her followers are tweenys
Also she flaunts she smokes weed, she created a story on her page just for weed? kek bitch you aint hardcore but according to one of your memes you are

No. 956172

Yeah, that was her. She deleted her account because the recovery community isn’t what it used to be. Idk how old she is but is a bit strange for her to follow teenagers.

Lee realises that if she can’t find their account it means that they deleted it or changed their username, right? Not posting or replying to anyone’s messages would be a reason to worry. She doesn’t follow many people so she could look through the list and look for a new username.

No. 956174

File: 1586395390544.jpg (332.37 KB, 1079x1531, Imsoprolol.jpg)

Oh no, she dumb anachan choosing to follow a pro diet kek

No. 956178

File: 1586395762777.jpg (496.97 KB, 698x1246, 20200409_092856.jpg)

And wtf is 'eating disorder gothic' ? Pro is pro, no matter what 'deep' name you try to give it

No. 956179

File: 1586395780518.png (437.96 KB, 933x586, Screenshot_20200409-022717.png)

Ugh. Found this.

No. 956182

Ew gag me with a spoon

No. 956185

File: 1586396398998.jpg (399.98 KB, 1080x839, Screenshot_20200409-091016_Ins…)

Uh oh, looks like anorexia is targeting goths
How do you become more snow-flakey?
Sub categorize yourself

No. 956190


sorry, i'm op and that's my icon, didn't realise id left my pfp. I'm not bad.thoughs.bongs.andbandaids- the picture is actually of two actors i like at a meet and greet (hence the microphones). I've changed it now, sorry for the confusion and inconvenience :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 956195

In any case that chick still milky

No. 956198

Is she milky? it’s just some boring memes and trying to make ‘gothic eating disorders’ a thing

No. 956201

Don’t worry, anon. They just took the opportunity to promote their account.

No. 956203

anon the ‘x gothic’ thing references the Southern Gothic literature movement, not literally goth eating disorders

No. 956206

Definitely not her
And if you dont think shes milky read the captions. Shes pro as.

No. 956207

Im pretty sure shes the girl who wore her dead best friends dress and bragged about how she couldn't fit into it when her friend was alive

No. 956212

File: 1586398632743.jpg (620.54 KB, 1080x1666, 20200409_101542.jpg)

Do you consider her using her dead best friends clothes as weight loss motivations not milky?

No. 956213

Thanks for the clarification anon

No. 956214

Found the dress

No. 956218

File: 1586399658923.jpg (692.68 KB, 927x1771, Screenshot_20200409-103238_Chr…)

Yes! Thank you anon

Pic for lazy ppl

No. 956245


it's a deer antler dog chew, they're normally that color. if they're chewed a bit they become hollow because the middle part is a bit softer.

No. 956278

File: 1586412501035.jpg (884.32 KB, 890x1525, Screenshot_20200409-140309_Chr…)

Kek "executive decision"
You lurk hard and you care a lot, hence the lurking. You wont be able to help yourself
Oh and you're working SO hard? Kek ok Jan. If you work soooooo hard on IP and wanna get well, then stop planning relapse on discharge. You've have 10x the amount of help and therapy than most ED people will EVER receive. You dont try, otherwise you'd be able to stay out of hosp for more than a month.
Plus we know your minion WK will come in here and update you

No. 956288

File: 1586417016287.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 3EC20974-653C-4029-A9C5-E78928…)

poor porgie. Wasn’t she moaning that she ate too much last week?

No. 956291

I know for a fact she posts other people too.
You're a ED LARPer, Porgie. You're a closeted binge eater who wants the attention you think Anorexia Nervosa gives people. If you had a genuine fear of weight gain you wouldn't voluntarily get pumped full of tube feeds when you know you don't need nutritional restoration. Get some friends, we all know you don't have any irl.

No. 956302

her dead fish eyes makes me so uncomfortable

No. 956309

Why is that fat bastards pupils so big though, is she on crack? Also I can smell her I swear.

No. 956315

File: 1586425646839.jpg (1009.29 KB, 1080x1876, 20200409_104501.jpg)


I absolutely don't think you have to be underweight to have an eating disorder, but believe me Georgia it would be very fucking obvious if you were really suffering from one. Stop playing pretend and simply go on a diet. You're a fat baby wanting nurses to pump you full of even more nutrients you don't need. Some of us went through years of purging, starving, struggling, and didn't need to document every uwu moment for the internet either

No. 956319

File: 1586426914290.png (10.36 MB, 1242x2208, 6CF6A82B-6B9C-4DFE-9153-D30125…)

Who does she actually think she's fooling pretending she's just puked her dinner? no red eyes, no flushed cheeks, this is not what the face of a person who has recently purged looks like. Not that it would be better if she actually had purged, but the pathological lying is too much.
I can't wait until she finally hits 300 pounds from months of horfing down dinner at the speed of sound combined with the toob feedz.

No. 956320

Agreed. Weight loss is not the only visible symptom of an eating disorder, let alone one serious enough for hospitalization. People focus on her being fat and almost avoiding losing weight by checking in to be re-fed because she's trying to be a fragile miss anorexia. I wonder if she'd continue pretending if she lost enough weight to be normal. Of course, doubt that'll happen.

No. 956322

Her pupils look unnaturally dilated considering there's a fairly harsh light on her face..

reminds me of that meme that says your pupils dilate up to 50% when you see something you love.. looks like porgie's seen her poor frail tubed frame in the front camera and she's thinkin about how spoopy looks is now,

No. 956327

File: 1586429120465.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1725, 32BF2410-0E03-4C7E-984D-170D14…)

Imagine being so excited to be pumped full of extra slop and calories that you proudly post it to social media, despite already being clinically obese. Can anyone tell what she’s drinking in the background? Bets that soda isn’t diet? We all know our frail, delicate Porgie can’t waste precious stomach space on diet drinks, she needs all the calories she can get!

No. 956331

New Farm has been known for years to admit people that beg Dr for admission to shut them up so the patients stop threatening sh. Many people including Lee,shay, and scarletmaine are known for getting tubes because they BEG for them and don't need them. New Farm panders to these patients to keep them quiet. Like scarlet she will be on ng for a week or 2 gets taken off it then desperately needs it again. People like her and Lee sit in the Carpark drinking, smoking and doing photoshoots all day. I refuse to be admitted there anymore because of attention seekers making ed look like some game. And yes shay is still expecting people to pay for her to do feeds at home. And if other known new farm patients were at high risk of refeeding they'd be sent to public. They too easily hand out tubes, it's embarrassing. These patients have threatened to sue the clinic if they don't get what they want. And yes all the new farm patients mentioned on this thread look alot bigger in person. Almost all of them try to photo shop pics or stand in weird positions to look thinner. Since I have been there I'm scared as hell That I'm going to end up looking like these girls

No. 956334

File: 1586430881653.jpg (690.02 KB, 1078x1720, 20200409_211925.jpg)

No. 956335

File: 1586430913723.jpg (874.61 KB, 1080x2070, 20200409_211950.jpg)

No. 956336

File: 1586430936486.jpg (1023.42 KB, 1080x2070, 20200409_212009.jpg)

No. 956337

File: 1586430966761.jpg (744.66 KB, 1080x2070, 20200409_212035.jpg)

No. 956338

New Farm has 5 different units. Unit 3 is where they have edp patients, they try to cap edp patients to 10 people. Currently if an ed patient gets admitted for other things they are not allowed to have a bed on unit 3. So many of the patients mentioned here aren't specifically being treated for ed, they just post tube photos for attention. And if anyone there dosent eat for a couple of days they will automatically tube you. So these gals do that to get an ng, then as soon as they eat it gets taken out, that's why they "restrict" to get their beloved ng back again. Many of these people have no life accomplishments other than being frequent fliers at the clinic, is their whole identity and is pretty pathetic. Anyone in QLD with actual ed issues goes to public thesedays as new farm is well known as a joke that admits anyone for attention

No. 956346

Thanks anon, that pretty much confirms all we figured out. What an embarrassment, Porgie especially, but all those attention seeking cunts should get exposed and have letters sent to all hospitals in the area that they are malingerers that waste resources to have Instagram photos,

No. 956349

did georgie porgie ever reveal what she did to get into the ER? attempt, or sh, or she fell and the gigantic weight of her body crushed itself upon impact?

No. 956350

From what I understand she begged the doctor for admission because she claimed to struggle so super fucking hard with eating and that she’s purging.

No. 956352

She SH her thigh. Needed stitches

No. 956353

The dumbfucks responding to you above clearly don’t follow closely enough to know the incident you’re referencing. No, she never went into further detail about the “incident” and my best guess is that that’s because we guessed correctly that it was an itty bitty cat scratch to the ankle and now Porgie is can’t talk more about it because she can’t admit that we were right.

Porgie, we know you’re lurking, could you please confirm when you get the chance? Kthnx.

No. 956354

Much doubt. She has no balls to do anything serious.

No. 956356

She did mention on her ig stories that she had cut herself and the nurses thought that she may need stitches. Don't know if she ended up getting stitches or not(namefag)

No. 956357

Probably didn’t need stitches, but begged for them so they put a few in. Probably went for the thigh because there’s hardly any nerves there so it minimizes any potential discomfort. Porgie hates having to feel any actual discomfort for any of the mental illnesses she’s faking, it’s why she can’t bring herself to actually starve, purge or see harm in any significant way.

No. 956358

**self harm.

No. 956360

If there’s one massive proof of that it’s her weight. She claims anorexia but can’t stand the discomfort of hunger, and she keeps eating like a pig.

No. 956361

Anorexia may not be the diagnosis but says it is for validation. Other bulimic and bed patients I've met say they have anorexia because they feel not worthy or sick enough

No. 956362

Not even the discomfort of hunger, the discomfort of eating slightly more healthfully. At her size she wouldn’t need to go hungry to lose weight relatively easily. She’s really making a mockery of anorexia.

No. 956364

Anorexia or not, the statistics show you can die at any weight

No. 956365

Fucking hell. If that was a pic of a car someone had fixed up, I'd understand that comment high 5ing what an awesome job they've done, what an amazing car. But it's the Gorger. Posting about her tube feed machine. Possibly the most pathetic ig pic I've ever seen. Congrats, G.

No. 956366

Statistics show that almost everyone does die. You aren’t wrong. What’s your point?

No. 956370

i'm also statistically likely to die in a car crash, that doesn't mean i need to go to the ER and demand they put casts on my unbroken limbs.

No. 956372

Sure Jan you purged and your NG didn't budge at all?! Your tape is completely fine and secure?!

No. 956377

>I feel I shouldn't enjoy food

We were saying she was un-ana and this is close to her saying cliche ana things, eg "I don't deserve to eat".

No. 956378

yes but they're not dying of their eating disorders, as much as they claim to be

No. 956381

guessing she found a vegetable that wasn't in the form of a french fry tasty?

No. 956383

We all know that porgies attempts at purging are weak af. If she did it as often as she says and actually did it properly, she would have lost weight after all these weeks.

No. 956384

"whatever"-gothic is a play on the southern gothic genre, it has nothing to do with goth style

No. 956386

Weeks? Years. She’s be crying ana/mia for years yet while simultaneously just getting fatter and fatter. She can’t keep her story straight about losing / gaining either. She’ll make an Ig story about being very unhappy about a big weight gain, then make a post claiming to have lost 20kilos over the span of a month. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

No. 956393

Someone already explained that, anon.

Oh yeah, she says she's been doing it for years. But she's mentioned purging quite a lot since her discharge. Her admission weight this time was probably higher than her discharge weight kek.

No. 956401

File: 1586443599810.png (122.6 KB, 717x852, Screenshot_20200409-153800~2.p…)

Difficult to tell how she's looking. She's bodycheck pic shy this time.

In other news, anyone see trolls on Maria's account? I didn't.

No. 956404

Not the Jonzie farmer, but she has changed her pfp from a skiing pic to a surfing pic if that helps, anon.

No. 956413

File: 1586446899034.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 332.69 KB, 1062x1628, 7574AEC6-7B23-40F2-B106-BE234D…)

Ghosty is having a rather interesting time with her body dysmorphia, messed up insta story as well atm. Doesn’t she know that what she is posting is going to trigger others? Frustrates me.

No. 956414

Looks like she gained tbh. This cow is duller than Elzani. There isn't even any real milk, just a puker who loves to self post.

No. 956422

Self post, don’t feed the cows.

No. 956424

She’s so close to understanding and yet so far. If she stopped parading around new farm and compulsively lying, wasting resources during a PANDEMIC for selfish reasons we would have no milk to post

Can’t die of a made up eating disorder! Diabetes and heart disease remain top killers!!!

No. 956426

File: 1586448883955.png (4.98 MB, 1125x2436, A68E84EE-B91C-43F6-9140-6E2A59…)

ghost of me reaches a new level of Twat, using her phone whilst driving and then stopping for cigarettes because she left them at home. Bitch you’re gonna crash and kill someone whilst spreading the virus, I couldn’t care less about her we being but she’s putting others at danger

No. 956427

She does that frequently. Literally anytime she is driving, she is filming it and putting it on her story.

No. 956428

Georgia fuck off. You are not dying. At any weight can die patients who are SICK. Your only sickness is attention deficiency and possibly munhaussen syndrome. You won’t die because you starve for 30 minutes between burgers, or “purge” in form of exercising for 5 minutes after you eat a giant fucking cake.

No. 956429

If anything you can die from obesity - you need to start eating fucking vegetables, do sports, and start limiting calories. And you know it, hence you made up anorexia story because you want an excuse to not do it. You don’t need more food, you don’t need tube feeds. Your post about when you eat food are obvious to fucking everyone how you only have issue with limiting food and eating healthy things. You will die of obesity, not of anorexia or bulimia. You’re just an overeater, a malingerer, and a drama queen that loves to victimize yourself to not take responsibility for your life and health.

No. 956432

But chewing is her exercise.

Georgia will always be fat. She has too many excuses for staying fat, eg losing her period if she gets to a healthy bmi, and she has a weird view of what underweight is, eg thinks that when she's not obese she's skinny. Maybe one day she'll turn spoonie munchie instead because NF gets closed for malpractice.

No. 956434

You don't know how to sage there your opinion doesn't count.

No. 956435

She’s a hot topic so if you don’t like it, gtfo

No. 956440

go lose some fucking weight, Georgia(hi cow)

No. 956441


~high achiever~

No. 956443

Fast work. Farmhands are on the ball this hellweek

No. 956449

Looks the same to me

No. 956450

File: 1586451714647.jpg (323.05 KB, 720x988, 20200409_180001.jpg)

I bet laura cowtipped

No. 956456

Wtf is she taking the piss?

No. 956459


I don't get this at all. Isn't she there entirely because of her 'purging' and 'restricting'? But NF allows her to eat apparently as much or as little as she likes, and doesn't seem to care if she purges…

You'd think for an expensive place like that they'd at least try to watch bulimics after meals?

No. 956460

Mustn't lock down the toilets during and after meals like clinics that aren't a clown school do.

No. 956461

Sadly not.

No. 956465

They don't care, they just want the money.

Georgia needs to be admitted to an acute psych ward to sort out those delusions. It is totally normal for an obese person to hate their body and to go to extreme measures to lose weight. It is not an eating disorder. Only New Farm will indulge her and let her continue believing she has a serious ED. Any other hospital or medical team would laugh in her face.

No. 956467

Uh, hating your body and taking extreme dieting measures are not normal and can still be an ED. It's not textbook anorexia though.

No. 956470

No, an OBESE person hating their body and repeatedly going on crash diets is not an eating disorder. It’s really, really common.

No. 956481

What extreme dieting behaviors is Georgia using?

No. 956487

That's what I was thinking. She's going to extreme lengths getting tubed to GAIN weight.

No. 956492

File: 1586456854130.png (116.27 KB, 720x705, Screenshot_20200409-192423~2.p…)

Is there anything Elzani doesn't think is chill or amazing? She really is away with the fairies. I wonder if being spoopy gave her brain damage.

No. 956493

So the extreme measure was referring to other obese people not Georgia specifically, sorry that wasn’t totally clear. The kicker is that Georgia isn’t even doing anything extreme. Maybe she has done in the past but certainly not recently. She’s too lazy to diet sustainably or to crash diet every so often.

Like many have said, Georgia is the type to claim an eating disorder to get out of losing weight responsibly. If she stuck with her ‘eating disorder’ and lost weight till she was healthy, I imagine she would feel recovered due to being healthy and not hating her body as much. But she's never going to do that since she loves running off to new farm for asspats.

No. 956507

They do after meal support where ALL of them are in a room with a nurse for 30min. No toilets allowed

No. 956513

Georgia isn’t on the ED ward yet so maybe that’s why no one is with her after meals.

No. 956517

It’s because life really IS that simple when you have less than zero responsibilities and nobody expects anything from you. Gollyjeewillickers.

No. 956520


just in regards to if she always been this weird: in this video she shows old family videos (starts at 40:42) and although there isn't a lot of her just talking when she does she sounds normal, no disjointed speaking with those big weird eyes.

it's a little hard to go by since there isn't much footage of just her chatting but i think 44:41 is a good example, although it's only a sentence it's the first time i've ever heard her really express what she's saying (listen to "and I'm okay with that!") rather than using one long monotonous tone.

then at 46:30 we see her walk towards the camera talking to her mum with a big smile on her face and i think that's the "real" elzani. that smile is WORLDS away from her smile now and if she truly had recovered i think this is what she'd look like now. idk i just think she looks super different with this honest smile.

extra note: at 45:27 in the video she begins opening her easter eggs and ezlani says "yep, cracked into the chocolate already" and she sounds a bit exasperated/ disappointed. sort of gives me the impression that she's a bit resentful at her younger self for eating and in her eyes having little self control. there are other moments in the easter egg opening where she makes little comments about it too.

No. 956525


another one I just noticed, at 46:38 her family are videoing her and asking her about what she's eaten. she gets asked "you havent eaten it all have you?" present elzani jokingly says "my face dropped!" but that's the part that concerns me, if past elzani had found the interrogation funny she would have laughed or atleast smiled (she was very smiley in these videos) but she looks really upset and taken aback which makes me think the question made her uncomfortable. she does a weird hand movement too.

present elzani seems unconcerned and maybe I'm reading too far into it but it seems a bit weird to me that her family would ask her that on camera? I know i would have hated it if my family filmed me and asked questions about what I'd finished eating, and past elzani looked really upset i think, the way her smile dropped is a bit worrying. maybe we're seeing tiny elements of where her restrictive eating stems from.

No. 956531

If I'd scoffed a whole egg as a kid my mum would've said the same thing. She might've always been an overeater but swimming burned off the calories.

Can't watch any of the video so don't know how old she was but that's greed.

No. 956535

Oh come on. I’m no WK, especially for E, but a kid eating too much chocolate on Easter isn’t particularly greedy or whatever. That’s normal. Kids overindulge on their candy, get a tummy ache and hopefully learn not to do it by the time they’re adults.

No. 956548

“up and running”
oh the irony

No. 956558

I just don’t understand how a person who claims to have anorexia could look at that massive bag of liquid slop being funnelled into their belly like a duck being fattened up for fois gras and not be absolutely horrified. Let alone someone who’s already obese.

No. 956568

I don't think anyone understands. She even enjoys the process.

No. 956641

exactly and she welcomes it. the sense of entitlement is astounding.

No. 956646

Well at least she's not still calling everything divine !

No. 956647


Im seriously starting to wonder if she has some sort of "fat fetish". I don't know how else you explain her willingness to gain…

No. 956648

File: 1586481684990.jpg (1012.69 KB, 1080x1828, 20200409_202005.jpg)

No. 956651

Not arm-chairing but facticious disorder, not doc or dx'ing but she fits a lot of the criteria

No. 956659

File: 1586483505232.jpeg (154.19 KB, 734x1199, 33F562A0-7295-4F58-BB19-C2E521…)

Does she genuinely think that she looks good in this photo?

No. 956660

File: 1586483543550.jpeg (296.13 KB, 750x1181, CF149BE8-0A83-4FC7-ABCC-D0F3A5…)

Georgie confirms that she inhales her food. Mindful eating might actually help her lose weight. Until she goes home, of course, and binges on every piece of food she can find since she’s been starved at new farm.

No. 956674

Not arm-chairing but 'could be' due to facticious disorder, not doc or dx'ing but she fits a lot of the criteria

No. 956685

I have a theory about Porgie. Any anorexic would never willingly want to be pumped full of calories…what if she’s into the weight gain fetish and doesn’t want to admit it so she claims anorexia as a cover up?

No. 956698

I'm sorry but there is no way in hell this is only due to fentanyl abuse… she might not be anorexic but there is definitely something else going on as well

No. 956699

Anachans, please calm your weird possessiveness over your diagnosis
So is anorexia…

No. 956700

That would be an elaborate way to go about getting her rocks off but would be a pretty great twist

No. 956706

Can we all just appreciate how uncomfortable bad.thoughts.bongs.and.bandaids instagram is?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 956709

No one fucking cares about you stop self posting

No. 956716

Thanks for this information, Anon. I'm always confused to see all these other QLD anorexia sufferers who seem to take great delight in sailing in and out of a "hospital" which seemingly tubefeeds anything with a pulse, whilst I do everything possible to fly under the radar of any medical establishment that will try to make me gain weight. I don't get it. Why do all these people willingly go somewhere that's going to just fatten them up?

No. 956722

This is where she starts making #recoverywins and recovery feels great. Then she goes home and skips a meal and we know the rest…

No. 956736

File: 1586510550388.png (35.89 KB, 1100x800, tabletits.png)

felt artsy during quarantine

No. 956742

Great work anon
Her eyebrows could have been higher and more furrowed but you have a talent.
Do some of the other cowe

No. 956744

File: 1586512880157.jpeg (951.29 KB, 828x1535, F87FC43E-11BC-4B2B-9A28-332481…)

Accurate depiction.

Why is she trying to play like her losing weight despite eating and getting shovelled liquid fat in her sleep is a bad thing? If anything it’s an indication of just how many calories it takes to sustain her dainty frame. If she really wanted to be skinny she could start losing weight with a bit of moderate dieting and exercise. Oh yeah, she doesn’t want to be skinny, she just wants attention for her ~*~ sooper severe eating disorder ~*~

No. 956752

Does that mean that even with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day PLUS a back of 1000cals at night she is still consuming less at NF than she would out at home? She must have 3500+ cals per day at home. It all makes sense

No. 956756

The eyes have it, well done anon kek

No. 956757

You should be happy to lose weight. And not just for your health, but if you were truly anorexic you’d be all over the place from happiness and get high on the fact that you’re losing.

No. 956758

Just what I was thinking, anon.

Georgia you and your doctors should be fucking elated at the fact that you are losing weight.

Is she definitely having the whole bag at night?

Great work, anon. I'm sure Georgia will appreciate it too.

No. 956761

she will probably make it her new icon

No. 956763

this is brilliant

No. 956765

File: 1586523516167.jpeg (301.71 KB, 877x1571, AA53CBFD-8572-41F6-BB14-E7FEC3…)

Another essential delivery. featuring some disgusting skinny syrups. How much more food can one person afford and need?!

No. 956768

Was it a supermarket delivery?

No. 956769

So that’s what they look like before they get covered with grease, hair, puke and god knows what else. I’ve only every seen them mid-bp session on her stories.

No. 956804

Those table tits made me genuinely lol! Please more cow art!

She must bathe in it or perhaps it's the secret to her long flowing hair. Do Skinny Syrups send her freebies? Another tick for the hoarding box on n2f bingo.

No. 956815

I’d love to have a hidden camera in their house and see how they are really coping. I’m sure her anorexia comes from the weird relationship /dependence on her mother. E acts more the same age as her youngest (13?14?year old) sister rather than an adult.

No. 956822

I feel this way about most of the ed cows. I wouldn't be interested in Laura, Becky zzzz or even Ash these days. The twins, N2F and Georgia for sure. The last two when they're alone, the twins when they're together.

No. 956823

I should add to the above, I'd only want to watch E alone also but she possibly even sleeps in her mum's bed and she's never alone.

No. 956825

There really is nothing interesting about Georgia. Some obese chick LARPing as a starving anorexic was interesting at first, now her repeated admissions and NGT fuckery is on the same level as Smorven's dullness. More N2F and twins please.

Inb4 "Hi GeOrGiA"

No. 956829

File: 1586540755736.jpeg (972.77 KB, 828x1461, 62B60D87-B7BB-4E26-981B-4D4E71…)

Surely you’re not suggesting that E is anything but the picture of perfect recovery and stable mental health?! Don’t most 22 year olds post 9+ pictures dedicated to a single piece of cake loaf and write their captions IN ALL CAPS OMG YEAHBABBBYYYYY LOL

No. 956831

I agree and I wish they’d go discuss Georgia on Reddit or wherever they came from.

Neither twin will accept my follow request and I don’t think it’ll happen at this point.

No. 956832

Thus is amazing!

No. 956834

File: 1586541523409.jpg (719.72 KB, 565x798, dop8WJK.jpg)

Some Anons earlier were discussing ganer's relative weakness (because she's still disordered af), and for those not familiar with weights and lifts, here's something that makes it fairly obvious.

She still can't do a push-up.

No. 956835

Cake looks dry as fuck.

Oh shut up. All farmers hate suchacow or love suchacow. Nobody's ever going to agree who's worthy and who's not. I love Georgia's desperation and want to watch her fuck herself up and smfh at NF.

No. 956837

File: 1586541754657.png (649.91 KB, 720x1064, Screenshot_20200410-190047~2.p…)

This gives me ol' Ginge vibes, except zani is worshjpping s dry cake and not the Lord.

No. 956843

So provide milk on those people. Otherwise deal with it

No. 956846

Oh god, she’s the epitome of body building for aesthetics, not strength. These people get really good at doing very specific, unnatural exercises in the gym that make certain muscles “pop” but have very little practical strength. Might also help if she ate something other than protein and salt though.

No. 956873

kek i just came here to post this too
she's obvs gained weight from her spoopy lowest but in her home workout videos you can really see how far from being healthy she still is. check those hipbones!

No. 956904

I see that a lot when I search #anorexiarecovery looking for milk. Sometimes the only difference is maybe 7lbs, makeup and an overenthusiastic smile.

No. 956906

File: 1586554657843.png (991.64 KB, 720x1257, Screenshot_20200410-223641~2.p…)

No. 956915

She’d scarf it with her bare hands if she had to, I’m sure.

No. 956920

She can't have anyone checking she eats if they saw her eating with a knife.

So cruel, so true.

No. 956942

Eating weetabix with a knife would be exhausting, it would take flipping ages. She must be fucking starving. To top it off the knife would have been there for toast or something but she failed to mention that because she doesn’t want people to know she’s a gluttonous bitch.

I bet the staff intentionally forgot the spoon to see what she would do. Who the fuck would eat weetabix with a knife?

No. 956945

Also, I know we’ve established that new farm are shit at quarantining patients just from allowing visitors. But what’s the point in making them eat in their rooms if they’re allowed to walk all over the ward and sit near other patients? >>956659

No. 956950

File: 1586559979540.png (85.24 KB, 474x131, justanxietythings.PNG)

No. 956976

If you go through georgies friends/followers, youll notice she follows a lot of chronically ill/spoonie people who ironically have NG/NJ or PEG tubes. Could this be an element of her toobe of her toobe obsession or is she genuinely interested in them? She also follows a few medical workers. Saging due to possible non relevance

No. 956979

She's just sourcing material to help bolster her anorexia act. She's studying these spoonies to know what to say and do to try to convince people she's sick with anything other than a sweet tooth and a pathological need for coddling.

No. 956984

she probably ate a 500 cal muffin with the knife beforehand #justdaintythings
she also follows a few actually spoopy anachans and tries to relate to them

No. 956985

Dead on. Or she's gonna go the munchie route when people eventually see thru her shit. Lucky for her obesity comes with a pile of health issues. Attention is a hell of a drug for someone with no skills, ambition or work ethic. Getting asspats for existing is her living the dream.

No. 956986

This also just makes no sense whatsoever. First, if she had a knife I would assume she probably had a fork, which would be a normal/acceptable back up utensil to use. 2) Why would someone be too anxious to ask for a fucking utensil? This just seems like her trying to make her life sound so hard and overwhelming but seriously this is in no way a normal sounding ED anxiety.

No. 957002

everything E ever says about food sounds like she's reciting the shiny ponyta copy pasta.
(sadly i think that bread is the most edible looking things i have seen on this thread between her and N2F's binge stash
the art style reminds me of sally face and i kept thinking about the brony neighbor from the first part. i love it
i can't imagine being one of the nurses or staff that works with gorgie or any of the frequent flyers of NF in this thread.

No. 957021

After seeing some comments about feeds being liquid fat and the photos I just cannot deal, I ripped out my tube I can't take it. I don't want to end up obese I'd rather die. I don't get why these farm girls beg and flaunt having one. They fucking suck and what person with an actual ed would want this shit. Its embarrassing. All I can picture is the feed clogging up arteries with fat leading to heart disease. Never ever again. No true anorexic consents to tube feeds or flaunts having it. These people are demonic. It also makes people truly struggling look like idiots because of the image these chasers put out there. If an obese person was truly at risk medically from "starvation" they'd be in a medical ward not some fancy private clinic that has no access to things needed for medical intervention(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 957023

Tubes should be used only when absolutely necessary, a last resort. Why does new farm tube everyone and put so many on continual feeds? It's a waste of money and resources. An obese person should only have supplement drinks like ensure if they refuse solids and load them up with vitamins. This place seems twisted, why are they making someone obese gain weight? I've been in hospital with obese patients before and they are put on a specialised meal plan to introduce healthy eating to reduce binging and lose weight. Obesity brings many more health problems and a strain on the healthcare system than people who are underweight

No. 957030

File: 1586575810062.jpg (679.89 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200411-133224_Gal…)

So much for restricting and being afraid of hot meals

No. 957043

Honestly do you have an art Instagram? If so I will put my anonymous insta on here so I can follow, your really good at cartoon drawing.
It makes me angry how most of these cows are milking the money that many of us pay via taxes to just get a little bit of attention and ass-pats. Many people need to be tubed and have the treatment that many of them are getting but are unable to do so because the ones faking it are using up all the resources and beds.
I am sorry about your experience of being tubed, just try and remind yourself that it is actually going to benefit you, the brain is approximately 60% fat anyway.

No. 957044

Seriously p, where is she getting the money from? After all many people are out there doing their jobs and yet they sometimes struggle to get food, what a waste of money.

No. 957055

The face of an absolutely starved individual right there!

No. 957076

That photo is years old, not at all recent or relevant milk.

No. 957096

Wow. This girl has been toobied 3 times on her instagram history and hasn't been underweight a single time. 74k followers too. New farm should have itself a little reality tv show…

No. 957099

10/10 would watch that show

No. 957106

File: 1586602788624.jpeg (915.18 KB, 828x1474, 647A529B-9D9C-4135-B455-A10814…)

MAJOR trigger warning? Oh come on, nobody is triggered by your so-called inadequate intake of half a sandwich and “a side like fruit salad or something” (I’m guessing the “side” she’s willing to eat is whatever they sent for dessert. Never the veg though, obv.) people are triggered because you’re tubby-with-a-tube and they don’t want to get tubby too.
Also, get your story straight, the two preceding Ig stories were about scarfing your wheetabix with a knife because god forbid you go ask for a spoon (lol #anxietyproblems, right? Eye roll.) and having a morning snack because you were sooOooOoOoo hungry (omg #recoverywins #eatittobeatit #warrior!)

No. 957126


No. 957128

I hope NF shuts down so this shit can stop. Notice she doesnt try and get into other places as inpatient?

No. 957130

This has just turned into a Georgia thread. Smh.

No. 957131

she would be mclovin it too

No. 957132

could she support her own thread do you think?

No. 957133

Bring fresh milk fro other cows then or stfu.

No problems choosing bread. Om nom carbs.

No. 957134

Pro anas are contained in this thread. They don't get their own threads

No. 957139

No. outside of being a pro-ana that is a fraud. She isn't scamming anyone and hasn't hit critical mass.

No. 957140

To be fair, she is a critical mass if we're talking body size (ba dum tssss).

No. 957164

"After seeing some comments about feeds being liquid fat and the photos I just cannot deal, I ripped out my tube I can't take it. I don't get why these farm girls beg and flaunt having one."
Whatever made you decide to flaunt your tube on here is what makes these cows decide flaunt their tubes on IG, so clearly you do understand. It is embarrassing though, you're right there

No. 957165

>>957076 Good find.
>>957096 I would die for a NF reality show

No. 957169

File: 1586622729689.jpeg (360.28 KB, 1280x1280, B8F3BB5C-5A8C-41A8-8172-19F2F5…)

Sage because kinda irrelevant, but I just saw this story and then Porgies. Makes it obvious how sooper spoopy ana porgie is

No. 957175

File: 1586623862528.jpg (1.09 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7880.jpg)

For consideration I bring you @borderline_kaye wannarexic. She's been trying to prove herself hard lately after being called out on good ole Tellonym for not being skinny. I'll leave it up to you all.

No. 957178

File: 1586625027521.png (96.13 KB, 1094x427, Screenshot_20200411-180436.png)

This is a post by Georgie on mpa about "stupid shit I did IP". I could suspended disbelief at her walking around with weetabix in her boots, but exercising in the shower? Nah.

That's not how it works. Cough self post cough(notcoronavirus)

No. 957179

Her profile says she bulimic so being a normal weight isn’t unusual. Read through some of her tells and she said her bmi is 17.2, doesn’t look it from that screenshot but maybe it is. I’m not going to request to follow in case it’s a self post and she’s a stoner and I can’t be bothered with the type of posts they always do. You should really bring more milk when introducing a new cow, anon.

No. 957180

File: 1586625373135.jpg (1.63 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7879.jpg)

Kaye claims she is misdiagnosed as bulimic because she does not purge. She is heavy into drug use so if that bothers you, I wouldn't follow. She is a wild ride of entertainment, however. Lately she's been posting a bunch of these leg posts to prove her true "ana" diagnosis.

No. 957186

File: 1586626346312.jpg (1.6 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7881.jpg)

Here is perhaps a more interesting cow named Sierra. Her IG is @banana.therapy. She even has an article on her in The Sun. She used to have a fitness IG by the name of @soulofsisi which she has now taken down due to her current relapse into insanity. Brought on by a break up with her boyfriend no less. She says it's due to her breakup, no longer being able to go to the gym, and the Coronavirus. She makes her money by stripping. She is currently stripping, doing heroin, fasting, and get this… pregnant. Article here -


No. 957189

You’re only diagnosed with bulimia nervosa if you binge and purge. Purging isn’t necessarily vomiting, does she know that? If she was actually convinced she’s been misdiagnosed, she would talk to her doctor and not to her ig followers.

No. 957194

That article says she’s 22 (in 2018) but she looks 40 in those photos. She’s only got 230 followers on that account and it’s private so if this isn’t a self post, she’d get suspicious by an influx of follow requests.

No. 957195

She looks really fucking old for 23. Fitting into kid's clothes isn't shock horror considering age 10-11 school skirts are size 8. A woman only has to be slim…and short unless they want teeny mini skirts.

No. 957197

Jinx, lol. Yeah, that snap she looks like a 40 year old mill type.

No. 957198

>>957186 your icon is showing

No. 957199

Milf* switching autocorrect off, soz

No. 957201

Neat icon too - I didn't know we could get away with tiddies in our icon pics, even artistically rendered ones.

No. 957208

I am recovered so I thought I can just browse the thread with no issue, but Porgie just triggers me. I started starving again just to never look like her. I can’t imagine what she does to actual ED girls inpatient.

No. 957210

File: 1586629559650.jpeg (651.26 KB, 1372x1231, 4A8AEB54-F40A-42BE-84AA-D36218…)

Update on ana beats ana after she made a relapse account that was mentioned on the last thread. She changed the name to ana_beats_ana2. This is from a couple of days ago.

Note to all cows, please wipe the drool from your lips before taking a selfie.

No. 957211

File: 1586629627773.jpeg (581.52 KB, 750x1204, 1111DB8A-536A-4883-AE46-7CCFE0…)

No tube for a selfie now but still needs everyone to know she’s sooper sick. From today.

No. 957214

Ha jokes on me with the icon. I changed it. Not like I have many followers for anyone to know who I am anyway. I still stand by my post. She’s a cow.

No. 957215

They can't tube you without consent on a section 2 so I don't get why she let them put it in if she was just going to pull it out?

No. 957217

So she purposely relapsed because her first recovery account stopped getting attention once she was no longer spoopy? She’s not the first to pull that trick. Speaks to how little substance there is to her actual personality outside of relapse and recovery (and online attention seeking).

No. 957218

They can definitely tube you on a section 2… technically 2 is for assessment and 3 is for treatment. But they can treat you on a 2 as long as it’s related to a mental health condition, usually medication or ng tubes but not things like ECT.

No. 957219

She needs the stringy drool to match the pained expression of ana misery. Oh, you poor baby. It's very scary when your weight ~drops~ by 1kg.

No. 957220

File: 1586630764894.jpeg (826.27 KB, 828x1634, CB0A75C4-351B-4847-940E-2D085E…)

Elzani out here revolutionizing the culinary industry by adding tomato to her tuna. Sage bc not milky, but good for a lolcowlaugh.

No. 957222

What a great day!

Ffs, nobody tell her about mayonnaise.

No. 957223

Well we all know she lurks and self posts, so I’m guessing the “FIRST TIME TRYING MAYOOO OMG MAYOITUPBABY #MOREMAYO!” Post / blog will be along shortly.

No. 957224

File: 1586631755845.png (6.93 MB, 1125x2436, D054F747-4F98-4915-A2E8-7B0B5C…)

Oh she likes us! Twaaaaaat!

No. 957225

Christ. This looks so boring and dry. I don't think her family have ever heard of seasoning.

No. 957228

More likely her family layered on the mayo in their own lunch and E just made her own “special” version. Like that time she made the family lasagna but there was a patch which suspiciously had no cheese (I think she claimed that was her dad’s bit because he doesn’t like cheese, but come on now, let’s be real.)

No. 957235

Mayo on her oatmeal? That will make the day DIVINE!

No. 957237

Obvious self post is obvious. Gtfo.

No. 957242

Don’t recall anyone calling her a wonorexic, but I guess you fill in the gaps with what you feel.

No. 957243

Please don’t make me barf

No. 957247

The first (self) post did >>957175

No. 957248

This is what a typical chav looks like.

No. 957253

if you dont wanna look like a self post at least wait more than two hours and 40 minutes to reply to your own posts. fuck off mate no one cares.
why do losers self post like this>>957224

No. 957254

So I looked on Kaye’s story and her profile and she’s posting about how she’s posted here and it was almost immediately after she magically showed up on here by the time stamps. Suspicious AF. Usually these slags don’t find out that soon or ever.

No. 957257

File: 1586635660679.jpeg (122.29 KB, 750x1276, 4B0DF3CB-F860-48BA-B535-A576EE…)

The other self poster told her apparently

No. 957259

Has anyone else noticed the amount that Smorvens been cooking for others, yet she doesn't mention cooking for herself? Either she's looking for attention by saying she's helping others or she's looking for validation for not eating

No. 957262

File: 1586636570901.jpg (573.38 KB, 720x1325, Screenshot_20200411-191917_Ins…)

Thenextpaige competing with spaceship for the most convoluted pseudo-philosophical caption? With piss poor grammar and a body check photo of course.

No. 957264

That's a typical ana thing to do though. They want to make sure others eat to feel good about resisting food or other psychobabble.

No. 957266

That letter doesn't sound dramatic, it sounds like made up bs.

No. 957269

File: 1586637043209.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, 009B6F5E-9A51-4CDA-8A77-36BA92…)

Jesus Christ, yes. Every. Single. Story. Baking for the elderly neighbour with the unwell husband. Baking for the isolating family down the road. Baking carrot cake for ‘fatherkins’ because he brought home ingredients. Baking banana loaves for her nurse to take into hospital for the night shift. Baking brownies for a friend. Non-stop baking. Her stories have been >90% baking recently.

There is significantly more baking than cooking. Difficult to say whether she’s eating any of the things she makes. But she made a Dundee cake and burnt the top so she got her mum to taste if it was okay instead of tasting it herself. So probably not eating it (or she doesn’t like that type of cake idk).

No. 957275

File: 1586638084692.jpeg (183.39 KB, 747x1290, B6078363-9D2B-4928-9D27-A57F16…)

Don’t tell your followers how to use lolcow, badthoughts… We don’t want a bunch of newfags coming here and whiteknighting. Keep that negative energy off the thread please.

No. 957276

Loads of anas with not much going on in their heads must be baking because food. Smorven, Elzani…eho else? I bet evrny n2f would have a go if she had a halogen oven in her room. I'd like to see what she'd bake. Something with 2018 pickle dip no doubt.

No. 957277

Hey, bongs, it's not a forum website. It's a chan or IB. Learn how to internet.

No. 957289

Who is the first one? She any milky?

No. 957303

File: 1586644549251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 873.24 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200411_235501_com…)

how much are we betting the line is covering a hair sticking out… or better dog hair!

No. 957305

Can we fucking stop talking about that stoner self posting bitch. She’s not milky. She’s just desperate for attention. Stop giving her attention

No. 957312

Eeeehhhhh maybe, maybe not. Sometimes she just adds in arrows unnecessarily.

No. 957315

File: 1586649559322.jpeg (220.23 KB, 750x1334, 2B5A66EA-7678-4116-B38D-27CE1D…)

Georgia has managed to find an even more unflattering angle.

Georgie, tell them you don’t want the tube. They aren’t going to make you have it, you’re there voluntarily. We know you say they’d send you to a general hospital with no support to have it put in against your will but we don’t believe that for a second. Put on your big girl pants and refuse the tube.

No. 957320

We know NF is shit BUT anyone think the doc actually put her on a weight loss plan?

No. 957325

shes aly2.0
yeah shes like that bongs chick, pretends to be eating disordered but just eats junk and smokes weed and feels insecure about her body…lol
thenextpaige is just like peanutbutterandkat, everything they say is a pile of wank. they look down on other sufferers but think they're the sickest and most untouchable "warrior".
Smorven showed her ableism when she talked about some girl with downsyndrome who wanted a cake…

No. 957329

Stretching that neck to look skinny but failing miserably.

No. 957349

I've been to nfc and yes they would have her on a plan to lose weight gradually and try to treat the binge eating. I know the dieticians well and the doctor, they have strong opinions about people who are obese. They would also be informing her on exercise. Knowing the staff they would defi be down her throat about how she needs to loose weight and make better food choices

No. 957381

tbh they probably allow her the tube so they can monitor her intake…they probably dilute her tube formula.

No. 957402

Oh get lost anachan, you’re full of shit

No. 957413

So if you guys are gonna talk shit about people doing drugs, why not mention Sarah doing lines of roxies and overdosing in the presence of her daughter?

No. 957426

File: 1586674046712.png (Spoiler Image, 4 MB, 1536x2048, 484D6FC1-7AAE-4A8F-B514-9D6B70…)

What is it with anachans and doing drugs? Is it to suppress appetite or what?
Also why put a picture online that is clearly showing weed to people that are probably going to smoke the stuff after seeing this?

No. 957427

Sage your shit

No. 957428

A relatively less known use of weed is for anorexia. Or maybe she's just a stoner.

No. 957431

But weed makes you hungry?

No. 957435


I think it refers to Anorexia as in loss of appetite, Anorexia Nervosa is the eating disorder

No. 957437

Yeah people treating anorexia or AN aren't the same as anachan retards who want to rot away. Not everyone gets munchies either.

No. 957440

Don't be retarded. Can't imagine how you handle other areas of life, kek.

No. 957442

File: 1586677733421.jpeg (996.12 KB, 1125x1507, D7E560CD-3480-459F-9E6A-5CAEC6…)

This caption. I just can’t deal with her.

No. 957444

File: 1586678231361.png (109.93 KB, 1636x456, Screenshot_2020-04-12 I'm bein…)

Ganja Gremlin? A popular anachan on mpa and edc, she's a mod there.

No. 957445

File: 1586678456264.png (Spoiler Image, 411.22 KB, 410x512, Screenshot_2020-04-12 Bmi 14 p…)

Selfies she uploaded in this mpa thread if anyone wants to compare. https://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/3594619-bmi-14-pictures/page-13#entry66776397

No. 957446

yea thats her, i cant find the exact post but she was giving people her IG a while ago and it was the _ghostofme one

No. 957447

A few reasons. 1) its easy to get intoxicated when you havent consumed much… alcohol or drugs. 2) you'll find these people are in quasi recovery or have no interest in recovery so use it to suppress their memories and/or thoughts as they havent learned coping mechanisms beyond drugs

No. 957448

Well duh, everyone knows she's ganja gremlin. If you're going to samefag, at least leave a gap of two minutes before replying to yourself. Ghost will never be interesting even if she grew a horn out of her forehead.

No. 957449

File: 1586678728929.png (109.27 KB, 1683x581, Screenshot_2020-04-12 I work i…)

Holy shit dudes! I've seen her around for years, have severe b/p AN, terrible family. At one point she was homeless and made a post about some creep kidnapping her and raping her for 3 days in his house before she got away and filed a police report. It fits with being a college student because she said she was as of 2018. She's also a mega stoner but she's been like that for years.
Here's a post from a thread where she admits to trying to fatten randos at work.

No. 957450

File: 1586678747076.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1125x2067, 9E37403B-1A9B-495E-B212-147170…)

Yeah her whole ig are basically just body checks and calling herself fat

No. 957451

No. 957453

And here I was hoping her inactivity was a sign of improvement. She has to be too far gone at this point and she's absolutely mental.

No. 957454

Oh absolutely no improvement at all. The top left corner picture is her most recent. 13 hours ago

No. 957455

Yes you, I mean she, is so sick and the spoopiest and will definitely die one day. Boo hoo. Lockdown is boring I know but go b/p or something. We don't care.(hi cow)

No. 957459

You really want to die on this hill? I'm not ghost, if we caught heisenburg spamming bodychecks on IG under another username we'd be talking about that too. You're acting as if they've never been discussed before.

No. 957460

Heisenberg is boring as well. No milk, just boring and possibly special needs.

No. 957462

Okay and? I didn't know these were the same people is all.

No. 957463

File: 1586679491984.png (Spoiler Image, 5.18 MB, 1242x2208, 5F930693-D74D-4E5E-98C9-FB29E3…)

Saged but I don’t understand why so many anachans are so obsessed with flaunting their drug use. We get it, you use drugs.

No. 957464

Does anyone on here think Sarah “Lilibet” is
Probably the most hypocritical of all? Akashic_daugter
Also low key don’t believe that’s her middle name. She posted a piece of mail she got and it said something like Elizabeth or something

No. 957465

Lurk moar. It's been posted here how she's ganja and how she told people she had 6 months to live on mpa for sympathy and attention.

No. 957466

Gtfo self poster(hi cow)

No. 957467

Well they flaunt everything else for attention lol

No. 957483

Self poster? Who?

No. 957491

File: 1586689756981.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1539, D29D2CD5-A900-48EF-97B1-29108F…)

So much newfaggotry and self posting in this thread right now, so let’s instead take a moment to appreciate this spoiled twat. She’s 22 (23?) and mumsy and daddypoo buy her Easter chocolate like a child. She’s so oblivious to how overindulged she is too, based on her “wow life is great you can do anything you put your mind to!” Posts. How’s she going to cope now that she isn’t spoopy and people are going to start suggesting she actually gasp gets a job! Goes to school?! Moves out?!!? How’s she going to cope when she realizes most people don’t throw a goddamn parade for you for eating a baked good?

No. 957492


I don’t think her parents getting her chocolate for Easter is all that weird? I’m 21 n my mum got me chocolate

Not to mention she’s in recovery so they’re probably just happy she’s actually eating

No. 957494

Hi elzani. No, getting that much stuff from your parents (on top of free room and board, expensive clothing and camera equipment) is not normal for an adult woman with no justifiable reason not to be working or going to school. Also, because I know you’re going to ask, no, you don’t look sick or underweight any more.(hi cow)

No. 957495

Literally not her lmao u sound like an angry wannabe spook, just because she doesn’t look like she’s going to die doesn’t mean she’s not still recovering

No. 957496

Same fag but also, pretty sure being mentally ill is a justified reason to be a little slower than most with moving out n getting a job

No. 957498

Especially if she comes from what appears to be a wealthy family, went to a private school, wears expensive garments and eats copious amounts of costly DIVINEEE peanut butter.

I can understand getting one Easter egg though, many people her age don’t have families, have mental illnesses, barley any money and yet are still trying their best to go to university or a job.

To sage a post, write the word Sage into the email slot above a comment.

No. 957500

The thing is, she isn’t getting medical help!
So she isn’t actually tackling her eating disorder because she is still wanting to control her recovery and everything/everyone around her!

No. 957502

Damn okay I’m owning up to not lurking enough, not one of my normal threads

She seems entitled

No. 957506

File: 1586693692597.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 92.21 KB, 706x480, FD99CE67-AC47-4846-8D9C-CFEA50…)

This is where she says “throwback that when I was XX kilos lighter!” To put it into context, she was lifting up the mixer and remembered when she couldn’t during her extra spoopy days, surly she would understand that stating weight and numbers is a trigger for people, also why does she know how much she has gained? And who is weighing her?

No. 957510

She will never be able to work, if her employer looks up her name they would find an array of naked pictures and videos of her all over the internet-remember her sooper inspirational video of her hospital stay? Yeah, I wouldn’t hire someone as irresponsible as her. As for her sisters, she is putting them in danger by taking videos of them ongoing to school or in their uniforms.

No. 957511

>Getting a job or starting a career at 22 as a clueless daddy's little gurl.
Better odds getting married with some older dude with some doe, who can perpetually keep her in that hazy mindset to later pop out some babies for him.
She cute enough to do it, she should take the advantage now that she's young and fertile. Just sayin', she ain't gunna be much outdere by herself.

No. 957512

She’s not that cute and I honestly can’t imagine any guy being able to tolerate her personality (or complete lack thereof) for long enough to get her in the sack.

She’s obsessed with still needing to be validated as being “in recovery” and spoopy to justify her eating habits. It’s why she always references her old weight, how much she’s gained and lost, and why she has maintained these “real recovery vlogs” for 3 years. She can’t be recovered because it would mean having to do something more than just eat and be coddled by mom, dad and her internet hug box.

No. 957513

It depends if she’s still fertile after being so underweight though

No. 957515

I guess you girls make some good points. She's young enough to at least try it, I mean her odds go down every year she doesn't, specially because she had severe malnutrtion before.
And the point of no having a personality, that was the whole interesting part, also all women need validation, so that excuse it doesn't count.
My point was she kinda reminds me of a (I know she's British!) Midwest Christian Girl for some reason…

No. 957516

Hi one of Elzani’s minions! Who is it? The sisters or E herself? Must be one of you seeing as you don’t know how to sage.
Try and stop obsessing about your ribs and non-skinny arms! Go and get an education and stop milking your parents money! Wow NUTELLA! WOW, DEVINNNEEE, I LOVE PINK LADY APPLES! Must use a lot of brain power to process which spread you want on your porridge everyday!

Let Alisha and your mum exercise without you getting all triggered, your videos do not help people, they trigger and entrench their eating disorders even more. Your hospital video is literal thinspo and there’s plenty of educational documentaries out there about AN that are much better than your drivel. That are far more helpful.

No. 957517

Sorry my "excuse" doesn't count for you, newfag. All people need validation, but for most people it doesn't reach pathological levels and cause them to starve themselves to the brink of death (and then post about it online for years to come).

Stop whiteknighting. I suspect you are E, or at least one of her delusional little followers who thinks recovery just means eating three bags of haribo and bragging about it on the interwebz. Learn to sage and/or gtfo.

No. 957518

To be fair, my guess would be that her sisters, especially the older one who's managed to escape to college and get out of that hellhouse of disfunction, are more likely to be farmers than Elzani whiteknights.

No. 957520

>> I guess you girls make some good points.

Nice assumption that you think we are all girls!
Stereotyping or what?

No. 957521

Haha, this is fun. I can't call you fags ñlike I would do in other bigger IB. Because I know you're women. But it's kinda cute looking at you getting upset with me.
I guess most of them out, besides you little fag-

No. 957522

That’s true, isn’t she studying psychology?
Well not anymore due to the pandemic.
I’d feel like she would be more of a white knight now seeing as she’s getting the education. Still doesn’t excuse Elzani’s behaviour.

No. 957524

Don’t entertain this bitch, she’s obviously part of the E-chan and will never give up on her brainwashed delusions until it’s gone ten years of the infamous “ReAl ReCoVeRy” vlogs.
Also wrong use of fag. This thread is about ridiculous Anachans and wanorexics not homophobic remarks.

No. 957525

>Wrong use of fag
Whatever fag. I was just commenting from a guys perpective of the situation. Look I understand we're all very goddamn bored with Coronachan keeping us even more isolated that we were before. But really, stop sperging at me like rabid bitches, it was my honest opinion. Pinky swear. (tongue emoji)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 957526

What difference does gender make when it comes to making useless comments?
You either are a white knight or not.

No. 957527

Learn to sage idiot. No one asked for your manly man opinion on E’s “cuteness” or lack thereof. Go bring your boner somewhere else.

No. 957528

She could go on The Undateables.

No. 957529

This is a femanon board. Male opinions mean zilch.

No. 957531


this is a female-only imageboard you retarded scrotoid

No. 957532

File: 1586697863993.png (6.8 MB, 1125x2436, B78D9725-B89D-4919-9EF6-CC01AB…)

Calls herself huge 20 times a day but also posts her body all day?

No. 957535

why does this look like a screenshot of someones photo gallery rather than of someones story….who even is that?

No. 957536

not really unusual, ghost does the same thing and it’s mostly just boring. Who is she? Any actual milk?

No. 957551

This isn’t how the thread works, newfag. Introduce the cow or gtfo. We’re not interested in random screenshots of yourself or someone you find annoying.

No. 957556

File: 1586700911883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 794.04 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200412_170938_com…)

this….this is RAW it looks like a breast implant

No. 957558

She doesn’t need to purge that, it will come up all by itself.

No. 957563

nta but im 22 and my mum dropped off some chocolate at my door, is it really that weird?

No. 957564

begone scrote

No. 957567

i think these people are weird for not enjoying easter? i bought myself and roommates stuff because we cant see our families. whats wrong with getting some chocolate for easter???

No. 957569

Christ. what is your problem? Who hurt you that you’re on here accusing of self posting? Mad no ones posting about you? Get the fuck over yourself and fuck off. Hate little pussies like you who hide behind anon acting like they’re big shit

No. 957572

File: 1586702887529.png (6.93 MB, 1125x2436, CBFFBD82-8F23-4380-B309-8A2DDB…)

She’s Shade. She’s been in “recovery” for so long. She does it for a day and then goes back to calling herself fat. She got pregnant and the whole time was restricting, doing drugs, and was homeless as well. She’d throw up blood supposedly and not go to the doctor

No. 957573

File: 1586703193969.jpeg (235.26 KB, 863x1575, 2DDC390C-7AE9-44C7-8158-659430…)

I don’t know why she insists on posting half naked videos to prove she eats what she posts, swallowing something doesn’t mean it stays down. The way she takes huge bites really quickly is typical in then out behaviour.

No. 957574

That’s disgusting, maybe she didn’t have the patience to cook it before the binge cravings got so bad that she decided to eat it raw. Salmonella poisoning. Unless she vomits it up.

No. 957575

Phew, it's only raw chicken. It looked like a pig snout on thumbnail.

No. 957579

File: 1586705027191.jpeg (243.02 KB, 933x699, BF672AE1-6192-42C5-B4F2-ED26C5…)

No. 957580

Elzani dropped out of uni after 1 year because she didn't like the course YEARS AGO

No. 957581

File: 1586705317629.png (106.66 KB, 1080x1218, Screenshot_2020-04-12-16-26-02…)


For some reason it isn't letting me delete it and I posted too early. Anyway she dropped out years ago but is still using it as an explanation to where she is in her career choices? She clearly doesn't want a job.

No. 957582

It was Open University business studies so not really even uni.

No. 957592

Excuse me, what the fuck?

You don’t just post a screenshot and not even say who it is or why they should be discussed on this thread. The problem with newfags is they think any random anorexic can be discussed here. Or they self post and see if anyone says anything about them. Calm down, anon.

That’s better.

No. 957594

>Hate little pussies like you who hide behind anon acting like they’re big shit

Well this is embarrassing. Usually only WKs drop the ~hiding behind anon~ line

No. 957595

You’re all so so mean(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 957598

Honest, not mean.

No. 957605

File: 1586709846180.png (3.92 MB, 750x1334, 9692AF5B-7E47-45BB-875F-228210…)

Would it kill you to crack a smile, Georgie?

No. 957607


Is it just me or is her hair very thin at the front? Has it always been like that?

No. 957608

File: 1586710061785.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, 0AD75FF8-6AD9-4E1F-9560-696322…)

I think she was genuinely excited for this, probably scarfed it down before she reached her bedroom.

No. 957610

Yeah, she tends not show that part of her head in her selfies. Maybe she has that hair pulling condition, she’s never mentioned it before though.

No. 957611

Supposedly it’s a scar from a ”traumatic” car accidents. Believe it was discussed some threads back.

No. 957613

File: 1586710805127.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, EEDAEE3D-2DE5-48ED-9F36-CA3A78…)

I don’t know what expression this is. If it wasn’t for that dead stare, I’d say she almost looks smug… or am I just imagining it?

No. 957618

She only looks content when she's tubed.

Feeling guilt about being a slacker and inventing an illness? Guilty about checking in to hospital and not being home to help her 79 year old dad during a global catastrophe? Of course not. It's guilt at eating a chocolate egg she's clutching in her porky hand? Priorities.

No. 957619

Sorry, Georgie's dad, he's 70 not 79.

No. 957620

NF gave anorexics chocolate as a treat with their medication? Sounds legit

No. 957624

File: 1586711314736.jpg (38.65 KB, 720x405, thumbnail.jpg)

I believe it. If she'd bought one for herself it'd be like the one in IMG.

No. 957630

File: 1586711925206.png (2.33 MB, 1125x2001, F9D83B0E-5845-42A1-9025-C328D3…)

Dang. Aly says she’s in hospital after cardiac arrest.

No. 957631

File: 1586711964239.png (1.24 MB, 1125x2001, 41961430-15ED-4467-8E03-12F67F…)

With caption

No. 957633

It's posted on her thread. She's always dramatic, so I'm not taking her heart attack
as the real thing. Bet she's been purgin'

No. 957635

Oops didn’t realize there was a separate but obvi should have.

No. 957636

No probs. Not many anons use that thread any more even though I wish they would. She's still milky imo.

No. 957643

A cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack. You’d think she would care enough to ask what exactly happened.

No. 957646

File: 1586714032122.jpg (317.54 KB, 720x1151, 20200412_185356.jpg)

Seems like Laura and her bestie from her first (?) admission are living it up wasting more NHS resources.

No. 957651


So she's back in the psych ward, apparently.

No. 957655

And she could stay at home with mummy and daddy!
E must be reading all these posts yet nothing seems to change in what she does

No. 957661

We know her vocabulary is very limited (mostly names of food and "divine", "amazing"), so she won't even understand what we're talking about. She's like a dog who only understands "walk" and "dinner".