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File: 1630548214345.jpeg (188.92 KB, 750x693, CRITICAL CONDITION.jpeg)

No. 1313641

Last time on proana scumbags:

We began with an OTT post from LARP qweem, Ham, who tells us she's feeling JOY! FREEDOM! HOPEFUL! because she's so proud of herself for pretending to be a recovered anorexic that she's enrolled to do A Levels. It's been "a hell of a journey" chomping her way through the Tate & Lyle sugar warehouse, so now A NEW BEGINNING! She's started socialising again…with Hammum.

Molls also posted a list of "cool things" she's done since recovery. P much the same things as Ham, except Molly actually does these things (AND had at approx. six months of the mild ana).

The sickest ana EVER, Cecelia (person with XX chromosones), is still IP. She listed her 15 admissions to previous ED facilities in the same fashion one would list places in the world one has travelled to. Unfortunately, those damn wildfires wrecked her plans to go hiking (now she can stand without a wheelchair). XX was terribly triggered by a slim new staff member. Regularly bangs on about her lowest weight, decreasing the number with each telling. Must smart having her tube taken away. She's taken to posting her appalling geocities proana site style poetry. Something about twinges and peas.

Hxn's BPD voices have been loud. She's been busting her face up, sending herself tells, withering away but definitely won't be going IP because she is totally "too mentally unwell", although at the moment, she is sectioned. Please consider not donating to her Just Giving fundraiser. £50.000 is much needed so she can recover at a day treatment ED clinic.

Anna is social media rep at her uni's Nutrition Society. Anons are keeping an eye on foods she has omitted from the list she CAN eat. She's been swimming in the sea on a fancy holiday. Wearing a bikini, anons keked at her shooped abs.

Aus Soph snacked on razor blades and documented her journed to hospital via air ambulance on instagram. She was discharged because the doctor told her she would have to poop it out, so she didn't get the surgery she was looking forward to. Thirty minutes after being discharged, she was admitted again. Anons feel bad for her parents.

Token male, Pencilneck Slenderman Nik (the failed actor), provided us with reels of him putting food into his mouth. Does not appear to chew or swallow the sickly treats, but I guess he edits out spitting it into a bucket.

Katie and Maria post bodychecks in Costa again.

There was much self posting, there was a fight with a WK, a few potential new cows didn't inspire much interest.

While the future of lolcow hangs in the balance, several cows hang on for dear life. Whatever happens, one thing's for sure. Ash will outlive us all.

N2F is still providing selfies decked out like a sex trafficked victim.


Last thread:

Anything missing, stick it below.

No. 1313649

kudos anon, forever in your debt xox

No. 1313658

>chomping her way through the Tate & Lyle sugar warehouse

fuckin KEK
cheers for the thread anon!

No. 1313662

Thanks anon, bloody good for 3am.

We also have ghost_of_me blaming her weight gain on kidney failure. It must be mostly water weight because she's been able to squeeze water out of some skin sores and also water is leaking out of her leg kek

No. 1313676

You’ve forgotten to mention sorchas constant self posting

No. 1313680

Is anyone else getting really weird vibe from ham and her mother’s interaction. I know them being incest was mentioned previously as a joke but I am genuinely questioning the nature of their relationship.

1.Ham and her mum are unusually close for someone of her age. Makes you wonder if she ever allowed Hannah to have friends as I’ve never seen even one.
2.The two of them always share a double bed whenever they go on “holidays” together. Even when they went with Ham Dad, Ham and her mum still shared a double bed which is undoubtedly strange.
3.Ham mum constantly tells Hannah about how sick she was and really fucking exaggerates her non existent eating disorder. Reminds me of Dee Dee Blanchard and gypsy rose. I wonder if Ham has been subjected to similar brainwashing.

No. 1313695

Just wanted to say to those farmers falling into dorian insane pronoun game that this isn't Portland nor is a safe space in your overpriced college, no one cares about that here. She is just an attention addict and her act it's getting old, like herself.

No. 1313724


Aww heck anon you're really making me uneasy. It sounds just like Eugenia Cooney's mother…no wonder they are messed up and feed off constant approval, toxic positivity, and validation from complete strangers

No. 1313744

Thank you nonna. Appreciate ya

No. 1313766


Related to this Hxn post at the end of the last thread begging for a cheap flat near Hyde Park. I didn't bother with a screenshot but last month or so she was asking if 'anyone had a place to rent for a week in Cornwall. she'd even pay' which sounds like she was expecting people to offer to give it to her for free. This isn't MakeAWish. Maybe we have another Becky e-begger situation on our hands?

No. 1313771

File: 1630567503793.png (34.61 KB, 745x133, dailymailsobincoming.png)

And on that topic …. how did a newspaper FIND her? It's not like she has a huge social media presence.

No. 1313789

explain me something as im not from uk. If you are under section you cant leave or discharge whenever you want. How is she planning to move to Ldn if everything is still up in the air?

No. 1313805

>Cheap flat
>Near hyde park
Pick one lmao

No. 1313808

File: 1630571357490.jpeg (222.86 KB, 725x991, 1EAE1A4A-A018-428D-AA8F-2BAFAD…)

I have a spare 7 bed you’re welcome to have hxn no charge

No. 1313827


It’s like she thinks millionaire oil sheikhs are just hanging out on her Instagram page

No. 1313828

She is probably planning for if she gets to Orri. This is even more unreasonable, because people with a long term (non-holiday) rental won't reserve a free flat for her when they don't know when she will be discharged.

No. 1313830


I agree, but Orri is next to Regent’s Park which means she doesn’t want to be next to the Orri. So she’s choosing to commute a bit? Why not ask for a flat next to the Orri? Why ask for a flat in the most expensive part of London? If she’s going to travel anyway why not stay somewhere a bit in the sticks where you could rent a flat much cheaper?

….. in all of this, Anna stays silent with her two London mansions

No. 1313849

CuZ Me Is SpEsHuLl SnOfLaKe!
So GiMmE ApPaRtMuNz!
Da ChEaPeSs!

No. 1313855

File: 1630577812649.png (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 828x1792, A04F8F89-C410-4B7D-B02D-790AFC…)

even soph’s dad is through with her attention seeking bullshit kek

No. 1313878

I think Ham knows full well what she’s doing, even if her mum encourages it. Anyone asking about diagnosis, treatment etc. instantly gets blocked. It’s almost as if she’s in denial about NOT being anorexic and never having been ‘ill’ which is ironic given how for a lot of sufferers it’s the complete opposite. If she’s as insufferable irl as she is online it’s not exactly surprising she has no friends. College is gonna be big wake up call in comparison to her hugbox on insta

No. 1313881

im not surprised, this botch has abused her dads kindness so much. I thought it would happen sooner.
Dont blame her mum either

No. 1313885

File: 1630586066188.jpeg (531.32 KB, 1800x1154, 9D5F728E-EB01-4BB2-B310-49DF08…)


Okay regarding @wateremelons again. She just posted these. I feel like it's scummy behaviors to repost old body checks clearly to show everyone she used to be spoopy, while hiding her body now. Old tube pics are surely juuust to show how far she's come

No. 1313897


Daddy knows:

The only way to win the game is not to play it.

No. 1313919

was literally coming to post these, what a shitty thing to do

No. 1313920

to add:
> i’ve come a long way
refuses to include pictures of now

No. 1313921

"Come a looong way"??
Yeah, being and staying a spoopy spoop.

No. 1313930

File: 1630591122356.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, 0730F3F5-6828-405D-BE4E-0BCFDD…)

These are all old pictures, she isn't spoopy anymore from what she shows. Hard to tell thought from half a head, but she's been IP a while

No. 1313935

she’s weight restored

No. 1313939

How do you know that?

No. 1313940

File: 1630592105728.jpg (283.25 KB, 720x1223, 20210902_081319.jpg)

Dont know what Han is going on about here…Ive been in recovery for 2 years and would never speak of my ED in this way. It still has a hold over my life how does she talk about it in past tense like this?

No. 1313942

she said on her story

No. 1313944

ahh looks like I found my answer Anon

No. 1313949

Does she not get called out on this? And given she is under section it’s not like she can even claim the weight gain is a recovery win.

No. 1313952

probably over DM, she rarely posts. she used to be called out via tell all the time

No. 1313960

…and not a crumb was left on the cake stand.

No. 1313986

Do these cows have other things in life than sperg about their EDs? No wonder they never share any photos with friends

No. 1313987

Friends? What friends? The ones you estranged with your on-and-off ED? The ones you claimed "could not understand"?
Those ED cunts literally burn friendships with their greed for attention and control.

No. 1313988

Let’s unpick this…
Take part and socialise? Well, she has no friends but she never stopped “socialising” with Mumsy, scoffing cake at every cafe within the West Midlands.
Enjoy herself and have fun? See above.
Think clearly and rationally? Committing to the LARP must take a whole lot of mental energy but okay Ham, you get a point for irrationality since you seem to think you actually needed to weight restore?
Eating without guilt or compensation? What can I even say here…
Living your life? You don’t have one.
Focus and concentrate? See above re: LARP.
Spontaneous and flexible? How many different cakes/biscuits/McDs etc was she eating at the beginning of her account? Oh yeah, still basically anything and everything she fancied so no difference there.

Fucking tragic.

No. 1313991

File: 1630596322914.png (1.47 MB, 1456x1140, Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 9.25…)

Big kek

No. 1313993

Idk why but watch out for my body rolls is now playing in my head. I know it's a bit rattley but she's eating fine and looks like it too.

No. 1313995

i KnOw BeTtEr WhAt My BoDy NeEdS

tHeY dOnT kNoW aBoUt Me LiKe I dO

It's always the same shit with these people.

No. 1314000

That woman wants to fucking help you, idiot.

No. 1314005

This is a good weight. She suits it. As for her nutritionist, take from her what you want. Idk what she dislikes about them, but I expect she's working on a maintenance plan with her at this point. What's wrong with that? She's doing her fucking job.

Molly's the only recovered one who has real friends and does things.

No. 1314006

What were you expecting, Cecelia? Don’t like dieticians? Then don’t wrangle your way into unnecessary treatment, you fuckin donut

No. 1314009

Molly’s a good example of early intervention. Her ED was mild, she only had it a few months, and as much as I find her irritating I can’t fault her for trying to get on with life

No. 1314012

For someone who was given (and presumably had no problem eating) decent portions of cooked breakfast right at the beginning of this treatment saga, all I can say is KEK. What’s the matter, Cecelia? Does being on maintenance make you feel ~~invalid~~?

No. 1314015

I can only imagine the sheer amount of awkward interactions Cecelia has had when a nurse walks into her room as she's taking these photos.

No. 1314019

I just realized she's been in the hospital for a month or more and only recently got off her tube. She isn't nearly ill enough to be in inpatient room that long even if she was suicidal.

Most people would want to leave the hospital ASAP and have control back to exercise their ED behaviors but she isnt complaining at all about it. She loves being sooper sick

No. 1314020

Hxn is claiming her ward doesn't have therapy or groups, "just meals." I thought an anon knew where she was - is this true? It seems very unlikely to me

No. 1314032

That is very odd usually inpatient has schedule and a daily group therapy or skills group

No. 1314046

Isn’t she still on a medical urgent ward or something though, not EDU?

No. 1314056


She's on an EDU not far from her home town (Oxford) I do believe. An EDU she was in when she was an adolescent (obv adult side now).

No. 1314058

I can imagine how she interacts with her dietitian and I can imagine how her dietitian feels and how much self-control she must have to not just throw her out of her room. I had to deal with people like her and sure, they always know better, no matter what, why is she even in treatment if she knows better what her body needs, she could do that alone at home.

No. 1314066

File: 1630603494501.jpg (188.25 KB, 806x436, 20210902_192239.jpg)

I knew his face reminded me of something kek

No. 1314067

Topkek, anon!

But he wouldn't get the hot girl, I think.

No. 1314075


he would not look for it

No. 1314077

>>1314067 dying at the implication that the dragon from fucking shrek is “the hot girl” KEK

No. 1314078

while reading this absolute cringe of a caption I got war flashbacks of amberlynn reid
> she doesn’t understand nutrition like I do
It looks like cece is eating well tho so she should shut her entitled ass up

No. 1314081

Samefag here. Yeah, she was hot. At least for him.
Otherwise they wouldn't have that cute flying dragondonkey babies?

And Donkey fucked her. Deal with it.

No. 1314086

Pick your poison - Stevia or sugar.
Single peas or buckets of lasagna.
Binging with or without purging afterwards.
Osteoporosis or clogged arteries.

Those people eat bad, and they'll end up bad.

No. 1314098

File: 1630606068868.jpeg (117.9 KB, 750x1334, 1781144B-0E99-47FA-91A0-067A58…)


U sure? This was 14 weeks ago

No. 1314103

you'd be surprised how much weight one can gain in 3 months and a half.

No. 1314107

who the fuck wears tights and a short skirt on an EDU when very clearly underweight? she is appearing very scummy from what we have seen of her lately

No. 1314114

File: 1630607294024.jpeg (492.92 KB, 1427x1678, 5F413913-A203-407F-BC5E-03C08F…)

She loves showing off her legs while spoopy

No. 1314117

does she expect people to believe that cheekbone make up is real?

No. 1314118

It's the cooney-esque body checks disguised as OOTDs for me

No. 1314119

> cooney-esque

Damn shame, that this can be a word now (one can easily understand).

No. 1314120


Depends on your attendance of Duran Duran concerts in the early 1980s.

No. 1314123

File: 1630607840803.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, 9C235283-5845-4795-AF06-18C3BC…)

called out

No. 1314129

File: 1630608005214.png (277.82 KB, 664x212, tryhard.png)

Hahahaha! YES!

She reminds me of that famous tranny bloke. When they start to try to look like women and pile the makeup on. Happens to a lot of spoops. That Duran Duran comment is gold, though.

No. 1314130

File: 1630608067075.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1170x2267, 260611B5-A509-4470-8E6A-CBD677…)

Is Dora going back inpatient?

No. 1314132

File: 1630608177946.jpg (58.26 KB, 876x438, duran-duran-1616939089059.jpg)

Cheeeek boooones..!

No. 1314168

Apologies for my ignorance but why the fuck is this bitch still in hospital?

If you fund your own treatment (which I assume she does?) do you just get to stay as long as you like?

No. 1314230

She doesn't pay out of topic, her health insurance pays for it. No idea how she hasn't been kicked out yet, from my understanding the US insurance companies will try and get you kicked out as soon as you are vaguely stable.

No. 1314242

Posted this on the last thread, but shes going to oxford brookes uni so probably scoping out IP in advance kek or maybe they've threatened her with day patient or outpatient there, idk

No. 1314244

maybe we will we get a cow crossover with Hxn after all?

No. 1314249

File: 1630619237780.jpeg (787.85 KB, 828x1545, 82D838AC-FD81-46B1-8C90-7FA9FB…)

not all Carolines allergies suddenly just vanished.
also with so much sugar she eats, soon she will beat Ham

No. 1314272

I think an anorexic starved to the level she was should deserve to eat one cupcake without you comparing her to Ham.

No. 1314278

Wait, Ham's mum had an ED too?? If that's true, it's almost like her mum is living out her ED vicariously through Ham now.. having it be a focus of her whole life etc. That's shit.

No. 1314280

I think she's admitted she was in huge denial before about the allergic reactions. She was legit near death and I don't think she will ever be remotely on the same level as Ham no matter how big she gets. She's not actually gained that much weight really, she did initially (?water) but her face is still quite unwell looking now.

No. 1314281

i think you misinterpreted. they were saying that Hammum goes on about how bad Ham’s ‘ED’ was, not her own

No. 1314290

yup, difference being that caroline did not larp an eating disorder and probably truly considers a cupcake a challenge

No. 1314293

Heck let this girl eat cake, Imo she's not really a cow. Especially not since admitting she has an ED and working towards getting better, it's slow progress but still progress.

No. 1314308

I still can't figure out what was really wrong with her, but she's doing better, so good for her. She's filtered all blurry, but she looks a bit spoopier than Nik in the face. Difference between the two, I believe she'll keep that cake down. The Lord is with her.

No. 1314314

File: 1630624411917.png (4.81 MB, 828x1792, 26A97574-7A39-489F-B14A-A5CC75…)

dora’s done her reading here and has blessed us with an answer.

No. 1314342

if she is doing better good for her. Still dont understand how a starving anorexic can jump to eat all those things from one day to the other. Is not the cupcakes, everything she posts is sugary "fear foods" for all the other anorexics

No. 1314352

wateremelons and ro seem pretty close, they were in ip together based off wateremelon’s old posts, so it seems weird for ro to drag her publicly instead of talking privately to her

No. 1314358

i think it makes more sense. ro seems pretty non-confrontational

No. 1314490

File: 1630644696425.jpeg (24.75 KB, 264x320, 9840995A-AFB9-4E97-AED3-2D484E…)

bit hypocritical coming from ro, who recently posted this ~inspirational~ reel consisting mostly of footage of herself when she was a spoop

No. 1314553

But anorexia is totally not about weight guys!!!

No. 1314582

Forgive me bc I know this isn’t exactly a hot take but I’m new and wondered if we’d spoken before about how hams larp is completely meticulously planned out and she knows what she’s doing 100%? I know it’s been spoken before about how her mum is v controlling and it could all be a way to keep ham in her grasp lol but I acc think ham is the one holding the power and does this all for attention, control and asspats I mean in that vid she posted with her and her mum at tea she’s the one who brings it all up? Idk just think she’s a lot cleverer than some give her credit for and she’s a manipulative little snake who knows exactly what she’s doing

No. 1314588

it sounds a lot like her FII (fabricated of induced illness) which is a form of child abuse. “where a parent exaggerated or deliberately causes symptoms of illness in the child”. i might be reaching but if the shoe fits.

No. 1314589

agreed, anon. she is not milky at all. having anorexia isn’t enough to make you a cow, just like you can be a cow without having anorexia (e.g. ham) kek

No. 1314591

File: 1630661884558.jpg (893.69 KB, 1080x1896, 20210903_113600.jpg)

At least she admits to being a liar for once kek. Better than nothing, I guess?

Also, complete nitpick but why does no one seem to be able to spell 'pain au chocolat' correctly??

No. 1314592

this was such a bait post, she was fishing for the concerned comments.

No. 1314594

and she still has her spoop arms in her profile pic. It's fishy when people say shit like 'I'm a totally different person than I was 6 months ago' and like - why don't you change your picture to reflect that? I believe she is making progress, but still missing her sick body. This is understandable but it is milky to be subjecting her followers to it.

No. 1314595

Sage for random topic but does anyone else find it really amusing when they see cows in the wild? I was just watching a tiktok comp and fucking Dora was in it (at 3:09)

No. 1314597

in fairness 'chocolate' is a word in English. Your brain doesn't read the whole word and fills it in with what it expects. I didn't explain that well, I know

Hers was so tame compared to the others as well.

No. 1314603

She looks like she could've been a tantrum throwing kid who would've microwaved her hamster if she didn't get what she wanted.

No. 1314608

Agreed (see >>1313878)

Moar cake or Hammy gets it!

No. 1314625

Problem is: Those ED creatures have got a seriously fucked up perception of their own bodies to begin with.
She just thinks there were changes going on.
But the fuck she did.

No. 1314660

File: 1630672981272.jpeg (88.19 KB, 1242x217, 35A84616-0152-4648-815F-0BAAAC…)


No. 1314661

I think Ham more uses her 'ED' as a way to get her mum to do things like go to cafés/ meals/ shopping and that it was likely something they didn't do before for financial reasons.
This way she keeps 'challenging' things and can keep going out.

No. 1314690

File: 1630675773934.jpg (40.69 KB, 1080x225, 20210903_152818.jpg)

Kek. Cecilia is one of us.

No. 1314696


No. 1314698

Pencilneck posted a reel talking about how he is already excited for Christmas including chomping down on some Xmas treats.

Apologies for not clarifying.

No. 1314718

File: 1630677611565.png (740.29 KB, 1080x1684, IMG_20210903_145813.png)

Ro posted this on her story hours ago and Anna posted something suspiciously similar hours after kek I get it there's lots of the same messages to spew in the ED world but isn't this obvious copying? (Anna's to follow next post)

No. 1314719

File: 1630677642570.png (592.87 KB, 1080x1614, IMG_20210903_145821.png)

Anna's mini skin walk to try remain relevant?

No. 1314721

Naaah, of course it TOTULLY did not affect her at all.
That's why she posted it on social fucking media.

No. 1314737

File: 1630680019025.jpg (395.21 KB, 1080x1384, Screenshot_20210904_003406.jpg)

Says they'd be a good psych… Simultaneously shares unnecessary triggering info… AlsO, if I was a horse, I'd be scared of a walking skeleton too.

No. 1314741


At least with Ro you can actually see the recovery glow up. Anna’s hair is just a bit longer.

No. 1314742


yeah not only obvious copying but the person who commented to ana seems like they were actually trying to be nice, singling them out was kind of mean tbh

No. 1314743

File: 1630681060195.png (16.58 KB, 598x98, 2021-09-03 Madeline madeline_x…)

Oh yeah, about that one…

No. 1314744

hahahahahaha wow definitely top quality future psych material

No. 1314750

Just like some heavily alcoholic guy running his own pub, amirite.

No. 1314752

… Barney in charge of Moe's

No. 1314754

Anorexic nutjob with a psych degree.
Heavy drinker opening a bar.

They will alyways find some like-minded customers/clients and earn money while spiraling down?

It's whack and at the very same time a nice theory, tho.

No. 1314757

File: 1630682420712.png (165.86 KB, 360x360, barney.png)

No. 1314758

I used to be one of the people saying you should stop posting her since she's just genuinely ill, but this really makes me reconsider. Real scummy

No. 1314766

Idk the way she talks about it makes me think it's like a novelty to her. Plus regardless of how ill she is, she is lucid enough to post numbers and food, and even joke. If she was that sick, she wouldn't be doing any of that.

No. 1314768

File: 1630683729887.jpg (67.42 KB, 1080x427, if you're in the costume perma…)

exhibit a and b… it would be kind of funny in a meta way if it wasn't also negatively influencing thousands of impressionable youngins.

No. 1314770

File: 1630683764735.jpg (73.66 KB, 1080x467, huhu im SO fUnnY.jpg)

No. 1314771

File: 1630683795199.jpeg (41.12 KB, 669x458, pls.jpeg)

No. 1314779

That li'l dirtbag.
Why can't they just be miserable on their own and shut the hell up.
It aggravates me more than it should.

No. 1314784

Aren't there some rules on Twitter to prevent those posts?
Propagating EDs behaviour really should be on the list.

No. 1314785

She doesn't deserve any more spotlight. It's just stupid. The internet is fun but people like her make it so lame.

No. 1314793

File: 1630685601561.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, IMG_20210903_171157.png)

Your wish was read and acted upon kek

No. 1314795

Fine. Now let's go on her channel and call her 'chubby in the face'.

No. 1314806

File: 1630687203461.jpg (19.88 KB, 572x233, Screenshot_20210904_022655~2.j…)

Wow I drank a coffee I am So RecoVereD, what a perfect time to make a decision to put something permanently on my body that I definitely won't ever regret.

No. 1314811

File: 1630687733127.jpeg (217.67 KB, 750x1087, 508FCEA5-55B7-4BBE-BA32-800AF3…)

Impowering (the casual magic Korey 2.0) has started a podcast. I can’t even sit through her quasi-philosophical car chats but maybe other anons would be interested?

No. 1314812

File: 1630687745275.jpg (19.42 KB, 572x233, Screenshot_20210904_022655~3.j…)

would've been a better choice… too bad cows aren't self aware. Mooooooo

No. 1314813

I ate a total of 2.141 kcal today and my shoes are not sorted by color.

Someone out there will be triggered because of that! Isn't that wonderful.

No. 1314814

wtf is the relevance of this to anything?

No. 1314815

What is this about?

No. 1314816

I'm as confused as you anon

No. 1314817

File: 1630688111516.jpg (321.2 KB, 1080x2036, Screenshot_20210904_022556_com…)


No. 1314818

Twitter allow sex offenders to post. At least insta and FB are on the ball if one is reported. There are convicted paedos posting on twitter and they have no problem with it, so why would they care about proana content.

No. 1314821



If things go wrong.

No. 1314824

korey is kind of cringe to me but it might be interesting in a funny way… or if i feel like torturing myself

No. 1314828

Why are you so obsessed with her tattoo?. Now she has changed her profile picture she has very little milk. Feel like we have a vendetta anon here.

No. 1314834

no vendetta, i guess i just know from personal experience that getting a tattoo without serious consideration isn't a good idea. but you're right, not very milky.

No. 1314835

Because nothing says '1998' like a barbwire ring around your bicep.

No. 1314838

Remember when Ham found out we were talking about her and how we don't believe she was anorexic? She said she'd get her mum to PROVE IT to us on video. Why not post a letter from CAMHS like normal cows. HAMMUM would tell us she was anorexic. I wish that would've happened.

No. 1314847

Ham can't prove it because she isn't and never was anorexic. Just delusional.

No. 1314852

Hams situation is kind of like when someone calls you up and says they're at a really fun party. They would never do that at an actual fun party because they'd be busy having fun.

No. 1314861

kek she’s just a retarded little autist, it’s okay

No. 1314869

File: 1630691075946.png (1.93 MB, 1662x778, future ham.png)

How are ~recovery accounts~ like this helpful? Isn't it a clear message that intuitive eating means you switch anorexia for binge eating? I feel this is Ham in a year's time (maybe less), except perhaps this girl did have an ED.

No. 1314873

File: 1630691249974.jpeg (193.95 KB, 750x1012, 54F4A7BA-C0F8-4196-9C7D-03EB7F…)

Cecelia policing other people’s language when she has a dream catcher on her pin board. The hypocrisy

No. 1314874

Not that Ham would ever be invited to one but she reminds me of that type of girl who takes like 2 sips of WKD blue at a house party and claims to be hammered

No. 1314876


Because fat ass and smell like fish.

No. 1314881

File: 1630691588921.jpeg (164.86 KB, 857x1200, F7341AE3-34F5-4469-A17D-91862A…)

I was thinking Sid the Sloth but looking again his neck is actually kinda ~skinni~

No. 1314909

An absolutely normal and healthy response in any relationship unless you have an addiction like a heroin yep

No. 1314914

File: 1630693508775.jpg (87.64 KB, 1000x560, orca ana.jpg)

Img: Cece's Orca ~power animal~ NO, let's "appropriate", spirit animal.

No. 1314917

Fittingly enough, killer whales are taxonomically dolphins, not whales - just like Cecelia is not the sick little SEED patient she claims to be.

No. 1314918

I used to think the same way, and there's no debate that she's not the larping kind of cow as she is very ill, but I don't think her pro ana behavior can be excused anymore even if it's because of her premature brain decay due to starvation

No. 1314927

Clearing your plate and eating mounds of junkfood is the opposite of intuitive eating.

With intuitive eating, you eat when you are hungry until you are full AND eat a variety of foods. Binge eating and purging (like N2F does) isn't intuitive eating. Binge eating happens when you restrict for so long and many an anachan like me have gone from one extreme to the other before finding how to actually eat, exercise, and meal prep.

No. 1314962

File: 1630697110417.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1715, 20210903_212053.jpg)

I'm sure the few bites you took of that donut and spat out into the bin were really yummy, Nik.

No. 1314963

File: 1630697224326.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1964, 4030692E-4055-42A5-A130-99B597…)

ah, a big dose of “reality” from the one of the most prolific ED LARPers in the *~community~* ! wonder if the uwu safe space uwu extends to those asking genuine questions about her lack of diagnosis/treatment or ???

No. 1314964

Fine timing, since we were talking about "intuitive eating" only recently.
That doesn't mean to wave around a bagel with chocolate in front of a camera, Nik.

No. 1314965

Her leggings are hiked so high kek.

No. 1314971

Am I the only one wondering who takes all of these photos? Or are they self-timer selfies?

No. 1314972

Nick please stop posing with food and work on your acting. It's a better use of your time

No. 1314973

Wait does Han see doctors? At all?

No. 1314975

Started in a crusty dressing gown, now we here

For a “recovering anorexic” her weight distribution is uh… yeah, yet more proof she’s completely full of shit

No. 1314977

All I see is a regular sized girl with a head full of shit and too much spare time.

No. 1314980

Anon, this is him working on his acting

No. 1314983


~safe space~ This shit fucks up the world.

Ham's a plain old pear shaped woman. Same figure as 2019, in ~the depths~ of her anorexia. What a sad little life.

No. 1314990

File: 1630698792358.png (873.03 KB, 720x1276, Screenshot_20210903-205156~2.p…)

No. 1314991

Posing to pretend to herself she has a thigh gap kek
Recovering anorexics hate the weight gain and don't show it off.Weight restoration is also not evenly distributed Ham! but as she was never under weight or anorexic I guess that doesn't matter

No. 1314995

>Weight restoration is also not evenly distributed Ham!
This is an excellent point! Her fat distribution is perfectly normal, nothing like what it looks like on recovering anorexics.

No. 1315008

File: 1630700582728.jpg (109.84 KB, 634x936, thigh_gap.jpg)

And no, Ham, this is no thigh gap at all!

No. 1315019

maybe she thinks it is a thigh gap if there is any gap at all, even when your legs are apart. Is she going to continue to gain until she literally can't get such a gap?

No. 1315027

File: 1630702478794.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2104, 1792D8B5-F69A-4FF8-954A-D1FD63…)

Sorchas followers have caught onto her self posting lol

No. 1315031

has she deleted this? cause i cant find it

No. 1315033

File: 1630703061875.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2142, 6D9D19DE-A139-4373-A734-0946B3…)

Nope it’s this video. All the comments on it are calling her out lol

No. 1315050

>>1314874 I'm having de-ja vu, I feel like I've read what you've said before, unless I just dreamt it kek

No. 1315061

Too many bodyposi recovery accounts are run by obese people who preach how they love themselves more now that they're obese but they're really off putting. If recovery means obesity then who tf wants it.

No. 1315076

as someone who actually is struggling with obesity and BED, i can confirm there is no reason for body pos bitches to be encouraging this lifestyle. shit is terrible.
it is hard to find help, let alone staying healthy.

its ad to read this thread and see so many attention obsessed girls using a real disorder for attention.
sage for blogpost. if they really struggled with this, they would't be broadcasting it 24/7.

No. 1315078

>as someone who actually is struggling with obesity

Eat less, move more, fatass.

No. 1315081

working on it, didnt say i wasnt.

do you want me to post on tiktok and tag all the ed tags 4 u???

No. 1315082

File: 1630707992347.png (282.72 KB, 600x701, jew-rat.png)

Her favourite animal should be a rat, because that's what she is.(no)

No. 1315083

Anon has BED. Your advice is worse than Anna's RECOVERY? EAT A DONUT or whatever stupid shit she said.

No. 1315104

If "BED" still stands for "Binge eating disorder" then stop stuffing yourself full of food.
Stop making excuses.
Go see a psych doctor.
Get an inpatient treatment.
Switch off your PC and fuck off.


No. 1315113

I'm not the binge eater, but I agree with the getting help bit.

No. 1315115

THIS is not the place to be, if you're already suffering from an ED. Are you really that stupid?

No. 1315118

are YOU??? new here????

No. 1315120

get treatment

No. 1315123

Not cool dude, making us look like a bunch of fatphobics

No. 1315127

Everybody hates landwhales. Now get on your scootypuff and do a Walmart haul.

No. 1315128

Kek what do you think brings some anons here?

No. 1315131

"are you a drug addict? just stop doing drugs bro amirite"
not how mental illnesses and addictions work you retard. calling someone with an eating disorder a fattie for not getting treatment isn't the own you thought it was.
some people on this site think being an autist with no regard of people's emotions is a flex

No. 1315132

No, you hate 'landwhales'
Anyway stop derailing with hate splerg dipshit

No. 1315153

Shut up you autistic nigger. Do you not know where you are?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1315159

A thread for spoops and larpers.
Go back to kiwifarms you freak

No. 1315169

>>1315081 Fatphobic anon went to special school, the severity of their autism means they cannot be reasoned with, all they can do is spout retarded nonsense. Ignore them

No. 1315172

dear god someone put this user out to pasture

No. 1315173

Nobody wants you here you’re probably an 6 chin, shit for brains nazi who gets wet for anorexic girls. Learn to fucking integrate you inbred trash bag.

No. 1315201

shut up fatty

No. 1315202

File: 1630716458368.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x2004, 7E7807F6-9072-4E4E-ABD6-327805…)

aka: look at how sick i am

No. 1315203

I think Ham is an only child, possibly an only "surviving" child and her mum is keeping the apron strings pulled short, nurtured some overdependence etc. That kind of godawful "best friend" mother. If Ham goes away to university I bet they'll talk on the phone 3 hours a night.

No. 1315208

Kek I bet Anna made a sock account to post this.

No. 1315213

don't put rats down like that anon

No. 1315216

does anyone actually believe she had all the symptoms she lists

No. 1315219

Maybe for like the week before she went IP when she was purposely dehydrating herself.

No. 1315250

She's admitted before that the tremors that were "so bad she needed a wheelchair" were because her Lithium dose was too high or whatever, not because of her ED.

No. 1315257

Wow Cecelia sure was in a bad condition for like bmi 19. Fucking kek.

No. 1315281

File: 1630725835423.png (212.73 KB, 398x750, kisspng-gordon-ramsay-chef-thu…)

No Ham. The only hability you have is called oversharing.
When I read this it gives me flashbacks of family holidays, some young sibling telling me "I tried the cake and it tastes very good, so sweet and creamy! Yum!" Yeah it's allright when a five year old talks like that, Ham you are legally an adult. Time to grow the F up, hon.

No. 1315294

Imagine not being a Nazi in 2021.(bad bait )

No. 1315301

Has anyone seen anything on an account named sprout vents? They were always harping on about recovering for their kid then they'd go and eat a battery or something else stupid. Also anyone seen anything on Steffiirr? Last I saw she genuinely seemed to be doing better, but recently she's apparently mistreating her cat. Both are not totally milky, but not totally not-milky. Seems to be very little full fat milk lately. Maybe all this time in corona lockdown is making cows re-evaluate their choices?

No. 1315305

File: 1630729734518.jpeg (403.74 KB, 1169x1872, 61EA66C6-9F69-479F-9A10-8DCF16…)

16 years.. this bitch said 16 years..

No. 1315309

16 years would mean she's had it since she was 13… If shes been in treatment the last 8 years, since she was 21… just speculation/tinfoil but my guess would be that she actually only got it at 21, and that it's like another channel of the BPD just for attention.. BPD do be making people do crazy shit like that.

No. 1315381

Oml the slide after she lists all her symptoms/miraculous recovery - when she tilts her head and widens her eyes, made me fucking recoil. Crazy eyes

No. 1315392

Thinking that this is a bit…


No. 1315404

you sound fat

No. 1315407

Can we please stop giving this edgelord attention and go back to making fun of our cows? Let them go back to their room and call people the N-word on CS:GO.

No. 1315415

It grinds my fucking gears that you get banned immediately on this site for using emojis, but not for picking fights and spurting out racial slurs like an autistic 12-year-old.

Sage for derail and sperg

No. 1315436

File: 1630745108386.jpg (504.37 KB, 1353x976, DenshaDeD_ch01p16-17.jpg)


Derailing a thread about derailed people.

No. 1315445

Didn't take long for this thread to turn to shite, I'd rather have S**a self posting than some rogue Nazi with a hate boner

No. 1315446

to be fair, there's nothing festive in europe between now and Christmas. They put the Lebkuchen out in stores earlier each year.
Christmas displays at Rewe have been there since August. But it's still cringe

No. 1315452

Not really a thing over here, aside from Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus being broadcast on German Disney Channel.

No. 1315453

Is Cecelia a lesbian?

No. 1315456

>(bad bait)
I wasn't joking but ok kike

What's amusing to me is that transphobia isn't a problem on lolcow (which is based), but if you say nigger or anything against God's chosen people, you'll get banned and/or red text in your post. Thankfully VPNs are a thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1315457

it's because you cannot get eatin dissodders from chikkin and watermelon..?

No. 1315463

i agree with you on the slurs part but you were being autistic by telling someone with an eating disorder to just get over it and stop being a fatty. you obviously don't know how mental issues work if you think that's solid advice stop being retarded and giving advice when you don't know what you're talking about

No. 1315465

File: 1630748865563.jpg (364.48 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210904_194539_com…)

Skim milk at best, but actually Hammy, it DOES say something about your health…..

No. 1315466

why y'all fighting when you should be squeezing those udders. We need actual milk, people!

No. 1315471

Ham posted a few of these pictures and right arm next to the brown wardrobe looks extremely photo shopped on out of place

No. 1315472

That's a bit too hysterical and arrogant, anon.
The post you're referring to mainly aims at the person to get professional help and not to treat it as some kind of personality quirk.

No. 1315473

Oops sorry my dumb ass forgot to tag the picture

This is the picture where her arm looks so out of place, photoshop anyone? Or is it just my poor eyesight

No. 1315479

That door frame and wardrobe door have got some long parallel lines. They would be bent/distorted.
So no PSing involved here, I guess. Just an ugly body.

No. 1315487

Don't you know, anon, that this rule only counts for fat people. Being at a BMI of 12 is totally unhealthy in every case, while it is perfectly possible to be 500 pounds and never have any health complications.

No. 1315490

File: 1630750989023.jpg (52.3 KB, 640x404, scootermann-640x404.jpg)

500+ lbs is more comfortable to sit on, as well.

No. 1315492

That logic could really be used to fuck with the fatties who complain about skinny people and how THEY are the unhealthy ones.

No. 1315496

Case in point. Criticising trannies is fine but (((they))) are off limits. Sad!

No. 1315497

Your weight says nothing abut your health.*

*Except if you are underweight. Then you're unhealthy.

No. 1315499

Using a slur for no reason isn't akin to criticism, nonna. Plus being black isn't really comparable to being a tranny imo.

No. 1315503

Yeah but Ham wouldn’t know about such things

No. 1315504

Samefag, but the discussion at hand wasn't even about race whatsoever. There was just suddenly some idiot getting off on spreading his 4chan autism.

Can we go back to our regularly scheduled program now?

No. 1315506

… Aaand the racist edgel0rd is finally out to pasture… Honestly I don't understand how some people can be so spergy. People can't choose what colour they're born. Personally I would choose to be fushia, like super hot pink, if I could. Nothing against the other colours, pink is just good.

No. 1315507

File: 1630752187224.png (91.03 KB, 384x517, PikPng.com_clinton-head-png_47…)



lolcow farms moderator(ban evading)

No. 1315510

File: 1630752408766.jpeg (10.81 KB, 259x194, images (49).jpeg)

No. 1315512

File: 1630752444916.jpeg (21.08 KB, 739x415, images (50).jpeg)

No. 1315518

So I heard Cecelia is a jew now.
Elaborate, plz.

No. 1315522

I only said "I really don't like the shoes!".

No. 1315530

You're right. It's worse than being a tranny.

Literally, kek.

Well she's gotta get those oppression points, right? And what better way than embracing her Jewish heritage? Jews are after all eternal victims. Never did nothing wrong! 109 countries and counting btw.

No. 1315532

i think she's probs just trying for individuality points. not 'victim' points. also, why so much hate spew. were here to discuss cows, not ethnicities.

No. 1315533

Enjoy being a bitter fuck, friend. I bet you're really fun at parties.

No. 1315534

Her being Jewish has a lot to do with her victimhood complex. It's absolutely relevant.


No. 1315535

why you even here though?

You're acting like a miserable toe rag.

Stop it.

No. 1315536


No. 1315541

New thread.


No. 1315544


"low quality bait"

No. 1315547

What does that mean

No. 1315548


No. 1315550

This isn’t sorcha

No. 1315551

Sorcha pointing to a Sorcha thread.

Nice try, little Irish bitch.

No. 1315552

Pls comment questions too

No. 1315553

why don't you just fuck off, sorcha

No. 1315554

No. 1315557

Paddies are worse than Jews.

No. 1315560

why don't you just fuck off, sorcha

No. 1315563

what the fuck happened to this treat, all the dumbass people dont know how to sage

No. 1315564

don't touch the poop, you retard.

No. 1315569

Who tf is this sorcha. And even funnier than her thread is she's 'studying to be a nurse"… Love, you should be studying therapy for attention whores… Way to go sorcha, made yourself look like a reeeeaaal nutjob.

No. 1315570

so the jannies can immediately shut down hitler sperging (which is fair enough, I suppose this site has still got some image to maintain even in these last days of pompeii) but sorcha still isn’t being dealt with? We’re gonna get a shit thread label once again

No. 1315572

File: 1630759148271.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210904-143723_Ins…)

He seems to be chewing his donut a little longer in this, looks like he is listening.

His hands look disgusting, dear god.

No. 1315575

The racism in this thread right now is too fucking far. Mods up your game, sort this shit out and ban those pricks pretty fkn please

No. 1315577

Yeah and we deserve it if racists with raging hormones don't fuck off and stop ruining shit for us all

No. 1315578

no offence babes, but i do think holocaust deniers are a bit more of a general nuisance than some skelly obviously self-posting, which makes the jannies decision to prioritise the removal of nazis versus an attention seeker a bit easier to understand. please at least try to be a bit less of a clown in the future

No. 1315583

Agreed, nonnita. There are other sites you can use for these types of conversations, lolcow isn't it. Especially not this absolute joke of a thread kek

No. 1315586

oh shut up you self righteous cunt, I even said in my comment that I could understand the jannies wanting to shut down the race war stuff quickly. but the sorcha self posting has been going on for multiple threads and shits up everything because she for some reason cannot sage, which they could absolutely sort out at the same time. The culture of this board has gone to hell. Try not to whiteknight a BPD mess next time.

No. 1315587

File: 1630761682578.png (4.91 MB, 828x1792, C9C6F44D-0C26-4E16-A4F1-F696B8…)

Anyone know what emdr is? Didn’t think it was normal treatment for eds? Does this prove she has BPD?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1315593

emdr is like hypnotic therapy usually for trauma. stands for eye movement desensitisation realisation

No. 1315594

fuck off already, sorcha

No. 1315608

Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing therapy.Some research suggests it works for Eds originally used for PTSD

No. 1315612

everyone gets it, sorcha

piss off

No. 1315615


No PTSD, no sickness for you, Sorcha. All fake.
You are just an attention whoring dumbass from stinky Ireland.

No. 1315619


No. 1315622

No. 1315624

You better watch out that you don't stab someone with that pinky, Pencilneck Slenderman.

No. 1315625


learn to fucking sage dubass

No. 1315626

File: 1630766448976.jpg (21.49 KB, 640x352, 640px-Other_mother's_second_fo…)

He's looking like the other mother

No. 1315664

Vendetta-chan, Sorcha, whoever the fuck. You sound like a toddler. Emotionally stunted and sperging on the boards, if you're not sorcha you're probably a cow yourself. Please just quit already, no1curr about Sorcha. Get it through your thick skull for christ sake. Between that and the fag with too much time on his hands from kiwifarms (guessing we had them because of their ddos again today), it's shitting up the place.

No. 1315678

File: 1630772448468.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1170x2067, D1E81878-A984-426F-885D-C133D0…)

Sorchas says it’s not her idk whether to believe it’s her or not anymore? Does anyone know?

No. 1315679


We all know it's you

No. 1315682

There are mentally ill people on here so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was impersonating her. Even if she is a cow, most cows usually aren’t very present here and wouldn’t be able to integrate very well.

No. 1315683



No. 1315686

Could it be her self posting though? Half the time she does sage and she knows her way around the site very well

No. 1315689

Because bitch is craving for attention again.

That's why.

No. 1315691

It’s 100% her this is the 3rd time she’s tried to make herself a thread.

No. 1315695

You're the "Guys - insert sorcha post" anon/Sorcha. Same image data across board. You made the threads too. GTFO already. No1curr about you or your self flagulation.

No. 1315697

Is if me or does her face look puffy? Is she purging?

No. 1315700

kek sorcha we know you know how to sage at this point

No. 1315705

Where are the mods and why haven’t they banned sorcha yet?!?!?

No. 1315706

Probably having a laugh at how quickly this thread turned to pure kak over the past 24 hours.
Tinfoil but wouldn't be surprised if S**a was our racist shit poster stirring up some extra drama so we couldn't ignore her

No. 1315707

Han latching onto the anti fatphobic craze which is ruining common medical advice. Of course weight and fat percentage says loads about people's health and eating/exercise habits.

No. 1315767


The mods around here are inept, as usual.
That's why this board will be going down soon.

No. 1315787

This thread, fucking hell. What happened? Between Sorcha, racism, antisemitism and infighting, we'll be closed down very soon. It's a shame, this used to be a good thread - can't you twats stop fucking it up and focus on the milk? And mods, please do something about Sorcha

No. 1315791

File: 1630784594996.jpg (236.42 KB, 1080x1727, inbound5058419214790418352.jpg)

In other news Han has shared how she hasn't showered in a week because 'depression' but even this comes across as a weird brag.

No. 1315795


She does look a bit better though. Her skin colour is less yellow. I really hope this time something sticks.

No. 1315800

Her ability to make everything a brag is truly astounding - no one else would be able to make 'I have a police visit on average every 4 days' sound boastful. I bet if she went on a psychotic rampage and killed a small child she'd even be able to make that about how sick she is.

No. 1315813

Anyone see sophie venting is gone off the rails. She says she’s doing it for real this time so they locked her up in a paddy wagon

No. 1315819

Why do they not make her shower in hospital what

No. 1315825

How do you force someone to shower?

No. 1315826

is Cece a bulimic, im so confused by the amount she says shes purging

No. 1315827

There are ways to do so.

No. 1315828

They can't. They'd be more likely to coax a psychotic patient into showering than her anyway.

No. 1315830


No. 1315832

No. 1315835

File: 1630791714200.jpg (288.56 KB, 1080x1762, inbound3253896628406391892.jpg)

What a pathetic answer to a very legitimate question.

No. 1315837

narcissism is one helluva drug

No. 1315840

"you can never ever have been in treatment if you criticise me"
Damn, some have been in treatment and find your 'recovery' bullshit, others never had the chance because you are taking their place or they don't have your money. Miserable is going for treatment as a holiday.

No. 1315842


Forcibly strip her and hold her underwater? Her not showering is probably the least of their problems. Most psychotic patients stink after a while.

I have seen wards who have a rule of ‘shower and tidy your room before being allowed out on leave’ but they can’t really enforce this if it is challenged, there’s nothing in the sectioning framework to make somebody shower.

No. 1315844

A tub of warm water, soap, some brushes and maybe two friendly but burly helpers.

That's all it takes. Welcome to the real world.

No. 1315848

There is no suggestion the other person is messaging Cecelia to try to validate theirselves. And the 'you clearly haven't ever been IP so your opinion is invalid' is scummy. They could quite plausibly been IP somewhere that doesn't coddle their clients (sorry, 'patients') sickness delusions.

No. 1315849

If you're held under the Mental Health Act, you can be treated against your will. Nanny state.

No. 1315853

So transphobia fine, racism not fine? Surely if you're going to allow bigotry, you'd not be selective about it? Most TERFs are Nazis anyway. Make it make sense.

No. 1315854

Nooo you're only allowed to attack trannies!!! Jewish niggers are OFF limits! I'm so tolerant and progressive!(racebait)

No. 1315855

Sophie venting has done this a few times as she not. It’s clearly attention seeking behaviour. She is very triggering and a very nasty person irl. She clearly wants all the attention(sage)

No. 1315864


Yeah just read the law before you argue it.

No. 1315866

A phobia is an irrational fear of something or someone. I don't think anyone here is afraid of guys /girls believing they can magically change their gender lol

No. 1315871

but other guys/girls/its have done it on the internets, so it must be true..!

No. 1315888

Mental Health Act is a form of Stalinist Tyranny.

I know transphobia isn't an actual phobia, but that's just what it's called. My point was why is transphobia fine but racism isn't? That's stupid. Must be Jewish mods?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1315911

holy fucking shit every post lately is arguing about transphobia or racism
this is pro ana scumbags not edgelord fuckfest

No. 1315917

File: 1630797314465.png (2.69 MB, 1080x1738, IMG_20210905_001343.png)

Yeah it's getting old, I'm so close to done with this thread. But anyway back to the original topic (PLEASE)
Looking at Ham's breakfast makes my teeth hurt

No. 1315919

I'm just so happy she labels every item. I would never have known that was a strawberry or a sprinkle!

Seriously though. My two year old wouldn't eat this muck.

No. 1315921

No. 1315923

KEK it’s like she’s expecting someone to ask her “what are those red fruits called??”
Thank you, Ham. The labels are a big help

No. 1315925

yep her youtube video about her “anorexia journey” or whatever talks about how her gf breaking up with her (they were engaged I think?) triggered her ana kek

No. 1315929

File: 1630798275351.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1389, IMG_20210905_003023.png)

This is scary
How do gyms keep giving her memberships at this weight?!

No. 1315932

File: 1630798405673.png (2.33 MB, 1080x1404, IMG_20210905_003231.png)

Flexing that wrist incase people see waffles and forget she's super spoopy

No. 1315943

File: 1630799451255.jpg (51.9 KB, 439x602, yum.JPG)

I doubt they care so long as they get her membership fee. Not sure what look she's going for, but at least Ganer has some kind of idea what a gym is for.

Pencilneck definitely did now swallow one mouthful of his donut. Since when was a donut a "pastry"? Anyway, he's chewing one. I looked at nutritional info, and that There are 474 cal, even if swallowed, aint gonna get him far.

No. 1315951

He will only swallow some very specific things.

No. 1315953

At least he's getting some protein, hurhur.

No. 1315956

The face of an actor kek

No. 1315959

Two sliced strawberries as well, you know for that healthy balance. Ready to see the four blueberries tomorrow, her daily fruit serving. She'll be an actual cow in no time at this rate kek.

No. 1315974

File: 1630801690496.jpg (54.02 KB, 721x420, stop messin about.JPG)

Kenneth Williams.

She didn't mention hitting 12k ~followers~
If Brexit allows the continental Christmas markets this year, she's going to balloon on the chocolate coated fruit and actual pastries. I'm surprised she hasn't had one of those blocks of chocolate that melt in hot milk yet. #challenge

No. 1315980

File: 1630801918607.jpg (166.79 KB, 1399x695, plagarism.JPG)

Oh, and I noticed who she's ripped her oats idea from. She recently followed someone called @oatsinmybowl (except she only puts a chunk of choc in and not a whole bar).

No. 1316047

File: 1630809461804.jpeg (459.19 KB, 828x1203, F0196370-159F-4FAD-AC85-37F20B…)

OOTD of her bra and sweatpants as she twirls around and shows off her pointy shoulder blades.

No. 1316089

Who is this

No. 1316114

It says her username right there.

No. 1316144

Why doesnt Han eat a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, tomatos, and fruit? Id get sick of oats and chocolate syrup every morning.

No. 1316146

Nevrr seen Nick cook and eat a real meal…Must be easy to count calories if its something that came portioned and pre packaged

No. 1316158

I'm pretty sure she was ip with Wateremelons. They do the same "ootds" to show off their spoopyness

No. 1316170

You're not supposed to eat this amount of raw fats and carbs early in the morning.
It doesn't really take an ED, but you only have to be NOT British to despise this 'full breakfast'.
It's made for coal miners and other peasants.

No. 1316174

She is now at college(studying nursing ofc) 8 hours or so away from her hometown. I'm guessing how family didn't/couldn't intervene even when she was living with them, but I predict things will go downhill pretty rapidly now.

No. 1316181

It might take away too much of his PrEcIoUs TiMe from his so-called scientific essay about some pointless Harry Potter shit.
Way too far below for the PrOfFeSsIoNaL AcToR that he is.

No. 1316188

It makes sense that he doesn't put the effort into cooking a meal given he won't actually swallow it. He has to save his energy for posting fridge magnet inspirational quotes to his story every morning.

No. 1316199

File: 1630830747510.jpg (1.46 MB, 5397x1081, big5.jpg)

Trying to compile a "best of alibi foods".

No. 1316202

he has a pretty intense crazy eye going on… Kinda like Cecilia.. Why is it always the ones with the crazy eye.

No. 1316203

File: 1630831074313.jpg (741.32 KB, 1080x1030, 20210905_103650.jpg)

For comparison, this was December 2021. Tell me he doesn't look exactly the same kek

No. 1316205

Oops, I meant 2020. Sorry.

No. 1316208

He just doesn't get it.
This ugly control freak.

We all see his damaged dry lips that he is still purging his shit. There's no weight gain going on that could help his brittle body.

Still in just for the drama.

No. 1316211

File: 1630831826371.png (202.23 KB, 753x248, crazy eye.png)

okay but…………….. Again with that fucked up eye! He's such a faker, no improvement, an insult to people who Actually try to get better!

No. 1316213

Why don't they just force feed him and stuff him like a christmas goose.

No. 1316217

If he were admitted to hospital, they would most likely tube him immediately. He should consider that, we all know how much attention t00b selfies get you on recovery-IG.

No. 1316218

Those puny shoulders.

He really is the closest thing to Aly we've had. The exact same pises, pretending to eat, same foods photographed the same way (the ice cream n chips at night). He doesn't get many comments.

No. 1316223

thx for mentioning Aly
thought the exact same way about it

No. 1316228

I can't wait for him to reach his one year account-anniversary and make a post about how far he has come in his recovery during this time, like the clown he is.

No. 1316232

when will you obsessive freaks realise your the ones with the deep rooted issues … screenshotting and searching deep into people’s social media and life just to post it on this weird ass fetish website? have you not got a life?! i bet most of you are like 20+ - if your so confident in what your posting and saying why don’t you identify yourselfs weirdos! It’s beyond concerning the obsession you have with some of these children/teens - fucking sort yourself out .. get help! and stop ripping apart peoples recovery they can choose to post what they want - if you don’t like it UNFOLLOW XXX
it’s so simple hun xxx

Hope you realise sooner rather than later how sad u are! fuckn freaksssssssss(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1316233

File: 1630834870026.jpg (239.75 KB, 1050x1349, aly_classic.jpg)

Here's some classics for you!

No. 1316234

If you are really so CoNcErNeD about our mental health - What are you doing here in the first place?

No. 1316238

File: 1630835688416.jpeg (249.49 KB, 828x1707, 01245991-0696-4D14-8B38-92E72C…)

dont know if this one has been on here before but few months ago she was skeletal in treatment, shes been doing v good gained the weight and suddenly posts this with the razor blades claiming she bakes & eats cupcakes

No. 1316240

>ripping apart peoples recovery

None of the things you mentioned apply to our 27-year-old, recovery faking skeletor, so I will happily continue posting about him. Besides, people can post whatever they want, yes, but they also deserve to be called out for putting a false image of ED recovery out there and lying to their young and vulnerable followers.

Please get off of this site, there is no use in arguing with us.

No. 1316246

wasn't she posted a few hours ago here?

Hate to be that person, but seems like a self post - no introduction was given, just 'hey guys look at this skinny person'. I know we can always do with more milk so I'm not going to complain if others are interested though.

No. 1316248

File: 1630836721605.jpg (1.06 MB, 1074x1910, 20210905_120839.jpg)

>been out with my bf

N2F's quality of life seems to be improving, so happy for her. It doesn't look like she's going to stop eating on her bed anytime soon though, but let's not be nitpicky.

No. 1316257

she did?
cant find it

No. 1316268

File: 1630840235927.jpg (6.52 MB, 4216x4088, 1448273885325.jpg)

A Challenger Appears!

No. 1316270

nonna, nik has starvation induced erectile disfunction. he's not gonna fuck you. stop simping

No. 1316272

obviously a troll of a troll - email is the biggestlarperever

No. 1316279

File: 1630842864300.png (4.14 MB, 828x1792, 2B62C18A-2CC8-42F5-AD62-361EBB…)

reminded me of someone… it’s an epidemic! try not to selfpost next time though

No. 1316301

File: 1630847067463.jpeg (624.85 KB, 828x740, 04745195-7BB3-47B6-A069-A5DA76…)

ro / molly crossover made me realise who molly reminded me of… maybe why she’s so insufferable kek

No. 1316302

Have ganor and Aly got rid of their insta? The links don't work and it says user not found? Any milk there?(newfag)

No. 1316305

when n2f's oatmeal bowl looks more healthy than hams

No. 1316306

Ganer's page still shows up for me. Don't know abt Aly.

No. 1316308


The instas are still up


Both are still the same terrible single-minded attention whores.

No. 1316313

File: 1630849217799.jpeg (130.43 KB, 1280x720, 195FD9D1-5EDF-4FF4-8173-F28B4A…)

I was watching catfish today and the catfish looks like Georgia in 5 years time oh god (bald patch and everything), thought some of you might appreciate this like I did

No. 1316316

Kek. Off topic but, virtual catfish, this looks so boring.

No. 1316317

this sounds like zara. "hun xxx"

No. 1316328

It is! But worth the time this morning for gems like this- honestly so uncanny. This is s8 e33 for anyone wondering and they met on pornhub. Is this a glimpse into Georgia’s future?

No. 1316330

deffo not. wrong use of “you’re”. sounds more like han (hxn) to me

No. 1316331

the more i read this the worse it gets… ever heard of grammar?? spelling?

No. 1316332

I didn't even know people met on Pornhub. Did they both comment on the same piss fetish video or something?

Don't answer that.

No. 1316336

File: 1630852069600.jpg (30.58 KB, 739x415, tumblr_ea6db0ab934ea0fa4215bee…)

> Georgia in 5 years time

I for one imagine something like that (she's called "Foodie Beauty", fyi).
Obese and constantly seeking for attention.

No. 1316344

Any new sorcha milk today?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1316345

File: 1630853332697.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2142, 8190DF99-8C7C-4B81-9724-1C6E87…)

This girl saskia is calling out sorcha blossoms for her body checks

No. 1316346

no. fuck off

No. 1316347

At this point I'm convinced it's not actually her self-posting, but just some crazy anon pretending to be her. Please stop, it's getting old.

No. 1316348

Shit I’ve just checked and she’s calling Zara out too. I feel a anorexic scumbag war brewing

No. 1316349

File: 1630853455516.png (3.57 MB, 1170x2532, 05FBFC90-F3A4-458F-A0EE-77DF90…)

Forgot to attach image

No. 1316350

piss off, sorcha

No. 1316384

I feel like our new saying is "piss off sorcha" hahahaha

No. 1316385

File: 1630857364240.jpg (846.88 KB, 1080x1971, 20210905_175452.jpg)

I think Skeletor is trying to give people nightmares on TikTok

No. 1316387

The fucking jumpscare before it cuts to the pancakes. Jesus.

No. 1316397

Wonder why he never gets any decent acting jobs because I'm totally convinced by his videos that he's truly fighting anorexia.

No. 1316398

I watched this without sound the first time, and now I'm crying. Thank you anon.

No. 1316405

His acting?
I've seen amateur highschool actors that were more talented than this skinny muppet.

No. 1316411

File: 1630859597203.jpeg (328.06 KB, 883x777, 7A1F119D-2B00-4AED-87BF-80A96F…)

Okay so I thought this but then I saw this!
There’s something mysterious in her food, (see blue line across it in photo) at first thought maybe it’s seasoning. Nope then I saw this. It’s the spoon! I’m still questioning how it’s possible!

No. 1316425

Sorry anon but it doesn't look like it's a spoon, I'm assuming she has some sort of bubble gum stuff from the skinny foods brand (i believe they did an icecream topping in that flavour). Even the picture with the spoon laying flat you see gel next to it, rather than it being the spoon itself.

No. 1316431

I have to agree with op it looks like the spoon has left some metallic element that’s rubbed off on the readybrek looks repulsive but not surprised it’s N2F after all

No. 1316432

I know, I know… it's a mermaid set of cutlery. Go back a long way in her feed and they'll be there.

No. 1316489

File: 1630867058068.png (59.39 KB, 749x191, atleastitwasnthighgate.png)

For today's most delusional cow, I present this tidbit. If Han thinks she isn't rude, then what IS rude?

No. 1316498

File: 1630868172188.jpeg (348.41 KB, 750x1254, A836F4F3-4B66-4EC7-A3FA-D6FEC6…)


She added this update to her go fund me a few days ago…. Confirming that she is indeed a huge hypocrite.

No. 1316504

'Good lord I don't want the attention', right, because if you didn't want the attention you wouldn't have a tellonym or a 'recovery' insta or post stories every 3 seconds with your tube in or being visited by your 'fave' police. Such a nasty little borderline and so in denial

No. 1316505

Anon, why is the picture name 'atleastitwasnthighgate'? You Anna?

No. 1316522

As soon as she got readmitted she changed her tune on toob pics - basically said 'I don't need to hide the fact I have a tube.' Interesting to see if she will still think that when she is fattened up and discharged. (Is it bad I want to see her made to gain and maintain at a healthy weight, a la Smorven?)

And the new bio on the gofundme is even worse : "no support other than inpatient" - bitch, that is literally the highest level of support available? Something other people are on huge wait lists for even though they genuinely want recover? And no one cares about your brags about how sick and complex you are.

Basically, she is asking for cheap accommodation in an especially expensive part of London but is claiming she is not spoiled. However, at least that area it is not as expensive as Highgate. Just my way of organising screenshots. Fortunately I am not Anna.

No. 1316526

Indeed. She has quickly overtaken Cecilia as most abhorrent cow in my opinion.

Better step it up Cece.

No. 1316547


I’m just glad she has admitted to having a personality disorder now haha. It is so obvious.

Also she said that it’s her OCD that makes her eat/drink at certain times and take a certain length of time to finish - I mean, that is just within the territory of anorexia but she has to be special with her OCD.

No. 1316548

I though they wouldn't diagnose anorexics with OCD if a significant proportion of compulsions are related to food/weight/exercise etc. For good reason, because most anas experience these and it improves with weight restoration and therapy. The same way as she says she has 'reactive restriction' as if that is not something literally everyone experiences.

No. 1316552

She has lost so much weight again so quickly, fucking hate these recovery accounts where they preach recovery while relapsing hard-core.

No. 1316556

File: 1630873233826.jpg (831.05 KB, 1920x3218, inCollage_20210906_081320288.j…)

K is back in hospital because "I haven't been eating for a while but I won't say for how long because I dont want to trigger anyone." Lots of tiktoks up of her with her nose hose and she even has a 1-1. How embarrassing to be that fat but claim to not eat. Attention whoring at its finest.

No. 1316562

Her updated Go Fund Me is just a big brag about how the NHS can't support her super special needs because she's so much sicker than anybody else has ever been. It's a nauseating read.

No. 1316579

I found Hxn's modelling portfolio from two years ago. Never weight restored - sure Jan.

No. 1316598


She looks healthier in some than others but definitely weight restored in some. Especially for someone so young - she had to be BMI > 18 which is fine for someone aged 18 or whatever she was then. Lies.

No. 1316602

Legitimately most people with EDs who arent underweight but start restriction… they end up in the hospital for dehydration needing IVs. Dont see why she needs a tube human body can go a long way without food if youre sedentary

No. 1316609

wait, 163cm and 67kg thats a bmi of 25?
yet she was never weight restored?

No. 1316612

That weight has to be wrong. She's 5 foot 2, she's clearly not nearly 11 stone in those pics

No. 1316613


So that would mean, she's just a lying POS?

Color me shocked. Shocked.

No. 1316633

N2F doesnt restrict but obviously binges and purges her weight hasnt shifted for a long time and she stays slim despite eating mounds of sweets and garbage.

Only posts photos of meals and body checks in skimpy outfits Shes not recovered in the slightest

No. 1316641


She’s obviously lying about her weight, probably had to put a number so just put in a random one that is obviously wrong…

No. 1316647

She looks nice, but older than 18 in some of them. As for being a dress size 4, girl nooo. She hasn't got anything special to make her a stand out model, like Moss' wonky eyes, or Lily Cole's wonky face. I miss weird looking models.

I hope Cece is going to wish us all a Happy Rosh Hashanah tomorrow evening. I hope she enjoys her bread, apples and honey following her ten days of introspection. (No,not race baiting, just hoping the occasional Jewish greeting she throws into her captions aren't all for show and she's taking her recently discovered heritage seriously).

No. 1316657

> just hoping the occasional Jewish greeting she throws into her captions aren't all for show

Let's just try to be realistic here.
What part of "pathological liar" didn't you understand, anon?

No. 1316661

Yeah. She reminds me of a non ginger Stacy Dooley, friend of Laura. They're all nice pics, except the heroin chic one. Hope she sorts herself out and scrubs herself up again. Bit of a waste really.

I don't even get how she found out she had Jewish ancestors. Was it one of those cheapo kits where you're 2% Moroccan, 30% Esperanto and a tiny bit Mormon?

No. 1316664

File: 1630882091181.jpeg (715.73 KB, 828x1487, B7357428-9AD9-423A-9A7D-3BBC3C…)

someone tell Paris that is September

No. 1316667

HAHA, this happens with the cows every year! As soon as September comes around they start banging on about Christmas. Becky the dog's probably started posting advent calendars in the hundreds. They love the gifts. Paris hates everything. Things won't get better IF SHE DON'T TRYYY. Bloody hell.

No. 1316668

> I don't even get how she found out she had Jewish ancestors.

The only rule: You are a Jew, if your mother is a Jew.

It's as simple as that.

No online tests or further research needed.

No. 1316671

it amazes me how she moans about being in relapse when clearly has no idea what is recovery

No. 1316678

File: 1630882702680.jpg (37.34 KB, 386x587, ditto.JPG)

Well, ofc. BUT people DO convert. Kind of like how men say they're women but they're not really, and how Ham converts to Goddess Ana, but she didn't really.

Whereas Becky is still mummified, yet posts this tosh every day.

No. 1316681

> BUT people DO convert

Yes, they do. Just ask your local rabbi about it.
She, on the other hand, just throws in some hava-nagila-hava and shekel and mazel tov.

She's as fake as it gets imo.

No. 1316755

If she's talking about converting, then her mother isn't Jewish. It must be a grandparent or someone further back in her family tree. I agree that it's probably just something she found out about her relatives through another relative (or always knew) rather than some genetic test or whatever, though.

No. 1316762

File: 1630889743462.jpeg (965.42 KB, 828x1544, CDC7AD7E-98C4-4194-97E9-C5991E…)

@emsinrecovery doing the absolute most to look skinny again on tiktok. changed her username so she cant get called out for bodychecking but straining to your recovery followers is cow behaviour, kek

No. 1316861

File: 1630902872568.jpeg (856.56 KB, 1170x2049, C754CA7B-C1AE-428F-BD87-9B42CA…)

Zara’s story from today, an idea who she’s referencing in talking about a person who’s in pro ana group and posts bodychecks while telling children to starve?

No. 1316871

the good old days! is she still on ig?

No. 1316872

sorry, didn’t read the whole thread before posting this

No. 1316881

> implies she doesn't get hand outs
> has a GoFundMe for private treatment so she doesn't actually have to recover


No. 1316882

But at least she's getting out of her purging pit now. Social progress is still progress.

No. 1316910

its this tiktok vid by some saskia chick that people also called out s**a based on her story. you can see the comment here >>1316349

No. 1316929

File: 1630913774824.png (333.52 KB, 373x542, suuure.png)

Posts lots of hospital bait. She's gone downhill fast but that doesn't excuse her for posting this shit and all the bodychecks.

No. 1316985

Tinfoil: she has replaced the go fund me in her insta bio with her linktree, and she hasn’t mentioned it on Facebook. Sounds like she isn’t trying to get the money so she cant go to Orri, say she tried everything and give up sooner.

No. 1316993

File: 1630925452699.jpeg (943.62 KB, 828x1511, E45E543D-38CC-4E64-945B-A9E848…)

What a hypocrite. Loves her NG (not even medically necessary). When she can’t get into the hospital for her munching she’ll cry ‘anorexia’. Constantly posts old body checks too. Every 5 videos it’s ‘muh anorexia story’.

No. 1317004

it looks like a video about the toob rather than anorexia.

No. 1317005

File: 1630927125626.png (3.59 MB, 828x1792, 538220E3-9FBE-4329-8F26-C2D099…)

nah she just spends her time popping her collarbones and making random posts about wanting attention

No. 1317009

File: 1630927690439.png (2.16 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210906-072519.png)

Apparently ham starts college today… Taking bets on the inevitable 'relapse' saga: will she wait until midterms (or w/e you britfags have) or will it be as soon as she realizes she can't make friends?

No. 1317010

File: 1630927809917.png (1.98 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210906-072524.png)

Samefag but it also bugs me how she can't just post shit for herself, there also has to be the 'for anyone else doing the exact same thing as me today'… Like… No one wants to be like you, ham, it's just you

No. 1317018

I think some time away from her mother will do her some good. People out there mostly don't care for your recovery bullshit and maybe she will finally drop the act.

No. 1317025

I don’t think college means what you think it means in the UK anon, assuming you’re an amerifag? It’s not the same as university here, but i’m not sure what it would be comparable to, maybe getting her GED?
>t. britfag x

I’m from the same area as ham would it be doxxing if I know what college she’s going to based on her lanyard ?

No. 1317029

File: 1630930069121.jpeg (245.37 KB, 828x1155, AFA23E2A-E028-47E2-B82C-5EA4CC…)

Sage for not really milk, but someone mentioned Smorven a couple days ago so I thought I’d see how she’s doing. She only shares her usual waahwaahs with close friends on stories, but I thought this exchange on her grid was peak Morven. Her ward hasn’t managed to “get her to eat” so they’re the ones fucking up, not her! And her extortionate care package has been put together but looks like nobody is actually willing to work with her (unsurprisingly, with her attitude).

No. 1317030

Only doxxing if you share, we don’t need to know. Although by all means let us know if it’s terrible kek

No. 1317033

She's talking like an infant going to "big school". Most other people starting college courses today, "Oh, I'm starting my college course today…right".

South Staffs?

No. 1317034

soz, forgot sage

No. 1317043

File: 1630932892483.jpeg (320.04 KB, 750x1334, E0DC6BA0-9779-4F81-98CE-5A76CC…)

Is Anna still trying to flex her super special speedy metabolism?

No. 1317046

File: 1630933280417.jpg (86.69 KB, 470x807, Capture.JPG)

Pencilneck with an hilarious sketch and asking if we can guess his age.

No. 1317047

It's a post highschool two year thing, like an associate's, right?

No. 1317050

Judging by his skin I'd say he's in his early 80's, give or take.

No. 1317059

Different amerifag here but yes. Typically you just go for two years after highschool for an associates. But it isn't like typical uni unless you live at the school. You drive to campus, show up for you're 1-3 classes, drive home, and that's it. That's American college live unless you live in a college with dorms.

No. 1317068

He's gonna learn something about his shortened life expectancy pretty soon, if he carries on like that.

No. 1317078

File: 1630937976940.png (285.01 KB, 319x567, warface.png)


No. 1317079


She could be cute if she weren’t an insufferable tryhard LARPer. Maybe she’ll make friends and actually get a life instead of pretending to be in recovery of her nonexistent eating disorder.

No. 1317081

That's gonna be some towels and soap tonight for Private Breechloader, I guess.

No. 1317101

File: 1630941541400.jpeg (723.17 KB, 750x1038, C8CD1E33-5C79-43B7-96CE-4AC8A2…)

what the fuck kek

No. 1317102


Blogpost but relevant. Been to the unit she’s in and it’s a really good unit. Lots of groups, incredible dietitian, chance to self cater, options to really push yourself. Firm but generally fair. It is what you make of it. And she is clearly not making much of it.

No. 1317113

Would they just let someone be non compliant for months and months and months and stay on toob feeds? It is amazing to me how many resources have been wasted on her ass. Smorven is one of the most abhorrent cows out there.

No. 1317115


Yeah. Morven just stays in her room and periodically screams/headbangs/acts up. There’s not much you can do in those situations - but they will always continue to push and encourage someone there, even someone classified as SEED. It’s on her.

No. 1317117

Basically, it's just a shitty system when it allows this abuse by people like her.
Her long and dirty history as a patient will not have gone unnoticed, I guess.

No. 1317122

Fucking hell I KNOW HIM. Kek. Not personally but through FB/friends

No. 1317123

You are my favourite anon.

No. 1317137

Bless her, but please god don't let her get knocked up.

No. 1317148

No worries that he will eat jelly doughnuts.

No. 1317149

It’s like a budget Leia meeting jabba outfit. Has she really taken a laundry bag to a travelodge

No. 1317155

i mean maybe this will give her a reason to recover, though relying on other people for your own happiness is never the best idea.

No. 1317157

"Oh look at me being so sooper sick I almosy died gonna go get drunk now instead of admit myself"

No. 1317159

this is what the lack of a father does to a mf. kek

No. 1317190

File: 1630948120957.png (642 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210906-180630.png)

Cecelia's tossing something off for her special day. Yes, she mentioned it with her dad being 1/4 Jewish and all.

No. 1317191

File: 1630948196141.png (655.58 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210906-180706.png)

Proud to be something she isn't.

No. 1317195

That sure is the face of a SEED patient (not) eye roll

No. 1317198

Is he… normal?

No. 1317199

File: 1630949148685.png (851.6 KB, 588x786, 3323.png)

So it's confirmed, the delusional pro-ana self-proclaimed IRL vampire is indeed the cow formerly known as >>>/w/60883

No. 1317200

KEK she basically admits that she’s been doing it for show since she was a teenager. Can’t even bring herself to say that she has 1 Jewish great grandparent. Has to try to make it seem slightly more by saying her father is 1/4 Jewish. The whole thing just feels like a weird flex. Dude if you want to be a Jew go for it I guess but why do you have to make such a song and dance about it.

No. 1317203

You know CeCe's brand of Judaism is going to be all pretty rituals and deeply spiritual. Looking for how she angles her feminism into it all.

No. 1317209

Imagine being proud of being a Jew, kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1317212

"once I'm out of treatment"

Oy vey! That's going to be a long wait for Rabbi Silbergoldblumbaumstein.(racebait)

No. 1317213

Nip that race hate in the bud, anon.

Pride is the root of all evil in Judaism. Jsyk, Cecelia.

No. 1317230

she is definitely the type to go Wicca for the aesthetic.

No. 1317258

I would like to know how she would celebrate 1/16th of a Hanukkah, according to her (((qualifications))).
And would she have to leave a Bar Mitzvah after just half an hour, then?

No. 1317259

It’s not south staffs. But she will be joining 16/17 year olds who have just finished there GCSES and starting their a levels. So most will be 2 years younger than her most likely. Could be an excuse for not making friends easily?

No. 1317269

Sorry ukfag here but she’s been in treatment for over 4 months now right? How has she not eaten bread! In uk treatment centres they get you eating bread from day one. I’m calling bullshit

No. 1317276

She also runs the gyaruoftheday twitter. I feel like at least some of those 11k followers on it would not support it anymore knowing her other account

No. 1317278

I’m not surprised that nobody in her (still alive) family practices considering it would have been a fucking great grandparent who was jewish and she’s almost 30. When she said she had jewish family I thought she meant like her grandparents on one side. I’m sure many anons have as much heritage that they’re not really super into expressing as ce is her jewishness. I’m an 8th irish traveller but i’m not fighting in car parks or working at fairs or whatever.

Holy shit i’m so proud of nourish. Going to start calling her flourish in light of her new lifestyle.

No. 1317285

File: 1630955646056.jpeg (487.54 KB, 1591x2392, CF5F6DD6-3157-4256-854D-51EEF5…)

Loving the Deirdre Barlow glasses

No. 1317290

File: 1630956194399.jpeg (693.4 KB, 1762x1143, C7DEA489-E4CE-4ADC-9D6C-BDAFB2…)

that reminds me. saw this the other day but didn’t know if we were still discussing ms. bed blocker extraordinaire. why is she still there?

No. 1317299

likely because if you're on a section 3 and have been for a long time, it's actually really difficult to be discharged. you only get one tribunal in the first 6 months and if you lose that, the doctors have shaky grounds to discharge you and justify it to the hospital managers even if you have capacity. Added to that the complication of 117 aftercare in her case which I'm sure she is gunning for and I can see why it's stalled

No. 1317302

I think she meant they’re not going to give her bread to throw away? Not sure. When I was in treatment there was an orthodox girl who was even visited by a rabbi and I assume she was let to do her traditions, although this one sounds pretty obscure.

No. 1317307

Like someone else said, that's not what she means. She wants to tear up bread to throw it away and they probably won't let her because they generally don't give you access to food outside of meals/snacks and possibly don't have the excess bread on hand. If she was actually deeply religious, they would probably accommodate her.

No. 1317309

She’s in Scotland and will be subject to a CTO rather than a section 3, under which you get one chance in 12 months to go to tribunal. AFAIK there’s no 117 aftercare either, the CTO just sets out rules you need to follow to be in the community and if you breach them you’re recalled to hospital.

No. 1317312

Ahh ok my mistake. She must be under whatever section is a CTO recall in Scotland then? As if she's in hospital its no longer community treatment

No. 1317316

Yeah, for sure clinics adapt for religious practices, although no idea how they'd deal with a fasting Muslim at Ramadan. Wonder if her meals are kosher.

No. 1317318


If only they took her fucking phone away.

No. 1317327


No a CTO in Scotland is a compulsory treatment order not a community treatment order. It is mostly equivalent to a section 3 but can also be amended to be a community based compulsory treatment order which is the same as a community treatment order. She was on a community based compulsory treatment order which was recalled.

No. 1317329


The Scots should do that with their huge bunch of druggies.

No. 1317343

Staffs as in Staffordshire? Can just imagine her challenging oatcakes for a billionth time. Bright side, she might actually get some vegetables in if she opts for it.. who am I kidding.

No. 1317360

>>1317316 Don't quote me on it but I don't think Muslims have to fast if they have health issues or are on their period or pregnant? And I suppose being inpatient somewhere is indicative of some form of health issue

No. 1317371

Correct. Religious fasting is a way to show your devotion to god, because it is meant to be challenging. With AN, this obviously isn't the case. My muslim friends have instead prayed more, read the Quran or donated time and money to charity instead. AFAIK most clinics will not accommodate a religious fast (more because of the logistical challenges than anything else). Sorry for the derail, just find the topic interesting

No. 1317382

Why is this bannable?

But not this?

No. 1317387

File: 1630968997888.jpg (631.88 KB, 1076x1912, 20210907_085459.jpg)

Old cow, Thick is on some sort of drug, recent Insta post. They're IP atm and doing the 'muh anorexia'

No. 1317395

It's most closely equivalent to the last 2 years of USA high school.
In England (different in Scotland) you do GCSEs at age 16 (yr 11,USA grade 10) which are basic qualifications usually in 5-10 subjects but the most important are English and Maths. A pass is needed for almost any job or to go on to further education. If you fail English or Maths then you have to retake them until you pass or are 18.
Then you can stay at school for 'sixth form' also called year 12 and 13 and take essentially university entry qualifications in 3 subjects ('A levels') or go to college (fewer rules than schools) and do A levels or a trade/ apprenticeship/ vocational course.

So Ham will mostly be with 16yr olds. Tbh most of them will have more life experience than her despite having had lockdown for most of the time since they were 14! At 16 it's normal to have a weekend/ after school job, go out with friends. Ham could learn to drive etc. or at least…get the bus independently?!

If she passed the two years of A levels then she could go to university to study for a degree.

No. 1317410

File: 1630970515995.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1631, IMG_20210907_001742.png)

Hxn complaining that help isn't coming while laying in a hospital..jeez.
Talking about how they just want to feed her but isn't that partially the point of ED treatment? Or am I missing the point?
Also IMO if she was less hostile toward the service it wouldn't be so 'traumatising', people traumatise themselves without even realising it. It's easy to blame everyone else but ultimately she's her biggest problem.

No. 1317417

it might've been the same poster, and not all bans are redtexted

No. 1317442


>get the bus independently?!

Oh, shit. Do you think her mum drove her to college? Could anon who knows which college she's at give some idea of distance from where she lives. Not that she can't get a fucking train or few buses, but how pathetic if she really had her mum drive her there.

Wonder why she gave up her art course. She's still trying to keep that quiet as if she's starting a ~new life~ when really she was at college before lockdown kicked in.

No. 1317444

It's Ham. Her Mum most definitely drove her. Probably gave her a hug and a kiss before exiting the car as well.

No. 1317463

Yeah, in both Islam and Judaism it's actually a religious commandment to not fast/etc if it's going to endanger your health.

No. 1317500

At this point I don't think it's Morven's ED keeping her from recovery/going back into the community, it's her everything else.

No. 1317501

Can you tarmac my driveway though nonny?

No. 1317584

File: 1630992083793.jpeg (281.89 KB, 1170x853, 64DE9C71-3048-46E9-810B-F66AF2…)

Just noticed Ham has her recovery account in her personal account’s bio. Meaning any chance of a social life from college down the drain cause when she gives her instagram to some normal nonlarping person, they will immediately see her dumbass recovery account.

No. 1317618

Of course good treatment will eventually involve groups, individual therapy, things like sandwich prep and eating out etc. But we all know this is useless until you weight reaches a certain point and the irrationality of malnutrition is reversed. I'm guessing they've given up on her because she refused to engage in the help offered in the past. I could be wrong - any anons IP with her know if she participated in any of the treatment offered?

And so fucking melodramatic - more and more like Smorven and Becky the Dog every day.
>what did I do to deserve this?
You are a vile little twat who will trigger and put down your followers for a shred of validation, Hxn.

No. 1317619

I can’t with this girl’s face

No. 1317624

I bet the first thing that came out her mouth in her class was ‘hi I’m Hannah I have a eating disorder’

No. 1317644

File: 1631005830196.png (2.79 MB, 828x1792, CB8E6C3A-755C-4856-8354-F76E8F…)

Admitting shoplifting to the world and being a cheapskate. Cecelia is just asking to be trolled at this point

No. 1317646

arent you not supposed to use your phone and technology during rosh hashanah

No. 1317651

>saying "no" to adventures
Impulsivity is an essential component of adventure. And why did she need to specify that her self harm includes cutting? That is literally what most people will first think of as self harm. She needs to specify all her behaviours whenever she can so she can prove she is the sickest.

No. 1317652

Not supposed to write either.

No. 1317654

File: 1631007576416.jpg (67.05 KB, 459x822, deep.JPG)

No. 1317668

its her insufferable autism. its pretty much a socially acceptable form of sociopathy.

No. 1317714

just being a stingy, grifting, mischievous 1/8th jew(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1317716

talking about 'grounding'?
that would take one really huge cable for her

No. 1317775

Gosh I can’t with her preaching and pretending she’s finally found ~god~. Bitch you’re not jewish.

No. 1317802

If it was a legitimate religious thing they would have to accommodate or she could sue. But this would not stand up in court because it is obvious that Cecelia is just a fucking attention whore

No. 1317805


Oh yes, it makes your shoplifting much better when you write it down on a piece of paper, girl..!

And does "being frugal" include living on the back of other people that have to go to work every day and finance public health costs for you?

No. 1317838

"sense of purpose"

- no job
- shoplifting
- inpatient leech

No. 1317839

File: 1631026880502.jpg (233.03 KB, 720x1207, 20210907_085926.jpg)

That is hardly half a banana Han. The point of recovery and intuitive eating is to feed your body a variety of foods to so you dont have nutritional deficiencies and live solely off nutella and pastries

No. 1317845

File: 1631027964667.jpg (Spoiler Image, 977.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210907-171443_Ins…)

I'm very confused looking at this photo… can someone explain to me what's going on??

No. 1317849

I am convinced that if Ham were vegan, she would be the kind of vegan who lives off of Oreos, PB&J sandwiches and boxed mac & cheese.

No. 1317851

"some spoop cunt instagramming a pic of her food that she might eat and purge or not"

you're welcome

No. 1317868

File: 1631029473301.jpg (70.81 KB, 620x838, ganer.jpg)

Ganer looking totally different today, doing her pose in ugly spandex trousers.
Still dreaming of her first real competition.

No. 1317892

File: 1631030747050.png (58.85 KB, 727x171, hxntell.png)

Hxn is still arguing she wasn't healthy in those modelling portfolio photos. Who tipped?

No. 1317893

Now imagine how bad she'd be if she was fully Jewish!(bait)

No. 1317908

Kek imagine being so retarded you really think that a person’s personality disorder had to do with a distant family member’s religion. WTF happened to this board all the nazis are out in full force. News flash you are just hateful garbage people, your ancestors are just as trashy are you are and you’re no better than anyone else.

No. 1317913

You might be right about that, anon.
But what we've got here is a cow who abuses that particular religion (or the name thereof) to gain positive attention via social media.
Therefore she will be attacked and ridiculed for that.

No. 1317923

im pretty sure if n2f cooked for me, id want to starve myself

No. 1317928

People aren’t full fledged nazis they’re just posting dumb bait that retards like you keep falling for. Jannies have already proved they’re trying to keep on top of banning people so just report or ignore it

No. 1317932

Rosh Hashana is fine for liberal Jews to use technology etc, Yom Kippur (coming soon) is not.

No. 1317934

wtf that doesn't even look like a bowl it looks like a lid of some sort?

No. 1317952

Schana tova u'metuka 5782!

No. 1317987

Yes agree her “Judaism” is entirely performative and absolutely fair game to ridicule in that context. I bet that ritual that she posted in stories is not intended to be shared with thousands of strangers and rather is meant to be a personal, private act. But what is the point of pretending to be a Jew if it’s not for the gram, right Cece?

No. 1317998

Why does she prep food outside like this? That yogurt is going to get hot

No. 1318014

She’s at Sutton college. You’ll see how many mc Donald’s she challenges now because I’m pretty sure there’s not a day those students don’t spend their lunch down there as it’s literally a hub for them

No. 1318026

I have to agree with hxn most uk adult ips won’t do shit. There’s often no therapy, and very little support, tends to only be CAMHS wards in the uk that have therapy or specialised units. Otherwise 3 times a week you’ll have a OT (occupational therapist) come in a play a board game or do mindfulness.

No. 1318029

She lives far no buses would go straight to her house she would need multiple, train is her best option both are really close to the campus.

No. 1318038

Probably the only clean surface she has
Wouldn’t be shocked she totally has the vibes where she got to let everyone know she clearly has a ED but neglecting the fact she’s eats about 12 cakes and 22 chocolate bars a week

No. 1318040

That's miles from whrshe lives. Odd that she didn't go back to her old college or at least one localish. Wtf.

No. 1318043

File: 1631040842832.png (893.21 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210907-195227.png)

And yeah…mcflurrys as well.

No. 1318128

"Eat the food you love"

Yeah, but your so-called fear food doesn't count, bitch?

No. 1318150

Lets go through this list of sins for fun
Purging and cutting. We’ve seen her super severe and life threatening cuts. A better sin to let go is making yourself the center of attention and telling your coworkers about your minor self harm before meeting up.
Substance use/abuse gives extra credence to anons suggestion that she only reached her “BMI 12” because of coke.
Dishonesty with parents. Cece you’re 30 why are your parents such a big part of your life? They aren’t supposed to know everything about your life anyways!
Shoplifting shows how curated the monochromatic nice girl persona is.
Impulsivity does as well. She struggles most with her BPD and is now trying to take on characteristics of someone with restrictive anorexia (slowly speaking, gentle, pale and thoughtful). These characteristics are very unnatural because she doesn’t have a primary AN R diagnosis and her ED is a manifestation of her BPD.
Saying “no” to adventures. Ana Queen sure didn’t say no to an unnecessary inpatient stay and flights across the states during a pandemic.
Isolating. Miss girl posts about how she had a good shit on her public Instagram account. Perhaps oversharing would be a more timely sin to address. Also see: being mad when her co-residents watched a movie she didn’t want to watch and she had a bitchfit.
Being excessively frugal. Cece has posted about her new clothing additions. Her ugly off white sweater definitely wasn’t $65 at Abercrombie.
Restriction in other capacities. Again, we have yet to see her have any traits in line with restrictive anorexia.
Anorexia. Admitting to purging, drug use, and BPD just confirms many of our suspicions. Hey ana queen, real anorexics would never voluntarily book themselves into residential for 3 months or lie about their stay being covered by insurance when mommy and daddy are footing the bill

No. 1318157

drop the BMI 12 thing for a start, as if she was ever remotely close to that region

No. 1318167

File: 1631047170651.jpeg (908.08 KB, 828x1505, FC9099B5-4229-4746-9FB6-051301…)

oh she is so upset

No. 1318169

Haha she totally reads here. We've been onto you for a while cecelia

No. 1318170


"religion is a choice"

just like shoplifting is

No. 1318174

My BMI was never 12. So you admit you lied on your main for attention?

No. 1318176

im not crazy she definitely said her bmi was 12 didnt she!

No. 1318183

Happy Rosh Hashanah, you pretentious, compulsive liar!
Now switch off your fucking mobile phone instead of uttering pure bullshit.

Someone take a screenshot of that and send it to our hook-nosed kike Cecelia, plz.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1318187

File: 1631048349831.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1111x1834, 1B3E89DE-F308-46EF-8A20-5E8A25…)

don’t forget I’m still thin guys!!!

No. 1318192

File: 1631048955139.jpg (622.08 KB, 1080x1783, 1616521665618.jpg)

In the 12s = 12 in my book. Busted.

No. 1318195

File: 1631049168416.jpeg (986.91 KB, 828x1562, 81CD9F4E-6D3B-4009-902B-F4E7BD…)

man, cows are on fire today

No. 1318196

>>1318192 Fuckin kek. Bless you, anon

No. 1318200

fucking kek, I'm dying (figuratively, unlike Cecelia who is LITERALLY DYING)

No. 1318201

so shes finally admitting to having bpd? swear a few tells ago she was saying she didn't have it

No. 1318203

If you want to be a good liar, you need to have a very good memory.

No. 1318208

I can't find it anymore but she also claimed to have been something like 72 lbs in that attempt at poetry about starving herself on vacation. Lying about lying lmao.

No. 1318209

anon not sure what you’re getting at here but ro is well within a healthy weight range.. vendetta much??

No. 1318213

Hey, she interacts with Lucinda! What the fuck lmao

No. 1318215

fucking hell her tiktok is a goldmine …. lots of toob pics, screenshots of facetimes with her mum where she is sobbing, "I nearly died from starvation" etc etc.

No. 1318216

No. 1318218

File: 1631050463531.jpeg (493.7 KB, 549x993, D543C683-D77A-4BB6-B4D7-75C470…)

dare i even suggest she’s not “thin”…? god forbid i get shouted down for ~bone rattling~, but she just looks healthy and normal now.

No. 1318222

File: 1631050624965.jpg (17.3 KB, 754x176, pants_on_fire.jpg)



No. 1318224

so fucking unnecessary to post all those details. Also a nitpick but 'stopped eating entirely' should be 'stopped eating solids' because she obviously still drinks stuff.

No. 1318225

Cecelia has just privated her personal instagram. Can't make it too easy to find her LW 'with very little effort.' (Obviously this was so so scummy, encouraging anorexics to seek out potentially triggering numbers - although we know nobody would be upset by Cecelia's true stats)

No. 1318228


Maybe doing some prep for Yom Kippur?

No. 1318259

Okay but you’re Jewish through your maternal side and she stated that her father was 1/4 jewish. Just like her anorexia she’s milking it.

No. 1318260

I mean she is thin but in a willowy sort of way, not a ‘I’m purposefully starving myself way’. She’s definitely popping her elbow in the story anon posted but honestly she barely registers as a pro ana cow anymore now we’ve got hxn crying on tiktok or cecelia barefaced lying about the obviously fake numbers she posted.

No. 1318275

She also acts like conversion is as simple as in Catholicism. In Judaism conversion is actively discouraged. It’s her new personality trait but hey her synagogue might be more supportive of her being gay than the Catholic Church
It looks her weight is redistributing now so she is going through an awkward part of recovery. I have a bit of a soft spot for her because she actually did the damn thing. I hope she finds new outlets and hobbies instead of the ed account

No. 1318283

Even converting to Catholicism is a ball ache, having followed an old friend's ~journey~ to that nonsense (did not complete).

I love how she thinks being Jewish is all teenage Craft ripping up of paper and throwing it in the air. Bitch, at least write that shit in Hebrew.

Is she wearing a Chai symbol necklace? Can't get a good screenshot, but yeah, she might even be buying the accouterments already. If not, give it time.

Is she straining for a shit?

No. 1318295

It's a parasitical race more than a religion. Also it's very amusing when people REEEEE about certain kinds of bigotry (in this instance, racism) but are completely fine with other types of bigotry (transphobia). Bigot!(ban evasion)

No. 1318297

Oy vey! It's anudda Shoah, goyim!

No. 1318298

File: 1631056000285.jpg (82.85 KB, 1266x633, whew.JPG)

Calm down, anon.

No. 1318301

Oh shut up. I didn't refresh the page and I was trying to respond to someone else but they had they deleted their post and posted it again, but when I had responded to them, they'd deleted their second post as well. You know who you are, anon who always posts something, deletes it and posts a slightly different version after. Curse you.

No. 1318306

Hard to tell with those clothes if she's 'thin'. But she certainly looks great. One of our former cows who genuinely seems to be recovering well and looks fabulous for it.

No. 1318310

>One of our former cows who genuinely seems to be recovering well and looks fabulous for it.

Ro is still a cow, and above that ended her therapy.

No. 1318311

I don't like Ro's personality, but give her some credit. I don't think she's trying to say she's got skinny arms in that pic. She's done really well, you can't say she hasn't. She must feel like shit a lot of the time about gaining weight, so she's not even a cow. The friendship with Molly is interesting, but alone, she's nothing worth mentioning.

No. 1318320

She is wearing a Chai symbol necklace - she posted a story a few days ago about her friend giving it to her.

No. 1318329

File: 1631057587276.jpg (27.79 KB, 550x521, Capture.JPG)


I only spotted it dangling around her neck today. Shame she put her personal on private, I expect she's already been on ebay looking for a white menorah. Idk what's pissing me off more, ana LARPers or Cecelia LARPING being Jewish.

No. 1318335

not recommending anyone watch her latest video but I did kek and she’s still fairly restrictive, also continuing to publicize her obsession with her own ~~anorexia recovery~~ and how “anxious” she apparently still is about eating is still pretty milky imo
but anons are right there are currently much worse cows

No. 1318340

I don't have the patience to watch any of their youtube videos, so I'm curious to know details about her restrictive behavior if you're willing to put in the effort

No. 1318352

It’s not a very extensive process because people are actively leaving the church and they need new members. You go to confession and agree to get married and have babies in the church as a practicing Catholic. Hard agree with the aesthetic she’s trying to achieve. I think she is desperately seeking community and connection after the breakdown with her fiancée. A new religion could bring a support system. It seems like her parents are enabling her instead of supporting

No. 1318372

This sounds suspiciously of Tilly. I could def see her being a nazi especially with her self loathing Asian-ness

No. 1318378

>I think she is desperately seeking community and connection

Bwahahaha, her future rabbi will despise her like a pound of bacon.

No. 1318436

Assume you mean Sutton Coldfield not Sutton in Surrey there anon?

"akshully these are therapeutic Mars bars which I need to eat in order to recover from my very serious anorexyah that nearly caused me to get dizzy this one time"

No. 1318445

and that's the reason the only religion I would ever convert to is Judaism, kek, the despise and hate, the hardship to get into a community, no one wants you and everyone wants you to be gone.
Damn, I hope she will share more of her journey, 1/8 jewish is a lot, I might be a viking, there might be 1/100 of it in my blood.

No. 1318459

Watch her throw a shitfit when they won't let her livestream a shul service all day and she'll pretend she's angry they won't let her fast.

No. 1318463

COnversaion isn't discouraged, but they will make you study for it unlike just "finding Jesus" and becoming 'born again'. Classes, preparations etc (yes like in Sex & The City).

Hai anonazi. Judiasm is a race and a religion. Some are jewish in both ways, some just in one or the other. get back to KF.

No. 1318592

File: 1631077627004.jpeg (781.35 KB, 828x1433, F4DC5B2A-703C-4598-9FF6-BC6912…)

I barely recognised ‘little’ lee. Has definitely gained some pounds and somehow aged 5 years. She’s really jumping on that autism bandwagon. I thought she had BPD?

No. 1318614

Damn what happened to her? Haven’t heard that name around here in a long time

No. 1318654

> the despise and hate, the hardship to get into a community, no one wants you and everyone wants you to be gone.

Buy a bike and become a Hell's Angel instead.
It's pretty much the same except the music is better.

No. 1318656

She was doing well for a while and got WR but she has relapsed and become milky over the past few months. Major drama with im_powering, was admitted to a psych ward after drug-induced psychosis (from weed of all things) and is currently posting pictures of all her meals (which are things like a single slice of toast or a tiny portion of rice and poached egg) I had no idea she was anti-Asian.

No. 1318658

Yeah, Cecelia doesn't really get why some rabbis don't want particular people to convert. For example, if you're married with kids and you're the only one in the family interested in converting - that's going to cause familial tension, probably, and maybe it's not in anyone's best interests.

It's not just "haha, we have an exclusive club and you can't join".

Also, more relevant: Cecelia is apparently stepping down to PHP on Thursday.

No. 1318665

> Also, more relevant: Cecelia is apparently stepping down to PHP on Thursday.

"PHP"? Could you explain that, plz. Is it something like "Partial Hospitalization" or "Permanent Housing"?

No. 1318667

partial hospitalization

what that actually means varies based on the program. She's going to this place (https://www.opalfoodandbody.com/eating-disorder-treatment/) based on what she's said, so it's a Monday-Friday program with either 6 hrs or 10 hrs of programming a day.

No. 1318671

File: 1631089334484.jpg (16.51 KB, 280x280, cecelia_recovers.jpg)

Did anyone else notice what a sea of boredom and blandness her whole Insta is? Staring into the camera with her wonky eyes, holding a coffee cup and always some shitty beige stuff.
It's just sickening.

No. 1318680

She will lose it when they put her in the regular DBT group instead of RO-DBT

No. 1318699

I don't, actually.

No. 1318703

This is a toxic place.(sage)

No. 1318705

…go away then

No. 1318724

I get what she's going for, but it really is bland and meh. It doesn't suit her. She should fuck Judaism offand join a cult, live in a commune, do the biker thing. Her life is so blank, she needs to do something with her life. That includes LOOKING AFTER HER RABBIT.

No. 1318728

This is my hobby

No. 1318729

File: 1631096725820.jpeg (346.37 KB, 1296x828, E92A8979-B71B-487E-BF97-659721…)

mentioned before, recoverychronicles seems to forget that no amount of posing and pushed apart thighs can disguise her perfectly sturdy looking legs exhibited outside of her ED account. different cow, same story over and over

No. 1318751

File: 1631100881371.png (3.53 MB, 828x1792, BE284D59-D62E-4AD0-AF18-C0A648…)

Not Sorcha trying to show off being in hospital again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1318752


If I was having an actual legit mental health crisis the last thing I would to do is to broadcast it on social media. same as having an NG tube. If you're struggling enough to need one for an eating disorder, then surely you're too distressed to slap photos of it everywhere?! Who wants a reminder of that?! Unless of course it's for ~validation~ and ~attention~…?!

No. 1318775

kek, not possible, Hell's Angels are banned in my country and I'd rather enjoy the music without those long haired scrotes.

No. 1318825

What the fuck like actually a joke how she wastes so much of medical doctors time in a pandemic would the bitch not just fucking eat

No. 1318827

You can tell when she’s relapsing cause she starts self posting on lolcow again

No. 1318835

File: 1631112852333.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x1988, 20210908_165305.jpg)

He might as well just b/p on straight sugar at this point.

No. 1318836

Did she ever even try to get better tho lol

No. 1318839

I think it’s definitely debatable if she actually made any progress or not. Because last admission she discharged herself AMA because she couldn’t cope with the weight gain. I definitely do think mentally her BPD behaviours got better because she wasn’t self posting that much at all

No. 1318842

No. 1318845

might expose myself a bit here but i went to the bmet sutton campus (where ham is supposedly going now) and the lanyards and pass holders are purple, not yellow. i mean it was a few years ago now but they seemed pretty consistent in their colours - the website is themed purple too. plus, ham supposedly lives in stoke or near that area, which is still a good hour or so out from sutton coldfield. i really don’t think that’s the college she’s at.

No. 1318846

can we just please completely ignore every sorcha post? she will get bored of self-posting eventually when no one will interact with her posts

No. 1318847

kek at "an abusive hospital"
I'll bet it just had a real, actual treatment program that wanted real effort from the patients, and not some pandering money-pit hug-box.

No. 1318850

Pretty sure that was the Glasgow Priory. Can anyone on her close friends list/vent account comment on if it was actually abusive?

Also what does she mean she 'has lost everyone and everything, including her own family'? She is becoming more like smorven/Paris etc by the day.

No. 1318865


When you watch this video it actually looks like it was taken in her house, you can see cupboards etc in the background which would not be in a psych ward. So did she write this and save as a draft or just record herself crying and add the text later?? What strange behaviour.

I have seen people complain about Glasgow priory (mainly that they make people gain to above 18.5 and little therapy) - Hannah is the only one who seems to be permanently affected by it. I think if she actually showed dedication to recovery in the community she would receive help… but obviously there will be limited resources for somebody with very little motivation to change. If all of these inpatient wards did absolutely nothing for patients they simply wouldn’t exist.

No. 1318866

She lived in Tamworth. Shuttington. Long way from the college mentioned.

No. 1318871


Samefag but her earlier videos are all complete body checks too.

No. 1318956

ah, tamworth isn’t too far actually, some of my friends did commute from there. it’s plausibke but based on experience i still doubt it.

No. 1318969

Wasn’t she from burton-on-trent though? Which is I think where marmite was invented - that’s one spread that she hasn’t challenged a great fucking dollop of on her porridge yet

No. 1318987

She put Burton-on-Trent on that get to know me questionnaire. Her parents business is their home address. Not going to dox, but it's public on their FB page.

A Marmite challenge would be good. Didn't know it originates from there. Hate it, but would try the peanut butter Marmite if Cecelia would come here and shoplift me a jar.

No. 1318995

NUL college or sixform in stoke laynards aren't yellow afaik.

No. 1319000

Plot twist. She bought a lanyard and is LARPing being a student.

No. 1319004


We will know when she challenges reading ‘fear books’ because that’s what she thinks English students do

No. 1319012

File: 1631124630233.jpg (125.92 KB, 736x985, study-motivation.jpg)

Paragraph by paragraph. Baby steps. You got this.

No. 1319016


But not before taking a pic and uploading it to my shitty insta.

No. 1319027

I know I’m late but why has nobody commented on the crud under her nails and what looks like Cheeto dust all over her fingers???? Who’s standards are so low they’d date someone with hygiene like this

No. 1319032

That yellow power's on her fingers a lot. At least give them a wet wipes. I notice she ate something with onion the night of her coupling. Idk, there's been guys I've known who were good looking, great people, but their filthy fingernails and lack of deodorant kill any hormones dead. Maybe her bf is as bad? Her teeth would be the biggest turn off.

No. 1319035

File: 1631127336856.jpeg (869.84 KB, 1170x1392, E309C24C-65BD-4BE5-AA68-210D7E…)

As expected Sorcha is fine. It’s crazy attention seeking though as soon as you get into hospital to start making tiktoks about being in hospital. Like where are her properties at?

No. 1319039

It is “priorities” Sorcha, now jog on

No. 1319040

There was an anon earlier claiming they knew her date & never elaborated on how normal he is?? Please come back anon I need to know how he tolerates the vomit aroma, is it by being equally as gross?

No. 1319049

She dropped out of school at 16 she wouldn’t know how to spell ha ha ha ha

No. 1319074

not that anon but I am a woman nourishes age and from the end of the country she’s from. He looks like a typical lad you’d meet at a nightclub who didn’t really give a shit about how odd she is as long as she puts out. mostly because his type are about as smart as nourish is herself (bless her cotton socks) as long as she doesn’t binge/purge or eat some of her more colourful creations in front of him he won’t think her too odd.

No. 1319104

But she does know how to spell hehehe

No. 1319142

Just go away, Sorcha.

No. 1319145


> makes herself a thread to post about herself in

> continues to shit up the thread anyway

mods stepping in when?

No. 1319154

hxn wants someone to promote her account? she is not getting enough shit abd attention yet?

No. 1319164

We already do that here hxn

No. 1319177

File: 1631139071848.png (7.02 MB, 1125x2436, 15B0FD9D-924A-4844-A85A-936957…)

the lashes… the dirt? food? on her face? oh honey.

No. 1319184

File: 1631139973680.jpg (Spoiler Image, 773.98 KB, 1080x1902, 20210909_002232.jpg)

Note the marks on her hand. Surely it can't be pleasant purging with those claws… Oh dear.

No. 1319187


No no no. It's all going wrong. She was supposed to be getting better.

No. 1319190

I cant tell if it's the perspective, but is she pushing her boob under her thumbs ups to make it look bigger but ignoring the other boob?

No. 1319192

She for sure is

No. 1319217

She looks pretty here in my humble opinion. And she looks like she thinks she looks pretty too which I'm totally loving. Go N2F guuuurl

No. 1319224

File: 1631142664219.png (304.9 KB, 720x836, Screenshot_20210909-000927~2.p…)

Yeah, but more attention to detail plz.

No. 1319237

Is she using turmeric as makeup powder?

No. 1319254

As someone who also went to Sutton college a while back I can confirm the lanyards were purple, possible they’ve changed them. Never noticed until anon pointed out the area she’s from but it’s definitely Sutton Coldfield McDonalds she’s in when she “celebrates getting in”. I can’t imagine her making many friends there if they find her social media

No. 1319255

Yea Sutton Coldfield it’s only a 30 minute train from her

No. 1319263

They have different pass colours yellow is for those studying alevels

No. 1319264

Can confirm abuse, place is under investigation with lots of claims of abuse and currently looking a shutting down till new management can be found

No. 1319281

File: 1631145675304.jpeg (165.51 KB, 750x1334, FE47D2FF-4961-4874-B359-8F37DA…)

For clarity

No. 1319282

It's the jaundice.

No. 1319286

Guessing it’s fake tan?

No. 1319294

When it comes to her hands I think it's cause she eats with her fingers, all that mustard and curry sauce/powder on her hands all the damn time

No. 1319339


You okay hxn?

No. 1319453

Yeah because that's when they teach you how to spell, after age 16.

No. 1319498

File: 1631171135296.png (11.27 KB, 539x87, bullshitanon.png)

Pardon the skeptisism anon, but what are the odds that you're in the same class, same school, and happen to be a new LCF user who just so happened to find it all through IG in the first few days of school? Bullshit meter is going off.

No. 1319500

So many anachans here are just cows taking their opportunity to pick on /or wkn themselves or others… imagine self posting to control the narratives here.

No. 1319502

Those eyes have to be shooped

No. 1319509

Can't find any reports of this?

No. 1319517

Classical case.
Fake it till you make it.

No. 1319520

File: 1631173592602.jpeg (125.31 KB, 750x958, 6F80547F-1024-4FB2-9344-3AB4C8…)

How much backlash did she get to actually delete something? (For those who didn’t see she made a real of fear foods she isn’t scared of. Coffee because caffeine cancels out calories. Mashed potatoes are ok but other potatoes aren’t. Bread is ok because it has a good volume to cal ratio (apparently))

No. 1319521

Isn’t that where emstrying is being sent to?

No. 1319525

File: 1631174225001.jpeg (373.64 KB, 828x1485, F3D949C8-796A-415B-9D03-CA281F…)

anyone seen the reel?

No. 1319528

scroll up.

No. 1319530

yep, it’s a reputable hospital but anachans whinge about it on social media because they don’t asspat and coddle them.

No. 1319538


Yes. This. Everyone complains the unit they’re in is the “worst ever” if they’re not willing to engage or try to recover.

No. 1319539

yeah, it was boring. She's not afraid of coffee, risotto, white bread, or mashed potatoes (but is afraid of potatoes in other forms, I guess?).

Tbh, it seems like relapse baiting. She wants people to worry.

No. 1319540

What’s the over/under that he follows her “recovery” account and that’s why she’s always in lingerie instead of her purge clothes and top bun? Even her concoctions are slightly less gross looking in general. Maybe he thinks the grunginess is ~aesthetic.

No. 1319541

She should be scared of coffee and white bread, since she experiences ANAPHYLAXIS if she consumes them.

No. 1319565

She does look pretty, spider lashes aside. She has the most perfect nose. There’s nobody I’d love to send to a spa and a stylist than Nourish. Just imagine!

No. 1319568

Like a cheap Romanian truck stop hooker.

No. 1319570

File: 1631181080735.jpeg (319.64 KB, 827x1437, B6611385-81CC-43A5-85B3-B39C97…)

“Everyone look at my underweight thigh” #casual magic. How do people fall for her preaching. Biggest hypocrite. She has a podcast now as well.

No. 1319577

9 posts ago she admitted she didn't have "a fully recovered body" and she "has restoration to pursue physically", despite the fact she has had this account for years. Even if she had a BMI of 4 or something equally crazy, she should have been able to WR in that time. She probably has such a large following because people want to believe they can recover but still stay mildly to moderately underweight.

No. 1319587

File: 1631182833929.jpeg (449.79 KB, 828x718, 71973AC4-253E-4133-A719-6F1DE2…)

has anna just totally given up any idea of posting meaningful (or even moderately literate) captions??? this is barely a sentence

No. 1319589

I bet she thinks Rupi Kaur is a good poet. And kek at the implication she ever looked at all unhealthy.

No. 1319593

This is a reasonable explanation. A fair few of her commenters (who praise her) are underweight so it would make sense. Whatever the reason she really needs to stop and be honest. She’s been eating the same protein bar for weeks now. She has also been posting body checks of her shadow. She’s in no position to be preaching about recovery let alone have a podcast dedicated to it. Definitely a cow, surprised she’s not discussed more here.

No. 1319594


Sorry bc this isn’t milk and I guess u could call it a vendetta but I think Imogen has the most punchable face out of all the cows. She’s insufferable.

Part of my issue with her is that she lies through her fucking teeth it’s obvious she isn’t okay so why pretend to be?

Idk it upsets me a little too bc when ppl actually recover they rarely do so Into thin bodies so the fact she’s preaching recovery when she looks the way she does is so misleading

No. 1319597

File: 1631184391421.jpeg (195.34 KB, 828x990, E095D1FD-98AF-44DF-9713-2C86CF…)

Checked out the shadow body check reference… really top recovery work there

No. 1319601


very improvement

so much recovery


No. 1319611

It’s even more punchable when she does her #filterfree poses. It’s not filter free when you are ugly posing and taking it at an intentionally unflattering angle Imogen.

Yeah usually if you recover into a thin body you aren’t actually recovered. Most people have to overshoot their set point because of the extra fat you gain due to starvation. But of course our recovery Queen Imogen would know all about that.

No. 1319612

yeah, can also confirm abuse.

No. 1319618

Take notes, Nik.

No. 1319648

File: 1631191659117.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, 8F24A402-E270-47B0-849B-2D6CB0…)


No. 1319650

han really reminds me of amesrecovers.

No. 1319661

File: 1631193488713.jpeg (228.82 KB, 750x1334, DA2BC49D-B12B-4801-841B-E5FF0B…)

The other half the crossover. Of course Hxn would like a post about how one is too sick and scawed to recover

No. 1319664

File: 1631193567336.jpeg (797.93 KB, 828x1418, 9D289B2A-3DF0-432F-B4AE-B70CE9…)

Why would you post mascara tears like you’ve put them on for a student film

No. 1319671

same…even the same pants. next she will get a PEG

No. 1319679

Lee had to drop stuff at the hospital for her sister and hinted she might be back in hospital soon if she doesn't fix her eating.

No. 1319687

File: 1631195257759.png (27.34 KB, 450x157, ???!?.png)

Hxn claiming her arms are so spoopy she had to get the covid injection in her leg. I have never heard of this being an issue before, and know some extremely spoopy people who got it in their arms as normal. Not trying to bone rattle because she is obviously very underweight but not at her lowest or what I would consider to be out-of-the-ordinary spoopy (of course any level of spoop is unusual but you know what I mean). Is she making this up?

No. 1319707

i doubt shes making it up, it does happen but most doctors wouldn’t bother. not as significant as she’s trying to suggest.

No. 1319715

There was no need to “brag” about it having to go into your leg… jeez girl

No. 1319718

Wasn’t hxn, can only confirm because saw it on another cows IG would post proof but cow is underage

No. 1319720

File: 1631197415398.jpeg (535.93 KB, 828x1338, 977B2806-DCA6-4708-BBC3-F67723…)

lets not post for weeks on end, only to post to let everyone know how poorly i am in hospital

No. 1319722

File: 1631197673849.jpeg (657.96 KB, 1247x1724, E526BD1B-22F1-4095-9AF3-23F8E0…)

Someone hit her with a truth bomb and called her out on the reel for all her bullshit, it got more likes that her actual reel and loads of people agreeing about how toxic she’s been. She’s ‘deleted’ the reel but suspicions that they were taken down by instagram with a load of her other posts after being reported.

No. 1319726

Med friend told me the options for the vaccine were both arms and legs but because it's often done in public at the large centres and for ease it's done in the arms.
It can be requested to be done elsewhere it's just not common knowledge

No. 1319728

She probably asked for it in her leg so she could get all spoopy about it online for attention

No. 1319729

That makes sense - I think she got it done in the EDU so was probably the only person getting it done which is obviously a very different situation than if a spoopier person got it done at a vaccination centre with 100 other people waiting their turn.

Damn, I wish I'd seen the comments now, I love a good cow call out. And Anna must be fuming at people presuming she has recovered.

No. 1319739


I know two people (one outpatient one inpatient - had it in her arse kek) who had this. It doesn't seem to make sense as they aren't spoopier than other people I know who have had it in their arm.

No. 1319758


"Unholy alliance", more like.

No. 1319774

File: 1631202750882.jpeg (492.06 KB, 828x1478, 6AF8F91B-A4F9-44E5-8325-DDFEC7…)

so iNsPiRaTiOnAl

No. 1319778

the only way that cow could inspire anyone is in the form of thinspo

No. 1319779

I'm guessing they requested it to be done like that

No. 1319781

It's not special to have it done in your leg/butt legit anyone can have it done in any limb

No. 1319784


Showing off just another xylophone sternum. Now that's inspiring, girls.

No. 1319789

Inspired just in time to put together a costume for Halloween! These spoops might make better porch decor though

No. 1319790

Exactly, arm is the most common place because it’s easy to access. Speed is one of the key factors in mass vaccination drives like this. Pretty sure they’d do it in other areas like hip/thigh if you asked but most people aren’t attention seeking spoops.

No. 1319792

But anon how else will they get validation that their ED is so sooper life threatening other than that they have barriers to getting vaccinated?

No. 1319793

Hxn specifically requested in her video today that people give her shout outs. It’s funny that all these people can think to say about her isn’t anything complimentary about her personality or attributes, but just a totally fake and disingenuous “she’s so *~*inspirational!*~*”

No. 1319798

No one should be encouraging their viewers to follow Hxn, who only ever gives a shit about herself.
Strong and brave? She is very weak mentally as evidenced by the fact she doesn't have the willpower to even attempt recovery in th community. Kind? Have they ever interacted with, or seen any interactions involving Hxn? She is so rude to anyone who is not an enabling ass-kisser and will post triggering content just for the validation.

No. 1319804

They have 136'd her so many times, for obvious reasons.
Imagine being taken away by the police and put in a psych ward, for months at time, against your will.
There's pretty much nothing to be inspired of.

No. 1319810

Ash is so spoopy she had to have it injected into her eye*

*not a fact, but you get what I mean.

No. 1319811

And brave. Don't forget brave.

No. 1319813

Sadly, a lot of people who romanticise mental illness will be inspired by this; some of them will be similar to our cows but others will just be sick teenagers who see the validation, support and attention people like Hxn get and want it for themselves. And so the cycle continues.

No. 1319815

File: 1631205429132.jpeg (196.4 KB, 828x1210, 9BB778F0-C223-428A-AE66-28F61D…)

Guyyys it was because COMPLEX NEEDS obviously. I mean look at my hand

No. 1319817

Rule #1:

Never trust an Instagram account with "recovery" in its title.

No. 1319818

A big sandwich is not a complex need at all.

No. 1319834

File: 1631206101992.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1476, CEAD664F-8DD2-4CFF-BC59-DDE8DC…)

ReAl ReCoVeRy on a new level

No. 1319838

was she ever even underweight?? she made a big deal out of being hospitalised for her ed when actually she was admitted for an attempt but they kept her in because she refused to eat. maybe i’m nitpicking but sounds like she saw an opportunity to be hospitalised for an ed the easiest way and took it. never seen a photo of her where she looks any lower in weight.

No. 1319839

File: 1631206402882.png (724.45 KB, 860x551, 261-2616210_plate-of-spaghetti…)

Take a close look at your complex needs.

No. 1319840

really? i dont think ive seen someone post about her around here

No. 1319841

iv seen her on insta and youtube. she annoys me bc shes another one who jumped on the ed bandwagon and yup hospitalisation for an OD is not the same as for ED.

No. 1319845


Ham posted a happy birthday message to this one on her own stories. Ham made it sound like they were bff. Figures.

No. 1319846

I think she has admitted to being atypical before? I don't understand some of the younger cows having an obssesion with shitting. People like emsinrecovery are constantly talking about bowel movements and the like - probably trying to imply they are sooper constipated bc of their EDs. Funnily enough, they don't mention the incontinence as much.

No. 1319848

hxn literally begging people to share her account with the promise of being entered into a giveaway, encouraging people to promote her triggering photos and behaviours as "inspirational". happy to suck vulnerable people in and potentially trigger them - people who likely aren't receiving treatment - all because she wants more people to donate to her gofundme. she deserves private treatment because she's speshul, but happy to place unsupported people at risk as a way of doing so. truly inspirational!

No. 1319849

She was posted about a while ago but nipped in bud as she’s 15. But definitely a cow in wait

No. 1319850

she uploaded a video called “opening up about my recent hospital admission”.
some key points:
- emphasises how days before her hospital admission she was eating really well. went to a&e after what she suggested was an overdose. they kept her in to stabilise her and monitor her and she refused to eat whilst there
- said after a while they decided to give her a cannula which is, as she describes, the “same” as an NG tube, kek

i’m not taking away from how traumatic that must’ve been for her, but these younger ed cows are so desperate to be hospitalised for validation it’s embarrassing

No. 1319851

confused why hxn is so adamant that private treatment will cure her when she's been in private treatment before and done nothing but complain about the ut how it didn't work. it may have been NHS funded, but glasgow is a private hospital - wonder what her justification is for begging people to fund her treatment at orri when both NHS and private treatment have done nothing! people could donate her all the money in the world, and she'd still be complaining about how treatment didn't work for her because she's such an exception. she's never going to get better because she doesn't WANT to get better.

No. 1319852

City of bristol?

No. 1319857

lol at hxn sharing her life ambitions on tell! in the future, when she's healthy and married and a famous actress - because she'll obvs hit 25,and all her mental illnesses will be gone, with absolutely no effort from hxn herself! ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 1319862

In fairness, Orri is a day unit so will be less distressing in terms of being away from her Mum (clearly huge attachment issues there). They also don't just focus on weight and intake but seem to genuinely have excellent therapy options. However, as mentioned previously, they have a strict dietitian and will expect progress in terms of weight. That being said, Hxn is full of shit and if she does somehow manage to go there, she will find another excuse about why she was too complex and sick to recover with their help.

What are people's opinions on saving content for when a cow hits 16? I've got a personal cow who is truly vile but only 15 at the moment. When introducing her in a few weeks, can I use her current milk or should I wait for a while as she accumulates content as a 16 year old?

No. 1319865

please tell me it’s that cow who zara called out for constantly taking videos of her in minuscule clothing, parading around her room and showing the clothes from ALL angles (because god knows we need to see the back of a mini skirt for more than 10 seconds) and posting it on her “recovery” account

No. 1319866


I don’t think she’s just a personal cow because I know exactly who you’re talking about kek

Also - the Orri being a day unit therefore helpful in terms of having her mum there is just going to be counterproductive. I get the feeling her mum is having a well deserved long break. She’s not going to get better when at the end of the day she can go to her flat (given for free by some random loaded follower - Anna? Molly?) and then be attached to her mum 25/7. She said at some point her mum even sleeps outside her bedroom at night. It’s just mental.

No. 1319878

it's n*h, yes

It's worse than that, her Mum sleeps in Hxn's bedroom and waits outside her bedroom door when Hxn is getting changed. I feel so sorry for her whole family but especially her Mum and mentally ill younger sister. The 'less traumatic thing' is her reasoning, not mine. I guess it is a question of whether she should be dealing with her ED, OCD, BPD, attachment disorder and so on all at once or try to improve in terms of her primary issues first. The problem with the latter (IMO) is that her ED seems to be a manifestation of the BPD so they should be trying to work on the ana as a symptom of the PD.

No. 1319890

Interested! Not sure what the protocol is for posting under 16 after turning 16. Should be okay because obviously won't be nudes, but if she's wearing skimpy stuff now, idk, just leave out any n2f type shit.

No. 1319904

scottish girl, right? are we all thinking of the same one? the one that got popular on tiktok under ‘disposablesmile’ because of her blatant body checks and now tries to parade around as a recovery account when she’s obviously still attached to being skinny?

if so, deffo save up some milk. have a feeling she will start dirty deleting once she realises she’s on lolcow properly though kek

ot but man what are the chances of someone else in this thread (the whole of lolcow even) going to the same college haha that’s insane

No. 1319909

that’s the one. this next generation of cows is going to be interesting, but who’s surprised? they learned from people like ham, anna & zara.

No. 1319919

given when she was ~14 she was posting skimpy outfits with captions like "make them stop and stare" we'll have to be careful. Other than that, it sounds like we can get screenshotting anons!

No. 1319924

File: 1631211080105.gif (6.93 MB, 600x1067, fun.gif)

It felt weird having an anon at the same uni as Mary, but Ham's pool is very small so it's weirder.

Idk who this healthycaits is that all the spoopiest follow (including the Lich Queen), but here's Paris dancing with her. (Kinda).

Searched the username and there's a thread on mpa about her and she appears ina yt vid "Stop tomanticising eating disorders". Saw her in images. Yes, that is cow.

No. 1319925

this girl (rapunzel) is 16, her birthday was weeks ago.

as for the other one, there’s plenty of milk in storage. she posted in response to a tellonym that her bday was 29th sept.

No. 1319928

upcoming milk includes crazy posing and straining to look skinnier, embarrassing bodychecks in the name of “fashion”, a tiktok where she said “if i had cancer i would lose weight”, bad shooping and many more…coming this fall , to a thread near you

No. 1319929

fresh meat, yay

No. 1319930

File: 1631211549669.jpg (765.99 KB, 1080x1905, 20210909_201658.jpg)

In other news, Pencilneck posted a ~hilarious~ new TikTok about foods he doesn't like, once again demonstrating his amazing acting skills.

No. 1319934

File: 1631211653559.jpg (25.63 KB, 286x440, Capture.JPG)

Googling also brought up the fact she's thinspo for edtwt. She also has male pervs upload her tiktoks on youtube.

Couldn't resist posting this, then I'll sit back and wait patiently for anons to give more info.

No. 1319936

That's the most reptilian his eyes have looked.

>new TikTok about foods he doesn't like

Jesus, longer than Titanic?

No. 1319938

Samefag, but his dancing reminds me of the characters from Rita & Rolli

No. 1319944

i didn’t like her before i saw any of this old content. WOW. who let her into the community?

No. 1319950


He dances really badly for a gay. If he was on a podium at Heaven, he'd get cancelled from the lgb community for the rest of his (short) life.

No. 1319954

File: 1631212525349.jpeg (798.06 KB, 718x1549, C0B1B602-9EEA-49D9-BF67-BDF00D…)

god knows but she looks healthy enough to me at the moment, if she grows out of the anorexia badge she might be likeable but not as is

No. 1319955

File: 1631212557123.png (3.66 MB, 828x1792, 98A475A4-C5C8-465D-B2F8-CA4317…)

arm size for reference

No. 1319958

Not really some ProAna scumbag (yet). More a regular teenage attention whore?

No. 1319960

Actually, she looks rather sweet.

No. 1319962

File: 1631212786196.png (1.18 MB, 1706x729, diary of an anorexic.png)

No. 1319969

just you wait for the dirt to come out. you will see she’s far more pro-ana than half the scumbags on here

No. 1319971

Our new cow has so many ig accounts, so I think she's more an attention whore than a cow now.

No. 1319978

Please remember the new cow is only 15, so save any milk but don't post until September the 29th unless you want to risk a ban (not sure how strict mods are on this sort of thing).

No. 1319981


Can we start calling him PencilNik tho

No. 1319983

What a cliffhanger.

No. 1319994


Reported for underage baiting.

Have a nice day.

No. 1319996

Doesn't really change anything, congrats on the effort tho.

No. 1320004

Welcome to /pedo/

No. 1320007

I'm sorry but how is this baiting? I'm trying to prevent an underage girl being posted.

No. 1320009

She could've just not even been brought up until she's 16, it's not like anons have to wait long
Feels pretty wrong to even be discussing her right now so it's probably best it ends

No. 1320026

Indeed, there's something inherently creepy about anons counting down the days until someone is of age for xyz, and still being unable to control their excitement. She might be a pro ana cow in her own right, don't know anything of the lass, but I'm getting onionboy vibes over here from some of the farmers. Did she need to be posted whilst underage, teasing usernames (and now full-blown giving out their username) despite saying "yes i know i shouldn't but-".

No. 1320036

if its about therealrapunzel, i thought 16 was an ok age thats why i shared

No. 1320038

Yeah creepy is definitely the word to use here. It's like we've had Nazis now we're getting pedos

You've legit just shared her username again, STOP IT she's a fucking CHILD

No. 1320041

No it was about the other girl mentioned - 16 years old is fine. I was the OP about her and mentioned her birthday, definitely didn't mean it in a creepy way, sorry for the poor wording.

No. 1320042

its still up in the page you dumbass.

No. 1320052

Shit, you cannot stomp a 15yo girl, just like that. This is so low. Not even 4chan level. Completely hysterical. Remember, her brains still have to grow.
Maybe attack them when they're 18 and out of their first IP treatment.

No. 1320066

Yeah exactly so let's not keep bringing it up, once was too many times you fucking retard

No. 1320067

It's pretty vile

No. 1320085

Is it confirmed that nick is gay?

No. 1320087

No, some anons just think he is. He is probably functionally asexual and has admitted his dick doesn't work, but that is because of the ana.

No. 1320091

>not even 4chan level
Are you new to image boards or something? They regularly post gore and child exploitation images on some boards on 4chan. The newfags really forget the roots of sites like this and that’s how we get tards infighting about tame shit.

No. 1320093

> about tame shit

Mentally challenged teenage girls, showing cleavage.
So let's stalk and harass her, huh. Tame shit, that.

No. 1320098

she’s fucking SIXTEEN which is the age when someone can be posted?? autist.

No. 1320101

File: 1631221422447.jpeg (155.88 KB, 780x618, 7CE75056-D31B-4651-951F-9273E3…)

to clarify.
the real rapunzel is 16. but not that milky.

the other girl is a pro ana scumbag, but 15.

No. 1320103

forgot to sage, pardon me

No. 1320106

File: 1631221920130.jpeg (151.3 KB, 750x497, F6F74F12-A53B-4D83-A764-61AFDB…)

Let’s all laugh at this instead. One of Anna’s reels has a sensitivity warning.
Such a shame, as she is trying to make her feed… asthmatic.

Preparing for 5 years time when she diagnosis her first patient with aesthetic?

No. 1320109


(samefag I know it’s “diagnoses” I was rolling my eyes too hard to see the keyboard)

No. 1320111

Oh get off your high horse you sanctimonious shit, hate to break it to you but everybody posted (bar the twins) is a mentally ill teenager. I agree that cows should be over 16 but at the end of the day we’re all laughing at people. You can try and justify it but that’s what it is.

No. 1320117

Apart from that, we are only referring to shit that has already been published (by said teenager(s)).

No. 1320131

Paris is so cringy that it hurts to watch kek

No. 1320168

File: 1631226366232.gif (112.48 KB, 73x90, im an aesthetic.gif)

It's okay, Anna, I just looked at your insta and the look you're going for is working.

No. 1320170

>I'm getting onionboy vibes over here from some of the farmers

Huh? They want new cows to talk about, not to tickle their pickle over. I picked up no sexual vibes, if YOU did then perhaps you should think about what's going on in your head. Anyway, I'm not arsed about her but yes, 16 is fine to talk about. Once upon a pretime internet, some of us actually left home at sixteen and started working.

No. 1320176

Imo it should be 18+ for discussion on here. Picking apart young girls on a site this harsh is just kinda sick. 16-17 year olds are still pretty much children, no one thinking of the effect it might have? Or are you so cold inside that you just don't care? I'm all for pulling people up on their bullshit but the nitpicky bullying of girls so young is way too far.
As if I needed any more reason to stop checking this thread after the shit show it has become recently.
And yes I know some of you will get your panties in a bunch and splerg about me being an autist but kek whatever. At least I'm not a Nazi pedophile or someone who thinks tearing down children who already have mental health problems on the internet is a cool quirky thing to do in my spare time. Last thing YES I know where I am, I know what this website is. I'm just done with this crap show thread.

No. 1320177

if it bothers you so much take it to /meta/ instead of writing paragraphs here

No. 1320191


You realise Zara’s 17 right

No. 1320213

Doubt these cows are anything but 18 and over with peter pan syndrome

No. 1320258

I didnt see anybody comment on this yet, but she has tears/cracks at the corners of her lips. It's an extremely obvious sign of purging frequently, and complements the russels sign on her knuckle. Bummer city. As most anons say, N2F is far more bearable than other cows in this thread. She deserves better :/(emoji)

No. 1320314

yeah i agree, we were all kind of rooting for n2f, its sad to see this

No. 1320325

get with the times anon, MCAS saga is over. we're onto ebola or something now

No. 1320327


So, at this point, is N2F even a cow? She clearly has an eating disorder, and her bizarre antics are interesting, but is she actually a cow?

No. 1320335

This seems iffy. If you take an OD, even if you tell them it was just a few pills, they'll take bloods to be on the safe side and this is through a cannula in case it needs repeating or you need IV treatment.
And glucose or electrolytes through an IV is not the same as calorie-rich tube feed.

Damn man, these young calfs have the whole internet to look at to see how this works but they think they're smart enough to lie convincingly.

No. 1320345

He'll never reveal his sexual preference because his account is only about the foods he eats and purges.

No. 1320349

The absolute state of this, IG is trying to protect young people from potentially harmful content but Anna just moans it's ruining her bougie aesthetic

No. 1320350

She's our mascot.

No. 1320359

Is that lanugo hair?

No. 1320379

File: 1631252753554.jpeg (145.67 KB, 827x1528, 90B20795-CC17-47CB-AB3F-95E1B5…)

I know how to help how about you stop pretending to have anorexia and chronic illness. We all know you just dehydrate yourself to appear medically unstable. She hasn’t lost a single kg since she’s had ‘anorexia’. No need to beg for a tube when you’ve already placed your own for your sooper severe gastroparesis (which you even admitted isn’t real). Still can’t believe she munched her way into a stomach butt

No. 1320382

I didn't imply anything sexual (it's you who went there), I simply meant the coasting the edge of rules especially around age. Waiting for the stroke of midnight for someone to be okay for your use & purposes.

No. 1320398

Ewwww this is so true
Like guys who cyber stalk 17 year olds and at the stroke of midnight on their eighteenth birthday start hitting on them.

No. 1320430

I think that is just body hair, but she definitely does have lanugo - it is very visible on her face in some photos.

No. 1320432


We don't need to pull some feathers to know it's a bird, with that one.

No. 1320436

File: 1631263769541.jpg (371.14 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20210910-204006_Ins…)

Not really milk coz this is well hidden on a non-ed account.. but she has a large ED following and she also follows ED accounts.. she knows what she's doing.

No. 1320438

Has anybody noticed that Ro and Imogen don’t follow each other, but Imogen tags Ro in her posts?

No. 1320459

It's interesting that most men with EDs tend to be very stereotypical gays. I wonder why that is.

No. 1320464

I know that there are some articles concerning this (but right now I'm too lazy and indifferent to find out about it).

No. 1320471

It does make your arm rather sore, I’d imagine it’d be unpleasant to get in the thigh/arse. Could it be an attempt to curb excessive exercising?

No. 1320473

She’s complaining about security being kind to her? What a spoiled little brat.

No. 1320492

….to curb exercising for 3 days? I’m sure the average age of posters in this thread is about 14. If someone requests an IM injection in the leg rather than the arm, it’s easier and more ethical just to do that and get it done than waste time or pressure someone into having it elsewhere. As someone mentioned above there’s also more choices available in an inpatient hospital setting versus popping into your local pharmacy for an injection.

No. 1320495

Would hope that everyone here is 18+, as per the site's general rules.

No. 1320499

wtf kind of shooping is going on with her right hand on her thigh? stretched out to the max!

No. 1320507


So what.

According to the board rules the maker of those rules hates all men.

No. 1320509

Now fucking ban me :-D :-)

Because I do emojis :-8 ;-;(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1320511

None of you can convince me me otherwise.. this thread is no longer worth reading because cows and underage anachans are trying to outdo each other self posting here.
The milk is skim at best, but at least that’s low enough cals for you kids.

No. 1320512


You also have to be 13 to have Instagram and of course NO ONE under 13 has an IG account. Do you seriously think that someone will read ‘18+‘ and get scared off until their birthday?

No. 1320513


Sometimes I wonder if the WKs have realised a better way to close the threads down is to shit it up with by shitposting and being stupid or racist, rather than outwardly just defending the cows. If so they were on to something because it’s really working well.

No. 1320515

Children and scrotes cannot follow rules because of their weak brains, they simply can't understand because they are born retarded and can't follow the simple rule of not being welcome.

No. 1320518

Still one of my fav cows even tho shes not talked about much. Omg the shoop is too much. I don’t think she posts much milk tho unless anyone can follow her private nourishwithplants_ but don’t even know if it’s still active(sage)

No. 1320519

Grimes and Musk

No. 1320521

File: 1631276029633.jpeg (203.46 KB, 1168x1759, 80C47C23-372C-4A46-9165-45104C…)


Samefag shes also a fully functioning lawyer and the bio of the place she works at says she was like first in a whole lot of college subjects or something

No. 1320539

What sort of law is she practicing in? Or Send us a link to where you got this from. Hope she gets her head out of her bony ass and carries on winning at life before she gets really sick…

No. 1320541

biggest fake. all she has is BPD and Autism and munchausens.

No. 1320545

>convicted of murder
>can’t afford lawyer, but are assured that one will be appointed to you
>show up to trail
>the skeleton of the young woman you murdered is your lawyer
I could see this being the plot of a shoestring budget sitcom that’s on at 3am that nobody watches.

No. 1320549

Tbh I only come on here to gossip about Nik anymore kek. If he posted more frequently, he would be worthy of having his own thread.

No. 1320558

This whole board will go down in a few months, so why bother(sage)

No. 1320583

What? kek no. Snow is the fastest main board and servers have been paid for a year. Sage your retardation.

No. 1320586


Ok Kara we haven’t forgotten about you, don’t worry

No. 1320595

He's the one I check first of all during the day. He's such a mincer that whatever he does makes me laugh.

No. 1320604

fr im gonna go back and read old porgie threads and be nostalgic about the good ol days.

No. 1320605

Med fag here but ng feeds can be given through ivs for short time admittion and are frequently used if only sort term. Only thing is they are watered down to prevent ivs blowing.

No. 1320609

OP here, who is Kara? lol

No. 1320613


Recovery Chii, who is sanctimonious about lolcow and everyone who is so horrible posting here, then caught posting about Nik calling him ‘lizard boy’ kek

No. 1320616


This would only be used as a last resort and through a central line NOT a peripheral cannula. She definitely did not get an Ng-type feed through a cannula.

No. 1320620

kek, you're fucking wrong. IV nutrition is PPN or TPN, not … the type of formula that you use for NG feeding.

No. 1320625

For the sake of fuck, can you doctors argue elsewhere about tubes and shit. Thanks in advance.

No. 1320634


Less arguing just trying to stop someone suggesting she was getting ng feeds into a cannula in her hand…

No. 1320637

anon just because you clean toilets at a hospital it doesn’t mean you’re a medfag kek

No. 1320638


So everybody will know that you're an expert using all those fancy abbreviations, asswipe.

No. 1320652

A skinny, lying, loser who put her account on lockdown after she got discovered posting on here (even though we all knew she was a farmer since forever because see above).

No. 1320658

I'm not an expert, I can just fucking google things.

TPN = total parenteral nutrition
PPN = partial parenteral nutrition
NG = why are you reading this thread if you don't know what this means

No. 1320659

Was she the one who got caught bc her profile pic was visible in a screenshot? Or am I confusing things

No. 1320661

File: 1631292388424.jpeg (166.65 KB, 750x1334, B7291A79-7886-4886-93E7-D8CD14…)

Anna moaning because people are ‘criticising her MCAS’ but actually they are just criticising how she presents her ‘MCAS’. No one would give a fuck if she wasn’t posting pictures of peaches with candles stuck in them.

No. 1320662

> NG = why are you reading this thread if you don't know what this means

Cuz' I ain't no fucking doctor or medical sperg.

No. 1320663

File: 1631292655342.jpeg (224.46 KB, 750x1334, 2E96870A-658A-4B82-A6F7-D0E1F1…)

Sorry forgot to sage. Betting she sent all these messages to herself because wording so similar, especially with all the talk of ‘helpful’ and the spelling mistakes. And the gaslighting in the ‘it’s on them not you one’ sounds like something she would think.

Yes. She is a cow in her own right, plastering her LW stats all over the internet, being in quasi recovery for years while preaching recovery and looking down on others, posting underwear body checks on Tiktok and referring to her starvation ‘death march’

No. 1320665


NTA but half the fucking cows show off their fucking NG tubes all the time how do you not know what it is

No. 1320666


That much may be true, but that MeDiCuL SpECiAlIsT sperging is becoming a kind of self-serving wank and contributes next to nothing.
So calm your tits, all you nurses.

No. 1320688

>[MCAS] is the most restrictive lifestyle ever!!

So sick, poor chile. You seem to do okay (on the sly), Anna.

No. 1320692


No anorexic could ever imagine having such a restrictive lifestyle

No. 1320719

File: 1631295392455.jpg (60.62 KB, 1000x563, david bubble.jpg)

Remember the boy in the bubble who had to live in this thing and never could touch people or anything? Anna's life is more restrictive.

>On his birthday, his mother would bake a cake and David would watch his family blow out the candles for him. For his fifth birthday, a vacuum-packed, canned cake was found for him to eat.

Anna could only have a peach.

No. 1320720


Now I want to know if Anna’s family made a massive cake and just ate it in front of her on her birthday.

Oh who am I kidding, she had the first slice.

No. 1320724

File: 1631295925319.jpeg (550.76 KB, 828x1269, 213E2E4F-4E31-48FA-BE80-910DF4…)

Look at those wavy knees

No. 1320725

File: 1631295936133.jpeg (202.95 KB, 740x869, EAB88F73-77BB-4EE2-B0DE-41AA8D…)

Cake is one of her top three foods …

No. 1320731

File: 1631296431054.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x1417, E4DE6173-6163-45E3-BA81-E3B3A3…)

Lives at home in her rich parents mansion and creates an entire magazine just to have an excuse to take as many pictures she wants on motorcycles as if she’s some famous country outlaw. Wonder why she’s never posted a real video riding her bike yet?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1320736

Fuck off. At least do a vendetta post in the right thread.

No. 1320740


Not your personal army. Reported.

No. 1320764

Kek she can’t even spell

No. 1320766

File: 1631299228400.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x2164, 8CD1E04B-04A6-4C96-B7B8-9DCD6E…)

Sorcha claiming to be anorexic while eating enough food for 4 men kek

No. 1320769


Go bone rattle somewhere else please we’re all so bored of this

No. 1320778

> Learn to poach and egg

fucking kek

No. 1320782

fuck off sorcha.

No. 1320790

That's a regular portion stfu you're boring

No. 1320797

Sorcha if you spent more time working on your issues instead of self posting, you could actually be someone important and make a good life.
youre so desperate for validation, even if its from thus thread

No. 1320804

Ham gone quiet on IG I feel a pretend relapse coming on

No. 1320806

Guys, just stop interacting with her posts. She will get bored eventually and actually piss off.

No. 1320813

that’s the thing, nobody is interacting with her posts. we’re all in agreement to not mention her so any time she is brought up, it’s selfpost

No. 1320846

sorry for doing green text when someone else already did but ugh Anna

> teh most restrictive lifestyle ever aka I can flaunt ED behaviours and blame it on my serious disease!

Don't tell her there are medications for this, and she's basically comparing herself to someone stuck on kidney dialysis for hours a day who can't do anything but go to the hospital. What a self-obsessed bitch.

No. 1320849

I wonder if she's doing stunned silence actual college work?

No. 1320850

when did she admit her gastroparesis wasnt real?

No. 1320867

That or a thread troll, if the last week has shown anything it's that it's full of 'em

No. 1320875

Can we all collectively agree to just blank Sorcha when she self posts? Like not even "fuck off sorcha" just don't even acknowledge her existence? Idk about the rest of you but she's really getting on my tits,

No. 1320887


Agree. Shame really, if it weren’t for all the self posting she would be a great cow

No. 1320895

Anna is on her stories talking about having 500 grams of greek yoghurt with sugar as a snack. Maybe it is just me but quantities (even large portions) have no place in the ~community~. It just seems like a brag that you can maintain a relatively slim weight while eating large amounts. Just say 'I honoured my cravings for a large portion' or something.

She also says "I can't believe I even have to address this, I feel like I am losing brain cells by talking about this .. One of you said 'you said "I'm 50% peach"' .. Honey that was a metaphor, it was a joke about being fluffy and liked by everyone. Chill. I am not 50% peach."

…. No words.
a) It was a reference to how many peaches she eats, in context that was very clear. Since peaches are low calorie, that could definitely be viewed as an inappropriate comment.
B) And showing her own stupidity if she believed people actually thought she was literally 50% peach. No one thought you had replaced your internal organs with stone fruit Anna, it was the implications of the phrase people had a problem with.
C) She is not fluffy. Despite her feminist hairy armpits phase she is clearly clean-shaven. She definitely don't have lanugo or extra body hair because she is sO dAiNtY.
D)>liked by everyone
kek does she actually believe that? She actually has negative self awareness

No. 1320897

wtaf… please tell me you don't actually work in a hospital. You can NOT put enteral feeds into the blood. Holy shit that's scary. PARENTERAL nutrition goes IV, and it's a VERY different thing.

No. 1320905

> Anna, fluffy and liked by everyone

In what world? kek

No. 1320963

File: 1631315574134.png (4.69 MB, 828x1792, 416650A4-5022-43A8-9798-F172D8…)

the same world where dora actually behaves like a normal human being.
i know this isn’t pro ana scumbag related milk per se, but what is actually wrong with this girl ???

No. 1320979

Unflattering selfies seem to be the flavour du jour of the mentally unwell cows, possibly to make people worried about them.

No. 1320994


Ham's either become the cool kid at college and is being invited to hang out with people (ie got some friends), or hopefully has actually found she's interested in college work and dropped the LARP. PencilNik hasn't posted either!

I get the "relapse" vibes from Ham. Didn't make friends, sits alone with her her McD's lunch and is spending time taking selfies to make herself look ill (no makeup, crying).

No. 1321030

She's not "looked ill" since that first post, drawn looking and clutching an oversized Costa coffee mug in her paws. And even then she was probably just getting over a stomach flu.

No. 1321118

File: 1631347949588.jpg (639.33 KB, 1080x2029, 20210911_100956.jpg)

Classic ana, not realizing that nose hose pics are potentially triggering. This girl is insufferable.

And before anyone says it, not a selfpost.

No. 1321122

File: 1631349001822.jpeg (204.87 KB, 731x1034, B354B288-458C-420E-AF90-5DE071…)

Ok I know this is a nitpick but this is Anna’s “student house glow up.” How out of touch do you have to be to think having a desktop computer, double bed, floor space and a huge desk are normal in a student house? The furniture even matches! The chair isn’t a cheap office swivel thing! Honestly double the size of any other student bedroom I’ve ever been in

No. 1321128

Looks depressive as fuck. The only thing I like in that room is that chair because it looks pretty.

No. 1321133

File: 1631352163225.jpg (241.97 KB, 1670x990, chow4champions.jpg)

Ganer doing some very speshull trainer coaching about bodybuilding nutrition™, which seemingly consists of vomit with ketchup and leaves, then some vanilla pudding and colored lemonade.

She calls that "meals".

No. 1321135

Looks very plain. The furniture kind of reminds me of a vintage doll house.

No. 1321137

WOW she has switched her rice to BAGELS oh my god

No. 1321142

Gotta love that motivational wallpaper on her laptop!
Just like some teenage scrote would do with a Ferrari photo.
A dream that will never come true because you aimed much too high.

No. 1321152

File: 1631355257547.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, 476F288F-6FF9-4343-B646-CCA559…)


Completely dry bagels with not even low fat non dairy spread… they must be dry as duck to eat.

In other news, Cecelia’s been out of residential for two days now? But still clinging onto that hospital arm band

No. 1321153


God this is depressing. Raw spinach with nothing on it? A bottle of squash is a "meal"? Same slop with frozen raspberries she eats every day? Can we crowdfund a bag of doughnuts for ganer pls

No. 1321161

Deliberately making it bland & ugly. Just as if eating would have to be something bad?

No. 1321167

Oh jesus I thought that was sardines in the scrambled eggs. Looking closer I think it’s actually mushrooms, guess oily fish would have too many grams of protein and healthy fats that a real body builder would want.

No. 1321172

File: 1631360707072.jpeg (564.38 KB, 750x1206, 171CDC9E-B18B-4262-918F-30AF06…)

Laura really went from days away from discharge to PICU

No. 1321175

sorry - can somebody explain what a PICU is in this context? To me PICU has always meant a paediatric intensive care unit but i’m guessing she’s too old for that kek

No. 1321177

psych ICU

No. 1321178


Psychiatric intensive care - usually single sex psych wards, will have 6-10 patients and staff to patient ratios of 1:1 or 2:1 because they kick off ALL THE TIME

No. 1321181

File: 1631361402759.png (165.17 KB, 800x800, Pikachu.png)

> sorry - can somebody explain what a PICU is in this context?

I always thought it was one of those.

No. 1321183

where you find that kind of 220 lbs burly tard wranglers that put on their rubber gloves with a distinctive SNAP

No. 1321194

arms above her head to elongate her dainty torso, a cece favourite!

No. 1321195


Elongate torso and bodycheck arms all in one handy move!

No. 1321212

Oh, Laura. Can’t stand her and her ED LARP antics but it’s a shame she’s already this institutionalised at her age. Her face looks so bloated too - whatever meds & stodge they’ve got her eating are doing her zero favours

No. 1321221



Kind of interesting that the ward is closing only about 18 months after it opened… I think it was only specialist ward for PD + ED in the UK. Maybe it was not fit for purpose.

(Although I don’t know why they attach a lot of weight (pardon the pun) to patients saying they didn’t like the ward… I haven’t met many psych patients saying they loved the ward they were on)

No. 1321242

Weird, I thought it was just a PDU she was in? Have heard a lot of shit things about St Andrews in general tho
(Reposted to add, pretty sure Cygnet have dual ED/PD units)

No. 1321251

A while ago, I'm p sure Laura was saying how her parents were doing something legal about her poor treatment in there.

No. 1321260


Me again. This is where she mentioned it >>1116179

No. 1321263

File: 1631375408480.jpeg (596.97 KB, 750x1096, B8EFDEF7-B9C5-4C5E-BCDB-B4A79A…)


This is where she mentioned the unit, maybe not dual unit then I might have misunderstood what she meant.

She might not have been doing something through the courts per se, more likely she had a tribunal? They’re free, the solicitor is free and quite routine, whereas a legal battle to move units I can imagine would cost a couple of thousand quid

No. 1321264

That newspaper article sounds accurate really. Some psych places, like the Priory, are dodgy. Nobody has anything good to say about a unit when they're in one for obvious reasons, but maybe the place Laura's in really is shite.

Sad that she's gone the ohchickpea route of going from one place to another and playing up whatever illness she has/doesn't have. Since first mentioned here she went from an average borderliner with a touch of ana to what she is now.

No. 1321282

theres a fb group called failed by standrews about this

No. 1321284

File: 1631378550197.jpeg (696.22 KB, 828x1362, AD463875-357D-48C7-BAD5-0D29DA…)

No. 1321285

Theres a bpd cow i follow whos in a psych unit at priory, and they are for some reason really short staffed. like 2 staff monitoring 12 bpd suffers who are kicking off all the time. they keep having to call police in cuz theres not enough help,
sage for ot

No. 1321286

context? is this a new cow or sommet?

No. 1321287

>12 BPD sufferers kicking off all the time
can’t imagine why they’re short staffed….

No. 1321288

She’s been posted several times on this thread. Super skelly but also a practicing lawyer.

No. 1321294

Those seem like the wrong emojis. She probably does need a walking stick.

No. 1321298

File: 1631380482297.png (Spoiler Image, 2.74 MB, 1914x784, bill bockman.png)

I checked scumbag "Henry Roth" for the first time in a long time. He's still collecting his spoops. I don't recognise any of them, so I guess they're private accounts or twitter. Sick fuck.

No. 1321299

more like a wheelchair, restraints and a nose hose

No. 1321300

File: 1631380672527.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 472.5 KB, 828x1305, 5C12D1A1-C081-4295-8F98-588E3B…)

God damn. How do you feel okay with going on a hike with someone like this?

No. 1321313

I thought his account was taken down

No. 1321316

If she's on any kind of antipsychotics they'll have her bloating up too. They make you so damn hungry.

No. 1321317

Honestly, if she doesn't talk about anorexia or comment on ED accounts I don't see the milk. She's private and doesn't mention EDs in her bio.

No. 1321318

I was under the impression the tribunals were to let her off section because she was committed there and not allowed to leave.

No. 1321329

No, the dumb fuck forgot his log in details at VK but found a way in. He knocks me sick. He's sending love notes to this skeleton on vk ATM. All the sickos drooling after her. No milk on her because she's Chinese or something with little details.

No. 1321332

> something with little details.

her details are very little, indeed

No. 1321334

I didn’t know it was a private account. I’ve been following her for a while. I won’t post her anymore.

No. 1321343

File: 1631385574705.jpeg (865.36 KB, 828x1547, 202CFF16-4D98-4277-8881-A1D504…)

new cow alert and she looks like one

No. 1321344

File: 1631385729940.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, 85FBDD58-AF03-4DCC-8759-C7C8BF…)

No. 1321346

The shooping is cringey serious psychological issues just based on her cutting off her shoulders in her professional photo

No. 1321350

Woe-is-me, motivational slogans, girly clothes, deathbed shots.

I'd say she ticks pretty much all the boxes.

No. 1321352

Imagine being this big and being confident to post about you ~ana~. No one with a genuine restrictive ED would be comfortable posting this shit when visibly overweight. And if you are well enough to make numerous psych ward room tours and rElAtAbLe MH ThInGs you are well enough to be discharged.

No. 1321354

Whats with those scabs all over her does she pick?

No. 1321362

Nta but looks like a headbanger. Georgia v.2 with the tube

No. 1321363

File: 1631387081257.jpeg (697.71 KB, 750x1231, B05AD99A-5636-456F-B10A-B4B422…)

How many times has Anna used this photo? This is the third I’m counting

No. 1321364

She wants you to ask her

No. 1321365

File: 1631387189416.jpeg (167 KB, 750x843, 00C23FCA-E7C0-434B-B4BE-84094A…)

Scrolling through Nik’s Instagram to find if he’s ever mentioned his sexuality and found this old photo… well he’s got that right

No. 1321368


Gay is too boring to do as a thing in the 2000s. Normal gayness is accepted, it's all those genderspecials wanting the limelight.

Perhaps he's never had a boyfriend.

No. 1321370

File: 1631387940865.jpg (353.64 KB, 1080x1193, 20210911_211853.jpg)

No. 1321378

File: 1631388722594.png (104.51 KB, 449x529, Screenshot_20210911-203040~2.p…)

As much a lie as recovery hero.

No. 1321385

File: 1631389352075.jpg (105.2 KB, 1080x1080, spoopyboi.jpg)

Am I the only one who thinks he kinda looks like Victor from Corpse Bride?

No. 1321392

File: 1631389984304.jpg (28.52 KB, 377x566, 23d1f4b28b33fe5d565d950ba37173…)

Victor is cute, he looks more like sid to me

No. 1321399

File: 1631390808849.jpg (83.91 KB, 1080x1193, 1631387940865.jpg)

nyuk nyuk nyuk

No. 1321416

"Dear Anna, why do you think that these fake freckles make you look anything other than ridiculous?"

(I know, I won't message the cow.)

No. 1321433

File: 1631393510000.jpg (921.75 KB, 1080x1058, 20210911_225129.jpg)

This is fun kek

No. 1321434

You said it

No. 1321435

I wonder if she's trying to weight restore too

No. 1321438

The freckles look too perfect and are contained in one strip across her face. Looks like a bunch of blackheads

No. 1321440

I think that's the look he's going for. Definite similarity around the mouth area. If only he'd sort his hair out, that would look good on him.

No. 1321448

File: 1631394549174.png (1023.49 KB, 863x742, SASSY.png)

He don't care.

No. 1321459


No. 1321460

Hxn on live now for anyone with nothing else to do

No. 1321465

File: 1631395256919.jpg (99.77 KB, 707x851, niknik.JPG)

Looking for references to being a homosexual, I found him kinda denying being a gay.

>𝕎𝕙𝕪 𝕕𝕠 𝕡𝕖𝕠𝕡𝕝𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕞𝕖 𝕒 𝕡𝕦𝕤𝕤𝕪 𝕠𝕣 𝕘𝕒𝕪 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕓𝕖𝕔𝕒𝕦𝕤𝕖 𝕀 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕕𝕚𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕙𝕠𝕓𝕓𝕚𝕖𝕤 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣 𝕞𝕖𝕟 𝕠𝕣 𝕕𝕠𝕟'𝕥 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 𝕣𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕡?

(Because you're gay?)

>𝕊𝕥𝕠𝕡 𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕠𝕥𝕪𝕡𝕚𝕟𝕘! 𝕎𝕙𝕠 𝕕𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕤 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕞𝕒𝕤𝕔𝕦𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕟𝕠𝕥?

Well, don't't get me started on that one.

Also humble brag that he's "too skinny".

Ta for the heads up. I'll have a look at the mess. Only lying on my bed with the radio on, sooo…

No. 1321468

>real men always wants sex
>eating diseases


No. 1321470

Fucking hell, couldn't do any more of Hxn, zzz. She's making something.

No. 1321471

Look at the STATE of him though. He might be ~sensitive~ but he has big clanging balls of steel to put himself forward as a recovery account.

No. 1321475

File: 1631395963931.jpg (245.03 KB, 1080x1080, 7694633026499231728_n.jpg)

This can be a lot of fun.

No. 1321476

This is hilarious kek. Take that to the fucking banners thread immediately before I kill you

No. 1321479

This would be a good banner.

No. 1321480

That's two votes, anon.

No. 1321482

Three votes now. I've been waiting for skelly man to become a banner.

No. 1321484

File: 1631396477710.jpg (103.68 KB, 707x851, 1631395256919.jpg)

Keep 'em coming

No. 1321485

File: 1631396721537.jpg (546.02 KB, 1080x1071, 20210911_234517.jpg)

No. 1321489

File: 1631397240872.png (2.09 MB, 1094x1096, pencilneck.png)

git som

No. 1321492


I've given up even trying to make something funny with these to compete with!

No. 1321499

Can anyone think of something to replace ody ass ndex on his BMI one?
The quality of cows may be not as good as old times, but I've always loved the humour of farmers in this thread.

No. 1321500

File: 1631397615914.jpg (102.57 KB, 697x1038, 164636107_1012460092618257_490…)

Whatever you say can be used against you.
Just like in the detective movies.

No. 1321509

File: 1631398094867.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1333, 20210912_000750.jpg)

No. 1321513

Award winning farming tonight

No. 1321520

File: 1631398461542.jpg (612.58 KB, 1080x1065, 20210912_000803.jpg)

Lesson learned: never post photos of yourself holding up pieces of paper on social media.

No. 1321522

File: 1631398702658.jpg (310.64 KB, 1080x1080, 139169030_449235086116292_2579…)

Well, I gave it a shot.

No. 1321524

He's such a poster boy, innit.

No. 1321537

gas chamber. now.

No. 1321540

No Ham diabetes porridge post this morning. Her one day of college socialization must have spiraled her into a terrible awful relapse. Keep our recovery warrior cow in your prayers.

No. 1321549

File: 1631400744535.jpeg (122.56 KB, 640x800, gan0r.jpeg)

Ganer widening her back like mad, maybe that way her long-lost period finds a place to land on.

No. 1321552

Be More Ill?

No. 1321554

WWow with the contrast up like that there's actual muscle definition. Some gains for Ganer!!

No. 1321721

Can “men don’t have eating diseases” please be the title of the next thread?

No. 1321735

File: 1631425238816.jpg (290.63 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20210912-173944_Tik…)

K continues to be blown up further with her nose pipe

No. 1321739

get that admission band loosened honey, it will cut off your circulation.

No. 1321785

File: 1631432434952.jpeg (96.1 KB, 750x843, 1631387189416.jpeg)

Only a bit of shuffling, I know.

No. 1321791

Amazing, anon.

No. 1321796

Someone please make a collage of all of these to be a banner for the next thread.

No. 1321836

File: 1631440175332.jpeg (113.86 KB, 1284x418, 5ACECBA4-E438-4ED3-BB09-3F0367…)

I don’t know if someone has posted about this…but Hxn posted about UC, so I’m assuming she gets it tbh, we all see how much she spends on crap.

Why doesn’t she stop buying so much, and put aside the money to help fund this apparent “life saving vital treatment” why doesn’t she actually do things to aid in raising money for it, rather then just compromising her treatment in IP by exercising and pacing on videos and messing about.

Like if she’s there for 4 months she’ll have around 2400 from UC…which is a start. And then also she can get pip so she can backtrack that amount…so she is actually helping herself as well, and fighting for the treatment…but nope she is leeching off her followers.

No. 1321844

did anyone watch Hxn's live and if so was there any milk?

She is now saying she doesn't want day patient in particular but the quality of care at Orri. Surely if that is the case she can just get intensive OP therapy or maybe do Orri's remote programme instead of asking fo 30k?

No. 1321850

File: 1631441257761.jpg (745.67 KB, 1080x2133, 20210912_200509.jpg)

Found K's Insta. Kek at the tensing of her neck to look less obese. Her names Kate, and of course she's an aus fag. Kek at all the toob pics and headbanging pics
Link to Insta: https://instagram.com/kate.dgtribe?utm_medium=copy_link

No. 1321876

Hannah looks obese. When i looked at her first post that she has on her recovery acc, she doesn't look that skinny, more like bit above her normal weight. She having anorexia is like a homeless human having an iphone
Sorry if i spelled something wrong my eyesight isn't that good(sage)

No. 1321916

Bone rattling much? She’s not skinny but she is far from obese. She’s a normal teen.

No. 1321921

File: 1631447826679.png (28.69 KB, 560x126, snow -.png)

No. 1321941


Oh god sorry normal sized teen. Normal teen no. My error.

No. 1321957

File: 1631449308172.png (366.26 KB, 341x491, loeffortnoordinarygurl.png)

are you sure about that? picrel

No. 1321985

Agreed on the normal-sized bit. I don't get the obsession with calling average/slightly overweight people obese on this site.

No. 1321999

Yeah it pains me to defend Ham but she’s always looked average sized. Def not underweight at the start of her *~joUrNey~* (anyone can pop their collarbones) but hardly a beast like Porge or Ovi either.
Still no helpfully labelled bowls of cremated porridge. Am eagerly awaiting the college ReLaPse saga.

No. 1322006

Pencilneck posted a new YT video. It's in German, so no 'weight jain' talk this time sadly. Might take one for the team and watch it all since I understand German.

No. 1322007

Thanks for the hint, anon.
The YT vid has got English subtitles (just click the 'CC').

No. 1322017

Ok, I watched since it's really short lol, but basically for antone who doesn't want to give him a view:

He talked about how he wants to start making videos on YT again, but exclusively in German because he got 'a lot of messages telling him to stop speaking English in his videos' (I personally think he lurked). Also because it takes up a lot of time for him to write down scripts in English and the products ge will be talking about will be available in Germany.
That's pretty much it, no mention of how his 'recovery' is going. I think it's pretty obvious though, judging by how gaunt and malnourished he looks in the video.

No. 1322019

Just out of curiosity; Is there even ONE non white middle class attention seeking whore that suffers from Eating Disorders?

It's always the same type… Every single time.

No. 1322021

Excuse my inability to spell, anons.

No. 1322022