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File: 1603240110694.jpeg (903.34 KB, 1590x1997, spookyana.jpeg)

No. 1062667

Last thread:

Ganer, in the midst of prepping for a bikini competition posted a “progress” picture and impresses no one. Also shared a petition to stop gyms from closing (let’s hope they do close).

N2f is still eating (?) her bizarre creations and inventing baking nightmares which our resident bakerfag has been testing on her family with some success and some failure. A farmer also discovered her old youtube account, featuring a “My Anorexia Story” video full of bodychecks and inspirational quotes. She is theorized to have a low IQ.

Laura has apparently stopped scratching her face but nonetheless keeps lifting her legs for the camera.

Molly went full skin-walker and posted a video following Elzani’s diet, continues to play up her childishness and call every food scary. Some farmers question how long she was actually sick and whether she actually finds food sooper scary. Other farmers derailed the thread by speculating if her brother is FtM (let’s just not go there).

Our favorite delicate frail ana princess Georgia lamented about her weight gain from obese to more obese. A picture of her legs serves as nightmare fuel this October. Georgia was also seen on Littlestee’s story looking as big as ever, most likely gossiping about lolcow. She also has beef with tal.trying who posts some screenshots on her story.

A relatively new cow called Miha/Mihaela was posted—another obese ana who claims she was at an ed residential that looks suspiciously like a hotel (btw if you’re gonna share her tiktok links be careful because they might show your user profile).

Elzani replied positively to Molly’s skin walking and is apparently living her best life in recovery while still being obsessed with food and lacking any direction in her adult life.


If anything is missing, post it now.

Last thread >>>/snow/1050976

No. 1062672

Oof I just realized I forgot to mention the cowtipping Instagram account

No. 1062677

Also the pro ana train wreck we are just getting to know and love @a_wintergirl_thawing_2

No. 1062720

Damn, we'd rather not post all day than create a new thread. Great job team. (I'm guilty too obvi though I was ready to create a new thread just waiting for a better picture oh well)

No. 1062752

The old thread was already maxed out in posts so there was no choice but to make a new one lol

No. 1062785

apologies in advance bc newfag and hope i saged correctly bc not super milky, just another n2f meal but fuck. why do her eggs look so horrifying. they’re always so yellow and dry looking??

No. 1062787

File: 1603250971605.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1125x1674, C16F3525-5631-4E27-8189-E2A3C5…)

soz forgot the image

No. 1062795

V curious about the second egg hiding between and under her microwaved bread.

No. 1062798

The sesame seeds…why

No. 1062805


my thoughts exactly, it's kinda creepy how she says 1 egg as tho no one can see the 2nd one lurking…

No. 1062818

File: 1603256968099.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1242x2556, B1DD57AC-0402-48B8-85E4-E204E5…)

such fragile arms on our ana Queen

No. 1062826

I've heard of poaching eggs in the microwave, perhaps this is the outcome? I agree there appears to be multiple eggs in this picture though I'm baffled as to why she would deny its existence, isn't she usually one to boast about every time she 'beats ana'?

No. 1062844

i tried uploading a collage picture that included georgia's legs but apparently the file was too big. the irony.

No. 1062847

File: 1603263172474.png (1.78 MB, 1676x980, Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 4.52…)

Welp, she lasted a solid 5 minutes out of hospital. Looks awfully pleased with herself.

No. 1062870

File: 1603269505230.png (19.12 KB, 432x125, Capture.PNG)

Georgia trying to relate to a certain banned cow kek. Guess this is how she would justify going up a size every time she goes shopping

No. 1062872

File: 1603269855426.png (9.08 MB, 1125x2001, 511725C0-2CA7-4EC9-AD34-4A5185…)

Bloody hell N2F, it’s too early for this. Such a strange combo of foods. Strawberries with the leaves still left on? Partially wrapped candy bar? Some skittles and grapes? All slapped on and eaten together with a spoon on a pile of granola. Not the most abhorrent combo she had but I couldn’t imagine this would feel good in the morning.(namefag)

No. 1062878

File: 1603272265232.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1492, 2F2403E3-9FDD-4B6A-8D0D-36AD32…)

Always makes me kek that cows like Georgia insist they need to pretty much live in the hospital whereas the actual anas claim “ip life ain’t for me”!

No. 1062879

I am fairly sure that at this point, she eats the wrappers as well.

No. 1062880

she loves IP. She is so good at detailing every ED behaviour she engages in and she loves the good old tube. I sense BPD in this one.

No. 1062887

File: 1603273740013.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1706, 8F45277B-87B9-42DE-A817-121842…)

What’s the matter Porgie? Is your brain struggling to figure out what to stuff yourself with next or is the ECT that you didn’t need frying your mind?

No. 1062904

They’re at war because your brain is telling you to stop shoveling pounds of shit into your mouth because your elephant legs are tired of carrying all that weight Georgia

No. 1062911

File: 1603281741105.png (9.74 MB, 1125x2001, E0C166D2-079A-49D6-B453-4FEB49…)

sage bc old photo from going through her highlights but what the everliving fuck is her face in this picture and why

porgie deserves an award for the worst selfies on the planet

No. 1062918

Georgia has so nothing to do with anas, that I think she doesn’t suit this thread. She should be moved to >>1042077

No. 1062919

But yeah, she doesnt belong here, she actually belongs in the Munchie thread, she's only here because it was banned.

No. 1062920

probably from her bad periods she complains of, not from her ED haha she wishes

No. 1062921

I agree. She loves being itt way too much.

No. 1062922

she wishes she had illnesses and anorexia, makes sense

No. 1062924


part of me agrees because of all of the larping but she still has the ‘pro-ana scumbag’ going for her, re: her reddit, tumblr, and mpa presence. larping for sure which is definitely munchie as hell but she definitely promotes and perpetuates the (albeit romanticized Y/A novel stereotypes) of eating disorders and therefore is a ~ pro ana scumbag ~

definitely a munchie tho, wonder what she’ll be larping as 10 years from now

No. 1062925

Dead? Diabetus? She won’t need to larp any more because she’ll actually have a whole host of complications. It’s grim, but if she keeps abusing her body the way she is now by aggressively over feeding herself under the guise of ~*~challenging muh anurexia~*~ she’s not going to see 50.

No. 1062931

This is sad, but completely true.

No skinny syrup throat lube?!

No. 1062933


Weirdly enough, she’s been cutting down on a lot of the syrups, at least compared to her normal ocean of slop. A lot of her meals have been cut down drastically in size too

No. 1062939

File: 1603286012366.jpg (472.72 KB, 505x828, Qe3vLNQ.jpg)

Rest day tip: don't actually rest!

No. 1062942

Yay thank you to the anon who made this thread! I was scared we'd never see a new pro ana scumbag thread after the last one filled up.

No. 1062952

Yeah Porgie definitely needs more helpings of red meat. Ffs she’s always going out for burgers and beer

No. 1062961

File: 1603288567741.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1524, 3B3A2CB5-285E-4A54-8212-E61866…)

Can’t wait to see those toddler outfits

No. 1062968

Also, this is very clearly not taken at a Dr. office.

No. 1062997


Just a heads up Porgie: if you take beta blockers for being tachycardic, your blood pressure will be affected. Your apparently low BP is a result of that and not bc you’re such a dainty lil ana waif.
She’d probably be hypertensive at that weight if it weren’t for the beta blockers…

No. 1063000

She takes herself way too seriously. Schedules when to release a new video, now she thinks she's a style icon. Ofc she'll talk about Belinda the bloat to add the recovery touch.

No. 1063017

File: 1603295330964.png (403.24 KB, 390x632, m.png)

our smol bean is getting triggered by people asking her what her lowest weight was kek

No. 1063020

Snotty bitch

No. 1063022

Has Smorven been up to anything?
Or that McKee girl who got married?

No. 1063031

She has the worst selfies because she’s legitimately extremely ugly. She has one of the most offensive faces I’ve ever seen on a cow.

No. 1063034

File: 1603296845513.jpeg (313.56 KB, 828x1792, 2BA94BCA-80C6-4637-B601-982B14…)


Sadly can’t post relevant pics bc she’s an absolute hawk about her “close friends”, but nothing new really. Pic attached is her last public update.

24/7 complaining about how horrendously she’s being treated, why can’t they let her die, the occasional fresh head banging wound (in colour these days!) and claiming “no one knows what to do with her “. Has gone uber-religious but remains her entitled, spoilt self. No prospect of discharge it seems so continues wasting one of the most precious specialty unit beds in the country.

No. 1063036

Okay so this might be a controversial post since she's quite well liked so don't get mad at me if you're one of her fangirls but I've been looking at Of Herbs and Alters' instagram and I thought it was slightly milky that she was still constantly posting about her ED despite recovering 5 years ago (her claim, atleast), she can't seem to let go of it.
So I looked at her channel and yeah she made a video about how she has eating disorder nostalgia or whatever so that was that.
Anyway then I watched some of her old youtube videos and they're a bit preachy, not my thing but probably not enough to warrant her a cow but then in this one she talks about how she saw a boy who looked younger than 17 in a nightclub and thought she'd be a pervert for going and hitting with him, then getting upset because she couldn't find him in the crowd to hit on him and went home alone. Biiiiit pedo-y.

No. 1063050

She's always been kind of creepy, in a bad way. I do like listening to some of her rants because she can be pretty level headed at times, and she's got some interesting stories, but because she's a sperg she thinks a lot of the fucked up behaviour is bc of that. Not all of us with ASD are like her, tbh she's the first one I've seen who has had such a chaotic past + large social life. inb4 "girls with asperger's are chameleons!!!!!"
I do believe she is recovered, though, I mean one of the best anti-ana thing she has said was explaining the explosion shit stories.

No. 1063076

File: 1603302632866.jpeg (588.45 KB, 1242x1566, 6FFA7D7D-9BE9-426D-B882-B42E57…)

She can’t wait to tell her dad about putting on fresh underwear! Do any of these cows have a normal relationship with their parents?

No. 1063084

File: 1603303803236.jpg (337.58 KB, 967x1557, Screenshot_20201021_012457.jpg)

_ghostofme is feeling better

No. 1063099

Wait what????is this real?

No. 1063104

Nope it's not

No. 1063125

it's weird that ocd made her NOT shower/change her clothes.

No. 1063151

File: 1603308642665.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 942.21 KB, 2048x2048, 0C82771F-024F-42FB-820C-1CC509…)

An egg potato that looks suspiciously foamy and not at all what it’s supposed to be and a cup of what looks like diarrhea with a glass pumpkin on the plate for decoration. Oh nourish.

No. 1063156

it’s the two smarties/skittles sweets for me

No. 1063158

I was going to say the same thing. Wouldn’t ocd make her more likely to do those things? Not wanting to shower or wear deodorant or brush her teeth sounds like both ED and depression. And her update is just odd, changing 5 times a day is not normal. I’ve heard of people avoiding showers and tooth brushing because they’re afraid of the calories so I think maybe that’s what was actually going on. We know she’s not in recovery at all and is still spoopy, so it’d make sense.

No. 1063166

She wrote 5 items which could be a typo, but even 5 items is odd. Five items of clothing?

No. 1063173


OCD isn’t about being a clean freak. You guys never watched an episode of Hoarders? A number of times OCD manifests as people becoming quite filthy or living in filthy conditions in part because their compulsions tell them that by cleaning germs they’ll end up contaminating themselves in the process.

No. 1063180


Yeah, this. But going most of a year without a proper wash is fucking grim. She's too young to do that without it going noticed and getting help for it. I feel bad for her in this way.

No. 1063181

her compulsive thoughts could have been more along the lines of ‘if you wash yourself with soap your family will be killed’, blog but most ocd compulsions are things you do/avoid doing to negate some negative consequence that you’re convinced will happen otherwise, and could easily be unrelated to her ED

No. 1063185

she posted a video on her story of the tube being inserted…

No. 1063187

Nooo, she's my fav. Also she's involved in the NF drama and thus kind of belongs here.

No. 1063191

Yeah, Georgia's absolutely pro ana. She takes EDs and loves the attention. Just because she's fat is no reason to kick her out. Her life is being a wannarexic.

No. 1063194

lol "explosion shit stories" ?
mind linking to it?

No. 1063195

good for her

No. 1063208

Of herBS and alters isn't worth listening to. She creates stories about herself and her fictional past while being stuck in the mindset of a try hard 14 year old. In her 30s lives a cosy life with her parents. Anyway here it is. She repeats the same stories over and over. Apparently she was a famous thinspo pic in the 90s. Yeah, right. Oh and she does heroin and loads of drugz even though she has no friends and lives in her bedroom.

No. 1063212

If that's her then I'm pleased also. Idk why anon under that post says it's not her, but I damn well hope it is. As much as I dislike her, I'd like her to be out of the spoopy mindset.

No. 1063215

File: 1603315661156.jpg (49.79 KB, 472x587, Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-21 232847…)

I'm sorry anon

No. 1063229

Shame. She suits the other look. No idea why I even thought she'd bother to sort herself out. Oh well.

No. 1063237

i cannot believe this girl is doing a fucking dissertation this year, when she can barely wash. just….. how???????

No. 1063238

Agreed, she has the potential to look quite nice. Too bad she’ll still be a shit person even if she does gain weight.

She definitely is proana and a scumbag. She has similarities to munchies but so do most of the ana chans here. Big overlap between EDs and munchies anyways, and since munchie threads are banned Porgie should stay. Besides, her constant expansion while crying anorexia and malnourishment is hilarious. She’s just as delusional as Ganer is with her “recovery”.

No. 1063243

File: 1603318422998.jpg (309.4 KB, 1080x1653, 20201021_171348.jpg)

Eat the same apple cut up into tiny pieces with a blob of yogurt(?) on the side like always!

No. 1063244

File: 1603318496862.jpg (328.43 KB, 1080x1715, 20201021_171603.jpg)

Samefag. Not sure how keeping a gym open "saved lives" but Ganer can still go to the gym!

No. 1063246

Imagine thinking opening gyms is a top priority during a pandemic.

No. 1063254

i have a seething hatred for this twat even more than people like porgie. she's so fucking dumb and delusional she doesn't realize her eating disorder has just transformed then thinks she has a right to preach her "success". stupid bitch, i seriously hope she breaks both legs or is incapacitated in some way and can't work out(a-log)

No. 1063257

I hope this is an example of what undereating is, but nope. She works out on THAT. That's a small apple too, not a moon size wonky apple from Tesco (recommended 87p a bag - delicious).

I'm in a Tier 3 area also and really pissed off if gyms get to open here. Those things breed infection. Apparently it's going to save lives because people will be mentally ill and maybe suicidal if they don't get to lift weights. Yup.

Her OCD might make her really studious? Idk. It's good that she's carrying on studies even though she's ill, but her brain has to be affected to concentrate on anything other than food and being dirty.

No. 1063265

Weird idea but stay with me: can people not just buy weights and work out at home? Crazy, I know. Can't believe it even came to mind

No. 1063267

Get a pair of dumbbells and work out at home. Access to a treadmill is not a human right.

No. 1063273

i'd eat coal to get a copy of her dissertation, omg can you imagine? does anybody know what she's studying?

No. 1063275

Probably found those two on her floor or bed and decided to add them as a garnish

No. 1063280

this doesn't sound healthy, anon- maybe take a little break? its supposed to be funny after all

No. 1063282

Personally against lockdowns BUT if it's happening and there shouldn't be exceptions.

From the article:
>'People's physical wellbeing and mental health is more important than ever - especially during a pandemic - and shutting the gyms which were reopened being Covid-compliant was detrimental to the public's overall health whilst also destroying the health and fitness industry in the process.

Okay, so it's great that the fitness industry won't go tits up because they're not making money, but if there's a lockdown like the first where there aren't any shops open for "non essentials" (not even sure if that's what'll happen on Friday), I'm going to set a petition up to keep craft shops open because mental health. Innit odd how much these gym people are DESPERATE to work out…OBSESSIVELY.

No. 1063284

Her bone density can't be great, so it won't even need help to start getting injuries to her legs.

No. 1063286

There is literally no excuse as gym-cards are rather expensive. If you can afford that, you can absolutely afford a couple weights.

No. 1063290

That’s exactly it, it’s under-eating because she’s working out all day and just eating an apple, a little bit of yougurt (low fat and either sugar free or plain I’m guessing), and breakfast biscuits (non-UKfag here so no guesses on calories except low). She’s done nothing but trade her old eating disorder for one that’s more socially acceptable, even regularly praised. It’s like all the ana chans who go vegan in recovery as another way to restrict, sure they’re eating but it’s just another eating disorder, albeit a hidden and socially acceptable one.

No. 1063291

File: 1603320495299.png (297.23 KB, 815x677, Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 00.49…)

a-anon.. ?

No. 1063292

File: 1603320562852.jpg (386.38 KB, 1080x2080, Ganer gains.jpg)

I was curious to see if there really is any visible difference in how she looks with all of this training. The pictures are 4 weeks apart and 18 (top) and 22 weeks in.

No. 1063298

File: 1603320939677.jpg (18.86 KB, 517x122, Capture.JPG)


That yogurt's got to be a low fat Skyr or Muller. That dollop would be less than 60 calories.

No. 1063299

Fuck this dumbass fanart, I thought she had recovered

No. 1063300

File: 1603321012517.jpg (43.42 KB, 640x640, 58889011_0_640x640.jpg)

ukfag here - the biscuits look like belvita breakfast biscuits. not well versed in the flavours but can't see any obvious fruit or chocolate pieces or anything, so either the milk/cereal or the golden oat edition - both of which are a very body-builder-friendly 49 calories. wheeze

No. 1063306

File: 1603321273168.jpg (673.94 KB, 463x759, Qe184NK.jpg)

Relax, she's fine. She's treating herself to this … zero calorie drink …

No. 1063307

It's basically a plate of carbs. Anyone serious about gaining strength and size knows that they need to eat an adequate amount of protein and fat.

No. 1063309

File: 1603321386194.jpeg (56.17 KB, 540x540, oats.jpeg)

Looks like these, but could also be the oat ones. I see these at Poundland and Home Bargains. The fancy flavours must go to supermarkets. Never had them, but her look a bit oaty?

Treat yourself to full fat Pepsi…oh wait.

No. 1063312

File: 1603321484233.jpg (47.85 KB, 468x569, Capture.JPG)

There are protein ones, but they look very different to the normal ones.

No. 1063321

sage for biscuit derail lmao, it looks like they have a bunch of flavours but it would seem the rest of them are easier to distinguish from their fillings (eg chocolate has chips, blueberry has small fruit pieces). none of them really seem to come in much higher than 50 cals though so 4 biscuits and a slop of yoghurt would explain why she's entirely stagnated

No. 1063328

Is she eating with a soup ladle..?

No. 1063332


No, that’s her usual filthy, unwashed tiny cereal spoon. I think a while back she posted about how she was excited to had just received her ‘new spoon’ (the one pictured)

she only ever uses I think the same two spoons, that one and a gold guitar one

No. 1063336

she probably has it as pre workout for energy since she is probably prone to low blood sugar levels with those piss poor muscles of hers

No. 1063339

File: 1603322952537.jpg (596.32 KB, 1080x1920, 1546766886751.jpg)

The filthy spoon didn't go unnoticed. I remember she bought herself a set of cutlery. Bet she's forgotten it's buried under a pile of crap in her room.

No. 1063347


The most idiotic thing about their crusade for having gyms stay open is that you can still buy/create makeshift weights, research weightlifting routines on Reddit and work out at home. There’s absolutely zero reason to risk infecting people by keeping gyms open, as if that’s the only possible way you can get an intense workout. Soz, I’m beginning to really loathe this selfish girl and I can’t wait for her to hurry up and completely relapse so she can quit doing this mess and get better for real rather than let her quasi-recovery keep having her push self-absorbed crap like this and putting more people at risk.

No. 1064252

Caring so obsessively about what food goes in your body but not about how cheap and low quality your utensils are?

No. 1065381

File: 1603325315999.jpg (157.74 KB, 1399x664, c.JPG)

I think it's this set from amazon.
>Very poor quality. You could see and feel where the cutlery had been removed from the moulding bars like an airfix model kit. The box was also damaged due to very thin packaging. Returned for a refund.

Did we ever see her with a motivational slogan engraved spoon? I know we discussed our repulsion of these objects recently. Molly uses one. How could she not.

No. 1065384

I think an anon here goes to uni and takes classes with her. I remember someone saying they're in the same lectures and she's really quiet.

No. 1065387

I could tell just by looking at the product photo. This shit is made in factories in China out of god knows what mixed materials, people who are dumb enough to want to use them are beyond me. Doubly odd for someone with obsessive ana tendencies, brain must be extra shrank now eh.

No. 1065389

she actually looks like she’s losing muscle definition, but it’s difficult to tell because there wasn’t any to begin with

No. 1065399

Not bone-rattling but her face looks so chubby?? Rip

No. 1065401

She unironically looks healthier here than the shopped pic. Not healthy, necessarily, but healthier.

No. 1065402

Why are the "munchies" threads banned?

No. 1065403

It’s a fanart

No. 1065405

Self posting.

No. 1065408

No. 1065409

Her face looks quite overweight there. That's not what recovery is supposed to be??

No. 1065419


I'm sure she has a decorative looking spoon with a heart shape? I might be mixing up my anas tho.

No. 1065427

What happened that she doesn’t wash?? I need the backstory !

No. 1065449

I hate to body shame an ana but every time I see her pictures they make me go wtf… like, that bone(?) in her leg and her pointy ass shoulders

No. 1065453

File: 1603333010520.png (1.33 MB, 828x1792, 85992961-6F73-486B-9436-DB17CF…)

Do you think she reads her or…?

No. 1065455

pretty sure thats a tendon anon. its because she doesnt eat anything that has calories in it, she would look normal and it would go away if she did

No. 1065469

Sage for derail but s/o to the moon sized wonky apples, they're even cheaper where I am.

That weird tendon thing on her leg makes me feel sick, nobody with a healthy weight has that, she is still severely malnourished, gyms closing would be a good thing for her anyway.

No. 1065494

File: 1603342515273.jpg (452.1 KB, 2204x1120, molly scawed.jpg)

molly is becoming one of my favorite cows, god she's annoying
>>1065449 also yeah that tendon creeps me out

No. 1065498

She posted a thing on her story where she saw a post that some slightly overweight girl posted about how her atypical anorexia wasn’t taken seriously because of her weight. She went on a sperg in the comments about how she was infuriated for her and then went on to post a bunch of stories about the whole atypical anorexia thing and how you don’t need to be a low weight, etc. I’ll try to dig up the post with her comment if I can find it again.

No. 1065499

shit forgot to safe, my bad y’all

No. 1065500

File: 1603343796747.jpeg (610.63 KB, 2048x2048, DDE4BBF0-BD58-4208-B0BC-F716B5…)


found it- she seemed pretty genuine so saged bc not milky but that’s why she sperged on out on her stories about not having to prove/say her lowest weight and always believing that everyone who said they had an ed, etc etc etc.

No. 1065502

File: 1603344042648.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1977, B448961D-2823-4082-8842-C4FA04…)

kek just gotta show off the neda tattoo at every chance you get porgie, don’t ya

No. 1065520

Soz for derail but please, there is no pepsi that has fat. People saying "full-fat" or "no-fat" pepsi" drives me insane

No. 1065521

No offense to anons who inevitably have them but I find NEDA ratios to be extremely attention seeking and OTT ED publicity badges. Not to mention how incredibly stupid it is to get a logo of of an organization tattooed On their body. We all know porfie did it because her ass ugly necklace wasn’t a big enough statement.
Get over it anon. No1cur about your feefees here. Are you really so dumb that you think people on this board actually believe soda has fat?????

No. 1065523


I don’t get why she wears both the necklace and has the giant tattoo. Seems like overkill to me but then again, so does multiple unnecessary feeding tubes and nf vacations

No. 1065531

because if she doesn't explicitly broadcast the illnesses she's malingering, the general public may - shockingly - not believe she has any issues at all (other than keeping her trotters in the trough for too long, considering her size). amazing how she feels the need to parade around in public with the tatt and necklace on display. why not throw on a pink ribbon and claim you're a cancer survivor as well, porker?

No. 1065533



quiet anon, you might give shay some ideas

No. 1065534

It seems quite obvious that being anorexic is her ultimate goal in life and revolves her identity around it. Considering her body does not reflect that, she has gone for any outward display she can think of. Sad.

No. 1065540

Had shay ever appeared on the reddit illness fakers thread? Surely shes a candidate.

No. 1065551

A cow in a previous thread was congratulating herself for drinking 'full fat coke' so might have been a reference to that

No. 1065554

the weight has gone to her face now kek, is it only me or is she getting bigger by the day?

No. 1065556

File: 1603357400069.png (76.59 KB, 711x694, Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 11.03…)

Mihas tiktok is now private and she's removed her bio… which one of you fuckers snitched

No. 1065560


No. 1065562

i'm so angry i'd take a leaf out of leg-breaker anons book (>>1063284) BEWARE TIPPER

No. 1065568

I know. I was joking because of a past post or two like anon said >>1065551
A couple of cows have called sugar come "full fat"

No. 1065569

File: 1603359221216.jpg (183.95 KB, 1080x1780, 20201022_193351.jpg)

She bought a wig. Does this mean she is sick of people thinking she has fake cancer and now just back on the ED train?

No. 1065571

Fuck, just noticed autocorrect. Not sugar come ewww COKE

No. 1065572

It could be helpful for her - Aly actually started gaining only after getting hit by that car and had her leg in a cast. Ganer would probably carry on exercising anyway though

No. 1065576

N2f-esque. Steady on the cheese!

No. 1065577

File: 1603361530431.png (953.88 KB, 720x1067, Screenshot_20201022-111204~2.p…)

No. 1065594

shes larping as ellysarahc

No. 1065599

She’s been larping as her practically all year and I think it’s pretty bloody foul. Shay is the worst of them all.

No. 1065600

File: 1603366287838.png (1.1 MB, 720x1318, Screenshot_20201022-122654~2.p…)

She start getting freebies from that foppish tea company. She puts milk with them. Why do people who can afford things get them free? She was telling Eat Natural should sponsor her in her last video. Is it greed or?

No. 1065605

who the fuck told her

No. 1065607

Am I the only one who cannot abide by these ‘fancy’ teas at all? They’re usually just added sugar and flavouring and end up not tasting like tea at all. Hope we don’t get a video of molly being vewy scawed to drink them all

No. 1065610

Nooooooooooooooo she was so funny. Is her Instagram still up?
Probably fucking Georgia.

No. 1065642

File: 1603371936717.jpg (549.55 KB, 720x1275, Screenshot_2020-10-22-14-05-58…)

Oh this is going to be insufferable! A (very scary) biscuit to any farmer who sits through it and tells us the milk!

No. 1065643

Wow she’s even making E’s signature ‘dead behind the eyes’ toothy grin in the thumbnail .

No. 1065651

another video recorded months ago? Maybe she knew people wouldn't care to watch as much if she gained weight and recorded a shit ton of footage to use later for when she was inevitably going to after challenging her fear of biscuits ad nauseum. I doubt we're ever actually going to get a lookbook video of her favourite toddler outfits like she was teasing earlier, at least not featuring her "recovery bod".

No. 1065652

how 2-dimensional do you have to be to be able to say a posh tea brand changed your life, kek

No. 1065658

Shay has serious issues. She needs a proper psych admission and not for her alleged ED but for the ridiculous munchie behaviour.

No. 1065669

No. 1065671

It's 2 minutes past 3, shall I?
Btw anon, I hate tea full stop. Coffee is the true brew, but I think we'll never hear from he last about these posh teas from her.

Lol how she schedules vid releases. Ego much.

No. 1065680

but anon, coffee supresses your appetite! Our brave little fighter needs all the incentives she can get to tackle those sooper scary uh…. multiple bowls of sugary cereal in one sitting

No. 1065681

thems them skinny bagels too. youd think shed know better than to post something so obviously ana-tier

No. 1065682

she just couldn't help but mention she was 'dressed like a small child' and '__ is so scary'. Someone make a molly bingo, be sure to include being a completely insufferable spoiled brat.

No. 1065688

File: 1603376380570.jpg (89.38 KB, 600x678, b2c.jpg)

I'm on it

No. 1065692

Remember her hilarious brother!

No. 1065696

File: 1603377027265.png (421.13 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20201022-152622.png)

That has to be them at their most unbearable yet. Fuck me that was agony.

Coffee never supresses my appetite. I don't get when anas say it does. Neither do cigs.

No. 1065698

Mum adoringly watches molly eat. "I've never had this before!" Dubious scar somewhere on her arm. Silly Jamie is offscreen but sticks his hand into the shot. 30 secs of Molly just eating cereal. "SCARY!" Whipping out the panini press.

No. 1065700

File: 1603377293889.png (768.27 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20201022-152506.png)

Tin foiling, but Im wondering if her clothing and behaviour are her attempt to get into children's TV presenting.

Her acting is so bad the way she makes the terrified face before she takes a bite. Ofc after the bite the foods AMAZING and she eats it all and eats extra with it without any issue.

IMG is the part where Jamie reaches climax.

No. 1065704

File: 1603378622428.jpg (401.63 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_2020-10-22-15-58-12…)

He reached it twice! Kek. I used to go through elzani's videos and leave a comment at different timestamps for you farmers but this.. this is too much. I can't cope with Molly.

No. 1065749

File: 1603381974110.png (598.75 KB, 924x720, Screenshot_20201022-152025~2.p…)

He was doing a sly one on the kitchen worktop. He's smiling because he thinks we don't know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1065769


You've been told before. He's not the cow and nobody gives a fuck.

No. 1065775

Of course she has scars on the forearm… of course

No. 1065780


good god, i have a high tolerance for hate watching ana vlogs, but i only made it to 1:20 on this. they are insufferable and she is the least anorexic-acting "anorexic" i have ever seen. her persona is like "bot watches 100 hours of elzani, Cassie from skins, and assorted insta stories and writes a script for Generic Internet Ana #46888643, who is then played by a mediocre acting student with no personal experience with EDs and zero screen presence"

No. 1065783

Try to loosen up some time eh

No. 1065785

There's a point where she forgets food is scary when she shovels some dry cereal into her mouth. Then she remembers and mumbles something about how even though she ate it out of the packet she's still scared to try it.

No. 1065789

File: 1603387214372.png (329.99 KB, 610x747, amelie's cell for cell real li…)

I made this promise before realising paint 3d is absolute dog shite….. pls no bully I tried

No. 1065791

KEK anon 10/10 for effort but 5/10 for execution. You're missing a column.

No. 1065793

"That's peng!" N2F is shaking

No. 1065795

File: 1603387712197.jpg (36.55 KB, 500x489, ace0c1f035e30e88928c9562d2d8a7…)

fuck, I didn't know it had to be 5x5 exactly to be bingo

No. 1065798

Mummy down in the corner giving the two thumbs up lmao. very well done

No. 1065799

Well I love it. Never used the 3d because it's scary. Also if we do another BAD BOI, Is this too much? (to mum) and hugs for being brave from bro.

No. 1065800

Shit I thought this was a n2f bake that was posted lol

No. 1065803

>>1065800 we'll probably see her eat soap one day anyway

No. 1065807

I'll make a remaster later

No. 1065808

File: 1603388898884.png (693.85 KB, 831x922, Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 12.49…)

Find someone who looks at you like Molly looks at this cookie

No. 1065809

It's good to have bingo back here. I can't even remember the last one unless it was Aly bingo. Shame we can't do a Georgie one because she'd sabotage it. Not that she checks here ofc.

Going to add an extra to my game. Some kind is "scary" and singing words count.

Still puzzled why she left it so long to upload these. That last one was 3 months old.

No. 1065810

File: 1603389039009.png (610.72 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20201022-170018.png)

No. 1065815

"It's so niiiiiiiice"
Screaming before putting food in her mouth

No. 1065827

Samefag, I just finished the video. She has LOTS of footage to edit and that's why it's taking so long. Also her current bowl cut looks so awful.

No. 1065828

aly bingo with the dante free space!! what a time we had together. i miss those collages an anon used to make of her ocd food arrangements. much more pleasing than n2f's vomit platters.

No. 1065832

File: 1603390139135.webm (103.04 KB, 1280x720, ape.webm)

No. 1065833

This made me laugh so hard, thanks anon!

I noticed this too. Then it's so scary that she had another whole bowl (and mixes it with cornflakes) AND also has some toast. So proud of our recovery warrior for tackling two bowls of cereal and toast when she was already so so so scared!

No. 1065835

This would be chef's kiss as a banner. Slap a lolcow.farm tag on there and it would be perfect.

No. 1065836

File: 1603390432432.jpeg (7.65 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

PG Tips should've sent her tea.

More clips in future would be appreciated.

No. 1065848

Can we get a "sponsor me" or something on the bingo board

No. 1065874

File: 1603393430748.png (436.91 KB, 706x851, v2 I'm sorry.png)

No. 1065875


No. 1065876

File: 1603393812457.gif (19.25 KB, 220x220, jamie wishes he could be as fu…)

>coffee 4 wankers

First time I've been excited for her next upload.

No. 1065910

willing to bet it was Shay who told her.

No. 1065911

>Elzani 0.5
Kek great job anon

No. 1065916

KEK this is great anon, the brothers at the top had me cackling

No. 1065919

File: 1603399938224.jpg (125.61 KB, 1226x577, moelly.jpg)

Looking a little more jowly than almost 4 months ago

No. 1065921

I assume this is why her "new vids" are all pre-recorded from months ago because of her weight gain.

No. 1065922

I think it is the god awful haircut. An actual child could do better cutting it themselves.
I wonder if she intentionally wanted to wait until she got a critical mass of followers? Like she didnt want to waste her slightly skinnier footage when she had nobody to watch them?

No. 1065926

that or she cant bring herself to record anymore cause she hates how she looks and can't pass for a scared dainty ana gorl when shes bigger

No. 1065937


That might've been a lockdown haircut her mum gave her. Is there any other reason to have a cut so bad? I don't think she looks much different. Lighting, angles, face position, distance from camera. She looks better left just for not having that hair and left she definitely does not look 12.

It's sad that the people who like her (Elzani fan types) are going to have been disordered for way longer than Molly and way spoopier. Not that that's a good thing, I mean the way she gives advice and makes it look so easy would make me feel like shit because I can't suddenly scoff bagels with apricot jam/nutella/marmite/biscoff.

It's also an oddity that she was apparently told there was nothing they could do for her in hospital because she wouldn't do what they said, then she woke up one day and thought I'M GOING TO EAT. And she did. And that was that. Not even a wobble (excluding the fake cry face).

No. 1065942

File: 1603402716916.jpg (371.95 KB, 719x1258, Screenshot_2020-10-22-22-39-51…)

Speaking of haircuts!

No. 1065943

She looks so unhealthy.

Prefer the 'do to Molly's, but she's going to get neck ache. How much do you reckon her hair weighs? But, yeah, her chest doesn't look as ribby, but her face looks like a corpse warmed up and her teeth are GREY. Don't die N2F!

No. 1065952

I don't want to think about n2f dying, I feel weirdly protective towards her, she's literally just feeble minded and I wish she'd get some real help and learn to look after herself

No. 1065957

Same I just wanna give her a haircut clean her room and help find her a job

No. 1065962

N2f feels like that crazy aunt everyone in the family gossips about but they love her really. I don't want anything bad to happen to her either.

No. 1065971


Me too, but you’d need a hazmat suit to even enter her hovel

No. 1065972

I want to give her a hug.

No. 1065980

I feel like Molly has just jumped on the all in band wagon for clout, I don't think she has a actual ed

No. 1065987

File: 1603405704113.gif (2.19 MB, 498x490, pepe is sad.gif)

I love her. I wish she'd let someone into her life. She shouldn't be lonely and eating food all day. I'd help clean her room, take her a box of products and give her treatments, make her feel she deserves a better life. Her bakes are horrendous but so cute because she tries. I wish we could all ~reach out~ (but not too close and not because of distancing) and help her. Her mum should do more. I wouldn't want a child of mine to be living such a pointless, lonely life.

Same. She couldn't deal with uni, probably couldn't eat because she was stressed and a bit of weight loss is good content for youtube after falling in love with Elzani.

No. 1065988

I believe she has had at least disordered eating, but now she's putting too much of her identity into the ~recovery community~ and just risks getting pulled down into more serious behaviours

No. 1066005

File: 1603406619661.jpg (183.47 KB, 1075x1680, 20201022_174359.jpg)

Yep, so non-compliant

No. 1066010

Wtf are clinicians supposed to do it the person with an ed won't take meds, take part in activities, try to follow the diet? They're not there to hold your fucking hand and they're not miracle workers. Didn't she say she was there for two weeks? Really gave it a good shot. Trying to get some big cheese to notice her now?

No. 1066017

According to the dates on her posts she was there for a month.

No. 1066081

it must have been hard for her to come up with these
her only personality is dainty little ana normally huh

No. 1066084

forgot to attach image

No. 1066087

File: 1603417510021.jpg (341.83 KB, 1079x1901, 20201022_204522.jpg)

Here, I'll help you out.

>bachelors degree in journalism
>who I love

It's whom, bitch

No. 1066096

How dull.

No. 1066119

File: 1603423531815.png (609.97 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201023-042705.png)

No. 1066125

That’s not even a crop top lol

No. 1066126

If she ever did actually have an eating disorder, she doesn’t anymore and it’s weird that she clings to it so hard but shows he full body.

No. 1066130

File: 1603425250277.jpg (18.05 KB, 300x480, b7ccf6b55d5a1d6ac35d5f9d11a30d…)

THIA is a crop top, Georgia. They show off your midriff.

No. 1066132

Thank you
I forgot to attach twice, and I decide to give up instead of making an even bigger mockery of myself lol

No. 1066133

File: 1603425415513.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.53 KB, 500x667, crop-top-article-6.jpg)

Or be even more daring.

No. 1066134

The NEDA tattoo is the new ana bracelet. It's just a signal to other wannarexics.

No. 1066136

I agree, I really don't understand, she tries to come off as an anorexic but takes pictures of herself like this? There are plenty of ways to manipulate pictures to make yourself look.. not morbidly overweight.
If I were anorexic like porg, I would never post a picture like this

No. 1066144


It's like a perpetual cycle if you're faking both. Anorexia causes physical health problems, weight fluctuation due to illness triggers anorexia again. Repeat ad nauseum.

No. 1066146


She's showing us her not-old self harm. They're still red, she's done that recently.

No. 1066147


I'm willing to bet some substantial cash that mummy is either an art teacher or a psychotherapist.

No. 1066149

File: 1603427817478.png (696.8 KB, 828x1792, AF6087B5-C9A5-43DF-AB0A-CB64BC…)

yes porgie your so special!

No. 1066161

exactly, its just too short and poorly fit

No. 1066162

must be the POTS….I mean energy drink shakes.

No. 1066163


why the fuck would someone with noted tachycardia drink energy drinks?

o right she's a munchie

No. 1066170

File: 1603432494941.png (4.63 MB, 1125x2001, 90EA6543-2B96-4140-9FBD-63DB05…)

not to be a grammarfag / nitpick but porgie wants to be a journalists and for her job has people hire her to write things for them but doesn’t know the difference between dying/dyeing?

cut six inches off of your waist with some exercise, miss piggy. and learn to spell so the people that hire you to write your ads don’t walk away entirely disappointed.

No. 1066171

samefag but oops, meant their ads. porgie’s stories are killing my braincells

No. 1066176

Did someone say she was only 22? I’ve always thought she was in her 30s, how do you get this ugly so fast

No. 1066187

She’s so uninteresting that facts about herself had to be about her family kek

No. 1066194

File: 1603441353591.jpg (228.91 KB, 1080x1767, 20201023_182242.jpg)

Holy wow Wonder of shay knows how much her face has filled out

No. 1066221

File: 1603448819861.jpeg (497.05 KB, 828x1704, E8E85C7A-03E8-44F3-BDEA-A23462…)

God forbid someone suggest Porgie eat less chocolate. Because being told to eat vegetables is definitely more damaging than a life of obesity. This anti-diet rhetoric has been taken to such an extreme that its lost the plot completely.

No. 1066228

But the HAES movement says otherwise anon kek

No. 1066230

She looks like Abby Shapiro here to me.

No. 1066233

File: 1603450572986.jpg (983.23 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201023_115248.jpg)

Is.. is she trolling? She has an NGT in right now (right photo is from 18 hours ago!) yet has been given the responsibility of training staff in meal support? I have to say Paige has the most smarmy attitude out of all these cows, rivalled only by Georgia. They're both easily the most unlikeable cows.

I'm anon who was going to review her book. (Blogpost) been ill, better now, would there still interest in seeing that?

No. 1066236


absolutely still interested in the book review anon

No. 1066261

File: 1603454778245.jpg (996.35 KB, 1080x1662, 20201023_130424.jpg)

How is it a mug cake when it's the size of an actual loaf cake?

No. 1066262

It was done in a microwave

No. 1066263


i thought that too, but she tries to give instructions for oven baking as if she's fooling anyone

also what does she think that pinch of golden flaxseed is adding to her diet that's at least 50% chocolate bars, sweets, nutella, etc? she's been adding them to her frankenmeals recently

No. 1066273

Why does she eat like this??

No. 1066280

Your autism is showing anon

No. 1066291

laxative effect

No. 1066293

what sort of mug cake includes a whole other cake as a topping

No. 1066301


one made by a bulimic

No. 1066313

Three linseeds aren't going to give any sort of laxative effect whatsoever especially for someone used to laxatives and fake sugars.

No. 1066327


im pretty sure you'd have to eat ground linseeds and in much larger quantity for any effect, yeah. i think she just sprinkles it on because she thinks its a healthy baker's flourish

we all know she isnt finishing all of these plates - no one could, even in the wildest of binges. im sure a lot of this ends up forgotten and in the bin. maybe she picks some of the 'decorations' off and eats those, who knows

No. 1066332

Maybe the seeds are there to camouflage any potential bugs in/around her food. To keep us wondering "is that a grain of rice or a maggot?", "is that sesamy seeds or lice? Flaxseed or ants?"

No. 1066333

Wonder which unit was she in?

No. 1066349

French fancies aren't big but she'd need some real sponge cake after that jaw breaker. Could kill someone with that stuff in the dish if you hit em over the head with it.

No. 1066361

Quality keks. I'm grinning so hard rn, thanks for that anon. Its been a hard week..

No. 1066374

again, we proved in a previous thread she was never underweight- she's pretty much been an overweight ana-larper since age 15, only thing that's changed is her slow decent into morbid obesity

No. 1066385

Seconded, I'm interested in making fun of whatever delusional self-important rambles are in that book! But I definitely don't wanna have to read it all.

No. 1066426

File: 1603477712459.jpg (74.42 KB, 1452x905, am i still ill.JPG)

Hi to the mpa poster/possible farmer who likes lolcow.

I search "lolcow" on mpa weekly or whenever and found that the girl for assisted suicide >>895151 deleted her profile and people thought she was dead and they were sad.

Someone found her on quora giving diet advice and calling people fat on quora

Her page on mpa https://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/3827483-still-ill%E2%80%99s-bodycheck-nonsense/page-1

No. 1066427

File: 1603477750926.jpg (51.8 KB, 1118x390, still ill.JPG)

No. 1066436

File: 1603478859797.jpg (323.87 KB, 714x1269, 20201023_194237.jpg)

Elzani inspired Molly. Now she's gone on to inspire another brave recovery warrior (who's also been posted here). Are we witnessing some kind of sick Elzani inception?

No. 1066441

but isnt grackle Elzani's inspiration?

No. 1066442

samefag, i want to edit a pokemon evolution of molly into elzani into grackle lol

No. 1066443

Oh no! They're multiplying! This is such a grift - ever since Elzani got a sponsor, we've seen more and more of the same content from these cows that just stretch the narrative, for years. Dull. I hate narcissistic rich people. You'd think if they wanted to help others in an actualized way they would set up a foundation or a charity instead of seeking to roll their disorder into an unskilled career, show, and dance.

No. 1066445

I noticed Molly tried to get an iced coffee company to notice her today. She says she's scared of it and it was a recovery win to drink it, yet she drank her first one in an old video.

No. 1066457

File: 1603480311686.jpg (439.82 KB, 719x1279, 20201023_194321.jpg)

Poor little Molls, terrorised by anorexia for wanting to drink ice coffee. You'd think with the amount of cereal, panini, and biscoff she likes to cram in her gullet that goddess ana would have bigger fish to fry.

No. 1066462

seems from the plates of biscuits she needs to consume in order to overcome her crippling fear of them that it doesn't have to be her first time trying something for her to be able to claim it as a #recoverywin

No. 1066472

I can't even find that company on sale at supermarkets, only £2 a can at Holland & Barrett. Home Bargains 58p iced coffee not good enough for one? Is it a hipster thing?

No. 1066473

per their website:

>Serving Size 100ml

>Energy 67 KCal
>(1 can is 200ml)

such win

No. 1066479

Bullshit she's scared, she wants a sponsorship like >>1066445 said.

No. 1066481

I think it's a people that own an american fridge-freezer thing. I don't know of that's exactly what she has kek but she falls under that category nonetheless.

No. 1066483

File: 1603482049442.gif (15.37 MB, 600x1067, n2f.gif)

No. 1066491

when someone in her house walks in mid b/p session kek. Or do they just block out the pantry of rotting food she lives in? Surely the smell must get to them

No. 1066493

Did she post any questions and answers?

No. 1066504

Nope, just more of her gross food

No. 1066534

What does this even mean?? In the UK you don’t have freezers??

No. 1066564

Yeah but we call them fridge freezers or fridges. Nobody says refrigerator. America has big ones that are hip to own here. Most people have smaller ones. Never sure if that's because kitchens in general are massive in the US compared to ours.

No. 1066568

File: 1603488734250.png (126.44 KB, 720x992, Screenshot_20201023-223227~2.p…)

Adding IMG to demonstrate ours aren't"American style" and what we call em.

No. 1066586

Ot but probably because they're traditionally for hunting, "hunting freezers" are those huge white rectangular ones. Also they're probably not as common in UK bc north americans are hogs, and bc they are absolutely not the eco-saving kind

No. 1066593

Yeah. I know larger families would have one in the garage in the 1970s, but nobody seems to have them now. People stick with the regular freezer/ice part of the fridge.i like the fancy ones with an ice dispenser and cold water. The kind Molly probably has.

No. 1066642

Yes very definitely!

No. 1066664

File: 1603496920920.png (2.71 MB, 1536x2048, 06114CA1-E312-4CC4-B6BF-EDEE22…)

Lauren.in.recovery2 on tiktok is one of the worst face scratchers so far. Anachan and eupd

No. 1066669


No. 1066691

looks more like a case of EUPD

No. 1066708

File: 1603501097643.png (4.77 MB, 828x1792, 95E73ABA-0DAC-4D85-A40B-8A8482…)

This bitch has been drinking iced coffee and snacking on peanut butter all summer she’s being unnecessarily dramatic

No. 1066734

But she was VERY scared! Just like she is of all food before she eats everything on her plate

No. 1066736

File: 1603502805628.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, BDF61AFC-EF85-4D60-805F-722C23…)

nitpick but lol what did you expect? have fun lightening from red

No. 1066746

maybe when it falls out she'll try and play it off as a symptom of her sooper severe anorexia

No. 1066751

This is a 45 year old mother of five

No. 1066773

She has those ‘fat person lips’ that curve down at the ends and make her look old and jowly.

No. 1066775

Probably because she’s a great big fat person obviously lol

No. 1066780

I think she was at the Nightingale Hospital. (Private psych in Marylebone, not the COVID ones)

No. 1066788

Don’t give her any ideas

No. 1066790

That's not going to work. The dye staining her scalp makes her hair look less sparse at the front though.

No. 1066792

File: 1603508284476.jpeg (473.53 KB, 2048x2048, D43D83B4-CA80-4C6E-A0DE-FFE68A…)

checked Miha/Mihaela(?)’s instagram in hopes some milk and looked through her tag. Looks like I found the cowtipper

No. 1066833

sorry, not sure what the best place to host big webms is https://a.uguu.se/dmytfb.webm

molly being very scared for one minute straight.

not including all the times she says bad boi, mentions looking like a smol child, saying it's the first time she's has this in soooo long. god help us

No. 1066843

Look her fridge is in the background ! Is that fancy and American? Looks pretty normal and standard to me.

No. 1066864

LMAO "tea is scary". Now this is the quality content i come here for. I can't believe you sat through her videos to make this anon, thank you for your sacrifice.

No. 1066869

Please do!

No. 1066880

My sides, anon! Kudos to you for sitting through enough of her videos to be able to make this

No. 1066897

File: 1603536089950.jpeg (619.43 KB, 2048x2048, 06DB66BC-5B39-4232-B65B-2EBDCD…)

Sure Jan

No. 1066933

File: 1603542443259.jpg (320.97 KB, 1080x1769, 20201024_072857.jpg)

Thank you anon, this is great. I was planning to count the scary in the recent video but my tablet was out of reach and I did not want to watch it again.

Proud of brownies!

No. 1066979

Her self-congratulatory bollocks really gets on my nerves considering she was “anorexic” for all of 2 minutes. Not saying it’s not cool she can eat freely now but you have to wonder how SCaWy this stuff was in the first place. That private healthcare really must be something eh

No. 1066980

But she wrote that she was anorexic for years and didn't know it until she started at Oxford!!!

No. 1066991

A person with normal weight that isn't working out could snap this bitch in half lmao

No. 1066992

File: 1603554234349.jpg (352.95 KB, 1080x1902, 20201024_104458.jpg)

I spent all this money on weights but I'd prefer to go the the gym during a pandemic because I'm selfish and also need people to watch me work out

No. 1066999

Thank god I wasn't there with her! I'd have totally lost the plot spending time with her.(no1curr)

No. 1067003

I thought people at Oxford were meant to have at least one brain cell.

No. 1067015

Why casually drop that you were in a mental hospital for no reason?

No. 1067029

It's too much when she posts messages she gets saying how inspirational she is.

Trying to get meridifoods and manilife to notice her again.

No. 1067057

When she says "Mum just said I looked scared" and looks up smirking….
Molly is becoming one of the cows I find most annoying, she's up there with porg

No. 1067076

Another Molly annoyance is her "I bought these all by myself", "I drank this all by myself". Tapping into her childish persona. She did it by herself. Well, done Molly. Oh, and speaking in third person.

No. 1067092

saged for possible derail but i'm trying to remember the name of a cow i used to follow years ago. she was obsessed with florence and the machine and always posted pics of her scrunching up her nose with her feet in the foreground. molly reminded me of her because she was similarly a rich posh girl and spent hundreds on monki weekly. i remember one post she said she was anxious to go to the cinema to see beauty and the beast because it would mean sitting down for two hours :(

No. 1067101

yes!! i've been looking for her account for ages. happy to see she seems to have recovered, but she still does the closeups of her docs and the scrunched up faces

No. 1067104


I'm new to her, but wow she really is from the Molly mould. Similar clothes, hair, poshness, tries to look cutesy. Thanks anons, I'm going to read her account. I'm in the mood to get irritated while we wait for Molly's latest video for bingo!!!

No. 1067105

And there are pics of that one actually spoopy.

No. 1067158

File: 1603567301630.jpg (64.72 KB, 1420x799, 1452031840658.jpg)

No. 1067164

File: 1603568118877.jpg (148.23 KB, 1357x804, protein.JPG)

Missing new n2f bakes, so clicked the tagged option. There's one. The protein works actually used this on their feed.

No. 1067186

File: 1603570528904.jpg (481.44 KB, 719x1291, Screenshot_2020-10-24-21-15-55…)

Recovery win! Brownies are overwhelming so she ate three.

No. 1067191

Nah, she'll chop them up and hilarious Jamie, reassuring Mummy (who'll tell her the slices aren't too big) and herself will try a bit of each one.

No. 1067201

What is her account? Post was deleted

No. 1067205

No. 1067215

what's really scary is that this was only three of her seventeen videos

No. 1067224

I'm watching her very first one to see how many times she says it. She already said she's eating Weetabix for the first time and she only just started.

No. 1067228

Not even five minutes in and I can't do it. She's talking about childhood non stop and how she asks herself "What would 6 year old Molly do" when she's making decisions. Her mum looks like she wants her to stfu and let her eat her breakfast in peace.

Also, Molly has a massive bruise on her head and a red scar. I remember anon asking if she's a headbanger. Don't know how she got the scar, but that bruise is a big one.

No. 1067229

awh fuck she's so cute, what makes it milky?

No. 1067230

She looks…round.

No. 1067231

Oh and her slurping is disgusting. Savage.

No. 1067232

I noticed that head bruise too in her older posts
Her videos are so hard to watch lol

No. 1067233

Nothing. She's recovered. Anon was saying she reminded her of Molly in a lot of ways, and she does.

No. 1067234

It was the slurping that did it.

No. 1067242

Ah, yeah i can see the parallel. Key differance being friendships outside of the family.

No. 1067293

All of her videos are terrible but the first one where she's talking to her mom forever and slurping on her coffee? I couldn't.

No. 1067321

Sage for rant but god damn it her insular middle class-ness really shows in this. Yeah shopping is hard in recovery but there are independent adults with 100x more responsibilities than her who don’t act so pompous about achieving everyday tasks. Like imagine when she goes back to school, she’ll make a self congratulatory post each time she completes her homework

No. 1067322

"i did an assignment by myself!"
"i went to class by myself!"
"i went to the toilet by myself!"

No. 1067324

File: 1603581935575.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 579.64 KB, 1242x2192, F36B1445-0B84-4CE6-BB2B-474337…)

Okay I don’t know if she has been mentioned, but she says she is 21 pounds and 5”3. The skinniest woman in the world is 50lbs and she’s saying she’s less than half of her weight..

No. 1067325

I can't see her going back to uni. I don't think she could deal with it and that's why she threw the ana around. No doubt some nepotism will help her get a job.

I thought it was just me being a non middle class finding her so irritating. Elzani's well off but apart from her being able to do holidays and eat lots of different foods, she seemed to believe everyone was in the same position as she was. Autism or whatever. With Molly it's different. Idk if it's because she's a London posh, but no matter if she's traveled to loads of places, had interests she could really spend money on without a problem, there's very little to her. Her brother's more interesting with his art, but if she has interests, she certainly doesn't spend much time working on them. Recovery should be getting back into things that were pushed aside to immerse herself in her ED, but she seems really dull. All she's done is fucking drama club.

Tin foil she knew she wouldn't cut it academically at Oxford, so used recovery as ways of "succeeding".

No. 1067326

She uses Kennedy's old pics, so I'd pay no attention to this account.

No. 1067328

That’s a combination of shoop/digital painting. Pretty sure your bones/organs/skin would weigh more than 20 pounds…

No. 1067404

File: 1603593370363.png (37.03 KB, 816x139, Screenshot 2020-10-24 at 9.37.…)

Probably a fatty LARPing.

Definitely a fatty if they say they're 21 pounds.

No. 1067408

She'd be in the book of records. Valeria Levitin was only 5in taller and was 50lbs. It's a fake account anyway. She used Kennedy's shoops and this one looks like some arty skinny fans photo. The kind Boneskine would take.

No. 1067409


A lot of people get to Oxford (or Cambridge) and struggle because they don't realise just how intense it is. I have friends who went, and it's stuff like extra weekly papers on top of class-related work because they want you to be academically well rounded. It has a higher rate of mental health incidence than many unis in the UK too. Lots of high achievers suddenly not being the high achievers in the class etc. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if Molly tried to find an out via losing 20lbs or even disguised a breakdown as anorexia.

No. 1067414

Adding it all up- the relatively small weight loss, the shortness of her ED, and the quick recovery also make me think she did it to avoid university/growing up. I wonder if she’s just hoping to be an influencer then

No. 1067433

File: 1603596270945.jpeg (180.69 KB, 500x333, 7E463D62-9AB3-4AED-93DD-E1EAAF…)

Long time lurker, first time poster. Hoping I did this correctly - please let me know if I messed up.

I just caught up to present and in the last thread I immediately recognized the lobby of where Mihaela is. It’s the lobby of Walden Behavioral Care’s residential program in Waltham, MA. It looks like a hotel lobby because the program is in an apartment complex - they basically have a few apartments each with a few bedrooms, living room, and kitchen that are all in a specific hallway. The rest of the building and adjacent buildings are just normal apartments, so the food was probably left on that table by someone who lives there who was bringing stuff in or out.

That mirror is the bane of staff’s existence whenever taking clients in or out of the building.

Phones aren’t allowed except on a pass off campus, but that is based on years ago and might have changed now. I’m betting she took the photos of the lobby and her bedroom before she was fully checked in.

Picture attached is an example of the bedrooms off of psychologytoday for corroboration as the bed frame matches.

No. 1067460


I've thought this for a few weeks. Couldn't deal with uni, got stressed, lost weight, claims anorexia for aaaages. Now she won't go back and def tries to be a name. Do you call recovery accounts influencers? It's sad she's after free food products instead of, idk spending some cash brushing up her style for free shoes.

Basically, she's always wanted to be famous and thinks she'll get it on IG.

No. 1067462

how scary!!
average grown woman body size with fat girl face is not a convincing look for the “I was so scared of a 150 cal drink with some ice cubes! oh my gosh where is my mom to tell me it’s okay to drink this scary, scary drink!” act. also the haircut that makes her look like she has a giant head and is wearing an itty bitty wig makes her face look even huger, why did she do that to herself?

No. 1067480

This is either a failed attempt at a joke or an extremely dumb LARPer. 21 lbs is the average weight of a 12-month-old child, average height 2’ 5” (approximately 9.5 kg and 75 cm for you non Amerifags). It is not physically possible for an adult to weigh that little. Unless maybe they have that weird form of dwarfism where they’re only 2 feet tall and look like a toddler. Not even close to 5’ 3”.

No. 1067501

I agree with this. also, I think that's supposed to be the spine we can see through her belly in the picture, and starving yourself doesn't make all of your disappear. I'm sure this is a wax sculpture or something of the like, not an actual person.

No. 1067525

The face looks like a model, wax or otherwise.

No. 1067527

File: 1603609737548.png (240.69 KB, 652x578, Screenshot_20201025-071001~2.p…)

No. 1067532

File: 1603610740513.png (4.47 MB, 750x1334, D463FAD9-2A2F-4A3F-B627-0D6124…)


No. 1067535

File: 1603610955506.png (4.4 MB, 750x1334, 14788AA4-A5E0-4291-A183-BCCDA7…)

also that’s one massive tit

No. 1067556


sage for nitpick but.. is that even purple? it looks like a bad box-dyed pinkish/red

No. 1067576

File: 1603623030293.jpg (329.33 KB, 942x400, its a match.jpg)

Well fuck me sideways she actually wasn't lying about ED residential, fuck that makes it even more sad that someone cowtipped. You did everything right anon, you should post more. Thanks for this ID- it looks like a total match to me. Small world, ey?

No. 1067580

Man her future is looking bleak, morbid obesity, diabetes, (more) heart problems, searing back-pain from having to carry around her big mommy milkies all these years. The time to lose weight is now porker the clock is ticking!

No. 1067583

Yeah on some of the posts I was getting vibes it could be a fetishist making some weird fantasy idk. Clearly noone that has any experience or knowledge of actual weight loss/anorexia unless purely trolling

No. 1067587

great work thanks! And wow this looks so different to anything I've seen in terms of treatment (ausfag) I've been in hotel rooms that look less like hotel rooms than this place

No. 1067589

Jesus Christ this looks like a demon during sleep paralysis

No. 1067590

Girl, that's NOT purple at all…

No. 1067593

more like vomit

No. 1067598

File: 1603626471859.png (321.77 KB, 624x1046, 1521473566-16-gb-live-fc-urme-…)


This is purple, Georgia. Yours is still red, dear.

No. 1067599

File: 1603626544847.jpeg (45.26 KB, 449x800, 516f4a78-371d-58b1-9983-338c37…)

The colour on hair.

No. 1067600

why do people do this

No. 1067603

Chill nitpickers, its a plum purple /plum violet. Her hair was on the lighter side and she has warm skin tone so its going to throw a red shade more. She prob also has a filter on the picture too

No. 1067612

It looks purple to me, too.

No. 1067617

damn great job anon.

im even more curious now though. ive heard the waltham walden center is pretty bad. didnt one of their staff get outed as a white supremacist a year or two ago?

No. 1067619

Literally awful job. Maybe stop paying for unnecessary inpatient and go to a fucking professional she needs, for a change.

No. 1067626

Covid, remember?

No. 1067629

File: 1603630477264.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1109x1945, E6B475E1-858D-4733-AAA4-31A48F…)

Hm, should be interesting…
she hasn’t revealed why she was sectioned, but I am 100% it is not related to her “eating disorder” even though she will inevitably behave as though it is.

No. 1067630

now THIS is purple

No. 1067631

yes, and they just opened a new center in dedham and closed the waltham ones

No. 1067645


It's one of those awkward muddy moments you get from box fashion colors over dark hair.

Georgia is such a consistent kind of crazy that she refuses to let reality into her narrative at any point. She's an obese "anorexic" with faded Bordeaux "purple" hair, I love it

>>1067603 her skin tone has nothing to do with the fact that she botched her hair lol

ot hairfag but she could get a much better result with blue-based purple direct dye (like manic panic ultra violet) straight over this color, looks like she got some lift but didn't get enough pigment in with whatever she was using. Easy fix to get actual purple, it'll be a dark but vivid color

No. 1067651

That shit isvgoing to haunt me desu

No. 1067668

Possible new cow? This confused little button is a 19 y/o lesbian with BPD, DID, multible unnamed chronic illnesses and a mystery ED for which she needs a toob ofc. She e-begs through her alters (lmao), head-bangs, scratches her face and hangs out with her adult male "best friend".
I'm hoping she posts more ED stuff, cause if not I'm not sure she fully belongs in this thread. Either way I figured I'd just leave this here for your viewing pleasure. I call it farmers delight


No. 1067686

So I just went and watched. Says each "alter" has a Wishlist and there's a main one for "all of them" for "medical stuff". First things on it are a skipping rope and a "pedometer step calorie counter" lololol

No. 1067688

True, but she seems pretty okay with hospital exposure.. idk if aus still has those services closed though.

No. 1067711

Why do I feel like this is Georgia trolling us? It’s too much of a coincidence after we discovered her embarrassing posts pretending to be a super emaciated anorexia. Now she’s self-posting an obviously fake account

No. 1067729

File: 1603643877472.jpeg (358.89 KB, 1125x2000, 5A730E01-0485-45C9-9ED3-BF99AF…)

yawn, just a copy of this annoying fucker (posted twice sorry, forgot to sage)

No. 1067730

this is dislocatedanddissociated btw lol i will see myself out

No. 1067745

fucking kek, didn't even notice

No. 1067747

wooooah man they went down the rabbit hole suuper fast. I used to follow this girl for literal years then she suddenly started this fake DID drama in May-June this year (and it seemed obviously faked so I unfollowed bc ew). Next thing I know she's larping ehlers-danlos and is in hospital with a picc and a toob lol great job girl

No. 1067771

That blows, it's so frustrating. She's young, healthy, 100% able-bodied (and really quite pretty). Wasting NHS resources and dancing like a retard on tiktok. Honestly starting to wonder why hospitals allow such painfully obvious munching. Are they not allowed to question it?

No. 1067776

I honestly don't know. I think even if professionals question it, they kind of know that they'll just try even harder to prove there is something wrong with them and they may end up causing actual harm? plus no one wants the "the doctors sent me home when I NEEDED care, now look how much worse I have gotten!!!" drama (lawsuits, negative media attention) as far as healthcare providers go. It's easier to suck it up and play along I guess.
The one video where she captions it "im in majors in A&E wbu" while dancing and smiling is truly infuriating. Don't be so obviously fake

No. 1067789

Walden anon here. Won’t derail too much but yes, a staff was outed as a white supremacist d-bag. Overall, Walden has its pros and cons just like any place. Major complaint is that their IP unit (Alcott) was decrepit and kind of gross and that minors and adults were kept on the same unit. Despite having separate programming, it’s really uncomfortable and inappropriate to have kids as young as 8 milling about a day room with full grown adults. Their new location in Dedham apparently addresses these issues.

Just like any place, it was kind of a crapshoot in regards to who your treatment team was and just how willing someone is to work the program. They’re pushy on meds like antipsychotics as another checkmark in the cons list. But they provide access to help along the entire continuum from IP, res, PHP, IOP and alum support and the outpatient offices are throughout the state so if someone wants continued help outside of stabilization, it’s available to them. I know many other areas of the world aren’t so fortunate to have that kind of access. Drives me nuts when revolving door IP goers complain about Alcott because they’re not actually working the full intended program - IP isn’t supposed to be a day spa. Res is “nicer” but there is no tubing there and you have to grocery shop as a group weekly and prepare your own meals with supervision which not everyone likes. I think Mihaela was on Alcott prior to residential because of the tube pictures and because phones are allowed IP now.

At the end of the day, you get out of it what you put in, like many other places. Has room for improvement and sounds like they’re making steps towards that. Also if she has state insurance (Masshealth) - which I would assume she does since she someone mentioned she lives in a group home - they’re tough to pull an auth for residential from without truly wonky labs and a strong case that PHP isn’t enough. Definitely makes me curious.

No. 1067790

I had a look and came across some videos with Bruce and it looks like she’s taking advantage of his situation. She makes me angry (sorry if my English is bad)

No. 1067820

File: 1603654552912.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, A60EB90B-C404-4AE1-A3F8-E5F7F1…)

Holy mother of filthy packets in the background ugh.

No. 1067821

Margarita AND coffee? Holy… She really doesn’t have tastebuds

No. 1067836

At least this is identifiable as coffee and not something from a sewage outlet.

No. 1067840

Are you sure about that?

No. 1067842

she's in queensland - hair salons have been open for months.

No. 1067843

Legitimately disagree

No. 1067844

File: 1603657381468.jpg (78.79 KB, 800x1198, download (18).jpg)

It has something resembling milk in it. Even if it's skinny syrup creamer, it's a step up from the insipid Options hot chocolate she used to post.

No. 1067862

her cooking reminds me of what you'd make when you were like 10 and trying to be ~creative~ at a sleepover or something. like oh, all five of these flavors are good on their own, so of course if we add them ALL TOGETHER it will be FANTASTIC

and the ~fancy~ names she gives everything by just listing every ingredient is also very 10-year-old logic.

No. 1067863

Is that random patterning of the chocolate powder or has she tried to make hearts?

No. 1067868

She wants to be this girl, right? >>1067629

No. 1067871

File: 1603660063597.png (10.8 KB, 288x344, ahhhh.png)

>>1067668 Oh god the fact that she has a wish list for each of her alters is making me laugh so hard.
All the wish lists have cosplay wigs and apparently it's because "when they front they can get very upset as we have short hair and they don’t recognise themselves"

No. 1067873

File: 1603660461749.png (452.39 KB, 606x524, EHLERS DANLOS WARRIOR.png)

Another medical NEED that she doesn't have the funds to buy yet.
This Ehlers Danlos T-shirt

No. 1067895

india has got DID and isn’t faking it for sure, you guys really reach for things

No. 1067902


Wow wk rode on in p damn quick.

No. 1067904

india has got DID and isn’t faking it for sure, you guys really reach for things

No. 1067909

We heard you the first time. Thanks for bumping the thread again

No. 1067912

File: 1603666738089.jpeg (496 KB, 2199x1074, 53067805-5895-4656-8227-00302A…)

Old milk but in 2017 India tried to crowdfund skydiving for herself

No. 1067913

Heh, now she looks like your average obese "momma" with multiple kids that visits kmart on a daily basis

No. 1067919

Not knowledgable with regards to charity fundraising but I kind of feel like any funds raised would have been better donated directly to the charity in question rather than(I assume) spending some on skydiving and the remainder given? Am I missing something?
Honestly the trend of young female DID 'sufferers' on social media doesn't exactly add credibility to DID as a valid diagnosis. It's an incredible coincidence that so many of them follow the same vague mental illness trajectory, start out with an ED or some self-harm proceed via personality disorders to DID or some sort of gender dysphoria with optional dabbling in vague chronic illnesses/face scratching etc all documented on social media platform of choice and accompanied by the inevitable e-begging.

No. 1067929

all her money goes to her much needed NF admissions remember

No. 1067936

"My aim is to skydive out of a plane, 10,000 ft high in the air, to support those with mental illness."
That's hilarious oh my god. Even though the milk is old I love it

No. 1067958

File: 1603670224832.png (6.31 MB, 1125x2436, 1596CE91-C9E9-492E-A275-89B3E8…)

Possible new milk on tiktok. Any more videos of her with a nose hose and I’ll scream. Is surprised that people who are underweight and at a higher risk of physical complications would be prioritised in A&E ahead of her



No. 1068044

>sad audio originals
Is it that sad violin music everybody uses or like a fail trombone sting?

No. 1068048

she's so selfish what the fuck, even if she didn't eat anything (which lets face it, she probably binge eats junk food just like good ole Porgie) the amount of spare lard would make her last at least two months.
Why are wannarexic munchies like this?

No. 1068122

File: 1603736546999.jpeg (420.82 KB, 828x1572, D777D782-619F-4CC8-A7CA-AFDCC3…)

Posing half naked with copious amounts of junk food

No. 1068124

File: 1603736729034.png (1.03 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201026-140447.png)

We're back!

No. 1068125


Not milky, maybe a tiny bit cringe but nothing interesting here.

No. 1068128


Samefag as the post above this but christ, just when I thought she couldn’t look any worse.

No. 1068129

File: 1603736885979.png (59.82 KB, 711x431, Untitled.png)

> I kind of feel like any funds raised would have been better donated directly to the charity in question rather than(I assume) spending some on skydiving and the remainder given? Am I missing something?
Charity Sky-dive fundraisers are relatively common afaik, it gets a lot of people on social media donating that wouldn't have otherwise, because its something outside of someone's comfort zone. All the people who run charity marathons in silly costumes etc. also tend to spend a small amount of their donations on applying for the marathon and the costume, because they get more interest/donations in the costumes.

India clearly didn't get any interest in her fundraiser because she was trying to blag a free skydiving trip through a mental health charity.

I thought it was weird to skydive in the name of mental illness given the association to people committing suicide by jumping off tall things, but apparently the charity encourages it. https://www.mind.org.uk/media-a/3045/wmhd-skydive-enquiry-pack-2019.pdf

No. 1068134

New scary video

No. 1068135

Anyone playing Molly Bingo? I'm doing it now.

No. 1068138

bless her heart. isn't she like 25??? she looks like a rough 40 arguing with the cashier at walmart while her kids scream and pull things off the shelf

No. 1068140

File: 1603737231327.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.89 MB, 1125x1806, 9C21D1A9-69BF-4A7F-8DDF-E3C28C…)

Has anyone else noticed n2f’s meal portions getting smaller? I normally wouldn’t have checked but she made a defensive story/caption or something a while back about “Nobody needing to worry about her eating less” when I thought the only one who commented on that was her weird nitpicky friend. Sage because not that milky

also I’ll see if I can find a picture of the caption, and spoilered because.. ew.

No. 1068143

File: 1603737275997.jpg (109.3 KB, 739x527, OkoAJsy.jpg)

Idk anything about this person, but I'm imagining a Georgia type

No. 1068144

File: 1603737309164.jpg (107.26 KB, 734x524, Ea0ERZG.jpg)

Geezus no wonder these people are social pariahs

No. 1068145

File: 1603737317614.jpeg (875.69 KB, 828x1571, 73B9469C-51E2-458C-A32D-77D026…)

Makes Ganer look like an actual body builder by comparison

No. 1068146

>posted by u/cassiesfurcoat

No. 1068147

I’d like to know more about the specific kind of troll that has been writing these thisisthinprivilege-type fictions online over the last several years. The “muscled bodybuilder pops out from behind the vending machine to defend my marshmallow girl honor” comes to mind.

No. 1068153

Then everyone clapped and HR fired all the people doing the diet bet and I got a raise

No. 1068178

File: 1603739220726.png (588.6 KB, 1078x851, bingo.png)

This is what I picked up on. Might've left something out. Almost had a line but she didn't have another bowl at the end.

That was PAINFUL, BORING and the whole family are so fucking irritating and … posh. "Oh let's have a cardamon crunch cereal". Lol.

No. 1068181

Also, not pleading for sponsors, but bigged up the tea company and a veggie bacon company.

No. 1068208

File: 1603740747578.jpg (1.1 MB, 1599x1787, Screenshot_20201026-142958_Pho…)

I made notes but my markings didn't save so I had to just go through and cross things out again without my scribbles. I'm gonna do the Elzani video to see if I can win

No. 1068235

No sweets on the plate or other bits. There aren't many calories in that at all. Her blue top's getting dirty now, she's going to need to put another item of clothing on the pile. Is that a jacket potato because it's smaller than a plum tomato.

No. 1068256

File: 1603743217451.jpg (1.2 MB, 1599x1777, Screenshot_20201026-150834_Pho…)

Ideas for another bingo:
It's SOOOO nice!
Belinda the Bloat
Molly slurping everything
Molly and Mum murmuring to each other
Camera out of focus
Dad appears briefly in the background and obviously doesn't want to be a part of this

Then again, it would be too easy to win with these on the board

No. 1068263

Her mum always does a bit like the end of Jerry Springer where she sums the situation up.
These people eat food that're either difficult to pronounce or foreign language.

The hugs from Jamie were bordering on creepy. Especially when she kisses him on the arm. I prefer Elzani's relationship with her siblings.

No. 1068267

File: 1603743909776.jpeg (3.83 KB, 225x225, mfw.jpeg)

>mfw they pronounce sesame sa-sa-may

No. 1068270

That was mfw her mum was so serious when she said, "mm this is a good latte".

No. 1068288

File: 1603745601603.png (81.95 KB, 720x420, old bessie.png)

She's 25? I always thought she was much older, geez.

No. 1068298

Only one type of sauce and no random corn bits or peas or anything? Still identifiably N2F by general crustiness of everything and that strange food item at top of plate can't work out wtf that is. Definitely needs a new clothing article in backdrop yikes

No. 1068330

How many mothers of the cows of this thread do we have? There's Mumzani, Molly's mummy and Becky's mum. There must be more because so many have mother attachments. As annoying as the first two are, I'd least invite Becky's mum to be mine for the reason she lets her kid kill herself without sticking her IP.

No. 1068341

File: 1603749037354.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1125x1635, 76EFEE1F-DD85-4EE3-B61D-3373D7…)

this is.. abhorrent.

No. 1068347

What the fuck is it? Now there are definitely maggots in that. Is it a bake or is it burnt meat?

No. 1068353

My favorite n2f trademark is when she has a container for an ingredient ominously hanging around in the background (sardines, in this case) but it's not visible in the dish.

No. 1068354

File: 1603749897932.jpg (423.6 KB, 1080x1920, 20201026_170353.jpg)

Ganer is now eating bowls as part of her training

No. 1068356

Don’t forget the ‘mothership’

No. 1068360

File: 1603750108659.jpg (43.4 KB, 426x474, Capture.JPG)

Must admit, I scanned for sardines and thought circled was a fish head. I even looked if Morrison's sardines have heads but couldn't find the Savers sub brand. What's the thing hanging off the end of the … thing?

No. 1068361


not wanting to add too much into Molly's brothers trans/cis debate but at 21:43 you can see his binder…

also the amount of times "scareeyy" is used is too damn high!

No. 1068364

File: 1603750491268.jpeg (76.26 KB, 815x470, 94838E95-BE0B-4C8F-BD56-593817…)

There’s no way she isn’t hamming up her reactions for the camera. This is how she reacted to the new scary cereal. Also when she was eating the cereal she was like “It’s so scary…I don’t even know why it’s scary, I have cereal all the time” kek

No. 1068366

If I could tolerate another watch, I'd write all the lines and moments that made my eyes roll. It was higher than the scary count.

If her brother was trans s/he'd bang on about it. No trans of his age can stop telling people they're trans.

No. 1068367

lol, i just watched that part. by the time she finishes her sooper scaweyy bowl of cereal she is literrally just snacking on more straight from the box!!

bonus wtf: at the end of the video when her mom is commenting on her bloat i was dumbfounded.
who tf says that to a person recovering from AN?!

No. 1068372

It's annoying the show she puts on playing dumb about how much cereal goes into the bowl.

No. 1068433

File: 1603754801494.png (1.31 MB, 696x1282, wauw.png)

so spoopy

No. 1068439

she's a singer, guize

No. 1068464


I was posting some links to her accounts when lolcow had a hissy fit last night.

IG https://www.instagram.com/amber_ladbrooke/?hl=en

YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj4Yd-4b8sY-t9yWM9capig

No. 1068465

Am I the only one who actually thinks molly looks skinny? Sure not pre weight gain elzani-skinny, but definitely borderline underweight/normal weight

No. 1068490

Well she's not chubby by any means but she certainly isn't a spoop. I don't think she's underweight, just a normal weight.

No. 1068492

I'd say she was more petite than skinny. She can afford to gain weight, but really she's a petite person. It's difficult to compare how she looks weightier because her face stays the same and there aren't any full length body shots of her from pre Oxford where she isn't wearing clothes where you can tell her weight, except her arms.

Not a bone rattler, just know girls who've been her size and not unhealthy or had an ED.

No. 1068506

I thought she was looking fuller/ rounder in her face and cheeks now compared to her first vlog.

No. 1068513

File: 1603759382535.jpg (99.23 KB, 555x819, 2016.JPG)

I suppose people call this "average" weight? She lost some over 4 years, but I don't think she now looks unhealthy. Just not that size. If she dropped, say 20lbs rapidly then she'd be in the AN criteria for that. Honestly though, I think she looks fine as she is now.

No. 1068517

File: 1603759592049.jpg (52.62 KB, 515x777, 2019.JPG)

Feb 2019

No. 1068525

I do think she's a little too skinny. She seems sweet, cringe aside, and people making fun of her is sad. She's recovering well, of course she doesn't look spoopy.

No. 1068527

File: 1603760309443.png (45.65 KB, 300x250, KLMXW0NMw7.png)

There is no cringe aside. Her cringe factor makes her a cow.

No. 1068539

File: 1603761282269.png (3.56 MB, 828x1792, 41AD3593-D905-4F18-A60E-6656B8…)

I think she was smaller in her vlogs but since recovery she looks back to this >>1068517 size

No. 1068541

File: 1603761402437.png (408.96 KB, 747x533, Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 8.14.…)


She used to be so into the drama thing. Now her only hobby is being scared.

No. 1068544

Also - from Oxford Undergraduate to making youtube videos behaving like a child and shamelessly trying to get PEANUT BUTTER companies to send her free shit.

No. 1068547

Goddamnit I also want this conversation to be over because I just don't give a fuck either way but I did just find Mollymum's twitter account where MOST of her tweets are about trans rights so that does add a lot to the speculation

No. 1068548

Yep, Mum Nicki is big on trans stuff so it seems more likely. But it also isn't interesting. Molly and her family are so boring.

No. 1068551

Her mum's a champagne socialist who hops on the bandwagon of anything dealing with minorities for woke points.

No. 1068562

Okay fair enough here she look normal, absolutely. Was thinking of her vlogs

No. 1068569

Jamie's got that nasally testosterone voice too. I have no doubt he's trans.
I wonder if Molly's questionable eating disorder is a way to compete for attention from her parents who were preoccupied with their other "special" kid? Pure speculation of course.

No. 1068590

I saw this on her story and thought the same thing lol
"Mmmm! Nothing!"

No. 1068630





Can you guys stop derailing the thread about whether or not this kid is trans? He’s not milky, doesn’t fit the topic of this thread for discussion asides being related to one of the cows and unless you ask him, you’ll be speculating on the same three points on why he is/isn’t til Molly isn’t ‘scared’ of cereal anymore and we all know it took ~ years ~ for that to happen.


I believe it’s one of those chocolate mug cake things that she’s been so proud of lately. I think the burnt bits are maybe chocolate bars that didn’t respond well to being microwaved

No. 1068648

I would have marked off her terrible acting skills for her trying to act scared and surprised by every food

No. 1068650

I also thought the hugs and kisses were odd

No. 1068653

File: 1603771722664.png (4.92 MB, 828x1792, 53D84D9A-6F89-4405-9ED7-3BF8C2…)

Fishes for compliments and then shows off a posed & completely flat stomach anyway. When will she just get over her pretend ED and do something with her life?

No. 1068656

Thanks for explaining the gastronomic nightmare. I thought it was burnt meat with some sloppy onion aspic thing.

As for Jamie, he's part of the show BUT it's irrelevant what he is. If he was a female, he'd not even be a cow on the trans thread. Maybe he doesn't want to come out and shout about it IF he was. Not meaning to gatekeeper, but honestly, Molly's brother is an extra in her videos and it's not like his sexuality or w/e is our business in this thread.

No. 1068715

Whats the account?

No. 1068717

Enjoying self posting, Aly? No one talks about you anymore and you had to go and call your stomach flat!

No. 1068749

I can’t stop laughing at that singing video hahahaha it’s fucking cringe

No. 1068763

File: 1603791737903.jpg (610.85 KB, 720x1432, Screenshot_2020-10-27-09-41-11…)

Good morning, farmers!

No. 1068785

Fucking hell, are zoomers really that screwed up that you think every feminine male HAS to be a biological or troon? Jamie is very obviously a biological male, very very feminine but they do exist still, believe it or not.

No. 1068789

Jamie isn’t even feminine he’s just a fucking kid, seriously stop trying to guess the sex of a teen who has obviously not gone through puberty yet.

No. 1068790

nta but he's 18 i think he's gone through puberty

No. 1068791

Please stop derailing, guys. You'll just get banned and then the thread will be dry for ages which sucks ass.

No. 1068793

this Molly stuff is boring as shit, you are just nitpicking at this point especially about her weight

No. 1068799

this video is more hilarious than Jamie

No. 1068801

Ffs nourish, can you make one, just ONE, drink that doesn’t have random shit floating on the top? Why does she insist on combining substances that clearly do not physically mix together?

No. 1068805

It's not a drink, it's porridge. In a jar. With liquid on top.
I understand your confusion though, I thought the same until I read her caption and looked more closely.

No. 1068807


it’s a porridge shake which sounds texturally horrifying

No. 1068815

sometimes I have to pretend n2f's account is performance art bc the idea that this is real and she eats it is simply too ghastly

No. 1068817

I studied the post and caption more closely than I'd like and I'm still thoroughly confused about what this concoction is. Is it a shake with porridge in it or a shake flavoured porridge mix and wtf is either of these things anyway?

No. 1068819

agreed, don't know why its even a question there are pics of him and molly when he's probably 1-2 years old in their eating childhood favourites so i think we can move on.

No. 1068822

I've actually only just started following her again recently! A break was needed cos it was all genuinely making me feel ill seeing wth she was making.
Something that makes me laugh is how she tags Barry's cash and carry in all her posts as if Barry would be impressed to see what she's making with all the out of date stuff she gets from him kek

No. 1068838

featuring walden farms the patron saint of anorexics…oh n2f honey no

No. 1068849

File: 1603809756255.png (459.94 KB, 476x661, Screenshot_20201027-142851~2.p…)

Yeah, I know she has her own thread, but it's not worth looking for. Ash reminds us she's 30 next month. These days she sounds like she genuinely wishes she was dead but people new to her keep adding a year to her life.

No. 1068850

People like you, dumbass. Get her outta here !(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1068886

No. She's the Halloween edition decoration. Just leave her standing there.

No. 1068897

this is straight up diarrhoea

No. 1068901

File: 1603817422856.png (239.65 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201027-164408.png)

Molly doesn't believe the government should try to deal with obesity. Fuck Tories, yeah, but these obese people drain the NHS with their fat related diseases. Okay for Molly though, having private health insurance and that.

When the obese want to stay obese, lol.

No. 1068904

I love that she got the tattoo, bitch deliberately chose to become a living breathing "i beat anorexia" joke

No. 1068912

If she posted an ig graphic about this but not about tories refusing to extend the meals scheme she’s really showing what a fake middle class ana warrior she is…

No. 1068920

File: 1603818927466.png (678.24 KB, 720x758, Screenshot_20201027-171140~2.p…)

Could be worse. Saw this design on IG. Waiting for Georgie to have the ; tat.

No. 1068927

File: 1603819257363.jpg (384.97 KB, 810x2027, 20201028_031808.jpg)

JFC shes going to be looking after our most vulnerable people? Is that before or after the poop bag?

No. 1068933

Don’t worry, she’ll never graduate if she keeps treating hospitals like hotels. Maybe she can clean bedpans someday.

No. 1068973

18? And here I thought he was like 16 at most

No. 1069005

Immature males. /transdebate

I think he's younger because Molly only just turned 20.

Anyone can get that job. Learning how to get them in bed with hoists, wiping arsed, putting cream on piles,etc. It won't happen anyway. I bet £100

No. 1069025

Jeeeeesus. Didn't think it was possible for her to get smaller! She looks smaller than bones.

No. 1069026

File: 1603828122128.jpg (197.47 KB, 673x535, Screenshot_2020-10-27-19-47-58…)

Georgia's recent selfie made me laugh so here it is. No milk but hopefully it can provide a chuckle!

No. 1069029

>hfw she forgets she's LARPing at New Farm and scarfs down her meal

No. 1069040

File: 1603829723877.png (59.79 KB, 860x368, Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 20.13…)

nope he's really 18

No. 1069054

Nobody can convince me this isn’t a 37 year old gas station employee

No. 1069070

This bitch looks high as a kite 24/7. Her brain must be fried from all the unnecessary meds.

No. 1069078

Kek, kids are literally starving and princess molly only cares about all the big meenie calorie numbers being shown. How will our ~warrior~ princess cope?

No. 1069083

File: 1603832699934.png (1.96 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201027-210212.png)

Three whole eggs guys! (200 calories ish)! What a recovery inspiration

No. 1069085

Three eggs AND a bunch of low calorie, high sodium sauces? Watch out, we got a serious body builder over here.

No. 1069091

Tell her she can only have PG Tips and Nescafé and we'd see a genuine cry face.

No. 1069094

It’s the only explanation for why she feels confident posting these ugly ass pics

No. 1069112

You'd think her sister would try to put an end to Ganers delusions. She must see what we do?

No. 1069150

this is the saddest most stereotypical anorexia meal. the measuring cups of mustard and tomato sauce, good lord. good for her for not being on the brink of death anymore but how can she think this picture looks at all healthy or recovered let alone inspiring?

No. 1069152

She probably only eats the whites, too. No yucky bad fat allowed. What an inspiring recovery warrior kek

No. 1069153

File: 1603837663335.jpg (430.58 KB, 1080x1723, 20201027_172623.jpg)

She better not overdo it with these. She could actually start to gain weight!

No. 1069154

Sage for more bodybuilding sperg but my bulking breakfasts are 3 whole eggs and 4 egg whites. Plus oats. Three eggs is a normal fucking omelette. No wonder she isn’t gaining.

No. 1069178

I love when she tags supermarkets, like Tesco is going to care what she's done with their own brand baked beans. When you go to Barry's cash and carry's instagram page and look at the tagged photos it's nothing but N2F's haunted creations, if I was Barry I'd be untagging them asap and sending her a cease and desist lmao.

No. 1069184

it will never happen. She has untreated autism that causes her to have chronic illness and eating disorders as her special interest (she doesnt really have them). Can definitely see the crossover of BPD x Autism traits.

No. 1069192

File: 1603842418987.jpg (124.22 KB, 761x715, sf.JPG)


I looked at Barry's on facebook and it's like a warehouse! I totally get that large families can get some cheap shopping with some nearly expired stuff, but too much of it's in bulk, like 6 slabs of cake for a quid. I'd be suspicious about drinking this shit. Does that stuff keep okay when expired? Yeah it's MASSIVE. Lots of syrups in! Fortunately, I only saw two of n2fs tagged Barry's under her reviews account. Must be a nightmare with her usual account which I don't follow.

The fact she bulk buys for herself is sus.

No. 1069193

With her history of self harm, would she pass a check to work with vulnerable people? I know that maybe a decade ago if a person had been sectioned they couldn't work with children.

No. 1069214

Shay wants to work in the medical field for the reason all munchies that want to do: Asspats for pretending to be selfless caring for sick people while being chronically ill herself, along with access to a setting where people are more likely to listen, understand, and empathize with her medical problems, maybe even praising her for being “brave” (even more asspats, at least until everyone realizes how full of shit she is). She’s probably hoping for other self-serving benefits, too, ins with doctors and nurses who will recommend treatments and medications and other doctors and hospitals to her, discarded medical supplies she can take home and pose with, learning techniques to fuck herself up more and play sick better, maybe even medications to steal. Working in medicine is a munchie’s wet dream, until they’re expected to put patients first and actually work.

No. 1069220

>medications to steal

My first thought. If not meds, then the paraphernalia.

No. 1069223

File: 1603846009443.jpg (1.17 MB, 1078x1412, Screenshot_20201027-194409_Ins…)

Why is n2f covering/ripping off the keep refrigerated bits?

No. 1069226

She’s hiding the expiration dates. She always does, but she’s usually more subtle about it lol

No. 1069230

The expiration dates are visible. You can even still see a torn part of the keep refrigerated on the left one.

No. 1069232

File: 1603846866657.jpg (71.05 KB, 613x231, 20201027_200039.jpg)


No. 1069264

Fuck right off, Molly! This isn't the face of a recovering anorexic being presented with a new food to try. Even recovering anas try to take control by checking the nutritional info. And tsk Mummy Jones, that stuff is basically pure sugar. Are you trying to give your daughter reactive hypoglycaemia? I think Mummy enjoys the camera too much as well TBH.

Hmm, second to mummy enjoying the camera, I wonder if mummy encouraged Molly slimming as a teenager. Or is dutifully learning her script from English major Molly!

This random cow I've never seen before being a terrible singer aside, what is with that yelp she makes after every held note?
> say something I'm giving up on youuuu-wuh!

Nah her brain is literally fried from ECT which she chose to have. Usually it's reserved for people whose depression has left them literally catatonic. Georgia decided she felt a bit sad and got them to fire it up for her.

No. 1069275

File: 1603850787096.png (1.17 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201028-020447.png)

Countdown to NFC

No. 1069279

She looks like she's 50, if I didn't know better I would think she was a drug addict. Although, I guess food is a drug for some people..

No. 1069280


No. 1069284


hard core struggling i wonder what all the other times were then lmaooo

No. 1069289

Here >>1068124 and here >>1069275
Do her knuckles sink in because her hands are chubby? I've only ever seen that on dolls, like Cabbage Patch dolls thatre tubby.

No. 1069293

File: 1603852910073.jpg (143.29 KB, 414x372, justfatpeoplethings.jpg)

Yep, it's because she's fat.

No. 1069326

Woah TIL that obese people have inverted knuckles

No. 1069341

Ta. Thought that was the case. I don't tend to stare at obese people's hands but suspected it was that. It looks cute on dolls, but not adult humans.

She'll be in hospital for Christmas, I KNOW it.

No. 1069372


Yup. Her knees will go inverted next (see the FA Cows thread) and then the corners of her mouth will turn permanently downwards, forced by fat a la Amanda Baggs.

No. 1069391

File: 1603870347309.jpg (52.22 KB, 736x441, Capture 1.JPG)

pt. 1

No. 1069392

pt 2.
This post comes off as kinda cringey to me.
OP mentions having both a semi colon tattoo and an ED tattoo.
OP drops tons of unsublte hints about how mentally ill she is
The writing style makes it sound a bit fanfictiony / thathappened

No. 1069393

File: 1603870583452.png (718.5 KB, 811x1615, Capture 0.png)

dropped pic

No. 1069398

75 bucks says this cow will be in the farm with a plug up her snout before the end of november.

No. 1069399

Not a Molly fan by any means, but you're an ana-chan to suggest that recovering anorexics should be checking nutrition labels.

No. 1069407

And cubby baby hands

No. 1069419


No. 1069421

kinda cringey is a major understatement. idk why she thinks anyone would need to hear about this if it happened which it didn't and she's not nearly as hilariously smart as she thinks she is

No. 1069423

File: 1603879516787.png (3.7 MB, 750x1334, E735BBF1-881A-448F-9F62-1631EE…)

Don’t know if this girl beats them both, her bio says anorexia recovered

No. 1069424


All this is bs. Obviously. Possibly someone crushing on their own therapist and this is a fantasy scenario.

Tbh, anon was kinda right. When they teach you how much % fat, sugar, carbs, protein to eat a healthy diet, it's taught for a reason. Not in a omg don't eat all that sugar because you'll get fat, but for health. All the info Ganer ignores.

No. 1069429

File: 1603881035688.png (182.95 KB, 1417x748, triggered.png)

did one of you comment this? molly got very defensive lol

No. 1069438

This literally sounds like a fanfiction. It's made up for sure. OP is probably like 15 and thinks she sounds cool because she's SO kiNKy and qUirKY.

No. 1069441

File: 1603882361124.png (135.71 KB, 828x1066, IMG_0120.PNG)

No. 1069442

Mental illness/recovery tattoos are so cringe. Reminds me of people wearing Ana bracelets, but tattoos are a lot harder to take off once you grow out of trying to make sure everyone knows how sick you are

No. 1069444

are we sure it wasn't written by Aly?

No. 1069446

Umm , wtf is that? A witch and her broom stick? Bit early. Halloween is a few days away.

No. 1069456

She clearly skips leg day

No. 1069459

File: 1603886402793.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3144x2471, 600316B3-67D6-4C7C-997D-1F2814…)


Major self post fail. Here’s a nice little game of spot the difference

No. 1069461

Kek how embarassing

No. 1069463

I don't communicate with cows, but whoever wrote that isn't necessary a farmer. Molly's said she only "discovered' she was anorexic late last year.

I really feel that Molly's a bit pissed off or maybe embarrassed she wasn't the spoop Elzani was. She gets pussy about BMI and past weight. Fair enough, nobody's business, but she's over defensive when someone asks out of curiosity or ignorance.

No. 1069464

Omfgrofpmsl unfortunate autocorrect. PISSY not pussy.

No. 1069466

lol, and who even really needs feeds like this while at home?
like, i get it… you cant handle solid food for whatever the fuckn reason… but cmon, just drink the supplement ffs!!

Im sure your dead mum would be so, so proud of you Ashleigh

No. 1069471

From the thumbnail I thought she was holding a floor cleaner mop thing. How sad.

No. 1069478

File: 1603889922064.jpg (29.69 KB, 300x640, 64114_Green-Sponge-Mop-300x640…)

i'm convinced it's a modified squeegee. you can see the sponge on the bottom, and the metal bar that would be used to press the water out. she's got her toob duct taped to a mop and i assume she just… walks around holding it. totally normal, not attention-seeking behaviour at all… /s

here's a sponge mop without an attention seeker taped to it - looks p similar

No. 1069492

File: 1603891678572.jpeg (121.41 KB, 1125x836, C3EB3F2B-2821-4BF5-A5C6-8B5593…)

That new tiktok cow does beat poetry

No. 1069494


Squeegee, that the word. It's definitely one of those. How quirky. How hilarious.

No. 1069495

All I can see when I look at her is the purge face… it might not be facial swelling, but it definitely looks like it

No. 1069498

yeah hey Ash, your revolving door admissions are easier to bet on than the melbourne cup. Not surprised to see that you are going the munchie route or self posting. Gotta get that sweet validation for that BPD somehow.

No. 1069499

luckily she has the "no such thing as atypical anorexia" HAES all in recovery accounts (or should I say binge eaters) to back her up

No. 1069503

I see people asking in the comments "did you ever go inpatient?". She replies to most questions under her videos, lol but not that one. I do think she is embarrassed to admit she was never underweight.
I guarantee if she ever was underweight she would be flaunting those photos.

No. 1069510

someone upthread said they thought she was in nightingale hospital (private hosp in london) but didn't say where they got that info from

No. 1069511

She works/worked for the BBC.

No. 1069523

I checked her account when I first saw the post and she said she’s like 25 and she also posted a selfie. Idk why some people share so much on reddit

No. 1069527

has to literally squat to appear to have an ass at all

No. 1069566

Some of her earlier IG posts mention IP & there's one or two photos that are hospital based. I think the only other private ED hospital in London is Priory, Roehampton and the photos don't have the typical Priory furnishings so conclusion was Nightingale. I know she wasn't there for very long and has given two different reasons for why she was discharged so quickly. Will see if I can find the exact text.

No. 1069577

File: 1603905622484.png (88.52 KB, 878x708, comments.png)

Another time she got somewhat defensive. I've been noticing more and more comments about how annoying she is…
"Thanks for stopping by x"

No. 1069578

File: 1603906008065.png (40.18 KB, 736x402, deleted.png)

>>1069577 Part 2
I saw these comments (from the same person in >>1069429 ) yesterday on the eating like Elzani video, but she deleted them since then.
I don't think they're farmers, I think Molly is just starting to get to people.

No. 1069596

File: 1603907801264.jpg (807.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201028_185342_com…)

I don't even know what to say anymore

No. 1069599

holy shit i thought that was some horrific gory self harm pic for a second

No. 1069600

Seconded. Abandon pars-ship.

No. 1069601

File: 1603908208157.jpeg (819.84 KB, 828x1432, AA15590D-EC4A-4430-8C57-2EF948…)

hannah mckee has actually started to acknowledge her glaringly obvious ED, says she’s doing good with food but is addressing her exercise addiction… not convinced on the food front but at least she’s not totally ignoring it now

No. 1069602

File: 1603908231019.jpeg (864.61 KB, 828x1577, 4B312F9A-4DA9-49AE-97EF-103E28…)

No. 1069604

Amerifag that doesn’t know much about parsnips but is that how you eat them? Raw like a carrot?? I always thought you had to cook them. Like roasted or a mash or something. God N2F is fucking off her rocker.

No. 1069606

it looks like it's been roasted (or microwaved) but that doesn't make this shit any less weird

No. 1069621

and you don't freaking slice it open to squirt ketchup in it just to "garnish" it with the tiniest bit of cucumber
It's her contradictory style of preparing food that's so fascinating, she must spend a lot of time to arrange her meals but she lost her tastebuds and sense for appealing food somewhere in her messy binge cave

No. 1069632

there's no way this is real, oh my god

No. 1069648

This was pure playing with food. If you don't cut the parsnips into pieces then microwave that thing it's going to be rock hard. She binned that, 10O%

Looked like some feminine hygiene product (used) from thumbnail.

No. 1069657

Anon it’s not even fucking peeled do you really think that’s normal? I’m surprised even nourish is disabled enough to post this and think it’s okay.

No. 1069683

Idc whether you're from mars anon, you know full bloody well that is not normal in any cooking, cuisine, delicacy, anywhere on this godforsaken planet.

No. 1069692

File: 1603914272805.jpg (437.75 KB, 719x1290, Screenshot_2020-10-28-19-43-55…)

She bit into it at the very least

No. 1069701

File: 1603914847802.jpg (23.27 KB, 566x258, Capture.JPG)

Jesus. What did she do to that parsnip? It's all waterlogged.

Google image search almost got it right. It's not junk, it's trash.

No. 1069712

Just when I thought she couldn’t get more insane. It literally looks like the parsnip is bleeding

No. 1069713

>it blow my mind someone with anorexia could think I developed it because I’m privileged
Kek if anything it’s the people who’ve had eating disorders who are the most likely to notice and question your behaviors

No. 1069715

good god i saw the thumbnail and thought this was a self harm picture and fully GAGGED

No. 1069717

Kelly: "…the number one mortality rate of all mental disorders".

Molly: "…an eating disorder with the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric condition".

These kids watch the same documentaries.

>It blows my mind that someone who has had anorexia could possibly think that I developed this illness

Me too

No. 1069768

What is that green thing? Brown cucumber or part of a gerkin?

No. 1069772

File: 1603921405544.jpg (89.12 KB, 1354x806, sauce.JPG)

Looks like part of a decomposing cucumber she found on the floor, or a bit of a pickle found on the floor.

At least the sauce is in date.

No. 1069780

Hahaha what the fuck

No. 1069788

I love n2f for the fact she's the antithesis of Molly. She shops at places where food's near/passed the sell by date, eats gutter level food and sachet hot chocolate, keeps her family out of it, goes on holiday to Norfolk and not somewhere swanky abroad. A good working class Yorkshire lass. Awwww.

Still gross af, but at least she has a personality…as does her "food".

No. 1069825

Yess, I think out of all the cows on this thread n2f is the one I'd wouldn't mind hanging out with. She just doesn't give a shit and seems somewhat interesting

No. 1069837

Huh! Sure seems like an odd video for someone who finds cereal "soooo scary!!" to post. Ah well, atleast we get to see more hilarious Jamie.

No. 1069840

I feel so protective over n2f it isn't even funny. It's like she's lolcow's weird, mentally unstable pet who needs to be looked after at all times because she doesn't know how to take care of herself. Bless her heart. She's so harmless and weird.

No. 1069842

Okay, I'm doing it. Pop some valium first lol.

I honestly wish I knew her. I think my anger at her is frustration at the way she makes herself live. Ok…Gonna do the video - with scary count. Going to add MOST MIDDLE CLASS SAYINGS to it.

No. 1069847

Godspeed, farmer. Godspeed.

No. 1069848

I watched it earlier. They argue about cereal, Molly is SHOCKED at Jamie's choices, MollDad appears briefly, and they decide they should do a taste test series named Jolly Siblings Sample. Jamie has a food baby named Bilbo. Being full is scary. No sign of MollMum.

No. 1069865

It's already been stated it's an undershirt. Look up wifebeaters, many guys wear them under their clothing. Stop detailing with this no one cares if her brother is trans.

No. 1069902

When will Molly learn how to edit vids properly instead of making every single one ridiculously long? This 27 minute long video could've been cut into a 10 minute one easily.

No. 1069909

File: 1603928403359.png (1.2 MB, 1914x851, CEREAL REVIEW VIDEO REVIEW AND…)

That was boring as FUCK.

How can she say at this point she has any issues with eating when she eats 10 bowls plus a bonus "mix up"?

No. 1069920

Nobody was talking about it anymore until you replied to a post from two days ago, dingus.

No. 1069921

Because she said she's still scared! She's so full of it and so privileged.

Next vlog includes the haircut! I'm gonna guess it'll be at least 40 minutes, Molly, Mum, and/or Jamie will pronounce something obnoxiously, and Molly will cry about something since she hasn't in the last few videos.

No. 1069933

I want to know what molz family’s weekly food shop total is because i'd bet it’s about three times the total of a working class family that size. Do you think she’s even seen an asda?

No. 1069940

File: 1603930249232.jpg (307.84 KB, 1080x740, 1531478607417.jpg)

N2F in turn is very protective of her, uhm, lifestyle, and pretty delusional.
Here's how she replies to people who point out… well, the obvious.

No. 1069941

You know she's middle class when she's allowed that many boxes of cereal open- my mum would've killed me if opened I more than one!

Anon I love this so much. Were you super angry when you crossed off the jamie square or just overwhelmed by his hilarity? The line has been gone over so many times kek. Also the random edit of molly praying with the bowl over her face made me laugh a lot I have no idea why. Pleeeeease let that be in the next thread pic!

No. 1069944

File: 1603930394063.png (47.46 KB, 155x191, splendid.png)

Yeah when mummy isn't around she's a lot less scawed, i noticed that too

No. 1069947

Molly and family, "What is an "Asda?"

They think of Asda as we do Barry's Cash & Carry. They'll shop at health stores and farmer's markets (when possible). All those wanky vegan food shops.

Vote Labour all you like, love. Read the Guardian and Owen Jones and pretend you understand the common people. Just remember there are baskets to deposit food to be given to food banks. You don't need to part with your fancy coffee for wankers, we can honestly deal with PG Tips. Wouldn't want the less fortunate to get a taste for matcha latte.

No. 1069950

I know this should sour my opinion on n2f and I'm a massive hypocrite because I know for a fact if georgia or molly were to act like this I would be sooo pissed off at them but I just can't hate n2f. I think it's because she doesn't PRETEND to be not-disgusting, she doesn't hide how fucked in the head she is and so instead of being infuriating and condescending she just comes across as funny to me.

>Take a look at your pathetic self

>Kindness is free
Guess me and nourish are both hypocrites then. Love that grimy bitch.

No. 1069953

This was Molly's mum at uni.

I bet n2f has a brilliant sense of humour. She wouldn't even have to try. Anything she does would be unintentionally funny.

No. 1069955

i have an odd protectiveness for n2f. i want to look after her

No. 1069960

samefag and drunk but is there anything we can do to help her(stop)

No. 1069961

File: 1603931206867.jpg (697.01 KB, 2293x1449, senpainoticedme.jpg)

N2F got the attention of her favorite skinny syrup maker! I wonder if they made an unpaid intern write this comment, short as it is.

No. 1069963


They comment a lot on her bakes page. I wonder if they actually look at the items being tagged or..

No. 1069990

Just sit back and watch, anything else would be cowtipping.

No. 1069994

Here's Molly trying to dance. Get that high note she attempts at 3.30

Ugh, youth theatre drama kids.

No. 1070000

"I'm middle class but.. I'm not like the OTHER middle class folk. I'm scared!"

No. 1070003

That note was awkward af! I wonder why they gave her that role when she can't hold a strong high note. Did she study theatre at Oxford?

No. 1070005

No. English. Maybe she was rejected from the drama society and that was her t r i g g e r

No. 1070010

> please don't police how Molly eats
Oh good, she's got white knight fans already

No. 1070014

What the hell are those? Sesame seeds?

No. 1070015

she sounds and looks like a tone-deaf gremlin. so incredibly awkward. good to see uk theatre kids are appallingly just as bad as the american ones who constantly get memed.

i can easily see why she got rejected, kek

to be fair, it doesn't look too bad compared to her usual frankenstein mishmash of skinny syrup and something that looks horribly like loose stools.

No. 1070017

Thanks for finding that channel anon. I think this is also her at 1:31

No. 1070018

This is starting to piss me off. Nine different boxes of cereal for a taste test seems very tone deaf at a time when the UK government has just voted against helping kids on free school meals to access nutritious food during the school holidays.

No. 1070019

Yep. She's also singing at 2:30. I didn't realize how tiny she was until I watched these videos. It makes her easier to pick out in them.

No. 1070021

Samefag. She first speaks at 4:10. I'm skipping through now.

No. 1070033

File: 1603940172254.jpg (66.97 KB, 750x562, wig.jpg)

I know this isn't really her fault but honey, that lace front looks awful

No. 1070038

Drama kids are the same the world over. The ones at Molly and her group's age are unbearable. The drama department at my college (as in where we go to get A levels before uni in UK) was full of em. Shit skills, no talent but either took themselves very seriously or were very giddy and danced around singing in the canteen being loud and unbearable.

I suspect Molmummy working at the BBC and friends with scriptwriters and theatre people made Molly interested in acting rather than she had natural talent. Which she obviously doesn't.

No. 1070039

she suits the hair though tbh. shame she has that weird btec amelie look going on. she doesnt look spoopy in any of these, do you know when these were taken?

No. 1070040

File: 1603942113078.png (465.12 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201029-032704.png)

They should've reviewed a Kellogg's variety pack and donated the cash to a homeless charity or something.

No. 1070041

File: 1603942216409.jpg (265.88 KB, 1080x1093, 20201028_222912.jpg)

Just over a year ago.

No. 1070042

File: 1603942318260.webm (2.74 MB, 400x224, 93004568_274848173557154_62898…)

The description:

Probably the most divine 1 minute of singing at SLYT ever!
Johanna: @molla_ella
Sam and Molly are practically professional and always have been, but Tom and Bede were in year 9 at school - it’s extraordinary!

No. 1070044

As grating as her recovery videos.

No. 1070051

I'm laughing so hard at molly trying to do that extremely simplistic choreography in the first video and still failing and being off beat of fucking everyone else…… kek dumbass

No. 1070054

Musical splerge so sage for derail but those boys have gorgeous voices. Can't really hear molly thankfully (although I will admit her I dreamed a Dream was lovely)(integrate better)

No. 1070055

She can't have had this super serious anorexia for more than a few months if these were just over a year ago seeing as she's been recovering for months already. Fuck, wish her uploads weren't so late then we could have a decent timeline of what's been going on.

No. 1070061

File: 1603944874664.jpg (386.2 KB, 1921x1440, moll.jpg)

Left is 2014, right is 2016.

No. 1070062

File: 1603945010239.jpg (55.86 KB, 600x900, 2018.jpg)

Samefag. 2018.

No. 1070144

File: 1603953352905.jpg (318.57 KB, 828x1240, IMG_0132.jpg)

Honestly seems like she's left the hospital with the tube and is doing tn feeds without training or medical input

No. 1070147

File: 1603953470770.jpg (95.28 KB, 828x656, IMG_0131.jpg)


Kek at this comment and reply

No. 1070150

KEK exactly what I expected. She's a textbook no talent theatre kid who's been told all her life that she's super speshul by mummy and daddy. Though, even by theatre kid standards she's retarded and annoying. Does she have any friends other than her hilarious brother?

No. 1070153

is… is she wearing a wig? she's still got half her natural hair clinging to her cheeks for dear life. i've seen dollar store halloween costumes more convincing than that outfit.

No. 1070173

Wigs are very common in stage shows, and damn near nobody is going to be close enough to notice. It’s unlikely that this is a photo of an actual performance, though, so they could have adjusted it a bit, but really making fun of the wig is a nitpick. It’s like saying theatrical “old people” makeup doesn’t look realistic up close.

No. 1070174

I think the timeline goes like this
october: starts oxford
(during this time "discovers" she has anorexia)
january: drops out of oxford
april: goes inpatient
may: leaves inpatient for "non-compliance"
june: starts making videos

No. 1070176

Ofc not her shrink, but looks like stress moving away from home, not making friends, made her lose enough weight for her periods to stop (stress can do that) and being well versed with Elzani, she saw the ed ~community~ as something she wanted to fit into. The way she eats (just "deciding to" one day, scoffing scary foods no problem) her anorexia, if it's that, is a weird case for lasting only a few months. Idk, she's too sketchy. Are we just going to get reviews where her parents buy a load of food and she eats it all without any problem?

Lockdowns been boring, but fucking hell, not boring enough to film yourself drinking tea and eating cereal and stick it on YouTube.

No. 1070179

File: 1603963729401.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1715, 366671A6-B8FF-495D-831A-2BA52C…)

I’ll just leave this here.

No. 1070180

File: 1603963881290.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1725, 108317BA-3301-485C-8D94-EEF228…)

Oh, and also someone else in her family is getting attention and that makes her very sad. God forbid she be worried for her child brother. Nope: she’s worried about feeling SoO aLoNe

No. 1070192

She doesn't need to be admitted for anything, she needs to get out in the sun and fresh air and kick a ball around.

No. 1070193

>psychologist wanted me admitted right away
Let me guess. She suicide baited during group like an attention whore

No. 1070197

A face only a mother could love

No. 1070198

Oh, Georgia. You ridiculous twat. Lol.

It's unfortunate she has that pointy chin. Makes her look like a grey alien.

No. 1070199

shes jealous that her brother is in hospital

No. 1070202

File: 1603970270695.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1704, 530E4A65-38EE-4936-9DBC-980BED…)

Don’t worry guize, she’s still eating because she’s a super brave warrior. Georgia, repeat after me: “eating a salad when you’re 300lbs is not ~*~restricting~*~”

No. 1070203

Her entire face could be under the textbook definition of unfortunate lbr

No. 1070206

So her being anorexic “for years” was a lie. Any proof she was anorexic ever? She wants to be Elzani but she’s more like Georgia

No. 1070211

N2f cooks for her?

No. 1070214

File: 1603972699414.png (156.42 KB, 674x960, Screenshot_20201029-115513~2.p…)

Well, despite her ~anorexia thoughts~ she's still managing to breeze through stuffing her face full of crap.

No. 1070229

Everything she says feels hollow. It’s like she copy/pasted a bunch of ~recovery queen~ quotes

No. 1070251

it seems so forced. she seems like a not-so huge Georgia with the way she portrays eating disorders.

No. 1070252

an admission for munchausens would make sense.

No. 1070259

I don't have an ED, but "What am I doing? Carrying on regardless" sounds like "the solution to depression is to choose to be happy" bullshit.

No. 1070261

scrap that, its more a BPD behaviour.

Love how this @emrrecovers person seems to like taking this one to task.

No. 1070264

File: 1603980118418.jpg (280.6 KB, 1080x1635, 20201029_090129.jpg)

This was actually 2018 (there was a typo in the Facebook post and it was posted later on there). This one is for sure from 2019

No. 1070272

She looks like your average short girl weight who lost the awkward earlier teen puppy fat here >>1070061

Fuck it, I'm saying it. She never had an eating disorder. None of her behaviour fits. The comments posted here she's written to people are really bratty and not at all how she presents herself as sweet, adorable, childlike Molly.

No. 1070274

Molly dated a guy called Tom for over two years and they broke up, months later she was in inpatient. Breakup probably knocked her confidence and her anorexia started.

No. 1070281

Molly for sure has a disordered relationship with food. she maybe even restricted heavily for a few months. BUT She's never been severely anorexic as her media presence tries to portray. Her videos are meant to "help" anorexic people recover but they can't really help anyone. Why is she even putting this on the internet?? Since she was never severely ill and seems to be 95% recovered at this point she needs to focus on moving on with her life. She may be the most frustrating cow because she has everything handed to her to have a good life and instead plays "childlike recovery warrior" on the internet. arg

No. 1070294


>n2f is lolcow's weird, mentally unstable pet

Immediately pictured n2f as a borrower-size pet in Taylor Nicole Dean's hoard. Her room would be in one of the dusty snake bins, obviously.

We don't get parsnips here but it's a root vegetable right? Why the hell does it look like wet melted cheese on the inside?

I've seen potatoes get old and basically liquify inside looking kinda like that - but the smell would make it a Fear Factor challenge to try eat

No. 1070308

Yes, it's a root vegetable.
It's very fibery, those strands that look like melted cheese are pure fiber.
It's never eaten like that, it's usually just added to soups for flavour (sweet, similar to carrot). She is insane for chewing on it like that.

No. 1070337

ok i disagree, you can definitely eat parsnips cooked or baked, not just in soups. Just peel it and season it.(no, n2f, heinz crappy sauces don't replace fresh herbs, some oil and basic cooking skills)

No. 1070366

People in the US and Canada usually roast parsnips. They’re good. Never seen them in soup here.

No. 1070372

Why the heck would anyone want to be like Elzani?

No. 1070396

I kind of have to agree anon. Everything about her is questionable. Disordered eating sure but I seriously doubt she had full blown anorexia. Her ~story~ is as dodgy as her fringe

No. 1070415

File: 1603994242432.jpg (1.95 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20201029_175504211.j…)

She definitely lost some weight. I think the inpatient facility released her for non compliancy after only a month is pretty telling that she was never dangerously sick- if a patient is sectioned and they're non complainant buy extremely underweight and ill they force them to stay but I guess with healthy weight boring molly they decided not to waste resources and let her go.

No. 1070416

File: 1603994344329.jpg (137.78 KB, 720x861, Screenshot_2020-10-29-17-58-26…)

Samefag and very very sorry if this is old milk but she took the "I know I look 12" thing out of her bio

No. 1070439

idk if I've seen too much of Georgia lately, but her legs look pretty underweight in the second photo. could just be the angle though

No. 1070449

I agree, she looks borderline underweight/healthy weight. Not exactly a super spoop though

No. 1070451


sorry how do we know she got released for non compliance? she has a post at the beginning of her insta where she says she's home from IP but she doesnt say why

No. 1070473

she talks about it here at 2:45 but i think she mentioned it on instagram at some point too

No. 1070475

sorry meant for >>1070451

No. 1070479

I get the impression she was one of those annoying girls who cried to her mummy down the phone at every opportunity during her IP stay

No. 1070488

kek anon, my thoughts exactly. What even is that?

No. 1070523

File: 1604000861408.jpg (800.29 KB, 1909x1579, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-pSQi…)

Why did you choose the least flattering photo with her wearing a poorly fitted dress? They're also four years apart. These are from last year. Sure, she probably did lose some weight, but not as much as this comparison suggests.

No. 1070561

Cheers anon i can't be arsed to watch her videos they're all long as fuck

No. 1070564

psych probably just needs extra $$ for the christmas season. can always rely on porker to supply the funds.

No. 1070566

agreed, the green dress photo is horrid and also from when she was in her "baby fat" stage as an early teen. the comparison photo in >>1070415 also has a lot to do with the angle. she's posing oddly and the looseness of her shirt plus the flexing of her muscles makes her arms and legs look small. she never looked this thin in a normal angle.

inb4 anachan, and i do think she lost some weight during her first year at uni, and was perhaps briefly underweight. but she's naturally slim and there's no indication she had any more than a little weight loss due to uni adjustment, stress, a bit of restriction, etc. she is larping anorexia bc she's a theatre kid who loves attention. and she's doing it badly bc like most theatre kids, she has absolutely no acting ability at all above draMAtically OVerinFLECTing the LINES she STOLE from elZAAAHni.

i wonder though what her endgame is. even her heroine has failed to make her brand lucrative. are there any examples of ED recovery personalities who have actually transitioned into something that makes money? i guess maybe if they go overboard, get fat, and become ~bopo influencers? or get into lifting and then purge (lel) the record of their ED past, like that faithandfit/fitandfaith girl did. but i don't see mollz doing either of these paths so it feels like a dead end.

No. 1070573

OT but she honestly looks so cute, it’s too bad she’s an annoying theatre girl

No. 1070577

How do you know?

No. 1070586

That one slither of cucumber…LMFAOOO I can’t. Who the fuck microwaves a parsnip and slits it open to fill with ketchup?? It looks like a diseased vagina.

I wouldn’t go as far as hanging out with her but I wish she’d do a day in the life or something. To see if she ever leaves that cesspit of a bedroom or has any other human contact ever. God she’s such an enigma.

No. 1070595

>i wonder though what her endgame is

Writes a musical about anorexia?

No. 1070598

here's what I think what happened to molly - she got slightly chubby around age 15/16 (assuming the green dress pic is from that age)

she restricted for a while because maybe she felt self-conscious performing next to skinnier girls (this may be what she means "I had anorexia for years before I realized it")

she got to the 2019 look, enrolled in Oxford, experienced freshman stress, homesickness, potential breakup, restricted even more until she became underweight

this may have spooked her family, she played along because she missed attention, got sent into inpatient and the rest is history

No. 1070602

love u anon

No. 1070607

Its not too milky, just makes me feel bad for her. She's been around for so long and not got better, i doubt she ever will. Sadge…

No. 1070610

Bodiposipanda/ Megan Crabbe has done well for herself but I'm not sure if she started as a recovery account or jumped straight into 'bodiposi'

No. 1070615

she looks so much better with long hair, even this ratty wig with the ugly lace front looks better than her current Amélie larp

No. 1070616

Write AND star in a musical about anorexia

No. 1070620

if this is her bra-less, i'm convinced her tits will reach down to her bellybutton before she turns 30

No. 1070621

anon upthread mentioned they think molly was in the nightingale hospital in london. i found this article from the daily fail that says it costs £5k a week
either her family is LOADED or they're some of the 12 people in the UK who actually have private health insurance. anyway i'm just surprised they discharged her so quickly even if she was non compliant, thought they would keep patients there as long as possible to squeeze £££ out of them a la new farm lol

No. 1070626

i'd pay good money tbh, lolcow the musical

No. 1070629

She's obviously loaded. If she didn't go private she'd still be on a waiting list for outpatient treatment.

No. 1070631

N2f as an Eliza Doolittle character.

No. 1070632

I find bodyposipanda to be interesting/vaguely cow-ish so once I was bored enough to scroll all the way down her insta to see what she looked like when she started her account. Her account was briefly a personal account originally, seems she stumbled across #bopo or whatever they use and the rest is history. She was never really a recovery account in the way our cows here are.

No. 1070651

File: 1604011737769.webm (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, fart.webm)

>when your brother gets to go to hospital but you don't

No. 1070655

Wow, if that was the trailer for a serial killer docu you'd think, yeah she looks one.

No. 1070657

yeah i'm sticking with this story too

No. 1070663

This is amazing, I love when self posting cows gets called out

No. 1070669

I sort of know Tom so I have vague details

No. 1070671

Tread carefully anon, if this is true you really don't want to accidentally dox yourself. The collective autism in this thread cannot be underestimated

No. 1070679

File: 1604014979106.jpg (175.68 KB, 1080x725, 20201029_184158.jpg)

Things were going so well for Laura! How could this have happened?

No. 1070683

Figured out which Oxford college Molly temporarily attended. It's not overly relevant, St. Hilda's has no particular reputation other than being posh, liberal, and where you end up when you're not quite good enough for the college that you picked.

No. 1070684

File: 1604015213592.jpg (61.59 KB, 1080x1087, FB_IMG_1604015138605.jpg)

She's still friends with him so it wasn't hard to find this lol

No. 1070691

Disregard, was a hasty assumption, can't tell for sure by mutuals.

No. 1070696

I used to wait for Laura updates but it's at the stage where she's just rinse and repeat. For whatever reason, she just wants to stay IP indefinitely.

No. 1070701

Yah that's him. I'm friends with one of his sisters, molly was really close friends with the sister for years since they did drama together then started dating her brother who was in their drama group too I think. Idk why they broke up or anything (I personally think Tom is gay but I can't verify) but it made things awkward af so molly isn't really friends with the family anymore.

No. 1070710

Didn't want to say it because of the Jamie tinfoil and everything but he set my gaydar off.

No. 1070712


sheesh, if a guy I dated for two years ended up being gay, I'd probably do some extreme things as well, especially coupled with college stress and homesickness

No. 1070713

Ok, seen his Instagram and FB. He is a screaming queen. Won't post pic because privacy etc.

No. 1070718

He's been very gay during the time he would've been with Molly, so…

No. 1070719

I could only find private instagram accounts. Is there a public one somewhere that I missed? Don't have to tell me the name, I'm just curious

No. 1070721

File: 1604017665877.png (694.47 KB, 720x962, Screenshot_20201030-002609~2.p…)

Blatant clue. This is a tagged pic with Molly in there for relevance.

No. 1070728

Nope, wrong Tom. That one is definitely gay though

No. 1070732

thank FUCK, i went through his whole feed and kept thinking "molly… were u fucking blind or something, he's clearly gay af"

No. 1070734

I don't want to get banned for doxxing if i give his accounts out because he's not a cow.. if i post a pic of him here do you think i'll get in trouble? dont want to upset the mods and get a ban

No. 1070735

That's the same Tom as >>1070684 though

No. 1070737

Another farmer posted a screenshot above of the gay Tom. The correct one has two private accounts. Nothing public that I can find.

No. 1070738

Samefag. This is one of his profile pictures on Facebook.

No. 1070739

yah but im the anon who knows him irl, i could send a photo of him but im worried it'll result in me getting a ban

No. 1070742

Not necessary. I just thought there was another account that I missed that way easily findable.

No. 1070743

Getchya. Found that account.

No. 1070748

File: 1604019470785.png (431.48 KB, 720x1139, Screenshot_20201030-005608~2.p…)

No. 1070751

File: 1604020002672.png (249.86 KB, 1398x970, Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 01.05…)

discussion about elzani arose on the eugenia cooney reddit thread. looks like we farmers arent the only one who've noticed this

No. 1070771

How long has it been now since it was noticeable that Elzani was a lot healthier? Time blurs.

It doesn't seem to be more than a year ??? If this is the case, like she hasn't dragged it on for two years (actually looking well), Aly spent a long time trying to do life and failing. Failed at multiple jobs (claiming fatigue), still lived with her family at 25 years of age hankering after Berto, obsessed with selfies and buying "likes". I think that she's made progress now - holding down jobs, living with Berto despite her heart issue. It takes time.

Differences between them both - Aly's bad family atmosphere (hating her dad) and Elzani LOVES her family. Aly had a bf, Elzani doesn't. Aly had long suffering friends pop up during spoop days through recovery, Elzani doesn't.

I do think that Elzani's not aiming for anything, so she's stuck in the same routine. It's sad that she doesn't have that spark to move on. When a person's at Elzani's point I agree that it's time to get a life together, but there's nothing outside her family and social media, so that poster's got a good point although I don't think E is THAT obsessed with food. She just uses it now for continued asspats and devotion.

No. 1070779

>I don't think E is THAT obsessed with food
The last time I saw her IRL was in a Marks and Spencer's Foodhall and she was very happy to be there.

No. 1070791

File: 1604024193178.jpg (896.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201030-021542_Ins…)


No. 1070802

Scroll up. Already posted

No. 1070900

are you from exe? more details please

No. 1070918

>oh jeez im absolutely paralyzed with fear

>poses for a blank, droopy faced selfie and hops on Twitter to broadcast a 500 word essay on the subject

No. 1070938

i’m from ireland and we often have roast parsnips, usually glazed with honey or similar. it’s super common. nothing N2F does with her food is normal, i think she probably threw it in a microwave for a hot minute and crunched on it like a demon

No. 1070958

not saying this happened with molly, but the NHS often refer and fund ED patients to private hospitals within the UK. most patients in private hospitals are NHS funded. probably not true in posh molly's case, especially considering her non-spoopyness, but y'know.

No. 1070977


It’s common for private IP’s to be filled with NHS patients as there is a huge shortage of beds. Although private patients tend to have a much shorter stay (which Molly did). I don’t think Molly ever had a bmi low enough for the nhs to consider funding a private bed

No. 1070979

That's true but you have to be seriously underweight before they'll even consider doing that. Either Molly's family paid or they have insurance (probably the latter unless they're millionaires, some jobs offer health insurance as a benefit)

No. 1070992


Why does she think anyone cares and wants to know this stuff? Especially strangers on IG, of all places? I think Georgia is the most insufferable person in this thread, which is really saying something when Molly exists. I’m sick of her and her fake ED and constant attention whoring and her gross annoying face.

No. 1070995

I live in the same region and visit the town where she lives. I've seen her out with her family a few times and that's about it.

No. 1071001

File: 1604067857835.jpeg (758.62 KB, 828x949, 9EB648FC-28B3-4B66-BD93-BE841A…)

Hannah McKee is now obsessively collecting weird miniatures of food packaging.
I wonder what she does with them.

No. 1071010

honestly don't even know how she is walking around alive. she looks like an 80 something woman.

No. 1071014

I answered my own question. Georgia only posts this stuff because she’s fat, so people won’t know she’s truly ~sick and suffering~ and from an ED of all things if she doesn’t talk about it nonstop.

No. 1071021

Isn’t this like a marks and Spencer’s promotion toy for little kids ?

No. 1071029

hardcore kek

No. 1071064


I suspect she's swallowed the FA Kool Aid and has decided that watching her weight as a teenager or not wanting to be fat counts as full blown anorexia nervosa.

No. 1071091

Yep, She is blatantly food obsessed and it’s pretty sad. Her recent posts say her only current issue is over exercising but looking at her account she very clearly has Issues with food.

No. 1071104

Hannah’s an interesting one imo. She acts like everything is perfect in her life (compared to the cows here) and she does seem remarkably together for someone in her state - job, relationship etc. I’m too lazy to scroll all the way through her feed but does anyone know a) how long she has been a spoop? And when did she meet the husband? And b) if she’s ever been sectioned? I know it’s hard to force adults into treatment but it’s not like she’s hidden away at home if she has a job (at a school, no less)

No. 1071121

Guise seriously can anyone explain what "professionals" are saying this stuff to her and always recommending some kind of IP for this cow ??? "eating is functional" bitch you could stop eating for a year and your body would still be overweight. Wtf.

No. 1071148

shes been collecting these…toys? for years. i think i remember some of them being gifts, shes definitely surrounded by enablers

No. 1071154

yeah her claim that her only issue is over exercising makes no sense because if she was actually eating sufficiently, a full day on her feet wouldn’t count as excessive exercise

No. 1071156

The "professionals" are working for a company that profits off getting people into hospitals. Georgia's one of their ideal mugs who shell out for a stay there even when they're not I'll because they like to feel someone cares.

It's like if you work for [insert really shit seaside resort, eh Margate]. Even though you know Margate's the arsehole of the world you tell people it's fun and you'd enjoy being there so that people will go to Margate and their cash will boost Margate's economy and they get paid for recruiting people to go to Margate.

Buying ECT is like paying for a ride on a rollercoaster.

No. 1071161

File: 1604087099655.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 84F8BE4A-F12A-4131-B985-34BCED…)

N2f throws up a lot of questions for me… but today’s question has got to be what the heck is she going to do with 8 bottles of mustard??

No. 1071166

File: 1604087356110.gif (931.26 KB, 358x200, shots.gif)

No. 1071169

File: 1604087760058.png (313.72 KB, 720x1131, Screenshot_20201030-195429~2.p…)

Speaking of throwing up…

No. 1071171

File: 1604088287899.png (87.88 KB, 720x1063, Screenshot_20201030-200306~2.p…)

She's been on cheapfoods again

No. 1071172

Those crackers are going to have lost their crispness.

No. 1071173

File: 1604088635894.png (104.27 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201030-200756.png)

No. 1071185

sorry, but what's "FA"?

No. 1071187

Sorry if this is too much of a blogpost even saged but I LOVE mustard and put a ton of it on all my mustard-appropriate food. It'd take me, oh maybe a year, possibly two, to get through this much mustard. The best buy date is in less then a week. Even if we assume it's still just fine for several months… ew.

No. 1071188

Fat activist, I believe

No. 1071189

fat acceptance. the FA community is extra toxic and basically encourages binge eating labeling anything else as "restrictive"

No. 1071193

Maybe she could do a mustart art project. Finger painting type stuff. Some (mental) age appropriate fun!

No. 1071201

File: 1604092070718.png (4.28 MB, 828x1792, 8C8C7DBA-73A9-4D75-8368-BA93CB…)

Suuuure Aly, fish for more attention while you’re at it

No. 1071202

I think the underlying issue is that those recovering from an ED really struggle with portion control. Harder still if you're making an effort not to count calories. There's a swedish treatment model where they essentially gently coach you on how to prepare food and eat it. There's a good doc on it too, "The Stockholm Solution".

No. 1071203

Not as bad as soggy crackers that expired before most of us ever heard the words Corona virus. That's a liiiiifetime ago!

Ok, I know her out of date food hauls are gross, but it's another thing that's endearing about her. She'd be waiting for a delivery from cheapfooduk the way the rest of us get excited to receive an Amazon or eBay purchase. She even posts her bulk mustard on IG she's that excited. Awwww.

No. 1071204

>that cassie larp

No. 1071205

Sweden are so smug at how well they deal with issues. I've watched this in the past though and it's pretty good.

I love how Molly pretends she forgot what a normal portion of things are after a whopping 4 months of apparent restricting.

No. 1071216

hmm this is a very interesting entry in the n2f purge debate

No. 1071224

what's smug about it? seems like the responsible thing to do. Better than the ol' NG + carbs up to normal weight and discharge routine.

No. 1071228

Didn't mean it in that way. I mean they come up with good ways of dealing with medical issues and flippin pandemics and the rest of the world is jealous of their skillz and like, oh well aren't you the perfect country kind of thing. They're like the class swots of Europe. If you heard my tone of voice you'd get what I mean, but y'know…

No. 1071230

anon that's an english date. it went off on the 11th march

No. 1071253

oh god

No. 1071337

Elzani just sponges off her parents and cooking cakes

No. 1071346

File: 1604105896253.png (675.57 KB, 1302x965, 6468468451.png)

there's at least $100 of worthless bullshit in her picture. and I'm sure she hasn't let herself come near a real jar of peanut butter in years.

No. 1071355

File: 1604107048303.png (113.5 KB, 720x1162, Screenshot_20201031-011317~2.p…)

I presumed those miniatures were cheapo things from Poundland. Found them on Amazon because I wanted to see what she's paying in the UK (never seen em here). She pays THAT for THAT shit? They're not even interesting. Who in general collects expensive cheap looking dollhouse type things. F me.

No. 1071357

Currency converter says $12.95. For FIVE.

No. 1071397

Actual video of n2f

No. 1071413

I sometimes doubt n2f buys food in bulk to actually plan on eating it. She's a good hoarder is the only explanation how she has so much sweets or spreads or crackers that she couldn't possibly eat in a short time. Instead of binges, perhaps she eats a bit or cracks open one mustard then hoards the rest away. There's a pic of her in her bedroom from a couple of years ago and you see plastic storage boxes full of food on the floor.

It makes sense because Idk about other ana farmers but sometimes clearing out you might find something way past its expiry date and it was a stash from the time you had your ED.

No. 1071416

Food* hoarder, not good

No. 1071518

O think food hoarding is pretty common in EDs but obviously N2F takes it to a whole new extreme. I remember a post from a long time back of literally hundreds of bars that she had collected.

No. 1071520

In aus one of our major supermarkets gave them away, spend x amount get one miniature plastic grocery item etc does the uk have a similar promo?

No. 1071525

File: 1604121373223.png (224.79 KB, 709x944, Screenshot_20201031-051517~2.p…)

I remember.

I doubt it. I've never even seen those on sale here. They're not a "thing", I don't think. No idea how she found them at first.

First to wish anons a spoopy Halloween. Hope we get spoopy food, maybe costumes from the cows, etc.

No. 1071535

No. 1071568

File: 1604129457681.png (799.44 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201031-072935.png)

Kebabs for our warrior.

No. 1071587

fuck she makes me angry. biggest (in both senses) larp out

No. 1071611

It was a challenge because she only had one.

No. 1071616

Challenge?!! Fucking stop parroting all these recovery words Georgia, you don’t end up the size you are without stuffing your face 25/8

No. 1071623

No. 1071624

File: 1604142167811.jpeg (788.69 KB, 2048x2048, C6D38960-9FF5-44C6-8BBB-EB4FD1…)


And fried rice! Truly the hero the recovery community needs. What irks me most is the baby talk. She’s a grown woman, surely she shouldn’t be calling dinner “dins” and “so yum”. Maybe that’s an Aussie thing though?

No. 1071627

Idk may be an Aussie thing. They apparently give out plastic grocery toys to adults for buying food >>1071520

No. 1071634

Bet its from a greasy takeaway joint. Probably soaked in oil

No. 1071649

No offense but that's a stupid nitpick. People in the UK and Aussies are saying things like dins and "so yum", it's not baby talk?

No. 1071650

File: 1604147988516.jpeg (53.3 KB, 739x415, images (5).jpeg)

The supermarkets in Aus constantly have one promotion or another running (aimed at kids). Collectible cards, toys, whatever. It really grinds my gears because it's just a bunch of plastic junk that will end up in landfill within a month.
Sorry for the sperg.

No. 1071665

Uncle roger wants a word

No. 1071689

I’m from the US and it honestly sounds like baby talk to me. “Din din” is used to talk to babies or dogs and “yum/yummy” is considered childish. Not saying it’s not a nitpick but I understand why anon thought it might be baby talk

No. 1071692

File: 1604156217291.png (556.24 KB, 828x1792, B5E7B6ED-6041-4D3F-A75C-166C5A…)

I happened to search Molly Ella on Instagram and this came up! Must have been made recently since the post was 20 hours ago

No. 1071695

File: 1604156537464.png (3.49 MB, 828x1792, 6D06BA8A-D453-42B5-BF0F-C1B175…)

Also apparently has one of those first person narrated dog accounts

No. 1071710

I just can’t stand her fringe. It looks so bad

No. 1071720

>Little Molly

I was surprised when she mentioned going to the hairdresser when it was open again. An upside of impending lockdown#2 is her fringe will grow.

This one - desperate for fame.

No. 1071722


Why do they do this? Obviously watches Becky the dog's feed.

No. 1071727

Oh shit I just realized the dogs collar shows what I’m guessing is her phone number

No. 1071732

It’s a public account. She doxxed herself

No. 1071733

I'm not a music/theaterfag but to my untrained ear this does not sound very good…she should sick to recovery content, this is somehow even more cringey.

No. 1071737

I agree. Not great. She needs more voice lessons. She is so mediocre at everything

No. 1071771

Her acting is meh, singing is meh, no stickability for uni or life skills. Her 15 mins of attention on YouTube are all she'll ever "achieve" with a very exaggerated account of anorexia recovery.

Lol@ the brainy kid doxxing herself. Fkin classic.

No. 1071783

I wonder if she’ll promote the music account on her recovery account

No. 1071789

that bio…. she really can't see herself as anything other than a small child can she? pretty sad

No. 1071799

Holding on to her dream star role as Annie in the West End?

She has interests but never talks about them. At least Elzani played guitar and sperged about Taylor Swift. Molly never mentions books. What does she do all day? She should do #booktube if she wants to do something productive. They get freebie books and good for CVs if you're into literature…but no. Smile bean eats cereal and drinks fancy tea. Wow. Yes, your channel helps me, Molly. It makes me appreciate that I didn't need to eat on video to feel appreciated.

No. 1071811

Ganer won't be happy. Another national lockdown lol.

No. 1071820

File: 1604168784370.jpeg (75.3 KB, 579x754, E8198C71-D32B-4A15-8B61-0A6305…)

So. Why isn’t EC a cow again? When her content targets children and child-predators with her room of stuffed animals, cosplays, and dressing like a Barbie doll for Halloween.. and when people do ask why she doesn’t age-restrict her content or call her out for glorifying her body, she responds like, “Sorry you feel that way but I don’t have any triggering content. It’s not my job to parent other people’s’ kids” Or “you don’t know how I am doing “ (with bitchy smirk)


No. 1071822

Like. Is she trolling at this point?

No. 1071823

I think the rational was she causes so much infighting it isn't worth it. although personally in find it amusing (and sad) she cares more about excusing her stomach growls than she does about addressing the predators in her community

No. 1071826

Yeah, infighting. Plus she's IG/YT famous and randoms are more interesting. There are hundreds of EC places to post.

No. 1071827

No. 1071848

File: 1604170593989.png (431.75 KB, 667x701, Screenshot_20201031-185343~2.p…)

Looked at the place she bought it from. Looks okay, but lol if she thinks she has a problem eating if she can get this thing down her. This is their chicken kebab.

No. 1071860

File: 1604172128039.png (637.96 KB, 720x788, Screenshot_20201031-192021~2.p…)

Meanwhile, Molly plans to give everyone diabetes

No. 1071862

File: 1604172434606.jpg (535.69 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20201031-142459_Ins…)

Looks like she has a tiktok for him, too. Maybe she's aiming for cute pet fame if the ~recovery~ thing doesn't work out

No. 1071873

It wouldn't work. It's pets with cross-eyes or look like Lenin that get famous. Looking cute isn't as good as permanently grumpy resting face. No offense to the dog.

No. 1071875

File: 1604174209069.png (538.89 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_20201031-195421~2.p…)

Using my above post to demonstrate/add some Halloween vibes. Monk the cat with real fangs. See, they all need a gimmick. It could feign anorexia.

No. 1071877

regimented in that she eats a pint of ice cream every single day

No. 1071887

File: 1604174758622.jpg (24.45 KB, 657x527, hmmm.jpg)

>I happened to search Molly Ella on Instagram and this came up!
My, my anon, isn't that very convenient.

No. 1071890

big deal, knowing her full name + rough age and location will give you her number in a search engine

No. 1071893

idk it doesn't seem too unlikely that a couple anons be autistic enough to search different variations of her name trying to find other accounts belonging to her

No. 1071894

Mostly cause the drama is so massive and mainstream. I feel like this thread is more for cows in the ED (mostly recovery) community. EC isn't really part of that at all. If you really want to talk about her, why not try making her a thread?

No. 1071895

Again with the baby pictures. Honestly she's acting as if she peaked at 5, and thus tries to act as she did back then. Same haircut, same toddler clothes etc..

No. 1071898

i thought her surname was jones, is ella her middle name? must be a fuckton of molly ellas out there.

No. 1071901

That picture doesn't really convey the size and greasiness of kebabs in Aus, I'd guesstimate most of them at 1500 calories. But I think we're long past entertaining the notion that Georgia has ever has been afraid of food. She larps a restrictive ED specifically to give herself permission to eat like that and justify it as recovery. It's so shameless, idk how she isn't embarrassed.

No. 1071904

File: 1604176175314.jpg (60.12 KB, 1080x247, Screenshot_20201031-152743_Ins…)

The dog commented on her post

No. 1071909

Her Twitter says Molly Ella Jones, so it's not that suspect. Didn't think to search that on Instagram seeing how she has 2 accounts we know of already (4 now).

There was a Cooney thread but it was locked.

Modesty out the window. She's taking pieces of our cows for her own life.

No. 1071919

i find that half of a biscuit ridiculous. unless she has already eaten some of it that's just obsessive as fuck.

No. 1071923

That dog isn't cute enough to be famous
Looks like it's name would be Crunch Rag or something

Everything about molly's life seems so mediocre and boring

No. 1071929

Her personal account is called molly Ella so that’s how I found it. Anyway look at the time zone of the screenshots and you can see I’m in the US

No. 1071930

Yeah that checks out, sorry for sussing you anon. I usually try to encourage autism, its just i didn't know her middle name was known and thus thought it was a bit of a reach to randomly find her profile.

No. 1071945

File: 1604181019913.jpeg (506.22 KB, 1125x1380, 0EAE1789-99B2-41C8-8E4B-024FA0…)

lmao. heybooxy 2.0.

No. 1071953

File: 1604181922024.jpeg (510.83 KB, 1800x1538, 676481BB-0504-4BCC-8820-1C88F1…)

No. 1071954

ffs spat out my tea

No. 1071957

reality's gonna hit her like a fucking brick one day when she's like 30 and has lines and can't larp as a little kid anymore

No. 1071959

File: 1604182772540.jpeg (26.55 KB, 300x300, 6CC73306-1F13-48C6-A9DF-F7EB79…)

No. 1071961

File: 1604182950158.jpg (34.84 KB, 500x750, d58d469c863e3292bea460253d1e2b…)

No. 1071965

what does this mean

No. 1071967

Never wanted to see Stranger Things but her mum has a weird obsession with it. That's the shortest "costume" ever. She could be anyone.

No. 1071968


No. 1072045

File: 1604191035390.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1478, A17A8802-F3E1-45E9-94BD-01F9C5…)

Excuse me what the fuck

No. 1072058

She was inthe hospital? How did we miss this milk?

No. 1072060

Probably blood tests or w/e. Only an appointment, I presume.

No. 1072062

File: 1604192028325.png (418.32 KB, 481x732, petsofinsta.png)

No. 1072068

File: 1604192317474.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20201031-195810_Ins…)

No. 1072073

I kek’d

No. 1072078

This is probably the reason why she cut her hair so short kek

No. 1072089

Awww, best wishes to n2f's grampa. We understand.

No. 1072091

I want to be n2f’S big sis


No. 1072096

So much simping for N2F recently

No. 1072098

Seriously. For most people, those things are drunk 2am trash food and even then it's an effort to put a whole one away by yourself. The fact that Georgia is familiar enough with them to be craving one for weeks says a lot.

No. 1072199

My reason is how her posts are bringing funny comments of disgust and discussion during a time of very little fun and too much depressing political shit.

Also because I think some of us realise underneath the hoard she's not a toxic cow like the others.

Kebabs are things people in the UK usually eat after a night at the he pub and dripping meat of unknown origins slapped in a stake pitta seems magic when wandered. That chicken one looks less offensive but a chicken wrap would leave her clogged arteries breathing a sigh of relief.

No. 1072200

Seems magic when wankered*

No. 1072225

File: 1604209717457.jpg (208.09 KB, 1080x1869, 20201101_154608.jpg)

Not so subtle walking cane placement. When did she require a walking aid? Thought she was going to study to become a glorified butt wiper?

No. 1072231

Georgia getting ECT or even gunning for it makes me so mad. PL - I've been in psych wards, not for ED related things, and the people who had ECT treatment there were the ones who were so depressed they were basically catatonic, or constantly trying to hurt themselves. Not posting smugly on Instagram because they might get a fun and rare treatment. I can't imagine the people I saw having the drive to even type the words. She disgusts me.

No. 1072236

NGL, actual small Molly was adorable.
20 year old Molly is insufferable though.

No. 1072240

ultimately she's the one going to pay for it though both through health insurance when parents stop paying for it and through side-effects of unnecessary treatments and just not living a fulfilling life because it's taken up with hospital admissions etc. She might be having fun now but 10 years down the track when she's thirty something and everyone she went to school with has families and careers and she's still stuck in this perpetual admission/relapse cycle I'm guessing it's going to seem a tad less cool and interesting.

No. 1072244

well, fuck
I hope she enjoys the mild brain damage. In actually severely depressed people it's worth the trade off. For her? She doesn't have much brain to lose as it is.

No. 1072245

The thing about the Australian heath care system and even the private health care system is they advocate for an upstream approach to mental health. Unlike UK or USA, they don't wait for you to reach crisis before they help. Its why they're ranked wayyyy up there. So catching someone before they reach rock bottom is the priority

No. 1072248

File: 1604213245705.png (497.28 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_20201101-064352~2.p…)

Notice Molly fed her dog manilife PB for the dog's account. After manilife commented how they liked that Elzanis dead dog liked their PB ON Elzanis post when her dog died.

No. 1072252

File: 1604213726585.png (490.02 KB, 530x716, Screenshot_20201101-065347~2.p…)

And speaking of E, she's looking like she lost weight (ignoring the Halloween makeup).

No. 1072265

File: 1604216590195.jpeg (298.32 KB, 1100x1594, 9E62462A-6841-4F43-AF5E-49676F…)

coffee.cats.recovery with her new gastroparesis dx flaunting her at home toob with a side of anger towards lolcow. Kek

No. 1072266

File: 1604216613497.png (612.02 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201101-074225.png)

Bingo. Great.

No. 1072267

File: 1604216635202.jpeg (395.83 KB, 1094x1628, 32354F89-6555-4095-9A2D-39E2B8…)


No. 1072274

File: 1604217646712.jpeg (259.24 KB, 1094x1644, 90291286-3D03-4294-B167-D9F24B…)


No. 1072276

File: 1604218567739.jpg (64.08 KB, 600x399, woman-looking-in-mirror-at-smi…)

That's okay. I pay no attention to anyone who begins a sentence with "so".

Btw, I took a long, hard look in the mirror. I like what I see.

No. 1072289


‘Not ready to talk about the tube’ … self posts a tube selfie to lolcow… forgets to tell ig that she self posted to the lolcow meanies

No. 1072292

what does this mean

No. 1072295

is this real? lmao

No. 1072297

its like a child playing dress-up at this point

No. 1072300

She’s earned her ‘prize’ of a tube, she’s happy to be flaunting it. Hence the dumb photos with a mop or whatever despite “not being ready to talk about it”. Insufferable. Wonder how long it’ll be before she picks up more mystery diseases

No. 1072304

I was waiting for this to happen, my bets are on a relapse within the coming year. I feel for E, she's a weirdo- but not a fake or pro-scum, however she is 110% not recovered at all. She gained the weight back sure, but her life is still only a hollow shell revolving completely and utterly around food. No friends, no school, no work. Its kind of no wonder her ED steps in and gives her something to occupy all her time with. Sorry if too medfaggy, but honestly maybe a relapse and some time IP/residential away from her family would be good for her? Their whole family dynamic seems so suffocating.

No. 1072306

if isabella is a farmer, fucknig hats off to that 400 iq move

No. 1072308

File: 1604223490637.png (2.65 MB, 828x1792, EF6A85E1-7871-4BC5-AD04-F44B8C…)

First time posting so I’m sure I’ll do it wrong, apologies in advance.
Couldn’t help but catch the “little mind”
She really is trying to hammer this child-like aesthetic…

No. 1072313

Molly could just read the serving sizes from the packages..

No. 1072314

meant to reply to this, sorry

No. 1072325

Not relevant but isn't it weird how much lighter his hair is even though they're siblings? I thought the dark hair would be too dominant.

No. 1072327

It sounds more like she’s saying she’s slow kek

No. 1072342

she was at the hospital….visiting her sick grandad.
genuinely the scariest thing i saw for the whole of halloween!

No. 1072347

Definitely not a self post, promise. I’ve sat in silence & watched the car crash that is her sooper sick life & had enough. Anorexia dx wasn’t enough so trying the chronic illness route. She’s milky af

No. 1072350

thank you for coming here instead of if with her!

No. 1072351

It was proved to be a self post, she posted the original without a filter

No. 1072355

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I understand now. (Embarrassing) Nothing’s surprising with her anymore. Anything for that extra attention & sympathy. Always has to be the victim. eye rolls

No. 1072357

molly uploaded another video. i'm going in, wish me luck

No. 1072362

Sure Molly, the internet needs more content about little dogs with permanent eye boogers

>>1072347 if she's "milky af" then post milk. Long captions about hating lolcow are not milk. Even if it's not a self post it's kinda pathetic to do 3 bullshit posts within half an hour of her posting when nobody has mentioned her for ages. Like read the room

No. 1072366

okay so i watched molly's video

scary count:

divine count:

okay so she had a scary breakfast with seven million different cereal and fruit and then she pondered over which fancy yoghurt to put over it. once that was done, she had even more cereal. also, a mango smoothie which she never ever had.

then she had two snacks before lunch. poor thingy had to make a bagel snack on her own because her mom was cleaning the bathroom :( but said mom was very happy her molly had a snack on her own!!

she's like 20 years old, not three

luckily!!!!! mommy helps with her second snack :) she pours granola in her bowl because apparently anorexia renders you completely useless for that kind of skill.

for lunch, which was probably three seconds after her second snack, mommy prepared an amazing sandwich and crisps???? I'm not British, but are crisps (as in, potato chips) really lunch food???
and then, to make things worse, she puts the crisps in her sandwich???? i remember doing that shit on sleepovers when i was 12, not as a 20 year old during lunch wtf

then she has a cookie as a snack and not as dessert because she felt sick after lunch :( fucking wonder why

jamie accompanies her during her cookie snack and they have a headache-inducing vocabulary lesson

then molly panics over her 4th snack of the day - more sweets! a bunch of sweets in a mug. eat a vegetable for christ's sake, i can't imagine how she's even awake with so many carbs in her system. i eat pasta and pass the fuck out.

i guess the sugar is keeping her up?? idk

then she gets a haircut (the god awful fringe) and is hungry again, of course. also, she's in love with timothee chalamet or whatever. she's better at larping a basic girl than an anorexic one.

for her 5th snack (this is just binging at this point…), she has a cereal bar. more carbs.

then it's dinner and she has veggy chicken. god forbid she introduced protein in her diet. she's not brave enough for that. good news though! she has lettuce as a salad!

she makes a fajita with all the ingredients, but jamie helps her ofc

then she worries over having ice cream (that she calls pudding? is it a British thing?) as a snack number six.

before her 7th snack, she literally says her stomach is full and yet she ponders what other carb she can consume. her mom is SO delighted when molly suggests having a giant crumpet. then she even fetches it for her?? like, girlie has legs ffs

she coats the crumpted in biscoff and marmite? whatever the other spread is called

then she gives us an update - she's been eating a lot. yeah no shit lol

she says she's been feeling nauseous a lot. maybe eat something green idk just a thought

she mentions being bloated, her hair falling out and her skin being dry. dunno about the middle part but the rest can be just her shit diet. she always has smoothies and milk tea with her meals, we rarely see her drink regular water. she's probably lowkey dehydrated.

then she eats biscoff out of the jar…

and that's it! fucking hell

No. 1072367

oh shoot, forgot the counts

scary count: 6 (genuinely shocking) (thought mommy says it 2 times so - 8)

amazing count: 4

surprisingly low for a molly video

No. 1072369

really sounds like the amount of food a healthy person should eat huh /s

thanks anon, you're doing the lord's work

No. 1072371

Standard British lunch is something like sandwich, crisps (potato chips) and fruit/cereal bar. Also pudding = dessert

No. 1072374

I wanted to play bingo, but honestly couldn't face it. I saw her fanning around with a bagel and saying she doesn't even know what knife to use to cut it and just no. What an awful family. If anyone does bingo, stay strong.

No. 1072380

File: 1604238490766.png (Spoiler Image, 726.15 KB, 720x1108, Screenshot_20201101-132014~2.p…)

Old thread cow elliemayrecovery (Scottish island girl loves tensing tendons for selfies and sectioned a year or so ago) posted this to prove she's done well.

No. 1072381

looks like shes had cosmetic work on her face.

No. 1072385

Uh, that's not her face…

No. 1072386

she has pics of her face on her profile -.-(-.-)

No. 1072413

This would be cute if it was a 7 year old making their first snack on their own. As a 20 year old woman of average everything, it’s so fucking funny. If anyone over 18 in my life was this dependent on mommy, cut their hair like that willingly, and sought as much attention as she did, I’d be so genuinely worried. Maybe she has a humiliation fetish.

No. 1072435

Maybe she’s admitting she’s dumb?

No. 1072440

11:08 why did she ask her mom to help her pour cereal

No. 1072451

She must have gotten another haircut after this video because isn’t her hair much shorter now?

No. 1072465

File: 1604247492948.png (3.13 MB, 828x1792, 69718039-8DAA-4C7E-9D22-B9302A…)

And she's doing a giveaway.
God I hope I win some Molly Jones merchandise.

No. 1072505

She was genuinely very spoopy for several years, I don’t think she should be discussed on here

No. 1072506

so are many of our cows - elzani, ganer, dharma, Paige etc. doesn't stop them being cows

No. 1072507

Not surprised she lost weight if she went to uni and can't even pour cereal or cut a bagel.

She's been discussed in the past and duh we do discuss genuine spoops here.

No. 1072509

Giving half eaten boxes of cereal to us peasants. Thank you, Molly. The peoples princess.

No. 1072548

Not relevant but people who are light brunettes are often very blonde as kids, the differance isn't as shocking now they're grown up

No. 1072555

hope you're being ironic anon, a normal person should not have 7 snacks a day on top of their 3 main meals lol

No. 1072565

of course, /s was for sarcasm. that day of eating is something that georgie would consider appropriate lol

No. 1072575

Definitely weight restored. She needs to cut all he speeder up footage of her eating the entire thing she's eating.

Bad acting Xtreme was when she pretended being freaked out about taking a "big bite" of bagel.

No. 1072582

File: 1604257004184.jpg (418.28 KB, 1079x1708, Screenshot_20201101-125532_Ins…)

>my brain was too malnourished to really think about anything

No. 1072587

lol she says she has thin privilege. she won't for much longer if she keeps binging on all those biscuits.

No. 1072596

She wants to be educated about what it's like to be poor.

She uses all this right on language yet she demonstrates no action. That dog's a pedigree, over £1000 probably being a "designer dog". Why not get a rescue dog if you he whole family care enough about animal welfare to be vegetarian. One example. The rich really are fucking thick.

No. 1072606

I found the cereal taste test YouTube grossly offensive and I didn’t even make it more than a few minutes in. The tone-deafness or trying innumerable new boxes of cereal, of which several were rated by her and Hilarious Jamie as very low and will inevitably be binned, is in my opinion, very problematic. She is kind of the worst. And obviously her parents think it is all totally OK because they are definitely the people paying for all her food waste performance art.

No. 1072617

How long until she gives out a PO BOX address for gifts like Elzani did.

No. 1072637


when she 'freaked out' about her bagel bite, I literally rolled my eyes. it was just her mask slipping off for a moment.

her comment section is filled with people telling her she needs to say scary less and to take bigger bites

if she was truly recovering, she'd listen to their advice, but instead she's taking it as a prop which will help her sell her act better

even her 'ramblings' about what it feels like to recover feel like a bot who watched 100 recovery youtube channels and decided to make a speech of their own based on theirs

No. 1072643

The thing about telling her to take bigger bites and stop saying scary is that all of this videos are months old. She's just so busy with her posh life that editing takes forever!

People do like to watch mukbangs. The thing about Molly is that she doesn't have the personality to carry a video like that. I wonder what she'll do once she's out of footage from July. Maybe she'll try ASMR since she sometimes will say "ASMR!" and crunch on something.

No. 1072653

File: 1604263465498.jpeg (457.24 KB, 1242x1769, 87777687-BB7B-46B0-AA54-271F53…)

She keeps promoting her twitter too which is all “inspirational” transformation pictures that no one asked for .

No. 1072657

for fucks sake. you're not educating or spreading awareness, you're the stereotypical rich white female spoop , stop pretending these are anything but bodychecks to show off how thin you were

No. 1072660

The fact she rarely acts feeling guilty at eating is a giveaway too. She'll finish off something ~scary~ faking feeling deadpan anxiety then CLEAN THE BOWL WITH HER FINGER and lack it! Same as slurping milk from the bowl. She's so fake it's embarrassing.

Who are all these dimwitted Muppets giving her asspats?

No. 1072667

File: 1604265261621.jpg (1.26 MB, 1600x1781, Screenshot_20201101-151215_Pho…)

I found my tablet pen so I was able to make notes this time

No. 1072674

>english literature student

No. 1072684

Well done. I didn't get to the end. Next time I'm counting "yummy" I'd the mum wasn't in it I'd find it more bearable, but the three of them? Can't be done atm. It's like toothache sitting through that.

No. 1072688


No. 1072689

Definitely. Molmum is as bad as Molly, playing into her delusions and giving shitty pep talks

No. 1072691

No. 1072695


Reminded me how she doesn't know the difference between SCRIMP and SKIMP and had problems reading the word "parsimonious".

No. 1072700

I watched Elzani's new vlog and I gotta say, she's doing okay. Sure, she's still food-obsessed, BUT she's making her meals now and they look really good and nutritious. If she intends on focusing on food for the rest of her life, I'd suggest she considers culinary school. It's something, no?

No. 1072702

File: 1604268616166.png (2.26 MB, 1536x2048, B63F180A-8D9E-4FDB-B91F-9E15BE…)

@myu4i claims eating disorder and posts what I eat in a days that consist of only ramen and a pepsi. Looks like Georgia in a few years


No. 1072703

File: 1604268647326.png (2.94 MB, 1536x2048, BE888B75-B2B1-4D64-B608-690270…)


No. 1072704

I haven't watched it but when colleges are actually open again, it's an idea she might be interested in. There's a lot of written work she'd have to do as well as practical, but there's more chance of a job with food than a sucky OU business degree she hated.

No. 1072725

oj, oj anon, nu avslöjade du dig! kul o veta att man inte är ensam svensk i tråden. Lovande kossa.

No. 1072780

How tf she doing an English degree when she can’t spell

No. 1072787

Sorry many of the phrases/behaviour between Molly and E are so similar .

The fact E is still obsessed with food makes me think she isn't recovered - yes weight gain. But has she ever mentioned therapy?

Looking back on last years Xmas vlog- both she and her sister were loads thinner.

Surely E can't live with mum and dad forever .

No. 1072910

File: 1604295637471.jpg (Spoiler Image, 376.79 KB, 1080x1350, 20201101_233921.jpg)

A marshmallow with blood orange fruit spread

No. 1072913

File: 1604295722456.jpg (Spoiler Image, 364.21 KB, 1080x1231, 20201101_234110.jpg)

Samefag. That spoon handle.

No. 1072915

Is it possible to be prediabetic and skinny? I can't understand why she needs to put more sugar on sugar, fucking disgusting.

No. 1072923

No I get this, but giving ECT to someone who is functional but depressed like Georgia is instead of different types of therapy or changing around medications is just lunacy.

No. 1072925

Is that supposed to look like a wound? That's the second thing in a week that looks like self harm

No. 1072926

It's probably just heavy contouring makeup, popular among young girls in the UK thanks to reality TV. She's definitely got some bulimia cheeks though, whether that's residual from the worst of the ED or current I don't know.

No. 1072943

I think it's a Halloween themed marshmallow with a jam filling that's she's covered in blood orange marmalade. I remember seeing similar sweets in Lidl and Home Bargains.

No. 1072958

File: 1604302958547.png (9.21 MB, 1125x2436, FF3302CF-A54F-4280-A657-A77D66…)

Who else predicted it…..

No. 1072963

Everyone. Even before she left last time. Exhausted, aching and cold? Doing WHAT? Sitting on her fat arse typing up a listing for that internet radio station? What a sad woman.

No. 1072966

LOL our dainty princess has called the “not-safe card” to get herself a bed with her favourite sleepover club buddies .. self sabotage ..!?

No. 1072967

There is no way that hamplanet has ever felt the cold in her life. Ever

No. 1072969

I don't normally feel very strongly negative about Georgia, but she looks overheated here. I know its summer where she is, but she's complaining of being cold…

No. 1072972

where's that anon that bet money she'd be in by the end of november? sis just made bank.

No. 1072974

I’ll await the money in my account haha!!
She’s so predictable it hurts!!

No. 1072984

File: 1604309000627.jpeg (647.02 KB, 1125x2140, E211EFAF-9F5C-4096-908A-788403…)

Molly definitely reads here. Not one of her followers pointed out the spelling mistake. Not to mention the entire post ab privilege which seems to be in answer to what was discussed on here

No. 1072986

File: 1604309050248.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2127, CDA8FD4E-11CB-46E3-931C-85FF89…)

No. 1072992

How many times has she been to new farms by now?

No. 1072993

lol is she trying to please us

No. 1072994

At least 5 million / she’s been in and out over the past three years (when I first crossed paths with her) but it seems she doesn’t last more than 4-6wks at a time without needing some ass pats .. and summer slumber parties.
Self post - I was on edp with her and another larger person and I was terrified my dr was going to turn me into them..

No. 1072996

Tell us more!

No. 1072997

Are you on her close friends list?

No. 1072998

prove it, not interested in reading your fanfiction anon

No. 1072999

yeah i've thought she should get into culinary too. IF she really enjoys all goes into cooking and wants to learn new skills, cuisines, etc, it might actually be really good for her. maybe it would help her brain where food is concerned. and give her something worthwhile to do, of course.

No. 1073000

Is there mention of lolcow in her comments? so far as i know she hasn't acknowledged it. If you're right- maybe its a good thing? She could work on making less mind-numbing content (and cut down on her use of scaaawwyy!)

No. 1073001

Culinary school would suit her 100%, but a lot of culinary professions are notoriously stressful and fast-paced (and honestly E seems a little slow). Maybe she could be a baker? Sorry if OT.

No. 1073002

Well, she was tagged to that one photo in that cowtippers account.. She must be aware of this

No. 1073004

I could tell a lot of things - and to above anon - yes I am on her close friends list.
Hard to “prove it” other than the mental torture of having to sit at a table with her trying to eat food as she scoffs hers down and waits 20mins for everyone else on the table to finish theirs.. she may as well have licked her plate clean at times - wants to “be the sickest” but far far from it

No. 1073009

A picture from inside NF taken by you that can’t be reverse-image searched, some non-doxxing NF paperwork, schedules, meal plans etc. etc. Not hard to prove.

No. 1073021

She goes there so often I wonder if she’s like those men that are sexually attracted to anorexic girls and checks in to get her rocks off on shoveling food down her gullet while staring at girls who could fit in one leg of her jeans

No. 1073022

maybe she's hoping to "catch" anorexia by being near them. It's not working Porgie!

No. 1073029

My major pet tinfoil that I’ve been nurturing the last several months is that she’s just a retarded lesbian that wants to boink all the thinner girls at NF and has a perverse obsession with voyeuring them and mimicking them, much akin to big bitch superma’ams who troon out and think putting on a wig and mascara will make them women.

No. 1073036

yeah I'm not buying this either, anyone who's been in an ED ward knows most of the patients will pace themselves by the rest at the table and nobody wants to be the first to finnish. Can't see Porgie being so oblivious she'd probably go out of her way to take longer to eat. Plus she usually manages to wrangle a tube so she must be at least faking not eating while she's there.

No. 1073050

hej mvh en tredje svenskanon. vi borde ha en sverigetråd

No. 1073051

KEK she spelled it right on the subsequent slides because they were typed and autocorrect.
Apart from the embarrassing misspelling, her saying that her brain was too malnourished to think about anything other than food is the fucking definition of privilege.

No. 1073060

honestly anon you might be on to something here, notice how all of her fanfiction is lesbian buffy pairings

No. 1073062

Sverigetråd vore jättekul, har sätt att det finns en tråd om tyska kossor på /w/. Har svårt att komma på bra svensk mjölk bara, kan du några?

No. 1073063

Georgia's going to general psych, isn't she? Her increased size + admission she's eating + her doc saying she doesn't need ed treatment means she's going for depression. NFC should just refuse to admit her. Losing her steady stream of AUS $ wouldn't break their company. She needs to deal without attention from nurses or the hospital fetish. Heroin would be a cheaper addiction than needing that generic smell of old hospital food.

No. 1073064

with heroin she'd get skinny too!

No. 1073079