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File: 1678611020291.png (2.39 MB, 2016x1512, Pro-AnaScumbags#92.png)

No. 1787202

> •put "sage" in the email field when not posting an image of fresh milk.
> •don't hit return after quoting the >> number. This makes you stand out. Oh, so does "poast"ing…stop that.
If you still don't understand, please view /meta/ and see if another twonk has asked your question.


previous thread >>1769281

Oh Holy Mother of Milk, where to begin.
Congratulations to Jasmin(/Jas) and Hannah (liveonfilmbyhanna) for graduating from the Pro-Ana Scumbags threads. In the nicest way possible, don't come back!

One anon has pointed out the spoop to slut pipeline. Duh! Once a cow, always a cow. "Give me attention" .
The thread was clogged like Nikols toilet with blog posts, unsaged nonmilk and red text. What is a blog post? any personal analogies that are irrelevant to the current discussion. Keep personal details to a minimum. Nobody cares how skinny you are/were.

Speaking of Nikol, she's just as delusional as always. There's not much to update on in particular except her super cryptic experience that she'd only open up about via DM. Understandably, none of the farmers were willing to take that hit.
Hxn went into a period of total radio silence for a bit, and popped back up with an egg on her head a few days later. Is she actually gaining weight, and now headbanging to cope? Let's put the tinfoil down and see how this plays out. Hxn will probably give us the rundown in no time. Niamh was finally caught self posting by putting her damn name in the name field. Don't do that, even if you're a farmer. You stand out and it's cringe. Ganer has gained herself an injury, ignored the responsible advice of resting to let it recover, and continues to post gym content. Making it quite clear her reason for switching back to the insane previous PT who took her on in the first place. Ever heard of "bigorexia"?
Cooney started wearing butterfly nipple pasties - allegedly butterflies are a common Pro-Ana symbol. Same old stale repetitive milk from her otherwise. Why do so many cows/ex-cows slap on so much makeup? (Side-eye Hayden…BOMBASTIC side-eye…)
Moving onto the other Edinburgh cows, Abby and Zara. Abby is "officially off chair rest after 4.5 months" despite showing us she wasn't obeying the chair rest for "4.5 months" anyway. Incompetency and noncompliance is nothing new for our favourite Pokémon cow who >purges on command, allegedly on staff at points, leading to the imagery of a >pokémon attack. Kek. Zara got her new teeth, and from the cropped mouth pictures, has clearly gained substantial weight. Which leads to the question, why is she not posting her body anymore? She's clearly gaining, which is what she's trying to advocate for, yet was only comfortable with pictures and videos of herself publicly online when she was spoopiest. She claims to not look >"haggard" anymore. Yes, she's gained weight. No, she's definitely still haggard. She also got a boyfriend and nonnas speculate that Zara was the one who asked Nikol if you can die from sex at a low BMI. Legliftlaura has been leglifting and celebrating her super difficult challenge of finishing an ensure with a huge, fat/calorie laden Costa milkshake-ass drink. She continues to be a (leglifting) walking contraction and, unsurprisingly, going back and forth between stability and incidents to "get what she wants". She posted and deleted an insensitive post for eating disorder awareness week, it was up for lile a day before her ass was absolutely handed to her and the humiliation of being humbled had her hiding herself for a moment. A little moment. A tiny one. Until she posted her current awareness post which was just as sopping in milk sans spoop pictures. Across the pond we have Jaydie who gained some hotwheels for a bitu there. It didn't last long, and of course, continues to rely on her toob being in all of her content to boost views and sympathy points. Don't forget she's sooper PICU sick! Nose hose toob face discount elephant sick … and so was Becca(don't forget, Becca also had a tube)
A massive welcome to new cow: Dulcie who paints her eyebags to hollow them out, and has been accused of self posting in the past. So why is she welcome? Because she's also a walking contradiction (though, admittedly a smaller one than Laura). "Posting from the hospital is insensitive to those in recovery"…spam posts as soon as she gets herself admitted. We got an update from momsfavedisaplointment/Sydney, who's now on partial inpatient and looking much healthier in the face. We all look forward to the final discharge, so the next milky decline can begin. A very outdated cow from threads ago was dragged up to the surface; Cheryl. She's the unhinged midget who openly admitted to pissing herself on social media. It's speculated that she's now incarcerated for police assault following some bizarre episode in which she put her young niece in huge danger and sellotaped graphic "drawings" of child abuse to the fence of a school playground. A bit of a derail, but milk straight from the udder. Watch out, other cows, the brainrot shockingly leads to retarded behaviour! Oh, and Becca had a tube !!

Well done, Enara! You've worked so hard last thread at being the most deranged, self centred, milky cow to ever exist.
To summarise her achievements this month, she called an ambulance before taking an overdose. Posted a picture the potential gurney of an air ambulance patient with a caption saying she wished it was her. She was discharged and home by the next morning. Followed by totalling her car(it's okay, they're rich). Absolutely unhinged.
I wonder which cow will win the spotlight next thread?


No. 1787205

Sorry nonnas there's some green texting errors in the Recap but I'm not deleting & reposting to fix them

No. 1787206

No. 1787208

Solid thread anon

No. 1787211

Because, anon, I just spent my morning making the thread pic and writing the Recap and now I'm off to live in the real world for a bit.
You're more than welcome to get off your lazy ass and perfect the next thread if it's bothersome

No. 1787235

“ Niamh was finally caught self posting by putting her damn name in the name field.” when was this?

No. 1787236

File: 1678619126380.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 261.63 KB, 1117x2265, AD450A9D-578D-4D9B-9755-47F847…)

found it
this should’ve gotten more attention

No. 1787237

No. 1787273

>>1787236 anon if niamh selfposted it would say “your story” rather than “niamhmcdougall” on the ss of her story. Are you thick? I also doubt anyone would be stupid enough to put their own name in the field. Yes niamh is undoubtedly a fag but I’ve never gotten the impression she self posts

No. 1787283


welcome back to a new thread, vendetta-chan.

niamh is as irrelevant as ever.

No. 1787285

People can have more than one account

No. 1787307

Tbf i think she’s said before she has multiple accounts

No. 1787310

>>1787307 idk why would she put her name in the field? She’s not stupid. It’s clearly someone trying to stir things

No. 1787352

File: 1678641370972.jpg (436.81 KB, 1277x2360, 333299607_n.jpg)

Look at ganer's new meal idea, which seems to consist of vomit on a rice cake.

No. 1787382

Cat vomit on styrofoam. So appetizing.

No. 1787386

yeah, you're gullible if you think a post is by Niamh just because someone writes "Niamh" in the email field.

No. 1787403

Let us tinfoil in peace she's been accused of self posting for ages, it's comedic that someone put her name in the name field

No. 1787405

She might think that THIS will bring her period back? Or is this just another prep phase?

No. 1787625

File: 1678666917892.jpeg (59.4 KB, 750x1137, 4C36DA91-1C1E-4DA4-AEE4-813BE7…)

No. 1787641

File: 1678668140416.png (582.32 KB, 1080x2069, Screenshot_20230312-204100~2.p…)

No. 1787645

File: 1678668246069.png (77.65 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230312-204139.png)

No. 1787717

File: 1678675138806.png (112.32 KB, 750x1334, 176F3B2A-D359-45C6-B2D3-A71066…)

seems like zara might have been lurking kek

No. 1787731

I feel like that was a newfag who thought you had to write the cow in the name field or something, Niamh has probably posted here before enough to know not to make a mistake like that.

No. 1787733

it reeks of a newfag who thought you have to put the cow in the email field like a caption, not the first time I’ve seen it here & it always gets flagged as self posting but I genuinely just think it’s idiots not knowing how to use the site

No. 1787735

sorry nonnie I just repeated what u said right above me as your comment hadn’t loaded lol

No. 1787736

She calls us pathetic children yet is clearly a pro ana creator with a large following and probably kills little girls with her lies and bs

No. 1787738

Lol it's all good, you worded it better than I did anyway

No. 1787739

>Life and time and technology is wasted on some people istg.
Yeah like anachans who spend their time and energy making their family and friends concerned and wasting medical resources and using their technology to post pro ana content. She's so high up on herself it's crazy.

No. 1787740

my tinfoil is that zara is a farmer

No. 1787741

I swear I’ve seen anons mention proof/strong indication that zara is a farmer I can’t remember why though

No. 1787771

File: 1678683984615.jpg (141.96 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_20230313_124931.jpg)

Recovery face or gland swelling?

No. 1787776

File: 1678684135213.jpg (171.8 KB, 1079x1410, Screenshot_20230313_130800.jpg)

Samefag but Laura is baiting so bad
Lurk much Laura
Gotta stay relevant

No. 1787791

Is she wearing a hoodie under a jumper? Not eating enough to keep warm without layers even indoors?

No. 1787804

She strikes me as the kind of person who lurks here a lot and as immature as she is, she's not stupid enough to put her own name in the field, regardless of whether she was posting herself or someone else. It's clearly a vendetta

No. 1787805

Is she trying to get it back? I got the impression that such things as healthy bodily functions are beneath her

No. 1787807

I don't even need proof to believe it

No. 1787829

File: 1678699296961.webm (1.22 MB, 576x1024, Untitled.webm)

So I saw this girl get mentioned last thread and I was looking through her tiktok, she's pretty milky but in a bpd way. I saged this because this tiktok isn't pro ana milk and it's from January 20th but she posted a video with ligature marks from an attempt at hanging herself, it's surprising this kind of stuff is even allowed on tiktok. It seems she does this alot, there were two videos back to back of her crying saying she hates days when her friends are busy because she feels lonely and then the very next day she was filming about another attempt from the hospital. I can't imagine having a friend that will try to kill herself when I can't hang out for a day.

No. 1787834

There was a 3rd one that was removed either by her or by tiktok showing off her petechiae as well.
I saw this before she made it private/it was temporarily removed for guideline violations. Cringe behaviour, I'm surprised the health board have approved her for placement as a mental health nurse when this is what she gets up to outside of class. She still has another one up in that hospital room I'm sure.

No. 1787837

File: 1678701511998.webm (651.73 KB, 576x1024, Untitled.webm)

Yeah I was surprised she said she was studying to be a nurse as well, although she might have trouble finding work with an online presence like the one she has. Her and her best friend Grace are both pretty milky, there's 2 other instances on her tiktok where she said her friend was overdosing and instead of getting her to a hospital she "took care of her" because she's in nursing.

No. 1787840

File: 1678702028941.png (Spoiler Image, 323.75 KB, 827x933, yikes.png)

Samefag, second instance of her friend almost dying and her taking care of her instead of immediately calling for an ambulance, spoilered for vomit in her hair in case anyone doesn't want to see that.

No. 1787849

File: 1678704184136.png (488.09 KB, 1047x1830, Screenshot_20230313-064143~2.p…)

No. 1787857

Good for her. Ganer should be taking notes.

No. 1787858

Now that's one way to get a bit of that sweet, sweet attenshuns…

No. 1787864

File: 1678709365119.jpeg (75.09 KB, 828x937, 24360D6D-DDBB-4E8B-A638-A27808…)

does nikol actually have a neurological condition.. like everything she says is just a little bit off

No. 1787868

File: 1678710043892.webm (5.87 MB, 1080x1920, BethanyMurrayTiktok1.webm)

Omg this took so long to put together I don't know how anyone can be bothered most of the time and is a HUGE derail so I already know this comes across as a vendetta but she's gotten under my skin. I don't think her uni know about her online presence, as there's no way the fitness for practice board/panel would approve her to go out on placement. Nurses do not ever diagnose / suggest diagnoses to patients and whilst this isn't something she did recently, she's openly "bragging" about "knowing" her friend was autistic before the doctors did. Perfectly okay to have suspicions but absolutely not a post I'd expect to see from an aspiring nurse. Also, Bethany, dearest…you continue to document your mental breakdown online.
At least we can praise Zara for taking her old milky tiktoks down like the cereal in the sleeve one.

No. 1787871

Saged. Found this on Reddit. She definitely needs a thread here.


Idk how to imbed a video on here, there's the link.

Compared to now she definitely relapsed but pay attention to her body language and then her "sudden" switch. She nods at her caregiver/husband (yes they are married) and suddenly "switches" to one of her alters. I don't think she's as truthful about her condition as she says she is. Tried to find that video on tik tok and it's not there…

Weird shit.
Can't find any other info about them online anywhere though.

No. 1787876

>I don't think she's as truthful about her condition as she says she is.
No one who claims to have multiple personalities is being truthful, it can't even be proven by mental health professionals. Most of the oldest well known cases have huge suspicions surrounding their legitimacy, and the majority of cases diagnosed pre 2000's were all diagnosed by a handful of doctors who had a bias to diagnose most bpd and schizo chans as multiple personalities to back up their theories. Disassociation exists, but the aspect of 1 or more "other personalities" living in one person has never been proven and probably will never. There's a reason DID seems to come in waves like other spoonie self diagnosis, first there's one case then 100, now it's like 1 out of every 10 zoomers has it. It's supposedly the rarest mental health issue but suddenly every kidcore faggot has it? No way, they're all malingering.

No. 1787887

File: 1678713724460.jpeg (92.65 KB, 750x789, 6784DA8E-0E61-4CD1-98E4-63412A…)

Nikol partaking in some classic ana age regression antics. Children's underwear too.

Kinda surprised she wasn't posting this stuff when she was at her lowest, since most anas age regress while restricting.

No. 1787898

Is this about mellymoo or mel? She holds lives all the time these days. Tbh idk how she does it without “slipping up”

No. 1787900

This is the type of "nurse" that ends up killing a load of babies or oaps isn't it? Yikes.

No. 1787962

>non sexual
>deep throat
Ok dork.

No. 1788058

File: 1678732708399.webm (1.95 MB, 576x1024, Untitled (1).webm)

I think that's just her ocd, on her tiktok she has a video where she talks about it and it's the overcleaning/germ fear type where the people with it wash their hands until their so dried out it forms huge cracks in the skin. Link to the ocd tiktok where she explains some of the symptoms: https://www.tiktok.com/@nayaamrar/video/7147578085330898222

No. 1788078

I can feel the pain just by watching this, yikes

No. 1788103

File: 1678735608835.jpeg (227.59 KB, 1170x2165, 69EDA663-10CB-4CDF-9251-92F75B…)

She made some odd pro ana video

No. 1788104

File: 1678735645767.jpeg (253.47 KB, 1170x1773, F86BB145-0350-41AB-AA89-7258C1…)

And her go to “spoop” pics are when her face was caved in from Covid and dehydration

No. 1788124

File: 1678737273390.jpeg (166.56 KB, 1170x1663, BCD710ED-20B3-41CA-A91D-E0B20B…)

i have no words.
also someone commented on Emilys TT about how beautiful she was and when sick and she went mad

No. 1788126

She got her eyebrows on backwards

No. 1788151

No. 1788153

Holy shit she is unwell…

No. 1788173

I remember the days on here when Paris doing her weird dances in coffee shops and weighing 97g strawberries was headline stuff….

No. 1788187

File: 1678743691334.jpeg (209.42 KB, 1125x1753, 391CC7E8-1890-43B3-B355-CA920A…)

Her dancing days are over.

No. 1788191

I wanna know what drugs she’s on so I can stay away from them thnx. She looks like the killer in a teen’s film school application tape.

No. 1788262

She's aged like 20 years. That's a neck of an 80yr old (her roots aren't helping)

No. 1788265

^^^^^ Ladies and Gentleman and everyone inbetween, this non presents, toxic ignorance. Congrats for embarrassing yourself and coming off as a bitter MH cowfag(infighting / derailing)

No. 1788267

If you think any of this dumb tiktok shit is real, you're the ignorant one. It's literally LARPing.

No. 1788268

Why does it look like she has a camel-knuckle

No. 1788269

Same anon, but also: "cowfag" is a hilarious attempt to pretend to be a farmer / to understand the culture here. Go back to Instagram or TikTok or whatever DID LARP you came from.

No. 1788271

I'm not referring to the individual, referring to your opinion (if you're the original non)

No. 1788272

Kek whatever helps you feel speshul
Im a seasoned farmer so go back to the school lunch room
Why so offended?

No. 1788273

I'm not the original anon, I'm just someone with critical thinking skills who thinks you're stupid. It's very well known in psychiatry that the type of multiple "personalities" displayed in all of these social media accounts claiming to have DID/etc are not how this really presents. If you think any of this bullshit about having one million alters and co-presenting and whatever is real, then you are genuinely stupid.

No. 1788274

sorry, it was my child alter lashing out, please send money for candy and fairy dresses

No. 1788275

Once again, never mentioned individual or TT etc
I actually agree with concerning epidemic of LARPING complex issues.
If you're not stoopid then use your critical thinking skills to know psychiatry/psychology is developing constantly. If you can't prove/ disprove sonsthing then it comes down to 'faith' in the person or presenting symptoms. Psychology is technically a pseudo-science. Some issues can be seen on MRI but everything else is based on mostly subjective information interpreted somewhat subjectively by the health practitioner.
You should be pissed at the dumb fuck cows, not a diagnosis/symptoms.
Ask yourself why you're so mad cause it seems more personal than educational

No. 1788276

I guess I do owe you an apology. I thought you were defending the LARPing cows are doing on social media and was pretty incredulous that you thought this was a good place to say that was legit.

No. 1788277

File: 1678776175236.png (427.65 KB, 472x640, Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 1.42…)

I don't know if anyone remembers Ceed, but she's apparently gone full munch and is now claiming DID, GP, cancer, mysteriously broken bones, and more.

No. 1788279

File: 1678776370833.png (9.57 KB, 364x186, Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 1.45…)

it's pretty fucking weird that even in posts about cancer, she's never tagged any cancer or mentioned what she actually has, what treatment she's getting or is going to get, or the prognosis. Most people on instagram with cancer will mention the type.

No. 1788280

No, I fucking hate that shit it makes me so fucking mad! Main reason I don't have TT cause it's so infuriating. All fake-disorder illness-fakers grind my gears in innumerable ways. That bitch posted is ann attention seeking retard. I dunno what TT has bred but it's….bizarre to say the least and have ruined years of mental health acceptance and understanding, they've set the field back decades.
There's a reason why we're all here

No. 1788282

File: 1678776667395.jpg (77.86 KB, 800x800, IMG_20230312_160741.jpg)

Bump, don't scroll

No. 1788303

>Ladies and Gentleman and everyone inbetween
>~toxic~ uwu
Oh look it's a tiktok thembie, did I offend one of your personalities? Nothing I said was untrue and it's all available online for you to read into, but you'll have to look for yourself on pubmed or nlm.(infighting / derailing)

No. 1788315

File: 1678786621675.jpg (187.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230314_093707_Gal…)

Shut the fuck up with the infighting.
I came across this cow on tiktok and had a look at her page … (1/2)

No. 1788318

File: 1678786704593.jpg (193.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230314_093651_Gal…)

And LOOK at the warning tiktok has put across the bottom of her video. KEK! (2/2)

No. 1788345

File: 1678791886937.jpeg (334.05 KB, 1284x2017, C1105E95-3DED-4AB2-B503-CFB156…)

Fi is posting a lot about this new documentary on the BBC that she is part of, talking about autism. I noticed that the image from the presenter is back at a spoopier weight, but not the one from right out of hospital. So her most recent relapse, I’m guessing, coincides with these interviews. Wanting to appear on tv as a spoopy ana whilst she talks all about her ED kek

No. 1788346

>>1788124 I also watched this live, or it could have been a different live but considering she didn’t paint her face pink in the one I saw kek, however she was in the same exact clothes. Anyway when she was trying to put her eyelashes on, which she gave up on. Her hands were like vibrating uncontrollably that she was struggling to put them on.

No. 1788356

Well, let her have that fifteen minutes of fame, then.
She's gonna fall over sooner or later.

No. 1788370

Oh god another Laura. Wonder how long we’ll be hearing about this documentary that’s likely bullshit and ‘woe is me’?! Knew she’d LARPed this new diagnosis for her collection for a useful reason. Feel for those genuine people struggling with ASD and ED co-morbitiies and no support, that have Fi as their new poster child… kek

No. 1788394

who's she?(Lolcow.Farm/info)

No. 1788405

File: 1678805978541.jpg (245.87 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230313_150458_Tik…)

How is this even allowed to be filmed. Embarrassing.

No. 1788443

File: 1678811784064.png (2.1 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230314-123619.png)

No. 1788444

Yeah, it's pretty sad. She was pretty ridiculous when she was obsessing over eating disorders, but the particular cancer she got is a pretty painful and shitty way to die. She was really young too.

No. 1788452

File: 1678812972755.jpeg (384.39 KB, 1170x2030, 47E4DF24-4055-4B23-9B66-4AE964…)

Fi is going to be in a documentary! about Autism ofc. This girl is living off attention

No. 1788458

Can you actually look at the thread before double posting

No. 1788512

it has been posted eight messages ago.
fuck you. read the board.

No. 1788525

File: 1678821862014.jpeg (247.55 KB, 1170x1462, 410E3D66-C164-4AC0-8089-94C2E4…)


oh look Fiona is gonna be on a documentary

No. 1788526

No. 1788530

File: 1678822536368.png (657.72 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20230314-153428~2.p…)

No. 1788532

Usually her braid pics are taken from the back but this time she just had to squeeze in that scratched up face

No. 1788537

File: 1678823376984.jpeg (313.13 KB, 1170x2292, 0AA04D2F-227D-4D53-B415-FECEED…)

has this one been posted before? havent seen cheekbones this visible before.

No. 1788541

look up ashley isaacs if you really wanna be shocked

No. 1788549

Yes I've thought she was a cow for a long time. Ex-bodybuilder to anorexia and back again. Set up a gofundme thing to swindle people out of money so she can see a speific 'team' of people who will let her recover while lifting weights, still having competing in a fucking bikini competition as a goal etc Idolizes Ganer, what a surprise. Has a nose that looks like it's rotting off from syphilis. I hate cows who go begging for money, not because they can't get access to treatment, but because they want a particular type, they want to see snake oil nutritionists and bodybuilding coaches so they can still be skinny.

No. 1788573

> I can do this.
Why are you lying lardylegs we know you're already scheming

No. 1788579

File: 1678828294984.png (987.93 KB, 2048x2048, bicepsphynx.png)

No. 1788585

File: 1678828858361.jpg (52.61 KB, 477x768, Screenshot 2023-03-14 202220.j…)

Yes this UK cow is the same. BPD off the charts then grifting like crazy because plain ol' NHS treatment isn't good enough for her.

No. 1788591

No. 1788595

Ntayrt, but big kek.
"Nothing I said was untrue"-false,nearly all of your statements are utter bullshit.
"All available online for you to read into" -no need to, got a degree in that field.
While the tik tok cows come across as faking fuckwits (as usual), DID in itself is scientifically proven (f.e. can be seen in brain scans),psychs are working with these patients who are not even that rare. Obvs they don't present themselves as retarded as our snowflakes here. And everytime they are brought up the medical bullshitters appear. Worse than the ones who tell you "Split" is a good movie…(unsaged infighting)

No. 1788672

sorry for dumbfag but what does bump dont scroll mean i’ve been lurking for a while now and still haven’t figured it out - i know it’s to bump the thread up but why

No. 1788675

From context it’s normally to hide CP in the main page of the website

No. 1788676

File: 1678836840392.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20230315-003016.png)

she looks like an ill child.

No. 1788683

speaking of laura lurking, like right after someone here posted hxn’s “hamster cheeks” as she called them laura posted a story captioned “hamster cheeks always” or something.. didn’t manage to screenshot I think the story’s gone now

No. 1788684

File: 1678837841363.jpeg (66.19 KB, 750x715, 97C7ADD8-0DDC-453B-9B65-C6534E…)

I thought nikol is asexual but now she’s saying she’s waiting till marriage?

No. 1788688

It's always so ironic seeing virgins give out sexual advice.

Also, yeah. At first Nikol said she was a lesbian and always posted about how much she hates men, and how repulsive they are to her. But she's currently sexting one of her male followers and posting about it.

She also said she was asexual but replies to porn posts.

No. 1788694

If her boyfriend was a bmi of 14 and had a heart attack, it was probably cocaine and not an eating disorder.

No. 1788700


with the head banging wounds and all

No. 1788705

Okay I know she is completely institutionalized at this point but HOW does this keep happening to her? Does she delete comments calling her out super fast so the haters can’t see them? How has the hospital not given up or refused to keep seeing her unless she actually complies with her treatment plan? It’s baffling that she’s a whole ass person with no desires other than eyesight and leg lifts

No. 1788725

Start by roleplaying…? Did she actually mean to say that or foreplay.

No. 1788757

wait there was cp in this thread? or is it in another

No. 1788808

Are you new or retarded? Usually when CP is posted its in its own thread on the front screen and it gets deleted (mostly)quickly by the wonderful jannies.

No. 1788835

>using the phrase "brain scans"
you don't really sound like you know what you're talking about.

No. 1788840

yeah i wouldn't think a guy could it up anymore at that bmi without drugs lol

No. 1788892

File: 1678862652526.png (936.44 KB, 1284x2778, B516B777-77DF-48DC-8003-873E23…)

Could Darcy strain her neck and face any further without causing an aneurysm Jesus christ?! 1/2

No. 1788893

File: 1678862739342.png (977.52 KB, 1284x2778, 25ADAC82-AD62-4519-9564-776004…)

And this hardly is the best way to demonstrate the issue, you can hardly see it. The only thing it’s good for is flexing and attempting to show off how ‘spoopy’ she things she is 2/2

No. 1788903


tiktok down? looks like it caught up to her

No. 1788908

Bitch wants the whole world to know her recovery win of the month was eating a fucking mushroom ffs.

No. 1788911

File: 1678866365200.png (Spoiler Image, 814.37 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230315-033446.png)

No. 1788920

If she's done with some traveling, then I guess it's time for a new suicide attempt. Enara is so predictable.

Also, dang, she needs to take care of her feet. If she's developed any insulin resistance from being so overweight, she's going to end up with serious problems.

No. 1788930

I regret chosing to click on this. What ARE those!?

No. 1788934

File: 1678870873176.jpg (306.98 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230315_090009_Gal…)

Just made it private but most of the milk is still up.
Who tipped the cow? Anyway the farmers follow you doll that's not going to hide your milky ass.
"I was sooper sick" yawn. I hope someone from her uni stumbles across the thread and refers her into the fitness for practice board

No. 1788942

Is she putting those nasty dirty feet all up on a public train wall?!?

No. 1788946

Please tell me this is just a filter she applied before uploading to her story.

No. 1788972

File: 1678877582881.jpg (253.73 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230315_105102_Tik…)

Oh yeah Beccas tube was SO for her chrohns and not for anorexia at all

No. 1788984

chill tf out nonnie, this is the only thread i’ve ever lurked on lolcow so i don’t know how the rest of the site works

No. 1788988

All the sympathy in the world for ppl struggling to access treatment, but who the fuck donates to cows putting barriers on their recovery and demanding to only recover if they can be bikini girls in babybicep's case or marathon runners like this girl? She gets sectioned every other month for trying to off herself (always gets a headbanging wound too so I wonder what method she's trying to use lol) then goes right back to running compulsively on fractured feet, plus enabled by fitspo instagrammers and instarunners all the time.

No. 1788993

a constipated one, as well

No. 1789058

She's already posted on Instagram that someone "let her know" that she'd been mentioned on lolcow. She very clearly obsessively watches her for any mention.

No. 1789093

File: 1678897730488.jpeg (91.79 KB, 828x1215, C44D1E9C-A63F-4E3B-A304-7AD794…)

I don’t think that is true quite yet. She might be a couple kgs away from a bmi of 18

No. 1789108

I saw this and wondered if someone else had, as well. This girl is nowhere near a healthy bmi. Props to her for finally gaining some after lying about it for like two years but the max I would give her is 16.5-17. She barely has any muscle to distort the scales, too. I don't understand why she wants to portray her body as healthy when it so clearly isn't

No. 1789109

File: 1678899178674.jpeg (47.16 KB, 750x419, 092F8C2B-875F-4CE1-BCF4-AC32CE…)

Coincidence she posts this after the thread was discussing it?

Hi Nikol(hi cow)

No. 1789136

How is she still alive?? I'm genuinely shocked.

No. 1789163

Has lifeofhannah5 gotten on anyone else’s fyp? Ugly but posts “thirst”traps of her body checking and posts thinly masked body checks

No. 1789165

File: 1678906847690.jpeg (257.68 KB, 1170x1926, 0B0E15BC-3B1E-4581-89F8-4155E7…)

No. 1789170

File: 1678907149375.png (376.79 KB, 828x1792, 6B29E739-4098-4D45-A51B-C80837…)

lest ye forget

No. 1789173

File: 1678907272462.jpeg (383.87 KB, 1170x2306, 3F7A2AC4-75A8-47EF-80B9-31E614…)

The body checks all start the same kek

No. 1789174

Ewwww she looks so bloated and retarded

No. 1789189

Why do all the cows look like they have rickets

No. 1789194

They probably do

No. 1789205

File: 1678910194832.jpeg (210.94 KB, 828x1447, 1A9288E1-920E-4FED-BB51-1EDE01…)

No. 1789215

Shoulda warned us, wasn’t expecting to get cut by all that ~edge.

No. 1789217

Same old shit but why does she always say "ignore the messy room" instead of actually tidying up if it bothers her enough to point it out? I'll never understand these children

No. 1789224

File: 1678912012403.jpeg (99.86 KB, 750x1217, 34754AE5-5C20-40AB-B623-D2CD76…)

baffles me how anyone would want to date a bpd-ridden cow who’s been in hospital for 4 years

No. 1789239

Nikol? She hasn't posted a stomach exploding pic in awhile, and she recently said that she's "back under control", so maybe she's not binging to dangerous levels anymore

No. 1789252

she thinks it's not messy and everyone will reply to say "no, you're so clean!!"

Looking for asspats, basically

No. 1789265

File: 1678916916622.png (306.27 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230315-174814.png)

No. 1789266

File: 1678916945025.png (177.95 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230315-174822.png)

No. 1789267

Maybe her girlfriend is also a BPD-ridden cow who's in the same unit as her? Idk.

No. 1789293

File: 1678918281115.jpg (95.38 KB, 489x741, wtf.jpg)

Latest 'challenge:' trying a new type of 0 calorie herbal tea. She'll be looking like that hairless cat for a while yet, though perhaps a little less dehydrated.

No. 1789295

Holy fucking shit go back to the Shire.

No. 1789308

does anyone have a link to findingfis blog. i’m looking at one right now but it seems really recovery positive unless she’s deleted a lot of the content of the triggering one

No. 1789313

Posted her right under where I said that

No. 1789314

i thought you were talking about thelifeofhan for a minute. She really did disappeared and she had a new TT but wouldnt give out the handle! has anyone got any news on Hanx?

No. 1789315

No. 1789316

this one? She hasnt posted in a while

No. 1789318

Has anyone watched Fi’s documentary tonight? anything milky?

No. 1789323

idk about the bpd part but I’ve seen her gf’s account and she’s apparently a normal person who’s at uni etc

No. 1789325

does she know Laura thinks they're dating?

No. 1789383

honestly nonna i think Laura's "gf" might be a close or family friend she's had since school or something. her "gf" would never have to interact with her or see her often so she might just go along with it via social media bc she feels obliged. idk tinfoil but you get what i mean. still weird as fuck though.

No. 1789394

>You show me your cock and I will get on my knees to puke into the toilet.
She's bathshit but there's just something really likeable and refreshing about her unfilteredness

No. 1789395

samefag but for a long time now laura has referred to her gf as "my baby". when anons asked if they were dating it was just "it's complicated". so probably just two girls who got really attached as teenagers/young adults and laura hasn't moved on or matured. now her gf just lets her have it bc she'll be in hospital forever anyway.

No. 1789438

Pretty sure I recall that other girl posted someone else as a partner to her story on insta a while back kek

No. 1789440

File: 1678934312355.png (437.5 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230315-222927.png)

No. 1789441

File: 1678934355287.png (615.21 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230315-222912.png)

No. 1789450

I low-key love her for her based & unhinged manhating posts and for triggering all the edtwt wannarexics, she's an evil version of Lucinda to me kek

No. 1789502

this is so true, they're the only two that i actually check on

No. 1789503

christ. good new horrorcow

No. 1789504

oh man, I haven't thought about Lucinda in a long time. I hope she's still out there being a crazy diamond.

No. 1789518

File: 1678948985276.png (566.68 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230316-024206.png)

No. 1789519

She’s posting her binges on youtube now.

No. 1789522

Yeah it was wild to hear her talk, it’s pretty much how she types haha

No. 1789523

All that documenary did was reinforce what everyone has said on here about her autism being a LARP. She was the only participant who basically decided she was autistic after a passing reference from a nurse and lobbied her consultant with a 10-page letter about all the reasons why she deserved that diagnosis, no doubt with mummy and daddy leaning on them as well. She stood out a mile even among women who weren't impaired much and would have been called Asperger's until that diagnosis was removed for stupid snowflake reasons. And the reason why that nurse made the remark? Ritualistic behaviors around food. Which is something pretty much all anorexics have. I mean it was a terrible doc anyway and trivialised the struggles of anyone who is actually autistic but her and the blow-up doll presenter were the worst parts of it.

No. 1789524

To be fair to her, it is a vendettachan posting her. Nothing about her is proana anymore, it's just hideous facepaint.
As for her local MP. KEK!

No. 1789568

Thanks for taking one for the team, nonnie!

No. 1789592

I agree with you nonnie. It's refreshing to see someone recover and gain an interest in something outside the ed / recovery kween persona

No. 1789594

Yeah, so what?

No. 1789626

That’s pretty funny

No. 1789641

sounded as though someone vaguely mentioned autism and she immediately researched all the potential symptoms etc to list in a ten page letter explaining how every single one applied to her, all reinforced by her parents so her psych felt they had no choice to diagnose her, in the same way she previously attached other diagnoses to herself and feinged symptoms to fit the criteria.

nobody else but Fi would receive an autism diagnosis and immediately appear in a documentary on the topic. and also very noticeable that she didn't gain weight until after it was filmed, so during her talk about having an eating disorder she would appear as sooper sick as possible, with claims that her ED has never been about weight, it's always been about texture and struggling to try new foods - changing her symptoms to fit a diagnosis of autism and more #ARFID criteria, when previous posts she's written make it very clear that her ed WAS about weight. same with the "rigidity" relating to food, numbers, eating rituals etc - a symptom of anorexia, which she has exploited and twisted to land herself an autism diagnosis.

No. 1789658

She had a tumblr documenting years worth of BPD antics, A&E visits because of constant overdoses, inpatient holidays, NG tubes and years of her documenting her AN relapse cycles and being ‘fat’ as she put it (not about weight your AN though is it, Fi?!) psychosis and voices etc etc. various mentions previously, some screenshots of aforementioned bullshit. However suddenly all those posts and photos have disappeared and its just things shes re logged from others. Looks like Fi’s been lurking and shit herself once others have called her out on her historical bullshit she seemed to have forgotten about.

No. 1789687

File: 1678985689714.jpg (257.49 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230316_165430_Tum…)

Fiona (/Fi's) old Tumblr blog:

No. 1789726

File: 1678989408779.jpeg (167.37 KB, 828x1414, F997895E-CC96-4E7F-B4E3-881958…)

I know she’s been mentioned before but after watching this she is seriously getting on my nerves

No. 1789728

what is the documentary called?
have they uploaded it on youtube yet?

No. 1789767

She makes me sad tbh, she's like 18 now and looks 12. She's stunting her development into adulthood, and when she's in her mid to late twenties she's going to look decades older but still have the mind of a teenager. I really hope she pulls it together, she seems sweet and she really doesn't deserve a future like that. (Not that any of the cows do really.)

No. 1789769

Aww no Emily don't do the "I'm calling the police!" thing it's so cringe, anons mocking her acne though was lame I'll agree to that. But I feel like a lot of us were pretty positive about her makeup, like saying at least she's doing something she likes and getting into a hobby. I honestly really like Emily I think she's got a lot of personality.

No. 1789776

File: 1678994759025.png (548.55 KB, 1080x1559, Screenshot_20230316-202332.png)

han has a job?

No. 1789783

Not Fi’s doc, but there’s a new one on YouTube called Anorexic 2023: The Moving Stories of Three Young Women.

No. 1789794

It was on channel 5 (uk) last week

No. 1789795

File: 1678997514783.jpeg (247.1 KB, 2048x1488, 897AEC0C-F9E5-4A55-9E58-AD293E…)

What ever happened to her ?

No. 1789796

Wonder why the US never does anorexia documentaries anymore.
I’d love another one like Thin.

No. 1789801

She's been active on instagram @getting_eb_back. Looks like she has made zero progress in her recovery.

No. 1789829

Not surprised ( I don’t do IG anymore so I miss stuff)

No. 1789841

File: 1679003637813.jpg (184.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230316_215329_Gal…)


Clearly not

No. 1789847

File: 1679004087782.png (190.35 KB, 555x748, Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 5.01…)

It's mystifying that this is apparently the body she's nostalgic for. Truly the height of anachan.

No. 1789850

so many cows say it’s hard to post bodychecks and still do it, do they know no one’s forcing them to kek

No. 1789851

File: 1679004443694.jpg (231.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230316_220513_Gal…)

More from Becca; this is so unfair. WHERE is my chauffeur? Hire more staff! I need my attention…I'm important too! I can't believe I'm being made to wait for a lift back to the ward (when clearly I've shown I'm more than capable of travelling solo since I take several coaches each weekend for my pass home. That's different though, because I need staff!!)

No. 1789859

so many cows say it’s hard to post bodychecks yet still do it do they know no one’s forcing them to kek

No. 1789863

File: 1679005364165.jpg (296.89 KB, 2048x2048, bhammell.jpg)

She has ballooned up a fair bit since the attempt in like 2019 but even at her lowest she was never a true spoop.

No. 1789864

It's crazy how these anachans all bounce between spoopy & withered to flabby and out-of-shape with no in between. Have they ever tried just eating healthy and working out?

No. 1789886

antipsychotics work wonders for this

No. 1790017

File: 1679022443901.png (635.99 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230316-230404.png)

No. 1790018

File: 1679022478064.png (246.07 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230316-230437.png)

No. 1790019

File: 1679022546841.png (155.79 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230316-230454.png)

No. 1790020

File: 1679022618960.png (80 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230316-230608.png)

No. 1790021

File: 1679022729068.png (808.78 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230316-091059.png)

No. 1790022

"well done Em"

as if she really did something by starting a useless petition. After all these years, surely she'll be the one who makes it illegal to make fun of stuff that people post publicly

No. 1790031

>Porgie signed
Not surprised that she signed it nor that she's still larping as a anachan

No. 1790089

Agreed but I honestly don't know about the seeming sweet part given that she purposefully used to (and still is) post triggering content even though people kept asking her not to.

No. 1790090

What even is on this photo…?

No. 1790091

the red is a shirt, black is loose pants. She's laying on her back, it looks like, and the bump in the shirt is her belly

No. 1790103

Oh stop it Emily. You're not even a cow anymore, this just seems awfully like you want to be talked about, seeing as the only person posting about you anymore is that one vendetta chan.

No. 1790105

when has she even been aware of this thread before to "attempt suicide several times" because of it? I have a hard time believing she could know about it but not post anything on her account about it.

No. 1790134

Dying that Georgia's photo is a tube pic

No. 1790151

kek if someone would off themselves because of a few mean comments online that doesn’t make the comments life threatening, it’s something wrong with her

No. 1790153

this is prime "just turn off your computer" material. If she can't handle rude comments about her make-up, then she should keep it as a personal hobby that she shares with just her friends and not with the internet at large.

No. 1790155

Emily if you are reading this (I know ill get hate for posting this)

You are beautiful, inside and out. Your makeup skills are incredible! The people posting nasty things on here must have so much sadness and pain in their lives, that they feel they have to put someone down in such a cruel and disgusting way, but none of it is true.

No. 1790157

why don't you just talk to her directly instead of virtue signaling

No. 1790158

Oh just fuck off and get on with your life instead of bullying someone online. If this wasn't an anonymous forum, you would not be saying these disgusting things

No. 1790159

Your completely unoriginal comment has totally changed my perspective on life. All I needed to realize the error of my ways and save my soul was you, anon. I'm going to go build like ten orphanages now.

No. 1790160

I don't give a fuck what you think or do, I posted for Emily not for some random cunt on the internet

No. 1790162

File: 1679055067482.png (50.05 KB, 429x684, Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 7.10…)

This is a completely serious question: what help is out there that Enara hasn't had? She seems to get an enormous amount of support from various services and use a lot of resources and it's genuinely hard to think what more she could actually be offered.

I know it's just the endless BPD desire to feel cared for, but goddamn.

No. 1790163

Look, anon, nobody thought you were a regular here. We just want you to fuck off with your uninteresting drivel.

For the most part, people have actually been pretty complimentary towards Emily lately - lots of comments about how well she seems to be doing with her ED. There's just one random anon who seems really butthurt about her make-up and acne. Convenient that you ignored everyone telling them to stop vendetta posting and ignored any vaguely positive comments about Emily.

No. 1790164

you know you can dm her directly instead of coming on here if this is such an awful site

No. 1790165

She’s still not going to suck your dick mate

No. 1790166


She gets a lot of messages on her Instagram whereas I know she would see the message here. If I were in her shoes I would appreciate it

Anyway im done here

No. 1790168

I’ve been lurking for about a year now and have genuinely no clue who tf emily is lol

No. 1790170

Are these people physically incapable of switching off their phones?

No. 1790181

You also could get on with your life by messaging your pal directly instead of bringing traction to the " dealthy " site.
Also, the way you saged? You're not new here.

No. 1790184

This is truly gold, with the other cows signing it and all. New thread pic if not banner worthy even lmao

No. 1790209

This is actually a bit sad

No. 1790212

File: 1679062476889.jpeg (645.4 KB, 3222x3222, 226F2CCC-44E3-4051-B3A5-3930F0…)

This cow is constantly getting sectioned but somehow gains no weight, and posts really attention seeking vids that also happen to be body checks. Love that double duty. Also hints at abuse or a traumatic home life but gives no details

No. 1790221

> well done em
For making the next thread pic!

No. 1790259

She was literally bashing her own fucking face into a wall, repeatedly, and enough to leave a gaping vaginal-looking gash in her forehead. Posting pictures of it online proudly. Um yeah you idiot, normal people are going to find that a little fucking strange. Don't post shit on your public profile if you don't want it to be seen. Does that really need to be explained to her?

No. 1790294

File: 1679072111304.jpeg (178.18 KB, 1170x1901, 750E6EAA-928F-4C78-ADCF-959995…)

Does she actually think she / her outfit looks good!?

No. 1790299

File: 1679072350092.jpeg (216.14 KB, 1170x2189, 645CBA8F-4E19-4820-A926-0721B7…)

Oh the horror how DARE the NHS provide her with a bathroom?

No. 1790300

File: 1679072749330.png (403.25 KB, 828x1792, 5949CC4F-C24E-48FB-9E4F-D401D3…)

Ok has this cow been brought up already? her posts are literally painful to watch. Constantly bodychecking … like straining her neck in every vid?? I can’t handle it.

No. 1790310

Not the life threatening, how tf do zoomers manage to survive in the outside world?

No. 1790316

Her makeup skills suck tho? Like giving a sharpie to a kid and then letting them go crazy on your walls and calling it a Picasso. You can be nice to someone without lying to them. Also go assuage your guilt to her face if you actually mean the words you’re saying.

No. 1790319

Okay so here’s my tinfoil: She basically outs herself as a farmer with that sweet new thread pic she made. Also, she’s been the vendettachan to remain relevant (since she seems physically better/recovering) and she hurt her own feelings when anons took the bait. Now it’s too late to delete so she’s hoping the petition fixes her problem and it’s lets her write this narrative of being a hero against internet boolies like she hasn’t been complicit at all.

No. 1790332

kek omg I didn’t even realise she made that petition collage I assumed it was an actual threadpic

No. 1790333

File: 1679076497320.jpg (19.48 KB, 399x225, rYReXpTICNSAtCH-400x225-noPad.…)

Omg I think you're right. Nobody has been paying attention to the vendetta posts so it's not unreasonable to assume she kicked up a bigger stink.
And this is SO the work of a farmer, it's beautiful

No. 1790334

Wait that's the make up emily but skelly? Unregocnizeable!

No. 1790337

Can anyone spoon-fed me a pic of em when she was sick/ even better >> the thread it's from
If not I'll do it myself, later, for continuity of the thread

No. 1790346

I can see where she's coming from though, having an ensuit bathroom when you're trying to avoid purging is a terrible situation to actually be in. You have to just suck it up and try and spend time away from your room post meals i guess. Given she's said psychward, also shitty because then you have to integrate with others who are really unwell.

>>1790018 Troons couldn't take and keep down the farms with all the high end stuff - including getting tier 1 ISPs to block the sites, I doubt a simple whining petition is really going to do much in retrospect to that. Close your eyes and walk away.

No. 1790377

Is she still alive btw?

No. 1790384

File: 1679082568716.png (465.85 KB, 1080x2094, Screenshot_20230317-154901~2.p…)

No. 1790393

Fuck Fi and her shitty documentary. The number of BPD ana cows I've seen suddenly self-diagnosing and deciding they're autistic just to get special accommodations and get their ana behaviors validated makes me sick.

Whole point of that documentary was to whine on about women supposedly being under-diagnosed with autism when the lot of them have no struggles related to it. Like, autistic mothers' support group. How? How the fuck can you cope with the sensory nightmare of pregnancy and babies if you're autistic? But mostly it's ED cows using autism as an excuse. I know #actuallyautistic people (seriously can that # just fucking die already) and they are nothing like these bitches. They can't wear a shitload of makeup, go out all the time, run in crowded races, go to packed theaters and so many other things. And they'll get no support now because it's all being crowded out by anas fucking muscling their way into underfunded services.

No. 1790394

*self-diagnosing suddenly since the documentary aired. Rage-typing I can't put everything I want into a sentence.

No. 1790396

Jesus christ. Jumpscare.

No. 1790406

She makes me want to a-log so so bad. It's a shitty doc in general but she doesn't belong there. Her autism diagnosis is such bullshit and she knows she's gotten away with it

No. 1790411

File: 1679089858994.jpeg (237.09 KB, 750x1084, 1653761187602.jpeg)

No. 1790414

File: 1679090102797.jpeg (347.31 KB, 1242x1534, 1654264752181.jpeg)


No. 1790421

File: 1679090854120.jpeg (544.7 KB, 1170x2013, 1652627928471.jpeg)

>>1529470 from #76

No. 1790423

Why did you choose this era of Emily instead of going way back to when she was a mega-spoop chewing like 80 pieces of gum per day?

No. 1790426

Oh fuck off you ungrateful twat kek if you want to see something, farm it yourself.
I picked them because she chose the shit squat and I'm not spoon feeding from all threads ever so took a handful from there.

No. 1790427

I'm not the anon who asked (I saw plenty of Emily when she was being milky), I was just genuinely curious if there was something you found particularly funny about that time period. Take a deep breath.

No. 1790430

File: 1679091989106.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20230317-182607~2.p…)

No. 1790431

File: 1679092197249.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20230317-182813~2.p…)

No. 1790432

File: 1679092233873.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20230317-182916~2.p…)

No. 1790451

File: 1679094655441.jpeg (811.96 KB, 4000x2280, 282EECF9-B0BB-4D1A-98E4-415105…)

Just fancykrabbe claiming to have gained and it’s good and she’s not mad about it or anything as it was her “choice”

No. 1790454

God's work ty
Also she looks like abby in this one

No. 1790503

What even is this pose like how can you look at that and think yep I’ll post that online and not think it looks like ur taking a dump

No. 1790565

> Have they ever tried just eating healthy and working out?
kek. no because that would mean they would no longer be able to claim aNaWaRrIoR

No. 1790567

ganer is trying but she's not very good at it kek

No. 1790583

Anyone remember that video of Elzani tasting snacks with her momzani and grandmazani then starts saying "I'm fucking it" about chocolate or something lmao that girl is crazy. I think she has an illness other than anorexia but what do you suspect? Even with anorexia it never seemed she struggled as much as others to recover and was eating immediately. OCD or autism? Maybe both. Still can't believe she said that in the vidro. Crazy

No. 1790585

All I remember is her licking everything. Licking spreads off toast, dinner…shudder. No one needs to see the tongue. So fucking weird

No. 1790587

And the eye rolling. Can't believe that's real

No. 1790588

No one annoys me more than em_fitx on Instagram. Struggled for like a year then makes it her entire personality(emoji)

No. 1790596

No. 1790606

File: 1679135883875.jpeg (79.86 KB, 429x823, 76B9E14D-77EF-4EC3-BC1A-D32458…)

Doesn’t have a period yet runs a half marathon

No. 1790608

Kek she posted a million times that shes been in a documentary and in the whole length of the documentary Fi was shown for apx 2 minutes.

No. 1790609

Elzani always seemed genuinely autistic.

No. 1790610

Nah autistic isn't just socially awkward and weird. She had arrested development and comes across as not that bright, like genuinely slow. She has no sensory difficulties, goes to concerts, has repetitive noises all around her like that bird in her living room that drives me nuts in all her videos, makes eye contact all the time. She has zero autistic traits that can't be explained by her anorexia, and the one thing I'll give her credit for is not LARPing autism like every other cow under the sun does.
Her boyfriend is just as fucking strange and retarded as she is. Doubt he's supposedly autistic too. They were both fine on busy trains, crowded shops and markets etc when they went to London for xmas.

No. 1790611

Get out the armchair nonna

No. 1790614

File: 1679139895500.jpg (139.45 KB, 1079x1046, PhotoRoom-20230318_114410.jpg)

Gosh that reminds me of a certain someone …

No. 1790626

anon you killed me!
you are right Laura no2 in the making

No. 1790638

File: 1679147392584.gif (411.09 KB, 480x600, ganer_pump.gif)

our gorl still hArD aT wOrK

No. 1790648

Anyone been watching Emily's live? Right now she's really giving off "lost it" vibes. The makeup is something else.

No. 1790655

Imageboard. She's made it harder for farmers to watch, if you can still see her lives, farm them for the rest of us instead of making vague statements like that.

No. 1790669

she still does them on her main account, she is live now. she cant help herself

No. 1790696

She always has this facial expression like she's in excruciating pain and struggling like hell. She might be overdoing it a bit.

No. 1790759

What a fit, she's a little bit iconic in a cringey bpd way, I like her energy

No. 1790771

File: 1679172296435.jpeg (250.11 KB, 1169x2147, E21C5BB5-B158-49DD-8228-8C6FD5…)

Kiyah is just soooo “deathly ill” that she’s posting TikToks of herself jumping around… Definitely on deaths door like she pretends to be

No. 1790772

>Anyone remember that video of Elzani tasting snacks with her momzani and grandmazani then starts saying "I'm fucking it" about chocolate or something
I never saw this but I wish I did, she's so funny in a genuine way like she's not necessarily trying to be entertaining she just is, I love her tbh

No. 1790773

File: 1679172534300.jpeg (110.98 KB, 1170x1146, 887CDFE0-B871-4597-9398-90E573…)

Acts like she’s deathly thin and poses to try and make people believe she’s severely underweight where in reality she actually isn’t even underweight

No. 1790774

I swear I'm not one to throw around a "self post" accusation, I don't think I ever have even. But the posts of this girl give me self post vibes because she's so boring, all she does is make tiktoks from a hospital bed. And her videos have barely any views, likes or comments.

No. 1790778

Whether it's a self post or not, the farmer follows them

No. 1790784

It is actually possible to have autism without sensory issues, or with only mild ones.

No. 1790791

She had an autism assessment and they said she didn’t have autism. So just weird.

No. 1790797

File: 1679175741141.png (3.56 MB, 1170x2532, 05828309-9E50-4BD2-8B24-7504D3…)

no words needed

No. 1790818

An apostrophe would help though.

No. 1790823

File: 1679178931142.jpeg (264.42 KB, 1170x2051, 97F761EB-DCA4-4B9A-86EC-82E96C…)

What’s Enara swollowed now to get herself “surgery”?

No. 1790825

File: 1679179351555.jpeg (214.82 KB, 1170x1992, 5999E909-0697-40A3-920B-4972EA…)

when cows collide..

No. 1790847

File: 1679182863382.png (207.56 KB, 1170x2532, 99B0C6D7-BFCF-483F-A837-A5AC42…)

but where will she get all the attention from now??

No. 1790850

File: 1679183243575.png (711.53 KB, 1170x2532, 9E248D16-76EC-4630-AFC4-7FB1D0…)

got removed a second later tho

No. 1790854

File: 1679183643525.png (8.45 KB, 285x298, nonna.PNG)


Nonna, your PFP is showing…

No. 1790860

Hahaha another one omg, isn't that the second farmer to be caught with their pfp showing this thread alone? You guys kill me

No. 1790886

File: 1679185749556.jpg (112.38 KB, 720x1254, 336378989_786247556390471_4300…)

This is her… The hypocrisy

No. 1790888

Nta but damn how are you nonnas so quick at finding who these accounts are

No. 1790889

dang, suck in harder

No. 1790891

how short is she that she looks so normal at 90lbs?

No. 1790892

think about it. posted screenshot, got called out, seconds later self posts. she wants fame too

No. 1790907

Did zara delete her account or change her user?

No. 1790911


No. 1790916

Ah found it thanks nona

No. 1790918

What's with anachans and spoonies always doing the ~lovely bones~ thing? Is it just for the bonespo aesthetic or are they really trying to summon up Susie Salmon vibes lol, it's so cringey

No. 1791014

damn this is so 2014 tumblr girl, you have no right to be posting in this thread if you present yourself like this lol

No. 1791051

File: 1679196565004.png (799.51 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230317-150637.png)

No. 1791055

Oh for fuck sake Emily just turn off your computer lol, half of the posts about you in the past couple days aren't even mean. And who cares what we say anyway? We're random strangers online, focus on your friends and family, talk to a therapist. I don't know girl but this ain't it.

No. 1791059

File: 1679197263925.jpeg (58.17 KB, 1170x530, 8FBDFF5D-E195-4A3C-9F68-F0C47F…)

No. 1791101

dumbass say less and stop posting your ugly ass mug if you don’t want it online it’s that simple

No. 1791103

File: 1679199501788.png (877.39 KB, 694x695, Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 11.1…)

Genuinely, why?

No. 1791156

No. 1791200

You guys stawppppp I'll kill myself!!!

That's what her whining sounds like.

No. 1791212

File: 1679219055782.png (489.88 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230319-044321.png)

No. 1791214

What is a ward diet

No. 1791220

Wtf is a ward diet? Does this just mean hospital food? She is beyond insufferable. Fucking fat ox

No. 1791231

Cow material too?

No. 1791234

it just means that they put her on a standard diet aka no restrictions

still curious why she needed surgery if she "hasn't self-harmed in a year" (blatantly false) like she keeps claiming. Maybe she swallowed something again and only considers cutting to be self-harm?

No. 1791236

File: 1679224155450.png (854.53 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230319-070352.png)

No. 1791237

Stop oversharing on the internet and this wouldn't be a problem kek

No. 1791240

it's funny that cece, despite being a huge attention whore, is basically the only cow who eventually learned this lesson and privated all her shit

No. 1791242

File: 1679225412793.png (Spoiler Image, 354.32 KB, 828x1792, 4E6707C4-6E22-4AA1-B943-7BE878…)

it can always get more ridiculous with paris lmao

No. 1791243

I'm the anon you replied to, I'm not even regular or lurking this thread but it i couldn't stop myself from writhing that, it's a no-brainer kek

No. 1791249

Fuck I miss her antics. She's likely still an erc burden but we'll never know and that kills me

No. 1791257

No. 1791260

Imagine spending your time obsessing over the mentally ill. I feel sad for the people who lurk Instagram and TT just to screenshot pictures or ill girls. Then you come here anon because you’re too fucking scared to leave a comment on the original post online. You’re such a bunch of little faggots who are too scared to show their faces or names. You’re all more ill than these girls. The way you actually stalk them and discuss their lives is really weird. You’re a bunch of stalkers, you maybe as well all be peados too because some of these girls are young af. Have fun in your mums box room stalking random people to come here and discuss them as if you’re the perfect example of a person. When you’re just a bully, enjoy your sad little lives using this site instead of actually doing something useful and meaningful. Absolute little sados

No. 1791261

Half of you here are probably morbidly obese and hate your lives or you’d be out having fun times socialising with friends but you sit on the internet stalking a bunch of sick girls for fun, I bet your parents are proud of you lot

No. 1791262

I’ll keep coming back and fucking up your bullying threads for as long as I can fuck you all off. A bunch of virgins who are probably all ugly as my ass hole. How fun is this.

No. 1791263

Hi my names fat ugly loser with no friends so I stalk girls with ED online because I have no life and no job

No. 1791264

I think I’m really pretty and stunning so I come online to post anon about other girls to make myself feel better because I’m a pathetic piece of shit. There’s nothing more enjoyable in my life than coming onto lol cow and sharing my cunty opinions anonymous because I have no friends and I hate my own life. I actually have a depression and body issue problems so I deal with it by stalking young girls on social media. I don’t go out with friends because I have none so I sit online all day waiting for the next girl with an ED to post something so I can screenshot it and post it here with my little sado troll friends who also never leave the house.

No. 1791265

If anyone of you had some balls you’d leave your shitty comments under the original tik toks and Instagram posts/story. Actually all scared aren’t you? Hahahahaha how funny are you lot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1791266

What a shame that none of you can work out who I am either. The joys of posting anonymous eh?

No. 1791267

I hope you all die in your sleep by chocking on my massive cock

No. 1791268

Fuck your dumb lol cow website, fuck your shitty trolling. I’m going to ruin every thread you start. I’m going to keep shoving my opinions down your throats

No. 1791270

Just so you know 4 of you have already been identified by your screenshots. It’s not difficult. All information is being passed on to the police now. So good luck to you 4

No. 1791274

File: 1679229423341.gif (910.69 KB, 274x280, E6675711-AB5C-4DAB-948E-388F2D…)

kek. I can’t be the only anon sitting here like picrel just waiting for it to run out of steam

No. 1791275

File: 1679229490796.jpeg (10.43 KB, 480x360, 915011A8-B4C3-42EA-BF78-ACBC60…)

back tracing info to the cyber police are ye

No. 1791276

Your vpn isn’t as good as you thought it was. 5 IP addresses located so far.

No. 1791277

I don’t personally have to worry because I’ve not posted months worth of abuse towards people I don’t even know so if any of you actually have a job you probably won’t soon. Once your names and information are out. Don’t cry. You got what you asked for. You tried to hide but you couldn’t.

No. 1791278

If it isn’t the consequences of your own actions coming to catch up with you…

No. 1791280

You think you’re invisible because you hide anonymously but I’ve been tracking this site for months. I wish you all the best but you’re getting what’s coming to you.

No. 1791283

File: 1679230004152.jpeg (49.07 KB, 650x434, C560B6DB-AD7F-42CB-9FA2-0558B6…)

Oh no! See you all in prison nonnies

No. 1791284

I can’t believe how many of you think that anon actually means you can’t be traced. You’ve left your online digitise footprint. You can never remove it. Congratulations you fucked up.

No. 1791285

fr I’m not a regular in this thread even but because of these unhinged posts bumping it to the top of snow couldn’t help but kek

No. 1791287

Just a bunch of idiots too stupid to know how to actually access the dark web to hide your trace. Brilliant for me, a coding hacker. Should I post the first full name and located! Lmk :)

No. 1791288

>>1791276 kek ok sure

No. 1791290

kek same. I saw that GIF on the front page and now I'm staying for the show

No. 1791291

Maybe she's short. But it's not normal for your ribs to show that much, anachan.

No. 1791292

She is actually screaming to be posted here.
she created a new ig because she couldnt cope with the hate yet she does multiple lives per day creating questionable looks on her public one talking all the time about lolcow and every now and then laughs and says “you might be posted on lolcow”.

Yeah Emily keep crying afterwards for sympathy and attention while you are begging to be posted. I bet that you will cry more if farmers (as you keep saying) stop posting you here like S

No. 1791293

Up to 6 months imprisonment for online harassment and trolling. You guys picked the thug life though so I guess you were already prepared to face the music

No. 1791294

I’m not someone you idiots troll. Shows how clever any of you actually are.

No. 1791295

The more you respond the easier it is to trace your IP address :)

No. 1791296

Wtf is going on here

No. 1791297

Times up I guess my little trolls..
Your names will be public on all platforms very soon.

No. 1791298

>>1791297 you're hilarious i love you

No. 1791299

o just some wannabe cybercop stalker deep web detective 5000 blowing up the thread with hypocritical retardation and threats

No. 1791300

If you could all keep commenting back it would help me a bunch. I know you’re all professional name callers so I can’t wait to see how inventive you are with words when you try to attack me :) I’d have a pretty guilty conscience too knowing I might be exposed soon for all of the harassment I’ve shared.

No. 1791301

Do we have a jasmine Harris here as an anon :)

No. 1791302

Cool, make sure you drop the link when you’re done. I’d hate to see you promise and not deliver

No. 1791303

I’m really not worried about posting up your names and I’ll keep posting them. Then I’ll screenshot your social media along with your name. You thought this was a little joke?

No. 1791304

>>1791303 bro thinks they're an anime character

No. 1791305

Do me next!

No. 1791306

At least I’m not stupid enough to think anonymous actually means anonymous

No. 1791308

File: 1679231158330.jpeg (47.71 KB, 491x720, 9F7507F4-0907-4072-A242-70637C…)

No. 1791309

Imagine fingering your keyboard to death every time someone with an eating disorder posts on social media. What a life you lot live I feel bad for you all. I actually do because I’m dealing with the lowest of the low life incel trolls. The ones with genuine deep personal issues. The ones with social anxiety who don’t leave the house, the ones who earn minimum wage if you’re lucky enough to even have a job.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1791310

File: 1679231542001.gif (1.4 MB, 384x270, je.gif)

No. 1791311

You know normal people without issues don’t usually come onto anonymous trolling sites right? Before anyone tries to convince themselves that their behaviour is normal. They go out with friends, have a social life, go to work. Most people are too busy to have hours a day to troll online. You can always reach out to your local mental health centre for help.

No. 1791312

You can find a real hobby and real friends once you get over your social anxiety. Once you move out of your mums spare room, once you get a job that pays more than £10.50 an hour. You can have a normal life once you’ve all over come your mental health and body imagine struggles

No. 1791313

So you're saying you're not normal? Who would've guessed…

No. 1791314

>>1791311 I thought you were gonna dox us? Hurry up and do it then, rather than preaching kek

No. 1791315

It’s not hard to make friends in real life, you can turn the wifi off for a little while and let go of your tiny cock and stop jerking off to weird alien porn. You can do it, your mummy believes in you :) you can be a big boy and a big girl and get a driving license, finally leave home and make some adult friends

No. 1791316

I have sent a list to the police already. It’s not for me to actually come and get you and lock you up silly :) I just get to enjoy this Site because it exists for anyone to post right?

No. 1791317

File: 1679231935253.jpg (46.3 KB, 360x450, got_my_hopes_up_for_nothing.jp…)

Still waiting on this name posting, screen shotting, 1337 H4x0r extravaganza.

No. 1791318

Screenshots that prove who commented what and who shared what pics. The police have been tracking this for the last few months too. Now we just wait :)

No. 1791319

I know you spend a lot of time on the internet because you’ve no friends and don’t leave the house but the police don’t come bust up your door like in all the movies you’ve been watching. They build a case against you over time and gain more evidence. Silly sausage :)

No. 1791320

Do you have a personality other than your online troll mask you put on when you smash your keyboard up to comment on young girls with eating disorders

No. 1791321

Or are Gifs and pic replies your personality? The one you created to use online because you can’t make friends in person?

No. 1791323

Didn't you just promise to keep posting the names here. We're waiting……

No. 1791324

Hey coding hacker. Where is the dox?

No. 1791325

File: 1679232218351.gif (3.4 MB, 498x343, do-you-know-what-this-is-know-…)

No one here is getting in trouble. You're only compounding your problem by going on this cringe cyberwarrior vendetta. This is a relatively unknown corner of the internet. How self absorbed do you have to be to come in here, track down your "cyber boolies" and go on a full blown tantrum. This problem is as simple as… not coming over here. Private your social media. The police are going to tell you this, you are literally wasting their time with nonsense if you show up with this. Dum dum. No one is threatening or harassing you. Just discussing the silliness you post online, publicly, on the regular. YOU are the one making threats to expose people, YOU are the one hurling homophobic slurs and being vile. YOU are showing everyone here you're not a good person. Congrats. Enjoy your own special little solo on the world's smallest violin. No1currs.

No. 1791326

Connor jones

No. 1791327

>>1791326 this is a female imageboard

No. 1791328

Can't you come up with a little more creative names and not just the most typical common names, lmao. Who's next, Will Smith?

No. 1791329

No. 1791330

Does she not understand burner accounts? Farmers make fake ones all the time.

No. 1791331

The police are fully aware of lolcow and the content that you trolls share. It’s not your little secret place to come be a cunt anymore. This doesn’t get tolerated anymore either so wake up. The police are taking this seriously because the contents you post have lead to suicide attempts by the innocent girls you troll because you hate yourself. You genuinely have nothing better to do than stalk a bunch of young girls and then mock them, harass them, shame them. And you’re telling me I’m vile for exposing the individuals who do this? You think anonymous really means anonymous and you won’t get found out? Then you’re really bloody stupid. Maybe if you had something to do with your life you wouldn’t have to be scared of being exposed. Because you know the rest of the internet would ruin you if your identity got out. You think what you’re doing is acceptable which it isn’t. Good luck with your trolling because it’s going to be time up soon. And I’ll keep ruining your little shitty trolling threads for as long as I want. What can you do to stop me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1791332

>>1791331 Nobody is scared, retard

No. 1791335

I’d be so ashamed of myself if I was one of you who has spent months posting hate here anonymously. If it isn’t the consequences of your own actions :)

No. 1791336


Point being, you're not as anonymous as you think and will be outed.

No. 1791337

Megan jones

No. 1791338

wait until bro finds out anons aren't all from the same country

No. 1791339

File: 1679232621648.jpeg (105.24 KB, 1170x833, 35026170-7BA3-4961-9662-C05DAA…)

No. 1791340

> connor jones
> megan jones

are you even trying

No. 1791342

> the police
What police? The Internet police? That doesn't exist. It makes me laugh when you silly Sues threaten the site with "police" or "FBI". So scared!

No. 1791344

Hahaha this is iconic. Hero. Whoever you are.

No. 1791346

damn, she better hide, hide your little bro too megan

No. 1791347

Next up: Emily Jones

No. 1791349

>>1791347 omg a family of Lolcow users, so cute!

No. 1791352

then their father, Alex Jones

No. 1791353

Imagine devoting your Sunday (and on Mother’s Day, no less!) to seething on here. Truly unhinged

No. 1791356

No. 1791359

not really, you're hilarious as it is, keep it coming

No. 1791360

Not everyone is bri'ish

No. 1791361

The hell going on in here?

No. 1791364

File: 1679233167332.gif (1.59 MB, 360x202, 8a8.gif)

Kek holy shit

No. 1791369

Omg it’s me, I’m Megan Jones and the British cyber police just came to my door and said they’ve been working with a brilliant deep web coding hacker to track lolcow farmers for months. Consequences will never be the same. It’s been nice knowing you nonnas!

No. 1791370

just Emily believes that all of us are brits and police can press charges on us and playing the detective of law and enforcement finding names from IP addresses and giving it to the police. She also forgets that one of the rules of this website is “no threats” and that the website can expose her as it happened with Creepshow Art.
Let her have her moment

No. 1791376

>>1791375 post my name and face!!

No. 1791378

then doxx me! i asked once already, but you didn't deliver

No. 1791379

Wow you're such a good liar! A 4-year-old would be jealous.

No. 1791380

>>1791373 is your second name Dover too?

No. 1791382

> a coding hacker
> but I’ve been tracking this site for months
Isn't that a little more sad than people anonymously snarking about context folks post publicly online?
Farmers move content from one platform to another, and anons discuss it. We don't do it in their comments, and we don't cow tip, because we don't bully or harass anyone. We reshare content that the original poster wanted public, and created a board for people with negative opinions to discuss them without the cow directly seeing it (they have to be looking for us hating on them to see it. Do you know how easy it is to just close your eyes?)
bully : a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.
"he is a ranting, domineering bully". We don't aim to harm, we don't aim for them to see it at all. A-logging is "wishing harm on someone", which is against the rules of the site.
harassment : aggressive pressure or intimidation.
How can we intimidate any of our cows (intimidate: frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants.) When the farmers who post about them would never cowtip. In order to be intimidated by someone you've got to know who they are.
You're not scary, none of us are quaking in our boots.
But PLEASE madam hacker, post a screenshot of any of my socials with your IP autism.

No. 1791383

"Fat ox" did Nikki grahame post this from beyond the grave?

No. 1791386

Why does hacker lady type in the same passive aggressive emoji using > :) as Zara?
~ tinfoil ~

No. 1791388


What brought you here, fellow good egg?(WK loser)

No. 1791390

File: 1679233737878.gif (117.4 KB, 220x293, ohnooooooimsoswcared.gif)

me and my friends are laughing at you rn

No. 1791392

help nonnies Jasmine Harris here I see blue lights and armoured police outside, wat do???

No. 1791394

Okay but you said you know who we all are, so pretty please tell me who I am! ( with a cherry on top? )

No. 1791397

Hahaha KEK, it's the FBI from the first time the site was reported finally catching up to all of the farmers. Oh no! Nonnas, grab your emergency kits and spare keyboards we have to go into hiding asap.

No. 1791399

omg no nonny if they did then they could end internet bullying forever and expose us all sending us to jail for life!!!!

No. 1791400

Hannah connelly

No. 1791402

Is that you in the gif? I'd believe it.

No. 1791403

> I'm a professional troll
Are you, dear? Most of us have probably been on forums longer than you've been alive

No. 1791406

Anglospherefags, it's been an honour.

No. 1791407

The cyber whizz still hasn't figured out how to reply directly to posts, kek.

No. 1791408

Lucky you, you don't have to imagine.

No. 1791409

I'm waiting for them to announce Colours as a farmer as they only seem to know the newfags who didn't crop properly

No. 1791412

Marie johnson

No. 1791414

can you put ip addresses next to these names, or any indication what they've posted to make yourself seem at least a little legit, because you're just typing random ass names, mr Ben Doverson

No. 1791418


No. 1791419

then do it for those two! shouldn't be hard for a regular master sleuth such as yourself!

No. 1791421

File: 1679234352718.jpg (23.91 KB, 399x225, ProAnaScumbags#93draft.jpg)

Who's story? As in, which farmer? Me please !
- thread OP

No. 1791422

Wasn't it Megan Jones earlier? You never mentioned any Watsons before.

No. 1791426

finally learnt how to sage?

No. 1791427

he forgor

No. 1791429

>I’m 37
ew, go get a toupée or something.

No. 1791430

And you're not?

No. 1791434

ayrt Oh I'm not the "troll", I just think that gif is what this "troll" probably looks like.

No. 1791435

Who the fuck are you replying to

No. 1791437

the voices in their head

No. 1791439

Ah that explains why this person keeps talking about "we"

No. 1791440


No. 1791441

because you think this has never happened before?

No. 1791442

No. 1791444

Oh so you're giving up that quickly eh?

No. 1791445

Please SooperHacker I'm begging you to expose me
What's taking so long if you're so good

No. 1791446

Man this is just the most scrote tier trolling in existence. Lying about being a hacker man that has been working with police for months on a site you just found out about to get some pussy from a mentally ill anachan (considering our hacker man is bri’ish I assume he knows Emily and wants to get some brownie points, maybe they in wuv nonnies!)
loved the added touch of randomly posting 3 names with screenshots or any sort of evidence. Imagine being such a pathetic pig of man. Imagine employing or knowing this man. It’s a wonder you have all this time to talk to us between being a super hacker, mega troll & Worlds Biggest Stain.

Women have created a site you can’t shut down or ban, that doesn’t fucking produce manifesto-minded mass shooters and yr like “nothing has ever been worse!”. you fucking narcissist. Emily too while we are at it, she made her whole petition about the abuse SHE endured on lolcow & wrote specifics instead of oh, I don’t know, a well fucking thought out piece on bullying ~in general~? Do you guys even know what happens on the rest of this site, or are y’all so in your own arses that u think proana scumbags is the only Bad Thing happening on the internet?

No. 1791447

i've quite literally asked them 3 times to expose me, they have yet to even acknowledge me sadge

No. 1791448

quaking in my boots because some idiot on the internet thinks they can get an IP address from viewing a screenshot posted on lolcow without access to the server(s)

it's so cute when zoomers learn a few vocab words

No. 1791450

it’s so cute when a man pretends to know anything

No. 1791451

love how he thinks he’s The First to try to troll lolcow
quaking in my tiny girlboots

No. 1791452

Jasmin, Megan, you girls okay? Did they come and clap you in irons?

No. 1791453

l33t h@ck3r who can't figure out how to reply to a post

No. 1791455

dying laughing that they threw out Marie's name.

No. 1791456

i was condemned to 40 lashes in the town square and my brother connor and father alex have been taken to guantanamo bay

No. 1791457

Even if they do "hack the mainframe" the majority of farmers use VPNs. Also, imagine if every single farmer around the world got 6 months in jail for bullying/harassment because some spotty scrote from England made an online petition. Where would they put all of us?
We won't all fit in the pasture…

No. 1791458

Which cow dates "Ben"?
Could it be Zaras new meat kek

No. 1791459

Emily, how could you do this to people that you said must be mentally ill?

No. 1791460

That's disgusting I'm so sorry ! Thinking of you and your family

No. 1791461

>absolutely class
you sound like an Irish zoomer. scary to think that not only is this thread now being monitored by a professional hacker but now also by the Garda!

No. 1791465

considering this new information >>1791405 he probably does.

No. 1791468

most of the stuff on the site can't even be considered bullying, it's a fucking gossip forum, don't want to hear gossip about yourself? don't go looking.

No. 1791476

File: 1679236686717.jpg (489.07 KB, 2048x2048, Benw0zh3r4.jpg)

I hereby sentence you all to 6 months in the Pasture with LegliftLaura and her coffee milkshakes and ensures, for bullying and harassment. Because im the world wide web police and you've broken the Internet laws by bullying / harassing mongos anonymously online. Tsk tsk.

No. 1791479

‘Ben woz ere’ made me kek

No. 1791486

funny how this “guy” named Ben, came here to threat us knowing so little about tech and especially legal system. Supposedly exposed two random english names.

Mate, only law enforcement can track down individuals. You found IP addresses, you can do nothing with them. And little action can be taken in a gossip website, imaging law enforcement stop tracking down pedophiles to find people from lolcow. Do you know how many boards this site has? And how many tried to shut it down or expose people?

Also do you really believe that Brits police have the power to take legal action for random people from around the world? India, Aus, Sweden have different legal systems from UK.
Emily, Zara, Sarah, Ben or whatever you want to be called - go back to bed

No. 1791487

ayrt Don't worry, Megan. We, the nonnies of lolcow will unite and use our epic cyber bully powers to spring your family. We'll bully the guards until they succumb to hurt feelings.

No. 1791489

There's a new thread shit head.

No. 1791493

Imagine being "the police" in this hypothetical scenario. I'm sure having to read all the cringe from Mr. haxx0r_1337 is going to add credibility to his "case" lol

No. 1791496

Why tf is an old pervy man on here threatening (mostly) younger girls and calling us 'little girls' that's genuinely so creepy wtf?? pretty sure an old dude who's a 'professional troll' obsessively talking to anonymous girls comes off worse here than the gals gossiping about a few public accounts

No. 1791499

File: 1679238574353.jpg (28.75 KB, 480x360, Pokecow.jpg)

Abby used purge attack, it was highly effective. The guard is now confused and you have broken into the jail. Press Y to continue.

No. 1791501

This is beyond fucked up. You have some serious fucking issues.

No. 1791504

You have serious issues with reading the room if you think that poster has serious issues. You have serious issues if you're even here to begin with, miss.

No. 1791506

You know what's fucked up? Learning to purge on command and doing it in front of other patients/ on staff

No. 1791507

Police won’t do anything and never have done anything. Being online has different rules than harassing people in person. Not saying I agree with it but you say “I’ll keep posting on every thread.” Stop wasting your time and breath bro. People know that they’re scummy to post here but they still do it because it’s entertainment. A huge part of the online community in general really dislikes lolcow and most people know that it’s mainly just gossip. Just leave it be, genuinely you’re wasting your time and giving more views/interactions here on a site that you clearly don’t want to do that on

No. 1791516

I hate how cows act like hey are being harrassed. Nobody is in their DMs or comments talking shit to them. No one is stalking or doxxing them. But thats how they want it to seem. You have to go out of your way to see your "bullying" emily. You have to open a new browser, type in "lolcow.farm" click enter, find your thread and read. You are putting in effort to FEEL attacked and like a victim.

I have a theory that ayone who complains about cyber bullying has never been actually bullied. Has never had someone rallying people to make fun of their name or nationality to their face or physically touching and disrespecting them in a humiliating way they cant escape. If they had ever been really bullied they would never become over sharing-over posting attention seeking weirdos online. That would have kept them humble and with a true fear of being bullied. Geezus arent these little snowflakes so lucky?

No. 1791517

>Please stop posting me on lolcow
Please stop being so milky

No. 1791522

Jesus Christ. What the fuck is going on with this nutter and their rambling shite. It's worse than when Colours joined the chat and wouldn't fuck off. As to Emily, I wasn't even aware of who she was until this recent shit show on the thread. And what I think about her extends as far as desperately wanting to properly clean her face.

No. 1791545

File: 1679245611604.jpeg (330.11 KB, 2318x2305, 52AD85E7-3DE9-4A59-9215-AA0E1C…)

Please someone with skills make this into a worthy site banner. Em/Ben/Zara/rando has bit spittin fire in this thread.

No. 1791555

File: 1679246870089.jpeg (196.9 KB, 1170x1773, 803C695F-278E-476F-BBC4-63F6F3…)

I hate her with a passion. Her content is literally just , I’m in the hospital for sewerslide, oh I’m gonna self harm I want attention, oh I want to desperately have my ED back but now I’m fat, etc. she also has that joker scar from cutting her face open in the hospital and then later was like yeah I did it got attention and now I regret it. It just irks me amount of ppl who comment on her shit encouraging her behavior etc. She argued with me on her post and then blocked me all cuz I called her out for attention seeking. She deletes comments too unless they’re coddling her and saying “Aww I feel so bad for you ;((((“(cowtipping)

No. 1791560

File: 1679247962739.jpeg (39.67 KB, 1170x689, A1094FCB-DAEB-4707-A91F-F690CF…)

Does anyone ever talk about this girl who always posts videos of herself lowkey body checking, always talking “what I eat in a day” vids but then when people ask if she actually did eat it she deletes the comments.

No. 1791570

you're doing yourself no favors by keeping up with someone that you hate. Just block her and move on, this isn't healthy

No. 1791574

yes previous threats!
i dont understand how people are falling for her shit! she is ben claiming recovery for over a year yet she hasnt gain anything. she eats with toddlers utensils and forks and never replies or engages in any way

No. 1791581

Holy shit I went to bed last night with maybe (2) new posts and woke up to (169.) What the fuck is going on itt, did colours come back or something? Why does all the fun happen when I'm gone?

No. 1791584

You are a cowtipping retard

No. 1791589

File: 1679251882653.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20230319-144212~2.p…)

No. 1791591

File: 1679251932125.png (409.39 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20230319-144846~2.p…)

No. 1791652

Does paris even know what the word recovery means?!
She doesn’t want to recover or change.

No. 1791752

File: 1679274346966.png (231.1 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230319-205954.png)

No. 1791763

File: 1679276423553.png (22.81 KB, 503x855, Screenshot (19104).png)

Damn the edtwt bitches are spiteful little cunts, this is Nikols tiktok for anyone wondering

No. 1791877

The spite is deserved. Nikol was a rampant narcissistic bitch that actually does deserve to be grounded back to reality.

She recently posted on twitter, bragging about how she looked up to katekusmina and then became friends with her because she "got thin".

And yet, back when katekusmina gained a little weight, Nikol had no problems pointing out that her arms looked fat. Some "friend".

She's just getting back the attitude that she put out. Karma actually working for once

No. 1791887

File: 1679292649232.png (204.82 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230320-020401.png)

No. 1791890

File: 1679293747844.png (33.32 KB, 599x504, Screenshot 2023-03-19 11.27.32…)

Part of me feels bad for hating this girl as much as I do but she's 107 days into "recovery" and not only has she not gained any weight, she constantly humblebrags about being used as thinspo and how low her BMI is. Not to mention the annoying babytalk and posting about eating a fucking rice cake like she's challenging a fear food or something.

No. 1791894

File: 1679293890676.png (96.77 KB, 466x520, Screenshot 2023-03-19 11.31.48…)

No. 1791904

ot and asking to be spoonfed but can any of you nonnas point me in the direction of when josie (from way back when) was first mentioned, i've found a few threads but there's a lot

No. 1791913

This is the video of Elzani "fucking" some food. I can't sit through this hell again so someone find the timestamp

No. 1791917

File: 1679298421890.jpeg (152.07 KB, 985x1883, 02133DF8-2078-4E2E-8952-4FA053…)

Kyiah obs found out she was being posted and changed her tiktok name in hopes she wouldn’t be found lol

No. 1791929

File: 1679299357542.png (647.16 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230320-040122.png)

No. 1791933


at 7:04 it sounds like shes saying "this fuckin OG video" but im pretty sure its actually "this is like an OG video".
not sure if thats what you mean. im going to keep on watching because i hate my life… ill update you if i find another

No. 1791937

No it isn't this part. She was rolling her eyes then closed them and said "I'm fucking it" lol

No. 1791939

in all honesty emily jones isnt pro ana milk at all. all i see is a girl who is insecure and wants to use make up to cover up her insecurities (eg acne etc). dont even see her glamourising her toob or ana anymore

No. 1791940

Nta but either sage or timestamp the part yourself

No. 1791943

It is actually this video guys. I'll sit through this hell just to find it. Fuck(learn to embed)

No. 1791947

I lost brain cells watching but it's at 13:50. You're welcome. She's literally orgasming over it… what goes through her head?

No. 1791948

Did Hayden get banned from ig or have I been blocked kek

No. 1791950

yep, sorry to dissapoint you anon, but again its just her terrible diction.
She says "im sucking them, im sucking it" as she rolls back her eyes in bliss as she sucks the chocolate off the popcorn.

you really talked this up i was expecting something more… i dno… epic.

No. 1791951

God's work, nonna. Thank you!
Don't let zara know she's using cute tape for her tube omg she'll have an aneurism
Does this bitch keep time stamps for everything? I wouldn't be surprised if she logged the time of her shit at this point

No. 1791953

Let us take the piss in peace LMAO it's still weird though. She's literally making sex faces

No. 1792006

File: 1679318210667.png (Spoiler Image, 569.58 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230319-053754.png)

I know Amy reads here but how fucked in the head do you have to be to believe that this looks better than the weight restored version. She looked like a Holocaust victim

No. 1792007

File: 1679318289445.png (516.48 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230319-053804.png)

She's in IP but can't stop binge and purging long enough to actually get out. I hope her mom sends her back

No. 1792009

File: 1679318336792.png (625.94 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230319-053745.png)

Weight restored version of Amy now

No. 1792011

Got bored of looking but here is a little bit about Josie that makes me think the few threads before and after this one would have the milk

No. 1792013

so upset. lets take a picture and post it on the internet….
anyone truly upset does not do this sweetie.
such an attention whore

No. 1792016

holy shit the inner thighs look like an 80 year olds'

No. 1792035


I dont know if its because of how floppy her arms and thighs are but she doesnt look the weight she claims unless she is really short

No. 1792042

She looks flabby like she is super skinny fat. Like BMI 18 barely

No. 1792053

We don’t need the self post go tf away

No. 1792056

File: 1679323123820.jpeg (266.98 KB, 1170x2024, 228E691E-10F9-41F0-83DB-BE2C31…)

Another cow posting themselves crying

No. 1792059


I think they nuked their IG - I can't find them either.

No. 1792065

You want people to actually directly bully others instead of passively talking and gossiping, wow aren't you a POS. This place has rules for a reason about not touching the shit. But good luck with the PoPo, they don't do anything, they physically can't.

No. 1792097

Calling people out for their shitty fake ass behavior is hardly bullying but whatever. Good to know youre a true bully who wants us to go harrass these girls to their face/directly to their accounts. Atleast this way, they have to physically look for their "bullying". But hey, you dont like being posted here? Stop being a cow on your public accounts. Literal retards.

No. 1792098


Are you suggesting she weighs more than she says? Cos when I was 44kg I looked way skinnier than that(no one cares.)

No. 1792100


What do you mean? I think she looks bigger than bmi 18 and BMI 18 is basically recoevred

No. 1792104

Her mom isn’t gonna send her back to the hospital, she’s an enabler. She mentioned that her mother bought her B/P food during her hospital stay.
God I can’t stand her. This is karmic justice for posting before-and-after pics with the body positivity hashtag

No. 1792105

She looks like John Travolta

No. 1792123

44kg is not a bmi of 18 unless you are short like below 1,55

No. 1792127


She must be short then because she looks at least bmi 18 to me

No. 1792128

>>1792098 No1curr about your weights, skinny fat means to look higher in weight than what you actually weigh due to basically being higher body fat percentage. It's normally those who either gain or lose weight but don't really exercise.

No. 1792141

no one is saying she is fat or not skinny. She is probably lying

No. 1792176

File: 1679337884251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.99 KB, 1000x1000, RDT_20230320_14435244911026615…)

I thought "Ben" was going to harass us every day, ruin our threads and sic the cyberpolice on us. So disappointing. Oh wait and weren't there two of them or something? Kek
Anyway EC has been boring since the whole Amouranth party. She did do a spring outfit haul, she's looking pretty crunchy.

No. 1792185

He's busy helping the snipers climb trees outside your house, duh

No. 1792224


???? Don’t really get it but ok. I posted about her and the one below my first post. First is wannarexic and the other below is always saying she’s “recovering” but isn’t.

No. 1792228

File: 1679344011645.png (584.05 KB, 1080x2103, Screenshot_20230320-162505~2.p…)

No. 1792229

This isn’t even cowtipping per the rules if you go look. It pertains to the thread.

No. 1792230

File: 1679344048635.png (105.48 KB, 1080x2086, Screenshot_20230320-162524~2.p…)

No. 1792233

I’ve stumbled across her account before and she’s absolutely insufferable I find her more milky than most of the cows posted here tbh

No. 1792246

Yes yes yes, can't stand her and her attitude. Thinks she's superior ana. Someone needs that bed more than her

No. 1792249

It's "5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow."

No. 1792251

Rattle Rattle

Learn to sage

No. 1792255

She's dumb and skinny fat. She's starving herself to look like those ig Chinese girls but refuses to excersise which would actually help

No. 1792256

she's been in hospital SIX YEARS?

No. 1792259

Kek she can complain all she likes but if she doesn't stop her b/p they won't let her out!! Sucked in

No. 1792261

File: 1679348223682.png (749 KB, 1080x1964, Screenshot_20230320-115716~2.p…)

No. 1792269

I guess every body is different. Im mostly relating her body to how mine looks at different bmis. Its the only refference i have.

No. 1792272

>have a blessed day
I will now, thanks pet!

No. 1792273

how does she even do that while inpatient? are they not watching her? where does she get the food? wtf

No. 1792274

literally nobody fucking cares about your weight

No. 1792276

No. 1792277

Hayden didn’t block you he deleted his entire account cause you’re all a bunch of low life sad cunts x(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1792280

sorry about your retardation

No. 1792283

I’d pay so much money to see what y’all pigs look like ✋(emoji)

No. 1792284

oh no, you just CYBERBULLIED US. You have to turn yourself into the FBI now.

No. 1792287

Ben, is that you, babe?

No. 1792288

I just killed myself twice because you called me a pig

No. 1792289

omg ben doverson is back did emily finally finish sucking him off?

No. 1792291

ty nonna much appreciated, rediscovered her account lately and couldn’t remember the milk. she’s still influencing from her hospital bed though kek

No. 1792293

Obviously not Ben. Ben was obviously blocked.

No. 1792294

this is probably amy kek

No. 1792297

come on, anon, surely a master hacker like ben must understand how to use a VPN

No. 1792325

Nice yellow skin, goes well with the spring theme.

No. 1792329

File: 1679356197361.png (316.27 KB, 537x425, Capture.PNG)

They got me guys its over

No. 1792363

They started sending her home for dinner or something. It's a little confusing

No. 1792374

she has over 1k followers on the account bruh she really trusts a thousand individual people?

No. 1792394

File: 1679363643334.jpeg (261.1 KB, 1169x1987, D11540A7-C565-4D72-B8EB-357760…)

Whatever Enara did requiring whatever “surgery” she had really mustn’t have been that bad at all if she’s already home…

No. 1792408

File: 1679365441737.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230320-221955.png)

No. 1792438

File: 1679369574705.png (782.4 KB, 1170x2532, F4236F99-59A6-4057-938B-71CB83…)

han actually looks awful, not spoopy just like ??vitamin-deficient ? and yellow

No. 1792442

and on that story han is saying, "do you ever just look at other human beings and think, we're not pretty. we are very, very weird looking. like, very weird."

No. 1792459

So you're saying you'd subscribe to lolcow's OnlyFans? Kek

No. 1792471

She included the time…. the exact to the minute time that her tube was removed? That's some milky af shit I've never seen someone time stamp their NG removal (or insertion) How invested in the ng you must be. Bonkers

No. 1792472

Any updates on the Jones family, nonnas? Or Jasmine Harris? I’m very worried for them, did the cyberpolice arrest them yet?

No. 1792473

File: 1679373851904.png (1.7 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230321-004347.png)

No. 1792483

Her face looks better, hope she finally gained some weight(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1792508

Fuckkk what a clap back. On a serious note you should genuinely kill yourself(A-logging)

No. 1792509

Live stream it I reckon

No. 1792526

if you were less stupid and learned how to sage and reply, the world would know who you're telling to commit suicide

(I imagine you're one of the InstaWarriors who've descended on us, so maybe you should also think about whether it's hypocritical to bravely strike out at cyberbullies by telling people to kill themselves)

No. 1792530

love how the only people who engage in bullying & actual illegal activity in these threads are the cow defenders that come to tell us to kill ourselves or to post on the cows public profiles to prove we’re not cowards. what a severely hypocritical and weird way to get your “point” across

No. 1792544

And WE'RE the "bullies".

No. 1792546

From headbanging lol

No. 1792559

She's been doing it since she got it out, it's in the Recap nonna

No. 1792569

you first nonnie!

No. 1792571

Ikr, this makes me feel way better about being on here uniornically bc the ones calling this site out are also people who tell others to off themselves kek

No. 1792586

Paul smith
Sarah williams
Mary evans
Bastina delinport(sage your shit)

No. 1792587

Here we fucking go again…

No. 1792606

Quandale Dingle
Daquavious Bingleton

No. 1792615

It sounds like they are just making up names kek. Ill play
Ana jones
Shaquanda williams
Jimmy smith
Fox mulder, fbi

No. 1792616

KEK I love you nonnies.

No. 1792626

File: 1679413833929.jpeg (204.41 KB, 1170x1936, F9DB8A0A-5E22-46BE-993B-81F85C…)

This one popped up on my fyp. Has she been talked about before?
every video is a bodycheck

No. 1792635

She's been posted before, lots of bodychecks but she barely talks about her Ed. Not milky tbh

No. 1792652

Ben Dover

No. 1792660


Suzan Smith
Marie Brown
Amanda Jones
John Smith

Anyone here? police is coming for you.

No. 1792664

Nonna you read my mind, was just about to post her. Its literally every single video that starts with a body check

No. 1792667

yeap but other nona is right. She never mentions anything, let alone her ED. Is just plain bodychecks

No. 1792668

File: 1679416980026.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 225.83 KB, 1170x1971, 5891CA89-ED34-4FC8-83E2-A92936…)

speaking of body checks

No. 1792692

She is absolutely disgusting. She's grifting hard, swindling ppl out of money to supposedly pay for 'treatment' (i.e snake oil nutritionist who will let her 'recover' as a bodybuilder) and lying about being rejected by legit facilities. Then she posts this completely unecessary image which she knows will trigger every other person with an ED. Yet ppl think we're the baddies for pointing this out? Blows my mind.

I first came across her on bodybuilding.com when they had those transformation stories. She 'recovered' as a vegan bodybuilder then. Well that approach obviously didn't stick so what is going to be different this time? Sweet FA she'll just relapse again. Everyone giving her money isn't helping her, they're enabling her. So many cows on here with toobs and yet she's wandering around in this state when she should be forced into treatment and toob fed. Oh, and she should have to give all the cash back too since she's taking it under false pretences.

No. 1792697

Is John Smith in the room with us now?

No. 1792715

the most common name in the UK apparently

No. 1792734

These names are what come up when you search “white people name generator”

No. 1792738

Shit, Sarah Williams here. Just had the M.I.5 Cyber crew at my door saying if I keep posting I'll get exiled?!

No. 1792739

File: 1679423749685.jpeg (102.29 KB, 750x1187, 15BB83D5-D7A4-49C0-8636-93F012…)

I’m pretty sure this is Tinytitan…. The coach who ganer started with and is using again…
Cow cross over.

No. 1792741

average white high school clique in teen flicks plus that one token minority character

No. 1792746

File: 1679424330998.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 303.16 KB, 1169x2150, C6C8B16B-E5D5-46C6-97A3-230B6A…)

Don’t know if she’s been posted before but does anyone remember this spoop(please spoiler shit like this)

No. 1792749

You're still here? Not getting enough attention from all those friends, family, hobbies, and colleagues you bragged about huh? Must be nice to have so much time on your hands, can't relate.

No. 1792757

File: 1679425400038.jpeg (52.88 KB, 540x531, 0AA401DB-A57D-4D9C-8331-7A0B91…)

Aww, it’s back. Do self posters count in your little crusade or ?
I’ll start with one: Laura Banks
Nonnies feel free to join in

No. 1792764

yeah she's active on another acc now but its private

No. 1792768

Someone needs to tell john smith that scrotes arent allowed here.

No. 1792807

Cor blimey gov you got me, it’s me, Paul Smith, UK fashion label. I’ve got me cashmere scarfs wrapped up tight to keep me from shaking with fear

No. 1792808

Jasmine here, I’m currently on Death Row awaiting my fate for my sins. Don’t mess with the cyber police nonnas, they mean business.

No. 1792819

I still follow Bella. She posts maybe once a year on her stories. She works at Starbucks or at least did last time she posted.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1792821

Go on her insta and she overshares about her mental health struggles

No. 1792822

It doesn’t even start with a body check, every single video she posts is a body check in the entirety

No. 1792823

File: 1679432391654.gif (407.2 KB, 886x296, 20230321_111632 (1).gif)

Shared this to the banner thread earlier but thought I'd show it here too since this is her home thread

No. 1792838

What country is she from?

No. 1792840

Are these the names of some ugly british school kids who wouldn’t let you sit with them, Ben? kek

No. 1792852

File: 1679436605332.jpg (135.19 KB, 720x1600, 336603030_547746940827124_7238…)

just nikol nikoling… this girl is truly something else

No. 1792876

The amount of people pretending to be "female" here while using the word "female" is top cringe.

No. 1792879

>>1792852 i also put coffee in my coke

No. 1792889

Joe Smith
Ann Jones
Jane Doe
Jack Sprat
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

No. 1792897

That was a joke nona.

No. 1792905

Is she any better?

No. 1792908

Hugh Jass

No. 1792921

File: 1679446871800.jpeg (715.81 KB, 3222x3222, 405D6C8B-A1CA-4B19-83C8-279F30…)

More attention seeking from this one

No. 1792922

This is an adult btw

No. 1792925

She has severe medical issues. She totally ruined her body and she’s not able to digest food. She has crohns. Last update, she was pretty awful.

No. 1792932

File: 1679448079663.jpg (1.34 MB, 4096x7285, InCollage_20230322_142119038.j…)

Saged as doesn't speak about an ED but she sure as fuck loves to show off her "anorexic looking" body. The amount of body checks are embarrassing.
Her tiktok is @danmeghan

No. 1792935

Nta but to be fair that's weak ground to stand on for what makes an anon male, a lot of people call it a female only imageboard. Saying "women only imageboard" or "girls only imageboard" sounds way more scrotey imo

No. 1792939

I mean it could have been coke but what's more likely is that it's sweetener. She's honestly so funny and strange in a good way, she reminds me of an alien who isn't accustom to regular human living yet but tries to assimilate anyway. Love her

No. 1792956

I'm a woman and I use that word lol

No. 1792957

no, no, you have to trigger them by saying that you're a female

No. 1792991

nikol might be the most entertaining of those posted here, her “Why were we Sperms” episode was the peak of recent threads for me

No. 1793018

I need a Nikol podcast please

No. 1793045

File: 1679464465744.png (620.57 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230322-015247.png)

No. 1793073

kek sorry nonna, it was early and i was ready to hate on mr. dover

No. 1793099

I feel for the nurses who have to insert these and have the patient filming and taking photos for their 'recovery'account. I'd want to smash their phones. (To me) it's so cringe and just asking to film would be humiliating. The gall of cows is becoming less surprising and more disturbing

No. 1793107

female is an adjective, woman is a noun
"female image board" is simply the correct way to put it, I hate that the internet convinced people simply using the word "female" is sexist.

No. 1793130

Looks like a nerve was hit lmaoooo
You poor pieces of shit :(
Maybe if y’all had fucking lives and dedicated your time to something other than projecting your insecurities onto others you wouldn’t have people telling you to off urself. Like you should 😙

No. 1793132

Says the bitch martyring herself (telling anons to kill themselves) over the discussion of some laughable anorexic cows PUBLIC POSTED narcissism. What great thing to dedicate your time to! Time which could be better spent learning how to reply and sage on the image board you insist on a-logging anons on

No. 1793136

which one of the butthurt anachan cows is this

No. 1793138

Aww did amy gain too much weight and now can only lie in that hospital bed on her phone a-logging

No. 1793154

Honey this is Abbey :))
What a pathetic fucking response. Get a hobby

No. 1793157

Just a bunch of sad little cunts that most likely got bullied as kids and now sit around on ur 100kg asses ALL day picking away at other individuals publicly. What a life folks

No. 1793172

What happened to your leet hacking skills and calling the cyber police? Now you're just hurling schoolyard insults hoping one sticks? Poor tink tink.

No. 1793173

As a lurker, this image board is more entertaining right now than the cows themselves lmao

No. 1793175

Seymour Butts
Mike Hunt
Buster Cherry
Chris P. Bacon
Alotta Fagina

No. 1793179

This whole fucking website is exactly that

No. 1793185

Hi Abbey
You're dumb

No. 1793186

File: 1679495861296.png (686.4 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230322-103734.png)

No. 1793189

Grim. Imagine ending up with what’s basically a maxi pad on your head all for 5 seconds of staff attention

No. 1793190

Is she trying to copy Jaydie with that monstrosity of graphic liner

No. 1793199

File: 1679497767134.png (64.78 KB, 1440x1176, Untitled.png)

Spotted Maureen in Rachels comment section, kek

No. 1793206

File: 1679498639513.jpeg (70.68 KB, 978x1000, E7B49A1B-02A8-4C25-B52A-44FF3B…)

No. 1793209


Classic Maureen. I love spotting her comments in peoples comment sections.

No. 1793216

No. 1793217

Wrong Abbey weak attempt

No. 1793232

Do you have her @?

No. 1793295

I looked through the people I follow on ig, but I follow 2000 people and I can’t find her. So either she deactivated or I missed her.

No. 1793326

So which cow are you? Enlighten us, please. I'm dying to know how you spend your time considering your so quick to critique how we spend ours.

No. 1793329

I came here for the cows but I stay for this fun new mystery game.

No. 1793332

I’ve seen this one she honestly needs bpd treatment more than Ed

No. 1793355

Its just fucking weird. Not to derail but saying it "females" makes it sound like youre talking about animals and not humans.

No. 1793358

Abby is a beloved cow of ours here on this thread. Her milk is unmatched, top tier, high quality. Nobody knows who you are Abbey. You're irrelevant. And dumb.

No. 1793362

File: 1679514213411.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.26 KB, 1080x1955, Screenshot_20230322_194250_Ins…)

Don't forget, Ganer used to be a spoop. We were overdue a throwback picture !

No. 1793364

File: 1679514333220.jpg (150.94 KB, 1080x1996, Screenshot_20230322_194459_Ins…)

She's truly lost her marbles, does she think she looks good? Pippi Hosenose

No. 1793365

File: 1679514374072.jpg (260.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230322_194431_Ins…)

…so you?

No. 1793372

literally spot on. Except she does it for free how charitable

No. 1793530

wrong, an abbey is a building

No. 1793556

File: 1679541873936.png (45.39 KB, 427x673, Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 10.2…)

Classic Enara

No. 1793557

File: 1679542110093.png (50.87 KB, 463x577, Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 10.2…)

Ham straight up shook her thighs and arms on camera for the internet

No. 1793569

Is it just me or is she actually looking better?

No. 1793571

Uk I believe

No. 1793587

So quirkey. She's not like other girls guyzz /s

No. 1793588

How long has she been "recovered" for? She's just trying to Validate herself with the weight she's gained. We know what's normal so stop jiggling and grabbing your rolls, no one wants to see that.
She needs to get a life already

No. 1793605

Cute top, I like Hannah she seems sweet. I think she just needs some hobbies that aren't body focused.

No. 1793616

File: 1679551270535.png (696.19 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230323-015301.png)

No. 1793618

File: 1679551358589.png (147.23 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230323-015512.png)

No. 1793639

Yes and no. She's been bigger than that before by quite a bit, the last time she was in an off-season from her bikini competitions. Then she cut weight, and she will again from this 'bulk' of hers. That's the issue with anas going into bodybuilding, they want the same zero body fat but with muscles and become addicted to the stage look. Ganer has been dragged away from hers kicking and screaming and it's only getting injured that has really either shook some brief sense into her or forced it by reducing her activity levels (most bodybuilders cut their cardio in the offseason while she kept obsessively cycling to the gym and back every day).

No. 1793644

File: 1679560430800.png (397.51 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230323-042723.png)

No. 1793647

this is an ugly Kmart top & ham hasn’t really displayed much of a personality except the overly fake niceness so not much to go on tbh nonnie

No. 1793651

To be fair she hasn't ever really been mean or passive aggressive so there's no way to tell if her niceness is fake or not. With cows like Zara it's kind of obvious but with Hannah it seems more genuine because she's never been outwardly mean, but that's just my opinion

No. 1793656

my take is that Ham is generically pleasant but kinda dumb. She probably read a lot of eating disorder stuff online, tried to fit into that narrative because she was lonely, and then read a lot of body positivity stuff and now parrots it back because it earns her positive interaction (which she seems to really crave and not get from anyone but her parents).

No. 1793657

File: 1679563447359.jpeg (812.24 KB, 3490x3490, 6014CBEF-050A-4DAC-A1D1-38C034…)

I hate this bitch so much she literally can’t and won’t shut the fuck up about her ed and all her tt’s are so attention seeking
found while looking for new cow material on tiktok and she looks familiar so i hope she hasn’t been posted.
Bonus for the audio on the first one being Effy from Skins saying “there’s a LOT you could have noticed, mum!!!” lmao @ her making it everyone else’s problem that she never got spoopy enough for anyone to notice her sooper serious anorexia so she had to check herself into Walden’s Fattening Farm for validation

No. 1793659

File: 1679563545257.jpeg (797.44 KB, 3490x3490, 71B35173-54BD-4A07-BD09-79F9F1…)


I mean… come on.

No. 1793672

File: 1679565724618.png (297.17 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230323-052522.png)

No. 1793673

File: 1679565658601.png (297.17 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230323-052522.png)

No. 1793706

File: 1679577069847.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20230323-090733.png)

No. 1793707

File: 1679577462190.jpg (275.61 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20230323_131656.jpg)

just n2f being n2f! living her best life in an ill-fitting bikini!

No. 1793708

I’ll forever love this queen!

No. 1793718

You don't have reach EC or Ash levels of spoopines to genuinely suffer from an ED and have health issues.

No. 1793737

You don’t have to post about your eating disorder incessantly yet here these cows are lapping up everything they can to validate their disorder! because while I know full well you can suffer the consequences of an eating disorder while not being a sooper spoop, this chick and every other cow here has to prove they’re ~the sickest~ by doing attention seeking shit like admitting themselves to Walden’s to prove a point or have an entire tiktok dedicated to their eating disorder. also I never disputed her having health issues, her tiktok is about her wearing baggy clothes and her mum not taking that as a red flag which js such cow behaviour cuz wtf that’s not a red flag

No. 1793747

Ham straight up faked an ED for the internet, her flab is probably the least egregious thing about her kek

Absolute queen I love her

No. 1793851

I hope whatever that puckering/indented mark is on her breast is normal though.

No. 1793890

Looks like an acne scar

No. 1793906

File: 1679596744553.jpg (305.14 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230323_183839_Ins…)

Yall tell me why her baby picture has headbanging marks too lmao. Riveting life as always dear

No. 1793908

File: 1679596789360.jpeg (220.13 KB, 1170x2142, 717D71F8-6495-4153-AE7C-2AADFC…)

Does she give to anyone else Ro vibes?
i swear half the spoops on Tiktok attempting recovery are Ro’s wanna be

No. 1793917

That reminds me of Amanda Bret photoshopping her baby pictures, what the hell kek

No. 1793990

“spoops” doesn’t include her kek

No. 1794006

File: 1679610020869.jpeg (172.27 KB, 808x1423, C02BD182-D2FD-40F7-B1A3-C8FC8F…)

>>1793908 Got to get that collar bone in clear view of course

No. 1794091

File: 1679620065384.jpeg (96.83 KB, 828x1422, 13599D13-744E-4BD1-AE2A-2C0660…)

thanks Abby that’s great

No. 1794092

Looks like an ugly birthmark. No wonder she bangs her head.

No. 1794096

File: 1679620836789.jpeg (84.61 KB, 750x912, E5AAF7BE-77A7-4E32-9B4A-D4AAA1…)

don’t know who the girl in the photo is but how can these edtwt anachans keep watching girls with ed drop dead and still encourage ed behaviour .. even calling her “queen of bonespo” wtf

No. 1794114

Gotta turn those toes in and stand on the outside of your foot to make sure your hips are turned so you get a bigger thigh gap

No. 1794122

to them dying of their eating disorders is the highest achievement possible

No. 1794136

kek this is ridiculous. it looks shooped too.

No. 1794141

Another one bites the dust

No. 1794149

This is Wilkomira I think, big on VK and online. Model, purely for the bone lords

No. 1794215

"The Queen is dead! Long live the…" Who was she again? All those skellies look very much alike once they go below 70 lbs.

No. 1794231

File: 1679645301940.jpeg (90.88 KB, 750x1294, 1F466DC5-3FF0-4B27-9D9A-49694A…)

Has anybody ever mentioned this tik tok cow? Shes blatantly bodychecking and denies having an eating disorder in her comments. The user is moonlivhgt and her account sceeams pro ana

No. 1794336


Sad. But also who the fuck thinks " my sister died. I'll put a pic of her Naked ass on social media" ??!?! (One of the pics on that ig slide)

Also didn't even know nose cancer was a thing?

No. 1794357

File: 1679664968839.png (2.32 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230324-081800.png)

No. 1794362

File: 1679665708136.jpeg (114.75 KB, 750x1196, 3DB9DE44-3335-4433-AA4E-F84C3B…)

The girl in question who passed. Super spoop and was constantly posting content for fetishists

No. 1794366

Her knees are turned to face eachother. Bitches be twisted

No. 1794367

What is that pose.

No. 1794377

Someone get this brave girlie a sticker asap x

No. 1794385

Is this the spoop model who posted her asshole to instagram that was discussed many threads ago?

No. 1794394

Yep, she recently passed away

No. 1794418

What a way to be remembered..

No. 1794421

File: 1679672115877.png (377.22 KB, 750x1334, 9DAE8737-3821-4580-A8AA-52509C…)

One of her weird fetishist photographers posted this on his account. She died 2 days ago I suppose. Rip

No. 1794448

She doesn't deny having an eating disorder, she said in her latest tiktok's comments it's not anorexia but a different eating disorder

No. 1794452

No way she did?? …that's literally the reason she was brought up today, retard.

No. 1794458

I agree, nonnie. This girl promotes eating disorders like they are some life changing blessing. She is horrible take a look at her comments. Gives me Nikol vibes

No. 1794467

gold star sticker for such a big, brave girl!

No. 1794469

It's always sad to see people die from this disorder. Rip

No. 1794480

File: 1679680968066.jpeg (97.52 KB, 750x1207, 61561BB1-20FF-4279-80EA-2F45C4…)

absolutely devastating. I found a post from one of her friends and it is extremely disturbing and sad

No. 1794483

That's really fucking sad. If anything this should be a wakeup call to anachans everywhere.

No. 1794560

File: 1679688413350.jpeg (255.96 KB, 1116x1874, 87369DDC-CE26-48D1-9385-04F137…)

Well this feels grim (and attention seeking) after Wiki news spreading

No. 1794562

Wait so she usually gets showered by someone else? Why? She's not physically incapacitated in anyway whatsoever.

No. 1794566

well, she might strangle herself with the curtain or eat the soap or drown herself while showering. It must be very tiring to be her nurse and I wonder if any of them has a twitter account and posts about what she really thinks of her daily work.

No. 1794567

Probably trying to make sure she doesn't self harm.

No. 1794571

Oh so like her usual 1 on 1, not someone actually bathing her. Pardon my retardation I get it now.

No. 1794579

Kek you're excused nonna it's not unfathomable that loo-rolla would have munched herself sponge baths too

No. 1794584

what is it with the anachan uniform of dungarees? Do they want to look/dress/fit into 3 year old clothing?

No. 1794599

Is she a bulimic spoop?

No. 1794609

most likely. her twitter says it all

No. 1794614

Dungarees are comfy as fuck. I didn’t get the hype until I bought a pair from Lucy and Yak.

No. 1794627

File: 1679693511698.jpg (59.77 KB, 720x1188, 336598836_586965580019182_6749…)

yeah starving yourself is not going to help with the short life expectancy.. and acting like this ridiculous video isnt a blatant bodycheck

No. 1794631

samefag but also boasting about 'not having let herself play a game in 17 years' due to her ed. like girl seriously? she must be the sickest of them all, so sick she cant even play the sims bohoo

No. 1794651

File: 1679696113599.png (696.85 KB, 1080x2100, Screenshot_20230324-163508~2.p…)

No. 1794658

The filters on her face always make me giggle. She doesn't look like that at all kek

No. 1794661

are their parents just giving them finances to travel the world as much as possible before they croak? what a fucked up situation

No. 1794680

bold of her to assume there’s only one person out of the thousand kek

No. 1794685

Kek my thoughts exactly

No. 1794694

File: 1679701924859.png (374.14 KB, 474x743, Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 6.51…)

She's pathologically unable to stay away from hospitals

No. 1794703

How old is she? Eventually she’ll be off her parents’ insurance and she won’t be able to have these hospital vacations. I hope she realizes she’s wasting her 20s.

No. 1794707

The smug face, ew

No. 1794725

File: 1679706501807.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 51.12 KB, 750x670, A91688D4-5D3A-4B53-85D0-A7A459…)

Imagine someone in supposedly the same ED community as you dying and the first thing you do is post fetish photos of them

No. 1794751

Nikol is just a real pro-ana scumbag through and through truly. The ed kills another person but the homage is her bonespo.

No. 1794754

It’s kind of like a badge of honor among anachans to be spoopy enough to shop in the kids section. It’s all kid stuff with them. Tiny bowls, tiny plates, encouragement spoons, stuffed animals. Being a professional spoop means being an adult kindergartner basically.

No. 1794770

They make dungarees for adults. They’re no longer just for children. I see many adults wearing them .

No. 1794771

File: 1679713297099.png (Spoiler Image, 159.56 KB, 1080x1060, Untitled329_20230324230021.png)

Looks like she's started hiding the only sane replies too

No. 1794775

File: 1679714336264.png (915.95 KB, 1170x2532, 69EB9933-D453-4257-87F1-6CE4EA…)

Ngl nourish is looking good without the spiders on her eyes

No. 1794778

So many of her videos start like this kek. And totally irrelevant to the video, she doesn't need to just stand there. Someone commented she was looking 'stronger' and 'less catabolic' and I think she was offended!

No. 1794788

File: 1679715890792.jpeg (266.75 KB, 1125x2073, A3848F73-4E6B-4017-93E9-06D7E4…)

Nothing says “ad for contacts” like far away pics full of red eye and glare. She never does close up face pics now that I think of it.

No. 1794794

Do they ever look good though? No.

No. 1794795

Does anyone know how old she was?

No. 1794802

Bank of mummy and daddy! How the fuck they get medical insurance is beyond me.

No. 1794804

They live in England

No. 1794817

funny because that's this girl >>1794231

No. 1794823

The stubby toe thumb with the press on talon, I fucking can't this is so funny to me and I don't know why

No. 1794826

File: 1679728755587.jpeg (57.89 KB, 750x929, 37A83B0F-284A-4B87-8461-337B0E…)

the one replying is another retarded ana-chan. Had a look at her account and it shows how demented she is

No. 1794827

File: 1679728820105.jpeg (82.33 KB, 750x1073, 9ADAE182-08A6-47E8-AE74-72F602…)

Proud of eating 2 weeks worth of food in one sitting? KEK

No. 1794828

How embarrassing. Why would you post that?
Yeah nikol’s followers are insane. Definitely milk there, but most people don’t post photos of themselves on Twitter.

No. 1794830

File: 1679730714116.jpeg (78.13 KB, 828x904, 4606540F-9854-4E85-8927-E4E68E…)

Weird flex

No. 1794831

This one constantly posts herself on TikTok and Twitter. She's another cow with the same IQ level of Nikol

No. 1794833

File: 1679731335004.jpeg (79.65 KB, 750x849, A49D5A9E-EF99-4DC2-98F7-0E2434…)

don’t know if I’d say that “most” don’t post pictures of themselves, but maybe it’s just that the ones that do…do it incessantly. nothing tastes as good as asspats feel

No. 1794834

File: 1679731530949.jpeg (104.76 KB, 828x1076, 42ED56C6-FA95-4FC2-A372-7C6462…)


No. 1794836

But that’s not her in the photo right? I noticed Nikol posts “body check” thread with random people. Chii was in one of them.

No. 1794837

File: 1679731695104.jpeg (125.22 KB, 750x1206, BBD473A0-5F8A-4EB0-B8A0-52CACB…)

and when edtwt isn’t enough, one can always post in the intermittent fasting subreddits for more (and get their posts removed every time).

this cow has been a personal favorite of mine. I’ve been waiting for her to pop up but it just hasn’t happened yet!

No. 1794839

File: 1679732050845.jpeg (131.76 KB, 750x1292, 4309B8C2-33C5-4E41-BD2A-6B80B2…)

The hashtags are insane. She claims that she has recovered from a binge eating disorder and lost the weight healthily. She seems rather milky

No. 1794841

File: 1679732206958.png (285.52 KB, 1600x900, D6BC0B3D-C835-46A3-836C-FE0216…)

Kate’s pinned is a thread of her own bodychecks (one of several she has made). She also got herself into a good bit of drama by posting a slew of faux self-pity videos on tt using recovery tags, which would seem like a more understandable attention-seeking tactic if she was 15 and not 25.
Her pinned is fun because she forgot to remove pictures of her kids, her followers tried to let her know, and she ignored only the replies mentioning her kids and liked every other reply (even from ana fetishizers) on every other pictures. Didn’t want to break her high-engagement thread to remove the pics with her kids faces lol

No. 1794845

File: 1679733214576.jpeg (90.33 KB, 750x856, E1D668C8-D3EA-4B68-8F1A-5AE223…)

Realistically I don’t think it’s a danger issue within this subtwt so much as it is…tactless? Not something so extreme as to call CPS over, especially since they were the small camera roll pictures I censored.

The kids might not enjoy their learned behaviors in the future though!

No. 1794854

Wish she'd ditch the dodgy fake tan and fried hair tho

No. 1794857

It's not "retarded" it's a mental illness.

No. 1794882

thanks nonna i've personally been waiting for this cow to show up on here. kate is constantly posting about how she just wants a man to starve for kek… imagine being that desperate.

remember when she made an OF and advertised it to all the kids and skelly-fetish males who follow her on edtwt? what a great example to set for your daughters

she's milky for sure, i'd say definitely has cow potential. not sure if she has an ig but i know shes on tiktok bodychecking for all the kids on there too!

No. 1794885

File: 1679749736054.jpeg (137.83 KB, 1125x1761, 7F31A3FF-9BA0-49E8-9F20-F790C1…)

samefag, picrel

No. 1794886

File: 1679749853253.jpeg (34.45 KB, 1125x520, AFE8840F-BBCF-42BE-98F0-05D824…)

2/2 not to bonerattle but does this loser really think she’s skelly enough to appeal to anorexia fetishizers… “support your local ana” try getting a job k8

No. 1794902

File: 1679752022290.png (576.3 KB, 1125x2436, A9DBFAFF-9AC6-4C48-8954-B45920…)

last post for now as i don’t want to spam the thread but kek “i forgot i lost 100lbs!!” how is that possible kate, because you certainly won’t let anyone else forget …

something about her smug face is so punchable

No. 1794906

obnoxious to say the least. she thinks she is the ultimate spoop KEK. she's average and I don't understand how people treat her like a God. She is so bland

No. 1794907

File: 1679753342860.png (492.89 KB, 828x1792, A4144A90-774B-4973-A551-87F6B4…)

Thoughts on this one? Attention seeking rexie whos always in and out of hospital. Loves to show off her (kinda) spoopy body. Tiktok is cptsexyd. Sage cause idk if she's milky enough

No. 1794910


No. 1794912

I feel really bad for her, to be honest. She posted a few months ago saying she was torn between being miserable and healthy or being happy and skinny and a lot of the comments section were egging her on to "lose it healthily" as if that's possible for a rexie. I don't think she'd be posting the content she does, like struggling to eat a yoghurt, if most of her followers weren't proana and giving her the attention she craves for it.
She has become very milky though, my point is just that I don't think it would have happened without the encouragement of random counts on the Internet

No. 1794917

File: 1679755546382.webm (749.74 KB, 576x1024, 411801e2f82a0e8c4864827be8ed37…)

No. 1794918

The likes are showing as 0 and she's deleted a bunch of comments but I saw this when it first hit my FYP and the amount of proana accounts, who post slideshows of 4 cucumber sticks and a cup of green tea, saying that the latter is an easier way to live

No. 1794919

File: 1679755941109.webm (1.89 MB, 576x1024, 306bfeaedb15a68d6923374fe49b9e…)

official *new cow* alert

No. 1794924

File: 1679756689513.jpeg (126.9 KB, 1429x900, 065BDD39-9D91-4AB3-B940-46A2BC…)

Her sycophants defend her against “mom-shaming”…and also defend her right to insult literal children. When “fuck them kids” basically becomes your tagline…

No. 1794929

File: 1679758534931.jpeg (125.41 KB, 871x1303, E9EDA953-56A5-43EF-88FB-83E86F…)

kek i would’ve deleted this tweet too, how embarrassing

No. 1794933

how is this woman 25 years old and insulting children / getting salty over a tiktok comment about her ribcage

the narcissism is rampant in this one

No. 1794935

im so glad someone finally posted this bitch here, she's so annoying and acts like a literal child. she wants the entire world to coddle her despite her being an adult

No. 1794937

All skellies are gross but somethingabout this one makes me physically gag.

No. 1794942

i hate ana’s like this who waste health resources that someone who actually wanted to get better could be using… go home if you don’t want to recover!!! stop wasting a bed!

No. 1794949

Kek there is nothing good about this, nonnie. The outfit, the hair, the tan. It's all fucking awful. She's also getting chubby. I will await the onslaught of comments calling me an anachan and telling me to stop bone rattling, but it's true.

No. 1794959

shut up nonna shes a healthy bmi, critique her tan and bad makeup all you want but having some visible body fat and an unflattering outfit doesn’t make a person chubby

No. 1794967

File: 1679763255902.jpeg (224.69 KB, 1170x2023, 1E5F85CE-D0A3-40B6-8C13-0866EA…)

leaving this here

No. 1794968

Legohead! Is she still rotting away in pris— er, medium secure?

No. 1794977

She’s hardly chubby. She looks a normal weight for a woman of her age? Unlike the majority of cows featured here, she actually seems to want and try to recover, doesn’t seek attention, validation or the need for asspats and coddling. Doesn’t have the fake ‘recovery influencer’ persona. She seems to be legit, and doesn’t look like she has any type of support or service input. She seems to be doing relatively well, so good for her I say.

No. 1795056

File: 1679778505796.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.7 KB, 828x959, 01919B92-F1E0-41BC-86F4-24DE5F…)

What is skinnyfans? Is that only fans for skinny people?

No. 1795074

Instantly regret looking at that wtf

No. 1795112

it's an anorexia fethisist site. it's pathetic that nikol is incapable of seeing how sad it is that this is this dead woman's primary legacy.

No. 1795208

>when you die
>the moids expect the women to die and made a site policy including it

No. 1795229

Good riddance. There, it has been said.

No. 1795245

One down, two to go

No. 1795251

File: 1679797171193.jpeg (95.03 KB, 750x1004, 818CA23F-8954-4D90-99CD-CEE63A…)

someone replied to that post saying the ones in the pics aren’t even wiki lol

No. 1795286

File: 1679801439423.webm (1.23 MB, 576x1024, 6df77d91b4b51cd190211572719b93…)

Cheryl? Is that you?
Why are they never embarrassed by their incontinence issues??

No. 1795287

File: 1679801492300.jpg (218.12 KB, 1079x2275, Screenshot_20230326_043145_Ins…)

Bets on how long until its back in:

No. 1795301

File: 1679803554982.jpeg (106.46 KB, 750x838, 842BCEC0-038E-42B8-9120-B8E186…)

Speak of the devil

No. 1795305

This is an ana fetishized photographer look at his following list

No. 1795307

whenever she stops purging the bulimic bitch. she’s just unbearable, it’s actually disgusting, she throws up so much it’s like it’s the purpose of eating.

No. 1795318

just had to flex about being so sick she’s had rfs kek

i wonder if someone cowtipped or if she is just a hypocritical farmer

No. 1795320

She says her “friend” showed her it

No. 1795339

God, imagine killing yourself slowly by starvation so you can be jerk off material for disgusting scrotes with degenerate fetishes. What kind of self esteem issues lead someone to pursue that? Sorry to blog but I'd literally rather be Amberlynn Reid herself than the girl in those photos, at least Amberlynn doesn't revolve her life around feeding scrotes fetishes. Disgusting, hope the people who frequent that site are ashamed of themselves but lets be real men have no shame.

No. 1795374

File: 1679829125683.jpeg (45.03 KB, 473x1024, FsHvbXxWIAAeBlI.jpeg)

People are still shitting on her for posting that.

No. 1795380

File: 1679831410685.gif (669.75 KB, 276x208, kirk-mccoy.gif)

No. 1795382

is this girl's hand glued to her cheek or what

No. 1795386

She does it to avoid being banned

No. 1795389

what? is she … trying to hide her ng tube with her hand? why would she get banned for having an ng tube in?

No. 1795402

They're pretty much doing the same thing we do but somehow still lolcow bad

No. 1795429

Tiktok takes down accounts after several reports and showing an NG tube is considered promoting an eating disorder.
Things like "tw/trigger warning", "ed", "SH" also get flagged

No. 1795453

File: 1679840736495.png (654.72 KB, 1132x676, lolcow.png)

No. 1795530

I know I'm late but I actually talked with her alot through instagram back in 2019. She's a little younger than me, I think 23. She was also underweight back then but not like this. She posted almost every day food hauls for her b/p's. I was shocked when I saw her on tiktok because she got so much worse.

No. 1795603

What's her Instagram handle?

No. 1795604

File: 1679854729929.jpg (309.41 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230326_191833_Ins…)

Our rexies really ARE flying out to New York to eat oatmeal or apples x

No. 1795658

yeah, go to Whole Foods and complain about the price of the locally grown organic produce. That doesn't make you look like an idiot.

No. 1795659

Per lb, also maybe don’t shop at Whole Foods

No. 1795665

File: 1679859891460.png (1021.05 KB, 1600x900, lolcow.png)

I was thinking of another fish, but that one is way too accurate

No. 1795675

File: 1679861034576.png (1.05 MB, 1600x900, 6133449e1f145-6029-4124b77-b22…)

the narc is truly narcing

No. 1795680

File: 1679861553907.jpeg (33.04 KB, 1184x412, 264C1A47-F276-4107-A1C1-3FFE07…)

she thinks it’s quirky or something

No. 1795684

File: 1679861670378.jpeg (111.36 KB, 1199x1257, CBCD8796-5026-451A-AFFC-91E106…)

not sure if this bitch knows how tiny an XS from shein is but she’s going to be sorely disappointed when it doesn’t fit her… also why are you shopping on shein AND bragging about it (1/2)

No. 1795686

File: 1679861819238.jpeg (147.55 KB, 1125x1519, 42537187-9428-4987-BD46-B31DA0…)

sage for bonerattle but let’s be realistic here, she’s 5’7 and definitely not a “shein xs” kek

body dysmorphia must suck when you’re an anachan who thinks she’s a spoop

No. 1795693

File: 1679862344443.jpeg (91.85 KB, 1167x904, 76FE3FB6-9E24-418C-98C0-32AF5D…)

sorry for the milk dump, leaving this here in case anyone thinks ol’ kate isn’t pro-ana/doesn’t belong on this thread

imagine being 25, a mother of two, and trying your hardest to be an anorexic “influencer”

No. 1795718

File: 1679865124122.jpeg (771.85 KB, 3464x3464, 0B9EAE86-88A2-4CBC-B1AB-8F2EDF…)

sorry if this has been posted already but new nikol shenanigans

No. 1795727

Nikol is hands down the most entertaining cow on this thread, she stays on her bullshit 24/7.

No. 1795766

File: 1679869936555.png (561.13 KB, 936x1520, Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 5.31…)

No. 1795787

I feel like we could just stop talking about everyone else and just talk about Nikol at this point

No. 1795811

I don’t know why Kate acts like the ultimate spoop like she’s an average weight woman (bmi 18 says her bio) who used to be a fat cow and now her whole personality is being a skinny cow. she’s painfully average looking and her personality is a narcissistic dime-a-dozen on edtwt

No. 1795820

surely most anachans would never admit to or obsessively post pictures of their highest weight like this because the whole “point” of Ana is to be ~uwu perfect~ at it and previously being a fat fuck is not very ButterflyAna

No. 1795821

it's like she has reverse dysmorphia and thinks she's a fragile uWu anachan now and everyone will be so impressed by how much weight she lost

No. 1795823

is this some proana scrote nikol found I’m confused.. also he looks like a predator icl

No. 1795842

she's not a spoop but lets not pretend bmi 18 is average lmao more like 28, sadly

No. 1795863

She’s horrific ahahah, one cheat meal won’t make you fat lmao she’s delusional

No. 1795883

File: 1679885946820.png (68.69 KB, 597x800, filt.png)

it's all those filters she uses. they've totally fried her brain and convinced her that she's a spoop. sidenote: new pfp almost every day. a nitpick i guess…but it's so weird

No. 1795893

File: 1679886617117.jpg (174.96 KB, 1062x2201, FsHBU6WWAAIJn8J.jpg)

She's on a roll for off the rails shenanigans here, 1/2

No. 1795894

File: 1679886646076.jpg (172.08 KB, 1080x2083, FsHBVRJXoAE5jeV.jpg)

No. 1795895

File: 1679886965771.png (116.47 KB, 579x882, Screenshot 2023 .png)

there are plenty of people on edtwt who are still on their ~weightloss journey~ who eat it up and are inspired by her. her rapid drop only recently hit a snag so she's still running on the high of not being fat anymore. she'll be squeezing every last asspat out of the "before and after with tips" threads for a good bit. this tip summary from one of them ends with a gem: "join the GC"

No. 1795899

File: 1679887549260.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 143.77 KB, 1125x1877, AFD77FBF-1078-4700-A87A-A787E0…)

for an american woman maybe 28 is avg but bmi 18 is hardly on deaths door. i digress, the point is she clearly thinks she is on the same level as someone like eugenia re: her “is this the so called ana face” delusion and buying xs clothes from shein that would likely fit best on a petite or extremely thin american.

her brain is so warped because people keep fuelling her delusion of being “tiny” in her comments. doesn’t help that she does the most ridiculous bodychecking poses/angles to make herself look thinner, even considering how ridiculous all anachans look in their poses

girls gonna bust a hip trying to force that thigh gap

No. 1795900

File: 1679887631175.jpeg (169.66 KB, 1124x1576, FC1B31E5-4CFB-4B17-BE7F-2EA1DD…)

picrel. iirc she got super defensive and narc-raged about this comment kek

No. 1795905

this is a complete tinfoil that i can’t exactly prove but something doesn’t add up about her weight loss, how does one go from being a sedentary fatass recovering from giving birth to magically running 5k a day, 4x a week, and fasting 5 days in a row while doing that AND raising two small kids? idk, it sounds like she was at least helped by using some kind of drug or maybe a weight loss surgery like the gastric sleeve. yes, she has an ed but even most fat ppl developing anorexia don’t just suddenly stop eating, it’s a gradual process? and certainly wouldn’t have the stamina to run so often on no food. either she’s lying about how she lost the weight or she isn’t being 100% honest about what crutches she was using to do it.

maybe there’s more to that “me running on meth” tweet someone posted above kek

No. 1795918

Wouldn't she have insane amounts of excess skin on her stomach from dropping that much weight? And doing so quickly by anachanning is even worse for skin elasticity.

No. 1795929

Would love to see her shein try on haul

No. 1795933

File: 1679892370080.webm (5.15 MB, 720x1280, NCPp98RXL41UJdJq.webm)

she barely seems to have any loose skin for how much she lost. she credits genetics and working out

No. 1795941

cringe and embarrassing

No. 1795943

absolutely on some kind of drug. it doesn’t have to be meth, adderall is pretty effective too. there’s just no way she got that skinny by counting calories and drinking gatorade.

No. 1795945

It's possible to lose a lot of weight very quickly after giving birth if you're breastfeeding. If she had some post-partum depression to lower her appetite and took advantage of that, she could hkick off a lot of weight loss without drugs.

No. 1795946

File: 1679893556466.png (17.84 KB, 727x404, soundsfake.png)

her comments in the fasting and waterfasting subreddits (industrial scale validation farming) are inconsistent. in one thread she said that she did "3/5days fasting break and repeat. Just tried to get 10k steps everyday and light workouts before."
but in another thread (picrel) she said she'd "do a 5k 4-5 times a week and try to get 10k steps everyday"…in addition to the 5 day fasts (and being a single mom with an 18 month old and a four year old). something is not adding up here

No. 1795949

File: 1679893677355.jpeg (136.18 KB, 828x1327, 723BD615-693C-4716-96B1-29B98A…)

No. 1795961

I am also wearing the tinfoil hat of her lying about her weight loss in some capacity but purely because she’s an attention seeking wannarexic and not for any concrete reason

i mean she LOOKS painfully average in every capacity: personality, weight, style… there’s nothing striking about her and she’s trying SO HARD to make up for it. Not like she is The Average weight she’s just a boring average girl

No. 1795963

File: 1679895187179.jpg (196.18 KB, 1079x1365, Screenshot_20230327_131931.jpg)

And by the looks only the Mum will end up eating it. It's interesting the contrast between the two

No. 1795965

What a dumb comment, you can go from any weight to skinny if you develop an eating disorder kek the issue is not being able to stop losing weight, unlike this cow who probably just got fit doing normal person shit and now LARPs being ana.

No. 1795973

i know anon, when i said the meth thing i was joking because somebody shared a screenshot above where her picture was used in a “me on meth” tweet.

tbh i don’t actually think kate is on street drugs or even adderall, her tweets don’t have the erratic vibe that comes with abusing stimulants in that way. my best guess would be that she got her hands on some trendy ozempic after pregnancy, got one of the lower-intensity weight loss surgery procedures, or she restricted heavily while breastfeeding as another anon mentioned. breastfeeding burns something like 500cal an hour, so if she did that for 30 min 3x a day she would potentially be burning the same amount as running 5km. but saying “i used my child’s feeding needs as an easy way to lose weight” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “i fasted for 110 hours every week while also running 20km weekly because i’m the best widdle anorexic”

and, if she was running, why doesn’t she have much visible muscle? i’ve never seen someone who was both HEAVILY restricting and running a moderate amount have such a high bf%. girl is bordering on skinnyfat.

No. 1795975

god i tried to watch this and it’s incredibly awkward the way Eugy eyefucks herself in the viewfinder the whole time with her mom in the room. why are these girls so obsessed with themselves? i thought anorexia made people hate looking at their own reflection

No. 1795976

nta but she was definitely doing the fasts, i dunno if any of her behaviour could be considered normal person shit

No. 1795977

how do you know she was definitely fasting? the pro-ana crowd lie on the internet all the time to make their behaviors seem more extreme for street cred

No. 1795986

sorry but i find it hard to believe she went from 0 hours of fasting straight to 3-5 days. it’s unheard of, even for an anorexic, for someone to make that kind of change overnight without the use of drugs or extreme, extreme trauma/grief. the body responds with crazy hunger cues that are difficult to ignore if you have no experience fasting, even more so given the fact that she was already very overweight beforehand and her body would be used to getting a lot of calories. tack on her claim about running so often, as well as physically exerting herself taking care of kids- she would be subconsciously driven to eat something. even just one meal a day or MAYBE a 24 hour fast every other day i could believe much more than claiming she just magically stopped eating and did intense cardio. it’s giving Lifetime made for tv anorexia movie.

No. 1795989

File: 1679900245436.png (253.06 KB, 750x1624, 339AD737-C4F2-444B-805A-4CDC60…)

She sucks in in most of her photos/videos (pic included) so no doubt she’s lying/exaggerating about how she lost weight too. Anything to be the Best Little Girl In The World.. literally, as in Casey Powell aspirations of fictionalised anorexia princessdom, and figuratively, as in being that self centred

No. 1795990

I do wonder if she's going to end up full spoop though as that would be a shame.

breastfeeding does burn calories but the quality of the milk drops significantly when the mother isn't hitting her nutritional requirements. By choosing this eating disorder (because yes this seems to be a choice for her) she is neglecting her children.

No. 1795998

What do you think body checking is? Is a constant need to check and Validate they're not 'fatter' from every angle possible. Theres definitely some narcissism but it becomes a compulsion and a necessary habit (to some/most)

No. 1796008

You know she won't, with how she claims to eat and exercise she should have already been spoopy but she just looks like an average insta model. I'll never understand why these women want to have a mental illness so badly.

No. 1796011

Sure. Intermittent fasting is something normies do nowadays anyway. Even if she lost weight doing extreme diets that still doesn't count as an eating disorder.

No. 1796019

i’m aware of body checking kek why do you think i’m on here?? idiot. but most people look extremely anxious while doing it, they don’t look like they’re trying to be “sexy” … eugenia is literally in love w herself, it’s weird and uncomfy

No. 1796021

true re: breastfeeding and tbh kate neglecting her kids doesn’t seem like a far cry, since she has no shame in performing anorexic behaviours in front of her children and bragging about it online. those poor babies are probably going to develop EDs themselves.

No. 1796022

JFC, I really thought that was Cece (at least for a moment).

No. 1796025

cece wishes.

No. 1796026

But it cannot possibly be HER, right..?

No. 1796030

ok but who is it actually lol

No. 1796034

wrong earlobes
missing moles
wrong teeth

No. 1796054

I'm triggered every time I see that her mom is a fatass.

No. 1796055

File: 1679914052283.jpg (70.2 KB, 480x837, Screenshot_20230326_191819_Ins…)

Zara from yesterday

No. 1796056

Oh look. It's an Art Deco baby monkey!

No. 1796070

They're bot incredibly dumb, must be genetic.

No. 1796072

no of course not. looks nothing like her, just the same huge forehead

No. 1796076

No beige shirt.

No. 1796078

WOw she's doing so much better now totally bmi 18!

No. 1796081

Her fashion sense is one cruel joke. Clown shoes.

No. 1796112

i think it’s an anachan thing to wear chunky shoes because they think the shoes make their legs look skinnier … her outfit is definitely trash regardless tho

No. 1796201

A brown tracksuit? Is this the pro-ana Olympics or what..?

No. 1796203

potassium overdose?
was she drinking potassium to fix her levels? ive heard many anorexics “overdosing” on supplements before blood tests.
Thats sad

No. 1796205

not necessarily! if you exercise and esp as some of them claim “excessively”

No. 1796267

File: 1679942336779.jpg (373.32 KB, 1080x2131, Screenshot_20230327_193905_Ins…)

Becca had a tube BTW I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned before

No. 1796304

there's a lot that goes into it. hormones, collagen, elastin, genetics and family history, diet, hydration, how long someone has been overweight, age, sun damage, etc.
exercise is just one piece of the puzzle.

based on how she claims to have done it, she really did luck out (100lbs in 9 months is insane)

No. 1796307

File: 1679945915367.png (95.81 KB, 593x792, Screenshot 2023.png)

nta but i searched for "5K" and turns out this LARPer calls taking a 5,000 step walk "a 5K"

No. 1796310

she’s also had two kids kek, i think she either hides the excess skin well or she’s had cosmetic procedures. she’s definitely vain enough to get a “mommy body makeover” so she can still look hot for the random tinder guys she obsesses over until they ghost her

and she doesn’t exercise excessively, if she does it’s not showing.

No. 1796311

File: 1679946366936.png (607.78 KB, 965x674, Screenshot 2023-03-27.png)

kek you were right nonnie she didn't start out fasting for 5 days at a time (picrel). absolutely fucking nauseating reading her proana tip threads but she gave all the kids a play-by-play!

No. 1796313

how thoughtful of her to share her sooper speshul “process” … thanks kate for not gatekeeping, now all the 14 year olds who follow you can be the best little anorexics too!

No. 1796314

File: 1679946730978.png (319.31 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230327-154404.png)

No. 1796316

Anon, a 5 kilometer walk is about 5-6k steps with average strides from memory. So she could mean either way i'm assuming. 10 min per 1k steps, would be about 50 minutes walking. It's certainly not excessive though, barely the recommended amount for people in a day to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

No. 1796325

AYRT, thank you for clarifying… this “5k” claim makes way more sense now. this bitch is so daft. she was only losing so quickly because being overweight causes you to be in a massive deficit by default with a healthier diet. no wonder she’s plateaued now, she seems to have no concept of metabolic adaptation

No. 1796327

she’s not talking about km, she’s talking about step count.

No. 1796328

NTA but i figured whoever said this is unfamiliar with the metric system and can't work out roughly how long/how many steps 5k takes
Excuse me, ma'am. The leglift wannabe role is already filled by >Laura so sit tf down

No. 1796335

NTA but I think it's @amalie_99

No. 1796337

File: 1679947936932.jpg (314.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230327_211241_Gal…)

HAHAHA as if she's edited her post to add the time stamp of exactly when she had her nose hose removed.
Don't forget folks, BeccaHadATube and it was removed at 12:12!

No. 1796344

What’s Kate’s TikTok?

No. 1796352

File: 1679949650346.png (915.31 KB, 1212x667, tt.png)

No. 1796356

samefag but those are the same @s for her (active and deactivated, respectively) onlyfans accounts kek

No. 1796376

5000 steps is somewhere between 3.5 and 4 km if you walk at normal pace. not something you could just round up to 5 km, not even close.

No. 1796379

Give her the benefit of the doubt, she's probably walking faster than "average"

No. 1796383

File: 1679951662037.jpeg (185.4 KB, 828x1473, D03AFBD7-4B76-4EA8-9654-CD0120…)

Kicked out of ERC Denver
She’s hopeless.

No. 1796388

File: 1679951915814.jpg (213.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230327_221618_Gal…)

KEK abby you're a fucking failure of a human being. TWO DAYS! Two fucking days.

No. 1796389

it's so dependent on stride length and height that it's not even worth deliberating. the issue is that saying "A" 5k instead of being clear about it being "5k steps" makes it sound like she's referring to a standard running event distance

No. 1796395

She thinks she's so special and the best ana chan ever it's embarrassing

No. 1796417

So pleased with herself too, I bet her parents are boasting about how successful their daughter is

No. 1796430

File: 1679954869815.png (342.03 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230324-204631.png)

"Ip had taught me that eating food makes me fat". Here we go again. I guess Amy is done blaming her parents for all her bullshit and is now blaming IP. Yep because it has nothing to do with the fact that you refuse to excersise and are dumb enough to think your skin will snap back like that when you went from 100 kg to 45kg. For someone who loves the act hard on the Internet she sure as hell can't tak responsibility for herself and her actions. So fucking immature

No. 1796434

Picture of health, no pesky ana around here!

No. 1796437

File: 1679955423926.png (248.28 KB, 1000x800, 17BF6AE1-A024-47B7-B929-C92634…)

she was even kind enough to keep the door open while she was “recovering” on edtt

No. 1796439

i’m with you nonna, i think the point is getting lost here in this dumbass argument about km vs steps. 1) she stated in the tweets that she is talking about her step count, it’s easy to gather that from context clues and 2) no1curr if she walked 5km or not, the point is that katie here is trying to come across as a super ana addicted to exercise when in reality she’s walking 15k steps a day which isn’t hard to do if you have the time. her language is making it sound like she’s running every day and i can’t tell if she’s doing it intentionally to exaggerate her ed or if she’s actually just that dumb

bragging about taking a 45 minute walk after dinner as if most people don’t do that… even old people take an evening stroll. it’s hardly over exertion or the type of compulsive exercise seen in actual anachans.

No. 1796461

tbh she looks good in the before pictures with more weight on her, she's a natural hourglass and it goes to flattering places. anachans are so stupid.

No. 1796513

Gotta get that armcheck in too! Can't let anyone forget they're following an anachan account.

No. 1796520

File: 1679961501024.webm (660.98 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_719261846316320691…)

She posts shit like this with 'dont give up #rec0very #anarec0very' as the caption, and then goes on twitter to give detailed tips on starving. Cringe.

No. 1796566

The Whole 5k steps or 5km doesn’t matter really cause we know that it’s barely not that much. I’d be more impressed or like woh oh wa if she was doing like 20k steps or a 10km jog like she’s defs not disordered cause a 5km walk or 5k steps walk is very average and normal

No. 1796569

Also wtf speed has nothing to do with it. Honestly the IQ of this page sometimes I forget most anons are anachans with rotted brains or americans

No. 1796570

Who is this / how hard it is to keep the name in the banner when they aren’t being discussed on the regular

No. 1796575

she looks more pear shaped to me tbh, but true she lucked out genetically with her weight distribution.

No. 1796639

File: 1679969802054.jpeg (87.64 KB, 812x736, AAC14C56-408D-4852-BA87-0B51B0…)

she didn’t choose to be the best anorexic, anon. the responsibility was thrust upon her. heavy is the head that wears the crown.

No. 1796645

File: 1679970253052.png (342.27 KB, 427x675, Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 9.24…)

Aidel is still wearing her hospital bracelet after flying to California. She's such a blatant attention-seeker.

No. 1796670

Right lmao, you get steps by distance not speed. Some of y’all’s intelligence is lacking

No. 1796672

Nta but sage your shit, also using "y'all's" while barking on about intelligence is hilarious btw

No. 1796696

People who use ketchup as an all-purpose condiment in place of seasoning scare me.

No. 1796704

a real anorexic would use mustard

No. 1796705

Ugh is that her bloody, cloudy ass urine in the toilet at 4 seconds in. Wtf, why do anachans insist on oversharing, no one wants to see your defected stream jeez

No. 1796728

ur a dumbass if u think pace isn’t a factor. the faster u go the more steps u can take because ur moving a further distance in a shorter time. sage ur shit newfag

No. 1796731

Seriously. That shit is coming off as soon as discharge. She’s wearing it through the airport and her flight? How embarrassing

No. 1796765

File: 1679979743706.png (469.05 KB, 1051x581, Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 12.0…)

gotta get a hospital selfie for the road!!

No. 1796766


No. 1796801

File: 1679983108792.jpg (319.23 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230328_065833_Ins…)

Riveting, Jaydie. Truly.

No. 1796811

…you say as you literally post again without sageing

No. 1796819

File: 1679986729448.png (92.44 KB, 422x673, Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 1.58…)

Maybe it's because you're morbidly obese and could safely lose weight on a very low calorie diet under medical supervision.

No. 1796831

Literally who?

No. 1796835

File: 1679989228829.jpg (296.08 KB, 1079x2122, Screenshot_20230328_084033_Ins…)

Something to celebrate! Woo

No. 1796836

How about you read the Recap and lurkmoar you utter retard

No. 1796840

>literally who?
Not jaydie literally being in the mentioned in the recap AND featured in the thread pic. Are you blind? What a way to announce you're a newfag.

No. 1796844

What is lolcow

No. 1796878

File: 1679997142451.jpg (149.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230328_105213_Gal…)

Could be a BMI of 25 for all we know! She doesn't post her body anymore

No. 1796902

No. 1796907

Learn how to fucking sage, you retard

No. 1796917

y'all fucking hillbilly inbreds at home?

No. 1796919

you would get 1k three times a DAY from me, snowflake

No. 1796921

why is she wearing pyjamas

No. 1796929

I don't need to sage that, it's relevant information. Don't you feel stupid

No. 1796933

It's not, you fag. Even this retarded comment you made had to be saged. But what would an incel like you know.

No. 1796936

Women can't be incels. Please eat a sandwich skelly

No. 1796944

Hate to WK but let's be reasonable here, nonnies. She has clearly gained considerable weight. Look at her face in comparison to 6 months or so ago! She's obviously still a spoop, but it may be that she is actually taking steps in the right direction finally. I mean, by her admission, this is the first time she's been cleared to fly in years.

No. 1796950

nonnie was right so learn how to properly sage, its not that hard. Also stop posting that asian chick shes a minor

No. 1796952

Maybe her starved brain ate the decimal and meant 2.5 bmi all this time

No. 1796960

I'm not the only anon posting her. She's 17 and turning 18 in a month. For all the spurging about the rules you should know that she's allowed to be posted here. I wouldn't be surprised if this was Amy's brain dead attempt to get us to stop talking about her. She's one of the more milky cows in this thread.(sage your shit)

No. 1796962

File: 1680005869540.jpg (110.72 KB, 1080x1665, FB_IMG_1679514104010.jpg)

OK but the point is that she hid from the Internet for months after starting to gain weight clearly showing how insecure she is about it. She doesn't have to remain "haggard" to be a cow

No. 1796963

The only person that should feel stupid here is you

No. 1796965

sage you goddamn retard

No. 1796966

Posting a link to a private Instagram isn't milk, moron

No. 1796972


Raging anachan. Go take a laxative and calm down.

No. 1797081

nta but just because a cow is milky does not make a priv instagram account with no accessible content, itself, milk.
if there's a post you want anons to see, screenshot it.

No. 1797109

She looks like brunette tom holland

No. 1797112

Amy purging in her friends house isn’t milk. Stop trying to make yourself relevant.

No. 1797153

File: 1680019983634.jpg (174.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230328_131730_Gal…)

Literally fuck off with your link, we can't all go follow her at once which means most of us have no idea what you're seeing that's "milky"

No. 1797200

This one is a legit retard I don't think she should be posted here

No. 1797252

File: 1680026620574.png (159.07 KB, 637x872, bfr.png)

she makes so much more sense now

No. 1797264

File: 1680027952040.png (245.76 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20230328-192406.png)

who knew that posting a skelly malnourished body could get you banned?

No. 1797279

To be honest I feel sorry for this one, she seems to have spiraled so badly so fast.

No. 1797295

I don't. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You can post your recovery wins (tho hers aren't wins they're fucking retarded. Eating a mushroom. Drinking herbal tea. Playing the Sims. Come on) without having a bodycheck at the start and end of each one. She's just gotten what she deserved and I hope she gets banned from insta too.

No. 1797318

File: 1680032926051.jpeg (218.09 KB, 1170x2024, 6FB0105F-2EBE-4563-8BDD-2982EA…)

she is the biggest pro ana for me

No. 1797319

ayrt, I'm not saying I feel bad for her getting banned, she absolutely should be banned from all sm, it would probably do her good.(sage your shit)

No. 1797427

File: 1680038884622.jpeg (347.7 KB, 1170x2005, DFF3FE68-3C2C-42E5-AAE6-310208…)

No. 1797490

File: 1680041985548.jpeg (200.68 KB, 1169x1442, D89B8D29-B967-4F5E-85D5-721BEC…)

Honest n2f truly looks to be doing good and I’m happy for her.

No. 1797502

>because my blood and weight can go worst
Secret farmer?

No. 1797516

Whats the fucking point in showing off clothes at this weight? I know that skellies just use ootd posts as body checks but still. What the fuck? Looks like a plastic trash bag draped over a wood post. Funny because most these starved retards would take that as a compliment.

No. 1797562

i think she is greek. The majority of Greeks know little to no english - just the basics

No. 1797573

if you watch the video shes not even showing the dress. just that part

No. 1797623

Newfag here I honestly just lurk, I hate buns with passion. She eats like 0.3 grams of ice cream then has a whole tantrum online. Like I’m not reading that shit if you wanna get better like get off
Edtwt and stop begin trigged. Like all these ‘ recovery’ accounts of foodtwt aka edtwt saying how they get triggered like are they actually retarded?

No. 1797647

Check the facts before saying anything, retard.

No. 1797654

isn't tom holland's hair more or less the same color lol

No. 1797870

what's the story behind this one? sorry for asking to be spoonfed but i don't have instagram and i don't think it's been mentioned before

No. 1797879

Sloan’s podcast with Eugenia has been released

No. 1797905

Ana to bodybuilder to back again, basically doesn’t want inpatient care, but at home care with body building trainers. Body checks her sick body online to gain sympathy, so she can raise money to devise a “team” to help her “recover” which basically consist of bodybuilders. She’s dumb as fuck l

No. 1797934

Where do anas like her or Marianne find pants that fit them? Not everyone is short and can buy kids clothes wtf

No. 1797963


I think she likely posted it herself as well to try get some attention. Maybe she wants to fit in with some of the people she follows by having something in common with them (being posted on here) not saying it's definitely the case but the fact it had just a picture and no caption makes it suss! I actually feel sorry for this woman she's clearly lonely.

No. 1797971

Well no shit to her, she prob not gained any weight like hun is wasting her teens to be skinny. All those recover videos where shit I hope she get the help she needs and stays away from media.(sage)

No. 1797972

File: 1680072949037.jpg (28.62 KB, 400x300, sage-plant.jpg)

No. 1797995

fucking kek

No. 1798006

when you're rich you can get anything- specialty stores, expensive EU brands who cater to super thin sizes, private tailoring etc. even still, DIY adaptations exist to make clothing fit better, eg. sew-on clasps,
shortening a garment's waistband elastic, or a good old fashioned safety pin.

No. 1798007

Not the rorecovering sweater……

No. 1798008

ugh forgot to sage sorry nonnas

No. 1798016

Zaras not rich, pretty sure she's estranged from her rich family members for being such a spoop

No. 1798021

It's so boring. Sloan basically licking EC ass and get saying "exactly". No new info. Nothing revolutionary. Skirts around her health, only mentions the 5150 but never gets into why, never mentions EDs or anything. It's EC throwing Sloan a bone to get his channel recognised. It's super cringe considering what he's said about EC in the past.
She does day she likes Shane and is still in contact and she likes Jeffery too and says they're uncancellable. So definitely not an ally and seems she's OK with pedos and nazi sympathisers.
She has her shit eating grin on the whole time. Boring af

No. 1798048

Not surprised, but damn it would’ve been some entertainment if he actually had prodded her or done anything other than go along with what she said

No. 1798055

yep, rich family but she cut her nose off to spite her face and they cut her out

No. 1798061

File: 1680097130490.png (288.78 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230329-082954.png)

No. 1798062

File: 1680097183395.png (729.45 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230329-083050.png)

No. 1798064

File: 1680097709941.jpg (141.53 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230329_144901_Gal…)

Tube in, out, shake it all about.

No. 1798065

Embarrassing behaviour

No. 1798069


She says she is not rich but she is in fact very rich. Went to a private school. Mum is a GP and dad a pilot for Virgin (they’re divorced). It’s her mum she is mostly estranged from (and take that with a pinch of salt, they’re still in touch and she still sees her) but she sees her dad a lot. She pretends to be financially independent but that’s bull. She’s also a big fan of cutting taxes for the rich (because they “work hard and deserve it”).

No. 1798076

File: 1680099228745.jpg (36.2 KB, 461x592, purple_haze.jpg)