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File: 1447262057804.png (483.56 KB, 594x550, Screenshot 2015-11-11 at 11.11…)

No. 56772

Despite struggles today with an IMPOSTER (!)'s cruel, fake account spreading LIES about her, Aly still enjoys staring at a large crepe. Her brother helplessly munches on fried potatoes, clearly dead inside.

Will Aly ever be thrown IP? Will she ever eat something that's not cookies for breakfast? And how will her weigh-in go? Stay tuned.

No. 56773

Look at Aly's dang (!) oily (sake emoji) skin!

No. 56779

Can we get an updated bingo sheet
Her spontaneous (!) Crepe sent her no of over the stars.

And the fake insta is still up and going strong.

No. 56781

File: 1447263043376.jpg (171.09 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

FFS, WHY do these threads always fill up just as something interesting happens?

To make up for it, look at this. Elenasrecovery was one of the first to like this post kekekeke

No. 56782

Fail on my part. This post.

No. 56784

File: 1447263298477.png (5.5 KB, 270x58, Screenshot_40.png)

O I did it wrong

No. 56785

File: 1447263430127.jpg (137.41 KB, 401x532, IMG_0078.jpg)

Meanwhile in Sprout's world:

>Finally, I am aware that this is a horrendous picture, but this lunch really hit the spot the other day. I didn’t feel very good (I was shaky and my stomach was a bit upset), but I was really craving triscuits, so even though they were a higher calorie option than planned, I decided to have them! I always mix my flavors, and I have 2 toasted coconut, 2 balsamic basil, and 2 garden herb. I had them along with a salad (a lot bigger than it looks) and some edamame. I love mixing edamame in salads – it adds such a nice texture and complex flavor. Both edamame and triscuits were once very challenging to me, and now, they’re both staples in my diet. It just goes to show that continually challenging fear foods is the best way to overcome them.

No. 56787

File: 1447263542736.png (23.85 KB, 285x244, reversejenner.png)

No. 56789

Aly is more what?
Some of the followers commenting on the fake account need help, they're having a breakdown. Meanwhile, aly has deleted the screenshot post and is now maniacally recovery winning as usual zzz zzz

No. 56790

>learn some motherfucking respect

The irony.

No. 56791

Aly looks terrible compared to her brother, and why didn't she go dentist? She had the toothache for the last week

No. 56792

File: 1447264234848.png (5.21 KB, 293x66, justinbieberfan69.png)

According to them we're ruining her recovery.

No. 56794

Maybe the appointment was for her and her brother went along…she doesn't make it clear.

No. 56795

>oh hey she looks a bit less spoopy in the face
>'has a weigh in'

Well that fucking explains that.

Would any former ED-chans be able to shed some light:

Do you actually think you look good/attractive when your body starts looking like a prune? Or is that not really a consideration - you're too focused on the weight loss?

No. 56806

File: 1447271521790.jpg (146.7 KB, 784x677, update.jpg)

Unless she surprises us with a SPONTANEOUS (!) #nightsnack I think it's over for today.

Just ticked off Ensure on the floor, dang, and mood over the stars. Not bad, but no bingo today.

No. 56813

I'm catching up on the Aly_realcovery_ outrage (!).

Gotta love comments from her hardcore fans that sperg out over how morally wrong the account is
>don't be a fucking little queer

No. 56815

For me it wasn't about looking good. At my worst I couldn't even recognize my "prune" self in the mirror and just covered all of the mirrors up. It was way more about control (my bf was dying of cancer) and I needed some sort of control mechanism to feel.. Well.. In control. I guess some Ana's are more about looking a certain way though instead of control mechanisms when life seems to be spiralling out of control.

No. 56834

File: 1447276571582.png (161.05 KB, 1138x558, Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.07…)

Yeah, why the fuck did she not bring HERSELF to the fucking dentist after days of complaining about her horrible toothache? And she's suuuuch a good daughter/sister, making her family watch her slowly kill herself under their roof.

And yeah, some of Aly's defenders are really fucking nuts. I guess they don't realize that Aly doesn't give a rat's ass about any of them. They act like she's this gentle, sweet soul who would never say anything mean to anyone, though…fucking lol. And the insults they come up with, "prissy bitch," "queer," "slut," etc…they don't make any sense, it's hilarious.

No. 56835

File: 1447276988935.jpg (16.89 KB, 314x131, Capture.JPG)


No. 56841

are you replying to someone or just … ?

No. 56843

Not that anon but it was a reply to >>56795

No. 56844

> Do you actually think you look good/attractive … Or is that not really a consideration - you're too focused on the weight loss?
its started out thinking i was so fat and gross (110lbs and athletic - how gross!!).
but when i was at my lowest, knew i was sick, i stopped thinking "omg im so fat" because i knew i looked disgusting in another way - a spoopy way.
this other girl that i suspected of having an ED would say "wow you look so good!" and me, 80lbs was like "um…. no i definitely do not."
i just couldnt stop though.

No. 56846

This is just depressing.

No. 56867

File: 1447284163320.jpg (183.6 KB, 880x662, Capture.jpg)

I made a new bingo card for tomorrow. It makes her feed more interesting for me.

No. 56868

this is going to make my day more brighten <3

No. 56869

File: 1447285124066.jpg (66.4 KB, 880x662, DREAMBINGO.jpg)


ofc this is what I ultimately hope for. i would be so overwhelmed (!)

No. 56870

>She is so sweet and kind
wow, a starving brain is truly fascinating.

No. 56880

File: 1447286557642.jpg (107.08 KB, 922x576, Capture.JPG)

Mother of god, what is this even
angelinedevries is having a breakdown :\

No. 56882

Why is she turning to Aly? She never responds to her, it's so sad…

No. 56883

yeah Alice isn't the person to ask. But would reassurance be enough? This is more than I'd know how to handle or want responsibility for (since it's a stranger)

No. 56886

If Aly even bothers to reply, it's going to be that BS about how you just have to control your mind over it, or whatever that crap is she says that makes it sound soooo easy.

No. 56889

Yeah it's breaking my heart, I don't think she's a troll, she seems like a really sick young girl who doesn't speak English very well and doesn't understand that Aly has snubbed her over and over…it honestly makes me want to cry. I'm glad she's getting treatment, I know it's probably extremely unpleasant for her but at least she's being looked after. She shouldn't be on Instagram, though. Seriously, these treatment facilities should ban Instagram. The "recovery community" is NOT helpful or healthy.

No. 56897

She'll be okay. She's naturally scared at what's happening to her. I'd be worried if she was in a mess and not IP. So weird how some can see Aly in a totally different way we do. I wouldn't trust her advice on how to open a can lid.

No. 56904

>you prissy bitch

No. 56922

I knew that losing weight made me look ugly and sick, but I took the ugly/sick look as a sign that I was "doing it right."
ED logic is not logical.

No. 56924

She neeeeeds to stop following Aly.
If the poor girl is going to vent this stuff online, she's better off finding a support chatroom or something, if those work on mobile. I noticed that someone replied to her and they exchanged a few comments… Aly will scrub it all in the morning, no doubt. She might keep one of the desparate cries for help up so that she can reply about how willpower is the cure for everything.

No. 56964

Probably because of the name. If you search for Aly_Realrecover, you'll also get accounts with similar names.

No. 57034

Aly just posted a pic of her and her sister holding plates of croissants wearing a white jumper face on, just in case she claims later to be eating it the photo has already been taken,

No. 57040

Why is a second breakfast such a big deal atm? She always has biscuits then pastry, just because the order has changed its still the same food!!

No. 57048

File: 1447329800150.png (4.4 KB, 210x229, 1411588369001.png)

No. 57058

i'm actually really glad for her; she's going to a real school and challenging some of her fears and i think she has potential

No. 57059

how is this depressing? i feel like she's come a long way.

No. 57066

File: 1447333987009.jpg (235.28 KB, 1076x1386, Screenshot_2015-11-12-13-12-16…)

Thaat bin sure looks hungry

No. 57080

File: 1447338596951.jpg (156.75 KB, 880x662, bingo 2.jpg)

No. 57081

She wrote "happy child" in brownie action shot caption, that's close enough to count, isn't it?

No. 57082

OO, missed that. Yup, that counts. I'll tick it off next time. There was a kind of WILL TELL YOU MORE SOON moment, but not sure if it qualifies.

No. 57086

Keking hard at the bingo. Whichever one of you made that, thank you

No. 57094

Yo. That ember lolcow recovery girl commented on one of parody accounts post on Instagram.

No. 57098

lollllllllll she's fucking defending Aly I can't even believe this shit, Ember is such a dimwitted tool it's hilarious and horrifying

No. 57099

Dat eyeshadow. This is the ugliest picture of her ever
She doesn't look happy at all. That's the kind of smile you give when your autistic seven year old cousin does something fucking retarded.

No. 57105


No. 57107

File: 1447350016860.png (810.88 KB, 617x1086, lol@Ember.png)

No. 57109

That's funny. I put "lol('at' symbol)Ember.png" as my filename and the filename showed up as "email protected." Good to know.

No. 57114


I wonder if that meal comes with an (unpictured) kick to the chest, that shit looks dry af

No. 57117

Maybe the oil is unpictured and Aly actually just drinks it from a shot glass. She has two (!) tablespoons (!) with every meal (not counting breakfast, which isn't a meal), according to her #mealplan.

No. 57123

Yuck, that sternum doesn't look any different, she just keeps it covered better these days. How do none of her blind followers not eventually catch onto this shit.? If I have to see one more comment tell her how healthy she's looking I'm going to boot my phone clear across the city. She looks like she about to die and people are praising her… Smfh

No. 57124

She gets the same "OMG you look so healthy and happy and wonderful!" and "wow you look so much better now!" comments like every fucking day and has for months, even though she looks no different. It's pretty bizarre.

No. 57125

always the blandest looking food
it really would kill her to put some seasonings or sauces or something huh

No. 57128

But those aren't in her #MEALPLAN!

It's hilarious and infuriating how she goes on about her ~extra treats~ and shit that are allegedly above and beyond what she's required to eat, yet she refuses to even consider adding anything to any of her meals. Never an extra cookie with breakfast. Never sauce on her lunch. Never any spread on her dry-ass crackers, etc.

No. 57129

File: 1447353893866.png (51.14 KB, 152x162, Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.4…)

Also her nail polish right now is killing me. I don't ever paint my nails. Is this some sort of a "thing"? Not painting your whole nail? Is it chic for your nails to look "distressed"? Or is she just fucking lazy/bad at painting her nails?

No. 57130

makes me believe that the things she is actually purging are the things "aren't in her meal plan" or maybe she just throws them away. and the bland "meals" with the SPINACHES are maybe the only things she keeps down

No. 57132

Yeah, I really wonder what she does with the food she gets when she's out with other people, like the croissants and brownies and shit. Maybe she nibbles at it and then throws it away. Maybe someone else eats it. Maybe she purges it (but somehow I picture her as being too prissy to purge, IDK). Or maybe she really does eat it all. The anons who have totaled up her intake seem to have shown that, if she is really eating everything she posts, she's still only eating around a maintenance-level amount of calories. The people who think she's eating like 3000+ calories/day are probably falling for her camera tricks and thinking her portion sizes are a lot bigger than they are.

No. 57135

this is completely true. if she manages to nibble at and even finish some of what she eats it probably looks normal to her family. then she goes home and has a very low calorie bland meal. her family probably doesn't know how calories work and i think she's convinced herself that just because she's eating something "fattening" like a brownie or something she's going to gain. but one thing's for sure, something about her doctor's "meal plan" is complete bullshit. i'd like to know what the meal plan REALLY is.

No. 57136

File: 1447354932516.png (2.36 MB, 1196x1194, Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.5…)

I am posting too much in this thread today but I just noticed the browning on her apple slices here. That doesn't look very freshly-sliced. I wonder how long it takes her to arrange her food and photograph it so that it's ~just right~.

Yeah, I'd love to see her actual #mealplan. Actually, I'd love to talk to her "dietitian" and the "specialists" who are allegedly so happy with her "progress." I have a lot of questions for them.

No. 57142

File: 1447355944327.jpg (198.77 KB, 1074x1215, Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-17-36…)

Her fruit always looks pretty nasty, old and "left over",

No. 57143

File: 1447355961751.jpg (139.28 KB, 1076x1106, Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-18-04…)

No. 57145

nails are growing and the polish kind of moves with this growth.
You can either remove it and your nail will get really thin. Or you'll just wait for it to peel/splinter

No. 57147

File: 1447356211208.png (31.59 KB, 1000x1000, Just emoji my shit up.png)

Eww, true. And those crushed up crackers…like she really is going to eat all of those crumbs…

>tfw you spend your day shitposting about Aly

I think I'm even more pathetic than she is

No. 57149

No no no nope no way never! She's free entertainment, how can you pass that up

No. 57153

but why?? maybe she buys a normal bunch of fruit and since she eats so little once she gets around to actually eating it, it's old?

no anon, i'm sick in bed and you're providing me with entertainment

No. 57154

If we accept that she eats in front of people but not when she's on her own then
today she ate a croissant and a choc brownie,yesterday she ate a crepe and a pancake, Tuesday she ate beef and a muffin…

No. 57155

Monday she ate nothing

No. 57156

makes sense. then she is telling the truth that she eats what she posts at least. she's just maintaining. that's still not recovery, though.

No. 57157

Its flat out lies and manipulation! I reckon she eats in those photos with others, but the ones on her own are trashed/thrown out so they think "well she eats with me, why wouldn't she eat on her own"

No. 57158

Also she has max 2 "meals" a day with others, so she's eating enough to keep her alive but no where near what she's claiming

No. 57159

File: 1447359624764.jpg (221.49 KB, 540x766, IMG_20151112_131737.JPG)

What the fucking fuck? She eats "second breakfast" every fucking day! Always a coffee and pastry, how the fuck is this different and a challange and recoverywin?

No. 57160


I wondered this earlier

No. 57161

File: 1447359985374.jpg (155.75 KB, 880x662, bingo 2.jpg)

DANG! No bingo today.

I was thinking, if I make another bingo card you can print them all out, and play it with friends! The one with the most ticked off wins a DANG OIL LUSH SEAFOOD DISH EATEN OUTDOORS or you pay for COFFEE AND CHATS with them!!!1

No. 57164

Wow you guys need to leave this poor girl alone. She's not doing anyone any harm.

No. 57165

Man, I'd love for an Italianfag or vacationer to do a bit of Aly stalking.

No. 57166

Except she is.

No. 57168

Gofundme for Italian field trip

No. 57169

I won't go for croissants tomorrow and I'll donate the money istead, that help?

No. 57170

routine, consistency and timing are BIG things for people with EDs.

No. 57172

mine still says "lol@Ember.png"

No. 57173

Even better, sell some already baked (!) croissant to raise the money

No. 57175

OT story time: when i was restoring weight i had to drink literal straight oil out of little juice glasses. now THAT is a DANG (!) lot of oil (sake emoji)

No. 57177

aly and ginger both get their fruit from the same place

No. 57178

make sure to eat your spinaches so you get better soon

No. 57179

haha oh wow that's so odd

No. 57180

ok this is weird, sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't

No. 57183

File: 1447362867916.jpg (38.59 KB, 680x680, 1447151085427.jpg)

No. 57184

When she throws her food in the bin she scavenges for fruit for photo ops

No. 57185

Or ppl with autism

No. 57186

People with eds share a lot of traits with autism.

No. 57243

File: 1447376126795.jpg (186.82 KB, 1012x714, BINGO3.jpg)

The Aly Bingo card for Friday.

No. 57245

Remember the plate of squid. She'd be eating some bites in front of others and circling her fork going mmm mmm mmm for quite a while.

Then eating nothing or very little outside of that.

By her own admission, she's expert at going out for meals with family yet eating little or nothing, which she used to do before recovery, darling. I'm too lazy to find that screenshot, thread before this one, or the one before that.

No. 57249

Friday's card will be difficult to fill. Let's see how far we get.

No. 57272

File: 1447382696402.png (1.08 MB, 618x2035, Never forget.png)

Ugh I'm sorry anon, I had to drink salad dressing a few times and it was pretty vile.

A lot of female anorexics are actually on the autism spectrum; the recent research about the link between the two has been pretty interesting, IMO.

Also, >>57245 - I don't know if you were talking about this screenshot, but NEVER FORGET. Here's where Aly essentially admitted that she didn't actually eat all of those ~already bitten~ donuts she posted photos of through her June hospital admission.

No. 57276


How did you two even manage to drink it without being sick? Even when I sometimes drink the oil at the bottom of a little carton of fancy olives it really makes me feel ill and that's with basil and garlic and shit.


No. 57282

Salad dressing anon here. I didn't have a choice, so I'd just toss it down like taking a shot and then feel like vomiting for a while.

Has anyone corrected Aly on her spelling of "challenging"? It's such a little thing, but it's so frustrating to see her make the same spelling errors over and over after they've been pointed out to her.

No. 57307

>Has anyone corrected Aly on her spelling of "challenging"?

Yes, a few people have.

No. 58333

File: 1447394330095.png (18.54 KB, 1000x500, Aly pls.png)

Omfg she makes me so DANG (!) frustrated

No. 58336

File: 1447395802846.png (110.09 KB, 2400x500, Punctuation.png)

(autism triggered)

No. 58337

It's sort of a thing. I looked it up after I had my gel nails done and they didn't go to the cuticle. The reasoning behind it is that it'll supposedly keep your nails healthier. Aly takes it to an extreme though.

No. 58339

Last night I dreamed that I went to Italy and stayed at Aly's house. She was actually oddly nice, which scared me enough. But at the end of the day, the real work began. She set up lights over her table, even stacking up Tupperware to balance the light on, so it looked like daylight. Then she began photographing food to post the next day. It took a few hours, and it was absolutely ridiculous.

Sage b/c not a dream diary.

No. 58346

That's a good one darling!!

I think there was another too; she mentions her family and restaurants generally, and lying a lot.

No. 58347

I hope she never changes it! I kinda love that spelling. It's FREAKIN and DANG that trigger me hard tho.

No. 58354

She repaints her nails a lot, sometimes multiple times a week - though she seems to be favoring this current color, so it's not so obvious that she regularly repaints them - and it always has those weird gaps. It's not from her nails growing, unless they're the fastest growing nails of all time. And nails grow from the bottom, not the sides, so the side gaps can't be due to nail growth.

No. 58358

Not defending her but I was taught to paint my nails like that, so that the polish doesn't touch my cuticles and I see tons of women do the same - including the vast majority of nail polish bloggers.
I mean her nails are fucked up a lot but of all things to criticize this is not one of them IMO.

No. 58359

And like… even if her nails actually do look like shit, they're chipped/peeling/whatever seriously who cares.

No. 58362

I didn't know the thing about the cuticles. Interesting. Her nails just look sloppy to me almost every time they're visible in her photos, and it's a weird contrast to how "perfect" and "put together" she tries to appear in other ways. It's like how she carefully arranges her fruit and crackers for her snack photos but the fruit itself looks like >>57136 or >>57142 or >>57143

No. 58363

Same, also every manicure I've ever gotten has been like that

No. 58366

She just posted about a spontaneous cappuccino as a second breakfast. Is she losing her memory? Does she not check old posts to see this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

No. 58367

File: 1447409675703.jpg (95.48 KB, 1078x521, Screenshot_2015-11-13-10-13-36…)

No. 58379

it was canola oil instead of olive so it didn't have as much of a taste. still shudder to think about it though

No. 58383

And what sadistic person/program made you drink oil? The only time I have ever been forced to drink salad dressing was when it was the required fat and too much of it was left in the bowl. Then they wouldn't let us drink it, but gave us a bit of bread to sop it up.

No. 58384

Something occurred to me as I was dropping off to sleep this morning. I will propose this.

Aly would've been 6 or 7 when her brother was born. I wonder if the attention suddenly focusing on the new boy child was the thing that started her fucked upness (technical term).

Yes, this was what I was thinking straight before a bad night of little sleep. Damn you lolcow farm. Grr shakes fist.

No. 58386

Why's Aly posting pics of fortimel before lunch pic? Its weird this keeps happening, she's on a balcony today but now it's not on her IG

No. 58387

I've been staring at this picture for too long. After some time I started vividly imagining her smashing that donut into her face repeatedly, facial expression frozen like that. Help

No. 58388

File: 1447419178584.gif (360.91 KB, 500x375, homer-donut-machine-simpsons.g…)

No. 58389

Weird. I've never seen one of these mix-ups while it's still been up on her Insta. Does she just post them accidentally and then delete them really quickly?

No. 58392

Yeah they pop up on my phone notification/ preview screen but when I click to open in IG they "can't load", it's like shes accidentally posted the wrong image but sometimes she posts them later on

No. 58404

what's the bingo like today?

No. 58406

File: 1447427224152.jpg (185.49 KB, 1076x1540, Screenshot_2015-11-13-15-04-19…)

This is the photo she accidentally posted just before "lunch" even though she's claiming this was her afternoon snack.

No. 58409

File: 1447428548997.jpg (194.27 KB, 1042x996, Screenshot_2015-11-13-15-27-28…)

How comes her nail varnish has disappeared in this pic?

No. 58413

Because she stalks this page. She changed the color last time we discussed it. Also notice she still has the polish is the deleted pic above. So is she really having these snacks? Seems shady to me

No. 58416

Maybe that's where all of her LUSH calories are going! They're not pumping up her organs, they're growing her nails! (Please no one comment this on her page because her dumbass followers will believe it!)

No. 58417

It's still there. She has a skin-colored nail polish so you can barely see it with the glare. But if you look hard at her pointer finger, you can see there's a chunk that's a bit "off" and then her real nail (gap).

No. 58419

File: 1447432463296.jpg (287.09 KB, 1042x996, 1447428548997.jpg)

Sorry to post the same picture as other anon, but I write sth off(!):
This bone has always been one way that I can tell Aly has not gained weight. For quite a while there, a part of me thought, "Wow, maybe she did gain a kg" because it wasn't showing anymore. But no, it's been clever angles all along. Aly has not gained a fucking ounce.

Of course, the recent re-emergence of the face hugger also tipped me off, but that bone confirmed it.

No. 58421

Another real recovery win (!) A black coffee at the book shop with mum. Such a challange drinking those zero calories

No. 58423

I was thinking her face looked a bit softer but since the sternum reappeared and her face bone its clear shes just as spoopy as before

No. 58425

wtf? #fearfoodfriday? the same fucking cookies for breakfast? and wow, she's really into coffee today: 2 for breakfast, 1 at the BAR, one coffee flavored fortimel shake, and one more cup with mom in the bookshop.
Are you fighting extreme hunger Aly?

No. 58426

These close ups are horrific. You can see how brittle her hair's become, and not only in the nleached parts. She looks dead. That fucking brownie. Just eat it, aly ffs.

No. 58433

this makes me wish i still had some of those pot brownies i made last week…

No. 58435

Yeah, she's looking just as spoopy as ever, and it remains mystifying to me how anyone can tell her that she looks "healthy" or "better" now. Her eyes just look so fucking dead, too. How can Ma Casati continue to take her out every day and continue this farce? Can she not see that her daughter looks like a fucking corpse? Is she desperately trying to help her in any way possible and it's just not working, or is she being suckered in by Aly's lies and manipulations? I just have so many questions about this whole fucked-up situation…

No. 58436

Aly could use some, too. I don't think I could have ever un-spoopifyied myself if not for marijuana, TBH.

No. 58438

She has definitely got chipmunk cheeks! I don't know why but boney top half weird bottom half

No. 58439

That disgusting cup is making me sick.

No. 58440

File: 1447439838758.png (104.1 KB, 1132x328, Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.3…)

So I don't speak Italian and Google Translate is shitty, but what I'm gathering from these comments is that Aly blocked angelinedevries and she's wondering why she got blocked and what she did wrong. Aly says she became "insistent" and she hopes that it won't happen again? Italy-fags, please correct me if I'm wrong, but ughhh, I feel so bad for that girl. She shouldn't be turning to Aly for help, but now if she's upset because she got blocked and doesn't know what she did to cause Aly to block her…it's just really shitty. Aly could have spent ONE SENTENCE trying to reassure the poor girl, but no.

No. 58441

I hate the way she speaks so much.

No. 58443

File: 1447440897328.jpg (20 KB, 420x294, alice casati.jpg)

Dear Aly
Pic related.

I no longer give the tiniest fuck what happens to Aly.

No. 58451

Not Italianfag, but google translate says she "unlocked" her? I took that to mean she is not (now, at least) blocked although she may have been blocked temporarily.

It's a shitty situation all around though. I'll pay semi-Devils advocate and say that the girls posts could be triggering as well if Aly is trying to recover.

No. 58460

Yeah, I was trying to figure out the "unlocked" thing and thought Aly might have blocked her and then unblocked her, but maybe she didn't know that Aly had unblocked her after she'd been blocked earlier? I'm not sure. And yeah, her posts could be triggering to a person legitimately trying to recover; I just wish I felt like I could say Aly fell into that category of person.

No. 58462

File: 1447446431258.png (386.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-13-20-25-37…)

No. 58463

Aly is THE biggest bitch! #Edfamily is absolutely not about blocking ppl who need support you horrible shitty stuck up twat! I have no ed or need of support but that poor girl did!!

No. 58465

Not to mention the fact that, if Aly was triggered by angelinedevries, or if Aly felt like she wasn't in a position to help angelinedevries, the decent thing to do would have been to send at least a brief note instead of just blocking the girl with no indication why. Like, "I'm sorry, I'm trying to recover myself, and I'm not able to help you" or "please talk to a professional about these concerns" or even "sorry, you're overwhelming me and I'm going to have to block you for my own sanity." But I don't expect any decency from Aly.

FUCK, you posted this while I was typing. I seriously feel so bad for angelinedevries. I wish there was a tactful way to let her know that Aly is NOT her friend, is NOT a good inspiration/motivation/role model, and blocks almost everyone who comments with anything other than ass-kissing. Ugh. This is painful to watch.

No. 58466

You'd think she'd get the message by now that Aly doesn't give a fuck about her and she's a massive cunt.

No. 58467

Aly only wants messages of congratulations and best wishes and oo your hair is so lovely on her comments.

No. 58469

It's really sick that Aly mentions her "#edfamily" in every fucking post, yet the only "support" or "advice" she ever gives is that load of bullshit about "recovery is all about your own WILL and posi-vibes and you just have to tell your stupid ED to shut up!" I'm shocked that, at this point, anyone can still be under the illusion that Aly is a nice and caring person who wants to help other people with EDs.

I'm thinking it's a language barrier issue, and perhaps, if the girl is very malnourished, a general comprehension issue. Anorexia does legitimately cause brain atrophy. She also sounds like she's in a complete panic and can hardly think straight.

No. 58471

how is she doing anyone harm? she's fighting a disease.

No. 58472

If you can't be bothered to read the threads about her then you'll forever wonder what harm she's doing. No Cliff Notes here, do some reading and you'll find the whole story.

No. 58473

She's fighting? Where? I've been following her for months and she's still bullshiting

No. 58475

Mpa have been looking for you, better head home and spew your bs there

No. 58477

It often takes quite a while to gain weight healthily when you're recovering from an eating disorder, it's normal for her to be going so slowly and you're all nuts

No. 58479

Being "nuts" is a disease too - gtfo, fuckwit.

No. 58480

Are you trolling, or just mentally disabled?

Dis bitch has been "in recovery" and "gaining" for nearly six months. How much has she gained? 1 kg. people's' weights fluctuate that much in a single day.

You're retarded to believe that she is just "gaining slowly"– she literally isn't gaining any weight at all. Not in her organs, or hair hair or whatever you insane Ana white knights want to believe. She is dying. And you're helping her by cheering her along.

Please drink a glass of bleach, it might kill of some of those retarded brain cells you have swimming around in your head

No. 58481

File: 1447448374919.png (26.15 KB, 1024x1024, Guaranteed replies.png)

Oh fuck of.

On a different note, I feel like a complete bleeding-heart sap, but I sent angelinedevries what I hope sounded like a kindly, reassuring DM and told her to look to sources other than Aly (doctors, family, IRL friends) for answers/support/help. Hell, I bet just about any other member of the "#edfamily" would be more supportive than Aly.

No. 58482

*off. OFF. Not of.

No. 58484

How do you even know it's only been one kg? Are you her doctor? Did you weigh her?

Just because she's not a blimp doesn't mean she hasn't gained any weight.

No. 58485

I've seen #edfam members helping one another on their accounts, triggered or not triggered. Aly puts herself out as #recoveryqueen and ilysm honeys darlings, she makes herself SEEM approachable. Smoke n mirrors n that.

SHE FUCKING WROTE IT ON HER CAPTIONS Aly wants you to read her captions. Why haven't you read her captions?

Don't come here calling us nuts when you know fuck all about her case.

No. 58488

I was going to do the same . You see >>58484 we're not heartless bitches but ALY is a notorious lier who deserves no sympathy

No. 58511

You are expected to gain between 0.5- 1kg EVERY week in the first stages ie critical part of weight restoration/recovery.

No. 58513

Okay, let's go by her own captions. She gained like 1.2 (?) kg in July, 1.3 kg in August, the lost 0.5 kg in September, and gained 1 kg in October. That's a massive gain of 5-6 lb maximum in 4 months. I guarantee you she will have gained 1.5 kg or less (if anything, I'm being generous) during her weigh in next week. She needs to gain like 20 lb or more just to bring her BMI to less-horrific levels, let alone the weight required for normal physiological and hormonal functioning. How long will it take her to gain all that? How is it safe to "gain" such low amounts and so slowly?

No. 58532

i love when people use this shit logic. have YOU weighed her? are YOU her doctor? she's a fucking skele. anyone with a brain and eyes can see she's not gaining and clearly a liar. why do people come here with the opposite mentality of the board? what do you hope to accomplish? that's what's really nuts.

No. 58552

File: 1447456327946.jpg (30.63 KB, 550x550, start.jpg)


Ooh, massive gains of 5 lbs, such impress, much fatty.

GTFO and go back to mpa, where all the spoopys can bitch at each other about who be the spoopiest and why other spoopies aren't as good at being the living dead as you.

Here's your gold star. Now run along (if you've got enough electrolytes and calories to handle that sort of movement)

No. 58579

I wonder if Aly legit thinks that by posting pictures of prepared food and touching other people's food she's actually consuming it. I know it might sound crazy but when I was as spoopy as her if I touched food, walked past food, smelled food or even looked at it I'd convince myself I'd somehow absorbed the calories. Thank god i'm not like that anymore but I reckon Aly might be, and therefore she is GENUINELy convinced that she is 'eating all the food' she posts and in #realrecovery.

No. 58591

>>Just because she's not a blimp doesn't mean she hasn't gained any weight

Your ana is showing

No. 58606

There's just no middle ground with anorexics. You're either ~perfectly spoopy~ or a hambeast. Was way to detect one.

No. 58607

Good not was wtf

No. 58628


Your sarcasm detector appears to be malfunctioning, Read the post again, I was responding to ana-chan.

No. 58629

agree. something like this is probably going on. or she could just be convincing herself that she has eaten something once it's posted on instagram for all to see. she's still disordered so there's still gonna be some kind of disordered thoughts.

No. 58637

Yawn, these people coming in here defending her. Do you think we're that stupid? I honestly can't believe you're that stupid to believe Aly is getting "better". You must be her or one of her anorexic friends who is going down the drain with her.

Anyway, did we get a BINGO today?

No. 58784

File: 1447466902403.jpg (147.23 KB, 1012x714, 1447376126795.jpg)

Frayed knot.

Piss poor bingo day.

When she has a good night, bad night is on bingo.

When something's super creamy it's on a different bingo day.

Should combine the 3 cards and see how many we get in ONE DAY.

No. 58786


It was a A+ moment to see the words FOOD IS A PLEASURE. It made my day more brighten.

No. 58787

aww, maybe next time. :(

No. 58790


For the weekend I'm going to combine ALL THREE (!) cards somehow.

Next week I think I'll incorporate things her followers comment. EEK! IT'S HER WEIGH IN WEEK!!!!!!

I doubt I'll leavve my flat this weekend because the weather's appalling and I've got a TON (!) of stuff to do, so I'll play along with the weekend bingo and make one for monday.

No. 58798

File: 1447471163609.png (74.52 KB, 1032x242, Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.16…)

Kind of OT, but WTF is this shit about a Starbucks not having clear plastic cups to make cold beverages in? Am I expected to believe that the baristas at this person's store make Frappuccinos in paper "hot drink" cups? Are they trolling? I don't even know anymore. This cup shit makes me irrationally angry.

No. 58800

this is so fucking brilliant

No. 58804

No. 58808

What about the other bingo card ?

No. 58812

Maybe the person actually thought Aly had a reusable cup, and they were saying they didn't have those? That's the only thing I can think of, because the idea of a Starbucks not having "cold drink" cups is bizarre.

No. 58814

File: 1447474529322.jpg (307.23 KB, 1356x545, WEEKEND BINGO.jpg)


I threw a few extras in.

Thank you, Aly for being so DANG predictable <3

No. 58820

That is a DAMN HEAVY (!) card.

No. 58823

So challanging!

No. 58829


Two days though! And the margherita pizza is a dead cert (cutted up or not).

No. 58835

Her vocabulary is truly distinctive, I've never met an Italian that speaks like this. Am I wrong, or is her speech representative of instagram's edrecovery community?

No. 58848

holy shit what if she's just an elaborate chat-bot like SmarterChild but for instagram? Oh my god. SmarterChild. HappyChild.

We're through the looking glass, people. [7]

No. 58850


My god. mind explodes

No. 58892


No. 58896

File: 1447504619437.jpg (308.83 KB, 1356x545, 1447474529322.jpg)

I suck at bingo but, yeah… is this fine? I get the feeling Aly just copy-paste her captions :S

No. 58897

she's just that insane that she functions like a robot

No. 58898

skelebot tbh

No. 58899

We have fried (!) And egg porn!

No. 58903

And "gazing lovingly at food or dessert"

No. 58905

File: 1447508979475.jpg (458.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-14-05-48-23…)

No. 58906

File: 1447509082546.jpg (387.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-14-05-48-40…)

"This is a recovery account, NOT A social network."
God, could you be more of a cunt?

No. 58909

The parody instagram is still going strong, guys:


No. 58910

What did they say for her to reply like that? Instagram is a place for social networking… ahh

No. 58911

I wish i knew but Aly deleted it by the time I saw her post sigh.

No. 58912

I find it cruel how she is just telling everyone to have a DANG POSITIVE day after the tragedy that happened in Paris last night. Not even terror can stop her OCD. Or she's just too self-involved to care.

No. 58913

should add "cunty reply to follower"

No. 58915

Someone asked her if she knew what had happened in Paris today, they're discussing it on that fake account

No. 58917


Honestly I doubt she's even aware of what happened in Paris, or any current events…. ever. She's too busy being a blondie happy child in her own pathetic #realrecovery bubble.

No. 58920

Gosh this selfish twat. Only about 10% of her followers actually pay attention though.

No. 58921

Did a farmer set up this account? No one's taken credit yet.

No. 58931

File: 1447514172730.png (692.23 KB, 720x688, chip and dale.png)

Them cheeks tho

Some other anons have brought this up over the past couple of weeks. Her cheeks have become kind of chipmunk-y. Are those swollen parotids or just her face muscles?

No. 58933

Yeah, I saw another comment (now deleted ofc) that said how shocked they were that Aly kept rattling on about this "FABULOUS Saturday" when it is obviously a tragic day.

No. 58934

There's an ensure creation, she's going to the American cafe (is that the bakery?), her mood is over the stars, a ton of bread, we see THE CLAAAAW. Her outfit isn't bad, but that necklace ew.

Even if the tragedy had happened in Milan, she'd be like, I'm not going to let this stupid event affect my #recovery, I'm going to the bar.

Idk, her manner just seems really tactless. Nobody expects a commentary on current events, but to start her first post saying how positive she is is tactless.

No. 58936

…wtf is wrong with telling someone to have a positive day? Let's all sit in our rooms with the lights off and cry about something that happened in a different country.
Tragedies worse than this one happen all the time and no one bats an eye.
Nitpick harder.

No. 58940

Not even taking the bait.

No. 58949

Well, it happened in Paris but it's a threat to the whole Western world. Did y'all just go on happily living your life when 9/11 happened? I guess not.

No. 58954

And that wrist!!!

No. 58959

File: 1447517563727.jpg (315.39 KB, 1356x545, 1447504619437.jpg)

Sometimes I feel like trying Aly's diet for a day… I'm curious.

No. 58961

New ones to add;
- speachless
- (!)
- actionshot (pancakes)
- smiling at food
- Joy (is JOYFUL close enough?)

No. 58962

Ooh! The American bakery! Missed that one.
Does "at the bar with mom or sisters" count if the bar is the American cafe US?

No. 58964

And the "restriction after…" category is fulfilled as well (tangerine pic)

Right, I'll stop.

No. 58982

Taking the bait because some part of me thinks you're serious, so:
It's okay to tell people to have a positive day, but she should at least acknowledge that something happened yesterday. To delete comments talking about it is what's tactless.
I'd buy that maybe she hadn't heard about it, so that's why she didn't mention it right away in the morning, but now she has no excuse. She should at least say something to acknowledge that there was a tragedy in Paris yesterday. Like, "I was sorry to hear about Paris, but everyone stay safe today, and try to be positive in your #realrecovery!"

No. 58996

hey fucker, go back to being obese and miserable on MPA yeah?

No. 59011

File: 1447523439572.jpg (195.48 KB, 1058x1410, Screenshot_2015-11-14-17-48-37…)

This is her "first" cupcake. A normal sized one. Nooone fuckin believes that, just because you say it's big doesn't mean it's any bigger than the normal one you have

No. 59013

No one bats an eye? By that you mean you don't? You ignorant twat.

No. 59016

I come here only for fancy food pics.
Dat cupcake looks neat. It's covered with glitter wtf but I still love it @_@

No. 59018

Her mother has posted a tribute to the people in Paris, shame compassion doesn't run in the family

No. 59022

She is such a cunt. I cannot believe how people can call her nice or lovely

No. 59067

agree. aly's such a whiny selfish bitch. apparently everything has to be about HER and her speckul recovery, unlike a couple dozen recovery accounts i follow, all who have done #prayforparis stuff.
this bitch needs someone to teach her a lesson

No. 59073

Exactly, obviously nobody has to comment on current events, but to go around shouting what a joyous, FABULOUS day it is, and to flat out delete people's comments expressing their distress over said events just highlights Aly's general lack of empathy.

I don't think I've ever seen any semblance of empathy or compassion coming from her.

No. 59076

She's had a "First biiig sized recoverywin muffin" only 5 days ago.
Remember that?
This girl is such a dumb bitch.
Anorexia is clearly starting to "demolish" her brain.

No. 59083

she must've been so ocd that they didn't take a photo of her smiling with that fucking cupcake lmao

No. 59086

Or they did, and she'll post it tomorrow as a throwback using it as 'Sth to write off'…

No. 59088

fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk she's so fucking delusional

No. 59172

File: 1447533401728.jpg (16.26 KB, 614x104, quote.JPG)

- super oily superlicious margherita -zza

No. 59176

What is a Tiffany necklace?

>>59172 Yeah, I was just about to post it :3 It's scary how one can predict her words.

No. 59177

File: 1447533617755.jpg (320.07 KB, 1356x545, 1447504619437.jpg)

No. 59189


It's crazy, you know? I know we're all being mean to Aly in a way. But in the end we or at least most of us, just want her to eat properly and recover for real. Our bullying is weird.

No. 59190

It's that gold heart necklace she wears that her ex bought her for her 18th.

Blimey, didn't expect all that for one day.

No. 59195

This. As much entertainment as I've gotten out of these threads, in the end, I don't wish Aly any harm whatsoever. I honestly hope that one day I'll wake up, check Instagram, and find a message saying that Aly is going inpatient, deleting her Instagram, and leaving this whole sick farce behind.

No. 59199

it's actually disgusting that she didn't shed any light on what happened in paris. no sympathies, nothing

No. 59200

Wait, how is the sake emoji still untouched?? Unpossible!

No. 59201

File: 1447535940481.jpg (27.66 KB, 610x267, comment.JPG)

She just posted a sad face about it.

No. 59202

She seems to be extremely, extremely lacking in the empathy department.

No. 59203

I find it odd how we've followed her for many months yet know so little about her views on what happens in the world. She never talks about her interests or expresses an opinion on world matters. I know her account isn't that kind of thing, but with most people on ig you get to "know" a person in some way. We know so little about aly. It's the same old buzz words about food (as demonstrated on the bingo card).

No. 59205

Oh veganglow. You need more friends.
(and maybe a geography class…you're from the UK, for shame)

No. 59208

Yeah the account doesn't seem to be a personal one in the way alice_eleanor was. It's as she said earlier today, a recovery account not social media, and she's solely focused on that.

But there is also a sadder thought: her interests and personality have been subsumed by the ED so this is all she has, and this is all she is.

No. 59209

This is very true. When you're deep in the depths of anorexia, food and calories and weight tend to take over your brain, and, at Aly's low weight, she may even have some extent of cerebral atrophy. If she ever REALLY recovered and got herself to a healthy weight, she could become an actual person again instead of just a walking ED, but the more time goes on with her staying like this, the more I doubt that she'll ever come out the other end.

No. 59210

Idk how anyone can't feel some kind of dark cloud over the day after hearing about Paris. Same with tragedies anywhere else in the world where there's loss of life. People were out on a Friday night having fun, they were killed, so many families are grieving, and you kind of put yourself in their shoes. How can people just switch off and think "omg, it wasn't even in my country ffs, get over it".

Maybe we're too empathetic and that's what makes some of us depressives. I'd rather feel human emotions and sadness for others than to switch it off and not give a fuck.


Hmm, but even with Ash we know what her hobbies are, even if she hasn't changed much since she was 16. Same with friends of Ash who are really struggling with recovery. Aly's too much of a blank piece of paper. I find it weird.

No. 59211

Adding - the fact she's visited Paris should stike a chord with her. It would with me.

No. 59214

That's… actually embarrassing, especially for someone who also lives in Europe. Reminds me of Kiki.

I've thought the same. There is never any mention of her enjoying some music, a nice book, a movie, crafts, or anything of that sort.
I totally get the thing about anorexia taking away all of your interests (been there), but there is usually at least something distinctive about a person, like maybe a favorite color, animal, or something else that doesn't require you to actually do something.

No. 59216

Does she read this thread btw?

No. 59219

I'd say she's aware of it, expecially considering there are WKs and even cows who tell the cow whose thread it is that this place exists. Makes me wonder why she doesn't sperg out about it like she does with parody ig accounts.

Maybe only ig exists in her world.

No. 59221

Yeah, I've noticed that some anorexics (I'm thinking of Ash and shmegeh here especially, along with a lot of the other Tumblrinas of their ilk) cling to a few hobbies/interests, especially childish and/or weeb-oriented ones, and immerse themselves in a world of escapism. Others just seem to disregard everything except food - thinking about it, photographing it, making it for other people, watching shows about it on TV, etc. Aly has some of that regression shit going on with her "happy child" schtick, but if she does have any real interests or pursuits aside from her ED, she doesn't let on.

No. 59240

Who would Aly even be without her ED?

No. 59243

The girl who posts bikini shots on ig for followers. For someone interested in becoming a journalist, she's never shown any motivation to actually write. It's all about wanting likes based on her blondie hair and having a boyfriend locked to her lips.

No. 59245

She is the definition of shallow.

No. 59251

I like how Sprout started a blog. Aly has nothing to do most of the day so why doesn't she do one too? She could write it in her own language if she can express herself better that way. An hour out of her food bubble would good when she feels up to it. Part of the mental process of recovery is to push yourself to do things. Even when deep in depression I, who is lazy even on good days, would push so hard to do as much of an activity I could. Even if it was 15 minutes of a craft it's good.

If she was TRULY "gaining weight and gaining life" she'd have thoughts about her future and if she DOES want to be a journalist, she'd be putting together some sort of portfolio. It doesn't even have to be something amazing or public.

One of the UK fashion bloggers I used to follow had some severe disabling health issues but she won awards for her blog.

Still feel like I'm wasting my finger energy, as I do when suggesting things Ashley could do to help herself.

No. 59253

Adding - IF the writing had to be food based, she could review the cafes she visits for travel sites. She's so frustrating.

No. 59290

Ideally recovery should include moving away from making food, its preparation, presentation, and validation thereof the most important element of one's every waking moment, as is ironically mostly the case with those #realrecovery accounts such as hers.
It may help some people get a foot in a recovery oriented mindset, but after a short while the focus should move elsewhere.
She can't move forward when that is her whole identity after months upon months (or has it been years already?) of doing that.

No. 59299

Holy shit @veganglow, check a fucking map.

No. 59300

She does have a hobby! Taking OCD food pics and writing delish (!) captions all fucking day. It must take time to get that chip on the saucer of the morning cappuccino lined up "just so".

No. 59461

What's Aly's surname?

No. 59462


No. 59470

File: 1447575623662.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1666, 7-cookies.png)

Aly posted her usual 7 cookies. yawns

No. 59471

File: 1447576771372.png (1.04 MB, 1079x1048, Almost-20.png)

So Aly is almost 20. Here is her holding her #recoverywin big sized cupcake.

No. 59472

File: 1447576816033.png (485.41 KB, 1080x1658, Aly-caption.png)

And the caption…

No. 59473

She's good at making little food items look big…quite a skill when she's got to control the photographer, make them do what she wants as well as get the cupcake 'just so' at the front edge of the plate, held forward 'just so'.

No. 59474

Her 20th?! Why isn't she out drinking dancing eating at a restaurant or SOMETHING more appropriate for her age. Her mates probably feel like they're babysitting

No. 59476


Sweet jaysus. She's the definition of a clothes hanger - those bony ass shoulders! If I was her friend, out with her, looking like this, at a cupcake… I'd be saying my silent goodbyes. Shit man, she ain't gonna make it.

No. 59478

File: 1447578356662.png (90.67 KB, 202x213, Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 1.00…)

I…. it's a skull. Her face is a skull. How do her family and friends play along with this?! It's like dragging a corpse from restaurant to cafe, buying it food, and pretending to eat with it.

I feel horrible for her family, who are "loving" her to death.

No. 59479

I've never had an ED and I don't mean to trigger anyone, but how hard is it for someone to shove food into their face and why should Aly eating food (or pretending to eat food) be seen as ~brave~ or ~inspirational~

And why can't she just eat at home? Why does recovery need to involve going outside buying expensive restaurant and cafè food?

No. 59482

idk. my family was lower-middle class and we never ate out this much ever, let alone during the worst parts of my ED. The treatment stuff was so expensive + I clearly struggled at restaurants, so they didn't want to go out with me anyway.

I can only imagine what Aly is like when she goes out. She has no qualms about wasting food (all those donuts and candy bars she just threw away…). I have to believe she is purging or has some kind of deal with her mom where she takes a bite and that's it.

No. 59483

I'm super lazy right now, so really quickly, the reason it's hard is because of fear. It's like someone with arachnophobia managing to kill a spider on their own. It's a lot more complicated than that, obviously, so hopefully someone else will come along and explain it better.

She can eat at home. We honestly have no idea why she is always out eating at restaurants and cafes. That's her thing. Most people in recovery can manage to recover on food at home.

No. 59484

File: 1447582380053.jpg (122.96 KB, 593x580, gross.jpg)

Why the fuck does she have to position the pastry under her nose like that? If she thinks it looks cute, she's wrong.

Also, she looks awful in this picture. The cupcake one is worse obviously >>59478 but shit, this one is coming in close second.

No. 59487

That claw.

Her family looks miserable in most of the pics. Her poor brother.

No. 59489

File: 1447584619449.jpg (67.02 KB, 1006x325, Screenshot_2015-11-15-10-46-48…)

Did he really??

No. 59490

Oh god I didn't even notice that lol. What a load of bullshit!

No. 59491

Ahaha. This girl. It's like when people claim someone secretly took a photo of them 'to their surprise' (when it was really a posed shot they asked them to take)

Why didn't lil bro do the croissant nose too then?

No. 59492

It seems like forever ago, but yup, that was how Aly's #actionshot-s started.

No. 59493

Sunday morning puffy face is becoming more regular, morning after pizza night

No. 59495

I don't know if dead eyes run in the family, or if her brother is genuinely super pissed off.
He's starting to remind me of that scary little boy from Les Revenants, with those eerie eyes.

No. 59497

Little late but
personally all my hobbies, friendships, interests died practically overnight when my brain switched into ED mode, and were replaced with depression, racing obsessive thoughts, and wanting to isolate myself. I was not in school or employment, lived on my own and was on disability benefits. I stopped using my phone, only used the internet to look up and log calories, the only people who I would interact with were at checkouts.
I remember it being a switch-flicking kind of moment too when I went from having less of an appetite to full blown fear of going over x amount of calories, and kind of the reverse when I came out of it a couple years later.
I only snapped out of it because by chance I started interacting with real humans again and realised how strange my behaviours and thoughts were and how happy everyone else was without them.
If social media had been such a sickness perpetuating hugbox when I was younger I wouldn't have made it out alive

No. 59503

File: 1447591893458.jpg (52.46 KB, 325x220, rf.jpg)

To be or not to be? To believe or not to believe? Why would they change the date? What sort of problem could the hospital have that they can't weight her? If this is true then I'm telling you this got to be shittiest ED center ever. Weight ins are one of the most important things about ED recoveries and it's vital to stick to the dates, otherwise how would they know Aly is gaining what she's supposed to be gaining and that her meal plan still works for her or if they need to increase it! Wtf!

No. 59508

I'm gonna assume Aly is a NEET, how can her family afford to let her keep eating out like that? Does she have any long term plans career-wise? Assuming that she just goes out to eat all the time I'm really jealous she doesn't have any other commitments than posing with food.

No. 59509

Maybe they don't have a bed free yet!! IP admission happy birthday mwahaha

No. 59518

Is the whole Italian health system this crap?

No. 59519

what is a NEET? sorry, english is not my first language

No. 59521


Not in Employment Education or Training

No. 59526

That would be perfect! Lol

No. 59527

He does in this picture. An old face with something not quite right going on behind his eyes.

I'm going to update the bingo sheet.

No. 59528

File: 1447600323694.jpg (224.29 KB, 1356x545, updated.jpg)

No. 59529


Bad wake up, sleepless night

No. 59533

maybe it's because she has clearly lost weight

No. 59536

I predict a photo coming up soon, her in a beige cardigan thing, holding a plate to the camera, looking down… Preview seen then disappeared! Aly Aly Aly

No. 59538

File: 1447603348486.png (1.13 MB, 927x586, jeseus.png)


No. 59540

Fucking sahara in a plate

No. 59545

>I dun care bout calories y'all

No. 59547

I saw this and if she says they put off her weigh-in because of "hospital problems," I'm going to fucking rage. I don't understand how they can be this lax with someone who literally could drop dead between weigh-ins.

>"Extra calories? No problem! I'm #realrecovering!"
>Every single food is so dang challanging (!) that it's a #recoverywin no matter how many times she's eaten it
>She can only EVER eat 7 cookies + coffee for breakfast
>She can't fathom adding any sauce or spread or seasoning that isn't #mealplanned to her food to make it less plain

No. 59549

File: 1447606063865.png (36.95 KB, 1090x138, Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.43…)

I changed the comments to make it a bit more accurate.

No. 59550

not defending aly but just b/c you spend a bday with some friends at a restaurant instead of drinking until 3 am doesn't mean you're a bad person

No. 59551


exactly. and you shouldn't really be drinking anyway when you're at that kind of weight

No. 59554

File: 1447608595852.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1074, Isthatabiteor....png)

Is this a bite or another one of her fake torn/cut "bites" ?

No. 59555

Fifth row down is almost at bingo (!). She did have a throwback to yesterday with the cupcake photo so all we need now is a plastic Starbucks cup.

No. 59556

Aly drinks though (see: white wine earlier today). She used to go out clubbing and dancing with her friends. I don't fault her for celebrating her birthday in a cafe, but it's not like the suggestion of going out to a bar would be odd for her. Perhaps her group of friends grew out of the club scene, but I'd love to see Aly doing something that had nothing to do with food.
(I feel I should add that I am not >>59474 )

Definitely a tear/cut. Though in this case, I think the waffle is meant to be eaten with a fork and knife.

No. 59557

I assume it's a knife-induced tear. It's on a plate with fruit and chocolate sauce on it, i don't think she'd pick that up to bite it.

No. 59559

Nvm didn't se the "problems with dad" square. So close!

No. 59563

File: 1447609691711.png (115.05 KB, 1130x346, Are you fucking kidding me.png)

Not a troll account. Doesn't appear to be being sarcastic. People actually believe this shit.

No. 59565

File: 1447609968405.png (460.12 KB, 262x1152, 5.png)

And, for our new viewers who may have just tuned in recently, this is what Aly used to look like when this deluded person started following her. I don't remember the actual date of this photo, but it was sometime in 2014 before Aly really started going downhill. She clearly lost weight from the beginning of 2015 through her June hospitalization, and, IMO, she looks like she's lost weight since then even though she says she's gained a few measly pounds.

No. 59566

File: 1447610143632.png (847.3 KB, 608x966, 7.png)

One more oldie for nostalgia's sake. She was definitely thin, but not spoopy. She used to have a pretty great body (again, IMO), and she didn't look like an old woman/mummy in the face.

No. 59567


That just proves Aly is a terrific manipulator! She can fool everyone.

No. 59569

She used to go to clubs esp with uni socialising boyfriend etc she does absolutely nothing! She doesn't drive, her friends have a seemingly normal life, hers stands out in comparison as being so empty
I'm >>59474

No. 59570

File: 1447611918958.jpg (31.64 KB, 256x307, 2013.jpg)

2013 Aly.

No. 59571

File: 1447611946470.jpg (98.9 KB, 429x811, 2014.jpg)


2014 Aly.

No. 59572


How is she now? People is blind!

No. 59573

Very. Considerimg many anorexics end up as spoopy az Aly and that normies can't or won't do that, that must mean they're struggling with something incredibly difficult. Eating food isn't thought about much by normies, but by anorexics, they may think, just because they feel full:
>Why did I eat so much? I'm such a fat ass!
>I could have eaten less. I should X to deal with it (where X may be exercise, purging, fasting the next day, diuretics or laxatives, etc.)

It is incredibly hard to allow yourself to eat because within that mindset, you'll be fucking up all your hardwork, making yourself impure, what have you. Really depends on motivations.

Specific foods, situations that cause that sort of anxiety vary between anorexics, though.

To compare, someone with depression may feel incredibly unmotivated and therefore doing anything is extremely hard. People with social phobia may find it so scary to go into new situations with strangers. People don't tend to put a lot of thought into either of those things (interactions, performing daily tasks) and the same goes for eating. It really is that hard for the mentally sick.

TL;DR: Yes, Aly actually eating is probably really hard to her, especially at such a low weight. It gets worse as you get sp00opier.

No. 59574

Wow, she looked perfect here. Sad that she went too far and developed an ED. She used to be so pretty.

No. 59575

Whoops, this is really fucking long.

No. 59576

At that point, she probably already had an eating disorder. You don't have to be Ash-level to be sick.

Hell, even if she gained the weight back suddenly, she still wouldn't be 'recovered' or 'not anorexic'. Therapy and all that jazz. Breaking habits. Weight gain is only the first step.

No. 59577

sorry friend, 2013 Aly was infinitely better. 2014 Aly has a sad, flat grandma ass.

No. 59578



No. 59579

Well, we can add:
-Seafood (x2!)
-Sleepless night (this morning she said she slept too little)
-Rotten piece of fruit (some of her grapes… yuck.)
-#throwback to yesterday (cupcake)
-Trust me (waffle selfie "trust my words")

And possibly
-Drowned in oil ("Cooked in loads of oil")
-Be the best version of yourself ("REAL version of ourselves" on her+bro selfie)

No. 59581

Has NO ONE corrected her spelling of "challenging"? It's driving me up a fucking wall.

No. 59583


Perfect? She's incredibly thin here. You can see her bones and the lack of muscle. It's sad.

No. 59584

I thought you were referring to the 2013 pic and was about to agree.
But 2014…..no.

No. 59586


oh my god its even the same bikini.

No. 59587

wtf is wrong with her knees here, they look either really weirdly sloped or maybe just shopped.

No. 59588

Are you sure? You can see her knee tendons..

No. 59590

>Everything that looks even slightly strange about a person's body must be shooped!
When you don't have much leg fat, your knee caps are probably going to look like that.

No. 59595

File: 1447619860531.jpg (223.07 KB, 1356x545, updated.jpg)

If there was an ALREADY BITTEN we would've had a line of BINGO!

Two days and no already bitten. WTF?

I think she's tried to make a raspberry shaped "bite mark" here so that raspberry fits for a prettier picture.

No. 59600

She used "harsh" when responding to a comment on the smiley croissant picture.

No "happy blondie child"? Yet "joyful child" was used twice. Boo, aly, we would have had a bingo!

No. 59606

Things I'd like to see on a bingo card:

-follower asks how she makes her frozen Fortimel ensure creations

-it's all about your willpower

-kick it/beat it

-pained looking family member

I'm wondering about her cryptic comments about possibly not having Day Hospital Control this week… do you think that she knows she'll be in trouble, so she just went ahead and cancelled the appointment? It would be more complicated than that, of course, but I've a feeling that she's trying to get out of her checkup.

No. 59609

Smells like MPA lingo up in here.

No. 59611

File: 1447627251398.png (924.45 KB, 1263x591, r u sure its not the same pizz…)

Did anyone notice these comments? Aly actually answered one of them, and they're still up.

No. 59612

what the fuck are you om about?

No. 59614

>it would change up your feed a bit

Followers getting bored heh.

Bingo suggestions noted and will be included. Stay tuned.

That hospital comment is too vague. I don't like it.

No. 59615

god damn it, evertime a pizza appears on here i get an INTENSE craving for pizza and it's way too late to have one delivered now anyway

No. 59617

>I'm wondering about her cryptic comments about possibly not having Day Hospital Control this week… do you think that she knows she'll be in trouble, so she just went ahead and cancelled the appointment? It would be more complicated than that, of course, but I've a feeling that she's trying to get out of her checkup.

I agree with you.

No. 59619

I know! I was actually triggered to eat the pizza last night bc I knew the happy child would have the pictures up (my time) today. Dang tasty.

No. 59620

I only get this with her coffees but that's EVERY DAY. The froathing nozzle on my maker doesn't work any more either.

She really knows she's in for shit at the next weigh in but idk how long she thinks she can put off the inevitable.

No. 59627

I concur. I wonder if she's pulling some manipulation around her birthday, trying to buy more time?

No. 59628

File: 1447635492885.png (56.1 KB, 1130x158, Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 4.18…)

I apologize in advance for the length, but I'm going to rant a bit now, because every time I see a comment like this one, it both saddens and infuriates me.

@ the people who have said things like "b-b-but Aly never hurt anyone omg stop picking on this poor sick girl!" - this is the harm she does. She represents her experience as "real recovery," even though it's nothing of the sort. Not only that, but the only actual advice she gives to people is complete and utter bullshit: that recovery is "all about your own WILL (!) and positivity (!)" and that you just choose to no longer have an ED by "telling your disordered thoughts to shut up."

The picture she paints to her followers implies that recovery is all joyful, happy fun times with little or no weight gain or any other discomfort involved. Struggle to finish a meal in #realrecovery? Never! Experience horrible, painful digestive issues? Crippling body image problems that make you want to hide away from the world or even kill yourself? Hahah, as if!

The corollary is that, if you're struggling with an ED or having trouble in recovery and you aren't "doing as well" or staying as over-the-top "positive" as Aly, you're just weak-willed, unlike Ms. Recovery Queen. The difference is that her followers who are actually recovering are having to deal with tons of scary, painful shit that Aly is getting to avoid. Even if she is eating "fear foods" (although she doesn't seem to ever truly have difficulty achieving these constant #recoverywins), she's eating far less than most anorexics have to eat in recovery, she's avoiding gaining weight, she's still engaging in tons of disordered behaviors around food, she clearly isn't being closely monitored whatsoever, no one is actively stopping her from being as "hyperactive" as she wants to be, etc.

Compare Aly's fauxcovery with the experience of a typical anorexic who enters real treatment. They might have to spend time (weeks or even months) inpatient, gaining as much weight in a week as Aly has allegedly gained in a couple of months. To achieve this weight gain, they may need to consume upwards of 2500 calories/day, and their meal plan may be regularly increased. They'll be expected to continue gaining until they're at a healthy weight. Their exercise will be restricted, often even to the point of being put on strict bedrest. They'll be discouraged or even actively stopped from engaging in disordered behaviors like arranging their food in certain ways and photographing everything they eat. I think that Aly must, consciously or not, be trying to provoke envy from her recovering/recovered followers, because it seems like she rubs in the fact that she's basically getting special treatment (well, shit treatment if you actually want to recover, or awesome "treatment" if you want to remain anorexic forever). Fuck this shit.

No. 59631

The Bingo card's actually made me think how her family's routines aren't doing her much good.

Sunday - go to the bakery, buy croissants for breakfast, have a glass of wine with cheese and olives…

Everything's so ORGANISED and even if this is what Aly craves, her mother should break some routines.

Another reason I think Aly wouldn't go IP voluntarily is because she'd have to actually live around other people that aren't family members/her three friends. Idk if that's snobbery, but the way she behaves towards her followers, I can't see she'd fit in with other girls at the clinic.

I only have being psych IP to refer to, but while in there everyone who was in the frame of mind to actually do so, was really supportive. We all helped each other, made things little gifts in OT, made each other cards and presents and - yes - ganged up against a staff member if we thought there was some unfairness going on. Probably not a great thing to do, but it was a kind of unity.

I can't imagine she'd like not being the only one doing well, or having to mix with others.

Just a thought I had, but I'm sure there's an element of that in there.

No. 59633

I really dislike how she says she's going to "work" with her Mom.
No Aly, you are exactly like a toddler whose mother brings along because she has to. I wonder if they have a daycare over there? kek

No. 59634

She should go IP to give her mum a fucking break.

No. 59635

File: 1447637915775.jpg (47.59 KB, 509x480, Capture.JPG)

Jesus, how many pics does she take when she goes out? Ma C posted these on her fb. Black coffee #recoverywin

No. 59638

Aly used to be so pretty. ;-;

No. 59643

There's so many people in here with EDs. Boys can also have anorexia, right? I hope Alice's brother never get sick. I also hope we could do something for her…

No. 59644

Her male cousin had an ED.

No. 59646


What!? Really? How do you know that? Does he has a recovery IG too?

No. 59649

She had a pic with a guy and wrote that it was her cousin and that he'd also had an ED and he was someone she admired or sthing. No idea if he's on instagram. Not sure the pic's still going to be on her account seeing how she deleted everything pre-June. It was posted in one of these therads though and commented on.

No. 59658

Of course, boy cand end up with eating disorders of all kinds. Boys recieve the same pressures and have many similar risk factors to girls, including brain abnormalities.

Mini sobstory, but I actually met a young sick boy in an inpatient program a long ass time ago. He was swimming in a sea of estrogen. But it does happen. Stigma provlem leads them to be even quieter about it, too.

No. 59659

File: 1447643922665.jpg (162.45 KB, 949x617, 1437171043079.jpg)

Different anon, but I just found it in an old thread: >>>/pt/139139

No. 59662

Am I being silly in thinking that's a weird pose to have with your cousin? Like it doesn't seem like a cute family kiss on the cheek, she's gotta do that weird thing where she latches her skeleton hands onto their face and shit

I would not kiss any of my family members this way, but maybe it's a cultural difference?

No. 59663

I guess what I mean to be asking is: is that more 'normal' where she lives, or is it a little weird?

No. 59664

File: 1447644808507.png (1.15 MB, 656x2123, Aly 6-22-2015 2.png)

IMO, it's weird. I agree that it doesn't exactly look "familial." She looks like she's embracing/kissing a lover. But, then again, she's the same girl who posted this pic with her brother…

No. 59668

Instead of eating all she does is play on her phone to avoid it

No. 59671

I think Italians are ultra touchy feely so this is normal? My family is descended from Scandinavians so we don't touch at all and I think kissing on cheek/hugging family is so fucking creepy as well tbh fam.

No. 59692

I applaud you for this comment.

No. 59698

I can imagine she's one of those females who are flirty with males. She never hugs her friends or female relatives.

No. 59702

Looks normal to me, given the context of the culture she's from. Doesn't look romantic to me.

The side-on pose seems to be a favourite of hers, must help her cover up the bonez.

No. 59704

Its funny how someone compliments her mother but she takes the credit,

No. 59707

She sure thinks she's dang hot anorexia or no.

No. 59709

Just to put things in perspective, within 6 months of recovery I'd gained over 25lbs and was weight restored. It blows my mind how her followers believe she's ACTUALLY GAINING WEIGHT when she's been like this for years

No. 59710

File: 1447662027916.jpg (29.89 KB, 619x125, pft.JPG)

Oh the sus-fuckin-spense vibes

No. 59712

File: 1447662600727.jpg (37.06 KB, 335x440, wow.JPG)

It was a nightmare, "I felt lost, weak, alone."…but she " didn't let them to win"

Meanwhile, she's in a cafe with Andy Warhol!

No. 59719

Not trying to defend Aly, but she's referring to both, as plural. (italianfag)

No. 59721

File: 1447669763836.png (16.57 KB, 478x151, wp_ss_20151116_0001.png)

Why ask her advice? She obviously hasn't gained an ounce.

No. 59737

why the fuck does she say 'STAY TUNED AND GET ALL MY MOTIVATION' like it's not a fucking reality tv series you fuckwit

No. 59786

I can't believe she has the gall to wear a Paris sweatshirt yet not say one word about the tragedy.

No. 59803

She didn't say a word but she used sad face emoji when asked if she was aware of what happened. A powerful sad face emoji.

No. 59805

File: 1447685658425.png (1.17 MB, 1079x1076, Madeinparis.png)

"Made in Paris" ?

Her shirt.

No. 59807

Weigh in weigh in.

Watch her cancel it because she gets "sick" or something.

No. 59808

it wasn't even a sad face emoji. It's the one people use if they are kind of disappointed. straight line for the mouth.

No. 59817

I'm no fan of spoopy skelly but I don't understand why so many anons are up in arms about paris.

Sure, not the best choice of attire but I don't think she's obligated to PC her IG around what happened. Tragedies happen around the world everyday - is it just because this one has been highlighted in the media she's supposed to give extra fucks?

Maybe I just don't understand because I lack some form of empathy. I just really don't understand how people can expect someone to act all sad about something that didn't effect them. I mean, if you want to be publicly supportive to those people that's not a bad thing - I just don't see why that's something to nitpick. It's not like her shitty IG has a focus on world events and she made a special exception not giving a fuck about this one

No. 59819

She doesn't have to make a big deal about it but it's pretty shitty to delete comments about it from your IG. Some people with EDs are affected by world tragedies and restrict because of them.

What happened in Paris will affect all of us in the Western world. So many of the people killed were students attending a concert, having fun. I think it's somewhat normal to have a reaction, especially if you live in Europe.

If you don't have a reaction, ok, but it's not very polite to delete comments about it off your IG. That said, she is rude as fuck anyway so you've got a point. Biggest tragedy for her would be no more croissants. I mean, she eats French pastry every damn day.

No. 59820


No. 59825

Yeah, I'll give you the deleting comments thing. I can't imagine her reasoning behind that (other than the comments asking why she's not posting about it, which at her low brain capacity she likely took as a personal attack)

No. 59834

She apparently gives enough shits to change her FB picture to that French flag thing and to wear that Paris sweater. But whatever. Her IG is ONLY about her #recoverywins and heaven forbid you discuss in the comments or ask any questions. Not surprised she doesn't mention it at all

No. 59838

no updates since lunch?

No. 59841

Maybe she decided to restrict after all. I mean, gosh, that slice of cheese was WAY over her meal plan. (Because we know the meat and bread was planned. And does chicory count as a vegetable?)

No. 59844

She's had an octopus burger and normal burger twice in one week recently, but maybe that cheeeese tipped her over the edge, her metabolism must be going crazy

No. 59845

It just has to be about her at all times. Same reason why she keeps telling followers that they should DM, or that her insta is not a social networking site.
It's The Aly Show.
Probably also one of the reasons why she is vehemently against going IP. There she wouldn't be princess Aly any longer; she would have to attend groups, be empathetic, accept that her anorexia is not as special as she likes to pretend, contrary to how she is treated at home and on instagram, where everything revolves around her and her only. The longer she drags out her fauxcovery, the longer she can be that special princess, in her mind.

No. 59849

You know that fluffy hair that anorexic ppl get all over them, does princess Aly have that?

No. 59852

File: 1447693778573.png (92.73 KB, 1140x322, Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.03…)

Yep. I'm just waiting for her to delete this interchange…how dare her followers try to help another in the comments on HER posts? It seems like lately she's also just flat-out ignoring more and more questions, not even deigning to reply with a condescending non-answer.

No. 59854

4 hrs??

No. 59855

did she randomly pass out

No. 59857

I have been waiting for her IG to randomly just go dead because something has happened, she hasn't updated for 5 hours, something is definitely up…

No. 59860

Last time this happened it was just her battery that died, come on Aly give us some drama!!

No. 59861

File: 1447694623778.png (234.6 KB, 460x614, scaled_CowStraberryMilkshakes.…)

She's depressed. But have you seen her new profile pic?

No. 59864


>Crappy light for a crappy #afternoonsnack in a crappy day

That doesn't sound like Aly at all :s

No. 59867

She's getting a lot of followers commenting when she's more open, maybe she's thinking if she "opens up" every now and again she'll get a ton of ass pats and ppl will feel sorry for her, rather than ppl calling her out on her bull shit

No. 59868


I thought she was depressed because of her birthday. Or because her next weight in.

No. 59869

She is, another wasted year on IG. but she gets tons more comments when she's depressed so this sharing with her ed family benefits her 100%

No. 59870

Nov 24th now

No. 59873

This is just ludicrous and negligent.

No. 59874

I thought she said in her posi-lush-kipferl post that she'd overcome all the morning's "depression" and "anxiety" through choosing to be happy, willpower and positivity. Tsk tsk.

No. 59895

So do ash and Aly have the same birthday? Miss that dancing skele gif

No. 59897

Calling it now: She's going ip next week

No. 59907

I very rarely think of defending Aly, but it's actually very normal in Italy. Some young men will greet female strangers they are just being introduced to as if they're lovers even haha.

No. 59909

Wtf Aly deleted my comment. All I said was something like "you can do it i hope you have w onderful birthday tomorrow" …

No. 59915


Well, she is being more open, so what if she does it for asspats? We objected that she always put up a positive front and that it wasn't realistic. I'd rather see some acknowledgment of the bad side.

No. 59917

It's her stomach bloated? That would mean she finally started eating!! I really hope so

No. 59918

File: 1447703306685.jpg (165.5 KB, 540x635, IMG_20151116_124715.JPG)

Forgot pic

No. 59919

she has deffo gained weight, just look at her legs

will you guys leave her alone now?

No. 59920

Oh yes, she gained a milligram. Such recovery!

Also, it's a "throwback" pic.

No. 59921


How on EARTH are those toothpick legs holding her up? The fact that her bones look like they could crack / snap/ poke out at any second is making my skin crawl. Euuugh.

I'm not even trying to be mean - I just can't even imagine coping with her in person in such a fragile physical state. Have her friends and family simply grown accustomed to it?

No. 59922

To last Saturday

No she hasn't. Baggy joggers hide a multitude of sins

No. 59928

How old is this "old" pic? Why put up an old picture?

No. 59940

How is this an old picture? "As she stated in the caption below" arrow emoji it's an old picture…

No. 59942

surely you're all not dumb enough to assume she has gained weight by what she's wearing. you can't tell. she's wearing baggy clothing

No. 59943

I can't even tell if this anon is serious.

No. 59954

You're right. Her legs are fucking huge. I set this as the background on my phone as a reminder to never get this fat.

Feck off.

No. 59955

I aM sO TrIgGgeRed I WEiGh So MuCh MoRE HOW DARE u

No. 59980

Isn't Ashley's the 18th?

I wish she'd posted this on Saturday. Would've ticked the "disgusting outfit" box.

No. 60017

Lanugo? Probably not, unless she shaves it off all of the parts of her body we can see. She'd have it on her face if she had it at all.

No. 60019

I'm sure she has lanugo and she shaves it.

No. 60027

bit OT but I fucking love to hate Morrissey. He's so talented and clever..but at the same such an utter twat.

No. 60040

That's the smallest fucking cup of coffee I've ever seen like why would her parents allow their anorexic child to order this and think its enough for a #recoverywin ( ! )

No. 60096

That song's so perfectly Ash tho.

Morrissey does spark that feeling in people. I'm a fan but many times I've had to smfh at things he's done.

No. 60100

I think it's an espresso cup, it just has a shot of espresso in it, not like a whole cup of coffee.

Which is fucked up, btw, someone at her weight should not be taking espresso.

No. 60109

I think she drinks more coffee than she posts. When she posts on ig, it's usually a super creamy (!) cappucino, but here it's obviously black coffee, the appetite suppressant. >>59635

No. 60112

She hasn't had an unpictured cup of hot milk in a long time either. Always two cappuccinos. I don't know why she never takes a picture of both of them, maybe the other one is just a black coffee most likely.
She must be so fucking buzzed at her weight.

No. 60114

What is it that suppresses appetite in coffee? Is it the caffeine or just the fact it's filling?

No. 60116

I guess it's hot so it's filling, and it speeds up your metabolism. I don't know about whether it actually suppresses your appetite though.

No wonder she always looks so dried up and dehydrated though. She drinks at least 5 cups of coffee a day, perhaps more.
I mean there's nothing wrong with that but I wouldn't be surprised if she drinks little to no water. She probably has plain coffee with her lunch and supper too.

No. 60119

Coffee gives me a thirst for water. I can't say black coffee works as a suppressant for me. It just makes me pee so much.

Wonder what she's getting for her birthday. I hope it's some decent leggings.

No. 60128

Nope. Aly's is the 17th, and Ash's is on the 21st.

No. 60129

Yup, the first one. Caffeine supposedly works as an appetite suppressant and speeds up your metabolism.

No. 60134

File: 1447744391515.jpg (167.65 KB, 1072x1436, Screenshot_2015-11-16-21-32-25…)

Looks like Alys pic has been used by a celebrity!! She must be over the stars with excitement (!)

No. 60137

That IS a flattering picture tho. Is that Cheryl Cole?

No. 60138

Her breakfast cookies look so good. She should try eating them. Add a cig and that's a perfect breakfast.

No. 60141

This is a little thing, but it's been bugging me. In what universe is a cup of milk equivalent to a cappuccino? Unless Aly's "cup" of milk was actually just enough to fill a shot glass or an espresso cup, or her second ~unpictured~ cappuccino is absolutely fucking gigantic, why would it be on her #mealplan that she could choose one or the other? The milk makes sense, but the SECOND (!) cappuccino doesn't. You'd need a lot of foamed milk to equal a cup of liquid milk, and I highly doubt an ED specialist (well, one worth their salt) would be trying to push more caffeine on a severely underweight anorexic.

Aside from the bottled water that she included in some of her hospital photos, has anyone ever seen her with water? I'm not recalling ever noticing her with any.

Come to think of it, I think she's the first anorexic I've ever "known" who wasn't obsessed with tea, too. What does she have against being hydrated?

No. 60142

Because being dehydrated = weighing less, looking more spoopy and overall makes u dryer and lighter.

No. 60143

I've always assumed the glass if milk is actually the milk left in whatever she's frothed the stuff for her coffee.

No. 60144

It's her birthday I wonder if she'll have a #realcovery LUSH (!) OILY (sake emoji) BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!11 OMG GUYS LOOK (double eyes emoji) at this CREAMY HEAVAN (cloud emoji). Sending all my posi-birthdaycake-vibes so you can BEAT IT (biceps flex emoji)

No. 60145

You know, I thought I only remembered a photo or two where she had water, but now that I'm looking over it, it seems like she usually drinks water in restaurants. It's probably because there's not a coffee option, and she likely just has one cup.

No. 60152

I can't believe Aly is only nine months younger than me. She seems so childish. How did she go from a normal girly teenager to the child-like creature she is now?
I don't want to make this kind of speculation, but this development is often the result of traumatic experiences. Whatever happened to her or caused her ED should be addressed in therapy, but I doubt she is open with her therapist.

No. 60164


No. 60193

It's my birthday it's my birthday its my birthday it's my birthday it's my bday it's my birthday it's my birthday bday birthday myyyyyyyyyyyy birthday love me pls

No. 60195

That birthday donut is the first filled donut she has eaten. Chocolate custard- filled donut binning confirmed. RIP :(

Also it's probably just me but the donut sprinkles remind me of ham.

No. 60197

>>60195 I Thought it looked like ham too

No. 60198

Her birthday looks like any other day, same food same time same hangouts how is she ever going to recover if she's not able to even mix it up on her birthday!

No. 60199

Aly seems to drink a lot of coffee. That's probably what's keeping her going.

No. 60200

Caffiene increases heart rate and blood pressure. That's how it increases the metabolism.

No. 60210

Oh, true! That was poor wording on my part. The "supposedly" was only meant to apply to the "appetite suppression." I've just never noticed caffeine helping with appetite suppression, and looking it up, sources seem to be iffy on it.

That was the first thing I thought too. It also confirms that she didn't even bite them, which is even sadder. Really makes me want to make a new insta just to post a link to the collage of her binned donuts.

No. 60211

I wonder if it's a body chemistry thing. Caffiene doesn't fill me up, carbonation does, like seltzer water.

No. 60212

You can send the photo link to the parody account, maybe they'll put it up?

No. 60216

Carbonated drinks making you full makes sense. It takes up more room in your stomach/bloats you, I imagine.

Though personally I find caffiene suppresses my appetite. Maybe it's more the caffiene high that does it, like just distracts the mind from focusing on hunger? I want to imagine it's the same reason other stims like ritalin suppress appetite, but maybe I'm off base. I imagine some people have a higher sensitivity to caffiene, so their threshold for no appetite is smaller and they're more likely to feel it's effects as a suppressant.

Who knows. Didn't someone say earlier or in another thread Aly only drinks decaf, anyway..?

No. 60217

Holy shit, Aly, you carefully picked that shirt for the occasion, huh? What's next? A shirt with a cute bomb print?

No. 60218

>Tragedies happen around the world everyday
Are you for real? Shit like that doesn't happen in first world countries every day. Just because the majority of Africa and the Middle East is slaughtering each other on a daily basis doesn't mean it's the standard now.

No. 60219

i think that's what's so insidious about tumblr. people are always there when someone posts about being depressed and their issues

No. 60220

If you want to further this discussion I'd be happy to join you in a /b/ thread. I have ASPD and legitimately do not understand why your sense of empathy is limited to first world countries.

To me, they are the same thing, different places - though I don't really care about either of them. I am sincerely curious, I'm not trying to be an ass. I just can't understand why you, as an empathetic individual, would think that this tragedy is worse than that tragedy just because it's in a 1st world country. Why are the 3rd world lives less than the 1st world lives just because it doesn't happen as frequently in the news in the 1st world?

No. 60223

Happy birthday to the anon that unfortunately shares aly's birthday <3

No. 60232

Aww, you're sweet. I was parodying an Aly-style attention vortex. I get she's excited its her birthday but she's OTT today (more so than usual).

No. 60239

Do eeeeettttt
Note the filling on the first few chocolate donuts…

No. 60242

And the mini muffins ! I'm convinced she's repeating the same habit

No. 60243

File: 1447783158413.jpg (177.32 KB, 1078x1231, Screenshot_2015-11-17-16-26-48…)

She posted this an hour and a half ago btw

No. 60247

File: 1447784587080.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

…is there mold on the pasta she uploaded?!

No. 60249

Gross! So has she done anything for her birthday, presents, been anywhere? Apart from stick to #mealplan

No. 60312

it's just a bit of blue cheese

that looks like almost no pasta

No. 60317

Aly… cake =/= pie

No. 60321

In a few months she'll be taking her pictures through a microscope

No. 60322

she literally parades her life like it's a tv series

No. 60324

but would not be surprised if happened

No. 60330

File: 1447792545932.jpg (48.07 KB, 450x337, chocolate-birthday-cake-recipe…)

Are italian birthday cakes always like this? I was expecting something so much more… hmmm…

No. 60337

i had a pie for my birthday too, but i'm a total sucker for pumpkin (or any other squash) pie, so maybe it's just me. also, i didn't take a close up picture on instagram and write an emoji-filled novel about my super-posi-pie-vibes

No. 60340

There's no way she didn't walk into a bakery and take a picture of this pie and then leave

No. 60342

It's pretty vile how one persons life is seen as more worthy or lesser dependent on their nationality. There have been major terrorist attacks in the last few months killing hundreds but yet didn't receive the same sympathy and world coverage.

Pray for Lebanon, Palestine, Russia too for example

No. 60343

shut the fuck up.

No. 60344

You're disgusting.

No. 60345

hurr durr why did people do that pray for trayvon shit then?

People only whine about people grieving and showing sympathy when it's white people getting hurt. Can't even get massacred without you SJW fucks whining that we're getting too much pity.

No. 60351


Do you have an eating disorder too? Because I usually crave for the most fattening cakes on my birthday lol (I'm not sick btw), so I was expecting Aly to have a gigantic piece of chocolate cake with ice cream on top and coke and a delicious and special dinner before that. Or maybe she did but she won't post the pic until tomorrow? Anyways, being sick sucks.

No. 60356

ok cool why didn't you talk about them when they happened, why did paris have to happen before you started whining to be subversive

No. 60358


'stay tuned for scenes from our next episode'

No. 60361

File: 1447800779022.jpg (14.98 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

??My #edfamily this is PURE HAPPINESS in one picture ? this is the proofs that #realrecovery can change your whole LIFE ? look how much of a JOYFUL child I look EVEN THO 20 ?? This is the reason why I always say that #recoveryispossible I AM GAINING WEIGHT AND LIFE ?? and that the reward is overwhelming ?✨ Honeys, we HAVE to fight ??? to choose to be brave and to ENJOY OURSELVES ? ? each minute of our precious existence ? cause we WORTH MORE than an ED ☺️ I'm sending loads of motivation and positivity to you all ❤️ ILYM ?

No. 60362

File: 1447800918434.jpg (147.04 KB, 565x565, skellie-5.jpg)

You kindly asked me for a picture from the #recoverywin ? sushi date with my Sister ?? and here I am ?? sharing one of the most beautiful, joyful and meaningful #selfie -s ever ☺️ and a lil positive reflection ??
?? Yesterday evening has been simply awesome ✨ and I can't believe that I was so nervous before ? We spent a wonderful time at the restaurant chatting in peace and enjoying our fabulous sushi ? We ordered the same things but she couldn't finish her plate; I did. Might it be triggering? Yes, but not yesterday. Because my #edfamily "food" was the LAST of my thoughts❗️?? I was focused on the lovely evening I was living, I was enjoying what I was craving for and all the ED sh*t was SO FAR ?? This is what #realrecovery gives YOU darlings: FREEDOM, NORMALITY and HAPPINESS ?? Calories, weight and so on worth ZERO compared to those feelings; choose to live darlings and start believing that #recoveryispossible ? cause the reward you'll gain back will be EVERYTHING in that moment ?? and your illness will be nothing ?? Trust me and get all the positive vibes, motivation and encouragements I'm sending you ?? Be brave, be strong, BEAT IT ? and choose LIFE ❤️ ILYSM ?

No. 60372

PLEASE make this the next aly parody account on instagram. No copyright infringement!

No. 60373

…er, except the rights of the original photographers of those images cough

No. 60374

Do you guys think she'll actually go to her rescheduled Day Hospital Control next week?

No. 60381


No. 60382


Kekekekek I'm fucking dying! Someone please make this an IG account.

No. 60387

Yes, mouldy blue cheese… that one little blob irritates me so. If there were more I could handle it.

No. 60389

File: 1447807840738.jpg (143.98 KB, 1300x957, joyful-smiling-skeleton-wig-si…)

Aly on Instagram like…..

No. 60401

well more cheese would mean more calories. Her pasta almost always looks like diet food - she definitely makes most of these "sauces" as low-cal as possible

No. 60455

No pictures of candles on her cake makes me suspicious. Or any family photos today , not even a single balloon or badge. Sad celebration

No. 60456

Idkw but her pasta always looks cold to me, never steam and looks really rubbery

No. 60457

Probably spends a while arranging it just so, so that we can't the the (extremely shallow) bottom of her dessert plate and stuff.

No. 60460

Yeah, extended time arranging, laying out a tablecloth, photographing. Imagine getting every shot framed the same - same angle, size, proportion, same chip on the freakin saucer of the morning cup… every single time.

No. 60461

9:10am and no breakfast pic. Do we have a tearful Aly this morning?

No. 60462

Oh, lel she just posted. Today started AMAZING and she's going to tell us why!

No. 60465


Yes, it will be a BOMB❕??
> Tribute to Paris, obvy.

No. 60466

I was going to mention her use of the word bomb. Not something you really want to use right now.

Find this difficult to believe
>I beated my illness and enjoyed my B-Day to the FULLEST and was so HAPPY that I FORGOT about having an eating disorder.

Especially considering she posted 10 food pictures.

No. 60468

I was just going to post that. She was on Instagram posting food pics for a good portion of her day…I don't think she even realizes (nor, I believe, do many of these other #edfamily Instagram weirdos) that arranging, photographing, and writing about everything she eats for an audience of tens of thousands of people on the internet isn't a normal behavior. If she'd really forgotten her ED, I'd think she would have, I don't know, not spent her day chronicling what she "ate" (?) for a group mostly composed of other people with EDs? Maybe she'd have been a bit less rigid about her fucking breakfast, which is the same thing every single day (except with slightly different cookies). Maybe she'd have added some fucking sauce or spread or something to her dry, boring lunch? Maybe she'd have eaten a slice of cake instead of an ~ensure creation~?

No. 60470


I was just thinking the exact same thing.

Anyway, isn't today her weigh in day???

No. 60471

It should've been but it's next week now.

13k followers but only around 100 people wished her a happy birthday. Weird but probably a more true representation of what they think of her real recovery?

No. 60477

Urgh aly using that "today is going to be a bomb" really fgrinds my gears, so fuckin insensitive! The atmosphere around Europe is so tense and frightened at the moment and this ignorant bitch couldn't care less. I'm sure Interpol and Europol as well as police forces from every European company are interception g our social networking activity at the moment and I just have an image of tactical teams busting through the windows of the Casati residence cos the word bomb was flagged. Made me laugh

No. 60480

oh for the love of God when are you guys going to get over this Paris shit? Now you can't even use the word Bomb because oh no (!) there was a TERRORIST ATTACK . Big fucking deal. There are bombs that go off everyday in other countries as well. And you's are getting butthurt because Aly didn't address the attacks? Do you realise how sad that sounds? You are upset by the fact that someone with a mental illness who is extremely egotistical didn't address what happened? Big fucking whoop. I'm by no means sticking up for Aly I just think there are hundreds of other things that she can be picked on for, not something as insignificant as using the word bomb.

No. 60481

File: 1447844494692.jpg (611.6 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpg)

Found this on Alys "burger" pic two days ago. Some People still aren't buying in. My bet is she knows she's in trouble at weigh in too and that's why she putting off the appointment. There's no way they changed it because of something on their end, I refuse to believe that.

No. 60483

All I'm going to say is do some research. Find out why this "Paris shit" affects the whole world. Read a fucking newspaper. We sound sad? You sound fucking stupid.

No. 60485

No. 60486

true icon of recovery

No. 60488

Yes this is GOLD

No. 60491

I want to make a parody account too. I think my posts would be perfect. Can't think of a name, though.

No. 60492

it's not even just "white people", paris is chock full of blacks ffs

No. 60493

you obviously have no idea what's going on in the world or you'd have mentioned turkey

No. 60494

That poxy piece of fish she's had at the restaurant though.

No. 60495

right because everyone who likes pie has an eating disorder….??????? wtf?

No. 60496

actually it looked pretty good (if i ate fish, i'd be interested in that). But there were almost no carbs there. i don't get it.

Her meal plan seems on par with the lowest meal plan i have ever been on (when i entered IP). Of course we were not made to eat donuts but if these extra "challanging" things she's having are NOT on her plan, her plan is rubbish. Period.

sage for OT but i have pics of myself before IP and after i was released to outpatient day therapy (2 weeks later). i had gained about 6-7 lbs (some water weight because i was deliberately restricting water too) - i knew because the first thing i did upon getting home was weigh myself. My face - at least as bad as Aly's before IP - was dramatically different even with just 6-7 lbs.

i can't believe her for one second. She has barely gained anything - if anything.

No. 60497

File: 1447850286140.jpg (122.57 KB, 926x596, ffs.JPG)

So. so sick of this shit. Every time I see her mum smiling I want to slap her face. I know it's wrong to think that way, but this is beyond a joke.

No. 60498

And her saying eating outside is such a challenge, she does it EVERY day!! Im sick of her saying literally anything is a recovery win, no its not Aly not if you've done it a million times before and spewed posi fucking vibes about it!

No. 60499

Also, she means she said yes to Another free lunch, forget the rest

No. 60501

Doubt she's going to be so JOYFUL at her weigh in.

No. 60502

Henry Roth posted a link to this woman's fb. She's 51. This is going to be Aly at 51 even though she's still insisting she's realrecovering.

No. 60505

Why does Aly call her appointments "day hospital control"? She could just call it a clinic appointment or hospital appointment.

No. 60509

Must be a direct translation of the Italian words.

No. 60512

Right, but there's a much simpler way of saying it. Aly really needs a tutor so she can learn proper English.

No. 60513

Oh the irony

No. 60521

Any new bingo?

No. 60526

What's the irony?

No. 60529

That woman looks younger than Aly though.

Yup, it's a direct translation of controlo, which can also mean examination or checkup.

No. 60530

Amen. Over sensitive PC anons need to make a fucking tumblr post about it, reblog asspats from each other and fuck off.

No. 60533

So all she needs to say is "I'm having a checkup tomorrow…"

Her English reminds me of what would come out if you used Google translate, tbh.

No. 60536

Not even the Anon you're quoting but go fuck off and activist elsewhere. You sound like one of those windbags shilling for global warming.

I honestly do not give a fuck if I'm dead tomorrow because of some correlation with the paris attack. It has nothing to do with aly, and like another anon said, there are way better things to milk her on.

Go join a fucking group to validate your sensitive ~awareness~ elsewhere jesus christ.

No. 60538

The irony is that she claims to be an english tutor herself

No. 60539

I predict a fortimel picture coming up as afternoon snack held over some grass, fake recovery win#

No. 60543

Ahhh, yeah. She shouldn't be teaching anyone English. Hopefully she's not getting money for it.

No. 60544

That would require her to be somewhat knowledgeable about the English language, anon. She'd probably fuck it up and say something like "I'm having control tomorrow!"
Plus, mentioning a hospital gets her more ana points.

Lastly, yes, I agree. I'd suggest maybe she gets lazy and uses a translator sometimes, but if she did that, she's actually spell things correctly.

No. 60547

I swear to fuck if I see one more pic of her with food like this I'm going to go crazy I can't even like enjoy an Aly thread anymore… it's the same shit same poses same bs and she hasn't recovered or gained a pound. It's frustrating lol and tbh its so obviously OCD Ana disordered how she just posts pictures of food all day… her life is photographing food and writing long emoji-bombed captions. And its been going on soooo long. I don't get how her family/friends/doctors think any of this is okay. ?

No. 60548

File: 1447866200907.jpg (138.74 KB, 1078x985, Screenshot_2015-11-18-12-47-45…)

This is the actual time she took that latest fortimel picture, not the time she's claiming. This proves to me how fake a lot of her pictures are. This was accidentally posted before the pic of her birthday pie picture, so she must have taken this photo about the same time

No. 60555

What time zone are you in?

No. 60558

GMT. So she posted lunch at 1pm, second pic at 2pm, this pic at 1.47pm, pie pic at 2pm, then her version of fortimel pic at 6pm.

No. 60560

I'd be totally fine with Aly and her account if it wasn't for the captions, I bet she doesn't even write them anymore - she's probably got some kind of automatic text writing system that just rearranges the 5 different sentences she knows.

No. 60561

Or she'd actually want to tell us something else, too, but that's the only English sentences she knows and that's why it's the same every day.

No. 60562

I'd actually love to know what a day in her life actually looks like. What she actually eats and what she does when she's not arranging food (like Cassie in Skins lol). I feel so sorry for her, she desperately needs REAL professional help. Why don't they force her to go IP? She's obviously dying!

No. 60564

No. 60565

File: 1447874014294.jpg (143.91 KB, 640x923, image.jpg)

On this morning cookies pic

No. 60566

>#Lunch has been this HUGE (!)? plate of prawn ?? and a biiig potato ? bought at the market ? and roasted in dang much oil ?? plus ofc some asparagus ? cooked in loads of oil ? Omfg my #edfamily this meal was HUGE and DROWNED in oil❗Regrets? NOT AT ALL. More oil means more taste ? and fuel ?? and this #recoverywin was worth it ?? I remind you #recoveryispossible ? if we challange ourselves each day (!) ☺☀️ I'm sending all my posi-oily-vibes and motivation. ?? #togetherwecan BEAT IT ? Bite by bite ?? meal by meal ?? This is what #realrecovery looks like ?? ILYSM ❤️

I am choking.

No. 60567


Have you seen those fridge magnets that're a bunch of words and you make them into a poem while you're waiting for the kettle to boil? Her captions remind me of that.

It's like she has phrases on strips of paper and just jumbles them up every day. How can she not know how tedious her account is.

No. 60576

File: 1447878008297.jpg (18.27 KB, 291x144, you lie.JPG)

Her calorie intake today is possibly the lowest ever.

7 cookies
1 croissant
piece of fish
1 satsuma
plain crackers
miniscule slice of pie
bowl of soup

I'm not even including the Fortimel because nothing's going to convince me she drinks it.

No. 60578

I've speculated that she simply lets her phone's autocorrect do that next word suggestion thing, but then again if she actually used an English language pack she wouldn't make such crass mistakes. OR she already taught her dictionary her atrocious misspellings.

No. 60583

skelly's first post is up

No. 60586

I'm so confused after keeping up with this girl for so long why she chooses to run a recovery account when she knows she's not getting better. Does this make her feel like she's justifying her ED? I mean if she really cared about recovery fam or whatever she'd stop and just destroy herself in private. Fucking hell she's a cunt.

No. 60588

I kinda hope she is just to take some pressure off poor mama and papa casati.
Maybe now she can buy her own pastry to grin at.!

No. 60590

she was an attention whore before her ED and liked fishing for compliments. Now that she has an ED and pretends she's recovering, whenever there's a comment NOT kissing her ass, she or her minions can guilt trip them because "she's sick and recovering from a horrible illness". She is LOVING the fact that she can make her entire instagram just praise and admiration and knows that if she removed the facade of being a recovery account she'd either get deleted for being Pro-Ana (my efame!!!) or get scorned on IG for promoting her illness.

No. 60591

oops, *asshole gap.

Also, like Ash and other spoopy skellies, Aly doesn't give a fuck about anyone but herself. You think she cares about her "ED family" when she puts her immediate family through this nightmare on a daily basis? She's a spoiled egocentric cunt.

No. 60614

File: 1447889075334.jpeg (310.98 KB, 1279x1437, image.jpeg)

Lots of fun comments on tonight's soup post as well. She'll have lots to delete in the morning. Sleep tight Aly, you useless cunt.

No. 60622

I am SPEACHLESS (!) that anyone would make an account saying bad things about Aly! She is literally the nicest and most amazing and inspirational person ever, so why would you even do that? It's so DANG (!) confusing. What a poor girl - she never did anything wrong ;_;

No. 60625

I'm not handwringing about it, I think it's funny (not Paris- Aly I mean). Here she is, a young person in a big European city ,most likely to be sensitive about events in Paris, but she's so wrapped up in her motivational instagram captioning she's committed this dumb faux pas. Timely too, with the suicide bombers in Paris and Lebanon.

I will note that Americans have zero sense of humour when it comes to 911. It's up to the French and the rest of Europe how to feel about this incident isn't it?

As for all these hastags, they disgust me. Don't tell me to fucking pray for anything.

No. 60630

The way America thinks that 911 was the start of terrorist attacks pisses me off. We had decades of the IRA bombing the fuck out of the UK. Not the scale of 9/11 but murder is murder whether it's one person or hundreds of people.

The praying thing's wasted on me, I'm an atheist. Would've been nice if there was a god. I doubt it'd let this shit happen.

Sage for OT.


No. 60631

atheists always gotta tell you that they're atheists. you're as bad as vegans.

No. 60632

So cry some more.

No. 60636


Woah, you sound pretty euphoric right now buddy

No. 60637

I agree with you, but 9-11 was on a much bigger scale than other attacks. I say this as a NY'er who saw the towers burn from my neighborhood.

No. 60642

Damn. I'm gone for a day and we have two parody accounts? Awesome.

How DO Aly's followers find the fake accounts so quick? Why are they so predictably a tattletale? Do they not know they're harming their delicate flower by exposing her to opinions and facts she does not want to hear?

….I wonder if she's checking in on aly_realcover as it's still up.

No. 60647

I guess they find them using the tags.

Brewing up a shit storm on the soup pic! How can she read those comments and not…have a word with herself?

No. 60651

We're aware of the IRA to a certain degree, though I doubt that the unwashed masses know much about them, and have had terrorist attacks in the past as well (Wall Street bombing, 1st WTC in 1993, the Weathermen, Oklahoma City bombing, etc). It's reasonable to divide recent history into pre- and post-9/11 because it was the worst terrorist attack of all time. It was alarmingly well-planned - it wasn't a car bomb, mass shooter or lone hijacker - and it set the tone for how the US has operated ever since. Four planes, two iconic skyscrapers in NYC and a government building all in three hours is pretty damn productive.

Not to downplay what the UK has had to put up with for so long, though. We're relatively new to this whole "organized groups committing acts of terror" thing, but the Fenian Brotherhood basically invented modern terrorism back in the 19th century iirc.

No. 60652

>How can she read those comments and not…have a word with herself?

But she's been told the same things 50 times before (or more). I don't think they have any effect on her now in the sense that they'd cause her to change her ways. I'm sure she does get angry though.

I googled aly_realrecovery and a newish mpa thread came up. The judgment is unanimous: her account is bullshit. Even the anas have quit sympathizing with her.

I wonder what will happen on the 24th. I hope it's ED inpatient. She looks like she's made any headway since August (at best).

No. 60653

Samefag but: aly_realrecovery, I like your photography.

No. 60655

Not to mention all the friggin school shootings, ugh. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Amish school massacre, etc etc.

No. 60671

File: 1447911638196.gif (992.06 KB, 500x260, Oh my goooooood.gif)

These fucking people, I swear

>B-b-but it's almost impossible to gain weight and it takes forever!


No. 60672

File: 1447911691607.png (154.54 KB, 1134x460, Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.38…)

Sorry, I meant these fucking people.

No. 60674

Are you realrecovery4real? Your last comment on that post was SPOT ON.

No. 60676

Aww, thanks. I just can't even believe some of the comments people are making on these "fake accounts." The Aly Internet Defense Force is so bizarre to me.

No. 60677

I'm laughing at myself over how long it took me to realize the difference between aly_realrecover and aly_realrecovery. I thought people were trolling and trying to get her to report herself.

No. 60678

Which, actually… could be used to an advantage. Aly_realrecovery could answer some of her twin's inquiring followers, at least until she's blocked.

No. 60679

I like to imagine that some of the #edfamily browse the hashtags that these "fake accounts" are using, come across their posts, and don't look closely enough at the usernames to realize that they aren't the real Aly.

No. 60698

Her beef burger looks dryer than a nuns pussy

No. 60704

File: 1447941414113.jpg (212.55 KB, 748x1368, Screenshot_2015-11-19-13-55-05…)

Somebody's hair isn't looking so healthy anymore

No. 60705

Can't believe she's still trying the "sneacked" bullshit when it's so obvious it's posed. The first impression of the photo is that of a skeleton. I thought skelly_recover had posted.

And again with the "if I didn't eat it why would I post it" – I don't know, why did you do that before for months on end?

No. 60706

Aaahhh god, girl is looking freaky

No. 60707

She looks like that thing from sponge Bob square pants (im a grown adult, I cringe when I write this!)

No. 60708

I'm not a sneaky manipulative deceitful cow I promise,.trust me edfamily, why would I lie?

No. 60709

File: 1447943032432.gif (392.43 KB, 384x288, tumblr_ldvl48EWw31qdcpbx.gif)

No. 60710

File: 1447943654824.jpg (20.79 KB, 187x156, IMG_20151119_083203.jpg)

I wouldn't eat it either after these Dirty claws touched it. So gross!

No. 60711

Perfect gif

No. 60717

She looks like someone who is homeless and abuses drugs

No. 60723

That's a real progeria face.

No. 60724

Right? This should be a PSA poster. Like, "Don't do drugs, kids. Or THIS is how you'll look when given a cookie!"

No. 60729

File: 1447950489222.png (94.19 KB, 1158x292, Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.43…)

I thought this comment was trolling at first, but I looked at the poster's Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/and_she_is_bliss/), and I'm not going to give her that much credit. I really think she's serious. It's unbelievable to me how Aly has roped in all of these other people (who, for one, she doesn't even know in real life, and who also lack any actual stake in her recovery) to defend her delusional fantasy of #realrecovery.

No. 60733

File: 1447952613536.png (5.07 MB, 2381x2102, Not even once.png)

Working on a cookie one now

No. 60735

File: 1447952760266.png (78.62 KB, 944x414, fuck off.png)

She needs to stop trying to be a smart ass.

Her arrogance is UNBEARABLE.

No. 60738

File: 1447953334811.png (4.75 MB, 2389x2064, Not even once 2.png)

Here's #2

That is fucking hilarious. Aly-speak is like its own language. #ensure #superlicious #biiiig #challanging #determinated #likeabomb #alwaysfavorite #posi-vibes

No. 60741


These really remind me of faces of meth. I don't know why I haven't seen that selfie before (bathroom shot), but it's the nicest pic of her I've seen.

No. 60742

Where is this bathroom photo from? The difference in her hands is incredible

No. 60743

File: 1447954033633.png (812.53 KB, 1356x545, henriksen.png)


The one with with the cookie pic. She's in a bathroom (mouthwash, towel rail).

One of my new interests is spotting Henriksen's comments. Found him on this spoopy's account. This girl pisses me off

No. 60744

File: 1447954544722.png (498.82 KB, 600x674, If you give an Aly a cookie.pn…)

I got the "befores" from her old personal account: https://www.instagram.com/alice_eleanor/

Also, the cookie thing made me think of this book. Over 5 minutes in Paintbrush!

No. 60746

Oh, and just saying, for all the fun I've poked at Aly, making these images gave me a serious case of the sads. It's so shocking to see healthy Aly next to spoopy Aly. It's like she turned into a cross between a child with progeria and a hardcore drug addict. What a horrific decline.

No. 60748

It's even sadder to think that she's nowhere near the mind set to recover. Instagram really is 100% a large part of her reluctance right now. So many psychological issues going on, but it doesn't even look like they're being addressed by anyone.

No. 60749

Looks like Aly took inspiration from the parody account that posted a "maxi cookie" just yesterday:

No. 60750

Gross, he's one of those guys who preys on anas because he knows they have low self esteem and are easily manipulable.

No. 60757

File: 1447958682149.png (985.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-19-17-39-02…)

She was really spoopy here but at least she was out having fun like a regular girl her age

No. 60760

File: 1447959586499.jpg (153.65 KB, 640x871, image.jpg)

"Soooper challenging" dinner yet you have had bolognese sauce based pasta once a wee, usually Thursdays, for the last six weeks if not more.. I just don't have that much time to keep scrolling through the same redundant photos. None of this is challenging anymore I think she's just doing the same old song and dance and it's gotten stale. It's time to go IP Aly.

No. 60763

Good lord, that looks nasty.

No. 60765

Aw I hadn't seen that one of aly before, she looks really cute. What a shame.

No. 60766

File: 1447962147446.png (551.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-19-14-40-53…)

Ffs she is condescending

No. 60767

It's depressing that this is all her account is ever going to be. All her life is going to be. Same old shit every day. Cookies, cappucino, croissant, Starbucks cup, seafood and ugly ass pasta/gnocchi based dish, coffee with her mum. Today, tomorrow, forever.

No. 60789


Until she kicks the bucket ofc (ghost emoji)

No. 60792

Aly_realrecovery, are you this person?

No. 60796

The tiny foods on anon's account is so cute. I want to know where to buy them for my mum's dolls house. Never seen any as realistic.

No. 60800

Must be sooo boring - just living from one meal to the next - I have a 'severe ' eating disorder and prob. Look like her but at least my day is not covered up with this food shit and I have NORMAL interests like music and stuff (and lolcow lolol)

Btw I got blocked by aly for suggesting going privat ?! Wtf

No. 60802

Aly would never go private. She loves the publicity and attention too much

No. 60806

Isn't it so cool? In one of the videos, a commenter linked to a Japanese website that sells this stuff. Only, I know zero Japanese so I didn't look into it much.

No. 60808

I guess Aly would not hesitate learning Japanese for that

No. 60809

Japanese and their fancy miniature food. Yeah my mum's got cakes and a few other bits of food, but it looks really crap. I think it's made of resin. That Japanese stuff must be that clay stuff.

Aye. I know people say OH BUT SHE'S SO IMMERSED IN HER ED TO HAVE ANY OTHER INTERESTS, but I've never seen anyone SO deep into it they don't have some other things to talk about.

I've mentioned on Ash threads I know a 40 yr old ED woman who is more or less Ashley (blocked drains with puke) and she's crazy about music and making things. Okay, her bath's full of food but she rarely even mentions it. Aly's probably never had any real interests to begin with.

No. 60810


No. 60811

Even Ashley has interests. Aly is like an empty shell that happens to have an eating disorder.

No. 60813

File: 1447985124583.jpg (38.7 KB, 640x480, feb132.jpg)

This is the only picture where her smile seems genuine.

No. 60814

File: 1447986051202.jpg (63.59 KB, 339x500, IG_4715_1.jpg)

Sage for OT, but I KNOW! I fucking love miniatures, and these food ones are amazing. It looks like eBay (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/miniature-food) has a decent selection of food minis, actually.

I'm obsessed with tiny things, and I paint "fantasy" miniatures (like for Dungeons & Dragons) and do "basing" (creating scenic bases for the minis to stand on) as a hobby. Pic related - I didn't paint the one in the photo, but I painted that same mini myself, and it's one of my favorites. I'm working toward the ultimate goal of setting up full dioramas of various scenes so I can photograph them. I just got a bunch of electronic parts today and now I can wire my stuff up with 1.8mm LEDs. It's so fucking cool. Before I got into doing it myself, I thought that "miniatures" were either simple dollhouses or boring army men for kids (or super autistic adults) to play with. BUT NO! It's a fairly nerdy hobby, but it's tons of fun and very satisfying, IMO.

I'm currently drooling over the custom minis Heroforge (https://heroforge.com) makes, but they're fairly expensive. It's like a character creation thing from a video game, and then what you make is 3D printed for you. I wish I could just buy myself a 3D printer so I could design all kinds of tiny things, but money.

Sorry, I know this isn't /snow/ - Miniature Things but…MINIATURE THINGS! Oh, and I also have had an ED for most of my life, and I've always had hobbies and interests that I've pursued. I can't imagine not doing so. It's sad that someone can be so completely consumed by their ED that it's practically all they are.

No. 60817

Haha that's the best part! It'd be boring to me if it was fake food being pretend-cooked. I've seen other Japanese mini-cooking videos where you get a kit for fake-food assemblage and the "food" is powdered candy-flavoured gunk that you add water to and mold like clay. Naah. This is the real stuff.

No. 60819

No. 60820

I like the ramen video best. I've never seen anyone cooking tiny food before and I want a go!

That's pretty good but my mum's house is Victorian. She's got a decent set of "copper" kitchenware. They need to concentrate on getting food right. That seems to be what lets dollhouse bits down really.
Aly wishes the tiny food chef was her cook. She's so batshit at this point she'd still be calling it a #recoverywin.

My SO used to paint those warhammer figures. I tried one once but haven't got the patience and my hands shake too much.

No. 60821

I'm the owner of the aly_realrecovery account. I'm already feeling lazy about finding photos and writing out captions. But as we know, Aly's account is so repetitive and over the top with positivity, it is like a parody one itself.

No. 60822

Further evidence of alys decent into insanity. How can she write that crap so often every fkin day. Takes a special kind of mind.

No. 60823

Oh. Forgot to mention. A couple of days ago I spotted half a sentence missing like she'd copy pasted. Either that or her phone was on the wonk.

No. 60824

I'm going to sleep now but predict alys bad wake ups and anxiety's going to increase daily as weigh in day approaches.

I'll check her cookies and croissants on waking. Going to dream of tiny burgers now.

No. 60825

File: 1447991999874.jpg (102.72 KB, 917x568, Capture.JPG)

I bet she copypastas. I cannot mentally accept that she is vapid enough to construct those emoji captions multiple tim….oh what am I saying.

Pic relevant to Aly lies! I was looking through her old photos and found this gem of an admission. Screencapped in case she has a NEW new beginning after admitting to a continued relapse.

No. 60829

When you're imitating her writing style, you realize just how repetitive and over the top it truly is. I don't think she copy and pastes, though. There are slight variations to what she writes, even with the same phrases. Not like any of her followers would notice if she did.

Her Instagram obsession is doing her more harm than good (obviously). She obviously likes having her large following, but after recovery, a healthy person would have no use to be a part of that community any longer. So she would lose most of the attention.

No. 60830

I still can't get over that giant honking feeding tube they put in. Really makes me wonder if Italy's ED treatment programs aren't totally primitive and backwards.

Who uses giant feeding tubes like that??

No. 60833

It's not abnormally large tbh. It's the way they taped it to her nose that makes it look odd. I had one like that when I was ip but they taped it to the cheek, not my nose

No. 60835

She looks horrible in both of these pictures though. Idk the before, she just looks stupid and not very good. But
is absolutely perfect, so good job. The contrast there is insane.

No. 60837

She has posted this before I remember…

Anyway, her weigh in is coming up next week when? I'm tired of waiting on it. She needs help but I feel as if she will get out of it somehow. Sigh. Whatever happened to the bingo? Can that person at least come back with them for the weigh in day?

I wonder if she will try to push back the weigh in day again though. If she does someone will crack down right?

No. 60840

I'm envisaging a week of MacDonalds icecrean donuts chocolate.. double everything! Just to keep her boney ass out of IP

No. 60843

A whole week? ip threat or not, that ain't gonna happen. tearful laughter emoji

No. 60844

Haha ok ok one day, Panic Tuesday

No. 60845

So Aly posted her freaking second breakfast (!) And shockingly did not have a croissant. No, my #edfamily today she had a… drumroll please… freaking THIRD cappuccino. Dying

No. 60846

Although ofc this one was a #fullfat capp so does that mean her usual ones arent? No clue since everything is a #recoverywin either way

No. 60848

File: 1448014085062.png (638.76 KB, 936x602, Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.01…)

I can't find Anna's thread anywhere, but
>allergic to fats
>eats bread covered in avocado
>"boo hoo i dealt with the migraine"

Can't keep your bullshit straight eh so you can continue to eat diet food you crazy ana bitch

No. 60849

Its in the catalogue

No. 60851


"(…) but after recovery, a healthy person would have no use to be a part of that community any longer. "

And THAT is the mainly reason why she isn´t in "realrecovery".
Her life revolves around food, food aaand….food. Did I mention…. FOOD?

I bet she reads cook books and recipes in her leisure time.

No. 60852

Furthermore, I wonder if she has any physical consequences belonging to her restricting and being so sever underweight?

I suffer from EDs 7 years now and after only one (!) year the densitiy of my bones decreased, which now developed into osteoporosis at its best and I already broke my leg and my arm without doing anything "special" (just slipped and fell on the ground)

Anyways, does she not have any chest problems? Isn´t she cold the whole time? Isn´t she damn WEAK?

Not to mention the stomachaches. When I eat a "normal" amount of food, first it literally feels like dieing because of bloating and nausea.

(Sry for my English btw, I´m from Europe)

No. 60854

yeah its not showing anywhere for me :/

No. 60855

Some people never truly "recover" and food is all they think about, I can't imagine living like that. I've had OCD in the past and it was insanity.

No. 60857

File: 1448018437232.png (682.41 KB, 600x599, Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 4.17…)

Holy shit, she rly posted 3 pictures of the same cookie like in one day
with even the same amount ALREADY BITTEN in 2 of them, for fucks sake

No. 60858

File: 1448020397276.png (168.91 KB, 1188x712, Screenshot_2015-11-20-12-00-43…)

some already deleted(!) comments

No. 60859

I feel bad for saying this, but I'm starting to hate Aly. As someone who actually went through the weight restoration process (though I never was as emaciated as her), her constant lies really piss me off. How stupid does she think people are? At her weight she should have already gained a substantial amount of weight if she was really eating all that food.
She'll still be pulling the same shit a year from now if she's not dead then.

No. 60860

>since I hate wasting food

For God's sake fuck off already Aly, you are such a lying cunt

No. 60862

Someone corrected her on this (was that you, anon?) and Aly deleted that comment but left her incorrect comment up. Yep.

No. 60863

This line of hers killed me!

No. 60864

As an OP there's no way you'd be allowed to just have one roll for lunch. It'd be with crisps fruit and a yogurt, something!

No. 60865

That sandwich rivals the Namibian coast in dryness.

No. 60866

File: 1448028311336.jpg (188.05 KB, 934x597, muhrecovery.jpg)

>posed to accentuate her thinness
>makes sure to let everyone know that she used to weigh less
>sad about weighing a whopping ~60 pounds

Good job getting rid of thinspo accounts, IG. /sarcasm

No. 60867

File: 1448028382188.jpg (85.48 KB, 759x407, lolcoww.jpg)

translated: looks like a vagina (slang word)

No. 60868

Brilliant! Aly the lesbian

No. 60869

I've been mentally calculating calories for the day's projected intake, and its..not a lot.

Bfast cookies - ~300 cal
Bfast light capp - 64 cal x 2
Full fat Cappucino - 120 cal
Crackers (30g) - 150 cal
Grapes (?100 g) - 70 cal
Sandwich - 270 Cal for bun + 60 Cal for 4 turkey slices

1098 Cal so far.

Another 300 for fortimel (plus a cookie? Add 60 cal). A cupcake at American cafe might be another 250 Cal?
And a pasta dinner with cheese sauce - maybe 300 cal.

So she's maybe hitting 2000 Cal in a day.

No. 60871

I think that would be plenty for her to gain on, assuming she was actually eating it.

No. 60873

That's because it died, or maybe reached its limit. Here you go though: >>39939

No. 60874

Her breakfast cookies are normally like 20/30 cals and she DEFINITELY doesn't drink the fortimels

No. 60875

Do you know the brand? I googled Italian biscuits. Hers look richer than than usual amaretti biscotti, and richer than the Marie tea biscuits you get in the UK. Those are definitely low cal, but I didn't think Aly's biscuits fit that mould.

No. 60876

Today's are more calorific but I think her usual ones are v low cal,

No. 60877

File: 1448032364619.jpg (179.32 KB, 922x591, stupid people.jpg)

The worst part is, some people are as stupid as she thinks they are. Look at all of her constant defenders who jump down other people's throats. "Gaining weight takes time!" "She's trying!" blah blah blah until she fucking dies and I don't know what they'll say then. "It wasn't due to her ED!"

No. 60878

A bit like her own claim that the hospital trip was nothing to do with her ED. I absolutely detest her atm, I can't help it! She's just a pure lyer

No. 60879

Exactly. Considering they believe that her calories are inflating her organs and relay it back to people, I'm sure they also believed that and will repeat it when she's dead.

No. 60880

and what about her really eating all that, but over excercising afterwards?

No. 60881

Daaamn some Italian follower really went off on her sandwich post. It's too lo for me to capture on my phone.

No. 60882

They'll say she was so brave tried really hard, we're all haters. She does not do anything to deserve all her followers, she lies, blocks, deletes and abuses their kindness

No. 60884

I can't capture it either but according to the translate, she has "cocks instead of legs," so I'm dying laughing.

No. 60885

If she considers the single "maxi cookie" from yesterday such an OMFG HUGE #RECOVERYWIN FIRST TIME EVER EATING THIS then I doubt her breakfast cookies (if she even eats all 7) amount to more than 150 or maybe 200kcal.

No. 60886

File: 1448034839833.jpg (275.71 KB, 972x1483, Screenshot_2015-11-20-15-20-21…)

Part 1

No. 60887

File: 1448034858139.jpg (107.39 KB, 910x664, Screenshot_2015-11-20-15-20-29…)

Part 2

No. 60888

File: 1448034874341.jpg (111.94 KB, 1072x821, Screenshot_2015-11-20-15-20-57…)

Plus these

No. 60889

File: 1448035274255.png (9.37 KB, 120x113, Capture.PNG)

explains that emoji she shes with her mum all the time

No. 60890

Calorie counter anon here. Okay, I'll cede the point to you guys on the cookie calories, because I honestly don't know for sure.

The tarte tatin…one slice is 210-350 Cal per the Internet. Let's average that out to 300. Her Belgian waffles are more calorific than that (if she eats them) at 400 Cal+. A plain 10 in. crepe is surprisingly only 90 Cal.

No. 60891


Those chocolate biscuits (Mulino Bianco Pan di Stelle) are 262,5 calories. 37,5 cals each.

No. 60895

Ah, thank you. So if those are the richer cookies amongst her collection, the usual cookie calorie count is maybe 200-240. A croissant is 330-450 cal based on fillings/extras.

Anyway, her total Cal "intake" varies from about 1900-2500 Cal. I don't see her eating 3000+ consistently as people have told her on the comments. I could be wrong, but considering her portion size I don't think so. Whatever she's doing, it's inadequate. Her meal plan is also a joke because it's only maybe 1000-1200 Cals.

No. 60898

File: 1448040411149.png (1.12 MB, 1079x1074, 1120112315.png)

This is totally what 5 months of recovery looks like, guys. Everyone should follow in Aly's footsteps of #realrecovery

No. 60904

Christ, the only thing that looks vaguely lively about her is that fake smile, but cover that with your hand and all you see is a corpse.

No. 60963

Sage for personalblogshit. I know I should be above this, and it usually doesn't get to me, but I've been feeling so shit about my body lately that it's actually starting to get under my skin. Ulcers, gastritis, and other fun GI issues left me at an Aly-ish level of spoopy in the beginning of 2015, but as my stomach started to heal, I was able to eat more, and I gained ~25 pounds in a few months. I increased my caloric intake and (gasp) I gained weight. Magic. It's not that I want to be a spoopy again, but all of the comments like "Lay off of her, it's so hard for a person to gain weight when they're severely underweight!" "She has severe anorexia, so it'll take her forever to put on any weight!" etc. are starting to make me feel like I must be a disgusting fatty with a "slow metabolism," even though I know that's not true. It's just…I never, EVER ate more than 3000 calories/day. Usually not even more than 2000. I gained back the weight I'd lost pretty quickly once I was actually able to digest more than like 1000 calories/day.

Anyway, I can't imagine what it must be like for Aly's followers who are themselves in, say, inpatient treatment for anorexia and are having to gain in a week as much as Aly claims she's gained in close to six months. Having to deal with a rapidly changing body isn't easy, in my experience. What Aly's doing is really self-absorbed and all-around shitty, and I hope she ends up actually having to go through the same kind of treatment that many of her followers have gone through. That might be vindictive and mean, but whatever. I'm pissed off today.

No. 60967

Bingo anon here. I ~struggled~ to think of enough words aly uses that hadn't already been on previous bingo cards! I'll do another but if anyone can think off what to include lemme know.

Going to include followers comments. A special edition day control bingo will definitely be posted.

No. 60970

File: 1448051637153.png (27.94 KB, 1080x143, Because-there-is-none-to-show.…)

Wonder if this person is serious? Are her followers blind?

No. 60991

Could be trolling.

No. 60992

File: 1448061526227.png (377.45 KB, 1140x1012, Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.16…)

Top kek. She deleted the posts correcting her about her use of "delved" and just left it like this because ALY IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

No. 60998

I wonder if she blocked the person who offered up the proper definition of "delved."

Bitch is getting more and more insufferable. Is it bc anorexia eats your brain, hubris from constant gap pats/31k+ followers, or a combination of both?

No. 61002

I'm almost positive she blocked the person. She's blocked me for correcting her (nicely) before, and I've seen comments on some of the "fake accounts" stating that others who have corrected her on things have been blocked as well. Her hubris is unbelievable. I'm a native English speaker, but I've studied both Spanish and Japanese, and I just can't even imagine being so cocky that you'd act like you know your second/third/whatever language so much better than native speakers that you're incapable of ever making a mistake. I'd be glad if a native speaker corrected me on an error I'd made when using their language, because then I could avoid making it again.

I think it's a combination. The adoration of her assholegap-patters and the guaranteed 700+ (often 1000+) likes on every single repetitive-ass photo seems to have really gone to her head. She seems like she was probably fairly self-absorbed before (judging from her old "personal account" and some of the tags she used on her own photos, lol), and now she's getting told every single day by people from all over the world that she's a fucking queen…but I'm sure her brain is also not functioning at 100%, either.

Another topkek screenshot here. YOU ARE A LYING LIAR WHO LIES.

No. 61003

File: 1448064879137.png (66.6 KB, 1134x236, Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 4.05…)

Sorry, screenshot here.

No. 61005


What's the point of adding up calories when Aly doesn't eat the food or throws it up anyway?


No. 61007

Yeah yeah. To be fair, we don't know for sure what exactly she's doing. She may not be purging; she may "just" be restricting her intake to around a maintenance-level number of calories. It seems that many of her followers are under the impression that she's eating like 3000+ calories/day, even though the food she shows in her photos adds up to much less than that. So, I think anons were trying to add up how many calories were in what she was photographing to show that, even if she's eating and keeping down everything she photographs, she's still not eating as much as she'd need to if she really wanted to gain weight and recover.

No. 61009

>>56772 https://www.yahoo.com/health/proposed-anti-anorexia-law-causes-debate-in-italy-94065089317.html I'll just leave this here… posted over a year ago but interesting read considering it could directly affect Aly if this were eventually passed. Also good insight into how much of a growing problem anorexia is in Italy. Wonder if this would actually apply to her? She doesn't have a 'pro-ana website' per se…but she is certainly promoting eating disorders in the most twisted way to thousands of followers

No. 61014

Calorie anon here. You've got it exactly right. I was being generous with her calorie intake range, if anything. There are days when she has a light dessert and light dinner so it'd be maybe 1600 Cal that day.

She's put herself in a position where she can be accused of eating 3000+ Cal and not gaining…she can't correct people on this either because then it looks like she's not eating enough (which she isn't) to gain. Now she's going to stick with hypermetabolism as an excuse and idiots will buy it.

No. 61016

File: 1448070949104.jpg (207.47 KB, 933x585, https://41.media.tumblr.com/dc…)

Her Instagram used to seem like an actual person was behind it, not a positive over the top bot.

And pic.

No. 61019

Oh and: assuming current weight of 75 lb (BMI 11.7) at her height of 5'7" she'd need to eat 1571 Cal/d to maintain. (http://caloriecontrol.org/healthy-weight-tool-kit/assessment-calculator/)

If she eating 2000 Cal per day she has a net positive of 500 Cal which means gaining 1lb per week.

That's not been happening. So either she's more active than we are told or she's eating less than we think (lower portion size or low cal versions of things) or she's throwing food out.

And that's all I'll say about it, I'm done.

No. 61022

Huh. Human emotions, and only one emoji. I don't recognise this aly but I'd like to see her again.

No. 61023

'i hate wasting food'
claims to have thrown away all of those donuts

No. 61026

She is an anorexia-bot now. An ED zombie. It's sad, really.

No. 61027

this is really sad i wish she was really getting better

No. 61033

For weigh in day you need to make a special edition one at least! Haha.

And that post with the pizza I swear she's posted before or it's ftom a different angle. Same with the persimmons.

No. 61038

File: 1448089239406.png (590.34 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-21-01-56-07…)

She doesn't usually lie so blatantly about "working".

No. 61041

File: 1448090246871.jpg (110.84 KB, 545x378, saturday posivibes.jpg)

Saturday BINGO card. Are you ready for the #challange? I am.

No. 61042

shit, she woke up earlier than I did

No. 61044

Fucking lol, is she still "teaching English"? I like to imagine she is, passing on all of these horrible bastardizations of the language to her pupil(s).

No. 61045

File: 1448090789506.png (89.27 KB, 1082x336, Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.2…)

(confirmed for still "teaching English" - that's a DANG challanging job!)

No. 61047

Oh, I've seen this girl around on ED forums. She thinks taking vitamins will make her gain weight because then her body "won't be putting as much effort in."

No. 61048

Me: Hey… that screenshot looks familiar… OH. RIGHT. The exposure Tumblr that I started and then let fall on the wayside, lol.

No. 61049

File: 1448092729035.gif (1.81 MB, 334x334, tumblr_nxzfvtEdDu1upnbl4o1_400…)

I didn't even know there was a tumblr exposure account for her! You need to post the url. Hey, it worked getting people to realise Ash was a nasty piece of work and farmers would help you ofc.

"you took my friends away :_("

No. 61052

Yeah, I never put it out there because I'd only do a bit at a time, and I don't know if I was doing a good job. It's aly-realrecover.tumblr.com

No. 61053

File: 1448094597579.png (32.13 KB, 1142x96, Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 12.2…)

Really? REALLY? REALLY? Doesn't look like a troll account, either…

No. 61054

cancers been rough on grandma

No. 61056

I really do think that these retards are so new to aly they have no clue her "first post" isn't her real first post because she deleted her history of lies.

Nobody who's been following her as long as we have could be so stupid.

No. 61066

File: 1448111647021.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-21-13-10-24…)

Bro looks like he's going to choke miss haggard any second

No. 61071

Yeah, she ate those pancakes for sure. Nor.
Look at her Brother's Croissant; he's almost finished it and aly's still staring (and what she thinks is smiling) at those stupid pancakes! With an amount of goodwill you could say she maybe took a bite (Or didn't she write her brother tried them, too? That's maybe the missing bite. Means they're not eaten by aly.)

What a waste of food (bc those pancakes really looked good).

No. 61083

File: 1448119450234.png (55.2 KB, 1110x212, Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.23…)

Why such a cunt, Aly?

No. 61088


YES, THIS. I was like… wtf is her problem!? And yet some fangirls claim she's such a sweet and loving person. Give me a break.

No. 61090

I don't think pinkdonut was even answering for her. She was answering Aly's question "are you talking about a pre-ED picture?"

No. 61091

File: 1448120720829.png (Spoiler Image,721.61 KB, 720x720, IMG_20151121_104035.png)

Guys didn't she post this exact same picture not even two weeks ago

No. 61093

Fuck sorry for spoilering, posting on phones is hard

No. 61097

File: 1448121592314.png (71.44 KB, 233x111, Capture.PNG)

the eyes
absolutely disgusting

No. 61099

I don't remember for sure but her friend def. had the exact same pose/hair/smile so..

No. 61104

If Aly recovers, she'd just be a snobby, obnoxious bitch. She strikes me as the high school mean girl who shoves you if you get in her way and rolls her eyes and says "um, I wasn't talking to you". Except she's 20 and still has that attitude.

No. 61106

Her hangryness is the biggest giveaway of her not recovering.

No. 61109


She looks like "Uhh YUCK! Look at this …normal people would eat that crap, but I am stronger and better"

Her brother looks like getting really tired
of this photography stuff
"Just leave me alone with my croissant!!"

btw his hairstyle is awful in this picture imho lol

No. 61110


hey - i would say it is not okay to call them "disgusting"
Imho her eyes say the truth - she looks tired, exhausted, weak, anxious…to be continued :(

No. 61111

File: 1448125249563.png (277.14 KB, 280x598, image.png)

Hairstyle probably influenced by the new school year and puberty. It's sad to see him growing up so fast. I remember when he looked like this just a few months ago.

No. 61118

Ok guys new conspiracy theory:

Aly is dead. These pictures of her+friends+family are old. Family member who can't keep up with the grief is slowly doling out her photos, which they took many of before her death to try to cope with the fast approaching inevitable.

Thus Aly's complete change in posting style. Deleting comments as much as possible and reusing existing pictures as part of the queue, to stretch the fantasy out as long as possible.


No. 61120

File: 1448128300366.png (1.18 MB, 705x1312, Bro 2.png)

Oh my, what a twist!

We're witnessing another phase of his evolution from ~happy child~ into perpetually pissed-off edgelord.

No. 61121

Nice receding hairline aly

No. 61125

SNEAKED, REALLY?! She just naturally poses like that?! SHUT THE FUCK UP ALY. FUCK.

No. 61127

Oops, I raged at her before even realizing it was discussed here, lol.

No. 61133

I really thought so too, but it appears her friend just has a bad habit of posing exactly the same.
If anyone wants to make a collage, feel free:

No. 61134

Ahah yeah, that explains it

No. 61137

File: 1448132292622.png (5.3 MB, 2351x1179, Devolution.png)

Fuck, she looks terrible. I think she's approaching her final form.

No. 61144

At least her brother looks dang (!) handsome. They have like, super great genes, Aly used to be extremely pretty pre-ED. What a shame she let anorexia take it all away from her. She looks exactly like an alien now. Bruh, this is so upsetting.

No. 61148

File: 1448133536801.png (562.42 KB, 476x688, Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.1…)

I know, LOOK AT THIS SHIT. She must not realize how fucking awful and terrifying she looks. I can't stand that so many people constantly tell her she looks great and healthy and all that crap.

No. 61157

File: 1448134872149.jpg (83.94 KB, 918x581, Capture.JPG)

Such a recoverywin guize

No. 61158

He's growing up to be a handsome, young man. And I mean this in a grandmother sort of way Bc I'm over 18 and not a pedophile.

No. 61159

She used to be gorgeous, but I'm sure her personality was still nasty. Now her looks match her personality more, imo.

Sad eating disorders take over lives, but she makes me rage with her condescending attitude.

No. 61161

File: 1448135424634.jpg (125.35 KB, 918x587, Capture.JPG)

Is this ironic or am I using the word wrong?

ripdonuts, were you admonished for basing your account on a fake, by someone basing their account on a fake Irene Adler?

No. 61163

File: 1448135677150.png (12.79 KB, 500x500, sdfkjasdlkf.png)

>tfw your stupid collages get used
Love you long time, anon

No. 61164

Of course! Imagine that grimace perma-frozen onto her face. That's her natural expression (hairflip emoji)

No. 61168

File: 1448136331181.png (563.23 KB, 631x586, 1448128300366.png)

jokes aside, I do feel bad for him, especially because I have two younger brothers of my own.
what is aly's family going to think when they look back on old pictures (after she's died ofc!) and all they see is her maniacally grinning at plates of food or staring into the camera, completely disconnected from everyone else?

No. 61172


All credit to you (thankyoubasedcollageanon) and ripdonuts

No. 61173

I love how her icon is the exact same pose

No. 61174

He looks like he's been gnawing into his bottom lip. Could be a way to stop him sperging out at his sister.

No. 61176

also why does she have to number every single snack/meal

No. 61184

25 cals. AT MAX, for a small fucking piece of dark chocolate
damn such a big SNACK, especially for the THIRD dang snack of the day (!)

No. 61187

JFC Aly, a tiny-ass piece of dark chocolate is not a fucking SNACK you brain-fried zombie. It's given as a small extra to your goddamn coffee because guess what, coffees aren't snacks either.

No. 61189

Impressed how she's made the free chocolate look quite big. Those things are so thin it isn't even the equivalent of one square of a chocolate bar. Not that she ate it anyway.

This needs to be said - that banana. Eeeeeeeewwwwww.

No. 61191

She's very well-practiced in the art of using deceptive angles in photography. Practically everything she photographs seems like it's supposed to look like it's as HUGE (!) as it must appear in Aly's mind, or as she wants her followers to believe it was.

No. 61195

The food she takes extreme close-ups of on her tiny dessert plate looks life-size on my phone.

No. 61196

Looks like this giant brick shaped chocolate bars Lupin gave to Harry

No. 61205

I don't know why but this really made me laugh

No. 61206

in other news, Ginger is eating ice cream in the bathtub

No. 61210

who brings their phone into a tub, oy.

also, brown rice pasta?

No. 61211

also also: what is that "ice cream" abomination? I looked it up and they say their pint has only 100 calories (!). The ingredients list:
- pea protein
- glycerin
- organic agave inulin
- organic tapioca flour
- xanthan gum
- guar gum
- stevia
- monk fruit extract
- baking soda
- cocoa powder
- cinnamon

my brain says that this just cannot taste good, or have a texture and satiety rate approaching real ice cream. has anyone had this "dessert" before?

No. 61212

Let me guess, wink desserts right? That shit is like watery cement diarrhoea cardboard vomit

No. 61217

File: 1448153359919.png (97.54 KB, 1080x424, Blocky.png)

Wonder how many people Aly has blocked?

No. 61218

Yes. And that's about what I expected the taste to be. Unfortunately trying to find reviews of the product by non-bloggers (sponsored) and non-suspiciously-ED reviewers is difficult.

No. 61220

I'm guessing at this point it's in the thousands lol

No. 61223

do you think she can still make it? i'd love to see her get better. this is so sad, i really don't understand eds

No. 61225

Sure they say those things but it's still gross. Skin streched over bulging, tired eyes is not nice to look at. And she's a disgusting person for all her lies.

No. 61226

Was the Ashley thread on /pt/ deleted? I can't find it and my tab went 404 on me…

No. 61232

I just checked the catalog and it's still there. But it has over 1200 replies, so a new thread is probably in order…

No. 61235

On that note, someone posted an erika thread yesterday - was it deleted?

No. 61241

Yeah it was. Although I don't know why. Maybe the admin can tell us.

No. 61244

The OP probably deleted it, seems like he knew her and got the info he wanted.

No. 61249

No. 62956

Ripdonuts here!

Oh god, yes, that is considered irony. I didn't even realize that, haha!

Excuse me, your collages are AMAZING. They're just all perfectly spaced and aesthetically pleasing because you arranged Aly's obsessive photos "properly," and basically, I love you, Collage Anon.

No. 62965

Her collarbones are literally protruding so much in these photos it's scary. She must be dropping a lot. Her cheekbones you can tell are getting there too soon at least. I hope something makes her go to IP before something fatal happens.

Also, where's the new Ash thread?

No. 62966

Sunday. Bakery in the morning. Croissants for family not including dad. Wine and appetizers while mum cooks. Day of revoverywins. It's too exciting.

No. 62968

Don't think anon bothered to make a new Ash thread.

On my phone alys chest area looks mottled blue. She's literally becoming a corpse before our very eyes. Still, at least Ma can still laugh about it.

No. 62969

Wait how the fuck was that banana she posted ripe?!? I'm not a banana expert but wtf it's all black and bruised. Am I just not knowledgable about bananas or something?

No. 62971

The banana's probably okay inside or has a few brown bits. It's a day away from rotting inside though. They must buy all the cheap fruit that's on the turn. Classy family.

No. 62973

Guys I'm so excited about the 24th. Aly weigh-in days are like election day to me. And there is something off about this one. I need help.

No. 62974

Usually the bananas which are sold at the supermarkets are green and not ripe.
Look up "freeleethebananagirl" on youtube (also has lolcow potential)

A banana gets ripe when it gets brownish spots!

No. 62975

If there wasn't an aly weigh in day, I don't think I'd bother with this thread.

Its kind of like a month of a Tory government, then election day comes around and I'm excited there's going to be a Labour win (Aly IP). Usually a disappointment, but hope is there.

No. 62976

She's alive. Seven cookies, check. Moos is super up, check. Ready for that sevind breakfast croissant #recoverywin? Will it be a hilarious selfie of croissant nose? How we laughed.

No. 62977

Erm autocorrect. Yes she moos.

No. 62979

Ty anon I feel the same way. I'm pretty sure it's hopeless but I'm still nervous and wishful.
Still no hot milk btw, two capps as always for the past idk how many weeks. Wasn't milk part of her meal plan? I think she does have one and follows it but very subjectively.

No. 62980

She probably gets a migraine from vomiting. Ginge is not allergic to fats, she's probably just triggered by them.
I've heard this bull excuse before from EDs. "I'm allergic to [insert random, usually high-cal food here]" Usually just an excuse not to eat a food that they think will put weight on them. When they do eat it, they throw it up just so that doesn't happen.

No. 62984

File: 1448185174228.jpg (116.87 KB, 545x378, 1448090246871.jpg)

I was pretty lenient but I say we earned this bingo.
Just to explain my choices though:
-Puffy face post-pizza picture (still has those weird lumps/wideness on the sides of her face)
-Positivity is the key ("This is the reason why I'm so positive" said in the selfie-with-bro pic)
-TOO FAB (she said dinner was a FAB conclusion)
-Kick it/BEAT IT (she said BEAT IT in 3 pictures and KICK HARD in 1)
-Heeeeeell yes (she says this phrase in the selfie with her friend)

No. 62985

Has anyone noticed how today she included like 1-2 sentences about how EDs make you have a false, horrible personality and how you're supposed to fight it? Is that her making fun of herself because there's no way she's that blind to that self-created irony.

No. 62988

Awwww. Anon! Bless you. I thought everyone was bored with my bingo cards!

TodYs would've had the croissant nose pic. I still pmsl at that joke. No, really I do…

Would be good if a sister or family member's told her what a bitch she is, but they're too pussy. NO idea what goes on in this girl's head.

No. 62991

File: 1448187872474.jpg (98.88 KB, 972x628, Screenshot_2015-11-22-10-23-31…)

Kill me now

Poor kid

No. 62993

She must be such a burden on her family. I bet she pulls shit like saying "If you don't take this picture with me I won't eat this BOMB of JOY". Her brother looks so unhappy

No. 62994

Her obsessed look dang frightens me

No. 62995

Her eyes are a complete give away that she's in trouble, such swollen/wrinkled eye bags. In need of some water, nutrition and time away from the screen!

No. 62996


maybe also tired from blocking all these "hater" followers

No. 62997

File: 1448194104486.jpg (35.26 KB, 310x584, Screenshot_2015-11-22-10-23-31…)

And just a hint of the sternum poking out still as concave as ever

No. 62998


guess that´s her watermark now

No. 62999

The old ladies arm and hand. Face is going the same way.

No. 63000

I have an ED as well and instead of eating dang (!) lush ofc in oil cooked food and #secondbreakfast #RECOVERYWINS
I´m sipping on my coffee with FAB #lowfatmilk
and spend my time on lolcow and on the Internet. damn should make an insta account

No. 63001

soon she will fully disappear unter that #croissantbombs.

AH I GOT her plan! She gets skinnier and skinnier so her foods appear even bigger #posi vibe LYALSM

No. 63003

The majority of us here are recovering/recovered, still suffering, or are normal. I feel safer here than I would on Instagram, which is a twisted thing to say, lmfao.

No. 63006


hmm you are dang right, because this is more "real life" (even though it´s on the Internet) than insta

No. 63007

File: 1448197893817.jpg (29.68 KB, 500x268, 1395948343036.jpg)

No. 63009

I feel like all the "sneaked" pictures, which she used to do ALL THE TIME when she was totally #realrecovering y'all, by which she meant "I'm throwing all this delicious food away," is her laughing at her gullible followers. As in: "Look, not only am I getting even thinner, I'm doing the 'sneaked pictures' lie again - you fucking morons! I am the undisputed anaqueen!"

No. 63019

Instagram's not a good place to see destructive mental illness. You can easily get sucked in. Here is good because it reinforces why such behaviours should be avoided or worked at. It's that way for me anyway.

No. 63023


freelee once had a thread not too long ago
it died though

No. 63025

I feel like there are so many people in this thread with an ED history because people who don't know what EDs or recovery from them are like don't fully get how enraging Aly (and the entire fake recovery community) is.
By the way I'm pretty sure Aly has other mental health issues going on which was probably discussed here before. What was the general verdict on possible other illnesses?

No. 63026

OCD and control issues, codependency issues with her mum, oh and cuntitis

No. 63028

acute cuntitus

No. 63033

She also must have depression because that comes with an ED.

No. 63035

Ofc she only gets depressing in the morning times or when her dad gets sick of her shit but she gets over it quickly with her wills power and recovery wins.

No. 63036

More like chronic since it's been going on for a while…

No. 63046

Eh. Not everyone who ends up with an ED has depresion-type symptoms. Malnutrition does a number on the brain, but Aly could have been depressed before anorexia. A lot of what she did before her recovery account could have been cover ups. Who knows with Aly. But if she has any form of anxiety, it's not unlikely that she also has some form of depression.

Sobstory but I also have an ED, but it's very easy for me to tell you that I felt the way I do now (self-hating, unmonivated, not interested in many hobbies) well before I got sick.

No. 63048

File: 1448210039100.png (58.85 KB, 1122x232, Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.14…)

She mentioned a while back that she could have a cup of milk OR a second cappuccino, and ever since, she's (SURPRISE!) chosen the cappuccino.

The "fake recovery" thing is a huge slap in the face to people who have gone through actual recovery from an ED. It really is enraging.

Re: this screenshot, I really hope these people are asking because they realize she's made no progress whatsoever (and possibly even gotten worse) since her ~new beginning~. I've seen a couple of people ask recently, and I'm trying to convince myself that they're all just trying to test Aly or something and that they can't honestly be serious about her having made "progress"…

Oh, also, I wonder when she's going to stop referring to herself as a "child"? She's 20 years old now. It's getting kind of weird.

No. 63049

>Oh, also, I wonder when she's going to stop referring to herself as a "child"? She's 20 years old now. It's getting kind of weird.

the obsession with child-like things and being treated like a child (esp. while in hospital) is such a creepy ED thing.

No. 63051

That chocolate drowned waffle tho

If she did eat that, kudos to her.

Is that chocolate sauce on the waffle or what? Looks kind of thin…there's usually a thicker layer of proper chocolate on those waffles. But still, better than nothing.

No. 63052

It's strange to me, though, because no one I've ever known IRL who has/has had an ED has acted quite like that (completely infantilizing themselves, being obsessed with kiddie movies and dinnerware, etc.). I've only seen it on the internet. Maybe it was because the people I knew were, you know, receiving actual treatment (where they were encouraged to let go of those kind of behaviors) instead of "#realrecovering" for Instagram assholegap-pats.

Yeah, that's a LOT of chocolate, even if it looks to be a fairly thin sauce. I'm honestly quite impressed if she ate that all and kept it down. Maybe she's freaking out because her weigh-in is looming on the horizon.

No. 63061

Anyone else there who is annoyed by this "nana-thing"?
monkey emoji - tongue emotji

everytime she posts a banana and writes about herself being "a joyful nana lover" I get this awkward feeling like when someone scratches over a blackboard o.O

No. 63067



I have to admit I sort of infantilised myself at the worst of my ED :/ putting my hair into pigtails, being proud of having a childish body coupled with a childish face which resulted in me looking about 12, children's clothes, being proud of dropping sizes even in the kid's section, etc.
However I was fully aware it was sort of embarrassing and not normal, and I know it was related to the fact that I didn't really want to be an adult with a sexuality - one thing that really "set off" my ED was sexual violence.
I cannot speak for Aly but it seems strange that she went from normal girly teenager to …the freakish thing she is now. If she wasnt such a cunt to everybody, I would be sorry for her. She's very very sick and likely to die from her ED.

No. 63068

"Nana" is one of my biggest ~triggers~…of rage

No. 63069

>fuel.for.ballet Well I had about double the calories of what my meal-plan says so YES.. I ate much more than usual

I thought she had no idea how many calorie she eats. Hmmm.

No. 63070

> I will never show pictures about my lowest weight and I don't have any of them on my phone; it would be insane

No. 63073


No. 63075


oooohkay, Aly, congrats: you suffer from Dementia as well now

No. 63076

Fuckity fuck fuck.
I REALLY hope she means double the amount for her afternoon snack. Because if she means double for the day… yeah fucking right. Fuck it, I'm asking her…

No. 63077

Well, regardless of what she did in the past it's a good decision to not post those photos again. Also, she must know she can be dinged for thinspo if she posts them.

It also helps her escape comparison, because it's not like she looks very different now.

No. 63078

I thought how she looks now must be the lowest. If she didn't wear those sweatpants she'd look the same as she does in the pics from a year ago.

No. 63079

You realize, of course, that she's probably at her lowest weight now. She's thinner than she was in the underwear pictures, if those are the ones you're referring to.

No. 63080

somebody should make an account of aly's bitch behaviour called aly_realcunt

No. 63081

File: 1448215582032.png (714.12 KB, 421x581, Capture.PNG)

i highly doubt that's sauce but i mean

No. 63082

I'm terrible at guessing weight changes from photos so I don't know if she'd look t same or worse. Either way, I'm glad she isn't posting more ootd/full body photos because I saw one of her photos from a few weeks ago has a couple of girls commenting "perfect body". Just no.

No. 63085

File: 1448215741618.png (458.16 KB, 742x332, Capture.PNG)

that's the same smile you give all your foods you deranged cunt

No. 63086

it's only just dawned on me how much it annoys me when she says "darlings look at this" shit like piss off aly you're not my grandma

No. 63087

It's like a chimp's fear/submissive grin.

No. 63088

I honestly think that Aly's legit senile/batshit.

No. 63090


it´s a narcissistic, food-obsessed ED grin.

No. 63092

I'm sorry, but all I can see in this photo is her badly applied lipstick.

No. 63094

File: 1448216411141.jpg (10.08 KB, 236x225, alywoof.jpg)

No. 63095

File: 1448216656751.jpg (23.97 KB, 393x275, denver_dog_showing_submissive_…)

ahahaha, I had to google CHIMP SUBMISSIVE GRIN and that dog turned up first pic!

Didn't know about that. Very educational.

No. 63096

File: 1448216715719.jpg (36.99 KB, 654x560, YIjI3KW.jpg)

classic: (then back to crazy bitch aly)

No. 63097

O god hahahahaha. "little faggot", poor little guy hahaha.

No. 63099

>the obsession with child-like things and being treated like a child (esp. while in hospital) is such a creepy ED thing.

This girl is the epitome of what you just described, but she doesn't see it that way, of course.
I hope they stop treating her in pediatrics and move her to an adult hospital soon, bc she won't recover until then.

No. 63107

This is still one of my favorite pictures on the entire internet, ever.

Eek, I haven't seen her before. Wow. At her age, I would have been incredibly insulted by being stuck in the peds unit and treated like a literal child like that, but it seems like that's what she wants…?

No. 63111

File: 1448218541477.png (191.68 KB, 1130x644, pls respond.png)

Aly-senpai pls respond…or delete the comments and block me, further proving that you're a gigantic liar who lies.

No. 63112

Peds units took patients up to 21 yo at a hospital I was familiar with. But yeah, the older patients always looked embarrassed to be there.

No. 63113

File: 1448218648977.png (2.22 MB, 1872x1198, Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.3…)

Because…shouldn't this be her "lowest weight photo"? When she was hospitalized at BMI 10-something back in June, before she got the feeding tube or anything? It's still up, but I wonder if she'll delete it now.

No. 63114



No. 63116

So Aly must not be reading the parody accounts, or realrecovery4real farmer's account would have been blocked, no?

No. 63117


realrecovery4real is doing a damn fine job of maintaining a balance of completely insane fangirl/trolling. i applaud you anon

No. 63118

>but it seems like thats what she wants

Its exactly what she wants. I think she'd cry or throw a fit if she were transferred to adults. If you read some of her posts, know that "mama bear" is what she calls her doctor/pediatrician.
and like Aly, her last hospitalization was totally NOT ED related!! it was bc her pancreas was failing, totes not bc of ED (yeah fucking right).
She definitely didn't appreciate people discussing whether or not being treated like a child was keeping her stuck in her ED (it def is) on this pic..

No. 63119


aaah :) so, realrecovery4real belongs to lolcow ! lmao I thought about this before, bur was not shure.

lmao lmao DANG GOOD WORK anon

No. 63120

How old is she??? She looks like a grown ass woman. Why the fuck is she on a kids ward?

No. 63121

Huh. Some interesting parallels there. At least she leaves the "hating" comments up so she's got that in her favor.

Is her "mama bear" a pediatrician specializing in eating disorders? In my city there's only one ED specialist as far as I know and she's a pediatrician. I wonder if that's the reason she's admitted to the peds ward.

No. 63123

It's strange she's given baby foods and children's Ensure type things. Hmm. She's obviously really sick, so I'm not bashing her, but not wanting to go to an adult ward…I can't get my head around. Unless that's part of her mental illness? Idk?

No. 63124

her tumblr address

neotenous = Neoteny is the retention, by adults in a species, of traits previously seen only in juveniles (pedomorphosis/paedomorphosis), and is a subject studied in the field of developmental biology. In neoteny, the physiological (or somatic) development of an animal or organism is slowed or delayed.

sounds like it's on purpose

No. 63125

Shes around 20/21. She says where shes living people are treated at the ped ward til 25 or longer…

No. 63126

looks like most of the comments at alys are coming from farmers nowadays.

No. 63127

>Is her "mama bear" a pediatrician specializing in eating disorders?

Yes, "mama bear" is a pediatrician specializing in EDs, but she's not alone. There are adult ED specialists in the area, but alexis thinks she should stay with her team bc they "know her, her history, and what does/doesn't work for her so well".
Its stupid, and definitely counterproductive.

No. 63136

i think Alexys current problems are not related to her relationship with her team. There was kind of trauma reveiled and then things went down hill.

No. 63144

File: 1448228655020.png (128.27 KB, 1140x390, BULLSHIT ARTISTRY.png)

lol thanks, I keep expecting to get blocked but it's not happening. I can't stand this BS dressed up as "recovery," though - it's painfully obvious that she can't post a "progress picture" because she HASN'T MADE ANY PROGRESS, but she can't admit that, now, can she? I like how she's also pretending that everything pre-"New Beginning" just didn't exist and acting like she's only ever showed her emaciated face. Not like she's ever posted shit like >>61016 or her old OOTD photos in skin-tight clothes that revealed every bone, or like people can't see how spoopy she is even from shots like >>62997 - top kek, Aly, you silly girl.

No. 63197

No. 63199

File: 1448233092526.png (747.27 KB, 927x572, Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.54…)

Since Ging's thread is MIA, someone really needs to comment and tell her that orthorexia is an eating disorder and she DEFINITELY has orthorexia (and probably restrictive anorexia) imo

No. 63200


I used to see the same Doctor as this girl. I recognize those paintings on the walls all too well. Most people with ED's see this doctor along with another pediatrician who specializes in ED's. I saw her until I was 29.

No. 63201

The ginge thread is like…2 down from here. and yes she's fucked.

No. 63204

No. 63231

No. 63251

I told her once, acting concerned. Deleted and blocked. Yup, Ging does it too.

No. 63255

Yep, left a comment to that effect on her shitty food blog. DELETED without mention or response.

Anyway, don't you know? She doesn't have a problem, she just has a rare nerve problem from falling once on the ice, that JUST SO HAPPENS to share all of its symptoms with an eating disorder!! No need to stop running! Everything is totally under her control.

No. 63258

Normalfag here, I don't understand how a site like that can still exist without it getting V&. Is it hosted offshores or some shit?

No. 63270

No idea, but considering all the media outrage about proana sites and blogs, it's astounding how it's allowed to exist.

Petitions don't do anything to get it closed (seen loads and loads). I don't even know how it's under the radar.

No. 63273

Which is amazing because of those videos she did that led to the court case with Kayla Itsines (who lives in the same city).

> Freelee's a freak, dare I say a legit cow.

No. 63278

It's hosted by a server specializing in the anonymity of clients hosting. I don't think the type of content matters all that much to them.

No. 63281

File: 1448254491166.png (26.13 KB, 1120x84, Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.54…)

I just have to say that I fucking love all these people asking Aly for progress pics lately. It's hilarious.

No. 63286

File: 1448256617863.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.54 KB, 584x587, 123.JPG)


How's she going to get out of this one?

Anons post about mpa had me looking around there for a while, and there's a thread about the lowest BMI. Saw this girl mentioned. If 82 is her birth year, she's only 33. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, ALY (although obv without the piercings).

No. 63287

don't starve, kids.

No. 63288

File: 1448256764223.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.11 KB, 591x590, ginge2.JPG)

Adding - she reminds me of Ginge in this one.

I've spent too much on moisturizers most of my life to fuck it up with that starvation shit.

No. 63289

File: 1448256947947.png (497.69 KB, 572x519, an.png)

She is 33

No. 63290

How come her teef look good?

No. 63291


No. 63292

This is what the person at mpa wrote
>This woman is still alive after surviving on BMI 9-10 for the past over 10 years. She's been in intensive care units, had heart faliure, edema, severe protein deficiency and re-feeding syndrome.

No. 63294

File: 1448257233065.png (776.98 KB, 1080x1820, Screenshot_2015-11-22-23-34-01…)

From aly_realrecovery


No. 63295


someone make a thread about this wanton beast. I wish to know more about it.

No. 63296

File: 1448257267970.png (479.84 KB, 938x536, edema.png)

her edema was fucked up

No. 63297

I'm amazed aly_realrecovery's still up. Nice work!

I know nothing and all her captions are Swedish or sthing.

No. 63298

File: 1448257362805.png (489.72 KB, 566x536, o.png)

alright it keeps getting worse

No. 63299

File: 1448257777741.jpg (69.77 KB, 598x589, diet.JPG)

Pepsi Max. Cucumbers. Celery. Tea. That's her diet.

No. 63300

I thought her face was the worst part of her body, then I see this monstrosity. At least Aly makes a half-assed attempt to look less like a haggard, though she seems to be getting lazy (or exhausted) lately.
Imagine how easy it must be for sharpie-eyebrow-metal-face's paper skin to get pierced. Probably like impaling three slices of ham with a safety pin.

No. 63301

I'd think it's more a case of it getting more difficult for Aly to hide her brittle hair and old lady face.

No. 63304

yeah but if aly wore shorts and stuff you'd notice how haggard she looks

No. 63305

File: 1448258157677.jpg (68.34 KB, 484x522, 11.JPG)

Found this. It's been google translated.

No. 63308

well shit

No. 63309

File: 1448258400759.jpg (100.05 KB, 493x606, 11.JPG)

No. 63310

Aw 1999 Louise looked like she had so much potential to be pretty. Unfortunate angle, but still.

No. 63311

File: 1448258499201.jpg (15.63 KB, 438x420, Var inte säker.jpg)

At least she was hydrated.

No. 63312

make a thread for her pls

No. 63313

She's not a snowflake though. Pretty sure that won't put that Ember thing trying to get in with her. I cba to read all her captions. I think she's just really sick and that's all?

No. 63324

same, she's just sick. she isn't promoting anything on her instagram either. this is all just sad.

No. 63326

I call bullshit on her having a meal plan. If she does she isn't following it. No person with a single brain cell would prescribe a fucking cappuccino to a recovering anorexic, italian or not. Cookies maybe. But a drink with negligable calories and fucking caffeine? No. I refuse to believe it. She is lying.

No. 63327

I'm not sure why they bothered giving her a meal plan, as an OP its hard to monitor at the best of times let alone someone as low weight as her who they see every blue moon

No. 63328

File: 1448262846024.jpg (93.38 KB, 1064x1126, Screenshot_2015-11-23-07-12-57…)

Because she needs another excuse to abuse caffeine… And buy another plastic cup!!

No. 63333

Her mother's fucking stupid.

No. 63334

And any changes in her weight could just be normal fluctuations, unless they're really big changes…I just can't wrap my head around weighing someone as sick as Aly so infrequently. Why even do it at all, then? Monitoring someone so slackly seems pretty pointless.

No. 63335

I'm sure her 'team' is much stricter than she lets on. I can just imagine the arguments she'd have with thee doctors, about going IP, following meal plans etc. or she manipulates them like she does her family. Peoples with ed's are EXTREMEMLY manipulative. I remember some of the stuff I used to do -with doctors and my family- and looking back now I can't believe how I got away with it. It's shameful and disgusting

No. 63336

No doctor no matter how incompetent would put anything with caffeine as part of a meal plan. Ever.
Even if the patient didn't have an eating disorder. Let alone one who is severely underweight and whose heart could literally just stop at any moment.

No. 63338


When I was IP I was allowed to drink one cup of coffee in the morning and if I wanted one in the afternoon. small (!) cups.

And I had to put milk and / or sugar in it

No. 63339

If aly says bomb one more time I'm blowing myself up

No. 63340

yep, this is true. we were never allowed coffee ip

No. 63341


No. 63342

>>63341 it's so sad how australian i sound here

No. 63344

File: 1448270862032.jpg (84.47 KB, 860x540, Screenshot_2015-11-23-09-25-57…)

Wtf is wrong with her thumb

No. 63345

I am fucking sick of her emaciated fucking body holding some fucking pastry every fucking day like for fuck sake sfuck fuckfuf cfukc fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK fuck fuckING FUCK FUCK i am so fucking frustrated

No. 63346

She's clenching that donut so hard.

Notice how she's pushing it forward? She's got a really good understanding of how to make something look bigger in shot.

No. 63347

We could have 1 at breakfast one at morning snack and one at afternoon snack, with milk and sugar. Plus hot chocolate at night snack which probably had caffeine, so was allowed quite a lot

No. 63348

#recoverywin#recoverywin##recoverywin#recoverywin FUCK offfff Aly ffs!

No. 63350

Like yeah its one thing to have coffee or whatever as an option/extra but it would never be part of a meal plan. Like "7 cookies and a cappuccino for breakfast"… even the 7 cookie thing is a load of shit so… And she has to have 2 (!) Or 1 + a cup of milk which she never has anyway.

No. 63351

File: 1448271449008.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-23-03-31-57…)

Speaking of bombs…

No. 63352


wow, so okay, that really was a lot ;)

First we were allowed to drink a little bit more and to use sweeteners and stuff

But there was this girl who drank 7-8 l diet coke per day.
So they cut off every "extras" except apple/orange juice, pure tea (no black or green tea) and water.
It was a ped. unit

Later when I was IP with adults every one was "allowed" to drink as much as they wanted to (own responsibility) but on the #mealplan there were these two coffees in the morning and afternoon

No. 63353


reminds me of Achmed the dead terrori st

No. 63354

Yeah you were allowed to have it, but you didn't have to. Like it wasn't part of your meal plan, but Aly says it is. And tbh it doesn't healthy for someone in recovery either way :(

No. 63355

Yeah I don't think a dietician would insist Aly has caffeine probably prefer her to have water or juice, she acts like a child should be treated like one in terms of having no say in her recovery plan

No. 63357


she calls herself a "child" - so I thought children are not allowed to drink coffee?

No. 63359

I predict Aly has a 0.5kg gain (of water/food weight, not actual fat)

No. 63360

I'm trying to figure that out too, and the best I can come up with is: it looks elongated because of the angle and the fact that she has no/little fat in the webbing between her thumb and the rest of her fingers.

No. 63361

Should give her a kiddy beaker and dummy to shut her up

No. 63363

So her mum's coworkers were watching while she took numerous pics of a fucking cake? Jesus wept.

No. 63364

File: 1448273666983.gif (982.06 KB, 390x259, giphy.gif)

No. 63365

File: 1448273885325.jpg (6.52 MB, 4216x4088, b.jpg)


No. 63369

WOAH, anon! I want to rent some space and exhibit your collages. Absolute beauty.

No. 63373

It's like she's copied and pasted herself behind different food pics, so robotic

No. 63383

What if Aly's hair is actually a wig? (!) super shocked emoji

No. 63390

she's actually insane

No. 63394

one word: MoMA.

No. 63396

sage for OT, but what is the difference between diet coke/coke zero and diet pepsi/pepsi max etc.?

No. 63398

I think they renamed it Max and Zero to make it more "masculine". So that men don't feel effeminate drinking "DIET" drinks. That's what I was told, but it could be bullshit.

No. 63399

File: 1448282266484.jpg (42.15 KB, 875x238, googled.JPG)

(I just googled and as bullshit as it sounds, this person says the same thing about targeting consumers).

No. 63401

File: 1448282742996.jpg (258.09 KB, 932x1426, Screenshot_2015-11-23-12-43-25…)

Aly accidentally posted this under her lunch pic, anyone able to translate?

No. 63404

Typed into google translate so far:

>"I say it also to work; keep if you want to read something about new medicines. These things Communist; that better? I want to scream, I want to scream because I do not know who to talk to because I can not speak. because they are wrong. because I drink tea in the evening , because I drink too many cafe, because Piagno all. because I have a stupid eating disorder

No. 63407


No way Aly wrote that. Not a single emoji.

No. 63408

More google:

I want to scream; I want to scream because I do not know who to talk to, because they are wrong. Why I drink tea in the evening, because I drink too much coffee, because I cry for nothing. Because I have a stupid eating disorder and Wednesday I have to go get "control", and tomorrow by a damn psychologist.

No. 63409


>because I have a stupid eating disorder
and Wednesday I andere me "control" and tomorrow a damn psychologist I can not speak because I'm alone, and I'm alone because


No. 63410

I can not speak because I'm alone, and I'm alone because they are wrong; and everything starts again, like a circle. A vicious circle. I can not speak, and I cry, I cry all my tears and stomach closes; and I will not eat.

No. 63412

Haha, you're at the same point as me.

No. 63413

Why? Because I have an eating disorder. And I will not go out with Cristina. Why? Because I can not stop crying. Because I do not make a right, because I do my best but it seems not enough …

No. 63414

>Ha yes, it's so absorbing!

No. 63415

she posted it under her original caption, before all the hashtags. i captured image, refreshed and it had been deleted. looks like a blog or something shes been writing, a diary?

No. 63416

I say it also to the work; keep if you want to read something about new medicines. things are communist, is that better? I want to scream; I want to scream because I do not know who to talk to, because I can not speak. because they are wrong. because I drink tea in the evening, because too many beo coffee, because paingo all. because I have a stupid eating disorder and Wednesday I have to go and check me tomorrow by a damn psychologist. I can not speak because I'm alone, and I'm alone because they are wrong, and everything starts again, like a circle. a vicious circle. I can not speak, and I cry, I cry all my tears and my stomach is closed, and not Vioglio eat. why? because I have an eating disorder. and I will not go out with cristina. why? because I can not stop pangere. because I do not make a right, because I do my best but it seems not enough. never. I am not enough ever. they are wrong in and apparently there are no victories, progress, achievements that take. gonna stay always a mistake.

No. 63419

SOOOOOO … discuss?

No. 63421

What's the communist thing all about?

No. 63422

Never. I am not enough ever. they are wrong in and apparently none are victories, progress, achievements that take. I'll stay always each error.

No. 63423

I had wondered if this was a text letter? If it's to herself, it's just whining. If it's to someone else (her mother?) then it's manipulative whining.

No. 63424

I think she could recieve much more actual "help" if she'd post stuff like this for her damn "ed-family". I don't get her.. why lying if she's obviously in need of support?

No. 63425

If I had an account that wasn't blocked I'd write a sentence of it so she knows someone saw it.

No. 63426

holy shit

No. 63427

she seems to type up a diary of some sort??

No. 63428

it's like a series of her life

No. 63429

BIG difference to

>Deeelicious overfilled-bun for today's #lunch which totally deserved a #closeup Yes, I made a rhyme But really my #edfamily this biiig and soooft and just baked bun filled with a ton (!) of ham and my beloved zucchini well roasted in oil was one of the BEST combinations ever Guys, #realrecovery and food are PLEASURES and we have to ENJOY and BEAT IT and be always STRONGER than our ED Cause I believe that #recoveryispossible and I'm spreading positivity and motivation everywhere to Be brave and GO FOR IT ILY honeys ️

No. 63431

Me too, must be online/on her iPhone for her to post it, im so intrigued

No. 63432

Some google glitches, hopefully an Italian speaker can set it right. Here's all of it:

"I know that you are heavy"
"No but.."
"I say it also to work; keep if you want to read something about new medicines. These things Communist; that better?"

I want to scream; I want to scream because I do not know who to talk to, because they are wrong. Why I drink tea in the evening, because I drink too much coffee, because I cry for nothing. Because I have a stupid eating disorder and Wednesday I have to go get "control", and tomorrow by a damn psychologist.

I can not speak because I'm alone, and I'm alone because they are wrong; and everything starts again, like a circle. A vicious circle. I can not speak, and I cry, I cry all my tears and stomach closes; and I will not eat.

Why? Because I have an eating disorder. And I will not go out with Cristina. Why? Because I can not stop crying. Because I do not make a right, because I do my best but it seems not enough …

Never. I am not enough ever. they are wrong in and apparently none are victories, progress, achievements that take. I'll stay always each error.

No. 63433

She's pretty upset in that last para, where she forgets to punctuate.

No. 63434

File: 1448285183070.gif (560.46 KB, 295x211, gaaaaaaaaaaaah.gif)

She KNOWS she's in the shit on Wednesday.

No. 63444

Isn't hospital control day tomorrow? Maybe she knows already she'll be kept in

No. 63445


Wednesday. She sees her psychologist tomorrow.

Wow though at the difference.

No. 63451

It sounds like she's referring to all those people who think she's not really gaining weight i.e lolcow

and to be fair, it can take a long time

as someone who doesn't follow this thread, I don't get why you guys are being so tough on her. Let her be spoopy in peace. She's recovering, how is that a bad thing?

No. 63452



If you bother actually reading what is written it is indisputable that she is NOT recovering nor eating any of the food she posts about

Forreal anon pls

No. 63453

to be honest, there's very little difference, they taste very similar (diet is more sickly sweet in my opinion) and are marketed towards different genders, but in certain countries the gender marketing isn't even applied much anymore, eg. where I live we mostly just have coke zero and coke light is a rare unicorn

No. 63454

>as someone who doesn't follow this thread
>she's recovering
good stuff.

No. 63455


She's not recovering, anon. But I'll tell you a secret… most people in here have EDs as well. I think I'm mad at Aly because I see a glimpse of my also sick self in her. The lies, the lies, the lies! No one would ever accept it, but many just want her to go IP not so she can recover for real but for her to suffer. We're pigs!

No. 63457

I love the nod to the talented agriculturist on IG

No. 63458

So she's going out with Cristina after all…(see fortimel caption)

No. 63459

Must have put her big girl pants on and mopped up her tears

No. 63460

I'll meet an old friend of the High School in a few minutes ☺️? and we're going to one of my favorite Cafès and.. Yeah mood and motivation are over the stars right now

> I will not go out with Cristina. Why? Because I can not stop crying. Because I [cannot do anything] right, because I do my best but it seems not enough …

No. 63463

They have different artificial sweeteners.
(I don't know if this is true anymore for Diet Pepsi since they got rid of aspartame though.)

That was initially one of their main marketing gimmicks, but there is a difference between the drinks too.

No. 63464

Wonder if someone will tell her about the post on Aly_realcovery_

No. 63468

She accidentally posts things a lot! First time I've seen an accidental copypasta tho. I hope she does it again, it's the first interesting thing on her IG in ages.

If she didn't show herself to be cunty in so many other regards, this diary entry would really make me feel for her. Instead, it reinforces what a complete farce her online (probably offline, too) persona is. #togetherwecan, indeed. You're alone, Alice, because you lie about everything, making it impossible to get support. I think the "wrong" people she wrote of were her family and treatment team. You know how it is when you're in your disorder: you feel like everyone's making a big deal about nothing. And that they're lying about you being a skeleton because they want you fat, fat, fat!
Okay, enough playing armchair psychologist for me.

That was probably from some private diary she writes on her phone, but what if she has some anonymous blog somewhere where she isn't spouting bullshit?

No. 63469

Samefagging to ask if anybody knows what that communism bit was going on about…

No. 63471

My guess is a mistranslation, an autocorrect, or her wrong choice of words. Maybe communist has two meanings in Italy.

Anyway, I think come tomorrow and Wednesday its going to hit the fan. I think the downfall of "RealRecovery" Aly is beginning. Bingo anon we are ready to see if we can get a bingo on these fine days approaching!!

No. 63474

>I think the downfall of "RealRecovery" Aly is beginning.

I dunno anon, we say this every time but it never really comes to pass.

No. 63477

What was supposed to rhyme? Bun and closeup?

No. 63478

Italianfag here and that whole first makes ZERO sense to me:
"Yes yes i know i'm annoying"
"No but…"
"They tell me the same thing at work; here if you want to read something about new "Yes yes i know i'm annoying"
"No but…"
"They tell me that at work too; here if you want to read something about new drugs. It's communist stuff; are you feeling better?"

No. 63479

File: 1448294040370.jpg (20.52 KB, 480x480, wat.jpg)

Wow. This is just…so damn weird. I'm so glad some farmers caught it. I agree that it's the most interesting thing to pop up on her Instagram in a long time. Aly's (understandably) probably freaking the fuck out about Wednesday, and I really do hope that something happens like that she gets sent inpatient, because she can't go on playing this ridiculous game forever. The really sad thing is that she's chosen to be alone, she's set herself up so that she "can't speak" by CONSTANTLY TELLING LIES. Maybe she should have been her "authentic self" instead of putting on a false, manipulative front for the world for so long. I do feel bad for her, but, at the same time, she reeeeally put herself in this position.

Ummmm maybe it rhymes in Italian? Or she thinks "lunch" and "closeup" rhyme in English? There's no way I can look at that sentence and make it rhyme as it is.


No. 63480

sorry i always mess up when posting from my phone, anyways that's pretty much what that means

No. 63481

Jesus, finally something interesting to break up the monotony of grapes and crackers and posi-vibes.

If this is an anonymous blog she has posted somewhere, we must seek it out!

No. 63482

For what it's worth, the text doesn't appear in anything indexed by Google. Maybe she has a ~secret Instagram~! [monkey-covering-mouth emoji]

No. 63483

I tried Googling the first sentence, but to no avail. Either it's on Instagram, her Tumblr isn't listed, or she just has a diary on her phone. Or I'm just bad at searching. I hope someone finds it, tbh. I'd love to see Aly be more than this shallow-as-a-fucking-puddle shit.

No. 63484

File: 1448295252360.png (19.31 KB, 1034x52, Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.13…)


No. 63486

stop making Aly look at dissenting opinions, edworrior, it's triggering!

No. 63489

kek Aly deleted that comment


No. 63500

Maybe she's saying if she wants to keep reading about new medicines etc she needs to keep her job/work in order to do it. But that in itself makes no sense

No. 63501

Ok, I think the communist thing h to be an auto-correct mistake. I think she meant 'consumate', meaning the sentence would translate to 'I am consumating ( eating) things, would that be enough?'

No. 63502

File: 1448297583586.jpg (235.92 KB, 1066x1323, Screenshot_2015-11-23-16-52-12…)

Scrap that

No. 63506

This one implies she feels like she was a mistake. Might explain awful relationship with dad, esp if he tells her that?

No. 63507

Got it now, it was all a typo and she meant "comuni" as in common things that happen to everyone…

No. 63510

Now that I think about it she probably meant "comunissime" (very common) and it explains completely the typo

No. 63512

this is awfully sad
its like reading a message from a ghost, trapped in another world

No. 63515

Damn gurl. Finally some new milk.
I couldn't even be bothered to read her captions anymore because it's just so fake and repetitive.

Seconding the diary theory. She probably uses an app like Evernote where she types out both her IG captions, and random thoughts/venting. Also explains the weird autocorrect typos, because she probably typed very quickly while being obviously upset.

No. 63517

i hope she goes ip my god

No. 63518

I bet she almost shat herself when she realized she pasted that to her IG.

Goddamn, I wish she'd realize that raw, honest stuff like that is what the recovery community NEEDS to hear! That's something people can relate to, not this fake always-super-posi bullshit.

No. 63519

This shows she does know how hard recovery is, but sucked in too deep the the IG lies and fake persona. Her followers would support her to no end if only she was honest, they wouldn't suddenly abandon her for being less positive this is what they've been asking her about for months, years even.

No. 63525

I think it explains why she feels the need to fake a ~perfect recovery~ account. She feels that she can do nothing right and that she is a mistake, so she pretends on IG that she is doing everything right. In return, she gets asspats and endless praise for being a recovery queen.

What I don't understand is how that would make her feel better at all, since she knows all of that praise is based on a huge lie.

No. 63526

And no wonder she looks dead behind the eyes if she feels like this, then has to fake positivity for IG, family and friends

No. 63527

That diary entry thing actually makes me feel bad for her.
I wish she could see that the followers who really care about her would still be there if she started being honest.
That accidental post is actually relatable, the first recovery/ED-related thing she's written that's relatable.

No. 63528

Regardless, if she was honest or what people would still call her an attention whore and she'd probably still be called an lolcow so..

No. 63529

I wonder if more honest words would mean more honesty around her food intake, if not she'd still be on lolcow

No. 63530

Well, that's the first interesting thing she's done in a year.

No. 63534

File: 1448302691704.jpeg (373.99 KB, 1281x1248, image.jpeg)

I guess all the crying could explain a bit of why your eyes always look like this. Too dehydrated to get puffy like most though. I want to feel bad but I don't sympathize with liars. It's too bad she's so caught up in this. She may never get the help she actually needs…

No. 63538

Her skin reminds me of a ballsack.

No. 63539

It would explain all the puffy eye pictures recently, if I had another IG account I'd tell her she'd been caught out

No. 63540

> I don't sympathize with liars

Freakin seconded. Like, this or that might explain certain actions, but it does not excuse them.

No. 63541

Her skin may start becoming droopy and hanging a bit but soon it'll be desperately clinging on to her cheek bones for dear life.

No. 63542

File: 1448303993539.jpeg (246.16 KB, 1262x1443, image.jpeg)

Am I the only one who thinks its fucking weird that so many people want her to make more videos, they were so uncomfortable to watch. Out of all the popular 'recovery accounts' I've seen, she's the only one to post videos or really even be asked to make them. Do some of them get off on it? Are they all just bonkers in the head, or do they sickly enjoy watching an emaciated girl attempt a tiny bite. Regardless of the reason, it's just fucking weird.

No. 63544

>>63539 I've got a burn account & I've been wanting to say something all day. I was going to say something now, but I'm wondering if I should wait until after she goes to bed so that at least the comment stays up long enough for others to see it as well. Just not 100% sure of exactly what I'm going to say.

No. 63549

She's still responsible for being a cunt diary or no diary

No. 63550

>I am consumating ( eating) things

Consuming, you mean. Has Aly been teaching you English?

No. 63555

File: 1448305899085.png (70.65 KB, 1102x160, Posi-Mask.png)

The contrast between this and her "diary entry" from earlier…yikes. She's dug such a dang (!) deep hole for herself and it sounds like it's pretty lonely down in the bottom.

No. 63556

If you want to comment something honest, wait until after she goes to bed, so more people can see it. It will be deleted when she wakes up, of course.

No. 63569

File: 1448310598118.png (70.18 KB, 1142x220, Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.2…)

Oh my god, she's being nice to one of her assholegap-patters. She must know she needs all the help she can get for ~Day Hospital Control~.

No. 63574

It's nearly panic Tuesday!! I expect McDonald's as a minimum and at least two extra snacks!

No. 63585

Yep, this explains everything about her terrifyingly dead eyes. Behind them lies panic and pandemonium.

No. 63644

Damn, I finally grew bored of Aly and didn't check the thread today and ofc something interesting happened and I missed it. I feel bad for her but still.

No. 63645

Stay tuned, her psychologist appointment is coming in 24 hours or so!

No. 63647

Weigh in tomorrow (!)
Worried for our little blondie child.

No. 63650

I wouldn't get too excited. Her description of her therapist appointment will be 100% positive, the therapist thinks she is doing great, and now she's off like a happy little child for another #RECOVERYWIN pastry at the American Cafe with mum, etc…

No. 63658

With the mistake comment I really do feel bad for her… She's severely emaciated so her brain isn't working properly. Its actively working against her. So she feels like she can't tell anyone how shes really doing because the lie is the most important thing. If the lie falls apart, the lie to her family and Instagram, her whole life falls apart. She has to keep lying to everyone to maintain her facade or she'll have to gain weight. Which, to her is the worst, most terrifying thing in the world.

No. 63669

File: 1448332312586.jpg (78.17 KB, 304x488, delete and block.jpg)

No. 63670

Awww so sweet and jshshbsbd <3 Sure Aly won't give a flying fuck but still <3333 who wrote that? You're lovely.

No. 63678

Alice will delete and block as soon as she wakes up because she is a wretched human being. Sorry, but even after her screw up I have no sympathy for her. She's a liar.

No. 63680

why is the name "auroragianetti"? Is that another account of Aly's?

No. 63683

It's the person who translated it on aly_realcovery_

No. 63699

Hmm, isn't it a new psychologist though? I seem to recall some deal she has made with her parents?

She'll likely get another slap on the wrist at any rate… 'bad bloods' again.

No. 63703

someone wrote a nice caption on the pasta photo too

No. 63704

nice comment, not caption

No. 63723

Ngl that diary entry made me feel something. I do feel for her honestly. It doesn't negate everything she has done and is still doing but fuck. That felt like such a real, raw glimpse of what she must feel all the time and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Damn it Aly :( plz go IP and try

No. 63726

I'm thankful to the anon who captured aly's slip up. It only makes Aly's mind more of a puzzle though.

No. 63729

I'm glad I've seen a glimpse of humanity in her, finally.

No. 63731

it's hard to believe she posted it by 'accident''. It's almost like she wanted someone to see it, like a cry for help. I mean it's def not something she would do by accident, she's too much of a perfectionist.

No. 63733

I'm honestly feeling grief over the fact that this could be the Aly we see; she could be a real person.
…But instead, we're left with a hollow shell of a person. An empty carcass of lies and fake positivity.

I want to see more of the Aly underneath, and it's sad that her fake constantly-happy persona seems to be the publicly dominant one.

No. 63739

All these positive comments and support that Aly will delete tomorrow. :(

It makes me sad this girl deletes basically anyone who comments on her damn page. Damn. I don't understand her.

No. 63740

File: 1448348206795.png (410.4 KB, 1080x1638, Sc1.png)

Comments pt1

No. 63741

File: 1448348280380.png (332.88 KB, 1080x1357, Sc2.png)

Comments pt2

(they will all probably be deleted when she wakes up)

No. 63742

Yup. It'll be 7 cookies and a cappuccino and not a word about her deleted caption.

No. 63743

Damn so right and some overly positive words about being EXCITED(!) to go see her psych. When in reality it's the opposite and she doesn't want help. The support comments are all a waste. She doesn't want help.

Oh well maybe something will happen.

If not here's to the many lolcow threads to come until that day she mysteriously stops posting.

No. 63745

IIRC it's a combination of marketing strategies (remember that 10 cal dr pepper variety that they flat out said "it's not for girls" or some such shit? similar idea but less hamfisted, Diet coke in the cursive font is for ladies, coke ZERO is for MEN, etc) and legally they can't sell the same identical product with two different labels so the formulas are ever so slightly different. In a blind taste test I don't think I'd be able to taste the difference between diet coke and coke zero, though.

No. 63746

They're already gone. It's so sad and infuriating that she could that she could easily reach out and get the help, support, and encouragement she so clearly needs to actually recover; she could stop feeling so alone and "silenced"; she could stop living this miserable half-life and move toward creating a life worth living, but she can't bring herself to choose that route over the Spoopy Instagram Idol route. She seems quite far gone mentally and I think it's going to take her being forced inpatient and forced to gain weight for her to recover and be able to think rationally at this point. Hopefully her parents and "specialists" see things the same way.

No. 63747

File: 1448351437674.png (40.36 KB, 1118x82, Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.4…)

Well color me shocked. I wonder why she's so nervous? She's been gaining weight and doing so well in #realrecovery - I don't get it?

No. 63748

Wonder if she's even going to bother stuffing her face with carbs and sodium today. Even her caption's short by her usual standards.

No. 63749

Yep. They are gone. Shows ya, don't waste your time typing real support to Aly or it will be deleted. Blindly praise her or else bye bye. Surprisingly >>63669 is still up. Guess she didn't see that one.

Fingers crossed she is forced inpatient tomorrow after her disappointing weigh in.

No. 63750

So she's off to see her damn psychologist today. Probably delves him in lies too.

No. 63751

Not gonna lie, I love some of these Alyisms. I think "delves" is her most hilarious one yet.

No. 63752

I know! It's the way she was so sure of herself when she said it means drowned, "same thing".

I want her to do more work fuck ups.

No. 63753

The comments still up but she's seen it because she blocked me.

No. 63754


that´s really sad, because you wrote in a kind and supporting way :(

I wonder what she is going to do if she gets forced fed or IP tomorrow?
Will she once more make a "new start"?
change her name to aly_realrealrecovery?

After maybe a year of the same, eating 7 cookies and over the stars mood, she will make a "new new start" and change her name into aly_realrealrealrecovery?
to be continued.

I hope for the PERSON (not the diffuse virtual instagram personality that she has built) that she finds inner and outer peace, health and happiness.

Her further steps will increase or decrease her sympathy to me, depends on wath she´s doing with the honestly supporting and caring (!) meant comments that her followers "love" her, whatever she does.

For sure, I don´t know her personally and actually I feel really bad for judging someone that I only know because of a few (hundred lol) pics on a social media site, but she is the one who chose to make her life public (part of her life) and share it with such a wide range of strangers that she has to include consequences of strangers thinking about her.

No. 63756

She needs anti depressants or she may an hero.

No. 63758

Wonder why she left your comments up then? Kinda odd, since she deleted the rest.

No. 63761

File: 1448355253626.jpg (69.6 KB, 583x585, mmmmm.JPG)

Nooooo idea.

I've been looking at elenasrecovery account. It's been said before, but it shows how little effort Aly puts into her meal plan if this girl's following one similar.

This looks so much more substantial than that corner of a bowl that Aly takes a pic of andgodicouldjusteatthat.

No. 63763

That is what I thought as well. Of all the bad things she has done this is probably the most excusable one though.

No. 63766

She probably does think she is recovering. She might even eat everything she posts, even though it's not enough. She has a few fear foods and slightly bigger portions and she thinks she is recovered. It's pretty common.
She must be so utterly miserable. To deny everything she is. It's not just denying herself basic sustenance, like food. She doesn't even allow herself any true feelings, even on the internet. She wants to be perfect so badly, always happy and positive and winning, and it's so damn sad and disordered. It's okay to make mistakes and struggle. But not for her.
She's gonna fucking die and i don't want her to die. damn it

No. 63768

File: 1448358074506.jpg (113.53 KB, 932x599, mind pills.JPG)

I think we've got to the root of her outburst of tears yesterday…

No. 63769

File: 1448358338561.jpg (64.41 KB, 1280x720, GirlQuestionMAin.jpg)

Bless him despite the horrible jacket.

No. 63771

I'd hit it.

Hm Now I'm torn. I feel bad for thinking that yesterday's mistake post was an emo hissy fit after a fight with her dad telling her to get her shit together. I've lost a bit of the sadness I felt for her.

No. 63772

The way she called herself a mistake gets me, maybe her sad said that to her in their argument.

No. 63773

*dad not sad

No. 63774

You're welcome

It was up for literally 30 seconds, but she gets 100 likes a minute so I can't have been only one who saw it, I can't believe she's not acknowledged it yet, ignorance is bliss and all that

No. 63775

So far nearly all her comments almost seem to allude to it, subtly of course. It's okay to struggle etc, kind of the usual fare but much more so than usual. So a lot of people saw it/the translations more likely.

No. 63776

It still pisses me off how she thinks having a croissant is how you get over depression.

No. 63777

Croissants on prescription haha who needs Prozac!

No. 63778

And cookies! When she was sad that her relationship ended and her grandma (?) said have a cookie, they're better than men.

No. 63779

Would be awesome tho!i'd be fat and happy lol

No. 63780

Nah, it'd have to be a cinnamon swirl for me.

No. 63782

Where was this, IG? Wonder if grandma is still around Aly could do with some sound advice

No. 63784

Yeah, it was on ig. She's probably still around. They should send aly to live with her for a while.

No. 63786

File: 1448361499978.jpg (30.77 KB, 540x250, funny-cookie-monster-muppets.j…)

No. 63787

Awww, she blocked realrecovery4real ;_; Why now? Last thing I wrote her was a "reassuring" message about how she didn't need to worry about Wednesday since she'd been gaining weight and doing the shit she's supposed to do. So, she knows she's fucked up and that Wednesday isn't going to go well, and she doesn't want a reminder of that dirtying up her comments, or…?

No. 63788

File: 1448363806583.png (90.62 KB, 1130x188, Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 3.14…)

Wonder what the argument was about…and why so nervous, Aly? You've said you've been gaining weight, sooooo

No. 63790

Sometime emotional eater here. So triggered when she writes that shit. I could go a croissant right now.

No. 63791

File: 1448364369817.jpg (43.03 KB, 747x197, image.jpg)

No. 63792

I'm so excited for tommorrow

No. 63793

How did she not spot the trolling?!

No. 63795

You never see the halfway eaten stuff, or the empty plate. Sorry but I thinking she's only eating a few bites.

No. 63801

they're such chavs

No. 63803

File: 1448369002125.png (14.97 KB, 670x46, Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.41…)

Fuck these delusional posters

No. 63804

File: 1448370048717.jpg (23.67 KB, 267x398, ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.JPG)

Burger and fries, yeah right.


No. 63805

The fuck is with all the faggy emoticon ":(:(:( aly support I feel soo bad ilysm" posts in this thread?

Fucking newfags, I swear.

No. 63806

File: 1448371278421.jpg (472.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-24-05-20-10…)

Who the hell eats a hamburger with a fork?

No. 63807

you guys are being so horrible to such a sick girl. i know i'll get hate for this but don't you think you should lay off her just a little. i'm ana, i've been to ip, i've been stressed and anxious and i know how she feels. sometimes lying to yourself and to everyone else is a way of coping and no it isn't healthy but you don't care about that, the more you can delude yourself into thinking you're okay, the more you can justify all of the shit decisions you're making. deep down aly feels like absolute shit, and what she doesn't need is hundreds of people bashing her anonymously and nitpicking everything she does, right down to her fucking nail varnish.

maybe she isn't eating everything she posts. she's definitely not the positive happy blondie child that she pretends to be, and she needs some serious help… being mean to her online isn't helping her at all, it's making her hostile and suspicious. you get annoyed at her blocking people who comment nice things to her, but why is it her job to entertain you and these people? why shouldn't she block you? why should she be reminding of how badly she's doing? you know she knows she's not recovering at all. you all need to take a step back.

No. 63808

File: 1448371297236.jpg (528.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-24-05-20-15…)

No. 63809

Oh, fuck off back to mpa.

No. 63810

She should just rip at the fucker with her claaaaawssssss.

No. 63811

This is one meal she might actually finish. Should add a chunk to the weigh in? Her mother is a complete sucker.