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File: 1460787187045.jpg (44.49 KB, 458x348, noo it was the meds.jpg)

No. 120427

Because the previous thread reached its reply limit >>117640

A place to discuss ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram/Tumblr or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
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Seventh thread: >>99329
Eighth thread: >>106059
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No. 120434

File: 1460788763621.jpg (81.63 KB, 929x591, mandatedpie.JPG)

MANDATED slices of pie!!

No. 120435

oh lord i have that onesie
i'm surprised she found a size that fit her

No. 120437

File: 1460789277147.png (372.69 KB, 563x551, Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.4…)

well the unit she's at definitely specializes in BED so there's probably no doubt that that's what she's being treated for

No. 120438

nourishing.kell.bell & kadeeblossoms look identical too me - both obese "anorexics" with "chronic illnesses" always in hospital.

kadee is apparently looking to get admitted into renfew ED clinic!

She's also whining that her doctor would give her a feeding tube despite the fact she "lost 63lbs in a month" and is still obese.

No. 120441

File: 1460791093610.jpeg (352.47 KB, 640x916, image.jpeg)


>asking if she's fat

People are dodging her question because no one wants to tell her she's 350lbs and has hair on her chest

No. 120442


I am DYING after looking through her instagram. Did you know that she claimed her mom was trying to get her into Denver ACUTE? OMFG. Denver ACUTE only treats the sickest and most underweight anorexics. I think you have to be 60% of your ideal weight to qualify. She's at least 60% MORE than her ideal weight so…

No. 120443

ew why are her teeth so brown?? or is that some instagram filter shit?

No. 120444

Haha yeah I was wondering about Denver Acute

No. 120446


Denver ACUTE is where you go when treatment centers turn you away because you're a liability. That's where the 60 lb anorexics go to get medically stable enough to go to normal ED treatment. You're on strict bed rest and it's really serious. I've been there and it was hell. To think that this fucking whale thinks she needs ACUTE is beyond ridiculous. She needs exercise, weight watchers and NO MORE DOCTORS. Oh, and a reality check would do her good.

No. 120451


dentfag here, nah I've looked through her photos she has horribly stained teeth. also teeth are naturally slightly yellow due to the underlying dentine however not this kind of fucking yellow-brown shit - that's some mad extrinsic staining

No. 120452


actually i take this back here teeth dont look THAT shit in other photos, unless they've rapidly declined in the last few weeks i think it's just a shit filter.

No. 120457

What happened to the person who messaged Jenna's mom? What ended up happening?

No. 120459


Lol I think this is even better than chubby Ember claiming to have AN.

Bitch is very skinny but that one hipbone pokes out a little bit too much or does it want to escape ?

No. 120468

Not that anon but yesterday they said the message wasn't read yet

No. 120473

Healthyacia pisses me off. "Healthy" in her username but countless pics of her facehugger. I think she likes the comments worrying about her looking so ill. She reminds me of Aly in the way she's trying to convince everyone she's in recovery and thinks she's hot.

No. 120478

I've been in treatment with a few people like Kell Bell… majorly overweight or obese people who claim to have restrictive eating disorders. It always blows my mind. They usually claim their high weight is due to "medication side effects" or something. Some of them do seem to have reverse body dysmorphia though. I has once in the hospital with a woman who was probably 250-300 lbs and claimed to be in need of "weight restoration" yet it was clear the dietician had her on a weight loss meal plan.

No. 120480

Kadee's mother and sister are also obese. No wonder her parents worry when she loses a pound. They clearly have no idea what being healthy means.

They're not even "just" overweight. They are really, really huge.

No. 120482

Kellbell wouldn't have so much joint pain if she wasn't such a fat lump. It's well known that if you have an inflammatory autoimmune disease, being overweight contributes to inflammation….and she is morbidly obese.

No. 120491

I read something on that Kell girls insta about how she would fast during the day and hen binge out at night.

Explains a lot. She isn't anorexic, that's clear BeD behaviour.

No. 120501

File: 1460818357724.png (609.55 KB, 932x588, Screen shot 2016-04-17 at 12.1…)

doing a bit of a lurk and this girl is just listing off disorders like it's nothing. PTSD too? really? i hate all of these stupid internet hypochondriacs, it's so frustrating to watch them piss all the resources and time of these medical professionals down the drain.

No. 120508

Pray tell, what does she have PTSD from?

No. 120509

She also claims to have depression, anxiety and POTS, among other things.

No. 120511

File: 1460819608201.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 753x967, image.png)

muh scoliosis

No. 120513

File: 1460819675884.png (645.35 KB, 933x568, Screen shot 2016-04-17 at 12.4…)

so it looks like this isn't the first time she's been in treatment either. it really bothers me how she constantly posts about how severe/awful/horrible all of her illnesses are, yes it's hard to live with a chronic and/or mental illness but these people make it their entire identities.

Also how come all she posts about eating are meal replacements and cookies? Eat a fucking apple.

No. 120516

More illnesses she claims to have:
Undifferentiated connective tissue disease, IBS, gastritis, chronic fatigue

No. 120518

Oh, and trichotillomania

No. 120519

does she have a list anywhere? i got 13 weeks deep in her instagram and my eyes had rolled so far back into my head that i had to stop.

No. 120521

No, I'm just kind of going through her posts. It seems a new illness pops up in every other post.

I'm close to dry heaving right now because she mentions "bladder issues". The hambeast pisses her pants!!

No. 120523

She has "lupie" in the description of her personal IG, so we can add lupus to the list

No. 120531

I honestly thought that was ember photoshopped onto the "I beat anorexia" shirt

No. 120532

are they all anorexia patients too? kek

No. 120533

Her back brace from Amazon totally worked and fixed her back!!! God bless y'all for donating

No. 120538

File: 1460823714373.jpg (133.71 KB, 886x572, this cup was probably used.jpg)

She also pisses blood, so that's fun.

She does realize that any adult who's ever taken a drug test will recognize that, right? Like, she's not having some inside joke with herself by using a piss-cup for cough drops. Everyone knows what she's doing.

No. 120541

I can see the powder still in the bottom of that piss pot. She didn't even clean the chemical out. #spooniehacks

No. 120547

Feeding tube? Kadee needs to fuck right off. Eat a fucking salad once in awhile, and learn to break a sweat. These obese cunts claiming severe anorexia and wanting feeding tubes and shit piss me off.

No. 120548

My answers to her questions:
1-Yes, you look fat, because you ARE fat.
2-300+ lbs.


No. 120549

Entitled twat. Sorry, your fake anorexia doesn't qualify.

No. 120550

But but, fatorexia!

No. 120551

File: 1460826361886.jpeg (141.69 KB, 637x902, image.jpeg)

Dated 2014

No. 120556

File: 1460826554548.jpeg (144.09 KB, 640x1016, image.jpeg)

So some autoimmune that she likes to call lupus

No. 120557

File: 1460826582530.jpg (46.9 KB, 915x533, eyeroll.JPG)

Dear Kadee. I won't hold my breath.

Her and the Kelly are the reason I could never be a nurse (that and the fact I hate people). How do they even afford medical treatment? Why do their parents pay for it?

No. 120558

File: 1460826589763.jpeg (148.31 KB, 640x1002, image.jpeg)

No. 120559

File: 1460826608327.jpeg (200.28 KB, 627x988, image.jpeg)

No. 120560

File: 1460826640555.jpeg (137.48 KB, 638x977, image.jpeg)

No. 120562

File: 1460826760464.jpg (181.32 KB, 1440x1440, 2016-04-16_10.10.37.jpg)

So I guess we know who was whiteknighting or lurking last night.

No. 120564

File: 1460826828798.jpeg (181.79 KB, 623x975, image.jpeg)

Sorry for the screenshot spam, but this cow can't decide if she gets more attention from being in recovery or in relapse. I don't doubt that she is malnourished, as she eats like shit, but she's definitely getting all her calories needed to maintain her weight. She probably avoids eating healthier options for meals during the day and then binges on junk food later because by that time she is very hungry and can't keep up the act.

No. 120566

People like that piss me off. I mean really, how fucking delusional can you be?

No. 120567

She has OCD and trauma, probably either getting petty bullied at school or having doctors doubt her disease and suffering.

No. 120568

File: 1460827037493.jpeg (140.74 KB, 640x993, image.jpeg)

Is delphicity a cow or a farmer?

No. 120569

She was spamming the other day to prove some kind of point. She's a spoon.

No. 120570

No. 120571

Wow what a retard. Good find. I love obese delusional anas

No. 120573

Oh I guess she's following all the pro-Ana girls now. What support!

No. 120574

she spammed the last thread all to hell demonstrating exactly what a lolcow she is.
>in her 20's, acts/types like a 13 year old
>"muh chronic illness, i'll be dead soon jokes on you" yet she rides horses and no one she knows irl seems to know that she's ~literally dying~
>another fatty claiming to have anorexia
>has a dead kid apparently?
>licks turtl.ed's asshole

No. 120576

>>has irregular heartbeat from severe dehydration and malnourishment from "not eating or drinking for days"
>>is medically/Ed stable enough to not only be taken off a med floor, but discharged completely
They don't seem to think she's (atypical) anorexic at all kek

No. 120577

well, one of her ED friends has PTSD and has talked about it on her insta, so I'm guessing she's jumping on yet another bandwagon. This girl LOVES her some bandwagon jumpin'!

No. 120580

File: 1460827676502.jpg (175.81 KB, 934x600, trichnowtooreallly.jpg)

She also claims to have trich. Which is conveniently cured by wearing a head scarf.

No. 120581

She's in and out of treatment more frequently than most anorexics I've seen/known. JFC.

And agreed about the cookies and meal replacement drinks, etc. Bitch needs to learn to eat apples and fucking salad once in awhile.

No. 120582

Lol she did the cool/warm lighting selfie comparison twice in a matter of weeks

No. 120585

>>120581 restricting excess unhealthy foods isn't anorexia, and not eating some damn fruits and vegetables won't make you more "anorexic" kells . Most every food I see on Kelly's account is meal replacement for underweight people, Starbucks or dripping in grease and glazes.

No. 120586

she does not lol people with trich like shmegeh don't have brows and bald spots

No. 120587

I just vom'd in my mouth.

No. 120588

What's her personal IG? I wanna see this shit.

No. 120589


No. 120591

The pic she coupled it with, with her eyes crossed looking like a total tard, was the icing on the cake.

No. 120593

What fucking transformation? She looks exactly the same. The only thing that has changed from one pic to the next )minus the filter/lighting) is that she's fucking forcing a smile.

No. 120594

If god loves her so much, then why's he keeping her as fat as a goodyear blimp?

No. 120595

Me too. Way funnier than the same old shit milk from the same old shit cows.

No. 120596

Exactly. What a stupid whale.

No. 120597

Yeah, her hair looks surprisingly full for someone who claims to have trich. She's such a bad fucking liar.

No. 120599

she went to the Hollywood Clinic, which seems more like a hotel than a tx center, but anyway.. she always posted ootd pics of her emaciated body, wearing crop tops and "shirts" that looked more like bra-lettes. Then she got a bunch of anons saying she was probably triggering other patients with her outfits, but she didn't give a fuck and basically said "the nurses would tell me if my outfits were inappropriate"..which I'm not sure how they didn't.

No. 120600

File: 1460830975965.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Quickly everyone report this photo and her account while she's not on private.

I'm determined ?? to get this photo ? And her account ? Deleted ❌ for good! ✅(NYPA)

No. 120601

File: 1460830985657.jpg (344.23 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Is she really trying to lose weight to stay on disability for anorexia?

No. 120602

And that's because, as you have probably concluded yourself, she's not anorexics. Real anorexics (god I feel douchey writing this) actively avoid treatment for a long time

No. 120603

It's kellyrosehannigan but she hasn't updated for 57 weeks. Funny how if anything her "anorexia" has only made her fatter since then, though.

No. 120604

If this bitch were actually anorexic, it might actually extend her life a bit.

No. 120607

Eh, that's not true. If she started not binging she'd be so much healthier, but right now she's just screwing up her metabolism by restricting healthy foods and then binging on high cal, low nutrition foods.

No. 120608

File: 1460832356030.jpeg (90.99 KB, 606x726, image.jpeg)

>Professional sick kid
How embarrassing… Imagine if grown adults on disability did this. I wonder if she puts this as her occupation on things; it's all she does.

No. 120612

Her account hasn't been private at all since she came back

No. 120615

File: 1460833109577.png (915.11 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Oh it's because she is the less attractive, less successful sister. Emma Anne, Kelly's sister, is thinner and seems to be studying medicine. Kinda weird how she's never mentioned her sister. Her parents can afford to fly her around the country so I assume Emma is home sometimes or the family goes and visits her.

No. 120617

>sister is studying medicine
>become a medical anomaly

No. 120618

They are both ugly and huge. But yes, her sister is more successful. She probably wants to avoid hearing "I wish you were as successful as your sister" and uses being a "spoony" as an excuse

No. 120621

A separate "spoonie" thread could be interesting, there are a lot of them and not all of them claim to have eating disorders. As someone with an actual chronic illness, I find them really creepy. I'm too lazy to make it though.

No. 120622

Her mother and father (? ugly middle aged white men all look pretty similar). Does anyone know what the estimated income would be for these jobs? The job labels seen kinda ambiguous.

No. 120623

I assume they have quite a bit of money. Not rich but they seem to live well, if the things she posts plus her constant treatment of her fake illnesses is any indication

No. 120624

Those seem like high paying jobs. They've probably got a decent amount of money.

It seems like Kelly's family is well educated and intelligent and she's probably putting on this "spoonie" act because they have such high expectations for her and she doesn't feel like she can (or just plain can't) live up to them. It's kind of sad, but mostly just pathetic.

No. 120625

File: 1460834747511.jpg (74.51 KB, 750x711, image.jpg)

Uh isn't this the bitch that said if you liked black coffee you were a liar? Jenna wyd?

No. 120626

that girl cant have anorexia, shes never been underweight. you HAVE to be underweight to he diagnosed, its apart of the criteria. if any eating disorder she has it could be ednos, but most likely BED coz shes so fat. honestly, the doctors said for her to work out coz shes super overweight. she looking for attention

No. 120628

We have definitely already established that she's a lying attention seeker.

No. 120632

true, sorry hahaha i just like to point it out even more

No. 120633

Exactly. I couldn't agree more.

No. 120636

Thanks! I can't wait to check this shit out.

By the way, what is it with people having multiple instagram accounts anyway? Especially when they're usually both tied to their real names/personal info somehow? I don't fucking get it. If one is supposed to be secret or whatever, wouldn't you hide your damned face/personal info?

No. 120637

For real. Losing some weight could help her live to 30, let's be real.

No. 120638

She's just going to end up gaining even more weight from the way she eats. Like you said, her metabolism is fucked.

No. 120639

That IS fucking embarrassing.

No. 120640

Kek. Got that right.

No. 120642

I hope someone does. I've never made a thread before so am clueless. Only started posting because of this whale. The milk was too good to resist getting in on.

No. 120643

omg I remember when she was freaking out over black coffee what a stupid bitch

No. 120644

Lmfao just like when she said anorexics that fast were lying because she has never been able to fast.

No. 120645

Yes. So stupid. She said everybody who says they like their coffee black is lying. She thinks she has all these unpopular opinions and it makes her special, but she's just stupid, sheltered and uneducated. That bachelor's in English or whatever might as well be a one ply piece of toilet paper with her laxative shit all over it.

No. 120647

She is so fucking stupid and a wannarexic that can't deal that her disgusting bulimic ass didn't get an AN diagnosis.

No. 120648

No. 120649

When Jenna hated on black coffee drinkers, she simultaneously said she only took her own coffee black. Now she has a complicated Starbucks order? Quick recovery! She also said she posted her boyfriend on Snapchat on Thursday but I'm 99% sure she didn't post any guy

No. 120651

What these fat cows DON'T get is that if you're morbidly obese and go on a very restrictive diet, it means you're doing something POSITIVE for your health. Yeah, it's probably not the most sensible plan because super low calorie is not long-term sustainable but it's not anorexia; atypical or otherwise. They are so fucking dumb.

No. 120652

File: 1460836956075.png (56.73 KB, 1430x670, mpamicdrop.png)

definitely a farmer. 12+ likes from other members haha

No. 120656

File: 1460837514126.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17 KB, 358x258, 3zRJqcP.jpg)

How did she have the courage to get in front of a webcam in that shape? Ah right, the men on MFC are looking for conversations about politics and books.

No. 120657


God, I hate the "spoonie" brigade. Though, I hate "chronically ill but chronically fabulous" even more.

These women always wear those stupid face masks too. What's the deal? You're not that severely immunosuppressed unless you have cancer and/or neutropaenia. It's so attention seeking. I've never ever seen a UK "spoonie" with those masks, think it's a US thing and none of us have died from non-existent deadly infections.

No. 120659

Haha what the fuck she's so derpy

No. 120660

I have an autoimmune disease and it has not even once occurred to me to wear a face mask…
A minor infection or the flu won't kill you Kelly. You're not a fragile little swan.

No. 120661

pfft. stupid bitch.

No. 120663

Jenna and Ember would probably get along well. Both wannarexic, both attention whores. They would probably constantly try to one up each other with grossly exaggerated stories online

No. 120664

If you're in the hospital or clinic with a suspected viral infection they may require you to wear a mask to prevent your germs from hurting other compromised people, namely children.

No. 120665

Oh jesus, this should be fucking precious.

No. 120667


But these precious snowflakes wear them at home and in the supermarket etc.

No. 120668

I'd say there should be an mpa thread, but it would probably be even more of a "muh ED" circlejerk than this one

No. 120669

File: 1460838173757.jpg (67.46 KB, 1055x379, lulz.jpg)

See, they agree with us. She shouldn't be on a weight gaining plan.

No. 120670

cannot unsee

No. 120671

File: 1460838209543.png (43.32 KB, 160x175, jennadoppelganger.png)

dropped pic

No. 120672

File: 1460838230402.jpg (140.25 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

This face will forever haunt my nightmares

No. 120674

File: 1460838286418.png (35.06 KB, 187x270, jenna.png)

No. 120675

File: 1460838306476.jpg (100.12 KB, 1050x408, lulzpart2.jpg)

more gold

No. 120676

kek her tits just need to be pointing in opposite directions and it'd be perfect

No. 120678

File: 1460838579616.jpg (199.85 KB, 1088x675, longasskeks.jpg)

This is fucking awesome. Thanks for the link, anon!

No. 120681

By the way, this milkchan person who posted this long ass hilarious reply to the mpa thread, has totally got to be one of us. Milkchan? You out there? You're fucking hysterical! Top keks!

No. 120682

File: 1460838815425.jpg (463.64 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

No. 120683

Jenna was always so transparent about being desperate to get engaged and knocked up by her cheating ex. Yet at the same time she denied it, but she made weekly posts about how much she hates everybody she knows getting engaged. Pathetic. Much feminist.

No. 120686



The whole 'atypical anorexia' diagnosis seems to be the newest chic. It sounds better to be anorexic than a binge eater #mpaidiots

It is impossible to be anorexic or 'atypical' anorexic when you are obsese, fat or this overweight FOR YEARS.

No. 120689

File: 1460839042894.jpg (387.71 KB, 1080x1920, image.jpg)

When the laxatives kick in but you don't have any toilet paper so you just smear your shit all over your fish face

No. 120690

She looks like she has a craniofacial syndrome

No. 120692

how do her bug eyes not fall out of her head

No. 120694

File: 1460839319203.png (435.42 KB, 1016x485, Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.39…)

Photo dump: the time nourishing.fatty won a pageant.

No. 120695

File: 1460839339676.png (103.88 KB, 307x350, Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.40…)

No. 120696

With your added comment that fits perfectly to one of her MPA post - the night she was too stupid to read her laxative's instructions and turned to MPA for advice on when they would kick in, which was right before her shift at Lululemon. So fucking stupid.

No. 120697

File: 1460839355888.png (165.5 KB, 395x442, Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.39…)

No. 120698

File: 1460839527380.jpg (152.41 KB, 1051x656, congrats.jpg)

Def. Congrats to milkchan on the massive trolling of MPA. You got people flipping the fuck out for real.

No. 120699

File: 1460839578350.jpg (205.37 KB, 1280x1280, bYEV5Pl.jpg)

She thought this was an inspiring feminist photo.

No. 120700

OMFG. I threw up.

No. 120701

File: 1460839658121.jpg (319.22 KB, 960x1280, mnSZctU.jpg)

Wow. So afraid of avocado and fats. Posted a few weeks before her "anorexia" diagnosis.

No. 120703


also found nourishing.hippo's blog.

No. 120704

Jesus fuck, spoiler that shit, her face makes me vomit.

No. 120705

Must've been slim pickings at the pageant.

No. 120706

File: 1460839792167.jpg (247.7 KB, 1280x960, KDIAgq2.jpg)

So y'all know how many girls like to take selfies where they make faces to show they look cute even when they look ridiculous, right?
For Jenna it just highlights how ugly she is

No. 120707

File: 1460839824000.jpg (61.46 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

Jenna's twin

No. 120708

I say "spoiler their face" mainly as a joke, but… jesus

No. 120709

That $500 scholarship was a waste. If only the judges had known she'd become a "professional sick kid"….tsk tsk. She'll never go to college.

No. 120710

What a fucking retard.

No. 120711

File: 1460839915103.jpg (142.71 KB, 1078x1027, DnioGsg.jpg)

No. 120712

I'm legit surprised she looked normal as a kid. I was expecting a baby beluga.

No. 120713

How is that inspiring? Or feminist?

No. 120714

File: 1460839990854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.31 KB, 362x541, G4EaExa.jpg)

…Yes Jenna we're all dying of jealousy of those luscious udders.

No. 120717

Jesus christ, spoiler her hideous pictures. She's fucking vomit-inducing.

No. 120718

She added one of her wannabe feminist captions along with it. Something about strong women. (So strong, being a leach to your parents at 23 and too whiny to find a real job)

No. 120719

When I say it, I'm not joking. She's fucking horrific.

No. 120720

Wow, what a stellar example of feminism.

No. 120721

File: 1460840217856.png (410.96 KB, 902x444, Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.56…)

Even her mom and dad encourage this shit. I'm surprised and disgusted.

No. 120722

omfg this is pathetic, I can't believe she feels the need to try (emphasis on try) to take a flattering pic of her tits to prove us wrong
no one is fooled, we all know u have saggy wonky boobs jenna. just keep em to urself yeah?

No. 120723

Oh to be fair that picture is old, but still. She has made her fair share of posts about her "great tits", "big boobs", "big old titties" and so on. How can you have such saggy breasts and still try to tell people they look great?

No. 120724

She looks like those two vegetable kids with the fucked skulls.

No. 120726

File: 1460840402882.jpg (151.07 KB, 960x717, 148903_416399991711731_2127304…)

Also, her sister lost weight and looks happy. Shame she has to have a whale sized sister who takes up all of mom and dad's time with her dumb spoony shit.

No. 120727

I have a feeling her parents are one of the reasons she started this shit in the first place. Maybe being overly concerned about every little ailment in her childhood. They totally feed her delusions.

No. 120729

yes, these are definitely the saggy tits of an anorexic cancer patient

No. 120730

Fucking GOD this nails it

No. 120731

File: 1460840564296.jpg (102.78 KB, 1042x615, lolandcalltoreport.jpg)

And also, some butthurt anachan is calling for people to report milkchan.

No. 120734

File: 1460841355630.jpg (7.96 KB, 195x258, sick kid.jpg)

The only time I've seen someone wear a face mask in public was when we had that avian flu a few years ago. It was a batshit crazy old man on the bus. Idk, I'd rather be exposed to germs and have a good immune system. Let's face it, most of these hypochondriacs on ig haven't got immune system problems. They'll be catching loads of viruses if they ever grow out of their need to be cared for because ~sick kid~

(Image related. She's got Lyme's).

No. 120736

File: 1460841686177.jpg (142.93 KB, 1057x676, part1.jpg)

This will be in three parts, but it's fucking awesome.

No. 120737

File: 1460841703931.jpg (128.17 KB, 993x675, part2kek.jpg)

part 2

No. 120738

File: 1460841719630.jpg (125.81 KB, 1049x666, part3kek.jpg)

No. 120739

Obesity can lead to loss of period as well… She's such a stupid fat wannarexic. She makes me furious. I hate her and I've never even met her.

No. 120740

I found a Kelly Rose doll.

No. 120741

File: 1460841868496.jpg (81.73 KB, 1025x522, 4chanhaha.jpg)

They think milkchan is from 4chan. kek.

No. 120742

i really want to get her account deleted while shes IP so we dont have to deal with her bullshit for ages

No. 120743

omfg you're right

No. 120744


No. 120745

Whose? Kelly's? No way man, she's fucking hilarious.

No. 120746

anorexic people lose their period because of how skinny they get. the body shuts it down because that amount of bloodloss would kill them. it has nothing to do with not eating. same with obesity, the body shuts it down because it has to work harder to keep the body alive.

No. 120749

I lost a lot of weight quickly because of illness one time and my period stopped. I didn't even get anywhere near spoopy lvl.

No. 120751


Kelley and Kadee are milk. So much better than hearing bored twats ramble on about Jenna fishlips and Ember poopface.

No. 120752

I mean, from what I know, anorexics usually lose their periods because their body cannot produce enough hormones anymore (which is related to low fat intake). I don't know the exact reason why fatties lose their periods but yeah. But we have the same opinion.
And if Kelly is so well educated about the diagnostic criteria she should know loss of menstrual cycle is not even a criterion anymore, yet she thinks it's proof she really is anorexic.

What this fatty fails to realise is that restriction, which is what anorexics do, leads to weight loss.

No. 120753

it's about nutrients, not weight. a lot of bulimics lose their period and a lot of really low bmi anorexics keep it

No. 120755

File: 1460842341642.jpg (70.63 KB, 1050x337, hilolcow.jpg)

Aw, a shoutout from MPA!

No. 120756

File: 1460842438969.jpg (83.51 KB, 1051x428, atleastwereinagreement.jpg)

Someone is in agreement with us about how delusional this bitch is.

No. 120757


OMFG I AM DYING. It's like she has microcephaly or something.. Her head is too small for her body or her facial features.

No. 120758

I couldn't fucking agree more. This is the best milk this thread has seen since that dumb ass claiming multiple personalities.

No. 120760

File: 1460842585577.jpg (41.8 KB, 680x680, f71.jpg)

Jenna as a child

No. 120761


Oh look Heisenburg. Can't she go back to her own dumb 'Heisenburg bumps everything' thread ?

No. 120762

File: 1460842691154.jpg (213.8 KB, 933x595, insanelyUNattractive.jpg)

No. 120763

> restless leg syndrome isn't real bc i said so even though science proves it is

No. 120764

File: 1460842890338.jpg (163.54 KB, 936x601, ekg.jpg)

She went even further than Ember, she had someone snap a pic for insta of her EKG being done!

No. 120765

this post made me bulimic

No. 120766

File: 1460842971728.jpg (160.4 KB, 932x599, barfsforever.jpg)

Forever hamplanet

No. 120767

birdyally now healling ally on instagram actually follows aly ember and emily

No. 120768


Lol that was my post! Thanks for agreeing! :)

No. 120769

She is delusional or this account is pure satire !
What 'crazy amounts of lost weight' is she speaking about ?
She looks 340lbs in every pictures. …yikkkeeess….she could drop 100lbs and still suffer severe health problems but
the cause is not anorexia, it is because she is very overweight. AND NO, no menstruation isn't an anorexic thing. Being overweight can cause it too.

No. 120770

File: 1460843249743.jpg (13.8 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Literally Jenna

No. 120771

Holy shit, I'd wondered if that was one of us! Nice one!

No. 120772

File: 1460843267241.jpg (358.12 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_6474 - Copy.JPG)

No. 120773

File: 1460843277296.jpg (131.89 KB, 1024x1024, 134_zps9a32ecef.jpg)

No. 120774



No. 120775

Agreed. She doesn't look like she's lost a single ounce.

No. 120776


Anytime :) I honestly hate MPA so much. 99% of users desperately want eating disorders and I just kind of avoid it now. Should be called mywannarexia

No. 120777

Spoiler the kids, I stay out of that disturbing thread for a fucking reason, anon.

No. 120778

Fucking couldn't agree more from what I've seen.

No. 120779

Any word from Jenna's mom??

No. 120780

Also, good going on working to avoid that toxic place. Doin' the right thing, anon.

No. 120782

her bmi is like 40+, she looks like 350lbs. she could lose alot and be like 150lbs and then she would look normal. but honestly, she needs to lose weight. if she did it the healthy way that would be impressive. but i highly doubt she'll do it coz she probs have BED

No. 120783

mpa is better if you avoid the anorexia (and general discussions usually) forum like the plague. I stay on the bulimia board and there's none of the bullshit people say goes on mpa

No. 120784

Omg looks so much like >>120656

No. 120785

Ahhh…I guess the bulimics aren't as bitchy and hysterical as the wannarexics are.

No. 120788

yeah, except for the ones who feel the need to mention that they're "not bulimic, AN b/p subtype :)" at every opportunity

No. 120809

Jenna self diagnosed after birdyally said that she was AN b/p subtype. Ally actually looked sick but I doubt she was diagnosed with a subtype

No. 120810

I'm so pissed at this Kelly girl's whole situation. Like, she's just a huge drain of (ed related) resources, surely?! I mean, I know that having chronic illness sucks major balls, and she may well have some serious issues, but not anorexia. Seriously, this has a ally upset me. I've had friends die because of lack of funding/insurance.

No. 120811

What's birdy ally's Instagram now?

No. 120815

ally had a mpa and she was connected to the bulimic forum. she would inge and purge on dominos pizza and cookies constantly, hence the subtype, jenna is just a fat bulimic

No. 120822

Poor fat Kadeeblossms posted an hour ago that she's "slipping away". Her ED (morbid obesity) is "killing her".

No. 120825

Jesus, anorexia isn't the only legit diagnosis, people.

No. 120828

File: 1460851795829.jpg (152.34 KB, 933x591, fattyboomboomslippinaway.jpg)

slippin' away from teh fatorexia

No. 120830

File: 1460852027741.jpg (160.02 KB, 937x452, givemeanivandfeedingtubedamnit…)

"tube me, damn it!"

No. 120831

File: 1460852049183.jpeg (395.34 KB, 640x914, image.jpeg)

>im too fat to have anorexia arent i

Yes you are obese

No. 120832

File: 1460852050066.jpg (156.83 KB, 935x449, gimmeandivandtubept2.jpg)

part two

No. 120833

File: 1460852078767.jpg (152.97 KB, 933x451, gimmegimmept3.jpg)

part three

her friend is trying to tel her the doctor knows best

No. 120835

only wannarexics actually want to be tubed

No. 120837

File: 1460852298757.jpg (182.32 KB, 814x601, toooobemyfatass.jpg)

No. 120838

damn right she's too fat to have anorexia.
why can't these lard guzzlers just admit they have BED?

No. 120840

exactly. most anorexics actively try to avoid being tubed. once you're tubed you lose all fucking control. someone should tell these tards that their wannarexia is showing.

No. 120841

oh and that's fucking rich, she asks if anyone wants to pay for her super necessary anorexia treatment at the end.

No. 120844

we're aware but wannarexics are annoying as hell, not only do they invalidate other EDs they spread the belief that AN is the superior one

No. 120848

Healingally but she's private.

No. 120850

How does she get her doctor to go along with this? While it is possible to have an eating disorder and be at a high weight, why in the world would a feeding tube be necessary? She sure as hell doesn't looked malnourished, and IV medications and fluids should be more than enough to stabilize her if she really needs it.

No. 120851

these people don't understand that supplements/tubes/etc aren't needed for everyone with an ed. they're for people who need to gain weight, which these girls clearly don't

No. 120857

DID SHE SAY ITS BASICALLY LUPUS ?!? Undifferentiated connective tissue disease is a label they use when they don't know what's wrong with you but are investigating AKA there's nothing WRONG WITH YOU. Her only real illness is fucking sleep apnea and now opiate withdrawals because they stuff her with pain meds to shut her the fuck up

No. 120858

maybe she lied and pretends to refuse to eat and got tubed lol

No. 120859

Have there been any Joltography sightings on Big Girl's IG yet?

No. 120862


No. 120863

That sucks.

No. 120864

Couldn't agree more.

No. 120866

Exactly. She's full of shit and totally attention seeking. I don't know why the doctors put up with her.

No. 120867

Jolto is probably only into the photoshopped skinny wannarexics.

No. 120868

File: 1460857990906.jpg (148.08 KB, 933x598, dilaudid.jpg)

Fucking hell, this one is getting doped up on dilaudid too!

No. 120869

I think Kelly Belly is too disgusting even for her.

No. 120871

The painkillers are for the benefit of the staff that has to deal with her.

No. 120875

File: 1460858254082.jpg (197.08 KB, 930x600, ohnoesstarvingtodeath.jpg)

oh noes, starving to death on all those liquid calories.

No. 120876

File: 1460858297543.jpg (155.22 KB, 807x595, ensureforfatties.jpg)

She drinks meal replacements too. All the cool wannarexic fat chicks drink ensure and boost!

No. 120877

True, I wouldn't want to deal with these hypochondriac bitches if I worked in a hospital.

No. 120878

The Belly.

No. 120879

those things are so nasty why would you want to boost it if you don't have to wtf it's humiliating to boost or get tubed what is wrong with these attention whores.

No. 120880

I have no fucking clue. But you're right, Boost and Ensure taste fucking disgusting and are horrifying to drink.

No. 120881

File: 1460858630360.jpg (135.72 KB, 933x600, butimpublishedhamplanet.jpg)

Looky, she's a published hamplanet!

Also, what the fuck is wrong with her fucking hands?! It looks like the skin is fucking peeling off. I almost puked.

No. 120882

these obese "anorexics" get all the "good" parts of anorexia (attention, treatment, being cared for) without the hideousness that comes with actual anorexia

No. 120883


the hamplanet's super special blog!

No. 120884

omg i guess she thinks anorexia=dry skin so she doesn't put lotion on ever

No. 120885

File: 1460859086064.jpg (203.73 KB, 812x594, rippedoutherfeedingtube.jpg)

Holy shit, she actually had a feeding tube two weeks ago. And ripped it out.

She was about to get surgery on her stomach to get rid of her gall bladder and "dead parts of pancreas" though, so that's probably why she "needed" a feeding tube.

No. 120886

File: 1460859246222.jpg (234.51 KB, 934x597, dontneedtobe60lbsforafeedingto…)

No. 120887

why is every fat wannarexic marching into the hospital demanding dilaudid? GIVE ME MA FUCKIN PAIN KILLERS


No. 120888

File: 1460859493004.jpg (207.5 KB, 937x598, part1.jpg)

Gettin' called out

No. 120889

File: 1460859514553.jpg (206.86 KB, 932x591, part2.jpg)

gettin' called out part 2

No. 120890

Kadeeblossoms is another one begging for cash for "treatment":
"I appreciate any one who helps fund my treatment and helps me to go away and get the help I need, no matter whether you donate a dollar or a thousand dollars, whether you share my post once or every hour - it means the world to me and you don’t realize how much of a difference you are making in my life. It might not seem like much but I am so grateful and it speaks magnitudes of the kind of friends I have that support me and the friends my family has that continue to support me. Thank you all so much for your continued help and encouragement, donations, and love. If you’d like to share or donate to my treatment fundraiser the link is www.gofundme.com/helpingkadee- every dollar counts, every share counts, and it’s saving my life. When I am away in treatment I will be fighting harder than I’ve ever fought before to finally beat the demon that has held me hostage for the last 13 years of my life. This will be the greatest fight of my life - even bigger than my depression. People don’t realize how much I’ve struggled with self hatred, destroying myself, and my eating disorder. It has nearly killed me time and time again, and here I am in the medical unit of the hospital fighting for my life again thanks to my eating disorder, and I just want to say a huge thank you to any one of you who helps me fight back and kick this monster’s ass once and for all. Thank you for all that you do. You’re helping me save my life."

from her blog.

No. 120891

Holy fuck I just realized that this isn't Kelly Hannigan.

No. 120892

And yet none of them get accused of being drug seekers somehow.

No. 120893

IKR, they could be fucking twins.

No. 120894


I know we're all supposed to be banging on the fattie fattie 2 x 4. But I just want to point out that NONE of this shit is normal. I'm glad she's being hospitalized because she needs some kind of fucking supervision. No person in their right state of mind would be posting pictures like this with the updates she's telling.
These are absolutely batshit.

No. 120895

She is for sure batshit.

No. 120896

>all I had today was an ensure and a vanilla shake and a strawberry smoothie
I put that all into a calorie calculator and that adds up to at least 840 calories, probably more depending on how big her serving sizes were. And that's not counting what else she had that she chose not to say.

Does she even understand how stupid she sounds? Oh my god, "starving" just shut up.

No. 120897

funny thing is someone in her life paid for her to get treatment in texas over a year ago. granted it wasnt completely for her ED but still, someone paid 10s of thousands of dollars for it. she expects free handouts for everytime she decides to go to treatment. doesnt work that way honey.

No. 120898

File: 1460860087182.jpg (183.6 KB, 333x648, bipolarwithpsychoticfeaturesan…)

Apparently diagnosed Bipolar with psychotic features and impulse control disorder.

No. 120899


Yeah definitely getting the vibes something mentally is wrong with her because the captions she post PROVE the doctors think it's all bullshit. Stuff like "the doctor said I don't need duliadid" "don't need a feeding tube" where most would lie and be like "I was offered a feeding tube but declined" (bullshit example I know). Fuck she's not right in the head.

Also loving the fishing for approval - "I'm not skinny enough to have anorexia right?" "

No. 120900

That's seriously fucking annoying.

No. 120901

File: 1460860308733.jpeg (147.33 KB, 750x882, image.jpeg)

FWIW, I googled jennas old myproana handle and came up with this. for someone who has "anorexia" she sure spent lot of time on the bulimia threads

No. 120902

ewwwwww her fingers

No. 120903

File: 1460860520673.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.88 KB, 933x595, ouch.jpg)

Kadeeblossom self harms, too.

No. 120905

So do all of these dumbasses.

No. 120906

I'd fuck her dad.

No. 120907

Me too. I'd let him and Dante take turns.

No. 120908

File: 1460860750168.jpg (201.83 KB, 927x595, loveandwhutnow.jpg)

What the fuck is with these spoony bitches saying "sending love and spoons" to each other, what the fuck does that even MEAN?

No. 120910

Professional hypochondriac.

No. 120912

File: 1460862012673.jpg (103.24 KB, 919x564, junkie.JPG)

This one really grinds my gears because she actually thinks she knows better than the doctors. And like hello… Dilaudid is a really powerful painkiller that they're not just going to give you for falling down and maybe getting a bruise.

No. 120913


No. 120914

Exactly. The stupid bitch.

No. 120915

Is she trying to flip off the camera in this pic?? But I will say why the fuck would they give someone an IV for a fall? If you fell from a two story building maybe they'd give you an IV but just slipping on some ice… You trying it and they probably don't believe your chronic illness. Don't hospitals put on files if someone is a hypochondriac unbeknownst to the patient?

No. 120916

Meh, might be on file that she's malingering, but that's probably about it.

No. 120917

File: 1460862632432.jpg (234.07 KB, 928x592, beforeandafterriiiight.jpg)

Another before and after.

No. 120918

File: 1460862773950.jpg (188.66 KB, 928x595, kellybelly.jpg)

Oh my god, she used to be so skinnnnyyyy! Look at this pic, totally emaciated. Much starvation.

No. 120920

this is the definition of histrionic munchausens

No. 120921

File: 1460863132813.jpg (215.83 KB, 930x591, superspoonypills.jpg)

Bitch takes oxy four times a fucking day. How the FUCK is she getting all of the opiates prescribed?

Also, someone asked what all of her spoony diagnoses were but she never fucking answered.

No. 120922

She often covers the lower half of her face in photos with blankets, sweatshirts, etc. in order to conceal here multiple chins.

No. 120923

no legit Dr would do that, surely.

No. 120924

Spoons are the spoony equivalent of hit points.

No. 120925

Man if this girl gets cut off by her doctors she'd go into withdrawals and die probably. I see she has some benzos in there too but damn what mg of OxyContin she must be high 24/7 and addicted already.

No. 120926

This is a selfie, right? She's reaching out to take a pic of herself "sleeping"?

No. 120927

Dilaudid ON TOP OF oxy? That's two different opioids! Sbe is totally a junkie.

No. 120928

>my hospital

>my hospital

>my school

>my job
>my house

>my hospital

No. 120929

File: 1460863482107.jpg (186.03 KB, 930x592, 50plusfuckingpillsaday.jpg)

Jesus christ, she takes 50+ pills a DAY!?

No. 120930

lol perfect analogy

No. 120931

Is it possible she's lying? These are the ones she's not taken when she's been given them in an ~emergency~ and just uses them to show off as if she takes them every day, 4 times a day???

No. 120932

The drug companies are making bank off of this annoying faker.

No. 120933

File: 1460863675492.jpg (133.6 KB, 928x434, drugseekingdrugaddictfatorexic…)

Whines about doctors calling her drug seeking.
Posts picture of a notoriously drug addicted tv character on instagram.
Not a drug addict, just fatorexic.

No. 120934

>can swllow 20+ sizeable tablets at once
>cool party trick

No. 120935

I think that was supposed to be sarcasm, anon.

No. 120936

There are actually a surprising number of doctors that prescribe multiple opiates, although that is probably shrinking because of the FDA trying to restrict the amount of opiates prescribed.

No. 120937

I don't! I'm sure she'd love to show her pill poppin skillz to everyone.

No. 120938

File: 1460864042896.jpg (260.91 KB, 934x597, twoyears36weeksago.jpg)

Oh my god, this was 2 years and 36 weeks ago. She was normal cubby. How much fucking weight did she gain in two fucking years? HOLY FUCKING SHIT.

No. 120939

Yes. I think I read some stories (when I did oxy on and off recreationally. I don't do it anymore) that doctors can write up to 500 pills for a patient a month. It's very easy to find a doctor to write you a prescription sometimes but yes the FDA is trying. Trying. To cut down.

Okay this made me laugh out load irl. Thank you.

No. 120940

File: 1460864216218.jpg (99.71 KB, 932x615, owwww.JPG)

Let's see, I'm in excruciating pain, I better tell Instagram about it! Wait, let me cover up my chins with my sweatshirt first for the photo.

No. 120941

File: 1460864238728.jpg (192.22 KB, 933x595, donttheysavethatshitforcancerp…)

seriously, I thought this kind of shit was reserved for cancer patients.

No. 120942

File: 1460864308936.jpg (49.41 KB, 928x595, ss.JPG)

I want her to define "adequate".

No. 120943


No. 120944

Not just cancer patients. Promethazine is usually given after zofran is unsuccessful.

No. 120945

She must do a LOT of doctor shopping.

No. 120946

No. 120947

Drugs are her friends.

No. 120948

Promethazene is easy to get.

No. 120949

Holy shit, she MUST doctor shop, because no doctor in their right mind would prescribe benzos and opiates together. That combination of meds kills people.

She is for sure high 24/7, without a fucking doubt.

No. 120950

As a poetryfag who has actually been published before I can say with 100% certainty that no credible journal would publish this piece of garbage. This is probably a student journal at best or some chapbook filled with shitty tumblr poetry about trigger warnings and gender dysmorphia.

No. 120951

>can swallow 20+ pills in one shot
>can't swallow food


No. 120952

No. 120953

No wonder she's always backed up and constipated.. opioids do that. Hell, I took them for just two weeks after surgery and couldn't take a decent crap.. She's on them all the time.

No. 120954

Isn't doctor shopping illegal? I wonder if she was reported if she would get arrested, or if they would stop giving her meds at the very least.

No. 120955

Who the fuck would stop to take a fucking selfie when they're supposed to be in extreme pain? Just like fucking cryingemily snapping crying selfies or idiots who take photos claiming they're in the middle of a panic attack. Taking photos is the LAST fucking thing on your mind in those situations. JFC.

No. 120956

I highly doubt this girl will make it to 30. She's 17 now? I doubt she'll even make it to 24.

No. 120957

I was talking about the oxy.

No. 120958

Same here and very much agreed.

No. 120959

Oxycodone at 5mg isn't hard to prescribe.. A dentist can write that after some of the things they do.. Her tolerance is going to build up though. She's probably at a higher dosage now or switched to something else.

No. 120960

You cracked the code, anon. She's perma backed up from all the unnecessary opiates. Hence the industrial strength laxatives.

No. 120961

I believe it is. But that has to be what's going on. No doctor in their right mind would give a seventeen year old girl 50 fucking pills a day and mix opiates and benzos. It's disgustingly irresponsible and dangerous. So either she doctor shops like a mofo, or her doctor needs to have their license fucking revoked.

No. 120962

>wish they had put an iv in
Fucking KEKKKKK how predictable. Patients requesting dilaudid is a huge inside joke among people who work in hospitals- it's the number one choice of drug seekers. When you hear someone say "there's only one thing that works for the pain, it ummmm starts with a d i think?" you know exactly what's going on.


She definitely shouldn't have gotten it for her little boo boo. I imagine the doctor was willing to do anything to make her stop bitching.

No. 120963

File: 1460865136094.jpg (217.32 KB, 929x592, paindoc.jpg)

Ohhhh, she has a "pain doctor"–I've heard of those, don't they prescribe fucking anything as long as you pay cash? No wonder she's on so many fucking meds. I hope her "pain doc" gets shut down by the DEA.

No. 120964

File: 1460865311648.png (111.04 KB, 292x160, painmeds.png)

Yeah, I'm sure you're in so much "pain".

The only pain she's having is from withdrawal, anything else she says is bullshit.

No. 120965

link her tumblr pls?

No. 120966


This is Kadee, but both of these girls are doctor shoppers in my opinion.

No. 120967

so fucking gross landwhales shilling their parents for drugs

No. 120968


No. 120969

she's totally getting Dilaumed, bet you anything. That is fucking hilarious.

No. 120970

Dilaumed is unfortunately satire.

No. 120971

File: 1460866145317.jpg (183.47 KB, 920x594, morepills.jpg)

Bitch takes vicodin and xanax together. I wonder if she started begging for dilaudid AFTER that comment she got on this photo. The girl saying she used to take it until she got stronger pain meds.

No. 120972

I wore one for a few weeks because I had a horrible cough that wouldn't go away and I didn't want to give it to anyone.

No. 120973

You can lost your period from being too fat also.

No. 120974


No. 120975

File: 1460867098579.jpg (178.83 KB, 932x595, VOM.jpg)

Bitch puts peanut butter in sugar cereal.

No. 120976

File: 1460867326566.jpg (245.49 KB, 927x593, groceryshoppingthesickkidway.j…)

No. 120977

Precious calories.

No. 120978

Her teeth are pure yellow and why would anyone who has a moon face like that ask the question. She's like socially self harming

No. 120979

File: 1460867725111.jpg (165.45 KB, 931x593, bodydysmorphia.jpg)


No. 120980

Sorry, Belly, it's exactly how you look. You need to lose weight. End of story.

No. 120981

I doubt that table of food lasted more than a day

Also, why does she call herself a sick kid? She's almost an adult isn't she? I've never heard a younger person call themselves a sick kid before, that seems like such a demeaning term.

No. 120982

File: 1460868059629.jpg (109.2 KB, 400x400, myprecious.jpg)

No. 120984

>body dysmorphia

Are you fucking kidding me? You don't have body dysmorphia, that is exactly what you look like so maybe you should try losing weight. Oh wait, if she tries doing that she'll have another tantrum and gain even more weight in "recovery".

No. 120986

No. 120988

Dear lord whoever is giving her pills needs to lose their license. If she completely withdrew from her meds, GUARANTEED her problems would be solved.

No. 120989

maybe the staring blankly at walls for hours without memory of doing so is because of the xanax. when i was abusing benzos (that i was prescribed but i was stupid with-i still take them in "emergencies" maybe once a month) i had problems with remembering things like depression zoning out staring at the wall. kelly probably is mentally ill in some way but not anorexia. you can get psych treatment (which kell and the other tubie obese chick most likely need) without being anorexic.

No. 120990

Except a ton of doctors do? If you're responsible, and take them at least two hours apart you'll be fine. I'm prescribed an extremely powerful opiate and a pretty powerful benzo because of two separate disorders that NEED both. This bitch makes those of us who need medicine look bad.

No. 120993

you lose everything but weight apparently

No. 120996

File: 1460871916931.gif (3.65 MB, 320x180, 1458656706413.gif)

No. 121003

It's a schedule 2 drug so it has to be on her record as well as being a malingerer.

No. 121006

But she does have body dys. anon….she doesn't see how obese she is.

No. 121010

She looks fatter in the picture on the right. That's supposed to be the ~muh anorexia is killing me uwu~ picture, isn't it?

Do we have any proof that she's actually prescribed all this shit? Hoarding pills and showing them off so you can pretend to be medicated isn't exactly unheard of among people that have Munchhausen's.


I legit hate this bitch.

Nah, she definitely has more chins than that.

No. 121011


>I legit hate this bitch

Care to explain? I thought it was for kids who vomit all the time or people with hangovers who are too dumb to just drink gatorade.

No. 121012

She's not fat she's just Extremely backed up and bloated with special medications as a side effect from her severe and life-threatening anorexia nervosa.
Poor dear, so inspiring she can even pick up a camera to take a selfie.

No. 121013

Not entirely true. Although it's a terrifying thought, for some people, being tubed is a relief because they don't need to think about food. Also, it's an exact science so they'll know exactly how many calories they're getting

No. 121018

I want to punch kell.bell so hard

No. 121025

Same, anon, same.

No. 121026

Oh dude yes.nafter I had major sugary I was on codeine. Didn't take a dump for a week and a half and when I did it nearly killed me. Tmi but yeah. Gross stuff.

No. 121031

I can't stand all these "chronically-ill" teens. It's sad to say that most "spoonies" I've met in real life have given off the whole drug addict vibe.

Like you know there's something wrong with the group you hang out with when they try to one-up each other on how many pills they pop or what level of painkiller they're on. Jesus fucking christ.

I wonder how many "spoonies" (where the fuck does this name even come from??) in their own community are just prescription drug addicts.

As someone who knows many people involved in the healthcare industry I am enraged at how easy these kids get dangerous levels of painkillers. No matter who much a patient is "annoying" you, you should NEVER throw pain medication at them to make them quiet.

I used to think that the nurses and doctor's I heard these stories from were exaggerating or just having a bad day, but nope. These people legitimately start screaming and hollering the moment they walk through the ER or doctor's doors. It's disgusting.

No. 121033

Also wanted to say that what kind of life are these "chronically-ill" people having? Having your whole day revolve around your medication schedule and doctor's appointments is not a life worth living.

This is why I'm pro-assisted suicide and euthanasia. If you're in so much pain you can't function you have the right to end your life if you choose to do so.

It would be interesting to see how many of these people are magically "cured' if this was their only option. A little bit edgy maybe but I hate attention seeking illness fakers the most.

The "legit" chronically-ill people I've met in my life would much rather die than be stuck in a hospital or popping pills 50x a day. But yet they can't have that option because it's "too extreme".

When you hear about children dying in the hospital being in extreme pain from chemo or surgery and they ask the doctor "when will the pain stop?" it makes you so fucking depressed knowing that all they will ever know is chemo and excruciating pain.

These "professional sick-kids" make me hate the world.

No. 121034

where's the screen cap of this Kelly bitch informing her followers the DSM is GOING to remove the WEIGHT CRITERIA on anorexia so she CAN be anorexic at 300 pounds which she KNOWS for a FACT

Can you imagine if every ~osfed~ with ~anorexic tendencies~ and ~BED who doesn't eat during the day but eats 5000 calories at night~ can start claiming they're ACTUALLY ANOREXIC AT BMI OF 35

Strike me down God

No. 121036

what the fuck does she want phenergan for? it's an allergy medication??

No. 121038

That's depressing as fuck though. I've got chronic pain and limited mobility, and to a certain degree my life does have to revolve around pain management and check ups, but I also actually want to do other shit, unlike these spoonie twats. The fact I have to use a wheelchair isn't something i wants and the fact that I'll probably never be able to do all the shit I wanna do makes me super frustrated, but life is still worth living so long as you focus on actually doing things outside of your illness/pain.

I'd happily give my chronic pain to one of these malingering shit-nuggets.

No. 121040

this. i have a chronic pain condition and when i have episodes i go awol from social media for days at a time because you're right, when you're in a lot of pain posting selfies is literally the last thing you can or want to do.

No. 121042

As someone who is "chronically ill" I can say that there are some of us who try to actually live life and not talk about doctors and medications 24/7. It's hard to feel normal when you're sick, but a lot of these people aren't even attempting to. It's kind of pathetic.

No. 121043

It's used for allergies, anxiety, and nausea. Mostly prescribed for nausea.

No. 121045

Amen, anon.

(Hope you're doing okay)

No. 121047

No-one cares

No. 121049

Can someone do me up some digging and find the resteraunt ember works for

No. 121053

No. 121055


Do it yourself. Fuck

No. 121056

If you're going to contact them being a dickhead, don't. Already been done, and she's still employed so the people who did it just look like creeps.

No. 121057

because they wouldnt be special if they did that

No. 121058

you know how if you dont eat properly you might get dizzy or nauseous. this probably happens to these cows. they're used to eating 5000 calories, the minute they eat less "MUH ANOREXIA"

No. 121062

Euthanasia is not an options for the whiny spoonies because pity and attention is their only goal in life.

No. 121063


Kadee's tube looks like the ones they used post-abdo surgery to drain bile. Given that she had her gallbladder removed, I imagine it was put it for not not because she wouldn't eat. No one cares if you're not hungry post surgery; its normal!

No. 121068

Imagine having to be in a class with Kadee…she looks like she smells so fucking nasty and musty

No. 121075

I'm the one who you're responding to. I'm sorry you have to go through that, and I'm glad you're not one of those people who just decide their lives are over once they get diagnosed and give up or use it for attention. I hope you're currently in a manageable state pain-wise and that in the future it will get better for you.

No. 121077

If she withdrew her meds it's possible she'd go into physical & psychological withdrawals. I think she would need a detox. 50+ pills a day for how long? If she's addicted to an opiate that's a hell withdrawal to go through.

No. 121078

I just want to apologize to all of you for her. She's from Washington…gergle is from Washington. I'm sorry we keep producing assists.

No. 121079

I bet Jenna is making up her new boyfriend "Sam"

No. 121081

Maybe for bulimics? Constantly puking makes you dehydrated. But then again she's a delicate and fragile Ana.
Just knowing she goes in to get dilaudid, I'm pretty positive she's addicted to narcotics. She should graduate to heroin so she could at least loss some weight and be heroin chic.

No. 121082

Does joltography have a side account?

No. 121083

She probably does have some legitimate pain, but there's no doubt in mind that she's a drug seeking addict on top of that.

No. 121084

And the only cause for her pain is her obesity.

No. 121085

File: 1460907908215.png (963.93 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Jolto is sucking up to everyone now

No. 121087

She's been up Emily's ass for a few months now.

No. 121089

What's the deal with joltography? Why is she so obsessed with anas and wannas?

No. 121091

I think she's a little bit slow.

No. 121094

She uses these threads like a directory. Were you around for Crying Emily's fake abduction? Jolto appeared begging random farmers to call the police because somehow, for some reason, the buttons on her phone were confusing or wtf.

No. 121096

ROFL, yes, and them cryingemily blocked her for saying her mum needed to take better care of her or something.

No. 121098

>>style goals
The bitch is wearing lingerie out side like trailer trash

No. 121099

File: 1460909969765.jpg (56.69 KB, 530x330, IMG_20160417_111620.jpg)

>>it's my scoliosis

No. 121100

Emily perpetually looks like she forgot to finish dressing. I don't know why anyone would look up to her.

No. 121101

Is this Emily again? Realizing that at least jolto is someone we're willing to talk about so you have to insert your name with her now since everyone has caught on to your desperate attempt to tag yourself with ember (the primary wannarexic that gets discussed here)?

No. 121102

>Log in

Emily confirmed.

No. 121103

File: 1460911210425.jpg (21.18 KB, 245x183, 1459411711807.jpg)

emily pls

No. 121104

she wants 100k in donations…wowza.

No. 121107

Interacting with emilyologist gets you posted to lolcow. Take note, children.

No. 121108

Hang on, how does that prove it's Emily self posting?

No. 121110

She's logged out of Instagram so that you can't see that it's her account. It could also be Jolto self posting, but it seems like more of an Emily thing to do.

No. 121111

Now you guys are really grasping at straws

No. 121112

Wait jolto is a girl?! I always assumed it was a guy by the name

No. 121113

Oh please, it's not far fetched. Were you not here when she outed herself by posting about a stupid wig and when she got caught self posting her own snap, then subsequently deleted it?

No. 121114

Okay Emily.

No. 121115

I do think it's possible it was Emily but some people just don't have Instagram. My own IG is deactivated and I still check some people's Instagram, but through chrome, and it says "log in" like in the picture.

No. 121116

So they're specifically stalking Emily and Jolto? Nah, it's Emily.

No. 121124

Anyone on this thread knows jolto kisses embers ass and now apparently emilys too

No. 121126

Wait, but she's specifically dedicated to Ashley…or did she flip on her?

No. 121127

Does anyone know for sure how old she is? I've heard some anons say she's in her 20s, but I thought we found a MPA account that said she was 16.

No. 121133

I cant stop scrollin through her IG
Shits hilarious
Especially whe she says she cant shit but takes oxys 4x a day

No. 121134

It's like Honey Boo Boo all growed up.

No. 121140

We talkin bout the Ashley that's bone thin and on the brink of death ?

No. 121143

That's the one.

No. 121146

Wow. As someone from Washington state, I want to apologize on behalf of this bitch. We're not all like that, and thank GOODNESS, Swedish medical center/Seattle children's are VERY good hospitals. The doctors would never fall for her bullshit. That's why she gets so pissed off… lol.

No. 121147



No. 121148

Has anyone told her she's been featured on MPA and lolcow? I seriously can't believe this bitch exists. It would be funny if it weren't so insulting.

No. 121149


Yes, she's a girl and she's in her 20s. That mpa wasn't hers. She works at HMV and can be really inappropriate with comments (ie autistic).

No. 121150

She's in IP right now. I'm glad. I'm sure she'd come here and try to stir shit up with her massive spoons.

No. 121153

she left a comment on ash's pandora photo so i doubt she's been completely split on. maybe gotten bored with at most.

No. 121157

>she'd go into physical & psychological withdrawals.

The Center for Discovery website says they also have a teen substance abuse problem. It'd be great if they got her to go under the guise of treating her super serious anorexia, but really, plan to detox her from all the narcotics she's on. Because i agree, i don't think she could handle those withdrawals outpatient.

I wonder, if they start detoxing her off her precious pain killers, how fast she'll be begging mommy and daddy to bring her home…and if they'll cave.

No. 121158

I doubt the rehab and the psych ward is on the same unit

No. 121160

That's absolutely disgusting

>why do you drink ensure
omg, I lol'd

No. 121163

It strikes me as odd that her account has zero pro-ana content and yet she's obsessed with these disordered girls.

No. 121168

Her eyebrows… That make up… Ugh, I think i'm going to puke.

No. 121169

My guess is her life is boring and she gets off on the drama.

No. 121171

shes one of us

No. 121177

Teef! Teef teef teefteef.

No. 121178

and guys the funniest part is the origin of the term 'spoonie'

when i first heard it, i thought it was its based off some analogy some lady made up.

she was trying to explain fibromylagia to her friend and she was holding a bunch of spoons and said 'this is me on a good day. on a bad day, i have only a few spoons or none at all.'

No. 121180

There are so many things that would make so much more sense than spoons. What an odd analogy to adopt. I guess I don't have chronic pain disorder so I just don't get it.

No. 121182

What I do is if I know I'm having surgery and on painkillers, I drink prune juice to help me crap. It works, as nasty as that stuff is. Pear nectar also does the same thing.

No. 121183

Personally, I say it's like a car running on empty, rather than using spoons as an analogy.

No. 121184

Of course she does.
Joltography is the worlds lamest sycophant. Of course she's gonna latch herself onto those idiots like a lamprey.

No. 121185

Those fucking hot dog fingers holy shit man

No. 121186

The fact she never exercises/rarely gets up out of bed doesn't help. I hope she has physical therapy or some time of exercise thing in IP. I know I did yoga in IP which helped a lot bc locked small unit.

No. 121187

I have a slight opiate addiction and honestly I get serious fucking codiene withdrawals even on low doses, taking oxy 4x a day is gonna fucking kill her if she ever runs out. Esp on top of benzos, shes gonna be itching out her eyeballs when they run out

No. 121189

Sounds like drug seeking to me, i.e. pretend I'm super ill and constantly keep up the facade of constant pain and get painkillers thrown at her. I've seen it loads of times in addicts, keep saying how bad everything hurts and no one will question your usage

No. 121190

She should try losing 20lbs.

No. 121191

Can't speak for opiate withdrawal as I've never had it, but benzo withdrawal is awful. It's not fatal or anything but you might wish it was. Even just dropping .5 mg is bad. I think there are some meds for opiate withdrawal but she would probably never want to go on that bc it would label her as a drug abuser lol. An exercise oriented rehab might help! You get tons of attention for that too kells, but I don't think it's as ~tragic~ and helpless as anorexia :/

No. 121192

prescribing heavy opiates for chronic conditions is so pointless. It's not a long term pain management solution. But as she says, she has a pain problem not a pain management problem, whatever on gods green earth that means

No. 121193

lol drug seekers always want IV dilaudid. there are methods of administering the drug to retain its pain killing profile while avoiding the "high" that seekers are looking for, and that usually makes them pissed off, just like Kelly Belly here. classic.

No. 121194

I wonder if her 'problems' include sweats, stomach cramps, diarrhea and migraines. The usual opiate withdrawals

No. 121195

File: 1460927617073.jpg (236.49 KB, 750x1190, image.jpg)

Yeah I bet your cheeseless dirt pizza tasted so ~free~. Inb4 there's no cheese bc Jenna is lactose intolerant!!!!!!!

No. 121196

i don't think there is a "psych ward", its a residential program. Considering how many people with EDs also abuse drugs, i'd be surprised if they didn't have a "dual diagnosis" track. Though i don't think she'd have been so happy to go to the center if she thought thats why she was going.. kinda really interested to see how long she lasts, and if she lasts a while, what she'll be like when she gets out (and if she's still being prescribed oxys 4x a day)

No. 121197

Yeah it seems nonsensical to complain about how it's given/diluted if it's the same dosage. That high thing makes sense. Is it a quick half-life?

No. 121199

Idk looks good to me. Doesn't look exactly healthy just because she's forgoing the cheese, it's still greasy.

No. 121200

True, true. And I 100% that she has Munchhausen's. She has a pretty fucking classic case.

No. 121201

I wonder how they are managing her meds there lol. That many meds can kill someone getting 0 Cals like she sometimes claims. Is it a private summer-campy program?

No. 121202


No. 121203

Bitches like this make me irrationally angry. She's so pleased with herself for being a special little 'sick kid' junkie.

Surely her doctors have on file that she's a drug pig?

No. 121204

I could not fucking agree more with you.

No. 121207

pretty sure it's just like a nice house setting. center for discovery isn't like inpatient/hospital, it's a residential treatment center. the clients there usually have to be medically stable (otherwise they'd be IP/in the hospital)
I still think it's hilarious that her mom was trying to see if that whale could go to denver ACUTE. this bitch acts like she's super skelly and on death's door when in reality she could live off her fat stores for weeks, lol

No. 121208

Seriously. That's just fucking lazy.

No. 121209

lol she isn't even ip like she claimed. Not that residential houses aren't treatment, but it means you aren't medically sick. If she had all this super spoonie pain I doubt she would have been admitted there.

No. 121211

I don't believe she has Munchhausen's. She's doing this to get access to drugs and not go to school or work which sounds more like she's just a regular malingering patient.

Munchhausen's is when a patient isn't doing it for any personal gain.

No. 121214

I was about to ask the same damned thing. What the fuck is her deal?

No. 121215

No. 121217

I literally can't get over this fat bitch thinking she has severe anorexia or her insurance approving months of residential treatment for her "severe anorexia".
What is wrong with her?
Has she never googled "anorexia"?
What is her excuse for being a fat fuck despite allegedly restricting her intake severely?
Just… Whyyyyyy??

No. 121218

File: 1460929541953.jpeg (153.06 KB, 1536x624, image.jpeg)

Im dying

No. 121219

No. 121220


people are fucked.

No. 121221

This kelly girl having 'anorexia recovery' in her description must be scaring the shit out of real anas. They must think she is a former anorexic and that they too will become whales

No. 121222

Do any anas or wannas follow her?

No. 121223

I bet they do. She's going to be in a world of fucking hurt when she finally encounters a doctor who is smart enough to shut down her fucking supply of drugs.

No. 121224

When I was in residential there were multiple bulimic a pretending to be anorexics then food would mysteriously go missing and puke would mysteriously be in the bushes. We also had a girl faking seizures for attention and one girl who didn't even have an eating disorder but dusl diagnosis programs take that shit because being monitored all the time is a good way for doctors to figure out what the fuck is actually wrong with you because clearly you're not sane. Usually it's some type of other mental illness and a personality disorder. We asked my group therapist about the seizure girl and she said 'in cases like this we have to let them come to the realization on their own or else they will continue to seek attention in these ways' so in some ways they are sicker than others because they don't live in reality at all. They know they are doing this to get attention but don't fully even realize when they're doing or how often they do it. It's really interesting if you ask me but incredibly invalidating to people who are actually there to work on their ED.

No. 121225

The personal gain involved here would be attention for being seen as the sickest kid on he planet. Don't people with Munchhausen's do it for the attention they get for being sick?

Obviously she's hooked on all those drugs as well though.

No. 121226

Probably just fat wannarexics.

No. 121228

like high bulimic

No. 121229

Idk maybe it's the best thing for those non Ed mentally ill people to be in Ed units. Typically they are better ran than units specializing in personality disorders. Plus seeing actual ed sick people might make them snap out of the act and realize that people with eds aren't happy with themselves or their lives. Unless they are actively disrupting treatment I don't think it's an entirely bad thing. I wish this would happen to kelly jelly but she just eats up the dogma of eating disorder treatment.

No. 121230

I feel like it would teach them behaviors to copycat and interfere with the actual ED patients though?

No. 121231

Most inpatient treatment isn't effective for those with personality disorders. You're right, they will absorb symptoms but that will happen anywhere. Idk I'm conflicted about it

No. 121232

File: 1460931417121.jpg (196.37 KB, 928x594, goodlord.jpg)

How she defines herself.

No. 121233

It says motivated and unmotivated lmao

No. 121234

> Unmotivated
> Motivated
> Sick
> Generally Unwell
> Medicated
> Anorexic
> A kid! In Pain
> Proud

Oh my god I can't stop laughing.

No. 121235

File: 1460931843066.jpg (329.14 KB, 1280x960, 6nrRPQM.jpg)

Aw, cute. She thinks covering half her face will make it easier to look at her.

No. 121238

Did it interfere with our treatment? Kind of but it was also good practice with confronting people and calling them out on lies. In regards to picking up new behaviors.. These type of people seem to incorporate other parts of other patients stories constantly so I don't think theirs much anyone can do about that. Plus any wannarexic can find any behavior they want on the Internet and if they had a real ED they'd already be doing them.

No. 121239

>sad :(

No. 121240

>constantly whines about her ex but still wears jewellery from him
(she called that necklace "nice jewellery". Jenna I hate to break it to you, but he probably got it at Claire's. Why would a chronic cheater spend any money on this one?)

No. 121241

File: 1460932086373.jpg (528.68 KB, 996x1600, stock-photo-fresh-snapper-fish…)

No. 121244

She should just fuck off entirely.

No. 121245

Were you in treatment in MA, anon?

No. 121247


No, out west

No. 121248

Why….do people hate this vegetable sisters look alike so much? Jenna? I'm behind and don't have time to go through the threads.

No. 121249

I don't hate them. I feel sorry for them. They just scare the shit out of me, tbh. They have a horrifying NON-life.

No. 121250


They look like Jenna with her tiny head and chunky body/disproportionate facial features.

No. 121254

I know, I'm the one who pointed it out initially lol what I mean is why do people hate her so much? I saw something about her faking cancer but that's all I've picked up on, I mean she's ugly and has some unfortunate udders but I'm not sure why she gets so much hate.

No. 121255

She faked cancer a few years back and claims to have anorexia or some shit. I honestly think her whatever milk she had is now sour and boring as fuck. Oh, and she has a face that makes people hurl.

No. 121295

Faked cancer, gave out purging tips on mpa and Tumblr, lies about her diagnosis, lies about her weight (claimed a BMI of 15 while looking like BMI 19+), generally lies and brags about her disorder a lot, stirs up drama because she feels inferior to real anorexics and real fitblrs. Copies and envies birdyally/healingally. Lied about her boyfriend being abusive and manipulative. Tried to sweep it under the rug that she used to be a thinspo blogger. Leeches off her parents but publicly shames her dad for "only being successful because he's a white male". 23 and lives at home. Shares very detailed stories about her mom's alleged severe alcoholism that makes her low functioning. Attacks others for posting about their ED but when she does it its fine. Lies about her camming job.
A true gem by Jenna:
"anorexics lie about not eating because I can't fast"

No. 121312

File: 1460937249315.png (802.24 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

such a good, concise summary.

No. 121316

is Kelly posting from ip?

No. 121320

Nope. :'(

No. 121325

lmao that's right I always forget about this. does someone have the screencap of it

No. 121340

File: 1460938511535.jpeg (157.22 KB, 750x1288, image.jpeg)

never forget

No. 121345

She forgot "land whale"

No. 121357

I was in treatment for severe ptsd and had to be transferred out because over half the girls there had severe personality disorders and the way they were behaving made me way worse. (Making everything into a most fucked up contest and telling me I was faking it because I didn't participate. Not allowing me within ten feet of anyone because my ptsd was related to my abusers personality disorder and they felt it was a personal attack on them. Not being able to take the same elevator as everyone else because my presence "triggered" someone.)

People with severe personality disorders should be in their own unit. They fuck up the rest of the patients' treatment. Thanks but I didn't want to spend an extra month inpatient to fix the additional damage they caused.

No. 121363

she constantly claims to be lactose intolerant lol

No. 121365


No. 121366

i remember she bitched about how sex is difficult bc she has to hold her saggy boobs

No. 121371

There aren't an unlimited amount of units and most (especially underaged) personality disorders are undiagnosed so it would be hard to transfer to their own unit. A lot of pds are trauma based. PTSD is the worst and i understand about the inpatient being triggering. If anything I found treatment involving mentally ill teens counterproductive. I think it's like that for a lot of ppl. If you aren't the craziest then you aren't valid. That's why these girls here call themselves Ana when they are osfed or bed or bpd or whatever. Also pds often coexist with eds or ptsd. But I agree that they sound be approached differently.

No. 121373

personality disorders can't be "cured" it's usually life long and yeah they coeexist with EDS but regular teen units are usually just to stabilize. I don't know about impatient for Ed wannaanas

No. 121374

I'm so amused Kelly didn't say she was fat in that art therapy project. In fact, she never mentions anything about being fat, only anorexic. I wonder if she even thinks she's fat??

No. 121377

I think it would help to keep mental diagnosis more confidential for minors. A diagnosis shouldn't mean anything outside of treatment and insurance. Mental disorders are just groupings of symptoms anyway. That's why the same list of meds are prescribed to a variety of disorders. Listing them on your online profiles like badges is sick and should be discouraged.

No. 121382

Funny thing about it was that it was an all female, military/veteran only unit. I have seen in multiple units (military just kind of tucks you away in treatment while waiting for your mental health discharge) where people's personality disordered behavior takes precedence over other peoples treatment and safety.

No. 121394

You hit the nail on the head, anon. Kelly never once calls herself fat throughout her entire instagram. I thought one of the hallmarks of anorexia was very poor self image with regards to weight (ie, constantly calling yourself fat, etc)

No. 121397

I remember we (the patients) had to stay in our rooms and some at risk ppl were taken off constant watch for a day and a half because a borderline was rampaging all over the unit and taking off her clothes and insulting everyone. Ppl like that will be disruptive to treatment anywhere. Idk what the solution is. Maybe sedation? Involutionary psych stays seem to never help unless it was a biochem problem or to stabilize for non acute treatment. What do you guys think kell and the other fat tubed Ana Chan should be dxed with?

No. 121399


I'm an Occupational Therapist and we would usually just write a big "MALINGERING" in the chart. I can't diagnose people officially, but from what I've experienced, they usually aren't diagnosed with anything even if they scream Munchhausen's because insurance doesn't want to cover someone like that.

I have a woman now who is exactly like Kelly over here but is 62 and has DID but she is so convinced she's in pain, she calls dozens and dozens of doctors begging until she gets the meds she wants. I don't even think she wants the pills to get "high." I think she just wants them because she thinks she NEEDS them to validate her delusions. It's very dangerous…

No. 121400

I was IP once for major depression. This one borderline/histrionic girl got admitted and she was a trip. She traipsed around the ward basically half naked with her butt cheeks out. Mind you this was a coed ward. She was also constantly chatting up male patients. She was only there like two days.

No. 121401

Benzo withdrawal is, in fact, fatal. Or can be. Benzo and alcohol withdrawals can both cause seizures that can cause death.

No. 121404

she wont call herself fat because it won't get her asspats, since she really is a landwhale

No. 121405

Borderlines are the fucking worst.

No. 121408

OT but i went ip 3x and only one was there 1 landwhale (bulimic i guess?)

No. 121409

You're right. She would have to go into detox and be put on withdrawal medications, and they are opiate withdrawal meds I know of but not sure about benzos. Her going off all her meds cold turkey would definitely lead to a fatal seizure. She would also have to probably go to some form of drug rehab too.

No. 121413

Keep them all together so they can disrupt each other's treatment or put them in an isolation unit. I don't think munchausen's fits here because they don't have the balls to actually make themselves ill. Probably histrionic pd, because it's all about the attention she is recieving.

No. 121416


You don't have to make yourself sick to have Munchausen's. It's definitely not the only thing they have though… I like to think of Munchausen's more like a byproduct of a raging personality disorder like histrionic or borderline.

No. 121421

File: 1460943395365.jpeg (43.97 KB, 310x398, image.jpeg)

Dang she wasnt always that big. She couldve been cute

No. 121422

like a fat kirsten dunst

No. 121424

Amy Schumer reminiscent.

No. 121427

pls tell me jennas mom responded

No. 121431

Jesus Christ, Kelly Belly takes the same meds as my bf who died of cancer. People like her make it more difficult for people with cancer and other serious illnesses to get the meds they need. Someone needs to take her out back behind the barn with the shotgun and put her out of her misery. Sorry for rant/blog, but this shit really grinds my gears.

No. 121439

Good lord, and she'd probably say this was a "pre-anorexia" picture.

No. 121440

Kelly's PTSD is BS. She wrote everything is loud and scary. Well I think she is just taking shit from shell shocked victims. Amateur

No. 121443

Kelly's everything is BS. She's BS.

No. 121445

It's okay, anon. Kelly is a horrible fat malingering addict who is contributing to the stigmatization of pain patients.

No. 121446

No. 121448

File: 1460949550998.png (505.12 KB, 706x361, oinkoink.png)

No. 121449

Kelly wants to be anorexic even more than Ember does.

No. 121452

I think all those drugs are messing with her facial muscles, her facial movements are so twitchy and weird.

No. 121453

I agree, the way her mouth moves it almost seems like she has difficulty speaking.

No. 121454

she has a hard time breathing lmao

No. 121460

No. 121461

I don't believe there are any meds to help benzo withdrawal. They have to wean you off very, very fucking slowly and carefully. Some kind of detox would be best for her, considering all the meds she's on.

No. 121462

Same here, anon. Someone close to me died of cancer and they weren't on half the drugs this bitch is on, even though they were fucking dying and in excruciating pain every second. This bitch makes me RAGE.

No. 121468


This was hard to watch, listening to her struggling to breathe made me feel like I had to breathe deeper to assist her.

No. 121478

shes struggling to breathe coz shes so fat

No. 121483

File: 1460956313051.jpg (147.19 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Apparently this fatty also had cervical cancer around October last year!!!1! Surprised she doesn't tag cancer survivor in everything - oh wait because she didn't fucking have it. God someone please slap this fat Munchausen bitch.

No. 121484

File: 1460956965332.jpg (194.46 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


From 2014. Knew this bitch had substance abuse issues - now it's just pain killers! Going through her Instagram it's amazing to see how many illnesses and diseases she's tried to claim! Bipolar, alcohol addiction, renal failure, cervical cancer, EDNOS, OFSED, bulimia, anorexia (including breathing problems due to anorexia and not just being a fatty).

No. 121488

This enrages me. I'm 99% sure she never had alcohol problems (because she lies about everything so why not about this too?) and the thought of an imposter going to an AA meeting sickens me

No. 121493

Kadee looks disgusting and smelly.

No. 121499

File: 1460962187141.gif (526.54 KB, 240x240, mCiNBgx.gif)


No. 121504

File: 1460965358551.png (6.92 KB, 343x198, fuckyoupayme.png)

those dumb motherfuckers

No. 121506


Instagram is a very special place.
1% are rich&famous
50% are survivor of depression, cancer or suicide
49% are 'anorexic'

Generation useless

No. 121531

The fat hog Kadee had a GoFundMe before, in 2013. Probably a scammer on top of a disgusting human being

No. 121554

>insurance approving months of residential treatment for her "severe anorexia".

i doubt thats actually why she's there. she can tell herself thats why, but insurance wouldn't have approved residential for a 300 lb "anorexic". She must be diagnosed with osfed or BED, and the medical complications from her obesity qualified her somehow.

No. 121555

I REALLY want to know where this figure came from, what magical treatments does she desperately require that no insurance or government assistance can provide her with?? 100k - a tenth of a MILLION dollars - for what, just for the eating disorder she's claiming to have?

No. 121562

can you have bulimia and anorexia? like don't they cancel each other out, since the definitions are eating/purging too many calories vs restricting calories

No. 121563

You can't have both but there are subtypes (anorexia b/p). Having both (to an extent) is usually just diagnosed as EDNOS/OSFED.

No. 121565


Sort of, it's not unheard to end up with both of given very specific circumstances but at initial assessment and diagnosis you would get one or the other.

No. 121572

No. You can be bulimic, and you can be anorexic but binge and purge [like Ash]. But you can't have both a bulimia diagnosis and anorexia diagnosis at the same time.

Also sometimes atypical eating disorders get lumped under OSFED.

No. 121579

there's also like… normal people

No. 121595

File: 1460990260786.jpeg (328.84 KB, 1263x1656, image.jpeg)

So Naomi 's mother bought her plane tickets to go meet Zoe. Guess they don't need that Gofundme anymore. Someone asked what they're going to do with it & Zoe replyed that they only made 25$ (Kek) someone mentioned donating it to charity, but I doubt Zoe will do that. She seems like the kind to cash out & run, No matter the amount.

No. 121596

she'll probably spend it on lush

No. 121598

samefag, but they should give the money back to the donators

No. 121599

not really.
they just call it anorexia with bulimic tendencies or vice versa, becaue maybe a person is mostly ana but sometimes throws up what little they did actually eat (they didnt binge tho)

No. 121601

that's osfed
>maybe a person is mostly ana but sometimes throws up
fuck off back to mpa

No. 121603

JFC there's no such diagnosis as "anorexia with bulimic tendencies"
And don't even get me started on "mostly Ana"

No. 121604

Gofuckme and justgiving should be kickstart. If they don't raise the target on a specific day they don't get the cash people pledge.

It'd stop these greedy cunts wanting 100k and the donations drip through.

Fuck, I hate crowd funding so much.

No. 121606

Like* kickstart.

No. 121613

Uh, that's not how it works. Either you're bulimic [normal weight by binge and purge], or you're underweight and spoopy and binge and purge, which is AN, b/p subtype.

Like if you're normal weight and binge and purge once or whatever, that's OSFED, aka EDNOS.

No. 121615

can we discuss lolcows instead of eating disorder diagnoses already? if anyone's confused, google the DSM criteria

No. 121620

I'm not confused about the dsm criteria lol I'm just saying you can't have both. so it doesn't make sense that so many of these girls have both dxs

No. 121621

if you have someone to discuss go ahead?

No. 121628

File: 1460995445913.png (733.76 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_2016-04-18-12-02-25…)

Hey Ember, doesn't A.J. look happy as fuck with you out of his life?

No. 121629

self post

No. 121630

File: 1460996930512.jpg (205.44 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

"Scared I'm gonna get fat"

Jesus Christ does she honestly think she's emaciated right now? She's bigger now than she was a year ago!

No. 121632

It would be hilarious if that was AJ self posting.

No. 121633

I meant the girl in the pic, but that would be hysterical

No. 121635

She might not, though I don't understand how. I don't understand body dysmorphic disorder when obese people see themselves as skinny. Like, how do you not realize you need a wall-size mirror just to see your girth?

No. 121636

File: 1460998773745.jpg (78.54 KB, 599x600, Capture.JPG)

Why are bulimics given Fortimel? I found a spoonie and she says she's bulimic but she's on Fortisip. PS she's proper fat.

No. 121637

Post her

No. 121638

I'd self-post forever if I were that girl, just to watch Ember squirm.

No. 121639

No. 121640

Provides vitamins and nutrients. Bulimics tend to have electrolyte imbalances from purging.

No. 121642

Can't they give the obese ones something with fewer calories?

No. 121643

Irony. I've seen bulimics bragging about how insanely easy they are to purge. [For real though, it's for vitamins and nutrients, like other anon said.]

No. 121644

File: 1460999765670.png (511.87 KB, 966x537, poorcar.png)

That car is way too small for her.

No. 121645

Well usually those drinks are covered under health insurance, so there's not oop expense. That's probably why.

No. 121646

So this is how you get to own a convertible. Spending your disability benefits on one. Okay, then.

No. 121647

She's in the UK. She'll be getting all her meds free.

No. 121650

Ooooh, I thought she was in the US.

Hm, well there are supplements but those are kind of dangerous and need regular monitoring to make sure there's not too much potassium and such. It's probably just easier to give out the drinks.

No. 121659

idk maybe they cant handle real food or food is too much of a trigger but they need nutrition some how.
also they give people these calorically dense things because many tend to lie and said they ate already so this helps make up calories

No. 121664

did anyone here made the hate pages of the big accounts? lol its fucking funny as all shit tbh

No. 121674


OMFG i had to stop watching after less than 2 mins because she managed to give SO
Much mis-information about EDs which has wound me up beyond belief.
1) 'anorexia' = loss of appetite; YES it can happen to anyone of any weight and it is extremely common.
2) 'anorexia NERVOSA' = a nervous loss of appetite, aka the most deadly of all psychiatric disorders which is ALL about the sufferers percieved need to lose weight, restrict intake, etc.

hyperchondriacs like her need to get their info and facts straight before they start trying to "re-educate" the world about misconceptions surround eds.

I Could go on for pages but she isnt worth my energy. As many of u have already stated, the only ed she has is BED, but more likely munchausens.

No. 121691

Unfortunately for us UK tax payers, this bulimic is most likely getting her fortisips from on the NHS if some dr is gullable enough to prescribe them for her. However judging by the fact she claims to be a uni student, yet somehow just got herself a fancy new car, its also very possible she just has super rich parents. Either way fortisips have to be prescribed in the uk…so someones cocked up and is draining theNHS for yet another obese bulimic patient. (Kudos to her for not claiming anorexia tho ???)

No. 121693

No. 121696

I've heard of Belle and her fake cancer. I've also heard of that Lacey Spears lady who supposedly killed her son by putting feces in his feeding tube and whatever, so gross.

No. 121706

If she's in England, chances are she'll have to pay for them unless she's on jobseekers or disability. England doesn't have free prescriptions.

No. 121716

>I don't want to go and get fat
How delusional do you have to be to weigh 300 pounds and not think you're fat?

No. 121718

File: 1461005167444.jpg (99.32 KB, 934x585, 1.jpg)

She's on disability. Also gets to have a fun holiday in Malta.

No. 121720

Lol she sounds like a bratty hypochondriac

No. 121722

As long as you're paying, private doctors are more willing to let it fly. Not to mention she probably doctor shops like any hypochondriac

No. 121725

link plz

No. 121727


Did anyone else notice how her IG bio proudly stated how she was president of the student union at her uni?? I mean if she is faking or indeed falsely claiming/misusing disability benefits, she should NOT be in a position of such significance…. She may also have a pretty influential role on how the student unions money is spent too…

No. 121728

I just had a thought.
What if Kelly Belly went to the doctor and one of her symptoms was "loss of appetite". The doctor used the medical term "anorexia", which means "loss of appetite". The Belly took this to mean that she had been diagnosed with anorexia NERVOSA, and since she's high all the fucking time, believed that she had anorexia nervosa.

No. 121729

>I don't like feeling hungry
>claims to have anorexia
Bitch what? Normal people are supposed to be hungry from time to time, she needs to stop being a fat cunt. It's the signal that tells you it's time to eat.

And holy shit, her parents are such enablers. It'll be their fault when their daughter does from being a fat doctor shopping attention whore.

No. 121730

Probably because her parents treat her like a giant toddler

No. 121731

Honestly though, that's not your business. Are you saying disabled people are never allowed to take a vacation or something? Also it seems that the disability support system is a lot better in the UK. Eg: getting a council house, disabled pay, carer allowance, and so on.

Stuff like that doesn't really exist here in the US. Disabiliy pay is crap unless you've managed to work for decades beforehand, and public housing has years of waitlists.

No. 121732

>Are you saying disabled people are never allowed to take a vacation or something?

That's some good reaching.

No. 121734

Other poster, is it though? As long as she is still meeting the criteria for her ESA (etc) then what right have you to say a disabled person isn't entitled to a holiday or travel. She's used her money to go abroad, who cares it's hardly milk.

No. 121735

I have to agree with you here. It's not like she posted pictures of a 5 star hotel room or a luxurious pool or fancy food.

No. 121736

Not a self post, I'm just trying to bait Ember lolololol

No. 121738

Don't know why so many "ED warriors" prefer to drink these horrod fortisips. They are revolting, but yes they do serve a purpose if your stomach is still shrunk and can't handle large volumes of food or if you are physically unable to chew and digest food but else wise its just a continuation of avoiding food thus disorded.

No. 121739

this literally sounds exactly like Jenna

No. 121742

> i slipped on ice abloobloobloo give me opiates

No. 121743

isn't kelly from Washington? Why doesn't she try marijuana for her constant pain/anxiety. I know it's not a fix all, but you'd think she would try it if she takes oxy FOUR fking times of day. Not sure about the legality of it for minors but Doctor shopping for narcotics isn't exactly model citizen behavior. But she does seem like a holier-than-thou type person who would look down on people who use marijuana.

No. 121747


Yeah it's for the medical anorexic side effect of Ana nervosa. I'm not sure why you would drink boost or fortisip or w/e when you can put supplements in a smoothie. Or eat a balanced meal with fewer calories. If one is physically/mentally able to not drink the medical smoothies, why would they want to? What a strange phenomenon… I've only heard about anas complaining about it irl.

No. 121751

File: 1461008612889.png (442.85 KB, 596x453, k.png)

but she is emaciated cant you see~

No. 121752

Fortisips are nice. They're like milkshake. I know people say that Ensure is disgusting, but Fortisip is legit nice.

I just don't get how they give them to obese anorexics (lol) and obese bulimics when they really are to get their calories up. Can't they put them on a healthy diet instead?

No. 121753

File: 1461008715765.png (345.4 KB, 483x603, beepbeep.png)

what is this limb alert? watch out for these tree trunks!!

No. 121756

I think it's for blood clots, which would make sense with obesity, or PICC but I don't remember if she had that. Not sure why she would Bc she's not like a cancer patient or something. Maybe they put it in resistant psych patients Bc they aren't as easy to rip out.

No. 121759

I'm giggling uncontrollably and I don't even know why.

No. 121760



I love how its nearly impossible to even distinguish what body part this is. Fucking Jabba.

No. 121762

File: 1461009332116.jpeg (131.05 KB, 634x879, image.jpeg)

No. 121769

Geez. No wonder she feels like shit.

No. 121771

Each to their own. The orange and tropical flavours were not good in my opinion, for that amount of calories you could have a wholesome smoothie or a fancy coffee but I guess for the women who wish to hbave an E.D they see it as a goal to be dependent on supplements whereas every person who was diagnosed with an ED bloody hated them.

No. 121772

they put that on so the nurses and whoever, don't use that limb for IV or blood draws. for whatever reason. the chance of infection is higher in that limb.

No. 121773

Yeah, you've got to wonder how much of her "illness" is feeling shit from side effects of all that chemical.

I don't think juice ones were invented when I had them (non ED, had some for a couple of weeks after illness). The milky ones were nice, but I agree. If you've got to get nutrients inside you, I'd rather scoff something with the same calories and nutrition that wasn't a supplement drink. Still, ana points, eh.

No. 121777

The fortijuice ones weren't as bad, but they made orange and tropical fortisips which were horrible. Citrus milkshakes are just wrong. bBut when you are trying to prove an illness and treat serious ED's as a lifestyle choice I guess they don;t care how poor tasting and how sick you feel from drinking these supplements as constantly as they claim to do so.

( Nothing against those who have genuine EDs and have been prescribed them , better to drink some awful supplement than nd up dying from anorexia nervosa or malnutrition from bulimia)

No. 121779

I'm surprised that nobody made an instagram account yet to tell Kadee and Kelly that they are actually fat…

No. 121781

I don't think that would be funny. To call them out on their lies? Yes, but just insulting on an anon account would add to their pity points. It seems that Kadee wants to be called fat so she can cry/self harm about it anyway.

No. 121783


on point !

A loss of appetite (anorexia) means she would have lost weight. She is delusional. Her definition of 'anorexia' seems to be being on '10 minute break between her meals'. She has never lost her appetite hence she doesn't starve hence she isn't anorexic.

No. 121785


lol 21k followers ? She isn't even skinny.

No. 121796

The supplements aren't just a caloric replacement. They also have loads of nutrients that patients are missing.
Fatkell is probably malnourished, you'd have to eat so much junk to be morbidly obese (which she obviously is)

I'm surprised she's being given high calorie supplements when she could have a no calorie pill. She probably just likes them to sip on with meals and snacks.

No. 121797

This. Let's please not contact or troll the cows. It spoils the milk.

No. 121798

And what would contacting Kelly accomplish? She won't see for at least a few more weeks and by then we will all have forgotten about it.

Until Kelly is back, Kadee is great entertainment though. I can't decide which one I hate more. On her most recent picture someone told her she will probably lose weight in treatment kek

No. 121802

Thought that sad "lotti_butter" kek

No. 121807

Lotti Buttergolem

No. 121808

I'd heard that Lacey Spears poisoned her son with salt, but I haven't read up on all the details on her abuse of her kid.

No. 121809

Whoops, that's right. I think I got Lacey confused with another woman who was caught putting feces in her kids feeding tube.

No. 121810


Ember gives me Lacey vibes tbh.

No. 121811

It was a sodium overdose which shrinks your brain and does other awful things. Psych disorders are so much easier to fake though because no physical tests for these chicks I guess. Also some of the (cough attention/drug seeking) pain disorders don't really have exact physiological symptoms or anything. I think that Kelly's parents (mom especially) as bit of munchausen by proxy because she flys her everywhere and even stayed with her for treatment somewhere. Or maybe she's just buying into obese Ana dogma and thinks she is doing the best for her child. Does her mom have a fb?

No. 121812

I miss the spoopy skeletons. Kelly is boring. Did jennas mom ever respond??

No. 121813

Not yet

No. 121814

File: 1461020032523.jpeg (215.87 KB, 750x1052, image.jpeg)

that awkward moment when a 23 yr old doesn't understand that sex isn't supposed to hurt

this actually pisses me off. just because it happens to a lot of girls/women/people with vaginas, doesn't mean it's normal or that it should hurt. she wasn't totally off the right track but it's definitely not "TOTALLY NORMAL" omfg Jenna

No. 121815

Has she posted on IG since then?

No. 121816

File: 1461020649972.jpg (260.96 KB, 933x595, 1460777842773.jpg)

I agree that Kelly is encouraged by her parents, especially her mom. I'm reposting this pic from the last thread:
> My mother dubbed me "Mascot of the sick kids"

Add to that she tried to get Kelly in Denver Acute witch previous anons explained is for the sickest of anas. She's getting indulged in this whole sick kid act so hard you might be right that it's the mom who needs psch help as much if not more than Kelly.

No. 121817

Jenna posted about having the flu and made it sound like she was mad about it but in the context of her eating disorder it just makes her sound like she's excited to puke and not eat. she posted nachos or something like immediately after so I guess she's feeling better. To me Jenna is so much worse and more shady than someone who flaunts their ED because she talks about her disordered "behaviors" under the guise of getting better when she doesn't want to get better at all

No. 121818

she's boring until she comes back from ip

No. 121819

>people with vaginas
Hnnng anyways, maybe she's trying to make the anonymous asker feel better and for some people it is noral and they do need extra foreplay or lube. I'd feel pretty shitty if I asked a question like that and she replied "No that's not normal at all get help".

No. 121820


No. 121821

I agree with you though I think her reasoning that being too tight = not being aroused is flawed, I've seen it go around a lot on Tumblr, but anyway yeah that is fairly normal (especially so for women who haven't had much sex yet as their muscles and hymen have yet to stretch out fully).

She may be smiling but I feel bad for her like one day she will wake up and feel humiliated knowing she acted this way and made a fool of herself in public

No. 121823

Her mother is literally treating her like an overgrown infant, I would be so embarrassed if I were her. They both need serious help

No. 121825

lol Emily C. got into some mad deep shit like 2 years ago for tweeting about women and uterus probs, something about her period. And the truth blogs laid into her for not being inclusive of trans people, because she implied that having a uterus = being a woman. ever since then I've been extra careful about not correlating the two things because it's true, not all women have a vagina and not all people with vaginas are women. It's not cool to be dragged for being transphobic. learn from emilys mistakes lol

No. 121826

someone make a separate thread for Kelly's mom

No. 121830

File: 1461022398143.jpeg (97.33 KB, 750x660, image.jpeg)

if you're not on tumblr, there's this tag trend where you tag your posts about mental illness as "actually (whatever)". it seems to have started in the borderline personality disorder community because people with bpd felt like tumblr was bastardizing their posts or not validating their illness or whatever. but now it applies to other illnesses and Jenna posted in the "actually ED" tag with this post.

I don't doubt that what she describes is disordered eating. But it's interesting and noteworthy that she just started using this tag, a tag that's literally all about validating "real" actual EDs, now after being called out so many times

Also, wouldn't bananas and avocados be easier to purge? She would know

No. 121831

sorry, double post for context: some of the other tags on this post were "bananas and avocados" b/c apparently those are her fear foods.

No. 121833

Funnily enough, she just now got an "anon" thanking her for her reply on the sex question.

Did she delete the tag/the post? I can't find it under #actuallyed or #actually ed
She seems to decide on "fear foods" at random, pretty sure she's posted bananas and avocados before.

No. 121836

File: 1461023987405.jpeg (158.88 KB, 750x1114, image.jpeg)

Lol she spelled it wrong

No. 121839

No one gives a shot about Emily C. Her post is irrelevant. Back to good milk please.

No. 121840

haha yes. don't tip the cows

No. 121841

Says she's so glad she's not 17 yet she tries desperately hard to be healingally (a 17 year old)

No. 121843

Imagine if jenna had ended up on the luckier side of the genetics fence and had a BMI like ally's. She would still suck bc she posted about cancer for attention. Or maybe not because she'd have the validation she always wanted

No. 121844

this makes me wanna post about her

No. 121848

File: 1461028243379.png (74.41 KB, 968x370, 432324.png)

>It almost sounded like that person was lashing out at themselves o_o

this made me lol because chances are, Emily sent this anon to herself.

No. 121849

Holy fucksticks, it does sound like a disturbed person's inner monologue. Talk to someone Emily, you're going off the deep end again.

No. 121852

I genuinely feel bad for Emily and I wish someone would take her Internet privilege away.

No. 121856

This is Emily Crocker (annoying attention whore), not Emily Hazell (the BPD chick aka cryingemily).

No. 121860

Fuck they are all the same type of bitch anyway

No. 121862

fuck you Jenna the smiths are great

No. 121863

i got blocked lol

No. 121864

> mom needs more psych help than kelly
Maybe but i never see kelly being posted on the moms fb… Only family pics with pets and the other daughter lmao the shame

No. 121865

tbh I think it's a great thing for emily to be dealing with weight restoration, people always assume your weight determines how sick you are and it just sucks with eating disorders but maybe she'll finally move on with her life and the e-drama.

I guess alot of people who post on here are ana-chans though and will probably think she's "fat" for getting to a healthy weight.

No. 121870

different anon, I think Emily looks better at her current weight. she looks more mature and proportionate. lots of people aren't photogenic in candid photos, like the ones of her on the beach that everyone always jumps to. but I think in her selfies she looks fine.

No. 121873

no emily ur fat

No. 121874

> differing opinion
go back to mpa

No. 121875

Shhh Emily

No. 121878

Everyone is Emily!

No. 121883

File: 1461035330864.jpeg (126.86 KB, 640x1012, image.jpeg)

its like a never ending attention seeking shitshow with this girl.

No. 121900

Jenna eats bananas all the time. She needs to stop lying.

No. 121901

She should have posted "I'm glad I'm not a fat overweight ugly 17-year-old anymore" because that's actually true.

No. 121903

The reason the "actually ed" tag was started was to keep bragging shitheads like Jenna away

No. 121906

Not to mention funny - I laugh at 'Girlfriend in a Coma' every time; even the dark stuff tends to have funny imagery in it.

No. 121908

File: 1461048480358.png (198.69 KB, 458x339, moz.png)

She wouldn't understand.

No. 121909

File: 1461048661565.gif (495.11 KB, 245x245, oh dear jenna.gif)

>M(orrissey's)FW he read her comment.

No. 121910

Oh no not Morrissey please. This thread is sad enough on its own.

Does anyone have a throwaway insta they're willing to share that follows crybaby Emily? She won't accept my request on my throwaway and actual account.

No. 121911

Especially 'Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others' and 'Bigmouth Strikes Again'.
Yessssss can you even imagine…

No. 121912

what her insta user?

No. 121913

File: 1461049327977.gif (499.41 KB, 500x280, oh you.gif)

Oh YOU don't get it either.

Crying Emily? It's not worth following her. It's shit. Honestly.

No. 121916

If we are going to do The Smiths references now I'm ready..
I know it's shit I just wanted to view it out of boredom.

No. 121918

File: 1461050612970.jpg (99.24 KB, 811x593, Capture.JPG)

Sorry, can't help with an account but here's one of her latest pics. She keeps buying new pj sets but STILL HAS THAT MANKY OLD HOUSECOAT.

(Heaven knows she's miserable now)

No. 121923

No wonder her bedroom and clothes are filthy, the whole place looks like a pigsty.
Grease dripping down the stove, trash on the floor and benches.
That's seriously disgusting stuff

No. 121924


The snowlflakes spend a lot of time online and uploading silly selfies that they all forget about cleaning their flats.

No. 121925

They act like cleaning is too hard with all their special spoonie fragility and its pathetic.

There's literally no excuse for living like a dirty little piggy. Cleaning a house is basic functioning.

No. 121926

She lives with her mum though in a council house. Neither of them must bother.

No. 121928

It really is shameful.
Even the obese girls featured ITT seem to keep cleaner surroundings, and I can't see how they can even bend down to pick something off the floor.

No. 121929

>hyperchondriacs like her

I wonder if she actually believes any of her own bullshit, or if she's purely a whiny, attention-whoring liar.

>she has is BED, but more likely munchausens

¿Porque no los dos?

No. 121934

Well, severe autism or psychosis could be valid excuses. Or acute debilitating diseases etc. (ie. not fibromyalgia etc.). But usually you could get help cleaning then.

No. 121936

People who cannot be expected to be of reasonable mind, such as people with severely low functioning developmental disorders or cognitive disorders and people who are physically incapable of the activities involved in housekeeping are excused, obviously.
If you can put your conditions on Instagram you can wipe your fucking bench.

No. 121938

File: 1461062466746.jpg (71.79 KB, 534x377, IMG_20160419_053816.jpg)

>>big thighs
You mean photoshoped dirty ass thighs

No. 121946

File: 1461066180774.jpeg (470.96 KB, 1242x1399, image.jpeg)

Where does this chick wanna go for $100k…. This post is over the top melodramatic. What kind of help does she want for $100k. She's so stupid to put that unrealistic goal on there.
That girl who donated gave her $50.

No. 121947

The only reason for her not making it to the end of the year is her obesity

No. 121949

Her doctor said she wont make it to the end of the year? her grandma threatened her with killing herself but her parents dont care at all? Jesus Christ what a fucking liar.

No. 121950


> Grandma threatens suicide

> Parent's don't care
> Not going to last the year
> Oh I know, I'll guilt trip people into giving me money and make them feel like they're killing me if they don't donate. Perfect.

This is disgusting. Guilt tripping your followers for money so you can go to the most expensive treatment center.. I'm sure she can find somewhere more affordable or some place to take her if she really has BED/Bulimia/OSFED. And not knowing how to take out a loan or where to get one? Google is your friend, honey.

Give me a fucking break. She's acting like she's literally gotten zero help. Before you can get into a treatment center you have to have exhausted all of the available resources. She's had chances and has most likely wasted them.

The absolute thing I hate the most is when people are told what they need to do to have a better life and are given the tools to do so and just throw it away. Mental illness is not some stamp collection to show off to people for fuck sakes. I hate it when people just want to stay a fucking child forever and waste all of these resources because they don't want to grow the fuck up.

No. 121953

Why not just talk therapy? Like you only go to those treatment centers to gain weight, right? Or would they put her on a diet plan so she can lose weight? I'm just confused how that realistically would work.

No. 121955


Meh, I had a IP/res stay over 230k. So it's not ridiculous.

No. 121956

Residential treatment centres provide more intense care. You usually go if you're not making progress in the outpatient setting. So you can go at any weight with any ED. Weight gain is part of the treatment there too, though, if the patient is underweight.
I haven't read her IG closely, but it seems like she's not really working on getting better from her eating disorder (which, lets get real, is BED). She just wants to whine and complain instead of going to self help groups, OA or whatever. She does have insurance but my guess is they won't approve months of treatment that Kadee says she needs and probably not the fancy places she knows from ED documentaries.
Like… Why does she think she needs months of very intensive treatment?

No. 121966

Okay I see, thanks. I think they desperately want to go to intensive treatment because they have nothing going on in their lives. Don't have any skills/interests, didn't get into university, are freaking out about the future, etc. By saying they're anorexic or w/e it gives the perfect excuse and they never have to work. No offense to real ana-chans

No. 121968

What happens if the patient is overweight or obese? does it become just behavioral therapy and no weigh ins?

No. 121970

Patients receive a meal plan and are expected to stick to it. These are healthy amounts and if they follow the rules they should lose weight. So, Kadee would lose weight in treatment, but we all know she would sneak in extra snacks etc.
Underweight anorexia or bulimia patients = weight gain
Normal weight bulimia and OSFED = maintenance
Overweight = weight loss

The goal is normal eating which are supposed to result in getting to or maintaining a healthy weight.

No. 121972

They are all desperate for resi because they think it's a badge of honour that proves they are ~totes anorexic~ and critically sick lol

No. 121974

Makes sense. Thanks for the insight.

No. 121975

Maybe Kadee wants to go to treatment so bad to lose weight and then act like her ~anorexia got soooo bad in treatment? Lol

No. 121977

I wonder if maybe some of these people think treatment is a vacation. Like, they can't deal with real life and want to get away.

No. 121984

it kind of is, in a way. like sometimes people that have psychotic episodes or suicidal ideation, go to the hospital (voluntarily or otherwise) and its like a little break from life… granted it not fun but sometimes its necessary to sort your shit out. im sure other anons can attest to this

No. 121986

it's a break for people who need it, a vacation for people who fake it

No. 121994

File: 1461079189825.jpg (77.49 KB, 657x405, dumbass.jpg)

Some pathetic person fell for the guilt trip too. They donated $100 after the post was made.

No. 121996

People definitely become addicted to treatment. Some places actively foster that dependency if they find out that you have good in$urance.

No. 122009

>I've reached an all time low with my eating disorder. My health has declined 90% and my treatment team says they don't think I'll make it through the rest of 2016 unless I go away to residential treatment for long term treatment. Unfortunately I have no way to afford treatment and my insurance refuses to cover it even though my medical team says I need the medical and psychiatric help. I've lost 70 lbs in the last two months from anorexia nervosa. I'm getting sicker and sicker every day and losing my hope and will to fight because this feels like a battle I'll never be able to win. I am asking for your support, shares, and donations no matter how big or small to help me get to a treatment center as soon as possible. This is a life or death situation and I am at my end. I feel so terrible for asking for help and for having to ask for money but I have no other ideas or options at this time. I have only raised $250 towards my treatment fund and I have a long way to go. If you can donate anything, share my post or the link to my story, or help support me in any way please do. I want to get better. I want to fight for my life once and for all. I want to get medically stable and well. I want to recover and I need your help. Please help me. You can help someone save their life today. You would be making a tremendous difference in my life and even a dollar donation would go a long way and would be appreciated. Please help me in this fight for my life. Please help me save my life.

God, the swine should be ashamed of itself. What a massive guilt trip. And you know if it had actually lost 70 pounds it would be posting before and afters every chance it got to show off its "anorexia nervosa"

No. 122010

File: 1461082309253.jpg (84.93 KB, 539x523, IMG_20160419_110712.jpg)

So now we just can't see the curve on Ember's spine because it's too low. STFU dirty cunt.

No. 122011

>begs for ask.fm questions
>"why are you so invested in my life"

No. 122014


Who did that post ? That Kelly girl ? Was this recently posted ?

No. 122016

Ember is full of shit about the scoliosis. I have it and if you look at my back it looks like my spine isn't centered. When I got my spine tattoo I had to tell them to ignore where my spine is and center it with my entire back. You'd be able to tell if she had it, and mine is considered "minor". & it doesn't just hurt all the time… It's usually if I'm on my feet for hours and hours at a time or have been sitting without leaning against something, and again mine is minor. She wouldn't be in excruciating pain with her completely straight and centered looking spine…..

No. 122017

It's an update on kadeeblossom's gofundme, on top of a post begging for money on her Instagram.

No. 122021

Ember is full of shit about everything.

No. 122023

still if you're faking it whats the point. its not fun to be woken daily at 5am for vitals, monitored (including when you go to the bathroom), have your intake controlled, go to therapy, go for one or two 10 minute 'walks' per day, etc

No. 122028

I'm surprised no one posted the selfie where she looks like a granny lol, or I might be late

Wonder when her next fake relapse will be or what she's up to

No. 122029

File: 1461085302789.jpg (140.21 KB, 750x1065, image.jpg)

Ok but Jenna….you were born into an upper class white family. Stfu you don't have to make any effort to be anything. Yet you still have the audacity to bitch and whine about how hard post-grad life is. Why the fuck aren't you grateful that you even GOT an education in the first place?

If your 'home' is to be an anorexic attention whore on the Internet, keep trying towards the anorexia. You don't actually possess an eating disorder, so stop making it so painfully obvious that you want one.

God she gets under my skin. Such an ungrateful, privileged twat.

No. 122030

same, my spine isn't visible but you can obviously tell it's curved. imagine your life being so boring that you have to pretend to have scoliosis lmao.

No. 122031

Ok but seriously, where did she ever get the idea that scoliosis is cool or special?

No. 122032

No. 122033


Thanks I thought it is a post from the other fattie wannarexic. I haven't checked her out, so I will do now to see if her 70lbs in 60 days are true or fiction.

No. 122034

Imagine the other one, but poor and smelly-looking.

No. 122036


Just had a quick review on her IG. If anything she looks even fatter now. The awkward moment when you think you lost 70lbs and no one but you can see a difference.

The best is the post where she is angry with her doc because the brave woman doesn't want to feed tube her.

No. 122040

File: 1461088155347.png (885.67 KB, 1517x1792, PhotoGrid_1461088050122-1.png)

Day 5 and it's still up lmao


>Don't forget to report your local proanas!

No. 122042

When I was 5 I was jealous of a little girl in my swimming class because she had a curved spine and I wanted one because she had one and I didn't. Ember is about as deep as a 5-year-old.

No. 122043

That's the main problem. These fakers find legitimate joy and satisfaction from going to these places because they get even more attention for being "sicker" than everyone else. To these people being mentally ill is their only redeeming quality and they love the attention and power they get from it.

No. 122044

Histronic Personality Disorder

No. 122047

File: 1461091528749.png (439.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-04-19-13-44-07…)

Looking at that I found this special child with a horrible leg disease. Poor dear, am eating disorder and wonky legs kek

No. 122048

Oh that poor girl and her leg cancer.

No. 122055

File: 1461093096372.jpg (486.46 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160419_140906.jpg)

JFC someone make crying Emily stop! I'm so sick of this cunt

No. 122056

File: 1461093298818.jpg (71.47 KB, 241x493, IMG_20160419_140320.jpg)

Left thigh bigger than right thigh and her calves are bigger than everything, wtf

No. 122062

Emily put some pants on your wishlist you clearly need new ones

No. 122064

File: 1461094690278.jpg (54.01 KB, 408x450, 1427990488949.jpg)

What is that shit on the inside of her left leg?!

No. 122066

No. 122070

I see the growth hormones are working, bitch got TALL

No. 122072

Jenna sucks more and more every day. She's proud of being the most generic white girl ever idgi

No. 122073

have you seen wastingzoe or whatever new crying kinda photo? yikes

No. 122078

I'm so sick of the "teehee I'm such a white girl and proud of it!!!! Lush!!! Starbucks!!!!! Whole Foods!!!! But it's ok because I'm totes ironic" trend. Do these bitches really think they are special or funny for confirming the stereotype of white American girls?

No. 122079

shes just so fake, jfc. she needs help. i dont know how she hasnt been tubed fed more than once last year. her bmi has been under 14 for over a year now (i think) like how, why.

No. 122081

Does Gracie still hang around cryingemily?

No. 122084

File: 1461100056902.jpg (519.36 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160419_160428.jpg)

The hormones must be in the water. Ember, next time just grab your kankles while your down there, it'll make for a better pic kek

No. 122085

She comments on her pics. She's at boarding school so I guess that's why they don't meet irl.

No. 122086

File: 1461100349431.png (827.75 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_2016-04-19-17-03-52…)

No. 122087

File: 1461100521309.png (2.28 MB, 2048x1955, PhotoGrid_1461100223445-1.png)

She made the width of that mop so fucking thin lolololol

Could stretch your images anymore, Ember? Jesus christ.

No. 122088

Hey guys, I voted for Bernie. LOOK AT MY THIGH GAP

No. 122091

What's Ember hiding with her stomach? All of her pictures since she came back she's wearing really baggy tops, had that 'recovery buddy' thing in front or it or she's got her arms wrapped around it and a comment about how much her stomach hurts

No. 122092

Normally an anorexic would drop weight and everyone except the anorexic would see it.
In her case, she seems to think she's dropping weight like it's going out of style and everyone else sees nothing.
It's like bizarro-anorexia.
Or, you know, attention seeking.

No. 122093

The awesome fun of peeing into a plastic container so a nurse can see exactly how much there is. The glamor of the enema you'll probably need after a few real meals, vulnerable teenage girls, how can she resist?

No. 122102

Jelly rolls

No. 122105

File: 1461105487762.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Wow…. This just proves she shoops.

No. 122109

She couldn't even fake one.

I genuinely thought she had her hand down her pants.

No. 122115

File: 1461106713826.png (191.83 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-04-19-23-57-47…)

Highbulimic sucking up to Ember

No. 122116

File: 1461106749273.png (116 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-04-19-23-57-28…)

Highbulimic's ask.fm 3 days ago.

No. 122118

Leg rolls much?

No. 122119

Where did her belly button go in the right picture?!

No. 122120

dat eyeliner

No. 122123

File: 1461107296325.png (232.83 KB, 446x413, Screenshot_2016-04-19-19-01-26…)

Good god

No. 122124

Stop self submitting Emily.

No. 122125

ember looks 30 ngl….

No. 122126

File: 1461107525333.png (650.16 KB, 1066x1115, 2016-04-19 19.11.17.png)

full size image with her little sisters face marked out

No. 122127

off to bingo ember? hope you can get back in time for senior discount at the local buffet!

No. 122128

I want to comment and say "omg your daughter is so cute" but I don't wanna be blocked lmfao

No. 122129

A 30 year old whose had a hard life.

No. 122130

Dat warping

No. 122132

she's sucking in her cheeks so hard, it doesn't make her look skinny it makes her look 90

No. 122134

goly shit what is wrong with her glasses. She srsly looks like she's a 60 year old chain smoker. I've also never seen ember post a sunglasses selfie until now; conveniently; right after emily does ??

No. 122135

She's trying to be like whateverthefuckhernameis from scream queens

No. 122136

File: 1461109079854.jpg (30.47 KB, 264x346, IMG_20160419_183615.jpg)

That's the biggest vagina flap I've ever seen! Holy shit, I wonder what kind of things she can pick up with it.

No. 122138

Srsly though, why does she wear these huge saggy granny panties? They don't look comfortable. All that fabric hanging from her ass must bunch up so badly when she wears leggings.

No. 122139

File: 1461110256472.jpg (743.91 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_20160419_185452.jpg)

No. 122140

Are you stupid? That's an obvious fake account.

No. 122142

File: 1461110478905.png (2.03 MB, 1942x1388, PhotoGrid_1461110273712-1.png)

this is so cringey, not even sure what the kid is saying but Ember is trying to keep her face straight and its unnerving af when compared to how expressionate her sister is


No. 122143

emily literally no one fucking cares about you lmfao stop

No. 122144

They're probably kid's pants considering she seems obsessed with being a child

No. 122145

Is that the kid she was trying to make trans?

No. 122146

File: 1461110592115.png (147.62 KB, 381x330, 2016-04-19 20.02.36.png)

Yup lmao

No. 122148

She can't stop, she's addicted to the dramu.

No. 122149

first off, this is an obvious self post and secondly, no one gives a fuck if Emily shoops her face.

We all just find it hilarious when she tries to shoop her lard ass back into skeleton.

No. 122150

oh my fucking god the way she keeps her face expressionless so she can look queen ana is fucking disgusting

No. 122151

With her reputation online, it'd be a decent thing to leave the kid's face off the internet. Imagine being linked to that twat not knowing your sister's an asshole.

No. 122152

(by that I mean Ember leave the kid's face off, not you anon).

No. 122153

File: 1461110851093.jpg (112.28 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Most bullshit thing I've seen in my life. NO HOSPITALS would ever let you self administer drugs. Maybe only a diabetic learning how to do insulin but my god.

No. 122157

She's so full of shit that it hurts.

No. 122163

no way a real hospital would let you do that. for real tho. stupid person

No. 122173


I work in healthcare & technically they can let her self administer if she usually has it the same way when not in hospital, altho i TOTALLY agree that it shouldnt be happenig….shes the biggest drug seeker ever AND as a sectioned psych patient & previous od behaviours she should NOT be allowed access to her own meds…. Its a drama waiting to happen.

No. 122175

agreed with above. i grew up with my uncle being a doctor and two of my aunts are nurses. so i grew up knowing alot about hospitals and illnesses. ect ect. it seems very odd. if she was ip for any mental health issues or has in the past. or has a self harm history i highly highly doubt they will let someone do that. because they could do harm to themselves with it.

No. 122182


Probably a good example of how manipulating she is, especially of staff at her psych unit….shes constantly sucking up to them, baking them cakes, doing cards etc., but underneath it all she is blatently in it for the goal of being "perfect patient" (which she often indirectly claims in many of her posts, acting like everyone on the ward is attention seeking apart from her!!!) and havin her team literally eating out of the palm of her hand so she gets her own way & special exceptions like she has done all the way through her stupidly long hospital admission. Also interesting how as soon as transfer to another unit is mentioned, she sufdenly becomes so unwell she ends up in the medical wards so she is no longer fit to be accepted by the other place??! ?

No. 122183

what? highbulimic isn't fake, that I know of?

No. 122185

The account commenting on Ember's post is highbulimlc, not highbulimic.

No. 122186

what's wrong with highbulimic by the way? She doesn't seem like the typical wanchan she's bulimic and seems genuine

No. 122194

She's ghetto trash, you must be new here.

No. 122195

How so

No. 122196

go through old threads, ctrl+f `highbulimic` and that should give you plenty of info. here`s a few to get you started

No. 122198

K, I wasn't the 1st anon inquiring, but I really wanted to know how she's "ghetto trash." Those posts just show that she's ugly, obese, dramatic, malingering, and just plain lying about guys being attracted to her.

No. 122200

Because she's black and everyone here is hella racist.

Highbulimic is a shit person like all of these other fatty wannas, but she's not "ghetto trash".

No. 122201

Can someone explain the difference?
We don't have 'ghetto' or ghettos in my country. What makes someone ghetto trash as opposed to regular trash?
Are people ghetto and not trash?

No. 122202

fuck im an idiot. stared at it for a good minute like "i don't see a fucking difference"

i need glasses

No. 122203

literally being black is what makes someone ghetto trash as opposed to trash
is a racist af term and you'll soon realize a lot of farmers are racist anachans

No. 122209

Hi. Please anyone who is following this thread do no try to add me. I do not accept people like you. And please stop mentioning my ig name here. Keep me out of your mouth and let me Instagram in peace. Thank you.

No. 122210

Anon, did you get a response from Jenna's mom?

No. 122211

No. If I have milk or she responds I'll post it.

No. 122216

Your Tumblr is showing

No. 122218

boo fucking hoo

No. 122221

Can someone send her mom a fb message?

No. 122224

no, ive called a white girl ghetto trash. ive been called that and im white as fuck. it doesnt matter what her skin colour is. jfc its not about race. we call ember ghetto trash too and shes white ?

No. 122225

Lol such dire warnings.
I've been here for years tumblrfag.

No. 122228

My teeth can look like that if I forget to brush for a while and drink and eat staining things

No. 122229

How… Do you forget to brush your teeth "for a while"?

No. 122230

Then you should already know what ghetto trash is hambeast

No. 122231

Damn I called the bitch ghetto trash because of the way she glamorized being pulled over by the cops while being driven around by someone without a license.

Also, nice dubs.

No. 122240

Piss poor effort anon. Go back to mpa
Forget to brush…that's like forgetting to wipe your ass wtf

No. 122245

Major depression

No. 122256

'Deenie' by Judy Blume? She's got no right to take her place in the human race, frankly (Mr Shankly).
lel she should have a black pointy little beard.

No. 122257

She is a trained u rose though, to be fair…

No. 122258

Wtf, I meant she is actually a trained nurse*

No. 122260

File: 1461148833550.jpeg (177.68 KB, 749x1093, image.jpeg)

oh cry me a fucking river. boo who.

No. 122263


Rofl when you still have nerves to post a selfie during a so called panic attack you know you are a poser

Ewwww where is her upper lip ?

No. 122265

-smears mascara for artistic emphasis-

No. 122266


She's white, she doesn't have one.(race derailing)

No. 122268


Lmao who the fuck is so thirsty for attention they go to shower, smear their mascara and post photos on instagram "wahh wahh I had a panic attack!!! Poor baby me!!!"

When you actually have a panic attack, the last thing on your mind is taking photos for your ~precious ana following~.

No. 122273

all she does is beg for likes. shes rich. she has a iphone 6s, she has so many lush things. she has a roof over her head. i wonder what her home life is like if shes wanting all those likes. i feel sorry for her

No. 122275

File: 1461151579858.jpg (12.45 KB, 275x197, image.jpg)

Oh boy boring race shit again

No. 122277

when you have a panic atttack and selfie in the shower

No. 122281

i know she did it to look ~aesthetic~ but who tf doesn't wash their makeup off before showering, who does she think she's fooling?

No. 122282

his new girl is cute

No. 122283

Wtf no shes not - whilst she likes to often blab on about in her "nursing days" etc., she was a STUDENT nurse and she never finished her course, did not qualify and is not able to register as a nurse because she has not met the requirements in training. This was also yrs ago now seeing as shes been continiously IP for like 4 or 5 yrs now. Plus just cos someone has experience in administering drugs doesnt mean she should be allowed to self-administer…shes sectioned for a reason remember!

No. 122287

it’s true that opiates don’t suppress your appetite like adderall does they do make you sick. Food and sweets can be pretty nice on opiates but you don’t have the urge to eat. You might do it because it’s pleasant but you can easily decide not to. That’s the thing about opiates, they kill all wants and needs. You can stuff your face with ice cream but you can also decide to lie in bad and do nothing all day. If she wants to be anorexic so bad it should be pretty easy with this amount of oxy.

No. 122299

what did the previous deleted post even say?

this girl looks like pre-surgery kylie jenner

No. 122300

I had to do a double take at your post because I wash mine off in the shower and am now questioning my routine.. kek

But yes, she's clearly done it for dramatic 'aesthetic' effect.

No. 122301

>calling that dubs
Where am I? Who am I?

No. 122314

Also, some people have opiate intolerance and when they take opiates they just puke constantly. Source: I am one of those people.

No. 122318

Holy shit, she literally cannot do her fucking makeup.

No. 122319

File: 1461165621308.jpeg (116.1 KB, 640x1020, image.jpeg)


Emmas back "HOME" from the medical ward… And now shes playfully bragging about how much shes just cost the NHS!! She doesnt even seem a tiny bit bothered by it - she practically thrives off being such a complexand severe patient that she "NEEDS" all this money spent on her. Whilst other girls wait years for life saving treatment or are denied it completely cos there r no beds or no funds….now we know where they all are!!!

No. 122323

File: 1461167409972.jpg (446.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-04-20-08-48-43…)

Oh ember

No. 122324

That's why she looks so bad

No. 122332

File: 1461169480685.jpg (809.9 KB, 1512x1512, 20 or 50.jpg)

No. 122336

File: 1461170817315.jpg (141.25 KB, 539x841, IMG_20160420_114408.jpg)

Already posted

16K followers and only TWO wanted to shout her out! LMAO what a looser. Apparently your friends only like skinny people

No. 122337

take a lower dose?

No. 122340


Lol what's worse ? The grandma glasses or the edit skills ?

No. 122344

Gomen, saw it on her twitter

No. 122346

fourth degree burn

No. 122348

File: 1461174303435.png (790.17 KB, 1066x1533, Screenshot_2016-04-20-13-42-12…)

A.J. could be dating a bucktooth hambeast and she would still have a more beautiful soul than Ember could ever pretend to have on the internet.

He really dodged a bullet with that Ember. I could see Ember getting pregnant on accident.

No. 122353


Are all the same person self posting about journeytoemma, please stop with your shitty emojis and unnecessary …'s, no-one cares you're boring.

No. 122354

It's clearly more than one person you retard.

No. 122355

File: 1461175673064.jpeg (871.06 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

So Zoe reposted her caption from the post deleted before the smeared make up shower selfie (also deleted), see I'd actually feel bad if this girl wasn't such an attention seeking twat. But again "please comment and give me asspats bloo bloo bloo" if these,idsreally want help they should stop looking for online validation from strangers and actually SEEK HELP..

No. 122356

File: 1461175856763.gif (1.29 MB, 425x323, marry me.gif)

No. 122357

They all use the same shitty grammar & "tho" etc. that journeytoemma uses in that last screenshot about her going back to "her ward" - excessive amounts of …. too. It's clearly not.

No. 122358

>has an iphone6
>parents buy her everything
>has a well off life
>spends loads on lush like its nothing

she's your definition of a spoiled white girl with an eating disorder.

No. 122359

File: 1461175949454.png (1.07 MB, 1010x1363, 1455742558607.png)

A.J. is probably relieved that he finally got a girl with a nice pair of teeth.

Just imagine having Ember's snaggletooth mouth around your genitals. Talk about terrifying.

No. 122361

fam no one cares about ember's ex or the girl he's dating and the fact that you're lurking her page and posting her here for no real reason at all is creepy af

No. 122363

File: 1461176268149.jpg (6.66 KB, 256x197, so done.jpg)

All these drama queens speak as though they're the ONLY person who's going through mental shit. I judge the level of cowness by this. The more they think they're ~misunderstood~ and suffering like no other, the bigger cow they are.

No. 122364

or the booger green septum ring

No. 122365

File: 1461177022467.png (141.15 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

please forgive me if this has already been posted but I found it fucking hilarious. what an idiot.

No. 122367

"Anxiety is too high to post a photo of myself"
>Posted photo of smeared make up in shower a few hours ago..
This bitch, seriously.

No. 122369

File: 1461179636135.png (1.41 MB, 1957x2048, PhotoGrid_1461179484952-1.png)

Before and after Ember warps her photos


No. 122370

And that is exactly why I called her ghetto trash lmfao

No. 122371

lol I always worry about this happening to me because I smoke weed. it's not really that big of a deal legally, except that if she hurt someone, they or their insurance company could sue her for all she's worth. drive carefully stoners

No. 122372

File: 1461180350481.png (1.25 MB, 698x2048, PhotoGrid_1461180238897-1.png)

More before and afters

>left are the images Ember posted, right are the fixed versions

No. 122376

Why is she standing with her legs so far apart

No. 122378

moar thigh gap duh!!!

No. 122379

Being a nursing student for a year or two still wouldn't legally allow a person undera section or otherwise to administer their own meds. At most they would allow someone to put a pill into their mouth but that is all. Honestly she's under a section and has been a professional patient for half a decade they aren't going to allow her to self administer whilst on the ward.

No. 122382

Because if she stood with her feet together, she wouldn't be able to pass even a Rizla paper between her thighs.

Why doesn't she stop this taking pics of her fucking legs nonsense now she hasn't got a hint of a much desired, ooo really want one, thigh gap?

Her clothes are so ugly, what is there to see on her instagram?

No. 122395

File: 1461185636004.jpeg (162.82 KB, 750x962, image.jpeg)

hm.. discussion ?

No. 122399

If the anon had the url blacklisted, then they wouldn't see the reblogs.

No. 122408

yeah just blacklist the url "[url] said/asked/whatever" etc etc I have a ton of people blocked like that lmao it's not difficult. The only think I could see is them being on mobile and not being able to blacklist but if you get on pc and block them then there's no more issue.

No. 122413

Is it possible jenna sent this herself? Cause there's no way that anon is seeing her posts.

No. 122416

File: 1461187980314.jpeg (242.47 KB, 1316x1460, image.jpeg)

If your OCD is so bad that you need to see even numbers etc on your IG posts, maybe just stay off IG/social media all together. God this girl is a piece of work.

No. 122417


Just fucking delete your account if you cannot stand uneven likes on photos. Oh god this is the shittiest excuse for begging likes.

No. 122423

File: 1461192203867.jpeg (370.53 KB, 1242x1816, image.jpeg)

From Kadee's $100k gofundme. I can't believe anyone would believe her..

No. 122427

70lbs in two months? is that even possible??

No. 122429

Super morbidly obese people can lose like, 40 pounds in a couple months, but a normal weight or in the case of an anoretic, underweight person wouldn't have 70 pounds to lose in that time even if it were possible.

How fat is this girl jfc. If you've dieted into regular-human clothing sizes you're not anorexic.

No. 122433

i really wish someone would fucking tell it to her straight up that she really shouldn't be on a website like instagram if she "has ocd" fucking bullshit attention whore

No. 122435

She's just looking for crap to lash out about isn't she?

No. 122436


In instagram world yes

She is unhealthy overweight, was and is. Does nobody give her a diet plan ? She looks so fat, she would drop at 2500 calories ( huge number for normal weighted people). Because she looks like she has eaten 4000 calories the last years.

No. 122440

File: 1461197195872.png (1.21 MB, 2048x1655, PhotoGrid_1461196879023-1.png)

Ember hated that she wasn't getting ass pats after posting a photo of her chubby legs in ugly sweatpants, so she deleted the original post and reuploaded it with an attention seeking sob story about how strong ? her ED voice is and how high ? it used to get her.

No. 122442

oh but don't call her proana!!! Because her willpower is even stronger ? than the urge to (fake a) relapse.

No. 122444

File: 1461197415639.jpg (81.91 KB, 454x453, 1457989072025.jpg)

>how "high" my eating disorder made me>>122440

No. 122445

You know you have no personality when you imitate fucking Aly of all people.

No. 122446

I have never seen a full body picture of this girl. So I can't even tell if she maintains or loses or gains.

No. 122449

wtf is taped to her stomach

No. 122453

File: 1461199449654.png (3.22 MB, 2248x1332, emilyologist self posting.png)

These are all posts by Emily Crocker/Emilyologist, most of which being self posts.


I came to this conclusion after noticing most of those posts, which were already speculated to be an Emily self post, all had the same bar at the top of their screenshot, with matching icons and clock format. (And the screenshots of her instagram were all taken while she was logged out.)

>pic related are the three screenshots she posted with the same bar on top

Also, there's probably a shit ton more posts that were made by here (Like this one, where she proved she lurks and whiteknights herself: >>106920) but I can't be bothered to look for anymore.

No. 122454

if only admin could tag all of her posts as emily.
that snapchat one in the last thread killed me

No. 122455

Too bad Ember was too full of hate not to make an Emily thread, because if she didn't, Emily probably would have created one for herself and lulz would have been had.

So, thanks a lot Ember. You ruin fucking everything.

No. 122456

Yeah, we know.
That's why we ignore her.

No. 122458

Morrissey lel

No. 122459

But having evidence that it is happening is always nice, because even though most of us know Emily is doing this, we still run into the occasional nay-saying (who is more than likely Emily whiteknighting herself) and being able to provide proof is handy.

No. 122461

I don't get why she continues to self-post when we all know it's her

No. 122462

File: 1461200386555.jpg (25.83 KB, 600x450, denial.jpg)

The same reason why she continues to shoop her pictures in attempts to make herself appear thin again

No. 122475

>that superiority complex

Is she saying she felt above others because she had a (fake)
ED? I thought you were supposed to feel like you were a hambeast and belonged in the dirt with the worms. I imagine Ash would feel it being one of interweb's true human skeles, but…come on, Ember. Luke, you what?

No. 122476

My fucking phone does not like the word like, so not Luke, LIKE*

No. 122482

lmao mr sucking in ollie got deleted dying here ???(fuck off)

No. 122490

It's honestly funnier when her posts aren't tagged because it's still so obvious.

No. 122491

Charge your phone, dumbass.

No. 122493

>Look what Emily did!
>Stop self-posting, Emily.

Actually, yes it is.

No. 122496

How else do you think a person would feel after they successfully manipulated a handful of people into thinking they had a disorder?

No. 122501

File: 1461213914902.jpg (135.66 KB, 1078x1449, O27BGsu.jpg)

I bet Jenna sent this message to everyone herself. No one finds her average body triggering lol

No. 122509

Sorry I just saw someone posted this before.

No. 122511

i feel the same way, jenna isn't relevant enough and she wants to pretend her doughy body is triggering

No. 122512

but I need to say, I'd want her off of my dash not because she's triggering but because she's so full of shit I can smell it from over here

No. 122513

Yes, the reason someone could want her off their dash is her sheer stupidity not her wannarexic body

No. 122514

Also see Jenna doing this for notoriety and followers. She obviously doesn't have as many followers as on her old account, so she sent this to popular people so people would check out the ~triggering Jenna~

No. 122515

I know that jenna does use anon and self submit so I'm not doubting it for a second

No. 122516

It's a good theory, but that's not how Tumblr works. Reblogged posts aren't added to the tag.
Of course, if this message is sent to several people, and those people happen to tag Jenna in the post, then it will indeed bump the exposing posts down.

No. 122519

Jenna's face triggers me because it reminds me of when my goldfish died and my big brother said it was my fault.

No. 122520

File: 1461222597205.jpg (196.64 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I'm 100% convinced Kadee is fucking delusional now - thinking she needs to GAIN WEIGHT. What's the bet an ED clinic wouldn't admit her because she's too god damn fat and is medically compromised in the sense her obese airway would collapse in on itself and kill her.

No. 122527

If she was on death door from losing too much weight as a result of anorexia then why wouldn't her doctor put in the feeding tube? Problem solved right! Does she have a bunch of other health issues that she doesn't talk about while overhyping anorexia?

In other Kadee news she lowered her gofundme goal to 50K… still not going to happen lol.

No. 122531

Is there actually anything wrong with or is this all just straight up bullshit? Why does she have a "team" and what is she even being treated for?
Like maybe she has BED, but I mean peole don't die because they're fat or binge, at least not for a very long time.

No. 122532

Maybe she has atypical anorexia but all her drama and pretending she's some tragic little starveling and not an unwashed, overweight, malingerer is ridiculous.

Imagine being 70 and looking back on your life, wasted pretending to have a disease for attention. You'd wanna drop dead right away.

No. 122533

Maybe she really lost her appetite because her body is telling her she's really fucking fat and needs to stop and she thinks skipping fatty sugary snacks = anorexia. It's very clear from her appearance she is not losing weight

No. 122548

File: 1461238809693.jpeg (171.09 KB, 750x1111, image.jpeg)

> this is not a phase

No. 122549

Lol, damn I never would've thought I'd see Noorann here. I actually kinda like her stuff.

No. 122556

what the fuck is up with her arm?

No. 122557

nothing against her or her work

No. 122558

>too medically compromised

a.k.a. too fucking fat to be accepted in an ED clinic. This girl, I swear… There's not a single person on the whole of lolcow I hate more than her and everyone who is enabling her behaviour should be fucking ashamed.

No. 122562

Yup. Either they literally said she is too medically compromised (because of her overweight) which she took as "you're sooo anorexic that you're too sick to be treated here!" or they said they don't deem treatment of her ED to be "medically necessary" or something. Either way, they didn't mean what she wants to think they meant.

No. 122565

File: 1461246350086.jpg (133.39 KB, 809x593, brains.jpg)

Here's a pic from 3 weeks back during her hospitalization…brain procedure?? Her whole head is wrapped but in a pic posted a week later no more bandages and no bald spots. I think she'd be the type to show off a shaved head and stitches if she had that. So if this an exaggeration or an outright lie? She was in the hospital for weeks due to pancreatitis is that why she's medically compromised?

No. 122568

File: 1461247597718.png (413.9 KB, 813x526, Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.0…)

whoah nelly that 4 minute workout must've been rough!

No. 122570


She mentioned seizures. I bet she had an EEG. As much a "brain procedure" as "obese girl has anorexa".

No. 122571

Oh god. I really hope she doesn't think 4 minutes is any type of actual work out.

Please let this be a "before" work-out picture.

No. 122574

First she has a restrictive eating disorder (hint: she doesn't), now she's having BRAIN SURGERY??

No. 122575

Reminds me of Erika. "BYE GUTS."

No. 122576

She burned a whole 22 calories! Be careful Kadee, you might faint from working that hard.

No. 122579

Haha, that was epic. Anyone Ash associates is screwed up mentally so IDK why the board loved Erika so much.

No. 122580

File: 1461252350233.png (2.27 MB, 2048x1422, PhotoGrid_1461252242369-1.png)

Ketchup on lettuce? Yup, this bitch is disordered.

No. 122581

that's an anorexic meal if i ever saw one. surprised it's not hot sauce or mustard.

No. 122583

That ketchup photo is from June 2015 and judging by her account she's clearly in recovery. And the body photo is her before starting recovery vs. after. She seems pretty boring with no milk to offer.

No. 122584

She should've used Walden Farms zero calorie ketchup

No. 122585

I'd sacrifice the 13 cal… WF is so fucking nasty. Sage for cal/food talk.

No. 122588

Emily is really pretty and I don't know why y'all hate on her. She's goals. I'd kill to look like that. I can't believe you're letting Ember bring her down when she's clearly so much better.

No. 122590

Okay emily

No. 122591

I ain't trying to start a long discussion about this girl, I just lol'd in horror at her meal and added the before and after for fun.

My original thought wad that she was eating a raspberry vinaigrette salad but I was surprisingly wrong.

That's either Emily or someone's sad attempt at pretending to be Emily or Emily pretending to be someone else while sucking a fart out of her own asshole.

No. 122592

File: 1461254316205.png (42.37 KB, 625x626, 1458077800666.png)

No. 122596

Emily was the first person to announce Ember was out of IP >>112336 >>122453 and remember how they made it obvious to everyone that they were besties again by whoring one another out on Instagram? I bet Emily is the one supplying all these snapshots from Embers snapchat, just like how she posts screenshots of her own account.

The extreme hatred/obsession goes both ways with those two. Before, Emily was Ember's senpai, she even said she would cry if Emily didn't notice her but now Emily purposely tries to undermine/backstab Ember on the DL, so when she lashes out, Emily can just pretend she is lil victim and Ember is nothing more than a crazed stalker who wants to wear Emily as a body suit.

Emily got her 15 mins of fame back in 2013 when she was deep in her eating disorder and Ember has just been a laughing stock for her entire internet career.

Their goal of becoming internet famous is pipe dream at this point. It just ain't gonna happen.

No. 122600

your wall of text is so unimportant emily shut the fuck up

No. 122601

Emily is so hungry for attention. It's sickening.

No. 122603

Emily couldn't possibly form a thought as clear as that.

No. 122605

Just make a thread about yourself already Emily, nobody here cares and we all get sick of you posting here.

No. 122607

A quick google leads you articles in which the NHS refused funding for a private clinic and therefore her family went to the press and were trying to raise 1 million pounds.

Given that the NHS had already spent thousands, if not millions on her care I think it is awful for her mother to call the NHS "Disgusting". Does she not realise, you can give her daughter money, treatment, love but until SHE decides tp stop baking cakes for everyone and actually eat she is the only one choosing to harm her health.

No. 122617


AMEN!!!! Finally someone else that thinks exactly the same as me! It also winds me up how from being so medically conpromised in the hospital for a week & transferred back to her psych unit yest, shes now posted bout how shes spent most of the day out shopping ?!?!? Wtf?

No. 122618

We jus gona ignore her shit ass eyebrows

No. 122619

There already is one, but it was locked since admin turned this one into a containment thread >>40573

No. 122621

Whose shit ass eyebrows?

No. 122626

File: 1461265269033.jpeg (341 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

Never forget

No. 122629

File: 1461265768682.jpeg (319.56 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

And again

No. 122646

They're perfect for each other. They're both histronic cunts.

No. 122649

File: 1461271842621.jpg (252.79 KB, 943x1308, IMG_20160421_144433.jpg)

The facial features of autism.

No. 122650

that second chin tho

No. 122651

File: 1461271894903.jpg (255.25 KB, 1075x1356, IMG_20160421_144450.jpg)

No. 122659

I'll never understand why people take pictures like this let alone upload them. Pathetic

No. 122661

Mfw Emily throws a special needs girl under the bus for attention.

No. 122662

She's threatening to commit suicide, but it looks as though she's just dropped some water on her cheek.

No. 122679

Is she another one claiming to be anorexic or what?

No. 122680

Another fat ana Scooby, yep.

No. 122681

*Spoonie, lmao.

No. 122686

who is special needs?

No. 122688

File: 1461280333787.jpeg (91.31 KB, 750x268, image.jpeg)

pay attention to me I have so many illnesses >.>

No. 122691

Who is this?

No. 122695

Would you like to marry me? And if you like you can buy the ring.
>all us #edsoliders
Yeah, they were looking for a brain and they couldn't find one. Womp womp.

No. 122699

Sage cause I bet no one gives a shit, but did ThinBunnee or whatever the fuck die?

No. 122702

No. 122703

Well, did she? She seems to have dropped off the face of the internet.

No. 122705

Well, she's posting here right now, so clearly she's alive.

No. 122708

why do you post the ask but not who the fuck it is. this is useless as shit

No. 122709

>Well, she's posting here right now, so clearly she's alive.
You got some proof for that?

No. 122711

bc it's a self post

No. 122715

Wtf. No. How could they possibly find her every time? Idiot.

No. 122740

oh my god, she's starving to death! so emaciated! someone feed her a sammich!

No. 122746

File: 1461289200880.jpg (197.87 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

>haha tricked staff into being worried about my safety


No. 122748

The hypochondriasis probably speaks for all the other diseases tbh

No. 122749

oh my god, she's starving to death! so emaciated! someone feed her a sammich!

No. 122750

You made me laugh so hard I almost wept. I love you, anon.

No. 122756

You should fix her fake facehugger as well. You left in her shooped clavicle and chest bones, yo.

No. 122761

File: 1461293583918.jpg (32.38 KB, 540x263, IMG_20160421_225102.jpg)

I think she blocked me awhile ago but even if she didn't she obviously won't respond

No. 122767

File: 1461295326281.jpg (171.73 KB, 929x596, jfcshitonaplate.jpg)

That literally looks like she took a really gross shit on her plate. I gagged.

No. 122773


No. 122776

File: 1461296439666.jpeg (226.27 KB, 667x1024, image.jpeg)

I don't know where she apparently admits to having an ED but in old photos she claims her body is natural and she just "eats a lot of veggies"
Now she's posting photos like the bottom left one and then basically saying she's eating enough to maintain… While still posting photos with proana af poses. I've never seen her mentioned and I literally just found her page today through explore. I'll post anymore fishy shit I find, but her page isn't private so have fun.

No. 122778

idk if I'd call them pro ana poses. she's got more photos of her face than her body and body pics usually in reference to an outfit. she does tag her pics #skinny which is kind of gross but she's reallyyy boring. I've only scrolled down to a couple of weeks and my eyes are glazing over. no milk

No. 122779


This is absolutely not a feeding tube. It's a suction tube. You can tell by the size. Feeding tubes are smaller for comfort, because they are left in longer. Suction tubes are bigger because they're draining the person's stomach of blood/bile/medication overdose and they need to be able to handle draining all that stuff, and they are usually more of a short term situation.

No. 122780

File: 1461297873461.jpg (956.09 KB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1461297659188.jpg)

This bitch is crazy as fuck. She thinks everyone is out to get her. Her hobbies include deleting her IG account, threatening suicide after fights with her boyfriend, faking an eating disorder, duck face, her fake tits, and having a miscarriage every month. Now she's also faking cancer. All of her pictures look exactly the same. She's a legitimate psycho.

No. 122782

didn't she have an account way back and went by marja or some shit like that?
idk she looks familiar like she was fairly active in the ed community however she doesn't follow any ed accounts/none follow her….? how did you find her anon

No. 122787

Theory: Jenna is crazy jealous of naturally good writers and people who like black coffee and that's why she goes on these rants about those things. Like, really, bitching about black coffee and the people who like it must be liars for hours? And she says it's her "haters" who spend too much time online.

No. 122788


Yeah, she was making.like.Marla or some shit like that. She's a trainwreck.

No. 122789


Also, she still follows a few ED accounts. She's made so many "enemies" that she deletes her account every week or so, but she can't resist making a new one to post all her identical selfies.

No. 122792

She just admitted to being a hypochondriac. How is anyone taking anything else she says about her health seriously if she's a hypochondriac?

No. 122815

Hm, Aly_realrecover had a big tube like that. Feeding tubes that big do exist. IIRC, according to the discussion at the time of Aly's tubing, the way it's taped and the size indicate a more medical feeding tube. As in, she might be only getting it because she had surgery or something, and her stomach can't handle solids, not because she needs it to gain weight.

No. 122816

I'd agree. Just like how she's jealous of people who can fast for more than a day, so she claims they're all liars and it's totally not possible.

No. 122829

Kadee mentioned having surgery for pancreatitis on her IG. She might be telling the truth about that but I think she's gone private so I can't re-check.

No. 122836

Can you please stop with the the smiths references? It's so cringy. You’re not cool for knowing their lyrics. This is even worse than the anon constantly posting mcr gifs.

No. 122846

>including hypochondriasis in your list of illnesses

This is… this is beautiful. The lack of self-awareness is glorious.

No. 122847

Did Kadee delete her insta?!

No. 122848

No. 122851

No, she's kadeesbattle now

No. 122853

>I slam on the breaks but still rear end him
>This fucking asshole ruined my car, almost triggering an episode

Bitch, you ruined HIS car. If you rear-end someone, it's YOUR fault. You were following too closely and/or not paying attention.

It's crazy that there are people that can feel so little responsibility for their own actions.

No. 122855

Well aren't you a bundle of joy. Do you even know why the Smiths were referenced in this thread at that point? Pay attention.

No. 122857

> do you even know why the smiths were referenced
>pay attention
Kill youself. It's not funny.

No. 122858

File: 1461327101457.png (303.17 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Are all her followers bought? She's unfollowed a bunch too.

No. 122859

She has close to 10k followers and can't get a single like, she bought them

No. 122898

Too close to home? Too near the bone?

No. 122900

I understand more followers in insta means more chance of getting freebies, but I don't get why buying twitter followers would benefit anyone in any way. I've always thought of twitter as more of a networking thing. What am I missing? Is it as simple as her wanting to seem popular?

No. 122903

Why do you thrive off of being so annoying

No. 122910

She just wants to be seen as popular. Dont know why she doesnt use the money to sort those eyebrows of hers

No. 122913

File: 1461335131634.png (1.36 MB, 2048x1454, PhotoGrid_1461334988456-1.png)

Some followers may be fake but most of those people originally followed her when she posted nothing but shit related to television shows.

The reason they don't interact with her anymore is due to the fact that none of them followed her for that type of attention seeking content. They just want memes about TWD and AHS.

No. 122916

File: 1461335514491.png (101 KB, 1080x559, Screenshot_2016-04-22-10-30-34…)

Lol @ the pile of shit feeling like shit. So fitting.

No. 122918

File: 1461335797703.jpg (157.46 KB, 534x841, IMG_20160422_093534.jpg)

News flash, it's because you're fat you fucking doughboy! #fatgirlproblems

No. 122931

what even is that photo??? what does that have to do with the dentist, or recovery, or literally anything…

No. 122932

what even is that photo??? what does that have to do with the dentist, or recovery, or literally anything…

No. 122936

Ember has the worst memes but she hs to try to stay relevant somehow

No. 122944

File: 1461339583827.png (676.03 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 122946

File: 1461339933717.png (1.33 MB, 1960x1439, PhotoGrid_1461339856609-1.png)

>4x a day more like

No. 122947

File: 1461340009906.png (295.45 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_2016-04-22-11-44-28…)

She just deleted them all but lmao

No. 122949

she doesn't care if you unfollow, she'll just buy another follower to replace you

No. 122950

File: 1461340072750.png (527.79 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_2016-04-22-11-47-07…)

No. 122952

File: 1461340086060.jpeg (527.78 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 122954

too slow, faggot. all of that was already posted.

No. 122956

some of it was missed, but whatever :)

No. 122957


I reported Ember for bullying instead lololol

>pls do the same guys

No. 122958

File: 1461340188198.gif (316.52 KB, 500x344, 1456872590708.gif)

No. 122959

She's already deleted the shoutout post. shhes pathetic

No. 122961

it'd ALL gone, damn Ember can't contain her inner cunt for nuffin

No. 122962

File: 1461340373503.jpeg (65.63 KB, 750x264, image.jpeg)

No. 122964

File: 1461340553763.jpeg (52.84 KB, 750x556, image.jpeg)

>5 votes

Her followers are DEFINITELY bought

No. 122966

Why doesn't she just like and unlike her own photos to even out the numbers?

No. 122967

>one person would follow her

No. 122968

I voted "fuck tumblr" on that because even though I know she would post lulzy shit there, I don't want to follow her there. twitter and instagram is enough for me.

No. 122969

because she's begging for likes, if it really bothered her that much she wouldn't post

No. 122971

File: 1461340919687.png (246.88 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_2016-04-22-12-00-44…)

No. 122972

File: 1461340947296.jpeg (95.97 KB, 750x550, image.jpeg)

I just remembered when she posted this about Cookie. Oh the irony.

No. 122974

File: 1461341057829.png (304.56 KB, 743x1178, 017.PNG)

this is turtl.ed

No. 122975

Straight edge… Next she'll be a ~ミ★Sc3N3 Qu33N~~ミ★

No. 122976

>straight edge
Good lord, there's a term I haven't heard in a long time.
I love how she still had to put that period in there, just to make sure we know she has an ED.

No. 122984

It was really nothing.

No. 122993

Didn't you hear? That joke isn't funny any more.

No. 122995

File: 1461343871852.png (2.05 MB, 2048x1735, PhotoGrid_1461343554918-1.png)

Okay so Ember bragged about getting 300-400 notes back in December 2015, when she had around 10k instagram followers yet despite having over 16k followers now, she still only manages to get around 400 notes but only after continously begging for likes/comments.

Like yeeeeah, that's definitely some legitimate popularity right there.

No. 122996

the more the smiths anon makes you butthurt, the more I will cheer her on

No. 122998

File: 1461344103581.png (871.96 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_2016-04-22-11-56-00…)

Has anyone brought up that fakeboi "Olli" got her account terminated?

>lost 16k angels

Hmm wonder why, did it have anything to do with you posting images of your tits, protruding rib cage and sucked in stomach under the guise that you were a r3al boi?

No. 122999

File: 1461344270132.png (792.9 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_2016-04-22-12-56-55…)

I fucking knew it!

Here's her new username btw

No. 123000

Nice trips!

>expose thus

What? That instagram doesn't allow underaged girls to post nude thinspo?… Good on them.

No. 123001

Um, I am one of the Smiths anons - it's another quote. But thank you for the support!

No. 123002

Yeah, but those aren't female (let me get my hands on your) mammary glands, they're bags of fat. Good luck with trying to convince insta of that, girl.

How does one "work one's chest down"?

Your nipple is a female nipple, Skyler Hurdle. Sorry to break it to you, but you have breasts. And therefore nipples.

I think I'd rather spend an hour with Ember than this chick tbh.

No. 123003

135 and 5'7? That's a bmi over 20. It's not fat or anything, but it's definitely not concave stomach status. Do they admit to sucking in and uping contrast?

No. 123005

She's got an ask.fm and someone mentions sucking in, but I can't remember the url.

No. 123006

No. 123007

Is Olli underage? If they are, then this should definitely be reported to child protective services.

No. 123008

He's seventeen I think?

No. 123009

File: 1461345435994.jpeg (229.63 KB, 750x1278, image.jpeg)


No. 123010

File: 1461345476448.jpeg (156.63 KB, 750x1298, image.jpeg)

No. 123011

File: 1461345542890.jpg (35.38 KB, 593x334, ee ew.JPG)

Skyler might want to use those for home surgery.

No. 123012

That looks disgusting. They actually look like little poops floating in grease.

No. 123013

Do you think it's appropriate to report to cyber tipline? I would qualify it as cp, but there are much more severe cases and I don't want to clog it up. I wish i could just refer to social services in another way.

No. 123014


Go eat a sammich you hangry faggot

No. 123015

I don't think her BF is really in love with her that much. Esp if he feeds her this shit.

No. 123016

He gave her his ex's old shit, clearly he's SOOOOOOOOOO in love with Ember.

No. 123017

If she's under 18, the titty pics would be classed as CP, but that's gone. I don't think the sucking in body shots qualify though. I'm surprised Ashley's topless shot on motherless hasn't been pulled down as that's technically CP.

No. 123019

>He gave her his ex's old shit, clearly he's SOOOOOOOOOO in love with Ember

He did?

No. 123020

The mrs/mr mug's

No. 123021

Haha. I'm the one who reported Skyler/Hollow_Prince. I didn't actually expect Insta to do anything about it. I can't believe I'm the first person to report her child pornography.

No. 123022

I report all the body shots, including the nipple one, but that was so long ago. Insta must really drag their ass dealing with reports.

No. 123025

>The mrs/mr mug's
Wow, big deal.

No. 123026

>has anorexia, depression, anxiety, scoliosis
>is still able to work and be happy about work

No. 123028

But she's a special snowflake ana warrior, anon! Admire and worship her accordingly - her preferred currency is s4s which she'll delete almost immediately.

No. 123029

well this was the first time the reference was slightly funny.

dear god, her fingernails are nasty.

why aren't we talking about the fat spoony anas anymore? this was the only time this thread was lulzworthy.

>>inb4 post about them instead of complaining

I tried but no one wants to discuss them anymore.

No. 123030

I reported them everytime they posted a photo, don't take all the credit anon.

No. 123031

There was a few other things from his ex too, don't be a lazy cunt and look back on posts if youre that bothered.

No. 123033

>Giving you his ex's scraps
>Thinking this is good.

No. 123034

Hasn't the biggest spoony ana gone into treatment, so no milk for now? And the other one's changed to kadeebattles or something?

No. 123037


What are you even going on about? Wtf

No. 123040

File: 1461349178341.png (539.78 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2016-04-22 14.19.24…)

is she trans or is it just the harshness of the photoshop?