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File: 1655463248448.jpg (1.19 MB, 2388x1668, 1655428147570.jpg)

No. 1563602

previous thread>>>/snow/1563321

a quick rundown on the last thread:

the star of the show! Cece is beyond her relapse baiting and is basically pro-ana at this point. from body check TikToks to her uwu ‘im so cold’ and crating fear foods ig stories she is right on track to her July vacation.

ham continues to post her bulging belly and diabetic breakfasts.

em is tube free (finally) and is NOT thriving. Poor thing ‘did something’ that Lauren had to save her from.

new cow @/liveonfilmbyhanna continually posts scrunched-up face ‘sobbing’ pictures and just about anything that will validate her.

porgie is still porgie, larping and fat.

Nikol has resurfaced by posting her saggy granny bum and her lowest weight pictures.

our favourite narcissist Niamh is back to her leg straining and ‘outfit checks’ & carrots as a snack

Zara is still a spoop and preaching recovery (whose suprised)

new cow (age 22/23) @/happyhealthywhole1 aka long face is an ERC child groomer that moved in with her 18-year-old girlfriend she met in treatment.

poena, a new cow who used to post low-calorie recipes has recently gotten out of the hospital.

remember to stop BMI sperging, sage and stay milky


No. 1563632

File: 1655467741530.jpg (631.33 KB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20220617-080821_Ins…)

Hole and her gf. This is especially weird knowing she's 25 and the gf is 18

No. 1563647

thank you anon.
Fi seems to have just disappeared even from the threats info

No. 1563653

To continue the Alice Nevin train, I’m surprised she’s not talked about more here, since on tiktok no one can mention her without her little obsessive minions defending her. “Oh she’s not a recovery account” “she has hyper metabolism” “if this is about Alice you’re a terrible person she’s perfect and said she’s doing good /:(“. Like how do the thousands of her fans just gloss over the fact that she’s still skelly af. If they truly “cared” about her wouldn’t they be concerned that she might not be doing ok?
Anyways, yes she might not claim to be a recovery influencer but she does respond to body comments by saying she is super dandy and perfect and good and that she eats a shit ton a day. Literally eugenia cooney vibes with the lying and manipulation of a young, impressionable audience.

No. 1563655

*hole and her victim

No. 1563656

This is disturbing

No. 1563668

Don’t worry nonnie, she’s probably just getting over the fact that her 25 year old self was home alone and had to make and eat her meal plan on her own(!!!) which was super difficult (on a really difficult day where everything was difficult) but we managed kek. Mummy and daddy came back for support during her night snack though so all is good!
The fact she says this type of shit on YouTube videos for the world to see legit gives me second-hand embarrassment.

No. 1563682

Great way to start the thread! Wish that was a video so I could see hole collapse to the ground from trying to carry that sack of potatoes

No. 1563692

Why is the 18 year old always picking up hole she is by no means uwu smol lol

No. 1563694

Tinfoil but I think Fi goes dark sometimes just to get her stans suspenseful for an update

No. 1563706

how dare you, she's exhausted and burned out after eating a protein bar

(Side note: I think the way some accounts portray recovery kind of increases the risk of "burning out" or whatever. Like, so much fixation on lots of more challenging foods to them, but in tiny amounts after hours of build-up. It's perfectly fine to recover on mostly safe food if that works imo, instead of framing a teeny tiny pizza as a massive win like Fi did. It's not a win if you're not actually gaining weight.)

No. 1563715

Hmm? Is that just a weird bonerattle or am I missing something? Is her weight known?

No. 1563725

File: 1655477652610.jpeg (494.25 KB, 828x1331, C90329F7-C564-4BAA-9CEE-6C2FA0…)

Yeah okay Cece. You treating treatment like a summer camp/vacation and not actually trying definitely isn’t you failing treatment. It’s definitely not that you refuse to put on weight and keep it on, or that you regularly post triggering shit even while actively in treatment

No. 1563742

lmao! how about don’t bother getting your performative “treatment” that’s purely for validation. most people with EDs don’t even want treatment anyway. people fail treatment when they don’t really want it or “relapse” for attention.

No. 1563752

I agree. I this the fact that she’s so insidious makes her more harmful. Plus all the “brunch” posts, AKA, meal skipping. Also doing a paid sponsorship with gym wear companies? Seems inappropriate.

No. 1563760

File: 1655481398737.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 5E9A97E4-C170-4927-A3EB-738AC6…)

how in earth is she still alive? she's even worse than eugenia

No. 1563776

People give her more of a pass because she's pretty

No. 1563790

can we stop with the cecelia posting? she's annoying and boring as fuck. she loves the attention you're giving this horse looking ass bitch. find some new milk, nonnie

No. 1563798

Everything she does is milky. It’s up to her to stop.

No. 1563800

File: 1655482868246.jpeg (856.68 KB, 828x1522, 5F38C0D6-72BE-4F73-901A-5EE7B6…)

Nice arm, mia

No. 1563801

Can someone ban this constant Cecelia wking

No. 1563803

Treatment is what you make of it, Cece.

No. 1563817

Please. Its getting very old. If you don’t like the milk, add something new or get out.

No. 1563823

Literally shut up. If you don’t like seeing people make fun of an objectively shitty and milky person, this thread isn’t for you. Leave. Simple as that. It blows my mind that anons are wking for someone as annoying as Cece.

No. 1563828

Right!? And why does pretty privilege mask the fact that she is a pro Ana Creator that is rich and hurts literal children on the app

No. 1563843

another year on her mortal coil shuffling, thanks nonnie

No. 1563850

who is her? she looks underage

No. 1563866

File: 1655485041467.jpeg (266.24 KB, 1170x1868, 150FC924-9735-4DE6-8042-CE8A8C…)

Proana queen replacing Eugenia’s “I’m doing good while emaciated guys nothing is wrong with me” act with the even more sinister recovery act

No. 1563909

can someone watch her latest video and give their opinion on whether her glands are actually swollen? i couldn’t get a decent screenshot but i swear there’s something going on there

No. 1563918

No filter is going to save that face.

No. 1563936

File: 1655488754436.jpeg (366.15 KB, 750x765, FB451129-F113-4B49-9152-8312C8…)

her gland do seem kinda swollen but i'm not sure

No. 1563949

also when she turns her head to the side..? idk but i think she’s one of the perfect anas to nEvEr PuRgE at least i remember her saying so at some point but idk why no one’s ever been suspicious about that? it would make a lot of sense and also why she’s gaining like one and a half lbs per year. no way her metabolism magically sped up to 3000+ kcal permanently after nearly starving to death for a solid year or so

No. 1563955

Finally some milk that isn’t Cece thank god. Let’s topple this cow’s pretty privilege

No. 1563972

>let’s topple this cows pretty privilege
Stfu ugly bitch

No. 1563984

Right back at ya <3(<3)

No. 1564023

pretty privilege?? She's not that pretty. She has pretty good skin and pretty good makeup skills, but her features are just above average.

No. 1564029

File: 1655491293759.png (6.67 MB, 1170x2532, EDB4720D-D8C0-4CB0-99A1-F9B209…)

shes 18. and she’s clearly flexing in that other photo, she’s no spoop

No. 1564042

Yeah looks swollen with swelling being the key word. I think people get swollen glands confused with a masseter muscle with no fat on it jutting out (a la Zara)

No. 1564049

Zara chews and spits though which can also give you swollen glands

No. 1564052

fuck me, that's one epic treadpic!
thanks a bunch, nonnie!

No. 1564092


No. 1564093

File: 1655493575111.jpg (176.51 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20220617-140057_Tik…)

Hole's tiktok is a goldmine of summer camp content

No. 1564105

They are all so ugly and fat eek

No. 1564126

admitting she’s pretty doesn’t negate her cow status anon, don’t worry. she’s very pretty but still an entitled anachan who thinks no one can see through her bs. she’d be much prettier if she wasn’t so determined to make every bone on her body visible but that’s irrelevant to her i suppose

No. 1564129

stop rattling, they’re not all fat. i swear some people here are slowly getting infected with anorexic ideals

No. 1564133

nah ive read these threads semi regularly from 2018 and there have always been anachans that get lost from their ED forums and apparently think they blend in well when they don't. unfortunately any space where anything ED related is discussed is inevitably infected with dumb anachans/wannas

No. 1564152

Bitter ass anons are so desperate to tear the cows down they end up sounding delusional.

No. 1564179

File: 1655497216202.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1170x2127, 7124AFAD-CDF6-4EE8-88BE-22454B…)

ive got so many questions about Emily.
Does she eat all day junk? like she never shared a decent meal. I mean good for her that she faces all those fear foods but..
Also how the heck does priory works? are they allowed to bring any food they want and eat it unsupervised in their room? very strange

No. 1564199

But nothing. People who are generally doing well and trying to recover don’t deserve to be ridiculed on here.

No. 1564202

I don’t know about the one she’s in but lots of units do snacks out and stuff like that as exposure

No. 1564203

no not redicule, she might be eating normally on other days but she only posts junk.
im just curious

No. 1564235

Piss off, anachan. She's putting forth an effort. This is nitpicking.

No. 1564237

imagine reading a forum whose purpose is shitting on people exactly like you

No. 1564241

Take your curiosity out on an actual cow

No. 1564282

File: 1655505613242.jpeg (616.44 KB, 1125x2068, 97D5F960-6769-40CC-BA94-8DE61F…)

In today’s episode of “Did you know, I was the spoopiest spoop to have ever spooped?” Ganer reminds us that she was once a spoop, but to the tune of “Fix You” for ultra pity points.

No. 1564283

It’s common for anas to go through a phase of eating lots of the ‘junk’ foods that they have restricted for a long time. It dies down eventually and isn’t milk.

No. 1564286

All these lowercase posts one after the other of this random Alice seem like self poasts. Seriously, stop humiliating yourself.

No. 1564305

File: 1655506949579.jpeg (387.31 KB, 1125x1999, 21D5CBD5-682B-4D12-8DAC-E5FF38…)

What. Yes, that is a jump scare for sure…

No. 1564309

She looks like an aggressive grandmother trying to give you a cookie.

No. 1564330

Ana-chans, they have issues with food,
And their view of their weight is quite skewed,
If you give her a plate,
She'll show nothing but hate,
Like her skeleton shows when she's nude.

No. 1564339

Someone tell her that while we’re glad to have a break from the constant gaping fish face, this isn’t cute either

No. 1564344

File: 1655508937124.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 750x1334, 3328F6A4-D8B3-4E2A-9DF5-08D496…)

Her face is so fucking unnerving and almost scary to look at (spoilered for jumpscare kek).

No. 1564356

Thank you for spoilering anon. Her face in rest is unbearable to look at but her smiles are nerve wrenching.

No. 1564360

I don’t care how cold it is you don’t wear a turtleneck in summer

No. 1564378

Stfu according to google it’s like 14 degrees in Seattle which is definitely sweater weather. Such an annoying nitpick, she’s cold as well cause she’s restricting like der of course she’s gonna be rugged up

No. 1564385

sorry nonita it’s almost 60 degrees here it’s just raining

No. 1564401


She desperately needs bangs

No. 1564407

Kek no normal person wears a sweater let alone a turtleneck in 60 degrees FFS but then again Cece certainly isn’t on the spectrum of normal. Just trying to flex her sooper severe anorexia

No. 1564410

you do realize that 14 degrees Celsius is 58 degrees Fahrenheit, yeah?

No. 1564412

I mean, no. I didn’t kek. No one said 14 celsius and I didn’t assume celsius because Seattle is in the U.S. so…my apologies

No. 1564432

Kek embarrassing

No. 1564435

File: 1655514590199.png (4.73 MB, 1170x2532, 33CD29A8-684C-4AA0-B06A-7E1A12…)

Nikol bingebaiting again as if she hasn’t posted photos with her hands that have obvious purge knuckles kek

No. 1564437

File: 1655514911575.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1349, 81CB013E-452D-4096-859D-5C98C4…)

Some of this post wouldn’t be horribly cringe if it were posted by someone who doesn’t have an obvious eating disorder that regularly chooses barely edible restaurant service “food” and chemical sugars over real food/“fuel” as she puts it.

No. 1564445

File: 1655515564569.jpg (20.3 KB, 329x399, Screenshot_20220616-100758_Chr…)

Recovery queen

No. 1564498

How does she afford to live alone?

No. 1564553

Girl she's pretty. Stop coping.

No. 1564554

Now THESE fuckers. These people are not pretty. Let's all be realistic here.

No. 1564555

breh don't do that to your face… you're not 18 anymore, it looks freaky

No. 1564557

After seeing the pics of her with her ex-fiancee I almost sort-of see how she must see herself if that makes sense? Like, she looks crazy af now and her eyes scream unhinged. But it was not that long ago that she looked fairly normal. It's kind of sad honestly.
It's obvious that she's done this to herself, but her face was already pretty gaunt & long when she was young & at a normal weight. Cece is really not one of those people that can get skelly & still look pretty in the face. She's just speedrun 10-20 years that she can never get back. Love that for her. Couldn't happen to a better person.

No. 1564560

Does it matter what your """unhealthy thought patterns""" used to be when you've made yourself fat now LARPing recovery?

No. 1564563

File: 1655527807045.gif (12.22 KB, 100x100, xweetok_face_wink.gif)

No. 1564564

>sugar and carbs
anachans and wannas are retarded. its the same fucking thing

No. 1564576

I thought she was living with her parents

No. 1564579

Niamh is 16/17 (not sure if she had her birthday yet)
Eat your cookie, sweetie

No. 1564582

Is it just me or could posts like these give ideas to people who are sick about how to be "correctly sick" and then adopt the bad habits to feel sick enough? I can't see how this is helpful at all.

No. 1564586

…oh. then that's sad.

No. 1564592

Right? Anachans really age like walmart milk

No. 1564674

Proposal to split the Anas from the Wannas for the next thread. Porgie, Ham and assorted BPD wonders bring milk and laughs. But the self posting and vendetta chan nitpicks always centre around the skellies. Sometimes I think me, Zara, Cece and Niamh are the only bitches who post here lmao

No. 1564721

Not until we have more cows, the milk is already pretty dry.

No. 1564745

>I think me
um excuse me what

No. 1564748

If you really think it’s only you and a couple of cows self-posting in the thread then you’re retarded or a narcissist

No. 1564763

her weird ass hairline kek

No. 1564765

she looks like she’s seventy years old

No. 1564787

is this speculation or has it been confirmed/admitted to?

No. 1564790

Cece will get an orgasm reading this lol, refered as a "skelly" and put in the same category with Zara etc. She's on her way there tho, yes.

No. 1564797

It's 3AM, you wake up, confused. You open your eyes slowly, blinking.
This is hovering over your bed.
You'll never sleep again.

No. 1564801

what’s with that brown spot on her teeth

No. 1564808

she’s a purger so maybe decay?

No. 1564823

NYART but I think anon is saying they think I’m they are the only farmer posting amongst self posting cows.

No. 1564826

File: 1655560104081.jpeg (203.05 KB, 1129x554, 5A64E482-203D-48E2-8214-E9AFB9…)

i don’t think children should be seeing how proud you are of being anorexic, but alright.

No. 1564829

If you really think that was a genuine statement then you're retarded or autistic

No. 1564854

File: 1655562689395.jpeg (464.92 KB, 1284x2199, 44D8E3EE-4658-4151-AB8F-0598AA…)

Cece admits her treatment team dropped her due to noncompliance

No. 1564856

I saw this. She really is just going to be a lost cause until she gets that coveted ACUTE stay

No. 1564860

I don't get her end game at all. Say she gets her coveted ACUTE stay. Then what? What about anything else?

No. 1564873

Wasn’t she saying just a couple weeks ago that she had a great outpatient team??? The lies(newfag)

No. 1564893

Cece saying that is triggering in itself, what the actual fuck

No. 1564894

File: 1655565598581.jpeg (364.49 KB, 1170x2103, A099D9A0-C3DA-45C7-A7E4-1E37BA…)

A girl that posts videos of her eating huge rice bowls, but staying this size and posting a bunch of fit checks. Hmmm

No. 1564897

File: 1655565942045.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1170x2318, 0C058868-FF34-4186-A527-F8D54F…)

i think niamh is more than obsessed with thinking how attractive strangers think she is, kek.

No. 1564900

ok everyone has heard of a dietician pausing/ending client relationships due to noncompliance, but literally what therapist drops a client due to “noncompliance”? Like, how does one “fail to comply” at fuckin DBT? Therapists see people sicker than her all the time, if cece isn’t going to therapy anymore I’m sure it’s her own choice.

No. 1564901

>don't forget it guys, gals & everyone in between

No. 1564909

anorexia hairloss.

No. 1564918

Stop bringing her up anon she is not milky enough

No. 1564919

They might drop you if they require you to also be seeing someone qualified to actually give you a meal plan etc. Therapists sometimes don't like treating an ED without that in place because going into detail about what you eat/should eat isn't always in their wheelhouse.

No. 1564920

no shit? I thought it was male pattern baldness.

No. 1564921

Outpatient therapists will drop you if you’re under a certain BMI and won’t go to treatment. You’re a liability and insurance won’t cover it at the outpatient level

No. 1564924

>don't talk about x, no milk!!!!


No. 1564925


As well as what the others have said, on a personal level, it feels like co-signing someone who is clearly not getting better and needs inpatient help. It's literally just giving them the option to deny they need more help because "they have a great team". (see you know who)

No. 1564926

nice self post

No. 1564927

Meh it’s not unheard of. Some therapists require you to see a dietician and if your dietitian drops off you so will they. Therapists will drop you if you refuse a higher level of care and are medically unstable. you can’t really do effective therapy when you get to a certain level of malnourishment.

No. 1564928

File: 1655567477878.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1941, 1AE633B0-0D36-43EB-906D-15456A…)

i can’t remember the nickname for her but brianna is relapsing… heart broken

No. 1564931

File: 1655567636032.jpeg (899.7 KB, 1170x2532, 2C329A7C-7F41-43DD-A304-C1A4E9…)

how are her legs holding her up ??

No. 1564935

Get the coveted ACUTE stay, milk it for all its worth on the Internet, wash and repeat
Having a tube in the community also seems to be a pro ana bucket list item
She’s crossed off a few badges of honor with last summer’s hospital vacation but the attention craving remains. It’s like a drug addict.

No. 1564941

op here, they’re not self-posts, i’m just too lazy to capitalize. i’ve been following her for a while and i was just surprised that she’s not talked about much bc she’s pretty milky in my opinion

No. 1564942

They might drop you once your face looks like a skeleton (whatever bmi momsfavdisappointment was), but not at the bmi cece is at. I’ve seen many people like her still seeing a therapist

No. 1564943

still op, i forgot to mention that one of the comments you replied to isn’t even mine so def not self posts

No. 1564944

Not a self post she came up on my fyp

No. 1564950

Not necessarily if your labs are bad. You can be dangerously unwell at a higher BMI especially if you’re purging/using lax/diuretics.

No. 1564952

Not sure if you’re a Brit fag but they will definitely drop you in the US if the clinical suggestion is a HLOC and you refuse it because if you die on their watch the therapist/dietitian is fucked. Could be a normal BMI purger, could be a chronic dehydrator like Cece, it’s not dependent on low BMI. And it’s asshole behavior to basically brag about being dropped by a treatment team like Cece is doing. When you actually need the help and aren’t just going to therapy to feed your Internet attention masturbation cycle it can be a devastating situation.

No. 1564970

This bitch is insufferable she's all over mpa and Twitter bragging

No. 1564971

File: 1655570429646.png (7.23 MB, 1170x2532, 315CC28A-F68D-4007-B2CA-525C14…)

All her intake is liquid guys how funny :) she’s deffo aware of how triggering the q&a is she just doesn’t care(:))

No. 1564983

i've lurked her twitter before, she is an orphaned NEET who sits in her messy room all day playing bing bing wahoo and talking about how horny wellbutrin makes her. she is married and posts weird ana fetish pics/vids on her twitter to advertise her OF. seems unhinged. brags about how she had to quit her job at a grocery store due to not being able to pick up a gallon of milk.

No. 1564986

File: 1655571098475.jpg (177.05 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20220618-124824_Chr…)

All of her photos are uncanny valley

No. 1564987

File: 1655571122142.jpg (189.73 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20220618-124827_Chr…)

No. 1564988

yeah even though she is spoopy her shoops are so terrible lmao. forgot to mention in the other post i made that she loves attention from creepy skelly fetishists too. she interacts with them and everything.

No. 1564996

She looks like a low-budget anime character. It baffles me how some of these fuckers are so determined to look as ugly as possible when most of them used to be decent-looking.

No. 1565002

Some anons don't get it that these cows can be a super spoop skelly Supreme and still shoop. Is her @ impmon?

No. 1565011

yeah lol it is like belle delphine pedo era levels of shoop. where they naturally actually look fine but apparently they want to look inhuman and creepy. idgi

i lurked her twitter for like an hour months ago so i dont remember but it likely has impmon in it, you can find her on MPA as impmon and her signature has her twitter linked. she is a popular-ish user there, that is how i found her

No. 1565014

dbt actually has a “rule” that if you fail to comply or follow the skills, the therapist can pause until you are ready

No. 1565076

File: 1655576636072.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1170x1810, DF312832-D29D-41EC-B5BF-5E1241…)

Is it just me or are lifeofhan’s posts getting more body-check-y

No. 1565077

File: 1655576821015.png (313.77 KB, 397x612, myfavsnackisfluids.png)

for anons who didn't see the q&a, she also said her favorite snack was soy milk kek

No. 1565078

File: 1655576865897.png (158.88 KB, 367x504, yogurttrauma.png)

samefagging to add:
> g r e e k y o g u r t t r a u m a

No. 1565086

File: 1655577502706.jpeg (192.18 KB, 828x412, 32F9D2FA-A5F0-44E3-83A1-668F04…)

Kek, @emsinrecovery latest post is clearly targeted at our sickest spoopiest beloved cece

No. 1565090

File: 1655578268421.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x2077, A1588340-2FA3-48A7-9782-5F2A31…)

lets not forget the girl that never smiles

No. 1565096

No. 1565099

Kek always the sickest in the land. She could have just said it was a dislike. No need to try and convince people it gave her PTSD. Her need for constant attention is very speshul

No. 1565101

Wanna know how I got these scars?

No. 1565104

No. 1565108

Yeah and she’s clearly relapsing hard and she JUST got discharged like what? A couple days ago? She posted a photo of herself the other day where she looked quite dreadful physically… bet she’s going for the “chronic anorexia” trophy

No. 1565165

I am begging that hospital to provide this girl with chapstick

No. 1565170

She just wants attention from everyone, honestly. Why have the same username on Twitter, MPA, even fucking GaiaOnline? Some sick way to validate how ill she is.

No. 1565220

Sage for dumbfag but what is a trauma food I've seen cows throw the term around

No. 1565224

It’s another term for “fear food”. Basically a food you’re afraid to eat because they don’t want to gain from it

No. 1565225

File: 1655590348841.jpeg (697.8 KB, 1170x2532, 32514B0A-BF7D-4D6C-B5EE-8738EF…)

so it’s confirmed kek, the face she would openly share this. btw sent this on a throwaway account do idc if she sees i posted this.(cowtipping)

No. 1565227

LOL. wonder why she would trust a stranger. she clearly was itching to share. btw you're gonna get dogpiled for cowtipping

No. 1565228

She’s a liar she posted about going to brunch before with family and her dad. Why would you even answer that when someone asked. Appropriate adult response would be that’s not helpful for anyone for me to share. She’s a piece of shit

No. 1565236

File: 1655591992894.jpeg (217.65 KB, 828x1372, D8F5A045-396B-4E3D-BC0F-BBF0D7…)

It’s what she does. Get discharged, starts losing weight, body checking and posting about police visits. Gets sectioned again and goes quiet as she gains enough weight for discharge. And so the cycle continues. It’s sad really. She even admitted she probably won’t be going to uni in September and normally she is adamant that she will be until late August.

So she’s on what, 600 calories max? And she was so close to getting it in picrel. No wonder she keeps getting sent to a and e (if she is telling the truth, that is)

No. 1565246

She said she has been having “liquid soups” when she eats with her dad, so she’s been basically lying on her account about acc eating with him. no surprise

No. 1565253

File: 1655594822239.jpeg (310.11 KB, 828x1320, 769DBD0A-3B55-4456-94EB-A94E47…)

Apart from in her May highlights tiktok she showed herself eating cereal as well as: soup with bread and a separate salad, these cakes and berries and of course her birthday cake which she enjoyed ‘so much’ . So she is lying about either having an a liquid diet or eating the things shown.

No. 1565255

I guess with the exception of that salad with baked cheese on it she posted a month ago kek she can’t keep her own stories straight. I wouldn’t trust a word out of her horse mouth

No. 1565259

I doubt she actually ate (or kept down) any of that. Look at her. She looks like shit.

No. 1565260

I’d be pissed if I was only consuming liquids for “months” on end and hadn’t lost more weight but that’s just me.

No. 1565263

She probably didn’t keep it down but she’s def eaten solids on more than 2 occasions in the past few months. She’s always trying to level up with o be the perfect ana but it’s all BS. Regardless she’s a pathetic excuse for an adult.

No. 1565268

Someone on here needs to ask for proof of her weight, I’m so curious…(don't encourage interacting with cows)

No. 1565269

I’m surprised she hasn’t posted herself yet kek I’m sure she’s dying for someone to ask so she can spill it

No. 1565300

She’s already admitted that she doesn’t eat what she posts, nobody’s really solving any mysteries here.

No. 1565301

kek, but then she made a big deal out of announcing that she'd only post food that she did actually eat.

No. 1565304

I’m so shocked she’s not in hospital. Pretty sure any sane doctor would see her BMI and automatically admit her for refeeding or treatment for her whipples if that’s what she has.

No. 1565315

Literally such a piece of shit. I’m so glad someone called her out in the caption of that other post. Delete the whole fucking recovery account Cece, I bet you won’t. Must continue to suck the Internet attention teet. Also agreed that for your intake you haven’t lost shit. That’s a scummy thing to say and you deserve every scummy thing coming to you. Here come the wks I don’t care. That account is a cess pool that helps no one, Cecelia the ass hole included.

No. 1565319

600? No way, more like 400. I’ll believe it when I see the proof. Bring on the body checks Cece!

No. 1565321

There’s no way she’s being honest about her intake. She would be spoopier if she were only in taking liquids for months now, especially if she added in purging. She’s both a BPD cow and also is clearly using ED behaviors as a BPD move

No. 1565323

She doesn’t have whipples or any medical condition other than an ED and she’s non compliant so what’s the point? She’s not acutely self harming or suicide baiting and is pretending to be in recovery so probably isn’t at the point of a section yet. Putting her IP right now would be a waste of a bed.

Of course our BPD kween Cecelia is pulling a repeat of last summer when she restricted and dehydrated herself on purpose to get an ERC vacation (bonus asspats for her joke of a medical hospitalization). Nice try, Cece, you’re never going to ACUTE bc they see right through you and know that’s what you want.

And the worst thing for a raging BPD case is to give them the attention for being sick. She loves treatment because she gets coddled like the fragile baby she wants to be, despite the fact she’s 30 and knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s so ridiculously transparent while playing the victim, which is precisely why she’s so entertaining to watch.

Cecelia to ERC betting pool open now, I give it <4 weeks. When’s her sister’s first anniversary? She won’t let sis steal any of her spotlight this year kek

No. 1565336

A couple of months… Probably more like a couple of days now. Or weeks max.

No. 1565340

I think it’s more likely that she’ll have a Terri Schiavo type cardiac event while holding out for ACUTE criteria. Don’t take that as a compliment Cece.

No. 1565349

File: 1655604421725.jpeg (389.82 KB, 2048x2048, 6682B5AC-E35B-41DE-A720-BC2492…)

Forgot to sage so here’s this

No. 1565352

That’s fucking grim.

No. 1565353

If she’s really gunning for acute she better keep up the bp and lax. Sage for blogging but when I was there the doctor said that’s why anas there are so comparatively sick, everyone uses every behavior.

No. 1565357

sage doesn't make blogging okay

No. 1565366

File: 1655606336474.png (437.38 KB, 396x747, wee23556.png)

Apparently someone asked Cece about ACUTE.

No. 1565367

She’s pretending she doesn’t want it while also openly admitting to <500 calorie a day diets… make it make sense

No. 1565368

File: 1655606527633.jpeg (710.56 KB, 828x1470, D575FAFB-4C53-433F-B205-D5C1BB…)

I’ve been following this girl for a while. She has an eating disorder and also does lots of drugs. She posts some crazy things sometimes, including her sense of style.

No. 1565370

what, exactly, is the milk here supposed to be?

No. 1565372

yeah she keeps repeating how going to treatment is the last thing she wants but it sure doesnt seem like it

No. 1565373

she just desperately wants to be the trope of "so sick she had to be forced into involuntary treatment" and/or continue to get the sweet, sweet attention boost of people begging her to go to treatment

No. 1565375

Sorry. I didn’t know her account was private. Just standard erratic/extreme drug addict behavior. Everything she posts is ridiculous.

No. 1565376

Being an erratic/extreme addict is shitty, but it's not milk in and of itself. Sometimes people are sick. It's possible this person is milky, but you need to share more about specific behavior/attention-seeking/horribleness to differentiate her from a garden variety addict who happens to have social media.

No. 1565381

Gtfo with your pro ana bullshit.

No. 1565439

ERC has just as much of a reputation for this as ACUTE, certainly hasn’t stopped Cecelia from racing there multiple times. She’s certainly tried to go to ACUTE but has been denied for various “reasons.” This is just an excuse she’s using to try to hide how desperate and pathetic her ACUTE boner is. (Contrary to ana chan and blog posting farmers’ belief, an ACUTE admission does not make anyone special, though it is useful in identifying a serious personality disorder).

No. 1565443

You can’t go to acute if you have Medicaid/Medicare. That’s the reason lots of people are denied.

No. 1565462

U can't go to erc either with that insurance…

No. 1565473

yeah, i follow this girl and would have to say she's sick. it's not milky, just sad. she's not a cow.

No. 1565474

Zara looks like she's on the literal brink of death, I'd say that's grounds for sectioning as she also refuses to get help. She's also talked a lot about self-harming, so I don't know what you're on about

No. 1565476

File: 1655621088709.jpg (254.21 KB, 1284x2283, IMG_1234.jpg)

zara dancing

No. 1565477

it's full of those but she's not milky, just deranged

No. 1565490

ERC certs people too but Cece has never been held involuntary. I think she’ll miss the ACUTE goal and end up back in the itu. Maybe she’ll try to leave to see if they’ll cert her. It would add to her perpetual victim status

No. 1565493

I thought Zara was anti-OOTD? Why is she suddenly flaunting her skelly body after hiding it for so long?

No. 1565512

i would even call it a "cute pout"

so what..?

No. 1565515

But anon, that's not an OOTD, I'm sure she would want you to get your facts straight

No. 1565525

So…why exactly are you so interested in posting her here if she’s not a cow and not milky kek? Not trying to police officer out on you but this is smelling a little like self poast.

>she posts some crazy things, including her sense of style

Oh wow a woman with colored hair in a crop top. We’ve never seen that on lolcow.farm, have we ladies?

No. 1565534

100% self post, she only has 500 followers on her IG and 2 of them miraculously are in this thread.

No. 1565544

Medicaid covers basically every other program in the US, including ERC. You can go anywhere with it, except ACUTE

No. 1565546

File: 1655627916875.jpeg (226.22 KB, 750x1281, D8E070C6-C6D7-4F92-B8BC-B34579…)

why isnt this obese cow discussed more? she's such a waste

No. 1565550

Wow that is truly a face of someone who's afraid of food. It really shows.

No. 1565559

It's terrifying that having (faking?) an ED has become a personality trait on TikTok. There's an entire side of TikTok dedicated to people "literally afraid of food" for god's sake and some people are so desperate to be on it

No. 1565573

File: 1655630266345.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, D6663C24-359D-41D6-95F7-A55AE3…)

another tik tok cow pretending to have an ed just to get tubed and get attention. how pathetic

No. 1565586

File: 1655630985546.png (4.34 MB, 750x1334, 2E0762C2-7C73-401B-8E69-73A16B…)

She wont stay alive for long though

No. 1565597

I've posted her before and nobody else seemed to really bite, so I'm glad to know that at least one other person thinks she's milky

Apparently she's currently on a commitment at Walden, presumably for self-harm/suicide or something given that I can't imagine someone being able to commit her for an eating disorder given that she's stayed the same amount of obese for years.

No. 1565602

File: 1655632732108.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1801, DC0085A3-82C6-4356-936F-F11E90…)

alice has “never struggles with that” kek. needs everyone to know she is all restriction pure ana

No. 1565603

make sure to sage next time but who is this person??

No. 1565604

Oh my, I just went through the comments, and that person is getting bombarded by her fans who keep reselling her perfect ana narrative. Tragic.

No. 1565610

File: 1655634579658.jpg (680.99 KB, 1079x1662, 0ld_milk_.jpg)

I think rem is a former cow shes rounded out, cows are hitting the 30s and looking 40

No. 1565612

File: 1655634892430.jpg (148.54 KB, 750x1334, 28891260_n.jpg)

Its's time for a good bowl of slop!

No. 1565614

far be it for me to judge people's food preferences but surely she could have added something more to this yoghurt(?) bowl with three and a half berries on top

No. 1565616


No. 1565617

What if I told you, that she consumes this bland nightmare every bloody day?

No. 1565621

just why, I'd get tired of it by the third bite

No. 1565622

zara’s got EPI, but anons suspect she doesn’t take her medication properly to control her weight, p sure she had whipple’s disease but that’s a bacterial infection that she claimed she’s had IV antibiotics for etc etc

No. 1565623

so in summary- yes she does have other conditions but it’s likely (blatant) that her anorexia is abusing the ability to take (lack of) medication.

No. 1565625

her little wallpaper with the bland slop in front of it is so depressing
(holy shit i just noticed the measuring cup with a single square of dark chocolate in it. really treating herself huh)

No. 1565629

You must be new here the blue plastic measuring cup with I think normally 2 squares of dark chocolate has been a staple of ganers for years, always paired with the slop bowl

No. 1565632

Kek nobody cares about this saggy bitch
Ground hog day hell

No. 1565663

Wonder if ganer wants a boob job. Or realises how common it is in that industry? Always fascinated by the dissonance between what she seems to think will happen (nah it'll be fine i'll just restrict and not relapse eeeeasy) and the reality (relapse imminent, need a boob job anyway, etc).

No. 1565687

Hospital and a tube are her goal. She has been actively and consciously working towards it. She doesn't need ED treatment she needs to be on a general psyc ward. She has disordered eating and weight loss due to attention seeking disorder. Sure it looks like anorexia but I really don't think it is.It is too contrived.Raging BPD much more plausible

No. 1565690

Attention seeking disorder isn’t a thing kek she clearly had an eating disorder, all eating disorders are party about attention anyway

No. 1565695

This. The anon you replied to is trying to say Cece is not anorexic because she has BPD. That literally makes no sense. BPD lends itself to self harm/attention seeking which Eds are all about also control, emotion regulation. Her multiple diagnosis don't cancel each other out just because they lend themselves to each other.

No. 1565701

it's actually a legit disorder that goes by the name histrionic personality disorder. it's literally defined as "a mental health condition marked by unstable emotions, a distorted self-image and an overwhelming desire to be noticed"

No. 1565705

Cece prob has bpd and clearly an ed along with her other random diagnoses, but just like with narc you can’t just diagnose someone because you don’t like them

No. 1565706

It's interesting how she deletes most negative comments but keeps some such as these and even dedicates a whole video to them when she could've just as well deleted/ignored them, all the while claiming she does not want her account to be ED-related. She's butthurt when people accuse her of not being mindful of the many young people in recovery who follow her but it's not hard to confuse her for an ED/recovery account when she has so much content regarding

No. 1565707

I agree, having followed her for a while, I can't say the person she portrays online fits the criteria for histrionic because those people are EXTREME but we don't know her irl so she could have anything

No. 1565710

to avoid armchairing, you can always word it "she shares traits that a person with x has". i feel like speculating that way is fine since you aren't trying to diagnose her over the internet. also calling someone a narcissist isn't the same as saying they have NPD. two different things, though related

No. 1565719

I know her irl from ERC and she’s as bland and beige as she seems. Doubt she’s got anything like this

No. 1565721

got any personal milk you want to share?

No. 1565722

It depends on the state (and probably which managed medicaid company). Some states medicaid can go basically anywhere, but probably won't get a very long stay. some states medicaid are pariahs in the treatment world. Medicare can go inpatient only, at around 10 places for the whole country. It's really sad because by the time someone has medicare for an ED they're probably already SEED, revolving door inpatient with no outpatient dietician even means they have almost no chance of recovery.

No. 1565723

Cece doesn't have medicaid. She has private insurance through her job as a SLP, unless she's lying about that which I suppose is possible. I think she's telling the truth about her job because if she wasn't working she could be ~oh so too sick to work~

No. 1565726

Lots of people have Medicaid during/after grad school and if their job insurance doesn’t cover enough

No. 1565738

No good milk unfortunately. She’s pretty quiet, gets put on room isolation a lot so didn’t really connect with the milieu of other patients

No. 1565742

thx for sharing. still says a lot about her too.

No. 1565753

Why does she get room isolation?

No. 1565757

Yeah her fans are insane idk why

No. 1565760

Yeah honestly if she wants ppl to stop bothering her about her “fit checks” she should stop engaging. Guess it goes to show that maybe she does like the negative energy for her Ed. Tbh she pisses me off almost as much as Cece bc as someone else said, her nature is so insidious. If anyone else stayed her size and behaved the way she did they would be banned off of tiktok more often

No. 1565783

Now that you say it, it makes a lot of sense. She's (clearly) not fully recovered yet and as much as she tries to convince everyone that her mindset did a 180 and it's just her physical health that she still struggles with, she's obviously still trapped and gets high on people telling her how sick she looks. There are many other fashion or whatever hers is accounts that have ED's but don't engage with the comments or just delete them because, unlike Alice, they actually don't want to be associated with their ED's. People would get bored of discussing it if she just stops entertaining their "curiosity" and "concern" instead of giving them exactly what they want: attention

No. 1565792

Anachan that’s not true I’ve been to both erc and acute with Medicaid.

No. 1565796

File: 1655656363105.jpeg (430.64 KB, 1170x2169, 2818A6C2-712B-4AC6-BF92-550E6D…)

Not true. If you have Medicaid they send you to ERC ITU.

No. 1565800

Thank you annon. I’ve seen her pop up on my fyp and just wow…
Definition of attention seeking. With all the people waiting for help she can’t stay out of treatment to get her bags of honor tube and feed her attention seeking ways

No. 1565801

They take Medicare. A lot of places don’t say on their website but you go through you county Medicaid to get a single case agreement

No. 1565806

Forgot cece this is a true cow. Insurance pays $3000 plus a day to feed these cows attention seeking ways. She cry sa about not being able to eat. Not saying she doesn’t have an Ed. Just not a restrictive one that needs a tube and that level of care. It’s obvious places just want her insurance money.

No. 1565808

Why are you posting about Medicaid? Medicare? This isn’t so irrelevant. Kek

No. 1565810

What is with all the sperging both ways about ACUTE. Acute DOES primarily admit skelly chans a la ash tier. They take patients on the brink of death for other reasons but average bmi is 10-12 and its published. Plenty of patients who go through there are very typical dry anachans with no personality disorders.

No. 1565814

what's this blogposting shit all about..?

No. 1565815



No. 1565835

I'm GaInInG wEiGhT. Im ReCoVerEd MENTALLY. like Cece knows exactly what she's doing with this video. Sad. She's so young..

No. 1565845

No no anon. You don't understand. She's RECOVERED. No anorexia for her. It's insert some super rare disease that no one has heard of
Also message but if she had Whipple's she'd be gaining weight much more faster once on antibiotics. Like A LOT.
Wonder how long it took her to find the perfect condition to diagnose herself with…

No. 1565847


No. 1565849

Their (acute) website clearly states that they do not take medicaid or Medicare

No. 1565854

The passive aggressive way the Ed community functions tho. Kek.

No. 1565855

Literally no1currs.

No. 1565871

for real, they're all mostly from different parts of the world and yet, they act like they're rivals in the same school… and to think that they're all so super sick, you'd expect them to be focusing on saving their lives rather than using their public voice to spill their aggression towards the competition

No. 1565874

that's mental illness (especially if it's comorbid with others) and social media for you

No. 1565877

can y'all stop talking about fucking health insurance and the anorexic mecca?? we're gonna have to make a new thread by the time one of you gets tired of arguing about bullshit

No. 1565881

would all that wannabe medfags and bonerattlers plz fuck off, thank you

No. 1565883

File: 1655660748787.png (489.55 KB, 451x703, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 10.4…)

Camp Walden, kek

No. 1565892

sounds like a dream vacation

No. 1565927

Not Medicare tho (which is what people can get on after two years of disability). Maybe a handful of places accept it and they are almost all inpatient. IOP or PHP get covered often but not res.

No. 1565944

Anyone know more deets about her? Like is she from US, UK, Aus, Europe?

No. 1565946

USfags stop banging on about what your shitty healthcare system gets with your Medicaid or insurance or whatever. No one else cares

No. 1565948

The medfags can stay.

No. 1565956

Stfu u don't decide what's milky or not.
But I do agree that there's no need to sperg on and on about the shitty US health system

No. 1565957

She’s an Americow. Super milky on TikTok. Was discussed briefly 6-8 months ago, but changed her username, and lost track of her. Been inpatient at Walden for a while for non-ED reasons.

No. 1565959

could be wrong but i thought walden only treated eds?

No. 1565960

this shit is for kids, mind you

No. 1565975

Annon why do you care so much? As someone with Medicaid and has been to erc acute and erc Denver with both and know many others, I would know. Stay in your lane. I don’t know why your bring this on here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1565978

No one cares that you’ve been there

No. 1565979

She’s in heaven. Being told she’s anorexic and feeding into her attention seeking ways, while draining insurance money for a bs disease. It’s sad

No. 1565981


She’s in heaven. Being told she’s anorexic and feeding into her attention seeking ways, while draining insurance money for a bs disease. It’s sad

No. 1565983

File: 1655666617034.jpg (391.07 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20220619-151418_Ins…)

Cece went to some fair yesterday and of course wore a winter coat

No. 1565985

I never said anyone did I’m just curious why this loser is trying to start an argument about insurance

No. 1565988

File: 1655666760306.jpeg (441.02 KB, 1170x2386, A6F1374E-B4CA-4F34-B01A-B27054…)

The headbashing photoshop girl posted THIS for father’s day. Of all photos to choose…!

No. 1565990

do they really show Criminal Minds at the psych hospital? That's kind of weird to me, given how much SA and violence against women is in every episode.

No. 1565994

File: 1655667002456.png (395.24 KB, 416x743, capture-20220619-222538.png)

Looking like a granny dressed in a little girls dress

No. 1565995

seriously, you'd think that would be trigger-central

No. 1566014

stop blogposting ffs
leave your skelly shit at home

No. 1566016

and sage your shit

No. 1566037

File: 1655669416164.jpeg (355.17 KB, 1124x1381, 86745AC9-3706-4991-B0E7-8055D3…)

Speaking of dressing like and being obsessed with looking like a frail little girl, Laura thinks that by using a background people won’t notice how much she’s stretched and shooped herself.

No. 1566050

lol she deleted it

No. 1566051

I saw on her main she fractured her leg. Wonder if that's going to be any motivation for her, I'm sure she has osteoporosis to the max.

No. 1566055

Am I blind or does Cece not look that spoopy here

No. 1566057

The smirk is unbearable

No. 1566058

Ouch yeah there’s no way it will heal correctly unless she actually takes care of herself

No. 1566070

Pretty sure it was her femur or knee. I honestly feel bad. Before anons dog pile me I'm not saying she isn't annoying. Just that being a super spoop is catching up to her. She's the kind of extreme Cece salivates over. I was kind of hopeful for her taking classes but she's probably totally sidelined, broken bones do a number on skellies.

No. 1566073

As surprising as it might be, osteoporosis doesn't really affect fracture healing.

No. 1566076

That's grim wonder how she broke it

No. 1566080

Osteoporosis might not, but malnutrition/ her state of emaciation will. Wonder what her behaviors are tbh. If she's an exerciser or whatever. She never really says much about it.

No. 1566082

Her dad and brother are wearing jackets too. Methinks it's less of a waif thing and might just be actually cold in Seattle.

No. 1566083

File: 1655671078621.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 314.36 KB, 1170x2028, 832ADDA4-C533-4F62-A972-B5D97C…)

Does anyone remember this cow? Used to be part of the New Farm crew. Now has a girlfriend, I think is on drugs, and does… well, this, on tiktok

No. 1566084

Why is her face so…grimy?

No. 1566086

Walden has both ED units and a general psych unit.

No. 1566087

File: 1655671314826.jpg (308.29 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20220619-164103_Chr…)

The fucking smirk. Flexing her all liquid diet

No. 1566093

Quick someone hose her down

No. 1566095

Horseface looks so pleased with herself.

No. 1566101

Not spoopy enough for someone who has supposedly been on an all liquid diet for a few months kek

No. 1566104

Not trying to rattle but Cece's upper body is disproportionately spoopy to her lower half that's why she's always exposing her chest/collarbone area

No. 1566105

How does someone even grow teeth that big

No. 1566107

she's from the US. She's been in and out of various types of psych care for a while and spent a good chunk of time living in what seemed like a group home based on her description.
All the patients have their electronics, so they're probably just watching on someone's laptop

No. 1566109

How do these landwhales get toobed

No. 1566112

She's a classic bpd-chan. She probably even enjoys getting attention on here

No. 1566113

Treatment centers with blanket policies that they manipulate

No. 1566116

I’m addition to being part Jewish she is also part horse.

No. 1566117

Someone shop Cece onto a my little pony for the next thread lol I'm too much of a dumbfag

No. 1566124

This is exactly how. A larper can miss x amount of meals and snacks and boom, toob.

No. 1566136

My fuck that's harsh.

No. 1566146

They manipulate the facility or in porgies case basically just buy their way into it

No. 1566147

File: 1655677603769.jpeg (161.68 KB, 702x756, 9BF0925E-8BD3-4E57-85E6-59E767…)

No. 1566150

she looks like a fucking horse god fucking damn it. if she continues purging her teeth are going to be even more protruding

No. 1566156

She gives horse girl a new meaning

No. 1566163

File: 1655678636145.jpg (68.82 KB, 820x1136, ceceliquidqueen.jpg)

Kek i'm sorry for the autism nonas

No. 1566167

File: 1655679076769.jpeg (146.5 KB, 750x500, E598316A-0BE9-4E90-B8A2-117C1A…)

Kek made this

No. 1566170

Captured ceces essence perfectly anon

No. 1566172

thanks nonnie! tried to represent her dainty purely anorexic symptoms in one picture

No. 1566175

File: 1655680006340.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2083, 68409C93-13C6-42F3-9517-46C4E4…)

hey teen followers! Follow for more thinspo <3

No. 1566176

Kek she's strategically hiding half her thigh behind her "papa"

No. 1566179

This is incredible

No. 1566181

Her and ~pApa~ look the same age

No. 1566183

I get that some people call their grandparents certain things but am I the only one cringing

No. 1566188


nevermind the flexing tendons in the feet, the obvious ankle-bend indicating that she is trying to emphasize her thigh gap, and the v-neck attire shes wearing to show off dem collarbones…

…i just wanna know WTF is going on with her grandmothers forehead?!

No. 1566191

it's probably some type of skin cancer tbh

No. 1566196

I know she posted it herself, but we should leave her relatives out of this. They're not here to be discussed.

No. 1566207

Most anas are smart enough yo eat at least 1200 calories… And still be skelly and shit. This diet is on the road for organ damage.. which is irreversible. Kek. Not the dainty smartass ana she thinks she is now is she?
Also explains her complete lack of mental abilities

No. 1566211

That kind of diet usually leads to at least 7 lbs of weight loss per week. I don't see it.

No. 1566212

Is she really flexing her fucking feet lol

No. 1566214

Anons need to stop commenting on cow's families tbh

No. 1566221

Let’s not talk about her relatives, that’s fucked up. It’s obviously cancer, there is nothing to discuss.

No. 1566229

File: 1655683811550.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 9DA59C68-66E6-425B-87A1-A80EBB…)

Cece setting the stage for her summer vacation aka inpatient

No. 1566230

This one is fatter and more insufferable than Porgie. And that’s saying something. Her tiktok is a nightmare.

No. 1566232

Agreed, leave the grandparents alone. What I’m wondering is why wouldn’t Cece layer up and try to cover/hide her body before seeing her grandparents. Like cover up so they wouldn’t worry. Like if I looked rough I wouldn't want my grandparents to notice because it would be hurtful. Idk if this just never crossed her mind or if she’s just being selfish and attention seeking.

No. 1566245

What a fucking loser. Why does she even think anyone cares to know all of this info anyways?! Go take some shrooms and stfu

No. 1566246

7lbs a week?? In what world kek, only if you’re fat to start with. Most people with EDs have fucked up enough their metabolism that you can eat 500 a day and barely lose

No. 1566248

jesus christ, would all of you idiots please shut up

No. 1566249

lol she keeps deleting all these pictures from her story after they end up here

No. 1566251

File: 1655684979035.png (3.9 MB, 828x1792, CFF4C95E-208E-4EB0-A7CA-E888AC…)

I would say selfish and attention seeking for sure. She doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings. It must be awful for her grandparents to see her like that but she’s so self-absorbed or attention-seeking that she needs their attention too even if it’s detrimental to their health. I mean this is in response to someone asking her about going out to dinner with friends and not getting anything. You’d have to be super dense or just a shitty person to not think about how you’re affecting other people

No. 1566261

File: 1655685363663.jpg (315.95 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20220620-023326_Ins…)

She was always a chubber and the comparison pics are cringe and dumb as fuck

No. 1566264

I actually think ig is glitching, it’s been deleting peoples stories all day

No. 1566273

Why would she post these kinds of pictures of herself, this is disgusting and if anything is going to cause people to develop eds…

No. 1566281

Last hope?? Bitch you’ve only been diagnosed for like 3 years. Drink some propel and go back to DBT

No. 1566284

she looks like a substitute teacher

No. 1566294

To lose 7 pounds per week, that would mean she has to burn an extra 3500 calories daily. That is HIGHLY unlikely for someone of her size that does (probably) minimal exercise.

No. 1566301

Yup. If her TDEE is 1500 and she’s eating 500 a day she should lose 2 lbs/week in theory

No. 1566307

Again that assumes a functioning metabolism. BP? Lax? Even mild restricting? Metabolism is the first thing to plummet.

No. 1566308

File: 1655687751558.jpeg (477.02 KB, 1170x2077, 0570AC1F-0B02-43E0-A77D-FF4C28…)

Tiny portion compared to her friend yikes obvious much?

No. 1566309

I kek’d but ur fucked up anon

No. 1566314

You’re blind

No. 1566321

Zara is known her for hypocrisy.

No. 1566322

FR. Cece’s acting like she’s tried everything and is at a last resort treatment level. She hasn’t even bothered to finish DBT, much less actually bother anything serious. If she’s so worried she should try ECT kek, fry the two brain cells remaining

No. 1566336

She also hasn't been to actual ed focused treatment that much. A lot of her admissions she counts were general pysch. She should bite the bullet and go to res

No. 1566338

She looks like preppy Slenderman.

No. 1566367

She’s probably so anti treatment because a lot of res programs will take your phone away. She doesn’t want help, she just wants ass pats

No. 1566384

Could but all the other stories she's posted today are still there

No. 1566393

Is there supposed to be any difference between those two bodies?

No. 1566412

The first one is fatter.

No. 1566427

File: 1655694415595.png (Spoiler Image, 4.86 MB, 828x1792, CFD02910-DD5B-4F79-A8CD-55FDFA…)

Definitely afraid of food

No. 1566428

File: 1655694434657.png (670.85 KB, 1305x1599, 8DCC3473-FE28-4733-8610-931BBC…)

gotcha nonnie

No. 1566438

No. 1566453

Next thread pic

No. 1566454

Fucking racist fucking anon

No. 1566455

it's a joke about her teeth being big and the fact that she makes a big deal out of a paternal jewish relative, not a joke bout how jews look

calm down

No. 1566462

her other thigh is visible so this is a stupid nitpick

No. 1566540

Not to wk but it’s difficult to make an effort in therapy when you’re depressed.

No. 1566541

was already posted nonnie

No. 1566545

Didn't she get spoopy only as an adult? She got the time to fully develop and she's a tall pear. She must be seething knowing she'll never look like the teenspoops she's jealous of.

No. 1566546

was watching part of EC's livestream yesterday and she said that she always reads comments that say people are betting on when she "croaks", ive only ever seen that said in these threads about either her or ash, never on norm platforms.

tinfoil but what are the odds that she lurks here?

No. 1566551

File: 1655707252106.png (2.71 MB, 1100x1318, edit.png)


No. 1566562

I'm sure there are plenty of normies making those bets, it's not some niche edgy imageboard response when she literally looks on the verge of dying at any moment

No. 1566566

She’s barely talked about here, so there’s no reason for her to lurk.

No. 1566582

she admitted she lurks her Reddit almost every day

No. 1566587

She probably just ate most of what was on the plate to make herself look more ana.

No. 1566590

Why is Cece's last hope for treatment psilocybin? That's shrooms, I had no idea that they were used as a treatment for Ed's. Also if she thinks she has to do this "on her own" why doesn't she just buy/pick shrooms herself.

No. 1566593

Not wking but genuinely curious how?

No. 1566594

she doesn’t look spoopy in this particular picture, just skinny

No. 1566598

i’m guessing because she implies that she didn’t think her body on the left deserves food and someone else (let’s say bigger than her) might be like “well damn, if she thinks she’s too big to eat then what am i doing” which is part of why these bodychecking before and afters are so pointless and potentially harmful regardless of the size of the person

No. 1566599

It’s treatment for depression mostly I believe, hope this ungrateful attention seeker never gets to access such a treatment as not many people do and she certainly doesn’t deserve it

No. 1566604

Ummm what are you talking about she has never been spoopy, unless slightly underweight is spoopy for you…

No. 1566618

Her whole I don’t want treatment or IP act is such a blatant attempt to flout our primary criticism of her- her eagerness to have a summer IP holiday. She’s so transparent.

No. 1566648

This thread is so stupid. One person says she needs res, the next she’s had too much treatment, the next she hasn’t had enough. One person says she’s scarring people with her body, the next says she’s never been that underweight. Everyone is an expert yet no one agrees. This site has gone to absolute shit

No. 1566659

second that, i miss the good old days

No. 1566662

cece and spoopy don’t belong in the same sentence in any circumstance, kek.

No. 1566667

Ok anachan, keep telling yourself she looks totally normal if that makes you feel better. Meanwhile everyone else on here is bitching about her losing too much and showing it off

No. 1566668

Kek I’m Jewish it was a slam against here faking Judaism

No. 1566675

Ok Cece.

No. 1566676

It’s undisputed that she’s a histrionic attention whore who needs validation from sick teens on TikTok etc lol

No. 1566695

Judaism isn’t a race you fucking twit

No. 1566696

File: 1655727545148.jpg (257.8 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20220620-221810_Gal…)

I enjoyed this. If I'm not mistaken, that's her mum.

No. 1566705

I like how she specifies “years before COVID” as if she hasn’t been perfectly healthy for most of them.

No. 1566717

Pretty sure her mom’s name is Mary

No. 1566719

It's like how she always says when she was "dozens of pounds thinner"

No. 1566738

My tinfoil for Cece is that part of the reason (the other part is that she didn't meet their criteria kek) she didn't go to ACUTE in the past really was her insurance not being in network with them. So she dehydrated herself and went to treatment the second school was out for the summer because she couldn't stand it any longer and knew she'd meet criteria for the next best thing, ITU (behaviorally if not medically). I think her new insurance from her current job DOES cover ACUTE, so Cece has no intentions of accepting any treatment until she meets their criteria.

No. 1566754

pre sure she already says shes SEED

No. 1566763

People are making those "bets" even on her instagram comments…

No. 1566764

I thought this was one of her photos like
>these dramatic before and after shots were taken on the same day!
If there's more than a dress size difference between her at 15 and the LW coffee shop pic she always shares, I'll be shocked.
And OT but this hyperfocus on deserving food uwu is so damaging coming from her because food is clearly her only source of joy. How about you deserve to have a life? You deserve to move your body with exercise and activities you enjoy? You deserve to focus on building friendships, having cool experiences and excelling academically at a really exciting time in your life? You deserve to find meaning in something besides vapid Instagram circlejerks?

No. 1566779

no, not her mom. this is

No. 1566781

Sage for pet peeve sperg but why does Cece, an amerifag from Seattle, insist on calling her mother "my mum"

No. 1566782

I am once again asking you tiktok farmers to put your back into it and post webms or at least screenshots, if you want your tt darlings to be discussed. This is an imageboard.

No. 1566783

She identifies as the Queen of England

No. 1566784

Channeling the 1/100th of her that might be part British

No. 1566785

I think she meant years before, like before covid, not years before covid. So, three years ago if this Seattle summer street whatever wasn't a thing in 2020 and 2021 because of covid.

No. 1566787

Based. She was literally eating cake, pizza, pasta, Maccies, chocolate (all the “fears” she looked up on “real” ED accounts) even back then, the only difference is she’s obviously eating more of it and not filming oceans of crocodile tears. A shit LARP from the beginning but at least all the bullshit she deleted is on here

No. 1566788

well she kinda does look British with her horse face. her teeth of course are not messed up like they should be

No. 1566789

pls someone shoop her into the jubilee carriage thing. The horses pulling it too

No. 1566800

Haha hellllooooo this is tee (originally heartoftee) and I’ve just been alerted to all of this and yikes.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m really glad I didn’t know this existed when I was in the earlier days of recovery. Back then, as much as I was trying to embrace the ‘I don’t care about my weight’ mindset, it would’ve absolutely set me off to have people posting my photos saying I was overweight and obese. Which I now fully appreciate to not be bad things - and would like to point out that yes, I never weighed myself, but at one stage I probably was overweight. It’s actually really common during people’s recovery - I wasn’t necessarily binge eating but I was definitely eating more, and often responding to extreme hunger, and after so many years of suppressing my weight I don’t think my body really knew what to do. I’m so glad I just let it do it’s thing though. My weight seems to have dropped and settled to a state that I’ve maintained for a while, just eating pretty …. normally. I genuinely think I’m fully recovered ED wise and I don’t think that would’ve been possible had I not let my body ‘do it’s thing’ and become overweight, which so many on here have judged me for.

I’m glad I did what I did. My Insta is private because I’m now a psychologist, and because ongoing court stuff re csa wants me to be able to monitor things better. So yes, I’m doing okay - trauma is a fkn bitch but as far as life goes, definitely doing okay.

If you’re reading this and struggling - please know it is worth it. Being able to help others heal has made the whole difficulty of my own healing process so bloody worth it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1566802

Literally no one cares

No. 1566806

Haha, that’s fine. Tbh I was more responding to a post on a previous page wondering how I was - but I think the comments had been exceeded.

Just … yeah. Not gonna lie, this whole thing is kind of disturbing. I understand you can form impressions of people’s mental health by what they post but please just keep in mind that unless you’re qualified and unless you’ve spent time assessing that person, those impressions are just speculations. I’d also encourage you to consider the massive impact this may have on people who are vulnerable who find themselves on here, but I’m just one person and I don’t have the power to make that change for everyone happen.


No. 1566807

Take the remainder of your dignity and leave quietly.

No. 1566809


I love that a simple ‘maybe think about the well-being of others’ suggestion is the ‘last of my dignity’ hahahaha anyway yes, I’m leaving, just thought I might pop into say there’s life beyond an ED, and there’s definitely a life beyond stalking and harassing those that are currently struggling with an ED. Take care.

No. 1566815

Tee, quite frankly we all know there’s a life beyond ED because you never miss an opportunity to drop a lecture in the comments of certain people’s Instagram posts. Coming here to try to do the same is a waste of your time and energy. I don’t think most people here are even gonna read your blogpost of an essay. We’ve all already seen you sperg all over Instagram and like previously stated, no one here cares.

No. 1566816


Yeah I’ve realised it’s a waste of time and energy haha but I’m standing by what I said - both in terms of what you’ve mentioned AND the fact that this obsessive behaviour is incredibly concerning.

Anyway I’m out! Bye

No. 1566817

Does anybody have any milk?

No. 1566818

File: 1655739578323.jpeg (553.47 KB, 828x1167, 5667AA93-0768-4A28-BEFA-BCC61C…)

It would appear we have another Zara on our hands

No. 1566821

Thank you for speaking up. As a “lurker” and someone who has been posted about and completely disgusted by this website I appreciate you for speaking up I wish more people would.

No. 1566823

Why lurk then? You’re just as bad as the next person on here.

No. 1566824

Go and preach somewhere else.

And you. If you’re so “disgusted” knowing what this place is why do you lurk?

No. 1566825

we don't believe you, fatass

No. 1566827

Smells like cece

No. 1566828

Haha, you might aswell change your name to "teehehe" haha. Bye!

No. 1566831

obsessive behaviour
…and you say you’re a psychologist? This is like the equivalent to flicking through a tabloid for 10 mins when sitting on the crapper. You might want to retrain.

No. 1566834

Someone literally sent me this haha I haven’t gone and searched it out. Regardless, my point stands. I’m honestly appalled that this even exists. If you had any real concept of mental illness you’d see how ridiculous this is - would you have an entire forum poking fun of people who have cancer? No? Okay - so you’re saying that mental illnesses aren’t as valid?

And for whatever it’s worth, pretty sure the person who you’ve called a ‘lurker’ might be checking in to see if there’s anything about them on here due to paranoia and anxiety about being on here. You realise you’re posting about PEOPLE who have real existences and lives that are likely to be impacted by what is literal bullying.

Anyway, this is falling on deaf ears. I said I’m out two messages ago but I have a tendency to not be able to shut up haha. I’m out for good now.

No. 1566835

Tee you haven’t been posted in a really long time, maybe years. We know you’re recovered. You don’t have to explain yourself anymore. You’ve graduated from the thread don’t make yourself relevant again.

No. 1566836

nobody cares.

No. 1566837

Doesn’t want comments on her weight loss/appearance yet posts her underweight body for all to see. Makes sense

No. 1566839

Don’t be a proana cow and you won’t get posted. Pretty simple.

No. 1566842

Christ, the cow to psychologist / mh nurse pipeline is so depressing

No. 1566844

>I have a tendency to not be able to shut up haha
whoops, that shit doesn’t bode well for your career.

No. 1566849

File: 1655742206535.png (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 828x1792, 60C5FB9E-85B3-4A7D-9BF7-D35234…)

“If only”

No. 1566851

There’s been a lot of trials where it can help anorexia

No. 1566852

Naw she’s super underweight so I think she eats super small portions and to be the perfect ana she makes sure people know

No. 1566855

I can’t put my finger on what but this one has always seemed sinister to me (idk just a vibe)
The constant fishing for ur soOo skinni hun xoxo comments is pathetic too

No. 1566857

File: 1655742793682.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x2095, 7B815BF8-5CB3-4E45-941B-B49F32…)

She posted this to the audio “I think you need some help” yet denies everything? Attention seeking

No. 1566858

Does it help the personality disorder behind the anorexia? If so those treatment centres like New Farm should be adding it to the water

No. 1566859

I’m rather new here so please excuse my ignorance but is bambi supposed to be a recovery account? Cause that’s a hell of a helpful story to post for a bunch of mentally ill teenagers who can’t help but compare themselves to street poles

No. 1566861

Ignore the street pole thing, it sounded better in my head

No. 1566864

fr kek explains a lot though lmao

No. 1566865

Ah yes, I can’t think of anything better to do than workout with zero energy because I’m starving myself, which I’m totally not in denial about

No. 1566868

She’s got a separate recovery account I think (nonnies help me out) which is (was?) totally incongruent. She follows a lot of “recovery” accs on the bambi one though which is shitty bc obviously when you’re accepted as a mutual you get hit in the face with…that

No. 1566871

It’s always a nurse, psychologist, dietitian. I jUsT wAnT tO gIvE bAcK uwu — sureeee ya do (NOT saying this goes for most ppl w MH probs btw, just cows)

No. 1566874

No but she simultaneously posts on a recovery advice on a separate account recovery_kay true cow behavior

No. 1566876

The entire point of DBT is it’s made as a last step before residential/inpatient. It teaches how to manage a crisis long enough to survive it. If you’re too depressed for DBT, go to residential.

No. 1566878

My bad she’s public. Must’ve changed it when she went IP for more exposure

No. 1566881

File: 1655743808624.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x2093, 6A7F9E3F-15B1-46A7-854B-D20CFC…)

She’s been responding to an awful lot of ED related content recently

No. 1566883

File: 1655744003129.jpeg (944.05 KB, 1170x1694, E99E5292-DB1D-42CC-959A-20F038…)

I though losing weight early on was actually pretty common? Her phone needs taking away

No. 1566891

Pretty sure she’s been there for 3 months or so. I don’t understand IP overseas. In the US you get fattened up as fast as possible and it’s like being in prison so you can’t use compensatory behaviors. If you are losing weight consistently/not complying/using behaviors they kick your ass to the curb.

No. 1566912

i'm scared of her eyebrows

No. 1566952

Jfc the caterpillar brows

No. 1566991

Does anyone follow cece personal? She just posted a full leg check on her story with a huge bruise on it. And body check to her feed. What is she doing?????

No. 1566997

Image board. Post the photo

No. 1567003

File: 1655751932209.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1226, 5FF0FDC5-9646-4D26-8A79-2ED05D…)


No. 1567013

Melanoma. But tbh she should be left out.

No. 1567022

File: 1655752943874.jpeg (984.55 KB, 1170x2022, 34139B12-0549-491D-B2AA-CAD9F9…)


No. 1567023

Agree anons need to stop dragging cow family members that's the kind of shit that will get this site locked down

No. 1567027

Was there a caption?

No. 1567030

Why is she doing this. I can’t with her

No. 1567052

She is deleting comments that call her out for bodychecking(namefagging)

No. 1567057


No. 1567059

I'm gonna say it. Cece? Hot. Problematic? yeah sure. Whatever about the teeth and shit. The grandma style? Banger. I love it. It's a shame she has mental health problems and is actively losing weight. I don't get the name calling, guys, I'm gonna fist fight you all. This is a question of is she hot or is she not. She. is. hot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1567061

Praying that this is sarcasm.

No. 1567062

This is easily as bad as the anon saying ham and hammum scissored

No. 1567063

Are you blind?

No. 1567065

Cece? Is that you?

No. 1567069

okay and now that I'm out with my unpopular opinion. what is up with n2f? sometimes the image of her squeezing her boobs like a bottle pops up in my head, wtf is with that? why did she choose to cover the nipples with fucking acorns? it's so fucking funny but wtf lmao

No. 1567071

Nona take your meds

No. 1567072

Uhhh this is actually fucked up. At what point do we consider this spoopy because…

No. 1567075

She's getting there, which isn't any kind of triumph. She could have done something fulfilling or creative with the time she spends thinking about her whole anorexic persona.

No. 1567076

Cece stop self posting

No. 1567080


My money is on her BF dropped her

No. 1567082

Fellow amerifag. It's confusing as hell that they section anahchans only to have them not gain weight or do much of anything

No. 1567085

You're twisted nona. We did say she'd snap like a twig. Kek

No. 1567086

Ik this is bait but I chuckled.

No. 1567089

Lollll no fucking way, Eugenia behavior right here. Very mature!

No. 1567094

Blatantly flaunting your illness for your worried parents to see is fucking deranged. What a disgusting slap in the face to them.

No. 1567095


Urgh go back into your cave old unshaved perv, fist fight yourself

No. 1567099

Oh yeah and the gland thing too. Always wonder if she has a secret Ed twitter or something

No. 1567104

I wonder if she realises how harmful it is what she is doing. I'm around her age, I did stupid shit being younger, posting stuff online that won't help anyone, but after a while I realised that the attention is harming others and after all myself. She is so far down in her illness that she won't understand how her behaviour is giving younger girls the feeling that they can get away with hurting their bodies even when they get older. Also, the mirror is positioned at an angle on a wall, that will make you look skinnier than you are. No one can tell me that she isn't doing this on purpose, like the huge "glass" of water in her hand, showing everyone how hydrated she might be.

No. 1567106

Cece knows she just doesn't care

No. 1567107

Someone seriously needs to make a call out post on her Instagram. So everyone sees it. Because right now she’s just hiding comments and blocking people who call her out.
90% of her followers are young impressionable girls who have to view her ED behaviour as “normal” and “totally fine”

No. 1567108

the fuck did i just read…

No. 1567113

i thought it was funny anon

No. 1567114

File: 1655758140007.png (590.1 KB, 434x773, capture-20220620-234640.png)

"hate comments"

No. 1567125

God. Not to nitpick, but she really is incredibly unattractive and almost scary to look at. She’s always had a sort of disgusting, unsettling look to her, but with the weight loss it’s even more obvious how unfortunate her bone structure and general appearance is.

No. 1567127

nobody cares

No. 1567133

she's just @ing us after reading here some more and feel empowered by her weight loss or some shit. lmao love when retards have moments of power fantasies they want to take out on the evil "haters". we were all 13 once but at least we grew out of it, cece on the other hand…

No. 1567144

File: 1655759382536.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x2038, A23669BD-CE14-4C13-A20E-E8D2BE…)


No. 1567145

File: 1655759450858.jpeg (919.53 KB, 1170x2137, F058B20B-335C-4E94-9C5F-D7C2EA…)

our dainty queen got a job.
wonder what it is, how long this will last and how many breaks to breathe she will need per day

No. 1567150

None of this makes sense to me - she's planning to start uni full-time in 2 months which is insane, and then also starting a job…?


No. 1567151

My tinfoil is that she's like Porgie and likes the attention of the nurses to avoid work also. Except at least CeCe makes the effort to fast. No old lesbian wants a neglected horse as a gf. Sort your attention seeking out.

No. 1567153

Imagine ruining your life/career/health just to prove to “haters” you’re sickly skinny. It’s pathetic

No. 1567154

oh no! poor fiona!! it’s summer so it’s HOT outside, how terrible!

No. 1567155

Wonder if she’s going to get her mummy to push her in her wheelchair while at work and eat with her be brave teaspoon and you’ve got this bowl for lunch. Kek I can’t wait to watch this job thing go down

No. 1567156

Why does every week she go on and on about burnout when she does nothing but film herself eating. My god if she actually knew what real life burnout was she’d forget how to breathe and drop dead.

No. 1567157

kek i googled her the other day and an mpa threat came up and people are calling her out.
One of the said that a couple of days ago her sister posted “for obvious reasons, plastered all over the internet, home trips have never been easy 🥲”
Our precious Fi, is ruining everyones life

No. 1567160


Calling it now that her so-called job is going to be some kind of part-time online ED advocacy thing. Just another excuse to be even more obsessed with and entrenched in her disorder, and by extension herself under the guise of 'helping' others.

No. 1567164

Kara! Thanks for detailing us with your perspective! How does it feel to watch a fellow cow? Ive always been curious.

No. 1567166

Image board?

No. 1567168

File: 1655760548296.jpeg (127.36 KB, 1170x324, C7860F3C-E248-4B94-88EC-27AEBD…)

you mean this?

No. 1567187

I do feel for the sister a lot. It’s always been all about Fiona from what I can remember when I first followed her on Tumblr about 9ish years ago?? Both sisters must be so done with her attention seeking shit and being pushed to the side.

No. 1567205

she's literally in most of the thread pics and occasionally discussed?

ntayrt, but i think nona was implying her use of the word 'croak' which tbf, i rarely see used outside imgboards. most of the comments she gets on yt, twitter, etc. about when she'll die are either of concern or enabling her.

TLDR; EC probably lurks here but id put my money on her lurking KF since they made a thread to specifically discuss her.

No. 1567206

pick one

No. 1567209

Like actual pictures?

No. 1567218

File: 1655764348519.png (1.23 MB, 717x910, Screenshot (8755).png)

sage for nitpick but the length of Cecelia's big toes always send me

No. 1567227

File: 1655765014195.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1606274113531.jpeg)

>the anorexic mecca

No. 1567263


Her weight hasn’t budged for the year or so I’ve been following her, she’s still in her special wheelchair but she’s got a job and plans to study full time?

No. 1567271

How did she ever dance en pointe with feet like that? Let alone find pointe shoes that fit properly

No. 1567280

No. 1567282

The wheelchair baffles me. Like she keeps saying she needs a break from it but who tf is enforcing it?

No. 1567283

They're not exclusive dummy

No. 1567315

File: 1655770617768.gif (1.16 MB, 498x208, 8A8FDC87-B246-402E-BCC3-4ED5D8…)

Because she’s SPeCiAL, ok???

No. 1567325

Not so empowering when she drops dead from behaviours… How many discussed cows have died ?

No. 1567345

Cece’s legs look so average here, kind of stubby, and definitely not super sick. Yes some people get in at higher weights, but Acute patients usually have knee caps that are the biggest part of their legs bc they’re so underweight. They have obvious muscle wastage out of their legs. They are not solid like here. I know she’s gunning for it, and she definitely has lost weight, but Cece’s a very long way off from this. It’s really sad how desperate she is to get approvals.

No. 1567350

If you’ve seen any pictures of her from her dance days you would know she had total biscuits for feet, could not even get over her box, and the technique of a five year old a rinky dink dance school.

No. 1567351

Careful anon you'll awaken the sperg-chan saying they went to ACUTE at a normal bmi (not at all a common occurrence)

No. 1567352

Sometimes anons are more pro ana than the cows. Why egg her on to get worse?

No. 1567355

Why are you so obsessed with acute and knees, that’s fucking weird nonnie

No. 1567363

her legs look stubby in this particular photo because it's taken at a weird angle. Why tf you talking about "getting into" ACUTE like it's a college or something else to aspire to?

No. 1567365

We're here for the lulz, not to rhapsodize over who is underweight enough for the fucking dumbfags lurking

No. 1567369

anachan stop sperging about ACUTE, it isn't an ivy league university, its a fucking hospital.

No. 1567375

Sage your bullshit

No. 1567376

Being a death spoop isn't an accomplishment and ACUTE isn't a sorority. Jfc.

No. 1567377

File: 1655777788385.png (1.62 MB, 1148x824, Screenshot (8762).png)

Trust me it's just the angle and the fabric of the pants, she might even be wearing tights underneath or thick socks. Not to get all soapbox-y but one thing can't be denied she is underweight, you can even see it in her face.

Also look at her leg here >>1567022
It literally looks like the back of an elbow and arm on an average weight person, a healthy young woman's leg should not look like that.

No. 1567378

Holy shit you ana chans are fucking demented. Imagine thinking destroying your health & fertility, draining hospital resources and putting your family through hell is some type of flex worth aspiring to. Everyone else is living full lives while you’re competing with other useless retards to see who can get osteoporosis first. Hope you “win”! Kek

No. 1567379

geez, cece. it’s really obvious when you self post

No. 1567384

File: 1655778708515.jpeg (229.92 KB, 982x1817, 5B93F5CB-DDA6-4340-A903-FF3D10…)

A comment Alice forgot to delete

No. 1567387

Are you talking about >>1567377
Because that's me and I'm also the one who posted >>1567218 making fun of her feet, definitely not a self post lol

No. 1567393

no one cares

No. 1567395

ntayrt but no one cares that you don't care faggot

No. 1567400

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the Alice thing? Body checks, denial, whatever, that’s par for the course. Not WKing because she’s a vapid twat but she’s not a LARPer like Ham or a narc like Cece or a shooper like Laura. Fucking boring

No. 1567408

No. 1567412

She said she gained life when she chose recovery. Food literally is her life. Poor girl needs a hobby.

No. 1567424

100% sure this is the same scrote who was in the venus thread a while back

No. 1567426

this is fantastic

No. 1567462

File: 1655785711991.jpeg (213.78 KB, 828x1154, 14364764-2702-436B-8B7A-F08083…)

At her height, she’d have to be 60 lbs to look the way you’re describing.

No. 1567486

That visualizer is extremely inaccurate.

No. 1567488

Bruh this is my outlet. Chill. I'm doing some good for myself.

No. 1567489

She's definitely got no issue eating too little anymore, she's gained a tonne

No. 1567504

Good for her!

No. 1567522

why does this sound like this luka scout girl

No. 1567524

Why thank you very much, I feel better

No. 1567527

I’m surprised she didn’t call them out with a dedicated video, could’ve been a fun conversation

No. 1567531

The issue with Alice is that she’s been going on about how she’s been smashing recovery for the past year but somehow can’t manage to gain more than 4lbs a year despite eating 3000 calories a day or whatever. She claimed having refeeding until people starting realizing she can’t use that excuse for more than a couple months so now she’s trying to gaslight everyone by convincing them that she’s gone up 4-5 bmi’s which is ridiculous. She’s not as spoopy as she used to be but she’s still dangerously uw and yet she acts like she only needs to gain a few more lbs to be healthy. She walks around with swollen glands which can explain why she’s eating so much and not really gaining more than a few pebbles a month. She keeps making videos about her recovery, uses the hashtags, knows she has A LOT of young impressionable girls with or without ED’s watching her and comparing themselves to her and she, all the while she INSISTS on not being a recovery account and never having wanted to be perceived as one. She knows what she’s doing and she keeps interacting with people who call her out so she can bring more attention to her eating disorder and get validation that she’s the spoopiest of them all while eating whatever she wants and I’m sure that feels like winning the Olympics and that’s she’s “hacked” her recovery to be able to stay small and dainty

No. 1567532

Holy shit that’s longer than I thought, sorry

No. 1567547

UGH stop whining. Of course different anons are saying different things about what Cece needs - different people tend to form different opinions nonnie. Calm down and stop getting so upset over a stupid gossip site.

No. 1567548

im not saying this is a self-post but it sure as hell smells like one. she was mentioned once in a past thread very randomly with zero context, just like this. so what exactly is the milk? she's cringy as hell but at least give some background as to how she's pro-ana?

No. 1567549

I genuinely had some respect for you Tee and this has just destroyed that. I thought hey at least this cow moved on with her life but damn, I guess you haven’t. Go preach on insta some more. The fulfilling, wonderful and enriched life you lead (or at least, try to portray on social media) can’t be so great if you’re bothering with this. Oh, and let’s not forget your constant preaching about anything food/exercise/ ED related. It’s old news. Don’t you work with complex trauma and PD’s? So just leave the anorexic nostalgia out(it’s painfully obvious) and you can stop reminding everyone you used to be anorexic because the ED preaching is irrelevant.
Bye bye tee love ya thanks for the entertainment

No. 1567560

she posted a comment telling people not to worry about her health because she’s being tested for hypoglycemia, she got a few nice replies and then some people started arguing about how it doesn’t make sense for her to get hypoglycemia out of nowhere at this point in her recovery and how it’s an acute state not a chronic condition and they basically said that she’s capping. then she deleted the comment all together I’m guessing because she realized her lies are catching up to her? no idea what’s going on through her head but it’s shady

No. 1567567

Yo like number one rule is don’t engage with the cows

No. 1567570

Yeah she should’ve posted about this external health issue a lot sooner if it’s been what’s controlling her weight considering all of her followers are under the impression she’s in recovery from anorexia. She’s like a present day Aly real recover and her portrayal of AN recovery is just as manipulative and fucked

No. 1567574

We can basically play selfpost bingo on these threads at this point
>Zero context screenshot of a literal who
>"She's my personal cow so milky" she has 12 followers
>"Why isn't she discussed more?" but never posts milk to discuss
>"This may be a hot take but WK WK WK"

No. 1567584

It’s the still being in the wheelchair but being allowed a walk for me. No doctor is giving that bullshit. If you need to be in a wheelchair they arent going to let you go on walks

No. 1567586




No. 1567589

File: 1655804406590.jpeg (32.69 KB, 1067x91, 1655759450858.jpeg)

How it could of went:

NURSE: Fi, you need to ramp up your calorie intake, stat. Biatch.


No. 1567590


"Something I'm really passionate about"

Talking about her fucking eating disorder all day, in public.

No. 1567608

Admins can you please remove all of the photo's of cece's grandparents. This is in really bad taste and it's killing any good vibes. All I can think about is cancer and inevitable death now. Yikes. Sorry if I'm being a snowflake or blogposting but my grandparents all have cancer, and will probably die from it. One died already.

No. 1567609

Agreed, there’s no reason for the cows’ families to be discussed here regardless of whether they’re ill or not but especially then. We’re not the most exemplary lot of moralists here but that thing with Cece’s grandma crossed a thick line. Leave the poor woman alone and stick to shitting on the cows

No. 1567612


Hi Cece.
How's it goin'.(hi cow)

No. 1567613

Neither op but wtf happened to getting booted for saying hi cow? This shit is clogging up half the thread each time and it's fucking annoying.

Do you not know what cancer looks like you fucking invalid sped retard?

No. 1567628

it's like a whole new tier of mentally ill to post your mental illness all over SM. even a higher tier of mentally ill to practically beg farmers to talk about themselves lmao.

No. 1567631

Not Cece, I just don’t see what’s so funny or intriguing about discussing an old sick lady

No. 1567632

The wheelchair is a prop and nothing more. She isn't going to burn tons of calories walking into a store from the car etc. It's pure attention seeking.

No. 1567634

Some people use this site as a casual gossip rag and aren't out to get the cows. Several anons agree making fun of someone's dying grandparents is disgusting.

No. 1567643

Also never heard of someone who is in the community and not ip being made to use a wheelchair

No. 1567664

Agreed hoping there’s more milk w her tbh

No. 1567666

She’s discusssed quite a bit in the Ed community on tiktok. She posts a bunch of videos of her and her “obsession” with crumbl cookies

No. 1567674

File: 1655816204554.png (5.44 MB, 2532x1170, 57A23512-CED2-4D24-A7D2-BBCDA7…)

Closeup of the glands

No. 1567675

She sometimes drops random diseases she might have or already does whenever someone mentions her fake recovery and they get too much attention for it. There’s no knowing which ones are real and which ones she made up on the spot. It’s just pathetic honestly, it’s not like she owes TikTok her medical record but I don’t think it’s right for her to be so deliberately vague when there is a very obvious issue. If she doesn’t want her ed to be the focus of her account then she can so easily just delete any comments regarding it and not make fucking videos about it all the time.

No. 1567677

They don’t even look that bad here but it’s still noticeable. It baffles me how she and many of her fans just flat out claim they’re not swollen at all?

No. 1567692

nobody who isn't IP and is in the community can be "forced" to use a wheelchair in the way fi implies. in certain situations, it may be advised, in the same way that bed rest may be recommended, but anorexics wouldn't usually leap at the chance to comply when they are at home and it's their choice - in the same way that nobody with anorexia would beg for a toob.

and anyway, fi has shown she isn't being somehow "forced" to use a wheelchair as she only uses it when it suits her - when she wants to pose for photos and prove how sooper sick and frail. yet she can magically walk around London and visit the theatre without any issues when she wants to. it's all her choice and it wouldn't surprise me if she asked for a wheelchair, rather than it being suggested to her by medical professionals, claiming she's so weak waifish her legs can't support - hence why her "forced" wheelchair usage keeps being extended, because she needs it for validation.

No. 1567695

File: 1655817462495.jpeg (349.36 KB, 1600x2000, 564F2CD5-5CD6-4606-BF26-49646F…)

does that look like someone who claims they went up 4-5 BMI points? (these were in the same vlog I think, not before and after)

No. 1567698

File: 1655817581460.png (2.72 MB, 1334x750, 044BA90F-FEBA-497A-ADCE-14DFAE…)

No. 1567700

actually pretty sure that threads and forums do exist which are dedicated to talking about people who fake having cancer and larp other serious physical illnesses for attention or financial gain. people are generally disgusted by people who do so - so talking about people who larp mental illnesses doesn't imply that they aren't as valid as physical illnesses. quite the opposite. you're essentially saying that it's okay to larp anorexia, while pretending to be suffering from a serious physical illness would be met with horror and disgust and wouldn't be acceptable - thus YOU are implying that mental illnesses are less valid, in that it's totally fine to pretend you are suffering from them, when you wouldn't tolerate it if someone was pretending to have cancer.

No. 1567702

Is the only milky thing about this one that she’s clearly eating disordered and won’t admit to it? I don’t get it, I know the milk is dry but I’d rather read nothing than Alice whateverherface posts all the time

No. 1567704

Finally alice is being called out for who she truly is- a proana liar

No. 1567705

File: 1655817965150.png (2.59 MB, 2000x1600, E548D25E-FBB1-4F13-875E-3DC40C…)

left is her a year ago, right is her a few days ago. definitely looks like she’s gained the massive amount of weight she claims she has

No. 1567706

It’s that she has these minion fans that flock to whatever video is made about alice and her wrongdoings and bully the creator/those that agree w the creator. She also has a young audience and lies that she is emaciated while recovered, and completely denies having an issue similarly to Eugenia

No. 1567710

Where r those photos from yikes she can’t even hide her lies

No. 1567712

She’s been lying about how great her recovery is going for a whole year, maybe longer, but there is no physical evidence of her even trying to recover. She gained a bit (and I really mean A BIT) of weight in treatment, got refeeding syndrome (which she was using as an excuse for way too long) and that was pretty much the end of the noticeable weight gain. She’s been looking for every excuse under the sun as to why she’s staying spoopy, she’s preaching recovery but let’s not forget that she is NOT a recovery account (otherwise we’ll get bombarded by her brainwashed fans) and she keeps saying she eats so much food (over 3000 calories to be exact by her demands) but “nothing seems to be working”. And just like our recovery queen Zara, she “finally found something that might be working” and is now “gaining a ton of weight” but she’s been saying that for months on end without proof

No. 1567714

both from her instagram, the one on the right was on her story

No. 1567721

Some of these idiots even claim that this might be her natural weight-restored body lmao even while she still has photos of her pre-anorexia and she looked like a perfectly healthy and average girl. She also signed with a modeling agency recently which is just the cherry on top and she kept assuring everyone that they are being very understanding and lenient with her. Like how does one recover properly while knowing they have to maintain a lower weight for work?

No. 1567748

It sucks too cuz she seems like she has the potential to become successful but she’s totally fooling herself if she thinks she can maintain her seemingly perfect lifestyle of going on outings and vacations with her friends and buying piles of XXXS clothes long term unless she actually sits her ass down and really thinks about giving REAL recovery a chance. It’s all a facade that her fans are buying but I can only imagine how fucked up her life is behind the scenes

No. 1567783

Is Alice in the us?

No. 1567790

No. 1567832

I don't get all the hauls when zoomer fashion is literally just a sweatshirt and yoga pangs

No. 1567848

No anon, you don’t get it, her fashion sense is superior… or so they say. To me it’s mostly horrendous especially lately but oh well, different tastes I guess. It’s either going to be very baggy layered outfits to hide her weight on a bad day or very slutty half-outfits that show off every protruding bone when she’s in the mood for the “are you okay?” comments

No. 1567851

Trying to read up on fiona's history a bit more. Anybody know when she was first posted here? There's a reference to her being posted 2-3 years ago but I can't find that.

No. 1567860

Yes this is an image board but her story expired before I could get a screenshot. Cece posted something yesterday about having a bad night and “remembering reasons to live” or something. Idk if this was alluding to self harming or wanting to attempt again.

No. 1567865

All I really know is she was on tumblr a little time back. I wish that blog was available. I’m not sure where she was mention on here at first

No. 1567900

File: 1655832229014.png (3.48 MB, 1170x2532, D96D4876-5270-4F6A-ABFC-306226…)

Ope there it is!!!

No. 1567901

Iirc from following it, it was recovery-vs-relapse19. Full of faking psychotic symptoms, attention seeking, and blaming everything on BPD, just search the tags for yourself if you wanna know.

No. 1567905

Boy I’m surprised she managed to maintain her weight so well she quite literally looks the same in the two photos and the posing is scarily identical

No. 1567907


The way everyone called it, down to the last letter. That she was gunning for acute and acute only and that she would make it seem like it wasn’t her choice. She was so transparent this was her goal all along.

No. 1567908

Poor Cece, what will she do now?! She took “I always get what I want” on a whole new level and it’s just pathetic, I’m betting there are people who actually need that spot in ACUTE

No. 1567913

That’s one fucking tragic life goal, whatever happened to striving for a stable job and happy family?

No. 1567914

I hope she gets the acute vacation she wants to feel valid so she stops this obnoxious attention seeking show once and for all.

What a way to ruin your career though. If she cared she would have acted like a responsible adult, complied with her OP team and utilized their support so she wouldn’t have gotten to this point in the first place.

No. 1567916

Why didn't Cece just AWOL on her doctor/psychologist after being released from last IP stay? They're not going to stalk her surely, she's a grown adult. Making this seem 'involuntary' is a bit of a stretch imo.

No. 1567922

Congrats on your 1st place prize, Cece! Transparent as fuck kek. I’m sure she’s devastated truly about having ~no choice~.

No. 1567930

Pretty sure your op team can't hunt you down and force you on a plane to Denver. She needs treatment but fucking kek the theatrics of it all.

No. 1567935

I knew it was coming but I didn’t think so soon. I didn’t think she would get spoopy enough. Probably just fucked her vitals up enough to warrant it, doubt it’s her BMI alone. But either way she got what she wanted.

No. 1567936

Cece is in for a rude awakening when she can't document every split second of her acute vacation kek. Iirc from previous acutefags taking any selfies is against their rules and results in a confiscated phone.

No. 1567938

She really gunned for it. Not acute level spoop like other ACUTE cows we've had–suckinged, momsfavedisapoinment, Laura, etc. Ofc Cece knows how to fuck her labs and vitals like nobody's business.

No. 1567939

She's pleased as punch. Bet she's planning her pitiful waif photoshoots as we speak.

No. 1567940

Fi's old tumblr was gold. I think she was claiming to be overdosing multiple times a day

No. 1567941

I’d imagine there’s a waitlist there so she has time to get her shit together if she truly doesn’t want to go she can put in some work and improve her situation. And I mean they could always reject her kek

No. 1567942

We still don’t know her BMI, I’m still holding out for someone to get it out of her…

No. 1567943

whatever it is, one thing we know for sure is that it’s not acute level low, so she definitely must’ve convinced them somehow. there are so many anorexics with much lower bmi’s than her who never end up at acute

No. 1567953

Not gonna get stuck in BMI sperging again but anything below 70% IBW is considered acute low. And if your heart rate and BP are low enough, doesn’t matter whether your BMI is 10 or 15, a regular inpatient won’t take you. And there’s no faking that shit

No. 1567954

n2f will laugh at this but that’s definitely swollen

No. 1567958

Sry for the blogpost behavior but naw, just bc you’re under that BMI range does NOT mean they’ll take you at all. My friend at a 14bmi with ketoacidosis was basically laughed at by the person on the phone at ACUTE and told to go to ERC.

No. 1567959

i guess you’re right but this whole situation still feels quite stinky to me, cece can’t be trusted

No. 1567960

Me too, I wonder what her diet actually is like instead of her fake 3000+ a day meal plan to maintain that accurately. And the swollen glands ahaha, maybe she does eat 3000 a day after all…

No. 1567963

I imagine acute have their own admissions process? So just a psychiatrist saying ‘she needs admission’ doesn’t automatically mean admission - they will screen/vet etc. after all havent we been here before and they refused (insurance issues or whatever).
Just like a GP may say ‘you need admission’ and A&E will send a patient home. Let’s not assume she’s actually going to acute until the tube selfie with the nurse shows up.

No. 1567964

Typical acute patients are bmi 10-12 with significant other medical instability. Not to re start the sperging but Cecelia is a known bpd queen and she was after this the whole time.

No. 1567966

ntayrt but don't think anon is saying every single person with an eating disorder who is below 70% IBW is whisked away to acute, she's just saying that is the admissions criteria so you can be admitted, not that you mmust be forcefully admitted at that weight.

No. 1567967

Correct. Close friend went to ACUTE last year, bmi 11 or so, and still had to fax medical records, do an intake call etc.

No. 1567968

Bit of a crazy tinfoil but wonder if she chose her job over other jobs in part because the insurance was accepted by ACUTE.

No. 1567970

I also think doctors can’t involuntarily admit someone across state line especially if they don’t have privileges at that hospital. All her doctor/psychiatrist can do is refer her there or contact ACUTE but they can’t actually force her to go there. They could place her in an involuntary hold in Washington but unless they have admitting privileges and cece is a patient in CO, I highly doubt there is much they can do

No. 1567972

Pretty sure if her vitals are severe enough to warrant acute then her docs would make her go to ED/general for immediate stabilization while waiting for intake/admission to acute or anywhere else for that matter. She’s so dramatic.

No. 1567981

Correct doctors can’t provide medical care in states they aren’t licensed to practice in.

No. 1567984

Yup and I think this is what happens to other acute patients given the photos of them being air lifted

No. 1567985

Something new for her to aspire to kek

No. 1567986

Yes you would be admitted asap for medical stabilization for seriously fucked up labs or vitals because that's actually an emergency whereas just being underweight is not typically a medical emergency, even if there was no beds in a unit specifically for psych/ed patients, they would just make you got to acute gen med ward or emergency room

True but they can make a call to another hospital out of state that's still in network and who they may work with to refer patients to semi regularly.

No. 1567989

She really does love everyone fussing over her, worrying about her and taking care of her. Her mummy and daddy must not have shown her enough love and attention.

No. 1567997

Why just why would you voluntarily screw yourself? She has a nice job that pays well especially in this tanking economy. She'd rather throw all of this away just to say "well saweetie, I was an ACUTE level spoop." Hope it's worth ruining yourself for a stupid prize.
Internet validation and asspats. Absolutely worthless but treated like actual currency.

No. 1567999


It's exactly the same as Fi "get out the wheelchair" Hollings; they have their long-suffering families wrapped around their attention desperate fingers, catering to their every whim because they're self-centred emotional vampires.

No. 1568002

Social media is wild man. What happened to the anorexics who lie and hide and go to great lengths for as long as possible to avoid treatment?!

No. 1568012

No. 1568036

speaking of momsfavdisappointment, anyone got any updates on her lately?

No. 1568039

File: 1655838648126.jpeg (42.26 KB, 750x149, C04B1BF6-DD5C-4B07-B402-3B0AD6…)

sage for non-milk but i found this comment on alice’s tiktok rather random and funny, her viewers really are a wasted bunch of eggs

No. 1568043

File: 1655838767014.jpeg (136.82 KB, 750x396, 3A87ED47-05F1-444B-A93D-BC3C30…)

part two, i didn’t realize this person kept talking

No. 1568044

Just because you don’t like something that doesn’t fit you sick agenda doesn’t mean it’s cece. Your beyond sick annon get help

No. 1568045

No milk from her which is honestly nice. Crazy that a 19 year old is more composed on social media than fucking Cece. Looks like she might be struggling but she’s not broadcasting it as loud as humanly possible/posting thinly veiled body checks.

No. 1568050

File: 1655838959820.png (1.25 MB, 758x1382, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 3.13…)

She's lost weight rapidly since leaving treatment, this is obviously distorted somehow but you get the idea. Most of her tiktoks are in baggy sweatpants. Not yet spoopy again but on the way there. She seems to live at home with her parents and must be an absolute NIGHTMARE to deal with.

No. 1568052

File: 1655839056670.jpeg (637.81 KB, 1170x2391, 57301FFB-1A35-4025-A1FC-1BE909…)


No. 1568054

File: 1655839151752.jpeg (620.05 KB, 1170x2391, D6DDA56E-8E5E-454A-8355-2237A1…)


No. 1568058

Video looks shooped

No. 1568059

There's nothing wrong with seeking help. Let's not pretend that all anorexics live in perpetual denial until they get blue lighted or die in some decrepit flat discovered 3 weeks later.

No. 1568060

>So what the heck do I do now??

No. 1568076

Last time I checked being an attention whore on the internet wasn’t equivalent to seeking help.

No. 1568077

Ok Hana(hi cow )

No. 1568084

Is there an update on suckinged too?

No. 1568087

That's exactly what I meant. You made it seem like all anas sit and fester with their illness which simply isn't true.

No. 1568093

Try not writing awful poetry and showing pathetic meals as challenges and actually take some responsibility for your mollycoddled privileged life?(learn2sage)

No. 1568094

I wish there was, she was one of the nastiest people on the internet. She went dark after being posted several threads ago.

No. 1568095

This sounds like the same hypochondriac cow who made a tk tok crying about having ketoacidosis then said erc wouldn’t take her later

No. 1568100

I think she literally just stretched it. Super lazy. Regardless, she's visibly lost even in the sweatpants.

No. 1568110

Syndey seems to be a true chronic through and through who has very little control of her brain and actions at this point, such a shame. I stopped being appalled by her constant body checks and attention seeking back in the day because she was one of the sickest cows I’d seen and god knows how much her brian was fried at that state. I really was rooting for her when she was inpatient but better luck next time I guess. As for Cece, she should really sit down and think about what she wants her life to look like, I seriously don’t understand how dedicating all of her time to being the sickest ana on Instagram is more attractive to her than literally anything else she could be doing

No. 1568112

she made herself weirdly tall here when she’s actually kind of short (i think). it just looks off

No. 1568115

I can’t tell if they’re trolling her or they just really see her as a mighty Goddess with infinite wisdom.

No. 1568128

She doesn’t know what demise means

No. 1568129

File: 1655843473981.png (456.55 KB, 415x751, 69482852.png)

Aaaand here comes the response from Cece!

No. 1568130

She’s really trying to pretend it’s soooo involuntary when she can 100% just drop her team and get a new one. It’s not like there’s only one psychiatrist in Seattle

No. 1568131

Even if she did get involuntarily committed for her ED, which is extremely difficult to do in most of the country besides Colorado, they wouldn't be able to send her to a different state… which she literally says here. They'd have to find a program in the state of Washington.

No. 1568135

All of it is lies most likely to feed her bs bpd ego(learn2sage)

No. 1568139

File: 1655844775977.jpeg (587.29 KB, 828x1477, 4F88FC54-2453-4E49-9FE0-09E4B4…)

yes cece because in actuality you don’t want to be medically stabilised anywhere other than ACUTE do you?

No. 1568140

That’s not true at all, getting held involuntarily happens all the time here. Any doctor can call the police on you and do it

No. 1568143

What she described is the case for some people who are genuinely in a very critical mental and/or physical state and alternate it’s necessary for some, it’s so inhumane to take away every single one of a person’s rights. Is that really what she wants? It’s ridiculous

No. 1568144

File: 1655845021510.jpeg (665.16 KB, 828x1266, 7C9738FB-5DE9-438F-B6CB-97C092…)

in other words n2f’s new man seems way less neckbeardy/scrote-like/tinder-creep than her previous ones. he actually looks rather sweet. very happy for the queen

No. 1568146

Why wouldn't her doctor be able to refer her to a unit out of state? What prevents doctors from referring patients to a facility they feel is appropriate for their patient?

No. 1568148

He looks like a very nice fella, hope he helps her stay sane

No. 1568150

she looks like that sloth from ice age

No. 1568162

They can refer out of state all they want. What they can’t do is have you involuntarily committed in another state. You can’t practice medicine outside of the state for which you are licensed.

No. 1568165

Rather than gain a few pounds of fluid weight locally she can lose after she wants to be pumped full of high calorie tube feed to pack on actual pounds kek she’s such a joke. Considering she doesn’t think IP will work for her anyways they should let her go to ER to stabilize when needed. Why give an IP bed to someone who doesn’t want to make any effort to actually recover?

No. 1568166

She continuously contradicts herself she can’t even keep her own story straight

No. 1568167

didn't I say hospital vacation in July? Didn't I? Kek, sry, had a shitty day and being right about one thing is amazing. And to Cece, who will be reading here, grow the fuck up, your brain can change and heal, and now that you will get acute, it might be possible for you to accept that you can leave your annoying self behind and become an adult that will be a good example for the girls on tiktok

No. 1568168


'cuz she is a sPeShUl sNoWfLaKe, right..?

No. 1568171

I don't think she says she would be sent across state lines for an involuntarily commitment in that post though?

No. 1568173

She literally said in her first dramatic update that if she didn’t call acute today they would have her involuntary admitted there.

No. 1568176

But in the post you were replying to >>1568129 at the end she says "So no, my doctor cannot technically send me across state lines to treatment herself"

No. 1568177

Watch her end up at acute but only for like a week instead of the coveted dramatic lengthy stay she wants. Then get sent to the ITU, if she even meets that criteria if it’s “that bad” not all fake. Or more likely acute sends her back to res after less than a week.
Only for her not to feel “sick” enough bc acute didn’t treat her as the “worst” so she’ll come home and repeat the process all over again. Sad sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1568178

Don’t come for me because Cece can’t keep her story straight

No. 1568181

I’m sure she will pull out all the noncompliance stops to prolong her coveted stay

No. 1568183

Fair, I feel she's also leaving it open that somehow she will be forced into treatment out of state even if her doctor can't "technically" do it

No. 1568184

Wonder when someone will get the BMI out of her, although she’d probably lie about it

No. 1568186

I could be wrong but I swear they’ll restrain you if you refuse the toob/pull it out. In the case that the stay is short then I’m sure we’ll be right back in this position next summer watching Cecelia gun for a longer stay to satisfy the literal demon of attention seeking behavior inside her.

No. 1568189

Her behavior has been particularly aggravating lately and it all makes sense now-she was in training for the involuntary commitment doctors visit. Makes sense with the all liquid intake too. She’s literally just starving until she gets what she wants.

No. 1568190

Didn’t she say she hit the 13s last time while not even looking like it

No. 1568191

Guess what they do at ACUTE….make you gain 10 pounds of edema and then send you to res bitch. It’s literally just for refeeding.

No. 1568192

Cece if you want to drop your BMI just do it

No. 1568197

File: 1655847740918.jpeg (892.68 KB, 828x1162, 2AD6D737-7E50-4A24-A874-8D68AC…)

I’m glad Paris lost her account. Find her incredibly immature for her age. Is she forever going to stay at home and face fear foods forever.

No. 1568198

let's not slut shame. Part of the girl code!

No. 1568199

her bmi was "in the 12s" back in 2020 kek

No. 1568202

File: 1655848432411.jpeg (222.47 KB, 828x1472, 1F051E0D-2B5F-4514-A99B-B7EA3E…)

What happened to this cece

No. 1568204

didn't get enough attention

No. 1568206

Channeling her inner Orthodox Jew with the head wrap

No. 1568211

Their average length of stay is only a couple weeks anyway, which I’m sure she knows

No. 1568213

File: 1655849306032.png (188.42 KB, 411x752, 2266XX.png)

No. 1568220

Is she actually Jewish?

No. 1568222

No. 1568223

She has co-opted Judaism because a distant paternal relative is supposedly part Jewish or something ridiculous like that.

No. 1568228

Don’t be a racist fag, anyone can convert

No. 1568230

Ok Judaism isn’t a race first of all, second of all I’m actually Jewish and her behavior around it as obnoxious AF

No. 1568231

I only sort of feel bad for her because she jumped off onto a motorway to kill herself and failed when she was 17. She probably has serious brain damage from it.

No. 1568243

How did she survive that?!

No. 1568245

im happy for her and really hoping this one lasts. he actually looks sane (and clean!) unlike the other scrotes she's gone out with. hopefully he can push her into some more hygienic habits?? we shall see

No. 1568247

Cece must be constipated af living off her dumbass teas or whatever. i can’t imagine she’s taken a shit this week

No. 1568248

Wait what??? When did she talk about this??

No. 1568257

Didn't cece post once she went 7 weeks without a bm prior to erc last year

No. 1568258

Looks like a child's dress

No. 1568260

No. 1568275

Honestly wonder how it was able to get so bad for Sydney. Maybe being holed up in a college dorm away from family let her restrict insanely.
Also why excuse her actions you can be brain fried and still be conscious of posting triggering shit

No. 1568277

The saddest part (or maybe embarrassing is a better word) is that she will have to either quit or request to go on leave from a job she just barely started, super awkward. And then what does she do with this new place of hers? Keep paying rent for a space she won’t occupy for the months she plans to be noncompliant away at tx? Break her lease? This is just all around messed up and I echo feeling very confused as to wtf Cece is doing ruining her life. If this was the plan why start a new job or sign anew lease in the first place? Ugh

Good luck with her parents trusting her ever again to live on her own independently(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1568279

She’s making a fool of herself

No. 1568280

And I neeeeeed to know what happened to the girlfriend she was off having tea parties with

No. 1568284

I just don’t understand how she could afford to leave her jobs so often to go to treatment, paying for rent, insurance, etc. Even if she had short-term disability, I don’t know if it would cover enough. Her parents must help her or she must be in debt up to her eyeballs. A one bedroom apartment in Seattle is really expensive and early intervention doesn’t pay well enough to leave much room for savings after rent and other bills.

Plus she’s only been at this job for what, maybe 3-4months? She’s not going to qualify for any sort of leave or FMLA. So awkward since she just started working with her caseload too

No. 1568287

she is but why did you answer to yourself

No. 1568289

She’s obviously really mentally ill. No one messes up their life like this over and over for fun, or on purpose. She’ll probably never get better fully and it’s just sad

No. 1568292

Exactly - even if she gets time off and Short term disability to cover some costs, she has absolutely no job protection. I don’t see a new employer seeing her so valuable they’ll wait months for her to return. She’s fucked herself royally for internet validation.

No. 1568301

If I were her employer, I’d see her as a liability. Honestly, the resources it took to get her up and running as a new clinician for her to barely work a few months and probably not even at a full caseload would make me not want her back. And to spread the word to other clinics. Pediatric therapy is a small world, reputations stick with you.

No. 1568307

You clearly have no experience with anorexia if you think EDs are all about internet validation. She’s not some thirst trap teen like Niamh, she’s a pathetic, lonely, depressed grown adult who can’t pull her own life together for more than a few months at a time

No. 1568327

How is she any different compared to Niamh besides the 15 years she got on her

No. 1568332

Kek i know about anorexia and I also know how to remain a functional adult. There are plenty of us out there.

No. 1568333

File: 1655857637593.png (1.18 MB, 770x1380, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 8.22…)

I'm sorry for this utterly obnoxious tinfoil but shortly prior to going to ACUTE she posted a tiktok with a bunch of containers full of what looked like fruit saying that was her lunch and dinner for between classes. Her parents let her go to college semi-spoopy and I think she probably ate nothing but a small amount of melon or carrot sticks or something for a couple months to get so spoopy so quickly. I think she's AN-R and that's why her face looked so bad. The swelling usually makes AN-BP look less spoopy in the face.

No. 1568334

Quite frankly it’s way worse that she’s a 30 year old adult than if she were a 15 year old girl pulling the same pathetic shit.

No. 1568337

I feel horrible for the innocent special needs children who had to deal with this screeching emaciated woman as their SLP and will now have an interruption in their care because of Cece's selfish behavior

No. 1568338

The reason some anas are talked about here and the majority aren’t is because they exhibit attention seeking behavior on the internet. Like that’s the whole point of this thread. Cece is no sadder or worse of a case then many others who don’t get discussed here because they don’t seek internet asspats like she does.

No. 1568355

How old is she now??

No. 1568361

TBH though if I was a parent of a child requiring a SLP which very often includes feeding therapy I would feel extremely uncomfortable with a visibly anorexic/losing weight provider. She also is probably not able to do her job well if she truly is subsisting on a liquid diet. She is doing her poor patients a favor handing them off to someone who actually gives a shit about their job.

No. 1568368

Lots of ana chans don't get skull face

No. 1568379

File: 1655862236496.jpeg (300.14 KB, 827x1393, 6A87452F-F9FB-4397-A817-0ECB3F…)

This is an old post from March 3rd but I don’t know how she can claim she has “4 years of clinical experience” when she graduated in 2019. Internships are experience but definitely not the same as working as an independent SLP. Plus in her first and only job, she took lengthy leaves of absences for treatment not just in the summer. Not counting her summer treatment stints, she was in treatment from November 2020-February 2021 and November 2019-Jan 2020. So basically she goes into treatment every 3-6 months. Only only works for like 3-4 months at a time, definitely not enough to build up to a full caseload and gain real experience.

No. 1568381

File: 1655862484581.png (7.72 MB, 1242x2688, 09EBC056-6A32-43AC-876A-AB979F…)

This was her after 10 days at school. Think she went in a little more than slightly spoopy

No. 1568383



>against my will

kek. Right Cece. The more ways you find to say you have no choice, the more convincing you are.

It would be totally legitimate to just say that she had to cave to family/provider pressure. Usually that's why 30+'s in the US get medically stabilized in the US (with the exception of ACUTE maybe), including powerspoops.

Also I don't understand why the police would do anything with her unless she has an incredibly gullible and assertive doctor calling them, or why any judge or attending would commit her beyond her state's equivalent of the 72-hr observation hold.

Can someone explain how/why that could happen? Why should the system go to such lengths? Is it her demographic? Why are people with diabetes allowed to let their feet fall off, hoarders allowed to rot in their own feces, drug users allowed to repeatedly OD, but CC, whose life is at zero immediate risk, gets carted off annually to do arts and crafts for weeks on end?

No. 1568390

Not a med or psych but anyone with suicide attempts is an obvious red flag for the system, and downing 150 prescription pills would qualify you there. Also they see a history of prior holds and assume you’ll need it again, so are quicker to hold you involuntary for lower-level concerns

No. 1568393

Summa cum this laude kekkk

No. 1568395

what the fuck were her parents thinking letting her go

No. 1568408

File: 1655865380868.png (375.73 KB, 828x1792, 480DFBC1-C30E-4996-A99A-65D2B8…)

1/2 used a dump account(cowtipping)

No. 1568409

File: 1655865446432.jpeg (286.03 KB, 828x1279, 67A31586-4FC0-4F64-BD30-45BEA7…)


No. 1568411

This gets me the most.

Has anyone not brought this to her attention or tried to, at least? Someone please… I would call her on it directly + publicly but I’ve been blocked ofc bc she can’t take honest feedback when it comes to far less serious things. If I had to pick my battles on what to confront her on, this crosses a line.

It’s one thing to harm teenagers with content on the internet, that’s bad enough in and of itself. But at least the youth who follow her antics on social media have some choice. Cece’s SPL clients who are literal vulnerable children did not choose to be collateral damage yet they will not only now have an interruption in care but also not enough time for ample smooth case close out, coordination of replacement care for the families she’s leaving high and dry and/or time for proper termination with the kids under her care (that is, if cece’s situation is a urgent and emergent as she’s making it sound). So soo unfortunate and so unfair to those kids. Not to mention a liability. I’m surprised she hasn’t had her license to practice revoked. Or at the very least that she hasn’t been reported to the licensing board. I do not care how many degrees she has - it’s high key terrifying someone so far from being able to make sound judgement is allowed to practice in healthcare.(newfag)

No. 1568412

isn't interacting with cows highly forbidden??

also kek at her proving once more that she lurks here

No. 1568413

I don’t remember reading a rule book

No. 1568418


Yes, it's called cowtipping. If farmers did less of it, we'd get higher quality milk.

No. 1568429

doing the absolute most to look oh so sooper sickly

No. 1568430

It's not even that hard to believe her bmi is under 15, it's not like she said it's 12 or something.

No. 1568436

File: 1655867906761.jpeg (595.62 KB, 750x1187, 744AA86A-B739-4928-9BD9-CD1657…)

“please allow me space” cece you’re the one posting about your potential admission every hour

No. 1568444

She also needs continuing education hours to keep her license. When is doing those? I get every 3 years she needs 30 hours but I know some SLPs that wait til the last minute.

No. 1568447

Well she just said yesterday that she’s only going to restore enough to be stable enough for psilocybin. So unless that’s changed in 24 hours…

No. 1568449

cece, since i know you lurk, i give you full permission to leak this person. kek.

teach everyone not to cow tip.

No. 1568450

they did say they used an alt.

No. 1568454

"Thirst trap" sounds like you are a pedo…

No. 1568455

And I not, you are being creepy. Fashion (even a swimsuit) is not a "thirst trap" if someone is not actively trying to look sexy.

No. 1568473

Yea we can tell, read the rules, learn to sage, don’t cow tip

No. 1568475

Jesus Christ anon get a fucking life, you’re a bigger cow than the cow for this

No. 1568478

She is 31-32 I think

No. 1568482

Cece wtf??? She’s been consuming nothing but liquids but is convinced she had the ability to “do it as an outpatient/on my own” How??? She’s shown zero initiative just constant relapse baiting. There hasn’t been a shred of evidence of her actually trying to prevent herself from getting worse. A person can do well outpatient even if pretty sick but like, you have to TRY.

Also a few days ago she mentioned wanting to get her PhD. There is NO WAY she could keep up with the demands of a PhD like this. PhD programs are not going to put up with someone constantly taking time off or underperforming, which she would do. Don’t give me that bullshit about her past awards and recognition, a masters program is not the same as a PhD. If she’s constantly dropping out of work what makes her think she should go for her doctorate? Get it together first girlie.

No. 1568485

she really was trying her hardest to be triggering back then i feel like but i honestly feel sorry for her and what the hell were her parents thinking?? she was actively losing weight even before she went to college, did they think she was just going start to abide by her meal plan on her own? i know ro isn’t a cow anymore but i feel like 70% of the reason she’s doing well is because she had an immaculate 24/7 meal support system and i think that’s what people like sydney need instead of being left to fend for themselves with low-functioning brains

No. 1568487

Why does she want a PhD?

No. 1568488

That is if she has been consuming only liquids as she says. And judging by the pictures you posted YOURSELF Cece, you’re capping hard if you think a BMI below 15 is believable. I give you 16 in the worst case scenario, everything else is posing. You strike me as those annoying kids in elementary school who would always lie about literally everything and no one actually believes them

No. 1568489

She’s reaching for validation of any sorts

No. 1568490

Makes sense. Highest honor and all. I would think she'd need recommendations.

No. 1568494

Samefag, besides getting recommendations, she may have to do personal interviews. It's competitive.

No. 1568515

"Sad, tired, disappointed."
No Cece, you're fucking thrilled! Now, say you get that 3 days Acute stay. Is that enough to stop this madness and actually start recovering for real?

No. 1568516

File: 1655881561674.jpeg (398.59 KB, 828x1700, 920E17DD-DFE0-4FBA-BDB8-9CE952…)

This woman on tiktok (savingamycymru) vlogged the whole of her brothers wedding complaining about how sick she is and made it all about her. poor guy.

No. 1568520

File: 1655881808594.jpg (56.18 KB, 800x476, aliensexfiend8.jpg)

nik fiend?

No. 1568522

I cannot wait to see a pic of Cece with a toob and the gleaming crazy eyes she gets when she's excited.

No. 1568528

and complaining about how violated she surely feels

No. 1568543

Anon this is crazy and stupid. Saying that, cece is definitely not under bmi 15. 15.5-16 maybe, anyone saying otherwise is blind.

No. 1568546

Ugh what attention seeking behavior. Her voice is insufferable and she looks ghastly

No. 1568556


Thanks a bunch, nonnie.
That's surely some fine cowtipping!

No. 1568557


kek, she's doing the cancer victim, folks!

No. 1568563

This one is a piece of work. Constantly complaining that the only thing will help her is specialist treatment she needs to raise money for. Refuses to go to ED when she thought she was dying because it wouldn’t help.

No. 1568572

File: 1655892582049.jpeg (57.06 KB, 533x366, 1655881561674.jpeg)


No. 1568575

she's a prime example of a diseased ana-brain. unable to live in the real world, always thinking and talking about her sickness and food, completely delusional about what the "real" cure for her is. even if she gets her sooper special treatment, she'll die of a heart attack in no more than ten years

No. 1568606

My favorite was when someone commented she should buy a kitten to help her grow with it. Like bitch doesn’t need an innocent animal to neglect she needs to be in a damn hospital

No. 1568610

Tbh anon, this is really messed up. Cece, despite her many problems and I don’t agree with her, but it’s obvious she’s struggling and you should never tell someone they don’t look their bmi. You’re basically telling her she should lose more weight, which is incredibly messed up. She does look lower than bmi 15 and should not lose more weight, she should gain weight. Not cool, even for here. Cowtipping is wrong, especially when you’re just insulting them.

No. 1568614

Sage because I don’t want to get into a bmi fight, but Cece recently looks bmi 15 or less. She doesn’t look well and just because you don’t agree with her behavior doesn’t mean we can’t admit it. Tbh I hope she can gain weight.

No. 1568617

(Saged wrong, I’m an idiot, and put it in subject instead of email. I’ll do it right now. Only saying this so no one attacks me.)

No. 1568619

Hi Cece. Long time no see!(hi cow)

No. 1568624

NAYRT, she absolutely looks <15 BMI and should be gaining weight. Wish edtwters hadn't found this site, the rattling is souring all the milk.

No. 1568640

three desperate self-posts in a row, cece? that’s just pathetic, go enjoy your acute vacation and leave the site(hi cow)

No. 1568662

No. 1568664

is she vegan?

No. 1568666

It’s not even 5am where she lives I doubt she’s on here posting up a storm right now

No. 1568670

Hard to sleep when you're starving

No. 1568671

File: 1655898551180.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1170x2139, C9A00780-28FD-4755-8FC3-BB8705…)

One year later and there still admitting themselves to hospital

No. 1568679

wtf wrong with that alien chin

No. 1568680

The definition of wasting NHS money. they always look so happy in hospital(learn2sage)

No. 1568693

Three wks in a row? Sus

No. 1568694

Oh man, this one looks rough. I’d be so embarrassed if I were her brother, you just know everyone was trying not to gawp at the ghoul in the corner

No. 1568696

15 or not is beside the point, there’s a reason BMI sperging isn’t allowed on these threads anymore and every time she posts we get retards shitting the place up. WK or not, just stfu and go back to edtwt or whatever dumb place you came from

No. 1568701

The article was 10 years ago, and she was 17, so now she’s 27.

No. 1568738

File: 1655903245178.jpeg (363.64 KB, 1170x1734, 87EE3899-497B-4162-A8A9-B2D956…)

Her friends look normal, wonder what they think about the fact that their friend is emaciated af, and what things are like behind the scenes. Seems kinda embarrassing to act like everything is ok in her life

No. 1568747

Surprised people are posting about her videos now, thought they’d be talked about on earlier threads bc that was in 2021

No. 1568796

File: 1655906569726.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1170x2048, D2DEC3D0-807B-46D8-BFEC-7000F2…)


No. 1568799

Not to bmi sperg, but "quite a bit under 15" in Cece language means 14,9.

No. 1568811

and no matter what her technical BMI is, it's falsely low bc she deliberately manipulates it by dehydration and not eating solids. literally anyone can drop a full point or two by manipulating liquid and solids. that's different from actual weight loss, actual BMI, and the actual risks associated. maintaining a BMI of X is much different than seeing it for 2 seconds with no food in your system

No. 1568813

Chronic volume depletion (dehydration) is a hallmark of EDs. Basically everyone who has a low BMI is there in part because they’re chronically dehydrated. That’s a common ED thing

No. 1568815

She looks stoned af with that ‘woe is me’ facial expression, kek. Wish I could spend all my time as an adult ‘just breathing’; every. single. fucking. day.

No. 1568818

Looking less like a wrinkly old mole rat tho. Is she actually gaining?

No. 1568825

Enough with the BMI sperging oh my god
please shut up

No. 1568843

Go ahead lol it’s a dump account

No. 1568845

Your any better for posting?

No. 1568847

Your on this site your no better(you’re*)

No. 1568851


ffs sage your shit, spamming dumbass

No. 1568852

Why does she post such unflattering fucking photos

No. 1568858

sum up your morning with one photo

"I am a grown ass women larping as a 12yo while celebrating my Eating Disorder on Social Media"

No. 1568860

they simply don’t have social media accounts because they don’t want or need asspats

No. 1568863

File: 1655911956418.jpg (361.68 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20220622-113158_Ins…)

I think this one has her own thread but what the absolute fuck

No. 1568866

his face screams “help me”

No. 1568868

it also says "i got laid this weekend"

No. 1568869

If I were her friends I wouldn’t even feel comfortable inviting her tbh. Even at her “recovered” weight she’s a pound or so away from ED units will want to admit you for being a danger to yourself

No. 1568872

Good for n2f

No. 1568876

Omg yes the Lucinda threads are great. She’s the thing of nightmares

No. 1568877


you can go there >>1491173

and express your condolences

No. 1568888

Very very marginally, yeah - she looks … slightly less death-adjacent than a few months ago, I guess?

But she's clearly pretty good at manipulating her team/parents and there's probably some purging or secret exercise going on. Otherwise she'd have gained more.

No. 1568891

agreed. with all that appointments over months there should be a decent, visible progress.
but somehow she still manages to sabotage her own recovery.

No. 1568905

File: 1655915966938.png (201.96 KB, 758x655, Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 18-37…)

Ro having some Vietnam flashbacks..?

No. 1568907

Anon, did lucinda die?

No. 1568914

Ntayrt but I don't think anyone knows, she just went dark on Twitter for the past six days which is highly unusual of her. I think at the moment people are just wondering, but it certainly doesn't sound good.

No. 1568916

that's our girl!!
2 weeks left till July. And shes getting admitted.
what a great disappointment she is. Good job Cece. You are getting all the attention you want now

No. 1568918

I don’t understand the milk on this one, Ro’s been through a lot and it’s possible she has ptsd. At least she’s managed to recover through it.

No. 1568921


"C-PTSD relates to the trauma model of mental disorders and is associated with chronic sexual, psychological, and physical abuse or neglect, or chronic intimate partner violence, victims of kidnapping and hostage situations, indentured servants, victims of slavery and human trafficking, sweatshop workers, prisoners of war, concentration camp survivors, residential school survivors and prisoners kept in solitary confinement for a long period of time, or defectors from authoritarian religions."

So what's up with that little middle-class twat?

No. 1568923

She was prolly banned for a week. One of her comments was removed by twitter due to a violation, which results in a ban.

No. 1568938

sorry to be a downer but that was low of you nonna, she’s doing well and there hasn’t been any milk in a long time, so why be mean at this point? she could’ve gone through anything and we’ll probably never know, just give it a rest on the ro case and move onto the actual cows. besides, you live in the 21st century, i would think you’d know well not to judge a person’s life experiences and struggles by their social and economic status

No. 1568940

not to bore you any further but most of the things you listed in the cptsd causes can literally happen to anyone, rich or poor

No. 1568942

This video really made me wonder what caused her cptsd.

No. 1568944


"Pretty Traumatic Sandwich Depression"??

Come on, it's not as if the Russians bombed her home.

No. 1568946

She said not to speculate but i’m a Nosy Nelly by nature, so my guess is probably sexual assault, kidnapping or some other tragic event that happened in her childhood. Though it sounds as if it’s only been an issue since her early teens/preteens, so it might have been something in that time period

No. 1568948

you literally can’t know, everyone’s brain responds to trauma differently. take war soldiers as an example - some manage their trauma well while other go mental even if they witnessed the same events

No. 1568950

She also could’ve witnesses someone get killed/die in a graphic way? God only knows, at least she’s getting adequate help for it by the sounds of it

No. 1568953

for fuck's sake, she might have been raped or beaten or whatever. you don't know.

No. 1568956

Every time someone attacks her about her fake recovery, she makes sure to say that her friends know how well she’s doing and they can vouch for her. I’m not sure what kind of friend would let her decompose/remain half-decomposed in front of their eyes but I’m guessing she’s fooling them just like everybody else

No. 1568959



Pretty Titty Snowflake Disorder

Don't feed her attention craving.

No. 1568961

That would be PTSD
But PTSD is also everything here >>1568946
C-PTSD would be living w narcisists or some badly mentally ill person (like hxn said about her sister having it because of her), having an abuser of any kind that repeats their abuse often for a long(ish) period of time
Saying preteens I suppose someone blackmailed her or threatened her not to say and s*xually abused her (a neighboor, scool person or relative considering her age)

No. 1568962

When did “extremely disturbing” become an aesthetic? I’m not even talking about her scars cuz I’m used to them at this point but everything else…

No. 1568963

Agreed, it could be anything

No. 1568964

btw self-harm is a punishable offense on Twitter

maybe some anons reported the shit out of her

just sayin

No. 1568965

Stay in your lane anon, (C)PTSD is very much a real thing and many people struggle with it, even people on social media, believe it or not. You can’t make milk out of water, move on.

No. 1568967

makes sense, i understand not hiding every single scar when they’re literally everywhere but posing basically naked with the sole purpose of showing them off is just… why

No. 1568971

Speaking of pretty glands (I thought of it and decided to roll), she recently got bashed for posting a TikTok dedicated to how good Lipton tastes and she was holding a sugar-free one and everyone in the comments was raging… Not that dramatic really but given that she’s “thriving in recovery”, its a bit suspicious… smells fake

No. 1568972

File: 1655921126604.jpg (45.1 KB, 660x407, lazarus.jpg)

So much trauma! Very pity!

No. 1568983

This is some bottom of the barrel shit right here.

No. 1568989

File: 1655922643376.jpeg (712.03 KB, 1170x2037, 256C2EE9-7588-4ABE-AF02-FAD3DE…)


No. 1568999

does she even know how to smile?

No. 1569009

Well, would you look happy if you were closer to death than your own grandparents?

No. 1569010

She had to shop her little brother out from beneath the wheelchair kek

No. 1569012

How is this milk? I know CPTSD is ~controversial~ but Ro seems like she’s doing alright even if it is performative af. Not WKing I guess we all have our fav cows but this seems more vendetta than anything

No. 1569015

just went through her page and what grosses me out even more than the validation seeking is the constant scrunched up faces like why

No. 1569018

This person >>1566175 would…! Unfortunately she’s nowhere near that yet

No. 1569023

File: 1655925076238.jpeg (469.09 KB, 1170x2037, shoop_da_woop.jpeg)

so smol! so dainty!

No. 1569033


Pretty sure most of those bashing opinions are gone now. Alice loves to delete comments to make herself seem perfect, cringe

No. 1569034

File: 1655926027755.jpeg (16.1 KB, 233x216, 3D3142FC-81ED-4FC9-B921-74BAB6…)

No. 1569067

No. 1569069

Agreed, some people here need to leave the room until they calm down

No. 1569070

File: 1655927084382.jpeg (761.3 KB, 1170x2037, 1655922643376.jpeg)

Thanks for the inspiration, nonnie!

No. 1569071

I’d say she deletes them because she doesn’t want to continue the conversation about her ED but I know better than that

No. 1569075

good lord, y’all are giving me some good laughs before bed. i vote new thread pic

No. 1569076

KEK you’re welcome nonna. Next threadpic material

No. 1569078

i’ve always thought it’s weird for friends/families to take photos of… this nature.. but i’m starting to feel like they just expect the person to die any second and want to take as many photos with them as possible. how grim

No. 1569084

Is she an adult?

No. 1569087

Pure vendetta. Especially since it's well known anachans intermingle here

No. 1569096

File: 1655929582597.jpg (34.89 KB, 758x655, snoflek.jpg)

CoMpLeX pTsD

No. 1569101

at the risk of being shouted down, i think this is unecessary. ro isn’t a pro ana scumbag anymore and her PTSD isn’t milk

No. 1569104

With you it’s just gross at this point.

No. 1569109

Calm the fuck down anachan, no one cares regardless of how many times you post this, multiple people have told you to leave the girl alone, use your brain and take a hint

No. 1569113

Second this, the vendetta-anachan who’s so obsessed with her PTSD is truly pathetic

No. 1569115

ok but you’re just posting the same screenshot from a two day old video over and over and over? CPSTD isn’t milk in itself. bring the goods

No. 1569117

But why would she drag all that into public?
Not watching that clip, btw. Not vendetta-chan, either.

No. 1569119

There aren’t even any goods on her, all she does is sleep, eat, go to therapy, cry, and pet her dog. Literally don’t get why this person is so obsessed with her

No. 1569122

Why are all the shoopers actual spoopy skellies. Why shoop

No. 1569123

she explained in the video that she’s briefly mentioned another “non-ed related problem” before and it is why she’s so miserable all the time even though she’s doing well with food. apparently people kept speculating about what it could be and she felt she couldn’t be real with her community if she didn’t make that video and also to explain why she might be inactive from social media at times (and also because she started intensive therapy). she also said she wanted to let people know they’re not alone if they also have (c)ptsd. i wouldn’t call that milk of any kind, it sounds way more valid to me than the vendettachan’s version that it’s fake and for attention.

No. 1569124

i’m also not wking, just summarizing the video

No. 1569125

I feel so bad for her family. They seem like regular people enjoying their day while trying to ignore the groom's ghoulish sister putting her entire wedding dinner in a fucking plastic box and babbling endlessly about food in that reedy Eugenia Cooney tard voice. I find it interesting how little ana chans seem to care about upsetting or embarrassing their loved ones. If anything they absolutely revel in the attention. For people who claim to want to "disappear", they sure know how to suck all the air out of a room.

No. 1569127

body dysmorphia though i’m not sure how such severe skellies can see themselves as fat even with their boiled brains

No. 1569130

anadettachan is probably seething because 1. she was actually spoopy to start with and 2. appears to be living some kind of life now (even if it’s just therapy and dogs. better than starving)

No. 1569131

File: 1655931769358.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1671, EF34A9E0-FB25-4744-A976-879FF6…)

hxn was a spoop, we are all aware. but the edited legs are too much, kek. what a fail

No. 1569133

She's 18.

No. 1569136

File: 1655931818698.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2272, 8CDB652C-C4D6-4D71-9E40-AF68D4…)

bendy bendy

No. 1569148

File: 1655932525728.jpeg (244.21 KB, 1170x1671, 1655931769358.jpeg)

whatever you do, just do it properly

No. 1569155

I don't think they see themselves as fat, they're just obsessed with winning 1st prize in spoopiness and aren't above shooping to get there.

No. 1569156

Calm down vendetta chan

No. 1569157

A: Let it the fuck go
B: How is being molested by an uncle worth making fun of

No. 1569159

you are behaving like literal retard moid

No. 1569161

You’re one sick fuck

No. 1569163

Ignore the bait, everyone. Interacting would just feed their attention-seeking behaviour.

No. 1569173

File: 1655934419762.jpg (37.43 KB, 662x655, rorecovery.jpg)

did u hear about ro?

No. 1569176

Applies again

No. 1569183

Someone ban them plz lol

No. 1569185

File: 1655935203857.jpeg (588.37 KB, 1170x2130, B2C3F5A0-2169-44DA-A080-D6E5C9…)

No way she ate all of this

No. 1569199

Sometimes I come back to this thread just to see how n2f is doing and she looks so much happier than a few months ago. Amazing. I'm so happy for her. He actually looks kind too. Wow. What a change

No. 1569205

i believe it. she’s gained weight recently and looks better. WKing blah blah but she’s only posted food photos since gaining weight, it kind of adds up

No. 1569208

File: 1655937509939.jpeg (306.52 KB, 950x1729, 1D974A71-790E-4CD5-89BF-E1B379…)

I agree. Her face looks much less sickly compared to a couple months ago. Let’s see if she actually weight restores this time.

No. 1569220

She resembles a nephilim reptilian gray alien.

No. 1569237

Can everyone shut the fuck up about Ro? She isn’t milky. The C-PTSD video isn’t milky. Just stop. It’s immature and irritating and it’s clogging up the thread. Instead of you vendettachans trying to bring back Ro as a thread subject when she’s quite clearly not milky anymore and is doing well in recovery, post real milk or kindly gtfo. No one wants to hear it.

No. 1569262


No. 1569265

Hmm. Cece uncharacteristically quiet. Maybe she really did get put on a psych hold. Or maybe she FINALLY got the message to quit broadcasting stuff no one wants or needs to hear. Finally(newfag)

No. 1569266

Her poor hairline…

Totally off topic but I love the molding around her light fixture, it’s beautiful(learn2sage)

No. 1569274

File: 1655945440943.jpeg (835.97 KB, 828x1180, 6390423B-B784-4F4A-AA37-2C31D5…)

What’s with the self diagnosing hype

No. 1569285

C-PTSD is not milk. It is very possible that Ro had an abusive home life, was sexually abused, it was in a life or death situation. We’re here to laugh at fakers and people using anorexia for attention, not scoff at people legitimately getting help for mental illnesses

No. 1569288

I know right, it’s a nice break from the histrionics. I’m hoping she got committed and the phone was yanked.

No. 1569294

>your friend

No. 1569295

Idk what you’re implying here but this girl has contamination OCD and this is far less milky than when she was flexing her arms to the high heavens for a woe is me relapse tik tok in the fall. And speaking of PTSD, pretty sure her grandpa raped her. No milk.

No. 1569296

No. 1569321

Really love how cece was all knocking on death’s door yesterday and today is just randomly posting about Britney Spears. Thought she’d be running from the cops by now kek

No. 1569324

retard, go back

No. 1569338

So the Anna Campbell wannarexic has other vendettachans

No. 1569368

File: 1655955752190.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1017.59 KB, 1110x1480, AF18CB44-CA97-4B52-BF09-3C91D1…)

not milky but this gave me a jump scare

No. 1569390

Jfc spoiler this shit.

No. 1569394

who tf is this? if she's not doing anything milky don't post her just because of her appearance. that's not milk

No. 1569513

What if she called ACUTE and they're not taking her.

No. 1569589

You summerfags need to read the rules, stop telling people what they can and can’t post, and preferably shut the fuck up if you’re not bringing anything interesting to the discussion apart from crying “stop posting that particular thing I don’t feel good about laughing at, only post the thing I do like to laugh at!!!”

No. 1569606

File: 1655971851014.jpg (57.32 KB, 500x667, lqv5nrueptx11.jpg)

What's the point of having braces if you're ruining your teeth with the ed regardless?

No. 1569654

anna campbell wannarexic?

No. 1569679

Ntayrt but there is no rule against encouraging vendetta-chans to stop spam posting shitty, annoying “milk” that clogs up the thread. God some anons are so braindead

No. 1569681

Hxn is just plain nasty. She preaches about now seeing triggering stuff in the ~recovery community~ contributed to her chronic diagnosis but happily posts shit like this.

No. 1569685

File: 1655984644273.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2178, 657C9575-C22B-4FD2-98A4-3E87C0…)

such a healthy queen that she is wearing a hoodie in Greece were is currently 35C+

No. 1569693

this girl is literally the best example of how people are cool with eating disorders as long as they think the person looks pretty kek. comment section must be keeping the ana ego well fed

No. 1569695

>>1569208 I know skellies generally have really sunken in eyelids, why are hers so swollen?

No. 1569709

Didn’t find an ig but got fb. Same old news. Being a skelly, no acknowledgement of her ed or getting treatment, parading about for activities with her family/friends. All of these seed people are boring & dull bc it’s always the same w/them. Time passes… ooop Laura still has teddy bears, is underweight & photoshops. Time passes… Cassie is still a skelly who pretends like she doesn’t effect anyone & is totally fine. Time passes… Syndee is still on a downward track w/boastful & condescending tk. Time passes Cece is still in fake recovery that’s trying to catch up w/others & prove she sick but proved to be stuck & annoying instead. New data, same messages.

No. 1569715

File: 1655989352201.jpeg (306.85 KB, 1206x2208, 17764BED-3370-4D94-B28B-51861A…)

SEVEN liters of diet tea? How could she not be more obvious

No. 1569719

File: 1655990237580.jpeg (774.21 KB, 1125x2006, BB5772D0-9AD1-4063-A487-DB7000…)

Same. It’s not normal to be so depressed, stressed, and complain constantly on social media about it.

No. 1569720

They look fine?

No. 1569769

i wanna see that happen, imagine her meltdown

No. 1569770

Laura, Sydney, and Cassie (ACUTE cows) are all the same pretty much. Different details–ones on tiktok, ones a terrible mom, ones a NEET skelly but it's the same. Pathetic, beyond emaciated women who are true chronics.

No. 1569771

The NHS have started calling BPD 'complex PTSD', to placate the sensitive borderline girls who don't like being labelled with it. That's all it is. BPD.

No. 1569774

Catching up on the thread. Skelly Laura isn't going to make it to her classes this fall.
She's too spoopy to heal properly. Reminds me of when Italian aly was "plastered" kek
Ro isn't milky. Take your hateboner to edtwt

No. 1569778

A little sus they all have cptsd for sure

No. 1569779

It really isn’t kek. Very similar but not the same at all.

No. 1569781

Another day, another zoomer fashion fail

No. 1569783

I think Sydney doesn’t get attention in the way she wants so repeatedly getting spoopy is her method of validation. She seemed to loveeee how many people saw the outside of her skull and is probably going to try to get back to that

No. 1569784

What is she doing lmao

No. 1569787

All the genuine SEED cows are so depressing. Being a superspoop is all fun and games until your leg snaps in half or you have a very unaesthetic heart attack.

No. 1569789

The ITU could probably handle Cece

No. 1569790

she'll just say she couldn't go due to insurance, like last time she tried

No. 1569792

Waiting on her to post pics of the cops "forcing" her to go to the ER

No. 1569798

If she really doesn't want treatment couldn't she just tell her doctor she called and they're not taking her there. Even if she actually didn't.

No. 1569801

I ~ know someone ~ working in the system, and yes, this is what's happening. Complex PTSD is a thing, but separately, many patients diagnosed EUPD are being re-diagnosed/relabelled with CPTSD due to the stigma, label, increased emphasis on trauma informed care in the NHS (the SHIPP thing, if you wanna look that up..)

They still have EUPD. But it's just semantics. Everyone who works in the system is still aware the patient has EUPD. Ro likely has it.

No. 1569802

File: 1655997509688.jpg (436.47 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20220622-114244_Ins…)

Does Hole hang out with anyone that isn't from ERC

No. 1569808

Sorry I think I misinterpreted previous anons comment! I think, similar to the ‘my behaviour is because of ASD’ thats become v popular on social media, a lot of the textbook BPD cows are jumping on the CPTSD bandwagon to excuse their shitty behaviour, until the next desired diagnosis comes along that is, kek

No. 1569854

Not just bc of the stigma, but because the world was built for men and it’s been seen that women are loads more likely to be diagnosed with BPD, it’s even been called the “new hysteria”. Meanwhile, people in the psych world are realizing you can’t keep being as misogynistic in the modern world. cPTSD seems to be a more accurate diagnosis for many women who were at first diagnosed with BPD.

No. 1569856

But yes, of course some people really do have BPD and don’t want the stigma with it

No. 1569872

File: 1656001508314.jpeg (640.33 KB, 1170x1152, 2106CB5C-DC3D-4AA4-98BD-AB2E25…)

its not.

No. 1569876

File: 1656002033969.jpeg (2.28 MB, 1170x2072, 5BF06DD8-8CFE-42E6-B866-94274E…)

it looks like she makes people take these pics

No. 1569941

AYRT. I'm not talking about cptsd itself. I'm talking about cptsd diagnosis in the NHS as a way of reframing the stigma of bpd.

also, fuck off with your little tumblr style diagram.

No. 1569946

fuck off for believing you know everything. go educate yourself dumbass

No. 1569950

File: 1656006814837.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2084, DD45F563-BBF9-4AD5-A416-EBC39B…)

Why say seven liters if you drank “only half of the bottle”. It’s obvious she’s downing diet drinks like water to suppress her appetite and stay spoop

No. 1569961

As I said before, going by a friend who works in the system, in this area of mental health. Working in a related field myself. You sound about 14.

No. 1569970

quit blogposting. no one cares

No. 1569983

Y’all are being ridiculous so I’m gonna medfag for a moment. Yes, women are being relabeled as having C-PTSD because there was a wave of labeling women who were sexually promiscuous as BPD. Now practitioners are becoming more aware of how trauma works and are realizing that trauma responses like hyper sexuality aren’t borderline.

No. 1569986

The reality is, the NHS are telling borderlines they have CPTSD instead to make them feel better about themselves.

No. 1569989

Why does everyone on this thread sound like a sjw tiktok teen now. Age range definitely used to be older, and we didn't pander to this shite.

No. 1570002

sure but you don't actually believe she drank 7 liters, do you? are you american who doesn't understand how much that is or??

No. 1570003

Anna Campbell was some lesbian YouTuber who claimed to work in mental health when she was really an aide. Maddy and a few other girls claim they were groomed by her. She has bpd and runs to treatment whenever her bmi drops below 18 and her credibility is questionable. Maddy and one of the ex-gfs who accused Anna Campbell of abuse post pictures of themselves drinking and partying

No. 1570006

Even half of 7 litres is an insane amount to drink all at once.

No. 1570007

I know she didn’t drink all of it but it’s obviously alluding to drinking a bunch of diet drinks to feel full

No. 1570010

she was exaggeerating in a typically British flippant way, why are you retards getting pressed

No. 1570016

Also, one thing I’ve noticed is that her face is swollen from the artificial sweeteners again (pr has been been for a long time). She made a TikTok a while back showing photos of her face when she was downing zaro cal sweeteners and it’s look just as puffy as it does now (a bit different because she was spoopier back then but still similar). It’s funny to me that she’s being so obvious especially given that she’s already talked about that. Also every vlog/day in the life that she makes definitely doesn’t show her eating nowhere near 3000 calories. She’s said she doesn’t show everything she eats but just watching the video , the things she does throughout the day, and the low(ish) calorie meals she has like once or twice don’t leave pretty much any time for her to be eating that much.

No. 1570017

Also her glands are starting to get so obvious

No. 1570021

cptsd is just the trendy diagnosis right now. Mental health diagnoses aren't black & white, someone who would have been 'Asperger's' or 'bpd' 10 years ago is now 'cptsd'

No. 1570024

Someone who had Asperger’s would now fall under Autism Spectrum Disorder

No. 1570028

Someone who isn't me has literally been diagnosed aspergers, eupd, cptsd by different people over the last decade. It's literally what's trendy lol

No. 1570029

This is w no drastic change in symptoms

No. 1570031

File: 1656013708308.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 48C80205-1268-49F9-8C79-23F235…)

apparently someone already called her out a while ago?? also her explanation is that they’re swollen because she has a lot of strain in her neck since she sits like the “hunchback of notredame”….?

No. 1570052

So you're saying that Ro was basically a little whore?
Very scientific, such research.

No. 1570057

File: 1656015980625.jpeg (915.05 KB, 1170x1965, 64B76A4B-ACC4-4105-8915-BE9D91…)

the headbashing photoshopper actually looks good!!!! genuinely healthy and happy… there’s hope for some

No. 1570062

File: 1656016455005.jpeg (192.57 KB, 518x1363, 1E1D6565-9325-4107-8481-4E73B9…)

why are her veins sticking out so much? not enough fat to cover them

No. 1570084


No. 1570089

File: 1656018743281.jpg (127.32 KB, 750x1333, 289564507_388222823144594_2886…)


No. 1570114

File: 1656019816316.jpeg (972.93 KB, 1125x1757, 488E4B24-CD5C-4A05-A2CD-390218…)

All of her videos are uselessly spinning in a circle showing how spoopy she is

No. 1570163

Has anyone here seen cece story post on her personal?

No. 1570168

oh i see, i didn’t realise that was Maddy. thank you for explaining

No. 1570170

yh with the leggings and her stick legs

No. 1570214


image board

No. 1570215

Can someone come get this a-logging freak

No. 1570235

What's your deal, ro-sperg? Do you have any actual milk?

No. 1570236

File: 1656025245988.jpeg (412.67 KB, 828x1426, DFDF566B-2430-4B45-9959-606826…)

Soaking up her last days as a spoop. Ofc she put on leggings for this. God I hate her.

No. 1570237

I’m going to have nightmares

No. 1570239

God she’s so fucking hideous and I think the only reason she wears turtlenecks a lot is to hide the fact that she has no chin and her face joins directly to her neck. Literal slack jawed mouth breather. Being so thin has just highlighted all of her worst features.

No. 1570248

The girl finally reaches her goal weight and THIS is how she chooses to show off that bod lololol

No. 1570253

the way her mirror is positioned also makes her look skinnier, she absolutely knows what she is doing and getting all the attention here must be amazing for her. Only a week left until it's July, she soon will be on vacation, hope there aren't any other patients that might trigger her.

No. 1570254

Strain harder, Cece. We won’t judge

She is probably making a scrapbook out of all the comments calling her a spoop.

No. 1570256

She looks very underweight, but come on, not spoop.

No. 1570264

Just trying to give cece what she wants so she can finally stfu.

Show us another tik tok dance, cow. Go on, we know you’ve been working on one…

No. 1570270

File: 1656027833793.png (3.94 MB, 1170x2532, 8817C836-AAAA-4CB0-A63F-E34191…)

Here’s real spoop for ya

No. 1570274

Cece getting a bit chubby nowadays.

No. 1570276

Okay cece(hi cow )

No. 1570320


Hilarious that she has to keep body checks on her personal account because ED'd followers are too savvy for her bullshit. What a paradox…

Love how she went from "I might do treatment just to gain enough for psychedelics" to "the cops will come for me" in one week. She is just thrilled to be threatened with involuntary. Truly everything a girl could want.

No. 1570322

File: 1656031651102.png (290.35 KB, 384x391, j.PNG)

yall seen rainsrecoverie? the way she hesitates before this bite sees very put on.

No. 1570372

Is this the girl who likes to copy Ro?

No. 1570434

No one wants to copy Ro, she's pathetic. The whole performative schtick of having your entire recovery process on youtube/online is getting real old. When are the anachans going to realize that life doesn't revolve around their eating disorders?

No. 1570447

Yeah, recovery really isn't necessary unless you are a spoop

No. 1570473

Stop your bone rattling

No. 1570489

Vendetta-chan, you shitting on Ro for absolutely no reason for days on end and posting the exact same screenshot of her video as if you’re different people is 100 times milkier than her (given that she’s not milky at all right now) and that’s not a compliment. You’re more pathetic than most of the cows being discussed here. Just pack your issues and leave

No. 1570490

And that’s probably still you

No. 1570492

I watched a video of hers (maybe it was this particular one) and it’s crazy how she copies her TO THE T. Literally the intro, the exact phrases, the mannerisms, everything. And she claims she did it “unintentionally”

No. 1570511

File: 1656051406049.jpg (209.99 KB, 1080x1562, Screenshot_20220624-091149_Ins…)

Looks like the cops aren't looking for Cece after all. So where's that involuntary psych hold now the doctor was threatening her with?

No. 1570515

Maybe she gave a performative ‘I want to do this by myself, I want to gain weight and stay out of treatment’ talk to her team thinking that would get them to put her on a 90 day involuntary hold at acute ASAP. But instead they just said ‘ok show us that you can do it by yourself’ and now she’s floundering. This is where the dehydration until she can’t even keep down water kicks in.

No. 1570516

i cant find her. are you sure thats her username?

No. 1570521

File: 1656052776528.png (6.43 MB, 1170x2532, 60D87ED4-70AC-44F4-AB87-682FA9…)

Sorry to tell you porgie, it’s got nothing to do with the shirt.

No. 1570526

What’s her tiktok @?

No. 1570527

Anon definitely gave the wrong username.

No. 1570543

this is extra funny because she actually looks slightly less fat than usual in that shirt.

No. 1570544

File: 1656056406101.jpeg (554.53 KB, 1125x1999, 09D463C2-EA92-4775-A42F-7C04CE…)


She thinks she looks big in that shirt? But she is as dainty af and has to show off the tube any moment she can!

No. 1570545

God why has she done this to herself? Georgie all you needed to do was get up off your fat ass and eat some fruit.

No. 1570573

its insta and yt handle

No. 1570582

nice hip bones cece

No. 1570584

No. 1570585

Doesn't she realize she IS big and that's why she looks big in EVERY shirt?

No. 1570597

its a youtube account, its so cringe. she copies ro's videos word by word and ro even called her out

No. 1570600

Is the dietitian gonna tell her she needs to go on a diet

No. 1570601

physiology does not compute.
It’s just goddamn neck tissue. Maybe the lymph nodes are enlarged but probs not from an infection. Not the same as salivary glands. Stfu about her glands everyone. Everyone’s glands.

No. 1570630

It’s quite impressive how she is clearly lying when she says both that she wants to recover and that she doesn’t want treatment. The duality of man and all that.

Something that has been bothering me: why would her team say her only option is ACUTE? You can get sitters in general hospitals, can’t you? It’s not like her team get a commission for sending her to Denver

No. 1570657


What is up with pathological copiers? Doesn't compute at all. Must be infuriating to Ro, rightly.

No. 1570659


Presumably she has a fancy-people doctor who gets partly paid to do what makes patients feel valid and stay loyal to them.

Or her doctor is really naive and Cecelia got them to believe she needed acute by dropping hints here and there about how "it's not like I'm sick enough for acute… oh it's just like the gold standard for people losing weight really fast… but I'm not that sick… not enough for acute… I'll just print a meal plan from pinterest…"

No. 1570663

A Dr Gaudiani of the Pacific Northwest I bet.

No. 1570665

Hate to break it to you but this is in fact not vendettachan I just hate the ball gargling going on right now for Ro. She's just as bad as the other cows on her private accounts.

No. 1570675

This is objectively untrue kek, Ro isn’t milky. But whatever helps you rationalize your feelings about her.

No. 1570680


Ro shilling for low cal high protein bars like Misfits all the live long day is pretty milky. I wish she'd STFU about them on an account that's supposed to be about recovery.

No. 1570690

imageboard nonita, post caps of her private accounts that she's apparently 'just as bad' on and we'll see

No. 1570695

She mentioned it’s because she finds it hard to get enough protein from her diet. Pretty valid reason. She isn’t promoting the bars for the low calorie aspect. Not milky.

No. 1570700

Yeah she's a vegetarian… valid reason to eat those. However I'm sure the reason she shills them all day long is $$$ (I'm not sure if they're literally paying her when people use her code, or just sending her free product, but either way).

No. 1570703


I don't care why she eats them. It's crappy to promote them on a recovery account when she obviously gets kickback and/or free product. They're still trendy safa ana food at the moment.

No. 1570724

File: 1656081793067.png (448.75 KB, 473x719, Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 7.43…)

twin update

No. 1570735

File: 1656082794563.png (5.12 MB, 2224x1668, 3294427C-1D88-4C71-8C64-11F573…)

holy christ, even down to the birthday cake

No. 1570759

File: 1656085012507.png (23.27 KB, 345x121, rain.PNG)

No. 1570761

File: 1656085047512.png (7.09 KB, 376x148, e.PNG)

No. 1570763

yeah its right

No. 1570770

File: 1656085853993.jpg (17.71 KB, 790x174, smorebrod.jpg)

What åre yøu afráid öf, gørl?

No. 1570782

not the recovery tattoo…

No. 1570783

Good heavens her teeth are worse than Ceces

No. 1570786

She even went as far as to buy the notorious heart-shaped bowl! What a piece of work

No. 1570790

this is very common in people with eating disorders. they literally have an identity crisis that is why some then turn to something else. some start doing drugs, others magically find out that they're trans….and others like this bugs bunny lookalike steal someone else's identity kek

No. 1570796

File: 1656088175863.jpg (49.63 KB, 583x640, bunny.jpg)

from her latest video

No. 1570801

RIP USA. Roe v wade :((:()

No. 1570802

fuck you and your OT shit, amerifag

No. 1570805

There isn’t a drop of milk left in this girl. She’s a sad mentally ill 20 year old who finally eats like a normal person, posts about it to encourage others (it’s working and it’s not milk) and is now actually a pretty legit and unproblematic recovery account. Whether I’m into the whole recovery community idea in the first place is irrelevant but she’s doing it well either way. Call it WKing, I don’t care, but the few idiots (including you) on here who can’t tell a (now) normal person from a cow really need to shut the fuck up until they learn better. Ro is frankly quite boring at the moment (hopefully she stays this way for her own sake) and constantly bringing her up just because you feel like it only clogs up the thread with meaningless spam. I follow her on every account she has and can testify that there is nothing interesting there. It’s all food, some of which is paid sponsorships including Misfits, her being sad, her boyfriend, and random recovery encouragement words. No body checks, nor anything else out of order. She just recently started posting photos showing little glimpses of her body here and there (in a very normal way) and she looks perfectly fine and healthy. We might talk a ton of shit about actual milky cows but we give them credit the second they get better. Ro is better. Let her live

No. 1570806