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File: 1631615982906.jpg (617.19 KB, 1572x812, 20210914_123633.jpg)

No. 1323678

Last thread's happenings:

Ham's parents are getting divorced and she has begun college. This isn't stopping her from continuing her anorexia LARP, causing anons to tinfoil about the reasons behind her parents' decision. Meanwhile, she is still fighting her way through buckets of oatmeal topped with sprinkles.

Hxn is now begging for a cheap apartment in London in addition to 30k for day patient. She is so spoopy she had to get vaccinated in her leg despite being the bravest warrior ever. Lots of medfagging was required to explain her strange claims.

Cecelia has been discharged to PHP and is pretending to be pleased about this. She was caught claiming that she 'had never claimed to be a BMI of 12' despite evidence to the contrary and talked about shoplifting. Her continuing to practice judaism attracted some 4chan-esque autistic sperging and racebaiting, but admins were quick to step in.

Pencilneck/Slenderman/Skeletor/lizard boy Nik is still scaring anons with his reels and queer dance moves. He posted a new YouTube video announcing that he will start posting videos in German on his channel, but definitely not because people kept messaging him about his awful English grammar and pronunciation. Meanwhile, farmers had lots of fun editing various photos of him holding up pieces of paper.

Nourish has gone on holiday with her man and anons are hoping she continues improving, although some of her selfies are suggesting otherwise. Here's to hoping the poor girl finds a shower or bathtub soon.

Anna was called out for posting pro ana shit and it made her sad. She continues to claim suffering from multiple chronic illnesses including MCAS and EDS all the while anons continue to debunk these claims.

Wateremelons posts old spoopy pics, Sophie's parents are sick of her shit, im_powering has started a podcast, Dharma is now at college studying nursing, Laura is on a PICU days before she was set to be discharged and Ganer counts flavoured water as a meal. Other cows keep getting mentions here and there, but fail to produce enough milk to warrant a section in the thread summary.

Anything missing, add it below.

Featured cows:

Last thread: >>>/snow/1317839

No. 1323683

First time making a thread, hopefully I did everything right.

No. 1323684

Thanks OP, nice pic.

No. 1323687

File: 1631616598907.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1125x1956, DB130ECC-9DBF-4012-B3DE-419733…)

Thanks OP!

Let’s kick off with an update from Ham that will surprise absolutely nobody: zero friends at college so far (and yes I know it can take time but consider who we’re talking about here)
Fakeorexia rElaPse coming in 3…2…1…

No. 1323688

For someone who supposedly had a restrictive eating disorder she sure loves to show her stomach in crop tops a LOT..

No. 1323691

File: 1631617124788.jpg (29.47 KB, 482x459, Capture.JPG)

Smashing first post, anon. Wow, Nik's in the pic! He finally found the fame he deserves.

Anyhow, this just in from Laura…

No. 1323693

File: 1631617383031.jpg (Spoiler Image, 507.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210914-120732_Ins…)

How munchie do you have to be to post yourself looking this fucking awful to 2,8k followers kek

No. 1323695

How can a person NOT make friends when one of her subjects is theatre and drama. Drama's partly a group class. I wonder what makes Ham so repellent irl as well as online.

She wore that outfit on Monday. Maybe she stinks because she never changes clothes.

No. 1323696

More like absolutely delighted. How long is she gonna keep this up for? We all know what happened to Lego head

No. 1323697

That’s what I was thinking re: Drama - if anything wouldn’t it be easier? Oh well, maybe she can work on her LARPing skills. Only so many times she keep making the same disgusted face in front of a huge plate of the chips/burger/cake/junk she ordered herself.

No. 1323698

It’s these seemingly ‘minor’ details that really give her away. Along with the matter of that even weight distribution she’s had since the very beginning

No. 1323699

She's gonna be acting as a sick waif in some play soon.

No. 1323713

The thread name is a quote of his, too. He is getting more attention on here than on his social media, as it should be kek

No. 1323716

File: 1631620499714.png (76.5 KB, 780x400, youarethenightmare.png)

Hxn is triggered because someone dared to ask her about her nightmares. For context, a few hours previously someone asked if she was sleeping well at the moment and she said she was getting a lot of nightmares. She needs to eat a fucking snickers, she is such an irritable hxngry bitch.

No. 1323723

Her neck must hurt from sticking it out so much. Do you think she got used to that posture after the time she was allegedly ana and probably trying to look as sick as possible?

No. 1323729

I always thought that's what this generation of kids are going to end up looking like. Bad posture from being huddled over phones and tablets, every inch your face is forward from neutral is so many pounds of pressure on the spine etc.

No. 1323736

I'm around her age and always been a computer kid, my screen time between phone + pc is seriously like 8 hours (I of course work and study from my computer) and my posture is nowhere near that fucked up, neither is my friends' or people my age around me.
I mean she's not even FUCKED UP, it's just weird that only her neck sticks forward so much compared to the rest of her spine. Such a nitpick but that picture specifically bugs me.

No. 1323747

I can totally picture her volunteering for some poor character ravaged by consumption and trying/failing to pull a Christian Bale a la The Machinist

No. 1323750

she probably only wants to talk about her ed recovery which is of little interest to anyone

No. 1323757

Statistically she’s unlikely to be the only one there who’s ever suffered with an ED (even though hers is a total fabrication) - imagine going (back) to study, trying to get on with shit and hearing Ham bang on about her vewy sewious anuhrexyuh she definitely almost died from. She’s exactly the type of person you would actively avoid and/or laugh at from afar.

No. 1323773

File: 1631625700290.jpg (203.87 KB, 1080x778, 20210914_152036.jpg)

OP here, should have added this to the thread pic now that I think of it. Oh well, I definitely rushed it.

No. 1323799

imagine when she finds out majority of women and probably many theatre boys have or have had an ed. She's not gonna be the special one anymore.

No. 1323824

File: 1631628065037.jpg (26.68 KB, 363x409, Matt-Lucas-as-Daffyd.jpg)

>She's not gonna be the special one anymore.

Now that would be …

… quite an outrage.

No. 1323847

We’ve had much worse anon, you did fine. Not many others wanna step up and make them (including myself tbf) so kudos

Yeah, didn’t we call her Molly 2.0 before realising Molly actually did have a mild problem? Ham in a room full of these people, I’d love to be a fly on the wall there

No. 1323858

anyone know whats happening with han?
havent had anything intresting from her since she went ip

No. 1323859

she was mentioned sporadically last thread, mostly arguing with people on her tellonym (where she is very active) about why Orri would be helpful for her/ whether she was ever WR/ how she is the sickest ever. Gofundme is on £442 out of £30,000.

No. 1323860

oh not hnx, han (recovery.c.han)

No. 1323864

Laura is the perfect example of why BPD units shouldn't exist. Those with BPD are manipulators and are likely in hospital settings to take in behaviours of others to keep up and increase their attention seeking behaviours. These units are wasting NHS money as a lot of the patients just go in there and increase behaviours to get more care and attention. Laura was mainly ok but then got herself admitted again and again when she knew she could appear on the documentary. She doesnt want to get better as she likes the attention no so much. I wouldn't move her to a PICU just send her back into the community and see how she fares. Has she ever had a genuine attempt on her life? I wouldn't wish that on anyone but she knew how to play the system and knows how to even more now!(.....)

No. 1323869

Please read the rules before posting, you leave the name blank.

No. 1323870


read the rules before posting. The personality disorder units are needed as any other unit. People can recover from bpd with the appropriate help. it happened many times.
those with eds can be attention seeking, those units are not wasting nhs money?

No. 1323877

File: 1631633018883.jpg (241.29 KB, 720x1186, 20210914_092148.jpg)

Veggies, Fruit, and lean protein isnt off the table just because youre in recovery Han

No. 1323882

Put it on a postcard to the NHS “…..”

No. 1323884

How can anyone who follows her believe she has anorexia… there’s more calories in her breakfast than most allocate for daily intake? The larping isn’t convincing at all

No. 1323885

One of my favorite things about these threads are ana's attempts at making "food" look cute. Since most are attention whores, they want to get the same attention other women do when they post cute deserts and coffee drinks. No one told them it's never going to work because if you hate food, you can't make it look attractive. They do things like awkwardly arrange it in a bowl or put cheap sprinkles on it. But it will always look unappealing because of the giant brown shit smothered on.

No. 1323887

she doesnt hate food

No. 1323896

anorexics dont hate food you scumbag

No. 1323900

500 calories minimum of carbs, sugar, and fat…. She should at least learn how to make thing healthier; such as adding protein and removing crap sugar toppings.
She wants to be a role model so badly, she should take a intro course to nutrition.

No. 1323902

She's been at college for a week and not a word about what book she's studying, what she finds interesting about a subject. Only ridiculous breakfasts and selfies.

No. 1323903

slow the fuck down there ana chan, this is a hefty breakfast that’s 100% sugar and crap, but by no means is it an entire daily intake jeez

No. 1323907

No. Most anas are obsessed with food and will spend huge amounts of time obsessively arranging it to draw out the eating process and get more satisfaction out of the calories they are consuming. It's not about getting attention, but because the food needs to feel perfect in order to justify eating it. Han has picked up the labelling ingredients and fussy presentation from the accounts she skin walks.
Seconded. Have you ever watched Elzani creaming herself over a Pringle or digestive biscuit? Anorexics typically love all things food related (until they are expected to eat it); it's a survival mechanism.

No. 1323909

Nta, but unless she’s eating air fit the rest of the day, she’s consuming an average of 1500 cals a day at that rate. That’s not low at all… none of her eating posts show she actually struggles with an ED

No. 1323916

Yall forgot to mention Sorcha Blossoms is now going to police about lolcow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1323919

File: 1631635269301.jpg (441.85 KB, 1436x979, PISSOFFSORCHA.jpg)

No. 1323921

Dont give s* the attention.
Just report and shut up.

No. 1323925

These edits are so good what software is good to use?

No. 1323927

File: 1631635835584.png (348.79 KB, 600x450, realrecovery.png)

Just spent way too long trying to make a thing kek

No. 1323929

It irritates me how she keeps posting the same breakfast over and over again. She eats many other things during the day so why not change it up a bit.

No. 1323942

Exactly. Some anons in this thread are so eager to prove that they’re the best anas who don’t eat anything like the cows. If she took out the chocolate spread and sprinkles it would be a perfectly fine breakfast. I’m assuming it’s one of those quaker microwaveable sachets, which she could replace with steel cut oats she made herself to cut the added sugar, but it’s not the end of the world. Her main problem is the fact that she’s larping as somebody suffering with a mental illness, not that she's 20 and putting sprinkles on her porridge.

No. 1323946

Whole grain Avocado toast would be a nice change for once but I suspect her body would reject anything colored green infused with vitamins, healthy fats, and fiber

Curious if she'll ever have a vegan saga

No. 1323955

>vegan saga
You might be onto something there, anon. Oreos, biscoff and sprinkles are vegan so she wouldn't have to make that many changes to her diet kek.

No. 1323958

Agreed. And to everyone saying her meals aren't what an anachan would eat: Han is different from most LARPers in that she is pretending to be a recovering anorexic rather than someone who is actively ill. Of course her breakfast isn't going to be three grapes and a teaspoon of cornflakes.

Remember when she had oat milk and she reassured everyone it wasn't for disordered reasons? Imagine the drama we'd get if she went fully vegan - I doubt it though, most garden centre cakes and bacon sarnies aren't vegan.

No. 1323960

File: 1631638393692.png (245.47 KB, 786x686, Screenshot_20210914-174516~2.p…)

>500 calories
>daily intake

No. 1323962

Imagine actually swallowing 500 calories. Yuck.

No. 1323965

File: 1631638631137.png (243.74 KB, 443x427, Screenshot_2021-09-14 Meme Gen…)

Putting in a little spice.

No. 1323966

Imagine thinking that oat milk is disordered. She's out of her damn mind.

No. 1323967

The sugar processed shit Ham posts at breakfast is a clue to why she has problems making friends. Her classmates are going to shove toast in their mouths or eat a bowl of sloppy cereal. Imagine showing them a pic of her 6 year old's breakfast. She wants to be a recovery warrior for laughs, and they're being themselves. The girl has no personality of her own.

No. 1323968

He looks healthier there than now. He isn't white like a stiff.

He keeps posting his latest video because it's had fewer than 300 views.

No. 1323969

That screenshot is a masterpiece. My sides.

No. 1323972

File: 1631639434836.jpeg (49.67 KB, 572x500, 307AD48C-CD22-4ED3-981F-BC8DC4…)

must delete this from the family icloud before they start asking questions

No. 1323976

He's like the Amberlynn Reid of pro-ana scumbags. Started his account to document his 'recovery' but actually just progressively gets worse lol

No. 1323977

kek anon this made my night

No. 1323981

That Adam's apple though. Looks like he's got a boner lodged in his throat.

No. 1323983

File: 1631639963488.png (483.31 KB, 762x671, Screenshot_2021-09-14 Nik Jona…)

So very expl0itable.

No. 1323995

Looks like a dog turd in a bowl. Really though it’s baffling to me when people jump straight into the high-sugar sweet foods. I’d think that would be the worst kind of “fear food” rather than having like, a boiled egg and greens or something.

No. 1324006

It looks good to me, but more as a late afternoon / dessert instead of a breakfast. Her tasting buds might me saturated because of all the sugary things she eats. I don't think eating rubbish as breakfast once in a while is bad, sometimes you wake up and crave a sugar dump, the problem with Ham is, for what she posts, she has highly unhealthy sweet stuff almost every single day and portrays it as something good when it's not. I hope she's at least taking a multivitamin.

No. 1324008

File: 1631641062273.png (483.82 KB, 640x630, nik.png)

I'm officially going to hell

No. 1324017

300 Hail Marys and 500 Our Fathers for you, blasphemer.

No. 1324028

Tbh, we've seen much worse in the previous thread. >>1313641

No. 1324032

thank you so much for making me laugh, I almost died choking on my coffee, kek

No. 1324033

Sage for blogpost, but I've been meaning to tell you guys that I had a dream with Nik in it a few days ago. In the dream, he accidentally posted a video of himself jerking off to his story and he had a mental breakdown because of the bullying on lolcow. That's all I remember.

I think I need to go outside.

No. 1324038

Had to be a dream, of course.
Nik has been telling us about his erectile dysfunction months ago.

No. 1324040

nonna, you need to leave this topic for a week or two. Had one horrible dream because of the MtF topic and never visited it again. Don't waste your precious dreams like that.

No. 1324043


1. Leave lolcow dot farm

2. Avoid stress

3. Sleep well

It's as easy as that

No. 1324045

Bold of you to assume I take care of my mental health like that lol

No. 1324050

File: 1631643066248.jpg (125.27 KB, 500x621, 5mylqg.jpg)

No. 1324079

File: 1631644709117.jpeg (733.41 KB, 828x970, 26AEAF7B-D588-4746-BD15-B60014…)

She looks worse.

No. 1324094

sure, jan. that font is one mental illness in itself

No. 1324101

Oh God please spoiler the nightmare fuel.

No. 1324108

Oh we are so pretty leave your name box blank. We bitch about everyone but have to be anonymous and think we are mightier than anyone that may comment on here and not follow all the rules. You clearly all have issues and self esteem issues and that's why you have to pick apart people who struggle. Yes some may be taking the mick but some are also ill(ban evading)

No. 1324109

There is a whole thread about that beauty. Enjoy. >>1314398

No. 1324112

oh my darling, go back to your safe instagram.
you are keep getting reported here

No. 1324114

She says anyone who expresses concern is bullying her. She has aged so much in the past year, especially with that awful haircut - reminds me of Gwen from Gavin and Stacey. Honestly think she is as brain damaged as the twins.

No. 1324117

Grow up girls. At first I liked these threads as you were pointing out liars. Now if anyone gives you their opinion that is their experience you all cry liar, self post etc. BPD patients are well known manipulators that's why BPD units aren't helpful. You can do DBT safely in the community I've done it yet some of your posters think they aren't a waste of money.Laura has proven how it makes them worse, it's why a lot of trust try to not admit BPD patients even to hospital or if they do it's short admissions. Clearly one of your posters loves Laura wasting NHS money and picking up behaviours to now be moved to a PICU hahaha

No. 1324119

went from 23 to 50 real quick, like honey isn't the goal to look younger?

No. 1324121

Learn 2 sage & integrate

No. 1324124

File: 1631648852667.jpeg (716.57 KB, 828x1559, 64EEDB73-9C24-4A67-B99B-367438…)

oh Cece thanks for the heads up for your relapse

No. 1324129

File: 1631649183229.jpeg (144.99 KB, 749x546, 90CB6262-63CC-470D-A987-36384B…)

Here is the previous post. Surely she would be struggling more in IP where the other patients will have been skinnier than in PHP? Laying the grounds for needing a higher level of care already.

No. 1324131

File: 1631649236415.jpg (Spoiler Image, 891.59 KB, 1080x1694, 20210914_215131.jpg)

Good call from Instagram to mark this as sensitive content. Why does her chest look so dirty? And what is that yellow stain on her nose?

So many questions, but no one to answer them.

No. 1324132

she looks crustier now

No. 1324135

Why she acting like she’s a chia SEED when she’s clearly a pumpkin SEED at this point

No. 1324138

why do they always study psychology and think that they are the right person to help others. Her legs in the after picture look horrible thin.

she should look for other trousers, would help with here body image as these aren't very flattering. All this white and beige makes her look like an old boring lady always complaining about something, well, okay, that's just her.

she looks healthier after all, but still, someone should hand her a washing mitt (is that the right English word for Waschlappen?) for her face, this looks like something is wrong with her liver.

No. 1324141

I think washcloth is the word you're looking for, anon.

If you want to see a Waschlappen, you just have to look at the thread pic. You're welcome.

No. 1324143

Thanks for spoilering N2F anon
Hope she isnt the kind of person who never eashes their hair because they heard it would strip the oils. Also need detangling spray does her hair go up because of static?

No. 1324144

She never needed intensive care or a tube in the first place why didnt they send her home months ago?

No. 1324158

kek, thank you, making me laugh is one good deed for the day

No. 1324168

Underrated comment kek

No. 1324174

My brain can't work this out. She looks… happier? And she's clearly trying but she still looks like she'd be sticky to touch.

No. 1324176

i get that it might be personal, but innappropriate and selfish? geez, the only ones shes calling out is herself

No. 1324187

Get used to it or lose the weight. It's that simple.

No. 1324203

If you need “cheering up and motivation” read the comments on HER last post?
Complete and utter narc.

No. 1324208

Is her “solo business” an MLM?

No. 1324216

"I'm not being believed or listened to."

Now let's all guess, why it is that way.

No. 1324219

>If you want to see a Waschlappen, you just have to look at the thread pic.

My comment of the day. Well done, anon.

No. 1324239

Her hair, everything she carries and wears looks so cheap and artificial.

And I don't even want to know about what kind of "Solo Business" she allegedly owns.

No. 1324247

File: 1631660228937.png (497.36 KB, 468x629, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.png)

She's a life coach.

Nikpic because I felt like it.

No. 1324249

>She's a life coach.

That's just ridiculous. Every second cunt on Instagram and FB wants to be one. Daily motivation pic and the whole smash included.

No. 1324257

File: 1631661046487.png (758.61 KB, 876x442, Untitled.png)

She goes to loads of influencer parties and talks about healing yourself with vegan food. Yet, she looks like far right.

She's been super skele, but she ain't no picture of fitness and health right now either.

No. 1324273

File: 1631662240624.jpg (464.34 KB, 1080x2280, 20292.jpg)

Called her out

No. 1324307

it's not milk if you did it anon. goddamn.

No. 1324435


No one cares about your experience. That’s what you seem to be missing.

No. 1324445

Just want to point out something from this comment on N2F's glands (or lack of) >>>/snow/1323635

I'm pretty sure you can purge "hands free" and still get swollen saliva glands, it's the vomit that causes it not the act of jabbing a finger down the throat.

No. 1324449

I'm pretty sure the AYRT meant that Ham's brekky is a higher daily intake for a lot of our dear starving anacows.


No. 1324504

File: 1631686271500.png (6.52 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0381.PNG)

this bish been talked about yet? all she posts are pro ana jokes, body checks and restrictive wieiads. @mollsrecovery

No. 1324512

Cece is getting chunky

No. 1324519

she looks normal, ana chan

No. 1324525

File: 1631691257521.jpg (518.42 KB, 1080x1476, 20210915_093411.jpg)

Fixed it.

No. 1324531

File: 1631693550892.png (123.61 KB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20210914-174415~2.p…)

So I put Ham's diabetic dream into cronometer, and yes, I made some assumptions, which were:
She used semi skimmed milk instead of full fat
she only used one tablespoon of biscoff
She used half a cup of oats

Her family seems like the type to use full fat milk, and it looks like she uses much more than one tablespoon of biscoff, but at minimum, we are looking at nearly 500 calories for breakfast.

No. 1324533

Just looks like a regular ED account to me. And only 420 followers. Vendetta much?

No. 1324534

File: 1631693590897.png (122.38 KB, 1053x1755, Screenshot_20210914-174409~2.p…)

Samefag 2/2

No. 1324535

no vendetta, her content is v annoying

No. 1324537

Tbh the calories shoyld be the least of her concerns. It's the bucket loads of refined sugar that are going to catch up on her fast.

No. 1324539

Her website:
Someone needs to tell her to stop with the alliteration and rhyming. You can buy her cookbook for just £47!

No. 1324542

I wish these trackers would show the sugar content too

No. 1324543

File: 1631694200781.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1971, 20210915_102230.jpg)

Note the 'sweet cinnamon' oat sachet. As if those sickly Kinder bars weren't sweet enough.

No. 1324544

Whoever said she uses those quakers sachets was spot on

No. 1324545

Just had a look. She advised someone in the comments to 'start off with at least 500 calories a day' and 'to introduce snacks later' which is shocking advice. She is only on day 5 of her meal plan though so I don't think she counts as a cow yet.

No. 1324546

Who invented this trend of putting chocolate bars in your oatmeal? This is sugar on top of sugar sprinkled with sugar.

No. 1324548

There's 25g of sugar in this breakfast and that comes from just the chocolate bar and the oatmeal. Daily intake should be max 30g and you know this isn't the last sugary thing she's going to have today.

No. 1324549


diabetes is knocking on her door

No. 1324550

They're perfect for her really. 2 minutes in the microwave, throw on some "aesthetic" toppings and your sugar loaded children's breakfast us good to go.

No. 1324551

sorry for asking but what app is this?

No. 1324552

File: 1631695012087.png (248.12 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20210915-093350~2.p…)

Well farmers this breakfast is significantly lower calorie, but is a whopping 22.3 grams of sugar

I literally wrote the name in my comment

No. 1324553

File: 1631695086223.png (64.1 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20210915-093411~2.p…)

Samefag, added screenshot of sugar since it was request for previous meals.

No. 1324554

The laziness is actually astounding. Regular oats can be cooked in the microwave too. Just add some cinnamon and a bit of agave syrup or something and you'll get a similar effect. Take notes, Ham.

No. 1324556

Yeah, literally just buy some fucking measuring cups and use the 1/3 measure.

No. 1324557

Making oats on the hob isn't even that hard nor does it take long. How lazy are people these days? Those microwaveable sachets are so unhealthy and stripped of all the good nutrients.

No. 1324558

File: 1631695453252.jpeg (318.27 KB, 750x1112, 423A2B9B-E06F-4FBC-8BD0-ED9DD0…)

Nobody needs three pill cases Anna

No. 1324559

But even beyond that, you can make a perfectly nutritious bowl of porridge in the microwave, just why go for the sachets?

So much materials waste, processing waste, and again, it's not healthy.

Ham, if you're reading this, scoop 1/3 cup of oats into a bowl, add 1/2 cup of water/milk/milk alternative, and chuck it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. Add something healthy - Like frozen berries heated up or some shit idk just stop buying those shitty little sachets they literally don't even take any less effort.

No. 1324562

She needs everyone to know she takes sertraline kek
Blurring out the brand name but not the pharmaceutical one, or the dosage.

No. 1324564

pretty sure the things in the pill box with the obscured names are cod liver oil and a multivitamin. such sick. such chronic.

No. 1324566

And buying oats in big boxes rather than sachets is way cheaper. More money for McD's.

No. 1324567

So we have:
Reflux pills
Anti Histamines
Asthma management pills

And seemingly dioralyte at the top, paracetamol, and multivitamins at the bottom. I see.

No. 1324568

File: 1631695948020.png (83.45 KB, 700x700, nescafe-gold-frothy-caramel-la…)

The perfect drink to go along with this breakfast:

No. 1324582

Back to MPA, they'll have plenty of suggestions for you there, anachan

No. 1324587

You don't have to be an anachan to track calories. Plenty of mentally stable folks do it as well.

No. 1324589


500 calories isn’t a bad amount for a breakfast if the rest of your meals aren’t huge and you don’t snack. Deffo agree with the high sugar empty calories thing tho. Also, whoever said that 1,500 calories isn’t low at all is right, in this context (regular weight, sedentary woman) but it’s a bit bone rattly to say that just because someone is eating that that they don’t have anorexia. 1,500 is low in the context of someone with anorexia weight restoring or trying to actually recover. Ham is none of those things but that’s not my point.

No. 1324590

File: 1631700863584.jpg (764.34 KB, 1080x1920, 20210915_121304.jpg)

Kek. Those poor kids will be scarred for life. (1/2)

No. 1324591

File: 1631700887630.jpg (758.27 KB, 1080x1992, 20210915_121321.jpg)

No. 1324595

File: 1631702160511.jpg (37.78 KB, 975x167, nik.jpg)

Oh yeah, sounds as if his big breakthrough is just around the corner.

No. 1324602

File: 1631702470525.png (59.44 KB, 812x602, Screenshot_2021-09-15 Domenik …)

His not-quite-very-impressive entry at IMDB: Nikki only plays a minor role ("Student") in what seems to be a very low budget production.

So much for "the movie I made".

No. 1324612

The idea of having him as a teacher for young children, I don't know, I would like my teachers to be more stable.
And now I wanted to take a look at said movie but I won't pay 9,99 Euro for it. If it will be free one day I will have a closer look.

No. 1324615

File: 1631703882105.jpg (37.76 KB, 500x500, Rainbow-Step-2-cropped-500x500…)

That's the problem. If she'd had a 500 calorie breakfast full of good shit, okay. I thought I'd be called ana chan for saying she could use reduced sugar/sugar free knock off Nutella, but I have that because refined sugar is so bad, and less calories so you can eat more. If she MUST have chocolate for breakfast, at least it'd be a healthier option.

I think biscoff is rank but that's me. It's really so packed with sugar it's a teeth tingler. It's weird that she needs to smother porridge with spreads. The sachets she has are already sweetened.

Nik's junior school face paint victim. (Kid is from a site giving a tutorial so I'm not posting a random child).

No. 1324618

why is she jutting out her chin like that

No. 1324621

He'd have a stiffy on that challenge if he didn't suffer from impotence.

No. 1324625

File: 1631704606421.jpeg (729.73 KB, 828x1542, 138538F7-89F5-4573-B577-800B88…)

you dont really cry, if your mascara doesnt run on your face and you post it on social media. everybody knows that.

No. 1324626

File: 1631704689285.jpg (170.23 KB, 679x557, 20210915_131746.jpg)

Damn, nonna, I understand. What a bummer.

At least he is visible in the trailer for about 0.5 seconds. The absolute audacity he has to call it 'a movie I made'. He's not even listed among the supporting actors kek

No. 1324631


That flick is called 'Verbindung' which stands for a traditional German university student fraternity. The poster refers to the ritual fencing which is still practiced in some places today.

He is listed as 'Fuchs Hain', where Fuchs ('fox') indicates being a freshman in the first semester/s who has to prove himself worthy of being a full member of the fraternity.

I won't watch that movie, that's for sure. But by the looks of it he will surely play some kind of loser or bully magnet.

No. 1324634

>he will surely play some kind of loser or bully magnet

Well, that's a no-brainer considering his physique. It's probably the sole reason why he was cast.

No. 1324638

This reminds me of a personal munchie cow who posted her ever so extensive daily pills, except it was all shit like diuretics and 4 different anti-nausea drugs. A lot of people who are actually chronically ill take like 2 or 3 drugs for daily management, but they’re proper chemicals that you won’t find brand name versions of in a chemist. She makes me sick really, she’s worse at this larp than she is ana.

That anon. I could tell because they clearly get congealed while she takes the time to arrange the chocolate and sprinkles on top. I’ll be honest I gave her more credit than she deserves though, I’ve only ever seen the plain packets. Didn’t realise they did loads of sugary flavours. Should have realised.

No. 1324639

And aren't those 2 other containers empty? That photo must be the most infuriating one I've seen from Anna so far.

No. 1324641

Sorry I didn't explain it right. It wasn't me

No. 1324648


Said the director in pre-production:

*"And then we need one prototypical nerd, that kind of guy with horn-rimmed glasses they put into highschool lockers.
Kinda like some tall, emaciated Stephen Hawking, just without a wheelchair, yaknowwhaddamean. Do ya thang."*

No. 1324665

This is crazy to wake up to because Hxn was literally in MY nightmare last night. She was begging for a surfboard and forced some other ~recovery account~ with a bigger following to ask their followers to help kek. Sage for blog and clearly I need to spend less time on instagram but thought you all would enjoy that

No. 1324667

File: 1631708770987.png (277.62 KB, 800x504, compare_hawking.png)


One is a failed actor with personality issues, the other guy a brilliant (although dead) scientist.

No. 1324671

You could be onto something here. She said one of the options she is considering if day patient falls through 'will get her a lot of hate.' Maybe it is a ganer-esque bodybuilding method but with the most exclusive sports possible? But go outside and touch some grass anon.

No. 1324674

Oh god I just saw this after posting about my nightmare about Hxn. I think we both need to take a break from the internet

No. 1324675

as soon as you’re storing meds in a hardware box you’re muching. why do they take their pills out of the blister packs too, it just makes them more difficult to store.
I’ve only seen people use instant oats in an office setting, as an easy breakfast they could make with a kettle. in a pot, not a packet though, Ham should start bringing those to school so she can talk about her weight restoration plan in front of her classmates. she’ll be sure to make friends that way

No. 1324688

Title suggestion for next thread: 'A nightmare on Pro-Ana street'

No. 1324738

File: 1631717592870.jpeg (496.33 KB, 828x1418, FAAAEF8D-AE2B-4F0E-B4FA-49A396…)

Would you let her operate on you?

No. 1324739

File: 1631717608017.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1079, bg.jpeg.png)

In case we need a new thread pic when the time comes

No. 1324753

Since you are Such a Special Soul, as a thank you for blessing my life with your existence, I am giving away a TOP SECRET Tantalising Treat ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!!
Simply Click on the button below…
(Trust me, you will Not want to miss out on this Priceless offer Princess (or Prince !!!!!!)

i am dead

No. 1324766

File: 1631721019579.jpeg (526.37 KB, 828x939, CFA29E32-3F05-40B6-9B22-09D5A5…)

What a lying little cow.

No. 1324768

kek this is great anon

No. 1324770

And how the fuck is she claiming that she’s defying science by gaining on a deficit and losing on a surplus? She’s willing anorexia through the bonds of her atoms to break up calories?

No. 1324775

File: 1631721618248.jpeg (215.41 KB, 750x993, 2A36E32D-8549-456C-8594-6226A7…)

more surviving hilarity: she made a vegan cookbook after Nikki Grahame’s death in order to help prevent teens developing EDs. This woman has a first class honours degree in psychology. How. How.

No. 1324776


The only thing she should operate would be a vending machine with chocolate bars or sandwiches.

No. 1324778

File: 1631721682208.jpeg (64.88 KB, 750x416, A5879AAA-C7C1-44BF-97E9-E08E86…)

And she comments on her own posts from her second insta account (veganbelfastguide) with this sort of trite nonsense.

No. 1324779

She used to come into a cafe in which I worked.
She is fucking insufferable and exhausting - I used to make the part time kids serve her.

No. 1324782

File: 1631721896141.jpeg (675.63 KB, 828x962, B80C02B3-5831-4CB9-9A4D-FC44A0…)

I can’t believe this is a grown adult woman.

No. 1324783

Psychology Bachelors is a pretty easy degree. It’s doing anything meaningful after the stepping stone of the Bachelors that’s the tricky bit. And life coaching doesn’t count.

No. 1324784

Why are so many ana cows from the UK? Is living there really so insufferable that you have to turn to this shit as a coping mechanism?

No. 1324785


Holy funk. That's redlining my Narcissism-O-Meter.

Would you plz spoiler that.

No. 1324787


Guess you haven't tasted British food so far, anon..?

No. 1324788


Kek yes

No. 1324789

They have free healthcare too so it's easier to avoid life by staying in the hospital

No. 1324791

yes, anon

No. 1324794

Interesting they put a heappy healthy picture in the corner to make you turn your eyes away from how emaciated her face currently is. And notice she is covered from head to toe in layers, definitely not cold or self-conscious of the camera!

No. 1324795

Sorry anon, I was so appalled I forgot to spoiler. Idk how to spoiler something once it’s posted but if you let me know how I will.

No. 1324798

File: 1631722377980.jpg (325.89 KB, 3072x2045, naked-mole-rat.jpg)

No. 1324799

"Why you're on the sand bitch, when you can eat one sandwich?"

No. 1324803

She literally embodies the stereotype of what people think all vegans are like. The second-hand embarrassment is real. Good lord.

No. 1324814

Jesus wept, there was me imagining some MLM hun shit but it’s even worse than I imagined. Any other oldfags remember the days of geocities or old school MySpace/bebo? If someone told me her entire …presence? was some sort of parody I would 100% believe them.

No. 1324815

File: 1631724695583.jpg (162.98 KB, 1170x645, amazing.JPG)

THIS is where it all went wrong…

Nik should do a shoot like this instead of drawing on his face.
I didn't know she wrote a recipe book when N Graham died. I saw that gallery of pics of her with (supposedly) famous people (I didn't recognise) and thought one of them was Nikki. Maybe it was.
Here's her write up about herself on Linked In.

No. 1324817

>Amy Robb’s addiction to makeup and constant insecurity was so bad it led to a deep depression and the need to be sectioned

No. 1324818

It reads like you first CV when you don't have any real experience so you have to exaggerate everything to incredible proportions

Had a look through her account. Been varying levels of spoopy since 2015, always says 'I'm going to do it for real this time' but never does. Not a cow IMO, just sad. She is in her second year of vet school so won't be operating on any poor animals herself, thank god.

No. 1324819


yes. typical breakfast show material.

No. 1324820

Lazy Amerifag here, what are these for?

No. 1324823

knowing which meds do what has jackshit to do with being britfag or amerifag, use google

No. 1324826

So reassuring I thought she was a human surgeon too, thanks for the research anon

No. 1324829

Something about the cookbook right after Nikki died really rubs me the wrong way (and the vegan thing just reminds me of Anna the fit vegan ginger kek). Not just the fact she’s blatantly still ill herself and comes across as a delusional narcissist but like, trying to capitalise off the back of it? I know Nikki was way too far gone but idk why not use her platform to advocate for better mental healthcare? I’ll get off the soapbox and quit moralfagging now but fuck that tbh

No. 1324830


electrolyte powders, painkiller, vitamins obv.

Repost because fucked up.

No. 1324832

our little anna loves being so "sick"

No. 1324837

File: 1631725674126.jpg (111.49 KB, 634x634, 1.jpg)

Scan read this:

She looked healthier when she was makeup addicted. I'll send her some of my old palettes.

No. 1324840

Google her name. She's EV-ERY-WHERE.

No. 1324841

Another nutjoub, ready for the tabloid treatment.

No. 1324862

> she had a whole thread about her that ended up getting locked

Maybe the mods locked it for a reason.

No. 1324864

Oh great. We got rid of the unicorn one and you bring us a fucking vampire. SOMEONE really wants people to talk about this person. Most of us do not.

No. 1324867


New so I hope I didn't fuck this up.

This girl is like Gainer but worse. Total ana chan masking as bodybuilding but has no real muscle, just very low body fat so you can see everything. Is rude as fuck whenever anyone questions her 2.5 hr walk rest days and weird vegan food concoctions. Tells people to eat 3g of protein per lb to get abs. Thinks she's the shit because she won one small bikini comp and she's going to get eaten alive at the Arnolds.

Just bad attitdue overall. Thinks it's fine for her to be super underweight but everyone else is ana.

No. 1324869

File: 1631727913017.jpg (92.32 KB, 720x930, 20210915_114414.jpg)

A bit ominous but it's always in the back of my mind whether these isolated anas would ultimately die from Covid abetted by their EDs

No. 1324876

I don't know why but I literally lol'ed at that second sentence anon. Agreed, please can we keep all mythological creatures / supernatural entities out of here. Human skeletons (and Ash) only

No. 1324879


Are you the same jackhole that spammed the Lucinda thread?
Why don't you just fuck off with your vampire sperg and stop necroposting her closed thread.

No. 1324890

She literally looks like a roast chicken. How ironic.

You did okay, anon. Just remember to attach a screenshot to your post next time, since this is an imageboard. Welcome to the shitshow, hope you enjoy your stay.

No. 1324895

File: 1631728944604.jpg (88.51 KB, 598x598, fried_chicken.jpg)

Maybe there's just a fine line between fitness and fanatism? Goodness, thats not even healthy any more.
"Zero percent body fat" is no lifestyle, missus.

No. 1324897

File: 1631729010837.jpg (Spoiler Image, 207.47 KB, 720x1222, 20210915_120251.jpg)

She admits to being a lot thinner before and looks miles better compared to this.

No. 1324899

Is it a requirement to have a butt ugly overdone fake tan to compete?

No. 1324900

How is the upper half of her stomach so bulgy? It can't be the ribcage can it?

No. 1324901

File: 1631729111263.jpg (18.3 KB, 351x391, 4147m-ZoTVL._AC_.jpg)

It might help.

No. 1324906

>reasons you don’t have abs
If i have to look like that to have abs I think i’d rather not have abs thanks. Why is this a body type that she thinks it’s worth aspiring to.

No. 1324908

This "body definition" without muscles and/or fat is still anorexia.
Maybe Ms. Astro Chicken will pay the bill for that one day.

No. 1324909

I can't wait to see Ganer tanned like a roast chicken

No. 1324910

That's pretty ironic, since EC is being kept alive (and also at the brink of death) by her own mom.
So she cannot be alone.

No. 1324911

If a slightly more successful version of Ganer had a baby with Trump. Disgusting.

No. 1324912

What was this post about? I didn't get to see it before it was deleted.

No. 1324914

Everything on her Insta is about

Eating "healthy"™
Pumping iron

What a sour, bland life.

No. 1324927

File: 1631730573948.png (1.15 MB, 618x830, eternalsuck.png)

Sorry to disappoint you.
Ganer's still pumping iron in her gym and posting herself in the same pose over and over again.
So no time for some fried chicken tan.

No. 1324933

Cant they just say she struggles with OCD? That includes the hair pulling and anxiety around rituals


Holy shit this is pretentious

No. 1324934

Yeah, she looks like a damaged meat products gets put on clearance at a supermarket. I get that looking toned is nice, but I'll ever understand wanting to be like that. Maybe because I love all things feminine, female bodybuilders really look so wrong. Extreme bodybuilders like the ones Ganer's has on her laptop.

That woman looks equally bad in both guises, and looks as equally mentally ill.
If any anon knows why they do do the orange tan, please let us know.

No. 1324936

>Extreme bodybuilders like the ones Ganer's has on her laptop.

Thank you for the giggles, anon.

No. 1324937

File: 1631731432006.png (671.57 KB, 720x1085, Screenshot_20210915-194236~2.p…)

Pepperami rejection bin. Clearance 30p.

No. 1324938

Just googled 'why do bodybuilders tan'

>A spray tan helps them to look even leaner, as the darker colour draws the eye inwards towards the obliques and transverse muscles of the abdomen.

No. 1324940

File: 1631731566427.jpg (37.44 KB, 307x567, yum.jpg)


Hannah Gane.

Where today's slop looks like every other day.

Only authentic with a piece of choclit in a blue plastic cup.

No. 1324941

So they gotta fake it on top of torturing themselves. What a fun hobby.

No. 1324943

Dunno what's more disgusting there - Her ugly navel sticking out, or all those veins that look like worms under her skin.

No. 1324944

I'm starting hate those green checkmark emojis she uses.

No. 1324945

Exactly. Putting them in a weekly container is fine, but emptying the boxes out into a larger organiser to then fill your container from is just aesthetics for the 'gram and a munchie favorite.

No. 1324946

Please share some details!

No. 1324947

File: 1631731854166.jpg (40.67 KB, 950x535, choclitfatfighters.jpg)

See what you did there.

No. 1324950

Remember, she's a total control freak so compulsively checking boxes might give her some kicks.

No. 1324960

Agreed, nonny, especially as she states on that talk show that she self-motivated herself through recovery instead of doing it with the help of professionals (and didn't that work out well)

No. 1324972

Basically, yes. I don't know what the origins of the usage are, but like the oiled-up look it is a way to emphasise visibility of muscles. It's like vaseline-on-teeth in the pageant world.

No. 1324977

Maybe writing herself into a successful fantasy life is helping her stay out of hospital. I just hope she doesn't have any "clients" who want her to help them get over anorexia, since she clearly hasn't herself.

No. 1324982

Guess she's already making a decent living by attending all that freak talk shows and cashing in for tabloid magazine articles.

They like to exploit those nutters whenever they can.

"Brazilian Barbie woman with 124 beauty OPs still wanting some more" You know the drill.

No. 1324994

File: 1631733856964.jpeg (249.64 KB, 750x1148, A23F0C55-512D-40EC-870D-CC43CF…)

There is ‘no chance!’ Anna is recovered. The way that is worded makes it sound like she has decided to stay ill, if that makes sense? Like she refuses to consider what full recovery would be like. Disappointing, I thought she had moved onto full time munchie

She was sectioned a year or so ago so clearly not the best strategy

No. 1325007

No matter how long or how bad they exploited themselves.
At the end of the day they're all in for a good cup of ol'-fashioned attention.

No. 1325011

File: 1631734934117.jpeg (1.32 MB, 828x1456, 9498C9B4-E34B-405A-901C-F25303…)

No. 1325015

How fucking sensitive are people these days when you can't even mention throwing up without a trigger warning smh

No. 1325018

I think it's cecelia based on the colors and layout of the text

No. 1325021

"my meal plan is way too big"

Of course, Cece. All those professionals, like doctors and nurses and therapists are wrong.
You're the only one who knows what's best for your body ™!

No. 1325024

yeap Cece. sorry guys

No. 1325027

File: 1631735800645.jpg (Spoiler Image, 824.15 KB, 1080x1988, 20210915_215538.jpg)

Hxn showing off her tube- uh, I mean the earrings she made of course.

No. 1325029

Now that's some fine piece of autofocus there, Hxn.
Enjoy your newfound creativity while you can.

No. 1325032


She's done plenty of other sus things besides being ana but mostly on her stories so they're gone.

Claimed her dad abused her and beat her but regularly posts her yelling at him when she drags him on her 20 mile walks like it's nbs.

Then made her uncle's death from cancer all about her and her stupid show. Acted like it was a huge inconvenience during her prep then cried as if he'd been hanging on for her like the point of his life was to watch her flesh her labia onstage.

She's going to be fucking ridiculous coaching people. Her entire client base will be wannarexic.

No. 1325035


Bit unfair on pepperami nonny, Lidl own brand maybe but the real deal?? Don’t think so …

No. 1325036

Suddenly starts “throwing up everything she eats” as soon as she leaves residential… but it’s definitely not on purpose and certainly not because she’s getting less attention now!! Before she went to IP she claimed she couldn’t even keep water down but as soon as she went she immediately was totally fine. A very convenient way to get attention and coddling! Kudos cece

No. 1325038

pre-IP she looked like she could keep a lot more than water down…

No. 1325039

I'm pretty sure it's gotta be her huge meal plan that causes her mysterious vomiting.
It was wrong™ from the very beginning.

No. 1325059

surely her meal plan will be smaller now she is WR

Good for her for trying to earn some money so she can pay her own way into the quasi-treatment (although the only people who buy any will be doing it out of pity)

No. 1325067

File: 1631738811233.png (929.59 KB, 748x1334, lolcowfarmremembers.png)

B..but this was the portion she started on months ago when she was at deaths door. Make it make sense, Cecelia

No. 1325069

File: 1631738995917.png (6.22 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0393.PNG)

yes dora, continue to show all of ur new friends high cal meals but not ur own probably meagre meal. do i smell a relapse coming?

No. 1325077

are those glands swollen?

No. 1325079

very, miss dora's bulimia back?

No. 1325080

> a calling to be a doctor

More like a calling to have the chance to learn about all the diseases she could diagnose herself with, and tell her patients how much sicker than them she is.

No. 1325081

Not necessarily anon, you have to build it up slowly for most patients until they're eating normal amounts.

No. 1325083

> first solid food in X amount of time

"X" being about 12 hours right?

No. 1325088

I thought the same thing. It might be the angle giving her a double chin, but her face looks very bulimic to me.

No. 1325092

how in the world was she allowed to go to uni

No. 1325105

File: 1631741271915.png (605.95 KB, 958x562, Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 23.27…)

july vs now. def bulimic, u can tell by the cheeks, she hasnt gained any weight so its not that

No. 1325106

first pic is now btw

No. 1325126

Anna? Dora? Probably because neither are underweight or ~at risk~ and their rich parents can afford the tuition fees to get rid of them for a while.

No. 1325127

lmao idk about anna, she loves the tube too much for bulimia. unfortunately doras parents money cant solve bulimia cheeks

No. 1325128

forgot to sage srry guys

No. 1325133

can it fix your lack of integration?

No. 1325136

Maybe ur attitude?

No. 1325138

>Creatively Creating
very creative

No. 1325202

That’s accurate. ERC doesn’t believe in maintenance meal plans and they start you off on 3000+. There are no decreases even if you’ve been weight restored for months. They just increase your “goal weight” on your file so the insurance continues covering treatment.

No. 1325222

File: 1631751955668.jpeg (251.08 KB, 750x1080, 7510B197-DB6C-4BCD-A39C-2FE010…)

She looks whack here but I’m happy she’s got something going on in her life and as wild as she is now, it’s nothing compared to what she once was. I hope she’s genuinely happy.

No. 1325233

she looks like a slightly more put together grimes, but honestly good for her, she deserves this

No. 1325239

File: 1631753882621.jpeg (654.81 KB, 828x1307, B8168300-D959-4A57-B6EB-2412C3…)

Another Russian skeleton girl.

No. 1325263

Any real milk? Being skeletal doesnt constitute a cow

No. 1325265

As if everything else these cows post without TW isnt triggering

No. 1325350


I posted this girl on thread #63 - here's the post >>1310943 and ill add the pic. She posts videos that would easy pass off as body checks, and some of these with her very young daughter.

No. 1325371

File: 1631766838051.png (2.08 MB, 1170x2532, F3B1F759-CE56-4162-9A22-F1CE76…)

(forgot the image)
sage for notmilk also has nothing to do with the poster. i am so so so tired of the phrase ‘fuel your body.’ also this as general advice, “if you cant stop thinking about food, if you cant stop being hungry, keep eating!” is actually very not true and damaging is it not? this fuel your body phase of the recovery anas is just gonna fuck them up in the long run.

No. 1325377

File: 1631767730311.jpeg (567.12 KB, 1170x1977, 9816FC8F-B906-4859-8BEE-48E4CA…)

Ham’s de definitely gaining weight from her diabetes oats. In my opinion she looks a bit slimmer here, this is from 12 weeks ago. Oh thank God, I guess she’s finally gaining the weight her fragile, frail, sick body needed kek.

No. 1325388

This might be the happiest I've ever felt over a cow and it's because they're having a good time and things are going well. Brava N2F!

No. 1325390

> retail therapy

Literally the only therapy she's ever had.

No. 1325407

File: 1631773450701.png (5.56 MB, 1125x2436, 088D704F-61E1-4951-90B0-7AB857…)

Doras new WIEIAD at uni… suspicious that she’s “forgotten to film” lots of her meals. Didn’t she say that u shouldn’t post them if ur under eating, rich girl hypocrisy at its finest

No. 1325425

So when’s their episode of the undatables coming out?

No. 1325430


We shall see what's lasting longer.
Her caretaker boyfriend or her ED.
I'm pretty pessimistic about it.

No. 1325442

You do realize that the other anon you're replying to has been sarcastic? That meal plan is just too big for Cecelia so she starts making trouble again. We know her by now.

No. 1325456

File: 1631780577991.png (1.56 MB, 804x1436, porgiemask.PNG)

nice try at trying to hide your triple-chin Porgie.

Shame that only a burqa would hide your giant moonface tho…

No. 1325457

She has adopted the ham mouth too

No. 1325473

File: 1631784819986.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1998, 20210916_113109.jpg)

Ham has added chocolate chips to her repertoire of sugary porridge toppings. And 4 blueberries… really?

No. 1325474

that bowl is a place where autism, eating disorder and a bit of porridge mix together

No. 1325482

File: 1631787319762.jpg (771.6 KB, 1080x2042, 20210916_120852.jpg)

I mean, I give her props for putting this message out there. But it does seem kind of hypocritical coming for someone who makes her whole personality about being a bodybuilder and a ~fitness coach~ striving to become as lean as possible.

No. 1325489


> kind of hypocritical

That's such a huge understatement. One has to take just one look at her current Insta. Posing around like a rotisserie chicken is no way to go through life.
'Actual reality' my ass, sister.

No. 1325507

That's some dry peanut butter

No. 1325513

Sage for no milk, but the super outdated social media links have been bugging me for a few threads now, so I took the time t and updated them. Removed some dead/irrelevant ones, added some that were missing and rearranged them.
Feel free to modify if I missed anything, nonnas:
https://www.instagram.com/ceceliafrances/ (private)
https://www.instagram.com/hannahmblackburn (private)
https://instagram.com/flourishingfxiry (private)
https://instagram.com/soph.ventiing (private)
https://instagram.com/smorven (private)
https://instagram.com/littlestlee2.0 (private)
https://www.instagram.com/a_wintergirl_thawing_2 (private)

(repost bc I noticed one was wrong)

No. 1325521

Bless you

No. 1325522

No. 1325529

Thanks a lot for that effort, anon.
Good to have them all and up to date.

No. 1325531

> https://www.instagram.com/domenikjonasluecke/

I'd call that one "outdated" since Pencilneck didn't post there for 9 months now.

No. 1325536

Idk. It's his personal, so he might post on it again one day.

No. 1325544


Leave it. There's some info about his upcoming C-movie and even production shots in it.

No. 1325552

hxn taking full advantage of a pair of new pyjamas to stand on her bed and film a full on body check to share with her vulnerable followers. SUCH an inspiration!

No. 1325553

File: 1631797472999.png (1.23 MB, 828x1792, 24823940-263B-4FFE-87D4-3891A9…)

look at that geriatric hand ….!!!!

No. 1325556

He very occasionally posts a story. Usually what he posts on his fun account.

No. 1325557


I’ve been waiting for someone to do this! Too lazy to do myself. Thanks anon.

No. 1325558

Imageboard, anon.

No. 1325565

File: 1631799078679.jpeg (155.01 KB, 828x1366, D9089086-F7D2-4E9C-9632-75CFC2…)

For reference.

She’s also now deleted her recent live where she makes “jewellery” like you do in arts and crafts at infant school while arm flexing.

No. 1325571

Her body looks very similar to Eugenia's. It wouldn't surprise me to see her lift up her whole leg into the camera to show off her shoes lol

No. 1325573

and to clarify, the person who sent her a tell simply asked what her favourite pyjamas were. nobody asked her to put on those pyjamas and film a body check.

No. 1325589

“To have been given every treatment possible — girl stfu if ur so pro recovery why haven’t U gained weight?

No. 1325596

File: 1631803339136.jpg (147.55 KB, 1200x1200, 8a76db7b-0001-0004-0000-000000…)

Those bitches preaching recovery while looking like Ötzi are so full of shit.

No. 1325598

Didn't know people were dabbing in the stone age.
Is he on edtwt?

No. 1325639

File: 1631805328609.png (1.31 MB, 1200x1200, -1.png)

Finally at 0% body fat

No. 1325676

Im less concerned about her gaining weight and more concerned her entire life revolves around posting her meals without learning how to food prep in college. She needs to move on, make friends, travel, and gain real life experiences outside the nobel title of "ED Warrior"

No. 1325683

Sorry but fuck off with your BPD vendetta not everyone with BPD is an attention seeking lark waiting for ass pats

No. 1325720

she probably sent herself that tell as an excuse to show her toob off.

No. 1325734

File: 1631811164315.jpeg (479.53 KB, 733x1215, 58E237CB-B857-4BC4-89CB-EE0982…)

Someone has been reading here.

No. 1325757

To hide the liver failure

No. 1325782

File: 1631812977192.jpg (483.55 KB, 1080x1617, 20210916_192221.jpg)

You can tell he has been lurking like crazy kek

Hi Nik

No. 1325805


No. 1325810

The girl didn't get the cha cha heels.

No. 1325813

Fuck me, I thought this was a joke but I just looked and it's real!!! Hahahaha.

Jesus Christ, Gaylord, we don't think you're homo because you're anorexic, we know you're gay because you're camp as fuck.

No. 1325823

Meh shes has a point. It sounds like a shitty center. Just send her home she shouldnt have been hospitalized for months in the first place

No. 1325836

Honestly I would understand more if he was gay. There’s nobody more critical of bodies than gay guys. It doesn’t matter anyway, he can’t fuck anything with his sad limp cock. pencil neck and pencil dick no doubt.

No. 1325840

File: 1631817058836.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1617, gay.png)

He is making this far too easy

No. 1325841

Hallo Domenik.

No, it's not Anorexia that "makes you gay".
But we can tell by your general demeanor, theatrical talking, your sense of clothing style and the fluffiness of your hair.
It's not wrong. But at least stand to it.

No. 1325842

He sounds homophobic and really offended that people think he's gay.

It's okay to be a cum guzzler, Niki. Why is it a problem for you? Are you a fascist or something? You have to repress your homosexuality?

Everyone I know with an eating disorder is gay or bi. I'm happy to see he's finally coming out. This song's for you, you old queen, you.

No. 1325853

Cece, just shut up and eat your food according to Plan A.
And never take a photo of your stupid face again.

No. 1325875

One more song for our pencil man.

Schwul sein ist okay. Sei authentisch, Nik.

No. 1325895


Hey Nik, welcome to the farms! Nice to have you lurking here.

Apart from your obsession with chocolate sweets, you still read Harry Potter at nearly 30 years of age. You talk and behave like someone in a very cheap soap opera, all the time the camera runs.

You are very likely that kind of guy who smells like caramel shampoo.

So what are we supposed to think?

No. 1325927

File: 1631823377349.jpg (179.85 KB, 1200x759, shutterstock-1048289296.jpg)

I can picture Nik with Two Gay Dogs called Jackie and Joan. Both with pink rhinestone collars.

He said he's studying theology. Could be guilt about being gay that makes him hate gays. The lady doth protest too much.

No. 1325928

File: 1631823542090.png (1.17 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210916-211749.png)

Guess who.

No. 1325935

In her mum's car again. Oh Hannah.

No. 1325962

File: 1631826614707.jpg (133.93 KB, 1080x1080, 242294831_904346160171240_2033…)

Here's a blank for y'all.
Feel free to fuck around with it.

No. 1325966

Pro tip: photopea.com is like a free version of photoshop. Hours of fun.

No. 1325972

File: 1631827274252.jpg (55.63 KB, 800x800, New Project(1).jpg)


No. 1325974

File: 1631827572549.jpg (351.29 KB, 1080x1071, 20210916_232523.jpg)

For all you German anons.

It says "why doesn't my dick work"

No. 1326006

File: 1631830767758.png (6.89 MB, 1242x2688, 8FCA253D-DC3D-4EF2-B9B6-F760C7…)

Okay this new girl that Dora is CONSTANTLY posting is clearly v pretty and naturally slim and I can’t help but think that our “recovery” Kween is very jealous that she’s no longer the tall skinni one out of the group (not to shade on the other two girls she posts from home or whatever but she’s the slimmest and tallest out of them and this new girl is skinnier and arguably prettier than Dora and idk the constant posting of her just seems weird to me??) idk if I’m projecting too many of my own issues onto this lol but I know that’s how I’d feel if this girl was in my halls lol

No. 1326015

And judging by this photo she’s better at makeup too kek. Dora looks pissed in this photo so I can’t imagine how angry she actually is inside.

No. 1326026

File: 1631832133333.jpg (822.54 KB, 1080x1920, 20210917_004103.jpg)

Those people are called farmers

No. 1326035

File: 1631832906557.jpg (293.66 KB, 1080x1074, 20210917_005425.jpg)

No. 1326056

pls anons, my sides

No. 1326130


She's obvs not a cow but this new girl is insufferably arrogant on her social media. May just be because I'm no gen z but ugh.

No. 1326142

I read “dear pixar” and thought you were gonna make a joke comparing him to linguini from ratatouille KEK

No. 1326173

I feel bad for her because she's only 18 and I actually do think she has an eating disorder. People with EDs will always be obsessed with food. If I was her I'd delete Instagram (and whatever other social media there is) and never go back. Regardless of whether you eat or don't eat it's a terrible environment to be in.

No. 1326207

woahhh she's gotten really big

No. 1326231

i dont even blame her id be fucking pissed too

No. 1326300


Stop your wk'ing and learn to sage.

No. 1326306

Damn, now that you mention it. The resemblance is uncanny kek. I wonder if his actions are controlles by a rat too.

No. 1326309


Rather unlikely. But some rodent secretly pulling on his hair would explain his terrible, stilted acting.

No. 1326311

I like that, out of all the shit we've been saying about him, the think he chooses to get butthurt over is that we think he's gay.

How about addressing that fake 'recovery' for once, Nik?

No. 1326314

The best Nik edit yet.

No, he's Anton 'I don't swallow' Ego

Genuinely curious how you think she actually has an ED. Do you me ARFID with her avoidance of veg?

No. 1326317

> >>1326142
> No, he's Anton 'I don't swallow' Ego

Nope. Can't do. That Anton Ego has got a passion for food.

No. 1326339

File: 1631865075674.jpg (141.16 KB, 1052x2344, ego.jpg)

Jesus Christ, anon.

No. 1326361

File: 1631868569616.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1080, lolcow (2).png)


No. 1326370

I'm so bored of all the Nik edits. Ruining the thread. A couple of times was enough, give it a break ffs.

No. 1326389

File: 1631872113241.jpg (112.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1631826614707(1).jpg)

No. 1326427

File: 1631875774121.jpeg (733.1 KB, 828x1476, 9D7A4E9C-A8AF-42AE-AAB4-D65ADA…)

lets move on from Nick edits, they are boring af.

Hxn on the other hand, posts body checks with every oportunity

No. 1326428

> Hxn on the other hand, posts body checks with every oportunity

…which is NOT boring af?

No. 1326438

She’s fixated on food in a way that isn’t healthy. The way she presents her food is very meticulous and not normal. Her being involved in the anorexia side of Instagram exacerbates it.

No. 1326443

That's because she's copying people who really do have a disorder.

No. 1326449

File: 1631878281096.png (4.97 MB, 2560x1440, t66.png)

Bored out of my mind, so I made a new thread pic already. Sorry if it's garbage.

No. 1326450

Although Hxn is being pretty boring at the moment, at least we will have the receipts for when she is discharged and claims she has 'never shown her tube or her bones sticking out'

No. 1326453

No, she’s blatantly copying people who are actually disordered. If you look back to her first posts (which are supposedly at the beginning of her “recovery”) none of her food was presented like this. Those disordered cognitions/obsessions are supposed to lessen the further into recovery someone is. Ham never stopped shovelling crap into her body but it’s almost beside the point - she’ll incorporate anything into her LARP even if it’s ass backwards and makes no sense. That’s how we know she’s full of shit.

No. 1326455

She’s got mad attention seeking issues and dependency on her mum, could’ve stemmed from parents fighting as divorces aren’t a quick decision. And no friends, so sought them online. She’s not obsessed with food or “suffering from an ED”, she’s obsessed with asspats and it’s her tool in getting them after her mum probably worried she didn’t finish her burger once.

No. 1326456

interesting question: can your dick become skinnier from malnutrition? any medfags here?

No. 1326457

is ham trying to become the new n2f since nourish is growing out of her cow status

No. 1326477

Wonder how many prizes she’s won on McDonalds monopoly so far…she’ll be collecting those pieces in no time

No. 1326488

File: 1631882551363.jpeg (22.59 KB, 275x275, 4F4FB626-97E6-4309-8506-9F7916…)

No. 1326494

File: 1631882954565.jpg (945.79 KB, 1080x1981, 20210917_144825.jpg)

I think this is a new record for smallest amount of fruit

No. 1326497

So this has become a daily habit. She eats treats all day every day.

No. 1326499

Ham logic: dissect two raspberries makes a chocolate bar healthy


No. 1326502

Maybe she is trying to get attention from her parents however as harsh as it sounds she probably made their issues worse as her mum is clearly an enabler. If we should feel sorry for anyone in this even though we don't know the whole reasons why they are getting a divorce it should be her Dad. Maybe he's a lot more clued on than we know and who knows confronted her Mum

No. 1326504

Damn how big is that chucklet bar? Is it like a full size 100g one?

No. 1326506

Googled it, is a 25g bar (it looks bigger because that sort are very thin). I do like chocolate on porridge, but even that amount would be overwhelming.

No. 1326507

Wondered what brand of chocolate that is as I’ve never seen it in the UK - of course it’s aldi’s own. Surprised she’s not doing her usual trick with her ‘biscoff’ own brand spread and calling this lindt porridge. (I’m not anna for what it’s worth, just prefer asda to other the poor-tier supermarkets) It’s 150 calories for a bar like that, just casually whopped onto her porridge.

No. 1326515

those kinder bars are 70 cals each as is…holy sugar batman

No. 1326519

I'm surprised EDUs let patients wear things like crop tops. Hxn is even bodychecking in person to the other patients!

No. 1326521

Exactly. Sloppy Maccies in her mum's car is standard, but she'll make a meticulously labelled oatmeal every morning because that's what every other insta ana does.

No. 1326526

you should see ED recovery reddit, it even says wanting to eat healthier foods like vegetables is disordered

No. 1326530

Hxn has boobs, most anas hate that

No. 1326539

she says she doesn't really leave her room (and she doesn't need to go to the dining room either obviously) so that isn't a problem.

No. 1326558

>insta ana

Kek, what Ham wishes she was.

No. 1326566


They’re not. She said in a tell yesterday she got told off for showing her stomach.

Here’s one for the ‘i don’t show off my tube’ or the ‘I only show my tube when I absolutely can’t help it’
Evidence for 6 months time when she says she only ever showed the tube when she was talking or it was absolutely necessary. Because this of course was an accidental tube pic.

No. 1326569

File: 1631889316101.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, 2F3A3B58-6B0E-4523-AAA7-9F723C…)

Would obviously help if I included the pic wouldn’t it.

No. 1326580

File: 1631890696105.jpg (232.13 KB, 1080x1342, 20210917_165657.jpg)

Did Nourish go private recently or has she been for a while?

No. 1326597

Not sure, she randomly seemed to block a load of people or something as her acc never shows up for me anymore and someone else mentioned it a few threads back despite never engaging or giving a reason to block… odd

No. 1326662

This is the raw essence of this thread..!

Congrats, anon.

No. 1326676

Is Ember off limits for being 17? She's all over twitter and tiktok. @itz3mbxr on both platforms. Unsure if she's that milky though as she mostly just posts her spoopy bodychecks constantly.

No. 1326688

no, off limits for being a histrionic self posting cunt. read the early threads

No. 1326699

Ember's older than 17. Must be a different one. I tried to look but the account doesn't exist on insta

No. 1326700

Adding, it's not whann. Looked in twitter and it's some kid.

No. 1326701

no dicks around here

No. 1326714


Yes. If you become very emaciated (like if you’re about to die from cancer) it can pretty much disappear into the scrotum, which becomes little more than saggy skin.

No. 1326718

Anon who had the dream about Nik here, I guess I know now that it wasn't realistic lol

No. 1326720

the oats underneath also put me off. Looks congealed to me

No. 1326722

File: 1631900561396.png (37.48 KB, 720x278, Screenshot_20210917-183920~2.p…)

How about people don't use the word trans at all or acknowledge these perverts.
Nik's going to start writing his captions in German soon. Bet he's butthurt (see what I did there?) about his written English being incorrect now.

No. 1326794

It's quite obvious that he can't take any kind of criticism at all, pansy that he is.

He lacks a genuine confidence and one can literally smell his deep-seated insecurities.

He's not some motivational speaker, just a lame copycat and will probably never succeed in this role.

No. 1326821

Agreed. Well said, anon. He has 0 self-awareness which is why he's such an unconvincing actor and will never make it.

People who can't laugh about themselves are the worst kinds of people.

No. 1326826

File: 1631906294826.jpg (73.66 KB, 1080x308, 20210917_211737.jpg)

So much cringe in his comments kek

No. 1326842

No some people are gay because they like cock. I’m not even gonna check their profile but i’m guessing they’re one of those ‘fat but still very sick’ ‘‘‘‘anorexics’’’’

No. 1326848

File: 1631907475012.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1487, 45BCF1A8-8FFD-4B8D-BF32-7E6C90…)

Emily made a new bff already

No. 1326855

File: 1631907818069.jpg (688.68 KB, 1080x1606, 20210917_214019.jpg)

This Em girl's posts piss me off so much kek I'm glad to see hee being brought up.

Never seen the other chick before, but she seems pretty milky.

No. 1326859

File: 1631907926324.jpg (213.31 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_20210917_204231.jpg)

so hxn finds out she's likely to get government funding for orri, and suddenly announces that she may not accept the treatment as it may not be the right thing for her!
she set up a gfm begging for donations to fund the treatment she's decided is the only one suitable for her super speshul anorexia, yet the second it's a possibility, she's already finding excuses as to why she won't be going, because she doesn't WANT to get better. and she has the funding but the gfm is still open?!

No. 1326863

she has a tiktok and she seems fake and snob to me

No. 1326869

File: 1631908260486.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1997, 20210917_214858.jpg)

Those people are literally insane.

No. 1326893

Is Tilly a banned topic?

No. 1326902

Which Tilly?

No. 1326908

File: 1631909671614.jpeg (277.33 KB, 828x1172, A46A49AA-0861-4C8F-822B-DF0508…)

Loves a body check and is clearly genuinely ill, but at least she’s not harping on about being a recovery account or being a sanctimonious twat

No. 1326909

Read to me like a fakeboy. They're the only people I know who consistently describe themselves as "very gay".

No. 1326915

if he starts writing in German you have a lot of us here who will happily translate all his recovery wins… only think I won't do is watch his videos, you will need another anon for that.

No. 1326916

File: 1631909854616.jpeg (94.13 KB, 1280x720, ddg.jpeg)

I can't not see this.

No. 1326918

Tilly isn’t banned

No. 1326919

If she's expected to get gov't funding then why the hell does she have a GFM? dodgy

No. 1326928

I'm pretty sure all his videos will have subtitles. Regardless, as a fellow German speaker, I find it way less cringeworthy to listen to him speak German. No 'jaining' or 'cowntry'. Just generic dumb ramblings.

No. 1326929

File: 1631910223553.jpeg (787.69 KB, 818x1558, C506CDA2-2FEE-4B57-9887-F3B2D9…)

yet she is still using all the recovery hashtags to show and trigger others her bony shoulders

No. 1326933

>>1326869 Swear she looks even worse on the right. Scary that these people can coach others when they aren't really fit her strong. Her form in her latest youtube video is so bad. Just all the ana behaviours but with a bit more muscle.

No. 1326937

Apologies anon, didn’t check out her TikTok. Retract not being milky

No. 1326938

File: 1631910572568.jpg (758.2 KB, 1080x1976, 20210917_222756.jpg)

Also clearly treats the noodle as an accessory. Total pro-ana scumbag.

No. 1326945

File: 1631911058994.jpeg (718.35 KB, 828x1480, 5440F942-A2CC-4ECE-835C-2343BB…)

am i the only one who doesnt understand a word from hxn videos?
also is it a thing now, the running mascara?

No. 1326950

makes it look like she's been crying i guess

No. 1326959

One of the most important rules of being a BPD cow is that you're not allowed to wear waterproof mascara.

No. 1326961

Aaaaaaawww poor crybaby.

No. 1326978


Just wipe your face.

No. 1326989

She was but I personally don’t think she should be anymore / she has been brought up occasionally without any issues. She is not super milky IMO but just kind of a snobby loser.

No. 1326991

File: 1631913399944.png (58.91 KB, 720x340, Screenshot_20210917-221411~2.p…)

Biological female, pronoun "she", yet ~trans~ Erm…

No. 1326992

Can someone fill me in on what happened with ohchickpea please? I used to follow her, been searching but I can't understand what happened with her or if she's still milky.

No. 1326994

No I can never understand anything she’s saying, it’s so odd

No. 1327006

Going by Casper and used they/them pronouns now. Gave up the DID thing she had going on to be an autistic genderspesh.

@casperunearthered on IG

No. 1327014

I think it's his ridiculous overacting and failed attempts at humor that makes him so despicable.

No. 1327021

File: 1631915212871.jpg (57.19 KB, 1080x262, 20210917_234550.jpg)

Nik certainly is a 'creature', although I think beautiful is a bit of a reach.

No. 1327025

If she can put the effort and energy into recording herself talking all the time, not to mention doing her makeup in the first place, you would think she could take 30 seconds to wipe off the mascara on her cheeks. She seems to have plenty of free time. But alas.

No. 1327028

Agreed, so embarrassing.

Anyone who tries to say that the criteria for Anorexia Nervosa is weight-driven gets a ban from the HAES, bopo, and probably massively overweight mods.

No. 1327045

File: 1631917062110.png (Spoiler Image, 4.35 MB, 750x1334, 58312C41-56F1-460E-BD79-A8F116…)

Taking a moment to break up the Nik edits and Hxn body checks to remind farmers that our hoarding goblin (despite getting out and about these days) is still a filth magnet.

Spoiler because N2F.

No. 1327049

Never change, N2F, never ever change. Has N2F ever made any signs of reading about herself on lolcow?

No. 1327054

File: 1631918278037.png (436.78 KB, 859x500, Screenshot 2021-09-17 6.35.13 …)

I will admit, anorexic to body builder is my favorite pipeline, they are all just pure crazy. Take ganer for ex, if you can consider her that. But I agree, just watched some of her latest youtube video. Definitely not disordered behavior, nope not at all… "Stop projecting anachans!"

No. 1327058

That screencap looks like it's from one of those "what I eat in a week | low restriction | TWED" videos kek

No. 1327076

No. Though I said this a few months back and a farmer insisted that she has selfposted etc. I honestly don't think n2f would know how (and doi recall this ever happening!)
The most she has ever done is get angry at commenters saying she should trim her hair.

No. 1327101

File: 1631922172174.jpeg (215.14 KB, 828x1415, 682A5B19-A894-42D6-8273-A65DA4…)

The world doesn’t revolve around you, Cecelia. It’s literally a poster in America, you know the country with the biggest obesity issue, encouraging people to maybe take the stairs. Narc Queen strikes again

No. 1327113

Not just Cecelia who lights up at shit like this. Literally anything promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in advertising gets demonized by anorexics for 'promoting fatphobia,' as if they arent the biggest 'fatphobes' themselves. Can't tell obese americans to try to be better without triggering some random recovery warrior.

No. 1327116

He might be an acquired taste, like how some people think reptiles are really cute, but others think they're disgusting. The part about deserving respect is puzzling. Respect for what exactly?

Imagine the bacteria breeding underneath those nails.

Cece is a grown woman. She has/had her own apartment, a job, an adult relationship, and can be grown up, yet her attitude to recovery is so…teenage.
Weight restoration, or being heavier "than you'd like", is part of recovery. Just fucking deal with it like an adult. She's not on a section, so she doesn't HAVE to follow her meal plan. If she hadn't been so eager to IP for tube shot and attention/to miss her sister's wedding, then she could've done it at home and stuck at a weight she felt comfortable with.

She also needs to take into consideration that bodies do gain extra weight with age. Does she think she's going to fit in clothes she wore at the age of 20 into her 40s?

No. 1327120

File: 1631923903223.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.53 KB, 518x769, spoiler because chicken legs.J…)

Yes, I know Ash has her own thread, but it's dead. She outlived it, ofc.
Here's her latest though:
>Ankle brace, or fashion statement? I’ll let you decide.
Regardless, I’ll probably never be able to walk ‘normally again’. Just posting an update so the million DM’s can stop asking me if I ‘died yet’. Bitch, I can’t die until my birthday happens in November, because I need a Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Cake 🍪

I don't think she's been able to ~walk normally~ for at least 9 years. Sure, she's going to eat cake.

No. 1327139

File: 1631926861175.jpg (123.33 KB, 720x650, 20210917_185753.jpg)

The ED-induced osteoporosis has finally caught up in with them. I can never tell if Ash is being humorous or dark and weird

Genuinely curious if theyve been vaccinated and the Seasonal bugs are going to do them in…if slipping on ice and breaking like a toothpick doesnt

No. 1327142

If you ever visit the "other" Farms, they have a thread on a deathfat female comedian in the UK who complained enough to get a whole campain about the health issues of obesity cancelled. And it was by a CANCER charity!!

No. 1327144

>fashion mood

I want to be sick.

Which comedian? I haven't heard about that and can't think of an obese female comedian.

No. 1327145

I didn't think ankle braces came in toddler sizes. It can't be doing anything supportive, surely. Plus she does use a wheelchair for mobilising when she's out.

No. 1327147

File: 1631927452633.jpeg (52.1 KB, 600x400, Happy-Fat-Sofie-Hagen-1.jpeg)

Sofie Hagen. Considering her book is called HAPPY FAT you'd think she'd be a bit less unrelentingly miserable.

I'll stop shitting the thread up with anorexia's worst nightmare now.

No. 1327149

Thanks. I'll look for her. Interested to hear what her "humour"s about. How funny it is to be morbidly obese? Ta anyway.

No. 1327158

With nurses reporting that obesity is linked with their covid patient's deaths in the US its only make me more vigilant about my choices. You can recover from an ED and maintain healthy lifestyle to manage weight. Im so tired of "fatphobia" being thrown at any sound medical advice that us Americans would be very well off practicing. Apparently DoctorMike on youtube saying "obesity increases your risk of developing disease" was too taboo and hateful for this crowd

No. 1327191

her cheeks have filled out at least!

No. 1327195

Thin, but it's the angles she's using that make it worse, look at the knee right up front to pull everything else into foreground…

No. 1327208

this is crazy I know Lauren and I was wondering if she was gonna get posted here one day. Didn't know she had a tiktok. she used to have a recovery acc but she deleted it. I just wonder how she's been in hospital since like april but doesn't seem to have gained much if any weight

No. 1327298


She’s a triplet, right? Her sisters are really athletic - acrobatic? I wondered the same about weight gain.

No. 1327302

File: 1631952692815.png (77.88 KB, 781x376, fuckoff.png)

Another one for the scrapbook. Didn't she attack nourish for posting those almost naked photos (even though n2f was a healthy weight in them) and wouldn't take 'unfollow' for an answer? And maybe this is a hot take but whether you are body check or just showing you UW body off does not matter, it is still going to upset people. (I personally don't have a problem with seeing her stomach or anything but since the unit has clothing rules she should probably apply them to her ED insta as well) And finally, she can take her tube out between feeds but it is too much of an inconvenience to not post until it is removed? Interesting. Rant over.

No. 1327306

That's interesting because at one point she was one of the more frequently discussed subjects of the thread. I had assumed that, in the very least, one of the other cows who did find the thread would have tipped her about here

No. 1327329

I remember seeing a post in an older thread about her responding to someone in the comments pointing out how she is very obviously bulimic, and her getting really angry and defensive about it. I think her insisting on having only suffered with anorexia and denying ever having been bulimic is one of the main reasons why she is still seen as a cow.

No. 1327333

Honestly, if I were her, I would've booked a trip to Switzerland a long time ago. With the state her body is in, she must be in constant pain (only when she is conscious ofc). It baffles me how she still chooses to stay alive and just wait until the grim reaper inevitably knkcks at her door.

No. 1327335


It's just another bodycheck.
She's been rolling around in her wheelchair for years now.
That "body" of hers is fucked up beyond repair.

No. 1327346


I really want to see Hxn’s nurses figure out where to give her Pfizer

No. 1327351

Has anyone braved listening to Im_powering's podcast? I'm curious as to what it's like, but don't hate myself quite that much.

No. 1327352

I doubt they would even try. You can't inject a vaccine into bones.

No. 1327353

No, I’m not dedicating that much time to a cow. If you look at her ‘CHATS’ highlight you will probably have the same experience though. Lots of overly positive, preachy, casual magic shit

No. 1327362


I'm surprised she even went out. Her entire life seems to consist of exercise purging in her bedroom, walking a million steps per day, plugging some crappy brand of protein powder and 'posing' in her back yard, plus injuring her back repeatedly. This is her lifestyle though, guys, totally different from promoting anorexia as a lifestyle…

No. 1327369

Agreed. The heavy squats that she does will take their toll on her back one day.
But her online coaches might know better..?

No. 1327392

Yeah she is, idk if they're competitive with each other? Mainly I just feel sorry for her, must be shit being stuck in IP while your sisters do cool stuff

No. 1327396

File: 1631968709286.jpeg (64.18 KB, 828x379, 456BBA1D-72A3-4FC9-A044-2A7D48…)

hxn wont even try to eat this admission, what is she expecting orri to do? magic?

No. 1327417

Underrated post

No. 1327423

so this is what the yellow shit all over her face was >>1324131

No. 1327436

Why is it in Korean lol

No. 1327463

A few days ago she said she definitely won’t be eating in this admission. She gets so many tells I’m not going to find it, but if she says she wants to start eating again she might as well start now. It isn’t going to get any easier.

No. 1327477

File: 1631977620136.png (1.41 MB, 720x1336, Screenshot_20210918-160520~2.p…)

Oh god, bleck. Hannah's on a date with her mother.

No. 1327482

Why is she calling it a date

No. 1327497

I can’t see a giant slice of cake, is ham relapsing?!

No. 1327508


Nah. They'll have to cut back on all these cakes now she's part of a single parent family. She should buy a reusable tall cup (£5). 25p off every coffee if you use it, you can use it with instant/your own coffee and it's kinder to the environment (less water/washing up). I want to know what she's studying in English Lit. She really posts zero about her interests. It's not right. Even PencilNik posts about drama and HP, however tarded it is.

No. 1327526

there is a lot more on the receipt than shown. my guess is she hasn’t taken a photo of the food involved. i won’t be surprised if there is a video later recorded by hammum of ham ~challenging~ some sugary cake!

No. 1327527

Cheese and ham sandwiches in the toaster

No. 1327529

>there is a lot more on the receipt than shown

You're right. There's 2 x cappuccino, 2 x oat milk, the biscotti and two other items not visible.

No. 1327551

More interesting is why her mum is moving out. Normally the mum stays in the family home with the child yet even though Ham is totally dependent on her enabling mum her mum is leaving and she's staying with Daddy who we haven't heard that much about!

No. 1327584

Her dad probably owns the house and has said she has to leave.

No. 1327591

File: 1631987490580.jpeg (353.14 KB, 1242x2201, 971348A9-E7EF-4E37-8E85-74F7F5…)

Cecilia is such a cow. Everything she says and does is annoying but saw this. She basically wasted a bed in residential. She doesn’t want to get better she wants to stay her normal body type self. She’s quitting the program because it’s too hard for her, I can’t believe she’s almost 30.

No. 1327593

File: 1631987524186.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2186, D1C0134F-2E51-499B-A5C1-014DF7…)

Another idiotic Cecilia rant

No. 1327595

She has to be so very annoying in real life. I despise her so much.

No. 1327597

Why doesn't she go home then?

No. 1327601

File: 1631988798088.jpg (23.51 KB, 267x352, 0.JPG)

Found an old pic of Ham. She wasn't a fat kid. This was mused upon a lot earlier in threads.

No. 1327608

File: 1631989396326.jpg (114.88 KB, 800x765, march 2018.JPG)

March 2018. How long did she say she was anorexic for?

No. 1327625

If any anons are feeling generous please juxtapose this and her claiming her dietitian called her extremely underweight thank you
The more active she’s become online the more insufferable she is

No. 1327632

How does she even type coherent sentences at this point? How does she even get out of bed and get dressed? I truly don’t understand how she’s functioning at all

No. 1327636

Ashley is as old as the world. She is older than god. She has existed before time and she will exist once we are long gone and out world forgotten. She feeds on the souls of others to keep her alive. Every time you say her name you give her more power.

No. 1327638

File: 1631991963525.jpg (893.67 KB, 1080x1976, 20210918_210511.jpg)

Anna's back.

No. 1327641

File: 1631992338739.png (622.99 KB, 1374x766, this is how it is.png)

No. 1327642

How melodramatic. Sounds like she's on her death bed surrounded by her loved ones.

No. 1327648

Of course she’s on her deathbed - she gets a bit itchy and an upset stomach sometimes. Might as well get in the coffin now and save her poor family the trouble. I like how she’s acting like she’s being so saintly not posting her awful looking ‘low histamine’ meals. Nobody wants to see them anyway anna, silly cow.

No. 1327652

Is she gunning for a PEG now do we think?

It's amazing she is still coherent - compare with the twins (who have been sick longer but not quite as spoopy) or Eugenia and her relative lack of cognitive decline is amazing.

No. 1327675

Probably adderall or cocaine

No. 1327680

You and I are clearly on the same plane of autism

No. 1327683

Oh shit, Ganer's on Bodybuilding.com.
She's going to be even more insufferable now. What a shitshow for a mainstream site to validate the crap she preaches. No-one in her state should ever have been working out in a gym - it's just luck she didn't die. Now others can hold her up as an example and use her to argue for exercising in an emaciated state. This bitch really doesn't care about anyone besides herself.


No. 1327685

File: 1631997602661.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1170x2179, 25C79DF6-DD6F-4FB3-92D9-7BD996…)

Has this cow been mentioned previously? I think I’m gonna barf she’s a ham copy

No. 1327686

>I love my food now, and I have pleasure in making meals look amazing.

Cue protein slop photos.

No. 1327689

I was just about to post this
>I eat more than some men right now, and I'm proud of that.

Hannah, sweaty, Nik does not count.

No. 1327692

I don’t get you anon, how does not wanting to gain over a normal weight mean she doesn’t want to ‘get better’? if she’s already overshot it actually seems like a good idea not to gain more

anyway, what does she need to get better from at this point? she clearly doesn’t have a problem eating enough so idk out of all the things you could criticize her for seems like a weird choice to me

No. 1327693

This sounds so braggy. Congratulations, you are wasting your life exercise purging!

>making meals look amazing
how about making them taste amazing, Hannah?

No. 1327695

Topkek. Also,
>When I did first start, I got myself a coach, like an actual bodybuilding coach who was experienced in anorexia.

That person needs to lose their license ASAP.

No. 1327696

Tinfoil that she actually IS the grim reaper

No. 1327697

Do you mean Sweetie?

No. 1327715

She may be a normal weight but it doesn't mean she'll be overweight from the plan so her treatment clearly think she can still gain and she's clearly setting the stage for another 'relapse' it's part of the obvious crazy eyes cycle of attention seeking

No. 1327725

have you only been on the internet for a total of five minutes in your life? 'sweaty' instead of 'sweetie' is a meme

No. 1327729

This is a bit iffy. It's not abnormal for ana's to get into weight training. It's not like she's REALLY a body builder.
>If you wrote my story down on paper, it's very abnormal. Severely anorexic, going into weightlifting.

In treatment they do that a lot. Aim for the lower healthy weight, then push it to what your "ideal" weight is. She's been here before (several times), you'd think she would've experienced it before.

No. 1327732

File: 1632002458424.png (801.5 KB, 769x898, 0A55B80A-67D9-4B77-9FED-009F1C…)

So she’s got she’s got a naturally round face and dropped some puppy fat last year like lots of teens eventually do. Can’t find the pic of her from her old college (winning some award for a bakery, no less) but she’s been claiming anorexia since like 2019? I think? Anyway when I was looking for it stumbled across picrel and it’s still topkek

No. 1327735

Adding this. Searched "anorexic weight lifting" (Olympic sport?) because CBA with if tags. There are loads of em but she thinks she's solo abnormal (ie special).

No. 1327737

File: 1632002728958.png (330.71 KB, 720x1275, Screenshot_20210918-225943~2.p…)


No. 1327749

File: 1632003841297.png (998.95 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210918-231943.png)

Bingo was fun.

Here's Ham in 2017. She looks so much different to now, but looks better?

She used to say she had anorexia~for yeaaaars~ but never said when it was supposed to start. In her fantasy, ofc.

No. 1327750

Maybe don’t admit yourself voluntarily and push for NG feeds when you don’t need them then? She didn’t need to gain in the first place. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1327759

File: 1632005397045.jpeg (85.02 KB, 1300x956, 88FA8525-BF04-4704-AF1D-6EC0B0…)

Bingo and bakeranon. We were so spoiled.

No. 1327766

File: 1632005971051.png (3.49 MB, 828x1792, FE3A750B-97B1-42BC-81B9-430285…)

call me old or whatever but am i wrong in saying there’s some sort of BMI requirement for university??? or an OH check? zara’s looking smaller every time she posts (but ig stories are still puke-inducingly arrogant)

No. 1327767

File: 1632006024757.jpeg (260.05 KB, 443x958, 7FAF9861-57D5-43A4-BD85-2082F3…)

samefag but does she look like she’s just been dropped off in a psych ward? genuinely all i thought when seeing this

No. 1327777

you trade one addiction for another, I've seen that so many times when people recover from an ED or they become a nutritionist. In the end you still put your focus on your body and food, you just change the outward appearance.

No. 1327799


Yes, she does. I'm baffled as to how she insists she's gained "lots" of weight yet looks smaller. Or why she couldn't take a year out - she's 17, why the rush to uni?

No. 1327843

Watch out, she throws a tantrum whenever someone mentions a bmi requirement for uni. She somehow manages to get away with anything despite being under 18 and is incredibly smug about it every single time

No. 1327848

How is she going to uni if she's only 17??

No. 1327866

I think that’s fairly common in Scotland

No. 1327883

Still disordered. I'll cheer for these people when they eat cake and make a life outside of LARPing about their fitness and food

No. 1327975

It's almost like having (or LARPing) a systemic disorder where you react to so many things would make a foreign holiday a nightmare for most people.

My tinfoil is she was fine all holiday but now she's back her attentionseekingitis is flaring up again with no holiday to distract her.

No. 1327979

There is no way her body would cope with stimulants, anon. At this point, a sandwich would probably kill her.

No. 1327982

Arguably, she was underweight. She didn't need an intensive IP program though, she wasn't that bad.

No. 1327983

Yes you're right. Scotland puts kids into school earlier so loads of them end up turning 18 during the first term at uni.

No. 1328025

Scotspeople are fucking junkies.

No. 1328039

File: 1632038582130.jpg (43.03 KB, 768x544, scots.jpg)


"The trouble with Scotland is that it's full of Scots!"

No. 1328061

is bakeranon still around?

No. 1328062

File: 1632041833404.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x2213, DF7A1DFF-CEC3-4BD1-A7F8-217682…)

Anyone think it’s a bit sus this is the last thing sorcha posts before going radio silent on socials?

No. 1328067

Wait I thought she was just out of inpatient so I don’t think they’d readmit her so soon?

No. 1328076

I hate talking about S* and giving her the attention but she had lost quite a bit in the community.

No. 1328078

File: 1632043407823.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1170x2139, EF5107CD-9D6B-419C-A1B0-D49E4B…)

Stop interacting with her self posts. She only got banned for posting with her “friend”

No. 1328083


It's easy to lose a lot of weight straight out of IP.

No. 1328288

File: 1632067836679.png (593.03 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210919-170601.png)

Unsaged because some fuckwit messed threads up.

No. 1328318

That is the polar opposite of thin and dry. Poor malnutrition must be making her see things

No. 1328319

It looks fucking fine. Surprised she isn't claiming it is falling out in clumps.

No. 1328340

File: 1632070547889.png (371.7 KB, 710x632, Screenshot_20210919-171727~2.p…)

I'm expecting her to do a Brittney. It isnt like she has a job to go to and it'll give her some attention.
Look at my ~attempt~ scar!!1

Unsaged again because the nobjockey is still having fun.

No. 1328348

what's worse is the fact that in her tells, she's replied that she'll get government funding for orri if it's the treatment "she needs at the time", ulyet her gfm - which specifically states she is try to raise money for funding for orri, is still open, so shew still taking money from people, even though her treatment will be funded!

it also seems like she's done more research into orri and has realised it won't be how she imagined - her bring able to manipulate all the staff and not gain weight - because sunddely, the treatment she announced was the only treatment that would help her is one she's saying may not be right for her and that she might not accept it even with funding - while simultaneously begging for funds

No. 1328353

why is hxn making a point of refusing to eat during her admission, yet claims that she can eat and drink fine when she's at home? if - as she claims - her current admission isn't for her ED, why does she even have a toob? presumably just for the photos.

No. 1328355

>down the road, not across the street

is it bad I'm slightly impressed she was gutsy enough to do it that way?

No. 1328358

Zoom in and it looks grazed, like lots of disposable razor scratches.
At least she knows to go down the road.

With her substance abuse history, I think she'd go that route rather than bleed to death.

No. 1328360

Also can't see any stitches dots.

No. 1328361


A scratch isn’t going to kill you wherever it is. It’s not gutsy. I could scratch my carotid artery’s and it wouldn’t be gutsy.

No. 1328362

I can’t upload but someone please post her stories about sweet breakfasts, it’s hilarious. And I swear she’s trying to call out a certain other cow

No. 1328366

File: 1632072412214.jpg (702.29 KB, 1080x1973, 20210919_192535.jpg)

I got you, anon.

No. 1328367

File: 1632072443874.jpg (885.33 KB, 1080x2069, 20210919_192559.jpg)

I was about to give her props for this, but then

No. 1328368

It's always these nauseating brown and beige tones. Her clothing, her stuff, everything.
Hate it.

No. 1328369

Sprinkles. Who could that be?

No. 1328371

File: 1632072812339.jpg (57.6 KB, 436x713, sprinkles.JPG)

I was referring to this if you haven't seen it.

No. 1328382

File: 1632073303118.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210919-194009_Ins…)

Yes. Because this is a totally normal breakfast for someone whi is older than 5. Sure.

No. 1328386

Side note, I am so brain fried that I just searched for 'Ham' on IG to find Hannah's account kek

No. 1328388

File: 1632073706481.jpg (58.22 KB, 800x534, ham at breakfast.jpg)

I do that EVERY time!

No. 1328392

File: 1632074063323.jpeg (40.2 KB, 243x434, 45560AD6-0720-4302-BE63-12F784…)

Cece doth not approve

No. 1328396

*"Plz forget about all the shit I said yesterday.
But I realized that on Instagram, everyone is right."*

No. 1328401

File: 1632074679400.jpg (52.33 KB, 396x600, img_0544.jpg)

O god, she's SUCH a spaz!! Looks like an old tranquilizer ad.

No. 1328406

with the position of that scar she would rather have found a tendon than anything else…

No. 1328407

is it me or are the breakfasts getting more and more sugary and disgusting

No. 1328411

Less fruit, more sugar. Idk why she even bothers with 4 slivers of banana. Who's she trying to kid.

No. 1328413

Ham is definitely the kind of person who would buy Lucky Charms and Twinkies if she went to America.

No. 1328420

sure, jam is without sugar, jam is healthy, it doesn't have like 50% sugar or more, but that must all come from the fruits in the jam.

No. 1328425


She’s just making her opinion as beige as her style. Will post unpopular opinion but will also retract it and then have zero opinion.

No. 1328426

Can she just quit the program as an adult?

No. 1328432

She was mentioning perhaps not returning to her outpatient programme after this week because they fed her too many sausages. Cue some milky stories tonight/tomorrow about her harrowing decision

No. 1328433

She's stupid if she doesn't continue. She gained weight and she has the chance to deal with the mental side of it, which makes her really fortunate in a country where only people with the cash can get help.

Let's face it, she wants to keep up the anorexic waif thing forever. Okay, if you're in your teens and want to waste your parents money, but at 30+, it's time to drop it, deal with it and stop being a twat.

No. 1328443

There might be other faces, other names.

But it's always the same breed of shit person.

No. 1328462

No. 1328487

I thought outpatient was just therapy what kind of outpatient feeds their clients like inpatient?

No. 1328488

Inpatient? I didn't realise they had EDUs in Paddiestan! Unless the inpatient she's referring to isn't an EDU, OR she lives in the UK but is just from Ireland?

No. 1328491

It’s common for the more intensive outpatient day programmes to expect you there 8 or so hours a day and to include all meals and snacks bar your evening one. Then the rest of the day is groups, therapy and the like

No. 1328500

There’s only general HDUs in Ireland none ED specific and veryyyy few ed beds so they stuck her in the HDU because there’s so little ed beds and are more needed by others.

No. 1328508


Sage for tinfoil:

PencilNik follows Ham to see how much weight she is gaining so he can feel extra smug about gaining zero.

No. 1328538

shut. up. stop interacting with her

No. 1328584

You can already buy those in the UK.

Just not in ALDI kek

No. 1328604

File: 1632093904983.png (394.41 KB, 750x413, maria.png)

Every time I see the Femboy thread OP, I can't help think of…

No. 1328619


No. 1328751


Sage for doctor fagging
I don’t know if you wanted a serious answer, but no. It can’t. Things affected by weight fluctuations are based on significant placements of muscle and/or fat. Think stomach, breasts, ass, etc. The penis is mainly bone, tendons and skin.

If anything, it would appear larger because the fat from the pubis would have receded. But if you’re malnourished, processes that would otherwise be normal are impeded- like the ability to ejaculate, or even get an erection.

No. 1328838


> The penis is mainly bone, tendons and skin


You okay med anon?

No. 1328876

> Sage for doctor fagging

> The penis is mainly bone

Nice to know, "doctor". Did you read that on the internets?

No. 1328887

File: 1632122757321.jpg (43.28 KB, 1022x239, cock.JPG)

The internet is more intelligent than docfag anon.

No. 1328901

Dr-Anon, did you hear the term boner and just assume penises have bones in them?

No. 1328919



Hi Anna. Gr8 medical knowledge there.

No. 1328930

Name one penis that got bone in it.

No. 1328943

Not the anna-tier medfag but I can answer this one - a lot of animals have bones in their penis! They’re called a baculumI think?

No. 1328963

but not lizards.

No. 1329073

File: 1632148199440.png (6.61 MB, 1170x2532, 92514AA5-61F6-4675-8A28-881E3B…)

Sorcha blossoms is on 800cals(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1329085

don't care didn't ask

No. 1329086

remember not to interact with Sorcha guys

No. 1329139

File: 1632153874475.jpeg (87.66 KB, 828x1037, 9E91354A-4E10-4AC3-85BB-2AD16B…)

Oh, you didn’t mention

No. 1329159

not the og medfag but:
bone tissue can be either spongy or compact, you just proved medfag right by posting this lol

No. 1329186

This derailing over an organ the majority of lolcow users probably don't have. Doesn't change the fact that there are no bones or bone tissue, no matter how you swing dr google.

>>1329139 I can imagine her growing old and still keeping that as her claim of 15 minutes of fame. So cringey.

No. 1329187

File: 1632157197930.jpeg (2.03 MB, 1125x1748, A841B04B-69D3-4355-B89D-84202C…)

How could we forget!

Continuing with the raging BPD theme, Lego’s finally moving to low secure soon (as long as she doesn’t punch out another nurse or whatever). Not sure if anyone still cares about her but should be more antics incoming

No. 1329197

like does niamh want to flex that she can fit into a skirt thats made for a 7 yo
100% pro ana(don't post minors)

No. 1329204

she is still 15.

No. 1329223

this reeks of self-post

No. 1329281

File: 1632163709286.jpeg (242.68 KB, 828x1434, A44EAAF1-3E16-4CA2-96F1-8EBC95…)

And being full of shite

No. 1329304

File: 1632165993543.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210920_211758_com…)

Imagine making a new friend at college, finding her Instagram and seeing her post a five year old's ideal breakfast with these helpful labels. Oh, this strange branded rectangle? It's a biscuit! And these colorful tiny orbs are known as "sprinkles" if you weren't aware.

No. 1329307

Kek she won’t find friends

No. 1329311

using up the rest of the banana she cut up yesterday I see. Also it’s more like ‘imagine noticing a weird withdrawn freak in your class so you find their instagram to see if you can find out what the hell is wrong with them’.

No. 1329323

if you’re going to self post, it might be worth remembering that no one is fooled by the poses. slim but healthy looking 15 year old. quit attention seeking and grow up a little(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1329326

Baby we aren’t interested in you. Get a fucking hobby before you grow up into an utter loser like the others posted in this thread. Go to college and study textiles bitch. You have your whole life ahead of you.

No. 1329328

Underage attention seeker, another to ignore.

For cows reading: appearing here isn’t desirable, it means you’re a problematic (no boned) dick.

No. 1329329

Was this her actual breakfast? It seems utterly bizarre to me that anybody would eat this for breakfast. Or at any time of the day for that matter. Kek, I wonder how many fillings she has..

No. 1329332


She’s 15 stop talking about her.

No. 1329337

It’s her breakfast every single day. Inspiring everyone through diabetes type 2 early onset

No. 1329339

File: 1632169320094.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 294.51 KB, 828x1388, 9C663AF4-D0AB-4ADF-AD57-A82F52…)

“Don’t post an ood” “don’t post body checks” “I’m gaining weight in recovery and fine now lol”

No. 1329344


do we know what university she is at, Dundee? St Andrews?

No. 1329346

Think it was Edinburgh but may be wrong, was on her stories from a tell a little while ago

No. 1329352

Dundee I think, from the ID and building.

Zara is a hypocrite, but at least she is dressed in baggy clothes here (although those glands do look swollen)

No. 1329362

File: 1632170766366.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x2289, 98D8E007-5F29-4FB3-9236-4F7AEF…)

Has this cow ever been discussed before? She does my head in she’s begging for donations to pay for therapy despite having been given countless chances with Camhs and adult services previously and just been non engaging. Even her family have thrown her out kek

No. 1329373

She's 25 now?? Oh I have secondhand embarrassment for her. Sort it out, girl.

No. 1329376

Sounds like a novice hxn. If she’s of lolcow age, share milky posts.

No. 1329380


She's from north east Edinburgh, she has moved away for uni so not there.

No. 1329384

She's been mentioned a few times before for being very much in the lowest form of quasi recovery, but never generated enough interest to be an established cow. If she has any tangible milk, post it!

No. 1329397

File: 1632172634248.jpeg (654.81 KB, 828x1558, DC17AEA0-B22D-4EF3-82D2-634EFE…)

wait, they are the same person right? i thought she was underage for some reason

No. 1329407

She’s 20 years old and she does my head in though. Begging for £2k for treatment despite already having had access to so much help prior and not using it. I get that Ed’s are often non compliant but trying to get people to pay for your therapy while you’ve actively gone against treatment because she “couldn’t afford it”. But yet could afford to go to London for 2 weeks…

No. 1329411

I don't see why anyone should give her money to get her some attention for deliberately starving herself to look like a child

No. 1329564

this isn’t an OOTD or a bodycheck in my opinion, but agreed that there is no substantial weight gain to be seen.. she looks marginally better than did in the past possibly but should absolutely not be at university, jesus.

No. 1329659

That clown face though.
Her parents probably bribed the school to let her go

No. 1329888

File: 1632210136774.jpeg (622.15 KB, 643x1585, 9355C3F1-1C2F-4917-99E3-32255D…)

Does S* look like she’s lost weight? Is she gearing up for another admission?(go away sorcha)

No. 1329890

What do you fucking retards not understand about not bringing her up?

No. 1329906

She’s very well off. Her dad’s a doctor and the pics she’s posted of her house don’t scream working class

No. 1329907


sorry dude, but its you who is the fucking retard for assuming that this wasnt a self-post.

or am I the ultimate retard for accosting you, when infact your comment is also a self-post that was written to act as an argument between different anons.

or am I S*? i'm not even sure anymore with all this self-posting fucking these threads up…

No. 1329912

We are all her. This is The Bloody Board 2.0

No. 1329925

Every story is her begging for more money, saying she's being pressured to pay for sessions, but no actual proof that she's even going to therapy and her parents have had enough of her

No. 1329929

AYRT. It's like inception isn't it? I assumed it wasnt self post because it isnt saged and we do have S* vendetta chans

No. 1329931

For someone who preaches 'you don't need to be hospitalised/tubed/sectioned! etc' she loves mentioning how traumatic the 'life-saving treatment she needed' was.

No. 1329947


Very deliberately posed.

No. 1329949

can we please (temporarily) ban people who mention S*? It is the only way we will stop discussion of her. (yes, I see the irony here)

No. 1329954


Blocking addresses would be an easy thing to do.
But admins and mods are truly inept around here.

No. 1329955

File: 1632222823094.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1200, 6FC1ABB7-BFE1-40EF-BA0B-34DF24…)

Ham still has zero friends kek

No. 1329958

I would feel bad for her if I didn't know that she had her dumbass recovery page linked in the bio of her private account kek

No. 1329960

I still feel bad for her

No. 1329961

Weird she’d be bragging about it?

No. 1329966

Why would you straight up admit you’ve got no mates? It’s like she thinks saying ‘i’ve got no friends’ is an open invitation to come and befriend her because she’s so interesting and deserving. Do the leg work ham. Not good internet safety to post your college lanyard and that your house will be empty all day too.

No. 1329972

she probably overshares about her anorexia at the drop of a hat and people around her are like “erm, ok………” and give her a wide berth

No. 1329985

I thought this was a mean edit you made, I can't believe she actually posted this TOP KEK

She lurks like crazy, we were just talking about if she has college friends or not. Pity she's given up on real life so quickly and is retreating to her larping hugbox. She only started a few weeks ago, still adjusting to the schedule and dealing with parents' divorce too, why not take some time and not put labels on her experience already? Declaring "I have no friends" now is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Where is your plucky optimism in the face of dire challenges now, Hannah? Where is your "just do it, just be better" attitude, does it only apply to scoffing McDonald's? Just go sit next to someone and introduce yourself! This is her chance to graduate from cow status but she's turning it into another tragic plot point in her broken girl narrative.

No. 1329990

how insufferable must she be to have not made a single friend kek

No. 1330000

File: 1632228303926.jpeg (95.65 KB, 828x385, 95C4D0C5-21CD-402C-A0BF-4898E7…)

No. 1330015

Behave like an asshole.
Get treated like one.

No. 1330037

what the fuck is she banging on about
how does someone dying by suicide cost “millions”?
a ten-minute coroner’s inquest, thousands
a funeral and burial or cremation, thousands
good thing ham isn’t studying maths

No. 1330039

she's being deep and metaphorical anon

No. 1330040

shes probably cost more with her bpd and ed shit

No. 1330087

It was a shitty thing to say but it’s true. Between the funding she is getting for Orri, her countless general and psych admissions, police time, fortisips, the cater she is getting and her Mums career allowance.

No. 1330102


She's at Dundee. That is definitely a dundee uni ID and it looks like shes is outside the law building on campus in this picture. There's a decent ED service in Dundee so I'm surprised she hasn't been pushed to go to it

No. 1330106

File: 1632236733832.jpeg (164.77 KB, 828x1309, A6EF450A-F746-44B2-947A-65BD8E…)

Hxn using taxpayers money to make these shitty earrings and selling them to her followers so she can raise money to go into private healthcare is a special kind of disgusting (she explained on her stories today that’s why she’s selling them)

No. 1330109


I'm actually shocked at this. It was years ago now but when I was at dundee uni nobody in Zara's condition would have been passed as fit to study. They were pretty strict! She surely won't last long there in this condition.

No. 1330111

this is kinda a nitpick tbh at least she's actually making and selling something rather than just begging + the earrings aren't even that bad (inb4 self post accusations)

No. 1330112

File: 1632236867682.png (3.41 MB, 828x1792, 3CC4EDE6-6706-48FF-80B1-B47503…)

And at the same time, she really believes the clinical rationale around not offering therapy when someone is so physically unwell is not based on evidence. Having an opinion that it’s bollocks doesn’t mean you’re right.

No. 1330115

She’s a law student and I think it is only medics and similar who have to pass fitness to study at Dundee. She is probably falsifying her weight like crazy which is why she is so smug about everything.

No. 1330116

>not just CBT/DCT
Still gunning for her psychotherapy, drama therapy , equine therapy special snowflake bullshit

No. 1330121

There's something off when you start college and haven't met a bunch of people to be friendly with. Usually, a week in, you're mentally sifting through the ones who turned out annoying, the ones to chat with between classes, the ones you're going to make a greater effort to know.

She must expect real life to be like insta, and she doesn't have toake an effort to gain followers except to buy fake ones.

Nobody's even speaking to the Billy No Mates out of pity?

No. 1330128

Do we think that she's posting this specifically so that people from her college will see it?

No. 1330144

note how hxn was claiming that orri was the only treaent that could ever help her, yet as soon as she finds out she's eligible for government funding, she decides she probably wouldn't accept it because orri isn't really right for her, and has now decided that only equine therapy and drama therapy etc are suitable for her.

no treatment is suitable for he, because she doesn't want get better. she just loves the opportunity to make a point about how her diagnosis is supposedly so super speshul that only specific niche, likely not attainable treatments can possibly help her - until they potentially do become available to her and she quickly changes her mind.

No. 1330155


If you look at Zara's pictures, her glands look super swollen very frequently. She's never admitted to purging has she?

No. 1330173

File: 1632242201559.jpg (587.38 KB, 1080x2025, 20210921_183508.jpg)

…proud of what exactly?

No. 1330187

"Proud of being that kind of smarmy enabler that she deserves."

No. 1330190

Proud of her for being a fellow spoiled brat and getting whatever she wants.
They’re practically the same person except Anna is more attention seeking and Zara is more entitled and narcissistic

No. 1330191

File: 1632243754877.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 456.14 KB, 828x1449, A6321296-D2BD-4234-8128-B29942…)

she definately told them to post this. sad

No. 1330193

accidentaly clicked spoiler

No. 1330217

I've seen several other accounts post this. How can she not be embarrassed to ask?

No. 1330225

I don't think she did, I feel like it's more likely one account posted on their story saying they were proud, and since she reposted others saw it as a free shoutout opportunity

No. 1330250

She’s jealous Zara was able to reach a low weight and actually go to uni

No. 1330350

File: 1632252642120.jpeg (896.3 KB, 828x1530, 4E9B4B3B-EC0D-4646-93CD-2DCB08…)

has this one been mentioned before?
she constantly claims the ana title and now that she needs to gain

No. 1330401

who needs friends when you have 12k bots on instagram

you dropped these “ ” around “anorexia” anon

hate that I see her point here but assuming she’s not bullshitting BMI 20 does seem kinda harsh. plenty are offered therapy at much lower than that even if their cognition is fucked. moot point tho since she insists on being the most SEED ever to SEED and probably uses the twins as hashtag goalz

No. 1330415

milk where? this isn’t a place to post any random ~ana~ that annoys you. even (especially) yourself.

No. 1330463

Exactly to me this person could very well need to gain. Can someone please clarify for Newfags what counts as milk?

No. 1330501

she seems normal weight to me, to need to gain

No. 1330524

I always assume it's self posting. There is nothing ana chans love more than being told how sick and skinny they look.

No. 1330680

Curious if Dorian actually believes this stuff or they're just milking for views like story time Youtubers do. At least it's better than hours of talking about their ED…hopefully a good change when theyre not sucking cheeks in and flexing collarbone(off-topic)

No. 1330738

she says she’s scared of sick/ vomit, but she’s talked about c/s before- maybe that??

No. 1330827

It's funny that she just said about emetophobia on her story after someone here questioned the cheeks

No. 1330860


True. this is suspicious! Though part of me thinks she's too vain to purge, because of the potential damage to her teeth. Sounds stupid because I know you can be vain and use any destructive behaviour but idk. Just my gut feeling.

No. 1330992

It's baffling. Either she's giving off mega bitch vibes, or she's closed off and not responding to people when they try to talk to her.

No. 1331046

I think it is more she likes to give off the ~best anorexic~ vibe so wants to appear as the restrictive subtype. (that is seen as more 'ana', right?)

No. 1331047

Just a tip, do not use 'they/them' when referring to people here. That kind of goes against the whole site's mentalty.

No. 1331058

File: 1632301293552.jpeg (647.74 KB, 750x1323, F815CD83-51AE-42AB-8463-F9E22E…)

oh god. posting this on her main ?? no wonder she hasn’t made any friends at college

No. 1331063


Just wrapping your broodmare hips in a lavender sack won't bring you any further, gorl.

No. 1331066

hannah banana better watch out - she’s going to get bullied if she keeps this up, and considering she’s the oldest in the year it’s going to look very pathetic when she definitely gets the school and her mum involved. Not physical bullying obviously, but I guarantee she’ll be frozen out socially by everybody, and the more catty girls will spread rumours and gossip about her. Probably within earshot. We’ll see how long she can remain positive in the face of that

No. 1331074

File: 1632302665749.jpg (981.3 KB, 1063x1890, 20210922_112200.jpg)

Are her followers toddlers or what, everyone knows what a banana or dried berries are. I would bully her so hard…

No. 1331075

This ever same sugar-bombed slop disgusts me more and more every time.
It's porridge with banana slices. We get it.

No. 1331090

I'm gagging, this would be so overly sweet and the textures would be so off putting. It's basically all sugar, does she realize that fruit is just sugar??? Dried fruit is even worse!

No. 1331091

Those berry shots are nice tbh. As a snack, though. She's like a kid at the Ice Cream Factory part of Pizza But who dumps all the toppings on the ice cream.

I can't think of a situation in college or university, or work even, where someone's not been welcomed into a group. It's well wonky that nobody wants to speak to her. Someone would have to be a massive dickhead for me to avoid them, or plain unfriendly. Even the oldest student at uni (in her late 60s!) was chatty and interesting.

Ham needs to do not much more than ask to borrow a pen, say hi and ask someone how they're finding the course, ask to borrow someone's notes. It's bizarre that an 18 yr old can't make a friend.

No. 1331092

It's that shit sachet porridge. It's against trading standards to call it food.

No. 1331094

ok anachan. Fruit on porridge is a completely normal breakfast, and even a bit of biscoff on it isn't unusual.

No. 1331100

I've never met a person in my life who puts fucking biscoff in their oatmeal, especially the packaged oatmeal that's already loaded with sugar. That isn't breakfast, that's dessert. Fat ass.
Call it porridge again and we're going to throw hands, ma'am.

No. 1331101

She’s British. You calling it oatmeal is the weird thing here.

No. 1331102

This is a blend of sugary and sweet ingredients that most fatasses will find without even thinking. They always know where they can get their sugar or fat kick.

No. 1331103

I love that this is what your razz me about and not me calling her a fat ass kek.
Also you're not a fat ass porridgechan.

No. 1331106

>does she realize that fruit is just sugar???

Slow down, anachan. Let's not discourage Ham from consuming the only nutrient-dense ingredient out of her 5-year-old fever-dream breakfasts. If she replaced the sachet porridge with regular oats and swapped the sugar-loaded garbage toppings with more fruit or some nuts and seeds, she would have a completely acceptable meal.

No. 1331108

File: 1632306503364.png (675.89 KB, 519x852, whore.PNG)

Nice look for a funeral. Gross.

Also links to some fundraiser for her uncle, or so she says. I have a conspiracy theory that she's going to keep the money herself, because the timing is suspect. She was complaining about how expensive entering the Arnold was, then all of a sudden set up this donation page supposedly to do with cancer. I'd want evidence she actually handed the donations over before I believed it.

No. 1331109

Maybe we could all agree, that eating a breakfast should not taste like being on a fairground trip.
Also, that Ham is a disgusting and lying/larping fatbody.

No. 1331110

Fuck my life, that's no funeral dress at all.
Not even if it was for a pimps' pitbull terrier.

No. 1331112

First, that file name is hilarious. Second, I thought she was in the UK? If i’m mistaken and she’s an amerifag then a donation page for her uncle wouldn’t be so odd, but if you’ve got cancer in the uk you don’t have to pay for any of the treatment, so unless for some reason they went private they’d not need money. Going private for some things in the uk makes sense if it’s elective but cancer is one of the things the nhs takes very seriously and you don’t have to wait for.
(source - nhs were dragging their heels with invasive testing for a family member, but when a marker flagged for potential cancer they suddenly got them in within a fortnight)

No. 1331114

>Nice look for a funeral.

Read this before reading the text in the photo and thought you were insinuating that she looks like she is attenting her own funeral. Kek. Also, why does she have to flex her ribcage like that in every single photo?? She looks like she is quite literally starving.

No. 1331120

File: 1632307722159.jpg (143.62 KB, 600x820, fake_tan.jpg)

Look at our gorl, she won the Oompa Loompa LARP last week.

No. 1331123

Clearly taking style tips from n2f

No. 1331126

File: 1632308720031.jpeg (286.73 KB, 828x964, 54232EB3-11CE-4256-A74D-3BF1BB…)

Her sponsors clearly saw through the bullshit and dropped her

No. 1331127


Maybe macr0mike grew tired of selling his stuff only by the spoonful..?

No. 1331129

"Dress like you would want to look on a Warcraft server full of basement dwellers"

No. 1331131

Jesus. She looks like one of those 'trans-racial' nutjobs.

No. 1331132


You’re probably correct. Although that mindset BAFFLES me. It’s a mental illness that makes you batshit crazy, lose your cognitive function and look like a corpse (see: twins and Ash). None of this dainty ana bullshit.

No. 1331134

File: 1632309506145.jpg (780.74 KB, 1080x1542, 20210922_131511.jpg)

Pencilneck is back ~raising awareness~. I'm willing to bet he's going to follow this up with a post about the "mental signs" of anorexia to prove that it's a MeNtAl IlLnEsS

No. 1331136

so nice of him to use himself as an example of all the physical symptoms. even though he’s totally recovered.

No. 1331137

Wow this is surreal. I never thought I'd see someone I know on here. I went to secondary school with Hannah. Her brother is a fucking dickhead but the twins are very, very sweet girls. I had no idea she became ill. Why is she milky exactly? Sorry, this is my first time reading the thread.

No. 1331139

Which Hannah are you referring to?

No. 1331140

Hannah Gane.

No. 1331141

Well, and what about
"Trying to lecture other people in Insta, while you're still not over the hump yourself"
Slenderman trying to be some kind of authority on ED is a fairly ridiculous matter.
"Look me, I am eating zis delizius cake. So I am not ze Anorectic guy."

No. 1331145

You know what, this is a hell of a lot better than putting cookies and sprinkles in your packet of oatmeal. This is improvement, just slightly.

No. 1331156

File: 1632311100009.jpeg (858.46 KB, 828x1535, B18F51D3-1EF6-408F-B46B-8AEF82…)

ok this one.
she claims recovery, does "come eat with me" and eats with baby spoon, tiny bites and the mug barely has any porridge in it.
yeah thats soo recovery

No. 1331157

File: 1632311167046.jpg (45.68 KB, 438x477, the face of anorexia.JPG)

His followers that are sentient (ie not bots) would already know this shit.

Here are a few to add, Niklad:

>Resists maintaining a body weight appropriate for their age, height, and build

>Shows inflexible thinking
>Denies feeling hungry
>Shows unusual swelling of the cheeks or jaw area
>Withdraws from usual friends and activities
>dry, brittle hair
>can see every groove on their trachae
>looks like shit

No. 1331159

What's she recovering from because she looks fine.

No. 1331161

>I can't think of a situation in college or university, or work even, where someone's not been welcomed into a group. It's well wonky that nobody wants to speak to her. Someone would have to be a massive dickhead for me to avoid them, or plain unfriendly. Even the oldest student at uni (in her late 60s!) was chatty and interesting.

Agreed, it's really weird she hasn't made even one friend yet. College courses in the UK tends to have a wide variety of people and it's so easy to find a small group that you at least get on with.

No. 1331162

File: 1632311673741.jpg (162.81 KB, 312x901, 20210922_135004.jpg)

He looks like he has one foot in the grave.

No. 1331163

Tattoo ink?

No. 1331165

bio says ed recovery. just checked her yt and its anorexia

No. 1331166

Captain State the obvious, so educational

No. 1331167

She's been doing tiktok for quite a while and was pretty underweight at the start, not sure how much she's gained but her videos have become so much more "dramatic" panicking before every bite and things like that, I think she was genuine at the start but all the views and followers has her milking her ed for sure

No. 1331168

File: 1632312097879.jpg (84.74 KB, 624x901, nikjonojkin.jpg)


It had to be done.

No. 1331170

File: 1632312842811.png (641.89 KB, 1420x1080, The_Two_Faces_of_Squidward_174…)

Christ on a bike

No. 1331172

File: 1632313033327.png (999.07 KB, 1420x1080, The_Two_Faces_of_Squidward_075…)

This one's more accurate

No. 1331179


I don’t doubt that she’s nice.

I think the consensus is:

Continually posting photos of her from her low weight. Continually posting photos of her “slop” (aka weird repetitive protein rich, disordered meals). Continually over exercising (with little to no visible progress - probably because she’s under eating). All of which suggest she is preaching recovery but actually far from it.

No. 1331181


which Hannah has a twin?

No. 1331183

those porridge sachets aren't that high in calories actually. she had the cinnamon flavoured one before iirc and that's only 125kcal if you make it with water.

No. 1331188

I'm convinced this is a self-post.
Every single time this insufferable attention whore is brought up it's completely at random and non-milky, and always carefully "they-them"ing her. She self-posts on MPA too.

No. 1331189

>that's only 125kcal

You couldn't even open the lid of a laptop with that..!

No. 1331192


It's Ganer. But she never comes out of her gym for long enough to meet her.

No. 1331195

anyway thats peak cringe and im open to her being discussed here in regards to her ED bullshit, but thats not an ED related video

No. 1331196

Never claimed they were high in calories, but they certainly are high in sugar. 6.3g - just over a fifth of the RDA.

We worked this out already here
Keep up anon

No. 1331210

Don’t forget promoting exercise at a single digit BMI and dissing strategies actually shown to help in recovery.

No. 1331226

I haven't looked at her insta, but since she mentioned a funeral I assumed the donation link was for charity in memory of the deceased.

No. 1331235

ntayrt but if had that by itself or even with a banana that would be a totally normal amount of calories for a breakfast. We get it anons none of you eat anything but green tea and rice cakes.

No. 1331240

File: 1632318749854.jpg (835.11 KB, 1080x1555, 20210922_155154.jpg)

Fucking bingo kek

No. 1331262


Why does every recovery blog make this as if it’s groundbreaking.
I think 90% of the population know that if you have anorexia you have an issue with food, weight, and you’re miserable.

No. 1331267


Ham spent 18 months sitting at home with her mum being her sole social life (and her dad popping in and out every now and then). If the conversation isn’t ‘I’m about to have this really scary burger, I’m so scared, I need to do this though because I can’t be scared forever, I did it, are you proud of me, I’m proud of myself’ or ‘you deserve food, weight, calories, insert any diet culture word here’ ‘aaaaaah’ she does not know what to say. Everything she posts is so repetitive and even her interaction with other accounts it’s predictable and repetitive (‘aaaah I’m so proud of you’ ‘aaaah you’re making me cry’ ‘aaaaah you really deserve this’). No wonder she can’t cope with actual teenagers who talk about normal things. She probably doesn’t know how to have a conversation where she doesn’t get a day to formulate a response. She has never spoken about a topic that isn’t “ED recovery” (although really she means diet culture recovery because she only talks about eating food and being ok with your body).

No. 1331274

File: 1632322803279.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1495, B8952C4E-1422-4DC4-BA64-106C8F…)

Random but does anyone know if Rorecovering ever had bulimia/purged. Saw this pic and thought her cheeks looked super puffy

No. 1331275

yes she struggled with purging allegedly but not bulimia

No. 1331276

They don’t, it’s just someone else taking her photo quickly and she simply has a healthier looking face now.

No. 1331282

i dont think is from purging, i think is more weight gain

No. 1331304

Anon retard get it together there clearly talking about the cow above

No. 1331311


NTA but why do we care about some random anorexic being upset that her bf broke up with her

No. 1331313

It’s gone, happy?

No. 1331315


I don't think her cheeks look especially puffy tbh. She's young so she will have a naturally rounder face, and she may be holding onto a bit of excess water from her recent weight gain.

IMO Ro looks good. She's done well.

No. 1331320

Yeah thanks. Appreciate it.
It was totally out of place and context around here.

No. 1331322

Agreed. Even if you don't like her, you gotta at least give her props for actually practicing what she preaches and going through with recovery, unlike a lot of the other cows in this thread.

No. 1331334

This is no milk. Take your personal beef away from the dairy.

No. 1331335

Churning out PSAs like a mofo.
But who cares, Pencilneck?
Everybody can wiki that.

No. 1331355


Says Anorexia is bad for you, kids

Still looks like an extra from a Tim Burton movie

No. 1331376

File: 1632331272795.png (8.79 MB, 1125x2436, AFF43303-2398-4E82-9DD0-918474…)

in other words… looks like this tiktok cow has actually got pretty spooky. at least now the anorexia diagnosis makes more sense

No. 1331378

spoopy * my bad. was too busy trying to pick my jaw back up off the floor.

No. 1331382

The majority of the cows had one spoopy/semi-spoopy phase. Then they weight-restore, find they cannot restrict anymore and spend the rest of their lives dehydrating themselves and going to a&e with a BMI of 18 after 3 days not eating and pretending it’s the same as when they were actually spoopy.
Or they take a paracetamol OD and pretend their NAC is a refeeding admission.

No. 1331384

File: 1632332160238.jpg (391.78 KB, 1642x2344, 1632309506145.jpg)

Better like that.

No. 1331386

File: 1632332336923.jpeg (61.18 KB, 828x593, 15498FDB-FB66-489E-9D11-D649E3…)

Careful for using sock puppet accounts anon, Skeletor can see who you are when he lurks here…

No. 1331390

Because nothing looks more classy than upvoting your very own IG posts.

Ganz toll, Domenik!

No. 1331392

I like how he looks like that fucking dr seuss looking creature on the image. You think he realises?

No. 1331394

File: 1632332844718.png (471.98 KB, 587x401, 1629442158808.png)

I know it's a repeat. Sorry.
But you're right.

No. 1331395

File: 1632332866949.png (505.75 KB, 589x445, 1629444755300.png)

Also sorry for double post.

No. 1331400

No, he can't. I'm not actually following that person, their username just showed up randomly bc his number of likes is hidden.

No. 1331401

File: 1632333580020.jpg (776.38 KB, 1080x1534, 20210922_195855.jpg)

Kek he posted a third one. Name a better trilogy, I'll wait.

No. 1331403

I think the problem is she doesn't seem to have any outside interests. People at college don't want to hear about her anorexia recovery account, motivational quote churning or 10,000 bots on Instagram. They want to chat about music, films, maybe even politics! Get some interests Ham, join a club!

No. 1331404

To be fair Nik is a good walking advertisement for taking recovery seriously. His ED has massively impacted his acting aspirations because he looks so freaky.

No. 1331407

File: 1632334221759.jpg (528.52 KB, 2080x1542, 2nik.jpg)

Now look at that lazy bum.

No. 1331409

Reminds me of Amberlynn Reid who tries to be some inspirational weight loss icon, but ends up just being fatspo for a lot of people. Oh the irony.

No. 1331414

>Extrem dieting behavior

Oh Nik, never change.

No. 1331421

Long fingers would look pretty on a woman. Why is here doing those posts? Also, p sick of anas who don't believe others don't binge. Extrem-ly ignorant false facts.

While I'm here, I'm no fan of Ro, but she suits how her face is. It makes her look younger. Her thin face always looked resting bitch face. Out of all the ones who've claimed recovery here, hers 8s the most authentic. Elzani recovered, but she's still not full deck.

No. 1331424


I saw her IRL a while back and she definitely looks smaller than she does in photos.

No. 1331431

File: 1632336220558.jpg (764.88 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210922_194206367.jpg)

No. 1331441

File: 1632337215540.jpeg (781.7 KB, 828x1501, 076A4CF8-3F49-4A1F-8BFC-D8AB55…)

Not sure how Julia got discharged to outpatient. Hasn’t gained a pound since being hospitalized in May. Still has an NG tube.

No. 1331462

I just love how the background looks like it’s in a middle school

No. 1331468

i think she said they kicked her out

No. 1331478

Her cheeks don’t look puffy at all. And she seems to be genuinely recovering at this point.

No. 1331509

Yes packets are low in calories but they are pure sugar and not nutritionally dense. Not good for any growing college kid. Its like heaping 12 teaspoons of pure white sugar into your bowl on top of biscoff and syrup

No. 1331543

Nah it’s college isn’t it, only the weirdos go to college instead of sixth form because they can’t hack a levels and need to do a btec

No. 1331547

Interesting tube placement. On purpose for extra visibility?

No. 1331548

Sixth form colleges are a thing, and loads of colleges offer A Levels as well as BTEC, diplomas, etc.

No. 1331552

Anon’s right, you don’t go to study your a levels at college if your IQs above 80.(sage)

No. 1331563

If ham can’t make friends with the sort of friendly dopey retards who go a midlands college then she’s fucked kek. Time for a ‘relapse’ so she can stay home

No. 1331573

I think it's because she's not using it and has it up in her ponytail? Better question is what the hell she's using it for, because she said in one story that she's "not using it for the same thing as in treatment" so uh is she draining food through it to purge or what?

No. 1331576

i know a lot of people who attended sixth form colleges and ended up at russel group unis so no that isn't true

No. 1331605

Sorry to be that person but why is she considered a cow? Has she done anything cow-ish besides posting like 2 body checky photos ages ago?

No. 1331607

File: 1632346475061.jpg (34.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Uncanny resemblance

No. 1331615


Bullshit. I know multiple people who went to sixth form colleges to do A Levels and went to Oxbridge. Where are you getting this info from?!

No. 1331618

File: 1632347002659.jpeg (688.69 KB, 828x1530, 1A0FD31D-4728-4C0A-854C-F5D4D7…)

she absolutely loves it. i wonder why they kick her out? the only time ive heard someone beeing kicked out was because of behaviors and triggering other patients

No. 1331658

No idea but they're definitely wrong.
Some sixth form colleges are really selective and like you I know people who went to good unis (KCL, Durham) after doing A Levels there.

Further Education colleges are the mixed-bag ones, but getting into Oxbridge unis isn't impossible from there either.

No. 1331659

Christ, anon was right - she is literally wearing it like an accessory. Just take the damn thing out, NG tubes can be taken out and replaced by the patient if necessary!

No. 1331661

God anons are dramatic about those oats, is it seriously that big a deal or are orthorexics subtly bone rattling in here? There's 7g of sugar in a 35g flavoured oat sachet, it's not the best choice but if you made plain oats you'd probably end up adding some sort of sugar to it anyway. It's low calorie and portion controlled, it's fine.

No. 1331662

It's snobby bs. Sixth form colleges outperform sixth form schools and further education colleges. It's ridiculous to say she's unquestionably dumb because she's not attending a specific type of institution. We'd need much more info.

No. 1331707

Dunno if you've been around here long but any cow and putting it in their story and profile picture isnt wearing it like an accessory, to them its a trophy.

No. 1331764

Some weird ass college snobbery going on here sounds like someone went to sixth form and thinks they're better than everyone else kek

No. 1331800

You do realize this is the case in a lot of places in the UK, right?
(mainly) women with bpd getting encouranged to commit in self-destructive behaviours and otherwise ignored by the nhs and instead systematically dealth with by the police.

I obv disagree, a lot of people with bpd are not as lost as the cows, and deserve proper treatment (perhaps not inpatient, although).

No. 1331807

I think it's a valid point that ties in with ED behaviours (which many BPD sufferers have). The NHS is so underfunded for MH services that even someone in BPD crisis will be unlikely get help unless they're a danger - to other people not themselves. Police literally have a community program in some places to deal with them to take pressure off the NHS.

No. 1331819

Fairly certain it affects those with "attention seeking behaviour" or something, europefag but not in the UK, I just think it's incredible regressive to not treat people at all.

Most cases of BPD seems very treatable with correct, outpatient therapy (such as DBT etc), and it honestly scares me a bit.

I hope it weren't cows that ruined it for everybody. (this is a joke I know the world doesn't work like this for the autistic people here)

No. 1331879

This is my point though, getting to that therapy even in crisis can take 2 or 3 years. The NHS has had so much funding removed, but mental health services have been hit more most areas.

No. 1331883

Has Julia been posted here before? She’s a bit of an irl personal cow and I’m immediately curious if she ran to self post upon getting dumped after five months of IP

No. 1331911

USA here, how does the NHS handle mental health in UK? Where I am you can get into a doctor or therapist within 1-4 weeks easily as long as you have good insurance. Mental health inpatient units are decent too except the state hospital.

If you want a specified drug/rehab facility or an eating disorders stay on a nice property with horseback riding and recreation it'll cost you 100s of thousands. Some parents I knew had to take out 2nd mortgages to pay for their daughter's ED treatment and it can take years to get in because they only have about 16-20 beds at a time

No. 1331926

It depends on your catchment area, what services are available there, if you have private insurance (rare) or if you can afford private therapy.

On the NHS, so state funded, it's not unheard of to wait a few years for therapy after a suicide attempt (though it depends what therapy they're aiming for). Also you tend to get pushed into whatever therapy is being trialled by the NHS clinics at the time - mindfulness had it's moment, CBT, mentalisation etc. And you get discharged after a set number of sessions usually.

With non-crisis situations it's worse. PL but a friend just found out he has to wait FIVE YEARS for an adult ADHD assessment in his area.

I honestly can't blame people for making gofundme pages for mental health treatment, unless they're already being offered NHS help like Hxn but think they're above it.

No. 1331983

Oh my god that sounds like a nightmare. When people talk aboit universal healthcare those against it say the waitliats for surgery/specialists in other countries are too long. Only reason you can get into doctor faster is because we have competitive healthcare and Americans often put off treatment due to costs, leaving openings for those who dont put it off.

If you have diabetes, cancer, or need dental and certain medications youre screwed though

How did these cows get in?

No. 1332018

I personally don’t understand how she hasn’t made friends yet or at least one or someone to spend break with? Must be so heart breaking to spend the long days at collage alone some days can be 6 hours long. I mean there no reason why she shouldn’t have by now? Anyone know what she is studying? I feel bad for her. She seams like she would be a bubbly chatty girl

No. 1332040

You're being sarcastic right?

No. 1332041

What kind of fucking catfight is this supposed to be..?

No. 1332052

I'd never seen her posted before. Only held off on the "self post" post because others responded before i had the chance. Seems to be your run of the mill mentally ill young adult whoring out her illness for attention on tiktok as far as i can see. Milky? Maybe, but semi skimmed at best.

No. 1332054

File: 1632388334786.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1804, 20210923_111027.jpg)

Dharma replaced the cheese on her low carb pizza with chicken because she is totally recovered. What an inspiration.

No. 1332071

You forgot the bit where she was preaching 'you don't have to finish your food! it is more normal not to! food freedom goes both ways' as if there is room to compromise in ED recovery.

I still can't believe she is 20. Looks like a washed up hooker, especially with those fake tits.

No. 1332102

Maybe she's autistic. Autists often struggle to make and have no friends.

No. 1332116

Sometimes you need to be the one to make the first move, if you're not trying to converse with people you do end up on the edge and as time goes on it's harder to get a friendship circle. And if she's been out of the loop socially, not used to it, she probably won't and just complain she's got no one to talk to.

No. 1332155

File: 1632403209878.jpg (868.15 KB, 1080x1695, 20210923_151846.jpg)

It's true! They even affect Creepypastas!

No. 1332160

He looks especially creepy in that one. It's the pinpoint pupils.

No. 1332187

File: 1632408071434.jpg (480.29 KB, 1080x1695, 1632403209878.jpg)

No. 1332188

Lucky friend, in Lancashire mh diagnosis is only available for those deemed permanently suicidal. I kid you not. I won't bore you good people with more.>>1331926

No. 1332193



/Just in case he's lurking.

No. 1332196

why is his finger like double the length of his palm, holy fuckin salad fingers

No. 1332198

Can we add 'Salad Fingers' to the list of names we call him from now on pls

No. 1332199

File: 1632409076999.png (33.78 KB, 762x144, hxnisapos.png)

Hxn is so full of shit. People don't 'hate on' her because they are jealous but rather because she is lying about treatment, sharing unnecessary details that could hurt other people and is clearly obsessed with being illest herself.

No. 1332237

File: 1632412075694.jpg (7.29 KB, 275x183, saladfinger.jpg)

He's getting desperate for material. Make sure your animals are eating all their food, anons. They could have anorexia. Fact.

He looks so fucking ill. Definitely losing weight.

Just in case he's lurking
>discriminate AGAINST

Ofc. He wants to help your anorexia (img)

No. 1332238

Lol, fuck. I linked dharma instead of >>1332155

No. 1332252

File: 1632412955407.png (3.42 MB, 828x1792, A0635774-92C4-4C8C-9267-B745F4…)

shan’s gone from pretending to be ‘accepting no nutrition’ (kept the toob in for pics for her personal instagram of course), to calling herself “f@t” and deliberately looking as grotty as possible

No. 1332273

Her profile was public for a short time but is now private again. Do any farmers follow her and know if she's actually been denied help/support due to her weight?

No. 1332280

It cannot possibly be all that bad, since she's obviously still able to do some photostory on her social media.
So it doesn't really matter whether or not she's getting some help, or how much.
She knows the game well enough.

No. 1332282

It has its good and bad points.
Bad, waiting years for therapy for life-ruining depression. Good, not going bankrupt because you got hit by a car.

It's mostly the MH areas that are struggling with provision. It's better for under-18s than adult.

No. 1332285

Liszt lookin motherfucker

No. 1332291

File: 1632415204506.jpg (151.18 KB, 1305x739, chipmunk.JPG)

Idk wtf he's doing in the pic, but if you're rich like Nik, you can try every approach to therapy. It's as easy as that, except he hasn't even tried to recover.

No. 1332293

How tf do people like this even fix their faces to say they’re “recovered” when they talk about eating disorders 24/7? Recovered people have normal lives, jobs, hobbies, friendships, and don’t run to the gram to brag every time they eat. Literally his ONLY personality trait is having anorexia.

No. 1332299

File: 1632415703373.png (458.46 KB, 581x400, Derek Zoolander .png)

I think that pretty much every pose he does has got this distinctive Zoolander touch.

No. 1332300

And being a Harry Potter fan. Gotta mention that every once in a while so people know that he totally has a life outside of his ED.

No. 1332304

File: 1632416026494.jpg (39.65 KB, 582x265, check em.JPG)

Can't even be arsed helping him with his English any more.

Best way to recover is to get on with life, not bore people senseless with it and don't indulge in ~recovery~ YT or insta at all. Maybe one or two videos by the legit recovery people, but how is looking up the disorder you have 24/7 a distraction? He's posting a lot atm.

Yeah, his serious face is definitely a Blue Steelesque thing.

No. 1332306

File: 1632416095961.jpg (116.37 KB, 974x493, pout.jpg)

Maybe it's this mixture of pouting and surrounding drama.

No. 1332308

…and, perfectly styled hair. Just to have mentioned that.

No. 1332311

Just say 'fuck it' when you cannot even tell singular from plural.

No. 1332312

File: 1632416432796.png (400.63 KB, 948x625, robbierotten.png)

the first thing I thought of when I saw this was Robbie Rotten. Must just be the striped top, since he clearly doesn't eat any junk food.

No. 1332313

File: 1632416539428.png (209.78 KB, 423x269, dead eye.png)


This looks to be his only attempt at a pout.

His favourite music is Taylor Swift. Why do a lot of anas like Taylor Swift? He likes painting, dancing and swimming. We've seen him dance (…), but there you go, that's all he says apart from HP in his About Me.

No. 1332314

File: 1632416564577.png (314.04 KB, 500x514, abcdf.png)

No. 1332315

File: 1632416575104.jpg (122.15 KB, 972x493, pout3.jpg)

Just to make my point watertight.
Judge for yourself.

Tbh, he doesn't eat at all any more. RIP

No. 1332321

As someone who is going to university to study English language, reading this physically hurts. Someone get this man a dictionary.

No. 1332328

Blue Steel look.

No. 1332330

I entered the homepage to see these four images and lost it

No. 1332332

Ben Stiller sucks his cheeks in very hard.
Herr Pencilneck doesn't have to.

No. 1332333

File: 1632417381754.png (1.05 MB, 1037x694, Untitled.png)

He'd benefit from a heavy fake tan. Wonder what he'll do at Hallowe'en apart from be himself.

I had to look at his eyes in shots, and even ones where he isn't using a ring light and eating something, he still has Georgie pupils. He's been at this account for almost a year and he's looking worse.

No. 1332337

have any of our cows dressed up as skeletons before? feel like it is the sort of edgelord shit some of them might do.

No. 1332339

Nonna, have you seen any of Nik's recent photos? He's dressed as a skeleton and a ghost simultaneously every single day.

No. 1332340

A few have, but the one I remember off the top of my head is Cecelia. They wear those all in one skele suits.

No. 1332341

>He'd benefit from a heavy fake tan.

Why should he? There's always a lot of candlelight at Hogwarts that doesn't give you a tan at all.

No. 1332342

kek ok so far his list of doppelgangers includes:
Salad fingers
Robbie Rotten from Lazytown
Linguini from Ratatouille
Randall from Monster’s Inc

did I forget any??
someone please start on a doppelNik collage for next threadpic KEK

No. 1332343

Ned McDodd from "Horton Hears a Who".

No. 1332344

Victor from Corpse Bride
those Doctor Seuss Whoville characters
Lizards in general

No. 1332345

File: 1632418165682.jpeg (183.72 KB, 750x1040, 1623522703478.jpeg)

He really is getting internet famous!

Here's that pic of Cece btw. I'm trying to find the other cows who've worn them (intentionally).

Can't forget Slenderman.

No. 1332346

>Lizards in general

I've got tea on my keyboard now, thanks.

No. 1332347

So IrOnIc and EdGy!

No. 1332348

i think, rems.resistance was one?
Not too sure among the whole anon vent thing that hapened threads ago

No. 1332353

File: 1632418706047.png (984.93 KB, 1200x630, kek.png)

Am I the only one who sees it?

No. 1332354

No, you're not.

I keep getting distracted looking for the skele costumes because past threads are even more fascinating years on. Last Halloween we were all delving into Molly's past, N2Fs food was at it's repulsive height, Georgie was IP (yes, really!), Elzani was eating stacks of pancakes and we were playing Molly Bingo.

No. 1332357

File: 1632419350127.jpg (188.25 KB, 806x436, donkey.jpg)

Glad I found this again lol

No. 1332361

File: 1632419593318.jpg (56.51 KB, 403x801, 1613643591642.jpg)

No. 1332364

File: 1632419992481.jpg (55.04 KB, 640x640, resize.jpg)

Cece showing us her "Little Hipster House on the Prairie" look.
Love that spinach shit color. At least it's not beige.

No. 1332366

Imagine Salad Fingers in a suit like that. Christ, I'd rather not imagine.

No. 1332371

File: 1632420314004.png (53.78 KB, 250x188, 26532B70-DB84-4D98-890C-1508B2…)

TOP FUCKING KEK this is even better when you take into consideration Mr. Burns’ physique

No. 1332372

Half cottagecore, half cabbagecore.

No. 1332373

Cece, please, some warm-toned neutrals. A rust sweater and some docs will get you a gf

No. 1332383

what is this cow doing? i used to follow her but she annoyed me too much to bother

No. 1332387

This is so obvious and so phucked up.
With a decent weight gain diet he could have made it in the healthy, normal range.
No, it doesn't happen over night. No, the progress IS slow.

But he (obviously) totally ruined that and continued to purge.

Why does he play the apostle, then?

"Get help" just means "Don't do what I do, do what I say"

Spamming his SM with trivial Anorexia facts while still continuing the public travesty that his life has become. Sad and fucking funny at once.

No. 1332393

sorry for the off topic question but does anyone know flourishingella's tellonym username? (she is the Anna-depop drama self-poster but has become a bit of a personal cow)

No. 1332399

just checked her tiktok. She has given up the cane/problems working thing. Has a new puppy.Otherwise nothing new.

No. 1332401

*walking, not working. Although I think she is still unemployed.

No. 1332420

Kek, who the hell would be jealous of Hxn? Wow, I'd love to be spending most of my time in crisis or hospital, making my family worry constantly, getting the police called on me 24/7, never doing anything truly enjoyable or fun and not even making an attempt to get better…yeah who wouldn't want that?

No. 1332435

File: 1632428147943.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x2093, C31104A5-A99B-4711-84FF-41B4E7…)

Begging for money for therapy yet again despite wealthy parents kek.

No. 1332445

Kek same anon, same. Her meltdown today was hilarious. Sadly don’t know her tell.

No. 1332452

File: 1632430484103.jpeg (153.25 KB, 828x1244, D71F77F3-72EB-41A6-8F19-AA99B1…)

Niamh noodles starting to sh again after stating they’re only “40%” recovered and struggling with new healthcare team, and currently off sick

No. 1332455

these are killing me, thank you anons

No. 1332456

File: 1632430704582.png (3.4 MB, 828x1792, 5012FB1E-ED3C-4D11-A31C-971859…)

Pic for preview, it’s a ride

No. 1332457

Also that guy from the Lorax

No. 1332491

Im up for any cow dressing nice. Its a form of respect letting yourself wear clothes that you a. Like and b. Look flattering on you. She does look nice here IMO hoping she has a better future going forward and stops LARPing

No. 1332498

File: 1632435005433.jpg (64.03 KB, 580x580, m_5ef0164c045e39c75bf49c21.jpg)

I see her suiting more hippy skirt type things. I don't like the blouse or the pants, but there you go. She even likes new agey things, so a bit surprised she doesn't dress in that style. Not full on teen boho, but tunics like img.

Okay, this ain't a dress up doll thing, but she needs some colour in her life. All the white is too asylum. She might want to be in a hospital but no need to dress like she works in one.

No. 1332537

I don't really mind that she's into monochrome, but she doesn't pick clothes with shapes that flatter her. A lot of her pants have fronts/seams that make her look frumpy and draw attention to an area that she claims to be self-conscious about. If she picked pants that weren't so high-waisted and didn't gather like that in front, she would look less heavy in the middle. (I know high-waisted stuff is popular, but it … does draw the eye to that lower abdominal region, which seems dumb to do if you're sooooo self-conscious about your weight gain)

No. 1332542

File: 1632437640861.jpeg (150.83 KB, 822x1361, 919903C1-DCB6-4338-831F-979059…)

Hxn jumped on stories to say farmers on “locaw” are fucked and she’d have a brain transplant if she could because she desperately doesn’t want to be ill. Hxn, when you read here, the issue is your arrogance (I’m the sickest there ever was and fuck you!), attention seeking, ridiculous go fund me and general flaunting of skeletal body. We are not fucked, we are calling you out on damaging behaviours. You’re the fucked one. Nice arm flex.

No. 1332544

I agree. She could look amazing in the right cut of clothes. Saying something nice about her now (what?!), her body's good right now. If she wasn't as big a bitch, I'd do a date with her.

No. 1332580

c'mon now guys.. i know milk hasn't been the best lately but let's not stoop to dating cecelia.
also anything recent from n2f? i can't see her account at the moment. anything besides the usual vomit i mean.

No. 1332591

Anons please be proud of me, I'm not nitpicking the grammar (left that to everyone else kek)

I AM confused at his US statistics though. No stats available for Deutschland?

The genetic link is interesting. I read a study about hereditary traits in anorexia once and the variable they divided participants by was if their mother's family had Ashkenazi ancestry.

pls no racebait

No. 1332598

haha she has the ED charity symbol tattooed on her wrist

No. 1332633

File: 1632446933654.png (5.59 MB, 828x1792, 6E450B3A-C923-48AD-9407-9F90E0…)

The three m&ms are sending me. Such a recovery queen.

No. 1332635

Interesting. Can you link to the study?

No. 1332657

File: 1632449144494.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2388x1668, 343C8FA1-B383-44F3-B655-71B7EE…)

I present to you all my masterpiece. I call it:“A man of many faces, and few calories.”

No. 1332690

File: 1632453040336.jpeg (652.29 KB, 1125x1909, AD9BEE0C-E942-4518-AAFA-EFB380…)

ur right cece, no one cares x

No. 1332701

That is beautiful, anon. Well done. Couldn't have asked for more.

No. 1332704

Samefag, but I didn't know who Lizst was and now I'm dying. I thought that anon just did a really bad job at spelling Lizard

No. 1332749

File: 1632461157267.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1981, 20210924_072425.jpg)

I swear to god, she thinks she is some sort of artist. Smh

No. 1332758

My question is how can you eat so much sugar every day without eventually craving something else? Does she even feel full and satiated after? Theres virtually no protein.

10/10 avocado toast with an egg and bagel seasoning on top would kick this slop to the curb if Han would try something new

No. 1332799

my teeth hurt just looking at her breakfasts

No. 1332810

OoOOohh nnooOOOoo soooo much sugaaarrrrrrrr

God this is tiring.
Posting her sugar bowls very single day is not milk, it's just fueling the lurking anachans to shit up the thread.

I miss the days of aly…our "recovery queer"

No. 1332817


I think we've got a winner here! Thanks a lot, anon! That's really great.

No. 1332819

This is supposed to be a breakfast, not a children's birthday…
Enjoy your tooth decay, Ham!

No. 1332820

Next thread title needs to be 'many faces and few calories'

No. 1332825

Yep. See here:
No one here is jealous of you Hxn. And it is telling she thinks people only get triggered by those sicker than them - which makes her claims she never gets triggered by other patients sus. Not claiming she isn't sick but she will not be the spoopiest, illest patient to have ever been on her various EDU stays.

No. 1332827

File: 1632472047891.jpg (105.22 KB, 619x837, 242740312_n.jpg)

Three hard years of intense daily bodybuilding didn't bring Ganer too far, although she's no real skelly any longer.

But this is not caused by her sparse monomeals and overtraining, huh.

Boyish hips and lots of skin rashes. That's what you get.

No. 1332831

Saw this from the front page and nothing can convince me this wasn't supposed to be posted in the mtf thread

No. 1332834

File: 1632473739513.jpg (31.88 KB, 508x376, 1632472047891.jpg)

"Ellen Ripley has had a hard day on her spaceship, killing aliens and also doing her laundry."

No. 1332835

I tried Ham's breakfast (oatmeal with biscoff and banana). It was SHIT. way too sweet, the biscoff was awful, this piece of sugar basicly that soaked all the moisture and flavour from the oats. Pure shit.

No. 1332837

How old is she again? Her skin looks like that of an elderly lady.

No. 1332839

I hate the way Cecelia cries about everything in treatment. She said in her instagram story that nurses don't care about her traumas and it's wrong that she has to eat microvawe ready meals and fearfoods. Go home u stupid cow if u don't like it. Cecelia is taking a place from someone who needs it more. Selfish stupid cow

No. 1332840

She's in her mid-twenties, iirc.

No. 1332846

To add she says she desperately doesn't want to be ill but five seconds later says she has 'lost all motivation'. I get not wanting to be ill and wanting recovery are sort of different and that it is harder without external motivation (career, education, passions etc) but is definitely still possible on sheer determination not to live that way anymore - I have seen It happen multiple times.

Also, I found a blog of someone who was in cotswold house (where she is) at the height of lockdown and they still had groups, despite Hxn's claim it is just a feeding zoo. And she mentions going off the ward to visit a friend but wasn't she whining about no one being allowed leave bc of covid?

how do microwave meals exacerbate wounds? or is she just hurt she is not getting the nurses' undivided attention?

No. 1332851

File: 1632476237701.jpg (1.09 MB, 968x5644, ganer_gains Instagram.jpg)

Pumping & posing. That's all that she does.
What an empty life.

No. 1332854


nonono anon, she does much more than that on her stories!
she partakes in a myriad of fun activities such as incessantly walking on her 'rest' days, spending time in the kitchen whipping up culinary delights including 'Bol de Merde Blanche' and 'Répétitif Comme du Poulet Sur du Riz', and secrectly videoing her mother as they trek through the countryside.

…oh, thats about it actually. every. fucking. week.

she really does lead a miserable fucking life, no wonder her dad offed himself.

No. 1332855

Never thought I'd say this, but can anyone who's following N2F please post some of her recent content? She won't accept my follow request and I miss her strange concoctions and her unwashed selfies dearly.

No. 1332858

File: 1632477113462.jpg (1.06 MB, 1059x1883, 20210924_115128.jpg)


No. 1332859

Yes, lest we forget about her culinary mastership.
Her wonderful creations like "Chocolat régulier en tasse bleue" and "Bouillie devant un ordinateur portable" are amongst the all-time classics, of course.

No. 1332860

Finally, being able to speak French is paying off. My sides.

'Petit déjeuner de protéine édulcorée devant un ordinateur portable avec une image d'un poulet rôti comme fond d'écran', a classic.

No. 1332865

I just want to know why anyone wants a wet soggy cookie on top of warm oats. Just the idea of that texture makes me gag.
And nitpick but those bananas look so old? I wonder if she bought a bunch weeks ago and nobody in the house eats them except for when she does her diabetic toddler bowls.

No. 1332867

I still have no idea how she manages to eat shit like that everyday. Just looking at it makes me sick. She could garnish her oatmeal with other fruits and yoghurt, would be better than that crap.

No. 1332868

File: 1632478589069.png (297.54 KB, 439x439, krusty.png)

Maybe she should create her very own food brand..?

No. 1332869


No. 1332871

One of the main things about BPD (EUPD) now in the UK is attention seeking or manipulative behaviour. The ones featured on here totally play into that which is why it's still a stigmatised thing. Those with BPD/EUPD as a diagnosis in the UK even if it's been 20+ years since they got diagnosed may not fit in the criteria but still get stigmatised and maybe refused help even in crisis. That's why I don't understand why people like Laura get put in a unit when they only suddenly got worse. Although she does so show why some people with BPD/EUPD shouldn't be put in hospitals or units as she has manipulated her way into a longer stay and more intervention.

No. 1332873

The maybe they are autistic comments get used way too much on here. Autism seems to be a new craze amongst people on social media and a new I need diagnosis like DID became. She's clearly just either not trying or mummy has become her best friend so she can't relate to anyone else.

No. 1332882

kek at diabetic toddler bowl

No. 1332884

Don't think you're qualifiying as 'autistic' when you're just too loud and awkward to be comfortable around with.
Typical zoomer problem, I'd say.

No. 1332885

are people interested in her or did we decide it was not worth it? (Derail I know, but If you think Ham struggles to make friends this is a whole new level. Ella carries stuffed animals around at college. COLLEGE. Maybe they should be pen pals. )

No. 1332888

Stopped reading @ "no will to live".

No. 1332912

She hardly qualifies.

No. 1332916

That's the biscuit nobody ever wants in an assortment. Cow stamped on front, that's about right.

No. 1332923

File: 1632483142629.png (Spoiler Image, 424.83 KB, 316x1072, hannah.png)

Spoiler extremely malnourished.
She's been anorexic since she was thirteen of course her skin is going to be prematurely aged. Look how ill she was.

No. 1332924

I get how someone that sick may never reach a full recovery, it's common, but trading one form of ED for another isnt even the "well it's not a full recovery but maintaing a BMI of 18 is good enough". I'd be happier for her if she reached that point rather than this exercise and macro obsession

No. 1332925

File: 1632483378523.png (19.13 KB, 370x105, Screenshot_2021-09-24.png)

"Of course" like in "that comes NaTuRaLlY on my ReCoVeRy JoUrNeY"??

Get a grip.

No. 1332926

She’s a personal cow of mine too but she’s so incredibly autistic the risk of her clogging up the thread with her defensiveness is too high

No. 1332930

I honestly don't get how Hannah qualifies as a scumbag. She's just ill. She said herself it might take her many, many years to be free from anorexia and acknowledges her bodybuilding is part of her obsessive behaviour.

No. 1332933

She's a cow because of the smugness, denialism and how she repeatedly shows videos of her lifting weights at like, BMI 10 kek. It's always the lack of self awareness with these cows, she is promoting the idea that her bodybuilding journey saved her life in order to maintain her ED and obsessive rituals.

No. 1332936

Well, in my book you qualify if you promote this kind of ana behaviour. Like excessively posting this shit all over the net, giving interviews for bodybuilding magazines and luring other insecure bitches into this ugly spiral of back pain and permanent absence of menstruation.

…instead of getting one proper psychotherapy to find out about the underlying causes. So her daddy died when she was just thirteen?
Yeah, tough shit, but other kids would handle the grief with the help of friends & family without becoming a living skeleton.

No. 1332961

> acknowledges her bodybuilding is part of her obsessive behaviour

She could keep it for herself, then. Getting help.
But on the contrary, she's LARPing as a poor excuse for a life coach, in public.

No. 1332972


Is Cotswold House where she is? They have a pretty extensive handbook available online, may be a bit out of date: https://www.oxfordhealth.nhs.uk/cotswoldhouse/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2017/08/Friends-Family-Guide.pdf

No. 1332978

File: 1632488112953.jpg (424.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210924-145214_Ins…)

I mean, she's not wrong… although she is arguably not the best example of someone who has a "healthy mindset" around exercise.

No. 1332985

File: 1632488330654.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1080x1684, 20210924_145647.jpg)

Samefag, this just proves that she clearly went from one extreme to the other.

No. 1332987

File: 1632488437006.png (523.56 KB, 298x600, cunt.png)

No one, and I mean absolutely no one ever looking like a mutated rotisserie chicken should lecture people like that.

No. 1333000

I mean 'diet culture' is a thing. Doesn't mean people cannot diet and be healthy/ have a healthy mindset but there is a difference between losing weight to put less pressure on your joints and because you hate the way you look in a bikini.

And a lot of people lose interest in exercise (at least things like lifting, treadmills, other gym shit) when they actually recover because they are just so over it..

No. 1333006

There should always be some culture in your diet.

No. 1333008

If this is ‘what recovery looks’ like I think I’d rather stay skelly. She’s still obsessed with her body image, sticking out her ribs in her underwear. The only difference is she thinks orthorexia is acceptable.
She got so triggered by the infographic not including exercise because she fails to realise that on the ED brain it’s an all consuming obsession and part of the disorder, and on the right the recovered brain has a lot of other things to focus on before they think of exercise. Of course, she’s not actually resonating with the recovered brain because she hasn’t actually recovered.

No. 1333011

File: 1632490446429.jpg (859.1 KB, 1080x2201, 20210924_153210.jpg)

She's not disappointing us.

No. 1333019

She continuously disappoints.
Just doesn't realize it.

No. 1333038

Ganer will never disappoint. She's one of my favorite cows. I love her sheer craziness and denialism so much.

No. 1333040

Is it me or is her butt/upper thigh the only part that looks any different? I mean give the before picture a crazy tan and backbreaking pose and you've to the after picture minus maybe 5lbs of muscle

No. 1333044

File: 1632492920169.jpg (100.63 KB, 573x864, insta_ganer.jpg)

…and a lot of your rituals and obsessions will prevent you from leading a happier life, you stupid little cunt.

No. 1333050


A bioactive yoghurt should suffice

No. 1333072

What a wonderful, innovative composition!
Almost as if she reinvented haute cuisine.
"Casse-croûte triste sans épices à l'ordinateur"!

No. 1333084

An iron can flatten so many creases.

No. 1333088


True. But it would make it easier to guess where her 'breasts' would be.

No. 1333092

I want Ganer to do one of those draw the shape you think you are life size things. How does she see herself? She's proud of her "gains", but all I see is a bulge at the top of her arms that look like Dr Pimple Popper could have a great time fishing orange tissue out of/squeezing cheesy substance from. Is she supposed to look like this? Does she think she looks buff?

No. 1333118

File: 1632497471781.jpg (96.99 KB, 628x917, doll.jpg)

Why not show her one of those rape dolls and ask her "Hannah, on what part would you like to have more muscle?"
Wouldn't that be nice and therapeutic.

No. 1333174

File: 1632501605237.jpeg (640.63 KB, 828x1275, CDFAF1E4-FE8C-44B3-BFAA-5EE3EB…)

Eating restaurant food in public with other people, it seems! What alternate universe is this?

No. 1333181

Dr Pimple Popper's already treated that cyst. See it ooze.

She has girlfriends now!!! Bet she wasn't impressed with the look of the potato. Georgie liked the food pic. Typical.

No. 1333205

Amerifag here and I’m GAGGING at the thought of eating tuna salad with a baked fucking potato. Is this a normal meal in the UK???
and served on top of a cold salad no less?
even when she’s at a restaurant her meals are terrifying kek

No. 1333211

I've seen cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, and yes, tuna as a topping. It's British, ofc it's gross.

No. 1333212

yep pretty normal meal, american food isn’t exactly picturesque..

No. 1333221

File: 1632505027034.jpg (6.69 KB, 224x225, corndogs.jpg)

MmmMmm corn dogs. Ha.

Hershey's chocolate tastes like vomit, so both sides of the ocean should be ashamed.

No. 1333251

File: 1632507857230.jpg (359.44 KB, 1080x1690, 20210924_202007.jpg)

Salad Fingers is raising awareness about pro-ana websites now

No. 1333254

File: 1632507983668.jpg (199.75 KB, 1080x559, 20210924_202522.jpg)

Did he get this from an episode of Supersize vs. Superskinny?

No. 1333284

No. 1333288

kek no i am musicnerd anon

No. 1333294

Nik, mate, lay off the cheap black hair dye. Looks like you're wearing a syrup.

>By giving your eating disorder a name like 'Ana' or 'Mia' you are trivializing and glamorizing a disorder that can lead you to death.

Therapists tell you to give it a name in some cases, so you can separate it from yourself.

>You don't have to look at photos or videos for inspiration to be thin.

Yet he posts them.

>You don't need tips and tricks to lose weight and keep your eating disorder secret.

Be out about your eating disorder and, yeah, I will show you you can binge on cakes and purge them so you stay thin.

>You don't need motivation or help in the form of an eating/weight diary.

You HAVE to keep them in therapy/treatment.

>You don't need to join weight loss competitions or find weight loss partners.

Wow, he's been checking those sites out a long time, huh.

Fuck off, Nik. As if anyone would take advice from YOU about how to overcome an eating disorder. You look like you were propped up after someone took you off the gurney.

No. 1333298

I'm guessing Cecelia associates microwave meals with unhealthy fast food or poverty.
I'd have thoughts anas would love them, one meal with all the calories right there on the box.

No. 1333304

File: 1632509602370.png (452.12 KB, 1080x1070, serioussideeffects.png)

Something about his face is telling me he hasn't been nr. 2 for a few weeks.

Also, I feel like he doesn't actually lurk here. Surely he can't be this fucking dumb and continue posting photos like this if he has seen our edits??

No. 1333306

Meanwhile, the greasy laminated menu for Chez Ham:


No. 1333311

File: 1632509795291.png (388.88 KB, 817x888, dulcolax.png)

He definitely looks like he's sitting on an apple. Must be an extra hard one.

No. 1333328

She put up a big stink to voluntarily stay in program another week

No. 1333332

Has Nik ever actually admitted to purging?

No. 1333401

Fucking ENOUGH with these already. Can you Nikfags gets your own thread because you have two jokes you've been beating to death for months. Bet you're also the ones sperging that anyone who thinks Ham's breakfasts are gross are orthorexic because you have the mental capacity of fifth graders

No. 1333403

If it goes to the subcutaneous layer but isn't on your hands, feet, face or an area with a lot of movement they will not use stitches, they will use steri strips or glue. Its cheaper, faster and if infection occurs easy to open back up. The scar itself doesnt look like a scratch either, but a deeper cut that did just recently heal and will be permanent. It is hard to tell tho. The lack of hesitation marks is weird to me, you would usually try once to get a feel for how much pressure is needed and then cut again

No. 1333406

No. 1333408


If you do not like the milk.

Do not visit the farms.

No. 1333410

No. 1333411

watch out, ze americans are angryyyyy

No. 1333416

File: 1632516925064.gif (242.78 KB, 220x220, where.gif)

No. 1333448

The tuna goes on top of the potato with the salad eaten as a side. How is that so bizarre? At least most British people eat vegetables everyday, whereas Muricans consider ‘creamed corn’ enough to supplement diets

No. 1333458

File: 1632522216464.gif (374.15 KB, 200x150, 200w.gif)

Well, fuck me. I didn't know this was a no humour allowed serious thread. The pro ana cows have always been a place for a laugh. You want to discuss my tubes medfag style or rate clinics and the treatment there, then do a boring as fuck on /it.

I pity whoever had to be in lockdown with you.
And yes Hannah's breakfasts are diabetic toddler shit. Deal with it or gtfo.

No. 1333459

A skeletal man stepping up his advice for anorexia recovery, dumbass.