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File: 1632681026982.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2388x1668, nikfag.jpeg)

No. 1334985

Last time on the thread:

Ham still has no friends other than her mum. Anons continue to sperg about her breakfasts of sugar with a side of oats.

Nik got a lot of attention from farmers for his educational signs and similarity to a number of cartoon characters. One of his films is now on German Amazon Prime. Looks like his big (osteoporosis induced bone) break is right round the corner!

Cecelia considered leaving PHP early but battled on. Alas, she continues taking up space that others so desperately need, while anons shake their heads at her boring colour palate.

Nourish is now flourishing and eating out with her friends! Still looks like a gremlin though and posts slightly questionable photos, although less repulsive.

Anna is now down to being able to ingest 10 foods. She went home to her family as she navigates this difficult time.

Hxn has still only raised £450 for her gofundme. Now she is getting government funding for her swanky private treatment she is not sure it is right fo her.

Ganer was featured on a bodybuilding website where she told her 'inspirational' story of how she went from a skelly anorexic to a slightly more muscly orthorexic.

Dora and Zara are both at uni and purging away. Anons suspect full-on relapses are imminent for both of them. Laura's potential new hospital declined her admission. Survivingnowthriving releases a vegan cookbook to solve the rise in teenage eating disorders, ana-gone-ortho scarletvfit looks like a deflated rotisserie chicken.

Check them out here:
https://www.instagram.com/ceceliafrances/ (private)
https://www.instagram.com/hannahmblackburn (private)
https://www.instagram.com/nourisht0flourish (private)
https://www.instagram.com/savingshan (private)
https://www.instagram.com/emisfighting (private)
https://instagram.com/flourishingfxiry (private)
https://instagram.com/soph.ventiing (private)
https://instagram.com/smorven (private)
https://instagram.com/littlestlee2.0 (private)
https://www.instagram.com/a_wintergirl_thawing_2 (private)

No. 1334987

Forgot to link last thread: >>>/snow/1323678

No. 1334997

YESSSS! Our Recovery Hero (you're my hero, Pencilneck)! Thanks, anon. You did well seeing how so little's been happening recently. Damn it, we need an EVENT to happen.

No. 1335002

Fuck, I spelled 'palette' wrong. That's going to bug me for the rest of my life.

No. 1335004

Thx OP for doing the new thread.
Good work!

No. 1335005

Ignore it. It's one of those words that I never rememember ll? tt? lltt? When your spelling's as bad as BULLEMIC Nik's, then you beat yourself up.

No. 1335017

Kek, you're right, nonna.
Appreciate the feedback!

No. 1335018

'palate' can mean 'ability to distinguish between and appreciate different flavours.' Maybe this could be why she only wears tones of white, cream and grey. Does she see this as the full colour spectrum?

No. 1335020

File: 1632683342024.jpg (138.66 KB, 738x1097, Screenshot_20210926-200300_Ins…)

>films self eating junk food for the millionth timd
>is somehow STILL surprised that junk food tastes good
>overly positive "rEcOvErY iS wOrTh iT" essay caption
how is she not bored of this?

No. 1335022

File: 1632683426593.jpeg (152.35 KB, 828x1032, 2DF18AAC-C0CF-4AA5-A76F-51527F…)

The shock face strikes again while Hamum continues munchausen. Christ people at her college must be hysterical laughing at this fraud

No. 1335023

Because this is the only way she can fake any friends

No. 1335052


She’s not even faking friends. It’s just her mum. Who has left the home. Probably in the hope that she wouldn’t have to film any more of these stupid videos.

No. 1335065

File: 1632686917986.jpeg (302.14 KB, 1201x1085, 6A1F2103-FF0E-467C-8350-74C87F…)

@wateremelons still can't post a recent picture without one proving she used to be spoopy

No. 1335066

This means anon, right?

No. 1335067

File: 1632687058854.jpeg (203.67 KB, 409x656, C9FAD5AB-503D-417B-9839-B95826…)

genuinely didn’t think she was a cow but her behaviour recently is just vile. and nitpick, but her new haircut is awful (img)

No. 1335068

not the hairy caterpillar eyebrows to make her face look even smaller. what is up with her neck in the spoop pic?

No. 1335070

cannula i think

No. 1335072

Yep. Welcome to lolcow

No. 1335123

God I fucking hate Zoomers so much

No. 1335124

I always have to double take when people write nonna, given that it's Italian for grandmother, hahaha

No. 1335137

File: 1632690860231.png (4.13 MB, 828x1792, 90B691FD-2C3C-481D-A52F-47F36B…)

what on earth happened to leith?? is this another victim of the “all-in” binging?

No. 1335151

I don't think it matters to us if she has to be at a higher weight to maintain her recovery. Given that she was spoopy (spent 8 weeks on a gastro ward or something because of her physical complications) I'm just glad she recovered. And the weight gain isn't that recent, she has been this size for a while. of course, I could be wrong and she could be a major cow though.

No. 1335154

anon being fat doesn’t make somebody a cow.

No. 1335156

File: 1632692295077.jpeg (213.74 KB, 828x795, 9593955B-A77E-495D-AFE0-CB17CC…)

Be fair now, anon. This pic was from Jan 2020. She’s not been a cow like others and is doing well, don’t be a fuckwit because of an unflattering photo.

No. 1335165

File: 1632692863087.jpg (935.58 KB, 1080x2016, 20210926_232720.jpg)

This surely is an interesting way to bodycheck

No. 1335169

Where did you find this picture? I haven't seen her post anything new featuring more than a piece of her face

No. 1335183

File: 1632693749070.jpeg (145.67 KB, 828x1025, 3F295E41-40D8-42A6-AD6A-534278…)

Salty about having her ng tube being taken out and being out skellied by Emily, while throwing in some Hxn narrative

No. 1335199

File: 1632694788473.jpeg (568.51 KB, 828x1114, 31B21A4B-E772-4E83-8F6C-8A20A4…)

tagged pics

No. 1335211

File: 1632696020819.jpg (447.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210927-003716_Ins…)

cause a big piece of white choc wasnt enough

No. 1335216

File: 1632696369667.jpeg (147.69 KB, 828x988, E570F8B6-9F2B-485A-97C2-D9F5C4…)

That poor girl

No. 1335228

File: 1632696966001.jpeg (152.23 KB, 828x1004, 51C6A8B7-C6B5-4E95-BC4D-DE9930…)

Rubygranger vying for cow status. Repeated awful, poor nutritional meals and glazing over obvious weight loss while ignoring everyone calling it out. Molly must be seething.

No. 1335275

The most tragic part is her conversation about orange Smarties with her mum. If she was under 16, both parents would be fighting NOT to have custody of her.

No. 1335280

File: 1632700898171.jpg (109.98 KB, 640x462, overly-attached-girlfriend-lai…)

No. 1335288

fantastic anon. their eyes are exactly the same, literally look at the photos side by side. cece would be absolutely insufferable to be in a relationship with. i pray the poor woman she went on a date with never asks for a second.

No. 1335314

wow! that's a really positive difference in a year and 9 months. Good for her! She looks healthy and happy.

No. 1335317

Molly must have unfriended her again over the triggering content by now.

No. 1335340

maybe it's just me but looking at her weird diabetes-inducing food concoctions makes me nauseous, is she trying to compete with n2f?

No. 1335353

File: 1632706095313.jpeg (722.13 KB, 828x1540, E711E1CA-E0E3-4C6A-AA7A-B7294C…)

The thought of N2F driving is absolutely terrifying to me

But what’s more terrifying is what the inside of her car will end up looking like…

No. 1335359

File: 1632706869497.jpeg (821.85 KB, 828x1285, F1BB862C-5AC3-404A-9CF8-2911FC…)

We make fun of Hannah’s sugar rush oatmeal but N2F really be out here putting a piece of CAKE ON HER OATMEAL…. A deadass piece of CAKE.

No. 1335374

n2f upchucks it. there's the difference.

No. 1335479

I can't believe it. There is no… grime? The blanket actually looks clean as well as the sauce containers. Are you sure this is N2F?

No. 1335480

Is she just in her underwear kek

No. 1335481

File: 1632726497627.jpeg (179.62 KB, 827x1210, C88BFE93-2726-4109-B31C-3DC948…)

All in the talons

No. 1335482

File: 1632726551133.jpeg (240.39 KB, 750x1212, 608B5274-9975-487C-8AB9-55475C…)

This is all I see? Am I doing it wrong?

No. 1335500

You're forgetting the beetroot porridge. IMO she hasn't lost any weight recently though. Still not sure if she has a genuine problem or is LARPing for her next book/ to gt a year out of uni.

probably friends with her on a personal account. Definitely a cow - why else would she have highlights of her hospital stays?

No. 1335501

that’s a block of 30p chocolate she’s put on there……… just get a bar of fucking dairy milk for a pound, at least it’ll taste of chocolate and not plastic

No. 1335529

File: 1632735683126.jpg (966.53 KB, 1080x2031, 20210927_113928.jpg)

I'm not sure your body appreciates you eating what is basically pure sugar.

Making Ham proud.

No. 1335547


Also if you're genuinely hungry I'm not sure sweets are the way forward. Maybe an apple and a small handful of almonds? A yogurt?

No. 1335550

Explaining how she became morbidly obese, I see

No. 1335567

What even is this?

No. 1335599

They look similar to jelly snakes (by natural confectionary co.) Just hope Porgie knows that just because it has natural in the name, it doesn't make it a good idea to down a bag of them on the regular.

No. 1335650

File: 1632754224495.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1080x1994, 20210927_164650.jpg)

Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but those ribs are disturbing asf. Why would anyone want to look like this?

Also, 'carb depletion' kek. Much recovered.

No. 1335676

Is that her mum in the background? What must she be thinking.

No. 1335677

Clearly drinking wine with a side of ribs

No. 1335682

The only price she's gonna win is #1 in her own funeral.
What a delusional, pitiful existence.

No. 1335690

File: 1632758308901.png (259.02 KB, 328x595, gan0r 1.png)

Ganer won't fit thru the door if she goes on like that.
(Red lines added by anon)

No. 1335694

Preparing and starving herself for a competition that is named after a wrinkly, cigar-smoking, rich old man with a speech impediment.
Brave, I'd call that.

No. 1335697

File: 1632758999448.jpeg (414.4 KB, 708x794, 2C12EEB0-BE20-4308-8C26-E2E708…)

Is that a toe with zero circulation I see?

No. 1335711

Applies to all her 'fried chicken' pix:

It's not sports, but a gallopping BDD with her. I wish, that every dumbass contest she applies for should kick her out at application and maybe put her on a blacklist.

No. 1335714

Most likely just a reflection or a sqeeze mark on her transparent show boots.

No. 1335726

This girl's body makes Ganer look like Hercules, but her posing is way above Ganer's pitiful attempts. Hannah needs to learn to do the charismatic face thing and smile. She also needs to learn how to walk in her heels.

The thing here >>1335697 looks like the clear band of the shoe is cutting off circulation to her toe. Had a pair of Melissa's that did that. I'd suggest some wet paper stuffed into it to make it expand.

No. 1335748


One is not able to pump and shows a barren ribcage.
Other one is not able to pose, looking like a sour-faced pitbull.

Both are too dumb to eat enough.
Both are attention whores.

No. 1335757

Has anyone heard anything about small-time cow Jen.Peach lately? Given the new fitness cow I’ve been wondering about her

No. 1335767

File: 1632767516361.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 187.7 KB, 828x961, 142F667C-5D2C-42E9-AB76-282FA2…)

Never mind, I did some digging and found that she absconded from hospital four days ago.As much of a exploitative cow as she is, I hope she is safe

No. 1335769

The way her sister writes sounds like she's not even worried? Like 'my sister escaped' ahh she's done it again.

No. 1335771

File: 1632767927745.jpeg (10.78 KB, 720x64, 1632767516361.jpeg)

"BeCaUsE tHe dOcToRs dOn'T kNoW wHaT's bEsT fOr mE."

No. 1335779

Wow, that name's a blast from the past.

I get the same vibe. She might've well written, "Thanks lol".

No. 1335786

No. 1335787

File: 1632768714309.jpeg (260.94 KB, 750x1312, C9F54B9E-A5C7-4FEF-886A-AE42FA…)

Has her hospital friend been mentioned before? Also a fan of body checking "ootds"

No. 1335790

File: 1632768908237.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, 362ECBD6-ABAB-4783-AF0B-8A585D…)

No. 1335791

Now that's some fine bodychecking there while you rEcOvErY is going on, totes.

No. 1335792

she probably is a cow, especially with that username, but since her account is private she isn't going to get noticed here that much.

No. 1335797

I thought she had although I can’t find it now. As much as they’re both as bad as each other, I feel sorry for wateremelons, must be hard to be the one that actually puts weight on in the friendship.
Pepsi one posts pics like that every day but also ‘won’t comment on weight thanks’ ….so don’t flaunt it?

No. 1335803

why would she compete like this? is it all a humiliation fetish?

No. 1335804

No. 1335805

File: 1632770867865.jpeg (188.47 KB, 1142x766, 18430FBA-235C-4331-BEA9-01F425…)

I also get potter universe vibes, but for sure not Harry

No. 1335808

How do anorexics not realise how utterly ugly and repulsive they look? Why do they not care about this? They look like wizened 90 year old women.

No. 1335824

Body dysmorphia. Anorexics don't ever see themselves the way they truly are, their head adds more pounds to their reflection than any camera ever could. She either thinks she is supermodel skinny, or is so disordered and far gone that she no longer cares for conventional beauty because she has been at it so long she has romanticised the idea of looking visibly sick to feel valid.

Repost because I forgot to sage

No. 1335826

AYRT. Is it bad to hate anorexics because of this, because of the tunnel vision and selfishness and narcissistic vanity?

No. 1335828

I say this as someone who had anorexia not to blog but no I don't think it is. It took me growing up, getting engaged, wanting children, getting some perspective on life to realise just how narcissitc and childish I was being, just how selfish it was.

I can absolutely see both sides, hence why I'm here. A lot of these cows probably won't recover because of how mentally stunted and immature they are, how enabled and coddled they are. I'm very glad I had people around me who showed me tough love.

No. 1335829

'Bad' is subjective. You need to understand that anorexia isn't a choice and for a lot of sufferers it simply won't occur to them that their actions are harming other people - it's not a case of vanity either. However, recovery is a choice so you can absolutely judge people who have been offered multiple opportunities to recover but are wilfully remaining sick, and won't be alone in doing so.

No. 1335831

of course its to do with vanity. look at the body checking, posing in pictures, staring in the mirror all the time, feeling ribs and collarbones, measuring, weighing, whatever. it's intrinsically linked with vanity, doesn't make it not a mental illness

No. 1335832

Its a mental illness linked with vanity much in the way narcissistic personality disorder is. We all hate narcissism, but it doesn't make it not a mental illness. I can see why people would feel the same way about anorexia

No. 1335835

narcissism isnt a mental illness as it can't be treated. it's a personality type.

No. 1335837

psychoanalytic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are used to treat narcissistic personality disorder on a regular basis.

No. 1335846

AYRT, I badly worded that. The obsession with size is deeper than just wanting to be skinny and is linked with perfectionism/ trauma/ genetics etc. Fuck, I'm sounding like im_powering with the 'anorexics aren't vain!' shit,

No. 1335847

It's not a mental illness mate. In the same way psychs don't actually call EUPD a mental illness, it's personality disorder.

No. 1335852

> psychs don't actually call EUPD a mental illness, it's personality disorder.

And does that make a real, factual difference..?

No. 1335854

are you fucking stupid anons?
personality disorders are mental illness.
some recover, some dont and it depends on a lot of factors.

No. 1335856

Where are the medfags in the ana threads when you need them

No. 1335861

An educated guess is still a guess.

No. 1335862

medfag here.
personality disorders are mental disorders.
bpd is considered to be the most difficult but theres a good percentage of recovery. also symptoms tend to subside the older you get.
for narcissistic and antisocial recovery is rarer only because they rarely ask for help.

No. 1335863

Not to Megfag here but I was misdiagnosed with a personality disorder for a while and people don’t “recover” from them they learn to live with it. You live with a personality disorder there is no cure only treatment like DBT to help people cope with it(sage your shit)

No. 1335864

Thank you medfag anon, that is exactly what I thought but I'm hardly fully qualified to say so

No. 1335865

"Cope with it", you say, just like Eugenia Cooney does?
Earning a shitload of money while waving her pale bones around?
Now that's some medfag bro science there.

No. 1335866

On the note of EUPD it’s clearly not a recovery think kek as everyone knew that the famous cow S* has it. There’s no recovery from attention seeking

No. 1335868

I said personality disorder retard. Eating disorder recovery is a thing that people recover from. Personality disorders people live with

No. 1335869


>"not to medfag"

>"I was misdiagnosed once"

Nice medical qualification kek

No. 1335872

> Eating disorder recovery is a thing that people recover from.

Recovering from recovery?
WTF are you drunk, stoned or both..?

No. 1335874

Anon this thread is full of retards don’t be so rude for a shitty grammar error

No. 1335875


No. 1335877

Fuck off sorcha(inception sorcha )

No. 1335881

Nope, just worked in the system and common knowledge that mental illness such as bipolar, schizophrenia is a separate category from personality disorder. That's why we have separate PD services and that's why medication is generally recommended for bipolar/schizophrenia and not really indicated for PD.

No. 1335883

File: 1632776787544.png (218.67 KB, 473x179, glug.png)

I drink to that, anon.

No. 1335884

Yes because it's not linked to brain chemistry or genetics. That's why psychiatrists fucking hate treating it kek

No. 1335887

what are you even saying?
just because there are seperate units they are not mental illness?

No. 1335890

File: 1632776998341.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2067, D062EDD2-C6C1-4BD1-B341-18A13A…)

I don’t even know what to say about Zara claiming to be healthy

No. 1335892

File: 1632777117382.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2092, 20FCFFF0-53EB-4530-A044-34876E…)

And Sarah is begging for money yet again.

No. 1335900

Not to WK but she does say "gaining until i'm actually healthy", which obviously means she's aware she isn't.

No. 1335902

Calm down nonnie, your organic mental illness is showing.

No. 1335903


Still implies that she might decide for herself, whether or not she's already 'healthy'…
Don't trust those.

No. 1335908

open a book you dumbass and stop posting uneducated stuff. nature vs nurture is still a huge debate for first semester psych majors.
not being born with it doesnt make it less than a mental illness. You could be predisposed to it. If any of your parents/ siblings or even grandparents had it they can pass you the genes and it can develop
anything that involves changing in behavior, thinking, emotions is considered mental illness.

No. 1335912

the 'my lowest was way lower than my CW!!!!' thing is bullshit. Just wants to imply that she was the spoopiest skelly around.

No. 1335913

this debate really brought out the defensive borderlines huh

No. 1335915

Is someone gonna tell them that PTSD is a mental illness that you are not born with?

No. 1335917

Who we kidding half the anons here are emotionally unstable services' rejects

No. 1335922

File: 1632778890574.jpeg (450.62 KB, 750x873, 352F6D6F-C522-4849-AFAE-EFB82A…)

‘a little bit underweight’

No. 1335923

File: 1632778903492.jpg (86.22 KB, 1080x1070, snow-9.jpg)

No. 1335929

No. 1335933

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental illness anon…

No. 1335937

you're incorrect, it's why criminals with ASPD or NPD would be sent to prison and not a secure hospital.

No. 1335951

You can be mentally ill and criminally liable at the same time

No. 1335959

Are you having a stroke?

No. 1335974

I know sometimes a personality disorders has an ed with it, but can we talk about their ED proana behaviour instead of BPD? Not all anorexics want attention and some know they look like shit. We don't see them because they don't post on SM. These kids do all this shit >>1335790 because it's the nature of SM.

No. 1336048

Some psychs have postulated about BPD being a long form of PTSD, as in it's a reaction to trauma in childhood and creates habits and reactions that are hard to stop. Childhood trauma can create antisocial PD as well.

No. 1336063

genuine question which i hope is okay to ask (i don't come to these threads often), but at what point would you anons consider a bmi to be a problem? asking because from ham's account she looks like she used to be about 17 which seems fairly common with "recovered" people who talk about their "eds" in casual conversation.

No. 1336074

>ham's account she looks like she used to be about 17

You what? Have you seen some pics we haven't?

No. 1336131

you may need to visit these threads more often… in no universe is ham bmi 17. google is a free tool.

No. 1336133

you aren't answering my question. i know she's not like that now but i might have thought she'd have been something close to that when she was "unwell". i asked at what point would a bmi be concerning to you?

No. 1336142

what happened to the notion that ED severity isn't based on weight?

No. 1336156


Bone rattlers may disagree, but a BMI of 17 is still underweight. Concerning? No. But the person can still be suffering a fair bit with an eating disorder.

Also depends on context. A BMI of 17 in a 17 year old is not such a big deal as a BMI of 17 in a 27 year old. Many 17 year olds are naturally underweight and you're supposed to gain a little into your 20s as you settle into your adult size. And if you've lost a shit ton of weight to get to a BMI 17 that is also probably going to be an issue, no?

No. 1336164

Ham BMI 17? what fucking planet are you on? At her pretend worst she was no where near a BMI of 17. That said BMi is a very blunt tool to measure health however Ham was never anywhere near underweight. She just lacked make-up and her gormless smile

No. 1336213

Many 17 year olds are naturally underweight? Growing, going through puberty, eating everything in sight (especially when they’re PMSing or a male) 17 year old? Let’s not compare actual healthy weights for teens to whatever teenagers in famine-struck Sudan you might be thinking of.

No. 1336222

Unpopular opinion i know and as much as she annoys me (bc she rly does with her stupid “wow this tastes amazing” vids) part of me does feel sorry for ham

I just want her to stop this stupid game and have a life. She’s not terrible looking and whilst she does seem like she’d be one of the annoying kids at school that sucks up to the teacher and cries when they don’t get the main part in the play she could at least have a little group of weirdos to be friends with

No. 1336264

It looks like she glued a dead nail that fell of her finger back on what is going on

No. 1336265

This whole Emily and Lauren// besties 4-eva thing makes me cringe. Seems like Lauren is a bad influence on Em, but idk.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1336269

Put sage in the email bit not your name

No. 1336270

It's also a question of how the cow acts about their LW. For example, Anna was probably around a BMI of 17 at one point, but she acts like she was hours away from dying (which she was most certainly not). Let's not even get into the BMI 13 lie. Same with Molly. A cow can genuinely have an issue but be milky if they are trying to compete/ act like they are the thinnest, most physically compromised ever.

No. 1336273

File: 1632817052940.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2061, 20210928_101521.jpg)

Sorry to sperg about Ham's breakfast once again, but look guys! Looks like she increased her portion. Good for her, this will allow her body to gain the weight it needs in order to heal from her severe ED.

No. 1336278

the "worst" ham ever got was what appears to be a bmi of 21 kek. she's never looked unwell. in her photos where she claims to be sick the only difference is that she's not wearing makeup

No. 1336286

That makes my teeth hurt just by looking at it.

No. 1336295


Yes? Underweight as in BMI 17 - 18.5 range. I said many, though certainly not the majority and I stand by what I said. You can’t deny that a TEENAGER, even post puberty, may be naturally smaller than someone 10 years their senior? Fast metabolism plus no need to binge eat will do that for you.

No. 1336296

File: 1632821411910.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210928_112812_com…)

No. 1336303

nta but yeah most teenagers are slimmer than a 30 year old but i wouldn't say that many are "naturally underweight". the average british teenager does not have a bmi of 17

No. 1336308

File: 1632822923948.jpg (26.48 KB, 402x621, Vicky Pollard .jpg)

> the average british teenager does not have a bmi of 17

Yeah But No But

No. 1336321

Agreed, but learn to integrate. Emily is an alright girl in real life but has a terrible presence online, this vain Lauren lass does look like a massive bad influence

No. 1336322


The most important things about a friendship
you learn while having a bad friendship.

No. 1336325

yeah i feel the same. i really wish for her to find some friends and develop actual interests. i cannot imagine how empty her life must actually feel, especially with something as grave as the incoming divorce

No. 1336329

I wonder if she's tried vodka on cornflakes yet? Go on, Ham. Less of the Disney, more of the Tarantino.

No. 1336347

Topkek, anon. Already a contender for next thread pic

No. 1336359

In a way though, this is what makes Ham so ludicrous. She probably does have issues with her body image and relationship to food - show me a teen girl who doesn’t have some difficulty. I imagine she is quite anxious, hence the over reliance on mum for support and companionship and lack of friends. She could have done exactly what she’s doing now and been honest about not having a diagnosed ED and perhaps actually helped some adolescents in similar situations and created a network for herself of people who struggle similarly. Instead, because she clearly didn’t feel valid enough, she pretended to be in recovery from a serious eating disorder. Even a much younger child should know that’s not okay. She hasn’t helped anybody and has instead made a mockery of those who were truly unwell with ED with her superficial narrative.

No. 1336365

File: 1632830280690.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 282BE9AA-D164-48D6-9433-FE2AE2…)

Pepsimaxops is not "commenting on her weight" despite her account consisting of body checks

No. 1336390

There's always the bridge between the two, she should get on the baileys chocolate liquer. Though would never hope for anyone to ever jump the fence into alcoholism. Shits nasty.

No. 1336444

File: 1632840347559.png (Spoiler Image, 2.12 MB, 828x1792, E7CBAED5-C222-4155-BAF3-3BDE97…)

soph is still as delightful and attention- whorish as ever

No. 1336476

How stupid do you have to be to not only do something like this but post it? Hospitals are backed up for the genuinely sick because of COVID. People are dying of cancer at home and stuck in bed unable to move with painful arthritis because of the backlog and you have dumbfucks making a song and dance of self-harming, taking up a bed and using resources at one of the most pressured times in medical history. Hopefully next time the razor perforates something important.

No. 1336489

Even then, I guess she'll churn out one last glorious TikTok before she snuffs it. Blood fountains and everything.
Live the attention whore life, die like it..!

No. 1336501

File: 1632846587034.png (276.93 KB, 461x511, sophpt1.png)

She fucking keeps her hospital bands like a one man Red Band Society.

No. 1336506

Fucking hell that's grim. The amount of resources she's wasted. People like this should be forced to do community service.

No. 1336507


>only August

Ahh yes, it's only MOST of the way through the year kek

No. 1336533

>Hopefully next time the razor perforates something important

She would've checked that the car that took her there had enough petrol before she swallowed it. If she was taken by ambulance, I'll smh so vigorously that I'll roll off my neck.

Speaking of necks, notice our Nik hasn't posted for a couple of days?

No. 1336538

They should let her eat them, before they let her go. Every fucking time.

No. 1336539

File: 1632848906441.jpg (174.14 KB, 1398x864, HERE'S NIIIKIII.JPG)

Correcting myself. He posted this thing.

No. 1336542

A rotoscoped faggot.

How cute.

No. 1336543

Yeah, you say cute but you're intimidated, ja?

No. 1336544

All that attention seeking and they still won't section her kek

No. 1336550

They're from A&E admissions right?

No. 1336553

I don't want to know how many valuable resources that 'trophies' of hers have wasted already.
This worthless little scum.

No. 1336567

one of these days the medics are going to 'fail' to save her despite 'their best efforts.' The paramedics will stop for a maccies on the way to her house or something. and because the entire hospital must loathe her, no one will challenge it.

No. 1336569

Actually, you should take the things we say personally, Nik.

No. 1336572

He does. That ig post proved it.

No. 1336577

File: 1632851251191.jpg (204.96 KB, 1080x1304, 20210928_194721.jpg)

Jeez, that filter makes his nose look humongous.

No. 1336587

Does this qualify as racebait?

No. 1336590

Is he jewish? If not then I don't think so

No. 1336598

Low quality bait. He doesn't even look Jewish.

No. 1336630

I bet she’s the type of person who if she ever gets in deep shit she be like oh fuck what do I do help me help me and panic and regret what she just done. But I think she thrives of people worrying about her and having the oh look me I did it again let me show it off. Very toxic

So how did people find out she swelled razor blades did she walk down stairs like mum/dad guess what i swallowed a razor blade.
Sorry but if you wanted to die for real you would not be all over social media showing off or telling people what you done
You would just do it and be quite. She angers me so much. There are so many people out there who NEED help and can’t receive it cause she taken up all the ambulances ect she’s so annoying

No. 1336645


One fine day she may run out of luck.

No. 1336648

If only he actually took our advice and stopped sticking his salad fingers down his throat after every ~fear food challenge~.

No. 1336652

Looked back on Hams 'recovery' vids. Just pathetic. Trying to copy Elzarni pizza vid yet getting it totally wrong. Elzarni was actually anorexic Ham .You aren't and never were.

No. 1336699

> “elzarni”

No. 1336713


Are we talking about the same Emily? emistrying or whatever?

No. 1336718


I can understand if she even does something, panics and goes to A&E. she does it, goes to a&e and updates her Instagram stories before she does it, before anyone knows, waiting for ambulance, in ambulance, every 5 mins of admission, then afterwards too.
Australian Grace is the same. Why is the first thing they do always to go on TikTok and make a video lipsynching to a song??? You attempt suicide and then jump on the latest TikTok trend?
And why is it always the aus fags

No. 1336754

File: 1632865750827.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2142, 62F309A8-3D5F-4A7D-A81E-260D90…)

This Camille girl dosent have many followers at all. She’s so fucking milky for attention and constant bodychecks. Spoiled kid who dosent get enough attention from mommy and daddy

No. 1336857

I wonder how many times out of these "I've swallowed razorblades" admissions she's actually done it. 50 blades would have done a number on her insides by now even if they got them out without surgery. Do you think she just pretends some of the time for the attention?

And how is she getting these damn things in the first place? Can't her parents go round the shops and tell them not to sell her any sharps??

No. 1336900

Some anorexics want to look like that. It represents some ideal or matches how they view themselves mentally or how they want to be perceived by others.

No. 1336999

File: 1632881394098.png (3.29 MB, 1125x2436, 83C9C999-E2FD-4ED7-AF8F-E7A790…)

because it's triggering to post a picture of your unhealthy body?? implies that, even after gaining 40lbs (bullshit), she's still the spoopiest ana queen ever! with all the treatment she's been to, it's surprising that this bitch isnt more self aware…

No. 1337009

IKR?? I found this blatantly irritating. She knows damn well that underweight bodies are triggering, whereas normal bodies are… normal. She just wanted to flex how she’s such a better ana than those other cows who weren’t as spoopy as her. Also, there’s no way she was that thin ever. She barely looks different now than when she started.

No. 1337018

>She barely looks different now than when she started
Okay, I have to ask because I am not familiar with the pro-ana thread I read this and the last but there's a lot to catch up on if I'm trying to go way back, so I'm sorry if this comes off as a spoonfeeding request and don't want to get out of line but is this chick confirmed ana or is she just a normal girl larping?

No. 1337023

confirmed, annoying as hell nonetheless.she's weight restored now and milks every resource dry, since she claims to be a sooooper ill seed patient. check her old stories on her accounts. she is an insufferable cow.

No. 1337037

Thank you for clarifying. Cringed hard at her "fucking eat" bracelet and couldn't get a read

No. 1337051

But AFAICT, she was pretty underweight once, about a year ago. Maaaaybe she is 30lbs more now than then, because she could have been in the mid 80s, but 1) she claimed to be 75lbs which is absolutely ludicrous and 2) as above anon said, she LOVES to tell everyone how _severe_ and speshul her ED is when in reality she has been a normal weight for almost all of it and was not even severely ill the one time she was vaguely spoopy. She has a “my Ed story” on YouTube that confirms this entire timeline. So yea, she is extreme scum and severely insufferable.

No. 1337065

File: 1632886910327.jpeg (580.18 KB, 828x1402, B16F164D-8359-4C48-A37C-948C63…)

Oh FUCK OFF Cece, you know exactly what is or is not triggering. You’re being purposefully annoying because I’m sure people responded to your last post and were mad.

No. 1337109

she was never 80lbs

No. 1337135

Who tf is this cow?

No. 1337138


dont know, dont care.
some self-posting, wannabe cow no doubt.

No. 1337145

A bit of column A, a bit of column B. Cece definitely has disordered eating and a long history of it, but usually anorexics who are hospitalised don't time their admissions to coincide with the summer holiday/their sister's wedding they want to avoid, and don't chow down the first full meal they're given after "not even being able to drink water for three days".

No. 1337160

Probably self-post.
Ignore, report.

No. 1337165

I think she also swallow batteries and shit, cuts, overdoses etc

No. 1337170

I wish someone responded with 'don't worry Cecelia, your body was never triggering!'

And adding that it takes a fair amount of bravery to admit that you were never underweight in the ED community. Underweight bodies are triggering because of the implications of behaviours used to get there. Obviously this isn't the case with bodies that appear healthy.

No. 1337185

Cece is heavier than her ERC weight so she may have gained 40 lbs. 90 to 130

No. 1337187

The only thing that triggers me about Ce is her dead eyed stare. I feel like a rabbit in headlights.

No. 1337204

File: 1632906639457.jpeg (185.97 KB, 750x1208, 6B7B93EF-F5AD-4723-A17C-7FE388…)

Sad thing about aus soph - look how good she looks when she is an actual functional human

No. 1337205

File: 1632906661510.jpeg (167.58 KB, 750x1203, B56915C9-02CA-4FCB-8DC8-FE39DB…)


No. 1337206

File: 1632906684943.jpeg (242.67 KB, 750x1203, D36ADC16-1DEB-4B72-8A20-C887CA…)


No. 1337211

It's her fugly spex for me. She should get contact lenses.

No. 1337231


Surprisingly pretty and human!

No. 1337239

This picture, though. She's smiling because she got vaccinated. Why would she bother to get it because she obviously doesn't care if she died from covid and doesn't care about other people enough to care about infecting others.

No. 1337240


It’s the same as when we see Ham in a normal-ish situation. These kids really could have a lot of friends, get degrees or train somewhere productive and do shit and really choose to fritter it all away on fake EDs or a lifetime in and out of A&E.

Can any ausfag shed any light on why soph never has any long term admission? Barely has more than a 4 day admission to a medical ward? In the UK she’d probably be with Laura right now in that PD unit. Why isn’t she at new farm getting her brain fried?

No. 1337242


Kek because she doesn’t actually want to die she wants to be in hospital forever getting people to care for you.
(and you don’t get the hospital experience if you’re unconscious on a ventilator)

No. 1337251

Nope. Won't make up for her ugly character.

No. 1337255

True. I forgot what the point was until I remembered she couldn't take a selfie if she was in a coma.

I'm a UK fag, but someone else is going to know the details BUT there are a few like Soph who get admitted to psych for (eg) pouring petrol on themselves and threatening to set themselves on fire, threatening to jump out of windows, etc. They're in for a day at the most, then discharged. I cba to speak to dickheads, so don't know why they don't get admitted/sectioned.

No. 1337262

She's not at new farm because it's private. The Australian public healthcare system doesn't fund treatment in private hospitals like the NHS does

No. 1337273

File: 1632913704271.jpg (129.77 KB, 720x558, Screenshot_20210929-115827_You…)


Ganer has a cute little motivational video with all the spoopy pics in it.

Don't come at me if I saged incorrectly, it's been a while.

No. 1337278

she’s been to NF before (with shay there too i believe). i think she was actually banned

No. 1337283

Ah yes, it's the old mY rEcOvErY jOuRnEy with the "it's what works for YOU" record playing again.
She's so pathetic. But the iron pumpers will have another small idol that reassures them that pumping iron is good.

No. 1337284

It's BPD. Aus don't admit bpd larpers b/c it gives them the attention they desperately want. Shay and Soph are banned from new farm b/c it's a private hospital so they can do that) and a lot of public places pick up attention seeking so go close to banning as they can and get them out asap.

No. 1337295


Why do you reckon they keep taking porgie in for feeding?

No. 1337299

File: 1632917733010.jpeg (819.91 KB, 828x1484, C560A376-4AA2-4DE4-8268-1F809D…)

hm i wonder what happened?
btw ive heard that in glasgow when you need a&e intervention for self harm they are threatening to kick you out

No. 1337311

File: 1632918727458.jpg (6.85 KB, 264x191, index.jpg)

> in glasgow when you need a&e intervention for self harm they are threatening to kick you out

No. 1337316

didn’t realize how milky this girl actually is.

No. 1337320

Old threads show she goes to new farm. Skip or pretend not to eat for a day and private health cover pays for the esteemed naso. Public don't have those dollars to throw at larpers it's money. Private makes bank.

No. 1337335


Question is, who took the photo? The HCA who had to escort her?!

No. 1337336

There are so many ‘let’s de-glamourise ED’ videos on tiktok but honestly someone only needs to read this thread for a couple of days to be put off starving yourself for life.

No. 1337358

Mad that one can have a tube up their nose and spend the morning banging their head against a wall like a retard, but then they can grab their teddy and go have a fag at lunchtime. Idk how these people aren’t embarrassed of themselves but actually take pictures and put them out for the world to see.

No. 1337364


Im glad you said it. If I was really that distressed I would not be posing for a photo while having a fag.

No. 1337389

OP here. Not to WK at all but there was a pic posted I think in previous thread or one before where she could have been in the mid 80s. She is short so that seems possible. But that was the one and only time according to her own admission and can be corroborated by the photos of her over time that she has only once been clinically very underweight.

No. 1337404

what makes you think Lauren's a bad influence anon

No. 1337407

File: 1632930657969.png (41.08 KB, 762x157, weirdflex.png)

Hxn us letting her followers know her fingers are too spoopy to wear rings, for no apparent reason.

No. 1337412

File: 1632930929771.png (406.75 KB, 399x644, getthatnurseapayrise.png)

does Sophie even have anorexia? I know you can have an ED at any size etc etc etc but she has always looked a perfectly healthy weight. Maybe that is just psych meds causing face bloat though.

No. 1337414

It’s almost like fidget toys for kids don’t exist

No. 1337416

File: 1632931221229.jpeg (481.34 KB, 750x1104, 84F0CE22-9A42-429A-B98F-2B9CF4…)

And in other news… Anna doesn’t know what satire means

No. 1337439

She's a Tory, so this doesn't surprise me.

No. 1337451

File: 1632934868097.png (1.07 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210929-175956.png)

Too much time on her hammy hands.

No. 1337453

no, as we’ve established before (from her posting HER OWN medical records), she has restrictive eating caused by her BPD. i’ll find the screencap

No. 1337458

She can’t even blame this on being dyslexic she’s just a tard kek.

No. 1337460

File: 1632935627988.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.87 KB, 828x1045, 8A8863FF-01D2-4A35-9837-7C225F…)

This was from her personal acc. Imagine the HCA/nurse being asked to get these cigarette photos

No. 1337471

The guy in the window reflection.

Why aren't the ones who kick off ward based? It used to be the case where anyone harming themselves or likely to try to be an hero weren't even allowed off the ward.

No. 1337515


I don’t think she is. I think these are all from her trip to a&e.
I can imagine that staff member going back and telling the others that she asked him to take 5 pictures of her just on the trip to a different hospital.
I want to see the pics she posts that she thinks hides her reality.

No. 1337519

File: 1632938935596.jpeg (960.44 KB, 750x1174, 4DB3958B-897C-4716-A11C-A6CCDD…)

“What you see on social media isn’t the truth” says the girl who almost exclusively posts pictures of her with an ng tube and bashed up forehead. Really trying hard to glamorise her life there.

No. 1337528

not the photoshoots with the staff in the bottom row. If I were her nurse and she asked for a hugging pic, I'd have to remind her what an appropriate patient-provider relationship looks like. At first I just thought this cow was a vendetta or self post, but seeming increasingly milky.

No. 1337536

Sad, you can see she could be pretty if not for the raging mental illness

No. 1337538

im liking this cow (in a bad way) shes getting increasingly more milky imo

No. 1337552

Why does she have a swollen balloon head

No. 1337553

How tall is she? She comes off as tall.

No. 1337557

I think she said 5ft 5in.

No. 1337561

They're medical staff not personal photographers/social media assistants. Just refuse to take the picture, putting this online only encourages the attention seeking behaviour.

Unless the ward called her parents to take her to A&E, that happened where I was for a few non-emergency situations that needed medical attention.

No. 1337563

Quick I just had a seizure need phone must take picture must update phone

No. 1337569

Every other person who has a seizure is too knackered to move straight after one. Not saying she's faking it but I am really

No. 1337571

5’4 her face is just long

No. 1337602

ausfag here, and yes, public won't admit patients with BPD for anything longer than a crisis admission (24-48 hours) if it's a psych admission, because BPD patients tend to act up whilst ip, showing it to just be a waste of resources.
What i don't get though is why she has a nose hose at home, she clearly doesn't need it… anyone have any insight?

No. 1337628

At least we finally have an actual spoop for once instead of all these LARPers.

No. 1337629

I thought she said somewhere she was 5’2” or 3”? I don’t remember where but I think it’s just her build that makes her look taller.

No. 1337631

Nik would like a word.

No. 1337640

Like a good cow her height changes when weight is mentioned. She started with 5’3-5’4. I think you’re right on with about 5’3

No. 1337642


Yes but a raging BPD one

No. 1337667

She’s in a ward in Scotland and I think her parents live in the south, she said it took 7 hours to travel so they can’t exactly pop up.
If you’re on a section in the UK you have to be escorted by medical staff unless otherwise permitted (especially if you’re going to another hospital) because of the flight risk.

No. 1337717

To me it looks like an attempt at a "smiling through the pain" face and I really hate it

No. 1337767

File: 1632958904915.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, D5C1F915-C5CA-40AA-AAA7-B5AA2C…)

when cows collide…

No. 1337770

if she just decided to stand with her legs together rather than spread as far apart as possible she would look like a normal 16 year old… but nope, gotta fake being as skinny as possible for the camera!

No. 1337775

Be fair anon, she’s still underweight even if she was standing properly.

No. 1337778

Ed recovery warrior pose

No. 1337780

Underweight for her? Loads of 16yos look like that so for all I know she’s wr

No. 1337795

if she stands normally (or takes a video), you can see she looks within a healthy BMI range, though granted that may not be healthy for her. you can’t argue the pic included (bizarre posing aside) doesnt just look like a slim teenager.

No. 1337897


Man she loves people telling her she is more than just a slim teenager. She drives me mad.

No. 1337963

File: 1632981759896.png (30.26 KB, 526x282, ccapy.PNG)

Possible new cow? Been following her for a while be I found her funny but honestly the first cow i've gotten actually angry with.
Does trends to show off her body, constant body checking, arguing and harrassing people in her comments who call out her behaviours denying any form of ED and joking about eating only ketchup. All with an annoying uwu anime aesthetic attempt
Her IG is ketchupboddle but posts mostly on tiktok

No. 1337965

File: 1632981880063.png (556.03 KB, 819x601, cappy2.PNG)

No. 1337968

File: 1632981958121.png (854.28 KB, 534x936, ccapy2.PNG)

No. 1337972

I think she does look underweight for 16. >>1337778 in that pic she has her feet together, she's very small.

No. 1337998

This chick doesn't even attempt to disguise her blatant body checks despite being called out for it multiple times.

No. 1338004

File: 1632987511947.jpg (483.96 KB, 1080x1331, inbound8391709591209261591.jpg)

Forgot to add pic soz.
Totally normal posing here

No. 1338037

she also references lolcow frequently so i’m guessing this is her…? quit talking about yourself.

No. 1338038

kek(do not post minors )

No. 1338059

she’s not a minor, mods. smh

No. 1338102

I know how sections work, but I didn't know her parents were so far away. TBH it makes the photos even more baffling, staff should just refuse because it perpetuates her attention seeking.

No. 1338105

Feels awkward that she's posted, guessing her 16th birthday has finally come? still feels gross.
She looks better than what she did when she was younger pictures, now she just looks like an average every day gangly teenager. I don't get the fascination.

No. 1338166

When you’re 1:1 with somebody unhinged in a place they could easily abscond, it’s easier to comply with a picture than risk histrionics. Support staff are so overworked and underpaid they have to pick their battles.

No. 1338182

File: 1633015659261.jpeg (406.16 KB, 828x1426, ABA5337C-B596-4F14-8719-ECD1CB…)

Scarlett is talking about how to get and maintain your dream body. The advice itself isn’t unreasonable but the idea of trying to maintain a ‘perfect body’ (which will be unsustainable as you get older in most cases) is … shouldn’t she be promoting fitness and strength instead of aesthetics? Also she is starting to offer online coaching . Lucky lucky clients.

No. 1338215

File: 1633018923221.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210930-171939.png)

Daily oat repulsion.
Urine and uterus lining clot.

No. 1338221

File: 1633019420647.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, FE9F1B30-D593-4ABD-816A-F7F0D4…)

bit of a personal cow (yes she’s old enough), english BPD personality profile, clearly did have an eating disorder but won’t shut up about “IP stories” in explicit detail, claiming the usual “near death” experience., but was never spoopy etc etc. more screencaps incoming, link to account below :

No. 1338223

Why would someone that size need NG tube?

No. 1338224

File: 1633019531770.png (4.25 MB, 828x1792, 2B90C634-1AC3-4DF4-9954-22D661…)

No. 1338225

Who the fuck puts hundreds and thousands on porridge let alone jam and all the other shit she piles on? Ham needs to start her day with a jog and some special K with skimmed milk

No. 1338226

File: 1633019689939.png (335.82 KB, 435x922, ꔫ﹤_!_natalie_!_ ꔫ_IU_DIET_17_…)

This is so sad.

No. 1338232

File: 1633020118436.jpeg (302.43 KB, 828x1472, 7233A26C-8867-4CBB-8EFA-3A4993…)

some more examples

No. 1338233


Come on. 16 or not, she's clearly pretty underweight.

No. 1338234

Ham I am begging you to put more liquid in the bowl before you nuke it, and then give it a stir before you put your sugar on top. If you’re going to try and do this autistic dance at least try and make it look better. Seriously not surprised she’s got no friends at college. If somebody in my year posted their disgusting breakfast everyday and didn’t shut up about having an eating disorder I’d actively make fun of her.

No. 1338235

File: 1633020212047.png (6.75 MB, 828x1792, 63F1FD6F-F037-4394-B52A-9165BE…)

bless you, naive anon, (or is it niamh…) falling for the posing?

No. 1338237

I thought jam was pretty common? some people use honey or other liquid sweetener. Similar to how jam is added to rice pudding when serving it to kids as pink rice pudding. Bright side, at least there's fruit in there.

No. 1338238

Still looks underweight to me. It has been a long time since I was 16 but this certainly wasn't the norm for weight when I was that age

No. 1338241

modern western countries are so obese on average that slim, healthy looking teens are almost viewed in a distorted way, as “too skinny”. you wouldn’t think twice if you saw her stand normally, it’s the wild posing that’s a major kek, though it clearly (sadly) fools some

No. 1338242

her arms are what have me thinking she's just regular slim and not underweight

No. 1338254

I'm sorry I have to ask - are you the same anon who constantly says "she's not underweight, just look at her arms!" about every cow?

No. 1338256

No, apparently there are at least 2 of us who gauge weight by arm fat. Idk why I'm like this I just am

No. 1338257

>>1338226 "sad" as in "pathetic", yes. It's one thing to say these things and truly believe them at the time, but "I have disorders that give me psychosis so just ignore or w/e if you think it's weird uwu" is just so ridiculous, it is very sad indeed

No. 1338261

File: 1633022746043.jpg (33.21 KB, 466x466, yes i had a crush on her.jpg)

As anas like to say on ~motivational~ posts, not all bodies are the same. There are some just 16 year olds who are built this way. I used to think the tall girl from Shampoo and one of Fuzzbox (yeah, I'm old) were anorexic, but they were just thin. A friend at school was like this, awkwardly skinny but filled out in her late 20s.

If she's saying she has an eating disorder, then maybe this is her ideal look, but it's not impossible she's just a very slim girl.


I've done that a couple of times, I'll admit but above wasn't me.

No. 1338264

She spent the best part of a year in a psych ward so my guess is she’s not lying about her ED

No. 1338268

She’s not lying about her ED. she’s been body checking online since early 2020 and denied any eating issues pretty much until she ended up ip. Anon is right that the posing plays a massive part in how she presents herself but she’s definitely still a bit underweight. She doesn’t post Ed content most of the time but still a massive cow

No. 1338269

She's pulling the poses and angles, but otherwise she's maybe a bit underweight, but she looks like she's doing well for someone who was ip for a year.

No. 1338271


these threads are full of this for years
them proana scumbag threads are the second mpa or lifejournal so much, i don't even get why randomly shit like ~no blogging~ or "go back to mpa anachan" comments still appear. same as this sage policy. Or mixed up shit like posting underaged little fucks or kids here. it's bullshit. sorry not sorry, i had to.

No. 1338272

She wasn't ip for a year, she has had 2 admissions of several months each. she lost weight after being discharged, so I expect she will end up back there unless her mindset shifts

No. 1338275

looks like ground beef and that porridge looks conjealed. in what world is hams porridge bowls at all appetising?

No. 1338276

>but "I have disorders that give me psychosis so just ignore or w/e if you think it's weird uwu"
What exactly is wrong with that? She kind of has a point. She's just severely mentally ill larping, not harming anyone, people are better off ignoring her psychotic babbling than interacting. It's frustrating though reading the thread and then seeing all the people enabling said delusions and her convincing minors even to also join in.

No. 1338283

Jesus christ when did this thread turn into a white knight circle jerk?

No. 1338291

Part of me suspects it’s one person with a 50% change it’s Niamh herself

No. 1338292

Isn't this that unicorn bitch's friend who self posted here in a past thread?

No. 1338296

> Fuzzbox

You're not alone.

No. 1338309

Didn't want to be the one to say hi cow but hi cow

No. 1338312

People with actual psychosis don't say 'I have disorders that give me psychosis'. Not how it works. She's making shit up and trolling.

No. 1338334

the comments about her being underweight are her, or possibly one of her fans. the others are from multiple anons

No. 1338339

File: 1633029979189.jpg (386.98 KB, 933x1004, shitcoffee.jpg)

I don't understand it.
But I hate her for it.

No. 1338340

Dunno about self posting but she does reply to Lucinda every so often. She seems to be friends with the other loony Lucretia though

No. 1338342

File: 1633030310853.jpeg (577.69 KB, 828x1473, 52ADCDCA-CB80-4D38-B558-5A1EA5…)

oh Cece

No. 1338345

where did you find these?

No. 1338347

No. 1338349

why the present tense 'I don't eat' then? And it is just so so fucked up to be posting this. Your vulnerable followers don't need to know what you do and don't eat Cecelia. If you're not in a place to be able to manage solids (as if kek) then just fucking don't post - no one is holding their breath for your daily inane ramblings.

ntayrt, but on her most recent post. she had to let everyone know her favourite warm coffee is a black americano.

No. 1338350

I actually disagree, I think the comments saying she’s normal and we don’t need to discuss her are her/her friends. If she’s not a cow she’ll be forgotten.

No. 1338351

Black Americano but only if it’s given NG

No. 1338359

File: 1633031523118.jpeg (857.21 KB, 828x1548, 262D52F5-4BE8-4384-8E39-3624E3…)

her tiktoks were all recovery focused and now she posted a tube?

No. 1338361

Is she expecting an applause?

No. 1338363

Her favorite coffee is coffee. Alert the press!
Social media was a mistake.

No. 1338371

Come on Cece that’s the same coffee order as my 55 year old dad. It’s not a very ~aesthetic~ order is it? I thought her whole thing was everything she owns is a horrible beige or white tone.

No. 1338372

The fuck? That’s a new low even for her. Clearly trying to get sympathy points and remind everyone how troubled and severe she is after being stepped down in her day programme after only two weeks

No. 1338374

How much time does she spend arranging sprinkles and labeling bananas every morning? I thought English students had a lot of reading to do. Based on her social media you'd think Ham was studying at the N2F school of food horror design.

No. 1338375

AGREED! Like wtf?? You are posting this to an audience of mostly young girls and women with eating disorders who look up to you. They do not need to know that you aren’t eating what you post. That is so triggering. EDs are competitive- if Cece posts that she’s not eating much, other girls struggling will want to outdo her. This kind of content is toxic and she knows it.

No. 1338394

She didn’t but she’s in some weird part of the uk where if u refuse meals they tube you straight away

No. 1338396

genuinely curious, why do people feel it is wrong to be about posting 16 year olds but not 17 year olds? I'm not that interested in Niamh, especially if it is going to cause a lot of infighting, but I feel someone with 13 thousand followers is putting herself out there to be held accountable.

>could this be a reframe for a purposeful relapse?

when is she not planning a purposeful relapse?

No. 1338397

I think 16 should be too young to be discussed on here. 18 plus.

No. 1338408

Niamh is pretty boring tbh, the constant comments assuring us she's totes underweight are a bit suspicious but beyond that there really isn't much there to discuss and I'm questioning why she was even posted here in the first place if it wasn't a vendetta post or a self post, especially with how often posts about her are cropping up out of nowhere in this thread

No. 1338409


exactly. fucked up enough those kids are exposing themselfes on their instagram and whatnot.
Encouraging looking closely, discussing and practically promoting their accounts and pictures ? no. stop this shit.

No. 1338410

basic bitch

No. 1338423

File: 1633036242572.png (613.44 KB, 708x1024, PNG image 2.png)

Jesus christ

No. 1338434

I’m not that bothered either way but I don’t think it’s a vendetta, she’s been annoying people for a long time with constant body checking and posting 250 cal meals claiming to be in recovery (although the last couple of weeks she has gone back on that). If she was older than 16 she would be called out a lot more.
It’s only coming up now because she has just turned 16 so no longer a minor for LC.

Every time she gets called out for bodychecking on IG or TikTok she gets very defensive and makes a point about how it’s not body checking if she’s just posting pics of her body but she IS underweight, she has lost weight since coming out of IP (by her own admission) and will post very posed pics in very revealing clothes along with kids meals. Yes she’s ill but this is also cow behaviour.

(just for context)

No. 1338456

don’t like the rules? dont visit the thread. no ones keeping ya

No. 1338467

16 or 17 it is wrong
Some of you clearly have some fucked up blurred lines going on cause it's gross talking about kids on here

No. 1338473

File: 1633040509013.jpeg (44.08 KB, 296x354, 0A1B8D80-7D0B-4967-A6B7-1A00AE…)

Talk about me instead I want attention

No. 1338479

Are you really trying to act holier than thou on a fucking chan clone. What are newfags on? Just stick to calling the 18+ larpers fat if you’re that bothered.

No. 1338484

Kek there's holier than thou and there's general human decency even if it's questionable by being on this site alone.
You wanna pick on adults for acting like kids no problem they deserve some shit.
Picking on kids for acting like kids? You sound read like gross retards

No. 1338486

File: 1633041233632.jpg (26.13 KB, 473x509, Capture.JPG)

Since you brought her up, I'm not her and I don't even take notice of her when she's posted and I'm >>1338261 >>1338269

On to Cece, she really needs to stop behaving like a Rhodes Farm teenager for everyone's sake. I just watched a something on tv about the murderer Lisa Montgomery, and everytime they showed her pic (img) I thought of Cece.

Ask yourself CECELIA, what do you want out of all this? Feel free to post as an ig story.

No. 1338487

Those eyes are the thing of nightmares jeez

No. 1338519

File: 1633044412594.jpg (99.35 KB, 1008x771, Capture.JPG)

Idk who this is, but it's an odd account.

PencilNik being preachy about recovery.

No. 1338532

silent? he will not fucking shut up about his anorexia

No. 1338535

File: 1633046369970.jpeg (99.91 KB, 828x1207, 82496EAC-4C44-42D2-B1AE-5B619C…)

Least she’s better at poetry than Cece

No. 1338539

I don't get what he's doing with his account. He's still buying fake followers. He barely gets any comments.

I like that account. It's preachy and anti vax n shit, but I like it in parts. I like even more that she called out Nikki. She'd shit herself over Ham's oats and n2f's entire menu.

No. 1338726

Not only is this just a gross thing to post considering her following, but it’s so painfully embarrassing how desperate she is for attention. She’s almost trying to vicariously live through her past self, going back to her old posts and being like “oh well I don’t eat what I post” just because she’s not getting enough attention now. Genuinely, what other reason would there be behind claiming that right now? Can’t believe she’s fucking 30 years old

No. 1338732

lmao I wish. I'm a good 10+ years older than her and a good 20+ kgs heavier!

No. 1338762

File: 1633071368596.jpg (515.84 KB, 1080x2189, 20211001_165407.jpg)

another aussie who seems to LOVE hospital and tubes… her tiktok @ is @lifeofjas let me know what y'all think

No. 1338763

File: 1633071683372.jpg (421.06 KB, 1080x2122, 20211001_165921.jpg)

How is Porgie getting BIGGER AND BIGGER!? It blows my mind… She must be morbidly obese by now, looks it anyway

No. 1338764

cecelia makes me understand why some anons end up getting banned for a-logging. Is it even a-logging really when the target is actually a complete cunt

No. 1338765

Is it another freelee wanna-be, orthorexic raw vegan who partakes mostly on sunlight?

No. 1338767

File: 1633073249677.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1346x2043, 954DD0F9-4A9D-445D-B3B6-BB17D3…)

Why is her forehead always looking like a wrinkled prune lmao, more crinkled than a potato chip

No. 1338768

fruitarian who calls raw vegans 'gluttons.'

No. 1338776

File: 1633077369874.jpeg (422.35 KB, 828x1489, CCA08341-5815-458D-83A7-DFCE77…)

Tip: it’s not an apology if you are centering yourself in it.

No. 1338805

This one is friends with Shay. She also has BPD. Her BMI is 20. I don’t think she’s as cow like as the others on here though. But she has potential.

No. 1338815

kek I don’t even believe her tbh

No. 1338829

thou doth protest too much. you 'wish' you were a pro ana scumbag?? sure, jan

No. 1338854

People that have genuine seizures normally sleep after.

No. 1338861

This is a definite post for attention to state oh I may not have a tube anymore but I'm still so I'll and vulnerable as I never eat what I should. To be fair she looks healthy.

No. 1338873

> To be fair she looks healthy.
Yeah because she is LARPing this shit all the way.
Her life plan is to stay in rehab and therapy all the way, as long as she can.
Nothing but sweet, sweet attention to get there.

No. 1338877

Not me almost posting a “sure jan” GIF to this

Nonny we may need to take a break from this site

No. 1338878

File: 1633096018925.jpeg (770.28 KB, 1242x1818, C6961132-EF9F-40B0-BBF8-07FCBA…)

Excuse me whilst I vomit

What the fuk is this language. Is she even a human just talk normally?!

No. 1338906

Imagine having to be stuck in treatment with Cecelia. She’s such a raging narc, I guarantee the other patients would’ve been delighted to see the back of her.

No. 1338918

agreed, i’m too old to be watching 16 year olds post about themselves, kek

No. 1338933

File: 1633102191539.png (356.9 KB, 384x657, reverseselfawareness.png)

It's Scarlett's competition day and the irony in that caption …

No. 1338955

“slutty Cryptkeeper” is a great Halloween costume though

No. 1338965

Scarlett's at the Arnolds, Ganer is posting that she wishes she was at the Arnolds. When cows collide…

No. 1338970

File: 1633105411033.jpeg (234.4 KB, 828x1001, 0F717DCE-1A10-4D7F-B921-BE8580…)

Here she is with other competitors. I know bikini competitions aren’t just about size but she is noticeably smaller than all the others. And that stomach vacuum she is so proud of (yes, she has said she is!) isn’t doing her any favours.

No. 1338973

I'd rather ganer was there, at least she isn't as overly defensive and rude whenever she is criticised (not that it happens often in her echo chamber). She would do better as well. Will wonders never cease.

No. 1338975

Those chicks look so … artificial.

No. 1338984

Her thighs are noticeably smaller.

The three blondes are clones, except I think only the middle woman has the implants.

No. 1338987

When I was in treatment it was a flex to be on the highest mean plan and struggle to gain weight. Did this change or is Cece trying to brag about getting chunky off air?

No. 1338992

She knows she looks healthy but doesn't want to lose attention, so she's ~worrying~ her followers with potential weight loss because she said she lied about eating. Of course she ate food. She was complaining they were giving her too much.

No. 1339001

I had a read of the different categories of female bodybuilding but all I really understood was I don’t respect any of them apart from the class actually called ‘women’s bodybuilding’ because they look like they could snap people like scarlett in half kek. I hope she gets put in last place and has a relapse, that should stop her feeling so above everybody.

No. 1339003

exactly. And Cecelia has always been more concerned about appearing sick than appearing as a recovery warrior (remember the post on her personal mentioning how her doctors weren't sure she was going to survive?) If she wasn't eating the food, why did she post it, especially as she was claiming to be on liquids only in the run up to her admission.

No. 1339004

bikini competitors are pretty much just girls who used to be skinny then started training glutes - its basically a body show not a bodybuilding show because the category is filled with girls like scarlett who are using competing as a guise and haven't put in actual work or time to gain any muscle

No. 1339009

She should get dead last - has no muscle definition whatsoever compared to the others. Depends whether the judges want to reward the anorexic look though. Arnold standards are low compared to Olympia, but if you look at the girl who won bikini in the US she looks so much better than Scarlett - closer to figure almost, and a much more muscular look.

No. 1339012

File: 1633109576582.jpeg (245.5 KB, 1280x720, timthumb.php.jpeg)

From the US competition. Such beautiful, female looking faces..!

No. 1339015

she didn't place, thank god. She posted the presenter's introduction and of course one mentioned her ED and depression - and then the other presenter said 'lots of people come to bodybuilding with that sot of background.' kek, you don't say.

No. 1339017

Note Iggy Pop on the far right.

No. 1339020


Good. Her response proves what a conceited little cunt she is though. Something like she brought her best package ever (WTF is it with these girls calling it a package wish I could punch them every time they say that) but the judges wanted a fuller look. Duh, as in, actually has muscle. Get the vibe she thinks she's the best and the other girls were all too chunky. She's a lot worse than Ganer in terms of looking down her spotty nose at everyone else.

No. 1339023

File: 1633110777132.png (321.25 KB, 480x854, vlcsnap-2021-10-01-19h52m13s79…)

cry me a river


No. 1339026

> I didn't have bulimia I had anorexia

Oh yeah, that's a tOtUlLy dIfFeReNt kind of skinny bitch.

No. 1339030

Y anorexic bitches always desperate to not be bulimic

No. 1339031

she must be fuming about people thinking she had the gluttonous ED /s. Anyone know if the results will be made available online? I'm desperate to see where she placed.

No. 1339045

File: 1633112163615.jpg (151.06 KB, 750x1334, 243065394_401663141421341_9073…)

Imagine that, Ganer's usual bowl-o-slop is now a deload meal, folks!

No. 1339053

IS THAT TWO PIECES OF CHOCOLATE? NOT INSIDE THE MEASURING CUP? Clearly inspired by her rotisserie chicken icons. Go Ganer!

No. 1339057

Really pulling out all the stops with the hot water in the mug there. What a treat.

No. 1339059

Doesn't she drink it with a bit of lemon? A great Friday treat.

No. 1339062

she's off the rails! never seen this absurd behavior from ganer before!

No. 1339068

Oh my goodness!!

She did not break the chocolate in two equal pieces and the handle of the blue cup points to the WRONG SIDE.

Now that is quite eccentric for our OCD queen.

No. 1339069

File: 1633114083252.jpeg (299.65 KB, 828x1014, 51B0F035-2CBF-4CBC-AFBB-841AAB…)

The arrogance. Admittedly I know shit all about bodybuilding but I’m sure there are judging guidelines. And also why would she be the youngest evah? Isn’t she 20?

No. 1339081

File: 1633114818431.png (668.1 KB, 886x537, ganer_groundhogday.png)

Makes you nostalgic, doesn't it, for the good old Aly days.

No. 1339100

Has she never heard of exercise bulimia? Laxatives? Nope, gotta have the ~ sKiNni~ ppl disease

No. 1339107

Any other farmers remember Becky Booxy the Beg’s blueberry bowls? (Try saying that after a few shots of watered down almond milk)
Same energy.

No. 1339122

File: 1633118057876.jpeg (65.82 KB, 828x478, 5B1A74A2-0BB2-491B-8C0C-33EC85…)

Watermelons has changed her bio from “struggling with multiple illnesses so ptw” to the bit about being on a CTO. Rather let everyone know she is so sick and wasn’t just discharged normally than warn vulnerable people they might not benefit from following her.

No. 1339134

Always interesting to see how long it takes former spoops to change their pfp to something non-spoopy. Took Ro about 6 months. I’m putting bets on this one for about 1 year.

No. 1339145

then there's Niamh (noodles4noodles), who created a new account for crochet and used a toob pic from over a year before… changed it right after it was mentioned here tho. the idiocy knows no bounds

No. 1339149

how old is she? she looks old and young and the same time it's confusing

No. 1339151

File: 1633120325907.png (92.51 KB, 971x633, Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 2.31…)

Shred-my-anxiety Very reassuring Ash…

No. 1339154

No. 1339156

It's thee torso and ribcage that gets me, her body is so odd. Women are not naturally supposed to have flat stomachs.

No. 1339159

Sad that these people think their EDs are the only thing special about them

No. 1339163

i always wonder where their organs are going? are they shrinking with this extreme dieting?! And isn't there permanent back pain from sucking in like crazy so much etc

No. 1339177

File: 1633121947490.jpeg (226.95 KB, 1170x1255, FB0827B3-947E-445E-83AD-2B992C…)

Laura relapsing again

No. 1339183

Her teeth will rot and her muscle waste away from no protein or veg

No. 1339195

“I’m terrified because I just need updated toob pics”

No. 1339199

File: 1633123592195.jpg (38.62 KB, 500x333, moloko.jpg)

Fucking hell. I genuinely thought this was some kind of sick Ladyboys troupe.

Reminds me more of Brian Molko. A masculine Brian Molko.

Every morning with her UNSWEETENED almond milk. She stopped doing that because people said it was annoying!

It's not even special. I'm hoping that the ana LARPers start choosing rarer illnesses, like Anna with her ~allergies~

Nah, not relapsing. Just securing a longer stay at the unit because she doesn't want to do adult life.

No. 1339201

She’s already said she’s going for a 12month + stay at another unit. This one isn’t made for the outside world.

No. 1339203

The world is safe from a scratched up faced idiot doing the splits and high kicks in random locations.

No. 1339225

File: 1633125263364.jpeg (759.28 KB, 750x1236, 49180E5D-EDD7-4255-AFED-84A6C9…)

Cecelia has branched out from her favourite black americano… of course we know that she won’t have actually drunk any of this, despite posting a video of herself doing so. Once she’s discharged from treatment and doesn’t feel ~*~valid~*~ she will reveal it is just water with murky brown food colouring.

No. 1339236

someone get the woman a reusable coffee cup. And I was under the impression she was still having everything but breakfast and dinner in the clinic. so much for the unmanageably huge meal plan

No. 1339238

The disposable plastic cup is really not ver Cecelia. She doesn't think people should burn sage because ~native mericans~, but obviously doesn't give a fuck about the unnecessary use of plastics and the damage to the environment.

No. 1339239

Jeez be nice didn’t you know she’s so underweight it’s worrying… (she wishes)

No. 1339244

Given how often she gets coffee there is no excuse for not investing in a reusable cup, especially with the discounts they can get you in some places. I understand not always having it on hand but in that collage from yesterday they are all disposable ones.
And she clearly isn't that interested in Native Americans, since she has photos of the dreamcatcher on her IP pinboard, which actuall Ojibwe people frown upon (aka not just a SJW thing). It's all for the aesthetic with her (and a bland beige one at that)

No. 1339249

I care about ALL the people of the world, not just one (maaaaan), although she'd prefer if people were only concerned about her and her alone.

Doesn't she know she can go back to Starbucks and order another so she can have more?

I get 25p off a coffee if I use their cup which is a good deal. I don't think Starbucks do beige reusables though.

No. 1339252

Lol she's so two-faced. In her follow-up story she implied those who placed ahead of her only did so because of steroids. Bitter AF - community my arse. So her solution is thinking she needs to hop on a cycle rather than gain enough weight to actually build decent muscle. Not disordered at all…

No. 1339257

she also said she knew she wasn't going to place well because they only looked at her once but was trying to justify it with the "they were looking for something different card."

No. 1339258


Is it just me or does she talk exactly like hxn

No. 1339387

“a raging narc” kek it just occurred to me that she’s 100% that person who snitches on other patients when they break a rule

No. 1339401

Off topic sorry but to be fair Starbucks stopped filling reusable cups when covid started

No. 1339437

they started doing reusable cups again back in July-ish

No. 1339459

I don't know whetehr it'd be a case of how tight the core torso muscles are (as well as the harsh dehydration bodybuilders go through to 'cut' at the very end in prep), i still remember the photos of two friends who were heavily pregnant at the same time. Couldn't tell the fitness friend was pregnant at all, still baffles me.

No. 1339474

File: 1633162100740.jpeg (187.78 KB, 815x1142, FB957331-BC5C-4D03-94B5-E43338…)

Cece has given us an absolute gift with this Q&A party. Of course she has “me” written in a heart as a tattoo

No. 1339476

File: 1633162141474.jpeg (206.37 KB, 828x1226, BCE4B22C-78C9-4B43-8271-BABEBE…)

Won’t spam so only posting two, y’all can see for yourself. But after yesterday, the audacity to post this

No. 1339528

Those are meaningless, superficial idiot motives, the whole lot.
Apart from that, how does it fit with her (alleged) Jewish heritage?

No. 1339531

File: 1633170285426.png (335.4 KB, 583x535, thetats.png)

I don't mind adding to the Cecelia spam. I'm betting she is not going to end up getting a new job, she doesn't seem interested in getting back to the real world at all. And this is her 'me' tattoo and the allegedly 'tiny' NEDA one. Cringe.

No. 1339598

Insider source anons, a famous cow is on the verge of being readmitted to ip… any guesses?(sage non-milk)

No. 1339615

File: 1633186113680.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2079, 6A1E3BE2-FF3E-47C4-A5EA-214FD2…)

Blossoms is ip again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1339617

You need to fuck off again

No. 1339643

File: 1633190846152.jpeg (253.55 KB, 750x1204, F2DEEBFC-9C3E-4A0D-A341-903219…)

Okay she definitely lurks

No. 1339682

I don’t believe any cow who says they’ve never heard of LC or don’t know what’s said here. IMO most accounts lurk or at least check here every now and then to see if they’re posted. (Dora’s the only who admits to it, at least she’s honest).
The bigger accounts call out the website enough that the majority of people must have heard of it. Cows who say they don’t know must be faking naivety so they a) don’t get accused of self-posting, b) don’t get accused of posting others, or c) don’t get accused of not having a life and lurking.
Of course they all lurk.

No. 1339705

I don’t understand why Hxn insisted that she’s at the worst unit ever and no one is allowed leave… yet posts stories about going on leave less than a month or so after she was admitted?

No. 1339707

Georgie if you're still hungry after a meal (which I believe), maybe learn portion control and stop stretching your stomach?

No. 1339712

File: 1633196421584.jpg (140.19 KB, 720x1180, 20211002_113916.jpg)

Eugenia passed her drivers test today. God help if she black out on the road. How does she even get out of bed? I swear these people dont care about anyone but themselves

No. 1339718

they were ip together i think

No. 1339722

Jesus I read that as 'Eugenia passed away'

No. 1339732

that would have been less shocking and disturbing than her passing her drivers test

No. 1339734

File: 1633198603106.jpeg (259.68 KB, 828x1480, E1F79059-29EF-4B06-8F98-786EBF…)

what kind of joke is this? (1/2)

No. 1339738

File: 1633198750734.jpeg (721.56 KB, 828x1471, C96761F3-1AA1-4DC9-9927-2934C6…)


No. 1339748

is it me or shes looking a bit better here than she has done before?

No. 1339767

File: 1633200600668.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 32082114-D9AC-4D26-98A0-666D5A…)

Georgie being so brave and forcing herself to eat sweet and sour chicken. Not hungry? Sure. But she will eat anyway because she is strong now.

No. 1339794

File: 1633203097959.jpeg (359.87 KB, 827x1451, D5B07C09-5EDE-4F0E-BC2B-637600…)

Any dedicated farmers with access to her personal want to disprove this?

No. 1339799

Not on her personal, but didn’t she post her LW pics on her ‘my anorexia story’ YouTube vid? It was posted a couple of threads back

No. 1339800

I honestly can't figure out why Cecelia makes me want to a-log so badly but, frankly, she seems fake af to me and comes off like someone who thinks she doesn't get enough credit for existing so she's pretending to recover from something she never had

No. 1339802

Lmao so did I my heart dropped

No. 1339821

I can't position her latest pic because it's on my other account, but she's talking about how great her life is atm. I was going to ask how long before she admits herself again. No need to really, is there. She already started bringing up her PTSD.

No. 1339822

Soz, post* fkn autocorrect

No. 1339831

File: 1633205604812.png (Spoiler Image, 517.38 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20211002-211240.png)

Here you go

No. 1339832

File: 1633205634920.png (Spoiler Image, 517.13 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20211002-211233.png)

No. 1339836

Why couldn't you spoiler that ugly shit..? F.U.

No. 1339853

She’s just going to claim this isn’t her LW. Don’t forget her BMI was in the 12s only a year ago.

No. 1339854

File: 1633207670968.jpeg (542.45 KB, 750x1334, EC03C406-F3BE-48D7-B110-6A2763…)

Laura getting desperate

No. 1339858

File: 1633208080924.png (Spoiler Image, 402.69 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_2021-10-02-21-52-16…)

Spoilered as N2F

No. 1339861

Her face is more offensive than her straining and bending to force her bones out.

No. 1339869

File: 1633208851914.png (474.96 KB, 1428x758, restriction.png)

Here's the post about Georgia finally being happy ahh

(Okay, how long until her next NF vacation?)

No. 1339872

not saying she wasn't spoopy but the way she is sucking her stomach in and pushing her chest forward to pop her bones as much as possible is just pathetic. Her ass and thighs give it away. I'd say her lw was probably about bmi 15. Which is still spoopy but less so than 12 and her lying to her impressionable followers might inspire one of them to actually try to get to 12. She keeps saying how thankful she is for the ~community~ but she obviously doesn't give a fuck about any of the other ~members~ than her ugly horse faced self. she infuriates me more than any other cow

No. 1339874

The light's also directly above her which makes the shadows more accentuated. That's a woman with an ED, but not at the Denver Acute stage she claims in the video when she's doing her bodycheck in a doctor's room.

No. 1339878

Last thread or two threads ago she admitted it was never 12. She looks slim/ probably borderline underweight but not spoopy if not for her chest bones.

No. 1339879

File: 1633209755593.jpeg (572.1 KB, 1800x1671, F8A904B2-FF64-497A-80E8-B10FCD…)

Is it me or is it crazy how different she looks considering both of these pictures were taken today. Like how I don’t even understand(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1339882

Nah m8, she's underweight. It's not healthy to not have more fat around certain areas. She's lost weight from the top of her arms because it's all sagging. Absolutely not WKing, she pisses me off as much as she does everyone here. She doesn't need IP. She just doesn't bother trying to gain a bit when she does outpatient. She could get really unhealthy if she stayed at the weight on the pics, but she's not about to drop dead although she'd like people to believe it.

No. 1339887

>5ish pounds

A toilet break, a couple of missed main meals and a few laxatives before the appointment then.

No. 1339888

Jesus Christ anons correct me if I’m wrong but the girl must be doing some serious photoshopping to be doing that Kenny(samefag)

No. 1339891

File: 1633210646552.jpg (50.39 KB, 958x503, anondeleted.JPG)

I was replying to this

No. 1339893

I’m not one to defend her actions but those images are the same stop bone rattling there’s 0 differences

No. 1339897

Hi sorcha(hi cow )

No. 1339900

She’s underweight end of.

No. 1339902

Stop clogging up the thread and learn 2 intergrate

No. 1339907

Don't comment, just report. It's her.

No. 1339909

Wait but I thought we got her off the thread and I was fucking enjoying talking about cecilia’s larping

No. 1339916

There’s a thick layer of unidentifiable grime covering her hands, good old nourish. I can’t identify most of what’s between those buns.
Seriously fuck this self posting bint but my god. State of those teeth AND her eyes go in different directions? I can understand the masochistic desire to post herself here.

No. 1339922

what part of london is she from?

No. 1339977

File: 1633218184868.png (Spoiler Image, 362.42 KB, 673x623, Screenshot_20211003-004054~2.p…)

Not sure what the green slop is, but there's a fried egg, I think, and one of those frozen beefburgers.

Spoiler because… you'll know.

No. 1339985

Is that dirt or is her thumb ingrowing

No. 1339994

File: 1633220411888.jpg (88.79 KB, 827x618, FAXIl4bWQAUIfvp.jpg)

So this'll be her, right?

No. 1339999

Good on this person. May should take note

No. 1340006

It's her powder spices, sauces and food encrusted near her acrylics.

No. 1340047

What BMI would you say this is? Looks like a 15

No. 1340057

File: 1633228365749.png (240.02 KB, 234x480, Screenshot 2021-10-02 at 22-31…)

picrel as reference I would also guess 15

No. 1340069

No. 1340073

anon r u ok

No. 1340170

BULL-FUCKING-SHIT. We all as mostly ED having lunatics on this forum know that our lowest weight is usually our most photographed/fetishized/documented in some weird time, ever. The shock of that shit makes you want to take pictures just on that basis alone, esp being the bpd full of SHIT product of too much pampering and not enough bullying in youth like this ugly cockeyed cunt. Sorry for so much blog, but I literally hate Cecelia the most of all the cows.

No. 1340174

Right, like she'll make an entire personality around an eating disorder, posting as many pictures as possible that make her look skinny or pitiable, but doesn't take photos when she's thinspo status? Load of shit. Doesn't track. Never happened.

No. 1340188

File: 1633243441528.png (4.86 MB, 1125x2436, E9332371-E5C6-4E75-BBC0-842125…)

Biggest cow I’ve ever seen. Seen a comment of her saying that eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day is a huge amount. Ur supposed to be in recovery not stop faking it u ugly rat

No. 1340206

This reeks of vendetta - but this is the third cow in three days (and the second posted) that references Fluoxetine in their tiktok name or bio. When did it become the trendy psychiatric drug? Am I old now?

No. 1340234

It was the first one my doctor tried me on. Maybe it’s just their first anti depressant?
It’s also meant to be prescribed to bulimics or binge eaters to help with hunger but I never experienced that at a low dose

No. 1340238

I was thinking about positing her myself but decided against it because no one seems that interested in the tiktok cows. For context, the 3 meal and 3 snack video she commented on was still very restrictive and wouldn’t have been over 800 calories. She herself posts videos with 500 calorie totals and is very rude to anyone who calls her it on it. Can post screen caps if anyone is interested.

No. 1340239

File: 1633254677654.jpeg (308.22 KB, 828x1321, 087BEBB5-17C8-41C4-BFE6-987BFC…)

We have confirmation it was her!!

No. 1340244

File: 1633255521913.png (1.01 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20211003-110132.png)

I know Ham's breakfast pisses some anons off, but it's getting worse. Party Rings.

No. 1340245

Or, as some might call it, "the caries carousel".

No. 1340246

Maybe she's morphing into nourish style meals, didn't n2f do party rings and all sorts? Least ham hasn't delved into grunge yet i guess. But still, this seems relatively low-calorie.

No. 1340250

>>1340245 anon I'm dead

No. 1340273

File: 1633259425802.jpeg (326.33 KB, 1170x2137, B1F638A3-4925-4F7B-B5FA-0180FB…)


The fluoxetine girl is a mega larper. I’ve never posted about her myself on her because she’s only just turned 16.

She claims she has no appetite and dosen’t eat 3 meals a day but her continuous weight gain would say otherwise. She was tuned at some point but she’s in some weird part of England where if u start refusing food they tube u straight away. She was never spoopy.

She had a good cry on her tiktok last night about people calling her fat.

No. 1340274

Did anyone see her post about how lolcow are cyberbullies? She also posted about being sexually assaulted but I mean who would go for her

No. 1340279

If she's 16 she will be under camhs they are more likely to tube after refusing to eat for a bit. Adults flip me unless you're in a BPD unit like Laura, have connections in the NHS like Emma or family to fight for you then you get left. These people featured here piss me off as I know many fighting for help on the NHS that are seriously underweight but due to being an adult or having no relatives to fight their cause get left. So many on here wasting precious resources and bed spaces. Also I don't see this site as cyber bullying when you are clearly calling out fakers.

No. 1340283

Exactly she’s a huge bitch

No. 1340296

She claims she’s gained 22lbs on reverse dieting. BS, she also claims she relapsed but she looks heavier than ever. Doesn’t look underweight anymore from the last WIEIAD

No. 1340302

Shut the fuck up

No. 1340306

They don’t make it under the brand name “Prozac” any more, at least not in the most common form (20mg capsules) so ig that’s what they’re seeing on the front of the box these days. (Source: I am literally autistic and had a spergout over the name change lol)

No. 1340307

File: 1633265770044.jpeg (313.29 KB, 517x1707, A706307A-F71B-489D-B804-E17EDA…)

Another Ganer article (sorry for the wonky editing). Don’t think it’s already been posted. She’s really milking it

No. 1340310

> "…you need to be the one to admit that something is wrong, accept it and change it."

And exactly THAT is the point, where she completely fails… She does not change anything about it.

Saying she admits her fanatism and just carrying on being fanatic about something. - Wasting her time in her twenties at bikini competitions while letting her law degree rot in the drawer.

No. 1340316

How would knowing the amount of protein she eats be less harmful than her orthrorexic slop and obsessive workout routine or her half naked spoop pics?

No. 1340317

can't really discount someone from being valid about sexual assault because of looks alone anon, some guys are flat out degenerates. Mean look at chris chan, who expected him to diddle his dementia riddled mum? some guys try to get what they can or they end up as incels shooting up places.

No. 1340322

If she didn’t always share her disturbing LW photos all the time then I’d actually feel pretty sorry for her to be in this cycle as she does seem to be deeper rooted into this than others (no Ham larpers don’t count)

No. 1340323

The platform removed her spoop pics, so instead she runs to cheapie mags and places like this to share them instead? Okay. Whether or not they were right to take them down is beside the point, why is this woman incapable of admitting she might have been in the wrong?

No. 1340355

File: 1633272441241.jpeg (250.23 KB, 750x1272, B2A836A5-C136-424D-9A11-540052…)

kek what the fuck is she even saying

No. 1340393

Does that sentence that gets cut off say ‘I gave years of my life, wrecked my body’ come off it Anna you were mildly underweight for 3 months and still building ponds and running while you were. Fucking munchies man, what I wouldn’t give to make them understand how good they have it health wise

No. 1340394

good god what is goin on with that nail

No. 1340429

Some people DO want to look like the women on Love Island (and shit like that), go on diets and that leads to an eating disorder.

If they didn't mpa and other places wouldn't have threads and threads of celebrity thinspo/thinspo (posted by legit fatties).

Once again, she thinks she knows what it's all about.

No. 1340453

File: 1633281595511.jpeg (134.88 KB, 750x657, AE778021-88DF-40B4-AA13-E7C066…)

Sorry this doesn’t make sense at all.
She gave up ‘years of her life’ sure Jan if around 18 months is ‘years’.
‘I’m not vain’ but ‘all I wanted was a thigh gap’ unless this is her so-called ‘satire’ or she’s trying to use irony, she’s just completely contradicting herself.
Anna you don’t have an ED anymore by your own admission, you barely had one in the first place, stop being the spokesperson for the poor little SEED patients as you see yourself.

No. 1340458


Fucking hell, SHUT UP. "It's a complex disease…nothing to do with food or looks". It becomes equally about looks and food. Oh GOD, she's so thick. She's immune to media influences? Sure, J. How can someone be so dense? Why isn't she banging on about her special allergies?

No. 1340460

File: 1633282051832.jpeg (370.09 KB, 828x1019, 120450EF-D8B7-44E8-BECC-BEE910…)

When you’re 21 but look eight. Username is Thayna_deoliveiera. Extremely underweight for many years yet she goes to school and still dances?

No. 1340461

I'd say Cece was bmi 16 at her worst. That is not a 15 Imo. Maybe 15.7 at best.

No. 1340462

> "nothing to do with food or looks"

- eats not enough food
- bodychecking on IG

No. 1340464

File: 1633282372487.jpg (35.21 KB, 430x436, t.JPG)

This is her? She looks way better than in the past, and definitely looked way older than her age. She was mentioned here in the past.

No. 1340467

File: 1633282575115.jpg (100.09 KB, 690x704, nutcracker.jpg)

well isn't she sweet?

No. 1340470

I think a few days ago she posted about working with a doctor. Still has a long way to go. I wonder if they have treatment facilities in her country. Judging by her IG, she’s been this way for at least 10 years.

No. 1340472

I thinks she is Portuguese? Maybe they don't have great MH care/ sectioning/ uni guidelines there (I think it is where documentary Emma went for what was essentially palliative care, for example) I guess she is just one of the lucky/unlucky (depending on your view) ones who don't experience a large decline in cognitive function when very underweight.

She has said recently she 'definitely isn't' recovered but that recovery looks different for her now because muh allergies.

I love the typo of 'it's not nothing to do with food' because she accidentally says something right. For some people the calorie deficit or initial weight loss from healthy dieting does push them into an ED. Maybe it's not the whole story but it is quite often a major part of it. And the general public, let alone ED instagram, realises that these days.
This whole post seems like a less wordy version of the one im_powering repeatedly posts. So what if someone IS vain and does desperately wants to look like a model? Does that mean they don't deserve to recover?

No. 1340478


That fake ballet dancer from Brazil?
Yeah, she's been here before.

No. 1340482

File: 1633283957997.jpg (169.04 KB, 1080x1080, spoopy_spoop.jpg)

From her IG

No. 1340492

I know dp.trendsetter isn't a cow here anymore, but does anyone know if she's still alive or not? She removed me from her followers (never said anything bad to her or anything so I was surprised to be removed since she has over 5k followers.)

No. 1340496

File: 1633285307128.jpg (140.21 KB, 1372x635, Capture.JPG)

Yeah, still alive. Still hanging out with baseball players. Here she's showing a pizza that she may or may not eat and purge.

No. 1340499

File: 1633285428720.jpg (117.44 KB, 948x774, Capture.JPG)

Pic from 5 days ago show her to be some kind of alive.

No. 1340502

This entire website needs to be shut down, and all the users there need to be shot in firing squad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1340503

File: 1633285806419.gif (226.09 KB, 480x480, bless you.gif)

Merry Christmas to you too!

No. 1340505

shot *by a firing squad. at least make sense when you come to threaten the evil boolies

No. 1340507

Her, Ash or the twins. Which will go first.

No. 1340508

Quite right, anon. What I love about this site is that 99.9% of all the farmers who post on this forum are in fact just cows of a different breed and don’t realize it. Team no one.

No. 1340510


Firing squad is too good for us. It's nice and quick, so I'll take it.

No. 1340533

… you’re posting on this site.

No. 1340534

Cows, that's what we are.
But we don't moo on a pedestal.

No. 1340539

File: 1633290179524.png (4.59 MB, 1125x2436, 052B8F75-EBA1-461E-B253-A18A6B…)

This is @ _melslifex and wow she’s annoyed me on insta for a long time. She never keeps any of her posts up and mainly posts on stories so I can’t offer any past evidence of her “disorder” but a couple days ago on day 1 of real recovery she was posting about how she hated weight restoring….like what weight needs restoring??? I swear these accounts just throw around words they’ve learned from when the real spoops post. I don’t think anyone is pressuring Mel to weight restore…she looks fully normal. She also on stories does the film crying and take a bite of food then post an empty plate kind of thing that Ham used to do ugh

No. 1340543

Fuck sake I put sage in the wrong bar

No. 1340548

Tick the box, choose "Delete".
Remember to copy text first.
Make new post.

No. 1340550

i mean if its milk you dont really need to sage

No. 1340559

No. 1340570

File: 1633292668528.jpeg (780.46 KB, 828x1140, 3CE21667-A8A2-4C64-BD6D-6EFD17…)

n2f went on a date… looking like this

No. 1340577

Oh wow there are no words

No. 1340582

She got a date. That’s all that matters. If he likes how she looks, then great.

No. 1340587

The dandruff, the falsies, the lipstick that matches the necklace, and best of all? Twin rat tails. My favourite cow without an once of self awareness. The face of recovery.

No. 1340593

no wayyyyy

No. 1340597

File: 1633295529305.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283 KB, 524x714, 20211003_170700.jpg)

oh it gets worse, anon…

No. 1340599

File: 1633295636021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 833.15 KB, 1080x1342, 20211003_170720.jpg)

and worse.

No. 1340607

Most depressing thing about all this is nourish is getting some and I’m not :(

Sorry for blog but she got me feeling a little … dare I say… jealous?(:()

No. 1340616

you're not alone. the uglies and weirdos and chavs never seem to be single.

No. 1340623


He got titties. Idk, lads. These are like stills from a really fucked up horror film/torture pr0n. She needs help.

No. 1340626

Titties and a legit neckbeard.

No. 1340630

Oh my God why is she posting this. Anyone he better not be fucking her in that picture oh my God WHAT

No. 1340632


my dreams* are becoming fulfilled… a N2F onlyfans is on the way!!

*nightmares are still dreams, right?

No. 1340636

Is she levitating? He's not grasping the parts that would keep her defying gravity like that. Hope her parents and brother don't follow her.

No. 1340637


No. 1340639

genuinely thought this was gonna come with a caption revealing nourish had started an OF

No. 1340640

File: 1633300532673.jpeg (202.96 KB, 828x1328, 41B96CCA-4DCC-4D82-B021-DC2C15…)

Whatever they did, the middle claw didn’t survive

No. 1340642

File: 1633300630131.jpg (84.96 KB, 590x979, rzzd946wvn911.jpg)

Use this. I have more.

No. 1340644

Her knuckles are sore. Doubt that's related to foreplay.

No. 1340648

When ur in ur zoom class but casually scrolling here and have to maintain composure at the pure kek that is n2f but also totes want her of

No. 1340649

I can’t omg this is just wow

No. 1340650


Oh my Jesus my eyes are burning wtf get this girl off the internet for her sake!

No. 1340654

Thought those were fishing lures at first.

No. 1340657

Oh no.. Girl what is happening inside your head.

No. 1340662

Posting this kind of thing is really bad for whatever happens in the future. Imagine being a new boyfriend looks her up online and sees this. Or someone sees it and embarrasses her bro. I can't imagine letting strangers into intimate areas of my life unless I was a dogger. Which I'm not, even though they do make me laugh.

No. 1340666

File: 1633304097921.jpeg (336.33 KB, 828x1472, 186F0082-E740-4A78-8180-C3407F…)

Cece isn’t happy. The “teenagers” caught her lies. And we are annoyed at your obsession with being the sickest there ever was. Just FYI when you get sent this Cece… you post your face and (underweight, even if not bmi 12 pre this latest treatment) body incessantly. Boasted about lying about food intake to vulnerable followers. You’re the bad one here, not us for calling you out.

No. 1340667

My favorite lie that cows tell is that someone screenshot or sent them info from here. Just admit that you lurk!

No. 1340670

Everything that comes out of your mouth is bullshit, Cece. If you was 15, then you may be pardoned. Being almost 30 and pulling this shit is sad.

I see you abandoned the idea to go Jewish after we called you out for your lack of knowledge of that faith. See, most of the things you think makes you superior, is really, really laughable. Hence, cow status.
Oh no, ~someone probably put this in your inbox~. Vibe off that fake love, ignore us.

No. 1340731

How nuts does she have to be to hear some random talking shit and feel the need to prove them wrong and justify shit like who is that insecure or desperate

Also she doesn’t lurk cause she doesn’t understand what ‘cow’ is lol

No. 1340839

I agree that Cecelia is obsessed with the ED larp and she never had a bmi anywhere near 12. And you are right that someone with Cecelia's level of narcissism and social media ana presence would have snapped hundreds of pics of her lowest.

I hate being kind of bitchy and nitpicking, but I just want to say that not everyone who gets to a lower bmi documents that shit on social media (fucking cringe imho, maybe it is bc I'm 26 but who tf wants all that embarrassing autistic shit out there). Some ppl don't take pics of it at all. It can be hard if you take a pic at some ridiculous bmi and you still look like a lardass in your mind. idk in my country EDs are still shameful, ppl don't share that shit and don't want it traced back to them later.

No. 1340856

n2f is a gift. she gives me hope. keep on being weird girl.

No. 1340858

The way she always pretends to know nothing about Lolcow and that she doesn't deliberately lurk. It's so embarrassing. 'Anonymous teenagers' pretty sure the majority of us are 20s/30s

No. 1340873



everyone around here just KNOWS that you are lurking.
Well, why not since you've got plenty of time for doing so in your uneventful leech life.
Stop making yourself the navel of the world. Do your therapy and eat your fucking food.

Until then

Fuck you very much

No. 1340877

That’s lovely anon but she literally posted her lw photos on a youtube video for thousands of random people to see. She’s using the ‘look at my grid at the time - no skelly pics here!’ to avoid culpability. How is she going to get attention with no pictures after all?

No. 1340881

File: 1633332582726.png (1.78 MB, 1125x2436, 37D41542-5CB8-4928-8348-00D18A…)

sorry, all of us are collectively misinterpreting your point. do tell us, dear cecelia, on what you actually meant. we're just dumb anons here

No. 1340887

I love her and I'm glad she's having fun, but I'm a little worried she's being taken advantage of tbh.

No. 1340895

but she never listens to th constructive feedback she does get. essentially:
1. stop being obsessed with proving how sick you are.

No. 1340898

File: 1633334536241.png (688.06 KB, 929x601, groove2.png)

Gives you the groove, doesn't it.

No. 1340899

A fat neckbeard with mantits.
Now that's kinda glorious.

No. 1340941

how very dare she call me a teenager, this is bullying

No. 1340951

File: 1633344833515.png (4.09 MB, 828x1792, 1F5C363E-39BF-44BE-8AE4-89808D…)

bit of a nitpick but this stupid pouting face drives me batshit. maybe she thinks it makes her cheeks look smaller..? i can’t work it out but it’s almost intolerable

No. 1340952

>I get kind and loving messages all day long
Love how she makes it seem like everyone else adores her and are wholly dedicated to singing her praises 24/7.

You lie about your low weight, lie about your medical stability, boast about your misleading food pics to vulnerable followers, don’t accept that you need to be the one to make changes which is why you have had 14 unsuccessful courses of treatment, dismiss anyone who has not had as many IP stays or tubes as you, general attention seeking, toob baiting and so on

No. 1340965

Well she's probably not wrong about the teenager part, to be honest I'm wondering with the rise of TikTok being shared here how many fetuses are actually using the farms despite the 18+ rule. I know some anons got salty when it was brought up before.

No. 1340987

don't wanna be pessimistic but i wouldn't be surprised if he has some sick fetish and is taking advantage of her. you know what they say, ugly fat neckbeards are the most horrible type of men personality wise

No. 1340989

File: 1633350874145.jpeg (569.72 KB, 750x1127, 7C8D68B3-F8DC-4BE4-9EF5-F872C8…)

We need an interpreter

No. 1340992

Aw I really hope not. N2f is nuts but she seems to be trying really hard to improve herself. I want her to make it!!

No. 1340997

Means having a privileged life is shit whether you're fat or thin. Deep.

I think n2f's bf is cheating on her. He looks the sort who would.

No. 1341000


You should not assume some fetish when you can explain it with simple desparation. N2F gets what she deserves, Fatty McTruckerbelly does too.
Dunno whether or not this might be a good foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

No. 1341002

File: 1633352102569.png (474.91 KB, 623x520, clinicallyvulnerable.png)

Anna posted a picture of a positive lateral flow test yesterday then the right pic on her personal today … breaking rules as a medical student.

No. 1341005

isn't it negative? i just did one yesterday and the instructions said if there's a line at C it means negative

No. 1341008

fuck yeah you're right. I thought she was panicking with that caption, don't understand why someone would post a negative test. clearly am a huge dumbfag. I'll be the first for the firing squad please.

No. 1341013

I thought Nik's Covid test was his friend's pregnancy test, so you're not alone.

No. 1341029

Idk whats wrong with you anon but I rather get no sex at all than letting a fat, ugly looking bastard fuck me. U should have some standarts. N2F doesn't seem like to have standarts at all.

No. 1341031

There HAS to be something very wrong in her head. Literally.

No. 1341035

I'd rather have to rub my clit away than have the neckbeard pop his winkle inside me.

I hope it's not a scenario where he's getting what he can from the slow adult. Women who aren't all there upstairs attract weirdos or they're treated as a bet. Idk, it's all a bit sleazy. Like, I'm not the petals on the bed type, but posting homemade getting it on pics for followers to see is really cheap. Remember the grief Erika had with her ex posting the nudes and cock sucking pics of her all over the porn sites? A woman's got to have some self respect and keep safe.

No. 1341043

File: 1633361530602.png (5.09 MB, 1125x2436, 0F22FD7D-B385-44AC-BD7B-1A253A…)

This is that Mel girl again. Who looks completely normal. Asking how to gain weight… I feel like these cows just say things like this to look like they’re hinting that they’re underweight still etc to validate themselves and it’s just like, really?? If you post pictures of yourself, we can all tell you’re not underweight and needing to gain weight. “Ahh look at me I’m small and delicate and need to gain weightttt” shut up

No. 1341046

They act like gaining weight is rocket science. More calories, more food = weight gain.

No. 1341070


Five days, fuck me.

Seems as if she's going for the "It's just not working for meeee" method, so she can return to her old ways as soon as possible.

No. 1341077

Gaining if you're genuinely trying is too fucking easy. Two extra big bowls of cereal a day and you're off. Silly kid.

No. 1341080

just wondering what part of 'eat more food' she didn't understand..?

No. 1341083

maybe they're both happy that they found somebody to love..?

No. 1341087

It’s the breed of ana, heavily popularised by Anna, who were sooooo damaged that they have to eat thousands and thousands of calories and won’t gain weight because it all goes to their internal organs. And they’re ‘sooo hypermetabolic guys’.
If you actually gain weight when you eat more than 3000 cals and don’t lift weights in the gym for three hours a day, it’s just proof you never had an ED in the first place.

No. 1341091

Like Fred and Rose, Ian and Myra.

No. 1341093

File: 1633368129780.png (295.41 KB, 518x715, Screenshot_20211004-151528~2.p…)

There must be herds of cows everywhere because instas down.

Btw, n2f reminds me of the Cabaret girls in the film. Makeup inspo

No. 1341094

Everywhere crying*

No. 1341100

Yea I feel like half farmers here are probably anachan cows who are just smart enough not to have public insta accounts but the other half are quasi normal adults who just come here once a day for the keks. So hate to break it to ya Cece but you’re being judged by a jury mostly of your peers who just think you are an asshole on the internet. We’re not miserable teenagers with no lives.

No. 1341101

and even if we were why would it matter to her? It's not like the opinion of a 17 year old is less valid than that of a 29 year old. (not saying we are teens though) They might have less life experience but ae still mostly smart enough to tell who is a pro-ana scumbag. I imagine there are plenty of people a decade younger than herself in treatment who she has pissed off

No. 1341106

Take a shot every time she says 'that's just my personality/I'm an obsessive person'

No. 1341122

Lol the fact that you would of had to search actively for a ana form into google makes you just as bad

No. 1341129

No thanks, I’d rather have a functioning liver

This thread is full of older anachans (which is why it’s so easy to see through LARPers like Ham) but at least most of em have the sense to keep blogging to a minimum. The teenagers coming over from Tiktok are a damn nuisance, look at all the vendetta posts we’ve had in the last few threads. Unless it’s milky keep it for your CAMHS summer cam— er, unit

No. 1341130

I think there are also people here that have gone through similar things like her and are even her age and those people just don't understand how she can live like treatment is a holiday. Or, like me, don't understand how she won't get any "better" after all the help she got, while I've met many people that worked through it without any help at all and didn't have a beige instagram account with an ever repeating slideshow of the same facial expression.

No. 1341132

>don't understand how she won't get any "better" after all the help she got
Umm because she’s the sickest SEED patient they ever did see, anon. Katy, Maria, Paris…they got nothing on ol’ treatment veteran crazy eyes over here

No. 1341134

I'm a couple of decades older than her. That's why she's so damn embarrassing seeing her behave how she does at 29. Older when I recovered, but Jesus, got on with it quietly. SEED. Too funny. Her BA is in performance art. Figures.

No. 1341136

cant imagine a 50 year old farming

No. 1341139

Gaming does nothing for me.

No. 1341149

Is there just one old fag here or various? Are you the same person who said you were probably around the age of hammum? No hate just curious.

No. 1341154

Isn't Hammum in her 60s? I'm not as old as her but nearer her age than I am Ham's.

I don't post on many threads because it'd feel weird slagging off people in their teens or 20s who don't do the ana thing. I slagging off Jenn 'erbs and laugh at Stumpy Jake, but I don't feel bad at all with this lot. They really are fucking scum.

No. 1341195

File: 1633382195046.png (660.74 KB, 744x906, 1633380176777.png)

Now I know.

No. 1341205

of course, they are easier to manipulate and more willing to abandon healthy boundaries.

No. 1341209

This makes sense. Lack of inhibitions, easier to manipulate, impulsive, likely to engage in…how do they put it?…risky?? sexual behaviours?

Bet they're an absolute nightmare when they get dumped though.

No. 1341230

the five blueberries gets me every time

No. 1341232

Just post the criteria for BPD nonnie it’s ok.

For real though, I genuinely feel bad for n2f. She’s not half as vile and manipulative as most of the cows posted here.

No. 1341235

the kombucha powerpoint slide is sending me

No. 1341236

Does N2 have BPD? I always take it she's just slow with a side of OCD and bulimia.

No. 1341238

She previously said her lowest was before her PREVIOUS admission, over a year ago. Not this past one. God she fucking lies about literally every single thing

No. 1341241

Ayrt. Not a psychfag, don’t think she does at all but >>1341209 made me laugh. Much more Cecelia’s thing

No. 1341244

She’s in med school and can’t spell breathe?

No. 1341245

Wonder if she has a Squelch story about her “roommate”

No. 1341288

I've come to realize that Anna gets dumber with every post.

No. 1341387

Just thinking here, but are there any cows that creep you out? I remember first not being able to look at Ganer cause she freaked me out. N2F’s grime is also unsettling.

No. 1341400

ah I miss the golden Georgia days

No. 1341403

It’s one of her ‘quirks’ that’s actually MCAS

No. 1341432

Her spelling/grammatical errors almost seems intentional at this point to aggravate us lolcow members… But, to be fair to Anna, quite a few people at my medical school also have dyslexia and make similar spelling errors but as long as the intention of their sentence can be determined they wouldn't lose marks in exams where they don't have spellcheck and it wouldn't be seen as a concern on wards (unless the wrong medication is written down or it's not clear what they're actually prescribing).

No. 1341462

Only Ash really creeps me out. It's because she defies all natural laws.

When she used to beg for stuff and take cash for binge food, all I could think off was one of these money banks. Whenever her hands show in a video, it's all I see.

N2f for reasons you mention, and Nik's a creepy sod.

No. 1341473

how old is ash?

No. 1341474


millions of souls

No. 1341478

File: 1633431062767.png (1.29 MB, 874x707, OCD.png)

News from Ganer's kitchen:

See yesterday's delicious meal, compared with one from 3 and a half weeks ago.

Spot the difference? I don't.

No. 1341481

She's just obsessive, that's just the way she is guyss

No. 1341484

Must be nice to eat a whole bowl of plain spinach.

No. 1341488

Pure restriction. She still believes that there are "dangerous" foods out there.

No. 1341495

There's that additional sad bit of salmon.
Maybe she's bulking or in a competition phase?

No. 1341501

Oh no no that's waaay too much even for bulking. Slow down Ganer.

No. 1341519

>be me
>mtf looking ocd mess who used to be severely anorexic
>i wake up and eat a litre of protein slop in front of some images of bikini competitors
>rise and grind
>every meal is the same
>nothing tastes of anything anymore
>post gains on insta
>gets taken down for being sensitive
>cry about it
>have same dinner as always
>lay in bed at night and cry
>why am i alive.jpeg

No. 1341547

Plain baby spinach isn't bad, it's got a semi sweet and milky taste to it. When you're used to having condiments on everything you tend to desensitize your taste buds/or probably in the grips of restriction needing that extreme sensation of taste like salt, vinegar etc.

No. 1341552

And a dry ass toasted bagel

No. 1341558

File: 1633442420793.jpg (43.81 KB, 414x414, 20211005_155832.jpg)

Han in 15 years if she continues to eat sugar bowls(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1341569


Maybe It’s my ~ spicy ~ relationship with food showing but who the hell eats two bagels AND egg AND salmon!?!

Also I fully thought that that other pic was actually ham

No. 1341578

Bagels with eggs and salmon is kinda normal if you like those foods
The way she presented it, like all her meals is OCD

No. 1341579

She’s meant to be a body builder, a lot of her food seems completely unpalatable to normal humans.

No. 1341581

Is that hammum on the left? Is this woman a relative of ham's?

No. 1341584

HAMMUM, and I'm impressed how well that app/filter works. I thought anon had found an old pic and almost had to believe she'd had an ed

No. 1341591

they're almost certainly bagel thins.

No. 1341598

Grim, especially with no spread on them. Gamer hates food, doesn't she. She only eats this because she dreams of muscles.

No. 1341603

I meant the fattie in the photo. I know hammum is the mum of ham. But based on your text I'm assuming that's ham on the right and she's been shooped

No. 1341606

File: 1633449735445.jpeg (648.06 KB, 828x1456, 171D882C-25AE-4747-9EF5-15CBCF…)

serious question. Is it a denture?
sorry its the only thing in my mind each time i see her enormous mouth

No. 1341608

Honestly thought this was porgie for a moment. kek

No. 1341610

Ganer's Groundhog Day!

No. 1341611

cinnamon rolls for breakfast? well, she is american..

No. 1341612

Aw, Faceapp anon was banned before I could ask what Ham and Porgie's LARPing lovechild would look like

No. 1341614

It seems people get banned here for the littlest of things but it took forever to get that one bitch banned.. smh

No. 1341615

File: 1633450761747.png (2.59 MB, 828x1792, 55A1D592-481C-4B6D-80F7-11CCD0…)

..because you’re a spoiled brat??
zara doesn’t seem to be coping well with university, swinging between bragging about getting 100% on a test to crying about anxiety the same night. i give it till christmas until she drops out

No. 1341616

Not to beat up a dead cow but Elzani still has spoopy photos as her profile photos on youtube. She's healthy now so why not change them?

No. 1341617

it looks like she meticulously faced every leaf of spinach facing up in one photo, and meticulously faced every leaf facing down in the other photo

guys am I reaching like fuck here or does she literally arrange individual spinach leaves for photos

No. 1341618

Ohh I noticed that she has 1 extra bagel cut in half in the left photo. She must be bulking now!

No. 1341621

That red text would've been for non sage. Maybe she's still here and not put to pasture. I wanted to see what Pencilnik would look like at a healthy weight.

No. 1341629

feel free to call me a thirsty bitch but I feel like healthy weight Nik might be quite a good looking guy

No. 1341631

maybe if he learned how to smile properly

No. 1341634

File: 1633453901767.jpg (61.92 KB, 492x705, unicorn larp .jpg)

There would still be the way that he talks.

No. 1341647

This just one week after her ‘unpopular opinion’ that a sweet breakfast was unhealthy and not a proper breakfast…

No. 1341650

It’s a perfectly fine portion of food for someone who exercises as much as Ganer. She eats the bare minimum needed to maintain her physique with a pretty intense training regiment. If she wanted to bulk she’d need to eat far more, that’s her whole problem as plenty of anons have pointed out. It’s also a normal food combination so yeah I think it’s the “spicy” relationship with food talking.

No. 1341653

you clearly don't know shit about BB.

No. 1341664

Didn’t claim to and don’t need to, just pointing out its not too much food for someone who goes to the gym and the amount of food or type isn’t necessarily what’s funny about Ganer

No. 1341683

>Maybe It’s my ~ spicy ~ relationship with food showing
It is, can bone rattlers fuck off already? Ganer needs all the food she can get, she's tiny and working out constantly. wtf are you doing acting all judgemental like she's pigging out, jesus christ.

No. 1341686

the typing style tells me they’re about fifteen years old

No. 1341700

I wondered how anyone thinks the paltry amount she eats in a day is enough. Should've realised it was an ana chan. I'm lazy af and wouldn't gain on bagel thins, raw spinach and egg.

No. 1341704

File: 1633459030331.jpeg (124.1 KB, 615x507, E0708E8E-6B27-4E2D-AC43-9CAD1F…)

they dropped this

No. 1341709

It's getting annoying, I got banned recently for a post in 2017 despite only using this website this year. But self posters get to run riot?

No. 1341726

What did you say if a mod got so mad at a 4 year old post?

No. 1341730

File: 1633462981553.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1170x2075, 95187828-FCEE-4540-A9AB-E162EC…)

Anon remember this cow from last thread? She’d been readmitted. It’s good to see she’s definitely taking recovery seriously this time and not dancing outside a fucking hospital where there are really sick people. Yeah no it don’t sit right with me.

No. 1341743

Kek farmers continue to stray further from God's light. Wasn't there a pre-ana pic of him a thread or two ago?

No. 1341753

Notice how Cecelia took one day off social media and half the internet went down? Conspiracy theory- she wanted to make sure that if she can’t beg for attention online then no one can

No. 1341770

File: 1633466412280.png (3.2 MB, 1170x2532, PNG image.png)

Idk if she’s been talked about but I’m sorry this girl is off the wagon and claims she’s doesn’t have an ED while always posting about being very under weight and trying to lose even more

No. 1341771

Like here entire tik tok account is pro Ana and even like says she’s body checking

No. 1341786

Is that the girl who posted the my anorexia story video with all of the triggering pics on tiktok? Not surprised if she got admitted her tiktok was very pro ana and just milky as hell kek

No. 1341790

It was an unspecified ban but I hadn't even used the website in 2017 so wtf

No. 1341791

If you mean you didn't make the banned post, someone else would've used your IP in the past.

No. 1341792

Yeah, it's what I wrote above. It happens to me. Just close the browser, open again and it shouldn't have the ban.

No. 1341795

File: 1633468592634.jpeg (146.45 KB, 828x1416, A3E94E78-AE40-48A7-ACAA-ACE1B2…)

Scarlet posted this. There are ways to have a disciplined and fulfilling life which have nothing to do with maintaining a 12% body fat figure. For healthy people’’direction’ revolves around a number of things like family, friends, career, hobbies not just lifting. And you can be perfectly healthy without obsessively tracking macros and spending hours in the gym. Hell - as I’m sure we all know here - moderate, enjoyable movement and a balanced diet is way more sustainable and healthy than what she is doing.

No. 1341796

“I would rather have an eating disorder in a more socially acceptable way and look good to society than recover properly, risk looking fat and feel out of control”
Fixed it for you

No. 1341798

We only know about her because she was posted with she-who-shall-not-be-named.
Proceed with caution.

No. 1341804

Oh shit yeah definitely with caution if she gets jealous the self posts are gonna restart.

Did anyone find any background on this Camille girl?

No. 1342024

Is no one going to talk about her story where her gym appears to be in a rusty nightmare of a basement?

No. 1342051

No. 1342061

it's been noted in past threads

No. 1342197

File: 1633511262729.jpg (86.26 KB, 640x1138, ganer_grub.jpg)

some new culinary extravaganza from ganer…

now with the blue cup with two chocolate bits on the left side..!

No. 1342198

File: 1633511927710.png (868.63 KB, 1197x543, slop_collage.png)

sry for double post…

No. 1342207

Looks like she's throwing a few more raspberries in these days. That's really going to make a big difference.

No. 1342215

If someone asked me for an example of 'Orthorexia nervosa' I would recommend Ganer's Insta account to them.
Rituals and forced rules all over the place.

No. 1342235

Her slop has a crust on it

No. 1342246

Wouldn't be the only thing

No. 1342261

I just went and watched all their tiktoks, dunno what hole they crawled out of but it just screams "poor little rich girl" attention seeker.

No. 1342350

File: 1633533080196.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, 5C456298-C391-4477-AAA2-B59B66…)

I know anons are unsure about this one but this is the thing that annoys me. She is v insistent that she does not body check. To me - this is an absolute body check. The pose is very deliberate.
Yes she’s 16 but has been called out too many times to just be naive and immature.

No. 1342356


I really hate this bitch like she is very caught up jn the performative side the of ED and she gets a lot of attention from people online bc she does have a good style and the clothes she wears are meant for very skinny very small girls which she is.

It does make me angry though because as much as I’m sure she’s struggled she seems to love the aesthetic the ED gives her an I think it’s p fucked up

No. 1342358

File: 1633534034641.jpeg (885.97 KB, 838x2165, 8ABD9265-BBAD-4C84-AEA1-A19057…)

I’m not going to post an image of her bc I don’t want a Cece screenshot in my phone even if it is only for a few seconds but I was looking through her account and whilst her face literally reminds me of hollyhock from bojack horseman I do think she looks marginally better since treatment but pls someone tell me if my 3 hour sleep last night has made me completely insane

No. 1342360

She has also been deleting comments calling her out on tiktok. Don't have a screenshot, but I know there were definitely some that got a lot of likes that are now gone.

No. 1342374

She’s so badddd like it’s obvious she has a real problem but keeps denying the fact she has an ED while at the same time flexing her 16 BMI and talking about starving herself like how is she allowed a platform

No. 1342375


Good style? kek

No. 1342392

She looks better after treatment. She'd look even better if she didn't do toothy smiles, poor me faces and bought some contact lenses.

No. 1342393

if you're gonna post about yourself please dont post about how "I like her aesthetic especially given shes so skinny" KEK
either a self post or fuck off ana-chan

No. 1342394

She wears horrible baggy shorts with market cardigans for the over 65s. That's only one of many pics of similar "style".

No. 1342404

You seem jealous kek

No. 1342408

please stop posting about yourself. if you’re going to call yourself skinny, be more subtle.

No. 1342409

“denied her ED”… so the tiktoks and insta posts are all invisible now?

No. 1342410

File: 1633540124136.jpeg (324.56 KB, 441x893, 0122F439-7EB4-4928-8A88-11644B…)

oh, and learn to take pictures of yourself looking less retarded.

No. 1342412

Came here to post this until I saw it's already here.
I just feel bad for this girl. Her whole twitter is either starving herself to a skeleton or rattling on about how she's an IRL vampire, and getting tons of "omg i'm so amazed i've never met a real vampire" from 15 year olds which she continues to entertain. Girlie needs to go out and make some friends her own age and hopefully who won't enable more delusions

No. 1342415

I mean like denying that it’s anorexia all her comments in the comment sections are like no I’m just dieting but at the same time giving tips on how to restrict

No. 1342425

You’re absolutely insane anon but I haven’t laughed so hard at this thread in a while. The dead eyes are a match, and she has horse teeth to boot.

No. 1342429

File: 1633542689539.png (Spoiler Image, 6.63 MB, 1938x2048, xylophone ribs.png)

She's got the corpse look down at least, those veins.

No. 1342440

Breathe in until you shit your intestines, reach up as high as you can. Not a corpse, a thin girl working the skeleton look. Reaching up is the new lying on the floor and sucking in.

No. 1342451

Neefers is skinny - Check
She's an attention whore - Check

But what else is there that supposedly makes her a pro-ana scumbag?
There are a lot worse out there. Also, she's still underage.

No. 1342461

File: 1633545087344.jpg (270.33 KB, 1503x542, ganerslop_06oct.jpg)

Another one for the collection.

No. 1342462

She flipped the chocolate upside down.

No. 1342463

she’s not underage. 16+, retard.
the body-checking, the posing, the deleting comments calling her out, the romanticising, sharing her lowest BMI, the straining to look skinny (she looks like a slim teenage girl unposed, rather than a spoop like she thinks she is), the self-obsession… i could go on. stop WKing (or self posting.) and quit calling yourself skinny.

No. 1342470

I think part of the problem with the 'is she skinny?' debate is that it is such a subjective term. For some people it means unhealthily thin, for others it can mean the same as healthy slim. Regardless, it doesn't matter much IMO (unless we're trying to determine whether someone is LARPing or lying about weight) - straining to look smaller and sharing your bodychecks is cow behaviour.

No. 1342472

Why the chocolate IN or ON a measuring spoon? That bodybuilding magazine asked her all the wrong questions.

No. 1342477

File: 1633546800370.png (2.26 MB, 558x2048, grudge.png)

Yeah, she definitely tries her very best to work angles. This is probably more accurate to her actual body. I'm more concerned about her encouraging people to stop eating and instead "siphon prana" as a form of nourishment.

No. 1342479

File: 1633546807175.png (325.18 KB, 345x576, moreniamh.png)

Niamh is also constantly complaining about how she is flat/ has no curves. Seems like a brag given her audience.

No. 1342483


She's said before that she has primary amenorrhea so… no curves for her! I expect a beg for implants in ~6 years time.

No. 1342485


Since you seem to be a samefag. - Why don't you give that girl a break? She's just sixteen years old. Sixteen.
She's got a lot to learn.

So you better stop your sperging.

No. 1342489



And age does not excuse scummy, pro-ana behaviour. She is literally flaunting and promoting a deadly eating disorder. And at 16 you do have awareness of this.

No. 1342490

I suggest that this "woman" won't even go to the toilet without a checklist and some kind of measuring cup.

No. 1342491

not a samefag, there is clearly more than one person who finds her milky. I don't understand why she is off limits but 17 year olds like Zara and Ham aren't?

No. 1342495

O god, ofc! She must measure how much water she consumes, then measure it after a period. Ganer really is Aly the Second. Same food, same shots, same pretence she's gaining… I'm really surprised she was asked to be a spokeswoman about her ~journey~
Her friends at the gym are a)humouring her or b)they don't care about women and their muscle ambitions.

No. 1342499

So true about the age thing. In fact teenagers are more aware of things than people give them credit for. They especially know social media and what could be triggering however I do think a lot are influenced by those in their early 20's on social media flaunting their ill bodies, gaining followers and getting arse licking comments. Maybe if 16 year olds are called out here they can be directed away from another few years of bullshitting pics, focus on sorting themselves out and not end up at the age of 30 like some of the cows featured.

No. 1342502

Ham's 18. Except for Ham, a lot of growing up is done between 16 and 18. I do think this girl is proana but hoping she grows out of it. She's only just turned 16. Find friends, go for pizza, have fun and some alcopops and maybe she'll not need to pretend she's a model.

I'm not interested in her, won't comment on her (because zzz), but she's 16 so it's not a ban offence to talk about her.

No. 1342507

File: 1633548994872.jpeg (696.51 KB, 828x1477, CF618618-CBC0-46CA-899F-074667…)

it’s just so cringe and confusing to me how someone can be self absorbed enough to post such an excessive amount of “posing videos”…? with no purpose at all?

No. 1342508


That friends at the gym will be friendly to her. They also know, that Ganer will never ever win some serious contest.
You wanna bulk, you gotta eat. And she just can't.

No. 1342509

I feel like there are two types of people with anorexia. The type which wears baggy clothing, hates photos, quiet, feels ashamed of their illness. And the "new" type which wears tight/revealing clothing (niamh looking at you), love posing/taking photos, proud to be anorexic.

No. 1342511


That is so embarrassing.

No. 1342516

That's "social media" for you..!

People everywhere filming themselves all the time, doing pointless things.

Welcome to the new world.

No. 1342517

that' complete bs

No. 1342518

how??? ntayrt, but seems pretty accurate to me.

No. 1342521

File: 1633550204237.png (3.16 MB, 828x1792, C74EAFFC-C2CA-4923-8197-43B1B8…)

her camera roll must be that of a raging egomaniac

No. 1342523

She's kinda cute.

No. 1342525

she's 16 you retards. please don't tell me you were so mature and self-possessed at 16.

No. 1342528

At 16 I'd struggled for three years with a number of behaviours that people now flaunt on social media. The issues were never something to be proud of just a way of coping with shit things. Now social media is a way of saying look how much I struggle. It's not healthy at all!

No. 1342535

don’t like the milk?? don’t visit the farm. WK elsewhere

No. 1342538

AYRT I don't agree with shitting on 16 year olds because they generally don't know what the fuck they're doing. I do agree with shitting on 18+ because I think they do know what the fuck they're doing. There's WKing and then there's just being realistic.

No. 1342541

I knew better than to flaunt my underweight body, self harm pics, vents and low calorie FDOEs with a vulnerable audience - and almost everyone else I knew who struggled behaved appropriately as well. She has been called out numerous times so it is not like she can claim ignorance.

No. 1342544


No. 1342557

File: 1633552685067.jpeg (849.14 KB, 1170x2086, 7F5C715E-DEE4-40C0-BD36-B7F644…)

Is anyone starting to feel sorry for sorcha? Clearly she’s very sick mentally and hasn’t received the help or access to supports she needs to recover. I think she’s one of the few who aren’t actually triggering and are not doing it for clout(no)

No. 1342567

fuck off sorcha

No. 1342605

never interact.
just report.

No. 1342609


No. 1342616

No referee needed, anon.

No. 1342647

Left school, started living away from home, started work, so yeah, I didn't have a toddler's mentality at 16.
Maybe young people are devolving and don't want to be adults ever.

No. 1342666

Do you want a pat on the back nonnie?

No. 1342668



VeRy AdUlTiNg

No. 1342669

Ok boomer. Have you considered that's not really how things are meant to be? Just because your teen years were like that doesn't mean it's the right way.

No. 1342686

File: 1633561463093.jpg (115.96 KB, 634x789, cope.jpg)

Baby adult triggered aww

Stay dependent

Yeah, you're right. It's best to not try to deal with life yourself. Should've stuck around forever talking about being anorexic and lying on my bed at my mum's house with a cat writing on myspace about how I want to die. Independence is scary, right?
Funny how you call Cecelia and Ham for being useless pieces of shit, yet being not useless is a bad thing.

No. 1342689

ntayrt but they were spot on actually.

No. 1342694

I'm the "boomer". I agree. COMPLETELY. (even if you disagree with what I said).

No. 1342784

I’m an oldfag and when I was a teenager doing those self destructive things there just wasn’t a social media platform for it where you could get a following. Just forums like ruinyourlife and the proana ones. Nothing where we could show off to impressionable kids.

No. 1342796

> I'm more concerned about her encouraging people to stop eating and instead "siphon prana" as a form of nourishment.
Is that not just the average pro-ana shit on EDtwt just with some twilight fanatic sprinkled in?

No. 1342849

File: 1633580370838.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.39 KB, 1284x2778, 347C31BD-FC26-461B-9C45-CD58C1…)

Eugenia Cooney is starting to look really scary

No. 1342860

Just getting ready for Halloween.

No. 1342863

her head looks like a dios de los muertos skull.

No. 1342866

Last 2 days her left side of slop has been light pink. New slop? Who is this woman and what has she done to ganer??

No. 1342870

I know it's old news, but she's toast. There's literally no way you can physically recover from looking like that for a decade. Honestly can't understand how she hasn't died seven times by now.

No. 1342874

Looks like the corpse of michael jackson

No. 1342875

One strong gust of wind and it's over for her

No. 1342881

File: 1633585738561.jpg (304 KB, 1080x1779, Screenshot_20211007_074712_com…)

This is so funny.
Did it cause you pAiN? Agony, even? Then it was severe!!!

No. 1342883

I once had painful hunger pangs, do I have a severe ed?? Ham help!!

No. 1342884

What even is this slop she eats every day? I can only assume it's something packed with protein.

No. 1342885

File: 1633586241384.png (Spoiler Image, 258.7 KB, 529x380, kekfest.png)

I got the picture that she'd be like a holier than thou kind of girl who never admits that she has "faults" like cravings and such since she's boasting about that prana nourishment thing but this just made me kek. She's just as pathetic as I thought.

No. 1342886

Cream of rice and maybe yogurt if I remember correctly. She once showed on her instagram how she makes her slop so there might be a post or a highlight somewhere there.

No. 1342887

File: 1633586975019.png (562.44 KB, 750x942, 82377374.png)

In a way at least she isn't too lost in her own bullshit and doesn't lie about SOME things. Yet still…

No. 1342906

File: 1633589781670.png (345.7 KB, 423x750, euginiasnewlook.png)

She really looks like the other mother from Coraline now.

No. 1342915

Kek, that's exactly her.

And don't mention her d**th, because it will just add time to her life..!

No. 1342925

It's such a precarious balance with her. She's a rich girl, and will have access to all medical aid and facilities her dad will buy her.
On the other hand she seems to have no sense at all that her condition is so severe (and probably deadly).
Her IP stint from two (three?) years ago didn't make a change at all since she looks even worse now.

No. 1342932

Shes morphing into Jeffree Starr

No. 1342937

She bought some different flavour protein powder. Donut and Jammie Dodger or something. Could be that.

No. 1342942

I'm surprised she's going for such junk foody flavors. I guess she substitutes all treats with her slop.

No. 1342943


Those people don't see "food".
It's all just "macros" for them, so they can count and organize 'em better.

No. 1342982

damn, she ended up looking worse than in her infamous kairi cosplay video.
bet that’s how Ham sees herself

No. 1343013

You’re thinking of Ashlich. Eugenia is a mere mortal and will succumb to starvation within a normal timeframe.

No. 1343014

I would love to discuss some ancient proana cows from ryl and xanga in the early 00s. But sadly there isn't really any evidence left so would just be reliant on the unreliable memories of reminiscent anachan oldfags and nobody needs that.

No. 1343015

no need to dig up some old bones

No. 1343018

>>1343015 kek could be literally in some cases

No. 1343036

not early 00s but I‘m dying to know what Felice Fawn is up to these days

No. 1343081

File: 1633620096587.jpeg (327.79 KB, 828x1434, 16E613F3-A7B4-476F-B0FD-218CD8…)

Curious for your thoughts. Zara seems to be doing a lot better lately - eating on camera (granted only bites on stories when talking but still a new thing) and is coming off a lot more sincere in encouraging her followers to recover. Could be on the up and out of cowdom if this carries on, and she gets older? She’s only just 18 so still young. Not a WK :)(:))

No. 1343094

File: 1633620931742.jpg (60.25 KB, 750x1000, 76cd3496c75370c4a8b88b6d3b6323…)

>>1343036 I think Felice is my all time favourite cow, I was so sad when she went dark. I think she goes by Lauren Aster or something now but as far as I can tell all her (private) social media presence is just her milking attention from a small number of gaming simps.

No. 1343097


I found what she said to actually seem really genuine. Without blog posting - it was quite helpful to hear. Hoping it’s onwards and upwards for her.

No. 1343106

If it's not milk, why don't you just shut the hell up?

No. 1343108

yikes. it can be nice to recognise when cows are growing up a little.

No. 1343110

and that’s at least 3 anons feeling the same, so why don’t you bring some milk yourself and stop complaining? ro’s progress was congratulated, so was elzani’s, heck even gainer and n2f have had redemption moments on the thread.

No. 1343111

> and that’s at least 3 anons feeling the same

Or the same one, posting three times in a row..? F.U.

No. 1343116

Can confirm not the same anon, simmer down

No. 1343118

Bitch is playing with you.
Grow up already.

No. 1343119

I've got 27 people here that think Zara is trying to bullshit us.

No. 1343135

File: 1633624118759.png (409.26 KB, 720x1040, Screenshot_20211007-172331~2.p…)

Nik baleeted his acting insta and started again 3 days ago. No action on his inspirational recovery account.

No. 1343141

she looks like she’s healthier and seems to be practicing what she preaches (even if it’s just by not posting about herself at all) >>1343111
IP addresses make that hard kek

No. 1343145


stop wk'ing this bint

No. 1343147

learn to fucking sage, newfag

No. 1343150

File: 1633625761865.png (3.3 MB, 828x1792, 82525EA0-911B-4158-9A49-CA88F3…)

sure, soph. not like you’ve having shots of vodka “down the tube”, and have stayed the same weight for years despite claiming to be “fasting” every damn week.

No. 1343162

she looks like jen from the goth thread. it must be weird for your natural born nose to look like a botched one

No. 1343164

File: 1633626970403.png (1.67 MB, 768x1024, im an emo kid nonconforming as…)

>this is a 23 year old
>apparently tells all her coworkers she's a "vampire"

Repost because I forgot to sage, my bad

No. 1343166

Wrong thread.
Doesn't look like a pro-ana cow to me.

No. 1343167

I remember she was caught photoshopping herself thinner and more skeletal she was tagged in some photos where she looked normal/stomach rolls but the ones she uploaded made her look sick thin grey ect
No doubt she did end up having a eating disorder which sucks. I would like to see what she looks like now and what she’s up to

No. 1343169

She's pretty cow material imo. She used to have her own thread in /w/ until it got locked for spam, now she's absolutely proana and advocates for followers even minors to stop eating and instead live off mortal life energy

No. 1343172

>She used to have her own thread in /w/ until it got locked

Maybe it was locked for a reason. Go back to /w/ then.

No. 1343183

Absolutely not. She is looking worse and worse. There is clearly no recovery happening. I dont know how anyone can be fooled by her.

No. 1343194


Ummmm because don’t forget it’s a MENTAL disorder so you can’t tell anything by physical appearance??

No. 1343196

If they don't eat, they look like shit, laserbrain.

No. 1343208

Oh go away, Zara. Recovery from anorexia needs to involve weight gain. No weight gain, no recovery.

No. 1343212

I've seen a few cows (most notably im_powering) claim just because you're not gaining doesn't mean you aren't making progress. They just want more asspats for 'eating 5 minutes earlier' or 'trying a new flavour of super scary Coke Zero'.

No. 1343217

File: 1633634075661.jpg (164.55 KB, 720x1098, 20211007_131240.jpg)

All the fanart Eugenia gets on instagram just fueling fire to her ED

No. 1343221

Jesus Christ learn to read sarcasm

No. 1343222

We're getting a lot of anons who seem new. Picking fights, not catching on to the thread's in-jokes, not knowing how to sage, etc. I was hoping they'd fuck off after summer was over.

No. 1343223

I mean, if you're new that's fine, but lurk moar and do some research in past threads.

No. 1343229

File: 1633636652012.jpeg (345.18 KB, 828x1072, 474EDA25-E266-4F88-B9C5-DEA6EA…)

Scarlett encouraging people to get a coach (aka her) despite bragging about the ‘results’ she has got training alone …. wait, that must be encouragement for people to get in touch with a professional. Also you normally cannot accurately track weight changes over a week given fluctuations from hormones/ water retention/ bloating. She should know this if she wants to be a personal trainer.

No. 1343256

File: 1633640721454.jpeg (163.7 KB, 991x995, r0Iq5Hi.jpeg)

this looks photoshopped.. her chin bone isn't that wide

No. 1343284

File: 1633642837847.jpeg (165.73 KB, 1242x578, D0152BBD-F9CC-4C8F-8D53-4BA104…)

Does anyone follow the insta account thecultofthin? He seems to be an ana fetishist who “coaches” girls on how to get skinny and is always embroiled in one drama or another. His main account recently got deleted but he’s back as “thislittlecultofmine”

No. 1343294

Samefag nm looks like the original account is back up

No. 1343327

sarcasm. jeez. u autistic???

No. 1343345

File: 1633647386658.jpeg (1011.64 KB, 750x1281, F0205734-8133-469F-B689-AA67AB…)

Kek cece deeef lurks here. Just a few days after she’s called out for her aggressive single use cup posts she coincidently “just got her cup back from her mom’s.” Meanwhile I scrolled allllll the way back on her feed and there is not a single post with her beloved reusable cup, yet there are countless more posts with disposable coffee cups. Truly believe she suffers from clinical pathological lying; like why would someone need to lie about that just say it was brought to your attention and you changed. Oh I forgot, she is incapable of taking feedback or admitting that she was wrong.

No. 1343373

File: 1633649651321.jpeg (186.95 KB, 828x1467, 5EB99EA9-FAC2-4860-8885-F5F941…)

highlight from 23 weeks ago, the cup isnt new

No. 1343383

Fine. But this reeks of selfpost

No. 1343387


Yep. Who'd bother going through her OOTD to look for a fucking reusable cup? Also doesn't know how the board works "anonymous".

She posted a story yesterday or the day before where she made a thing about how she isn't wearing all white. You'd think someone so superior with an amazing education and credentials would find something better to do that post on lolcow like the dregs of society do (us, apparently).

No. 1343396

Thats what she wants to hear

No. 1343398

File: 1633652870534.jpeg (232.4 KB, 828x1498, DBE90E5F-1BBC-4F6D-ACB5-A3A7B9…)

Did anyone see Imogen’s TikTok the other day? She deleted the video, but she posted a ‘subtle’ before and after. It was a photo of her before her ED (the one here) and some photos of her at her lowest with an NG in hospital (didn’t manage to snap them before she deleted but she’s posted the photos before on her Insta). Basically she was saying, “I’m just as sick in both of these photos and if someone paid attention to me when I was healthy I wouldn’t have had to lose weight”.This photo made me realise she’s definitely not at a healthy weight as she claims. Also she looks way older than 20.

No. 1343428

Well we always have Dorian’s increasingly unhinged recollections

No. 1343453

100% cow status imo

No. 1343550

I can imagine that in reality she must be livid that the legs are not as skinny as hers are irl

No. 1343587

The most annoying thing about her is how she preaches about recovery when she's nowhere near a healthy weight. Why would you ever give advice to others, when clearly, your own advice isn't helping you?

No. 1343588

File: 1633676810548.jpg (887.32 KB, 1080x1742, 20211008_090515.jpg)

Tell me he doesn't look exactly like the fucking Lorax guy here

No. 1343589

Fedora's should be illegal

No. 1343590

Bwahaha, that one hardly qualifies as a real movie.
More something like some "teenage soap opera musical project", by looking at the trailer.
That particular footage is from 2014, btw.

Just to make it clear: Domenik Jonas Luecke is no actor whatsoever. Never has been one. That makes his LARPing even more lolcowy.

No. 1343591

File: 1633677508583.png (655.99 KB, 438x626, anonplz.png)

>the lorax guy

No. 1343595

File: 1633678063146.png (11.37 KB, 741x217, Screenshot_2021-10-08 Summer o…)

Samefag here. Movie is from 2011, according to IMDB. So what we've got here is Nik in his late teenage years.

←- Take a look at the production value!

No. 1343599

Yea creepy pedoish guy that ‘coaches’ girls and requests body checks. Says he doesn’t encourage anyone to starve or use ‘severe’ punishments (whatever that means) also said he’s struggled with binging and body dysmorphia. Not exactly sure why your bringing him up is he even classified as a pro Ana scumbag?

No. 1343602

Isn't being a coach scumbaggy enough?

No. 1343605

For someone who constantly preaches about the dangers of before+afters that is abhorrent.

It's odd, in some videos/pictures she looks a healthy weight and then in others she doesn't. Is she recycling footage?

No. 1343606

File: 1633681778751.jpg (290.31 KB, 954x810, eurgh.jpg)

I'm guessing he got what he wanted, word of his account out there for any of the pro ana kiddos that come here.

No. 1343621

> guy that ‘coaches’ girls and requests body checks

Tbh, that sounds like a really great business idea for your home office. Give some BS feedback for a chicks' bodychecking, get $$$.

No. 1343624

This thread is to laugh at pro ana lolcows. There's nothing funny about a sexual predator so I would say it doesnt fit the theme of the thread.

No. 1343626

JFC, just get real.

If that guy was a "real predator™", why would he mention lolcow farms? Doesn't make any sense.

He trolled, we rolled. It's as easy as that.

No. 1343631

I am indeed autistic so apologies for the inability to read sarcasm, anon! But na, I'm not a newfag.

No. 1343632

You can never know with accounts like that. Better just stay away from them and warn kids about them. Some a real desperate and fall to their trap.

No. 1343634

Smart kids will know. Stupid kids will fall for another fraud, then.

No. 1343635

And they should be protected, no? There's lots of underage kids reading this board for sure so mentioning that this account might be a pedo is not a bad thing. No need to discuss their actions further though.

No. 1343639

That's in the responsibility of their respective parents, not that of an anonymous public group.

Are you young, naïve or both?

No. 1343641

NTA but if he's a scumbag and pro-ana, what's the problem?

No. 1343643

How many parents know about shit like that unless they've had an ed themselves? Kids with eds find anything and everything that is linked to eds online so they're most likely gonna get that info from the internet rather than their parents. Why is it such a big deal they might get it from here? Fuck the kids let them get traumatized to not "shit up" the thread a little?

No. 1343644

The earlier they learn that almost all of Social Media is a stinking cesspit, the better.
Let them fail. Help them stand up.

No. 1343645

Yeah, and they'll learn faster watching pathetic groomers get ripped apart

No. 1343646

Kids often do the opposite of what they're told. Get told or warned about something and do it anyways or double down harder. So promoting pro ana coaching/someone who will give them attention/help them lose weight, I can imagine some being lured to it out of curiosity. I remember seeing a post on one of the boards saying someone was going to get a coach, despite also it saying how dangerous they are, and others got curious and tried to seek out coaches. It's a shit situation. And people don't seem to learn until they end up in a very abusive situation/end up with long term trauma.

No. 1343656

You think kids are so dumb that they go do it when they've been told the person is most likely a pedophile who can't offer any better advice than pro ana bitches on twitter. Just don't eat and you'll lose weight. There. No need to go to a coach now.

No. 1343659

File: 1633694616854.jpg (15.41 KB, 254x261, 0o.JPG)

Wouldn't be surprised if it's that perv who was banned from mpa. The fasting guy. Got to find his young girls some place else now.

No. 1343660

No. 1343678

This guy has a YouTube channel now. As far as I know, nobody has confronted him about the fact he was hanging around teen girls telling them that they need to be skinny and trying to be a role model by going on weeks long water fasts. There are screenshots of his literally insane posts floating around

No. 1343685

Well if anything at least he practices what he preaches..

No. 1343725

You can report the shit out of his channel, then. If you like.
So far he's not done anything that resembles a felony? So why not just keep an eye on him and stfu?

No. 1343728

So many pissy anons here lately. Have you remembered to eat your slop and sprinkle choc oats lately?

No. 1343729

File: 1633708496800.jpg (102.25 KB, 750x1334, 403267255574816679_n.jpg)

Ganer found a new idol! Seems to be a nice blend of photoshopper, transvestite from Transsylvania and steroids.
She might even end up as being her new slop wallpaper?

No. 1343732

File: 1633708738822.jpg (225.1 KB, 1080x1350, 5938339614261551235_n.jpg)

Aforementioned lady „roxyqueflexx“ showing off the worms that are crawling under her skin.

Go, Ganer, go!

No. 1343734

Jesus fuck. How disgusting. Female bodies are not meant to look like this at all. Would bet £100 she doesn't have her period.

No. 1343735

Who wants to look like this?? That looks so gnarly

No. 1343743

I'd bet my life. How is getting to such a low bf% still normalized in some fitness communities? I'll never understand.

No. 1343747

A different kind of Pro-Ana, like in "Pro-bodybuiling anabolic junkies"?
But it's still the same Oh NoEs ImMa So FaAaAt.

No. 1343756


Everything looking pretty dehydrated.

Except her b00bs?


No. 1343762

whatever is happening to the lower half of her body is making me heave. extreme body building like this is just another eating disorder.

No. 1343772

Wait a bloody fucking minute, I recognize that awful top! Isn't that the chick that leads gyaru of the day/ann/kirinofag/RinaP? The chick that commissioned horse porn of herself and slept with a schizo from /ghost/?

A few months ago she made a thinly veiled blog post on 4chan's idolm@ster general asking why no one misses her shitposting, I responded jokingly "go running, lose some weight", seeing that she became anachan now makes me feel bad.

No. 1343776

> I recognize that awful top!


No. 1343784

Think I've found their thread (locked though) on /w/, >>60883 not sure if it'll link correctly across sub-boards. But by sounds on there, she might have had an ED for a bit now, they mentioned 2 years ago about an ed/bulimia.

No. 1343785

That's her. She's an absolute nutjob and I knew her years ago, but I won't derail now unless she posts pro-ana shit.

No. 1343791


What’s the youtube account?

No. 1343802

> their thread

stop that tranny gender shit, will you

No. 1343809

You're the same fetish creep again.

No. 1343818

No idea who you mean. I don't visit the pro-ana threads usually, I was just skimming because my cows have no milk right now and got shocked when I recognized somebody I know.

No. 1343853

Not playing the pronoun game, they/their is a common word for another person in the English language. No need to be so sensitive anon.

No. 1343857

> they/their is a common word for another person in the English language

It is not if the gender of that person is known.

No. 1343917

File: 1633724345099.png (877.25 KB, 750x985, totally real vampire guise.png)

>won't derail now unless she posts pro-ana shit.
Maybe I'm wrong but she posts a lot encouraging people to feed into delusions and join her in the idea of starving but feeding on "prana." And writes thinspo threads about it too.

No. 1343945

File: 1633726137305.jpg (669.03 KB, 1080x1563, Screenshot_2021-10-08-21-12-59…)

I went to check that twitter and saw this Korean bullshit diet and people encouraging "emo thinspo", so you're probably right.

No. 1343953


Why are you sperging about that woman all the time?
It's you, over and over again.

No. 1343954

There's at least two different people nona, the cow in question is also notorious for browsing lolcow and sending her whiteknights here to spam. She's just another pro-anachan posting body checks and encouraging unhealthy dieting, but this time with a side dish of emo weeb.

No. 1343960

It could always be the same real person, posting twice.
No one without admin/mod privileges is able to see that.(retarded tinfoil)

No. 1343961

Makes you wonder, why those post were so close, huh.

No. 1343977

File: 1633730660839.jpeg (240.49 KB, 750x1052, 25E05F90-54ED-46C2-90F4-78E742…)


No. 1343978

File: 1633730695277.jpeg (208.59 KB, 750x1067, 7136A011-1B5A-4145-9C50-F3A934…)

> being allergic to alcohol has made me happier
> I enjoy drinking and like gin
> what do I do now I can’t drink
[loses train of thought]
> you can’t do sport and drink except when you do sport and drink
> p.s. don’t actually think I’m happier, I still need something to ‘recover’ from otherwise I lose my purpose

No. 1344018

first ever case of someone being slightly underweight and losing all brain mass

No. 1344022

File: 1633735022736.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1546, D3EBBBA0-FB46-41AA-8040-A64667…)

While Ganer’s face is unfortunate, if she got surgery like her new idol, she’d look like a complete alien. I’m hoping she doesn’t end up going the surgery route when she realizes that she’s in a perpetual state of stasis and never be show ready.

No. 1344033

She always had an ed but also photoshopped herself thinner. Just as she self harmed heavily but photoshopped the cuts to look worse. I miss her, I remember her for overusing certain words, and I started doing it ironically during the freelice period but it stuck kek

No. 1344114

File: 1633743995757.jpg (532.21 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20211008-203644_Ins…)

Has this girl ever been mentioned before?
Shes a vegan from ireland whos page looks like it might have been mainly for raising awareness of animal cruelty and for vegan lifestyle blogging but eventually turned into a body check and anorexia account. (I guess body checking in sexy clothing gets more likes than animal cruelty)

No. 1344116

File: 1633744161118.jpg (1018.05 KB, 1080x1704, 20211008_203245.jpg)

She also had a seizure recently apparently and gave advice on how to recover. Of course using it as an opportunity to body check though… even having a seizure cant stop brain dead anas from it.

No. 1344118

File: 1633744204913.jpg (715.39 KB, 1080x1720, 20211008_203229.jpg)

Rest of her caption

No. 1344122

File: 1633744338287.jpg (206.16 KB, 1080x721, 20211008_205210.jpg)

Tags on her post tho

No. 1344254

Nice dirty socks

No. 1344262

She's happier because now she can restrict again but this time no one can tell her not to

No. 1344263

Her upper body no longer matches her lower body. She shouldn't skip the next arm day. I also look forward to seeing her on stage, will she pull that ugly smug face or will she finally smile?

No. 1344269

File: 1633761458354.jpeg (96.23 KB, 640x1138, pic2.imginn.com.jpeg)

While one might suggest photoshopping, her bulbous ass is probably very real.
She does a ridiculous overtraining on her leg muscles and shoulders only. That's where her gorilla/pitbull look comes from.

The particular motivation (yuck!) is from Ganer's insta stories this week. That's where she wants to get, and she calls it "progress".

Hello body dysmorphic disorder, my old friend.

No. 1344274

A little bit of fat is the end of the world but THIS is DESIREABLE?

No. 1344297

File: 1633770055066.jpg (221.76 KB, 626x804, fried_chikin.jpg)

Ganer's new idol, along with her hubby.
Nice looking couple, arent't they. But I doubt it's all just oats & squats.

No. 1344304

Their sex life cannot be enjoyable.

No. 1344306

Pure mental illness. But lucky for Ganer, it's an acceptable one. But she even fails at bodybuilding properly.

No. 1344307


Exactly. When you put all that hormone stuff into your muscles, the things that should be soft, are hard.

And vice versa, of course.

No. 1344311

File: 1633775367899.png (762.01 KB, 489x901, hypocrite.PNG)

Scarlet telling her followers off for daring to ask what her off season plans are. She's complaining about being in a 'sport' where the entire focus is your physique and how you look, then being asked questions about how she looks. What a dumb bitch. You don't like being valued for your body? Don't try and be a fucking bodybuilder! And she didn't even work hard or do a traditional prep, so she has no right to whine on about that. She just doesn't like the scrutiny on her being too lean and gets on the defensive because of course she won't be doing the real hard work of gaining weight in order to put on muscle.

No. 1344313

They're perfect for each other.

No. 1344314

The tans are really subtle! I can barely see them.

No. 1344315

Kek, the glamorous life of having 2 ounces of body fat.(sage your shit)

No. 1344317

Pls type sage in the email field

She also said in her story yesterday (I think) that friends have left her because they see her bodybuilding as too much and they can’t keep up with her dedication…. Yeah totally does not sound like anorexia at all.

No. 1344318

sounds like Anna with her entitlement to friendship. so self-righteous.

No. 1344319

>”a lot of people struggle with binging, luckily I don’t, I have a lot of control over food”
So recovered

No. 1344324

> ”I have a lot of control over food”

that, from a vegan

No. 1344338

Ham is currently out for lunch (with Hammum I’m assuming) and has already uploaded a pic of the menu to her stories, and 5 minutes later shared someone’s preachy post to her stories.
I’m starting to wonder if her and her mum even talk when they go out for coffee/cake/burgers or if she just sits on insta and then takes a five minute break to make her mum film her eating.

No. 1344357


No. 1344358

My not-quite-tinfoil about Anna’s munch. I looked through her main account follower list and none of her family or friends (tagged in her personal account photos) follow her. I think she has probably blocked them so they don’t call her out for lying about her fake MCAS. It would also explain why she is never tagged in other people’s photos. I think she is also reusing ‘old’ food pics (eg the cake from a few days ago) so she doesn’t lose track of what she is claiming to tolerate.

No. 1344361

File: 1633783086391.png (382.99 KB, 483x372, You Must Be New Here.png)

> I think she is also reusing ‘old’ food pics

No. 1344371

File: 1633784022645.jpeg (422.82 KB, 828x1401, D7E92EDA-FF36-4124-B24B-F60194…)

No. 1344377

File: 1633785505599.png (3.45 MB, 828x1792, E7626A16-689D-4DB6-A407-E55367…)

update on anorexiadiaryyy- was weight restored in inpatient, discharged for all of 10 days and now readmitted. claims to have lost 7 kilos in 10 days.

No. 1344384

ot but I live not far from the area she is at kek

No. 1344386

Weird how some UK menus don't state calories.

No. 1344387

I’m ukanon and don’t think or recall seeing calories listed on a menu?

No. 1344388

File: 1633787769111.png (1.07 MB, 720x1098, Screenshot_20211009-145235~2.p…)

That's obviously what she does. No mention of her awful disease on her personal account (even though it's a very difficult time), and no mention of allergies on shots like this.

No. 1344389

Seriously?? All UK menus are like that?

No. 1344390

>sausage butty


No. 1344391

Mostly, think Wetherspoons chains have them. You just have to go online normally to check the nutrition info at the moment

No. 1344393

it could happen, given she abuses laxatives so could easily lose a lot of water weight.

No. 1344397

It's only required if the chain employs 250+ people, otherwise they don't have to even bother. And it's a relatively new rule (think this spring?) due to come into effect next year '22. So it'd probably be the rarity rather than the rule in terms of implementation right now. And people have been arguing against it because uwu feels.

No. 1344399

Cringing at the people who petitioned against it.

No. 1344405

Oh yes, Molly's crusade.

No. 1344407


Right, using mainly the arguments that
a) most diets don’t work - so do fat people stay permanently fat? A lot of people do manage to lose weight and keep it off.
b) it will cause a rise in eating disorders.

Of course food, weight, body image etc are huge in eating disorders. But on ed Instagram it’s all people ever talk about. Why not campaign for mental health support at schools? Nutrition lessons so girls don’t grow up thinking restriction/skipping meals is the best way to lose weight? Better ways at spotting mental health problems or problems at home so people don’t develop EDs in the first place?
Instead, in the middle of covid, everyone got completely triggered and distracted by having calories on menus. We have an obesity crisis and everyone gets so angry every time the government try to tackle it because ~*~ that’s not body positivity ~*~

No. 1344411

i think calories on menus is a US thing. i'm european and i've never seen it here, only ever saw it when in america.

No. 1344425

Ro complained about it as well, unfortunately.

No. 1344426

They're going ahead with it, but it will take a while to roll out. Personally, I neither support nor oppose it - it won't tackle obesity (look at the US where the calories are listed everywhere). Part of recovery is accepting restaurant meals are high calorie and being able to pick the dish you actually want. If you don't support it, you can just get someone to tell you the options or opt for independent restaurants.

No. 1344427

Fellow west midlands fag unite.

No. 1344449


I’ve always thought a good compromise would be to have optional menus with the calories on. This might be a bit too much like common sense.

No. 1344458

Yeah, calories on menus is a USA thing.
So eat less and move more, fatasses.

No. 1344527

File: 1633808199410.png (1.34 MB, 1191x1089, ganerslop_09oct.png)

Ganer getting hip by turning her bowl 90 degrees anticlockwise this time.
What a revolution!

No. 1344533

File: 1633808771125.jpeg (223.23 KB, 750x1334, F4D8A1B7-7EAF-410E-9276-B8F8F0…)

Been a while since she was mentioned but had to share this horrendous picture

No. 1344535

Why must the chocolate be in a measuring cup specifically is what's bugging me. Why not on a small plate? Why not on a napkin? A measuring cup seems like an odd choice. Is she measuring the pieces every time? In that case the cup makes no sense since they're not liquid. Weird girl.

No. 1344537

Literally looks like a giraffe and an ant eater had a baby

No. 1344559

I guess these moronic rituals will eat up a lot of her time and energy, apart from her muscle pumping, of course.

No. 1344579


wow of all the words that could have been used. i'm not ~anti-veganism at all and enjoy a lot of vegan food but some people really do use it to excuse their eds.

No. 1344583

It’s really odd considering she clearly breaks it off a larger bar, so it’s not like she needs the cup measurement to weigh it or anything. It would be the same portion every time. Side note but i’ve never seen somebody snap chocolate as cleanly as she does, wouldn’t surprise me if she’s scoring it with a knife. She’s just obsessive like that, no ED here, totally recovered.

No. 1344620

File: 1633824518851.png (4.95 MB, 750x1334, A31F88C6-6C95-477A-9B50-A03132…)

N2f about to sweep the dried barf off the bathroom floor with these lashes

No. 1344629

Looking like an extra for the Muppet Show.

No. 1344680

It'd be fine without the weird furry eyelashes

No. 1344701

She looks like a tranny with this awful makeup and those lashes are a disaster. She has to lack some self awareness.

No. 1344702

File: 1633839152635.jpg (437.01 KB, 1080x2165, 20211010_141125.jpg)

Another Aussie absolutely obsessed with the tube… Uses old tube photo's with current updates. Overweight by the looks of her in current photo's (when she does actually post them)

No. 1344705

File: 1633839415734.jpg (610.25 KB, 1080x2156, 20211010_141413.jpg)

Part 2 of tayhealss… Literally everything she posts is hospital hodpital hospital, she's obsessed its fucked up

No. 1344707

File: 1633839711813.jpg (270.79 KB, 1080x1729, 20211010_142134.jpg)

tayhealss part 1/2 she actually used to be somewhat skinny but now she's actually looking overweight. Hard to find any body photo's of her now, but even in photo's of her face you can tell she's gotten chubby. This is the "thin" her

No. 1344708

File: 1633839791892.jpg (355.89 KB, 1080x2095, 20211010_142143.jpg)

tayhealss part 2/2 and this is her now aka chubby face only pic i could find as she doesn't post current photos of herself really. Only old hospital/NG ones

No. 1344714

File: 1633841178090.jpg (358.99 KB, 1080x2174, PicsArt_10-10-02.45.19.jpg)

MAJOR KEK. A convo that was had with tayhealss. Note the "im not 80kg im in the high 60s" hon you basically just outed yourself and shared with hundreds of people online that you're overweight, top job

No. 1344717

File: 1633841664281.jpg (83.77 KB, 370x704, 20211010_145343.jpg)

Josie claiming her bmi was in the 15s here… yeah right love, nobody falling for that bullshit. Bmi looks more in the 20s

No. 1344719

This person seriously annoys me… So much attention seeking, I really feel sorry for her family. Not to mention what a waste of resources…

No. 1344721

"all over lolcow" when she was JUST introduced to the thread.. self post much?

No. 1344722

Yeah I reckon self post too… Seems very sus. The profile is private so it would be interesting to see if anyone else posts about it… Josie vents profile is private too, so I have a feeling it might actually be her, trying to make drama… Could be wrong, but it seems like something that crazy bitch would do.

No. 1344740

No1curr vendetta chan, or Tay.Might want to brush up on lolcow rules.

No. 1344742

Too much selfposting going on here.

No. 1344753

holy shit she has ballooned up. she always goes on about her sooper severe need for a toob
Josie reminds me of HappiHealingJac and Ash (formerly CoffeeCatsRecovery). BP attention seekers who starve themselves from time to time to get a hospitalisation. Revolving door malingerers give the rest of ED patients the stigma

Ash is now claiming to have DID from alleged religious abuse and has got herself a PEG tube! Shes gone the munchie route. Her tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ashcatlady

No. 1344759

Probably not a smart idea to post your messages with them they’ll know exactly who it is? Also how tall is she? 60kgs isn’t overweight for most people?

No. 1344765

How can you thank someone by showing this ugly ghastly picture to them

Thank them while assaulting their eyes?

No. 1344769

It's either a bonerattler vendetta chan, or tay herself self-flagellating. Either way, they're not too bright and no one should be touching the poo, so to speak.

Would have said good on her for gaining the weight, seems she's come a long way from where she was by sounds, but still hogging hospital resources..? ehhh so close.

No. 1344773


"mUh rEcOvErY jOuRnEy"

pumping iron

sperging out about food

sperging out about pumping iron

No. 1344776

I feel like perhaps she uses the measuring cup when she makes her oats, and therefore uses the cup as a plate for the chocolate, rather than dirtying another dish?? That's the only thing that makes sense to me

No. 1344780

File: 1633856279598.png (876.57 KB, 1073x766, barf dusters.png)

I wasn't going to comment on her when she was posted, but she's not so extreme a vegan because she's wearing clothes with wool fibres in some of her pics. Also has 2 dogs, and ~extreme vegans~ don't believe people should keep pets/companion animals.

N2F - bang on trend.

No. 1344785

Sorry for off topic - but extreme vegans can have dogs, in fact many do, think of those who run rescue shelters etc…

Also, I forgot about those Muppet lashes til now, that's so funny and SO accurate hahah

No. 1344786

No need to bone rattle, from what you can see she does like on the slimmer side but you can barely get an idea of her bmi from this

No. 1344787

Yeeeeh, I think at one stage she said she gained 35kg. She must be overweight now, certainly looks it

No. 1344788

Ohh yeah she is kinda like jac, especially with the horse teeth hehe. I reckon she's going the munchie route too, she keeps posting about going to a collorectal surgeon without saying why - but she obviously just fucked herself up with laxatives. Its kind of sad because she seems like she'd be a really nice person if it wasn't for all the stupid dooper speshul attention seeking. What a shame.

No. 1344789

My mistake. All I remember is PETA banging on about not ~owning~ animals. I hope she feeds them meat though.

No. 1344790

She is extremely short, and high 60s suggests like 68kg. I think she's only about 150 or 148cm so her BMI now would be about 30ish

No. 1344791

> I hope she feeds them meat though.

Extreme vegans won't.

No. 1344792

Hey it's okay, there's so much misinformation out there and I totally get why you'd have said that! Anyway I'm going to shut up before a long tangent, I just fucking adore dogs haha

No. 1344794

I think whoever said that wasn't meaning to bone rattle, but just looking at her face and arms there's no way her bmi is in the 15s in that photo, maybe she meant it was around that time, but not in that photo. Aside from that though, imagine how delusional you'd have to be to say that a high 15 bmi is huge… She's bone rattling herself, and her followers.

No. 1344796

Well out of all the photo's shes posted from her period of being "bmi 15" none of them even look underweight let alone bmi 15. Regardless, she looks double the weight now, particularly in her face its very puffy

No. 1344797

I agree, there was like one picture that could be considered underweight, not near 15, but I'll try to find it.

No. 1344801

Can anons please stop with the bone rattling?

No. 1344802

Hello I am the anon that posted that, didn't mean to bone rattle sorry. I just find strange on the photo the first anon posted that her caption is going on and on about the bmi, when she actually looks thinner in this other picture which is from a different time. Anyway, it is hard to tell from photos. Regardless of that, she shouldn't be mentioning bmi at all if she actually gave a crap about Ed awareness like she says, it's not good for the youngins what with its competitive nature.

No. 1344804

rattle rattle

No. 1344805

Yeah, that’s a low bmi. Not saying she isn’t an attention seeking cow and piled on since, but that’s clearly underweight

No. 1344806


I deleted it, really don't want to rattle sorry.

Also agreed it was low, but yeah, too much attention seeking and shit. Anyway sorry again for rattling, I didn't mean to.

No. 1344807

The slop is oats?

No. 1344817

It’s like cream of rice or some other protein powder remove-the-joy-from-eating slop. Probably what anon meant.

No. 1344819

Saged but for those wanting to know why so many ausfags get tubed at any weight. Hospitals here will literally tube you if you don’t finish every single thing on your plate if you’re admitted for an ED and medically unstable. It’s really easy to get tuned here hence why everyone gets it.

No. 1344820

Nourish's style reminds me of my late schizophrenic aunt with the same lack of self-awareness.

No. 1344823

File: 1633865029096.png (Spoiler Image, 94.16 KB, 227x308, Screenshot_20211010-122021~2.p…)

Speaking of sloppy oats, Ham's breakfast looks really anaemic and generally unwell.

No. 1344825

I hope she labelled all these items, otherwise we’ll never know

No. 1344827

File: 1633866102644.jpeg (215.69 KB, 828x1104, 9C352EE4-8808-45E9-9683-9B57E6…)

Anna has shared an ‘even better’ list of 10 things she has learnt in recovery. The arrogance coming from someone who has never had an original thought.

No. 1344830

Yeah, at the I know better than the professionals stage ever ana goes through. Not insight, Anna. It just shows you never grew past that stage during your ~severe~ few months of illness.

No. 1344833

some highlights:
> 'everyone gets hungry days …. you will not gain weight'
but for people going through extreme hunger or with a fucked up metabolism, eating to satiation can make you gain - and if the alternative is being constantly hungry, then the extra pounds are probably a good thin (OFC there are other issues that can make people constantly hungry but in the context of AN recovery this was a pretty irresponsible thing to post)
> 'being skinny …looks pretty nasty.'
WHY does she talk like she was skeletal? Way to body shame - what about the people who are naturally on the slimmer side - are they ugly?

No. 1344835

how is knowing when youre ready for intuitive eating or changing snacks trivial? Not even in line with recovery, if ana chans had their way and were allowed to dictate when theyre "ready" for things they would never challenge anything

No. 1344838

let’s hope anna doesn’t end up in anything in oncology. “Those skinny fucks going through chemo … look pretty nasty”

No. 1344840

She is considering going into palliative care ….. I did some reading and 80% of patients with advanced cancer have cachexia. She'll probably tell them to eat a cookie.

No. 1344842

'I used to be like that but really i can eat a cookie and stuff you wont get fat i eat cookies and still fit kids clothes'

No. 1344843

File: 1633870358197.jpeg (106.55 KB, 828x520, 661FBAD5-A2C8-4782-98ED-E79F06…)

No. 1344844

Bullshit. And she hasn’t been to many adult edu wards at all to even know. Some places have adults with bmi 16/17 depending on their health and demand. Ergh she is such a moron

No. 1344845

Just trying to hint she was below that on admission. This will put people off seeking help because they think they are too large for services.