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File: 1600330611071.jpg (351.79 KB, 1200x720, 1600327784387.jpg)

No. 1040262

Welcome to the 42nd pro ana scumbag thread, where we are currently in the midst of searching through Porgie's beautiful old milk and trying to decipher any kind of truth or timeline- Could a kind detective farmer help us out with this?

Last thread our farmers heard tales of Georgia's time in inpatient (highlights include her 'roommate' squelch and her weetabixy ugg boots), her enviously bony (and perfect!) hour glass figure and most importantly, her LW of 70lbs; triggered by a traumatic incident that happened when she was 7. We've searched her tumblr, reddit and MPA for hours and can confirm she's been severely anorexic since- wait… was it bulimic?.. b/p subtype? uh, well there was definitely no binging or eating over 1000 calories! well, apart from on those 7k calorie binges.. but she rarely ever needed o eat, she actually hates eating and hardly does it! uh.. with the exception of the times she b/p 14 times a day. but APART from that- anyway, she isn't checking in on the lolcow bullies anymore so she DEFINITELY won't see this and she'd NEVER post about anyone else on here. Ever.

N2f's family holiday has brought some interesting developments (OOTD and hair aside), she's removing the fridge freezer from her bedroom and admitting it wasn't normal.. is this realisation a step in the right direction or is she trying to appease her family after whatever went down on that vacation? Can our farmers expect more sticky syrupy bedsheet pics and gag worthy concoctions or are will there be actual edible meals in store? She's just bought 1kg of sweets so there's still plenty to purge!

Weight restored recovery warrior Elzani has been picking on her fat sister, not really sure where that will lead but there was apparently no malicious intent behind it and they both found it super funny!!!! We just won't talk about how Satara stormed out of the room afterwards..

Gainer is still preparing for her show, still poses like a bony gorilla. Dharma is still eating baby porridge mush mixed with protein powder and calling it a recovery win. Unsurprisingly, neither have managed to gain any weight but don't be a hater and point that out, guys! Recovery takes time! Years and years and years to be exact.

Molly celebrated her 20th birthday in style! super scary cake and super scary snacks.. probably along with a super scary meal! Luckily she had her hilarious brother and BFF mum to help her along the way. We're still unsure of her ED timeline (anorexia and oxford in less than a year, phew! exhausting!) she remains quite a mystery, hopefully she posts another youtube video we can dissect soon but knowing her it'll be an hour of scary bagel trying and weird sibling content.

Laura is fucking around in a forest somewhere in a sia's chandelier style leotard, we marvelled over lucie_shedding_layers's salivary glands for a bit ('recovering' from anorexia into bulimia does NOTHING for your jawline.), sophiewrestling continues her shooping and has decided to stop bothering with trying to make it believable and han elizabeth scratched up her face until she resembled a plate of jam and obviously didnt clean it up before she took a picture because how would she get that sweet instagram attention if she wasn't covered in blood!?




No. 1040267

Oh I love giving good news, here it is: her saga came to a happy end - she recovered completely! This is why she's not a topic here anymore.

No. 1040268

Well, depends which aly she means. The real sick aly recovered, the fake sick aly is still sucking her stomach in and asking followers what she should b/p on

No. 1040269

>A bony gorilla

That provoked a genuine lol.

Dried weetabix could be a good foot exfoliator. Might test this out.

Italian Aly is still talking about her struggle to stay a healthy weight and had a heart attack (or cardiac arrest) not long ago. Recovered, but still unbearable and hasn't moved on personality-wise.

No. 1040286


Adding Georgia's RECOVERY TUMBLR: https://anas-girl-recovering.tumblr.com/

No. 1040287

File: 1600339625870.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1572, 192C981B-8765-4542-8094-2668E2…)

Okay, if Dharma actually does go to & follows through with treatment I will be completely impressed. This seems like her admitting that recovering through fitness didn’t really work and that it just kept her from backsliding. Curious to see how this plays.

No. 1040289

Porgie’s “ana” blog, kek

No. 1040290

It's not encouraging to hear her say that she's trying it THEIR way. Idk, I hope it works for her. I kind of get the thing about rapid weight gain being a put off. Italian Aly gained on the caveat that she could do it slower than usually expected. Whatever, both pics are horrible. The sight of zero body fat in both is really ugly (as in unhealthy and sad). At least she's put it out there that's she's going to try and admitted her mistakes. Good luck to her. Yeah, she's not a favourite cow of mine but interested to see what happens. Goes without saying I hope treatment works for her.

No. 1040291

(To add, I hope one day Ganer feels the same way but reaaaally doubt that's going to happen before her body gives up).

No. 1040292

File: 1600340426960.jpeg (268.97 KB, 960x1280, 8C9A30F8-01E0-48E4-8DA4-F42559…)

from georgia’s tumblr

No. 1040294

Gag me with a rusty spoon. This drivel is peak ana larping.

No. 1040295

File: 1600340979991.jpg (150.52 KB, 718x524, 20200917_071014.jpg)

No. 1040296

I think she’s got a really ugly personality (has called most of the nurses working in the Edp unit she was on fat, defensively told people in her comment section that recovering without fitness was lazy, etc etc) and pretends to be a lot sweeter than she is. It’ll be interesting to see if weight gain changes any of that or if she really is just that miserable.

No. 1040299

Kek. This is a like a walmart version of Oh Ana by Mother Mother

No. 1040300

Ganer is never going to return to being spoopy enough to die from her anorexia. I suspect she’s just going to remain stuck at around the same size doing to same miserable routine and convincing herself she’s “making gainzzz” until she slowly fizzles to an early death around 50-60.

No. 1040301


Italian Aly did recover(?), but relapsed and now recovers again.
I don't think she did recover tho because at first she just spend time at mcdonalds and ate herself to healthy weight, then seeing that nobody cares about her anymore so she relapsed fairly thin again and eating just healthy food. Then she was at hospital for a heart problems. Now she seems to be gaining little bit of weight back(whitch is good) and back to occasionals mcdonalds.

No. 1040302

File: 1600342214513.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, BC4A0D3B-0BE5-4FBF-B77A-E327DA…)

No. 1040303

agreed she's criticized others for not doing recovery properly when all her meals are high volume/protein with minimal calories. And has the audacity to tag/promote them as recovery wins. I suspect she's being pushed into treatment by family and if it doesn't work out she'll come out complaining about how the unhealthy food and rate of weight gain triggered a relapse and she was doing so well on her own

No. 1040305

yep basically she's transitioned to being a fuctional anorexic. Although unlike Dharma I think she legit believes she's living the recovered life whereas Dharma is pretty much using every excuse under the sun to not have to make any real changes

No. 1040306

File: 1600342605642.jpg (169.5 KB, 1206x853, aly.JPG)

Same poses. Same neediness. Same whitening of teeth and eyeballs. She always keeps herself bang on "healthy weight" and never a pound over. I don't think she's ever let it go. There's an Aly thread, but it's rarely used. Last time I saw it was when she had the heart drama.

She looks so much like Frida Kahlo, it's uncanny. Wonder what the sticker under her put's all about.

No. 1040308

"ana's girl" kek. notice how, despite supposedly suffering from bulimia, ednos AND anorexia - often simultaneously which isn't even possible, and despite ednos not even being an existing dx in 2017! - porgie focuses only on "being ana" - she knows that's the dx that is respected by pro ana's, as opposed to binging which is perceived as out of control etc. if anything, porgie has struggled with binging and purging, she's just whacked an anorexia b/p dx on herself because she obvs perceives it as a dx to be proud of, and so she can post on "ana" forums, write poems about "ana" and label all her blogs as "ana" related because she thinks people will think she's better than if she had a dx of bulimia. she just makes a joke of anyone truly battling an eating disorder. she's disgusting.

No. 1040309

I must admit I have a soft spot for N2F unlike basically all the other cows on this thread. But look at the wall behind her-covered in grimy marks from god knows what.

No. 1040310

File: 1600342980576.png (43.3 KB, 538x312, Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 9.11.…)

Not sure if this was posted last thread but it's from her 'serious journalist' blog.

No. 1040311

Sorry should have specified it's our Porgie

No. 1040312

I love her. Ultimate favourite. Grateful you posted because I thought the smears were on my laptop screen and was going to find my spray cleaner. That wall really is filthy. Not just the marks from god knows what, but the whole wall is dirty. So depressing.

Note the teabags stuck in the gingerbread house thing on the shelf. What's the white bread bin type thing on the wall? She needs to make her room less gloomy. And gain some weight.

No. 1040317

Nice ass though. Suspiciously lifted. Wouldn’t put it past her to have gotten work done.

No. 1040318

totally photo shopped dat ass. kek.

No. 1040320

File: 1600344401179.png (1.42 MB, 1027x737, alys ass.png)


She's too poor for cosmetic surgery and her shooping skills were never great. She always had a flat ass, now it's a bit less flat. I think it's a natural.

No. 1040321

File: 1600344575277.jpg (395.43 KB, 1080x2017, Screenshot_20200917_130740.jpg)

kek. you literally couldn't make this shit up.
"they want the best story, the most readable and exciting one….some journalists turn to stretching the truth - and even flat-out lying - to get that story" - gotta love porgie writing an entire essay about her own dishonest behaviour in creating an "exciting" story!

No. 1040331

I’m not sure which emotion i’m feeling when looking at this but it’s between concern and mirth. Fritzel’s basement probably looked cleaner…

No. 1040340

File: 1600348174050.png (593.45 KB, 481x553, fritz.png)

> Fritzel’s basement probably looked cleaner…


No. 1040344

File: 1600349433860.jpg (38.57 KB, 596x449, 7HwLWnU.jpg)

georgia can't even keep her lies straight for a few days (peep the dates)

No. 1040345

File: 1600349542512.jpg (345.88 KB, 568x611, a41EOop.jpg)


No. 1040348

This was 6 years ago, literally who cares about such uninteresting posts from six whole years ago.

No. 1040349

Attention Georgia farmers. Does anyone have the early photos from her facebook saved ? I think she may have removed her fb as i can't seem to find it anymore. (alternatively: Does anyone have the link to the thread where they appear?). I'm working hard on comprehensive timeline here. I'm looking for anything between the 2013-2014 period. Help me with this and i'll soon deliver my master piece.

No. 1040358

Shut up Porgie

No. 1040363

Just checked. Her FB is still there for me so not deleted. No time to trawl through that much shit since I'm at work RN but yeah it's not deleted

No. 1040364

hi porgie! ngl, continued proof of your pathological lying is hardly boring.(hi cow)

No. 1040369

There's fuck all to see on her fb. She made it all friends only after we starting talking about her.

The only "old" pics of here were these >>1039406

The ~recovery~ tumblr has more

No. 1040371

Can you link it?

No. 1040393

File: 1600358362146.jpg (99.53 KB, 719x515, IMG_20200917_165956.jpg)

So her ed started when she was 11?

No. 1040397

Anon appears to be away atm, but this is the link:

I know the Tracey Beaker books have stories about bipolar mums and shit, but what 10 year old would happen to read a book about a girl with an ED?

No. 1040402

I just looked at Shanaya's gf's yt channel. I wanted to knock her because of the connection, but her voice is pretty good.

No. 1040403

Coincidentally the woman who wrote the Tracy beaker books also wrote a book about EDs called Girls Under Pressure. It's not very good.

No. 1040407

I think my bfs niece went to a signing/talk by the author when she was little. I remember watching the bipolar book adapted for tv and thinking, she's reading about things like this and she's 7 years old?? Perhaps that's what Georgia read.(blog)

No. 1040413

kek. yeah, it was definitely Jacqueline Wilson's girls under pressure. she obviously found great inspiration in the storyline, and it fuled her eating disorder roleplay. it wouldn't surprise me if her own story bears resemblances with the book's plot, as she's not exactly the most creative.

No. 1040416

That's the name. I'll go to z books and download it if it's there. See what matches with Georgie's story.

No. 1040419

I read it about 6 years ago? Similarities I guess: main character is fat, constantly compares herself to the anorexic character who she visits in an ed unit where she like, roasts the patients for having stick arms and looking weird when they dance. Lol.

Main character has no mum? Does georgia?

Main character purges a lot but says she has anorexia (or at least the people around her tell her she does.), She only drinks black coffee and then on Christmas she eats a bunch and purges.

Apart from that I can't think of any similarities but it's been ages since I read it. J wilson got lots of criticism for it though. She randomly goes into a lot of description of purging which people see issue with and it also just doesn't read like she knew what she was on about when she wrote it. A very shitty book so I wouldn't buy it if I were you, anon.

No. 1040422

Yeah, Georgia has a mum. She's married to a woman.

Georgia drinks weak milky tea lol.

Z books is free (pirate) downloads. I download loads from there. You should check it out if you read pdfs of have an e reader. Saves one from forking out for books that turn out shitty.

No. 1040423

Oh! Reminds me, I'll scan read all the eating disorder memoirs there and look for Weetabix down Ugg type things.

No. 1040426

Has her malnutrition caused brain damage? Her writing style seems … off

No. 1040430

she looks so happy

No. 1040433

so i appreciate that this post is from a few years back BUT we get even more clarity on Georgia's supposed dx. so her dx is apparently EDNOS - which was not an existing dx in 2018 - and very specifically NOT anorexia or bulimia. interesting, since in other posts she has claimed Both diagnoses AND continues to tag many of her posts with both #anorexia and #bulimia. also, her summary of the EDNOS dx is pretty shocking - "a mixture of both anorexia and bulimia" of course she has to get that anorexia mention in somewhere!

No. 1040435

File: 1600362744859.jpg (275.11 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20200917_181158.jpg)

for the anon doing the time line. georgia has had 3 inpatient admissions BEFORE her 16th birthday, despite her first admission being for EDNOS - a dx which she didn't have until she was 18.

No. 1040437

File: 1600362931779.jpg (58.53 KB, 1080x234, Screenshot_20200917_181523.jpg)

so that's 4 admissions before 2017,but 3 admissions before 2018. and zero admissions when she was 18,despite that being when she supposedly got her ednos dx, and her first admission was for ednos….

No. 1040438

She's had ptsd, depression, numerous EDs and inpatient stays before the age of 16. How come she manages to complete her education at the usual age. You'd think with all the time out she'd have to retake years or at least not achieve grades to even get into uni.

No. 1040439

Since when do you get discharged from IP if you’re medically unstable?

No. 1040448

She contradicts herself within this single passage! First she says she looks beautiful then says EDs don’t make you look beautiful they make you look dead. Pick a fucking lane Porgie!

No. 1040449

File: 1600363229975.jpg (102.58 KB, 1651x527, did she binge.JPG)

No. 1040451

File: 1600363311948.jpg (88.69 KB, 1673x442, again.JPG)

She starts a thread about this TWICE.

No. 1040452

and even those two posts contradict each other! so she used to scarf down 2000+ calories in a binge, but she's also never eaten more than 1500 calories in her "subjective" binges.

No. 1040455

File: 1600363679399.jpg (334.1 KB, 1080x1803, Screenshot_20200917_182747.jpg)

and just to clarify, this is the photo posted with the caption. "I was skinny. Big deal" I mean, she looks at a lower weight than she did now, but hardly the super underweight anorexia sufferer she claims to have been.

No. 1040456

and on reddit she says she'd binge up to 15 times a day.

No. 1040459

AND she's claimed she used to binge 7000+ calories. she's all over the place.

No. 1040466

Thats the whole reason EDNOS exists as a diagnosis Georgie!!! Where you have disordered behaviours and cognitions but don’t meet criteria for AN or BN. Honestly, between this dense question and the fact you truly believed the only reason you can’t lose weight because you are short therefore “its harder”, you really don’t seem to have even a basic understanding of eating disorders, or what it truly is like to have to endure the ED hell 24/7. Real eating disorders can’t be turned off for the holidays like you do. I’d honestly love to know what the NF staff really think and say about you when you rock up and make sure you tick all the boxes to get your precious ngt. It’s an embarrassment and actually pretty offensive to those of us who truly are struggling. Oh and if you’re allegedly going to such great lengths to hide your food in treatment, yet you relish have the tube and bags of kcals entering you, you show your true motives.

No. 1040467

File: 1600364862179.jpg (97.08 KB, 1575x418, l.JPG)

I don't understand what she's saying here.

No. 1040471

She looks so much better with a fringe. Besides, she is not smiling in any of her photos she takes now? She is constantly scowling in all her photos. My understanding is that she thinks it makes her look like a poor sick baby UwU, but in fact it just makes her look exceptional. The most punchable face of them all.

On an unrelated note, I am loving the outpour of Georgia milk. I would be checking pro ana thread just to see if there is an update on her and now I am bathing in milk. Other cows make me laugh but she genuinely annoys me.

No. 1040472

File: 1600365220089.jpg (29.35 KB, 520x260, ham.jpg)

Weird that Georgia said she wasn't going to check lolcow anymore but some of her reddit posts disappeared! What a coincidence

No. 1040473

Ok apart from the walls in this pic, im curious to know if that gingerbread house is real or just a china ornament! Then, what is the fit lady sticker doing placed seemingly very intentionally to cover her arm pit… ? And that is defo a bread bin on the shelf. Finally I noticed what must be a photo of her (with a date on it) where she is super spoopy…i hope that isn’t a wall of body check pics/thinspo .

Since her little revelation about having freezer in room and fearing her food was being tampered with, it’s confirmed how i genuinely feel about her and I really do feel sorry for her. That’s a very powerful and dark place to be within your ED to be thinking in that way and having zero trust in anyone, and constant paranoia over your food being sabotaged. She really needs
Proper help, it’s just sad.

No. 1040479

Kek. I thought it was a printer but shame on me for assuming she would have anything non food related on a bookshelf!

Not just the fringe. She looks a million times better at a normal weight! She is not remotely skinny here but I would say high end of healthy, and it suits her. This is where her body should be if she hadn’t committed herself to becoming a soooper speshul Ed warrior land whale.

And I also am loving all this new milk on her! This thread has not been so entertaining in ages!! I always thought she was just a boring person who longed for en ED to be interesting and attractive but turns out she is an absolute psychopath!

No. 1040481

File: 1600366528132.jpg (104.63 KB, 859x907, lgg.JPG)

This is the pic. It's from one of the nights she saw Lady Gaga.

No. 1040487

Even when dolled up shes got that feral look. Not as bad but still. A cute hair cut and not being a binge goblin, shed be adorns. Come on n2f. N 2 actually F, damn it.

No. 1040505

I love that we’ve all gone from mocking N2F to low key wanting to save her.

No. 1040508

She looks so awkward and uncomfortable here. Do we know how old she is? This pic is from almost 3 years ago and she looks the same, which is to say she is definitely in her 20s I would assume. Does she do absolutely nothing with her life other and crear barf worthy food concoctions.

Gotta agree with you that the tiny snippets of her real life that she shares reveal how bad things are for her. She is a disgusting gremlin in terms of her ED but she doesn’t seem like a bad person like many of these other cows. She lies about her behaviors but she’s not a dick to her followers and just genuinely seems a little slow but completely harmless. She is really very sick and I also hope for her to get help. I mean yea it’s gross and fascinating but also really sad.

No. 1040513

What’s wrong with her leg? It looks really red and veiny. Is that a result of her anorexia? It looks like a blood clot

No. 1040517

Plus, having a cow like Georgia and all this new (old) milk coming to light makes pretty much all the other cows look sympathetic.

No. 1040520

They do look weirdly veiny but spider veins are genetic and can happen to anyone at any size, so I don’t think it’s from her ED. That thing on the back of her right leg looks like a bruise but it’s kind of a weird place to get banged up.

No. 1040536


not sure if this link will work but here Georgia is claiming her BMI was 11.5

No. 1040540

File: 1600372522087.jpg (113.82 KB, 1080x526, Screenshot_20200917_205540.jpg)

"love me some new info". kek. ofc you do Georgia, anything to make your ED stories more "believable"

No. 1040541

File: 1600372744927.jpg (282.09 KB, 1165x720, 1556453055534.jpg)

sure you did! kek.

No. 1040542

What about the fact that the only ED she’s not been dxed with is BED!? Top kek.

No. 1040546

>Except BED
top kek.

No. 1040547


but look in her bio here….

No. 1040548

can't keep her story straight at all. Glad that one anon is doing a timeline (hopefully)

No. 1040550

i'm going to go through all of porker's posts and construct a detailed timeline of her supposed life and diagnoses. shit's about to be messier than n2f's pig pen bedroom

No. 1040552

File: 1600374743652.png (26.68 KB, 275x262, 1556452289425.png)

"FUCK recovery it gave me BED" kek. the lies continue.

No. 1040553

File: 1600375160129.png (1022.5 KB, 1074x1174, Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 6.39…)

but.. didn't she say her ed started when she was 12? you're telling me she's 12 in the first picture? nah sis

No. 1040555

Link isn't working for me, could someone screenshot?

No. 1040556

Wait… Didn't she post something a while ago about how her ed started whilst she was at a theatre? Like, she posted the theatre pic with a caption about how happy she was and then about how hours later her ed had started. I need to find that post!!

(Also in a post further up she said it started when she was 11 so that's another lie.)

No. 1040558

File: 1600375610047.jpg (242.45 KB, 674x848, IMG_20200917_214726.jpg)

For the timeline- 2014. What ed did she have at this point? Well it's the skinniest I've ever seen her look.

No. 1040563

was it this one? (sorry can't screenshot atm)


No. 1040564

File: 1600376148223.jpeg (425.87 KB, 1615x1604, 92BBF489-4FF3-43E2-940C-EB2DB0…)

Her reddit is a gold mine. Dont think these ones have been posted yet:

No. 1040565

File: 1600376183207.jpeg (594.1 KB, 1800x1644, 187BBA39-75B2-44D4-A52A-427467…)

No. 1040567

i think it's this one: >>1040552

No. 1040571

I might just be dumb but wouldn't BED technically be bulimia without purging because it's just binging? like…she said it right there, just a few words before.

sage for non-milk

No. 1040576

In that context bulimia without purging refers to laxative abuse and overexercising.

No. 1040579

kek. so true. probably why she's later claiming that recovery drove her to BED. clearly someone gave her some "info" and she realised she could add another dx to her list!

No. 1040581

yeah, in the standard ED world. but in Georgia's world? nah. she was definitely binging with NO form of compensatory behaviour.

No. 1040614

she looks 45
she could benifit from not scrunching ger forehead like that

No. 1040620

These ones especially are some real "and then everybody clapped" levels of something that 100% never happened

No. 1040625

>>1040565 "my weight distribution is FANTASTIC" needs to be a banner

No. 1040628

File: 1600383052198.jpeg (298 KB, 1548x1551, C9305588-7D61-466A-AE73-DF0E60…)

No. 1040639

Definitely not. I was the anon who posted in the last thread that 2 years old seemed suspiciously young to be molested. Anyone who has ever had to change a little girl’s dirty diaper knows you have to wipe their vag well after they poop (because that shit gets everywhere) and it is not sexual assault.

No. 1040640

agreed, unless your tongue is doing the wiping tho…

No. 1040641

It doesn’t even look like a real smile lol

No. 1040654

I think you underestimate how sick people can be and the awful things they can do. It isn't impossible that it happened to her, though knowing how much Georgia lies, we can't know for sure

No. 1040663

Of course but the details she has given are incredibly suspect. First of all, how often does a parent of a toddler let a man change a diaper? That alone is weird. Secondly she makes it sound as though it happened once, which means that someone else needed to both discover her being molested and then also tell her about it later. I just think the whole story sounds weakly invented

No. 1040666

I missed the fact that there were more details posted. I missed them somehow. That does sound pretty suspect.

No. 1040682

We really need some new cows though N2F is always baffling and amusing but Georgi-poo is BORING now. I mean it's super cringe that she tries so hard to have an Ed but cant we peek more into morvenz head banging or what on earth is actually going on in the world of our corpsebride?

No. 1040691

File: 1600388693580.jpg (918.91 KB, 1079x1734, Screenshot_20200917-202522_Sam…)

trigger warning! A fatty lost some weight. And no, shes not boring with all this past crazy coming up

No. 1040692

Go and look for some new cows then.

Re morven: she removed a bunch of people the last time she was talked about. Anyone still have access?

No. 1040695

Is weight loss "whoosh" the cute fatty nickname for taking a dump? Because I guarantee which the crap she eats and the inevitable blockages it causes, that's all the 1.2kg weight loss really is.

No. 1040706

>declaring a cow who suddenly got an influx of embarrassing and entertaining milk is 'boring'
Hmm, interesting attempt at deflecting attention away from Georgia. Not sus at all.

No. 1040717

Porgie, you don't have low blood pressure. You have high blood pressure. You're obese. Stop lying to yourself and everyone else.

No. 1040718

Thank you guys for updated, I was worried I’d hear she died or something because when I used to keep up with the pro ana lot Aly was a central topic and rightfully so because she’s ridiculous, but then now there’s radio silence. I’m sure she’s as desperate as always but it’s good to see she’s not wasting away and has an ass to sit on. Thanks guys.

No. 1040722

I’m not trying to WK here but maybe this should be left alone. I know she’s a liar but as someone who had something bad happen as a little kid, I was three and I still remember. I remember the bathing suit I was wearing, the room around me, and the feeing of embarrassment and confusion afterwards. Porgie is absolutely a pathological liar but I wouldn’t discredit something like that off of age alone.

No. 1040726

Agree. Young children are not infrequently victims of serial abuse. Just because its unimaginable doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

No. 1040787

oh fuck off. every skelly i've seen in person with an neda tattoo spots me looking at it and then quickly looks away when i make eye contact. nek minnut she'll be claiming a desperate mother of a child who is going through this disorder lovingly wrapped her arms around me and told me i was sooper strong kek. buy a diary, porkie.

No. 1040789

Bitch can't remember her own storyline of what she was diagnosed with and when and yet she can remember getting her ass wiped as a two year old?

Hmm, smell that? It's bullshit.

No. 1040857

Just a reminder that confused ohchickpea claimed SRA where she was made to eat the fetus she was carrying at 12 years of age or something. No surprise she was faking the DID.

Never forget the McMartins preschool trial where people served time in jail because a bunch of kids alleged abuse that was fabricated. Just because she's saying something hideous happened as a 2 year old, can't not question it with her history of lying.

No. 1040867

File: 1600412458876.png (47.22 KB, 1207x351, Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 11.57…)

Not sure if these old posts from Georgia on MPA have been posted.
1. Here we have another bmi/diagnosis to add to the increasingly contradictory timeline of Georgia's "ED history". Age 19 I think? ED for 9 years apparently. Also admits she sucks at purging

No. 1040868

File: 1600412541136.png (26.44 KB, 1247x277, Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 11.54…)

2. BMI 35

No. 1040875


The "Girls" series were for older readers though, 13+ not 10 year olds. But even so, Girls Under Pressure really does make it clear that starving yourself is a stupid idea. I can't think of any fictional portrayal of anorexia that makes it seem in any way positive. Any mention of being thin is coupled with nose hoses and being too weak to do anything.

No. 1040878

Or we could just not be vile about sexual abuse

No. 1040904

They may not try to portray them positively but a lot of the time they do romanticize them and that leads to little anachans like Georgia trying to become the characters for all the attention and nose hoses and 'uwu poor fragile me' mentally. Like, just look at what happened to Cassie from skins; she's an anorexia fave, can't go two minutes on Mpa without seeing atleast 28 gifs of her.

No. 1040929

If a kid's a fan of Jacqueline Wilson, they'd want to read all she wrote even if it's a bit too advanced. Nothing wrong informing youngsters about MI, but I do think there are always going to be little Georgias who take the wrong thing from it if they're reading it when it's not age appropriate.

The vile thing is lying about it, like chickpea to LARP a MI that already is controversial.

No. 1040930

that doesn't mean she didn't read it at age 10,regardless of target audience. i was a massive Jacqueline Wilson fan, and read all her books around the age of 10 or 11. and from her post, it seemed as though she DID perceive anorexia as a "stupid" way to lose weight after initially reading the book, but obvs after a bit of research, she came across the romanticised Pro ana version of the illness, and just happened to fall into it less than a year later.

No. 1040931

File: 1600425909578.png (410.95 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20200918-114442~2.p…)

Qualified doctor Maria asks what an iron transfusion involves.

No. 1040933

Yeah, the bfs niece JW fangirl read everything she wrote. Fortunately she turned out fine. Not even being a bitch when I ask if anyone thinks her head injury gave her brain damage.

No. 1040935

File: 1600426169753.jpg (263.81 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20200918_114826.jpg)

I think we all now know the weight loss "whoosh" that porgie's referring to. kek. as always with porgie, any drop in weight, not matter how it occurred, just HAS to be shared with all her followers, because she lives in a world where if she doesn't post it, it didn't happen. quite literally.

No. 1040940

They refer to whoosh on mpa and Reddit. Another buzz word she picked up.

That's fucking gross. No matter how shit life is at times, thank fuck we're not Georgia's toilet.

No. 1040945

does anyone have a link to threads about ohchickpea (now casperuneathered)? i followed them for years but don’t have screenshots etc. of them admitting they don’t have bpd etc. and they’re now squeezing every bit of attention then can out of an autism dx

No. 1040948

No. 1040949

File: 1600427712318.jpg (50.62 KB, 571x567, zIg3fP4.jpg)

georgia, just admit that you've never had a restrictive ed

No. 1040950

File: 1600427795759.jpg (47.43 KB, 550x617, HYIFmB6.jpg)

samefag. and an r/thathappened. ok i'm done for now. sifting through her blog is mind numbing

No. 1040953

File: 1600428291585.jpg (224.43 KB, 960x1280, g.jpg)

>I'm conventionally "pretty"

No. 1040956

File: 1600428662758.jpg (22.35 KB, 730x312, ana tips n tricks.JPG)

Remember the tiny amount of chocolate and peanut butter she lost weight eating?

This is her "anorexia tips n tricks". A full jar of Nutella per meal.

No. 1040964

by this logic, porgie is now suffering from BED,since most obese people supposedly suffer with severe food addiction. and just to clarify, that's still disordered eating! kek. porgie is literally exposing why she larps anorexia - for the sympathy she seeks, that she feels she doesn't get as she's overweight.

No. 1040965

nah she's being sarcastic here. Tips seeking is generally frowned upon because ~real anas don't need them hence the tendency to mock/dogpile newbies in order to prove their own superior status.

No. 1040966

oh yeah,it was a shot at humour, but many a true word and all that.

No. 1040967

>1 jar nutella per meal
Damn I always scrolled past this thread but this is the kind of ana I can get on board with

No. 1040975

Porgie is an actual beast with one of the most a-loggable faces I’ve ever seen my god

No. 1040977

nutella mono was actually a thing on MPA

No. 1041007

File: 1600436109794.jpeg (775.37 KB, 828x1512, 90132082-7A35-439A-AE66-E33F50…)

Couldn’t listen to her IG stories, but here’s a screen cap of ganer looking horrifying as ever.

No. 1041008

Return the slab

No. 1041018

File: 1600437437197.jpg (121.13 KB, 496x750, Adobe_20200918_085725.jpg)

Bruh, what the FUCK does this say

ayy lmao

No. 1041028

File: 1600438048012.jpeg (788.5 KB, 828x1519, 77A0659C-A18A-4BE5-8A53-9CBEE8…)

Watched it. It’s just her bragging how people keep begging her to come back to YouTube but she can’t because she’s too much of a perfectionist and doesn’t want to make videos unless they’re perfect.

No. 1041038

Ditching the shit eyeliner and cheapo lashes would be a step towards "perfect". Are her teeth veneers or something? They're too white.

Fuck me, this thread has some horrific cows.

No. 1041045

They’ve got to be, she looks like her breath smells like puke. Don’t have to worry about enamel decay when your teeth are made of the same stuff as toilets!

No. 1041055

File: 1600440666447.png (3.93 MB, 3372x2000, Timeline1.png)

I've done it(namefag)

No. 1041057

File: 1600440792346.jpeg (127.41 KB, 828x951, 3CDBE947-F649-46A7-924F-147181…)


this comment sent me so i had to make it

No. 1041059

I love you anon

No. 1041064

Note: Georgia claimed her first admission was FOR a diagnosis of EDNOS - assuming, therefore, that was her admission at age 15,she didn't have a dx of anorexia at her supposed weight of 70lbs.
also, there is a photo of porgie at 70lbs. aged 7 years old.

No. 1041065

which one out of the 3 IP stays before turning 16 lmao
case closed.

No. 1041073

Stunning! Appreciate this v much, anon.

So strange she's had eating disorders soooooo many years yet not one pic of her underweight. Not one disorder helped her achieve her bonelord goal.

(Pssst. Watch out for red text rampant farmhands with the name, though).

No. 1041077

Great job. I was getting lost in her lies (as was she lol) but it's now clear she's lying.
Side note: I think she looked ok at 15-16, such a shame she dedicated her life to living out her fantasy and LARPing as ana, which made her the hamplanet she is now.

No. 1041083

The presentation is immaculate, you put more care and attention into this than I put into any of my college work ever. Love the dedication, anon!

No. 1041087

How would that even work, oh god sounds awful, like all of this thread is awful but different type of awful

No. 1041089

File: 1600444748656.png (1.83 MB, 1557x736, nomnom.png)

Imo, Georgia looked her best here. No makeup and a decent weight. Obv switched her ED off for Xmas.

No. 1041091

only the best for my favourite cow

No. 1041101

File: 1600445298757.png (8.86 MB, 1242x2208, 0078DA85-D684-42D6-9919-AE5220…)

No. 1041106

Kek, chocolate monos were all the rage on mpa for a while and that kicked off a frenzy where people would mono on anything and thus the Nutella mono was born.

The idea is that you only eat 1 food for a whole day (or longer) but you can eat as much as you want and the calories "don't count". I have no idea how it works, i do remember people losing loads on the first day and then gaining it back immediately after so I don't know the logistics behind it. Just another funny myproana craze, there's still loads of accountabilities on them.

No. 1041108

She is vile through and through. Her personality being by far the grossest thing about her. I truly believe she is pure evil.

No. 1041109

I think the idea was you'd get sick of eating that one thing and not eat as much. Like I can't imagine eating a whole jar of Nutella for a meal and doing it few times a day, but I contrary to Georgie Porgie really don't have BED.
Those who preached you could eat as many calories from chocolate and never gain weight if you only sticked to chocolate were obviously stupid. I can imagine Georgia believing it too

No. 1041113

File: 1600446866952.jpg (218.8 KB, 719x1425, IMG_20200918_173444.jpg)

Threads like this got lots of attention. I've always been pretty fascinated by monos tbh, wonder if everyone's just lying about their results.

No. 1041123

Mpa is mostly wanas. The mono thing's a fad diet. I don't believe anyone with anorexia could choose to eat chocolate or anything all the time. Idk, regimented diets don't seem disordered…just faddsh things celebrities do. Only imo ofc

No. 1041156

File: 1600452239048.jpg (140.51 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20200918_185944.jpg)

Laura's so proud of her TV appearance, she's put it on her tik tok

No. 1041159

Find this so cringe. Massive put-on

No. 1041163

The doc is called "Stacey Dooley: On the Psych Ward" If anyone was wondering. Lauras baby voice is so creepy.

No. 1041176

I can't listen to Laura's voice. Has anyone watched it and could summarise any milky bits?

No. 1041178

Not really, she sits with a stuffed animal through the whole interview. Talking about how she hasn't eaten for 2 weeks.

No. 1041182

They show her Instagram account and talk about how dance saved her life or whatever. She dances around and they talk about social media bullies (probably us!) Then she says she gets more followers and likes when she's anorexic so it pushes her to lose more weight.

That's all I remember from watching it when it came out. Might rewatch it to bring more milk if anyone's interested?

No. 1041196

I downloaded that because I thought youtube would take it down. Wish I hadn't bothered, though the schizophrenic guy is hot.

Yeah, she comes across really fake.

No. 1041217

File: 1600458799538.jpeg (42.52 KB, 720x720, A1D98178-BD54-402C-9AC5-3A2082…)

Beautiful, anon

No. 1041223

This is amazing, anon.

No. 1041264

Looks like she’s catching up the tictok craze and is looking for her 5 mins of fame (and ofc all the attention that will pour in from joe public out of their morbid curiosity). Im willing to be she will be posting dance tiktoks and fav leg lift moves. It’s so transparent that she gets a kick out of the fact she is imortalised in a documentary… Drops it in unsolicited all over the place.

No. 1041275

To be fair, they never practiced as drs, only went through med school (and graduated). Their starved brains must have forgotten it all. They’ve been at this for decades.

No. 1041290

File: 1600468703114.jpg (453.83 KB, 1080x1791, 20200918_173839.jpg)

Someone got a new mug

No. 1041583

Not really milky just interesting to see
Overweight woman on Dr Phil had NO CHOICE but to get a feeding tube because she was acting on her eating disorder and it was the only way she could get nutrition. She said it was that or she didn't eat for three weeks. Don't worry though, anons, she managed to post selfies only an hour after getting it put in! Her sister in law is calling her out for doing it for attention. Reminds me a lot of s certain cow….

No. 1041601

Is this a new ep? I.e how do we watch it

No. 1041602

File: 1600514097363.png (2.49 MB, 828x1792, F7AB49B7-017E-48BA-9A31-A2448B…)

I’ve still got smorvy access but she hasn’t posted anything milky for a few days, this is her recent story. I’ll update with smorvy if there’s anything worth posting

No. 1041608

I love Dr. Phil. His show is like a livestock auction for farmers.

No. 1041617

This is what I don’t get about overweight (or even healthy) people who end up with their coveted tube: If they are that scared of food and weight gain that they “stop eating”, WHY are they then more than happy to accepting energy-dense calorific feed ?! Its the biggest neon “faker” sign there is. Yes in many instances, there are those who willingly accept ng feeds, but this is usually because they have to in order to get privileges or various freedoms and ultimately discharged from an IP setting. However it truly baffles me when this woman doesn’t seem to be IP & not being forced to have have feeds… too afraid of kcals to eat for 3 weeks at a time, but more than happy to trot around in the real world willingly pumping pure kcals directly to her stomach! Reminds me of the relevation in last thread that JTE emma used to whip out her PEG & feed herself ensure/fortisip through it in the middle of an Eating Disorder Support group whilst all the others sat there in stunned silence at her attention seeking behaviour. Apparently one girl had to leave when Emma arrived as she was so triggering and competitive!

P.s Anon Who was in the same group as JTE, do you have anymore milk or an update on her. i dont follow her.

No. 1041619

>Do you want me to go into starvation mode?!
Her face is as punchable as porgie’s. She even has the same deep forehead wrinkle

No. 1041620

Damn she was 28 here? Looks 40s. Something that seems to be common to these types is completely refusing to eat(if they're being truthful) vs most with anorexia being increasingly restrictive but still eating, often regularly. Almost as if they're imitating what they think someone with an ED would do based on common misconceptions.

No. 1041622

I don't get it either. From docus I've watched of real anas, they go to extraordinary lengths to avoid tubes. That little Dana was fed a drip of glucose and her mum said she spent hours with the tube wrapped around her wrist and held her arm high to stop it going into her. Then the other girl Vicky who took her parents to court to stop them having her tubed.

It must be a syndrome in itself there're so many of these flakes who WANT a tube and WANT to be seen as anorexic.

No. 1041632

From a logical standpoint, it certainly doesn't make sense for any anorexic to want a tube. For people like Georgia, though, it seems that their real concern is simply proving to others that they do indeed have a restrictive ED. In their eyes, having a tube makes their ED "real;" it reinforces that they are sick and need immediate medical intervention.

It does feel very much like a munchie-esque thing to me.

No. 1041636

THIS, for anyone who wants to be tubed…it makes no sense…why would you want thousands of calories loaded into you??

No. 1041640

This. I think their belief is that once they’ve been tubed and proven how super serious their eating disorder is they forever can justify eating whatever they want and not doing anything to manage the fact that they’re overweight. People aren’t allowed to say anything because they’re “challenging their eating disorder” and even any self criticism gets reframed as “ana thoughts”

No. 1041642

I agree with both of you. It seems mostly common with the healthy weight-higher weight ED "recovery" accounts. The spoops seem to want to avoid it.

No. 1041645

Also makes sure to wear a strappy top to show off those collar bones.

No. 1041647

>Almost as if they're imitating what they think someone with an ED would do based on common misconceptions
Bingo. There are people who believe anorexics don't eat. These tubed larpers can't even conceive of how a restrictive ED would work, so even though they do a great deal of research, they can't convey the genuine article

No. 1041649

The irony is compounded by the fact that they then proudly claim to be “dispelling the misconceptions about anorexia!!!” By being fat. The real misconceptions that anorexics simply don’t eat and just want to be skinny like Kate moss (or whoever) remain entrenched.

No. 1041657

Note subtle inclusion of ng tube end !

No. 1041662

THIS. it's so frustrating. like, people who suffer from anorexia for years obviously don't literally eat nothing. it's all misconceptions that people like Georgia have taken as fact. they see anorexics with feeding tubes, which are often administered via sedation or restraint, because they are so terrified of the dense high calorie supplements - like fortisip or ensure - which Georgia perceives as a badge of honour, and proof that she is super seriously sick. NG tubes are usually forced upon sufferers, not asked for or demanded! many anorexia sufferers never have NG tubes, yet still die from the disease. hence Georgia's multiple stories about how she "nearly died". it's all bullshit, and it just fuels and perpetuates all the damaging inaccurate information about the illness. you're not challenging the misconceptions about eating disorders by being overweight. People of all shapes, weights and sizes suffer from eating disorders. jfc.

No. 1041666

File: 1600530123731.jpg (443.64 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20200919_164306.jpg)

another photo literally highlighting that tube!

No. 1041669

Genuine question, why do the doctors and nurses don’t just fucking tell Porgie the truth? Why do they keep coddling her and giving into her every demand when she obviously doesn’t have anorexia?

They are wasting resources that could be used for real anorexics that are dying on her and that’s probably some sort of violation of the doctor’s code or whatever.

No. 1041674


similar to Laura's "havent eaten in 2 weeks"

No. 1041687

> The real misconceptions that anorexics simply don’t eat and just want to be skinny like Kate moss (or whoever) remain entrenched.

Whenever eating disorders are mentioned on the radio or tv, they always blame it on the media showing skinny models and that's THE reason people want to be thin.

Because she's a cash cow. She must pay a fortune on her visits - feeds, ECT, therapy. They don't care that she's faking it and they know it.

No. 1041697

Sage for probable nitpick but holy fuck that forehead line. If you can afford all that treatment why not dish out some more cash for a couple units of botox?

No. 1041718

File: 1600538194466.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1125x1942, A4D9A03F-8965-425B-95E9-A7FEE5…)

this is so vile, why does she have all these bread rolls and jam jars etc. just lying on her bed. i don’t know why she won’t admit to her obvious b/p habits. Part 1 was a snack, part 2 is a full meal…

No. 1041720

That's definitely bigger than just a snack.

No. 1041727

And that’s just “part 2”.

No. 1041748

have we noticed that her grimy windowsill has been covered in a furry rug in her last few sets of photos? how long before that's covered in food and grime too?
yeah, she explained it as a massive win against anorexia, because her evening meal was too small, so she had to size up her night snack. she also keeps eating sandwiches and labelling them as "dessert", which is kinda odd.

No. 1041765

File: 1600543906197.jpg (602.21 KB, 719x1253, IMG_20200919_203211.jpg)

Looking good, Georgia!

No. 1041770

For someone who loves doctors as much as she does she sure loves to seek medical advice from unqualified strangers on the internet. Also KEK how she thinks everything about her body is so weird and unusual. Breakthrough bleeding is totally normal especially if she’s always skipping the placebo week.

No. 1041771

how about talking to your doctor about your spotting instead of instagram.

No. 1041781

Literally pathologizes everything. Sad = severely depressed. Tiny bit of blood = medical emergency. Turning down a second sleeve of Oreos = anorexia.

No. 1041785

jesus her teeth must be fucked

No. 1041789

Yet another terrible consequence of her super serious eating disorder! Poor delicate flower!
JFC her attempts to make a "I-am-so-sick" face make me want to punch her so much. I don't think she's ugly, she actually looked good with less weight on but her expressions and her personality make her extremely punchable.

No. 1041830

When it comes to the private health system in Australia, all they care about is $$$. Notice how Porkie has never had a public admission? That's because they prioritise people who are actually unwell and in need of medical help. New Farm is like checking into a hotel/resort for Porker. Why would the doctors scare away business when she's responsible for funding their next big getaway?

No. 1041832

I've never felt so intimidated by a photograph in all my life. That stare is penetrating.

No. 1041837

A quick google search would've answered that for you, Georgia.
> i'm anemic
You're also delusional. Going to brag about that too?

No. 1041845

yes, and also have known of many instances of very sick patients being refused admission to these private places because they're too high risk. A while back a few of them were asking minimum bmi 15 at least for interstate patients. People like Georgia must be a dream. All the money, but no risk and very little actual treatment needed.

No. 1041869

This. She once went to the emergency department at the royal womens for self harm and was sent home after a few hours. She has to pay to be admitted privately, how sad…New Farm is just a paid for validation station. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

No. 1041873

YES! Sage for blogpost but I was told my BMI was too low for their admission threshold when I was really unwell. They don't actually want to work with people who are sick because it takes more time and effort. Letting in fatties like Georgia who come in suffering from a mild case of dehydration and are content with having a hose plugged up their nose is a lot easier than filling beds with people who might actually have something life-threatening. Less liabilities.

No. 1041876

We get it bub. You were sooper sick. Sage or not, no one cur.

No. 1041880

You literally did not need to say any of this shit, it’s kind of pathetic actually

No. 1041891

Cool story thanks for just repeating what was said above to let us all know anonymously that you were too underweight he to be treated at Cow Farm.

No. 1041902

Guessing because she’s more of a munchie at this point, and and munchies typically don’t ever get better, even if there’s intervention and treatment. And if Porgie never going to stop,. what’s the point of calling her out? If anything, that’s just going to make her ana larp harder, which makes more work for NF etc.

As other farmers have mentioned, she’s the best sort of cash cow, even though she’s infuriating. Low risk, doesn’t need much care, still brings in money. If they tell her she’s not anorexic she’ll actually starve herself just for a tube, and then they’re ethically forced to tube her with all the follow up care that requires. Or she’ll do her fake self-harm, and that’s gotta be a lot of paperwork staff has to fill out. Easier on everyone if they just go along with her delusions.

That’s what the normal and overweight wannabe anas don’t get, anyone who just refuses to eat can get a feeding tube. Doesn’t mean they’re sooner sick or speschul, just that they’re attention whores. Same with JTE, a PEG tube means nothing except that she’s a bratty attention whore who refuses to eat.

No. 1041912

kek at the self harm comment. she'll do anything to get the attention of nursing staff that couldn't give two shits about why she's there.

No. 1041920

File: 1600568578212.jpg (853.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200919-201936_Ins…)

Elzani isn't really milky anymore but I couldn't get over this story

No. 1041922

yeah and they probably fear they'd be put in the media by her crying "BMI DOESN'T DETERMINE SEVERITY"

No. 1041939

Jesus. That's so creepy.

No. 1042010

Thanks for image of your fetid gunt bleeding porgie

No. 1042028

File: 1600601357440.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200920_122922_com…)

n2f finally reveals how she makes her "scrambled" egg. just whack a few eggs in the microwave in your room for a minute aaaand DONE!

No. 1042032

Curry mango scrambled eggs? That’s a hard “nope” from me.

No. 1042033

File: 1600604186134.jpeg (320.96 KB, 828x1406, BCC11863-50F6-49FC-8E4B-2CEFAA…)

Looks like this attention whore decided to start down the munchie path. Australia has some real winners kek

No. 1042035

that’s disgusting, it’s not hard to make them on a hob. eggs, butter, salt and pepper…curry mango??? nah

No. 1042036

they look like half sucked on pear drops.

No. 1042037

lurk moar anachan

No. 1042040

Butter beans soaked in coloring

No. 1042041

This can’t be real

No. 1042042

So all the medical professionals are mystified and she's asking instagram? Makes total sense.

No. 1042044

looks like something N2F would delicately place around her plate

No. 1042045

Not even with the Dairylea triangle she's added in there?

No. 1042046

I loled.

No. 1042066

Ah yes, just like Georgie, ask the internet! Certainly that will yield more accurate answers than at a hospital where they send those off to pathology.

No. 1042070

So they got rid of the fridge freezer but kept the microwave? Also she continues to prepare and eat all her meals in her room…. not sure what the point of getting rid of it was.

No. 1042107

Clearly living her best life and giving a meaningful contribution to society

No. 1042111

sounds like gallstones, looks like cough drops.
thank you now pay us.

No. 1042132

My thought is she totally made this up. Those are pieces of food she's stuck in a specimen jar. Like they'd let her take photos of something they don't want tampered with for examination? Puzzled doctors. Yeah, right. Super special.

My suspicion is her fridge broke and that's why she doesn't have it. I'd be concerned about the electricity used in her room or all the extention leads or double plug adaptors she must use. Toaster, kettle, microwave, fridge, plus whatever else she uses plug sockets for. A fire in her hoard pit and she it'd go up in a flash.

She's definitely trying to make her photos look less grimy. Bless.

No. 1042140

Her parents are probably just doing the least possible by taking away the thing that is the most obvious (a full ass fridge in the bedroom) to assuage their guilt about essentially letting their daughter live her grimy, B&P lifestyle - and subsidizing it!

No. 1042172

She must get some benefit, but idk what because she lives at home. All that will be spent on online supermarket shops/sweets/cheap food.

No. 1042185

Did she say she studied? As far as we know has she ever done anything with her life? And does anyone know how old she is?

No. 1042194

File: 1600622779329.png (2.92 MB, 1914x840, 2016.png)

Don't know her age, but looking at these from 2016, she looks around 17, which would make her 21/22 now.

Body check from '16. Her face looks really young.

No. 1042195

File: 1600622863503.png (2.08 MB, 1914x840, 1.png)

Definitely 17/18 ?

I think her illness stopped her doing things with her life. She mentions missing Lady Gaga gigs because she was in hospital. I don't think she'll get her life together until she sorts her disorder out.

No. 1042199

File: 1600623018135.jpg (49.51 KB, 410x325, 2014.JPG)

Here's the mention she was in hospital in 2014.

No. 1042231

Overt, comically exaggerated ana poses aside I dig her vibe here!!! Look how non grimey she is! She cute! SAVE N2F!

No. 1042238

File: 1600627742236.jpg (44.55 KB, 556x608, Capture.JPG)

The full 11 sec video here https://www.facebook.com/alicia.savage.5059/videos/876297685837447

She's incredibly cute here:
(same bodycheck, different poses)


Hmm…her other fb's confused my age theory. The pic is from 2012, which by my last estimate would make her 13. She looks 13. Except where it mentions her education. It says she WENT to blah school. No way is she 16 in this one.

I'm sticking with her being 22 ish.

No. 1042270

Awh, she looks so tiny.

No. 1042274

how does she even manage to make scrambled eggs on toast weird?! it really is a special talent she has

No. 1042302

sage for medfag, these look like casein pods dipped in koolaid

No. 1042309

Fucking lol

No. 1042312

I remember reading somewhere that she was 24/25?>>1042194

No. 1042325

File: 1600644551046.jpeg (102.69 KB, 750x520, 21B21072-5082-4B85-897B-B7F641…)

she is just desperate for something to be wrong with her other than that absolute cancer of a personality.

No. 1042415

Goddamnit I have some hope for this girl but almost everything she does is absurdist. Can't eat normally, can't dress normally, can't post normal photos or look normal. I'd gladly act as her all in one nutritionist and life coach.

No. 1042437

nah i'm calling that she stole a specimen cup and put frozen grapes in it

No. 1042463

is she alleging these came out of her whole?

No. 1042481

It's just spotting, if she's on bc and skipping periods she probably just doesn't take it consistently or misses doses

No. 1042490

I've processed innumerable incoming lab specimen and have never seen anything like this. Wtf lol. Maybe she could ask the docs to post it on figure 1.

No. 1042536

File: 1600678393624.jpeg (286.91 KB, 828x2584, AE7BDCB7-B52B-4248-94A4-C1CDB4…)

Hannah is determined to be sick, clearly purposely dehydrating/starving herself to create problems. She’s been losing followers, looks like people are over her bullshit. Despite her “severe anorexia” she’s still at a healthy weight. Lots of #thathappened, too, acting like she’s critically ill while she’s just an attention whore making herself sick on purpose.

No. 1042583

File: 1600695773048.jpeg (558.51 KB, 2048x2048, 3F5DDF8D-5AD4-490B-BA5F-14CEDB…)

Anabolic ice cream, a protein cookie, and a fitness selfie right before admission to an inpatient EDP? Something tells me this isn’t going to go well. Just a hunch.

No. 1042607

The BDD when she thinks her body looks ripped.

This post is the equivalent of having a cheeky cig before trying to quit. It doesn't work because she's going to have a stash of her ~fitness~ crap somewhere.

No. 1042670

Wtf is anabolic ice cream? Does it have steroids in it? Or just frozen blended bananas like other fake recovered and chans? That Arctic Zone and Halo Top crap anas all love is gross enough, and I’m guessing this is just as bad if not worse.

No. 1042671

Pretty sure it just means it has protein powder but I’m not an anachan gym slut so could be wrong.

No. 1042678


I googled. It IS just "protein".

No. 1042680

File: 1600709351239.jpg (130.55 KB, 1101x919, yum.JPG)

Here's a recipe. Low calorie, tastes like shit if we're being real.

No. 1042683

This looks like it would be absolutely disgusting. Sounds about right for our little gym warriors. Such recovery. ~all the gainz~ Pure muscle goddesses.

No. 1042687

Surprised n2f hasn't tried this. I imagine it makes a lot of splashes to decorate her bed sheets!

No. 1042707

It needs more skinny syrups before N2F will consider making it

No. 1042711

File: 1600713268421.jpg (332.57 KB, 1080x1920, 20200921_133354.jpg)

More carbs = extra breakfast biscuits and a banana cut up into small slices

No. 1042719

Nah. Miserable. Get a thick slab of seeded wholewheat bread, toast it, spread with butter and top with banana. It would transform her life.

No. 1042720

File: 1600713850571.jpeg (1019.3 KB, 828x1485, 9BBF9BB4-0147-4085-8666-E6164B…)

Don’t worry though, she loves what she eats! Definitely not just typical anorexic safe foods day after day because she isn’t actually in anything even resembling recovery. Nope. Not this warrior!

No. 1042725

File: 1600714229223.jpeg (956.27 KB, 828x1450, 812EC867-676B-4032-B658-CE8828…)

Does ganer have no waist at all? It just goes from her upper torso right to her legs.

No. 1042760

These look like meals for a toddler.

No. 1042799

These are really bizarre meals for a bulking diet. I guess the oats (if that’s what that brown mush is) are somewhat normal, but no eggs? No meat? Rice? Nary a vegetable?
It sounds like her “coach” knows she can’t handle an actual bulking diet. I’m not an anachan and I was miserable when I first started because of the sheer quantity of food I had to eat. I have serious doubts that ganer is putting away six high-calorie, high protein meals a day.

No. 1042802

File: 1600725230248.jpg (360.3 KB, 1073x1732, 20200921_165434.jpg)

Here's some green beans with rice and mush!

No. 1042807

Fucking hell who is her trainer, I've no qualifications in the business but even I can come up with VASTLY superior meals to this shite

No. 1042815

I'm not exaggerating when I say that these meals of hers have remained identical for multiple YEARS. She plates them the same, she uses the same salty, low cal condiments and additions (mustards, saurkraut, pickles), I'm pretty sure even the measuring cups have remained the same. It's been at least two and a half years of virtually the exact same thing every single day. This is throughout both her "anorexia warrior" phase and now her "fitness competitor" phase.

No. 1042917

File: 1600740441572.jpg (189.05 KB, 1398x825, protein.JPG)

This is her online coach
and here are a selection of his clients.

No. 1042918


So some guy with zero scruples who'll accept any client as long as they tell him they're healthy.

No. 1042925

File: 1600741120482.png (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 1486x724, ganers goals.png)

…and they give cash freely for powders. £120 for a months supply of a supplement thing. Big business. https://www.supplementneeds.co.uk/ How is THIS attractive? At least Ganer has the slut shoes!

No. 1042926

File: 1600741193334.jpg (98.76 KB, 1430x787, ss.JPG)

No. 1042927

Does she work? I just perused her account and it appears she lives alone in a nice apartment but does nothing other than work out.
Wow. Her body is a million miles (lbs) away from competition ready.

No. 1042929

Her fb (https://www.facebook.com/hannah.gane.3) says she works at Marks & Spencer.

No. 1042949

File: 1600745668776.jpg (19.11 KB, 290x290, vaENkQPR_400x400.jpg)

why does she look like terry a davis in this pic

No. 1042969

File: 1600751421854.jpg (68.14 KB, 960x960, gains.jpg)

I mean she is looking better than before. Apparently this image is Sept 2018/Sept 2019/ Aug 2020.
It's just now she doesn't look like she's literally about to die, she still doesn't look healthy per se.

No. 1042973

does Ganer have that terrible eyeliner tattooed on??

No. 1042999

File: 1600756441605.jpg (80.23 KB, 508x960, 35671693_2128514637178413_3625…)

I have mixed feelings about ganes. On the one hand she has made progress. If you look back through her FB there's evidence of spoopiness dating back at least 7 years but consistant progress from last 3 years or so. It's definitely not a perfect recovery but better than going down the road of constant relapse/hospitalization etc, kind of like how the aim of treatment for SE-AN can be more learning to live with it. But she also posts everything to social media and promotes herself as some sort of fitness/nutrition coach as well as recovery inspo which is kinda fucked.
She probably needs someone to step in and suggest she at least takes a step back from social media and consider getting some hobbies/interests other than the gym and food. Unfortunately she's unlikely to get that from the fitness community and her family is probably just glad they no longer feel like they're living with a real life extra-terrestrial

No. 1043004

her skull shape fascinates me

No. 1043065

File: 1600770805827.jpeg (903.38 KB, 828x1711, 267F3553-C0AB-4FEE-901A-5E3180…)

Back to our regularly scheduled Porgie admissions to the emergency department, demanding people tell her she’s sooper sick. Her need for attention at all costs (except actual weight loss, obviously) is absolutely pathological.

No. 1043069

Has she given a reason for her ED visit? Or is the BP reading + vague caption supposed to trigger a flurry of concerned responses?

No. 1043071

File: 1600773601455.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1499, 22763769-E110-4D54-AC12-42E4C7…)

I’m guessing her job interview went too well and she got nervous that she might soon be expected to actually work and function like a normal 22 year old, so she larped at her dietician appointment about not eating and hiding wheetabix in her uggs.

No. 1043084

File: 1600776230623.jpg (599.13 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20200922_130332.jpg)

ngl, i still can't quite get over n2f's constant attempts at "cheesey pasta" which always consists of the driest looking pasta topped with a cheese triangle. an attempt was made. (and don't even get me started on the concept of topping pasta with mushy peas)

No. 1043089

File: 1600777544530.jpg (313.63 KB, 1241x2152, STOPYZh.jpg)

Is this a normal LinkedIn for this type of job? I work in a totally different field. This place may actually suit Georgia if she can get her shit together

No. 1043093

"honesty is the policy" - yeah, that might cause a few problems for georgia!

No. 1043104

definitely not. this is super unprofessional and weird. you can tell they’re boomers too with the whole corny ass ‘DONT LIKE IT? DONT READ IT.’ schtick

No. 1043109

Happened last time she was having job interviews. Work shy.

No. 1043111

How did she “cook” this? I’ve seen teabags sit in water for longer

This porker is like the mental illness version of hapless munchie Amanda/Ren.

No. 1043113

Watch her get sent home and then go to her GP for another New Farm referral

No. 1043114

Mushy peas pickle cheese pasta? A vomit inducing combo from N2F.
I’m assuming I’m the microwave or she pours boiling water from her kettle over it. Both would equally render dry, quasi cooked pasta

No. 1043115

ignoring the bizarre food combination, another toy in the background

No. 1043118

Colour coordinated toy and food.

No. 1043129

I really doubt these are her vitals. There’s no way Porgie has that low of a blood pressure unless she’s somehow messed with it. Does anyone know if she’s on meds for high blood pressure? I can see her taking more than prescribed to create a fake crisis.

No. 1043131

File: 1600787269653.jpeg (370.76 KB, 1125x2436, 59138DCB-F311-44F4-AA4E-4E1D9F…)

Didn’t even make the end of September - seriously - get your shit together woman! There are people dying everywhere around the world and you’re playing games, but you’re not only fucking up your life, you’re fucking up other people’s too.. time to grow up Georgia, the sick games are over

No. 1043137

The eyelashes freak me out!

No. 1043139

She wants us to talk about her here or she'd send this to ~close friends~

Well done on fucking your results up to stay in hospital AGAIN.

No. 1043174

This meal is just silly, I would honestly laugh if it was put in front of me. It looks like something kindergarteners would throw together when playing kitchen.

No. 1043177

Luigi in the background straight up dissociating because of this pasta monstrosity.

No. 1043178

I hate this woman’s face so much god help me

No. 1043182

Even with it mostly covered up it's too much.

Betting she really knocked back the laxatives to fuck her potassium up.

No. 1043186

File: 1600795649956.jpg (255.12 KB, 612x408, cooking-with-kids_612.jpg)

Kids are better at cooking than n2f. They know to use more than 4 pieces of sweetcorn.

No. 1043189

There is so much wrong with this stock photo. Child precariously balances beside hot stove? Using metal cutlery with a frying pan? Hair not pulled back?! Giving me palpitations over here.(no1curr)

No. 1043191

More than the grime of n2f's bedroom/kitchen and Cousin Itt hair all over her food??

No. 1043201

She did put it on her close friends. You can see the green

No. 1043203

So, water and a couple sando k tablets? If it was ~bad~ and she needed IV potassium we’d sure know about it (inb4 she complains about the burn). Kinda wish they would actually. If you’re going to fake an ED you deserve all the unpleasantness that goes along with it

No. 1043206

Anon why did you black out the close friends?

No. 1043213

File: 1600798591003.jpeg (410.68 KB, 1125x1973, FA3A5CE4-F145-45CC-B9A1-4B09FB…)

She’s probably doing the old don’t lay flat to keep her bp low - anything to make her “sicker”

No. 1043214

File: 1600799030285.jpg (768.74 KB, 1080x1440, 20200922_141933.jpg)

Sage for not being particularly milky… But what the fuck. Empty unwashed tuna can, on a rank blanket, with filthy walls. I'm legitimately horrified how someone is comfortable living like this and sharing it with the world.

No. 1043218

With a massive tomato just dumped on there for her to pick up and gnaw.

No. 1043224

File: 1600800728394.jpg (223.79 KB, 1080x1734, 20200922_135131.jpg)

Who wants to bake - I mean, microwave along with n2f?

No fridge freezer on her room means pasta all the time and proves she doesn't leave her room to eat with family

No. 1043236

It's 90% forehead

No. 1043243

and cherry tomatoes floating in her baked beans. what a treat!

No. 1043251

File: 1600802542706.jpg (51.15 KB, 564x423, meatloaf foot.jpg)

I thought all her meals were Halloween themed. Happy plsnning!

No. 1043272

File: 1600804344288.jpg (474.04 KB, 719x1276, IMG_20200922_205248.jpg)

She looks pretty smug about it

No. 1043274

That's ecstasy in her eyes. Georgia, you're a fucking loser. An idiot. The queen of cows. Congratulations.

No. 1043277

Had my phone info in top corner and also - if she gave a shit about her privacy and “close friends” maybe she’d make her accounts private rather than begging for the attention. Going to bode well for her when they’re googling her name to find our more about her “queen of cows” represents

No. 1043280

Is it a general ward in the main hospital?

No. 1043299

Do you think her parents are just glad she's out of the house?

No. 1043307

>tfw I've been begging for a feeding tube all night and all they give me is a potassium drip so I threaten suicide to stay

No. 1043312

It’s general medical - so just wait because I’m sure the nose hose will make an appearance shortly and then it’ll be a tsf to new farm to parade her accessory around - what a life

No. 1043337

File: 1600811009966.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20200922-164353_Ins…)

This looks like a huge stomachache. If she were to keep it all down, of course

No. 1043349

I bet the hospitals hates her

No. 1043351

Is she seriously suggesting she’s going to eat all that candy? God i would hate to be her dentist. I think just the pack of skittles would be enough for her daily f*ck you anorexia.

No. 1043368

Hi. I’m a cow. Risking ban for this, but maybe it would help me get better anyhow. I discovered this site many years ago when I narcissistically googled my name. Someone had posted me, but I was deemed not milky, and OP was subsequently chewed out.
I give myself NG tubes at home and pay for them myself.
I only feel safe if someone is taking care of me.
My life could be amazing but I waste it all comparing myself, being sick, and wasting money.
I am a drain on my family, employer, and partner.
Not posting social because this is not a follower gaining ploy. This is a self-call-out for being an awful human being. Please, enjoy the gossip, and if you can, teach me how to move on w my life and stop being a cow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1043370

We're not your therapist, sweetie. We're just here to laugh at you, anon, and others like you.

No. 1043376

-Actual therapy

More problems:
-paraded my feeding tube around work with a sparkly little backpack for the pump like a child

No. 1043377

OK I sincerely hope she's just set this up because she thinks it looks cute because this would be legit impossible to purge. Would burn like a mofo and liquify so quick or stick in huge globs of gumminess. This is not typical b/p food. Aside from anything else imagine trying to chew through it all!

No. 1043378

File: 1600814920316.png (392.18 KB, 922x852, Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 5.49.…)

No. 1043379

Bitch, teach yourself.

No. 1043382

Idk if this is legit or some backwards attempt by another anon to make someone appear milky but if legit you're not going to learn anything from lolcow. Can't really speak for anyone else but I don't regard myself as any better than cows tbh just have the sense to keep my shit to myself for the most part.

No. 1043386


Why the hell are you asking an anonymous website where we literally shit on people like you. Go get your brain checked and speak to a professional. Jfc.

No. 1043397

her poor bowels if she did

No. 1043398

Yes she’s on meds that lower BP so chances are she took a lot or she’s laying on her side when they do her obs which can make them super low .. just needs to grow up!!!!

No. 1043400

get help. People will only roast you here. Bye

No. 1043411

oh for fucks sakes. all she needed was a glass of water and a kick up the arse, not a visit to ED. if her goal was to clog up the healthcare system, she's done well at achieving it.

No. 1043415

"I just want to go home"
then admit to the staff that you're a psychopathic malingerer, roll yourself out of the emergency department that you undoubtedly drove yourself to and get a fucking life.

No. 1043417

S l o w c l a p.

You have got to be trolling us.

It is not her anon. Poster knows internet/Chan culture lingo perfectly. That girl is hella religious. And also yes she is spoopy but she is not milky and never posts pictures with a toob.

No. 1043436

We love a self-aware farmer.

No. 1043437

File: 1600824756240.png (7.38 MB, 1125x2436, D5257B0D-4866-4579-99E8-6CA60E…)

Next minute - ng toob selfie’s

No. 1043441

Lovin every minute. This must be giving her an orgasm rn.

No. 1043443

Place your bets farmers! I say she has a hose stuck up her snout by Thursday.

No. 1043453

Messing her potassium up before dietician appointment was her plan to be taken seriously by her doc who stated she didn't need ED treatment because, well, she doesn't have one. What a sad cow.

She lives with her 70 year old dad and younger brother. Therefore leaving 13 year old brother to help dad with everything. Selfishness personified.

No. 1043484

File: 1600831080611.png (6.62 MB, 1242x2208, D1C57D3B-9E42-4F5D-A8F9-F3030C…)

we called it

No. 1043488

I didn't even recognise her for a second she looks even more fat and bloated from this angle.

Serious question, how is she causing this? Is she taking something to fuck with her blood pressure? This is all way too convenient.

No. 1043489

Sure. You definitely didn't beg for it after pretending you didn't want to eat that sandwich and apple juice.

No. 1043491

File: 1600832152426.png (813.61 KB, 720x1102, Screenshot_20200923-043402~2.p…)

Thanks for sharing. Have fun. Don't forget stacks more pics of drips n shit!

No. 1043492

What an absurdly embarassing life she leads. My prediction is in the next few years she'll drop the ED person and take on alcoholism or addiction. At least then she'll have a serious medical reason to frequently visit the hospital.

No. 1043493

Aah Porker. Time and time again you never fail to disappoint us with your predictability.

No. 1043495

her blood pressure listed here is low, but not in a dangerous range. it could easily be from medication side effects, dehydration, lack of nutrients in diet, lack of exercise… you get the idea. but who could pass up that sweet, sweet excuse for a nose hose? she says "attractive i know" as if she's being sarcastic, but if she truly felt that way about it she wouldn't be sharing selfies on her fucking instagram. "they put it in without even knowing if i'd use it" of course she's the MOST anachan, sickest patient ever! no porgie, they just put it in knowing it's what you came in for. you're paying their bills.

No. 1043497

can't wait to hear the details of how the friendly nurse held her hand whilst she wept over a yoghurt at afternoon tea.

No. 1043500


No. 1043501

File: 1600832822986.gif (1.6 MB, 498x249, B71D5492-9E45-4998-A7C8-6F3BB6…)

No. 1043504

3 step: the amount of exercise she's gotten in the past week

Also, damn her fingers are fat. Inverted knuckles and all

No. 1043510

If she went for uppers she could maybe quasi achieve her sooper spoopy fantasy bod. Georgia, I’ve heard meth is amazing for weight loss!! Who cares about your teeth anyways!

No. 1043514

What is this health care system that shoved a nose hose down a hugely overweight adult woman whenever she needs a little attention. She’s at a normal hospital, right? Are the nurses just going back to their station and laughing their asses off at the complete absurdity of this situation. Like I cannot wrap my head around how she convinces people she needs a feeding tube. Are all these healthcare professions just like, “ok this porker says she won’t eat so we’ll just go ahead and give her an NG tube straight away.” ??? He vitals do not seem so bad that they would need to resort to that less than 24 hours after admitting her. Slightly low blood pressure, slightly high resting heart rate could be her baseline because she is fucking OBESE. Goddamnit I wish she would just get her life together or at least get off the internet because her existence is truly infuriating.

No. 1043516

File: 1600834387629.jpeg (57.71 KB, 320x320, A67423B3-62E9-4044-BC9A-8086AE…)

Pig trotters

No. 1043522

File: 1600835461601.jpg (127.54 KB, 1395x735, download (15).jpg)

How fucking fat is she? Her finger looks like a bockwurst.

No. 1043531

Are georgia and shay having a competition to see who can get back to new farm quicker? Georgia is admitted medically for potassium and heart rate/pressure issues then like 12 hours later Shay is admitted for the same thing….(namefag)

No. 1043533

imagine being that huge and showing that off

No. 1043534


Shay is an institutionalized loser

No. 1043539

File: 1600840789784.jpg (506.31 KB, 719x1290, IMG_20200923_065726.jpg)

My heart bleeds

No. 1043551

fucks sake is queensland just super toob-happy in general because in other states its pretty damn easy to avoid NG even with vitals worse off and bmi 12 or whatever. Of course that requires compliance with a meal plan though which I guess Porg would never go for. Also doubtful she's managed to mess herself up just by not eating she's doubtless playing around with meds and so on. I guess she'll regretfully have to decline further job interviews. What a shame I'm sure she's devastated.

No. 1043553

File: 1600842585949.png (918.32 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200923-072826.png)

Massive chomp on that sarnie

No. 1043554

File: 1600842638126.png (1.04 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200923-072843.png)

And getting more nose nose pics in

No. 1043556

porgie eats freely and unrestricted until she gets to the hospital

No. 1043562

Private hospitals will always give tubes and shit at the patients request because it’s more money to charge and basically no risks. Georgie wouldn’t be tubed in public care because she doesn’t need urgent feeding, she’s over 85kgs and short. She needs a meal plan to prevent her ballooning to amberlynn size, but she’d be fine even if she refused any food at all for a couple days.

The tube is only because she’s paying for it.

No. 1043570

She's in a public hospital though.

No. 1043571

Maybe she was like 600lbs before she started? It would take a long time of being anorexic to become underweight if you start out fat.

But idk anything about this one, she definitely doesn't look like she needs a tube. You can just give her a couple of vitamins.

No. 1043572

How does she share such ugly gross pics so freely

No. 1043576

jesus christ, what is she taking that makes her pupils so damn huge? she looks like she's just taken a load of molly.
i know her pupils are usually bigger than normal but this pic is giving me the creeps.

No. 1043578

She probably begged for it. I feel so bad for the people at that facility, most doctors and nurses loathe people like that and talk so much shit the moment the door is closed. Georgia looks like a stuffed pigroast.
(I’m dead serious btw, I just know they make fun of her but she has money they can milk)

No. 1043580

Anon just read the rest of the thread ( and the previous one, highly recommend it 10/10 full fat milk) >>1041055 she was actually normal weight before this all started. She's obese now and still getting tubed.

No. 1043586

Hope she gains heaps. Maybe this will be her undoing if they give her a bad ordeal and she will finally stop this fake ED game.

No. 1043588

Georgia might be the most unattractive cow/person there is. Both apperance and "personality"

No. 1043590

delusion, its her life force

No. 1043591

If you ever feel down about yourself, just remember you'll never be as pathetic as Georgia Collings. xx

No. 1043593

i reckon she’s taking a type of SNRI called duloxetine. it causes dilated pupils as a side effect. basic go to medication given by gps.

No. 1043597

File: 1600848511087.png (4.27 MB, 750x1334, 12507602-1609-4EF9-A007-18649E…)

What medical staff in their right mind would give her an ensure plus?

No. 1043600

It’s probably a back up for when she throws her plate across the room to remind everyone she’s hard core Ana. (part of the whole 3 step thing- food, supplement or tube)

No. 1043602

Wtf does she expect? Them to strip her down to her underwear because her weight is dangerously low and every kilo makes a difference? She’s wearing a hospital gown anyway…

No. 1043603

She’s never actually said if anyone sent her to hospital.. I doubt the dietitian did. She probably just waddled herself there unprompted- isn’t that what all the anorexics do?

No. 1043604

The two pounds of clothes really make her seem so much heavier than a dainty 240lbs.

No. 1043606

but anon! she is on the brink of starvation! our dainty waif needs all the nutrition she can get! she only had a sandwich and a juice for a snack! she must be so hungry!

No. 1043609

Probably one that is begrudgingly following standard procedure because they don’t want to get in trouble for not pandering to a lying fat brat

No. 1043611

Georgia is in Redlands hospital. It's pretty small & outside of Brisbane. There's no ED ward. Claims she's on 1:1 obs but she's just in a short stay bay where they park people who don't need to be in Acute ER or Fast Track ER. She would've claimed chest pain which puts you on cat 1 regardless if you have it or not and said a tube was her line of treatment because she's so anorexic and not just angina from being obese. They would've just oblige, probably will discharge her tomorrow once a psych actually reviews her and sees that she's not remotely eligible for Brisbane's ED service.

No. 1043612

they also don't just admit you. you can say no and leave the offer. they can only forcibly admit you under a treatment order and she is in no way under one.

No. 1043614

curious as to how you know all this, anon…

No. 1043615

have been through the system and live in bris

No. 1043623

File: 1600854199027.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, 8D59BBC8-0A56-4445-A35E-906F13…)

You were completely right anon

No. 1043624

kek she's so predictable it hurts.

No. 1043626

>body isn't used to so much food.


No. 1043630

this girl is so predictable it hurts. she literally makes a mockery of genuine ED sufferers who are really struggling, and trying to avoid an NG tube at all costs. to Georgia, a nose hose is a fashion accessory. proof that she's sooper sick. which she's not. if anything, she's suffering from munchausans. but far more likely, just the munchies. she obviously only ever refuses food when she's at the hospital. she fakes her symptoms in a bid to be perceived as sick. I know it's obvs for her money, but it disgusts me that she's just given an NG tube because she begs for one. she's an absolute joke, and she happily perpetuates the damaging stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding eating disorders.

No. 1043632

>body isn’t used to this much food
I hate her, god I hate her, I hate her, I hate her…

No. 1043633

yet she eats fine while IP and at home

No. 1043635

File: 1600856741440.jpeg (67.6 KB, 602x381, main-qimg-cdd6b732c1a0576915f2…)

No. 1043638

Best guess the ensure was supposed to be if she couldn't manage the food not as additional. She's probably spent the entire time harping on about her super severe anorexia and they want to cover their bases till they figure out whats going on. If she actually had severe anorexia she'd probably be started on half servings of meals at least for a day because of risk of refeeding syndrome. Heck, if they actually thought she'd not eaten in a significant time they'd probably not give her this much for the same reason.

No. 1043639

Agreed. Normally her larping brand of cowdom is just laughable, but this shit is downright offensive. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic and this fat fuck is waddling around the hospital crying crocodile tears at the sight of a green bean when not even a week ago she was gladly scarfing chocolate, sugary coffee drinks and Macdonald’s takeaway. I guarantee this extra LARPy push is a reaction to the job interviews going well. This cunt just does not want to have to work or move on from her make believe fantasy of being a waif.

No. 1043640

I'm so lost, I thought 2 days ago she was crowing about how amazing her life is going and how she's on-track.

Now suddenly she's been starving herself the whole time or what?

No. 1043641

This is so crazy to me. Like fully crazy. She isn’t even normal weight, she’s literally obese. My head is spinning like how do even have the unadulterated gall to do this repeatedly.

No. 1043643

How does she honestly expect anyone to buy this shit, she posts her bloody 'recovery wins' which show her eating full on meals but then expects us all to think she's been starving herself to the point her body can't digest food?

No. 1043645

My question is how does she continue to keep this up with no shame knowing there are multiple lolcow threads about her.

No. 1043646

probably as a way to ensure she avoids actually getting one of those jobs she's been so excitedly attending interviews for!
and yet she apparently almost DIED from re-feeding syndrome! there's no way that the hospital would be giving her a full-sized meal and a sandwich snack if she'd been starving herself. and i bet she was so hungry she drank that ensure as well as eating the meal. "oh, i just thought it was a chocolate milkshake!" or at least wished she could! gotta keep up that ED FACADE to keep her nose hose!

No. 1043649

If you go back to the start of the proana threads, you'd see the same pattern over and over with Georgia.
Same scenario, same mood, job interview, IP, out feeling amazing, starts to ~struggle~ ECT,… It never stops.

No. 1043651

she probably said "I can't handle anymore food, please can you just tube me"….some hospitals you can ask for a tube LOL

No. 1043652

Her chart notes probably explicitly state “just shove a hose up porkie’s nose and make her gain another 15lbs, it seems to be the only way to shut her up.”

No. 1043657

her diarrhoea is most likely from drinking supplements she doesn’t need, just like squelch!

No. 1043659

Or… because she takes laxatives

No. 1043661

Porgie doesn’t take laxatives, that’s too real a behaviour for her to have

No. 1043667

Not if she's using them to fuck up her potassium levels. As soon as she said she had the shits I thought it was the laxatives kicking in.

No. 1043670

agreed, she likely has the shits from binges.

No. 1043684

ahaa, more proof that Georgia herself is, in fact, squelch!

No. 1043696

File: 1600868809678.png (1.36 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200923-214457.png)

Queensland once again proving it is the place to go if you want a nose hose - Shay's gf is in hospital with one

No. 1043698

How do these chubby hoes keep ending up inpatient kek

No. 1043701

postural tachycardia from their likely obesity

No. 1043703

#ilikeitbutnotalot. kek.

No. 1043715

File: 1600871552419.jpeg (243.76 KB, 640x942, 771DBC5E-1C9A-4252-B23A-5104F2…)

JTE back in hospital as predicted. We know she’s going through grieving for her Mum so it’s kinda expected she’s turned to her ED. It’s sad that she’s struggling but it’s also her going back to pure attention seeking overdramatising all her updates and pics; “back to nearly dying” “in 10 days i was blue lighted 5 times“. “Unconscious” “more lines than i can count”. It’s sad and embarrassing that she still strives to be ‘the sickest’ after these years.

No. 1043716

File: 1600871591762.jpeg (210.37 KB, 633x831, AF551A78-26C5-494D-BE69-AD62B8…)

Part 2

No. 1043720

File: 1600873089280.png (873.33 KB, 1001x630, tf.PNG)

sage for lack of milk

but i found this @bunniesrecovery and couldn't help but kek at the quality of the shop

No. 1043721

File: 1600873240065.png (1.85 MB, 976x894, tf2.PNG)


her ig is pretty boring tho, just the good ol' child cutlery those ana-chan's love so much.

also varying sizes of thighs and waists in pics that are supposedly taken a day apart (nitpick)

No. 1043722

She's was mentioned a few threads ago

No. 1043733

Imagine bragging about being too fat and lazy to sit upright and press a nurse call button. Her face hasn't looked this full of life in months. That smirk!

No. 1043736

Maybe an antipsychotic?

No. 1043740

please tell me she poured this down her ugg-boots

No. 1043748

exactly what i thought! just get up and press the call button ffs! imagine being so lazy that you won't even be bothered to move yourself. the nurses probably put it out of her reach purposefully so they could get a break from her!

No. 1043760

File: 1600877811291.png (8.69 MB, 2048x2560, 4 months.png)

I was going to do a year in pictures of Georgia's recovery. This is the last quarter of last year. Three IP admissions. After that I lost the will to live. Goes without saying, the rest of the year is exactly the same.

No. 1043797

File: 1600881339393.jpeg (293.57 KB, 1280x1280, 1599949652015.jpeg)

Probably was lying but laxatives might have been what threw her potassium off, as another farmer said

No. 1043805

She's definitely doing something to fuck up her potassium levels, this is next level malingerer shit. This ugly fat hog is fucking insane.

No. 1043811

File: 1600882045770.jpg (47.91 KB, 866x460, shitz.JPG)

Well we know she can't purge enough to lose weight, so I'm betting my life on her downing the laxatives. Silly girl, should know by now it's water weight you lose duh. Definitely did it in advance to get hospitalised.

No. 1043812

(or sweating. She looks sweaty).

No. 1043827

She really talks about her shits to strangers on the internet way too freely. The mental image of that tub of lard having diarrhea is repulsion level 1000.

No. 1043830

That would require her to exert energy, and as we know her bloody movement is pretty much exclusively bringing food to mouth.

No. 1043832

Losing a parent is hard and I'm not really faulting her for grieving in the only way she knows how, but Emma is so attention seeking and overdramatic. Loves to talk about how physically compromised she is, accompanied with gross pictures as well. I'm not sure if she's a munchie or just loves to milk her problems for all they're worth but I don't think she'll ever recover, nor do I think she has any desire to.

No. 1043843

She probably calls the nurse to help her clean it up too. Probably waddles around the ward letting the other patients know. If she gets shipped directly from a real, medical public hospital straight to NF you can bet your bottom dollar she’s going to use that as major bragging rights to the other patients. She’ll claim it makes her the sickest.

No. 1043848

File: 1600884808755.gif (2.17 MB, 480x400, jen.gif)


>She’ll claim it makes her the sickest.

The other patients (including a favourite actress of hers, Jennifer) would be like…

Remember Laura told us she shit herself at a dance class because of laxatives. So much lack of shame.

No. 1043896

File: 1600888916871.jpg (334.51 KB, 1080x1855, 20200923_142245.jpg)

Shocking that all that sugar would fuck with you

No. 1043908

I’m curious how she has concluded they’re fucking with her blood sugars. Do we know if she measures that? Or is she just going by whether she feels energetic / lethargic?

No. 1043914

File: 1600890269719.jpeg (715.5 KB, 828x1529, F5913B91-1A26-422F-AF0F-AF630A…)

Ganer is to the fitness community what Porgie is to the restrictive anorexia community: a total joke. When she looks in the mirror does she really see a buff, lifter’s body? I think she’s getting smaller.

No. 1043915

Why does she have a 1:1 or ‘special’ as they call it in Aus? Is that part of standard ED protocol at that hospital, or did she threaten suicide?

Totally agree. We were getting multiple food pics on her story just days ago, but now suddenly her “body isn’t used to all this food” and she’s needing encouragement from her nurse and special just to have a bite of sandwich…

Agreed. JTE definitely thrives off medical attention and it’s pretty plain to see. There was a point a while back (maybe a yr) where she suspiciously kept getting sepsis whilst she had a central line… literally every time she became well enough and they suggested transfer or discharge, suddenly she’s septic again and needs ITU. She does have Ehlers Danlos or whatever its called, which makes her way more susceptible to consequences of ED and being physically unwell in general. I think she uses that to her advantage and messing with her lines to make her deteriorate when she wants and her way of coping is being sick in hospital and being in a patient role. Saged for armchair psychologist

No. 1043920

I know her goal in life is to appear as pathetic as possible but I can’t get over how truly pathetic she looks with that tube. Imagine someone trying to tube lich queen, she’d probably put a curse on their entire family.

Think Dr Now needs to have a word

The fact that she clarified she can spell “would” endears me to her a bit

No. 1043929

Nah, her collarbones shouldn't be sticking out like that. Because her powders made her thigh muscle bigger doesn't mean shit. One day she'll croak it working out. Ana face is what I see.

No. 1043931

No GCSEs, write? Right??

No. 1043936

File: 1600892565347.png (89.73 KB, 740x387, download (1).png)

Sounds like she needs a chromium picolinate supplement.

She still has a really bad anterior pelvic tilt. If she was actually lifting heavy this would have corrected itself by now.

No. 1043946

File: 1600893360060.jpg (43.46 KB, 987x211, Capture.JPG)

I thought everyone knew this. It's why doctors say zero Coke etc is bad for dieting.


No. 1043968

that's what gets me - the lack of shame. any sane adult would be absolutely mortified to find themselves on this board. but this cow… god i can't even find the words for how angry she makes me. she makes a mockery out of an illness that already cops so much backlash and criticism. if she wants to be an attention seeking bitch, could she just own up to it instead of wasting resources and putting more pressure on an already fragile healthcare system.

No. 1043973

I'd love to see this bitch try and get a tube/admission at a Sydney/Melbourne hospital. The doctors would look her up and down and tell her to go for a long walk.

No. 1043975

File: 1600895557196.jpg (644 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200923_221257.jpg)

seems like n2f is taking a break from all that pix n mix candy, as a result of her blood sugar havoc presumably.

No. 1043979

Looks like Georgia had a laxative oops in the cup

No. 1043980

Fuckn hell…all the munchie/ED crossover types must share their tips for getting admitted or something.

No. 1043982

The lumps are so gross. That is also not maple syrup, Alicia. It's water and artificial sweeteners

No. 1043983

yeah idk if it's standard ED protocol but it's definitely pretty common with ED patients. Could also be medical special because of the cardiac 'issues'

No. 1043984

That's not hot chocolate, that's cold. There's no steam and the marshmallows aren't melting. Hot choc is supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy, this cold glop just evokes sadness.

No. 1043991

It’s most likely because she threatened to SH or said she’s suicidal. Don’t know about Aus, but in UK at least, you don’t get a 1:1 just because you are in for ED. And if she was that medically compromised to require some sort of 1:1 care/observation, she would be in ITU where the ratios nurse:patients are usually 1:1.

No. 1043999

Are you guys aware of ''ED twt''? It's something like the twitter fandom of anorexic girls where they post thinspo, bond with each other, shame each other and post videos of fat girls to make fun of them (something called fatspo). I see that these threads are mostly instagram focused so I thought it would be nice to let you know the existence of this place. You can get a lot of content just from searching #edtwt on the twitter searchbar.

No. 1044016

Fucking hell it's been a hot minute right? More like millisecond. Shocked but never surprised.

No. 1044017

lmao don't give up anon, i'd love to see your complete collection by the end of the year. Give this (>>1041055)
anon a run for their money

No. 1044023

8 year old me made better cheese pasta than this, even just a bit of butter or oil on the pasta would of been something.

No. 1044028

8 year old you didn't have to cook pasta with a kettle and a microwave though (i hope?)

No. 1044049

woah - more from her private or close friends please anon

No. 1044060

dang she looks wired

No. 1044086

I’m sorry but it seems like she’s reading the thread and acting accordingly. Maybe she’s obsessed with this attention because it’s the only attention her fat ugly ass gets anywhere. She’s disgusting.

No. 1044092

sometimes if beds not available or patient isn't really ill enough for ICU they will just get medical special instead. If threatening suicide it's likely they'd be detained/put in locked ward/given security guard to watch them. Not saying she's got the medical need but if she's talking up chest pain etc they may need to take precautions.

No. 1044116

So she purposely went somewhere where they aren’t familiar with her larping, and faked shit to get admitted (I’d guess laxatives, purposeful dehydration, or messing with medication), now is refusing to eat and telling them she’s “anorexic”. Cool story, bro. Anyone with functioning eyes can see that Georgie is not starving. IMO it’s unethical of them to tube someone her size who isn’t in a coma. She’s going to die young at the rate she’s going, not from anorexia or bulimia but from heart disease secondary to obesity. I’m surprised she doesn’t already have type 2 diabetes with how much weight she’s gained in the last couple years. Or she does, but isn’t telling.

JTE doesn’t have EDS. It’s the favorite illness of munchies to claim because all they have to have a little bit of hypermobility, and sometimes not even that. Even if she did, it’s not a reason for her to be constantly hospitalized and needing a feeding tube and central line and whatnot. She’s got a G tube, so clearly her stomach works fine. She’s an ana chan-turned-munchie who’s just an attention whore who found a “rare illness” to latch onto that she could fake for even more asspats. Her post reads like a caricature of chronic illness, that’s not how EDS or POTS works, and if she’s trying to claim she needs a feeding tube for gastroparesis, a G tube she can dump Fortisip into means her GI system is fine. If her kidneys are fucked, that’s because she’s been purposely dehydrating and starving herself for years. Same for her low blood pressure and passing out. Don’t let her fool you with her sob story, anon. She’s full of shit. And no, losing a parent isn’t an excuse. If anything, her mom’s death just gave her an opportunity for more asspats and to learn more munchie tricks. Notice how she barely mentions her mom’s funeral, it’s all about Emma still. Sad, but because she’s too much of a selfish ana chan to think about her mother’s memory, instead she’s faking sick for asspats on the internet.

They absolutely do. Look how many now have munchie illnesses after IP treatment with each other. Amy Fisher, JTE, Georgia, Shay, Shay’s gf and a few others have made the rounds in the same hospitals (albeit on two separate continents, but Amy’s been IP on both). They have IG and FB groups and chats to share tips too.

No. 1044182

shay literally holds her shit in for as long as possible so she can be admitted for "chronic constipation"


No. 1044214

Hahahahaha for real? So she is literally just full of shit!

No. 1044215

Oh but it’s oh such a terrible bowel disease that she has right.. pretty sure if she did what the fuck she was supposed to do (and let’s be real - she’s probably joined the laxative abuse club which has fucked her bowels) than she wouldn’t be parading around with all these bloody tubes and being oh so sick…
Also - anyone else find it incredibly suspicious that our dainty georgia has all of a sudden gone quiet from IG today…
I wonder whether a dr walked in, took one look, laughed and discharged her immediately..

No. 1044216

Her coach increasing her macros means he doesn’t think she’s gaining on the previous diet. And she’s not, because she sure as hell isnt eating it. If she’s serious about competing she should be working with an in-person coach, but having an online coach in another country makes it easier to lie about what she’s actually doing.

No. 1044233

Don’t know about QLD but in WA every patient with a ED gets specialed. It’s just protocol now, and everyone gets tubed if you can’t finish a whole meal plan regardless of weight. That’s in the state system which you still have to have something medically wrong regardless of weight.

The psych in the private system hardly admits anyone even if they need help. Georgie wouldn’t get in here.

No. 1044266

File: 1600934720534.png (7.57 MB, 1125x2436, 6A0B0FE2-D073-4E46-89AE-BDEDAB…)

Clearly wasn’t getting enough attention … spoke to her eye roll

No. 1044271

She can't hide the smirk, can she?

No. 1044276

I have never seen a more punchable face

No. 1044279

Sources for your JTE claims?? Cos as far as i have been able to tell from her social media over the yrs, her EDS is legit and she’s been diagnosed for many yrs now. Also was under the impression she no longer has a surgical feeding tube & again hasn’t had one for years. Why would they constantly be giving her NG tubes ,and for months on end, if she had a G-tube?

No. 1044285

it’s called “duping delight” i think

No. 1044289

:I have more important things to do than be sick"
right, like taking laxatives? not drinking water for 24 hours? faking an illness? driving yourself to the ER for attention? wasting medical resources? putting extra strain on the healthcare system? irritating the shit out of your family? getting rejected from jobs? bragging about a piece of plastic being shoved up your snout? faking an illness for absolutely no good reason apart from the fact that you're a fucking useless human being? counting down the days until your next new farm admission?

go on and live that super important life, recovery warrior! what an inspiration!

No. 1044309

I reckon timing wise with this admission she probs just presented with chest pain and managed to fuck her obs up enough so they had to monitor her for 24hrs or whatever and just stuck the tube down because of ED protocol etc. No doubt we'd hear in depth if there'd been anything actually massively wrong with her. How long till next NF admission I wonder?

No. 1044316

I'd kill to read Georgie's medical records.

No. 1044326

“a laxative oops in the cup” holy fuck anon u made me laugh out loud hahahahah

No. 1044327

Can't compete because I lack organisational skills BUT when I get free hours I'll work on it. There's a LOT. She really is a busy woman. So many appointments and making diamond art pictures. Oh and selfies in lifts/elevators.

No. 1044337

File: 1600948121731.jpeg (126.37 KB, 1001x1001, 679325678gh.jpeg)

I’d be willing to collaborate on something if you want, anon. I’d love to make it a christmas thing, like imagine a 24 days of georgia christmas calendar. Aiming for december gives us plenty of time. You sift through what you’ve collected and make sure to provide proper upload-dates and sources for everything. Make a (temporary) dump of it on imgur (or the like). Then i can be in charge of the structure and design.

Maybe other Georgia farmers would like to submit their favourite milk for the calendar too?

No. 1044338

File: 1600948272896.png (392.07 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_20200924-125000~2.p…)

Got to post Molly's first crying selfie. No snot bubbles so not very recovery warrior.

No. 1044339

awh, where is hilarious brother when you need him the most?

No. 1044341

This will be a thing. Kinda wish posts here were dated. Yep… I'll do some tonight. I hope I don't catch her serious ana though. Those dilated pupils will suck any body fat from a human and keep it for Georgia.

No. 1044342

File: 1600948801506.jpg (546.91 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20200924_125831.jpg)

literally HOW is that a protein shake? it looks completely solid!i seriously don't get n2f's flavour combinations, like a chocolate orange protein shake with added biscuit syrup. earlier she posted a chocolate spread covered bagel with maple syrup flavour skinny syrup poured on top. just WHY?! also note how she's started using sparkly filters in an attempt to conceal her grimy surroundings.

No. 1044344

Watching In The Night Garden or something. She doesn't post videos much fortunately. Must have a bit more of a life than Elzani, but then she only had an ED + recovery for a year.

No. 1044345

No snot bubbles or tears or wet face kek.

I have to assume it’s because she doesn’t actually eat any of her concoctions.

No. 1044346

Georgia's motions are looking more solid. Sorryyyyy.

No. 1044348

File: 1600949646036.jpg (598.14 KB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20200924_131425.jpg)

raw, unpeeled carrot obviously smothered in burger sauce because she can't eat anything without a layer of sauce or skinny syrup. YUM.

No. 1044349

It kind of looks like maybe an attempt was made to peel the carrot? Maybe with a butter knife or something?

No. 1044354

That is the stingiest beans on toast I've ever seen! Must be only a couple spoonfulls of bloody baked beans and a sprinkling of cheese on each slice.
Cheesy beanos are meant to be stodgy comfort food, this is just wrong.

No. 1044360

Oh fuck i don't even want to imagine what purging raw carrot must be like. Hope she chewed properly. F

No. 1044361

Why bother toasting it. That's a crap attempt at toast. That sauce would totally kill the joy of beans on toast.

Do you think that furry thing is to soak up condensation on her window ledge? I think she ran out of plastic toys.

No. 1044363

Hopefully her nostril gets stuck at an angle due to the constant insertion of tubes…

No. 1044374

Yes of course you've been medically fine since you haven't been scarfing down laxatives and deliberately fucking up your potassium levels. The fact she's so smug about wasting hospital resources is really horrifying, almost as horrifying as her cold dead eyes devoid of any human emotion.

No. 1044382


The Ensure shtick is from a book a read called "Wasted" by Marya Hornbacher. She was an anorexic who went into a rehab and made her sit there until she finished it.

No. 1044391

I'm new to this particular thread on here but how is someone so fat considered anorexic? Like I'm legit asking because I don't understand.

No. 1044397

Nobody considers her anorexic. The whole world is laughing at her behind her back.

No. 1044399

They couldn’t be unless they were morbidly obese and lost a lot of weight. Georgia is literally just a fatty playing pretend

No. 1044472

File: 1600965895458.jpg (584.79 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20200924_174416.jpg)

dry, uncooked pasta sprinkled with sweetcorn and the most meagre, barely visible topping of cheese. such a #recoverywin! kek.

No. 1044487

The way she poses the food on the nasty matted throw makes me want to cry

No. 1044493

Woahhh there, n2f. Steady on with the sweetcorn, whew! What's happening? Less sugar, more antioxidants?

No. 1044497

The little white candies on top make it look like it's moldy

No. 1044505

Notice she has replaced soggy frozen vegetables with canned vegetables and vegetables that generally keep okay outside of the fridge (carrots, tomatoes) ever since her room-fridge was taken away. It didn’t force her to use the family kitchen, it just forced her to get more creative with her concoctions

No. 1044510

the fucking cheese you mean? lmao

No. 1044511

Could I get an explainer on New Farm Clinic? I'm not well versed in Australian healthcare. I've seen some Instagram BPDs getting hospitalized there repeatedly and receiving ECT/TMS (which seems like medical malpractice.) Is it some kind of concierge mental hospital, the equivalent of Mayo Clinic for mental health munchies?

No. 1044515

No, I'm talking about the "protein drink," not her sad attempt at basic food

No. 1044516

It's private, which means they can do whatever the fuck they want for $$$

No. 1044519

See THIS is why it's a #recoverywin! She actually has a decent amount of sweetcorn, a massive upgrade from her 2 pieces before! She's such a recovery warrior and inspiration!! Just…. Ignore the 3 pieces of shredded cheese. She's working on that.

No. 1044524

There's literally not a single tear? Looks like she's taking a shit. You'd think that after all those oxford acting lessons she'd know how to fake cry believably.

No. 1044530

File: 1600971836615.jpg (34.18 KB, 173x304, Screenshot_20200924-132133_Ins…)


N2F chewing and apparently having trouble swallowing for 20 seconds

Also, the reply was deleted but it definitely looks like there's some food thing on the floor

No. 1044534

Her fucking mustache tho

No. 1044536

She looks so distressed, though granted that's a fair reaction to her own cooking

No. 1044545

File: 1600973195642.jpg (86.73 KB, 900x1200, 3b841f62e3de06c075f011ff261116…)

Looks like egg yolk.

Why prove she eats? It's keeping it down we don't believe.

No. 1044547

my bets are on it being the toast from earlier, that looks like it could be chomps in to miserytoast

No. 1044551

File: 1600973449387.png (662.28 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200924-195037.png)

Well…that looks very much like she's eating in her room.

Her face eating her disgusting food.

No. 1044560

File: 1600974484525.png (643.83 KB, 720x987, Screenshot_20200924-200758~2.p…)

Found some things.

No. 1044561

File: 1600974513440.png (655.79 KB, 720x739, Screenshot_20200924-200753~2.p…)

No. 1044562

File: 1600974817566.png (654.85 KB, 720x1117, Screenshot_20200924-201158~2.p…)

No. 1044568

Can lanugo cause that? It’s disturbing.

No. 1044573

It's plain ol'facial hair. Too much testosterone. Her colouring's quite dark so the hair shows up. Most women would bleach, Nair or NO NO

No. 1044578

Idk if it's common knowledge that her account's https://www.instagram.com/kennedy.vanasten/ BUT found them on her friend's account because there's https://www.instagram.com/kvanasten20/?hl=en but she only follows the friend AND the followers are all ana chans.

No. 1044580

File: 1600976024579.jpg (402.28 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20200924_202939.jpg)

yep, a display of carrots and mushrooms in your bedroom. totally normal behaviour. removing that fridge/freezer from her bedroom did nothing in terms of encouraging her to use ahe family kitchen! aaaand ofc het recent shopping haul features a majority of foods that don't require a fridge for storage - lots of microwaveable carb options (microwaveable mash, noodles, rice and literally every colour of pasta possible which will obvs be microwaved/raw in true n2f style) which can obvs be hoarded in her room, plus a wide variety of loaves of bread - four in total, which will surely go mouldy before she gets through them all. unless she's planning to continue having jam sandwiches for "dessert".

No. 1044581

File: 1600976080297.jpg (49.39 KB, 469x616, 26th august 2020.JPG)

No. 1044582

was just about to post this picture, who doesn't have bananas hanging from the roof in their bedroom though?

No. 1044583

Nitpick but I'd bet that her trouble swallowing is throat pain from all the purging

No. 1044587

File: 1600976606572.png (1.66 MB, 1380x642, kels.png)

Last of the Kelseyennedy spam. The first pic is from July. Should've blanked faces out previously soz.


Are those potatoes on top of the apples? WHY IS SHE EATING FRUIT?

No. 1044593

>Are those potatoes on top of the apples?
I think it's mushrooms. They go bad quickly, she'd better not leave them out on room temperature.

No. 1044595

The fruit's going to attract fruit flies. It doesn't even have to be over ripe, those things magically appear near any fruit bowl and in her room, well…

No. 1044602

Welp she is obviously real and very spoopy so I'm guessing the crazy shooping was because she is so entrenched in her ED that she probably thought she looked fat in all her pics. Kind of sad except for that ultra cringe tictok someone posted where she seems both very dumb and extremely proud of her ED. Also nitpick but that girl got almost no hair! Look at that teeny tiny pony tail in the far right pic.

No. 1044644

Dunno if this post needs a sage
WHAT is the point in n2f using skinny syrup if she's consuming properly 500cals worth of candy? Like if you're eating your weights worth of sugar surely using actual syrups aren't going to make any difference? Not toooo sure how all the calories add up but surely adding actual mapal syrup to a chocolate apple berry gummy worm biscuit hazelnut spread hazelnut spread jam biscuit chocolate chocolate biscuit sugar sugar sugar "snack" is going to be negligible.

No. 1044645

File: 1600981069322.jpg (724.64 KB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_20200924_215623.jpg)

looks like she took that "you need to eat more fruit and vegetables" comment to heart! actual decent portions of orange, grapes AND strawberries, in comparison to the one or two grapes she used to add to her plate to make. a pretty pattern. and as predicted, that bread stash is being put to good use, eating jam sandwiches at every possible opportunity!

No. 1044653

It's purging syrup. Lubes it up so it comes up nice and easy- same reason why she uses so many sauces on her savoury meals.

No. 1044654

How does Georgie keep getting admitted????? Shes a full ass adult??

I've never seen someone " involunteerly " admitted so much for their eating disorder. Most people will avoid the fuck out of the hospital and even lie about their intake to avoid the hospital. She's fucking something else lol

No. 1044655

Damn, I was about to say.
I don’t keep up with this girl but every time I pop into this thread, all she’s doing is looking absolutely well fed, pretending she needs medical attention. What could she possibly have “to do” besides laze about like a beached seal and take toob selfies? She doesn’t have a job or chores or a kid to maintain (at least I’ve never seen mentions of any) and wastes her own time with being fake sick. What could she possibly need more hours in the day for?

No. 1044656

taking crying photos is fuckin stupid anyway but this is beyond embarrassing

No. 1044658

>1 like

No. 1044664

only thing she's ever posted that isn't 100% disgusting

No. 1044668

It’s amazing because it’s INSANE like full capacity insane. She knows she’s in these threads often, and at times it seems like she’s echoing what is said here on purpose—I don’t understand how someone could be so lacking in shame and awareness. Like, she’s genuinely obese and is also hard to look at in general. I can barely wrap my mind around the fact that she stomps her fat fucking ass into the hospital demanding treatment for anorexia when she looks like that. Her family must truly hate her. I couldn’t imagine putting up with a daughter that PRETENDS to be long-term anorexic when literally in order for that to be possible she couldn’t be this fucking huge.

No. 1044669

File: 1600983178597.jpeg (172.59 KB, 640x1060, 2BB2B2A2-DCB5-476D-90BD-481CA4…)

Maybe this is how Georgia achieved her low potassium?!

No. 1044671

She goes voluntarily,it's a laugh really

No. 1044675

kek. i saw this article earlier and had exactly the same thought!

No. 1044695

lurk moar newfag, porgie has never been 600lb (or gradually lost weight) but she'll be there soon with these constant toobings

No. 1044726

It’s a total shit show to be honest (No puns intended re: old mates lax abuse and miraculous recovery on the medical ward). As a previous patient at the clinic, essentially (depending on your psychiatrist) they will do whatever the hell means more $$$ for them. So if you have private health in Australia they’ll use it to their advantage and play along with “oh severely depressed you need TMS and ect” or “oh you’re obese and struggling with food, here’s a nose hose to validate your existence and some ass pats”.
Personally, having been on the ED program WITH Georgia, I was mortified to see her waddling down the hall as I walked in and all I could think is that’s what’s going to happen to me.
No one willingly admits themselves to hospital unless they’re asking for attention or they’ve just got nothing better to do with their time - new farm is a revolving door of the same patients years after years after years. It’s honestly the most f’ed up place!!

No. 1044735

i wouldn’t be surprised if N2F was an alcoholic or something, i know there’s zero evidence of it but i don’t know how else to explain the way she lives and eats

No. 1044792

File: 1600991750453.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1617, EFCC96F5-B118-491F-B6B0-A37E8C…)

No. 1044800

should have left that face at the hospital

No. 1044808

No. 1044823

Part of me wishes she didn't know/couldn't see she was on here because I know she thrives off the attention, but fuck it's so hard not to talk about how fucking pathetic she is. Let's be honest, we're the closest things to 'friends' that lonely pig has.

No. 1044830

The doctors/psychs at NF know how to play the game to their advantage. Take Porker for example, she clearly has some kind of attachment issue and likes the comfort/attention from the nurses. They lure her with the idea that she's sooper sick and needs urgent medical care - bingo, theres a thousand bucks in the bank and the pig gets what she wants. Then she gets discharged but oh no! The dietician says she has struggled with her meal plan! Get this cow a hose whilst we mooch a further three thousand dollars from her bank account!

The only thing Georgia is 'starving' in her life is her savings account, kek.

No. 1044835


Any & all psych meds can cause huge pupils. I wouldn't doubt she's on Zoloft or something.

No. 1044853


Seriously though. Where did her face go that she needed to get it back?

No. 1044856

Lets be real, it’s more like devastated to have to look at my busted face with a toob up my nose.

No. 1044884

Samefag. I meant WITHOUT

No. 1044887


Binge and purgers/bulimics eat bright colored foods first so they know when they have reached the end of their pukefest.

No. 1044897

Jesus that’s grim.

No. 1044928

this is the truth! (from personal experience)

No. 1044955


My old psychiatrist used to be the head of the ED program at NF. He quit as they wouldn't listen to what he said was best for the patients - the administration want to keep them in as long as possible so they can squeeze every last cent out of them

No. 1044958

That’s disgusting but not surprising. How does one even function as a rehabilitation/inpatient center that makes their patients sicker in order to milk them for money? Where are these people’s parents?

No. 1044968

It’s ridiculous. There was a whole bunch of Psychiatrists that left I think last year and opened their own private practice because they got sick of the New Farm bullshit. It’s literally just a revolving door, almost like a “summer camp” and “social catch ups” for some people. Yes there is actually unwell patients there, but there is also a lot who can self admit so

No. 1044993


I believe it, I've never heard anything good come out of NF. Only peoples conditions worsening because of poor and mistreatment.

No. 1044998

File: 1601019342814.jpg (475.24 KB, 720x1447, Screenshot_2020-09-25-08-35-43…)

Hospital admissions don't count unless you post about them on instagram!

No. 1044999

I have heard of people ending their lives due to that place….looks like the legitimately ill get screwed around and the fakers flourish like new farms bank accounts

No. 1045003

Samefag but I just noticed she has a mark on her right (our left) arm, maybe she self harmed to get herself in?

No. 1045005

judging from her obs and low potassium, and the fact that it improved so quickly, I'm pretty sure it was just dehydration and depleted potassium from laxative misuse

No. 1045006

JFC. I honestly didn't recognise her for a second there. That face is getting Porkier.

No. 1045008

its like most Ramsay places. $$ cow farms. Theres a few in Sydney but one in particular that is like a 5 star resort.

No. 1045011

her poor body:((:()

No. 1045024

or a curry night gone wrong

No. 1045026

I think that’s just her shitty NEDA tattoo

No. 1045029

I'm sad juleelyseee doesn't comment anymore, think she'd be worried about n2f restricting now

No. 1045030

i feel like i've read this post a hundred times before! "no more toobes!" my poor little body! "guaranteed she'll be back in NF by november with a hose shoved down her snout. happy to have her face back after literally begging for a toobe? okay porgie. she really hit a gold mine when she found NF - if she lived elsewhere, her constant malingering would have been put a stop to years ago, yet they revel in exploiting her munchausans, playing into her belief that she is sooper sick and giving her every treatment she asks for, solely as a way to bleed her dry. it's only when she's given them all her money that they will stop the pretence. perhaps that's why she supposedly "wants" to get a job. running low on NF funds.

No. 1045031

no-one except porgie would be happy to have THAT face back. kek.

No. 1045032

we all know that porgie MUCH prefers having toobe selfies to post. tbh e only reason she's shared this photo is for the validation she'll receive about how brave and strong she is, and how she's such a #recoverywarrior

No. 1045038

Münchhausen/ maybe munchhausen if you don't know Umlaut
I mean she might be malnourished and sick, but certainly not because of starvation. I just don't get why nobody (as in: no nurse, no doctor) seems to tell her

No. 1045045

November is generous. I’m still keeping my bets on mid-late October. She’ll claim that because she was in the hospital they insisted on putting her on NF’s inpatient wait list (or something like that) and that NF said she was waaaaaay too sick for outpatient care and involuntarily admitted her. Probably right around the time she would otherwise be signing an employment contract if any of these jobs she’s interviewing are stupid enough to try to hire her.

No. 1045047

i mean, if you don't post about your hospital admission on instagram, did it even really happen?!

No. 1045049

She is one of the most offensive looking cows we have ever had, she looks like a troll

No. 1045050

She couldn’t squeeze her whole torso into the mirror for a post where she talks about her super serious restrictive eating disorder, and that’s pretty funny.

No. 1045052

Is she only 22? Because the aging of her face is like that of a 45 year old woman

No. 1045063

File: 1601037563586.jpg (745.27 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20200925_134000.jpg)

those mushrooms and tomatoes don't look "roasted" as n2f claims. guaranteed they've just been whacked in the microwave.

No. 1045064

What the actual fuck was the point in having the ng in for less than 48 hours? Like even from a medical standpoint, what an unnecessary intervention. It seems that going without nutrition is what actually makes Georgia anxious. She can’t even go 48 hours without freaking the fuck out and taking herself to hospital for nasogastric feeds and some sweet chocolatey fortisip. I don’t know why they didn’t just give her some span K and tell her to fuck off. Georgia, you’re fat. You need less nutrition. Not more of it.

No. 1045065

Those are just old shrivelled up mushrooms and tomatoes she’s lightly charred with a cigarette lighter. Then zapped in the microwave for 30 minutes for good measure. I wonder how long it will take for her to get radiation poisoning. We know ur tricks boo

No. 1045068

I've retrieved old mushrooms from under the fridge that look like that.

No. 1045069

File: 1601038513051.jpeg (619.47 KB, 828x1485, 6BEED517-024D-4A26-B46B-974421…)


No. 1045070

what do you mean by no no ?

No. 1045075

File: 1601039416779.jpg (96.03 KB, 820x600, Stevie-Wonder-Superstition-820…)

No. 1045077

File: 1601039572606.png (308.27 KB, 720x1018, Screenshot_20200925-141308~2.p…)

It's a facial hair remover.

No. 1045081

If Georgia falls on her way to New Farm and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?
(Yes, yes it does. A. because she's a attention seeker and whines about it and b. because the earth shakes when she hits the ground)

No. 1045082

Little hurt we all called her a pathetic jobless loser eh

No. 1045095

You joke, but the only way I can rationalise an overweight person getting a nose hose is if they defiantly refuse to follow any nutritional advice given to them and eat lots of calories but nothing even remotely nutritious. Maybe Georgia does live off licorice and coke, eating enough crap to make her waistline expand whilst eating so little nutritious food she's deathly pale, stringy-haired and has fucky blood work.
From what other posters have said though, it sounds like the Australian mental healthcare system is just such a joke I can't actually comprehend it.

No. 1045096

She'll be back looking for medical attention within seven days. Even if only for another Covid-19 test.

No. 1045098

Generally speaking, having a dysfunctional family (or some other trauma) can leave a person feeling powerless and so eating disorders which develop under these conditions are often a way to regain some control.
The issue is that once someone has learned that restricting makes them feel in control, especially if they started at a young age, they are very likely to return to this behavior again once the going gets tough.
If the person developed an ED to try and deal with troubles at home, you can imagine how the situation would only become more strained once they are found out/diagnosed/hospitalized.
The sad truth is that the family may not care about the wellbeing of their ill family member or have been through the grief of relapse enough times to have already mourned and figuratively buried them.

Private medicine is diabolical as is, but somehow it hits extra hard in the case of NF as they are targeting these very vulnerable and relapse-prone people. I doubt porgie has an ED, but I don't doubt she has family issues.
Sigh, its all just so sad. At least we've got some quality cows out of it.

No. 1045099

ever since someone pointed out her food is cold I can't unsee it - if either the mushrooms or the carrots were still warm they'd be melting that cheese triangle somewhat. The sweetcorn and the beans look direct from the can.

imo the tomatoes look like they've seen an oven, but she sometimes eats oven food. Usually its hideously under cooked tho, I assume because she's trying to get out of her family's sight asap.

No. 1045100

my sides

No. 1045101

You're right. It was more of a rhetorical question, really. You hit the nail on the head as someone that has lived this experience kek. These cows are just obnoxious about it, and it's extremely shameful that the doctors at this facility enable them. They should lose their licenses.

No. 1045104

It takes skill to write something this disgustingly cheesy with so few words. Its a shame the only thing she'll amount to is morbid obesity cause between her need for attention, writing skills and knack for compulsive lying she'd probably make a pretty good journalist.

No. 1045107

I’m giving georgia until right after thanksgiving to go back to NF and then magically get better again right before christmas (like last year, if i’m remembering correctly). Nothing like being a sooooper sick widdle waif during the christmas season, she’d get extra attention and still get to enjoy (justify bingeing) the holiday food

No. 1045110

sage you filthy american.

No. 1045112

my bad. hit the wrong text line.

No. 1045113

I forgot about Australian Thanksgiving.

No. 1045114

Naw, I’m still saying October. That way she can recover and get “sick” again in time to readmit around thanksgiving, and then do the cycle once more for Christmas time.

No. 1045122

yeah, i imagine she'll wanna be home at both Christmas AND thanksgiving so she can #recoverywin (binge) her way through them both, with all the attention and praise she thrives on.

No. 1045128

Georgia's not a bad writer. She obviously had a passion for it because she wrote so much fanfic going as far back as livejournal. It's tragic she was too lazy to get herself motivated to drop the Buffy stuff and blog current affairs. It wouldn't even be too late to start but she just wants to slob around in a hospital gown or on her bed looking at a bookshelf.

No. 1045133

she puts all her creative energy and journalism skills into her ED facade. the blog posts, the mpa stories, her IG. it's all manipulative fiction that she's been crating for YEARS - with all that practice, it's just a shame she doesn't give her writing a chance to develop into a career.

No. 1045138

My thoughts exactly. I feel bad for her brother the way I felt bad for Italian Aly's brother. I hope he lives with their mum.

No. 1045139

She will get bored of making videos or posting on IG soon- they all do.

Elzani may be weight restored but by the amount of baking she does she is still very very obsessed by food and feeding it to her family.

No. 1045141

FFS elzani, if you want us to talk about you so badly just release the second hospital video. Otherwise shoo.

No. 1045165

File: 1601053520271.jpg (515.38 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20200925_180622.jpg)

that well-known favourite - cauliflower on toast!

No. 1045174

RAW cauliflower?

No. 1045177

Is that butter or…. something else?

No. 1045179

my bet is on white chocolate spread

No. 1045180

could be cheese triangle

No. 1045201

Do those cheeses not need to be refrigerated? Re the tomatoes if she has a toaster oven she could have cooked them in there but just like her toast, which never looks properly toasted, they look barely cooked.

No. 1045203

File: 1601058545109.jpg (556.5 KB, 1080x2560, N2f.jpg)

More discount food for n2f.

"cheese spread& 3 mini cauliflower clouds"

No. 1045205

“Just depends when he gets them in”, as if the vendor is ordering from the distributed rather than taking the boxes that grocery stores otherwise have to bin.

No. 1045215

GEORGIA, YOU FOOL! You aren’t supposed to tell anyone what your wish is or it won’t come true. You have literally just proven with solid fatty evidence that one must never disclose their 11:11 wish, or else.

No. 1045216

I’m sure she interprets wishing for weight loss at 11:11 to be a very serious, IP admission worthy symptom of anorexia. Thinking about weight loss is practically restriction.

No. 1045224

File: 1601062478796.jpg (48.96 KB, 919x334, lolcow.JPG)


Never come between a fool and her superstitions. It takes more than a "wish"because the clock says what time it is to change your life.

No. 1045240

How did you find her friend's account? These are interesting to look at, Kelsey/kennedy was my favorite cow. Funny how she disappeared when her real account was found

No. 1045244

No. 1045246

she looks like a 40 year old crackhead

No. 1045247

File: 1601064914561.png (90.35 KB, 1169x566, Untitled.png)

(Looks like I'm here 24/7 but coincidence! PS I'm here 12/7 lol).

I was curious about her account because I didn't have a username. As soon as I typed KENNEDY her account showed up.

Oh as >>1045244 just said, directing to the post.

It looks like a few of her irl friends were following her at the beginning (from the place where she lives/school), and then it's taken over by ana chans. Might be the reason she abandoned it, idk. Not bothering to try to get to follow her other account because she's just going to block.

No. 1045251

AND DON'T TIN FOIL THAT I'M GEORGIA!! I was looking at her latest when I saw the post >>1045240

What puzzles me about the "new" pics of Kennedy is how this is meant to be 2019 >>1044562 but she isn't as spoopy as she was when she was posting the ridiculous shoops at the time. Unless it's an old photo. Anyway, was it her doing the shopping anyway? She's definitely still into her skinny body because her dresses reveal a bit more than they should at her weight >>1044561

No. 1045293

File: 1601070927212.png (2.59 MB, 1618x1193, Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 5.55…)

At first I thought her apple was VERY, VERY rotten even for her but then I realized she had placed an eyeball gummy candy on top of it. Why??

No. 1045294

File: 1601070972501.png (1.81 MB, 1623x1190, Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 5.55…)

Other image from that post

No. 1045296

is that… a hair on her toast

No. 1045315

New-ish here so sorry for the dumb question but this is legit the type of food pics a recovering ED blogger posts? Why do these idiots seem to think candy is a form of nutrition? All I've seen on this board is lollipops, jelly beans, jam sandwiches, plated to look like gourmet meals. It's quite mind boggling

No. 1045318


You know very well it’s there to cover the fact that that apple is probably browning and rotting underneath.

No. 1045321

That video wil never go up

No. 1045326

The thought of her obsessing over her body and weight for 11 years but only getting fatter is hilarious. Eat a vegetable Porgie

No. 1045327

just wait until her next post about attending a job interview. i'll give her 24 hours after that before she's back in that little holiday house SORRY excuse me I meant to say hospital, dang autocorrect

No. 1045328

CEO of the Saggy Tits Club™

No. 1045330

File: 1601075127960.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

No. 1045333

File: 1601075582055.gif (436.15 KB, 247x200, pork.gif)

cue the sad violin music.

No. 1045337

didn't even realise you were on georgias page until you mentioned it, kek. sus? nah.

No. 1045344

Not sure if she takes laxatives but diuretic abuse would throw off electrolytes.

No. 1045357

I find it morbidly cute that she (I think) tried to make the tangerine look like a pumpkin by sticking a fizzy worm in it.

You'll be seeing mostly n2f's posts if it looks like a 6 year old's sweet stash. I get you though. It's like Elzani and that Molly eating absolute crap and thinking it's a great way to recover. Some vitamins would help besides all the fucking Biscoff spreads and whatever shit they're putting on bread.

M8, there's always a farmer who spots really obscure things and says it's a self post/cow post. Can't blame me for being paranoid.

What's going on with spaceship recently? Is she still rockin' those Trump fake tattoos and baseball boots?

We've diagnosed her problem with potassium as her taking a load of laxatives to shit herself sick enough to require some loving care from a Mamma Bear nurse.

No. 1045377

True, literally upthread an anon referenced a post where they tried to say a story screenshot was a porgie selfpost when it was obviously not. Cringe.

No. 1045379

There's something about the FOUR lollipops that's really doing me in. A child on Halloween wouldn't even eat this much garbage, Christ. No need to purge; this much sugar will make you puke all on its own.

No. 1045389

except crackheads are actually thin for the most part, Georgia only wishes she was

No. 1045420

looks like it could say edit profile :L(:L)

No. 1045440

Risking the nazis of the thread (>>1045379)
freaking out, I think you're totally right anon. It's not where the edit profile button appears in the app but it is where is appears on desktop. We all knew Georgie 1) is a hardcore lurker and farmer and 2) is an absolute door nob, so seems about right.

No. 1045443

Well damn, you're right. When you look at someone else's profile there should only be a blue Follow button there. When you look at your own profile there will be a white Edit Profile button next to your name.
God she's dumb.

No. 1045446

So does this mean this post >>1045357 is also the one and only Georgia K. Collings?? If so seems to prove she is stirring the pot about herself here. Wonder if it’s time to ban her. She obviously thrives off of this thread talking about her.

No. 1045449

File: 1601089879867.jpg (48.47 KB, 854x336, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-0fuE…)

I have nothing else to do so I checked it out on my browser. It could be the Message button and their font/browser sizing is different. Or it's Georgia. Maybe we'll never know.

No. 1045452

Shit you’re also right. We will never know.

No. 1045483

nah we need her milk its juicy

No. 1045517

Is Georgia diagnosed with asthma? A standard albuterol inhaler can drop your potassium levels and is a common munchie trick. She could easily hide an inhaler on her (very large) person to manipulate her electrolytes in order to be admitted.

No. 1045518

I doubt it was salbutamol because that also causes tachycardia and her heart rate was pretty normal

No. 1045520

NF gives actual treatment to actual unwell ED patients. Yes there are revolving door patients but theres also quite sick patients who've gone there for X amount of months and gotten better and never returned and gotten on with life. It appears the revolving door patients are those with comorbid/dual diagnoses. There's a lot of behavioural pandering that occurs. Staff get excited when they have actual patients

No. 1045522

I think she could be

No. 1045536

Just like every other ED or Psych Unit…ffs we get it
We aren’t here for your analysis on how NF may be a godsend for some. We are here for the milk it produces.

No. 1045550

File: 1601113826546.jpg (747.15 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20200926_105118.jpg)

n2f takes biscoff spread to a whole new level - she's literally adding chunks of crushed digestive biscuit to her toast!

No. 1045561

"comorbid/dual diagnoses are not the issue. the problem is people like georgia who invent and cause symptoms in order to seek diagnoses that do not apply to them, or just label themselves with the diagnoses they believe will give them the most attention. NF seems to pander to and encourage these "patients", obviously for their own financial gains.

No. 1045566

She has insurance so NF is wringing money out of Porgie's insurance, not her savings account. Generally hospital admissions are free. I was IP in the same hospital system as Porgie and the only thing I had to pay was like $200 for the weekly blood tests (over the course of 2 months)

No. 1045567


Are you daft? You pay for your insurance so it most certainly isn't free.

Unless you are mooching off your parents policy

No. 1045569

I mean, she's paying like $500 a year, and would be paying it regardless of whether she used it. Even if she has 10 admissions a year she's not paying more, so I was just pointing out that NF isn't 'draining her savings account' and she's not 'low on NF money' like other posters have said

No. 1045578

File: 1601123918527.jpg (399.49 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20200926_133904.jpg)

*vomit stains. total #recoverygoals. kek.

No. 1045579


I mean it depends what policy you have. The one I'm with, you pay a fee for each admission (600ish).

No. 1045581

Doesn’t the fact that n2f still insists she doesn’t purge (even after she found out ab the mean lolcow bullies calling her out a few threads back) make anyone else curious?
Also, the videos she posts of her eating don’t really look like she’s having a bulimic episode, more like she’s forcing herself to chew/always looking disgusted.
I know, i know, her b/p outfit +hairbun and overall crazy excitement ab insane food combos do look like irrefutable evidence, but do we actually believe she consumes this amount of sugar? Or long expired food?
Maybe she’s just playing with the food? Maybe chews and spits as well as over exercises ?
Any other theories?

No. 1045582

80% co-pay here! Which would mean Georgia[‘s father, most likely] would still need to pay 20% out of pocket for each admission. And that’s only if the policy doesn’t have an annual maximum they’ll pay for voluntary / private hospital admissions, which most probably do.

No. 1045583

I could concede to hew being a chew-spitter. There’s no way she’s exercising enough, if she’s also keeping the food down, to remain so thin after years of purporting to consume the calories she does.

No. 1045586

Whatever she's doing, I reckon she'll lose a lot of teeth in the near future. I don't believe she doesn't puke. She brings it all up into Morrison's carrier bags and throws a blanket over them until she can dump them somewhere.

No. 1045593

I believe I wrote it in another thread so sorry for that but my personal theory is that she doesn't eat most of what she posts. That's why we've seen her suspiciously reuse the same egg or potato in multiple dishes. She arranges it to make her own deranged spread, takes a pic then saves some of it and trashes some of it. These photos are somewhat better quality and more carefully taken. The messy looking bad quality pics of food with bites taken out of it are the only meals she eats (which isn't all that much) and she may or may not purge that.

No. 1045613

I agree, she posts the same food quite a bit- remember that tub or pickle relish a while back? Maybe she just likes playing with it, lots of anorexics like baking/ cooking so maybe this is the n2f equivalent?

No. 1045619

I think it’s a combo of all the theories; some of her food pics are purely for instagram / playing with food, some things she chews and spits, and her late night, throat line laden sugar bombs are B/P sessions

No. 1045631

Does n2f have any friends? Does she ever mention anyone? Unlike a lot of these anas, she doesn't have a close thing going on with her mum (at least on sm), and she always seems to be alone. I think she went to Lady Gaga gig on her own. It's sad to think her life is eating or playing with food all day and it looks like she's never had any friends.

No. 1045661

Also some of the things she posts would be impossible to purge. All those gummy sweets, raw carrots- a bulimic's worst nightmare.

I can't remember her mentioning anyone other than her german internet friend who sends her sweets

No. 1045699

File: 1601137223242.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.11 MB, 600x1067, ezgif-3-ff8a4c11c0cf.gif)

N2f using boomerang to show us how she does it

No. 1045700

Most seasoned bulimics know you should mix unpurgeable stuff with puregable stuff. Eating chocolate? Have something starchy too so itll come up together. Gummy sweets? A few slices of bread.

No. 1045703

Hey porgie!!!

No. 1045705

File: 1601138793302.gif (10.68 MB, 600x1067, ezgif-3-e80b89f8422e.gif)

I decided to gif this n2f screen recording, too

No. 1045708

That does not look like the bite of an anorexic.

No. 1045723

Magickal purging. It comes out solid!

(Hi cow!)

No. 1045741

I think during the daytime she may chew/spit maybe purging but she definitely has a big b/p session late at night with her ‘nightsnacks’ she has past midnight.. I think she posted the other day about her ‘extreme hunger’ late at night - probably from not eating enough all day/depriving herself of any actual nutrients with her food. then at night she caves in and purges into those disgusting bags

No. 1045767

File: 1601148476457.jpg (485.93 KB, 719x1272, Screenshot_2020-09-26-20-28-28…)

Hilarious Jamie is back at it again! Does his craziness know no bounds?!

No. 1045773

File: 1601149018929.gif (2.8 MB, 478x350, jamie is so weird.gif)

Oh wow, that is so weird. A hula hoop dipped in spread. Like…mind blown. Kinda hilarious. Totally deserved to be featured in stories. I wish he was my brother. Life would be full of lol awesomness!!! /s

Actually, this is a combo weirder than anything by n2f /okreallys

No. 1045842

File: 1601155618356.jpg (365.07 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20200926_222747.jpg)

i mean, n2f's weirdly yellow and lumpy hot chocolate looks like it's already been binged and purged tbh.

No. 1045846

The crusty mug. Her crusty hand. The obviously cold and yellow hot chocolate. I'm going to take inspiration from n2f and go puke

No. 1045966

the problem isn't whether or not NF actually gives legitimate treatment. it's mire the fact that it enables fat munchies like Georgia to come and go as they please, bragging out their super duper serious illnesses that they've only been 'diagnosed' with and 'treated' for because they have money and need constant attention to feel like a valid human. It's those fat pricks that ruin it for everyone else.

No. 1045996

"ruin it for the rest of us"? Ruin what? Being able to brag that you were diagnosed and treated because, unlike Georgia, you actually have anorexia? Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. The problem is that there's a lack of quality treatment for people who actually suffer from eating disorders, want to get better and don't GAF whether anyone else knows how sooperseriussick they were.

No. 1046006

Learn to read, retard. I said ruin it for everyone else. They ruin the system of treatment with their constant bed-hogging and waste of resources. And no I don't "brad that I was diagnosed and treated because I actually have anorexia" - spoiler alert, not everyone on this thread has an eating disorder. Check urself b4 u wreck urself.

No. 1046028

So you're telling me that you're just some average shmuck who's never had an eating disorder / been treatment involved yet you're so passionate about resources for treating eating disorders that you hang out on a chan forum specifically dedicated to gossiping about pro-ana scumbags. I guess everyone needs a hobby? Your first post (>>1045966) reads like a pouty ex-anachan who's upset that the world won't believe that you were actually sooper spoopy because Georgia also claim to have anorexia.

No. 1046118

File: 1601174142846.jpg (757.06 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20200926-210353_Ins…)

Mask barely covering mouth but she cannot. Fucking. Breathe. Oh god. (Internet sucks so I had to reup.)


No. 1046141

Truly these two are living on the edge. N2F could teach them a thing or two.

No. 1046148


Why is she even bothering? I know there are debates about her effectiveness of masks, but I don't understand why idiots don't cover their nasals.

Does she even go out?

No. 1046154

The whole N2F is an uncontrollable b/per doesn't ring true for me. Maybe she purges idk but some of her combos look like she's picked the most nightmarish combinations to purge. Chocolate/sweets/biscuits burn like a mofo and turn into thick syrupy sludge which doesn't come out clean. I'd expect more icecream and creamy shit which is actual throat lube unlike the skinny syrups which tbh are if anything going to make it harder. The food she makes looks like shit but it also looks like she's put a lot of effort into setting up her plates and everything. Why would you go to all that trouble if you're just going to b/p? Idk there's just way more than bulimia going on.

No. 1046223

Idk, some b/p’ers will put in a lot of effort to portray a certain lifestyle. I’m convinced she purges her concoctions on the daily.

No. 1046307

presumably this is included in her "DON'T JUDGE ME I AM SUFFERING FROM A MENTAL ILLNESS" pleas. "i can't fucking breeeeathe" - because obvs she hasn't yet realised that she has the ability to breathe through her uncovered NOSE. probs only shared to seek back pats for being so sooper brave and wearing a mask despite her own personal struggles. like, there's literally no point in even wearing a mask if you're not gonna bother covering your nose. jfc.

No. 1046318

You can't get radiation poisoning from a microwave dumbshit

No. 1046335

File: 1601210989739.jpg (609.68 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20200927_135101.jpg)

n2f's version of egg on toast! why is the egg YELLOW?!

No. 1046337

File: 1601211186608.jpeg (1002.03 KB, 828x1519, D7302066-D1C9-4F44-9310-DE4FDB…)

She made it a whole three days. Wow. Really gave IP a good shot, eh dharma?

No. 1046340

I really can't see her being able to get out by herself, but we know she like to put on the facade that she's living a normal life and not in a care home or assisted living.

No. 1046344

File: 1601211713832.jpg (293.35 KB, 1429x1199, Screenshot_20200927-140123_Ins…)

> Saged because old comment
but this is funny as fuck, yea i'm sure people staring at Ash are just jealous. These people are delusional and the worst arse kissers

No. 1046349

File: 1601212420229.jpg (747.31 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20200927_141336.jpg)

n2f's attempts to eat fruit didn't last long! she's back to her chocolate and pick n mix breakfasts because CRAVINGS. interestingly, her breakfast this morning is almost identical to last night's snack - gotta get through those 4 loaves of bread somehow i guess!

No. 1046354

well thank god our #warriors are recovering in public resturaunts while covid numbers in toronto have multiplied back to the same number of cases per day as may! im sure the restaurant employees see this as a huge recovery win! /s

No. 1046356

lol, even the fuckin minion toy looks fed up with her shit!

No. 1046372

File: 1601215931538.jpg (599.62 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20200927_151219.jpg)

more uncooked, pasta and old tomatoes! perhaps she thinks that adding water to pasta, like you do with cous cous, cooks it? or perhaps she just loves crunchy pasta? or, more likely, SHE DOESN’T EAT IT.

No. 1046400

File: 1601219219333.png (467.11 KB, 610x1107, Screenshot_20200927-160713~2.p…)

Is this her pillow?

No. 1046402

Ew.. .sad if it is. Would explain her hair though.

No. 1046413

File: 1601220136615.png (495.88 KB, 694x1109, Screenshot_20200927-162042~2.p…)

There's some kind of rusty chain on her wall. Am I the only one who focuses on her environment rather than the food first? Imagine the smell - boiled egg, sardines, tuna, puke…

No. 1046421

eww. never seen that plate before, but as potentially "new" crockery, it's already. pretty grimy. unsurprisingly.

No. 1046432

I love the weight loss hashtags she uses

No. 1046451

nta but maybe she meant larping fatties ruin things as in make treatment more difficult. imagine being sick and seeing someone who's obese claiming to be anorexic, while also being told you need to recover?

No. 1046461

I'm with you anon, she doesn't eat the stuff she posts. She would have gotten food poisoning 1000 times by now from expired/bad food like the yoghurts and that yellow egg upthread, and the raw food like uncooked chicken breast and pasta… Not to mention she's already been caught reusing the exact same food items in different pictures on different days, just like Fit Vegan Ginger used to do.

No. 1046462

Tagging this post because original's hours ago BUT I don't think someone has to have a particular disorder or disease to get pissed off when people who fake it get treatment. I get pissed off at all the new fakebois who get their tits lopped off on the NHS when they're the kind who get posted on the fakeboi thread.

This posted while I was typing. Wonder how old that recent egg is? I think those eggs she used are ones that were labeled as "pastel eggs". I remember googling it when I saw her packaging. They're some fancy eggs. The hens must lay coloured eggs…but it's probably just old and been festering in a drawer for a week.

No. 1046463

(Just to clarify, I don't want surgery to be a man).

No. 1046464

ALSO, just checked. It's not the actual egg that's pastel. It's only the shell, so yeah, it's manky.

No. 1046478

Ah, yes, my lizard brain was sounding danger alarms when I looked at that egg, no way is it ok to eat, and no way she ate it. Can't purge salmonella.

No. 1046487

File: 1601225679025.jpg (71.14 KB, 977x426, your common egg questions.JPG)


My inquisitive brain made me google eggs. The yellow could be because they're posh chickens that were fed a lot of corn.

No. 1046497

Why would she waste her money on expensive eggs if she either going to just play with them or puke them?

No. 1046510

File: 1601227335180.jpg (439.58 KB, 1080x1962, 20200927_122319.jpg)

Another recipe from n2f! Anyone want to try it?

No. 1046512

Corn fed =/= expensive
Smh, city slickers, I swear,,,

No. 1046515

See, that could be possible if the eggs were uniformly yellow. But they're not, they've just got yellow splotches.
It's decidedly not a posh egg but a bad egg.

No. 1046524

I think she keeps the eggs down. She likes protein and so she'll be okay with an egg. Really don't know why they look so funky, but everything she shows us is rank.

Fwoargh. That sounds amazing. Protein powder and zero calorie syrup cake. Yum.

No. 1046530

"a runny paste" - YUM. but then, that's the kind of cake batter you expect when your cake is over 50% water and zero calorie skinny syrup. what a TREAT.

No. 1046532

File: 1601229076907.png (362.6 KB, 1485x560, promo by n2f.png)

They're £2.25 for 6, so not expensive for free range.

She @s the company. Why don't they regram her pics? Hm…

No. 1046540

File: 1601229236906.jpg (154.93 KB, 696x820, Capture.JPG)

Fuck, just looked at the actual thing she baked.

No. 1046541

File: 1601229318901.jpg (172.96 KB, 705x841, closeup.JPG)

No. 1046545

File: 1601229490084.jpg (210.4 KB, 1391x822, Capture.JPG)

One of the people who "liked" her post makes cakes (img). Pity like?

No. 1046554

File: 1601229790103.jpeg (798.58 KB, 828x1555, 674540C1-22AB-4891-BE1C-0D5CDA…)

It’s practically doable. Someone please try, I beg you!!!

No. 1046563

File: 1601230114731.jpg (36.76 KB, 494x694, cake mix.JPG)

£15 for the cake powder. I'll pass on that one.

No. 1046565

It looks like she actually did bake this. Does she have a toaster oven or did she emerge from her cave and go to the kitchen?

No. 1046569

But it's marked down from £25! What a deal.

How much you wanna bet n2f got it from one of her discount places?

No. 1046570

Maybe a halogen oven. They're small enough for her room.

No. 1046574

I’ll let you get away with using whatever protein powder you may have on hand! I just want to see if this thing actually bakes?!

No. 1046582

Gotta figure out where to find "zelf raising flour" first.

I have one of the ingredients available to me (the water) and I'm not sure I want to spend a bunch of money on stuff I'll probably never use again…but at the time time I still want to.

No. 1046594

Yea probably because lemon drizzle flavored protein powder sounds fucking rank.

No. 1046605

The eggs probably yellow from being dropped on the floor and picking up filth

No. 1046607

… Or lemon drizzle powder

No. 1046618

File: 1601233152500.jpg (494.92 KB, 719x1292, IMG_20200927_195947.jpg)

Anons… I can make this recipe tomorrow?

No. 1046623

File: 1601233281944.jpg (263.45 KB, 719x1080, IMG_20200927_200120.jpg)

I don't have the raisins and I'm not wasting chocolate spread on it but I think the key ingredients are the weetabix… Never heard of a weetabix cake like this so it should be interesting. I'll do it tomorrow and if people are interested I'll go out and get the protein powder so I can make the other recipes? I kinda wanna taste test n2f's cuisine.

No. 1046626

File: 1601233396772.jpg (340.99 KB, 719x684, IMG_20200927_200416.jpg)

Samefag but this is another pic of it. Should I do it?

No. 1046627

File: 1601233622298.jpg (989.06 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20200927-140655_Ins…)

I couldn't figure out where the egg was initially. Under the pasta? Mixed in? Nah, it's the lumpy yellowish part.

Yes! Do it. I want to hear how bad it is.

No. 1046633

YAS! You will go down as a hero when you die of dysentery! Do you really have those flavour shots she references?

No. 1046635

I've never even used protein powder. I get protein from actual food.

Yeah, this is cheap enough. Could even buy generic weetabix. It's kinda like a flapjack thing.
Yeah, I'd like to see what it should look like. There's nothing too vile in the ingredients to make it a waste of time. Idk where you get protein powder cheap from, but I've seen Home Bargains sell it.

No. 1046640

See the catch is- I have gingerbread flavoured skinny syrup which I feel like is good cross over? She uses that so often so I think it'll be N2F approved!

I'll do it! I enjoy baking and I have a pretty strong stomach so maybe I can make more and go down as the n2f shadow baker! I'll go to home bargains tomorrow and see if I can get some lemon flavoured protein powder.

No. 1046660

Good luck, o bravest of farmers!
I'll be looking forward to your report and praying for your health.

No. 1046680

wow anon, you're really taking one for the team! 💪🏻 #warrior
seriously though, I am very interested to know what the baked creations on n2f's recipe account actually taste like. is a cake made predominantly from skinny syrups, protein powder and water really a winner?! please be careful for your own health!

No. 1046684

We all KNOW if she had the gingerbread syrup herself she would've used it!

If it tastes good I'd be interested in making some of the weetabix things. It SOUNDS like they'd be tasty - weetabixy crunch with carrot cake thrown in. I'd probably put a crushed up ginger nut in instead of drops. Might skip the jam though.

Anyone know where she pinches the recipes from?

No. 1046685

I'm with you here. I'd only really make the things that don't involve protein powder. I've seen what that stuff did to Ganer and…no.

No. 1046689

>Anyone know where she pinches the recipes from?
I know of only one recipe cookbook whose main ingredients are water and protein powder:

No. 1046693

Wow! That looks like a really impressive coffee table book full of gorgeous photographs. Whoever wrote that must be incredibly healthy and inspired by actual Jesus!

No. 1046697

File: 1601238088431.jpg (771.59 KB, 1440x1660, 20200927_162225.jpg)

This is hilarious

No. 1046699

Imagine the laughs she'd have with Molly's brother. Grateful she cropped her arse out of the shot.

No. 1046709

This looks like what you’d see staring at you from the corner of the room during an intense acid trip / terrible episode of sleep paralysis. Horrific. But also hilarious.

No. 1046712

File: 1601239221372.jpg (526.96 KB, 720x1283, Screenshot_2020-09-27-21-39-22…)

Speaking of molly- the mystery continues! She said she's been neglecting her grandma's baking for years but according to our timeline she's only been anorexic since oxford? Ahh I wish she'd explain

No. 1046713

My theory is she probably dabbled in disordered eating but didn’t have a full blown ED until she went off to university. I think I saw her mention that her symptoms went unnoticed by her family for a long time. AKA she obviously was not at a low weight, probably just had some food anxiety and skipped sweets.

No. 1046717

Samefag but to elaborate I think she wants to make it seems as though she was much sicker than she really was. Granted a lot of EDs evolve slowly over time but in her case I think she’s saying these things for clout.

No. 1046720

File: 1601239955988.jpg (602.63 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20200927_215152.jpg)

why does everything n2f creates have to include so many flavours? eton mess AND white chocolate AND jam AND protein powder AND birthday cake AND peanut butter AND sprinkles!

No. 1046723

OK but when is she going to drop the recipe?

No. 1046724

Never let the truth get in the way of a good (instagram) story.

No. 1046735

Its shit like this that makes me think maybe laura is actually better off on a ward. How out of your mind do you have to be to post something like this?

No. 1046736

I'm not a baker but having a reasonable knowledge of recipes this sounds like it'd be dry af and dense. All that sweet shit plus no fats/eggs or even milk-don't vegan recipes typically have alternatives that add moistness etc? Luckily for N2F she will have undercooked and drenched he whole thing in additional syrups and toppings so shouldn't matter as much.

No. 1046742

what is it with cows and referring to themselves in third person lol
maybe they think illeism will get others to infantilize their way of interacting with her? its the best i can come up with.
oh smol bean Molly, too sick to grow up and go to college so granny has to baby-sit her instead.

No. 1046743

I think it's immaturity. That's all I can think of.

The thing she posted doesn't look spongey at all. >>1046540 That's the actual cake. It looks like a piece of dried overdone toast with a brandy snap stuck to it.

No. 1046746

i assume the excess of water and the skinny syrup is her attempt at "replacing" the wet ingredients, like milk and eggs. I've never seen a cake recipe that contains a load of water before.

No. 1046747

… or brain damage

No. 1046754

File: 1601242715920.jpg (266.6 KB, 1417x840, Capture.JPG)

These companies should have her muted or something.

No. 1046769

one of these things is not like the other~

No. 1046799

these cookies look slightly closer to cake than the actual cake she made

No. 1046803

wonder what became of the rest of the tuna sandwich? Surely she wouldn't make one mini triangle on its own. I'm noticing more tinned foods(tomatoes/corn/peas/tuna) since her fridge departed

No. 1046827

File: 1601251578810.jpg (569.88 KB, 1080x1802, Screenshot_20200927-190419_Ins…)

Surprisingly normal ingredients.

No. 1046830

The mini sandwich could be made of leftovers from this sandwich (I doubt she eats a tenth of what she posts) >>1046335
She's known to reuse yesterday's food in today's pics.
While you'd just grab that leftover bite from the fridge, she stuffs it with a tomato and sees it as a photo opportunity.

No. 1046902

The gremlin strikes again! I can’t imagine her return to social media and her constant need for validation/attention is helpful for recovering from her personality disorder. And she’s said she uses dance to over exercise, so I wonder if they know she’s doing this shit again…

No. 1046904

It's funny, a while back I posted some stuff from her facebook and wrote that I was still hoping she'd make a comeback. Not too long after…she returned. The attention is too good.

No. 1046906

50ml of Agave syrup, 35ml of CONCENTRATED artificial sweetener drops, AND 200g of sugar? Jesus christ why? You're not even supposed to bake with those artificial sweetener drops, they become carcinogenic if they go over 150c or something.

No. 1046911

Samefagging to add if anons want to try these recipes, they should refrain from adding any of the sucralose based syrups that n2f is obsessed with. It won't definitively harm you, but I've seen some stuff about it this year.


No. 1046917

File: 1601263323432.jpeg (173.02 KB, 828x1472, C73B295C-AD14-4A8E-BE1C-EF8977…)

Our beloved goblin gets her beauty rest before sabatoging another attempt at independence I

No. 1046922

File: 1601263464622.jpeg (209.11 KB, 1080x1920, F3B3441E-4FEA-4B1D-AD94-3F940F…)

Our beloved goblin keeps her parents at bay by pretending to work towards independence II

No. 1046933

Yikes I did not process that it is over an ounce of skinny syrup on top of the agave and a massive amount of sugar. She is an absolute beast.

No. 1047021

File: 1601276781909.jpg (2.06 MB, 1920x2560, 20-09-28-16-50-29-403_deco.jpg)

Saged because I never got a clear gauge on whether this one had cow potential but behold, more side by side comparisons of s00per severe ~anorexia~ where the only difference is that in one there's a smile and in the other there's not.
Also featured is a very Kaydee-esque marshmallow nightmare.

No. 1047036

>Not eating disorder twitter making me look like this in a year's time

She looks exactly the same? The only difference I can see is that she's frowning but the weight looks exactly the same.

No. 1047092

File: 1601285400096.jpg (2.3 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200928_102543363.j…)

So… I did it. This was very sad to eat, tasted like warm weetabix with carrot. Surprisingly not very sweet actually but I didn't choose a recipe with loads of syrup- 40ml of maple syrup doesn't go a long way when you overpower it with ginger and carrot. Wayyy to liquidy (she used a lot of milk) I wanted to add more flour but I decided to trust her and basically it meant that the inside was really gooey and never really baked (I left it in the oven for 20 minutes longer than she did but it didn't make much difference.) I had to scrape it off of the parchment paper because of how gooey it was even after cooking. Oh yeah it was the most disgusting mixture I've ever used, it doesn't show up on camera but it was a weird orange colour that looked like puke lol.
Very underwhelming experience! Tasted like baby food in all honesty, I was hoping for something really disgusting or surprisingly delicious but I got …. carroty weetabix. I took a picture next to a window rather than hanging out to pay tribite to N2F; the woman who made this all possible!
(Also excuse the insides for being kinda nasty. I understand why all of her pictures are grim now, her baking is gooey and disgusting.)

No. 1047093

thank you for your sacrifice anon.

No. 1047094

These pictures make them look wayyyy more solid than they actually are. The outside is hard but the inside is literally porridge!

No. 1047102

have we established whether n2f uses such an excess of skinny syrups not only as potential throat lube, but also as a sweet laxative? perhaps the reason her recipes contain so much syrup is to get those bakes out of her just as quickly as they went in. either way, she's not fussed.

No. 1047105

Absolute hero! I guess this explains why she smothers everything in syrup and spreads (besides the lubricating factor); it’s the only way to make them taste like anything.

No. 1047127

Thank you for your service bakeanon!

That top left pic looks nothing like a proper cake mix, I'm surprised the cake even held it's shape when baked. I'm also surprised it tastes so bland, now the spreads over it make a bit more sense.

How much do you think you could eat of it? It's one thing taking a bite to try, but is it edible enough to eat it like regular cake and not get sick?

No. 1047133

File: 1601294983813.jpg (308.23 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20200928_130528.jpg)

Saged as she's not that milky anymore. But this made me laugh, especially coming from someone who used to poorly shop pictures of herself. I wouldn't put it past her that she's about lolcow and done her reading on porgie

No. 1047134

WOW! This is very special. Ty for your dedication!

I was so sure it'd be okay flapjacks carrot cake, but being a baking virgin didn't know the ingredients would make it disgusting. I thought it was a real recipe she'd messed up, but looks like she actually created this abomination.

Yours LOOKS better than hers, but how disappointing.

>I decided to trust her

I was duped too, so no shame.

Does she still review her own baked? Didn't she have a wordpress blog?

I hope the process was fun even if the eating wasn't. Best post on these threads ever!

No. 1047156

Honestly I have a strong stomach and I couldn't really eat it like a cake- it's not disgusting it just tastes like carroty weetabix which is sort of unpleasant. I don't think it'd make me sick but it's just depressing kek. I didn't eat it with all the jam on so I can't really say if the toppings help but I'm leaving them on display for my family to taste test so I'll let you know how other people feel about them.
Honestly I don't know how it managed to taste so bland? The most shocking thing was that it really didn't taste sweet. Rip her teeth, all that maple syrup and gingerbread drops for no reason! No wonder she packs on the toppings.

Haha thank you! It was a fun process tbh and It's really made me want to try the other recipes because this was the nicest looking one and yet it still ended up so wrong! She still has an instagram page where she reviews her bakes yeah, it's the one I posted screenshots of last time.

I'll bake one of her other (grosser!) recipes if any anons are interested! Send the one you wanna see the most and I'll get the ingredients for it- perks of being in lockdown, unlimited time to taste test Nourish's recipes.

No. 1047184

Nice anon, thanks for the juicy details. If you won't eat it, maybe leave it out for the birds.

No. 1047195

Carrot and Weetabix together sounds bland but you'd expect cake mix to make it more…cakey. interested to know the reactions of your tasters. If we weren't anons we could make a YouTube channel. Reaction videos and tasting videos. Maybe not the milkiest cows on the farm but BY FAR the most amusing. I'll check out her other luscious recipes and let you know which one I'd like to see recreated!

No. 1047199

File: 1601303078982.jpg (226.15 KB, 570x395, shutterstock_40601707.jpg)

No. 1047213

File: 1601304309272.png (936.02 KB, 720x1059, Screenshot_20200928-154218~2.p…)

Ok, looked at her bakes. I chose something that doesn't have ingredients that you'd have to fork out a lot for or obscure things. I like oats and so would possibly want to make these.

If you prefer more challenging items, I'll remember that for next time but I'm wondering are these things jaw breakers or a good affordable substitutes for brand energy balls? They're probably like bird fat balls so apologies in advance.

No. 1047215

File: 1601304493316.png (1022.99 KB, 720x965, Screenshot_20200928-154829~2.p…)

Second choice

No. 1047232

Did she finish uni or drop out? What was she studying?

No. 1047235

File: 1601306880669.jpg (483.68 KB, 720x1244, Screenshot_2020-09-28-16-21-16…)

Another bake already? She never usually posts these yet right after anon tries one she quickly posts a new recipe.. you think she's teasing us? She's gotta be reading this

No. 1047240

She dropped out after first term. No mention of her returning this far. I think she was studying English Lit.

No. 1047242

Disappointed it's another lemon drizzle

No. 1047243

File: 1601307848034.png (Spoiler Image, 745.19 KB, 720x905, Screenshot_20200928-164114~2.p…)


Too old to be doing this shit

No. 1047244

File: 1601307894843.png (138.43 KB, 720x864, Screenshot_20200928-164341~2.p…)

She wouldn't write T W if she was pro ana. Hmkay.

No. 1047270

How old is she? Not familiar with this cow and her IG is private. And this stuff is cringe no matter what the age

No. 1047276

so she knows her photos are gonna trigger people and she knows she looks bad, so why post the photos? anorexia does not compel a sufferer to publicly share their body. that's a personal choice. her explanation is bullshit. she obviously wants the comments and attention.

No. 1047293

The private must be a relatively new thing. I mentioned her a few threads ago and she was public then. She's German, forgot her age but she has teenage kids. I'll do a collage thing from her account.

No. 1047307

File: 1601312911331.png (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 1914x867, bones01.png)

1/2 Her entire account is bodychecks…

No. 1047308

File: 1601312950928.png (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1914x867, bones02.png)

…and justifying them.

No. 1047311

File: 1601313077796.jpg (656.14 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20200928_181138.jpg)

n2f has four loaves of bread to get through, ofc she's gonna be eating more sandwiches! i'm not sure how she's gonna fit them in though, since she is currently eating sandwiches for every meal and most desserts

No. 1047316

God this is bleak. I hate seeing old people with EDs, atleast the teens have the potential for life ahead of them. Her stomach doesn't look good but I suppose that's what happens when you have 2 kids then starve yourself.. good luck to her and her family.

No. 1047343

Sorry to nitpick anon but it looks like you forgot to add hair? Obvs it’s gonna be bland!
(srsly tho this is excellent, please do more)

Aww I remember her ~BMI 14~ shoops, those were fun. Munchie/ED crossover cows are a breed of their own

No. 1047348

Wasn’t she claiming below 13 at one point?

No. 1047358

If she did that’s legit hilarious. I know she was underweight at some point but if you dare suggest her and her friend Tina aren’t as teeny tiny as they make out a certain reddit sub lose their collective tits. Back through the timeline I go!

No. 1047368

That green, sunken in stuff at the upper right corner: that's mold, right?

No. 1047377

This. Sad milk is… just sad. Let's not.

No. 1047387

Looks like it. I've had that same bloomer but the seeds never look green like that. Something's not right.

I had a thought. N2f barely rinses her plates. I can't imagine she'd bother to clean a baking tin. Those things she bakes must have crusty remnants of bakes of yore.

I won't post her again, but age doesn't excuse her pro-ness. She likes that the fetishists found a home on her account. Her words. But yeah leave her to it.

No. 1047406

She was claiming to be 70lbs at like 5'5 or 5'6

No. 1047421

File: 1601322385834.jpg (661.3 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20200928_204657.jpg)

okay, i would legit love for one of n2f's "cookie" recipes to be tried. these supposedly nutella mocha cappuccino peanut butter cookies seriously have the texture of cake.

No. 1047424

Cowpat cookies. K, I'm betting she has a halogen oven in her room.

No. 1047427

Another recipe! This must confirm she's reading the thread. The cookies look like she's tried to make cakes but forgot about baking soda so they haven't risen.

No. 1047428

It doesn't look quite like mold. I've also never seen a piece of bread get moldy on the inside like that. Dirty knife with something green on it?

No. 1047429

How exactly does this confirm she’s reading the thread anon? Seems like she getting into baking since her freezer fridge is gone and she needs to experiment with other non perishable ingredients.

No. 1047430

File: 1601323352868.jpg (444.2 KB, 1079x1918, 20200928_150205.jpg)

They've been decorated! Can't wait for the recipe.

No. 1047434

Oh a hot cross blue n, eerm cookie. Seasonal. Any guesses what the yellow is?

No. 1047435

Bun not blue, but you knew that.

No. 1047436

Her last bake was nearly three months ago and even when she posts them she takes over weeklong breaks in-between, she posted one last night and then someone in this thread recreated it and suddenly
She has another 2 up in less than 12 hours. The timing seems too coincidental to me, that's all.

No. 1047437

She posted this cookie spread thing before, I bet it's that!

No. 1047444

>And here I present you with…
Gosh, she's actually very proud of her culinary creations, isn't she?

No. 1047445

File: 1601324517862.jpg (1.62 MB, 1440x2431, 20200928_162253.jpg)

🤢 found on N2F personal

No. 1047450

She couldnt even be bothered to brush her hair.

No. 1047452

oh, i saw that. it was her version of. a banana split, only with pb replacing the ice-cream, and a cutesy "banana boat" label. note how quickly that plan to eat more fruit went out the window - she's back to using a couple of grapes for decoration, or eating bananas ladelled in chocolate and spread.
does she even know what a cookie is? that's literally CAKE.

No. 1047475

aside from whatever that concoction is supposed to be, when was the last time she washed her hands? ig mental health can affect hygiene but if I were her parents I’d take her to the nearest farm and immerse her in sheep dip

No. 1047496

that grey blanket she started using to cover her grimy windowsill in photos has become very crusty and dirty already…

No. 1047524

Does "Peng" mean rank?

No. 1047563

File: 1601337468163.png (234.66 KB, 750x1334, D5537B43-8D51-4FE2-B7F9-40E64B…)

Apparently more like dank, from its weed origins kek.

No. 1047579

Peng means good basically. I've not heard anyone say it in like 5 years though, she's behind And it's a chav word)

No. 1047584

File: 1601339373123.jpg (35.22 KB, 434x431, cow.JPG)


I've never heard anyone say it at any time. Idk if it's a regional thing she picked up on or what, but no kid in the north west ever said that. Any weed related slang is pretty chavvy innit.

That banana thing probably did taste good, but it'd be easier to eat by spreading the pb on bread or toast with sliced bananas.

Btw, looking through her personal account, she's definitely not a pov. Bose headphones, cash on her bed, etc. She could really afford to buy some nice handwash or a plastic tablecloth.

Surprised she has some artistic talent.

No. 1047587

Kek I'm from north west and I'm op! Weird to see another NW uk anon here… Maybe it's just a Lancashire thing.

No. 1047595

At one point there were a lot of NW farmers and Mancs. Idk if they stuck around.

No. 1047624

File: 1601342443018.png (1.98 MB, 828x1792, ECEDD9BE-820D-48BD-8643-C7DA08…)

I mean like… you sure?

No. 1047662


I'm almost admire n2f's gall at inviting the reactive hypoglycaemia that many anorexics get when they start to eat again. Usual advice is to avoid the sugar bombs.

No. 1047676


The absolutely irony of this coming from a girl who would get her nose hoses sent to her by a teenage "best friend" then make YouTube videos showing other ED/Munchies how to insert and remove them kek

No. 1047677


Arts students with eating disorders are not uncommon at universities, especially ones as competitive as Oxford. She probably thought she was quirky and special until she started there and found herself in college dorms with 10 other Mollies.

No. 1047698

File: 1601349469691.png (1.35 MB, 1602x1180, Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 1.17…)

Another aussie cow. Account is basically body checks, tube posts, pictures of her shitty minimal intake and descriptions of how she purges every ounce of food she eats. Even the inpatient team has given up trying to make her gain weight - she's admitted to stabilise her vitals and then sent off on her merry way to cry about drinking cordial and bake shit for her family.

No. 1047757

How is this milky ? She is clearly not faking like porgie, not claiming she is a "recovery warrior" like Laura.. she is just basically an anorexic. Do you even understand what's this thread about ? Is this a self post ??

No. 1047759

Publicly documenting your anorexia like this is pretty milky imo

No. 1047762

This anon is right, hard agree. Only a gigantic attention milking cow would post this way about themselves. Most people just arent like this.

No. 1047772

she documents everything in her story, down to step count and all while IP

No. 1047781

Ok but is she pouring brekky into her slippers? Is she really morbidly obese and stealing photos of sick women for an obsessive larp? Scamming anyone? Sabotaging other patients?
Or just another anorexic boring bitch with an instagram and no hobbies?

Since when is being a pathetic person milk?

No. 1047782


Yikes leave her alone. At least she has anorexia and is in the hospital trying to recover. You clearly dont understand the thread anon.

Documenting fails/recovery =/= larping AN/ED and constantly dehydrating yourself for NF milk

No. 1047787

File: 1601363943805.jpeg (904.71 KB, 828x1488, 6B1CD266-4002-4343-8158-B8F575…)

I’ve got no words

No. 1047791

“Look at my toob that I so clearly need because I’m obviously starving to death even though I’ve been at the same healthy weight for years while making a game out of repeat hospital stays just so I can play ana chan on IG”. She’s pathetic, and a waste of hospital resources. Her only issue is being an attention whore, which could be easily improved by discharging her and refusing to immediately admit and tube her.

No. 1047795

Kek nice white knighting. Want to kiss her ass some more while you’re up there? An attention whore like her’ll even let you do it for the ‘gram, so you can get a share of those fake recovery asspats.

Attention whoring ana chans are bread and butter of this board, whether they have actual eating disorders or not. Documenting recovery doesn’t require body checks, medical porn, and bragging about how sick one is. That’s ana chan behavior.

No. 1047809

Who's this? Laura?

No. 1047811

File: 1601368862308.png (144.1 KB, 1320x335, Untitled.png)

lol I think this is the first time I've seen an ana puff out her cheeks, instead of biting them to look spoopier? Very odd.

She looks really haggard for an 18 year old, is her bio outdated?

No. 1047813

Look, anon, i see you're really trying to get us to talk about this girl but it aint right. The kid is only 18, clearly very sick and struggling in treatment. Plenty of young people over-share stuff online, it does not make it milky, but just means she's probably a tad immature. Having lolcow dig into her is not warranted and not okay. End of.

No. 1047817

she isnt trying to recover

No. 1047822

No. 1047823

Sorry, replied too soon. But ‘debilitating anorexia’? As opposed to everyone else who just has inconvenient anorexia?

No. 1047835

That’s not milky or even remotely interesting. Calm your hate boner.

No. 1047836

File: 1601376789812.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x2013, F52A8DD1-5792-4B9F-B1FB-C12A0D…)

Had a look on this account and im pretty sure this makes her 21 turning 22 next year? I remember talk about her age and not sure if anyone figured it out

No. 1047844

nice work, anon! seems legit

No. 1047885

Her weight hasn't changed for four years. Maybe a bit thinner the past year, but that's not what happens if she eats/keeps down the things she posts. We know that, but further evidence. Can anyone really see any healthy weight gain?

No. 1047891

File: 1601391315259.jpg (135.25 KB, 912x754, cookies apparently.JPG)

For our baker…

No. 1047892

File: 1601391339327.jpg (139.74 KB, 921x743, recipe.JPG)



No. 1047903

File: 1601393779872.jpg (215.46 KB, 1080x1724, 20200929_103659.jpg)

Did she send this to herself?

No. 1047911

File: 1601395177985.jpg (495.47 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20200929_170012.jpg)

note how n2f has started calling her "cookies" cookie cakes, weirdly since it was mentioned on here that her cookies look more like cake…

No. 1047916

Idk if I'm having some kind of episode, but that actually looks okay. Sounds good, no protein powder, not rock hard. I'd actually try that. Has to dip it in yogurt for extra flavour.

N2F, if you do requests, please can you make something with coffee in it. Thanks in advance.

No. 1047922

You could easily sub coffee for all the water she’s got in there. Use instant and make it extra strong to get a nice coffee flavored batter. Report back if you make it!

No. 1047926

File: 1601397174080.jpg (586.41 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20200929_173415.jpg)

HOW is that scrambled egg?!

No. 1047930

On it! I'll probably be able to do it on Friday- high hopes for these because they don't actually look disgusting.
I'm already making the batch normally so I can always half it and make a portion with coffee for you lil coffee anon

No. 1047932

There is a little weight gain. Although I have no doubt she doesn't keep everything down, her muscles are bigger and more defined than even ganer or darma so she's getting some nutrients.

No. 1047933

Yeah, the amount of water's a bit much. I'd even sacrifice some of my special Skullcrusher coffee if these turn out good.

It's scrambled egg that's been made in her room using improvisation. Gross. Wow at her embracing carbs!

No. 1047936

I'm baffled, these look liek they taste decent. Why must she always fuck up the presentation, though?

No. 1047937

I don’t understand her obsession with sprinkling corn on everything

No. 1047939

Yea in no universe is that thing a cookie, i'm not sure how you can go so fundamentally wrong with a simple cookie recipe she must be bunging in self raising flour in her binge haze I guess.

No. 1047940

It must be a coincidence otherwise she would have vaguely hinted at the thousands of other slanderous things we've said about her by now

No. 1047944

She has though. She refers to us as ~haters~ She went private because she found out she was being posted here.

No. 1047947

File: 1601399810130.png (607.25 KB, 496x730, haircut.png)

I'm sad she didn't do the holiday meet up in Norwich with Madzemoji. That would've been special.

I gave N2F a virtual haircut and condition because her bakes are a delight.

No. 1047948

Yeah but I feel like she would have at least taken the more constructive criticism and wash her grimey blankets or clean her goblin grotto once in a while

No. 1047953

It's not as though her family home's a pigsty. It looks really neat and tidy and organised, so she hasn't grown up thinking stained bedclothes and grime are the norm. She owns nice, p expensive things. Does she even care for them?

No. 1047965

Self-neglect in other areas isn’t uncommon with EDs but it’s the way she’s almost…proud? of it that baffles. Like she obviously spends time arranging all these gross ‘meals’ but doesn’t brush her hair, wash her hands, plates, bed linen etc. Then acts like people should be…idk, in awe or something? (see: “and here I present you….” + past freakouts after followers suggested hair conditioner)
Is she completely deluded? Is she deeply in denial? Is she just an arrogant twat? Is it a combo of all of those? She reads here yet still has zero self-awareness, it’s fascinating

No. 1047970

I don't think she understands what acceptable means. Idk if it's bad wiring in her brain. She posts pics of herself wearing underwear in the garden or in her cesspit of a room, she wears see through dresses, puts stained vest top selfies as her fb profile pic, does weird things like the video in the GP toilets to get in shot, doesn't care about presentation. I really think she doesn't get it.

Looking back to 2016 she wasn't as bad with the hoarding/dirt.

I'm p sure a lot of us can relate to having let standards slide with depression or MI, but it feels shameful and you don't post it on ig. She doesn't see how gross it is. With the food, I think she has hoarding tendencies, but again, hoarders are generally embarrassed about their living conditions BUT they know it's not "normal".

So many questions I'd love to ask her. She really is interesting for the wrong reasons.

On a subnote, she thinks a Lady Gaga gig is going to happen in a month's time. Something's wrong. Idk what, but …

No. 1047971

I agree I think she truly doesn’t understand what is appropriate in any area of her life. It’s like a weird form of ASD but instead of not being able to read people she isn’t able to read situations. What is this about thinking there’s going to be a lady Gaga concert? Does she not know that there’s a pandemic going on?

No. 1047976

It looks like a boiled egg that she mashed with a fork. I've made scrambled eggs in the microwave before. They've never turned out like that.

I don't understand how she thinks her hair looks healthy or that it's "thick"

No. 1048007

Honestly I give it 2 explanations:
1- She has Aspergers or is on the Autism Spectrum
2- It was said before she could be an alcoholic and be hiding it, which would explain the weird concotions and the lack of self care. But maybe I'm tinfoiling.

No. 1048031

I think we’d know is he were drunkorexic. She would post stories where she’s be obviously intoxicated. No way she’s be this good at hiding her drinking but unable to conceal her grime and hoarding. I definitely think it is something else, either ASD, or some kind of mild retardation.

No. 1048034

but she DID attempt to cover her grimy windowsill with that matted grey blanket which now features in all of her photos.

No. 1048035

yeah, her older photos of herself in underwear and shockingly see-through dresses feature her in much cleaner, uncluttered rooms. this grimy, hoarding behaviour has definitely escalated over the past few years.

No. 1048052

Psych fag
I don't think it's ASD.
I think she has 'within average' IQ but isn't that bright. So not enough to have had much/ any extra support at school but enough to struggle to fit in with peers.

But largely I think the isolation of her life and her family allowing it and allowing her to be so absent from the real world means she's just clueless and wrapped up in her little life of food and posting it online.
I think there could be a huge amount of improvement if her family and medical professionals intervened i.e. her parents wrote an eviction letter to her and GP submitted an adult social care. This would get her assessed for supported housing. They can then put in her tenancy that she has to engage with housing staff/ MH services etc.

No. 1048055

File: 1601414038903.jpg (704.15 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20200929_221510.jpg)

her sheets are just VILE!

No. 1048057

She’s not playing with a full deck, that’s for sure. Is she even under services?

No. 1048064

File: 1601414633966.jpg (343.92 KB, 720x1059, Screenshot_2020-09-29-22-21-40…)

The only time she's ever posted a pic with someone other than her family/ lady gaga! They don't follow eachother anymore though. God I wish there were no rules against interacting with cows and people they know because I have so so many questions for this girl kek.. imagine being friends with nourish. Must have been wild.

It's kinda sad though that in 6 years she's only managed to take a picture with one single friend. Can't imagine how lonely she is.

No. 1048066

Gone through her first posts and there are a few comments from girls with 21 in their bio so I assume they were her high school classmates. Nourish has unfollowed them all now though, burning bridges so she can b/p in peace.

No. 1048074

>>1048057 she must be if she's getting blood tests done

No. 1048086

Alcohol would help if someone had to eat her food for a #challenge. This >>1048055 is more than half the shit students gather together for a drunken snack after a night on the lash.

No. 1048125

This thread isn't about being fat and claiming anorexia? It's about PRO-ANA SCUM. PRO ANA. People that promote the lifestyle. Do YOU even understand what this thread is about?

No. 1048129

File: 1601423904309.png (1.16 MB, 1666x788, Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 9.58…)

Ah yes, because planning to escape the ED ward and load up on laxatives is the epitome of recovery.

No. 1048132

leave this girl alone. she's clearly very sick.(samefagging)

No. 1048148

Can you shut the fuck up we don’t care

No. 1048160

I mean I don’t know if I care but ya’ll are WKing someone who is giving tips for how to get lax on to an ED ward. Seems pretty pro-Ana scum baggy to me. Also everyone posted on here is very sick, anon! So not sure what you’re on about.

No. 1048165

SHes still not interesting despite you’re obsessive insistence she is.

No. 1048175

So sick shes actively promoting an eating disorder, which is milky. If she wasn't plastering her ED all over social media for asspats she wouldnt be milky but here we are. You can be legit suffering from a disease but making it your personality is what cows do. Go to a different thread if you dont like it.

No. 1048176

That was my first time commenting about her, I don’t even know who she is, just from what I’ve seen posted it appears she is a pro-Ana scumbag. Seems like there are some farmers who are really getting their panties in a bunch about her! I have no idea if she’s interesting or not this far but we are basically down to 2 cows right now so I’m curious about anyone new at this point. So far from the 2 things posted on this chick seems like she could be at least marginally milky.

No. 1048189

I find her interesting anon not the only person posting here. You don’t have to like all the cows.

No. 1048211

I dunno seems more genuinely caught up in the illness rather than exaggerating for attention to me. Has been ill < 2 years I think so still in that phase where reality hasn't quite hit. Could be milky but just not seeing it yet imo.

No. 1048257

She's not doing what loads of people in psych/EDU do. She'd b e better off writing it all in a journal. She's as interesting as May really, which is not very.

Vendetta or self posts are always zzz.

No. 1048266

Not every new ana chan is a self or vendetta post. A lot of us are sick of only discussing N2F’s food, and this ana is decently milky.

No. 1048286

I'm interested in this cow (clearly not the only person) and I also find May more worthy of discussion than the numerous LARPers. Stop trying to dictate who can and cannot be discussed, you don’t have to be interested in everyone.

No. 1048296

>Also everyone posted on here is very sick, anon!
Girl, no. The 300lb "anorexics" are this thread's single redeeming feature.

No. 1048345

Stop the infights! We literally have 2 cows left at this point so we need to discuss anyone we can unless we want this thread to die.

No. 1048352

File: 1601456587514.jpg (2.15 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200930_100140949.j…)

Not milky but this is what a year and 8 months of recovering from anorexia into BED looks like. Fully what I expected to happen to elzani, tbh. If you scroll through her account the change from underweight to very overweight literally happens in like the span of 4 posts it's kinda wild

No. 1048357

glad someones mentioned this one. she really embarrasses herself with her posts. The people egging her on are secretly giggling about it. This is what is scary about the whole "all in" recovery.

No. 1048368

I highly doubt any anorexic is going to look at the photo on the right and go "Oh yeah, recovery is so worth it, I'll go for it"

No. 1048369

Uh girl, overweight LARPers are sick too, just not in the way they want to be.

No. 1048371

Self post. We’ve told you MULTIPLE TIMES we’re not interested.(infighting)

No. 1048374

How about you try finding a good one then and stop back-seat farming?

No. 1048375

This is so fucking annoying. Every time someone brings a new cow, there’s a deluge of posts claiming self post/vendetta/not interesting. We only have N2F vomit creations and Georgia’s antics and this thread. How about we give new cows a chance instead of immediately deciding their not milky. Just because YOU don’t like someone doesn’t mean they might not be interesting for other farmers.

No. 1048376

This is just depressing. I hope it isn't a selfpost because I don't wanting to imagine having so little shame that you would want to show this side-by-side to people

No. 1048389

File: 1601464358918.jpg (257.2 KB, 1080x1603, IMG_20200930_211110.jpg)

No. 1048390

File: 1601464391144.jpg (376.76 KB, 1079x1722, IMG_20200930_211120.jpg)

No. 1048392

File: 1601464576485.jpg (377.96 KB, 1079x1494, IMG_20200930_211656.jpg)

Not only selling binging to her followers but bikini brands…

No. 1048393

File: 1601464608614.jpg (323.39 KB, 1079x1606, IMG_20200930_211710.jpg)

No. 1048398

Oh piss off, I literally brought flourishingjessie an hour after that and she seems to be a topic of discussion now. Backseat farming my asshole.

Very much not a self post. This is why nobody brings cows forward kek, they immediately get called a self poster.

No. 1048399

Who the fuck is we, bitch? I'm interested.

No. 1048401

File: 1601465761523.jpeg (10.8 KB, 480x360, tfw mom and dad are yelling.jp…)

pls stop fighting

No. 1048402

omg no anon, I'm sorry, please don't cry

No. 1048403

But how is she a proana scum? She’s an attention whore I guess, but she’s not promoting anorexia, wasting hospital resources, or claiming to be sooper symptomatic. She just seems like a girl who was anorexic and now she’s typicalfat, like 50%+ of the western world, and seems happy. Is she proana because her fatness scares the anachanabananas? Actually asking though.

No. 1048404

What is with these cows obsession with the word flourish? And since when has that word meant eating rotten fruit and candy at every meal or going from anorexic to obese?

No. 1048405

shes shilling bikinis to her followers and acting lulzy

No. 1048407

Honestly, you pop out for a pint of milk and come back and the whole threads up in flames

No. 1048408

File: 1601466713233.jpg (692.64 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20200930_125129.jpg)

n2f just cannot resist plating every aspect of her meals together on one single plate. toast and spaghetti and cheese and chocolate and gummy sweets. also, those literal carrot gratings - that is legit the grated skin from a carrot!

No. 1048409

Flourishingjessie says in her bio she has IBS. No wonder.

No. 1048410

I actually agree with you when it comes to flourishingjessie, I thought that post was still pertaining to >>1048129. Sorry.
Anyway, I think it's annoying when anons scream vendetta/selfpost every time someone new gets posted. Still don't think she belongs here.

No. 1048413

Listen i have no horse in this race, i just want to resolve this so we can get on with it.
Assuming the majority of the active posters in this thread are rational people, how about we start to actively frown upon people who automatically reply "self-post!!" to new cows posted?
And by frown upon, i mean lets maybe just stop interacting with said poster(s).
People who post new cows and provide adequate evidence of milk get the attention they deserve, boring non-milk, the occasional blatant self-post and the people who feel the need to call out the self-post get lost in the thread as we continue to ignore them.
Thoughts? Trying to act as intermediary here.

No. 1048414

It properly baffles me to see someone underweight "recover" to an unhealthy overweight though. I mean, she looks happy by her pictures, but like other fatorexics, she's probably just as obsessed with food.

No. 1048415

Agree with that

No. 1048416

yeah, its basically the obsessive food thoughts present during restriction being acted upon continously but in excess. Its "honouring" mental hunger which is binging every time you get a food thought because HAES advocates tell people that if you happen to think of food, it means you need to shovel down a pint of ben and jerrys.

No. 1048417

>Look, anon, i see you're really trying to get us to talk about this girl but it aint right.
We were clearly different anons because I'm not following her, when original poster was, but ok. Account's private so I couldn't do a deep dive, but better to sperg about there not being milk instead of looking for some I guess.

No. 1048420

She's not even 20! jfc
These threads are forever, i mean search porgies name and lolcow is just a few clicks away.
Why is everyone after blood today?

No. 1048422

From spoopy to blubber in only 3 months. How is that possible?

No. 1048423

File: 1601470412680.png (6.97 KB, 803x60, Untitled.png)

Cry harder faggot, its not against the rules. Nobody's even posted her real name, if she's going to be applying for jobs under "Anorexiadiaryy" then she belongs in this thread.

No. 1048425

On the surface it seems confusing, but it's still just disordered eating. It's not uncommon for those who are chronically underweight to later go too far in the other direction and end up with a BMI in the 'overweight' category.

No. 1048427

I agree.
Like, even if it's a self post, if it brings milk and joy, why should we care? They're the ones being laughed at.

No. 1048429

Her meals are literally always pasta, uncooked meat, toast with whatever or sweets, or a mix of all. I gag everytime I think of having a diet as such.

No. 1048430

Shoosh, anon.

No. 1048431

Are you lost?

No. 1048436

Honestly some of our best cows were self posters! Laura brought herself here back in the crying Emily days and we've been following her ever since. I honestly don't care if someone self posts if they're milky enough.

No. 1048437

correct. we all know smorven religiously checks here like she does the hillsong website

No. 1048438

I've lived many years, shared houses with many people but I've never ever known anyone make her meals as disgusting as n2f. Even as a student there are times a person has to mix a load of odd ingredients together because poverty or w/e and never did it look so bad. That carrot is so cold and wet and on the turn. Tin spaghetti on barely toast. Three cold sad cherry tomatoes. That carrot. It's a skill to do that. She makes comfort food look like a bad dream.

No. 1048440

Adding to be topical, when searching milk on IG I'll look for #anorexiarecovery and see if there's any shit looking food (potential cow), but never seen anything close to N2fs cuisine.

No. 1048441

How is any of this food considered "nourishing" like honest to god. These people really are psychotic like I get they have eating disorders but this just blows my mind. Try having a salad and some chicken rather than 20 Halloween chocolates with gummy worms and pasta on bread

No. 1048445

I wonder why she doesn't eat what the rest of the family do. I mean, it's good when kids at home make their own food, but whoever does the family cooking at her place isn't going to be serving gummy worms and chocolate sauce on bread.

I used to want a documentary about Maria and Victoria, but now I want one about n2f. Much more fucked up even if in a different way.

Btw, you know the chocolate bars are garnish that she removes and doesn't eat.

No. 1048473

Probably because it's just another ED behaviour to eat alone in your room. Unless her family are as weird as her?
I would 100% watch a doc on n2f. We all know it's gonna be freaking disgusting.

No. 1048474

Elzani is well on her way.

What's milky/interesting to one person might have no interest to another. Just scroll through the bits you don't want.

Has anyone ever hear Smorven speak?

No. 1048476

anyone else thinking n2f must chew and spit all this candy?? there’s no way she’s actually been eating all of that and actually digesting it

No. 1048478

File: 1601480404900.png (773.95 KB, 508x868, here we go.png)

Time for some ECT eh, Georgia.

No. 1048489

May as well get her brain zapped than do something slightly difficult like eating whole foods occasionally, drinking less alcohol, and exercising 30 minutes a few times a week

No. 1048492

30 minutes?! Where’s who going to find the time, what with her many very successful zoom job interviews to take part in!