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File: 1566310172883.jpg (94.04 KB, 640x810, newthreadmeme.jpg)

No. 855623

A thread to discuss anorexic antics, wannarexics, tube loving drama queens, and the hysterics, drama and attention seeking of those in the Eating Disorder instagram "community".

Previous thread: >>>/snow/844594

No. 855666

E is just full of BS. She only puts on the camera what she wants us to see. And her relationship with her mum is so fucked up.

No. 855674

File: 1566317036262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.58 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20190820_170159.jpg)

Fuck This is scary

No. 855681

its awful for sure.
but then you see that that tv is warped on the right edge hard, the door frame bends on the left, and if you follow the line of the door that would be behind her down to floor level it disappears and doesnt connect with what would the the bottom of the door which has all been erased into that fleecy looking mess that is being passed off as carpet.

then you could move onto the jeans and the host of issues that are not so cleverly hidden. her shoops are lackluster and a complete joke

No. 855684

Kelsey stop self posting. No one cares about your photoshopped body

No. 855687

I've said before, I'll say again. Always check out the arms. In this pic her arm is normal size. They always forget to shop their arms.

No. 855695

File: 1566319280127.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.57 KB, 568x518, Capture.JPG)

One of the fetishists on vk posted that story video of Kelsey doing the bodycheck if you missed it

Still don't know how she did that.

No. 855740

lil girl needs her phone taken away at this point. this looks straight silly

it goes w/o saying that kelsey legit must be scary skinny irl despite her need to edit. she's just in too deep she doesn't realize how warped and disgusting these photos look; dysmorphia so hard she still thinks she needs to shoop at all.

No. 855742

File: 1566326244326.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1078x1890, AFFE3AB1-F03D-49F7-A5A1-F5EB39…)

All of her instastories give off early 2000s crime scene photo vibes..

No. 855745

Mmm, there’s a hair in it.

No. 855753

Bright side, it's extra protein. (how does she manage to get hairs in everything?).

No. 855759

File: 1566328586741.png (7.99 MB, 1242x2208, 2B5AF22D-D0D8-422C-9E04-51D107…)

Ugh poor thing, imagine having such a gross egg shaped head like hers(nitpicking)

No. 855764

Self post. Real farmers aren’t up in here giving any fucks about the shape of someone’s head. Try harder.

No. 855770

lol literally no one is gonna make fun of your headshape Aly

No. 855782

Go cry to mommy you fake addict

No. 855800

File: 1566331694791.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1809, 992CE0A0-AC93-4CE3-9254-163FFD…)

I love it so much bc I look smol !!! Idiot

No. 855824

Did she make a two piece out of curtains?

She's eating on her bed again. Tuna scented bedclothes, mmm.

No. 855827

Genuinely amazed she hasn’t had salmonella yet. She’s been documented more than once to eat straight up raw chicken. Girl needs a good bath too.

No. 855830

>when you've had 1 nose job but need another

No. 855843

Maybe that’s why she isn’t weight restored yet? Shitting her guts out on the regular!

No. 855846

her nose has nothing to do with her being milky tho, no reason to be a shit abt it. shes annoying but she ain't ugly

No. 855848

nitpick but goddamn I hate that ugly velvet set. the color is gross

No. 855850

File: 1566338836562.png (2.21 MB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20190820-180533~2.p…)

man I feel mean bc she's not big or anything, but this pic really shows how much contorting-to-look-sick she does in her body checks. it's sad, girl needs to go to therapy.

No. 855853

She's posted a lot but I don't see what the milk is. Does she even claim to have an ED because she looks fine.

No. 855856

Her whole shtick is edgy junkie chick with a sooper severe ED despite being normal sized.

No. 855861

Fat Aly was way more fun. The whiny ana chan/wannarexic now turned model? act is just obnoxious. It was better when we could laugh at her endless chocolate. This shit is boring and sad.

No. 855862


She had to post 3 separate times that she’d only eaten like 500 calories over two days and was /so addicted/ to the feeling so yah she claims to have an ED

No. 855865

Looks like she shat on a cracker

No. 855866

She has a lot of super ratty hair. How she doesn't realise its there is beyond me? She's gonna be like those people who have to get clumps of hair removed from their intestines.

No. 855868

She was a bit spoopy at one point went to treatment and has been losing and gaining the same 5lbs over and over since.

No. 855872

If she’s still got those browny/grey sheets on her bed, she hasn’t changed her linens in over a year despite eating in bed daily.

She’s prolly noseblind to how bad she must smell. Hair grease, old food, sweaty bedclothes, puke, and piss all wafting together. I’d bet money there’s roaches all over, and at least one crawls on her as she sleeps amongst her ancient fruit and unwashed tuna bowls.

No. 855882

That’s exactly the point! And then she posts herself here fully knowing that more farmers would go to her page IF she posts a spoopier photo. Was not commenting on her weight gain at all kek relax >>855738

No. 855893

Does she ever talk about a parent/parents? Her house doesn't look like a slum in past posts here and I'm wondering how they let her be so disgusting.

I'm not uptight about cleaning because lazy, but idk how anyone can sleep in scummy sheets. Sometimes I wish they'd talk more about their families - even oversharing like Becky. It's easier to figure them out.

No. 855896

Never seen her mention family.
They’re likely just as gross and her lack of hygiene is a learned behaviour. The average person is pretty disgusting, and anas are way worse.

Whatsherface who never changed her knickers and just chugs diet soda on an unwashed red futon in her mum’s basement while saying she’s dying of dehydration.

Shmegeh lived in a dark hovel of unwashed clothes, cats, and booze and blogged about not washing her hair for weeks at a time.

Nourish doesn’t clean dishes or mind eating mouldy food with her greasy hairs all through it in a bed that would smell like burning milk.

No. 855899

I was wondering how Whatsherface BellaThaneofWindhelm was getting on with her knotted intestines. I'd say she was the most disgusting so far because her knickers…

No. 855908

She’s been waitressing and selling puppies as far as I can find without refollowing her ig. Hopefully she has to shower now for work cause she was so grotty. Having a skeleton that smells like a urinal serving your food would be downright horrific.

No. 855915

She didn't get the colostomy bag then?

No. 855936

Why has she been in the hospital for 8 months?
That’s what I always think when I see this stuff- I can’t imagine anything worse than being a fully healthy weight but just chilling in a hospital being tubefed for the long-term lol… I also personally would be worried about some nutrient deficiencies. Having ~0 grams fiber/day can’t be helping her out

No. 855953

She's mentioned before that her parents are pretty well off but that's about all I know, and she doesn't live with them, but in a house with a roommate.

No. 855963

>>855570 the problem ( one of many ) is that E banged on about her REAL RECOVERY for nearly a year and was doing nothing of the kind- fine if you and your anorexia are going to lie to yourself and your family or treatment team ( of which she appears to have none!) , that’s one thing, but to come on YouTube and IG and outright lie to thousands of followers is a totally different thing.

>>855561- that picture is a reason not to have a PO Box- it’s hideous.

No. 855970

File: 1566365782422.jpg (174.7 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_20190820-044113_Ins…)

No. 855991

Didn’t see any photos tbh. Just googled her name.

No. 855993

File: 1566377139030.jpeg (537.82 KB, 750x747, F6014F2A-7A44-467E-983C-6295E7…)

Feel like I should introduce ig user @sanae________ (hope that’s enough underscores)

“Recovering” anorexic but still follows pro accounts and thinspo. Regularly posts pictures from her inpatient stays claiming they were the “best days of her life”, basically just wants attention
Has every illness in the book, from anorexia to bpd to muscular dystrophy to autism to “dissociative seizures” to drug addiction
Lies constantly on her story about said illnesses, forgets what she said before and contradicts herself completely
Lives in Portugal with her rich parents (in a mansion) who completely fluctuate between being her best friends and being “abusive” every day.
Is originally from London, had to move to Portugal for her rich father’s job, has the best education possible and a huge house etc but goes on daily spergs about how much she hates Portugal and Portuguese people. Has a tellonym where she asks people not to ask any questions in Portuguese because it “triggers” her.
Spergs about her ex “abusive” boyfriend even though they broke up over a year ago

No. 856020

File: 1566386629231.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 74FE1BED-2BF7-40C5-81F7-0DC07F…)

What in the fuck lol…

No. 856021

File: 1566386819568.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 750x1334, FDABCF17-C001-4826-B337-07462B…)

Part 2 censored for nips and scrapes..kek at those meaty ribs lol suck it in a little more aly

No. 856022

Her ribs look deformed?

No. 856025

File: 1566387208048.png (Spoiler Image, 932.46 KB, 750x1334, 10B54635-985B-4C35-8659-15F682…)

TW bondage in image. For anyone who hasn’t discovered here’s her BDSM account, featuring semi pornographic pictures. The best part is she has no Dom she just hooks up with random strangers, gets abused and calls if play, lol this is why BDSM gets stigmatized. she makes it seem like weird kinky prostitutes hooking up with randos. Most things in BDSM are consensual, agreed on before, planned… if your playing with someone you’ve never met and you have no plan your a legitimate idiot. Sorry to rant about that but she’s so rediculous. She’s got multiple identities all equally unlikable kek.

No. 856029

File: 1566387623689.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 507B6232-40C7-4175-A4E3-1B4916…)

This so obviously aly so I might as well just attach this op. Aly your projecting. Your the Herero trying to gain minority points and be edgy by claiming a different sexuality. u like dick. Thats ok. Just stop being one.
That’s the ott suck in pose she does it’s pretty damn try hard. Looks very odd on her very average healthy body lol

No. 856030

Shocking. Who would have thought that you can do things such as TRAVEL with a mental illness. Since 25% of people, if not more, suffer from some kind of mental disorder. What’s next, “mental illness warrior - brushing teeth edition”?

No. 856032

She sounds boring af

No. 856036

Idk anything about the traveller either, but that did make me laugh irl. Hope her #travellingwithmentalillness works out better for her than it did Elisa Lam. Shame she's private.

No. 856039

Nobody should be playing that roughly with anyone in her physical condition, what the fuck. And if letting men you don't know tie you up and gag you isn't the easiest way to get yourself murdered I don't know what is. There's a reason why "safe" and "sane" are such important parts of healthy BDSM. What a mess.

No. 856046

just admit you'll never be loved and go

No. 856061

the fact she lets him do that to her says more about her than she realises…. fucking love yourself wtf

No. 856075

whats with all these anas having a profile pic of them beside the sign of where they were inpatient?

No. 856077

Thank you for getting this! She’s trying to act like this BDSM expert with all those bondage ties she does on herself lol, just Bc you take “sexy” pictures doesn’t mean you know about safe and sane play. >>856061 yea and then brags about it?? If your doing that kind of shit you gotta be safe. This whole meet up sounds exactly like what you said >>856039 the quickest way to get murdered! Like it’s already not super safe to meet strangers online for sex and then throw in sadism and a histrionic Queen and it’s just a plan for disaster. What a damn hot mess. I wonder if she does this shit like the one who must not be named did in the past… the one did sex work even though she had rich parents, just like aly. Like to add an edge to their persona. In this case it’s just pseudo BDSM bordering on abuse. Not cute Aly

No. 856088


Self post much?

No. 856094

The lastest sad ana badge of honour, probably. How else would we know they were ~~valid~~ enough for hospital?

No. 856096

Her “physical condition”? Is this a joke? Or Aly herself? You’re/she’s a normal weight despite how much she strains and sucks in and contorts herself to convince people otherwise. I agree that she acts like a fucking tit with this BDSM with randos shit but I highly doubt getting tied up is going to break her fragile bones or whatever.

No. 856109

Yea what exactly does her “physical condition” mean? I actually read that as mental condition kek, probably Bc that better aligned with the sentiment of the op but now that you pointed it out what did you mean >>856039 Anyway I did agree with your bdsm points she’s being willfully ignorant

No. 856121

File: 1566406697823.jpeg (818.22 KB, 828x1296, 195C8FFF-8612-44D2-BFB7-885E50…)

Laura has finally been admitted to a psych ward for her sooper serious anorexia, which I swear to god is what she has dreamt of for years. Since coming there she stopped eating and claims the staff are waiting for her to fall into a coma (at bmi 18.5 kek). At least psych wards are good for validation and to get ana posed hospital selfies to post on instagram.

She claims she doesn’t eat solids/restricts heavily/purges and abuses laxatives to the point of collapsing regulary, yet miraculously has been about the same weight for years. There’s nothing wrong with struggling with ednos/bulimia, I don’t get why they all have to do the dainty anorexic charade.

No. 856127

Well she definitely wishes she was anorexic and not EDNOS. She is sick in her own way clearly (including the unhealthy attention-seeking behavior) so to that sick part of her brain she probably thinks being anorexic would be being "successful" at being sick. Also being a skeleton on death's door would mean–in her mind–more attention, more being babied. So she goes "Take a look, I'm on my way to becoming a skeleton on death's door! Oh, woe is me! No one can help me, I'm doomed!"
It's definitely the desire for shallow internet accolades and medical babying that makes the wannarexic thing popular among girls with other EDs that are seen either as less severe, less life-threatening, or less shocking.

No. 856149


On the upside, no more pics of her Sticking her leg over her head for a while. She was ok a couple of weeks ago. She wad always lulzy when not wearing makeup means she looks s00pers ck.

No. 856159

File: 1566411915040.jpeg (897.97 KB, 828x1468, ED88B7AC-4173-4CF5-B88A-D44B5B…)

Trying to pretend that she isn’t incredibly chuffed with herself for ending up there. Anyone else get the vibe she admitted herself as opposed to what she’s claiming as well?

No. 856163

Even when her ED really was a problem (when she was close to Crying Emily), she was a raging attention seeking borderliner always laying on the dramatics. I guess she'll never change and I don't know how she manages to keep a relationship together if she's like that most of the time.

Even at a healthy weight she wanted to post body shots where she'd emphasised a collar bone or something.

No. 856168

File: 1566413195499.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x2152, 9621A3B7-233A-4251-9D8D-CFD780…)

Censoring her knuckles so we can’t see she purges? As if it weren’t entirely obvious by the mush she eats exclusively.

No. 856170

File: 1566413328827.png (959.44 KB, 640x1136, 767FDB3A-7721-4FBF-8E1D-233E75…)

nourisht0flourish’s dirty leggings ft. her dirty dresser and barf-esque smoothie bowl

No. 856172

File: 1566413375902.png (886.01 KB, 640x1136, 5B8461B6-6D73-49C7-9EAF-B297F2…)

part 2: better shot of her “choc protein smoothie bowl”

No. 856173

File: 1566413410643.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1242x2152, B9FB51BE-A5EB-40D7-9BD9-E5A9FC…)

Day fuck is this shmultz on her hand? Guessing this pic was taken mid b/p session are that’s puke.

No. 856184

File: 1566414583039.jpeg (143.45 KB, 828x1495, C83409AE-FC18-458C-9B5D-383A8C…)

Yup, her semi-dislocated-shoulder bodychecks are so cringey.

Speaking of cringe, hade you seen the stories on her venting account trying to force out a tear but not really succeeding? Kek

No. 856186

File: 1566415016556.jpeg (243.3 KB, 828x1116, 46B00C8A-D270-433D-A8E7-7E7FC2…)

Case in point

No. 856196

File: 1566416163334.png (2 MB, 1179x915, gws.png)

No. 856202

File: 1566417075179.jpeg (1.13 MB, 828x1721, D9BF80F7-577A-402E-81C2-01C2F1…)

Ganer allegedly added some mozzarella to her nasty looking concoction. Truly the warrior we need and deserve.

No. 856204

OMFG how can anyone live like that, bleugh.

No. 856206

Yeah, I'm kinda putting her neck and neck with Bella for pigsty life after seeing that.

No. 856223

The mozzarella is normal compared to the massive side of what appears to be mayo

No. 856234

There’s never been a competent doctor in the history of Ana chans, either their PCP is sobbing and saying they’ll give them a kidney if they just promise to get better or literally a team of medical professionals are saying their hands are tied and all they can do is watch their sickest patient slip into a coma.

Good on them for not toobing her.

No. 856264

bet it’s fat free Walden farms mayo

No. 856267

File: 1566424250678.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190821-233210_Ins…)


No. 856276

i feel like this is supposed to be a GoT reference but she got her info wrong

No. 856287

>>856025 your icon is showing

No. 856294


The staff really get shit from stroppy patients. I couldn't do their job. It's funny how the majority of ig anas are all, oh I don't deserve to eat, I don't deserve to live and here she is stomping her feet demanding vitamins and constant monitoring.

I hope they just let her get on with it. She'll be sneaky eating something.

No. 856309

File: 1566428029850.jpeg (413.31 KB, 750x990, 3C8A9616-8754-4675-BF88-F83FCC…)

“I could have dropped dead at any point” fucking sure Jan they definitely wouldnt have let you into a residential facility if you were “nearly in cardiac arrest” wtf is wrong with these ppl kek she really thinks she’s a delicate sick frail ana, could starve to death at any second and drop dead! Ugh

No. 856321

File: 1566430267675.jpg (26.96 KB, 727x183, 0.JPG)

Hence why she's obese. Medications, my ass.

No. 856323

File: 1566430515177.jpeg (150.25 KB, 750x625, DA00CA27-5B9C-4402-AECF-F677BA…)

When she’s afraid of potatoes but willingly will eat a bagel. Sure Jan anorexia

No. 856324

File: 1566430536785.jpeg (147.98 KB, 750x723, 89B7838E-D4AB-4D65-9F73-8E7B5F…)

No. 856326

And if they did she should sue and say they didn’t take her physical health seriously due to her weight. If it’s for real I’m all for her dragging them. Treatment programs do all sorts of hanky panky. While I personally doubt she had prolonged QT intervals, if she did it’s incredibly negligent on their part and they deserve to lose money over it

No. 856330

real specific safe foods, yeah

No. 856354


Some atypical SSRI drugs can cause this reading btw

No. 856358

I don't even think shes in treatment right now, wheres the pics of it?

No. 856364

File: 1566437010152.jpg (572.47 KB, 1013x1253, 20190822_112304.jpg)

Public health, both medical and psych, appear to be sick of her shit so shes following in Georgias footsteps and trying her hand at private MH facilities. KEK

No. 856365

majorly struggling yet always looks the same.

No. 856368

What the fuck does Aly do all day lol it must be boring being a wannarexic attention whore living off her parents

No. 856369

if she just went to a psychologist and a GP regularly, she would be allowing a bed to go to someone who needs it.

No. 856370

new farm allows anyone of any size a toob so she will be in heaven

No. 856371

You’d think if she was “majorly struggling with anorexia for the past year” her weight would have went down not up. Idk if it’s the filters but her face looks bigger in every dumb tube selfie

No. 856373

Nah she wouldnt be able to afford fillers lol. It definitely weight gain. There are private hospials in her area that would offer the same thing as new farm but she clearly wants to be able to claim she went involuntary (they allow tAs there) and she can skip a meal and get her.beloved toobe back.

No. 856375

No one here follows her new account from what I can tell. I don’t doubt she’s in treatment but research shows she would do better in outpatient

No. 856376

Kek clearly you said filters not fillers. Mbad. Ergh. Sage

No. 856385

Not sure if it's Megs being referred to here (too many anas to keep up) but i only research her on her tel. She's currently enjoying documenting her time inpatient. She's loving being there because attention.

No. 856398

File: 1566440835756.jpeg (219.81 KB, 750x1114, ADB6BEBA-AE7B-40C6-BD76-578156…)

>>856385 Part 1
Speaking of meg she posted this but I’m not sure who or what she’s referring to we haven’t mentioned her a ton lately perhaps a particularly annoying tell but kek

No. 856399

File: 1566440940578.jpeg (154.52 KB, 750x1118, 265C859C-C8D1-4425-B1C0-AB2281…)

>>856385 >>856398
Part 2 Full picture Idk she still looks overweight to me yikes lol. Is this her lowest weight? I’m confused lol who is she calling out

No. 856401

File: 1566441076639.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 750x1334, 42DEFAC3-9536-4A54-A10D-F645A0…)

TW for censored wanorexic bod. But,Oh my. She’s willing to do anything for attention lol. This is almost causing second hand embarrassment for me like wtf aly what are you doing?!

No. 856402

It aint Xmas, so I'd say she's posting old pictures for some reason. Does she think she doesn't look fat?

No. 856407

I think she’s posting it simply Bc she was asked lol. Honestly no shame. Also major kek at the vyvance tell before the one I highlighted lol. Her followers are actually hilariously blunt and pretty smart Bc vyvance is used for BED I’m pretty sure

No. 856421

Kind of makes me sad cause she looks actually happy here? And her weight looks lower too. I hate to be that bitch but maybe she’s so defensive about her diagnosis because she’s ashamed of bingeing. But like you don’t get to be obese if you aren’t bingeing soo

No. 856434

She spoke about chocolate and ice cream with passion soo…

I can't look at her and register it's a woman and not man wearing a wig.

No. 856441

File: 1566445899430.jpg (472.41 KB, 1076x1597, 20190822_134953.jpg)

Vomit. You could spend those months "getting better" rather than taking up a bed that someone whos actually unwell could use.

No. 856449

If only she knew how to use layers in PS

No. 856454

If you have insurance, you can get into new farm. They dont even care about your health status
Must be a hard program if even georgie got nose-hosed. P sure that's why shes going to NG, cause she knows the protocols and will ne able to keep her nose jewellery

No. 856469

It’s indicated for both BED and ADHD

No. 856471

File: 1566454970866.png (3.63 MB, 2534x1616, What.PNG)

"Feel it"

No. 856472

File: 1566455365225.jpg (404.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190822-032829_Ins…)

No. 856493

That vlog was awful- I wasn’t too sure what to make of it. It was weird.

No. 856509

She is not wrong. The fires were deliberately started by cattle ranchers.

No. 856518

She’s never going to grow up now. It’s going to be a revolving door of admissions, tantrums, tube selfies, whiny IG stories for the next ten years. At leases she’ll save on rent if she’s living in a private hospital most of the time.

No. 856519

File: 1566474620879.png (468.69 KB, 1018x716, Untitled.png)

What day of the holiday was this? How can she be so ghost white? Can't watch it because, but getting her sister to feel her bloat??

It's nice to see that despite being so desperate for £ with debt and bills Becky can fork out for a fedora on ebay because priorities. You bought the assistant dog lead and now get the fedora look!

No. 856528

That blog by E was so weird LOL it was honestly just her filming herself binging for a week straight. That ain't recovery hun. That is binging

No. 856529

Ooops I meant vlog

No. 856530

Can someone start a thread on models/instagram models and post the link to it PLEASE

No. 856531

No. 856532


You got the milk, you start the thread, newfag. And learn2sage.

No. 856533

I don't know how to start a thread. and what is learn2sage LMAO(newfaggotry; lolcow.farm/info)

No. 856534

It's what you do after you lurk moar and read the rules.

No. 856539

“toob” “spechul” “sooper” swear to god the cringe is going to kill me

No. 856550

File: 1566480871785.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 8FEDF881-CCC2-4D3F-B68C-A19056…)

Part 1
Uhm…. lol maybe if you have an ed? To everyone else you look like a vain fat person kek

No. 856551

File: 1566481019638.jpeg (81.87 KB, 308x580, 0EEA1FFB-47D7-4F42-87A8-11AD3A…)

Part 2
Close up and edited color to reveal… oh boy she’s bigger. The whole justification of binging and eating poorly to “recover” is catching up with her. And she can’t run away Bc she’s to heavy kek. Oh georgia. Imagine if she just addressed her bed like all the other obvious BED cows on here? They’d rather be overweight with a label of anorexia then average weight with no label.

No. 856553

File: 1566481158109.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190822-153846_Ins…)

bc her bf took a bigger part of the drug? (is it obvious I dont know drug lingo….)

No. 856554

Before you posted part 2 I immediately though, my god she's gained weight. When they treat ~atypicals~ don't they feed them healthy stuff to keep their weight down? In short, don't they teach nutrition? Honestly shocked how much bigger she is.

And no, I don't check reflective surfaces. Only car wing mirrors if there's something in my eye.

No. 856556

File: 1566481784575.jpg (447.74 KB, 720x1142, 20190822_144917.jpg)

Yes they would totes discharge someone who is about to fall into a coma

No. 856557

I'm more concerned about her scabby lips. Get some fucking Carmex. It's funny how she goes out of her way to look ill.

St Vincent's is where one of the twins is treated. Imagine the milk that flows in that place.

No. 856560

>>856557 I think shes showing off her lips proudly bc it can be an indicator of purging. It's so super common, but I've seen a few people develop lips like that.

No. 856561

File: 1566483189121.jpg (360.58 KB, 1080x1667, 20190822_150634.jpg)

digital ghost trying to show how sooper anorexic she is by bashing someone who likes pork chops?? weird ana flex but okay

No. 856563

They were fine in the picture a day ago and the others at the start of the month (when she was apparently doing her bad shit).

Yeah, I've seen mouths all flaky with stomach acid like they've been glue sniffin. I kinda think that, seeing how it suddenly appears, she rubs and picks them to make them look like that for effect.

No. 856577

She clearly picks and scratches her face as she’s said in multiple past posts; already dry lips are an easy target for compulsive skin pickers.
That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s doing it for attention. Not everything is ‘milky’ like you guys try so hard to convince yourselves of.

No. 856578

Samefag but I’m tired of the non-milk being posted here lately.
Oh no, someone is overweight, let’s bag them for it. Someone picks their skin? Must be attention seeking!!!
Find some real darn milk.

No. 856579

1. She's still underweight, is probably going through extreme hunger after years of restricting
2. Have you ever been on an all inclusive holiday? Non-ED people eat a whole lot of food when its unlimited

No. 856586

But non Ed people don’t film it.
Part of recovery is getting a life not focusing on food.
Lots of restrictive anorexics become AN-BP and I can see E becoming one of them- she’s still underweight enough to feel anorexic but if she carries on eating like she has been…. she won’t be able to stop eating those quantities .
And the food baby was just disgusting .

No. 856594

Ikr! She’s much more massive. Well they probably did teach her nutrition… but she’s still in the frame of mind that she needs to “challenge” herself by eating food she probably regularly gorges on like fries and burgers. But yea meal plans for overweight ppl regardless of ed usually are healthier, less fat exchanges, etc. well at least that’s what I’ve seen in ip and IOP programs anyway.
Find a new forum then? Stop complaining or bring your own milk

No. 856597

exactly. Also anyone realize when had 6 cookies she made her poor mom have 6 too? How r family not annoyed omg. Also, I hope she stops filming because her entire life is all about food. that isn't recovery. it's sad.. hope she gets better though

No. 856598

it isn't extreme hunger if she kept saying she feels sick and so full and can't move blabla. non-ed people stop when they feel full not when they can't breathe. people with extreme hunger r hungry. she legit said she feels sick. who else feels sick after eating? people who binge.

No. 856604

Laura's one of the biggest attention seekers from these threads. Compulsive skin picker? Yeah, I can tell looking at her generally flawless face. It'd be impossible for her to even try any harder for attention.

Overweight girls pose for endless tube shots claiming anorexia. Eg Georgia. Suddenly has a miraculous recovery and adds to her obese weight. Yeah, these people are normal. As normal Elzani's youtube channel. As normal as fetishising being tubed.

Find somewhere else to WK.

No. 856605

File: 1566489316211.jpeg (213.07 KB, 828x890, 9835FCE2-19D7-48B2-8B25-890EA1…)

Exactly. She loves to show off those dark under the eye bags, chapped lips and make a weird crooked smile and be like ”why is my face like this” (”tell me i’m frail and malnourished!”). Sorry mate, looking worn doesn’t mean you’re on deaths doorstep, it just means you need proper sleep and stop living of skinny soy lattes.

No. 856618

recovery for the physical aspect, ex, for weight gain needs to be monitored. u follow a meal plan not eat whatever u want. eating whatever u want is when ur at a healthy bmi to heal mentally. I don't understand why she isn't ip.

No. 856619

File: 1566490502010.jpeg (183.89 KB, 597x902, 5F082010-ECBB-4DDF-9614-6699E2…)

Do you good Meg.

No. 856621

E needs at least to be in therapy. She really needs to live in the real world.

No. 856623

What's to be E went back to restricting as soon as she came home. Or purging.

No. 856624

was literally just gonna say that!

No. 856627

Why are people assuming E purges?

No. 856628

binging. maybe she isn't purging idk but def restricting on some days

No. 856629

Yes, that's what it means
Did you see the stories she posted after trying to get someone to bring her xanax? I hope she eventually realizes she abuses her prescription drugs (whether she's aware of that or not)

No. 856630

File: 1566491129543.jpeg (290.71 KB, 750x1097, FA08CDBB-6428-4F6B-937A-F70976…)

loling at how this diary card. Maybe her stomach hurts from all the m&ms and chocolate milk she drank for snack kek, I tried to highlight it.. appears to be her evening snack.

No. 856632

On top of birthday cake for dessert at dinner. I’ve been in treatment and understand that they need to shovel the spoops with caloric food just to get their weight up, but I have no idea why they would allow it for meg. “Treating” her should involve teaching her how to eat in a normal, balanced way for weight maintenance. She probably sees all the skelly girls around her “getting” to each that much junk food and is just so excited to join in.

No. 856636

I like how complaining about the lack of legitimate milk is ‘white knighting’. Ever consider maybe the milk you bring is just boring?
Oh wait we can’t take constructive criticism here, only dish it out. Silly me for forgetting!

No. 856637

I saw ine of her snacks was strawberry Nesquik. Sugar in milk. She's going to he huge and diabetic.

No. 856638

Leave, harpie. Jesus.

No. 856639

hey I'm new here can someone explain the lingo I can't find what the words such as milky etc mean

No. 856645

anyone see the cows on ed twitter? lots of milk there!

No. 856648


No. 856650

I checked it but there is no lingo like milky cow etc

No. 856651

Milk: drama
Cows: people who create the drama
That’s pretty much all you need to know.

No. 856660

And the main for dinner was pasta! Treating people with BED and AN in the same environment is a disaster waiting to happen. Even if both people “restrict” people who have BED binge and rationalize their behaviors because they !!restricted all day!! She’s going to keep gaining weight if they feed her like that and she continues to choose empty calorie snacks every single time. Or if we’re being optimistic they’ll catch on and start addressing some things. I’ve never seen DBT cards for people who primarily restrict

No. 856661

Thanks for only proving my point, kek

No. 856662

Probably both at this point. She keeps getting granulations so she might be bingeing so aggressively that her tube is physically pushed out from the pressure

No. 856663

Pasta could conceivably be part of a healthy meal, I’m more concerned with the raisin bread (ie sugar bread) multiple times, yogurt and chocolate chips, birthday cake, chicken and ranch, chocolate milk and
m&ms, and cookie butter that she’s shovelling down her throat. Yeaaah, it’s the “medication” causing her to gain weight. Okay.

No. 856667

Jesus, a fat person eating birthday cake and m&ms is not milk. Find something better to talk about

No. 856670

It is when she’s also claiming to be sooper sick and scared of eating and making a big show about it. If you’re offended, maybe you should go hang out on club penguin instead of here.

No. 856671

yeah vyvanse is a stimulant, and it causes loss of apetite. there's no way an actually anorexic person would be prescribed that, even if they had adhd. it's funny that she blames her medication for her weight gain when it actually should help her lose weight. just clear she's a binge eater.
she's also clearly on the high end of overweight or obese in this picture. not sure if she's trying to convince other people she was a normal weight or herself.

No. 856673

No, Laura, they discharged you because you’re a normal weight malingerer. Good luck with her trying to get admitted for her severe ED. A lot of places and services in the UK don’t take you unless you’re significantly underweight.

No. 856675

What’s even more concerning is she’s admitted she is able to choose what she wants for snacks and she’s picking these high calorie, high sugar, high fats foods. And that TEP isn’t encouraging her to try new foods or stop eating absolute crap. She would probably claim they’re triggering her and being mean if they tried though. Does she have bpd or just bipolar

No. 856686

Not offended, this thread has just become infested with anachan nitpickers. A lot of treatment centers feed their residents shitty processed food, it’s not news. It was milky when she posted ugly crying selfies and whined about her made up starvation symptoms, not when she posted a barely legible food diary from treatment that anon went to the effort of nitpicking

No. 856695

fucking same, it’s not cute or clever

No. 856697

i always think it’s so weird and sus when single girls obsess over their male best friend, it always gives off really desperate vibes. like if she had a female bff it would be a different story but she probs wants to hop on his dick but he’s not interested.

No. 856701

if you think something isnt milk you could just not respond to it …. u know instead of crowding up the thread with "this isnt milky stop talking about it" every time

No. 856703

The 'bff' she talks about is gay, he has a boyfriend

No. 856707

Except you clearly didn’t read it all because you’re still not saging

No. 856727

Waiting for you to reply with a study stating people with atypical anorexia have better outcomes after residential treatment…

No. 856728

stop saying sooper jfc.

No. 856744

Thooper dooper thick (Super super sick) suit your delicate sensibilities better?

No. 856747

Whoever it is that has a problem with the content of this thread, it makes no difference at all whining about it. Unless someone has the ability to pull a milky ana out of their ass then we're going to concentrate on what we've got.

If your standards are higher, if you're better than us, then this thread's not for you. Stop trying to come across massively educated about the workings of the mind of eating disorders and putting their behaviour down as normal. The cows here are here because they show their disorders off on instagram in a way the 1000s of other ed people don't.

Don't like it, there's the hide option.

No. 856748

File: 1566505611508.jpg (1004.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190822-222340_Ins…)

shes doing great I guess

No. 856749

File: 1566505649150.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190822-222342_Ins…)

No. 856750

File: 1566505677563.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190822-222359_Ins…)

but honestly wtf

No. 856757

File: 1566506181103.png (7.95 MB, 1125x2436, 56CBF2FA-FF53-4BA0-9D77-AA48C9…)

You didn’t post the best part of her recent meltdown, her admitting that she enjoys attacking people

No. 856760

I stg this ana is going to end up dead by OD pretty soon

No. 856761

She doesn't even know a dealer IN SEATTLE to give her benzos. (How does someone who likes pills not have a contact?). I think she's safe.

No. 856765

After reading all the garbage above with the autists I literally died at this kek wtf is she trying to prove? What is the point of even saying this lol? Like ok… and then you admit to being sadistic like is that a positive trait to have in her mind? So many questions. She’ll say it’s about bdsm I bet anything.. once again putting about an unrealistic representation of bdsm. She’s honestly and idiot. I actually think she’s stupid af. Especially with the sadomasochism stuff on her other account and all the wounds and her nude body being tied up it’s nuts! But then she’s a pristine delicate ana with 100 lbs of makeup on 100% of the time. She’s like two totally different but equally crazy ppl kek
I’m guessing your new but the reason why farmers type that instead of the actual spelling is Bc it comes from the cows .. they say “tubie” or toob and shit like that. It’s part of the slang that this person doesn’t get >>856650 So you might as well stop complaining about it, it’s not going to change anything

No. 856767

I don’t even think she does to be honest it’s just all to seem cool. If she actually “did pills” she would have a hook up lol just like you said!

No. 856775

File: 1566508671443.png (6.23 MB, 1125x2436, FA9FE530-9B3C-4DBB-A8BC-C7F665…)

It’s not bdsm related, sorry anon I should have clarified. After her drug meltdown she had yet meltdown over some other account that was being oh so Mean to her. Flipped out and dedicated a quarter of her story to attacking them. Pic related, she’s the one who needs to go back to preschool. She acts like a toddler, always throwing tantrums over the smallest things. Bitch needs serious help

No. 856778

Over exercising- treadmill in sitting room.

No. 856780

That’s the bizarre thing- never once over the entire year has she mentioned any form of therapy or counselling . Is she just magically sort her attachment issues out?

No. 856781

Hmm…I wonder why she's all alone in the dark with nobody in her life to make her laugh.

No. 856784

Yeah baby

No. 856802

Learn to sage, Elizanistan

No. 856805

Does anyone know what the account was? Now I’m curious lol. >>856781 I know right?! If this is what she chooses to share I don’t even want to know what she chooses not to share.

No. 856809

tc.brain was the username but they’ve deleted their account or changed the username now sad face

No. 856810

File: 1566514403079.jpeg (866.73 KB, 828x1464, 6DBC5B05-3C82-4863-9B7F-889A56…)

Nice popped out shoulders Laura. Major kek at the water nonsense.

No. 856812

The NHS is desperate for empty beds but no way on earth would they discharge anyone claiming to have not eaten or had water for two weeks. Not on a medical ward, not on a psych ward, no ward. This is total bullshit. They like to discharge people asap, but nope. No way.

No. 856817

File: 1566516397157.jpeg (159.43 KB, 828x676, 4D6DA32C-9F5E-48C3-BF1B-0784DC…)

She claims to have been discharged because the acute facility couldn’t treat eating disorders. Someone in the comments is supporting this (pic attached). Surely if she was claiming to have not eaten or drank in weeks they’d just transfer her to general for holding (probably with a drip & a tube) until a bed became available in an EDU? She’s such a bullshit liar and it’s bizarre to me that people are backing her up when none of this is how treatment works at all.

No. 856832


An acute facilty should have medical provisions and a longer term one wouldn't be expected to have those.

No. 856834

Check what? Still massive?
It seems like she got the anorexic badge she wanted and is gonna wave it around as a permanent defender against the mean girls in year ten who called her a fatty.

Her weight might not be interesting but the way she’s aggressively stunting her own emotional development for the sake of it is amazing.

No. 856837

Kek. It’s so funny Bc it’s not like she has anorexia nervosa she has atypical which is a fucking OFSED subtype..lol so basically EDNOS but theres no more NOS in the DSM. Anyway she’s deluded if she thinks having that label justifies her behavior that will have consequences. One being this weight gain. Idk the obese wanorexics who actually think their spoils have it the worst… her and meg are just going to keep blowing up why tx centers take their money and don’t treat the obvious BED… and the anorexic delusion of course, kek like your right what is she checking for lol oh gorgie porgie

No. 856845

make a thread specifically about fat bitches and laugh about them there if it makes you feel better about your own eating disorder. between the bone rattlers and self posters this thread is devolving into pure shite when it used to be entertaining until like three, four threads ago. summerfags gtfo

No. 856847

thats one hell of a food baby

No. 856849

Yep, that's what they do because nobody in medicine would say, duh let's let her go. I've known of a guy having a psychotic episode who was on hunger strike for whatever was in his head. They had him put in a single room and was tubed n shit right there on the psych ward for a day and half before he was moved on somewhere else.(no1curr)

No. 856886

On top of that, people tend to use farming slang words like "farmhand" and "farmer" so you can kind of extrapolate.

No. 856897

File: 1566530165218.jpeg (642.7 KB, 1125x2146, IMG_4382.jpeg)

she changed her user name heres what she posted so far

No. 856898

File: 1566530277996.jpeg (651.69 KB, 1125x2187, IMG_4383.jpeg)

No. 856912

File: 1566532153696.jpeg (251.27 KB, 750x659, 3AE2528A-17AA-4A2F-84DF-3918B8…)

Also read as “the hospital discharged me so I decided to prove them wrong and binged on hospital grounds”

No. 856920

File: 1566534098493.jpeg (281.98 KB, 828x1437, 3825DE9C-5A91-4058-9EFA-1B78CC…)

Ofc nothing inspires her to recover, she’s too buzy stocking up on enough selfies of her dehydrated self to last through the winter.

I can already picture all the before/afters she will post. On the left: her forcing her foot behind her head as far as she possibly can RECOVERING On the right: scratched face, no make up, dislocated shoulder, pushing hips back and bending knees slightly MUH ANOREXIA

No. 856969

File: 1566551214247.jpeg (614.44 KB, 750x1103, FA3A1361-ECD0-4C89-A93D-73C455…)

Uh woah is me, the day program I “ran away from” is forcing me to drink water kek. How do u runaway from a place you voluntarily can leave? To my understanding you can come and go for appointments so why wouldn’t someone just say fuck it and leave? But we gotta get our attention needs met. Honestly I know some ana chans who get so malnourished they think water has calories, or it’s going to make them gain water weight but what’s this cows excuse? She’s about Georgia’s size, possibly bigger so I would assume she’s eating fried food like chips and burgers… yet another closeted binger wanorexic. How rediculous “it’s been hard Bc I have to drink again” kek, sure Jan you ate an entire container of hummus at the group home party and accidentally documented it on your story. Unless that was communal but it looked solely in front of her, can’t provide screen grab as the story has passed but if anyone saw that it makes it hard to believe she can’t at least drink fucking water gosh. She’s trying so hard that it’s beyond not believable it’s just a joke now

No. 856974

File: 1566553430930.png (69.08 KB, 969x395, 7.png)

So, which one of her seven subscribers are you, anon?

No. 856976

someone follow her and find out.

No. 856978

Isn't she the one who self-posted last time (think the follower count was exactly the same too).

No. 856995

i’m so glad someone finally came out and exposed her like this her followers always praise her as a ‘bad bitch’ while she is just straight up rude and offensive. she needs knocking down a few pegs

No. 857003

Are you seriously one of the double checks literally only seven people that she still allows to follow her? I'm blown. You know this cow irl or just got lucky?

No. 857013



Faking dehydration is the latest ig ana trend then? Whatever next..

No. 857020

File: 1566569577882.jpeg (527.38 KB, 828x1139, 8B4E935B-AA4A-4D85-9152-2FBB60…)

Starving and dehydrated as she hasn’t eaten in weeks, ready to slip into a coma at any second but miraculously has enough energy and strength to go shopping. Ok retard

No. 857024

She either has a superpower or she's a bullshitter. Take your pick.

No. 857034

She’s not even that thin lol she just has massive collarbones which she juts out constantly to try and make it seem like she skeletal. Her legs and arms look normal plus she has no waist.

No. 857038

File: 1566574409238.jpg (52.62 KB, 592x594, cc.JPG)

You made Laura cry.

Does she still live with her parents? (I think she does). What parent would let her go out shopping if she was about to drop into a coma?

No. 857052

Was Elzani away for one week or two? What happened to her ‘mums too sick to go on holiday’?.
She’s definitely putting on weight. My guess is she binged on holiday ( with no scales) then came back and freaked over her weight gain which is why she’s been a bit quiet.

No. 857053

is it me or the shoulder looks shooped?

No. 857054

This is what I was going to say. Even if you account for shoop, this must be a pretty extreme case. I'm not sure what she gets out of this. Does she like shocking people? Being pitied? Making other batshit skellies jealous?

And yeah, the fact that she feels the need to shoop herself skinnier when she's alteady so skeletal is an extra layer of extreme body dismorphism. There's just no hope for people this ill, especially when they have zero self-awareness like this.

It's interesting to me that anons are so desensitized to this that their first response is to call self-posting instead of being shocked or disgusted. It really gives me the impression that many of the anons here are ana-chans themselves. Not a hot take, it's borderline obvious, I know. But damn, I can't help but marvel at the total ambivalence there us towards things that would make most people feel nauseous.

No. 857064

File: 1566578710490.jpeg (624.07 KB, 828x1509, E6FCF3A6-49BB-485E-9D8D-EDC7E1…)

It’s downright dangerous for her to be marketing diet / exercise advice when she’s still significantly underweight and eats the exact same thing every day. Beyond deluded.

No. 857088

my new test of a self-post is whats posted along with it. any pic dropped without comment at all is 100% fishing for a reaction so pretty much a verified self-poster

No. 857094

File: 1566585070114.jpg (318.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190823-193054_Ins…)

No. 857097

Laughed like a motherfucker that the comment directly below yours is a picture with comment / text attached (and an identified self poster)

No. 857102

I'm also interested in her mental health state because she obviously is underweight regardless. Some other interesting information is that Kelsey's been called out for sending heaps of anonymous messages on tellonyms asking very personal/in depth questions and telling people they'd 'look perfect if there was xx weight' (always double digits). Her mental health is not well and she definitely projects. Saging because irrelevance to rest of thread but she does genuinely interest me as it makes no sense

No. 857121

she's literally claiming to be on palliative care now… like sure Jan…

No. 857124

The reason I can't take Kelsey seriously is this one pic where she looked genuinely spoopy. I can't remember it very well (in one of the previous threads), but her arms were like sticks BUT she was wearing sunglasses and in the reflection her arms were totally average.

I'm thinking she's probably slim and she perfected the art of vacuuming her stomach. The rest is shoop. She's definitely out there to t r i g g e r.

No. 857132

That sure got approved quickly lol very believable
I think that was about this time last year. I mean she could have lost weight since then but the terrible shoops don’t lie

No. 857141

File: 1566591162489.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.22 KB, 550x656, Capture.JPG)

See, she doesn't look as thin here and there're obvious ps fuck ups.

No. 857197

Lolcow: Ribs and Arms Tell All

No. 857208

Another wannarexic who’s figured out the easiest way to get medical attention is to just be dehydrated. Anyone at any weight can show up to an ER dehydrated and be given an IV. No pesky restricting or even purging required! Plus they can be obese cows and get themselves sick in a day or two that way. It’s the same as fat cows in IP refusing to eat for a day or two to get a tube. Doesn’t mean they’re sick, other than in the head.

No. 857238

She’s self posting. We already know she lurks here.

No. 857253

File: 1566605912552.jpg (481.29 KB, 720x1084, Screenshot_20190823-200741_Ins…)

No. 857254

File: 1566605948102.jpg (361.92 KB, 720x1088, Screenshot_20190823-200814_Ins…)

No. 857263

thanks for the posts hun

No. 857266

Hope you didn't buy that. The metal fasteners are way too brassy.

No. 857276

Maybe I’m crazy but the shadows look weird?? Why are the shadows from her right arm and grocery bag fuzzy and distant but the shadows along her legs are suspiciously harsh and uniform distance??

No. 857280

What's with all these food pics with hair all over them.

No. 857281

Easiest way to get people to talk about you on here. Feels like that was a self post

No. 857293

I do find it mildly hilarious that cows are so desperate to be talked about on here that they’ll intentionally put hair on their questionable plate of food so they can snap a pic of it, post it to Instagram, and then to this site. Like… do you guys even realize how sad that is. Everything you’ve done in your life has lead up to this

No. 857320

File: 1566614821545.jpg (412.56 KB, 980x993, 20190824_124245.jpg)

Kek her GP is sooooo worried about her that he wants her admitted to Currumbin Clinic…. that doesnt even treat eating disorders. Shes gonna love having no tube and being voluntary kek kek kek

No. 857336

So she might be somewhat of a troll? It's kind of a bizarre method of trolling people, but I don't think it's out of the question. We live in the golden age of retarded online "social experiments".

She might just be one of those "there's no such thing as bad attention" type people, and is just as validated by peoples' disgust as she is by compliments. Some people truly are that fucked in the head and desparate for attention. Trisha Paytas is an example of that brand of crazy.

No. 857337

Tinfoil hatting but is there even any proof kelsey is even the girl in the pictures? Sending messages like that screams creepy man with an anachan fetish.

No. 857354

File: 1566621667206.jpg (578.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-102850_Ins…)

No wonder there is hair…

No. 857361

There was a very red knuckle a few days back. Definitely a purger.

No. 857365

File: 1566624890747.jpeg (195.34 KB, 1024x1024, 7DCE1CD9-7779-44A9-9D1C-B102E2…)


No. 857379

maybe that’s her bathroom…. the white thing in the corner might be a toilet and I just noticed that trash can next to her

Do we have another countinghappypoints on our hands

No. 857381

>>856671 not saying this is her case but nah I have anorexia and adhd and I'm on (low dose) adderall. i'd been on it before the weight loss though(no one cares)

No. 857419

I'm assuming it's glitter, but the thumbnail honestly looked like she had shit or dirt smeared on her face. Yikes.

No. 857449

File: 1566651772616.jpg (615.25 KB, 1080x1545, 20190824_140152.jpg)

No. 857452

I'm honestly surprised by this… from every other pic I've seen from her she looked pretty skinny despite compulsively angling but she looks dead-ass normal here?

No. 857464

I’m not sure she’s ever looked skinny kek. She sucks it in and it’s just meaty ribs … any average weight person can do that orrr another one of her favorites it the classic stick up the ass pose where you bend over and stick your ass out as far as u can and then separate your legs until your knees are about to snap. It’s so funny Bc in that pic you >>857452 responded to she’s doing the weirdest poses but still looks healthy/average. That’s such a bad thing for histrionics like aly, they need attention for every problem they don’t have, anorexia addiction what else can she fein and add to her personality wardrobe

No. 857468

I can smell this photo. Ugh ew. She’s dirty, her rooms dirty, her foods dirty. Forever unclean.

No. 857469

Wait what?! I didn’t know she did this. Do you have proof?

No. 857473

I don't understand the whole involuntary-yet-inspirational-warrior shtick… what is the reason she's presenting for being involuntary while loving treatment?

"They have a specialized eating disorder program… what I'm going to be up against is a force much stronger than what my Anorexia is used to." Okay when I follow people like her I am under the belief they're all talking about eating disorder treatment, wtf? Where has she been?? I'm sorry my mind is just blown, are these people acting like this just in general medical or psych settings…? Jfc where I am if you have a serious eating disorder you're not just sent to a rando unit

"I'll leave and not have to go back to the hospital again! Or, at least, not as frequently!" Again, it'd seem a bit more authentic if she didn't openly share that she's planning to relapse…

ugh sorry if I'm nitpicking but this is so straight up ridiculous and I don't know how people in her life aren't seeing this

Has she ever been spoopy?

No. 857487

As anyone who's worked somewhere with a reflective glass window can tell you, absolutely everyone checks themselves out constantly lol it's not a mental illness

No. 857488

Her bed contains the bacteria that would cure every sickness under the sun.

Got to say, farmhands are trigger happy with the red text. That was my post and I was relating a relevant story. It's not like I was the guy who was in hospital, Jesus.

No. 857498

Just realized that the reason I find her so deeply uncomfortable to look at is just her face… it's like a bird face with a teeny thin nose and large chin and forehead, with no makeup at all aside from that winged eyeliner that just stops abruptly as opposed to coming to a natural end of the wing if that makes sense
She just essentially looks stressed and constipated in all of these… her body is weird because obviously doing heavy weight training when you're anorexic is gonna have weird results lol but her face is just so awkward

No. 857524

Tbh she looked better when she was a straight up spoop than she does now. She looks awful either way, but something about being that muscular yet that underweight is deeply uncomfortable to look at.

No. 857530

File: 1566672162832.jpg (731.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190824-204135_Ins…)

ok???? thanks for the announcement I guess.
cue aly in 3 hours crying about being a fuckup for self harming and hating her life again when she barely scratched her own skin

No. 857538

Has she been diagnosed with Borderline? I have nothing against people with it so I'm not saying this as some sort of dig but I haven't seen her talking about it but this kind of out-of-control spiral is pretty much textbook

No. 857540

i actually dont know but it sure could be it, or if she just falls under some criterias

No. 857549

Her weird fake drug addiction and starfish sex disguised as bdsm suggest she has one of the cluster b. Could see an argument for histrionic too

No. 857557

I'm borderline and a recovered anachan and I personally see her as being more histrionic, like >>857549 said.(no one cares about your mental illness)

No. 857560

Has there been any cow posted in the history of clownery who hasn’t been accused of being a raging borderliner?

No. 857562

To me she's an average attention seeking person on instagram. No mental disorder needed for that.

No. 857565

Elzani? Ganer_ganes? Chii? Lots of them. I feel like raging bpd cows are a special subcategory.

No. 857647

File: 1566686577800.jpg (544.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190825-083737_Ins…)

"A pretty major OD." Kek. So institutionalised that she cant last 1 week out of hospital. Wont admit her for ED stuff so overdoses to get back in.

No. 857660

So, like, did she take a selfie of herself unconscious on “life support”. Like, what even is this picture?

No. 857663

Does Kim have 2 girls or one boy and one girl? Super confused by her names for her children and just her

No. 857664

File: 1566690697332.jpg (546.65 KB, 1080x1920, 20190825_095028.jpg)

Ya called it

No. 857665

The younger one is a boy I think? He’s got a typical boy name but there’s also a trend of gender ambiguous names going ‘round.

The kids are cute and I really feel for them because their mom is going to fuck them up so much with her behaviour and with the food she feeds them and keeps around the house. Beyond that I really don’t think we should talk about the kids. Talk about Kim: she’s a basket-fucking-case

No. 857666

Ooh, I kind of forgot histrionic PD was a thing… that makes more sense in my armchair psychiatrist opinion. She definitely has the instability but is also very loud about it lol

No. 857667

File: 1566691516280.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1068x1913, 00A96EE3-D885-4A11-B5DE-2B79E9…)

I think she’s at some kind of vegan festival? In her instastory she was listening to some dude rant about his superior vegan fruit diet that’s turned him into an enlightened individual. After that a couple got married surrounded by what looks like a ritualistic fruit circle. Honestly, vegan cows are the best.

No. 857668

She's the definition of institutionalised.

No. 857678

I feel like these are prime examples of people who others call “borderline” just because they suck, not because they actually have any real symptoms of BPD

No. 857680

Totally agree… this is like scary-institutionalized. I feel like if anything she needs help in tolerating non-hospital life. The craziest part is that she consistently comes across as totally mentally stable aside from need to be treated for an eating disorder- others like Elzani, Ali and Becky are totally unhinged in their own unique ways but she just seems pretty much fine

No. 857681

I mean I guess it's what you want but this is an easy way to get 5150 aly.

This looks extremely wasteful.

No. 857683

AND it's telling that Elzani and Becky (don't know Ali well enough to comment, although Italian Aly would fit this category), the ones who really aren't/weren't stable don't want to be hospitalised.

I don't know also Shan's past record for being IP, but to see how reliant she is on being in hospital is a good reason why ED patients should be discharged asap when they've made progress and treated out patient. It's sad really because it'd use up less resources if she was treated for feeling the need to be in hospitals/treatment centres. I saw on her fb she has a uni place and a nursing assistant placement. What a waste.

No. 857687

lmao right? She’s annoying I’ll just call her bpd because they’re all annoying, cos that makes sense..wtf

No. 857692

He’s a boy but she leaves his hair long and gives him girly hairstyles so she can start cutesy hashtags #boyswithbraids and get attention online

No. 857694

I have never even seen her state what ED behaviours she does. She seems to do fine in hospital and once out, lose it. I really sense some sort of aspergers or similar condition with her due to the need for moddlecoddling.

No. 857712

File: 1566698879634.jpg (551.22 KB, 1057x1526, 20190825_120704.jpg)

But you arent a refeeding risk. You literally just ate. Same for every day this week. And every day you were in inpatient. You're only really a risk adtwr 11-12 days of low to no calories. Daymn she desperate

No. 857714

who is it

No. 857715

A feck mbad. Shanaya

No. 857754

Why are so many of these ED Instagram cows from Australia?

No. 857759

I always assumed it's a case of a lot of anons here might be from AUS, in general i think people identify more of people from their own country so they seek out people form AUS (or somehow know of them from other platforms/or treatment). And then there's their circle of friends who may also be from aus and have an ED account etc.

Either that or Aus is really raising a lot of messed up children and gives them lessons in school on how to become wannerxic attention seekers and ED accounts/self posting here gives them just that. Joking tonfoil but we joke about how binge drinking is probably in the tap water in the UK it's so common, is wannerxia in theirs?

No. 857767

Can confirm; Ausfag anachan here. I'm a bit older now but when I was at school, I had at least two or three "pro ana" friends at 3 different schools.

No. 857768

Australians are just getting savvy mental health and these girls almost definitely grew up watching all the shows about Bronte Cullis.
Plus Medicare means no matter what you get treatment, so there’s no financial barrier to the coveted accessories like tubes and hospital stays. Health services are overstretched so you can just say ‘I’m anorexic and haven’t eaten in five days’ and your gp probably wont question it.

No. 857794

This isn't the case, you will have a hard time getting eating disorder treatment in Australia if you're not spoopy, specifically BECAUSE health are is so stretched.

At least in Melbourne, where most of the Anachans are from. I'm not sure if New Farm is public, but I'd be VERY surprised if it was, considering Georgia

No. 857796


Australia has frer health care so treatment for anything is very upstream approach rather than downstream like UK or USA. With the exception of Georgia, they spend their time in public. New farm clinic is private hospital. Private treatment for mental health and things like neurosurgery or orthopaedic surgery is far more superior than public

No. 857798

Thank you for the update on New Farm.

They only have 38 public eating disorder beds in the entire country, to give you an example of what I'm trying to say.

No. 857815

Yeah I’m not talking clinics. They’re private anyway.

Regular hospitals have treatment programs, even rurally. Even LRH and Warragul have programs and tubes.
Half the girls posting seem to be in PHP or regular psych wards.

No. 857817

Does this mean it’s easier to access though, like you don’t need to be really severe to meet criteria for ED treatment?

Totally agree, I’m just catching on to the fact that close to none of these girls are actually in IP eating disorder treatment despite implying that to the teeth… everything makes a lot more sense now. I still can’t believe Shan actually isn’t even in IP ED treatment despite blogging about it this entire time

No. 857832

File: 1566741965390.jpeg (258.58 KB, 750x702, 6EDC17E9-5236-47A9-8AD2-012173…)

Idk if this persons being a troll with that ask… but obviously she quickly got to 100% because she was over eating before she went to the program so like obviously it won’t be hard or take long. She doesn’t have the ed she “claims” to have kek. Go ahead lie to your clinician about how little u eat and all your fear foods. In the end, she has a subtype of OFSED, atypical anorexia, lol way far away from what she thinks she has which is a sooper severe and speshul ed. Kek she’s lost it now

No. 857838

It’s honestly a shame that she’s not being honest with herself or her treatment team. She’s got all these resources to actually deal with her food problems and to get to the underlying reason she so badly wants to be perceived as anorexic (despite not being anorexic!) but is throwing it all away because she can’t just swallow her pride.

No. 857927

I mean it’s not like she needs to disclose she’s a big fat liar to Instagram (it’s already obvious) she could just live an honest life particularly in regard to her ed and tell insta nothing about it. Delusional kek. She’d probably get help with regular eating, a weight loss plan that’s healthy.. they’d hook her up but I guess a “label” means more to her lol

No. 857942

Tens of thousands of anorexics who're sick of their disorder would kill to be sailing through eating "fear foods" as quickly as she is. Instead of contemplating half a slice of bread for weeks (and having a panic attack after managing it), it'd be their dream to suddenly be able to wolf down a cinnamon bun if it's placed in front of them. Yet she does it because Boost/Ensure/Fortisip doesn't taste very nice.

No. 857943

Wanting to have an eating disorder is a mental illness in and of itself. Maybe it isn’t even an ED at all, but it is a sure sign that someone is fucked in the head. As you say anon, many if not most people with chronic eating disorders would do anything to get rid of them, not revel in labeling themselves as having an ED and showing off their official diagnosis.

No. 857948

File: 1566761245805.jpg (359.24 KB, 705x1127, 20190825_202726.jpg)

No. 857953

So ill she needs to stay in a hospital to feel ~safe~ yet is overjoyed at the prospect of being on tv.

No. 857963

File: 1566763774806.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1125x1924, 2B58B45F-5E60-4ADF-981A-CB184B…)

treated for fucking what?! her BMI is at least 18.9 and her drug addiction is entirely fabricated.

No. 857969

Sage for britfag sperg I guess but beds are so fucking hard to come by here and it gets up my nose that this chronic attention seeker is wasting an admission as a badge of validity and treating the hospital like a fucking drop in centre. People like her should have a big fat MALINGERER written in all of their files.

No. 857972

File: 1566764341559.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1464, 0BECCA15-C940-4CE1-A553-3FD4BE…)

Seriously though, how does she not see how ridiculous she looks trying to market herself as a “fitness coach”. It’s not a good look, hon. No one thinks you look fit and sexy, you just look sick and uncomfortable.

No. 857979

I feel like these cases are literally Munchausen. Ripped off the first Google result: "Factitious disorder imposed on self, formerly Munchausen syndrome, is a type of mental illness in which a person repeatedly acts as if he or she has a physical or mental disorder when, in truth, he or she has caused the symptoms." For whatever reason, Munchausen focused on an ED seems to be a new trend but I'm sure it's always been focused on culturally relevant conditions to get the most attention. I wonder if eventually, this will be formally looked out for during eating disorder assessments and there will be protocols in place to find appropriate treatment… not trying to be shitty, I really could see this happening
I wonder if this was a problem all along, like in the 80s/90s and we just haven't known because there was no internet and most of us weren't hospitalized then?

No. 857981

Even if she looked healthy this pose would still be awkward as fuck lmao she really does look uncomfortable

No. 857998

Basically. Not having to be severe to get treatment is alot better than the alternative. Downside is people like georgia or shanaya can take advantage of it

No. 858012

Old age farmer. The patients on ed wards in the early 90s were very different from the ig munchie people. Nobody wanted to be there. No mobile phones either! Can't think of anyone I'd consider faking it. That's one hospital in the UK though, so that's only my experience.

(No 1 curr)

No. 858063

oh but she swears she’s a 16 BMI now, even tho she’s like 5’6 and weighs not NEARLY as little as she used to

No. 858089

16 bmi sounds about right, with that amount of muscle. An anorexic girl running around claiming to be "recovered" at a BMI of 16 and insisting she loooves lifting because it's her passion is the last person I would be turning to for coaching.

No. 858091

lol I care, it's directly relevant
That's interesting though, that's kind of what I'd expect… in the US phones still aren't allowed, which I've thought all along is pointless but seeing these girls I actually wish it was banned more. They're getting literally nothing out of being in treatment, I bet they're spending so much time on Instagram they're not going to groups or talking to people or basically doing anything other than trying to figure out your next great anachan shot

No. 858092

Sorry, I was speaking of Aly. Ganer definitely meets that criteria but Aly doesn’t

No. 858093

Also realized I responded to the wrong anon, my bad. I meant to respond to >>857963

No. 858119

File: 1566784877790.jpg (717.53 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20190825_220112_com…)

HAHAHAHAHAH I thought this was hilarious, I just got recommend to pilot Patrick(no1curr and don't use emojis)

No. 858131

In the US, it costs too much for malingerers to do it… IP is thousands a week and even if you have insurance you have a hefty co-pay to cover most of the time.

No. 858152

If you have to state its not just a hobby, not just a phase… It probably is a phase. Severe Ana's that go to the opposite extreme, body building to "recover" are the most hilarious cows imo.

No. 858180

File: 1566794025458.png (913.46 KB, 750x1334, 8825C508-D4AF-4DDE-92F2-3E7652…)

anyone know what happened with Millie (preaching_positivity) ? all I can see is that she’s been exiled from the “Ana community” for what looks like getting caught in a web of lies? Love to rubberneck a cow if anyone knows what went down.

No. 858193

Then there are people in the uk like Elzani who got a free NHS IP stay - which she got kicked out of- and parents who could quite easily afford to pay for private therapy or help for her.

I think her silence is a major freak out over the amount she ate and gained overeating on holiday . It was a stupid idea to go AI.

No. 858208

You'll get therapy sessions and such funded by the government, but if you claim to have an eating disorder, public psych clinic takes a different approach to you, compared to private.

The other anon is getting his info from the Internet; mine comes from the source.

No. 858234

Shes back in public and has a toobe. Wasted no time posting on het IG. I was on the ward with her in her recent admit and she always wants to be thr sickest. Never is though

No. 858248

who is this even a screenshot of?

No. 858250

Who the hell is Millie?

No. 858292

File: 1566822147189.jpg (255.19 KB, 720x1060, 20190826_132239.jpg)

No. 858307

File: 1566827027309.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 405.26 KB, 1339x1997, 8EA850CE-61D2-4DE9-8C8F-04660D…)

dustbinflower is posting her breakdown with graphic self harm pictures to boot 1/2

No. 858308

File: 1566827075333.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 337.37 KB, 1329x2014, DB7D610B-BF07-4E77-B093-922EE6…)


No. 858329

Have any of you come across Hope164 on YouTube? She’s obese but has struggled with a range of eating disorders for years including bulimia and atypical anorexia.

It’s proof that you can have severe eating disorders while still being very over weight. She sadly died a few years ago as a result of her eating disorder but she is a good reminder that being over weight or having atypical anorexia is not a joke and does not automatically make someone a cow

No. 858331

No ones trying to say that atypical anorexia doesn’t exist or that EDs aren’t harmful at a higher weight. The reason we pick on the overweight cows is because they’ve been the same weight/gaining for years while claiming they’re restricting and they pull all this shit to seek attention on the internet

Pretending to have anorexia to get attention is incredibly invalidating to those who truly suffer from it, especially overweight ED sufferers who already struggle to be taken seriously

No. 858339

No one here has ever said you can’t have an ED, and also severe physical health consequences as a result of said ED, at a higher weight. That being said, if you’re 300lbs with a tube bitching and REEEEing about how hard it is for you to eat while guzzling cheeseburgers in the time you don’t spend in hospital like Georgia et al then you’re fair game and part of the reason that legitimate overweight people with eating issues are often discredited and not taken seriously.

No. 858369

Having anorexia doesn't make every anorexic a cow. I think you're missing the point of what makes a cow a cow.

No. 858370


She has over 100 YouTube videos documenting her eating disorder and remained obese throughout the years and actually gained weight. While she admitted to binge eating disorder, she also emphasised bulimia and restriction in multiple videos. She even went to inpatient treatment for her ED twice.

So really she’s not much different to the people discussed here and yet she clearly struggled with mental health issues. We need to recognise that the people ITT are also actually struggling too.

If she hadn’t already passed away, people here would likely judge her too.

No. 858376

File: 1566839880119.jpeg (756.01 KB, 828x1509, 4A4AB0A7-79FA-4337-AA7B-425E72…)

Gotta love when obnoxious fitness cows try to show off their “progress” and it reveals how little they’ve actually made. The difference here is better lighting and hydration, not hard work or ~*~realcovery~*~

No. 858377

Damn, that's sad. I didn't realise Carolanne passed away, but going by the comments she died from PE which I'm not sure you'd call a direct complication of of her eating disorder, it probably didn't help - certainly with her weight and if she was sedetary but still.

Maybe stuff like this should be a wake-up call to Georgia and co about getting help for their binging eating instead of wasting time playing the system.

No. 858380

Pulmonary embolism isn't ed related.

No. 858381

She looks pretty healthy in the second pic tbh.

No. 858382

can you not anachan? mpa is a click away

No. 858385

You think she looks like she's been eating like a famished water buffalo?

Apart from the 2nd being more blurred, she doesn't look much different.

No. 858391

File: 1566844068056.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1516, B349DAD8-7C16-4655-9233-F55566…)

I just threw up a little in my mouth. Her kids (and she) would be a lot better off if she took the initiative to make an actual proper stir fry sauce, but I guess using actual sugar is too scary and she’s just way too lazy to bother grating any ginger or pressing any garlic? She’s a stay at home mom, ffs. She would rather spend her time obsessing over food and exercising than actually doing even a half ass job of parenting / supporting her household.

No. 858393

It’s one thing to chose to eat low-cal, highly processed garbage to maintain an ED but feeding your small children that carcinogenic crap is another level of disordered. She is poisoning them mentally and physically.

No. 858400

All while hash tagging the shit out of it like #momlife #busymom etc etc. Bitch, u ain’t busy, you’re just anorexic and narcissistic!

No. 858439

File: 1566852230228.jpeg (862.08 KB, 828x1457, F25C9EE2-A7A3-4B8E-A7A0-A63B1B…)

Yeah, apparently this + a cappuccino is what she considers eating “like a famished water buffalo”. Max kek. In fact, if you go back in her feed any time she goes out to eat with others she always has less than whoever she’s with, but always with some supposedly valid reason (no side with her burger because she doesn’t eat chips / fries, no cheese on her pizza because #vegan, no syrup on her pancake because…?)

No. 858443

lol she looks fine in the second picture??

No. 858446

Now what a surprise !

No. 858450

Chill anon, she's hardly starving to death in the second photo.

No. 858465

I presume that she had a CPN, but I'm really surprised the twins aren't in a care home. ED aside, their minds have long gone. They can't be trusted to look after themselves.

No. 858468

She didn't die from ED related issues.
You're missing the point. No one is saying anything you claim. Its people like Georgia and Shanaya and Aly that use their disordered eating habits for attention seeking and hospital admissions as part of their borderline personality thus invalidating people with acutal eating disorders

No. 858470

This this this. It’s using the ED as a convenient and socially acceptable coverup for not coping with being an adult and having responsibility and risk. Treating them like frail anachans with tubes and coddling just reinforces that coverup and their motivation. It’s the nutritional equivalent of self harm as distress call.

No. 858484

File: 1566860451223.jpeg (48.93 KB, 324x500, 848057B0-06B9-4909-8117-F99B53…)

Go protect fat people pretending they’re anorexic on reddit or something.

No. 858485

File: 1566860452464.png (5.21 MB, 828x1792, 86EBDA77-7077-425B-BAC2-A56BD1…)

“Simple” foods. Not quite sure what’s “simple” about the huge amount of over-processed and chemically manufactured shit she hawks on social media and undoubtedly feeds those poor kids, but you do you Kim. I’m sure that “cheeze” she’s serving up has an ingredients list longer than her list of excuses for her terrible parenting.

No. 858490

With the twins the treatment plan has been damage limitation from the looks of things (tends to be with SEED patients with near zero chances of recovery), and part of that is keeping them as independent as they can for as long as they can.

Hoping that Maria going to psych ward is because she's decided to actually engage with at least improving, she's always been the one I had a bit of hope for.

No. 858491

File: 1566861180516.png (36.48 KB, 653x191, Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 00.1…)

katy is also IP apparently

No. 858502

Simple aka Kim doesn’t have to put in any work she she can spend more time with her wine!!!
Notice how the kids are having naked Mac and cheese and a slice of American. Can’t have both with cheese too unhealthy!

No. 858510

“Mommy can’t make you a real dinner tonight, honey. She needs to take 3000 pictures of sugar-free, non-fat cookie butter spread on diet bread and her new carton of protein bars!”

No. 858529

NTA but look at the photo. She is the exact same size, the second pic is just more flattering.

No. 858540

File: 1566866411156.jpg (1.49 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190827-013844_Mul…)

frequent lurker but first post, "haven't done either of those in a long time" … sure you haven't

No. 858542

File: 1566866613786.jpg (1.48 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190827-014218_Mul…)

also, i fucking hate nourish, i follow for the milk but per food pics make me want to never eat again, everything is so dirty and grimy, look at that plate

No. 858544

File: 1566867043739.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 240.48 KB, 750x1038, B74201E1-D5B7-46FA-86D9-1C953D…)

Finally remembered to shop her arms. As if in all her other photos they don’t look like that at all

No. 858552


I guess she forgot that in really skinny (non-shooped) people the forearm is thinner than the upper arm (two bones, dumbass).

No. 858553

she will be in new farm within a week

No. 858556

If you zoom into her phone screen you can see her sides are an entirely different shape.

No. 858566

major kek anon, she's completely normal in the phone photo

No. 858586

Is she tho? Appears the same

No. 858597

File: 1566874431742.jpeg (113.75 KB, 750x961, DA1C61AB-0CEC-4A90-90D9-FDFAD5…)

She’s on the bigger side of normal here. Did she ever post her face or her story? Is she recovered now or did she never have an ED?(anachan nitpick)

No. 858598

One is a straight line and the other has a 90 degree hip carved out but okay.

No. 858631

She’s still spoopy but not as spoopy as she tries to make herself appear.

No. 858642

Nah she doesn't look spoopy in the camera. She looks pretty normal. I'm not playing this game where normal thin girls are spoopy and fat chicks are starving.

No. 858654

Exactly. Ana chans saying she’s big or whatever would ideally go reee on mpa about it instead of calling this absolute twig flabby.

She’s on the skinny side of normal you autist. Once you stop comparing everyone to your thinspo stash you’ll see.

No. 858666

I don’t know what the skinny side of normal means to you but Kelsey looks like a BMI of 23. Perfectly in the middle of healthy but massive in ana chan world. Do we have to defend every cow and say they’re skinny unless they’re obese? She is much larger in life than in her photoshopped pictures

No. 858668

That photo is blurred to shit. Any viewer can project whatever they expect to see on such a small, unclear image. Anything compared to the warped, dramatic picture portrayed will look bigger with less definition. The difference is clear enough without pretending we can estimate bmi based on so few pixels. Jesus.

No. 858673

Kelsey looks like a BMI of 15 actually

No. 858689

File: 1566893651279.jpg (857.17 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190827-091357_Mul…)

lot to unpack here

No. 858691

You can no longer discuss numbers in this thread.
If a cow is shooping, or lying, it can be discussed. However, specific numbers are banned.

So stop playing the twisted BMI guessing game. It's embarrassing and derails the thread.

No. 858693

No. 858694

Tbh I agree with admin on this one. Especially when anons don't sage shit, who fucking cares about her BMI. She shoops herself to shit. Remember the one where she literally pasted different shoulders onto herself and looked like her head was spinning around or something? We'll never see what she looks like. Her pics are amusing enough, so her BMI is irrelevant.

No. 858696

And BMI is irrelevant to someone's potential to be a pro-ana scumbag. Self posters only give a fuck because they're trying to prove something.

No. 858699

posters so determined to talk about bmi are often the pro ana scumbags themselves. who else cares about that shit?

No. 858707

>>858491 she isn't. she just hasnt updated her bio.

No. 858721

'Night snack finished'
more like 'Night binge finished'
Her forever food and saliva stained fingers haunt my nightmares

No. 858722

File: 1566910828072.jpg (801 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20190827-205230_Ins…)

Whoop 'hair' it is

No. 858724

Come on man is it that hard to not put hair in their food? Or is there some weight loss tips that has to do with eating your own hair?

No. 858729

File: 1566913073137.jpg (509.29 KB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20190827-213530_Ins…)

Same bowl, same hair in same position, different day

No. 858731

File: 1566913156512.jpg (708.8 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20190827-213651_Ins…)

And again
She's re-using the same bowl without washing it

No. 858737


Pretty sure it’s a crack in the bowl and not a hair…. this time. But she’s still absolutely repulsive regardless. >>858731 Looks like she made that shit plate with her hands. Not sure why she bothers putting a spoon.

No. 858739

Oops meant >>858722 with the disgusting grimey hands

No. 858740

She deleted it pretty quickly kek, reckon she lurks?

No. 858742

She puts a lot of effort into her binges, who does she think she's kidding. If she ate all this crap she'd be the size of an atypical anachan

No. 858743

The man-with-fetish idea truly makes the most sense to me. I can't imagine any way she's actually anorexic, bc most people with anorexia would be horrified to post pictures they photoshopped to be skinnier

No. 858746

God, that's so sad that she could step right back into uni and nursing work whenever she wants if she just deleted her insta

Pretty positive she was just getting hungry outpatient and realized she needed a tube ASAP before she just ate a sandwich and ruined her image

No. 858747

Watching her channel some. Poor woman, that's horribly sad

No. 858748

She wonders why people discuss her when its her that would parade her "nose hoses" around whenever she was a frequent flyer at that place.

No. 858754

Is that a chunk of butter and a cookie in a bowl of cereal

No. 858755

A chunk of white chocolate. That's definitely a crack and not a hair.

No. 858756

(and Jammie Dodger biscuit, yes. Stop writing this down for menu ideas.

No. 858772

That amount of food in one go reminds me of an Elzani type creation - anything and everything .

No. 858774

Are you fucking retarded? That’s a crack in the bowl

No. 858777

File: 1566923309988.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 399.53 KB, 750x1094, 7F599A8D-B211-4CD9-94E6-90B872…)

Text post reads “Sigh” what she really means is damn it’s alot of work to angle my body in a way that appears slim AND suck my ribs in as much as possible. Like who in the f*ck takes a photo like this and posts it kek?! She must have been triggered by farmers response to this op >>855850 kek oh aly you are such a damn try hard

No. 858809

Is this the woman in her 30's that was in psych wards for a while and route a book about recovery and mental illness? I think her name was Caitlin?

If so, that's really heartbreaking to see her relapse. I stopped following her years ago, but last time I checked she was out of the psych ward and doing well.

No. 858857

did she ever get another job after she bailed on her drug tests? thinking about aly sitting at home all day being a "bad bitch" failure at life with not even a single friend that can come through and smoke her out (or whatever the fuck if she was desperate to do crack the other week, but y'all remember the meltdown) gives me the ultimate schadenfreude

No. 858885

File: 1566934989503.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190827-204244_Mul…)

spoilered so as not to put anyone off their own food but holy shit. insert jamie oliver its fucking raw meme here

No. 858890

Probably looks pretty much the exact same way when she throws it up. Gross.

No. 858908

Nope, she claims to be applying to jobs but is still mooching money from her followers and family. Never has money for drugs/booze/coffee but had $100 for molly? Okay Aly

No. 858987

File: 1566941194977.jpg (393.65 KB, 1072x1342, 20190828_072650.jpg)

Kek shes "taking another walk through hell" kek

No. 858989

File: 1566941287608.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, 0BFC4D82-F9A0-488A-8E9F-2F842A…)

I know she eats like this cause she’s a certified b/per but man she’s so fucking gross why can’t she just eat something normal instead of protein powder and calorie free peanut butter? Also surely the amount of chocolate she eats negates the low calorie stuff, why bother when you’re gonna puke it anyway?

No. 859040

File: 1566943373025.jpg (387.16 KB, 1080x2127, Screenshot_20190827_230317.jpg)

Someone lurks

No. 859059

She’s such a damn liar man you’re a dirty bulimic and everyone knows it stop clowning so fucking hard

No. 859085

How can she post her disgusting meals every day with literally hundreds of pictures of her godless creations and expect anyone to beleive that she is anywhere near this 'extreme hunger'

In reality she just wants asspats since farmers called her normal looking and not spoopy

Also my theory is that her parents don't know that she b/ps, this explains why she always eats in her room / stores food in her room/ doesn't take her dishes down to wash etc - surely her family would question the insane amount of junk she gets through

No. 859099


Sounds like her except I didn't know she wrote a book?

No. 859146

hi dusty lol
Exactly when did anyone say anything about a book did I miss that? Kek only something she would know and throw in for a humble brag. Sad.

No. 859158

I would hope that someone who WROTE a book would at least know how to spell write in past tense.

No. 859163

>>859158 hahahahah literally who makes that mistake? It’s not liksaying written/writed or something dumb like that, it’s literally a different word kek. I’m starting to wonder if she self posted those self harm wounds. Especially with no text under the post. Like why? Why would a farmer post that? it’s probably her trying to stimulate us to converse about her. It’s sad that she’s in her 30s and needs so much internet validation

No. 859190

File: 1566950978092.jpeg (324.43 KB, 750x1195, F22A40D6-5FB8-4CC3-A463-8F3C24…)

Oh boy I’ve been waiting for dusty to make a comeback, here’s one of her latest. She had the most unhealthy weird obsession with this poor man. He actually took his own life. Apparently he mentioned dusty in his letter, rumored through tumblr. She may have even said that at some point. Anyway enjoy this rediculousness. Also anyone can look up all the blacked out parts on her account, I just don’t want to dox a dead guy more so highlight her insanity lol

No. 859197


Lol i'm definitely not her. Maybe i'm thinking of another girl. If I remembered her last name I could probably find the book or interview.

The girl i'm thinking of has been in psych wards almost all her life and always posts vague comments about her sister's death and her trauma along with her scars and open wounds. She suffered from an ed but never really posted much about it. I thought the tumblr name was dustbinflower but maybe I was wrong.

No. 859234

File: 1566953518010.jpeg (533.27 KB, 745x1100, C66A1460-74B8-436C-B90E-C1EAE8…)

Nope like that’s her you just described her to a t, stop trying to cover your tracks. Even in this post you sound dodgy. Bc no one with that exact description or near it has been posted. Funny that you post yourself and soon as someone not you posts about you, you flip the script and play dumb. Why do you continually make the same mistake of posting yourself? You need to lurk more and learn more if your trying to go under the radar. However I think the farmers can sniff out the self posting cows, you do u dusty. Here’s a sac religious selfie, dusty loves to offend and cause controversy, she is a walking, talking, LOOK AT ME! sign. Also she put her dark circle makeup in the wrong spot.. fail kek

No. 859254

Dude, chill.

Did the rumors say anything about HOW she was mentioned in her therapist's suicide note, or like the context?

Honestly I can imagine that would be really upsetting and even though Dusty is still a cow and a mess, I don't blame her for posting about it on the one year anniversary. The picture detail is weird though.

No. 859260

“Dude” stop being a white knight and take your dusty boner elsewhere. Your new if you don’t know the history with her therapist… read a few threads back, lurk moar and learn to integrate

No. 859286


I'm a different person than above, not being a wk and don't need to lurk more. I know the history with her therapist, I just didn't ever hear in what context she was supposed to have been mentioned in his note. As I said, chill.

No. 859287

I was about to post about this - anytime Kelsey's pictures are called out for bad shooping on here they are deleted. I would definitely guess she lurks.

No. 859292

Can u please stop mini modding with your “dude chill”. And if you know the history you should know the context, this was expressed in depth with someone who had tumblr screen grabs of her medical history etc. I’m not doing your research for you and either is anyone else. Also yes, lurk more kek. No one says “the post above” they tag it…. learn 2 integrate and quit being a lazy farmer

No. 859294

So if she knows that we know she’s a troll, she’s aware she’s a troll? I mean I know the followers gotta believe it’s fake I mean ppl don't actually think she is a real anatomical anomaly do they?!

No. 859374

there's literally nothing wrong with that pic or anything else you mentioned.

No. 859379

dude chill

No. 859384

Idk who it is that's heartbroken at Dusty's relapse, but dust hasn't ever wanted attention here.

Remember she outed herself as a farmer because she admitted she was trolling Georgia. That's how Georgia was introduced here.

Any time Dusty's mentioned here she goes private because universal semi hate here, so doubt it was a self post.

Kinda wanna be that person to mini mod about Kim's sad meal comments. When one of her creations is posted there's a long time argument about if it's normal or not. Cant deny a lot is obv sugar free or powder protein. Not great and all that but its annoying as discussing how someone is/isn't underweight that goes on and on. Shits up the thread is all.

No. 859397

okay bud

Like I explained earlier I had stopped following her a few years back and thought she was on the road to recovery (this would have been in 2012ish) so it was weird seeing her posted here especially because I never knew about the drama surrounding her.

Anyways I now know the post I asked about was her because I looked up her insta. Sorry for the confusion and derailment.

No. 859427

File: 1566970995900.jpg (3.89 MB, 2538x2048, 20190828_091910.jpg)

Laughing sooo hard. Our fave atypical anorexics have "Disordered eating patterns including restiction of diet to seek attention and most likely hospital admission. This admission similar to others where she does not engage in her treatment plan especially meal plans when she percieves her discharge is considered." Doesnt want to be engaged in employment (despite her Insta saying she wants to be a nurse) and doesnt engage in restrictive ED behaviours when left alone. Kek. Even your.nurses.and psychiatrist know what you're doing

No. 859440

Holy shit. How did you find this? Are these sorts of documents publicly accessible or did she post this to her Instagram?

No. 859451

My sister is a nurse. She accessed her CIMHA records

No. 859452

Australian MP are way ahead. They know their ticks and doccument but be nice to their face

No. 859455

I hope your sister was careful about accessing those records and it can't be traced back to her.

No. 859457

I was just going to say this. Pretty sure this is a major violation. Does the patient see this?

No. 859459

Accessing someone's medical records is surely a step too fucking far. Even for this site. Jesus. I'm out.

No. 859462

What is wrong with you?

No. 859463

Your sister’s gonna be joining Shanaya in unemployment because of this.

No. 859467

Literally nothing identifies her

No. 859468

Cimha isnt med records

No. 859469

Yeaaahbh if nurses injecting endone into their veins.is unemployable, calling out.a. fuckwot isnt gonna do it

No. 859470

File: 1566979686590.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190828-090745_Mul…)


No. 859471

File: 1566979713415.jpg (1.21 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190828-090748_Mul…)

2/2… lmao

No. 859473

Plot twist - Georgia is Julian Assange

No. 859478

Or more likely, you are Shanaya.

No. 859484

Patients don't have access to cimha

No. 859491

do pharmacists have access to CIMHA?

No. 859494

That document says Jennifer Campbell as the nurse but I'm guessing thats who wrote the notes.

No. 859496

I feel like this borders on cow tipping territory. If this isn't public record, there's a line that's definitely been crossed, anon. Plus a nurse is named in that screenshot. Hope that isn't your sister.

No. 859497

I agree…pretty sure it's illegal too since Shay hasn't disclosed this info herself (let alone been provided it)

No. 859501

File: 1566985787831.gif (2.18 MB, 394x280, E947CB8A-B453-4C13-8B6A-F8240E…)

This is absolutely fucked and shouldn’t be a thing you’d post about

We laugh from far away to avoid cow tipping wtf is wrong with you and your sister, medical records should be off limits wtf is wrong with you

No. 859503

Your sis is going to jail.
There’s a log every time you open a patients file and unless she used someone else’s this is grounds for dismissal our fave fake spoop can easily sue

Source : I worked in NSW and VIC in hospital care id let her know ASAP

No. 859504

File: 1566986100562.gif (329.33 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)


Adding on to what I said here, I just skim-read the first few relevant CIHMA pdfs on the Queensland government site that comes up when you search it, and nowhere does it state that this is public information. The only instances it seems these kinds of documents are able to be shared are between relevant professionals, between professionals and parents if the client is a child, and between the professionals and relevant authorities in regards to potential child abuse/assault. Looks like you fucked up anon. Your vested interest in this nobody may cost your sister her job.

No. 859505

I hope it does. This is way too intrusive.

No. 859506

Not even patients/family can access this information without writing a formal letter to the hospital.

That is if Queensland works the same as VIC/NSW

No. 859514

Honestly, I sort of hope so too. The idea of someone in a profession of care irresponsibly abusing their position for petty gossip is just horrendous to me.
This isn't even what lolcow is for. We laugh from afar, not meddle in their lives.

No. 859516

This thread is literally disgusting. You are all vile nasty bullies and I hope you get found out and taken down. You are all toxic(~boolies~)

No. 859517

Very much this. We laugh because they publicly made fools of themselves, emphasis on publicly. Digging into things like undisclosed medical records is pointlessly mean-spirited because they had the sense to keep it private to begin with for once, despite apparently not understanding that concept in a myriad of other areas.

No. 859518

It’s prime cow behaviour to get this involved with internet freakshows. If it’s legit, anons sister is a fuckin psycho.

No. 859519

someone please pursue this and report it.

No. 859523

Apparently Georgia is on it lmao.
But honestly, Shay probably lurks and will take this up herself. I do hope there are genuine repercussions for anon's sister. Legit fucked.

No. 859526

I hope you/your 'sister' loses a job for this

No. 859527

If someone has gone to police about this, everyone on here will probably get a visit from them too now. Just saying

No. 859529

Anon's sister deserves what she gets. Isn't that medical care 101, don't share private records? Dumbass.

Lol no.

No. 859530

Lol yes because you've all been involved in bullying

No. 859531

Yeah! Da internashional poolice is gonna arrest all of us for booolying!

Honestly anon, bless your sweet naive soul.

No. 859535

Yeah nah fuck off the police doesn’t give two shits unless we break the law or codes of conduct like the nurse that leaked this

No. 859538

anons don't even all live in the same country, ma'am lol

No. 859543

fuck no they wont aus police dont give a shit

No. 859549

AusPol are going to fly around the world, this is bigger than George Pell!

No anon, the dumb bitch who did this will get fired and hopefully investigated if she's lucky.

No. 859554

Hope the patient never sees this info. This could easily trigger her to hurt herself not to mention she'll never trust medical staff again. If this turns out like Kadee you're fucked royally.

I hope your "sister" didn't like her job too much. She'll never work in the medical field again.

No. 859559

I'm not defending leaking confidential medical records, but Kaydee's death was the result of her hanging out with a dodgy dealer. Not related to lolcow.

No. 859560

imagine if the person posting about shanaya this whole time is actually one of the nurses.

No. 859561

Y'all should go troll pro ana chatrooms instead of Instagram users. You'll get real pro ana shit on them instead of mocking people struggling with recovery from their eating disorders(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 859568


you fucking donuts. you have the right to access your medical records. shanaya is self posting

too many of you to quote ffs

No. 859570

File: 1566998291046.png (91.52 KB, 691x527, Untitled.png)

Idk which hospital she's in, but this is the location where the screenshot was taken.

No. 859571

Sorry anon but it seems pretty against her Dx to leak info that shows that she DOESN’T have anorexia. Her whole shtick is faking anorexia for attention. She has invested heavily in convincing a whole trove of internet followers that she suffers from severe anorexia. Why should she ever chose to disclose (for subsequent less attention and bullying) that she’s actually BPD who fakes it?

No. 859575

it's a convenient out for the leaker to claim it's the person themselves

No. 859576

if the leaker is a nurse this can be their workplace too

No. 859578

What is chubby georgia on about on her story? She playing detective…

No. 859579

Anyone from Queensland who can confirm if there’s a hospital in Palm Beach? (File says Palm beach adult MHS). Looks like the hospital where the OP image is taken is not too far from there though.

No. 859581

My bad. Just looked it up. Had no idea someone was charged in her death as well.

No. 859590

Sounds like she thinks we all know each others IPs even if we're using a proxy. She wants us to give her OPs IP.

Georgia, we don't know. Only admin and farmhands can see IPs.

No. 859600

i know that lolcow is "we hate mental illness" INC but we really need to stop assigning Ana-chans BPD. attention seeking Instagram posting isn't a symptom of BPD, inability to regulate emotions and being impulsive are at least google the disorder before saying people have it
//yeh yeh shut up dumb cunt i know the drill//

No. 859604

Thank you. I’ve been so sick of people doing that

No. 859611

Not Australian but a cursory Google search for "Palm Beach Adult Community Mental Health Services (MHS)" and "Gold Coast University Hospital" (where the image was taken as per >>859570 because the leaker fucked up and was too stupid to remove the EXIF data before posting it here) tells me that both facilities fall under the state funded Gold Coast Health.

>"Gold Coast Health is one of 16 hospital and health services (HHSs) in Queensland, statutory bodies that are responsible for delivering public health services to geographical areas of Queensland.

We are funded by the Queensland Government through a service agreement with the Queensland Department of Health."


It's safe to assume that patients are referred to and receive services from multiple facilities within the network according to their needs. Even if the image wasn't taken at Palm Beach Adult Community Mental Health Services, it wouldn't take much for someone working there to pull up the records. Like some other anons have already said, I doubt that Shay leaked it herself. She doesn't really stand to benefit from posting it and the location is bit strange (I don't know that you would be allowed to take photos of your own records).

No. 859613

its most likely shanaya posting this or could even be someone who knows her that she made the mistake of sending those photos to.
having been through aussie hospital service its really easy to access your shit - hell sometimes doctors or nurses leave the room and just leave the paper there or computer screens up as is.

No. 859614

whos kaydee can someone give a tldr on who and what

No. 859618

File: 1567004660836.png (38.11 KB, 1019x439, kd.png)

A munchie who was a post lolcow. Died by OD.

In a nutshell.
Threads start here

No. 859619

past* lolcow

No. 859625

oh well done you, get your sister fired to try and get some imaginary clout from anonymous people online. bet you're well chuffed.

No. 859627

thank you, borderline is a real thing with actual criteria lol

No. 859630

Agree. There’s no way anon’s sister handed over this info with her location easily find-able to be publicly posted

Pretty fucking wild that her chart said this though, I feel so validated kek

No. 859652

2 scenarios possible
Shay posted herself. Staff recording this in her chart and she has been caught. Her BPD now has to evolve. She now has excuse for no longer talking about restriction and is free to eat normally
Or anons “sister” who is a medical professional risked her entire career to expose a girl on an anonymous board. If this one’s true she needs to be assessed for her own mental wellness

No. 859675


Unless is for court or you have a social worker asking for them.

No. 859698

Not to take away from the obvious fuckery that went down here but anyone else notice how quickly Georgia was on this? She must lurk here often kek

No. 859700

So fast was she onto it, I was wondering if she was responsible!

No. 859706

Is she Aussie?

No. 859707

yeah. Brisbane. Capital of Queensland.

No. 859770

Would be funny, Shay got outed for her posts on georgia even though they were "good friends", and then for her to be responsible for this? would be amusing. But who knows.

No. 859780

It was a self post. No anon happens to have a nurse sister who happens to be unethical enough to give pics from screens of someone who we post about.

The only person who's most likely gained access to her records is herself.

No. 859783

Georgia's life basically consists of alternately bed blocking and inhaling burgers. Must get boring after a while so yeah I wouldn't be surprised

Agreed anon

No. 859787

File: 1567024777775.jpeg (126.36 KB, 1294x853, A9E86967-F594-4703-BE06-2C1CDE…)

now the shanaya who thing has cleared up, what the fuck is up with dusty and her psychs???

No. 859802

I don't really know the history despite being around here for a while, and also would really like to know the context in which dusty was mentioned in his suicide note
If anyone can link to specific areas on here where this whole deal is discussed I would really appreciate it

I also didn't know she wrote a book, but I could see it- that second post was written really well

No. 859803

it's a self post, the cursor is in the text following 'hospital admission. This', meaning the nurse has probably been editing it and shay has snapped the picture once she's moved, it's not been pulled from records. the nurse is probably someone who's pissed off shay, since she conveniently left her name in

No. 859822

I noticed that cursor but didn't know it wAs called a cursor because im dense. Definitely a self post. That thing probably isn't even legit. Wait, ill say definitely isn't legit. Girl is a bell end.

No. 859824

romanticizing and lying is her problem. most of her posts are like that, anon.

No. 859827

Police have real crime to attend to, not because of 'muh feels' have been hurt'.

No. 859832

No u don’t. You can just say “doc let me see my files” you can also straight up ask for a printed copy. You can access your own files easily in Aus.
Source: done as such many times

No. 859833

>>859190 >>859254
this dude killed himself and she romanticized it + lied her ass off. she had a photo of a puddle of blood from her cutting herself that she claimed her therapist took, know its not on her blog but… i am an anon who has followed miss 'more tragic then girl interrupted' for ages. she lies and makes big olde books out of the weirdest stuff. she cant seem to let this poor dude rest in god damn PEACE.

No. 859834

The demographic on this thread must be super yong and naive to fall for this blatant bs….

No. 859849

File: 1567033761387.jpg (51.91 KB, 756x259, Capture.JPG)

Speaking of Georgia, I just went to look at her tellonym. Seems like she's doing some solo farming and making enemies.

No. 859880

I'm embarrassingly old and naive. I think this looks like legit medical notes, the wording is pretty in line with what I've seen in my own charts and what's said is clearly accurate
I'm not wk here, but she's been a lot more tolerable the last few weeks. This post is obviously pretty spot-on, and she seems like she's authentically looking to move on. A budding farmer, perhaps kek

No. 859881

Thank you so much I was trying to get this anon >>859254 she has an intense, unusual relationship and she romanticized the client patient relationship! If you can recover the screen grabs for the noob anon here >>859254 that be excellent.
>>859787 is dr. V even real? I feel like she talks about him the way spaceship talks about.. idk everyone lol. >>859787 “he feels as if I’m far away as the moon” first of all a child could be more poetic and second if her therapist is saying that she better run for the hills I get creeper vibes. Anyway she’s probably fabricating what he said anyway… makes for better edgy dusty content lol

No. 859930

Dusty's a fantasist, or very least greatly exaggerates to make herself,in this case, responsible for fucking up therapists. As if they don't hear the same old shit all the time.

At the age of thirtysomething, she should be past that. Concentrate on her rship with her bf as something positive instead of creating scenarios where she's misunderstood to the extent of making therapists take their lives because of her.

No. 860057

Anyone send me Shanaya’s insta @? Newfag here

No. 860065

She has many. Her self posting dramah caused more dramah than she clearly anticipated so has made them all private. Why do these cows become nursing students?

No. 860070

The question is whether or not Elzani will upload a YouTube vlog tomorrow (Friday) she’s been very quiet since Cyprus - probably realising just how much she binged while she was there.

No. 860076

I imagine having other people on social media comment on her noticeable weight gain (here included, we know she lurks) probably triggered full blown restriction mode. In her latest video she definitely had typical recovery body (skinny limbs, bloated belly) and that’s a really hard phase to deal with without actual proper support, especially for someone as validation seeking as E

No. 860121

and the times, 9.37 under Mental Health Services General Assessment in the bottom image and 10.18 at the bottom of the top image. 9.37 the file was opened, 10.18 it was last saved, seems legit

No. 860158

Vlogging the detail she went into in Cyprus was stupid.

No. 860211

File: 1567094601674.jpg (330.44 KB, 720x1025, 20190829_170233.jpg)

The NHS are really over the twins. She just had a heart attack and now they're going to centre parks

No. 860215

I'm guessing they don't bother with decaffeinated coffee. Heart attacks are a surprise??

OT for a sec (kinda). I just read masses of pages catching up on ginge over at KF. She really did develop into a full time Munchie, innit. If I had a belief at her point I'd be long past wondering why Baby Jesus doesn't help.

Back OT, but not new milk or anything - I had a dream a bunch of taxi drivers were laughing that Becky died. She hasn't posted on stories and I'm thinking it was precognition.

(pure autism)

No. 860225

didnt really think anna could get any nuttier. she definitely has gained weight, momma ging seems to be doing alright with keeping her going to what is believed to be treatment for her eating disorder. but anna cant stop with the diet drink, gloop food, and exercise purging. her stomach asshole is in rough shape. and shes miserable about it now which is hilarious because her stupid claim of cystic fibrosis makes her uwu sad while the painful stoma is legit making her frazzled.

No. 860246

I was confused about the CF thing when it was posted here. At KF they mention how she does these fake dry coughs which OBVIOUSLY isn't how someone with CF would cough, sooooo - is it a pretend complaint to cover her ED and if so, how is she getting away with it?

It it was all laxative abuse I wouldn't be surprised. With the powdered chemicals as well she reminds me of ana Kim with her funky foods.

But, yeah, I saw pics of Ginge looking fuller in the face. I think it was water/bloat but she still looked better for it. She needs to ditch those serial killer glasses though. My god.

No. 860324

This is dustbinflower. I haven't posted on here since Georgia, actually, which I did after hearing about her from an anon on here. I'd never heard of lolcow and didn't know any of the terms or rules. I definitely didn't intend to bring myself on here.

I really don't care who hates me, but you don't need to make shit up. My therapist never referred to me in any suicide note, I don't even know if he had one. He ended things with me a couple years before his suicide, and the way it ended sucks. I don't think talking about shit in my life has anything to do with "romanticizing" anything. What is great or special about my life? If I was going to make shit up I would certainly make myself sound better than who I am. My life is nothing exciting or great, I don't know why anyone would think I make up any of it. I've come a long way from living in psych wards and hospitals to where I am today. I don't know if any of you are battling severe childhood trauma and the suicides of your little sister and therapist, but it's not fun or easy. If you find fun in that go right ahead, I won't stop you. Bye(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 860361

File: 1567112845790.jpg (121.58 KB, 670x701, Screenshot_20190829-170541_Ins…)

aly: "hmmm how do i make it really obvious im trying to relive the glory days of being tumblr famous for my low body weight … i know!"

No. 860385

No one cares about your chronic childhood trauma fuck off

No. 860386

“ended things with me” so were you in a relationship then? how can you say you’re not romanticising when you phrase it like that?

No. 860390

File: 1567117328806.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1443, 5B1B8E82-ED45-44FC-9A9A-C6C8C2…)

confused as to why she would even post this? Why not just caption it something like “watch me as I transfer my shitty eating habits directly to my children! I don’t even try to fuck with nutritious foods!”

Seriously though. She’s not earning good-mommy asspats, she’s not earning good ~*~recovery inspiration~*~ asspats, so why post this? She should be embarrassed, not proud!

No. 860392

Why aren't these children eating actual vegetables?

No. 860396

Because mommy is too busy photographing sugar free protein powder and running on the treadmill at the gym, all while claiming to be “all in” on recovery (a-la Stephanie buttermore or whatever the fuck her name is)

No. 860412

" I don't think talking about shit in my life has anything to do with "romanticizing" anything."
while i doubt the fact this is dusty for some reason i wanna call BS. if u are typing long winded fucking paragraphs about ur mental illness and about ur ex therapist to the point u legit just made it sound like u were in a relationship. thats romanticizing. also you legit were just in the hospital like 2 months ago and according to ur tumblr someone on ur psych team wants u to go back.

i will be nice, as an anon who did follow u before this like a Long time and knew about shit: redeem ur self pal. u dont make urself look too good with how things are going. thats all i will say.

No. 860413

They eat pasta every day. Plain pasta. If the kids ever get to eat anything tasty they'll crap their pants with awe.

You talk about being in the same hospital where Girl Interrupted was made, so that's totally glamourising. Your whole fucked up mental 24/7 behaviours documented in gross detail shtick is for what?
You didn't want to bring yourself here, but you announced yourself and revealed your ongoing trolling of Georgia. Gtfo. Psych life is dull as fuck. No matter how hard you try to make it a cool lifestyle, you can't shine a turd.

No. 860418

>while i doubt the fact this is dusty for some reason

Alarm bells being that she was the one who brought Georgia here. We hadn't heard of G before, soo…
Also, writing style isn't dusty's.

No. 860419

Damn, I’m glad you weren’t still his patient then, I thought you were… also glad he didn’t mention you in his suicide note, that would’ve been really fucked

Saged bc pointless

No. 860451

you got a point.
with the random georgia bring ups this thread keeps having not gonna say shes not lurking or posting.

>>860413 also reminder she has in the past posted photos of her own psych records. def not glamorizing.

No. 860488

Two spoons each?

No. 860499

Sometimes I wonder how many of y’all are psychopaths kek

No. 860500

she's probably neurotic about food touching other food. poor kids.

No. 860641

To be fair, it's hard to tell if it's kims neuroses or just picky children. Some kids are so funny about if one piece of cutlery has sauce on (imagine if you were to eat soup and veggies, would you use your used soup spoon with soup left on it on what ever veg you had?). Same as foods touching or being "mixed".

I just hope the kids end up growing up without any severe deficiences or food /body issues if she's either encouraging it or not helping them to get through it.

No. 860684

File: 1567164628318.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 465.75 KB, 750x953, 7CC0F008-12BF-4CCF-83F5-86F704…)

Part 1 Spoiler for bondage
I’ll just say it I am a bdsmfag. Not going to blog but I can tell you… this is some fucking really inexperienced rope work. You can tell her hands are losing circulation Bc they are red af. Being bound is uncomfortable and some painful but you should never be damaging your body unless it was edge play that was agreed to. To be honest if she goes on like this she’s going to end up seriously hurt or dead. It’s a bigger threat to her health then her fake addiction and wanorexia.(blogging)

No. 860686

File: 1567165167498.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 389.14 KB, 750x1114, 0A497CF7-E995-4489-A48F-F63E6C…)

Part 2 Spoiler for bondage
Major kek “don’t worry I’m experienced” practicing rope play on yourself is not bdsm experience… the whole point is to be submissive and have a loss of control. How can she have that if she’s doing it herself lol! LOOK AT HER HANDS! This is fucked up. She should not be playing with strangers she doesn’t know and literally putting herself in the most vulnerable position to be kidnapped, raped or even killed. Ik she lurks so I hope she either addresses this or stops. It’s fun to lol and all but shit Aly u gotta stop being so f*cking immature and dumb, like a dumb 16 year old who thinks their bullet proof and can do no wrong.

No. 860698

She’s mentioned many times that this rope play was with her dom who she knows from her old job at H&M. So it’s not with a stranger. But everything else you said is spot on, she’s not some BDSM queen she thinks she is.

No. 860720

Fair enough, I must have missed that. Just kind of worrying that she’s kept saying on her story how anxious she was… probably for that future nerve damage she’s getting from the circulation loss kek what a dummy there’s the code word red (stop) for a reason lol. I wonder if she’s going to shoop the photos to look spoopier

No. 860726

ughhh shut up

No. 860733

Oh she was nervous probably because she self harmed on her legs last week and they’re still visible and also “ugh I’m so fat” is probably the other reason for her to be ‘anxious’

No. 860736


Ugh from me as well.
This has nothing to do with her pretending to have an ED. Kink stuff is boring af and I can't see anyone here being interested in a review of her knots.

No. 860740

I think it only shows that she does suck in a lot to make it seem like she’s spoopy

No. 860772

anything more on this shit? this is soo funny and fucked up. definitely think it's a self post but those do look like legit records, qld/ausfag here

No. 860778

Ok then my b kek. op wasn’t about a knot review. More so about yet another alter ego added to her other existing ones. I won’t post her bdsm related content unless it’s directly ed related.

No. 860825

of course her kids are picky, many kids are, but she's clearly inducing and indulging that behavior. multiple spoons is excessive imo.
(to answer your weird personal question about soup, probably yes, idgaf and i have the ability to wipe off a spoon if i did.)

No. 860826

File: 1567192313520.jpg (33.08 KB, 281x314, Capture.JPG)

From shibari to something wholesome. Becky didn't go to a garden centre today! I knowww! Instead she went to Ikea. Shame that she likes all things from Denmark when IKEA's actually Swedish.

How to fuck up a puppy episode #20

No. 860832

Exactly this. Mom has obvious issues with utensils (she proudly uses and advertises baby spoons that she pays $30+ for) and she’s indulging and passing them right along to her kids.

No. 860833

File: 1567193960511.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1448, B3B2DCB1-D33A-4343-9790-CDDDFE…)

Anyone think that maybe, just maybe, E isn’t posting as much because she’s actually gaining weight and her food fetish is getting less intense because of it? It would make sense. Anyone who’s not in the depths of an eating disorder would get pretty bored trying to record every single thing they eat.

Then again, she’s also a pretty major attention whore. So she could just be on hiatus losing all the weight again.

No. 860835

I think that's part of the reason. It's a good sign she's not obsessing over food and I hope that's the case for everyone's sake.

There's nowhere to take her channel now she's done all the fear food, challenges, etc and how often can she find new things to try? I don't want to watch her open all the shitty drawings people PO box her either.

Optimistic she's getting her shit together and branching out of her food bubble.

No. 860838

What does not caring about some ana’s Tragic Life Story (tm) have to do with psychopathy?

No. 860841

nah, she's just obsessed as ever. I'm sure she's just busy trying to exercise off everything she gained. Her entire vlog was all about the food they ate, how she didn't care that she was having seconds, ice cream, blah blah. and when she wasn't talking about food, she was caressing her "food baby" UGH.
who cares about the all inclusive buffet at a hotel when you're in an entirely different country?

I really don't understand how her family puts up with the camera always running when they're trying to eat. I would be so weirded out if I was eating and saw some sperg freaking out and video taping every. damn. thing. they and everyone else around them ate. It would be one thing if it was only at home but she seems to do it in public with zero shame…

No. 860847

One thing that I was wondering about is how she had the confidence to wear a bikini. Women without eating disorders have problems with it and wear one of those cover up scarf things or kaftany things. Idk, I find it odd how she's gaining (a bit) of weight and showing off her stuffed stomach and posting it in public. Maybe that's just my insecurity, but female friends prefer to wear something that covers their bodies up even when they don't need to.

No. 860849

I think she’s still spoopy enough that there’s an element of wanting to show off that she’s underweight. You see it with lots of the cows on here who are actually underweight.

No. 860851

File: 1567197291416.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1125x2050, D253759C-7C4E-4D8C-A3C1-65330E…)

as OT as you posting this was, unless it was to comment on how she's truly just skinnyfat at this point, Aly clearly lurks here.

No. 860858

File: 1567197756570.jpg (819.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190830_213757_com…)

She's just nasty, there's a damn pastry on the floor. You can't convince me she isn't binging her room is a tip with wrappers and food everywhere

No. 860860

I don’t get why she would self post this though. It seems highly unlikely because it only makes her look bad and completely outs her

No. 860882

Well she uploaded but she ain’t looking too good ! She’s obviously lost weight .

No. 860905

So she's doing the mastercleanse but leaving out the maple syrup?
What's the point when she's constantly eating candy?

No. 860906

No amount of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne, bleach, or holy water could cleanse the filth out of that cow! She lives in absolute squalor, there’s not a single picture of her living space / food that doesn’t make me want to puke.

No. 860913

File: 1567205057771.jpeg (766.5 KB, 828x1435, 9D1C885E-771A-4E44-902F-40CA21…)

Can’t bring myself to suffer through her actual videos, but her instagram post about it reads like a fucking autistic, schizophrenic mess! (To you snowflake summerfag farmers: I’m sorry if my use of the term schizophrenic hurt your feel feels. Yes, it’s a very real and very debilitating mental illness and we shouldn’t throw it around like an insult.)

No. 860922

File: 1567206442950.jpeg (67.71 KB, 346x601, F25FEEFC-314C-491C-A1F8-991544…)


No. 860924

I can't bear the vids either but I see no weight loss here. Still sickly but not less spoopy.

The caption reads like a primary school kid had to write about what they did at the weekend.

Oh god, so there's going to be more taste tests of new things and I was all optimistic.

Nope, never distracted by plants and bowls. My fave supermarket is ALDI because I can't afford others. My parents don't pay my food bills.

I love trying new things!
Hm…autistic indeed. Deranged though, not especially schizo. Manic eyes or is it 1000 yard stare? Definite spaz.

No. 860925

Has she gone trans? What's she so happy about?

No. 860929

JFC. I salute anyone who can look at that without their blood pressure rising.

No. 860931

File: 1567207057542.jpg (38.17 KB, 350x400, hhe.jpg)

No. 860933

File: 1567207249685.jpg (36 KB, 567x327, Capture.JPG)

No. 861003

File: 1567218576476.jpg (123.59 KB, 678x1295, 20190831_122504.jpg)

Kek. Posting for a frend who got this message

No. 861017

LMAOO Shay is a damn idiot holy shit. On the plus side at least the irls she’s supposedly mentioning won’t get fired once they found out it was her. If her “sister” was really the one who leaked them, she for sure just got her fired. Good job ruining her career Shay!

No. 861025

No way out of this now. She’s too selfish to admit she posted though. Would be super unfortunate if anyone lost their job over this but she’ll never take accountability for any of her actions

No. 861027

Who she mentioning

No. 861031

The “real people” she mentioned that are getting in trouble, which is probably code for herself or her sister if she exists

No. 861033

Wtfff I can’t even fucking fathom what possibly possessed her to think she could get something good out of posting her records that show she’s a complete fake and liar. Like what on earth was the motive here?

No. 861037

Is this confirmed to be her private account? This looks sketchy.

If it is someone owes >>859568 a sugar free nonfat zero cal cookie.

No. 861038

Samefag. I'm an idiot. That was her, too. She was trying to back out.

No. 861048

File: 1567222515965.jpg (176.59 KB, 1080x1016, 20190831_133541.jpg)

Seems legit/her real account

No. 861049

this is the shit i think of when people want to defend a cow because of uwu bpd or trauma. lolcows do dumb shit online and want others to help clean their messes up. the fact that this surprises some of you only shows how fresh you are to this kind of stuff.

she has to eliminate the calories somehow. the sugar is supposedly only to boost energy or some bullshit. the candy binges are most likely just that, binges. anorexics are able to binge as well. but yes, she lives in filth and its disgusting how freely she broadcasts it. gross all around.

No. 861055

Yep. When I first checked her account it was an underscore, even when you type it into IG her new user pops up. Kept the same bio and photo as before, not even TRYING to hide herself. Not like she can if she wanted to anyways, it’s not going to save her from the trouble she’s about to be in. That was fast too, Shay must lurk often

No. 861059

omg so it was herself???

No. 861060

File: 1567222977489.jpg (351.94 KB, 1080x2038, IMG_20190831_134337.jpg)

Nice try anons… Shay here (yes, I've seen it all and so have many other authorities), I got this login aeart from last night. My account has been hacked, and my account has now been deleted. Plus, I don't need to prove anything. Authorities are already into it and will just crack all the IP addresses. Nice job trying to get out of it :) Too bad you didn't realise I had a privacy alert set up on my account!

No. 861061

Of course she lurks. She loves the attention. Too stupid to stay away

No. 861063

Oh hey shay. Except your little screen shot says shay.w.priv when your actual account is shay.w_priv
Nice try tho

No. 861064

Samefag I guess the anon that posted about her ig name change was Shay and quickly deleted it. She also changed her user to something else, it’s no longer shan.w_priv or shan.w.priv. Girl this is embarrassing you’re just digging a bigger hole for yourself

No. 861069

Shay been posted here enough from all her accounts that we know shay.w_priv is one of them. We have records shay. Try again

No. 861072

shes not very cunning is she?

No. 861074

wow, its like you can log onto shit from a different device then screenshot that from the main source to get that same email. get the fuck over yourself. youre a faggot who selfposts for attention.

No. 861078

Good job exposing your email too, dumbass

No. 861080

File: 1567223877241.jpg (285.58 KB, 964x1058, 20190831_135725.jpg)

See. This is one of your accounts. We know you have many>>861060 you've changed them all before.
Best to just delete them ALL and start again…. With one (1)

No. 861082

>alert from last night
>login attempt 8:38 ptd aug 30 received
>2m ago
>med records were posted 3 days ago

big fuckin doubt you screenshot that to wait until now.

No. 861098

File: 1567225259982.jpeg (114.89 KB, 1126x2176, 27633DEE-6B41-4154-82B6-E1D971…)

Got this SS from a friend you were speaking to not even an hour ago, so that means your account just got deleted about 30-45 minutes ago? That’s pretty convenient I must say

No. 861123

Who is this?

No. 861133

She’s not autistic - we had that debate several times many threads ago- weird and very immature and stilted but that doesn’t make her autistic. Her brain is just fucked from starving .
Going around a supermarket pretending to buy the food ?!
What was the point of the video.
She is so obsessed with food in all its detail ( both her and her family’s ) it’s scary - but I guess that’s anorexia .

No. 861197

Haven't we been through this before with you Shay? The police are going to do jack shit except prove that you're the one doing all of this to yourself. You were outed at one point for posting yourself and then "uwu i report to police!", nothing happened, x for doubt that you even went to the police because it'd uncover the truth.

And now you're doing the same shit again, i this your new spiel, faking anorexia isn't getting you attention so now you're fishing for asspats from elsewhere? And attention from adults around you? What a sad sad little freak of a girl.

No. 861203

technically georgia should be more culpable for sticking her beak in, she lurked on here but not enough and filed reports in her haste to make lolcow look worse. egg on ya face!

No. 861218

Exactly this. I mean who else is going to be so invested in a cow they'd ruin their own lives/careers? Doesn't check out at all. Lots of very naive people here.

No. 861269

Why does Laura pose in those awkward face expressions? That is not a normal smile, it's as if she's desperately trying to get everyone to say she looks unwell but if she smiled normally she would at least appear a little more normal looking? Am I right?

No. 861270

Please we need to make Shay and her "to seek attention and admission" medical notes quote as the next thread's image.

No. 861273

I second that

No. 861278

Georgia's our new Joltography. She thought she was some kind of She-Ra
for the cows.

No. 861329

File: 1567270475156.jpeg (797.14 KB, 828x1457, 19954DAA-30F9-4361-8AF3-02704F…)

Definitely the face and body of someone who’s about to slip into a coma

No. 861333

Laura is so dramatic.

No. 861418

What do you think her BMI is now?

No. 861438

Numbers are banned in this thread now.

What's she actually in for? She's obviously eaten because she doesn't even look dehydrated. I don't think "brain not working properly" is legit criteria for wasting NHS beds.

No. 861451

Absolutely no one gives a fuck here.

Rub your bones to something else

No. 861471

File: 1567277559045.jpg (372.87 KB, 720x960, 20190731_215816.jpg)

she makes it sound like she was sectioned basically, like she was trying to take the long nap
>rub your bones to something else

No. 861503


I get these emails when I log into instagram from my laptop instead of my usual desktop. what does this email prove? my bank also sends these when I try to check my balance from my phone. THINK OF BETTER LIES, WE'RE NOT NEW TO TECHNOLOGY HERE

No. 861513

Same here. My spam's full of them from ig, google, yahoo.

I think that Georgia talking about it with whoever landed shan in trouble, but if she makes her not too bright followers think people are accessing their medical records then they're going to get their knickers in a twist. I hope she gets a bollocking for posting here.

No. 861519

File: 1567281595282.png (5.16 MB, 828x1792, D4E8517A-BDC5-4A5A-A54C-A36A97…)

Does she post this same / similar mess of food every night because the thinks it looks…appetizing? It looks stomach curdlingly salty and acidic. Combine that with all the synthetic protein junk she eats all day and I’m guessing her gut microbiome is pretty much toxic. What an inspiring recovery princess.

No. 861528

She might be stuck with only being able to make herself eat the old pasta, sauerkraut, pickles concoction. She feeds her kids the same thing over and over as well. Fine if she likes it in the way Elvis ate nothing but meatloaf for months at a time, but…looks like she's clinging to what she feels is safe because she's maintaining?

All those pickles ruin it imo. That blob of some kind of mayo (?) makes me ask why. Her combos are weird to me.

No. 861530

Adding, I see no chicken. No recovery points there.

No. 861531

File: 1567282349314.jpg (401.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190831-205947_Ins…)

Laura went live and she said the reason she hasnt been tubed yet is because theyve said it's fine to not eat for 3 weeks. It's only when it hits the 4th that it's a problem? She was being really melodramatic saying that she thinks shes going to die on the ward cos her body cant take anymore.

Notice beccys comment kek.

Also I didnt realise she was 24? Imagine still being a waranrexic living in your parents house at that age.

No. 861533

>You seem incredibly alert considering!


She's been eating. Her stomach would be flatter than >>861329 if she hadn't. She's always been dramatic and useless. Most cows never change.

No. 861537

Are you getting your cows confused? Ganer doesn’t have kids (kek at the thought her body would be healthy enough for babymaking). She eats the same thing every day because she’s as sick now as she was when she was 10lbs lighter, now she just hides it behind a ~*~passion for fitness~*~. Total fitness cow.

No. 861538

Fuck yeah, I'm confusing her with Kim because both are foodweird.

No. 861539

Loads of people still live at home at that age in the UK… just saying!

I watched the live too. She seemed quite paranoid about the questions like people were trying to catch her out or something… guilty conscience?

No. 861551

UK anon, so I know people stay with parents longer BUT she's been in a relationship for years and had jobs. I would've thought she'd want to move in with her gf but, stupid me, forgot she doesn't do independence.

No. 861553

>>861539 it's not about living at home, its living at home leaching off of your parents whilst continuing the wannarexic act. Most people grow out of that, but here she is at 24 still being a parasite. Shes been trying to go 5o college for the past 7 years, but she always acts up right before shes supposed to start. Its honestly pathetic.

No. 861574

Not to nitpick but Instagram used white text bubbles with a black outline for received messages not grey. And messages don’t join together, even when sent consecutively.

We all know she posted her own records but someone’s faked this image.

No. 861578

My dm requests and normal msgs all stack like this one. Especially when sent one after the other quickly.
Idk about the colour

No. 861591

This vendetta sperging is a reach.

No. 861599

Not even vendetta. I just find it hilarious that this visibly malnourished, severely underweight, spoiled twat is out here claiming to be the messiah of lifting, fitness and recovery with seemingly zero self awareness of how disordered her eating and exercise habits are. Doesn’t take a farmer to see how delusional she is.

No. 861617

It's cut up chicken sausages. Not that that makes her meal any better but it's there.

On a side note I always think that she must smell disgusting since she eats pickles, sauerkraut and onions every night.

No. 861637

She isnt claiming that though…
She isnt severely underweight

No. 861639

File: 1567298163962.jpeg (939.68 KB, 828x1462, 7DF860C4-83B8-4379-BA2F-951B5D…)

She’s literally marketing herself as a fitness and nutrition coach. She literally talks about how fully recovered and awesome she is in every post.
Either you are her or you’re seriously delusional if you don’t recognize that she’s a total fitnesscow

No. 861660

solostinmymind is a cow herself…likes sending people who are struggling triggering comments

No. 861753

Isnt she like 20 and gunning for palliative care?

No. 861755

Not to be that guy, but this is an image board. Screenshots would be great.

No. 861796

that was probably in regards to >>861531 who did indeed post a screen cap

No. 861797

Laura made a live about how it’s fine for her to be IP and not be tubed, it doesn’t matter until she doesn’t eat for 4 weeks according to her and solostinmymind posted “you seem so alert considering” to imply she wasn’t acting like someone who hadn’t eaten for 3 weeks

No. 861805

File: 1567313152382.jpeg (122.23 KB, 754x610, 8E1499E4-3267-481B-963D-F810FC…)

Elzani really needs to watch this video

No. 861820


I was asking for other incidences. Sorry if I'm wrong, but the original comment suggested that this was something solost did on the regular.

No. 861857

Anyone seen this? Claims to go on a smoothie diet yet gets smoothies from Mac Donalds lol and binges.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJB2U4Ln1rs#action=share

No. 861868

It doesn't seem that milky or lulsy at all. The person has one video, and from looks seems to make her own for the 18 days most of the time on her liquid diet (doubt mc donalds sell green smoothies). Just skimmed through because it seemed boring as fuck.

No. 861927

Saging causenI don't know where to post this so I'm sorry if it isn't the right place. but what do u think of Kaia Gerber? she lost a lot of weight.. do u think it's natural or restricting maybe an ed idk?

No. 861932

You pretty much can’t tell with models because whether or not they have an ED they have to eat/exercise like they do

I also don’t think we can post celeb stuff here? Maybe we can and people just don’t idk

No. 861947

Lost weight?? She’s gained a little weight recently actually. I think her thinness was the result of restriction though but she’s getting older now so her body is becoming more womanly

You need to check out Skinny Gossip’s thread on her where everyone is calling her fat lol https://www.skinnygossip.com/community/threads/kaia-gerber.9136/page-58

No. 861954

I have checked it. I was talking about previously though haha.
hmm maybe. Let's start talking about models / insta models etc..? would be interesting and milky honestly

No. 861957

and much more fun than talking about Aly or whatever and her shoops hahahaha

No. 861959

Maybe start a new thread for it then? It doesn't seem fitting for this thread tbh. Other insta models get brought up from time to time, and it dies down so quickly, and i can imagine the cringe of kpopers coming in here about their idols losing weight/extreme diets.

No. 861961

I would, but I literally have no idea how to. Been trying to learn but couldn't figure it out. Can someone else do it please? Also mentioning kpop or whatever shouldn't be allowed and whoever does gets banned like how here we aren't allowed to talk about bmi. Someone start one please and link it. Could be like skinnygossip but without being nasty. Just talkingabout their diet, workout and who might have an ed.(anachan posting is not allowed)

No. 861984

there's regular diet threads on /ot/and probably /g/, it's definitely not fit for this thread
you can post celebrity and model stuff in the celebricows thread on /ot/

No. 861986

Thanks! Can u link me, can't find them

No. 862000

You asked this a few weeks ago. Stop being a pain in the ass.

No. 862011

If you can’t figure it out you’re probably best not being here. Learn or leave, it’s not our job to start threads for you.

No. 862024

File: 1567356437460.jpg (30.97 KB, 311x508, 0.JPG)

Super seriously starving Laura's drinking coffee. You'd think her heart would give out seeing how she's about to slip into a coma.

Every day she's let out of the hospital. Why are they even letting her stay there?

No. 862027

Lmao. Not just coffee, some milky, sugary, expensive coffee-like drink. I love when they cry Ana but can’t be assed enough to even pretend to tolerate a drink without calories

No. 862031

File: 1567356959044.jpg (12.71 KB, 169x154, 00.JPG)

b…but this is recovery! Only three days ago she could only manage a sip of water. She looks very pleased with herself. She reminds me of that cow that faked satanic ritual abuse/DID and used hospitals like hostels.

No. 862054

Do you think she’s about to post her salty chicken, zucchini and rice dinner (with pickles, sauerkraut and mayo) or her salty chickeb, zucchini and pasta dinner (with pickles, sauerkraut and mayo)? So much suspense!

No. 862065

File: 1567360303534.jpg (545.53 KB, 1078x1189, Screenshot_20190901-194144_Ins…)

her tan is really stressing me out, why is she still so sunburnt or are all these photos months old?

No. 862074

The more I think about it the more I believe 'Kelsey' may be a troll. The one thing that would confuse me is the video she posted on one of her old accounts. It's not a stretch to grab a random girl's photos on the internet and shoop them to see who falls for it, maybe they have an eating disorder fetish, etc. but to have a video like that? Her captions too are always the same shit.. 'I'm gonna be the biggest person at school' and other nonsense she would know isn't true. Either a troll, or very mentally unstable imo.

No. 862099

i'm pretty sure "kelsey" is just some weirdo who gets a kick out of pretending to be ~the sickest ana~. probably either an overweight teenaged girl or a dude with a skinny fetish. either way it's pretty messed up.

No. 862130

File: 1567364510684.png (122.31 KB, 522x278, Screenshot_20190901-195541~2.p…)

I can't believe Kelsey's a real person. There's a lot about her that isn't typical ana behaviour. She has no personality, or at least she doesn't put one forward.

IDK what's going on, but there's some weird sh00ping img related. That hipbone area looks boxy as if whoeveritis couldn't blend the bikini bottoms properly.

No. 862178

File: 1567369651855.png (5.11 MB, 828x1792, 23937636-FAE7-4D30-8C5F-3AB6E3…)


No. 862181

i dont believe kelsey is a real person either. you're right theres no personality. she just posts body checks and it seems like she leaves the account until she posts another one. all other ana chans interact with their accounts way more

No. 862212

Apparently Terri (Anorexia Recovery/Rebooted/Restricted/Revived On Youtube) has passed away at 50.

She was never discussed here a lot, but many might remember her for constantly lying about going to treatment, eating and getting into arguments with her viewers. Possibly the spoopiest of them all, and taken care of by her mom 24/7.

The last trace of her left online was a video where she somewhat body shamed a fat woman. Sadly enough, I don't think she will be missed by many.

No. 862219

That woman genuinely looked like something out of a horror movie. RIP to her I guess, but was bound to happen.

No. 862232

File: 1567374332663.jpg (917.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190901-234327_Ins…)

I kind of genuinely hope she can get some serious help so she can start taking some responsibility and start acting like a grown woman instead of an attention seeking wannabe anorexic child, but also it sucks that her dad has to pay for her to take up time from real ED patients but I guess some people are just fortunate like that. dont see why she cant just go to therapy?

No. 862233

Thats what hips look like actually. You'll see similar on geriatrics.
The no personality is probably from malnourishment

No. 862285

I hope for the best for her too but her parents already dropped $$$ for her to go and she immediately got back to her usual surroundings and went right back to behaviors without even trying to reach out to others before relapsing.

No. 862300

Not trying to wk but for all we know she could be purging or dealing with some other ed symptom but is just trying to act like she’s still a spoopy anachan… but I definitely hope she gets her shit sorted out either way

No. 862302

Im not going to pretend i liked her. I thought there were problems when she was put in a care home, but thought it was because her mum couldn't give her full time care. She lied too much. That's what I'd put on her gravestone.

Sad that an eating disorder got her but she didn't even try to fix it.

No. 862304

Same. The shopping-selfies-to-look-skinnier thing is not something I'd imagine any anorexic would find gratifying, and the fact that no one really knows anything about her. In addition to the time and effort she's putting in… My vote is for guy with a skinny fetish

No. 862305

Not sure what this is a plate of, but looks like pasta of some kind- the worst part about it is that she took a semi-normal looking meal and then put those disgusting little onions, pickles, and… ginger? on there.

No. 862307

I second that intensely. She's like that account that took some tumblr girl's pics and made it a little that wets the bed.

No. 862313

Lmao she loves to fish for attention and always lets her followers know when she hasn’t eaten all weekend or like yesterday when she straight up said she was b/ping and then drinking all night. She’s never “suffered in silence” kek

No. 862374

What's the cows name? Kek
(Sage for offtopic)(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 862376

What was the video?

No. 862384

Lurk moar and ye shall find

No. 862402


No. 862408

I meant the satanic abuse one.

No. 862419

kek if you're gonna larp as a super severe delicate ana fairy uwu~ at least get the basics right. that must be packed with sugar unless she's gone a mountain of sweetener tabs like the twins

had a couple of brief interactions with her and she always seemed off. Not just the scamming, someone found her old Nazi blog and bunch of other sketchy shit which she tried passing off as schoolwork. never seemed quite right but RIP I guess, at least she's not terrifying unsuspecting people on youtube anymore

No. 862425

It's be interesting if we could find out who she is and see what she actually looks like. She's probs kinda spoopy but anywhere near these hideous shoops.

No. 862442

File: 1567430557231.jpeg (849.1 KB, 828x1534, 7A1C60E4-6C43-4B4E-9022-D119ED…)

Kim usually posts 20 IG stories a day but has been radio silent for 48 hours with no notice and no explanation. Maybe her family staged an intervention?

No. 862453

File: 1567433762001.jpeg (855.39 KB, 828x1680, 543865CF-D88B-42BC-B71F-CC1075…)

Never mind. +some pretty solid evidence that miss “all in recovery qween” Kim lurks.


No. 862455

I hope she can get some help but she'll never get better if she still uses instagram. She went to treatment and seemed okay, but continued to use her account and it went downhill. She values her followers and likes too much

No. 862457

File: 1567435461987.jpg (84.06 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_20190826_194136_270.jpg)

I found a model on Instagram and there's some comments of people saying she had anorexia but she keeps saying she doesn't. What do you think? Her insta is @catarinafoxy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 862462

Any milk other than "I don't have an eating disorder".?

No. 862486

Are you the anon who keeps asking for a model thread?

No. 862489

Stop fucking clogging up the thread, we don‘t care about random models. Learn to integrate, this isn‘t how lolcow works

No. 862490

some bony chick denying they have an ed ≠ milk
provide examples or get out

No. 862506

hey so I don't really know the formatting of this site so sorry if I'm doing this wrong, idk what sage means or anything soo
I found a picture of me from a few months ago here and was wondering if someone could remove it?? no one really talked about it or anything but still kind of embarrassing lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 862507

Which picture is it?

No. 862508

>>862506 link the picture?

No. 862524

All totally unlikely!

No. 862529

File: 1567447749872.jpeg (78.38 KB, 689x583, image.jpeg)

Both E and mumzani have put on a fair but of weight since this photo was taken compared to now.
I'm not saying her mum is fat just naturally at a higher set point than I think are would be able to tolerate if she carries on with her eat everything and anything whenever. I think E is still under the impression you can do your real recovery/intuitive eating blah blah and still expect your body to maintain at a weight that is just into the 'recovered bmi' yet still far underneath her actual set point.
Is E the feeder of the family or is her mum?

No. 862532

File: 1567448041321.jpeg (125.24 KB, 768x850, image.jpeg)

No. 862533

I DID say I was being optimistic! Sometimes it works but not in this case.

E's always rudely pointing out her mum's the one who loves food. She might be eating more to encourage E, but she might be comfort eating because of the stress dealing with her weird daughter.

I'd say her mum does like eating but usually keeps a check on overeating, but with E pushing food on her it's harder to resist.

Also it's probably a sick comfort for E to see other people (her mum) gaining weight because she is.

No. 862536

What happened to her?

No. 862539

I definitely think mum eats as much as she does because she’s scared if she doesn’t, E won’t. And she’s probably right! E holds that whole family psychologically hostage.

No. 862582

File: 1567453306699.jpeg (933.14 KB, 828x1487, 9268BB06-9B66-4F81-8180-1B7201…)

Truly a recovery miracle that this delicate little flower who not one week ago couldn’t handle a single sip of water now goes out for lattes and mochas on the daily

No. 862596

She looked like she'd been on heroin for ~45 years… an ED nurse once told me that young girls could get away with being scary-thin for a while, but once you're an adult you get scary pretty quickly- the "dainty" definitely passes you by at some point kek

I feel like when you're as malnourished as she was for as long as she was, you're just too mentally gone to try to fix anything

No. 862599

Does anyone knew what treatment center she's looking at? Like is it for ED?

No. 862601

How is she allowed off the ward if shes supposedly in danger.
She hadnt been a spoop too long. On her twitter shes average weight, well built. Im sure her weight declined pretty fast as opposed to Ash.

No. 862607

Right? In the US, if you're able to leave the unit without an issue (especially to Starbucks, kek) that fundamentally means you don't need to be inpatient- IP is for people who wouldn't be safe otherwise

kek even if that thing has no sugar, it obviously has some dairy- I'm sure lots of anorexics would be fine with that, but I wouldn't really expect that out of an anorexic claiming they're not eating for weeks and challenged themselves to small sips of water a few days ago lmao

No. 862608

File: 1567457004097.png (269.32 KB, 697x705, Screenshot_20190902-214024~2.p…)

This was Terri in 2010 aaaand…

No. 862609

File: 1567457041997.png (338.73 KB, 710x745, Screenshot_20190902-214134~2.p…)

…in late 2013

No. 862612

That's definitely a mocha. So chocolatey. Poor Laura.

No. 862623

omg that's horrifying. I just assumed she had been sick for a long time because she's older. Wow, that's a story, I wonder what the fuck happened

No. 862631

That might just have been for a short frame of time between hospital admissions. Then again, you don’t usually see long term severe spoops make it to 50 so who knows.

No. 862644


Like I said I don't know really if I'm quoting you guys or linking the picture right but its 846870
I'm hoping that you'll just remove it and I'm not making a fool of myself posting here

No. 862648

Doing this to see it >>846870

No. 862650

File: 1567459975467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.03 KB, 720x1037, 1564625485919.jpg)

This one?

I'd be embarrassed too.(derailing)

No. 862653

dw I am
kinda went out on a limb asking it to be removed when I could've just ignored it but I thought I'd try

No. 862660

should've kept quiet and ignored it or not post it in the first place. Now people will keep it for spite.

No. 862664

Lmao don’t self post and then play victim to draw attention to yourself
She just radiates Nazi energy from 2013 onward

No. 862697

File: 1567462558872.png (Spoiler Image, 316.69 KB, 1017x588, 0.png)

I can see why you were posted here. You might want to stop posting body checks. Why still post them if you find them embarrassing? You should work on that attention seeking behaviour.

No. 862705

>>862650 7 likes? I smell self post

No. 862723

Not trying to wk, but all of this seems to be her openly acknowledging things that every other cow obviously thinks/feels but will deny to the grave. A bit refreshing kek

No. 862800

File: 1567471479121.jpg (5.86 KB, 225x225, cow pride.jpg)

Hmm. It could be Cow Pride when she knows she does all the usual stuff but STILL posts it. If someone knows why they punch others in the face yet still punches people in the face and brags about how much harder the punches are becoming…that doesn't excuse them being face punchers.

No. 862829

File: 1567474700724.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, 9BC952B8-3678-4FCC-AA88-D332B1…)

more bullshit from korey

No. 862848

Oh honey… go away from here and don't look back. It'll be okay.

No. 862854

lol what is the point of this? is getting a dietetics degree/not dropping out supposed to be impressive?

No. 862884

Unless it’s unsweetened almond milk, than can be a safe food for anas because it’s pretty low cal

No. 862930

I guess when you’re used to your parents doing everything for you, finishing your degree is impressive. I’m sure she’s an absolute nightmare to have class with. Drug addict with no real talent and a massive superiority complex. Whew

No. 862970

It doesn’t look like she has many friends at uni so probably the case. Utter nightmare.

No. 863125

File: 1567522262802.png (4.79 MB, 828x1792, A3B39619-7B51-4FDF-A3C2-92B9A3…)

Plz explain how Kim qualifies eating this crap as “recovery”?

No. 863134

Can we get a link to Kelsey's twitter, or screenshots for comparison?

No. 863157

They're on about Terri.

No. 863174

Kek at picking the sausage off to make it vegetarian

No. 863177

if she picks off the sausage anyway, why not just make the sandwich herself?? it would be cheaper and healthier slash less wasteful. what a tard.

No. 863200

File: 1567528354528.png (5.43 MB, 828x1792, 47FA4559-427F-4667-9129-BC7EED…)

Never has a shirt been more ironic. She exclusively eats diet, non-fat, no-sugar junk food.

No. 863209

She eats meat though?

A health freak would rather nuke some overprocessed breakfast burger than eat something nutritious like, ohhh oatmeal with fruit or seeds? She may as well eat a Pop Tart.

No. 863215

How is she not absolutely horrified to see she's given herself the face of a senior citizen with her self deprivation? She can show off with all the prideful health slogans she wants but you have to completely leech your body of all its healthy fat and nutrients to prematurely age your face that badly even with tanning.

No. 863219

Far as I can tell her only vitamins and minerals are synthetic gummies and her major source of calories is alcohol. I’m surprised she doesn’t look even worse.

No. 863223

I guess it's true that alcohol's dehydrating. Her skin looks painful it's so dry.

No. 863362

How old is she? She looks like a typical 60 years old white woman

No. 863586

What? I'm not the cow who posted those images? I was calling her out for being stupid >>862660

Is everyone here retarded?

No. 863637

File: 1567580387246.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190904-085835_Ins…)

Think she lurks?

No. 863748

Yes, lmao.

No. 863757

“I know I’m not sick enough with the ed to be in treatment” ah no fucking duh aly. You’r weight is healthy you conveniently left the wrapper of your pop tart showing in this photo >>863637 so I’m guessing you don’t have fear foods lol. Why all the sudden is she bingeing and purging righhht before PHP hmmm. I think she’s going for the mental health to Ed to Bc I’m so sooper sick swap. Littlestlee, Shanaya and more all do this they act crazy to get a mental health bed but then act like they have the most severe ed to ever exist for the toobs and attention. Ugh.

No. 863800

File: 1567601792760.jpeg (705.01 KB, 828x1692, 72690FF7-E056-4C7E-A3E6-AD5D7B…)

This is her taking pictures of herself in hospital, where she’s supposedly sooper sick slipping in and out of a coma and shit? K Jan.

No. 863807

So this is what week 4 with no food, sure Jan. Even doing shit like this would make her pass out if that were the case. It exerts the body more than it looks.

No. 863809

Laura overdramatizes Everything… If she was in fact as bad as she tells her followers then the hospital would not let her out and I'm assuming she would be wheelchair bound if she was close to a coma….

No. 863810

The power of a Starbucks mocha.

No. 863878

File: 1567614270059.png (3.22 MB, 828x1792, 77B63BD0-2217-482C-AF9A-816934…)

Or hot chocolate.

Amazing how much progress she can make, from being unable to handle a sip of water to downing syrupy, sugary calorie bombs on the daily. An inspiration to all ~*~recoverywarriors~*~ for sure!

No. 863894

Is she even in hospital? All these shopping/coffee dates is something that generally doesn't happen on a pych ward. Especially if you're telling doctors you're gonna an hero and you haven't eaten for a hundred years.

No. 863907

File: 1567617201285.jpeg (793.05 KB, 828x1544, 1556F21F-6D8C-4AF5-B81D-266A4C…)

Normally I crap on her for eating only diet, processed, shitty foods. This contains actual ingredients that weren’t manufactured in a lab but looks completely disgusting in its own way. Essentially raw egg yolk and blueberries on unflavoured cream of wheat? Yummy.

No. 863917

This looks disgusting and isn't even particularly healthy unless all the other meals she ate were nutritionally stellar, which they're not.

No. 863945

holy shit. can someone please tell who she is referring to that is putting this hell spawn of a recipe on the 'gram?? seriously, cream of wheat/instant oats, over easy egg, everything but the bagel seasoning and frozen blueberries. are you fucking kidding me?????

No. 863950

File: 1567621274169.jpeg (628.31 KB, 828x1506, 38B114BC-B33F-498C-ADAB-A81A3E…)

Honestly, it’s better than most of her recipes (which look like this one, full of artificial, chemical diet crap, which she markets on her so-called recovery account?!)

No. 863957

Why are ana recovery accounts always so obsessed with these disgusting food concoctions? Wouldn't that make it even harder to eat (or is that the point)? Is it because they need to be creative with their posts to keep getting likes/followers? Is it a way of squeezing a bunch of calories from a narrow list of "safe foods" together (I can easily see how oatmeal, blueberries and eggs would be considered safe foods)?
Like…This just looks disgusting on all levels. I can see the "healthy food aesthetic" angle, but thinking about actually eating that meal makes me gag. All the ingredients alone would be fine, why mix them?

No. 863967

File: 1567624260384.jpg (158.16 KB, 1280x720, santa.jpg)

Fried egg and fruit. That's…different.

This is the most disgusting food thing that's ever been posted in these threads. I'd honestly prefer to eat something with nourish's hair in it than this. It was invented by the devil himself.

No. 863971

Kekekekek as if she would FRY her egg, in OIL and such?! Nah. That this is boiled / poached / some other culinary offence that leaves it pretty much uncooked.

No. 863978

File: 1567624651660.jpg (16.52 KB, 220x251, it lives.JPG)

You're right. Probably poached. What's the slime everywhere? Is it raw egg white?

No. 863979

File: 1567624710211.jpeg (741.05 KB, 828x1471, 83FC74D9-38A9-4FE6-A082-E5B8B3…)

Oh god, she put maple syrup (kek, she only uses sugar free “table syrup”, but okay sure Jan) in there too. Wow. That ingredient list. Wowwww

No. 863983

Ohhh, that'll be what I thought was raw egg. Kind of a better option, but not. It looks like it could be one of several bodily fluids. My god, she's disgusting.
~bloobs~ Haven't seen that for a while.

No. 863986

Starvation makes you crave weird things.

No. 863998

File: 1567625941491.jpeg (399.53 KB, 750x1009, C3881D32-C651-40D2-980D-F2F501…)

Lest us forget that she is the same monster that also puts jelly on a egg and cheese sandwich…. sure sign of a super ED is the need to make all food sickly sweet (al la the twins et al who eat a million artificial sweeteners/day).

No. 864002

lmao right? Generally psych wards make you spend your time… getting treatment in the psych ward where your bed costs ~$1800 a night

why on earth does she think taking exercise selfies alone in her room as opposed to, again, participating in treatment is worth bragging about

No. 864003

File: 1567626719658.jpeg (298.92 KB, 827x1451, 66488441-4C2C-4DB6-92F3-239FB3…)

Let us doubly not forget that that’s not even actual bread! It’s “cauliflower bread”, some weird, keto / low carb monstrosity she pushes on her followers

No. 864005

File: 1567627016697.png (5.58 MB, 828x1792, DA6083FF-488D-44DE-96FA-676D4A…)

Speaking of disgusting Ana-chefs, gamer added ketchup to her nightly slop!

No. 864017

For someone with an ED Kim sure has very little understanding of how calories work
Gummy bears made with gelatin having no carbs or fat? She probably thinks her zero cal maple syrup monstrosity is actually zero calories

No. 864032

UK general psych wards don't really have treatment as such. They check on you every x minutes depending on your risk level, meds… that's pretty much it. The fact she is allowed out means she isn't on section (voluntary patient) and either the ward don't care/ no nothing about EDs or her vitals are fine.
But if they were going to find her an EDU bed they'd officially be looking and she would know and she would have posted it so basically she is in there for general MH risk not ED. They'll be coming up with a community plan, it's possible Vincent Sq are trying to get MH team to take responsibility for her as her primary reason for hospitalisation is MH risk (otherwise she would be in medical)…MH team might be saying Vincent Sq should have responsibility. Other than outpatient teams arguing I can't see why she's still there.

No. 864053

File: 1567632394933.jpg (158.13 KB, 1440x2560, super secret super special.jpg)

Yeah but it's something really dramatic!

>respect my privacy during this awful time

Lol. That's what celebrities say when someone's died or they're in rehab.

YOU'RE NOT THAT SPECIAL, LAURA. Not special at all. Try being an adult sometime, yeah?

No. 864063

You're allowed leave from psych wards and dont spend every waking moment in ward. most EDP have a food challenge where you go to cafe or such

No. 864078

Not if you're inpatient in the US… "residential" programs are usually a bit less restrictive, like you can earn the right to take walks lol but she's saying she's inpatient.

You don't have an individual social worker/psychiatrist/anything? Systems are so different, especially how long people there seem to be hospitalized vs. here… I see so many insta-anas talking about being hospitalized for months instead of days


No. 864113

File: 1567639797743.jpeg (776.16 KB, 2048x2048, 5225AA66-DE88-4B00-9458-1D5C64…)

These were literally side by side IG stories on kim’s story: the first is a picture of a bar that specifically markets how it’s low sugar, low GI, low carb, gluten free, blahdeeblah and THE NEXT PICTURE is her wearing a shirt processing what a recovery warrior she is and how she rejects the diet food industry?!!

No. 864123

Kim’s doing this on purpose. That gomiblog site hasn’t talked about her since August 22nd. She probably misses the attention and is amping up her weird ED shit so they talk about her again. Sad!

No. 864143

File: 1567644972150.jpg (906.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190905-041157_Ins…)

Thats shiny? Kek
Sure doesnt look very nourished to me

No. 864145

God her hair is so ratty and disgusting. She just needs to chop it all off

No. 864151

Shiny?? Does she mean the grease at the roots? First time I've seen her close up and she's pretty imo, but her hair really needs a good cut. And treatments.

No. 864190

Amerifag to amerifag the conclusion I’ve drawn is eating disorder units in the uk are like our version on residential just in a more clinical setting. They get sent to the general hospital for medical stabilization if an EDU can’t handle their case. (Like IP in a medical hospital here) I know they have locked and unlocked units so the locked ones may be more like an inpatient program for eating disorders in the us like Johns Hopkins and an unlocked one like a traditional RTC

No. 864207

File: 1567660459783.jpeg (360.04 KB, 696x810, D03792DB-7483-4DBE-8BC0-641BB1…)

It’s not Friday and we have a bonus pointless video of food food and more food.
I feel sorry for her poor mum though.

No. 864224

File: 1567665177325.jpeg (397.23 KB, 1125x2152, 811DD05A-2442-47E0-8EB1-B2BAA2…)

No. 864229

.. context? obvious self post.

No. 864260

File: 1567676332656.jpeg (249.65 KB, 750x1093, 3BF3B75F-7FF2-4129-B2FD-E716EB…)

It’s is confirmed- she places hair in/on her food to get posted on here HEY GIRL

No. 864265

Yeh, Eating Disorder Units have people where they are actively being treated. Different ones have different criteria (i.e. some don't take people below BMI 13/ don't tube) some are locked some are not. Usually stays are fairly long because admission only happens (NHS funded) at very low weights. If medically unstable you'll be in medical for IVs etc. then depending on your area/ the national bed situation/ if you have been sectioned then you might go home or go to a unit.


Laura is in an acute psychiatric unit. So it's due to risk (i.e. self-harm/ suicide) not her ED. These admissions tend to be short as they aren't therapeutic. It's for things like imminent risk, meds adjustments. Like someone with bipolar is manic, someone with a psychotic disorder is off their meds etc. Because she is managing leave they will want her discharged ASAP.
If they were looking for an EDU bed they would have told her but realistically she's under a service with a daypatient option and…she isn't in it.

No. 864283

Then leave it alone perhaps? it feels like it's a case of no1curr. Self posters and people who post things with the aim of being on lolcow are pretty much pathetic sad little twits. No milk, just pigs parading in a cow suit.

No. 864296

Well Laura isn't happy we discuss her on here… She said shes been very private about recent events which is BS.
She's loving the attention because people are all so worried how 'frail' she is. Oh please…its the angles she uses to pose.

No. 864304

I like how she keeps posting "Two years ago" pics as a comparison to how she looks now. The difference, the only difference is she's got a face full of makeup. She's another cow who thinks she's spoopier than she is. Tbh, I can't remember ever seeing her look underweight.

No. 864307

Isn't Vincent Square for like… Scary spoops, Laura is a healthy looking size

No. 864310

All UK NHS funded inpatients will be 'scary spoops' but in areas where they have day patient (like Vincent square, Springfield and Maudsley) day patient isn't based on weight it is about the bigger picture like weight, history, motivation to change, overexercising, if outpatient isn't working. A step to prevent admission, health decline, institutionalisation etc. Usually they have a short course and a full recovery programme.
Basically…no Laura wouldn't be admitted IP at Vincent Sq but her BMI wouldn't necessarily preclude her from daypatient just ultimately…she has had an ED a long time, it hasn't ever become medically severe and she isn't motivated to change so…I don't see why they'd have someone on Daypatient who a) is now presenting as psych risk b) isn't hitting MARSIPAN risk markers and c) doesn't actually want to get better!

No. 864337

File: 1567692924518.jpeg (817.49 KB, 828x1539, 4D176256-DCA8-4A1E-B13E-C157EA…)

Anyone else suspect E chose this thumbnail because she didn’t like everyone commenting on her weight gain and wanted to prove that she’s still spoopy by showing off her gangly legs? She’s in the thick of “recovery body” with a big belly and skinny limbs, totally normal, but I don’t think she’s going to be able to tolerate it long enough for the weight to redistribute.

No. 864344

Interesting that Simon Metin commented on her vlog- she probably hasn’t got a clue who he is!

No. 864346

Those selfie sticks warp things a heck of a lot anyway. I think once her weight reaches her natural set point ( if she ever gets there) she will have a figure similar to her mum.
How old is her sister? - as in is she old enough to be discussed on here? Given all the comments under the vlog are about her , for reasons most likely linked to Elzani and her ED and her vlogging everything.

No. 864353

One would think the fact that her sisters are both quite attractive at relatively high set-points would serve as motivation to E. I really doubt she’ll ever be properly weight restored. She’s gonna ping pong from spoop to recovery-bod and back again forever.

No. 864426

File: 1567704747556.jpeg (997.83 KB, 828x1478, 51DEDE70-1D0E-4F07-82EA-DF3621…)

Kim back at it with her cream of wheat, raw egg and sugar free syrup creation. #health, right?

No. 864437

This is so repulsive. Savory oats? Sure. Sweet oats with an egg on the side? Also totally acceptable. Eggs with syrup on top of oatmeal?? NO. Let you stomach do the disgusting mixing Kim.

No. 864447

Who is Simon Metin ? Why so significant ?

No. 864448

File: 1567708272345.jpg (31.66 KB, 331x593, 0.JPG)

Laura must be feeling so bad. She's been to the theatre today to see what looks like a musical.

No. 864465

Significant to any UK cows/ fags (where is the line on this one…) who were in kids treatment around 2006-2008 or watched docs on it.

He had anorexia, he recovered, he is now a doctor. He had a YouTube for a bit doing psychoeducational stuff on EDs/ Q&As on his recovery since he was in a documentary as a kid.

No. 864466

I only know of one of the boys from "I'm A Boy Anorexic" who was at Rhodes Farm and he has a youtube. I didn't watch any of his videos so idk if he became a doctor. Could it be him?

No. 864467

Ignore this >>864466 I thought it was a question. I just found out that was his name!

No. 864553

File: 1567721042420.jpeg (880.56 KB, 1125x1730, 728A1079-2437-4A73-9ECF-80F1D6…)

Why is no one talking about how sick she is and how everyone’s just letting her get away with it like it’s aesthetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864554

Is this sarcastic? She looks low-normal weight to me? Just contorting her body to look especially slim.

No. 864561

She puts the cow in cow lol.

No. 864564

File: 1567722736686.jpeg (533.71 KB, 828x1510, D8023BCB-AD62-43DD-BE78-39C72A…)

She may pop a blood vessel in her eye if she strains any harder to pop out that collar bone. Who does she think she’s fooling? Actually though?

No. 864580

What a coincidence that this girls name is Bailey and you have “bai” next to the anonymous in your name….
Self post much?

No. 864589

You look like Kelsey. Almost as skinny too.


No. 864590

File: 1567725158755.jpg (484.05 KB, 1694x2048, IMG_20190905_160629.jpg)

so what's up with fairywaldorf (twitter)/mackenziecalbery (ig)
I feel like every other day a post of hers comes across my feed where she's reiterating how "her health problems are nobody's concern" despite clearly being an anachan. She gets a million asspats and reassurance that everyone is just being mean to her, but… I mean, come on. Look at her.

No. 864591

She deserves an Oscar the way she hides her depression and suicidal thoughts.

No. 864593

Why are her legs all dirty?

No. 864594

Looks like bruising to me.

No. 864601

Jfc you’re right I zoomed in and her legs look so bad… bruising that much is obviously not a good sign who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 864615


sad, her face seems pretty cute here but her skelly body makes her look creepy

No. 864638

her legs look like that 100% of the time. it looks like scars from skin picking (i have a few from bug bites) but I've never seen her address it

have any of you heard her talk? she has the bitchiest tone of voice at all times

No. 864641

Her instagram was boring. Just typical insta model shit, and bland captions. I didn’t see any posts from anyone critiquing her there. I don’t have a Twitter so I couldn’t read most of the tweets from others

No. 864642

File: 1567730275502.jpg (36.74 KB, 285x555, 00.JPG)

She's a model, or wannabe model so I'd take a bet she starves or whatever to stay thin. I'm not denying she's thin, but on some of her pics it looks like she's used filters to elongate her legs which makes them look thinner.

Anyone so vain's going to have a bag of mental in their head.

No. 864647

Why doesn't she wear tights or stockings to hide the scars? It's clear she's vain, so isn't that one more thing she'd want to hide?

No. 864648

I saw someone ask her about it and she threw a tantrum that it wasn't any of their business. If your legs look like that and you post online, people are going to ask questions

No. 864665

I don’t know, being an underweight model doesn’t make you a pro Ana scum bag. Just saying. It looks like she just deletes any comments on her instagram.

No. 864671

This looks totally fake

No. 864677


you’re prone to bruising a lot easier when you’re malnourished or not eating enough…those look like bruises.

No. 864680

also i feel really bad engaging in this since its clear she does struggle with eating, so ill just say looking up her instagram handle along with “myproana” will answer the questions…on one thread somebody posted what looks like an obvious body check.(sage)

No. 864690

That doesn’t make her a cow. Just because someone is posted on mpa doesn’t mean they’re milky.

No. 864692

anyone seen Sara B? she is on private on ig now and she is not accepting me LOL. don't know what the deal with her is but she tweeted "having juul for breakfast" then deleted it a day after. might mean nothing

No. 864693

No. 864709

No. 864710

Thanks that’s interesting .

No. 864712

I reckon her sister has some form of ED too as well as Elzani- be it binge eating or purging as well . E’s behaviours can’t have left her sister unaffected.
She probably gets the piss taken at school too for having such a twat of a weird sister who vlogs everything about their family to the world

No. 864722

I guess I don’t see why this is milky?

No. 864726

File: 1567749716178.jpg (501.98 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20190906-075954_Ins…)


She has another account where she posts bodychecks but I cant remember the name of it, something with 'fae' if I remember correctly. I'll see if I can find it though

No. 864727

File: 1567750144926.jpg (336.92 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20190906-080717_Sam…)


It might have been deleted or renamed so this is from mpa, but basically the whole account looked like this and she'd either talk about how fat she were or how sick and frail

No. 864759

File: 1567760283121.jpg (47.68 KB, 873x195, Capture.JPG)

I think this is her:

She lives in the same location.
The self harm might answer the scars on her legs.

I don't fine her interesting though. Her ig is really naff and being a bit of a twat isn't milk in itself.

No. 864760

Should add it might NOT be her.

No. 864769

I'm guessing Laura is home in her new photo?
Hasn't updated us yet though.. Probably really angry they've discharged her unless she's on home leave?

No. 864771

Edit: she was allowed to sleep at home yet has to go back to ward today? What's the point of her being there exactly if they think she's safe to stay at home for the night… I smell BS

No. 864773

File: 1567765933822.jpeg (896.7 KB, 828x1462, 755BC323-51A5-4813-B6C0-F0EA73…)

If she pushed her arse out any further for that ~*thighgap*~ her legs would just break.

No. 864780

They normally do it here (for mental health) to see how you cope outside of hospital, if you're okay and having lapsed with twatage then they're getting ready to boot you out. Same with general day outings.

No. 864784

it's always a self post when a normal weight girl's photos are posted with a caption going on about how "sick/frail/dainty/scary thin/spoopy" the girl apparently is.

she shops her legs. in both of these pics of her, the pavement bends around her, especially the 2nd one.

No. 864831

Am I blind or something? She looks way thinner than she used to and she obviously lost weight and looks malnourished. Definitely not Ash level or anything, but she seems to be struggling at the moment. Why is she posted anyways, she’s just thin and has unfortunate face, there’s no milk? Personal vendetta?

No. 864833

File: 1567781650259.jpg (213.43 KB, 1854x1190, B3shlmH.jpg)

the twins have apparently found themselves a fan girl in some pro ana chick from russia
she's made a couple of posts featuring tacky hello kitty merch with captions saying that she's bought it for Katie and Maria
In the attached pic she explains that she's sending them a package and both twins were dumb enough to comment their addresses

No. 864834

File: 1567781696624.jpg (968.22 KB, 1618x1194, CcYKHmI.jpg)

No. 864835

File: 1567781726547.jpg (175.21 KB, 1696x1184, P1joL0q.jpg)

No. 864837

She's an old friend of lolcow. Before your time it seems.
>looks malnourished

No. 864844

I saw previous threads, but right now she just isn’t milky at all.
And yeah she looks malnourished, look at those eye bags and horrible skin.

No. 864848

She's milky. That look of malnourishment is aka Laura without makeup.

Are you a friend of hers? Nobody with a rational mind would be defending her behaviour.

No. 864849

Not a friend. Just bored anon.

No. 864865

I can’t post images because it disturbs me too much that any mother would be so self centred and ignorant as to expose her children to predators like this, BUT, Kimhoeltj posted a video on her Ig stories of her literally squirting whipped cream (or some shitty diet version of whipped cream, probably) into her childrens’ mouths. Yeah, innocent fun, maybe post that to your private fb or something, but don’t post that shit for every pedophile and creep to jack off to! Holy shit! Honestly the worst of the worst narcissistic Ana cows, that one.

No. 864893

Jesus christ, that’s disgusting. Parents should go through some sort of internet security course.

No. 864901

I just saw it and my god, it just looks just as creepy as it sounded, especially with the amount of followers she has. Poor kids.

No. 864909

It’s next level shitty parenting. What’s even the point of posting that? Her kids should have nothing to do with her account. Her account is all about promoting shitty diet & protein products, stuff kids shouldn’t be eating anyways. Smh.

No. 864943

When they go to school they’re gonna be fucked with everyone knowing that their mother is an anorexic lunatic, that doesn’t even feed them anything that has actual nutrients.

No. 865114

File: 1567818646054.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1705, 08F2CD7D-6679-4FB8-8441-F34281…)

Lol oh look another round of treatment she can quit and relapse on for attention

No. 865122

That's just weird, why would you post that of your kids? Scrolling down her Ig there is even a picture of her talking about/wearing a face mask. But in the background is a bathtub with her daughters sitting in it. You only see the very tops of their shoulders and heads but…why is that necessary or even okay?

No. 865123

File: 1567820317246.jpeg (389.96 KB, 750x1049, 0759C129-390C-4CD8-A3E5-1E8F3F…)

Relapse to what? This isint even treatment for her ed lol she said it’s general psych. I’m not too worried about her ed, she looks fine physically kek

No. 865127

Why are you so insistent on saying she’s malnourished? And to this op >>864844 when this person highlighted malnourished and said lol they were obviously kidding here >>864837 Im sorry but the autists are infiltrating this thread like wtf is this self post >>864553 you literally put your own name in the email field making it more obviously a self post. facepalms I would just like to know who would voluntarily post themselves here and why? Other than dusty who is a psychopathic anomaly wtf do u gain out of farmers milking you?

No. 865133

Maybe she wants validation she’s skinny by self posting I don’t know but she posted about her photo being on here claiming she didn’t do it……(namefagging)

No. 865136

Why are her legs so nasty?

Honestly she has a really pretty face, but if I saw those legs I'd probably avoid her, wondering if she was on meth or something

No. 865141

File: 1567823103173.jpeg (143.87 KB, 1125x778, F219F7B4-4118-4B89-94E8-037AD2…)

Her account is huge so I see her tweets regularly and she’s an asshole. She’s rebranded herself as being kinder but she used to be deep in high fashion twitter, which is just ED twitter under a different name. She was very critical of models like Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid being too “big” and other criticism that’s straight from skinnygossip.

No. 865147


Jesus, if you insist on self posting for validation don’t make it so damn obvious by posting your name twice, Bai. If you need someone to pat your ass and tell you you’re skinny go post on MPA, not going to find an validation here.

No. 865181

When I first saw her legs I thought it was an ~empowerment~ thing, like, yes I have scarred legs and I'm embracing them. No idea what the deal is with them. Looks like she's really bad at shaving her legs. Really bad.

Her personality is atrocious. I see she has a bf on fb and it makes me wonder how he can stand being with someone like her. I also wonder how she affords luxury brands. Is she a trust fund kid?

I think she sees being skinny as a mark of being a model, except most models aren't so skinny now. I can't take to her or empathise with her ed because she's so repellant as a person.

No. 865193

A lot of the time they want more attention, good or bad they don't really care. (think she who can't be named was an example of this). It also gives them a reason to cry to their already followers about negative attention and bullies, the followers come in and re-enforce positive with arsepats. Sometimes the karpman drama triangle is so damn clear with the roles. Some use it to trigger themselves I assume as well.

Strange thing is, some of them frequent the boards. It's weird to see someone outed for both self posting and posting about other people. It's so bizarre, I wouldn't want negative stuff online tied to my name forever with a quick google search. The Kiddos be weird now a days.

No. 865195

saging because I'm not sure if she's milky. sorry it took so long it took me a while to find her ig username "dear.sara.b" apparently she is vegan, gluten free, sugar free and salt free, etc. Does juice cleanses and juuls and smokes a lot. her account is private now though..

No. 865197

has to be a creepy man larping. kek

No. 865202

This is an imageboard.. sharing caps of perceived milk when sharing a potential cow is pretty important. Any caps? But just having an orthorexic diet alone isn't really milk.

No. 865203

she does not even look like a model at all lol

No. 865204

What curves?

No. 865205

she is not accepting my request.. anyone follows her? she's skinny imo but maybe that's because she is vegan(newfriend)

No. 865207

anyone seen skinnyandchic on twitter? friends with fairywaldorf

No. 865217


Considering this was posted in January and it has been 9 months between these two pictures with severe restricting and 14 hours of exercise a week/ other ed behaviours, it does leave the mind boggled how there has not been a drastic weight drop…

No. 865219

File: 1567844939342.jpg (324.37 KB, 709x1002, 20190907_092541.jpg)

No. 865225

File: 1567847469291.png (286.46 KB, 1078x1732, Screenshot_20190907-183437~2.p…)

Her instagram appears public to me? Doesn't seem particularly milky. Posted an image with a caption about mental health back in November 2018, and she's certainly thin and appears to have chipmunk purging cheeks, but that's about it.

No. 865232

And Laura's posted another body check… facepalm
Sticking out those collar bones. Her arms in a weird pose to look thinner. Typical.

No. 865237

It was private (not the anon that posted the account), either it's a fluke timing and she was planning to/happened to unprivate the past hour or so - or she's self-posted. Urgh.
Seems so suspect to me, but the account just looks so generic and boring. Unless things go down in stories i don't think she's milky.

No. 865271

"woop woop"
Elzani who? hahahaha
sorry can't screenshot the post for some reason

No. 865272

No. 865273

self post much? lol

No. 865274

don't make fun of E!! BULLY LEAVE

No. 865275

guys stop bullying Elzani plz she is so inspirational and a recovery queen ya baby so leave her alone plz stop it is not even funny anymore

No. 865278

the person who posted her is the one who said her account is on private so I doubt it's a self post. I don't think she is milky either

No. 865279

can y'all stop posting models.. no milk

No. 865291

It'll be that one anon who hasn't figured out how to make a models thread. She mentioned looking on twitter because ig has boring anas.

No. 865312

File: 1567874070085.jpg (389.33 KB, 720x983, 20190907_173410.jpg)

No. 865313

Bull shit. What’s inspirational about her? She leads a privileged life doing fuck all each day except vlogging food and supposedly recovering . Anyone can eat more - it’s the lack of her ever mentioning mental recovery /neural rewiring /therapy of any form that is intriguing . She’s an attention seeker ( aren’t they all?). And as another anon above said - highly likely her sister is suffering mental health/food issues because of Elzani.
If you are part of the Elzani fan club then maybe you are on the wrong site.

No. 865326

I think (and hope) they were joking anon, no one surely is that retarded.

No. 865349

lol u r just jealous because she is the queen baby she has many subs on youtube HAA

No. 865366

My eyeballs just rolled back into my skull.

Those subs rely on her defining herself by her eating disorder. If her sub count makes her a queen, she's the queen of arrested development. And actually recovering will lose her her crown.

Yup we all jealous.

No. 865376

u just hate her cause u ain't her ya babayyyy

No. 865379


No. 865380


No. 865382

These are all starting to look like Elzani self posting.

No. 865383


This is either a tard farmer or a 6 year old tard. Or a 6 year old tard farmer.

No. 865392

Maria's forever comparing herself to her sister, saying how she looks fatter than Katy. Being slightly less spoopier than her, I can imagine Maria's going to flip over this pic. I wonder whose idea it was to do a side by side selfie.

No. 865395

Why would anyone want to be her baby? !

Elzani chooses to make vlogs and post anything and everything on social media - publicly - so she’s fair game to talk about and discuss on here. If she can’t cope with hearing criticism or opinions on her then she shouldn’t post her crap . No ones forcing her to post on ig or yt - her choices.

No. 865399

This is true for everyone who tries to make a name for themselves, to be popular, on social media. I swear that 90% of the time these people think that they deserve nothing but positive comments about how pretty they are or how well they're doing at recovery. Like that whoever the fuck it is up there with scabby legs apparently blew up when someone asked her about them. You've got scabby legs, someone's going to ask about them. People aren't fucking blind or going to ignore them and play along with their Perfect Princess fantasy.

It's more disrespectful to say, oh Elzani you're doing soooo well, or Ooo whatsherface, you're soooo chic and I don't notice your leg flaws. Why lie to them?

No. 865498

File: 1567893756462.png (331.33 KB, 358x653, Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 4.55…)

THIS BITCH. talking in her stories about all her food shoplifting. She is 33/34 years old, lives in a house her parents bought her, is ON FOOD STAMPS! and obvs is a huge binger/purger. she makes my blood boil. such a winey spoiled brat. always going on about the "trauma" she experienced as a child because she had a slightly strict maybe not nice nanny or nursery school teacher. she is ridiculous and wallows in constant self pity when really she is just too coddled by her parents to get her act together and be a normal adult human. also blames a lot of her lazy patheticness on her "bad skin" which honestly isn't that bad if she would just stop picking her face and opening up wounds (also also talked constantly about taking daily 2 hour long showers). basically this girl just loves to waste any and all resources because she's an entitled BRAT. purgers who barf up government funded food are going to their own circle of hell.

No. 865506

Oh wow, I remember reading an article about them years ago. Will you post more, please? Also, is she saying she's in law school now? After completing medical school? Wild.

No. 865527


I mean, it is a mental illness… sometimes it's just impossible to fight urges if your ED/other compulsion is incredibly strong and you don't have the support you need.

No. 865533

File: 1567896617227.jpg (48.85 KB, 600x600, broombroom.jpg)

No. 865543

She has support. She just has no reason to change because she’s coddled by her rich parents. All these cows have mental illnesses. Doesn’t mean they are not also cows.

No. 865627

Hi, WK. Is it also impossible to control the urge to brag about your mental illness on instagram? No, didn't think so. Stop defending these idiots.

No. 865687

File: 1567909919422.jpeg (701.12 KB, 732x1129, D35C909A-A63B-4249-8028-80BA08…)

Part 1
She hasn’t been mentioned lately but has anyone noticed kyiahs recently caught the photo shop bug? And she is BAD. I’m going to post a part 2,3 of comparing her face in a two week difference but I thought I’d start out with this gem where her shadow is a completely different person… why do anachans always forget to shoop the shadow kek!

No. 865690

File: 1567910284715.jpeg (355.24 KB, 750x883, 3F2C2352-8332-4F5A-982E-AB0051…)

Part 2 obvious shooping like what facial proportions are those? Unreal lol

No. 865857

File: 1567936257811.jpg (Spoiler Image, 310.3 KB, 1080x1501, skeksis back lookin ass.jpg)

Our good friend Laura seems to have gone the time honoured anachan tradition of getting admitted to lose more weight, and take totally-not-body-checks where she bends to show as much bone as she can and grinning like a fool.

Sorry for my shitty crop

No. 865860

I cannot believe that was marked as sensitive content. Has she somehow marked it as that herself lmao because her desperately trying to get her spine to stick out is hardly sensitive content. It’s sad, she obviously has problems, but her behaviour is so manipulative.

No. 865865

No, I just wasn't sure what flies ITT as far as marking shit goes, my bad! I figured better safe than sorry

No. 865877

File: 1567940735571.jpeg (713.62 KB, 828x1464, 5097C319-0562-4D80-9BCC-755F00…)

Flexing her bones while guzzling calorie and sugar laden iced Starbucks drinks.

Never change, Laura.

No. 865879

Pretty sure they meant that it's marked as sensitive content on insta. A few of her "uWu im so smol" posts have been marked recently.

No. 865891

insta notifies people when you screenshot their story yes? i want to post a pic of alys massively swollen face but she's only updated her story recently

idk if its swelling from purging or if she's already gained from being like "fuck it im going to treatment" or whatever

No. 865894

there's websites like storysaver.net that let you save stories

No. 865901

i guess b/c her account is private it wont let me? thanks for the help tho /saged

No. 865916

no it doesn't notify anyone

No. 865948

She’s mentioned many times she purges. That’s clearly what she’s been doing besides getting wasted and throwing up from hangovers

No. 865968

Oh, Laura, laura, laura. Sweaty. Stop this nonsense. You're making yourself look a bigger twat. Angling your body so your spine shows does not equal thinness. You are not underweight. Please accept it, get help for what's really the problem. and get on with life. Dancing and shit. Right now you are such a wannarexic cliche.

No. 865988

File: 1567958010557.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1457, B662CEA9-126E-46E1-BB55-996066…)

Even after getting called out in the comments of this morning’s totes-not-a-body-check, Laura is still at it hunching herself forward to give the impression that she’s spoopy.

This is just getting embarrassing now.

No. 865994

Yeah all this does is prove that she's a normal weight, who does she think she's kidding, I just don't get why she expects everyone to believe she hasn't eaten in 4 weeks and not lost any weight. The posing she does makes it seem like she's gained weight.

No. 865995


Knees bent and pushed forward, arse stuck out, neck forward. Her legs wouldn't be the size they clearly are here if her resting posture was this.

Idk how she isn't embarrassed. I've never seen her really thin, even years back. She's been underweight in a non dramatic way, but here she's not. Those dance lessons, back arching, leg splaying must've taught her the best poses to try to look ~malnourished~.

Yay though, another nice day out laughing, smiling, chugging Starbucks. She fucks me right off.

No. 865996

Aaand you know she likes this picture because it's shot looking down making her head look bigger/body smaller. Ffs she thinks we're idiots.

No. 865997

File: 1567959213420.jpg (29.81 KB, 248x342, 0.JPG)

No. 866001

Yeah you can tell which one she has her knees bent in.

No. 866024

I meant on her insta! It was marked as “sensitive content” and you had to click on it to see it, not the spoiler on here.

No. 866026

Not the anon you're replying to BUT a question - I saw the photo was marked sensitive content. Did Laura do that? I have an ig account but I've never posted pics on it so idk if someone can chose to do that. OR does it mean it was reported?

No. 866032

Means someone else reported it enough as sensitive content. Strawberrydiet’s bodychecks are all marked sensitive because insta marked the account as sensitive content.

No. 866038


Maybe she reported it herself to seem like a super sick ana

No. 866043


They jump on her pic where she looks fine yet when you report really skinny girls or blood and gore they don't give a warning? Omg. Thanks for answering. I always presumed they'd marked it as sensitive themselves.

No. 866048

Yah she poses a lot but tbh, it does look like she’s getting unwell af? I don’t follow her private so idk but on her public acc she hasn’t actually said what’s going on so idk wtf is going on with her but she has gotten ill and I don’t think it’s all posing… inb4 someone calls me a WK.

No. 866051

So long as she can enjoy her non sleeping hours off the ward having fun then I don't suppose she's hurting anyone (except someone who actually could use being full time on the ward).

No. 866053

She looks the same as always just no makeup and pulling stupid faces and tensing

No. 866055

If she's able to prance about and stretch going out every day drinking coffee she doesn't need to be there.

No. 866064


She hasn’t said why she’s even ip though. We don’t know.. all we can see is what he shows us. I don’t think she would show us photos crying or anything so if course she would look ok smiling? And passes are normal and stuff so going out isn’t even proof she isn’t going through something. Idk. I just don’t think she has any milk

No. 866069

File: 1567966243371.jpg (114.74 KB, 940x610, Capture.JPG)

> I don’t think she would show us photos crying or anything

Why not? She's done it before.

No. 866077

Because she is in hospital and hasn’t made a massive deal, she hasn’t hidden it but she hasn’t been all “woe is me look how bad the staff is to means how much I suffer” idk it just seems like we are picking on someone for actually struggling instead of finding someone who is being an actual proana scumbag…

No. 866079

Passes are normal, but I’ve never heard of anyone who claims not to have eaten in 4 weeks and is ready to slip into a coma getting leave with such regularity. Laura is a bullshit liar attention seeker and you’re wasting your time WKing her.

No. 866087

Of course she's been woe is me. She threw a melodramatic press statement of "respect my privacy during this awful time", following up with regular stories showing her having days out but tensing her tendons to try to look super sick. She's been like this for years. She's an attention hoe.

No. 866089

She LITERALLY said staff thought she was minutes away from a coma… two days later she’s discharged…. then she’s in a new inpatient place right afterwards and “oh I can’t even drink water” but is able to drink hot chocolate and iced Starbucks drinks? Anon you must be joking if you think she’s ACTUALLY suffering.

No. 866092

She said that weeks ago. Y’all are stuck on shit that she stopped saying as if it’s still a thing?

No. 866093

Why do WKs all say "y'all"?

Oh wait a sec, I'm thinking of a distressing mental illness with intense suffering where you don't go out ever day to shop for clothes, dance in your room, go to the theatre, go to Starbucks, go to a tourist attratction…


No. 866094

and fucking learn to sage newfag

No. 866095

(where you do* go out every day)

No. 866098

Because she still prances around like she’s so sooper sick and shows off her bones as if their a fucking badge of honor. Proceeds to say she’s in danger but can leave so freely? Nah. She does it so people feel bad for her and then give her asspats. What has she done to further her “recovery”?

No. 866108

File: 1567970869413.jpg (377.69 KB, 1080x1254, 20190908_212800.jpg)

the shadow of her legs lol

No. 866119

Whew! Some long thighs she got there.

No. 866169

Jesus she isn't even trying to be convincing anymore, wtf even is this.

No. 866192

shes slowly morphing in to slenderman

No. 866223

File: 1567979262669.jpg (210.45 KB, 617x1046, 20190908_224629.jpg)

No. 866228

File: 1567979425866.jpg (278.73 KB, 720x892, 20190908_224704.jpg)

She literally turned the comments off because a couple of people called her out on body checking pics..

No. 866241

How does she think she looks emaciated? I'd say she was a UK size 10.(still discussing weight)

No. 866247

Looking at her thighs and limbs, she's definitely pretty underweight, anachan anon. Maybe not on the verge of death, but really, a size 10?(still discussing weight)

No. 866250


I think a lot of people here don't actually know what underweight looks like. It's like if someone isn't under BMI 15 they're totally normal and fine and don't need help, when in actuality you can definitely be underweight for your body even over BMI 20. Also, people here seem to be pretty terrible at even knowing what a person looks like at BMI 16 - 18.5, which is underweight but can often fly under the radar depending on body type/shape

No. 866252

File: 1567981907672.jpg (26.61 KB, 510x301, 10.JPG)

Yes. A 10.(still discussing weight)

No. 866253

A UK size 10, yeah. Maybe a 6? UK sizes run a lot smaller than US (in case you’re an Amerifag). Probably a 2-4 in American sizes? Maybe a zero thanks to some novelty sizing?

Whether she’s underweight or not doesn’t make much of a difference. She’s desperate for attention and validation and her gross abuse of the medical system as her own personal hotel is disgusting whether she’s fat or thin.(still discussing weight)

No. 866255

Vanity sizing in Primark, defininitely a 6. I get your point that the point is how she's exploiting the system. If she had to pay there's no way she'd be wasting everyone's time there.

No. 866286

well i'm a UK size 8 and my thighs are thinner so yeah she's prob a 10 kek how spoopy(no one cares)

No. 866290

Clothing size means pretty much nothing, you can easily be a larger clothing size while still being underweight depending on bone structure, height, body shape etc(still discussing weight)

No. 866291

Jesus christ you are all ridiculous and actually have no clue what size clothes people wear. Also when have you ever heard Laura says she thinks she looks emaciated? Honestly get a life and get a grip, trying to suss out people's clothing size through random insta pics. It's embarrassing how wrong and how clueless you all are.(still discussing weight)

No. 866305

Petition to ban this clothes size discussion lol
And this discussion about whether Laura is underweight or not is pointless. She’s doing milky things besides potentially lying about her weight
(If she is underweight she sure isn’t about to slip into a coma. They’re risking getting sued for discharging her if that were true)

No. 866308


No. 866310

File: 1567989085164.jpg (49.66 KB, 586x339, vote yes.JPG)


No need for a second referendum. Consider clothes size numbers BANNED.

(mini modding on behalf of thread)

No. 866349

File: 1567995518959.jpeg (219.6 KB, 1024x1024, 71DE90A8-4905-4CC8-A576-00B8BE…)

This comes with the most keks of any thing ever

No. 866353

> L - UK 10
She obviously isn't a size large anon. kek. How many spoops are in this thread shitting on other skellies for not being ana enough?

>my thighs are thinner
Found one.

No. 866359

Discussion over!

For context though, that was a story about a company that said 10 was large. 10 is really slim in reality.

No. 866362

>declares themselves a minimod
>declares discussion over
>continues discussion anyways
Are you autistic? Just use the report tool. kek.

No. 866365

Numbers of all kinds are already banned in this thread. Hungry anachans think clothes sizes are a way to get around it is all.

No. 866375

I miss the 32 inch waist chan redtext they got.

No. 866376

simpler times

No. 866377

Oh wow, I see these two every day of my life. They walk very slowly back and forth along the high-road in huge winter jackets with the hoods up even when its warm.

No. 866386

They won’t accept my follow request so please people update

No. 866389

Kek people in America think Laura looks underweight when her legs and arms are completely normal. The level of obesity in the US is warping your sense of body shapes. Laura’s chest/collarbone area is bony and that’s why she always shows it off because it makes her seem thinner than she actually is. Having a rough face also adds to this idea. She is in fact completely normal, while on the thinner side. Not drastically underweight or anything

People act like being slightly underweight is really dangerous or something lol. Meanwhile millions of people are 100s of pounds overweight and telling you to ~love your body~. There is nothing wrong with Laura no matter how hard she wishes there was. The end

No. 866390

No way in hell elzani is recovering you can see her damn chest bones and tendons

No. 866391

Her mom looks so sick of her shit

No. 866395

You’re off your rocker if you think the American anons on here support the obesity in our country. Surely we wouldn’t have eating disorders if we thought that loving your body not matter your size was acceptable. Not an issue with Americans it’s an issue with deluded Ana Chans who can’t see straight and don’t catch onto Kelsey’s shops and ana poses or fat girls who pray to wake up with anorexia who’ve infiltrated LC

No. 866397

File: 1568010379549.jpeg (104.61 KB, 634x339, 0E0D381C-A1D2-4FCC-B2B7-12BEF2…)

Size 10 isn’t big. Laura has a lot of muscle tone from dancing. She is not stick thin. Her calves would burst out of a size 8 or 6 skinny jean(still discussing weight)

No. 866399

Off topic but why does the size 12 have a smaller waist than the size 10?

No. 866401

It’s an error. The bust and waist measurements on the size 10 are the wrong way round. The waist should be 27 and the bust should be 34. That’s the daily mail for you

No. 866403

Fucking can we move on already. Stop
Clogging up the thread with your arguments and get back to the milk!!!!!
Sage for fucking rage

No. 866404

File: 1568012494976.png (363.46 KB, 827x558, Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 4.58…)

Is it just me or is E getting even more brain spastic by the video? She seems a lot less coherent than she was in her holiday vlog. And her fucking sing-songing everything to do with ~seedy bread~ and ~biscoff spread~, I think this might be her most awkward cringeworthy video yet. Or maybe I'm being hyper-sensitive to it because she hasn't uploaded in a while.

No. 866405

Holy shit she looks miserable
Is her YouTube a cry for help since her parents don’t force her to do anything?

No. 866410

Omfg this is painful. I’d put money on those lights behind her representing the chakras

No. 866412

I honestly just don’t see the milk with these two, they seem extremely malnourished to the point where it’s affecting their brains the same way it affects anyone else who’s at that weight, especially for so long… it makes me more sad for them than amused by them- especially when thinking about the fact that they used to be doctors. Not WKing but idk

No. 866413

I honestly feel like she's been the same since forever.. still super obsessed with food, just eating more, but she doesn't seem to be recovering mentally. Is she ever going to study, work, have something to do outside of eating and talking about food? It's bizarre that she doesn't seem to be interested in anything outside of food at all. And she's not a foodie or getting into cooking as a hobby, just generally obsessed. It's so weird.

No. 866425

Probably. Honey I bet no amount of aligned chakras make it okay to be scared of cream

No. 866439

scared of cream? context?

No. 866446

File: 1568033422559.jpg (744.7 KB, 1070x1544, 20190909_135012.jpg)

Yummy.. raw sausage roll.

No. 866448

Not WK because this girl is nasty, but in this particular case I don’t know how you can conclude this is raw. Plus it’s vegan so it’s not like it’s dangerous for it to be raw even if it was. Just seems nitpicky and obsessive

No. 866452

I think they're just assuming raw because the pastry is pale and not really browned/over cooked. They said the same thing earlier on in one of the threads. To me the pastry seems slightly gummy still, i don't know if she keeps her food down or not but this reminds me of "got to get it in quick" for BP sessions. Or maybe a dislike for overcooked/browned foods. But agreed really.

No. 866453

File: 1568035377407.jpeg (657.63 KB, 828x1204, CA5C59BA-18F9-4D69-8AF0-057F95…)

Another day, another bow-legged, arse pushed out, look at me I’m so sick and frail selfie from Laura.

Inb4 someone inevitably starts WKing her and insisting she is as sickly and malnourished as she wants us to believe.

No. 866456

File: 1568035968152.jpeg (206.15 KB, 1124x1250, 22D2414A-7FFB-4B7D-832A-6A0C63…)

She claims she has an eating disorder but does she really?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 866457

File: 1568036025193.png (1.24 MB, 1566x1228, Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 7.32…)

holy shit she's looking ROUGH. probably freaking out over how much she ate on holiday and restricting hard rn.
kek at that caption when she looks like this.

No. 866459

And how long has she been in ‘real recovery ‘ for now ? A year or more. She’s going backwards and getting more and more obsessed by food and cooking .

No. 866462

That video was awful - like really really awful. What she eats in a day is totally irrelevant to anyone else . She needs to do some proper neural rewiring not just eat .
What does she do all day? Sisters must be back at school/uni , she spends all day thinking about food .
If she’s well enough to go on holiday to Cyprus, drive, go out for meals and is obviously not depressed , then why doesn’t she get out and do something useful like get a job instead of dwelling on food all day.
Who fucking cares about her seedy bread or biscoff?

No. 866468

Bit of a strange post? In her story she says she doesn't agree with the doctor about her having an eating disorder (but then again i guess a fair few people go through it with presenting with disordered eating when it's not actually yet an eating disorder), so it's not like she's claiming to have one. Are you the anon that sent her the message about her being BED? Milk or gtfo with it really.

No. 866492

File: 1568045717897.jpeg (127.83 KB, 747x832, E42A0713-16F1-480A-AF4A-DA1AD0…)

Not come out well in the screen shot but her cheeks and glands are starting to look rather puffy ( as she stands eating Nutella from the jar).

No. 866498

she can blather on as much as she likes about how (insert completely unremarkable food here) is the best yaaaa baby recovery is the best but she still always looks completely terrified when she's eating. it would be sad if she didn't present herself as a shining example of recovery while still being extremely ill and not actually gaining any weight.

No. 866580

kek if anything this actually exaggerates how not *~ smol fragile fae ~* she is. it's embarrassing, laura. staff arent concerned, vincent square aren't concerned, admit you've been admitted for your personaity disorder and move on

No. 866582


No. 866584


No. 866585

Anyone seen Marine Deleeuw on ig? she keeps posting bodychecks and is vegan and gluten free

No. 866586

oh and she is very skinny imo

No. 866587

then why do u watch her videos?!?!?! Elzani baby your awsom don't lisen to the haters

No. 866590

u r awful honey

No. 866591

elzani i love u

No. 866592

woop woop seedy brad !!!!!! i love u my recovery qween

No. 866593


No. 866604

1) Quit posting about models
2) This is an img board

Shame she can't think of anything else to vlog about. Eating on cam isn't proof of recovery and isn't too pleasant (if someone likes it, there are mukbang channels). She's too eager for us to watch her eat but she still looks ill. Her eyes look worse than ever That's some major insomnia/illness.

No. 866611

File: 1568060062542.jpeg (191.69 KB, 740x1046, 43409723-FD11-4ED4-B877-C968D0…)

Lmao this is your Ana qween. Go back to mpa or skinny gossip jfc

No. 866619

Seems our model obsessed anon equates high cheekbones and contouring with an eating disorder and not natural genetics.

No. 866625

Its starting to look like vendetta, stop talking about her its boring, all the posts say the same

No. 866627

I mean don't think Laura has ever said she has a pd? And are you really gonna sit here and armchair diagnose a person you really know very little about? You're all just kidding yourselves if you are still staying that she hasn't lost loads of weight recently cause it's obvious that she has. And also what kind of ridiculous world are you living in where services/staff 'paying attention' is an indicator of how unwell someone is? Like loads of people get left to die alone all the time. Not saying L is one of those but it's hella naive to think that professional response necessarily correlates to how unwell someone is/how much they are struggling. Also you have no idea how the professionals in Laura's life are responding or what's going on at all really cause she's hardly said anything? Bit embarrassing just