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File: 1564189782949.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1326x638, RECAP.png)

No. 844594

Self posters will be exterminated…with extreme prejudice.

Continuing to give our #support to our #EDwarriors of the instagram ~community~.

E-beggers, headbangers, ngtubers and collarbones galore!

No. 844604

I'm having problems with linking atm so can someone link the previous thread, ty.

No. 844629

File: 1564195978687.png (1.34 MB, 1910x662, jfc.PNG)

Dear god WHY

No. 844647

next time don't make a thread unless you can do it right

previous thread >>>/snow/827665

No. 844657

Oh fuck off. I've started stacks of these threads (inc. the last one because nobody else could be arsed). If you really want a blogpost, I was brainfuzzed because I'd had my sleeping pills. Stop oppressing me.(pure autism)

No. 844673

That entire video was cringe making even by Elzani standards.

No. 844684

Pretty amazing how extensively Elxanis brain is atrophied. She sounds like she had a lobotomy maybe 48 hours ago

No. 844709

File: 1564217144140.jpg (988.42 KB, 810x2390, 20190727_180616.jpg)

Remember crying emily? She's doing real good.

No. 844712

File: 1564219356269.jpeg (569.47 KB, 828x764, BDFC964F-BD4C-4178-B389-6CFC52…)

E just screaming for someone to validate that her legs are still super skinny.

No. 844717

Now this is good content. I had a look at her Facebook page and she looks so beautiful now. Good luck to her! The embarrassment she must feel about her old posts though must be insane.

No. 844719

Is it just me or is she kind of not a spoop anymore? Like yea shes still very underweight but shes clearly gained (or retained lol) a decent amount in the last 2 months.

Just a shame her food obsessed brain hasn't reaped the benefits from the nutrition it so desperately needs

No. 844720

christ i remember when she was huffing aerosols on instagram…… it’s actually nice to see her healthy. generally i hate proanas that get preggo for attention or because they think the baby will fix them but she seems to have actually turned shit around.

No. 844732

Excuse my autism, but she's so fucking gross. Looking at her pisses me off, specially since she apparently can't muster a single facial expression that doesn't scream "I'm an actual retard". She could benefit from doing the bare minimum when it comes to her appearance, but anything to look sicker, I guess.

No. 844735

File: 1564229030963.jpeg (298.03 KB, 737x1198, 3E7FC935-AFC3-4777-B7C7-2481C1…)

“I’m just a true goth and I don’t want to be bugged about eating” mega kek like what does being goth have to do with her wanorexia and why does she feel the need to tell us she’s a “true goth” who tf cares she looks like an overweight Brandon Lee from that old movie The Crow kek I’d post a comparison but, this pic has the milk.

No. 844743

She’s still so ridiculously obsessed with food- I thought part of ‘real recovery’ was getting a life and not focusing on the minute details of everything she eats.
Strange how there was a comment on here about her not doing ‘a full day of eating’ then she suddenly uploads one.

Wonder where they are going on holiday to and how that’s going to turn out?….

No. 844744

File: 1564232118404.jpeg (216.87 KB, 750x801, C5CF8862-69AF-4DBF-8998-E1E8AD…)

No. 844745

Yeah. Just the fact that she’s wearing a winter coat with short shorts kek someone wants spoop validation

No. 844747

It’s okay, I’m sure her “dad and grandpa always dress like that. Not a disordered thing at all”. Seems to be her general excuse for every anachan behaviour (see tiny cutlery and lasagna without cheese)

No. 844748

File: 1564233346908.jpeg (702.17 KB, 1536x864, 7107D8CB-1F54-443F-96CB-272B50…)

Anyone else notice how weird Elzani edited the breakfast portion of her video? I don’t think she ate all of it. She has a giant mug which she could easily shove food into and she had a bunch of jump cuts/cut aways. Feels fishy to me. Bet she googled how to fake food challenge videos on YouTube.

No. 844750

Plus she talked about her breakfast throughout the entire video. Another distraction technique. If you talk about it enough, it must mean you really ate it

No. 844766

100%. Same with the pizza she “ate” at the Italian restaurant with her family. I’m guessing 1-2 slices max and it looks like everyone else in the family had finished before she even started? Because she had to document what everyone else had, that sitara dropped her fork, blah blah blah. Lots of stalling techniques.

No. 844783

Took her a good two and a half minutes to even sit down to start to eat the breakfast.

No. 844786

Yeah, it reminds me of that scene from Skins where Cassie is demonstrating food evasion techniques to Sid

No. 844797

A few weeks ago she was being a drama queen saying they couldn’t go away as her mum was too sick with cancer.

No. 844802

That's what pisses me off is her fam are always finished eating before she shuts the fuck up and starts

No. 844803

That's what pisses me off about her vids is her fam are always finished eating before she shuts the fuck up and starts

No. 844806

Or she's eating alone 'staged'
That's really good about Emily.

No. 844859

File: 1564250245839.jpeg (916.09 KB, 828x1531, A1BCA75C-5FC6-4DCD-8A6C-11F5FE…)

How does she not feel at least a little embarrassed coopting the “I’m so anorexic and it’s so hard to eat” narrative when it’s, uh, let’s just say it’s obvious she doesn’t have toooo hard of a time not eating. Why can’t these “atypical” anorexics just admit to whatever eating disorder they actually have? Bulimia, Ednos and binge eating are legitimate and they’d get a lot more support if they stopped trying to convince everyone that they just straight up restrict.

No. 844867

Probably because no one gives a shit about bulimia because usually you can't see it… if someone is anorexic and gets skelly people try to help them because they're worried. Bulimics usually look fairly normal or overweight.
I guess she hasn't figured out that you have to look anorexic to get attention for it, not just say you have it.

No. 844872

Something about her left leg looks off…. Is it just me?

No. 844890

No I see it its like… Warped. She does have quite weird legs in general tbh tho, like even for a skelly

No. 844893

File: 1564258936992.jpg (275.33 KB, 1014x1080, Screenshot_20190727_212053.jpg)

Idk what it is about her legs that doesn't look right to me, maybe they're too short to her torso, she has that weird knock knees almost idk.

No. 844896

They are pretty 'X' shaped. To be completely fair she does look like she's gained more weight than when we last saw her legs in those too-loose skinny jeans which used to swim on her. I bet you she will start noticing body changes and how people stop commenting that she still looks too underweight, freak out and revert back to her old ana routine if she hasn't already.

No. 844898

File: 1564259809221.png (585.32 KB, 640x1136, 02CA7AD8-0453-44BC-AD33-8074A4…)

Kara can’t take it.

This was followed by a rant video story ofc

Honestly it’s not so much that she takes photos of her food, it’s that she thinks every bite of high cal food makes her sooper special and an inspirational recovery icon

No. 844899

File: 1564259848968.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 3D5F1C3E-588D-4A95-ABCB-D56245…)

Wait, she bathes?

No. 844901

I think she looks weird in that pic because of the angle. The person taking the pic is higher up on the hill than elz so she looks stubby.

No. 844911

Love how the dad refuses to acknowledge the camera kek I think he’s the only one in the family that sees through elz’s bs and isn’t willing to give her asspats

No. 844918


Ah yeah true, although she looks like this from every angle, just this one accentuates it

No. 844931


This is a long shot but does anyone remember this youtuber who documented her recovery process on youtube? It was way back in the early days of youtube. I think her name was Blaire maybe??? She was blonde. And I feel like the word “orange” was in the username. I actually really liked her and I’m wondering if anyone knows what happened to her (also I’ve never posted to lolcow sorry if I fucked up lol)

No. 844949

Not bothered by it, but just curious: what is the reasoning behind using terms like autism and retarded as insults on this forum/getting defensive about using them? I’m just curious what it is that makes you want to use those words rather than ones that would actually articulate what you’re meaning better?(autism; non-integration)

No. 844957


Defo not only her dad that notices’. Her Dad looks extremely fucked off with how she behaves.
Her older sister doesn’t feed into her.
Her younger sister looks on the verge of thumping her. She looks so pissed
in every video. I would be too if I had to have every single thing I ate filmed and broadcasted to YouTube because as we know Elzani has to make a point of filming them all eat. I feel like her younger sister has a kind of sarcastic/intimidating personality which I think she has developed after years of being ignored because of Elzanis shit.
I feel like the only reason her Mum is really into helping Elzani with her videos is because at least she’s eating whilst she does them and it’s probably scared she won’t if the family bring her up on her shit.

No. 844958

Agree with the previous anon. Anorexia makes you delicate and worthy of being taken care of. I think this is especially intriguing to obese girls because they’ve been undesirable most of their lives. As much as I hate this call me skinny antics I hope the residential she’s going to helps her get on a balanced food meal plan. They probably won’t let her eat candy bars all day. Big question is how is this being paid for. She’s on all forms of public assistance so are her parents paying and her martyrdom was a lie?

No. 844959

I agree with every part of this analysis. Especially the part about her mom and the general feeing that no one is allowed to say anything because E will go full-anorexic mode on them. In a way, she’s psychologically holding the whole family hostage and making them participate. I hope the whole family gets help, they all need it.

No. 844973

File: 1564271157980.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1536x1223, A5F4D86F-5A09-4720-B747-25037F…)

Was her goal to look like an 80 year old with that hair? Cause bravo, she succeeded. And I know it’s just the lighting but her hand looks like it’s photoshopped into the pic

No. 844979

File: 1564271564963.gif (1.15 MB, 320x178, poor service dog.gif)

She looks ancient. Nice mini dress. I feel bad for that poor ~service dog~. At least it'll outlive Becky.

The reasoning is we are literal autists and retards. We're reclaiming the word, like gays reclaimed "queer". I don't think this place is for you tbh. We type what we think, not as if we're writing a dissertation.

No. 844983

i looked at these threads for the first time today and wasn't surprised at all to see becky on here. we went to primary and high school together and she's always had weird things to do with her appearance and how she presents herself. throughout primary her and her friend dressed exactly the same every single day for six years. it's funny though because she used to refuse to talk to literally everyone and now she shares everything on the internet for attention.

No. 845016

TBH I don’t think she shops any of her pics because I used to be a stick myself and leg generally do look like that, but she is still severely underweight by no means, until she gets her period back her bones are still being broken down and calcium absorption is limited to a degree where it won’t benefit her in the slightest, she needs to hurry up before the open window that comes with childhood and adolescence allows her to gain an acceptable bone density that should last her entire life.

No. 845017

Have to admit this, but that doggo is cute AF, but if I had a dog(would honestly have to be a pug or a frenchie) and I was in her shoes I would start to fricking recover there and then because it would just be cruel to die and leave the dog behind, wish she would read these threads and take notes.(no1curr)

No. 845026

File: 1564281038840.jpeg (176.41 KB, 731x1064, 44312F4C-30B7-4CD5-A43A-B1A77D…)

Sorry that I am posting a lot but this chick truly infuriates me, if you don’t eat how can you be this weight? Is she a troll or what? I don’t understand.. don’t have to talk about her because I think she is a bs case.

No. 845034

Often these people drink a ton of calories and somehow feel like that doesn’t count.

People can have dietary deficiencies while still at a high weight, but I doubt that’s the case with this loser.

No. 845036

Is alwayshungry on YouTube bulimic? She said recovery from anorexia but now is changing her mindset again? Idk

No. 845044

No. 845048

damn this warms my heart actually. she looks well.

No. 845064

Thanks for making me feel like absolute shit. There is a little thing called lithium and other antipsychotics along with thyroid issues that make losing weight extremely hard. Yes, I have OSFED. Yes it is under the category of atypical anorexia. However I do also purge. You dont fucking know me. Do you enjoy making people feel like shit and fuel their fucking disorder even more? Thanks for making me want to kill myself. I shouldn't even have to explain myself. If I have been to treatment, therapy, and doctors and they diagnosed me when I was in DENIAL for the longest time… why would I fake a fucking eating disorder?! This disorder is fucking hell and quite frankly I'd love to give it up. Fuck you all!

No. 845068

Usually not one to feed the cows or blogpost but as someone who sat at a BMI of 13 for years while on lithium, antipsychotics and hypothyroidism you gotta try a little harder and admit you don’t want to give up shit.

No. 845071

Weight doesn't fucking define an eating disorder. An eating disorder is a mental disorder. It is defined by how your mind works and your relationship with food. I dont give a shit what any of you have said. If my fucking doctors and therapist recommended residential fucking treatment and in the assessment they recommend residential treatment and my insurance is willing to pay for residential treatment despite my fucking weight, then yes I would say that I do have a fucking eating disorder. I may have gained quite a bit since I was at my lowest of 127 lbs a year and a half ago, but no my doctor put me back on lithium and it has destroyed me. I hope you're all happy with yourselves for tearing someone down to absolutely nothing. I literally want nothing but to die at this point. Thank you so fucking much. I greatly fucking appreciate it.

No. 845073

Oh and to whoever said that I have no medical complications… I havent had my period in 3 months now, I have developed anemia and my potassium levels are just slightly above the dangerously low levels. So thank you for assuming that I am fine when clearly my health is being jeopardized.

No. 845074

Congrats. Health problems cannot be attributed to your eating disorder due to beautiful piece of science called “correlation does not equal causation” try again sweaty

No. 845075


You probably havent had your period as you are morbidly obese. Claiming hypothyroidism is predictable AF. Only 3% of obese people have hypothyroid issues. Youre going to have to try harder with the excuses. We get it. You binge. No need to be ashamed

No. 845077

File: 1564291409584.jpeg (253.08 KB, 1024x1024, BE5ADCBF-C008-4B4B-B079-FC864B…)

Look at meee eating vegetables go me I’m such a recovery inspiration

No. 845078

Exactly! Eating disorders suck. Bulimia is nothing to be ashamed of but parading around pretending you struggle more to eat in the first place is offensive. Bodies are incredibly resilient to restriction. Bingeing and purging not so much. Getting on a meal plan would be really beneficial for meg but she needs to have her healthcare providers be honest with her and not feed into her delusions. Everyone with eating disorders deserve help and to recover. People who pretend they’re anorexic when they are obese deserve help but they also deserve a reality check because getting treatment for the wrong eating disorder can be deadly

No. 845079

File: 1564291729125.jpg (290.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190728-012743_Chr…)

Want proof? Here's fucking proof.

No. 845080

File: 1564291867269.jpg (441.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190728-012815_Chr…)

Annnnnd again. So fuck you all. I may not be "real" anorexic but I has OSFED as I restrict more than anything, go periods of eating semi normally, and purge quite often.

No. 845083

A list health issues from 2014 is not proving anything. Why aren’t you receiving treatment for your hypothyroidism? Not treating you plus an eating disorder is grossly negligent on your doctors part.
No one is doubting that you have a troubled relationship with food. We’re wondering why you’re so hellbent on insisting that the eating disorder you have is anorexia

No. 845084

I take fucking synthroid. Would you like a fucking picture of that?! And I never fucking said I have anorexia. I said "atypical" which is indeed in the DSM under OSFED and is indeed a real disorder and is indeed what my diagnosis was when I left treatment. You're all just some ignorant fucks that dont understand that there are more eating disorders than just anorexia and bulimia.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 845088

can we talk about the fact that this thread is full of a bunch if lame ass trolls who hate themselves so much that they have to make fun of other peoples lives to to even bear living through another day. Not only are your stomachs empty, but obviously your brains and hearts as well. Get a fucking life and take some responsibility for your own happiness instead of using other people to boost your egos. Fucking ratchet that yall think you can play god and judge people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 845090

Don’t namefag and blogpost

No. 845091

Well if you’re on medications for your hypothyroidism and you have osfed—atypical anorexia why are you not a healthy weight? Many of us with the “traditional” eating disorders don’t like osfed because it doesn’t make sense. Can’t be afraid of becoming fat if you ready are fat. And that’s half the diagnostic basis for atypical anorexia

No. 845093

>Middle School 2019
you must be 18 to post here, darlin.

No. 845094

I'm done arguing with you all. You're all just ignorant. At least I'll be in treatment getting help while you're all sitting here making yourselves feel better by tearing other people down.

No. 845110

The amount of people angry at their obese selves here being called out is unreal. You caused your own obesity. Deal with it. Missing a day of eating isnt restriction ffs. Synthyroid is old AF and barely anyone takes it these days. Learn to google better and eat healthier

No. 845111

There is NO medical condition in the world that causes morbid obesity. Overweight? Sure. But NOT morbid obesity. 80% of your body weight is our own doing. Not your alleged hypothyroidism kek

No. 845115

You wouldn't be deemed the subtype of OSFED "atypical anorexia" if you purge, in that case given you can't restrict "adequately" because you have no low weight issues (lithium and hypothyroid don't cause obesity) then you would be termed purging subtype. No mental illness ED category is better or worse then any other, but you aren't atypical anorexia, that's blatantly obvious. It looks like your Dr hasn't specified atypical AN either given the screenshot, if that's the case you would have it defined, not just written as 'eating disorder'

No. 845117

File: 1564307347626.jpeg (350.93 KB, 750x1110, BEB52DCF-29C9-4375-A802-79E6D3…)

Welp, it’s finally happening… Korey is going on placement during this next semester of school (and all next year)… just telling other people how to eat healthy I guess. The mind boggles.

No. 845118

File: 1564307399948.jpeg (214.41 KB, 750x452, CD1F7A39-C0E4-45A1-B234-CF757A…)

Exactly the stage of recovery you would want your dietitian at, no?

No. 845128

I agree. I can’t ever see Elzani actually recovering - she’ll probably still be living at home 10 years from now doing the same food vlogs with her mum.

No. 845130

Got a cackle out of me.

No. 845132

File: 1564311940047.jpeg (696.44 KB, 828x1544, 525F0017-6916-4218-B276-DC576C…)

Not sure what you thought posting this beauty shot and caption would accomplish. Refusing to own up to your actual eating disorder is invalidating to people with actual anorexia and to people with bulimia/ednos/bingeing (which are legit ffs.)

No. 845148

She’s talked the talk lets see if she walks the walk

No. 845149

Samefag although she’s talked the talk before

No. 845153

if she deletes then we're doing the lords work

No. 845171

File: 1564321898453.jpeg (658.18 KB, 828x1458, 7F574796-196E-4A43-B0C5-12B327…)

(From her IG story today)

Gee Kim, maybe your kids health might be a little better if you fed them something other than process diet food? Doesn’t exactly help your kids develop great immune systems if you’re constantly loading them up with aspartame and artificial fibres.

Regular cows are annoying but Kim is downright infuriating because she’s brought her kids in on her big “recovery show”, regularly featuring them on her account / videos.

No. 845183

Kek I’m glad. She hasn’t been active in a while idk y. Probably lurking

No. 845184

Really?? Ya'll are a bunch of losers bullying this girl. Shes struggling. She may not have "traditional anorexia" but OSFED is just as dangerous, if not more because it goes unnoticed. Weight doesnt matter in an eating disorder. It's all in the mind. I can see in her eyes in a lot of pictures that shes in mental pain. She looks exhausted. Theres absolutely no reason for you to bash her like this. If she was diagnosed with atypical anorexia from a treatment center, then that's her diagnosis. She may have just started purging recently. You don't know her. Maybe her diagnosis has changed since she was last in treatment and she doesnt know. Maybe her doctor just has eating disorder in her chart for insurance purposes so shes not "labeled" and she begins to not be covered due to "pre existing conditions" y'all need to learn how to treat people. Just because you dont look like a traditional person with an eating disorder does not mean that you dont struggle. I know a lot of people who are obese and have atypical anorexia. Maybe her metabolism is slow, maybe her medications really do make her gain weight. I gained 100 pounds on lithium and could not lose it until I got off of it. Everyone's body reacts to medicine differently. As for her thyroid disorder, she was diagnosed in 2014 and if she takes synthroid then she clearly still has a thyroid problem. Synthroid is the most common medication for hypothyroidism. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BULLY.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 845186


Self post - seriously meg do you think we don’t know it’s you?

No. 845187


It’s not a self post. She’s got enough retarded orbiters stuck in her gravitational feed. Check out her comments on the insta. Lol

Look, no one cares if you have an eating disorder. What makes you a cow is that you’re saying you’re struggling with not eating, while being grossly overweight.

You’d be left tf alone if you didn’t bastardize anorexia like you do. It’s clearly not THAT hard for you to eat. We all think you have an obvious problem with food, but you’re perpetuating a culture that doesn’t take personal responsibility and glamorizes these problems.

You don’t have anorexia, and for your health, you need to cut down some of that weight- after you develop a healthier relationship with yourself. Get off social media.

No. 845188

Doesn’t look like a recent picture - her face is less chubby than now and her collar bones stuck out more then- but I could be wrong.

No. 845194

you are the pro ana scumbag here

No. 845195

File: 1564327953310.jpeg (811.69 KB, 1125x1627, 62010878-6223-44EB-B6D9-B3203B…)

The definition of cyber bullying by law would have to include: “encouraging you to seek out personal responsibility” in order for this to be an applicable charge.

No one here is encouraging you to do anything wrong or bad. It’s a running commentary on your public life. What you’re posting is embarrassing and you’ve let the entire world into your world and your problems.

Not everyone will agree with you. And if that bothers you, don’t invite the world in.

No. 845197

Stop seeking out this website if it makes you feel that bad about yourself, Meg. You are responsible for your own feelings. Chantards are not.

No. 845198

Naw. She’s not responsible for her feelings the same way she’s not responsible for her weight, right?

No. 845199

Samefag but this bitch looks absolutely psychotic. Watch out or she’ll come eat us all.

No. 845202

This is telling. Meg already has a residential treatment stay lined up. That is where her energy should be going not trying to convict people from an anonymous site. Here’s hoping tx helps her develop a better relationship with food and stabilizes mood.
It’s clear she has parental support and financial support. She’s in an incredibly privileged place of being able to afford private residential and to receive these services in a larger body. It would be awesome if she was grateful for these opportunities instead of acting entitled about the entire situation

No. 845204

Precisely this! It’s not just the fact that she’s misrepresenting her eating disorder that makes her a cow, it’s also the fact that every single post is about how unfair and hard life is for her. How she’s sooo anxious about treatment or how it’s not fair that people don’t sympathize with her or that she has to wait to find out her admission date. She’s so busy complaining about her life or trying to convince everyone that they should be celebrating her brave choice of eating ice cream and hot dogs instead of salad that she never acknowledges the immense privileges she does have.

No. 845218

It’s sad that she’s bringing her whole family into her weird food habits. I see her post on her instastories about how Annabelle is a picky eater and refuses to eat a lot of different things. Hmmmm can’t imagine where she got that from. Apparently Kim also doesn’t order food in restaurants. She only orders alcohol. I know she’s too brain damaged to realize she’s fucking over her kids relationship with food in order to stay in her happy eating disorder bubble, but it’s truly depressing.

No. 845223

File: 1564334330604.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1525, 5FBE904D-1E5A-413C-8D09-0541C1…)

Notice after posting her “woe is me my kids are both sick and my life is very hard” story she still managed to get her cardio in? What an inspirational recovery warrior!

No. 845226

Gotta work off the 4 margaritas she substituted for meals somehow.

No. 845233

Oh yeah! And the four gummy vitamins, because #healthwarrior

No. 845299

From elzani’s sister’s account and edited to try to stay within compliance of the rules around posting family members, but I guess they’re in vacation in cypress? How shitty of a time do you think everyone is having with elzani undoubtedly doing her big dog-and-pony recovery gong show? No relaxing with a drink by the pool without getting a camera shoved in your face demanding to know what you’re drinking, no easy ice cream on the bird walk without a 30 minute build up deciding flavours.

No. 845313

yeah I don’t mean to go all pc on this thread. But those are very real obstacles people face trying to get treatment. Meg is super lucky to have them and it would be awesome if she acknowledged that. Not doing so makes her look ungrateful. The system is messed up and she’s lucky her mom supports her and doctors didn’t laugh in her face. Skinny anorexics get told their BMI is too high for coverage all the time. I’m beating a dead horse. Hope tx is helpful and she makes progress towards recovery given all the people she has supporting her

No. 845318

not to like cause anything, but my mom had thyroid cancer and the entirety of her thyroid + surrounding lymph nodes were removed, before she did about 6 months of radiation therapy. She's been on Synthroid / Levothyroxine for about 25 years. There's women in her support group that are just getting started on Synthroid as recently as 1 month ago. A lot of doctors are still prescribing it and using it as a starting point for getting thyroid hormones back to normal levels.

No. 845324


Yeah, she’s been talking the talking for as long as I’ve followed her account… It looked like things might go in the right direction for a while but she stalled at the “staying just sick enough for the validation” stage. And someone posting pretty normal looking photos on her private account but posed lycra thigh gap pics on her ED recovery account (where she’s purporting to encourage others in recovery!) is not even close to ready to treat people with food issues of any kind. It’s a mess.

No. 845325

Hopefully the sisters meet some people their age they can hang out with. They need a break from her even if it's a "family" holiday.

If I was her I'd be speaking to anyone to try to get a holiday friendship going so I'd have an excuse to not have to be with her. It's usually a good thing to have a close family, but in this case…with Elzani…nope.

No. 845327

Wasn't going to post this because it's a bit bloggy, but levothyroxine is used a LOT in the UK. Been on it for around 12 years because lithium damaged my thyroid (but that was after something like 10 years). My dad takes it as well. It's a really common drug for underactive thyroid. So soz for personal, but think it's something worthy of mention here.

Medication is never an excuse for not dealing your eating urges. Megs is an over eater.

Further OT, but good to hear your mum recovered.(read the rules)

No. 845330

File: 1564353352321.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1096x1953, 60FF80EC-97CC-4510-A280-8AD6B3…)

Ganer eats this for dinner everyday. Honestly, what the fuck is this. Noodles, Pearl onions, jalapeños, green beans, pickles, and sauerkraut (??) How can you fuck up pasta this badly….

No. 845334

File: 1564353825726.jpeg (821.91 KB, 828x1557, A32E5FD3-3A1E-40D4-9EF3-619F2E…)

She went private for a whole 5 hours because we upset her so much but couldn’t handle the lack of attention. Much kek.

No. 845335

File: 1564353835464.jpg (11.05 KB, 166x164, w.JPG)

Topped with chilli garlic salt. She's either taken fusion cooking to an extreme, her tastebuds are shot, she's trying to keep an admirer away (breath fumers), or she's just another ana who makes disgusting combinations of food. Pickles are great, but this is hideous.

Is this a sliver of ham?

No. 845336

I definitely agree! Meg has some serious things she needs to confront and deal with. Using OFED / AA as a cover for her weight issues is a disgrace tot hose actually trying to recover and face having an ED. Was just pointing out that the comment of "Synthroid is a super old drug and no one prescribes it anymore" is very inaccurate.

No. 845337

File: 1564354176658.jpg (90.3 KB, 1080x1163, IMG_20190728_180153_417.jpg)

Lol doctors dont lie. Bye.

No. 845338

Someone's got some deep issues if they badger their GP to change their record on a Sunday just to show people something they really want to believe.

Okay, so you might try to starve for a day and then you binge. Great.

No. 845339

don't you have more important things to go worry about? spend some more time counting your calories. you might see some weight loss!

No. 845343

This is my last comment. I did email my doctor, on a sunday, but just to clarify exactly what eating disorder I had. Could have I been wrong and it was an old diagnosis? Yes. But it wasnt the case. I have a metabolic disorder. I have a thyroid disorder. I take a ton of meds. I do however feel that you all dont know me and you dont know what I do and do not eat. I do not binge. I'm terrified to binge. I have asked my doctor about my weight when I emailed her and she did she that while it wouldn't hurt me to lose weight, I should at the time try to maintain rather than losing bc I need to have a healthy relationship with food and get over fear foods. I'm sorry you all hate me so much, but I'm just gonna end with this… eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes. OSFED in this case a typical anorexia is defined by a fear of gaining weight and a significant loss of weight. Thanks for asking, but I've lost 30 pounds in 4 months. So basically you can all just take it all or leave it all. I know my diagnosis and my symptoms.

No. 845344

File: 1564355150891.gif (1.58 MB, 480x270, gtfo o here.gif)

>metabolism disorder

No. 845345

Then fuck off! No one here cares if you have an ~official diagnosis~ You’re still a cow in every sense of the word. If this site is so toxic to you than log tf off and go focus on your “real recovery”. It’s pathetic that you’re trying to validate yourself to strangers on the internet.

No. 845346

Go inpatient or tx whatever and go meet and interact with people who are actually in the depth of the struggle of an eating disorder. Not just your glamorous hug box of an Instagram. Shutting your social media down would be the best first step to getting mentally sound and resembling some health

No. 845347

Lol clearly everyone cares soooo much to continue to say that I dont have osfed and blah blah blah. You're all ignorant as fuck. Bye.

No. 845349

File: 1564355722932.jpg (12.09 KB, 174x117, 111.JPG)

Bye then. Hope you get that tube you want.

No. 845350

Lol I was inpatient in february, and residential last November. Thanks. I know what it's like to live with a fucking eating disorder bc I'm doing it. Some days are better than others. Some days I can work myself up to eating ice cream and other days I'm afraid of water. I have expressed all of my symptoms and behaviors to doctors therapists and Intake specialists and they all believe that residential is my best option. I legit dont know what your problems are. Jealous that I'm getting treatment and you're not??? Sorry that I work hard to be able to help my dad pay for great insurance that I am forever grateful for. You're all just a bunch of trolls. Have a nice life everyone!!!(t. meg)

No. 845351

Lol was actually making sure they DONT use tubes bc I'm terrified of them. Thanks. You're pathetic.

No. 845352

You do know that 30lbs in 4 months is a totally normal rate of weight loss for someone your size, right?

No. 845354

File: 1564355973769.gif (471 KB, 247x192, fry.gif)


>Jealous that I'm getting treatment and you're not???

Mate, just leave. And you call an anon pathetic.
Grow the fuck up and join WW.

No. 845355


No. 845356

Wanderlust.recovery lmao you're pathetic. Nice job at changing your pic so fast

No. 845361

That person's genuine. You're fake. Stop being psychotic and go to sleep.

No. 845363


>jealous that I'm getting treatment and you're not??

Well, most people don't live life with the express goal of bragging that they're getting treatment, so do with that what you will.

No. 845365

as a fat girl to another, good job on loosing weight. not sure why you are lying so much, but whatever. an eating disorder is not a personality trait

No. 845366

I thought you concluded that you were done here and we're all ignorant? Kek

No. 845367

there's so many weird contradictions in what you're saying. you keep talking about the treatment you're getting, and yet you sit here and glorify and seek attention for how sick you are?

it comes down to this: you have a support system & a chance to have a healthier life. and yet you're on this website, posting every tiny detail about your life in order to justify being a piece of shit. just fucking leave! go to the residential program! get better! you're so ungrateful, you dumb bitch

No. 845369

File: 1564357161403.jpg (391.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190728-193828_Ins…)

Hmmmm sooooo her best friend posted all of this…. and she is being supportive. Not sure what to believe.

No. 845371

something tells me that this cow is samefagging

No. 845372

Hmm, I really don’t know what that is… probably not ham though. I think the only meat she eats is chicken.

No. 845381


I thought I saw bits of sausage in the mix.

I'm bored with whatever lonely Meg's doing. We all have sockpuppet accounts on ig here and the cows are our ~friends~ sometimes. Nobody cares that you have/think you have an ED, Meg. Most of the anons in this thread do. You're not special for having one, and it's not something to be ashamed of if you binge eat. Stop spending 24/7 talking to strangers about eating disorders your entire reason for being. It's not interesting and it's actually boring. Read some books or take up a hobby. That'd make you more interesting. Also work on your social skills and people might actually warm to you.

No. 845384

honestly being fat and anorexic sounds like kind of a blessing, even if you don't eat your body made PLENTY of energy reserves for you to live off off, thanks to you eating in a surplus every fucking day. at your weight you could probably eat 3k cals a day and not gain any weight lmao
also i'm curious about the 120lbs pictures. kinda hard to believe you know(non-contribution; learn to integrate)

No. 845385

‘a typical anorexia’. It’s atypical anorexia, no gap. Trying to make it look like ‘typical’?? Be honest with yourself - you ARE pro-ana because you won’t let go of that coveted diagnosis.

Can’t stand people who willingly put out information out there for PUBLIC consumption and attention, but then get upset when they get legit criticism. It’s the price you pay for putting out public content. Don’t like it, go private. It’s not contributing anything to the discussion.

No. 845395

Honestly, Meg you can spam this thread all you want, but you’re never going to get rid of the farmers. The more you act out, the more the rest of us laugh.

No. 845398


No. 845399

I can’t decide which is worse: cows like korey and chii who are obviously unwell but try to play off like they are the gods of recovery or cows like meg who are so desperate to convince people they have anorexia (always anorexia, can’t be any other legitimate, believable eating disorder) that they will insist despite mountains of objective evidence that they’re super sick, spoopy anachans.

No. 845404

File: 1564359315034.jpeg (235.47 KB, 1920x1200, FC3A9D53-08A5-4E31-BFCF-7108AE…)

This board is truly getting out of hand. Abandon ship until mods get this trash cleaned up

No. 845405

Careful everyone, we got a badass over here. We’s all gon be in prison soon. Hold on to your soap.

No. 845413

File: 1564360152834.jpg (261.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190728-182031_Ins…)

No. 845430

her. thats the self-poster that got caught posting about @coffee.cats.recovery above.

No. 845441

Bad in different ways. Koreys gonna fuck some girls up as bad as her psychiatrist did to her and tons of other girls. She’s also going to trigger the whole ~rEcoVeRy cOmMuNiTy~ in the process.
Obese pro anas add to the stigma of eating disorders and take legitimacy away from osfed which is arguably the ED that needs the most advocacy because osfed is regarded as habitual disordered eating in the minds of clinicians. That sucks BUT it’s different on so many levels than someone who has a BMI of 13 and runs half marathons every day. OSFED needs a different treatment approach because symptoms change. Like geez I get some people want to eat 3.5K calories a day but if you were actually ill with restrictive anorexia like you all pray for that’d be a nightmare you’d never sign up for

No. 845442

What did her psychiatrist do to her?

No. 845445

This thread is a fucking mess. Where are the mods

No. 845448


Lmfao 30 pounds in 4 months? The average weight loss is around 1-2 pounds per week. You should have lost 32! At your size, much more I think.

Either way, LOL(pure autism)

No. 845450

Are we all still on this girl that just wants help? Let it go. Move on. Let her live her life. Damn(t. selfposting)

No. 845452

He was letting people “weight restore” to underweight BMIs and prescribing meds that suppress appetite to people with histories of severe restrictive eating disorders. She who must not be named said he’s been under investigation. Likely other issues too just don’t know all the details

No. 845454

File: 1564370892303.png (56.51 KB, 266x198, 007FDA76-6D95-41C6-B0F8-96E0F2…)


No. 845471

There were only a few flights out of Exeter that day- one was to Paphos.
No doubt we will get a ‘first time trying xxxfood’ load of stuff.

No. 845479

That's, um, that's not correct. You're the outlier here, not @meg

No. 845480

Weight doesn't medically define an eating disorder, but socially if does. Try being anorexic over 100lbs and you'd understand.

No. 845481

Mental illness can overpower any drug. Thyroid meds, antipsychotics, even the dreaded olanzapine. Lurk moor before wking. This has been discussed in past threads
Wild that the world is so concerned with fat acceptance and not hurting peoples feelings that people who are obese are able to go around acting like they are the absolute most ill person a center has ever seen bc they fainted once and have dry hair.
Heck even being forced IP and gaining weight over 45 kg and they’ll kick you out saying you’re healed. Makes me wonder if the tx centers are just in it for the money or if they address the obvious weight issues despite what the client tells them. Definitely how the ED to much transition occurs

No. 845483

Newfags dm’ing the snowflakes themselves making them and their friends/family aware of the thread. It will last a while until we can booly them all away or until school starts.

No. 845484

That was a Thursday, anon.

No. 845485

I never said skinny shaming wasn't a thing either. It goes both ways. But when you're below BMI 15, it doesn't matter if you're healthier than that 100lb patient, you're in first.

No. 845504

True. Constant behaviours unable to cope but above BMI 15? Ignored
Going about your daily life just fine below BMI 15? Inpatient for you

No. 845511

Scanned this person's tellonym.me profile definitely seems like a potential milky cow for the fact they are way too old to be bothering with ED drama.

No. 845567

File: 1564413382612.jpg (224.9 KB, 1080x1306, delicateskinny.jpg)


New username is @delicate.skinny.

No. 845571

She isn’t even trying any more

No. 845577

This cow always delivers. I wonder what she actually looks like

No. 845582

How can anyone think that is attractive or something worthy of being admired?

Jesus, it's like a terrible photoshop job - but no, that's actually her body…

No. 845589

File: 1564416141512.jpeg (185.36 KB, 750x856, D37D4DBC-0086-45C6-AFA2-8EB801…)

How would georgia even know she has a massive rib cage under all that.. chub. Is she really trying to re frame the whole my family is “big boned” argument? Bc that’s honestly a bunch of bullshit and hilarious that she’s using that as an excuse for her size. Rather than admitting her family acts unhealthily. It doesn’t matter if your “healthy” and overweight it’s puts you at RISK for other health problems, stresses out your joints, makes your heart have to work harder… she’s like a ticking time bomb and it’s only going to get worse if she uses “a restrictive ed” to justify her unhealthy diet. She doesn’t look like she’s skipped a meal in her life.

No. 845605

If you're on about Kelsey.. no.. that is actual photoshop. I do find it funny though that she's not ajusted the fold wrinkles in the shirt around the elbow. And she's got some unfortunate hand sizings, one miniscule, one massive. Good for a laugh though, wonder if anyone actually believes her. (Also is she back to self posting here? if so, thanks for the comic relief).

No. 845613

Major kek at the shrunken dwarf hand under her ribs. She has to spend like 10 minutes max on these pics. If she really wanted to make it believable she should edit in some bald spots and use an aging filter

No. 845639

File: 1564424258094.jpg (566.85 KB, 1080x1306, 1564413382612_mr1564424240695.…)

I tried…

No. 845671

Not bad. She probably looks similar to that.

No. 845734

File: 1564440886518.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 245 KB, 749x1032, 2DBAC7C7-C73E-4B81-A1A0-1F9D93…)

No. 845736

when will the twins come off private again i have candrel withdrawals

No. 845740

File: 1564441312676.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1283, 4CEB05DF-7CCD-47A7-9091-6D690C…)

Damn, Becky attention whores even on Facebook. Absolutely zero chill.

No. 845742

Maximum kek. I honestly can’t fathom how she could, in earnest, write a caption like that. What the fuck does she expect people to say? Even at my spoopiest I couldn’t imagine being that shameless. “Beached whale”, she’s not even just fishing for validation, she’s straight up requesting it.

No. 845743

Did she forget to edit her legs?

No. 845744

File: 1564441822348.jpeg (113.06 KB, 828x364, 9EA629BB-B77E-4CE9-9E86-17DC7C…)

I scrolled down a little more and her whole page is full of the same kinds of bullshit she posts on her stories. Instagram is one thing, but keep it off Facebook ffs. Included another screenshot for extra lulz

No. 845760

File: 1564444845437.jpeg (482.22 KB, 750x1096, CD63363F-58A8-41B7-9694-2D6468…)

Interesting post about her binging for the “first time” in four years….. Sure Jan. I means does she really expect ppl to believe her? And this whole entire post just seems implicating, irrational, exaggerated, fabricated, she is all over the damn place jeez

No. 845761

File: 1564445197515.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1089x1941, E27BFC95-0E67-498B-A887-74D103…)

Ganer lurks here kek She finally specified what she puts into her noodle concoction from hell. Still wondering about the weird shit on the side though. Pickles? Onions? And is that really sauerkraut? Just… why

No. 845763

File: 1564445702294.jpeg (482.17 KB, 750x1113, 232452A8-5DC1-4398-A036-CAA61B…)

Interesting I’m not surprised I feel like most of the cows read up once they are posted, and speaking of lurkers megs responding to her ban by posting pictures and still quite obviously lying about her weight, this time her lowest or something. Whatever she mentioned here about the psych meds making her fat. Anyway it’s so hilarious that she put a huge trigger warning in the text part of the post kek she kills me.

No. 845766

I wonder about them too. I miss seeing their bowls of almond milk froth with a semi-illiterate caption.

No. 845768



No. 845773

File: 1564446460287.jpg (580.17 KB, 1080x1822, 20190730_102534.jpg)

No. 845778

um is it supposed to be triggering cus she thinks she looks thin??

No. 845783

That’s honestly what I thought and I literally laughed out loud lol

No. 845787

Can you post the whole picture? I'm not following her

No. 845790

A fucking Facebook group, really? I don't know this girl but I would feel uncomfortable if one of my friends invited me to a group like this, I wonder if it's just full of thinspo pics of her saying "omg I feel so fat :("

No. 845794

What I don't get about kels is she seems to edit the fuck out if some pics and then leave others unedited…

No. 845795

haha I know like bitch you weren't sick at 127lbs

No. 845796

I think this may be a case of meg realizing that her ED is more complex than just restricting and I think that’s good. Maybe this will end like crying Emily?
TW would have to be for numbers I think because it’s in the caption. Doesn’t look like this was one of those multiple picture posts with a two slide.
She looks really nice and healthy here. By no means a starved body but I think we’ve already established that restricting isnt her primary behavior

No. 845798

Only cows tell literally every person in their lives about their EDs don’t they? Best friends, parents, doctors, grandparents, etc. yet another distinguishing feature between people who have EDs and the cows. I get there’s a point at which it’s obvious you’re ill especially with AN but no one I know went around telling everyone how they lost weight because they were ashamed

No. 845799

Pickled onions, anon. That definitely looks like sauerkraut. And pickled gherkins. That's one acidic dish.

No. 845801

File: 1564456131360.jpeg (111.81 KB, 733x1058, 811161EC-7D09-4BCB-BBCF-C41B8F…)

those wonky lines show that she DID edit her thighs to look smaller lmao. I guess she didn't go further because she noticed the background warping like mad

No. 845802

File: 1564456360509.jpeg (172.84 KB, 750x1200, 5E8CC3B4-0093-45FE-8E42-3A90BC…)

samefag but look at the weird blotches where her body meets the carpet.

No. 845806

File: 1564457168021.jpg (52.14 KB, 540x358, doc shock.jpg)

Forget that shit, look at her BODY! Good lord, that's basically a corpse. Why would she post this?!

No. 845842

Where the hell are her organs?

No. 845846


Especially when you consider that the small intestines alone are 23 feet long (large intestines are another 7 feet, I believe). Between that and the remainder of the organs, there's no way that's not a shit photoshop job

No. 845849

They'd be there. As the norm with cachexic people, the organs waste away and shrink then go into failure. Her bowels would be small and it wouldnt surprise me if they barely worked

No. 845861

File: 1564475665171.jpg (347.03 KB, 1788x900, 222598_103658886678186_2303910…)

Becky used to actually be attractive before she went for the 80 year old woman look.

Christ, the teeth.

Also the fact her Facebook account is public is hilarious, have you seen the amount of validation she tries to get on there with her posts? Fucking hell. Her poor mum can't get a break (I was looking at the posts about their recent holiday or whatever but becky made it to be all about her and how bad she's got it etc.) because Becky won't fucking commit to actual recovery and instead gets a dog which is going to probably wish it was dead itself because of her tantrums.

She's actually really good at art too, her older stuff on her mum's fb is awesome. It's just a shame she won't suck up and try to recover properly and asks for freebies and asspats.

No. 845908


Also the shadow in the background lmao

No. 845918

She looks like a bad cosplay of Patsy from AbFab now.

No. 845921


Are you guys new here? her entire deal is terrible photoshop fails. She does not look like that.

No. 845938

It’s probably her self posting to try to spur a conversation the validate her soooOoOooper skinny she is.

No. 845949

I can see the honeymoon period with the dog is over. I can't imagine complaining about your dog so soon after getting her. Well, yes I can. It's Becky.

No. 845992

Im expecting they'll get rid of the dog. She'll say it's her mental illness making life with a dog difficult.

Becky gets more and more insufferable which is incredible in itself.

No. 845993

File: 1564502397636.png (1.17 MB, 1060x1877, Screenshot_20190730-175713.png)

The dog is making her break out, too. What else is she going to blame on this poor animal?

No. 845998

File: 1564502956810.png (4.36 MB, 1536x2048, B7335293-CFC3-4716-B745-6B46BB…)

This was posted in a previous thread but I thought I’d bring it back. I’m not sure what year it’s from, but Becky honestly looked beautiful before she went spoopy. And yeah I agree. I know we all like to shit on her art because she’s obnoxious but she’s really good at drawing. Too bad her spoop BMI turned her into a nutjob.

No. 846044

Omg I just found this and holy shit you people are mean lmao(lul)

No. 846046

Boo hoo anon

No. 846087

She looks prettier but honestly still looks like a major bitch. Something about her face, I guess.

No. 846090

Oh my gosh!!! She looks amazing, like a completely different person. Some ppl with Eds have no shit going for them, I didn’t know she was decent at drawing, she could have made a job out of that instead of making her job begging for money, goods and services. She is obnoxious but had potential to not be a spoop. I wonder what happened. Maybe the weird mom relationship thing has/had something to do with her ed and inability to want to or even fricking try to get better.

No. 846095

Wow she was gorgeous, very sad what anorexia does to people.:/(don't use emoticons)

No. 846098

Does anyone on here have an update on that British girl with the crazy mum? Kind of like a EC situation but worse. I'm sure her name was Hannah? Anyway, I still think about her sometimes, one of the few cows who my heart genuinely breaks for.

No. 846102

Replying to myself but Just cheacked and her is Ashley.

No. 846106

Yup I want an update too. iirc the girl was completely out of it and the mom ran the Instagram account. weird posed photos with a tray of food in kid's bowls, and a pic of the mom holding the girl like the Forbidden Planet poster.

No. 846113

ashleyshalleat posted a while back on MPA. The screenshot is here >>797829 on a previous thread. It says that she wanted the documentation herself and explained her reasoning, etc. No way to verify if that's really her post on MPA, of course, but it's something.

No. 846157

I'd forgotten about her, used to follow he but she ended up in the hospital and then her account dissapeared and I honestly thought she had passed. her mom seems really abusive, hope she can get better and get the fucj out of there

No. 846219

File: 1564526057290.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, F5075AAB-64C5-4BFF-A9C1-5DCFDB…)

Christ, it's like she's trying to look more haggard

No. 846233

She probably is. It’s a trademark symptom of advance stage AN. She stopped trying to look good 40lbs ago, now it’s all just about looking as shocking at possible. Gotta cash in on that sweet validation from alarmed strangers when friends and family stops being enough!

No. 846266

File: 1564532374170.jpg (285.01 KB, 1080x1504, candrelwithdrawal.jpg)

Same shit, different day.

No. 846273

Are the zero syrups targeting anas as sponsors? Nourish to, now the twin?

No. 846286

Good god… I love very-light/bleach blonde, but I can’t imagine a tint that could be any worse with her skin tone… she looks yellow and ashy

No. 846289

I see she’s gone from canderel to sucralose. Looks like she really expanding her horizons!

No. 846294

Nah, I don’t think she’s sponsored. If I know the twins they’re probably chugging this shit straight from the bottle.

No. 846327

File: 1564539585263.jpg (244.8 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20190730-214608_Ins…)

Found megs personal photoshopped?(t. meg)

No. 846339


ohhh meg. bro anyone can edit their mychart and add to their diagnosis, luls. i will login and add YOUR diagnosis to my medical chart to prove it to you. stop fraudin, you are morbidly obese. and you've got great insurance, which is why doctors placate you and put up with your shit. we have frequent fliers like you in the hospital all the time, you can get hooked up to an ecg, get an ekg secondary to that, and get on a drip… we'll run you through all the rounds, anything you ask for, as long as it won't harm you.

anorexia would do you some good actually

No. 846347

I saw on her personal a pic of her hooked up to a heart monitor. Like wayyyy back. I dont remember her mentioning heart problems??? Tbh no dr gives out a heart monitor if you dont really need one. I'm super confused now like shes got it on at home? How???(t. meg)

No. 846349

What’s her username?

No. 846365

File: 1564545392093.jpeg (588.12 KB, 750x1094, E89816F0-5719-44D1-ACFB-622A1C…)

this cow still claims atypical AN instead of BED all while putting concoctions like this together… dumping pure sugar all over pancakes fits perfectly with restriction, does it?

No. 846378

Miffy is her cat so I hope going by the username she’s not feeding that syrup to her poor cat.

No. 846379

Kek, she’s hilarious. My fav is when she starts captions with “when I was sick” or talks about her “sick clothes” when her LW was like 200 something lbs

No. 846397

Feeling drained yet mixes pancake mix and stands in front of a stove after doing so while waiting for said stove to heat up and cooks.

It's almost like you could spend this time cooking something better for you but you didn't.

Not having the time or strength is some nuts and veg maybe.

No. 846398


are you talking about an EKG, ECG, or take-home holter monitor? you don't need heart problems for any of those, anon. you're giving false info here. i'm an ER technician (go ahead and ban me, i'm setting this anon straight) and we give monitor anyone who claims they're having chest pain, whether we think they're lying (as i said, we have frequent fliers) or not. even if you're pointing to a shoulder or mid-abdomen and saying you've got pain there, you're getting an ekg. and ecg monitoring is as common as laying there with a bp cuff on, as long as you're in the bed you're gonna wear the leads and wires.

holter monitors are not difficult to get either. all you have to do is say you have chest discomfort or chest pain. even if you've had 3 CLEAR ECHOCARDIOGRAMS and clean ekgs you're getting sent home with a holter for 24-48 hrs if you won't stop your complaining.

No. 846403

Coulda thrown a whole bag of frozen veg on the pan with some sauce in the same amount of time as cooking pancakes. Cook some rice at the same time. Boom a meal. Takes as much time as pancakes. Wouldn't get the same high as downing sugar cakes, though.(constant nitpicking)

No. 846408

File: 1564553674516.jpg (487.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190731-021412_Ins…)

No. 846420

Admittedly, I was just scrolling through /snow/ looking for something else when I saw this out of context and it liteeally made me nauseous to look at.

I imagine even the non-photoshopped version is disgusting and terrifying.

What autistic reprobate would go on LCF to call themselves a disgusting corpse? Get a grip.

No. 846428

She’s one of my personal faves but she blocked me. Would appreciate updates from this and her other account

No. 846429

They sell them at tk maxx right now . Ughhhh what an image, but honestly wouldn't be surprised

No. 846432

File: 1564561432300.png (112.05 KB, 629x347, megselfpost.PNG)

Meg self posting? What is it with these cows. "Found megs personal account" sure hun, go off. @meggsxoxo1

No. 846443

sorry for the samfag

Megan Daniel - https://www.facebook.com/megan.daniel.587 incase anyone wants a scroll through her FB. I cba. Though i find it amusing that her NEDA funraiser raised like $5, shouldn't people be encouraging her to walk for once? Might help.

And she renamed her ED IG to from megsrecoveryjourney_ to @meggsrecoveryjourney for sake of prosperity.

No. 846464

id send her these hands irl, everything she posts pisses me off

No. 846480

Very sad situation. I hope she has recovered but seems unlikely with a mum like that.

No. 846491

File: 1564575963387.jpg (579.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190731-050207_Ins…)

No. 846499

God she’s insufferable.

No. 846500

No. 846501

Bet this was posted by meg too kek

No. 846502

Meg literally no one cares. Stop self posting. No one here is ever going to believe that your anorexic even if you claim to have heart problems.

No. 846503

It was, the file name shows that the pictures were taken on the same device type within minutes of each other using the screenshot function. Both posts were posted one after each other (it's just she must have realised she left her icon on with the first and deleted it). Wonder if she's crying b00lies on IG now, baiting for responses so she can cry discrimination and victimhood. What a numpty.

No. 846508

This kind of detective work is why I love the farmer community on here! Some heroes don’t wear capes.

No. 846528

File: 1564581578402.jpeg (486.59 KB, 750x1054, B1009B5A-37D3-4170-A2E9-E93A4E…)

Omg no wonder she never posts a full body pic she’s massive!!!! Holy crap. Makes sense why pics are only chin up on her ed insta account. (I blocked out the baby’s face for privacy no calfs just cows kek)

No. 846531

File: 1564581828882.jpg (289.59 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190731-150107_Ins…)

Hey lyss, is this a self post?
She's clearly regretting gaining weight and looking for attention elsewhere.

No. 846532

File: 1564581902378.jpg (519.83 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190731-150142_Ins…)

Sanefag- this is last year. Compare that to her now. She's probably switched to BED or bulimia

No. 846533

File: 1564582341465.jpeg (227.36 KB, 750x1055, A668A63F-4710-4523-96BA-5EA1C2…)

Interesting …but idk if she’s milky enough never ever lost weight but posts dumb quotes like this like she’s a frail deliicate ana. Not going to screen grab the whole profile it’s just tube shots. Anyone else follow her

No. 846536


I don’t know any medical system that lists tachycardia as “fast heart beat.”

No. 846538

File: 1564582467157.jpeg (784.46 KB, 750x1042, 538B78AF-6C0B-4D5B-A85A-B9BD23…)

Eh I might as well for shits and giggles here’s a fraction of her tube selfies

No. 846539


Anytime you complain of palpitations, they send you home with a monitor. It takes a “screenshot” the way an EKG would if something is wrong. It’s super common, and they don’t have to see anything wrong to hand one out. Complaint is enough.

No. 846540

She looks better bigger, imo. Yeah, she’s obviously overweight now but she kinda pulls it off okay. I’d rather be friends with the fat chick than with her at how lowest weight.

No. 846542

She’s just excited anticipating her next gorging of food. Or the time it took to walk from waiting to exam room really had her heart beat pumping. It’s actually sad she’s so overweight her “fast heart beat” isint Bc she’s a delicate under nourished ana it’s bc she’s so fat that exerting energy is tough on her heart so it works harder…kek

No. 846552

okay vendetta-chan

No. 846557

She looks fine. Why are you posting these?

No. 846559

Kek good point, anon. Can you really edit these charts online? I’ve never dealt with my online medical records

No. 846560

File: 1564586837111.png (479.88 KB, 828x1792, 2250BFAC-EEAB-4EBD-B4C2-BB80C3…)

Maybe if you stopped smashing your head into the walls at every opportunity you’d remain off constant? I don’t really get what her deal is. She posted YESTERDAY about being taken off obs.

No. 846565

Are you fucking kidding me? Say what you want about me, but bring my 2 year old niece into this and its fucking over. Call her a calf? Shes 2!!!! Get the fuck over yourselves. Take the fucking picture of my niece off of here!!! Post what you want about me. I dont give a fuck. Get my niece the fuck off of this fucked up site!(t. selfposted comments and now outraged by them)

No. 846568

Fuck off Meg nobody cares

No. 846569

We will see who cares when the cops get involved. This isn't meg, btw(t. meg)

No. 846575

Your niece’s face was cropped out. No one would be able to identify her. Calm the fuck down.

No. 846577

Are you people that miserable that you have to treat other people this way? Are you prepared to talk to the police about it? For cyber bullying, for posting and bringing a BABY into this. Get a life people. Grow up. Keep bullying Megan and the cops will be called. Don't test me.(go ahead, call the cops on yourself meg )

No. 846578

You assholes posted her Facebook !!!! So yes, someone could go and find that picture!!!!(t. also meg)

No. 846581

Did it even ask to be posted to facebook? Maybe think about that before you whinge

No. 846585

Maybe you should get Megan to stop self posting here, she is self-flagellating herself for attention. The baby was censored and is unidentifiable. I am sorry your feefee's are hurt.

Her facebook is public, maybe this should teach her a lesson about privacy - certainly that of kids. And maybe personal responsibility. But nah, she'll play the victim, as if she wasn't posting about herself (and tbh i have an inkling - potentially others) here.

No. 846590

>What autistic reprobate would go on LCF to call themselves a disgusting corpse?

Kelsey would

No. 846592

Newsflash: laughing at someone’s public dumbassery isn’t a crime

No. 846593

maybe don’t post pictures of your niece on social media if you don’t want people looking at them??

No. 846594


Look at the redtext. It's probably meg herself posting and getting outraged by her own comments to seem like she has haturz. Bless her heart.

No. 846605


Can mods confirm it’s Meg based on IP’s of the poster?

No. 846608

If the cops don’t do anything about incel threads which actively encourage violence, what makes you think they would care about some randoms running a commentary on the life of some 250lb anorexic? Kek

No. 846631

I'm so curious about how medical staff actually feel about people faking ED symptoms… do they always know? Is the most common plan to just give them whatever tubes they want so the bed can open up for someone else ASAP? And if so, do they acknowledge it to each other?

No. 846633


No. 846634

They've already been posted below your post but they have now been deactivated afaik.
(meggsxoxo1, and meggsrecoveryjourney)

No. 846640

Absolutely same. Not embarrassing to be seen with, and people as skinny as she was lose every shred of personality.
Thanks, I'm legitimately stupid and didn't know why the sn's weren't working.

No. 846676

Call the cops on me hunni!

No. 846784

File: 1564616646662.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1081x1942, 1920C31D-50BD-4271-9120-D77EB9…)

I think I shamed ganer into eating something besides that weird noodle plate for dinner. She’s still got the sauerkraut, pickles and onions though. And that turkey mince looks seriously funky..

No. 846786

That’s because it’s about 10% turkey and 90% veg tbh

No. 846816

This is actually a huge portion and I'm not even ED. Wouldn't be surprised if this was followed by a purge.

No. 846823

It’s actually not. It’s very strategically plated, very low calorie food, so it looks like more than it is.

No. 846827

Meg you need to stop looking at the posts on here, and ESPECIALLY don’t post anything, your just fueling the fire.

No. 846860

A lot of healthcare professionals dislike people with EDs in general. Anyone else relate to the passive aggressive vibes from nurses lol. Medical model does not recognize atypical anorexia, only malnutrition. So if your question is how do healthcare professionals feel about fatties pretending they’re anorexic for toobs? The answer is most likely gossip to other nurses and laugh (still a student nurse so just my experience but nurses aren’t angels like most people think)

No. 846870

File: 1564625485919.jpg (259.03 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_20190731-023420_Ins…)

No. 846945

m'am anyone can see their ribs if they stretch, succ in, and stick their ass out.. at least she acknowledges it

No. 847017

has dollltears been mentioned here before?

No. 847018

Image board!

No. 847040

She's milky af but she's only 17

No. 847081

File: 1564662589766.jpeg (530.33 KB, 750x1202, 07931C66-4825-47CF-BDF3-A9D19D…)

Anyone know if she’s ever been underweight?

No. 847084

She never has been. I think from memory her lowest weight was like 54kgs. Lowest BMI about 19. Uses her POTs for saying she is medically compromised from her ED when its basically her norm

No. 847094

you seem very invested.

No. 847120

I hate ~recovery warriors~ there's probably what 300kcals at the ABSOLUTE most on that plate. For someone so obviously underweight AND doing heavy weight training she should be have 600+ per meal.

No. 847123

File: 1564672529389.png (754.27 KB, 720x1140, Screenshot_2019-08-01-08-06-59…)


Quick skim found little milk. She's kinda dumb and skinny but it doesn't seem like she's trying to make her weight and food her identity. This and some body checks next to her chubby friend are all that stood out.

I wouldn't call her a cow regardless of age.

No. 847129

File: 1564673473051.jpg (362.04 KB, 946x1682, IMG_20190802_012952.jpg)

Oh dear.

No. 847135

File: 1564674546671.jpg (336.55 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20190802_014630_228.jpg)

Stupid Zoey will never learn and will always ALWAYS blame the hospital system, the doctors, the ants, her nostrils… What a laugh to read her public account.

No. 847144

Omg that’s hilarious though. You can literally feel her cow-y elation for having the nose hose from the look on her face.

No. 847189

File: 1564683798051.png (881.31 KB, 709x1019, Screenshot_20190801-174755~2.p…)

She made Becky cry with her glamorization of EDs

No. 847212

Same. Don’t think she’s milky. Looks like the kind of person who’d have an “eating disorder” for attention online. Even more alarming is her claiming bpd at 17. Not how things work and if she was one of the very few exceptions where she was diagnosed underage, she would be IP not out in the world. Compulsive liar who wants an ED and self-posts to feel special

No. 847217

that looks like more than a enough. maybe 1500 or more

No. 847226


This right here is fucking dumb. Mentally ill people (the truly ill ones, not the attention seekers) may have breakdowns but their first response isn't "Let me just post a picture of my snotty face to my insta!"

No. 847237

File: 1564688263952.jpg (153.42 KB, 720x866, Screenshot_20190801-153742_Ins…)

No. 847242

uh no anon there isn't

No. 847251

this is so pathetic & funny. why do girls out themselves here? too dumb to lurk and realize what will be said about them?

so many of them think being talked about here is another sick NG tube-bage-of-honor

No. 847268

You think there’s 1500 calories on that plate?! I’ve watched her ig stories where she pretty much posts the same meals and snacks every single day (seriously, check for yourself, exactly the same foods with maybe the occasional very minor variation, every day). I’d say she’s clocking in around 1500 to 1800 per day, which is a decent amount for a normal person, but not someone in recovery who’s also busting ass in the gym.

No. 847275

I’m a body builder. There’s close to 250 calories of rice on that plate alone.

Sweet potato probably 80-90.

Rest of the veg is probably 100 in total.

Turkey mince is probably 100 in turkey alone.

Pesto can be made with, or without oil.

If the meal is made without, it’s 500-600 calories. If oil is present? 600-800.

No. 847278

Yes but she's recovering from severe anorexia she needs more… Also no one cares that you're a bodybuilder

No. 847300

i don't use ig but you've opened my eyes to my shit eating habits.

No. 847316

No one cares if you’re a body builder. Might want to retire cause that’s not 80-90 cals of sweet potato and you’re out of your mind if you think someone with anorexia would willingly use oil

No. 847317

Yeah she probably is binging but her face is 100 times nicer now.

No. 847318

>>846480 she posted about being street homeless. we found her yt a while back, but she appears to have deleted the account.

No. 847321


If she’s from the UK they defo diagnose underage but call it ‘emerging BPD’ they label you with it so they can ship you out of hospital quicker because it’s not therapeutic

No. 847372

''all bodies are good bodies! i removed my scars!''

and also photoshopped her arms, legs and probably also her waist smaller.

No. 847376

File: 1564706103661.jpeg (414.6 KB, 750x1108, 4A30FD4D-8AF3-474D-969C-FF4FE8…)

Spaceship + Misha <<33

No. 847380

why does she write like she’s trying to write a john green book

No. 847381

it sounds like a fan fiction

No. 847385

Maybe after all this is said and done she will shut up about him?

No. 847413

After she finishes this 6 part series ahaha

No. 847435

No surprise that @livvyversion2 who's been called out for self posting is once again featured here. Can't just be a coinky-dink. Anyone following this cow? Post caps.

No. 847451


My point is I’m pretty good at estimating calories, twat. But way to be secure in your own probably shit body.(no1curr)

No. 847454

Jesus fucking Christ. Comments like this make you the pro Ana scumbag.

No. 847458

File: 1564727855243.jpg (501.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190801-080950_Ins…)

No. 847459

goddamnit cows like her really piss me off. they taint the entire image of people with ed:s, making us all look like attention whores.(no one cares about your ED)

No. 847477

Lmfao she doesn’t “deserve” a feeding tube when she’s perfectly capable of eating by mouth. Milky twist on reality is strong with this one. She also thinks being “disabled” makes up for bingeing and purging on food she bought using food stamps

No. 847481

File: 1564739531348.png (2.99 MB, 2278x1981, -.PNG)

No. 847495


Pro-tip: If you don't want people to discuss your disgusting behavior on a public forum, you should probably not post said disgusting behavior on a public website (be it instagram, facebook, etc.)

No. 847503

File: 1564747925512.jpg (677.97 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190802-130959_Ins…)

Someone on lyss' tell is being a preachy vegan. Her response is to guilt trip them by going vegan to starve herself.

No. 847504

File: 1564748005218.jpg (510.83 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190802-131002_Ins…)

No. 847512

"Its 100% your fault!!" I wonder what its like to be so delusional you can stand publicly with a metaphorical gun to your head and say "this is YOUR fault, YOU did this to me"
Anas are always such narcs, its nobodys choice but yours? You loose any credibility with your disorder when you make it clear that you use parts of it as a tool to be vengeful. Cause now you proved you're aware of your choices and autonomy?
Sugarfree is synonymous with dumb bitch juice tbh

No. 847515

Oh my gosh I’m blocked can u post the rest!? Maybe they discharged you bc your in utter denial of actually how narcissistic and delusional u r? Like she’s so egotistical she won’t take anyone’s advice!? Like why did she make the nurse ask her to leave, it probably be less awkward if you just whispered give us a second and had her step out, but then again I barely believe any of this is true. Spaceship is utter scum. I can’t wait until her hunger for attention makes her go public again

No. 847516

You don’t go vegan three times you try a plant based diet that switch over to being vegan which means no animal products in your clothes cleaning products allllll that shit. Idc about the politics of it but I’m sure korey wears fur and uses products with animal stuff in them she’s too dumb to know. Shes not even a true “raw vegan” lol I love how she says she’ll try it again, and blames ppl for triggering her into it. That’s a really obscure way to make diet decisions. What a cow honestly

No. 847530

This was the most standard Q&A possible for this thread… invested how?

No. 847535

I wish Elzani would get back from Cyprus to give us something else to talk about .

No. 847588

Who is this minger? Why is she calling this thread a forum? Why is she arsed if she isn't milky because those people discussed here are milky. Lurk moar, bish.

No. 847595

File: 1564763866678.png (710.25 KB, 720x966, Screenshot_20190802-173635~2.p…)

When cows collide

No. 847605

Who is that girl that photoshops her pictures to make her look skinner kelsey or something!? what’s her instagram

No. 847606

What is Kelsey’s Instagram!? cause i look it up and it never shows!?(newfaggotry; lolcow.farm/info)

No. 847639

File: 1564768202777.jpg (581.92 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20190802_184906.jpg)

This is the one she posts on, also can't tell if this is photoshopepd or not

No. 847655

File: 1564769289374.png (1.24 MB, 2048x1536, B830D8AE-C699-4E69-A9BC-5EC387…)

this is what kelsey wishes she actually looked like

No. 847657

File: 1564769482096.jpeg (52.57 KB, 612x676, CA7B4B1C-372D-46C4-86B7-38F7A5…)

not photoshopped.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 847659

File: 1564769607002.jpg (455.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190802-140949_Ins…)

No. 847661

File: 1564769642190.jpg (557.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190802-140953_Ins…)

No. 847662

File: 1564769697527.jpg (546.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190802-140942_Ins…)

No. 847668

Don't namefag

No. 847689

Can’t imagine being so completely self absorbed and selfish that I could ever make my best friend getting to go on a nice vacation a blight against me. Wow.

No. 847695

File: 1564776566447.jpeg (643.08 KB, 828x1462, D0A50F0C-ECF8-4D32-91EB-584740…)

Are you fucking kidding me?! How to deal with weight gain? By eating the exact some disgusting looking meals, being obsessed with the gym, and never going above a bmi of 18 of pure muscle? Christ almighty, my eyes are going to roll out of my skull with this cow.

No. 847697

She bitched about a lot of people and seemed to love stirring up drama- but when that dried out she resorted to self posting on here. Even some of the people she tried to post/ get a bite from didn’t seem super milky… just anorexic/ bulimic or whatever.

No. 847699

Kek apparently not getting enough ass pats from insta

No. 847705

This cunt needs to stop self posting. 14 views, very inconspicuous. No one gives a fuck, you’re not interesting or relevant to this board.

No. 847738

File: 1564782502135.png (11.28 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3769.PNG)

This has gone too far now. A nectarine swimming in baked beans. The veggie box that’s going to be covered in sauce when she picks it up. No wonder her fingers are always so dirty. Needs to be taught what the word separating means cause I feel sick

No. 847739

What the actual fuck - maybe she makes her meals so disgusting and unappetizing so she can't bring herself to eat it.

No. 847740

Omg and think about how dirty the box floating in her beans is! It’s undoubtedly been touched and handled by numerous people at the supermarket etc. Yuck. Yuck yuck YUCK!!!

No. 847746

She's like the opposite of the anorexic that needs everything not yo touch

No. 847757

thanks anon. good to see someone else noticing this. do you follow her?

No. 847774

File: 1564787107339.jpeg (292.95 KB, 750x1110, 51E96A44-7C40-473A-B39E-CC17B3…)

Oof that knee area needs some work. Photoshopped and badly at that
Who is this? She seems milky just wondering what the backstory is also kek much self harm
Sorry for the delay part two was posted 4 hours ago

No. 847776

I never post in here, but every time I scroll past the thread I notice the anorexics make the most disgusting looking meals

If you're only gonna eat the one thing, at least make it look nice. All these ana meals look like prison food

No. 847788

Tbh I agree when it comes to the gross food most of the cows posted here eat… which is weird as a lot of the ~aNa ReCoVeRy~ accounts on instagram seem to post more in line with what you were saying- very stylised plates of food that you can tell they have spent hours chopping up and rearranging before taking 700 nearly-identical photos

No. 847793

I love how she has to correct the drs and say in her post that “their separating her from her illness” when they say she looks good… Bc she’s delicate, frail and sick!!!! She’s so sooper unwell she could never “look good” What does she look like now? Doesn’t look like she’s about to die in this photo. Is she doing the aplastic anemia thing, the eating disorder thing or the starving artist writer thing ? She’s like three different people like is she anorexic or chronically ill ffs lol what’s her scheme now?

No. 847803

No we as healthcare professionals take EDs very seriously and with compassion xx many of us have had issues with mental illness.

No. 847804

This is so fucking funny to me. You think she wiped the bean sauce on the veggie box onto her sheets? Wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 847808

File: 1564792392606.png (2.04 MB, 2048x1984, 222578166.png)


Honestly. She's always playing the victim. Pic related, she's whining about people being "ruthless" when she literally asked for anon hate. Like shut up

No. 847856

She’s trying to veer away from her ED while still posting body checks it seems. Can never really tell with her but think she’s going for “female lead in a ya novel” in this phase. Interesting that aplastic anemia charade was dropped so quick. Cough cough.
Some phases we’ve had that lasted a post or two: cam girl/kink aesthetic; pointe shoes/ballerina inspo with very poorly aligned posture; before and afters (she actually looks underweight now); sundress I’m so dainty; and the usual sticking her butt out so far it’s in a completely different plane than the rest of her body. All these have be accompanied with horrendous captions that need to be read 6 times to figure out what she’s attempting to say. No recent mention of schizophrenia either

No. 847907

Sounds like BPD

No. 847921

Yes how could I forget the kink phase kek omg in regard to “(she actually looks underweight now)” can we get some pics on this image board I’m one of the many blocked ones and she was my favorite milk yielding cow. She went rom years to live with her AE and cancer kid hats and overly posed peripheral iv arm, to spoopy wannabe novel girl. Omg her grammar and syntax are shit anyway. Reads like an angst filled high schooler trying to submit a post for a young adult writer contest - try hard lol. I’ve actually not seen her underweight. Just average BMI posed… shes spoopy now?

No. 847923

File: 1564830608442.jpeg (430.59 KB, 750x1087, 3BE88045-846D-455B-911A-335C12…)

Is she admitting her lowest BMI is 22 or is she trying to claim that’s her current BMI… either way SURE JAN. And isint she like twenty something ?? She always brings up how she was skinny at age 15 who gives a fuck no one cares unless u show us cow. She lies so much why would anyone believe she has no “decent” photos of her at age 15 looking skinny. She claims they’re all indecent and she’s barely clothed… I don’t take body checks but I have pics with my friends and family lol why wouldn’t she?

No. 847926

File: 1564830945093.jpeg (292.87 KB, 750x1091, 95C4B293-C0C8-4BB0-A3C7-299FE1…)

Part 1 Georgie Porgie possibly going down the munchie route ? I would just die of laughter if she started claiming gastroparesis as a result of her chronic and severe ed kek. Then she could have a nose hose or even a smelly gj tube! Omg don’t picture that not a pretty sight lol

No. 847927

File: 1564831033741.jpeg (200.93 KB, 747x1107, D1D7C086-98AF-4795-9ECB-BF6FD8…)

Part 2 one of the post pictures where she looks dainty and so sooper chronically ill

No. 847930

File: 1564831340416.jpeg (250.86 KB, 750x779, 6DA2FC13-7E20-42A0-8CF9-C59FEE…)

Hahahahahahahahahah “read my FAQ” lol. The fact she needs a FAQ Bc ppl are constantly questioning her is so damn funny. But if she’s claiming she’s purged or been purging she obviously hasn’t done a decent job, or eats too much and leaves it in too long. She’s certainly never lost weight in the past since I’ve followed her from purging kek

No. 847942

File: 1564834680081.jpeg (222.56 KB, 828x1416, 366E2305-DEE9-4603-8302-23BD95…)

This Emily the skeleton girl is unhinged.

No. 847945

Meggsys twin star

No. 847951

File: 1564836812010.jpeg (202.12 KB, 734x1154, 42E875B7-E990-4C0F-8E97-E51FCB…)

Honestly this is some new level of autism going on right here, what kind of position is this? Obviously she has some form of brain melt from starvation, what a boring saddass case.

No. 847953

is that the person from above who posted their own video about this thread? tragic

No. 847954

This screams self post, just like when you posted about your YouTube video, which only had 10 watches or something like that. At 117 followers I doubt anyone here would have noticed you if you hadn’t self posted. Furthermore, I know you think you’re a super skelly Ana queen, but you ain’t.

No. 847957

File: 1564838688597.jpeg (1.38 MB, 4000x4000, 42CA7733-6F55-4C9B-85CC-0FA59E…)

These pictures are from her two instagrams over the past two months or so, if there are any questions let me know

No. 847958

She probably self-posted and created that video to garner attention for herself, such a sad most mentally unfortunate seeming blue-haired clown.

No. 847964

this is still her right lol

No. 847967

Mod-gods please tell us! I suspect you’re right.

No. 847986

File: 1564842509421.jpg (224.81 KB, 720x558, 20190803_152815.jpg)

What the fuck is that thumbnail?

No. 847991

File: 1564842820879.jpg (18.76 KB, 400x421, gollumring.jpg)

Life imitates art.

No. 847996

Not spoopy, sorry if you want to pretend you're skeletal.

No. 847999

i don’t get why merry rose is being posted on here. she’s like the opposite of being pro ana

No. 848002

She's recovered and doesnt discuss her anorexia anymore.

No. 848003

Hardly looks like she's starving kek, quite healthy looking

No. 848006

You're trying too hard babe, maybe get a life instead of self posting, don't get why people would post themselves here.

No. 848007

i hate self-posters because their level of attention-whoring is 1% milky, especially when theyre outed and then want to BAAAWW on social media about boolying but i also dont want to give them the satisfaction of being talked about.

one thing is this: theyre a fucking dime a dozen lately, the most common type of calf

No. 848008

imagine calling yourself "a sad most mentally unfortunate seeming blue-haired clown" that's so funny

No. 848010

Sadly, its funny how they rip themselves apart trying to seem like they're not self posting. They bully themselves more than we do.

No. 848018

Don't want to get OT, but i'm not the original image poster/the cow. The reason I said the whole blue haired clown comment was she reminds me of a character and I couldn't find a decent reference in the end when his hair was blue. Only reason i'm commenting is because the threads going to end up being shitted up more due to a mistaken comment.

Might want to say that's spaceship, some of the newer people might not know who you're sharing pics of.

No. 848024

File: 1564848980945.jpg (428.1 KB, 720x1008, 20190803_171552.jpg)

She's been posted on this thread before. & I wouldn't be sure how recovered she is, seeing as she's gone vegan and eats breakfasts like this

No. 848026

File: 1564849083324.jpg (594.91 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190803-171325_Ins…)

Look at the dots at the top of the screen. We get it, Paris, you have kittens.

It's been, what, 5 years and she hasn't gained any weight? Just sits around in bed taking bodychecks and feeling sorry for herself

No. 848028

Wait, what's wrong with this breakfast?

No. 848033

The weetabix is fine, but the strawberries and plums are painstakingly cut into delicate slices and arranged perfectly for the gram.
Maybe I'm reaching, who knows, but she's been mentioned a few threads back

No. 848041

File: 1564850882273.png (4.1 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_08-03-05.45.34.png)

Does nourish only have one tiny filthy room that she lives in? The backgrounds of her vids and pics are gross, also she just has a tin of sweetcorn chilling on the top of her drawers, I get the feeling that she just films her binges, the jars and shit lying about just give the feeling that she's in a rush. She has to be one of the grossest cows here. Never cleans her sheets, can barely see the floor in her room.

No. 848047


That just seems like some OCD mess to me, not necessarily a sure-fire Ana sign.

No. 848060

whatever kid

No. 848076

File: 1564852784577.gif (1.36 MB, 480x222, 44BA26DE-3837-4496-9785-47235A…)

That’s not the same poster. Self posting autist doesn’t seem to know how to sage anyways.

>wants attention on here
>scrolls through insta
>chooses random boring pic that 0 ppl give a shit about
>”oh shi- I have to criticize myself in the post so farmers think I’m legit, uh…uh…but I’m perfect?! Uh..uh… I know!”
>”look at her pose in this picture! so wild and crazy! also don’t forget i‘m… she’s sooper spoopy starving too! everyone look! the position of her body is soooo stupid right guize!!1”
>clicks “new reply”
>[insert naive shit eat grin here]
>inner monologue: …they’ll never even know, I’m like a chameleon, call me 007 from now on


No. 848099

File: 1564855992219.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1097x1634, 4404953D-E050-47AD-9C30-33CF55…)

I love how when describing herself she’s immediately like, “I’m a shitty mom and I’m PROUD of it. Fuck you haterz!!” Sorry, Jan. Liking Splenda and drinking diet pop isn’t a substitute for a personality. And telling the world that you’re a lazy stay at home wife who has all the time in the world to cook, but still chooses to feed her kids nothing but mac and cheese isn’t something to brag about.

No. 848103

She should’ve added: “I’m a raging alcoholic”, “the only protein I consume comes from a canister or in the form of a bar”, and “I don’t care if my kids grow up and develop eating disorders because they watched me starve myself”

No. 848126

Totally the pots causing these symptoms not the excess body weight. Shut up Georgia
Thank you kind poster

No. 848173

if anyone is curious about spaceship or wants more posts just lmk/reply to this post

No. 848174

Folks have been pretty responsive so far, idk why yr lookin for an invite

No. 848178

File: 1564869189849.jpeg (1.56 MB, 4000x4000, D4BC33EF-85D8-42DA-8443-60BCC0…)

some particularly spoopy photos of spaceship

No. 848181

File: 1564869263406.jpg (852.96 KB, 1077x1464, Screenshot_20190803-235417_Ins…)

Jesus christ

No. 848183

her foot, lol what the heck

No. 848194

Do these people think your bones shrink when you starve yourself?

No. 848199

Is like to see the texts with the pics, I don’t care so much about the photos as I do the story she’s spinning. She does look spoopy and possible shopping in some but that’s not new for her, that and extreme poses. I actually thought based on her mental capacity of the last post someone shared she’d be sooper skeletal. Maybe she really does have some serious mental issues kek. Ppl have joked and armchair diagnosed. Tbh she probably acts that way on purpose to make her “living novel” sound better and more edgy. Like the manic, crazy thinking sick edgy girl. She has as many identities as she does wigs (for new ppl she has/wears multiple different wigs, despite having beautiful golden locks)

No. 848205

File: 1564871990278.jpeg (444.08 KB, 750x1205, C74DD28D-28C0-4DB3-9C27-46AC55…)

she's going a bit deeper on her personal about the whole confronting Misha and her school situation. From my understanding, she is saying that she was forced by the counseling center staff to medically withdraw. For any non-americans, that's basically where it's determined that youre not medically healthy (mentally or physically) to continue taking classes or it can be a way to withdraw from classes to avoid bad grades because of medical issues. Apparently she thinks that this means they violated HIPAA, even though they considered her a threat to herself if they felt the need to have her withdraw

No. 848212

File: 1564873716782.jpeg (490.95 KB, 1920x1920, 4209C248-2BFC-476E-B882-1D1588…)

I know she isn’t really milky (at least not as much anymore), but since I stumbled across her name in the last thread… Glad to see Acacia’s still lying about her lips. Who does she think she’s fooling?

(I’ll go and shut up again now, sorry for interrupting.)

No. 848235

Why are people so proud of their shit choices lmao.

No. 848238

Veganism doesn't automatically equ disordered eating anon.

I've followed and watched her for a while and she eats pretty healthily and has actually gained weight unlike other ~recovery uwu warriors~

No. 848242

I think we need Elzani back. Kek. Farmers seem to be bored and reaching for dried milk.

No. 848265

File: 1564878002443.jpeg (718 KB, 1476x2154, 99BCBD37-31BE-4865-87CF-3F9B73…)

Pic from comments on digitalghost’s newest post.This narcissistic, patronising pro ana dickhead… I swear to fucking god. I can guarantee this bitch is miserable and alone. She may have this ‘fashion job’ she’s so pleased to tell everyone about - as though it’s impressive in the slightest? Is it the implication that she’s a model? Who would employ this mess kek. Fuck she must be useless. Constantly out taking photos of junk food for her, essentially, porn insta, spending hours and hours scrolling though food posts. Boring bastard.

No. 848270

The problem is it’s the only thing she ever eats other than massive fruit/veggie plates

No. 848274

What in the fuck???? She’s absolutely nuts! Why would she be anything more than a friend like what in the fuck, she “revered him as if he existed on a higher plane” is she defining grandiose delusions now or is this real? Apt of ppl with BPD idolize and form what they think are real romantic or friend relationships rather than receiving a counseling service. I’ve seen this happen to multiple ppl with BPD. I wonder if she’s pretending for it to be like that like she’s dumb as a fox and actually manipulating her followers to comment about it… like idk if it’s that, trying to show off her uneducated writing or both. This is milky lol more pls I’m blocked

No. 848285

She's a sex worker now

No. 848288

Shes definitely on the munchie train heading straight to chronicville

No. 848297

Is that the one where mumma bear was looking after her and mumma bear was filming her because her barely concious daughter who was really unable to give consent, gave consent to mumma bear to film and document here journey no matter how raw?

No. 848302

File: 1564882729051.jpeg (413.39 KB, 731x1197, 684C8977-581D-4F16-8993-69CAEC…)

Ok this girls getting way to annoying not to talk about she looks like this but is convinced she’s on deaths door and is soooooooo overly dramatic I can’t eben stomach her stories but the posts I’ll spam after are rediculous I thimk she’s been on here already but here’s her account Part 1 Totally average body but severely sucking in…

No. 848304

File: 1564882966051.jpeg (795.67 KB, 750x1206, 0B2A19F4-9FE7-47F0-80EF-27753C…)

Part 2
Her account totally Norma bod but is apparently about to die kek sure Jan

No. 848305

File: 1564883211637.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, D69BF704-5513-4E31-96F5-CD1231…)

Part 3
…ok so? Why do wanorexics feel the need to broadcast it all!?

No. 848306

File: 1564883259335.jpg (959.35 KB, 1080x1920, 20190804_094638.jpg)

What ever you do dont tip the cows, or you'll be taken to the back paddock to be 'set free'

No. 848307

File: 1564883358370.png (538.66 KB, 750x1334, 00F27C2F-9C0C-4888-9CC6-A5C2FB…)

Part 4 sorry for the spam but this ones the best like what do u want a congrats u r underweight? Bc u literally look fine lol anyone can lie about their weight on an online calculator like wtf kek

No. 848313

I guess the hot new anachan trend is photoshopping yourself into looking decapitated?

No. 848333

Does anyone know what she looks like?? I followed her but when she was once incredibly bitchy to another follower I decided I didn’t want to see her shit in my feed and unfollowed wand was subsequently blocked. Always was so curious if she actually is sooper spoopy or really a 400lb gorilla.

No. 848346

File: 1564889536114.jpg (684.16 KB, 1080x1425, dgnyc.jpg)

Whats the deal with all the food she posts on her account, if she follows "VLCD"?

No. 848350

you can die at any weight from an eating disorder, you're not superior just for being skinny, love.

No. 848352

oh yeah that bmi of 20 is a killer

No. 848362

why are you not on your deathbed then?

No. 848363

Purging will fuq you up no matter your size if you're not careful

No. 848373

More people with eating disorders die from a normal/healthy BMI then they do underweight.

No. 848375

Yeah they die suddenly from cardiac arrest due to electrolyte abnormalities not from starvation like shes alluding to

No. 848379

she's like the new ember whann but more delusional and retarded

No. 848394

She photoshopped herself into looking like a dragon person.

No. 848414


>bmi of 22

bitch wheeeeeere.
georgia i dare you to post yourself on a scale.

No. 848428

was this a screenshot from her ig or an original image from her phone judging from the file name……… and can this thread be autosaged to starve off (ha ha) selfposters???

No. 848429

What happened to kydailydiaryk? Still doing drugs, making shit up, and pretending to be sick?

No. 848434

shes not talking about now.

No. 848439

She doesn't even look underweight?

No. 848440

Is it possible that her spine is not photoshopped like is it even possible to photoshop that, so maybe she is reasonably spoopy but just over does it to the point of looking like an tennis ball on a toothpick.

No. 848457

she just wants ass-pats, everything she posts is literally so her hoard of followers will send her "noo yr goals!! uwu"

she keeps getting deleted and im wondering if its someone with a vendetta reporting her over and over b/c as the other post pointed out her posts arent that extreme nor her body skeletal enough to warrant the back-to-back suspensions

No. 848485

That blue haired chick is screaming for validation of her skinny frame but we all know she ain’t Ana spoopy at all, what twat keeps posted her on here?

No. 848487

Btw this wasn’t a self post lol XD, she ain’t skelly but she keeps burping on about how she has a low BMI and is still shitty underweight, CAMHS won’t leave her alone apparently.(learn 2 integrate)

No. 848493

File: 1564928561871.jpeg (587.96 KB, 750x1100, 4E33AB9A-0734-4A37-9E41-C62EF1…)

The tell said “What’s your workout routine/ daily workout?
What’s your 5k time since you mentioned you run 5ks.”
And this is her response….no fucking way this chunkster is casually running a 22-24 min 5k are you joking? That’s like less than 8 min miles which, come on, I believe that as much as I believe that she has anorexia. What a deluded twat; she’s so into her lying that she doesn’t even care if the ppl asking tells are totally trolling. It’s just another opportunity for her to lie and embellish

No. 848518

You know how you can tell what a person's body looks like overall irl (ie not angles/sucking in etc)? The arms. Her arms are average.

No. 848535

I hope mods let us know. Because you sound like 100% obvious, not very smart self-poster. You can’t even integrate. So stop bumping this with your antics, nobody cares about you, and nobody wonders why you’re posted.

Let’s move on from self-posting nobodies to the cows.

Georgia is just shitting lies. She could have at least try to make it believable. But since she’s such a sportsman, why is she at the hospital? An anorexic, malnourished person would not be able to keep up with this.

No. 848572

File: 1564941072308.jpeg (220.23 KB, 750x803, 6BBC1E31-5028-4AC8-9F6E-CB3F16…)

A spaceship post from about half a month ago, this is her super ultra private instagram where you have to send her a message and take a survey before being accepted so she can weed out suspicious people

No. 848588

ok vendetta chan do you need a glass of water

No. 848605

File: 1564947425291.jpeg (920.77 KB, 1090x1645, 6C73D9CB-9241-4938-8D34-05BF7D…)

Kim’s now claiming she’s committing to recovery. In her instastory she also added that “weight gain is not the focus”. Kek I love how anachans think they can recover without gaining weight. Delusion at its finest. I bet she’ll consume an extra 800 calories in alcohol for the next couple weeks before reverting back to good old restriction.

No. 848607

It's not actually a device dog she just brought the lead online and says it as service dog. She got the dog from a family friend poor thing put in this kind of environment

No. 848608

Yeah not a service dog, Becky made it look like one by obtaining a used lead online and did it purely because she wanted the attention she thinks she should be entitled to for having an ED. Not being funny but that dog is going to help her if she collapses is it? That don't use chihuahuas as assistance dogs it's hilarious af

No. 848611

File: 1564948451589.jpg (17.39 KB, 259x115, c.JPG)

She thinks she's "training" the dog. She finds it doing normal dog things "irritating".

No. 848614

I've read all these posts and I'm so genuinely confused as to what actually happened, she has to write in such bullshit pretentious ways that my stupid ass just… Cant, why can't she just write normally

No. 848622

So how long do we think she is gonna last lol

No. 848629

File: 1564953986355.png (212.97 KB, 1360x497, v.png)

She bought the assistance dog lead on ebay.

I bet they're going to get rid of the dog within a year. The novelty's already worn off.

No. 848660

File: 1564959092056.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1078x1903, D027FC58-E3AE-4B32-82CF-1C60E2…)

Ganer added a side of mayonnaise to her dish. Turns out anorexia not only fries your brain, but also your tastebuds.

No. 848661

Her ‘apologizing’ to nimbus for him having ‘seen some bad stuff’ from her makes me think she’s probably kicking / hitting / or otherwise being way too rough with him. Poor dog.

No. 848667

nah, I got the impression that Nimbus has seen her throw a few tantrums, cut herself, or purge. I hate Becky with a passion and think she is a moray bankrupt person who never should have been able to adopt a living creature, but I can't actually imagine her hurting an animal for some reason.

No. 848668

I meant "morally"

No. 848676

File: 1564960408420.jpg (6.08 KB, 299x168, x.jpg)

Her food should taste nice. Some nice ingredients, but then she adds pickles, the whole thing looks dry af and the combo of condiments are all wrong. Portion size is good too.

I notice she always adds six pickled onions. Might have a Little Sprout (if you remember her?) slight OCD going on. I think she always had six sprouts? If she likes it, then fine, but adding pickles and mayo all the time is rank.

I agree with this tbh. You could say she's abused the animal by doing the usual thing she does where she WANTS to buy/own something and then loses interest because it hasn't fixed her life. I really feel bad for the dog to the extent I want to rescue it. All it is to her is a badge of mental illness to show to the public. I imagine she ignores the dog, maybe makes a racket with crying and having a hissy fit too loudly around it.

One of the things that really grates is how she describes herself as MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE.

No. 848685

Hi this is actually Iszy here, obviously the video I had created a while ago has stirred your cauldron of a thread and I am finding it somewhat perplexing to read the arguments you have against each other on here, the paranoia is formidable.
Nevertheless, it is clear that most of the people who post on here are too much of a coward to go anywhere outside the concept of being anomalous in fear of receiving the consequences if their inappropriate and offensive behaviour. It is clear that most of not all of the people on here are ill themselves, as to spend their own time and energy into feeding this bizarre obsession on mentally unwell individuals and whether or not they are “sick enough” and comparing shape and size is somewhat leading me to suspect that the people who are posting onto these threads have EDs themselves or are wannabes feeding into their own obsessions.

No. 848692


u sound pretentious, get over yourself

No. 848694

I have read the recent content on here and I don’t understand why you all discuss matters around EDs and the people who suffer from them in ways that would seriously harm them, it is strange that someone has stated that I want to be a “skeleton queen”, yes I am proud that I am not as sick as I used to be, very proud actually. Still have quite a lot of weight to gain, so that shows your level of biological understanding is limited if you think that my weight is acceptable, anyway, that does not matter. What does matter however is that you are hurting people who are just trying to find support online, and just because they are posting their recovery to the world does not mean that people can morally take the absolute piss out of them, would you go up to them in public and say what you have said on here? Wouldn’t think so. Would you make fun of someone with cancer or dementia? It is also remarkably strange that you use autism in the wrong context, your right though that it too is a neurological disorder just like depression, anorexia, like other various mental conditions. Maybe study before you say whether someone is sick or not.

No. 848695

Sweetie x I am over myself 😘

No. 848697

>I don’t understand why you all discuss matters around EDs

Okay, so don't use the board then. It's as simple as that. I don't get Harry Potter fandom.

No. 848700

Such a pretentious attitude from someone who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re
We aren’t interested in you, your life, or your eating disorder. Shoo now!

No. 848701

wow what a sick comeback, you sure showed me, such sass. learn to sage or leave, this is boring.

No. 848702

>would you go up to them in public and say what you have said on here?


>Would you make fun of someone with cancer or dementia?

If they're faking it, yes.

>you use autism in the wrong context

Chan culture. That's how we roll.

No. 848703

Wtf? How can you compare voluntary attention seeking, lying and deceit to dementia or cancer? You are deluded and yes pretentious >>848700

No. 848704

What has Harry Potter got to do with any of this…? lol
Other people’s health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and if I believe this board is causing this factor to be jeopardised in some way or another then it is my responsibility just as much as it is theirs and event yours.(emoji, autism)

No. 848705

Because mental health(and that includes the need of “validation” which can be part of the illness, many ED suffers feel as though they need validation that they are sick enough to get treatment or to recover).
It is like any illness, like cancer it can start at one area of the body that then affects other areas, malnutrition leads to more depression and anxiety, OCD tendencies and suicidal thoughts etc. Due to endocrine abnormalities, remember that various mental illnesses are chemical imbalances within the brain(e.g. neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine). Lepton produced by fat cells are responsible for maintaining other hormone functions, it is all very complicated but there are logical explanations as to why people do these things.

No. 848707

Please excuse the autocorrect*leptin

No. 848708

I don't "get" what the interest is with HP so don't go to HP fan sites. You don't get why we discuss fake recovery accounts/pro anas, so…

>Other people’s health and safety is everyone’s responsibility

The people we post would disagree. I disagree for different reasons.

Sage and quit emojis.

Oh, and there's nothing most of us in this thread don't know about EDs.

No. 848710

Oh and btw the whole “starved brain” thing people talk about is cerebral atrophy that is reversible once nutrition is satisfactory. Makes sense since glucose is the primary source of energy for the brain, Increase the amount of polyunsaturated fats in your diet and that would definitely help as our brains are approximately 65+ fat tissue. Actually I apologise for the rambling.

No. 848712

"mentally ill people are attention whores" is a way more succinct way to put it and also, duh, no shit. These pro ana assholes are clearly mentally ill, they just don't have an ED/the specific ED they say they do. That's the whole point of this thread. for how pompous you are, you really don't understand basic concepts.

No. 848713


<<Oh, and there's nothing most of us in this thread don't know about EDs.

A bit strange don’t you think? Night I ask why you feel the need to investigate everything about EDs?

No. 848714

This is hilariously autistic. You ever used the internet before, anon?

No. 848715

File: 1564963670776.jpeg (410.7 KB, 750x1113, D05D54BB-9D47-415C-BF07-D8745C…)

I don’t know if anyone can read it haha

Shh anon we’re teen boys hate posting with intense knowledge of eating disorders, mental illness in general, icd codes and treatment protocols. We’ve been outed!

ANYWAYS back to our regularly scheduled programming
Part 3 of <3 meeting misha!!!! <3

No. 848717

Samefag included likes because cOw CoLliSioN

No. 848718

“they just don't have an ED/the specific ED they say they do”—- have you read their medical files? If so I will have to report it to the police for further investigation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848719

Strange use of this condition but okay..

No. 848720

File: 1564964110078.jpg (17.26 KB, 220x135, x.jpg)

nor <<

Okay, last time I ever reply to you. I investigate ~everything about EDs~ because I've had one over 30 years. Knowledge is power.

Before I say goodbye and you are sent to pasture, how is img related helping anyone? Reply if you like, but I'm out of here…

No. 848722

File: 1564964135023.png (842.6 KB, 1360x529, x.png)

No. 848724

oh, have you? you're so sure they're all being soooo truthful, despite all evidence to the contrary, so where's your proof? fuck off, you're not as smart as you think you are

No. 848728


Can someone summarize this Misha soap opera?

No. 848734

which cow is posting? I got lost. And why do they never sage their shit?

No. 848737

It's not a cow, it's a self poster. She doesn't sage because she has no clue how imageboards work.

No. 848739

Don’t like it? Don’t visit and read. So TRiGRREd? Internet has to be a hugbox so sensitives can recover? Disagree with discussions of content? Don’t willingly put damaging content out for consumption.
Generally speaking, one’s sense of worth is not the responsibility of strangers. Get an internal locus of control and live life.

No. 848742

She jumped into her munchie act really fucking fast. I’m gonna wager that her “POTS” is dehydration and lack of exercise. Pretty much the easiest thing to munch her way into. She probably got tired of being rightly called out for her fake ED, so now she’s doing what every other wannarexic does when they’re not getting enough asspats: Fake illness. So predictable. I give it a week before she’s trying to get a port, IV saline, and a wheelchair.

No. 848743

LOL you can close the thesaurus now.

No. 848749

Kek yeah we got ourselves a real fancy investigator
No shit. Lots of wannarexics show up here. No1curr about you being a special snowflake kek

No. 848754

File: 1564967895464.png (914.3 KB, 922x823, x.png)

She wants to be a social worker and told our friend anorexic Meggz she's going to ~eliminate~ sites like lolcow. Gl with that!

I'm lost with this also.

No. 848760

She really thinks she can shut down a chan? Kek

No. 848763

You people are fucked in the head..

I can bet that your all a bunch of chubby teenagers or fat middle aged women… trying to feel better about your own horrible boring lives.. you people are to funny

And before i get accused of being a self poster
(coz thats all you seem to say )

I just stopped by to have a laugh because its actually pretty funny
(Not the shit you give people)
But how you make yourselves look..


☺☺ enjoy i hope it gets shut down(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848767

"Just stopped by to have a laugh".

By the sounds of it, you've taken the time out of your day to read through a majority of the posts on here. Would rather be a fat middle aged woman than a salty hypocrite. Learn how to use proper grammar.

No. 848770

Her stopping dramatically on a post I made about why korey and obese anorexics are damaging made me lol so hard. She needs a better argument than this is mean/if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything
Oops there it is! Miss victim who is trying to defend someone so valiantly is fatphobic. Sweaty some people here have had eating disorders longer than you’ve been alive
Good luck on those GCSEs. Patrolling this board won’t help you pass but studying sure will!

No. 848771

Nope like most ppl here have eating disorders hence why we are sensitive to the fakeness of these cows. Why can’t we just enjoy our niche while you squeal autistically on Instagram about how sooper speshul u r. F off y’all are cancelled

No. 848774

Kek why do these cows keep Coming on here as if they might actually change our minds, they only make it worse for themselves.

Wow, someone's a pretentious little ass hole aren't they. What did your teachers tell you you were wonderful because you could vomit up a thesaurus. Pro tip, talking like that makes you seem like a total dickhead, you're the sort of bullied kid who thinks they're better than everyone, suuuuper high iq when in actual fact you're just an avarage plain little girl who will never amount to anything, you'll work minimum wage in a shitty supermarket, a kid hanging off each tit and a 6 o'clock shadow. Go play in your sandbox you obnoxious infant. Don't come on here to teach us a lesson, do you think we don't know all this bullshit already. But what would I know I'm just an obese middle aged woman.

No. 848777

I’m going to be nice for a sec and say bravo to meg for going private. Hope you can look back and view your past as a learning experience. Holding yourself accountable for your mistakes and being honest is key for moving forward and recovering
Flashbacks to she who cannot be named. Always shocked at people with eating disorders with superiority complexes so young. For sure told they were special too often and were coddled. Real world hit and they couldn’t cope
I’ll see you all at book club and tea (lots of yummy scones!) next Wednesday! Be sure to rsvp to my invite

No. 848779

File: 1564970752222.png (150.39 KB, 894x483, hypocritical bitch.png)

She's trying to compensate for being a thicko kid

> I didn’t learn how to read or write until I was ten/eleven and even then I was far below what was regarded as appropriate for my age

If anons were chubby teens or fat middle aged perhaps they are binge eaters, bulimics or have other eating disorders.

Because you learn to read and write (poorly) in later life, doesn't mean shit. You're still thick af.

No. 848782

what an embarrassment you are

No. 848787

def not the only in-between those ages and regular sized person who's just here waiting to see which ones go full munchie, because munchies are the milkiest cows! anachans are the best breeding ground.

No. 848788

can yall just stop posting about her she wants to be on here so bad it's embarrassing

No. 848789

>I can bet that your all a bunch of chubby teenagers or fat middle aged women

Looks like someone’s projecting!

No. 848799

KF? There’s some a brewing don’t worry anon

No. 848827

Kek right? So hashtag bodypositive.

No. 848890

File: 1564993344046.jpeg (46.62 KB, 480x360, D43F17AC-2EAC-4BA0-B02A-E39427…)

lel wannarexic self posters always resort to calling other people ‘fat’ as penultimate insult, thinking this is savage - when actually that kind of response is juvenile and uninspired

revealing too - pretending to be offended and holier-than-thou - all while using language (ie calling us obese or chubby) which, yes - could potentially be devastating to someone who was genuinely afflicted with anorexia

so which is it? any posts screeching “you bitches are old and fat” reveal
the poster to be faking being anorexic by using an ‘anorexic’ insult. the alternative is, the poster is just a dickwad of the worst kind themselvss for deliberately stooping to embarrassingly low levels to say - what to their own ears, would be - the most vile thing imaginable.

tldr: any posts attacking the body type of the userbase here reveals the poster to be either a) an anorexic fraud or b) a total utter asshole loser

No. 848917

File: 1564995146614.png (787.09 KB, 1037x883, judgyofporkers.PNG)

I don't think it bodes very well for a wanna be social worker to be shaming others for their age and bodies now, does it Iszy Pug? I wonder why your old instagram used to be dont_trust_dis_bitch. Especially when you're nice to the face of a friend who looks like she was "a tubby teen", wonder if you silently judge her too.


No. 848922

Bitch supposedly works as a nurse assistant. Kek. Would be a shame if they found out what a borderline and stupid person she showed here to be. It’s beyond comprehension how dumb you must be to self-post here. You brought it on yourself, you even tried to insult yourself on anon. Action - consequences.

No. 848940

File: 1564999257827.png (704.78 KB, 955x677, ugh.png)

Probably hideously nitpicky, but it's strange to me how she acts like her family are awful for disciplining her as a kid, that SHE is the one disowning them by getting a name change. That they were the ones who gave her crippling anorexia ("waaa my mum and dad tapped me as a kid, it's obviously abuse! I was refused pudding because i acted out! waaa!". Yet she was probably just as much of a spoilt child as she acts now. And she seemed healthy enough in 2017. I think she needs to learn to look inwards more than blaming others for her issues.

The comments are filled with "oh no you poor baby you suffered so much!". Sometimes i wonder if cows actually know real suffering, their eating disorders (or wannarexia) seemed to be caused by such surface and flippant things.

No. 848943

No, you’re right. It’s like with Ashley - “omg mom told me I’m not allowed to do stupid shit like posting my nudes on 4chan, I’m gonna starve to death to punish her”. Narcisstic children are very focused on taking revenge at family for minor shit. “They smacked me at dinner, I am changing my surname and disowning them”. It’s so typical it’s boring. Spoilt, narcisstic children are the seeds that grow into cows.

No. 848944

Same as it’s always the average/ugly girls who are the biggest attention whores. Case in point.

No. 848945

Bitch was never “abused”. she just wants attention, it’s why she self posted here trying to fish for abusive comments so she can cry and claim being the victim. That’s what happens when a spoiled brat has it too good so she can’t complain, she has to create her own narrative where she is the poor baby. Disgusting.

No. 848948

ot but i hate bitches w/ that hideous DRY ASS hair (very common among the malnourished); a serum or leave-in conditioner would fix most of it but theyre committed to being ugly i guess

No. 848952

you sound awful. could be less about being committed to being ugly and more like depression causing a lack of motivation to take care of themselves.

No. 848957

if you’re going to nitpick at least be fucking accurate. throwing products on top of dead hair is a fool’s errand. damaged hair is damaged, end of story. stop repeating dumbass wives tales sold to you by beauty companies.

No. 848968

Can mods verify if this is still the same idiot? Nobody thinks you look malnourished, moron.

No. 848974

Laughing so much at the assistant dog lead found on eBay, Becky is an absolute attention seeking dick who's using animals to win the pity party factory yet exposing them to her volatile behaviours. If the dog is irritating love wonder what it thinks about you. Probably scared shitless looking at your ugly face and dealing with your issues

No. 848975

File: 1565010223826.jpeg (417.27 KB, 640x940, 1B2EFE4E-0910-4567-82E7-7904C5…)

That poor puppy needs to be homed somewhere stable not with this whacko. Genuinely feel for this poor dogs life being made miserable by her

No. 849009

this actually makes me feel physically sick…… that poor little dog doesn’t know what is going on and must be traumatised by all the vomit/blood/crying they have to see and scent. i know people who got dogs to benefit their mental health and be better for another living creature but this self pity makes me want to shake her. this is straight up animal neglect.

No. 849020


The dog must feel like shite itself, having just been rehomed. She looks nervous here and in the latest one Becky put in stories it looks on edge. That's not a happy dog. So fucking selfish to think of it being for her wellbeing rather than her being a dog who needs caring for and didn't come into the world to do "a job" of taking care/cheering up a human.

No. 849065

I have a really bad feeling about this whole situation. Becky is in no place physically or mentally to care for an animal. I have no doubt this dog is being neglected (or unintentionally abused). Being malnourished makes you extremely volatile and combine that with Becky’s frequent “sensory overload” episodes and a dogs tendency to bark, I bet she’s taking out her frustrations on Nimbus.

No. 849066

File: 1565019134252.jpg (231.17 KB, 720x1180, 20190805_163003.jpg)

Eva Hazen/Yeva/acidburnfawn on tumblr would be a good candidate for this thread. She has her own thread over at >>209739

Antics include telling people she's not pro ana, then posting pro ana content and hanging out on mpa

From her thread:
>gets REAL made at porn blogs for reblogging her nudes
>she continues to post nudes which is what she calls art
>Appears to be completely NEET with no social life outside of tumblr; although at one time claimed to study
>talks about wanting to look prepubescent but sexualizes herself by wearing heavy make up and lingerie
>pro-ana but pretends to be anti-pro-ana even though she runs a pro-ana blog
>cannot fathom being accountable for past awful behavior so she pretends it never happened even though there is proof

>is also pretentious as fuck

No. 849069

File: 1565019441033.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1083x1782, 5561144A-5B49-4232-853D-CC18DA…)

Elz on vacation. She actually looks somewhat normal? I guess we’ll find out in her next video

No. 849075

No doubt funded by dear mummy and daddy! Either she's sick and too ill to go on holiday and work, or she should be doing something with her life.

No. 849097

If she has no major problems related to her ED then she should definitely work, whether paid or voluntary. She's too old to be taking advantage of dossing around and not discovering how the real world (not inside Pa Singleton's wallet) works.

No. 849102

File: 1565022792189.png (332.02 KB, 400x480, Untitled.png)

>I have a really bad feeling about this whole situation.

Me too. They won't keep the dog and it's already been shipped out to somewhere new. She's using the dog to get people to send her stuff!

No. 849113

File: 1565023673919.jpeg (577.96 KB, 1125x1651, FA4E3579-5F68-4D71-8212-DB6804…)

We should actually discuss her now considering how milky she is

Someone posted her thread back when she was /that internet girl

>was semi big in FB

>scammed betas for $$
>got a stalker ran away and lost weight

Currently pro Ana trailer trash belle Delphine

No. 849115

Emaciated? Where lol yes pull your shirt down to your elbow and cover half your face much emaciated sooper skinny. Is she actually spoopy??? If this is her when she was a spoop wtf does she look like now? Is she one of the pro wanorexics kek?!

No. 849116

File: 1565023767264.jpeg (70.82 KB, 750x1024, FA41ADAD-BA54-40B7-8F16-97F111…)

No. 849117

To be fair it looks like it’s a family vacation, but yeah she needs to grow up and get a job. Tbh I have a really hard time imagining her working though because she seems socially.. off. I could maybe see her as a bagger at M&S. Idk if M&S has baggers though (US fag here)

No. 849118

File: 1565023861245.jpeg (696.15 KB, 1125x1837, 809660AF-C8A0-4998-A3ED-845DD0…)

No. 849119

File: 1565023964281.jpeg (89.22 KB, 750x1075, 14F306A9-7409-4EBA-B88C-78B93B…)

No. 849124

Same girl
New insta is bunnylungs

She’s milky and got banned from a few groups for attentionwhoring

No. 849125

There're agencies that hook up people with disabilities/special needs with jobs. I worked at a charity shop and we hired some of them who had all kinds of illnesses and there was always something you could give them to do. I think if she was away from the family for a few hours a week she'd learn to socialise better.

Ha! I don't think M&S have baggers but I always do self service there. Yeah, some supermarkets do. She could volunteer at a mental health charity and do admin. One day she won't have any excuse to be signed off sick and her CV's going to be a big blank. She could even do some work for her dad's company so at least it'd seem like she's paying her way.

I remember this when it was posted here years ago (because who could forget lol).

No. 849126

Can’t find you on insta, unless account name changed. >>849118 Looks like an uwu kawaii idiot, not spoopy. Boring. What’s the milk? >>849113 is this the same girl as this one >>849119 or are these two different cows? I’m getting confused with all this self posting

No. 849128

File: 1565025566535.jpeg (44.05 KB, 750x635, FE4411E0-2167-444D-AC57-C256F4…)

We discuss bigger girls here no?

No. 849130

File: 1565025621920.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1780, B8108189-7D4C-4C63-84C4-DE0D2E…)


No. 849131

File: 1565025729178.jpeg (850.89 KB, 1125x1701, 9B0CF46D-04A9-4E8F-AE59-A04B53…)

Not milky or Ana? She seems to be pretty open about how she lost weight

No. 849132

I agree. It's not like she's pretending she doesn't starve or puke. I see no milk and she isn't spoopy or pathetic in the way our ed cows are.

No. 849152

File: 1565028866755.png (328.5 KB, 469x350, rspca.png)

No. 849153

File: 1565028888250.png (4.18 MB, 750x1334, EBA02453-F6C3-461B-80DD-1099C6…)


No. 849175

She intentionally b/p and then has the audacity to GO TO A FOOD BANK?! Does she purge the food she gets from there too?

No. 849177

I'm fucking disgusted. Absolute scum.

No. 849178

Stop fucking self posting.

No. 849186

How long will mummy and daddy keep funding her-can’t see her moving out of home - meanwhile her sisters get on with living life.

No. 849193

Yes she does. And she claims that she’s disabled from her ED and no one would tell someone with a physical illness they can’t do that. Not always milky but great for lolz if you can handle an average weight bulimic blaming purging on a genetic mutation that didn’t cause vomiting until recently and horrendous dancing with IVs and feeds

No. 849195

>outdated tumblr nymphette
>mUh DisOrdEr
>filters the fuck out of all these obvi thinspo and bodycheck images

Yah no she fits the threads lmfao, any dumbshit ana account is calf tier and thats what this thread generally is or all these girls woulda had their own threads kek.

No. 849197

looks boring af but damn that bong water is nasty

No. 849208

How in the world does she have a husband? Like I get that when you get married you stay together “in sickness and in health” but still. Anorexia kills your sex drive, it makes you ugly, it takes away your personality and it makes you a manipulative bitch. Why would anyone want to stay married to that? Especially someone who has chronic anorexia and refuses to get better.

No. 849211

Just out of curiosity, what is yalls definition of atypical anorexia or even real (?) Anorexia? What is the difference to yall?

No. 849213

Loads of married people stay together because they just do. I've had married people tell me how much they HATE their situation, grew to hate the person they live with and they're desperately unhappy, yet they stay married.

Sometimes I think they think it's less of a hassle to just put up with it than to re-establish themselves as single people, move out, do all the divorce stuff. Living together seems like an easier situation to get out of, but marriage is messy. Especially when they have children.

Tbh, I'd try to recover for my husband/partner's sake if the relationship meant something.

No. 849215

Hey yall. Read the threads and you'll find out (yall)

No. 849227

Atypical - fad dieter that wants to feel like a special snowflake. Usually straight up BED.
Anorexia - deadly illness

No. 849229

I think the worst part here is that she feels like she’s ~sick~ enough to take food out of an older women’s bag to binge on
How is she not ashamed posting this. Half convinced she made that story in hopes to be discussed here.

No. 849232

most countries’ healthcare systems consider EDNOS to cover ‘atypical AN’ because it implies anorexic behaviours in someone of a healthy bmi

No. 849242

I have to agree with this. It’s like the dsm had to make up a category for people with disordered eating (not an actual eating disorder) so that clinicians could give them an official title to satisfy their need to be special and soOoOoper SeRiOuSly sick snowflakes

No. 849246

Atypical: bmi over 18, has restricted consistently and has lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time with no ability to stop.
In comparison to the instaatypicals who claim they’re soo malnourished yet somehow have gained 100lbs in a year.
The mindset of ‘I hate my body’ may be the same but the behaviours are not. The fear is not strong in instaatypicals, they can and do eat, minus the woe is me attempt at a diet. They throw their ~official diagnosis~ out there but I’m sure you can get that easily through lying and crying.

No. 849250

This is sad.
#blogpost but I have chihuahuas and they're so temperamental and can be really clingy and nervous, they're not really used as service dogs. I can't see it being able to deal with Becky's emotional problems especially if she's throwing tantrums and crying all the time.

No. 849271

Imagine bragging about having anemia, these anacows confuse me no end.

No. 849277

Not enough leafy greens, nuts, seeds and grains. Poor diet can cause anaemia, such as eating a load of shite convenience foods which the obese wanarexics do.

She doesn't need any dog, she needs to check in to a fucking clinic which she'll never do. She thinks having a dog which she can let everyone see is an ~ASSISTANCE DOG~ because of the ebay lead is going to cure her mentals. She's a joke.

No. 849287

If someone is a healthy or overweight BMI they cannot have starvation associated obsessions because their bodies have more resources to be taken advantage of before they come close to that point. The treatment has different goals. AN = weight restoration
OSFED = regulate eating patterns
OSFED is super common. Probably half of all women would “meet criteria” for it. The personality profile associated with the disorders and subtypes tells a lot. There’s a reason certain EDs are posted here more than others. Some disorders are just associated with more insufferable people. Atypical anorexia being one of them

No. 849295

>Some disorders are just associated with more insufferable people. Atypical anorexia being one of them

I wish the DSM had this written up as one of the criteria for diagnosis.

No. 849303

It’s not even in the DSM under Anorexia Nervosa, well in the country I live in it’s not just the purging and restrictive subtypes kek >>849246 want to cite your source Bc there is literally now such thing as atypical anorexia that is a form of AN lol wtf! They don’t even have EDNOS it’s Other specified feeding or eating disorder or OSFED now, which is what most of these cows have. Atypical anorexia is an OFSED subtype not an Anorexia Nervosa subtype it’s like not even a form of Anorexia Nervosa but the cows act like they are as sick as the spoops which is delusional.
>>849128 Yea you must be new here we talk about plenty of “bigger girls” the point is this >>849132

No. 849311

Apologies if I did this wrong, as I’ve never posted before. Just lurked for the gossip😂 Anyone know how that Kenzie chick withering.daisy or something like that is doing? She was on a thread a long ass time ago and I can’t find her social media anymore, but she had some milk in my opinion.

No. 849313

Also, I’ve checked up on Bella “thaneofwindelhem” or whatever. Her stories are private now but I’m on her “close friends list” somehow. She’s still spoopy, but no new milk unfortunately. I’ll do a screen grab next time if anyone wants any updates on her.

No. 849315

Someone asked on ‘yalls definition’, I gave mine. AA should result in weight loss.
Even articles on the issue contradict themselves kek
Honestly though it should have just remained as OSFED as really there’s no distinctive pattern in behaviours… But then the snowflakes wouldn’t be able to cry about their soooper special ED and beg for a tube (what anachan even wants one??)

No. 849318

File: 1565044139528.jpg (13.1 KB, 236x333, 4f1f8f55328915a508fc4933aa0f06…)

Her mum posted img related, so she's still doing the ed thing.

She's on fb:

No. 849319

File: 1565044247648.jpg (80.78 KB, 720x960, 49310583_2256373557719643_4305…)

Lol wrong img

No. 849321

Caption is
Back in our familiar place. She is being admitted to the hospital for IV potassium and heart monitoring. Should be a quick stay.

>She is ok. She is not absorbing her potassium. They have replace it slowly. Low potassium is dangerous. Her heart electrical system is being monitored. She has to stay another day. Hopefully discharge Friday

No. 849324

What the actual fuck is with this cows taking hospital selfies with their moms!? I stg all the cows have one! Why are their moms even agreeing to be in stupid, milky pics like this? My mom would slap the phone right out of my hand if I tried to take a hopital-gown-nose-hose selfie with her (because she's a good fucking mom!)

No. 849327

Hahahaha laughed too hard at this! Thanks for whoever posted the update and yeah… don’t think my mom would’ve ever let me take a soooper sick hospital selfie with her😂

No. 849328

File: 1565044699753.jpg (44.62 KB, 667x564, 0.JPG)

Don't forget the gofundme!

No. 849329

She doesn’t even look spoopy anymore… she did seem legitimately ill at one point lol. And dear god the gofundme Although, nothing is as bad as Ariana’s self written gonfundme “daddy doesn’t wanna have to bury his daughter.”(don't use emojis)

No. 849330

File: 1565044921258.jpg (37.39 KB, 700x494, Capture.JPG)

This is an older gofundme. They love their self charity drives.

No. 849331

File: 1565044958208.png (7.46 MB, 1125x2436, 4F609A81-EE19-449D-AC1B-5B2FC7…)

Speaking of Ariana, here she is now. She looks fine and has her main account on private. But her hair and teeth still looked fuck. Guess there’s no soooper severe anorexia anymore tho

No. 849334

Since meg is on private now, anyone know if she ever made it to her soooper speshul inpatient Ed treatment for her severe anorexia??

No. 849336

Follow her on her beautiful journey

No. 849339

File: 1565046311428.jpeg (797.78 KB, 828x1469, BA2EE82E-AC2C-4DC3-823C-975286…)

I appreciate your appreciation, but you’re gonna get dinged for your emoji usage.

And to keep this from being an all text post: looks like miss “all in Kim” is really committing…to changing absolutely nothing. Same exercise, same foods (a shit ton of processed protein and sucralose laden junk, and some zucchini cakes. And alcohol.) same preachy, ~*~recovery qweeeen~*~ vitriol.

No. 849346

Nice save changing the profile pic Rachel! I’ll let this one slide because Ariana is a classic but be careful because you’re becoming pretty milky yourself with your new toobs
Guys keep the meg hate localized to LC threads. Harassing her means we won’t have any updates. We all know she’s fat. At least come up with a better insult if you’re going to go through all that effort

No. 849358

Kinda have to agree about Meg. Yeah, she's a fat wannarexic but now that she's private and not running around looking for attention and asspats, is she really a cow? Hopefully she goes to treatment and deals with whatever her actual eating issues are and can stop trying to convince herself and everyone else that it's anorexia or that she's in any way physically compromised due to anything other than being obese.

No. 849362

How is keeping her “regular workouts” helping recovery…? What a warrior princess!

No. 849363

File: 1565051760347.jpeg (996.38 KB, 1054x1956, C5996AD0-553A-473C-A7D3-4344D7…)

Major kek. I saw her instastory and this was the picture right before her exercise purge picture

No. 849377

thing is, she knows its not anorexia. its OSFED atypical AN

No. 849386

I dont think shes ever said she has anorexia. I also dont think she thinks shes sooper thin. I really believe that she is just struggling with an ED. She specifically said OSFED in one of her posts here, so I'm calling maybe shes not as much of a cow as we originally claimed her to be.

No. 849399

I agree. She has said OSFED atypical anorexia.

No. 849400

Have you read this thread in its entirety? Maybe you need a refresher on the shit show that was last week

No. 849406

Honestly all of her arguments to what you all were saying made sense to me. I didnt really find anything attention seeking, more so it was just her telling her story, maybe even a cry for help. I dont know but I personally believe her. I've never seen her brag about losing weight or about how little she has eaten. I had only seen stories that sounded genuinely real coming from someone who has suffered with atypical anorexia. It's a hard illness to live with. You all can agree to disagree, but I stand behind Meg.

No. 849414

File: 1565062570658.jpg (487.59 KB, 720x1125, 20190805_233430.jpg)

No. 849431


No one gives a shit what you think. She’s a cow.

-Talked openly about her anorexia diagnosis, while she’s tilting upwards of 300lbs.
-Posts stupid, attention graby ass pay hopeful posts about how DIFFICULT it is to eat. There was a specific one talking about a party or something and she didn’t want to go because she didn’t want people to se ever eat. Because it’s hard for her. Seriously? To maintain that weight she’s eating 3000-40000 calories a day. So apparently, it’s not that hard.
-Talks about fear foods, and eating them “comfortably”. Again, sorry, you can’t get 3000-4000 calories easily and consistently without shit.
-Sperged out when confronted with her own hypocrisy.

No. 849437

I feel like you're so exaggerating. But oh well. I do wonder though, what is wrong with talking openly about your mental illness. Some people are huge mental health advocates and telling their story actually helps others know that they are not alone. Also, I saw the post about the party. I think she was meaning that she is just nervous for other people to see her eat. A lot of people with eating disorders have this fear! I will also say that she does not look anywhere near 300 lbs, closer to 200 yes, but 300 is a bit exaggerated. And lastly, you dont know what she is and is not eating. She could have a disorder of the metabolism. I read about lithium and thyroid disorders which both cause severe weight gain and inability to lose weight. (Been there myself actually) medications effect everyone differently and everyone has a different metabolism. It sounds like you care way too much about other people's lives and disorders. Why dont you focus on your own issues and leave innocent people who are just trying to tell their story alone???(newfaggotry)

No. 849438

And the rate at which she was losing weight was completely healthy. The severity of Atypical anorexia is best measured by the amount of weight lost in a 3 month period. Larger bodies need more calories to function so losing 2 pounds a week is nothing to write home about if your BMI is more than 30. And meg wasn’t even losing at that rate
I get the whole seeing your struggle in others and having empathy but this thread is likely to continue discussing fat anorexics in a negative light. If that’s bothersome it would be best to take a break
You must be new because you aren’t replying to anyone. People have different metabolisms but no human is meant to be more than 200 pounds at her height. If you want a hugbox this isn’t it. She isn’t innocent and we’re here because the cows discussed add to the stigma against mental illnesses that already exist. Lurk moar if you don’t understand the purpose of the thread and leave if you disagree. You’re not going to change anyone’s minds here

No. 849439

File: 1565067945122.jpg (435.56 KB, 1080x1472, 20190806_150433.jpg)

Much excite about having toobe when nawt underweight. Very behaviour confirming #POTsstrikesagain

No. 849480

File: 1565084773616.jpeg (93.85 KB, 454x453, 86CFA665-0B4C-4CBD-93CA-B8F80D…)

I just wanna punch her stupid fucking face, I don‘t even know why. There is just something so smug and punchable about it.

No. 849488

File: 1565088007748.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 587.18 KB, 750x1116, 02832091-0376-4615-880A-AC5F17…)

Not to insult blind ppl but do cows think we are blind? Unless sucking in your gut makes the lbs disappear this is not a BMI in the 16s aly come on. Go back to being a bondage makeup whore with 15 slide stories about nothing lol

No. 849489

File: 1565088054012.jpeg (370.66 KB, 750x1191, E8BA3AB7-F5E1-489A-8453-55206C…)

There you go aly now that’s more accurate kek

No. 849512

aly is so desperate to be the ana queen of instagram again. it pisses me off how much of her parents money was probably spent on treatment only for her to act as if she never went and think she’s still a fragile dainty spoop who we should feel sorry for when she gets another DUI

No. 849523

It's funny cuz she's been in this "relapse" for months now and hasn't lost a thing. Makes me wonder how she lost it before, she seems like one of the ones who always bitch and moan but never do.

No. 849524

File: 1565097286659.png (727.35 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190806-141240.png)

Her whole self is punchable.

Don't forget to send her dog birthday wishes from your dog, like a twat.

No. 849532


You’re an idiot if you think she’s 200 lbs, and if you think she’s not actively shoveling absolute junk into her mouth at every opportunity.

Do you know how hard it is to be 180lbs over weight eating what’s normally considered “healthy” foods?

No fat person has a metabolic disorder that makes them 300lbs. Metabolic disorders account for a 100-300 calorie discrepancy. That’s a candy bar, or a human sized portion of mashed potatoes.

Quit WKing the cow.

No. 849534

File: 1565099942810.jpg (20.24 KB, 578x244, Capture.JPG)

She claimed to be 256lbs last October.

No. 849547


256 is closer to 300 than 200.

No. 849556

Yep, I wasn't WKing her, I remembered she'd posted her weight at that place. She probably shaved a few pounds off because she'd lost ~so much~ at that point.

No. 849573

This is hilarious!!!! Dogs face says it all, love how she's already saying that the dog is annoying and not used to Beckys routine yet. Like duh, who the hell wants to be in your fucked up routine. Best thing she could do for this innocent dog is to give it to someone normal. I thought Becky couldn't leave the house apart from her garden centre trips. Dogs gotta stay cooped up with a nut job without any choice in the matter. Animal abuse basically since chihuahuas are tiny and nervous babies.
What an idiot

No. 849574

Had anyone called her out on her eBay bargain assistant dog lead yet. The bullshit lies about how she's a qualified trained assistant chihuahua would make great viewing lol

No. 849579

File: 1565109452470.jpg (20 KB, 941x75, 0.JPG)


>give it to someone normal

I'd pay the £100 to get them to give the dog to a normal person. Someone who sees that the dog's a dog, take her for walks, let her rest, play with her, not give her stress, instead of dressing her up in ASSISTANCE DOG labels.

I could see Becky making herself a tote bag with BECKY'S FIDGET TOYS FOR HER MENTAL HEALTH on it, or getting fatvegfemme to make her a badge, "Don't talk about food, I'm anorexic".

Nobody ever calls her out for anything. The ebay person wrote img related as feedback. Colour coded system??

No. 849580

File: 1565109710975.jpg (60.53 KB, 921x514, 0.JPG)

Oh and if you're looking for a dress size 13-14 years, she's selling one on depop. #kids #adultswearingkidsclothes #muhmentalillness

No. 849608

Meg’s tell is gone

No. 849631

she showed her bmr last week and it was 1300 something. i calculated my bmr and it was pretty much the exact same number and i am not underweight so yea, shes totally bullshitting "bmi 16"

No. 849634

She should disappear from social media if IF she's serious about dealing with her overeating. I noticed she started following Becky. They're planning to take down the farm, no doubt.

I miss pilot Patrick's girlfriend. I want her back. I hope she doesn't have to be put in a coma for ever.

No. 849650

Honestly, an I’m a savage farmer generally, I hope meg deleted her tell because she got into treatment and they told her to. Im cool with letting ex-cows be ex-cows.

No. 849658


This is awful! Some people in inpatient aren’t allowed coffee for a reason, it actually messes with their mental health. In places I have been in they have to limit a lot of patients caffeine intake or it sends them overboard. She’s exploiting this poor lad for money so he can get a coffee fix he obviously isn’t allowed for whatever reason.

No. 849677

File: 1565125195120.jpeg (380.02 KB, 828x1475, 4CBB0825-1FF5-4D26-A674-481A34…)

I’d be more willing to believe this if she didn’t post the exact same thing every fucking day

No. 849682

I hope she is willing to address all the behaviors too. You know how there are subjective binges? I think she may subjectively restrict.
Miss the classic cows so much

No. 849692

File: 1565126755398.jpeg (373.48 KB, 828x1477, 02E9F67B-CB2C-4FEE-B9CD-C939A0…)

Miss all-in-Kim going all in with the baked sweet potato and sugar free syrup. Truly the recovery princess warrior of the century.

No. 849697

File: 1565127348609.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1109x1938, D629AAA8-3B57-4BCE-B981-148E3F…)

#vegetariankids or as I like to call it: how every single action I took as a parent lead to my children developing eating disorders!

No. 849699

All I see are shit carbs. This kid is gonna be malnourished

No. 849702

Yeah, feeding your kids nothing but processed carbs and depriving them of vitamins like b12 that you can only get from meat could cause developmental issues.

No. 849703

Correction: these kids are already malnourished. She’s always posting about her kids being sick, I wonder why! It’s bad enough to be a product-peddling cow, but she’s also using her kids for the attention and putting their health at risk with the shit she feeds them. Disgusting.

No. 849708

It looks like a sad plate of food for a sick child. That's because it is.

No. 849709

that lump is probably stuck there forever now huh? i would feel miserable if i had permanently disfigured myself due to whatever stupidly dramatic thing that happened

No. 849711

That's so bland. Idk shit about nutrition except the basics and even I know that kid isn't having a decent introduction to food. Why separate the pasta and sweetcorn?

No. 849715

You can b12 from dairy idiot.

No. 849720

Yeah, no shit but you get the most from meat.

No. 849723

No doubt kids can be raised healthy and vegetarian, but that ain’t what Kim is doing. Those kids eat crappy, processed carbs, aspartame and protein isolates. Just like mommy.

No. 849724

I was going to write this when your post popped up.

It's fine to raise kids without meat. Hindus do it. I hope she gives the kid turbo strength supplements. Not as good as getting vitamins from food but ffs I hope she's giving them supplements.

No. 849734

Tbh her kids would benefit from some meat. Anorexic Kim is too dim witted to see that though. She’s just forcing her restrictive eating habits on her kids.

No. 849746

They would also benefit from not having their faces plastered on the internet for 40k++ followers to see, solely because they help mommy peddle her diet product promo codes online. Nothing screams ‘ignorant, selfish cow’ quite like publicly posting your underage children on your ~*~recovery account~*~ for extra asspats and accolades. There’s a lot of perverts out there and she regularly shows her kids half dressed / in bathing suits / in bed / etc.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s fucked up that a person even has to worry about toddlers being sexualized and I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but as mom she should be more protective. This ain’t her private Facebook. Clearly boundaries don’t exist when attention and free protein powder is on the line?

No. 849750

Paedo's aren't the only reason to not stick your kids all over instagram, although they're the main reason. I hate that they don't give consent for her to do it, or even if they did they wouldn't realise why it's a bad idea.

Skinny fetishists repost ig body checks on their accounts (VK or dodgier sites), and child abusers do the same with what seems to well balanced people, innocent pics of children.

If someone explained this to her I doubt she'd even change things. The kid can't even have privacy about what they're fed. Yeah, I'm disgusted at her lack of parental skills.

No. 849751

She gives off strong narcissist vibes. That would explain her not caring about exposing her kids to the whole world and potentially putting them in harms way
Corn in the Mac n cheese?? Don’t doubt yourself anon. One doesn’t need a degree in dietetics to know what she’s doing is harming her children

No. 849824

File: 1565144598445.jpg (997.26 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20190806_222109_com…)

Ghostofme cancelled her trip to res lmao, she's saying she can do it alone

No. 849833

Please capture the one of her pretending her doctor cried in front of her I beg of you

No. 849837

that sounds hilarious tbh, caps?

No. 849846

She deleted it. Hey ghost!
Paraphrasing: my doctor came in and expressed her concern. She said every time she sees me I’m disappearing more and more. She starting crying. I felt bad

No. 849890

File: 1565155431639.jpg (Spoiler Image, 560.55 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190807_121628_com…)

First time poster, long time lurker so sorry if I do this wrong. I managed to get a screenshot before she deleted it.

No. 849898

There's no way her doctor cried and I don't believe for a second she's gonna 'recover' at home, she's gonna keep b/ping until she's so sick she dies. Let's face facts she wants as much attention till than

No. 849905

File: 1565157707078.png (8.01 KB, 360x157, Untitled.png)

First time poster, huh? We've told you before - nobody cares about you here. Why don't you go back to posting at mpa. Run along.

No. 849910

One carrier is Canadian and one is Australian? VPN user?

No. 849913

I don't know what her kids are like, but in regards to separating foods - some kids are very sensitive to how things seem on their plate. They may refuse food if things touch, are mixed, or somehow look "wrong" to them. Example like, if tomato soup has tiny specs of herbs in, the soup has instantly become inedible. Getting some kids through the picky eating stage can be horrible.

>>849692 really hope she doesn't give the sugar-free garbage to her kids. I can't imagine what it must do to tiny tummies. And why on earth ruin a good sweet potato like that? they're sweet potatoes, they're sweet enough to eat without bastardizing them (certainly for kids taste buds). I guess she's wrecked her taste buds so badly with junk that "chefkim" doesn't know how real food is supposed to taste. It's setting up her kids for such a shitty future with food. The whole post about "I am that mum" really did grind my gears, there's nothing to be proud of with being a terrible mum - responsible for helping shape the lives of sprogs.

>>849905 The two pictures have different set ups of mobile and provider, the file name is more indicative of the type of phone & app used. Timestamps in those types of filenames can be handy. But i believe they're two different people.

No. 849915

Sorry anon, but that other one isn't me. Just a weird coincidence. And I think ghost deserves a place here, she's the picture of a pro Ana scumbag. Just another person annoyed by her constant "totally-not body checks", frequent check-in and check-out of hospital, and "do I look sick enough for IP blah blah" ass-pat seeking.

No. 849917

Honestly even if she is self posting she's a total cow and I think deserves to be on here. Why are we surprised she didn't go to treatment.

No. 849925

That's Android screenshot format, silly. Mine does it too.

No. 849928

File: 1565168960905.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, 6B256252-7484-41B6-A323-721716…)

ArE yOu GuYs MaD aT mE :(

No. 849958

File: 1565181637617.png (373.04 KB, 640x1136, 95E0AC0C-AD16-44AA-9B37-351C19…)

Don’t forget this gem.

Also I find it strange that each time she’s mentioned on here she reactivates her tell account. Kind of fishy.

No. 849960

Fishy? She’s a verified, prolific self poster. Not much detective work involved there. It’s the only reason I don’t comment very much about her, because she so desperately wants us to!

No. 849975

File: 1565187388036.jpg (521.87 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_20190807_101558.jpg)

She lives for us all knowing how sick she is

No. 849979

File: 1565188200526.png (Spoiler Image, 681.44 KB, 640x1136, D5556081-32AD-4028-BDD5-71F2C2…)

No. 849980

^ someone finally calling morvs out on her BS(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 849982

thats not really fair on Morven. she has autism spectrum disorder and that can lead to food issues also. a quick skim of @thefoodie_farmerswife 's page just looks like processed crap.

No. 849994


Soz, my mistake. The ss are in a sequence, so it looked like they were taken one after the other on the same phone.

This is how I feel. If anons talk about her then it's going to be difficult knowing which posts are hers and it's going to encourage her to post contrived shit knowing it'd be posted here.

She really has no milk. She thinks BMI 13 is something special in the WD world and is known for constantly fishing for compliments on mpa. Also, very punchable face. She's just a regular attention seeking ig person with an ed who happens to love self posting.

No. 849995

ED* world

No. 849998

Because her brain is so atrophied she doesn’t have the capacity to come up with anything different to say .
She uses her ASD as such a cop out when it comes to food.

No. 850034

Anyone want to link her begging for attention on MPA

No. 850038

File: 1565200659350.jpeg (526.62 KB, 1096x1948, C486C403-A754-456B-9A70-CA471B…)

Why does Kim post this caption everyday? She either likes being posted on here or she’s proud of the fact that she’s a shitty mom

No. 850041

File: 1565200765773.jpeg (1014.99 KB, 828x1445, C7CB018F-EA8E-439B-A467-F2DFA8…)

All-in-Kim yet again proudly flaunting how few fucks she gives about feeding her children properly. If she wants to eat diet crap 24/7 and call it ~*~recovery~*~ that’s one thing , but why not at least give her kids a fighting chance at not having a fucked up relationship with food?

No. 850051

To a lot of these girls bad attention is still attention so it doesn't matter where it comes from, they can say they hate it but that's utter bullshit. Attention is attention

No. 850055

File: 1565202071230.jpeg (457.29 KB, 750x1004, 2317AFAE-0C76-4712-A460-5C6E76…)

Why they fuck are they always in arcades or buying scratch cards if they’re poor

No. 850056

File: 1565202163541.jpeg (247.52 KB, 750x941, E87E5033-6193-46A8-95DA-506FB1…)

No. 850061

this is how i feel too tbh. she's got a very punchable face with that stupid smirk and constant attention seeking. yeah she's nothing special and really annoying with how thinly she veils her pride about her ED.

No. 850065

The foodie farmers wife has always been full of shit but KEK “not fair on Morven” are you kidding? She’s manipulative af

No. 850087

Kek. Even when she tries to have empathy for other people she turns around back to herself.

No. 850096

I honestly don’t think she self posts on here, why would anyone post themselves on here ? She may lurk but I doubt she is posting these things about herself . She recently added to her bio not to share her pictures and has made it clear she wants them to be private .

No. 850103

It's been verified in past threads that she does self post. And they want to be on here for attention, plain and simple. If she wants her posts and pictures to be private she should have thought about that before accepting 3k+ follow requests

No. 850105

Partial tinfoil but I don’t believe her ASD is anywhere near as severe as she likes to make out. With anorexia, you’re expected to make an effort to get better, but if you cry ~muh sensory issues~ every time someone tells you that you can’t starve yourself then they’re ableist scum.

TLDR: Morven is full of shit.

No. 850109

I'm surprised there haven't been any ARFID claims

No. 850113

File: 1565213425406.jpeg (68.49 KB, 640x556, 211C26CD-34D0-4ADB-89D5-AEBC86…)

I think she does;
Attention is attention. And it gives her an excuse to not try to better herself.
“Waah the internet is being mean to me, welp guess I better sign out AMA and relapse! but i can do it this time for realz!”

It’s a total joke and I hope she realises she doesn’t need Instagram strangers to tell her to eat a snack.

No. 850128

I think she did in the past but is mad that people are calling her out and stopped
Yeah her dependency on her followers is weird. For someone with such a victim complex and an ego based on her so called independence she sure does have codependence issues

No. 850142

File: 1565219076122.png (383.44 KB, 1202x654, Screenshot (6).png)

Anyone follow katesilenced? To be honest, I think she is single hands the most cringe user in the ED community. Claims she isn't purging much anymore but her cheeks dont lie. She has the worst chipmunk cheeks i have ever witnessed.

No. 850164

So true about the cheeks. I think the most annoying thing is that she apparently is on food stamps and or disability benefits not sure about the country but she’s using that money to binge/purge all the while claiming the results of her ed as a disability. I get a severe ed is damaging but damn! She always post photos of massive amounts of food! Like she legit binges and “purges” Bc apparently her disease makes her throw up and she’s totally not bulimic. I actually wondered how she afforded to live like this, then I saw the tellonym response about her being on food stamps. Just so ott. Her posts are extremely pro ana too. She loves her figure and “props” from her ed and showcasing them any chance.

No. 850173

Afuckingmen to that. It's bullshit really, and even if her disease makes her throws up, she still would be bulimic as like you mentioned she eats enormous amounts of food knowing that her stomach wont be able to handle it.

No. 850185

File: 1565226101221.jpeg (253.42 KB, 750x1087, 1735299D-7163-42C8-8C60-1C5C47…)

Accusing the sender of needing to “get their facts straight” yet it not even spelling her apparent disabling diagnosis of Gastroparesis correctly… what a dumb ass. She wouldn’t have ANY of the rest of the issues if she wasn’t severely bulimic either, like wtf kek

No. 850188

Also note her MTHFR was her old explanation for her vomiting. Now the explanation is gastroparesis. Curious that EDs can cause gastroparesis
Also kek because when you google “MTHR” the description says it causes developmental and motor deficiencies… severity of symptoms at birth determines severity of symptoms…
but she’s undiagnosed because she’s obviously too good for plain old gastroparesis!!! Apparently 40% of people the mutation Kek

No. 850195

exactly, almost like her own diagnosis gastro-bulimia.

No. 850197

I only heard about her with the post above in this thread about the old lady giving her carrots and potato. Don't know anything else about her because she's private so idk what her deal is.

This looks so fucking painful. I don't purge but after days of puke non stop bugs in the past, there was NEVER a salivary gland inflamation. Wouldn't she be given something to stop this IF it was gastroperesis? It really does sound like she's telling porkies and is purging.
I think bowl girl has worse chipmunk cheeks (her whole face is swollen and distorted).
The only worse case of chipmunk cheeks I've seen is bowl girl. She's one step beyond kate, but Kate's the worse case I've seen after bowl girl.

I think she's US? I thought at first she could be UK talking about food banks, but she talks about stamps which we don't have, and she uses "mom" as opposed to "mum".

Kinda interested in more details if a farmer's following her and can provide then thanks in advance.

They're not poor. Stacks of "hardly worn" clothes on depop, regular purchases at Hobbycraft and the fact she's used Knackered Cow hand cow in the past. That shit isn't majorly expensive, but as a pauper myself I use Nivea which is a quid at Poundland (and works well). Her definition of "poor" isnot being able to go out every day to buy Zara, luxury products and makeup.

No. 850206

Who is bowl girl?
And yes Kat/Kate is American. She lives in Texas which ironically is a very conservative state that wants to limit access to welfare/food stamps.
She is 61.5 inches tall (hence the bug shaped appearance) and seemingly has no issues preparing massive amounts of food but cannot hold down a job. Often mentions a bf that has never been pictured and supposedly lives with him. I’m sure she will request new people but not if everyone requests at the same time

No. 850208

File: 1565230181462.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.12 KB, 199x135, bg.JPG)

>who is bowl girl

She's the "star" of a shock type gross video that was popular years ago, over 10 years ago. I won't describe it because I know some anons are sensitive about puke but the video's here bowlgirl.com.

Img is a still. The quality's poor but you can still make out how her face is so fucked from purging.

No. 850223

Holy shit you pulled this up from the depths of my brain. I wonder if she’s alive still. Honestly heartbreaking seeing her facial expression during it too.
Another hole in Kats story is why she even eats by mouth at all. She has a g tube but still insists on eating and then claims the vomiting is from her “chronic” physical illnesses

No. 850233

I remember when the video was on loads of sites and comments were all coming up with theories about her being drugged, about how she was being forced to make these videos.

In her state I'd imagine she's either dead or, depending on which country she was living, institutionalised. It still makes me feel really queasy watching it and really sad.

True about the eating by mouth thing. I'm going to give it a while and request a follow. If she's fed by g tube then I don't see why she'd be desperate for food from a food bank unless it's for a binge. She mentioned getting a jar of coffee there, when coffee's one of the drinks that you're told to avoid if you have gastroperesis. Even for someone without stomach issues, coffee can be harsh.

No. 850261

File: 1565246705002.png (65.86 KB, 838x906, Capture.PNG)


I got you. I've noticed her way before she appeared on LC. She's annoying af and always trying to be ~~the sickest~~ and looking for validation and pity points on MPA.

No. 850267

File: 1565249854471.jpg (482.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190807-234318_Ins…)

No. 850287

self post?

No. 850307


I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one Georgia was complaining about here >>848306

She follows enough private (probably potential) cows to have access to the new ones brought to the farm…


No. 850353

I don't think its tinfoiling at this point. Pretty sure both are proven self posters and vendetta posters.

No. 850355

File: 1565273346372.jpeg (313.54 KB, 750x1004, 8B88DCEA-950D-4C30-B682-455FD0…)

If you team said you needed the hospital they’d contact drs to admit you, or have you go through the emergency department. But last time she tried that she was fine and sent home….. LET IT GO fightingrrcovery! Omfg I do love the rando followers calling her out. Usually barely anyone likes or comments un her “update” posts kek

No. 850357

File: 1565274192944.jpeg (448.55 KB, 750x949, 9EC5347C-8A95-4FFC-B849-BA7FAD…)

Georgie Porgie admitting to binging and not purging. Finally an explanation for her weight gain. She’s NEVER admitted this. But then had to lie about being diagnosed with AN at 15. It’s almost like she literally is incapable of telling the truth 100%

No. 850361

File: 1565274483711.jpeg (110.15 KB, 749x646, FDBA0DBD-E0A2-4E2D-986E-05C0BD…)

Responding to my original post to tie it all together Bc someone called her out lol. omfg this is hilarious, yea I’m sure it’s your ankle that inhibits you from running at that speed georgia. Nothing to do with being obese or anything….

No. 850365

Wow she is so full of shit. Yeah guys I have AN, I purge any binges, and I have the running times of a woman in great shape, oh I mean actually I have EDNOS and binge without purging and I "probably" can't run fast because muh ankle.

No. 850368

File: 1565275506219.jpg (314.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190808-104000_Ins…)

No. 850374

Say "Duh" at me, but I don't get what this post is about.

Also, ofc she's lying about how fast she can run. The laws of physics would make it impossible at her weight.

No. 850387

File: 1565279151941.jpeg (2.6 MB, 3000x3000, BD1E845F-97EF-43BF-8030-FFEC01…)

I don’t understand Georgia.
If she just said bulimia or OSFED, like how she used to tag shit, then whatever. But instead she’s crying anorexia.
Sadly her FB is now private and I wish I’d saved screenies when it was open. Her weight has never been dangerously low.
Her earliest insta stuff is 2014, putting her at 15/16 years old (can’t recall when her dob is, just know 1998)

No. 850388

File: 1565279188694.jpeg (3.81 MB, 3000x3000, FCCC361A-9475-419D-8A9D-D0924F…)

Second pic

No. 850396

its like that cliche of how anorexics see themselves as huge and fat. she looks normal and thinks omg i looked so thin

No. 850406

File: 1565283298656.jpeg (731.43 KB, 2048x2048, 46347F98-B225-4977-90C3-8166E3…)

Both taken from kim’s Ig story mere moments apart. How does she rationalize in her head claiming “rah-rah numbers don’t matter! I’m such a recovery qweeeeen!” When every single recipe and product she shows off she makes sure to also post the calories and macros. She can’t eat real food, only packaged crap, because fresh food doesn’t come with a calorie label

No. 850420

Hey all - Georgia here. I don’t know how to use this site and can’t figure out how to reply BUT that photo you’ve captioned “second pic”… the second picture is not of me. That’s my friend who doesn’t really even look like me so y’all are reaching. Please don’t bring someone who literally has nothing to do with your bitching into this. Night!(newfaggotry)

No. 850429

My bad, the rest are still you though.
Apologies for the mistake there.

No. 850491

SkIn AnD bOnEs, BmI 11.2 guysss

No. 850495

File: 1565294928694.png (380.02 KB, 382x562, Untitled.png)

>I was skinny.

No, that's slim/healthy (from what's visible).

It's like the fat kids on mpa who post ~thinspo~ of average size/fit healthy females and worship them as the personification of skinniness. That size, Georgia. is what you should aim for.

Meanwhile, Becky and her dozy ma need to stop dropping £s into the arcade machines and scratchcard kiosk. Looks like they were fiddling some car park payment thing.

No. 850518

File: 1565296616100.png (653.03 KB, 665x504, Untitled.png)

These are the only two old pics she has on fb.

No. 850537

Thank you, anon.
“Diagnosed with AN at 15” I’d expect to see some evidence

Georgia, just be honest.
Lying for asspats makes you a target.
Fishing for attention makes you a target.
You have an ED, yeah. But not the one you seem to want.

No. 850545

that looks JUST Jeffree Star.

No. 850548

File: 1565298469319.jpg (27.96 KB, 660x354, 45912.jpg)

Can't be unseen.

No. 850550

Spoil that shit, Jeffree's face scares the shit out of me.

No. 850551

Wow they really need to make their lies more believable
BMI twelve ok sweaty. Dehydrating the shit out of your body doesn’t mean anything

No. 850583

that dog looks scared to death

No. 850606

Omg Megs tell is back

No. 850609

They can't go without attention for long huh. I forgot her username on there, what is it pls?

No. 850611

File: 1565309326733.jpg (306.25 KB, 996x709, SmartSelect_20190808-200822_In…)

Why is nat like this

No. 850613

Obviously has someone probing her vagina if she's wanting birth control. Why so prissy about a pap smear? She should have a word with her hero Trump about fixing it so women can be given birth control without medics first checking it's okay to do so.

No. 850619


No. 850625

could you imagine getting mad at a gyno for needing to do their job so for petty revenge you entertain the idea of putting things like glue or chemicals on your vagina to totally prank them. guaranteed there are plenty of anxious women in and out of their office daily

No. 850627

This is the most absurd thing…ever?!? I hope she fucking dies of all the STDs

No. 850631

I find it odd how these people broadcast these things online. Doesn't match the "too frail to f**k" situation other anas have.

No. 850633

Yeah but they're totally hassling her by checking her cervix is healthy. Fuck those people!

Thanks. Oh, she's a stupid girl. Hope she doesn't bring her friend back over here, the one with the really bad lithp.

No. 850639

lmao you can't hurt a gyno you dumb bitch they don't care what you got going on down there

No. 850648

"probing my vagina" such a dramatic way to put it. paps take like, a minute and most docs are very receptive if you request a female perform it or ask for a chaperone during. I don't understand these kids who think birth control should just be handed out without the most basic routine prevention and health checks. It's not oppressive they're trying to make sure you don't get sick or die lmao.

No. 850649

File: 1565315436551.jpg (426.09 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20190808_215028.jpg)

No. 850650

File: 1565315482280.jpg (384.75 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20190808_215046.jpg)

No. 850663

Fart spray? What is she, 8? Honestly, if I were her I’d be way more embarrassed than the gynecologist if I taped a wig hair to my vag. Just… why

No. 850665

Anorexia kills most people’s libidos. Kinda weird that she even has a sex drive

No. 850669

File: 1565317960482.jpeg (411.75 KB, 750x1049, D1425A0C-4B43-47D7-ACC9-2EF8F0…)

She’s broken in PEICES guys PEICES

No. 850670

File: 1565317981613.jpeg (65.1 KB, 750x211, 7F27A51B-AB60-4619-BFA0-A18EEE…)

No. 850671

makes sense that someone with anorexia would think of a very common procedure women get would be so disgusting if they want to remain a widdle gorl or want to not be seen as sexual. but its a common anxiety for a lot of women regardless to have someone right up in there. the doctors trained for this. vaginas are their business it doesnt phase them. they deal with that kind of insecurity all the time. please dont ignore your yearly because youre nervous. that only hurts you.

trying to read her ramblings is like attempting making sense out of white noise.

No. 850672

Dat face though.
According to her tell she’s going to be on feeds 24/7 and can’t afford food to help her super rare and totally not her ED genetic condishun. I don’t know kat maybe eating 6 slices of French toast isn’t great for anyone’s stomach.
Anon how are you getting these screen caps without being blocked?

No. 850673

Honestly I don’t even read them anymore I just post
The tl;dr is she lost friends in college (shocking!) and she feels like no one will love her in her entirety (but blames it on other people of course)

No. 850676

so wash rinse repeat lol its always her evil parents or the voices or the inpatient or old friends. its not like those common thread could be linked back to a singular source..

No. 850692

Why doesn’t smorven have one of those soft helmets like the ones they give to epileptic kids? She’s forever banging her head on the walls to get out of doing anything she doesn’t want to do, she’s gonna end up with CTE.

No. 850694

God forbid you aren't the center of everyone else's universe

No. 850747

Her facial expressions irritate me so much.

No. 850766

she is so cringe and child-like

No. 850774

File: 1565345931093.jpeg (208.59 KB, 640x1070, 4D3DC430-DA42-4613-9C58-2A82AC…)

Foodie farming wanker: “omg if you eat children’s portions it’s disordered, how dare you!!’

Also foodie wife: eats 4 mini biscuits and expects asspats for being a ~recovery warrior~

No. 850775

wow what a hypocrite.

No. 850812

File: 1565352109300.png (699.13 KB, 949x1667, Screenshot_20190809-075718~2.p…)

Aly: is fresh off of a drug-related jail scare
Also Aly: literally live posts buying opiates
she's so desperate to be the edgy sick girl, what a moron

No. 850813

File: 1565352134667.png (2.36 MB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_20190809-075752~2.p…)

No. 850816

trainwreck. i wish she would realize how bad het account makes her look and just stop posting. he life is going to stay shitty like this

No. 850838

File: 1565358067251.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190809-153911_Ins…)

idk why she covers her "cuts" in one but not the other

No. 850839

File: 1565358110544.jpg (956.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190809-153919_Ins…)

No. 850843

I always roll my eyes at her "if I stick my ass all the way out, I'll look thinner" poses. there's no way she doesn't know how obvious it is, right?

No. 850851

>Obviously has someone probing her vagina if she's wanting birth control.


Hormonal birth control usually makes periods more regular, lighter, and less painful, makes PMS less severe, and can help hormone-induced awfulness like hormonal acne and migraines. It looks like she's getting the Depo shot, which can eliminate your period entirely. There are kissless virgins that use birth control.

We really need to rename hormonal birth control. Call it hormone regulation or something.

Most of the people on this site are women. How do so few of you understand that hormonal birth control has benefits other than keeping you from getting knocked up?

Saged for sperg.

No. 850854

Well, if you've never had to have birth control for hormonal reasons - then it's probably it's something you've never had to find out or learn about. When something is outside of your personal experience, you may not even be aware of it sort of thing. And then there's the whole correlation between eating disorders, sexuality, periods etc. many might bury their heads in the sand (or go the opposite and become hyperaware).

I'm more shocked that the girl moans about pap smears as if it's some evil when it could be the thing stopping you from dying of cervical cancer at an early age. Sure they're not exactly pleasurable things, and they can be bad for certain people in certain headspaces, but surely the pros outweigh the discomfort.

No. 850861

>How do so few of you understand that hormonal birth control has benefits other than keeping you from getting knocked up?
Ana threads have always pulled in more underagefags than others. It's really not a wonder why commenters are fucking stupid.

No. 850866

It’s really funny how spoopy she thinks she is. I’d be kind of embarrassed to post at this weight if I was trying to convince my followers I’m a dainty edgy druggie. >>850812
And at the same time her stories and account are SO fucking boring. The only interesting thing is seeing how narcissistic and into herself she is. Also she’s one of those ppl like Georgia, fightinginsidevoices, and meg that although not fat like them she sees herself as super spoopy. I mean, we all know she’s sucking in, but damn that’s a lot of meat on those bones kek. She’d actually look decently fit if she didn’t try sucking in so hard, it’s just weird on her average size bod.

No. 850869

File: 1565365644105.jpeg (909 KB, 828x1494, 558A3520-8196-4AAA-889A-F78877…)

No excuses, right ~*~anawarriors~*~ ? Ugh.

No. 850905

kek you are the proana here

No. 850909

dont rattle your bones too hard there anachan.

No. 850993

Still exercising purging I see. Her ED might be grateful for her workouts, but if she stays underweight and continues to exercise daily girlie is gonna has osteoporosis before she knows it. Not as fun to workout when you got grandma hips.

No. 851001

the worst take is "this skinny chick isnt even that skinny", idc what alys weight is, its her idiot poses and criminal behavior that make her a cow.

furthermore yours sick if you want any of these girls to lose weight. even georgie-porgie i could give a fuck if she loses or gains, its the bullshit shes spews about her "illness" thats lulzy

No. 851002

File: 1565381990863.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1087x1964, D2F1892D-9F53-4E7D-979E-282F46…)

“Another one of those days” wow, I’m shocked. I wonder why you have chronic pain, Kim? Do you think it’s because you’ve literally ruined your body through restriction and exercise? Nah, better keep spending hours working out. That’ll do ya good. I’m sure your husband is gonna love it when he has a wife with a grandma walker

No. 851003

Sounds like OP is hangery. Go eat a burger

No. 851011

File: 1565383164410.jpeg (212.4 KB, 828x1381, 7BC2D237-1932-4435-9058-FF8209…)

Just leaving this daily smorven drama here because it’s a perfect reaction image to this

No. 851013

she left her address visible omg

No. 851016

Holy shit! Add another point to her “shittiest mom of all time” score! What a fucking idiot.

No. 851029

Tramadol is, not shockingly, a major appetite suppressant.

No. 851049

File: 1565390628655.jpeg (529.51 KB, 750x1130, 57A29634-F0C9-476E-A22D-515E6A…)

We haven’t mentioned dusty in a while but she just posted some more of her poorly written work. Based on what I’m reading it does not sound like a writer in their late thirties whose done research and framed this in a way that isint so idk… MEMEMEMEME especially the “continued in the comments section” I couldn’t read it but here’s a snapshot of some of the random bullshit. Is this what she does in her free time? Must be nice to have essentially no responsibilities and go on hospital vacations when ever life’s too boring, room service and everything! What a life. Such a waste. Not to be a total dick but if all I had to show for my life at however old she is (someone mentioned thirties) is an Instagram post of my writing continued in the comments… I’d be ashamed.

No. 851056

File: 1565392692300.jpg (59 KB, 522x382, project.JPG)

She goes private when mentioned here and so I don't bother to check on her.

That's pretty basic whatever it is she's writing. There's more in depth information on youtube history of psychiatry documentaries.

Is it really a secret about old methods used in asylums? I knew about insulin therapy, cold baths, etc from reading the Frances Farmer biog as a teen. Of course patients had no say in lobotomies, forced sterilisation, etc. Why's that shocking? Is her audience a bunch of schoolkids?

No. 851091


The old methods were secret in the old days - but due to a change in laws, most of it is common knowledge now (at least in the US)

No. 851093

Literally top kek. And yes it’s pretty well known as this person said even common knowledge >>851091 and she to answer your question >>851056 is very uneducated and unintelligent so it’s likrly when she heard about she figured it was not well known or some mystery Bc she’s not doesnt time learning, reading or being educated. She’s like spaceship they both want to be writers but they suck, for lack of a better word kek. They think they are these troubled geniuses but in fact they appear to just be a special snowflake to everyone else. There’s nothing special about them so they create this fake ana world where they are both edgy ana Queen writing phenoms lol it’s just so delusional and sad

No. 851107

File: 1565399449970.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 283.7 KB, 750x1334, DE45515B-29E0-4A20-9B30-709EE6…)

Not sure this warrants a TW but lolcow told me I had to on aly bodychecks. Anyway damn. Really the “stars weren’t aligned for weight loss” wtf? Imagine having an actual ed where it’s literally out of your control. I’m sick of the wanorexics and cows like aly glamorizing this disease as a lifestyle They sound fucking delusional, unintelligent, immature… need I go on? And then she says “I was just trying to stay alive” I would assume she means mental health/suicidality Bc she was never a near death skelly was she? Damn this girl really annoys the f out of me kek like she is way to dramatic

No. 851115

she's definitely annoying and makes me roll my eyes all the time lol
it seems like nearly all of her problems are self-induced. no job? Aly can't be bothered to think ahead and stop doing drugs for a couple of weeks to pass a piss test, or to even bother going to an interview. lonely and bored? can't be bothered to make plans or do literally anything but pop pills in her room.

No. 851118

she adopted a pitbull a few weeks ago from a rescue, had a breakdown because she couldn’t cope, and gave it back.

No. 851120

I agree with everything else you've said but she was skelley before she went away to treatment. She was 83lbs IIRC and I believe she's 5'6. But, all of her old pictures went with her account that got deleted

No. 851123

File: 1565402877590.png (333.18 KB, 726x501, oof.PNG)

oh olde dusty. btw shes 32-sih. we have talked about her in a while. heres a cap i have been sitting on. good to see she's still somehow alive. yet, i found she follows me on tumblr again (am the anon who brought up more info on her) so i get a good milk intake.

shes back on her psych ward paper work bs for the aesthetic and
her and bf recently adopted a dog and gave it away like 3 weeks later btw.

No. 851124

File: 1565402988598.png (49.88 KB, 713x472, a month btw.PNG)

you got a head of me. they barely had him a month. time stamp on this post is july 16th btw

No. 851127

How in the fuck did she think she was going to take care of an animal when she can’t take care of herself? A while ago on tellonym she said her best personality trait is helping others… bitch is so damn selfish she buys a dog she knows she can’t take care of. Like wtf. Honestly that actually pisses me off. I hope she waisted money tbh. She strikes me as extremely self centered and histrionic like look at me look at me. Embarrassing at any age but especially hers. Grow the fuck up and get a job. Get a life. All she does is hurt herself, sit on the edge of chairs to accent her legs for selfies… classic ana trick and fucking wallow in self pity. She’s the saddest sack on here other than the crazy anorexic twins. Not comparing bodies but I just mean their lives are just the most redic of all the cows.

No. 851128

I don't understand what's so frightening about using restraints and medication to control mentally ill people who are a risk to themselves or others. Of course there is abuse that goes on and experiences in institutions can be traumatic, but typically patients are strapped down because the alternative is death or injury. Seems juvenile to say "look at these restraints that are used to control patient behavior, they look like an older version of the same thing ISN'T THAT SO SCARY".

No. 851130

I agree and if u follow dusty I’d urge you to go to the post and read as much as you can stomach I’d post it but it’s honestly so much bs I don’t want to clog the thread (unless ppl care) it just comes down to her obsession with being anorexic and institutionalized I mean I’m pretty sure she has the word chronic tattooed on her kek how rediculous

No. 851132

File: 1565404222903.png (22.89 KB, 698x293, even better.PNG)

i could post more recent caps but a lot of her posts on her tumblr have been long winded romantizations of her therapist/DT center.
may i add to the dog thing. they took him to the shelter.

No. 851135

That’s actually terrible. I’m sure the rescue would have taken him back??? Poor pup.

No. 851144


No. 851166

Does anyone know where Elzani has vanished to?

No. 851167

She’s on a fancy, all expenses paid by mommy and daddy, family vacation. Somehow her sisters are able to continue updating their social media while away but e isn’t? Can only imagine she’s making it hell for everyone right now, but what’s new.

No. 851199

File: 1565420097604.jpg (398.93 KB, 720x1137, Screenshot_20190810-025443_Ins…)

No. 851216

kek the comment

No. 851220

That’s what, 100 kcal tops? Wow such warrior. Apart from that I dunno how milky she is but her “food fight” thing legit makes me mad the way she preaches about portion size and nO diEt pRoDuCts, fuck off.

Fucking sick of cows adopting animals when they can’t even take care of themselves. Honestly how selfish can you be.

No. 851238

File: 1565437355273.jpeg (862.05 KB, 828x1375, 3E596034-F567-4381-BD38-8E10F6…)

Just me or does she look like she’s got a giant pickle up her ass in every pic? Her poses are so stiff and uncomfortable.

No. 851240

I understand this… if your entire life is based on being sad and victimized on Insta, a stay in resi is bad optics kek

No. 851241

Lmao she needed to re-post this text because the first poster didn’t include her body shot

No. 851270

Whoop there it is. She continues to victimize herself for asspats then cries when there is backlash

No. 851277

She look like Michael Jackson

No. 851293

I’m curious have there been any cows posted here that have recovered and moved on with their lives? It feels like most of these people are doomed to a lifetime of weirdness

No. 851309

I can only think Aly and Crying Emily could be considered some kind of recovered. Aly didn't relapse (idk if she still does the attention thing because I unfollowed her a few months ago), and Emily seemed to settle into being a mother and stopped the gass huffing/dramatics.

Apart from those, I can't think of any other who actually even tried to recover for real. Attention must be a v powerful drug.

No. 851310

Sorry for being thick but which Aly? The Italian?

No. 851311

Yeah. The Aly who tried to convince us she didn't have a problem as opposed to the other who tries her hardest to let everyone know she's supersick.

No. 851323

File: 1565459462536.jpg (339.61 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20190810_185052.jpg)

This has to be her worst one yet

No. 851324

File: 1565459514597.jpg (27.71 KB, 395x328, Screenshot_20190810_185216.jpg)

Her knees are melting together

No. 851391

Who has Megs insta/tellonym?

No. 851397

If she’s not being public and cow-y, leave her alone. Mission accomplished. Big difference between farming and hunting.

No. 851399

She's public here https://tellonym.me/beautiful_changexo
but no milk (although I'm dubious about her claim of 800 calorie restriction)

No. 851406

youre being nice, but dont feed the newfag. tellonym has been posted twice in the last week, now three.

No. 851447

File: 1565485314963.png (7.58 KB, 99x175, 9DE46DE1-BB6B-43B1-9667-28715C…)

Her face really reminds me of the old-as-hell Foxtrot comic characters

No. 851448

File: 1565485574114.jpeg (415.8 KB, 750x1018, 0C4874EE-B40F-447C-975D-966982…)

Can you imagine being AN/AA and loving your tube this much while it’s constantly pouring in calories?

No. 851454

File: 1565486433912.jpg (350.02 KB, 719x1034, Screenshot_20190810-121257_Ins…)

No. 851466

can you be malnourished when you're obese though?

No. 851472

Not wking, but you don't store all your vitamins and minerals in fat stores.

So yeah, if you're fat and have poor micronutrient intake, you'll be malnourished.

No. 851482

>Not wking, but
You are. Stop.

No. 851484

especially so frequently.

No. 851485

she seems to show her tube off like a true wannarexic though

No. 851486

not sure if just summerfag anachan or just regular extra hungry anachan, but yes, you can be malnourished and be any weight. malnourished isnt a euphemism for underweight, its called balanced diet for a reason.

No. 851489

you really gotta work to be malnorished in a first world country

No. 851490

you really dont considering a lot of food commonly consumed in first world countries isnt the healthiest and lacks nutrients, and malnourishment can be anything from starving to missing some vitamins, but if you really want to think that then go ahead

No. 851491

not really. a diet of soda, energy drinks, take out and not cooking at home can see to that just fine. you would think its just a burgerland generalization but i have had a neighbor admit that they only ate banana mayo sandwiches for 2 weeks straight.

No. 851493

I don’t understand how they get tubed; in uk adults need something seriously wrong before hops even consider it. Within pt rights to refuse.
(-had pneumonia patient refuse food for a week, offered ensure equivalent but barely drank it, accepted iced lattes. Vitals fine, no action taken prior to discharge. )

Plus their pride at the tube… most ed people would flip tf out when given the choice…

No. 851494

Sorry for OT but lots of ana’s in hospitals/treatment centers like the tube because it gets them attention and validation for being sooooper sick

No. 851508

I swear we say this everytime she makes a post though kek.

No. 851519

NG tubes are not used for “malnourishment” though. They’re used when a patient can’t or won’t eat. Yes you can be malnourished at any weight but a fat person would only get an NG if theyre refusing food. Some hospitals prefer to give NGs under certain BMIs for safety. But this whole muh tube for muh malnourish brain is a lie. No hospital would tube someone who’s a healthy, overweight, or obese BMI without trying oral supplements and food first. I guess captioning these photos “I refused long enough they decided they were done with my shit look at this cool hose!!” Wouldn’t illicit the response they’re looking for

No. 851530

Having a tube is also a good way to make sure/control they get their essential vitamins (K, Na, Mgs04, Ca) and fats. Leave it up to them and they'd probably choose to stick to an offbalanced meal. Also keeps away the refeeding syndrome if they've eaten low.enough or purged enough for a decent time prior to admission.

No. 851534

File: 1565510702959.jpeg (141.19 KB, 630x914, EAEF77E3-4397-4F62-8E12-23BB0F…)

Another obese wannorexic with a nose hose. Claims she doesn’t want it but looks pretty damn please with herself.

No. 851535

File: 1565510784553.jpeg (168.57 KB, 615x985, E6199C5D-73E3-418A-BD93-413D10…)

Sorry for double posting but kek

No. 851545

File: 1565518713956.jpg (605.93 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190811-181531_Ins…)

Raves about deals on healthier chips, eats kale chips, lowkcal ice cream, talks about how shes not feeling the gym but forces herself to go anyway and lastly bodychecks and complains about not having abs.. is this considered recovery? I onced asked her and she told me recovery is different to everyone and this is recovered to her because she can live life

No. 851550

lmao recovery isn’t different for everyone, it’s eating and exercising normally and maintaining a healthy weight. Being a functioning anorexic, trying lots of fear foods, whatever else that doesn’t involve eating normally at a normal weight isn’t recovery (I don’t think I need to spell out “normal” for this board)

No. 851553

Meh. She’s an annoying, preachy and spoilt twat, but not much milk there.

No. 851563


I know this girl, and she's not a wannerexic. She's lost a significant amount of weight already, and the tube is because she's malnourished. They don't just tube people for nothing where both her and I live in Aus.

No. 851570

File: 1565527990255.jpg (443.93 KB, 1061x963, 20190811_225223.jpg)

Apparently lost some weight over 9months by having just a little bit of an ED. Errr OK kek

No. 851571


Again you don't know this girl, so leave her alone. She is struggling and she's unwell. Leave her be.

No. 851572

Fuck off newfag. Pretty much everyone on this board is “unwell” in one way or another, you can’t pick and choose. Fat wannarexics are objectively hilarious.

No. 851573


Where has she ever claimed to be anorexic? She never has. She has a eating disorder which you can have at any weight. It amazes me that people think its ok to bully others.(oh no the boolies)

No. 851575

>A bit of healthiness and a bit of eating disorder

Like the two can co exist.

No. 851576

34 weeks ago (thx insta) she claims atypical anorexia nervosa and obesity after starving for a week and over exercising…

No. 851577

sooo basically this thread is reduced to hangry anachans getting mad at fat people. this girl still seems to have harmed herself enough for medical intervention. what's milk in this? nothing. getting a tube is not, in itself, attention-seeking. being fatter than you is not, in itself, attention-seeking.

No. 851579

Do you know how to scroll?

No. 851580

Exactly thank you.

To the person getting peeved off about Atypical Anorexia you do realise that, that diagnosis can be given to obese/overweight people. The way that she is going, she will eventually be underweight. For her to be tubed in the state where she lives she has to be medically compromised. Feeding tubes are not just used on patients that are underweight.

This forum complaining about fat people with Ed’s just worsens the stigma that if your fat with an ed it doesn’t matter. Whilst I understand that there are some people with Ed’s who are overweight and are in denial about what behaviours they are using not all overweight people are. Some are actually restricting but of course it takes time to become underweight.

No. 851581

File: 1565530390697.jpg (6.18 KB, 326x154, e.jpg)

Educational post.

No. 851582

How are there so many of you that cannot scroll or comprehend?(learn 2 sage)

No. 851583

First time on a chan board I suspect. They know not how to sage.

No. 851585

can mods deal with newfags please.
stop defending the cows.
we come here to point and laugh at them no matter what they're apparently going through, the fact they broadcast if to the world for ass pats and attention is why we're here.
the cows in this threat are yeh mostly actually sick but they promote their sick lifestyle, encourage others, use it to get money etc, fatty chans taking up hospital beds for attention. like… bruh leave if you're going to be such a baby about people being called on their shit.

No. 851586

>do you know how to scroll?
ntayrt but jesus christ this is why these fucking threads are terminal autosage cancer. anon is right, someone being overweight and having a tube isn’t milk. nitpicking to fuck and back because they said “a little of ED and a little health” is pants on head retarded. you, the regular posters ITT, far outweigh the cowish nature of almost every. single. person. posted here.

No. 851587

Stop crying fatty. Did we hit a nerve? If you’re 300lbs, you don’t need a tube. End of story. Now piss off and learn how to sage while you’re at it.

No. 851589

> nitpicking to fuck and back because they said “a little of ED and a little health” is pants on head retarded.

And their statement isn't? Gtfo of here.

No. 851592

i think a lot of the "overweight with a tube" stuff is bc they scream anorexia and go mega autism to get attention for their sooooper sick disorder when they were just not eating 5000cals+ a day for once.
these cows literarly do it for attention thats why they get posted. its fucking funny. i for one love the nitpicks bc man i hate fatties. you need a bmi bellow like 13 for anoerixa but they cant even google the ED they're trying to claim

No. 851593

that’s not the point, anachan, the point is that you fucking starved idiots are so self obsessed that everyone with an ED that isn’t you is the milkiest prized dairy cow in the whole pasture. to normal people, you look insane sitting around having fucking panic attacks because fat people exist with feeding tubes. wild.

No. 851594

if you dont like the pro-ana thread uh leave dumbass we're hear to make fun of cows the lol kind and the fat kind, not your whining

No. 851595

> you look insane sitting around having fucking panic attacks because fat people exist with feeding tubes

Mais non. They make me laugh out loud. Especially when accompanied by a "pity me" facial expression or a bodycheck of their calf gap.

No. 851598

go eat.

No. 851601

the girl in question isn't milky, she's just fat. I know well how to scroll thankyou. do you know what milk is?

No. 851602

Errrr no. Most fatties with tubes are hilarious in their.posts. THATS whats funny. If you could actually scroll or use some.self awareness you'd see theres only 1-2 obese peeps regularly discussed here. The rest are under or normal weight. Interestingly you only seem opposed to the obese tubies being discussed. Transferrance much?

No. 851606

says the person whos probably never been a bmi under 20.

No. 851613

agreed, this thread is full of Anachans who think they talk about milky cows when in reality it’s just nitpicking and trying to make themselves look better. I was expecting a better thread but anons commenting here look crazy

No. 851615

File: 1565534148870.jpeg (973.03 KB, 828x1372, FF4B1C8F-ACD8-4263-BAF8-1B417B…)

Something to breakup the chain of conversation about fatty cows, have one of my personal favourite anafitness cows. Hashtags highlighted for emphasis. How she can claim to be recovered while maintaining a body fat that’s practically in the negatives, eating the exact same orthorexic meals day in and day out, and boasting about working out multiple times a day really is beyond me.

No. 851616

what does an anons bmi have to do with anything?
this thread is going to fucking shit god
where the milk instead of anons trying to one up each other with really bad edge lord insults?
>>851613 i dont think many of the people here are anachans? most are probs wanarexics or probably dont have any kind of ED but definatly to many with Crack head disease

No. 851617

> I was expecting a better thread

Lol, really? There's a lot to choose from here. You can take the piss out of hookers, fake goths, ~trans~ phase kids, an obese SJW, a ~trans~ faking being in snuff films. Please leave this thread if it doesn't meet your standards.

Okay, no more interacting with the fatty WKs.

Are her strnge poses connected to weight lifting?

No. 851618

(by that I mean the way she always stands like a mannequin with her legs)

No. 851626

between the self posters and the nitpicking this thread is now a fucking shithole. mods pls autosage xx

No. 851629

I doubt it. She doesn’t do body builder shows (where awkward, stiff poses are commonplace). I suspect she’s just really cold because she’s so underweight but insists on wearing clothes that show off her bare arms / how skinny she is, and that it’s just physically awkward to exist in a body with that muscle-to-fat ratio.

No. 851670

File: 1565547502801.png (310.83 KB, 728x418, Untitled.png)

I really want this dog to be rehomed (for good) soon. It's so sad.
Why isn't the dog toilet trained at one year old? Who is the sketchy person they bought her from? Why is she dressing her in a thick sweater when it's humid? Does she not think she's not shivering, but trembling because she's scared?
At least Becky finds it funny.

No. 851675

I think it’s a combination of bodybuilding poses plus when you’re underweight you’re a lot more aware of your body/self conscious so you’re more awkward with how you move and pose.

No. 851678

File: 1565550051617.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1091x1941, 56D1985B-212E-4EBE-B4F8-C17DB8…)

Don’t know if you guys are up to date on
Kim, but a couple days ago she found a gossip site with 54 pages criticizing her shitty eating and parenting. Seemed like it really gave her a wake up call (at first), but now she’s back to posting about alcohol. Let’s just hope she starts taking better care of her kids. Time for #chefkim to feed her kids something besides boxed macaroni, bread, and kraft cheese slices.

No. 851681

Despite being “traumatized” by having found a site calling her on her alcoholism, shitty parenting, and even shittier eating habit, she still didn’t take down the video of her toddler in a just a diaper literally whining and pulling at his/her (I couldn’t tell) own crotch captioned “never wants to wear a diaper!” Or something along those lines. I get perverted and sick just watching it and can only imagine it’s probably a pedophile’s absolute dream. Disgusting.

No. 851684

**so perverted, I got sick just looking at it. Realized after posting how weirdly it reads.

No. 851685

She posted her address on her Tramadol sticker didn't she?

Looks like she posts A LOT of stories. Does she pay no attention to the kids? She's always posting to ig, getting pissed or necking Tramadol.

No. 851690

she pays attention to the kids when she wants to feature them in her IG or on her youtube videos to prove how hard #momlife is. Other than that, I do not know.

No. 851705

people get pets to help them recover so they don’t focus on their illness or have accountability to get out more and be more focused on what matters outside of their heads. i hate to add to the dog related spam whenever becky is mentioned but it infuriates me so much knowing that becky’s happy to cut cry and purge in front of her dog AS ALWAYS and traumatise it. dogs can be as clever as toddler humans!!!! would she behave like that in front of a baby???? i want to shake her. i hope someone who knows her irl can convince her to surrender it. /sperg

No. 851708

Do you guys think it’s possible Elzani is in treatment? I mean she’s basically been radio silence for the past two weeks. I know she said she was going on vacation, but it’s possible her family used that as an excuse to stage an intervention. I just find it odd that she’s not posting anything about this trip. Usually vacation meals (even for normies) are Instagram gold

No. 851709

Exactly how is she medically compromised and how would an NG tube reverse this?
If you’re going to white knight every atypical anorexic you should go back to mpa

No. 851711

Would she behave like that in front of a baby? Yes. Yes she would. She don't give af about anyone besides herself.

She's on vacation. Her sisters have been uploading pictures on their social media accounts. E is undoubtedly using the social media break to lose the tiny bit of weight shes gained so that she can come back and restart her real recover (for the nth time).

No. 851718

File: 1565556060048.png (11.32 MB, 1242x2208, C724C3A5-93DB-4109-A477-4F7791…)

No. 851720

File: 1565556216277.png (11.26 MB, 1242x2208, C9960596-71F0-43CC-BD28-F1F8A0…)

Wow this annoying bitch is so edgy, remember guys, she doesn’t care how much trash we talk about her! But she doesn’t even go on these websites “tbh” she’s such a wannarexic attentionwhore

No. 851721

Imagine complaining about people underestimating and not understanding eating disorders, to then say "go eat" ???????

No. 851722

File: 1565556286904.png (14.43 MB, 1242x2208, 61256684-0023-4E95-983D-7E94DE…)

Sorry she’s just milky and annoying as fuck it’s just sad at this point

No. 851723

The anafitness cows are far more entertaining than the overweight cows.

No. 851724

Someone save this sweet little dog. My heart breaks for it, where did she even get it from it sounds so sus?

No. 851726

If she’s in the hospital and refusing to eat you’ll get tubed regardless. Doctors probably figure she’s mentally medically compromised. Tbh it’s dumb how willingly doctors are handing out the aytypical anorexia diagnosis. I think it just feeds into these dumbasses belief that they’re special ana snowflakes.

No. 851729

Also if someone genuinely had atypical anorexia (which would presumably lead into actual anorexia) they would do everything in their power to NOT get tubed so they could continue to lose weight. Half of these atypicals brag about getting tubed at an overweight BMI. This is literally the opposite of what any anorexic would want to brag about,

No. 851730

"I'm so unbothered and above it that I'm gonna make a bunch of stories about it, that'll show 'em. I would never lower myself to that level even though I often shittalk and gossip about random youtubers. I'm so cool and superior."
Also this whole look at me, I DRINK! To EXCESS!! thing she does is cringe. Get over yourself Aly, jfc.

No. 851748

File: 1565559501974.jpg (411.69 KB, 1079x1577, 20190812_073707.jpg)

Doesn't matter how much you push that shoulder, the collarbone wont pop any further.

No. 851749

File: 1565560839149.png (4.61 MB, 750x1334, 250AA888-624A-46C5-909D-B5231F…)

Absolutely the worst combination of bulimia and Botox face in one. Somehow reminds me of the movie The Purge

No. 851752

Jesus christ, she looks like a fucking lich. Her posts with comments saying "beautiful" and "body goals" underneath are actually terrifying. Social media really must fuck with people's heads if they don't see that shambling skeleton with bolted-on oversized tits and ass and reel in disgust and pity.

No. 851753


For real. Fat wannarexics get tubed all the time just for refusing to eat. They don’t medically need them, especially because studies have been done where obese people can live on severely restricted diets and be fine, actually losing weight and becoming more healthy. The whole “anorexics can be any weight” and HAES people need to stfu. Obese cows aren’t anorexic, and don’t need feeding tubes just for the asspats because they’ve refused to eat for a couple days.

No. 851755

Kek, keep playing the sooper speschul snowflake. She’s a wannarexic munchie who’s boring as fuck. And now apparently going for the “poor widdle gurl” look with her toob. Gross.

No. 851757

File: 1565562157497.jpeg (156.7 KB, 615x984, 97592ACA-893B-4D85-9548-8DBBC4…)

Loves the toob

No. 851758

exactly. This is a thread discussing pro-ana bullshittery. Nothing says ‘ana is glamorous’ more than posting tubed selfies with a wistful caption on social media. The fact that there are so many atypical anas doing it is extra kek. Nobody is denying they have an ED, it’s pointing out the hypocrisy of people who consider themselves recovery queens who deserve endless asspats,yet flaunt the things they’re secretly proud of - body checks, artfully composed low cal meals, tubes.

You can have an ED at any weight, goes without saying you can be a pro-ana scumbag at any weight too.

No. 851760

File: 1565562305039.jpeg (225.14 KB, 616x927, 38EBC835-61B1-4371-A3E8-9A6BD3…)

What a sooper sick snowflake kek. Drink some fucking water and eat like you obviously can. Wannarexic/munchie in the making.

No. 851763

The pro-ana scumbag part is that they can obviously eat and have been eating more than enough (just look at their overweight bodies), yet they’re on social media showing off their toobs that they only got by manipulating the system (in hospital/treatment, just don’t eat for a day or two and toob). It’s milky and fucking kek and kek to the white knights showing up to wail about “atypical anorexia”.

No. 851765

Holy shit. She looks like there was a fire in a doll factory and she got out all warped. She can barely lift that salad shes not going to eat.

No. 851767

She looks like a bratz doll. Good lord

No. 851772

File: 1565563824003.jpeg (60.1 KB, 648x708, 037C6781-44CD-446E-95B0-16D1C2…)


No. 851774

File: 1565564036280.jpeg (945.28 KB, 828x1458, 455F45BB-A2B8-408E-82BD-DE0D16…)

Imagine hiring this woman as your “health coach” (because that’s how she markets herself). She’s also a “certified raw dessert chef”, super prestigious certification wow.

No. 851776

why would they be special for being ill? Do you think being anorexic makes you special? Those who have atypical anorexia are disordered just like you, and sick juuust the same as you. Also top kek you think you know better than a doctor who studied years, just because you find a couple of girls on ig annoying?

No. 851777

jesus christ

No. 851781

And personality traits back this up. Atypical anorexia is under osfed which is associated with attention seeking and impulsive behaviors. Tbh restricting for a couple weeks could be classified as impulsive or risky behaviors and the attention seeking is clear from all these selfies with toobs. >>851758
Yeah the number of people with osfed posting tube pics > the number of people with AN posting tube pics. (Yeah more people have osfed but like anon mentioned if you truly have atypical anorexia you would run for the hills if they threatened you with a tube)

Amerifag here but unless you have an anorexia diagnosis it’s super rare to tube someone even if they are in a psych ward. Lack of appetite from depression—most likely no tube. That means people are seeking these invasive measures out for asspats and pity

No. 851782

Literally. In countries like Australia which I’ve seen most of these fat “anorexics” are from. Getting an piece of paper with any kind of diagnosis becomes a badge of bragging right about how sick or fucked they are. Australian doctors will freely hand you a ed diagnosis if you tell them you don’t want to eat.

No. 851783

Why do wanarexics never know how to take nice photos istg like. Anorexics usually avoid photos that make them look fatter

No. 851785

We don’t really care if they’re ill were here to call the actual anorexics who promote their life to mass audiences on their bullshit (also child and animal abuse in some cases jfc) and also to call wanarexics on their attention seeking and abusing the medical system for online attention and sympathy. No person with a restrictive eating disorder with the intent of losing weight wants a tube the aim is to get skinny not online validation for being sick.

No. 851788

File: 1565569381366.gif (793.94 KB, 480x434, uh huh.gif)

Agreeing with the four above.

As for >>851616 , I think the majority of anons in this thread have EDs. Wanting to out the attention seeking ig anas goes with the fact that they give those with REAL EDs who aren't doing it for attention/pity/asspats a bad name.
I'm speaking people with EDs who barely mention that they have and ed on ig, or are using their accounts as accountability for their recovery and not posting masses of bodychecks and posting the food they're eating instead.
People like Elzani are giving the wrong idea about what recovery is. We see how damaging that is.
I could list every shitty thing each cow is doing to give those struggling with eds something to grind their jimmies.

Idk who's bringing these dickheads here. The lisping girl came here via meg sperging about being ~bullied~. Possibly these are internet "friends" of the cows trying to defend them.

Finally, >>851776
>you think you know better than a doctor who studied years
In some ways YES. Doctors haven't lived in the mind of an eating disordered person. Only when you have do you see the manipulation and bullshit the wannarexics spew out.

No. 851795

Whoever writes the DSM should change the diagnosis of atypical anorexia to OSFED restricting subtype. That way it takes away the coveted “anorexia” diagnosis that is just perpetuating some of these people’s hospital/tube obsessions. Seriously. If some of these overweight cows with “atypical anorexia” were diagnosed with OSFED restricting subtype it takes away that special snowflake status. And to be fair, I do think atypical anorexia exists, but the diagnosis should be reserved for people who have been diagnosed with anorexia in the past, are weight restored, and start dropping weight again. Saged for unnecessary sperging.

No. 851798

It doesn’t take a doctor to see that an obese cow can eat and isn’t starving to death. Plus that smirk is pretty fucking obvious. Take your hissy fit elsewhere, no1curr that you’re bitter. I’m gonna guess you’re fat and no ones giving you the asspats you want kek

No. 851799

They’ll just latch onto whatever the new anorexia is. But toobs will always be the coveted prize, except for those who become munchies and purge their way to TPN/IV nutrition. I do agree that atypical anorexia should not be diagnosed all these ones who’ve never been anorexic, and who are considerably overweight. It doesn’t get them any different treatment than OSFED, and it gives them what they want. If someone is anorexic or bulimic or OSFED, their treatment can be appropriately tailored. These cows aren’t treated like people with anorexia, because their treatment doesn’t have to revolve around weight gain. Diagnose them appropriately so they get appropriate treatment. Tho I’m guessing most of the ones with “atypical anorexia” have self-diagnosed that.

Also stop giving obese ED patients feeding tubes just for purposely refusing to eat when they’re usually overeating. It’s a game to them and they love bragging about it.

Actually it’s gross no matter who it is, all the toob displayers need their phones taken away, pronto.

No. 851807

One could potentially argue Australian doctors are more aware of eating disorders and there's less stigma.
In saying that, yes a large.majority of these cows have borderline personality so will manipulate or have a tantrum when.not given their way. Maybe tubing them is a quick way to say "We dont tolerate your bullshit". Bit of a double edge sword i guess but least we all know they wont die anytime soon.
Sage for ranty mehness

No. 851808

anons unironically ITT:
>why yes, i AM smarter than a doctor, because i starved myself better than anyone else here and therefore i know all about the manipulation tactics involved! it’s not like doctors see obnoxious self obsessed cunts like me every single day (they do) and have any idea what to do because the mind of an eating disordered individual is so complex and hard to understand.

No. 851809

Low key everytime someone references bpd in this way it makes me feel like I’m human garbage, everyone hates me, and I need to die. Am I really that unworthy of empathy or to be labelled as manipulative just because other people with bpd happen to be? I know I’ll be banned for this but holy fuck I’ve been biting my tongue too long and I know there are many who feel this way too but don’t feel they can voice it. It’s been a really tough day and seeing this comment made me feel even more undeserving of life(cool story bro)

No. 851815

you realise /ot/ exists right, have you ever visited that part? you can vent about your issues there quite freely.

No. 851822

File: 1565579057907.jpg (308.37 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_20190810-121728_Ins…)

No. 851823

that's such a manipulative post lol

No. 851824

anon, you realize that trying to cajole empathy out of people is manipulative right

No. 851825

Yes. Your thoughts are correct.

No. 851828

Then literally all humans are manipulative? We’re wired to yearn for connection, and when we feel immense levels of pain and trauma we’re going to seek out comfort where we can. Stating your feelings isn’t manipulative when there’s no malicious intent.

No. 851829

So you being a sociopath is somehow better?

No. 851830

I think this brings up a good point. You almost need a diagnosis to receive treatment for food issues. The hierarchy of EDs still exists whether people like it or not. There needs to be a goal on helping people who don’t meet criteria for AN; BN; BED without comparing them to the main 3. Atypical anorexia doesn’t encompass the whole problem but restrictive tendencies and impulsive behaviors would probably be a better specifier. The group of people with OSFED is pretty diverse beyond general personality characteristics. It’s kind of offensive to lump everyone together for a label. And yes to the whole restrictive bit. I even think AN b/p who binge and purge more than once a week should be bulimic. There’s so many ways to categorize it’s confusing as hell and people don’t get the tx that would be most helpful. Also AN is the only ED that has been shown to benefit from inpatient treatment. BN, BED, and OSFED have shown improvement with outpatient therapy alone

No. 851831

wow that's manipulative too. haha this is fun.

No. 851832

If the hat fits, wear it
Stereotypes are based on truth. If hearing about the stereotype is hard, it should be motivation to seek out DBT and make progress in your recovery. Sperging for sympathy on a board isn’t conducive for recovery

No. 851833

Borderline personality disorder sufferers are useless little cunts and all borderlines should be exterminated with great prejudice.

Sociopaths are at least useful. They contribute to the progression of society.

Borderlines waste resources and halt the progression of the human race.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 851835

oh hey look a false flag.

No. 851837

No. 851838


This was 100% written by someone with BPD.

No. 851860

AN b/p is individual from bulimia for a reason — not really a matter of whether you think they ‘should just be’ the same

No. 851864

Treatment is very much wrapped up in “the diagnosis” as opposed to the symptoms and I THINK that can make things worse and leave certain behaviors untreated. Focusing only on weight restoration for someone with AN b/p is a quick route to a bulimia diagnosis because by current standards weight is the only factor that differentiates the two. Tx should target the b/p cycle as well instead of only focusing on weight gain

No. 851866

I agree that treatment needs to be aimed at restoration as well as getting rid of the b/p behaviours/addressing their causes. I mostly feel that the distinction between it & bulimia is necessary because in a lot of situations, those diagnosed with ANBP only develop b/p behaviours as a result of their anorexia. I.E. going into starvation mode, restrictive willpower being overridden by the body’s survival response (eat everything in sight, who knows if you’ll ever be able to eat again!), subsequent guilt = purging. It’s kind of a tough one to address properly because it can be so different and so specific to everyone who has it.

No. 851867

Some American psych wards will tube anyone who refuses food, including those who don’t have an ED and do it to be defiant/get attention/etc

No. 851873

incoming: ten anachan anons accusing you of whiteknighting because you’re destroying their delusion that they’re the only fragile pale waifs deserving of tubes.

No. 851879

yeah imagine having some bpd patient in your ward that's refusing to eat. i'd rather tube than deal with starvation allegations

No. 851880

Im not arsed who gets tube at whatever weight. I AM arsed that there are dicks on ig who post pic after pic of their pitiful or smug faces because it's like they won gold in an ed olympics. No one's impressed y'know.

No. 851926

shes literally posted stories before about being on lolcow so she can pretend she's above this but i guarantee shes a contributor

No. 851932

i definitely think she self posts with her updates because she gets a kick out of negative attention.

No. 851970

File: 1565619925776.png (10.58 MB, 1242x2208, 39CE144B-2AD2-40F8-A656-9238AC…)

Who wants to smoke her out so she can complain to you about how disgusting she is?

No. 851973

File: 1565620017824.png (Spoiler Image, 7.13 MB, 1242x2208, 5677E0A0-46F2-44BB-80C5-7A32A0…)

Hmm, I wonder why?(don't use emojis)

No. 851974

File: 1565620051965.png (Spoiler Image, 8.75 MB, 1242x2208, 87793D84-7469-4357-A578-FD94F7…)

Oh look she magically got money for the weed store lol

No. 851975

Don’t worry I’m not Aly I just get a kick out of how fucking retarded she acts

No. 851981

Posts like this make me think we need a separate BPD scumbags thread.

No. 851983

Idk, BPD people have a lot going on so it'd all overlap. A lot of the cows in this thread are BPD, but it's not intended to make EVERYONE with BPD feel like shit. The cows are problems because they express their disorder in an OTT way on ig. You can find BPD traits in other threads, so I'm not sure if it'd work to have a specific thread.

Only my opinion though.

No. 851984

Idk, BPD people have a lot going on so it'd all overlap. A lot of the cows in this thread are BPD, but it's not intended to make EVERYONE with BPD feel like shit. The cows are problems because they express their disorder in an OTT way on ig. You can find BPD traits in other threads, so I'm not sure if it'd work to have a specific thread.

Only my opinion though.

No. 851998

File: 1565627648774.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 440.07 KB, 750x1120, 27B8B6AB-AF0B-46DC-8D3C-B9B4BF…)

I think she’s feeling like she needs to photo shop for lol cow kek if your legs look like this now aly why are u pulling your underwear so low in the crotch area like every spoop does to try and hide shit. Then you put the small text so ppl have to zoom in and read the next thing to initiate attention and asspats. Honestly idk y she post these pictures besides the asspats. It’s kind of embarrassing to post that and then tell everyone how sick and spoopy u r in every other text post.

No. 852001

File: 1565628549250.jpeg (217.77 KB, 640x907, 0280F3CF-6865-4A98-AC93-6EB30E…)

Yet more misery inflicted on this sweet little dog. Dunno what planet this girl is on. The dog is well clever if it understands a naughty step time out. What the actual fuck?????

No. 852010

Top kek this sums it up perfectly

No. 852020

Sassy toddler. Could be Becky without the sass.

She's been whining about ending it all on fb again. Won't somebody stick her in a psych ward ffs. Not one second does she stfu about being mental.

No. 852023

Doctors really are piss poor though. Mine don't believe PMS exists. Yes, they're men. They think you're being a moody bitch or sthing.(no1curr)

No. 852030

I find it odd that Elzani doesn’t have BPD or depression - like so many other AN people . Her only attachment issues seem to be her mum. No mention of things like self harm either .

No. 852037

File: 1565633271341.png (9.48 KB, 512x558, halp.png)

Hush. Becky is miserable herself. Help her please.

No. 852040

Tbh she’s probably depressed. It’s much a given for anyone that malnourished. And instead of the BPD-anorexic combo most cows on here have, she’s got the autism-anorexic deal.

No. 852070

Given how much daily physical discomfort starvation and emaciation creates, she might feel the need to remind herself and everyone around her that she has a valid (see: diagnosable) reason for her suffering and stagnant personal development. Like, if she isnt weeping and openly wanting to die all the time, she will lose support and either be committed despite her treatment trauma or booted out of the nest.

No. 852073

(I mentioned the discomfort of her physical state because I meant to discuss how distracting and ever present/unignorable that can be, leading her to need to convince herself its outside her control to justify her actions. Sorry)

No. 852079

File: 1565638038328.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1104x1961, 4D3D80FC-903D-4E92-9C11-37CABD…)

God I hope this isn’t a meal for her kids. What the fuck is wrong with her

No. 852094

Was going to post this earlier too but decided I didn’t want to get too crazy with the mommy shaming, as a single, childless person. But shit, if both those kids don’t develop serious eating disorders by their pre-teens it’ll be a goddamn miracle. I’m guessing that’s sugar free yogurt and sucralose laden, low-fat peanut butter.

No. 852099

Of course doctors are only male and they know nothing, your starved brain surely knows better

No. 852102

Starved? Lol. M8, not everyone here is ana chan. Still here I see…

No. 852165

Even as a snack that is really lacking… kids need full fat goodness!
My 5y/o would devour the entire apple from a young age with plenty of crackers with it.

I really really hope she feeds her kids better than this… poor little mites.

No. 852182

File: 1565651230236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 307.39 KB, 828x1553, C5DC458D-57FD-4A4A-97FC-C08515…)

Ganer back it: hailing herself a recovery qweeeen for not going to the gym for a whole THREE DAYS OMG! WARRIOR!!! RECOVERYWIN! I think she’s also forgetting that she posted in her IG story that she got a workout in while staying in London, or wherever the fuck she went. Fitness cows are the best.

No. 852215

What the actual fuck

No. 852229

File: 1565659020476.jpg (443.45 KB, 1080x1793, IMG_20190813_010127.jpg)

This is someone that loves a toob shot, you would think she wouldn't post a video of her wasting a full Ensure. Its infuriating because that could be used for someone who actually needs it. I also don't get why wannarexics love to call their disorder a pet name.

No. 852236

File: 1565659770851.png (42.22 KB, 1165x261, Screenshot (1).png)

(in "remission") - oh fuck off, Kate. You are still very underweight and throw up constantly.

No. 852253

Fred? Well that’s a new one. And major kek at imagining a coworker watching this walnut not only pour ensure into the grass, but also snapping a pic of it like it’s some worthy achievement

No. 852254

Duh it’s only okay if it goes through a toob! Otherwise it’s just yucky calories with no asspats so what’s the point?? Kek

And yes, pet names for EDs are so gross. These cows use it mostly to avoid any responsibility in their own choices and behavior. No responsibility to work towards recovery when everything is all Fred’s fault! She’s not lying and manipulating and being a massive attention whore, that’s all Fred!

No. 852271

this is so petty but can you please stop saying "toob" instead of tube lmao

No. 852299

you must be a noob. if ya don't like it, gtfo.(get out normie)

No. 852352

I always thought it was some form of coping mechanism, it's like how people with depression call it the black dog, or anxiety as the monkey on the mind or white rabbits (used in addiction for triggering thoughts too). As long as it's not something like "princess/goddess ana/mia" (vom) i don't think there's much harm in it? Probably wrong though. I've heard of Fred before though, it's mostly guys that use it.

No. 852357

She probably did so much walking around London that she burnt more calories than an hour session at the gym anyway. That’s why she is so happy lol.

No. 852362

File: 1565684103610.png (432.74 KB, 640x1136, CA3FB62F-8974-4D3E-A222-E3D100…)

Jesus Christ

No. 852363

File: 1565684135561.png (525.3 KB, 640x1136, 8C50D139-5E79-488B-A511-90FA0D…)

Part 2, now she’s hinting at autism

No. 852365

I googled adrenarchy and the only results were for some artist's website. Did she make that up or is it a typo?

No. 852368

File: 1565685561455.png (508.9 KB, 688x1218, georgiaselfpost.PNG)


forget to crop out your profile pic, ey georgia?

seriously, these self-posting cows are getting out of hand (and dumber by the day)

No. 852369

top kek

No. 852377

Sorry anon, but I believe that post is a screenshot of her tellonym, which would have her icon on the bottom, and then edited to add text on top. It doesn't prove a self-post in this case.

>>852365 might have been a typo, google corrected it to Adrenarche which is premature puberty. Wonder if that means she was a hefty kid then, not sure if it's a stereotype but i thought that the rise in obesity in kids also correlated with the rise in that sort of condition.

No. 852385

Oh dear Georgia, stop self posting.. You clearly need the validation from here and IG…that you are 'sick'. Just stop. It's embarrassing. You're overweight and have multiple health issues. We get it.

No. 852389

I think she means adrenarche → The early stage in sexual maturation that happens in some higher primates and in humans typically peaks at around 10 to 14 years of age and is eventually involved in the development of pubic hair, body odor, skin oiliness, and acne.

No. 852452

definitely is trying the spoonie route

No. 852547

Literally a screenshot of her IG story, stop being so dense

No. 852571

I think this all the time when I see these performative posts of things most people with EDs feel the need to hide… just imagining her sneaking off every few hours to enact some more of her Anorexia©
docudrama, part 98. Like normal people do for a smoke, but because she’s insane. She also should really consider throwing some water in with her Ensure the next time she feels like doing a post like this, she’s gonna kill the damn plants. Or just pour it out inside like I’m sure every other person she works with does with drinks they don’t want

No. 852594

yes, it’s a lot due to weight- the average age of puberty in the US is getting increasingly younger bc we’re getting heavier sooner, and also has something to do with the hormones in dairy, either here are more in dairy products or we’re eating more dairy

No. 852715

File: 1565747353590.jpeg (787.47 KB, 828x1518, D081D4EC-E801-4652-A6AB-3E2920…)

Is it just me or does this actually show how little progress she’s actually made? I’m guessing she’s 10-15lbs heavier and it’s all muscle. Still underweight, still completely absorbed in her illness, safe foods, and workout routine.

No. 852778

And, um, how big does she want her abs to get? The ab wheel worked.

No. 852782

Yeah everyone can come up with a list of things that they had - tonsils removed, wisdom teeth removed, broken bones -pls she’s beefing up her list so much, like surprised she hasn’t got the flu and broken bones on their but I suppose they don’t relate to being a spoonie

No. 852787

To be fair, not better = recovery. Better = recovered

No. 852790

I have BPD too, and I tend to agree with everything you've said, but that anon who mentioned /ot/ is correct.

People are going to stigmatise us no matter what. Manipulative BPD bullshit isn't going to change that.

No. 852793

Lmao someone’s jealous.

No. 852794

What are you on anon? I can't sense jealousy in their reply, they're just stating the obvious, there's some shape there. But by god that pouty girl has such a punchable face, how can people stand being around that sort of person is beyond me.

No. 852796

What is it with anachans and dietetic courses in Australia? I swear every dietetics there must have anorexia. Seriously need to make it less acceptable for people who’s arent recovered to study food stuff cause it’s actually crazy

No. 852797

Her face still has the emaciated wrinkly thing going on.

No. 852799

The tafe course is easy, govt subsidised, and lets them maintain their delusion of superior knowledge about food and nutrition (so it totally is enough to eat just smoothie bowls MUM)

No. 852801


those kids are in for a whole cornucopia of malnutrition-fueled misdevelopments, stunted growth being the least of their worries.

but hey, there's an actual unprocessed foodstuff in this, as opposed to her usual rotation of cheesy carb, fried carb, fatty carb.

No. 852822

You have to do a undergrad and a masters to be a dietician. Its not a tafe course.

No. 852824

File: 1565777852464.jpg (433.49 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20190814_201456.jpg)

This accoun has been posted before, but not by me.

the comment really irked me because 6 days ago there's 2 baby bowls.

Not to mention, she's always saying mean shit to accounts just as milky as hers.

No. 852825

Honestly, I am jealous of her abs. But I wasn't talking about th at in my reply.

Just talking about her punchable face, as you say. And her clear body check.

Saged for blogging at the top.(no1curr)

No. 852860

What's the deal on bets (livingalongside.b)
Any milk?
Claims anorexia but literally fat as fuck?
Wears baggy clothes to hide obesity had the biggest swollen face in anyone I've ever seen.
Why do cows smack themselves with the anorexia label when they legit weigh over 14st?