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File: 1508708375847.png (795.5 KB, 747x855, alythread.png)

No. 407792

Aly_sjourney, our EX anorexic, our queen of recovery, our stable, healthy woman shows us all what true recovery looks like: Threatening to delete your account and feeling suicidal af unless you get at least 5 comments. Never reaching a BMI of 18.5 regardless of eating 3000 (!) calories a day. Feeling weak and frail at work due to never eating anything other than cookies and donnies. That is true recovery.

Don’t blame Aly, it’s just that she simply cannot deal with her boss’ yells at work, her father’s yells at home and her haters’ yells on Instagram. It makes her want to die.

Previous thread:


> Goes from BMI 18.4 to 17.5 within 3 days and never seems to gain any weight despite constant "binging"
> Is contemplating drinking ENSURES again, but they might make her feel like a fake EX anorexic
> Still having constant photoshoots outside of McDonalds
> Eyeliner wings are getting so long, they’re flying her to recovery
> Feels broken, worthless, and suicidal af when she doesn’t get enough attention
> REPOST x5 due to hateful comments that only exist in her head
> She’s hungover and vomiting. I kill me! Suicidal af! Purging! (!!)
> Aly is a REAL feminist, she wants to be treated like a woman but her abusive boss treats her equally (OMG). How dare he!
> Her retail job is getting too difficult, she wants quit after 1 month of working because folding clothes is detrimental to her recovery (!) and may have caused her to develop a new eating disorder
> Eats 1500 worth calories of sugar, but “BINGES” on 400 calories of healthy substantial food
> Aly asskisser tried to cowtip, Aly proved herself to be untippable and continues to fall for sarcastic comments from the old Fence

No. 407800


Great thread title, great pic choice, and I love this
>Eyeliner wings are getting so long, they’re flying her to recovery

Ty anon.

No. 407839

File: 1508713360078.jpg (129.37 KB, 584x419, 1.jpg)

this is perfect.

I don't know if I linked it right.
but, for the anon in the last thread who asked what Aly said in the post about why instagram helps her, this is what she said.

No. 407848

my god shes ridiculous
>the life i dreamt for
>was suicidal af just yesterday
>thinks she binging on normal meals
>constantly complaining about job
she doesnt support anyone she literally just takes

also this thread is so good! haha i love the pic

No. 407852

She doesn't comment on others because she doesn't want to intruse.

>I can manage the life I dreamed for

No. 407861

bitch can't even manage lunch

No. 407897

I'm confused, how does covering up your username only one time help anything when it's still in the screenshot two other times and it's clear that the person is replying because they were tagged in the comment so it's obvious who it is??

No. 407903

they changed their name from the fence one after

No. 407930

Oh so it was the new name showing?

No. 407943

Yes, please don't expose the new name if you find it due to that Saralin99 girl threatening to get fence blocked

No. 408023

File: 1508735011792.png (2.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171022-230245.png)

1 of 2

No. 408025

File: 1508735073883.png (2.45 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171022-230250.png)

2 of 2..ya, she looks sooo shameful while smirking…. this one is a boomerang

No. 408050

>thanks in advance
At least she's right, she has no fucking shame and is fully aware of the shit she's pulling

No. 408099

Cookies, chocolate and diet Coke. Breakfast of champions.

No. 408117

I want to punch that fucking face

No. 408122

File: 1508754514003.jpg (42.66 KB, 308x330, global repost.JPG)

Only that German girl commented on her morning post. Now Aly's life is in pieces because of it, so she reposts and hopes in your support.

No. 408128

That Sara bitch could fit a whole aly REPOST (!) on her damn forehead.

No. 408129

File: 1508758667633.jpg (134.67 KB, 720x1131, IMG_20171023_063402.jpg)

That stupid face

No. 408138

File: 1508761247865.png (178.63 KB, 640x1136, A900D579-35BD-4304-9376-766881…)

No rest day until SUNDAY (!)

Bitch that’s life. I’m guessing we can expect breakdowns and black posts each day this week.

No. 408139

File: 1508761280897.jpg (10.48 KB, 259x194, random.jpg)

She's got a retarded face sometimes. This is one of those times, and this >>408025

That pic above this, the full length one, soz Aly but you can't say you're not weight restored.

No. 408140

<working anxiety

Haven't we all.

No. 408141

File: 1508761342511.png (143.23 KB, 640x1136, B48EC848-8B3B-4F56-B7F4-D93D45…)

+ this person is spot on.

No. 408142

File: 1508761587785.jpg (127.05 KB, 728x546, sweatshop-dead-cheap-fashion-7…)

Damn hater doesn't understand how awful the work conditions are at this air conditioned, spacious Milan sportswear retailer.

Look at this poor girl who Aly found looking for crumbs of her snacks in the toilets.

No. 408150

she might as well post this every morning like its always the same, god

No. 408156

If Aly hates her job so fucking much maybe she should find these cool things called "passions and hobbies", perhaps consider having life goals, like going back to school for something she enjoys doing so she isn't stuck in retail forever. But nope! She has NOTHING she gives a shit about, she's an empty vessel

No. 408165

>when do i sleep and restore myself
lol at night? maybe don't go out for drinks and dinner at 10pm and just go to bed?

she's such a drag like everything is hard for her

No. 408171

File: 1508769556202.gif (728.83 KB, 498x276, one for aly.gif)

She's too used to having all the time to herself. She's stupid enough to think that when you're working you can have a social life (even if it's only with Fatso) and then wake up all ready for work.

Who doesn't come home from working feeling knackered and only has time to eat, have a bath/shower and then go to bed. Felt like that in my teens and still feel the same now I'm … considerably older.

Bitch needs a good hard slap of reality around the face. I particularly like the force of this one.

Blackout tonight?

No. 408173

90% of medium class population works 48 hurs per week, Aly works 40. Don't be a victim, you btch!

No. 408175

File: 1508771799589.gif (12.02 MB, 480x852, smug.gif)

Yeah, but they aren't underweight battling anorexia evening binge almost fainting working anxiety illness.

No. 408178

and abandonment syndrome(!)

No. 408186

So easy to pick out the workshy snowflakes in the comments from Aly's pictures. How dumb do you have to be to tell her she's too ill to work.

No. 408187

Oh, and low pressure and OCDs.

No. 408192

Is that comment still up?

No. 408201

File: 1508776211419.png (2.07 KB, 270x65, yells.png)

it is, most of her followers are telling her that's just how life is. you know she's gonna be pissed they aren't all telling her to quit RIGHT NOW(~!).

No. 408203

>i received NO support only YELLS about how lazy i am

No. 408206

OT but I looked at that surfsupshinji's main account. I'm not normally into mannish women, but woah. Not keen on the skinny ribs look, but s/he's in recovery so…

It's odd Aly hasn't posted. What if she almost fainted down the stairs, cracked her head open and she's lying there dying ALL ALONE???

No. 408229

nah, she doesn't sperg on insta until she is out of work which she will be in an hour. be patient, anon!

No. 408251

Is she trying to pretend she has food in her mouth? Is that why her face looks so god damn stupid?
And why does she pose her hand like that? It's so unnatural and forced. Always having to be "perfect". I wish she was a native English speaker so I could articulate my disgust with her.

No. 408252

English is my native language but there are no words!

Idk what she's doing in that video. Behaving like the 7 year old she is. Yeah, I seriously want to chop that little finger off. My main TRIGGER even more than her face.

She's posted. She's in a good mood, but might binge and purge.

No. 408267

I know I ask myself this every new thread but how the FUCK is it still possible to have such a poor grasp on the english language after posting in it for years?! Once again proves how entirely self absorbed she is, if she would've read other stuff in english she would've improved naturally.

Goddamnit Aly, no cow makes me rage more than you do.

No. 408268


This makes me rage

>I want to point out that I wouldn't have had lunch and dessert and energy drinks during this Monday if it wasn't for your help 😭

Every time.

I didn't starve because you sent me comments. Fuck you, Aly.

She's going to show us something. I wonder what it is. It better be exciting because I'm actually putting of a soak in the bathtub for this.

No. 408271

File: 1508782918863.gif (19.71 MB, 600x1065, hooker smokin a fag may vom.gi…)

No. 408276

so shes going for dinner?

No. 408295

i love that you saved this as "hooker smoking a fag may vom.gif"

No. 408299

File: 1508786694594.jpg (16.78 KB, 223x334, L.JPG)

She hasn't shown us thing yet. Good job I decided to go for a soak. Let's face it, whatever it is it's going to be crap. A monster shaped donnie or something.

I wonder if she still carries those Disney things around with her in her bag. Remember when she went through the ana trend of being childish? And the time she went through the ana trend of heart shaped bowls? Such an eating disorder fashionista, shame it's not reflected in her clothes.

No. 408306

File: 1508787518876.jpg (838.7 KB, 1079x2254, Screenshot_20171023-133630.jpg)

The update is that they are moving her to another less stressful department.

No. 408310

oh, wow lol

i hate how she keeps talking about purging now its weird

No. 408314


What does she mean by "while resisting"? She says it on the pic or a croissant.

No. 408322

File: 1508788971909.png (829.71 KB, 610x509, HprGLou.png)

No. 408328

File: 1508789407616.jpg (82.26 KB, 900x900, Aly-ens.jpg)

Just like a cat that one doesn't give a fuck.

I wish she'd stop thinking about purging and show us this thing she's going to show us. I'm not a patient person.

No. 408346

File: 1508791370629.jpg (97.43 KB, 809x594, youre fucking kidding me.JPG)

This is the shit she kept me waiting for.


No, I won't wait for your recovery news. I'm honestly pissed off with your teasing, always thinking one day it's going to be something exciting or ubermilky but all we get is something about fucking food.

No. 408355

File: 1508792061157.png (290.32 KB, 750x1118, IMG_8571.PNG)

>You play so tragic
Have to agree even no one actually said that. I'm surprised more people don't call her out on her twisting their words.

No. 408363

How the fuck did Aly even get hired?

No. 408365

they cant cus theyre blocked

ok so she doesnt do any of this

No. 408367

Her anorexia peaked for like 2 years bitch wtf? You're just a spoiled brat

How has she not gotten fired yet?

No. 408373

She was doing "adult" things before she was spoopy. She's going to use her illness as an excuse when she's fucking 50.

Compared to many anas, the low body weight didn't last long at all. Does she think she's the only ~girl interrupted~ because she gets everything handed to her on a plate…and then she "throws it up" because being a kid fits her plans better.

No. 408375

File: 1508794018585.png (4.02 KB, 278x56, alys maggie.png)

sorry maggie, she's not gonna give you any attention. social anxiety? she's a neurotic self-centred bitch

No. 408376

>I wish she'd stop taking about purging now, it's weird

Agreed. Especially bc I'm p sure she's not actually even binging and purging in any real sense. Every time she's "thrown up" she's been careful not to actually say that she purged, and it's always been hours and hours after a meal and sounds more like being hung over or having a stomach bug or just half assed coughing a few times to have something to post about. She sounds like she's trying to get attention and sympathy, not like she's actually dealing with binge purge episodes.

Sage for caring too much lol it's just that I've known enough people dealing with bulimia or other purging EDs and it pisses me off that she's pretending her hangover puke is something that fucks people's lives up so hard

No. 408378

Isn’t her job just an internship anyway that her job agency set up?? She mentioned they decide to officially hire her after a trial period. Wonder how long that is. I hope they don’t officially give her the job tbh.
(Too busy to go & find the caps sorry)

No. 408379

Welcome back!

I get you. I'm the same over her talking about being "suicidal".

No. 408381

Oh but I just thought. You might want to delete that post. There's a cow tipper lurking here.

No. 408382

she thinks she a fuc*ing patron saint of anorexia

shes been to hospital! twice!

aly can twist anything, that hot girl said they had to work 2 jobs in recovery cus thats life and that aly could handle it but aly makes it into a hater comment "ohh im so ashamed i couldnt work cus of muh my mental illness~" uhm you just had the luxury of not having to work

we should make some kind of call out insta for her, what she says happened vs what really did

No. 408383

File: 1508794356824.jpg (752.53 KB, 1051x1845, Screenshot_20171023-172939.jpg)

Where did all of that filling go? Even if she did eat it, showing off the inside empty is odd and seems slightly disordered.

I cannot stand her talking about purging. She initially called it just throwing up, but once so many people cared and asked if it was purging, Aly realized that moaning about purging is a gateway to more ~support~

No. 408385

You could take one of my accounts. It's following Aly.

No. 408386

Scrap that, we'd have to block her.

No. 408387

Lol yes the suicidal shit is fucking infuriating too, as well as the "panic attacks" and all the other shit she pretends she has in an attempt to seem as fragile as her fifteen minutes of ana fame.

I'm pretty sure she'd be FUC*ING mad if someone who skipped one meal once decided they were anorexic. She needs to realize that she does not have every illness ever just bc she was thin once upon a time

No. 408388


I really have wanted to make a private profile that comments on alys posts like fence did, but actually has call out stuff. Like follow a bunch of her fans especially those who get suspicious, and ask them to follow back.

Or, when I feel very petty, just a satire account where you post like Alice.

No. 408390


Do you think that Aly thinks she's famous like a celeb instagrammer? She behaves like it and posts as though she's got a fan base as an audience. I really think she thinks she's FAMOUS (!)

Oh dooo eeeeeet. I miss C Christie

No. 408406

she asked for "help", everybody told her to pack nutritious healthy lunches and now she's shitting on them saying this fried sugary crap is better than a "lunch pre-packaged", which is the opposite of what they meant. infuriating uppity bitch.

i think she's reading this thread, just not letting it on. because most of the "yelling" she complains about sounds like Aly-fied summaries of the posts here. the quote in this caption feels like how she would attempt to summarize something like >>408171

No. 408414

i wonder what would happen if she ever found out about her own lolcow page. struggling (!) on the clock (like she doesn't do that already)

No. 408418

I hope so too. I'm sure her coworkers will be relieved when she's cut loose.

No. 408422


I hope her boss slaps her.

No. 408428

File: 1508797855487.png (567.31 KB, 927x591, aly reeses.png)

our "always precious ideas"? aly wtf are you on about
though those biscuits look genuinely good

No. 408432


Ideas that say make her feel shit and she takes the piss out them.

I'm on Whittard's Pumpkin Spice tea. Nice iced in the fridge too #teablog #tealove #teaheaven #alysatwatyeah

No. 408601

doubt it I mean she freaks out really bad when she gets one negative comment on her IG, if she saw lolcow I really doubt she'd be freaking out to the same degree that she does with one "hater"

No. 408687

It's fucking annoying.
I'm italian too, as our princess Aly; when I was recovering I went to highschool and worked. It's not impossible.
Also, I was still recovering when finishing highschool and moved to Rome - started working full time and studying for University.

She spends a lot of time whining when she has everything served. Also, you can't really find in Italy Reese's and stuff like that, you can only buy them in specific shops that import stuff (pricey as fuck) or she's ordering them online, which means at least 30+ for every shipping.

She has no idea of what being a responsible adult means, I hope she'll be forced to understand it and stop fucking behaving like a spoiled 5y/o brat.

No. 408688


I would say she's in a rut because she's out of the high school/college pipeline with no experience or anything do naturally do, but then I remembered she dropped out of college

No. 408692


did she ever say the reason why she dropped out of uni?

No. 408704

Probably because paper cuts are death threatening for her feeble health.

No. 408718

I don’t follow his flake so I gotta ask, how on earth she is 17.5 bmi? She is at least 18.5 or even higher (like 19ish).

No. 408723

She's a liar, and she wants attention through her illness. She's trying to convince herself and her followers she's still fragile and delicate so she feels validated to eat like an idiot, complain and still having a poor care for her health - just completely opposite to when she was really thin as a sheet.

No. 408724

same anon, it's pretty common among people who just preach recovery and never actually get to the point of gaining back their life and personality.
She's defined by her problems, and she clings to them cause it's all she has.

No. 408725

Eyeballing it, her bmi for her height which I suppose it's 165cm it's 19,8

She looks physically like a friend of mine which weights ~54kg

No. 408728

No. 408772

Tbh with the zero muscle she has, it's actually possible that her BMI is low, maybe not the 17.5 but still around there. It's so annoying how she's based her whole health around this number like if she was to do some weight lifting she'd gain that weight she wants to

No. 408784

File: 1508854841381.jpg (431.04 KB, 720x1096, Screenshot_20171024-151050.jpg)

She should take a look around at what other professionals are wearing right now and take it on board! Just these 3 in the background..Coats tailored trousers smart shoes etc and the weather's obviously cooler in italy now!
She looks like a street corner hooker! Bet berto is so proud of his trailer trash gf

No. 408787

she doesnt know how to dress or do well, anything

has she posted a breakdown yet?

No. 408802

File: 1508856734044.png (2.25 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171024-085045.png)

No breakdown, but upset about haters telling her to grow up and eat right

No. 408803

File: 1508856761675.png (2.75 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171024-085050.png)

No. 408804

File: 1508856791077.png (2.99 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171024-085056.png)

No. 408810

I feel like she reads what we write.

also >>408804 which game?

No. 408812

sorry aly i missed which post you want me to check?
is that a sandwich she brought from home? it looks so bashed up lol reminds me of how she used to eat em like pull a chunk of bread off and pretend it was a bite

No. 408823

probably the "eat healthier and take care of your body"-game

No. 408829

right but oh wait she had a healthy unfilled croissant. she probably means restricting or b/ping depending on which ed she has today

No. 408873

God, I hate the word "adulting". I want to "adult". Fuck me.

How is dyiet connected to being an adult? Unless you're talking about how kids love sweeties and Haribo then fine, but reducing junk is something you do at any age so you don't clog your arteries, get diabeetus and all that. Stupid fucing bitch. Really holding a grudge when people point out that life is harsh when you go alone.

No. 408895

File: 1508867897107.jpg (736.74 KB, 1424x1810, Screenshot_20171024-115546.jpg)

She has gastroenterotis now!!

No. 408896

File: 1508867958229.png (2.33 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171024-115604.png)

I guess she walked out of work today from a stomach ache.

No. 408897

god i hope it kills her

No. 408899

Oh no she had explosive shitz at work! She was CROUCHED and TREMBLING. Couldn't talk!

I bet it was those muscles at the cheapo restaurant.

Sorry, Aly, but lol.

No. 408901

"As you can imagine I won't be present on here in the coming days"
yeah you fuckin will liar

No. 408902

Maybe it was her adult healthy empty croissant this morning.

No. 408904

Or the way she eats while sitting in a toilet cubicle.

No. 408905

Don't forget throwing up for 2 hours!

No. 408908

She doesn't even know what a person does when they have tummy trouble!

No. 408919

So curious! Aly went ill just before her "rest day" that she was going to skip because a coworker got ill too! I don't believe anything!!!

No. 408920


No wonder that she gets sick when she walks around like that.
I live in an European country not that far away from Milan and it´s already really cold outside these days…

I just don´t get it why she wears that

No. 408922

I don't think this is a farmer, but might as well be.

Woah for overreaction there, son.

>It's been too much on you the stress from work.

Does this dumb bitch not know that gastroenteritis is a virus and not stress related? OMG GO TO THE DOCTOR QUICK!!!!1

No. 408948

ahhh ikr hilarious

has she posted since this global update?

No. 408952

File: 1508886716158.png (36.81 KB, 750x235, IMG_2940.PNG)

too funny

No. 408963

She's trying to say she has a 39 degree fever but she's still posting lmao

If she even is sick it's probably a 24 hour bug

No. 408970

is an "almost collapse" the same condition as Joy had, a "near heart attack?"

No. 409008


That's what you get when you squat on the floor in a public toilet eating chocolate on the daily like a madwoman. you probably ate twenty other people's fecal matter you disgusting cow!

No. 409071

File: 1508923787595.png (757.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171025-112911.png)

No. 409079


No. 409086

looks so proud

No. 409089

Why is she wearing her jacket in bed?

No. 409091

Is this all some excuse for a purge fest? Like did she get busted vomiting at work?

No. 409092

Maybe she's just cold, and she has to move around the house. I do it too sometimes, when I'm too tired to took my clothes off.
If she's really sick, it may be.

No. 409096

shes probably gonna say her immune system is weakened or something so much stress from carrying a box of shoes to the store

i wonder if she'll let this trigger a relapse, she keeps saying how she cant even drink tea or whatever. oh noes i lost 2kg when i was sick (!)

No. 409099

File: 1508931044936.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171025-133002.png)

No. 409101

File: 1508931521416.png (971.4 KB, 720x1007, 20171025_133757.png)

No. 409102

File: 1508931929881.png (209.93 KB, 720x1169, 20171025_134518.png)

No. 409106

I can believe she actually has a stomach virus, but she sure as shit isn’t sitting around taut with worry about losing weight. She is LOVING an airtight excuse to both not eat and throw up anything she does eat. Not to mention it’s getting her some extra pity and attention.

She will likely weigh in at the end of this, make sure to post about exactly how much she lost and proclaiming she will fight to gain it back, but really she’s over there celebrating that she got to be sneaky about losing weight.

No. 409108

i thought she wasnt gonna post lol

god i hate when she declares "im safe" ok??? you got the shits aly youre gonna be fine

everything you lose when sick is p much water weight too but not to aly

No. 409112

it might be an excuse to miss work and feel frail, but it's not an exit to purge seeing as she didn't actually purge and just wants people to think she does lol

No. 409114

aly must be such a trigger to her beloved girls, eats fast food and stays thin, says normal sized meals are binges, constant suicide threats and now shes gonna lose a buncha weight from being "sick" and she wonders why people unfollow her

No. 409157


Her overdramatizing ass is so cluster b it hurts.

Aly, if you were actually "fainting constantly" while having a stomach bug you would have been hauled to the hospital stat.

Calm your fuc*king feces and stop pretending you're oh so scared of losing weight.

No. 409165

I wonder why on earth She's with a jacket so uncomfy in house, yeah, she must are frezzing but all of us have a comfy and warm sweater in home, i won't use the highschool jacket. And She's like lying on bed but without blankets, it's like she was "standing tall" and then said "i'll play victim" and took a shot. She's wanting to skip her last week of the departament she doesn't wants, till saturday and in sunday we're going to see her posing on McDonalds.
Maybe she leaved already the job and monday she'll update that the boss fired her (!)

No. 409178

File: 1508948714430.jpg (1.18 MB, 1407x2122, Screenshot_20171025-102204.jpg)

She rearranged her last few posts, and deleted her healthy breakfast from Yesturday among others. Then reposted the gross looking potato that probably made her sick. It was probably just food poisoning.

No. 409182

yeah she probably just had the shits, it happens lol has she not posted much today? i wish she would accept my request

No. 409183

File: 1508949534979.jpg (431.31 KB, 1054x1547, PicsArt_10-25-05.34.24.jpg)

I actually think she might just be lying to skip work. She was pissed that someone else got ill and she was being asked to cover their shifts. Then, on the day she's supposed to be there, she magically gets ill with a virus that needs a full week of recovery time. Yeah right, she just doesn't want to work. God forbid someone else gets ill. Aly is the weak and fragile girl.

No employer would ever tell an employee that vomiting "will pass" (as she also claimed). No way. She's a nasty, conniving little liar and I hope @treesse sees her posts.

No. 409186

yeah i don't believe for a second she's sick. if she's presumably nauseous and puking and feeling "so sick" how is she looking at and reposting pictures of food? when i'm sick i can't even look at food on tv bc it makes me want to puke lol

i agree with >>409183 she probably just wants to get out of her last week of work. what illness could she possibly have that would need a WEEK of recovery? that's crazy

No. 409188

well such illnesses exist, but it's just a magical coincidence that she knows it's something sooo serious. I can't read that fucking thermometer she's waving in stories.

The poor souls that have to work with her.

No. 409194

I like how she is well enough to apply makeup and put on jewelry

No. 409196

yeah like she hasnt even seen a dr just spoke on the phone right? how does she know its gastroenteritis? its like how she knows she has low blood pressure. bitch is ridiculous, i bet she wont get offered the permanent job and she'll be free to waste her life getting donnies

No. 409203

shes posting as usual really. As much as a work day anyway.

No. 409205

omg…your right. this fucking bitch

No. 409206

File: 1508951806497.png (2.58 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171025-111346.png)

She loves it sooo much

No. 409211

Look to my falsification of pokemon for 3DS, guys! She's really of the 90's, what a character.

No. 409216

Did she delete this post today?

No. 409228

shes obviously fine like if you had a high fever and were throwing up you would just sleep not like play pokemon and post on your insta constantly

No. 409250

Idk, when I was working shitty student jobs I was told to come into work even when I was legit sick if it was a busy day and they were short staffed. I worked a server shift a day I'd been puking (I'm sure my tables would have loved to know it) so I sort of think this could be true.

But more importantly she's way exaggerating this minor bout of food poisoning to get out of work and play victim.

Can't wait until she gets all excited about losing a kilo of water weight, and then freaks out when it comes back after two days back on the McDonald's sodium grind.

No. 409253

haha right i predict shes gonna be all i have lost 2kg from my SICKNESS my bmi is now UNDER 17 and then when people tell her its only temporary she'll be like NO I WAS ILL i DIDNT EAT for 3 DAYS

No. 409254

Anon, that's the virtual console Pokemon Red/Blue, it's official

No. 409287

How much of her intake do we think she eats? And how much does she spend on food per week? Any estimates ?

No. 409299

I feel like that 3DS is her brother's, cuz I don't feel she's a legit gamer cuz cmon when does she have legit interests?

No. 409318

File: 1508966875310.png (171.73 KB, 640x1136, 1D49AEF3-D0AA-4296-B31E-BD42C4…)


No. 409319

File: 1508966889807.png (189.57 KB, 640x1136, 0676B4C9-42DE-4D82-A095-664AD5…)


No. 409327

boohoo…It's a business, they will try to work you if they can. If you cant make it, then i'm sure someone else can. Im sure they can make it without her, but it will suck balls.

That's what pisses me off about this. Sage for personal, but I own a small business, and i'm trying to just get through my day, if you cant come in, it fucks me over big time. Sick or not, i'm fucked. Do any of these kids care? no. end rant

No. 409336

uhm, it's your business. I know it sucks dealing with employees but it's just a job to them, and that's fair enough. if someone getting sick is going to break your business, you're in a dicey position at any time.

anyway … I feel like Aly's work has been really tolerant. we know she's doing fuck all, making a big scene about everything and spending half her time on social media. how is she still there? she desperately wants out and they could get better help from one of the store mannequins.

No. 409338

There was no sick pay in the crappy jobs I've had. If you were off sick, you didn't get pay for that day so you had to drag yourself in to keep up with rent and bills.

I really wish she was living on her own with responsibilities. While she's got her parents paying for everything she's always going to get to choose the easy option.

Idk if it's just me (I suspect NOT (!) ) but at 22 she should really gtfo of the parental home and live by herself. Of course if she ever does live with Berto then he's going to be the parent substitute and bail her out.

No. 409343

holy shit this is so fucking melodramatic. as usual she sounds like a 13 year old who is just discovering that occasionally life is annoying. OMG PEOPLE HAVE NO RESPECT FOR HEALTH!! OMG I HAVE TO WORK WHEN I DON'T FEEL AWESOME!! THIS IS A FUCING ATROCITY WORSE THAN FUCING AUSCHWITZ!!

i can see her doing a dramatic fake collapse on the storehouse floor after fake shivering for an hour. hoping someone will notice her plight, but no one does, so she just keeps escalating her histrionics.

she is 100000% building up to quitting and/or being fired intentionally.

No. 409350

I found it odd that when she was at her lowest weight she never had an illness. Not even a cold. Now she's a healthy weight and has to do life things she's suddenly collapsing and having tummy bugs.

Her bro seems like a nice guy, but I wish she'd throw a hissy fit over her being sick the way she raised the roof over Ma not taking her for donnies (or crepes, w/e she was into at that stage) because she had to stay and look after him when he had a gastro bug. He was THIRTEEN. She's 22 and having the shits is fucking typhoid. HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS (!)

No. 409351

(I wish he'd* throw a hissy fit)

No. 409356

dr prescribed rest lol
god, i hate her histrionic ass. cant wait till she gets fired. they probably just asked her if she could work and said get better soon

No. 409364


I love how her doctor could determine the exact type of this highly contagious super virus just from talking to Aly on the phone.

Doctors over there are fuc*king miracle workers as evidenced by our recoveryqueer.
Continuous mental health decline? NOT (!)

No. 409369

File: 1508973238944.jpg (41.17 KB, 595x245, noro.JPG)

I'm surprised she hasn't said she has NORO VIRUS and not gastroenteritis. It sounds more dramatic.

Tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if she did have it after eating that rank restaurant food.

Don't know if it's a winter thing in Italy, but every year noro breaks out in the UK.

No. 409370

>this hard time
I really hope your infectious diarrhoea clears up soon aly

No. 409372

She's going to milk this for at least a week if not more, any guesses of how many kilos she's going to lose?

No. 409374

There's no sick pay in most temp/ short-term jobs, it's not just "shitty jobs"

Probably drop down to a BMI of 17 (!) then next weej miraculously be BMI 18.4. It's so fucking annoying how she talks about weight fluctuations like she's becoming anorexic again after a normal loss when weighing yourself after a shit.

I hope she doesnt get her period back anytime soon, her children would be fucked up raised by such a histrionic cunt, they'd probably post in r/raisedbynarcissists daily when they grow up

No. 409377

Yes, it is dicey. We have to work harder to make up for someone who can't take care of themselves, Like Aly. If my employees don't care about my personal problems, why should I care about theirs? Obviously I'm thinking about Aly when I say this shit. I doubt Aly gives a fuck. I don't think she's actually sick; and I'm glad her job is telling her to do her best to get better by Friday. lol

No. 409423

For fuck's sake, Aly. You're an adult. Your job wasn't holding you hostage. You wanna go home? Leave.

I'm 99% sure this is mostly made up. She's reading here or getting skeptical DMs and wants to justify her decision to fake sick. Maybe she got caught purging, maybe she just told them she has a stomachache. But she's not legitimately ill. Remember when she almost died from getting "run over by a car" yet there was no report of this hapoening in Milanese news or any evidence to suggest it was serious?

And who the fuck wants a barfing woman-child sitting on the floor of a storeroom? I don't believe for a second that her job wanted her to stay until she felt better. She probably suggested it so that she could still get paid for the day.

Her bosses already know she is incapable. Why would they want her puking ass to stick around and whine? It's also a liability (healh and financial) for them.

I don't cow-tip but I'm dying to know what her bosses would say if they saw these posts. Dying. I wish someone would print them out and wallpaper Treesse with them. Fuck it, Eat Me and Go too.

No. 409432

They probably said something nice like "Oh no, we miss you and need you! Get well soon!"

But Aly is a victim of sexism, sizism, ageism, i-kill-me-ism, and discrimination. She's basically being trafficked - it's human slavery. No one gave her a blanket. Fuck, it's just like Fantine. "every minute colder" - oh wait:

Come to me, O Bert, the likes are fading
Don't you see my bones are reappearing?
Come to me, and let me take a picture
How fast the follow'rs fly away and every minute quicker.
Hurry near, I'm on the floor and dying
Don't you hear, I'm all alone and crying?
There are yells which come without a warning
But I will post on Instagram and eat donnies in the morning!

No. 409493

File: 1508995857410.jpg (19.69 KB, 480x207, IMG_20171026_002659_274.JPG)

She'd drop to 48.
1. Bad breakdown (AM i alone here (?))
2. Accept all pending requests.
3. "Accidentally" went public.
Sorry for the strange Quality, my phone has a light filter.

No. 409503


She's SUCH a victim.
No one 'left' her on the floor without a jacket. She's an adult, why didn't she get her jacket or pick herself up off the floor? Why does she think these are other people's responsibilities?

No. 409505

File: 1508998209177.jpg (251.79 KB, 1236x1179, IMG_20171025_233844.jpg)

Yes, please email them to tell them what slave drivers they are to Aly.

No. 409512

Both definitely sound like farmers but I'd love for a non farmer to email her workplace and tell them about all the things she said about them and how they're worried about Aly in that "toxic environment" lololol

No. 409515

samefag but tip to all farmers posting obviously sarcastic stuff on Aly's posts, block Saralin99 because it's confimed that she lurks here and she has threatened to cowtip and expose the old Fence (idk if she actually messaged Aly)

No. 409520

what happened to aly's friends that she had when she was sick? she never posts about them anymore

No. 409522

File: 1509001733016.jpg (464.31 KB, 1080x1564, Screenshot_20171026-010221.jpg)

Is almost everyone who comments a farmer now? Because they all pretty much sound like this. There are 24 comments and only a few lovely girls haven't told her to quit.

No. 409544

I love her being naive (sarcasm)
Obviously nobody cares if you're the last arrived, this thing can last for a week or two, when you're learning - not more.
Then you're a worker just like the others, such a strong, independent feminist should be proud of it.

No. 409548

File: 1509012257588.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171026-120214.png)

No. 409549

File: 1509012274020.png (883.94 KB, 720x1139, 20171026_120307.png)

No. 409550

File: 1509012290928.png (961.83 KB, 720x1156, 20171026_120327.png)

No. 409551

File: 1509012302814.png (218.36 KB, 720x1136, 20171026_120343.png)

No. 409556

Has she never heard of asprin for a ~high fever~? Aly's the definition of a slacker.

No. 409557

You HAVE to fax the medical permission to the central office, or those will counted as free days. Fucking prick.

No. 409558

will be counted**

sorry for the alynglish there, she makes me feel so angry I forget words.

No. 409559

As if complaining about not being given the time time to ~fully heal~ is going to change anything. She really doesn't understand that companies don't gaf. They're going to change the system because some random thinks her working conditions are intolerable.

She's probably loving the motherly attention from Ma as well. She said she liked the attention from concerned people when he was a spoop so she'll be loving Ma running around for her (which no doubt is what she's doing).

>she makes me feel so angry I forget words

I've found that I'm more tolerant of people I meet irl since I've directed all my anger towards Aly. Lolcow is good for your mental health.

No. 409565

I don't think she is capable of understanding anything that doesn't fit in her bubble. As others have mentioned, she lives in a retarded version of Groundhog Day. Instead of trying new things in an unchanging environment, she desperately clings to the exact same shit (right down to copy/pasting posts etc) because that's all she can do. She is, in a very real sense, living on a different planet from the rest of us. Some part of her knows the world won't change, and relies on it as an excuse for her never changing.

that fucking smirk tho …

No. 409599

File: 1509025210397.png (360.1 KB, 1080x1568, 20171026_083936.png)


No. 409604

File: 1509025339289.png (200.25 KB, 1080x705, 20171026_084135.png)


No. 409605

File: 1509025368637.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1791, 20171026_084145.png)

Sage for all posting the same pic 100 times

No. 409606

Now the bows are on the sides?

No. 409610

kek I hope she really does this so she gets fired earlier

I dont understand her broken english can someone make sense of this?

So she self diagnosed herself with depression? Or her doctor did over the phone? Dumbass doctor should've sent her ass to a psychiatrist to be diagnosed with HPD, her boss would love that! Is she making up the whole thing just to quit without people hating on her? And did she actually send that letter to her work? How did all of this occur within 3 hours - getting a depression diagnosis, getting the letter from her doc, sending it to work, and getting a response? What is she upset about? Help

No. 409612

Once you've been hospitalized for depression and anxiety all the medics jump to the conclusion that whatever symptoms you have is related.

At a check up the doc saw where I'd scolded my stomach on freshly boiled tea. He wouldn't believe it was me being a careless twat. I'd done it to myself because self arm history.

Why does she think she's the only one who gets stick for mental illness? Tbh her employers were right to consider it might be ED related. They're probably looking out for her.

#victim (!)

No. 409615

Adding, I understand a lot of illnesses can be anxiety induced. Why can't she? Not that hers was if it's legit a virus. It's annoying, but docs have to look into your history for a potential connection.

Bitch got a lot to learn.

No. 409617

lol so shes better then
i cant believe she takes a pic posing with a thermometer haha

No. 409619

Munchie in the making.

No. 409620

prediction. this time next year = proudly sporting her feeding tube in daily life.

No. 409623

Did she just go public? she accepted my sock puppet account

No. 409625

File: 1509028171334.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4965.PNG)

I'm giggling

No. 409626

so far today shes has cookies and chocolate lol
talkin about this mean job is getting her lots of comments too i wonder how long she'll drag it out for

she accepted requests i guess cus her follower count went up .2

No. 409627

sorry aly but herpes can't be cured

No. 409628

Berto gave her herpes!

No. 409632

Yeah it's not that big of a fucking deal lol like once you get diagnosed with a mental illness (especially something that has led to hospitalizations or a personality disorder), unless you find a new doctor who doesnt care about your old medical records they think nearly everything is related to that. Feel sick? You must've tried to OD on tylenol! She's so fucking extra, trying to make it seem like the world is against her and she needs your help and pity

No. 409635

No No no… it's a stupid quote/ saying she likes to repeat. "Before diagnosing yourself with depression make sure you are not surrounded by assholes" it means your not depressed, everyone is just mean to you.

She's going to cling to this abusive job story as long as it getting her comments.

Question: if she does go full on munchie, do we have to combine her thread with theirs? I really hope not

No. 409649

This bitch had ONE job in her entire life- fucking RETAIL and she "lost faith in the working world". Then stop working, idiot and have your boyfriend support you for the rest of you life even tho he only makes minimum wage at retail too (!) I can't wait until her dad kicks her out of the house and she has to live with her berto but then berto dumps her cuz he can't pay rent anymore since she's leeching on him using his money for milkshakes. Then she resorts to stripping but lasts about 2 hours until a creepy old man calls her "slut" and our feminist queen quits, is homeless and jobless for life

No. 409662

It was predicted!

No. 409664

About that quote (I think who said this was Marilyn Monroe but not site, I'm so dumb), it doesn't fit un context, I mean, I believe the "assholes" are her coworker and boss (mean boss (!)), And Aly is the one who was diagnosed, anorexia and gastroenteritis (!), This two illness have nothing to do with if you're surrounded by assholes.
Btw, I have a theory. I think she's already fired but she want us to believe that "you don't fire me, I quit!" But till monday don't know.

No. 409666

Same anon, my autocorrect made me write "Marilyn Monroe but not site" haha i meant "sure".

No. 409677

its always hard to work out what shes really doing

i feel like she just went off sick because they werent gonna give her a day off and now shes complaining that theyre being so unfair to her as she loves playing the victim and it gets her attention

No. 409679

Sage your shit

No. 409694

File: 1509037978466.jpg (529.62 KB, 809x1280, Screenshot_20171026-121134.jpg)

free time? thought you were ill

No. 409696

File: 1509038048237.jpg (1.28 MB, 810x2923, Screenshot_20171026-121150.jpg)

also i laughed out loud at "stress related herpes"

how was she 2/3kg heavier in this pic?

No. 409699

Stress triggering herpes is normal…but what does she even have to be stressed over? Not getting enough comments on her posts?

No. 409701

Yeah but aly probably has chapped lips
Her whole fuc*ing list of things wrong w her
>hollowed face
god we get it youre a frail little spoop

No. 409705

the fuck? folding clothes made lose 4lbs which led to "hollow face, low blood pressue, hepes, and a weak immune system" ???

Imagine her becoming like, a project manager for a construction project. She'd lose 30lbs in 2 days and develop stress related aids

Bitch it's called WEIGHT FLUCTUATIONS. You're folding fucking clothes and lifting 5-pound boxes. This isn't because of your job, this is because you're a spoiled attention seeking brat

No. 409707

shes goddamn crazy

No. 409708

File: 1509040361829.png (147.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4966.PNG)

Stress-related chlamydia omg

No. 409737

I was scrolling through this post while drinking wine and spit some out while reading that comment. Day made.

No. 409742

File: 1509043802065.jpeg (141.04 KB, 720x1280, 345678.jpeg)

No. 409751

nice lil ana lunch you got there aly

No. 409753

um pretty sure she just blocked me for asking what her job was lmao im not gonna make any more accounts to follow her my god

No. 409756

The one that said "what kind of work do you do sweetheart?"?

No. 409762

Its not just the working word? lol ok Aly, go get another job and see how you do. There's no boss in the world who is still in business that let their employees take breaks whenever they want, show up whenever they want or not at all, and choose what work to do or not.

What sort of job does she want anyway? They already agreed to move her to the "women's department" and yet, shes still pissed off? ya Aly, that's because it IS " the working world" no matter where you go.

No. 409786

this anon's post went unappreciated
(Was hoping in a bit more support (!) )

kek, nice one. please keep contributing.

No. 409790

Lol at her pretending she's being persecuted for her "anorexic past." I'm sure she just accidentally forgot to mention that she moaned about her illness repeatedly (she POSTED about this, why is she acted like there was some spy who tortured the info out of her?). Also that she's acting weak as fuck on purpose and probably brings up her ed 9/24. I'm sure what actually happened is they assumed the lazy girl who always had an excuse why she can't work normally was creating one more fake health crisis.

No one gives a fuck about her ed past, they just care that she's a last hypochondriac.

Also I'm fucking dying at stress-related herpes.

No. 409803

The company are possibly concerned about her past and health because they font want to be sued for hiring her when she might drop dead at work because she's soooo fragile.

No. 409895

so in the last few days aly posted herself doing something other than posing with food (posing with a DS), ate or at least deigned to photograph vegetables and called her stomach bug "gastroenteritis", which is tantamount to transitioning to being munchie instead of an ana recoveryqueer in her barren world. i can sense changes coming (!) dante would be proud.

No. 409920

File: 1509060939503.png (2.44 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171026-173326.png)

No. 410114

File: 1509081232556.png (129.33 KB, 693x758, 20171027_061106.png)

So this is the claim

No. 410116

File: 1509081301566.png (191.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171027-061140.png)

Here are some quick reviews.. hardly a world famous shop
Some terrible reviews

No. 410117

File: 1509081400885.png (321.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171027-061309.png)

Pt 2

The main treesse shop has slightly better reviews but its still a skate shop not on par with the likes of versachi or armarni

No. 410129

>versachi or armarni

Ooookay? I don't think anyone, even Aly, was pretending otherwise.

No. 410150

File: 1509089384260.png (318.57 KB, 729x582, k.png)

>versachi or armarni
lmao anon

that's not even the right shop, she works in via torino, same street of eatme&go and 12oz.

i'm sure she said "pretty famous" because it's fairly popular in milan… or something. that's what i've gathered from the reviews anyway

No. 410151

Poor Ems, but not as bad as how I suffer. I got anxiety induced syphilis and it's a mortal disease.

That store seems like a poor mans Super Dry to me.

I'm wondering which stress induced illness Aly has today. Oh god, I hope the herpes hasn't eaten her face off (!)

No. 410153

>versachi or armarni
saw this scrolling down, how deep south are you from lmao?
Your shit is disregarded. Via Torino, as another anon said, where she works. It's a famous shopping street, just like Ticinese. She's not lying about what she does but, it's still nothing to brag about.

Ironically, Via Torino does have an Armani store, numbnut.

No. 410159

isn't it true that a cold sore breakout can be triggered by stress or being otherwise sick?

No. 410171

File: 1509098362010.png (336.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-27-02-52-50…)

Her morning post that she's reposted twice already to my knowledge. Either she has a completely useless doctor or she's lying. I would bet lying. No mention of a CBC or anything. I dont live in italy, but wouldnt she at least get some acyclovir for her massive mouth herpes outbreak? Nope, poor little aly has just been suppressing her pain for a month because she had to work like a normal person.

No. 410175

cold sores are caused by herpes, can be triggered by stress. chlamydia is something else entirely.

No. 410176

>it is a reaction of my mistreated body who suffocated pain for a month and now it's exploding

Yeah that sounds really medical, I'm sure that's exactly what her doctor said.

I've never seen anyone be so dramatic about a stomach bug. I'm sure it sucked but she's fine now and milking it like she needs a week to recover from one afternoon of diarrhea. Plus acting like only a special fragile ana with a terribly hard job could get sick. Umm everyone gets stomach bugs sometimes. It's not that deep.

No. 410186

pardon, I must have missed the chlamydia!

No. 410194

She's being such a drama queen, it's been a while since the last time I read everything - I usually read some phrases to preserve my mental stability.
I should've kept doing it.

No. 410199

File: 1509106769672.png (142.24 KB, 750x1027, IMG_0941.PNG)

Proud of fucking WHAT!? Wow Aly I'm so proud of you for eating chocolate cause you are such ana queen and never eat chocolate other than EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY

No. 410206

yeah think i gotta switch off from aly for awhile, cant stand her and not being able to slap her in the face is a struggle

No. 410207

File: 1509109112369.png (171.15 KB, 640x1136, D5BCA884-5E9B-4169-8930-F8DD59…)


No. 410208

File: 1509109145067.png (179.3 KB, 640x1136, E00F7C3B-1345-4D1C-9E54-4D74A8…)

Ugh I hope she gets fired before she can quit.

No. 410209

File: 1509109203319.png (1.45 MB, 640x1136, AB1BF6BE-9515-4195-BF8B-2CF0C2…)

Also this.
But she can eat chocolate fine?

No. 410224

File: 1509111452720.png (114.22 KB, 750x577, IMG_0942.PNG)


Yeah, while on other days you handle it so well and deal with negative comments (which didn't happen ofc) like an adult right Aly

No. 410226

File: 1509111661431.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0943.PNG)

>> maybe see you this evening

As if she won't post 10 more times today, reposts not counted (didn't she say she won't be active on IG while being sick? Does she even believe the bullshit she writes?)

No. 410237

Does anyone know if she's even getting paid lol? Some interns don't

The chlamydia was obviously sarcasm lol

A sarcastic anon posted about having stress related chlamydia lol see >>410114

No. 410240

no shit it was sarcasm? thanks for telling me. /s

I've been wondering about the intern thing too. I hope they're not paying her, they may as well ask her to flush the money down the loo while she's in there.

No. 410241

haha I actually just misread your post scrolling by quickly tbh sorry if I sounded condescending, Im sleepy and I thought you were replying to >>410114 and implying you didn't realize it was sarcasm

No. 410246

Her posts lately are starting to read just like a munchie. And it's so obvious she tries to manipulate her followers into telling her she should quit her job. The post where she was explaining (don't feel like reading through them to find it) that her boss and coworkers didn't believe she was really sick screams to me that she was not at all. If someone is really throwing up at work nobody is going to question if you are sick or not. I bet she didn't even throw up at all or just told someone that she did and lied.

I thought herpes were just sores around your mouth? Can you really have such an outbreak that it hurts to eat or is this just more of her bullshit?

No. 410251

OH my GOD 2kg is a normal fluctuation over the course of days, let alone a month. It's not fucking dangerous get over yourself Aly. Her BMI is 18.4 big fucking deal she was always naturally skinny, so many people are naturally "underweight".

Managing 1kg (2.2lbs) gain every month literally just requires a constituent surplus of about 250 calories a day. So if her metabolism is at around 2000 cals/day, all she needs to do is eat 2250 calories on average per day. It's not that fucking hard lol eat some peanuts.

If the 2kg lost wasn't a fluctuation (it was), she's restricting by 500 cals, down to 1500/day, obviously stuck in binge/restrict cycle

No. 410254

2/3 of a kilo is a little less than 1.5 pounds. It is ridiculous that she is talking about how much better she looked when she was that much heavier, especially spread over the body parts she lists. There are poops that weigh more than that. God she is dumb– I strongly suspect neither she nor anyone else would notice such a tiny physical difference. I wonder if she a tually believes this stuff. In any case, obsessively focussing on that the way she does is yet more evidence that she needs to see an actual therapist and deal with her mental illness(es).

No. 410256

File: 1509116490219.jpg (32.17 KB, 480x732, IMG_20171027_100016_360.JPG)

Dominant bitch

No. 410259

guys she's dieingggggggg

No. 410262

She can't even keep her story straight. She's just throwing out every possible pity grab and going one will stick. She's saying she lost bc of her job and how hard it is, but then she tries to act like she lost bc of a relapse? And then she's trying to act like she's upset at losing, but then saying it's so hard to eat and she wants to keep losing? Pick a fucking side.

We all called this. Fluctuation bc of her stomach bug. Wonder if she will ever acknowledge that her weight has gone back up? She never makes those posts even though her bmi somehow ends up back at 18.4 a few days after every "lost 2 kg!" rant.

No. 410265

Reported. Hope her account gets closed already tf

She's so histrionic and egotistical. "I deserve dying" as if there's gonna be an Aly when she's dead to be like "Yep, I deserve this! woo hoo!" reminds me of "You would miss you".

She needs to go through a severe existential crisis

No. 410266

Umm noo, a therapist would be a HUGE step back (!) only anorexics need therapy not EX anorexics

No. 410277

ok bye aly

she wants to relapse so bad i think she'll do it now

No. 410290

god i fucking hope she does

No. 410296


I can't be the only one here who secretly wants her to go full chubb.

No. 410299

ikr like she needs to go to inpatient a few dozen times to see how shes wasting her life

No. 410302

File: 1509121183018.jpg (58.58 KB, 491x601, nutrition aly style.JPG)

Despite herpes, she managed to scarf donuts.

No. 410305

is this from today?

No. 410306

File: 1509121469615.jpg (28.1 KB, 315x222, 1.JPG)

No. 410310

Right. Meaning she was with both her mom and brother and the donuts belonged to them and they all shared the "frapp". Then she went home and puked it all up.

No. 410318

Wait when did she claim she has high fever and a stomach bug, throwing up like there's no tomorrow? Couldn't keep down one bite of food? Was it wednesday? And now, two days later she's chugging down faps and donuts like nothing ever happened? No Aly. That's not how you act after such a draining virus. You are a lying cunt and i 🍩 believe you. If you read this: i hate you and i hope you die. Bitch.

No. 410321

File: 1509122575906.jpg (89.95 KB, 768x548, spoopy.JPG)

She looks sooooo thin and that herpes is horrendous.

No. 410323

lmao anon
yeah she was ill for like 2 days right? now shes out for donnies but cant work (!) i predict that she wont return to work i think shes done with that few weeks of working

No. 410324

File: 1509122683916.jpg (23.6 KB, 397x287, where is.JPG)

No. 410326

i told yall she just had chapped lips

No. 410346

Losing 2 kilos at her height and after a stomach illness is perfectly normal. It takes nothing to take them back once/if you start eating properly again.

No. 410354

Yeah, and of course everyone after had been sick the day before with fever and "gastroenteritis" goes out half naked in almost november. So fake

No. 410363

Oh god someone else apparently recognized her on the street. All of her followers are ghost accounts so she probably has like 1000 people who view her posts, let's give her 10 000 to be nice though.

3.2 billion people use the internet. 1 million people live in milan. statistically speaking about 6 PEOPLE that follow her account live in Milan. She claims a follower runs into her like every month. That's like a 1 in 200 000 chance. I don't even walk by 100 people in one day. What a fucking liar (I got bored and like math)

No. 410383

File: 1509126937202.png (69.89 KB, 477x255, wp_ss_20171027_0002.png)

Attention plz.

No. 410391

ya, you are just dumb Aly, so…

No. 410392

Lol is this 2015? She's not anorexic anymore, she's not even underweight. Yeah she's fucked in the head, but she obviously isn't restricting anymore. She's at her pre ED weight. She only wishes she still had an ED.

No. 410393

It would be a shame if someone tagged her job in this post talking about being outside eating and drinking, looking healthy as ever, while everyone at work is covering for her absence.

No. 410409

File: 1509130609861.jpeg (117.85 KB, 1260x572, image.jpeg)

Soooo sick

No. 410415

she'll passive aggressively reply that she only braved it out to get frappes cus shes getting sooo underweight and then all her energy was zapped

No. 410416

File: 1509131833793.jpg (311.51 KB, 1440x743, Screenshot_20171027-131148.jpg)

So, did she quit or did they reduce her hours? She mentions both

No. 410419

She’s posing like a prostitute

No. 410421

is that a fuc*ing door emoji

i guess she means they'll reduce her hours or she'll just quit? mansions? like this job has literally done nothing to hurt her health. if she was sick it was just a stomach bug and if she lost weight she just needed to eat more, i guess when she obviously quits she'll be free to wander around town eating food and doing nothing and spend another couple years gaining 5 pounds, well done aly

No. 410423


i think aly would benefit from dropping some acid tbh, that's exactly the kind of 'nothing fucking matters' existential crisis she needs

No. 410434

File: 1509134492201.jpg (51.24 KB, 480x466, IMG_20171027_150014_542.jpg)


No. 410446

Hahah I'm that same anon and I've literally said this before too. I absolutely agree. A tab or 5 slipped into her milkshake one day and there might actually be some hope with her in the future

No. 410449

File: 1509136425084.gif (1.99 MB, 332x215, cagelaugh.gif)

No. 410458

I know it's a long shot but god I hope Aly sees this and decides to throw chlamydia into her next 'phone call from the dr' because she thinks it sounds suitably Serious.

No. 410459

File: 1509138250632.jpg (35.35 KB, 286x328, 2.JPG)

Hater alert.

No. 410462

she is going to be so butthurt about this, i cant wait (!)

No. 410463

She just posted that people have been commenting on how "hollowed" she looks. She also hasn't told her parents about quitting the job yet.

No. 410469

File: 1509139568444.jpeg (29.32 KB, 364x320, image.jpeg)


Hollowed… Sure, okay.

No. 410470

this is spot on

lemme guess pa will say he knew she wasnt cut out for work cus shes A Female then he'll punch her in the face

No. 410471

She's hollow alright, but not physically. A real empty vessel.

No. 410473

i want someone to say so, did you fake being sick? i wonder what the new aly saga will be, talking constantly about how hard her job was and how shes afraid to get a new one

No. 410482

File: 1509140882928.jpg (15.84 KB, 296x100, a.JPG)

Because quitting your job because you can't eat snacks is something to be proud of.

No. 410490

yeah cus it wouldnt have been better to stick it out and learn how to cope whilst having a full time, quitting so you can get fries more often is much better
how are these people so dumb? i feel like aly could run a cult

No. 410545

I try not to get too worked up over this moron but the last few days have put me over the edge. I may go off on her to purposely get her to block me just so I don't see her showing up in my feed anymore.

She was so distraught over her work asking her to attempt to make it in on Friday, despite her teledoc telling her to stay home through Saturday. Yet here she is up, showered, dressed, and eating sugary food which should wreck havoc on the digestive system of someone who was recently as sick as she claimed. She's such a bullshit liar.

Who are all these people who tell her she looks "hollowed" because she lost a few pounds? She's been at home with Ma, her brother, and probably her dad. Maybe Fatberto has seen her a time or two. Surely they've learned how to deal with anorexics after years of Aly's shit and have learned not to call her thin or hollow… to an anorexic that's an amazing compliment.

sage for a-logging.

No. 410555

fucking HOLLOWED?
this bitch can't hold a job for a few weeks and complains that she's oh so sick and fragile when she's an attention-seeking cunt. she doesn't need more ""recovery"" and coddling, she needs a good therapist

No. 410561

pretty sure thats a farmer..

No. 410584

yeah she pisses me off so much i always get blocked cus i cant not sperg lol

if you do say something say it when shes asleep and like copy paste it on a bunch of posts

No. 410606


i don't have facebook but if i did i'd be tempted to send screenshots of aly's decision to quit her job to ma casati

No. 410814

File: 1509186906156.png (578.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171028-123422.png)

No. 410817

So mature to write that when the person can't reply because no doubt she blocked them.

No. 410845

aren't you always asking for opinions bitch

No. 410864

File: 1509199106351.png (332.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-28-06-56-55…)

All I hear her saying is "tell me I look skinny". She wants to be her low weight again so bad.

No. 410867

so is she saying she lost 2.5kg from when she was "sick"? she looks exactly the same as she always has, hollowed face jfc her face is the chubbiest part of her

No. 410889

File: 1509203929111.png (723.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4971.PNG)

That's exactly what she wants to hear. She's infuriating.

No. 410892

because its water weight aly! you had gastro according to you

No. 410913

Someone should tell her her face looks round and full so she has nothing to worry about.

No one told her that her face looks hollow lmao. What a delusional bitch.

No. 410914

She's about to REPOST X because she deleted her latest because it had one comment.

Blackpost maybe?

No. 410916

yep and hmm haters said she was fat maybe

No. 410932

File: 1509211203757.png (667.03 KB, 1071x543, the rediscovered lost post.png)

She didn't reupload. Maybe busy bodychecking in the mirror, idk.

Here it was anyhow.

No. 410934

File: 1509211288617.jpg (27.29 KB, 932x574, as predicted.JPG)

Oh and she just posted this

No. 410937

K bye bitch

No. 410940

File: 1509212017314.jpg (14.46 KB, 302x107, sayonara.JPG)

Lol @ this.

Boubleo gives not a fuck.

No. 410944

Aly actually follows boubleo? hmmm

No. 410950

File: 1509212882550.jpg (18.04 KB, 332x243, eh.JPG)

She deleted that comment I think. What going on, what going on???? Huh huh?

No. 410955

Ya its gone, IDK if Aly deleted it or boubleo.

No. 410959

SO…Aly's going to say she's running away from home because Pa battered her for leaving her job. She went to Bertos and he told her he's been reading lolcow and knows she's a hopeless fuck up and left her.

She'll post a picture of empty chocolate bar wrappers and a selfie of her sticking her head into a litter bin to purge, I mean "throw up".

Thanks for the never ending lols and rage inspiring BS, Aly.

No. 410962

if she does say pa is arming her someone say they called the cops

haha could that mean youre not really closing aly? i am shook

No. 410965

File: 1509214485610.jpg (46.71 KB, 413x447, longestblackpost.JPG)

this could be the longest black post shes done. its been almost an hour.

No. 410969

her black outs have been getting longer and longer, i guess cus she lost so many followers she needs more time to gather comments

whats she even breaking down about now?

No. 410973


She might've realised what a manipulative, obnoxious twat she is. I'd gtfo insta also if that realisation suddenly hit me.


No. 410974

not sure, I guess maybe because people have been telling her she doesn't look hollow?

No. 410978

File: 1509215650306.jpg (23.12 KB, 349x349, 7519345.jpg)

She was too filled out to ever look gaunt after a bout of the shits. She really is delusional. I'm surprised she didn't post a pic from two years ago and say it was taken yesterday.

No. 410981

aly nooo dont close (!) your constant breakdowns are my only source of motivation

is it still up?

No. 410983

Yup. People are telling her to buy some chocolate and stay strong.

No. 410985

hahah shes gonna have to delete that post to hold on to the appearance of sanity tho and no one will see how much Everyone cares

No. 410989

File: 1509216842546.jpg (82.77 KB, 806x539, vanished.JPG)

So the black's gone. She claims she disappeared all day. Now she's posted fries.

No. 410990

stand by, shes doing something. I cant see the fries. lol

No. 410991

File: 1509217027696.jpg (94.63 KB, 785x573, called it.JPG)

No. 411027

yawn. its 10pm in Milan, do something crazy Aly!!

No. 411028

"i drank alcohol i'm sooo fucked up lol"
keep self arming bitch

No. 411032

so…she got fries then got drunk, tried to arm herself, threw up, went back home and ate dinner. when was the black out? when she was supposedly drunk? and now shes not drunk? im lost tbh guys hope in your support oh but now i kinda want fries

No. 411037

She was saved by a stranger because she was so sloppy drunk and vomiting. Went home and no one cared she almost died.

This shit is so funny I kill me.

No. 411041

she had 1 white wine spritzer she was messed up

No. 411047

File: 1509224010198.gif (203.94 KB, 500x277, tumblr_n15vnu4txt1rkt4jmo1_500…)

Someone should tell Aly to watch Welcome to the NHK, it might spark something in her and might lead her to rethink her life choices.

No. 411057

Then fucking STOP DRINKING dumb bitch. once i told her that im an alcoholic in recovery and her alcohol "problems" are fucking ridiculous and that she isnt an alcoholic so if it's triggering it that much then just STOP DRINKING (i said this in a nice way). she posted my comment to her stories and called me a pathetic hater with no life and blocked me. infuriating. anyone remember seeing this a few months back?

also 2.5kg is NOT noticeable on anyone lol what the literal fuck

yeah plz aly dont self arm yourself by giving yourself a paper cut on your finger and very lightly punching a wall

No. 411060

File: 1509225884089.jpg (1.04 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171028_152231.jpg)

She doesn't even have new photos to post anymore… she's deleting old ones and using them again. I mean she's always done that, but it's more lately.

No. 411079

oh ok so she was upset about telling mummy she quit her job..like that warrants 10 posts about the same thing this melodramatic bitch

and she didnt shut anyone out shes been posting like usual

this post is just a rehash of other posts too, demons, needs ed family, is starting over, again lol

without her job i guess she'll post about stress over finding a new job, will it trigger suicidal thoughts, shes even more underweight, somehow cant gain 5 pounds ugh shes draining

No. 411095

let's see how mad she gets when i call her "healthy"

No. 411105

File: 1509230116168.jpg (37.46 KB, 500x488, melodrama.jpg)


>tried to self arm

>almost fainted
>almost got killed by my demons
>a piece of me died

how does one even "try" to self-arm like, either you do or you don't?
did she like take a pair of scissors to her harms but slipped, then just sighed "oh well" and went her merry way?

No. 411110


nobody notice i'm dyyyyyyiiiiing

aaahahahaha i can't, she's incredible. i love you aly <3 you're the cow who keeps giving <3

No. 411124

the tried to self arm thing is one of the most ridiculous things she says. like yeah, is she cutting herself with something dull? is she using a spoon? maybe she just means thinks instead of tried

if i was her i'd go back to school and pick up part time work…its not rocket science, does she think everyone else has it worked out?

be concerned that she might have HPD too

No. 411144

File: 1509234082590.png (9.85 KB, 283x165, jhbgvfcxdz.png)

what does this MEAN

No. 411149

is that just another farmer? lol
well you should say you are trying to help by actually being rational(!)

No. 411156

she almost died!! telling her mum this, anon, don't be so cruel.

No. 411202

How would her mother not know that she's quit her job if she lives with her? Coincidentally right when she had the stomach bug. I think the other anon got it right, she already left her job before this. Also implying that she almost died at the bar!
Aly is my favorite snowflake, you never know what bullshit she is going to come up with next.

No. 411216

ALY YOU ARE a grown adult going to a bar in the afternoon is not "running away" godfuckingdamnnasjdah

I just want to shake her until her her brain starts working right

No. 411347

She said she's gonna die so many times it's not alarming anymore.

No. 411348

This is not necessarily different, if she was a normal person I would easily thin working is stressing her so much that she ended up coping by restricting. She could be referencing to one or the other side depending on the day cause, well, she thinks she's a public figure, so she may be ashamed of being ended up in a sick behaviour again.
Sadly it's Alice, so it's abvious attention seeking.

No. 411349


No. 411369

shes down to 58.1 again lol she only just went back to 58.3 the other day

No. 411382

kek I would love a bunch of farmers to tell her they think she has HPD (in a kind caring manner to not get blocked) and for her to either be like "I have a HPD diagnosis (!)" to rationalize everything away or to get really butt hurt and in denial like "I do NOT (!) seek attention. SO MANY HATERS"

No. 411384

i'd love to see her say she doesnt seek attention lol
its like when she says shes not breaking down over not getting enough comments

No. 411405

You mean 48.1 and 48.3

No. 411413

oh, yes right idk why i got that wrong

No. 411416

File: 1509292231898.jpg (847.52 KB, 1080x2181, Screenshot_20171029-093447.jpg)

She's feeling guilty. LoL good, bc I hate when she's in a good mood, she becomes a huge bitch.

No. 411417

I can't get over the fact that working retail "destroyed her physically"…. how spoiled can you get? She thinks her job gave the the flu…. and made her lose what normal people can fluctuate in one day. No offense but she IS a weak coward lmao there's plenty of people a lot sicker than her who manage far more stressful jobs because they need to provide for themselves and their family.

No. 411420

if she was really throwing up they would have let her go home, i bet her boss is happy shes not gonna be in monday and yeah you are a failure aly lol

No. 411422

File: 1509292909598.png (16.99 KB, 277x263, lolventstagram.png)

thank you lolaventstagram this is so fucking funny

No. 411425

File: 1509293007485.png (17.44 KB, 289x273, reply aly.png)

wtf is going on here

No. 411476

File: 1509300212277.gif (560.35 KB, 432x768, e3b12fc6e.gif)

No. 411477

She reminds me of all the shitty sales assistant twats we would hire when I wotk r retail, and they’d do two shifts then go “off sick” and never come back. Fucking weak spoiled idiots who can’t handle a days work. The worst (best?) thing about Aly is that she’s SO predictable.. I unfollowed her and stopped keeping track of this thread bc she was too infuriating but had I known she’d got a job this exact situation is probably what I would have predicted. God help us all.

No. 411489

Her brother looks like he's so tired of her shit. His face says it all.

No. 411524

File: 1509303863424.jpg (12.03 KB, 380x250, kek.jpg)

>I may find a thousand jobs
hahaha what? do we live in the same country? so delusional it's almost funny

No. 411535


It's so infuriating how much of a child she is

They didn't LET you go home? If you're sick, you tell the manager and leave. Don't sit on the floor and wait for someone to take care of you. Stores are busy and no one's got time for that.

No. 411546

They all look kind of uncomfortable

No. 411566

lets see if this bitch can finally gain that kg now shes out of work, oh sorry i mean 1.5kg oh no wait 2.5kg

No. 411569

File: 1509308525568.png (460.93 KB, 1440x2182, 20171029_141831.png)

Spam her she says…

No. 411572

yeah you always know suicidal thoughts are real af when you forget about them watching a movie

>so glad to be back doing nothing cant wait to force ma to go with me to eatmeandgo and donnies tomorrow

No. 411591

I bet she’ll claim pa Cassatti beat her over her leaving her job and that she’s in danger so she’s going to “live with her boy”. I wonder if this will tip off tubby hubby as to how she really is

No. 411602


No. 411606

wonder if bertos got any wheat yet

No. 411613

Aw, thanks anon. I'm glad someone liked it! I hope to do a few more. God knows there's enough material for a whole musical.

No. 411627

Perhaps her paparino is someone important who can give her what we call the "calcio in culo". She wouldn't be this spoiled otherwise

No. 411629

File: 1509317244170.jpeg (209.74 KB, 640x1078, 50F5506B-DB4F-4B52-B91C-AA6E5C…)

Theatre snacking? Why is the background white?
Does she just have stock photos ready to go orrr?

No. 411630

File: 1509317390875.jpeg (105.36 KB, 640x652, 6949C154-E849-4CF3-8F63-F28426…)

Is she smelling it or pretending it’s a mustache?

No. 411634

stock but she probably didnt even eat it #LUSH
i love how she apologises for not being on lol wow yeah everyone misses you manipulating them for attention

i think thats one of her jokes that she has a fry mustache..

No. 411644

…HAHAHAHA YA! GOSH! its like the fry is a mustache, I laugh everytime she does this! comedy gold! you cant have a mustache, your a girl, but then, its a fry, so its funny! every.fucking.time. Gosh Aly, you are so original and quirky.

No. 411654

Take the fry away and showing us the length of Berto's manhood.

No. 411694

File: 1509325465039.jpg (290.76 KB, 816x604, poor-aly.jpg)

I didn't see this posted already and it made me lel (no I wasn't the one who made the comment) I'm not much for cow-tipping but I wonder if the "brend" will see it?

No. 411713

she's private so they won't

i think she thinks they can tho cus she took an @ to them out before right?

No. 411727

So how long until she fakes a suicide and Berto or her mom happen to know her instagram user and password so they can tell her followers

No. 411729

at least a few months of fake looking for a job and fake gaining weight

No. 411771

I know her shit fashion sense is the oldest news but I just can't imagine standing in front of the mirror looking at that outfit and thinking "yes this is a good choice, I want to be seen in public like this, ideally while posing awkwardly with my hand in my hair holding as much sugary crap as possible"

No. 411819

What drives me the most bonkers is how she obsesses with like three outfits and only wears those three outfits for two months straight.
I mean…she's practically lived in those black shorts and denim shorts for a month now.

No. 411853

Some one should screenshot Aly's post, post them on a fake account (public) and tag the fuck out treesse, her boyfriend, and whoever has been named on aly's account since she's private.
That would be a real wake up call.

No. 411879

Today she wants us to congratulate her on quitting her job.

No. 411904

hmmm 10 posts, 2 blackouts? uncountable reposts

No. 411905

File: 1509370648689.jpg (30.77 KB, 286x275, socoal anxious.JPG)

The job cured her social anxiety!

The healing properties of working (she saw the world, guys!) seem so amazing I'm surprised she quit.

Not really.

No. 411907

um you didnt figure out how to eat you resorted to ensures and hid in the bathroom and jfc you never had social anxiety(!)

No. 411912

Yeah seriously, and her tendency to wear the same outfit nonstop for months is a billion times more annoying when it's this bad of an outfit. Those socks are like a fun occasional thing, not every day wear jfc

For someone who spends 50% of her time wanting to self arm she sure knows how to inflate her accomplishments

No. 411916

Don't you need to give a 2 weeks notice if you want to quit…?? Like what kind of unprofessional bullshit is this. I have this feeling that she was just on a 2 month contract or something, or her bro/friend/boyfriend's friend was working there and she'd just come "help out" occaisonally

No. 411920

File: 1509373630228.png (67.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171030-151851.png)

No. 411924

it was a temp internship to begin with so yeah it could have just ended lol if not it doesnt reflect well on her with her employment agency that she'd just go off sick and then quit

haha nice i think shes gonna become even more neurotic now cus shes got her instragm time back

No. 411968

what the fuck is OCDs for lunch

does she think it means playing with your food or something? she is so embarassing

No. 411977

"Broke many food schemes". You´re absolutely right, Aly. Eating while you are squatting on the floor next to a toilet bowl is not what people usually do. You are so creative with your eating habits!

No. 411990

I just realized that in the background of her recent photos, everyone is dressed in warm clothing and jackets… yet she's in shorts and a thin shirt with rolled up sleeves. But she has a history of dressing inappropriately for the weather (or let's face it, dressing inappropriately full stop) so…

No. 411992

File: 1509386290888.png (257.51 KB, 750x1061, IMG_3196.PNG)

She needs to gain back her 2.5kg fluctuation in order to REPAIR (!) her health

No. 412018


4 cookies, a burger, and ice cream. Nice and healthy as usual

No. 412021

this bitch is just constantly talking out her ass

how long are we gonna have to hear about the job

No. 412047

idk about other countries, but here internship contracts allow both parts to interrupt the internship without any notice. so yes, she can do that. but I think if you leave too early, the internship might not be considered valid. I'm not 100% sure about it because she signed through a temp agency, so it might be different from my experience. either way a 1 month internship won't look pretty on her cv.

No. 412071

File: 1509398093738.png (11.39 KB, 276x316, haters eveywhere.png)

Meanwhile, only one lovely hater commented on her newest post.

No. 412074

haha yess

No. 412075

Actually, before the repost she had a couple of comments of her dumb lovely gurls… hahaha

No. 412077

is she seriously asking for meal ideas whilst saying she cant manage eating? that doesnt even make sense. pop a fuc*ing ensure aly

No. 412079

oh wait i only skimmed it, she wants them to estimate her calories for her lol even better

No. 412086

if a burger is around 300, a cookie is around 100 each and ice cream at 250, that would only make roughlyyyy 900 cals? it depends on the individual food & i cant b bothered to check the actual items she got

No. 412087

some farmer told her it was around 4000 kcal, kek

No. 412091

>>412087 that's fucking hilarious but she has no knowledge of nutrition so she might believe that.
maybe they meant 400?

No. 412097

i saw that account trolling her before so i assume they were taking the piss again
unfortunately the comment is gone, i hope aly didn't ban that lovely girl

No. 412102

File: 1509401758835.jpg (276.68 KB, 777x1660, IMG_3199.JPG)

i love how naive she is

No. 412104

Has anyone ever managed to find anything like an MPA account for aly?

No. 412107

she doesnt get that this is sarcastic as hell but she misreads normal comments as hate lol who was that girl who was gonna cowtip? she seems to have disappeared, probably frustrated at how untippable aly is all she needs to do is google her username to find these threads lol

No. 412113

does aly realise she's talking to her two biggest ""trolls" and anyone who knows anything about her is laughing their ass off?
am genuinely happy to see these two farmers interact tho

No. 412116

Aly is one of the dumbest cows I have ever followed. Doesn't everyone Google themselves at least once? If she Googled either her real name or any iteration of her IG name she'd be led right to these threads. Kiwi Farms and MPA even have threads gossiping about her. And now she's asking random people to estimate her calorie intake based on a few vague photos?

… like, is Aly even aware a whole internet exists outside of the apps on her phone?

No. 412118

i'm amazed she hasn't googled herself in all this time. it's been, what, three years?

No. 412119

theres probably an infinite amount of calories counting apps i'd guess that shes just saying that to make people worry and show off that she didnt eat much today even tho i dont think anyones ever restricted on cookies burgers and ice cream

i remember someone even commented "have you ever googled yourself" on a pic like if someone said that to you wouldn't you do it right away?

i know links dont work on comments but i think someone could link lolcow and say look! at! this! and she still wouldnt

No. 412126

I think if someone DM'd her a screenshot of some of the comments on this thread along with the URL to where she could see it herself she still wouldn't try to look it up.

… has anyone TRIED to send her a screenshot? That might have more of an impact than a URL… not that I condone cow-tipping.

No. 412131

Does the thread even show up when you google her real name? I know that her facebook circulated on here, but I can't remember her name and it's not in the thread title.

I hope not. But I'm not sure if she'd delete, I don't think she can live without Instagram.

No. 412136

god don't tempt the cowtippers

No. 412138

File: 1509406544524.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, 7728F563-CDC2-406B-9172-E2E937…)

Is this the first time she has specifically mentioned purging? Doesn’t she usually just hint at it?

No. 412140

I tried googling "aly real recovery" and I immediately got suggestions like "aly real recovery fake". Plus her farms and myproana threads.
Now, I know that google results also depend on your browsing history, but I'm pretty positive those results would show up to everyone since nobody else would talk about her on the internet

No. 412143

agreed. it's so weird bc she's so self-centered, but it's pretty clear she's never bothered investigating herself online. it's also obvious she only skims her comments and DMs to decide (almost randomly, it sometimes seems) if they're hate or support. i think she MIGHT respond to a screenshot but i'm still not even sure bc i can't imagine her being able to find or navigate lolcow even with step-by-step instructions lol. she's probably just get confused and give up.

i think her english comprehension is even worse than her writing (she seems to rely heavily on google translate and then throws in emojis and AFs to spice it up) and that's an obstacle. i also think that even though she's obsessed with herself, it's not the same as someone like the three Ems, who just love reading ANYTHING about themselves and seem to revel in gossip. aly seems to only care about being perceived as popular on her one specific platform, and having people pay DIRECT attention to her, ie message/comment/like. she wants stats and she wants fawning. i don't think she'd honestly even care much about anything discussing her negatively and indirectly outside of IG.

No. 412147

she has talked a number of times, for a while, about "wanting to purge" but every time she's said she didn't. the only times she has ever talked about actually throwing up, she's said "thrown up" or "got sick" or "couldn't keep food down." imo she has never purged and is just trying to get more sympathy when she has a hangover and pukes, or when she eats and doesn't purge (!) even though she has literally never struggled with purging.

No. 412157

shes gonna purge like 5 hours after eating or after eating 1 candy bar and she hasnt even binged lol she just likes using the ed words

No. 412203

Yep, she banned me. It wasn't even that bad of a comment. She was literally asking how many calories do we think she needs in a day.

I still follow her on one another account. So I can't comment at all anymore. LoL I really hate this bitch.

No. 412259

File: 1509425752240.png (1.41 MB, 993x695, Untitled.png)

It drives me bonkers too.

No. 412313

Struggling with OCD and her sense of guilt, for having lunch.

No. 412324

Before that was the slut dress phase. I'd mind the shorts less if they weren't high waisted. Reminds me of Simon Cowell and his high waisted pants.

No. 412326

She deleted the last two posts because there were only three comments and two of them said she never comments on other people's posts or shows she cares about the #edfamily

No. 412329

These photo shoots are so mundane. Imagine waking up every day just to do that?

No. 412363

File: 1509447389249.png (130.99 KB, 456x685, wp_ss_20171031_0001.png)

Oh, fuck off.


No. 412364

File: 1509447415632.png (117.73 KB, 422x640, wp_ss_20171031_0002.png)

No. 412368

Maybe now you can focus on how to have an healthy approach to body image, nutrition and human interactions. You may find an hobby or two that actually make you happy, and that you spend time on without the intense need of someone patting on your shoulder telling how good and strong and brave you are.
Maybe you can work on your need for constant validation and attention, spend some time alone and get to know everything you left behind for this Instagram façade you're pulling off since years.

But no, you give in. Doing the same things backwards cause it's the only thing you know and the only you want to know.

Nice job #edsolider. You've really grown, and understood what's like to be not-sick-anymore.
I'm so proud of you, the whole #edfamily salute you and wish you to burn in hell.

No. 412370


At this point this girl just makes me feel sad for her. I mean, I stopped paying attention to her posts when she blocked me and I only read here but it's like reading the same things over and over again. We can even predict what she'll do next, based in her past.

I know she's a mean person, always guiltripping people and followers but that's what makes her so…Lame. She's 20, not 12. She's so delusional about her life, always thinking about her ED and food, comments and ''support'' from her lovely (!) girls when actually in five years or less, she'll have to deal with her own life and IG won't matter anymore because she'll have to live real life out there.

I've been ''following'' her for six months or so and she said so, so many times that she's giving up, it's just a joke now. She's always trying to be an inspiration for people who couldn't care less, instead of getting better. When she was so sick, faked her entire recovery and instead of feeling proud for getting better, she's always having ''break downs'' because comments and feedback are the only things that matter. When we think something's gonna change for good, she always returns to her old ways and makes me feel…Meh.

She claims she doesn't have a job anymore and that makes her feel useless BUT since the first moment even when she didn't have the job yet, she always talked about how scared and afraid she was, how her health was the most important thing to her and that this job was ''destroying'' her. Two days ago she was saying how terrible they were with her, not caring enough but now she feels worthless because losing this AWFUL (!) and TIRING (!) job.
Sorry for the rant, this girls just pisses me off so much.

No. 412371

>She's 20, not 12

Unbelievable isn't it.

She's 22 in November! I know a lot of anas have a childish attitude, but Aly isn't childish in the same way. Hers is spoilt brat whose had opportunities to mature but doesn't want them. It's not even because she doesn't want to "grow up", she really wants everything handed to her on a plate because she feels she deserves it.

No. 412383

>a funny person, i cheer others up
what…oh wait… the fry mustache! ok ya

this is so..like i wanna bang my head too aly, this post almost looks genuine but then i remember its her and its yet another huge guilt trip(!) i dont deserve help in recovery, im giving in, im not using insta anymore. ok bye bitch

so, people will comment that she should take a break and then she'll make a post saying how actually its her diary and she loves writing and shes not giving in and then black out suicide. suicide af

No. 412416

File: 1509461564165.jpg (807.67 KB, 1080x1964, Screenshot_20171031-085033.jpg)

She changed it to this. Basically she refused her therapist and the ED clinic. And hasn't eaten yet today.

No. 412423

absolutely pathetic

No. 412448

File: 1509465028383.jpeg (285.21 KB, 749x1044, F06E859C-36F1-4723-BDDB-B21D2F…)

…you posted 2 hours ago, what break?!

No. 412450

She changed her blackmail tenchinique, from "support me in the comments" to "i don't deserve your support".
People are commenting about how recovery is worth it but nobody is telling her that she deserve followers help, or negating that shes an attention seeker or a guiltripper. Poor Aly, lmao.

No. 412452

Hahaha what break? This is proof of her obsession

No. 412467

She literally must sit on IG ALL day if a 2 hour break is worthy of a mention. No wonder she couldn't handle actually having a job.

No. 412480

File: 1509468702209.jpeg (708.84 KB, 750x1109, D9D27ED9-7CA2-44A5-8E20-ECB0DF…)

Guys she went out for lunch for the first time in a WHILE (!) (like 3 days)

No. 412481

don't feel sad for a cow. feel sad for the ones who love her and have to deal with her spoiled bullshit, receiving nothing in return.

literal fucking moron lol. no therapist calls a client multiple times in one day, what a liar. just 2 hours ago she said she wasn't going to be asking for help because she doesnt want people to tell her she's "guilt tripping" and NOW…

No. 412483

And she re-planned the ed appointment… she probably never even cancelled it.

I can't wait for the next thread, I made the last two and there's been so much funny milk I already have so many good ideas

No. 412489

i thought she hadnt eaten lunch? she obviously went out before now to get it

No. 412491

>I guesss I'm a bit depressed

A bit depressed? Lucky you.

My Halloween sucks since you ask, Aly. See, I'm not 10 years old, pagan or Satanist.

Oh, and yes you're a failure.


No. 412493

File: 1509470865673.jpg (59.74 KB, 650x495, omfg.JPG)

This woman's face though.

No. 412496

I would be afraid too seeing Aly dooting all over the place on Halloween, whishing so bad to be a skelly.

No. 412500

>she's still posing? its been an hour!

No. 412501

dooting lol

No. 412504

Shush or she may #purge.

Her ridiculous shorts ensemble is looking even more ridiculous teamed up with a sweater.

Ha, I wish there were thought bubbles coming out of peoples heads sometimes. She looks pretty disturbed by Aly.

No. 412512

Her photos make me physically hurt…imagine what it's like to see her in person posing with her food while her mom takes a million photos.

I would kill me.

No. 412560

OOh gosh, wanna see. You're a genius at this.

No. 412590

File: 1509481251239.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171031-141800.png)

Dooting around lol

No. 412594

party with ma and pa aly?

No. 412595

Bunny ears tho? A cat costume is already basic af and she couldn't even get that right.

No. 412596

She's making her hair all birds nesty again?

Lots of effort into that costume. Her work leggings and a pair of cheap cat ears. Original. Imaginative. Adventurous. Creative. All the things that Aly isn't.

No. 412597

Oh, hahaha. You're right, it's fucking bunny ears lol.

No. 412598

omg shes so dumb

No. 412600

File: 1509482354588.jpg (32.6 KB, 365x407, aly 2018.JPG)

Got to say though, it's better than this shit costume 2 years ago. The hat isn't even pointed.

No. 412601


No. 412602

damnit! if I wasn't JUST blocked yesterday, I would, but now i'm all afraid of my last and only account being blocked.

someone should just say "you make a cute bunny!" or some shit…

No. 412607

She's talking about how she's going to burn old photos of herself. I want to suggest she burns her wardrobe.

No. 412608

Holy shit, I thought she was wearing leggings in her bunny outfit but it's those damned high waisted black shorts.

No. 412609

of course she is a fucking cat/bunny

No. 412610

I'm starting to believe she's legit special needs.

No. 412612

No. 412613

Oh maisie <3

No. 412627

why would she go to the same place she took her work lunches at?

No. 412632

its all on the same street where she goes everyday

No. 412643


She's going to want to meet up there with her ex co workers and get ice cream with diet girl.

No shame.

No. 412648

File: 1509489758172.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171031-164016.png)

I predict a drunken breakdown

No. 412654

i hope so
but if she says "by night" i kill me

No. 412737

Did she just go to a restaurant with her fam? I thought she was dressed for a party

No. 412798

File: 1509516809589.png (1.46 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20171101-001119.png)

it honestly just seems like they went to McDonald's. there was another girl and guy with her and Bert.

No. 412836

She lives in a large city yet haunts one particular MacDonald's. She lives more like a recovering agoraphobic who can only venture out into a 1 mile radius.

Bit personal blog, but being sick of the same environment was one thing that spurred me on to deal with agoraphobia but she doesn't even have that issue.

How is she not SO. BORED. OF. HER. REPETITIVE. LIFE (!)

No. 412838


No. 412849

And she was the only one dressed up
Does she have no shame?!
Id be so embarrassed taking my gf out to MacDonalds wearing a bunny outfit.

No. 412861

She likes any attention because she thinks she looks like a BOMB 💣

No. 412865

File: 1509533350710.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171101-044526.png)

This friend had something of a costume going on. From the video it was this girl, Berto, and some guy.

No. 412874

File: 1509536455222.jpg (530.79 KB, 2896x2896, 20171101_124002.jpg)

No. 412880

File: 1509537365223.png (71.34 KB, 720x288, 20171101_125354.png)

If yes, you shouldn't have commented, because then she wouldn't have gotten any comments under her new post. I love seeing her not receiving any comments

No. 412887

File: 1509538535263.png (214.27 KB, 720x1117, 20171101_131436.png)

Nevermind haha

No. 412892

She should've stuck with the one comment because now there's none.

No. 412896

And she deleted it again.

No. 412898

File: 1509540172639.png (185.11 KB, 720x966, 20171101_134221.png)


No. 412904


imo seeing farmers like the old fence (dont wanna say new name bc hello saralin99) commenting and aly being naive af and thanking them is way funnier than her reposts

No. 412905


Third time and still no comments. I sense a blackout coming on…

No. 412906


No. 412908

File: 1509542106445.jpg (26.67 KB, 321x181, UM.JPG)

Posted for the 4th time, like wtf is this?!?

No. 412912

4 posts and im still wondering what the fuc*ing question is she wants answering

>yes aly eating is good

>gain weight? yes

No. 412913

File: 1509542751517.png (898.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171101-142531.png)

No. 412915

>this is not about comments guys (!)

No. 412917

File: 1509542846746.png (12.54 KB, 277x348, flowers.png)

hater spotted

No. 412918


No, you never will improve.

She couldn't starve all day if she tried.

No. 412920

>>412913 fuck me, she really is insufferable

No. 412925

>help or see you this evening if i starve all day

wtf is someone saying "you got this" really gonna make that big a difference? crazy bitch

she wants people to tell her she looks like shes lost weight right? lol no aly, no one really notices 5 pounds especially when its all water weight

No. 412937

so far her comments are dogs, people telling her to stop begging for attention and a farmer(?) trolling
99% chance of a black post coming

No. 412939

Don't worry, she'll raise up and get a donnie and fap at Eat Me after making appointments to see her therapist.

Perhaps some asskissing of her followers because she realised she's pissed some of them off, but not too much.

I hope you'll forgive me darlings ~tearfuk emoji~


No. 412940

lol, tearfuk, I meant tearful ofc

No. 412941

she is down to clean a 48k followers too.
i guess more people got tired of her shit.

No. 412962

File: 1509548334975.jpg (576.61 KB, 1377x1404, Screenshot_20171101-085632.jpg)

Taking a break, but split it into 2 posts? LoL ok Aly…

No. 412964

Fucking clown

No. 412968

i never understand why she cant just make the post she always has to put up a meal or something and say "will tell you soon" just tell us now (!)

and yeah cant wait for this 50 minute break

No. 412973

File: 1509549802425.jpg (37.94 KB, 295x257, woah.JPG)

Nice one, Maggie.

No. 412974

Cause she hates that food pics have more comments than personal (!) ones

No. 412976

File: 1509549843254.jpg (1.22 MB, 808x3034, Screenshot_20171101-112219.jpg)

Aly's going to start writing shorter captions..

No. 412978

and posting less, and living (!) and make fraps y 12oz (!) and actually recongnizing she is adicted to IG.

No. 412980

File: 1509550173391.png (7.64 KB, 225x225, groundhog days.png)


and then coming back as usual then writing about how she's going to post less and get a life and really recover for real and say she's addicted to ig and she's going to take a break

and then coming back and…

No. 412985

Haven't we read this before? lmao
>ig makes my disorder, fake anxiety, fake ocd worse etc
>ive become boring
>would anyone even miss me??
>would it be hard to work around food as an ex anorexic
>break is in quotations for some reason
and now because shes going on a "break" will there be 10 posts saying goodbye and then at 8am a brand new post???

No. 412987

>Help me or I'll starve all day
Whew. She's getting worse with her guilt tripping her followers. I feel like the day is near when she will straight out say "Leave comments or I kill me". Every day she's less subtle than the prior

No. 412992

Besides everything mentioned here already.

She is saying she might try to work at 12ozcoffee. If retail was to hard for her and the hours to long, why does she think fast food and coffee will be easier?

No. 413006

was that the one that said she could invent milkshakes for them lol
now she says she wants another job but i thought she was quitting to focus on her recovery

No. 413007

she will get a discount on her donnies and coffee every day. but they wont like her taking 150 photos every hour, so she will get fired and she will cry haterz some more.

No. 413017

Bitch is acting like her normal fluctuation was actually 40lbs lost as the result of severe 2-month restriction. Here's how to regain your 2.5kg, hun: eat a big plate of pasta, drink a litre or two of water, then step on the scale.

And wtf, working around drinks and food isnt weird for an EX anorexic, it's weird for still disordered Aly

No. 413024

She's saying she lost another kilo on top of her constant 1.5kg from being sick right? thats not gonna be actual body fat or muscle she lost, shes probably already gained it back. is she really this dense when it comes to weight loss?

I don't understand why the 12oz coffee place would be hard for her to work at seen as she eats there everyday

No. 413025

Does she really think that's the whole job? The discount? It is likely more physical, strict, and fast paced than folding shirts. Its food, so they have to be strict. Also, the buckets and boxes of food you store in a place like that is 10x heavier than shoes…

No. 413037

File: 1509555214424.jpg (233.52 KB, 682x1658, IMG_3298.JPG)

F*cking boubleo the buzzkill. Inviting all farmers to come show emilylove, maggie, and Aly some support (!)

No. 413038

"Perceiving time with my beloved as smthn special"

bitch what? How did her job make her suddenly appreciate her boyfriend? She actually dreaded seeing him these past 5 years? What kind of relationship is she in… I'm not a cow-tipper but THAT URGE TO DO SO. Poor Berto has no fucking idea she doesn't give a fuck about him!!

And ONCE AGAIN she wrote seeing a psychiatrist and nutritionist is a step back to her, she's precisely that type of emotionally walled-up egotistical sort of person who doesn't see therapy as a step forward. As if even mentally healthy people don't see counselors and dietitians. This is so terribly insulting to so many people wow

No. 413106

is she on her break now instagram anons?

No. 413115

Seriously, working in retail is so easy compared to like, nearly everything. Mixing milkshakes is a lot more engaging and past-paced than retail, she needs to be on her feet, making stuff 24/7. She can't afford 30 minute washroom breaks like she did in tresse.

She couldn't even manage a month in retail, she'll probably quit 12oz within 3 days. She seriously quit because working retail "made her" lose weight and develop a common cold. How much of a diva can she be?

She blames her eating disorder for all her failures but her ED has NOTHING to do with this. She was snoopy for only 2 years, acts like her entire life went down the drain. So many people have mental illnesses for decades. They deal with illnesses their entire teenage and young adult life and grow up functional. Plenty of people sicker than her work in even more stressful jobs. She's honestly just very spoiled and expects everything to fall into her lap because she was spoonfed by Ma.

She literally cannot handle working retail longer than a month, something that 16 year olds can, not because of her ED, just because isn't capable of putting effort into anything and has a breakdown when something isn't 100% about her and people aren't giving her constant attention.

No. 413147

File: 1509567951796.jpg (884.67 KB, 1079x2117, Screenshot_20171101-142323.jpg)

Yes! If by break you mean 2 posts and 2 additions to her Insta stories!

Pic related

No. 413158

File: 1509568876763.jpg (327.83 KB, 1411x917, Screenshot_20171101-143915.jpg)

Damn..im the one that posted this. I didn't see curse words. We're there curse words?

No. 413159

this is Maggie/Maisie…blocked again :( rip no access to aly

No. 413162


I guess I was the hater. And there were no curse words, that I saw at least. Anyone want to defend me? Just kidding. I need to bite my tongue more..

No. 413163

File: 1509569068874.jpg (314.62 KB, 1304x749, Screenshot_20171101-144222.jpg)

never mind…no curse words lol. She changed it to "you do nothing but eating"

No. 413164

NO! What happened?

No. 413170

My comment she blocked me for is here >>412973. I guess she's touchy enough today that I got blocked for that.
Anyone have an account I can use?

No. 413172

File: 1509569585944.jpg (347.66 KB, 1430x763, Screenshot_20171101-145051.jpg)

3rd version.

No. 413173

Seriously I want to make an album of Aly's reposts. That would be funny

No. 413175

I do. No clue how to send you the login info though. I set up quite a few while she was public just in case.

No. 413183

DM it to Maggie's account

No. 413185

I blocked Aly on Maggie's account (which is my real account well one of my real ones). I left a present for the farmers in my following list. Please follow the account once you find it..no revealing the account yet! You will get be able to tell what it is.

No. 413189

I'm actually dying at this lol Ive wanted to make an acc like this for a while. Good job lol

No. 413190

Lol Paris Melody already follow this account xD

No. 413191

Yet she continues to fall for the increasingly more sarcastic comments by emilylove! the key is to add a bunch of heart emojis

No. 413204

Yes please! Then delete that post on lolcow just in case she is here..although I doubt it

Also, anyone have anything since been blocked? Any sperging out?

No. 413207

File: 1509573698922.jpg (349.38 KB, 795x1660, IMG_3303.JPG)

just some shit about her "hater"

No. 413212

She regrets what she posted…. then doesn't regret it literally 2 seconds later and reposts it? ok makes sense

No. 413215

she did 1 today like did she forget saying help or ill be starving tonight

No. 413217

She just deleted that pic and reposted 4 times within 10 mins omg

No. 413220

shes so crazy

so the break is one of her "breaks" right? like she'll say ohhh i meant a break from schemes or a break from not living my life, something ridiculous

No. 413221

File: 1509576460343.jpg (584.23 KB, 1433x1304, Screenshot_20171101-164427.jpg)

She needs a break after 8 posts…on a break day lol

No. 413223

sleep isn't a break aly

all these "hater" comments are just telling her like it is

No. 413242


lol sounds like an ad tagline

No. 413252

she just blocked me for telling her to stop guilt-tripping us :((

No. 413254

oh my god

No. 413274

like rn? is she up monitoring her account lol and yeah you cant say anything like that to her

No. 413278

sometime in the past few hours

No. 413378

File: 1509614739280.png (785.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171102-092346.png)

Shes spelling it out now guys, exactly what she needs or risk of black out. Or starvation. Or arming herself… really nearly doing it this time (!)

No. 413380

She seriously needs to apply no.1 to herself. Aly starving is not a way to get attention. Take note

No. 413394

FUCK I’m dead. Think she’ll find it?

No. 413397


hahaha you are a bomb (!)

No. 413404

It's almost 12.30 in Milan and she hasn't posted. She's either almost fainted at the love ❤ on her fan page or almost Sudokued over it.

No. 413405

Please someone post what she "wrote off"

No. 413414

She's posted. No mention of the fan page. A long caption like the sort she said she wouldn't post any more. Can't ss. At tram stop on crap phone. Soz.

No. 413416

File: 1509624217126.jpg (1.26 MB, 810x2942, Screenshot_20171102-080106.jpg)

Blahblahblah is the gist.

I don't care that she's not enthused about the page..I have bug things planned for this profile. Give me a month or so to gain visibility.

No. 413422

I hate how she misuses English, in particular "still worth be screamed" is fucking annoying me.
Also all the "yells" she says she gets.

I don't know, she said she opened her eyes… what's the difference from all the post she put up since months?
I can't see it, I must me a yelling hater who tried to pull this edwarrior down. Make tongue, pass on.

No. 413426

imagine being so self absorbed and spoiled that you dont care someone made you your first fan page

No. 413431

oh now shes gonna share things about her life and recovery and uhh yeah. she has the huge 9 hour break when she was asleep so she can put effort into huge posts that mean nothing

she really thinks that she can be helpful and that people need her, like all you do is beg for attention and blab on about the same shit. if anything shes giving people the impression that you can never get over your ed and you'll become obsessed with it

No. 413441


she deleted and reposted this already. how many times is she gonna do it today??

No. 413442

File: 1509629190301.png (103.13 KB, 720x445, 20171102_142530.png)

Kek. Only one comment from her "fan" account.

No. 413446

what are you asking????

No. 413452

File: 1509630914491.jpg (679.09 KB, 2048x2048, F8E5510C-59DB-4CE9-8924-857881…)

so many WISE comments 😊

No. 413458

omg lolas comment

i know theyre farmers but its pretty messed up that she wouldnt correct the two people saying that they failed to help her, emilys even gonna arm herself and aly couldnt give a fuc*

No. 413468

Never forget young Jack Fisher who threatened suicide and Aly blocked him

No. 413477

Oh boy (!) Thanks so much farmers for keeping up with Aly. I've just caught up on the last 3 threads or so. Aly was already in serious (!) AF (!) meltdown last I heard about 2 months ago. Her bullshit had progressed beyond toddler tantrums but hadn't quite reached this pre-teen era.
It's a wonder nobody has done this bitch in! I was on the edge with this cow and it's a good thing I took a break.
I've laughed my fucking head off catching up.
Keep it up "lovely girls"

No. 413481

Who told her about that? I'm lost

No. 413484

she accepted the follow request, she obviously saw it

No. 413486


i missed that

No. 413489

File: 1509636114475.png (171.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171102-152055.png)

Holy shit shes replying on the fan page!

No. 413491

File: 1509636129291.png (180.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171102-152035.png)

No. 413492

>make tongue and pass on
This is literally borat english

Holy shit, how is she this dumb? I am living for her responses to blatant troll posts

No. 413496

omg i can barely look at this

No. 413497

Omg Im dying! She didnt reply to Emily… looks like she got triggered by emily's BMI of 18.444449

No. 413498

She's a grade A cunt no doubt
Why do i feel like farmers (based on Alys responses) are taking the piss out of an underaged seriously challenged individual.
Laugh? Cry? Wtf?
I'm conflicted. This will be deleted.
Opinions (?) I kill me << back post

No. 413499

Got to be careful the responses dont go too far too quickly, this could be fantastic as long as farmers dont go ott and she susses it out

No. 413500

Shes 22 not underage!

No. 413503

Oh I know her age. But…. lol

No. 413505

Emily's been so OTT for months and she gets likes from Aly and has never gotten blocked it's hilarious. Aly liked this one >>413452 from her lmao. Aly's just extremely naive I kinda wanna see how far farmers can push it

No. 413507

I'm shocked. This is hard to look at, I feel embarrassed for her. This can't be real. She trolling us right? Why is she commenting so much there but not on her own damn page? I feel so much second hand embarrassement!

No. 413510

She must have such a huge head at the minute! Bet shes peacocking!

No. 413511

is this fan page gonna take a dark turn lol cus its just adding to her ego cus she doesn't understand sarcasm

No. 413512

Its like she won 1st place at a fake beauty contest, goodly feeling like people love her, but its run by people who hate her. And they're about to tell her on live tv. I feel bad. This is bad. I'm sorry guys. She's a huge fucking idiot, but this is so embarrassing for her.

No. 413516

it's like we're cady from mean girls and she's that selfish bitch regina and we're pretending to be her fans/friends lol

No. 413519

>> Bet shes peacocking!


No. 413527

File: 1509638504157.jpg (166.13 KB, 600x450, peacocking.jpg)

You know how peacocks spread their wings thinking they're the most beautiful thing on planet earth

No. 413581

Yes it is, in about a month! Don't worry ;)

No. 413611

Normally I find it annoying when people fuck with the cows but in this case I am so here do this. Probably bc Aly has been intolerably boring for like a year now and this is by far the most fun she's been since that time she got hit by a bus

No. 413612

Meant so here *for this, mobile

No. 413666

File: 1509650328265.png (115.21 KB, 720x1192, 20171102_191550.png)

How can she say she is alone and has no support after everyones comments today. Shes messed up and so ungrateful!!

No. 413674

What the literal fuck? She just got a FAN account. I get that people sometimes feel lonely even when they're not alone, but keep that shit to yourself. It's not like the average person is like "Im so alone, no one loves me" out loud while cuddling with their SO. She's so selfish and attention-seeking damn

No. 413675

File: 1509651013711.jpg (40.12 KB, 695x355, not an ad idk this man.JPG)

>I wonder if I did sth wrong 😔
As said 'once upon a time when I fell.. I had an #edfamily ' may you tell me..?

oOO, Aly, where to begin.

Considering she has a mother who does anything for her, her "sisters" and a boyfriend, how do randoms on instagram compare? How can she be so needy when there are people with literally no one who ask for no pity and all she has to do is call Fatberto and manipulate him into telling her how fantastic she is.

Oh fuck off, Aly. I'm tired. I'm having a break from you (ie getting some kip).

No. 413676

She even interacted with the fan account, so literally can't deny she's seen all the love and support (albeit ironic!)

No. 413687

a giant question mark lol i love the images she chooses like the moon one, think there was a clock

>trying to keep up the positivity..

>so..none of you are commenting on my posts well at least not enough of you what the fuc* do you think you're doing? i'm the centre of the edcommunity go look at my post of me outside mcdonalds rn

No. 413688

File: 1509652262602.png (2.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171102-134734.png)

Woooow. Ok I felt bad for her earlier for the fanpage. Nevermind.

Seriously? You've never felt more lonely? LoL you got a fan page and chatted them up all morning. Really?

No. 413693

File: 1509652683965.jpg (847.44 KB, 1080x2233, Screenshot_20171102-135624.jpg)

Are you fucking kidding me?

No. 413695

>Do you have suggestions, or any medical opinion?

I.. just can't.

No. 413696

haha right i almost felt bad for her too
>never felt as lonely
probably because all your online interactions are empty and vapid? i was just thinking like i get that she wants to talk to other people with the same illness as her but like she doesn't actually talk to them, she talks at them. has she ever made a friend in the #edcommunity? why doesn't she try and find some kind of irl support group? (because shes incapable of doing anything to help herself i know)

No. 413698

Beat me to it lol. Can I live in Italy? Is there less gravity? I want to be a significantly smaller bmi in a week too

No. 413699

WHAT? Haha. I am actually fucking deceased. Get the fuck out of here LOL. I need to leave the internet for a while

No. 413700

She was vaguely friends with that Jasmine girl, who is Dutch I believe and actually very nice and eats normal, well rounded meals.

No. 413703

omg! if she loses another kilo her bmi will suddenly be 10 again

it really infuriates me that she says she was starving at work when she asked over and over for opinions on things to take to eat and from what i can gather she took 1 sandwich for lunch and we saw her snack on bitesize chocolates ffs. if she starved it was cus she wanted to

No. 413715

holy shit aly just stop.

>bmi about 16.7

first of all lol no?? your math doesn't work. second of all why do you feel so desperate to tell everyone your numbers? do you really think that posting a fake bmi that's slightly underweight is going to make people care about you and think you're skelly again? bc anyone can tell by looking that you're…not

>i play 'tragic'

yes and…?

>all the food I haven't eaten in a month (!)

what even? she never stopped eating at her same three fast food restaurants during her 3 weeks of work. why is she even pretending her diet changed at all while she was there? she literally posted photographic evidence of it and hasn't even deleted it.

>(and purge out of guilt)

lol shut up no you won't.

i hope someone comments and calls her out for saying all the shit about "no support" on the same day as she had a fan account made with tons of comments she someone thinks are sincere. what a tragedy

No. 413723

I don't understand how she can go from 18.5 to 17.5 …say she lost ONE pound…and suddenly shes 16.7 ? She's about 5'6" tall? it would take a LOT more than 1 lbs to get to 16.7

Im baffled she really thinks people believe this. someone give her a "medical opinion" that its not possible on 1 lbs lost.

No. 413724

How tall is Aly?

No. 413729


I think shes like 5ft 6in. at 114 lbs her bmi is 18.4

she would have to lose 10 lbs to be 16.7

No. 413730

she's like 5'6" i think (or 5'5" but it's one or the other–she posted it before while ranting about how "big and tall" she is at some point). at that height a bmi point is like 5-6 pounds so there's no way she went from 18.4999 to 16.7 with her "almost 2.5" kg weight loss. also i wonder if she's just deliberately not weighing herself since the time she weighed right after her stomach bug and got the lower number to begin with? like does she KNOW it's fake loss and is just maintaining the facade for her followers, or is she that delusional?

No. 413734

File: 1509656800735.jpg (265.46 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171102_170441.jpg)

Her initial claim, new claim, and what I think she looks to be.

No. 413737

i thought she never got up at 18 i thought she was still at 17.4, i probably missed her saying that tho

No. 413738

she was sneaky, she repeatedly said "almost 18.5" and then several times stated she lost weight and a few times even said something like "i lost weight, i'm almost to a bmi of 17.5 again" but then she'd magically bounce back to "almost 18.5" again after she drank some water.

basically she was maintaining around a bmi of 18-18.5 for like 6 months and just made a big fucking deal every time she happened to be dehydrated, and this time her 24-hr stomach flu caused extra dehydration and therefore extra drama

No. 413739

samefag sorry but fwiw when she was "almost 18.5" she would often reference being "1-1.5 kg under a bmi of 18.5" so yeah that would be a weight of like 113-114, and she'd still have to lost a full 5kg to be a bmi of 16.7.

not to mention you can literally tell from looking at her that she hasn't lost 5kg nor is her bmi in the 16 range lol

god she brings out the bitch in me, soz ya'll

No. 413741

if she hadn't blocked me just last night i'd go the fuck off at her

No. 413744

File: 1509657994812.jpg (419.02 KB, 1431x1067, Screenshot_20171102-152031.jpg)

I had a look back. Pic related.

Also whatever happened to getting her divers licence?

No. 413745

this was one of her random dips, see >>413739

she def posted about being 1-1.5 kg under 18.5 (at her height, a bmi of like 18.3) repeatedly. although given her tendency to delete and repost and delete again, who knows if any of those posts are left, lol

No. 413750

yeah shes been saying 1.5kg underweight for awhile now then when she was sick for those 2 days it became 2.5kg

it just bugs me so much how dumb she is, losing a kilo from a few days of being ill isnt the same as real weight loss and ofc she weighed herself after she was ill before it was a huge ordeal and her gyno had to weigh her but at the promise of weight loss she just hops on the scale

right shes lookef the same for ages, she just keeps trying to push this ohh look at me now!! so gaunt! and frail! when just a few months ago i was ALMOST at a bmi 18.5

No. 413765

>she's looked the same for ages

ironically this is exactly the same thing she did like 2-3 years ago when she kept claiming she was gaining but she was visibly maintaining/losing. remember how she used to say shit like "lol guys i did gain, the weight went to my organs first and that's why you can't see a difference"? hope she tries some bullshit like that now, and keeps claiming lower and lower weights and saying she lost weight in her liver and kidneys lol

No. 413787

She's hungry all the time because all she eats is white carbs, and that starts the whole cycle of hunger eat hunger eat. She needs to talk to a dietician or nutritionist in the worst way, but she's stuck on fucking McDonalds french fries and donnies and fraps and cookies for breakfast.

No. 413804

She's been told what she could eat she just won't listen and wants to be a mess all the time, probably enjoys the drama she makes for herself

No. 413810

When she was claiming a bmi of 17.5 it was MAYBE believable, consider how little muscle she has, she's pure far and does no exercise, so maybe she does look more "chubby" then someone else at that bmi. especially with weight fluctuations, going from 18.4 to 17.5… not that crazy. assuming she's not a compulsive liar

But now she's claiming a bmi of 16.7 and … yeah no. There's noooo fucking way. I dont care how little muscle she has. There's no visual difference from her "18.4" to "16.7". You would absolutely notice 10lbs+.

I'm willing to bet she's maintaining at bmi 18 and when she fluctuates she'll round down her weight like for example she'll be 114lbs and call it 110lbs.

Though I do think she's still actively restricting, not by much obviously, but enough to not gain. When recovering from severe anorexia people tend to almost always go 10-20lbs over their pre-ED weight, then gradually drop to a set point. She hasn't. #REALrecovery

No. 413834

she says around 16.7 too, around it..like 16.7 is very specific. around it as in 17.9? god its like tried to self harm

her dootin around over her weight is pathetic just commit to recovery, you can eat as many donnies as your heart desires

No. 413862

File: 1509669604426.jpg (814.4 KB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20171102-183814.jpg)

So fucking stupid…ya Aly those are your ONLY choices.

No. 413864

File: 1509669895609.png (2.98 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171102-184315.png)

This has been deleted from stories. This is up instead.

No. 413898

pisses me off how she suddenly ~developed bulimia~ over this past month. she never had problems with purging at her lw, and suddenly she does, in #realrecovery? it's all for attention and nothing more.

I have this feeling that her ED was all centred around her histrionic traits, that she never "hated her body" or anything, I mean look at the pics she posts now. She probably wanted berto and family and friends to care about her bc maybe she felt like no one was giving her enough attention back then. then when she saw people were noticing her when she lost weight it spiralled out of control. then she started "recovering" to get berto back. And all her "ed symptoms" are just unconcsious tactics she uses to gain sympathy and attention from everyone. if she wanted a private diary, she'd write in a journal, not broadcast her life on instagram and beg for attention/threaten suicide when she doesnt get enough

I really really believe the majority of her ED symptoms are also symptoms of her histrionic personality (im not diagnosing her with HPD im just saying she has a very attention seeking personality lol)

No. 414017

I don't like her, but she's really fucking making me feel pitiful.
How comes she cannot understand that it's normal to struggle and that she would probably avoiding stuffing her face if she had a balanced nutrition not based on sugar and conservatives?
Look, I'm not fixated, but I try to eat every food group - mostly healthy - both veggies and fruit put in various places during the day and the meals.
I am stunned by her complete inability to catch the simple notion that eating better is not avoiding junk food but reduce them to one little thing a day (idk like a snicker) or one/two meals a week.

I mean, She was anorexic. You start to read and analyze nutrition when you start developing an eating disorder (except maybe for BED, I don't know, I have no experience there.) - how the duck she cannot even grasp the concept of sugar crushes and glicemic index?

No. 414021

I‘m blocked, is gedanken_frei still kissing her ass?

No. 414092

Sooooo, how many REPOSTS X of this morning's first post do we predict?

No. 414095

File: 1509705558947.jpg (13.85 KB, 303x66, yup.JPG)

First comment of first post, so yeah, still asskissin.

No. 414111

Agreed, she seems focused on seeking attention (and sympathy?) more than anything else. It's almost like she has munchausens.

No. 414116

She wants to be ill without the discomfort and paraphernalia. She hated being in hospital for TWO (!) days with a tube and avoids therapists.

It's all for attention. I think she'd switch to getting attention for being an alcoholic if the ig alcohol recovery community (I guess there must be one) was as young and impressionable as the ED one.

It's like she's feeling her way around to find something else to be given attention and get people worried about her for. She can't keep up with the anorexic thing because she's having problems actually restricting.

I've said she's a Munchie-in-waiting though, but it'd have to be more subtle with more lies because she can't fake it.

No. 414148

munchausen? munchie-in-waiting?
What these mean?

No. 414150

You must be new here.
Munchausen is a syndrome/mental disorder where people pretend being seriously ill on purpose to get attention and care and they just cant stop, sometimes so intensely they actually make themselves believe they really are sick

No. 414155

The munchies make me rage more than Aly does. As much as she rages me af at least she's not hogging hospital beds.

It'd be fun to see her become one though. I'm getting bored with her pretend purging now. She needs to step up the alcoholism at least.

No. 414177

yeah her use of binge and purge really irriates me like it wasnt a binge when she was eating 3000 calories a day but now 1 meal is a binge? and then she'll purge if she feels guilty ummm

its definitely all about attention, thats why she needs opinions and support but doesnt befriend anyone, or her whole "DONT comment on the black out post i need the attention to be collected and seen" its so pathetic

No. 414204

File: 1509719779926.png (2.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171103-083035.png)

Hold on…. when she called herself queer that one time. I thought she made a typo of queen. This is a sticker. Why is she using it? I swear she trolls sometimes…

No. 414208

fuck this'll be even worse. faking a serious addiction for attention. I'm going to use of one my sock puppet account to just go off on her if she ever mentions anything about "alcoholism". jesus christ I'm actually raging so hard at this idea now. I cant be the only one who gets pretty fucking angry at her how she uses serious problems for sympathy votes.

I can just see it: "Guys, maybe I should go to alcoholic anonymous. I drank 2 glasses of wine every night for 3 days (!) I think I am now alcoholic. Please, in your support?"

Or even like "Guys I can't stop drinking. I had 10 drinks in one night these past 3 months. Please, comment in the back post or I will overdose on alcohol (!)" (while actually onlu having a glass of wine a few times a week for dinner)

No. 414210

Queer to her means different, NOT (!) just the hot blonde babe, ~not like all the other girls~
She'd rather be her own prince instead have teh prince save her from a dragon!

No. 414214

How queer, but OMFG even her jeans are high waisted. Idk if I can deal with the high waisted thing through winter. I might need to get absolutely almost drunk on two glasses of wine (!)

No. 414220

does she think queen is spelt queer in english or

i love how the post is covered like its a surprise and she isnt standing outside eatmeandgo, 12oz coffee etc

No. 414221

Please someone post the bomb post

No. 414222

Not really new, but I've been out from lolcow for a while, it's hard to catch up with new words. Thank you for explaining it, by the way.

No. 414225

File: 1509721361598.jpeg (251.04 KB, 749x1102, 6870850F-0524-4CC1-A7DC-3406E3…)

She’s gonna count orgasms, not calories!

No. 414226

File: 1509721382106.jpeg (280.24 KB, 750x954, 988693E8-6EC5-4FE1-B071-BC6FEF…)

Part 2

No. 414227

File: 1509721398321.jpeg (63.62 KB, 741x207, D7B1B9D4-C8E2-4F32-A7C5-5ECABF…)

Part 3

No. 414228

Does she know there are other sexualities than hetero? Does she not know the rainbow is the pride symbol? How can she not have seen people use queer in the "modern" way?

No. 414229

File: 1509721478108.jpg (53.12 KB, 343x641, needy.JPG)

No. 414231

I reported her stupid post for promoting drugs by her "get drunk, gurls!"
Many people in ED community are alcoholic, and recovering of that too… Such an idiot btch

No. 414233

what? you always eat like this. one second shes banging berty and watching tv series and everythings great but then she needs help from people online

if you focus on the high waisted part of these jeans it makes her look really short. they're awful too haha she shouldn't do high waisted with her violin hips

No. 414236

A chub with a bmi 16.7

No. 414239

Is "roll over" new slang I haven't caught on to yet or is it an Ay-ism?

No. 414240


No. 414241

sorry for the mini blogpost but so am I. and so now I really really go off on her right now, but I dont wanna get blocked by my accounts. Does anyone have a sock puppet account they can give me that they dont mind getting blocked just so I can tell her this?

No. 414267

guys stop being triggered by her shes not talking about alcoholism shes just an idiot whos heard the phrase "drunk on life" before

No. 414272


Italian sage, when you eat a lot you say you "roll".
Lie, you eat so much you feel like a ball, so you cannot move like a normal person, and you and up rolling.
It's a common saying in italian.

No. 414273


*And you end up

I'm sorry for all the typos. I got distracted while writing.

No. 414274

She has no shame
I cringe a lot when she goes with this counting orgasms shit

No. 414291

exactly, does she really not know the modern version of "queer"? or does Italy in general not know? Is that just an english slang word?

No. 414315

>im having SEX with my BOY (!) aren't you jealous? oh oops if you're reading this and you're only 11 not sorry tho (!) (why does she say this part its weird)

No. 414317

She looks so dumpy here. Those jeans are HORRIBLE. and her expression doesn't help this photo.

No. 414319

She's mentioned having an "alcohol problem" in the past before

No. 414325

File: 1509729457856.png (3.48 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171103-111610.png)

I can't believe he's really going to move in with her

No. 414327

It's going to be a disaster. I wish I was following her.

No. 414337

haha well its the beginning of the end with her and bert

No. 414343

I'm pretty sure she doesn't mean "queer" in any sense of the word and thinks the sticker says "queen." It's a stylized font, she pays no attention to detail, and there is an actual sticker on the same page that does say "queen" so I think she just thought it was another queen option. But still >>414204 made my fucking day lol

No. 414350

someone should say wow i didnt know you were bi!

No. 414367

More like move in with berto while he pays full rent and heat and gas and she leeches off him like the bitch she is. Fuck her.

No. 414381

right i wonder how much friction that will cause between them and also his roommate. i want her to be completely unreasonable and for them to all fall out

No. 414428

I hope you will make it more and more dark not a sudden "aly u dumb cunt" kinda way but more and more sarcastic and mean

No. 414436

no that´s not why she chose that sticker

that was the first time I remember her calling herself a queer. She just doesn´t know how people use that word, she thinks it means "weirdo" or something like that

No. 414466

I second this

Just pull an emilylove and start getting more and more over the top and insane like "my house burned down but aly made my struggles meaningless" to "my family got murdered in cold blood but then i read alys positivity" to "i had cancer and about 3 days to live but aly cured me"

No. 414553


wait…is this a self post?
as it says

>modifica profilo

or am I totally getting this wrong? Sorry if so

No. 414565

Aly took a screencap of her own page and then uploaded it into her instagram story. Anon posted a screencap of the story.

No. 414566

idk what would make aly care

No. 414579

File: 1509750546359.jpg (860.41 KB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20171103-170722.jpg)

>massive dose of alcohol

No. 414605

just fuc*ing eat and shut up

No. 414611

Is she suggesting she's not at a healthy weight? She looks pleanty healthy to me. Sure she could gain a little more weight but I wouldn't say her weight is an unhealthy number. And she definitely doesn't have a hallowed face lol.

Her diet is what's unhealthy.

No. 414621

The other day she said her bmi is 16.7 lol

No. 414623

she's a fucking liar lol

No. 414655

anon are you blind?? shes so gaunt and her face is hollow(!)

No. 414787

idk who even knows how her brain works lol, but when i read that post back in the day (and rereading it now) i still think she was going for "i'm not a princess, i'm a queen!" which is definitely a phrase people throw around a lot. thought it was a typo at the time but now she might be genuinely confused and thinking the word actually IS "queer" since so many farmers have been using it in comments, lol.

life imitates art~~~

and adding my agreement to this. tbh i want it to be so subtle and gradual she gets sucked in and then starts doubting everything. operation gaslight aly 2k17

No. 414865

File: 1509784243686.jpg (14.54 KB, 296x85, not.JPG)

SO today the theme of all Aly's posts will be how she's still underweight and needs to keep eating and this comment's made her feel greedy.

No. 414882

File: 1509791660506.png (54.84 KB, 875x327, slutday.png)

It's the 4th November! Dress slutty, girls (!)

No. 414883

File: 1509792083585.jpg (83.72 KB, 992x558, HT_vincent4_dog_ml_160413_16x9…)


omfg please God do everything in your power to prevent Aly from getting a puppy. A poor defenseless animal does not deserve to be "cared for" by this narcissist. How much do you want to bet that she'd feed it huge amounts of shit-tier food, because ~all food is healthy girls~

Just no no no. I cannot believe this, no.

No. 414884

A puppy. The ultimate accessory. She'll look classy carrying it around in a little bag.

Yeah, she'll be giving it whatever she doesn't want to eat.

No. 414886

It's tricky to feed a dog correctly, and some dogs won't limit themselves when placed in front of food. She doesn't have the maturity to refuse a dog whining for human food. This is a disaster. I bet she'll go straight to some cheap puppy mill too. Please, Berto, if you are reading this, stop her.

No. 414889

I bet she says the place she's moving into with Berto (when they have all the wheat) won't allow pets, so she dumps it on Ma.

No. 414892

Building "rules" are regularly ignored in Italy, but anyway normal pets are usually allowed.

For someone who loves small creatures we never hear about her cat

No. 414902

She says she had a cat. I don't think it's alive anymore.

No. 414923

she posted pics of it like a few weeks ago
its probably a family cat so she can't take it with her
i guess she wants a puppy cus shes not planning on working any time soon? but uh how would they afford all the stuff it needs. she probably wont get anything

No. 414932

She's said she's getting a hamster. She shoehorned that into asking for help because she's restricting and doesn't want to recover. #motivation

No. 414958

haha leave the animals alone aly you cant take care of an animal you cant even pack yourself a lunch

No. 415016


what the hell?
>probably today, gonna get myself another puppy.
>had a cat, but i'm inlove with hamsters.

is this like the queer and queen thing? Do they call hamsters "puppy" in Italy?

No. 415017

this exactly. someone stop her

No. 415018

File: 1509811354780.jpg (864.59 KB, 1080x2133, Screenshot_20171104-100109.jpg)

No. 415080

My only guess is she confused puppy and pet?

No. 415081

File: 1509817237729.png (3.08 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171104-113948.png)

Ugh… she got a hamster. she says she's recovered and ordinary enough now to take care of it.

No. 415102

File: 1509817825278.jpg (606.73 KB, 1411x1420, Screenshot_20171104-113417.jpg)

She's all better!

No. 415125

what the fuck, why is this girl paraphrasing charles baudelaire. i have the toughest time imagining that she even knows who he is

No. 415163

File: 1509821933200.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, B894A135-114A-47C8-9D9C-C19E2F…)

Lmao she’s reposting stories now.
I’m guessing she wants comments on that post of people asking to see it. Why is she so damn obsessed with receiving comments?

No. 415172

File: 1509822462340.jpeg (56 KB, 405x395, 293FEC68-24E0-4AC4-A0B4-85ABB4…)

No. 415184

>so sorry if i dont have much time to write

also saying recovery is worth it again when just 24 hours ago she said she wasnt recovering anymore

No. 415206

This stupid bitch…

Someone ask her why she scribbled him out…

No. 415213

stank fry

No. 415221

File: 1509828234544.jpg (345.96 KB, 1415x817, Screenshot_20171104-143626.jpg)

How come she doesn't care how stupid she sounds putting

>I had dinner and want to purge

on top of


No. 415222

She deleted this story too

No. 415225

haha yeah like
>negative and dramatic reason for repost
>positive post about how recovery is amazing

No. 415229

File: 1509829146175.png (26.26 KB, 796x601, ok.png)

Yup here we go

No. 415231

File: 1509829231350.png (36.27 KB, 716x262, crazy bitch what the fuck.png)

what the fuck does she want?

No. 415240

Deleted already. Hopefully feels really stupid for being called out.

No. 415243

File: 1509830057439.jpg (1.09 MB, 1391x2249, Screenshot_20171104-151206.jpg)

Haha! Maybe she will stop doing reposts now.

No. 415247

LoL the comment section on this post.

No. 415255

who eats a one meal then makes 20 posts about how they're gonna purge?? it wouldnt even make a difference now you dont purge hours later

No. 415261

Get a fuc*ing tumblr aly, insta isn't a blog

No. 415290

File: 1509832592453.jpg (850.64 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20171104-175413.jpg)

I was trying to see if Aly was ever mentioned in the geo tag of her McDonald's or in the background of a photo..no such luck, but this guy gave me a laugh.

No. 415550

Aly should date this guy. I bet they have a lot in common

No. 415553

File: 1509843705081.png (2.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171104-190043.png)

Just play with your hamster Aly

No. 415563

File: 1509844195033.jpg (344.51 KB, 1200x554, 20171104_154859.jpg)

yes really.

No. 415576

She needs help eating tomorrow? Fuck*ng hell, she packs more calories than we do probably. If not, then if I liked junk food then she deffo doesn't feel as disgusting as I would if I existed on sugar and bad fats.

I love how she still thinks she looks ill. As for her clothes feeling tight, it would've helped if she'd bought them a size up in the first place. She thought she could buy one size up from skele and they'd fit?

No. 415582

haha i knew that would trigger her
>i look….healthy??? haha not! im sick! and sooo thin! real life and responsibilities? not!

whats her hamster called btw lol hammy?

No. 415601

How can she bitch about being hurted when she's told she looks healthy when she never shuts up about living her chub?? Like obviously she needs therapy to deal with the fact that she still thinks looking healthy is so terrible but it makes her body posi shit look even faker than it already does.

Because people who struggle with purging totally post about wanting to purge 8/24 but never actually purge. So convincing.

No. 415612

lol someone please ask her the name of her hamster.

I think she deleted the stories about the hamster because it was getting more attention than her. lol

No. 415621

I hope she isn't really a psycho and feeds the hamster to the cat.

No. 415720

Exactly this. A cute little animal will get her more attention than her fry-stache and she haaaaaates that. Why else would she scribble out the hamster in the stories and then eventually delete it? You will never hear about the hamster again. Nothing is allowed to have attention other than Aly.

No. 415730

I hope the fan page keeps asking about it

No. 415859

>the weight went to my organs first and that's why you can't see a difference
I forgot she actually claimed that she is so dumb I thought she was bad when she was anorexic but she is even worse now
Now I feel like taking a stroll through her old threads
Remember the straw pics and hospital meal pics
Or being in hospital because of 'blood works' or something like that
It's like YT clickbait wow
She prob thinks she saved another one from self arming themselves with this pic

I know it is normal that after gaining weight you may relapse because of the weightgain but she is constalntly switching between #POSITIVITY and needing support(comments). And with her history I'm not going to feel bad for her
Remember when most of us were rooting for her after she FINALLY gained weight after lying so long about what she ate in recovery and felt happy for her. Damn

No. 415860

File: 1509875979094.jpg (168.78 KB, 924x915, 3717ef35d307c8b853feececa9e1cb…)

Her old fry moustache was donut monocle

I miss that anon doing the collages of her always exactly the same arranged food

No. 415861

File: 1509876040668.jpg (17.25 KB, 312x340, 1435936849941.jpg)

she even -apparently- ate fruit

No. 415883

That's possibly the only time she posted fruit and this was when she ate nothing she claimed to.

How shallow is her humour when she thinks a tash fry is funny. I'm so embarrassed for her.

No. 415895

>>my laugh grows with the number on the scale

Translation: my crazy grows with the number on the scale

Whos she trying to kid. She goes black out crazy the heavier she gets

No. 415897


She's started today with pleas for help because now she's almost bulimic. RIGHT IN THERE. Not even telling us how her hamster settled in :(

No. 415899

File: 1509882455547.jpg (162.77 KB, 718x392, 20171105_114552.jpg)

1) As an ex orthorexic she should know 2/3 servings is piss poor! I bet hammy eats more nutritious meals than her

2) You wrote your bmi like 2 days ago! Memory failing her

No. 415900

File: 1509882708812.jpg (18.03 KB, 280x105, omfg not salad.JPG)

Aaand she still thinks if you choose to eat fruit and salad means you're a crazy eating disordered nutter. Not that a diet of chicken nuggets, donnies and faps and fries (hahaha, that tash kills me!) is crazy in any way.

No. 415902

10 days late but posting my appreciation for the laughing time (!) this post has on me

No. 415904

I think she has a really bad concept of time. Last week must feel like years ago to her. That's why nothing matters to her, by tomorrow it's been so long ago and forgotten.

No. 415905

File: 1509883093772.jpg (11.05 KB, 310x117, oops.JPG)

Repost is imminent. No comments, poor Aly.

Last week feels like years scrolling through her ig page.

No. 415917

File: 1509885246942.jpg (30.17 KB, 301x210, lol.JPG)

No. 415922

i love how this is blatantly about the comments
>not even a good morning? ok REPOST maybe this time you'll see it???
like just leave it up and people will eventually get to it, ugh shes pathetic

No. 415926

File: 1509886346964.png (48.07 KB, 720x1022, 20171105_135044.png)

No. 415927

File: 1509886426235.png (85.2 KB, 720x435, 20171105_135325.png)

No. 415928

Eat some shit and purge, Aly. We just don't care.

No. 415931

>i give in i cant do it its not worth it
>the only thing that matters: work to improve
no one comment to drive her crazy lol (even more crazy)

No. 415932

I know! Not even dogs&pos to spoil it

No. 415940

File: 1509888714342.jpg (40.48 KB, 352x576, so mia.JPG)

Yoy scribbled out your hamster is what you did.

No. 415947

she makes so many posts to "stop her from purging" when she's never purged in her life.

it's like if some person who had never done drugs started posting "THE URGE TO DO METH IS SO STRONG, HELP ME NOT DO METH!"

just bc she's had a restrictive ED doesn't mean she can act like she struggles with purging. stop appropriating bulimia 2k17 we're a culture not a costume!!~~

No. 415950

File: 1509890114575.png (868.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171105-135106.png)

Sage for off topic but this is definitely not home made it is in a friggin foil tray. You have time to cook Aly there is literally nothing else you do in your day so please dont massacre a lasagne!

No. 415951

> the last attempt to stay positive

Sure, Jan. Doesn't she realize that it's ridiculous how she writes about purging, ''suicidal'' thoughts and how worthless she is but then she copy/paste the same motivational post? How her followers CAN'T see it?

No. 415953


I've never done acid but I've been hearing so much about it the urge is SO STRONG. I'm vaping peanut butter to not drop acid. Critics everywhere!!!

Why does she suddenly want to be seen as a bulimic? She made enough of a fuss about her get out of working tummy bug, how would she deal with all the shite that you have to deal with bulimia? Just for a lasagne as well, why fucking bother.

No. 415960

File: 1509891418503.jpeg (305.16 KB, 750x1051, CFD47188-8231-47D2-9FDA-34532F…)

Stop being so fucking dramatic, cunt

No. 415961

File: 1509891435221.jpeg (92.31 KB, 740x387, 8EB38952-E250-4891-A549-6E8927…)

No. 415965

is she tryna claim that she got no nice comments but on every repost a bunch of haters?

wtf (!) this is so pathetic i cant (!) shes giving up on gaining and seeing drs cus she hasnt been getting comments? the world exists without insta aly jfc
i love how "you look healthy" is an insult to her thats classic spoop "they said i look good which must mean im fat" thinking

No. 415966


>Who notice it?

That's Aly's mind in a nutshell. It's all for attention. I'm p sure most farmers have appointments for mental and physical illness every week, but get on with it because we're grown up and not craving attention.

>underweight forever

My heart bleeeeds.

No. 415967

File: 1509891695324.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5143.PNG)

I genuinely didn't think it was possible for her to become even more batshit.

No. 415968

>tell me not to quit

No. 415969

>"you look healthy" is an insult to her

So pro-recovery and motivational (!) Years ago I had a friend who was overweight and she made me laugh when she said "I'm like a reverse anorexic, I look in the mirror and I look thin". This reminds me of Aly now. She looks perfectly well, but to her she looks ill like when she was a spoop.

How sad if the reason for this who anorexia thing really was a need for attention (which she admit to).

No. 415970

whole not who

No. 415979

File: 1509892828685.jpg (366.27 KB, 978x1342, Screenshot_20171105-093649.jpg)

Can people NOT (!) get on the fan page's case today please. I hope in your support.

No. 415980

File: 1509892890969.jpg (345.3 KB, 924x1288, Screenshot_20171105-093720.jpg)

No. 415984

>who notices
bitch, youre an adult. no one will cheer at you for being healthy and no one will buh at you for struggling. if you have no other reason to improve or decrease your health besides outside attention fucking starve yourself to death. no one will care either.

No. 415985

it's an anorexic thing though. stuff like "you look healthy" is triggering because they associate "healthy" with "chunky". she probably got that from fellow patients/group-therapy or pro ana boards.

No. 415987

daintystranger is one triggered speshul little snowflake

No. 415990

>this is definitely not home made it is in a friggin foil tray
?? What do you mean? This is how it gets done, the foil tray goes in the oven. It's not hard to make lasagne, I'm sure that she can at least do that.


No. 415998

File: 1509894570161.gif (34.58 KB, 360x270, received_10213999407876864.gif)

No. 416085


Tess might be morbidly obese, but she's #bopo dude.

No. 416090

it/ze needs to gtfo

No. 416092

when i saw "quitting" i thought she meant she was gonna quit cigs cuz it came right after that story.. but nope. she wants to "quit recovery" ok quit then

No. 416097

Check out its tags

Nooooooo! I'm sick of everyone quitting cigs. She needs them right now to stop trying to become bulimic.

No. 416109


>A non-binary female man with glasses

It sounds like Chris-Chan

No. 416125

Lolcow's glitch lasted longer than Aly's relapse.

No. 416159

No. 416167

Shut up Anon that's only bc she's such a fierce recovery queer! She FUC*ING KICKED ED

No. 416187

File: 1509992120452.jpg (275.81 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20171106-191336_1.j…)

Could someone please explain this? I didnt see anything in her stories

No. 416219

In some cultures, "healthy" is literally used as a synonym for chubby. Maybe it's like that in Italy?
Either way, I think it's just part of her histrionic attention seeking behaviour.

No. 416233

Ana chans at least hate “healthy” because it implies they’re not underweight or sick, and therefore not special kek

No. 416297

>Maybe it's like that in Italy?
it's not, it's just sad anachan logic.

No. 416352

I missed it too. I guess Aly screenshoted Delli's salad comment and put it up in her stories. And took it down right away. Did anyone catch it? I'm curious what Aly said in it

No. 416353

She shamed this commenter most likely for something they said, by screenshoting the comment and putting it in her stories for her followers to see. It's a regular thing Aly does with her lovely girls when they say something she doesn't approve of.

She may have deleted it.

No. 416356

File: 1510001942642.jpg (920.81 KB, 2048x2048, D0E18073-A464-4818-B6F9-266C71…)


No. 416375

File: 1510003168454.png (279.66 KB, 750x1098, IMG_3436.PNG)

aw poor aly doesnt have her mom to hold her hand anymore

and kek at "two possibilities" then she lists theee

No. 416416

Ohhhh noooo (!) everyone forgot about our queen goddess' appointment! How dare they think of anything or anyone other than her. How dare they not accompany her! She is so fragile emotionally AND physically.

For someone who is so "pro recovery" she really doesn't do a whole lot to progress her recovery process. Avoiding her therapist and appointments just shows she wants to avoid knowing she's recovered.

No. 416418

File: 1510005565834.jpg (40.05 KB, 640x640, 117235011_0_640x640.jpg)

do u even cook

No. 416866

Everyone should just stop commenting at all, considering most of her commenters are you guys trolling that'll be enough to send her over the edge.

I don't want her to be hurt, but she's far too narcissistic to do anything of the sort and she's dying to relapse but can't. Maybe maybe she will get a reality check. This isn't even funny anymore just a severely ill person, she needs to reach bottom and wake up.

No. 416880

i agree
if only that german idiot went away. it would be perfect. no attention for the recovery queer at all.

No. 416924


I'm a troll but yesterday I decided not to post for a while. It's amazing she has the same old people giving her ~support~ and they haven't yet concluded she's a manipulative bitch for their comments.

I want her to get a run of no comments just to see how she steps up her game, but there're always going to be the dumb ones who comment.

No. 416967

Do you all really think she's relapsing, or is it some sort of attention seeking?

No. 416970

I think she wishes she could (physically) relapse but she can't. She's just desperate for attention.

On the other hand she never recovered at all mentally so I do think some of her freakouts are genuine. They're just annoying af because of the fake positivity she spews out between.

If she would drop the attention seeking and the fake bopo shit and just be real about how it's actually really hard to look recovered and be still struggling mentally, and to miss being sick and want to be able to restrict but just not being able to anymore, I couldn't even hate her for it lol. Although she'd also have to stop with the fucking awful poses and outfits too so

No. 416981

It's pathetic that Aly, a 22 yr old is wanting asspats for deciding to go to a hospital appointment alone for the first time in her life. How smothering Ma must be.

No. 416995

i don't know, i miss her.i got in touch with her when she was corpse-like thin, through my recovery ig.
we talked a lot, we even met each other.
once i tried to tell her to abandon that ig account, and she blocked me everywhere and never talked to me again. this happened last year.
it's sad, she wasn't like that. a bit obsessed, but surely not living up for the attention of others.

man, i feel kinda miserable not being able to help her, yet i won't reach her cause she distanced other people and me too, and i don't really see the point in struggling for someone who's not going to listen.

No. 417005

Like half the commenters are not farmers so if we stop commenting she'll still get something out of other people even if it's less

No. 417009

less is more tho

you met her so you live in milan?

No. 417016

No, other region. We have those magical things called public transports we use to move our bodies from really far pizza places to another. They're shaped like meatballs and do a "MAMA MIA" sound when speeding up.

No. 417026

sage your bs anon

No. 417071

why would you feel miserable for not being able to help her..? mentally ill people need to want to help themselves, you can't save someone from a mental illness

No. 417085

No, no, we do really have public transport to move around.
Cause she was kind of a friend, it's sad seeing her like this.

No. 417086

yeah you were friends totally believe you haha

No. 417091


Kind of, we talked through ig and we met. I said kind of a friend.

Anyway, it's fine, it wasn't really the point of my post - but that's sad that she's doing what she's doing.

No. 417124

She would've blabbed about i. I smell bs.

No. 417133

Down to 48,026 followers.

No. 417147


It's pretty clear she just chooses what to write about. I've never read her writing about who she chats with.

Apart from that, why should anyone fake being friend with her in an anonymous site?

No. 417155

anon sage your posts
and idk i dont feel bad for her shes proven over and over that shes a shitty person just cus she has an ed is doesnt mean that she gets to do whatever she wants

No. 417175

File: 1510073158857.jpg (294.86 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20171107-174139_1.j…)

Look carefully, is she really wearing those socks under the thights? That would be so, so stupid

No. 417176

omg she is

No. 417180

its not THAT stupid…of all the things she wears, layering socks when its cold out is the least of her faults.

No. 417186

Holy fuck Alice, buy some fucking pants. Yeah you'll have to size up but oh fucking well, you've been banging on about loving your cellulitis for six months now and anyone can see that you're not ana anymore

No. 417193

The problem is not in the layering, the problem is that you normally wear socks on top of the thights. The opposite is just stupid

No. 417197

File: 1510073778078.png (1014.81 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20171107-115450.png)

yep looks like bmi 16.7 to me, someone get this girl an NG tube stat

No. 417205

Yes but she brags that imaginary followers say they saved her life when they see her in the street, in cafes and at work. Besides, she only had three friends she rarely saw, leet along "sort of" friends. She has social anxious.

I did this today (as I do in winter) but the socks were over my tights and my tights are thicker and socks not thigh high. To wear them underneath is fucking bizarre.

The way she tucks sweaters into things is wtf. Who does that?

Her weight is normal now. Sorry, Aly. Even her hip bone doesn't protrude any more. Why can't she just face it? Where I live you don't get many women who are as slim as Aly. She should be happy with her weight if she thinks that's "fat" or w/e deluded cow.

No. 417212

She looks really hollowed 😰

No. 417221

so social anxious she post all her life in a social knowing 48k people will see it
she's just a brat

No. 417344

17.5-18 was believable considering shes naturally thin and also has ZERO muscle, you can look like you weigh a lot more than you do if you're pure fat

but 16.7 wtf? nah. where did that random number even come from? she probably stepped on the scale and was like 117lbs and rounded down to 110lbs

No. 417352

File: 1510080954310.jpg (29.52 KB, 304x215, etc.JPG)

She's reposting in the evening now. She's freaking out, guyz (!) Dogs&pos's comment didn't help her.

No. 417364

File: 1510081156466.jpg (8.74 KB, 259x194, vallies.jpg)


What do do - grow the fuck up.
How to stay calm - pic related.

She's going to be intolerable tomorrow, so we're all going to need sedatives.

No. 417386

i wonder what her bmi is gonna be now

No. 417388

Lol I can't wait until she gets weighed and her weight is back up and she flips shit.

No. 417438

File: 1510084719063.jpg (42.99 KB, 638x960, aly drinking while everyone ea…)


Idk, but it's not going to be healthy. Never will that happen. Her fairy tale will be interesting to read though.


Erm, anon, it's WEIGHTED, not weighed. Can't you speak Aly-an? She's so special she gets weighted.

No. 417530

Someone should comment saying she looks so good now she’s fully weight recovered and how nice and full her hips and face look. I would, but I don’t want to out myself as one of her top trolls. I just hate her so much, she’s such an AWFUL person.

No. 417932

Then there will be a rant about how now she wants to self arm

No. 417948

>wow aly now your bmi is 18.5 you look so HEALTHY i would have said you were at an even higher bmi maybe even 20 (!) good job on fully recovering. are you excited at all the things you can do now that you're no longer anorexic?

No. 417991

“in stories 🔙 nothing but haters and yell telling me I am FAT! I want to self arm and kill me. In your support please, should I close because of yells? Do my girls need me? Please, help!”

Oh ho ho I can imagine the hissyfit now!

No. 418017

Then the next morning will be back to scoffing donuts and McDonald's.

No. 418268

tbh i'd do this i just need to figure out how to make it seem really caring (like put a lot of heart emojis and tell her she's my idol) cuz i do not wanna get blocked

No. 418357

Everything is fun and games, but keep in one that she's ill. I don't know if you ever had the pleasure of having an eating disorder, it makes you a terrible person. Judging her whole for her suffering is just AWFUL.
maybe she's not like this IRL, she just vents her need for validation in ig.

I have no sympathy for this person, though , but you would feel like shut if someone did this to you.

No. 418358

We're playing with a severely ill person. It's not fun anymore.

No. 418413

she claims to have a bmi lower than mine and i am thinner
i wonder how recovering people that are following her feel. she's such a trigger.

No. 418415


Yeah, she's ill but so are the followers who're really trying to recover but read that a usual portion meal is a "binge" and she's fat with stretch marks and you can do recovery without any medical help.

Being an awful person (not all anorexics are) is no excuse. I'm not into fucking up anyone's recovery but she's doing that to others and she knows it. No, idk what exactly goes on in her demented head, but she's one of the most damaging #recovery accounts.

No. 418487

File: 1510143465110.png (175.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5158.PNG)

She keeps post-delete-post-deleting this wall of text.

No. 418521

File: 1510147763263.jpg (385.65 KB, 704x1138, Screenshot_20171108-132730.jpg)

Proving she's her ex-anorexic self with this set of stats. Desperate to hold onto that low bmi even though hospital said shes fine amnd doesn't need their input anymore

No. 418539

>what i passed through
had to work a bit and couldnt work out how to make a packed lunch. did she tell her dr about any of the things shes been freaking out about? no just that she went to budapest

No. 418555

She wishes she were severely ill. Tbh she's not anymore and in any case anorexia doesn't have psychotic features or anything else that makes it not morally okay to criticize or mess with someone. She's a mentally competent adult, even though she tries hard not to be. Sage for blog but I say this as a person with an ed, and many farmers here also have eds.

Yeah anorexia makes you bitchy but it's not an excuse for the shit she does, which is annoying as fuck and could be triggering if you care about that type of shit (I don't). She has a terrible personality and tries to blame it on the ed and that's bullshit. She doesn't get a pass because she was really skinny for six months.

No. 418561

lol I love how she's trying to skin the "regained kg" aka rehydration after stomach flu on her warrior ways when she was trying so hard to relapse since then. oh wow Aly, your weight fluctuates and you've "lost" HALF A KG in four months? call the police

also a page of stats seems totally productive and healthy, yep

No. 418570


Why does the psychiatrist get to weigh in on whether she should see a dietician. That does not compute, AT ALL.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that session. She should show her shrink her IG acct, and then we'd see if they still though Aly is doing great.

No. 418583

right like in all this time her weight has changed just a few pounds

if i were dr i'd be more concerned that she hasnt gained steadily like shes just been languishing below a healthy weight for so long. shouldnt they increase her meal plan? does she even have a meal plan anymore? they're just like ok aly bye and ofc she doesnt share that she keeps wanting to purge meals or her 10 hour relapse. its a real disaster on both ends

when she sees them again in jan her weight is gonna be the same i bet

No. 418591

shes at 47.9 now

No. 418618

Impossible, I'm shorter, I weight 48kg and I'm thinner than her. She's lying.

No. 418621

i didn't notice she said shes gained a kilo, so she was even lower than bmi 16.7?? shes so full of shit

No. 418632

How hard can it be to keep your lies straight?

Those numbers don't add up at all.
She claimed her highest BMI during recovery was around 18, yet according to this it was just 17.2.
She also claimed her BMI was 16.7 when she was ~hollowed~ after having the shits, yet now she says it was 16.3?

And yeah, just no. I too am skinnyfat with a similar body type, and no way was her BMI 16.3 at any time during the last month. No way was her BMI never higher than 17.2

No. 418637

File: 1510157748138.jpg (8.06 KB, 225x225, jim.jpg)

She's got nothing without her ig account so she has to keep lying. She's still going to be saying she's underweight when she's got muffin tops.

No. 418652

Lol at her weight and follower count being the same

No. 418657

She never seemed to have a real meal plan and she definitely doesn't have one now. Her team is a joke.

That said I don't really think she's languishing, I think she's at her set point. She's back to her reported pre ED weight and looks bigger if anything though it's probably due to shitty body composition.

She's physically recovered but refuses to believe she's not still skinny.

She's mentally still a fucking mess but refuses to believe she's not magically cured and body posi.

No. 418680

>Her team is a joke.

I don't understand what she does in therapy. It doesn't seem like usual ED clinical psychology stuff like writing a letter to anorexia and writing letters to yourself. She could've used some of the introspection that comes from opening up, thinking about shit and getting root causes out in the open. I think she's too chicken shit to do something like that.

No. 418694

File: 1510161149586.png (2.19 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171108-100957.png)

She's been posting a lot of stories lately. I'll post a couple.

No. 418695

File: 1510161182369.png (2.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171108-101004.png)

No. 418698

File: 1510161334768.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171108-101330.png)

It's funny that he's practically done eating his fries. She's sitting there with her perfectly undisturbed sandwich.

No. 418700

Please use a teeth whitener, Aly.

I just remembered, she was supposed to be looking for a job the day after the 12 hour relapse. She didn't mention anything.

No. 418705

File: 1510161542155.jpg (528.58 KB, 2896x2896, 20171108_101747.jpg)

Me again…I couldn't help myself… but these are not at all the same sandwich

No. 418749

400 cals of beige #foodheaven indeed

No. 418767

Has she ever posted a meal that had a green food in it? I mean, not artificially coloured ice cream or donut topping.

Even the cheese she eats is plastic. I'm feeling a Gordon Ramsey FUCK ME moment coming on.

No. 418785

theres lettuce on a mcchicken right

No. 418810


I bet Aly puts the lettuce out and throws it away, because eating it would be ~ not bodyposi ~

No. 418821

One time she posted a naked ass bologna sandwich with a lone piece of raw broccoli sitting next to it.

No. 418842

First, SAGE your shit

Eating disorders do not make you a terrible person.

That sucks that you may have "become a terrible person because of your ED" since you're sympathize with someone like Aly, but that doesn't happen to many. Some of the kindest, most caring people have eating disorders. Anorexia can make you selfish to a degree, but not what Aly is doing.

Her eating disorder isn't what is causing her to act like a shitty person, guilt-tripping others, spending the entire day on her phone when her mom's brother died then "running away" from home, having zero empathy. She's ignored and blocked people who have asked her for support as they felt suicidal because it always needs to be all about her. She's extremely histrionic and her eating disorder is not to blame for that. She's not suffering as much as she claims to be, she's pretending to suffer in order to gain attention. You realize young easily influenced girls follow her? You clearly haven't been following her for long.

Most farmers have at least had EDs. No need to be patronizing.

You sound like one of those people who think that cheating on your SO is excusable "because they were just depressed!!!!"

Truuuth. I can't stand these newfags who try to whiteknight

No. 418846

I mean, she sees these people like once every 2 months. To form a relationship with your team and therapist, you need to be seeing them at least once a week. They probably know nothing about her + she probably lies to them and pretends to be all recovered. If they're an ED team, they obviously don't specialize in personality disorders like HPD (Aly at least has traits so even if she doesnt have HPD she's def on the spectrum). So they probably see that she's maintaining a weight that was much higher than when she was snoopy, then they ask her "how are you feeling" and she's like "everything is good, my boy is here, im eating fear foods" that's good enough for them.

No. 418865


Yep to all of this. From that short television interview she made it looks like her psychiatrist is an ED specialist, so has she never seen a general psychiatrist? Idk how it works in Italy.

Here your usual psychiatrist would refer you to the ED services. Then you see a clinical psychologist and s/he hooks you up to see a nutritionist, writes to your GP to get bloods/ECGs done, all info gets sent to your GP, psychiatrist and ED specialists. All she seems to do is go to one place when she needs a good shrink to stick her on meds or w/e. I'm not overkeen on diagnoses but ffs they're helpful.

It's weird they're treating her as having an eating disorder and nothing else alongside, like depression and her self-diagnosed anxiety and OCD.

She must lie her ass off to the medical people. No way would she mention thinking about binges and throwing up (if she really did).

As much as I don't care for Aly, it's frustrating to think that others might be fobbed off like she is.

Is she really so naive about eating disorders that she has to ask dumb questions so much. Oh, has any of my 1000s of followers ever had bone density problems. Duh. God, she's fucked up.

No. 418870

yes, way back when she was thin and fake recovering she posted really amazing looking restaurant meals all the time. big salads, wraps, real burgers (not fast food shit), normal sides, glasses of wine (without screaming about being an alcoholic). doubtful that she ate much but back then she had normal food plus her sugary snacks and now she literally just posts sugar shit.

even her OCD breakfast cookie pictures used to be normal semi-sweet european bfast cookies as opposed to literally oreos.

No. 418888

The more Aly overshares, the more I feel like a lot of her obnoxiousness comes from her being a combination of naive, unintelligent, and uneducated. I used to think she was playing dumb about ED things, which is a p normal behavior for anorexics (trying to come off as clueless, like "omg i had no idea diet coke had zero calories, i just prefer the taste lol~"). I also thought a lot of it was due to the translation issues.

Now that she posts so much and so often though it's getting increasingly obvious that she's crazy ignorant about everything from EDs and health to online social etiquette. It's not just her Google Translate tier english. It's a wilfull lack of self awareness that I don't think would be possible in someone with good cognitive skills or the type of critical thinking you'd cultivate at uni.

TL;DR she's natural dumb, sheltered, not naturally inquisitive, and didn't stay in school long enough to have these characteristics challenged.

No. 418890

>natural dumb
I meant "naturally" of course lol, accidental Snejana Onokpa reference

No. 419005

I don't know how ignorant she actually is under all the fucking crazy. she's desperate to relapse but doesn't want to give up the 'so brave, much recovered' bit so she tries hard to have it both ways.

No. 419090

I def agree about wanting to relapse, but I meant more like ignorant about how EDs even work, or even how the online community works. Like, she really doesn't seem to grasp that right now she's losing followers because of how obnoxious her posts are and how she begs for support but never makes an effort to put herself out there supporting others. This is like #edfam 101. She also doesn't seem to understand weight fluctuation or anything at all about nutrition, and most seasoned internet anas are practically experts in that shit.

She doesn't seem to catch on quickly at all.

No. 419124

i think if she ever suddenly gained 2kg overnight she might be more inclined to believe in water weight but idk she is really dumb about a lot of things that you just pick up along the way whilst being a spoop

i'd love for her to just be straight about how she feels for once. i think if she gave up writing in english she'd make more sense too. shes just so strange, like how she acts in the world is like an alien trying to learn how to be human and its stumbled into a mcdonalds

No. 419168

Every once in a while I think she's just a troll. Like, yes she had anorexia. But sometimes I just think she says dumb shit for the possibility that she'll get comments.

No. 419184

lol the thought crosses my mind too, like i know she isn't, but sometimes it's actually the most logical explanation because she's unbelievable in how dumb she is and how she follows farmers' predictions like a script.

thought about this the other day when she posted that story with the "QUEER" sticker. really?? i wish someone had asked her about it, lol

No. 419464

no new post?

No. 419479

Sage your shit or leave

No. 419488

File: 1510234473555.jpeg (171.5 KB, 640x960, 44318FD6-2979-4CB7-922B-9F562B…)

I can’t

No. 419492

calm the fuck down maybe? i don't follow her, she blocked me, i can read just here.

No. 419507

File: 1510238404488.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5173.PNG)

This god awful skirt has returned.

No. 419508


i don't follow her, but i se her threads a lot.

Is she anorexic (and pretending not to be) or is she wannarexic and trying to obvious?

No. 419512

where are all these people coming from

No. 419531

sage little summer child
She was anorexic, she was really fucking thin, faked recovery, then started to eat shit and asking for constant validation, guilt tripping people that follow her, threatening sudoku every time something didn't please her cause she's a ~ recovery queer ~ and nobody understands that she struggles but she tries to be positive in half of her post and the other says lies.

In this very moment she's trying to convince her followers she's underweight and sick and that she gave up recovery trying to mix the shit with counting orgasms not calories, ignoring the followers that actually get worried for her and her life revolves around instagram (social network addiction) without realizing she's a grown up woman and should stop behaving like a 13 years old prick.

She also left her EXTRATIRING (!) AND DANGEROUS (!!) retail work cause she said that it was messing with her health and her boss was sexist, and left her dying in the corner while she was vomiting. All this documented by 5849358095 reposts and 843294839574389 instagram stories too cause you know, better be remembered when your down in the gutter.

Next time, you'll read all the threads.

No. 419560

SAGE. It's not that hard to figure out what sage means, read the rules before posting newfag

No. 419565

File: 1510246459761.png (291.76 KB, 750x1104, IMG_3513.PNG)

From 6 hours ago but her new posts are boring.

So she's been BMI 16 now…. and she literally thinks that a weight fluctuation is a relapse. She's never been recovered from anything lol how can she relapse

And omg at her bone density bullshit, she was snoopy for TWO YEARS. only TWO.

No. 419567

File: 1510246649327.png (269.99 KB, 750x1145, IMG_3514.PNG)

No comments, then reposted this

No. 419572

File: 1510247507907.png (1.59 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5175.PNG)

No. 419575

File: 1510247538448.png (1.37 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5174.PNG)

No. 419577

File: 1510247899272.png (581.15 KB, 521x534, size000.png)


Is that her design idea for her new album?

Lol, dramatic cow.

Is that skirt >>419507 this one? I'm not surprised she's in pain. That elastic must be tight.

No. 419580

omg, those are the same tights too…

No. 419598


>would you ever believe she just came out from an anorexic period?

No, Aly, nodody cares! People on the streets have better things to do than thinking about YOU and YOUR looks. Nobody cares.

> I needed to whisper to each one of them:

I would be creeped out if she did this to me and would tell her to gtfo

Imagine laying in a hospital bed, the door opens and Aly whispers inside.

No. 419609

Poor Roberto. He must be wondering how to get out of this mess without triggering her, cause he looks pretty done. (And also done with his meal, when she hasn't even started.)

No. 419617

why in pain? is she pretending shes getting stomach pains like you would at the start of recovery (when you start actually eating again you know)

this is hilarious

No. 419618

How did her hair look better when she was a spoop? It's usually the other way around

No. 419628

she's probably never experienced a real pnic attack in her life omg

wow she needs attention so much that she actually cares if strangers would realize she used to be anorexic. she thinks her ed is her whole identity. #realrecovery

No. 419630

Her panic attacks are surreal if she manages not to smudge her make up, not have a pale, tear streaked face and holds her phone steady to take a picture. What a multi tasking queer!

No. 419632

yeah its because being anorexic is her biggest achievement

No. 419633

Sometimes my eyes tear up when i lie down, doesn't everyones? i think thats whats happening in her "no more tears to cry" pic

No. 419636

I know. I want to see a snot string and bubbles if she wants me to believe she's genuinely in emotional pain.

No. 419665

I've followed aly for maybe half a year, she dm'ed me like once or twice to say thanks for the help after commenting on her pictures/ helping her with things she's said in her story. She never really listened but I assumed it was because her ED was pretty bad so I didn't push it. Today (or some time this week) she blocked me out of nowhere which really confused me, because I hadn't commented on anything in a while as I hadn't been on insta as often. Googled her user today and have found this page and others about her and I don't know why I'm so surprised. It's crazy how long she's been acting like this and to what extent too, I want her to get better because I wouldn't wish this illness on anyone but I don't even think she deserves it at this point, she talks a lot about the ED community and how we need to support each other but I've never seen her supporting anyone else online. She's full of bullshit and I'm pissed that I even tried to help her in the first place.
(I read the rules but haven't posted here before so forgive me if I've done something wrong)

No. 419666

File: 1510255017958.png (1.61 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20171109-121415.png)

No. 419670

curious if it looked like the thanks she gave you were copy and pasted? do you have screen shots?

No. 419674

>I'm such a foolish [insert your own words]

Nah, you got everything right there. Welcome to lolcow. I know there used to be a thread about her on mpa and kiwifarms (think we went there when she was a banned topic here). She's always been a bitch, but she's worse now. OMG WHERE WILL IT END (!)

No. 419686

>tried to give help
>no one was there for me
i cant roll my eyes more

No. 419692

They probably were copy pasted to be fair, they weren't very personable and were along the lines of 'thank you so much honey' etc. I wish I did have screenshots as I can't see the messages now that she's blocked me
I can understand the block to an extent because I was often blunt with the help I offered her but I was never rude or a straight up dick so it's a bit ridiculous.

No. 419699

i think she must have more people blocked than active followers

No. 419754

File: 1510261434655.png (250.91 KB, 750x1094, IMG_3518.PNG)

Oh my god now she has a bmi of 16.6. What happened to that 0.1? I honestly can't fucking deal anymore

No. 419755

A couple farmers posted screenshots of her dms and it was literally just copy pasta for all of them

No. 419759

lmao did she lose another 500 grams (!) why is she getting cramps too shes been eating "normally" for ages. shes just making herself sound like a wannarexic

the bmi system is dumb as hell anyway cus its not factoring in fat or muscle she puts far too much emphasis on it

No. 419775

Aly hydrate better so you can cry more. You haven't cried enough of that awful eyeliner is still there. God is crying too

>I'm so used to a lower one
God damn she was spoopy for literally like a year. She's been weight restored for six months plus. Ughh

No. 419984

I wonder if she's ever read "Wasted" (well I'm guessing she hasn't) she'd be so jealous of everything that girl went through. I can't remember the exact quote but she says something about how the drama of having an eating disorder is kind of exciting. I feel like that's what aly thrives off, just that something is happening to her

btw has she mentioned hammy again? or was it just the once. I'm hoping she actually takes care of him even if she is jealous…of a fuc*ing hamster

No. 420067

she ate him :(
Breakdowns are real and intense :(

No. 420237

Anonymous now No. 420234

>I'm hoping she actually takes care of him even if she is jealous…of a fuc*ing hamster

I'm sure she wasn't expecting her hamster to get more attention than her…I can imagine her, being all resentful.

I'm sorry that you were one of the blocked ones too. She blocked me for liking a comments which was a little critical with her, so at least she probably thinks I'm a ''hater'' too but you…I have no idea what's going on with her mind. Maybe she reads her DMs once in a while and when she notices people aren't commenting / sending anything anymore, she blocks them? I can't understand how Aly's mind works, tbh

No. 420264

File: 1510314472271.png (1.01 MB, 720x1002, 20171110_114034.png)

She has two options: Thicker tights or wear leggings
Thick socks over see through tights..Hate that shit

No. 420265

She's getting cramps from wearing a skirt 3 sizes too small

No. 420268

File: 1510315003159.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5179.PNG)

No. 420283

This look is a fucking travesty

No. 420292

Who snaps this pics? It's always her mother?

Oh no, I'm suffering, better make a story out of this

No. 420302

how did she take this
ofc you feel depressed you dont do anything

No. 420306


If her skirt were longer and fit properly and weren't from aliexpress, the tights/socks would be ok.

Well, she needs to ditch the shirt too.

No. 420316

so if it was a different outfit? lol i cant believe she still wears that skirt it must be so tight. it kinda highlights how she cant let go of her spoopiness

No. 420318

>feels sadness
>self diagnoses with depression

>feels guilty about eating too much

>panic attack

>counts calories


>father raises voice


No. 420346

File: 1510329937497.png (2.08 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171110-090250.png)

Something about "tons of makeup" "going for a walk" "really, thank you"

No. 420529

File: 1510342514967.jpg (593.18 KB, 2896x2896, 20171110_122819.jpg)

Boooring. I think the milk is dry now. It's sad but it was fun guys.

No. 420611

I thought her "depression" was back today…. (?)

No. 420613

Apparently croissants, wine and pizza make it all okay. Fuck you, Big Pharma and your SSRIs. Aly's found the real cure for depression. They should have a pizza vendor near every bridge, railtrack, and outside the apartment block of every suicidal person. That's save some lives.

No. 420865


I think you're right…Nothing new seems to happen at her life anymore. At least when she was working we didn't know what was going to happen (almost=, now it's just…Depressing / awful days for her as ALWAYS (!), claiming for attention and SUPPORT and becoming suicidal (?) when she doesn't get comments. Same old habits.

No. 420920

Someone should ask her about her hamster. It'll make her seethe.

No. 420949

I saw someone ask her 2 or 3 days ago about the hamster. She told the girl it was named marril from Pokemon and the girl asked her how he was settling in and Aly ingored her.

No. 420962

She's going back to therapy on Monday. Or her mom will put her inpatient..woopdee doo.

No. 421003

because shes sooo thin again? you can post her post without a sage i dont want the aly thread to die!

No. 421016

File: 1510419586303.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 255DB6B0-7579-4F17-9A34-D59D3A…)

I didn’t believe her eyeliner could get worse, but here we go

No. 421056

File: 1510422705412.png (1.29 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20171111-104912.png)

here you go anon. I don't want it to die either. she's just boring right now.

BUT! she's speaking Italian to the hamster in this video. Haven't heard that before…

No. 421059

File: 1510423262330.png (313.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-11-10-59-13…)

Another day of her crippling depression being cured by McDonald's chicken nuggets…I hope her mom throws her ip…for a good, long time this time.

No. 421064

is this inpatient threat a real thing tho? shes an adult so her mum couldnt just "commit" her unless she got her like sectioned lol

No. 421089


Ma didn't even make her stay on the medical ward when she was spoopy, so she's not going to let her baby have to stay in a horrible hospital again.

Idek what she'd be admitted for? There doesn't seem to be a specialist ED unit where she is and there isn't really anything medically wrong with her. She hasn't even tried a course of ant deps from her doctor so going in patient would be drastic (even though we know she really is very mental with something undiagnosed and needs to be observed).

I wish she'd get stuck in a psychiatric unit though to show her how disgusting those places are. Again though, you're really fucking ill if you're admitted to psych and not just lying on your bed eating chicken nuggets and going bowling with friends.

Weird innit! I was dog sitting for a woman one time who had a budgie that'd once belonged to her Indian friends. It used to speak in Hindi. THAT was fucking weird.

Yep, Aly's boring as hell atm, but she never fails to deliver something at some point.

Cute mouse.

No. 421140

They wouldnt section her, she's fine lol. Umless she threatened suicide and then pretended that she "is now inpatient for having bad bloods"

No. 421186

she deleted the part about her saying that.

No. 421194

even if her mom can't section her there are ways to force her into treatment, assuming this is true
(think: financially cutting her off lol) (or just telling her she has to and aly not realizing there's another option)

No. 421198

She wants people to think she needs hospitalisation so she stays relevant. Which she isn't anyway.

No. 421238

File: 1510438443534.png (2.73 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20171111-151135.png)


No. 421240

File: 1510438485307.png (1.84 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20171111-151052.png)


No. 421276

get it down ya lad

tfw your depression is so serious and real but bowling and eggplant can cure it

No. 421310

File: 1510442931843.jpg (821.23 KB, 1044x1903, Screenshot_20171111-162557.jpg)

Our poor Aly is too fragile and weak to bowl with adult balls.

No. 421315

lol when she tries to use ed words no thats not extreme hunger thats called being hungry

No. 421332

Not enough strength? She's physically healthy!

No. 421409

File: 1510453708008.jpg (52.62 KB, 550x284, wat.JPG)

What is she even trying to say? That she was thinking about OD'ing?
top kek I kill me.
Hope to wake up to your nuggets.

No. 421514

Her "man" looks terrible in that pic. He needs to lose that facial hair, it looks disgusting.

English is not my first language, so maybe
I´m getting something wrong here, but to me it sounds super stupid when she always says "my man". Why doesn´t she just say "my boyfriend"?

No. 421529

Maybe she is romanticizing? Consumption used to be a trendy way to die back in the victorian ages…

No. 421543

i thought she meant through lack of consumption of food but who fucking knows w aly

No. 421585

maybe she means wasting away?

No. 421594


It's trendier to die by dropsy.

Aly's pissing me off too much with her fake depression. I'm staying away from her ig today for my own mental health and just checking up here. I'm not surprised she lost her friends and Berto looks like shit. Her very name drags a person down.

No. 421649


It sounds a bit odd and dated to those of us who have English as a mother tongue also. I think people who unironically use that phrase are old-fashioned and think all women should live like they did in the 50's or something. But that is what she aspires to even though she calls herself a feminist, so it actually fits.

No. 421687

File: 1510503339421.jpg (807.21 KB, 1079x2018, Screenshot_20171112-091329.jpg)

I guess she's going on medication to stop binges because she's soooo depressed

No. 421688

File: 1510503413624.png (2.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171112-091357.png)

No. 421697

when shes on meds she'll probably keep hinting that she wants to od or something

No. 421712

I think she uses her ~boy~ and ~man~ because she doesn't want to reveal his name's Roberto. She's unaware how easy it is to find her details online. We know her family name, her mum's name, her brother's name her friends names, etc. She should at least give him a name on ig.

She'd just get serotonin syndrome if she ODed on them - throwing up and getting the shits. It makes me laugh when people make a big deal out of going on anti depressants. Everyone's on them these days.

Today I bought some nail polish. Really cheap. The rest of their make up looked like shit. It was KIKO MILANO and I'm p sure that's what brend Aly uses, so I expect it to chip within an hour. I hate how things remind me of Aly when I don't want to think of her.

No. 421723

i feel like she says boy or man cus shes trying to show off that she has a bf (this is MY boy that i own) like how she always announces that they had sex

No. 421728

File: 1510507815707.jpg (44.97 KB, 366x602, goo.JPG)

That video of her wiggling a curly fry in that processed cheese goop made me retch. She's not eating because she's depressed but she had lunch and now she's at McDonald's? Oooookay.

No. 421753

has she had mcdonalds every single day this week? has she ever heard of "super size me"? shes always saying she cant eat and then is eating right after

No. 421765

She's making an illness out of trying to restrict then pigging out because she's hungry. If she ate little and often it'd do her good but you can't tell her that. If anyone tries to go without food (and they're not anorexic) for hours then you're going to hit the food cupboard and cram a load of whatever's there in your mouth.

She so so so so so sooooooooooo wants to restrict. She can't so she makes up her BMI.

The daily McDonald's is plain sad. As a kid me and friends would hang out at the same greasy spoon cafe because there wasn't any other option, but now there're tons of fast food places and little businesses catering for all food tastes. She's like a 14 year old who hangs out on a street corner with friends drinking from a bottle of cheap cider every night.

I'm not surprised she's pissed off, oops I mean ~desperately depressed~. Her routine is so dull it gives anyone second hand boredom.

No. 421768

File: 1510511000499.jpg (822.97 KB, 1304x1947, Screenshot_20171112-111311.jpg)

This is…different. actually it's similar to the beach photos where she's kicking sand. She really does have only a few poses.

No. 421774

what a natural pose for holding a bag of fries outside a mcdonalds

No. 421776

File: 1510511895654.jpg (17.56 KB, 310x249, ghastly.JPG)

That hollow face tho.

Says something when her brother's clothes suit her better than her own. She should just raid his wardrobe from now on.

The joy on her face is me after looting a stationery shop.

No. 421780

File: 1510512256074.jpg (31.38 KB, 675x379, julie-goodyear-2.jpg)

I don't think any anons will agree but there's always been something about Aly that reminds me of Julie Goodyear/Bet Lynch. Idk, it's like she could be her daughter. This pic isn't a good example but sometimes there's a real resemblance. No, it isn't a compliment as you'd have guessed.

No. 421791

No. 421796

File: 1510514011884.png (349.44 KB, 596x341, inside alys head.png)

No. 421921

File: 1510519769204.jpg (160.34 KB, 1420x1304, Screenshot_20171112-134813.jpg)


No. 421924

File: 1510519787425.jpeg (155.91 KB, 1254x1636, image.jpeg)

I kill me

No. 421928


Don't forget to close the door on your way out.

No. 421929

File: 1510519958828.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171112-134800.png)

No. 421931

File: 1510520120182.jpeg (207.92 KB, 732x1110, F06FA365-0D2E-4ACC-A38F-A2B21B…)

No. 421932

Did anyone see any yells?

No. 421933

Nope, but I'm posting a bunch of shit lyrics on her suicide post

No. 421935

someone actually said she looked "gorgeous" on this one. all comments were OTT in adoration.

No. 421938

Quick, report her for suicide threat!

No. 421939

>TW Repost

Finally someone respects my triggers!

Why does she even need support for a positive post??

No. 421942

dONE. Now I'm quoting Apocalypse Now.

No. 421943

I wonder how she feels about getting so many comments on her blackout posts, then having to delete it to appear sane again

No. 421945


No. 421947

but what about her hamster? who will care for it?

No. 421948

File: 1510520816322.png (61.91 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5196.PNG)

No. 421949

Sorry, didn't see it had been posted before

No. 421952

Aly would stream her suicide. She's that type.

No. 421953

File: 1510520960401.png (333.91 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171112-140811.png)

No. 421955

She wants people to call her doctor? At 10.11pm?

No. 421960

i wonder how many suicide threats people put up with before they unfollow

No. 421962

I bet she's in the kitchen scarfin down chocolate. It's so shit calling wolf. One day she might really need help (because, let's face it, she's losing it more and more) and people are just going to zzzzzzzzz like we do.

No. 421964

She lost 6 followers since she deleted the blackout.

No. 421972

i wish her follower count would represent her the true amount like she probably only has a few thousand active followers or less

No. 421981

I know. It'd be interesting to see that. Most of the followers are probably deserted accounts.

No. 421989

Next time she does this I'm going to post on her picture a comment telling her Italian followers to tell the emergency services what's happening to see how quickly Aly recovers from her "suicidal thoughts". I'd give it 30 seconds.

No. 422006

dont bother you'll just get blocked

No. 422012


i'm not saying this is what aly is doing (in fact it's clearly not) but to be fair being stuck in a binge/restrict cycle is definitely an eating disorder as well

the mcdonalds is fucking weird, she lives in italy, you would think she would have higher standards for food.

so hollowed (!)
i dont understand why the wing of
her eyeliner goes UNDERNEATH her actual eye

"i kill me" and "yells" are definitely my favorite aly-isms, other ideas for the top ones?

sage for literally no contribution, sorry

No. 422037

yeah aly isnt restricting or binging shes just not eating and getting hungry and then calling that meal a binge

No. 422046

self arming is another classic!

No. 422088

File: 1510527566120.jpg (408.04 KB, 1200x800, I KILL ME.jpg)


Haha, yeah! I've been thinking on this and self arm/the way she confuses arm and harm is funny as fuck. Other Aly-isms I liked she's fixed after two years. I kill me and self arm are the best atm. "Brend" used to make me grin and I miss her saying DANG.

Don't apologise or give reason for sage. Most of the thread is sage because we just talk shite about Aly.

One day I'm going to do some kind of timeline of Aly. It'll include Aly-isms, clothes, her most used quotes. Maybe I'll do it over Christmas because that's always a snoozefest.

I'm looking forward to her taking meds. She's going to make a big deal about it and no doubt have a hundred side effects. I don't see how she managed to contact her doctor and fix appointments for a shrink within 30 minutes late at night. I might've misteaken (!) her post but it sounds like that's what she did.

I think she's bullshitting (AS IF!)

No. 422094

her meds will probably make her feel sick and then she'll won't will be able to eat and she'll lose so much weight (!)
>girls should i continue taking my pills and face losing weight or stop and face major depression need in your support

No. 422121

Why does her team of doctors (therapist and GP) all sound like absolute morons? Her GP should be sending her ass to a psychiatrist, not suddenly prescribing her meds because she said "I have suicidal thoughts". She doesnt even have suicidal thoughts. She needs to be thouroughly assessed, not given pills like candy.

i'm guessing she wants SSRIs but her "depression" isn't depression. And tbh she probably doesnt even know what an SSRI or an SNRI even is, she just thinks there's a magic pill for every condition that'll cure her.

There's no fucking pills for histrionic tendencies. What's wrong with her doctors?

No. 422316

File: 1510533459887.jpeg (1.84 MB, 3264x2448, EFFA465E-E4C1-4162-A4DD-08A857…)

I put this on my fridge today.

No. 422424

oh man! i would die for a good long google doc (or something) alllll about the history of aly, ive been following for a while but not the entire time so i'm sure theres some damn good shit ive missed, plus it would be fun to relive the highlights

and i agree, i feel like every time she gets boring she does something milky enough for me to start hating her again. now it's taking meds. i'm exciting.

don't ssris make you gain weight?

No. 422441

>Give me strenght oh frie-mustache Aly for I am to weak to eat right, or function without your constant posts of Donnie's and fapps. Today I tried to eat a wholesome meal make of the four food groups, but it felt like Ana tendencies so I had a cookie. Thank you Aly(!) I hope .some day I'll have a BMI over 18.4. Just like youuuuu.

. Kill me

No. 422519

File: 1510541105561.png (285.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-12-19-39-39…)

Lovelylights is finally sick of aly's shit. I couldn't screen shot it all, but at the end she said she was going to step away from aly.

No. 422547

File: 1510543757686.png (290.4 KB, 750x1240, IMG_3615.PNG)

oh god does she wanna go back to her ed therapist? She needs to be assessed by a legitamate psychiatrist. Her ED is the least of her problems. She needs a therapist who specializes in personality disorders not eating disorders, she obviously has hpd tendencies. these random "Pills" arent gonna cure her. Holy shit she's so naive

No. 422601

File: 1510548627033.jpg (216.32 KB, 1351x478, Screenshot_20171112-214732.jpg)

The funniest part was cut off
>please tell me how to improve

No. 422614

Is she mentally getting worse or is the fact she's losing so much support it's making her lose her shit? She seems to be grasping at straws here. Throwing bait and whatever sticks and gets her attention she goes with it.
It was her dad's yells and beats, then her abandonment anxiety, then social anxiety, then her stalkers and sexual harassment, then she was a victim of sexism (the men's fashion brend), then her horrible mean boss, then her horrible tough job. Now it's her hollowed face, severe depression and sudden 16.3 bmi and daily kill me's.

She's a total cunt but I hope she grows up soon and figures out she needs severe mental help. She's still young, so not all hope is lost for her.

No. 422701

File: 1510571988600.jpeg (383.82 KB, 746x1108, 7DD43469-6067-4853-9A2A-D3246E…)

Her new post is word salad at its best

No. 422702

File: 1510572008095.jpeg (86.91 KB, 744x271, 20A0C52E-217B-4FF7-A089-918E63…)

Part 2

No. 422703

She really seems to think that other people still see her as thinspo. It’s kinda sad.

No. 422708

So she's a nightmare all week long leading up to her birthday, and by day 7 her dad finally snaps and belts her. Kek. Nice going pa casati

No. 422710

One hour, zero comments.

No. 422714

And so she deleted.

No. 422716

File: 1510576397977.jpeg (280.52 KB, 749x1105, EE218750-4D66-4ADF-9FAA-1C3FB7…)

Here’s the repost. Dogs did leave a nice comment tho, but if course, she is „no one“ according to Aly. What a fucking cunt.

No. 422717

File: 1510576500153.png (4.47 MB, 750x1334, D5ECEB9E-D896-4795-8A6A-960C31…)

Holy shit she’s so goddamn ugly i kill me

No. 422719

What is she even asking? What kind of photos she should post? Others get on a downer thinking about humanitarian crises, she gets suicidal over ig lack of comments.

No. 422724

The repost is now up for half an hour, has 22 likes and zero comments. I smell a breakdown coming. Get ready to report her if she posts a black and threatens to arm herself!

No. 422725

And it's deleted.

No. 422727

File: 1510577975977.jpeg (780.26 KB, 750x1117, 3E45C40F-4E10-4B8C-AE87-EA5864…)

We get closer to the breakdown

No. 422728

File: 1510578036323.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, B142E0B2-EF44-4A82-82C9-2025B4…)

No. 422729

And that fucking idiot still tries to make people believe that it’s „not because of comments“ yeah right

No. 422730

Lucky bitch can afford a pack of cigs.

No. 422735

One of the few pictures where she looks normal tbh

ikr, but she's even picky about the type of comments she gets so there's really no winning here

She'd be better off making new accounts and posting positive comments on her main account

No. 422745

Too bad she got some comments now

No. 422755

lol love that she calls it the week of her birthday, whens the parade? in my family we say like "its my birthday week, its my birthday month" as a joke but i bet she thinks this week should be extra special for her. cant wait for that b day breakdown

also im glad lovelylight got sick of alys shit..shame dogsandpos is too dumb to understand

No. 422765

File: 1510583656900.jpeg (542.02 KB, 750x1053, 18D9C2C1-7D38-463F-A18C-1937F1…)

She also mentions her b-day week in her newest post lol i bet she’ll remind us in every single post she makes!