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File: 1450850564305.png (1.85 MB, 1970x1714, wannarexic.png)

No. 74624

Because the previous thread is reaching it's reply limit >>44088

A place to discuss ALL of the proana wannarexics and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram or elsewhere.

No. 74627


No. 74628

In one of the past Aly or Ash threads, there was some Eastern European girl on Instagram, I think Hungarian, with anorexia. She was quite emaciated and had blonde-ish hair, pretty young. I think no one had heard from her for a few months before her last post. Does anyone remember her account? She wasn't really a cow, I just want to see how she's doing.

No. 74629

She was Norwegian. I think her name was Maren.

No. 74633

Thanks, anon. It was Maren Sørum. Unfortunately, looks like she's still the same… Her Instagram is deleted though, I guess that's why I couldn't find it again.

No. 74638

Maren has updated photos on her Facebook, she's doing a little better

No. 74640

She really does seem sweet. Poor thing.

No. 74654

Is it possible to change the title to include attention seekers? Some of the people discussed in the last thread were cutters or problematic other disordered (clinical term there).

No. 74685

File: 1450883176961.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

It's 10am over where I'm from and already Ember is desperately trying to seem sick, by posting a vague picture in a hospital gown. Kek. I think she's prob just getting blood work or something simple.

No. 74686

File: 1450883271802.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

And here's her *~so recovered*~ thigh gap picture that was completely unnecessary to show off a $4 shitty tee shirt.

No. 74687

Grandmas curtains

No. 74690

Tucks back of shirt into ass crack to wrap tightly around burned out shopped thigh gap.

No. 74691

Looks like a family practice office, if that. The weird chair in the background is something I've never seen in a doctor's office before, and certainly nowhere in an emergency or even urgent care setting. She's probably just getting bloodwork done for her healthy, non-anorexic body.

She has the most punchable fucking face.

No. 74692

Her campaign to get her thread back has begun.

No. 74693

File: 1450885645901.png (217.14 KB, 1080x806, Screenshot_2015-12-23-10-41-03…)

Hahahah Ember has time to upload more "whaaa im at a doctors appointment" pictures but can't take a moment to reply to these people.

Ember, you're being awfully transparent right now. Why are you really at the doctors? Are you experiencing those painful farts again? Or is it just a basic check up since you are on birth control? Yeah, that's probably what it is.

This fatty mcgoo will never even hear a doctor mummer the words "inpatient" in her general direction. They know it'll be a waste of time since all Ember will do is take a billion selfies of her looking like a fish while devouring everyones meals between snaps.

No. 74694

I can see this shirt >>74686 on the chair behind her. So, this has to be a patient room. >>74691

No. 74696

File: 1450885854334.png (729.25 KB, 979x979, img1450885653452.png)

What's the point of this pic? To show off stretch marks or old self harm. fucking hypocrite

No. 74697

File: 1450885982186.png (93.62 KB, 911x284, Screenshot_2015-12-23-10-49-50…)

It's funny how she makes a big deal out of "i was weighed at the doctors", considering that weigh everyone who comes in for an appointment, eating disorder related or not. And if she was seriously anorexic for over 10 years, they'll never let her see her weight lol.

And ooooh how dramatic, they're FAXING shit! That sounds scary Ember, I will pray for you and hope you can see through this dark time.

No. 74698

Ah you posted this while I was typing this >>74697 Sorry, I would haven't posted the caption if I knew you did.

No. 74699

I skimmed the Strong hospital website, looks like they don't have an adult eating disorders service.

No. 74700

They wouldn't have her blood results yet so they're faxing over her normal weight?

She probably stole the gown

No. 74701

Tbh I was just thinking about how quickly she just ran through that HPH treatment of hers. It's like… she was severely underweight, followed through meal plan for a month, and was let go! They wouldn't have let her go if they thought she was still at risk and what kind of anorexic can recover and become weight restored in not even 4 weeks?

Ember Whann, apperently. She has the fastest recovery time ever with day long relapses.

>she has never been underweight, everything she says is a lie, everything she has posted online is fake/forced, nothing about this girl is genuine and the only reason we shit on her all day is for fun. her life means nothing to us.

No. 74702

File: 1450886371017.jpg (34.2 KB, 536x166, IMG_20151223_095736.jpg)

Won't respond to followers but has time to follow 14 year old boys.

No. 74704

UM she is 19? Why is she creeping on young boys now???

Is Ember gonna be a future pedo?

No. 74705

File: 1450886913147.png (278.51 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_2015-12-23-11-07-29…)

I swear this Clem girl is just taking the piss out of Ember lol.

No. 74706

A brace that a follower bought for her

No. 74707

Erm, I thought this was discussed in a previous thread and it was discovered that her boyfriend bought it since everyone reported her gofundme campaign as a scam.

No. 74709


No. 74710

I missed that topic Anon BUT wasn't talking about her gofundmescam

No. 74711

Surprised Ember did go off on her. She used to always bitch about how "not everyone with an eating disorder is emaciated!!", so I can see her saying something like: "not everyone with scoliosis has a curved back!!!" kek.

No. 74712

Her boyfriend bought the brace for her.

No. 74713

No one would ever waste $80 on her BESIDES the guy porking her. Or maybe she bought it herself. Who knows, but I do know that it wasn't a "follower" because again, no one would fork out almost $100 for this hidious little troll.

No. 74718

File: 1450892816320.png (110.09 KB, 536x423, hmm.png)

Found this on some truth blog, regarding why Emily is promoting Ember's Instagram.

No. 74720

I don't like Emily's logic.

>She seemed to have stopped posting body pics at that time

Because Ember doesn't posts several edited images of her doing thinspo poses for 30 minutes before deleting them them all so she won't be terminated by staff? If you promoted her, people will follow her, and be subjected to the bullshit she uploads to her account? Of course she wouldn't have any "body pics" up while she is begging people for promos. Why would anyone promote an obvious proana account?

No. 74723

File: 1450893843339.png (266.66 KB, 549x483, 1234567.png)

Lurking a seemingly normal blog when I come across a personal post. The caption is what made me want to post this here.

No. 74725

lol yes, because it's your boyfriend's fault that you're an emo attention whore

No. 74726

She's pissed off that he didn't comment on the DOZENS of photos of her self harm, so she posts some sucking in, angled shot on tumblr so somebody else can comment.

She really needs to give that towel and flannel a soak in bleach and hot water.

No. 74729

That's such bullshit lol. Wasn't she commenting on embers photos trying to bum up to her? Plus I looked through her following recently and she was following 'recovery' accounts. She and ember are both twats with obvious ulterior motives.

No. 74730

File: 1450895409605.png (707.86 KB, 1294x574, 1234567.png)

Shiiiiit, I almost didn't want to post this but I felt like I would be doing y'all a disservice.

This link isn't related to the picture but it's a video of her: http://xxxgjvh-ik.tumblr.com/post/134641275984/i-will-fuck-you-up
She reminds me of Michelle, tbh.

No. 74731

I just love how quickly she stopped bothering to pretend she was in PHP, and literally all of her followers somehow forgot. How are they ALL that retarded, i swear to god.

No. 74732

Ugh sorry, samefag, replied to the wrong person.


No. 74734

File: 1450897061596.png (30.13 KB, 520x392, emily.png)

No. 74736

File: 1450897132174.png (19.28 KB, 526x248, emily.png)

No. 74740


Huh? This isn't Emily Crocker's blog, that post isn't about Ember. Unless I missed something???

No. 74743

Yes, you did miss something.
Sleepcrying is Emilys private blog. Ember used to run a hate blog on Tumblr called ecelebcopycats which focused primary on Emily.

Last Christmas, Ember deleted ECC after Emily said she went to the police and they matched Ember's IP to that account.

But it was all a lie. Emily never went to the police, the police never investigated ECC, and Emily was not the one who discovered ECC's IP address but she won't own up to any of this.

Sleepcrying has pretty of personal posts that confirm it is Emily. There is also this: >>74538

No. 74744

File: 1450900060351.jpg (224.48 KB, 1280x960, https://40.media.tumblr.com/a2…)

No. 74745

File: 1450900582441.png (2 MB, 1841x1328, PhotoGrid_1450900480577-1.png)

Same blanket, same hair.

No. 74746


Holy crap. I knew all about ECC but I didn't know anything about Emily's private blog being found. Just…wow.

No. 74747

File: 1450901542358.jpg (128.33 KB, 500x703, tumblr_mgyb7lTtar1r20tb5o1_500…)


No. 74749

Fuck it's confusing having two Emilys.

No. 74750

We need to nickname the Emily's so we'll know. Taking suggestions

No. 74754

Not really when not a single person here has mentioned British Emily (besides us)

No. 74757

It confuses me, because I hang out here a lot and so automatically think of British Emily. The other one, I haven't bothered about ever.

I'd say call this one >>74744 Emily C. It's the easiest option. I'm sure we'll get used to it.

I'm having problems getting any interest in Emily C. She just looks like a random Instaspaz.

No. 74758

Emily C could just be "Crocker".

No. 74760

It works because everything she says is a Crocker shit.

No. 74761


No. 74767

I knew she'd post a picture of her wearing that god awful "ed recovery" necklace, but I didn't think she'd have the gall to wear it to a fucking doctor's office. more proof that she's a fat wannarexic, because no one with an actual eating disorder would wear that.

what an attention seeking cow.

No. 74772

File: 1450908907861.jpg (105.78 KB, 530x544, IMG_20151223_160737.jpg)

Make it stop

No. 74775

She never, ever nails the "look" she's going for. Too wasted on vanilla extract, I guess?

No. 74781

File: 1450911035849.jpg (64.21 KB, 768x432, image.jpg)

Man, Crocker, if only you actually went through with this. Could've saved yourself a lot of embarrassment.

No. 74787

If you use a comb it'll be easier to cut the bangs of your wigs in a straight line

No. 74798

File: 1450919091704.jpeg (46.13 KB, 400x562, image.jpeg)

Goddd she's so fucking creepy.

No. 74799

File: 1450919169367.jpeg (69.66 KB, 604x461, image.jpeg)

No. 74801

.. please delete this. you did not have to post this twice.. we get it, it looks like emily copied felice again.

No. 74802

File: 1450919254896.jpeg (66.57 KB, 604x484, image.jpeg)

No. 74803

I didn't scroll up and see the one with "sigh" on it. Just had a knee jerk reaction. My bad anon.
However, it really isn't that big of a deal

No. 74804

As always Felice did it better

No. 74805

>"Looks like"

No. 74808

I mean. She isn't wrong.

No. 74809


No. 74811

File: 1450920581698.jpg (37.72 KB, 540x360, https://36.media.tumblr.com/b3…)

It's pissing me off that that she's copying Felice, because she's doing it on purpose to be called out on it.

It pisses me off even more that she has photoshop and can't fix the picture to look somewhat decent.

No. 74812

That makeup makes her face look like Pearchan.

No. 74813

Absolutely not

No. 74815

File: 1450921791638.png (3.47 MB, 1871x2048, PhotoGrid_1450921640466-1.png)

No. 74818

EmCrock can't even cut her own bangs straight why would we think she even had the capability to trim a wig correctly.

No. 74821

What a waist! And nice hips! Such a waste that shes a skelly, her face is meh but she could be so hot

No. 74822

>implying that's not all shoop
reminds me of realbarbielifts

No. 74823

Holy shit,she's gained alot of weight

No. 74824

I feel cheated… Are you sure its shoop tho?

No. 74825

File: 1450923789381.jpg (28.14 KB, 276x381, IMG_20151223_202122.jpg)

Her wall molding is melting! It must just be the heat

No. 74832

Actually this happens a lot. Hospital treatment programs strive for fast weight restoration to get you out the door faster. That, or your insurance runs out

No. 74833

Is she just stretching her face, or is she squeezing her nose only?
It's so long.

No. 74834

Wasn't ember claiming to do partial, not IP, though?

No. 74835

Intensive PHP

No. 74836

Nah that's just a weird light streak. The rest of the lines are straight and there isn't any warping. That's her body.

No. 74837

Here's my prediction for the next couple days:
Since it's the holidays she won't be posting on her social media, so she might go into the hospital or something
She'll be constantly here and lurking
She'll be sucking back all the food made by her family, in addition to Starbucks and yogurt

No. 74840

OKAY nice to know Emily is still a major fucking copycat

No. 74851

oh my god crocker tried so hard to emulate this shit sooo much. i bet she's going to recycle a lot of felice's old looks now since felice dropped off the internet forever

No. 74863

Just kind of thinking out loud here, this is all speculation but her posts keep make me wondering….she lies about having an ED online, what if now she's gonna try and fool her docs too? I mean, she did wear that damn necklace to the appointment. And while Strong Hospital doesn't have a specific ED clinic for adults, I believe that the docs at the adolescent ED program sometimes takes people 18, 19, and in their very early 20's. Plus some psychiatrists at Strong will see patients with EDs (I know this because I live in the area, have an ED and see a psychiatrist who works for Strong.) So I'm wondering if she's gonna try and fast or something and rough up her knuckles and say she's been purging or some shit like that. I would NOT put it past her. Her whole fake ED shtick would certainly look more real to those online if she had an idiot doctor who believed her fake story too.

No. 74864

I doubt she'd have the funds to fake it, and nobody would recognize an ED necklace right away.

No. 74865

I feel like she'd love being inpatient. It would be like a vacation to her.

No. 74867

Depends on the program and the group she's with. Sometimes, it's legit like Bad Girl's Club only more manipulation and less humor. Ember might meet her match if she went into a program. Best she could do is residential, and it would be a short stay (week or 2) because her weight is normal and has been for a while. No dramatic decrease.

No. 74869

File: 1450942181743.png (641.56 KB, 1080x1500, Screenshot_2015-12-24-02-28-03…)

Tbh, I'm sure everyone assumes her necklace is in support of breast cancer awareness since that's what I think of when I see those ribbons.

No. 74872

Has anyone else noticed that her nipples are going in different directions.

No. 74873

That's not abnormal

No. 74875

I wanna see her claim to get kicked out of fake IP for smoking pot again.

No. 74876

I wanna see her post that she's got knocked up. She wasn't at a weigh-in, it was the gynaecologist.

No. 74878

File: 1450945485469.jpg (229.7 KB, 1280x960, 1450900060351.jpg)

something like this? i dont know

No. 74882

Are you ok

No. 74883

Its normal, but it seems like you'd adjust them before posting them online instead of having wall-eyed boobs when you're so concerned with your image in the first place.

No. 74884

ill have you know i worked very hard on this

No. 74887

Bet she's just getting her loose pussy checked at the gyno

No. 74898

File: 1450960538472.jpeg (184.76 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Just noticed this. Under/behind her arm in her most recent photo it looks like a prescription sheet. Wonder what it's for?

No. 74899

Medical grade lotion for her dry ass skin

No. 74902

File: 1450965090019.png (371.99 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Literally promoting a 14 YEAR OLD. She's creepy. Imagine if she was a 20 year old dude doing this. Creepy shit.

No. 74903

She is the definition of a pedophile. Male or female, posting underage, half naked pictures of children is a pedophile.

No. 74904

File: 1450966801336.jpg (147.6 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

bitch where

No. 74907

File: 1450967096654.png (402.34 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_2015-12-24-09-24-00…)

Ember is here, you guys.

No. 74908

Hide the children.

No. 74909

She's right guys, she's no a pedophile!
She only distributes child porn!

No. 74910

She's going crazy with her stories, having these followers has gone right to her giant nose-I mean, head.

No. 74911

File: 1450967650216.png (1.75 MB, 1980x1402, PhotoGrid_1450967356830-1.png)

This is ridiculous, her friend gets upset when she catches her taking "body checking" images and all she can do is giggle and talk about how funny the whole incident was…

Nothing about this image or the caption is funny, it seems like this anachan is just using this girl as an emotional punching bag.

No. 74912

As far as I know she's attracted to them. She posts pics on her page to entice them. She encourages them to seek her out by having other post her pics. She then allows them to follow her so she can turn around and post their nude pics on her page for MEN and WOMEN to drool over. Pedophile, fucking pedophile

No. 74913

Kek yeah she apperently believes she made a super obvious post yesterday about being at the hospital for anorexia lmao, when she just posted images of her at a random doctors office, in a gown.

She was probably only in a gown so they could extract her head out of her anus. That'll be hard to do if she has pants on.

No. 74914

Eboni raged out when we called her a pedo too, but she was actually pretending to be a 7 year old while having sex, ALLEGEDLY.

No. 74919

As a child of sexual abuse from an older woman, I can say this is truly how they act. They deny they're pedophiles by saying " I can't be a pedophile, because only men are" or saying "this isn't sexual, it's just us being girl friends :)" but they encourage you to do sexual things (aka body checks) or encourage me to do drugs or something self destructive so she had control over me. Her tamagotchi toys remind me of my abuser, she would be obsessed with High school musical with me, and Hannah
Montana. Ember is creepy. I truly hope she doesn't hurt anyone. I was abused between ages 9-15 by my abuser. I hope she doesn't hurt her little sister.

No. 74920

Ember's ask.fm wasn't spammed, she's just obsessively creeping on lolcow. She tries to address these accusations on her insta, and then deletes them when they get posted on here. She looks at Lolcow likes its her bible

No. 74923

She said she's attracted to girls too, makes sense considering she's obsessed with the childlike bodies of anorexics.

She probably realized she couldn't get with girls her own age (Emily C) and went for vulnerable, sick teens.

>Be my little ana sister!

She's like the dudes on VK

No. 74926

She is now saying that Mckenzie is the one calling her a pedophile.

No. 74927


No. 74928

I almost hate sharing screenshots of Embers account here because I feel she post stuff just so we will post it here, and then she can go ahead and remove the post from her account. That way, it's gone but not really.

No. 74929

File: 1450971663515.png (2.35 MB, 1458x2048, PhotoGrid_1450971560966-1.png)

No. 74930

I feel the exact same way. She purposely posts it to get our attention and then deletes it

No. 74931

I wish would could deprive Ember of attention again. Like we did on Tumblr. Just ignore every posts she makes, ignore every comment, don't reply to any "anons" about her, and just starve this little troll of all of the attention we've been shoveling down her throat.

It'll be so fun to see how she lashes out. The fact she lost her thread is obviously getting to her.

No. 74932

The longer we ignore, the more milk she will deliver. Longer we go… the better it gets.

I promise.

No. 74933

We should. She's boring anyway. She hasn't done anything worth talking about anyway. I'm gonna stop posting about her.

No. 74934

File: 1450972667670.png (1.38 MB, 1798x1331, PhotoGrid_1450972588342-1.png)

Ditto. Let's hope others will take our lead.

Man, she has a pretty face.

No. 74935

All in favor of this say aye

No. 74938

I'm conflicted because both paths would offer lulzy outcomes, but I much prefer talking shit about her.

If we don't post, she'll post about herself.

No. 74939

Let her, like I said, the longer we ignore her, the more milk she will deliver.

Keep an eye on her account, take screenshots of her lulz for future reference but… don't post about her for now.

Please can we just starve her of all attention. Trust me, it'll be more than worth it.

No. 74940

>Starve her of all attention

The only time she's been starved is by other people, I love it.

No. 74942

File: 1450978340934.png (1.31 MB, 923x1872, PhotoGrid_1450978095197-1.png)

Here's an attention whore to dicuss.


>how many photos of your arm are you going to fucking post

She definitely has a genuine eating disorder but shes using it to gather as much attention as she can possibly manage to recieve. It's almost comical if it weren't so.. desperate.

No. 74943

File: 1450978494945.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_2015-12-24-12-26-43…)

No. 74944

File: 1450978576840.png (2.15 MB, 2048x1536, PhotoGrid_1450978515759-1.png)

No. 74971

.. she does not look like a bmi of 14.??
also the faces she is making are incredibly unattractive and only highlight how obviously insecure she is about appearance.
also the blatant fishing for compliments/concerned comments. So cringey!

No. 74974

Not all of us are from tumblr, fag. But sure, we can ignore her.

No. 74984

woo thats just sad

No. 74987

god these girls are so shameless
like, isnt there a doctor or lab tech there? giving you a wtf face as you get plugged up to the EKG?

No. 74995

I'm so desensitized to these attention ho's I'm at the point where things like skanky bathrooms and, in this case, cheap, disgusting lingerie concern me more than their blatant attention seeking. Private account bah.

No. 75000

Where is bingo sheet anon? We should make one with Ana photo cliches:
-Selfie from the nose-down with ng tube
-Feeding pump picture showing feed rate
-IV picture
-picture of hand holding supplement (ensure, fortisip, etc.)
-picture of stuffed animal
-children's graphic tees
-hunched shoulders showing clavicles
-mirror selfie leaning forward
-thigh gap
-picture of thighs sitting down
-picture holding cigarette with ng tube somehow in the shot…

No. 75003

$10 says Little Emily "ruins Christmas" again.

No. 75006

File: 1451006592097.png (1.47 MB, 1658x2054, bingo.png)

No. 75008

This is the best, thanks!

No. 75010

I was aly bingo anon, but >>75006
I admit, is far superior. It reminds me of ana point chart anon's ana point chart.

I'm going to kill some boring fuck all on tv/radio time doing this right now. Good idea.

No. 75014

File: 1451008889781.png (570.64 KB, 979x979, img1451008681306.png)

Damn, what's your secret EmCrock? Your boob's have enlarging super powers. Lucky girl

No. 75015

Fuck off, Emily. Stop self posting.

No. 75016

Shopping the boobs now?! JFC

No. 75018

Please read >>75015

No. 75019

Ya but she still enlarged them right? The pics look like the same day

No. 75020

Go away Crocker. Your tits are gross.

No. 75034

She has nice tits. I'd kill to have tits like that.

No. 75038


No. 75040

File: 1451017346464.png (974.51 KB, 1160x624, Untitled.png)

This one's mother had her sectioned. This should happen more often.

No. 75041

What process does she use to decide which words to hashtag

No. 75042

#That's something I #can't figure #out.

No. 75043

Is that really her on the left? dear lord, she was so pretty. it's shitty she got obsessed and got an ED.

No. 75056


When ana chans spell 'inpatient' as 'impatient' it makes me want to fucking scream

No. 75057

Need to have a designated healthcare proxy who isn't afraid to act. Or a team with effective treaters who don't have weird counter-transference thing going on.

No. 75058

Instagram should ban the "inpatient" tag. It's the worst of the worst.

No. 75061

File: 1451030616546.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-25-03-02-15…)

Spoiled brat.

No. 75079

I hope she got the cha cha heels she wanted, or there'll be hell to pay.

No. 75081

File: 1451050224452.png (659.19 KB, 979x979, img1451049980272.png)

Kek You are correct. They don't need to admit your fatass that's why your are not admitted. Give it up miss munchausen

No. 75084


No. 75089

Please read >>74934

No. 75113

Don't post about ember

No. 75118

Same. It's fucking sad really, brain function is low at that point is bet.

No. 75119

Your mum is too good to you Emily, for all the shit you put her through. Be grateful for all you've received this year and stop whining so much.

No. 75121

I'm not on board with that. I will post about her as long as she lies and backstabs and fakes an illness just to fake recovery

No. 75122

it's gotten to the point where it's self defeating though. she posts she just for us. it's not lulzy anymore. what will be lulzy is watching ember lash out as in attempt to get us to talk about her. we have done this to her in tumblr and the results are always gold.

amd i am almost willing to bet money that she enjoys us dropping her name MORE than the likes/comments she gets on her photos. stop feeding the troll, she probably flicks her bean while scrolling through this thread.

No. 75125

>>74730 definitely reminds me of shmegeh but with more money waste.

No. 75127

When she was ignored on tumblr, she would send in anonymous messages about herself to the truth blogs that used to discuss her but would fail to hide her ip address. The bloggers wouldnt reply to any of her messages until she slipped up and revealed it was her self submitting then upload all of the evidence in a post. She also would spam Crocker with anonymous hate (often comparing Crocker to herself) and accidently forgot to hit anon.

I assume she will eventually try to self post here again and if she does, all we have to do is report her comments and she will be outed once again as a self poster. Which I mean, it's always hilarious watching Ember shit talking then whitenighting herself lol

Just give it time. Try your hardest not to take the piss out of for AT LEAST a week. I promise you'll susvive… Ember on the other hand…

No. 75128

Just be patient. The longer we ignore her… The sweeter the milk….

No. 75160


Do you think Emily's mother knows about her IG? It would be interesting to see how much of her shit her mother sees.

No. 75162

Highly doubt it.

No. 75165

File: 1451082118451.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_2015-12-25-17-17-50…)

This is the face of a girl who was bitching for weeks prior to christmas about how horrible it will be, how alone she will feel, how much she was dreading it

This is the face of a girl who was spoiled fucking rotten on christmas day

this is the face of a girl I want to fucking punch

No. 75166

>i don't want christmas to end because i feel like there will be nothing to look foward too


No. 75167

File: 1451082319604.png (804.16 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_2015-12-25-17-22-33…)

oops forgot the pic

No. 75168

She left a comment on laila(?)'s IG saying something like 'I tried to make it ok but whatever I give up' in reference to not being able to skype with her

No. 75170

I'd love to archive it and send it to her.

No. 75171

Pretty sure someone posted images of her mother in the previous thread, maybe you can find her mom's facebook info somewhere in there.

No. 75173

She looks like an elf here. It's really cute tbh.

No. 75176


Agreed! Tired of her baby crying all the time

No. 75179

File: 1451087038279.png (376.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-25-17-42-07…)


Agreed. All week talking about how much Christmas sucks and then she gets all the things and is so fucking happy

No. 75181

>> 75165 i used to feel bad for her now i just hate the spoiled bitch

No. 75182

12 hours until crying selfie

No. 75183

After I saw her flip on her friends for misunderstandings I stopped feeling sorry for her. I don't know why they still talk to her.

No. 75184

I'm starting to wonder how much of what Emily posts about is just bored, nasty teenage cries for attention, she clearly has issues, but also clearly, manipulates her mother. I'm sure she will have a crying selfie post tomorrow (or soon after today) because 'nothing is okay, I'm not good enough, bloo bloo bloo' go to school Em, try making an effort in life, to move forward, fuck , at least for your poor mother.

No. 75185


>nothing to live for now that the holidays are over and there are no more presents and people aren't focused on me wahh

No. 75186

FUCKING #courtorder THOUGH

No. 75192

Her mum has such a council estate face.

No. 75204

She's too old for Golisano.

No. 75207


She's too old for all of that shit

No. 75243

This account is creepy as fuck and also seems like an attempt to circumvent one of the rules:
>Don't post personal information of people who may be related to a certain person but aren't directly involved. For example, if you are posting the info of someone who you feel has done something wrong, do not post info about their uninvolved family and friends.

No. 75246

Yeah, I can see that their intentions are good, but if I were her I would just be disturbed by this rather than feel like they're helping me

No. 75248

Just realized that account is 46 weeks old…? Weird. I guess she's had an audience for a while. Sad.

No. 75249

Oops. I didn't realise the account broke the rules. Will delete link now.

No. 75266

if you want to keep talking about her you can do that on the blogs about her. give them your screenshots and anons but we don't want to discuss her on here for now. the less attention she gets, the harder she struggles to get noticed and the funnier it is to watch her squirm.

No. 75274


Holy shit I'm sorry, but it's fucking tacky as all hell to me to post pictures of all your presents on Christmas like you're just showing them off. I mean yeah, cool, if you got something really amazing then it's fine to talk about it, but this just screams "spoiled rotten cunt" to me. Especially where she lists of every single things she got. How childish.

>it's back to the normal routine and depression after Christmas

Welcome to the life of every single person in the world, Emily.

No. 75282

Did you not any presents under the tree this year anon? Kek it's OK to be excited and want to share with your friends. Calm down

No. 75283

Have you actually followed this girl's antics? Some context might be useful.

No. 75286

Shit this makes me so sad…. Sad for familys of ed patients.
OT sorry but when i was sick, my parents bought me stuff because they thought thats where they went wrong, they thought buying stuff would fix me. Shit that made me feel even worse.

No. 75287

Yea i think its kind of tacky to post every single thing. No one really cares. Post a few special things but really…

No. 75288

Or at least open the presents first. Show everybody you got nice things and spark up convos. Like this, it's just a greedy and untasteful display.

No. 75293

Breakdown expected around New Year's Eve, then one around her birthday.

No. 75303

File: 1451155048753.jpg (8.94 KB, 264x152, 1442290066739.jpg)

holy shit is there actually a chan for fat, petty women? The irony of this website is absolutely fucking palpable, this is the most amusing shit I've ever seen.(noice)

No. 75305

>so petty. much displeased. much kek.

No. 75306

Lol my parents did this too. I thought it was the weirdest and shittiest attempt to make things better.

No. 75307

File: 1451155733036.png (19.01 KB, 224x239, 1372397245664.png)

Sorry that I forgot to add retarded.

No. 75308

Very cute. Top kek. You've out done yourself. Slow clap.

No. 75309

I love you anon

No. 75310

>so petty. much displeased. much kek. retard3d

No. 75312

File: 1451157724566.jpg (117.28 KB, 509x605, 1349934173713.jpg)

Sorry, I only love girls who have a healthy body weight.

No. 75314

She didn't have to spend a student loan on those weird ears either.

No. 75324


No. 75335

File: 1451165869911.jpeg (140.62 KB, 640x901, image.jpeg)

Oh Em. You had to prove me right hm?

No. 75339

Kek! I was just posting this!!
She reads like a bad novel

No. 75342

File: 1451168528426.png (562.99 KB, 979x979, img1451168331865.png)

WTF is up with Emily's legs?

No. 75343

Photoslopping pig

No. 75347

>My friends were paying attention to their families and not me! Bawwwwwwwww!

No. 75349

Tried being nice? She's been a proper cunt from what I've seen. If making videos about how horrid your friends are is nice, I'd hate to see her be mean.

No. 75353

She should feel guilty about being a vile, manipulative slag, not about nourishing her broken body.

No. 75357

Crying selfie incoming…

No. 75358

We need recoveringemily bingo.

No. 75360


Was just thinking this. What do you think for squares? Crying selfie? Blurry photo? 'I wanna be 7?'

No. 75361

A square for flipping out at a follower for saying something wrong, a square for disappearing for 24 hours after a breakdown, a square for vague implications that she's in danger.

No. 75363

File: 1451172263970.jpeg (61.03 KB, 640x345, image.jpeg)

Kek, ok Ember. So they accept patients up to the age of 21. But they only take on people who actually have an eating disorder.

No. 75365

Video "high off inhalants", New girlfriend, bodycheck in changing room of store

We could literally go on forever
Much milk

No. 75367

A square for

>I'm sorry mummy I'm sorry mummy I'm sorry mummy

No. 75368

remember when she claimed to be a little girl called alice

No. 75369


That lasted a day or two when she was talking about having DID

No. 75371



turns out ember's letting the online identity she's created for herself slowly merge with her real one, kinda like them fakebois, but with this fragile anorexic bullshit instead.

all the other inpatient stories she's been telling us are bullshit, but now she's got some legit doctor tied up in her web of lies (probably from faking this disorder in her boyfriend's family's face for 'credibility' b/c they likely don't know any better, wearing that stupid necklace in public, etc). i mean, what happened to her other facility? the one she was doing 'so well' in recovering with? why is she feeling so anxious about an appointment that's a month away when she's supposedly already going through all this shit in the first place?

you can already tell the difference in her newer posts compared to her older ones where she'd post starbucks pictures with fake updates on her progressions. the girl literally would not stop documenting everything, kinda like she's doing now: wearing a hospital gown in the appointment making process to reading a stupid brochure. instead of warped mirror shots in the starbucks washroom about 'recovery breakthroughs!!!!!'

something fascinates me about how utterly embarrassing ember is as a person in the grand scheme of things. she's probably sitting by herself in her room right now reading this thread like an obsessive loser FINALLY feeling validated like she's really just showed us a thing or two. but then she'll read a post like this, realize how utterly empty her real life must be if she's letting some fabricated form of herself take over the real thing, and probably make a passive aggressive post or two to feel like she's validated herself again.


good job ember. congrats on skipping dinner every couple of days to get someone to believe your shit. but here's a tip: as much as pathological liars like you consider the lies you tell as actual events in your lives, it doesn't make them real.

No. 75381

>let's not talk about ember

>talks about ember at length

No. 75382

Hi ember

Kek, no kidding!!!

No. 75387

cant wait til she has to pay for her insurance herself and stops going to the hospital everytime she farts

No. 75419

Lmao, okay Emily.



No. 75429


Sneaky pic of police at her house
One of her WKs coming here saying HOW DARE WE and reminding us she's "scarily thin"
Bragging about waterloading when she goes for a weigh in
Hospitilisation is imminent

No. 75430

They don't offer inpatient for people over 18, but they offer a program for anyone up to 21.

No. 75443

File: 1451201970227.jpg (95.11 KB, 933x595, 3.JPG)


She's posting from the unit and managed to document her ambulance ride there. She thinks she'll be out by the 4th January. Oh, hi secret_livez!

No. 75453

From what i saw on laila's(one of emily's long distance ex victims) post. Before the deleted it. she gave Emily presents for christmas. She opend everything already because her Skype didn't work and i guess she told laila shed Skype her when she opend it. Pretty fucking low from Emily if you ask me.

No. 75455

>>75453ofc that's low, but what else could you expect from her. She's selfish af and doesn't gaf about the feelings of anyone deluded enough to consider Emily a real friend. Why do they even bother.

No. 75456

Yeah excuse my phone having an episode there

No. 75469

Thank god, wouldn't want her predatory ass sleeping in the same facility as kids.

No. 75475

This creeps me out, if somehow she bullshits her way in one day she can pretend to be insta famous and get closer to young teens.

No. 75489

File: 1451232961621.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-27-11-14-54…)

No. 75490

File: 1451233025788.png (420.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-27-11-15-09…)

>"I know I'm spoiled rotten"

No. 75517

This looks more appropriate for a toddler than a teen

No. 75522


She wants to be 7 remember

No. 75534

Wow, what an obnoxious person.

No. 75537

My parents never bought me extra presents when I was crazy.

No. 75539

>I don't deserve this

>yes my precious peanut, my sweet little telephone, my important owl, my harlequin bb, you're so special and frail and good

No. 75577

No. 75578


no, pls don´t compare her with Yolandi

No. 75579


aahrg sry! *to Yolandi!

No. 75583

That lolcow lauryn's at it again

No. 75587

Guys, even if that is Emily C's personal blog posts, it doesn't have anything that pertains to or harms anyone else. I think it's wrong to go making fun of her for things that weren't meant to be public. How would it feel if someone posted contents of your diary out there? The only person she is hurting is herself. I dunno. She hasn't been doing anything wrong lately. Give the girl a break. :/

No. 75588

Anyone else notice sleepcrying.tumblr.com has been deactivated?

No. 75589

Well if she wanted it to be so private and not catch flack, then she shouldn't post them on public social media.
It's not like were hacking into something. She milks herself.

No. 75591

Mehh, either way, it seems wrong to me. We all have our issues and I see nothing wrong with having a personal blog. Since I saw no ties to her connecting it, I'm sure she thought no one would find it. Have a little decency; even though I'm not a fan of her, I think this personally goes a little to far.

No. 75592


think so too. I don´t know her and her blog, but you are right

No. 75594

File: 1451247909669.gif (1.08 MB, 680x680, REEEEE.gif)

No. 75595

>blog isn't on private

>hey man don't read her blog and make fun of it because it's personal and stuff man

>>75594 kek

No. 75597

a disgusting display of greed and materialism. Those look like gifts meant for a child, not a teenage girl.
yes emily, you are spoiled rotten and it's repulsive and tacky to show everyone your christmas haul.

No. 75599

And i'm sure all those people who send her something, didn't get shit back. Greedy little girl.

No. 75600

>>74624 We need to differentiate between Emily C and recoveringemily because just saynig "emily" is very confusing o.o(o.o)

No. 75602

Crocker and BPD Emily

No. 75609

I prefer Crying Emily.

How long until she sets one of her stuffed toys on fire?

No. 75611

…In her mum's car and films herself holding it and crying.

No. 75612

File: 1451252274625.png (163.98 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-12-27-21-25-02…)

See this is what pisses me off about her. Gracie is upset and Emily's response is 'well you could've stayed at home'

We all know that if the situation was reversed, Emily would kick off at Gracie for such a response.

No. 75616

Who is Gracie?

No. 75619

I think she means that Gracie could've stayed with crying Emily for the weekend

No. 75620

One of crying Emily's little girlfriends/white knights

No. 75621

File: 1451253853462.png (281.7 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-12-27-22-03-09…)

Gracie is upset. Emily has to be MORE upset. Can't have focus taken from her can she.

No. 75625

So are some of these friends posting about Emily here because they're mad at her for not sending stuffed animals in the post?

No. 75626


>but I wanted all the teddy bears like Emily

No. 75627

Wait, who is she talking about here?

No. 75628

Which of her followers is this one about? Gracie? Laura?

No. 75629

No, but she probably thinks they're the people she's kicked out of her life.

No. 75630

Got to say, Laura's looking beautiful. I wish she'd stay away from Emily.

Maybe that Laila? Gracie commented, so it can't be her.

No. 75631

She must be huffing again.

No. 75633

I'm pretty sure that it was Laila she was posting about. Laila posted a video on her IG and Emily commented something like 'I sense an indirect'. Laila's deleted the video now so I'm guessing that's who Emily's drama post it about.

Laila was the girl she fell out with a couple of days ago over the opening of presents so it makes sense.

No. 75634

Now Laila is going to cry about how Emily is hurting her feelings and unfollow her and Emily is going to block her for a few weeks.

No. 75635

She could be writing it about herself. It fits!

No. 75636

Emily. And Alice. And Irene!

No. 75637

It's her psycho alter

No. 75641

Pop a glock in ur mouth and make a brain slushie.

No. 75650

does Emily still have a post where she claimed to be called alice?

No. 75658

No. She deleted it after half an hour. She probably realised hoe fucking ridiculous she sounded.

All that day she denied she'd self diagnosed herself with DID.

No. 75672

File: 1451268810384.png (365.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-27-21-12-11…)

Idk about you guys but I'm in a warm house with WiFi watching tv too

No. 75674

Top kek. Poor Gracie tho, her life must be really sad. I mean, her parents don't care about her, she has to deal with crying Emily, she's almost 18 and a weeaboo. Can you picture her, in her mid 20s, fat, living in her mothers basement and munching doritos in front of a computer screen? I can see her becoming what she thinks we are. Oh, poor girl indeed…

No. 75679

File: 1451270606946.png (515.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-27-21-42-18…)


>they see me lurkin

No. 75689

well done captain obvious

No. 75691


No. 75692

Actually I'm sitting in a cardboard box in the freezing rain with dial up….

We can't all lead the charmed life that Gracie leads…sigh.

No. 75693

I take pleasure in the fact that I'm in the flat which is my own, using heating I pay for and using electric which I pay for. I take pleasure in the fact I got my shit together to not be a leech on anyone, whereas this dumb cunt will be baw bawing about being a mental all her life living with her parent for many MANY years to come. Good luck with that, petal.

No. 75694

I'm imagining tucking shirt into a but crack, hilarious

No. 75695

Sorry, anon. Would you like to see all the stuffed toys I got for Christmas? (Look but don't touch, peasant).

No. 75698

yeah I dont care. see you're only preaching about your life because I set some things straight about mine. I don't care what you do for a living, I don't care where you live or who you are and I certainly don't care what your opinion of me is. I won't be living with my parents for much longer actually as they are renting a flat which will soon be mine when I'm old enough to move out. See, I have my life sorted out but right now I just want to be a bit immature and do things that make me happy as its kind of hard to keep a positive attitude 24/7 with an abusive father, several illnesses ( both mental and actual internal problems not caused by my eating disorder ), and now this group of people posting things about me that whilst it isn't upsetting or affecting me in the slightest, it's just one more thing on my mind. so go ahead and fantasise about my future because right now im very tired. I hope I wake up to a lot of nice posts about me :) <3 xoxoxo(underage)

No. 75699

yes, hello it's me I was wondering if after all these years you'd li

No. 75700

File: 1451274867929.png (309.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-27-22-50-13…)


Violating them global rules yo
>I'm actually 17

No. 75701

>with an abusive father, several illnesses ( both mental and actual internal problems not caused by my eating disorder ), and now this group of people posting things about me that whilst it isn't upsetting or affecting me in the slightest…

cry me a fucking river.


No. 75702

I'll cry you an ocean and let you drown in it sweetie <3 baiiiii!!¡ UWU oxoxo rawr means I love u in dinsair doxoxoxoxo

No. 75704

File: 1451275820946.gif (541.17 KB, 480x228, 2fkinfunny.gif)

>See, I have my life sorted out but right now

No. 75706

i refreshed the thread oh god what happened

No. 75717

Grace came here to self post her ig saying she doesn't care what we say, no absolutely not.

She wants us to know she has fast wifi.

She will be banned for posting under the age of 18.

No. 75720

no, the thread flipped >>>/meta/1979

No. 75726

OOoooOOoo, haha. I've seen that before during a town hall meeting. Nooo idea. I didn't see it today.

No. 75753

Emily had another mental fit last night. She suspects she's possessed by a demon.

Whenever she's shitty to someone she always comes out with this IT WASN'T ME bs.

No. 75756

Gracie doesn't care.

She may post multiple IG posts about us but she doesn't care guys.
She may even make videos directed at us but she really doesn't care.
She may come here and whiteknight Emily or herself but she absolutely no way cares about us LOLCOWARDS

Ok my little toe bum vomit filled petal babies?

No. 75764

File: 1451312719113.png (431.07 KB, 934x600, gracie.png)

So ca.tpee is Gracie and we know this from the comments crying Emily leaves on her posts (account still up, not on private).

Is ca.tpoo >>75672 >>75679 >>75700 also Gracie? (account also still up, but on private)

I ask because what ca.tpee said in reaction to lolcow is very different to what ca.tpoo said about it…

No. 75765

Both are Gracie, yes. Pee is her "venting account", I believe.

No. 75767

She deleted the posts from last night from ca.tpoo

No. 75773


No. 75792

Ew wash your fucking nails piggy

No. 75797

File: 1451337999509.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpeg)

I think you'll find my nails are clean. they have cloudy areas because they're brittle and unhealthy. and no, I'm
not a pig I'm a human, if I was a pig I wouldn't be able to type this. pigs have trotters, didn't you know?(UNDERAGE B&)

No. 75798

File: 1451338704754.jpg (14.77 KB, 468x326, gracie.jpg)

No. 75799

File: 1451339319058.jpeg (25.32 KB, 209x234, image.jpeg)

No. 75800

No clue who the fuck you are but this is looks straight up disgusting. Next time you visit the bathroom try soap

No. 75801


Ban for underage, b8, and poor personal hygiene.

Any posts from icovery?

No. 75802

>long, unchipped nails
>my nails are unhealthy

no girl, they're just filthy.

No. 75827

No. 75860

File: 1451349207169.jpg (48.3 KB, 593x593, with added mucus.JPG)

One would think the granddaughter of a Sir would be able to afford a bar of soap and a nail brush, wouldn't one.

Is anyone else bothering with the ED bingo? So far I only had a line with MilkThistles. I just found a new one I need to check off. Not sure if there are tubes involved at this point.

No. 75866

File: 1451352374588.png (1.88 MB, 1396x2048, PhotoGrid_1451352226234-1.png)

Anybody else follow this attention whore's account? He's the first male I've found who acts like this and it's just as irritating as the rest of these pro ana scumbags.

No. 75868

File: 1451353272221.png (2.89 MB, 1161x1438, Untitled.png)

I've seen a few male anorexics on ig, but none as attention whoring as this one.

I got a bingo line and more with krxspyprxme. I used the purging pic as my free space. No tubes.
(1 of 2)

No. 75869

File: 1451353328394.png (491.04 KB, 829x1027, 1451006592097.png)

No. 75874

Pretty sure that's a fakeboi.

No. 75875

When I looked at his profile I was thinking the same. The body shape's very feminine, especially the legs.

No. 75879

Convinced now. You can see tits.

No. 75884

Is that a pencil in her underwear to make it look like a dick? lmfao

No. 75885

File: 1451356037838.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1451355895678.jpg)

>obviously bought followers
>Oh no I lost followers
>I'm gunna delete ghosts

Idc if it's a fakeboi or not, I just know I want to strangle people who do that kind of crap

No. 75886

File: 1451356460037.jpg (72.46 KB, 415x476, IMG_20151228_203231.jpg)

Girls don't have this hairline from their belly button down

No. 75887

Girls absolutely do.

No. 75888

Has anyone confirmed the source of the weird stomach discoloration? Erica or some other ana chans had it. Its so freeky

No. 75890

I'd have that I didn't wax it.

No. 75891

That girl said it's burns from her hot water bottle.

That's a bullshit account. It removed two pics as soon as we talked about it.

No. 75898

File: 1451359131751.jpg (116.12 KB, 950x623, a;sldghag.JPG)

Those are hips. That is a girl body. This person is not on T. That is not how straight cis dudes write photo captions. I don't even know what else to point out. This is a fakeboi.

No. 75901

File: 1451359255346.jpg (104.08 KB, 936x592, fakegf.JPG)

Sage for samefag - I'm pretty sure this "girlfriend" is bullshit, too. They never tag her, and they don't have any other picture of her, or pics of them together. I'm willing to bet she's using an old pic of herself or pulled that girl off some random emo girls collage.

No. 76007

Don't forget, her Tumblr pronouns say "Cat//she/it". Nothing about "he/his/him".

No. 76011


>I'm willing to bet she's using an old pic of herself

Jesus christ I hope that's the case, that'd be fucking hilarious

No. 76014

File: 1451360090678.jpg (132.88 KB, 916x520, s.jpg)


From the very little I can see of her face there, I feel like they probably aren't the same person, but I'm shit at differentiating faces.

Also, that fucking nose. Christ.

No. 76015

File: 1451360322396.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1451360238296.jpg)


The nose? Or am I reading too much into this

No. 76016


I was just being a catty bitch with the nose comment. As is tradition.

The "guy"'s nose isn't quite as proboscis monkey tier, I would say.

To start with I wondered if her nose might've looked a lot smaller from certain angles, or maybe even shoop, but I highly doubt it.
There's not a big enough difference in the angles to compensate for the size difference.

No. 76017

I see your point.
I do notice, however, that "his" nose is obscured in every single other photo. Not always the whole face, but always the nose.

No. 76020

I WAS JUST ABOUT TO DO THIS. I can't tell if it is the same person but hallow prince is a girl, that I can confirm.

Just another pro ana fuckboi.

No. 76021

lips, eye color, hair color, and nose. has to be the same person.

No. 76023

Probably paranoia, but this is such a snowflake it's like thus person was created for us. The usual ig anas follow her, the weeb shit…the pic that was deleted was a Chinese girl but I couldn't be arsed to read the caption. If it was meant to be the gf it looked fuck all like her.

That true luv story's fake as shit. Someone's taking the piss.

Why does rhis thing appear to have an ig history? Grace commented how "he's" getting thinner, like this person's already known.

It's a joke account. It's got to be.

No. 76025

File: 1451363067244.png (730.14 KB, 933x598, 3edgy5me.png)

Hmm is it just me or can you start to see the shape of a breast right below the armpit?

In addition to that the tumblr account does have…ugh…pronouns. >Cat/she/it

Also, I've noticed a distinct lack of an Adam's apple (pic related). This is definitely a fakeboi.

No. 76029

And, she doesn't show her chest because boobs. She's stretching her arms in her pictures (I think that's what you call it anyway lol) to make it seem like she has no boobs, but failed because you can see her underboob shadow. If these fakebois are going to pretend, they shouldn't take any shirtless pics unless they're really good at shooping.

No. 76030

Yeaaah, that's a woman

No. 76031

Those hips are female and I am not even a bone expert. Come on now. Don't be fooled.

No. 76032

File: 1451363874052.png (404.5 KB, 480x585, wp_ss_20151229_0002.png)

This is one of the people mentioned as her two best friends.

Is this fakeboi?

No. 76033

fakebois tend to hang out with other fakebois

No. 76036

Girl on the end kinda resembles fakeboi a bit might not be her though

No. 76040

This is from years ago though. I think it looks like fakeboi
because of the heavy brow area and identical moles on chin and eye area.

No. 76045

File: 1451365304704.png (396.9 KB, 713x419, fakeboi.png)

samefagging with pic

No. 76047


Again, no Adam's apple unlike the happy young man on the right. Maybe that's why she's so sad in the pic.

No. 76051

Manly face.

No. 76056

File: 1451367801956.png (1.52 MB, 1984x1379, PhotoGrid_1451367613594-1.png)

I found more photos of her, she used to go by Skylar before she decided to call herself Oliver. Probably thinks the name makes her seem more masculine.

No. 76060

Ah, the thigh cuts.

No. 76063

Guys, come on. You have to be blind not to tell these are all the same girl. How is this even being questioned?

Is all the speculating one single samefag? I don't get it.

No. 76077

File: 1451373021228.jpg (54.69 KB, 601x577, yikes.JPG)

been around for a while. I found her/it/whatever through lurking the "holysquad" clan & their little satellites, they have a lot of common followers and commenters. Even before all that shitposting blew up here, they all seemed to know each other. There are plenty of fakeboi anas, cold.prince is another, though not quite this lulzy.

Anyway, yep, obvious fakeboi pretenting to be "his" own girlfriend. Amazing.

Pic related - I saved the nightmare fuel fake girlfriend fanart before he/she/it/whatever baleeted it.

No. 76084


That explains the follower count. Was it being female then started fresh as a 'him'. I don't get fakebois. This one just looks like a dyke. I could fancy her if she was a regular dyke without all the ducking stomach in, pretention, crap art, pretending to have a girlfriend. Why us being a regular dyke so difficult for them? Why the need for a male name?

I GET bona fide gender reassignment, but this tumblr fad is fucking ridiculous.

No. 76085

Sucking, not ducking. Anyway might as well add, is this snowflake worth keeping an eye on?

No. 76097


It's the latest way to be edgy without risking anything at all, just like being "bi" was in 2005.

No. 76150

Trans is the new bi for attention whores.

No. 76154

Kek if you have a happy trail hair line going from inside your belly button to your pelvic, then your a guy. Not sure where you live but women do not have hair above the pubic bones

No. 76157

Could you explain how hollow prince has a happy trail yet is a girl then?
I don't understand, also I swear my female friend has a happy trail and she isn't Trans. Like I am just confused by what you're saying. I kind of think that Oliver just shaved their stomach hair in the past but stopped when they started to pretend to be a boy.

No. 76158

That's stupid. Hairier women, the kind who tend to have light moustaches can totally have happy trails. Are you 12 ?

No. 76160

No. 76164

You're supposed to have tiny, fine hairs almost all over your body. It's called vellus hair. Vellus hair gets replaced by terminal hair in certain areas, which is darker, coarser and more visible. For some women, they get terminal hair on their stomachs. It's less common than it is on men but it's not rare. I don't know where you got the idea that women are hairless above the pubic bones.

No. 76169

Just saying I've never seen a woman with thick, course, curly male chest hair looking happytrails.

No. 76171

Not uncommon among Persian women.

No. 76174

I can take a picture of mine and I'm a girl lol theyre just not curly cause theyre long
But seriously, yes girls do have happy trails.

Can being underweight cause your hormones to fuck up? that might be the case

No. 76175

Well, now you have.

Cause if the reason for that fakeboi being a realboi to you is a treasure trail, you're in for a shock.

No. 76176

I'm Scandinavian / Middle Eastern and I have course brown hair on my stomach lmao. As far as I know I'm a woman.

No. 76187

yeah but good muslims shave, don't they?

No. 76188

File: 1451413937250.png (409.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-29-19-25-49…)

Found a new photoshopping liar, or do those tiles look normal to you?

No. 76191

File: 1451414674987.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_2015-12-29-13-41-36…)

Do you have a screenshot of the caption where she says her "girlfrind" made this picture because she just posted it again, with the caption "art is hard" which implies she create it herself.

No. 76197

File: 1451414993828.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

Are you a lesbian? how many woman have you seen half naked? Sorry to break the news to you, but women grow hair just like men do. Some grow it lighter and others thicker depending on genetics, but it's true. Now shut the hell up.

No. 76198

File: 1451415053426.png (1.44 MB, 1467x2048, PhotoGrid_1451414952635-1.png)

Ahhh good find anon! I love horribly shoop'd thinspo. I'll be keeping an eye on this account for sure.

No. 76199

Definitely some blur back there.

No. 76201

Persian woman here, can confirm. It's really common in my family.

No. 76202

She's be a cute butch lesbian. Why do these fakebois have to pretend?

Also, why are there so many fakebois named Oliver?

No. 76203

Of course she cuts. Sheesh, these attention whores are always the same.

No. 76204

damn, she's really sick.

No. 76205

Most of these have been deleted now… Hmm.

No. 76207

Yeah the girlfriend picture is gone now. Hm.

No. 76208

I'm a woman, mostly Italian herritage with ample hair above my pelvis, including a happy trail which I shave and grows back that thick and coarse if I let it go.
I also grow hair around my chest (nipples) and I have a tiny moustache that I bleach.
If you think that women don't have hair like that it a because you are a very unobservant person.

No. 76210

>>75886 I'm a girl and this started growing more predominately when i got lanugo.

No. 76211

Is it curly and looks just like male chest hair, or is it straight and similar to your own leg hair?

No. 76214

File: 1451417575533.jpeg (268.31 KB, 1247x1473, image.jpeg)

This was posted on the lower right photo just now,

No. 76216

File: 1451417894519.png (155.23 KB, 1016x565, Screenshot_2015-12-29-14-35-54…)

Looks like someone told this little attention whore we were discussing her lol… I wonder who (All bets are on Ember)

No. 76217

I saw her too! I am not good at photoshop spotting but I could see it in nearly every picture of hers, so bad. She seems quite young so I did not say anything.

No. 76218

Confirmed for butthurt fakeboi
P.S. You'll never be a real boy

No. 76219

>Says nothing about "his girlfriend"

No. 76220

File: 1451418778345.png (2.03 MB, 1951x1564, PhotoGrid_1451418301224-1.png)

More photos of this attention whore.

No. 76221

File: 1451418888638.gif (680.74 KB, 500x280, giphy.gif)

Aw not even her 2nd favorite bath bomb can make her feel better?

No. 76222

>ur insults r weak uwu
>ur being hurtful ;(
pick one, fakeboi

No. 76223

that bath bomb makes it look like she's sitting in piss.

No. 76232

File: 1451420614269.png (2.62 MB, 1722x2048, PhotoGrid_1451420458615-1.png)

>i don't want to trigger anyone
>uploads several images which emphasize her thigh gap

No. 76235

Anyone got any more of these pro ana bitches? I'm laughing my ass off following some of them, need some more for entertainment :')

No. 76236

I swear this girl studied the BPD Emily handbook.

You should never post anything online that you do not want anyone else to see. Not sure who Crocker intended to see her thinspo and text posts about getting drunk off of vanilla extract but it was only a matter of time before it bit her in the ass. She could have very easily made a private blog, told her followers about it, then gave the password to those she trusted.

No. 76239

- Heart shaped bowls and plates
- Holding food out in front of the christmas tree
- Carefully seperating food on the plate
- Having a whole table worth of "Night nack" junk food all carefully laid out

No. 76251

Heart shaped bowls should be an ana snowflake bingo space.

No. 76264

She should try a bubble bar and more water in the tub. That's a depressing looking bath she's having.

Wtf is going on bottom right? Is she levitating.

As for fakeboi, could be any of the snowflakes who lurk here.

No. 76273

File: 1451429186515.jpg (114.45 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Man, I hope lolcow never finds my stupid ~online diary~ from four years ago. I cringe just thinking about it. I've managed to delete nearly all of my online presence except for that and a tumblr from when I was the same age– I can't find the emails I created them with, so I'm fucked. But hopefully one day they will go the way of quizilla and myspace.

I know you said no more ember talk, but our fave fake Ana decided to fake her eating disorder even harder this time..

No. 76275

File: 1451429258545.jpg (158.35 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

*you guys

inb4 charge your phone

No. 76280

What's up with her skeleton? It looks really off

No. 76281

Delete this attention seeking whore's pics. We don't want to read about her

No. 76285

it's all photoshop. ember is a moron who doesn't understand how anatomy works or what emaciated bodies look like because she's never been super skinny herself.

agree with this. she's fat and boring as ever and probably self-posted anyway.

No. 76286

Please delete this, she hasn't done anything remotely worthy of being posted here yet.

No. 76287

I don't get why non of her followers wonders about that weird shield under her spine? Like I have never seen something like that, it looks like she got one huge shoulder blade in the middle under her spine. Oh and her horrible scoliosis is soooo visible.

No. 76290

File: 1451432482663.gif (492.39 KB, 250x128, boring.gif)

No. 76291

is that really Ember? NOW? is this a pic from now?
Because she looks so spoopy here. Did not know she is that thin at the back

No. 76292

if we are talking about bad body shooping take a look at emily c's latest body pic. it seems like she is trying to lose weight and sucking in bc she gained so much :'D too funny lol

No. 76295

It curls and is super dark.

No. 76296

She's not thin. That's her exoskeleton you're looking at. She'll shed it as soon as she's outgrown it like the gross bug she is.

No. 76297

Love how the shoulders look perfectly normal from the front, but the back is super emaciated. Photoshop consistently.

No. 76299

How many times has she posted photos of her back? this isn't lulzworthy, give it more time and please delete this. You're like 3rd person to upload that image here but luckily, the rest of them deleted it.

No. 76300

File: 1451434352464.jpg (925.2 KB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1451434303550.jpg)

>look at this new beautiful phone! My life is still bloody awful tho :(

No. 76301

Anons talking about 'thin' Ember is and how 'fat' Emily C is.

Where have we seen this before?


No. 76302

So she is saying she is putting it in, right ?

No. 76303

No. 76310

Crying Emily is the epitome of a spoiled teenage brat that didn't get spanked enough as a child.

No. 76312

Concerned Ma probably got it so Emily felt better after she revealed she is possessed by a demon, so >>76310 yeah.

No. 76325

>Mamma, I have a demon in me. He makes me do bad things.
>Aww, honey, have an iPhone.

No. 76326

omg emily why r u talking about penises? i thought they triggered u bby :(((

No. 76328

My little bakery elf. Please no more tears.

No. 76329

Which Emily is even being talked about rn

No. 76332

This made me laugh out loud.
The only one that's relevant right now, British/BPD/crying Emily. The other one is normally referred to as "Crocker" anyways, but she (Crocker) is a nobody and I feel she is self posting here like she used to do on Tumblr.

No. 76334

Maybe there's an anorexorcism app

I love me some shoops, but I'm not good at finding insta and tumblr accounts that have a lot of bad edits (especially ED and "don't use me as thinspoo" accounts). Is there a list of them somewhere? Or are there some good tags to search to dns them?

No. 76335

*find, not dns.

No. 76336

Does anyone know when Ember started claiming to have scoliosis? Was it after being called out for shitty shooping, by any chance?

No. 76340

Who cares ember sucks

No. 76341

File: 1451445629191.png (802.38 KB, 1130x2048, PhotoGrid_1451445276919-1.png)

>too weak to do 20 math problems for my dad waah u.u all i want is death
>people are wanting me to give them the money i owe them oh gosh life is so difficult and i hate me so much
>i smoke enough weed for 10 people

No. 76342

Why would we know? Go ask someone on Tumblr, we don't give a fuck.

No. 76344

I'm lousy at spotting shooping. I look for anaflakes with hashtags #bodycheck #size00 #inpatient #thinspoooo etc

Lots of bad underwear and awkward angled body checking. Probably seen stacks of accounts but failed to notice PS. Not even sure what to look for.

No. 76349

How the fuck does one think one can pull off being bipolar from birth
That makes no fucking sense

No. 76352

File: 1451448405222.jpg (71.23 KB, 934x352, 0.JPG)


Just saw this and thought of Emily (and anon's post). Bizarre.

No. 76358

How can you hang out with your friends if you're too weak to do math problems?

No. 76362

I'm quite sure that I'm not Ember, but sorry for making everyone so buttmad by posting her hilarious Ana hijinks. I'll be sure not to do it anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 76372

Just do yer goddamn homework, Christ.

What is it with Instagram Anas and being spoiled brats?

No. 76375

Bad parenting.

No. 76384

>Please don't tell me it gets better…

If this dumb fuck accosts any attempts to console her, why not just die?

No. 76415

File: 1451486738163.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1451486661876.jpg)

So it totally looks like a pillow on their back

No. 76417

I…what? That doesn't look like a human being AT ALL.

No. 76419

she had lymphoma

No. 76420

Think she's implying she's on a chair. But it's probably more like she's taking it from behind! Amiright! Notice how she's hiding her tits though.

No. 76422

Why do people lie so much on the internet? is her life that boring ? damn

No. 76425

In that case where's the girl??

No. 76427

doesn't have to be. not trying to defend her but I had a pretty skelly back even at a BMI of 21. some people just don't store fat there. it's the same as with colar bones. some won't have them show at a BMI others will be able to make them look "ana" even at an overweight BMI. as long as her whole body isn't spoopy she's not spoopy.

No. 76428

File: 1451490443855.jpg (130.71 KB, 539x544, IMG_20151230_094558.jpg)

No. 76429

>those scrawny arms
life you dumb cunt. You are not a boy, but if you're gonna pretend to be one, lift.
Why are fakebois always so scrawny?

No. 76430

Meant lift* in the beginning

No. 76431

Yeah same here. At a BMI of 19 or so, I got a lot of "wow, you look too thin" comments, but that's because I'm a bit above average height and tend to have slim limbs. I store my weight in my boobs and thighs.

No. 76432

File: 1451493963721.jpeg (332.85 KB, 1920x1549, image.jpeg)

Anyone seen these people around on insta? They have a lot of active followers and are friends with some of the popular ED accounts on here. I saw some people talk about them before so

No. 76434

This ana-chan is the girl.

No. 76440

File: 1451497556312.png (844.7 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_2015-12-30-12-36-44…)

I was the one who suggested we stop feeding the disgusting troll that is Ember but just so you all know, she mocks (y)our inability to not post about her trashiness.

Hope this gives some of all you more motivation not to post about her anymore. I know it's hypocritical to say that as I type this but this just further proves that she gets off to the negative shit we say about her fucked up attitude and behavior and I felt I should make you all aware of it.

No. 76443

>i have an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa (b/p >subtype/ restrictive subtype))

well which is it? AN b/p subtype, or restrictive subtype? or, is it yet another self dx'er?

No. 76446

Semi-retarded and desperate. I fucking hate emote flooding, tho. It's triggering and more irritating than whatever she had to say.

But, it's b8, m8. The topic of discussion is currently this ana fakeboi. At least it's a more believable ana.

No. 76447


> >Mamma, I have a demon in me. He makes me do bad things.

what Emily´s Mom says:
> Aww, honey, have an iPhone.

what my Dad would say:
- well, I´ll drive you to the psych ward then

No. 76450

Ugh, glad someone else caught that, it annoyed me too.

No. 76451

Right? Let the milk age, it's much thicker and creamier that way.

No. 76452

Bulimics are more often normal weight or overweight than underweight.

No. 76454

Speaking of fakeboi, just posted a video with a bird in it… But clear evidence of attempting to cover up the boobs.
I mean if they are just pecs, why go to such lengths to cover

No. 76456

Yeah, they're slouching like crazy too.

No. 76472

Man, she just needs to deal with whatever happened to her at 7. She can't put it off forever, even though her mom is gonna keep on enabling her since she feels so guilty about letting her kid get diddled. You can't undo that kind of shit, you gotta move forward.

No. 76473


Has she ever overtly said what happened or have we just had oh so mysterious hints?

No. 76475

I think it's meant like the purging is restricting not throwing up

No. 76482

Hints and allusions. Just like Ash did

No. 76483

Emily's mom has basically doomed her.

No. 76484

File: 1451514245604.png (112.39 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_2015-12-30-17-15-45…)

Sorry but if you fucking reek and you try to force me to be in your presence, I won't just bask in your funk because ypure ~mentally ill~
What I will do is tell you how fucking offensive you smell and demand you get the hell away from me or put on some deordant. What a fucking snowflake.

No. 76485

She did it all herself. And her mother is the one who truly has to suffer for her actions.

No. 76487


I can imagine how everything in that household revolves around her. Emily is lucky to have a mother who seems so understanding.

No. 76495

You mean a pushover victim as a mother?

No. 76500

I bet the stress of Emily's constant suicide threats and antics have shortened her mum's lifespan considerably.

No. 76503

Poor Ma Hazell. Emily, get a job and buy your mum a vacation from you.

No. 76505

Shhh, anon, don't say that. Crying Emily might get triggered and think we're telling her to kill herself.

No. 76507

that makes no sense. ill just assume self dx.
you wouldn't be diagnosed with BOTH subtypes just bc you restrict after eating.

No. 76515

File: 1451525208381.png (2.01 MB, 1895x1509, PhotoGrid_1451525126518-1.png)

moar photos of hollow_prince

No. 76516

File: 1451525454845.png (2.12 MB, 1292x2048, PhotoGrid_1451525384050-1.png)

No. 76520

File: 1451525824708.png (1.7 MB, 1733x1521, PhotoGrid_1451525717339-1.png)

Don't you just love it when snowflakes throw thinspo in the #fearfoodchallenge tag?

>pic related, that's where I found these two.

No. 76525

Fuck. I'm mean but I'm not that mean. Killing herself would be the absolute cruelest thing she could do to her mum and it would probably break her.

No. 76526

I really hope Crying Emily decides to get better.

No. 76530

>That cheek sucking

HP could be on T because of the amount of acne, but some teen girls get unlucky too.

No. 76534

As sad as it sounds I get the impression that Emily builds her whole personality around her mental problems so will likely not recover because she probably feels like she won't be anything without them.

No. 76536

I'm surprised she's not e-palz with Ash.

No. 76543

File: 1451530335868.jpg (134.06 KB, 539x668, IMG_20151230_205101.jpg)

When you forget eyeballs are suppose to be round

No. 76545

File: 1451530777861.png (625.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-30-21-58-06…)

This one is a piece of work.
Lipsyncing a MCR song. That was emo kid garbage of MY day and let me tell you that was over a decade ago. How can that still be the emo kid anthem.

No. 76558

She's a posh rich kid rebelling. She'll grow out of this shit.

No. 76561

Gracie will be just fine. She'll definitely look back on this phase and be embarrassed. Emily on the other hand, I think this is what she's going to be for the rest of her life.

No. 76565

Oh no, not an ~MCR~ song! The absolute horror!
Seriously, if she likes it, who cares if it's out of style. You guys are really reaching now. This is hardly lulzworthy.

No. 76566

If shmegeh had posted this, people would probably be praising her even though she's a far worse person than any cow in this thread.
Besides, many former emo bands have been putting out some really good music lately.

No. 76575

Smegeh was always doing weird shit like this, I'm not sure if we would be praising her, but I agree she is a terrible person.

I just don't understand what's lulzy about a 17 year old lipsynching to a song. But maybe I don't understand the purpose of this thread.

my chemical romance broke up in 2013 though. Two of the former band mates have solo acts now, but mcr isn't making any new music.

No. 76663

Bipolar is one of those weird disorders that can show up in elementary school aged children, possibly younger, though the average age of onset is 25.

So, though she's obviously exaggerating/lying, it is possible she's been displaying symptoms of bipolar for the majority of her life.

No. 76702

File: 1451582291403.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Has fluctuated the same 6-7 lbs for a really long time, takes photos in obvious thinspo poses (laying on the floor sucking in, ass pushed out to make touching thighs not touch), and my favorite, comparing her torso to the length of a pen. She's been called out for sucking in in her pictures but denies it when it's obvious that's what she's doing. She "challenges" herself to greasy burgers/sandwiches and fries every other day.

No. 76714

And a supporter of the shit talking, fake ass, diagnosis paper stealing Ember. We might have a future victim on our hands

No. 76719

I've been curious about this one, but her profile's on private. She's not spoopy standing up. She's stretching herself on a rack and sucking in on the pen pics. Is she claiming to be anorexic?

No. 76721


Yes, she says she is diagnosed. Her bio also says that she's not in recovery, but in "disordered homeostasis"

I agree that she's far from spoopy. She's a healthy weight.

No. 76723

File: 1451592314580.jpg (8.71 KB, 275x183, goddess liza.jpg)

Pretty much the same shape as Liza Minnelli in Cabaret. Another one with nothing going for her so she fakes anorexia. Okay then.

No. 76727

File: 1451593047187.jpeg (129.26 KB, 640x762, image.jpeg)

Forgot to mention the awful NEDA tattoo

No. 76729

She's claiming to be 7st?! Gotta be closer to at least 9st.

No. 76742

Dont see the point in these kind of accounts. Their fat and ugly, just a bunch of chubby wannarexics wishing they were smaller.

im bulimic and no where as near ad fat as THAT. Theyre nothing but lazy fatties.

No. 76743

Emilly is nothing but a wannarexic little cunt. She'll get bored of it soon enough

No. 76744

I'd say over 9st. I'm 9st and 5'2 and can look like that whilst lying down.

All about the angles ;D

No. 76745

She drives me nuts. Every day with the greasy "challenge foods". Try harder, wannerexic

No. 76748

She's so unbelievably borderline though. Of all the cows, I truly think she's the only one aside from Ash that is legitimately borderline.

No. 76750

Nah, crying Emily isn't a wannarexic, her ED's legit even if she's editing her pictures.
She might still get bored of it though, as the AN seems to be more a symptom of her BPD than an entity in and of itself. Not that eating disorders are that simple, but… just saying.

No. 76753


Ahaha just passing by but I thought her tattoo was some shittily drawn cartoonized vagina/clitoris at first.

It's supposed to be a cat, right?

No. 76760

Legit thought it was a weird vagina abstract tattoo until you pointed out it was a cat

No. 76762

Honestly dont think shes anorexic. Yeah she's skinny, but I think thats more naturally than on purpose. She uses it to her advantage too.

No. 76765


Agreed and would go as far as even EDNOS would be a stretch of a diagnosis if any

No. 76767

I'm not really sure about that, I mean, she used to be a fat little girl.

No. 76768

puppy fat, most likely. I was a chubby kid then I hid my mid-teens and it all fell away.

No. 76769

The bewbs are a giveaway. If you're spoopy you have shrivelled tits. She's wearing some massive support bra.

Tat is a cat?

That pen thing is one of those proana pics that make my nails itch. The pen, the fingers around the wrist and the cig or cup pictured showing thighs when they're sitting down. They're all pathetic.

No. 76770


No. 76774

File: 1451608639624.jpg (107.83 KB, 932x596, 1.JPG)

Scrolling through her account to get this, it's incredible that instagram didn't take some of those pics off her account. She's actually calmed down with the crying (on instagram, at least).

No. 76777

Dat hair…

No. 76778

what she lost at her body, she gained at her head (only mean hair) kek

No. 76780

File: 1451611347775.jpg (80.1 KB, 506x559, IMG_20151231_192048.jpg)

She's been photoshopping for more than 86 weeks? What a dumb bitch

No. 76782

File: 1451612777439.jpg (136.57 KB, 768x1024, IMG_0260.jpg)

No. 76784

Wait a sec; isn't that the chick with the massive ear keloids in that pic?

Also, Crying Emily obviously does have an eating disorder. Don't you guys remember the saggy granny panty pics?

No. 76786

no, the girl you're thinking of name was Emma.

No. 76857

File: 1451666038485.jpg (106.67 KB, 536x663, IMG_20160101_103229.jpg)

Please let the video function on her phone break, SOON!

No. 76860

She'd look prettier without the crappy eye makeup.

No. 76885

The clumpy mascara makes me twinge

No. 76892

Those eyelashes are disgusting holy shit calm down with the mascara Emily

No. 76914

Can someone make a public account for us that follows Emily on IG? she won't accept my follow request ever since she's locked it 24/7.

No. 76924

You're an idiot, Crying Emily definitely has an eating disorder. What, you trying to be edgy or something? Are you an anachan too?

Do you think Ashley fakes her ED too and only became so emaciated because she is nothing more than a dedicated wannarexic?

No. 76926

Is this ember? Ashley? Emily?

No. 76929

File: 1451683337754.png (306.31 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Okay but how many days have you had fast food in a row and why is shit like this (givung me a stomachache just reading the description) still a challenge? I would think her body would be used to all the fat and calories at this point.

No. 76937

File: 1451685024891.jpg (136.87 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_2016-01-01-21-48-33…)

So is Emily trying to be like Aly now? A food diary of all things

No. 76953

File: 1451696026989.jpeg (205.79 KB, 1269x1484, image.jpeg)

Never been one to hate on Mackenzie, but seriously, this latest post has some horrid shoop happening … Ugh.

No. 76954

Anything for tasty attention.

Looking back through her grim Instagram I'm convinced being too young for scene is the root of all her problems. Her hair could reach higher than all the other scalps, don't you understand?

No. 76959

So she starved herself to be more scene and the disorder stuck? IDK, anon. That seems unlikely.

No. 76960

I think she has an Ed and lies about it then blocks ppl when they call her out on her stories

No. 76962

She could have at least made her arms the same size. I've no idea how anyone believes this crap anymore..

No. 76982

There's something about Emily's face where without knowing anything else about her, you'd still get the feel she's an attention hungry, spoiled crybaby.

It's one of those faces you get the basic instinct to want to punch. There's just something about it that makes me disgusted in some way that I can't put proper words to.

No. 76987

She reminds me of the token tattletale in elementary school.

No. 77000

File: 1451720232209.png (1.03 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

No. 77001

when she reads everything she will probably talk about all the hate in the community and how this is what she means…but in reality she just can't accept the fact people have the gall to call her out on sucking in in every one of her photos.

No. 77004

Guess Ember posted her so she could tell her.

No. 77006

Is there an old thread someone can link me about Mackenzie? I need more backstory on this if it's available.

No. 77008

There isn't a backstory from a credible source.

No. 77038

I meant more about her various drama, not her life

No. 77044


Check the catalog nub

No. 77050

File: 1451752455809.png (Spoiler Image, 415.85 KB, 413x621, ele.png)

No. 77052

Why is it the second I say something about you on tumblr you come on here and make a post about me, Megan? I'm not proana so there's no reason to even post me in this thread. There's no reason to post about me at all. Stay the fuck off my blog.

No. 77053

Get the fuck outta here you silly land whale. Shouldn't you be gorging yourself or begging for money somewhere?

No. 77054

Stop posting about me and I'll gladly leave

No. 77056

Not Megan but the thread you made for yourself is locked and the Admin suggested I post the image here.

Anyways, do you live on lolcow? Holy shit.

Oh this isn't the person who posted the image of your gross tits >>77053 by the way.

>inb4 omg the only person who hates my fatass is megan so everyone who says something negative about me HAS TO BE HER

No. 77057

I never said that person was the one who posted my pic in here. I was telling them if they want me to leave than don't post about me in general (their comment was still about me). I came on here because I knew the second I mentioned your name you would throw a hissy fit and come back on here and start posting about me again.like I said I'll gladly leave as long as no ones talking about me.

No. 77058

This thread is for attention whores AND proanas on Instagram and elsewhere. You don't deserve your own thread which is why you had to make it yourself.

No. 77060

File: 1451753612191.jpeg (24.06 KB, 494x358, Good-good-let-the-butthurt-flo…)

No. 77061

I know I don't deserve my own thread, I don't even want my own thread anymore. That was more than 3 months ago. I already learned my lesson now please just leave me alone and stop posting about me on here as a vendetta.

No. 77062

File: 1451753806790.jpg (26.27 KB, 512x384, Can t unsee _96a3517afc2de5860…)

No. 77063

You are boring us all. Please leave. Thx.

No. 77065

Listen, I know you're retarded, so let me spell this out for you. Coming back here to tell us not to post about you is going to kale people post about you. Stop being fucking dense, Kristen. You know what you're doing and you know it isn't going to work. Just leave and fade into the background. Once you stop producing milk, which you're doing right now, you're no longer worthy of discussion.

No. 77070

You have me confused as fuck. You say if we stop posting about you, you'll leave. But to know whether we post about you or not, you'll have to check, which means you won't leave. Just get the fuck off of here because if we don't want to stop posting, we won't, no matter if you're here or not.

No. 77072

Who hacked fading.ashes? Lmfao this is hilarious she's so mad.

No. 77074

File: 1451756465004.png (269.46 KB, 812x560, triggered.png)

Getting hacked triggered her #wut

No. 77075

Megan fuck off with posting about Kristen. Literally nobody cares anymore. You're such a fucking loser hahahah. She's not even ana nor has she ever claimed to be.

No. 77076

I dream of the day that someone actually hacks Ember, like she has claimed to be every time she was caught being a cunt.

No. 77077

it's really weird a lot of girls on mpa report their skin get's better while they are restricting. I wonder how she's able to be anorexic AND have bad skin. I've never seen an anorexic with acne before.

No. 77078

It's ironic that you say this in reply to a post which retaliates that this thread is for attentions whores and pro anas. Not just one or the other.

No. 77080

Not that weird when you consider that most people get acne because of their diets. It's a bit difficult getting toxins in your body which cause bad skin when you just aren't eating anything.

No. 77081

I wanna know who did it. It's weird though cause nothing changed on fading.ashes yet.

No. 77082

she probably didn't get hacked, could be a ploy to get her back up more followers.

No. 77084

I meant it's weird Hollowe Prince HAS acne even though she's anorexic, not the other way round.

No. 77086

Nah she did get hacked, pretty sure.

No. 77094

File: 1451763038730.png (2.12 MB, 1541x2097, FAKEASSBITCH.png)

Lol Ember posted proof that her back doesn't actually look IRL the same way it does in photos by uploading (then deleting) a video of her flexing her back.

Bottom screenshots are from a video she created with self-sent anon hate attached above.

No. 77129

Good to know that her actual back doesn't have weird extra bones like her photoshopped one does.

No. 77142

Now THIS is the creamy sweet milk we've been waiting for!!

No. 77145

Her back is straight as a pin, glad that Amazon brand back brace fixed her!! Recovery win!

No. 77147

File: 1451767815945.jpeg (62.39 KB, 750x265, image.jpeg)

>> name drop of her pain killer

No. 77149

I'll take some Coco powder with my milk please! So busted, dumbass

No. 77151

File: 1451768162241.jpg (30.87 KB, 600x270, Scoliosis_Fig08_en.jpg)

Tbh the more photos she posts of her back, the more I believe she has scoliosis. Girl in picture isn't underweight but her spine is visible when she flexes like Ember. And I mean, she looks bulky as hell in her full body shots.

No. 77152

Hate to say it Kristen but Megan's not the only one who thinks you're a fat, sniveling cow desperately sucking up any and all attention because nobody wants to pay you for photos that look like the befores in a surgery catalogue.

There's plenty of us tumblrfags who think you're a cocky butter golem.

No. 77153

File: 1451768529280.png (1.69 MB, 1634x2048, PhotoGrid_1451604231858-1.png)

There's also this.

Ember posted photos of some medical papers she was pretending to fill out and someone on Tumblr discovered that the forms she took pictures of was a actually forms for a cancer treatment center. And even found the PDF that she printed out.


No. 77154

My spine sticks out like that and I don't have scholiosis and I'm about 15 lbs overweight. It's just kinda how your body looks. Embers shoulders and back and completely straight and even. Besides, just about everyone has a slight curve to their spine, especially teens as they're growing up.

No. 77155

I hate the gibberish way you type. Jfc I don't even bother reading half of what you say.

No. 77157

File: 1451768973071.jpg (124.54 KB, 521x736, IMG_20160102_150354.jpg)

Because one night in the ER with fluids and a "tube" is gonna save your fake life. STFU Ember you ignorant cunt

No. 77159

Omg same!

No. 77160

Is that the name of a doctor showing through the top of that letter? Looks like it says Dr. Kaye or Koye.

No. 77161

File: 1451769923595.png (729.96 KB, 924x1164, hahah.png)

Hahaha Ember is lurking and her trying to prove us wrong is hurting her more than it's helping :']

No. 77163

She has to hunch over so hard just to make her back look like that lol. This is probably shy she has back pains. She has to pull something eventually doing that every single fucking time she looks in the mirror.

No. 77164

stop giving Whannarexic attention. you're giving her exactly what she wants.

No. 77165

File: 1451770555433.png (538.44 KB, 907x595, k.png)

Jesus Christ, why does she have her shoulder cocked like that?

Oh, that's right. She randomly suffers from extremely severe scoliosis.

No. 77166

I hope she has her life alert necklace handy for when she passes the fuck out KEK. give it up Ember you Photoshop we all know it and you're a lying stealing hypocritical bully CUNT face

No. 77169

You couldn't stretch that pic anymore JFC

No. 77170


I thought she was having seizures she was twisting so hard kek

No. 77171

I don't think this milk is good enough… Couldn't we wait a bit longer? C'mon, this boring bitch can give us something better!

No. 77172

This is me >>77094

Ehh this was kind of good but I am done for now.

No. 77173

Yeah I'm done for now. She better give us more milk soon

No. 77179


She's like wings_of_glass was by hiding her ed behind her chrones. Her followers are just as stupid as embers and believe her

No. 77181

Get over yourself

No. 77196

File: 1451781241372.gif (491.54 KB, 470x250, ember celebrating.gif)

I love how proud she is that she proved her ugly is real and not edited

No. 77197

Is her hair made of literal grease

No. 77204

She didn't prove shit except her pics are super stretched and she Photoshop's the fuck out of her waist and burn tools the fuck out of her ribs. She is a fat CUNT of a cow and is dumb enough to show proof she does Photoshop

No. 77206

File: 1451784697349.png (646.77 KB, 909x524, Attention Whore .png)

One of the biggest ED attention whores on instagram in my opinion

No. 77208


What anon?! You didn't like all her modeling posts and omg her bf is AMAZING! Thank gawd she got her chrones…err….Ed under control cos RELAPSE! Kek

No. 77252


lol are you fucking kidding me

like is it really hard for kids now to just work out to get a better figure and maybe work at something skillful to get attention for their talents?

obvi she has nothing wrong with her besides no self esteem, why in the fuck does she think anorexia will make her feel ok

everything i just wrote is obvious as hell and why she's lolworthy, i get that, but oh m y g o d wh hhhh hh h y and she has a full face of make up jesus she has to be like 15

No. 77253


oh cool she's a "model" too.

No. 77287

Seriously this bitch tried to post a video as proof? But she's a fat ass dough boy in video. Kek. How stoned and fucked in the head do you have to be to think this video and pic are the SAME??!! Go eat another dozen Cinnamon rolls and Starbucks Ember, why stop now fat ass?

No. 77297

File: 1451829036152.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Lmao ok

No. 77305

The flexing and bending she has to do to achieve the boney look :')

No. 77310

I hope Ember takes too many laxatives and shits herself in public after drinking her 700 calorie starbucks garbage

No. 77312

File: 1451835211082.jpeg (349.31 KB, 1224x1224, image.jpeg)

Totally healthy according to her personal guys don't worry!

No. 77315

File: 1451836564450.png (220.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-03-10-54-42…)

Definitely don't be honest with her guys!

No. 77325

No. 77332

>im bulimic and no where as near ad fat as THAT. Theyre nothing but lazy fatties.
>im bulimic

You don't say.

> ;D
Stop it, faggot. This is an imageboard, not instagram.

>troll Mecca

Reminds me of "that's their bullying lair," lmfao.
This is fucking hilarious. Search bar? I'm dying.

>toxins in your body causes acne
Please stop being so fucking stupid.

No. 77335

I suffer from cystic acne which is not caused by eating bad food BUT if I neglect to drink water and scarf down greasy food for a weekend, I break out. so yeah, what you eat can affect your skin. I don't know why you think otherwise

No. 77337

What bothers me msot is her too-dark poorly blended makeup. Looks very dirty.

No. 77351

Can someone explain what's going on in the top left pic? The one where the caption says 'data ass doe'?

Why does it look like her ass is like a triangle? Like she pulled a point of it outwards in shop and not the rest? Is that the joke or am I looking at it wrong?

I can't wrap my head around this picture?

No. 77356


It's a legless mannequin

No. 77357

Oh, haha. Thank you. I feel a bit slow.

No. 77358

File: 1451848626255.png (64.47 KB, 202x232, Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.1…)

they always do that cheek sucking in thing that ember does to attempt to make their cheekbones look more hollow and sunken in.

No. 77359

File: 1451849158703.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Kek yes they do

No. 77362

File: 1451849696713.png (335.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-03-14-32-58…)

Make up videos to help you get her look kek

No. 77367

Don't really need a video for that tbh- just rub dirt all over your face, suck in your cheeks and ta da ~model~

No. 77373

File: 1451852267983.jpg (90.9 KB, 720x1134, PicsArt_01-03-09.17.04.jpg)

Ember found a new shoutout slave?

No. 77375

File: 1451852442303.jpg (128.19 KB, 720x1082, PicsArt_01-03-09.19.32.jpg)

Another one of those 'look at how fat I am, tell me I'm pretty' attention seekers? Though her account is pretty empty unfortunately :(

No. 77378

Embers doing s4s

No. 77389

File: 1451853077759.jpg (95.02 KB, 720x822, _20160103_153014.JPG)

No Ed here

No. 77393

File: 1451853836953.png (1.74 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

I'm confused didn't she say she didn't give a fuck about us? Or how we have no life, etc. but she continues to lurk and post about it?

No. 77405

You guys are horrible posting about these poor girls please stop

No. 77411

File: 1451857337057.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-03-16-40-14…)


>refeeding omg

>same food she's been eating for weeks
Pic related

No. 77412

File: 1451857379328.jpg (1020.17 KB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1451857245714.jpg)

Crying Emily bingo
>in the dirt

No. 77413

>In the dirt with the worms and the dinosaurs because that's what I am an old dinosaur.

No. 77414

Already a parody of herself at 17. Well done.

No. 77415

No. 77416

File: 1451858557173.png (518.14 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

You guys are disgusting stop posting about these girls your posts will only give them more motivation to starve first of all and secondly posting this isn t gunna stop them u fucking sons of bitches

No. 77417


No. 77418

File: 1451858765807.jpg (178.75 KB, 1000x1146, pls help gracie.jpg)

No. 77421


Omg we better stop guys kek

No. 77422

>or their fake eds will get worse omg

No. 77423

Listen to they girl*^^^^^^

No. 77425

do you guys remember lightlycalories/lightlyeverly/all the other shitty usernames she went through? her name was maddie, does she have a new account?

No. 77427

i think her new user is lightlymaddie or something. apparently she was "hacked and deleted"

No. 77432

This is a disgusting page

No. 77441

File: 1451864409340.jpg (212.84 KB, 961x828, 12982593.jpg)

No. 77453

File: 1451867435738.png (616.96 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

When is the last time this cow ate a vegetable? Her intake is really disgusting

No. 77458

Did Emily post the link or something?

No. 77461

Ur disgusting don't make fun of her like that when she's clearly skinny

No. 77462

I'mma fart in your eyes

No. 77463

Away with you.

No. 77464

File: 1451869493257.jpg (2.33 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1451869404141.jpg)

Seriously. This is only from the last week.

No. 77465

I really cant see how this chick can call herself anorexic and yet her entire intake is just disgusting trash???

No. 77466

No. 77468

How are these "only from the last week" if these all say they were posted 3-5weeks ago???

No. 77469

I don't see the issue. If those meals are her only intake for the whole day then it makes perfect sense for her to be ana. The calorie counts are still low (relative to a full day's intake).

Also hasn't Aly taught you guys that these bitches don't actually eat what they post?

No. 77470

File: 1451870091188.jpg (2.06 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1451869657363.jpg)

Wrong set of files. You want more recent? Here ya go!

No. 77472

Aly had a problem.
This one doesn't. She's just naturally skinny and it using that as an advantage to gain little followerers. She's not "proana" but she does all the classic poses, the pen thing, the apps for intake, etc. And then she eats chili fries all day.

No. 77476

Excuse me. She -says- she's not proana.

No. 77478

She's not skinny, though. You can tell even when she's sucking in and doing ana poses that she's chubby, if not 10-20 lbs overweight. see >>76702

No. 77479

File: 1451871224709.jpg (69.14 KB, 640x626, image.jpg)

If you stop doing dumb shit people won't talk about you.

No. 77485

She ain't spoopy thin, but she's certainly of a normal weight. I think 20lbs overweight is an over estimate, but she does use her body in ways that make it appear to be smaller than it is (cheek sucking, sucking in, tensing up, kicking her heels out, etc).
Classic wannerexic.

No. 77488

Absolutely disgusting her arteries are probably crying for her to stop.

No. 77489

I have a BMI of 20 and I don't look as thin as her even when I suck in.

No. 77491

Then dont come here instafag

No. 77492

Ok? Even if her bmi was 18 she's still fucking healthy (or as healthy as you can be gorging on fast food and chocolate every day) meaning she's a pathetic wannarexic using her proana poses to gain followers.

No. 77497

So? Mines 20 and I look thinner.
Either way she sure as shit isn't skeletal or even particularly thin. Her body fat would be about 20-25% and her musculature doesn't look even slightly atrophied.

Imagining a perfectly healthy young woman drop out of school to pretend to be miserably sick and traumatized to get strangers attention has made me depressed. That's gotta be a special level of pathetic, To depress strangers with your existence.

No. 77500

So we agree she's a normal weight wannarexic who needs LOTS of attention in the form of shoving shit down her throat in the most unhealthy manner while challenging herself. Plez someone call it a Recovery Win so she feels special

No. 77501

No. 77503

Was just correcting the ana-chan who called her chubby. :-)

No. 77520

Oh yeah, she's not what I'd call chubby but I still like to imagine her plain Jane face crumpling up sadly every time she reads someone call her normal or chubby or whatever.

No. 77522

I ate arnotts shapes today because they've been my favourite snack for two decades. It was a challenge, because i was already full of grapes.
Recovery win.

No. 77527

lol minus the ten tons of contouring, foundation, eyebrow product, mascara

No. 77530

File: 1451884197874.png (583.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I also think raggity.annie is underestimating her portion sizes. There's no way that the heaping mound of pasta is only 1 1/2 cups like she said. It's especially apparent on her Christmas posts. I mean just that one piece of cheese on that sandwich is 110 calories most likely, and she's claiming the whole plate to not even be 450? Plus the sauce slathered all over everything adds on too. The only ones she doesn't seem to lie about are ones from restaurants where she can't fake the amounts because people could easily look them up.

No. 77531

File: 1451885028368.jpeg (174.27 KB, 750x1040, image.jpeg)

Found a flake that gives Aly's nails a run for their money.

No. 77532

1&1/2 cups of pasta is so much ew.
How is she not huge eating like this?
Her poor pancreas is cry.

No. 77533

That's so easy to crop out, yet she just chose to throw a trendy filter on it instead. wtf

No. 77537

Kek "tiny recovery"

No. 77538

She will be the ultimate ana queen once she has her first gallbladder attack.

No. 77587

as if she was ever able to control her feelings.

No. 77594

At least some of "her" food photos are taken from the internet.

No. 77597

Is she just putting her thumb on the screen

No. 77598

Lel, "my organs are shutting down because muh ana"

No. 77638

Exactly. This is where I get the "refeeding" disconnect. Like… You are a lot before soo who do you think you're fooling? Her 12 year old followers I guess buy it.

No. 77649

what does "spoopy" mean?

No. 77651

you're new here. it means spooky

No. 77655

kek, better do a weekend fluids and tube recovery

No. 77657


no you can see her other finger

No. 77692

all these people do is complain, it's so annoying. get help with your "disorder" and stop posting shit on the internet.

No. 77694


But then how are they supposed to get attention
Checkmate anon

No. 77697

too true. they can't figure out how to be relevant otherwise.

No. 77731

The real attention seekers are you guys why are u even posting on here? For any other reason that u want a reaction

No. 77732


which.you're.giving kek

No. 77752

You're saying this to a bunch of anonymous people, you realize that right?


God damnit I am so sick of this girl's face. I only ever seen maybe 3 photos of it but I cannot stand her appearance whatsoever. Such a hideous creature, she probably thinks if she lost weight, her face will reform itself.

No. 77755


She only posts old pics of herself cos she prob has a normal bmi now. Look at her arms

No. 77758

She is underaged.

No. 77759

For what?
Didn't break a rule. Says under 18 can't post or view

No. 77762

Yes I do fucking realize, I realize that your making fun of people behind a screen and you feel you are not going to get punished so who freaking cares right? Think before you post harmful messages behind a screen like the coward you are , don't even have the guts to put your name shows how these girls have much more humanity then you. Now go on and attempt to reply with ur witty one liners on how I should leave or some shit but you guys are freakish in believable it makes me sick. Props to the people who are actually posting pro-Ana people instead of making fun of them. :(

No. 77763


No. 77764

They know exactly what they're doing kek

No. 77765

You people says "kek" but I don't think you could even tell me where the came from

No. 77766

They are little, their brains arnt fully understanding what They are doing, it's not right to make fun of them even if you think it's wrong. That is illegal first of all for harassing children that are under age online and second of all give them a chance. We have all made mistakes some where along the path especially as a child

No. 77767

Translation to lol on World of Warcraft idiot

No. 77768

What did you have to do, Google it?

No. 77770

And answer you in less than a min? Get over yourself anon! Unlike you, I knew the answer

No. 77771

Suggest you read the rules newbie

No. 77773

Tbh i thought it was short for "keke" like "heh" is short for "hehe"

No. 77774

It's both. "kek" from World of Warcraft is a reference by Blizzard to "keke", which is how Koreans write "haha" or "hehe", and Korea is obviously one of Blizzard's biggest markets. Other people just started capitalizing on the joke they already made.

No. 77775

To people reporting posts for "bullying": stop.

To people reporting their own posts and asking staff to delete them: see >>>/meta/1811.

No. 77780

Boo freaking hoo

No. 77781

Uh, we don't contact the cows; we just watch them graze. Who linked you here? Ember or Jolty?

I know it's from WoW, but I always think of it as short for Kekeke, which is sort of a witchy laugh.

No. 77782

Actually, a number of the people being discussed in this thread are 18 or older. They're not children.

No. 77785

No freaking duh , did u even read it , it says that the gpeople on Instagram are young so we should stop making fun of them

No. 77786

Poor young gpeople on Instagram. :(

No. 77787

How could they!!!? Won't anyone think of the young gpeople!!!!!?!???

No. 77793

You guys are heart breaking I'm done

No. 77795

Oh no was a child mentioned? Get the tissues! How dare you harass a poor child who openly posts their lulzy self on instagram kek

No. 77798

Anon plz if you wanna chimp out over protecting these tards start campaigning to the fetishists following the 13 year old girls posting mostly nude selfies.

Pretty sure being used as porno is more concerning than anons pointing out their obvious stupid.

No. 77801

Here's the main issue, pedophiles like Ember Whann will post the users she wants to get close to here-then let them know they're being posted about.

A sick way to lure young girls, if you ask me.

No. 77805

Really? Wait How do u know

No. 77808

She's always looking for underage girls, she likes to call them "Little Ana Sisters" until she starts dming them.

She's preyed upon so many young girls, then when they fall out bevause theyre creeped out she blocks them and freaks out. She wants everyone to block the person so they won't reveal how creepy she is.
Anyone who tries to call out Ember gets her full hate attention.

She photoshops herself to look boney when she's 120 and 5'5". She pretends her pap smears are ED check ups.

She knows a lot of young girls are gullible and if she can groom them she'll latch on like the disgusting pedo she is.

No. 77811

File: 1451962208007.jpg (31.36 KB, 320x240, image.jpg)

I am 100% backing this theory for the rest of my life now ty anon.

No. 77825

This is pretty much true.

Ember is socially stunted/not mature enough to make friends with people her own age. So she has to prey on the young for any sort of companionship.

It could sound sad if you're the empathetic type, but in reality it's all her own choices/actions. She really is a predator of sorts, as she's attempting to groom young people to feel good about herself. Even if she's not sexually molesting these people, everything else she is doing is directly along the lines of an internet predator/sexual predator.

No. 77831

I've wondered about this for a while. It seems like every like a new young girl is mentioned here, they end up finding this place. It happens way too quickly to be a random friend that stumbles across this page. The young girl also always refuses to say who sent her.

I'm also convinced that it was Ember who told Erika that we questioned her story about her "guts being removed". Erika said it was a person she had never spoken to before. Erika isn't young, but she was emotionally unstable and anorexic. Just the type of woman Ember seems to be interested in, maybe not sexually, but definitely for Ember's own benefit.

No. 77838

Ember Whann is completely a pedophile/predator. She preys on young teenage girls and it's fucking sickening.

No. 77844

I don't think pedophile is the right word to be using here.

No. 77855

Really? She fawns over half naked photos of emaciated teenagers. How is that not pedophilac.

No. 77860

She has a fetish for skinny girls, she's like the old men on VK.

She's said she likes girls, too.

No. 77866

File: 1451990593872.png (468 KB, 979x979, img1451990554320.png)

She stalks, follows, encourages and post half naked pics of children. She does this with 13/14 yr old boys and girls. Here's her latestest victim

No. 77867

LMAO, shes not a pedo, just immature in the head, shes young herself, if she was 17 you guys wouldnt care.

No. 77868

Except she's 20 and creeping on 14 year olds?

If she was a dude you'd believe it, this is how people get harmed.

No. 77882

You're wrong anon. She is showing a lot of characteristics of a budding pedophile. It wouldn't surprise me if she has abused her sister.

No. 77883

She dresses up her siblings and calls them transgender and then takes their pics for social media! She is NOT SAFE to be around

No. 77893

Pedophiles are not interested in teenagers, only younger kids.

No. 77897

She uses young girls on Instagram for there attention and money. Which is why she is constantly begging them to check out her wishlist.

Her overall motive here is pretty disturbing.

She basically wants these young eating disordered girls, who aren't exactly rational thinkers, to be her sugar daddy, and buy her gifts and give her money for no fucking reason at all.

She's literally preying on the weak and young for her own self gratification.

No. 77899

File: 1452008250181.png (185.04 KB, 986x868, Screenshot_2016-01-05-10-32-20…)

If Ember was a guy, people would be freaking the fuck out about how she is grooming these 13 year olds.

There's no telling if she has ever asked these kids for nudes or anything of the sorts, but she is 100% exploitating these children. She is using/mistreating them for her own benefit.

Which is ironic, since she made up all sorts of false claims about McKenzie, how she lied to Ember and said she was in her early 20s, when she was allegedly in her late 30s (which turned out to be a lie ofc) and that McK was a creepy old lady even though Ember was the one who sucked the wet farts out of her asshole just for a promo.

No. 77902

It'll be a fucking miracle if Ember went one fucking week without following/talking to a kid on the internet. I'll be extremely surprised if she went 5 days without posting images of some kids stomach as they suck in, while asking her followers to check out their account, where they can find EVEN MORE half naked pictures of a minor.

tbh i bet a bunch of pedos follow her account, just so she will tell then who to creep on next.

Also, has anyone else noticed that Ember follows a bunch of those grade school cheerleading accounts? Like accounts that post videos and images of 10 year olds doing cheers and bullshit??? Just… wtf Ember?

No. 77903

I get some requests from young ED girls because I comment on some recovery accounts. My age isn't on my profile, but I'm old enough to be their mother. I never click the yes for them to follow, because it feels creepy. Under 18, just no. 16, okay if it's not all thinspo poses. (Mine isn't a recovery account btw).

If you're adding under 16s and you're over 20, especially if they're showing off their bodies, it's really dodgy territory.

No. 77907


Same and agree anon

No. 77909

>Like my selfies or I'll delete you
>Tell me 'ILY' if you like this account

What normal person does this, why would anyone who isn't a pedo need constant compliments from underaged girls as often as she does if there wasn't something off about her towards minors.
She wants to constantly manipulate them, it's creepy.

No. 77910

File: 1452010044000.png (1.3 MB, 1966x1546, PhotoGrid_1452009748795-1.png)

Looks like Ember is singing the same tune again, that she has been anorexic since she was in 3rd grade hahah.

Ashley didn't start trying to lose weight until she was a teen and LOOK AT HER NOW. She's been legitimately sick for as long as Ember claims, yet looks like a fucking holocaust victim and compared to her, Ember looks like she has been eating butter spaghetti her whole life. This is too good, does anyone know where she posted that long "apology", where she confirmed that this "decade old ED" was all a fib just to get her attention? I think she posted it on her ello account?

No. 77917

So this 14 yr child gets sucked into Hurricane Ember, makes a comment, realizes it's a mistake and deletes it and Ember STILL calls her out, shames her and gets other adults to bully her. Real fucking nice

No. 77919

"Vomit blog every day"

Ember always has the weakest concepts of what things actually are and I'd say it's not surprising anymore but I am always shocked someone can be such a blatant idiot for so long about a subject they're obsessed with.

No. 77920


No. 77921

File: 1452012805427.jpg (175.94 KB, 534x854, IMG_20160105_104950.jpg)

At least she splits her time between child grooming and promoting. She's so well rounded

No. 77924

I guess she is tired of waiting for her 13 year old fan girls to save up enough allowance to buy her some cheap garbage off of her wishlist so she is begging companies for free garbage instead.

No. 77929

I bet when Ember was a minor, her peers fucking hated her guts, shit talked her, excluded her from their reindeer games, and generally made her feel unwanted af, so she is reliving her middle school aged years by sucking up to 13 year olds lol.

>at least they like me now!!!

No. 77933

makes me wonder what turned her into such a shit person, no one is really 'born evil' etc.

No. 77950

'Since you immediately deleted your comment'

Why does Ember get upset about that? She is so fucking hypocritical man. She deletes every comment on her account she doesn't like, whether it's someone calling her out for her shit or someone genuinely wondering about her, if she doesn't like it she'll delete it. Then why make such a problem about this person deleting their own comment?

She would never delete anything actually insulting, like 'goals' because she will tell them how horrible her 'disease' is. But when it's someone asking why her legs/hips/whatever looks weird she deletes it.

What a cunt man.

No. 77952

She is 20, turning 21 this year and is preying on half naked 13/14 year olds. How. Is that not. Pedophilac.

No. 77953

There's a girl I've followed for a long time and she's pretty popular on tumblr amongst the ~ sad baby doll Lana del Rey & Nicole Dollanganger-esque ~ people. She's genuine and down to earth and also in recovery for anorexia, but she doesn't really make a big deal out of it and rarely mentions it. I was scrolling her instagram the other day and Ember's been commenting her pictures with kissy emojis and shit… She's literally trying to get in with every single person who has an ED, she makes me sick and it's sad because the girl I'm talking about follows Ember too :\

No. 77955

Oh my god, please stop being retarded. Pedophiles exploit and abuse children for sexual gratification. Ember manipulates girls slightly younger than herself for emotional gratification. There is a huge difference. Ember is a piece of shit, but stop pulling out these pointless "pedophile" comparisons. It's not the same thing AT ALL.

No. 77959

She legit tells every account they are her favorite and she absolutely LOVES them! I doubt she knows one thing about any one of those people she's such a creep

No. 77960

Then call it Child Abuse. She grooms them and then shames them. She teaches them to starve and then bullies them for thinking skinny is pretty.

No. 77961

Shut up ember

No. 77963

Third grade now huh? I thought it was fourth or fifth. Why is she too dumb to keep her story straight

No. 77964

Uh, half naked means showing your midriff?

No. 77965

File: 1452024594958.jpeg (268.4 KB, 1268x1479, image.jpeg)

I've come to the conclusion that Jolty really really enjoys being used by ana's. She reads here she knows Ember's garbage, but hey let's send her some recovery stickers… I wonder if she had any real life friends once..

No. 77966


Has this thread really devolved into that? I'm clearly not Ember. Stop shitposting irrational crap. She's a manipulative 19 year old who uses younger teens to feed her ego. She's a nasty person, but stop trivializing child abuse and pedophilila by equating it with her retarded social media behavior.

No. 77969

File: 1452024908351.png (218.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-01-05-20-11-07…)

Meanwhile over in Camp CryingEmily, a friend of hers goes missing but it's all about ME ME MEEEEEEEEE!!!

Also judging by Gracie (cat.poo)'s comments, they had plans that she now can't keep which is probably the reason for Emily's woe is me mood.

It's interesting how she only does these 'waaaaah life is awful and terrible and dirt and worms and mummy I hate everything' posts happen when she doesn't get her way…

No. 77970

This. This place is becoming tumblr. You guys screech pedo at everything now.

No. 77971


Joltography could probably be considered a lolcow if she(?) weren't just genuinely pathetic and depressing.

She licks the asses of every lolcow who has an instagram account. There are plenty people pathetic enough to post themselves here for attention, but kissing the asses pf everyone posted here seems just as sad.

No. 77973

Ugh, my friend went missing and ruined my dayyyy. Now I have to like, totally talk to the cops, it's soooooo annoying. Like why don't they like ask her parents???? How should I know where her retarded ass is!

No. 77974

It's funny because the girl I'm talking about wears Long Clothing and lots of other online brands like Killstar and Disturbia have her wear their stuff. Ember's dream.

No. 77978

File: 1452027736815.jpeg (265.84 KB, 1264x1457, image.jpeg)

Aka: I want want attention, but I don't want you to call me out on it, fucking grow up.

No. 77982

>friend goes missing
>has to talk to police
>restaurant doesn't have her soup
>more pissed about soup than upset about friends

Fucking self absorbed

No. 77985

Funny how you only post turtl.ed's one. It's not originally hers and many copied it? She is a sucker for attention but so are the others? Is this Ember posting again?

No. 77986

Shit, Jolt uses lolcow as an ana directory. Find friends with your ideal body type now~

No. 77987

File: 1452032325157.png (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 2048x1335, PhotoGrid_1452032075920-1.png)

Let me show you a few photos that people THAT EMBER FOLLOWS has on their account.

Just scroll through her following list for a solid 60 seconds and you will see multiple pro ana accounts, ran by minors, who post images exactly like I attached.

>all of these girls are under 18, far right is a fucking 15 year old. wonder how often ember stares at their "thinspo" vomits

No. 77988

Whaaaaaa…. They're KIDS! They don't know what they're doing kek

No. 77989

Sup turtle.ed

>But….But….. Not enought attention!!!!!!

Like you literally confirmed everything thanks. Major kek

No. 77990

File: 1452032678369.png (367.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-05-17-22-01…)

Sorry for samefag, forgot picture. Durrr

No. 77991

I'm not turtl.ed, I'm just saying Ember always shit posts about her friends and then tells them about it or the people that didn't fall for her shit anymore like McKenzie. I don't give a shit about that turtled chick, I'm here for the Ember lulz and I think that was her.

No. 77994

File: 1452033834653.png (531.01 KB, 882x1811, PhotoGrid_1452033644223-1.png)

Yeah but Ember will be 20 this year yet follows kids who post naked #bodychecks with their privates scribbled out.

She knows exactly what she is doing. Anyways, here's screenshots from Embers following list. I found even more pro ana/eating disordered minors, between the ages of 13 to 16, that she is following for #thinspiration (aka jerk off material)

No. 77998

Can we just stop talking about ember and the other girl it's boring

No. 77999

What you just said is more boring than any of their posts?

No. 78003

File: 1452036115136.png (1.65 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 78004

File: 1452036200507.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 78015

>It's not me, it's emberrrr, gosh

No. 78026

File: 1452043224499.png (535.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-05-20-19-15…)

Has anyone else seen this bitties videos
She sounds like a valley girl. Nails on a chalkboard.

No. 78027

Its like the more ana the username the fatter the user.

No. 78028

File: 1452043694224.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

>> naturally thin girl is thin
>> "omg I'm so deep in my Ed!! ??

No. 78030

File: 1452044201342.jpg (48.44 KB, 413x460, IMG_20160105_193439.jpg)

Only Ember would edit childhood pics kek. Such a dumbass

No. 78031

You mean "Chubby girl is still chubby".

No. 78032

>5 year old image (meaning she was 14)
>weighs 7lbs less
>obviously has grown

Thanks for continuing to prove that you were never anorexia, I guess? not really sure why you can't solidifying this fact with literal photographic evidence but whatever floats your boat, Ember.

Also, chances are, that isn't even her.

No. 78035

File: 1452044472957.jpg (56.19 KB, 592x462, Evj8LRe.jpg)

Nah Mila did it too. Ember does nothing original.

No. 78036

Much kek anon
Ana style names=not thin
Names with recovery=photoshop

No. 78037

You guys are do fucking dramatic shes not a fucking pedo shes only 20 she just wanted to be worshipped, to these "omg childreen!!!" Shes like fucking Ana jesus, no one over 17 would be impressed by this cunt thats why there are so many "children" spamming her insta

No. 78038

No. 78039

File: 1452046155130.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

What's up with all these weird back pics? Also she clearly hasn't had an eating disorder since she was 8. Jfc

No. 78041

File: 1452046334751.jpg (31.31 KB, 246x421, IMG_20160105_200651.jpg)

Your Photoshop skills are slacking fatass. Get one of your naked babies to show you how they do it. I'm sure you can teach an old dog new tricks

No. 78043

File: 1452046759337.jpg (33.62 KB, 268x581, IMG_20160105_201521.jpg)

JFC you suck at everything you try to do. Thanks for the evening entertainment kek

No. 78044

File: 1452047152899.jpg (321.64 KB, 2048x2048, 1452046970400.jpg)

All the extra pounds she been packing on has fixed her 32° curve. She should write a book. Oh wait, never mind kek

No. 78045


At least she's gained weight in her back since her last photo/video post kek

No. 78046

And now the pics are deleted.

No. 78048

The fuck?
Where'd you pull this from dickhead?

I'm just loling about fatties with ~ana~ usernames.

No. 78049

God she is so hideous but in such a satisfying way. Like I never get tired of her ugliness, unlike that fadingzoe girl. I knew if I said that "that isn't even her" >>78032 she would upload an image of that ugly mug lmfao. She is too easy to manipulate.

No. 78050


Fadingzoe is a train wreck! Her stupid reposts of her nastiness to get more likes cos shes a wannarexic now makes her as lulzy as Emily starving for attention

No. 78051

File: 1452050565365.png (938.43 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_2016-01-05-22-20-50…)

This dumb piece of shit thinks these cat scratches she gave herself are going to result in a scar lmfao

No. 78052

Her back bone is awful wiggly, she might actually have scolioli guys

No. 78053

Looked her up… 7 posts and 11 followers
This is you, isn't it??

No. 78054

Jfc it's like the Mona Lisa with two perspectives on each side

No. 78055

File: 1452051081201.png (168.71 KB, 1080x922, Screenshot_2016-01-05-22-29-13…)

lmao no but I see why you assume that. but I was just checking out the accounts who commented on Ember's latest whiney post and that's how I found that attention whore.

No. 78059

Wow she's like, super cut about this thread rn.
Don't worry ember, you can always soothe your pain with another 1000 calorie 'recovery' Starbucks treat.

No. 78061

She can have it with her chocolate covered oreos

No. 78062


No. 78064

File: 1452052646689.gif (2.27 MB, 389x279, fox_zimmerman_laughs_130703c1.…)

No. 78066

Are those ingrown stomach hairs? Gross.

No. 78069

She's faking the wrong illness. This poor attention vacuum has never had good hair, that's the real tragedy.

No. 78081

Lmao but such risk for refeeding syndrome!?

No. 78142

File: 1452080113122.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Nice knees Emily

No. 78145

File: 1452084086389.jpg (35.34 KB, 844x1138, Screenshot_2016-01-06-12-40-19…)

Hahaha bad Photoshop Emily! Shoulder pads for the knees now?

No. 78154

it looks like its just something black on the wall behind her

No. 78158

What would be on the door that could look like that? More than likely she's trying to edit her photo to make her knees look more bony and skeletal.

No. 78159

DEFINITELY photoshoped kek

No. 78160

File: 1452091828977.jpg (63.62 KB, 397x544, IMG_20160106_084903.jpg)

There is nothing on the wall but bad fucking Photoshop

No. 78176

She doesn't need to shoop. She's got chicken legs. Her knees are weird, that's all.

Why does she always wear her coat indoors?

No. 78179

Probably cold from malnutrition

No. 78184

No she doesn't need to but she does anyway

No. 78186

File: 1452097711107.jpg (380.36 KB, 2048x2048, 1452097591737.jpg)

She Photoshops kek there's no denying facts

No. 78191

She's so sick and skinny and frail u guise.

No. 78192

She should take a fucking anatomy class.

No. 78194

And buy a flamingo costume

No. 78196

Anyone know why ember went private last night/ this morning?

No. 78213

File: 1452101362829.jpg (166.29 KB, 536x830, IMG_20160106_112758.jpg)

Probably because of this tumblr call out post KEK

No. 78216

Omg dying kek

No. 78220

This also confirms heather lurks here constantly and prob posts

No. 78221

This is funny but I hope people don't agree with Tumblr retardation just because it's Ember.

No. 78222

Of course she does. She constantly went at her at tumblr and is now doing it here after everyone decided not to give her attention.

No. 78225

Its not private anymore lol

No. 78227

I know but I want to know why she went private.

No. 78228

God forbid Heather uses lolcow lol

OT but I actually stopped using my "drama" blog on Tumblr because I was tired of Ember filing false copyright claims against my posts and having them taken down. It's nerve racking as fuck, so I just upload my screenshots to this thread, since that dumbfuck has no power here.

Here's some of my posts Ember-related posts:

I also made this:

I've obviously made more posts but I'm not about to list them all.

>after everyone decided not to give her attention
How would anyone who makes legitimate posts here garner attention unless they lost their anonymity? If Heather was posting here for attention, wouldn't she at least let it be known she is here? Why is it so hard for you to get over that a people on Tumblr use this site?

No one knows 100% why, but someone already said (that they think) she went private because of some callout post on Tumblr >>78213 I follow her account and she hasn't posted anything with substance. Her latest post is a photo of Daryl Dixon.

No. 78239

oh wow. i didnt deny she was photoshopping but i cant belive how bad that is. i thought they were spots or something on the wall

No. 78241

File: 1452109255966.png (198.56 KB, 1440x848, Screenshot_2016-01-06-13-25-46…)

Posting this to show what an evil hag ember is. It was sent anon, but this sounds exactly like ember. The way she compliments herself, the emojies, the way she tells this person to kill themselves.. i want all the dumb pro-anas who kiss embers ass and lurk here to see this. This is embers true nature and she will tell you the same shit if you piss her off (anon of course) embers nothing but a bitter ugly bitch.

No. 78242

What the fuck is that

No. 78245

When your feet are wider than your body. You know you very gone too far.

No. 78258

File: 1452114049689.jpg (43.14 KB, 461x461, 6tag-263037174-115658461962004…)

I still can't see how these are photoshopped.

No. 78260

File: 1452114337717.jpg (400.1 KB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_01-06-10.04.07.jpg)

Another victim? Why don't they see that Ember uses them?

No. 78264

Ember looks like an old gipsy hag with dirt on her face, I can't believe she posts those photos.

No. 78268

Stfu heather. I meant after everyone decided to ignore ember's antics and not discuss her. Which failed miserably because you cows do it here and give it up to her anyway.

No. 78270

File: 1452117049481.png (805.63 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_2016-01-06-16-46-27…)

Hahahaha even the pro ana scumbags hate Ember, this is amazing.

Ember cannot keep one internet friend for longer than 2 months befote they dog her tf out lmfao

No. 78271

I'm not Heather and I'm actually the person who suggested we stop posting about Ember buuuuuuut he's getting lulzy again, quit ya bitchin'

No. 78272

Your autism is showing. I'm not bitching about ember being posted. I in fact enjoy how fast she spergs on Instagram after reading lolcow.

No. 78273

I used to live in Honeyo Falls where ember used to live and I know about her bf. Apparently she won't have sex with him and she has all these hang ups about intimacy which makes me wonder if she's secretly gay. Her bf confided in me about it and says that she is super frigid and won't have sex. Which would explain her pedophile like natures.

No. 78274

File: 1452117322926.jpg (70.64 KB, 534x325, IMG_20160106_155208.jpg)

Countless accounts deleted.Then how is Kenzie and your hate accounts still active? Email directly to IG. KEK This dumb fatass bitch gives the best milk.

No. 78275

Source/proof pls? I really want this to be true

No. 78283

File: 1452118683841.png (994.99 KB, 1080x1392, Screenshot_2016-01-06-17-16-47…)

No. 78284

Hahahahaha. I posted that specifically bc I knew that would cause ember to prove she's stalking Lolcow every 2 min.

No. 78285

File: 1452118852506.png (639.45 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Disgusting ???

No. 78287

File: 1452119121263.png (1.02 MB, 1227x1578, PhotoGrid_1452119042891-1.png)

Ember is a professional bridge burner.

No. 78289

Wow ember even your creepy bf is lookin chubby these days. Its cute to see two people fall in desperation together.

No. 78292

Her bf is actually 34 if you google him she's LYING about his age and he is lying on Facebook too

No. 78293

File: 1452119670988.png (1.6 MB, 1316x1911, PhotoGrid_1452119578729-1.png)

I found where that screenshot was from lol, that turtle girl is going off on Ember.

No. 78294

They are so cousins. kek they probably groom kids together now

No. 78295

File: 1452119940268.png (1.57 MB, 1930x1689, PhotoGrid_1452119855892-1.png)

I wonder how long its gonna take these girls to run Ember off of Instagram lol

No. 78296

"hey come over here I need to take a picture so I can prove all these teenagers on the internet wrong"

it's truly pathetic that she feels the need to do that. ember literally has no life lol. maybe she should take a shower with all her free time? looking greasy as fuck

No. 78304

I'm on turtle girl's team tbh

No. 78306

They look related

No. 78307

File: 1452121834837.jpg (24 KB, 275x275, image.jpg)

I'm putting my hat back on and throwing this out for keks.
Embers bf is a creepy fetishist like that ps henrickson and ember is grooming kids to supply him with fap material and herself with thinspo

No. 78310

I wonder if Ember tries to file copyright notices here like she does on tumblr.

No. 78313

File: 1452122140847.png (845.46 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_2016-01-06-18-06-15…)

Ember told some girl that she needed to go burn calories, so she called her fat and then deleted her comment lol

No. 78314

"Go for a run" is Ember speak for "fake your skinniness better"

No. 78316

File: 1452122381885.png (1.44 MB, 2048x1331, PhotoGrid_1452122228930-1.png)

I found this screenshot on instagram >>78313

Here are the comments beneath it. Somebody should go reassure these people that 10k out of 14k followers ember has are 100% fake lol before they have a mental breakdown.

No. 78318

File: 1452122656631.png (186.12 KB, 387x465, her tits had an argument.png)

No. 78324

if anyone needs to go for a run it's ember. she's all flab and no muscle.
but I guess she's too busy getting into arguments with ana teens on instagram, chugging venti frappes, and avoiding soap and water

No. 78325

File: 1452123781642.jpg (62.73 KB, 536x531, IMG_20160106_173531.jpg)

No. 78327

File: 1452124024805.png (201.55 KB, 391x519, proana queen.png)

How can you say that about queen ember?? She is so clearly the most ana!!

No. 78329

So this bitch is the one screaming pedo all the fucking time in this thread?

No. 78330

File: 1452124369065.jpeg (188.5 KB, 746x1105, image.jpeg)

Hospital selfies!

No. 78331

File: 1452124529114.png (288.04 KB, 921x327, 4485939565.png)

>Using a Darth Vader quote for a romantic post as if he didn't choke his wife in the film

No. 78332

The eye makeup is like B-movie zombie shit

No. 78333

Thanks a lot, bitch. Now some of us were triggered by picturing some ugly pube beard guy having sex with Ember. puke

No. 78335

Ember wouldn't know that, she prob didn't even watch any of the films

No. 78336

Nope or else she would have called her a pedo in that callout post? Lol.

No. 78337

She's gonna go out and buy the box set just so she can instagram a photo of it and prove you wrong lol

No. 78343

File: 1452126504084.gif (491.42 KB, 497x254, joey-friends-drinking-milk-gif…)


This. This is the milk we've been waiting for. Delicious. Seeing all the little ana girls turning against her and tearing her apart is giving me life.

No. 78345

>Finish that essay

Ember, you dropped out of school

No. 78346

Makes sense, they're into serial killers

They're gonna be the new Fred and Rosemary West

No. 78347

Buffalo ember.

'It tells its keeper that she's thin or else it gets the hose again. '

No. 78348

I truly wouldn't be surprised if Ember murdered some emaciated teen.

No. 78352

I've got it, she and creepy old bf are searching for the perfect ana sister so that ember can kidnap her, starve her, brainwash we and take photos of her to photoshop her own mug onto so se can get more asspats from even more children, allowing the cycle to continue and slowly expand.
She's like a werewolf. A wereana. Idk help me out here anons

No. 78356


Fucking stop it, you dumb Instagram cunt. We are called farmers, not cows. Not that any of the insane ana chans who lurk these threads would understand the difference anyway.

No. 78358


The Whannpire sucks its victim's body fat thus making them into its Ana Minions. It dispatches its Ana Minions onto Instagram to entice other unknowing girls into its Rochestersylvania lair.

No. 78359

File: 1452130632003.gif (2.98 MB, 500x368, 8E1ZpwL.gif)

Someone with PS skills please turn her into a vampire or something.

No. 78362

I wanna turn this into a spoopy story like the one I wrote for ash.

No. 78369

File: 1452132600437.jpg (16.75 KB, 400x313, image.jpg)

It was the best I could do on some shitty iPhone apps.

No. 78372

Lol, is that Nosferatu?

No. 78373

My fucking sides

No. 78374

File: 1452133549851.jpeg (81.54 KB, 613x463, image.jpeg)

Kek do embers face on this one it's perfect

No. 78375

File: 1452133783846.jpeg (29.69 KB, 403x389, image.jpeg)

are you this fucking retarded?
I meant the tumblr truth blogs are the cows that came running here as soon as they could shit on her anonymously and not look like the weak one of the pack still bringing her up since they banned discussions of her.

No. 78376

File: 1452133959632.jpg (31.7 KB, 221x340, IMG_20160106_201846.jpg)

No. 78377

Ember's boyfriend is 34 and she's lying about his age, and yet she's upset that Kenzie is 35 and lied about her age?

The pot calleth the kettle.

No. 78378

Yeah man. I tried lol.

No. 78380

File: 1452134230235.png (108.33 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_2016-01-06-21-35-24…)

LOL just do what you normally do and scarf if down, fatso.

She is trying to get herself a pity party started after all of her friends shit talked her and told everyone just how shitty she truly is haha.

No. 78381


The Whannpire's Beloved is actually 527 years old. He feeds off Desperation and Belgian Chocolate Covered Oreos.

No. 78383

This must be why she's looking kinda haggard. He slowly sucks youth from them.

No. 78384

In b4 a photo of her toilet with a caption about how much (she imagines) purging hurts.

No. 78385

No. 78386

My fave thing about her latest post is the

Instttagrm panickked typingg

No. 78388

No anon, it's cause she's a hick that dropped out of high school

No. 78389

File: 1452135221732.png (393.62 KB, 613x463, nosferwhanntu.png)

diff anon but here you go lol

No. 78390

She got that from Sarah, texting while in respiratory failure and dying on the table KEK

No. 78392

File: 1452135516212.jpg (60.96 KB, 637x478, DoX096s.jpg)

oh it would be wonderful if ember pretended to become bulimic and/or start "purging".

bulimics are great drama fodder. the food hauls. the inferiority complex about anorexics! sweet, sweet milk.

No. 78393

File: 1452135621704.png (221.85 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Cue the shaky badly typed vague post implying she's having an anxiety attack
>> "all this food is making me panic!!"
>> has no idea what a real anxiety attack is like
>> doesn't realize you can fully type and think normally during an attack

No. 78394

Hahahahaha the file name .. It's perfect anon

No. 78395

Damn. Didn't see the other post. Oh well. This reminds me of that annoying ass GalaxyPrinceT blog

No. 78397

This is a work of art BLESS

No. 78401

This is so much better!
Can someone plz make a header like this?

No. 78405

She's done it once before so I wouldn't be surprised to see her pull it out again.

As a former bulimic the IG ~mia~ bullshit makes me lol way too fucking much. The amount of drama they generate is like a nuclear plant in meltdown.

No. 78406

Tbh ember will never be able to live up to her other Ana sisters. They are clearly more into their actual EDs. Ember never posts pictures of her body that aren't vague or overly edited. And she doesn't ever post pictures of real self harm. She'll never be like crying Emily or shmegeh or falice. Even in the world she wants to fit into, she sticks out. She doesn't fit in anywhere.

No. 78407


theres smth oddly depressing about knowing that ember has literally nothing else to do with her weekday but do the do in what looks like a nearly empty room on probably just a stack of mattresses in the middle of the day

No. 78409

That's why she's the whannpire.

Photoshopped stalker of the night, spiriting anorexic children away in her ugly oversize sweaters, feeding them only the dregs of her Starbucks until she can use them for photos.

No. 78410

fuck me, i can't stand these dumb ass proana bitches! if youre having a panic attack THE LAST THING you would think of doing is going on fucking instagram. such pathetic attention seeking behaviour. how low do you have to be to dedicate an entire instagram account to your """illness""" anyway!? she says 'i am not my illness'… then why is it LITERALLY the only think she ever talks about, has TWO ig accounts dedicated to her ED, etc.. she is so hypocritical it makes my brain hurt and she clearly has zero insight into what it's like to suffer from an ED or any mental illness. put this girl down

No. 78412

Those 'I am not my illness' posts are nothing but a way of saying 'please please ask me about my illness right now'

No. 78413

Tbh the part that annoys me most is that Instagram is a PHOTO sharing site!! Like why would you post a black image. At least post a pic of alllll that food you're totally not eating. Or something. Damn she's boring

No. 78415

Too hard. Involves moving away from bed and bong.

No. 78419


granddaughter of a sir?

i think these women act like giant babies because they were all so spoiled as kids and their problems went away when they got treats - now they just make themselves so weak that people have to take care of them so they can stay so coddled.

i only feel bad in the sense that i deeply pity them. everyone does that attention seeking stuff but this is so fucking embarrassing.

No. 78427

File: 1452141265452.jpg (126.08 KB, 1280x720, 3213222fff.jpg)


Yes, yes, oh my god yes.

No. 78434

Ember just posted a photo of her 0.25 mg alprazolam

It takes so much to OD, she could easily down the whole bottle and not risk dying.

No. 78448

Lmao I and a hundred thousand other people have taken hundreds of milligrams of Xanax, why wouldn't you pretend to be on something interesting that isn't handed out to patient like candy?

No. 78449

File: 1452146532731.png (760.12 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I'm sure you "and your friend" enjoyed the leftovers later too

No. 78455

File: 1452147411922.jpg (53.49 KB, 719x482, bai.JPG)

>something interesting that isn't handed out to patient like candy

Cyanide pill. Quick and relatively painless.

No. 78456

If only it was that easy

No. 78457

This is fucking disgusting. Not even an Ana chan. Why the fuck would you clog your shit with that?

No. 78458


No. 78461

How is Xanax edgy at all?
That's the entire point.

No. 78508

where exactly are those two calories from though? seems oddly accurate for a 'rough' guessing.

No. 78512

Dividing the calorie count on the menu maybe? Or finding the calories online or something and dividing that.

Agree with both of these, the shaky tumblr typing always makes me laugh. I'm pretty sure anybody who has ever had a panic attack and felt strong anxiety in their life can tell you - if you were having a full-blown panic attack the last thing you'd be thinking about is posting to social media sites; alternately if you were in a high state of anxiety, especially if it's something you deal with often, you'd still be able to type and spell pretty spot-on. Especially with smartphone keyboards.

No. 78522

Does Ember still shoop her eyes bigger or? It's the only thing I like about her. Wish she was just a pair of floating eyes, it'd be easier to look at her

No. 78531

File: 1452179744821.jpg (116.44 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_2016-01-07-15-12-04…)

As you're lurking Emily just explain why your kneecap is hanging over your leg on this pix >>78145

No. 78535

File: 1452180850379.jpg (73.47 KB, 700x1044, genu calgum deformity.jpg)

I don't think she photoshops. She's knock kneed or sthing.

No. 78537

Right and most smartphones auto correct so you gotta try real hard to get those spelling errors. Kek

No. 78538

Oh her knees are bony as hell but that pic with the black pants is what we're talking about. The knees are literally floating off of her leg. >>78145

No. 78541

Exactly there's a white gap between her leg and the black padded thing

No. 78543

File: 1452181800853.jpg (244.95 KB, 2048x2048, 1452181710754.jpg)

KEK try again Emily. This is not a question it's a fact

No. 78545


Nobody is saying your not deadly thin but you do shop some pics. Legs, eyes, jawlines

No. 78562

Nah, she's not. Look at the pic on the right in this post >>78186, if anything she's bow legged (the best type of legs to pretend to be ana as they form a gap naturally unless u fat).

I'm just slightly knock knee'd and my legs can't even make the standard ana poses.

No. 78565

Oh no, is it a crones flare?! WAIT, nope just a relapse attention whore

No. 78568


how can you even try to dispute these it's so CLEAR kek

No. 78582

Never mind she's spread her legs as wide as possible and pulled her pants down to cover the fact that she's trying to create the illusion of a waist.

No. 78649

File: 1452218871888.jpg (430.22 KB, 2048x2048, 1452218491333.jpg)

RecoveringLaura stood up Emily tonight. All hell breaking loose. Que crazy stalker chasing me anxiety attack video

No. 78652

File: 1452219159803.png (1.09 MB, 1380x1204, teamlaurafuckcryingemily.png)

I'm not that anon >>78649 but here's the rest of the things Laura posted. She looks like a nice girl, I hate to see her being manipulated by crying Emily.

No. 78656


Thank you anon, I missed all the drama but saw Laura's crying picture and was confused.
I wish Laura never met Emily, all she seems to do is make that poor girl feel like shit 24/7. When no one else is there/commenting on her stuff, Laura always does but that's not good enough for her. Emily really pisses me off and I find her completely hideous. She has the ugliest, most annoying and punchable face ever and that is probably because of her shitty, ugly, manipulative personality too. Everything about her just makes me feel hitting her. She's such a cunt that doesn't deserve any friends, family or a relationship, her ugly arse needs to stay alone so she can stop fucking up people's lives!

No. 78666

File: 1452222011752.jpeg (106.83 KB, 640x935, image.jpeg)

This account really urks me and it's not because of the weight bit. idk if it's just me but when you're this dark, I really don't think she should wear lip colours like this /or/ pout. Why do you need to pout/duck lips?!
And before anyone says anything, I'm her skin colour when she's taking those snapchat pictures with the flash on/standing directly by a window and if it doesn't suit my skin tone .. idk, I just don't understand? It looks horrible!
(Obviously can't tell people how to live but am I seriously the only one that thinks it looks cheap/tacky/trashy/straight up disgusting?)

No. 78672

>>78666 lol cool this is my natural lip color come off anon and we can talk about trashy. Thanks Hun ?

No. 78673

Thats racist as fuck! Who are you to decide what makeup Highbulimic can wear? Fuck you you racist piece of shit!

No. 78674

Interesting how highbulimic is immediately here after being posted for the first time.

No. 78675

yo did anyone see the bullshit video on hollow prince saying "I'm a transguy but I'm still a real guy" or some shit like that.

No. 78677

Omg so raisis! she dindu nuffin! dats her natural colour!

No. 78679

File: 1452224242852.png (416.54 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

lol really? i bet that fake wannarexic didn't last 2 hours without eating, not 6 days lol

No. 78681

File: 1452224379549.jpg (218.19 KB, 1080x1080, natural lipcolor.jpg)

Also, I highly doubt that's your natural lipcolor, Sarah.

No. 78682

>>78677 >>78666
Why don't you guys come off Anon and show yourselves. Cause you're basically just making bigoted statement while hiding behind Anon posts. So unless you share the same skin color of Highbulimic you have absolutely no right to tell her what makeup to choose to accent her skin color. Racist fucks

No. 78683


No. 78684

I think fatty selfposted and now is self-whiteknighting and calling the racist card

No. 78685

>>78681 Hunny can you read? I said most of my pictures not all of course I wear lip stick and I bet I look better in it then you

No. 78686

Jesus she's a fucking landwhale. She probably just figured out she can make herself throw up or ate so much she puked and now she thinks she's ~bulimic~

No. 78689

File: 1452224906578.png (178.19 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I wouldn't waste my time sending anyone hate on this pathetic wensite but there our people who notify me lol you think you are slick

No. 78693

>come off anon
You do realize that defeats the very purpose of an imageboard, right?

>you have absolutely no right to tell her what makeup to choose to accent her skin color

Nobody told her what to do. >>78666 merely stated they didn't think she should wear lip colors that didn't suit her skintone. It was an opinion.
>I'm her skin colour when she's taking those snapchat pictures with flash on/standing directly by a window

>Racist fucks

How is it racist for stating that anon didn't think that the lip color chosen was good for that skintone?

According to your post >>78672
>lol cool this is my natural lip color come off anon and we can talk about trashy. Thanks Hun ?
Where in that post did you say "most of your pictures"?

What's the point in blurring out the user's name in the conversation when you left their username up top?

No. 78694


…. Did you purposefully mess that up?

No. 78695

'kay so hol up, hol up, u come here at our wensite n talk shit 'bout us? wow 'kay so hol up, how dare u

No. 78698

are you seriously retarded or are your fat fingers to chubby to type properly? gtfo

No. 78700

File: 1452225375978.png (154.29 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_2016-01-07-22-53-55…)

Underaged b& incoming

No. 78701

Cool your jets, I think this anon >>78695 was just mocking this anon >>78689

No. 78704

File: 1452225799950.jpeg (77.31 KB, 640x1001, image.jpeg)

Is this lipstick/colored lipgloss too?

No. 78707

File: 1452226034822.png (3.09 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1452225808251.png)

Wow this is totally a shocker, that Jadeisfading girl is a (15 YEAR OLD) wannarexic, pro ana attention whore, just like the rest of the fuck heads discussed here.

Definitely did not see that one coming.

No. 78710

Anon, maybe that's what she wanted. C'mon, she's probably jealous we don't talk about her. Let's give her some attention.

No. 78715

She's wearing eye makeup, I don't see how it's out of the question that she's wearing lip color?
But to answer your question, yeah, it does look like lip tint.

No. 78718


I still don't even understand the point of accounts like these. Just obese ~bulimic~ girls posting their fat bodies in every body check and doing 'before and after' picture when they're still enormous. I just don't see why they should be getting so much attention on Instagram and in the ED community itself?

No. 78719

Either people use her as reverse thinspo, think she is gross and want to encourage disorder behavior, or want to see if she actually ever loses weight… which won't happen since she is trying to cheat her way to #skinny.

To think, if she just exercised and ate a prope diet for as long as she had her account (125 weeks=28 months=over 2 years), she might actually be an average weight now.

No. 78720


I guess they're on the heavier ED side. Maybe there is the spoopy side, the normal weight side and then them. And maybe because of their size they get people from the other sides following them/talking to them as a way to trigger them?

No. 78721


I had the same thought. No one wants to be as big as her, so that's probably it.

I agree, they could loose so much more weight if they did it the healthy way.

No. 78722

File: 1452227574945.jpg (6.21 KB, 230x220, 32156b qa.jpg)


Tempted to post her on the fatty thread.

No. 78723

I wasn't responding to >>78695, we were replying to the same post

No. 78724

File: 1452227816189.png (847.85 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

lmao nice mustache, ugly fatass

No. 78726

File: 1452228096800.gif (486.33 KB, 500x281, cringe.gif)

This thread gave me cancer.

No. 78728


Well she does belong on there, right?

No. 78729

File: 1452229152546.png (767.25 KB, 1125x2001, image.png)

Oh no guys, looks like we have to stop!!!

No. 78730

self posting bitch is trying to pull an ember whaaaaaan going "look gaiz tha drama. I'm sew famus look at mah h8rs"

No. 78732

That group of wannarexics called the sunny squad or whatever annoy me to no end.

No. 78733

>"it my natural lip color, u racist fuqs"
>gets proven wrong with picture proof
>"wahhhh stalkers"

No one was stalking you when you posted your account names all over your ask.fm and had it on public.
What does when you were "15 and still wore fake eyelashes" gotta do with anything?

>Thank you to everyone who stood up to me


No. 78735

File: 1452230900312.png (801.83 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

"diagnosed anorexia", yeah right.

No. 78736

There's so much self posting going on tonight.

No. 78737


Exactly what I was thinking. Wtf is even going on tonight? It's even stranger that Ember hasn't said a peep while the attention hasn't been on her

No. 78738

Isn't there only one? That bulimic girl or whatever?

No. 78739

File: 1452231283571.png (415.78 KB, 520x595, m_jpg15029fa.png)

Looks like she has Cushing Syndrome.

No. 78740

It bugs me when accounts post videos of themselves smoking bongs. Newsflash, no one cares about your drugs.

No. 78741

who's the other self poster

No. 78742

I agree, all of them are just underaged wannarexics. I kinda feel bad for them, in a way.

I can't stand this girl either. She's obsessed about Lolita and Lana. Don't get me wrong, Lana is great. Lolita was also a great book, to a point. Her previous posts she's now deleted, shes all over older men. Liking older men is totally fine, but it's creepy and gross when you're only at 15. I remember one of her posts about bashing 'over weight pro-anas' too. How much she hates them, but she's really a big pro-ana girl herself if you look at it too lmao. Posting pictures of her lax, body checks, etc. A shame that she's like this, same with the rest of the Sunny Squad.

No. 78743


And she made a completely separate thread for herself.

And this one, or its one of her friends like with what bulimic tried to do by "accidentally" leaving jadeisfading's IG name.

No. 78744

Who's that lightlymaddie girl? Never heard of her. I doubt she even knows this site exists since her account looks fairly new.

No. 78745


People were saying it was @lightlylilah or something like that. I wasn't really in her drama or whatever, I think she was a big account the ended up deleting it or it got deleted. She must have changed her name to Maddie just in case no one found her again?

No. 78746

i think it's highly unlikely that anyone but ember and bulimic actually self post. the rest of them have their friends do it.

No. 78747

Lightlylilah is someone else I think

No. 78748

Why do chubby girls want to get involved with anorexics? Why don't they just do a normal diet without going through all the actions eating disordered people do? I don't get it.

No. 78749

Regardless of if she posted herself or not, there's no doubt she knows about this site because shes "friends" or at least in the same "squad" as that jade girl who told bulimic.

No. 78750

every time someone posts a picture of the wannarexic squad girls everyone assumes they're self posting, it's kinda stupid

No. 78751


Exactly. They could loose so much more and be positive instead of posting about how shitty their life is all the time and how they hate being so fat. It's also pointless of even making an account about how they make themselves throw up and posting the same body checks over and over.

No. 78752

Because if you can lose weight on a healthy diet of 1500 cals/day, then imagine how much faster it'll be on a diet of 400 cals/day!

Also, anorexic people are definitely skinny so while healthy dieting is something you can doubt will work, there's no doubt starving yourself and/or puking everything you eat WILL make you lose weight. It's surer to work.

Except it doesn't, for obvious reasons.

No. 78753

File: 1452232643425.gif (839.26 KB, 250x320, kek.gif)

>I'll have the police department do it tomorrow
>brutally terrorize vulnerable instagrammers


way to like your own post there newfriend

because they probably are, tard.

This thread is terrible.

No. 78754

File: 1452232854066.jpg (23.52 KB, 296x165, anadiet.JPG)

Yeah, I'm looking at the bodycheck hashtag and here's an example (img).

ANADIET? So anorexia is a diet and not an illness?

True, but if they can't even stick to a normal diet, how do they think they'll be able to fast or eat so little?

No. 78758

Because ana is a disease so they don't need to actually make an effort to follow a diet, being sick will do all the work. If you hate yourself just enough you might "catch it", and this way you don't need to control yourself because you'll be !!unable!! to eat.

…I've followed and analyzed wanna-anas for way longer than I should have.

No. 78759

No. 78761

did yall not see hollow prince came out as a transguy like we were JUST discussing this a few days ago

No. 78766

File: 1452239388191.webm (1.5 MB, 640x640, hey goys im a trans goy.webm)

Just link it/upload it next time?

No. 78767

That cheek sucking wtf, it's so constant

No. 78769

File: 1452243049982.png (342.92 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20160101_0001.png)

I saw it but I felt like she's too dull to comment on. Nobody thought she was male. I can say I'm a tortoise, it doesn't make me a tortoise.

She's boring and pretty creepy. If she wants to pretend to be a man, she needs to change her attitude towards women.

No. 78773


The same reason they're chubby in the first place - they crave instant gratification.

No. 78774

Ember is too busy planning her I've overdose, ER visit, in respiratory distress, now in out patient or is it inpatient I'm dying post

No. 78775

File: 1452251116254.jpg (24.56 KB, 427x427, 1913885_10153471194727987_8092…)

New Hancesolo profile picture after months of inactivity.

No. 78779

Ah jeez she looks haggard af. I really think she might die soon.

No. 78780

i bet ember's gonna be inpatient. she's such an attention whore.

No. 78781

Why does ember keep posting about her "anorexia" when half of the wannarexics know she's fake

No. 78782

File: 1452257370620.jpg (34.58 KB, 324x455, not spoopy.JPG)

I can't understand why the girl pretending to be male keeps taking leg shots and saying she's anorexic too.

These legs are not skinny. They're average.

What is WRONG with these people who need to make things up to post on instagram?

No. 78786

File: 1452259325755.gif (25.29 KB, 300x100, image.gif)

No. 78788

I bet this is the person who has been telling everyone that they've been posted here. How annoying. Find something better to do with your time. You are not their savior.

No. 78789

Ah, dammit Kimi, you're a boring fatass, no one cares about you. Stop self-posting.

No. 78792

It's been over 24 hours and not one person has asked about her fat ass. Nobody cares Ember, stay gone, do us all a favor

No. 78793

With what money

No. 78794

Fake inpatient takes fake money so she's good

No. 78795

I'm surprised that she's been able to keep quiet for so long. She usually slips up by posting on Snapchat or something.

No. 78801

Don't worry, she posted on insta

No. 78802

You fools, you summoned her

I bet ember was too broke to buy her bf a present, she probably hoped someone would buy one of the large shirts so she could gift it to him-but since her wishlist shit fell through, she made a coupon book for amounts of time she'd stay offline for

No. 78804

File: 1452269441294.jpg (164.12 KB, 534x742, IMG_20160108_100839.jpg)

WTF is this bullshit? This is a whole new fucking level of crazy

No. 78805

File: 1452269587167.jpg (139.01 KB, 535x614, IMG_20160108_101213.jpg)


No. 78807

>slice my skin off

Hahahaha wat

Ember, quick, get rug burn on your knees and post a pic saying you sliced it off!

My fucking sides

No. 78808

>I'm suicidal. Buy me shit and I will not be suicidal anymore.

Totally how depression works. Tragically funny af.

No. 78809

Where's your trigger warning for that shit Ember?

No. 78810

Well she probably is THINKING about it, just not in the sense that she would actually do anything even close to it in reality. But that's still enough to warrant getting free shit out of pity, right?

No. 78811

Such lack of dignity. Getting free shit out of pity is like someone giving her a pity fuck.

No. 78812

File: 1452270525809.jpg (104.81 KB, 539x406, IMG_20160108_102707.jpg)

And she caught a fish. Trigger warning on this chicks account. Wonder how long this will last?

No. 78816

File: 1452273228547.jpeg (246.72 KB, 1270x1442, image.jpeg)

How much you want to bet she made up this account to harass her self so that she can make people feel bad after the comments she had about her using followers to get stuff off of her wish list.

No. 78818

File: 1452273699854.jpg (101.83 KB, 532x761, IMG_20160108_111812.jpg)

It's probably her. She posted this one 30 minutes ago to beg for "oh poor me attention"

No. 78819

This is some lazy ass "I'm so ugly :(" baiting shit

No. 78821

I don't understand how someone whose been doing this for years doesn't improve her manipulation skills

She's literally retarded…

No. 78822

Someone tell ember that, that only works for good looking people and when ugly people call themselves ugly someone is just going to agree…

No. 78827

File: 1452279300960.jpg (459.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1452279116877.jpg)

Doesn't wash hair for all week, or more lies about currently using this scrub. It's never 100% truth from this girl, EVER

No. 78828


No. 78829

Top fucking kek
You can see where she cut out the knotted hair

No. 78831

with what disease

No. 78833

Lol wtf where did emilyologist's personal crybaby blog go? It's not on the web archived anymore? I didn't think it was possible to remove things from there considering the whole point of that site is to collect internet pages….. She musta had to pull some serious strings to get that taken down. I'm gonna miss the lulZy posts she made

No. 78835

That parrot nose, suits the personality

No. 78840

File: 1452283426795.jpg (380.79 KB, 2048x2048, 1452278962269.jpg)

Here we go. New milk coming soon

No. 78843

What's going on with her hair? I know pulling it back like that can make it look thin sometimes but she looks like she has bald spots. There's even one more towards the back, close to the bun, were you'd think the majority of her hair was.

No. 78844

she probably cut bald spots into her hair to make her fake eating disorder seem more real

No. 78847

her hair is blonde and the filter is also yellowish so it might look like the spots are bigger. Or it fell out because of the bleach and shit shes eating so its basically dead and cant repair itself

No. 78848

Wasn't she claiming to have trich at some point? Might be thinking of someone else.

Would not put it past her to cut out chunks of hair for pity points.

Ember is one of those snow flakes I'd feel a strange sense of relief if she actually killed herself.

No. 78850

Pull the trigger, piglet

No. 78853

>Lurks to see if anyone mentions her fake friend
>Gets her fee fees hurt

Work on your contour, toucan sam

No. 78856

File: 1452287225595.png (315.77 KB, 640x960, image.png)

wonder if she'll start acting normal/fake something else or copy someone now that she removed her "illnesses" from her bio

No. 78860

papitos.jugositos? AND no prof picture? the fact that she's denied my personal and blocked my "vent" account makes it highly likely she created that herself, hahaha. no one would fucking approve a follow request from an account like that.

No. 78861

it looks like she smeared lemon pepper rub all over her face

No. 78862


No. 78881

Supposedly… According to Someone ember is "friends" with, ember went to a doctor yesterday and her doc told her there's literally nothing wrong with her and she can't get into inpatient kek so she's gonna try to really force her "recovery" on us so she can sweep this all under the rug.

No. 78882

Receipts plz.

No. 78883

She'll play the I'm too fat for inpatient so I'm gonna starve because I deserve it kek

No. 78884

Not this anon, but I'm instagram mutuals with one of Embers friends that moved away to North River.

I bet she feels so jealous of how A's life is turning out compared to hers. I couldn't imagine sitting around lurking threads about myself while my old friends went to College and joined sororities.

I wonder if people talk about how Embers gonna end up like her mom kek, better than her ignorant father (but just barely).

No. 78885

What? A receipt? You want the receipt from her paying for a GP visit? How is anyone meant to get that you tool.

No. 78886

it's another way of saying proof or sauce.

No. 78887

where did you find this? i was hoping she would be getting better

No. 78888

apparently someones hacked her instagram now too, check out the anons being posted on her blog so have to use that side view shit thing. though when you click on it, it redirects to google. someone is really fucking with emily today.

No. 78890

File: 1452297288890.png (394.52 KB, 640x674, bitchtookthebait.png)

I can't believe how stupid Ember is. Most of us knew this was bait, and the ignorant swine goes and takes it. Dis is 2 gud

No. 78892

File: 1452298148138.png (134.9 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Literally yes I made this for bait and she still falls for it

No. 78898

She's such a fucking idiot. Didn't she say she needed to focus on her mental health and didn't need any more shit? Bitch stop lurking 25/7.

No. 78899

Is it work to pretend to cry for 3 hours on her food

No. 78900

Man, I'd love to be served by Ember. If I'm ever in New York I'll make it happen.

No. 78905

File: 1452304276924.png (287.44 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>>gets caught lurking
>> posts this
Like you make it our business by constantly doing lulzy things kek

No. 78908

Field trip

No. 78913

I bet its Kirsten again. She's the only person I've ever seen say receipt instead of screenshot or source.

No. 78914

It's our business when you start throwing sharp objects at your friends back. Stop being a lying fat ass cunt face and we will stop calling you out.

No. 78919

he is in recovery or whatever so he wants to show everyone he is "getting better"

No. 78938

File: 1452315761447.gif (44.44 KB, 306x200, winning.gif)

She falls for it every single time. It's hilarious.

I heard Ember Whann bought 100 dicks off ebay and sucked them all.

>mfw reading this thread

No. 78948


No. 78955

Has anyone noticed that Ember has started mentioning her "friend" Allie again? Apparently Allie made her a !!!1!! super kawaii !!1!!!! jewelry box and a voodoo doll, kek

No. 78956

No because no one follows her.

No. 78959

If Allie existed shed tag her on Instagram. Or if Allie knew about her fake anorexia and thinspo account.

No. 78961

not that anon but they probably got it from her Facebook.


No. 78963

Lulz at how she flexes her neck muscles to make her collar bones look more prominent (yet her neck looks broad from the flexing). Talking about the pic with the Voodoo doll she got from her 'fried'.

No. 78969

Ember is boring and we need milk from elsewhere, we should go back to full on ignoring the attention seeking twat

No. 78973

Sweet lord will you stop already? I understand what you've been trying to achieve but beyond you + maybe one other anon no one is interested in your idea.

Fuck, you're so needlessly persistent I wouldn't be shocked if you were ember/some left over 'friend' of hers finally trying to get attention off her now that it's hitting much more hard/negative and she's losing the few deluded followers she has had.

She's not even a real cow, there's not any pent up milk we'd be holding out for. This idea is just stupid.

No. 78975

File: 1452349688968.png (787.71 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Challenged myself to a greasy sabdwich much like I eat every single day! Yum!

No. 78977


No. 78980

KEK Ember is the one hacking Emily!!!

No. 78988

File: 1452356326533.png (531.23 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ember is soooo political and mindful now

No. 78989

File: 1452356369454.jpeg (181.23 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Same fag but I wanted to add that ember didn't write this, she took it right off Facebook lmao

No. 78994


Are you stupid? I'm not saying hold out for more Ember-milk, I'm saying stop giving her attention because there IS NO MILK. she craves attention and we're giving it to her.

No. 78996

File: 1452358031468.jpg (155.22 KB, 530x777, IMG_20160109_104426.jpg)

ALWAYS fucking lying

No. 78999

>I'm not in the mood to argue, sweetie (because it was copypasta and I really don't understand the issue actually), sorry!

No. 79001

File: 1452359812807.png (573.52 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Wow so spoopy so thin
>>stretched AND black and white photo for extra Ana points!

No. 79005

File: 1452360374838.jpg (42.59 KB, 500x368, spoop.jpg)

Must shoop harder.

No. 79007

File: 1452361054448.jpg (184.39 KB, 397x808, IMG_20160109_105713.jpg)

No. 79008

File: 1452361391130.jpg (38.66 KB, 306x675, article-2273364-175879C9000005…)

Photoshopped or not, that arm looks like it belongs to an average sized girl lmao.

No. 79009

I wanted to say this too, but thought I'd get shouted out as an ana chan. I'm not. Those are average size arms.

No. 79011

Photo forensics doesn't work on screen shots..

No. 79012

fotofernics is extremely unreliable in general, the only people who swear by it are sjw on tumblr.

the only useful thing that site does is give you all of the image specs but like you said, that only works on original images and not screenshots.

No. 79014

I have some pretty fat ass arms (inb4 32 inch waist-chan) and even I can make mine look to be the same size as Ember's photo. It's the angle. You're looking at her arm at its thinnest side.

Does anyone have her on snapchat?

No. 79016

i love u frank anon

No. 79017


Ugh, "sweetie", how patronising can you get?

No. 79020

No. 79021

File: 1452367689434.jpeg (151.51 KB, 640x986, image.jpeg)

It's about to go down.
For those who don't know, Laura cancelled on meeting Emily (yesterday or today) because she felt like she would be triggered. She then went out with a different friend instead and this is Emilys response to that.

No. 79023

File: 1452367783058.jpg (9.15 KB, 268x188, 4808fce214e649d09d0cea33e0696f…)

>ember be like

No. 79025

damn ngl i'd be pretty pissed if a friend cancelled on me and then went out with a different friend. regardless of what ever reasoning laura had. it's common sense that if you're gonna cancel on someone don't make it known you're going out with another person!