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No. 1393271

Our last thread detailing the yummy trials and tribulations of pro ana scumbaggery on instagram, and increasingly TikTok, showing an increase in milk coming from the later - new potential cow @brianna.recovery - obese and tubed - appears dancing in hospital after recovering from 'almost dying' and Niamh has TikTok after TikTok account deleted while people continue to "bully" and call her out whenever she manages to make a new one; she just loves fashion, alright guys?!
Speaking of Niamh, an army of white-knights marching for our Ana Queen continue to fight against claims from anons of her not being milky enough - which one is it, guys?
The thread saw a mild influx in twitterfags who have come sprawling to lolcow since favourite cow who crosses-over frequently here, Lucinda the unicorn-girl, forced farmers to reveal her arch enemy Amrose's height, forcing (him/her) to out themselves as a trans man.
Ganer continues to gain muscles and is posting less slop
Porgie is still milking ECT and a tube despite being a hamplanet
Fiona is free from the hospital and her tube! Hooray! Anons speculate how long kiddie plates and ~spwecial~ spoon recovery at home will last
Cecelia is still a shut-in 30 year old who has to hide under the blanket for hours when her mum has guests; don't forget how sick and spoopy she was! She's celebrating 6 months out of 24/7 care!
N2F is doing surprisingly well and anons note she looks good - budding alcoholism suits her
Sophie, regular BPD cow, spends every day visiting the ER for self-harm, sometimes twice or three times a day - her most recent escapade was having an unspecified medical emergency and having to have her drunk 16 year old friend perform, traumatising her somewhere in-between making a tiktok of the event
Em.isfighting, notable cow, is having daily 'incidents' but plans to have solid food - soon!
Eugenia Cooney made a surprising amount of appearances as she did in the #68, is she becoming a fave again?
Ham has been so monotonous with her pigging - I mean eating- out she was a complete after-thought on making this. Wow!
Favourite cow Paris has been brought up again, spoopy as ever and a new dance video!

previous thread: >>1375940


No. 1393274

And would you stop posting every other little TikTok whore around here, plz.

No. 1393275

most aren't milky but also how did u get to this thread so fast lol

No. 1393276

I'm so sad a 24hr ban got me good also y'all, i had this thread ready 24 hours ago but I just had to post my ban worthy meme before I posted the new thread lol

No. 1393282

File: 1639569659956.png (767.09 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20211213-091558.png)

I agree with this. Can we keep it Instagram? There's a reason some of us don't download tiktok (zzzz) and Twitter ed is a bunch of larp kiddies.

Thanks for the festive thread. Can't wait for the 25th. Not for Jesus or presents, but an end to Ham scoffing a chocolate as if she's doing something brave and inspiring.

No. 1393291

I also agree. It's been said time and time again that the tiktok kids all blend together, and no, Niamh is no exception. They're all absolutely bland and the only people who keep bringing them up are the same 2-3 anons with annoying obsessions.

No. 1393293

I look at tiktok on my laptop only for this occasionally. i understand the distaste, it's a gross app. I won't complain abt tiktokers but if they're not milky call it out. surely theres a cringe tiktok thread or maybe nonnies with milk should think about that, like mental health tiktok cringe. Niamh is only getting milkier imo. i started off hating her but her insta & tiktoks are ridulous

lol can't wait for her dismal, malnutritious christmas day of eating

No. 1393300

so our niam sperg is at it again

No. 1393304

nah i was strong "don't post niamh' team until the last half of the last thread, she's milky imo but i also don't think that means people should post her every little thing she does. it's excessive which makes it hard. there's heaps of lil jealous simps on here, I'm not one - just think she has potential if people only post the creme del la creme & not just any old spoopy selfie

No. 1393315

Interesting or not. This is the wrong thread for her little teen antics.
It's got nothing to do with ProAna, either.

No. 1393324

>>1393315 she definitely is pro-ana and is milky as fuck but I agree, someone should just make a tiktok attention whore thread and get it over with

No. 1393351

File: 1639576364652.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1936x1936, 0BE6188F-779A-4F4A-8252-86BA7A…)

we sure that n2f doesn’t purge anymore?!

No. 1393374

File: 1639578070177.png (3.82 MB, 1848x873, Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 09-20…)

maybe one day her daughter can get saved

No. 1393376

No. 1393385


Don't post addresses.
Everyone knows this info anyway.

No. 1393394

I'm confused, what is that supoosed to be?

No. 1393402

File: 1639580213159.png (127 KB, 1702x689, Untitled.png)

I'd say 1,2 and 3 are binge food and 4 is where she goes to purge…except it's somewhere public and she's dressed in…?

Saw this story of Georgie's and thought she'd at last moved on and written something jounalistic about, I don't know, the environment or something. The Mighty is a website that posts blog stories about disability and health issues.

No. 1393408

Oh, not the Mighty. A munch favourite. If it’s about her “eating disorder” I’ll scream

No. 1393420

File: 1639582356843.png (2.83 MB, 828x1792, 6A8AEB1B-3D53-4314-8CE3-296FB4…)

The last pic was posted in her IG-story titled „workplace selfies“, alongside with some other ones, pic related. Where the hell is she working at, dressed like THAT?!

No. 1393423

She WAS working at a charity shop, but that's too fancy for a charity shop toilet.

No. 1393424

love her muppet eyes..!

No. 1393427

and on the other pics, she just dropped some of her clothes on the bathroom floor kek

No. 1393428

would you drop them for us since THIS IS AN IMAGE BOARD.
also, her account is private, so…

No. 1393439

nourish get out of the disabled toilet. what if somebody with a gimpy leg needs to take a piss and you’re still in there slowly undressing and taking more and more revealing selfies? really though she is a favourite cow of mine, her food is still disgusting but she’s clearly keeping some of it down to look less bony. The hair and makeup really flag that she’s a bit ‘touched’, if she works a service job i’m sure all the customers know to be extra friendly and speak slowly with her just on sight.

No. 1393442

File: 1639583647864.jpeg (381.31 KB, 828x704, BEFDB4F0-6355-40C5-A77D-6F3118…)

here you go anon

No. 1393445


Thank you, nonnie.
One has got to love how all goes together into a cacophony of the cheapest bad taste..!

No. 1393482

Please spoiler N2F's food
It's disgusting, unfollowed to avoid seeing it

No. 1393493

She looks like a muppet. I'd love to know if she cooks like this for her bf.

No. 1393494

She's definitely still purging. The toilet seat is up. Also gross as fuck to place your bag on a public toilet floor.

No. 1393502

Her shape's altered a lot. Her calves are thinner and her stomach is bloated. She was quite a bit firmer looking. Not that it's a bad thing, but with n2f I see red flags.

No. 1393537

File: 1639592116472.jpeg (247.72 KB, 640x592, B8643A0D-523A-4B9D-838E-0C22E4…)

>it’s got nothing to do with proana

No. 1393690

oh why the queen of Christmas - Fiona is not on the banner?

No. 1393692

how is this relevant? im confused

No. 1393724

She has safety boots on and a hi vis. Maybe it's like a charity warehouse/ furniture? Like British Heart Foundation or similar?
I'd say definitely voluntary/ through a scheme no way is she in a normal job…

No. 1393729

File: 1639608720223.jpg (83.53 KB, 500x788, new.jpg)

sorry nonnie, i grabbed an old thread pic & put christmas stuff on it cuz re-reading the thread for the summary was too much pro ana scumbags for my brain, couldn't bring myself to spend any more effort on it

a close second for thread pic was this

No. 1393738

Cecelia is now posting “proof” that she was referred to acute, and it’s getting quite sad how desperate this 30 year old grown adult is to get people to think she was really sick. Many people are referred to acute without being at a severely low weight, but they may or may not actually be admitted. They have a few different criteria so patients don’t necessarily have to be severely underweight. For example cece was probably referred mostly because she stopped drinking water and it messed up her lab results, causing her to meet some of the criteria. But insurance didn’t cover it which makes sense considering she was fine after a 3 day stay at a regular hospital. fucking embarrassing

No. 1393745

Honestly, the funniest part is that she gives way more of a shit about whether or not she was "eligible" for ACUTE than anyone else. It's not like we would think she was any less attention-seeking and prone to exaggeration even if she really did meet their admission criteria at some point.

No. 1393780


Agreed, I mean given her history of proven lies and exaggerations I doubt she ever did, but if she did who gives a shit, she's still an entitled self-absorbed brat who constantly embarrasses herself online with desperately trying to flex her ~Chronic and Severe~ ED.
Hell, even if she'd actually GONE to acute, wouldn't change the fact that she's an attention seeking cow who needs to grow up and get a life

(Although God can u imagine had she gone the amount of toob and hospital porn that would have flooded her ig on a daily basis, yikes)

No. 1393783

>>1393738 the emails she posted also don't prove she met criteria kek. Anyone can email amd ask for an assessment. She needs to give up the sooper severe larp

No. 1393786

>>1393745 exactly. Bullshit. If she was really too low bmi or too ill for erc they'd have her on a medical floor at a standard hospital.

No. 1393787


I would LOVE to see the tedious mail exchange between her and her insurance company. That would likely be a true goldmine.

No. 1393789

No the funniest part is that she clearly lurks here and posts accordingly.

No. 1393798


Acute doesn’t even accept Medicare or Medicaid (hence the reference to the Medicaid termination letter). Sooo there wasn’t a real chance of her going anyway, making all of this moot and even more pathetic?

No. 1393801

Hey Cece,

since you are lurking:

Some little, or not-so-little, strategically placed cuts can go a long way.

No. 1393802

i love how there always seems to be two kinds of anons in these threads. type one thinks a 12 bmi is only moderately underweight and type two thinks 17 is awful. anyone else notice this autistic pattern?

No. 1393812

You’ve got people who have or had restrictive EDs and lurkers who have never been underweight

The emails also prove that the coordinator had zero concerns about admitting her. The conversation was about insurance, not her unstable health. She didn’t meet criteria for admission to ACUTE. She reached out to their team for assessment and they said she needed proof of private insurance before reviewing her case. She is also picking and choosing the lies to respond to. Notice she didn’t address her “too sick for acute” bullshit. She knows that was a fabrication and won’t touch on it. ACUTE takes patients that general hospitals are not comfortable treating. The fact that she was in a regular med-surg unit means she was not as unstable as she says. And even then, she was there for THREE days. Kek. The insurance discussion highlights that she was out of work earlier than she says. I assume her parents had to petition for her to get on their insurance as their “disabled dependent.” That’s how she’s gotten as much intensive treatment as she has. Truly pathetic attempting to defend herself when all she’s done is make easily debunked lies for attention

No. 1393815

The thing that I would be curious about is if they just sent her the welcome letter as information while they were simultaneously checking out her insurance and having her send weight + labs + etc to see if she met criteria. ACUTE tries to do evaluation/admission really quickly, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were still figuring things out when that e-mail was sent. The e-mail from the admissions coordinator at ACUTE is really bare bones and doesn't really tell you what they talked about.

On the other hand, ACUTE has a lot more beds than they used to have (I think they're up to 30-something now when they started as a like 8 or 10 bed unit) so their criteria has gotten more broad and they admit people at higher weights than they used to. Criteria for weight now is <bmi 15, I think, so it's not just the super spoops. It makes sense that they need more patients to pay off the cost of building the new unit.

No. 1393819

she has said a few times she has medicaid, which she was probably (maybe) eligible to go on after leaving her job/income. anon above just said acute doesn’t even take that. i read the email as the coordinator lady being like ok let us know when you have private coverage and we’ll go from there. so yah agree w/what you’re saying, these emails have nothing to do with meeting medical criteria to admit.

No. 1393832

learn to read, the ACUTE stuff is not current. She's weight restored and medically stable, kek, why would she go to ACUTE now.

No. 1393835

what do you mean? she was never admitted there and she certainly isn’t right now

No. 1393836

>>1393812 they admit below 15 but the vast majority of acute patients are around 12 or so. They published something aboht it. Sage for medfagging. Regardless kek and the email reads like they're judt going to send her the info not that she was accepted/qualified for admission

No. 1393837

>>1393812 sorry for the typos am on the train from work kek

No. 1393839

I think the welcome packet is just policy. If someone is inquiring about a program, you’ll give them some information about what the program entails. The welcome packet is widely available on their website. It’s not exclusive content. They have expanded a ton and admit people with general malnutrition. They even lowered their age range to include treatment for teens. Despite all these changes, we know she’s lying about her lowest weight. Even if she was magically below 15 due to dehydration, she wouldn’t be admitted to ACUTE because hospitals in her area were able to manage her care. ACUTE was known as the place where super-spoops go but with the changes in their admittance criteria, it will be interesting to see if they still maintain that unofficial status title. They also admit patients who would go to ERC but are banned. It’s not exclusive like it used to be 5 years ago

No. 1393840

oh, for sure. I meant more 'if they had empty beds at the time, they probably start taking less medically fragile people just to fill the bed and make sure the unit is turning a profit'

No. 1393846


Dang. Samefag here. Didn't read it properly.

Of course you were right, nonnie.

No. 1393849

>>1393836 that checks out. Visited a friend there over the summer and it was a skelly parade but I'm sure they occasionally take someone with other issues if they're genuinely at risk of death

No. 1393854

Unironically, thanks for being a reasonable person on the internet who can admit when they read something wrong. Shockingly refreshing for this thread.

No. 1393868

sage for stupid morbid question. if someone has an extremely low bmi in the single digits (like wateremelons and nikki grahame being 9) does it feel much worse than having a slightly higher but still dangerously low one like 11/12/whatever? i can only imagine it would feel like you were 5 seconds away from dropping dead at all times yet somehow there are people that low still able to get out of bed and walk around. i'm not even sure how people come to be that low in the first place unless it's from a prolonged period of extreme starvation, but then again iirc marya hornbacher (90s ednos woman who wrote wasted) was binging and purging like crazy when her bmi was below 10.

No. 1393886

I don’t know if there’s a definitive answer. You can feel your body struggling at low BMIs but this can make some people feel euphoric. At single digit BMIs cognition is significantly impacted and with an ED one might not associate the symptoms with weight. Hornbacher was exaggerating the severity of her ED

No. 1393892

I see what you're saying, it reminds me of vidrel. It's like you can hear her brain struggling when she talks or something.

>Hornbacher was exaggerating the severity of her ED

Where do you get that from?

No. 1393915

I liked the one that had two Christmas Fiona’s on.

No. 1393917

I may be aging myself but hopefully some other people can chime in. There was more interest in ED memoirs in the early 2010s because of pro ana tumblrs. The way Marya writes is very humble braggy. Her height varies from 4’8-5’3 depending on the source. It’s clear that she had an ED from the way she writes. Anorexics (particularly ones with bipolar or BPD) are known to lie and exaggerate. That, paired with the lack of photographic evidence… it’s awfully convenient that she didn’t want her lowest weight pics on the cover because it would be triggering but wrote about her behaviors and weight in great detail. That and the lack of knowledge about how to treat EDs at the time. Single digit BMIs are difficult for people to survive now let alone in the 90s

No. 1393928

File: 1639623713169.jpg (613.7 KB, 1080x2131, 20211215_185404.jpg)

Ok, 3 things with this
1. Look who was discharged after 1 night. Kek she can't fool the Doctors into keeping her there after all
2. She makes the point that she doesn't want future employers seeing the truth about her on here. So, here's her full name. Enara Louise Larcombe.
3. Shes now claiming she has SEED (severe enduring eating disorder) i honestly laughed out loud at this. She's only been LARPing an ED for the past few months kek what an embarrassment

No. 1393955

Sage for quasi spec but It’s possible that she both exaggerated her weight and also did not exaggerate the severity of her eating disorder. I don’t know her personally obviously but there was and still is major stigma attached to EDNOS. I believe it is probable that she did suffer from a very bad eating disorder and also prerhaps did not get down to aaaasssss low of a weight as she claimed. On the other hand it is common for people with AN b/p to get to extremely low weights (case in point solostinmymind/plantsandpeppermintte). Many of the super spoops are major purgers but just don’t talk about it because of the shame attached.

No. 1393957

Speaking of, her latest video was literally just 10 mins of her harping on about how super unwell she is but she ‘can’t really see, believe or understand it’, so just keeps going on about how everyone else is telling her how seriously unwell she is, complete with a body check/ I mean ~Christmassy~ OOTD, kek. Got mum to video her apparently crying (as most 24 year olds do). Moaning about how difficult being at home is and how she didn’t get discharged because she’s well enough to be (repeatedly reminding her fans that she’s unwell) but because she couldn’t get an EDU bed, how the tone has changed. She is increasingly irking me with her ‘woe is me’ videos and posts. Every time they get more and more milky.

No. 1393969

>>1393915 has to make sure she gets the wheelchair in every tiktok too.

No. 1393982

She was talked about here years ago.
Not new

No. 1393984

For sure. If anything it’s a super honest account of most people with EDs with a ton of behaviors and how the disorder changes over time. The majority of adults with AN binge and or purge there’s just a lot of shame because of the hierarchy. This was before ENOS was even recognized so I’m sure it was rough

No. 1394126

Really?? What thread? I wanna see what she used to post about and claim

No. 1394148

Can deathfats qualify for SEED?

No. 1394166

File: 1639641848284.png (463.72 KB, 619x697, Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 2.03…)

One of the twins is going back for another degree. It's honestly astonishing that she can handle any academics given how frankly incoherent her posts always are.

No. 1394224

Not gonna knock her for this because at least she’s trying (compared to someone like Fiona who’d be happy to spend the rest of her life rotting away in a hospital bed). Don’t see it going anywhere though. Sure people survive for years at these weights but with all the medical complications I’m surprised both her and Maria are still around

No. 1394230

When did she begin the medical law MA, wasn’t it this year? Sounds like a vanity course rather than an academically rigorous programme. Good for her for at least doing something though

No. 1394232

Omg, she looks like a cheap crack whore. Isn't she ashamed to go out or "work" like this? She looks completely unhygienic. How can anyone take her serious? Also, her belly looks really bloated, pretty sure she is still purging.

No. 1394238

File: 1639650929922.jpg (152.55 KB, 750x1334, 49783014774939_n.jpg)

Tbh, I'm kinda fascinated by Ganer.
She's relentless in following her absolutely constant routines and selfie shootings.
If there was an award for the most OCD cow of all, she'll get it.

No. 1394240

File: 1639651635422.png (3.45 MB, 828x1792, 7BA581B6-4C8A-4465-81A4-19294D…)

but niamh, don’t YOU also bully and gaslight mentally ill teenagers? sickeningly performative fake crying too- not a good look.

No. 1394244

You are the very same sperg all over again, aren't you.

No. 1394246

fuck off already, will you

No. 1394250

Didnt Hornbacher say she was like 40lb at her lowest? And still living her life normally? I swear we need a whole thread on her. Some things she said just don't add up.

No. 1394251

think it was 52lbs anon (and yes I h8 myself for knowing off the top of my head)

No. 1394252

Good for her.

No. 1394256

There are more posts bitching about niamh being boring than there are boring niamh posts.

No. 1394257

I read the book a loooong time ago but i don’t think she was really living normally, she was entirely consumed by her eating disorder. But yes, she could still get up and walk. Also at 155cm 52lbs is a BMI of 9.99. Which IS EXTREMELY UNDERWEIGHT for all you anachan bonerattlers but is not the most underweight BMI known to mankind.

No. 1394260

She just wants to sell her books, that's all.
There's exaggeration and loopy memories all over the place.

No. 1394261


It's always you with your Niahm fetish.

No. 1394263

No doubt some spoop will interject with nOt ThAt LoW tHo~~ when a single digit BMI is objectively death comes knocking territory. It does look a tad sus to be bang on 9.99 but idk much about Hornbacher

No. 1394264

Just caught up on this thread, what cece emails? What memoirs? No one has posted pics of them

No. 1394269

Oh I don’t think she ever talked about her BMI I just plugged in her height according to Wikipedia and her claimed LW of 52lbs and that’s what the calculator spit out.

No. 1394291

Even when Aly went through this behaviour, she'd infrequently add something a bit different, like change a pose or use different biscuits. Ganer sometimes tries to do that, but fails. Most definitely the most OCD ana we've had. This is depressing, especially the hot water.

No. 1394327

File: 1639664171910.jpeg (163.23 KB, 1509x1591, DDC6ECA8-F985-4504-9A3E-F00295…)

Not a cow so I cropped out their icon but an ED account I follow posted this yesterday and it made me chuckle so thought I’d share the love

No. 1394330

People deep in eating disorders are truly the most self absorbed losers on the planet. I’m sure this person has absolutely no clue how embarrassing this story is and how much of an asshole it makes them look.

No. 1394358

She also films one very short clip of her feet, on her way to the gym.
Which is pretty much every single day.

No. 1394360

Did Christabel put up a video yesterday and then delete it? What was in it?

No. 1394362

Agreed, it's cool to pursue your dreams but at this level of deterioration, what can she even do with another degree, assuming she lives long enough to finish it? It is sad. Makes me think it's just compulsive competetiveness/perfectionism and nothing of real substance.

No. 1394382

Yeah exactly what is the point? It's not like she's gonna get a job. Bit of a waste of funding

No. 1394388

I find it weird how she feels the need to show the same things to the world day after day after day after day…

No. 1394390

>jk this was over oil
Why did she feel the need to specify that she cries over oil? We get it you're the perfect ana ever to ana

No. 1394415

Is Katy doing the same thing?

No. 1394418

I think she was saying she wasn't crying, but rather it was her mascara over oil because she doesn't care about the boolies. Not WKing her, just clarifying your misinterpreted nitpick.

No. 1394424

what does mascara over oil even mean?

No. 1394439

That is Katy. No word on Maria.

And yeah, I didn't post it to mock her trying - I respect that she is. Just seemed sad and a little confusing as to whether or not she'll be able to write coherent assignments when she can't even use punctuation properly anymore.

No. 1394475

Nope, she said exactly what she meant.

No. 1394482

That it is mascara over oil? what's your point anon?

No. 1394490

I think >>1394475 meant that >>1394390 was right. What the hell is "mascara over oil"?

No. 1394501

Your need to white knight this girl is making you all look so so incredibly dumb. She obviously meant she was crying (and then stopped long enough to pose for a selfie) over having to eat oil.

No. 1394503

What’s elzani doing now? Has she signed up to any uni/ college courses or study or got a job? Or is she still doing nothing.

No. 1394541

Fucking exactly. She didn't take the photo in the middle of taking off her make up with oil and it just makes the people WKing look deliberately obtuse and retarded.

No. 1394558

she is an “influencer”

No. 1394581

File: 1639680077003.jpeg (250.3 KB, 828x1458, 2EF641CC-A2A5-4F76-B586-2F9827…)

Scarlett is being incredibly unprofessional. While it may be frustrating that her clients are not putting in the work, if she was bitching about me to her 10k followers I’d drop her ass immediately and find a coach who was actually qualified

No. 1394583

File: 1639680244231.jpeg (784.58 KB, 828x1446, 5C4DBC5E-A3D9-4DD3-8232-159FEC…)


No. 1394584

File: 1639680255366.jpeg (256.25 KB, 828x1350, BFAF8B81-3178-49D2-A18B-B79E16…)

You fucking summoned her

No. 1394585

File: 1639680279410.jpeg (803.63 KB, 828x1442, C6570945-4766-440C-A1C6-66681E…)

2/2 i bet her underwear is santa themed

No. 1394588


sO mUcH rEcOvErY!

No. 1394589

My 4 year old niece has cutlery and cups just like this kek

No. 1394596

What is the hate on tiktok and edtwt? People keep commenting about it but I haven’t actually seen any, although I don’t really use either of those sites much. I assume it’s jusy about the relentless body checking?

No. 1394604


who is she?

looks awfully young to me

No. 1394610

jesus fucking christ

No. 1394611

How about lurking a bit and integrating before commenting dumb shit?

No. 1394614

You’re totally right soz

No. 1394623

research it yourself

No. 1394634

File: 1639684163908.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, FDAE394A-37EC-4824-B003-3E05C5…)

For my fellow balletfags out there, she loves to sperg about ballet and how she studied 5 days a week for 15 years but the girl obviously went to a rinky dink studio and never was any good. Imagine marveling at the fact someone can get all the way up on pointe.

No. 1394636

File: 1639684228769.png (787.71 KB, 750x1334, 2A72042F-5B84-4E8C-904F-60D70F…)

But I guess she is easily impressed because look at her garbage biscuits

No. 1394640

>>1394636 funny how this is also a pic from cece's highschool days which she's repeatedly stated she was never over a bmi of 18.5…

No. 1394647

this is physically painful to look at. her shoes don't fit either. the constant ballet larp from so many of these cows (cece, Laura, that brazilian spoop thayna) is embarrassing, having taken class twice a week at a dolly dinkle or having okay flexibility does NOT make you a dancer, and being a dancer is not uwu fragile lmao

also doesn't Cecelia claim she had serious anorexia in high school, which this pic is clearly from? she's a healthy weight here as with every old pic of her

No. 1394650

File: 1639685056687.jpg (451.88 KB, 1075x1029, Screenshot_20211216-150328_Fac…)

>>1394636 Laura's high leg is my favorite cow shtick

No. 1394657

File: 1639685403685.jpeg (208.13 KB, 828x1428, 35740728-0891-473F-B609-E674A4…)

It’s not easy to find examples now her tiktok has been deleted again and I’m sure the Twitter search function won’t pick up everything but stuff like picrel - just people calling out her her body checking, mocking her stupid smile etc

No. 1394658

Ngl a lot of people are jealous because they aren't as thin as her. Most of this 'triggered' shit is jealousy. They just don't want to admit it. But I agree she is a cow.

No. 1394664

File: 1639685952572.jpeg (210.05 KB, 676x1329, 3DDC4C30-3671-49B0-B685-E41C31…)

When looking through twt I found her account and this was in her likes - the account it’s from is pro-Ed. Not majorly milky I know, but worth documenting as she claims she has never interacted with pro ana stuff

No. 1394671

15 years of ballet and she left with that ankle mobility? She talks about her dance days like she was pre-professional but her feet are terrible. I have so much second hand embarrassment. I do feel for her looking older so young. Negative male attention and no real attention in ballet

No. 1394672

She doesn't look older though. She looks her age.

No. 1394679

Samefag. And I don’t mean to imply the lack of male attention made her a lesbian. Even as a lesbian, having male attention is a normal part of development

No. 1394680

File: 1639686496303.jpeg (1000.11 KB, 828x1472, BB18980F-78A4-423E-A2FF-5F45A3…)

“discharged abruptly” meaning she got kicked out?
and ill never understand the use of relapse when someone is not recovering?

No. 1394813

File: 1639693811010.jpg (1.13 MB, 1434x1738, SmartSelect_20211216-222848_In…)

Okay Laura, we'll all pretend this is what your chin looks like

No. 1394857

i'm pretty sure n2f posted somewhere that she has a new job at the range, after quitting her job at nandos because the pay was better. she said those photos were taken at work in the toilet on her break, and that her uniform was on order. but really? that outfit seems like a bizzare choice to wear to work in a shop, and even more weird to take photos of yourself as you remove layers of clothes during your break. but then again, it is n2f..

No. 1394869

File: 1639702738121.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, B8498351-F07D-49DB-8923-C54311…)

Translation: stop debunking my lies about acute and pointing out I never met criteria after I brought it up online again

No. 1394890

I think she claims to have been restricting and purging but has always suggested that her weight did not get very low until her fiancé broke up with her. But in anywise the story still doesn't check out - above she also claims to have never binged so how the hell can she try to sell that she was restricting and purging and never binged yet maintained a totally healthy well above 18.5 BMI??? Nothing makes sense with her. The only part of the story I buy is she had attempted suicide for attention however many times and then did lose a lot of weight once. The rest of it seems totally fabricated for asspats.

No. 1394894

well at least we know she probably wasn't faking the bell palsy. She looks less fucked up than before but still has a droopy eye worse than Ganer.

No. 1394903

>>1394647 she changes her story all the time too her "my anorexia story" video she says she was never above 18.5

No. 1394940

Of course! I should have realised…

No. 1395060

But why is Georgia toobed

No. 1395107

Or as we might have suggested already:

"The circumstances of me being out don't matter as long as I find a new way to shoehorn my way back in."

No. 1395109

Because a cow needs a handle to be presented around.

No. 1395161

That Niamh is going to age like fucking yogurt. It’s so obvious.

No. 1395173

Yeah if she continues like that she will look like an old hag sooner or later but she's only 16 so she will probably realize what she's doing is dumb when she's older

No. 1395175

It’ll be too late by then, she will look like >>1394166

No. 1395179

Imageboard. I wanna see that porkchop's face, I've missed her.

No. 1395180

Toilet seat up
Toilet seat down.
Suspicious to say the least.

No. 1395184

She’s got a hi vis and safety boots maybe a warehouse but surly they would make her dress more sensible

No. 1395185


no shit, sherlock..?

No. 1395187

What's up your crack this early in the morning?

No. 1395190

File: 1639732788475.jpg (99.67 KB, 740x645, janice.jpg)

I think that's close enough.

No. 1395191

File: 1639732829767.png (2.11 MB, 825x1450, porgie meaty hock.PNG)


no face pic, but that's probably a good thing considering the absolute state/size of this trotter…

No. 1395194

Hooly fucking shit it's huge! At first I thought those were n2f's nails too since they look just so bad. The hand didn't look like a hand because it's so fucking big. Damn porgie, put down the fork, or tube, once in a while.

No. 1395195

Thought these were jelly beans while scrolling

No. 1395196

good to know that she won't starve anytime soon

No. 1395211

Her nails are fucking circular, that's grim

No. 1395224

more georgia, please, she's one of my favorites to hate but she blocked me a long time ago despite no interaction whatsoever

No. 1395242

August's is just sad… all she has for that month is she drank an ensure? nothing to say about the holiday lol

No. 1395249

It could be part of her OCD, like it's not "official" or "real" unless someone's seen it, or the action might "undo" if she doesn't document and post it. I feel for Ganer, she must be fucking exhausted.

No. 1395270

I know when people write about drinking something orally they mean instead of through the ng tube, but it makes me wonder what would happen if they were to butt chug it. No way they'd get all the intended nutrition from it, but they'd absorb some of it, right? God have mercy, these questions haunt me…

No. 1395303

At least she's got her family.
But I would predict some difficulties, just in case she gets a real job™ in the future, when it comes to her extreme control fetish.

No. 1395338

A couple of days (or three days?) ago, she posted a story where she's filling in a (medical) ward list of what to tick for cereal/snack/main mean. I didn't ss and didn't think it was worth posting. I also don't know the context, because I don't check up on her too often now. It was definitely not an ED ward meal choice list.

No. 1395502

File: 1639770582791.jpg (381.96 KB, 1080x1830, 20211217_194656.jpg)

Fiona's sister. She's in recovery from anorexia and doing really well. I thought the highlighted bit was interesting. She can't go home because her parents only care about fi's recovery…the hospital part also refers spending time seeing fi in hospital over Christmas.

Name is blurred because she's not a big account and not a cow.

No. 1395513

>>1395502 this is really sad. Fiona boils my blood. She must be insufferable behind the scenes.

No. 1395524

this is so sad. i remember years back where Fi was mentioning the fights and how this sister hated her for always being in hospital and for the attention. not much changed i guess

No. 1395526

‘If you really want something, you make it happen’. Maybe take a leaf out of your younger sister’s book Fi. Interesting, maybe her recent relapse and hospital holiday was because she didn’t want the attention on her younger sister because God forbid it wasn’t all on her like it always has been? Regardless, it’s so sad that the sister seems to have had to do it alone with no support and without her parents holding her hand and videoing her ‘breakdowns’ for YouTube. I wouldn’t want to go home for Christmas either.

No. 1395527

Does this mean it’s the first Xmas she’s not been in hospital or Fiona hasn’t? Either way, it sounds like Fi would be purposefully acting up to cement her position as sickest child

No. 1395529

File: 1639772400040.jpeg (795.2 KB, 828x1453, C6FE9488-A766-403D-B250-D4FE9F…)

also have you noticed how even her tiktoks are so repetitive now? “today has been a struggle, i dont know why” funny how she reminds me of vloggers who always begin their videos the same way “Whats up everybody” she should just record the clip and add it to each video to save her some time

No. 1395537

From the tumblr days circa 2014 until 2019 every Christmas consisted of visiting Fi in psychiatric wards, and 2016-18 EDU in Glasgow. Feel for the sister truly. How miserable and alone she must’ve been having to grow up living around her sister and her malingering (throwback to the 2015/15 ‘psychosis’ content in Tumblr that she’s forgotten about, kek)

No. 1395540

Everyday’s been a struggle and it’s felt ‘impossible’ to eat and ignore the thoughts ever since she lost that special token toob and the cosy hospital room, kek.

No. 1395544

The parents did something right with one child. No self absorption, no focus on anorexia or herself, but focus on the future and leaving bad habits behind. A world away from the egocentricism of Fi

No. 1395545

So an anorexic girl had to visit an EDU on Christmas for 6 consecutive years? What sort of parents would make someone endure that? Maybe if they left Fi alone on the ward, without speshul attention, and just enjoyed the day without her she would have learnt the world doesn’t revolve around her and actually recovered by now

No. 1395548

Kek that 2015 psychosis epic. What a wild ride that was. The thing was, so many accounts were doing that at the time. 'Symptoms' spread like wildfire, everyone copied eachother. Sad that Fi never was able to leave that behind like most people did.

No. 1395549

No, EDU for 3 consecutive Christmases, and before that 2 Christmases on a psych ward. It has always been about Fiona.

No. 1395552

Literally. Sage for slight blog? But I know someone who was on the CAMHS unit she was, and she only developed these ‘symptoms’ whilst in hospital, ironically experiencing the exact same psychotic symptoms as my friend and other patients did.

No. 1395555

Hardly anyone in those CAMHS units even had real psychosis.

No. 1395556

My friend did, she was severely unwell and had been for a significant time, it was heartbreaking. Now however she has a job, home and family and no longer requires services and manages on her own, unlike Fi who keeps the NHS on their toes and can’t deal to part with services.

No. 1395567

wait im confused. i thought she always said she spend years in EDUs, that was one EDU? and then she was with the ed services since she was 15 but all her admissions were to psych wards?

No. 1395570

She was under CAMHS for ed and her constant overdosing every single week. She didn’t get admitted to any EDU until Glasgow in 2016 when her parents kicked off about it. She stayed in Glasgow until January 2019 then got transferred closer home and discharged from their fairly promptly.

No. 1395573

She went to some Camhs unit near her I think. Not an EDU.

No. 1395575

What I want to know is how she went from normal/thin to skeletal in about a month?

No. 1395576

Yes, I know. She got sent to Glasgow EDU as an adult. Only her first inpatient unit was a CAMHS unit, which was psychiatric because she was overdosing every other day and updating everyone on tumblr about it.

No. 1395578

Probably a mix of exercising, restricting (unsure if she has history of purging??) and dehydrating herself which further emphasises any weight loss, especially in the face.

No. 1395583

I think she fasts.

No. 1395586

i dont believe it was over a month.
she was secretive suddenly since April only posting here and there saying shes struggling, asking for random units and “please dont message me to keep going, its triggering” etc and then all of a sudden she gets admitted and she is all over social media exposing herself

No. 1395596

She looked fine in august start of September, like on the thin side but not how she was a month later in hospital

No. 1395604

What's fi's insta? can whoever makes the next thread put it in the bio

No. 1395611

which one?
i can count 5 but i might have missed a few because she is growing

No. 1395654

any one that's public

No. 1395673

i think all are private but she accepts on finding_fi_ and healthandhugo

No. 1395680

File: 1639781686962.png (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 750x1334, 3795332A-9415-4441-8D54-4A0230…)

Anyone following along with Cece’s weird travel drama? Seems very bizarre that a flight would suddenly get rebooked to depart 11 hours early without informing the passengers? She left yesterday from Seattle to LA, which is a pretty short flight so seems like she easily could have made the connection? I dunno but the whole this seems very weird and, true to Cece, hard to believe she is presenting all the facts! Also honestly found it pretty bold to travel to a foreign country basically 6 weeks after a suicide attempt. But I guess that’s another issue altogether.

No. 1395684

Why is she going to Bolivia? And I would take the first option

No. 1395691

Holiday with friends. Seems odd that she is well enough to travel, especially to a country that will problem come with a fair amount of culture shock (and with the new variant throwing borders into chaos) but doesn’t think she is well enough to go back to work

No. 1395695

my guess is that when it was rescheduled she maybe didn't read the date correctly? Her post is really confusing because it makes it sound like the flight was rescheduled to a time that had already passed as a scam or something.

Flights have been being rescheduled a lot in recent months and leaving people stranded so I'm a little more sympathetic to her than I normally would be. I actually recently went to the airport and was informed at check in that they had canceled my flight without notifying me earlier that day.

No. 1395897

She never drinks - apart from her coffee in the morning- think a ham sandwich for lunch must be pretty awful dry.

Christmas dinner with her will be fun-chick peas and a protein bar followed by endless tears and whining it’s been a hard day.
Surprised she hasn’t worn an actual Santa hat yet.

No. 1395995


Wonderful to read about a compulsive liars' First World problems, isn't it.

I call BS.

No. 1396018

I really am amazed at Fi and how selfish a cow she is and also how much history she has!
When I first watched her first YT vlog I never really there was so much behind her! Sorry I missed out seeing all the psychosis stuff and Tumblr stuff.

No. 1396028

File: 1639820364321.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.31 KB, 1080x1270, 26476699181_n.jpg)

It's been a slow news day.
So I brought you some EC.

No. 1396029

If there was a prototypical "ProAna Scumbag", she would be the one.

No. 1396030

Yeah she’s never changed. I’m glad there’s a few of us from the Tumblr days who followed her for years and can see through this facade she’s currently pulling. ‘Psychosis’ that she’s complete forgot she had kek, hearing “voices”, literally herself blaming all her behaviours and thoughts on her BPD, referring to it herself as ‘typical BPD behaviour lol’., the constant paracetamol overdoses and acting out, and moaning about services and at one point moaning that even after her dad had spoke to her CMHT she still wasn’t put back in inpatient. Amazing how things can come back to bite you kek.

No. 1396044

KEk anon, in her latest video she starts it off wearing a Santa hat!! The video was the same old shit, every other moment was her saying how hard, how difficult it all was, how must she is struggling bla bla. Also I’ve noticed since being out of hospital she’s suddenly acting very hesitant with her food when I’m hospital the apparent hesitation improved somewhat, and she said she missed her snack. She’s not even trying, or attempting to hide the fact she clearly wants to be back in hospital. This girl continually boils my blood every single time.

No. 1396061

File: 1639824960595.jpg (679.65 KB, 1003x1144, Screenshot_20211218-045017_Gal…)

I have several questions.
What is hanging out of the back of her top?
Are those fucking clothespins on her shirt?
Why does she pose in picrel and other recents to make her legs look so weird and stumpy? I swear her legs are not that short so idk why she keeps looking like she's 70% torso
If she's going to brave the new England cold in December to model on the side of the road, could she not find a treeline backdrop that doesn't have a distracting orange stick in the frame?

No. 1396067

Samefag, those questions mostly apply to the pic in >>1396028 but the stumpy leg was best shown in >>1396061
Just wanted to clarify without reposting again, trying to understand EC is giving me brainrot sorry

No. 1396068

If you put your focus on all the itsy-bitsy details too much, you might lose the big picture.
Everything in that photo set shouts out "untimely death". Just sayin'.

No. 1396074

On the back of her top is a price tag, she often leaves them on for some reason (maybe to show off the price when she turns around for the 20th time on stream), and yeah I assume those are clips to tighten the shirt. Some anachans love to wear the same dress at different times to measure how much weight they lost and I assume that's what Eugenia likes to do too. Also she's clearly ashamed of being tall, so maybe she tries to appear short and small on purpose.

No. 1396080

Nothing fits together or looks attractive.
She's like a living Frank Gehry house, just look it up..!

No. 1396081

File: 1639828194582.jpg (544.94 KB, 834x1138, Screenshot_20211218-034759_Adb…)

No. 1396083

File: 1639828371651.png (442.1 KB, 352x629, siv.PNG)

it seems like sophie only has friends who are either younger than her by a looong way, or people who are also mentally ill asf - both of them covered in self harm here
I wonder what her boyfriend is like and how she even maintains the relationship

No. 1396086

File: 1639829120434.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 279.87 KB, 1170x1612, DEAE7FE2-3F9C-4EF0-80C6-CECB24…)

All they do is make TikToks and try get admitted

No. 1396090

The CPR friend is 16 - is Sophie 20? An age gap of that much in a friendship is odd, you’d expect Sophie to be too mature to enjoy spending time with teens. I think the boyfriend is fake, seems like a ‘he goes to another school’ situation to me. That or she threatens to off herself whenever he tries to ditch her.

No. 1396094

right, like 16 year old drinking buddies at age 20 or older is… whack. how do u even find 16 year olds to hang out with?
I actually think she's not mature at all. she speaks like a child or someone with an IQ of 70, I don't think anyone her age would want to hang out with her, but that's no excuse to hang out with minors

No. 1396097

Anorexia fucks up your higher brain functions.

No. 1396100

>you say BPD bitches can’t be friends!!

Nobody says that you can’t be friends, just that it will end badly, so why not save yourself the time, pain and one-upmanship of trying to have the worst self harm ever or the most serious suicide attempt ever?

No. 1396102

she's not consistently low restricting enough for the way she is, i'd say suicide attempts fucked up her brain

No. 1396111

And sixteen year olds can’t be diagnosed with a BPD , at most they’d be slapped with ‘emerging BPD’

No. 1396114

they diagnose girls as young as 14 just cuz it's so stigmatised i think. i know "officially" you can't diagnose minors but it happens quite often ppl r labelled before their official diagnosis

No. 1396117

exactly - she looks completely fucked in the head, like she’s given herself a chemical lobotomy. she can’t think beyond her next attention seeking A&E presentation

No. 1396124

she's so reactive in A&E too from her stories, purely animal - like those with extremely low IQs
you can give yourself a chemical lobotomy pretty easy if you're downing handfuls of anti-psychotics, even just having them prescribed can cause shrinkage of the brain

No. 1396134

File: 1639836963068.jpg (710.92 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20211219-031114_Ins…)

What a friendship group. Not toxic at all. Imagine working in an ED unit.. fuck what a hoot.

No. 1396135

i just don’t understand how they go around their little lives showing off sh wounds/scars like prizes. i remember when people who’d sh were trying their absolute hardest to hide fresh wounds at least, even if that meant suffering a heatstroke because you’re wearing a huge sweater at your parent’s bbq in summer. sure they get attention by that, but is that kind of attention really an achievement? where does it get them? into the next clinic to get stitches and annoy the shit of medical staff because it’s the third time in that week?

No. 1396137

That massive sanitary towel on the forehead look tho, kek. Why on Earth do these cows just flaunt their self harm around in the most obvious places for the world to see??

No. 1396138

I recall her drunk posting on tumblr a few years ago.

No. 1396140


Didn't Kati Morton the youtube therapist make a video with Eugenia saying how recovered she was?

No. 1396141

She doesn't have a low IQ, she's just behaving a certain way to get what she wants. If she was in the UK she'd be holed up in a PDU for 2 years with legohead and laura.

No. 1396142

Probably all that ~impulsive & reckless behaviour bc of my BPD!!!~ she used to harp on about kek

No. 1396143

She literally did all that shit to validate a BPD diagnosis?? like BPD was desirable back then kek

No. 1396144

Once she got out of the CAMHS ynit, everything she did and thought was because of “BPD” and “voices”, kek. The BPD tag on her text posts were a wild ride and couldn’t have been anymore text book and stereotyped if she tried. Any other person in the UK would’ve been discharged from services by now,especially with the constant revolving door, non-compliant and larping shite, she seems to have all the support regardless though and is the only person I know who has as much support as she does when others literally are dying whilst waiting for ED/CMHT input. Honestly bizarre

No. 1396148

Wait she eats chickpeas? Has she said what her meals are besides porridge, a protein bar yoghurt and a sandwich. She gives the impression that she only eats the same four things. I wondered who would let her be on such a small meal plan. Does she even eat dinner?

No. 1396149

I noticed she’ll say everything she’s eating and then says ‘6pm food’ which makes me think she eats another meal before the chickpeas and just doesn’t say what it is, because that would taint her sooper sick persona. She’s the most infuriating atm

No. 1396181

yeap and wasnt she was posting about sneaking in pepsi max to units and how superior it is from diet coke? who said she only drinks water?

No. 1396193

Do you remember what her Tumblr is I can't find it

No. 1396218

Doesn't really matter.
Just wait for her new postings anywhere else. This shit with her is going on since at least 2015. She'll never change her ways.

No. 1396224

Does anyone know the friends Instagram? Her tinfoil looks pretty milky but not sure if it’s enough to justify posting her if she’s only sixteen

No. 1396227

just dont do it

No. 1396237

Has she ever been in the caption/ Florence nightingale in London ?

No. 1396241

Ah yes, nothing like a vacation to a third world shithole, at least then she'll actually be justified in starving and bitching all the time
pls no a-log just pointing out facts

No. 1396242

File: 1639849428726.jpg (52.38 KB, 459x827, Capture.JPG)

I'm getting deja vu. I swear this is a repeat of Georgie's post this time last year, about to leave hospital and asking anyone if they want to go out.

No. 1396243

Did she slam her head on a wall or something? what's up with the bandage?

No. 1396244

No only Glasgow EDU for 2.5 years then transferred to Cotswold House for about a month

No. 1396245


No. 1396248

I mean yeah, isn't the whole point of getting triggered by anachans being jealous of how thin they are and then starving to reach that thinness? Triggered and jealous go hand in hand, I don't think they are trying to hide it

No. 1396254

No, one is quite enough (sorry BPDfags)

It’s not like Soph can use that excuse though

No. 1396264

Seiously looks ancient. She looks like a 102 yo woman in lipstick and a wig, standing up from her wheelchair just long enough to snap a selfie.

No. 1396267

File: 1639851960924.png (4.57 MB, 828x1792, 1A6FC319-8735-400D-A03C-C50A20…)

soph’s medical notes, once again.

No. 1396270

note: no anorexia.

No. 1396293

Bolivia is not a 3rd world shithole you dumb racist.

No. 1396295


then just tell me why it is full of banana niggers(racebait)

No. 1396301

You absolute retard, you posted the same racist garble twice because you can't even internet right.

No. 1396304


that cuz my posts are quality products, numbnut

No. 1396305

triggered Triggered triggered Triggered triggered Triggered triggered Triggered triggered Triggered triggered Triggered triggered Triggered triggered Triggered triggered Triggered triggered Triggered (USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1396315

Stop being a nob.

No. 1396334

File: 1639855377892.png (1.61 MB, 1914x824, 01.png)

Nothing really changes.

No. 1396335

File: 1639855576696.jpg (97.55 KB, 500x486, 5ydl44.jpg)

I want this soft guy back, stat.

No. 1396338

I go to bed and pray for his return, anon. I miss that slender mincer.

No. 1396349

File: 1639856523121.jpg (160.59 KB, 750x1334, 5535657349510399269_n.jpg)

Here's a bowl of fresh slop for y'all.

No. 1396350

B..but it's the one from yesterday??

No. 1396351

File: 1639856892910.jpeg (566.24 KB, 1683x1227, 0E2D668F-4719-4686-9142-7DA670…)

Another saturday night special from recovery warrior Ham. Who has been the same very healthy size since the beginning of her ~journey~ yet still seems to have no “friends” hobbies or life other than cosplaying anorexia on the internet. Pls make sure to give asspats generously

No. 1396360

Oh my god how many times is she gonna recycle this post. I was so cold I was so weak now I love myself blah blah. She clearly has run out of things to say

No. 1396366

It's never a "journey" for them.
Still just trampling on the very same spot.

No. 1396368

File: 1639857898606.jpeg (172.51 KB, 828x1321, A1BAAF06-545C-4F65-9101-47CFF4…)

def Elzani wanna be, full on with the Jack Wills (immitation) leggings hanging off her.

No. 1396372

It always baffles me when the real anachans (excl. Han obvs) go on about how much they hate their bodies and can’t stand themselves etc etc, yet upload numerous body checks and wear barely any clothes/ wear clothes such as crop tops that would reveal a lot of body? Surely if someone hates their body so much they would hide it, no?

No. 1396380

Usually they need the reassurance from others.

No. 1396434

I've met three kinds of people hating their bodies so far:
1. hates it, but shows it everywhere, takes hundreds of pictures, needs the reassurance from others to get some kind of knowledge that their body is somehow okay and not disfigured
2. hates it, never takes pictures, wouldn't be found on many social media platforms, except they think one picture looks okay
3. hates it, but in reality just there to get attention and comments how beautiful they are and that they shouldn't be hating their body, what they don't do, but the attention is just nice

So, you won't find the people hating and hiding their body on instagram most of the time, because they just don't take pictures like the others do.

No. 1396442

People who actually hate their body probably won’t even have a profile picture showing their face, let alone a full on public tiktok account

No. 1396492

If you really hate yourself, get on tiktok.

No. 1396498

i have so much sympathy for fi's sister after reading this. imagine struggling with anorexia, being forced to spend multiple christmases on an EDU visiting your sooper sick big sister posing in toob family photos and crying over her afternoon yogurt which she insists on eating with a christmas themed teaspoon. no "normal" christmas day spent with family at home etc,and fi lapping up the attention. i have a hell of a lot of respect for her for realising she needs to recover and taking responsibility for doing so, despite her parents' focus on precious, sick fi - to the point where she has decided not to go home for christmas to protect herself and her progress in recovery. poor girl. can't be easy to have fi as a sister, especially when you're also struggling with an ed yet, constantly demanding lal their parents' attention, tantrums, manipulation and determination to be seen at the most sickest ever.

fi will just about hang on at home for another week, spend christmas at home as she wanted and then immediately go downhill an dend up back in hospital, and then an EDU. she's already made a point of telling everyone how hard she's finding it and started skipping snacks erc. she'll eat chickpeas for her christmas dinner and be back in hospital before the new year

No. 1396503

File: 1639864244010.jpeg (853.24 KB, 828x1430, D61A8354-CD69-49AC-AB83-6E9B0A…)

she announced (after a lot of encouragment and guilt) her po box on her 100k followers on tiktok.
Guess Fi wants lots of freebies for xmas

No. 1396507

I don't understand why she still looks emaciated. EDUs must have actually blacklisted her, not to admit her at this point.

No. 1396517

the list for an edu bed is enormous and its been this way since covid started but its getting worse. we are talking months. a close friend of mine was waiting 4 months while on section. Fiona is voluntarily so im assuming shes at the bottom of the list

No. 1396519

lmaooo that was someone else, i'm op, but they're right with their banana response

No. 1396528


She's full on SWFing and skinwalking her at this point. Waiting for the triggerfest doc of her time in hospital, the ultimate Elzani accessory.

No. 1396539

Probably because they’re sick of her revolving door, manipulative shit when there’s actual patients waiting for an already scarce EDU bed who want to recover. Fiona has had more than enough support, both ED and mental health since she was about 13. As someone mentioned previously, I’ve never known someone to have been in services so long and not have been discharged yet. It’s just reinforcing her manipulative behaviour at this point because she knows she’ll get all the support regardless. Her poor sister is who I feel for atm. Fi will make sure she’s home for Christmas, bc that’s clearly how super serious anorexia works, kek. After the festivities I guarantee she’ll get herself right back in her hospital bed. She’s the biggest cow going currently.

No. 1396540

What’s with the cows and wanting free stuff. Imagine being an adult and earning for a living instead of spending your time on social media increasing that ‘super sick’ identity for asspats and free shit. Embarrassing.

No. 1396542

she really misses the mark here.
1) if you’ve been restricting for a long time, the hunger goes away, so why was she “constantly hungry”?
2) openly admits here that the “anorexia” was just about weight & body image. clearly does not understand the illness at all. pretty poor larping skills for someone who’s being doing it for so long

No. 1396547

No idea but perhaps she smacked into the girl on the left end who also has an an old gash there lmao

No. 1396569

Only a week of Christmas to go and I can't wait until it's gone. I suppose we then wait for bunny ears at Easter.

No. 1396574

Kek, or a New Year’s nose hose - the ultimate goal once her Christmas at home has come and gone.

No. 1396583

This? AGAIN? Same copypasta. Still waiting for her to demonstrate how her ~recovery~ has given her a personality, social life, a life.

Wonder who she's going to spend the 25th with. Hammum or dad? Or an awkward divorcing parents trying to get on for the daughter's sake?

No. 1396706

Paris must be jealous of Fi- she is thinner, getting more attention and probably has more overall followers on YT, IG, TikTok etc than Paris .

No. 1396722

idk man, if you see the way she speaks on her stories she definitely doesn't seem smart. childlike sentences and she sounds like a bogan. definitely lower than average IQ

No. 1396733

you think Fi is thinner than Paris? imo Paris is skinnier and looks (is) sicker

No. 1396735

Asking people if they wanna "catch up" after she gets out o the hospital in her insta stories just screams "I wanna tell everyone about my hospital vacation" and she's seeking for volunteers to listen.

No. 1396736

it also screams "i have no actual friends to contact"

No. 1396738

This loose leggings look is so horrendous. It reminds me of old people who can't fit into their clothes like they used to. It looks haggard. Put some proper pants on for christsake

No. 1396750

File: 1639886374417.jpeg (613.61 KB, 828x1342, B1A746F2-11FB-40EE-9A5E-396977…)

oh no, you made her cry (again)

No. 1396754

Ham is the most boring LARPer ever, it's like she refuses to do any more research or put any effort into her fake recovery. it's so superficial. I wonder when the last time she even saw a doctor, for any reason, was.

Still love the theory that Ham was just a picky eater or tried a diet one time & her mum freaked out that her kid has anorexia & it was validated or suggested by a doctor. then Ham found recovery accounts and just started copying what they said - the being cold, fatigued, blah blah blah

how else would Ham justify not having any form of 'recovery' support apart from her mum?

No. 1396866

File: 1639897862121.jpg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, LarpWorks.jpg)

Kek, they really do all make the same face. Is it some kind of shadow requirement for the atypical ana larp?

No. 1396878

But then if she didn’t have clothes that clearly didn’t fit, how would she extenuate her spoopyness in all her body checks?!

No. 1396879

I meant accentuate, autocorrect kek

No. 1396884

File: 1639900088742.jpeg (421.66 KB, 1169x2330, 55981C9F-ECA3-47B7-B992-43B903…)

She back lol, I’m even seeing references to her on recovery accounts from my region just like everyone is done w her

No. 1396896

and so are we, again. fuck off with her already, how many more times do we have to tell you?

No. 1396897

I’m convinced that every ‘fuck off, we’re bored of her’ post is just by one or two Niamh arse-lickers who are just trying to get us to stop posting about her. They know that she’s a cow, and that posting about her doesn’t break the rules, but they’re super fans who just don’t want anyone saying mean things about her because ~she’s in recovery~. She’s not a minor, a lot of people find her infuriating and very milky. If you don’t like her, just ignore the posts about her and stop shitting up the thread with your WKing for your fave anachan

No. 1396911

It’s the same person posting her every time, and the same anon telling them fuck off. Like two dogs chasing each other’s tails in an ouroborus of retardedness.

No. 1396917

I miss the old cows. They just don’t make em the same anymore

No. 1396920

it's pretty milky that she's back on tiktok again, u can't deny it. her accounts get deleted for a reason. because she's an underweight spoop who isn't in recovery and continuously says she just loves fashion to post bodychecks, when the so called fAsHiOn is atrocious

No. 1396924

More sad than milky imo

No. 1396925

i mean… isn't all milk just sad? sophie self harming for attention, cece being a useless neet, fiona being,,, fiona

No. 1396932

just stop posting those.
niam's not a real cow, probably never will be.
you're a fanatic.

No. 1396935

Can you dumbfuck whiteknights go suck her udders on tiktok instead of spamming up the thread here I'm sure she'd appreciate the attention

No. 1396936

same, I recently started roaming through old Aly threads and let me tell you my #edfamily, this cow was oh so LUSH and DANG oily (!)

No. 1396945

I posted that all milk is sad, and that it is milky she's back on tiktok again, but i didn't post her in the first place

Aly was a great cow. does she have a current insta? i just tried looking up her old one but couldn't find it. maybe in paris's follows lol

No. 1396948

IG handle is itsaly_eleanor but it’s not interesting

No. 1396951


Aly has been a model spoop once. OCD photos and everything.
Now she seems to keep a healthy weight and enjoys her life.
Let's appreciate that.

No. 1396952

Shut the fuck up, yes she is. Go screech into the void on /meta and get banned.

No. 1396954

>it’s the same person posting her
No it isn’t. Cope

No. 1396956

We can tell from your hysterical (and bad) typing that it's you, again.

No. 1396957

The only reason Niamh has white knights like you is because she’s pretty. She’s still just as much of a spoop cunt as anyone else in this thread, more perhaps. You’re a pathetic white knight.

No. 1396958

Yes, she's a slender 16yo teen with a pretty face and too much time on her hands.
And this thread is the wrong place to post her Tiktok shit every day.

No. 1396961

She’s literally fucking skeletal, she’s not slender.

No. 1396963

… Cope with what? I don’t give a fuck either way. That’s why I post in the multi cow showcase threads - there’s a constantly rotating cast of subjects. I even enjoy everything turning into a slap flight when she’s posted because this thread has been shit for years. Car crash TV.

No. 1396965

>the proana scumbags thread is the wrong place to post a proana scumbag
Wk-chan, plenty of cows have pretty faces. If you want to simp so bad, again: take it to her tiktok. She wants the attention so bad she'll make 3000 accounts just for a couple days of that sweet narcissistic supply of validation from strangers. So why keep caping for her here where no one is impressed? Respectfully, gtfo you're orbiting a brat with the personality of a stinky cheese rethink your standards

No. 1396971

No samefag here. But WK-chan might be right that Niamh is a brat, but not in that amount that she would belong here.
Then there is one fanatic-chan posting every fart of her on ticktock, granting er that validation she's so eager to get.

Does. Not. Compute.

No. 1396977

I personally find most niamh posts boring. I find the several posts that always follow only to ree that she doesn't belong here, annoying in their sheer stupidity.

You idiots know every time you respond to a niamh post, you're talking about niamh too, right? If you really didn't want niamh to be posted on lolcow, you'd stop posting about her. I've had more to say about niamh wks than the girl herself. It's a sad way to get your stinky cheese queen the attention she wanted. Nauseating

No. 1396978

File: 1639914893836.jpeg (79.08 KB, 640x800, resize.jpeg)

That's one pretty little face.

No. 1396979

File: 1639914914362.jpeg (96.19 KB, 640x800, resize2.jpeg)

Her new sweater looks cute.(no1curr)

No. 1396982

File: 1639915326447.jpg (28.45 KB, 500x500, Bait-Careful.jpg)

No. 1396987

sweet. who's that girl?

No. 1396998

I know they’re doing it to try and slim down their big ol moon faces but it kind of just emphasises it. Wouldn’t be as cringe if they just claimed OSFED (as that’s what atypical ana technically falls under I think? not that Ham has any ED) but nope mUh aNoReXiA speshul

No. 1397012

It’s surreal and bizarre they all claim anorexia. They could have the same accounts, chat the exact same shit - if they admitted they have an eating disorder other than anorexia, I suspect a lot less people would be taking issue or following just for the laugh.

No. 1397030

And so is "she's on tiktok again!" "she's banned again!" "Oh a body check!", it's getting infuriating. People really should hold their posts until there's actual milk.

No. 1397044

File: 1639925682782.jpg (74.03 KB, 640x800, niamh.jpg)

So what's the problem? Are her knees too pointy? Let's talk about that.

No. 1397048

File: 1639926929777.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 981.83 KB, 828x1642, 85BEF79F-8C58-4CF8-92C2-22291D…)

grandma vibes

No. 1397049

"Starting the day off right" - Looking like a circus clown who escaped from a concentration camp, yeah.

No. 1397056

You’re the one spamming the fucking thread with pictures of her retard. I hope you get banned.

No. 1397059

Her room is still a little girl's room and she's like what 24? I do feel like her parents are massive enablers and have allowed this thing to go on for too long

No. 1397062

I know you're shitposting but why is a 16-year-old posting photos of herself in pearls and a negligee? It feels very Nabokov's Lolita except that ana makes her look so old.

I also want to know where this child's parents are. I'm starting to tinfoil selfposting because who the fuck else could possibly care this much

No. 1397064

second AYRT, you know im talking about fiona right?

No. 1397065

>>1397059 Fi wrote about her parent's a lot on her tumblr. How they would get angry at her for ODing everyday, and eventually would drop her off at hospital and leave her to get treatment/not visit her.

When she was in hospital just before going to Glasgow, they fucked off to America and left her to deal with the transfer alone. They had visited for extended periods of time, but decided they weren't going to cancel their holiday for her.

Having said that, they're still enablers. I think they feel bad she got sexually abused as a child and didn't protect her from that. They probably buy into her being autistic too, since that means this isn't her fault.

No. 1397067

File: 1639929116947.jpg (269.51 KB, 1080x1660, 20211219_154834.jpg)

>>1397059 found the post

No. 1397069

No, my mistake, it's past my bedtime. I thought it was well established Fi's parents are massive enablers.

No. 1397071

>mom screamed at me and told me I was a selfish jealous brat
>she told me it’s your fault you’re in this mess
Based Ms Hollings.

No. 1397072

File: 1639929447971.jpg (468.73 KB, 1080x1613, 20211219_155623.jpg)

I also found this. Turns out both of her sisters don't like her, no wonder neither are coming home for Christmas. From another abandoned account.

No. 1397077

Does ANYONE like her? I mean what the fuck is there to even like? Being blood related to this cunt is the only reason to stick around.

No. 1397078

What was she ‘jealous’ of? Her sisters?

No. 1397079

One of her sisters probably had a birthday or passed an exam or something so she HAD to take an overdose.

No. 1397080

That sounds really horrible if you don't recognize the bpd manipulation behind it. Jealous of what I wonder? Looks like mom did the right thing
Not even being blood related to an emotional parasite like that is a good enough reason to stick around. Glad her sisters are free of her

No. 1397081

File: 1639930251244.jpg (280.88 KB, 1080x1727, 20211219_161032.jpg)

E is Emma the oldest sister

No. 1397083

That does sound pretty unfair but I’m sure she was still too ill to enjoy the trip/ have her mum enjoy the trip. It’s like when the siblings of cancer kids get holidays m for some normalcy., isn’t it?

No. 1397086

File: 1639930759843.jpg (247.75 KB, 1080x1099, 20211219_161904.jpg)

No. 1397100

I was with her for a short period on the adolescent unit. Fiona implied abuse not long after being admitted to a CAMHS unit and not longer after one of her ‘ward friends’ disclosed something really horrible & massive, Fi posted a photo of a ‘police abuse department’ contact card, allegedly got a ‘PTSD’ diagnosis and suddenly had flashbacks then never spoke or referred to it again. She talks the biggest load of shit and anything I read on any of her accounts I take with a pinch of salt now, some shit you just don’t lie about (I.e, Psychosis, voices, horrific life events). She’s the biggest manipulator I’ve ever come across in a long time and can’t seem to STAND any attention being on anyone except herself, even if it concerns her own siblings. Holy shit

No. 1397107

If I took pathetic overdoses every other day and threatened suicide when I didn’t get all the attention or my own way, acting like a woman child in my 20’s I’d fully expect my mum to do the same, kek. After years of taking her to A&E for eating paracetamols every week since she was about 14, to now having a 24 year old manipulative, immature child I’m surprised they still buy into it and enable further. You’d think with their other 2 daughters not wanting to even be in the same home something somewhere would click?

No. 1397129

At first I was like eh a little old fashioned for my tastes, then I scrolled down and saw the sonic the hedgehog 11's and absolutely lost it

Unrelated and saged but someone needs to get a pair of those for C-Chan

No. 1397133

Why is she wearing a fucking Santa hat in her bedroom?? Kek

No. 1397153

Those boots…

No. 1397156

There are overdoses and there are overdose- a couple of packs of paracetamol won’t kill you.

No. 1397157

She was doing it every other day at one point, and uploading the photos of her hand full of paracetamol, views from the hospital bed and cannulas/drips to her social media. Things haven’t changed kek

No. 1397161

remember when her parents went around all town and let the whoever store was selling paracetamol to not let Fiona buy anymore?

No. 1397166

I remember her writing about that. Love the circa Tumblr anons that know and can see through her innocent, recovery influencer bullshit since the early days kek. Never change Fi

No. 1397186

she feels SO bad about sharing her address that she shared it on IG, tiktok AND she's just reshared it in her IG stories! can't have anyone missing out on the opportunity to send her gifts!

No. 1397190

If she felt so bad she wouldn't have shared it at all let alone continuously share it. Why is she this way pretending she is so scared to do anything nice for herself. Doesn't bpd come from trauma but she seems to have just made up a pile of shit

No. 1397194

It can come from trauma but there are some people who develop it without a history of trauma too , there’s a lot of mixed theories on the development of it

No. 1397208

Are you the blue-haired platonic relationship one?

No. 1397212

She used to post pics of her fresh cuts and open wounds as well. And how many tablets she'd overdose on.

No. 1397222

>sonic 11s
Thanks for the kek nonnie! I can’t get over them either
Ham and the *~atypical~* ana gang can be Pac-Man, chomping everything in sight

No. 1397228

Sorry nonnie, I am not

No. 1397230

File: 1639941554993.jpg (263.67 KB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20211219-141756_Fac…)

Fiona's Facebook profile pictures are a sight to behold as well. Who in gods name takes a picture with a head banging wood and decides on it for their profile icon?

No. 1397231

File: 1639941678369.jpg (45.25 KB, 302x497, we miss you.JPG)

PencilNik is still using his erm acting account. People are asking where he is on his recovery account. Maybe he'll upload to tell them he's okay because he probably helped them enormously. I miss his motivation. I haven't eaten since his last post. I'm current minus 36lbs. I hate being a unikorn.

No. 1397233

>>1397230 sorry for samefag kek *would

No. 1397273

He looks much better

No. 1397274

Ooh this is mild compared to some of the selfies she’s uploaded in the past. Massive bloodied wounds on her head and scratches on her hands, visible bandages pulled down past her sleeve so people can see them. When she was in her first unit and uploading selfies and ‘group ward friend’ photos she had fucking ligature marks.

No. 1397288

Could anyone with access to the keep on breathing account post any milk (especially in regards to the abandoned psychosis plot line). With over 1000 posts I’m sure there’s some full fat milk in there

No. 1397310

The psychosis larp was on her tumble nonnie

No. 1397344

File: 1639952867254.jpeg (834.12 KB, 822x1558, BBC2A01D-49BC-4060-BC7C-8432D3…)

Speaking of niamh, the cow responsible for her social downfall (emsinrecovery - cow posted a while back) is quite the hypocrite. calling niamh out while doing the exact same neck-straining, bone popping pose. When will this tiktok generation of cows leave the internet? bring back the old cows. at least there was good milk to post.

No. 1397353

trying SO HARD to look thin kek, check out the shooped arm too.

No. 1397373

File: 1639954540120.jpeg (480.2 KB, 828x1388, 99C455F9-50DD-4B04-945A-9CEC22…)

I’ve been waiting for someone to bring her back up. Been following her on tiktok for a while to see if she’s still up to her ~recovery~ “look how sick i am” antics. No surprise, she is. No doubt she’s gotten worse since she was first mentioned, but cow behaviour for posting her 50 calorie portions of oatmeal on tiktok and calling it recovery. such a challenge, kek.

No. 1397376

new variant just dropped

No. 1397381

How disappointing, I thought she had actually committed to recovery. When will they learn that anas are the only people who take selfies with outstretched arms? Or who post pics of themselves looking like crap in their disbelief bedrooms?

No. 1397450

File: 1639961888624.jpeg (448.66 KB, 1125x2200, A7C39FEA-8AC9-46D4-8C0C-19A200…)

Potential new milk: selfloverecoveryjourney

BPD ana larper who desperately wants to be a recovery influencer. Similar to Cecelia in the antics. Has been in and out of treatment for 2 years. Gets out. Claims recovery. Mysteriously stops posting for weeks. Starts posting again with cry-face selfies, hospital pics and the like. ODs/attempts, and claims SI on the reg. Gets out of treatment and is magically able to bop around NYC eating adventurous foods. Deletes and reposts shit all the time to try and get likes. Wants to be a model. Has a cringey tiktok @shanas_recovery_journey .

No. 1397452

sage for ot
BPD can develop from a variety of biological, sociological and environmental factors. I believe most psycologists explain it as the biosocial model. SO even if you dont have trauma, you still have a risk on inheriting something genetic that increases your chances from your parents.

No. 1397506

On the subject of Fi’s parents being enablers, what about Elanzi’s family? I’ve never been able to work out why E got sick- seem ok but there must be more to it. Smorvens family are enablers .

No. 1397518

Don’t fight the messenger. tangent about how not all people with BPD are meaning to hurt others BPD, DID, (c-PTSD) and factitious disorder all overlap. Take that how you will.

Anyone else noticing the new trend of anti-treatment accounts? Specifically for American treatment centers. Unsurprisingly most reviews are coming from obese “anas” that are not pleased with their stays inpatient or residential. Sperg but I remember pre-2014 when insurance wouldn’t cover residential for severely anorexic patients to weight restore. Now they’ll cover people for res when there is no evidence to support it

No. 1397600

It’s a shame that you have the likes of Fi, Laura etc., that are literally the screaming epitomes of textbook cases, kek

No. 1397622

File: 1639987200492.jpg (Spoiler Image, 389.39 KB, 1080x1729, 20211220_075851.jpg)

>>1397288 spoiler for post ligature swollen face

No. 1397626

really underrated post

No. 1397632

File: 1639987758369.jpg (975.55 KB, 1440x3047, Screenshot_20211220-190807.jpg)


No. 1397636

File: 1639988242111.jpg (118.24 KB, 750x1333, 668220344410_n.jpg)

He knows: "After the take is before the take".
Sounding like some real pro.

No. 1397639

it's you again, sped poster

no tiktok any more

it sucks

No. 1397641

Why the fuck would anyone upload that to their social media to tonnes of likely vulnerable followers?! What a selfish cunt. Some things never change

No. 1397651

What happened to her paranoia, delusional thinking and hearing those scary voices that made her so especially unwell, kekek

No. 1397675

>>1397636 Christ I thought this was Pepper from AHS

No. 1397684

What is/was her tumblr handle??

No. 1397685

relapse_vs_recovery or something like that. the next anon who makes the thread, can we include it (and the instagrams) in the intro as this has been asked a few times

No. 1397737


No. 1397763

It just looks like a double chin kek how tragic. Thank you nonnie

No. 1397816

Family therapy with Fi’s family must have been great fun!
Get the feeling people us saying they have autism to get the BPD label removed.

No. 1397820

100% anon. Said that from the start.

No. 1397827

File: 1640023045000.jpg (508.87 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20211220_175227_com…)

Auzcow Imogen has decided she's a minority

No. 1397841

She may be technically correct in saying that the stereotypical ED suffer being a skinny white girl only represents a minority of people who actually struggle with eating disorders, but that last paragraph flaunting her white savior complex & saying "I'm actually a minority too" makes her look like an absolute retard.

No. 1397866

Not to mention that she has mentioned her repeated hospital admissions a lot, feeding into the omg so gaunt stereotype. And she talks about her functioning but then contradicts herself by discussing how she is super special being one of the 6% who are underweight

She’s getting called out in the comments because apparently that hashtag was created to draw attention to people who don’t have access to treatment because of their appearance.

Underrated cow IMO, but that might just be because her faux-eloquent prose makes me want to punch a wall

No. 1397871

File: 1640028934916.jpg (355.98 KB, 1075x1433, 20211220_193117.jpg)

No. 1397874

File: 1640029038718.jpg (434.8 KB, 1080x1674, 20211220_192509.jpg)

>>1397871 another one

No. 1397875

File: 1640029094027.jpg (372.67 KB, 1080x1795, 20211220_191850.jpg)

Also found this. Her parents not being total enablers

No. 1397876

Fucking kek what a throwback. Miss the 2015 malingering days

No. 1397881

faux-eloquent prose, kek
Everything she writes could have been said in much simpler ways. Half of the time it doesn't even make sense

No. 1397899

Kek she's not a failure because she wasn't really trying to die, she's a failure because she wanted sympathy for poisoning herself again and she didn't get the kind of attention she wanted. Definitely pathetic though. Anons have pointed out that keeping her in hospital is just enabling her BPD shit, but I think dumping her into hospital care is more about relieving the rest of her family from the burden of caring for her. Looking at it that way makes me feel better about her bed-hogging anyway, especially if it keeps her poor sister from needing it

No. 1397908


jelly beans?

No. 1397934

She sounds like Smorven - who is copying who?

No. 1397942

This is like the most stereotypical ‘i’m hearing voices’ paragraph of nothing I’ve ever seen. She should check out the sort of shit actual schizos write to at least make it authentic. There’s a guy on the other farms who thinks the government sent lions to kill and eat him, so i’m not impressed by the generic “oh the voices~” shit.

No. 1397959

Why does your face swell up post ligature?

No. 1397963

keep posting anon!

No. 1397967

Another one clearly wasting precious NHS time and resources.

No. 1397968

This is Fiona's old account nonnie

No. 1397969

So many write crap like this on their instagrams. People that truly believe stuff like this normally don't have the capacity to also take a selfie that looks kind of normal or write pretty coherently. Their posts before and after are normally paranoid ramblings. As well all on here know yet professionals seem to be playing into it all.

No. 1397974

I'm sure she has labels like pseudo psychosis, manipulation, care seeking, attention seeking, splitting, on her NHS notes. We only know about her treatment from what she tells us. It's her starving herself, putting herself in medical emergencies and her parents causing a row that obligates the professionals to cover their backs.

No. 1397983

If you're referring to Stone Man Warrior Kelly Sleight, those damn SAG bastards finally got him. He just couldn't walk into the trap of those terror soldiers to get his leg rot treated. His kill/death ratio must be amazing though, hope the crazy bastard can finally rest in peace.
Fiona doesn't have a fraction of the creativity a real schizo shows. Wrong cow died really

No. 1397997

Wonder why the switched from making an underage Fi take herself to hospital to going to the newspapers because she isn’t getting the very best specialest care

No. 1398000

again, that's all coming from fi so who knows how much of it is true or how many ODs she'd been taking at that time

No. 1398005

ayrt yes it was - hadn’t checked his thread in a while, sad he died. Although brings another good point against fi - genuine schizos often avoid hospitals because they don’t trust medical professionals as far as they can throw them. They rarely accept help without a fight, not try to get admitted every other day. Bad larp!

No. 1398040

It’s been deleted lol

No. 1398044

As much as I'm kinda sick of the gatekeeping of hashtags, this one did make me cringe. She actually looks like she has an ED so ..

Been deleted now.. she must be embarrassed af

No. 1398164

Legit, she looks worse than previously, for all her recovery warrior bullshit. Social media is cancer

No. 1398261

>refined to a hospital bed

No. 1398268

Kek she has since she was about 13. She’s consistently been in MH services for about 12 years now and adult ED services for about 6 with no discharge from them at all. Never known this to happen with another person. Especially in the UK, usually if there’s no improvement especially after years, a patient is just discharged because of waiting lists. I remember another anon saying they’d never known someone to get as much support as she had and still has, which I also agree with! She’s like the new English Smorven, maybe that’s why she managed to Larp a bullshit ASD diagnosis from oblivious professionals - to become the new Morven kekeke

No. 1398271

Still the same bullshit content though. I think the point is she’s text-book malingered stuff like psychosis, paranoia, ‘flashbacks’ etc and then suddenly seemed to have forgotten about it, which a lot of her star struck following fans won’t even know about her and think she’s the ultimate ~inspiration!!~. If she can malinger that then what else is she bullshitting kek

No. 1398276

Probably because they were so used to Fi having the NHS bend over backwards for her and accommodate her shit, that the one time they couldn’t and dared to send her somewhere where she would still get the specialist support and attention she secretly craved, it wasn’t good enough for them thus the ‘shes Been let down!!!’ Media larp. . Other families would’ve grabbed for that chance, should’ve just left her in England and gave that bed she blocked for 2.5 years to someone who actually wanted to get better.

No. 1398277

She was 19 when mummy dropped her off at the hospital that one time. She was visiting her in A&e the next day kek

No. 1398301

File: 1640068707017.jpeg (90.31 KB, 552x640, 940996D5-7B9B-44AB-93D7-A3F09E…)

This was from a a few years ago when she first mentions her sister loosing weight. And shock hottie, Fiona make it’s all about her and how her sister being unwell ‘is going to make her relapse soon’. She literally cannot even stand to think of someone else being unwell other than her. No wonder her sisters avoid at all costs. The epitome of selfish twat right there.

No. 1398304

File: 1640068857188.jpeg (179.01 KB, 750x891, 64D27199-DFCB-45A4-91EA-82E5CE…)

Couldn’t remember what happened but remembered to get that hospital photo shoot and dramatic black and white filter kek

No. 1398315

File: 1640069427662.jpeg (101.57 KB, 567x640, 8505B0EB-9705-49F6-A541-D8C0DE…)

She’s on par with Smorven on the selfish narcissistic twat level at least!

No. 1398322

File: 1640070391544.jpeg (904.65 KB, 828x1450, A28C244C-0454-48FA-9064-359157…)

Cece is giving tips on tiktok on how to be the sickests

No. 1398341


now that'll show them!

No. 1398351

>>1398322 You're such a fuckin TWAT, Cecelia!! Just grow up, goddammit!

No. 1398371

Who is coping who out of her and Smorven ? They must have seen each other

No. 1398386

I thought she never binged? Or did she just vomit in the shower for fun after a normal meal? Sounds fucking dumb if so.

No. 1398387

They spent a lot of time both in Glasgow

No. 1398390

File: 1640079189788.jpeg (112.81 KB, 750x894, E172C511-CEDC-4238-BE3A-2A1900…)

Just incase anybody forgot she’s still unwell!!

No. 1398394

She also mentioned oats are quickly to purge and using idiopathic anaemia as an excuse for fainting (Kek as if) how is that not going to give people ideas? She is being a twat arguing in the comments with everyone who disagrees with her .

No. 1398397

Claims to have purged a lot but never binged. And her weight magically stayed in the healthy range while she was restricting heavily throughout high school and college

>I’m powerless to stop her
I get that it’s a tricky situation but I’m
sure P’s ED was influenced by Fiona. If she tried to model healthy eating around her sister or tried to get better/stop being an attention black hole then maybe her parents would have been able to focus on early intervention for the sister

No. 1398436

File: 1640084490335.jpg (154.99 KB, 750x1334, 8823167318_n.jpg)

why not have some yummy slop..?

No. 1398460

Haha she so lifted that out of Wasted.

No. 1398464

That’s what I thought. Real story or just a Marya Hornbacher quote? Likely the latter

No. 1398465

I’m not sure if they’re copying each other. Could be. Could also be that their cliched, unimaginative interpretations of autism and psychosis end up exactly the same.

No. 1398469

Literally the same thing happened in Wasted. Clogging the dorm shower, the bathroom flooding and roommate being mad at her.

No. 1398473

And no apology/ acknowledgment that it was a tone deaf post. She’s even made two posts today/yesterday to keep to her daily post routine

No. 1398476

Kek probably didn't want to ruin her nicegirl persona

No. 1398481

File: 1640091315954.jpeg (81.51 KB, 360x640, BEB4E102-E35F-4206-9B3D-A7D8D8…)

Also found this screenshot from her blog very Morven-esque, blaming services and their ‘lack of help’, and putting responsibility on anyone except herself. Imagine having to be under the same roof as both of them, how insufferable.

No. 1398513


Googled the passage in the book:
>…Later, I'd discover that the rumors were true: College dorm bathrooms rarely worked because the pipes were perpetually clogged with vomit.

When googling this, I found a similar story where a guy who blocked the shower with a build up of jizz:

" I masturbated in the shower daily for over three years. My shower stopped draining well so I took a look and discovered my semen had combined with hair and other things to solidify and clog the drain. I spent an hour chiseling away and discovered a gray soup at the bottom that can’t be reached then have to purify the entire house from the smell it let off."
Shared showers sound like cesspits.

No. 1398541

Since she’s so proud of all her ED behaviors why not just puke in the toilet like any self respecting pro-ED account. Barfing in the shower is gross and people can still hear you.

No. 1398547

Apparently she thinks throwing up in a shower is ~glamorous~ in the minds of people with EDs. Really, it's not. Nobody thinks an ED is glamorous.

No. 1398558

I don't think she finds it ~glamorous~, it's more like a generic ed trope so of course she has done it.

No. 1398560

Being with both of them is beyond imagination!

No. 1398567

Generic ED trope? You mean people actually do that and it's common? Ew

No. 1398570

Now that I think about it, I guess it's not as gross and being hunched over the toilet but then again, you're standing in your own vomit and may have to stomp it down the drain or alternatively clean it up by hand so.. Talk about glamour. Imagine Cece cleaning that up. And yeah I've heard quite many people doing that.

No. 1398574

Isn't the point of puking in the shower to 1) cover puking sounds and 2) for the running water to break up chunks?

I've read people do the shower thing on mpa, but it's only been the really bad b/pers who do it multiple times daily that get blocked drains. Can't see how a few pukes could do that.

Oh, puke ~TW~

No. 1398575

No. 1398579

I wish I didn't open that link. Barf.

No. 1398588

If there are a lot of hairs already in the drain it could get blocked very fast. The idea of puking in the shower is as old as people sharing tips on the internet and yes, it's mostly a tip because of the sound and the fact that showering is normal and you can take your time purging. But sure thing Cece did all that and now has to share every experience so young girls get new ideas they didn't think of googling.

No. 1398589

>>1398322 what was the point of eating oatmeal to immediately throw it up there isn't anyone watching in uni to be the breakfasts police why not just skip?

No. 1398592

That's one reason why she's embarrassing. She's at the age where she can decide for herself to eat or not. She sounds like a kid living at home who's purging in secret, whereas she can't stop banging on about being disordered.

No. 1398594

lol, yeah, people purge in a lot of disgusting ways. Also common: into plastic bags, into garbage disposals.

No. 1398621

What a time to be alive

No. 1398623

Indeed. You could forgive people pre toilet era for their ways to dispose of their shit, but in 2021…this is regressive evolution (or something).

No. 1398624

Repeated vomiting into toilets screws up that plumbing just as much as vomiting into shower drains or sinks or whatever. It's all gross.

No. 1398627

I'm not a plumber but that doesn't make sense to me. Toilets are designed for disposing of organic matter. Shower drains are not made for transporting chunks, toilets are.

No. 1398639

It takes longer to be a problem in toilets, but they're not designed for that volume of material. Clogging the pipes and/or having them burst is a classic problem for bulimics. Depending on what food they're throwing up and how digested it is, it may also be more difficult to push through the pipes than poop.

No. 1398640

File: 1640106537274.jpeg (992.29 KB, 828x1541, 58BD3862-52B9-4255-A8A9-363FBD…)

i dont like asking for things - proceed to open a p.o box anyways

No. 1398641

If you're soooo guilty then why ask for shit in the first place? Sit down, shut the fuck up and focus on your recovery.

No. 1398648

File: 1640107188073.png (304.2 KB, 1714x1407, Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 7.18.…)


No. 1398650

File: 1640107279303.png (233.03 KB, 1700x1398, Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 7.19.…)


No. 1398656

>>1398648 fucking KEK "my mind is unhinged"

No. 1398657

Can we please call a moratorium to this discussion topic? It is OT and fucking disgusting and you can't spoiler that shit.

No. 1398659

That's some fucking shitty poetry and I am not even a poetryfag

No. 1398660

File: 1640108102350.jpg (217 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20211221-123347_Chr…)

Did she rhyme stress with distress lol

No. 1398662

Does Fi headbang? Has she ever?

Still looking for a cow hat to send to her PO Box …

No. 1398665

She did in inpatient all the time when she saw others doing it too, then flaunted the fresh injuries over social media and when she had leave

No. 1398668


Not as half as ridiculous as "Fiona" with "Catatonia".

No. 1398669

The second-hand cringe I had reading all these poetry screenshots

No. 1398671

File: 1640109401397.jpeg (108.59 KB, 750x896, EDD1BF2B-3B4C-43CC-9D45-FFE4D3…)

Shocker. Struggling because she actually has to be an adult and take responsibility to eat for herself instead of having hospital staff pandering to her. She’ll stay home for Christmas then do what it takes to get back into hospital again when she won’t have to be accountable. Can see it now.

No. 1398672

All ED fag poetry is terrible. Literally no exceptions

No. 1398674

Kek she can’t have been that ‘catatonic’ if in august, according to her social media, she was out with friends all the time and went to the city to watch a music. So catatonic.

No. 1398676

File: 1640109623047.jpeg (130.69 KB, 828x1072, 63FB5526-35AB-4B66-AEA7-8F201D…)

Could any knitanons make this one? Warm, childish and kid-sized for her sickly head

No. 1398684

exactly, there ar ecatually many anas who recover for their family members because they can see them ging down the same path and want to stop them from dealing with the same shit they have/had to
might have helped her narcissism too kek

No. 1398686

But anon, then none of the attention would be on Fi and the world wouldn’t revolve around her anymore, and we can’t have that!!

No. 1398687

Wasting time and resources for that cow? Sorry but no. A cheap one from Walmart or whatever ought to do just fine.

No. 1398692

I could have an adult size one of those knitted or crocheted no problem. Could even put a pocket at the forehead to provide extra padding for when she's off on a headbanging spree.

Totally would, but I will not cowtip. (Note for farmhands to save their red text).

No. 1398693

She must know the recovery mantra by now - Recovery Is Not Linear. Wow, dips in moods because you're gaining weight. Fancy that!

No. 1398697

But nonnie, she said she’s struggling and it’s v hard because she’s still SO, so~unwell~

No. 1398698

shes an exception anon, didnt you know?

No. 1398699

Off topic completely but Paige just popped up on my tl and I was wondering if any fellow farmers bought the book and would be willing to send it bc I want to read it but I really don’t want to fund her ego (yes I’m cheap bitch okay I hate myself too don’t come for me)

No. 1398704

I will never not be unwell
The ED voices are too loud
Fucking hell.

Eating seems as remote an idea as
Living in Patagonia
They speak Welsh there
Like the singer from Catatonia

Please, I'm on my knees
I want to break free
It never ends
I'm drowning in the sea

In a whale's stomach like Jonah
But my name is Fiona
It's not okay to not be okay

No. 1398730

made my day, nonnie!

No. 1398732

File: 1640114290812.jpeg (60.74 KB, 362x640, 14EC4148-734F-47F3-81D2-D0A360…)

WHEEZING anon, kek. Rupi Kaur eat your heart out (pun not intended)

No. 1398847

Reply to myself, just emphasising I was joking mods, pls don’t ban me

She has now deleted the comment on her most recent post asking if she had deleted the ~problematic minority~ post. Kek, can’t have any dissent in the recovery goddess camp

Pls anon, do you have a link to the blog as a Christmas treat? I can’t find it through google

No. 1398924

File: 1640133010347.jpeg (113.12 KB, 741x1050, 1307B5AE-6FC1-48F9-A996-0EFEAC…)

In case anyone wonders what anal ease is up to

No. 1398941

File: 1640134254215.jpg (72.44 KB, 773x742, cryface.JPG)

Checked out what Paris is doing. Look, she's being brave! Print this out for motivation, anons.

No. 1399059

The amount of dross Paris posts on TikTok is ridiculous - she’s still doing her ‘dancing’ and wallowing in self pity - she has no desire to change or recover yet pretends she does. And she’s very proud of having BPD!

No. 1399103

Her little sister just graduated college in three years and she’s out here saying she has no money but spent $250 on beads. Not sure what she’ll do when her parents’ insurance stops covering her in a few years.

No. 1399163

It’s almost like all these cows are jealous and have BPD. Yes, Fi, not autism. I guess I’d be pissed if my siblings were successful and I was living at home with no degree, job, or life goals too

No. 1399187

File: 1640162356349.jpeg (173.23 KB, 828x1295, 71461A3F-B83A-42A2-88DC-EE870F…)

oh stop guys! you are making the autistic/anorexic/ptsd-er cry again! and she might feel guilty for this too.

No. 1399188

File: 1640162439517.jpeg (692.44 KB, 828x1187, 71760C82-89DD-4E4C-917B-CB0C55…)

is Emma in hospital again? i never understand whats going on with this one

No. 1399194

File: 1640163713103.jpeg (134.86 KB, 750x576, 747179B9-236F-41F6-8EED-FEE460…)

Maybe she’ll stop being sad and upset if she manages to go back to the hospital!! This post is years old but still applicable. If she goes back it’ll be sunshine and rainbows and the voices will quieten. I’d feel guilty if I larped “ASD” to excuse my cunty behaviour too. Shame all those BPD-justified text posts are there for everyone to see though kek

No. 1399199

she really fucking loves to vaguepost because she's figured out it gets lots of "emma, are you okay?? what's going on??" comments and then she can pretend to only share because people asked.

(She is, she commented saying the pictures aren't old)

No. 1399372

Didn't she get done for dealing heroin? She was too creepy vibes for me to get too involved in her. Never surprised when these munchies croak.

No. 1399373


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

It's the same everywhere.

No. 1399375

Do you mean 'dead' like in 'my whole body is dead arghh' or 'she deleted her twitter, totally'?

No. 1399379

dead like 'take me to the morgue'

No. 1399381

Sounds that way and not like "facebook engaged".
Looking for info.

No. 1399384

File: 1640193812672.jpg (94.67 KB, 1035x744, Capture.JPG)

Deffo dead, but no info about why, why, WHY??? Now with the angles.

No. 1399385

Most likely stillborn

No. 1399387

I do remember that one. She was a thing five years ago or so. Rabid and weird character, in and out of ICUs all the time.

No. 1399388

Learn to read

No. 1399392

Don’t be a cunt, I was only trying to help.

No. 1399394

She deserves to be miserable

No. 1399395

All I found were comments saying people are praying for her. Bit late for that.

No. 1399396

File: 1640194315101.png (1.32 MB, 1012x978, Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 12.1…)

Sorry was OP but deleted because I showed the username of the person who had posted about her death and didn't want to cow tip. Did some FB digging and found this. Looks like she might have died of COVID, which is…. shitty.

No. 1399399

How were you helping kek nobody was asking about the baby retard

No. 1399400

Should've got vaxxed.

No. 1399406

unexpected turn of events if true. maybe she wasn't actually munching so hard these days?

No. 1399408

True. She looks really good in her latest pics. Almost like a different person.

No. 1399409

She had a boyfriend as well. Wow.

No. 1399410

here's a fucking hint: the adult is the dead person

No. 1399416

Wow is right. Can't believed she seemingly got her life together and then got hit by COVID. What an unfair way to go considering we have like likes of the twins, EC, and the litch queen still walking the earth unscathed. Not to mention Fi and Cece trying and failing to "unalive" themselves.

No. 1399420

You're right there. It's genuinely sad news to know she was happy and was getting into new things and BEING AN ADULT…then…poof.

No. 1399421

File: 1640196081381.jpg (81.1 KB, 620x828, Capture.JPG)

No. 1399432

File: 1640197507706.png (1.69 MB, 1340x739, Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 13-22…)

Eug Flexing recently how skelly she looks.
meanwhile children watch this….

No. 1399434

why does it look like she has big saggy tits?

No. 1399438

File: 1640198002225.jpg (25.98 KB, 485x392, wtf.JPG)

I was just going to write that.

No. 1399441

Looks like the inner part of the ribcage to me? I could be blind though.

No. 1399443

She's already dead. That expression is no expression. It's awful to say this, but I can't find any empathy for her.

That tit thing looks like she has Lucinda tits. You know how they hang down with no fat in them, only skin? Well, that. But, goals right?

No. 1399457

File: 1640199778938.png (993.47 KB, 486x865, Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 20-02…)

waving around with her bones, again..

No. 1399460

She's actually so disgusting and provocative don't give a fuck what happens to her

No. 1399473

Why are you censoring the eyes of the dog? I doubt it minds being posted on the farms, nonnie

No. 1399475


She might have some real Corpse Bride cosplay sooner than she might think.
How disgusting.

No. 1399488

File: 1640202691658.jpg (83.57 KB, 798x1080, 1640202530207.jpg)

No. 1399490

Same anon. I used to feel sorry for her but i feel like it’s a fetish for her/ she feel superior

No. 1399491

what is she, proud of cops coming to her house? if you're not a criminal it's scary and if you are it's embarassing and no one will work with you til shit cools down. why would she post that, is she dumb

No. 1399502

File: 1640203651556.jpeg (260.84 KB, 750x475, C6768716-9244-48BC-9437-1CA648…)

Not quite as bad as Eugenia

No. 1399504

It made me laugh honestly, this thread is so often depressing drains on the health care system that anon making sure a dogs identity is protected made me kek.

No. 1399514

Sorry for being an extreme tard but who is the one who died?

No. 1399517

Alexys. She was an OG munchie/anachan who would make herself sick by doing things like drinking tide pods and/or putting the detergent down her tube if she had one at the time. She called her doctor 'mama bear' and had a weird fascination with infantilizing herself. She went on to be a heroin addict and then I guess cleaned her life up? I got bored during her heroin phase.

No. 1399542

She was a great cow at a time. Her username was Jonzie or Jonzie08 I think. Honestly her milk was golden might be worth revisiting old threads in her memory. By the time the heroin shot happened she had already gone private and wasn’t providing the consistent milk like she had in the past.

No. 1399547

File: 1640208314264.jpg (5.99 KB, 242x208, index.jpg)

No. 1399558

Yes she was great milk. No one was sure if her texts were real or fabricated - used to get texts from her paediatrician (even at the age of 24 ish) “mama bear”) that were ‘just checking in’, saying things like ‘I’m rooting for you, you’re the strongest patient I have’ a photo of her hugging her lying in her hospital bed - it was like a fan fiction written by somebody with mummy issues that no one really believed it.
Then I think somebody sent them ALL to this doctor and she dumped her as a patient and that’s when she went private and two years later went to prison for heroin dealing?

No. 1399562

Ew, of course she was a pitbull person

No. 1399570

Nona please spoiler your dusty draugrs next time I almost lost my pizza

No. 1399571

Why did this make me laugh so much

No. 1399573

the dog didn't ask for Alexys, lmao

No. 1399585

Wasn’t she posting munchie shit up until at least last year? Doubtful she died of covid, more likely she offed herself. Major mental case with raging BPD, suicide is the most likely cause of death in those sorts. She was an ana chan and munchie for close to if not more than a decade, the probability that she truly recovered from that is pretty low.

No. 1399604

File: 1640212448971.jpeg (474.69 KB, 828x2201, 913C2069-C5DE-49C6-9CBB-36D642…)

Looks like Jonzie’s family is requesting donations to NEDA. No mention of Covid at all. Nice of them to pick a munchie selfie, not tacky at all kek.

While no one should cheer any person’s death and I’m sure her death is awful for her family, Jonzie was blight on society and her family, “friends”, and the internet in general are better off now.

No. 1399643

Gotta question guys - do you remember this girl? She's been active on Instagram na YT for some time. Anyone got links?(Namefag)

No. 1399656

Used to be lovemywonderfullife now it's _______a_____d_____d_____a or something don't know how to link sorry

No. 1399697

>>1399643 Any russian anons to shed a light on who the heck it even is? Never seen her before, and google isn't bringing up anything. Has she even been talked about before?

No. 1399704

File: 1640220061439.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1900, 54456787.png)

i haven't watched yet but it seems like she's just a random spoop. The video is old, she looks like she has recovered by now, picrel is from two days ago.

Her insta is https://instagram.com/_______a_____d_____a_______ and her old profile (from when she was sick) is https://instagram.com/guzeeva.kokoko and her name is Ada Guzeeva

No. 1399782

File: 1640228269034.jpg (360.29 KB, 1080x2106, 20211223_125654.jpg)

WTF is with Porgies fingers!?! Revolting! And what the fuck even are those nails!?

No. 1399788

Why is she back in hospital? Or did she never leave? Psych/ medical/ Ed ?
She annoys me ( not as much as Fi and smorven but nearly)

No. 1399860

Too much peanut paste

No. 1399889

File: 1640244848978.jpeg (939.47 KB, 1170x1571, 5DC23E87-24F4-4128-A01C-BFB7A0…)

>did she never leave
I doubt it

No. 1399905


Laquered plastic caps, superglued on top.

No. 1399907

Apart from an ED and Elhers danhlos what’s her diagnosis? ( apart from bein totally institutionalised).
I wonder if people like Emma/ Fi/Smorvernnwould know how to clean a shower or operate a washing machine- but then I guess having an ng is a much higher priority than life skills!

No. 1399927

There’s no going back once your fucking fingers are fat like this. She’s hefty from head to toe. We are supposed to believe this fat cunt is anorexic? She’s never lost a pound in her fucking life but she’s gaining every day.

No. 1399932

fat fingers freak me the fuck out. i swear seeing Porgie makes me fully regress into fatphobic ana-chan mode, i literally think of nothing but her sausage fingers or tree trunk neck for hours just wondering how she lets herself get so fat and HOW she gets tubed when she's obese

No. 1399935

Can’t believe people can be so fat that the fat builds up in the fingers

No. 1399936


my mum had this family friend who was so obese that her feet were fat, and she always wore ballet shoes, fat spilling over the top. haunting - and i bet thats what porgie's look like(blogpost)

No. 1399937

She looks so bloated in an uncomfortable and tight way if you get what I mean. Not like soft and squishy kind of fat but like hard and bloated. If you'd poke her it'd be elastic, kind of. Existing in that state just looks so so so uncomfortable. How can she handle it? And on top of being that huge being tube fed and eating all kind of junk on top of it. How does she bear it all?

No. 1399939

reminds me of that line in wintergirls about a nurse "so fat her skin was waiting to burst open with pus-coloured fat should she move too fast"

No. 1399940

samefag, just the thought of someone so bloated and big that their skin is tight, ready to rip open and expose fat…. i imagine she feels like that. uncomfortable and ready to pop.

No. 1399949


No. 1399954

It’s obviously oedema from much-needed refeeding, you mean boolies

No. 1399963

File: 1640257344724.jpeg (63.32 KB, 625x468, 7685A765-AD5E-493A-9151-E2E234…)

picrel is Porgie calling to book in another NF vacation

No. 1399971

File: 1640258877948.png (910.44 KB, 935x653, tammy.PNG)


reminds me of youtuber Tammy Slaton, who is so fat everywhere her forehead has begun storing fat.
Maybe this is Porgies goal?

No. 1399977

Emma does not have Ehlers Danlos, don’t be fooled by her munchie antics.

No. 1400018

File: 1640266099526.jpeg (527.96 KB, 828x1392, EB2049FB-ECE5-48E7-8586-4F0BC1…)

in an outcome that has shocked nobody, niamh is back IP

cow or not, i’m sad for her - she seemed like she really wanted to have a good christmas

No. 1400022

> uwu sad face
note how she’s holding her legs up rather than resting her thighs on the seat (maximum skinny pose)

No. 1400024


I can't believe you genuinely believe her and think this is not all on purpose wtf. You think she doesn't know what she's doing?

No. 1400025

File: 1640266428872.jpeg (225.77 KB, 828x1453, CF001B28-E71E-478F-928A-0242D9…)

and of course no asspat-grabbing attempt would be complete without a body check inside the unit. sad face. hard to find empathy for this one

No. 1400026


yeah had a momentary instance of weakness then saw the bodycheck and came to my senses - 16 is more than old enough to know better

No. 1400036

File: 1640267934153.jpeg (899.89 KB, 828x1696, B122CD90-9DCD-4D23-8D4D-C810FB…)

actress mode - on

No. 1400037

I feel bad for her to be honest. As a certified Niamh hater, her recent efforts have made me think differently and I believe that she’s just a very, very sick child who is lost. Hoping this time she gives recovery more of a chance.

No. 1400040

Weird how she managed the yogurt perfectly fine in her hospital bed though kek. She’s so fucking transparent it’s painful to watch her acting and clear craving to be back in hospital at this point. Preventing her sisters coming for Christmas wasn’t enough for her it seems

No. 1400042


What recent efforts exactly? Asking constantly for food suggestions she obviously doesn't even look at and constantly asking people to share 'reasons to recover'? I'm not a bitch so of course I hope she gets on with her life asap, but I think it's just unfair to grant her the 'she doesn't know what she's doing' card. Even IP she keeps bodychecking, is that for the fashion outfit too? They should give her a robe to see what excuses she comes up with then. Anyways hope she's fine I just can't stand the victimization.

No. 1400057

ok, true. She does know what she’s doing, but I still feels bad for her. Her poor mum too, clearly so hurt and upset to see her daughter this way. That’s what irks me the most.

No. 1400061

She's crying over the same yoghurt she's been eating for months now? That's not how it works…if it's safe it usually stays safe you don't suddenly get scared of it like that. It's like she read the stereotypes of anorexia and all these other things she claims and just spews it out not actually experiencing it herself

No. 1400067

She was warned she would be going IP this week if she couldn’t turn things around so I don’t have much sympathy for her

No. 1400073

Having said that I don’t understand why they couldn’t wait until the 27th. She can’t be that medically unstable or she’d be in a general hospital

No. 1400082

Because Christmas is in two days then after that she can turn her anorexia back onto full force, has to start the build up for the acting now though so it isn’t so obvious. She’ll never change, and I guarantee after Christmas she’ll go back to hospital so she can get all the ass pats and not have to be an actual adult with responsibility. Honestly of all the cows she’s up there as the most infuriating atm, for me anyway! If she was in any other service in the UK they’d had left her by now for revolving door non-compliance, but they can’t with her because mummy and daddy will run to the media again kek.

No. 1400086

Don’t blame her little sister for swerving the family home to focus on her own recovery on her own, imagine trying to get through Christmas dinner with your older sister larping the struggle over a yogurt she’s managed for months now. Insufferable doesn’t cover it

No. 1400091

It does make me wonder what her parents or family are like, it's awful to have to spend holidays away from family for the majority of people, but some develop eating disorders/attention-seeking behaviors due to the living situations/family. Could do her good to be away for the holidays, hopefully they'd take her phone off her so she can't be chronically online.

No. 1400118

that's what I've been thinking. If you are already in the system and have been IP before, why not use it as an option to escape your family over the holidays. Sad as it is, Christmas is hell for some people and no one knows what's going on in a persons life outside of social media.
Still no need to body check and I agree, there should be limited access to the internet for those kids while being IP.

No. 1400121


She’s said before her eating disorder developed after trying to eat healthily. Losing weight, liking the compliments.

No. 1400124

fucking learn to sage

No. 1400144

<script>window.alert("test")</script>(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1400164

That’s how they start but not why they start. Trauma and feelings of worthlessness would make her get addicted in the first place

No. 1400195

BPD. That's it.

No. 1400199

Not always, retard. Sometimes it's just a diet gone wrong.

No. 1400201

Agreed. There are a million different reasons why people develop eating disorders and disordered eating. Yea we all are walking around with some unresolved trauma but that comment is pretty dense.

No. 1400203

What unit / edu is she in?

No. 1400208

Because if she didn’t have the yoghurt to whine and cry over what else would she have to record? She can’t moan about her ng feed anymore or talk about going on leave - she has nothing .
I’ll give her to the first week of jan.
Feel so very sorry for her sisters.

No. 1400210

Dundee, think the same one as that elliemay girl

No. 1400242

I wonder if there will be videos/posts on Christmas Day about how difficult and overwhelming it all is and how much she’s cried over it. I also wonder if she’ll make the fact her sisters are avoiding it all about her and milk the fact they’re not coming back because of her ED. But it’s Fiona, so Christmas will revolve around Fiona because it’s all about Fiona, so probably kek.

No. 1400249

File: 1640285338549.jpeg (178.46 KB, 828x961, 0AA47595-23EF-4620-B681-1C48FE…)

Anyone remember Dharma? She’s now attacking fat people for daring to suggest she may still not be in peak physical condition

No. 1400251

File: 1640285369659.jpeg (309.13 KB, 828x1356, 3E1C1414-3AC8-450C-8C67-B49137…)

The so called ‘fat’

No. 1400253

probably on her"recovery" ig. she used to moan about her sister all the time

No. 1400270

whats niamhs new tiktok or she just posts on ig?

No. 1400274

She’s already mentioned she has a ‘meal plan increase on Saturday’ so you’re right there. If I was her sister I’d give Christmas a swerve too if all the day meant was a ‘meal plan increase’ - what a depressing Christmas lunch.

No. 1400280

Christ. Well I hope her sisters have a nice Christmas without having to sit in a hospital room or watch their 24 year old sister make the day about her as usual. How festive

No. 1400285

She seems like a mean-spirited woman who genuinely enjoys triggering people. For her to call her emaciated self fat and say “just gain the weight” to go on and use fat as an insult in the same post. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Vile.

No. 1400346

File: 1640294984395.jpeg (996.17 KB, 828x1628, 78BE4E16-BCD5-4F0D-A0A3-A50970…)

the anticipation on what she is going to wear and eat in on Sunday and after

No. 1400356

File: 1640295353374.jpg (3.3 MB, 4096x5120, GridArt_20211223_223323422.jpg)

Saw this on snapchat trending. Her anorexia "recovery" and her "fitness journey" is documented. She literally looks miserable. I noticed her weird red marks on her face too, don't think that's normal.

No. 1400360

better pic of the face stretch marks? I don't see anything

No. 1400380

She’s probably just going to get some generic childish plates to paint and stupid hats to prance around in and look like a bit of a dick, once Christmas is done ofc

No. 1400384

She's so stunted by all those years she spent in hospital. This is why long term hospitalisation is baaad. She makes everything all about her because being the main object of attention is what she's been used to for like 6 years

No. 1400387


literally came on here to post this, what the fuck

No. 1400404

File: 1640298656254.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1472, 21F5F61A-6F7E-4C8B-9585-A5BF1A…)

oh hi im sick

No. 1400405

File: 1640298723135.jpeg (887.73 KB, 828x1451, 653E72C4-2F9F-4B42-8494-EECC0A…)

the sickest of all. not drawing any attention

No. 1400406

"I know you guys are sooo sick of hearing me complain about how cold I am dressing like a thot outdoors in December, so today I'm complaining about how cold I am wearing an ugly sweater I got before treatment instead haha" obviously she's doing this to burn calories and pander to skelly fetishists but its pretty sad her mother doesn't give a shit about her precious dress-up prop skeleton freezing for attention.
>>1396074 was right, Eugenia is 100% that spoop

No. 1400413

Can’t see red marks on her face in the screen app but she has said she struggles a lot with skin picking so it might be that

No. 1400423

File: 1640301373586.jpeg (457.68 KB, 1169x2085, 48023D29-01C2-4508-955D-E7A4E9…)

omg imagine the milk

No. 1400427

If her parents really wanted her to get better they'd take that phone off her

No. 1400460

It'd be helpful FOR HER if she didn't document it.

>It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
This pic absolutely 1oo% exudes Christmas spirit. Feel so festive.

No. 1400462

"Haha, get fucked everyone who like calls me out for exposing my like body in all my videos like".

May catch pneumonia and die.

No. 1400498

Kek, she’s been doing this attention seeking larp since she was about 13 nonnie, so almost 12 years!

No. 1400499

Why is she in a wheelchair at home? What really sick ana is going to actually accept the wheelchair when not sectioned in hospital?

No. 1400500

Extra ‘look how sooper sick I am’ points anon!

No. 1400504

File: 1640310219948.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1125x1119, B874FD04-6677-4C00-88FB-D241E5…)

it looks like she has pectus excavatum, a sunken sternum that can create the appearance of a dent in the chest. it’s visible in picrel

No. 1400509

File: 1640310838890.png (2.21 MB, 826x1446, hambeast.PNG)

Hambeast tries to hide one trotter behind the other to look slimmer… it's not very effective.

seriously tho, that calf of hers wouldnt look out of place on the Xmas table scored&covered in glaze & pineapple…

No. 1400514

Disgusting anon

No. 1400518

>>1400405 wanted to say this but didn't want to be a dumbfag. If she's well enough to be discharged what's with the wheelchair? Seems theatrical, especially making tiktoks of it insisting she "hates it" and is "so embarassed" to go out with it. Then don't? No one is forcing her

No. 1400520

nonnie i know. i was one ofher first followers on tumblr, lost her when she transfered on ig but having fun rn

No. 1400550

File: 1640314781139.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1588x1536, C00FEB7C-2DCF-44A8-A98C-5196B9…)

No hat or Christmas outfit for once - maybe she’s having a good day…………

No. 1400653

File: 1640325600160.png (4.42 MB, 1242x2688, 2F4BB9AE-5853-4149-8579-8B6AF2…)

Sure doesn’t look like you’re being tubed for an ED babe. Christ

No. 1400658

File: 1640325979697.png (5.87 MB, 1242x2688, 774A7E67-1F92-4288-A1C7-213276…)

I think you’re a long ways off from that darling

No. 1400678

No. 1400697

No wonder she stopped posting so much and went private. She has gained a massive amount of weight.

No. 1400701

Ahh a fellow OG Fi Tumblrfag, hey! Kek

No. 1400712

Even the apple watch(?) is getting swallowed by all the fat. What’s with the weird lump?

No. 1400718

She needs to just suck it up and get on with it before she ends up a complete fucking loser like Fiona with an ugly granny face.

No. 1400723

Even when saying she is really trying for real this time she can’t stop extending her arms for maximum tendon flex. How long until the head banging and nose hose pics appear?

As vile as Georgia is I can’t help feeling a little pity for her. She’s munching her way towards massive mobility-scooter-and-heart-attack health consequences and she’s at the size where people will be staring at her in the street now. Wonder if she would have got to this weight if she hadn’t spent a decade LARPing an eating disorder

No. 1400759

File: 1640347516153.jpg (350.85 KB, 1080x2113, 20211224_220428.jpg)

Oh yes, Enara's "Severe Enduring Eating Disorder" is soooo bad that she can happily scoff this down…

No. 1400760

File: 1640347559715.jpeg (217.73 KB, 828x1792, 5DE5EAC5-CD99-42B7-95FE-7D7AC2…)

Day 5000 of Scarlett being highly unprofessional and rude. Of course it’s a bit silly to expect free coaching but a) doesn’t give her an excuse to shame the person on her stories and b) if Scarlett doesn’t want people whose budget doesn’t fit with her costs ‘wasting her time’ she should provide some indication of costs on her webpage - which at the moment doesn’t include any hint of the expected range

No. 1400763

File: 1640347814205.jpg (353.35 KB, 1078x2076, 20211224_220930.jpg)

Hannah couldn't look more chuffed to still be in hospital on the unessesary toob

No. 1400772

There’s a choice point here
>Focus on recovery, get better, have a fulfilling and enjoyable start to adulthood
>Overshare online, embarrass self forever, get addicted to external validation and continuing playing sick then playing recovery on an infinite loop until becoming a haggard, sickly 30 something loser whose only friends are their audience of children online

No. 1400791

Are her eyebrows naturally like that or has she just plucked them to within an inch of their lives?

No. 1400800

say what you will, but that pout is very sweet

No. 1400808

People a lot heavier than Georgia manage to sort out their bingé eating with therapy and a gastric sleeve. Why isn't she given weight reduction surgery instead of being tubed if she falls off the toilet and bumps her head. What the fuck 8s with Australia?

No. 1400816

As a Brit it’s bizarre to me. Even if someone of landwhale size went private here I v much doubt they’d be tubed unless there was a genuine reason. There are PD/combined PD/ED units that’ll NG fatties bc protocol but I can’t think of anywhere like New Farm where you (or insurance, or Daddy) basically pay for a bit of plastic to be shoved up your snout. Just a shame they can’t sort out bedblockers like Fiona & Morven

No. 1400823

USfag and same. Honestly in the states in most treatment centers tubing is a really last resort if not completely avoided. You pretty much only get tubed in hospital settings and even then it is in pretty extreme circumstances.

No. 1400836

They’ve always been very barn-owl esque nonnie

No. 1400864

Wasn't it at the ED unit when Laura was refusing to eat and the staff held off shoving a tube up her nose? I think she only had that happen at this BPD place.

Also feel a sliver of sorryness for Georgie. The system's fucked her up. I'd claim for compo.

No. 1400868

File: 1640361046682.jpeg (887.9 KB, 828x1449, 368E97D5-994D-4991-85A8-2133CA…)

oh nooo poor little elf

No. 1400872

>>1400816 i think they toobed her on thr pdu but they took their sweet time about it. Baffles me that she's managed to play the nhs this long

No. 1400876

File: 1640361774674.gif (117.96 KB, 135x90, boo-hoo-so-sad.gif)

No. 1400878

File: 1640362033392.jpeg (549.46 KB, 828x1141, F78E68B7-7850-48FD-AE57-723A22…)

surprised? also on wheelchair

No. 1400883

File: 1640362485324.gif (152.95 KB, 400x224, ofc.gif)

No. 1400893

Ruining Christmas and making it all about her early I see. Never change Fi

No. 1401058

File: 1640375957445.jpeg (189.65 KB, 1450x1097, 778D973E-F362-40F2-A36E-B92C4B…)

She knows exactly what she is doing and wants

No. 1401060

I hope her family get to enjoy their Christmas dinner together.

No. 1401064

She’s skirting on the edge of being readmitted aka ‘I’ll wait until after Christmas then go back to hospital where I truly want to be so I can be coddled and act like a child instead of a 24 year old woman’.she loves it and knows exactly what to do and say to get readmitted. What a fucking revolving-door, resource draining bed blocker she is.

No. 1401069

File: 1640376968514.jpeg (169.62 KB, 750x1034, 4B17455B-A174-46D3-B5D7-879E9D…)

Well enough to go the panto with her friends in the freezing cold though, even though she’s ‘skirting on being re-admitted’. Complete with fucking Christmas pudding hat kek

No. 1401095

OK I'm from aus and I need to clarify something. This weird Ed larping enabling is not an aus thing it's a Queensland thing. All the cows are from QL. largely revolving in and out of newfarm. Idk what it is about that place but it breeds cows.

No. 1401109

"skirting on the edge of being re-admitted" - hardly surprising when you decide that your biggest fear food is fruit, so that you can manipulate your meal plan increase into adding in an apple. hardly going to keep her put of hospital, but that's exactly what she wants. she's hinting at it now, so that when she's whacked back in hospital before new year, no-one will be at all surprised. she only wanted to be home for christmas, once it's boxing day, she's happy to be in hospital again, being taken care of

No. 1401111

Literally all the ausfags come from Queensland kek they're probably inbred or something

No. 1401118

File: 1640380567145.png (4.43 MB, 750x1334, D5FB5CF7-18DE-41CD-A3ED-31B44F…)

Finally hospitalised, supposedly in Dudhope ward in Dundee

No. 1401121

A top class twat, like the NHS isn’t under enough pressure as it is. She has the capacity to make the decisions she is, if she didn’t she wouldn’t be out and galavanting with friends and coming and going from the hospital like she did a few weeks ago. She should just be left to it, I know the NHS have to cover their own arse but she’s had years of weekly, intensive and consistent support and input. She has the tools and the therapy etc she just chooses not to fucking utilise them.

No. 1401153

Why would you bother putting on mascara while IP unless you wanted it to run and to like a 2013 tumblr sad girl?

I think she is in a different ward from her previous two admissions so hopefully she won’t be messing around photographing squishmallows with her old IP friends. I do hope she recovers but when she is SO obsessed with documenting her illness I can see her becoming like Hxn or Zara.

No. 1401180

File: 1640384939874.jpeg (889.6 KB, 828x1450, 9F54484D-EC25-4B7C-BC28-F1FCF1…)

oh look a newly decorated plate

No. 1401195


That Sharpie eyebrows, tho.

No. 1401203

File: 1640386661473.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 90E3C7F3-59D3-4E6A-822A-3E32B2…)

Nik is back! It’s a Christmas miracle!

No. 1401252

Second-hand embarrassment right here.

No. 1401273

irrelevant but how the FUCK are you supposed to pronounce her name?
Oh wow, dare I say he's looking slightly better? Or has it been so long I forgot?

No. 1401275

niamh is commonly pronounced ‘neev’ (or occasionally like ‘neef’ in some dialects)

No. 1401299

File: 1640393847539.png (2.75 MB, 1544x1420, dorian_fuckoff2.png)

Dorian loves ventilating her shoulder bones in the dead of winter! But don't write any of her trigger words in your comments because they are filtered out and no people who call her on her bullshit (ie. are stupid or 14) are allowed.

Not feeling so autistic or nonbinary these days is she? Now she can live her dream of being a fairy princess without any excuses.

100% obvious she is b/ping. She's already told the world that it's the only way she was ever able to get skinny.

No. 1401307

Omg thank you for the laugh Nona I needed that today

No. 1401309

not to hi cow but i swear i see posts written in jens voice all the time… is it just me? (not just in this thread i have these ones hidden now, just saw her pic on main page and had to click).

No. 1401323

Merry Christmas bitches. May we be blessed with some real milk and not all the pathetic skim garbage we’ve been forced to endure this year.

No. 1401346

Fi is coming up quite well as a cow/ milk

No. 1401348

File: 1640402211388.jpeg (225.63 KB, 1089x833, 5537E7C6-E922-4D5D-988B-2D9920…)

So if Paris can have her tick-tock blocked and deleted, what would Fi do if hers got blocked/ deleted?!…not doubt have a really hard day and not be able to face her Apple.

No. 1401415

difference is that Fi wants to be “better” anorexic than Paris but shes not even close. So even if she starts postin dance videos she wont get blocked

No. 1401421

What's the point of physical weight restoration when she's just going to spend the whole time engaged in mentally ill behavior through social media? Is there a medical reason to enable this stupid child to sabotage her own treatment or is that just negligence?
Niamh knows tiktok doesn't want her nth body checking account, she only put the poll up so she could pretend she's "documenting" her mental illness because her tiny personal echo chamber asked for it when the reality is that she wants an excuse to continue indulging disordered behavior for an audience. Not that anyone here needs this pointed out, but this is a performance, not an honest attempt at recovery. Just junkie behavior.
Oh no! Healthcare!
Some people have war in their countries, but at least she's looking festive for the holidays kek. Merry christmas Cindy Lou Who

No. 1401430

File: 1640420600666.jpg (401.04 KB, 1200x1800, Collage 2021-12-25 18_21_35.jp…)

So many questions

No. 1401449


Nik's little TikTok clip is heavily filtered, judging by the very sharp lines around his mouth.
Sparse details at this resolution, must have been a softener.
Just take a close look at the areas where his neck hits the collar.

He's acting, isn't that his favorite pastime?

No. 1401453

I have never understood Paris - she moans and wallows in self pity and complains about being ill and hating anorexia yet she makes no effort at all to recover .
I know she was back in Rhodes Farm years ago but since then she has stayed out of hospital.

No. 1401463

File: 1640428278704.jpg (340.83 KB, 1080x2112, 20211225_202904.jpg)

I know someone already posted the Georgia photos but I wanted to add to 2 of them…
Peep Porgie doing the sidewards duck face again and notice how desperately she's trying to pop out her collarbone but it's literally non existent kek

No. 1401464

File: 1640428333711.jpg (462.6 KB, 1080x2107, 20211225_202914.jpg)

And this one… Mmmhmm, you really do struggle with food, don't you Porgie?? Not a single slither left on that plate. Sooo anorexic…

No. 1401467

File: 1640430223209.jpg (345.17 KB, 1079x1919, 20211225_110148.jpg)

Fi not mentioning her sisters haven't come home because of it

No. 1401469

I’ve never known such a narcissist to make every. single. day. about her and her eating disorder, let alone Christmas. Maybe if she made the effort she wouldn’t have ruined it for her family. What a selfish cow. I hope her sisters have a nice day without having to revolve it all around her like they have done before they have to listen to her cry when she puts herself back in hospital.

No. 1401471

Anorexia will “leave you” when you bother to utilise the years worth of therapy and help you’ve had and still have. Moo-ey Christmas.

No. 1401472

But Fi, if you tell us what you wished for it won’t come true! … oh wait …

No. 1401477

Is Christmas really based around food over there or is she just fixated on it? For burgers it's supposed to be about gift-giving and being with family. I can think of like 3 holidays more food-based than Christmas, but I guess if you don't do Thanksgiving, Christmas might be the only one where you may be expected to eat with the family? She's an adult though so she could do whatever she wanted for Christmas if she hadn't voluntarily disabled herself for sympathy

No. 1401481

The Christmas dinner is a fairly big part of the day for most British families but anas will naturally fixate on it more.

No. 1401489

Still have absolutely no sympathy for her at all, kek

No. 1401498

Ausfag here and yeah big here too, people do family events over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with big cookups, no thanksgiving here so Christmas is the only time we do it (some do at Easter or other cultural holidays too)

No. 1401531

File: 1640448812934.jpeg (680.83 KB, 750x1103, 37FC12CB-349C-4628-B2CC-22FED9…)

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a self obsessed low weight comparison from ganer

No. 1401536

Such a limited view on the world, when weight is your only concern.
I pity that girl.

No. 1401539

She always reminds me of a desiccated corpse in her skelly photos, like if a mummy came to life that’s what it would look like. And as a dyke with awful fashion sense I do like her brown jeans, but wish she’d ditch the eyeliner and just embrace her wonky eye. By trying to fix it she just draws attention to it.

No. 1401560


I will never not be freaked out by the shape of her head/face no matter what weight she's at.

No. 1401566

File: 1640470411116.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1170x1315, 1141C4C9-F9C9-4FB5-942C-A1246D…)

The stages of a forehead black hole, from left to right. For real I’ve never seen a more awkward Christmas photo

No. 1401618

Piggybacking off of you to ask if the anon with the first book still has it and would like to share it with us as a little Christmas treat. Don’t want to give her money to read it but also I am curious about the self-indulgent waffle she somehow got published,

No. 1401639


They should've shown off their handpainted foodbowls.
Then it would have been THE perfect shot.

No. 1401649

I hate how she does that gym mirror pose.

No. 1401715

How does anyone recover in places like this? Surely they just all trigger each other.. walking around with their toobs hanging out. Imagine trying to weight restore in that hellhole.

No. 1401725

Who is Lauren? Assuming one in red merry Christmas dress? Any backstory? Unit?

No. 1401727

People don’t! They just get more twisted and pick up bad ideas and habits or copy other people (eg all Fi’s various things she’s developed from fear of fruit to psychosis to head banging to autism )

No. 1401749

File: 1640491734306.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1170x2128, 1A5D0C9C-3979-420E-A7A7-4AB233…)

Irish fag same unit as Emily. Not sure the name but from the looks of things it’s for the skellies who are all tubed, take the most awkward group photos and have pads bandaged to their heads

No. 1401764

The unit is the Priory Glasgow fyi

No. 1401814

Had a look at her profile and she's pretty much just another average spoop. She's almost thirty, posts lots of hospital pics and has quit some SH scarring going on all over her body.

No. 1401848

Doesn’t look 30! Skellys never do - either super old ( Maria and Katy) or super young.behave about 13 too.

Glasgow priory is obviously ‘the’ place to be… if you haven’t been there and had an ng have you really had anorexia?….

No. 1401849

What if Fi got sent there again - bit harsher than easy medical ward no leave etc- or have they rejected her permanently now?

No. 1401854

File: 1640513293253.jpeg (737.88 KB, 828x1466, 61F3C073-D1FA-4F54-8132-36A0F5…)

is it a pad? is she a nun? and how are they twins?

No. 1401858

File: 1640513475839.jpg (31.35 KB, 632x408, W6bptex06paJWg.jpg)


I get Dune vibes I see more than one of these. Fabulous books, btw.

No. 1401860

File: 1640513644460.jpeg (796 KB, 828x1492, A5C92C4D-9332-44DD-8059-7C9889…)

um who would send this? an oodie from a quick search the holiday ones range from 100£-250£. why would anyone send a stranger such expensive gift that wd only wear a few days, i suspect bullshit

No. 1401862

That dog looks so done with her antics

It’s the ACUTE of the UK, it seems - which cows other than Lauren, Em, Fi, Smorven and Hxn have been there?

No. 1401863


Yeah she’s not milky. Not attention seeking. Seems like she genuinely wants to recover. No longer self harms.

No. 1401864

its a shit show thats why! the stuff rotate on a frequent basis and most of the time are stuff who have no idea about EDs and bank. so its easier to tube them and sometimes let them decide the volume rather than restrain. i know more people who were there but they were never mentioned here, so im not going to say more.

No. 1401865

>>That dog looks so done with her antics

That dog also knows, that she will be gone soon.

No. 1401867

File: 1640516496470.jpg (58.08 KB, 500x476, 5z4mtz.jpg)

No. 1401879

She was there for 2 and a half years, probably got sick of her face and antics. Would feel sorry for the staff if she got sent back up there, another manipulative larper they’d had to deal with kek

No. 1401881

Did an image search it was £14.99 on Amazon. Currently £29.99 on eBay.

No. 1401883

File: 1640519857229.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 809x1447, sexyham.PNG)

i'd like to imagine that Porgie thinks she looks sexy/attractive by posing like this, yet in reality she just looks like a rhino having a stroke.

(spoilered bc gross)

No. 1401884

Christ, I just had breakfast nonnie kek

No. 1401888

File: 1640520415481.png (2.77 MB, 1239x1316, ntfeyelashes.PNG)

my bbgal N2F has gone full retard with her eyelashes for xmas.
also, has there been any update on her bf? im starting to worry he dumped her (bcoz crazy) as shes been hitting the piss hard and is back to posting her insane b/p 'meals' again.

No. 1401890

File: 1640521152816.jpeg (78.37 KB, 432x640, 852EEC42-007E-479B-B957-222C75…)

At least she has insight kek

No. 1401891

oh sorry i was looking at the oodie website

No. 1401936


Is this the one whose mom said is a doctor or whatever or had some kind of inappropriate stuff like contact her through text and whatever?

No. 1401937

She is simply grotesque

No. 1401948

File: 1640534933153.png (626.15 KB, 720x1014, Screenshot_20211226-160553~2.p…)

Maria fell over and cracked her skull. She's in hospital.

No. 1401961

She looks absolutely nightmarish, how sad.

No. 1401989

It it really - a tiny bit of me feels sorry for them both- sometimes they do try- and they are very different to Fi. But they don’t seem to want to recover at all.

No. 1401992

Just when you think she can’t be even more of a twat and make a total idiot of herself… how much worse can she get? Will her next obsession be Easter?…..

No. 1401993

Has she been in Vincent Square?

No. 1401994

Me too. I don't think they're as awful as most of the cows here. Although I can't remember which one of them it is who sends snarky comments and questions trying to trigger other anas on IG.

No. 1402000

I think Maria lurks here. She follows a lot of the cows we mention, or adds them when we mention them. I think she tries, too, but the need for validity is too overbearing with her. She claims she's eating better, but never LOOKS better. If she's falling, them she's dizzy or weak or problems with her bones. Maria can be snarky. All I think is what a waste of brain cells. Her and sis were undoubtedly bright, but they exist how they do when they could have had a career that pays well so Maria really could've travelled to Australia, instead of just saying she's going but never does.

Probably all the mess that goes along with being competitive twins that stopped either recovering. The young cows could do it if they bothered putting in the effort but the twins are too stuck in it.

No. 1402017

You’ve hit the nail on the head there nonnie. I always got the impression Katy was the more competitive of the two (Maria mentioned not wanting to go out walking for miles once but supposedly K wouldn’t “let” her stay in - although how true this is idk and she’s obviously still a mess). Sad because if by some miracle there’s even the slightest hope for one of them it’ll probably be the result of the other carking it

No. 1402034

No. 1402044

nop. Glasgow was the only edu admission

No. 1402059

Really utilised that 2 and a half years of 24/7 help & input she got from there it seems, kek

No. 1402066

Why was she there so damn long?

No. 1402070

Because it’s Fiona kek. She’s the only person I know to have been a revolving door MH patient for so many years (we’re talking since teens) and yet STILL have so much input and support from services, in the UK, especially adult services, often if patients aren’t recovering/even trying or like Fi, constantly revolving and bed blocking they’re eventually just discharged - she seems to be the only exception I’ve come across.

No. 1402081

youd be surprised there's a lot of patients who stay years and years in EDUs and also PDUs

No. 1402087

File: 1640550210766.jpg (556.95 KB, 828x1206, IMG_0117.jpg)

there's an annoying cow on insta dont know if she is mentioned before -trying_to_recover_becca (if im not mistaken)
she's been in a unit for years after she tried to jump off a bridge and she is tube fed whilst overwheight if not obese and she is trying to believe that she is anorexic

No. 1402090

Private, so can't see her but she hasn't been mentioned before.

No. 1402091

she accepts everyone

No. 1402092

I'll give it a few days or she'll know we're anons because they all get cowtipped.

No. 1402094

what country? There are loads of these ones

No. 1402095


No. 1402118

i believe so, from what i see it mainly starts in thread 15, quite some good milk in there imo

No. 1402121

i used to follow this one a while back. didnt post often but appeared to seem like a bpd ana cow, not as bad as sophie tho

No. 1402128

Journeytoemma is like this too. With additional physical munching.

No. 1402131

File: 1640554181427.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1063x1952, 18C21B14-6A0E-400C-9CA0-255409…)

zara looks worse AGAIN. i was briefly hopeful that she was actually recovering

No. 1402135

File: 1640554245746.jpeg (165.06 KB, 505x478, 3581E058-B2D1-497A-B22B-0C311B…)

skelly old lady hands again

No. 1402144

Doesn't she have a physical illness now that's bad?

No. 1402151

tinfoil: she's not emetophobic, just doesn't want to be seen as bulimic

No. 1402155

File: 1640555286160.jpeg (825.91 KB, 750x1113, 40B14A3D-0D26-44EF-B42A-B49851…)

I really want to know what part of Ham’s life she’s not acting in. Reading between the lines she spent Christmas Day with her dad, and Boxing Day doing Christmas Day with her mum. For the first time having Christmas with split up parents; anyone would find this hard but no, she is just ecstatic because she gets two Christmas lunches and a golden opportunity for ‘anorexia recovery’ sperg.

No. 1402157

not to WK but zara is absolutely not bulimic, she’s a classic privileged anachan

No. 1402164

coming back at you with, those classic anachans are usually bulimic too but want to be seen as gold star anas because bulimia is gross and gluttonous

No. 1402175

Everything's rainbows and sunshine if you just eat. Got it Ham, food fixes all problems. BED saga when?

No. 1402179

Well you're both kind of wrong in that even if she does purge, which we don't know if she does, she is not diagnostically bulimic. She would have anorexia with purging. But I think her glands look like that because she chews and spits. While many people with anorexia do purge it is true that not all of them do. Eating disorders come in many different variations. Seems like this is an extremely dumb sperg from both of you considering I'm sure everyone on this board know this.

No. 1402183

yeah she does
it’s actually pretty fucking sad tbh bc it’s effectively making it almost impossible for her to properly recover and was diagnosed just as she seemed to be starting to hit her stride and make progress

No. 1402184

alright WKer

No. 1402187

you know that diagnostic categories are just made up? she could be bulimic and anorexic, whatever. her glands and Russell's sign gave it away ages ago. Not that this conversation really matters.

No. 1402190

File: 1640557951134.png (633.75 KB, 501x785, wtf scarlett.png)

Sorry but what in the actual fuck is Scarlett wearing?

No. 1402193

Isn’t chewing on ice a classic ana trick? Maybe don’t share that with your followers, Zara. She doesn’t look as bad in these photos as she has in the past to me, but I don’t follow her so could be wrong.

At least it’s not the hooker dress she wore to her uncle’s funeral

No. 1402197

it clearly does because certain anons are obsessed with pushing the purging narrative. I for one dont believe she's a purger, after she posted that panic attack video over sick, and talks very convincingly about emetophobia and its effect on her sad little privileged university life.
she's also said openly before that she thinks she would have tried to purge if she didnt have emet, which makes me think her sense of self superiority doesn't stretch to the classic pristine ana picture. also her discussion about c/s in the past. idk. I sound WK-y so stopping now
depressing. I dont pity her though. she brought it on herself. and it's still possible to recover (or at least gain weight if you manage to find the right meds) with pancreatic insufficiency. the low fat diet is a bummer

No. 1402211

Probably, she seems to have alcohol in the back of her “meals” a lot now

No. 1402213

I wish n2f's food creations were posted more. She's private so I can't go lurk anymore.

No. 1402231

File: 1640562312613.jpeg (233.43 KB, 828x1240, 491FCE9E-F490-4924-A4B0-AEDEC3…)

Fi has competition

No. 1402237

File: 1640563639032.png (Spoiler Image, 5.89 MB, 1170x2532, 49F45EDD-6E9F-4E53-A7E3-2FE537…)

ngl, i opened her story and got spooked by those eyes and that tongue

No. 1402240


I wonder how the fat ones that get posted here feel when their pictures are right above and below pictures of actual walking skeletons

No. 1402294


No. 1402303

File: 1640575481428.jpg (258.2 KB, 720x1267, Screenshot_20211226-201709_Ins…)

Sage since it's an old cow, but is this Christmas pop up with Rachael and Rob a nice portrait of Medical Abuse or is she still jolly on him enabling her alleged fentanyl addiction to help fuel the anorexia? 300k+ in donationg gone for nothing

No. 1402304

Australian. NSW I think. She’s not very milky though, just another sick person who seems like she’s trying to get better.

No. 1402353

File: 1640585876210.jpg (115.08 KB, 683x1102, 20211227_161545.jpg)

Enara never posts photos that show more than her face but she's just posted this one and you can see her desperately trying to hide her body behind the bed kek but you can still see how bloody massive she is. She pretends she's all dainty online and responds to tells about her size by saying "you haven't seen my body so you wouldn't know" etc etc. Well it was no secret that she's huge and this just proves it

No. 1402357

Why would anyone post this…she looks gormless af

No. 1402362

File: 1640588016952.jpeg (378.31 KB, 1284x1588, 5B6BBCEC-4D01-4DD9-BADC-A50536…)

She went to visit a mall santa in that outfit kek

No. 1402369

File: 1640588982072.jpg (18.39 KB, 890x544, hidethepainharold.jpg)


this Santa could be the next Hide the Pain Harold.
why would she put a stranger through this?
pro-ana as fuck

No. 1402400

this is so fucked I just don’t understand, where is the shame for a) going out in that outfit and b) taking a photo with a mall Santa like that. Bet u her mum was on the sideline cheering

No. 1402402

Agreed, a good example of SEED actually

No. 1402408

This looks like a toby carvery level christmas dinner. Dry turkey with no seasoning and mash you could spackle walls with. On the construction side, she’s loaded up the plate with stuffing and carbs but she’s only got peas as a vegetable - no brussel sprouts or parsnips? (carrots, broccoli, green beans or cauliflower too but the others are more christmas specific) I’m always critical of other peoples roasts because my family do amazing ones but even what food she’s put on her plate makes it awful. Eat something green ham, nobody believes the ana larp.

No. 1402412

File: 1640594255485.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x1754, B4940ED8-23B1-4373-B3C1-F893C7…)

Sage for totally irrelevant but I just need to put it out there how unnecessary im_powerings vocabulary is. Does she have a thesaurus on hand to try and sound more poetic? Half the time it doesn’t even make any sense

No. 1402417

“Exasperated” lol. I think she means exacerbated?

No. 1402422

tbf, I feel pretty exasperated after reading that

No. 1402436

God she would have lined up with young kids looking like that. How embarrassing for her.. imagine all the other parents trying to explain that one to their toddlers

No. 1402442

File: 1640599308628.jpg (118.27 KB, 636x1703, 20211227_200048.jpg)

Enaras a whooping 120kg guys. 120kg MINIMUM

No. 1402447

File: 1640599871263.jpeg (131.42 KB, 682x646, 84CD5F53-8E0C-4B29-98C8-75B8B7…)

No. 1402448

File: 1640599907166.png (22.69 KB, 458x109, Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 4.11…)

Found this old comment from one of the twins.

No. 1402453

KEK it’s uncanny. I feel very uncomfortable about the fact that she was walking around like that around what will have been lines of children. Freezing cold, showing off a malnourished body. How unsettling. Is she totally braindead or does she actually not care about others?

No. 1402464

wif herp & derp

No. 1402467

whats her username?

No. 1402482

so. fucking. awkward…..

wtf wears that out to a Santa photo-op with children there

No. 1402485

File: 1640609370261.png (728.83 KB, 638x530, Poor Santa.png)

Santa thinking…please make this end

No. 1402486

Pretty sure she’s at a restaurant so probably not her fault but also kind of sad.

No. 1402487

She went out with her dad for a roast dinner on the 24th and went to her mum's for "round two" on the 25th. Her stomach must be s bottomless pit.

No. 1402489

Yeah she is mostly likely at a Toby Cavary which is a popular Christmas/Sunday roast restaurant, but it also has a kind of buffet/choose your own thing so she could have had more veg. Not to nitpick just to answer your Q

No. 1402496

Some of these girls get EDs as a cope for being ugly. Her, Cecelia and Fi are good examples. They can't get attention from beauty, only from being sick. So why recover, right?

No. 1402498

Jfc did she really go to there in that skanky ass Santa outfit?? Buzz's face says it all

No. 1402500

File: 1640611967677.png (245.44 KB, 574x419, Screenshot_20211227-133146~2.p…)

She's at the Pretty Pigs Stonehouse Carvery, but same deal. Pick your own carbs.

No. 1402524

File: 1640614501848.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2073, 86D62B33-EE5A-46BD-B44D-141A56…)

B-but, apples. She ~challenged~ her “first” apple pie straight after Carb Mountain and we’re expected to believe she really feels the FeAr ? Nah. Ham never stopped eating this stuff, not ever.

No. 1402527

File: 1640614820359.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.37 KB, 600x791, Cockmongler.jpg)

Spoilered for posting family members

No. 1402548

At least cece and fifi can put the fork down long enough to make it believable (although the latter is better at that than the former). This cow is ugly AND fat so for the outside observer she’s not going to get attention for being sick anyway kek.

No. 1402556

yeah, alcohol now features heavily in n2f's food creations. think porridge mixed with baileys, porridge mixed with lemon cider, porridge mixed with rum - all. with the standard toppings of skinny syrup, chocolate, cake - and she's already started adding mini eggs, creme eggs. also, the majority of her meals seems to be accompanied by rum, or vodka and vimto/vodka and coke. she hasn't mentioned the bf for a while - i hope a break up hasn't pushed her towards alchohol.

No. 1402557

claiming to be simultaneously anorexic AND bulimic is such a pro ana claim. she potentially has b/p subtype of anorexia, rather than restrictive. no-one has both anorexia AND bulimia.

No. 1402559

Sorry but it is quite normal (at least in the uk and aus) to have ‘two’ Christmas’ so they can visit all of their family without so much stress and planning on one day. Makes sense for a child of divorced parents to have two celebrations, tho it would normally be more than with just each parent and different meals on each ‘christmas’

No. 1402578

It's normal for people who don't care that they gain a few pounds over Christmas, but she's still claiming she struggles with food. She never stops eating. She was scoffing before her dinner at her mum's. Nobody still in recovery eats so much.

No. 1402608

It is not fucking normal for someone who is actually recovering from anorexia to eat that much and certainly not twice in a row add the fact she is so pleased with herself and puts it on social media. Total larp fail. AGAIN Ham

No. 1402609


Most likely, he came to the house. No mall would let a non service dog in and I’m sure parents would have been appalled. Also,Eugenia rarely goes out and prob can’t even walk around a mall, especially in a pandemic.

No. 1402628

File: 1640625962981.png (29.32 KB, 720x187, Screenshot_20211227-172320~2.p…)

I'm surprised Ham hasn't deleted this comment.

No. 1402634

I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think this Santa went to Eugenia’s house with his sleigh, backdrop and wreaths. She can walk around just fine (though probably just for short bursts of time), as evidenced by her recent house tour video and the fact she’ll stand around for long stretches of time on her streams. The fact she’s still ambulatory and walking around outside in skimpy clothes in December is one of the grotesquely interesting things about her.

No. 1402639

So where is Fi today? Moaning over her TWO sachets of porridge in her star bowl with a silky teaspoon or getting her elf Christmas knickers in a knot over an Apple…

What can she move onto after Christmas - apart from a fast track route to going back into hospital.

No. 1402642

I feel her plan is to get put back in hospital where she truly wants to be bc all that ~attention~ and sympathy she’ll get. I knew as soon as she started crying about how hard it was at home and how she’d skipped a snack that was the plan, makes it seem less ‘sudden’. She only really wanted to be out so she could be home for Christmas, that’s how EDs apparently work, after all! Kek

No. 1402645

File: 1640628023277.jpeg (71.63 KB, 427x640, F3236838-49CF-4A55-BB6E-6D2E78…)

Don’t worry Fi, nobody was. Because people who actually bother utilising the help and support try and want to get better instead of manipulating fruit as being a ‘fear food’, kek. Reminding everyone how she’s the sickest. Massive increase of an apple. How her teams haven’t seen through her yet idk.

No. 1402649

Weird how she managed the apple perfectly fine in hospital though…

No. 1402671

This picture is the embodiment of bleak and the dog is obese, yikes.

No. 1402680

File: 1640629930501.png (389.03 KB, 450x488, 0eb70ad99a72cd5e91ecfa4202cc28…)

The pic looks cheesy and bad taste as hell. It belongs in a John Waters film.

No. 1402690

Are MH trusts really that scared of the media like Fi’s parents run to whenever she throws a tantrum? Slight blog but my local one has had a fuckton of criticism and news coverage over the past few years (and rightly so tbh) and they still have no problem discharging those at low weights if they won’t engage. I just don’t see why Fiona’s keep providing her with therapy and stuff when they easily could fob her off with basic medical monitoring

No. 1402708

I think it's because she's got S117 aftercare because she was on a S3.

No. 1402710

You're the same person posting an awful lot about fi, vendetta-chan. We get it, you wish you'd had her treatment.

No. 1402724

How do you know about ED services in your area then?

No. 1402727

Valid points, forgot were talking about someone who still shows ‘wins’ against their ‘fear’ foods not a normal person or even someone who is actually in recovery moving past that shit

No. 1402728

File: 1640633824334.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1170x2117, C21E2ADF-E693-40CD-A008-1990F1…)

how does zara not receive more backlash for sustaining such an emaciated BMI whilst being the snobbiest preach towards everyone else?? pancreatic insufficiency or not, weight gain IS possible in time right??
does anyone know why she didn’t go to ANITT? like how are others on CTOs whilst she’s allowed to run around a law school and work in mcdonald’s?

No. 1402737

File: 1640634387478.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1936x1936, B93E6734-C908-466D-BF96-53D5BE…)

enjoy, anon

No. 1402742

File: 1640634622450.jpeg (1013.46 KB, 1936x1936, 8EEA812B-284D-435A-BB61-7E17C8…)

plus the drinking

No. 1402743

Are they some sort of seed sprinkled on the ravioli in the top left photo?

No. 1402744

File: 1640634760851.jpeg (48.89 KB, 828x146, 65D801E5-8684-416A-A0AD-99DF10…)

this is not good.

No. 1402747

yeah, she calls this meal „beaf taco on 2 slices of buttery toast with sunflower seeds on top“

No. 1402758

This is more horrifying than usual, which I never thought would be possible. Truly concerned for her with that new alcohol habit. It is not uncommon for people with EDs to pick up substance abuse. Poor girl already has so few brain cells can't imagine what adding regular alcohol consumption is going to do to her.

No. 1402760

> a glass of vodka
oh man this is going to get real ugly real fast. girl doesn't even know how you're supposed to drink vodka. even uni students mix that shit straight vodka is fucking grim.

No. 1402761

So does she drink every day now?
A twist in n2fs life I did not see coming. She got some guts and she is mad.

No. 1402763

Who the fuck drinks a glass of straight vodka?

No. 1402767

They mentioned MH trusts in general, no anything ED specific. And honestly, anyone has the right to be pissed she has had (and failed to utilise) so much support when other people are genuinely struggling so much

Isn’t pancreatic insufficiency what Dharma was claiming a whole back?

Her glass reminds me - is her dog ever mentioned anymore? Feel it could probably join Fi’s and Eugenia’s in a support group

No. 1402768

Captain Morgan and Asda Smartprice dried fruit. God it's grim to be working class

No. 1402780

Hahaha what? At McDonald's? She better work out of customers' sight because that is a bad look for a restaurant to employ a skelly. People will lose their appetites.
To answer your question, it seems like she's trying to be respectful with what she posts. With a sweater like that she could pop some collar bones, but what she posts doesn't come across as body checking. If she's not body checking, any criticism she gets for her size comes off as body shaming, and thats about as helpful as fat shaming. You can tell yourself you're only worried about her health but you're really not helping anyone by adding to their stress load when they obviously cope with stress by eating or starving. It's just hard to hide that level of bonelord when even your hands are that spooky scary
Alcoholics, nona.

No. 1402782

I can imagine straight vodka would be like drinking paint stripper. Surely that must burn?!

No. 1402787

Her gullet is probably so damaged from purging she doesnt feel it

No. 1402799

proof that she reads here. she explains everything in her las yiktok

No. 1402800

that fruit is ok, stfu. I put it on my oats

No. 1402802

i mean i know its pretty weird but vodka isnt that bad it doesnt even have to be super good/expensive to be fine to drink straight but yeah idk why youd pour a glass as opposed to a shot unless youre an alcoholic there are much better things to sip

No. 1402807

There are worse brands than smirnoff, but it's not like she has to keep it down. Alcohol is a depressant to numb (food) anxiety, it stimulates your appetite, but it also makes a great excuse to puke your guts out. If you're drinking a whole glass of straight vodka, you're not trying to enjoy your drink, you're just trying to get fucked up.

No. 1402834

Why the sudden push towards alcohol though? She’s been over 18 for years right? It’s hilarious right now, and I’m not one to get sad and sentimental over cows, but I have a feeling this will get very dark soon enough. There’s something childlike about a combination of vodka and vimto, somebody stop this tard

No. 1402855

Freddie Mercury did

No. 1402858


Freddie was also a legend and a bit out of the box, though. Kind of expected.

No. 1402867

Same reason a bunch of anons here probably know about theirs. Get a grip and learn to reply to posts properly while you’re at it.

She’s a raging bulimic, right? Not to armchair but pretty sure there’s a link between that and substance abuse. I feel kinda bad for her. She doesn’t give off scumbag vibes like Eugenia or Fi or LARP like Ham, Sophie or Porgie. Just completely lacks self awareness.

No. 1402869

What do you mean learn to reply to posts properly?

No. 1402872

Poor cunt had a restrictive ED and then AIDS, got fat on steroids then died. Shitty way to go. A legend yes, but had a miserable life tbh.

No. 1402903

Fuck off Sorcha.

No. 1402905

I prefer spirits neat BUT on ice. It's more bizarre to me she thinks it's normal to have a drink before work. She's either so brain damaged she thinks alcohol is just a drink, she's nurturing a problem or she drinks alcohol at any time and not to relax alone or socially.

It's safe to say she's gone backwards with the recent improvements and that's sad.

No. 1402912

You get an F in Bulsara Studies, anon.

No. 1402926

only n2f. those meals she makes that moreso resemble the elephant’s foot than actual food have numbed her tastebuds

No. 1402932

Maybe she meant a glass of vodka mixed with something? Because in her pics it shows Cola and Vimto, so I doubt she's drinking it straight.

No. 1402945

I hope you're right about the vimto cause that's what it looks like in the upper left >>1402742
but that cola had better be for the rum. Regardless, it looks disordered as fuck

No. 1402956

File: 1640652844690.png (830.25 KB, 720x1152, Screenshot_20211228-005233~2.p…)

She's still with her boyfriend

No. 1402958

Her pfp is literally her holding a drink.
Bf looks like he’s fingering her in the pic.
Unless they went on vacay to the tropics that pic is old…

No. 1402963

At least he’s shaved his neck beard

No. 1402965

Should've said, she posted it on 26th December. Welshfag soz.

No. 1402967

File: 1640653716880.png (496.78 KB, 720x858, Screenshot_20211228-010623~2.p…)

Four pfps of her drinkin' on fb

No. 1403009

File: 1640659361702.png (893.24 KB, 939x575, cowtipping.PNG)

seems a little obvious that u troll lolcow if you comment on cow's old pics right after they're posted
take note, nonnies, this is pretty much cowtipping yourself as a farmer

No. 1403082

reading this anti-straight drinking vodka causes pain to my russian soul

No. 1403115

File: 1640675144290.jpg (457.89 KB, 1079x2072, 20211228_170436.jpg)

Part 1/2
Oh yes, Enara's "eating disorder" is soooooo severe…

No. 1403116

File: 1640675172849.jpg (395.52 KB, 1080x2067, 20211228_165524.jpg)

Part 2/2

No. 1403132

No, you do.

No. 1403170

out of all the dumb things i did to my health in the past, mixing alcoholism and bulimia was the absolute fucking worst. Poor n2f, i really hope she can get her shit together.

No. 1403179


No. 1403203

Especially if alcohol causes vomiting, it's just going to damage the throat & teeth more. Just hope she doesn't go out hunched over a toilet.

No. 1403239

She has EPI so it will doubtlessly be very, very difficult for her to gain weight, however it is possible and her anorexia is clearly just running rampant with the fact it's very hard.

She isn't actually in the correct area for ANITT as she is at uni in Dundee and ANITT is for Fife. The idea was only floated round because the Dundee ED service would not accept her as an outpatient due to physical risk, however she opted against being under ANITT and given she's not on a section it couldn't be forced. As to why she isn't sectioned, she simply doesn't lack capacity despite her dire physical condition. She's annoying as fuck but she's a very smart young woman who is able to talk rings around many professionals.

No. 1403270

Anyone can gain weight unless they’re literally dying. She’s using it as an excuse like anachans always do.

No. 1403282

how do we know she’s at university? she could be lying. she’s always been so secretive about it

No. 1403283

pancreatic insufficiency does prevent someone from gaining weight if untreated. i’ve got a tinfoil that she doesn’t take her medication properly to sabotage any weight gain

No. 1403316

Because she definitely moved to Dundee from Edinburgh and there can be no other reason why she would. I also live in Dundee and have seen her around the west end (which is where the campus is).

No. 1403348

How did she get off her S3? Or did mummy and daddy intervene?

No. 1403385

Everyone has to be discharged at some point, and she was weight restored.

No. 1403386

File: 1640712605650.jpg (430.33 KB, 1080x1556, 20211228_172832.jpg)

Do you think it was perfect for fi because her sisters weren't there taking any attention away from her?

No. 1403392

Obviously not recovered though……

She has got to be the most selfish self-centred person ever. Bet her parents didn’t think it was as perfect with two of their daughters unable to come home because of Fi.
The sooner she goes back in hospital the better for every one.

No. 1403397

Probably, kek. Also noticed she’s changed even her personal account profile picture to a hospital room photo shoot from the previous, weight-restored photo it used to be. Hope her sisters had a nice day anyway.

No. 1403399

Obviously not, but no one really recovers inpatient.

No. 1403408

apart from her her shitty personality, fi is just so goddamn ugly i hate looking at her

No. 1403409

Or funding gets withdrawn once you get to a certain bmi ( although I’m sure if that happened to Fi her parents would complain to the press again)

No. 1403454

Looks different when she isn't posing pushing her hips back as far as she can to get those horse legs

No. 1403459

She still looks dreadful

No. 1403477

True, looks old

No. 1403488

File: 1640719574728.jpeg (809.32 KB, 828x1446, 3026D5EA-7A79-415C-BF9A-6D3264…)

Influencer Zoella starts her videos with “ello everybody”. influencer wanna be Fi starts her video everyday with “im having a really hard morning/day”

No. 1403517

She looks older than my 55 year old coworker. Plus my coworker isn’t an annoying fuck so Fi is losing two for two.

No. 1403524

Every day is a hard day when you have to be a 24 year old adult and take responsibility, instead of being babied in hospital kek

No. 1403527

Fiona drinking game when?

No. 1403532

I wouldn’t mind a Fiona bingo, it’s been a while since Molly & Ham’s

No. 1403554

pretty? youve seen her smile right?

No. 1403566

File: 1640727649646.jpeg (156.61 KB, 866x1181, F754D67C-E34B-4800-9E47-A98A60…)

T-shirts says it all

No. 1403568

File: 1640727697884.jpeg (144.9 KB, 846x1124, E01E632B-B92B-4F02-B6E7-F5526C…)

And the size of the bobble on the hat is ridiculous

No. 1403583

File: 1640728785917.jpeg (557.42 KB, 828x1342, E9B2FFAE-D0BA-49BE-A3D5-5606C4…)

look whos crying again - im shocked

No. 1403600

Cece's not physically ugly, she's just plain. I think Fi actually looked sort of cute in >>1397067
At a normal-ish weight she has the sort of face that (with some eyebrow work) could be lovable, if she had a lovable personality. Unfortunately, as a spoop Fi looks like the ogre emoji and it reflects her inner beauty.

No. 1403602

File: 1640729774310.jpeg (100.42 KB, 828x1027, 8D7AF64A-EE39-4865-8BCB-C99CFF…)

Look whose back

No. 1403604

The video is the literally the same as every other, although she mentions ‘skirting on the edges of being readmitted’ and how she still doesn’t believe she’s ‘as unwell as others say’. Kek, isn’t the point of being a wannabe recovery ‘influencer’ to influence recovery?? Not repeat the same shit day in, day out?

No. 1403605

Looks fine to me but this is an imageboard so if you have pics in mind, by all means. Nitpick a teenager's smile of all things.

No. 1403608


Just scrolled through n2f's Facebook and found this one of her dog… Complete with sauce lurking in the background

No. 1403609

File: 1640730151039.jpg (494.33 KB, 1079x1366, Screenshot_20211228_221910.jpg)

Oops, didn't include the picture

No. 1403610

File: 1640730194790.jpg (359.02 KB, 1079x1469, Screenshot_20211228_221927.jpg)

Also found this delightful dress

No. 1403622

Let me guess today has been a very hard day, she's very anxious and very cold

No. 1403711

her hands look fine lmao

No. 1403745

No. 1403793

And she is supposedly cross and angry at herself for ruining Christmas ! - I think her sisters were probably more upset than her- she doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else or ruining their lives. Having her at home must really limit her parents lives .

No. 1403958

u blind

No. 1403987

I hate that the purse and earrings imply she actually went out like this. I can't. imagine seeing this, granny's old pants for staying at home and the washing label out for the world to see.

No. 1404033

File: 1640768567269.jpeg (482.96 KB, 872x921, B76F7E99-0CAE-4BE9-807A-A79DD2…)

she looks so old already its quite sad

No. 1404036

Well yes, given that she's posting Enara in this thread, I wouldn't be surprised if she's not self-posting here too. Who cares that you're back Sorcha? GTFO.

No. 1404043

People think Nourish is a real weirdo, but some of the things she does aren’t because she’s weird but because she’s Northern.
>Inappropriate, skimpy and strange outfits it the middle of winter
>Ridiculous false eyelashes and too much lipstick
>Excessive amounts of alcohol
>Strange food combos

This is tongue in cheek, but I do think it’s worth noting that whilst Flourish would certainly stand out in a Wetherspoons, she wouldn’t be a total spectacle. Because there’s probably another thin young lady with huge hair and huge eyelashes with garish makeup, too much tan and tiny clothes in the immediate vicinity.

No. 1404069


New Year's Eve celebrations generally often include excess food and even more alcohol. I hope n2f doesn't have any alcohol or purging related accidents while celebrating NYE.

No. 1404081


why dont you just gtfo

No. 1404091

File: 1640778451762.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 2B1BD581-5BF5-4755-B8DD-017825…)

gal this ain’t it

No. 1404130

I’m sorry - is this her actual face/smile? I thought it was a faceapp edit at first.

No. 1404138

Oi, it's not a Northern thing. Look at the cast of TOWIE, this ~look~ is national.

Iirc, the see through dress was what she wore to a Lady Gaga gig.

No. 1404155

Please this isn’t bodychecking, this is her arm existing at a low weight.
In all seriousness she has become so much worse at this since becoming IP.

A northern and Essex thing.

No. 1404161

It’s her real smile (She has the same same crazy eyes as in her tiktoks). She’s too vain to not use FaceTune though

I’m just glad she’s too socially isolated to get onto any drugs, I could definitely see her getting taken advantage of and becoming very dependent very quickly

No. 1404191

flexing that arm as hard as possible. kek. she truly is scum.

No. 1404196

File: 1640792626345.jpeg (909.57 KB, 828x1472, 2A1946A6-9288-44E1-ACEA-4C9970…)

not a gram has been gained? (at least on her skelly legs)

No. 1404202

File: 1640793291116.jpeg (122.49 KB, 750x1238, 92C1A308-5227-4CAE-9E13-153C8C…)

That ~recovery~ body check tho. Is it possible to edit a TikTok video? Bc those legs look edited af, and there seems to be a bend on the edge of whatever that black thing is behind the plastic box? Unless I need my eyes checking kek

No. 1404233

Not to WK but tiktok quality in general is really shit so I doubt it’s edited. A lot of images on that platform could be picked apart like that

No. 1404240

Ah, fair enough I was unaware of TikTok quality in general, ty for clarifying nonnie

No. 1404269


Why on Earth are you STILL responding to your own postings..?

It's so very obvious.

No. 1404281

Opinions - would Fi go to an edu or general medical?

No. 1404295

general medical because she's quirky and different like that

No. 1404309

Well also because that is the general plan for patients who have had long EDU admissions in the past and long term EDs. They go to gastro wards generally.
According to their website Glasgow EDU has 4 beds and Cheadle Royal has 3 EDU beds. So her team are clearly going with medical.

No. 1404334

how do. you know how many beds are available? sorry random but i had no idea you could do that. also not very reliable as ive got friend in glasgow and currently theres only 1 bed but waiting from new year the second floor to reopen so more beds i guess.

No. 1404348

In an ideal world for staff and other patients, neither. But prob medical because if she wasted a 2+ year long admission what would be the point? Unless it involves an NG she doesn’t want treatment

No. 1404360

that wasn’t my post?!! check the fucking IP addresses if you’re so obsessed. more than one anon thinks niamh is a scummy little shit, get over it.

No. 1404370

ikr? im the anon who posted about her smile and thats all ive ever posted about her this site has a lot of users and acting like that honestly just gets more people to post about her to piss them off i dont get how they dont see that but they just think we’re all one person

No. 1404371

As long as it’s a hospital where she gets to take plenty of photoshoots and videos, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind or have any preference, kek

No. 1404374

She’ll try to go general because a) easier to sabotage feeds/weight gain and b) she can’t risk anyone being spoopier than her

No. 1404387

here's an idea, if autism is affecting so much her life and its affecting her ed as well as "most of her symptoms are not typical anorexic" why dont they admit her to an autism unit instead of edu?

No. 1404412

Much more freedom for her on a general to still use her own plates and go on shopping trips and home etc etc- edu would be much harsher - unless they section her ( unlikely)

No. 1404451

Forgive me for being stupid and OT but are autism units an actual thing? If they are I imagine they’re full of low functioning people, if they sent fi to one she might actually understand that larping the tism is dumb.

No. 1404453

Yes and they're for clinically retarded people

No. 1404465

It's all about your erratic typing that gives it away.

No. 1404468

File: 1640815358022.jpg (155.05 KB, 750x1334, 80488925525378_n.jpg)

Let's play another round of "Spot the difference"!

No. 1404469

No. 1404470

oh wow i actually thought people were just posting the same pic over and over again jesus christ

No. 1404471

More than one person in this world types erratically, Sherlock

No. 1404475

There are no "autism units" for females with IQ over 70 and specific policy to stop/ help reduce the number of autistic people and those with intellectual disabilities in hospitals (CTR) as autism isn't a reason to be in hospital (it isn't a psychiatric condition).
So someone with autism and a psychiatric condition should be treated in the community whenever possible and the clinical guidance for their psychiatric condition followed.
Clinical best practice would be for Fiona to be stabilised in medical and then be treated in the community and for her parents to receive a carer's assessment due to the impact caring for her will/ does have.
She is annoying AF and I don't think she should be documenting it all online on a load of different accounts but it's better for her and for everyone else (except her sisters probs) that she isn't on an EDU to be honest. But yes, I wish they'd whack a DOLs on her and take her phone/ limit her phone!

No. 1404476

Her daily life seems to be regulated and repetitive like that.
Quite sad, isn't it

No. 1404509

Is smorven in an EDU or psych?
Fi’s parents just seem to enable/ perpetuate her ED and faff around her neglecting her sisters so not sure they should be her full time carers- and am sure it’s easy for Fi to do ED shit with them rather than nurses ( like when she said her parents were ‘asking’ her to sit down not telling her).

No. 1404518

Because she's not actually autistic

No. 1404528

EDU (NHS Lothian REDU) I believe Scotland and England have different laws about sectioning and don't have the same policy as England to do with minimising admissions/ autistic people living in hospital.

No. 1404572

She was in an EDU, but is now back home according to her social media.

No. 1404574

Finally someone else said it and sees through the fucking larping, kek. Unfortunate for her though if her new possessed ‘ASC diagnosis’ prevents future hospital admissions unless absolutely unavoidable

No. 1404610

Alright hun simmer down, go tell niamh how good her fashion sense is, it’ll maybe get rid of that hard on.

No. 1404673

If she were autistic she would have an official diagnosis report- which I doubt she has- she probably just decided it was a good excuse to act like a 9 year old twat and only eat certain foods.

Why do people get sent to Scotland? Do they have more beds?
From what I’ve heard the Capio Florence nightingale in London is a prison camp and strict - would sort Fi out- and mummy and daddy could pay the private bills. A stint in there she would never ever want to go back.

No. 1404781


Really?! She has been inpatient for ages. Do you have screen caps?

No. 1404797

File: 1640848153337.jpg (609.82 KB, 1440x2244, Screenshot_20211230-180812__01…)

This girl is so happy about a tube.

No. 1404812

shes been doing that for years now on her tumblr

No. 1404821

What's her tumblr?

No. 1404825

Give me one cow who isn’t happy about a tube! You aren’t anorexic unless you’ve had a tube and been sectioned…. #goals…

No. 1404829

no its niot strict at all (nightingale edu) plus its completely private

No. 1404844

And got a photo outside a priory sign/hospital sign upon discharge, kek!

No. 1404848

Honestly I never understood this. The idea of a tube was always my worst nightmare and I imagine it’s the same for many others with anorexia

No. 1404861

File: 1640865203044.jpeg (572.22 KB, 750x1247, CE0AC324-2C96-4CC8-B364-37D70C…)

Fear not friends.
N2F is still with her boyfriend.

…. and still posting unnecessary pics

No. 1404863


also samefag.. ofc it’s liked by Porgie.

No. 1404864

Sage your blogpost, retard

No. 1404866


Those two seem to be happy together.

Good for them.

No. 1404870

is she censoring her boobs with christmas tree emojis? whatever, so long as she's having fun

No. 1404889

Sectioning laws are different but we do have the same policies about minimising admissions. Smorven is very much the exception, not the rule. She bounced around from the EDU to the IPCU to the acute psych ward all on the same hospital site which basically confirms she was acting like a dick to stay in for longer regardless of all her woe is me I’m being tortured in the asylum posts.

No. 1404907

And this one isn’t even anorexic (unless I’m thinking of some other attention-seeking Auscow, they all kinda blend in to one tbh)

I give it a month before she’s back in. She genuinely can’t function without being coddled in some kind of institutionalised environment

No. 1404934

File: 1640877259513.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1985, 024377E0-367B-4547-9CDA-AE23E7…)

someone had an important appointment today and then posts this.
who bets on admission and who bets on sectioned?

No. 1404941

That's a picture in her house so guessing neither

No. 1404945

File: 1640878388290.jpg (373.84 KB, 1080x1616, Screenshot_20211231-042716_Ins…)

Could she bunch that sleeve up any more? It looks ridiculous given the other sleeve is clearly long. And makes her arm look a stupid shape.

No. 1404948

Fucking hate that heroin chic thing she tries to do. That shit died in the noughties babe.

No. 1404974

not necessarily if theres no bed

No. 1404979

They'd just put her in a medical bed.

No. 1404988

File: 1640882745014.jpeg (376.48 KB, 713x1013, 390E4774-4CD9-4EAA-BB00-B66AA6…)

interesting curve to the arm. and why the fuck does she do that ugly fish face? does she think it makes her look thin? it just looks like she needs jaw surgery

No. 1404991

I can’t stand Niamh but I don’t think this is shooped, it’s just her sleeve bunched up. The pattern on the gift bag behind her isn’t distorted. And yes, she hasn’t realised/doesn’t care that everyone can see through her angles and posing.

No. 1405016

I don’t get why anons find it so amusing to post ganers identical daily pics of slop multiple times a week but any time Niamh is posted people freak out- I’d argue she’s milkier than ganers repetitive ocd posting which hasn’t been milky in a long ass time

No. 1405026

Or she went home to pack?

No. 1405030

It’s like a prison camp ! 4000 caps a day ridiculously strict ( talking Ed part not the general psych part where famous people go).
Yes private but nhs send people there - only has about 5 or 6 beds. Don’t know anyone who has recovered after being there- more likely scarred for life.

No. 1405034

Maria, is that you? (Same fucked up writing style, pretty sure the twins have been there, we know she lurks)

No. 1405036

No I’m definitely not Maria !!!! But I have been there.

No. 1405037

Meant to say 4000 cals a day

No. 1405039

Fr seeing that same thing every thread is annoying af, it's like these people aren't familiar with how "body builders" eat
That'd be like going on rannie colemans page and constantly being like huehuehue chicken and rice again

No. 1405065

has anyone heard of that ed ward in addenbrooke’s hospital in cambridge called S3? maybe fi’s getting sent there? doesn’t she live near the area? i wouldn’t know how you’re supposed to check bed availability tho …?????

No. 1405078

why dont you just eat a sandwich and fuck off, skelly

No. 1405083

Addenbrookes is a trash hospital

No. 1405115

File: 1640893873236.jpeg (110.66 KB, 686x592, B8FF174D-46D8-4D34-A325-0545A1…)

Please, she’s had her cases packed for days now, like kids do before a holiday. Picrel

No. 1405120

She never unpacked from when she came home before Christmas. Can’t lose that holiday feel

No. 1405123

File: 1640894568600.jpeg (129.05 KB, 750x1334, 6C09CE98-0793-4073-AB4A-6E296A…)

Idk if you’re the same person or different but people keep suggesting the most normal images look photoshopped, calm down. V underweight people just look different but neither of these look photoshopped, and you’d have to be a genius to photoshop a moving video.

You don’t need to photoshop when you can contort your body into all sorts of positions to look as skinny as possible… as both of these cows do.

No. 1405131

This absolutely is Maria.

No. 1405136

And wear short skirts and oversized boots - if she hates herself so much she’d be wearing trousers to cover herself up . But no got to flaunt her legs to everyone - standard behaviour !
Remember seeing a video on IG years ago of Maria and Katy walking round a pool on holiday wearing bikinis . It was cringe making and second hand embarrassing .

No. 1405143

File: 1640895990353.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1159x2206, 4AFB742C-AF6C-437D-83AE-5BDF42…)

Katy then.

How convenient that she won’t be filming the increases.

No. 1405145


"I have zero choice now."

Best thing you'll get, gorl.

No. 1405151

Imagine posting a selfie like this permanently to the internet. I guess her brain is starvation-addled, but she's always done this. She never grew out of 2013 tumblr like everyone else.

No. 1405155

just eat your fucking shit

No. 1405156

High Wycombe is not near Cambridge though

No. 1405158

it is not around meals or snacks? what the fuck does that mean?

No. 1405159


No. 1405160

I’m not good with location - even still though that ed place is a ward on a hospital rather than a separate unit, so might be better for her in some ways as it’ll feel more like general. But she’s ‘NOT going into hospital’ so i guess it won’t matter

No. 1405161

shouldn’t it be a choice or option tho if you’re actually wanting to recover? it’s always i ‘have’ to do it to emphasize the fact they’re sooo ill and that they’re being forced against their will

No. 1405162

still a snack though?

No. 1405167

Some people don't see supplements as a snack, would you consider a tube feed supplement a snack? Unless it's feeds in the community? (is that even possible?).

No. 1405188

You get that people think gainer is a cow because she’s just as OCD about body building than she is about being anorexic right? It’s not the fact that she eats the same thing, it’s that she has to use the same cups and bowls and pose it in front of her laptop in the same way every single day.

No. 1405208

File: 1640901035462.jpeg (364.87 KB, 828x1402, C015B80F-23B0-4AA6-A357-6A3AEE…)

Imogen reposted this bullshit again. Definitely comes across as humble bragging because she is a super special underweight anorexic snowflake. Getting called out in the comments again

No. 1405221

pLaYiNg tHe vIcTiM

No. 1405223

is it just me or does it look like her hair is thinning at her temples could just be that its wet but why would you post this regardless i thought her whole thing was pretty anorexic girl but shes just looking haggard now

No. 1405224

*IN the minority

“Poor me for being such a skinny white girl who everyone thinks of when they think of anorexia. It’s such a shame I’ve never had to struggle to access treatment. Now there’s a trend focussing on minorities THAT’S ME TOO”

No. 1405226

Because she’s about the gain weight in treatment so she has to make the most of being the most anorexic while she can

No. 1405231

File: 1640902063687.jpeg (312.12 KB, 828x1391, 27E1B4B