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File: 1686330078060.png (946.54 KB, 1280x720, goblinsteaparty.png)

No. 1843568

A-logging has been "demoted" by the mod team to only include cows. This means that other site users are "unprotected" so don't report people for hating on you or your shitty (public!) opinions. If you can't handle a different opinion, get off the Internet. Who are you, Niamh?



Hi, Niamh. She finally outed herself and her lurk / post history. She NEVER purged other than in hospital because she'd NEVER have puffy chipmunk cheeks like Abby because she's far too pure of an AnaChan for that nonsense. Nothing to purge when you only eat a blended strawberry! And she does NOT body check! And we caused her to
>relapse with self harm
(Not like we didn't notice her showing them off) [PICTURED: with mug]

Speaking of Abby, she does seem to be gaining weight outside of hospital but she's also gained some kind of substance abuse LARP.

Zara comes sprinting back to the farm with an accidental post on her "recovery" account that a gold star farmer caught before she removed it. She pulled herself out of the single digit BMI and is still under a BMI of 15.

Enara…Jesus Christ. She's lost an average of 4kg a month at her colossal size which is SO SEED of her. In, out, in, out, shake it all about with the hospital admissions. "Help I'm going to kill myself I need hospitalised." "Help, I've been hospitalised so I'm going to kill myself!" Although it seems the batteries are safe for now.

It seems Nikol has finally dropped the Muslim LARP and has more cow crossovers with Kate, I'd like to call them the Edtwt Twins, not because they look alike but because they share one single braincell between them both.
N https://twitter.com/smallervanilla
Kate shows the brainrot is real and kicking when she asked if suntanning burns calories. One savage anon said no; but if you're committed to the bit you could get skin cancer and weight loss is a symptom of that. Just waiting for cancer to be the next munchie craze. [PICTURED: the ronnie radke mugshot looking-ass bitch]
K https://anony.link/https://www.reddit.com/user/Baasically/

Emily got a tattoo of a rainbow and a… well. Butterfly/pot of gold/angel wings and halo/coffee grounds/tea leaves/crystal ball/tarot card or something. Take a guess, it's probably wrong. We really hope dead Lauren drew it on a napkin with crayons when they were inpatient together, as there is no other excuse for that monstrosity
Speaking of her, the funeral was held. What a lovely golden hour the girlie's all got for their Glam makeup and photoshoot.
[PICTURED: the tattoo. Can you spot it?]

A massive welcome to Whitney (who is quickly becoming a personal favourite of mine!) for livestreaming herself on Tiktok pulling out her NG and IV, trying to abscond from the hospital the day before she was due to be discharged, resulting in a digital footprint of her being restrained and IM'd. Then continuing to have public meltdowns about "being sectioned for nothing"

Marie goes To The Bone, posing as a corpse with a tube with a family member

Rachel still sporting the horrific rainbow "unicorn" hair and has been gifted more shite off her wishlist (thankfully not the $180 scale)

Ganer gains (probably just more injuries)

Did you know that Becca had a tube? It was removed X weeks, Y days and Z hours (and A minutes, B seconds) ago by her dietician Lyn at 12:12. She's confirmed that Lyn only speaks to her when she HAS (not "had", past tense) an NG tube. Still after those opiods after some parkour gone wrong.

(sniff sniff) what's that?…is that…relapse bait from Fi? Don't worry, Queen. Focus on those small wins. Keep breathing.


No. 1843597

I still can’t get over the sheer audacity of adding a $180 scale to her wish list. What an entitled little cretin

No. 1843599

File: 1686334340075.jpeg (515.07 KB, 1284x1800, IMG_7911.jpeg)

posted this in the last thread before realising we had a new one and em literally JUST posted again. i’m honestly speechless at this shit. i understand and appreciate the bright colours request but this behaviour is so fucking weird. i would genuinely haunt these two ugly cunts until they died if i was lauren. a funeral is not the place to be doing this cringey influencer larp that they’re both on.

No. 1843601

I don't understand why you're all jumping on Lauren and Emily, funerals are hard enough as it is, the outfits are now Lauren would have wanted her friends and family to dress and taking pictures wearing a nice outfit on a sunny day isnt a crime, just because it's a funeral doesn't mean you can't be happy or enjoy the day. They say funerals are a celebration.

No. 1843607

>>1843599 They're literally just smiling in a photo

No. 1843608

hell no. people never used to take pictures at funerals before social media existed. it's disgusting and disrespectful. i would be mortified for a friend's family to see me taking selfies at their family member's funeral. some people have absolutely no shame.

No. 1843610

I'm still cackling over niamh being exposed for posting on lolcow. wonder if she's made other posts too just on different wifi/ device so ip isn't linked.

No. 1843621

Not true. Perhaps posting the photos on socials is a new thing but taking photos has always happened? 10 years ago after my nans funeral, we took family photos? Because it's often the only times you see certain friends/family. It's normal.

Leave the girls alone for god's sake, their mourning the loss of their friend.

No. 1843626

social media existed ten years ago, moron. no, your family's tasteless behavior is not normal. taking funeral selfies is still mocked globally as it should be.

No. 1843637

This is one of several photos. They treated it like a fashion shoot, while proclaiming "today is all about Lauren". From here it looked more like today was more about posing in their outfits for the 'gram.

No. 1843646

Absolute nitpick but is fake tan still a thing in the UK or is it the filter and the contrast with the pastel outfits what's making their skin look like that?

No. 1843652

Pictures with family you haven't seen in ages are fine. Fit checks that are immediately posted are cringe. It's attention-seeking behavior and it's like they are taking advantage of their friend's death to show off an outfit for likes.

No. 1843666

You don’t have a photo shoot and fit checks at a funeral. Period. Wear whatever color you want but have a shred of respect for yourself and others and exhibit appropriate behavior. The crop top at a funeral is not for me but that’s the least offensive part of this ordeal.

No. 1843669

If you only see family at funerals, you’re probably not close enough to need to take pictures. Or, you’re an extremely strange family. The very least they could have done is not post their outfits the same damn day. FFS the world won’t implode if they take a few hours off IG and not post. It’s in fact possible to post photos days, months, hell even years after they’re taken!

No. 1843670

Lauren is looking incredibly manly.

No. 1843671

You’re giving her too much credit. She’s a stupid chimp faced freak and if that were the case, she would’ve used a different IP to self post but she didn’t and that’s how she got caughr

No. 1843678

Dumb af anon here, how did she get caught self posting from her IP? I wasn’t even convinced it was her that wrote that paragraph tbh

No. 1843679

She’s just got an athletic build

No. 1843681

did you not read the last thread?

No. 1843683

dumb af is correct

No. 1843684

she posted screenshots of photos of herself when she was really young from her phone’s photos album so that’s how we were able to be sure it actually was her. Mods removed the photo from that paragraph because she was obviously way underage in them

No. 1843685

What I mean is how can you see posters IP addresses? I get that they’re all the same person but can you be sure it’s even Niamh and not someone just white knighting

No. 1843686

fake tans are def still a thing and it’s quite easy to tell but the pastels do make it much more pronounced, yes

No. 1843688

mods can see them..

No. 1843689

Gotcha, thank you!

No. 1843690

Ahhh I see! Thanks, anon

No. 1843694

the outfits aren’t even really the problem. it’s the fact that they’ve both made SEVERAL “fit check” posts, treating their friend’s funeral like a photo op for the gram. it’s quite telling that Emily made TWO separate posed outfit posts yet only one on her story actually about lauren, who the day was SUPPOSED to be about. it’s tacky and tasteless.

No. 1843695

fake tans are very much still a thing unfortunately

No. 1843696

File: 1686342285663.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.57 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230609_212246_Gal…)

Anon, please open your eyes. The collage of her post history that clearly shows the IP on her posts. It's a feature the mod team have to detect samefagging, self posting, serial offenders/IP hoppers/ban evaders. It's definitely possible that she got a new phone earlier this year, making her IP address new and only documents posts from around April onwards. They were all self deprecating with the exception of humble brags about her anorexia being the purest of them all.
I have a crop of one of the photos she posted, showing that she's "always done the goblin anachan line face"
If she is 17 now it's very unlikely she was still 15 in 2022 but I'll delete the file if someone shows she's still a minor
They are from her personal Snapchat memories, so they are hers that only she has access to. That post was Niamhs, and as a jannie I can click on the IP and it shows me all posts associated with it, which I screenshotted a handful of for my collage that's been posted above

No. 1843697

Whilst we are certain it was her, just imagine if it wasn't. And all the milk that would come from that ♥

No. 1843698

I get it now, thank you

No. 1843715

Didn’t know athleticism extended to your face but ok kek

No. 1843716

File: 1686346807004.webm (7.67 MB, 888x1600, FullSizeRender.webm)

Kate got in an argument on twitter today about her photoshopped pictures with a random twitter user. In typical Kate fashion, she responded to the person trolling (when will she learn) and posted this video to prove her waist is like the photoshopped picture. What she doesn’t do, however, is show her stomach when not sucking in or even from the front! Just a side angle sucking so intensely she could’ve flattened all of her internal organs. It is insufferable when she talks. I’m posting the fight collage after this.

No. 1843721

File: 1686347433994.jpeg (155.02 KB, 773x1024, 7B6C28A1-A979-4981-88E7-E82C68…)

Cringe and weak fight that was the reason for the video

No. 1843732

I must be more newfag than I thought cause I've never seen jannies post this kind of stuff without namefagging as farmhand to mark the authority of the post. I think that's where some of the confusion is coming from.

No. 1843737

i honestly dont think that rant was actually niamh.. every time she rediscovers lolcow she posts about antibullying everywhere on her socials

No. 1843741

I'm just a janitor but also the thread OP from around 89 or so, so don't want to draw much attention to the fact that I have "authority"
I really secretly hope it wasn't her just so we can watch the meltdowns she has when she realises. But I'm absolutely certain that was Niamh. Who else would be able to look through her Snapchat memories to find some more heinous zombie faces from her childhood and earlier years ?

No. 1843743

File: 1686349391452.png (224.87 KB, 1124x577, Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 5.24…)

The outfits are definitely out of keeping with what everyone else wore - take a look at this screenshot from the livestream of her service, where everyone seems to be dressed in normal funeral attire.

No. 1843745

Jesus Christ thats some hardcore farming nonna well done

No. 1843747

the family posted a link to the youtube video on her account, I didn't go hunting for it or anything

No. 1843748

File: 1686349675294.jpeg (92.33 KB, 1170x1860, 0869B0D0-DD2D-4D7B-80B4-F039C1…)

aaaaaand it ends in a block because god i guess?

No. 1843757

I can't believe this woman is 25 and a mother to 2 children, she acts like a teenager, it's embarassing

No. 1843765

when you have bpd and you don't do anything about it your age is just bpd kek

No. 1843766

there's nothing for her to learn because she's fully aware of what she's doing. when she engages with kids and trolls, her sycophants rally behind her and shower her with praise. it's always a massive ego boost for her and she takes great pleasure in acting like she's being bullied

No. 1843769

Every video has a face filter, does she take them on snapchat or tiktok? Her sassy remarks are cringe, and she sounds like she’s imitating a preteen.

No. 1843772

25 and a mother twiceover yet busy picking fights with teenagers on edtwt. Bleak.

No. 1843773

Honestly, when will these cows realise that BPD is so 2016/17, it’s all about ADHD nowadays

No. 1843782

Once a miserable bitter fat bitch, always a miserable bitter fat bitch.

No. 1843784

>showing off a nursery cause she couldn't be assed to suck in her gut again for a second take
>the low to the ground smears on her favorite bodycheck mirror from her children's unwashed hands
Girl you too grown for this. You look your age, please act like it instead of hiding behind this Peter Pan filter shit
>it's a vibe
The vibe is teen mom high school dropout living with her middle class parents so they can raise the children she's too immature to care for after the father knocked her up again and left to be a pro skateboarder

No. 1843788

File: 1686353824608.png (77.48 KB, 710x769, Capture.PNG)

I am genuinely disgusted. Was stalking Kate when she posted this. Will reply with the full image.

No. 1843789

File: 1686353849994.png (64.34 KB, 443x847, capture2.PNG)

No. 1843790

Saying that she is ''happy'' her kids will grow up pro-ana weight obsessed freaks. She is sick.

No. 1843796

hearing that she looks sick is music to her barely underweight ears, so much so that she can't hear anything else being said. rather than being happy that her kids will be affected by her behavior, it's more that it's just in one ear and out the other which is just as damning.

No. 1843797

File: 1686355375117.png (3.52 KB, 470x80, Screenshot 2023-06-09 200218.p…)

and kate wonders why no one sticks around. how fucking awkward would it be to meet someone on hinge and on your first date she's just sitting there watching you eat. she'll say she ate beforehand and that'll make it even fucking weirder

No. 1843798

File: 1686355600349.png (18.82 KB, 464x479, wat.png)

samefag but how do you just lie like this when the tweets are right there kek

No. 1843804

File: 1686356908776.png (435.17 KB, 428x474, Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 7.29…)

Did you all pose like this?

No. 1843805

Ooof. I caught it the feels seeing the funeral itself there.

Right, they didn't dress too badly then - i see some green, and a pink blouse at the front. Fashion parade was still tacky as hell but they've starved lots of sense out of themselves and dulled the rest with headbanging.

No. 1843806

tbh at 25 I still felt like a teenager in my emotions and behavior. no kids though.

No. 1843808

Idk why she always scrapes her hair back like that, it's not very flattering. Her sisters do it too

No. 1843810

File: 1686357429357.png (644.35 KB, 853x1538, Screenshots_2023-06-09-20-35-2…)

No. 1843811

File: 1686357496972.png (605.14 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230609-203548.png)

wtf is this top? i literally thought she tied paper towels around her chest at first. so ugly

No. 1843835

File: 1686359964219.png (166.4 KB, 678x904, Capture.PNG)

Ana chans really confuse me, she had an amazing pear shaped body before, with fat distribution literally 99% of women want. She doesn't suit the underweight look at all, she's clearly not meant to be as thin as she is.

No. 1843838

File: 1686360320481.png (Spoiler Image, 97.97 KB, 1424x936, Capture.PNG)

lmao sorry for ot but kates dad accidentally (i assume) posts womens asses and sex dolls on his facebook

No. 1843851

> help I am stressed because of apps I have the choice to delete that no one forced me to get in the first place!!

Also idk if it's an old picture because I didn't think her dog was with her, but that picture was taken on plane or other form of transport and the dog is lying on a pee pad. Gross.

No. 1843855

She said she was with her mom the last night and her mom had been dogsitting at enara's house, so I guess her mom must have brought the dog back just for enara to take him back again? Very uncool to unnecessarily stress the dog out and I bet the mom lied about him being her service dog to get him on a flight back with her.

No. 1843858

File: 1686361678283.webm (1.03 MB, 720x1346, XRecorder_09062023_182944.webm)

No. 1843864

Yea her story isn't making sense now you've mentioned that. She said she paid for her mum to fly to Cairns and dogsit, but she also said she stayed at her mums in Brisbane last night and complained her mum was bring drunk and nasty.
So did her mum only stay in Cairns one night then fly back to Brisbane with Rico so that she was there with Enara just so Enara could fly back to Cairns this morning?
Doesn't add up at all

No. 1843907

File: 1686370216969.jpeg (218.97 KB, 842x1450, IMG_1909.jpeg)

Paris back to her very old ways of standing in car parks or cafes doing ridiculous dances in what she thinks are great clothes ( after bawling her eyes out saying she hates her body etc etc) and getting her mum to film her. The whole concept of why her mum enables Paris and agrees to film her for TT is beyond me….

What happened to her dog? And her brother/sister?

No. 1843909

Kate is the most noxious combination of BPD, wannarexia, narcissism, and just plain irresponsibleness I've seen in these threads so far, holy shit

No. 1843922

Between Ash and J/uliana Aprileo, I have some amazing respect for how much the human body can endure at either extreme.
Then I get sad.

No. 1843924

damn, now I miss JULIANA. too bad the fatty thread here is dead. it would compliment this one so well!

No. 1843932

She flew down with Rico and he stayed with her mum. When she goes OS her mum will fly up to Cairns.

No. 1843934

Out of all of the chronic ana cows, Paris is the one that infuriates me the most. She makes absolutely no effort to recover at all and seemingly does absolutely nothing with her life. Maybe if she had a job/career/studied it would give her something to focus on, instead of doing nothing and most likely getting a shit tonne of benefits from the government. At this point, I’m unsure if her mother turns a blind eye to it all, is that used it that it’s just the norm or she just doesn’t give af.

No. 1843935

Whatever happened to long term tumblr cow dustbin flower? I can’t remember her name but I think her username was dustbinflower77 or something like that.

No. 1843944

Really? I think some do worse than nothing. At least Ash and Paris don't have Eugenia's charm or reach to glamorize the rot. I might feel differently if I were more familiar with the lore but Paris just looks silly to me. Same old dancing skelly, rattling around being spoopy for years and years. One useless spud mooching off government benefits for a lifetime doesn't bother me like getting rich off making other people sick

No. 1843958

File: 1686382147295.png (117.56 KB, 463x859, Screenshot (20485).png)

She's still doing the same shit, starving and cutting, and talking about her therapist. Her @ is now dustbinflower0

No. 1843960

From the screenshot in >>1842616, it looks like she did make her mom fly Rico to her. An awful lot of work for someone who "isn't supportive".

No. 1843967

You gotta learn to tag the post you're replying too, you made that mistake all over last thread and you're still doing it kek

No. 1843972

Is that a crib? How young is her youngest daughter? Jfc be a mother and get off edtwt you fucking loser. Make it more obvious you peaked in highschool and never matured past that.

No. 1843977

i really thought Paris mum was anorexic too

No. 1844006

ayrt, you make some valid points

No. 1844007

ayrt, I’m not sure

No. 1844010

File: 1686393537103.png (496.94 KB, 853x1539, Screenshots_2023-06-10-06-32-2…)

No. 1844016

Nta but Jannies are allowed to mingle and post among the nonnies? While seeing IP addresses? Damn I wish I was a janny kek.

No. 1844018

What's with anachans and ex anachans sharing their embarrassing shit stories with so much unabashed enthusiasm?

No. 1844019

It’s not even the first time she’s told this story, it’s fucking weird. Like she’s so desperate to milk her past as if she isn’t doing ana shit to this day

No. 1844020

Is she still anachanning? She looks like a normal weight now.

No. 1844023

Most people don't normally advertise their crippling diarrhoea that's keeping them glued to the bathrooms, certainly not in a teehee fashion, but hey ho.

No. 1844028

She recovered a bit last year after she’s relapsed due to some Lolita drama, but I think as long as she’s making content about her anachan history and putting on make up to make her look as sick as possible she’s gonna stay milky

No. 1844042

Would you want jannies or a mod team that don't use the site / also farm? I wouldn't

No. 1844044

nayrt but i guess theyre just concerned jannies would use the knowledge of peoples ip against them? but like any mod on any site could do that so idk

No. 1844045

Samefagging - IP addresses and post history are only ever looked at for repeated bans, suspect men, selfposts etc. Calling cows out for self posing is only done when the mod team are certain it's them.

No. 1844055

I usually don't hi cow, but the post i'm replying to seems like niamh doing damage control.

No. 1844079

File: 1686405603202.jpeg (304.39 KB, 1170x1989, IMG_0384.jpeg)

A grieving paid partnership

No. 1844086

Always got the impression Paris was cross because she had never been put in hospital/ tubed etc. I know she was in Rhodes Farm as a teenager but as an adult she’s never been IP ( as far as I know).

No. 1844087

Talking of Lolita - there was a YouTuber called something like LolitaIsdead - goth- SJ- really weird- alcoholic- a few years back - channel is gone - is she still alive?

No. 1844108

What do you mean by "cross"?

No. 1844111

It means angry, annoyed etc

No. 1844122

And a failure.
She bangs on about depression and how bad hers is blah blah but she doesn’t take meds for it. She seems to have no dr / cmht/ gp

No. 1844153

god yeah. the outfits are again, not what many would have shown up in, but still a good faith interpretation of wearing bright colors. but the fit checks for the gram are giving me hives holy shit

No. 1844156

I have been using this site for years and have never seen a janny do that. Seems like something a power hungry moid would do, not our jannies

No. 1844161

eww oh god the way she talks is so obnoxious

No. 1844171

oh i wasnt saying i would expect them to do that, just that that anon maybe had that as a concern. Jannies on here are great, plus theyre funny as hell

No. 1844177

is the 'don't touch me' shirt really necessary?

No. 1844179

The only reason I looked at the IP / post history is because the post said they were Niamh and had provided pictures that only Niamh (should) have access to. Then, the only reason I exposed her post history is because she's a legendary cow on this thread with everyone speculating if she lurks, posts or maybe even farms.
So, whilst I could look through anyone's IP/ post history and expose it for no reason, I wouldn't. That's not the point of the feature, and what I did with my redtext and collage is probably borderline powertripping but Niamh has been a favourite cow of mine since before she was even 16 and seeing her maturity levels continue to regress to the point of her lolcow meltdown felt like a justified reason to wank off my hate boner.
The only other "power hungry" modding I do on this thread (and the others I read daily) is issue bans before reports come in to keep the report queue clear for things jannies haven't seen for themselves that could be more urgent (porn reports don't get bumped to the top, so if we have 200+ reports sitting in the queue, the porn could be buried under 45 "sage" or "infighting" reports)
Not necessarily replying to you, nona, just anyone with questions or worries about the modding

No. 1844191

File: 1686419431551.png (1.72 MB, 853x1544, Screenshots_2023-06-10-13-48-3…)

No. 1844193

File: 1686419556275.jpg (352.13 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-06-10_13_51_42.jp…)

No. 1844196

File: 1686419991508.png (1.63 MB, 853x1557, Screenshots_2023-06-10-13-50-3…)

this girl never bugged me before, but the fucking vague posting she's been doing for how many days now is ridiculous. she keeps posting saying she's too unwell to be online..but yet here you are dummy..then stay the fuck off and stop posting dumb shit just to get messages of concern which you can then repost to prove how many people worry about you even with no info. omg wow i'm so impressed, you are very popular, good job!! why would you repost so many screenshots of messages people sent you? i wonder if she bothered responding to them lmao probably not..literally just needs to repost them to prove something. bitch get a life. "literally no pics of myself" what!? no way!! you must be REALLY suffering! believe it or not, many people of the world go days, weeks, months without taking pics of themselves. not because they're unwell, but because surprise, not everyone lives for validation from strangers on the internet.

No. 1844212

File: 1686422281759.png (2.02 MB, 1080x2081, Screenshot_20230610-143806.png)

another post from the photo shoot i mean funeral

No. 1844217

Reposting this, as it was posted in the previous thread but we want it to be visible here as well. We'd like to address the recent posts by a janitor exposing a self-poster's post history. We understand that most of you just appreciate the milk, but this was done without the consent or awareness of senior staff. We have removed the janitor who posted in this thread from her position on our staff, because we take this kind of breach of policy extremely seriously. We have also removed the image.

Reposting this image will constitute a bannable offense. Please report it if you see it reposted!

No. 1844219

The IP was showing, if the IP was blanked out, would it still be bannable?

No. 1844221

File: 1686423823628.jpg (216.58 KB, 1211x1128, Collage_2023-06-10_15_02_21~2.…)

look at these pics of my cooking and definitely not of my meds that just randomly got in the pics

No. 1844222

Kek. Not the paracetamol for dinner

No. 1844223

I just looked on youtube and her channel is still there, but no upload for 5 years, I'd be very shocked if she's still on the go.

No. 1844232

These are not even meds nonnie. I take supplements too

No. 1844233

Maybe the word ‘discharge’ was mentioned so she’s suddenly going to relapse with whatever illness she chooses this time to make sure she doesn’t lose her “amazing team” and all those asspats. Classic Fi hasn’t changed over the years I see.

No. 1844234

This potassium is only available on prescription to be fair, and everyone knows you're the best at having an eating disorder if your electrolytes are fucked !

No. 1844240

haha oops i actually thought paracetamol was something stronger, i don't think it's usually referred to by that name in the US where i live..i could be wrong though. and the potassium i figured was supposed to be an ED flex, because it's common for people with EDs especially bulimics to have low potassium i think

No. 1844242

this is a lie lol she ate pasta in inpatient.

No. 1844247

How do you know

No. 1844248

A brand name for paracetamol in the states is Tylenol (Acetaminophen)

No. 1844250

File: 1686427844309.jpg (207.69 KB, 1299x960, Collage_2023-06-10_16_11_37~2.…)

No. 1844255

File: 1686428251140.png (2.64 MB, 3044x1402, bananachai.png)

Kate and her edtwt bff (the slightly less milky, but just as delusional, proana, scummy, and mean) skimpybunny have officially broken up…because skimpy accused Kate of copying her incredibly unique behavior, such as: tweeting about pizza, vaping/smoking cigs, yoga pants, having a pink skirt, and…being blonde. They're both, unsurprisingly, acting like catty teenaged girls about it.
Pretty hilarious to see this cantankerous duo fall out, but it probably has more to do with skimpy being over Kate's whole unabashedly-disordered "fuck them kids" mom schtick. She recently posted about the fucked up shit that her own disordered mother put her through from a young age.

No. 1844256

Wow, so she’s exactly the same. That’s amazing.

No. 1844258

File: 1686428602595.webm (6.94 MB, 480x852, heGuQKN1UEpLa-te.webm)

The other video is just two seconds of Kate being blonde and wearing yoga pants

No. 1844265

oh yeah Kate..wouldn't want to sound miserable lmao girl you sound so DUMB. if you want to flex about being unbothered by going for a hike..go for a fucking hike and stay off your damn phone you pathetic loser idiot

and wait, wait, wait…she has a full time job???!!! is that true!?

No. 1844267

It’s on the menus at the edu and I presume someone in hospital at the same time saw her eat it?

No. 1844272

File: 1686431246798.jpeg (128.65 KB, 1113x1280, IMG_4106.jpeg)

Kek at the Kek. Maybe Hamum is a farmer.

No. 1844282

kek, why would she get a cow cake? And will she be eating it all by herself?

No. 1844283

said she celebrated today with her mother, grandmother, and aunt- and mother's boyfriend's family yesterday- tomorrow with her dad

No. 1844285

File: 1686433230901.jpg (132.28 KB, 1162x864, Collage_2023-06-10_17_41_24~2.…)

No. 1844290

To be clear, is the issue that the mod didn’t talk to the whole team before exposing the self poster? I’ve seen mods expose self posters before so was just wondering

No. 1844291

File: 1686435032824.png (78.02 KB, 706x453, big_bpd_mom_energy.png)

kate gave her life to skimpy on a silver platter

No. 1844308

File: 1686436106301.png (1.84 MB, 853x1708, Screenshots_2023-06-10-18-29-4…)

No. 1844309

Yes; as it's a massive decision, the mod team would have to agree and would have reminded jannie to censor the IP address as this is an anonymous site regardless of vendettas or self-posters

No. 1844328

File: 1686437677825.jpeg (1.1 MB, 4032x3024, 86E0E044-1BEB-416A-BE61-513FE3…)

Look who’s making another live with another former cow. Sage because nothing really exciting is happening so far.

No. 1844336

File: 1686438502460.jpeg (119.52 KB, 1125x956, IMG_1794.jpeg)

Not milk. Just using the expertise of everyone here, to figure out who are they talking about. Considering edtw there's a lot of ppl who could be, but asking anyways.

No. 1844337

that's obviously marie

No. 1844338

i dont know her name but i think its the girl with the pinkred hair

No. 1844339

To them, any secondary health condition caused by their anorexia is a win. They like to brag and compete over being the sickest, even if it means talking about literally shit

No. 1844341

File: 1686438711742.png (Spoiler Image, 817.13 KB, 1125x2436, 546952EB-EB50-4CA2-8102-8A0844…)

niamh you want us to stop posting u on here? ok girl so stop posting shit like this???

No. 1844344

had to get the scars of course.

No. 1844346

very aesthetic of her, really just showing off her outfit

No. 1844347

she knows exactly what she’s doing and it’s disgusting. she could have EASILY just cropped it out, or not photographed half her arm. it’s deliberate

No. 1844352

who is this anon just posting screenshots of Zara's stories with no context??

No. 1844354

and why are they making shitty collages that are harder to read than just normal screenshots? stitch together multiple stories, fine, but why rotate them?

No. 1844355

Was Paris ever in any of the Rhode farm documentaries?

No. 1844356

maybe it's niamh again trying to deflect the attention off her and onto her friend, kek. shady bitch

No. 1844357

wtf is she doing?!

No. 1844358

classic Paris, dancing and crying with food

No. 1844359

File: 1686440078110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 240.06 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20230610_183556_Twi…)


It's @/ldontfckingcare, she's been on the verge of death for the past week but won't stop posting body checks.

No. 1844361

File: 1686440596265.jpg (259.7 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230611_004416_Ins…)

Kek. Niamh, did we make you
>relapse with self harm
Or not? Strange girl.

No. 1844362

that's beyond sad and pathetic, she probably really thinks this is her greatest achievement in life.

No. 1844363

If Luna were to lurk on here, I’d assume it may be pretty easy to figure out who’s posted this, seeing as there were only 5 people on the live at the time. Especially if Mary has saved the live, all they’d have to do is a bit of cross referencing, kek. Not the brightest bulb are you, anon

No. 1844365

What’s her yt called now? I couldn’t find it.

No. 1844366

not even hiding that she's obsessively refreshing this thread

No. 1844367

serious question: why does anybody follow her? like, what does she post that is actually interesting?

No. 1844368

lmao okay edgelord

No. 1844370

For bants

No. 1844371

I wish she’d just say what it is . Either discharge or her dog died or she failed college this year.

No. 1844372

File: 1686440958658.jpg (298.93 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20230611_004918_Ins…)

Jesus, Niamh. What is this flipping us off thing. We love you too x

No. 1844374

enara hasn't posted in a while now - how much do you want to be she's swallowed more batteries and is back in the hospital

No. 1844375

Oh well

No. 1844377

Are you mad? Look at this. A photo of a diary entry that easily could have been posted on it's own, but posed with the subject of the photo not even being centred in the frame because the focus is clearly meant to be on her arm. Followed immediately by "don't get triggered by old scars I'm just existing !" shit. The "I'm not bodychecking!" bodychecks. I'm addicted to her milk.

No. 1844378

Paris preaching about going to get better? Really ?

No. 1844379

Anon im getting motion sickness trying to read this collage

No. 1844380

ayrt. I'm not asking why we farm her, I'm asking why she has any genuine followers. Like, what the hell value do 50k people get out of her account.

No. 1844381

Helena and see Ais is commenting

No. 1844382

im guessing half are anachan teenagers looking for thinspo and the other half are perverted men who enjoy her pedobaiting posts

No. 1844386

No- she was in with another yt called Emily norland- they fell out.

No. 1844388

I'd like to believe a fair chunk are lurkers, who would have a field day if they found these threads. And then the remaining are as >>1844382 suggested. Plus the handful of "friends", like Abby and Zara(who was NOT inpatient with any wee girls because all her friends are big adults now!!)

No. 1844390

does Enara have a history of self harming with any other methods other than swallowing foreign objects? i was just genuinely wondering of she does that because she's too scared to cut herself. i realize she has no shame, but i would think being so overweight would make someone embarrassed to be known as someone who swallows items. i would be so nervous about people mocking me for it if i was her. she could just take small overdoses of medications if she wants to go to the emergency room so bad and that would be less embarrassing, i don't understand her.

No. 1844391

she does. She once stabbed herself in the abdomen badly enough that she was actually in the ICU in an induced coma for a week or two and then in the hospital for a while. And I think she was a pretty big cutter too.

No. 1844393

File: 1686442431644.jpeg (288.97 KB, 1150x1942, 1383B004-39CC-46D3-8EC9-D92E39…)

Remember someone posted here a few times and used the (not a) word ‘rexxies’ repeatedly?

No. 1844395

Abby and zara have never been inpatient together and as far as i can interpret, zara’s recent story is about abby.

No. 1844400

File: 1686444377137.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, 1598D2C9-93E7-4BD2-BA2D-AB2F21…)

Sage for no milk but at least it’s entertaining instead of infighting - nourishing oneself with an unseasoned chicken breast and crusty bread topped with luminous goo… to flourish. >>1844079
Please don’t say she’s going to attempt “fashion” now, rather than makeup. Both are terrible. Gifted or not, that shein-esque fit is basic and tasteless.

No. 1844402

It may yet come back, if No-Dong Jones manages to keep the Other Farms offline. Do any of you watch Michelle McDaniel on YouTube? I always hope she finds J + Corissa and does a bit on them.

No. 1844403

You can still access KF via Tor while it's not on the clearnet

No. 1844404

When you have ranging BPD and zero self awareness, even someone who is extremely supportive can be "not supportive" if they agree to do something for you using the wrong tone of voice.

No. 1844412

Awww I'm glad Hammum is moving on.
Now we just need Ham to make some actual friends.

No. 1844414

File: 1686445557860.png (842.82 KB, 679x702, Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 8.07…)

Yeah, it's pretty sad that she didn't mention celebrating with a single friend.

She may have eaten a vegetable, though! (picrel)

No. 1844418

I'm inclined to agree with her that healed self harm scars shouldn't be censored on IG unless it's an obvious closeup or glamorization of them. However because it's Niamh we all know she showed them to get messages about them. Those are old scars, though, even the reddish ones would be about a year old.

No. 1844420

exactly what i thought kek

No. 1844423

I have a pet theory that Enara swallows objects because they can cause damage long term to her digestive tract and result in more medical attention further down the line. She's BPD as fuck, but I think she's also got munchie tendencies and that's why swallowing is her current favored method. Also it requires more intense treatment than just a few stitches.

Holy shit! When was this?

No. 1844427

File: 1686446345232.png (8.33 KB, 792x95, Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 8.19…)

Late 2020, so not that long ago. Enara is BPD as hell and is definitely LARPing with the ED stuff, but I do think she's genuinely pretty mentally ill and has a higher chance of death by misadventure (i.e., accidentally killing herself with a suicidal gesture or self harm) than a lot of other cows.

No. 1844430

File: 1686446477535.png (10.19 KB, 799x127, Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 8.22…)

No. 1844432

I kinda agree healed scars shouldn’t have to be censored but it’s such a blatant lie that she didn’t notice they were in the photo and she obviously wants the attention

No. 1844433

Wow. I stand by my munchie-ish views, the terms she uses are like brags ("specialist surgeons") although I know she also went to nursing school.

No. 1844434

ayrt. I 100% agree that she's trying to use all of this as a brag / way to show off how mentally ill she is. It;'s all a shiny badge to her, the same way the death skellies brag about their medical problems. That's why I feel like if she does seriously hurt herself or die, it'll be by misadventure rather than the actual intended outcome.

No. 1844438

That kind of "fuck around and find out" death is far more common in munchies than your average BPD girl. Enara seems to love the attention, but only from medical professionals and people at conferences.

No. 1844440

You might be right. I'm not a psychfag, so my opinion is basically "something's not right with that girl"

No. 1844441

>""something's not right with that girl"

The reason she's a popular cow to read about here is that she's so fucking whiny and seems like she'd suck all the energy out a room with one loud sigh.

No. 1844442

ayrt. I post a bunch of the enara screenshots, kek, I didn't in any way mean that as a reason that we shouldn't mock her bullshit.

No. 1844443

It's too bad there aren't muchie mock threads anymore

No. 1844445

Dear lord, her face and shirt.
Sounds like someone's been lurking.

No. 1844477

Only if they took her phone off her, but that'd make sense cause otherwise she'd be post raping about it. Waiting for the influx of posts when she gets it back. "I nearly died and still want to even though I called the ambulance before even swallowing them and I was on 3:1 cause I'm so severe and I can't eat anything so I'm basically in starvation mode"

No. 1844485

File: 1686455986732.jpeg (104.41 KB, 1437x1015, IMG_1910.jpeg)

You mean this one?
Her YouTube hasn’t been deleted but she hasn’t uploaded and have no idea if she has moved to TT or is on IG.
I remember watching her but guess she probably died if she just vanished off social media. She was funny to watch when she was drunk.

No. 1844494

File: 1686456510044.jpeg (184.98 KB, 828x1558, IMG_8952.jpeg)

Has she been posted? Super pro Ana and body checking.

No. 1844497

the sucked vs relaxed post was in the last thread but i don't think anyone really discussed her much. you're going to have to provide more details on why this person qualifies as a cow or else people are going to accuse you of self-posting

No. 1844506

she's 17 and very sick, but haven't seen any cow behavior from her. she's just delusional in that way that clinging to a slow death makes a personal delusional. she was only posted in the last thread because kate, who is 8 years her senior, was complimenting her figure

No. 1844508

I feel like the age should be increased to 19 on this thread. 17 is still just a kid, even if they’re legally an adult. I definitely didn’t act like an adult at 17.

No. 1844510

i'm honestly surprised the rules specify 16 as the minimum

No. 1844511

Honestly. Let’s make fun of teenagers shall we? They’re fragile enough as it is, especially ones suffering with mental health issues.

No. 1844512

lolcow: gossip site grounded in compassion

No. 1844515

I mean why don’t we just wait until they’re adults? No need to bash kids.

No. 1844516

imo it's just not milky when it's a kid. of course they're going to say mind-numbingly stupid shit and freak the fuck out over everything. it's much more entertaining to witness the antics of someone who doesn't have as many excuses to be a retard.

No. 1844517

File: 1686459050151.png (351.33 KB, 447x716, Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 11.5…)

Just for some comedic relief, let's all enjoy some inspirational words from Mi, anorexia LARPer

No. 1844518

File: 1686459214742.png (115.88 KB, 446x633, Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 11.5…)

And Stef, continuing to act like a child instead of getting a job or something

No. 1844519

File: 1686459313384.png (435.93 KB, 458x651, Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 11.5…)

Did she go to a park just to film herself crying

No. 1844520

Is she still on her parents’ insurance?

No. 1844521

File: 1686459525338.png (91.44 KB, 449x606, Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 11.5…)

Why does she have all these fuicking video clips
I assume so. Her parents seem to pay for her entire life since she's not working but just saw taylor swift, buys lots of dumb crap online, etc.

No. 1844522

File: 1686459644568.png (103.82 KB, 452x610, Screen Shot 2023-06-11 at 12.0…)

Bae caught me waking up in the hospital

No. 1844523

In for a rude awakening when she turns 26

No. 1844525

she lives in new york, where you can stay on until 29 (with a health insurance rider). I'm sure her parents will just pay for a marketplace plan for her whenever she ages out anyway.

No. 1844526

File: 1686459986292.png (32.57 KB, 448x468, Screen Shot 2023-06-11 at 12.0…)

Fucking gross, she posted a video rehashing the trauma of a family she babysat for that almost lost their child. It included a lot of images of that child while very ill which I'm not reposting here.

No. 1844527

Who posted this?

No. 1844528

Stef, her @ is in the screenshot

No. 1844538

File: 1686462654044.jpeg (99.65 KB, 828x849, IMG_8953.jpeg)

Don’t know if she’s milky in particular, but I was clicking on random Edtwt accounts and wtf.

No. 1844539

Nta but I appreciate the info, random question but do you have any idea what happened to the scumbags thread 90? It was deleted without any reason and even cerbmin didn't know why.

No. 1844542

Isn't she an onlyfans thot? That is not a job Kate.

No. 1844553

Nobody knows, like, nobody
I have a tinfoil that one of the cows is another farmhand and didn't like what was said about them in the thread because it didn't disappear until we were on like #93 or #94 when people would be less likely to notice

No. 1844571

That tiktok was originally her saying that she was sitting at the park reading and she got a notification from her dad's cell phone that his motorcycle crashed. I don't know how that works but I guess when he's driving he can set it so that if his bike crashes it sends alerts to his family and emergency services? But anyway she got the notification and tried calling him but he didn't answer so she filmed herself crying about it and sent a video message to her friend. Her dad got back to her a few minutes later and said he was fine, he wasn't even driving and he didn't know why his phone sent out an alert so maybe he dropped it or something? But yeah now she uses that clip of her crying in her little video collages about her ED, not sure why though it had nothing to do with her ED originally.

No. 1844574

Holy shit no way, that's my tinfoil too. I wanna creep through the archive of it and see if anyone unusual was posted. I didn't even know farmhands could delete entire threads but it makes sense. Btw sorry you lost your farmhand position, it was primo milk you shared though kek, Niamh is one of my favorites cows too.

No. 1844576

does anyone have any info on marie? genuinely worried for her, she seemed close to death the last time she was posted and then deactivated all her socials

No. 1844587

File: 1686473398476.webm (1.44 MB, 1440x1440, 20230517_104349.webm)

Thank you nona, I've re-applied anyways kek.
The only stand-out cow was Bethany (https://www.tiktok.com/@lilv0dkaflavouredjuulpod) because of her old drug addiction and anorexia, she used to be a MASSIVE cow but now she's the one that Abby is trying to be with the substance abuse LARP

No. 1844588

Samefag, sorry, but yes the [D] (delete) and [B] (ban) are right next to each other. I'm on mobile and misclicked about 10 times a day. There is a pop up asking if you're sure you want to delete it but I could see a farmhand panic-backing out of the popup and accidentally deleting the thread.

No. 1844599

Pretty sure she's a plumber

No. 1844604

File: 1686478843733.png (273.93 KB, 853x1550, Screenshots_2023-06-11-06-14-3…)

has anyone else here noticed how Paris' story posts always have such incredibly bad grammar…but yet her posts on her feed are usually always fine? what's the deal? she at least finished high school i think, so why does she always sound so incoherent? i know people will just say ana brain rot, but i don't know anyone else who types like her. people might be delusional and unable to think right, but they don't literally sound like they're stupid. and then how does it explain why her feed posts are normal?

No. 1844605

File: 1686479107176.jpg (332.65 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-06-11_06_25_44.jp…)

Fi sharing more fan mail

No. 1844625

File: 1686484258647.png (47.28 KB, 608x364, Screenshot (20548).png)

Kek, I hope they let you back in. Yeah I saw it being tinfoiled that it could potentially be Beth, I can picture her being a farmer so that would make sense. I went skimming the thread archive and it was also the one with all the Colours drama, but I can't imagine she'd be allowed to be a farmhand. It also had all that info about the owners of Skinny Gossip, but I'd hope they wouldn't be put in any position of power on lc either. And that girl Amy got posted then threw a mini fit on her Twitter then posted to the thread, but I can't picture her deleting the whole thread over that it wasn't even that bad.

No. 1844626

File: 1686484506804.png (133.39 KB, 726x899, 1675120844933.png)

Samefag but I forgot it was also the thread where colors posted all the icon photos of accounts that viewed her story, shit maybe it's one of these people kek

No. 1844627

I’d be so fkn posted if I was that child’s mother for sharing those images and videos. People have no sensitivity for privacy when it comes to kids that don’t even belong to them. She’s vile.

No. 1844633

the reel on tiktok prior to this one where her and Lauren are flying to Ireland for their friend's funereal, but they've filmed a "let's go to Ireland" reel, all excited, posing at the airport, smiling on the plane, posing for photos etc - i don't expect people who are grieving ot be crying constantly, but ffs they were going specifically to a funeral while treating it as holiday content.

No. 1844655

Wow yeah that’s incredibly fucked up

No. 1844668

Paris jumped off a bridge when she was 17 and survived. Pretty sure there some kind of brain damage as a result of that.(sage your shit)

No. 1844670

>about people (and about me)
That's right Colours, at least you know you're subhuman and don't fit into the "people" category

No. 1844684

I find it funny how she's got multiple accounts, because she runs into Instagram limits around spam, publicly hating on people. If only she put into the same about of effort to actually look up self-help stuff or refer herself to local CBT groups or something. She's just like the cows who are wishing to live in IP.

No. 1844687

Could she not just tell us what the fuck is going on? Instead of trying to get as much sympathy or whatever as she an ‘ oh poor Fi’

No. 1844688

I think they were either pissed or high

No. 1844689

Paris has a brain that doesn’t work when it suits her - like for claiming benefits. Her brain is fine! She just uses this to her advantage.

No. 1844690

Paris got straight As in her GCSEs, before she jumped off the bridge, believe it or not.

No. 1844692

Yes - back in the day when she made proper YouTube videos she did one all about them.

No. 1844694

File: 1686498535098.jpeg (334.62 KB, 1170x2059, IMG_0414.jpeg)

sure hun

No. 1844699

Omg she’s been one of my favourite cows from 2015-19 or so and I’m quite surprised she’s never been brought up in these threads until now. She’s been a prolific GFM creator from the beginning of time and has hardcore gone down the munchie path whilst forever e-begging for “medical expenses”. Please keep the milk flowing on this one!

No. 1844703

i was scared someone was going to jump up and say self post because likewise i dont understand why she is never posted

No. 1844711

File: 1686502557589.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20230611-125228.png)

her skin looks terrible

No. 1844721

Does anyone remember Mena, a ginger haired lesbian, she had the hair pulling compulsion as a slew of other mental illnesses, anyways, I hope she’s okay.

No. 1844722

brex sitting on live promoting myprotein smh(sage your shit)

No. 1844731

This is so unbelievably funny considering she knows about lolcow

No. 1844732

we might be the closest she has to friends, given that we notice things she does and remember facts about her life

No. 1844737

As if that’s an excuse??

No. 1844748

learn to sage

No. 1844750

File: 1686507977006.jpeg (248.75 KB, 1170x2013, IMG_0421.jpeg)

such a recovery influencer

No. 1844753

can't wait for her white knight to come tell us how she's just a tortured soul

No. 1844757

File: 1686508994217.jpg (171.67 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230611_194041_Ins…)

I mean, was he wrong? I also swear someone on here made this comparison at the time as well kek

No. 1844759

File: 1686509109989.jpg (362.62 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230611_194425_Ins…)

RIVETING dinner, Niamh. Truly. Even the emoji is screaming "bait absolutely begging to be bitten"

No. 1844763

Since milly left Glasgow I haven’t really followed her chronic illness trajectory so I don’t know if it was milky, but from her recent posts she’s literally just had most of her large intestine cut out now, like doesn’t that qualify her as a legitimately chronically ill person lol?

No. 1844782

I’m assuming she had to have her colon removed due to laxative abuse, so she’s still more of a [pro]ana chan [especially given her online body checking]. IMO it shouldn’t be considered chronic illness if it’s self-inflicted. Same for ana chans claiming gastroparesis, orthostatic BP and HR issues and labs being off, plus the ones who go as far as developing organ failure. In most of those cases their ‘chronic illness’ would be reversible if they recovered and stayed recovered. Granted this one’s not getting her colon back but some people live without one and without a poop bag (afaik, not a medfag). Same for landwhale cow, obesity shouldn’t be considered a disability since they did it to themselves.

No. 1844815

You’re right, the “emaciated baby bird” comments were popular here.

My biggest tinfoil is that Zara is an active farmer here, she just has the sense not to post about herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was one of the more vicious nonnas as well.

No. 1844825

hey, at least she has a sense of humor about it. i'm hopeful for zara, understandable lapses in judgement aside, she seems like one of the more self-aware people here.

No. 1844827

Just because it’s the result of a psychiatric disorder doesn’t make them any less chronically ill nonnie, Jesus. Nor does that alone really make them all that milky, the girl has to live with a stoma bag at the age of 23, surely she’s allowed to have a bit of a whine on the internet? Seems a little tame compared to the genuine milkyness of our attention-hungry enara types.

No. 1844829

Just because it’s the result of a psychiatric disorder doesn’t make them any less chronically ill nonnie, Jesus. Nor does that alone really make them all that milky, the girl has to live with a stoma bag at the age of 23, surely she’s allowed to have a bit of a whine on the internet? Seems a little tame compared to the genuine milkyness of our attention-hungry enara types.

No. 1844831

File: 1686520875264.jpeg (48.81 KB, 750x503, F9BB91DA-3904-423E-BA1A-5A0108…)

kek this reminded me of a tell she posted, zara’s a hypocrite but at least self aware and the gollum part took me out

No. 1844832

File: 1686520987855.jpeg (48.81 KB, 750x503, 9F1DDC2C-4282-44A9-BCD8-FBC6C1…)

kek this reminded me of a tell she posted, zara’s a hypocrite but at least self aware and the gollum part took me out

No. 1844833

Niamh is seriously and extremely desperate for attention, like I actually feel bad imagining how badly she her body must itch relentlessly for attention 24/7 365 days a year. Also, she seems to prefer bad attention over good attention.

No. 1844835

i wouldn't say she has a sense of humor about anything, she's a total raging bitch honestly. people like her don't get insulted by any kind of comments about how sick and unhealthy they look or looked, those are like the highest level of compliments to these sick bitches.

No. 1844837

I want you all to picture yourselves taking a hike through the woods; sun is shining, birds are singing, waters flowing, it’s a beautiful morning. You see a young girl walking in your direction and before you can even send a polite smile her way you hear “WELCOME BACK TO KATE’S MAGICAL LIFE OF ED TWITTER!” Holy fuck topkek.

No. 1844842

Granted, we all get terrible skin sometimes but ffs why post it for all to see on social media, ‘be kind’ she says in her bio, well don’t post stuff that will get the piss taken out of you then. Buy some skincare instead of fucking SpongeBob dungarees ffs

No. 1844845

I know ‘no1currr’ but in all honesty and speaking from experience, at the time, the comments about how emaciated/ill you look are a buzz

No. 1844846

she must have real self control about not popping pimples because no way i could ever walk around with a gigantic white zit in the middle of my face.

No. 1844847

and she wouldn't be sharing it now if she wasn't completely thrilled about it, or she's trying to send a message to her followers that her brother is basically saying she looks much better now than she used to. she's fuckin corny

No. 1844848

She's trying to convince us all that she's 100% killing it in recovery even though she's still not at a bmi of 15 yet

No. 1844852

But nona she pulled herself out of the FUCKING SINGLE DIGITS by herself you know

No. 1844853

I genuinely can't tell if you're mocking Zara for thinking she's the most special ana on earth or if you're defending her

No. 1844856

File: 1686524248089.jpg (94.93 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230604_222205_Gal…)

The fucking single digits

No. 1844859

Kate's becoming another one of these idiots who posts a video every time they take a fucking walk. gym selfies/videos are cringey enough..videos of your fucking feet walking give me the worst secondhand embarrassment, just stop, put..the phone..down!!!! omg i can't

No. 1844864

This isn’t just ‘a little whine on the internet,’ it’s a lot of repetitive whining on the internet with body checks and showing off medical devices/other items, plus the sort of subtle illness bragging that chronic illness social media accounts (and munchies) love to do. It’s not saying she’s not sick, but she’s still attention whoring just like all the other ana chans posted here. If you see no problems with that, then you’re part of the problem.

No. 1844868


this is what bothers me too, it borders on fetishization or competition. the attention seeking of anachan behavior is exactly the same as munchie attention seeking and usually leads to it. the recovered spoop to munchie pipeline starts with a very public "recovery" then some complicated gastro diagnosis (real consequence of ED) then very public denial that those diagnoses are directly caused by / perpetuated by ED, and finally, when you reach the finish line, toobs and drains / surgery / chronic bullshit

No. 1844887

File: 1686528593432.png (3.64 KB, 531x82, Screenshot 2023-06-11 200853.p…)

It's only the beginning…

No. 1844900

Can we all collectively agree to stop posting Niamh to the thread, unless it’s a post that is 100% categorically milky? Giving her attention = giving her what she wants. Personal tinfoil is that she is posting content with the intent of farmers viewing and reposting onto LC.

No. 1844901

File: 1686530248440.png (438.9 KB, 853x1528, Screenshots_2023-06-11-20-36-0…)

and laying on the nasty ass floor in the middle of the gym like a weirdo. she makes posts like this often talking about throwing up from working out. that's not normal, but okay. and she grunts and screams in her videos like a fucking animal. i would laugh my ass off if i saw anyone acting like this at the gym.

No. 1844904

at this point its less of a tinfoil and more of a proven fact kek shes pathetic

No. 1844922

The way she spoke drove me nuts. And her facial expressions were so weird and embarrassing. She was so strange and looked an absolute state. Couldn't stand her. Her name was Sarah Jane something. I could never make out her surname. She had a son too. I'm assuming she died but I'd love to know.

No. 1844940

File: 1686536201784.png (33.24 KB, 853x532, Screenshots_2023-06-11-22-10-4…)

comments on niamh's post, hahaha i cracked up, people are shot out but i love it

No. 1844947

File: 1686538325059.jpeg (74.15 KB, 828x890, IMG_8960.jpeg)

Thinking about making an IG where I post edtweets from various accounts.

No. 1844976

Extreme . I remember her too from the photo. Yes she had a son and kept getting her mum to push her in a wheelchair. Always seemed drunk. Wasn’t Lolita her goldfish ?
I’d like to know what happened to her.

No. 1844984

Does she have IBD now? The prize of a condition that genuinely makes you lose a lot of weight!

No. 1845001

Her poor son. She's really fucking selfish for doing this to herself when she has a kid.

No. 1845088

File: 1686563595771.png (1013.48 KB, 853x1642, Screenshots_2023-06-12-05-52-5…)

constantly goes on long walks and then carries home massive amounts of binge food but has to make nurses come to his mother's house to wait on him

No. 1845089

Does anyone know how other becca is doing? She was from the uk and pretty sure she lived with her elderly mom, did lots of ebegging for i think equine therapy? Always posted self harm photos? Sorry for asking to be spoonfed I just havent heard about her in a long time

No. 1845094

How does she get the money to buy all those clothes??

No. 1845096

I think Emily’s def graduated from the farm,
I feel quite proud Kek

No. 1845100

File: 1686566926573.png (629.03 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20230612-064931~2.p…)

No. 1845102

me too

No. 1845105

she's the Wish version of N2F

No. 1845107

This is gonna sound mean af but I truly can't wait for her to start balding, she's like Eugenia in the sense they use their hair like their crowning glory and I'm very excited to see Niamh get humbled real quick.

No. 1845108

Did you guys not see her meltdown over being called fat? Kek

No. 1845110

File: 1686569433192.jpg (183.11 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230612_210118_Ins…)

Enara is alive but still making every small thing a big deal

No. 1845111

None of the cows discussed here act like adults, let's be real. I agree that the age should be raised though.

No. 1845119

Can’t drink tea because calories but can binge on obscene amounts of chocolate. Okayyyy

No. 1845120

Eugenia’s hair ain’t real kek.

No. 1845123


haha fr cuz that face is fuckin busted

No. 1845124

Yeah I'm sure she wears extensions but you can see how much it's thinned out from when she first started on youtube. And it's only going to get worse.

No. 1845125

Nonnie are you okay? No one is forcing you to post her. You don’t have to. But you cry about it in every thread and it’s getting weird.

No. 1845129

I have the answers. You're dehydrated and if you have POTS of course your heart rate will run fast. Drink more fucking water.

No. 1845130

File: 1686572040138.jpg (101.3 KB, 700x665, SJW.jpg)

Lolitaisdead76 is still alive afaik, her facebook publicly updated in August 2022. And without knowing anything of her she looks better than she did years ago, so she's possibly doing well in recovery. She mentions an epiphany moment with anorexia and she might come back one day to youtube, but hse needs to gather how she's going to talk about things.

No. 1845132

Her close friend had died the same day so she was obviously vulnerable.

No. 1845134

So vulnerable she turned the funeral into an Insta photoshoot, much grief

No. 1845135

Well we can agree to disagree but her being fine and dandy until someone critiqued her appearance was pretty cowish imo and didn't seem to be about her friend at all. And then her saying "I couldn't save her" after her meltdown just seemed like some shitty acting in a Skins parody, completely disingenuous. Like who asked her to "save" Lauren, they didn't even seem that close.

No. 1845142

Facts. She only started the hysterical crying when someone called her fat. Her friend even told her to not pay attention to the "nasty comment". Up until then she was giggly and drunk with her friend having fun. Not saying she wasn't grieving but she wasn't crying over her friend, she was crying over the comment.

No. 1845147

File: 1686574716548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 380.18 KB, 2880x2880, 20230613_010004.jpg)

Woah thanks nonna what a remarkable improvement!

No. 1845155


Can we not do rape jokes please…

No. 1845162

Get a fucking grip or go back to reddit you autist it wasn't even a joke about rape kek

No. 1845195

Han looking MHAA & nose hose ready

No. 1845197

File: 1686581021294.png (359.77 KB, 750x1334, 9CEB5F30-59F9-46FB-B590-FE1807…)

No. 1845199

File: 1686581055533.png (381.33 KB, 750x1334, F4546BCD-3D2E-46DE-B438-D38B5D…)

Not as bad as her worst but she’s def skirting treatment

No. 1845204

She's like "look at my clothes" but like… the clothes suck, and she doesn't need to show herself to show them. She looks like golum at cochella.

No. 1845217

Damn she looks rough.Why is her skin always this zombie flesh shade of pale and green and yellow/orange sometimes?? Is it vitamin deficiencies or does she just have an unfortunate complexion combined w being malnourished
kek she rly does

No. 1845223

File: 1686583671175.webm (5.18 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

Posting the video for people on desktop. The top is pretty much see through, it's weird she just casually walks around in boobie shirts that would suit a nightclub better than her parents house kek

No. 1845225

File: 1686583851113.png (114.62 KB, 853x771, Screenshots_2023-06-12-11-30-2…)

No. 1845227

File: 1686583885410.png (147.1 KB, 853x1247, Screenshots_2023-06-12-11-30-4…)

fucking seriously bitch

No. 1845229

Wow that’s amazing - something must have clicked - never thought she would but am really pleased - her life was pretty hell before and I thought she was gone.

No. 1845236

Lol. Not quite Nona. guess I’m not the only one who’s sick of her though

No. 1845239

i can never understand what she's saying. every time she does a talking video, i have to rewatch it a bunch of times, but i still can barely figure out half the words.

No. 1845261

Yeah it feels a bit like cope. Zara always stands out to me as someone who preaches usually helpful messages to her followers in a very annoying sanctimonious way and yet despite the sanctimony it still comes across like she’s just trying to convince herself of what she’s saying.

No. 1845263

File: 1686587187004.jpeg (110.56 KB, 828x1419, IMG_9857.jpeg)

Momsfav is coming home this week. Honestly, good for her

No. 1845270

>good for her
You’re not aware she’s done this half a dozen times then? She always gets better after an admission, and then declines very fast when she gets home. Pretty sure she doesn’t even restrict, she just eats nothing at all. I agree with your sentiment in that I hope she stays well this time but don’t get your hopes up anon!

No. 1845271

WOW i've never seen her healthy before, she has a really pretty face when she's not emaciated

No. 1845272

File: 1686587716400.png (707.03 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_9985.png)

1/3 new cow? @katiedonnelly296 constantly showing off ng tube, hospital stays, body checks, when she’s pulled out her tube etc. she seems really smug and like she’s enjoying it almost

No. 1845273

File: 1686587753872.png (4.4 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_9984.png)


No. 1845278

File: 1686588050960.png (837.86 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_9987.png)


No. 1845319

Kek same here, she's always slurring. I think she said "I haven't done an outfit of the day in long but… this is a little bargain y'all. It was like 8 pound ??? from urban. Just like a bandeau, and then these trousers, we all know I love these trousers."

No. 1845324

yeah, good job, i think you're right! thanks for translating haha

No. 1845330

Aww yay good for her!! I love her tbh she's so funny

No. 1845331

>she seems really smug and like she’s enjoying it almost
Yeah most of these cows enjoy it, anyone filming themselves in the hospital while smiling is definitely getting a kick out of it. She seems milky, feel free to post vids and such if she gets up to any shenanigans.

No. 1845349

So it seems like she has at least two people taking a picture of her, what the fuck. Is there a reasonable explanation, like a med student is taking a picture of their first tube insert or what's going on kek

No. 1845363


What is the deal with her and her parents?? I’ve always wondered

No. 1845367

she's never spoken about it publicly but I think she just has a difficult family situ, she's said they're divorced but so's half of all marriages so it must be more than that. are we allowed to speculate about cow's families

No. 1845368

Speaking of, does EC have hair extensions?

No. 1845370

She has a pretty fucking serious ED so of course that would upset her…especially when her friend had just died…but ok keep demonstrating your lack of the fundamentals of anorexia kekssssss

No. 1845371

Business as fcking usual then

No. 1845372


No. 1845376

Admission number 379 incoming

No. 1845377


No. 1845380


Absolutely right - I'm actually impressed with how fast momsfav can yo-yo between healthy and plain fucked. And she's a right cunt, in a devious/insidious to most everyone she interacts with in her comments.

No. 1845386

Wtaf there’s the person taking the photo posted and the person in the background taking a photo

No. 1845389

Med students aren’t allowed to do that because of confidentiality

No. 1845393

Like she hasn’t come home and relapsed 9363838 times before kek

No. 1845395

What’s with the multiple cameras on her ffs

No. 1845396

Is this a real question or are you that dumb?

No. 1845398

I completely agree that she’s a cunt. But how is she insidious in her comments though? She seems to try to be nice.

No. 1845399

Kek right on schedule. Enara cannot stand not having a steady stream of asspats, so of course she’s back at the hospital right after getting home from the conference. She’s so predictable and pathetic. Wonder if the hospital staff draw straws to see who has to deal with her this time around.

No. 1845406

File: 1686599999843.png (37.07 KB, 537x307, lolcowkate.png)

kek Kate changed her twitter handle to @lowcalkate (https://twitter.com/lowcalkate) and I can't stop reading it as @lolcowkate

No. 1845410

I’m that dumb x

No. 1845415

File: 1686600873897.jpeg (23.42 KB, 828x201, IMG_7961.jpeg)

Think Lauren died of ana

No. 1845442

Thanks that's descriptive, there's only one Lauren after all.

No. 1845445

I mean yeah, why else would the family have asked for beat donations

No. 1845458

only one lauren died recently, retard. do they not teach context clues in primary school anymore?

No. 1845464

No. 1845465

you must be new here

No. 1845469

Peanut butter baby foundation.

No. 1845474

Jesus, throwing up and screaming/rolling?? on the crusty ass floor at the gym is beyond fucked up and psycho behaviour, i'm losing it at the thought of roided up moids sniggering at this dumby.

No. 1845479

Sarcasm, sweeties. It went without saying she died from anorexia/ complications so I was hoping it was colours or even leglift. Dead Lauren isn't relevant, she's dead and we really didn't need confirmation on why

No. 1845508

Not normally one to hi cow, but only colours calls Laura ‘leglift’ so this is a bit awkward / unfortunate.
Also can we not wish death on people?

No. 1845520


I should have qualified that, thanks for pointing it out. Its the comments on posts other than her own - a lot of the passive-aggressive "You're looking X or Y" type backhanded put-downs designed to purposely trigger other AN girls. I'll try to find some caps to illustrate my point.

No. 1845522

Incorrect. It's Faking Fairy.

No. 1845532

One of those is actually a laura so pay attention to spelling next time k? I know its summer break and all but you still need to keep up with your english

No. 1845541

File: 1686616420449.png (369.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1818.png)

that partially explains why her legs are always so fucked up

No. 1845553

Is this true? IDK why but that is hilarious to me

No. 1845563

File: 1686618478620.png (556.75 KB, 853x1552, Screenshots_2023-06-12-21-08-3…)

how is her professional life going well? she doesn't even work….tf

No. 1845571

it would be the coolest thing about her. i don’t follow her priv but from replies @ her priv i’ve gleaned that she works in a male dominated industry.

No. 1845578

File: 1686619529400.jpg (Spoiler Image, 350.33 KB, 1080x2904, Screenshot_20230613_105002_Twi…)

Ayrt. This is what im going off. Shes posted other shots of her in tradie gear as well.
I'm sure she'd be thrilled if she could just be an only fans thot full time though
Image spoilered because my phone won't let me post otherwise. Some fucking glitch

No. 1845590

Kate is having a mindnumbingly dull conversation on twitter spaces right now.

No. 1845596

File: 1686620949052.png (73.53 KB, 1528x1162, Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 9.48.…)

I'm not Aussie so I'm confused. Do they just let you get a ton of master's degrees over there? This isn't even her full educational history, WTF

No. 1845603

That is so interesting. I wonder how she got into that. Maybe her dad owns a plumbing company.

No. 1845608


I would have never thought of her being a plumber, even if you gave me a hundred guesses. Now I'm envisioning the world's most underwhelming Plumber's Crack to match her deflated tits.

No. 1845612


Graduate Certificates are pretty easy to get - as you can see they are year-long courses which can even be obtained by correspondence or turning up to the school one day a week.

Masters and PhDs are easy to come by, I've known retards who have like 4 or 5 PhDs because they are too autistic (and horrible) to exist outside of academia. A PhD pays significantly more than JobSeeker (the dole) and you aren't forced to look for work.

This list is guaranteed correspondence courses as they are ALL over the country. You can do them concurrently, they are meant for working professionals who want to level up thier CV but can't attend regular school due to the hours.(sage your reddit spacing)

No. 1845613

That's wild. Master's degrees are similarly kinda worthless in the US, but a PhD is generally actually a significant amount of work and it's very uncommon to have more than one.

No. 1845616

she'll never need make an embarrassing phone call if she has any laxative or purging related plumbing issues, how lucky

No. 1845617

File: 1686623086690.png (140.6 KB, 432x483, Screen Shot 2023-06-12 at 9.26…)

She's 100% just going to talk about herself - I mean, oh, very academically important lived experience - right?

No. 1845624

I recorded a few minutes of it early on where she talks about the haters. It was an 18+ space but one of the girls sounded really young (her name was like Winnie the Pooh or something) and was talking about school and needing her mom’s permission for stuff.

No. 1845625

this was 9 hours after she posted on her story saying she was in the hospital, and she never made any update about what happened when she went there this time

No. 1845635

She's making it her mission to go to every country and event possible to tell people she has bpd

No. 1845637

That's why I'm saying she's not ready for graduation yet retard, eat a sandwich and fix your reading comprehension. And integrate, you type like a tiktok zoomer

No. 1845638

File: 1686626141887.webm (7.01 MB, 888x236, FullSizeRender 3.webm)

Samefag, this is what I got from early in the live

> kate has to watch what she says because she has ~hate followers~
> “omg they called cps on me for posting a body check”
> “omg kate they are so obsessed with you!1!1!1”
> kate is “super body positive” around her kids because of what her mom’s disordered habits did to her so people shouldn’t be critical about her ed in regards to her kids
> ok back to online haterZZZ
> katevictimcomplex.exe
> “my followers will send me shit and i’m like ‘wtf i never even said that’”
> 90% of the hate is “random” and people are “lying about her”
> 5 straight minutes of Kate talking about the haters

There’s a boring convo after about eating, tracking calories and meds that is frankly not worth listening to again. Then that winnie the pooh bitch takes over the entire convo to talk about her boring sad ed life.

No. 1845639

No. 1845644

File: 1686627004645.png (1.99 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230612-233031.png)

nooooo i'm done lmao she went to a fuckin grocery store like this, what a creep

No. 1845645

File: 1686627392380.png (832.12 KB, 2160x1684, retarded.png)

I don't even know if this is sad or fucking hilarious

No. 1845646

oh no, i can’t believe i started calling her leglift from colours of all people. to her credit, it does describe laura to a T. anyone hear from colours recently?

No. 1845647

u can taste how dry that shit is just by the pic alone

No. 1845650

Seems like a waste of 500 calories tbh

No. 1845659

File: 1686629634544.webm (12.26 MB, 1080x1920, Untitled (1).webm)

Imagine going for a nice afternoon walk and accidentally coming across this strange woman hiking her shorts up into her asshole and flashing her buttcheeks at her phone like a baboon trying to mate in a zoo kek

No. 1845660

wtf is a master of suicidology? sounds like something that would have told her swallowing batteries would get her attention faster>>1845596(sage your shit)

No. 1845661

Wow! What a difference and turn around , actually pretty impressive. That can’t have been easy given she’s a lot older than people like Elzani or Fi. Wonder what changed and happened for her.

No. 1845675

>makes sure to get legs and hip bone into the pic
She is so insecure it would be sad if she wasn't a complete bitch with a personality copied from teens on edtwt

No. 1845679

>but ok keep demonstrating your lack of the fundamentals of anorexia
Oh shut up summerfag, no on is here to discuss the diagnostics of anorexia and it's symptoms, any idiot knows ex anachans don't like to be reminded they're not skinny anymore. She's just a fat bpd retard who needs to be the center of attention at all times

No. 1845683

Who fucking knows, I thought Griffith Uni was legit but it’s the only one offering that course in Aus and seems sus. You’d think it would just come under psychology.

No. 1845685

My mind is blown. I had no idea Scarlett was Aussie. I was assumed she was from the UK.

No. 1845688

I like how it's a group chat with 17 other people and Kate still manages to dominate the conversation and make it entirely about her.

No. 1845707

she’s not aussie

No. 1845717

(Deleted cos unsaged) Ntayrt but that looks like Coles or Woolies, looks like an Aussie shop to me

No. 1845719

Anon she literally captions her posts #australia

No. 1845723

nonnies learn to lurk, she’s from the UK not aus, been mentioned several times in the past few threads

No. 1845724

File: 1686643571514.jpeg (157.45 KB, 750x1190, 1C482028-5E5D-4AD1-A49C-8A69D7…)

Kek oh nonna. Don’t worry, according to colours I’m wrong anyhow!
She’s still frequently creeping here and otherwise releasing hate all over her instas. Standard behaviour.

No. 1845725

Scarlet lives in Aus now but she only recently moved there

No. 1845726

ew why is her account public again

No. 1845728

You're telling me us ausfags have a chance of seeing this bitch in public

No. 1845729

Newfag alert

No. 1845730

I don’t know where you’ve got your information but it’s utter shite. Phds are pretty fucking difficult and do not pay well at all kek, you’d earn more working in primark

No. 1845731

File: 1686645368619.png (148.85 KB, 853x1351, Screenshots_2023-06-13-04-33-0…)

No. 1845739

You still have to hold a Bachelor's degree to apply for a Masters etc.

No. 1845741


What do "we all know these trousers?!" I'll not be able to sleep until I'm illuminated by The Secrets of the Trousers.

No. 1845742

wtf is a master of suicidology? sounds like something that would have told her swallowing batteries would get her attention faster>>1845596

From looking at the course sites that actually had the prices you're looking at over $52,791 (most of those only being for the first year prices). The masters of suicidology she's apparently studying until 2025 so her hecs debt is going to be fucked

No. 1845744

Her stories are tagged at Burleigh Beach in QLD..

No. 1845747

File: 1686647567524.png (193.42 KB, 1072x2054, Screenshot_20230613-051252~2.p…)

No. 1845748

File: 1686647865410.png (345.06 KB, 1080x2229, Screenshot_20230613-051904~2.p…)

No. 1845750

That colours woman is unhinged. Imagine being that old and being so bitter and hateful. The narcissism runs deep with that cow.

No. 1845768

I can think of much better ways to waste 500 calls. This just screams “I’m on an all carb diet, Karen!” Kek

No. 1845777

Eh to be fair I prefer someone pointing out the bad shit that happens when you starve yourself instead of pretending it's all flowers and rainbows.

No. 1845781

kekkk, I read that as lolcow as well

No. 1845797

File: 1686660852370.jpg (199.93 KB, 828x1472, 353081533_226605223172481_8884…)

No. 1845799

nta but moving country is a thing, she is from the UK

No. 1845802

It's not a colours thing, I thought we started calling her that to differentiate given she'd always be lifting her leg, or spreading her legs. It's suiting.
Can we not Alog, it's fucking retarded. Plus the milk stops flowing when a cow dies. And you're giving the BPD fag what she wants, more "pity me whilst I buy my old favourite blades" points. And Laura Bestow (Colours) & Laura J Banks (Fairy) still aren't Laurens.

No. 1845805

from london, moved to burleigh in january

No. 1845806

Spoiler that jumpscare. She looks like shit

No. 1845808

The forced pout with chapped lips always grosses me out too nona kek

No. 1845810

If she strained any harder she might shit herself

No. 1845813

OK minimod, I think you need to learn what A-logging is

No. 1845814

Isn't she the one who admitted to shitting in a sock IP?

No. 1845817

Colours has her own thread

No. 1845819

Yup lol

No. 1845822

wait, what?! can you share the story of this, i never heard about it! she really admitted that?? why though??!!

No. 1845823

File: 1686663578390.png (843.94 KB, 853x1503, Screenshots_2023-06-13-09-40-3…)


No. 1845834

It's in one of the older threads, if anyone has the link or thread number that would be appreciated. But it was when she was in IP and she apparently shit in a sock in her room because she was too nervous to shit in one of the stalls with a nurse on the other side of the door. She later made a tiktok about it titled something like "embarrassing things my ED made me do." I'll post it if I can find it.

No. 1845839

This isn’t milk
Who the fuck spends their time making a pic-collage of a stranger, that looks like a Facebook mum made?

No. 1845840

That's why it's saged.

No. 1845857

File: 1686668100971.jpeg (241.38 KB, 1125x1841, 1663346903741.jpeg)

ntayrt but i guess it was one of those "things my ed made me do" videos

No. 1845860

> this is what i get for being honest

Let's face it, this is what she wanted.

No. 1845863

kek this is hilarious, were there any more details or elaboration for it

No. 1845864

nta but i swear laura’s (leglifter) middle name is diane

No. 1845886

depressing how much better she looks here

No. 1845898

Kek thanks for the giggle nonnie

No. 1845900

Marsha Linehan basically is but that would be it

No. 1845920

I hope they are only waiting for her prom to be over to get her ip

No. 1845926

Kek that’s not an ED thing it’s an I’m fkn disgusting thing. We had to shit with the door half open while every other patient waited in line outside the door.

No. 1845932

i mean…if they weren't letting her go in the bathroom alone, then how did she get rid of the sock? just put it in her bedroom trash can?

No. 1845942

I had to have my bathroom and room door open. How tf did she dispose of it?!

No. 1845951

Good luck in real life as a 26-year-old woman Fi, if random asspats from strangers online is apparently the only thing that’s ‘carrying you through’, who’d have thought… Fucking hell it’s beyond cringey at this point kek.

No. 1845955

when IP the cleaners emptied our bins every day as we had no way of doing so ourselves, so she probs just buried it under other stuff

No. 1845957

maybe she ate it kek

No. 1845960

imagine how sad she’ll be when she’s (hopefully) recovered in the future and looks back on her prom photos to see herself emaciated and unhappy. as someone who has done that, it really puts a dark shadow over supposed happy times

No. 1845971

No. 1845973

Kate must be annoying to be friends with. I wonder if she has any mommy buddies.

No. 1845982

nonna im cackling

No. 1845988

File: 1686682789512.png (11.29 KB, 526x321, mrlonely.png)

EDs are very isolating, especially if the person doesn't have opportunities to socialize at work, so I can't imagine she has very many friends. I remember she either tweeted or posted a tt at some point about her friend getting triggered by her weight loss or something. She probably deleted it kek

No. 1845990

File: 1686683019474.png (326.77 KB, 966x513, byekate.png)

samefag. it looks like she deleted most of the videos from her main tt and took it off priv to officially abandon it (was @baaasickate: https://www.tiktok.com/@user3247262849262849)

No. 1846020

The way Ed twt talks about food is sooooo fucking funny to me. I saw a pick of 1/2 a protein bar that looked like an actual turd and all the comments were like “omg yummyyyyy”

No. 1846022

Suck a shame the last two videos she looked really cute and healthy. If only she seeks help…

No. 1846027

Idk if it would be considered off-topic but i'd love for more people to start posting overblown edtwt reactions to crappy food because them freaking out over an unseasoned cob of corn has me on the fucking floor laughing

No. 1846033

Of course not! Anon, remember: she’s a perfect restrictor (not a purger like Abby!)

No. 1846052

There was also Poet Laura from the old threads

I think that would be on-topic and also entertaining

No. 1846057

File: 1686690552352.jpeg (338.65 KB, 817x1528, IMG_8969.jpeg)

“Living proof” that you can survive with an eating disorder. I’m sure if you were seeing any medical professionals, you’d be back in the hospital.

No. 1846072

hilarious sarcasm given that niamh is a prolific purger and humble bragged about how often she was sick IP

No. 1846077

*whilst ip

No. 1846080

I just see a very tall 4 year old now.

No. 1846084

File: 1686692650061.jpeg (218.52 KB, 1170x2072, IMG_0457.jpeg)

the sickest award goes to

No. 1846089

what is it with people posting like a single screencap of someone who has never been posted/ hasnt been posted in a long time with little to no context? Like i dont want to hi cow but damn nobody cares

No. 1846091

If you mean Onique, she’s been posted before a lot in the past but she doesn’t post online frequently anymore.

No. 1846095

How was she 4 years ago then?

No. 1846103

The vague-posting never stops with this one.

No. 1846118

Ketosis breath is so common wtf I hope she doesn't think she's speshul / that's an anachan medal-worthy symptom
But also who is this?

No. 1846119

File: 1686696023796.jpg (212.17 KB, 1379x1034, Penguin.jpg)

"I'm free!" (famous penguin stance)

No. 1846121

File: 1686696203909.jpeg (192.93 KB, 1170x2106, IMG_0458.jpeg)

Her face is fuller. So many years in NZ she was claiming gastroparesis and couldnt kept anything down, kept losing weight and within weeks in Canada, married she managed to put on weight.
Sure is the nj that was the problem

No. 1846155

File: 1686699578126.png (13.97 KB, 481x208, Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 6.41…)

Who the fuck is in charge of hiring, kek

No. 1846158

File: 1686699844701.jpg (85.14 KB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_20230613_163930.jpg)

As usual Zara is hoping being as vague as possible will save her butt from her own ignorance. She's had recovery accounts since 2020. So is she saying her recovery has been 3 years long and she's only gained an absolute minimal amount of weight? Or is she saying only recently as of this year she's been trying real recovery, making all her hypocritical for the last 3 years? The world may never know. Anyways we all know Zara had never and will never make attempt at recovery seeing how obsessed she is with remaining the sickest of all and pretending she's some recovery goddess while still existing at a critically low weight. Zara is so good at pretending to do things and making excuse after excuse.

No. 1846159

she's saying that she's been in real true recovery continuously since 2020, but her extremely real health issues have prevented her from gaining weight and in fact left her baby bird emaciated after literally over a year of "recovery" because duh it's all mental so if she just claims she's Recovered then we're all big meanies if we question her

No. 1846208

She says she has capacity yet she completely lacks any self awareness into how damn hypocritical she is. Insufferable mad cow.

No. 1846212

File: 1686705993121.png (144.57 KB, 853x1385, Screenshots_2023-06-13-21-28-0…)

No. 1846213

She put on heaps of weight. But she’s never been underweight either. Uses a lot of filters and silly camera angles

No. 1846214

She's as happy as a pig in shit.

No. 1846233

File: 1686708175284.png (113.09 KB, 853x992, Screenshots_2023-06-13-22-04-1…)

No. 1846238

The cows will never learn that there's a big difference between just saying you're in recovery, and actually doing the work of recovery. Wish they'd just say they have no intention of actually getting healthy instead of putting on this sanctimonious, hypocritical show. Like everyone can't see past their very obvious bs.

No. 1846251

learn to integrate

No. 1846255

it's dee0ply ironic that they're making fun of someone else for not learning, kek

No. 1846263

I don't understand how she gets invited to the nursing conferences when she will never be a meaningful member of society, let alone a nurse, ever again

No. 1846264

I think she's really overselling these conferences. There are a lot of academic conferences that will let basically any student present a poster and give them a little money towards travel costs. Presenting at a conference is only a sign that your research is valued if that conference is selective (through peer review or organizer decisions) or by invitation only. Often the conference will have a grant where a certain amount of funding is set aside to be disbursed to students to attend. Since she's always registered as a student, she always gets that kinda easy mode because being able to say lots of students attended and presented is good for the organizers when writing grants.

No. 1846269

No one cares about your super serious IP stay summerfgas

No. 1846274

It's a lucrative career in the UK. Plus a female plumber would be preferred by many women who live alone!

No. 1846276

Not all PhDs pay. Science ones do, but my friends who did ones in Arts subjects (anything from history to linguistics) had to fund it themselves.

No. 1846280

That explains it. I hope her Aussie life goes better than Amy Lee Fisher's…

No. 1846281

Basically studying the specific psychology of suicide I guess. Way to turn your hobbies and interests into academia, Enara!

No. 1846285

Wait, does Aus give you student loans for Masters/PhD/postgrad stuff?

No. 1846286

Sorry for samefagging, but how old is she?

No. 1846290

I see DID is the new Autism.

No. 1846292

That's not samefagging, samefagging is when you reply to the same comment multiple times. And colours is late 30's I believe.

No. 1846294

Marie is still alive and reactivated her Twitter.

No. 1846295

Yeah we get a government loan that has repayments deducted from income above minimum wage. So she could have a hundred grand or more in debt from all those masters but if she isn’t working then she doesn’t have to pay them

No. 1846299

Ah ok, that makes sense. I pay little attention to her because body building stuff bores me but she gave a very UK vibe. Suddenly she's in woolies and I'm like wtf.

No. 1846308

It takes the absolute piss, the fact she’s done like 5/6+ courses and won’t be paying fa back towards them, probably ever. I want to shed a little tear every month, when I see ‘student loan’ deductions on my payslips

No. 1846309

I miss UK wollies! The pic ‘n’ mix was top tier

No. 1846327

This posts sums her are perfectly. She doesn't want to work on getting well or getting back to some type of work (it doesn't have to be full time Enara) she wants to be 'disabled' her while life so she can bludge and fish for ass pats wherever she goes. She doesn't want to be held accountable at all. I honestly think she feel good being in ghe situation Laura was by being inpatient for years with 1:1 nurses and Dr's she can splurge to everyday. The pity she strives for is like crack to her and I honestly don't think she knows or has a personality beyond her disabilities…unless there's a conference. She wants to be the sickest of sickest while telling the world she's the sickest. The woe is me mentality in this one is so strong. One day without validation sends her spiralling and by her own admission does whatever necessary to get it even if that means taking away resources and opportunities from others

No. 1846332

It really was

No. 1846359

File: 1686731396687.jpeg (110.02 KB, 828x1717, IMG_8974.jpeg)

This girl is so unhinged.

No. 1846360

File: 1686731420851.jpeg (106.42 KB, 828x919, IMG_8975.jpeg)

No. 1846361

File: 1686731464886.jpeg (131.53 KB, 828x1382, IMG_8976.jpeg)

Imagine this taking your order at Starbucks.

No. 1846362

File: 1686731502362.jpeg (55.53 KB, 828x420, IMG_8977.jpeg)

No. 1846363

File: 1686731646683.jpg (276.14 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230614_093549_Gal…)

Nah cause wtf is this that just came up on my FYP


No. 1846364

Momo? Is that you?

No. 1846365

No I don't want to imagine it because it'll give me night terrors

No. 1846368

Anon who replied was about paying for the degree such a bachelor or masters.
In terms of money to live on:
PhD you get a wage if you get a scholarship, so no scholarship no wage, hence probs ur friend self funded theirs cause they couldn’t get a scholarship. Wage did shit tho, like less that part time job. Most supplement with being a lecturer or tutor at unis.
Masters and other graduate degrees (not PhDs) you can get the dole for studying from the government. Again not much at all, below poverty line but still.
Also your HECS (loan to pay for degrees) had a limit ($100k) so I’m confused at how Enara is still doing more study, unless she didn’t finish those degrees. Unless the limit is extended for nursing (it’s extended for like medicine and law) but didn’t think it was extended for nursing
Also I don’t think they imposed a limit until more recently so maybe she got in before that?
Also some people just live just doing degree after degree because you don’t have to pay the loan back until your earning a certain wage. So the only barrier to non stop study in the max limit. And yeah enara is just doing degree after degree to be an expert in shit as an academic but sounds like she’s never done a day of nursing in her life.
Would be interesting to know if she completed all those degrees

No. 1846370

File: 1686732099950.jpeg (484.58 KB, 2064x2732, IMG_8978.jpeg)


No. 1846373

Am I showing my advanced age if I remember creepychan from GetOffMySpace?

No. 1846374

Oh wow I can see people totally taking advantage of that system. In the UK we get a loan for the length of our Bachelors degree (+ one emergency year in case of illness or changing course). Masters and PhD you have to pay for, unless you're studying sciences or maybe some other subjects. Arts subjects for sure you pay.

No. 1846375

File: 1686734563131.png (13.75 KB, 347x307, Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 10.23…)

No. 1846380

What is this “alleged mk ultra subject” thing about?

No. 1846396

High-level schizo delusion. Link related is a long but fascinating trainwreck of a read https://archive.org/details/eyeswideopen-2020-edition

>tl;dr shadow government trains super-advanced child soldiers using MK Ultra drug and hypnosis techniques then uses them for satanic pedo rituals

No. 1846401

She wishes she had that charisma

No. 1846433

File: 1686745866530.png (44.02 KB, 699x556, Screenshot (20664).png)

She's a lurker, maybe even a farmer

No. 1846438

Now we know what some of the bone rattler posters in these threads look like kek

No. 1846440

Zoomers don’t have a single original thought kek.

No. 1846443

File: 1686747694736.png (1.51 MB, 853x1533, Screenshots_2023-06-14-08-59-2…)

No. 1846469

File: 1686750880915.jpg (639.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230614_232457_Ins…)

Abby is sporting some fresh pads

No. 1846471

Oh… Girl got seriously very ill. I hope she recovers even if she is an annoying brat

No. 1846482

Who is this girl

No. 1846489

Their account is @HollyHidalgo2 it seems, and up thread it's mentioned she either just lurks or participates here. More than likely one of the summerfags blogging about their superspecial IP vacation, given one of her tweets were about it in 2022. Very niamh like, very self-obsessed and only really shares pictures and videos on her timeline when she's back underweight. But what a state, is it on par for workers at starbucks?

No. 1846505

Imagine ur only "achievement" is being anorexic. I like her flowers in her hair but being proud of having an ed is just beyond pathetic.

No. 1846547

at least she works unlike 99% of the cows

No. 1846593

Starbucks, wow. It's a shit job.

No. 1846599

lol okay. you're a piece of shit. it's a JOB, and it's a hard job. i don't know this person, but she's doing better than the ones who literally do nothing in life but post on social media all day every day.

No. 1846602

she works in the service industry and is probably shit on by customers and management all day. half of all adults prob couldnt deal with the bs of retail let alone that on top of a severe eating disorder. Get over yourself, its a job

No. 1846612

Interesting that you two (or her herself) are celebrating someone working in a place that they chose to purposefully encourage their ED/obsessions around food, feeding others etc. Attention from others. An Anorexics wet dream i assume.

No. 1846614

that doesn't make it a shit job

No. 1846617

ayrt im just happy she has a job. is working around food good for anorexics? No. But how is this any different to all the mentally ill munchies going into psychology? im not her im just tired of people acting like service industry jobs are all fun and games and not draining as fuck

No. 1846618

i get what you are saying but Starbucks is a hard job. so many rules and attention to detail. Its a difficult company to work for, for everyone let alone someone who starves their brain. idk who this person is but good for her for managing to keep off the barista status

No. 1846620

I think she's in the US.
>#eupd, #bpd
Yup, without fail.

No. 1846622

File: 1686773131139.jpeg (57.94 KB, 800x999, A37093FC-93B8-4F46-9344-6F798F…)

Idk why no one talks about Sienna Mae. She’s a “body positive” tiktoker who rose to fame by doing a stupid tiktok squirrel dance where she just folds her arms like a trex, puts her teeth over her bottom lip, and starts flailing around like a retard while being a “midsize” girl in a bikini! There’s a known video of her assaulting this tiktoker and he’s spoken out about it while she responded with an interpretative dance she posted on YT. She also moved to Hawaii and launched a shitty swimwear line where she models and shops her body constantly. She also posts how many calories she’s burned and eaten on her Snapchat, and constantly shows her gross keto meals that usually consists of ground beef, eggs and avocado. She’s also a Jesus freak. All around shitty person

No. 1846623

File: 1686773325854.jpeg (259.18 KB, 1179x2158, IMG_0014.jpeg)

kek at the autism symptoms that she didnt have before. she can keep trying but will never convince the people that followed her from tumblr days.

No. 1846631

all the vague posting she's been doing every day didn't count as actual posting i guess lmao so stupid

No. 1846632

File: 1686774196506.png (156.52 KB, 853x1070, Screenshots_2023-06-14-16-22-1…)

No. 1846634

This…isn’t milk…

No. 1846636

File: 1686774885185.png (266.17 KB, 853x1505, Screenshots_2023-06-14-16-35-4…)

No. 1846637

Kek isn’t this girl a teenager/early 20s? Kind of hard to get any other job not in the service industry at that age. Highly doubt her anorexia made her get a job in food service. You sound mad you got fat from eating at Starbucks.

No. 1846638

Because she’s not proana?!

No. 1846642

Never been to a starbucks, hence why i asked if it's on par for people to look so odd working there. Not everyone goes out to take away placces or chugs down sugary drinks, shock horror. Who can even afford to bar kids with student loans?

No. 1846645

I’ve seen quite a few anorexia accounts where they work at Starbucks or another coffee shop. Bella also works at Starbucks. I guess it’s easy to get a job there and it’s probably not very strenuous.
I was looking at Holly’s other posts and she’s insanely talented at art. I don’t know if she attends art school, but she definitely should go for a more artistic career.

No. 1846651

working at starbucks is pretty physical. Not like working construction or something, but you're not allowed to sit and "if you have time to lean, you have time to clean." I bet a lot of anorexics work there because it gets so busy and they can burn calories without much suspicion

No. 1846661

Idk who this is but from what you’ve said she really doesn’t fit in this thread and all tiktokers are obnoxious. You can start a thread for body positive influencers or something if you’d like.

No. 1846662

File: 1686777833241.png (324.03 KB, 880x1455, Screenshot_20230614-163255~2.p…)

No. 1846675

seriously done with all of the nonmilk screenshots being posted with literally zero context or comment. it all looks like self posting or posting just bc youre a bored summerfag or vendettachan. if you dont have milk or a comment on milk, stop posting stupid shit jesus christ

No. 1846676

it's a rare shot kinda showing how Zara currently looks, though, which is worth posting for evidence in like three days when she claims to be totally recovered and whines about how "you don't even know what I look like anyway, how can you say I'm still underweight"

No. 1846677

i second that.
They are shitting the threat

No. 1846680

at the risk of being accused of wking, zara hasn’t ever claimed to be healthy or recovered. she’s just soooooooooooooooo much better than she was with her single digit bmi (but still under bmi 15 and technically emaciated)

No. 1846682

notice this particularly with zara lately, one anon just posting screenshots of whatever’s on her story with no text or comment. bring the milk or shoo

No. 1846689

zara, these fitness “influencers”, niamh (weve already beat that horse to death though), i’m just getting sick of it. if theres no context provided what is there to talk about? not everyone follows everyone on this thread, especially now that randos from tiktok and edtwt keep getting posted. if you cant explain why theyre milky and a proana scumbag just dont post them.

No. 1846698

Morven used to work in Starbucks

No. 1846700

She’s put on a fair bit of weight since going to aus.

No. 1846701

Lottie lives- anyone remember her? Bit hippy, dancer, vegan.

No. 1846712

i don’t much like scarlett but at least she (unlike ganer) actually builds muscle and does what she’s supposed to

No. 1846714

not to wk but it does look like she’s put on a bit of weight and looks a bit better. but its hard to tell because of her facial expression

No. 1846715

File: 1686787338344.png (49.12 KB, 385x509, Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 7.02…)

Oh, I think everyone acknowledges that she's gained weight and isn't as death-looking anymore. It's just funny that she tries to claim she's a lot more recovered than she is. Also, if you're having trouble comparing, don't worry! Zara posted this helpful "before" for you! She's very against before and afters, but it's fine if she claims she's just comparing her hair.

No. 1846717

zara’s not against before and afters, as someone here screenshotted her post before saying she thinks they’re ‘inspiring’

No. 1846718

U sure about that? She seems way to dysfunctional to be able to hold down any kind of job.

No. 1846720

she looks totally different, she used to look like she was about to keel over. the issue is she acts like she’s perfect and so far into recovery when really she’s just gained some weight yeah, but is still a skelly

No. 1846722

yeah, it's this exactly. If she was honest about the fact that she still has a long way to go instead of being sanctimonious, she wouldn't get so much criticism.

No. 1846732

Tbh if she was transparent about it and not a hypocrite and rude she would be pretty great imo, considering the actual content she posts can be helpful/isn’t proana

No. 1846751

It’s actually can get pretty physical. You have to be able to be able to lift up the mats when mopping, move the fridges, pick up a full trash can of used coffee grounds, and pick up heavy boxes. It’s not like working a blue collar job but you do have to be able to lift 50 plus pounds which isn’t easy if you are malnourished.

No. 1846780

Being on your feet for 8 hours, even if you're just standing at a till or going a few paces at a time to the espresso machine is exhausting. I couldn't believe how much my feet hurt when i started working in a bar.

No. 1846781

>work meeting
Since when does Fi have a job??

No. 1846782

Yes Starbucks workers can look odd. They're famous for hiring trannies (they cover hormone/surgery treatments on their plan in the US).

No. 1846786

Yeah same with fast food. On the clock you can get thousands and thousands of steps depending on the tasks you do, not to mention things like restocking, blah blah. Zara used to work at maccas

No. 1846815

She's been vague posting about her job for a good 6 months and never once said what it is.

No. 1846820

professional protein bar critic

No. 1846822


When we said refeeding we didn't mean it literally.

No. 1846863

File: 1686810308495.jpeg (161.33 KB, 828x1792, EF4E70BB-49DB-4BCE-9747-CB3419…)

fucking kek
it’s so obvious this thread is filled with anachans and edtwtfags. you are literally
the people we’re making fun of
Sienna Mae is one of those people who claimed to suffer with disordered eating and recover, but it was more than likely high school yo-yo dieting taken too far that she got tired of doing and failing. when she was getting exposed online, there were several twitter posts from people from sienna’s old high school who actually were bullied because of their weight BY SIENNA. one girl claimed something along the lines of “this bitch told everyone not to vote for me for homecoming court because i was fat” this was being talked about when she tried to sell awful merch in pic related. it was supposedly going to go towards ed related charities, but anyone with a brain knows a real ed sufferer would laugh at / be horrified by this merch.

No. 1846865

not my screenshot btw that is from twitter
this video is an old classmate exposing her for making body related comments. she is not a pro ana cow but has done weird stuff online regarding eds. https://twitter.com/defnoodles/status/1399504913483194370

No. 1846870

File: 1686811764561.png (3.55 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8810.png)

Anyone remember Kim Hoeltje? Spotted her on my feed and looks like she’s still doing the same old, looking just as rough. Wonder how the kids are…

No. 1846884

Zara did claim to be totally 'mentally' recovered from anorexia, it was her chronic illness keeping her emaciated. I'm sure this was about 6-12 months ago.

No. 1846885

I cant imagine Zara being able to eventually weight restore without showing a before/after. She probably wishes like hell she could be as candid as Niamh with her body checks.

No. 1846889

Hit the nail on the head nonnie. Never seen a bigger LARPer in a long time.
Also she managed to get some fresh air…. All by herself(!!!). Does she not realise how pathetic that sounds coming from an adult woman?

No. 1846907

Damn I forgot about her, I guess she's still only eating sugar, alcohol and protein powder infused foods. Wasn't there some scandal about her husband getting caught giving alcohol to minors? He's a teacher and was supposedly grooming one of his students.

No. 1846967

Ur a retard. It IS a shit job because it is exhausting asf and u don't get payed alot. I was also working there years ago when I was 20. That's what I meant dumbass(no1currs, infighting)

No. 1846995

I would like to point out that she works at a Kroger Starbucks which isn’t a real Starbucks, they just serve Starbucks-brand drinks. she works for Kroger (a grocery chain). real Starbucks would find an excuse not to hire someone who looks like her.

No. 1847001

File: 1686840873403.jpeg (211.49 KB, 1284x1845, IMG_8007.jpeg)

100% sure. I even took the liberty of scrolling all the way back to 2015 to spoon feed you. She’s undoubtably a mess but she really isn’t as dysfunctional and autistic as she presents (presented?) online.

No. 1847002

Kek. Can't half tell this thread is full of minimum wage hospitality slaves who got offended you called their job shit.
Whatever pride you guys may feel for holding down a job, it's still a shithouse job in a shithouse industry.

No. 1847003

aww and i bet you have a really great job now you miserable cunt. multiple people read your nasty ass comment the same way i did and defended her for working. hopefully you can stop being such a bitter bitch someday.(infighting)

No. 1847020


That’s what I said /remember - not sure if it was in America or uk.

No. 1847022

And as for the idea of paris having a job….. can’t even imagine.

No. 1847025

Aye just when this thread couldn’t get any worse or more boring, the infighting over Starbucks begins. Bring milk, losers.

No. 1847037

File: 1686845042348.jpeg (109.98 KB, 750x1296, CD86A56E-81ED-4A70-8DF7-28DBD7…)

Niamh is having the time of her life showing off her SH scars and relapse bod

No. 1847040

Niamh is having the time of her life showing off her SH scars and relapse bod

No. 1847058

Wow! I wonder if she had some kind of breakdown or something.

No. 1847060

File: 1686848138915.jpeg (108.42 KB, 750x1204, 2AC4F5E9-9BDC-4578-8FBF-479F93…)

sorry for the autism double post

No. 1847065

It seems like she’s just extremely manipulative and good at malingering.

No. 1847071

the neck straining always gets me kek like girl youre obviously malnourished stop trying to pop a vein

No. 1847081

File: 1686850815625.png (1.52 MB, 853x1512, Screenshots_2023-06-15-13-39-0…)

same, it looks so retarded and it's so unnecessary just makes their faces look even uglier, Paris does it all the time too

No. 1847089

File: 1686851570193.png (394.59 KB, 853x1494, Screenshots_2023-06-15-13-53-5…)

this doesn't even make sense wtf

No. 1847094


No. 1847110

are those bruises why is her face green

No. 1847117

File: 1686857456372.jpeg (172.5 KB, 1179x1539, IMG_0050.jpeg)

she always drops hints that she is eating then she receives a question and her reply is that she just bakes them. Starting to believe that she sends those questions herself to keep validating her ed

No. 1847134

I can’t post photos but Abby’s TikTok is terrifying m, actually concerning

No. 1847145

File: 1686861826718.png (738.52 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_0003.png)

She’s off her face on drugs. You can barely understand a word she’s saying in some of her vids

No. 1847146

File: 1686861875407.png (122.35 KB, 940x637, utterly ridiculous.png)

When she was getting exposed for being a rapist she also made a horrible cringey video of her crying and twitching over a yogurt parfait (?). linked here: https://www.tiktok.com/@siennamaetheranga/video/7069171935954898177
(could only find this stupid fucking edit of that video, sorry nonas)

No. 1847147

File: 1686861871519.png (721.55 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_0004.png)

No. 1847148

Just saw. She's clearly taken something.

No. 1847149

File: 1686862028974.png (440.52 KB, 916x751, yucky ew ew.png)

No. 1847151

Saved and converting to webm some of the abby skins UK episodes

No. 1847154

File: 1686862216068.jpg (217.53 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230615_215110_Tik…)

"My friend"
Abby and niamh are still buddies confirmed

No. 1847157

File: 1686863300244.webm (3.05 MB, 576x1024, a20f431e655d3d1e9291b5347de4a9…)

Unhinged Abby being hingeless once again (mum, come pick me up, I'm scared)

No. 1847158

File: 1686863472998.webm (1.73 MB, 576x1024, de0403fd97e929c51fb6c1a0a1d71f…)

No context or caption needed and if you don't see the milk then you're lactose intolerant (or retarded. Or both.)

No. 1847160

File: 1686863662421.webm (1.71 MB, 576x1024, afda978537e8bc41a4d870aa82250f…)

No. 1847173

This time she's definitely on drugs/very drunk instead of faking it

No. 1847180

She’s pinging her fucking tits off

No. 1847182

fucking hell, this made me howl

No. 1847195

i dont speak fluent english, sorry for any spelling mistakes
i've been following Fi for about 2 weeks because she keeps posting these stories about something that happened or is going on? Like "im sorry for not posting, thank you for being kind it's been awful" but she wo't tell us. Ugh, these "im so sad send hugs" people drive me crazy. In middle school we used to say "i wanna tell u something…oh no i can't" like what why did you even start
Im guessing this has something to do with her autism but pls stop asking for attention

No. 1847208

not autism but bpd

No. 1847210

whats Abbys username?

No. 1847216

No. 1847219

Just realised she’s private kek so the link was pointless. She deleted all the tiktok’s she posted earlier today

No. 1847233

Frick. I missed the boat and the webms won't load for me on mobile.

No. 1847235

Download vlc player and you can watch webms.

No. 1847236

Wtf is Paris wearing!?

No. 1847237

nayrt but THANK YOU nobody ever told me this

No. 1847238

Maybe it’s her ootd for pride.

No. 1847266

nobody cares that you have rich parents.

No. 1847270

i suppose it's meant to be a rainbow outfit for pride but it seriously looks like the shit mtf troons wear

No. 1847273

Holy headbanger. Someone should recommend an exfoliate or maybe a helmet >>1847147

No. 1847275

its just the socks tbh. The shirt is a generic hot topic consoomer shirt but the skirt is really cute in a quirky art teacher way

No. 1847280

any photoshop anons wanna turns these cows into giraffes? its all i think when i see the veiny necks

No. 1847288

File: 1686878376455.png (739.8 KB, 853x1539, Screenshots_2023-06-15-21-20-1…)

No. 1847292

Learn to integrate
But also KEK if you think recognising how terrible the service industry means I've got money.

No. 1847295

dear god, anon, can you please start making some sort of basic commentary with your screenshots

No. 1847299

don't worry, no one thinks you have money(infighting)

No. 1847300

she looks like she's missing half her torso breaking her back like that

No. 1847301

File: 1686879193234.png (85.78 KB, 853x766, Screenshots_2023-06-15-21-33-3…)

she'll be in hospital by tomorrow i'd guess

No. 1847303

so, she didn't have any meds for 3 days and that's what she's been taking now? So, she has had meds, right? And isn't the part about pills for mental health that you take them daily at mostly the same time to avoid bad side effects? I'm sorry if I missed it and that I'm to lazy to look it up, but how old is she?

No. 1847306

she's 31

No. 1847335

>Sienna Mae is a rapist
Well that's a deep dive for tonight…

No. 1847339

>Went to GP
>I've not had meds for 3 days help
Normal people would use the doctor's appointment to get the fucking medicine. She's got some kind of pathological helplessness I swear

No. 1847343

100% she would be a pro ana cow if she ever got skinny

No. 1847345

this is exactly why i won’t read any of the enara screenshots, low effort farming

No. 1847348

well she didnt succeed but she tried

No. 1847351

I'm so glad I followed her during that wee period when she had it set to public; and that I saved as many as I did because I knew they'd not be up for long

No. 1847352

Touched up a drunk lad who clearly didn't want it on camera

No. 1847354

he also said that one time when they were filming tiktoks he went to the bathroom and when he came back she was completely naked and pushed him onto the bed, got on top of him and started trying to kiss him. she wouldnt stop when he told her to and he had to push her off.

No. 1847357

File: 1686890315065.jpg (73.99 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230616_053103_Tik…)

No. 1847360

File: 1686890462342.webm (5.02 MB, 576x1024, 3c4a02c8682596aa5358b4cd3822b8…)

Aw ironic, isn't it. Don't let the door hit you on the way out

No. 1847370

i don’t blame them for banning her, this is one of those rare instances where someone actually deserves to be banned

No. 1847388

Lol no one's going to think she's a child, if anything they're going to think "why is that frail old woman wearing clothing for teenagers?"

No. 1847390

File: 1686900265799.webm (4.51 MB, 576x1024, Untitled (2).webm)

This is so embarrassing, she's trying so hard to get her cuts in frame. Her hair is already behind her ear but she tucks it twice lol

No. 1847395

Thanks, most bpd women I know are doing way better after reaching their mid to late 20s, she acts like a spoiled child.

She wants another hospital vacation, honestly, why do you waste the time of a doctor if you don't talk about what you need at that moment?

No. 1847397

Ty nona, I missed the tiktoks before her entire account got nuked. It's so annyoing how some lazy farmers will just post a screenshot of a tiktok or post "omg look at abby's tiktok, I don't know how to post it tho lol." Like some of you need to stop being lazy and learn how to farm ffs, tired of missing shit cause you dumb bitches don't know how the internet works.

Anyone have this tiktok here? >>1847145

No. 1847400

Unfortunately not, but it's basically just her "lip syncing" and then falling to the floor in front of the camera with her fake/exaggerated gurn.
Lazy farmers piss me off, too.

No. 1847401

Jesus christ this fish face is going to do me in. I cringe so hard that my toes recoil into my feet. Why does she do that?

No. 1847402

Aww bummer, I always miss the good shit lol. I appreciate the rest of them though, I'm glad I didn't totally miss out. Yeah it's annoying, I've posted conversion sites before and given tips on how to save, convert, then post and still some of them don't learn. One time a nona told me she wasn't going to do that because it was "too much work" lol, so instead she wrote out a paragraph length transcript of a tiktok, probably took her double the amount of time it would have to just figure out a way to post the original video lol, some people never learn.

No. 1847407

Her room looks like 10yr olds. The regression is strong with Paris

No. 1847408

File: 1686903892449.png (2.9 MB, 2016x1512, imbored.png)

Image title explains it all tbh

No. 1847411

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that Enara has spent a good chunk of her teens and 20s hospitalized. She's probably institutionalized psychologically which is why she feels the pull to go back there where she doesn't have to make any choices or do anything for herself.

No. 1847412

I love it, Nona!

No. 1847415

It's a different niamh

No. 1847416

Nayrt, but how were they not integrating?

No. 1847419

File: 1686906168439.jpg (140.88 KB, 1079x1256, Screenshot_20230616_185858_Ins…)

Stef is acting like she's hating being in treatment but she is literally desperate for attention. Case in point: the creep that comments on her photos, which she's seemingly fine with.

No. 1847423

It’s not, it’s cow Niamh. I thought the same but clicked on the username hyperlink before the tiktok was deleted, and it led to neefers page

No. 1847425

Does anyone know what the deal is with her family? She’s said before that except her mum she doesn’t get on with the rest of them

No. 1847426

A rapist?

No. 1847427

How old is she actually?

No. 1847428


its scientifically proven that late twenties/early thirties the intensity or even symptoms of bps subside. She must be one if a kind. Has she ever mentioned of trauma? everytime i see a screenshot of her, im expecting some mention of trauma for some reason

No. 1847431

you can tell she thinks she’s the most beautiful thing to ever grace the earth. it’s the faces she makes at herself.

No. 1847442

ntayrt,,, she has mentioned some pretty serious trauma, its in the threads & easy to find. still not an excuse or reason for her shit personality though.

No. 1847445

It was literally @neefersss that was tagged but pop off I guess anon kek

No. 1847446

Nta but
>pop off I guess
Your twitter faggotry is showing, anon

No. 1847447

I could be wrong but I think this one is the one that was raped at gunpoint when serving in the military so is now on military pension and squandering it on the only other institute that will take her back. Nobody trusts a woman scorned with a live weapon …but batteries? Go ahead ♥

No. 1847448

I don't have twitter, that's language I've picked up from IRL. I'm not sure if you know this but language extends past it's original platform. Slay bestie Queen pussy pop off anon!! Like a
>#popyart (autist)

No. 1847451

KEK this is great nona! Exactly what i was imagining!

No. 1847461

Don't worry anon, Abby still has Instagram and I'm sure it won't be long until she makes another new tiktok

No. 1847462

please I'm the thread OP kek. Don't like it, don't lurk.

No. 1847467

Literally everyone that are writing in this forum pls just stop and get a life, it’s just pathetic(then leave)

No. 1847469

go do your summer reading

No. 1847475

But you’ve literally just written in the forum yourself…

No. 1847483

Jesus seriously? If that's true that's really fucked up. I don't like her but that's not something anyone should have to go through

No. 1847485

Whomst the fuck are you. Why are you in the "forum" in the first place. We won't stop posting because some random anon asked kek

No. 1847488

>that's language I've picked up from IRL.
Well then you must hang out with twitterfags, either way one of the most basic rules to understand here is integration, so if you start using fag language expect anons to call you out on it. If you don't like it, don't use it.

No. 1847490


its so obvious she isn't interested in improving her situation, and her mental healthcare providers are either retarded or just sick of her laziness / noncompliance.

all she ever talks about are her meds, which are usually prescribed to improve compliance with therapy (lifestyle changes and habit-building), not magically wink away problems, and the goal is usually to taper off to lower doses or different / no meds once stable (there are exceptions but she is definitely not one of them). meds don't "fix" anything by themselves in bpd cases, they're just a support / crutch - behavioral therapy and self-reflection are the actual work that counter bpd antics, and this self-absorbed cow isn't interested in anything but victimizing herself for attention and blaming it on the world.

pretty sure someone with that many degrees should know this, so she's a willing participant in stirring up her own bullshit. i can't stand her.

No. 1847496

Oh no, will PC Ben Dover come and lock me up in Guantanamo Bay if I don’t?(infighting)

No. 1847499

if she does get into the melb clinic she'll get kicked out straight away with her bs. They're strict there and they won't care that she's from a different state. she's just trying to milk all the money she can from dva cover

No. 1847502

I hope you warmed up before that massive fucking reach? Please read the rules anon and refresh your memory on what is/isn't derailing or infighting. Report and move on.

Ps. Oh, I bet you're the autist minimod always going on about WKing niamh .

No. 1847510

>you're fucking reaching omg
>I bet you wk niamh
Kek, okay nonnie

No. 1847519

Nta but being thread op doesn't make you immune to criticism lol, everyone is encouraged to integrate so we don't stand out. And using cringey zoomer slang and reddit spacing is very obvious signs of being unintegrated.

No. 1847525

wow nonnies get so fussy when there’s no quality milk in the bottle

No. 1847533

File: 1686924869243.jpg (157.05 KB, 1170x2080, 353957345_194826636874106_4264…)

Kek, I don't want zoomies and twitterfags to feel welcome here.

Anyway, Abby posted this to her insta about her tiktok getting nuked.

No. 1847540

>Choosing to get so off her face and made multiple tiktoks showing how off she was on an app for kids?
>"I didn't do nuthin. Unban me because muh mental health!"
It's a reminder to those who if you're prone to act retardedly around kids whilst under the influence, maybe either don't do the substance, or uninstall your apps if you truly can't help yourself.

No. 1847541

>really not ok
its just a tiktok account you can make another one, this really gonna push you to finally do it?

No. 1847546

Dear minimods, we are mini for a reason. Your role, only role, is to report posts with a description of what rule you think was broken.
If you think "pop off" is faggotry then report and move on. If the ban request was denied then take it to /meta/ to get your Hitler-level regulated speech.
I'm not "angry" about the criticism I just find it so fucking ironic that the recaps / edits mostly go down well and according to this one minimod it's unintegrated. I'd say I disagree, I've definitely used "twitterfag" language before while writing the recaps and it's gone down well(autism)

No. 1847556

File: 1686926805772.jpg (246.7 KB, 897x879, FW2S8aBVQAAQ4Wu.jpg)

Wow being thread OP really gives nonnies a god complex huh
>I'm not "angry"
Are you sure about that? lol

No. 1847563

Holy shit kek, imagine getting this mad about anons calling you a twitterfag

No. 1847570

literally seeing the bolded “OP” at the top had me kekking from the beginning, thats not even minimodding its maximodding

No. 1847577

Kek nonna

No. 1847593

Imagine having had so few real problems in your life that seeing some professionals you recognise who are nice to you and being weighed were enough to make you suicidal >>1847295
Girl… what commentary do you need to understand the post? Are you and >>1847345 retarded, what do you need explaining? This is an image board, it’s where pictures get posted. Look at the picture and read the text. Personally I’m thankful for whoever posts Enrara, these threads are a dumpster fire of spergery and if there’s an Enrara post it alleviates my boredom for a second

No. 1847627


“Whomst the fuck” howling

No. 1847674

After looking at her selfies posted in this thread, it appears that she has a minor malocclusion (an underbite most likely) that elongates her face and forces her bottom lip to protrude past her upper one. Through no fault of her own, Niamh has a veritable case of Resting Fish Face.

Enara, you could have just requested a blind weigh-in. With how often she is in and out of hospital, I wonder how she was able to pass all of her clinical rotations and courses while she was studying for her BSN.

Cases of BPD with a history of serious trauma (enough to cause PTSD) are tricky to treat without incorporating treatment modalities for both conditions. I'm not sure what it would take for Enara to sort her shit out.

No. 1847679

File: 1686944944027.jpeg (124.58 KB, 750x1073, DF4E40D6-95A5-41E6-B8A0-3F52D0…)

LW content coming

No. 1847680

File: 1686944983245.png (337.12 KB, 750x1334, DFB37CA1-A260-4680-A687-640C55…)

ft Russell’s sign

No. 1847681

samefag, Russell’s sign *scarring

No. 1847682

Remember !! Niamh only purged in hospital. She was too PURE anachan for all that abby nonsense

No. 1847696

I op'd for easier reading since its an OT debate. My point was that, for months, I've been using "twitter" language. Making threads/posts/collages all with this same typing style/ "slang" the whole time but only suddenly it was brought up as a non-intigration
It's not irritaring/making me angry I just found it such a bizarre nitpick when you could've chosen to report and move on (an true example of integrating)
Only posting this as I've been redtexted but there's no ban(derailing)

No. 1847698

I cant see any scarring at all on her knuckles??

No. 1847711

File: 1686948412844.jpeg (47.83 KB, 750x1016, 5574748E-CCE8-44DD-992F-BBEB53…)

No. 1847712

How can the milk be so dry that we’re really discussing someone’s knuckles

No. 1847713

File: 1686948553122.jpg (47.15 KB, 587x498, haha sweet.jpg)

Really? Knuckles?

No. 1847716

File: 1686948743541.jpg (633.53 KB, 3284x2048, maybe-niamh.jpg)

Niamh either has an edtwt https://twitter.com/lob0tomyplease (previously starv1ngandsad, Twitter ID 1662203078114672641) or someone is cosplaying as her. If it is her, she confirmed that she's at a < 13 BMI

No. 1847728

File: 1686949986183.jpeg (41.01 KB, 750x774, IMG_1921.jpeg)

sage becaused it’s not milk, but it’s still funny that she didn’t catch the plumber joke

No. 1847730

Is that a selfie we've seen of her before on insta? Devo the acc has been nuked since you posted it kek

No. 1847734

File: 1686950381048.jpeg (64.84 KB, 750x1120, IMG_1923.jpeg)

kate is impressively dedicated to her “does sunburn burn calories?” research

No. 1847735

File: 1686950574888.jpg (16.14 KB, 370x203, niamh.JPG)

ntayrt but it seems very much to be her account - it had new videos, photos, etc. First video was her showing her veiny arms from the heat, old diary entries, video of some sort of emotional breakdown or something coming off antidepressants after 4 years. Wish i didn't switch to scroll down the liked tab. could have archived some stuff. Pic rel is best I've got i'm afraid.

No. 1847736

I don't know where to post so I'll just ask/vent here. There's this influencer I love to watch but I'm confused if she's a potential ANA chan or just super skinny (since she's eastern european)
what are some signs that someone is an ana chan?(derailing)

No. 1847741

>> 1847735

tayrt, I scrolled through it before I posted the link and the milkiest comment was “Niamh” telling another anachan not to do hard drugs for WL because they’d look “low income skinny” not pure ana skinny, but looks like you’ll have to take my word for it

No. 1847745

I can't believe there was this secret goldmine under our noses. Fuck!

No. 1847746

If she’s not doing anything pro-ana or milky, then it doesn’t really matter to us. Just ask mpa

No. 1847762

No. 1847765

Yup. She needs to knuckle down in therapy, go to trauma-based courses (EMDR), take her meds properly (many people with BPD have severe depression) and most of all distract herself with something that isn't ruminating on mental illness 24/7. I think focussing her "nursing career" on psych was a bad idea for her as it seems to keep her in an area where she's constantly triggered.

No. 1847767

topkek anon, what a find! To be honest she was def asking to be caught as she’s clearly a recognisable figure in the edtwt world, what I don’t understand is why she would post her face clearly knowing she’d be caught out

No. 1847768

cackling at "low income skinny"

No. 1847788

File: 1686957642866.jpg (242.33 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-06-17-01-20-25…)

No. 1847795

File: 1686958175827.png (131.43 KB, 744x810, great-question.png)


Even the other anachans are thrown off by that lol, sounds like she's being documented by someone at/with the hospital she's being held at

No. 1847797

File: 1686958381096.png (499.86 KB, 853x1539, Screenshots_2023-06-16-19-33-0…)

based on niamh's ig stories, i'm guessing she got all ready for prom..took pics for the gram..and then didn't go. bitch, your life is a fuckin joke.

No. 1847798

File: 1686958411597.png (499.87 KB, 853x1537, Screenshots_2023-06-16-19-33-1…)

No. 1847799

File: 1686958442693.png (1.41 MB, 853x1543, Screenshots_2023-06-16-19-33-3…)

No. 1847802

it's honestly sad, if she survives her ED she will look back one day and hates how everything it did was stealing precious moments she could have enjoyed. The best for all these young women would be to just get away from social media, but I know, they won't do it, as they like the attention and it's part of the self-destructive circle they are stuck in.

No. 1847807

damn niamh really lurks hard on here

No. 1847808

File: 1686959379279.png (705.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230617-005022.png)

There's literally no Russell's sign here lol

This is Russells sign

No. 1847811

What country?

No. 1847821

I highly doubt someone is there to study and document her, and even if they were they wouldn’t then give her copies of the pictures. That would go against any sort of treatment philosophy, it’d be like a rehab staff giving heroin to an addict. These are classic skelly ana chan body check pics, and posting them is a humble brag to all other ana chans that she’s the sickest and best ana queen ever.

No. 1847838

I need Kate to answer whether it was popping out all those kids that ruined her body or was it the ED. kind of a chicken or the egg thing I guess…

No. 1847839

not asking for spoonfeeding but does anyone remember a girl named cassandra? she had a daughter and a husband, was at acute but relapsed immediately after discharge a few years ago, then got a divorce and disappeared from social media. can anyone point me to the threads that were discussing her?

No. 1847846

hey no need to shit on moms

No. 1847848

File: 1686963087505.jpeg (193.79 KB, 1170x1851, 80B8CB75-AF0E-48FB-8B22-F1E053…)

Can’t forget to include bc-s!!! Every time I see her face I just want to give it a huge slap. Craves black coffee and has to pack special food for trips?? Such food freedom, it’s our fav recovery qUeEn

No. 1847849

i feel the same. as delusional and milky this girl is, this is something that she’s going to regret missing out on if she ever graduates from proana scumming. it’s sad to watch.

No. 1847850

File: 1686963386714.jpeg (160.88 KB, 1170x2025, 834F8BD8-E566-4500-A1CA-5540F1…)

Samefag. To top it off, we’ve got another bloodsucker. Think of all the young influential teens that look up to her, using mommy’s $$ to pay for Dani’s Starbucks. I don’t get it. If you aren’t in a good place financially, Starbucks is NOT a necessity wtf

No. 1847856

Omg stop self posting. This is why you have no friends.

No. 1847857

File: 1686963761398.png (131.53 KB, 720x1318, IMG_8815.png)

Cassie/suckinged? Check around #75

No. 1847864

Kate’s stomach and boobs look fucking gnarly and that’s only from having too many kids t. a mom

No. 1847866

if she was really skipping her prom because she was having bad anxiety or something, she wouldn't have done her hair, nails, makeup, got dressed, took pics (including a pic of her post crying makeup) and posted them. the only sad (pathetic) thing here is that she lives for attention from strangers online. why would she actually want to go to an event in person where people probably don't treat her like she's anything special at all when she can just use it as an excuse to get dolled up, take pics, and be a dramatic idiot.

No. 1847875

it's very possible to have saggy, loose skin even if you never had a kid. it happens to men too.

No. 1847876

Or because she went from 200 some pounds to 110.

No. 1847878

im a mom too and i dont have excess skin kek i think its more the massive weight loss (from starvation or otherwise) thats made her saggy all over

No. 1847918

she was fat before she had kids. rapid gaining and losing over the years fucks with your skin’s ability to snap back. her boobs are just like that from rapid extreme weight loss, and she really doesn’t have that much loose skin for having had two kids and how much she’s put her body through. her personality and behavior are magnitudes gnarlier

No. 1847923

i agree with you, nonny. but even though this is all a self-induced ploy for attention, it’s still sad to watch.

No. 1847928

You have sauces? If be interested in reading it

No. 1847935

Kate’s body genuinely looks worse than the old lady in the bathtub from The Shining. starved herself until the outsides matched the inside kek

her poor kids

No. 1847941

File: 1686975059751.jpeg (180.28 KB, 828x1504, IMG_8992.jpeg)

She’s not a proana scumbag but does anyone get this person on their Instagram explore page? She posts cringy supplements videos.

No. 1847942

File: 1686975100228.jpeg (133.16 KB, 828x1525, IMG_8987.jpeg)

M’am you don’t have an eating disorder.

No. 1847944

File: 1686975124673.jpeg (103.91 KB, 828x1521, IMG_8990.jpeg)

No. 1847947

File: 1686975487954.png (104.96 KB, 450x518, Screen Shot 2023-06-16 at 11.1…)

I think you kinda left out the important fact that she's an ED therapist and seems to be advertising via tiktok, kek

No. 1847950

I was going to because at first I thought she was also recovering from an eating disorder but….she’s not? She’s literally drinking boost for clout? I can’t imagine someone just drinking boost by choice. She hashtags boostbuddies but she doesn’t have to drink it!!!

No. 1847952

why is she writing boost when she's drinking ensure? tf

No. 1847954

File: 1686976734119.jpeg (166.68 KB, 828x1461, IMG_8994.jpeg)

New scumbag I found

No. 1847955

File: 1686976763997.jpeg (118.53 KB, 828x1542, IMG_9004.jpeg)

Entire page is bodychecks

No. 1847956

File: 1686976797515.jpeg (168.19 KB, 828x1337, IMG_9001.jpeg)

No. 1847957

File: 1686976826050.jpeg (152.63 KB, 828x1456, IMG_9002.jpeg)

No. 1847958

>you could've chosen to report and move on (an true example of integrating)
Ironic seeing how you went on about this for like 8 hours kek, also are you that former farmhand? Please say no, I refuse to believe they would allow someone so spergy and neurotic to be a farmhand, it's a meltdown waiting to happen and there's no way an anon like you would remain non biased when getting into infights and handing out bans.(infighting)

No. 1847985


So a week ago she quit Twitter because those gosh darn edtwt accounts were being suggested to/following her, and how could that be?! She neeever even interacted with them. Jesus Harold Christ on a rubber fucking crutch she is pants on head retarded.

No. 1847990

What in the name of hell? Yeah let me just voluntarily drink the most vile substance on the planet… voluntarily

No. 1847992

i swear, wtf is it with some of these girls and thinking their, at best, basic ass, at worst, ugly ass (a'la neefers) outfits are worth commemorating on sm in the disguise of a lookbook. i know it's just a way to bodycheck but it still irrationally pisses me off kek

No. 1847993

Why would you bring it into Starbucks????

No. 1848003

kek she deleted it so fast, what a pathetic waste of resources this girl is

No. 1848008

samefag but did you seriously expect to post photos of yourself and not get found out, especially considering your large following? i knew you were delusional and abnormally unintelligent but that's too dumb, even for you

No. 1848012

Aw I can't wait for the next niamh edtwt. I might get twitter just so I don't miss it. Look out for tinkerbell, fairy, strawberry, lana del rey and "neefers" as she might not make it so glaringly it's her fucking obvious next time

No. 1848040

File: 1686998182876.png (1.58 MB, 932x2000, savageslaypussypopqueenicon.pn…)

Sage because fanart ♥
I love this cow, I'm so excited for when she ages out of CAMHS and gets the wakeup call of her life during an adult admission.

No. 1848047

maybe unpopular opinion but this better than her instagram or tiktok which is recommended to randos by the algorithm. Edtwt is at least slightly contained

No. 1848049

Has she deleted this already? I can’t find it. Post a link?

No. 1848050

File: 1687000893433.jpeg (36.8 KB, 1170x1633, IMG_0749.jpeg)

Looks like it’s been deleted already

No. 1848053

"Better than"? What do you mean by that. Becca who had a nose hose for ages and had it removed by her dietician Lynn at 1212 is on a private account. It doesn't make it less milky. Neefs milk could come straight from the udder or curdled from the victorian era and I'd still lap it up like a dehydrated farmer

No. 1848057

File: 1687003289249.jpeg (169.44 KB, 828x1457, F8FA67C0-C80F-44F5-BCF5-9DDA64…)

This is genuinely insane how has no one intervened and sectioned her

No. 1848059

She needs to snap out of her Cassie from ‘Skins’, airy, fairy, head in the clouds era quick if she wants to avoid an adult admission. They’re a whole different ball game to what she’s experienced.

No. 1848065

How is this shooped?

No. 1848067

The fact that she deleted her Twitter so quickly is proof she lurks these threads frequently, I’m sure she’s obsessed with looking for posts about herself. Total cow behavior

No. 1848089

if she really wanted to keep a vent account/private diary type of thing, she could do it as long as she didn't post pics of her face or anything else that could easily identify her. but she can't help herself, she needs the attention so bad. what a life.

No. 1848090

>having too many kids
She has 2 anon, is 2 too many? Kek

No. 1848097

when you spend all day preening for teenagers on edtwt, any amount of kids is too many

No. 1848099

True but in the context of the other anons post it didn't really make sense, it's not like she has over 5 kids or anything crazy. It's weird seeing 2 kids getting called "too many."

No. 1848100

Please tell me they’ll take her fucking phone away?!

No. 1848103

No. Very unlikely. (In scotland at least) The only patient I've ever seen have complete phone restriction had it because she was psychotic, kidnapped a child and then hounded the press/solicitors/the kids family non stop. One phone confiscated and another burner dropped in her window over and over. The only restriction in most wards is no cables. Any charging has to be done in the nurses station. No mobile phone would be "too isolating" Although I think it should be looked at case by case. Niamh would greatly benefit from some isolation. Away from the perverts and anachans hyping up this relapse

No. 1848104

For attention, obviously.

No. 1848105

one thing they do right in the US is take people's phones away in healthcare facilities. that has to be why we don't see as many US cows. (there probably are places that let people have their phones, but i don't know of any in my area)

No. 1848111

File: 1687013668413.webm (1.04 MB, 720x1280, Niamh.webm)

Wonder if Niamhs going to be walking into the prom, neck strained, veins poppin' to boot. Only video I managed to archive last night.

No. 1848112

really good point. I wonder if this keeps people from going in the first place (in the U.S.), since they can’t brag about it and post “uwu poor sick little me” selfies in real time on social media while there

No. 1848113

It makes a lot of sense to do this tbh, if they allowed minimal phone access in UK inpatient facilities then I honestly also believe admission rate would be much lower. There’s a girl I’ve followed for a while on insta and she’s been discharged after a 19 month admission, she’s making no secrets about actively trying to get re-admitted it seems Maria (one of the twins) knows her well as she comments on her posts a lot. Not putting her @ as she’s not exactly, ‘milky’ but some of you may well know of her anyway. She’s called, Katie.

No. 1848114

Not blogging but when I was inpatient I had my phone banned for 3 months (in visits as well) because I posted a tiktok in the ward. England though.(not blogging but blogging)

No. 1848118

IP just wasn’t enough attention on it’s own for you, huh

No. 1848119

The tiktok was in a visit though as the Camhs unit doesn’t allow any phones or electronic devices at all (expect laptops in the emending for an hour).

No. 1848124

These aren't blog posts, retard. There's a discussion in the thread about phone access in psychwards. Making personal anecdotes actually helpful in this conversation. Sorry you're bummed that you've not been 'sick enough' for a bed yet. Go join colours in her vendetta pasture or post some fresh milk to redirect the conversation

No. 1848126

I had phone restriction to where I had to be in common areas for the rest of my admission because I filmed a staffs feet running past a window during an alarm with the caption "can't even have a vape in peace".
I had forgotten completely about it and it had been over 24 hours so I still don't really know how they noticed in the first place. But yet, I wouldn't call that restriction just supervision. I don't know if I agree with no phones full stop because many don't have friends or family within visiting distance. During covid the wards were all on lockdown and videocalls were the only way to see your loved ones. Maybe a separate electronics room, with a locker per patient and supervised by staff at all times sounds like a Good compromise(not your personal blog)

No. 1848128

File: 1687015458563.jpg (215.14 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230617_162515_Ins…)

Pro-Ana Scumbags #98: coffee shops & shoops

No. 1848130

File: 1687015532486.jpg (221.22 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230617_162654_Gal…)

No! I don't think I will x

No. 1848134

File: 1687015796173.jpg (264.06 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230617_163047_Gal…)

Oh…Zara… becca already tried that. You'll need to climb at least a few floors higher for an effective jump

No. 1848135

every place i know of in the state i live in the US only has a couple wall phones on the unit for all patients to share, and the phones are only turned on at certain times throughout the day. or some places don't have phones at all for patient use, but you can make phone calls during your meetings with your counselor in their office from their desk phone.

No. 1848136

File: 1687015982616.jpg (374 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230617_163414_Gal…)

To habe somewhere to document your current relapse, DUH!

No. 1848139

I honestly can't see that being helpful either. There's got to be a worthwhile compromise somewhere in the middle of IP bongs and their rendition of Skins UK and literal prison. Either seem therapuric to me

No. 1848140

No. 1848144

Touch grass anon, you’ve spent too long on the boards to the point you think your edgy joke that was apropos of nothing is funny

No. 1848148

> Sorry you're bummed that you've not been 'sick enough' for a bed yet
I am cringing. Ntayrt but I think you should know literally nobody apart from cows think that way. You’re sounding a lot like one yourself.

No. 1848150

If they had taken Claire greaves iPad away she might still be alive.

No. 1848153

Things were lot simpler inEd units before mobile phones and the internet!

No. 1848164

Kek, what is this cringey 2edgy4u shit? I half expected you to finish the sentence with …xoxo, gossip girl

No. 1848173

this isn’t milk it’s a video showing the view? she’s on her roof where she regularly posts from… these captionless screenshots are so boring

No. 1848174

Come back to lolcow when you’re at least 18 and not an edgy middle schooler. Not only was that such a cringe caption but that’s not milk at all

No. 1848176

Stop projecting your ed onto other posters, if this board makes you that angry then don’t go on it

No. 1848178

it’s shooped

No. 1848191


No. 1848194

I know she has shopped in the past, but honestly I think this time it’s just genuine angles and positioning rather than full on photoshopping

No. 1848197

this is the funniest photoshop fail i’ve ever seen where is her sense of proportion

No. 1848199

Xoxo, gossip girl

No. 1848203

It was said in jest as the anon i was replying to looked like they were going to chimp out at the personal anecdotes.

No. 1848209

File: 1687023645674.png (23.19 KB, 1200x430, Screen Shot 2023-06-17 at 1.40…)

marie reappearing to drop bmi details, because of course

No. 1848211

>the anon i was replying to looked like they were going to chimp out
None of those anons but no she didn't, and you "chimped out" harder than she did kek

No. 1848215

im genuinely happy shes not dead, was getting really worried about her

No. 1848218

you sound like a cow yourself and your humblebrag about showing off on TikTok that you’re IP wasn’t actually helpful at all but thanks

I can’t fathom being this attention-starved. best thing to do is completely ignore people like this.

No. 1848221

if you're gonna self-post and wk yourself, at least have some ground. the shooping is too obvious to even be worth a laugh

No. 1848222

I'm not the same anon as tiktok anon, I'm 'feet on snapchat' anon. there were a few personal anecdotes but you've grouped the wrong ones together into a clusterfuck derail.

No. 1848223

No. 1848226

Nta but your anecdote was the most pointless of the lot, it was just plain blogposting so it's a little ironic you're talking about derailing. And your story does make you seem cowish so I'm not sure why you were so eager to share kek

No. 1848227

Report and move on

No. 1848228

imagine putting effort into raising a child for 18 (?) years only for them to end up turning into… this.. i'm sure her parents must've triggered at least a small part of her insanity but oh lord

No. 1848229

Same to you

No. 1848236

Niamh posted her prom dress and makeup but said she didn't get to go. Does anyone know if she finally went ip?

No. 1848241

She posted something 2 hours ago so unless she’s posting from ip i think shes still free.

No. 1848243

huh there’s no way she’s 34kg, she looks malnourished especially recently but isn’t 34kg literally near EC territory.. unless she’s really short

No. 1848244

attention whoring on snapchat is definitely different and better than doing it on tiktok

>she didn't get to go
she chose not to go and she loves the concern it’s stirred up.

No. 1848247

I didn’t know human beings could survive at bmi 8 yikes

No. 1848248

Can we not have this discussion? I don't see why she would lie about it, and there's no point in speculating.

No. 1848251

hi niamh(hi cow)

No. 1848253

File: 1687029081776.jpeg (39.52 KB, 1179x592, IMG_0083.jpeg)

is she for real?

No. 1848254

hi niamh:)(hi cow :))

No. 1848256

how do yk she chose not to go?

No. 1848266

read the thread.

No. 1848268

kek at her chronic lurking/farming

No. 1848272


No. 1848278

File: 1687032820304.png (861.35 KB, 875x980, ohnoitsmomo.png)

No. 1848286

Disagree. Even a sculpture/meme has more personality than that vapid child

No. 1848292

That head wound is horrible. I've been going backwards in time reading all of these pro-ana scumbag threads, and you can track the spread of the head-banging trend among in-patient BPDchans in real time across them all

No. 1848296

literally how does someone go up 4 BMI points within the span of not even a month?? what do they put in those tubes damn

No. 1848298

rehydration plays a big part

No. 1848303

is niamh lurking so much that she already got these posts redtexted kek

No. 1848305

kek read this as retardation at first

No. 1848311

Am I right in thinking it was Bethany who started? I remember her with a squish mallow in the back seat being driven back IP basically her entire skull showing kek

No. 1848317

Weight tends to spike at the beginning of refeeding. Your body can't hold onto fluids well when you're really malnourished, so even people who aren't restricting fluids are going to be pretty dehydrated and will gain a chunk of weight just from rehydrating. And then there's the physical weight of food, which adds a chunk, and some people will initially gain rapidly and then start requiring more calories to continue gaining weight.

Also, Marie is really short. She's like 4'11" or 4'10" or something. So her BMI goes up more quickly with weight gain than someone who is taller. (To be clear, I mean: if she gains 5lbs, that's a bigger BMI change than if someone who is 5'10" gains 5lbs)

No. 1848318

8 wow that must be a record
Hope Marie is sent to a residential.

No. 1848321

File: 1687039151080.jpeg (101.67 KB, 828x1204, IMG_9005.jpeg)

She’s 4 foot 7!
Somehow I doubt she was 35 lbs. Literally a toddler.

No. 1848322

kek, thanks, I forgot her exact height and I didn't want to guess too low.

No. 1848330

File: 1687039656854.jpeg (48.39 KB, 828x470, IMG_9006.jpeg)

Poor Marie, still too large to be Ana queen.

No. 1848340

that too

No. 1848349

We were allowed phones in CAMHS but I'm an oldfag who was in back when phones with cameras were new. Chargers had to be in the nurse's station though because, as with all things, someone would inevitably try to choke themselves with one.(not your personal blog)

No. 1848362

File: 1687043355313.jpeg (58.85 KB, 828x416, 01BAD26E-D76F-4575-8419-AE6CF0…)

Way too large, this study found a low of 6.7 BMI. Not that it’ll stop Marie from ana chan bragging. She might as well pin on a big shiny “BMI 8” button so no one ever forgets she was the ana kween.

No. 1848364


This edtwt debacle with Niamh has really shown her true colors. Someone should've taught her internet safety long ago but let's cut to the chase for our dear reader – you can nuke your Twitter, but the internet is forever. Here are some highlights:

>> Two spoopy bodychecks from our #recoveryqueen. Didn't you say that "posting pictures of an outfit whilst underweight is not body checking"? How about these? Do they count?
(please don't post half naked bodychecks of minors even censored. file deleted)

No. 1848367

File: 1687044117917.jpg (52.81 KB, 1241x491, edtwt-veteran.jpg)


>>Niamh also admits to being an edtwt veteran

No. 1848368

File: 1687044239517.png (130.22 KB, 1241x946, recruiting-ana-chans.png)


>>"Existing with an eating disorder does not make you pro ana", but does recruiting other teens to "lose as much as humanly possible" and "share weigh ins, intake, motivs, thinspo, tips and tricks" make you pro ana? I'd argue yes

No. 1848369

File: 1687044357103.png (145.35 KB, 914x995, BMI.png)


>>Despite this, she begs edtwt to help her stop losing weight, while bragging about her LW of BMI 12.3 (that's 33.9kg for her height of 1.66m, or 75lbs at 5ft5 for the Americans), and of course she posts some scale pics for eViDeNcE

No. 1848370

File: 1687044408271.png (2.75 MB, 1234x4247, intake.png)


>>Edtwt doesn't offer much help, as she regularly posts about her < 200 cal meals. She also reveals that her mother went on a 4-mile walk with her anorexic daughter #mumoftheyear

No. 1848371

File: 1687044527519.png (2.29 MB, 1241x4298, cringe-posting.png)


>>Finally, Niamh engages in some cringe posting, with lines such as "#mealspo", "I don't understand why people eating things like burgers and chips when you can eat food like this" (the "like this" was an abyssmal looking meal), calling herself an hourglass body type, and being a "#recoveryqueen" for measuring 6mL more of unsweetended almond milk than she intended

Maybe make your totally-not-pro-ED accounts private next time, Niamh :)

No. 1848374

an hourglass lmao girl bye

No. 1848375

omg niamh’s even worse than i thought, those wks crying that she isn’t milky really aged well… also, hourglass body?? not a chance at that weight, a severe ED makes anyone rectangular

No. 1848380

Isn't she under 18? Even so, she's old enough to know that posting that material while underage can land her in legal hot water.

>"muh hourglass figure"
>small chest
>narrow ribcage
>wide hips
>somehow not your run of the mill pear shape
lol. lmao even.

No. 1848381

she didnt get her period until she was 16??? Thats wild even for someone with an eating disorder

No. 1848383

File: 1687045535015.png (374.1 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230617-194332.png)

that's such bs. you wouldn't be posting multiple tik toks and instagram posts of pics and videos of yourself if you hated the way you looked in them. the lack of attention she would get from in real life people compared to the attention she gets from fetishists and wannarexics online is like torture for this girl.

No. 1848384

File: 1687045758533.jpeg (88.05 KB, 736x990, B292AA90-6862-46F3-8D55-957B6F…)

And here’s Niamh lying through her teeth about her edtwt account when someone asked about it under her post kek

No. 1848385

tbf I know someone who got hers at 15/16 and she never had an ED and is healthy so some people though very few just have that I guess

No. 1848389

Niamh doesn't have her bellybutton pierced does she? Also I don't think she has hips that wide, and her stomach seems to always have hot water bottle burns. Are you sure these weren't just thinspo of other people she was posting? Still milky though, excellent catch nona holy shit kek

No. 1848396


I was unsure about the right bodycheck re: piercing and because the twitter is nuked I can’t check the text with it, but the censoring of the scars on the left bc makes me think that’s definitely her

No. 1848400

Yeah that one does look more like Niamh than the one on the right. Still the hips look way wider than Niamh's, could be photoshopping or angles though.

No. 1848420

Marie is 20 and she’s never gotten her period because she is petite Ana queen

No. 1848424

Kind of think Marie’s twin consumed part of her in the womb or something because she’s normal sized

No. 1848428

File: 1687051802832.jpeg (151.22 KB, 747x1280, IMG_9933.jpeg)

Pretty sure the first is her. Look a the clothes on the door, the door frame, paint color. I would even say it’s this same day

No. 1848431

Great eye that pic is definitely her, the one on the right is just thinspo of a random person I think. Niamh looks hideous and any attempt at making herself look good with makeup or a dress makes her look even more like a skyrim dragyur.

No. 1848434

File: 1687052353454.jpg (78.14 KB, 1241x560, low-income-skinny.jpg)


Found the twitter thread she replied to about druggies being “low income skinny”, for those who want more evidence with their milk

No. 1848435

Wtf are pingers and dizz
That sounds like the most british nonsense ever

No. 1848438

Kek the "low income skinny" comment is funny but coming from this sheltered and snobby little rich girl it's just cunty. And btw Niamh anyone who doesn't get enough food ends up looking strung out like a junkie. You already have the hollowed out eyes, prematurely aged skin, gum recession, yellow skin tone, bulging visible veins. Once the hair loss and wrinkles kick in you'll look just like the other low income skinnies. Congrats I guess

No. 1848450

she already has some rough looking wrinkles too, her face looks so old sometimes

No. 1848455

File: 1687056386179.jpeg (98.3 KB, 828x1358, IMG_9011.jpeg)

Just going to leave this here

No. 1848457

Pingers are pills, usually mdma or ecstacy
Dizz is the same but in powder form

No. 1848459

I love silly British terms.

No. 1848461

File: 1687057247717.jpg (234.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230618_122907_Ins…)

I mean noone is surprised really. Any medical nonnies want to have a guess why she's a cpap?

No. 1848462

It's probably for sleep apnea because she's obese. It's incredibly common.

No. 1848463

File: 1687057816320.png (Spoiler Image, 221.15 KB, 924x867, Screenshot (20758).png)

Is that hair on her jawline? Spoilered for grossness.

No. 1848466

It’s lanugo nonnie

No. 1848467

on enara? kek. It's probably hormonal stuff, maybe PCOS. Very common in obese women.

No. 1848468

Top fucking kek

No. 1848469

File: 1687059072035.jpg (1.48 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230618_125821677.jpg)

Potential cow.
More suicide attempts than Enara, seems to try one a week at least.
B/Ps. Currently IP and securing drugs for the next attempt

No. 1848471

Definitely seems like a cow, too bad her account is private.

No. 1848477

She accepted me no worries, happy for the extra attention and followers. Since following the twins I get recommended all sorts of anachans on my burner acc.

No. 1848478

Maybe texts/calls but no wifi allowed? Although patients can just use data. My friend worked in a boarding school and they had the same issue with students on their phones bullying each other on snapchat at like 3am. Eventually they had to say they couldn't be responsible for anything not sent on the school's network.

No. 1848485

It'll be run of the mill sleep apnoea (which anyone can have, not just obesity - a lot of it is down to jaw shape and size). Enara will pretend it's a super serious heart or lung problem though.

No. 1848487

no, she replied to a tell saying it's central sleep apnea (which is not obesity related, although it's convenient that she has so many health problems that can be obesity related yet always says they're not)

No. 1848489

Where is she? That looks more like a hotel room than a hospital room!

No. 1848491

Lots of people have mixed sleep apnoea. I'd guess she's pretending it's pure central apnoea to a) be sicker and b) not obesity related.

No. 1848498

File: 1687063633159.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.49 KB, 1080x2260, Screenshot_20230618_141524_Ins…)

Not sure where she's from exactly. But it's definitely a nice hospital.
Shes got a bunch of saved stories under a 'hospital' tag that shows shes back there every 3 or 4 weeks.

No. 1848504

she's in Spain

No. 1848513

File: 1687068154446.png (344.39 KB, 853x1425, Screenshots_2023-06-18-01-51-0…)

No. 1848514

File: 1687069032876.jpg (1.18 MB, 4096x4096, Dismal.jpg)

Marie has posted a thread on edtwt talking about what it's like at such a low bmi. What a horrible existence

No. 1848515

File: 1687069077977.jpg (98.12 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-06-18_02_19_19.jp…)

No. 1848516

Fuck, rookie error.
Well done anon you found my burner

No. 1848517

It's obviously a fake account

No. 1848518

that's not the same username as the account she deleted, is it? maybe i'm just mistaken but it's still obviously her either way

No. 1848519

brilliant, nonnie! to think that there are still so many naive little girls defending her and believing her every obvious lie is honestly hilarious

No. 1848520

Get a GP's letter, signed, and make sure you have the original packaging with your name on the prescription label. No big deal, does she think she's the only visitor to that hellhole who takes certain meds?

No. 1848522

No. 1848523

so it doesn't really matter if they're exposed

No. 1848524

I figure we can see what cows lurk here by who block me kek.
Ill keep you all updated(no1currs)

No. 1848529

this is so sad and awful i just feel bad for her at this point, how can someone still not want to recover after experiencing how horrible it is at that low of a bmi

No. 1848530

I was in a camhs ip facility in Ireland last year and we were only allowed our phones in visits (some not even allowed that) instead we had 2 computers supervised just outside the nurses station, a phone kiosk and we were given Nokia button phones (again, some would have this “privilege” taken away). Personally I think this is a great way to do things, having such little opportunity and reason to stare at a screen really encouraged more social interaction, perhaps Naimh here could benefit a little from such treatment.(unsaged blogpost)

No. 1848535

imagine being so much of a dumbass that you don't realize that there are many areas of the world with very, very different views on social issues

No. 1848536

>it’s like the UAE doesn’t have mental illness
No, it’s like the UAE doesn’t over-medicate attention hungry and badly behaved people

No. 1848538

Would love to know Marie’s end goal. Is she going to go back to bmi 8 when she gets discharged? Does she realize how awful it was?
I mean if she wants to die that much, why is she taking this route?
Really hope she has a change in mindset.

No. 1848540

would not have guessed that, most hospitals in spain look nothing like that

No. 1848548

File: 1687077414010.jpeg (168.63 KB, 750x1100, 35A7B9EB-432C-46DA-A83E-23AEE6…)

1/3 cow crossover! enara meets my own personal hamorexia nervosa cow, thefriendineverwanted. she posts about the second dog she’s returned to shelters.

No. 1848549

File: 1687077554561.jpeg (147.98 KB, 750x1096, 78DA2BBD-E5ED-4764-84A6-BA03C5…)

2/3 samefag almost humble brags about how the dog she returned was likely put down and wants us to feel bad for her and not judge her, because she did absolutely zero things and none of them worked!

No. 1848551

Why does she put a love heart after saying he was put down lol

No. 1848552

The Patrick Dempsey pfp is sending me

No. 1848553

3/3 samefag ends the post on why you shouldn’t judge her, why she’s judging herself, and ties a bow on top about how the dog she likely killed deserves to be on her instagram feed and she deserves to not cry thinking about her own part in that ending. enara, service dog abandoner, agrees that she was right to return a dog to get put down and says fuck the haters! sage for not specifically proana milk, but the ED larp munchie cow crossover is real

No. 1848554

File: 1687077953252.jpeg (138.73 KB, 750x1117, A0D28906-086C-4B5E-B661-FA5E4E…)

fuck me i’m retarded & forgot the image, this bitch makes me so angry in how she treats her dogs

No. 1848556

File: 1687078104667.jpg (1.03 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230618_181439399.jpg)

Discharges from hospital and immediately binges on a shit tonne of maccas

No. 1848558

she gave her first dog up after SEVEN YEARS for something totally unknown, conveniently right as her new (gofundme paid) shiny service dog came home. she was “distraught” and “triggered,” to say nothing about the dog she abandoned after seven years. comments were off from the beginning bc she knew how fucked up it was and still somehow played the victim card

No. 1848560

what a rodent "human". People are cruel.

No. 1848568

Take this reply as an alog since I'll get banned for saying what I actually want to say.

No. 1848569

idk man, I know nothing about this person or dogs but if one bit me in the fucking face to the point I had to pry his jaws open to get him off of me, I wouldn’t really want him around either. feels like you should be more mad at the rescue who euthanized him.

No. 1848579

She surrendered the dog knowing he would be euthanised, “not wanting the dog around” isn't the same as not caring if it’s put down. She says she did some research and that’s how she knows he might have been but they always tell you that it may happen when you surrender AND it was a dog that had attacked a person theres no way they didn’t straight up tell her “we’re euthanising this dog”

No. 1848582

what should be done about dogs that attack people’s faces?

No. 1848583

She name changed as mentioned here: >>1847716

No. 1848591

This one has been a personal cow of mine for a while. She has convinced herself, in all areas of life, that she has done NO wrong ever. She’s been let go (fired/quit?) several jobs in the last couple of years but it’s never because of something she is doing….always a fat phobic/ unaccommodating / inflexible corporate environment. So every few months she pops up her cash apps and begs for money to cover rent and what not. Did a GFM for the service dog (along with a few other wannarexic ham planets). Somehow had the money to go to Taylor Swift and conferences in nyc, but again…not rent. Gets the dogs tail dyed rainbow multiple times a year, buys stupid shit…but again, no money for rent. She’s had the “service” dog for 2 years and it’s still not trained…which is consistent with the other people who did a GFM for their service dogs. And yeah, she’s positive she was spoopy and on the brink of death and was just mistreated by the system for years and now deserves all things given to her. End sperg.

No. 1848627

File: 1687094564814.png (694.9 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230618-091800~2.p…)

actually on that pic it says "pullman paris roissy cdg airport" which is a hotel in france. she goes and stays in hotels A LOT to binge and purge freely away from her mother, so i guess she just posted that picture on her story while she was in hospital for whatever reason

No. 1848634

Suuuuper late, but I am 99% sure a cow is a jannie here. Way back when people still posted about pancake here, I posted a screenshot, while logged out, mind, and almost immediately had a bunch of replies defending the context of the ss, then I was banned from pancake with no warning aside from, "contributing to hate sites." Only way I can imagine them knowing that is if they compared IPs from here and there. I was a jannie years and years ago, when we still used to Skype to communicate, so I know it wouldn't be difficult for a cow to infiltrate.

No. 1848657

File: 1687099586534.webm (2.01 MB, 576x1024, 2e87eaf662550484b9c5ebf287966f…)

I can't remember if she's ever been brought up but she's reappearing on my FYP. This is totally not purge bait. No way! Just a coincidence because many people sit next to their toilet to film tiktoks

No. 1848659

What made you leave the mod team?

No. 1848661

File: 1687099662239.webm (15.85 MB, 576x1024, ff60276231febb3b1ee27aa235348e…)

2/2 on toilet gal

No. 1848680

Nta but some pro-ana scumbags threads get deleted shortly after the next one is bumped up, at least 3 or 4 are gone from now to #70. I definitely think there's a cow jannie or one of them is close friends with a minor cow

No. 1848689

File: 1687103932683.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, 6E4846E7-6D13-4536-836B-EB7669…)

She's definitely a lurker, and also a liar who tf would wanna impersonate her

No. 1848690

I think we should remove that particular pic of her from this thread….I don’t know if it’s been posted on TT. I did look.

No. 1848694

I think we should remove this particular post. The others can stay up.

No. 1848696

I think we should remove that particular pic of her from this thread….I don’t know if it’s been posted on TT. I did look.(sage your shit)

No. 1848700

you really believe her? she posted that pic herself, fuck off and learn to sage

No. 1848702

"so um pop off ig" lmfaooooo omg bitch stop

No. 1848704

I think this particular pic should be removed. I feel it’s unfair to have it up it’s practically a nude. I know it’s her own fault blabla but I feel bad for her. The other posts about her secret account can stay up.(sage your shit)

No. 1848709

Cry about it, it should stay up. It's undeniable proof of cowdom

No. 1848711

(please don't post half naked bodychecks of minors even censored. file deleted)

No. 1848713

You can clearly see that this is niamhs torso/stomach

No. 1848716

Adding to the discourse, if she was an adult I would say the nude body check post should stay up, but at the end of the day, she’s 17. Yes minors over 16 are allowed to be posted on here, but it could be considered CP. Even though this is her own fault for failing (badly) at going incognito on edtwt as a public figure, she deserves privacy in the eyes of the law

No. 1848721

Torso comparisons collage(please don't post half naked bodychecks of minors even censored. file deleted)

No. 1848722

what part of she posted this pic of herself publicly on the internet for anyone to see do you not understand

No. 1848724

she deleted this story already

No. 1848734

Strawberry liar.

No. 1848737

between the lines, it looks like she adopted a super anxious dog and knew she had to work with him. she’s like 30-40x the dog’s weight. i don’t know how it bit her but it clearly wasn’t very deep and it seems like the dog just froze up. i agree that it was a bad situation, but i’m of the mind that if you adopt dogs from shelters with known issues, you’re have to commit to them and give them grace. this is also the second dog she’s abandoned so maybe i’m just getting into alog territory, but to me it looks like she’s just abandoning dogs when they get inconvenient or no longer new and shiny.
either way, posting about it for asspats in the way she did (i’m almost certain he was put down<3) is milky as fuck, and of course enara resonates with it.
the only thing that brings me comfort about this dog abandoner is that at least she’s doing horribly professionally. a couple years back i remember she posted about picking up doordash as a side gig because she didn’t have enough money to binge eat. the comments were insane

No. 1848742

I agree. It's already bad enough that Niamh is stupid enough to produce and distribute CP/underage nudes. Even though the naughty bits are censored, the website admin could get into some serious trouble if it's allowed to stay up. If it does get messy, the only person who needs to be paid a visit by Britbong police should be the cow, not the head farmer.

No. 1848756

I can't believe I even have to say this… Do not post half naked photos of minors even censored! It doesn't matter if it's related to bodychecks or w.e, do not post pictures of minors. People posting will be perma banned. Please report people posting minors as 'CP'. Thanks.

No. 1848759

exactly. It’s wrong and who cares if it’s her own fault? It was an anon account however poorly managed, and it’s like revenge porn to keep it up just because “it’s her own fault”.

No. 1848762

So can you delete it?>>1848364

No. 1848764

File: 1687110630510.jpeg (275.8 KB, 1170x2228, IMG_0762.jpeg)

She’s either made everything private or deleted everything with her in it.

No. 1848768

I understand this point and agree, but goddamn it’s so annoying that Niamh gets away with her shit YET AGAIN. spoiled, useless little worm.

No. 1848769

it's not revenge porn when she shared it herself

No. 1848778

Exactly this nonna

No. 1848781

people don't only drink supplements for ed related issues + she is doing it to make people who need to drink supplements feel safer

No. 1848782

because the brand is called boost ensure, kek

No. 1848783

File: 1687113034262.jpg (271.78 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230618_190055_Gal…)

How to respect other patients on your ward: announce every time they're having an incident

No. 1848784

File: 1687113105578.webm (109.47 KB, 576x1024, b34bc4857e069b050d02076a91ebd1…)

This made me kek. Ember/alana reacting to being called out on her bodychecks

No. 1848789

niamh is currently sperging out and deleting everything across all platforms

No. 1848790

safer? it’s a fucking supplement why would anyone feel unsafe lmao? no one cares or even notices (no matter how much you hope they do)


No. 1848792

uh no it's literally not. they're two different brands.

No. 1848793

File: 1687113906759.png (344.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0250.png)

God she’s pretends to be so innocent and “I have never shared my bmi” while this is what she posted back in 4 September 2020, I’m so glad I took a screenshot of this

No. 1848794

>”it wasn’t me I was hacked!!!” TOP KEK

No. 1848800

File: 1687114506758.jpeg (173.76 KB, 828x1522, IMG_4715.jpeg)

wow even her instagram

No. 1848801

samefag but what’s with the cryptic bio change?

No. 1848803

they’re lyrics from Back to the Old House by The Smiths. I feel like she’s going to DFE soon.

No. 1848805

Does anyone else find it a bit coincidental that a nonnie earlier in this tread used the term "pop off"?(sage your shit)

No. 1848807

She should put the phone down, reach out to her mother and go to hospital if she's freaking out. It's not the end of the world and stepping away from the Internet to touch grass would do her a world of good. There is never anything to be gained in participating in online ED communities.

No. 1848809

I'm pop off annoying anon and have decided to remove that term from my vocabulary with industrial strength bleach after seeing she uses it too.
Having said that, I do wonder if she picked it up after lurking here since that wouldn't surprise me at all

No. 1848810


No. 1848811

>pop off
Alright, i know enough.

No. 1848812

But the thing is anon, I'd never seen it used here before and I've been lurking for years.(lurking for years but doesn't know how to sage hm)

No. 1848820

Yes I mean I wonder if she saw the discourse that went down when I said it, and picked it up from that

No. 1848825

File: 1687116512884.jpg (248.8 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230618_202931_Tik…)

Christ almighty I've found a good one.

No. 1848829

did you delete the image that was attached or is it just my computer?

No. 1848831

File: 1687116808342.webm (1.21 MB, 576x1024, ccd8b2b08ef5f3dd4167cb550228e6…)

Do you really need any further context?

No. 1848832

Mate the big fuckoff redtext might give you a clue anon

No. 1848834

File: 1687116921797.webm (2.62 MB, 576x1024, 4032090551a03c6abf8e6914039b00…)

2/2 of sample vids.

No. 1848837

that's exactly what i think happened hahaha she's so embarrassing my god

No. 1848843

If someone actually did impersonate her that's the sane thing to do tbf

No. 1848844

File: 1687118013577.webm (3.93 MB, 540x960, ff51383fb787b2e7c5740066410625…)

Sorry I lied I just found this one, too. The fucking smug grin on that fat cunts face is enough to make me scream. Why is this stuff allowed to be filmed?