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File: 1658363459282.jpeg (180.79 KB, 768x1024, 1658222346682.jpeg)

No. 1592764

In the last thread:

Between seeing her bezzie mates…er, police. Han shows off her body chec… "tan"

Zara looks on death's door. Don't say anything mean, though.

Fiona is still breathing…phew! She's not quite out of the wheelchair yet apart from the meet ups she's allowed to go unattended, but keep your fingers crossed guys!

spoopy Laura continues to shoop.

our proper fragile faiwy Laura is struggling to drink her Ensures, apparently. There's bloating and there's heavy duty antipsychotics. BPD is a helluva drug.

Resident LARPer Ham continues to preach ED ReCoVeRy. Her body is NOT for others to determine her worth from, apparently. It's not like she's basing her whole internet presence on undie pics, or anything.

Niamh the Narc is back to body checking and dividing anons yet again. Is she a normal slim teenager? Could she suck in anymore? Will she ever clean her bedroom? Will anons ever agree?

Porgie wants someone to hang out with her.

Ganer's in "prep" for some sort of bodybuilding thing. It's definitiely not restriction guise.

smol Marie is baby uwu

Nikol's been binging

After years of striving, Cece is finally ensconced in anorexic mecca (ACUTE). Well done, Cece!

Anons find Rosie's MyProAna account complete with body checks and binge details, oh my!

Emily can't hack it out of hospital but most anons are rooting for her (tyra.jpg) … which brings us on…
to Maureen. This lady is 72 and claims to be 50lbs working as a nurse. The jury is still out.

rainsrecovering - YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com

No. 1592765

sorry if this is shit nonnies, first thread. I've probably missed stuff just wanted to make one so we don't have to wait ages

No. 1592794

File: 1658365059196.gif (688.52 KB, 220x237, F22006D1-83DB-4869-A254-B314D4…)

>that fucking thread pic

good thread for your first time op

No. 1592837

Bravo, OP. The monkey pic is classic

No. 1592849

File: 1658368233375.jpeg (481.44 KB, 828x1121, 37458A80-8337-430F-81FA-600F7C…)

Assuming this is her hand…it doesn’t look bony enough to indicate that she’s really below 70 lbs at the moment.

No. 1592958

If she was white you wouldn’t be comparing her to a monkey lol. Just say you’re racist and go.

No. 1592968

Zara is a poc????

No. 1592970

I don’t give a single fuck about her race. she’s not white, she’s not black, she’s a proana scumbag.
Hannah looks like a pig
Cece looks like a donkey
and you look like a clown

go back to twitter you absolute retard

No. 1593014

I think it's more the wrinkly sunken facial skin but go off racist-chan

No. 1593031

isn't she white?

No. 1593036

She looks like a literal monkey what are you talking about

No. 1593055

Calm down, not everything has something to do with race, there are just objective similarities between her face and the monkey on photos’s face

No. 1593058

That looks like a porgie trotter kek

No. 1593061

doesn't mean anything since white people can be poc too now apparently kek
If everyone is poc, is no one poc?

No. 1593063

shut the fuck up please

No. 1593110

Agree, it’s not about race. It’s her low weight mostly, it does make people look more like monkeys. This had nothing to do with her race.

No. 1593122

File: 1658401913764.jpeg (337.85 KB, 1170x1040, 52862F92-2E81-4123-BA37-4D394B…)

The only reason why she has anorexia is bc she’s underweight. She only really posts in the bulimia discussions and does high res

No. 1593124

File: 1658401954910.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1170x1992, DE66A954-5D3D-43AF-A11C-3E950D…)

recovery queen

No. 1593125

File: 1658401985658.jpeg (50.92 KB, 1169x327, 0628AAFC-0A15-4D1D-AAD1-10A8B2…)

No. 1593146

I saw some posts of hers where she talked about eating around 600 calories a day (they might’ve been posted in this one or thread 81) but she also posts these MASSIVE binges all the time so I’m confused. I don’t know if she’s said it before but what she’s doing is the definition of B/P anorexia (I think?). I knew binging includes large amounts of food but that’s so much more than I imagined the body of a skinny teenage girl can fit, it’s literally my entire pantry times two

No. 1593149

Cece's post count keeps going up anyone have caps?

No. 1593151

Well she’s definitely lost weight since August

No. 1593156


most likely like a lot of anorexics she goes through periods of low/high restrictions and b/p cycles. pretty normal. reactive eating triggers binges.

No. 1593160

> I saw some posts of hers where she talked about eating around 600 calories a day
What she could meant by that is she keeps down/digests only 600 and b/ps the rest (binges)
> that’s so much more than I imagined the body of a skinny teenage girl can fit, it’s literally my entire pantry times two
She might be purging in the middle of binge sessions to make room for food

Honestly, the way that they diagnose eating disorders based on weight is bullshit. It doesn’t make sense for someone who is constantly showing bulimic behaviours to be diagnosed with AN just because they’re underweight.

No. 1593162

No, go be "person of colour" somewhere else. No one fucking cares if your grandpa was 1/4 native.

No. 1593165

Oh my gosh, I had previously defended Rosie because of her WIEIADs with plenty of food but this explains it. Do you think she’s still binging and purging like this? Or purging the other food? Those binges are insane.

No. 1593166

If you were reading the thread that is still active and has posts left instead of this one then you’d see someone posted screenshots detailing more about her b/p behaviours

No. 1593169

Who bit your tail, anon?

No. 1593203

Resident anachans are cranky from restricting and starving.

No. 1593254

She's full of shit, someone's nana or not.

No. 1593259

also, has she ever actually posted that she has a brain injury or dementia? Or does that extremely angry anon just assume that everyone has dementia by the time they're 70? (hint: that's not true)

No. 1593262

Anon assumed AFAIK. It's bold to moralfag about an objectively hateful old woman when superspoops we pick apart are likely significantly cognitively compromised.

No. 1593264

honestly, that makes angry anon even funnier. "How dare you disrespect old people who I ASSUME ARE ALL DEMENTED"

No. 1593268

Same vibe as the person saying the Zara monkey comparison is racist

No. 1593275



No. 1593276

as long as the niggers eat enough watermelons and chikkin, everythings gonna be allright(racebait )

No. 1593280

File: 1658414520203.jpg (42.86 KB, 678x497, maureenfalseaccounts.JPG)

I was trying to find the old DMs i had but maureen had deleted that account, and for some reason the messages show up as blank. In app it says messages aren't supported in the app. Never had that before, gutted, didn't delete those convos because to me they were lulzy. Searching her name in all the ED groups everyone pretty much has messages saying not to add her to the groups for good reason. Gutted, going to have to search my old hard drive to see if I have any caps.

Seems in 2018 she even posed as her husband to try and get into the groups. Is that something you do with a TBI or old age? kek.

No. 1593286

Not funny.

No. 1593289

>>1592849 it look like a 72 year olds hand either

No. 1593308

As far as I know, in addition to considering weight, they also factor in symptoms/behaviors like severe restriction and the desire for weight loss. I’m not sure if the bulimia diagnosis includes these but it’s all very confusing

No. 1593313

No doubt she’s still binging and purging, I think she either purges all or part of her WIEIAD’s since her MPA posts imply that she doesn’t mind eating up to her maintenance cals. Can one of the anachans here who have access to MPA check what her most recent post is?

No. 1593316

You’re worse than the poc anon and both of you should leave and never come back, this isn’t an instagram politics page

No. 1593317

The way she’s standing like fried shrimp…

No. 1593349

I think it’s a great thread because it’s entitled “Summerfag edition” and the first posts are really in keeping with that so good work kek

No. 1593358

File: 1658419622252.jpeg (986.59 KB, 3222x3222, AF0B25D3-E96D-40CA-BFD0-A66FDE…)

8 months into recovery slay queen

No. 1593388

stop bringing this one up, you never get a response coz no1curr about an average looking teenager on tiktok

No. 1593392

wonder how zara’s doctor encounter went. i’m assuming (hoping) lack of milk means she’s been dragged off to the psych ward on sight?

No. 1593409

File: 1658422149728.jpeg (678.01 KB, 828x1497, 75004A8D-0442-450B-99BD-50C868…)

No. 1593410


I'll bet her breakfast is a half cup of dry cheerios

No. 1593413

If she has gastroparesis the nausea and pain is gonna be rough on her. Legit concerns.

No. 1593427

Yes it is.

No. 1593428

What site is this screenshot from?

No. 1593431

It'll be Myproana.com (MPA abbreviated if mentioned).

No. 1593434

Retard, most POC dont look like monkeys because they dont starve themselves. All these scumbags look like some rabid emaciated animal. And if they dont they are larpers who look like bloated pigs. Kek

No. 1593435

in fairness, recovery takes time and 8 months in ain't a lot in comparison to duration of habits, especially if those 8 months of recovery were in wholly you being a mandatory inpatient.

That said, hate it. It's a cheap excuse to post a picture of your thinness whilst garnering false praise for your "efforts" towards change; seems like a lot of people are gullible, or just hoping for the best, maybe - but the whole "if you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything" … it's nigh on enabling sometimes. Look at Fi's ~just breathe~ saga. Tough love can have its place.

The whole quasi-recovery (but completely knowing you're cheating the system and living a double life, like seen with Rosie) is extremely frustrating. Hope Dulcie's acknowledgement of recovery is a start to something, but there's a lot of people (especially on TikTok and Insta) that use the "I'm getting better" card to keep posting this shit and it goes on forever.
They confuse being forced(!) to gain weight with recovery, and then use the opposite defense of "recovery isn't just weight gain" to justify still being built like a birthday candle… bruh, they go hand in hand?

I've seen a lot of people start out like this & lose touch with that recovery account "CAMHS are sooo shit" identity (though CAMHS can be shit - but they're not shit for sectioning you whilst consistently dropping weight. You're just angry and using other reasons to cover, most of the time.), so hopefully all of this is a lesson in progress. Who knows tho. (sorry for unhinged tldr wall text. yours sincerely: a long-time, pent-up lurker lol)

No. 1593437

Not to be “this person” because I know people on here are too quick to call self post when it isn’t, but is this a self post? Because this doesn’t seem milky. And the cheerios comment seemed random / without bias.

No. 1593438

Oh okay thank you. I heard of it before, the place for anachans to have dick measuring contests with their illnesses. Sad ass existences.

No. 1593439


lol terrifed it'll make her feel nauseated? More like frantically googling whether weight gain is one of the side effects.

No. 1593440

so many people on these threads have no idea what an average teen looks like. she is clearly underweight. same with niamh. these are not healthy bodies.

No. 1593443

Maybe in current climate where obesity is on the rise and it's pretty common to be overweight. Turn of the millennia this is what normal kids looked like at least here in the UK. Kids are often lanky especially if they have growth spurts before they fill out.

No. 1593445

Dumbass anons can't stand to admit when a thread subject is underweight. Just because some of these tiktok Gen z attention whores are 16-19 doesn't mean they can't be low bmi. And just because Niamh isn't the super spoopiest ever doesn't mean she's "normal slim" God the rattling

No. 1593448

Both of those meds are powerful diuretics

No. 1593449


clearly that's not the case for this girl since she has an ED, stop bone rattling. also nice try, i am also from europe.

No. 1593451

No. 1593455

Normal-looking people whether they're kids or not can also have EDs (and they remain more hidden), so I don't get what you're sperging over. I don't get why you're so offended by being called normal, it's not rattling. Didn't ask where you're from, eurofag. Just saying how things were in the 2000's.

No. 1593460


i obviously did not say normal-looking people cannot have EDs, also lol that's not me. but it's ridiculous to look at clearly underweight people on the internet talking about/with an history of eating disorders and think they are recovered or look all fine and healthy just because they are not on the verge of death.

No. 1593461

Yeah it makes zero sense to say hateful old ladies are off-limits to farmers and not young girls who are literally brain damaged.

No. 1593470

EDs were also common in the 2000s, what's your point? Being an underweight teen isn't synonymous with having an ED, but she's clearly both. So I don't know why you keep insisting she's "average" bc other teens were also underweight in your country 20+ years ago.

No. 1593475

She’s way more underweight than Niamh and people bring her up so lmao

No. 1593477

At this rate she’s actually going to die soon unless she’s another Ash

No. 1593481

Convinced that when anons say an obviously underweight cow looks ‘normal’ in 9/10 cases it’s a self post, and in the other 1/10 it’s jealousy.

I notice this mostly with Cece, she is obviously very sick, so I am absolutely certain it’s her seeking validation by insisting that she isn’t underweight, so that anons will insist she is (because again, she obviously is).

I also think some of the CeCe NoT uNdErWeIgHt posts come from that cow we discussed last thread who was caught doing all the comparisons w other cows

No. 1593487

Saw a video of her saying she’s addicted to protein bars and another saying that the worst thing ever is meal increases. Very pro recovery for sure

No. 1593489

nah I see what you mean, as anon that posted War and Peace-length rant. Call it contrary of me to call out 101 things and then semi-go back on it (admittedly I haven't followed Dulcie's antics & took a quick glance at the post and Tiktok history.)

The lack of text is always telling in a self-post, so potentially. I don't know if I can see them self-posting, though how can we ever tell, and self-posting always feels a bit milky in itself?

I think she's probably bodychecking in the clip, given the tensing, which makes the tank top look a bit intentional and scummy if you're talking about recovery - prime bodychecking antics. Also if you're intentionally talking about how unwell you are now to purposefully duet a video when you're "better" … it rubs me the wrong way, plus the constant hospital and crying pics.

All that said, it seems another day in TikTok ED land: doesn't make it alright, but it feels like it's not such a personally-accredited shitty thing to do when you see everyone else doing it; particularly if the person is quite young and inexperienced with life (I assume this is why people go after Cecelia, idk her upbringing but seems she dropped a lot to pursue this ana~ online thing, particularly the therapeutically practising with kids whilst pulling this all online.)

All in all, I find it problematic and think it's something worth calling out, but no more. She's still quite young and (I think) only been out of hospital recently; the competitiveness of ED units tends to rub off on some. So I hope they just grow out of it - hopefully a mention of them here is a kick to realise we're not as dumb and approving as they might think. So self-post, I doubt - maybe more like anon seeing bodycheck, and meal increase comment doesn't help. But hey, who knows - stranger things have happened??

No. 1593504

stop posting yourself dulcie.
this girl is a total self obsessed teenager, her private snap story is hilarious she’ll add anyone to it and sends herself all sorts of messages via sendit (like tellonym but for snapchat) trying to set up humble brags that make her out to be the sickliest ana ever… in reality shes pretty average, and her slightly underweight BMI isn’t a talking point.

No. 1593511

this thread is a mess.
so many questions;
1. which utter retard is trying to say zara isn’t white???
2. since when did she have gadtroparesids? who said that?
3. why is she on diuretics? kidney failure? finally dying?
4. how did that doc not section her on sight? surely this is neglect

No. 1593513

File: 1658428939886.jpeg (1014.67 KB, 1170x1613, 8DC8B591-3F7D-4671-AAC9-81DFD7…)


No. 1593520

My tinfoil is that it’s just some autist neckbeard posting pics of his grandma/mother as “proof” of being an elderly so he can easily get accepted and then perv on/troll spoops and wannarexics. Maybe Allan is Maureen and that chunky hand behind that Dunkin pic a few posts up is him slipping. shrugs either way, I’m interested in this kek

No. 1593523

Never saw that tranny before.

Also: No1curr

No. 1593525

File: 1658429956585.png (568.55 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20220721-205920-607…)


This is all, last time she was online was April this year

No. 1593533

She looked very underweight in her wheelchair pic I think. And kek that does sound very self obsessed

No. 1593545

As if she hadn't enough wrinkles by now, hehe.

No. 1593567

the chances of a MPA take being spot on, let alone tolerable, are always extremely low ..but never zero.

I hate hating on people (ironically typing on lolcow), but her entitlement and inability to change batters the fuck out of my brain cells, especially because some people keep believing it - you don't stay actively ill for this long without hurting the people around you, and the state of the NHS today, you get some really unhelpful things said to you. Whilst I see how that can push someone back into their bad habits, you need some pretty thick emotional skin to keep using the services that criticise you & that isn't very consistent with the "I feel shit about myself" narrative a lot of them push (not to discourage anyone from seeking necessary treatment, the difference is you probably don't want to fetishise it.) I guess it helps if the people around you feed that victim complex.

All of these UK tabloid anorexia stories also grind my gears because the comments gloss over the protruding bodychecks and jump straight to fawning over how ill and vulnerable they are, rather than thinking "why tf is a 25 year old supplying this semi-nude picture?" I know it's illness but it just ???

unrelated sperg, but Fiona friend requested me on Facebook years and years ago before this relapse (I do not know her lol), which reminded me of how Paris used to follow and unfollow random people - maybe it's an insecurity about numbers and appearing to be liked, but it always came off as shallow and egotistical. Really gives us all a bad name when these people take outwards facing roles about "awareness", as they tend to do.

No. 1593578

The ceCe nOt underweIghT speds are ridiculous. If people want to say they aren't boollies then they shouldn't just straight up antagonize someone clearly sick.

No. 1593579

Why does she wear falsies to a Dr appointment

No. 1593598

Its okay nonnie. Soon summer will be over and maybe SOME retardation will die down… hopefully at least.

No. 1593600

she wears them daily i think, just a “lots of makeup” kind of person.
bizarrely watching her stories i noticed a time earlier this year where she stopped bothering with makeup and genuinely felt a bit of sympathy, took it as a sign that things were dire.

No. 1593609

yeah, I think there's been a lot of Cece wking and self-posting recently (or somebody with a serious vendetta), but she's clearly not in a well body. I hate the idea of her potentially getting off to my comment, but it's that objective. She's put her body through it and lost weight, end of, regardless of the motive.

And I don't like her motives, but that's no reason to deny medical fact at risk of damaging everyone else's psyche here. Cause that's hurting us all. Sure it's lolcow and you're trying to start something because you're starved of milk, but it's arguably as bad as the person you're critiquing imo, ironically pro-ana and bonerattly (Maureen, is that you?)

No. 1593695

File: 1658439854947.png (260.04 KB, 376x757, Screenshot_20220721-174322-877…)

old cow from tumblr, she got a surgical tube

No. 1593746

Just because she has EUPD doesn’t mean she isn’t anorexic.

But again. I’m completely convinced it’s her posting most of the vendetta chan comments just so that she will get plenty arguing that she’s clearly spooper sick and needs to be cared for

No. 1593753

i would agree with this if it wasn’t for the fact that some anons also comment about niamh and other people saying they are not underweight or are looking like normal teenagers. maybe some posts were cece’s but some anons are just starved

No. 1593793

That’s nowhere near average even for a teenager, anachan

No. 1593903

Umm why the fuck is she taking frusemide?!
Its a potent diuretic.. unless she’s in heart/kidney failure, I think its more so an abusive situation with diuretics….

No. 1593908

I found it kinda offensive tbh, especially the second one. That monkey looks a lot cuter and more loveable than her

No. 1593916

Ikr, we should replace the image in case the monkey logs on here, I am worried about their feelings being hurt by being compared to anorexic skeletor.

No. 1594045

File: 1658467213685.jpeg (Spoiler Image,294.91 KB, 1125x2000, 5121C9F0-BCF7-4DD9-8E7C-393E7A…)

Ummmm, I have no words, just got a massive scare when I opened IG

No. 1594057

Excuse me anon I think you mean ‘furosemide’ KEK

No. 1594066

File: 1658469479431.jpeg (253.23 KB, 1169x2398, 325438B6-D14E-4DB9-ADFB-D21326…)

Porgie on the EDS train #speshul and admitting her gut issues are psych related no shit Sherlock

No. 1594087

They give dieuretics for heart failure

No. 1594091

Both are valid spellings of the drug.

No. 1594092

File: 1658472030100.png (6.96 MB, 1170x2532, 93E352E8-B060-44D1-ABAC-57F0D8…)

You guys think Porgie is bad? This one keeps showing up on my FYP claiming gastroparesis. Idk how doctors let these munches have tubes.

No. 1594097

the fatties with tubes have got to be australian. aus health system will put a tube in just about anyone even when it’s not at all necessary. you legit just have to refuse to eat a couple of meals in hospital and they’ll just stick a tube in you

No. 1594100

Sorry to ask but does anyone know roughly what thread this Rosie girl was first mentioned? I don’t remember her

No. 1594102

Does anyone have screenshots of her actually “bullying” people? All I’ve seen is that compilation of her leaving supportive (albeit cringe) repetitive comments

No. 1594103

She’s british

No. 1594107

Jesus Christ. In all fairness, you can just buy them online as well so that’s a possibility? Some doctors will do whatever you want if you have insurance though cue Porgie

No. 1594114

It’s possible but she constantly posts about doctors appointments. A true munch.

No. 1594119

Nona, or Nonas, I'm not trying to be a dick but you gotta condense your posts a bit. You're gonna get booted for blogposting lol

No. 1594120

I don’t know the exact thread but it was in the early 70s I believe? She started out as an Alice knockoff (except Rosie has an actual recovery account) just “smashing recovery” whilst not having gained weight forever but it escalated fast and hard with the MPA stuff

No. 1594134



fuck your blogposting, snowflake(s)

No. 1594136

It must be quite hard to tube yourself though?

No. 1594137

stop reddit spacing summer friends

No. 1594152

My conclusion after stalking her MPA is that she’s still purging lots. She mentions that she’s hands free so easy way to hide russels sign and her head is lowkey like ballooned compared to her body, bulimia cheeks. She’s also never technically admitted to have even stopped purging. Finally the obvious maintenance/loss on a high cal diet

No. 1594154

ntayrt, but please shut the fuck up. No one likes an internet grammar-Nazi.
Especially a daft cunt like you who is literally telling people to stop writing in a coherent manner that is well suited to an image-based forum.

It makes the reading experience much more streamlined than scrolling down past all the bullshit posts, only to see a wall of text and then think "fuck reading all that shit" and continue onwards.

just my opinion…

No. 1594157

and now for an example of what i meant in post >>1594137 ntayrt, but please shut the fuck up. No one likes an internet grammar-Nazi. Especially a daft cunt like you who is literally telling people to stop writing in a coherent manner that is well suited to an image-based forum. It makes the reading experience much more streamlined than scrolling down past all the bullshit posts, only to see a wall of text and then think "fuck reading all that shit" and continue onwards. just my opinion…

No. 1594176

I agree. While it is true that it is relatively common for (young) teens to be very slim or skinny doesn't mean it's healthy. Most will grow up and fill out, some won't, and how do anons forget that teen years are the prime time for EDs to fester?

No. 1594182

Sorry anon I was joking because I thought frusemide was the correct spelling, and Zara had misspelled because anachan brain.

Lo and behold my confusion when I just learned furosemide is also a legitimate spelling. Bizarre.

No. 1594188

Han is of course, back in hospital

No. 1594189

Long time farmer, never had Reddit and my eyes glaze over when I see a wall of text.
Someone hasn’t had their ensure today and is feeling extwa gwumpy.

No. 1594201


No. 1594206

File: 1658485224772.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2058, 54F22743-03C3-4738-B89D-FB371C…)

No. 1594216

File: 1658486523024.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x1976, 625F0756-DBE8-4B65-B3C4-F1CA55…)

niamh being a bodychecking queen

No. 1594222

here with the popcorn waiting for anons to say its not a body check and she is looking like a normal teen

No. 1594224

File: 1658487349760.jpg (53.14 KB, 457x457, bl.jpg)

now that's one cute teenage pout, oh my..!

also, i would ground her until she cleaned up her messy room

No. 1594227

why don't you just stfu, vendetta-chan?

No. 1594239


one of said "summer visiting" anons here - appreciate the breath of fresh air, thanks nonas. Tinfoil, but I feel like it's the same anon(s) that post constant "no1curr" @ anything, the racebait and complains about no milk (in a very specific, aggresive way), all whilst simultaneously derailling over .. paragraphing? Perhaps it's a reach.
I don't wanna fuel infighting; Reddit vs. the chan have their own beef, but, and perhaps I'm taking the bait: ..it's incredibly painful to see someone talk about ~speshul snowflakery whilst losing it over a line break. I said it.
..c'mon, do we not suffer enough trying to decode Ganer-style recipes and rotisserie bodies ?

and so, 4chan anon, you perplex me - congratulations, I look forward to working with you.(autistic newfag )

No. 1594248

She doesn't even show off her spindly legs this time (like so many others do), so why bother.
Only "bodychecking" thing is her small waist. Envious?

No. 1594253

File: 1658488575881.gif (244.26 KB, 155x200, 0B4051EA-B5BF-4675-BF2E-51B3FE…)

No. 1594255

File: 1658488679838.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3464x3464, AD2D20CB-1159-4F37-B6CB-9CC162…)

oh yes niamh, totally not a body check! such a recovery queen

No. 1594260

how is this vendetta you asshole?

No. 1594262

eh, in fairness, mess = often a result of mental disorder >> manifests in physical disorder. Given the bodychecking is constant, she's probably so consumed by perceived physical appearance that all energy goes into it, more so if still skimping on intake.
Not saying the mess ain't something to deal with, particularly with how she cycles thru Urban Outfitters drops like no other - no wonder she can't keep up. Just worth acknowledging it's probably not just a rEbElliOus teenage trope, because I feel like that's all Niamh gets typed as: a TikTok teen.

aand there it is !

The pulling of shirt with direct eye contact with her figure in the inner camera = definitely not a body check !
She looked so consumed in that first second, it's sad. But also hard to forgive when she's been banned so many times; you can't not be aware at that point. Insanity really is doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting different results.

No. 1594265

File: 1658489983694.jpg (754.45 KB, 3780x4096, MS_1.jpg)

Going to be hard to dig that stuff up, unless she's doing it on her new accounts. Her old accounts where she was doing it have been deleted, was unaware she even is on Twitter or Instagram. Though from searching it seems she's just as good at getting her accounts banned on Twitter as she was with Facebook jail. At least 4 different accounts suspended.

And seems she's been brought up here before. >>62118 (Though no idea if that was me whilst being a drunk tard because it sounds like what I remember happening). Along with her sending photos of herself at low weights and doing the poor me routine to people in recovery. So many people complaining about her, but no one seems to cap screens good grief.

No. 1594268

File: 1658490205501.jpeg (123.23 KB, 828x1056, 07D8CEC9-3183-4F5D-9AD8-E581AE…)

god she irritates me lol

No. 1594271

I think you tagged the wrong thread

No. 1594272

Inactivity she posted just over 24 hours ago. Makes it sound like she hasn't been on for ages. It's sad that she thinks a day without posting is inactivity. If her followers get worried after a day they should get a life.

No. 1594277

can you people just integrate

No. 1594281

Kek i'm screaming at this being a bong is now classed as a poc, Amerilard hands typed this.

No. 1594296

Sorry to sound like a scrote I'm trying to phrase this in the best way possible because she's very young, but I'd also like to give some warning to any young ana chans lurking this thread. The spacing of her breasts along with the lack of period and prominent sternum that slope her breasts outwards all indicate she's going to have (if not already has) the tuberous breast deformity. I feel bad pointing this out but this image really highlights the fact she's got mtf tits. She might still be young enough to reverse it or at least help her hormones even out enough to grow proper breasts if she bulks up a bit and gets lots of protein. But I'm mostly saying this because I want any young ana chans lurking this thread to google tuberous breasts and see if that's worth having the body of a 12 year old at 17, and then the body of a 40 year old at like 27. Choose wisely and don't make the same mistakes as Niamh.

No. 1594306


Damn this is really a face of someone who purges.. Has she mentioned purging?

No. 1594318

She ain't white also Britain is full of mulattos and quadroons

No. 1594320

Anon what the fuck

No. 1594321

What are you on about. This isn’t a tuberous breast deformity, tuberous breasts aren’t reversible, tuberous breasts develop as breasts develop not after, and the deformity has nothing to do with being anorexic and is not milky.
Stop overanalysing this girl’s breasts it’s weird.

No. 1594322

Idk I think it’s just that hideous bikini that makes them look really far apart.

No. 1594323

File: 1658496660695.jpeg (68.86 KB, 609x957, D99F34C6-BD6A-4EB6-90F4-A81C2B…)

Zara has wiped her account…?

No. 1594324


I think she’s just young and has a round face shape, she has very little definition in terms of cheek bones.

No. 1594326

That's really not what purging does to your face. It specifically makes the parotid glands swell, so you get a much less uniformly round look.

No. 1594328

Who let these pedo scrotes in? Fuck off back to TikTok weirdo

No. 1594329

This is so demented kek. Niamh has never had a period and that indicates she’s doing serious damage to her body, but your bid to “help” the “young anorexics” lurking this thread is to tell em they don’t want gross tits? Niamh will probably have osteoporosis in her late 20s and she might not ever be able to have kids due to being essentially infertile. Those are good reasons for anyone with an ED to think about getting help. Give a fuck what her boobs look like, even if the shit your chatting was true.

No. 1594330

She “jumped” off of a bridge,managed to get the fire service, police, ambulance and a helicopter out and has even made it into the local newspaper. Bet she’s so happy with herself, clearly the police aren’t enough on their own to satisfy her borderline bullshit any more. Local newspaper claims she is “seriously injured” but can’t be that bad if she’s posting on social media and answering tells. She’s seriously a danger to the public now

No. 1594332

screenshots or link to local newspaper article?

No. 1594338

File: 1658498546314.jpg (42.53 KB, 633x326, lifeofhanbridge.JPG)

No. 1594342

Thanks anon that’s it, was trying to find the article again. Doesn’t say that it’s her in the article but know from connections and living in the area. It’s getting ridiculous, all these theatrical “attempts” that conveniently only happen when there’s a huge audience.

No. 1594347

>autistic newfag

No. 1594349

Tuberous breasts can develop from a hormone imbalance caused by anachanning through puberty, sorry for trying to warn you rattlers about the side effects of starvation that aren't really talked about. I've mentioned the bone density problems, hair loss, infertility, early death, and nothing gets through to these young egotistical anachans quite like the potential of having a breast deformity. It worked for my younger cousin when she saw her sister starve for a decade and end up with it. Sorry for trying to warn people of problems not usually talked about, I don't know why I bother with this thread anymore you little yappy mutts will bark at anything cause you're bored, hungry and angsty. Enjoy your fucked up tits, bone rattling summer fags.

No. 1594350

Off you fuck, no one wants you here anyway.

No. 1594352

Lol, touched a nerve huh? Don't worry you can always get implants.

No. 1594353

Am I derping, the article said the incident happened at 10:44, that post about the hospital was 9 hours ago, so after 6am. Did she leave the hospital and try to off herself straight after? She hasn't posted since the incident afaict? she might be injured. Time till tell if she'll ascend to paris status.

No. 1594354

I'm not an ana-fag, dickhead. What's wrong with you? Why are you obsessed with titties

No. 1594355

is the article def about han?

No. 1594356

It's what anon was speculating, it's not been confirmed yet. Her personal Facebook is on private so can't see if family or friends have sent well wishes to confirm. Was hoping to find more info but can't seem to find anything.

No. 1594358

ntayrt but in what way is it helpful to try and get anachans to get better by focusing on having sexually appealing bodies, especially when most of them are fairly young? just fuck off, this isn't a thread for giving advice to eating disorder suffers, take your shit medfagging elsewhere.

No. 1594359

It's not even medfagging, it's pedofagging. Maybe mods should get off their asses and ban him.

No. 1594361

I get what you're trying to say but this really isn’t the place to try to save people from their anorexia, saviour complex chan, and it’s weird to analyze a 17 y/o’s (or just any woman’s) breasts like that.
Go volunteer at an ED helpline or something and maybe don’t tell young girls they are going to have ugly tits

No. 1594363

a lot of anachans arent trying to be sexually appealing though, some starve themselves down to avoid being sexualised so telling them theyre gonna have dodgy tits isnt really going to change much

No. 1594364

she is posting on tellonym

No. 1594367

Why are you analyzing a 16 year olds boobs

No. 1594368

File: 1658501149277.jpeg (260.28 KB, 1242x898, AA0738DF-CDB2-45B5-B4E8-255F8E…)

the hashtags that zara follows… a phobia of oil is typical ED behaviour due to how many calories are in it

No. 1594377

go back to twitter

No. 1594379

How many times are you going to type the phrase "tuberous breasts" incel freak

No. 1594382

Yeah because everybody stands with their shirt casually pulled back tight like that.

No. 1594387

Source or stop talking.

No. 1594390

oh, it's you, again.
we know your hatred of niam and your bad writing style.
aren't there better things for you to do in your pathetic life?

No. 1594396

Niamhs 16?! Then why is she even getting talked about? I thought she was almost 19 now jeez

No. 1594399

Not trying to wk, but could it be because of her health issues? Asking because I’m not a medfag.

No. 1594400

I think she’s 17 (almost 18?)

No. 1594402

still a teenager, either way…

No. 1594404

Jesus just stop, you sound like a fucking weirdo typing paragraphs about underage girls’ breasts. Tuberous breasts are a congenital abnormality and there is no causative link to anorexia, which is why you can’t post a single study supporting your point. Only a sick pedo scrote would think breast appearance is an appropriate topic to discuss with young girls suffering from deadly mental illness. I swear this thread gets infested by them every time Niamh gets posted due to her pedo audience.

No. 1594405

She's 16, turned 16 in September. Stop being creepy

No. 1594407

Then why are you fuckers posting pics of her in a bikini? Wait so she was 15 when you guys started posting her? Damn wtf

No. 1594409

Anons kept trying to bring her up when she was 15, then they were pretty giddy when she had her 16th, was pretty sick. I don't get why anons are focusing on her tits either, pretty gross.

No. 1594411

This whole fucking thread is gross, hasn't been the same since like thread #35. It's just a bunch of retards now sperging about nothing and arguing for the "fun" of it. Fuck you all, I hope all you summerfags go back to school just to get shot in the fucking face by an active shooter. I'm done, bye.

No. 1594414

Eat a snickers, nonnie

No. 1594422

Iirc last fall anons literally counted the days until she turned 16 and could be posted her. Fucking deranged.

No. 1594428

~young girls suffering from deadly mental illness uwu~ shut the fuck up you retarded moralfag, this whole thread is dedicated to bullying those girls you fucking brainrotted dumbass

No. 1594444

File: 1658506197532.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185.19 KB, 1124x1301, B9348B39-3CAE-4A35-8D9C-51FE48…)

ANYWAYS to get us off the topic of Niamh’s boobs, Laura posted a new pic. Obvious shoop looking at her hair but I actually feel bad for her. She’s looking Ash-tier and miserable. Even if she didn’t want to recover she could have engaged in a harm reduction plan enough to have some quality of life.

No. 1594446

Oh boo hoo, pedophilic moid can’t rant about little girls and “tuberous breasts”, when will this oppressive moralfagging stop?? Kek

No. 1594453

yes she purges. especially in hospital im sure i’ve seen her posting about it

No. 1594468

I was thinking of posting this but didn’t want to bother with the potential Niamh WKs who claim she looks normal

No. 1594470

I'm no wk but I think she just upped the contrast. Either way I agree she's ash-tier and probably on her way out. She looks deathly. The filter can't hide the ana face lines.

No. 1594471

Niamh is underweight, full stop. She's an annoying little attention whore but the jealous summerfag anachans need to stfu with the "normal slim teen" comments that I'm sure we're about to be blown up with.

No. 1594474

Love a good rage quit

No. 1594477

She gets posted partially because she's objectively pro ana and partially because jealous retards can't stop seething at the fact that she's a pretty teenager

No. 1594479

That picture of her and the dude in bed is nightmare fuel. Wtf

No. 1594480

Kek anon you really are deranged. Fix your issues before you wish death on random people

No. 1594487

Petition to name the next thread "tuberous breast edition"

No. 1594489

did zara just delete her account

No. 1594491

Even if she did she has at least three others

No. 1594503

At the end of the day she's a person with people who love her and I hope she dies peacefully. I can't see any other outcome. I dont think vast majority of anons have worse intentions than just lulz at these girls.

No. 1594507

I just looked she just changed her @ is all and wiped the pictures

No. 1594512

Pedos. Pedos everywhere.

No. 1594520

File: 1658510003797.jpg (359.67 KB, 1080x1760, Liveonfilm.jpg)

Reminds me of when Italian Aly tried to get a job and kept "fainting"

No. 1594551

Yes you sound like a scrote, no normal woman is analysing other women's titS not to mention teenagers boobs, weird.

No. 1594552

File: 1658511712340.png (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 640x1136, E907D2D2-FC7A-4384-BE4F-6EF314…)

No. 1594553

Exactly nona it isn't moralfagging to think in depth analysis of a 16 year oldest tits is weird

No. 1594560

Only a pervert would think so imo nonna, it is very weird to me.

No. 1594561

File: 1658512704047.jpeg (120.83 KB, 640x916, A15F3404-B4B1-4D46-89E7-9DE5D4…)

No. 1594565

Sage for dumbfag but why do so many of these unchecked bpd queens hail from the UK

No. 1594571

You’re the brain rotted dumbass if you can’t see a difference between girls with ED self-posting & cyberbullying each other, and scrotes interjecting creepy commentary about their breasts. The former is bitchy but common among girls who overshare online; the latter is disgusting and you’re a pedo yourself if you think it’s “moralfagging” not to want to read that shit.

No. 1594574

they give the diagnosis like its gum

No. 1594578

Wonder what Cece's path would be if she were a ukfag

No. 1594580

Did you send this to her?

No. 1594607

So nice.

No. 1594659

This isn’t to rattle at all she obviously looks unwell but how can you tell she’s ash tier? Tbh, Laura confuses me. I have no idea what her actual body looks like spoopy because of her photoshop, and to be honest her face still seems to be full? Does anyone have an unedited bc of her because she’s likely v underweight with all the acute trips

No. 1594662

Literally the most self aware yet self destructive ana and bpd queens r from uk

No. 1594665

Especially on tiktok too, whether it’s Zara, Alice, Rosie, Dulcie (kind of) , christabel, and that one goth old women that asks for money

No. 1594674

File: 1658520272541.jpg (61.24 KB, 699x440, hqdefault.jpg)


[laughing hysterically about your shenanigans]

No. 1594734

No cowtipping anon, this comment is just awful not funny.

No. 1594736

It’s super creepy, makes them sound like a pedophile.

No. 1594740

Why the fuck are people saying it’s cowtipping? I’m OP of the pic and I’ve never sent her a tell

No. 1594742

Sorry, assumed you were the one who sent. I’m glad you weren’t because that’s messed up, thank you.

No. 1594748

Just wonderful. That's just the treatment she really, really deserves.
Cowtipping is fun, cowtipping is necessary.
Fuck the board rules.

No. 1594750

Probably thought her full name is Umhi Imzara and assumed it's ethnic kek

No. 1594751

Spooky scary skeletons

No. 1594752

She's a munchie with the munchies
(Sage for retarded porgie fat joke)

No. 1594753

File: 1658526186314.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x2391, B18CDE68-4DCD-4549-8F2D-9804E6…)

No. 1594754

File: 1658526268600.jpeg (911.53 KB, 1170x2391, 612FC6EA-0AFF-4DDC-A197-A8A386…)

she looks so bad and it’s tragic, because you can see that she could be really pretty.

No. 1594755

Wow I got my lame joke in just in the nick of time

No. 1594758

File: 1658526480748.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2039, C706AF8D-9F16-43EA-B4EF-46ACB6…)

even back here when she was still pretty underweight iirc from her posts and tiktoks etc etc.. she looks nice

No. 1594765

Ok this is a really delayed reaction but in the last thread was there a cap where she said she had NEVER had a blood test before? NEVER? between here Ed and "health conditions" this just seems bizarre. I mean before I even developed an Ed and was a healthy kid I had had numerous blood tests because that's just kinda normal isn't it? But with her Ed…and alleged conditions. How did they diagnose these conditions? Btw I actually went back and flicked thru the thread and couldn't find it and feel like I'm going a bit crazy but it was kinda like "I'm having a blood test how can I make it look less off?"… Excuse me I'm old and confused.

No. 1594768

Ngl would not be surprised if she croaked soon

No. 1594771

I’ve never seen unedited pics of her

No. 1594776

BIPOC queen

No. 1594777

this is bullshit, she’s been in hospital multiple times. sectioned before, she was with outpatient camhs for years, maybe you’re confused with another cow.

No. 1594780

highly doubt that she said this? where is this alleged screencap

No. 1594782

File: 1658528892402.png (9.46 MB, 1170x2532, 3DAB8E81-1465-460A-BCF7-B12D5B…)

>>1594471the point is she looks unremarkable, “underweight” (from her chosen angles), but not spoopy.

No. 1594785

What did she ever do to you lol, why the Marie hate boner?

No. 1594786

All the objective information we have about her (tons of medical and acute admissions, bones and veins regardless of shooping, the air ambulances, etc ) point to her being ash tier/superspoop. I don't really care about her apart from morbid curiosity, it just makes the most sense and I think the most likely scenario is that she's emaciated as fuck but feels insecure/has body dysmorphia/is so delusional and brain fried from her low bmi she thinks it isn't good enough so she butchers her spoop body with shoop until she's "satisfied."

No. 1594788

She's not spoopy but she isn't average either there are shades of grey

No. 1594789

Not to be retarded but how is Marie a cow

No. 1594791

She really chooses the most unflattering photos of herself possible. She's not even ugly

No. 1594796

File: 1658530288204.gif (266.63 KB, 498x228, galaxy-quest-clapping.gif)

What a bold move.

No. 1594798

ffs, she's just sixteen years old you mischievous vulture.

No. 1594799

The ayrt is clearly being sarcastic

No. 1594805

Kek. You almost made me spit out my tea, anon.

No. 1594812

It's okay, anon, we can be retarded together because I don't understand what's cow-tier of Marie either.
I've been keeping up with her Instagram since she first got posted here, and she's almost more boring than anything else?
An anon in the last thread brought up her TikTok but then never actually brought any milk from it.

No. 1594840

Minors are still developing you sick freak. How about instead of punching down on teenagers you find something better to do.

No. 1594847

File: 1658534432505.gif (482.44 KB, 220x163, D51E41A9-1EB6-4BAE-A87D-A75CB9…)

Keel over and DIE

No. 1594869

oh wow i’ve never seen her from before, she was really pretty…scary how she got so spoopy so fast

No. 1594872

Bitch needs to wear a fucking bra I can see those deformed snoopy nipples poking through

No. 1594881

I think she’s wearing her swimsuit top the wrong way. Like the adjustable edges should be at the bottom instead of on the sides. Could be a style choice but to me it looks like she just put the suit on wrong.

No. 1594887

Yes but it wasn’t cow tipping so I don’t get their point if they’re being sarcastic

No. 1594898

Imagine not being a medfag and correctly someone’s spelling. Frusemide and furosemide at both valid spellings, cause our usfag friends are lazy

No. 1594920

She's a child weirdo

No. 1594923

Yeah well then stop posting bikini pics and braless photos of a CHIOLD to a site that gets lurked on by scrotes dummy

No. 1594941

kek all the WKs saying Zara could be So pReTty tHo. Her personality is ugly as sin, cape harder

No. 1594959

i’ve got mixed feelings abt zara tbh she’s a hypocrite but i thought her main acct posts actually seemed like they would motivate ppl to recover then again i’ve never had an ed so maybe i’m missing sth

No. 1595009

I also don't get why wks go so hard for Zara when Niamh is actually pretty but no one feels sorry for her. They're both self-inportant and harmful

No. 1595037

because on some level alone and failed by a system it’s hard to watch someone like zara waste away. niamh looks well enough that it’s not a concern for anyone

No. 1595106

Begs the question as to why she’s taking diuretics?! Seems her doctor needs the same slap in the face as porgies on the opposite end of the spectrum

No. 1595127

Another anon in the last thread posted a story from her secret ed account (?) where she asked for bmi guesses but didn’t show the username and nobody really cared anyway. Other than the larping as a child I agree with you two.
Rosie was the one who asked for tips on MPA on how to make her blood test look okay, it wasn’t Zara

No. 1595152


probably fluid retention, i am guessing. if she has digestive issues (which all people with ED have) she might be retaining a lot of fluids too.

No. 1595179

File: 1658564019477.png (3.29 MB, 1125x2436, 84C9B7CF-F77D-454C-BEF9-615A26…)

Has anyone seen what nikol has posted??? sorry I'm new to lolcow but I'm desperate to see

No. 1595190

File: 1658565112925.jpeg (119.72 KB, 1908x1146, 96119EB3-E5E6-474F-8C8B-6AEE15…)

>Niamh is actually pretty

No. 1595198

She’s normally so beautiful, I don’t understand what she sees in looking like a corpse

No. 1595200

No one’s saying she’s spoopy right now but being underweight also isn’t good, you know?

No. 1595205

Were you really 'grown up' at sixteen years of age? If you are already that old.

No. 1595207

Has anyone considered that Nikol may have BPD or even bipolar (though less likely)? She seems to be switching up her behavior and mentality way too frequently and I don't think it's just her brain being fried from malnutrition. I don't think she's trolling either.

No. 1595210

She'd be really pretty if she managed to gain weight. I usually don't understand why skellies think looking like corpses is the next hot thing so i don't think this is solely for the appearance, maybe it's how they cope with trauma or something? Can someone genuinely think they'd look better if they lost weight even though they look like this already?

No. 1595212

>perving on your cousin so much you know she has a breast deformity
>Harassing your cousins sister about her older sisters boobs not being ideal enough
Inshallah you get locked in a mental hospital before you rape your family.

No. 1595213

She’s no cow, just a filler calf

No. 1595214

Why does the existence of nipples offend you, anon?

No. 1595215

'twas a chilly day

No. 1595216

I don’t think Zara has been failed by the system. The criteria for eating disorder services are very specific, and I think as long as she denies having any eating disordered cognitions and saying her weight is either all to do with her physical illness (meaning she falls into physical health’s remit) or even blaming her emetophobia (which would make her the remit of mental health services which are actually separate to ED services) it will be very hard to do an involuntary admission anywhere. You can’t section someone for mental health treatment for having a physical illness, if that’s what they claim. Just my theory about how she’s managed to stay out hospital.

No. 1595218

Lmao anon. Inshallah indeed

No. 1595219

File: 1658571690436.jpg (944.7 KB, 1080x2003, Screenshot_20220722-173953_Ins…)

Has this person been mentioned before? Looks like we might have a new porgie. Her profile even says a fat chick recovering from anorexia.
Many tube photos saying it's the only way she can get nutrition.
Several recovery places Rejected her for admission until some place in Utah took her (in thinking private, non US fag here)

No. 1595221

File: 1658571825816.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x1998, Screenshot_20220722-173219_Ins…)

Loves the tube, loves showing it off
She also has a YT but haven't looked at it

No. 1595223

File: 1658571873584.jpg (821.59 KB, 1079x1960, Screenshot_20220722-173305_Ins…)

Same fag obvs

No. 1595226

Anon… It's an illness. She probably can't see how fucked up she looks due to body dismorphia

No. 1595227

What a fat, ugly fucking looser

No. 1595228

She's 30… What a life. Larping anorexia and wanting attention and validation at 30.

No. 1595229

File: 1658572228459.jpg (2.43 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220723_182843288.jpg)

@ taylorrlucas92
Her profile is public

No. 1595230

Anon, that's not BDD, gtfo and stop armchairing

No. 1595231

File: 1658572475909.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1994, Screenshot_20220722-173631_Ins…)

Apparently eating (binging) on 4 donuts and a latte for breakfast is good for recovery because fuck diets

No. 1595232

File: 1658572595469.jpg (958.84 KB, 1079x1894, Screenshot_20220722-173408_Ins…)


Hypoglycaemia is remedied by eating!

No. 1595234

What an absolute fucking retard. People like this need to get shoot. No one needs such dumbasses

No. 1595235

File: 1658573038120.jpg (121.36 KB, 1080x376, Screenshot_20220723-184150_Ins…)

What in the actual cow is this shit? BMI is shown ot to be exact blah but to then use it to say you're not overweight (which is just as unhealthy)
Thinking they're a part of the beautiful at any weight cult

No. 1595239

File: 1658573297503.jpg (692.83 KB, 1079x2008, Screenshot_20220723-184707_Gal…)

I'll leave this as the last one
Don't want to spoil any rabbit hole journey's

*used to have EUPD (ok Jan)
*oversharing symptoms, check

No. 1595241

File: 1658573423258.jpg (142.15 KB, 750x1333, 339589876_n.jpg)

Hey anons.
Can you spot the difference?

No. 1595246

Just a genuine question but is marie even a dancer? Seems like she is just randomly swaying in all her vid lol

No. 1595249

Probably more likely to be caused by Type 2 Diabetes in her case.

No. 1595256

She used to be a ballerina but says she quit because of her Ed. Probably lost any strength/skill at it.

No. 1595261

File: 1658577855278.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.89 MB, 3040x1920, Merde 58.jpg)

Any frenchfags in here?
Think I found a cow
A French spoop that has had an ng since 2021 (when she started the her page. Every pic is a body check disguised as a fit check (giving EC vibe)

No. 1595263

Set the clock for the POTS dx

No. 1595264

File: 1658578045080.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.14 MB, 2975x1920, Merde8.jpg)

Some posts are giving Tumblr 2013 vibes

No. 1595266

File: 1658578252015.jpg (Spoiler Image,715.16 KB, 1920x1229, Merde9.jpg)

She was IP earlier in the year but seems she spoopier now than when she was admitted
She's got herself some spoop warrior friends who are kicking EDs butt together
That backpack at the beach though…
Oh and her and her spoop friend did a photo shoot together, in their underwear "to see how sick we really are"

No. 1595268

File: 1658578471897.jpg (565.45 KB, 1080x1293, SmartSelect_20220722-070234_In…)

Oh boy grimes is getting more and more anachan by the day.

Notice how she ups the highlights on the skin to hide the yellowing. It looks off.

Someone needs to make new grimes and Elon thread. I don't have time to make it as good as the other 2..

No. 1595269

>>1595212 fgs inshallah anon,it's like you can't help but identify yourself

No. 1595284

I'm not the only one using that meme, retard. I'm pointing out how that anon is probably a male who sexually harasses his relatives and you get offended by a meme when that's the topic in hand?

No. 1595288

Only one square of chocolate, not two?!

No. 1595293

Try just a bit harder, then…

No. 1595298

She isn’t really giving the system a chance to fail her

No. 1595299

What the hell lmao

No. 1595301

There wouldn’t be a problem if she was naturally this skinny, there are tons of people her age who are really thin. The problem is that this is a direct result of her anorexia. She’s confirmed multiple times (including recently) that she is not weight restored and she that doesn’t plan on gaining any more weight in the future.

No. 1595303

Being slightly above the “healthy” BMI is completely fine for people who are naturally on the “bigger” side but come on, this person is clearly very overweight and unhealthy

No. 1595304

Expect the unexpected

No. 1595307

No no Anon, she claims she had to get weight restored……………

No. 1595310

How stupid are you? Do you realize anorexia is a mental illness? In many cases it has nothing at all to do with your appearance. No wonder this thread is so shit now.

No. 1595314

The fucking toilet pic kek. Love it. Idk about EC vibes but possibly a poor man’s Felice if she scams people for money.

No. 1595317

She hasn’t posted yet. I was gonna give her props for saying she’s getting off the internet but she’s also adding high drama and self pity to what’s gonna be a pic of her binge heavy and engorged so if anything she’s just angling for the most attention possible in true cow fashion. If she actually stays away (and gets like actual therapy) good for her. She’s toxic as she is now.

No. 1595319

When your menu reads like a checklist, you're doing it wrong. No matter your daily gym sessions.

No. 1595343

How's it a meme when it's something said when you're a muslim, similar to by gods grace. Learn to integrate with the boards language newfag.

No. 1595349

Doesn’t she have her own thread?

No. 1595362

1200 posts maxed out..

No. 1595399

File: 1658596013490.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x2179, 43F68D4A-4346-4968-AEED-2099AC…)

niamh flexing her 309 calorie dinner

No. 1595425

Why are you so obsessed with that 16yo chick.
You're the only one posting about her, and I guess we all realized it by now.
You better take your fucking petty vendetta and stick it up your arse, bored little snake.

No. 1595440

Oh wow Felice, now that's a throw back

No. 1595450


No. 1595472

not the anon you replied to- there are multiple people who think niamh is a cow. chill out

No. 1595474

she’s got more than “digestive issues”, she’s got EPI and i’m p sure she’s got kidney disease or something. she mentioned liver issues not that long ago too, it’s probably that

No. 1595480

Then why do your moronic capitalization and silly punctuation always stay the same. And they come with photos of Niamh, your favourite enemy.

We're not stupid, just forget about it.

No. 1595498

Are you the same anon who thought Zara was a POC too? It’s a literal meme in the same way “whew chile” has become one, since most people who say it now aren’t even black. Chill the fuck out.

No. 1595570

File: 1658607895734.jpeg (932.23 KB, 3222x3222, B3F17026-BC44-4486-A573-A16CB0…)

4 month difference, does she just straight up consume nothing?

No. 1595581

that was only my second time commenting about niamh. you need to stfu

No. 1595599

God I love the larping munchie whales like Porgie and this cow. It’s hilarious watching them try so hard to make themselves sick. I’ve seen this one on socials before, she’s always been a fat fuck who’s a cancer on whatever treatment center she’s currently larped her way in to. She must be a nightmare of BPD histrionics judging by her posts.

No. 1595604


French culture around weight and dieting is really fucked up, I think the last stats I saw said that France had more EDs diagnosed than any other EU country. French people in my experience really don't talk about dieting or EDs though, I bet that's why she's posting English captions on her insta

No. 1595669

No, why would i join in with the retarded PC culture? do you know where we are? and literally none of the urban dictionaries or google list it as a meme. As i said, learn2integrate.

No. 1595677

File: 1658614021670.jpg (210.04 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20220723-180439_Ins…)

Apparently nobody answered her extremely vague and confusing question which was clearly set up for failure correctly and now she is leaving the internet. Nikol has got to be the most genuinely autistic cow, she needs a lot of therapy.

No. 1595682

To be honest i kind of took the post as suicide baiting, guessing she didn't get the attention she wanted.

No. 1595700

what did her previous story even mean..

No. 1595703

Seeing it side by side… wow

No. 1595719

>>1595677 oh well, good riddance

No. 1595721

It’s interesting that her legs take up almost half of the photo that’s supposed to be showing a jacket. If it was anyone else I’d say it’s just a bad angle but knowing Han, she can’t stand to miss a chance at a subtle bodycheck

No. 1595722

File: 1658616989155.jpeg (213.64 KB, 750x1315, AC321E80-AA89-4CA1-8B7E-0A39CD…)

Fuck I forgot to attack the screenshot

No. 1595756

How is she already out of hospital? Don’t think she was the one who jumped from that bridge, the news article said whoever it was was ‘seriously injured’ .

No. 1595824

momsfavdisappointment has never put in the slightest bit of effort into getting better so yes my guess is that she just doesn’t eat anything

No. 1595827

This is my own personal theory but I swear former distance swimmers are some of the best at restriction. They learn how to deny comfort like an expert. I’m pretty sure that was her sport. So that combined with the bratty attitude doesn’t help her.

No. 1595828

File: 1658625857484.jpeg (119.43 KB, 735x763, 90D23D3A-385E-4B31-99C5-269037…)

No. 1595829

Surely her face was somewhat puffy in the first pic, that will happen when someone is newly weight restored. but yeah, I really think she's the type who just eats next to nothing unless she's at treatment. It's the only biologically plausible explanation unless she's a really, really efficient purger.

No. 1595832

my bet is shes severely dehydrating herself and possibly dry fasting also paired with the fact she was probably quite bloated and puffy from weight restoration.

No. 1595843

Genuinely, how do people like that function????

No. 1595845

On pure spite alone

The competitive aspect also probably makes it feel like they’re accomplishing their life’s work by being the ultimate ana chan

No. 1595875

Pic could have been taken before bridge thing?

No. 1595877

Really? Could you elaborate anon? I'd be interested to know cause I always thought French people were really into good food and someone released a book called "french women don't get fat". Not that any of that means French people can't get EDs of course…

No. 1595894

Says she's cured of EUPD
(don't qualify for enough symptoms now) Qualifies 4.5/9 Yay cured

No. 1595896

No she writes in French and does stories in French I just used the translate

No. 1595902

Kek pretty much but she hasn't beaten it… she's still a struggling warrior that forgets to eat at the right time and gets hypoglycaemic so they drink pedialyte

No. 1595913

File: 1658633638173.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1920, Muk8.jpg)

I went to her YT so you don't have to..kek
She stared 2 months ago and ask it is is "come eat with me" videos where she basically binges 'but it's ok cause it body needs fuel'
The meals I witnessed were burgers/bagels,sub, taters tots, donuts, cheesy pasta and they're was a salad there at some point.
It's gross, she talks with food in her mouth, sniffles and you can hear smacky noises from chewing.
Honestly if I were a Chan of watch her videos to encourage me not to eat

No. 1595914

File: 1658633781928.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1920, Muk79.jpg)

Balanced diet with appropriate mouth fulls? Nahhhh I'm in recovery bitch! Which gives me a free pass!

No. 1595921

The most incredible part of those videos is that she's in residential treatment when she filmed them, doing "meal passes" in like a little side room or something (she never really explains this very well, but I guess she wasn't allowed to actually go out because of covid?)

Imagine sitting down and filming those while in a residential treatment facility for your "restrictive eating disorder"

No. 1595924

File: 1658636730564.png (569.59 KB, 1508x1028, Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 2.25…)

guess who was active yesterday?
either our recovery queen is lurking or its a coincidence

No. 1595931

In the two years I lived there, no one I met was willing to talk about dieting or EDs, even when they were pretty blatant. The french women don't get fat ideology is absolutely translated into fat phobia (in a literal sense, not what people complain about in the US. My friend was barely plus size and people regularly told her that she wouldn't fit anything in their store. She was french.) and idealization of thin bodies. Add in that France is the lead of the fashion world supposedly and boom you have a ripe breeding ground for eating disorders that no one is talking about

No. 1595936

That's exactly what I was thinking
In her latest one where after some chewing she explains she's in Resi but stepping to PHP or Day P.
I get having 1 or 2 challenge meals etc…but every "eat w me" is fast food, Hugh calorie, High sat fat, high sugar. Before all the fags jump in, I'm aware all EDs are individual [except certain ones need certain symptoms] This doesn't add up to, still being Resi and basically binging. It's ridiculous how some of these "uwu anas" come out and obviously binge under the guise of 'recovery'
This can happen because of metabolism etc etc but all meals… and more? Sorry but her brain is not Disordered (anorexia) Maybe BED disguised as recovery. She looks like she's been craving that shit

No. 1595937

I've heard about the skinny culture in France, the test of the world asks 'why are there no over weight French people' (generalised question) And that small meals and certain foods are had….along w a ciggie haha
I mean if I think about it, I think of a tall, waif dressed well and having an aura of superiority (not in a bad way)
Do you know many skellies or what the kind of stat's are?
And do you know how someone can have an ng at home for so long?

No. 1595939

You can have an NG at home for a long time, like a month or two at least. And I don't have any numbers or anything but France has more skinny girls yet fewer ana-chans than the US (and probably UK) as far as I know. Not that they have a healthy relationship with food per se but not in the same way.

No. 1595942

Does France have public(free)services? She's had an ng for a year or more. Was d/c from Ip w one and looks to have lost weight in comparison to her first posts about ip

No. 1595980

File: 1658647018365.jpeg (220.63 KB, 828x1588, 1E7F0C75-7DC1-4146-9496-3EA113…)

Rosie is back on MPA, demanding her skelly body checks are deleted

No. 1595986

File: 1658647572808.jpeg (504.75 KB, 640x816, 0562C80E-5809-477E-8AAF-A7F73A…)

I think she’s just bored at the airport

No. 1595993

Stop with the fucking shitposting about Niamh when there’s literally no milk. This photo is just cringy and nothing else. Come back when you have something better to say

No. 1595994

We never forget Rosie, deleting them won’t undo the damage

No. 1595996

And what? I saged and she’s over 16. Go cry about it on /meta/.

No. 1595998

They don’t

No. 1596013

Extra sedentary too. Just sitting around. A true anorexics nightmare.

No. 1596015

at one center, she got herself put in a wheelchair by refusing to drink for a day or two

No. 1596027


I think she's not the only bored person..?

That's no milk at all. Just stop your personal little vendetta against that girl. Please fuck off.

No. 1596040

Just relaying every Insta post from a sixteen year old teenage girl is no way to go through life, numbnut.

No. 1596041

Less slop too. I visited ganers insta recently and she has gotten noticeably slimmer already. I bet she's loving prep wholeheartedly.

No. 1596050

>> I bet she's loving prep wholeheartedly.

Oh my! She's on her way to her pErFeCt bOdY iMaGe again!

Also get 10 percent off some whey protein barrel by adding "GANER_GAINS" as a coupon code.

No. 1596059

That's an 'I have a UTI' face

No. 1596060

For real? Geez these cows know how to munch their way to the token "anorexic trophies"
POTS diagnosis on the way

No. 1596091

I don't usually suspect a self post but the amount of times this girl gets posted with 0 milk to be found is very suspicious

No. 1596101

I feel like it goes both ways actually. The amount of whiteknighting for her is suspicious too. Ham was also posted being barely 16 iirc and nobody cared. I blame summerfags for the rise in pearl clutching itt. If you don't like Niamh being posted just ignore the posts, it's that simple.

No. 1596110

The whiteknighting could also be Niamh defending herself between self posts. I can picture her being the type to like getting posted here even if the attention is negative. Didn't she once liken lolcow to gossip girl? It probably makes her feel like a mini celebrity lol

No. 1596116

vendetta-chan will make her a mini celebrity

No. 1596121

File: 1658671522801.png (4.62 MB, 1170x2532, E37BEFEA-DA69-4F31-843B-E4E49C…)

Katekusmina, the Russian spoop is finally admitting to her ED. She has a bunch more in her stories but she answers in Russian. She said she is bored of having her ED and doesn’t even weigh herself anymore.

No. 1596125

Kind of funny cause if you look it up on google it says 40% of people are overweight in France and about 10% are obese!
I think medical treatment in France isn't free per se but you can claim most of it back from the national health insurance scheme? Idk if that applies to inpatient tho and I don't live there so any baguettes please correct if wrong

No. 1596127

File: 1658672366228.jpg (439.31 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20220724-101914_Ins…)

I thought she looked a little better/less spoopy recently but wasn't sure

No. 1596128

So is everyone that discusses Niamh a vendetta chan? How come that never applies to the other cows?

No. 1596129

It makes a lot of sense and I wouldn’t be surprised at all

No. 1596131

Is there a reason they call it EUPD in the UK and not bpd?

No. 1596132

Exactly, her proportions are way off. She shoops her legs in many photos but you can tell she’s still very underweight from her whole body other than her arms. Her arms are just skinny but not even remotely spoopy, it’s confusing

No. 1596136

I've always tinfoiled this one is b/p with the whole pizzas she used to post

No. 1596137

File: 1658673871877.png (774.78 KB, 1125x2436, 1BDB068A-A331-4E0A-913A-041736…)


Saged cause slightly related but apparently she posted about an incident on June
23rd incidents with the cops on her blog (why the fuck does she have a website?) so honestly this could be her. Apparently she’s had over 60 police involved incidents prior to that this year (she even has police squads that she prefers over others) and the cops are angels who don’t get the hate they deserve. 1/3

No. 1596141

File: 1658674325385.jpeg (651.05 KB, 2048x2048, F275AD1F-4567-4AEA-B093-C4EDC3…)


TLDR of her being coddled by the police that she keeps dragging into her dramatics
-she’s bummed she can’t thank the cops more than giving them cake
- an odd few have really pushed her buttons.
- sometimes do wellness checks for just case they care so much
-they put up with her stubbornness and made her laugh.

No. 1596142

File: 1658674441876.jpg (331.95 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20220724-104735_Ins…)

I think this one just restated ED bores her. I wonder what changed.

No. 1596144

God imagine if she were an amerifag

No. 1596146

File: 1658674760392.png (419.37 KB, 1125x2436, DF156758-9ED2-47AA-95CA-D233B0…)

3/3 Last bit
-she admits she “probably” needs to educate herself and her being a “cis white female” “may” effect how the police treats her but probably not
-the police are great guise!

So yeah, bridge incident was probably her.

No. 1596150

Is she like violent? Or is it a sui baiting situation

No. 1596153

File: 1658676315968.png (2.55 MB, 1873x926, lkjhgfdfghju.png)

So I google mapped the location and searched around for a bridge and this was the only one I found. I think she straight up just jumped into oncoming traffic. I was picturing some bridge above a creek or something, I honestly feel bad for her. I can't imagine what comes over a person to jump off a bridge into traffic like that. But at this point she really is a danger to others, she could've killed someone doing that.

No. 1596170

File: 1658678845776.jpeg (340.01 KB, 1170x2350, 94D1D377-08B4-486D-848C-DF0235…)

Her uncomfortable interpretive dancing includes her making this hand sign for a dove

No. 1596171

Her arms make her look completely healthy. It’s kinda sad how her views tanked the healthier she got, but that’s what happens when you cater to who she did

No. 1596172

Because Niamh is dry milk.

No. 1596176

File: 1658679496238.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1386, 830CE3E9-4822-407B-9358-7361B7…)

Is it possible this isn’t schooped? I feel like it’d be a hard angle to do it from and the background looks normal

No. 1596185

File: 1658680349707.jpeg (502.94 KB, 1170x2028, 4F1257E1-2AFB-4C69-AA87-8C0DE4…)

Holy fuck

No. 1596187

This is why I don’t think it was her mentioned in the article. Sure she probably does have incidents being on a bridge but she would still be in hospital and have at least one or two broken limbs if she jumped from that. I too did some digging yesterday (bored fag here kek) and a comment on a Facebook post about the incident also said the person was in critical state in the ICU. None of this adds up to being Hxn.

No. 1596201

File: 1658681289134.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1779, A049F86B-968E-4C5B-8E92-B66220…)

grinch 2.0

No. 1596204

File: 1658681374494.jpeg (812.6 KB, 988x963, 9EB8E151-FF8D-42D6-9EA1-F2C93E…)

don’t know if this has been posted yet but i rlly hope zara realises she still has an issue. surely her physical health issue is improving?? yet still no change in her weight

No. 1596205

Wearing a padded coat too despite it being 20° in edinburgh

No. 1596208

are we sure its her?
because she surely wd have been sectioned

No. 1596209

Poor Beth, she seems to be doing so well in recovery. Hope Zara doesn’t trigger her

No. 1596216

She said her maximum was 55-60kg but I doubt she's ever weighed that much. She said she liked being 35kg. She said she'd like to be even thinner than she is now but likes her lifestyle more right now.

No. 1596218

Im actually so proud of Beth. But Zara on the other hand, doesn’t care about who she triggers.

No. 1596219

It is possible, and honestly likely. Once a cow shoops, anons will insist everything they ever post is a shoop no matter what it is. She looks awful. Skelly isn't very kawaii, Laura.

No. 1596222

The leg bones/tendons match with emaciation.

No. 1596223

Sydney will be joining Cece soon. Anyone have a cece update?

No. 1596227

Isn't just you she's definitely gained and looks great

No. 1596229

File: 1658682798241.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1842, 74867C26-5C5D-4A5F-8189-4E90A5…)

“Keep being inspirational” with that blue makeup that looks like she smeared Smurf jizz across her lips and crypt keeper body. Her comment section is like the dregs of society.

No. 1596233

I’m starting to think it’s not her. Though her blog makes it seem like she’s injured herself during her incidents and she’s given props to that police department so who knows. Not to be super grim, but I’d rather it be her (someone who is always helped) than someone else in dire crises.

No. 1596244

Her face pisses me off so much at this point. She really does look like an alien. That Beth girl has been doing really well in recovery the last few months, gaining weight and has called out Niamh for her behaviour many times so I don’t understand why she can hang around with Zara and not see the hypocrisy. At least Niamh is open about struggling, I can’t stand the fact that Z is lying to everyone and they all fall for it

No. 1596254

her friend has a lot of "look at me!" self harm scars all over her arms and legs, they both look like they need to be sectioned

No. 1596256

It’s so fucking bizzare that she treats this whole… thing as a hobby. What the fuck?

No. 1596258

She’s going straight to back to where she was a few months ago

No. 1596259

She’s literally a sack of bones in a shopping cart

No. 1596260

Yeah, beth has been known to defend Zara. Of all people, why her???

No. 1596264

File: 1658685124068.jpeg (316.6 KB, 1170x1250, D8184DB1-C4C3-444A-A58E-72FC39…)

No. 1596274

Look at the other person's right hand. It's definitely shooped but I do think she really is a skelly

No. 1596279

I just cannot believe how much she has deteriorated in the past 10 months since starting uni. She was properly spoopy this time a year ago but somehow still looked pretty and definitely looked human. She looks totally different now. Truly hideous at this point.

No. 1596306

File: 1658687542408.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2197, 55D6400B-44B9-49B9-8F68-B88AB7…)

Omg stop it u guise ur making Zara self conscious!

No. 1596313

File: 1658687728194.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2045, 6CEF8485-B91F-462A-B67C-B41238…)

Samefag, 2/2

No. 1596316

It’s not our fault that you look like an emaciated baby monkey Zara, it’s your own. We all agreed you where beautiful before.

No. 1596323

For Zara’s defenders/“friends”/“fans” that say “oh don’t comment on her body oh don’t ask if she’s ok” on tiktok. Do y’all straight up not care if she dies? Cuz that’s what it looks like is going to happen if she doesn’t get help literally asap. This isn’t body shaming her it’s people literally begging a girl to take steps to not die

No. 1596324

they look pretty healed to me. iirc she mostly struggles with substance abuse and is recovering from sh and anorexia. sadly shes going down the gendie pipeline and she/theying

No. 1596325

Idc about her I just posted the peeing pic because anons claimed she was trying to show off her low cal lunch, I said she’s obviously just bored at the airport taking pics of everything.

No. 1596330

Stop putting yourself out there on the internet then, Zara. People will comment on your body and there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 1596348

File: 1658689176611.jpg (31.71 KB, 753x196, cowtippinggoader.JPG)

Can you not cow tip or goad the cows Anon?

No. 1596351

Healed ones. Is she supposed to wear long sleeves and long pants forever?

No. 1596364

those scars are healed, you can't expect former self harmers too hide their scars until the end of time and old scars don't mean that you are still mentally ill or need help, it's just a sign of the past.

No. 1596365

She’s just a spoopy ana-chan, this isn’t odd? Literally anyone can make hand motions to a song, just because she’s spoopy and cringey doesn’t make it milk.

No. 1596368

And it’s common to make your hands into a bird, that’s not weird kek.

No. 1596370

She actually was beautiful. I remember thinking that when she was first started getting posted. I just don't get why seemingly the only people acknowledging she's about to croak are anons here. Will be a shame when she does as she really does have potential, unlike a lot of other cows. As an aside, I don't think she even wants people to stop speaking about her body

No. 1596375


Imagine your child dying and all these gross selfies are the last photos you have of them

No. 1596377

File: 1658691078995.jpg (305.22 KB, 1080x1933, IMG_20220724_202933.jpg)

The difference a year makes. Honestly, what the fuck has she done to herself. Just sad to see someone in her current deathly state at only 18.

No. 1596382

Ummm yeah, super slow waving body, dancing staring dead at the camera, on insta of all places? Not normal

No. 1596385

It looks fine to me tbh but I agree she's ash tier territory.

Kek they'd have shot her by now

No. 1596387

Why do anons rattle aboht cows specific body parts it's fucking weird. Good that she's gained though

No. 1596389

Just unchecked bpd episodes

No. 1596394

Shooping yourself skelly on top of somebody else who is normal sized is fucking creepy and would end a friendship for me. This girl needs mental help

No. 1596414

She is skelly. It's still weird tho

No. 1596416

Zara isn't the only cow with potential. She's also fucking full of herself.

No. 1596421

File: 1658692870564.jpeg (335.91 KB, 828x1536, 3C524633-8545-44FA-B013-761BBD…)

No. 1596422

File: 1658692916409.jpeg (347.29 KB, 828x1413, 6422BD6F-06E6-4F78-81ED-4EC847…)

No. 1596423

sorry if this isn’t allowed but these are funny

No. 1596424

I imagine she is emaciated as fuck because that friend and others often interact with her in person and online with no issue so they see it. She seems like she has crippling body dysmorphia

No. 1596425

Don't apologize anon, it's nice to see a headbanger to break up the skeleton chat

No. 1596428

God her bony anachan ass must feel like a dagger. Hats off to the friend

No. 1596429

Looks like she put lipstick on her forehead

No. 1596432

It's either not shooped or only minorly. Echoing other nonnies, she's a death skelly with brainrot and afaik has to use a wheelchair and will probably join EC in diapers soon.

No. 1596433

Is this one a ukfag?

No. 1596441

Would be funnier if she wasn’t literally 15 years old.

No. 1596447

She's so pretty here. Somehow she almost looks like Ro? Hope she'll follow in Ro's footsteps and recover. She's young enough that even with having been a superspoop she has a chance to have only minor long-term physical effects (from the ED, I don't know how her physical illness, if genuine, will affect her long term) and has her whole life ahead of her. She's a massive hypocrite but her content and writing is solid, even through the malnutrition.

No. 1596448

Damn, that's too bad. Larpers are funnier than skellies.

No. 1596462

That isn't really sad, it's def better than sh or ed as far as attention seeking methods.

No. 1596466

I looked at her page and she’s not even a LARPer, she actually was underweight. Shame indeed, we need more 300lb “anorexics” to break up all the skellies.

No. 1596485


Doubt it. Ro was never as deluded as her or as much of a liar and manipulator. She'll never get out of the downward spiral unless someone stages a drastic intervention. It was obvious the main reason she wanted to get her parents out of the picture was so she could indulge her ED fully and live in her made up fantasy world of illnesses she doesn't really have to excuse the only true diagnosis: anorexia.

No. 1596532

Thats sad. 15 is too young to be blamed for stupidity online ig

No. 1596533

Indirectly admitting that she's sick… "Commenting how thin someone is only feeds their illness". I know that Instagram truly is a cesspool but it's truly sickening to see so many people falling for the munchie schtick.

No. 1596534

Lol Sydney and Cece both in ACUTE at the same time. I’d feel so bad for the staff there!

No. 1596540

Does anyone with cece access have updates I miss our star

No. 1596542

What is her YT channel?

No. 1596569

ACUTE staff is used to dealing with bullshit

No. 1596571

Wow, Kate really is getting fat. The degenerate American fat-acceptance culture got to her. I wonder how.
Kate. if you are reading this, those fat arms look like chicken wings. Its not a good look.
And that top is ugly AF

No. 1596572

Sydney’s back there?

No. 1596573

I second this Nonna, Kate looked much better before

No. 1596574

Fuck off, anachan

No. 1596576

I'm not ana I'm BMI 23

No. 1596577

The fact that you literally replied to yourself because you knew no one would side with you lol

No. 1596578

Naw but scroll up she’s back to being close to skull face again

No. 1596581

Give it enough time, Kate will be 200 pounds. Like that fatty Jessie Paege.

No. 1596582

Does anyone wanna bet on how soon syd will be back at acute crying for tiktok pats

No. 1596587

I know it's awful but I couldn't even stand being around someone that looked like this, she's getting ash tier spoopy scary.

No. 1596589

1. No one cares about your BMI 2. It doesn’t stop you from having anorexia or at least wanting to which you clearly do 3. There’s no way you don’t realize that you’re objectively way bigger than her at this BMI so you’re pathetic for “fat” shaming her

No. 1596592

I thought that’s what you were referring to but I wanted to check if there’s any new milk that I don’t know about

No. 1596600

Shut up, sped.

No. 1596601

File: 1658704259916.png (387.49 KB, 448x603, Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 6.10…)

@thatrecoverylife made a post complaining about "false beliefs" that her family have about her ed, not realizing that literally everyone who watches her videos is thinking the exact same things.

No. 1596602

File: 1658704323715.png (209.48 KB, 378x414, Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 6.12…)

No. 1596611

I have an update on cece. She’s still at ACUTE. She posted a video of her outfit of pjs with a person in the background that watches you like a 1:1. It was weird. She’s crying over cereal and 9g of sugar. Other than that she’s still has the tube and is getting fatter daily so sucks to be her.

No. 1596623

self-post. we’re bored of cece, make your own thread of her.

No. 1596638

Lol sorry anon but Cece is still my favorite.

No. 1596653


No. 1596658

File: 1658707461090.jpeg (301.54 KB, 828x1458, CCA08CBD-158C-414B-8FE4-193607…)

She got shadow banned and I bet she’s pissssed, no pats for her

No. 1596692

Don't tease us. Give us Cecefags some caps.

No. 1596696

Kek checks out. Don't eat, anyone will lose eventually.

No. 1596721

She claimed she had whipple’s disease, which is caused by a bacteria and it can affect the whole body like digestive system and joints, brain, heart. It’s actually super rare and usually affects men aged 40-60 and farmers.

No. 1596725

Fucking whipples? Did she watch an episode of House for that idea lol?

No. 1596727


No. 1596745

“there are no fat people in France” can only be understood as meaning “tourists never see any fat people in Paris” (except for concierges, maids, portiers, gardien(ne)s, but tourists don’t think of them as people)

No. 1596770

Isn't her mum a GP? She will have been exposed to more medical shit than the average teenager

No. 1596817


No. 1596825

Legitimate question

No. 1596890

She looks underweight sure, but I wouldn’t say spoopy

No. 1596973

When will the cecefag realize it's super annoying to come here to report shit without caps

No. 1596987

It’s meant to be less stigmatising and also separates it from Bipolar Disorder (UK uses ICD10 coding so bipolar is listed as BPD on the clinical systems)

No. 1597002

File: 1658741061547.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_20220725-111959~2.p…)


No. 1597006

She looks fine in the arms but her legs look weirdly spoopy

No. 1597007

The suspense!

No. 1597024

File: 1658744506153.png (Spoiler Image,3.49 MB, 2896x1316, uhhhh.png)

the mental gymnastics i just witnessed from nikol is hilarious and also absolute fuckery

No. 1597027

File: 1658744585779.jpg (127.6 KB, 750x1334, 293867167_589548712887719_7581…)


then wtaf were you doing in the last hour of your stories you bellcheese

No. 1597028

File: 1658744606254.jpg (54.14 KB, 720x720, 294527342_465351338308384_5187…)

No. 1597049

Exactly. Pics or gtfo

No. 1597056

I can't tell if she's trolling

No. 1597067

File: 1658750734730.jpeg (303.06 KB, 1269x1846, CEED6693-F1FE-4131-AD94-E8D899…)

I don’t think she’s trolling. She posted thinspo and reasons to lose weight to her other account.
“No body odour” sent me.

No. 1597068

Ew the man’s hand… this picture is borderline nsfw. Or at least gross. And the caption makes it much more gross.

No. 1597080

Honestly looks like a sex offender abusing a child.

No. 1597085

>having one chin

No. 1597086

wait until they realize that low weight anorexics have a weird smell

No. 1597125

Yes they replace BO with that ketosis smell that is literally reminiscent of a corpse

No. 1597142

File: 1658761740440.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1977, 5E783E60-7233-46EB-9919-9A203D…)

The denial… I wonder why. Have fun with your heart attack Marie.

No. 1597167

This is the sort of shit I’d eat up when I was 14 years old. I have a hard time accepting that adults write and subscribe to this absolute retarded horseshit omg. Like nobody with a life or job has time to be writing this.

No. 1597172

How is she even a cow she's just uwu

No. 1597178

Gorl must really be going through something emotionally at the moment, she seems to have deleted her account properly now

No. 1597179

Well one of the running themes of these threads specifically has always been eating disordered women who romanticise/glamourise their ED for clout and online attention/validation so she fits in that regard.

No. 1597189

I thought she was American? What is this 'I am feeling poorly" shit? Trying to be British now?

No. 1597209

the full pic is iirc a model backstage at a show sage bc irrelevant but hopefully you feel better knowing it’s not THAT

No. 1597238

The last bit makes it sound like she is planning to have more incidents. If she jumped off the bridge she is lucky she were straight away well enough to post from hospital. She needs to now accept the help offered,people posted about on here don't seem to get how freaking lucky they are getting all the help they do!!

No. 1597269

Is it just one anon who always calls them all gorl its fucking weird

No. 1597274

File: 1658772992499.jpeg (42.89 KB, 480x480, 6261DCFF-E054-44B1-B9E4-68E983…)

No. 1597305

>everything is magical and goes your way
absolute brain rot, wtf

No. 1597333

File: 1658776552278.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x2097, 17423E98-8DFE-4C3F-9B15-BD39D5…)

ah burnout. ofc

No. 1597341

File: 1658777288871.jpeg (48.62 KB, 552x513, 1658776552278.jpeg)

Maybe that poor thing burnt out over all that cereal bar reviews, or the recent visit of a pop concert?

And maybe she could be told about the meaning of that cute li'l blue butterfly..?

No. 1597345

She looks less wrinkly

No. 1597354

What kind of 'burn out' would that be, sitting on her bony arse the whole day?
And that, while most other women her age would have to attend a daytime job or getting an academic degree.

But not our sweet butterfly princess, oh noes! Producing videoclips for Youtube is sooo much more important! It's boring, repetitive shit since she repeats her eating routines over and over again. She's still deep inside her own ana hell.

No. 1597362

does marie use a filter or is her face just that fucking weird

No. 1597370

Filters can do a lot these days. She even mentions them.

But a scale won't lie. Maybe that's what all the stress is about on appointment days.

No. 1597371

oh nona, give her some time to breathe. We just don't understand how hard everything is for her and how you can get a burnout from just looking at protein bars. You know, she needs to breathe one time a day.
Honestly, I know mental illness and it's hell, but I've met so many women her age that are going places and fighting while having depression, eating disorders, etc. The fact that you can broadcast your illness on social media might be a reason why many of our cows won't get better. Also, she had so many things she visited and did the last time, can't tell me that she has a burnout, she is just a spoiled child that needs to start living alone.

No. 1597377

File: 1658780029486.png (589.4 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (9).png)

Then take a look at those thingies she's wearing on her shirt…

No. 1597386

I respectfully disagree - If she really lived alone, her state would deteriorate in a hurry.
What about some real therapy, since she doesn't mention a thing about that.

No. 1597393

As if she doesn’t know, pro ana tumblr queen

No. 1597398

It's the same concept as anons rattling that various superspoops don't look sick enough in the face. Filters and lighting play a huge part in that and not every skelly (just look at Eugenia) gets ash face. I've seen some bmi sub 11s in units with "normal" face shapes. Sorry for sperging but fiona is full of shit

No. 1597406

Is there a picture of Marie?

No. 1597508

it can go both ways, sometimes I feel like she would need to face reality, without everyone orbiting around her. If she had to care for her stuff on her own terms for once in her life, maybe she would see that she has to change in order to get better. And I don't mean without therapy, I just mean without her parents wheeling her around.

No. 1597563

Yes, I've had the impression that they were enablers, at least to some extend. Maybe they don't know better.

No. 1597573

Lol I've only ever seen gorl in reference to Amberlynn Reid and other deathfats of the sort, it's funny seeing it used on an ana chan

No. 1597578

File: 1658792670918.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1170x2053, 1C63A3A9-9B71-4D47-9D2A-C800F2…)

She finally looks like she’s gained more than 2 pounds. Still not healthy though obvs

No. 1597697

She legit looks the same as she has for the last year anon

No. 1597699

This screenshot is horrifying

No. 1597714

Her arms were more spoopy before in a gross wat

No. 1597715

No. 1597726

Ffs she has her own thread stop posting her here

No. 1597731

Kek nowhere near Ash she spoop but not a super spoop

No. 1597742

She's pretty fucking spoopy. It's also the only plausible explanation for what we know of her life and her irl friends and family being unphased by her shoops: horrifying emacation.

She does? Either way sick of seeing her lol we know the milk is dry

No. 1597785

She has less hair though that's for sure

No. 1597855

She really hasn’t. It’s the way she’s standing. Look at her other recent photos

No. 1597857

The look the exact same as they did exactly a year ago. If you’re comparing it to before she went inpatient then yes, she has gained weight but that was in like March 2021

No. 1597858

No. 1597863

File: 1658820321954.jpeg (640.17 KB, 750x1334, 43AA69E1-AEFA-4A0D-9CDF-628C6C…)

I know Niamh is a sensitive topic lately but I just can’t help it with the blatant bodychecks

No. 1597864

File: 1658820496196.jpeg (505.07 KB, 750x1284, EAA7F733-703C-4328-A434-05B5EB…)

This doesn’t look less spoopy to me. That thing on her arm is supposed to be pretty tight and it almost looks loose on other photos

No. 1597908

File: 1658829820937.jpg (434.06 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220726-152239_Ins…)

I think Ash is in a league of her own

No. 1597910

File: 1658829947683.jpg (552.23 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220726-152229_Ins…)

No. 1597912

File: 1658830927259.jpeg (149.24 KB, 800x1228, 35FF994D-B4DD-44D8-8E58-457E11…)

She looks like a malnourished Eddie Redmayne

No. 1597919

File: 1658832575364.jpg (18.61 KB, 750x393, 1002431480-photo-u2.jpg)

Oh God, either she hasn't or is playing dumb. She looks like the mother, not the protagonist

No. 1597924

Don't spite her, you're adding to her lifetime

No. 1597936

File: 1658835460669.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2124, 7D1F2C8F-88F7-4988-83B9-CF21B5…)

It’s so embarrassing that she has this recovery account and pretty food just to purge it all

No. 1597966

How do you know she is purging? Not defending her but I thought she was doing well(newfag)

No. 1597981

She admitted to b/ping on her mpa account whilst preaching recovery.

No. 1597984

Samefag but I’m not sure if she’s doing better right now. She could very well be because it’s been a while since her last mpa post.

No. 1597994

Pictures of food is so boring
Not milk, neither is purging
Her account looks like every other copy paste Ed uwu girls page

No. 1598004

help guys.
whats the name of that severely anorexic lady from TT with black hair? i believe she is a seed patient(?) she is been ill for years and doesnt seem to want to get better

No. 1598009

I think you’re on about Amy Ellis?

No. 1598018

yes thank you!
her vid about the priory randomly came up last night and ive lost it

No. 1598053

File: 1658851001793.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20220726-175641.png)

I'm not that anon who didn't post a cap, but here

No. 1598056

Lol cece is loving every second of being there

No. 1598059

Is that her nurse in the background? They just allow patients to take bodychecks while in treatment?

No. 1598081

File: 1658852861923.png (1.29 MB, 1080x2575, 1658851001793.png)


No. 1598099

Fuck you, Cece, and fuck your idiotic bodychecks.

No. 1598104

Someone should send the bc to acute lmao

No. 1598146

Most places that allow phones don't really care if you take body checks from my understanding, but ACUTE specifically does NOT allow any selfies. Bold of Cece to do it right in front of a staff member. I guess she didnt see if her phone isn't confiscated

No. 1598150

Cece seems like the embodiment of "rules for thee but not for me"

No. 1598151

HOW is this woman still alive omg

No. 1598153

Legend says it's because of people like you

No. 1598175

Jfc horse face. Not cute.

No. 1598178

That's cowtipping IMHO. Let her crash and burn on her own. Plus us cecefags wanna watch

No. 1598179

File: 1658858908841.jpg (Spoiler Image,119.18 KB, 1145x648, Contact Us ACUTE Center for Ea…)


Well, I just did that.

And if I can do it, you can do it, too.


No. 1598192

No. 1598195


That’s all kinds of fucked up anon.

No. 1598197

This isn’t fuckrd up it’s what she deserves tbh

No. 1598198

You people are so autistic.

No. 1598208

you moron this is not ok under any level.

No. 1598209

File: 1658860737829.jpg (61.67 KB, 586x450, Meme Generator - Imgflip.jpg)

ACUTE staff right now.

No. 1598211

You just stooped down below her level, there was absolutely no need for this. This site isn’t meant to initiate personal attacks towards the cows, it’s just a fucking gossip forum that the cows may or may not see. Whether she’s ruining her body for likes or not, she was put in this hospital by competent doctors so you might think disrupting someone’s treatment might be a bit idiotic

No. 1598212

Exactly. You know how easy it is to not post every little sad moment of your pathetic isolated life in treatment? People think they can put anything out there with no consequences. It’s funny when it comes back to bite them in real life.

No. 1598214

this is so unnecessary anon. why did you even bother to do this

No. 1598216

Oh ffs, you're really sending a link to lolcow to hospital staff? Jesus, get a life.

No. 1598217


No. 1598228

Telling anyone on here to get a life is hilarious, what people that have a life post on anonymous bullying sites?

No. 1598234

the sperging that happens when someone actually does something outside of the circle jerk on here is hilarious.

No. 1598239

the flap of the butterfly's wings…

No. 1598245

Because you're breaking the rules.

No. 1598249

Linking the thread to staff is against the rules.

No. 1598251

Stop slapping each other, just report and close the browser.

No. 1598255

kek, I'm sry, I find this very interesting, imagine her therapist going through all those threads she is mentioned in, taking notes and adjusting the therapy so that Cece really might get help for once.
I know it's against the rules, hope your ban will be over soon (or you have vpn)

No. 1598258

They'll think she's being harassed online and pity her more.
That's it.

No. 1598261

I don't know this person, I just can't believe which rules are allowed to be openly broken this last month is all so inb4 that btw.

No. 1598282

Yes, that's what I'm saying.

No. 1598285

It's weird because autists are supposed to love rules and structure, yet these spergs are breaking them willy-nilly.

No. 1598289

Wow Cece annoys me to the bone but interfering with her treatment and potentially getting her booted is really fucked up. It was one thing when Cassie was posting photos of other patients, but a selfie is only harming Cece and isn’t dragging anyone else into it.

No. 1598298

And what about her nurse in charge (if she's still at level 1-1)? Cece is gonna put her in trouble as well by breaking the rules. Nonnie?

No. 1598300

No one deserves to lose their job or be reprimanded because some cunt on here has a hate boner for Cece. Disgusting move anon

No. 1598312


You fucking retard, how brainless are you? Number 1 rule - don't tip the fucking cows

No. 1598329

File: 1658866660380.png (311.91 KB, 1277x721, Screenshot (22).png)

"Some men just want to watch the grip socks burn."

No. 1598331

Having the anorexic mecca aware of lolcow is bad news. This is also just disgustingly cruel and over the top vendetta faggotry even for here. Don't fuck with the cows. Don't interfere with their treatment.

No. 1598335

This faggot just lost us all cece privileges forever. This is fucking sick and cruel to her too. She is posting to less than 350 followers. Leave it alone. I'm pretty sure somebody called ACUTE when skelly Laura was there too. Fucking cunts. Also no reputable hospital, treatment center, or even employer is going to take what anonymous trolls say on what is arguably a hate forum.

No. 1598337

>> anonymous trolls say on what is arguably a hate forum

Well, to be fair: That's basically the very thing you just did. Got a problem with that?

No. 1598340

You're an actual fucking sociopath, freak. Also using her full name like that is deranged and creepy

No. 1598342

Beyond retarded, jfc.

No. 1598358

Stop doing this fucking shit
I’m so afraid of her

No. 1598367

File: 1658869841719.jpg (501.48 KB, 1079x1903, Screenshot_20220726-230907_Ins…)

ANYWAYS… Han "broke up" from college.

No. 1598376

To the troll that reported cece to acute. I hope the tx center escalates the matter and tracks your IP. I encouraged cece to get Acute and police involved. Enough is enough and that was disgusting

No. 1598378

Bloody summerfags, learn to sage, read the god damn rules. If you're under 18 GTFO. It's not about circlejerking, it's about not actively ruining the milk like a muppet who can't help but lick the windows.

No. 1598380

No, retard. It's less of a circle-jerk and more that most anons are completely degenerate pyschopaths. Gossiping isn't illegal, but crossing the line and interfering with a subject's medical treatment is damn near harassment (I'm not a law fag). Anons gloating about actual direct bullying of the cows are retarded. Talking shit about her posts is very different from trying to get her kicked out of fucking treatment.

No. 1598389

You weren't trying to cow tip, you were trying to burn the whole barn. Couldn't just let things play out. This is creepy on so many levels. Get off and get help.

No. 1598395

What happened to Rosie’s MPA account? Can anyone find it? Not sure if she just changed the username but I can’t seem to find it anywhere

No. 1598403

File: 1658872368955.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2532, 90572DB3-072A-48E3-B6F9-3710B2…)

she’s deleted it

No. 1598422

holy shit, I knew better than to post anything here. wtaf is wrong with you

No. 1598425

samefag but your German errors are showing. ffs I am ashamed of you.

No. 1598455

They don’t kick you out, they just remove your phone. She’ll be fine.

No. 1598460

That's beside the point you tard. Harassment of people in a program by directly contacting a centre is messed up. No she won't get kicked out and I highly doubt she'll be an ounce reprimanded esp coming from a forum like this. I hope Acute makes an effort to investigate this . It isnt hard if the right person does their searches. I can see the guessttimate locations bouncing off of the "fake" IPs used to create for this forum

No. 1598468

File: 1658876848934.png (193.95 KB, 600x600, Backtraced[1].png)

Whilst i partially agree, i can't help but think of the jessi slaughter memes.

No. 1598486

Cece sucks but reporting her to acute is taking it too far!

No. 1598493

Videos of the girls purging (with sound) would be some of the most entertaining stuff I've seen in a while(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1598498

what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 1598506

you are fucking below and beyond retarded, why do you want to play saboteur in the irl lives of strangers online?? why isn't having a place to incessantly bitch about them enough? you have main character syndrome you psycho bitch get it fixed

No. 1598529

This exactly. This site isn’t meant to be used as weapon against random people on the internet who just so happen to be attention seeking cunts. We discuss them, we pretend we aren’t as bad as them for making fun of their issues, and we move on. Literally messing with their lives and even worse - their treatment - is complete idiocy

No. 1598537

Nice bait you fucking faggot

No. 1598543

Also doesn’t help that whoever screenshotted in the first place is one of Cece’s remaining 310 private “irl friends” backstabbing her, the whole situation is pretty shitty imho

No. 1598548

Go away, you degenerate vomit fetishist capitalizing on a deadly mental illness.

No. 1598569

This shit has me feeling bad for Cece. It's crossed from gossip to actual harassment. It's not even just cow tipping, contacting treatment centers or providers is interfering.

No. 1598583

Didn’t somebody (methinks Shanaya) call new farm about Porgie once? Don’t think there were any consequences but it’s a scumbag think to do ffs. DON’T INTERFERE.

No. 1598626


Also any farmer who feels the need to do this should probably examine their motives. Does someone wish they had an IP holiday of their own and is butthurt that Cece got away with it? Yes she's annoying as all fuck but it's just the extreme end of anachan validation-seeking and this is just going to make her dig her heels in even more. How is this going to do anything but shame her into never weight restoring again? Anon needs to set an example and move on with their life…

No. 1598641


You’re all retarded. What are the cops going to do? “Hello, yes, this person told the hospital the lady is taking pictures of herself? Yes. Please send back up.”

And to whomever emailed ACUTE, you’re a bonafide dumbass. God. This is why we can’t have nice things.

No. 1598646

File: 1658889545187.jpg (664.05 KB, 1048x1858, Screenshot_20220727-102822_Ins…)

Got to agree with her Doctor here, IG is toxic for anyone trying to recover from anything, but the ED 'community' I feel is the front runner for toxicity and feeds the disorder by validation, ass pats and as we see, fake efforts at recovery to keep the cycle going.
This cookie still has her IG, she met some spoops who she's now spoopfriends with.
Within the last year of this photo she's thinner than her first admission, has had the ng for over 12 months and only eats melon and compote. She's a purger too so I can imagine that the toob has been used once or twice before
It's all part of the 'recovery community'facade. "Everyone knows you're bullshitting, but I can't call you out cause I too bullshitting, let's be bestys and enable our narratives

I get the while adrenaline of new recovery and feeling like 'you're kicking it's butt' but honestly if you're aware of what you're doing but not changing it…is it recovery? Or fakecovery, or stagnation.
I really hope the psych world is studying this shit (incl using munch as an excuse (Kat for example)
I thought Tumblr days were cringe p0rn but fuck, TT and IG have elevated to a really creepy level

Sorry for fagrant I was scrolling last night and looking at profiles and it was just grinding my gears
I swear this is the only place that makes them hold some kind of accountability

No. 1598686

I'm wondering if they said/will say that to Cece after ger body check/ outfit check bs
I would HATE not having my phone on a ward,but in ed and acute settings, they should be given a small amount of time on it, to reduce the posting. It won't stop it, but it they can't take bathroom selfies and IV poles all the time and get jacked up by the validation.

No. 1598693

What do you mean do something that you know will be dumb?

No. 1598696

File: 1658892861568.jpg (1.02 MB, 1079x1871, Screenshot_20220727-112326_Ins…)

No day Patient until late August
Betting in the next few weeks she loses
Melon, compote and tea does not sustain and if she's purging too
Hiw do the Drs know if she's even running the right rates at the right times and not dumping it?

No. 1598706

File: 1658893576492.jpg (2.3 MB, 1920x1920, 9.jpg)

Cookie has a Story highlight of just her/and or the tooby… why?
It's one thing to post them in stories etc but then to make it it's own highlight….that screams a bit 'toob fetish' to me
Here's just a few
Don't know if there's any frenchfags who can translate?

No. 1598711

Get off this feed them and munch some grass yourself you jealous cowtipper. The righteousness to think that it's your duty to do that? And you're not family, or friends, just someone on a forum for bringing down cows
You're not helping her, you're soothing your own ego
This is why the milk dries up cause fags like you involve yourself too much and feel you have some connection or responsibility. You don't. Sit n watch, bring milk, or gtfo. We finally get a post if cece and you fuck it over
Go back to whole you came from

No. 1598714

Who tf are you to decide what she deserves? Seems your jealous she got into hosp. Don't be bitter cause you couldn't get there
'Deserves' kek if that's not vendetta then I dunno what is

No. 1598715

For the non Brits, she just means college finished and she's on summer break now, not that she's quit it or anything

No. 1598748

The weirdest thing about this highlight is that she calls it ‘Mireille’! That’s a French girl’s name.
Very weird to personify her toob paraphernalia like its her best friend.

No. 1598788

File: 1658901791426.png (9.68 MB, 1170x2532, E01F82BB-6C55-416D-AE36-6544B5…)

No. 1598789

File: 1658901851383.png (6.33 MB, 1170x2532, 8A4D2C64-8E68-4D30-9CC1-9F978E…)

Well her “goodbye forever” larp was short lived, just like every other kek

No. 1598791

You're a fucking ass anon.

No. 1598796


Wow that’s messed up even for lolcow

No. 1598807

Isn’t the no cowtipping rule in place so things exactly like this don’t happen? You don’t even gain anything from it.

No. 1598817


Of course this is somehow very, very wrong. But at the same time I cannot help to be amused if I imagine Cece's reaction when the information seeps through to her. The safe haven of her 24/7 ego stage has been compromised, oy vey..!

No. 1598831

If she even hears about it she will probably will get ass pats from people there, if she wangles it that way, about scawy mean boolies and lock her account further. Good job to the cowtipper summerfag. This is why we can't have nice things. And are the jannies sleeping or something, or are we just forsaken here?

No. 1598850

Can we maybe wait with all the reactions until there's some sort of hint/proof anon actually sent it?
Could just as well be laughing her head off at the thread imploding over nothing rn.

No. 1598853

Is that a name for it? Like a brand or something? Or maybe she named it herself…which would be super weird

No. 1598863

Exactly. Sounds like anon is projecting the insecurities they have about the validity of their own ED that they have to sabotage someone else's access to treatment. Sad.

No. 1598883

File: 1658912807770.png (441.9 KB, 720x1082, Screenshot_20220727-190232_2.p…)

Lmao some terrible shops, don't think she is particularly milky but these gave me a laugh

No. 1598884

File: 1658912829530.png (521.7 KB, 720x1086, Screenshot_20220727-190256_2.p…)


No. 1598889

that look is… a bit distorted

No. 1598904

I laughed out loud, how can she not see how terrible it is???

No. 1598905

I can’t tell if she’s purposefully making her elbows this huge or not

No. 1598907

File: 1658915536188.jpeg (137.86 KB, 750x709, 199F9E84-C63C-4E46-9114-EB5285…)

Well that’s something

No. 1598908

File: 1658915660688.jpg (48.58 KB, 612x449, 1658912829530.jpg)

yes. in the very same way she has stretched all the waves to flatten her ass.

No. 1598910

The weirdest part is that if you look at the rest of her posts she’s actually pretty normal and good-looking. It’s just this one photo that’s so ridiculous.

No. 1598912

And the girl on the left looks HEAVILY shooped. As in her face was cropped out of another photo and pasted onto this one

No. 1598913

What's her yt?

No. 1598914

File: 1658916616448.jpg (74.87 KB, 915x305, 30dollars.jpg)

"pretty normal and good-looking"


"Good-looking" like in "good-looking like a cheap truck stop whore"?

No. 1598916

Romanian truck stop

No. 1598924

nothing milky. she’s just saying that she’s started feeds, she named her feeds Mireille, and the bottom right is saying that its hard to fit her stuffed toys on with the feed bags.

No. 1598928

A bit too much of everything = True Balkan style

No. 1598931

'pikey wedding'

No. 1598950

Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit about the cece tipping to ACUTE? maybe bc lawfag but no laws have been broken, it wouldn't qualify as harassment. maybe cece will think twice about the harmful bodychecks she's posting. idg why everyone turns into an angelic white knight when shit like this happens. it's not gonna get LC shut down.

No. 1598955

It's not about the law newfag. We don't cowtip because then we lose the milk.

No. 1598962

Say what you will, but I giggled.

No. 1598967

She named it herself. The stories say she ‘baptised’ it Mireille

No. 1598972

"Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit about the cece tipping to ACUTE? " chances are this is the same tard that posted the acute harassment and is trying to act like someone else justifies the horrible action

No. 1598979

Also this might get other patients phones taken away and cause a lot of shit.

No. 1598982

Also this might get other patients phones taken away and prevent a lot of shit.

No. 1598999

File: 1658924880581.jpeg (865.2 KB, 1125x1927, 1F3048AA-8E7D-4C52-B1B1-EA343F…)

This profile popped up as a new account made yesterday, they’re posting her old explanation TikTok’s. Is it actually her making a new account or a scammer using her videos to get donations?

No. 1599009

Who's that? Tom Waits in drag?

No. 1599011

I don't know if anyone has ever followed @healing.addi on TikTok, but she's a very normal weight girl who spends a lot of time in hospitals with ng tubes or talking about how ill her doctors think she is.

In this "update", she's telling everyone that her doctor has "labeled her critically ill" and "very high risk for refeeding syndrome". She's apparently getting labs done every day in outpatient (wtf?)

No. 1599013

File: 1658925702437.png (552.4 KB, 450x770, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 7.38…)

sorry, dropped image

No. 1599015

File: 1658925745341.png (244.79 KB, 365x474, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 7.41…)

And another picture, where she's using crutches because she claims to also have "really bad POTS"

No. 1599023

File: 1658926097905.png (390.86 KB, 449x573, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 7.47…)

And just for background, you can see from her past hospital tiktoks that she's never been spoopy and seems to have stayed average to borderline overweight the entire time

No. 1599046

No I mean that she looks conventionally okay. I wouldn’t personally go for that look but I wouldn’t say she looks bad if I saw her in person

No. 1599050

If you wanted to see her in person, you might have to knock on some trailer doors before.

No. 1599061

KEK she is even interacting with a munchie @kayarecovers2 (see Illnessfakers on reddit), in one of her vids.

No. 1599109

Holy hell have we got a fiona skin walker? The braids, toob, and Christmas attire.

No. 1599110

Just because something isn't to the letter illegal doesn't mean it's an okay thing to do. Interfering with her medical treatment is fucked.

No. 1599111

Kek I was just about to comment that I thought this was a Fiona shoop at first glance

No. 1599118

File: 1658936853041.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x1977, 4AEF2061-40D3-4152-B820-B0A606…)

I have no idea how her parents are letting her live at their home while dying again. They need to drop her off at an ER and leave or something? Dear lord

No. 1599119

She also just needs to have her social media taken away

No. 1599126

Its giving "get fi back"

No. 1599153

She said they took her to the ER the other day and she apparently wasn't holdable because she got discharged.

Honestly, her parents probably let her live at home because they're afraid she's literally going to have her heart stop and they want to be around to call 911.

No. 1599154

I thought someone had photoshopped some chunk onto Fi!

No. 1599160

File: 1658939885551.png (539.31 KB, 445x794, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 11.3…)

Never fear, Addi is also a delicate snowflake who requires a wheelchair

(although she admits in the tags for this that it's because of "functional neurological disorder" rather than ed stuff. I suspect that she's getting admitted for FND a lot of the time and then just refusing to eat to get a tube so she can pretend it's for her eating disorder. Otherwise, I can't understand how she manages to get hospitalized so much as an American)

No. 1599166

File: 1658940433244.jpg (80.42 KB, 449x573, fake_fi.jpg)

That's more like it.

No. 1599183

FND doesn't require going inpatient once they've worked out why patient's legs don't work or whatever is going on. It just needs CBT and physio. It's literally a somatic reaction to psychological stress. (no hate, I actually used to have it myself)

No. 1599190

File: 1658943374699.jpg (115.79 KB, 750x1333, 295582075_n.jpg)

"Hannah…is that a serious lack of muscle after three years of daily training?!"

No. 1599191

A lot of low weight anachans presenting to the er aren't admitted it's ridiculous but us hospitals are weird

No. 1599195

Involuntary treatment in the US has a much higher bar than in the UK, Australia, etc. That's why the US anons are always so confused by how often and how long the cows from those countries are under court orders

No. 1599196

Oh wow you can really see the lack of muscles now that she's cutting. I guess she started bulking around the time when we all thought she had finally made some progress.

No. 1599204

No. 1599217

daily training (all the same exercises) -> no recovery, plus monotonous small meals = bad muscle growth

why on earth does she try to lose that bit of body fat that she really should keep?
just to attend a pointless local bb competition with nothing to win but a bucket of frustration

now that's some poor life choices there, ganer

that trainer of hers is truly a mastermind for raking in $$$ from gullible mental wrecks

No. 1599221

File: 1658945330782.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.06 KB, 1280x1280, 2FCA4318-7E0D-4123-9E98-1FE6FB…)

I don’t think she will make it to her classes in the fall…

No. 1599222

She wants validation and mark my words she's going to get a pity price for her "miraculous" recovery from super severe anorexia.

No. 1599225

wow, that's spot on

all they need is a bag of bones and a rattlecan of krylon gold

No. 1599230

File: 1658946294676.jpg (234.57 KB, 754x1058, must.be.that.tall.to.enter.jpg)

munchkin vs. normal sized (?) gal

just keeping in mind that her ed most likely fucked up her whole puberty height growth

No. 1599232

Her face looks absolutely deathly. This actually took my breath a bit. How sad.

No. 1599233

Someone photoshop fi with the nose hose onto this idiot I beg

No. 1599235

It probably won't but I imagine ACUTEs lawyer is going to have a look-see. Doubt they can do anything.

No. 1599236

Ayrt, this exactly. Specific facilities like ACUTE and ERC can commit skellies more easily, but a run of the mill er can't really hold them barring an active heart attack.

No. 1599242

"all they need is a bag of bones and a rattlecan of krylon gold"

I cackled

No. 1599263

File: 1658949353458.jpg (248.53 KB, 1856x573, 1658940433244.jpg)

Sadly not quite as spectacular as I thought it would be…
And her YT thumbnails are nightmare fuel, I tell you that.

No. 1599275

Where was this posted?

No. 1599277

File: 1658950521303.jpeg (459.02 KB, 1242x1089, AD75C220-0147-4FBE-AF60-D62D7E…)

have we all seen z’s story today

No. 1599280

File: 1658950545413.png (1.12 MB, 1170x2532, A3235E24-0727-419F-9E5D-3311EC…)

The way they describe her is so odd

No. 1599285

I feel like she just says this when she comes here and reads stuff she doesn’t like. Why would people keep sending it to her?

No. 1599289

oh no, poor zara, did someone point out that she'd be gaining weight now if she actually had whipple's disease, took her antibiotics, and took her pancreatic enzymes?

it's so hard when people point out your excuses

No. 1599295

she lurks here all the time seemingly. her latest “don’t comment on my body” post came shortly after the shopping trolley slander

No. 1599298



here ya go

No. 1599300

Yeah exactly, she has an echo chamber of “friends” that pretend to believe her lies so that she doesn’t cut them off, and seems to not be able to see that. So when internet ppl point out anything she’s sure the lies she tells to others will be believed online

No. 1599308

She needs a prolonged hospital stay not a visit from Harry Styles FFS

No. 1599311

there's no way Laura didn't write this herself

No. 1599312

We wake her up when she faints by joking insulting Harry Styles? Like trying to spend time with you friend and in the middle she faints because she’s literally killing herself in front of you isn’t horrifying? Talk about a mood killer when you’re just trying to spend time with a friend…

No. 1599323

Sorry it’s from a while back but I thought the way it was written was weird and similar to what the poetry places say about her

No. 1599324

I'm sure she wrote her own bios for the poetry publishers, so that's not that surprising

No. 1599376

That shit is eight years old. Her friend wrote it.
Kek can't wait for the return of the ski hat

No. 1599378

Forgot classes, what she needs is an ambulance. Grim.

No. 1599381

There's no way people are just sending her every mean thing said here. Zara is a lurker who pretends to be above it all

No. 1599438

File: 1658959871749.jpeg (982.97 KB, 828x1428, 62E74DE0-9FDC-4863-ADAD-B597D7…)

Tish started posting again.

No. 1599496

People are mopping the floor with Rosie in the comments of her latest tiktok on her recovery account (Let me know if you want caps here but it’s literally like 20 comments)

No. 1599498

Just a couple caps please, I’m eager to see

No. 1599499

is that number about her age or her weight..?

No. 1599500

bring 'em on, nonnie!

No. 1599510

Alright one sec

No. 1599513

File: 1658964618294.jpg (375.94 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20220727-182330_Twi…)

This stupid bitch. Is she trying to speedrun a 7th tiktok ban for her 28th birthday?

No. 1599521

How she still has even those tiny clumps of actual hair is one of the seven wonders of the world

No. 1599522

File: 1658964982570.jpeg (548.88 KB, 750x1187, FE6A2A05-CB11-4F76-A63D-5DFCF7…)

No. 1599524

File: 1658965105060.jpeg (151.1 KB, 750x1192, D6C2AAD2-E80C-417D-BF3F-36A98E…)

For reference, the video was about how people use this new trend as an excuse to post bodychecks

No. 1599526

File: 1658965149911.jpeg (141.95 KB, 750x1190, 9219C67B-B9ED-4122-81B4-AC56FA…)

There’s a couple more, bear with me

No. 1599527

File: 1658965171523.jpeg (145.33 KB, 750x1185, A67850BB-04FD-4795-8E83-FE2BDD…)

No. 1599528

File: 1658965384960.jpeg (162.96 KB, 750x1192, 83CDCF49-2755-43D9-B08D-5D84D6…)

The photo she used in the said last video is of her sitting down with her spoopy arms visible but it’s not as dramatic at they make it out to be in my opinion or it might just be because I’ve already much worse of her on mpa

No. 1599547

I just looked and tbh I don’t think it’s milky. Yeah her spoopy arms are in the vid before but it’s a pretty normal pic and compared to other trends on tiktok I wouldn’t say it’s that bad. I’ve seen her MPA which is a lot worse but she hasn’t posted on there in ages. Hope she’s doing well.

No. 1599552

File: 1658967473201.jpg (294.47 KB, 1080x1356, Screenshot_20220727-191256_Tik…)

Milk may be skim but saying "yeah im obviously sick in that picture but it doesn't count because I got a lot sicker than that uwu my lw is way spookier" sounds like snowflake behavior to me. And if its not milk sage your shit

No. 1599554

Fuck off with EC !!
She's not milk here, she has her own thread so post it there
No one give a shit here
Fucking summerfags

No. 1599555

Does anyone have the link for her thread?

No. 1599557

Oh jesus it was baptised? Totally not glamorising. That's definitely a first

No. 1599559

It's called google
Our go to the main page and learn to fucking integrate and lurk more were not here to spoon feed you

No. 1599562

Why so triggered, nona? EC's not milky enough to sustain her own thread, that's why it got moved to manure 5 years ago. Its not your job to minimod either so you could try shutting the fuck up and scrolling past whay doesnt interest you like everyone else

No. 1599581

File: 1658969904655.jpeg (329.59 KB, 722x827, 727FF014-AA6F-450F-99A0-CC87DB…)

Not sure why I remembered this suddenly or if anyone has ever posted about her, but does anyone remember Kylie Mullinger or know what happened to her? This was a long time ago (like 2008ish). She was from Aus and did interviews about her extreme anorexia, showing her feeding tube but refusing to eat anything on camera. I definitely remember her posting emaciated body checks in her underwear to “warn others about the dangers of anorexia.” She was mostly active on MySpace/live journal and that’s what comes up when I Google her name, but nothing posted since about 2009. There was also an FB group named something like “Save Kylie.” So yeah, longshot but I figured if anyone would know it’d be lolcow. Pic from her MySpace for reference, although it’s kinda blurry and just her face.

No. 1599584


Seriously. what does she even need to be prepping for when she looks like a beginner? I so badly want her to compete but with her luck, she'll have a high placement by default like Scarlett and we'll get endless "spoop to 2nd place in a competition with one other person" reels set to Eminem's "Not Afraid"

No. 1599587

Because she was and is over posted with no new milk. She's stale. We've get it she's spoop and posts pics in clothes woopty dooo
You're obviously new cause this has been said 100s of times even within the last 3 years.
Read the fucking rules and learn to integrate. Are all of you 12 years old or some shit? It just clogs up the feed. How bout instead you don't post stale milk. Why do you think it's EC and not her full name? The fact you think this is milk is telling. Fuck off with your fan girl shit

No. 1599589

Honestly, yeah, I don't think that anon even ended up sending the message. kek

No. 1599593

File: 1658970897039.jpg (2.44 MB, 1920x1920, Fuoydp6d.jpg)

Cookie made the pics of her and her spoop friends meeting into mugs. This is a first that I've seen
The cringe factor is high especially with the addition of love hearts

No. 1599597

File: 1658971036837.jpg (691.34 KB, 1079x1915, m.jpg)

Cookies other mug is giving me slight N2F vibes

No. 1599600

it's possible, she's just dumb for continuing to respond to it. You'd think she'd learn to recognize imageboard screenshots and block the cowtippers, but maybe she's fishing for pity

No. 1599613

File: 1658972551473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,519.65 KB, 724x1340, 9BFE1319-CA11-4B09-A85F-1C6C25…)

I think I may have found a new cow. Her IG doesn’t have very many posts but on TikTok she has a ton of body check videos and even one where she films herself stepping on the scale. And before anyone asks, she says she’s 21 in one of her TikToks. Also I feel like she looks like a cross between Fi and Cece in superspoop form.

No. 1599616

File: 1658972799953.jpeg (Spoiler Image,450.46 KB, 828x937, 109E1AAB-2438-430B-821D-03C850…)


Here is a different pic that really reminded me of Cece.

No. 1599619

Every goddamn thread someone's sperging about one cow or another not being milky enough for them, but they keep getting posted, almost like this is an imageboard and not your personal thinspo blog. Ganer making no gains for years (except that one time) doesn't interest me, but instead of pitching a fit accusing anons of summerfagging, I shut the fuck up and let other anons have their milk. Eugenia Cooney is a proana scumbag who built her career trying to pass bonespo as "fashion" and her repeat ban evasion trying to reach a younger audience through tiktok is milk. Sorry you don't like it. Shut the fuck up already.

No. 1599645

Clog clog clog, that's all ot does and it brings nothing new
This thread was fine til people started posting 16yr olds with no milk,and going back to stale milk where every single one of her posts is the same.same shit different day
If you're still splurging over EC and thinking it needs to be here then go Chan somewhere else
She's beyond irrelevant here now
'Look at this bitch…' kek
Come back when you've hit puberty

No. 1599675

File: 1658979099541.webm (5.46 MB, 576x1024, tfwsoirrelevantnonacantstfu.we…)

Since you're so eager to keep clogging up the thread whining about EC for some reason, what do you think of her coming back to tiktok just post a video collapsing like a bag of bricks here? You think this was the best shot they got or the only take she had energy for?

No. 1599679

damn, it's far too easy to trigger skellies itt

No. 1599706

Imagine seeing this skelly dressed in a cheap hatsune miku cosplay rattle around the versace store like a wobbly geriatric before buying some trinket for a sad tiktok flex outsidde. kek

No. 1599735


Well.. She hasn't posted on her previous account in a while

But I think someone has been lurking here, because a few days ago a very very similar new account appeared on MPA
Hi Rose!!!!

Next time make sure you chose a name and profile picture not as ridiculous similar as your previous if you don't want to be recognised xx

No. 1599747

They look pretty average, not spoopy at all. They could lose a lot more

No. 1599762

girl I thought this WAS n2f

No. 1599795

They always seek external validation. Always.

No. 1599817

rattle rattle

No. 1599829

Riveting… you can see her udder
But them teets are drier than ya minge

No. 1599832

We've found another summer troll fag

No. 1599836

Lk hoping we get a bit more
I'm so happy N2F is doing better, but I do miss her milk, was so creamy and smooth

No. 1599889

Basically people from lolcow fanning the flames, lovely. Cowippers need to be rounded up and shot, the retards can't help themselves.

No. 1599894

Obligatory sash for the spoop on her very speshyl day. It really is a trend among these people.

No. 1599895

Go outside you freak

No. 1599914

Kek good one
Go back to grade school

No. 1599943

File: 1658994742617.jpg (18.11 KB, 361x214, spekgirl1.JPG)

By sounds she was still alive in 2015, she posted to a rawtarian group (didn't even realize rawtarians can eat fish but hey ho).

She still uses her youtube account, a playlist was updated april this year. And by sounds she found 'god' and had people making reactions to her in 2010 when she made a video about aethism, she then deleted the video. She doesn't seem to have made youtube videos on that account since 2011.

No. 1600012

Yeah it’s bitch behavior especially coming from a recovery guru

No. 1600013

lol for a sec I thought Cece actually lost weight in acute. The resemblance at first glance is trippy.

No. 1600015

You can’t not share the name of the account with us nonna, don’t leave us hanging

No. 1600016

Fuck off anachan

No. 1600018

I agree with you. Like not to play my own hand but like I don’t like the Zara/niahm sperging but instead of complaining, I scroll past or I find something else to post that’s interesting but still in line with the thread, like even if it’s an old cow, at least it’s nonsense to laugh at. Like if you want milk, grab some udders, and bring it. (Not you anon but the person losing their merkin over EC). Otherwise it’s gonna be the same person posted/complained about all thread.

No. 1600033

File: 1659003714450.png (368.27 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20220728-122211-971…)


Got you more than a name

No. 1600061

I've brought milk for years non and and very recently, actual milk
You fan girl bone rattlers can stay on TT

No. 1600088

is this rosies other acct??
she deleted all her wiltingr0se posts

No. 1600092


Well I can't know for sure but it's pretty fucking similar in name, profile pic and writing style

Also it had been created a few days ago, ánd for their first messages they seem pretty comfortable with the site, not the typical newbie replies

No. 1600102

File: 1659010255057.jpeg (411.1 KB, 1080x1683, 1B5E7153-1394-49BE-8FB2-C66B0F…)

Missing n2f’s grime but the spirit is there kek (Picrel is taken from a 2 year old thread)

No. 1600110

Surely fucking not. Surely she wouldn’t be so stupid to make a new account so similar to her old one and start posting on it straight away. Either it’s someone pretending to be her, or she is properly fried in the brain and completely faking recovery.

No. 1600115

It could just be someone else, not Rosie. I really hope so, that would be messed up.

No. 1600117

No. 1600122

N2F was a gift to this thread
As much as I miss the syrups, un-washed played and mugs, outdated food, hair on plates, sickeningly sweet meals and her dirty bed covers, I'm glad she's weight restored and living life how she wants.

No. 1600124

Hol up
I searched the person that liked her pic… and I think she's doing an n2f. So many similarities
Pic to come

No. 1600127


I'm not putting sage when there's finally something at least a bit milky nonnie

No. 1600128


I'm calling selfpost on this one

No. 1600130

Yeah mademojiz was posted on here before. She was basically a sadder version of n2f.

No. 1600138

File: 1659014470255.jpg (2.47 MB, 1920x1920, H.jpg)

Still is by the looks
She got the syrupssss and biscuits etc but not to the calibre of n2f
Seems the only comments she gets is from the syrup company saying "yum"

No. 1600140

File: 1659014605919.jpg (2.55 MB, 1920x1920, 3.jpg)

Got that syrup sponsorship or whatever
Notice the butterfly like Fi
Anyone know what that acronym stands for?

No. 1600143

FDOE? Full day of eating
Definitely a knockoff nourish but she’s pretty boring, unfortunately

No. 1600144

It's for new milk, not possible sorta kinda could be, as a written post summerfag

No. 1600147

Wow, she really is like n2f 2.0 but I can’t imagine she’s even half as feral and magical

Knockoff Nourish why didn’t I think of that kek

No. 1600149

Yeah got excited for a moment but pretty dry. Had a nostalgic hope

No. 1600168

Are you sure this person is pro-ana, and doesn't have Marfan syndrome or slight progeria? If she's anorexic, this is really extreme, but it's so extreme that I'm getting the sense she has one of those conditions and this is more about body acceptance.

No. 1600190

her bio google translates as "my recovery path" and she's tagging her posts #anorexiarecovery etc so definitely not marfan. and while she's clearly very ill she's russian so unless some russianons can translate not really milky imo

No. 1600219

Oh, my bad. This extreme anorexia stuff is depressing.

No. 1600268

If this account gets deleted, too, we’ll know it’s Rosie.

No. 1600346

File: 1659024829789.jpeg (363.82 KB, 828x742, 6F4C3677-D88D-4EA1-919E-31AB91…)

Cece update

No. 1600348

File: 1659024865964.jpeg (439.38 KB, 828x896, 8B2FDA5F-30BE-439D-9F6C-A671BA…)

An aesthetic picture for you guys. Lol

No. 1600362

"not just a walking talking ED" - Talks about her food intake, the ED and everything that's related to it.

U are doin it wrong!

No. 1600371

Of course, because the longer she doesn’t complete the food orally, the longer she’ll be on the tube which is her number 1 goal (besides her summer vacation to Acute)

No. 1600417

it’s like everything around her turns beige/white after a while

No. 1600419

Thank you so much. I assume she didn’t mention anything about if anything came from the person (jerk) here messaging Acute? Also taking that picture must have been very awkward.

No. 1600421

exactly. she's like some kind of shit midas

No. 1600424

taking a picture of your meal is 97 percent of instagram, numbnut

No. 1600428

>"Good-looking" like in "good-looking like a cheap truck stop whore"?
I know this site is supposed to be anti-men, but I've never seen a website that's so hateful toward other women. I hope attacking a stranger makes you feel big.

No. 1600441

Me too

No. 1600448

count me in as one more who doesn't like those 'fuck me' aesthetics at all

No. 1600503

you people are so annoying no one cares what you like???
I understand the point of this is to make fun of people but talking shit about someone’s appearance is the most boring thing ever. it’s not milky at all

No. 1600514

why not talk shit if people look like shit..?

No. 1600534

Forgot “doughy blowup doll” was the top tier look and we should be drooling right now. Our bad. She looks amazing and stunning and we’re just jealous.

No. 1600559

Post hand

No. 1600592

is Fiona still breathing?

No. 1600623

File: 1659042837950.jpeg (540.28 KB, 828x1471, 187CC876-D5FE-40B5-8CBA-5B45BF…)

LOL I literally just defended her but I hadn’t looked at her page

No. 1600624

File: 1659042865409.jpeg (Spoiler Image,134.27 KB, 828x1374, C13EDCE6-2B5F-4D52-9B09-47877E…)

No. 1600638

Did she photoshop her face onto Eugenia Cooney's body? I'm almost certain she did.

No. 1600642

I thought the same thing, unless she’s an extreme skinwalker

No. 1600643

Ahhhh she totally did. Wtfffff

No. 1600644

This one too, that's also Eugenia.

No. 1600646

You've clearly never seen her beautiful smile

No. 1600657

Surely this is just bait or some kind of joke because her other pictures are fairly normal.

No. 1600667

No. 1600692

The half collarbone, I almost spit out my tea

No. 1600701

>> kinda bored
maybe she means she photoshopped it for fun?

No. 1600727

'Eugenia Cooney, abducted by gypsies'

No. 1600753

File: 1659048793923.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.91 MB, 4032x3024, 3C898C5E-23A9-487C-A45A-4E362B…)

Saged and spoilered for autist hand posting.

No. 1600759

reported, nygger(racebait )

No. 1600775

Maybe just barely, but very probably with a weetabix biscuit in her hand and talking to a camera.

No. 1600784

File: 1659050174389.png (4.27 MB, 1125x2436, D5379677-B47D-4E66-9B1F-B519C4…)

Not only is she breathing but she’s wearing a shirt that says Inhale as she conquers pasta.

No. 1600785

Isn't it called "PTSD"?

No. 1600886

What does sage even mean(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1600895

Go read the rules, newfag.

No. 1600973

Well until it's spaghetti'd all over, then it's pasta.

No. 1601131

Sage your shit and learn to integrate new fags

No. 1601155

File: 1659083156834.jpg (112.52 KB, 931x649, time.jpg)

Not to WK, but I think there is still hope.
More pasta for that woman, plz.

No. 1601157

I will never understand why she keeps doing this to her eyebrows

No. 1601159

I don’t think that’s WKing, she objectively looks a bit better

No. 1601170

What country? Private?

No. 1601171

A well organized institution will/might frisk you (including your luggage) from head to toe once they take you in. It's the only way to be sure.

No. 1601179

Don't was by to blog but can confirm. Here in Aus in some public units they search you and your bags and take anything that could be hazardous. Charges are held behind the nurse station and phones aren't allowed to be used during groups through the day. Locked ears you get nothing

No. 1601180

Same fag- *locked ward

No. 1601189

Thanks non, I thought you could only do that if you put in a password
Next time

No. 1601191

She must just be running off adrenaline and the control she's allowed to do now

No. 1601202

File: 1659093702864.jpg (177.99 KB, 678x1146, goodenuff.jpg)

The post you were referring to, slightly edited repost, sry…

Ganer's still pRePpInG (a.k.a. starving herself for some external validation), hoping she's "good enough".

Now that's some fine handling of her long-lasting ED, isn't it?

No. 1601217

But everything in AUS is hazardous!
Especially the spoiders and snoiks.

No. 1601227

In the US they strip you named and make you squat and cough so they can be certain you aren’t sneaking in any contraband.

No. 1601236

File: 1659099619616.png (90.15 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20220729-145849-540…)

Screenen this a few hours earlier, posting now to stay anonymous but this is fucking hilarious

'deleted' the overly similar profile picture and posted 'I'm not her' directed at us
Lollllll(don't use emojis )

No. 1601239

File: 1659100128427.png (447.69 KB, 640x1136, 12D0CD89-3708-40C4-A287-FAC80F…)

No. 1601242

No. 1601247


What about the body checks that are clearly her? We know it’s you Rosie

No. 1601250

Her and Scarlet are both mental. It’s like they can’t hear themselves when they speak. They talk about bodybuilding being so good and enviable and they both just sound so unhappy and constantly tormented by the rules they’ve imposed on themselves. I can’t imagine a bleaker life, doing nothing but counting macros and rolling around the gym with shitty form. No friends, no hobbies, no variety, nothing to nurture, nothing to indulge in, nothing to just enjoy for the sake of enjoying it.

No. 1601258

the wiltingr0se account was hers beyond doubt but something about this emptyr0se account just seems suspicious/unlikely. why would she create a new account and start posting again after months of inactivity (per >>1593525), just days after her old account got posted here? cause she was obviously freaking the fuck out over that and asking for her posts to be deleted, so wouldn't she stay under the radar now? and it's such an obvious name/pfp too, surely no one's that thick? just doesn't add up imo

No. 1601259

Agree. The speculation’s not interesting. Nonas can chat about it on mpa if they’re so invested.

No. 1601269

What are they going to jail? Sounds like an unnecessary humiliating procedure.

No. 1601278

This has to vary wildly between units or types of units. I’ve never been strip searched being admitted to an ED program or psych floor except one time a knife went missing after lunch and we had to lift up/shake out our bras and get patted down. This was both in the US and in the south, where mental health treatment seems to be stuck in the 1980s.

No. 1601281

Anyone who says "in the US, they do…" is overgeneralizing because we don't have a unified health system and all of those types of policies are set by the individual facilities.

Just like the anons theorizing that cece snuck her phone into acute are wrong because acute allows all electronics by default.

No. 1601291

Humiliating? Yes, maybe.
Unnecessary? Not at all.

Mental illness is one helluva drug.

No. 1601299


I wholeheartedly agree on that! Competitive bodybuilding is just another self-made hell, all by itself. It makes them believe that they are never "enough" in some kind of way, because of their bodyshape or the perceived lack thereof.

All that posing before a mirror and endlessly taking selfies pretty much prove that. Ganer and Vfit are running on that hamster wheel, without gaining something for themselves.

No. 1601322

Rosie, if you really want to stay under the radar, just stop interacting, especially when you’re giving yourself up in such obvious ways. And stop fooling your followers who think you’re in recovery and don’t realize they’re looking up to a pro ana liar. Either tell them the truth or step down from your account until you actually truly commit to recovery. You don’t gain anything from bringing other people down with you

No. 1601332

Lost cause

No. 1601333

blink twice if your name is rosie

No. 1601336


Bodybuiling = just one more body dysmorphic disorder

No. 1601346


S e l f p o s t kek

No. 1601361

There’s been multiple posts here in the past couple of days that sounded a lot like self posts and had the word “surely” in all of them. Go hang out on the toilet Rosie

No. 1601386

or, crazy idea, some of us just believe it isn’t her? not every defence is going to be a self-post, maybe we just have a little bit of hope that she is actually recovering. rosie, if you do see this which is very likely, i’m sorry. if the emptyr0se account on mpa is you though, then go fuck yourself.

No. 1601436

File: 1659122454630.jpeg (1.52 MB, 828x1625, F9CE8776-0372-4A37-8FA9-CF6E22…)

This one may be a calf. @beaheaton on instagram claims to be in recovery yet constantly posts low cal high volume foods/recipes for oats. Have another image but I’m on mobile rn.

No. 1601437

File: 1659122533893.jpeg (592.95 KB, 828x1501, 25C82462-FF49-4CC3-955D-D017E4…)

SA, here’s a FDOE of hers.

No. 1601440

"BuT mY bOdY iS dIfFeReNt!"

It's always the same shit.

No. 1601449


They're both so overly defensive about it too. The posing is just fancy bodychecking. Scarlett did one of those anon AMAs everyone and their friend is doing right now and she was her customary rude, bitchy self with most of the questions not kissing her bony arse, but she was so snarky with anything linking EDs and bodybuilding. The ironic thing was every answer she gave just made her look more and more disordered.

Also Ganer can't pose. Said it before, but she has none of the sass needed for bikini. She's only in that division because she'd never be able to put on enough weight/muscle for the others. She looks stiff, prim and like there's a nasty smell under her nose. She's just going to look like a complete noob on stage and humiliate herself. Like, I'm embarrassed for her just trying to pose like that at the gym, let alone in a show.

No. 1601474

Well, what did her fdoe consist of? Don’t leave us hanging like that.

No. 1601475

Oh hey, at least you learned how to sage. No one here would WK for you after your shit on MPA combined with you running a recovery account in the meantime. Keep pretending you’re someone else though, it’s kinda fun

No. 1601507

File: 1659128906555.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x2005, 5C7B8B38-AF49-45C1-938C-9E7F7D…)

Is it her plan to just remain severely underweight forever?

No. 1601510

File: 1659129000073.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1656, 10A6D027-8528-43A2-BB4E-E6F02A…)

The fact her siblings are at such healthy weights makes it even more grim

No. 1601527

Oats are pretty high calorie in volume, and they seem to have plenty of variety, so I wouldn't personally be worried about rigidity. Wheres the milk in this?

No. 1601536

File: 1659130461159.jpeg (315.42 KB, 940x1596, F4F70EF8-7768-4585-9F3A-FFCDB1…)

Possible nitpick here, but I noticed in Zara’s latest tiktok she has a bit of an open bite situation going on and her top teeth look quite worn down. Could be caused by many things, I know, but purging can cause an open bite…

No. 1601537

Oats… the quintessential quasi-recovery breakfast… high calorie? Sure you can put high calorie stuff in it if you want but 150 calories is not high. Rattle rattle.

No. 1601540

File: 1659130521217.jpeg (295.9 KB, 925x1672, FB2E316F-F842-4891-A1EF-296F25…)


No. 1601542

Not a rattle at all. 150 is probably those shitty tiny instant oat packets made with water and cauliflower. Not real porridge oats done proper. But by looks of that account they have plenty of variety and additions.

No. 1601543

Probably it is exactly that. If she can maintain it without getting any lower she'll be relatively fine for a few years then one day in her late 20s her femur will snap like a toothpick. If you've really decided high-functioning chronic AN is what you really truly want for your life, aim for BMI 17.

No. 1601545

Is it just me or does she look better than usual? As in slightly less like a mummified corpse, slightly more the pretty girl she used to be.

No. 1601548

Holy, what the hell is wrong with her teeth? Bruxism?

No. 1601549

I’m just so happy the nose hose is gone. She looks so much better.

No. 1601558

Not to bmi sperge but she’s obviously not even at that bmi, and why such a specific one? Weirdo

No. 1601567

Oats have almost 400 calories per 100 grams.

No. 1601586

It’s just the angle. She doesn’t usually look like that.

No. 1601599

it’s usually from long-term purging, classic front-heavy erosion pattern.
I know she has emetophobia but that’s what it looks like.

No. 1601607

Not milky. Wouldn’t call this high volume low cal eating.

No. 1601608

100 grams dry. That would amount to roughly three bowls cooked if we’re going by the “official” serving size and what most people eat tbh

No. 1601610

Remember when she said she’s “very close to being at a healthy weight for her height”?

No. 1601613

File: 1659133643438.jpeg (204.47 KB, 750x1288, CCAD8C21-D89D-455B-91D0-CE1B34…)

Happy one year in recovery

No. 1601616

Fi does look slightly better, but she’s not getting better unless she treats her rampant BPD. She was an attention whore chan way before her ED was this bad, she self harmed and threatened suicide and all the usual personality disorder behaviors. So hopes for her are pretty dismally low at this point.

No. 1601628

File: 1659135094537.webm (1.19 MB, 760x1342, FullSizeRender.webm)

i wanna know why zara, qween of rEcOvErY and ‘nu comments on mu body pls!’, thought this obvious body check video in which nothing happens was worth posting

my initial thought was a thinly-veiled ‘omg i was so skinny a year ago’ post that these cows love, but she was en route to the reaper then whereas now she’s rapping on the knocker so posting this makes no sense other than to show off

No. 1601636

I can fully see how she got an autism diagnosis

No. 1601645

Where did you see that it’s a year in recovery? Did she say it somewhere? Also her arms look quite veiny in that but I’d say her legs actually do look a bit bigger tbh. She looks slightly better

No. 1601650

it was oats (with a comically small spoon), misfits bar, noodles with peanut sauce, prawns & broccoli; strawberries, banana and chocolate, chicken and egg sandwich with tomatoes and celery, pita chips with hummus, pop chips.
For what the skim milk is worth, she constantly talks about food freedom and trying new things but has Ganer-like dedication to having oats for breakfast/healthy food throughout the day. Wouldn't be surprised if she ends up dealing with orthorexia.

No. 1601656

Same anon. Eating clean doesn't always mean orthorexia, I only mean that it's suspicious that there's little deviation in what she eats (oats & fresh food) when in recovery for anorexia. Forgive the autism.

No. 1601659

I didn't watch the video but depending on portion sizes that seems fine and normal? Except for maybe the spoon part. You don't have to eat pop tarts and twinkies every day to not be orthorexic. A lot of people eat the same breakfast every day, and her oats are not even all identical.

No. 1601697

Yeah just you. She still looks like an emaciated monkey in falsies kek

No. 1601770

Chewing and spitting queen

No. 1601780

I’m judging by the fact that she’s had her recovery account for a year (fine, almost a year). She might’ve “started recovery” before that but I highly doubt it given that she’s faking it right now and clearly has been this whole time. Her legs look about the same to me honestly, she’s standing close to the camera which makes them look bigger but her arms are spoopier than ever. She just keeps losing weight, it’s just been more slowly recently

No. 1601784

I don’t follow Rosie but based on the body checks from 1-2 years ago I don’t think she’s lost weight. Even though she hasn’t gained enough, she’s gained more than lost.

No. 1601795

Still the starving monkey smile..?

No. 1601848

File: 1659148739942.jpeg (459.83 KB, 828x1091, 6735CD67-FF50-4E4A-9640-0194F0…)

No. 1601867

wow, she's really planning on dragging out the refeeding for as long as possible

No. 1601870

all the cows who put anorexia on a pedestal claim emetophobia tho. purging is seen as too dirty for their pure ana image.

No. 1601893

Eyebrows look great. Possibly best eyebrows in the thread.

No. 1601926

How is it possible to have that face shape? It’s so long and pointy in the chin.
(I do agree with you anon, she does have good eyebrows)

No. 1601977

she only looks slightly better bc u can’t purge all the cals u consume

No. 1602001

If you seek a definition for 'fugly', look no further.

No. 1602012

That woman's never gonna have a period, but one might expect that she couldn't care less.

No. 1602015

This picture seems to be at a weird angle or focal length to make her look extra sickly/underweight. When she's weight restored she looks totally normal, just with a rather unfortunately long face.

No. 1602016

File: 1659165449323.jpg (5.75 KB, 305x165, akihiko.jpg)

How is her head shaped like a yaoi man?

No. 1602017

either she's lying about emetophobia or she wore them down with an obscene amount of chew/spit. Most likely the former, chew/spit would most likely affect the back teeth more.

No. 1602021

File: 1659166065602.jpg (119.55 KB, 813x640, huh_huh.jpg)

so charming

No. 1602027

How would chew/spit ruin teeth?

No. 1602032

Immense amounts of sugar/food are bad for your teeth whether you're swallowing it or nor. If you spend hours a day chewing/spitting, that'll accelerate tooth decay and wear down your teeth from the chewing.

Increased saliva production is also not good for your mouth.

from https://www.interdent.com/gentle-dental/resources/impact-of-eating-disorders-on-teeth-and-dental-health/: Swollen glands, tooth decay and cavities are common among people who struggle with this eating disorder. Because they often chew foods that are high in sugar, people with CHSP are prone to tooth rot. The acid produced as the stomach in anticipates food digestion can also lead to ulcers in the stomach and mouth.

No. 1602034

File: 1659168987161.jpeg (194.48 KB, 750x1283, 65C11B5D-002B-4587-8292-F5BD65…)

I don’t get how her teeth can literally half in size, they used to be so normal

No. 1602036

Imageboard anon. I wanna see where you’re basing this off of because she’s objectively smaller on the photos I’ve seen compared to those last year

No. 1602037

How is it that she’s LOST weight since being there

No. 1602038

She doesn't look any worse than before, highly doubt she's lost weight.

No. 1602039

her face is probably less puffy from not purging

No. 1602054

File: 1659172242482.png (Spoiler Image,345.71 KB, 777x465, Screenshot (10655).png)

Malnourishment and bruxism, anachanning can be just as bad for teeth as drug use. And those 2 front teeth are very obvious signs of bruxism, she probably grinds her teeth in her sleep. Spoilered for anyone grossed out by teeth stuff.

No. 1602056

File: 1659172496043.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1493x797, Screenshot (10656).png)

Samefag and spoilered again because it's a zoomed in photo of an ugly scrote but bruxism can also cause the glands and jaw to swell like a bulimic. Pic related is a before and after of a guy who got botox to keep the muscles in the jawline from tensing to the point of causing damage.

No. 1602065


She hasn't. Her whole life revolves around making sure people know she's skinni so she's only going to post photos where the angle and lighting are juuuust right.

No. 1602066

she hasn't, acute isn't one of the places that lets people fuck around. If patients are interfering with tube feeds or refusing them, they'll either get a ciurt order allowing restraints if the patient is sick enough or discharge them for noncompliance. Nobody hangs around there without gaining weight unless there's a legit medical reason they're having trouble gaining.

No. 1602085

what is the actual point of this picture besides trying to show off the toob and her puckered face? ik it’s her personal acct but if my “family and friends” saw me posting that shit they would have some questions

No. 1602103

File: 1659182034115.png (738.74 KB, 971x671, cece.scream.mask.png)

Granted, there's still some way to go. But we are getting there.

No. 1602111

Just wondering how much money and human workforce has been wasted on her attention seeking so far..?

No. 1602113

That makes sense

No. 1602114

She’s shown many times how little she cares about her family worrying about her 24/7. In fact, she seems to enjoy it

No. 1602115

Next thread pic

No. 1602118

Wow she’s gone from grandma to youthful

No. 1602142

A change on the outside, yes. But that's not what it is all about.

No. 1602177

What was the caption? Why are anons just posting the pic over and over agin with no captions???

No. 1602181

Does Cece intentionally try to look as droopy as possible??

No. 1602182

Cece has the worst lips nitpick but every time I see them I get the creeps

No. 1602184

File: 1659190696895.jpeg (24.21 KB, 180x180, 8EB5DFB2-1E68-4C5C-ADB4-D2203E…)

What is up with the bad shooping with Laura? Look at these hands. She even shooped the hands on the picture with her friend.

No. 1602185

Seconded, any cecefags have the caption?

No. 1602186

File: 1659190721306.jpeg (68.4 KB, 226x294, 550CB4BE-CD01-4EE6-AB44-D85618…)

No. 1602187

I’m guessing that because Cece has a small private following now, the person providing caps has a name of a mutual alongside the likes. You know how Instagram will be like “insert name of mutual account and others have liked this” if one of your friends likes a post? They could of course censor it out or post the caption cropped and separately, but presumably they feel they’re taking a gamble posting anyway so I understand just cropping the caption and likes entirely

No. 1602188

Combo of legit emacation and blur tool abuse

No. 1602189

Yes of course

No. 1602190

File: 1659190965114.jpg (225.15 KB, 1065x1576, Skellyhands.jpg)

I am 99.99% this is unshooped (rare) how fucking grim

No. 1602191


"I'vE gOt sOmEtHiNg sTiCkInG iN mUh nOsE!!!1"

No. 1602192

Not everything is purging, anon. Some anachans do have emet. If I see anyone else sperg about zaras glands I'll off myself kek

No. 1602194

Spoiler that shit, you can see her entire skeletal structure. Gagging

No. 1602197

Ding ding ding. That's what makes her photos so horrifying. She's skeletal to begin with and stretches it any way making it unsettling as fuck

No. 1602199

Don't make her cream herself nona

No. 1602200

The only thing holding her superspoop body together at this point is the toddler bows. It's like the green ribbon around the neck story. Take them off and Skelly Laura shatters lol

No. 1602201

Strategically taken in the shadows to emphasize her jowls

No. 1602204

I'm howling

No. 1602209

NAYRT but anon is saying that if one were so inclined to actively perform anorexia behaviours for as long as possible throughout their whole life, they should aim for a BMI of 17 and no lower to avoid the worst of the health problems. It wasn't a speculation on the cow's weight.

No. 1602211

Thanks nonnie. I s2g some of these summerfags can't read

No. 1602248

File: 1659197194635.jpg (106.73 KB, 733x714, asdfghjkjhgfd.jpg)

she has the same face shape as thumper from bugs life kek

No. 1602254

File: 1659198537788.gif (247.08 KB, 220x220, the-brady-bunch-marcia-brady.g…)


No. 1602255

Replying to the tranny is just going to keep him around longer, look at what he's posting in meta; he calls this shit flirting. Report and ignore.

No. 1602270

What the heck, are you high on some dodgy shit or something?

No. 1602282

Blatantly body checking. Shame on her.

No. 1602290

this is schizotroon

No. 1602336

Wait I can’t see it, where did she post it?

No. 1602448

I feel bad for her family and friends. She doesn’t need to take toob pics, her precious acute status should be proof enough of how super sick she is, she’s just tormenting people who genuinely care for her with attention seeking shit. Hope you’re enjoying being a useless lump, Cece. Can’t wait for next year’s acute summer vacay.

No. 1602483

lol if her insurance company was smart, they’d only authorize her to get treatment to get medically stabilized and that’s it (unless going to a center that specializes in personality disorders). Paying $30,000 AT LEAST a month for eating disorder treatment is a huge waste in her case considering she’ll just be back next summer without a doubt.

No. 1602579

If her insurance company was really smart, they’d kick her out from one day to the other. Leave the trouble and cost overhead to the competitors. She's not worth it.

No. 1602590

File: 1659221191501.png (2.81 MB, 1170x2532, 97DC8284-C5DA-44FA-B76E-025BC9…)

Nikol is having a long sperg, she cleared her feed

No. 1602593

File: 1659221401554.jpeg (985.28 KB, 1170x1516, 0D800A3C-ED37-4E72-A21E-6E0733…)

netflix stole Fionas documentary title

No. 1602597

No. 1602613

File: 1659222579485.png (8.23 MB, 1170x2532, 29C1BEEE-45B0-45D2-8F8C-A965BC…)

kind of real not gonna lie

No. 1602638

File: 1659224908153.jpeg (124.38 KB, 768x1024, B3CC6C01-8959-4955-82FC-798E90…)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 1602641

Or fucking sage

A comment isn't new milk so sage your shit fags

No. 1602642

Sage your shit properly or gtfo! You're clogging up the non-saged thread w nothing
These fucking autist

No. 1602644

Kek nice nonny
It's her doppelganger

No. 1602662

File: 1659226924072.jpg (969.65 KB, 1872x2250, Grant_DeVolson_Wood_-_American…)

Too quick, too dirty, I know…

No. 1602684

Her lips look normal anon

No. 1602689

Your Instagrams profile picture shows on the bottom btw…

No. 1602690

Whoever is backstabbing Cece and still posting screenshots from her private account here: is this the kind of mocking and shit talking you wanted to inspire? Let her live her fucking life in her private little bubble, and unfollow if you don’t like her which you clearly don’t. Jesus crist what a shit person you are

No. 1602693

I think we all feel fine about shit talking cece

No. 1602699

Ok cece(hi cow)

No. 1602700

File: 1659229850106.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1116x1922, 481FCF4E-13BE-40B0-A448-29EC29…)

lol you summoned her “friend” and “posing coach”

No. 1602701

File: 1659229910670.jpeg (607.6 KB, 1125x1908, 3990E77B-7688-447B-8B61-C5DFD9…)


No. 1602708

Lol - No way, this is Nikol posting this because of the profile picture… Nikol, seriously, this isn’t good for you… stay away from here. I wish you well.

No. 1602709

File: 1659230299896.jpeg (540.23 KB, 1206x2208, 299385A6-E385-489C-91E5-272102…)

Saged because I don’t know if this is milk, but I came across this account a couple of years ago. She constantly posts the same 10 photos of herself of when she was sick and has a POTS diagnosis now, apparently. She was more milky a couple of years ago, though.
Idk if the name is going to be cut off in the photo so here is the username: courage_overfear

No. 1602713

That’s not my ig pfp it’s Nikol’s the screenshot is from her story

No. 1602715

Someone smarter than me shoop fi onto this I beg

No. 1602721

Eh, I don’t think anyone really has a problem talking about Cece’s vacation to acute.

No. 1602734

Isn’t she the trump supporter?

No. 1602750


No. 1602761

No. 1602772

File: 1659236654407.jpeg (721.18 KB, 743x1343, 02B2D7DF-5D1F-4B03-8784-429B5A…)

Looking spoopy again

No. 1602793

File: 1659237331631.jpg (586.79 KB, 1170x1516, 1659221401554.jpg)

No. 1602825


Proof they get their inspo from Junji Ito comics…or Ash

Alsp who in their right mind takes pics of themselves in hospital or with a tube for social media??? It's like getting into a car crash and taking photos pf yourself in bed. Guess this is why Im not a cow

No. 1602840

She must have a really sad life tbh. Doesn’t seem like she has anyone that cares for her or she cares for

No. 1602897

KEK anon this is deeply unsettling. looks like an aphex twin album cover

No. 1603038

it’s just a cartoon nonny, relax. it’s not even my finest work

No. 1603114

She recently asked on her insta if anyone knew any posing coaches and suddenly there's this lady who is also her life coach, BEST FRIEND, and rant listener.. Like did you speedrun friendship or did she exist all along? Or is Ganer fucking autistic and gets attached to everyone immediately and if they get along they're besties?

No. 1603116

File: 1659253624702.png (153.98 KB, 469x409, doxd.png)

hello sweet stranger

No. 1603118

File: 1659253788070.png (455.65 KB, 362x892, phat.png)

ripped like a hippo

No. 1603119

Pretty much all of her postings are provocative and aggressive. She does not really suffer, it's more of a lifestyle for her…

No. 1603120

Yeah I was just about to say, which is it? Is she a friend or another coach? Ganer, if you’re paying people to provide a service to you don’t usually call them “friends”

No. 1603122

Real friends™ or rather the female "gym bro"..?

No. 1603128

File: 1659256061800.jpeg (110.93 KB, 944x1599, ganer.jpeg)

I can't believe borderline orthorexic Ganer would drink a monster. She only needs to add a butterfly emoji to her ramblings now.

No. 1603129


Ganer doesn't seem to keep 'friends' for very long unless she's paying them. And her posing is actually painful to watch. The cringe is next level.

Said it before but Scarlett is cunty, yes, but she 'gets' bikini. It's all sexy wiggling and making eyes at the judges. Ganer is the least sexy person ever. She's totally screwed, even if by some miracle she ever gets the technicalities right.

No. 1603131

Jesus fucking Christ how many times do you need to be told it’s Nikol’s pfp?

No. 1603133

>all sexy wiggling and making eyes at the judges.

lulz I am living to see this happen. Ol' wonk-eye will no doubt get a pity trophy and will milk her sob story for all its worth tho.

No. 1603141

She’s way past the spoopy stage

No. 1603160

I can literally imagine her going through all the motions like some industrial robot just to be pErFeCt.

No. 1603173

File: 1659263750219.jpeg (136.49 KB, 828x1247, B0DF2850-57D2-4E8B-9567-F8675A…)

Speaking of Scarlett’s sexy wiggling…
Have this healthy sized serving of hypocrisy.

No. 1603237

Underrated kek

No. 1603248

Kek. Wonder if she got whiplash from the 180 she pulled there.

Probably the latter. It’s kinda sad cause she seemed to at least have legit friends as a spoop.