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File: 1453397820349.jpg (52.04 KB, 540x348, just-proana-things.jpg)

No. 83974

Because the previous thread is reaching it's reply limit >>79031

A place to discuss ALL of the proana wannarexics and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624

No. 83976

File: 1453398026271.jpg (43.46 KB, 468x311, just-proana-things (2).jpg)

No. 83977

File: 1453398175451.jpg (65.25 KB, 540x332, just-proana-things (3).jpg)

No. 83978

File: 1453398273386.jpg (31.61 KB, 640x191, just-proanathings.jpg)

>proanas be like

No. 83981

File: 1453398372692.gif (4.92 MB, 600x981, ember-whann-andrew-sanders.gif)


No. 83983

File: 1453398708508.jpg (232.12 KB, 1280x820, proana tip.jpg)

No. 83984

File: 1453398842483.jpg (68.64 KB, 504x360, proana tip.jpg)

No. 83986

File: 1453399076438.jpg (37.17 KB, 687x544, LOL emily.jpg)

kek found this screenshot on some anti proana blog

that's emily croker.

No. 83987

File: 1453399092541.gif (149.39 KB, 320x240, emily croker.gif)

Here's the actual gif lmao

No. 83992

File: 1453399414201.png (176.09 KB, 456x810, kek-ohhhh.png)

some idiotic wannarexic actually believed this ~ana tip~ holy shit

No. 83994

File: 1453399496961.jpg (62.65 KB, 490x409, emily.jpg)

No. 83998

Why do you have to clog The New thread with this shit? That's not milk

No. 84000

File: 1453400205533.gif (1.24 MB, 320x240, cringe.gif)

No. 84004

I remember this shit, this is when she used to be cute

No. 84019

There is nothing cute about this lmao. Side note: her forehead is way too large for that hairstyle.

No. 84020

Holy jesus her forehead looks huge

No. 84024

She was cute, this gif isn't cute but she wasn't ugly.

Idk what she's done to herself now, but it isn't working.

No. 84030


No. 84041

>things that never happened

No. 84045

File: 1453404826540.jpeg (410.4 KB, 2048x1818, image.jpeg)

Get a load of this spoop

No. 84050

Lord how can someone stomach that and think it's beautiful? She looks like a corpse

No. 84059

File: 1453406406259.gif (2.05 MB, 1536x1757, emily-croker.gif)

If only Emily would grow her bangs out and stop abusing alcohol :^( So much lost potential.

No. 84063

File: 1453406724133.png (280.59 KB, 552x417, ember whann is racist.png)

kek ember liked some racist facebook post, big surprise. anyone else remember when she did black face on snapchat?

No. 84064

File: 1453406768065.png (202.86 KB, 600x450, image.png)


No. 84065

HAHA EMBER IS TALLER THAN HER BOYFRIEND??? WHAT??? That's so fucking funny, he literally has to look up at her. No wonder she wants proanas to call her tiny on the internet so bad, her boyfriend is smaller than her!!

No. 84067

tbh her bf creeps me out. dude is so weird looking and his lips look so nasty. i can imagine them being like sandpaper.

No. 84070

File: 1453407458451.png (642.49 KB, 1072x956, ember whann andrew sanders.png)

Her thighs look insane here. the left one is pushed back, while the right is pushed forward but still, the size difference is wild.

Anyways, depending on the type of shoes these two have on, they might be around the same height but it's hard to tell. She is standing awfully funny here, maybe as in attempt to not look so huge compared to him.

Like if you look at their reflection, you can tell she has her knees bent, while he is standing upright lol. It also looks like she may be wearing black flats, while he has on some shoes with thick rubber bottoms.

If she really is 5'5, this dude has to be between 5'3 to 5'6, tops.

No. 84071

Can someone brighten this?

No. 84089

File: 1453408390138.png (2.66 MB, 1174x1290, 12321.png)

No. 84093

Thanks, you can really see how much she photoshops from these

No. 84098

HahHahaha hiding it behind the other so they don't touch like they clearly do

No. 84114

She must be wearing heels here too, if her bf is taller than her in the other pic

No. 84117

sad… she's obviously beautiful but its hidden by her emaciation. and apparently she's only 15? wow

No. 84123

The stylist had left them long that dumb bitch cut them after she got home

No. 84132

File: 1453411146740.gif (458.18 KB, 500x375, ember whann.gif)

She has maintained the same weight for the past 4 years, look at her thighs here for example >>53865 There's no way they don't touch. She just pulls her leggings/shirts down, to cover the top of her thighs, to hide the fact that she doesn't have a thigh gap.

She used to post images of herself in panties, so she doesn't have any issues with showing off her groan, but if she took a selfie of her thighs while in underwear, we would all see how her thighs are actually together.

Anyways, here's an old gif Ember made back when she was pretending to be around 90lbs.. oh wait she is still pretending to underweight.


No. 84133

She was definitely thinner here

No. 84134

File: 1453411244449.gif (448.07 KB, 500x375, tumblr_muertey71m1sk9ttoo1_500…)

No. 84135

I take this back, her knee moves but her legs stays the same?

No. 84137

Top kek anon

No. 84138

File: 1453411667585.gif (440.64 KB, 500x377, tumblr_muers73jmT1sk9ttoo1_500…)

Same background.

No. 84139

File: 1453411807293.jpg (47.39 KB, 493x662, tumblr_mvt0qvi4wq1sk9ttoo1_500…)

No. 84142

looks like shes trying to remove dead skin from her lip

No. 84147

File: 1453412402066.png (150.8 KB, 499x609, ember whann.png)

No. 84149

I always knew she was a fucking Doughboy

No. 84150

File: 1453412651541.png (666.93 KB, 1009x581, ember whann.png)

No. 84152


Looks like she must run this account, complete with a fake gofundme

No. 84166

File: 1453416173124.jpg (56.95 KB, 534x266, IMG_20160121_163805.jpg)

God damn tour such a predictable dumbass lurker. Followed this bitch as soon as she's posted here. Give it up, your fat and will never look like these anas.

No. 84167

JFC what's wrong with her shoulders. She is so embarrassing!!

No. 84186

She's got some fuckin issues

No. 84234

Eh, not sure what's wrong (or funny) with that?

Holy ana posing she shouldn't post shit like this she's doing EVERY SINGLE ana posing in the book and it's so obvious.
>ass sticking out so thighs look thin
>sucking in
>sticking chest out
>arms posed so the shoulders stick out as well
>pushing her collar bones up
>breathing in so rib cage is bigger


No. 84248


LMFAO cool vitamins

No. 84249

File: 1453425493533.png (384.6 KB, 1000x662, ember whann.png)

I honestly love this picture because she could have very easily cropped this image and made her body look very differently but.. just.. neglected to do so for some reason.

Instead of seeing what she now only presents, we can see her entire body as she pokes out her collar bones, sticks out her butt, exhales all of the air in her lungs, and tenses her neck just as an attempt to look like the thinspo she is convinced she is.

No. 84251

File: 1453425765913.gif (1.88 MB, 704x599, mortuarymuffin.gif)

I googled that mortuarymuffin >>83232 girl's username, found her blog, and noticed she had a couple of the same images of there yet they were unedited.

Here's the first one.

No. 84252

File: 1453425788477.gif (315.27 KB, 699x595, mortuarymuffin-1.gif)

And the second/last one.

No. 84254

Why can't I not stop watching this lol.
I feel like the entire room is breathing

No. 84255


Oh my fucking god she keeps getting worse and worse I need to like take a nap from this bitch.

No joke, she actually has a really fucking nice hourglass figure (I'm just looking at waist and hips, she's pushing her boobs but they still are ok sized for her too) and this dumb bitch just wants to look like some pathetic ana child???

Like Emily just gains weight in her beer gut, if Ember really wanted to one-up her she could try - oh I don't know - actually looking appealing? Like if she fixed her eyebrows and make up she might not have to buy every single last one of her followers.

But who am I kidding, this is Ember, and she's obsessed with a fake disease that only ages her even more and brings out literally her worse qualities. Like holy fuck have some pride.

No. 84256

>if Ember really wanted to one-up her she could try .. actually looking appealing

Emily's face and body are way nicer than that pile of pig shit someone named Ember.

No. 84265

She shooped weight off her body and into her hair.

No. 84266

>why can't I not

No. 84280

So what are we all thinking come Feb 1st and it's time for her appointment? A pic of the hospital room followed by some bullshit about them deciding to see her as an outpatient? Perhaps a few days away from IG to make out they 'stabilised' her and decided with outpatient?

No. 84283

File: 1453431631004.png (497.57 KB, 1080x1629, ember whann unphotoshopped.png)


No. 84295

She's pushing those titties up so high. Like a full foot.

No. 84302

Wait. What? This is not the pic she posted

No. 84313

File: 1453437864779.png (2.08 MB, 2048x1741, PhotoGrid_1453437500231-1.png)

Everytime this girl posts a full body image, her legs are a different width/length.


I'm mediocre at photoshop and made her legs look the way they normally do when she isn't leaning foward and poking her butt off kek. sorry if I tricked you.

No. 84317

I thought it was real. Good job. Especially after seeing these gifs:

No. 84333

File: 1453445171477.jpeg (166.88 KB, 750x1084, image.jpeg)


Yeah, the one she posted looks like this:

No. 84387

She has a nice body, just needs a little bit more fat/muscle on her legs then dayum, she would be fine

No. 84390

Too bad nothing could ever fix that face of hers

No. 84394

i haven't even been following the amber/proana drama but wow she has a punchable face

No. 84407

Ok but you can tell how fucking much she is bent over by how far down the side of her jacket is hitting. Like if you were to see this pic from the side it would literally look like she's bent over taking it up the ass. How to people not see or understand this things.

No. 84431

Ember is becoming so boring not even her shoops are funny anymore
Too bad shes too scared to post about anything other than her fake ED because she knows shes boring, will lose followers and scared of us

No. 84436

do you ever take a day off from being a massively fake douchebag?

No. 84439

Someone should send a care pack of all her lies and bullshit to her grandmother, her job, her Drs office and the place she's pretending she's going to get treatment at ;,,)

No. 84446

Sending a package to her work and doctors office would just make you look bad, not her. And her grandmother and boyfriend and ex boyfriend have already been informed multiple times, and nothing has come of it.

No. 84454

File: 1453477814983.png (240.93 KB, 648x1583, anapoints.png)

No. 84486

I find it pretty lulzy that raggity.annie posts her fast results every day yet most of the length of these 'fasts' are during the night.

No. 84488

"My doctor told me to reschedule because of the snowstorm and since I'm so light and fragile and totally legit ana, I'd be blown away in the wind. But I'll have to wait for the next available appointment which wouldn't be until [a while away]. I feel like even God doesn't want me to recover!1!!!"

No. 84532

File: 1453490567178.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I was gonna say lets see how long it takes ember to follow this one but she already is. Not surprised

No. 84535

File: 1453490817926.jpeg (367.74 KB, 2048x1796, image.jpeg)

Sloppy shoop

No. 84542

This has already been posted

No. 84558

File: 1453493917284.png (28.03 KB, 548x198, dfh.PNG)

No. 84577

dat flat ass

No. 84593

File: 1453501940271.jpeg (158.5 KB, 750x1184, image.jpeg)

This girl is pregnant right now so she's not posting body checks at all but on all of her old pre pregnancy body checks they're almost all photoshopped. Any thigh pics have a weird blur between them (I'll dump more)

No. 84594

File: 1453501989266.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.71 KB, 750x1164, image.jpeg)

Liquified her arched back to make her butt bigger (proof is in the wobbly lines)

No. 84595

File: 1453502036012.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.49 KB, 750x1193, image.jpeg)

The liquify tool used on her ass is so blatant and kek that towel magically bending into her body

No. 84597

File: 1453502254655.jpeg (137.78 KB, 750x1176, image.jpeg)

This ones my fav

No. 84599

i lol'd at this response pic, it makes me love u anon

No. 84603

File: 1453503502183.png (909.7 KB, 934x586, lol.png)

It's ironic she shoops, considering she posted this a while back.

No. 84605

File: 1453503704667.png (503.63 KB, 914x605, lol.png)

And damn she's pregnant again? She already had her first kid when she was 16 years old.

No. 84606

And now she pregnant

No. 84612

File: 1453504787283.png (2.98 MB, 2597x1188, lol.png)

If you're gonna shoop your body, try to at least be a lil consistent =/

No. 84615

File: 1453505029823.png (594.08 KB, 933x581, lol.png)

This made me kek


No. 84621

I remember looking through a box of my mom's old photographs looking young and vibrant. In the photos she's at the dinner table, with some friends, etc. Imagine this kid looking through his mom's online pictures face palming, with the shoop and attention whoring. How embarrassing.

No. 84645

I see where ember gets inspiration for her eyebrows

No. 84652

Holy fuck… How can she not be embarrassed by scars/cuts like that? Mine have long since healed and I wear long sleeves when it's 100 degrees out just because I feel so fucking gross.

I mean, if you can not hide them an feel okay about it, that's fine. But this bitch is clearly just showing them off.

No. 84658

Top Kek anon

No. 84659

15? she looks 30

idk disordered people?

No. 84684

EW EW EW - seriously bad cuts here so y'know TW.


She posted a pic of her bones 5 mins ago and said she's done and #suicide, but she won't so…

Not even posting/spoilering the pic, it's too gross to infect my hard drive.

No. 84692


oh my god her poor fucking kid growing up to learn his mom was a psychotic attention whore.

and are you shitting me with those cuts??? you're around children. i don't care about Muh Disordurz, why would you ever want to normalize that to a toddler? he's going to grow up thinking it's ok for women to literally mutilate themselves, and probably hate them because his mom was so proud of being fucked up.

i fucking hate this cunt.


You can do Lactic Acid peels to remove scars. I have cuts from actual accidents and it helped me a lot, I do them at home it's easy and awesome.

No. 84700

Bless for circling the shoops because I was too lazy to find an app to do that for my screenshots

I'm waiting for her child to be born so she can go back to shopping her body pics

No. 84701

File: 1453517183922.jpeg (112.6 KB, 750x821, image.jpeg)

I AM DECEASED what the fuck is this shit

No. 84738

File: 1453519892450.png (2.63 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

That comment…
Spoiler for ~so Ana~

No. 84741

jesus christ

No. 84751

I once emailed screenshots and links to all embers fake ass gofundme for life saving IP and totally dead Sarah to her grandmothers email address. Ember super obviously replied to it.

No. 84752

Oh god is she another one of those fat bitches who post bragging pictures about fasting for 4-16 hours?
They are the worst.

No. 84772

File: 1453531818439.jpeg (271.84 KB, 750x1139, image.jpeg)

written in blood my ass
probably cheap Halloween fake blood
either way this is sad lmfao

No. 84774

Not to be disgusting but these attention whore aren't beyond using menstrual blood

No. 84775

lmao real blood clots up, fast. you couldn't really finger paint with the stuff.
AND she somehow did this w/o getting a drop outside the lines, AND it's bright red after it dried.

No. 84776

As someone who as actually drawn with their own blood, this ain't blood. Blood would be much chunkier and would be browner near the start of the words. It turns brown pretty quickly.

No. 84777

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 84778

I was a teenager at the time.

No. 84779

This bitch also has full on paintings on the shower wall with her "blood"

No. 84788

So what the fuck was wrong with you?

Being a teen at the time does not explain this level of special ed. Plz explain.

No. 84794

dude, fucking chill out. maybe anon was self harming..like….. leave em alone

No. 84795

Self harm still wouldn't explain drawing with blood.

I wanna know if anon was psychotic, manic, delirious, high…gotta be some sort of reason for it. What did they draw? Do they still has the picture?

No. 84802

Hey anon, I used to draw with my blood too when I was a teen. I would make these portraits of faceless boys, all outlined in nothing but blood. I still have a photo of one of them but I may lose my anonymity if I upload it here. I lost the original because some animal licked the canvas clean =/

Not same anon as before but when I would use my blood to paint, it was always after I had a panic/anxiety attack or some other traumatic happened. I felt more detached from my surroundings than anything else. I definitely never would do this kind of blood stuff when I was level headed, that I can assure you.

This CANNOT be blood. No fucking way. This looks more like that fake blood shit you buy during the spooky season. I have a bottle and did almost the same thing as this chick, except I didn't write some emo phrase with it. Anyways, red blood looks more ORANGE on paper, while fake blood is brightbrightBRIGHT red. And when it dries, the blood tirns brown ans flakes a lil bit. Also, all of that blood looks to have the same level of freshness, like it was POURED out of a bottle all at once. There's no way all of that blood could have left her blood at the exact same time, fuck there aren't even any clots in that drawing?? Ahh this irks me.

No. 84803

File: 1453547064866.gif (969.46 KB, 245x219, Okay-GIF.gif)

>blood… i thought it was a nice touch

No. 84811

Ty anon. I am >>84795
And I really badly needed to know. I can comprehend it as a detachment method.

No. 84825

File: 1453553312528.png (2.46 MB, 1328x2048, PhotoGrid_1453552988702-1.png)

This tard put fake blood on her forehead, claimed some "alter" of her her's made her banged her head on the wall, but it stained her hair, as you can see in the top right image lol.

I fucking hate people who romanticize disordered behavior.

>i am a young small child suffocated by pain and i think bruises are sooooo pretty

I wonder if these fucks know how many calories rolling your eyes burn because it feels like I'm getting a great workout right now.

No. 84832

Ugh, these pretentious fuckers make me sick.

No. 84833

That fucking thick fake blood kek
What a twat

No. 84834

File: 1453556658942.gif (95.99 KB, 160x157, th_b6488ee3.gif)

If she banged her head on the wall, why is the blood not smeared/smudged all over her forehead? Why is there no visible splattered blood from the impact? Why is the blood not clotting near the 'gash? Why is her skin not at least the slightest bit red/pink from her knocking her head so god damn hard that it split her head open? Why is there absolutely no visible cut/mark in the top right picture, taken after [Rosie made her] hit her head? Why this, why that, why, why, why, why.

It's fake blood, that's why.

No. 84845

idk, i've been following her for a while and she seems legit disturbed, not the type to fake it. normally i don't stick up for these anachans but i'm also pretty sure she was inpatient when she did that, hardly the environment for fake blood lol.
that being said, she'd have to take that photo super quick after she did it for it to still look that 'fresh', which makes the whole thing seem like an even stupider cry for attention imo

No. 84863

>>i'm also pretty sure she was inpatient when she did that, hardly the environment for fake blood lol.

I bet it's menstrual blood lel

No. 84872

File: 1453563552896.png (1.12 MB, 905x1730, spoop.png)

this thread needs more spoopy REAL boys (not fakebois)

No. 84873

File: 1453563788092.jpg (404.23 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o0opioldlz1reev0yo1_128…)

I wonder if he knows who shmegeh is lol

No. 84874

File: 1453563893010.jpg (101.23 KB, 708x960, tumblr_o01i0csmzm1reev0yo1_128…)

I'm sorry if no one cares but.. I feel compelled to post a few images of this guy.

No. 84875

File: 1453564187694.png (2.63 MB, 2688x956, spoop.png)

No. 84877

File: 1453564703909.png (5.28 MB, 3124x1232, spoop.png)

Here are some of the oldest images on his blog. Left image is 3 years old, far right is 2 years old.

These are either a) from before he develop what looks like anorexia or b) before he figured out how to shoop his pictures.

No. 84880

oh, wow…for some reasons I feel more sorry cor guys with EDs than girls.
(Unless hes shooping)

No. 84882

Well, he does the same shit Shmegeh did.

>pulls pant lower to make thigh gap seem wider

>tilts bottom of mirror forward, making him seem taller/thinner in mirror selfies
>kawaii phone cases

No. 84883

File: 1453565777487.jpg (93.58 KB, 768x1024, 1453564281995.jpg)


No. 84884

File: 1453566981002.gif (5.9 MB, 600x588, ezgif-1297743737.gif)

Most posts on this site about Eboni are self posts but I just wanted to post this gif I made from this cringey ass video she made

No. 84885

can she breath with that huge septum in her nose?

No. 84886

Her ribs are trying to pop out of her skin like the facehugger in Alien.

No. 84889

8/10 Would bang before eating disorder

No. 84892

I just looked at his ig. He annoys me. Idk if he's anorexic, but he's like a lot of males I see walking around who wear the tightest skinny jeans they can find and look really thin.

No. 84893

It's a fake septum, she ordered it right after Ember started wearing her's kek. She's obsessed with being problematic, posting about her is self defeating because she masturbates to this kind of shit but that gif is lulzy as fuck.

No. 84894

File: 1453568589015.gif (1.9 MB, 600x588, ezgif-3805507403.gif)

She used to brag about being addicted to cocaine and I never believed her until I noticed her fucked up teeth, holy fuck.

No. 84897


What ever happened to the last thread of hers? I know it was deleted but did a mod take it down or did she finally get tired of being called out on her selfposting?

No. 84899

All of her threads were created by her and have all been locked by the admin.


No. 84901

>eat 1200 calories a day of literally whatever you want
>wait four weeks
>muffin top is gone
It could NOT be easier.

No. 84908

Wait.. what does cocaine addiction have to do with her fucked up teeth?

No. 84910

lol no

No. 84911

File: 1453571360886.png (658.74 KB, 600x632, normaleyes.png)

Oh my God… Is this real? Look at Crying Emily's eyes… They're not photoshopped!

No. 84915

She needs to get rid of the mullet

No. 84926

If I were that girl's parent(s) I would not want my daughter around someone so toxic as Crying Emily. Especially since it looks like the girl on the right is trying to actually recover.

No. 84927

Gross. I don't mind a non super muscular man, but this shit is disgusting.

No. 84929

Babyangel2001 is 24, so her parents can't really stop her.

No. 84936

She's 24 and she's hanging around with someone who is 17 but mentally about 8. Very strange..

No. 84938

File: 1453576125987.jpg (114.38 KB, 600x589, 101411_lindsay_lohan_teeth1110…)

Cocaine increases the risk of tooth decay, derr

But maybe she was just born that way. Most brits have fucked up teeth anyways, Eboni is extremely average, so of course she isn't an exception.

No. 84940

Hey woah now, we might have oddly shaped teeth or the occasional one pushed out of place but no one is born with brown or decaying teeth. There's literally no excuse for it.

No. 84941

I thought they'd fallen out over Laura not keeping a coffee meet up with her. Ffs, who could be even arsed with these kind of "friendships"

The mullet bugs me more than the ear taper tbh

No. 84943

File: 1453577524188.jpg (56.89 KB, 601x448, no shoop.JPG)

Now for a smile

No. 84951

jesus fucking christ emily is so ugly

No. 84952

File: 1453579379332.gif (369.92 KB, 620x620, crying-emily.gif)

She is so stiff. This is creepy.

No. 84959

File: 1453580243538.png (172.88 KB, 610x648, attentionseekingadult.png)

I used to think Laura wasn't as bad as Emily, but she seems to be more attention seeking than her. I mean, if you compare all the photos of Laura crying (that she deletes after for more drama) with the ones Emily posts, you can see that Laura does it far more often. And she is more childish than Emily, I mean c'mon, she's gonna be 21 in april and she still wants to be a "pretty delicate thin princess". Oh, and if she really thought she was ugly, she wouldn't post so many fucking selfies.

No. 84961

And it's gone! Wow, new record, Laura.

No. 84971

I hate those posts that're all I'M SO UGLY. They just want everyone to tell them they're not. It's like when someone says I hate this pic of me, I'll probably delete it in the morning but they never do.

Yeah, she's immature for 21.

No. 84972

Another one
>I'm so done
>I'm so done with this account

They NEVER are.

No. 84980

Looks like Crying Emily deleted. Drama incoming?

No. 84985

Crying Emily and McKensie have both lost their accounts today. The hell did I miss while I was at work?!

No. 84987

File: 1453586223982.gif (54.21 KB, 273x343, tumblr_nwr0c9ZSG11uf8tkoo1_400…)

Found Emily's identical twin. Minus the cartoonish photoshopped eyes!

No. 84988

File: 1453586226944.gif (441.31 KB, 300x175, tumblr_inline_n2ib8cdvmr1qe4ie…)

Please let Ember be next please let Ember be next please let Ember be next

No. 84989

File: 1453586273559.jpg (24.15 KB, 466x481, 9ee4eccb5e33afb5797cc96c1571e8…)

And another for good measure. It's that CHIN!

No. 84990

File: 1453586307026.png (66.22 KB, 851x223, rip.png)

I still got a tab open with Emily's account on it lol.

R.I.P. in peace

No. 84991

She isn't a fucking addict she's just a northern Brit.

No. 84992

Haha, agreed! Everyone from Great Britain outside of London has fucked up teeth.

No. 84997

what the fuck do you mean, no?

No. 85001

Someone asked Crying Emily on her crappy 'food diary' account what happened and she just replied 'temporary deactivated'. The person then asked why and of course Emily ignored it. Is this her new 'blurry photo' way of making people worry about her?

No. 85003

File: 1453589274044.png (529.28 KB, 936x598, (4286).png)

use to go by Dante and Yue
and preferred he/him pronouns

No. 85004

File: 1453589427685.png (510.94 KB, 856x596, (4285).png)

No. 85005

Everybody in London too tbh

No. 85011

If it wasn't for the arm in the picture with the yellow shirt he would be really hot.

No. 85015


aw nice to know she shops at primark too

miss that shirt

No. 85016


do people actually wear weeb clothing outside?

i thought it was only suitable for pictures online

No. 85018

I can sorta kinda somewhat understand tumblrtards who have different pronouns and consider themselves another gender because they wear boy clothes.
this is ridiculous.

>change NOTHING about self

>now i'm male because i said so

No. 85025

File: 1453593859353.png (1.11 MB, 939x642, delphi.png)

User Delphicity on instagram. Apparently has atypical anorexia. Gofundme for money to train a service dog. Promotes turtl.ed. Posts bodychecks of her legs where you can conveniently see her scars.

No. 85028

File: 1453595214343.jpg (384.68 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nh641dgaM11rhsllbo1_128…)

Anybody else notice this ugly thing sucking up to Ember? Anyways, I found this video of her and it's so god damn cringe worthy that I'll probably turn it into a gif later on.


No. 85029

No. 85031


^ This annoys me because I don't think it's right for a 21 year old to go around and take candy that was intended for children on a holiday? Also, just so much god damn cringe I can't handle it.

No. 85032

>This annoys me because I don't think it's right for a 21 year old to go around and take candy that was intended for children on a holiday?

I live in a big trick or treating neighborhood and I've been handing out candy instead of trick-or-treating since I was fourteen or fifteen. College students coming to our house for candy annoys the living SHIT out of me, especially when they aren't even in costume. It's genuinely really rude. If you're old enough to be employed, you're old enough to go to a convenience store and spend $5 on a bag of candy to satisfy your binging needs.

No. 85035

File: 1453596609854.png (151.31 KB, 443x331, London is shit.png)

John Lydon.
From London.

No. 85036

It's reactivated.

No. 85038

Londoners have the worst teeth I've ever seen. It's not even just the usual crookedness that non-Americans let slide,it's the actual hygiene. They're always dirty and disgusting.

>especially when they aren't even in costume
I hate cunts like that. They get so offended when you won't give them candy. I know college life isn't well paid but candy is cheap as fuck.

No. 85040

When I was 17, I had some rich cunt slam the door in my fucking face after she asked me my age lmfao. I immediately went to my car and drove home and never went trick or treating again.

(It was extra mortifying because my boyfriend was with me)

No. 85041

Were you wearing a costume at least?

No. 85043


This just in! Special snowflake offended by sexy costumes because they will never be sexy in anything! So special! Needs moar gory. I'm different!

No. 85054

I can't remember but I probably was. In retrospect, I'm glad she did that because it made me realize how childish trick or treating is. I would be pissed off too if some obnoxious 17 and 19 year olds came to my door on Halloween, expecting candies.

That girl LOOKS young though, so maybe she can get away with acting like a spoiled brat around people IRL, due to her appearance. But I'm sure some people are highly annoyed by her behavior because I'm already fucking sick of it.

She'll be 22 this year, ffs.

It's funny watching her try to get attention from Ember. Only the ugliest fuckers actually try to befriend that cunt lol.

>you gotta be at least a level 420 proana to ride the Ember whann train (wreck).

No. 85055

I'd probably tell a 17 year old that came to my door trick or treating to piss off.
At that age, you're old enough to buy your own candy.

No. 85056

I was that 17 year old and I encourage you to do that. I would do the exact same thing.

No. 85064

does she have downs or something? cringe af

No. 85086


i want to punch her so fucking badly. just for her whole fucking look.

No. 85088


yo he was literally a junkie

No. 85092

Oh look, an American with shit teeth. Maybe that's why she's sucking up to Ember - she feels kinship for that snaggletoothed bitch.

No. 85095

Lol ember literally only hangs out with girls she thinks she is better looking than.
She will never hang out with anyone she finds prettier than her, and she will only ever post the least flattering photos of her friend of the day.

Her insecurity is literally the only motivator in her life. Its really pathetic.

No. 85097

Nah, John hated junkies. He used sparingly and recreationally but was never a junkie or an addict. He's had horrible teeth since childhood. It's how he for his name "rotten".

No. 85098

I remember one of her comments on here being about how that fairy.sin girl (whatever her name was, blonde and pink hair, glasses) was an ugly bitch, and I'm sure she put something like, "No wonder Ember hangs out with her!" She still wasn't as ugly as Ember, as far as I could see - no Squidward nose, no greasy junkie hair.

No. 85107

If that 'fairy' girl were actually ugly Ember wouldn't feel the need to mention it. Ember called f.s ugly because she knows f.s looks better than her.

No. 85121

when u automatically read the caption as
> i went shooping

No. 85130

File: 1453648504090.jpg (472.83 KB, 2048x2048, 1453648280648.jpg)

Top right is a true size 00. ember trying to tell her little pedophile babies that's what she is wearing is priceless. This fat heifer probably believes her own bullshit. Probably uses the sharpie to do her brows and then uses it to change all her pant sizes

No. 85131

Yes John Lydon has said his teeth were poor because of poverty, poor diet and not knowing how to brush them properly. One of the first things he did when moving to the USA was get them fixed. Nothing at all to do with drug dependency like that idiot claimed.

No. 85132

Stop being an eejit

No. 85147


Erm. That was my comment. I know all that about John Lydon and I didn't even say ANYTHING about drugs.

I was responding to the anon who said everyone outside of London had bad teeth.
>John Lydon. From London.

Please improve comprehension skills.

No. 85151

File: 1453651204422.jpg (55.35 KB, 650x366, queen-mother.jpg)

Queen Mother.
From London.
Not implying drug abuse.

No. 85157

That's Sophie she isn't like that anymore, she mostly kept to herself anyway. There's no milk here.

No. 85166

>Not implying drug abuse
that seems like it would be a fun rumour to start tbh

No. 85171

I….I thought that was photo shop

No. 85172

She's sad looking. Her little leg poses can't hide that fact her thighs still wobble when she walks or spread out to the size of Alaska when she sits

No. 85177

She smoked cigars so her ugly teef was probably nicotine stains. You'd think she would've sorted it out.

No. 85201

Remember when we all found out that Ember barely squeezes into a ONE SIZE FITS ALL (size 2 to 8) dress?


I can't wait for her to post images of pant tags that read 00 like.. sureee. You can take images of size 00 pants but you can't prove that you're actually wearing that size lmao.

No. 85202

File: 1453661891499.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2016-01-24-13-55-16…)

I wonder how long its going to take Ember the retard to read a fucking picture book.

It's been 4 days and she has only reached the middle :( Poor, illiterate bitch. Must be hard living the life of a pathetic, idiotic high school dropout.

No. 85209

Didn't she do that already? Or something similar?

No. 85211

She posted the packing from that dress she got free because she thought the 0 on the label meant SIZE ZERO when it meant one size/no size.

No. 85219

I know Ember is hella annoying but calm down? Maybe she just liked the picture and wanted to share it.

No. 85220

It was satire, you calm down lol.

No. 85221

Ikr, that gnarly scarecrow on a stick is probably her thinspo and she wanted to share.

No. 85222

No one was talking about your original comment but the reply that said "dude was a junkie tho"

So lol at your snappy reading comprehension comment when you're the one who didn't comprehend what we were talking about. Learn 2 imageboard

No. 85248

File: 1453668568425.png (567.86 KB, 621x792, Screenshot_2016-01-24-15-48-28…)

No. 85250


omg when did she dye her hair red

No. 85253

That size 00 cloak is so loose on her. She should put a fleece hoodie underneath.

No. 85254

Her teeth are looking so much better wow

No. 85256

File: 1453669205344.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

This bitch wastes so much money on stupidest shit I s2g

No. 85257

Apologies for the snappy comment, anons. I didn't see that junkie comment because my phone takes too long to load when I click. I'm blaming period.

No. 85258

Rose quartz and malachite are crystals for healing anorexia, Ember. You ordered the wrong one (not that a lump of rock has any ~healing qualities~ anyway).

No. 85259

I think they sent it to her for free, tbh.

She lies and tells instagram stores that she is going to college for "marketing" and promises up to 100 new customers hahah. There's screenshots of her comments somewhere in her old threads.

When in reality, she's a homely high school dropout who bought her followers. I can almost assure not a single person has used that discount code for dirt-tea she has in her description lol.

She's the fucking worse.

No. 85260

Omg she's bragging about satin sheets

No. 85262

I can't believe people think Ember actually has an ED and maybe going to IP. Like what the fuck. They wouldn't make her wait over a month to get in. That's some bullshit. They'd just find her a new place to go if it was that bad. Fucking hell someone kill her.

No. 85266

File: 1453671961180.png (Spoiler Image, 647.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-24-21-44-44…)

Is this the correct place for this

No. 85273

Last year, I made an appointment to talk to a nurse practitioner about birth control but mentioned to her about my anxiety problems and revealed that I would also self harm.

She made me an appointment to go to an OP center and wanted me to go the following fucking day.

No doctor would tell someone who APPERENTLY is so underweight her fucking liver is failing to wait 2 months just to talk to a doctor about the consideration of her going to IP lmao.

She really has no idea what it's like, needing to go to OP/IP treatment centers. She has no idea the process of actually getting into one. It's not an elite club where only the specialest snowflakes get to go. It's a place where SICK people go to get better THEN LEAVE and live a life that isn't disordered/controlled by mental illness.

No. 85274

i wanna like emily, because she's been so sweet to me in personal conversation, but then she posts shit like this. how many times are you gonna say that you've stopped posting thinspo when you put out stuff like this? I can tell she's sucking in, too, look at the way her neck is all tensed up. so awkward.

No. 85279

I agreee, she has been extremely nice to me but I always felt it was forced. She tries to be as nice as possible, so those same people will stick up for her in the future, but it's impossible to defend a person who lies, manipulates everyone, BEFRIENDS Ember after all of the shit she talked, post images of her self harm, then continue to post thinspo after being called out multiple times and apologizing multiple times without ever really feel remorse.

I used to like this cunt but she has only gotten worse as the years past. She lies about such trivia shit, I can't imagine what else she is trying to cover up. Her behavior is insufferable.

No. 85280


Amen. This girl is going to get some pretty bad karma if she doesn't fess up and delete. Like she's not that bad at all if she is being made to wait. She should have been admitted that day she went for her checkup or whatever. If they couldn't admit her that day she should have been kept in the hospital overnight then admitted early in the morning. She honestly needs help, regardless. She has attention-whore issues and probably can't hold up a friendship because she is so obsessed with maintaining some fake illness and a social media account. Sounds like she could use a 72 hour hold in a mental hospital to know what it's really like.

No. 85287

Ah yes. I always pose mostly underwater so my water curves towards me like a vortex

No. 85289

Does Ember have any redeeming qualities? Or even a personality? Like what she do when she isn't on her phone/laptop? What are her goals? What are her hobbies? What does she enjoy that isn't on the television?

Please, can anyone answer these questions for me?

Surely her only fixation in life isn't herself…. right?

post note: googled 'redeeming qualities' and found this on some website

>Scenario: You’re on a date with a guy who, on the surface, is dull pothead who only wants to talk about the various ways he liked to get stoned.

>Redeeming Quality: But then his main course comes and he starts talking to and massaging his roasted chicken and you realize you might have been judging him prematurely.

No. 85293

She could have redeeming qualities if she got her shit together, but I feel as if right now all she does is probably talk about herself, or she'll be on her phone constantly checking up on shit. (Probably lurks this thread)

I'm sure she's like Aly, and will constantly talk about herself and take pictures of herself with food and shit. In a fake way, though. I'm sure she is capable of being a cool person you would want to be friends with if she would just drop this shit.

No. 85294

File: 1453680144959.png (1.07 MB, 1010x1363, 1453271225539.png)

Ember isn't smart, she's not funny, she has no talents, she's not pretty, and she isn't nice.

>Probably lurks this thread
She absolutely does. She checks it multiple times a day, especially after she uploads shit to instagram. She straight replies to anons via instagram lol she just deletes the pictures after it is screenshotted and uploaded here.

No. 85296

Her shadow doesn't match her waist

No. 85297

She's fucking ancient tho, if those are her real teeth I'm impressed she has any of her own at all.

No. 85307

God I love seeing how low Emily is willing to go just to get attention.
Pssst….your most recently tagged pics show just how far you've gotten.

No. 85309

Well she's dead now, but yeah, must've been in her 90s there. She'll have had the top dentists in the country looking after her which is why I'm surprised she didn't ever get a good clean up seeing how it was her job to just smile and wave.

No. 85310

Charles has got shitty teeth for a royal too.

sage cos samefag

No. 85311

File: 1453684151823.jpg (23.66 KB, 417x296, haw haw haw.JPG)

No. 85312

idk why, but that feels like such an ember-self-post to me. I'm not accusing and I know she's supposed to have that, "posted by ember tag" but damn that serves some self-post-bashing teas.

No. 85320

I think the color just comes from natural erosion of the enamel, which exposed the dentine. Dentine is naturally yellowy brown and bleaching your teeth just destroys them.

No. 85325

Yeah, you're right. Older people generally do have yellower teeth because the enamel has worn away. Some people are just unfortunate and the dentine shows through anyway. Bleaching doesn't help with thin enamel at all and you can't clean away the dentine.

I think he does have stained teeth though. At least there are no visible rotting teeth and lumps of plaque.

No. 85336

Choo choo motherfucker.

No. 85384

You are stuck on a desert island in the middle of fucking nowhere with a lolcow until rescue appears, which could be weeks or months. The lolcow has to either be Aly or Ember. Which do you choose, and why?

No. 85386

ember so I can try to convince her to stop fucking up her life and reputation with the shit she does online.

No. 85388

Ember. She has way more meat in her than any of the skelecows. Better chance of survival for me.

No. 85392

File: 1453708078305.jpeg (256.51 KB, 750x1298, image.jpeg)

cough Ember cough

No. 85398

Aly because that means I can have all the food on the island and won't die from starvation

No. 85399

No. 85401

Aly, because Ember would inhale everything!

No. 85405


Either because they'd both curl up and die without instagram after a day. Probably choose Aly if pushed so I could examine her hair and recovery body. She's more likely to have brought a book with words and not pictures, so that'd give me something to do.

No. 85408

File: 1453724827166.jpg (345.79 KB, 2048x2048, 1453724640851.jpg)

Please let me see Ember try and pull this shit. I need to see her version of the bathtub ana, of wait, she doesn't wash herself, like ever!

No. 85423

Lmao I can just see Ember submerged in disgusting, dirty water trying to look like a little ana mermaid while swimming in her own filth.

No. 85428

File: 1453733949222.jpg (112.08 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

This girl infuriates me. Pulls the same weird faces in every photo. She's recently decided to lose weight, and posts constantly about starving and burning off everything. And then has a go at people for being concerned, when clearly that's what she wants

No. 85431

She's private? Post some more screencaps.

No. 85435

File: 1453735211103.jpg (62.49 KB, 309x224, IMG_20160125_091551.jpg)

No. 85436

File: 1453735882407.jpg (99.87 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 85437

File: 1453735923291.jpg (136.12 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 85438

File: 1453735973373.jpg (123.33 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 85439

File: 1453736101645.jpg (108.19 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 85440

File: 1453736165899.jpg (94.21 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 85441

File: 1453736215769.jpg (184.65 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 85442

Anon, you are my salvation.

No. 85454

oh my god lazy wannarexics are just top notch.

No. 85458

Not like the heifer will do it, though. Seriously, all of her followers have got to know she's just pretending to have an eating disorder. This bitch has "serial crash dieter" written all over her beer gut.

No. 85459

>I wish I had a bingo card.

Lolcow has them. Get your own ideas.


Take her outside and shoot her.

No. 85460

File: 1453743369877.jpg (308.26 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_noxyvdqmWa1t1cqf6o1_128…)

Has this girl been posted yet? She goes by shad0w-midna on Tumblr and claims to be addicted to heroin and have crohn's. Sound familiar? She also is clearly a Shmegh clone, though she denies it up and down.

No. 85462

yeah, the one with the n00d body checks. she came here to post in her defence as well iirc.

No. 85466

No. 85467

Emily looks like Coraline's Other Mother

No. 85479

File: 1453747978290.jpeg (154.82 KB, 639x957, image.jpeg)

GOOD LORD she looks hideous, what aesthetic is she trying for now?

No. 85483

Cutesy pink illuminati lizard girl look?

No. 85484

Grandma After Lasik?

No. 85485

I've never looked at someone and thought they looked autistic before seeing this girl.

No. 85486

is that a wig or did she chop off her hair like Ember?

No. 85488

Is anyone else getting irritated by Crying Emily's constant need for asspats to feed her ED?

She always says don't say well done when she posts something she's eaten but then she'll post a picture of herself saying she's 'terrified' what she's just eaten will make her gain weight which, to me, just seems she's fishing for 'nooo bby you're so tiny' comments.

No. 85493

Her neck looks so… Weird(?) i'm uncomfortable just looking at her

No. 85494

God, yes. That pisses me off more than her crying.

No. 85496


I've noticed she doesn't the crying, covered in blood selfies and the 'ooh I'm in danger' pictures since she got called out on here for it.

No. 85497

Cue panic attack/sobbing videos.

No. 85499

File: 1453750548947.jpeg (484.72 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Also I noticed that she's probably trying to suck up to holli_quinn on instagram, I found the left photo in her tagged photos and the right is holli_quinn (left) and her friend lilith_levisis. Neither of them follow emily of course which just made it funnier to me. I wanted to post them here anyway cause they act like twats.

No. 85501

Don't do drugs kids!

No. 85502

KEEKING so hard. Fat Ember in the dirty tub is so exactly what I pictured!!

No. 85503


I'm waiting for the next drama when her and Gracie split up.

No. 85504

The ends are beyond frayed. I hope it's a cheap wig

No. 85508

File: 1453752673432.jpg (16 KB, 236x314, 7c59f4581399324a38c37342e1fe24…)

No. 85512

That doll is actually cute though?

No. 85516

Tia has been through a load of shit and seems genuinely unwell so I don't think we should comment on her

No. 85524

Do people think Crying Emily's mother knows about her IG antics?

No. 85530

I highly doubt it.

No. 85532

File: 1453754088771.gif (5.97 MB, 240x427, I fuck up for attention.gif)

Scratch scratch! It's probably the Nasty ass lice ridden Ember wig

No. 85539

She gets off to looking unwell. She's making no effort to gain so don't see why she posts the same food pic every fucking day except Friday. She wants people to tell her she looks ill and she makes herself look even sicker.

This is lolcow. Nobody's off limits. Why put rape survivor on her bio? Jesus.

No. 85540


OP here. I regret posting her tbh. Yeah she seems annoying but she also seems like the sort of person who could seriously hurt herself if she saw this, which I really wouldn't want. I was being a bitch and I regret it. However annoying she is.

No. 85541

I'm guessing the food diary is a way of showing off how little she eats. She always makes a point of saying the apple is small or she cut the banana etc again she reiterates the 'no well dones' thing particularly on Fridays. It gets comments from her deluded followers 'please eat more' 'this isn't enough' etc.

Idk why her account is called 'recoveringemily' because she clearly doesn't want to.

What does she do to make herself look sicker? Can't say I've noticed that.

No. 85542

File: 1453755350519.jpg (227.54 KB, 534x849, IMG_20160125_145349.jpg)

No. 85543

Crying Emily sees all this. That's been proven

No. 85544

Please stay on myproana you fucking faggot.

No. 85545

You can't go back now. Lolcow is forever.

No. 85546

File: 1453755992712.jpg (320.12 KB, 2048x2048, 1453755932203.jpg)


No. 85547

Photoshopped? Something not quiet right about them

No. 85549

She shoots selfies in light that accentuates her cheekbones, dark circles around her eyes and bare faced shots in bright light where her lack of eyebrows are obvious, harsh light makes ger look pale and looks like a chemo patient.

Thing with Emily is she writes like she's the only one ever who felt so bad. I DIDNT ASK FOR ANOREXIA!! No, I didn't ask for over two decades of mental illness either, but I don't go on instagram full of self pity and saying nobody understaaaands.

Doing something to recover would help, y'know.

No. 85550

This has to be photoshopped. Honestly, she wouldn't be able to walk around with her kneecaps at those angles.

No. 85554

Well she doesn't even have the authority to stop her underweight, mentally vulnerable daughter to go off walking to supermarkets to take selfies or going having panic attacks outside the house at all hours….

No. 85556

File: 1453758264370.jpeg (417.39 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Emily's creeping (what a surprise). Legs are definitely photoshopped a bit

No. 85557

I seems like Crying Emily doesn't really have much of a life outside of IG. She doesn't work or go to school and everything seems to revolve around her and her illness. I remember a while ago someone mentioning that her sister also had anorexia but that same sister has gone on to recover and have a child.

She probably feels like she won't exist without her IG presence and asspatting followers. She goes through the same cycles, if it"s a day like her birthday or Xmas or a meetup then she's happy because she's getting attention/presents then as soon as that's over it"s back to 'boohoo I'm so terrible horrible evil devil demon. Mummy I deserve to be with the worms'.

Idk. She's 17, she could be doing so much more.

No. 85559

You would expect such a selfish/arrogant attitude from say a 13/14 ED patient. Whereas Emily is a young woman, nearly a legal adult who could be living independently. I agree that we as individuals have to take responsibility in recovery, we can't change others behaviours only our reactions.

No. 85560

She has said she wants to be seen as this little big eyed gaunt looking child that needs everyones attention. Which is very selfish, her mum deserves a life of her own without having another adult to pander to.

No. 85562

Of course she lurks. Mentioning how we're oh so horrible to her will get her more attention. She can't resist.

No. 85564

she doesnt lurk, she doesnt come on 'lolcowards' remember

No. 85565

Makes me wonder of she'll ever get a job or an education. Probably not since she seems to want to be a permenant child.

No. 85566

What the fuck is this make up?

No. 85568

What is this fatty recovering from anyway?

No. 85569

I think this is also a reason why Aly's dragging her feet over recovery. She's never lived independently and has Ma's attention whenever she wants it. When/if she recovers she's going to have to deal with the world without her mother holding her hand.

No. 85570

the last time they split up emily had a total meltdown, posted all the facebook arguments in real time on her ig, and cried when nobody took her side over gracie's because everyone was uncomfortably aware of how much of a raging cunt she was…… i can't wait for the inevitable next breakup tbh

No. 85574

Gracie could do SO much better than Emily. Gracie is so cute, why on earth she would waste time with that fugly fatty is beyond me.

No. 85575

Kinda reminds me of a Melanie Martinez look?

No. 85576

>they have nothing better to do with their life

Damn, she's right. Okay, I'm done with this site. I need to do something better, like walk around my bedroom wearing my coat and taking videos of me walking towards a mirror. After that I'll hug a stuffed toy and watch Pokemon. THIS IS THE KICK UP THE ASS I NEEDED!!!

No. 85578

She's not fat, are you an anachan from mpa?
Self harm I think. Or PTSD, if you can even recover from that?

No. 85579

I agree, anon. I don't like Gracie that much now, but I still prefer her over Crying Emily. And yes, she could do much better without that spoiled twat.

No. 85580

>not fat
who're you kidding? She's definitely near obese.

No. 85581

I think we'd all prefer Hitler over crying emily.

No. 85583

Seriously fuck off back to mpa this shit is getting old

No. 85584

She's fat…
She's definitely fat.

No. 85585

Are you mad because you have the same body type as her? Fatty.

No. 85586

Hahaha what!!
She's literally visibly overweight, therefore, fatty.
Are you bigger than her anon? I think you must be.

No. 85588

Not pro ana, I just know a fatty when I see one.

No. 85589

Fuck off back to TITP and Reagan chastain.

No. 85590

Do you follow her? Have you seen her body? If not, pipe down.

Also, obvious samefag is obvious.

No. 85592

I follow her and she is pretty chubby.
Also, fatty anon is obvious fatty ;D

No. 85593

There's two anons answering your cries over fatrecoverytia. You're either her or an obese white knight. Go cry some more into your rolls, butterchan.

No. 85594

okay fatty

No. 85595

this is boring stfu

No. 85597

File: 1453761413235.png (887.16 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This one tho

No. 85598

…i'm eating pompom bears right now. Those crisps are the shit.

No. 85599

Hahha lol she actually is a joke

No. 85600

You guys get way cuter food than we do in AUS. :(

No. 85601

>> 85598
Her face

No. 85602

Holy fuck yes. Now I know what to buy tomorrow

No. 85603

this is making me really uncomfortable. That expression is terrifying.

I really like her plate though, anyone know where it's from?

No. 85606

Eh, she's kinda cute. Looks like it's Cath Kidson

No. 85607

That forehead though.

No. 85608

Don't quote me on it but it looks similar to catch kidston print so try that maybe

No. 85609

Fuck autocorrect
I meant Cath

No. 85610

File: 1453762133520.png (262.4 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 85611

Well it's not as big as mine so I won't judge too harshly on that

No. 85612

File: 1453762262439.gif (232.92 KB, 480x640, gif_20160125163335.gif)

Video and pic are not the same. She's skinny so why edit shit!

No. 85613

shes doing that weird bend thingy where you stuck your butt out

No. 85614

THANK YOU! I really love this site some times haha.

She IS cute, I'm just not a fan of foreheads. Lets pretend that doesnt sound weird.

No. 85616

That's ok anon, I hate chins so I feel u

No. 85619

At least Gracie is trying to get an education.

No. 85620

is it just me or has she photoshopped her fingers too? They look longer in the picture compared to the video still

No. 85621

I really don't think crying Emily actually photoshops. Sure, she uses some weird beauty app to make her eyes bigger, and she may well use angles that make her look even thinner, but she genuinely is spoopy as fuck. Her picture quality just sucks balls.

No. 85622

Her parents pay for it so not sure she really has a choice. It'd look bad to the family if she left seeing how relatives have been to Oxford. Posh kids don't rebel so hard.

No. 85623

Who made a thread about this bitch on /pt? You got admin maaaaadddddd

No. 85626

Nah I feel u anon. I hate foreheads and elbows/knees.

No. 85627

I'm not surprised admin is angry.

Ffs don't we get enough shit sent over to /snow

No. 85628

Man this bullshit. I'd rather be around the devil than that dumb bitch at any time.

No. 85631


You think it was a self-post? The girl seems totally devoid of milk, so I've no clue why anyone would post her here

No. 85632

Mightve been Kath Kidson slyly promoting her plates.

Srsly, idk. I didn't even check her profile. Its a girl with a bagel.

No. 85634

I like you anon.

No. 85635

I think she looks far better than usual tbh

No. 85641

Why? She's manipulating the way she looks by sucking in her cheeks and straining her neck to show tendons and bone because she's gotten so fat. You can see it in her tagged pics. And that shitty aesthetic, barf.

No. 85642

"aesthetic" lmao

No. 85649

She looks horrendous, are you trolling me?

No. 85665

Who is she copying now?

No. 85671

Explain anon

No. 85703

File: 1453774823095.jpeg (196.05 KB, 750x1271, image.jpeg)

this shit makes me so angry. why post something that you're oh so self conscious about? if I hate my face I don't fucking post anything with my face. but this fakeboi is such an attention whore.

No. 85709

she's pretty dang heavy

No. 85711

Jesus who knows. Props to anyone that finds it hah. Just scroll through her insta likes/following and youll see people she is "inspired" by

No. 85764

I've been spending too much time on /snow/ and last night I had a dream that Ember was into the lg/dd kink and reworked her whole image to fit it. It was horrifying yet lulzy as fuck.

No. 85765

dont give her ideas…anything but that

No. 85768

Tippitytop keks! I love you for this anon! It's perfect!

No. 85775


What's really terrifying is, I could legitimately see her doing this. Seems to be the new Instagram/tumblr trend so she would fit right in.


No. 85781

More excuses to get stuff from people. 'Look what this little kitten got!'. Oh god please no.

No. 85799

She already used to call herself kitten iirc
However, it would make her bf look bad if she went full lil kitten angel retard cause hes like 30

No. 85839


No. 85840

fucking yes

No. 85841

File: 1453825948297.png (Spoiler Image, 686.88 KB, 920x541, hioljkhhf.png)

(spoiler b/c slight nudity)
damn, at least emily had a body shape back them. now she just looks disgustingly like a stick insect.

No. 85844

Does this girl only own diaper panties?

No. 85846

File: 1453827896894.png (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 1100x896, unholy.png)

she looks like a pear shape to me. shame, i personally think pear shapes are pretty hot.
nah, but emily's right, look at how obese she is! here's a little comparison of her and pear-chan's legs. totally the same. no difference at all. none. zilch. nada. nOPE-

No. 85851

Really? Still going on about Emily. Isn't it time to move on. Like really, how much do you wanna milk this out? Repeating the Same shit over and over again. Leave her alone.

No. 85862

File: 1453831682078.gif (6.76 MB, 274x331, ember whann gif.gif)

ember whann: the cringe queen!

No. 85863

File: 1453831761803.jpeg (167.64 KB, 750x1279, image.jpeg)

attention whore alert

No. 85865

nice selfpost

No. 85869

we'll leave her alone when she stops creeping and being an easy lol

I just threw up in my mouth a little

No. 85870

Any chance of she gains weight she can distribute the fat better because the left picture has some unfortunate as fuck fat distribution. 100% saddlebag fat with nasty chicken legs.

No. 85871

i cant stand that bitch shes annoying as fuck

No. 85872

I hate this so much

No. 85875

every single part of her is disgusting

>humongous and fat

Emily is a whiny little bitch. Hopefully she kills herself, because she's obviously not going to recover.

No. 85878

File: 1453834085700.jpeg (681.96 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Someone's in a bad mood

No. 85879

>74 paracetamol and ibuprofens

That's not enough to kill an adult. I'll just make her really ill.

No. 85887



actually she is doing the same thing

> inb4 "they want me to die. wanting sbdy to die is so !"§$§&/()")&%$%"

No. 85888

Wanna bet

No. 85889


agree. prbly just will cause VERY painful liver failure

No. 85890

we'll see soon enough
>cue hand picture with loads of pills.

No. 85892

You all disgust me. How dare you sit and wait around for Emily till end her life. How dare you keep putting her down so much that she even considerd ending her life. I hate every single one of you. Emily is my friend and she doesn't deserve this.

No. 85894

Emily creams her giant granny pants over all this. She's just as bad as Ember, wanting ANY kind of attention.

No. 85895

she should go privat or delete her social media profile.

No. 85896


Shut up.

No. 85900

? Uh, how about 'no'

No. 85902

And that would matter how? I mean you assholes will find a way to follow her. Make a fake account and follow her. So how's about you all leave her alone.

No. 85904

'Assholes'? Actually, i'm quiet close to Emily. I wouldn't need to make a fake account ;)

No. 85905

Maybe she should do one tiny thing to help herself and delete her presence on the Internet.
The kid belongs in an asylum ffs.

No. 85906

Lmao. That was my post. I made it to try to get a response from her on Instagram.

Ana's are so easy to troll :^)

No. 85907

Close to Emily? Really? What a GREAT friend you are talking bullshit behind her back. You should be so proud of yourself

No. 85908

File: 1453837863927.jpg (183.72 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

She could always just stop reading lolcow if she doesn't want to see negative things about herself?

I once had someone on tumblr make a blog about me, constantly saying terrible things about me on it ect. It made me very depressed. So instead of constantly checking it every day, I just ignored it completely. And now I'm not bothered by it anymore.

You don't have to expose yourself to negativity if you don't want to.

No. 85909

Pretty sure she knows that I do. I've wrote things on here before that she's told me in confidence etc.
Like I said, she enjoys this kind of attention.

No. 85910

That's how you deal with it. Not everybody is the same as you. Proud of you for being able to Ignore it, some people can't. If people talked shit about me i would want to see what they say. It's hard to Ignore all this shit you guys talk about her. How do you expect her to get better if you guys continue like this? On another note, even if she were to delete her account, you would still find other ways to find her. So there is no upside to this.

No. 85911

How about telling it to her face instead of hiding behind Anon.

No. 85912

if you were her friend you would see she is heading down the same path as trashley and you would get her help before she ends up like that. She needs to be committed and have a shrink fix her head.

No. 85913

>How do you expect her to get better if you guys continue like this?
She's doesn't want to get better because she's a spoiled little cunt who loves attention. That's why she drains the happiness of everyone around her. She doesn't have a life outside her disorders. She is less than the putrid scum that rots in dark alleys, she is nothing.
>what are imageboards for

No. 85914

She won't get better because she doesn't want to.
Yes, everyone deals with shit in different ways. There are cemeteries full of people who chose to deal in shitty ineffective ways just like Emily. If she can't be fucked to do something slightly difficult like ignoring a website in order to help herself, I fully expect that she will crash,burn, and die.

Nobody is making her dance around recovery, she just needs to grow the fuck up and commit.

No. 85915

That's how I deal with it, that's how every single other person in the world deals with it.

You take what other people say with a grain of salt, and move on. Try improving yourself and your outlook on life just a tiny bit, Emily. Mental illness is never your fault, but it is your fault if you don't even try to get better and blame everything on other people.

Of course you'd want to know what people are saying about you. But if it isn't healthy and doesn't improve your life in any way to read sites like this, then why the fuck would you continue doing it?

I assure you that if Enily deleted her account, got off social media, got a diary and a therapist, people would stop talking about her. But she makes herself an easy target by responding to everything people say about her on here.

Btw, keep trying to take the moral high ground. It's hilarious.

No. 85917

>Proud of you for being able to Ignore it, some people can't
If you check your own hate thread and then go there white knighting, indirectly keeping the discussion alive, it's your own fault for suffering. People like you just get off on the attention and telling yourself "how much better you are than them anons!!1!"

No. 85921

File: 1453839608352.jpeg (56.51 KB, 448x1024, image.jpeg)

No. 85923

To be honest the best thing that someone could do for Emily is show her mother her IG account. She's talking about being suicidal well then somebody needs to know. Perhaps if her mother saw what sort of stuff her daughter puts out for anyone to see then maybe she'd be able to help her by limiting her internet access.

She will never get better being around people who feed into her disorder by giving her the attention she craves so badly. She likes to her how tiny and frail she is and how little she's eating.

And before anyone says 'she's 17, nearly an adult, she can do what she wants etc' clearly she needs help and let's face it, she's nearly an adult in numbers only.

No. 85925


Why is her ig name recoveringemily like she doesn't even try to pull recovery off, just be a starvingemily or anaemily or whatever shit names ana accounts usually have

No. 85926


honestly this is worse than 2 girls 1 cup

No. 85927


btw where are these clips from, where did she post this shit

No. 85928

So she can have a tantrum when someone says wow nice thinspo.
She gets to point to the word recovering and this is absolved of her sins and also gains sainthood because she's "trying to be better".

No. 85929

whats her mums facebook?

No. 85931


worse than 2g1c collab with cake farts

No. 85932


No. 85933

crying face alert guys

No. 85934

File: 1453840885950.jpeg (107.83 KB, 640x1093, image.jpeg)

Oh no u guise. We made Emily cry :( :( :(

No. 85935

I don't think her mother has one, but her sister's facebook is this: https://web.facebook.com/KatieLuvzGerbilz4Eva

No. 85936


she already deleted, boo hoo

No. 85940

How's my shots did it take to get that perfect tear glisten tho?

This whole act is so fucking contrived I could scream. How can anyone think any emotion she can manage to photograph and share immediately has any depth or validity to it?

No. 85942

File: 1453841526850.jpeg (126.48 KB, 640x1071, image.jpeg)

Wonder how long her 'break' will last

No. 85943


shes 'Taking a break'

No. 85944

looks like she just dabbed a bunch of water under her eye and screwed her face up

No. 85945

I guess she's gonna try ~real recovery~ now

No. 85946

How many**
Not how's my. Autocorrect is almost as dumb as Emily is.

No. 85947

but what if she really takes all those pills?

No. 85948

No wifi in hell. Would suck to be her.

No. 85949

it's so funny when I see shit like this. only the biggest attention whores would post a picture of them crying so everyone can feel bad lmao

No. 85950

doubt she would, it's pretty hard to get noticed when you're dead

No. 85951

Hopefully her poor mother finds her and she gets given activated charcoal, and spends a few days or weeks in the psych ward.
Or she doesn't, and she fucks up her liver and kidneys for ages and is sick as a dog and even more miserable than now.

Gee, what an existence she's forced herself to have.

No. 85952

I honestly have zero sympathy for people like her. Just fucking get yourself help if you're trying to recover that badly, stop whining and bitching on the internet just for the "omg no stop you're so pretty!" comments she thrives on

No. 85953

shell be sent to hospital (thats if someone finds out) and they'll pump her stomach, she'll stay there for a couple days to 2 weeks then get sent home and carry on…(I live around where she lives and this is what the main hospital tends to do)

No. 85954

why the fuck is she doing blank pictures now in place of the stupid hearts? Isnt she suppose to be taking a break.

No. 85955

starting freshhhh

No. 85956

If she DOES go to the hospital and gets the charcoal treatment, she can still bullshit her way out of it. About a decade ago I tried to OD and told the ER nurses I was just trying to get high or some shit. I didn't have to do a psych ward stay at all. It could be different now though.

No. 85957

In the UK you get put on 48 hour suicide watch (whether you purposely OD or not).

No. 85959

this, i know from experience

No. 85961

Fair enough. I'm based in a pretty notoriously shitty city in the US so I guess the ER nurses were more inclined to not give a shit than anyone would be over in the UK.

No. 85963


oh, they don't give a shit, but they do want money so they do what they're told

No. 85970

who cares. she's just doing this for attention.

No. 85994

She just wants to make her followers worry about her. Either that or she's shitting herself because it was mentioned her mother would be brought into it.

No. 85995

She's deleted a lot of her photos so I'm going with the scared of her mum finding about thing

No. 85996

Her mum Jan has fb but doesn't look like she uses it very often

No. 85998

I've messaged her sister, and I have a lot of her pictures etc screen shot so plenty of proof for her family if they ask for it.

No. 85999


I genuinely hope it helps. She's still young and could go back to school/college and move on. I feel like IG and the 'recovery' community are very toxic for her.

No. 86001

Lmao ten years ago means nothing to standards now.

She's got a psych history, no way will she be able to bullshit her way out of a hold with some retard story like 'I thought panadol would get me high'
She'll get charcoal and a little psych ward stay, then rinse and repeat this exact cycle for the rest of her shitty life.

No. 86003

she posted a picture of her standing on a rail overpass over the summer talking about suicide, so her followers freaked and called the police and she deleted her posts from that day and all of her diagnoses in her bio (and then was an ungrateful cunt @ her followers for getting her help later that day), i absolutely think she's making herself seem sicker on the internet and she's scared of mummy finding out.

No. 86004

Her sister read my message then blocked me. Oh well, at least I tried.

No. 86006

File: 1453846775184.jpg (13.54 KB, 300x300, dam son.jpg)

>Emily is my friend

Joltography, Emily is a stranger you follow on Instagram. Didn't she recently tell you to mind your own business?

No. 86007

Ember videos are from the younow ap

No. 86010

i thought she would have cared, obv not

No. 86011

maybe she is sick of emily's shit too

No. 86013

Emily's probably done 'damage control' by warning her family of the meanies who are spreading lies. Y'know, Ember style.

No. 86017

Emily once wrote on a pic of herself with her sister that she's glad they're friends now because they didn't get on for a long time. Sis possibly doesn't want to rock the boat.

No. 86018

File: 1453847812924.jpg (176.61 KB, 537x764, IMG_20160126_163423.jpg)

That's why she's not showing her whole head. She's got a bowl cut with awkward bangs lmao. But the brows aren't black??!!

No. 86019

They're half hidden behind her cheap sunglasses. Still ugly caterpillars on her face.

No. 86020

I've ODed on paracetamol before and it is hell on earth but a horrifically ineffective suicide method. She'll be in hospital for a few days vomiting herself inside out, but otherwise fine.

No. 86023

'taking a break' but keeps account up cause otherwise her folliwers cant give her attenion, surprise surprise.

No. 86025

Could she be reported maybe? Do any of her pics break IG rules?

No. 86029

File: 1453850341754.png (1.49 MB, 2048x1087, PhotoGrid_1453847313499-1.png)

No. 86031

She had her account deleted. She cried to ig about how it was her life and they gave it back. Underage nudes, drug use, ano body checks, self harm all there

No. 86038


No. 86060

Yikes sorry, she was posted in an earlier thread and I kind of assumed that this would still be relevant.

She was accused of phototshopping and here, she says she is 87lbs and 5'0. Idk if people were still interested in discussing her but I thought this was a lil interesting.

No. 86075

If she thinks her body sucks, I'd hate to know what she thought of mine

No. 86077

CryingEmily isn't really taking a break. She's using her food diary account to 'occasionally' post so her followers know she's ok.

No. 86091

Nice curves, needs some more meat and muscle tho, her boobs would probably look amazing if she gained a little

No. 86096

wtf does she hate about her body?? and she sounds really contradictory

No. 86097

File: 1453868234540.png (337.28 KB, 825x693, Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 8.16…)

>Q: Why do you cover your face in all your pictures?
A: I hate my face so much, I hate my nose and I’m so insecure about it so please please don’t ask me that.

k but the "me" tag is filled with tons of self pics?

No. 86123

I'm pretty sure this isn't her first anorexic "episode". So she probably had literally no muscle and very bad body fat distribution in that left pic, if she actually recovered properly she wouldn't look like that.
She probably won't though, but who knows maybe she'll get over herself in the future, maybe gain a single gram of maturity. Probably not.

No. 86124

I agree with you, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from looking at it if people were talking shit about me constantly.
What I actually could do though with a little bit of effort, is to stop acting like a giant cunt. Or, at least, stop making it public. Then, there is no longer anything to talk about.

No. 86145

Poor girl needs a nose job.

No. 86186

File: 1453903965317.jpeg (173.66 KB, 640x1086, image.jpeg)


I find Russian anas so interesting. Weighs 34kg but apparently has never had an ED.

No. 86188

well you dont need an ed to be able to look skeletal
tho she looks normail in the thumbnail?

No. 86201

File: 1453906817114.png (163.79 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-01-27-14-58-55…)

Guess who's back. Surprising nobody.

No. 86207


She's the same age, height and weight as me. I've never had an Ed.

No. 86211

Oh no waiting for more crying selfies because she can't handle not knowing if she caught it or not!?

No. 86217

The fact she feels the need to state her height/weight then claim ~no ed!! naturally skinny! body posi!~ is suspect, IMO.

No. 86218


She's already deleted it. She must constantly refresh this thread because it was posted and deleted within ten minutes.

She's not 'taking a break' at all because she's still using her food diary account to post the same food she eats every day. These girls must constantly sit in their rooms or wherever refreshing lolcow threads and IG. Emily could be doing so much more. She's probably too ill to attend a college but she could take up a hobby that doesn't require much exertion, knitting, drawing, something craft-related etc.

I would hate to see her go down the route of Ashley, zooming towards 30 with nothing but social media in her life. Her gf Gracie has recently gone back to boarding school and her posts have decreased but idk Gracie never seemed that addicted to the 'poor you you look so tiny/frail etc' type of asspats like Emily is.

No. 86225

Fuck I thought she came back for a reason lol

Wtf is this shit.

>ik i said i was going to overdose yesterday then said i was taking a break without rly explaining anything but wait um oh there's a possibility that i may really seriously catch a cold!!!! this has me MENTAL! god damnit WORRY about ME…..

No. 86227

As usual she has to turn it around so it's about her.


No. 86233

Sooo … she's threatening to "overdose" on baby painkillers, but CHRIST NO NOT A COLD PLEASE NO NOT THAT ANYTHING BUT THAT

No. 86240

File: 1453916835958.jpeg (211.04 KB, 640x1087, image.jpeg)

That was a long break ?

No. 86241

She looks like squidward.

Does she only have one sister? I kind of assumed they didn't get on seeing as her sister blocked me after warning her about the OD threat.

No. 86243

We should stop talking about Crying Emilly. She's just using this site to get more asspats from her followers.

No. 86245

We'll stop talking about her when she stops being a cunt

No. 86249


>"I won't let those cunts destroy me"

>implying she's not already rekt as a human being
>implying there's anything good to destroy

No. 86250

Phobic about throwing up yet was apparently going to OD on paracetamol where she'd either throw up or have stomach pumped.

No. 86252

I don't understand what vomiting has to do with having a cold, anyway? I've had plenty of colds, they've never caused me to vomit at any point.

No. 86253

I don't think a cold is involved. Her sister's bf spewed and she's scared of catching vomiting.

No. 86257

I just hate her so much.

No. 86267

File: 1453922860171.png (89.67 KB, 487x479, 487px-Are-You-Kidding-Me-Rage-…)

Oh catching a cold is a phobia of her's? Guess we got to stop take the piss out of her for being so over dramatic and making someone else's illness all about her.

No. 86269

File: 1453923273878.png (358.09 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_2016-01-27-14-22-48…)

Lol I called it. Ember literally has to be told what to listen to because she is utterly incapable of original thought. I wonder if she has ever listened to a song that wasnt randomly selected for her by pandora. Or even went through a phase that she wasn't just copying from someone else.

No. 86280

So, considering how MPA has effectively leaked into Lolcow, I thought it could be appropriate to ask this here.

A few people on MPA keep referencing a 'regular' on the forums who 'Photoshops off half of their body weight' to 'pretend to be deathly ill.' Is that someone discussed here? If not, they definitely should be.

No. 86283

70% of their userbase

No. 86284

Should be alright to discuss them here, it is for pro-ana wannarexic's. Not just the instagram/tumblr ones.

No. 86286


Yeah, but did you guys even go through her instagram? Tons of body checks, even one of her with a tape measure around her waist, most of her pictures are with her only in a bar and underpants.

It seems highly suspect to me. Even if she wasn't at that weight, I would wonder.

No. 86287

>She must constantly refresh this thread

That much seems obvious to me. Especially seeing as her screencap of that anon's comment upthread happened 8 minutes after they posted it… hmm.

She's doing what Ember does now: responding to lolcow via instagram posts.
>more interesting life than theirs
>sitting alone in her dirty room taking pictures of herself crying is more interesting than going to uni or having a job/going out with friends/not being disordered

>report it for aboose


No. 86294

File: 1453933069697.png (977.44 KB, 599x948, hioljkhhf.png)

this girl has some serious addiction if she says she's on a break and comes back like three times in 24 hours

No. 86295

even her pointy-knife ana-chan chin is disgusting lol ew

No. 86296

>no makeup
>clearly visible brown eyeliner and lines drawn on her face to emphasise 'sickness'
Okay, Emily.

The Photoshop is really blatant on this. Burned the eyes, coloured in the chin to match the tone of the rest of her face, drew on the exaggerated cheekbone lines with burn. Lip colour probably added too, or maybe it just looks darker because she probably artificially lowered her skin tone to pale white.

I mean, fuck, this is just embarrassing. If you can't even post a goddamn shower selfie without editing yourself to shit you should probably get off the Internet. How much preparation is involved in posting the simplest picture for these people. I almost feel bad for them.

No. 86298

emily is so so ugly. I think it's that creepy thin-lipped smile and jay leno chin.

No. 86301

Ugh, her gauge really grosses me out. She's so fucking ugly. Honestly if I looked like her I would never take selfies.

No. 86303

I hate that she continues to wear tapers as if they're jewelry…. Emily, please ask your mummy to buy you some plugs or tunnel. we all know she will.

No. 86307

Now we wait for the following:

Waaaaaaah! I felt so positive but the lolcowards just made me feel like shit. Ugly ugly ugly emily. Serves me right for feeling good…can't even post a positive photo without it being ruined

No. 86314

"i belong with the worms fat emily you should die cunt you're only ruining other peoples lives waaaaaah im gonna take some paracetamols"
and also somE COMMents fROM gRaCIe wriTTEn LIKe thiS

No. 86318

Gracie's got her own problems at the moment. She's been posting a lot about struggling with returning to boarding school.

Idk maybe that's why Emily is stirring up all this drama?

No. 86319

File: 1453938021988.png (2.57 MB, 2048x1352, PhotoGrid_1453936007207-1.png)

No. 86320

File: 1453938094015.png (15.4 KB, 629x480, crying emily.png)

is it her life's mission to look like a bad caricature

No. 86321

File: 1453938191203.png (2.5 MB, 2048x1225, PhotoGrid_1453938118734-1.png)

No. 86325

That sounds like an Emily thing to do. Yeah, I bet she's making this show so she can make Gracie feel guilty about it for acting like a grown person with responsabilities instead of a pathetic adult who posts crying selfies like her.

No. 86326

Is that jessi slaughter

No. 86327

File: 1453938554338.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_2016-01-27-18-48-32…)

LOL yes

No. 86328

Last I heard her dad went to jail for abusing her, then died later on

Is she on meds that make her gain weight?

No. 86329

"My experiences have shaped me, I have bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder. I am also physically disabled, I have a compromised immune system, severe asthma, chronic migraines, and a skin condition. But I try to live as fully as I can. I enjoy art and music and food and going to cons and shows."

No. 86331

I thought she was all butch dyke pronoun he/him now? Haven't even looked her up since she became DAMIEN.

No. 86332

If she's bipolar and taking lithium, yes

No. 86333

Why is her pit green in the middle pic???

No. 86334

Lithium's never made me fat.

No. 86335

File: 1453939380317.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_2016-01-27-19-00-54…)

No. 86336

I've read most people gain tons of weight. You an outlier then.

No. 86337


Never made me gain weight either.

No. 86338

She probably comfort eats. I think I would if I'd had her life tbh.

No. 86339

I have a soldier friend who suffered from severe PTSD for a good while, was prescribed lithium, and is doing much better, but still skinny as ever. I don't know if litium affects your weight but she also suffers from an immune disorder, or so she says.

No. 86341

File: 1453940118450.jpg (37.51 KB, 927x593, medz.JPG)

She takes other meds, so could be any of these.

No. 86388

People can have dramatically different reactions to medication than others.

Your experience does not equate to everyone's experience. Js

No. 86410

i wish she would take that fucking taper out and put in a tunnel or plug cause its super ugly drooping like that. i mean shes weird and alien looking already but that doest help her and doesnt make her look "edgey"

No. 86425

File: 1453949778545.png (882.75 KB, 1125x2001, image.png)

No. 86441

Sounds like his taste has remained exactly the same and he hasn't learned anything.

No. 86453

>Get a life cause i'll only get more and more awesome.

>Get a life

>i'll only get more and more awesome

Stay in school, kids.

No. 86456

File: 1453954531661.jpeg (290.62 KB, 1125x1919, image.jpeg)

This bitch annoys me so much, just another fattie in the ED community on Instagram who's fairly popular. She was posted on the last thread but this caption made me laugh kind of lmao. She can spend money on all of her clothing and phone but steals.

No. 86471

>i'm 58 hour fasting

As if.

No. 86477

Nah, it's possible. That's really only like 2 and a half days - annoying when fasting cause you get tired and dizzy, but not really a big deal. I'm more surprised she was able to run quickly enough from the store to the car.

>i stole shit for no reason
>stealing made me feel nervous :(
>poor me wah wah i got nervous :( :(

what a bitch tho

No. 86478

File: 1453957813671.jpeg (164.06 KB, 750x1104, image.jpeg)

This girl won't get help for herself she's 20 years old and her BF buys her laxatives and she abuses then saying she takes 20 in one sitting after eating something as small as home made baby food
yes HOME made baby food. also sorry her account is priv

No. 86485

Is her bf the opposite of a feeder?

I hate laxatives. Why would she take so many? If I need one…ONE…it's like I shit out everything I've ever eaten. It smells weird as well. Soz for TMI.

No. 86487

i guess it's because you build up a tolerance to them when you abuse them. she's probably abused them to the point where she can't shit on her own and needs a whole pack just to produce a bm.

No. 86489

Oh god, you get a tolerance to laxatives? Makes sense I suppose, but ew god.

I want to know more about angel_waif. How come this one gets out of recovery?

No. 86490

File: 1453960267325.png (589.43 KB, 929x602, Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.50…)

i have no idea. i'm assuming she might live with her bf because she's always posting about him but then she sometimes posts about being home. but just by reading some of the posts it souds like her bf is a straight up piece of shit who doesn't even care about her illness enough to try and force recovery

No. 86491

File: 1453960384176.png (619.55 KB, 934x594, Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.52…)

No. 86492

I think I found her on mpa.

No. 86493

File: 1453960552026.png (547.9 KB, 946x611, Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.54…)

further down someone asks if her mom didn't respond to the comment about IP and she said "not really"
sounds like she has a really shitty support system of just her mom & bf

No. 86495











No. 86496

On mpa she's calling Aly out for purging!

No. 86498

>my mom won't even get me a health card, she won't go to court. she'd rather work lol.

No. 86499

Link pls.

No. 86502

No. 86507

File: 1453961195532.png (560.68 KB, 942x611, Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.0…)

No. 86508

She's a good person and she's actually sick

No. 86522

I'm reading her ask.fm and she's getting a lot of shit. Don't know her but from what I'm reading she doesn't sound like a bitch, just really ill.

No. 86539

I'm guessing someone followed her and got triggered, so they prepared this post session

No. 86564

Tragic she can't get help when she wants it. Her mother and boyfriend do sound like cunts. Sad for her.

No. 86577

yeah she's definitely really sick, I hope she'll find help somehow

No. 86697


this has to be a joke bc her hairy, doughy, old as fuck-yet-works-the-same-service-industry-job man friend is a fucking loser.

like if i was his ex i would be laughing so hard. not only that, but any guy that has to go on about his "totally psycho bitch ex!" probably fucked up hella hard and is doing that weak damage control shit. like if you actually have a crazy ex, it's obvious.

and her publicly calling this girl a cunt is fucked.

No. 86724

This is her 40 year old bf's ex. Ember has been posting shitty Facebook statuses about her.

No. 86725

File: 1453988826825.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Dropped the fuckin pic.

No. 86726

File: 1453988859058.png (229.85 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ember is being shitty as hell.

No. 86731

She's 19 but acts as if she's 13.
She's making herself look incredibly pathetic with these posts. More than usual, I mean.

No. 86732

File: 1453992694643.jpg (127.02 KB, 1600x900, maxresdefault.jpg)

"I'd like to ass you some questions."

No. 86733

Wow, she's actually really hot. Dude must be insane to go with Ember after being with a cutie like her.

No. 86734

She also seems to have her shit together? As in finished HS, looks normal and has hobbies etc
The guy must be insecure af or the chick realized how pathetic he is

No. 86737

She has a nursing job. She gets paid well.

No. 86739

File: 1453993583447.jpg (117.63 KB, 943x603, DC1ERzg.jpg)

Ugh, im so done with her pro-ana shit. This is vile.

No. 86740

Decided to check her Instagram out and she has multiple pictures where she's measuring herself, calling herself a skinny girl and pictures of her on a scale. So even if she doesn't have an ED she definitely gets off on the attention she gets lol.

No. 86742

Why are most bulimic a fat? Post more pics.

No. 86751

>my bf asked if I'm gonna eat tonight
What a fucking tool. It sounds like he's abusive or sumshit. Why hasn't he had her committed?

No. 86753

Her neck if fat as fuck! Too bad trying to copy Aly has made her gain so much!! KARMA

No. 86754

File: 1453996573790.png (988.05 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Stalked Ember's paedo boyfriend's ex and look, he made her the weird gross egg thing too.

No. 86755

Fuck… That's prettyinthinn, she has a twitter account with thousands of followers (real) and she's trying to work her shit out. I have no idea why she talks to Ember. I hope she calls her out on her bullshit, she made some posts a while ago about girls faking recovery and stuff like that. She seems a bit nihilistic and a defeatist. Maybe she'll just ignore the fat cow.

No. 86756

File: 1453996731265.png (706.1 KB, 931x598, Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.5…)

Has marissarella been mentioned here yet? She's a friend of Crocker's and her pictures look incredibly suspect to me.

No. 86757

File: 1453996783650.png (577.8 KB, 935x574, Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.5…)

It can't be just me who feels like those legs are photoshopped.

No. 86758

Her fucking goodwill cashmere sweater lol, whatever Ember. That shit is as dirty and greasy as you are.

No. 86764

she most likely did the dumping because she realised her boyfriend was a greasy slob who lusts after meth trash like ember and didn't need the drama

No. 86765

Oh shit. He's making the same shit for her as he did with his ex? That's awesome! What a looser. She should stop shopping at Goodwill for her BF's

No. 86770

lel not just you

baby's first shoop? her knees are in the wrong place in comparison to her lower legs.

No. 86771

File: 1453999464519.png (468.42 KB, 898x535, Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.4…)

And then we have masterpieces like this kek

No. 86776

ooh that hurts my brain. such stretch!

why is everyone trying to lick the butthole in the comments with the ily bbyyy, nobody was that nice in high school ffs. or was that just me

No. 86777

File: 1454000382024.jpeg (81.22 KB, 422x750, image.jpeg)

She also uses the same cup her bf bought his ex

No. 86778

THAT COMMENT HAHA. I'm crying, thats fucking brilliant.

No. 86780

It's pretty fucking disgusting that she gloats over the fact her bf holds onto mementos from his past relationship.

No. 86782


No. 86784

pretty awkward, i bet every time ember see "Hers", she thinks about nicole lul

No. 86785

It's pretty fucking disgusting that she gloats over the fact her bf holds onto mementos from his past relationship.

No. 86786

File: 1454002234378.png (706.17 KB, 1032x1183, screengrab12640.png)

LOL that sure looks familiar, wonder who the chef is :')

No. 86787

File: 1454002329772.png (9.53 KB, 493x101, screengrab126401.png)

No. 86788


No. 86789

Does anyone have Nicole's facebook?

No. 86793

File: 1454003272585.png (1.72 MB, 2902x953, ember whann.png)

Aw cuntiest thing she has done all year

No. 86796

Man, I wish Nicole would post on here. I bet she'd have some gloriously creamy milk to spill.


No. 86806

I'm considering DM-Ing her on insta and filling her in on all this.

No. 86809

yas anon yas

No. 86811

idt she has one. i've found all of her friend's facebooks but haven't found hers

No. 86816

She doesn't have one. The only social media of hers I found was insta.

No. 86823

She's so cringey, she thinks she's so cool for talking shit but she has nothing going for her
Like Nicole had a kid with another guy, let her live her life

No. 86828

File: 1454011481346.png (787.91 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ana boy loves ember lmao

No. 86829

>blocked for a reason, not stalking your boring ass.
>clearly creeping on their insta

No. 86830

Ember, how you know she's posting if you don't stalk her?

No. 86833

Right? Cause she has so many irl friends. Bitch never posts anyone besides that fugly sick girl or her ugly ass bf.

No. 86834

Did anyone message the ex this site?

No. 86837

starving.matt_ is a girl

No. 86847

Oh my bad. I just saw the name and profile pic

No. 86849

I might. I need to get all the links so I can send them to her.

No. 86855

who is she talking about? Or is it some non existent person just so she can have some drama

No. 86857

Hi, I'm friends with Ember's boyfriend's ex. I don't want my friend harassed, but if information gets you to leave her alone, I'm willing to offer one piece of info. That being said, he continuously tried to get back with her during the time he was talking to Ember. He told Nicole that she was just this thirsty hoe hitting him up all the time and that she wouldn't leave him alone and didn't mean anything. Nicole didn't take him back because she knows that he's skeezy. I wouldn't be surprised how many of Nicole's things he re-gifted to Ember, seeing as she left behind so much trash at his place.

No. 86858

moar pls

No. 86859

Hi! We aren't going to harass Nicole, if anyone is bothering her,I can promise you it's ember/embers minions. that being said, we're willing to send Nicole stuff about ember she would be happy to see.

No. 86862

I know she doesn't want to be a part of this drama. This Ember girl is clearly following Nicole's every move, even after all of this time. We don't know what she's trying to prove especially when we know some detestable things about her boyfriend.

No. 86863

Like what? Can I contact you somewhere else from this site?

No. 86864

May I ask how you found this place?

No. 86865

Do people irl know Embers faking an ED?

No. 86866

I'm willing to provide my email/Instagram/tumblr whatever you're most comfortable with

No. 86870

File: 1454015770263.png (1.54 MB, 1875x1501, PhotoGrid_1454015669785-1.png)

nah, i get the confusion. "matt" is just another lil fakeboi.

No. 86875

Guys don't leave us hanging, is there milk to come??

No. 86876

I didn't want to say more than that because I will only counter if Ember makes this escalate. I know she is on here because someone keeps spamming Nicole with this address. I just want her to leave my friend be.

No. 86877

Don't tell anything about that guy, im sure he knows some detestable things about her to. Not worth getting other people's dirty laundry out of the basket

No. 86878

I would like to contact you privately.

No. 86879

Wow she was pretty, just looks like a normal teen

No. 86881

Hi Koda

No. 86882

Not likely, she's never done him or anybody wrong. The two of them on the other hand have. I'm really skeptical after seeing what this site is about, so I'll leave as long as Ember knows to back the fuck off and focus on her bullshit "relationship."

No. 86883

She won't back off, she enjoys the drama to much.

No. 86884

Suddenly embers account is private, damage control time :^)

No. 86885

We'd like to stay in touch with you. Anything interesting you want to share?

No. 86887

Is crying Emily okay?

No. 86888

Like I said, I will divulge what I know if this Ember bitch keeps testing Nicole. I'm just fucking annoyed with her trying to interfere in her life. I'll put her in her place if she wants it so bad.

No. 86890

Stfu Emily

No. 86891

We want you to. Please. Ember deserves to be dragged hard. Just give us a few good stories.

No. 86893

Not her, I'm just weirdly fond of her. Shame and dishonour on me and my family.

No. 86925

That turtled chick or something I'm guessing? She been posted before, not much lulz.

No. 86926

Who caaaaares if crying Emily is okay. She's never 'okay', she cries all the god damn time.

No. 86939

Crying Emily should be given some sort of award for not posting something on her main account all day. We all know how hard it is for her.

She has however posted her usual rye with WATER and SMALL apple and CUT banana usual stuff on her food diary.


No. 86943

Looking forward to the Starbucks Small Mocha Frappuccino with Skimmed Milk and Whipped Cream and Egg and Cress sandwich from Pret a Manger tomorrow.

No I'm proud comments though because SHE DOES THIS EVERY FRIDAY.

No. 86944

File: 1454028625450.png (877.54 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Can ember just admit she's a doughy little stoner who barely works and eats constantly?

No. 86945

I would both fucking love it and fucking hate it if Ember was pregnant.

No. 86946

I kinda hope she does, can't ruin her life much more? But I know she would mistreat that baby so badly

No. 86949


Ugh she's not trying to start up the pregnancy rumour again? She did this not that long ago when she added prenatal vitamins to her wishlist. Maybe she's just pissed that people have been talking about Crying Emily more recently

No. 86964

File: 1454031013095.jpg (25.79 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1454030889534.jpg)

Eewww he's even creepier than Aly's dad. Is he smelling her?? Cutest pedophile couple ever!

No. 87053

Most white trash couple goes to….

No. 87055


No. 87085

File: 1454043915918.jpeg (384.07 KB, 1920x1475, image.jpeg)

Some spoop I just found, they requested to follow me. They're recovering I think but they look very small still? @parismelodyraven

No. 87086

She just seems to be an inoffensive anorexic girl, anon. I don't think she really belongs in this thread.

No. 87089

She follows every ED-related account then unfollows a short while later. She followed my sock puppet.

No. 87091

She's been in 'recovery' for at least 2 years. Never gets any bigger and on her twitter she poses with food all the time and claims to have eaten it. She never responds to her followers and just retweets their questions

No. 87093


Nice fragile ana fingers, Ember

No. 87100

No finger gap at 90 lbs and 5'5"?

No. 87101


Oh no, looks like someone finally got posted again.

No. 87102

File: 1454047702771.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 408.02 KB, 1798x1469, image.jpeg)


Shit, same anon. I didn't even mean to post that, I worded it wrong and forgot to post the picture

Anyways, looks like she found out she got posted. I wonder if she's "going to call the police department" again.

No. 87104

Ah, yes, I'm extremely jealous of this morbidly obese ghetto trash for being a diagnosed bulimic. That's the peak of glamour, right there. Why is she so perfect, bros? ; ___ ; I can't stop thinking about her, every day!

No. 87108


Duh of course I would be jealous of how long she can fast! Almost 80 hours?! ?

Jesus, it sure doesn't look like she's gaining the weight she's loosing from "fasting". It's also funny how shes thinking I'm Koda lmao

No. 87109

File: 1454048827196.gif (574.9 KB, 500x238, BRINGIT.gif)

lmao, nah sorry I'm not jelly of a 300 pound shoplifter who pretends to have an eating disorder and doesn't even know how to screenshot. clean your room betch

No. 87110

>that i fasted longer than you
good joke tell another

No. 87114

File: 1454049277863.jpeg (364.27 KB, 1125x1922, image.jpeg)

Holy shit, every time she gets posted on this thread she tries to act like she's the shit.

>"You're not that cute"

>"You're hair is un even"
>"you look dusty"
>"Or do you have some BUG FAT LESBIAN CRUSH ON ME?!?!?"

sarah you look so dry and your lip color looks awful. calm down fatty

No. 87115

As a lesbian, I am extremely offended by the insinuation that any woman could be attracted to something as loathsome and repugnant as that beast.

No. 87117

File: 1454050063222.jpeg (173.58 KB, 750x1047, image.jpeg)

Another day, another obese fatlogician pretending to have an eating disorder.

No. 87118

She's not in recovery, she's just not actively trying to die rn.
Lots of body checks, and she appears to be nocturnal or some shit, but otherwise there's no real milk

No. 87119

Oops, I'm a dumbass who forgot to reply (also samefag)!

No. 87121

File: 1454050628724.jpeg (337.15 KB, 1125x1934, image.jpeg)

Have you guys seen her giveaway? It just looks like a bunch of shit that she either got from the 99¢ store or Walmart.

No. 87137

Bitch probably stole all of that stuff

No. 87138

didn't eos have a huge lawsuit against them for allergic reactions? kek

No. 87140

I hope she does. Then she can pull up the post here about her shoplifting.

No. 87149

Most products will have at least one person that reacts badly to them. Eos is trendy so it's getting more press.

No. 87156

lol nice catch, those are some chubby, doughy fingers! Oh Ember, you backwards twat; can't help giving yourself away, can you?

No. 87162


Giveaways are against ig terms of service. Remember Ash had to stop doing hers when we told her?

No. 87166

File: 1454071074614.jpg (94.46 KB, 536x427, IMG_20160129_063336.jpg)

No. 87167

Fuel for nightmares.

No. 87170

Sorry about the awkward photo joining. I knew Ember was petty and insecure, but this is just embarrassing.

No. 87171

File: 1454071590196.jpeg (334.27 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Of course I forgot to add the actual photo.

No. 87172

Someone should send that to AJ so he could name a roach after Ember.

No. 87181

how childish is she, this is truly so embarrassing

No. 87187


Nicole: has a good job, decent family, is a good mom, and a cute/nice boyfriend
Ember: fake eating disorder, no education, and only has pre-teen wannarexics as friends.

Clear who the 'cockroach' is here.

No. 87188

File: 1454076028061.png (918.31 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Her dad is terrifying, geez.

No. 87199

File: 1454078410916.png (1019.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-29-14-38-47…)

>First thing I do in the morning is act on my personal vendetta born out of insecurity

I'm embarassed for her

No. 87213

Does anybody know what happens when you say 'well done' or 'I'm so proud of you' to CryingEmily? She seems so against it

No. 87218

Maybe she just likes to wallow in misery and bring others down with her, ie always wanting to be seen as needing to be cared form always wanting others to be concerned about you. She's probably scared of losing all the attention if she becomes an independent adult.

No. 87219

File: 1454082167992.jpg (133.05 KB, 531x605, IMG_20160129_092835.jpg)

The nastiness of her clothes grosses me out

No. 87220

She should really take the 'recovering' part out of her IG name. I also don't get the food diary with the same stuff every single day with the kiddie plates and place mats

No. 87221

Ew, her nails.

No. 87233

So, uh, not to be a shit-stirring bitch or anything cough cough but where's Nicole's friend, who said they'd spill the beans if Ember kept this vendetta shit up? 'Cause she, you know, seems to be keeping it up.

No. 87234

Who tf wears lint covered leggings out in public? Gross, i would have thrown those away ages ago.

No. 87235

I know dude I need the milk spilled

No. 87242


No. 87243

Do you have nothing better to do than defend people you don't even know?

No. 87245

Shut the fuck up Cassie

No. 87246

You left your email you dumb ass!! I found your Twitter and insta already

No. 87250

I don't know where I defended anyone? I'm just saying that you people are ridiculous.

And so what I don't care that you found my Twitter or IG. Have fun with it.

No. 87251

This is the most cancerous thread on this entire website.

No. 87253

Keep posting screenshots of Ember being a low-key cunt to Nicole and I'm sure when that anon >>86857 returns, she'll be more than motivated to say whatever she has to say about that pile of pig shit named Ember.

No. 87255


Most cancerous or milkiest?
I personally love seeing all the chimping and samefagging and backpedaling that goes on in this thread. There's more drama here than in all of /pt/ the vast majority of the time (with the exception of this week thanks to Margot and cuddlegate)

No. 87257

is there going to be a new thread following this, I think it's probably getting close to the post limit and it took me forever to find this one bc there was no link to it being the new one! :(

No. 87258

File: 1454089180342.png (391.58 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Here ya go!

No. 87259

How can someone do this and not feel embarrassed af

No. 87260

You're a the most obvious newfag I have ever seen, I almost think you're trolling me.

Post limit is 1,200 and there's less than 700 posts here.
Just go to the thread catalog and, hit CRTl+f, type "scumbag", and you'll find this thread immediately, ya lazy fuck.
And there usually never is a link in a previous thread to the new thread, fuck off.

No. 87261


No. 87264

This is spiteful as hell but I love it when dumb bitches post all this shit up and forget to delete when their loser boyfriends dump their asses.

I hope it stays up when Ember's shapeless ass gets dumped.

No. 87266

>love of my life
Where's the tacky ass fake ring to prove it? Even the so-called abused managed to give her one.

No. 87267

tbh if my gf was this insecure and petty i'd dump her ass asap. then again he probably can't get anyone better.

No. 87278


I always cringe so hard when people post/share shit like this. I can't imagine anyone this psycho managing to maintain a relationship for longer than a year maximum.

No. 87283

Sorry I'm pretty new to this site and was just wondering how it worked

No. 87284

Who was it

No. 87286

I saved it lol

No. 87289

do tell

No. 87290

Read the rules then, dumb ass.

No. 87301

Girls who do obsessive shit like this are the ones most likely to get knocked up to keep em.

And she's stupid enough to think that works.

And she's stupid enough to think he's the love of her life.

Wow, this one's got a lot of growing up to do.

No. 87310


she jumped off the bridge near my house a couple years after getting straight a's in her gcses and being bullied

No. 87327

Damn, poor girl. Sounds like she has it rough. What was she bullied for?

No. 87341

File: 1454108005365.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-29-23-50-36…)

That's never ever 427cals you wannarexic lol

No. 87348

if you havent figured out shes a troll by now…

No. 87358

File: 1454109751948.jpeg (309.86 KB, 1125x1921, image.jpeg)

Yikes looks like highbulimic is acting like a crying Emily now. She was just acting like the shit and even said "I'm the shit" yesterday. Looks like everything is catching up to you now Sarah?

No. 87362

She's a black ghetto bitch, if she wanted to get a gun she would have one by now. Christ, she's so disgusting.

No. 87364

File: 1454110819321.jpeg (415.68 KB, 1125x1915, image.jpeg)

Another made up story, I've seen the same shit over and over by this girl. At least make something else up. It's also retarded how you put "#bpd" stop self diagnosing yourself Sarah. It's not cute or funny

No. 87387

it's so pathetic that this disgusting obese trash needs to make up stories about her fake mental illness
what a cow.

No. 87389

File: 1454113608190.png (776.96 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her neck looks like a saggy vagina

No. 87390

I'd be crying too if I was 5'4" and nearly 250 lbs. Seriously, how do people let this happen to themselves. Ick.

No. 87394

File: 1454114989391.png (111.78 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Aw you angered her

No. 87395

It's not the lint dumb bitch, it's the dirtiness and the pilling

No. 87396

She refuses to reveal her whole head. It's fine Ember, I'd be too embarrassed also

No. 87397

Isn't it nearly time for Ember's appointment? I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned it.

No. 87398

oh what a fail is she trying to be lauryn that manly looking monster. she be tensing that neck so hard she look so thirsty and dehydrated get a drink inside ofyou bitch

No. 87401

File: 1454117955265.jpeg (185.16 KB, 1125x1769, image.jpeg)

No. 87402

She really does look filthy.

No. 87403

let's be real ember do you even HAVE $10

No. 87404

i really wish nicole's friend was here to give us some dirt

No. 87406

She looks like she smells so bad.

No. 87409

It only took the gullible lurker 30 minutes to show her whole head. Now I understand what she was hiding. JFC that the worst hack job and baby diarrhea orange color survive ever been subjected to.

No. 87410

She'll probably skip that appointment, with all the weight gain she knows the Dr's are laughing as hard as we are at her wannabe lard ass

No. 87412

I hate her so much. She falls for everything.

No. 87414

>Get dirty
>Use code Ember

No. 87420

she's still alive

No. 87421

No, she died almost 14 years ago…

No. 87423


queen elizabeth II is alive but the queen mother is dead

No. 87424

Yes, and the queen mother was the one whose teeth they were talking about. >>87420 just messed up.

No. 87430

Lel borderline doesn't give you episodes like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia sufferers tend to have manic/depressive/psychotic episodes.

Borderline is just an inability to handle emotions because they're all fucking huge coupled with impulsiveness and insecurity. It makes you a cunt sometimes, sure, but we don't have episodes between periods of stability.

No. 87431

>>love of my life
>>some thirsty bitch who wouldn't leave him alone so he settled for some poon.

Romance is beautiful you guys.

No. 87437

Guess whose Jew ass boyfriend constantly hits up old green mountain college flings to hook up with? Too bad most of them are actually working good jobs after school and not some shitty bar tending gig leaving them no time for a mysoginistic pig. Maybe Ember will let you get her pregnant, but wait, you wouldn't want to keep another loser stoner around too, cause two idiots don't make the bux.

No. 87438

File: 1454127327097.gif (913.31 KB, 245x183, 1450113631963.gif)

No. 87441

I'm dying, is this real??

No. 87442

She look like her pussy stink

No. 87445

Ember's "love of my life" will soon give her herpes.

No. 87446

Ember herself posted in her old thread that he seems like he's cheating on her and he'll probably leave her soon. Ten bucks says she knows he's schmoozing on other girls but won't admit it because she can't stand the idea of the haturz being right.

No. 87448

jesus christ that highlybulimic girl is a fucking joke. she is a ghetto ass, self diagnosed, fucking pussy

No. 87459

i have been lurking on that highlybulimic's girl insta, and im actually disgusted. she is a fucking thief and she steals stuff all the time and her followers think shes the shit for doing that?? what the fuck

No. 87466

I don't follow her, but her ask.fm is gross.
How she squirted, sucked dick and the way she spells MINUTE "minuet". The last one is probably the grossest.

No. 87472

@highbulimic is literally only popular is because she's one of the fattest cows on there. She smokes weed and drinks. She's a thief (even though her family cares about her and gives her money) She's a self diagnosed retard. She's ghetto as fuck. Her irl friend has an ED instagram as well. I feel bad for her friend tbh, Sarah's a bad influence for her.

Sarah, you're not the shit. You're a big fat cow and a laughing stock. I wonder why your boyfriend broke up with you too lmao. It's also disgusting how you had sex with a 23 year old too. Gross, I can't even image you having sex. Makes me want to vomit.

No. 87476

File: 1454138934045.jpeg (492.99 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

She also uploaded this after someone said she was "300 pounds" then deleted it after.

No. 87479

Looks like she sucked in so hard her belly rolls moved to her back.

She's enormous, her arms legit look like they are bigger than my calves.
Its like an anorexic girls dysmorphia but backwards.

No. 87482

File: 1454144243247.jpeg (388.38 KB, 1125x1916, image.jpeg)

Her followers are so stupid, Christ. (last comment especially)

No. 87500

File: 1454156750621.png (1.12 MB, 1993x1259, PhotoGrid_1454156436073-1.png)

I'm convinced Embers boyfriend cheats on her. 5 months back, she even stated her assumptions that he was probably already cheating and that she is only with him for his money. She just a gold digger who doesn't care if her boyfriend is fucking other people, as long as she can live in his house, eat his food, and spend his money while he does so.

Also, she referred to her little sister as a "prop" which is pretty fucking disturbing when you consider how obsessed she is with getting the approval of half naked 13 year olds on instagram. How much you guys wanna bet she is grooming her baby sister too?

No. 87501

>you can tell she doesnt live her mom because she doesn't use her sister as a prop anymore

what in the fuck is this, ember? you're fucking sick.

No. 87502

All of Embers pedophilic tendencies aside, I would be so freaked out and disgusted to find out that my sister, who is around 10 years older than me, would use me as a prop for the INTERNET. No matter how you look at it, that's fucking demented. Like Ember, that's your 8 year old sister you're talking about??? Who else do you let use her???…..

No. 87504

When I was in grade school, my mother was obsessed with the internet and how she appeared in it. She would locked me out of the house and force me to pose for pictures with her, just for her fucking webpage. I remember feeling so miserable about the whole ordeal because she wasn't actually spending time with me. She was just using me as a prop. She would snap the pictures then run inside to upload them for her friends to enjoy.

I'm over 20 now and she still acts this way. She'll spend more time taking selfies with me and candid shots of me for her Facebook page and likes, than actually talking to me. It's so disheartening, knowing she cares more about her online life than her real life but she has always been this way..

Ember reminds me so much of my mother and it pisses me off. She may never change guys. Some people are naturally horribly self obsessed.

No. 87508


those gekko eyes…
she really should dye her hair, either darker or lighter, it looks really bad how here hair is the exact same color as her face. she's like one big beige spot

No. 87510

She sure did use her as a prop, to gain attention for her "transgender sister"
She's fucking disgusting!
Maybe she can ask Ash how to find a proper sugar daddy

No. 87512

Or see if McKenzie can help her make an account on that sugar daddy website she uses lmao.

Poor girl is having to wear dirty clothes while running errands, obviously Andrew can't afford to buy her nice shit. So far, all of the things he gave her was previously owned by that Nicole girl lmfao.

No. 87524

She looks like a goddamn shadow holy shit

No. 87530

File: 1454170162600.png (3.05 MB, 1940x1756, PhotoGrid_1454170011170-1.png)

She reminds me of the front half of a centaur

No. 87533

Ewwe, more screen shots pls

No. 87537

It's true. That's why she tries to project that they have this real relationship when the most he's ever done for her is put up with her burden ass squatting with him. His parents don't even like the grimy leech, especially since she doesn't even have a high school education.

No. 87545

I'm sorry, anon. That sounds so rough.
I hope Ember fucks off and leaves her sister alone, I can't even imagine the damage she could do to her. Ember seems like she would even encourage her sister to be her little ~ana~ sister if it means getting more likes on the internet.

No. 87559

File: 1454179070472.jpeg (320.63 KB, 1125x1904, image.jpeg)

Sarah, we're not calling you "ghetto" since you're black. It's because YOU ARE ghetto. You Fucking steal, all you talk about is weed, cigarettes, and drinking. You make up fucking bpd stories. You type like a fucking retard. You obviously are rich since you're able to buy from these high end clothing stores but you steal phone chargers, but I'm guessing that stories fake since there's no way you can run that fast. Jesus, the only reason why we're "obsessing" over your life is because how pathetic you are. Just get off Instagram you fat bitch.

No. 87562

she's literally the obese black ember, except this time her followers are ignorant ass black teens who look to tumblr for guidance.

it's funny… they complain 'it's just whiny white girls' but they're looking up to whiny white girls on the internet for guidance and acceptance.

No. 87563

Not trying to side with her, but I honestly don't believe she would have been called "ghetto" if she were a white girl.

This anon called her that and as they were doing so, they called her a thief and a retard ONTOP of ghetto.. not to mention that word, by definition, is a slur used against minorities.

Maybe thr anon didn't intent for it to be racist, but she will use anything to get people to feel sorry for her.


No. 87564

File: 1454179643046.jpeg (96.97 KB, 640x842, image.jpeg)

she clearly photoshopped herself UR NOT FOOLING ANYONE SWEETY hahahahaha

No. 87570

STOP SELF-POSTING. You think we don't remember you posting pictures of yourself a couple of weeks ago? You think we don't remember that stupid writing style? Ffs, Kimi, we know it's you. Newsflash: no1curr

No. 87572

Doesnt look like its photoshopped to me?

No. 87573

Get out.

No we call them white trash. Same meaning with racial stereotype.

No. 87575

I bit my tongue because I had a weird feeling this was a self post but ty anon for confirming my suspicions. Normally, when someone anonymously accuses themselves of photoshopping, it's because they probably did in some way but if that's the case, she needs to shoop harder because she still looks soft and doughy as fuck in that right picture.

Stop starving yourself and work the fuck out. Quit doing dumb shit like cheating at weight loss bc that is how you end up overweight later in life.

No. 87581

Yeah, I get what you're saying. Especially about the "ghetto" and being black. I'm sure if that's what that anon meant, in a racist way.

No. 87584

File: 1454182496942.jpeg (181.6 KB, 1125x1075, image.jpeg)

No. 87585

Looks the exact same in both pictures, she's just further away from the mirror on the right in an attempt to look 'skinnier'.

No. 87586

She looks fucking gross. Her followers have to only be following her for reverse thinspo.

No. 87591

I used to be around this size and would purge most of my meals because i hated myself so much but I never lost any weight, which made me feel even shittier.

then I stopped feeling sorry for myself and lost around 100lbs by exercising 4/5 out of 7 days a week and eating properly within 8 months.

Honestly, when you're that overweight, it's incredibly easy to lose weight if you just keep at it for a month.. and after a month passes, you're notable weight loss will probably motivate you to keep going. it only takes 27 days for something to turn into habit but it's seriously not as hard as these fat proanas make it seem. I used to act just like this until I realized that puking every night for 6 months straight won't do shit but make me sad and fatter and 6 months of exercise would improve my health, my body image, and help me shred fat.

No. 87592

finally someone said it! (well done on the weightloss btw)

No. 87593

That'd be to much effort for these lazy bastards.

Good for you though!

No. 87594

This. Some call it a racial slur, I call it a race specific slur; doesn't matter what race you are, if you're trash you're trash

No. 87611


Wow nice edge lord shirt, she's such fat white trash.

No. 87613


No you're right, no one was that nice in high school. I think it's just so girls have physical "evidence" that they're soon nice and totally not jealous of other girls. And so others can comment their pictures with shit like that.

It's all bs.

No. 87615

File: 1454189839426.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)


No. 87616

Again: no1curr. Fuck off already.

No. 87621

Anyone wondering what's gonna happen with Ember's appointment on Monday?

No. 87622

Not particularly. Obviously nothing is going to happen, there's no way in hell she's going inpatient. Looking forward to the hilarious excuse she comes up with though.

No. 87624


tbh he's probably just two faced as fuck like most scummy dudes. he wants his ex back obviously but can't be on his own.

i can't believe I'm saying this, but in that regard i actually feel bad for Ember. I mean real talk, she knows she's pathetic and has been lying for so long she can't just stop now. This guy is telling her whatever she wants to hear so she remains an easy lay and a source of security, and she desperately wants to look like someone cares about her. He's probably trying to put a bug in her ear that everyone is against them and that his ex is totally hitting him up when it's the opposite, and that if she was a good person she would ignore it. And honestly she is incredibly naive and just goes along with it because she convinced herself she has no other option.

Like what a fucking trip it would be if she broke up with him, got her GED and went to community college to then transfer to a state school doing something to be able to financially support herself, and be around quality people? If she actually just dropped her entire act and decided to actually try. She's young enough that it's still so easy for her to change.

I don't fucking get it.

No. 87635

And that's exactly why I don't feel bad for her lmao.

She has dozens of people instructing her how to better herself, yet she continues to blacken her eyebrows and ruin her fucking reputation by shit posting on Faceblol and Instagram.
Her life is a total dead end but she refuses to do anything to change that, she actually tries her best to make matters worse! What person WNATS to go into an inpatient center??? Life literally comes to a halt when you're in there.

Only Ember would think it's glamorous, being babysat by nurses.

No. 87636

get out of here with that pc shit this is lolcow

No. 87637

File: 1454193667779.jpg (865.9 KB, 500x229, 7a34b8521e55f32e6aded14a4b3212…)

i wonder how fogged up her phone screen got from her heavy breathing. she just LOOKS like someone who sits there breathing heavily like huell from bb

No. 87641

Her thighs do look thinner to be honest. But if she lost weight due to cheating (fasting/purging for a few days), she'll gain it all back and some.

No. 87643

Huell is more attractive tbh.

No. 87644

It's not that I'm being PC, I just don't want to give her an actual reason to get upset with us, since race is a hyper sensitive topic nowadays. But to reiterate, I don't give a shit if anyone says anything about race, I just don't want to give Shamu anymore room to bitch.

No. 87658

You're nothing but a wanorexic. You're fucking Asian, you're fucking normal sized. Go do your hw before your parents find out.

No. 87662

Shhh, anon, you're giving her the attention she wants. Stop talking about her, she has no milk

No. 87665

You're right, im just so sick of this little bitch baiting.

No. 87728

has anyone heard from crying emily?

No. 87732

File: 1454210466750.png (1.09 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

Uh oh lmao

No. 87733

Why is she so happy about getting arrested

No. 87734

i was going to say that i'm p sure the smiley face was purely sarcasm but who knows with this bitch anymore. the cunt brags about shoplifting

No. 87735

I'm not sure if my mind would automatically think 'oh, Instagram!', when getting arrested for reals but that could just be me.

No. 87737

File: 1454212355736.png (1.68 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

Looks like her irl friends are just as stupid as she is.

No. 87738

I was thinking the same thing too

No. 87746

Only dumbasses hang out with 300lb shoplifters.

No. 87747

Someone's been to MacDonalds oink

No. 87750

i definitely wouldn't continue to be in a car with a fucking idiot who has no license AND expired insurance. god she's such a fucking fat retard.

No. 87751

Jesus fuck, nearly everything this bitch eats is fast food! You ain't ana, honey. Just stop.

Anyone else experience nails-down-chalkboard level cringe factor with her stupid scrap book pic borders? Oh and don't forget the copyright watermark because these are masterpieces and people might steal them! LOL! #bitchplease

No. 87759

raggity annie is so boring like aside from the fact that she is just a normal weight girl who eats nasty shit, there's no milk on her.

No. 87760

File: 1454218879144.png (624.42 KB, 1001x668, thatsatit.PNG)

This is so gross lmfao.

No. 87762


Holy shit, they actually posted that? I hope it gets taken down soon, that's so gross.

No. 87763

u mean she

No. 87765

She's obsessed with getting her baps out on ig. Considering she hates them and all.

No. 87768

all these people have eating disorders. it's not their fault so stop blaming them and triggering them. all your racial slurs and stupid comments are juvinial and everything will come back to you. hiding behind your phone screen won't make you any skinnier, any prettier, or a better person. instead of making fun of all these people, why don't you take a look at yourself first.

No. 87770

you must be fat

No. 87771

and you must live in your parents' basement

No. 87772

definitely a fatty

No. 87774

did you peak in high school? or was it middle school…

No. 87775

Go back to your safe space, fatso. The dindu bulimic is a fake ghetto bitch with no redeeming qualities, the fakeboi will never be a real man with a real penis, Crying Emily will be fat by the time she's 25, Ember is gonna have a kike baby in a few years and you will never be skinny. Go eat some McDonald's and fuck off already.
Are you triggered now, btw?

No. 87776


lmao okay.

No. 87777

did your daddy touch you when you were little because I can't think of another reason why you would be so sad and feel the need to criticize other people's better lives

No. 87779

is that word too complicated?

No. 87780

Jfc you must be extremely bored to try to argue with people on lolcow. Or a really pathetic whiteknight. Or both.

No. 87787

Jealous fatty alert. I'm thinner than everyone in this thread. U triggered.

No. 87790

no1curr fuck off

No. 87792

Since when is being a dick to some ~*anas~* linked to sexual harassment

No. 87797

Pretty sure that being an ~*ana*~ is more linked to daddy issues than calling one out.

No. 87803

File: 1454236206889.jpg (226.75 KB, 1070x1551, Screenshot_20160131-102714_1.j…)

She's fine. And same size legs as her mate so not so not so spechul and spoopy as she makes out

No. 87837

How tf did ember gain literally 1,000 followers in 4 days.

No. 87839

No. 87840

Ember has literally nothing else to do but sit on this sketchy apps that make you do all sorts of offers and comments to receive a coin to buy some followers. None of hers are real.

No. 87846

I think anon was referring to a couple of days ago when emily's latest drama on IG was how she was out shopping and had palpitations and nearly collapsed in a shop. She didn't tell Mummy and instead told IG how she went home and started working out.

Her followers were all commenting telling her to go hospital, tell Mummy, call an emergency number etc.

No. 87851

But… you aren't a boy… you're a girl…. whose showing her tits… wtf

How old is she?… This seems grimy.

No. 87852

File: 1454257240298.jpg (157.7 KB, 532x741, IMG_20160131_061744.jpg)

She infuriates me. Always awkward and a big fail

No. 87854

Most morning, I wake up to over 10 notifications from Ember, but when I check her account, there are NO new pictures.

So, this leads me to believe that she spams her followers with S4S shit, so they promote her while most people are asleep.

But you can tell that most of her followers are fake due to have active they are. Someone with over 15,000 followers should be able to get more than 300 likes in 4 days WITHOUT begging lmao.

Just saying.

I also I have a feeling she has a secret proana account out there, but who knows.

No. 87855

stop self posting

No. 87856

File: 1454257673662.png (65.24 KB, 1080x289, Screenshot_2015-12-28-17-26-24…)

26 new pictures and they're all S4S shit. I took this screenshot the other day because I was a little surprised by the number.

Ember loves whoring herself out to lil 13 year olds. Just like she loves whoring herself out to guy's in Webcam chattooms and to guys who are almost 30 IRL.

No. 87858

I smell selfpost too. Emily's self insults are always really awkward like that. it just sounds weak and out of place.

No. 87860

Yes! Exactly. She loves tearing herself down anonymously but what's the odd about this picture >>87852 is that it isn't nearly as horrible as the other ones posted in here. And only Emily would chose a flattering image of herself to use as she calls herself names.

Just, fuck off Emily. We'll pay attention to you when you deliver us some milk.

No. 87861

Is she eating leftovers out from under her nails? JFC

No. 87866

She's probably eating Ember's vagina cheese from under her nails.

They finger bang each other while scrolling through this thread, didn't you know?

No. 87876

File: 1454259763173.png (1014.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2572.PNG)

lul anyone follow her snapchat? what is she even trying to prove. this looks like a failed thinspo copy of ember

No. 87880

Skinny mirror trick. Look at how slanted it is compared to the vertical grooves in the door.

It's honestly nothing special, and again, this sounds like a self post. So fuck off Emily.

No. 87883

File: 1454260334949.png (511.13 KB, 971x1320, PhotoGrid_1454260146816-1.png)

Nice bulimia cheeks, Emily.

No. 87884

File: 1454260486241.jpg (159.74 KB, 510x730, IMG_20160131_110520.jpg)

No. 87885

File: 1454260530050.jpg (106.25 KB, 506x620, IMG_20160131_111225.jpg)

Nice editing

No. 87888

Fuck off Emily, you didnt edit your legs. You just used the skinny mirror trick which makes the bottom half of your body look more elongated than the rest.

No. 87889

File: 1454260750743.png (217.78 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2016-01-31-12-04-44…)

Here is how someone reacts when they see into embers drama for the first time.

No. 87892

You'd think she'd at least pick the dirty underwear up off of the floor before taking a pic, but nah.

No. 87898

File: 1454262376426.png (619.88 KB, 1080x1131, Screenshot_2016-01-31-12-45-09…)

How classy.

No. 87902

Fucking gross

No. 87907

Oh my god I'm crying.

No. 87919

So crusty!!

No. 87970

All of you guys are fucking terrible. what makes all of you fucks so fucking 'special' to where you can judge peoples lives and say weither they're 'shitty' or not? youre not funny,your not making yourself better by just shit talking everyone when you don't even know all of their fucking business.You have most likely have nothing better to do than to bad talk everyone while your hidding behind a screen. Go ahead and call me fat or dumb or whatever the fuck petty insult you have because I don't give a flying fuck.

No. 87971


bitch we know what you really look like, way to blur your granny eye wrinkles.

also sweet broken nail.

No. 87972


LMFAO could she tilt the mirror anymore??? WTF is that outfit are you kidding?

No. 87976

File: 1454281697205.jpg (20.61 KB, 500x500, 1451157169791.jpg)

No. 87980

File: 1454282078878.png (240.74 KB, 444x998, Screenshot_2016-01-31-18-13-00…)

lol @ this attempt at making it look like you have cheek bones. orange isn't your shade, emily.

No. 87987

Lmao its not like she's done what emberbearpig does, drawing thick dirty brown lines down to the corners of her mouth like some wannarexic Victoria Campbell clone.

Its not the most flattering shade, but its not some drastic attempt at painting on cheekbones either. Try harder vendetta-chan.

No. 87991

Leme guess, you paint in your cheek bones too? Or can you just not see the drastic color change by her ear lmao

No. 88007

Nice samefagging, emily.

No. 88008

You're dumb and probably fat.

No. 88012

Why you so mad Emily? Because everyone notices your failed attempts to make yourself appear thinner than you are? Everyone can see your friend's unshooped pics of your fat ass.

No. 88016

Why don't you try harder and think of something original fucktard.

No. 88020

File: 1454286806145.jpg (108 KB, 500x274, large.jpg)

No. 88021

Is that supposed to offend me? because if it is that's such a piss poor attempt, please up on your insults before you try.

No. 88022

File: 1454287436336.jpg (15.19 KB, 275x184, image.jpg)

Lets be fucking real. Yeah Emily's contour isn't great but its not like this bullshit.

I love that anyone who is reasonable about her must be her. Is that you ember?

No. 88024

Lel. I don't wear makeup because I'm not an insecure baby.

I never said it was a good contour, just that its nowhere near the level of shitty painted features you get from half these ~anaflakes~

No. 88026

I don't give a shit about the ana threads bc low tier milk

saw your comment about her contour, I'm a hue makeup fag
this isn't good, this isn't even mediocre it's something of Venus' same level which is bad and shitty

No. 88027

Are you all genuinely retarded?
No one said it was good or even acceptable, just that its not a big dark smeary drawn on facial feature like the other anon implied.

Jfc you guys are reaching.

No. 88029


Wtf is this?

>Emilys make up is bad but not as bad as embers!

Stop comparing them, neither girls know how to do their make up or behave appropriately on the internet. It isn't a competition of whose the lulzyist cow. All milk is accepted, it just doesn't matter who tf it is. This is like saying person's shit doesn't smell as bad as another's. Seriously, no one cares.

No. 88033

The entire thread exists to pick apart and compare these mastitis-ridden heifers. Why would I not compare some makeup when retard anons shitpost their personal vendettas like anyone cares either?

Trying to determine 'acceptable' bitching from 'unacceptable' bitching is like filtering out the better turds at the sewage plant.
Enjoy your shit-sorting anon.

No. 88034

>Seriously, no one cares.

It's all bad, you're the one shifting, comparing turds.

No. 88044

Yeah righto mate.
Quit crying cause I posted about her makeup and contribute something other than your saltiness.

Anyway, any guesses as to why she's not posted for two days? Is she preparing another fake IP trip? I know he was making some big deal out of a GP visit not long ago.

No. 88045

File: 1454294998913.gif (2.02 MB, 500x281, Stupid-You-sound-stupid-GIF.gi…)

No. 88052

You guys seriously need to stop sperging out on each other over stupid shit.

Pls post more screeners of the fat black girl

No. 88057

I'm trying to anon I swear.

Holy shit that highbulimic chick is nuts.
I'm starting to wonder if she has some kind of genuine dysmorphia. How old is she btw?

No. 88061

Seventeen. Just realized (sadly) that she disabled her old ask.fm; that was a goldmine when I was looking through it.

No. 88062

17 i think?

No. 88063

wearing makeup doesn't mean you're insecure you fucking idiot

No. 88064

Holy shit I didn't realize she was that young. She looks heaps older.

Being that big at such a young age is kinda sad. Her poor organs.

No. 88066

Are you seriously still carrying on about this shit anons? Jesus Henry Christ move on.

No. 88073

Did anyone else notice that Crying Emily is now claiming that she turned 17 on her last birthday? Didn't she turn 18? Did her mother allow her to be 17 for another year?

No. 88074

lmfao that would probably happen tbh

No. 88076

She turned 17

No. 88078

does anyone remember that wanorexic girl aylastruggles? or something like that

No. 88079

File: 1454300872410.jpeg (626.95 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Holy shit, she looks like a fat ugly pufferfish.

No. 88080

i am actually curious. how does someone get so heavy? like was she born like that or did someone like mcdonalds a little too much in their childhood?

No. 88081

File: 1454301153917.jpeg (650.52 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


there's too many pics of hers that look disgusting but here's some,

btw, "Dash" is a expensive clothing store (small items/clothing range from $50-$300) I'm not even sure what she got but, she has money. She's selfish for having to steal chargers that cost about $12? Really Sarah? Lmao

No. 88082

jesus christ her bikini bottoms look like theyre about to explode off her

No. 88083

File: 1454301578483.png (2.57 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)


They posted this a while ago, this is the only thing they wrote about their weight gain. She's talked about it before but never kept the posts up.

No. 88084

File: 1454301615964.jpeg (532.92 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 88085

That technicolour mass had made me queasy.

When I've watched tv progs about obese people they're either tubby kids who continue with a bad diet, or they have an accident where they become less active. I'm going with tubby kid.

No. 88087

File: 1454301979120.jpeg (45.16 KB, 360x270, image.jpeg)

Thanks anon!

I really hate that lip color she uses. She looks like a racist cartoon portrayal of black people.

No. 88088

On her old ask.fm, she said she was adopted with her siblings and that her family was pretty wealthy.

No. 88089

You can't just naturally be fat. The only way to get fat is to put in more energy than you use. CICO is simple physics.

Medications, genuine thyroid issues blah blah can put the CICO balance out a little, but its easily compensated for by a diet adjustment.

TL;DR someone ate too much maccas, yes.

No. 88090

That gut tucked into her pants tho.
As if nobody can see that its an enormous roll under the fabric.

No. 88091

File: 1454302139505.jpeg (460.97 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Also, I found this post and made me laugh. I'm not sure if some of her followers are dumb or if they want to just make Sarah feel better about herself instead of actually saying how fat she looks.

No. 88092

That gunt……. uggggghhhh

No. 88094

I don't see how participating would actually make her feel better. Like, aren't you just supposed to ignore that and say shit like, "it's not about the number, you look so good bb"???

No. 88095

i hate how sarah thinks everything bad aimed to her is 'racist'. newsflash, i think youre ghetto not because youre black, but because youre a fucking cocky, arrogant thief and weed smoking dumbass

No. 88096

Heh. One of those is Laura, she's always trying to make everyone feel better.

No. 88098


No. 88099

File: 1454303247942.png (32.15 KB, 655x623, well aren't you classy.png)

I think she's ghetto because she's trashy.

No. 88100

I see your point. I was just saying that their guessing was way off? (I know that her bio says her weight) but, I'm not sure if they've ever seen a 150-170lbs girl before and Sarah doesn't even come close to that weight nor looks like it.

I was just saying that they're telling Sarah that she looks smaller to make her feel better? Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

No. 88103

This >>88083 explains why her clothes don't fit her >>88084
I bet it's hard accepting gaining so much weight, but c'mon, AT LEAST buy some bigger panties.

No. 88104

Lol it does, but I was just saying that you don't talk numbers with sick people, so her followers actually guessing is retarded. And when someone is that visibly obese, why does the number even matter?

No. 88105

File: 1454303839591.jpg (48.06 KB, 704x509, 9oD6bVS.jpg)

Reading this makes me want to take a shower. That filthy crawling sensation that comes from reading something so absolutely disgusting you want to vicariously cleanse it.

No. 88106

File: 1454304103647.jpg (105.39 KB, 580x580, m_55a6a425c46d1f187a01dfa5.jpg)

Oh sweet lord I have that same Brandy Melville shirt and that shits supposed to fit like a baggy xs/s. It looks like its about to burst wide open on her.

No. 88110

THIS! Thank you! That is so fuckin nasty.I would be ashamed for ANYONE to see my legit dirty laundry but posting it online? That takes a special kind of funk-ass trashiness. vomit

No. 88112

Kek I was waitin for this! XD

No. 88114

I have the crop top, that's most likely what she's wearing

No. 88115

File: 1454304962101.jpeg (159.46 KB, 1118x1106, image.jpeg)

holy shit she literally looks so disgusting in this photo, christ.

No. 88118

File: 1454305629415.png (88.23 KB, 300x450, image.png)

No. 88119

she always brags about how long she fasts, and how much weight she lost like bitch ill believe it when i see it. oh, youre still morbidly obese? then i guess your fast didnt work too well eh?

No. 88120

Oh god I bet she's one of those morons who don't eat for a day, think THAT is starvation, and congratulate themselves on 'losing' a few pounds of piss and sweat.

She must make up for those 'fasts' with about 5000+ calories each time.

No. 88121

It's like the crossfit fatties that think if they lift a few pounds and sweat a little that they deserve to go to Waffle House after and eat 4000 calories #imathletic #myfattriggers

No. 88122



i bet that every time she looses .4lbs she rewards herself with a double cheeseburger from mcdonalds

No. 88123

you guys are all cunts.yall can go burn in hell, you fuckers

No. 88125

It's Mr. Popo!

No. 88126

Hi Mr. Popo! How is Kami doing

No. 88128

Your lives must be really pathetic if you feel the need to sit online and judge people that you've never even met. Who the fuck cares if someone photoshopped themselves? None of you are medical professionals so who are you to determine if someone has a mental illness or ED or not? Get a fucking life.

No. 88129

File: 1454306711485.jpeg (28.42 KB, 320x240, image.jpeg)

No. 88130

oh boohoo, shut up.

No. 88131

Well my darling idiot, we are the people who can someone doesn't have a mental illness that they diagnosed themselves and they also aren't medical professionals! Read a book, get off tumblr, and go make something of yourself

No. 88132

lol. Go read a book is a really poor insult coming from someone sitting on their computer trying to make themselves feel better by bullying random people.

No. 88133

not on my computer (: also a very intellectual college grad working 60 hours a week who enjoys image boards on her off time. Not going to toot my own horn here. Also, I wouldn't call stating true facts bullying.

No. 88135

well it looks like a white knight of highbulimic made a thread on mpa complaining about lolcow
get ready for ana chans

No. 88141

White knight or self knight?

No. 88142

The only people who ever feel the need to call themselves intellectual or particularly smart are pretentious highschool dropouts.

No. 88143

The dark knight?

No. 88145

omfg lmao

No. 88153

>not on my computer
>very intellectual college grad

Well you sound like an interesting person. Thanks for sharing.

No. 88154

File: 1454309931060.jpeg (660.51 KB, 1496x2419, image.jpeg)

Speaking of high school dropouts
Whann just posted on snapchat.

No. 88155


No. 88159

I love how all these cows say they're done with this site and we're all sad and they'll never come back here

But they all come craaaaaaaawling back

No. 88165

File: 1454311165996.png (8.52 KB, 649x154, so done.png)

No. 88166

Exactly. CryingEmily is the same. They can't stay away. They use what is posted about them here as a way of getting attention on IG and because their followers are on their side, they're seen as 'brave souls' standing up to the 'mean bullies'

No. 88174


She hasn't left up a post on IG for more than an hour or two in two days. It's like the calm before the storm…..

Guesses as to how she's going to try to portray her appointment today? "Rescheduling?" Fake admission? I feel like she's kind of backing herself into a corner with this one. If she goes down the route of trying to fake an admission, IP or residential is going to be a LOT harder for her to fake than partial treatment, especially since her real life friend fairys.sin has actually been to a place like that and knows how it goes in there

pops popcorn

No. 88177

She's still on this. So, she's going to play the idea that her doctors wanted her to go IP but they didn't have room for her so they told her to come back in a month. Bullshit if you were that bad you'd be under hospital care until they find a spot for you.

No. 88180

If she was in need of residential treatment or has been disordered as log as she says wouldn't she have physical symptoms?

Where are the posts about having dangerous hypotension, or even orthostatic hypotension, bradycardia, fainting or headaches.

Surely she'd milk the fuck out of anything like that if it happened.

No. 88182

She probably doesnt even know what these words mean…
Now watch her post about it lol

No. 88184

She talked about her organs failing somewhere last thread, iirc.

No. 88187

She might be trying to go for that "perfect ana girl" image where shes only thin and "pretty" (lol) and there are no sideeffects from anorexia…then she might throw in some "symptoms" for pity points and for people not to question if her ed is real
idk really

No. 88188

Lmao how embarrassing.
If you're gonna fake a disease wouldn't you take twenty minutes to learn about it?

I bet she'll make a post about how now that she's finally seen a GP he reveals that she's terribly ill and has all the things I mentioned in >>88180

No. 88193

File: 1454323914925.png (813.79 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_2016-02-01-05-47-44…)

Anyone else remember 5 months ago, when she bragged about refusing IP treatment and how "if I get worse", they're going to court order her into treatment.


I assume she will brag once again, about how she refused to get help, which is why she isn't going to an inpatient center after all haha.

No. 88194

Wow, I sure can't wait to see a dozen images of her flexing and tensing infront of medical equipment rolls eyes

No. 88197

Why is one of her arms fucking huge like Popeye.

No. 88199

It's the arm she uses to take selfies with, so it clearly gets an insane workout most days. Also, she has her other arm pulled back, at an angle, causing it to look slimmer lmao. Cheap tricks.

No. 88208

File: 1454331369216.png (1.91 MB, 2048x1966, PhotoGrid_1454331148491-1.png)

Wow look what I just found in the /cream/ lel

>Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.

^ ¿?¿?¿? Who did she impersonate?

No. 88221

Medical equipment, organ failure, faking hospital pics, all done by her friend xblueeyedbarbie. Now I see where she's getting the ideas from

No. 88228

She made a thread of Whismical by pretending to be her. She complimented Megan like crazy trying to make it look like a self post

No. 88229

this thread is full of pro-anas
where the weebs at

No. 88233

Well that's.. awkward. Why would anyone make a thread for themselves then make a thread for another person, where they make fun of them for self posting? Talk about deflecting.. jeez.

No. 88244

File: 1454341286341.png (1.05 MB, 2048x1238, PhotoGrid_1454341023284-1.png)

Ember just said "idk why everyone thinks I'm going to IP"… when 5 weeks ago, she stated that she was going February 1st to see if she will have to go to IP.

You're such a fucking idiot, Ember. We only think this because YOU SAID IT.

Also, no one thinks you're going into inpatient because you have to actually be sick to go. You're just a fat, proana, freeloader who is trying to use medical professional for bonus ana points on the internet.

No. 88250

Just wondering how many people here actually consider Ember to be fat?

No. 88251

shes doughy and out of shape. shes skinny, but soft. Make sense?

No. 88252

File: 1454342354749.gif (661.47 KB, 245x162, 1451148888005.gif)

No. 88255

File: 1454342463653.png (659.19 KB, 979x979, 1451050224452.png)

Ember needs to scroll through the old threads if she wants help keeping track of her lies.

No. 88256

File: 1454342531723.jpg (26.13 KB, 603x603, 145395824395.jpg)

hello anon

No. 88257

File: 1454342539639.jpg (122.33 KB, 535x539, 1444087005578.jpg)

She isn't fat but she is ridiculously out of shape lol In the gifs of her, you can see her stomach jiggle as she shifts.

No. 88258

Yeah I agree with that, I'm just kind of surprised to see people actually calling her fat. She's not as skinny as she pretends to be but I wouldn't consider her fat. Out of shape, yes. Skinny fat, yes. But not "fat".

No. 88261

fat isnt the right word. Shes just soft, marshmallow-y. skinny-fat is the term.

No. 88264

Hey guys, Emily C here, I wasn't even in my own house, that was my friends mirror in her apartment and she's in the middle of moving out. I don't see how there is anything wrong with me taking a simple mirror pic. No editing involved… Just a selfie.

No. 88266

Shut the fuck up, no one gives a fuck. We aren't even focusing on that anymore, you fat piece of shit.

No. 88267

i can promise you all this isnt Emily. Dont fall for bait you idiots.

No. 88269

Shut the fuck up, Emily.

No. 88272

not emily…………..

No. 88287

File: 1454346360131.png (409.52 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-02-01-17-04-01…)

Why do CryingEmily's selfies always seem to be taken from this angle and look like she uses a sheet as a back drop? She always seems to be in the coat too.

No. 88290

Isn't it winter in England right now? That seems like a decent reason to be wearing a coat all the time. Plus it makes the rest of her look smaller.

No. 88292

They don't have any heating system in England? That must suck.

No. 88293

File: 1454347337630.png (1.06 MB, 1836x1246, PhotoGrid_1454347178952-1.png)

Oh Ember was over exaggerating when she said that there wasn't enough room for her at the IP treatment center 5 weeks back and that's why she had to wait over 2 months to be admitted? Wow, I totally did not see that one coming.

No. 88294

Bet she thinks being cold burns more calories/earns more ana points for being cold malnourished blah blah hope she washes that coat! Wears it enough

No. 88330

We have central heating, yknow. If you're a poorfag you can use a portable heater in one room like I do. We also have lots of winter wardrobe like sweaters seeing how we only get a week of Summer.

No. 88334

File: 1454354953625.jpg (74.14 KB, 720x1048, PicsArt_02-01-08.21.15.jpg)

'Passed out and in so much pain'

makes a video where she looks okay

No. 88336

So, how long until her appointment? (I'm from Europe, timezones and shit)
Also did anyone notice how she gains almost 1k followers per week?

No. 88341

New York is GMT -5, so it's nearly 3pm there.

No. 88343

its been nearly an hour, but considering shes going to a university hospital it could take a while.

No. 88353

Why are you guys talking like shit is even happening? She's not at any hospital. She's too stupid to mention real AN side effects, what makes you think this dumbass is going to account for the time it takes to be at an appointment?

No. 88354

shes positng pics on snapchat at a hospital……..

No. 88355

We just want to know what her excuse will be this time, chill, no one believes her anything anyway

No. 88356

My bad. Got any screenies?
Why are you so sensitive……

No. 88357

I'm not? oh well my bad I guess

No. 88358

Because its fun to watch her react to it.
How many symptoms do you think she's gonna try sneaking in since it was brought up she doesn't have any?

If you let her go she gets deeper into her weird little world of lies and results in tasty milk.

Why u so upset anon?

No. 88363

She's trying SO HARD hahah. Like 4 snapchats of different hospital rooms with the 'Rochester' filter over the top. Might as well be one of those cunts who checks in on FB at the hospital

No. 88365

Anyone that could post some pics here?

No. 88366

Imagine if she had to get her appendix out or something?

Like, according to her social media I guarantee she'd claim it was booerhaves/Mallory-Weiss tear, or a necrotic colon or something drastic and ED related.

Imagine how much she must freak the fuck out over someone going through her phone and finding her "bodychecks" and ED themed accounts.

No. 88369

I seriously don't understand what part of that makes me sound upset, (strong language?) but I'm not.

Had there been context (mention of her snapping at a hospital), I wouldn't have asked about why anons are speculating such things.

No. 88371

i just cant wait to see the pictures of all the scales and jars of cotton balls and other doctor office shit. cant wait to see her vague posts that never answer any questions. also, nobody commented on her latest post?? which is weird bc all her pics get at least 10 (fake) comments

No. 88372

Hey Ember, how's your sister's hospital appointment going?

No. 88373

Please be pregnant, please be pregnant

No. 88376

Ugh no way!
Child welfare is overburdened as it is.

Plus shouldn't she be too emaciated and sick for her reproductive system to be functioning? Unless she forgot about amenorrhea that is.

No. 88377

But will she take her own snaps or jut steal them from google again lel

No. 88380

She's probably getting one of those contraception implants done. Amazing how fertile she must be if she needs birth control when she's been anorexic since she was 9.

No. 88381

actually im thinking youre right with that.

No. 88383

She probably is jut getting implanon or an IUD.
That or a regular Pap smear or STD screen.

No. 88384

You don't need hospital setting for that? Plus, those take like 10/15 minutes top to put in.

No. 88385

you can still get pregnant when you're underweight and you have stopped getting your period..

No. 88386

File: 1454363630217.jpg (20.32 KB, 703x393, r4q1gawgmeoeglkuync6.jpg)

No. 88387

She had the word CLINIC on her reminder for the day.

No. 88388

Yeah, it's possible but its less likely, and there's more chance of spontaneous abortion.

Plus this is someone who has claimed to be severely anoretic since she was pre-pubertal and in the early stages of multiple organ failure. If as was as sick as she pretends she wouldn't be fertile, I doubt she'd have ever started menses at all.

No. 88389

GP clinic?

No. 88390

Good point, although I wouldn't be surprised if she claims to be going to a hospital or specialist clinic when she's just going to a regular MD for a flu shot.

No. 88393

Ember just posted a picture on snapchat of her nutrition plan. it said 1200 calories a day. that doesnt seem right.

No. 88395

wtf bet she found that shit somewhere online again. its way too low for her

btw can anyone post pics??

No. 88398

Holy shit its literal confirmation sea faking it. No body with restrictive eating habits is gonna get given a 1200 calorie diet.
At her size that would be maintenance calories because she's sedentary.

No. 88399

That's a weight loss diet sheet, heh.

No. 88400

whats embers snapshat? couldnt find it on her instagram

No. 88401


No. 88405

File: 1454365939352.png (154.5 KB, 648x424, Untitled.png)

LOL Ember's doctor literally wants her to LOSE weight. How triggering this must for her lmfao.

No. 88406

Is she dumb (rhetorical)

She KNOWS 1200 is a weight loss number, 1000 even is considered high end restriction.

No. 88407

Can someone PLEASE post a photo of this?

No. 88408

Yup. I lost weight on that amount (sensible dieting, yo) and I'm sedentary. Lost the weight in a short space of time.

No. 88409

File: 1454366177380.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-01-23-29-29…)

Pics incoming

No. 88410

File: 1454366196395.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-01-23-30-32…)

No. 88411

File: 1454366208295.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-01-23-29-31…)

No. 88412

File: 1454366211555.png (768.07 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This is clearly ducking photoshopped

No. 88414

File: 1454366269352.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-01-23-23-26…)

She's probably gonna say that they put her on 1200kcal to "ease her into it" or something. If she was as underweight as she claims, weight restoration would be a huge priority and they wouldn't put her on this.

No. 88415

Ew. That place looks scuzzy.

No. 88416

File: 1454366351306.png (834.93 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I mean look at the fucking difference

No. 88417

Printed off the interwebs.

No. 88418

Same, I wouldn't be surprised if her bmr was around 1200 and I doubt her TDEE is anything much.
She will maintain her weight or lose a couple pounds.

Will her excuse be 'refeeding syndrome abloo bloo blah' or is it a part of her 'refusal to go IP abloo bloo'

No. 88420

>Sample meal plan

How much you wanna bet she just snagged that from some drawl she rummaged through whenever the doctor left her alone in the patient room?

No. 88422


No. 88424

No. 88425

Pretty sure it's one of those plans for diabetic patients

No. 88427

I am so proud of Ember for actually trying to lose weight in a healthy fashion for once.

No. 88428

Right? You'd think meal plans were personalized.

No. 88430


No. 88431

>2 oz ham

Uhhh what happened to her being a pescetarian? You would think a die hard animal rights activist would be upset that doctors are forcing her to eat HAM?

No. 88433

Underneath the 1200 sample plan there appears to be a 1500 calorie meal plan as well.
I bet she's asking her GP about a diet so she can lose weight and stop having to edit for asspats.

No. 88434


don´t want to whiteknight anybody, but, most often they´ll give already printed meal plans to you and discuss it with you. maybe add smthg with pencils or stuff
and you can choose from a "pool" of options. thats my experience.

but suspicious though

No. 88435

Spaghetti bolognese and pizza happened.

No. 88438

Tal, please stop self posting. You're genuinely fucking emaciated and I'm fairly sure no one is actually accusing you of photoshopping.

No. 88439

File: 1454367782659.jpg (120.11 KB, 531x619, IMG_20160201_165559.jpg)

She asked her doc for a meal plan where she doesn't have to exercise and can still loose weight since she's on the highest end of normal BMI. Fucking dough boy. The first step is admitting you have a problem so good job

No. 88440

Kek, none of the kids she's groomed on IG even care enough to ask her how the appointment went.

No. 88441

Yeah no she's not on the "highest end" of a normal BMI. She just printed whatever meal plan she first found on google because she's legit retarded.

No. 88442

I'm from England and i don't know if our hospitals work differently but in the way our units work is we start off at 1,200 calories, get weighed weekly until the weight stops going up. then our meal plans is increased by 300 calories so the next step is 1,500 which is still meant to make you gain weight and the meal plans go up to 4,000 calories.

If that's what Ember is doing, she is going to have to come back for weekly or bi-weekly weigh-ins.. which she won't do since she isn't underweight or in desperate need of gaining weight.

The outcome here is she either actually gains more weight or she doesn't and prove this whole ordeal was nothing but a "ooh look at me!! look at me!!" charade. I'll go ahead and bet that she'll post some close up of her thighs or an overly contrasted image of her chest within a week.

No. 88443

File: 1454368314004.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-02-00-09-05…)

No. 88444

File: 1454368325484.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-02-00-09-11…)

No. 88445

File: 1454368382441.png (522.19 KB, 2780x1626, Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.08…)

ember posted the name and location of her therapist on snapchat…. just sayin

No. 88446

Then her doctor is incompetent as fuck, she doesn't need to lose weight. She needs to lose fat, but gain muscle. Very, very hard to do on a restrictive diet.

No. 88447

Why are they keeping her in the children's department?

No. 88448

Lmfao when you see her drink her precious Starbucks 24/7 you'd say she'd easily have 1200 calories for intake already. Plus all the oily greasy nasty shit on her food diary.

No. 88449

Yassssss I can't wait for her to gain weight, this is amazing.

No. 88450

She's mentally incompetent

No. 88451

Who's insurance do you think is paying for all these hospital trips? Mommy, of course lol.

No. 88453

Fuck do I love being right.

Tbh I doubt she's eating less than 1500-1800 calories a day, I mean look at the sugary cream topped Starbucks shit and the munchy shit her bf cooks.

No. 88454

File: 1454369335766.jpg (22.63 KB, 337x233, image.jpg)


No. 88456

her therapist place doesnt treat ED's or anything, but they do have HIV treatment and such….

No. 88458

They must have decided against the IV, the "tube" and admitting her after she had to wait a month for a bed.
This fat ass just asked for some copies of meal plans at the check out desk after getting her vagina vacuumed and cleaned out

No. 88459

But there's a subcategory for mental health.

No. 88461

yes but if you read through it, its mostly for DV victims and other mental health issues like that. none for anorexia.

No. 88463

She probably printed it and marked it herself, took the sheet from the hospital somewhere or she was referred there for behavioral problems. I think the website says something about learning disorders as well? Maybe that

No. 88469

File: 1454372669589.png (161.27 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

If you look up the address on the business card she snap chatted it says it's a urologist…

No. 88470

Samefag… She deleted the snap of the card before I could get a screen cap lol

No. 88471

i was the one who said yeast infection!! i was right! lmao

No. 88473

All along I knew it'd be a gynae/UTI thing. That pic where she was wearing a gown, she'd probably just had her badge examined. Persistent thrush or cystitis. Maybe problems related to her birth control device.

No. 88475

VADGE* lol

No. 88476

She's probably just gone in with a UTI or something and then printed off some sample meal plans.

No. 88478

It's all backwards.
She has multiple plans because the bitch needs to loose weight. Starting with 2500 calories a day will be hard enough for her, wait till she gets down to 1200 and has to get an overnight tube to magically fix all her problems from starving to dead kek

No. 88480

No. 88481

My GP would do that. If I said I wanted to lose weight, he'd hand out some weight loss sheets. If I said I wanted to gain, he'd do the same. It wouldn't take much bullshit to get some diet sheets.

No. 88482

Wasn't she complaining about the depo shot? Or the IUD?

I can't remember which, but obviously it's related to these visits

No. 88485

She doesn't need to lose weight lol.
She needs to gain some muscle and tone up so she isn't so soft and unfit. Its not like she's overweight.
Her bmi is probably 19-22

No. 88488

File: 1454374911699.jpg (95.31 KB, 1064x657, flashback.JPG)

No. 88489

The white bar's covering where it says TWO MONTHS AGO

No. 88495

4 pounds? In months? Ahahaha smdh.
Does she not know that most people's weight will fluctuate that much in days?

Its fucking water.

No. 88504

I assume it's just some of the anas who shes linked here and subsequently had a falling out with. Calling someone fat is like dropping the n-bomb to anas. Especially when there are so many creamier traits to rag on.

No. 88545

why doesn't ember have an entire instagram dedicated to her lying ass? it would be so helpful

No. 88550

She at least needs a spreadsheet to keep track of her stories so she doesn't get mixed up again.

No. 88567


Wrong. I live in Rochester and the ENTIRE hospital's address is listed as 601 Elmwood Ave, so yeah, there's a urologist there, along with every other specialty as well

No. 88568

File: 1454388009489.png (158.72 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


Dropped pic, my bad

No. 88569

File: 1454388215406.png (192.39 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


Yeah, it looks to just be a general mental health clinic, which is odd because you usually get sent to a therapist that knows about EDs and treats patients with them specifically. There is no shortage of those kinds of therapists in Rochester, so the fact that the general clinic is where she's being sent reveals a lot

No. 88571

Are all of you on your periods or did you starve yourself and just salty?

No. 88579

Almost a full sentence, good for you!

No. 88598

They tried, and that's what matters. Poor thing.

No. 88604

If she took out the plug, got rid of the lip piercing, stopped shopping her pics, let her hair grow out long she'd look better.

No. 88616

File: 1454402019528.jpeg (336.99 KB, 1125x1900, image.jpeg)

the entire caption that she posted is so idiotic.

Sarah, stop fasting. Stop b/p. Stop binge eating after you fast. Eat fucking healthy food and work out. Of course no one is going to see a difference since you're doing it the unhealthy way. We can barely see a difference. Stop being a big fat baby and do something about this. Go get help or soemtjing. You could've lost more than 30 pounds if you just did it the healthy way, Jesus Christ.

No. 88620

>eats fast food
>doesn't know how she's still obese
Is she for real or….. :^ )

No. 88621

Kek how stupid is this fat fuck?
Shittig water for a few hours its gonna burn of such a nasty, calorie dense meal.
You wanna lose weight but you eat FRIES?!

How stupid are obeasts? Like does fat eventually impair cognitive ability?

No. 88622

What is grapes?
How does jogging?

No. 88623

I'm gonna say yes. I'm from California and even in our shitty districts we are taught this basic shit.
You can tell that she's not even dedicated to w/e the hell she is calling "fasting"/"starving". Laxatives don't make you lose fat retard, just poop and water which will inevitably come back.

No. 88624

She's so tough but not in a ghetto way ya know?

No. 88634

File: 1454406667690.png (621.18 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This is why mentally fucked up people shouldn't have children. Of course you've gained weight you're ducking pregnant

No. 88635

File: 1454406733041.jpeg (179.76 KB, 750x1099, image.jpeg)


No. 88639

If you're not willing to get your shit together, you don't have any right to have a child. No matter how much anyone cries about 'muh feminism, muh body policing REEEE' that child has the right to be raised by someone who isn't a self destructive fuckup. >>88635

No. 88640

File: 1454408168502.jpeg (201.12 KB, 750x1168, image.jpeg)

>get back to being me
You mean back to Photoshopping all of your " body check " to look thinner than you are

No. 88647

No. 88658

No. 88660


Ha. It's just a fucking walk-in clinic.

No. 88678

Having anorexia and being pregnant is fucking difficult but you get your shit together FOR YOUR KID. Yeah it's difficult but don't be a selfish fucking idiot.

No. 88694

File: 1454428336274.jpg (152.35 KB, 534x849, IMG_20160202_095019.jpg)

She's not going to make it to her next birthday JFC

No. 88722

File: 1454433333330.png (1.24 MB, 2048x1160, PhotoGrid_1454433280293-1.png)