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File: 1501126565544.jpg (59.62 KB, 500x500, IMG_7336.JPG)

No. 361368

Old thread is close to the limit, so carrying over to a new thread to discuss ana queens, proana wannarexics, and attention whores, such Alexys (jonzie08) and Ariana (arianamagro)

Remember not to discuss:


Or anyone associated with those people, unless you want this thread banned.

If linking someone unfamiliar, post clear reasons why you think they are a snowflake, or you may be banned.

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See also:

-Ashley Isaac (skeletor extraordinaire)

-Paris Melody Raven (dancing, donut-eating? kween)

-Aly_realrecover (whiny former ana queen now "in recovery")

-The Fit Vegan Ginger (recently created the worst cook book know to man, but starting to look a bit better herself)

No. 361392

File: 1501129775328.jpg (168.72 KB, 1864x657, Capture.JPG)

isn't it against the rules to just post a pro ana thread?

No. 361405

File: 1501131304766.gif (8.58 MB, 380x380, paris1.gif)

No. 361407

File: 1501131467242.gif (11.1 MB, 320x320, paris2-gangstaassnigga.gif)

No. 361409

File: 1501131686467.gif (16.37 MB, 320x320, paris3.gif)

No. 361411

File: 1501131859905.gif (13.62 MB, 320x320, paris4.gif)

No. 361415

File: 1501132392970.gif (6.47 MB, 320x320, paris5.gif)

Last one for now. Enjoy, my little warriors.

No. 361416

Silly faggot, we got permission threads ago.

No. 361417


AAAAAAAAAAAGH she is a rage-inducing level of punchable! I can't. I just can't.

No. 361533

i dont know why i cant look away. i hate it so much…but i cant look away.

No. 362109

File: 1501226286140.jpg (123.62 KB, 586x852, fatty.jpg)

news from Bella/thane_of_windhelm! She´s surprisingly still alive and non-surprisingly very struggling etc

>applies for a job at Starbucks, does not get it, copes with drinking alcohol and self hate rants

>starvation + extra running
>"So tired. So hungry thirsty and annoyed. All my muscles hurt"
>mentions "at home hospitalization" once but never again
>names and shames a follower for "triggering comments"
>"guess mah weight"

No. 362114

*"copes by", sry

No. 362120

File: 1501229180579.png (134.52 KB, 750x475, IMG_1558.PNG)

Bella doesn't have enough visceral fat to hold her bowels in place so they're twisting and obstructing. Ew.

No. 362147


this bitch's eyebrows trigger me

No. 362161


It's common for severe anorexics like her to piss and shit themselves. They lose all control.

No. 362163

She looks physically uncomfortable here
Like the vom is coming but she still needs to force the chocolate down on cam

No. 362174

Wonder how long until she's the next Ashley and moves into a recliner wearing depends. she'll be the replacement mrs skeltal once ash runs out of cockroach power.

No. 362180

File: 1501239877754.png (Spoiler Image, 47.53 KB, 750x527, IMG_1560.PNG)

Another charmer, posting vomit videos.

No. 362192

This can straight up kill you. If your bowel twists it can obstruct the blood flowing, the piece of intestine dies and voila, sepsis. Someone section this girl because her mum is clearly either stupid as shit or an enabler if she thinks her daughter is even remotely well enough to recover at home. Any parent with a scrap of sense doesn't go "oh my poor widdle daughter will suffer too much in hospital, better replicate the conditions here" (and to hell with my lack of medical expertise, her clearly failing body and the fact she'll puke up every meal I give et behind my back)

Saged for rage

No. 362359

Fun fact: Cow stomachs and bowels can also twist for the same reason when they're lactating due to the separation of the fat from the stomach bc of internal gas buildup.

No. 362386

She's really sick, I think she'll die soon sadly.

No. 362389

Yeah, I'm not sure medical intervention could save her at this point.

No. 362514

Can't help her if she doesn't want it. Another girl who was going to die dutchierecovering is finally being tube fed after losing while IP, because doctors are all about saving people.

No. 362522

It was sasiisadness who told her she looked 80lbs. Now her shitty followers are having a go at a woman who looks like she could drop dead at any second.

No. 362594

Omg that chick is nuts she sent me a dm full of umm less than friendly words after I unfollowed her ?(?)

No. 362720

in b4 ana-chan but I really would have guessed 80 for her height tbh and I'm not even sure she's not lying about being 60 at 5'8". Those people saying she looks 40 or whatever were just kissing her ass, although numbers lose meaning once you get below a certain point just like when you're trying to guess a super obese person's weight/bmi.

More importantly, what the fuck is the point of asking your followers to guess your weight? She was basically trapping them. I know she's sick blah blah but it's not like you can pretend there was a productive reason to pose that question and then engage with every answer.

Who messaged you for unfollowing? Thane, or sasii?

No. 362911

No. 362967

hmm that's interesting! I unfollowed her a couple of weeks ago and she never dm'd me but then again I had only lurked and my account isn't ED related so she probably didn't care about me lol

What did she say? I find her really interesting bc her family and culture seem really different to all the American/Australian/European ana girls. But unfollowed bc she's so evasive and depressing oops

No. 362986

File: 1501346252854.png (154.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7279.PNG)


God, fuck her honestly. Like don't even ask if you only want a certain answer and are gonna throw a little tantrum if you don't get it. Plus if she wants to act like she's been ~triggered~, she said in reply to sasiisadness "am I really that fat?" (Pic related).
Great way to tell all your anorexic underweight followers that 80lbs is fat, kek

No. 363042

how is she 60lbs and not death tier skelly like Ash? I mean, Bella looks extremely underweight but not as crazy skelly as Ash or Eugenia.

No. 363048

File: 1501357404460.jpg (93.82 KB, 432x536, tow.jpg)

is it actually common for American nutritionists to refuse working with ~severely underweight~ anorexics?

No. 363058

Yes, because if something happens to that patient, the nutritionist or even dietician is liable. If someone is that sick they will usually need to do an inpatient treatment program to be medically cleared to be treated as an outpatient.

No. 363062

She probably hates hospitals because they made her eat or at least gain weight in some way. Too bad you can't actually sue someone for trying to save your life. She just doesn't want to get better.

No. 363066

Bella lost weight quicker and therefore still has muscle

No. 363179

Yeah idk where she lives but in the UK most outpatient dieticians refuse to work with patients who have BMIs below 15-15.5 for liability reasons (as that is generally considered the point at which people start to become more severely medically compromised)

No. 363183

dont forget it also v much depends on height
60lbs, though still incredibly underweight regardless of height, looks totally different on someone who is 5'3 than on someone who is 5'8

sage for samefagging

No. 363186

And bone density and levels of hydration and I'm sure other things. The same weight can look incredibly different on different people.

No. 363353

oh ok thanks for explaining, anon! Makes sense.

No. 363826

I actually talk to Bella on a regular basis. While she is a sweet girl all she does is complain about how horrible she's doing and refuses to take any advice on how to help herself, to the point that its borderline infuriating. Like, she's back to her lowest weight, only eating 100-300 calories a day and exercises it all off. How she's still alive is beyond me.

No. 363870

How the fuck do you stand talking to her? Ugh I'd be sledge hammering myself.

No. 364035


shes also like 21 so no one can force her in.

No. 364036

File: 1501520282988.jpg (175.39 KB, 1440x2960, gBS5zRG.jpg)

sage because its not that big.

its like shes trying to leave her house just so doesnt have to gain weight.

No. 364260


I was pretty fucking close which i why I've been talking to her less and less. Its honestly fucking infuriating and tiggering to hear her talk about actively starving herself, freak out about having an extra 20 calories and ignore advice while asking for it

No. 364291

>Should I move out?

No, she shouldn't. Her unsuspecting future roommate doesn't need to find her corpse on the couch one day.

No. 364293

Fucking this.

No. 364301

File: 1501553380091.png (Spoiler Image, 667.34 KB, 933x590, wtf.png)

Is that her inner labia?

No. 364303

That would be scary. But it's not, her underwear is loose and "hanging".

No. 364348

yeah, i'm similarly dubious about her being 60 pounds. everyone's weight is distributed differently, but for example there's that episode of intervention with that girl kaila who was also 5'8 and 80 pounds and she looked fairly close to ashley tier spooky skeleton. taller girls can weigh more than shorter ana-chans while still looking quite ill.

No. 364373

You cannot have a pro-ana thread and not make Eugenia Cooney the Queen of it.

As Kiki was to Myspace Eugenia Cooney is to Anorexia.

No. 364385

No. Fuck off about Eugenia Cooney.

No. 364407

File: 1501567598050.jpg (134.42 KB, 1440x2358, T8TzKcZ.jpg)


this is from january. considering how shes been eating i wouldnt doubt she actually weighs 60lbs. she has quite a few pics of her torso and the more recent ones look super veiny in comparison to before.

No. 364410


No thanks.

No. 364415

Why? Are you denying she is anorexic?

No. 364442

No, she's just extremely boring. We've been over this many times, lurk moar and learn to sage.

No. 364461

How do you see anything that resembles inner labia here?! Sorry but are you retarded

No. 364519

Not quoted anon, but i saw it too. Took a while to understand how loose her underwear was

No. 364924

File: 1501637870563.png (104.72 KB, 629x1017, IMG_6222.PNG)

Is this not the creepiest thing ever?!

No. 364980

File: 1501645912056.png (Spoiler Image, 50.66 KB, 300x300, IMG_1891.PNG)

not anymore D:

No. 364992

Yeah show off as many bones as possible. She's one of the absolute worst people out there.

No. 365036

Who is she?

Fuck all these ~ana~ bitches who suck in their cheeks to the point of duckface, flex muscles to make bones more prominent and use lighting tricks to look thinner.

No. 365271

I read that as "I'm pooping" and with the pose it makes sense.

No. 365522


She looks like she's shat her panties.

No. 365535


Her name's Bekah Georgy, and she is one of the biggest pieces of shit on the planet. Has been to (and gotten kicked out of) nearly every treatment center in the US, and is currently living in a nursing home because no treatment facility will take her. She claims to have POTS and severe gastroparesis, but those symptoms can be the same as having when someone has a severe eating disorder. She also recently jumped on the EDS bandwagon and wrangled herself a picc line, but still manages to get out and go hiking (like 3 or 4 months ago she apparently couldn't walk because of her severe EDS, but all of a sudden could dance/hike/etc.). She got kicked out from one treatment center after being caught not only purging through her tube, but teaching younger girls how to do so as well. She has collected money from many people over the years to go to treatment, but refuses to recover, and almost always got kicked out for noncompliance. Her personal instagram has all her EDS/speschel spoonie snowflake shit on it, but she has a secret proana IG as well (no screenshots from me because she's private and I refuse to follow her). She's rude and mean, and lies and manipulates people to get what she wants, while trying to get as much sympathy and attention as possible.

No. 365694

File: 1501733494217.png (598.27 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6227.PNG)

This is her latest gofuckme I cant believe anyone donated ugh idiot! She posted it yesterday again in fb and said please don't tell my family im asking. Piece of shit.

No. 365700

File: 1501733752727.png (116.99 KB, 640x778, IMG_6228.PNG)

This is her cover photo. Attention seeking bitch. She complains if anyone tries to say anything about it being unhealthy or that the shouldn't post it, says she's being bullied etc….She claims to be a nanny but no one wants her. She posts pics of the kids she used to nanny on fb. She is pure scum.

No. 365807

OMG. She sounds like a total fucking bitch! That pic is blatant thinspo and she is awful to post that fam's kid/s without permission!

No. 366276

She probably doesn't want her family to know because she doesn't want to recover (she lives off the attention she gets from being sick), and this way she gets free money as she has no intention of actually using treatment, if she was even planning on going in the first place. No treatment center will take her, since she's a horrible influence on other patients and a waste of a bed.

No. 366278

She says the nursing home can't handle her chronic illness, which she doesn't have. They're all symptoms of her years of severe anorexia and bulimia, which the nursing home can't treat without her being willing.

No. 366310


The the fs wrong with her are her head….except and any harm anorexia has caused.

No. 366503

On IG Paris has been posting the same thing for years- now she has suddenly stopped- maybe she did die?

No. 366526

File: 1501863964410.png (114.34 KB, 640x829, IMG_4395.PNG)

Nope she's alive! She replied to a comment yesterday

No. 366535

File: 1501864905420.png (316.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170804-174059.png)

She posted on Twitter 12 hours ago.

No. 366552


"Quick take a photo while I bend over and suck in. Make sure you capture every rib."

No. 366810


She needs a feeding tube for her sooper speschel gastroparesis, but in her pictures she's never actually using it, and if she does sometimes, she's barely running anything through it. She doesn't have physical illness, she's a manipulative anorexic who wants an excuse for staying sick, and who's also a huge attention whore

No. 366906

File: 1501917867459.jpg (12.48 KB, 300x168, exited.jpg)

dat comment
>when i eat i […] re watch every video of you dancing & eating & i "dance" & eat right along

oh pweeaase I´d love a video of that

No. 367984

File: 1502065419042.png (189.65 KB, 377x331, PS3z0Qg.png)

Has Shanny Haskell (Educating Shanny on Youtube and Instagram) been discussed yet? Crazy woman in her mid-30s, no teeth after years of bulimia. Claimed she was "almost recovered" and did a GoFundMe for dentures. Now that she has them, she is ruining her gums by B/Ping multiple times a week and claiming it's a "normal part of recovery." She uses angles to make it look like she's just slightly chunky, but recent footage from a meet-up revealed that she is definitely on the lower end of obese (and yes, of course she claims anorexia as one of her EDs though there is no evidence of her every being overweight).

Bonuses: Mormonism, emotional maturity of a 19-year-old (which is around when she got married - I'm sorry - "sealed"), never worked a real job. Spends all her money on the LDS church, a home way too big for two people, and a bunch of random knick knacks, so she has no money for professional help.

No. 367991

Well, it's not like she's really romanticizing eds. . .imo
She at least shows at the ugliness to it. . . but I haven't been updated on her for a bit

I think you have to spend most of your money to the LDS church, for tithing or whatever to be Mormon bs

No. 367994

Someone made a thread.

No. 367996


Yeah, she's definitely not romanticizing EDs so much as romanticizing recovery by hiding her massive weight gain, normalizing recovery without professional help, flaunting how she forces her husband to cater to her hand and foot because she's "struggling," etc.

No. 368298

It says a lot that Paris has a snowflake emoji after her twitter name.

No. 368383

I can see what you mean with the last two, although just from memory she does mention her weight gain, it's not like she hid it completely.

To me, she just shows how sick she is/EDs can make you, especially with no help. Considering she keeps having replases.

No. 370085

File: 1502384580211.png (262.51 KB, 900x638, bekah1.png)

No. 370086

File: 1502384598789.png (830.27 KB, 900x676, bekah2.png)

No. 370090


Just tape the tube to your stomach like normal people do.

No. 370119

damn look at her sucking them cheeks in shes not even being discreet about it look at her mouth/lips

No. 370283

She's such a rude bitch, wow. It doesn't hurt having a gj tube at all, except hers might since she constantly purges out of it. She's a piece of work, and is obviously attention seeking, and I don't understand how anyone still supports her. Everything she does is for attention, including her made-up illnesses, and sadly attention whores like her will never get better. I just feel sorry for all the people she's manipulating.

No. 370440

HOLLY SHIT Ashley aka the ghost is in a relationsship?? She just posted a pic of herself and her….bf???

No. 370453

File: 1502436091270.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-08-11-03-18-16…)

Grabbed a screenshot for you

No. 370500

So… Anyone else immediately think he looks sort of Aryan and wonder if this is some sick Nazi version of a dd/lg relationship? Like they role play sexy times at Auschwitz after he gets her striped pajamas from the infant section at Target? I can't see why else any human being would be down with that mess unless it was an uncontrollable fetish.

May their true love last as long as her barely beating heart and what's left of her teeth.

No. 370543

b-because he's probably white and has a snow filter that makes it look like he has light eyes? Incredible.

No. 370562

File: 1502460743107.jpg (24.26 KB, 718x545, kiwifarms.jpg)

I've heard he's got an Auschwitz tattoo and she posted this on tumblr.

No. 370581

>yfw even Ash has an easier time finding a non-deformed looking bf than you

No. 371314

She's like doctor octopus with all those tubes

No. 371392

The sickly make up, the faces, who chases that ~Walmart meth addict chic~ ? It's gross. Just, gross. Not spechul, ana goddess, just… gross.

No. 373535

I was expecting this board to go crazier over the fact Ashley has a boyfriend. I can't but wonder what he sees in her, unless he has a skeleton fetish (which is probable). She seems cranky all the time and can't have much energy to do anything.

I feel sorry for Bella for some reason, even if she often seeks attention. Also she looks skinnier/bonier than Eugenia to me, look at the nude pics she has posted.

No. 373536

I'm hoping that he sees himself as the one to help and ~fix~ her and what little charm is left of her personality really appeals to his nurturing side. Usually this type of attraction is more common in women but it's not impossible for a guy.

Because it's that or a skelly/extreme vulnerability fetish lol

No. 373539

This isn't the Ashley thread.

No. 373548

Is the ashley thread secret somehow? I could only find it by googling it and I see that it has unsaged posts made a second ago but it's nowhere to be found on the first /snow/ pages. Maybe a lot of people don't know there's an ashley thread

No. 373563

Admin put it on autosage because there is no milk. Everyone knows about the Ash thread unless they're a newfag that needs to lurk moar. Ash is the whole reason we even talk about anachans here.


No. 377681

File: 1503462693069.png (711.17 KB, 939x596, Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 22.2…)

Bekah is all butt-hurt that someone called out her shit again. She posted about wearing clothes from the kid section and someone ripped her for it. But they're "bullying" her. Poor thing.

No. 377684


This is gold people. PURE GOLD. Check out this mock IG of Bekah.


No. 377687

fuck off

No. 377845

These posts and every post about bekah read like self posts. Stop trying to make bekah happen

No. 377966

Thank you for this

No. 381935

File: 1503961605857.png (665.07 KB, 1263x1488, IMG_4398.PNG)

So Crying Emily is pregnant, she posted a few body checks before this post talking about how fat she is going to get, but
Knows she'll lose it all after the baby is born, if it even makes it that far. As a mother it drives me nuts to see mentally ill kids having kids well before they are recovered enough not to relapse as soon as the child is born. Or pic up old bad habits. Either way This kid isn't born yet & I already feel terrible for it.

No. 381987

I feel you, fellow momanon. Luckily, the baby will get most of the nutrients as long as she's eating something.

No. 383669

File: 1504177205436.jpg (133.53 KB, 720x1280, 8BEjwWz2.jpg)

Idk if this chick is of any interest but there's not enough on her for her own thread, plus she's really only known for her anorexic baiting. Alisa Bishop aka Rocksy. Popular russian cosplayer with a patreon and most people are certain she's anorexic. She's 5'0 and 79 lbs (ideal weight should be around 105 lbs). Used to use a lot of skinny based hashtags. Posts "fanservice cosplay". Photoshops like crazy. Denies she's sick. If she's not milky enough, it's fine, I'll delete the post. I'm just amazed she denies being anorexic…

No. 383670

No. 384141

used to be IRL friends with her, and i gotta say that she surely was tiny back in 2013, but now she looks even thinner than before. Or its just some photoshop, idk. Though she always said that she is thin because of her parents, working out, healthy food and such.

Sorry for bad English meme. jpg

No. 384531

she has a thread on PULL where it shows some older posts and she is an ana-chan if i've ever seen one. i think now she tries to hide it and play it off as ~*im naturally this skinny see haha guys i EAT*~~~~~~

No. 384802

File: 1505104603648.png (785.74 KB, 601x601, pedopedopedobait.png)

Wow I looked through all her profiles and can't find her age anywhere. Alarming considering she specializes in fanservice and lewd cosplays….

Yes she definitely reeks of pedobait. She's a living breathing dainty little loli and you can buy her lewds. Gross.

No. 384803

File: 1505104661627.png (Spoiler Image, 403.14 KB, 480x599, thoseribsthoughyikes.png)

>>Totally not anorexic, guys
>>Those ribs and that thigh gap

No. 384805

File: 1505105001449.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.27 MB, 288x384, 0oo88aJ9Rq_ieuB8oM594.gif)

If she isn't over 18, her content would be very alarming, to say the least. But between her ~petite~ figure and overuse of the snow app and blur tool, it's really hard to tell her age.

No. 384823

She's 24

No. 384840

*25. :Р
Geez, i scrolled her pantreon and can't believe that she is all about pedobait now. I used to talk to her alot before we separated our ways. Basically just started talking less and less since she was…Kind of boring. All about that 'uguu i'm cute, like a princess from England lolidesu' acts even IRL. She just tried too hard to be kinda special.

Still though, im not sure if you'll even be able to find any milk about her since all she does is just posting photos w/o arguing and such, both with russians and forgeins (since the girl still can't really speak English well, its her bf or google translate who tries to help her). I used to find their couple pretty cute since of how diff those two were (when it came to looks, but eh. And in personality too, kind of. He was like a typical omega ~hyper introvert~ from 4chan and she just tried too hard to be a lolianimu girl. Now i just do realise that they both look kind of creepy. Looking at all of those tons of lewd photoshoots lately, i wont be surprised if they are into ABDL/DDLG stuff. Geez.)

No. 384842

…aaaand as far as i rememer, she really was much…Uh. Healthier, fatter, i don't know how to even call it here. Than she is now. Like really, she had a pretty healty-ish body, even though she did looked thin.

No. 384843

Would love to give the proofs, but she deleted her VK long time ago so people couldn't find her old photos.:\

No. 384845

Look at her face on the gif, you can easily tell that she is at least 20-21. At least from russian standarts.

No. 385015

No. 385042

OT but we're back on our normal board. Why are people still doing this blank posting shit? It doesn't make sense to do on this site and I keep seeing it on here.

No. 385088

She should really have professional help during pregnancy. Sage for blogging a bit, but when I was in treatment a girl there with me found out she was pregnant. It was really a blessing that she was in the program, bc she had therapists/nutritionists guiding her every step of the way. She ended up fully recovering for the child and the kid turned out healthy. Kid is like, 5 now and doing great.

No. 385499

This all totally reeks like self posting. She (you) looks like a healthy weight it's just the way she's (you're) standing and any non retarded person could see that. And this isn't a fucking cosplay thread, take it elsewhere

No. 385882

Bruh, I ain't her but okay, you sound ridiculous. Look on her Instagram, she can't even speak English that well. She's from Russia.
She's clearly anorexic and uses it plus pedobait for attention. That's like… her gimmick.

No. 385883

File: 1505283692128.png (31.15 KB, 325x511, rocksy.chan.png)

See here her English skills. Not to rag on her for her ability to speak English, since it can be a very difficult language to learn and isn't the point of this thread. Just saying, you would immediately tell if it was her posting here. But it ain't.

No. 385885

Alright so you're just weirdly obsessed then kek like anon said, take this garbage elsewhere we don't give a shit about cosplay or pedo bait or girls that look perfectly healthy and don't even claim to have an ED. Literally no relevant milk there so go obsess about her on a different thread

No. 386092

File: 1505327113104.jpg (76.29 KB, 639x960, bishop.jpg)

I believe it's all about the pose here, since she looks pretty much normal on this one. Though this photo is from march 2016.

No. 386361


That doesn't actually look normal to me. It looks ana, but not in an "Oh so skinny and frail" way. More in a "I'm photoshopping the living hell out of myself" way and "I might be sorta ana and skinny in real life and posing weird in some shots but I'm probably not THAT skinny" way.

No. 386364

does she shoop her hips? in the video she looks like a board but in photos she looks like she has a nice ratio

No. 386369

by the looks of her giant elbows and noodle forearms she's making her waist smaller and her hips wider lmao

No. 386383

lol this isn't normal

No. 386390


No. 386409

This definitely doesn't look normal, it looks scary. Like def ana…

No. 386862

your perception is warped. she's in the area where it's POSSIBLE she's not ana but definitely not normal.

No. 386965

File: 1505476985694.png (2.47 MB, 1276x960, Cringy old stuff.png)

I'm still really ashamed of the fact that i knew this girl IRL, now she is def a pedobait ~kOwaii and sexehh~ wannabe. Her last IG story is so cringy, i swear. 'oh gaiiiiizzz i bought a cute (kittycat thing from aliexpress) underwear, feeling so sexy mhm

>>386364 Dunno. But from what i see, she does shops her face way too hard that it looks disgusting when you see her old or just not-shopped photos.

But, HONESTLY.I don't see anything interesting about her, like really. She always was like Takanashi Rikka (a grill who is not like the others) and now she still tries to be one while also tryna to get attention from pedobears.

I can send u more old photos if need, but there's def nothing to milk about expect her stupid photoshop.

No. 386966

and yeps, it's def her since i found it in one of fanclubs which were created back in 2014. 0 new posts though

No. 387412

File: 1505529479392.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170915-223126.png)

Haven't seen this account discussed in awhile. Was previously "countinghappypoints"she made a new account after hers was supposedly deleted. Shes right back to deleting comments people leave about her eating on the floor, claiming to eat whole cakes while not gaining…I actually know who the girl behind the account is. Considering reaching out to her parents to see if they are aware… If anyone wants her real name I'll give it out. Sick of her toxic lies.

No. 387597

File: 1505570559390.png (220.45 KB, 750x1206, IMG_4642.PNG)

Ana chans promoting bringing drugs on board planes

No. 387598

File: 1505570601410.png (190.85 KB, 750x1185, IMG_4633.PNG)

Morons aren't even shy about it. Federal police need a tip off tbh.

No. 387626

What drug is she smuggling?

No. 387641

Not specified, anyone who questioned or criticised got blocked and guilt tripped.

No. 387657


Bella's thane_of_windhelm Instagram is gone. The last post I saw was from a few weeks ago of a chart of her erratic heart rate and her commenting that she didn't care if she died.

No. 387709

File: 1505583483990.png (502.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170910-191147.png)

I made a few screenshots of her last story (or one her last stories, might have missed one

No. 387710

File: 1505583521264.png (880.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170910-191125.png)

No. 387712

File: 1505583587121.png (780.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170910-191153.png)

No. 387714

I wasn't following, only browsing and thought she'd probably just changed name.

Yeah, she got a lot of stick for laughing about her heart rate. She became too attention ho. I doubt they shamed her into leaving though. I'm glad to see the back of that fucking red couch tbh.

No. 387774

I say you out the bitch tbh

No. 388429

Or maybe your perception is warped because you're fat? Where I live this girl would look totally normal compared to everyone else. Especially considering her shitty photoshop. Are you people dumb? Even with heels on nobody has a thigh gap that size but then have no gap between their arms/torso. That's not how she actually looks and it's painfully obvious no human has proportions like that. I agree with OP

No. 388433

It has always confused me that she doesn't have the "anorexic face" for someone so seemingly emaciated. You know? Like her cheeks aren't sunken in, cheek bones aren't jabbing out, no wrinkles at the corners of her mouth from extra skin after weight loss, like it's just weird. Is it possible she's been shooping her body this whole time? Because while her face perhaps looks very pale and dark around her eyes, it doesn't look like the face of someone who is very underweight let alone apparently 70 pounds

No. 388698

Eh. Not saying she isn't shooping at all, but a lot of the time peoples faces can look pretty normal, even at very low weights.

No. 388704

her philtrum and whole mouth area as well as her neck look low bf to the point where i'd assume she's underweight from her face but as you said she doesnt look like she's at an advanced stage of emaciation

No. 389280

File: 1505802490177.png (65.99 KB, 603x517, IMG_6764.PNG)

Bekah has a sweatshirt that says fueled by naps Netflix and tube feed. Way to be proud of having a tube. Jeez.

No. 389295

Looks custom made

No. 389327

why do I feel like I've seen that shirt on someone else…

No. 389341

I think one of the munchies 'designed' it? I thought it was for them to wear personally though, didn't realise they made more than one.

No. 389345

My mistake, Bekah designed and ordered this herself. Someone else posted just the picture of the shirt from her IG in the old munchy thread though.

No. 389383

I think it is.

No. 389411

Having a tube is a crucial part of Bekah's identity. If you told her this, would she agree with you or accuse you of bullying?

No. 389425

Accuse you of bullying!

No. 389611

Kek. And she'd tell everyone on FB/IG how awful you are.
Except she's not actually fueled by tube feeds, since she rarely runs them, and purges what she does take in

No. 389631

Of course it is. You can even see it in the photo.

No. 390142

File: 1505952247365.png (Spoiler Image, 127.42 KB, 750x1025, IMG_4913.PNG)

How is this person even real?

No. 390211

It's shooped.

No. 390223

idk man that's how tights look on me…before i put them on

No. 390228

Look between her legs, it's bad shooping. I mean, yah, she's scary emaciated but she's scarily bad at schooping also….

No. 390261

Like why bother?

No. 390265

also peep the differences between that pic and the profile pic. the pfp could be shopped too but it makes a little more sense

No. 390299

I know literally nothing about detecting photoshop so could someone please point out the markers on this for future reference?

Is it just straight lines being crooked or is it the shape of the actual legs?

No. 390354

>>390142 holy shit she fucked up shopping and gave herself a tiny dick lmfao

No. 390492

File: 1506012004328.jpg (746.3 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170921_123640.jpg)

The girl behind "countinghappypoints" her facebook pic is from 2015, the other is recent.

No. 390774

woah. she doesn't look underweight at all. so is she just lying about needing such an insane meal plan? seems like she's actually just bulimic

No. 390776

I can almost gurantee she's bulimic. She has the sores on her hands and has been claiming to eat these insane amounts for 2 years. when she was inpatient she gained from eating half what she does at home, she restricts all day and eats whole cakes every night, on her bathroom floor..

No. 390789

>search on youtube for liquify tool and see it yourself

No. 391180

They're definitely different pictures though? Look at the door frame, and the position of the feet.

There isn't actually a whole lot of obvious stuff in this image that would give away editing; Ash's legs are even more ridiculously wibbly than that, the lines that should be horizontal and vertical aren't warped that I can see, and the pattern in the carpet is uniform. That said, it could very well be shoop work, but for the sake of the thread not sounding entirely retarded, the editing here isn't as obvious as people are making it out to be. The stark white on black effect of the tights & wall just exaggerate the appearance of spoopy legs. If anything, the picture is stretched, but I don't think it's liquified.

No. 391182

It's just anachan droopy drawers syndrome. Crying Emily was disgustingly infamous for it, for example.

(Sorry for double-posting and probably sounding white-knighty; idgaf about this person and haven't looked at her account, but some people actually are emaciated and overzealous shoopspotting annoys me).

No. 392535

File: 1506373905309.png (3.69 MB, 1440x2204, 20170925_171007.png)

Has fighting.for.a.better.me been discussed at all? She looks overweight, eats more than a normal amount, and claims to have atypical anorexia.

No. 392616


It's too bad she's still stuck in her eating disorder, she's actually fairly pretty

No. 392619


Yeah, she's not anorexic. She's a wannarexic but obviously can't stop eating (although that's better than her actually starving herself)

No. 394156

What happened to thane?

No. 394226

she deleted her ig.

No. 394436

she has tumblr but i can't remember the url? can anyone recall bella's tumblr?

No. 394855

File: 1506709313118.png (465.94 KB, 529x590, rose.hexe.png)

@rose.hexe on instagram
She's super rude if anyone tells her she's anorexic or she has a problem. Apparently, she likes to show her body and tell everyone she is naturally skinny, yet, you can see her bones in all of her pictures, her loose clothes, and the fact that she doesn't eat or purges after that (stories she uploads, stuff). She hasn't that much milk, yet, she's super awkward and does "bodycheck videos", which are super uncomfortable to watch, since it's kind of triggering to some.

No. 394857

File: 1506709416992.png (993.88 KB, 1016x492, rose hexe 2.png)

dropped pic

No. 394896


Obvious self post is obvious.

No. 394901

so anybody who's questionably small and denies an ed is fair game to you? jfc

No. 394911

Kek very very few people are naturally that thin, and also there's the posing and just what people say. It's not hard to tell who's anorexic or not. You sound pretty defensive though, so if you've got an ed, get help. It's not worth it.

No. 394950

i weigh 170 lbs mate and have never had an ed but thank you. i know very few people are naturally that thin and it's not healthy to be that frail but i just don't see why she would go here. i guess i'm just missing something so i'll leave it alone.

No. 395023

what are your thoughts on people who are questionably small but don't address ED questions?

No. 395035

I don't think her videos are "normal" to watch

No. 395048

I think at least a good percentage of them have eating disorders or at least disordered eating. They are either in denial, or pretending they don't have a problem (also see the munchie thread, big problem there with faking physical illness to cover eating disorders)

No. 395095

No. 395097

That girl talking about her muffin top can’t be serious, she weighs 110 lbs hahah

No. 395113

Heisenburg is so goddamn annoying.

No. 395142

File: 1506751347354.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, TJVDsjr.png)

She gained quite a bit of weight since her popular days. Her last weigh in was supposedly over 120, and now she exclusively posts bloated face selfies.

Cringe…… I hate her eyebrows


No. 395467

I don't understand how a vast majority of "prorecovery" instal girls aren't hospitalized

No. 395468

idk man, those people are obviously mentally ill. I don’t really find it that funny. Maybe I don’t understand.

No. 395589

What makes me mad is that IG won't remove obviously proana accounts

No. 395922

I know I'm late but I'm a recovering anorexic who's 5'8'' and she's not 60. literally just your bones without water or skin or organs weigh 60 at 5'8''. She's maybe 75 at the bare minimum. she's obviously clearly emaciated but 60? not possible. she just thought it would sound impressive

No. 398591

We desperately need a new cow

No. 399586

sage cause not big but Thane reactivated apparently, as she tends to do.

No. 399864

I'm surprised thane's ig is public. like it's not even set on private and she somehow hasn't been deleted yet.

No. 399919

No. 400586

Can we talk about @tinyrecovery. It feels like she just got out of hospital and now she's back to razor cheeks and binging/ purging

No. 400588

Anorexics have congregated on social media since the internet first became a thing, it'll never go away. I wonder what thoughts psychiatric professionals have on this Instagram fake recovery thing

No. 400888

Seeing as it’s been her life for years now, I think this is her for life now. Intermittent hospital admissions, bullshit inspirational instagram posts, diet ready meals and desserts, binge drinking - going nowhere with life. It’s sad, she posts multiple paragraph long captions every day about how amazing recovery is yet in reality you just know she’s miserable.

No. 400897

You're either self-posting or have some kind of vendetta because there is no milk with this girl. She doesn't post pictures of herself or anything so what are you even talking about?

No. 400963

She did post about how she had stem 5000 calories but "wasn't going to purge" she deleted it. I'm more with >>400888
I hate the in out I'm so better and now I'm dying thing…

No. 400976

She basically writes an essay every meal/snack saying how great a certain junk food is, and all of this phoney positivity, whilst freaking out over eating a "binge" of 200g of chocolate.

She presents herself like how Aly used too, ie super positive and fake whilst getting worse. It's sad really, and she freaks out when anyone tells her getting drunk daily at Lunchtime regardless of being underweight is disordered and a sign of alcohol dependency.

No. 400979

Yeah she only seems to eat ready made diet meals and sandwiches, but writes paragraphs about how indulgent they are. I can't believe that even in hospital she was able to eat exactly the same as she did at home with the same shop bought diet foods, with ofcourse artfully arranged open chocolates, broken biscuits and marshmallows which highlights she cares more about presentation than actually eating the more "calorific" food like those tiny lindt truffles that she cuts open and probably just gives them a smell rather than eating them.

No. 400982

I would imagine it's discouraged, as it is making your identity your mental illness and being surrounded by people who have a disordered perspective isn't going to encourage recovery if you are getting ill girls egging you on to binge on 2 pints of icecream whilst they eat nothing, or ecourage restriction by saying how marvelous that you ate a few grapes for lunch like one account gets comments about.

No. 400991

A while back she was super vague and said she had to move out asap, not sure how she managed this as she never talks about money. Doesn't seem to be studying or working so spends most of her days getting drunk and deleting any concerned instagram comments, as well as writing out those super long bs posts written in different fonts.

No. 401048

please at least be discreet with your self posting

No. 401053

Two different people and I'm not her stop assuming shit.

No. 401069

Other person here. I don’t see how she could have time to do anything other than write those captions tbh.
I’d love to know how she funds her lifestyle, as ready meals, prosecco, and diet foods aren’t cheap.
I can’t fathom what her life is actually like, what she does in a day, etc. because all she puts out is bullshit faux positivity. It must be exhausting.

No. 401083

it's fall and people still act like summerfags
"any non popular cow/flake mentioned is a self post!!!!"

No. 401093

I wonder about the money side too since she doesn't mention working, and seems to have fallen out with her parents. She doesn't really discuss anything bar food, and that is an obsession for her.
She made out that she could move into a flat alone within weeks because of some drama at home, which seems a bit infeasible. That with the near daily bottles of Wine and never creating a home cooked meal, even her daily sandwiches that she pulls apart to be a "pizza" are all shop bought diet ranges.

Her life seems pretty sad, she deletes or attacks comments that offer helpful advice or raise concerns , such as the alcohol or eating diet ready meals whilst in hospital. Her captions are just madness too like Aly's.

No. 401094

I loooaaathe the calling it "Ana" thing and using she/her pronouns to describe the mental illness. Is that still as popular as it was? I'm an oldfag

No. 401421

File: 1507628035216.png (1.02 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171010-113317.png)

No. 401422

File: 1507628053741.png (640.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171010-113320.png)

No. 401423

File: 1507628066139.png (744.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171010-113323.png)

No. 401424

File: 1507628078430.png (747.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171010-113326.png)

No. 401445


She's back?

No. 401462

Does every cow just have zero shame about the disgusting mess in their homes? Is there a correlation between cow-ness and dirty living space? A different angle could've cropped it out with no cleaning. Cleaning is ideal, but understandably hard for a spooky skeleton. Get your house in order and the rest of your life follows…

No. 401471

Maybe because you fucking don't weigh less than 28kg?

No. 401695


Seriously Bella and that ugly Pepsi vomit they have zero shame. I bet both stink like fresh acidic vomit and alcohol, because that’s how they and their rooms look like.

I don’t wanna show this picture to my mom she’d probably break the screen with a mop

No. 401717


I hate the constant attention seeking of all the ana cows. Here’s a hint: the best anas die and people forget them.

No. 401915

Yikes anon, what has you so bitter? That's a little much

No. 402169

Oh christ her dirty panties

No. 402438

File: 1507800735591.jpeg (21.66 KB, 266x469, 557E61FD-4EA1-40A5-BF38-F860D1…)

Her head looks like dick
Her room is a dick
Her panties look like she shitted diarrhea on herself

No. 402683

File: 1507842329193.png (138 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2391.PNG)

Another binge after drinking too much yet still a skeleton..

No. 402711

Kek I didn’t mean for her to die, but looking back it sounds that way. What I meant is that she’s never going to be the best ana kween, because those are the ones that are dead, and they usually are so miserable because of their eating disorders that they’re often terrible to people. And people who die from their eating disorders aren’t remembered for being good at anorexia or bulimia, if they’re not generally forgotten by the majority of people. It sounds cold and heartless, but I’ve seen it happen more than a few times.

No. 402930

Surprise surprise it's been deleted, along with any comment that could actually be beneficial to her recovery. Now it's back to ill girls saying how "proud" they are that she managed to photograph a ready meal and post a manic long caption about it. What's surprising is her team and hospital have not picked up on this alcohol abuse/dependency.

No. 402965

File: 1507899209706.jpg (68.09 KB, 599x563, 1.JPG)

Crying Emily and her baby's father have broken up. Oh dear.


No. 402966

File: 1507899225695.jpg (117.95 KB, 603x459, 2.JPG)

No. 402969

I'm assuming they are both teenagers?

No. 402970

aaaand this is how tragedies unfold over generations.

No. 402972

Crying Emily is pregnant? Holy shit I missed that memo. That poor baby…

No. 402973

she tried to kill herself whilst pregnant but thinks she'll be a great mum, okay.

No. 403004

File: 1507904778546.jpg (76.93 KB, 815x599, 1.JPG)


Yup, yup

Oh she was thrilled (img related)


No. 403009

This baby is copping it in the womb already. Her 'angel' is expected to give her everything she needs. There's so many kids who sadly make the news when they turn up dead because they had the misfortune to trigger their unstable parents by just existing. If this child survives toddlerhood they will with certainty be abused and have no-one stable to attach to. It's fucking terrible. Sorry for sperging but this and every child she conceives should be taken away.

No. 403325

Pepsi vomit?

No. 403575

File: 1507974070782.png (793.94 KB, 720x1143, 20171014_113739.png)

I don't know/think she's what you'd call a cow, but jfc,constantly posting 10+ pictures of the same meal is definitely disordered

No. 403666

Yeah that instagram anafag called pepzimax idk Pepsi vomit. She posts about her sex life saying how good it was and shit, arguments with her boyfriend who seem like he really does care a lot but also wasting his energy for a disgusting piece of shit

No. 404008

File: 1508047344909.jpeg (488.96 KB, 1278x1645, A5685C23-5BD4-4543-8B79-F0E0B0…)

Oh now this one is filthy. In selfies she just looks like she needs a good scrub, there’s hairs in all her food (visible in her countless closeups),, dirty hands and finger nails, and her food is always undercooked. A few times she’s posted straight up raw chicken and removed any concerned or disgusted comments. Just grim.

No. 404154

I get what you mean , I can see that one little hair right in the center, also the meat is still rosy , so raw.
I’m going to throw up

No. 404161

File: 1508083970735.jpg (570.96 KB, 600x700, Au5cDyy.jpg)

No. 404284

I don't know what centre means in your language but I sure don't see a hair here. I've seen hairs though on her egg sandwiches omg honestly I bet some anas follow her just to look at her photos and lose their appetite, because I've certainly lost mine any time I see her dirty fingers covered in gunk

No. 404330


Her IG is funny and she obviously takes herself soooo seriously. She takes about 7 close ups of average readymade food and acts like she’s a chef and professional photographer.

No. 404344

Omg died of laughter you win the internet

No. 404347


I just scoped a photo of her filthy, wet-looking fingers gripping a cereal bar and i feel nauseated. She's covered in saliva

No. 404415

Doesn't her sister have kids? I hope to hell the sister takes that baby and runs.

No. 404568

Oh my fucking god

No. 404569

File: 1508169942736.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 362.17 KB, 1271x1653, 15BDD7DC-72FA-42D1-920D-DB7FEB…)

Kek forgot the photo I was so shocked

No. 404574

So wow. Much recovery.

No. 404578


I’m not surprised. She’s too obsessed with food and eats really similar stuff over and over - all signs of someone with an active ED.

No. 404581

File: 1508171153350.png (926.71 KB, 640x1136, 5A2C47CE-DCC5-4598-AB50-BF3BA3…)

And this is her “in recovery”

No. 404645


She porobably eats raw food on purpose. It’s a common anorexic “trick”.

No. 404756

File: 1508190425452.jpeg (26.62 KB, 279x255, DD503CEA-2CCD-479E-83F6-CAB706…)

Wow I’m anorexic but I’ve never seen such a disgusting thing she looks like a veiny tapeworm freshly escaped from a horses anus.

I mean the center of the picture? The middle, you can see a hair or fuss

No. 404803

dude what?
I have an ed but ive never heard of that
people do some fucked up shit

No. 404839

I’ve heard of that, and others. Eating food covered in laundry detergent and getting sick from it seems to be quite popular. Covering food with tons of salt. Only eating food out of the trash. And not as gross but just weird ones: only baby food, food laced with laxatives, purposely burned food, only other people’s leftovers, only the crumbs from cut food. No weight loss is worth that shit.
(And your worst day in recovery is still better than your best day in your eating disorder. If you’re not ready to commit to recovery, commit to full recovery for 6 month or a year. You can always go back after, but I guarantee you won’t want to.)

No. 404844

I saw a docu about British models starting out their career and they told stories of girls giving themselves food poisoning so they lose weight, so…

No. 405051

Well you’ve heard it maybe but it doesn’t mean it counts on anyone and I do not want to lie here I’m honest.
The only weird thing I do is drinking more than 2 liters of sweetened fruit tea, pineapple, anything. Eating these disgusting things is as you said not worth losing weight (in maintaining) - I lost on a low carb low calorie diet so I had to stop snacking (additional calories) and eat full meals… and yes, my BMI is very low.
Sometimes I drink lemon because I don’t know why it’s like my body thrives for lemon. That’s some weird thing of mine… or i sweeten cucumber with sweetener (not the Splenda ), because I’m obsessed with sweet.(no1curr)

No. 405106

You’re obsessed with sweet because your body is craving carbohydrates, because, surprisingly, your body needs carbohydrates to function. This is not the place to brag about your super special eating disorder. Here’s the honest truth: nobody cares what your weight is, but after a while of having an eating disorder, no one will care at all. They’ll get tired of trying to help you while having to watch you destroy yourself, and they’ll give up. So knock that shit off now and get the help you need. An eating disorder will not solve any problems in your life, and if you don’t stop, you’ll either live a lonely, miserable life, or you’re die, and both of those are terrible options.

No. 405130

You don’t know me. „X because Y , x2 because Y2“ nice, you’ve studied all the internet „anorexia Nervosa“ section well.
I am not craving carbohydrates, I am used to eat very sweet, starting from my childhood. Very sweet everything, sweet Cornflakes with honey, sweet cocoa , sweet drinks (and getting fatter). Just stop judging with what you think you KNOW because apparently you know nothing.(no1curr)

No. 405132

No. 405139


nah, Aly would write in a more maniac way and in worse English.

> inb4 hi Aly

no, only Germanfag with prbly even worse English

and could you all pls get back on topic?

No. 405157

literally nobody gives a fuck. sage your bullshit

No. 405316


Probably. She sounds dumb enough.

No. 405795

That is some stellar vision you have for being to pick that out, holy shit.

No. 406386

File: 1508515489552.png (126.75 KB, 640x888, IMG_7485.PNG)

Oh I'm sure you're soooo upset Bekah, now that you can have alllllll that attention again with it on your face. 1000 pics of her with it coming soon.

No. 406530

fuck I hate it when they pop their shoulders out to show off collarbones like it's so obvious not only to the average person but glaringly obvious when other anachans follow you and do the same tricks. you're not fooling anyone.

No. 406552

File: 1508538550742.png (868.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7492.PNG)

Called it! Already has a profile pic with it

No. 406714

Why does she bother with a feeding tube when it’s obvious she doesn’t use it? Keep telling yourself you’ve got an actual physical illness, Becca, you’re still just proana trash.

No. 407025

File: 1508607198635.jpeg (6.54 MB, 3072x3072, 473EEAA3-8936-4A9E-93BF-37FDE3…)

Opinions on kimiperry? Not sure if she falls under the proana umbrella but she posts pictures like these fairly often and won’t answer questions about her weight, at least not that I can find. If she’s already been mentioned feel free to ignore.


No. 407033


she looks really pissed without the tube and genuinely relieved and happy when it's on.

No. 407036

Uhm milk or gtfo

No. 407038

I don't think she has any milk (that I know of)
She only noticed that being an anachan + alt gives her more attention, so she won't answer anything about her weight and obvious poses.

No. 407049

Except she’s the girl that’s been kicked out of every major eating disorder treatment center in the us, for both noncompliance and also because she’s been caught multiple times not only purging out her tube but teaching younger girls how to as well. She didn’t jump on the pots/gastroparesis train until fairly recently, a long time after having a feeding tube. She’s just a pure ana kween cunt.

No. 407084

She acts like she's so healthy and hates ana-chans, but tags her photos with "skinny" haha..

No. 407203

File: 1508626671393.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.14 KB, 1024x681, 8341706894_a452de8e49_b.jpg)

she most deff has an ED. she used to be anorexic and would post bonespo on her old flickr account (spoiler image), but replaced anorexia with orthorexia

No. 407290

Ah, the super popular “I’m recovered but I’m a gluten and fat-free, clean-eating yogi vegan because that’s what makes my body feel the best”

No. 407495

File: 1508671137964.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 117.89 KB, 800x535, 61F24947-79BC-4F81-AB2A-213C53…)

i do still sometimes wonder why people DON'T think she has an eating disorder. it's obvious 'cause she did post a lot of spoopy pics on her ig

No. 407568


I saw someone on PULL post her tags she used on Flickr and it was your typica ana-chan tags.

No. 407629

File: 1508693051742.png (329.16 KB, 561x475, kimiperi milk.png)

this is an imageboard remember

No. 407630

File: 1508693084224.png (49.47 KB, 271x295, kimiperi milk 2.png)

she's barely trying to deny it

No. 407636

Somehow all the anachans have this magical lighting and picture posing that explains why they all looksickeningly thin even though they’re totally healthy…. Sure, you all keep telling yourself that. It still doesn’t excuse all the pro-ana shit; nothing does.

No. 408009

File: 1508731305840.jpg (55 KB, 931x544, what.jpg)

Someone mentioned "the Pepsi Max girl" earlier, AKA @pepsimaxloz (now @weetabixloz). She's a real fucking trainwreck.

Right before she got admitted to the hospital she was making a commitment to try to recover by not binging and purging anymore and eating six Weetabix a day. That lasted about a day.

She cheated on her boyfriend by giving some other guy head, attempted to break up with him over text, later sent him a "never mind" text, and was still fucking with this other guy.

She overdosed on crazy amounts of pills multiple days in a row and went to the hospital, except she's so noncompliant they don't feel like they can treat her (she's apparently repeatedly ripped her tube out, binged/purged, kicked guards, and ran off the ward), but is still saying to all her followers that services are refusing to help her.

Her posts have become complete gibberish in the past few days. A starved brain and a ridiculous amount of pills will do that.

No. 408194


She's live-ing herself talking to a doctor and being restrained right now. I fucking can't

No. 408255


w.h.a.t.?! She went live while talking to her doctor? Am I getting this right? tf

No. 408496

File: 1508803606531.jpg (75.83 KB, 936x562, Services in the UK must be a f…)


(Been trying to reply to this all day but the site runs so slow for me and my posts constantly time out/lose connection. Anyone else?)

Yes, she did. She was on the floor and refusing to get up and this doctor came over and tried to talk her. He said to her "You were upset that we were discharging you, and now we're trying to help you and you're resisting and want to go home." and tried to reason with her. She lived up to the point he said "I'm going to call someone to help get you up".

She snuck heroin in. What a fucking legend. She's also getting moved again but constantly says she's going home tomorrow/in a few days.

No. 408500

Shit I can only imagine she snuck it up her vagoo or butt to get it in. I tried to hide a couple cigarettes in my underwear at a psych ward and they even caught that.

No. 408708

I wouldn't call her a ed snowflake. She's a complete wreck though. I've been following her for a while and I don't think there's anything lulzy about her, to me the whole thing is pretty sad to watch tbh

No. 408943

File: 1508879091002.jpg (71.84 KB, 806x591, oops.JPG)

Crying Emily thinks she's going to be a terrible mummy. So she's had a cry about it.

No. 408945


Poor child, poor child…the unborn one, not Emily.

No. 408950

File: 1508886642164.png (61.54 KB, 720x351, 20171024_153733.png)

Is it okay to post people with other eds than anorexia as well? Because this one is kinda entertaining

No. 408959

she's right and she should give up the child on birth. why would some fuck tell her she's going to be good at it.

No. 409007


i hope to fuck that kid gets removed from her care as soon as she births it. this goes beyond not being able to look after yourself - she is completely incapable of functioning like a human. that kid will be so fucking neglected and traumatised.

i stg i put more thought and research into buying a fucking vacuum cleaner than losers like emily put into bringing a whole fucking new life into the world with nothing

No. 409210

File: 1508952162930.png (449.52 KB, 2472x1392, ashleywtf.png)

okay, can we talk about rhetorically-ashley here (from tumblr)
she is nuts, oh my god, who the fuck says this kind of stuff about GRAMMAR (sorry for bad paint job, wanted to keep it from being 5 different posts)

No. 409229

so what makes her an ana-chan scumbag? sorry she hurt you by correcting grammar or whatever but not relevant. if you actually have some milk on her, share that instead of…whatever this is.

No. 409247

At the risk of getting political this is a case that demonstrates why abortion is a best option in some cases. This pregnancy was obviously unplanned and is making an unstable teenager even more of a wreck. She's def not suited to be a mother and will fuck her child's life up if she keeps it. Even if she gave the child up for adoption she's almost certainly fucked it up already with her ED, substance use, and general inability to care for herself. Of course since she's chosen to have the kid I hope the best for it, I just feel like in this case there is no good future for Emily or her kid

No. 409281

File: 1508961755955.png (42.8 KB, 682x271, 20171025_225952.png)

Maybe it's just me, but this comment on Paris Melody Raven's new pic made me lol. Yeah, you can tell from the huge amount of weight she's gained that she totally luuuuuvs eating chocolate and being healthy. /s

No. 409284

File: 1508961974947.png (900.67 KB, 720x1222, 20171025_230352.png)

Said image here, just look at that healthy and nourished body. Such brave recovery and happiness.

No. 409401

I’m sure it was another anachan commenting that, they love to give each other asspats for nothing while still being super disordered

No. 409415

that's what you should be prepared for when having unprotected sex, but I know not everyone agrees with pro-life views. honestly, I think this is a reality check for Emily to get her shit together and she's cracking. she's realizing that this is a mistake, but she has to live with consequences. even if you have mental health issues, you don't get a slide.

No. 409434

she's not even trying to get her shit together anon. she went straight to another 'special person in her life'. now she's going through her regular motions. 'consequences' is not a word in her vocabulary.

no child should have to struggle for survival against their own mother from birth - before birth even, depends what she's doing. the best possible option at this time is adoption.

you say emily now has to get her act together, but she likely cannot and would not anyway. there is a life of a child at stake. you have only to read the terrible tales of women who let boyfriends murder their children to see where this is heading. abuse by non-biological parents figures is a very real thing and she'll be latched onto the next guy who comes along, too busy posting crying selfies to feed her child, bathe it, or take it to the hospital till its dead. this child will be a proxy for the man who left her, forever. she won't be able to handle even look at its face. and woe betide the child when it cries.

lessons are great in the abstract but a baby can't be the one to learn it for her.

No. 409907

File: 1509059810514.png (488.4 KB, 900x900, Angela.png)


she looks like Angela Anaconda if Angela was a creepypasta.

also, apologies for armchairing and maybe restating something already said (i don't really follow the spoop threads) but her ED coupled with her extremely toddlerish clothes and creepy uncoordinated movements makes me think that this is a regression thing. she's trying to revert to being a child.

No. 410118

File: 1509081848494.jpeg (53.82 KB, 613x244, 78AFB711-4152-4C84-9170-25B449…)

Look who’s suddenly claiming two totally different illnesses now…too bad she’s just an ana chan cunt

No. 410221

Holy shit I knew she reminded me of something.

No. 410456

File: 1509137907879.jpeg (415.16 KB, 1632x3264, CCBAE844-1202-48A7-837F-9EDFFE…)


I follow her for years and she’s the most fake person on the internet I know.
Her entire appearance reminds me of the smell of rotten onions and vomit that’s how disgusted I am from her fake ness.
I don’t care if she’s thin or not, she’s lying putting a :) smiley everywhere , I wish I could pull her hair and throw her outside a window

No. 410568

yeah that's nice who the fuck is she >>410456

No. 410703



No. 410710

Does she do anything else that makes her an anachan?

No. 410732

Am I allowed to post someone who is 12 or is there rules for age

No. 410735

Nope have to be over 16 I think

No. 410755

>2. Do not post about subjects under the age of 16.
>2.2 Do not share the full legal name of a minor. First name(s) only unless the subject is 18+.

No. 410807

File: 1509185195751.png (1.06 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171025-130522.png)

No. 410809

File: 1509185219603.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171025-130536.png)

No. 410810

File: 1509185235184.png (395.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171025-130552.png)

No. 410815

No. 410884

Paris's mum has a weight problem too- she's morbidly obese and waiting for weight loss surgery.
At the moment Paris is in a knot over the clocks changing and it affecting her weight

No. 411029

ana-chans one minute: send me ana songs while i sweat out calories uwu
ana-chans the next minute: i TOtALLy have an ed guys… look at all the calories im not eating!!1 haha idc about food buT I TOTALLY HAVE AN ED

No. 411436

boobs.not.bones really shouldn't be part of the "recovery community". She always posts the supposed calories/fat content of her food and appears to only eat "junk food" which she complains about.

No. 411736

If anything it should be “#eating so I don’t die from a treatable mental illness”

No. 412063

How about freeetheflan? (Also has a youtube channel under the same name)

She is a revolving door of goes inpatient, touts the benefits of recovery while losing the weight she gained (she literally made a youtube video about how she accepts her recovered body when she was at a bmi of like 14) and constantly posts pictures of her at her lowest weight while saying she doesn't want to go back there (basically just keeping her proana followers happy because she only started doing it after she started losing followers), and then gets sent back to inpatient at a bmi of 10 or something. She pretty much likes being inpatient and even jokes about it at times.She even admitted it when she was given the option to eat and be outpatient or go back inpatient and she initially decided inpatient before changing her mind. I expect an inpatient stay in the near future…

No. 412068

Damn, her face is so ugly that it's almost funny. Her eyes, nose and chin are comically oversized and she even has a fivehead. Sad!

No. 412108


No wk, but I think, she´s not a "classical beauty".
Somehow I think she could be really beautiful in her own way when she puts up some weight.

No. 412110

No self-posting

No. 412117

not every new cow is a self-post, asshole

No. 412909

Starchild702 what’s her backstory?

No. 412934

she was mentioned a few years back in an ashley thread i believe. something something recovery. obviously fake news cus she still looks sick as shit.

No. 412943

samefag sorry, >>>/pt/94146 shes mentioned in here. ctrl f

No. 413112

omg yes!! so glad someone finally mentioned her
actually she is such an anachan its unreal
not quite Bekah level but definitely similar to Ariana except with a side of super crazy angry batshit
1. Forever moaning about having no support and how horrible everyone is
2. Forever moaning about having too many people on her case aka the support that she claims she doesnt have
3. Moaned about not being told she needed a HLOC
4. Moaned about being told she needed a HLOC
5. Has repeatedly signed herself out of treatment AMA and then cant understand why her therapist/dietician/etc would be pissed
6. Is forever a raging bitch about just about everything and has the maturity of a 2 year old with a tantruming ability to match

1-5 have been repeated on/off for YEARS now
6 is just constant

No. 413455

File: 1509631211087.png (827.04 KB, 750x1334, A216865A-CFE4-489B-A816-10D2C7…)

This was in thanes story. How ignorant can she be!? She’s has been starving herself, because she has an eating disorder, her medical issues are due to this and her weight being too low! Rage face

No. 413517

File: 1509637850378.jpeg (605.42 KB, 1242x2128, FCE75381-F85B-4046-A461-F0E96F…)

Just came across this person. She actually thinks she can help people recover? She posts as though she is recovered and is basically a skeleton doing jumping jacks.

No. 413521


MAJOR fitveganginger vibes, down to the no-eyebrow eyebrows and weird goblin smile.

No. 413535

lol no one wants to hear about being ~~body posi~~ from a twizzler. might as well try to get paid for being a spoop. shes not doing much better than anna tho

No. 413547

Seems to be a pattern that instagram ana-chans who never properly recover think that eating a couple hundred more calories while burning it all off through additional exercise means that they're now completely healthy and can advise others on how to be like them, despite still being significantly underweight.

No. 413781

File: 1509661642850.jpg (195.98 KB, 710x816, dumbgirl1.jpg)

Not to forget her constant arguing with everyone, lately she's been saying how underprivileged she is cause she "feels overweight". In the past she said that there are more black students in her graduate program, so her being white is actually a disadvantage.

No. 414784

omg her "i'm disprivileged because i'm overweight" thing this week was hilarious. esp in combo with constant past skinny pics/pics with her collarbones forced so far forward she looks like a hunchback "that's just how they naturally are" lmao

she really is quality entertainment

No. 415602

Oh she’s been around for a while. Totally batshit crazy, one of the sadly many of the underweight to barely-healthy, fitnessed-obsessed vegan-but-totally-not-restricting anorexics. There’s literally handfuls of them on IG, all claiming they’re totally recovered, as long as they can be vegan and exercise as much as possible.

No. 415959

File: 1509891150337.jpeg (155.66 KB, 572x816, image.jpeg)

No. 416102


Time to burn my hard drive.

No. 416115


can i jump into that fire real quick fam?

No. 416439

I've just realised she lives where I grew up. To be fair ED services are shit to non-existent there.

No. 417338

Wheler road , Charing , Kent , U.K. - putting your address on a IG post with 134k followers is asking for trouble.
She was doing the same shit last Christmas and the Christmas before that and the one before that- getting disappointed over the John Lewis tv advert and moaning how crap she feels etc etc.

No. 418496

Oh shit yeah that puts her under Kent and Medway which is notoriously one of the worst boroughs for MH care in the country.

No. 420876

I don't get why they can't section her though. She'd just go to the next avaliable ED bed which could be anywhere from Maudsley, London to Glasgow! It would be hard but it would break the weird dynamic she has with her mother. TBH I think she needs to go The Retreat/ some other long term ED unit with 1+ years rehab.

No. 421347

She probably fell through the cracks.
You dont turn up to two appointments and you get discharged with 99% of adult ED services.
Theres a good chance that she wasnt necessarily at a 'sectionable' weight, got discharged, lost more weight, but by then there was nobody to monitor her anyway so it didnt matter.
As long as she avoids the GP and doesnt get re-referred to services and doesnt experience any medical crises that necessitates a trip to A&E, she could easily continue in this state of shitty stability ad infinitum. Or at least until a vital organ gives out.
Mind you, I thought she had been looking a little brighter (I dont want to say healthier bc she still looks like death) recently… that may just be wishful thinking though.

No. 421676

She likes being ill! Look at all the attention she gets. Surprised the social services haven't picked up her her.

No. 423686

That’s what Instagram is a competition of who can be skinniest without dying

No. 423842


Even her supposed weekly weigh ins are a fabrication - all it is is her mum weighing her on the public scales in Boots- so it's not even as if her gp is doing it. Her brother and mum just seem to be enabling her anorexia and letting her do what she wants. Everything she blames on 'the bridge'- she needs to get over it and stop wallowing in self pity . She jumped, it failed, move on . Surprised the social services haven't had her reported to them as an adult at risk.
Next thing will be her getting in a panic over her birthday and going out for pizza.

No. 423888

It’s not like she needs to be weighed for anyone to see how horrible she’s doing. She’s very obviously not healthy at all. But she’s an adult, so if it’s what she’s choosing to do, and to also not seek treatment, then whatever happens is on her. She’s not a child.

No. 424527

File: 1510758747131.png (122.04 KB, 398x309, 1508976148830.png)

oh god I can't stand this chick. She's not milky enough for her own thread but its not really her that pisses me off- it's the people that support and stan her ED. I'm similar to >>384461 in where every time I see her images pop up ana chan pops up to say Hi so I avoid her images at all cost. On all of her images 'perfect' etc is always commented, it makes me sick lmao.
Legit do not understand why people follow and support this girl. She's ill.

I even spoke to my case worker for my anorexia about this chick and she said it was highly unlikely for her at that height and weight to be normal

No. 424723

am i the only one who thinks eugenia isn't as spoopy as people make her out to be? like bitch still has her face at least, even though she smothers 2006 scene makeup all over it. maybe it's her ugly rat's nest teased emo hair that makes her seem bigger than she is to me kek

No. 424724

I think her big-ass hair makes her look smaller, tbh. It kind of enhances her ana-chan bobblehead look.

No. 424739

This delusion is what turns a decent handful of ana-chans into munchies. I’ve seen it happen so many times. “What do you MEAN half a decade of not eating can cause poor digestion? There’s no way that years of laxative abuse can cause bowel dysmotility!!! Elevated heart rate from amphetamine abuse used for weight loss?? No! I must be a medical mystery! Dysautonomic disorders, EDS, POTS, I need a GJ tube that I’m totally not using to purge with!!! #zebrawarrior”

No. 424865

>ana songs

what songs do you think she had in mind?

No. 424876

Omg it’s literally so many of the munchies. Because just having an eating disorder doesn’t get you the kind of attention a rare physical illness does.

No. 424939

"courage" by superchick

damn I miss the good old days of blue dragonfly y'all

No. 425175

this was one of the most popular ana anthems.

No. 425186

Paper Bag by Fiona Apple


No. 425417

File: 1510825682637.jpg (123.55 KB, 1440x2960, M9VjncG.jpg)

No. 425418

File: 1510825728772.jpg (244.97 KB, 1440x2960, YnVHqCj.jpg)

Thane's an idiot:

If you don't think you're skinny, why put a trigger warning?

You're American. Why do you use KG?

No. 425419

Also keeps complaining about how she's oh so sick and in pain but won't go see a doctor. Or how her doctor is oh so bad but won't just go see someone else.

No. 425467

because 27 sounds smaller than 60? also she seems like the type of snowflake to try to sound all intellectual and different and she probably thinks it's ~interesting~ to be a Brit or some shit

The real tw should be for her disgusting room. why do all these girls live in filth? I thought anorexics were supposed to be perfectionists lol

No. 426473

File: 1510938937463.jpeg (166.47 KB, 619x674, EB5C8095-592E-4973-96DE-EEA680…)

What, you don’t want to fork over your cash to learn healthy eating and how to Love your body from someone so sick and malnourished they look like a dancing skeleton? It’s bad enough she spreads her poison on insta, but that she markets herself as a certified holistic eating psychology/nutrition coach? That’s unethical. More like professional pro-ana buddy.

No. 427885

Jesus. Her face is deeply troubling. The mad eyes, lack of eyebrows, and wrinkles have me on edge. Anyway - I don’t even think she’s with it enough to be doing this maliciously, she’s just deluded and consumed by the disorder.

No. 427886

Christ her shirt is fucking filthy too.

No. 427888

jeezus…it is deeply disturbing to think that it's possible some anorexics got together and decided they'll try and push ana buddies as a career.

No. 428669

Does anyone know her age? The wrinkles are obviously partly starvation induced, but daaaamn it can't just be loss of subcutaneous fat.

No. 429223

File: 1511268254658.png (538.21 KB, 812x596, cleo.png)

>knows she's emaciated but keeps doing the sucking face
>"Hi guys i reached BMI 12, it's enough now i will gain some weight."
>"Hi guys i reached BMI 10, it's enough now i will gain some weight."
>"I have problems with eating, I can't eat because my stomach gets so full, so i'm not gonna eat anymore"
>"Although I‘m eating 3-4 times a day I don‘t stop losing."

No. 429234

Everything you’ve put in green text is just what it’s like living with anorexia, it’s not milky at all.

No. 429264

Yeah she also said her body type was thin on one of those Q&A things… like she KNOWS she’s triggering and I reckon enjoys it too.

No. 430589

File: 1511426285532.jpeg (251.78 KB, 750x1102, EAD8C904-C321-42F9-BCE0-6D9DFE…)

Oh I love a good photoshop fail

No. 430692

Yeah I legitimately feel bad for her and she probably knows she needs help.

No. 432844

File: 1511807593759.jpeg (119.86 KB, 570x656, image.jpeg)

Not a very sensible outfit for November uk when it's freezing cold outside. Her hair is falling out and her forehead getting bigger and bigger.

No. 432847

File: 1511807700336.jpeg (57.03 KB, 609x634, image.jpeg)

So Paris is in recovery ? ……. Errr no.

No. 432850

Ok this is an old post but you need to have a certain post count to access the selfies forum on MPA, you should be ashamed of posting about people from there when you're no better and probably a frequent user.

No. 432855

how are these people alive?

No. 432880

Are you having me on? ?

No. 432923

File: 1511812636988.png (787.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171127-205106.png)

>I'm dying, who else is
>LOL whoop

No. 435207


she´s died yesterday

No. 435219


No. 435254

How does anyone get to the level of delusion required for pro-ana?

No. 435277

-underlying mental illness
-start using eating disorder behaviors, either consciously or unconsciously
-losing weight becomes the focus, and it seems like it will solve all your problems
-the more starved your brain is, the more deluded your thoughts get
-focusing on an eating disorder is easier than dealing with your problems and responsibilities
-delusional thinking convinces yourself that only losing weight is good
-just keep spiraling down, think that people who are trying to stop you just don’t understand or they want you to be fat
-pro ana world tells you you’re good strong will be perfect whatever

Basically it becomes an obsession, and their starving brains can’t think clearly, and it becomes a physical addiction as well. It’s actually super sad, but also ridiculous that people share ways to stay sick.

No. 435309


No. 435318

Also it becomes like an identity, and they start seeing their ED as integral to themselves. They convince themselves their ED makes them interesting or strong or whatever and if they keep that up they don't have to admit that there's nothing else special or interesting about them, or admit that having an ED isn't actually interesting either

No. 435359

Sorry if this is slightly OT but does anyone know what happened to helenasmia? She apparently died and this was confirmed by her family but all the commenters who seemed to actually know were posting in German.

Also people in the ed tags were talking about another girl dying today as well, can anyone confirm who that was or if it's legit?

Soz for ignorance, I avoid most of the ED IGers other than Aly bc shitshow but I'm curious. Helenasmia was one of the only recovery accounts I didn't hate, bc she was really honest about shit and didn't glamorize her ED. She was really determined and I thought she would pull through but it really sounds like the death rumors are true.

No. 435374


honestly i think the saddest part is knowing that their photos are still going to be used as 'thinspo'.
people disgust me.

No. 435439

File: 1512104501290.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8292.PNG)

Quick let me post another pointless selfie to show off my tube and bones….ughhhh

No. 435444

She looks like Gaga so much in this picture it's weird.

No. 435451

Why have a feeding tube if you’re not going to use it? She’s also a munchie, and claims physical illness for why she can’t eat, but she’s lying about all the illnesses. She’s just an ana chan who doesn’t want to recover, ever. She’s also a grade-A bitch.

No. 435452

A girl died yesterday (or at least people found out yesterday), I know, but I don’t know who it is, just know someone who posted about her without a name.

No. 435492

germanfag here
Her brother visited her, she behaved weird, her speech was slurred so he called an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, she was already put into an artificial coma (hope this is translated correctly). Eventually, her blood pressure got so low she remained brain dead.

No. 435613

Thanks for the info anon!

No. 435689

Sorry to be morbid, but just out of curiosity, was a direct result of her eating disorder, or did she commit suicide? (Either way it’s super sad, and no one should have to die from an eating disorder or suicide that results from it or any other mental illness).

No. 435774

She died due to her low weight. All the progress pictures she was postings were fake. She never gained weight and just pretended to get better while actually, she was getting worse. Apparently she died weighing only 24kg.

No. 435781

I was blocked by her for telling her that getting better lies in her hand and her hand alone, that if she really wants to recover she can do so. Seems like she doesn't even want to get better

No. 435783

File: 1512154502434.jpg (185.65 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

When she doesn't dress like a Disney obsessed twelve year old, and covers herself up , she actually looks half decent ( apart from the hair loss)

No. 435821

That’s really sad, but also at that point it might have well been suicide, which is true for lots of people with eating disorders, especially the ones who have been in and out of treatment. Yes it’s an illness and an addiction, but you also have to choose again and again to recover, instead of ignoring the recommendations, refusing the treatment, and refusing to genuinely try. That’s been the story with almost every person I’ve known who’s died from an eating disorder (either directly or through suicide). It sounds like this girl Judy gave up, or never even tried.

No. 435891


Also Germanfag here. I knew her from a few recoverygroups on facebook and we even wrote dm.
Sorry that I don´t have any "proof", but I won´t post screenshots out of this groups as everything there is written in german and I don´t feel well as they are closed goups. I hope you understand.

yeah, she kind of gave up in the end. lived in a home for actually old people. I´m sorry for the family. She could be very bitchy

No. 435911

Actually, I know some of these girls irl and tbh theyre all v kind.(namefagging)

No. 435919

this is so weird, her body looks worse, but her face looks better? maybe because she's not in movement or something… by the looks of the sores on her face and her neck however i doubt she's actually recovering. this thread is so depressing man

No. 435971

this isn't exactly true. she did gain and most of her account was the truth, she just relapsed a month or two ago, according to her "it was all fake" post. she did gain and she was eating, she just relapsed a few weeks before that post. so i'm sure she'd lost since then and who knows what her weight was but she really was actually recovering and gaining between march and like october.

No. 435973

Who's Judy? We were talking about helenasmia, whose name was Vivian. Was there actually a second person from the IG ED community who died this week?

No. 436291

Kek it was supposed to be *just not Judy. Stupid autocorrect. Still talking about Vivian.

No. 436386

yes, as I already mentioned.

here >>435891
referring to >>429223

No. 436438

Wait, is that the same girl who died? She had two IG accounts? I’m super confused who we’re all talking about.

No. 436440

File: 1512244653287.png (132.53 KB, 640x1136, C4B97F1F-DBD8-4A43-8BC0-950314…)

So are these two the same girl? They look different to me but idk. Helenasmia died, I know that, but is the other account hers, too, or did another ana girl die as well?

No. 436442

File: 1512244866608.jpeg (150.39 KB, 640x1136, 3A01C4DA-2024-4BD9-8845-FA149A…)

Here’s the other account, the girl I know died. I think it’s two different people, because this one’s much older. So are there two dead ana’s?

No. 436463

yes, there are two dead ones. I think they even died on the same day.

No. 436472

Damn that’s sad. Especially since they were both given treatment multiple times and obviously didn’t take advantage of the opportunity, and continued to refuse help. They both seemed to be proud of their weight loss and pseudo-recovery, which is scary for the people that followed them on IG. Even if you’re not blatantly proana, if you’re posting pictures of your emaciated body and inappropriate amounts of food, it has the same effect.

No. 436626

Helena decided to leave after apologising just 10 days earlier or so

No. 436674

I read that post, it sounds a lot like a suicide note.

No. 436676

File: 1512273350311.png (165.78 KB, 640x1136, 601B4EE5-36EC-4526-8D33-05A98F…)

It starts out sounding like she’s just leaving IG, but towards the last part it sounds very much like a permanent goodbye. I might be reading way into it, but it doesn’t sound like a normal leaving IG post.

No. 436677

File: 1512273408297.png (163.31 KB, 640x1136, 78C57A6C-25E6-4C39-8529-60E60B…)

2nd part

No. 436801

She does say though "She isn't giving up" so it seems like it's a bye. It's kinda tragic that she died 10 days after such statements. I feel for her genuinely. In the end those girls are mentally sick.

No. 436855

Did Bella die too? Her latest posts were all pretty alarming and I wouldn't be shocked to find out she's been in a coma for months now. What happened to her?

No. 436864

Photos please

No. 436933


She posted in stories a few days ago. It's somewhere above.

No. 436935


Here >>432923 if this is the Bella you mean.

No. 438162


all of these people have extreme body image issues yet you thought it would be a good idea to post their pictures here without permission?
I understand with all "recovery" instagram accounts etc, but MPA is supposed to be their own place and the pictures are meant to be seen there, not spread around the internet.

No. 438166

it's a two month old post and someone already told them

No. 438168

Justifying proana? Take that shit somewhere else, fucker. If they didn’t want pictures of their bodies out on the internet to show off, they wouldn’t have posted them.

No. 438195


I actually know two of them and they weren't contacted

The selfies/pictures is a private subforum though, so you cant just find these pictures, which means the poster made an account just to get the pictures and then post them here.

all im saying is go after accounts and people that are actually harmful by bullying people, scammming people, pretending to be pro recovery, sharing harmful tips etc. not just random mpa users.(stop)

No. 438207

please, youre only embarrassing yourself newfag. i wish you luck with your eating disorder

No. 438241

>lolcow is bullying and harmful
>MPA isn't that bad

(Learn how to sage btw)

No. 438408

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves an ana cow, right here! Proanas are the lowest of the low, the pond scum of the world. MPA does nothing but encourage vulnerable people, especially young girls and women, to either continue or adopt an illness that could very well kill them, or at least make their lives hell. So go fuck yourself, cow (and any other ana chans who find themselves here and think they want to spout similar shit).

No. 438426

what do y'all think about daintyaly? i've been following her for about a year and a half now, and have really seen her grow in popularity lately. ehe's at the lowest she's ever been (86ish lbs at 5'6") so that could contribute.

she seems kinda like she would have been that rich cunt in high school that came in with a dunkin donuts coffee every morning just to flaunt that she could throw $5 down the drain.

her insta is private but i'll post pics.

No. 438427

File: 1512506044493.png (1.83 MB, 1198x1194, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 3.31…)

No. 438443

Disgusting and shooped. Your face doesn't look like that when you're that emaciated.

No. 438516

nah, she's very into makeup. tho she says her bmi is like 13.9
did she have a tumblr a while back or am i thinking of someone else??

No. 438526

File: 1512516360266.png (866.9 KB, 923x589, daintyaly meal.png)

this is her idea of a large meal, apparently

No. 438577

she did, but it kept getting deleted so now she just sticks to instagram.

No. 438660

Shes lying about her weight.
Photoshop or not, that is not what a bmi of 13.9 looks like.
Looks more like someone in the 16s to me, if not a bit higher.

No. 438853


last I saw her on tumblr she was calling herself mom to her followers and being all like "stay safe my babies", its fucking gross. I reported her more than once, she's a self-important hypocrite

No. 438965

Anon, what? That is definitely not how someone at a BMI of 16 looks like, holy shit. You don't suddenly become visibly emaciated between healthy (18.5) and 16. People have a distorted idea of what underweight looks like, and it's actually kind of a problem because people won't notice the problem with ana-chans until it's way too late and they're starved and thin beyond help.

No. 438994


>BMI in the 16s

Surely you're trolling, bmi 16 is still underweight but it's usually a "softer" kind of underweight. There's nothing soft about her body, I mean look at the left thigh… Not to blog post but I used to be a spoop and I've known many spoops in my time and we all looked like this around bmi 14. I admit I'm not very good at detecting shooping but if this is not shopped I absolutely believe she is bmi 13,9.

No. 438996

Second this. Also used to be spoop and I didn’t look like this at BMI 16 at all.

No. 439281

you mightn't look drop-dead in-your-face skinny until bmi 14. i'd believe her.

No. 439283

File: 1512592083001.png (Spoiler Image, 539.97 KB, 587x581, daintyaly bc.png)

spoilered for spoopiness
that looks below 14 to me

No. 439592

File: 1512629588092.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1673, 20171207_014915.png)

This girl previously had a thinspo account but is "choosing to recover". Yes because people with real EDs have ED free days. Suuuure

No. 439607

File: 1512631997920.jpeg (632.54 KB, 750x1053, 03A75C3C-F021-4EC6-82E1-5B5E77…)

Okay I’ve been scrolling through this thread since someone bumped it and this post… particularly bothers me. Apparently this cow has a twin sister, but I don’t think she’s actually real? It’s a total stretch but I think she photoshopped herself into her own photos and calls it her twin. Just for the past three years they’ve always had the exact same hairstyle and makeup in all of their pictures together, same terrible facetune and laughably bad photoshopped thinspo.

I’m just? What kind of fucking crazy.

Pic related, same hair and makeup, the one on the left is just (probably) edited to have lighter hair.

No. 439617

File: 1512633191164.jpg (199.48 KB, 900x600, bb6bf562e5f2a375c75fa248224caa…)


Hmm…their teeth are different.

They remind me of [pic related].

No. 439626

Sorry, but even this caption sounds like she’s making it up.

>just come out of a manic phase so now I’m in a depressed one

Bipolar disorder doesn’t necessarily mean only ever being in either a depressive or manic phase, you can have phases of “okay” in-between.

>usually want to die in a depressive episode

>it’s been a decent day
Even if your bipolar is so mild you don’t get suicidal every single time, depression usually means the absence of feeling joy, happy, etc. The day could have been decent but you wouldn’t be feeling that way because you’d be depressed.

Sage for bipolarfag but seriously jfc

No. 439645

Anon, you're really reaching here. Sage for OT but I'm professionally diagnosed with a/n and depression and it is definitely within the realm of possibility to have days where you feel "ED-free" and just overall mentally okay. Mental illness isn't always just crying in bed and feeling shitty and not eating 24/7, some people are high functioning, and even the ones who aren't have good days here and there.

If you have any REAL milk about this person, please post it, but you're reaching with this one and it feels like you just have personal vendetta and want to doubt this persons mental illness for god knows what reason.

No. 439671

Where do you get your mental illness knowledge, TV tropes wiki?
It's fairly common to feel like you have an ED-free day sometimes. It fucks with you badly often. Also you can be depressed but know that a day was decent. ESPECIALLY if youre high-functioning depressed person.

No. 439881

maybe she's actively trying not to be disordered…

No. 439882

yeah bc all twins are fake right

No. 440102

i don't think she shoops. she posts videos all the time and they look the same as the pictures she posts.

No. 440563


bitch claims she is 5'10 and she had a bmi 14 last year.
unfortunately she posts countless selfies showing thunder thighs, a bloated face and literally 0 bones. everybody over MPA calls her a beauty with an aaaammmaazing skinny body.

No. 440631

post actual milk or leave

No. 441373

I feel like everyone there fawns over her regardless of her size solely because she's popular and has her own badge/user title now for god only knows what reason.

No. 442052

no they are legit twins. you could google it

No. 442604

File: 1513073372123.png (975.48 KB, 640x1136, 1CDC755F-8C05-480D-9F2F-4037EC…)

She’s posting her po box and Amazon Wishlist to her Instagram stories rn

No. 442605

File: 1513073415806.png (830.02 KB, 640x1136, AA3F1A44-DC92-47DA-8F2A-665FE1…)

No. 442606

File: 1513073471957.png (462.06 KB, 640x1136, E83A7F2B-EBB2-42A7-AA4D-212E3F…)

No. 442615

Wtf is going on with this site recently, can neither of you read? You BOTH just repeated back exactly what I said in my comment - that it’s completely possible to have okay days - while making out that I didn’t know what I was talking about?? Did you even read what I was replying to?

And no, I got my knowledge from being professionally diagnosed with bipolar disorder… you know, the disorder I was talking about in my comment, not her ED like you again BOTH mentioned. Smells like samefag whiteknighting tbh.

Sage for anons who are so desperate to blogpost they don’t read comments properly

No. 442656

“Support my eating disorder by sending me free shit so I don’t have be responsible and earn my own money”

No. 443165

Different anon here, your comment really wasn’t clear so I actually got the same impression as the other anons when reading it. Your entire post was about calling bullshit on that girl so it doesn’t make sense that you’d take one statement of hers and agree with it, so it sounded like you were saying that even if her bipolar/depressive episodes are mild she wouldn’t feel decent.

No. 443266

I was actually disagreeing with both statements, that’s why. As someone who does have relatively mild bipolar II the depressive episodes are still no joke, you wouldn’t be feeling “decent”… unless you weren’t in a depressive episode, you were actually just feeling okay that day, which is completely possible (as stated in the first half of the comment). I’m calling her out on that because anyone who actually has bipolar would know that you don’t HAVE to be manic OR depressed at all times, no in-between.

Hence asking if they’d read the caption I was replying which said
>I was in a manic episode so now I’m in a depressed one
It’s phrased to sound like “I’m not in one so I must be in the other”.

No. 443521

So when crying Emily pops out her poor baby it’s gonna get taken the fuck away from her forever right?
UK anons please tell me she won’t get to even look at it cause she’s 100% guaranteed to abuse the fuck out of it, then kill herself and have the child starve to death next to her corpse.

No. 443653

and you're not even exaggerating. she's going to end up on the news.

No. 443764


Nah, she'll get to keep it because she lives with her mum. She'll have a social worker and they're pretty useless.

No. 443863

newfag here, but is crying emily's insta still recoveringemily?

No. 444061

File: 1513292086738.png (1.16 MB, 657x767, mpaqueen2.PNG)


mpa queen, https://i.imgur.com/P18HpMu.png

weird long upper body, claimed to be 14.5 bmi last year : https://imgur.com/tjPQmJ3


they call her beautiful, gorgeous etc..

No. 444101

i'm an asshole but i cant stand her fucking hands, and her thumb especially. when she shows pictures of her holding her food she always has dirty nails. and people praise her for god knows what reasons

No. 444131

hmm, I kind of imagine a bloke who will be arrested for beating this child to death (terrible I know). this is exactly where those horrible stories come from. how many bfs has she been through in this pregancy I wonder?

and what the fuck is wrong with her mum anyway.

No. 444642

what's the milk tho? that picture looks 14.5

No. 444745

wow, people on mpa like her but you don't. so milky

No. 444812


i never claimed to have milk as I was responding to a previous, older post. It's juicy that a huge board compliments a more than average girl who lies about her height, weight and exercise

No. 444816

Where can I talk about ember then??? Her bullshit recently is funny as fuck

No. 445187

File: 1513425933745.png (320.56 KB, 708x1130, 20171216_125644.png)

Bish posted this keeps reminding her followers of it via stories.
>she saved my life
>I'm soooo grateful
>can't feel muh legs guess I'll finally die lulz

No. 445549


chiropractic bill ? How about a meal plan to get life back on track and eventually start to get your lazy ass anorexic ass to work.

No. 445593


This girl is such a drama queen. I can’t take her infected sagging crotch shots or her attempts to come off as British. Bitch, you’re from Chicago, clean your panties and fuck. Woe is me. This girl wants binge-barf money, nothing more. She’ll egg everyone on that she’s dying, disappear for a bit, come back with more woe is me, now she’s finally begging for e-bux.

No. 445656

Which bullshit? I know she went through a hood phase a la danielle bregoli but last I checked she more or less grew out of it.

No. 445702

File: 1513504995706.png (986 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171217-085751.png)

>don't really give a shit if this happens to anyone else
>just bored, bodychecking
>btw look how sick I am, give moneez

No. 445922

She's posted her amazon wishlist now.

No. 445936

Sorry, missed that when you posted. It's private but it's https://www.instagram.com/emilyhxzell/

and she was going to do a pregnancy vegan food one but it hasn't happened

No. 446140

e-who-must-not-be-named made a spam account/finsta of sorts recently and the milk runneth over

No. 446318

File: 1513567130153.png (437.13 KB, 508x589, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.14…)

Just wondering, is this a known pro-ana figure? She looks like Ashley

I looked in the comments and there were some people saying her pic is triggering - I think I have to agree. I hate it when fat people complain that people with normal bodies are "triggering" them but this person is definitely anorexic to me. I'm not crazy, right?

No. 446323

she looks ashley tier spoopy to me, except with a normal face. Her cheeks look unnatural.

No. 446337

I don't think she looks quite as bad as Ashley does, but she is definitely emaciated. She looks like she could keel over at any moment.

No. 446441

File: 1513578147546.jpg (7.5 KB, 171x200, 1512447055401.jpg)

>Anyone else immediately think he looks sort of Aryan and wonder if this is some sick Nazi version of a dd/lg relationship?

No. 446478

eugh. looks like if ashley dyed her wig blonde and got cheek implants.

No. 446481

Yeahhhh it wouldn't take a jealous fatty to note that the girl has an obvious problem.

No. 446625

File: 1513611565203.png (504.23 KB, 673x1311, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 11.2…)

She's hit a BMI of 13.5 and [I]now[/I] she wants to go to a doctor and get help. But she is still posting her emaciated body as thinspo despite sobbing to her followers via her story to not go down this road.

No. 446629

File: 1513611785291.png (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1834x1188, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 10.4…)

Samefag but I still have to wonder if she's truly BMI 13.5 here, it seems like she's sucking in to me.

No. 446634

I saw this on my newsfeed today - I hate to be one of those tiggered people but that post made me leave that group. Recovery is hard enough without cunts like this posting their "totally relevant kawaii partykei hair uwu". She knows exactly what she's doing. the cow.
sage for no contribution

No. 446645

Yeah, she doesn’t look quite that low. I agree though, that she knows exactly what she’s doing. These cows love showing off their gross skeleton bodies, they don’t give a shit how damaging it is to other, more normal people with eating disorders.

No. 446657

File: 1513615122530.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 01DCCC9F-FAD0-4A22-9B01-95A063…)

I’m gonna say she lost some teeth

No. 446662

losing teeth isnt just a hallmark of bulimia. whether or not she is attention seeking, she obviously has problems

No. 446735


Dafuq you guys do know that 1) a bmi of 13.5 does not look the very same on everyone and too 2) about her sucking in, lol body dysmorphiafag, she still looks like she just escaped from fucking Auschwitz, does it even matter if her bmi is 13.5 or 13.6? Lol not debating that she's a narc tho

No. 446767

damn how many insta stories can one person make in a day?? the only cow ive seen make so many is momokun

No. 446806

Lol I know it caught me off guard her being al gummy ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 446851


I remember her BS story about how she is a BMI of 10 because she has Crohns or some other fashionable excuse. And OF COURSE most of her naive followers on Instagram believed her. Those who called her out that NO DOCTOR would watch a patient with Crohns dropping to a 10BMI were blocked, lol

No. 446912

File: 1513632422238.jpg (181.55 KB, 960x960, jade 2015.jpg)

jade in 2015. according to her instagram she's 25. not sure if she looks older or younger than that

No. 446976

Definitely older, but eating disorders seem to prematurely age people. I knew one anorexic woman who was in her 30s at the time but looked closer to 70. It was really sad.

No. 447027

It's crazy how people can lose so much weight so quickly. wtf?

No. 447066

That’s not the stomach of an anorexic who ate a half a box of pasta. Anachans love the asspats they get for “trying” recovery, which people give them even though it’s super obvious they’re lying.

No. 447629

tbf she probably took that pic beforehand

No. 447634


Severe anorexics appear decades older because they have lost fat in their faces, their skin wrinkles and thins, and their hair thins which is what happens with the aging process beginning in about the seventh decade of life. The loss of estrogen also contributes to premature aging, both visible and invisible (eg. osteopenia and osteoperosis). Also, malnutrition and dehydration play large parts.

This is Effects of Anorexia 101.

No. 447637

No one cares and she’s a banned topic

No. 447751

tyler post on twitter "shes gonna be okay <3" as if he had no part in her being emotionally abused and having to go the hospital i swear to god she better not go back with him or give in to his shit. i feel like one more push and she could snap and might actually do it

No. 447767

I always wanna know what the state of their tattoos would be if they gained a lot of weight.

No. 447789

13.5 looks way less sick than you'd think,especially if you have a small bone structure. Still sucking in too hard though.
>"I'm not beautiful!!!! "
>posts nudes

No. 447796

File: 1513707699100.png (709.56 KB, 670x1315, sure aly....png)

y'all correct me if i'm wrong, but the way i see it is: she can still body-check all she wants to. however, i don't see why she feels the need to share it with her 8k followers.

it could just be that she's a narc (as all anachans documenting their slow death are) and needs that ~validation~ that she's both hashtag goals, AND sick enough to actually deserve(? - not sure if right word) help.

No. 447833

Sage bc a little bit bloggy, but I had AN a long while before the Internet really became a place for attention-seeking. It's honestly kind of depressing to see this sort of thing bc I would imagine if you're constantly posting body checks on social media, it'd be a lot harder to convince yourself to get on with recovery bc you need to keep up the sick appearance for followers. I'm not supporting this chick, but I truly do feel bad for a lot of these girls bc of the pressure they put on themselves to keep up an image online as well as irl.

No. 447977

Ooh, yes, I want to second this. People are so clueless when it comes to weight (in either direction). A BMI of 13.5 is extremely dangerous for an adult, but a lot of people think that it actually looks fine – they can't see the problem.

No. 447984

"body checking" as it's become (ie posting a bunch of pictures semi-naked and sucking in) is bullshit. yeah people weighing, measure, look in the mirror, or take pictures as part of a body dysmorphic ed. this is a legitimate thing. but in the last 5-10 years, since tumblr and IG became popular and ED communities became more about gaining followers instead of staying anonymous, body checking has become a code-word for posting endless pictures trying to look as skinny as possible and get attention.

people just try to be like "oh it's a ~behavior~! i'm struggling(tm)" so they have a defence when they get called out for seeking attention and doing shit that may ~trigger~ others.

it's begging for people to call them skinny, nothing else. if it were about checking your body size it wouldn't require posing and posting to thousands of internet strangers.

No. 448070


she deliberately dresses up in matching lingerie sets and negligees, does full hair and makeup for her body checks and includes full face, full instathot selfies next to them and then brags about how ~fragile~ and ~delicate~ she is.

she used to chuck MASSIVE tantrums whenever her pics got reblogged without her name all over them so she started watermarking all of her photos so that there was no doubt who the ~tru ana queen~ is.

she calls her followers her babies, they call her mom, and she revels in it.

she's a toxic narc. I mean sure, ruin yourself, but acting like you're a good person or something to aspire to while plastering your sickening body all over the internet is utterly disgusting

No. 448480

heisenburg right? i dont understand how anyone there likes her??? shes super bitchy and acts like she owns the board

No. 448602

Agreed, body checking is a legitimate ED habit, but that isn't what those twats are doing. Taking pictures of yourself and posting them online isn't body checking, idk how or why these pro-anas think that has anything to with what body checking actually is, it's just a way of them seeking attention & conformation of their skelliness from strangers.

No. 449371

not saying it isnt attention seeking but obsessively taking pictures is a common way of bodychecking.

No. 449519

You dumbass mother fuckers are out of you league. You post pics stolen from someone's account on another site. I hope you get the virus embedded in them. Dumbasses

No. 449522

You're all a bunch of bigtime losers. All you're doing is shaming the mentally ill. Now that takes a big person to do. I hope y'all drop dead the next time you take a shit. I'd love to see the look on your mommy's face when she finds you dead with your dick in your hand. Pussies and cowards, that what everyone of you are.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 449526

you're making an embarrassment of yourself

No. 449527

this forum is fucking retarded

No. 449529

For those wondering where the triggered newfags are coming from lolcow was discussed here


No. 449535

Heusenburg is awesome tho wtf

No. 449536

No. 449537

yes why the heisenburg hate?

No. 449540

@ No. 449536, it says i don't have permission to access that link?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 449559

you guys are just playing hard to get

No. 449566

Because it’s totally okay to have an entire website dedicated to helping people maintain a dangerous mental illness. MPA cunts need to do some serious self-analysis before calling names. This thread is for fun, while their words literally kill people. I hope they all live with that on their consciences.

No. 449679

shut the fuck up you fat piece of shit(ana-chan)

No. 449717

Even if I was fat (super lame insult there), I’d rather be fat than be a fucking proana piece of shit that advocates for people slowly killing themselves while living an absolutely miserable existence. I honestly don’t know how anyone from mpa sleeps at night, with all that blood on their hands.

No. 449723

Defending pro ana? Low. Hope all the mpa cunts know it’s an argument they’re never going to win. That whole website is seriously fucked up.

No. 451613

What’s really funny(pathetic) about DaintyAly is that she’s ~trying recovery~ and had a meltdown when docs took her off adderall and Wellbutrin (like they don’t know what they’re doing and she apparently doesn’t realize she has a huge tolerance to those meds)
Girl, your depression meds aren’t working if you still cut yourself over a binge.

No. 451634

Is anybody gonna talk about Molly from mollys_munchies? She has gone into and out of treatment like 3 times in the last year and every time she IMMEDIATELY relapses as if she's not learning shit, which is so infuriating.

I wouldn't consider her a lolcow from that alone but she's now taken to posting pictures on her story with captions like, "mom bought me this coat! but it's too big on me : ( i ate some fruit today i'm gonna gain so much!!!!!"

it's blatantly fishing and so frustrating when I just want her to either take recovery seriously or admit she's just a proana account at this point.

No. 451647


I have been following her for several months and just checked her Instagram today.

I hardly consider her account pro-ana. She rarely posts photos of her face let alone her body, and often later deletes the photos of her body. She has posted only twice in two months and had to leave college due to her ED. She is obviously struggling. She constantly apologises for not being good enough which I find heartbreaking.

No. 451689

File: 1514143359369.png (1014.39 KB, 1536x2048, 196F2D05-9F33-49E6-B149-89E5A9…)

Not pro ana? I beg to disagree.

No. 451690

File: 1514143435709.png (541.79 KB, 1536x2048, FDA0CBE5-F730-4F6F-B42A-151CB3…)

Even though she’s obviously very sick, this shit is still glorifiying anorexia, which is the definition of pro ana and highly inappropriate.

No. 451722


This the first full-body pic she has posted since April.

She is fully clothed, she is not assuming a spoopy pose to accentuate her emaciation, she is not measuring her body.

How, then, should people with anorexia present themselves in full-body photos and express their body dysmorphia?

No. 451731

do you check her story? she's CONSTANTLY body checking. she wears low neck shirts to show her chest bones, there's no other reason for her to be wearing shit like that when it's cold out.

No. 451755

Oh my god the low cut tops piss me off so fucking much. Every single story post is her popping her collar bones out ffs. Bitch would need to grow up - the constant relapsing is pathetic I’m all honesty.

No. 451777

Exactly, that's the thing. I was originally there for Molly with FULL support and I want her to succeed so badly. Now every time I open her story I just want to message her and tell her to stop fucking around, like come ON

No. 451805

i don't know and don't care who that girl is but uhh she's definitely "posing" in >>451690 , aside from the strategic low cut shirt she's clearly tipping her hips back to create/accentuate a thigh gap. so many girls do this pose and it looks so fucking dumb. like both pro anas and just regular accounts. do they legit think it's not obvious they're tipping their hips back so hard they'd look completely ridic from any angle other than straight on?

No. 451808

sorry meant the pose in >>451689

No. 451879

anyone else think storyofkorey is looking a bit spoopy again?

No. 451912

File: 1514169810004.png (1.24 MB, 1570x1204, Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 9.40…)

well, someone tipped. i know that she had an MPA account, but i doubt anyone there would have told her about this thread since she's not very popular there.

No. 451914

Maybe she was lurking

No. 451916


She said someone tipped her off about it

No. 451919

Someone tipped her about it, I doubt she lurks. she claims she’ll “never go to this site to see what they say about me” on her story and told her followers not to send her links to here. Can’t handle criticism apparently

No. 451921

Lmao DaintyAly’s most recent body check included a shot of her back and “not a rib in site, SIGH”
& she claims she’s not proana… yeah right bitch

No. 451924

Yup. Halo Top, anyone? Her boyfriend creeps me out how he supports that shit.

No. 451937

For sure. She’s not as recovery focused as she claims, and is less and less so as time goes on. She’s one that loves the asspats she gets from claiming she’s fully in recovery, but obviously isn’t.

No. 451988

Halo Top: the best way to spot ana chans “in recovery”

No. 452033

>can't handle criticism well
>she doesn't look like 85 lbs, more like a whopping 90
>she's definitely sucking in
>she's sooo pro ana I'm feeling so triggered by her bodyshots uwu

No. 452180

File: 1514231681414.png (1.34 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171225-135000.png)

not to long ago someone posted about curlyl0cks_ and the fact that she's been claiming to be in recovery for a very long time but hasn't seemed to gain any weight/ is still extremely under weight, she just posted this on instagram.

No. 452188

Which picture is from last year? Because she looks terrible in both. IG has so many of these “totally in recovery” but really pretty far from it people. It’s sad because girls then think they too can be in recovery while staying incredibly thin, when that’s not how it works.

No. 452286

Looks like she's 45 on the right. She got a whole luggage set under her eyes.

No. 452305

I don't think a lot of you realize that these people who are severely underweight take a long time to healthily recover and gain weight back. It's extremely dangerous for them to just gain all that weight in a small period of time.Yeah saying that they're fully recovered is deceptive but they can be in recovery and still underweight, they're just not in remission yet.

saged for no milk/blogging/medfagging

No. 452313

You can totally be in recovery and underweight, but she’s not. She’s been underweight and “in recovery” for months and months, but hasn’t gained any weight. In recovery gaining a pound or two every week is appropriate and expected. She’s claiming recovery, but isn’t following through at all. So go white knight elsewhere.

No. 452600

she has gained weight though that's all I'm saying.

No. 453728

File: 1514316697466.jpg (78.17 KB, 763x811, Screenshot_1.jpg)


No. 453989

File: 1514348228374.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, 818609B7-5810-437F-BAF8-2B02DF…)

Molly at it again with the conspicuous collarbone ….?

No. 453990

File: 1514348279091.png (296.74 KB, 750x1334, 71837923-8661-4A02-993F-F84761…)

all I want is her honesty.

No. 454216

DaintyAly is scared to go to a rave on her birthday since she’s so “bloated now” and instead of leaving it at that, she decided to “not share tips” and tell all her followers what she’s going to do to lose before the rave: i.e. only eat one packet of oatmeal a day + coffee.
I just don’t get why she insists she’s not sharing tips when she literally does. She could just say she’s going to restrict. Not detail everything she’s going to do.
She’ll probably drop dead at the rave if she does that and takes Molly like she plans to.

No. 454260

i hate to be this person but i really dislike when overweight people claim anorexia, i know theres atypical anorexia or whatever but if you dont have it but have disordered eating then just say that and tag that shit. it just looks like attention seeking/cant be taken seriously

No. 454277

File: 1514400004943.png (181.5 KB, 640x1031, IMG_0765.PNG)

Here we go again with Ariana.

No. 454278

File: 1514400049020.png (159.34 KB, 632x1034, IMG_0767.PNG)

No. 454283

File: 1514400478675.png (121.3 KB, 627x921, IMG_0768.PNG)

Like what the hell. She actually can be really pretty, look at this photo? But now she has stopped getting attention for being sick because people see through the manipulation, and it's just always one thing after another. She totally knows about this site too, she just has to! She stopped posting stuff completely yet she vaugly hints at how "things aren't going well". She was sick at one point for sure, but now it's just borderline her other diagnoses holding her back. Ariana, just get help for what's happening in your brain. Cuz we all see it.

No. 454284

>she’s so “bloated now”

Can't she just keep sucking in to push her ribs out? Does she see herself as skeletal?

No. 454288

I think Ariana is more of a compulsive liar then anything? Anyone have any examples?

No. 454311

Is the black lipstick and the black around her eyes supposed to make her look more sick? And you can see by how she's pushing out her chest that she's fine, just skinny. I don't get it, are there ANY pictures where she shows any of her body and isn't wearing baggy clothes and purposely struggling to look like she can't hold herself up?

No. 454320

No she doesn't ever do body checks, unless she has some anonymous IG Account i don't know about? I just scrolled all the way through her IG and just normal pictures. I mean she definitely looks thin off and on, and I know she used to be a gymnasts and cheerleader so she is probably only like… five foot to five foot three? Idk whatever. She definitely poses in all her pictures but she is also small. I swear she has added some eye shadow to make her eyes look more sunken though. And that hat just makes her look like a cancer victim.

No. 454322

She is always talking about trauma but idk if it's a lie or not. There has to be something there, like something that happened, for her to be this messed up… but lord knows what it actually is.

No. 454486


No. 454488

Agreed, she looks beautiful here.

No. 454571

If you can look like this, why the hell would you go with your look in the other pics? Granted she’s got mental health issues, but still. She’s a decent looking girl when she’s not dressed as a zombie grandmother.

No. 454639

Right?! That's what I'm saying! She has a couple pictures like that I'm just blown away by. She seems to tan easily. When her hair is healthy, it's beautiful when her makeup is done right i.e.: black is not her color. She looks… beautiful, and healthy, and like someone I want to spend time around. The other pictures it's SCREAMS instability. But idk? Maybe that's what she is going for? She so desperately needs people not to leave her that if staying sick keeps them around she will do whatever she has to do to make it seem like she is (or actually continue to make herself) sick. We are so far past an eating disorder here…….

No. 454656

It’s all about validation and attention. They’ll do anything to have it.(sage)

No. 454667


Haven't been on this thread for a while but saw some of her recent pictures and wondered if she was going to pop back up.
She was looking healthier over the summer - she was even starting to wear clothes that fit better. I do suspect that she actually is slipping into old ways. Doesn't surprise me - one sister seems to be a senior in high school, one sister recently got engaged, and the younger brother seems to be doing well in his various activities - she is in her mid 20s living at home and doesn't seem to be doing much of anything besides make some chalkboard signs for ivivva (which I am not sure she has even done since the summer) and spend all day liking things on IG.
The new look is just screaming for attention and definitely makes her look sicker. The dark eyes and makeup make her look more skeletal and the hair - oh the hair. She finally got away from the greasy ponytail with the oversized bow but has just traded it for some lopsided crazy pigtails (and I am thinking she now has an undercut). Its like she is going to recreate some sort of teenage rebellion fantasy but she is an adult.

No. 454684

>>454486 her sister didn't get engaged its a college ring, but it's a really good Texas school. Her younger sister is a senior in high school and apparently a really successful dancer on broadway or something. Her brother is a top level gymnast in his age bracket or however that works- which she used to be. She was valedictorian so i do feel bad she hasn't done anything with her life. Mental illness is getting in her way. Obviously easier said than done to just "get over it" but there has to be a therapist that can help her see that even victims have to get to a point where doing things like going to university and holding a job are absolutely possible. Even people who have been through life times of trauma and illness have ability to have a stable and healthy life, any other argument is the definition of living a victim mentality.

No. 454695

Ariana is absolutely living in a victim mentally. I don't say that to be like… uncaring? Bad shit that happens, sucks. It does. It can change your life in 100 ways but at the same time… letting it dictate you and hold you back from having a full life- ISN'T THE FUCKING ANSWER. No matter how bad it was, the worst of the worst of the worst things in the world, no matter what she has been through, it's possible to move on. And she's wallowing in the safety of her mental illness instead.

No. 454701


That makes more sense regarding the ring (I was trying to figure out why she said her sister put a ring on it but the picture only had her parents and sisters in it).
And its definitely easier said than done to just "get over it". Mental illness can be a beast. And it can't be easy being surrounded by successful family members who are a reminder of everything that she lost. However the longer she puts it off (either going to school or finding a job) the harder it is going to be to get back on her feet.
Its one of those situations where coming from a family that seems to have a lot of money is really only hurting her. She was able to treatment hop around. Now she is able to just sit at home "recovering" when most other people her age would have been forced to at least get a job.

No. 454708

Tbf though it does say RECOVERY so we don’t really know if she used to be underweight but has gained but is still struggling mentally

No. 454711

Oh god, thank you for saying this. It might be because I'm a spoop as well and so seeing someone 300lb claim to be anorexic means my mind sees me the same way, idk, but if you have atypical anorexia it's still under EDNOS. They just want attention but honestly it just looks like a pisstake.

No. 454714

Nice profile pic, anon, real edgy teen-looking

No. 454721


Look you fuckers need to read the rules or fuck off. Learn to sage, learn to reply, or you’re going to be banned.

No. 454786

Hey fucker. Watch your completely unncecessey and overly abrasive language. It makes you seem like you're probably a real Dick McAsshole in real life and have nothing better to do but rag on people who are doing literally the same thing you are doing… being anonymous assholes online. And yeah, I used the cursing for ironic purposes.
Learn to communicate like an educated
member of society.
Ps: I saged this post just so you couldn't have grounds to block me. Ya dick.(infighting)

No. 454792

YES. The sitting at home recovering is the part that drives me crazy. Like literally she is doing nothing with her life on a day to day basis. Part of recovery, in like transitional living, they sometimes have you get a job. Because ya know THATS REAL FUCKING LIFE. If you were to ask her she would say she couldn't because of this issue or this issue or this issue or this issue… like at some point SOME of those things become excuses. Some may be legit but that doesn't mean there isn't hope for them to get better? She just bitches about how mean people are and how no one cares when so so so so many people have tried to support her. The real world is effing hard. You don't have 20 best friends, you have a couple if you're lucky. You don't get catered to- you have to work and grind and suffer to earn what you want and need. It's 10000x harder than anyone can prepare you for. And it's almost like she hasn't realized that yet, and the safety of familiarity of her illnesses is hard in its own right, but it's not as hard as stepping out into the unknown of moving on without them. Leaving "ed" and all the other things behind. That's a whole new hard and a whole new scary and she isn't mentally allowing herself to process how to overcome that fear so she can in fact move on and have a normal life. Instead. She sits at her parents.

No. 454828

If you can’t stand profanity, you’re going to get real butthurt real quick here, I suggested finding a more cuddly form of entertainment and kindly pissing off

No. 454830

That’s the downside to these people that go to treatment for long periods of time again and again. They’re never forced to be accountable for themselves and their own lives, and become accustomed to living in a bubble. When they’re finally out, they can’t function.

No. 454879

I'm not offended by profanity, I'm offended by assholes being assholes thinking that they sound like a bad bitch through a computer screen when really she (or he) is just being a bitch like the rest of us. I have a problem with people acting tough on a fucking internet board. So calm the fuck down and talk shit about the Anna queens OUTSIDE the board and stop acting like god damn queen yourself. Cool? Excellent.(stop)

No. 454911


No. 454919

>rattle rattle
Someone’s a little cranky from fasting. Ana-chan threads attract the worst kind of people.

No. 454922

Yeah there’s unfortunately been ana chans showing up here recently and getting all butthurt that their “lifestyle” is being called out for what it really is.

No. 455006

…anyone in this thread smoke weed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455178

Does weed smoke have calories?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455198

>>455178 you could say that

No. 455568

File: 1514505849676.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, A94607F5-F66A-4C8F-89D5-D9EB9C…)

No. 455610

Who is this?

No. 455675

it’s bella, @/thane_of_windhelm

No. 455680

I thought she was dying, but now she’s working at Starbucks? Kek

No. 455699

this looks like nothing made at starbucks, and judging from the background looks like something she made at home and slapped it into a starbucks cup

No. 455728

Yup, I agree.

This bitch’s binges have become too much for her to financially continue, so now she’s milking anything she can go possible donations. I had to unfollow her, I can’t stand her dramatic bs.

No. 455979

I get that people with eating disorders are sick, but she’s past the point of sympathy, or forgiveness for her behavior. She’s manipulative and an attention whore.

No. 456094

File: 1514535460066.jpg (68.65 KB, 629x435, 20171229_091408.jpg)

Yeah that's probably her idea of fun

No. 457047

who the hell even films Paris waltzing around with chocolate?! Is she alone or does some schmuck get their kicks filming her. I asked and got booted from her IG..

No. 457083

Obviously her brother and mom

Sage or screw off newfag

No. 457826

File: 1514704497424.jpeg (229.22 KB, 640x984, 44996D67-58CC-4EA7-B98C-8B98F3…)

She’s totally not relapsing (eye roll)

No. 457833

She´s one of the most blatant liars among all these super inspirational recoverywarriors on instagram, but she has tons of asslickers who are defending her. How does she do that? Are all her followers pro anas who are using her as thinspiration and lust for more of these triggering pictures?

No. 457845

She’s 100x worse than Aly_realrecover. Aly has that quirky-second Hand embarrassment ridiculousness that makes her oh so lovable, but this girl, no thanks. Obnoxious toothy smile and constant arrogant triggers to her followers. She and Bella can piss off.

No. 457848

File: 1514706815752.png (135.51 KB, 312x259, Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-31 um 0…)

That smile makes me want to punch her ugly face.(calm down)

No. 457894

one mpa member has opened a page where u can submit MPA confessions, anonymously.


guess who has opened the second thread and is posting Heisenburg-appreciation confessions all day long ? yes heisenburg herself.

i wouldn't be surprised if she is the one who posts the messages about her


No. 457947

First of all sage, second of all how is this a triggering picture?

No. 457948

You must not still follow Aly then kek or follow her thread on the farm. She is incredibly manipulative, narcissistic, and constantly lying. She’s so far from loveable.

Maybe I don’t know enough about korey but I don’t exactly understand what makes her so insufferable or what she’s apparently lying about?

No. 457950

File: 1514734494982.jpeg (152.6 KB, 640x586, 55C6F6CF-5114-4004-82AD-E91714…)

Here’s her New Years photo: recovered edition.

No. 457956

I find them both insufferable, each in their own way. At least Aly has gained weight at some point in her recovery.

No. 457993

I feel like she stays on mpa all day searching for “heis” and “Heisenberg” just to see who’s talking about her in order to fuel her ego. I know one girl confessed in the “I love heis :)” thread that she thinks Heisenberg is obnoxious and annoying, and Heis more or less immediately PM’d her about it because she can’t handle people NOT kissing her ass.

No. 458000

hey i remember your self post a few threads back. good job on logging out this time i guess

No. 459641

No. 459758

scumbag incels vs scumbag proanas, who will win?

No. 459798

I am a lot on mpa and I see Heisenburg CONSTANTLY mostly because it's hard not to spot the horribly punchable face everywhere. She "called me out" once on some mundane shit and I'm 99% sure she went on my profile to find my posts to comment on them randomly in a weird "I see you bitch" manner.
But I see her mentioned a lot when it comes to MPA, what is the "real" deal with her? Just the fact she's everywhere?

No. 459819

she's been around for years and she's built up a group of "friends" with her tales of bmi 14

No. 459824

eh, hoped for something milky, but I guess just another time wasting attention hoe

No. 459835


everywhere and every time. for somebody who claims to have a job and being a ''compulsive exerciser'' (ROFL) she is online a lot


she and her groupies wish they would have a bmi 14.

No. 459843


she is annoying but the people kissing her ass are worse.

the same phenomenon why shallow, plain celebrities like Kardashians, Hadids could become popular: you identify with them. 0 talents, average looks, same average IQ between your star and yourself.

No. 459851

File: 1514925734440.png (695.97 KB, 490x725, heis.png)

she did look thin in some of her old photos, like this one is pretty spoopy

No. 459883


edited in length. Heisenbergs's upper body from shoulders to hipbones covers 70% of her whole body. she is either the shortest 5'10 ever or a fucking scammer

No. 460052

I think it might be some kind of a "mentor " effect, she's been around forever, she posts A LOT and so on and was spoopy at one point and posts ~~sad stuff~~ too so she is ~totally relatable~~. She never asskisses anyone but gives fake asspats so people think she's smart or something. I am kinda afraid that writing baou her here will make her excited.

No. 460085

I wonder if her other pics are edited/shooped, too. That'd be grounds enough for a call-out post. But even so, whoever called her out on that Hellsite would get bullied off of it by her army of fellow skinny-fats.

No. 460092

File: 1514940457447.jpg (16.34 KB, 360x480, med_gallery_201392_26026_52908…)

as if. Most of them are at normal bmi or overweight at this point. The thin ones have been thin for years now.

How about that weird creep "Oki"? The one that just keeps on coming up with 48 day fasts and fasted for 72 days? There is something odd about him.
He says that obviously he doesnt do anything during them, and seems like only thing he does is wandering around shopping centres and spending time with his bunny(if it's still alive?)

No. 460139


I don’t think it’s an incel site. The owner is female and that guy is married afaik but it looks like they have incel members(sage)

No. 460190

omg I remember that guy. So creepy. Tried impressing girls on MPA.

No. 460213

>I am kinda afraid that writing baou her here will make her excited.

agreed and a lot of the MPA shit feels self post ish? random MPA users aren't that milky. it's a closed forum that's going to be cringe by nature since the concept of pro ana is already cringe and most of the girls there aren't underweight/anorexic at all anyways.

not trying to board police but idk it just feels like this thread is better if we stick to insta cows instead of turning into a gossip thread about MPA, esp since afaik you have to be a member of MPA to see the posts and i assume most farmers aren't members.

No. 460219

i was thinking the same thing (about keeping this thread more centered on the insta anas) but there could always be an MPA thread made.

i feel like they'll keep flooding this thread regardless since >>449529 happened.

No. 460227

yeah people will definitely keep coming in until the thread on the MPA site dies, but if we're not talking about anyone from there on here they won't have anything to bitch about right?

idk whatever, i'm sure a farmhand will say something if this thread gets too dumb again and also it wouldn't be the pro-ana scumbag thread if there wasn't always a fuck ton of self posting and drama lbr. it just seems like in general lolcow is supposed to be about people who have public profiles somewhere and not just anonymous accounts on another board

No. 460367

Discussing MPA here is clearly going to bring in hordes of MPA-whatevers here, that much is obvious.
I was very against banning ED cow threads but if this is what this is going to degenerate into then come on.
I guess there's just not drama outside of the 3 ems, which are banned, or ash and aly.

No. 460485


MPA is pretty much not an anonymous board, 2 or 3 parts are locked for guests. Heisenberg is so public about everything that you can read her bullshit without register.

last week she posted another dumb selfie from her bathroom and you could see the dirt in the toilet. disgusting is a mild word. but let's all praise this beauty.(learn 2 sage)

No. 460519

I've always thought heise looked weird as shit. I assumed that maybe I was crazy.. but after the whole shoop thing, that's probably why her anatomy always looks so absolutely strange

No. 460520

File: 1514986541548.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180103-133400.png)

This girl has been mentioned before but honestly wtf why are you proud of this

No. 460677

why are any of them proud of any medical ~swag~ or ip stays? it's like collecting ana girl scout badges. when you have no life or identity outside your mental illness u gotta get your joy where u can~~~ or sth

semi relatedly, i don't follow solostinmymind so all i can see is her profile pic, but even from that it's immediately clear she's trying to get attention for being underweight. there's no logical reason to frame the photo around your straining neck and your collarbones while cutting off the top of your head. a normal person would just include their entire face, no awkward neck pose, and also try to make a somewhat attractive expression.

but #skinny

No. 460970

Ughhh no i know her irl and honestly its just sad, like shes so acutely unwell but has been in and out of hospital for like 10+ years now and unless she decides to engage with treatment, will ultimately die from anorexia… probably soon.
Honestly she looks like Ash level of spoopy so it doesnt surprise me she has that button and i suspect her brain is so starved she is no longer capable of thinking logically or in a non-disordered way.

No. 461691

>>460970 she often says that her team don't see the point in making her inpatient again and that they need to give the bed to someone who actually wants to recover. Do you know how true this or is she making it up to avoid treatment?

No. 462179

Who actually cares! She posted once she wanted a tube to make purging easier. Typical pro-flake and before you get your shit in a knot yes I'm looking for a screenshot

No. 462181

File: 1515115666166.png (53.43 KB, 1080x300, 20180104_202633.png)

No. 462185

Of course she wanted one. It’s pretty typical for people in ed treatment who have feeding tubes to purge or at least try to purge out of them.

No. 462188

But I would hope no doctor would put a g tube in her, because that would be way too easy for her to purge with (since those tubes can be used that way, but for people who actually need stomach drainage, not ana chans) b

No. 462195

I have no sympathy for these cows that have been given plenty of support and treatment and opportunities to recover, yet are so publicly pro-ana. If she doesn’t care enough to at least make an honest effort to recover, why should anyone else? I hate when ana chans whine for sympathy and asspats when they are actively choosing to stay in their disorders. Yes it’s a disease and an addiction, but it’s still up to a person to take personal responsibility and use the help they’re given.

No. 462259

Agreed! 99% of them want asspats and cuddle time then go to treatment just to get kicked out. GTFO about how you're not proana and not wanting to be sick for attention

Sage for rant

No. 462400

And if they do choose to go to treatment, they only do it for either a break from real life or the attention and asspats, or both. They think of it as a place where people will take care of them and coddle them and tell them how brave they are and how it’s all their eating disorder and not them, but they have absolutely no intention of doing any of the work that treatment and recovery require. Then they leave ama or are kicked out or half-ass their way through, only to stay sick but blame everyone and everything else for why they couldn’t recover. (“That center wasn’t a good fit for me” and “they just didn’t understand me and how my disorder works” seem to be popular choices).

No. 462496

But… you didn’t actually sage …

No. 462612

it seems like when people migrate over from MPA they think posting "sage" is what it means to sage

this is why residential treatment is such a shitshow 99% of the time, it's a combination of angry teens who've been forced in by their parents and spend the whole time trying to cheat the rules and whining about how ~fat~ they are in group, and arrested development 20-somethings who have realized they have no direction in life and can just hide in tx and get coddled and be ~struggling~ and get cliquey with their "frew crew" or w/e. plus like one 50-year-old chronic case who is actually trying, lol.

i actually don't know how anyone gets any better in most resi programs considering how ~triggering~ and not-real-world it usually is.

No. 463283

File: 1515218316161.jpg (303.72 KB, 900x1425, 0aF2G.jpg)

sorry to bring her up again, but my GOD. she is the most annoying person on the planet and everyone praises her constantly. the people on MPA are delusional……. lol

No. 463285

File: 1515218417316.png (97.56 KB, 771x349, Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.5…)

sorry to bring her up again, but my GOD. she is the most annoying person on the planet and everyone praises her constantly. the people on MPA are delusional……. lol

oops lol

No. 463326

Well, you’re not wrong. No sane person would be a member on a website that’s literally pro-dangerous mental illness. It’s a pretty sick place full of delusional people convincing each other to slowly kill themselves, and justifying why that’s okay.

No. 463346

Ha, even she seems to think that thread is a little odd.

No. 463375


They are praising a woman who posted yet another dumb Selfie with a DIRTY toilet in the background. Gross

Happened just last week

No. 463446


lol doubtful, she's probably loving it. cause she thinks she is god or something. being internet famous doesn't make you cool, especially if it's on a pro-ana website lol

No. 463466

This is an image board, just post the toilet or stop.

No. 463627

File: 1515271740942.png (753.85 KB, 1080x1920, 20180106_154705.png)

Don't remove it, just give me credit so more people give me asspats and gifts

No. 463685

Y I K E S.

I creeped through her Instagram a bit. Has anybody else noticed how often anas are obsessed with Disney? I think a lot of them are severely emotionally stunted.

No. 463693

I think it's a requirement kek

No. 463753

It’s a requirement to do at least some cutesy, childish things (common with the munchies, too). Either the Disney obsession, or little girl’s clothes and hairstyles, or stuffed animals and dolls, or similar things.

No. 463773

In all fairness, "internet Anas" are more like munchies than people with real EDs. Asking for gifts is more munchie than ~ana~ imo

No. 463781

Very true. But even in treatment centers there are girls and women that infantilize themselves. And lots of munchies are just anas that found they get more asspats for having a physical illness. Plus, there’s no personal responsibility to recover thrown in, and they keep getting to do their behaviors and have it medically sanctioned.

No. 464100

Very true. I think a lot of them get off on the attention. There's always age-regressed freaks in every treatment center. I wonder if it's because they have never been in the real world or if they like the attention it brings them. All the attention seeking shit reeks of borderline or muchie. It's hard to tell which is which for me. But I think a lot of em see how other people react. I hate how it's always adults doing things like that, too. I mean, hell, I have AN, but after a certain point you have to take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming everything on the disorder
(Sorry for personal rant. Pisses me tf off)

No. 464170

File: 1515338082353.jpeg (251.49 KB, 749x1187, 4BB970BC-6977-429B-96EC-14584A…)

Okay does anyone know more about this girl?

No. 464174

I followed her no milk

No. 464338

Holy shit, yes, I know her. I went to treatment with her. I didn't expect her to pop up here. Anyway, she's a very nice girl. She had a rough time in treatment, but I don't think she's a cow. She never struck me as overly attention-seeking or malicious like some of the anas posted here, and, by the looks of her Instagram, I don't think that's changed much. She's just very sick and struggling a lot.

No. 464993


Some women with autism can have childish interests and mannerisms due to stunted development, so its not always a personality issue

No. 465555

Also, it’s said that anyone who develops an addiction is emotionally trapped at whatever age they were when the addiction started, some girls develop eating disorders pretty young.

No. 465611

ASD has been found to correlate with EDs, but ARFID, not normally AN.
I've heard of the same phrase about being trapped when it started. I think it's commonly told to younger girls as part of "separate yourself from the disorder" speal. Past a certain point you're supposed to recognize how YOUR actions led to the situation, Instead of blaming everything on the disorder. I.e. Age regression like behavior is explained to younger people as "part of the ED." In adults its explained as a result of actions like not eating and being short because of it. It's not like you stop eating and are transported to the maturity level of a 10 year old. People are able to get away with being immature because "they're ill." It's not attributed to personal responsibility

No. 465627

That is an excellent point, how many times do we hear ana chans talk about their ED “making” them do horrible things? They act like it’s an entity outside themselves that they are powerless against, and use that as an excuse to lie, treat people badly, steal, or other terrible things. Then they go to treatment and claim recovery, and those horrible things are forgiven and wiped clean, because “my eating disorder made me do it, it wasn’t me at all”. Bullshit.

No. 465689

I don't understand it at all. You have to have a lot of self-hatred to freaking starve yourself. It doesn't make sense that so many people with eating disorders will not blame their actions on themselves. I want more accountability in treatment. It's so easy to tell someone "it's not your fault" so they feel better. But seeing things clearly is more important than feeling better in my opinion. The real world (if they ever make it out of treatment) will not be encouraging or protective

No. 466142


I have yet to see an online Anorexic with a clean room. Imagine these drama queens having an own house or even kids to take care for,…and this generation is supposed to save your pensions. LOL

The same on MPA. I read a thread where they all claim to be perfectionists and much morew intelligent than the rest of the world - apparently their super high IQs stops them from getting your damn room clean.

No. 466280

The lack of accountability drives me crazy. I absolutely understand not wanting to go inpatient, especially when your life has been in and out of hospital. But so many of these women insist that because they're trying to weight restore on their own that gaining a quarter pound every three months is "acceptable" or real recovery. I was basically doing this all of last year and believed these Instagram bitches over doctors. Anyways I wised the fuck up and started actually working at this in November and holy shit did things change, like I went from fairly spoopy to being on track to be at a minimally healthy weight by March. Also I'm an adult with a job and an apartment and a wife. I'm really not trying to brag here but like there's this idea that it's impossible to weight restore in any sort of timely manner outside of the hospital and it's a fucking lie.

No. 466317

I think the idea behind it is separating your ED from your "real, healthy self", which is fine when applied in healthy ways, but the problems start when you start shifting ALL responsibility on it.
What I mean is, you can't really control the bad thoughts that come to you when you eat, but what you CAN affect are your actions. You can make the decision to eat despite the thoughts in your head, or you can give in. Is it harder to eat with anorexia? Yes, incredibly so. But not impossible, and it is always, ultimately, your choice.

Too bad instagram ana-chans twist this potentially healthy method of recognizing disordered thoughts into a way to completely shift all responsibility for their shitty actions onto "ana"/"mia"/whatever the hell call their eating disorder. It's sad.

No. 466331

Exactly; your ed can make you WANT to do or say things but ultimately the choice is yours. You don’t even have to be a decent person to behave decently they are clearly being enabled because if they didn’t get what they wanted by throwing fits they would stop even if the urge is still there.

No. 466730

No. 466755

Holy hell they just found the mpa admin on that looksmax site

No. 466923

Lolcow on my phone keeps going unresponsive so if some kind anon can give me a rundown I would huuugely appreciate

No. 466991

we've all seen your shitty incel website you can stop linking it now

No. 466997

this is the first/only time i've gone onto the looksmax site and it seems like a mess with lots of walls of blogpost tier text. do not recommend.

based on the two most recent pages of the thread, someone found out that myproana.org was registered on godaddy to a middle aged dude, and therefore people are speculating the same person probably owns myproana.com and is the site admin.

the only milk (if you can call it that) is that everyone thinks/thought MPA was admin'd by a girl and now it looks like it's a dude.

this seems p standard though. pro ana forums are usually run by dudes who realize it's an easy way to have teenage girls share underwear pics and beg for validation without it being cp or "illegal"

No. 467033

Yeah, even if you just gain a pound a week you're well on your way. Took me 6mo to gain the 20lbs I needed to, but I made it. Yeah, it's uncomfortable, but the alternative is death. It really just comes down to whether or not you genuinely want to recover. If you do, you'll do whatever it takes.

No. 467053

File: 1515635079743.jpeg (41.61 KB, 640x378, E5DCDCF2-84F6-4DCF-A6C2-EC6D4C…)


No. 467159

…okay, sorry to distract the mpa people but can we discuss ashley/rhetoricallylaughing from tumblr yet

i know she got brought up a little bit ago but if you check her blog now she's spent the past 24 hours threatening suicide, claiming full recovery, and just generally being milky as fuck. rhetoricallylaughing.tumblr.com

No. 467167

File: 1515646179934.png (389.63 KB, 2684x1514, ashley.png)

a couple highlights…the cognitive dissonance is strong

No. 467172

lol who even knew there were still ~anas~ on tumblr anymore? that trend died in 2012. it's all SJW demiboys these days uwu

people call selfpost too much on this thread but this really does reek of selfpost exactly the same as the anon asks in that screenshot were clearly sent by the blogger herself

No. 467174

That's wild. It makes me think of that time SkinnyGossip's owners were exposed.

No. 467175

op here, not ashley lol just a tumblr user with a grudge. really hoping no one cowtips shell sperg the fuck out

the asks are clearly from her tho, just a grab to bitch some more.

No. 467179

Hahaha, "anorexics who have never been under 300lbs" is about the most accurate descriptor possible for most MPA-ers. Of course, if you point that out there they'lll flip out that you're "gatekeeping" anorexia. Ugh.

No. 467331


haha Skinnyy Gossip just came to my mind too.

Skinny Gossip is run by weird Anthony Citrano…………. to join his site you'll need to send selfies wearing underwear ! ( look at his twitter how he fights against Trump THE IRONY)

If you are too fat you won't get a membership.

No. 467644

File: 1515700874485.jpeg (390.29 KB, 750x871, 6942265F-A0DE-4188-98F7-C7D8C6…)

She definitely sends all of her own asks. Her posts get zero notes. Her Instagram has 180 followers or so with each post getting <20 likes and one comment on average. There is no one so invested in her life they would send her 20 asks a day.

OT but I hate that she’s a PhD student. I get that on her tumblr she’s just varying her grammar and syntax to throw off the scent that all of her asks are self-sent, but pic related is some final paper she wrote. Bitch you cannot write. If you’re studying rhetoric the least you could do is polish your publishings so they’re congruent with the general style and format of academia.

No. 467650

File: 1515700991679.jpeg (328.83 KB, 750x1011, EEC0BB1B-32CC-44B5-BD5E-197EAA…)

Samefagging to bring it back on topic, but she has a NEDA symbol tattoo kek.

No. 467717

File: 1515704622812.jpg (261.3 KB, 750x676, yall got any more of them pixe…)

No. 467798

Curious that she is of completely normal weight and her "dietician" seems overly concerned about her wellbeing. I'd assume much of that is made up as well. If it isn't, her dietician is crossing the line beyond a professional relationship with their client/patient

No. 468002

Kek I love all these ana cows getting meaningless tats of a brand logo on themselves.

No. 468036

With all due respect, I don't think it's the symbol that many are frustrated with, but the people who typically get these tattoos who typically are "proud" to have ~been Ana~

No. 468059

Oh I agree completely. It’s just ironic that the “recovery” symbol they’re getting just to get attention for being in “recovery” is really just a corporate logo, and is about as real a representation of true recovery as whatever they’re doing (still being ana kek)

No. 468070

I agree. I think it takes away from the meaning of the symbol. Now I judge anyone who has one because of this and assume they are pro in some way

No. 468082

Literally no one cares about Ember. Goodbye.

No. 468094

is it just me who saw it or was a selfpost by @makepeacewithfat deleted just now

No. 468130

No do you have screenshots?
My word that's not just "fat" that's morbid obesity

No. 468170

really wish i did. but i swear it was there. i clicked through to her ig (yikes) and when i refreshed the thread it was gone.

the post had a screenshot and mentioned that it looked like she'd always been fat even when she was in treatment, had a NG tube, etc etc.

i don't see why it would be deleted unless it was a self post and she thought the better of it. bc what better way to garner sympathy from her ig followers than "look at these people on lolcow making fun of me for being fat :'((( you can be anorexic at any weight!!!" woof

No. 468180

I concur. Gosh it makes me so mad that the attention hoe Ana's get treatment so readily. Even when it seems their conditions do not warrant anything more intensive than outpatient treatment, they end up in the hospital with tubes and inpatient at erc. I know it's all about money to these facilities, but they're literally taking a space from someone arguably much more ill and deserving of treatment

No. 468361

File: 1515774486883.jpeg (577.6 KB, 750x1251, 0103E22B-869B-4342-9A77-29CF79…)

I saw it, and I don’t think it was a self-post. She has around 8000 followers which is enough to get hate. Could be a bonelord anon pissed to see a landwhale in the #anorexiarecovery tag.

I don’t think she’s claiming to have anorexia though. She also tags everything with #bulimiarecovery and #BEDrecovery. More likely she’s an obese person who realized she was an obese person and got into the cycle of attempting to restrict or just stop eating, which triggered violent binges, which started a cycle that only made her fatter.

People see pic related and thing “wow you’re ~so brave~ for eating a cookie /s” and yeah it is a little OTT when you weigh 300 lbs, but. When you have BED or BN, eating one cookie and not the entire sleeve can be a win. She spreads a pretty good message about self love and acceptance - one that’s actually positive and not just “accept me personally for being morbidly obese.”

Y’all can hate in her if you want, but whenever a fatty gets brought up here it just screams anachan anons being hangry bitches.

Sage for longpost and WKing, I guess.

No. 468370

Well, samefag to say after reading her article, she’s definitely a cow. Not an ana cow though, just a regular drain-on-society cow.
> Also Bri Whitebread kekekek


No. 468620

I have no issues with her recovering. Hell anyone who has a fractured relationship with food should recover, but making a post and posing with the cookie is typical attention seeking behavior. She obviously has no issues with eating enough food to have become her size. I'm sure her reach discussing how difficult it can be to overcome binging would be relatable to many people who feel completely alone and ostricized within the ed world. You can call me a hangry anachan all you want, but bulimia and BED are best handled when the sufferer remains in their triggering environment. It differed fundamentally in that the environment plays a much stronger role in behaviors. The more people who go IP and get tubes, the more it creates an exclusive "club" for other ~Anas~, regardless of weight.

No. 468624

I hope the article is just written poorly. I'm cringing, but she seems to want to help others. I am just still beyond frustrated with the amount and intensity of support she was given for a relatively benign case of atypical anorexia (that's what they are alluding to if I'm reading correctly)

No. 469609

File: 1515906998983.png (452.57 KB, 1496x849, Screenshot (17).png)

good lord.

No. 469658

What bothers me is all the attention she’s getting having an article written about her when she’s obviously stayed sick partially for attention. She seems to be a textbook BPD case, and giving her all that’s attention for being sick isn’t going to do her any favors. She’s also a big girl for being in the beginnings of anorexia treatment (I don’t really buy the whole atypical anorexia thing, EDNOS exists for a reason, and people claiming atypical anorexia leads to people who are diagnosed ednos disregarding the seriousness of their illness. It’s also the whole ana queen attitude that having anorexia makes a person more special or better than people with other eating disorders).

No. 469659

Wt actual fuck. I don’t care what she has going on, that’s just gross. Even people with autism have more self-awareness. That’s just flat out attention whore.

No. 469746

I get your point (I hate how people pine after anorexia because they think it's the "best" eating disorder), but atypical anorexia is a subtype of OSFED, which has replaced EDNOS in the DSM.

No. 469816

A-freaking-men. Atypical anorexia and other ednos/osfed are so dangerous because they are not recognized. It would be seen in a more accurate light if people would discuss how it impacts their lives. I hate Demi lovato for that exact reason. (Always saying she had anorexia and bulimia when her description is textbook ednos) Someone needs to talk about how dark and deadly osfed is so others start to see it that way as well. I have seen firsthand how the treatment from professionals differs. It disgusts me, but if no one starts demanding more, I fear the stigma will become even stronger and the desire for clinical anorexia will become stronger as well in return

No. 469830

File: 1515943549479.png (82.36 KB, 888x406, Untitled.png)

after having read back on this girl's insta i just…can't. yeah BED is real but this girl doesn't own up to BED. it's always about "hadn't eaten in days!!" and "tube feed!" etc. while it's true that people who are obese can have health issues if they crash diet, this girl refuses to acknowledge that the OTHER extreme, binging and obesity, is also dangerous.

she posts pictures saying that she has a "healthy body and healthy organs!" but she also posts things like pic related, in which she describes how WALKING UP STAIRS IS TOO HARD FOR HER and she can't walk a couple of miles with her friends.

…and then she calls being able to walk without getting tired "thin privilege" wtf.

if there is such a thing as thin privilege (which should really be called "average body privilege" since spoops or really tall/short people also would experience it), it's shit like not being able to find the same availability in clothing, or not having seats that fit your body. but you're not being oppressed by PHYSICS AND BIOLOGY. if walking up a flight of stairs is difficult it's not oppression, it's your own extremely poor physical fitness.

there ARE fat people who are fit, who do sports and are just naturally bigger or are a bit overweight from overeating. but if you're morbidly obese and unable to walk a few miles without stopping, you are NOT healthy.

if anyone says anything like this she seems to either delete the comments and block them, or say "i'm healthy now, i almost died from dieting, #bodyposi" or similar.

if she wants to claim to have a healthy relationship with food and her body, let alone be a "role model" to girls, she needs to admit that binge eating is also an ED and most likely a big part of her problem, and admit that she isn't physically healthy and that there ARE consequences of morbid obesity that aren't ~society's~ fault. it's great to accept yourself at any size but never being able to do anything active and then dying at 40 from heart disease is the same shitty life Ash-tier skellys have.

fucking balance, people.

No. 469889

Yeah, that was my thought too. She kept getting kicked out of treatment centers for cutting herself so she spent four years in and out of inpatient. Why are you even in a treatment program if you refuse to follow the rules, and why do you insist on going back? Oh yeah, because you’re an attention whore.

That’s the thing though, I do believe she “hadn’t eaten in days.” Unfortunately two or three days of not eating won’t create enough of a caloric deficit to make up for the inevitable reactive binging that occurs when she does eat. It’s a vicious cycle! It’s an OSFED cycle.

I don’t know though. I’d like to think there’s a difference between an ED and disordered eating, and something tells me if this BPD cow found someone to give her the attention she feels she so desperately needs, all of these “eating disorders” would go away.

No. 469959

File: 1515955439746.jpg (182.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180114-193944.jpg)

Solostinmymind 1/2 in stories

No. 469966

File: 1515955944172.jpg (253.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180114-193953.jpg)

>random anon/myself advises me to starve myself to death
>everybody else tells me to eat but I'll probably listen to this one random anon uwu
>I was triggered, what can I do

No. 470089

File: 1515964296376.png (205.72 KB, 2208x1210, IMG_2279.PNG)

I feel like eugenia secretly gets off on being this thin. Plus she keeps making these videos where she shows off her body/panties in revealing clothes and pretends she doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 470102

This video was questionable 'Watch me try on clothes from a few years ago so I can show off how much weight I've lost'

No. 470126

All ana chans do, that’s one of the main things that makes them an ana chan. They all love showing off their bodies and weight loss, even if they’re claiming to be sad, upset, etc about it.

No. 470233

File: 1515972481955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.77 KB, 1136x1246, 1450066025919.jpg)

I think so too, reminds me of pic related

No. 470262

serious question, why does anyone still do scene hair in 2018? like other than people following her for her weight, does eugenia have any legit followers who actually think this look is cool?

No. 470326

Immature junior high and high school emo girls, that’s who. Which what these ana chans are, except that they’re actually adults trapped in that mindset.

No. 470396

Yeah she addressed this vag slip in a broadcast and said she didn't see a problem with it and she only flashed her undies accidentally and you couldn't see any thing else. Well Eugenia, we see your whole labia, not just a cheeky pantsu shot.

No. 470407

She’s pretty much as insufferable as you’d think. Constant story posts of black screen and super tiny suicide threats between weird cakes she doesn’t eat and the occasional pic of her creepy wrinkles teeheeing about how physically fucked she is. This morning she let on that she’s basically allowing 13 year olds to run her life by asking the same kid who called her obese if she should keep losing weight even though her doctor said she’s dying.

She’s like Paris but doesn’t dance with snacks.

No. 470439

She definitely body checks constantly and thrives off of being seen as emaciated but I guess what can you expect from someone clearly suffering so severely from anorexia for so many years.

No. 470466

There’s a difference between body checking and showing off your underweight body on social media. There are plenty of long term anorexia sufferers that don’t do that.

No. 470468

scene hair is the female version of a combover. because anachans all have thin, wispy malnourished hair so they do the insane part in order to hide their balding or hide the extensions they wear to disguise the thinning. thats my theory.

No. 470668

File: 1516008696080.jpg (468.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180115-025434.jpg)

No. 470672

File: 1516009091399.jpg (187.12 KB, 720x869, 20180115_103223.jpg)

>dying, brb

No. 470684

Jesus Christ, I scrolled past that at about 3 in the morning and nearly had a heart attack.

No. 470688

Jesus Christ that’s genuinely scary

No. 470693

She’s basically deliberately going for rhabdomylosis now

No. 470704

"I'm going to make the strangest face possible so I look skinny and get validation!!!"

No. 470788

she's so tiring. she always pretends not to know/care what various physical symptoms mean yet she comes running to insta to brag the second her heartbeat is lower than usual or she feels faint. just admit you're doing this for attention, ffs.

also everyone in the world knows caffeine is a diuretic…especially ana-chans

No. 470792

i normally tolerate ashley at best but for the love of god that is truly shocking writing
and in her dissertation no less
it genuinely sets my teeth on edge even more so than any of her other (blatantly borderline) shit

No. 471199

File: 1516052393291.png (1014.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7965.PNG)

Can someone just tell her already- she isn't skinny. She's normal & healthy looking. Then she tries to show her bones. It looks abnormal. I'm so sick of this. Just put a normal picture up. She also looks really old here. It's not flattering.

No. 471208

No visible chest bones. Just her sucking in and flexing like usual. Skinny people actually looking skinny just being in a normal position. You'll also notice she never takes a front facing picture with her feet all the way together & standing straight up. Probably bc her thighs though & she's ashamed. All you'll see from her is toes together/heals way apart or her butt sticking out to make her thighs looks smaller. You can tell but he way her shirt looks in the front. What a joke. Just let your ednos go & 'move on!

No. 471225

File: 1516053501698.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7966.PNG)

And why???!! Why would any sane parent allow her to babysit their child?? One: your IG shows you may need knee surgery. So you can't move properly or safely. Children require lifting & a lot of movement. Two: another recent pic has you at behavioral health. So she is not mentally stable. Three: she makes videos about being weak & tired & not wanting to eat. That's child endangerment. I would report her to the state. Just three great reasons she should not watch children.

No. 471231

I don't usually do stuff life this. the only reason I have shared these two pictures on here bc she is completely unapproachable. If you tell her something she gets angry & defensive & blocks you. So yes, I hope she reads this & spends time reflecting. The things she is doing & how she is portraying things is ridiculous.

No. 471252

And has anyone noticed how she regularly asks for clothes/shoes? Oh I gained weight. Nothing fits. I have no money. Blah. Get & keep a steady job. Keep the clothes people have given. If you lose weight put them in a box for later & vice versa. Why is the ED communities job to clothe her? I have a job. I pay for my own things. She wants charity. It's time to grow up and be an adult. I'm sure she'd be happy in a socialist country lol

No. 471278


She is on disability too. She should pay for her own stuff. And now she is working too.

No. 471283

Except the being a nanny is under the table pay. The government will never know! If she had a real job where she was paying taxes she may very well loose the disability.

No. 471640

She is a horrible, horrible person. (Also a huge munchie, but I don’t know if she’s still trying to pull that off). I know her and she’s the world’s biggest cunt who lies and manipulates people, always making herself into the victim while actively sabotaging other people. She taught young girls how to purge out of their feeding tubes while in treatment, which is one of the reasons she’s been kicked out of multiple treatment centers. She claims multiple health issues, but her eating disorder is the only thing that’s actually wrong with her, plus all the damage she’s caused herself. She’s rude and gossips about people, and will not hesitate to throw anyone under the bus to make herself look good. She’s also a huge drama queen and attention whore, to the point I’m surprised she’s able to keep it under wraps enough to have any job. She takes money and gifts from whoever will give them to her, but wastes her money on stupid shit only to whine that her “disabilities” make it impossible for her to work (bullshit, she’s just a lazy malingerer). She’s one of those ana chans who’s going to eventually die from her disorder, all alone, because no one can stand to be around her. I hate to say it, but there’s pretty much no hope of her ever redeeming her life, she’s evil to the core.

No. 471673

Anon above^ Did you go to treatment with her?

No. 471680

I always wanted to know about the seizures. Did she do something to cause them?? They came out of nowhere, & now what, they're magically gone? All the damage from her ed was her claim. She's not even underweight, & if she is, it's barely. I don't believe that was the cause. I've always thought she probably did something to cause it. Anyone know??

No. 471725

Unfortunately, yes

I never saw any seizures. I do know another girl who had seizures when she was in her ed because of lots and lots of purging. Something about the electrolyte imbalance fucks up the brain. Idk about Bekah tho, although she is a purger. She’s been underweight before, I don’t really know about now, and how much her skeletor photos are shopped. All I know is that she’s a huge bitch, she’s also a munchie, and most people absolutely hate her.

No. 472220

Or you could read up on the website before posting like an idiot without saging and without using the reply option fuck where are the farm hands

No. 472223


Christ read the fucking rules before posting like dipshits. Sage your shit and learn to reply properly. Any help farm hands???? Sheesh

No. 472497

File: 1516131735197.png (2.78 MB, 1242x2208, E3400140-03D7-4E7F-A28A-B65094…)

stumbled across a new recovery account on ig and found the before and after photos pretty lulzy

No. 473259

File: 1516180109019.png (1.44 MB, 1334x750, AA3F2F12-2668-422C-9993-3EE0F4…)

idk how to properly post on here so I think I’m supposed to say “sage” but here’s part of Paris melody raven’s insta story, calling her dog a pig as she films him eating. I just found this disturbing so here y’all go

No. 473267


Isn't he called Pigly or something?

No. 473269



No. 473284

Lurk long enough to at least know what sage is before posting worthless non-milk.
If you can’t use the site fucking don’t. This is why these threads got nuked in the first place.

No. 473330

I'm just catching up on this thread and this is the most cruel thing i've ever read i'm laughing so much i hope it's true

No. 473352

File: 1516193783473.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 0D2242DF-A230-4749-B43C-BBE85D…)

i hate how she says “oh i’ll go to the hospital this weekend maybe” like it’s gonna make a difference. if she doesn’t wanna get better she’s never going to

No. 473462

She's such an attention whore she's boring

No. 473618



No. 473632

Super OT, but does this Tide Pod challenge remind anyone of Alexis/ Jonzie (the cow who was always at a pediatric hospital for eating tide pods)

No. 473889

yes holy shit

No. 473907

I miss her stupid shit. She was the best munchie other than Kaydee was before she died.
Jonzie is still out there doing her weird worlds sickest infant schtick somewhere, just not on social media anymore imo. She was way too invested in having a pediatrician to ever give that noise up.

No. 473960

Did she really? Anyone have links/screenshots?

No. 473985

I think it was talked about in the last thread, but she's not on social media anymore and I don't save year old screenshots

No. 473988

She showed up in the munchie thread a while back, she’s still trying to pull that off I think, but tests negative for everything so don’t know how successful that career’ll be.

No. 474016

File: 1516241529178.png (2.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180117-211059.png)

No. 474026

Needy? How about manipulative as fuck??

No. 474073

I want to know what makes these girls think they deserve so many gifts. The entitlement bothers me so much

No. 474129

Oh Bella, it’s needy when you’re begging to be told you’re even spoopier than you were yesterday or post a million stories hoping someone will pat your back about your gross brown pee.

Asking for a game console because you’re too busy playing chicken with your kidneys to earn money for one is just selfish and spoiled. I’m surprised she isn’t getting called out unless it’s because her followers are all ignoring her.

No. 474238

Cool, thank you!

No. 474259

I’m so frustrated with her.
We used to talk on a daily bases and I eventually gave up hope for her.
Just messaged her again tonight and she is so fucking resistant to help or change it’s infuriating, I don’t want to stop trying but god it’s exhausting. Sage for rant… but I thought it’s still relevant since it goes to show how much she fishes for attention and wants people to worry but never actually seeks help.

No. 474384

It is relevant, screenshots would be needed though

No. 474821

File: 1516313780701.png (20.34 KB, 619x223, mpa edm.png)

myproana has been majorly fucking up the past week and users are starting to migrate to better sites
these are posts on a different ed site, eatingdisorder.me, which seems like a carbon copy of mpa

No. 474844

File: 1516315041786.png (319.58 KB, 1074x610, vitriol edm.png)

No. 474930

File: 1516318186585.png (104.22 KB, 1124x778, 2ufso5l.png)

list of websites on a server's list

No. 475560

File: 1516391796297.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180119-145517.png)

Just a quick in and out y'all

No. 475574

Riiiight. Because that would totally help her. She’d gain a little weight, freak out, go home and lose more. She needs long term treatment, without access to her pro ana internet friends, and no choices about what she eats or doesn’t eat.

No. 475627

What kind of bullshit psych ward doesn’t treat dual diagnosis like OCD and anorexia at the same time? Considering the huge overlap with the diagnoses she’s really stupid saying a hospital won’t treat her OCD. It’s far more likely that she’s petulant and resistant to everything and disrupts other patients who actually try.

She needs to be sectioned and stuck in a ward with no internet and no other anorexics for her to obsess over and compete with for a loooong time. Let her back out once she’s emotionally developed further than a screaming toddler.

No. 475645

>severely dehydrated and terrified to drink(kinda can't)

Ever heard of water? Coffee? Tea? Vitaminwater/Powerade Zero? All zero calories! But I guess not being dehydrated and scared to drink doesn't get you the attention, sympathy, and wishlist gifts that you crave.

No. 475768

She’s in the us. The longest you can hold someone against their will is 72 hours. (Unless they’re under 18, but she’s not). Technically your parents can petition for guardianship, but it’s pretty hard (nearly impossible) to get for someone as functional as her. The great US of A, where you’re legally entitled to slowly kill yourself.

No. 475770

I’m sure she doesn’t even want the water weight. Anorexic logic right there, as it’s not actually true weight.

No. 475888


Involuntary holds are for people who pose an imminent danger to self or others through an act or threat. Anorexia is not an act of imminent danger.

72-hour involuntary holds can be extended. The terms and conditions are set forth legislatively at the state level, not at the federal level.

No. 476084

No but she doesn’t have anorexia remember kek just OCD causes her disordered eating and weight loss. rolls eyes right out of head

She’s honestly so annoying and I don’t get why she tries to deny having anorexiajust to claim it’s OCD? Like bitch obsessing over calories and body/food related things is a symptom of eating disorders, is she really that dense?

No. 476278

File: 1516476459477.jpg (72.38 KB, 623x600, yeah sure.jpg)

Has anyone talked about her?

>Claims to be in recovery despite posting body shots her skinny body

> #teamfia t-shirts because she's such an ~inspiration~
>Proudly shows off her NG tube

I knew her personally from one admission and she was refusing food and would loved to get the tube in

No. 476287

Yeah just on IG. She’s been “in recovery” for a long time yet is still emaciated. Also seems to be obsessed with cutesy kid things, and loves getting gifts. She seems to get off majorly on all the attention she gets for being “brave”.

No. 476368

File: 1516485431555.png (549.56 KB, 928x593, hdiHWMV.png)

I can't stand this girl

Has a Youtube channel as well, cannot let her eating disorder go

>""recovery"" just narcissism at it's finest

>thinks she is absolutely the hottest thing ever
>feed is solely her posing half-naked BMI 18 dullness and boring, unbalanced plates of food
>extremely fit and so strong, clearly
>theater major

No. 476405

File: 1516488191442.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180120-174103.png)

Do I look like I'm in kidney failure y'all? I'm soooper sick

No. 476499


Hi guys i'm totes sick and has anyone else been this sick? does anyone know of any hospital programs that I'm not going to go into that will treat my intestinal problems that totally aren't ED related? I feel like I'm dying and I'm so scared but if anyone says they're worried about me, fuck you! You know nothing about me!

No. 476696

“Tell me l I’m dying and that you can see my titty bones while I do it uWu more anorexia than u WhAt CoUlD bE hApPeNiNg To Me!??!”

No. 476768

I don't know why, but I do get a lot of 'Kiki Kannibal/Lilou Vos' vibes from her with that wannabe weeegan actress schtick.

No. 477035

File: 1516569362419.png (442.58 KB, 720x1083, 20180121_141400.png)


No. 477040

No. 477117

IDK if there's milk though, she still has an ed there's no doubt about that, but she seems super in denial

No. 477147

Yeah, don't know if there's any milk there, but she's annoying as hell. Another HCLF vegan who loves to hear herself talk. I commented on a video once telling her her diet is still very restrictive and she replied it must be my own issues I'm projecting on her. Don't worry though she switches the fruit on top of her oatmeal almost everyday. Totally recovered.

No. 477244

She wrote an article about this for the Mighty (they don’t screen for anything on there, lots of ana chans and munchies), somehow she forgot to mention that she most likely purged the coffe, if she even drank any of it kek. She’s about as much of an attention whore as you can possibly find. And it obviously didn’t help her that much, because she’s still a super ana chan.

No. 477495

File: 1516605059834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.94 KB, 430x772, ew.jpg)

look inside Bella´s mouth
>I´m not healthy lulz

No. 477551

File: 1516614417085.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.35 KB, 401x332, chatterer.jpg)

No. 477578

File: 1516620331028.jpeg (503.72 KB, 734x1114, 9B57E104-1FB9-4B43-94DA-D4293B…)


She loves being super sick and is obviously pro-ana. Uses hashtags like #skeletongirl and #dreambody

No. 477579

File: 1516620445510.jpeg (549.82 KB, 750x1105, C0CAA69F-09EB-4C0D-B798-60F94D…)

Another pic of her

No. 477616


Imagine having all the food you could want and choosing to look like that #goals
I know it's a disorder but she's pretty happy about it huh

No. 477693

File: 1516638318160.png (540.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180122-112123.png)

Anyone follow this cow? One week she's hard core losing the next she's in recovery but pleeeeeese donate to her fuckme account coz she really needs help!

No. 477694

File: 1516638367155.png (675.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180122-112229.png)

Related to post

No. 477697

File: 1516638462524.png (736.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180122-112240.png)

Send money guys!

No. 477717


Fucking spoiler your shit

No. 477746

Pretty much all her posts ask for money, yet she never shows her face. How are people supposed to know if those are actually her? She could just as easily be a healthy middle age dude looking for some free cash.

No. 477859

Stealing pictures is so common on these accounts. A lot of people don't think twice about someone not showing their face due to it being an ED account but it's fishy as hell when they start asking for money.

Has anyone reverse image searched these spoopy hospital pics? I don't think Instagram accounts will come up but maybe it's worth a shot.

No. 477920


I was diagnosed with atypical anorexia at a BMI of 13. I do realize how ana that sounds, showing off a low BMI.
I've been weight restored very quickly after admission, now my weight is…normal, I guess. BMI ~21, could work out a bit, though, but I'm very busy with life, making up everything I missed at uni while all my friends graduated grad school and moved on with life, whereas my "trophy" was being the sickest of them all. I do understand those anas showing off more than I'd like to.
(Still not totally over the ED, otherwise I probably wouldn't lurk on lolcow and look at pictures of skinny anas)

Afaik I know, for "atypical" one or more of the criteria for the diagnosis is absent. For me, it was the body dysmorphia, I guess. I usually see my body very realistically, my anorexia was rooted in being scared of adulting and taking over responsibility, in being scared of doing something wrong - suddently I had a reason to behave like a kids again…at 26.

No. 477933


*suddenly I had a reason to behave like a kid again

- I usually know English.

Being all spoopy also randomly made me cuddle my 70-year-old parents and crawl into their bed when they stayed at a hotel in a city I worked, the mere thought of it makes me cringe now.(I have a longterm bf for the cuddles…) And I suddenly had a huge interest in Kid's TV shows and toys and made everyone talk to me about their childhood, about my childhood. I guess anorexia is also a way of fending off the responsibilities of being an adult and having a…unrecognizable, unfeminine body made that regression into childhood seemingly easier. I also have "unfinished" business - had a terrible childhood, but I realize even as an anorexic I can't get a better one back. So, deal with it, get therapy for your traumas, ANAs, that's all I can say (easier said than done and I'm definitely not a beacon of recovery - my eating is normal, but I started to show borderline and histrionic tendencies after ED recovery).(blogging)

No. 477934

No one fucking cares

No. 477946


Ok. I just wanted to shed light on some of the behaviors that are often puzzling everyone on here, like the disney obsession - I really believe AN is a feeble attempt of regression into childhood. Their manipulative behavior is not excusable, but it still is pretty much part of the disease.
And I wanted to state that the atypical diagnosis does exist for both underweight and non-underweight patients.

No. 477971

There is never an excuse for being a manipulative greedy ana-chan-munchie-queen. Twist it how you want anon but it's not happening. Self entitlement is what it is

No. 477980

asspats for you but this board is for milk, do you have milk anon?

No. 477985

Amen to that. There’s no excuse for their behavior, as there are many people with eating disorders who don’t do the whole ana chan attention whore thing.
Not your fucking blog, newfag

No. 477992

Kek just another wannabe ana chan who wandered over here to try and make themselves seem more important. Pretty pathetic.

No. 478033

Secondly, plenty people here have personal insights with EDs. They’re not unaware/puzzled by symptoms. It’s simply seeing through the bullshit that is parading/exploiting one’s struggle(TM) for free shit and undeserved merits.

No. 478044

No blog, no instagram, no tumblr, so no milk, sorry :/

I know that a lot on here have personal insights in EDs, but just a few threads up people wondered about the Disney obsession and childish choice of clothes and accessories.

I don't say that what they're doing is in any way good - I just believe that mental ilnesses can turn you into an asshole without you actually wanting to in the first place. Just think of Phineas Gage and his destroyed frontal lobe.
Milking is fun, I agree. I spend way too much time on here. But sometimes I tend to think that absolute ignorance would work better. If your (their) drama doesn't work, maybe you realize that there are other ways to get your needs met. And, of course calling out. Too many of them have young followers - and people with eating disorders are often very easily influenced anyways.

No. 478048

then fucking leave jfc

No. 478071

What part of shut the fuck up about yourself are misunderstanding? Congrats on being such an exceptional individual but your insights are the most typical boring shit expected from every anachan ever.

I wonder why all these anorexic girls seem to think they are deeply interesting and unique. Not eating your dinner at age 13 isn’t exactly philosophically enlightening or a psychological anomaly. You’re all exactly the same but convinced you’re unique and interesting for having scrawny legs and no interests other than Disney and calories.

No. 478141


oh my god. this is not your fucking diary. nobody gives a shit, GTFO.

No. 478222

Good for you hun. But body dysmorphia isn't part of the diagnostic criteria anyways so your doctor is shit and your reasons for developing an ed are individual.
-another person with AN
Sage for personal info

No. 478658

Why do you think anybody cares about your anorexia? Don’t encourage blogfags and don’t start yourself.

>>477693 swear to god this photo is recycled from some ancient anachan account. People are too stupid if they’re donating.

No. 480061

File: 1516796433058.jpeg (439.85 KB, 1277x1646, 9E796923-6E99-4167-8B9D-C27BEB…)

Has this cunt been brought up? She’s a pro ana mess with loads of followers for some reason
- Pretty sure she’s a model? Don’t really see how, judging by her profile picture, but she travels a lot
- Posts photos of junk food and goes out of her way to say that she doesn’t eat anything but raw vegetables and Walden’s farm crap
- I don’t have a screen shot but she posts on her story of her holding zero Noodles, making sure to have her “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” bracelet in shot and talking about her “workouts ??“

No. 480102


She's not a model. She comes from quite an upper class background and is fairly private despite her following. Not sure what's milky in your opinion? I follow her and occasionally talk to her - she's nice and not exactly pro ana (doesn't encourage others), just sick herself. She's been in and out of hospital with complications without any munchie or OTT shit either, unlike most anas.

No. 480175

Amazing how one can accrue almost 20k followers just by walking through a convenience store, picking up and taking pictures of their food, and then setting it back down. It’s like Aly levels of “recovery” circa three years ago, except with more economic sense since Aly(‘s mom) actually paid for all the food she posed next to but didn’t eat.

No. 480178

File: 1516812309197.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180124-114153.png)

Look who's back in hospital with her special toob! Let's guess how long before she gets kicked out or leaves AMA

No. 480262

she mentioned lolcow on her live

No. 480271

Why even bother hospitalizing her at this point? She’s just going to be kicked out or leave AMA soon, and go home and lose more weight. Don’t drag down the people that are actually willing to try there. She’s an adult, old enough to know what she’s doing. Stop catering to her and cut the bullshit.

No. 480357

>>480271 she said she's on something equivalent to palliative care. she'll be in the hospital for 2 weeks to try and stabilise her a bit, After that she'll be realised home with the NG. I think at ths point, she'll die regardless of the NG.

No. 480435

Same as she always says. Then cries no one wants to help her

No. 480455

So whoever had the bad luck to end up in her medical team can’t be charged with negligence once she kicks the bucket. It honestly seems like it’s gonna be useless but the hospital has a duty of care even to the most determined self destructive cases they get.

Any weight she gains from her tube will be immediately lost and I’d bet my shoes she’s doing all sorts of weird shit in the hospital to burn off the formula cause she’s got no interests outside of killing herself. I know her boyfriend broke up with her last year, wonder if she’s trying to go full an hero cause of it.

No. 480547

I don't know why they don't just section her? Most people would be sectioned ages ago and literally forced to get physically healthy whether they like it or not, whether or not it's okay for their mental health… like what's to stop her from pulling the tube out at home

No. 480565

What kills me is the person calling her “an inspiration”. That’s the biggest sack of shirt I’ve ever heard. The only thing she’s inspiring is death by mental illness.

No. 480657

she said she's been in an edu 9 times, so there's really no point

No. 480673

Nope. If she wanted treatment, she would have taken advantage of it by the 5th or 6th go around, or at least not needed to be tubed. She’s just wasting a bed and everyone’s time now. If later she decides she wants to recover, then she can first show just a little bit of initiative and that she’s willing. But give the opportunity to someone who currently care enough to save themselves.

No. 480703


If the NHS is anything like Canadian healthcare there often comes a point with adults where expensive sectionings are kind of seen as not worth it? Like these professionals recognize that beds going to chronic patients who don't put any effort in back home doesn't make as much sense. Palliative care doesn't always have to be a death sentence, I know some people who some time where they actually had to decide whether they wanted to die or not turned their lives around. It's hilarious though how short she lasted even pretending to use stickers and stuff to cover up the nose hose before she had to show it off.

No. 480721

That’s what happened to Bekah of be.beautiful.bekah, ana chan cunt extraordinaire/short term unsuccessful munchie. Her insurance stopped paying for treatment, and when they would pay again, no treatment center would take her.

No. 480723

Also, she had a g tube that she could easily hide under her clothes, but would awkwardly pull it up the front and out her shirt, but then decided that wasn’t enough and had a nose hose placed. No one does that unless it’s for attention.

No. 480852

Bekah is American though. It's hard to get coverage in America for real eating disorders. They know bekah is a mess. If she was as sick as she wants to appear, she'd be dead by now. She likes the attention being sick brings her

No. 480869

Her insurance covered plenty of ed treatment, I think like 14 or 15 inpatient and/or residential stays? They only stopped paying for them after she was kicked out of pretty much all of them. And then I believe she got on medicare (or Medicaid, I don’t remember which is which) which pays for ed treatment unless they know you’re not participating. She was given plenty of chances, and her insurance recently (within the last year) agreed to send her again, but the only place in the country that would take her doesnt do insurance or something. Her problem is less insurance and more that her behavior is so terrible that nearly every facility has blacklisted her.

No. 480879

File: 1516866126149.jpg (183.09 KB, 912x860, recoverythane.jpg)

really real (fo sho) recovery

No. 481016


Does she mean failed recovery account cos recovered doesn't get asspats and deleted doesn't get money and gifts? Toogoodtobetrue kek

No. 481018

File: 1516893340603.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180125-101352.png)

Oh good we can watch her failed, pretend recovery again

No. 481023

What is it with crazy anas and munchies and these polls? Do that many people actually give a shit? But yeah, there’s no way she’d actually have a recovery account, because she loves being an ana chan.

No. 481036

In her defense, she did look Far and Wide y'all (Chicago)

No. 481046

There’s tons of treatment options directly in and around Chicago. Timberline Knolls (a famous one here in the US) is right outside Chicago. There’s even an inpatient center (Center for Discovery maybe, or an ERC?) that’s right in downtown. She’s full of shit, and just wants an excuse not to recover.

No. 481066

File: 1516897927082.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180125-112903.png)

At least she admits she's just taking up space and resources that could be otherwise used by someone who wants to recover

No. 481067

File: 1516897965443.png (329.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180125-112909.png)

Goes with above photo

No. 481089

File: 1516900105041.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180125-170702.png)

No. 481113

girl, you posted on your caption that you "won't tolerate and accept weight gain." you said your bloods/ecg were "fucked". by your own admission you aren't interested in recovering, because recovery means gaining weight and getting nutrition to improve your bloods and ecg, which (spoiler alert) will also cause weight gain.

we're just repeating what you've already said. we're not victimizing you. you're victimizing yourself.

if it bothers you to see it in print, accept the help and support you're being offered. you don't HAVE to die of an eating disorder. you CAN recover if you suck it up and accept the work and pain.

(and fyi many/most people posting here have EDs or have recovered so yes people ~get it~)

No. 481118

Thank you! Exactly my thoughts. People do not "choose" to have an ed, but the can choose whether they want to try to get out of it or not.

No. 481142


Well said Anon!
If she's so worried about being talked about then why is she posting it all over a social website to begin with? attention seeking 101

No. 481149

what irritates me is when they use the "recovery" tags but then they use the triggeting tags such as "restricting" etc. Are you recovering or nah?

No. 481156

tbf there are some people who do choose to have ed's

No. 481241

this is why it's such bullshit that they try to say "i don't want attention, please leave me alone," etc. if you're tagging every "sick" tag and also every "recovery" tag (see >>481067), you are inarguably TRYING TO GET LIKES, FOLLOWERS AND ATTENTION.

if you're saying "lol i don't want to recover or gain weight but i have my family supporting me and access to inpatient care haha #edrecovery" you're going to end up on the feeds of people who ARE trying to recover, many who might not have a supportive family or access to care.

it's going to piss people off because you're abusing hashtags, possibly ~triggering~ people, and throwing it in people's faces that you're wasting a bed. not to mention acting like you have it worse than anyone when there are people who are desperate for care but can't afford it or have no one to help them.

stop with the "possible tw?" and self-pity. quit hashtagging your shit, and quit acting like you're the only person who's ever been sick. acknowledge the advantages you have.

you can get better. you have so much more than so many people do. instead you're malingering in pro-recovery hashtags bc #followers amirite

No. 481258

File: 1516910008784.jpg (556.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180125-204848.jpg)

No. 481280


Except the second someone admits to talking about you on lolcow you'll block them and then screenshot it for all your followers to see, exactly as you've always done in the past when someone says something you don't like. You don't even have the decency to block out their names, pretending like you don't know your followers will attack that person.

Honestly Becky I don't know what kind of sympathy you expect when you are basically stating you want to die and are completely unwilling to do the one thing that at this point WILL prevent you from dying which is gaining weight and KEEPING it on. Which you have stated you will not do. You're not going to get asspats or "proud of you" comments when you are barrelling towards death, and you know it, and you admit it, but you won't do jack shit about it.

No. 481306

This thread is disgusting. What is wrong with you all? Seriously how entitled do you have to be to judge people with mental illnesses/ eating disorders, while you have no experience or knowledge of what it's like. I can understand if you're concerned about the person but y'all are being just as whiny and bitchy as you claim those girls are.(wk)

No. 481316

I have a mental illness and I’m a recovered anorexic. Why do you assume none of us know what it’s like?

No. 481318

Kek waaaah people won’t just let me be obviously pro ana!!
Dumb bitch wants asspats for encouraging anorexia yet gets upset when she’s called out. There’s entitlement for ya right there. Ana chans all think they’re some sort of special snowflake that’s exempt from the rules. If you don’t want people to talk about you, don’t put your obviously sick selfies on the internet for attention.

No. 481321

Yeah pretty much everyone on this thread is. And we all know there’s no excuses for posting sick pictures for attention. We’re not the ones perpetuating pro ana.

No. 481326

Acting like people with mental illnesses are precious special little babies who can’t ever be criticised because they’re ever so sick and fragile is bullshit.

Being mentally ill isn’t an excuse for being a beggar like Bella or for expecting only sympathy and babying like Solostinmymind. They aren’t exempt from discussion and criticism just because they dick around and choose to stay sick when they have all the resources and support to get better laid out on a silver platter, especially when they are both doing it for an audience.

Why does someone inevitably cry ‘you dunno what it’s like to be so sick and sad’ as if only these dreary malingering girls have ever been unwell. They aren’t pitiful little waifs who don’t have a choice, they’re grown ass women choosing to stay a sickly invalid because it’s easier to them than real life. Cry me a river.

No. 481369

agreed with >>481326, and tbh, babying people with anorexia is dangerous and stupid bc (a) it perpetuates the idea that being sick lets you "escape" from adult responsibilities and makes being "sick" an excuse from taking ownership of your own shitty behavior, (b) it perpetuates the myth that "visible" mental illness like anorexia (see also, extreme self harm) deserves kid glove treatment and "waah they're SICK be NICE!" while invisible mental illness like EDs that don't include drastic weight loss, or depression/anxiety aren't worthy of a footnote–everyone's fair game unless they're a fragile ana snowflake, and (c) it perpetuates the idea that a non-psychotic mental disorder is an excuse to be a dick and get special treatment.

this culture of babying "sick" "girls" and treating them like brave defenseless children is harmful as fuck. telling someone they're an inspiration just for "getting through the day" isn't helpful, it's enabling. people like bella and becky need to get off instagram, and get help instead of seeking asspats, sympathy, and praise for their sob stories and body-checks. keep telling them they're angels and they'll either be dead in a few years or turn into chronic cases like Ashley Isaacs, leeching off people and maintaining a pointless skelly existence for a decade plus.

calling out their shit is legit the most productive thing that can be done, tbh.

No. 481382

omg guys she's done it, she's so thin I can't even see her!!
bye fatty

No. 481425

File: 1516923148824.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180125-233111.png)

No. 481428

File: 1516923303822.jpg (421.17 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20180125-233408.jpg)

So many skellies wasting beds

No. 481432

File: 1516923801105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 437.57 KB, 1152x2048, 2096d702652b0315fd662f9ee73fb1…)

I wish I could link to an accountability on MPA. 'AnorexicMindTrickery'. This girl is BMI 11, skin and bones living at her parents house trying to "gain a little weight, probably to BMI 12-13 and maintain", "recover a bit" and basically not die all by herself. The next week she wants to lose more. The thread is too much. Would probably have a heart attack if someone didn't comment absolutely fawning over her at least every 6 hours. Critiques every other person on the thread, very wish washy and bizarre, holierthanthou replies. The comments posted need to look a certain way. I mean, I don't know because she's dying. Just kind of in awe of how she's "such a warrior" "the definition of incredible, inspiring, fuck yes!!" "the one person on MPA who deserves life!" for 1,100 calories of fat free frozen meals and oatmeal packets every day that she thinks is going to make her gain. Her constant use of the word 'surplus' is unbearable. "Surplus Saturday! SURPLLLUS! 100 calorie surplus over my ballpark estimated TDEE!" And the parents, I just don't understand. Your child is reduced to bones and you idly stand by.

No. 481434

File: 1516923840075.png (57.23 KB, 1101x338, Screenshot 2018-01-25 at 6.20.…)

No. 481435

File: 1516923874401.jpg (316.88 KB, 1242x1242, 55f0328c0ec1f556e7eb6fe3975c7c…)

No. 481440


No. 481452

Sickening. No wonder they don’t want to recover, look at all the asspats these cows get for being sick.

No. 481453

Is that the Switch she was begging her followers for? I honest to god hope no one bought it for her. You’re not supposed to reward toddlers for their bad behavior.

No. 481454

It really amazes me when these legitimate skeletons still manage to have tits. I guess they were blessed with actual breast tissue.

No. 481467

WTAF! It's like being a proanaskelly you automatically get to be the stupidest person on the planet too?

No. 481614

ive talked to that girl online and she is very mentally unwell, i'm not trying to defend her but her sickness is gotten to the point where she literally cant think straight, ive gotten annoyed with the constant "i need to lose/maintain/rest/exercise this all off" that she constantly goes back and forth with but she barely turned 18 and just is very emotionally/mentally naive

No. 481702


MPA anas are having tough weeks. Their admin is not working on server problems and nobody gets notifications to see likes. DRAMA

At least Heisenberg is still posting confessions gems like 'Heis you look like a model'
The idiot is so full of herself, insufferable.

No. 481764

She must have found out about this thread somehow because right after this was posted she said she’s no longer using this due to internet drama she saw today

No. 481886

Kek isn’t it terrible when people use your publicly-available pro ana postings to call you out on your shit?

No. 481904


Poor her. I despise these 10-11 bmi morons. If they aren't the center of attention they are either 1) creating multiple threads that they don't want to die or 2) letting the world know that an organ failure is imminent but after complaining how lolcow bitches are mean

These girls needs to be taken off their smartphones.

No. 481976

I think that the admin bailed ship recently really supports the evidence that MPA is in fact owned by a gross 50-something year old man.

No. 482016

Iirc someone on MPA tried to contact the admin a few months ago and their response was 'You're lucky we even keep this site up' kek

No. 482026

File: 1516991882597.png (351.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180126-133027.png)

Oh look who's crying now that she got the soooper surgery she wanted kek

No. 482029

File: 1516991928026.png (Spoiler Image, 1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180126-133106.png)

Pic related

No. 482093


The only milk she has is that she is IRL friends with Jonzie and once in a while will post a pic with her. Spoiler Alter - the world's favorite detergent eater is in the hospital on the peds floor with a toob

No. 482097

Why did she get a feeding tube? Is she a munchie as well as an ana chan?

No. 482106

Bummer that jonzie’s in the hospital just as there’s an eating contest she could actually win

No. 482115

No. 482205

File: 1517006579107.jpg (2.48 MB, 2500x1600, a9O8fyY.jpg)

No. 482213

I saw that. No worries though, just posting once a week now! KEK

No. 482240


Nose hose? She’s been angling after a surgical toob for ages. Oh and a port,

No. 482254

NG tube that she forever had along with a peg tube cos when you're soooper sick and at the ER allll. the. time you know you need both but since she didn't get the one she wanted I'm sure she'll be next in line for TPN cos she's soooo sick and malnourished kek

No. 482269

Surprising that they gave her a peg tube with her history. Not only do they usually avoid them for eating disorder patients who use them to purge, but she could poison herself a lot easier (don’t have to taste that soap going down, and no gag reflex to stop it), although that she could do with an NG, I suppose. She’s going to fuck herself up bad here soon (not that she hasn’t already)

No. 482278

File: 1517014107496.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180126-194546.png)

Oh don't worry you'll be back out getting asspats in no time!

No. 482359

File: 1517021038658.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180126-213924.png)

Because?… they're using your real age or because you're a whiney ana-chan-munchie-queen and they don't want to deal with your shit??

No. 482381

Or because you’re not actually dying like you claim you are? She’s just one more ana chan who needs to get over herself, not a fragile dying snowflake like she likes to believe.

No. 482521

Convinced the admin of MPA is male and old. PrettyThin was owned by an old man. Same one?

No. 482557

have any of y'all seen tillysrecovery on IG? ridiculous attention whore, flip-flopping between relapse and recovery on a daily basis, and being ridiculously in denial. claims to be weight restored at a bmi of 15, blames her relapses on others saying she looks chubby, just overall ridiculous and annoying as hell

No. 482559

File: 1517052875727.png (Spoiler Image, 537.97 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-01-27 06.24.40.png)

No. 482565

>I'm fat and need to lose more weight
>#edrecovery #recoverywin #beatana
These people are trash

No. 482598

File: 1517060370392.png (994.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180127-081108.png)


tilly is becoming my new favourite lolcow. props to her family for having to put up with that level of martyrdom

No. 482603

File: 1517060657248.png (2.21 MB, 1080x1668, 20180127_154110.png)

imagine serving lunch for your family only to have a perpetually pissed off spoop organise every morsel by colour just so she can cling on to her ed

No. 482610

Imagine being so much of a bitch that you're mad at your grandfather for the exact way he prepared a meal for your freeloading ass. Respect your damn elders, woman.

No. 483273

i actually happen to know bekah personally, i have visited her at the nursing home while she was there, and surprisingly her chronic illnesses are not made up. ive been there when nurses are in her room and doctor and clearly stated all those illnesses. yes she still struggles with anorexia but she is not making up those other illnesses for attention so you people say. maybe she created the gofundme because a small piece of her wanted to get better. either way we shouldnt be discouraging people from seeking help…..

No. 483274

>>365807 i know bekah personally, she is currently a nanny

No. 483276

i actually know bekah personally and visited her while she was in the nursing home numerous times. she isnt lying about all the chronic illnesses shes had, ive seen them listed on her chart, and by her doctor in the room. yes she still strugggles severely with her anorexia but the other illnesses are not made up. why else would a doctor put a tube in? and yes her body did keep rejectiing the gj tubes so they resorted back to the NJ and no to my knowledge she was not purging out of it, she never eats why would she purge anything out of it????? as far as the gofundme, maybe at sometime a small part of her did want to get better, either way we shouldnt be discouraging people from seeking help, i thought this forum was about pro-ana ? not people who are just plain struggling. >>365535(whiteknighting)

No. 483285

I…..am horrified right now. I've never heard of these people but these photos are disgusting. And the fact that these girls don't want to get better or get help is so beyond my imagination.

No. 483303

Oh look, a little white knight showed up. Bekah is a horrible cunt who’s lying about everything except having anorexia that she most definitely doesn’t want to recover from. She also has for sure been kicked out of treatment for purging through her feeding tube, and teaching other girls to as well. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would defend that bitch, she’s a cancer on the world, but whatever your pathetic excuse, GTFO.

No. 483308

does anyone follow jess or "jessieloveslucie" on instagram??? she seems to be SUCH A MUNCHIE!!!!! and a total wanna be anorexic / PTSD person where she constantly posts hospital selfies where its obvious she adjusted the lighting to try and make her look sick. i unfollowed her a longggg time ago but she used to post constant videos of her giving herself meds through her tubes (that she claims is due to gp and other made up shit) like why would you post that? and she is the biggest wanna be anorexic like def not anorexic, except it seems shes ditched trying to have that idenity to having the identity of being "chronically ill" which shes so not. so frustrating!!!!!

No. 483309

If you know Bekah personally, post proof that you do or leave. Nobody is going to believe you otherwise.

No. 483310

Sage as hell but curious how she was "informed upon waking up"… Google Alerts?

No. 483319

Kek the dumb wk doesn’t realize everyone uses EMR now. And everyone knows she’s a nanny, she regularly posts public photos of the kids (I’d be pissed if she was my nanny). She was also a dancer, which is pretty much impossible to do with the illnesses she claims. Also POTS and GP can be caused by anorexia (not true POTS, but the symptoms), except I know for a fact she’s had feeding tubes for years only because of her eating disorder.

No. 483320


Anyone who hired her as a nanny has to be batshit insane or on meth. JFC

No. 483324

Bodies don’t reject gj tubes but are fine with nj tubes. Not how it works. She wanted a nose hose because it’s easier to show off. Not that she even uses it kek

No. 483326

She’s probably real cheap since she’s trying to keep her precious disability money (that she gets for her ed and mental illness)

No. 483336


From what I know about the nose tube also it makes eating painful/weird/strange so it's an excuse to not eat orally and then not use the tube

No. 483343

An Nj tube tears up the inside of your nose and throat, hurts your ears, and makes swallowing super painful. No one wants one unless it’s an ana chan or munchie who wants to show off, which is why people who actually need them long term get G, GJ, or J tubes. Those are much easier on your body, they even put them in premature infants because they’re so much easier to tolerate.

No. 483419

Even if you aren't lying about visiting her, you realize how easy it is to tell a doctor all your ED symptoms aren't because you refuse to eat and get diagnosed with a bunch of diseases that have the same symptoms as an ED? I doubt nursing home doctors are used to seeing ED patients, so it's probably pretty easy to manipulate them into giving some false diagnosis. Bekah's a manipulative liar, end of story.

No. 483474

Don’t forget terrible person kek. Everyone who knows her through treatment, at least, thinks she’s a gigantic cunt who whines and manipulated her way into what she wants, without caring about anyone else. She taught young girls in treatment how to purge through their feeding tubes. Let that sink in. And screamed that things weren’t fair when she got kicked out of treatment for noncompliance (multiple times, too).

No. 483745

I’m pretty sure she means psychiatric intensive care unit not pediatric, so nothing to do with her age. Last time they put her on the psych ICU that’s why, this time just medical ICU

No. 483747

Not WKing but pretty sure any human her size is at severe medical risk? Are you actually saying she’s not in need of medical attention

No. 483752

Can you people please fucking sage your shit Jesus this thread is a mess

No. 483758

It's gonna be okay.

No. 483774

She's also claiming hEDS aka the catch all ehlers danlos syndrome. I hate to be that person, but she has got to be lying about her bmi. There is no way she would be able to stay OP as a child. I hate to say this because she might happen upon it but she really doesn't look like a bmi of 15 either. I think she is losing her identity and needs attention to feel okay. Claiming to have lost 0.6 bmi points in like a week and hEDS. Sounds like borderline or just simply attention seeking behavior.

On another note sovereignstuggle keeps "attempting suicide" and posting stories online. Sage bc no pics (too scared to screenshot cause I follow via real account)

Fighting.for.a.better.me is "struggling" with her Ana (OSFED-atypical anorexia) and will go from "restricting" to "following her meal plan" by eating multiple servings of children's cereal gags

Betterbalancedbites finally was readmitted and is taking obviously posed pics from the ER complaining about how she isn't allowed to recover at home

Ghostybun has officially admitted to her ED but seems to have taken to posting even more "thinspo" style pics
Can't tell who's milk vs who's actually struggling at this point but some good people to watch

No. 483816

File: 1517135917900.png (266.99 KB, 1080x1548, 20180128_122528.png)

Jesus christ how manipulative can you get
I get it, getting anonymous "hate"-
and I use that word very lightly - sure feels like crap but… honey, guess what? Nobody is forcing you to ruin your life. Girls, I don't think we have come across another ana-chan with this level of pettiness since the golden days of Aly.

No. 483825

I honestly think her psychiatrist needs to reevaluate her for BPD. I wish with all my heart these young girls would realize that being triggered does not mean you have to act on those thoughts. Acting on feelings/thoughts is a decision. She doesn't look like a bmi of 14.9 but she's young so her body isn't developed like a woman's. She hears "you don't look like 14.9" as "you look fat." If she wasn't blantanly refusing to take recovery hashtags off her posts, I would feel bad because I remember being 17. (sage) keeping her sarahah link up and refusing to follow people's advice screams attention seeking. She also always talks about how smart she is because she's in IB but she spelt 'paid attention' as 'payed.' Not sure if her ED has rotten her brain or she's illiterate. The way she has responded to people claiming her actions/statements triggered them (albeit sarcastic) is disgusting.

No. 483826

Let's also not forget her profile pic is her with a nose hose lol

No. 483835

Aly’s golden days are now more than ever when it comes to pettiness and manipulation ha

No. 483859

File: 1517150163363.png (156.41 KB, 750x1238, IMG_5047.PNG)

Any new thoughts on schizogirl? Got engaged to someone from treatment, but was hooking up with some other guy a couple months ago.
In ~recovery~ yet still posing harder than I thought was humanly possible to achieve a thigh gap at a bmi of 19/20
Commonly makes posts with long delusional captions about life
I believe it was deleted, but was claiming POTS while relapsing (cannot be underweight to meet criteria for actual POTS diagnosis)
She's been discussed before

No. 483862

File: 1517150357546.png (327.33 KB, 750x1257, IMG_5049.PNG)

Example of caption and claiming POTS without proper diagnosis. Discussing going to cardiologist for testing to determine cause of fainting in post on September 28 and October 8
Seems like she's missing attention now that she's weight restored

No. 483865

Oh god I can’t stand her, she’s so pretentious. All her captions are so self congratulatory and painting herself as a poor, intelligent victim. Also her excuse for breaking off the engagement (because he had a panic attack and she “realised that’s what it’s like for him having to look after her”) really read as her just not wanting to have to look after anyone else for once.

No. 483866

File: 1517151078285.jpeg (223.51 KB, 640x1023, 5BB18F42-EE1A-48FC-9AF8-7E7BD7…)

Samefag, but what a bitchy reply to someone offering fairly reasonable advice on how to take some of the anxiety out of eating

No. 483891

How tf is that emotional eating?

No. 483898

I've left somewhat snarky comments (you can't have POTS if you're engaging in ED behaviors) before and she has deleted them lol. These people are wasting their energy trying to help her. Maybe she is further off her rocker than I thought and thinks distracted eating is emotional eating? She's been in treatment before and I would assume used distraction techniques there…. not sure wherein the confusion lies

No. 484254

idk if you were following it before but ghostybun had a really intense and triggering ED account but deactivated bc someone took screenshots and sent to her mom. then she made a post on ghostybun all about her ED and then promptly made another ED account (almondmilkbunny?) but deactivated it soon after because "waahh everyone's so competitive and triggering and bitchy i hate this community :((" doesn't look like she's really made an effort at recovery since then based on all her thigh gap selfies and "i should eat a smoothie but i'm too tired to get up :-(" subtle references to how much she's ~struggling~ etc. idk why but she bugs me.

No. 484265

File: 1517174949097.png (Spoiler Image, 586.65 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-01-28 16.21.30.png)

the recovery tags are really my favorite part of this lmfao

No. 484273

Someone needs to buy a dictionary, because that is far from the definition of ‘recovery’.

No. 484431

The caption and tags are such oxymorons it's ridiculous. How can she even pride herself as a recovery account…

No. 484446

Dang I hadn't heard that. Sounds accurate. She bugs me too. She's posting more of what the kids call "body checks" type posts on her main account now. The official post about her ED made me laugh so hard. She's contorting her body and twisting around to look worse and it's hilarious. The girl is without a doubt underweight, but the posing makes me so frustrated I don't know why.
"Scraped the top off my oatmeal #recoverywin"

No. 484449

Just like saying 'only threw up half of my dinner #recoverywin'

No. 484460


the only way this girl is getting comments calling her fat (or so she claims) is if she is actively asking her followers for meanspo. ~please send me messages calling me a pig so I can trigger myself and GUESS WHAT, NOW YOURE ALL GONNA PAY~

its so gross. imagine having a kid like that, it`s enough to make your ovaries shrivel up and fly away

No. 484620

ghostybun is so fucking annoying

No. 484626

File: 1517189974950.png (Spoiler Image, 737.87 KB, 925x593, ghostybun.png)

as if the "reality" photo isn't the most pro-ana shit
like what is she even trying to prove by showing her bones??

No. 484628

She's the illest of the ill! For gods sake though, anyone contorting their body into that position will look unhealthily thin. It's like obese girls posting thinspo pictures from the floor talking about how their ribs stick out. That's not a normal position for bodies and thus it looks disturbing. Add being underweight to the equation and it's more jarring. I literally can't look at that post without cracking up

No. 484695

This is the stupidest shit, emaciated but still has to suck it in to look extra thin, reminds me of Bekah when she was thinner

No. 484712

I know they’ve already been called for w knighting but this needs to be said, Bekah is a lying manipulative brat, she cannot have pots because of the anorexia it may exacsterbate the symptoms that would align with pots but that doesn’t mean she has she has an ng but never uses it… dehydration and can easily get diagnosis. With tilt or holter

Unlike what she tells you and Facebook the reason many places don’t take her is not Bc she’s a complicated physical case but mental case! She literally told children how they could purge through a tube,

Everyone asks why she couldn’t keep the peg Bc she doesn’t take care of it and purged through it and gets it infected plus how can she be the best fragile ana without her nose hose!

Also she’s ALWAYS thinner with the ng how does that work? Bc she can’t throw up out of her mouth do to risk of choking so she just fucking doesn’t use the feed. It is all a game and she just continues to lie to all of her friends

Her ex Michael is pretty milky a overweight person with a tube who feigned anorexia while dating her and so on after I REALLY think she messed him up and now he thinks he’s ana and needs a tube supppppper milky they have a photo together on a mighty article that went viral she wrote “I met my Bf in a psych ward”

Sorry for the tangential nature of this trying to get everything in one post

No. 484734

sage your shit

No. 484744

File: 1517195338056.png (252.64 KB, 750x1241, IMG_5052.PNG)

Brea used to run failed thinspo account. (Was barely underweight) Went to ERC and was ~healed~ Lol
Changed account to be "positive and recovery"
Currently claiming relapse
Has been actively attention seeking from posts and posting before and afters more for validation
Could be struggling. Probably just needs attention like most pukers

No. 484750

Isn’t Tilly in her mid 20’s?

How pathetic and insecure can one person possibly be? A grown ass woman is letting some salty random kids IG comment bother her so much she’s gonna deliberately relapse..

No. 484768

File: 1517196299118.png (Spoiler Image, 157.79 KB, 640x1013, IMG_7261.PNG)

some company sent her some socks and this is how she promoted them… like is that shit really necessary

No. 484775

She looks 11 and has no milk. Teenage girls pretending to have the worlds most serious anorexia isnt interesting or new.

No. 484776

File: 1517196559842.jpg (379.14 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_7265.JPG)

meanwhile on her twitter. the irony

No. 484784

She's 17, almost 18
Pretty sure she's 21/22
The irony is heavy here folks

No. 484789

File: 1517197067606.png (269.13 KB, 750x1256, IMG_5053.PNG)

How is she not milky she looks exactly the same. Different hues from filters, but constantly seeking validation and attention from her followers. She's stopped attempting to shop pics, but I think she will start again if she doesn't get the reaction she wants

No. 484793

She’s not too bad, she’s definitely attention-seeking, but that’s what social media is. I don’t really think she belongs here, because she is actively trying and willing admits that she’s got mental health struggles, but unlike our cows she does take steps to get better. Not that she’s perfect, and sure there is the attention-getting drama side, but I think she’s more someone who was an ana chan but is honestly trying to move on from that.

No. 484795

This is 95% of the recovery tag on IG. Either post actual milk or move on to someone who’s actually got some.

No. 484797

Someone post ghostybuns private account pics

No. 484805

And Bekah’s private IG. She’s got two, one is her normal one and the other is her secret ana account. I’d request but she knows me and I know I’d be blocked immediately.

No. 484806

She’s legit insane, I’m sure there’s choice milk on there

No. 484807

hmmm i'll believe you when she stops posting contorted thigh gap selfies on her story and feed

No. 484808

Smorven still has not admitted to having an eating disorder. Over 200 days in an EDU, but no ED. Right.
She drives me because she's just as skelly as solostinmymind and nearly ash, but she doesn't admit to an eating disorder. She claims other illnesses are why she's in hospital and that she's far from underweight, claiming her team supports this. She has meltdowns she blames on her autism. She is incredibly supportive and actually level headed, witty, and helpful to other members of the ED community, but claims she has never had one. She headbangs and posts stories of her face with high contrast, only the side with the tube and the wound. Boils my blood.

No. 484812

Why are this cows allowed to have their phones and free access to the internet? It’s obviously not helping.

No. 484815

I agree. Can someone explain milk vs attention seeking cause I'm a dumba**

No. 484830

They're skelly because they lost all muscle mass.
Maybe they attribute her eating stuff to autism
Really don't understand how she can be helpful to other if she's posting pictures of herself emaciated and self harm and refuses to admit she has a problem but okay

No. 484834

Smorven is annoying, rude as fuck, and uses her autism as an excuse to protect her eating disorder. She can put on intellectual airs about it all she likes but she belongs in the hospital with her nose hose and no amount her smashing her head into things is gonna make medical personnel let her carry on with her precious anorexia. >>484789
So like heaps and heaps of girls everywhere, she takes selfies that look similar? Wow intriguing. She’s got no milk, and you’re either vendetta posting or self posting.

No. 484851

Milk is interesting and entertaining.
Paris rattling her bones around tescos while terrified strangers must shop with the chocolate nibbling skeleton dances for her mother is milky, Paris posting the millionth picture and caption of her saying ‘abloo bloo boo I refuse to change anything and wonder why everything is miserable look at how I measure my fucking carrots’ is boring attention seeking.

Ashley finally releasing the cockroaches that fuel her skin suit and mothers nightmares by dying is milk, Ashley being passive aggressive or mean to her cat is not.

You following?

They are adults and hospitals in America don’t give a shit about anyone who isn’t shitting gold. Nobody can take their phones away unless they choose to do an inpatient program that restricts phone usage.

No. 484868

Also, why the fuck are you sensoring the word ass? Are you 6? Look around.

No. 484922

File: 1517206009766.jpg (141.79 KB, 720x1176, IMG_5055.JPG)


No. 485009

Hang on, do you have any more details on the boyfriend? I saw the article with the picture of them together, but don't know anything else.

No. 485111

The recovery hashtags always kill me. Especially love #weightrestored on that one.

No. 485146


The admin has died so the glitches won't be prepared anyway and it will get worse. It's stunning to see how they all rely on likes and notifications.

No. 485175

File: 1517230591350.png (173.3 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5058.PNG<