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File: 1598636836933.jpg (29.74 KB, 220x275, brave warriors .jpg)

No. 1030109

Thread 40 saw the grand return of our dear dancing Laura, who may not have reached spoop status yet but has impressed us by lifting the other leg! Her head banging remains a constant but she made a recovery placemat with lots of lovely leg lifting pictures on it so we're certain things are going well for her!

We also welcomed a new recovery darling; Elzani 2.0 AKA posh Molly! Our brave, brave girl tackled very scary cereal, super scary biscoff, incredibly scary granola bars and much much more scary stuff, all with the help of her HILARIOUS brother and BFF mum! She may have dropped out of oxford due to her sneaky anorexia (that she didn't even notice, you guys) but she's optimistic that with the support of mother darling she'll be recovered in no time, despite how scary the food is. (did i mention the food is scary? it's really scary.)

It wouldn't be a pro ana scumbag thread without our goblincore hoarder N2F. Her food pics never cease to disgust us, whether it's the sell by date or the horrendous combination you'd best believe there's something awful lurking there. Also, a keen eyed farmer noticed she's been dropping her skinny syrup bottles and other food wrappers out of her room when she leans out to take a photo… we hope those bottles are resting with thread 39's plate now… the things they must have seen in that room.

Gainer continues to pose like a gorilla, Dharma is thoroughly impressed by her recovery progress but less so impressed by Elzani's food pictures. It's a good job Dharma herself is a recovery queen otherwise we couldn't be sure she had the right credentials to judge that! We wish Gainer good luck at her bikini competition, perhaps some good old fashioned public humiliation will kickstart some real recovery.

Quarantine_13 terrified us with her emaciated body, Libby Ford shocked us all with her incredible weight gain, May broke up with her druggie boyfriend (don't worry, they're back together!), Ally sucked in her stomach some more and Dasha continues with her mirror selfies.

And of course, our daintiest queen Porgie has been released from Nf sans a tube this time, despite her totally legitimate exercise addiction and frequent binge and purges she was deemed stable enough for discharge but was immediately back in the hospital scene for a quick covid 19 check. Thankfully our princess is covid free so bring on the booze! Time for a celebration.

We begin this thread feeling incredibly confused over a potential new cow eating.danlos and discussions of fraud involving an old cow, highbulimic. Let's get this show on the road!

the cast:

No. 1030111

This is my first thread so i hope all is well

No. 1030115

Honestly it don’t even matter. I think this whole thread should be locked or banned. I have an account in this community and can vouch for 90 percent If not more of posts being vendetta and self posts at this point.

No. 1030116

You should number the thread and link back to the old one. But otherwise nice work, thumbs up

No. 1030118

ah shit, knew i'd fucked up somewhere!

No. 1030121

That really doesn't change the entertainment value to those of us who mainly lurk

No. 1030122

9/10 performance on the new thread and a top quality recap of the pasture happenings. I stan.

No. 1030167

Great summary! Ta!

I was thinking about Posh Molly earlier. She said she had to leave uni halfway through, yet she only started in September and BAs are 3 year courses. If I was to choose an ana to be, it'd be her because she damn well recovered faster than anyone I've known. I'd dump her irritating family though.

No. 1030175

File: 1598644708913.jpg (15.04 KB, 238x320, bd5002dede8acd380086ac54fbfece…)

>I have an account in this community

No. 1030190

Way to out yourself as a fellow proana scumbag, new fag! Learn the rules or gtfo.

No. 1030196

I reckon Georgie's a farmer considering she follows our cows. A cowtipper who pretends she doesn't post here when she posts about them herself.

Thatmackeegirl appears to have been tipped. Just went to check on her chewing gum and tiny food and she's gone private.

No. 1030200

File: 1598648133880.png (1.29 MB, 720x1270, Screenshot_2020-08-28-21-55-15…)

Nourish, you're supposed to peel the whole egg. Not just part.

No. 1030230

Is she trying to show us the "pastel coloured shell" because I see no pastel. That hummus looks off… unsurprisingly.

No. 1030248

Hummus where?

No. 1030257

Sage for blogpost but when I was IP with her she spoke about people on lolcow. Funny how the people she follows and considers 'friends' on instagram are the same people she bad mouths about online/in person.

No. 1030273

Spill spill spill!! I want to know all about her antics!

No. 1030274

Spill, please.

No. 1030291

She's absolutely the type of bitch who'd do that 100%. If you give us truth about your IP with her, yes! Spill away and shame the two faced cow.

No. 1030316

File: 1598661216044.jpeg (2.23 MB, 828x11046, F32A41F1-7698-444E-913C-36D83D…)

Anyone else follow this train wreck? Used to be a normal mother with just a sad background story and a handful of adoptive special needs kids, but now is an anachan who mainly posts body checks and oh poor me I’m so sick selfies, with a side of munchausens and e-begging. She had a bio son with severe disabilities or a terminal disease who died, and after that they adopted four disabled kids. One of those kids died, too (wheeled himself into a pond, can’t make that shit up though you have to feel bad for the poor kid, especially since she uses both sons’ deaths to justify her drain on the rest of her family). Now she’s a special ana snowflake who’s too sick for every single treatment center in the US (sure, Jan), has a G tube (pulls it up the top of her shirt of course, a catheter (complete with piss bag selfies), says she needs a home nurse to turn her over, etc., and claims to just have had some medical complication that makes her paralyzed on one side. All while her normal teenage bio daughter takes care of her wheelchair-bound special needs siblings. But she still manages to go get her nails done and document all of this on IG, not a steaming pile of narcissism at all!

No. 1030329

Jesus. Christ.

No. 1030365

Holy cow (pun intended). This Karen Owens and fam are terrifying. Just read their meal train page and the husband sounds like an asshole from his updates. They are e-begging for food, gift cards, cash and help around the house ( like hmmm maybe you should have though if that before adopting 3 extremely disabled children…?) yet he still feels the need to shame people for not stepping up enough???? Woof. And her?!? Like seriously WTF. I don’t understand how anyone would let someone like her adopt any child let alone 3 that all require so much care. YIKES.

No. 1030372

I lowkey wanna be admitted to new farm just to see how much of a useless shithole it comes across as - I mean I clearly don't need anything wrong with me if the likes of porker can run around the facility proudly boasting her nose hose like it was an olympic medal

No. 1030384

File: 1598671491532.jpeg (583.94 KB, 1095x2531, 53402742-32F3-4D69-A8C0-9FADA1…)

They adopted FOUR severely disabled children, one somehow got outside, to a pond by their house, and into the water. And given the kid’s disability, he drowned. Which Karen uses for attention and to justify her ED and munchie behavior and why she’s not getting better. The ebegging is just gross, it’s done in a very entitled manner. And I’m guessing she’s not suddenly disabled like she’s claiming now, she’s not even close to the worst anas we see here. My guess is that she got fed up with having to put all her kids’ needs first (like a parent does, not even one who CHOOSES to adopt 4 disabled kids) and seeing them get attention, so she decided to go extreme with her ED and also the munchie route at the same time. Asspats for her, and she doesn’t have to take care of any of the kids. She seems to have zero issues with the fact that a lot of their care (and hers) now falls on the shoulders of their teen sister. And so much ‘that happened’ going on, their claims that she’s too sick for treatment makes no sense, there are places in the US that take patients much sicker than her, and her “sick” poses are fake af. If anything, insurance cut her off for being blatantly non-compliant. She’s getting a gross amount of pleasure out of everything, too. The husband is a dumpster fire in his own right, but I understand why he’s not happy right now. Imagine watching your wife, who wanted to both adopt and homeschool multiple disabled children, just decide she’s had enough and nope out of life and all responsibility, all while playing a sick dying snowflake on the internet for asspats.

No. 1030389

I don't want to go into too much detail because I know for a fact that G lurks on here and if I shared what happened she'd know who I am… let's just say that she likes to know everyones business for malicious reasons. She likes to 'support' others who are diagnosed with legitimate disorders and seems to manifest their stories/symptoms/experiences into her own 'personal struggles'.
She came across as very introverted and shy when I first met her - mostly kept to herself and stayed away from the other girls on the ED ward. I didn't have much to do with her but I thought she was nice enough - yet the other patients warned me she had a very manipulative personality and knew exactly what she was doing.

No. 1030390

Anyone have more of a history on this? Couldn't find much online other than obvious social media pages and few news articles. I'm curious about the moms backstory-looks like old faded self-harm scars on her forearms in this pic. Is the ED a long-term thing that resurfaced? Hard to know where to even start with this one but feel really bad for the kids caught up in it

No. 1030396

What's NF like in general then? Seems like with G et al could be quite a toxic environment? G being quiet kind of fits because it's so much easier to play things up online

No. 1030408

Just tried to let you guys know that people are vendetta and self posting. Assume whatever you will about me. It makes me laugh. Sage for dumb

No. 1030496

Doesn't seem milky. Just very sad. The mum obviously dotes on those kids and only in the past couple of years became very ill with anorexia. She has PTSD from the kid dying. It seems to have just been a tragic accident. Her IG doesn't even talk about herself all that much, mostly about adapted education.

No. 1030501

Piss off.

No. 1030503

NF seems like a lot of the private psych/ED wards in Aus (or maybe just a Ramsay thing..)
If you have the right health cover they’ll take anyone.
Don’t get me wrong, some are great.
But it’s obvious with a lot of admissions that they just choose to spend their uni/school holidays inpatient where the attention is higher than what they get from mummy and daddy at home

No. 1030507

tell me how it’s “obvious.” all I’m seeing are props for mommy’s tragic backstory

No. 1030513

Sad and milky are not mutually exclusive. Something about the selfishness of letting an eating disorder take over when you have chosen to devote your life to caring for dudables children is pretty appalling. Seems her “physical” stuff is ED related too.

Do you have links or posts on the 2nd kids death? Only found info about the bio sons death as a toddler (rare debilitating disease).

No. 1030519

File: 1598700980460.png (11.81 MB, 1242x2208, 209CEA7C-C5CA-4340-B2BB-E0E195…)

Packed would definitely be the word… she’s going on holiday with her family today, I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

No. 1030520

Y’all bitches lyin’ if you’re gonna tell me that isn’t the same boiled egg she’s now featured in three different “meals”

No. 1030524

So she just poured her slop directly into a lunchbox?

Imagine the smell.

No. 1030529

How is she packing that yoghurt? None of that looks like it'd stay put in that box, she is either not eating it or only pretending she's going to have it in the car but is eating and yeeting it before they leave.

No. 1030540

This is like a nightmare lunch from hell

No. 1030543

It’s the same egg, celery and those sad looking carrots have been trotted out for at least the third time.

No. 1030555

Wtf IS this? Is that soggy slbread with syrup and cereal in it? All poured into a metal lunchbox? The smell of the egg, looking at that slop, anyone travelling with her is going to feel sick. Her poor, poor brother.

>Which I'm earring in the car


No. 1030557

What the actual fuck…

It's kind of genius when you think about it, inventing a kind of thinspo that can't really be banned, and provides instant appetite suppression and purging all in one hit.

No. 1030559

She’s using the shell of a chocolate bunny as a divider. Bento box extraordinaire! My conspiracy theory is that there is no car trip. Much like she lies about eating with her mum and nan, she lies about having any kind of life other than an extended b&p session in her filth groto

No. 1030568

I agree. no way would anyone allow her to bring that mess into their car lmao. such a strange, strange girl.

No. 1030570

File: 1598711451413.png (155.91 KB, 711x1187, Screenshot_20200829-153032~2.p…)

Stopped off at Barry's for some expired binge food.

No. 1030586

File: 1598714064539.png (10.05 MB, 1242x2208, 692BB0E4-651D-4B11-9C19-F1DDA4…)

You can see it’s being eaten on her bed in her room with the cereal box so why does she bother lying? It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s pretending to go on holiday to convince us she has a life

No. 1030591


Of all the things she does, from cooking in her filth pit to walking around her room hardly dressed taking pics out of her window, eating cereal and jam on bread is low grade weirdness when put in the overall context of her habits.

I thought she was wearing some fancy silver dress, but it figures she's in her room. The weather's shit, so it'd explain the low lighting, but…why tag the cash and carry??

No. 1030601

File: 1598718166262.png (2.88 MB, 1914x914, psychic farmer.png)

No. 1030612

…no words. This is right up there with saucehand for me

No. 1030640

File: 1598727063830.png (945.7 KB, 719x1218, Screenshot_2020-08-29-19-50-24…)

So nourish is eating with others (I assume from the caption and background of picture) and her food looks normal? She must be too embarassed to make her normal bulimia concoctions when she's with others. I would be. She's taken this down now, not sure why?

No. 1030641

Tell us more please!

No. 1030653

She packed one change of clothes, the rest was eggs and sauce. She still manages to make a pretty normal plate of food look really off putting. The cous cous and kidney beans would be okay. With egg hmm nope.

Be she took it to her room.

Norfolk's nice but they have lousy weather atm. No skimpy clothing weather phew.

No. 1030661

File: 1598730688562.png (124.67 KB, 602x872, Screenshot_2020-08-29-20-51-29…)

Are we going to be treated to a crossover episode!?

No. 1030665

You reckon she brought her sauces with her? Her obsession with condiments is hardcore.
Did she say she only packed 1 change of clothes?? Her filth knows no bounds.

No. 1030715


No room for clothes when you're travelling with half the condiment aisle

No. 1030720

Could be in car she likes to feature/tag the products she uses so probably brought a whole lost of packaging to use in the background of photos. Or took the photo and repacked lunch before leaving?

No. 1030727

new farm is literally like any other general public hospital, albeit the fact that the nurses and doctors act high and mighty just because they have the private healthcare banner over their brains. therapy is good for those who are willing and genuinely seeking recovery. the food is arguably better. i'd say at least 70% of the admissions are legitimate, the other 30% are people who know how to play the system and think that they're being cared for when in reality they're just being used for their money. filling more beds with "easy" (aka, not really sick and just there for the social media attention) = less work for the staff for the same price.

No. 1030761

File: 1598748375644.jpeg (3.95 MB, 1106x21905, 9FFDDA5F-706D-492F-A9AE-B17C1A…)

Yep, it’s been at least a solid two years of self-centered pity party now, with her disabled children as props. While it’s tragic she’s lost two children, and yes, she may have PTSD, it’s still not an excuse to be selfishly playing the ana chan & munchie card while her husband and normal daughter (who lost two children/siblings, too!) take care of the three remaining disabled kids and her as well. Especially with the ebegging and constant body checking/semi spoop selfies. She clearly loves showing off her ED and talking about how sick she is. And it’s not like she’s never had access to treatment, she’s been IP and residential several times. She even has a post where she complains about having to spend dead child #1’s death day alone and how no one understands etc. etc., but it’s because she’s in residential. Her husband is alone too, but with all four living children he’s currently the sole caretaker and parent of. And while she does thank her husband and non disabled daughter for being the caretakers, more often then not the post and photo are about/feature herself in some way. Most recently she did a post about her husband, and out of 4 pics, three are her in all her ana chan, body checking, “look how sick I am” glory. Not saying it isn’t very sad she’s lost two young children, but that doesn’t excuse her glorifying/showing off her ED and resulting medical issues all over the internet while dumping all her responsibilities on her husband and teenager while acting like she’s the only person who’s ever lost someone. She’s a total narcissist who’s choosing to be the victim because it makes her life easier and gets her asspats.

No. 1030778

I’m in the same boat as you anon. I’ve known a cow personally for several years now and I have so much shit on them that farmers would go crazy for, but if I ever posted it it would be very obvious who I am. I cut this cow off because everything everyone’s said about them on here is 110% true. I know they lurk.

No. 1030822

I mean it is extremely tragic what happened to her but something about her delivery is extremely milky. The pictures with the coordinates are particularly… off putting? She has a disturbing smirk. Also she seems to be intentionally showing off spoopy arms and on the left, faded self harm scars. I genuinely feel bad for what happened to her, no one deserves that and it understandably would fuck a person up. But why broadcast it to the internet. And also why, as a what? 40 year old, would you chose to get an eating disorder to manifest your pain? It is so juvenile and selfish.

No. 1030828

shut up or spill the tea

No. 1030847

Could you give a little hint?

No. 1030852

Is bread with just mayo on it normal in England?

No. 1030854

Trying not to armchair(and failing) but I read an article that she is quoted as saying they adopted special needs kids from the foster system because they had the skills from looking after bio son and wanted to put them to use after he died. Sounds good but I wonder if something about the attention/sympathy that generates was also a factor. Especially because not every anorexic ends up wheelchair bound with a feeding tube. Either way better to get your own head sorted before taking on more responsibilities. People are complex though. Can be consciously or unconsciously benefiting from all the sympathy/drama associated with medical stuff but also genuinely loves/wants to help the kids.

No. 1030909

Reminds me of myka stauffer (for those that waste less time on youtube than me- adopted an autistic kid to look like a saviour and monetise him then “rehomed” him), classic narcissist

No. 1030914

That was so awful, I hope 5he boy is doing well now.

Kind of reminds me of Kay’s Cooking on YouTube, do you think this is how N2F cooks in her room?

No. 1030921

Can we crowdfund an easy bake oven for n2f? I feel like even that would be a big step up from her usual bedroom kitchen.

No. 1030929

Nothing she does with food is representative of what British people do with food. To believe it is would be like taking Michael Jackson's behaviour as representative of the average black American's way of life.

No. 1030930

Ganer taking blood glucose levels before eating because that's totally a normal thing to do.

If she wants to improve her performance levels then eating enough to be a normal weight would be more effective than micromanaging carbs.

No. 1030933

Am easy bake oven literally cooks with a standard lightbulb kek. No device will change her ways, she is straight crazy.

No. 1030995

File: 1598809463048.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1091, 658B3F1C-AB7A-44D8-927A-EA34E5…)

possibly the most normal thing she’s ever prepared

No. 1030996

N2F sorry

No. 1031007

She hasn’t posted a photo of food hanging out the window in 24 hours now. Looks like she’s even in an honest to god kitchen. What the fuck is happening????? did we finally shame her out of her bp dungeon????

No. 1031009

This could have fooled me for an Elzani post.

No. 1031017

Just proves at home she isn't eating with her family, because when she is her food looks presentable.

No. 1031021

Oh, I just asked because they said that meal looked more normal then her usual ones.

I would bet money she did not make that. Her mom probably did. I guess it could be from a restaurant but the fish and chips look baked in an oven rather then fried.

No. 1031023

No, she's on holiday with her family and they're staying in one of those shared bungalow things together so she won't have the space for her own b&p hovel..

No. 1031036

Her mum definitely made that. Bet she's jonesing for a b/p. Might have a session with Madz eh?

No. 1031057

File: 1598819391047.jpg (161.57 KB, 3072x2670, n2f'sgut.jpg)

n2f's digestive system actually getting a proper meal that is actually cooked well and isn't swamped with syrups, sauces or expired shit

No. 1031060

She'll be in hell. Kind of like being at a health camp.

No. 1031063

“Actually cooked well”… let’s not carried away, farmers. I know we’re excited to see her eat something that hasn’t been suffocated with syrup and plucked from the fibres of her bedroom floor, but it’s still just tinned beans, frozen fries and a frozen fillet-o-something.

No. 1031065

The chips look undercooked.

No. 1031066

And the fish doesn't look that great, either. At least she didn't rinse the beans again.

No. 1031068

Beans with fish is wrong

No. 1031085

I know I’m late on this statement but the alienbones girl makes me cringe so fucking much

No. 1031086

The chick needs to learn to leave her hair alone when it looks like dead straw

No. 1031099

Who? Link to post would help.

No. 1031113


I honestly think n2f has just been posting the grimy garbage she eats just to see how far we’ll believe her. Perhaps the slops in the lunchbox were the final straw.

No. 1031192

File: 1598833580830.png (156.22 KB, 720x986, Screenshot_2020-08-31-01-21-07…)

Nourish's followers have noticed how gross her usual food is too. Not as oblivious as we thought but it begs the question why do they still follow her?

No. 1031232

File: 1598839942931.jpg (460.42 KB, 1080x1698, 20200830_211206.jpg)

Her hands actually look clean, along with the mug. The protein powder bag and syrup bottle are still grimy

No. 1031243

File: 1598842776934.jpeg (410.14 KB, 828x1540, E8A961E4-7044-4AE6-90C4-329AA0…)

No. 1031244

I feel bad for the property owners if it's an air b&b

No. 1031279

she really packed her syrups and other binge foods with her. amazing. n2f just gets more and more fascinating.

No. 1031284

File: 1598860792887.png (11.04 MB, 1242x2208, 066C8350-93E8-4BF5-BCDE-B3D0EE…)

different location, same gross concoctions and same window routine

No. 1031291

But we can all agree it's much better than her usual fare.

No. 1031292

Same reason we do. To see what ungodly concoctions she manages to conceive in her dank little shithole.

No. 1031296

… what's the clearish liquid in the top left of the bowl? Is that the whey of the yoghurt?

Usually I'd worry that it'd make the cereal soggy but it looks like it's so old it won't matter.

No. 1031301

It's the syrup isn't it?

No. 1031303

I can imagine someone serving their kid this-probably a 7 year old whose mum can't be assed cooking but still. This is a bloody gourmet meal compared to lunchbox slop

No. 1031321

File: 1598874382207.jpeg (500.28 KB, 640x1001, 4BDA8264-A24B-4452-B3C5-2A3ACB…)

Moll has a “challenge” and “fear” food every meal and every snack I stg. And her story almost makes it seem like the disordered part of her eating is just her obsessing over eating any food. Honestly just perplexed how her followers praise her each time…

No. 1031328

New Elzani. Except she’s got less of a runway with her weight given that she’s starting from a much healthier body than E.

No. 1031336

Shes 19 but seriously acts like she’s 12 that’s so fucking pathetic. The food obsession is real

No. 1031338

I wonder if she's going to go back to uni this year. She'll probably relapse without her mummy and brother there to praise her for eating "scary" food.

No. 1031339

File: 1598879057912.jpeg (518.61 KB, 1242x1121, 6BBD26F8-955F-49D0-BBAD-7A3FC8…)

Over sharing on twitter again. She sounds exhausting to be around

No. 1031340

Idk but I hope someone buys her a thesaurus so she can find words meaning "scary". For a lit student, her vocab is piss poor.

No. 1031343

File: 1598879492350.jpg (67.42 KB, 1071x253, 20200831_080812.jpg)

Breaking news: N2F took her yearly shower today.

She has a video of herself in the slides squirting the syrup on her food. It's…something

No. 1031361

if she lived in australia im sure she'd be roomie with georgia on new farm so everyone could see what a real fighter she is

No. 1031364

Is this Georgia posting this comment, because no one was talking about you for a hot second? Post whatever sooper challunging dinner you’re having at your nans and then maybe you’ll be relevant for a minute.

No. 1031380

Elzani is one of her inspirations for recovery…
Another youtuber Isabel Cross ( not particularly milky) also goes on about her "all in recovery" and how inspirational Elzani is.

No. 1031395

Frankly any ~*~recovery youtuber~*~ who isn’t taking the time to script tangible, non-hypocritical advice / insight about recovery and Is instead just vlogging themselves eating and banging on about how amazing food is and how brave they are is pretty milky.

No. 1031402

File: 1598890460528.jpg (294.61 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200831_171458_com…)

No. 1031448


I SAW THIS made me laugh a lot. Interesting how Meg has an issue with Libby ‘controlling’ her but doesn’t have an issue with Libby tweeting about how good her own pussy juice tastes (tweet now deleted but she said it some time last week)

No. 1031455


I got as far as

> disabled adopted child drowned apparently unsupervised

and wonder how the hell between that suspicious death and one parent being so "disabled" as to be unable to take care of herself let alone three other special needs kids they've not been taken away for their own safety. What a fucking trainwreck.

No. 1031462

When that was posted I backed away. I like laughing at cows and that's heavy shit. The bio daughter's going to have some issues living in that environment. Are services so desperate to offload care kids they're not bothered what the adoptive parent's like?

No. 1031485

Yep. Can appreciate some pro Ana milk but children dying under suspicious circumstances? Not my cup of tea.

No. 1031535

File: 1598912115600.png (446.53 KB, 711x1014, Screenshot_20200831-231403~2.p…)

Think she'll quit some of her attention behaviour now she knows it gets her sent away from friends?

No. 1031538

File: 1598912143028.png (352.38 KB, 709x1031, Screenshot_20200831-231356~2.p…)

No. 1031569

everytime I read her descriptions I feel like I'm having a stroke

No. 1031588

Everyone needs to look up lucie_shedding_layers for yet another perfect example of what everyone seems to think ED recovery is…..

No. 1031591


A-log me if this has already been established, but did Moll go from Oxford to an ED unit and is now home or did she go straight to recovering at home?

It's just in my limited experience, smart anorexics are perfectionists and the girl I knew at uni was incredibly ill by the time she was made to leave to get help. She was more concerned with finishing her work than she was about dying.

No. 1031596

image board…

No. 1031605

I believe she was booted from hospital for non-compliance

No. 1031611

File: 1598923337402.png (1.74 MB, 956x871, Capture.PNG)


dear lord!! i just had a look to see if any milk was to be found, but all i could see is the exact same smile/head tilt in the majority of photos and i noped the fuck outta there…

No. 1031613

Watch this. Mentions hospital"for a bit" this year. Get the feeling her parents sent her for private care.

No. 1031616

File: 1598923762194.png (892.27 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_20200901-022730~2.p…)


Do I want to see multiple pics of this face with an iced coffee? No thanks.

No. 1031619


holy swollen saliva glands, batman!

No. 1031621

Mouth sort of reminds me of Gary Busey.

No. 1031671

File: 1598935918803.jpeg (262.14 KB, 750x1020, A4FD5D2C-6A9C-4BE7-A3D0-250A05…)

Wtf is this shooping….

No. 1031680

File: 1598937313284.jpeg (268.67 KB, 828x934, 265B482D-8CDD-44A5-831C-FB46E1…)

Lmao it’s so obvious, someone else noticed how strange it is in the comments but that’s apparently “stress jaw”

No. 1031702

File: 1598941264273.gif (22.57 KB, 200x90, omegachin.gif)

What's that anon-kun, you don't like my selfie?

No. 1031706

File: 1598942086138.jpeg (313.59 KB, 750x1073, 85C3B321-DC0B-471C-8D36-E4B018…)

Don’t forget her cats been sick but even on the way to the vets she finds the opportunity to body check

No. 1031712

File: 1598944093588.png (885.24 KB, 720x1170, Screenshot_2020-09-01-08-09-02…)

Pushed through another day!

No. 1031717

File: 1598944900052.jpg (311.36 KB, 810x1373, 20200901_172148.jpg)

holy cow What in the jebus crust is this face?

No. 1031720

File: 1598945436744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.13 KB, 600x300, exorcist-vomit.jpg)

Idk, kinda exorcism, but she got some blood on Georgie's bowl >>1031712

No. 1031723

File: 1598946971726.jpg (593.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200901-104037_Ins…)

No. 1031731


are there any pictures where she's thin? in all of the ones i've seen on her insta she looks really fat.

what is she recovering from, exactly?.. binge eating?

No. 1031739

File: 1598952860373.png (770.52 KB, 719x1266, Screenshot_2020-09-01-10-33-57…)

Kek at the size of her bun

No. 1031745


ofc our ravenous bulemic friend has a hot dog phone case. how have i never noticed that before!?

No. 1031750

File: 1598955548715.png (619.8 KB, 971x312, Screenshot_2020-09-01 ganer_ga…)

It's kinda scary how she manages to get that EXACT pose three fucking times in a row.

Obsessing a bit over bodily appearances, aren't we.

No. 1031763

Oh but anon that’s how she gets her practice for her body building shoots!

No. 1031769


This repeated 'correctness'…

Just like Aly's staring-on-a-bagel photos.

No. 1031777

Though this bore got ig banned

No. 1031785


She was IP for less than a month. Definitely feels like parents paid for her validation.

No. 1031787

Now that she's washed her hands and they're not covered in much grime, we can see that her nails/nailbeds are full of those white stripes that appear when you lack basic nutrients. I googled what exactly causes them, and it seems the minerals she's lacking are zinc and/or iron and calcium. I've never seen anyone with that much white on nails IRL, she must be seriously deficient in minerals.

No. 1031808

That explains it. So she was never soooper spoopy. What we’ve seen is definitely close to her lowest weight. It is impossible to gain very much weight in the first few weeks IP.

No. 1031850

Unless she was seriously spoopy, she wouldn't have been admitted to by the NHS after only two or three months of anorexia getting worse. She'd be offered outpatient therapy like ordinary povs.

No. 1031872


eesh, extreme skin picking is my bet

No. 1031873

File: 1598978540069.jpeg (140.68 KB, 828x1120, 521A61A1-FFDC-4F7E-82F1-D7E32E…)

does anyone follow this spoopy account?? she (madi) is basically an older n2f. Makes v grimy food and yeah, potential milk on this one but I’m not creative enough lol

No. 1031877


She actually seems to be doing well right now and has only started posting recently after months of not. I don't think she's milky

No. 1031895

Looks more like scratching. Like Laura. Picking normally leaves more like welts and discrete sores/scabs, not this crazy mess she’s got going on. Also seems like she leaves the blood and smears it all over her face?? Also picking can leave permanent scars more so than scratching. I’ve seen pictures of her where her face looks relatively normal. Just armchairing here but scratching seems more for attention/to cause the most visible damage whereas picking is a real compulsion. Everyone I’ve know who truly suffered from Dermatillomania had a slot of shame associated with it. Unlike these cows who love to post pictures of themselves to prove how crazy they are.

No. 1031908

I honestly thought that the white in the first picture was chipped nail polish, but mineral deficiency makes much more sense

No. 1031949

Wow she really does do bicep curls and only bicep curls

No. 1031951

Very muscular arms

No. 1031974

File: 1598990967598.jpeg (314.79 KB, 828x1792, 96CCF944-05A2-46F3-BEDD-3C6F6B…)


“Counselling major”…what in the actual fuck?!
I get the whole lived experience stuff but surely someone this ill isn’t equipped to be a fucking counsellor?

No. 1031979

she looks like a tellytubby

No. 1031987

It requires a lot of arm strength to constantly lift all those syrups, tins, and boxes of expired food!

No. 1031995

File: 1598995036375.jpg (18.89 KB, 317x240, Tubby_Toast_Legion.jpg)

After contemplation, she is Po. I knew her hair, erm, thing, reminded me on something.

No. 1031996

File: 1598995070731.jpg (80.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

With a skinny syrup protein shake

No. 1032010

petition to get that bowl made and sent to her

No. 1032016

Signed and donated. Meds a crazy curly straw.

No. 1032017


No. 1032258

File: 1599046700268.jpeg (274.39 KB, 828x1465, 0B917D57-26DB-42AC-B07A-72516A…)

It’s a really wonderful thing that Georgie can live her whole life assuming zero agency for her own actions. She’s fat because anuhrexia, she’s lazy because ~*anxiety and trauma*~.

No. 1032259

>Stretched too thin

No. 1032260

She says, despite being fat, jobless, not in school, living in her parents’ home, eating her parents’ food… so what exactly is she doing?

No. 1032264

File: 1599047652890.png (1.75 MB, 719x1272, Screenshot_2020-09-02-12-52-36…)

The gang's all here!

No. 1032265

File: 1599047680004.png (1.75 MB, 720x1232, Screenshot_2020-09-02-12-52-17…)

No. 1032266

File: 1599047711073.jpg (312.24 KB, 683x1208, IMG_20200902_125354.jpg)

Ootd or body check? You decide

No. 1032267

File: 1599047737773.jpg (351.19 KB, 719x1285, IMG_20200902_125411.jpg)

No. 1032268

File: 1599047861485.png (6.77 MB, 1125x2436, E02A0660-FA1E-4919-87DF-26A96E…)

Ha - relapse in motion team…

No. 1032269

Sorry - this is our dainty Georgia

No. 1032271

What on earth does she look like in those boots

No. 1032274

Is that a skirt over pants. A very n2f outfit. Mismatched and eccentric.

Her hair bun…

Her brother has that "kill me now" look Aly's brother used to have. He's a good-looking kid.

Points for sausage dogs.

Thanks to anons for her updates.

Georgia will cry when only two people respond. She loves being on lolcow. Stfu, silly woman, and get a job.

No. 1032277


i thought it was common knowledge that every single OOTD from everyone ever was a bodycheck, no?

nice to see her bulemia-bun and her bare chested anti-splashback 'apron' is still a thing even whilst on holiday.
Never change, NtF.

No. 1032287

File: 1599052526331.png (1.75 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-09-02-14-16-14…)

We've certainly been treated to body checks galore today

No. 1032288

What makes her think no one from lolcow will be able to request to be in her close friends?

No. 1032292

File: 1599053179823.jpg (120.41 KB, 1500x1000, alf-stewart-ray-meagher-header…)

She's possibly trying to find out who the farmers are by getting them to ask to be her special friend.

Her dad reminds me of Alf Stewart crossed with the guy from Wolf Creek.

How many syrups did she fit into her bag?

No. 1032293

her brother looks so uncomfortable and i don’t blame him, N2F probably forced them to take all the pics

No. 1032297

the guy from wolf creek omg i can’t understand that

No. 1032300

This picture. I thought from the thumbnail she was wearing the back half of a horse costume. Those boots were a choice. The perspective must be off.
It's all so unsettling.

No. 1032334

What is this outfit OMG. Also you can really see here that she’s quite underweight. What a weirdo. I can’t believe her family let her go out in that getup.

No. 1032336

File: 1599058382980.gif (1.73 MB, 498x280, tenor (3).gif)

No. 1032344

File: 1599059224197.png (594.28 KB, 719x1272, Screenshot_2020-09-02-16-02-24…)

Just in case you hadn't seen her outfit yet!

No. 1032353

File: 1599060188106.jpg (246.18 KB, 1600x1374, s-l1600.jpg)


I was wondering what she was wearing today. She even changed her phone case. Bling not hotdog!

No. 1032354

She's actually got a really nice figure. Shame she gets it by barfing and shame she's so unhygienic. I'd kill to be her irl friend for a day.

No. 1032357

What if she prepared a meal for you? Would you eat it? If not, what would you say?

No. 1032360

A killer figure? Oki then. Rattle them bones.

No. 1032361

Oh god, I never thought of that. That's a dilemma. In her room I'm sure it'd be easy to hide the stuff off the plate or bowl in a box or stick it to things. Wipe the syrups on her blankets, etc.

Oki, Georgie.(hi cow)

No. 1032363

I didn't say "killer" figure. I said "nice". She's shaping up well and toning her arms and legs. How is this spoopy? >>1032267 >>1032264 apart from her face looking ill because she's lacking vitamins.

No. 1032366

lol Georgie we all know you POST here, you silly moo

No. 1032397

woww literally nothing goes together, she looks so cracky.

No. 1032407

File: 1599065934770.jpg (55.55 KB, 600x400, bodyflipbook-step8b.jpg)


Her style bible is a child's flipbook. She thinks she looks good, so hey (although blue and brown…Nope).

No. 1032413

She could easily be a hooker in that outfit.

No. 1032415


I did a screen recording so everyone can watch her wiggle around and flash her yellow teeth


No. 1032418

File: 1599067565677.jpg (95.19 KB, 427x640, n2f.jpg)

You calling my best friend Trashy?

No. 1032419

File: 1599067654937.jpg (8.1 KB, 194x163, teef.jpg)

Thanks. They're not looking too good.

I like her pants tbh, but I'd dump the rest of the outfit.

No. 1032423

File: 1599068406885.jpg (73.4 KB, 419x789, Untitled.jpg)

Idk if this is controversial, but I'm sick of ana snowflakes complaining about companies putting calorie counts on packaging.

I'm not a fan of Matt Haigh, his book about depression is really Mickey Mouse. Who said not putting nutritional values on a burger stops C-19? It MIGHT help people make wiser choices so don't become OBESE because you have more chance of DYING of diseases if you're obese, including C19 (even though that's going to be a thing of the past soon).

If people don't gaf and just want to stuff their face (like Georgia), it won't make any difference anyway, but shut the fuck up, snowflakes. The world does not revolve around your disorder. This Molly's really irritating.

No. 1032425

Sorry, brain fart…Who said putting* nutritional values etc

No. 1032429

has she clipped her shirt up in the back to make it more cropped? lmfao. this outfit is incredible.

No. 1032434

Truly. It is the outfit equivalent of a cupped hand full of barbecue sauce. Brava.

No. 1032441

File: 1599070063604.jpg (80.36 KB, 778x766, Capture.JPG)

I thought it was a waist length top she'd hitched up to show off her stomach, but decided it's half that and half her being slovenly. She wears Uggs or Ugg copies, so I never expect anything amazing with her clothes. I want to restyle her starting with her hair and img

No. 1032481

that bun looks like a literal turd on her head

No. 1032503

blue floral shirt
leopard print bike shorts
black tights
seems her combination retardation doesn't stop at her dinner plate.
porker is fucking delusional if she thinks that any of her followers genuinely care about her ~thoughts n feelings~

No. 1032504

those boots are longer than dasha's life expectancy

No. 1032505


No. 1032529

Thank god someone said it
I’m so freaking sick of people complaining about the calorie counts on menus plan! The world doesn’t revolve around you and your personal life and preferences. If it improves the health of the general population then it should 100% go ahead. Also there’s already calorie counts on all packaged food atm and not every single person in the world has an ED lol..

No. 1032533

I do think it'll make things harder for people with ed's to recover and maybe it will make some non disordered people form an unhealthy relationship with calories and numbers but also… It'll probably help a lot of people pick healthier options and become aware of what they're eating. Most people probably won't even notice it though honestly, it'll just be a bunch of boring numbers on a page to most. Do other countries usually have calorie counters on their menus? And if so, does it seem to negatively effect anything?

No. 1032546

Yes! ( as in very irritating )

No. 1032561

It's not like it's an entirely new thing anyway,lots of chain restaurants have had calories on the menus for years now.

No. 1032582

Bro looks like your stereotypical teen stuck on holiday with annoying relatives. Love how he's wearing a full jacket/jeans and everyone else is in summer clothes.

No. 1032598

Does it actually help though? Seems more like a token effort than anything else. Nutritional info has been around in Aus for years I remember looking at it 20 years ago at the beginning of my ED. It wasn't on menus but still. I don't think it matters much either way. It's not going to stop your average person who doesn't gaf about nutrition from ordering a burger with their entire days calorie needs and not having it isn't going to stop anachans obsessing over calories.

No. 1032626

It doesn't matter if it "helps". Consumers are entitled to know how many calories they're putting in their bodies even if it doesn't help the fatties lose weight.

No. 1032636

Anon, I think they are just long leopard print pants with ugly brown boots over top. Either way, tacky as fuck

No. 1032639

Really? Why are consumers 'entitled'? If so why are they not similarly entitled at small non-chain places? Nutritional info has for years been around upon request-the move to display it more prominently was justified on health grounds. I'm by no means against it but I would question whether or not it generates any improvement in the food choices of the overall population and if not better policies should be considered. Just my opinion though.

No. 1032654

My personal opinion is it doesn’t not help. It requires a level of education about food and health that many people lack and an assumption that someone cares about it. A much more effective measure would be to change restaurant portion sizes. Instead of showing in the menu that the dish is 2,000 kcal and letter a consumer decide if they care (or even really know what that means for their bodies) it would make much more sense for plates intended for 1 person to be closer to a normal portion size for an average person. /endrant

No. 1032679

Whoops I meant doesn’t help.

No. 1032688


over here all the cakes and stuff at Starbucks have calorie info on the price signs

putting it on menus isn't a great step further, more people are trying to lose weight healthily than have anorexia

No. 1032706

Consider the calorie awareness and counting not as a benevolent gesture done by corporations, but as a liberal-leaning cover for any liability claims that their food makes you fat/unhealthy/die from consuming it, and as incredible PR that unites them in proximity with the agendas/concerns of parent council-member-types (to continue their marketing to youth)

No. 1032708

File: 1599103998410.png (794.37 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200903-043018.png)

Georgia's gone all LBQERTY activist on us. It's 2020, nobody GAF where a person sticks someone else's tongue. Move on to something less self centred than identity politics.

No. 1032709

I wouldn't say that nutritional info requires a high level of education and most people do know basic things like 2000 cal/day, fried bad, veggies good, etc. Americans just genuinely do not give a fuck, recognize that they're fat but still go for foods they know are not going to help because it just tastes good to them.

No. 1032712

Oops, didn't think my comment about calories would become a debate. Interesting opinions, though. Just mentioning here that additives like msg are a big problem. Pringles are moreish because the msg makes them that way and a tube is over 1000 cals. Best stick to a grab bag ordinary potato snack if a person wants to avoid Dr Now.

No. 1032754

She's bi. Her and shay seem to be sprouting the same stuff and copying eachother. Both new farm repetitive presenters, both going hard on their sexual preference, both love a toob, both claim to be autistic.

No. 1032820

File: 1599135167484.jpg (704.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200903-131329_Ins…)

Holy hair

No. 1032829

jfc i thought she had on a long cardigan

No. 1032840

Truly the picture of health. Yellow skin, bony hands, visible veins and that long, LONG hair that looks drier than the Sahara. A real inspuhrashion

No. 1032841

As if she couldn't get more deranged, stunted horse girl

No. 1032847

Obviously it's very knotty, dry and matted but I wonder how someone so nutritionally deprived can get their hair to be so long

No. 1032861

No. No, no, noooo. That's not good. This is horrible. Why would she not cut her hair? That's feral behaviour. Idk if she's going for the Rapunzel look, but good god, it's Cousin Itt.

No. 1032862

Eugenia has long hair too, maybe they just have some arab genes for strong and thick hair and would naturally have twice as much if they weren't starving.

No. 1032866

Except cooney has extensions

No. 1032872

Feral is the perfect word to describe everything about her. I’m convinced she is mentally challenged. Debilitating eating disorder alone does not explain her whole constellation of crazy.

No. 1032873

File: 1599147787934.png (780.76 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2020-09-03-16-43-47…)

Nitpick but why does her hair look like that. Makes her look like an egg.

No. 1032890

File: 1599150714672.png (305.69 KB, 691x903, Screenshot_20200903-172833~2.p…)

N2f looks more feral than a real feral child.

I think she's going for that 1929s look that art students tried to do in the past. She just looks like a 7 year old whose mum gives her a home haircut for school.

Very hair themed today!

No. 1032897

File: 1599151539470.jpg (48.71 KB, 490x640, b77cb20e7c8ef45c75e03faa657c3e…)

No. 1032902

Is there anachan milk on reddit?

No. 1032908

There's an r/eatingdisordersanonymous board or something, they just share memes it's pretty basic cringe. The real closeted eating disorder communities are r/fasting and r/omad, some are just normal dieters but it isn't hard to find anachans in there freaking out over they'd gain by breaking their 4 day fast with watermelon or cucumber

No. 1032912

no, mostly overweight teenagers calling themselves anorexic because they tried to lose weight once and loads of yo-yo dieters. there’s a sub for women over 30 with ed’s but it’s pretty inactive and not milky.

No. 1032922

File: 1599155190351.png (1.18 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200903-184018.png)

Her friends weren't aware she had an ED until now. Are these imaginary friends because how do they not know about hospital and dropping out of uni? Jamie is her only friend.

Everything about this one is really sketchy.

No. 1032929

No she doesn't. She obviously takes vitamin supplements and gets just enough protein. She did a video recently and they wash her hair. It's her hair.

No. 1032930

Sod off, fangirl. You're so naive. Cooney isn't posted here so bugger off and/or learn to sage.

No. 1032934

Shut up, minimod. I forgot to sage. It's just obvious that she gets enough protein and takes supplements. She got to her lowest weight over the course of years. It's not like she rapidly lost the weight.

No. 1032939

Yeah, okay. You believe that.

Btw, it's common knowledge we don't discuss her here so not mini modding. Apology accepted.

No. 1032954

Yea it’s bad. She was not particularly attractive to begin with and this bowl cut is jus making everything much worse.

Supports my theory that she did not have an ED for very long and that she also was never extremely ill. She got sick during her first term and then didn’t go back afterwards. She mentioned that she didn’t go back in January but I’m too lazy to find it. Then her parents sent her to a private clinic briefly. She barely has had an ED. Honestly think she just is using it to get internet famous.

No. 1032955

I wasn't the one who brought her up, that was you. I was replying to you. Loser.

No. 1032959

honestly beginning to question the no Eugenia rule with all this milk coming out about her recently

No. 1032960

Update on journeytoemma; her mum passed the other day from her chronic heart failure. Emma made some posts about being with her for the end. Its all really sad and awful for her, but I’m curious to see what she does next. She made a post prior to her mum passing, saying how bad her super severe SEED anorexia is and how she’s scared she’s gonna die too…begging for help yet in the same post, saying how she won’t take the specialist bed that is currently apparently being saved for her at York Retreat. (Place she was at for over a year, a few yrs back). She managed to get herself discharged from the previous ed/pdu ward she was moaning and making formal complaints about to CQC. That’s her MO. She loves making complaints about her treatment but then complains when she’s left without treatment. Strong EUPD vibes despite her constantly refuting that.

No. 1032961

I don’t follow her at all so would be curious. Especially since we don’t have a ton of new milk these days beyond Nourish2Barf, posh Molly and Georgie. But I fear the rath of her fan girls clogging up the thread to defend her.

No. 1032967

The only people who are Eugenia fangirls at this point are proanas. Sure, you can theorize about her situation and sympathize with her, it’s tragic all around. But she’s finally showing her true colors on what she actually cares about.

No. 1033000

Second this though, not that much fresh milk coming in anyway.

No. 1033002

Defending someone who is unfairly attacked doesn't make you "pro-ana". People REEEE about their fee fees being triggered like it's HER responsibility. When it's not. It's theirs. If they find her triggering they can just unfollower her.

No. 1033010

I don't know much about Eugenia but this doesn't seem likely. I get the impression she's a public figure with a young audience who openly shows off her emaciated figure - does that not make her pro-ana? And the thing is it's not like she's a small private Insta. People are going to be exposed to her whether they want to or not which arguably gives her a responsibility in the content she produces.

No. 1033012

Some Eugenia milk. She had a predator on her discord or something, he had access to her underage fans and she didn't really care about it and allowed her to stay on her platform as an admin (I think she eventually took him off after she got attacked on Twitter?)

Also she keeps defending Shane and other content creators who deserve to be called out and people aren't happy with that

No. 1033015

Another thing people have been commenting on is that her mouth is foaming up because she can't close her lips properly anymore (without effort) so all the spit builds up across her teeth and the corner of her mouth so it gets all gross.

No. 1033018

She's allowed to show her body, though. Should she wear a burqa instead? Just because she doesn't hide her body, that doesn't make her pro-ana. She's said for years that people shouldn't try to be like her or change their bodies, and that they're "beautiful their own way", etc. Until relatively recently she denied she had an eating disorder at all, but pro-ana is thinking anorexia is a lifestyle, not a disorder. If she was pro-ana she wouldn't have even denied having an ED, surely? She'd be like "yeah, I'm anorexic, and that's fine", but instead she said she was just "naturally thin". She was just in denial. She's only responsible for herself, if someone is triggered they should unfollow her, and parents should monitor what their kids do online if they wouldn't want them watching her.

No. 1033021

Oh don't be fucking stupid. When a skeletal girl with young fans who idolise her wears skimpy clothing and dances around in her bedroom like it's all fun and games obviously there's going to be a problem. No, no one can force her to cover up but that doesn't mean she shouldn't.

Also have you ever read this thread? Most of the pro ana scumbags on here don't say "anorexia is great!! It's sooooo fun you all should try it!" But they're still pro ana scumbags. Maybe bringing Eugenia into this chat was a bad idea.. her stupid followers are already here spewing bullshittery.

No. 1033022

Can someone sum this up? cuz shannon annoys the garlic flavored fuck out of me. I want the milk but don't want to suffer. Spponfeed pls.

No. 1033024

Hahaha, imagine thinking someone is one of her stupid pro-ana followers just because I think people should take responsibility for themselves. That isn't stupid. I didn't say she shouldn't cover up, but you're right, nobody can force her. So instead of expecting her to do so, if people are triggered they should just stop watching her. Quite a simple concept. Moron.

No. 1033032

Not the anon you replied to but if her followers are underage then expecting them to 'take responsibility for themselves' is tricky. they might not realise the extent to which her behaviour is troubling etc . and people with EDs aren't going to stop watching because they're triggered - quite the opposite, and sure they should take responsibility but I'm sure Eugenia knows they do and doesn't do anything to stop it.

No. 1033034

I don't expect them to, I expect their parents to. If I had kids, I wouldn't let my kids watch her. The point I was trying to make is that it isn't Eugenia's responsibility if other people are triggered. She's only responsible for herself. I know people with EDs aren't going to stop watching her, but that's their problem, not hers. Their triggers aren't my triggers aren't your triggers.

No. 1033035

Parents can't monitor every single video a kid watches online. I don't think kids who watch Eugenia young enough to have crazy parental controls on, they're probably young teen girls who are really impressionable. Eugenia runs that channel and she should be more responsible because of her young audience, it's her responsibility as a content creator.

No. 1033036

Interesting- am curious too as to what she will do now

No. 1033038

They can if they try hard enough. There's a version of YouTube where you can only watch certain content, and there's other filters. Ultimately it is the parents responsibility, not Eugenia's. There's no such thing as "responsibility as a content creator", there is only personal responsibility. Many people with EDs watch her to trigger themselves, but that's their problem, not hers. They should take responsibility for that.

No. 1033040

Before I continue arguing I just gotta know- are you baiting us or are these your real opinions?

No. 1033045

Her hair must weigh a few kilos at least! The best thing she could do would be to get it cut shoulder length but she probably won’t as she thinks having long hair automatically equals nice hair. What would I know though, I’m probably just a jealous hater!

No. 1033046

Imagine thinking someone is "baiting" you because they think people should take personal responsibility for themselves and their kids, lmao. I thought this website was all about people taking personal responsibility for themselves? Theirs nothing wrong this opinion. Eugenia's recovery (or lack thereof) is HER responsibility. You being triggered by her is YOURS. If you don't want your kids watching her (or anything else you deem inappropriate) it's YOUR responsibility to be proactive and try to monitor what they watch and do online. If you're unable or unwilling to do that, you can't complain.

No. 1033047

not ayrt but i strongly agree with this. it’s the parents’ job to monitor the media their children consume regardless of medium. however, Eugenia also knows that her fan base is very young (like, half her age) and she chooses to wear incredibly skimpy clothes and is clearly admiring her figure in the viewfinder or bodychecking or whatever. i think it would be different if she made content for adults or at least admitted she wasn’t “naturally thin” imo. anorexic people are allowed to exist on the internet just like anyone else but it’s wrong to tell children that your sick body is normal.

No. 1033050

I don't think she's ever said it's "normal". She just avoids answering the question. She used to say she was "naturally" that small and that "everyone is beautiful the way they are" and that "nobody should change" to try and look like her.

No. 1033056

…and this is what happens when a fan comes to lolcow to talk about Cooney. She has her own thread here post there.

No. 1033057

Can't respond to my valid argument about personal responsibility so you dismiss me as a "fan" instead. Interesting.

No. 1033058

Someone's salt intake was a little too high today

No. 1033060

I haven't posted anything about her. There is more than one anon.

No. 1033061

seriously, they should just make a dedicated thread or go to reddit.

No. 1033062

I screen recorded her messing with her "thick," dull hair for fun


No. 1033065

Not an argument or refutation, retard.(Infighting )

No. 1033067

Ok anon I think you need to drink some skinny syrup and calm down

No. 1033069

She's just confirmed how matted and dry it is

No. 1033072

File: 1599175597512.png (180.78 KB, 720x1233, Screenshot_20200904-002336~2.p…)

Her threads get locked. The reason being what you're doing. That shit is on GG, Reddit, kf. Please leave this thread for ransoms and not boring old youtubers.

No. 1033073

I'm more than happy to stop talking about her, I was just putting forward an argument about personal responsibility since I thought that's what this site was all about. I guess when it comes to Eugenia, people don't need to take responsibility for themselves and stop watching her if they get triggered.

No. 1033093

File: 1599178017063.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, A5263CCB-ED7E-447E-9EB1-ABB070…)

This girl literally complains to fucking everyone about her “ed” too her friends when she needs support but the moment her friend needs support she cuts her off… probably because she’s no longer the sicker one

No. 1033096

Why would she post this? What a bitch.

No. 1033108

This is painful to watch can someone please summarize.

No. 1033124

File: 1599183422899.gif (1.41 MB, 480x270, reach out.gif)

>I feel like a piece of shit

Qualifies for being a piece of shit. Why does she have only 4 posts. Was she deleted/self deleted/deleted posts?

That feeling when you wish you knew who that person in the message was and let her pour her heart out to you.

No. 1033126

For bite size gossip, it's all at https://www.reddit.com/r/EUGENIACOONEY/ Sometimes I scan read that sub for info about her decline and some apparent weird tics and spasms.

No. 1033128

File: 1599184011196.jpg (48.16 KB, 1123x326, Capture.JPG)

Ignore the question, I've been reading her tellonym.

She carries a taser to dates!

No. 1033131

IDK if this is that unusual? I always take pepper spray on dates (but then again I basically always carry it).

No. 1033138

File: 1599185250681.jpg (65.99 KB, 1149x626, Capture.JPG)

It's unusual in the UK. It's illegal to carry tasers, pepper spray, knives etc. A tiny can of hairspray/body spray and a lighter could be useful. Sometimes it's a culture shock to remember that in some countries you can use good shit for personal protection.

Seems we've missed the milk. Img related.

No. 1033178


Original anon here who said it was “only proanas” defending her. FWIW I haven’t replied to anyone since then.

I have absolutely no problem with her overall content. she’s within her rights, and it is the responsibility of the viewers like you said. I agree more with you than the others, tbh.

What I was getting at is that she refuses to address the many criticisms of the creeps she supports and who are part of her community. She spins every argument into people being mad at her and either avoids the topic or explains why she’s such a nice person instead of addressing any problems. Without any of the ana aspect, that’s shitty behavior and a harmful, toxic mindset. That’s why the only ones supporting her now are hardcore fans, and I don’t know why anyone who isn’t just interested in ana content would remain a hardcore fan when all this has come to light. You certainly can’t continue to think she has a good personality.

No. 1033185

yep i think you've hit the nail on the head there- it's less about responsibility and more about morality/being a decent human being
upon being informed that a) people, mainly kids, are being negatively affected by your content and behaviour and b) that someone who effectively 'works' for you has a criminal record and has been involved with online grooming, most people with any kind of care or regard for others would alter their behaviour.

No. 1033268

What makes me concerned about EC is that she’s said that is she is “recovered” and is doing “really well!” Despite her obvious weight loss. Lately she’s discussed BMI and how “everyone is different” and it’s natural for her to be under a BMI of 18. I didn’t want to flood this page about it in case it’s a topic not to be discussed here, but I think it’s still pretty milky to be saying these things (and getting paid probably thousands by all the simps on her Twitch.)

No. 1033288

A few years ago (2017?), I read that talk about EC is banned on lolcow. Does anyone know if this is still (or was ever) the case?

No. 1033293

File: 1599211930029.png (715.39 KB, 748x840, euco.png)

>"Do you believe you have an eating disorder?"
>"Uhm… And you know, with that, no, I obviously like was going through like a lot of things last year and it really wasn't good. I-I'm doing a lot better now soooo… Uhm… Yeah, like, you know (?), I'm definitely now doing like a lot better aaand-and-and doing, uhm, good and everything. Uuhm… I mean, you know, I have kinda had some problems… Uhhh, haha… So I mean, uuuhm, ah… Like… Like you know, last year was a really hard year for me and stuff but I'm definitely doing uhm a a lo-lo-lot better and stuff, so I mean… uuuuuhhh… I'm doing a lot bett… Like I'm doing good and everything, uhm."

No. 1033297

YOU are responsible for what you put on the internet. You sound completely ignorant. There's your argument for personal responsibility. If she doesn't post blatant body checks in skimpy outfits and prance around the room while showing close-ups of legs that can barely support her body, then no one is going to have to learn how to respond to it or be trigger. Being a responsible influencer is knowing your influence on young people. It's actually in the job title and bobble head Eugenia is not taking responsibility for her role in enabling other people struggling with eating disorders

No. 1033302

You should have stopped at ”if I had kids.”
clearly you don't have kids so you have NO idea how to raise one, how sneaky they are, and how easily they figure out ways around stupid parental controls. You have no clue. - someone who has experience with this situation.(derailing)

No. 1033305

MOTI much, newfag? No one cares that you’re a special snowflake because you have kids. Way to be a straight up cunt

No. 1033307

can we nix the Eugenia discussion, or move it elsewhere? all this infighting isn't fun.

No. 1033309

Not sure what farmers think, should Eugenia be in this thread or in the youtubers general thread?

No. 1033314

Keep her in YT general ffs. These arguments about her are dumb

No. 1033318

Damn, that explains why her hair looks so weird in a bun. Speaking of, if it's in the way to the point that she always keeps it up, why not just cut it anyway? Ngl, it's cool that she can grow it that long. However it's clear she's not willing to do the work necessary to keep it nice. Having it in a bun all the time is causing breakage and knots, and she's got like five inches of split ends that need trimmed off. I get that she wants her hair out of the way while she's puking, but she should put it in a braid instead. Also, it looks brittle and thirsty as hell; she doesn't shower as often as the hair needs conditioned.

I wonder what possessed her to show off her hair now, though?

No. 1033327

Access to a full length mirror? A forced, momentary pause in her binge purge lifestyle? I feel like she never actually stands the whole way up when she’s at home, she remains crouched in her b&p lair and filth. Can you imagine all the thinks probably going rank in her room back home right now?!

No. 1033366

File: 1599227027585.png (Spoiler Image, 455.13 KB, 715x860, Screenshot_20200904-144318~2.p…)


Having hair that long must make it really limited how to style it. She can't do a really nice updo, so sticks the lot on top of her head. Idk why anyone would grow it to that length for that reason. I agree that if you choose to go for the xxlong hair then caring for it should be mandatory. It'd look much better if she cut it waist length to get rid of the ratty 6 or so inches.

Eating stuff to benefit her hair would help. Instead she eats her hair in her food.

Grateful her sausage dog isn't the long hair variety.

No. 1033375

this is n2f we’re talking about, it’s probably just the result of utter self neglect she’s decided to own as a style choice

No. 1033410

I believe that's because a few years ago we didn't have so much insight into EC and what went on behind cameras, so her minions used the "she's just sick and doing nothing wrong!" excuse.
Nowadays though, with all the things involving her coming up, I think she's VERY milky

No. 1033415

That's YouTube drama though, all about YouTubers. This thread is about NEET fatties who LARP anorexic, or spoops who cry or eat disgusting food.

No. 1033526

I agree that Eugenia is milky, but it causes so much infighting and attracts WKs so it’s not worth it to shit up the thread

No. 1033596

Okay well I'm going to respond to this, so don't be angry ya'll because I said I was happy to stop talking about her.

I'm not ignorant because we disagree. What does her "being responsible" for what she "puts on the internet" have to do with anything? If you're TRIGGERED, that's YOUR problem, not hers. Stop watching her. Stop your kids from watching her. That's not her responsibility, it's YOURS. Her being an "influencer" doesn't mean she has any responsibility for anyone. If seeing her hurts your fee fees and you want to starve yourself as a result, you clearly already had a problem, which isn't her fault. She has no "responsibility" for "enabling" other people with eating disorders. It's their responsibility to stop watching her if they're triggered.

Damn, someone's salty. Just because you're unable or unwilling to monitor what your children watch online, doesn't mean that other's can't. Stop being fucking lazy, kek.

Yes, can we drop it?

No. 1033600

The rational extension of your argument is that we shouldn’t call out ANY negative / harmful behaviour though. Because we are, after all, free to look away. So we should just let bigots, Nazis, homophobes, etc. say whatever they want because “hey, we’re responsible for our own actions so what they’re doing ain’t none of my business”.

Point is; we’re allowed to call out proana scum for being proana scum. It’s not an excuse to relapse or whatever, but it is worthy of mockery and public critique.

No. 1033611

File: 1599248429804.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 360C4ED7-431D-46E5-A264-58BC1B…)

sorry for interrupting the EC argue but I just wanted to bring y’all some outfit inspiration

and hairstyle inspo ofc

No. 1033619

Thank god.

All the pleather's come off her sleeve. During December I'd stand her in a corner with fairy lights wrapped around her bun.

No. 1033623

She could impale somebody on that bun… her aesthetic of ‘gross and sticky’ looking really doesn’t just stop at her food photography does it?

No. 1033637

Her lymph nodes are so swollen. Jesus.

No. 1033639

You can call it out, but it's not her responsibility if others' get triggered, it's theirs. That's my point. She of course does not deserve to be no platformed. Everyone deserves to say pretty much whatever they want, short of inciting violence/terrorism. I don't see how she's pro-ana tbh. She just seems to be really ill and in denial, but whatever. I'd like to drop it, but if people keep responding, I will of course respond back in kind.

No. 1033653

Stfu about her please. She's already in other threads.

No. 1033659

File: 1599252306452.png (196.21 KB, 325x358, Screenshot_20200904-214405~2.p…)

>>Hi Send love and kind to y’all, dears

She says y'all.

No. 1033662

is that tiny tail all of what's left of her hair or are there more braids than one?

No. 1033664

Stop replying then.(derailing)

No. 1033666

wait what's abnormal

No. 1033669

i think that's all there's left on her head.. anyway, is it just me or does she seem like she's sucking in her cheeks?

No. 1033681

EEE didn't notice that. N2f should donate some of hers.

I think she's pouting. Expensive lipstick is wasted on her.

No. 1033702

Did you just turn twelve? Be quiet already and stop trying to get the last word in, jesus.

Anyways, so N2F only brought the one pair of horse-riding thigh highs for every outfit? I understand she wouldn’t have room for much else since I’m sure her suitcase was already packed full with syrups and other insanities, but a couple pairs of trainers could easily squeeze in lieu of the space those boots took up and at least some aspect of this OOTD show could start making sense.

No. 1033706

I think she even packed her plates and cutlery with her based on her food photos from the trip. Insane.

No. 1033714

File: 1599258400471.png (188.63 KB, 260x393, recycle.png)

It's great that she doesn't feel the need to buy a load of throwaway fashion items, but really it's time for a new jacket.

I think it's shade…or dirt. I doubt she'd get away with purging without noise in the place their staying. I doubt she's even doing her binge thing.

No. 1033717

They're* staying. (My grammar is fine).

No. 1033718


deffo sucking in the cheeks hardcore!
she fucking loves applying filters in order to exagerate how 'sick' she looks, sucking in her cheeks is just an IRL version of this.

No. 1033723

Do you not see the irony in you accusing me of trying to "get the last word" in, yet you couldn't resist replying yourself, and at the same time you also complain that people won't shut up about this? Hypocrite. You'll probably reply to this as well.

No. 1033725

File: 1599259263447.jpg (120.35 KB, 1302x726, much contrast.JPG)

Lots of filtering. I've noticed that even though she likes to emphasise her bones, she's making herself look less ill in her face since she bought makeup.

No. 1033726

Not any anon who responded to you, but all I'm saying is this - SAGE.

No. 1033741

just report and move on
Jesus, her rat tail is even thinner than fit vegan gingers

No. 1033750

This is my first time replying to you. You are the worst. Please STFU or leave. Thanx.

No. 1033752

rapunzel rapunzel,
burn that outfit

No. 1033761

No one is going to want that dry, matted hair

No. 1033766

File: 1599263874775.png (1.91 MB, 1914x866, bunny.png)

This one was a suggestion on ig. A recovering anorexic/bulimic who eats food that has to look like faces, 10 cal jelly and zero noodles.

Thin but her tits are huge. She hates them, but shows them off.

Thinks her thighs are huge but never wears anything other than shorts, a long t shirt or tiny dresses.

TMI about odd sex situations. She's talking about one on her stories https://www.instagram.com/stories/bunniesrecovery/2390469128322005796/

Oh, and a Jeffree Starr fan.

Potential milk maybe.

No. 1033768

I thought Dasha was making herself ugly on purpose. N2f's hair will help her on her journey.

No. 1033770

Eugeenia never came across to me as an anachan. Maybe she has serious health issues or never eats because she has undiagnosed medical conditions. She's said countless times before she never eats breakfast or mentions that she likes food. Her mom is obese and not forceful with her eating, she is neglected in that manner.

She really does not know how sick she is. I've just never seen her actively in the ana community. Always concerned for her, she's a nice girl though.

No. 1033772

File: 1599264504665.gif (1.72 MB, 400x376, stop.gif)

No. 1033784

>body checks on camera
>was forced into ED treatment
>talks about her ED
>goes 10 hours on stream without drinking water or eating food and only taking a sip of water when fans beg her to do so
>admits she's had an ED
"Oh idk guys she just doesn't seem like she has an eating disorder"

No. 1033790

File: 1599267324210.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 9D95B187-CFE9-4508-809C-C434F1…)

It’s not that weight watchers and calorie counting don’t work Jordan It’s you having no self control and eating way too fucking much

No. 1033796


is this a wannarexic chubster?

No. 1033809

those look like implants to me so she can just get them removed if she “hates” them so much lol. hopefully this one has some potential, I personally don’t find the fatties interesting.

No. 1033815

File: 1599271148671.jpg (79.3 KB, 912x491, MV5BYWI2N2Y4YjQtYTY0NS00NzY0LW…)

Whenever I see N2F with her hair out she always reminds me of the grimy unhinged Town's Inn owner from an episode of Hotel Hell.

No. 1033817

oh boy i haven't seen this cow for about a year. how is it possible that he's ballooned even more than he already was? kek nice to see he still blames everyone else for his lack of weight loss. i'm sure that weight watchers is responsible for those mammoth portions you inhale like a dyson vacuum.

No. 1033818

I don't know who is getting so pressed about Eugenia, but get off your high horse. It's embarrassing.

She has
-gained traction by being a skeleton
-publicly claimed to be in recovery, gaining even more traction (with the help of her pedo bfff)
-relapsed, publicly, OBVIOUSLY flaunting it

She lies to her followers, she promotes her corpse like body by posing half naked doing body checks
If that ain't milk, I don't know what is.

Kek. You're embarrassing yourself standing up for her. She's pro anna scum. Sorry.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1033830

It does look like swollen lymph nodes to me, or the shadow from them. For extreme bulimics is takes weeks for the gland swelling to go down (source: am one, have swelling in the same place). She also doesn't look at all bloated in the OOTDs so I would guess that she's still purging. It's not that hard to be quiet.

No. 1033833

Lymph nodes enlarge when you're ill. Still believe she purges, but she looks run down af so it could be that. I can't see how she'd fit in her usual bp sessions while on holiday.

The look like implants for sure. I can't place her accent but she ain't British. I'm interested in her back story but she doesn't give anything away about herself. I'll keep an eye on her though.

No. 1033834

Kittiecore@gmail.com you’ve got the language down but you should know not to include personal info and namefag

No. 1033865

so true! I had forgotten about her, same absolute denial of their own problems and hoarding tendencies too. Now I'm imagining Gordon Ramsay/N2F showdown with Ramsay apoplectic with disgust/horror and N2F completely unable to see/understand why he's not thoroughly impressed by her culinary skills

No. 1033880

File: 1599294781882.jpeg (236.57 KB, 750x939, 824DDD2A-7D80-4EBC-86BE-8D193B…)

look at the drawer in the background it makes me wanna fucking kms, how can no one step in and do something about her situation

No. 1033903

File: 1599299556634.png (461.74 KB, 585x1259, Screenshot_20200905-105226~2.p…)

No words.

No. 1033905

File: 1599299979387.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285, 774A1B40-01A0-4A3F-9625-CA1E18…)

You can’t seriously still fall for this shit.

No. 1033906

Jaclyn Glenn has come forward about the Eugenia Cooney situation once again.
I personally think that the whole situation is all kinds of weird and fucked up.
Eugenia is 26 years old, she still lives with her mom, drives in the backseat, she doesn't know how to do basic tasks like open and close the blinds on her window or cook, she seemingly has to get permission from her mom to move freely in her house, all she does is stream and post videos all dressed up to show off her emaciated body and it's been like this for YEARS.
I've never in my entire life encountered Eugenia's level of denial either.

No. 1033908

File: 1599301180995.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1713, 73EDB022-8636-4332-8ED9-217897…)

Knowing that Porgie has lolcow bookmarked and is refreshing the page 100’s of times a day here, do you think she publicly posts the accounts of her other proana &/or ana LARPing “”friends”” just because she wants to gossip about them behind their backs?

No. 1033910

Those rats tails have not seen a brush.

No. 1033916

How much do we think N2F’s bun weights?

No. 1033925

Come on she weighs less than n2f's hair and basically only does body check videos

No. 1033942

i agree 100%, like how do people not realize how much of a proana scumbag eugenia is

No. 1033971


there are so many anorexics who don't want to get better… like Ashley Isaacs? I don't think anything could've been done to help Michelle (shmegeh) a few years back. I wonder why people fixate so much on Eugenia?

Is it because she's way more well known? Or is it because she presents herself as naive and childlike?

No. 1033975


she honestly freaks me out. I watched a few videos with her and she acts like cassie from skins(a TV show) she is saying oh wow all the time and she is so awkward it's really creepy

No. 1033978

File: 1599321345065.gif (Spoiler Image, 803.49 KB, 500x211, make it stop.gif)

Has she ever made a video that isn't shit? I've never followed her so I don't know.

I don't get what people find entertaining. She looks like a throwback to emo era, isn't intentionally funny, isn't witty or intelligent. The girls who like her must be equally dull.

I'd say most of her subs now are people just there to watch her die. Probably with the volume off.

I wish anons would stop talking about her here because she's a youtuber. She's not our usual neighbourhood ana scumbag.

like, like, like, like…

No. 1034001

Stop bringing her up and then complaining when people respond to you. She's not pro-ana for being sick and in denial.

No. 1034003

Oh look, Jacyln has made another video about Eugenia for personal gain, money and attention. Shocker.

No. 1034004

pRO aNA sCuM bAg

Not wanting to recover doesn't make you that, kek.

No. 1034007

I wish anons hadn't ignored the creepshow video. I understand that shanon is annoying as fuck but it talks about how Eugenia:

1) gave a pedophile access to young fans. he had a record and bragged about being a felon on the server so it wasn't as though he was trying to hide it (aka she knew full well)

2) put him in a position of authority over by promoting him to admin which would make the power dynamic between him and the underage fans even more dangerous

3) when she was called out about it she dismissed it and let him stay on the platform

4) when the backlash became too much she kicked him off of her mod team without apologising to the people he hurt (yes, he actually managed to groom some underage girls through her discord) for letting him be there and dismissed the problem of predators. Instead, she sulked about people 'being mean' to her.

5) one of the underage girls who had been harassed by another pedo (who was also a neo-nazi) on her server sent all this info to Eugenia and Eugenia replied by saying "he's a sweet guy." and then sent lots of other fans to attack the girl by calling her a liar etc

This has happened 3 times now with Eugenia putting pedophiles on the admin teams and not giving a shit when her audience comes forward and tells her & the other mods what's been said to them. There's so much creepy shit (eg: her dog rape dreams, her getting sexually assaulted in a school bathroom stall etc) around her and I'd gladly reply with receipts and more info here or in the YouTube drama thread if anyone cares.

She gets away with so much shit because she's anorexic and people feel so bad for her but she's not a nice person. I WISH the discussion didn't purely revolve around "oh she doesn't deserve a platform cos she's skinny." It goes so much deeper.

No. 1034009

File: 1599326724868.gif (425.2 KB, 500x334, alicias disgusting food pics p…)

This is zzzzz-list youtuber drama. She's a twat. End of story. Don't bring paedophiles here. We already had a suspicious death of a child and neglect of disabled kids. I'll just lie back here and think about Covid-19.

No. 1034010

It’s her childlike behaviour, naïveté and the fact that she’s never acknowledging her ED and weird family situation. Everything about it is kind of mysterious and weird in another way than those pro-ana Instagrammers who brag about their ED.

No. 1034013

Receipts of what?

No. 1034014

fuck off if eugenia can earn money off of being a skeletor pedo panderer playing dumb for attention what’s so wrong about jaclyn earning money by shedding light on her behavior

No. 1034015

File: 1599327313875.jpeg (234.9 KB, 640x916, B615DF42-2E0C-4FF1-AC86-074913…)

What JTE did next: finally admitted to purging despite denying it for literally yrs. she’s previously gloated about having the ability to purge “hands free” and i bet im not the only one who thinks her “anxiety puking” that happens when she’s IP is just her purging and blaming it on muh anxiety. Note how shes admitted to calling her MH team cos she’s struggling, but then goes on to say she doesn’t want the help. Sure things are genuinely shit for her right now but if you don’t want the help, stop begging for the attention.

No. 1034016

Exactly. Eugenia Cooney is 100% worse than most of the wannarexics and pro ana bitches on this thread, because of how huge her audience is and the fact that she's playing her ED off as "being naturally skinny" or something.

No. 1034018

When they think that posting their problems to loads of randoms and asking for their advice is more valuable than professional help.

No. 1034020

Receipts of her defending pedos and sending hate mobs to the victims. Also receipts of what her admins did and sent to the underage girls

No. 1034022

Don't bother. Anyone interested can discuss it here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/eugenia-cooney.74274/page-5

No. 1034127

Any recent pictures of her? ( I'm not on Instagram )

No. 1034212


For uni that's not too weird. A handful of people I knew dropped out after the first term, either came back to start a new subject the next year or moved on elsewhere. I guess people assumed she couldn't handle the pressure, happens a lot at Oxford/Cambridge.

No. 1034237

When a kid moves away from home to go to uni they find they're too homesick to live away. For Molly, who's joined at the hip to hilarious Jamie, and having to suddenly do life by herself, she's going to struggle. She didn't give a t much of a shot, but it's understandable she dropped out. Shame she gave up a place at Oxford though. If a person so sheltered had to rough it at a regular uni she wouldn't last a week. Hope she doesn't take Elzani as a role model to doss around doing nothing for years.

P sure other anons will help. I don't follow her.

No. 1034359

Oxford and Cambridge are a breeding ground for eating disorders - student mental support is awful.
Maybe Molly just took a year out to sort her shit out . Wonder what she was studying.

No. 1034361

Too late -she already sees Elzani as a role model.
Interesting that the mother daughter relationships are a bit weird for both.

E is going to be bored when her sister goes back to school - unless she spends everyday making cakes- she's turning into a feeder for her family.

No. 1034365

I think I remember she said somewhere that she was studying English lit

No. 1034366

Thenextpaige writes a post telling people not to post about their symptoms because it might trigger someone. Then throws this fit in the comments because someone pointed out she constantly talked about how ill she was.

No. 1034367

File: 1599404583621.png (357.14 KB, 796x1472, Screenshot_20200906-160116.png)

No. 1034368

File: 1599404705943.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1704, 2994D190-41EA-44E2-9C91-D7C705…)

You know Porgie only posted this meal because it’s as close as she ever gets to healthy eating. She’s probably now wondering why she’s not skinny yet.

No. 1034374

Elzani released a new video, should I watch it and write commentary here or are we over E by now? She's not been milky for a bit

No. 1034378

File: 1599406469861.jpeg (698.41 KB, 1242x1976, 84EB122A-706A-4AD0-856A-2DBEC0…)

Was just about to post this saying the same thing! Guess writing a book all about your ED doesn’t count as posting about it LOL

No. 1034379

She already at the burger and fries that were on top I see. Lol she's even posting ~recovery type food~. I'm all for this dietary change. She's got lose some weight.

No. 1034383

That's the most unintentionally funny cow post I've read on here. Where did anon go who was going to read her book?

No. 1034402

File: 1599408586926.jpg (44.75 KB, 691x587, Capture.JPG)

She strikes me as a private school girl. I don't see how she got into Oxford unless she was sent to a "good" school. She's not brains of the century or particularly even good with words.

No. 1034404

She ate pancakes for breakfast a few hours prior.

No. 1034405

'lord farquaad as a mukbanger' vibes

No. 1034416

"Seeing you guys post online about your symptoms is really starting to make me feel like I'm not The Most Sickest Special-est Princess … so can you please stop?"

No. 1034417

Don’t worry, she’s gone ahead and deleted all but the three most complimentary comments. Who needs accountability anyways [sarcasm]?

No. 1034423

She is rivaling Georgia in the most unflattering selfie possible. Thus shit should be spoilered who wants to look straight up a cows nose kek

No. 1034431

I mean, I'd be interested and I hate KF.

No. 1034433

NO MORE EC! It just creates a shit storm of defenders and infighting.

No. 1034436

File: 1599411661167.gif (17.21 KB, 220x146, aye.gif)

img v related

No. 1034451

File: 1599415449321.jpeg (656.33 KB, 1800x1662, A6F5BED5-0FDD-4770-8609-17F0FA…)

JTE posts from 2-3 weeks ago when she got herself discharged from the specialist unit she was on cos she made a load of complaints. Tbf it sounds like a shitty unit but she literally complains at every and any treatment she gets and also makes a stink when she’s not getting treatment saying she’s scared she’s going to die..

No. 1034452

File: 1599415539982.jpeg (502.48 KB, 1800x1554, 921BD5D0-53A8-4F05-9047-6D88D6…)

JTE continued

No. 1034453

File: 1599415657159.jpeg (158.65 KB, 640x925, 47866DC1-ADB0-4930-BC4D-7F047D…)

and a pic following her discharge (on her other account). Maybe this will become the new pose for the leg lifters!

No. 1034512

File: 1599425255882.jpg (448.3 KB, 1080x1250, 20200906_154726.jpg)

Are the yellow patches on her hand sauce stains or something else?

No. 1034517

either callouses, or it's the saturation of the filter

No. 1034524

Is that a wart on her thumb knuckle?

No. 1034529

pretty sure that's food

No. 1034540

Good lord why would she post this? Don't follow but based on whats posted here she seems to be channeling her inner toddler with the haircut etc.

No. 1034544

Sounds pretty terrible tbh.I gather this is just the latest in a long line of similar admissions though. Got to question the benefit of repeat IP treatment, even if it's good and not abusive it creates a sort of dependence on it which is a problem in it's own right especially after years of the same.

No. 1034549

Is it just me or does she never look extremely spoopy?

No. 1034552

It's just you and the other anachans. She's very underweight

No. 1034553

File: 1599430062238.png (344.7 KB, 715x1274, Screenshot_2020-09-06-23-07-50…)

Well that's embarassing

No. 1034562

Don't waste your time ( I foolishly did)- just her baking a cake.

No. 1034570

Uhhh please put spoilers on her posts I am physically sick

No. 1034579

File: 1599434122490.jpeg (187.33 KB, 622x761, 1E0A88BA-B96C-44E1-8BD3-12D39C…)

Ok white knight. Yes she gets underweight but she’s never extremely spoopy. Imo she’s bony but not deathly like implies. This is her “dying”…posted a month or so ago. Note how this ‘selfie’ incorporates so much unnecessary chest bonage; it’s a blatant body check and cry for attention.

No. 1034581

>Yes she gets underweight but she’s never extremely spoopy. Imo she’s bony but not deathly like implies.
NTA, but unless you're anorexic yourself, there is no difference between those terms. All of those describe someone who is underweight. The image you attached is an image of an underweight person and anyone without an eating disorder can see that.

No. 1034586

only anachans will try to criticize an underweight sick person for not being spoopy enough for their own standards

No. 1034590

or jealous pseudo-anorexic hambeasts

No. 1034591

you don't have to be the skinniest person alive to be near death

No. 1034592

okay Porgie(hi cow)

No. 1034593

Based on pictures bmi is probs in the 13-15 range in many. This is clearly underweight and potentially life threatening by any normal standards. TBH I think we get a bit desensitized by spoops like Ash/Dasha but they are kind of unusual and many bodies would give up before getting to that level. I will say she is definitely posing to maximize bones. Along with basically every other anorexic on instagram.

No. 1034611

She hasn’t been posted here because of her supposed bmi or spoopiness/lack of. She is here as a pro-ana scumbag because she’s intent on being the sickest and letting everyone know just how spechul sick she is. “I was on 9sandok” “they counted 27 resus admissions for my heart due to anorexia this year”. For someone who has historically been such an advocate for ED awareness and ED support, she’s a triggering pro-ana that claims she doesn’t want recovery but begs and campaigns
For treatment?!? Remember the UK magazine interviews and newspaper coverage about how super severe her case was from a few yrs ago?!

No. 1034613

File: 1599439715269.jpeg (99.44 KB, 640x791, 58EBAE9C-8AD4-47A4-9C55-9ACE83…)

No. 1034614

File: 1599439779037.jpeg (166.21 KB, 640x881, AE85E6E5-DC12-4AE0-9ABA-865F87…)

JTE. From ‘Metro’ news online. Uk.

No. 1034619

If she refused to eat then she'd be at a weight to be admitted soon. Yes, she's spoopy, but there are other anas who haven't been admitted a bizillion times before without success who need a bed. I doubt that was the true reason she wasn't admitted to the York place. Does it matter that she has to go to a place that treats ED/BPD together? If she desperately needs to gain weight, stick her in to a normal ED unit.

She definitely wants to be very special indeed.
>They'd not had anyone as physically unwell before.


She does bugger all, right, yet her hands are peeling from blisters or something. It's either really hammering the excercise bike (whatever it is) or it's some kind of reaction to stomach acid. I'd say the first theory, or maybe a combo.

I do love n2f.

No. 1034661

Hello hello, I am anon who is going to review her book. I bought it and when I received my link to open the PDF, it wouldn't open on my phone. I haven't tried to access it on my other electronics but I will try tomorrow. Will be really disappointed if I've been scammed!

(blogpost) real life gets in the way sometimes but i will be doing it!

No. 1034663

No problems. Relieved to hear your illness didn't take a turn for the worse.

Odd that you can't get the PDF to open. PDFs are usually okay, it's amazon digitals that are a pain in the arse.

Take your time. I'm sure you'll need a lot of breaks between chapters with it being so harrowing.

No. 1034666

yeah I get that, just don't see the point in criticizing for not being spoopy enough.

No. 1034682


It figures.

Private schools, esp all-girls ones are hotbeds for ED and other issues. My friend went to one and said self harm was like an epidemic in her year, about half the class doing it at one point. It's partly the pressure and partly the conforming mentality.

No. 1034703

Her family asked for £1 million? Seems like a lot, bordering on greedy, unless they wanted to buy her a permanent bed somewhere. Emma herself just acts entitled and plays the victim. She has an ED, yes, but no way she’s close to death.

No. 1034708

Luisel Ramos, Heidi Guenther and Ana Reston all had BMIs over 14 at their death. Can we stop discussing whether people were/are spoops or not? I get it for Emma but not for Molly etc. People deserve recovery whatever their weight and unless claiming AN over the BMI threshold their relatively 'high' weight isn't milky (and no, I'm not Porgie, just not an anachan)

No. 1034715

is that you georgia? since you seem to be pretty blind when it comes to actually being underweight/overweight, hmm?(hi cow)

No. 1034725

Might be partly bad journalism certain publications seem to pull random numbers out of thin air and hope for the best but yeah that seems a ridiculous amount of money. That was 6 years ago so anyone know what happened?

No. 1034728

Yeah I believe they recieved some money and it went towards her 2-3 year hospital stint where she bounced between medical and psych inpatient. Had a catheter for urinary issues at one point also. She appeared to be doing OK the last year or so but recently relapsed and then her mum died a week or so ago

No. 1034746

It isn't up for debate, that girl is underweight and you know it.

No. 1034759

File: 1599484906387.jpeg (572.08 KB, 1242x2031, 2062D264-BD87-40D0-868D-EC8CDD…)

A very balanced meal… aaaall carbs

No. 1034761

Self post? No one was talking about her (you?) and nothing on that account is overly milky. Typical recovery account eating typical safe, gross foods spouting typical preachy “positivity”.

No. 1034797

Also the complaining about carbs sounds slightly bone rattley to me

No. 1034799

And also she’s 15 so, like, come back and self post in a year or two at least.

No. 1034843

File: 1599501508433.jpeg (337.78 KB, 1242x1964, AF175ECC-E2D7-4DD4-BCD2-1E0EDE…)

I have so many questions

No. 1034846

Why is she squatting? The mirror is clearly tall enough for her AND her massive bun. This kind of confirms that she will use any full length mirror as an excuse to body check.

No. 1034863

Looks like she's squatting to take a piss kek! Wish we had a better look at the outfit

No. 1034869

File: 1599503399181.png (517.31 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2020-09-07-19-30-39…)

Just looked at the post and it's not a full length mirror so she has to squat to get her whole body in. Don't know why she bothered though

No. 1034870

File: 1599503424066.png (631.54 KB, 720x779, Screenshot_2020-09-07-19-30-59…)

I don't like this. No. No thank you.

No. 1034873

What the hell. I swore this was feet at a glance before I zoomed in. Gross

No. 1034877

Why is she so sinewy looking? Purging via exercise as well as her vomiting is my only guess.

No. 1034879

She also consumes a lot of protein powders (tinfoil: this is the bulk of her diet that she actually keeps down) and I think she also lifts weights in her hovel, at least some. Mostly bicep curls.

No. 1034881

I know it’s just the pose but holy shit does she look pregnant here! To be fair, I think most bodies would probably bloat up real round-like if they consumed the amount of artificial sweeteners she does

No. 1034885

She took the gloves off but kept the mask on.

That pose is the best ever. Squatting and her arm straight by her side. Now we've seen her away from home three times. Once at lady Gaga gig, on holiday and at he doctors.

Her dress is skin tight. Everyone gets bloating. Plus she's in an… unusual position.

No. 1034895

Again with the anachan farmers!! It’s literally her abs contracted into a bunch to support the weird squat pose. She definitely does not look “pregnant” in the slightest. I had to go back and look at the pic to work out why you would even say this.

No. 1034906

Holy fuck it’s not an anachan comment!!! I literally prefaced my post saying I’m well aware it’s just the awkward pose. She’s sticking her belly out in such a way that it looks round like a basketball. The rest of her is still painfully thin. Ironic that when I suggested that she still looks significantly underweight a week ago people accused me of being Porgie because apparently she looks like she’s a normal weight to most farmers?!

No. 1034916

Why do these anachans always eat the most disgusting food possible? I just don't get it.

No. 1034919

Her arms look very muscular… How often does she work out!?

No. 1034926

Why is she even wearing a skin tight dress to the doctors? Her learning disabilities seem to prevent her from knowing what’s appropriate to wear day to day.

No. 1034936

She seems to not know what is appropriate in any respect - how to dress, how to eat, how to care for herself (especially her hair), how to clean herself or her living space…

No. 1034937

It's not even warm enough to be wearing a sleeveless dress. I wonder if the bloods are related to her irreversible damage or just routines.

No. 1034938

Shit forgot sage soz.

No. 1034945

Sage for no pic but smorven is back in hospital. On a general ward. Anyone know why?

No. 1034950

File: 1599510413650.png (418.99 KB, 344x610, Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 3.25…)

Really she takes some exceptionally f'ugly selfies. All she has to do is not aim her phone up her nose and that would be an improvement. Also how in the world does she have almost 5k followers? She is boring, annoying and not even thinspo

No. 1034952

It's super awkward in motion too


No. 1034953


It's certainly not because she has a hot brother.

No. 1034955

Bless you. That made my day. She used video lol.

No. 1034957

Wait…is he wearing a pearl earring?

No. 1034958

don't want to WK but I think she's cute

No. 1034962

TOP KEK this is a million times more awkward and ridiculous in motion.

No. 1034964

File: 1599511246900.jpg (42.51 KB, 660x816, tautou.jpg)


I think she saw Amelie and decided that she was going to model herself on her except with an ED

No. 1034971

File: 1599512187832.png (754.04 KB, 705x538, Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 3.56…)

the only thing cute here is the dog

No. 1034977

She's the same as Elzani in the way she said she couldn't make friends at uni and her only real relationship she has is with her mum and brother. With her being really into drama, you'd think she'd be more outgoing and able to speak to new people. Idk, she'd annoy the fuck out of me, but then I'm not looking for new friends.

No. 1034979

the muscles in those biceps are almost putting gainers to shame

No. 1034980

Okay, I admit I'm not looking for new friends, except n2f

No. 1034982

totally agree, not saying she isn’t skinny but if I walked past someone looking like that at the supermarket It’s not like I would turn around and go “shit she must be really sick” she’s just skinny like it could be natural, still had boobs and under boob fat

No. 1034985

her bangs are fucking embarrassing

No. 1034995

File: 1599513382319.jpg (896.16 KB, 1080x1920, 20200907_221707.jpg)

You didn't even sage

No. 1034999

You think Hilarious Jamie is hot? Anon … Take that to the unconventional male attractions thread

No. 1035000

Looks like she’s in icu. Do you know what happened?

No. 1035003

Face pal anon, learn to read.

Since when is Morven religious?

No. 1035009

File: 1599514230196.jpeg (236.39 KB, 1800x1645, 01DD21DE-B040-435D-AB12-5323FB…)

Terminal lack of attention?

No. 1035024

Maybe she's in ICU because of lolcow bullying? :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035034


Or because she's really fucking mentally ill?

I hope her parents don't starve without her there doing the cooking.

No. 1035035

Since she's extremely mentally ill, bullying is more likely to affect her, yet you continue to do it nonetheless? Sad. Know when to stop.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035036

This has to be a self post?

No. 1035037

File: 1599517599510.jpg (7.82 KB, 300x168, boolies.jpg)

No. 1035038

Ofc it is. She has her phone in hospital and she's bored.

No. 1035039

Ah yes, because calling you out for your shitty behaviour must mean that I'm her. /s

No. 1035040

Mature. Are you going to be happy if she ends up killing herself as a result of all this? Genuinely curious.

No. 1035041

She has the followers because she mentions Elzani

No. 1035042

And her hair irritates me

No. 1035043

File: 1599517757730.jpg (7.82 KB, 247x204, wk.jpg)

No. 1035044

Looks like she has some kind of dressing on her face- maybe she took the head banging a bit too far this time and her bloods are not the main issue.

No. 1035048

She's in the same boat as ganer. Neither of them is actually "muscular," actually they have less muscle mass than a healthy person should. They just have no body fat so you can see all of their muscle contours. Neither of them consumes (or keeps down, in nourish's case) enough calories to actually be muscular, they just work out enough that they haven't lost all of the small amount of muscle they do have.

to actually gain muscle you have to eat a surplus of calories, and be willing to gain some fat along with it. It's why bodybuilders "bulk" and "cut." It's also why ganer will never be able to compete like she seems to want to - she isn't willing to do the bulking part.

No. 1035049

>her bloods are not the main issue

No, I'm more concerned about her sudden embracing of God.

No. 1035050

Ah yes, not wanting a stranger to die due to cyber bullying makes me a "white knight". Got it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035053


Don't worry, concerned friend. Lolcow won't be thing that finishes her off.

No. 1035060

I'm not particularly concerned, I just think this is cruel. Nor am I a friend of hers. I hope this isn't what finishes her off, but I doubt ya'll would care if it did.

No. 1035062

uSer HaS bEen PuT oUt tO pAsture

Never heard of a VPN, dumbasses.(integrate)

No. 1035064

Nobody cares. You'll get bored before we do.

No. 1035071

File: 1599519683313.jpeg (327.17 KB, 640x905, 49EC339D-1925-48C5-B4C1-68AB74…)

Anybody seen this girl? So fkin desperate to be validated, so jealous of those who are/were inpatient that she posts shit like this describing how worried medical staff have been about her! Cringe af(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1035075

Uhm that's not how you sage, dude. Self post or just a bad integrator?

No. 1035080

She's 15 anyway so…

No. 1035083

Sorry I’m new lol I have no idea how this place works just wanna bitch

No. 1035084


Leave the girl alone. There's no milk, she's doing fine.

No. 1035087

unban me

No. 1035095

File: 1599520765614.png (321.51 KB, 540x405, TheMilkyWay-RudolfIsing_1940.p…)

KEK sorry, newfriend, you're not allowed into the land of scumbag milk & honey until you read the rules and stfu clogging the thread

No. 1035098

>No. 1035095 I was just joking, but I wonder how people get away with self-posting if you're this zealous about banning people. I was just trolling. Idc her. Just wanted to see what reaction I'd get.

No. 1035103

Saged to ask the question but how do we feel about twitter cows? There is one who reminds me of Georgia and Kaydee (may she rest in peace) by touting an anorexia label despite obvious physical discrepancies. The account's private but has about 1k followers.

No. 1035104

We have quarantine_13 from Twitter so I don't see why they'd be off limits! Bring the milk and the panel of farmers will deliberate.

No. 1035107

I'm not that person, kek. I just wanted to see what reaction I'd get.

No. 1035115

File: 1599522484161.jpg (2.01 MB, 1920x2560, is this kaydee all over again.…)

Sorry for double posting if anyone saw that, had to fix the image.
Alright, here we go. @ is negligeenymph. I've been holding off on posting them, they seem generally quite nice. But since a supposed diagnosis the larping has been real. It seems like there was some drama with pro ana twitter accounts and her, which I think's the reason for being a private account but I don't know for sure.
Saged because I'm not sure this is even milky

No. 1035121

Ok this is what I don't get with these cows. They're sooper concerned about being forced into some sort of treatment because of their bloodwork but like actually where does this happen? I'm not denying you can be dying and overweight but it's really not so hard to avoid eg don't go to the dr. Just my experience but if you don't want the treatment avoid medical professionals and if you do then don't complain about it.

No. 1035135

Blame Harry Styles

No. 1035147

From moon face to dorito face

No. 1035163

sorry for armchair but it looks like she’s lifting up her head to show a central line in her neck

No. 1035164

So lifting her chin and not showering is Anorexia? DSM sure changed.

Wow she’s so manly looking. She’s female but looks exactly like a Troon.

Smorven probably just smashed her face into the wall a few more times and still won’t eat. She’s been doing the exact same toddler routine for yonks. The god stuff seems random but anything beats personal responsibility for smorven, and what better to blame everything on than a god?

No. 1035170

I think old Morvy is trying the chronic illness schtick.

No. 1035178

Morven is a chronic degenerate, if she does it is not going to be because of some cyber bulling. It is going to be because she lives a miserable life which she has spent the better part of slowly or quickly killing herself.


Looks like a line. Am actually curious what she did to herself this time. Looks different from the usual head banging. Has she fucked with her meds before? Or was it just parental negligence in the past with her running out and whatnot?

No. 1035195


But she lives with her parents, so you'd think her mum would at least tell her not to wear something you could wear to a nightclub to a doctor's appointment!

No. 1035198


I agree, that looks like a line in her neck. So arguably something somewhat serious.


Bulimia is hospitalisation worthy if you're puking so much you're screwing up electrolytes but won't stop. Yes even if you're still overweight. No I'm not a WK, just saying there might be a grain of truth in that collage of posts. Might.

No. 1035201

File: 1599538074387.jpg (147.6 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20200908_140853.jpg)

While I don't disagree with that, her diagnosis is apparently ~atypical~ anorexia

No. 1035207

They do want to go to treatment (for the attention, of course). They just say they are afraid of it because they know it's not normal to WANT to be hospitalized.

No. 1035227

Her mum's probably like well aren't you happy at getting the diagnosis you've been chasing dear?

No. 1035246

It seems like there's an overlap between ed larpers and kpop stans lol.

No. 1035292

That before and after is top kek

No. 1035305

>Learning disabilities
Was there ever anything to confirm that, or was it just tinfoil? I think it's possible she's ju weird and maladjusted.

No. 1035351

File: 1599576591991.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200907-092849_Ins…)

It looks like it's a picc line, but remember she's a nightmare of a patient. Presumably she can't have any lines in her hands, wrists or arms like a normal person where they're very visible to her because she'll rip them out. That would explain the extra tape and the joy she's taking in showing it off. Not a true medfag though (obviously, from this post kek) so I could be totally wrong.
So far she's spent this admission bitching about her bed being too close to the kitchen, meaning she can smell the food. Lucky her, her bitching got her moved to a different bed. She also claims to have slept one hour in four days - probably not close to the truth, but it implies she isn't getting any pharmaceuticals as that's how she gets to sleep normally: large doses of sedatives. I imagine it's just another overdose. Oh to be a drain on the NHS in the midst of a pandemic. The staff must hate seeing her name flash up on the computer in triage.

No. 1035383

File: 1599579373527.png (839.23 KB, 720x1249, Screenshot_2020-09-08-16-36-42…)


No. 1035385

File: 1599579443741.png (1.15 MB, 719x1275, Screenshot_2020-09-08-16-36-54…)

2/3 still a b/p queen

No. 1035386

File: 1599579501734.png (775.78 KB, 719x1269, Screenshot_2020-09-08-16-37-03…)

3/3 another recovery win for porgie!

No. 1035403

shia lebuff clap

No. 1035421


Is it too much to hope that the homemade pizza was made with a cauliflower crust?

No. 1035422

Nah, the therapist knows as well as we do that you'll be back before Christmas.

Waiting for a post in the near future about ~food guilt~ and ~purging~

No. 1035428

Your parotid glands tell that story for you already.

No. 1035438

File: 1599588249276.jpg (31.74 KB, 300x379, thumbnail.jpg)

No. 1035450

No confirmation of any kind and I don’t know why some farmer(s) keep trying to push that she’s learning disabled. While it’s always possible (learning disabled isn’t the same as retarded) I just don’t think so considering she manages to get freebies and/or sponsorships, writes long post descriptions, etc. Her weird food concoctions and food hoarding are both fairly typical ED behaviors, it’s just something typically done in secret. The only thing I think is really weird about her is the filth.

Sorry for the sperg, n2f is enigmatic

No. 1035466

Ohhhh this one's gonna be good

No. 1035473

"Proana Twitter", as they call themselves, is mostly 15-year-old kpop fans who resort to ~becoming anorexic~ (kek) because they want to resemble their idols but don't know how to properly diet.

No. 1035480

If Georgia started a healthy weight loss journey without larping anorexia, she could probably get a lot of the attention she so obviously craves from the internet. People love a good bounce back.

No. 1035488

Yeah, but then she would actually have to exercise and limit her food consumption consistently. Much easier to watch Gordon Ramsay all day and LARP anorexic to justify her shitty food decisions as "Kicking anorexia in the butt!"

No. 1035491

She doesn't want to lose weight. She's said at mpa that she gets off to being ill and having people look after her.

No. 1035498

Seems like Georgia can't really form a sentence without including some sort of therapy/treatment buzzwords. Not surprising given she basically lives in treatment but kind of a downside of long-term therapy. They start to see everyone/everything through that lense and can't have a 'non-therapeutic' normal conversation. Cow-status aside she would definitely benefit from stepping away from illness-oriented social media and possibly realising that normal people have mini crises, occasional down days and anxieties and even fucked up relationships with food without running off to their pet psych hospital.

No. 1035506

Yep, like who the fuck says "cognitions".

No. 1035533

that's just her double chin kek

No. 1035550

This is my first time posting so I hope I do it right. I used to go to an ED support group which Emma used to go to (I think she was admitted somewhere whilst I lived there - I was only there for uni). But anyway I didn’t know who she was at the time, but have since found her on IG. I remember one session she came (I think she was on leave). I remember in the middle of the EATING DISORDER SUPPORT GROUP SESSION she whipped out her fortisip, lifted up her top and ‘fed’ herself via her PEG.

The support group seemed to be people who had been supported by them whilst under 18 and now where in the adult group, so most of them knew each other (and Emma) for years and they were all saying how she did things like that all the time. At the beginning of the session (when Emma arrived) 2 people actually walked out - I didn’t realise at the time why though.

I don’t know if she’s been back as I moved away quite some time ago but if you notice (I’m not going to name them) there’s a few other “well known” ED accounts (they’re genuinely good people so not going to name them) local to Emma, and the fact these people have grown up together with something as significant as an ED in common but don’t even follow each other is telling imo.

I don’t doubt Emma is ill- I think she really is and I genuinely hope she puts everything in to recovery/York, but somehow I feel like being anorexic Emma is more important than anything else, she needs to be the sickest, and I don’t think she’ll give that up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035560

Wow, I’m humiliated for her… did she delete her IG??

No. 1035562

Thanks for that and I agree with the last paragraph.

I'm going to do some looking around for info about that million quid she wanted.

Next time, don't put Anon in the field, just sage.

No. 1035563

File: 1599601137440.jpg (92.16 KB, 1080x530, Screenshot_20200909_074012.jpg)

Seems this new potential cow feels the same.

No. 1035568

File: 1599602163239.png (877.23 KB, 711x1267, Screenshot_2020-09-08-22-55-29…)

Not looking too good

No. 1035569

I disagree, anon. I see porgie liking a lot of thinspo on instagram and I think she must want to lose weight and look like that- but I don't think she ever will. She can't do the hard work so she just boycotts the eating disorder and goes straight into treatment.

No. 1035570

That's how she wants to look. She wants to look not all busted up so nobody has to watch her take a shit, but still wants to look ill to justify a stay in the unit.

No. 1035571

Oops meant to reply to >>1035491

No. 1035573

What does Kek mean?
And anachan?(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1035574

I met her before York but didn’t who she was (like in terms of IG “fame”) until that fundraising campaign when some people mentioned it. They said it was strange because one of the articles say she developed an ED at 9 but she’d always said it started around 6th form and then she was admitted to IP when at uni (I think she went to Teeside). I didn’t really think much of it until I looked at the articles myself, and it does say all of that, but then in other articles it has photos (which I really think if you’re not trying to prove you’re the sickest you wouldn’t share because of how they can be used!) but one has a photo of her where she looks about 16 (it looks like an end of school prom so 16 fits - but definitely not 9!) and the caption says it’s just before her ED started so that was a bit fishy.

Also one of the first articles says how she was declined for NHS funding but a comment from The Retreat about how 1 years treatment is around £150k and the usual treatment is up to 12 months so I don’t know where this 1 million came from…

It ALSO says she wants to go there because it’s one of the few units that treats EDs and PDs, that was a comment from her mum or sister I think. But then she insists she doesn’t have a PD…

No. 1035577

wasnt the person who made that post but I follow too and he’ll yes is he a wannarexic chubster

No. 1035578

File: 1599602659440.jpg (93.53 KB, 1693x822, Capture.JPG)

She didn't quite get a million.

No. 1035580

Kek is like lol or lmao
Anachans are the pro anas we ft in this thread

No. 1035581

She had other post but deleted them, she does that often tbh. She posts a lot on her story though! She seriously things she’s the sickest person ever despite being overweight or even obese…

No. 1035582

File: 1599603324167.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 262.07 KB, 750x1211, 1EA929A0-2190-4CBD-83C8-2C4CCA…)

She is so obsessed with being sick. Missing a meal every now an again honestly isn’t disordered, she doesn’t need a meal plan too she must be eating an enormous amount to maintain her weight or even gain.

No. 1035594

I swear to god she had a stroke either in the womb or as an adult from head banging. I have never seen a normal person with such a distorted/lopsided face. Every time someone posts her pictures I am shocked again by it.

No. 1035600

Might have Bell's Palsy> She never used to drop like that.

No. 1035604

Why be so ~mysterious~ then? Give your followers details so you don't make them think you're at death's door, unless that's what you want to do.

Nobody's that curious what happened. Being put in hospital is something that goes with the territory.

No. 1035605

File: 1599607348757.jpeg (540.82 KB, 1115x2206, 3EF2D541-AA73-4939-9B40-4BFDD5…)

No. 1035606

7 minutes later…

No. 1035626

looks like shes been on the booze.

No. 1035641

File: 1599610799113.jpeg (549.57 KB, 828x1180, C6304D83-E469-40FC-8944-940A80…)

The fuck is up with her hip/groin tendon situation? She’s definitely gained a tiny bit of weight on her so-called bulk, but it’s only proving how little muscle she actually has. She doesn’t look as muscular as she used to now that she has the smallest ounce of fat on her body. If she had any muscles worth bragging about, let alone worth stepping on a stage to show off, a few lbs of fat wouldn’t have totally obscured them.

No. 1035656

File: 1599611364423.png (64.33 KB, 200x249, Capture.png)

What exactly is wrong with circled area?

Her thighs are the only part of her that look at all developed. Or rather, the part above her knee until the weird area.

No. 1035657

File: 1599611427739.jpg (33.81 KB, 330x658, Capture.JPG)

Ok haha, wrong upload idk idk

No. 1035691

Doesn’t that resolve rather quickly? I’ve noticed for a while how lopsided her face is. Also when she smiles it’s even more obvious. Very weird.

No. 1035694

God I bet her parents are glad to have her out of their house for a bit. She’s a tall drink of annoying

No. 1035696

Yeah, as I said previously, she (and nourish as well) only looks vaguely "muscular" because she has no body fat whatsoever. Even for bikini, which is the category in competition where the girls have the least muscle, she'd need to gain 10-15 pounds of muscle before she even considers stepping on stage. She's not willing to eat enough to actually gain any considerable muscle, which is why she's been the same exact size for the last three years and only ever posts progress pics comparing herself to her spoop days. For working out as much as she does, she SHOULD be consistently gaining muscle, but she's not.

No. 1035743

File: 1599623969759.jpg (688.64 KB, 810x3103, 20200909_135944.jpg)

Dear lawd what is this. Wheres her blessed toobe

No. 1035756

Bell’s Palsy usually resolves within a few months, but can sometimes last for years or even permanently.

No. 1035763

File: 1599626855520.jpg (712.49 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20200909-074704_Ins…)

Ganer acts so high n mighty these days in my opinion because she's lifting weights. Still gotta pop out that hipbone though….

No. 1035782

You can still have have an active eating disorder by having distorted thinking towards eating. skipping meals or not skipping meals doesn’t indicate how sick a person is. They could be purging and restricting other ways

No. 1035787


okay Porgie.(hi cow)

No. 1035798

File: 1599634523576.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, 6E4E450D-244F-4693-9A8F-27F308…)

Georgia holding back her chins with her finger again

No. 1035807

her pupils are normal for once, definitely helps her face a lot

No. 1035808

"Tell me what you do in your spare time, Miss Collins"

"I repeatedly fake mental illness and check myself into New Farm for a ng tube and ECT"

No. 1035809

First time I've said anything nice about her, but she does look presentatable here. Looks better for a hair wash.

I'd like to think she gets the job and drops her bs, but we've been here before.

No. 1035864

File: 1599656281128.png (295.24 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200909-135135.png)


No. 1035867

Never thought I would compliment her but she looks really nice here

No. 1035870

Making it even more obvious that she intentionally lets herself look like shit in 99.99% of her content to emphasize how sooper sick she is.

No. 1035871

Okay porgie.(hi cow)

No. 1035872

File: 1599657253724.jpeg (1.31 MB, 828x1501, E312B693-51F3-4410-8099-2798AF…)

Enabling and indulging your spoilt anorexic daughter 101

No. 1035883

shesss xcute

No. 1035895

Not a self post and I agree she looks totally presentable here. Think this is exactly it >>1035870 most of the time she intentionally trying to look bad because she wants to appear sick. Hardcore LARPer through and through

No. 1035896

Morven, a PICC line is a type of central line - Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter.
Maybe try listening to your doctors next time? Oh wait, you haven't done that for the past decade.
Also kek @ the fact she's in hospital, refreshing lolcow every ten minutes. What a mess.

No. 1035945

I’m anon not one of these wannabe anachans

No. 1035946

No. 1035964

Lol that she thanks some nebulous YouTube fitness influencer but not her mom.

No. 1035968

that makes more sense… here I was thinking she named her last blender Greg.

No. 1036050

Fuck she infuriates me. She's so hopelessly depressed she needs her brain shocked and so sick with her super serious ED she needs a nose hose but she's actually out there getting jobs and inhaling pizza?? She's a fucking joke. Yes, a lot of depressed people have jobs, but this is next level. Her histrionics are next level. She makes a mockery of actually mentally ill people and ED sufferers.

No. 1036053

saving this so i can bring it back in two months time when she's flaunting her nf nose hose and reminding everyone that "we out here fighting"

No. 1036078

Dude, don’t dissuade her from getting a job! Ffs, between this and the makeup it’s more initiative than we’ve seen from ol’ Porgie in years.

No. 1036098

No anon, of course I think she should be getting a job since she's not actually as sick as she pretends to be. She's a lazy malingering attention seeker, but if she got a job she wouldn't have the time to go on her inpatient holidays.

No. 1036111

that + wearing binders and general fakeboi-ness

No. 1036160

File: 1599696448309.jpg (417.12 KB, 1080x1570, 20200909_190713.jpg)


No. 1036163

Everything is so grimey! Also just imagine how horrifying her fingers and nails must be if even she felt she needed to hide them.

No. 1036167

How does she manage to get everything SO messy. Dare I ask for the finished product? I love N2F posts. Always such good oldfashioned WTFuckery and everytime you think you've seen it all she gets even weirder.

No. 1036171

File: 1599697888822.jpg (1.19 MB, 1078x1802, Screenshot_20200909-193050_Ins…)

It's the yogurt in the background, also seen in the corner here. There's no close-up. Guess she didn't think the finished product looked good enough for one.

No. 1036173

thankyou anon. I hadn't even recognized the substance as yoghurt in the first picture

No. 1036176

File: 1599698295752.jpg (29.24 KB, 332x609, b0acb10c81ff832ed34b19cba25972…)

This looks like makeup honestly. Look at how sharp the line is, the circle around her eyes.

Even with darkness around the eyes, it gradually fades into the regular skin around the eye.

No. 1036199


Who doesn't wipe off their oil bottles every now and then? This looks like she rolled it around on the carpet on purpose!

No. 1036213

File: 1599703984676.png (Spoiler Image, 897.52 KB, 705x1184, Screenshot_20200910-031041~2.p…)

Strawberry yogurt with mulled wine syrup and cheesecake drops. Tasty!

She rolls her drops around on the carpet? Phew, for a minute I thought this was mold.

No. 1036230

it looks like the han_elizabeth girl is back in the hospital already. anyone know why her forehead is covered in scrapes and cuts?

No. 1036237

See thread #39. Do keep up.

No. 1036263

File: 1599719572203.jpg (233.59 KB, 1034x863, 20200910_163029.jpg)

She's worse than Shay, Georgia and leah. Lasted a whopping 9 days. Toobe selfies inbound no doubt

No. 1036272

I think she's in public right? How did she manage to stay in for 2 months? It seems strange given bed shortages are always an issue. Does she just refuse food/fluid so they feel they can't discharge her? Obligatory pic of IV and hospital bands ofcourse ugh

No. 1036280

I believe she's public. Shes in a place called Toowoomba. She was recentl discharged after a year or so in hospital despite being the same weight. Maybe country hospitals are different

No. 1036296

File: 1599728962520.jpeg (349.39 KB, 825x1490, 7D91EBC9-7C35-4E25-A3D6-3B0763…)

Not even 24 hours in the hospital, gets the toob. She’s playing the victim like she’s not purposely making herself sick by refusing to eat or drink. Dramatic selfie for maximum pity points and asspats, because she totally didn’t plan this kek

No. 1036299

I'm a sweet tooth myself but this even makes me nauseous. Why are her "night snacks" always a pile of candy? Before bed is the absolute worst time to consume a bunch of sugar. It's hard on your teeth, your digestion, and your blood sugar.

No. 1036321

It reminds me of being a kid on a sleepover and having midnight feasts scoffing biscuits and cake. Then it shifted to peanut butter sarnies and more "adult" food in early teens. Not blogposting, just kind of thinking that she's stuck in that mindset of eating how young children do. I can't remember which anachan it was who was similar. Their food choices never seemed to mature with age and they still ate as if they were a six year old.

No. 1036327

On the bright side, Morvens parents are finally getting a break from her tantrums and refusing to eat. I wonder if they're asking the hospital staff to keep her in there for as long as possible? I honestly feel bad for them. Imagine having an adult daughter who only eats ice and then wonders why she gets hospitalized . Huge nope.

No. 1036336

I do not feel bad for them, they created a monster. IMO she is one of the most detestable cows we have. She is a terrible person - I do not believe she has a nice bone in her body- an that’s not ASD or ED. Her parents raised her to be a mean, selfish, rude incapable human. That is on them.

No. 1036342

I know nothing about Australia but google told me Toowoomba is a small city, it’s not like she lives in the bush. I think she must heavily restrict fluids to be able to destabilize herself and get readmitted so quickly at what appears to be a normal weight.

No. 1036354

File: 1599746987520.png (824.87 KB, 720x1276, Screenshot_2020-09-10-15-09-54…)

Why's she posting her intake all of a sudden?

No. 1036379

Attention seeker and drama queen.

No. 1036384

Same about the sweet tooth and the nausea. She dumps skinny syrup on almost everything but still consumes sugary food.

No. 1036385

She posts whenever she eats anything remotely healthy to try to prove to us farmers that she’s not just scarfing tins of soup, frozen pizzas, cookies and takeaway. You’ll note the healthy things only happen once every day or two.

No. 1036400

File: 1599755015910.png (404.72 KB, 720x833, 1CD82AE6-77F2-4FEE-80BB-A42BB9…)

anyone knows what happened to this one? Haven’t been mentioned since #36 so I admit this may seem like a self post but I used to follow her years back and became curious now that I came across this. Can’t find anyone with this username and the only thing I know is that her name is Amie. anyone knows her insta so I can go lurk myself?

No. 1036421

>3 days ago
>1 like

Fuck off, nobody. No one is interested in your shitty attention-seeking pics.

No. 1036422

File: 1599759321153.jpg (416.68 KB, 1079x1976, Screenshot_20200910_193520.jpg)

Another N2F abomination creation. This one looks like it's already been chewed and yacked up.

No. 1036431

File: 1599760296102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 243.96 KB, 1223x748, Untitled.jpg)

Looks like she dipped it in the bright yellow/orange fat that gets pumped out during liposuction.
That slop on her plate though.
Img, it's been a spoopy day on instagram. I think Dasha stopped making herself look blue/marbled/in a mortuary.

No. 1036434

How the fuck is ashley isaacs still alive

No. 1036435

You just gave her another year

No. 1036436


Because people keep asking that question.

No. 1036442

Does she seriously not own clothes in any other color but that burgundy red?

No. 1036444

Her captions on her ig pics for the past few months have been about how she feels she's doing worse and worse both physically and mentally. She talks about crouching to pick something up off the floor and not having energy to stand back up. Her most recent post she said that she spends all day in bed not even sure if she's awake or not… has she always been so dramatic or do you think she might actually be heading to the end of the road?

No. 1036446

File: 1599763531382.jpg (321.61 KB, 1080x888, Screenshot_20200910-134559_Ins…)

No. 1036447

File: 1599763565516.jpg (390.04 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_20200910-134619_Ins…)

Dropped pics sorry for spamming.

No. 1036448


I think she's heading towards her birthday in November and she's saying these things for pity points and at last she's sick of being a spoop (but ofc won't bother to change anything).

No. 1036449

Complains about wearing a mask yet only puts it over her mouth (just about).

No. 1036470

ot but there’s something about the phrase night snack (or worse when they make it one word) that makes me cringe every time I see it on recovery/food accounts. Like there’s no such meal called night snack just call it a fucking snack

No. 1036480

File: 1599767905477.png (2.13 MB, 1914x917, night snack anyone.png)


You don't like night snacks?

No. 1036483

definitely milky! milky af!

No. 1036490

File: 1599769163537.jpeg (349.16 KB, 1024x1024, 2FCAACAF-4B66-43C3-BC47-3C3346…)

Smorvy’s whining from just today.

Apologies for lack of pics (forgot to screenshot) but here’s a quick update: she hinted at cutting when she was admitted to ER. Said she had access to blades and then clearly used them
(in hospital!) bc she mentioned surgery under GA and the fact she had stitches. Don’t know why she was admitted in the first place but guessing dehydration & just generally being half-dead as she apparent hadn’t kept any fluids or food down for daaayyyss. Also ofc didn’t sleep for days, either….sigh.

No. 1036494

File: 1599769280261.png (1.14 MB, 828x1792, A241340A-989E-4109-ACF5-B52BCD…)

Bit more Morven spam - she really IS refreshing lolcow every second kek. I really hope her phone doesn’t die so she can keep entertaining us!

No. 1036497

File: 1599769637060.png (586.74 KB, 828x1792, 70BA503E-3744-4D80-BBE3-D4BF92…)


Couldn’t agree more. She posted this not too long ago and the fucking audacity to insult a healthcare assistant who conveys a message shows her true character. Entitled, spoilt arsehole.

For when you’re reading this, Morven: not very Christian of you, is it? Put a fucking Jesus song on and calm your non-existing tits.

No. 1036498

That explains the central line in the neck. Her arms were both too fucked.
It's sad she's already decided she's not going to leave her room at the next ward (it is scary but she'll have a 1:1 staff member at all times for a while) and that she's looking at lolcow from her hospital bed. There's not much time left for her to choose recovery.

No. 1036504

File: 1599770201727.jpg (290.71 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_20200910_213309.jpg)

it's not enough for morven to be cooking meals for her incapable "parentels", now she's cooking the dog's meals too! how are they all going to survive with her in the psych ward?!

No. 1036508


Morven almost definitely fishes for attention here. No one talks about her until "someone" posts asking "what is Morven up to?" and funnily enough she's refreshing lolcow at that exact moment when someone screenshots her instagram.

I sort of expect teenagers to do this shit but how old is she? No one cares Morven, you need to stop self posting if you don't want people to comment on your life.

No. 1036516


Stop responding to yourself. Nobody cares.

No. 1036547

Oh so her dr and dietitian are pushing for medical but she's been shunted off to psych? So obvious she's just refusing fluids because it's the fastest/easiest way to get medical attention and she's disappointed it didn't work well enough to require more intense intervention. No doubt she'll manipulate the situation and require a transfer to medical at some point.

No. 1036557

File: 1599778158540.jpeg (237.36 KB, 640x1029, C398324F-F6BB-44A6-9BC9-5B5AA2…)

So sharni is apparently on an eating plan to return to a healthy weight

No. 1036558

File: 1599778193544.jpeg (260.8 KB, 636x1028, 421DD414-6AFD-4A71-BA68-1E278E…)

No. 1036559

Poor princess snowflake is so deprived, she only has her phone. She’d be in for a real wake-up call in one of the many, many psych IP units and hospitals that don’t allow phones, internet access, and personal electronics (that’s maybe just US hospitals tho?). They need to take her phone away, her desperate need for attention is clearly driving her to do stupid, harmful shit for the asspats. She’s such an entitled brat, too, blaming everyone else for things that are obviously results of her own shitty behavior. She calls her parents wonderful, but has zero problems with treating them like garbage. They should just cut their losses, and leave her IP, maybe pretend she’s dead or studying abroad. Then they could actually get on with their lives without the pathetic ball and chain who is Smorven.

No. 1036560

Can anyone guess when morven will need the nosehose again? Surely now shes in psyc they wont let her get away with her bullshit of not eating or drinking anything? This coming spooptober is going to be extra entertaining with this going on. Dare I say Im lookin forward to seeing what n2f brews up for her Halloween snacks? My guess is tepid orange moosh, a few saucy hearts, a dozen gummy candies, lots of bread n spreads, probably a warm juice with cereal floating in it, and her classic bounce bar, coated in the vomit of all the previous foods.

No. 1036562

N2F meals read like the Fairly Odd Parents into song. Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice
Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake

No. 1036570

File: 1599779562317.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1541, A0ECFF33-ADB5-4048-BE16-E818E8…)


No. 1036585

File: 1599780881243.gif (83.03 KB, 220x270, UiNPp9U.gif)

Eugenia and now the lich queen? Jesus, this thread

No. 1036614


Morven’s so fucking milky atm but she’s totally on guard…watching lolcow like a hawk. Went apeshit on her last story about who’s posting about her and then the inevitable happened and I’m no longer her ~friend~. I saw she got rid of quite a few followers within minutes. Anyone with Morvy access privileges still: be careful but please do keep feeding us the milk

No. 1036636

Soooo she needs to return to a healthy weight? Right. She and everyone in this "hospital" are delusional. This is a pic of someone who is obviously at a healthy weight. I don't understand!

No. 1036645


Oh shut up. The pro ana threads were spawned by Ash. One mention in ages, wow.

No. 1036654

What a bizarre self post

No. 1036666

I don’t think Morven self posts. And particularly these posts are definitely not self post. She is milky AF. Obviously she likes to get pity from her followers for all the mean boolies here but she Is milky enough for farmers to wonder what’s up with her.

No. 1036669

I feel for her because mixed psych wards shouldn't even exist and having your choice taken away is fucking terrifying but what did she expect sh at a hospital where shes being closely monitored??

No. 1036685

There will undoubtedly be many themed halloween meals, I think N2F has a sort of compulsive need to try every single new flavor/variety of every single food item and companies always put out special products around any major holiday etc. Also predicting out of season returns of said special products featuring for months to come when the more random ones that didn't sell make their way to the discounted food sites she likes to buy from. Of course, whether these holidays make any noticeable difference to the usual complex and bizarre creations she manages the rest of the year is debatable. Can she continue to surprise us? Probably.

No. 1036737

she's chubby though… i don't understand, she is at a healthy weight (or maybe overweight even).

No. 1036760

Jesús with the bone rattling. Yes, she doesn’t appear to need to gain weight. But chubby? First of all she is not chubby. Second of all, you then say she is at a normal weight - a normal weight person is not chubby you fucking anachan. 3rd of all she is definitely not overweight. I am not Georgie nor WKing because totally find it suspect that she needs to gain weight but seriously your body dysmorphic disorder isn’t a cute look.

No. 1036769

A person in normal weight range can be chubby, especially if they have a high body fat percentage. Looks like a weight gain diet would probably push her over the edge of healthly

No. 1036789

File: 1599827485263.jpeg (561.53 KB, 828x1377, 76B2894E-5B99-4F62-8EED-38845B…)

Slightly less flattering angle. I don’t think it’s particularly bone-rattling or controversial to say she’s a bit chubby. She may very well be in the healthy range, towards the top, With a high body fat percentage. Pretty much exactly what you would expect to see on someone who has repeatedly insisted she be “refed” and who avoids exercise because she believes it wouldn’t be healthy in her oh-so-delicate state. Just call a spade a spade instead of getting pedantic about ~fat phobia~

No. 1036794

File: 1599829460271.jpeg (268.97 KB, 750x926, F392F3EE-3F62-46EC-9733-F93261…)

Did she try to make a snack plate but forgot to actually cut the greens? and who tf stuffs a baked potato with whole tomatos? yummy with the twigs left on them

and oh, the eggshell must’ve been the highlight of that lunch

No. 1036795

On the plus side, the eggs are only very slightly expired!

No. 1036796

I think she's at margin of normal- and over-weight. Honestly she looks bigger than I did at bmi 24, my guess would be 26. 'Overweight'
isn't as big as people think. I feel like people don't really think 'yep this person's overweight' until like bmi 30.

No. 1036802

File: 1599830700403.png (1.01 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200911-141656.png)

Neither fat not chubby. She looks a UK size 12-14 which is average. Not Waking, just stating a fact and also no she does not need to gain weight.

Spinning that record again by mentioning the grime. She took the eggshell up to her room?

Phew, that looks like a tough 5 minute workout Georgie. Walked up the stairs and survived. Grats.

No. 1036803

Ack Wking* fuck autocorrect.

Btw, a friendly reminder BMI talk is a ban offence, or was.

No. 1036806

I’m about to blow your mind: average in the western world IS chubby. Wtf is wrong with being chubby. We’re not calling her a land whale or saying she should lose weight or anything like that, just pointing out she doesn’t need to be on a super special weight restoration diet.

No. 1036810

Calm yer jimmies. I know most women aren't bikini body ready. I was saying she was average because the bone rattlers were making her sound like a fucking landwhale. She looks fine to me apart from the lego head.

No. 1036813

She has to be trolling. Why is there a huge raw yellow courgette and a raw marrow on the plate?!?

No. 1036819

Deconstructed veggie omelet.
Uh 10 days expired is more than very slightly…
Pretty sure the eggs live in her room and she cooks them in there. Poor little eggy never even knew what a kitchen was.

No. 1036820

Garnish. Extreme garnish.

No. 1036826

Fat or not she’s shredding herself up pretty badly. You’d think that would be enough to get the attention she craves - but she fakes an ED on top of that too? Also not relevant but her head looks less cube shaped here

No. 1036875

This is possibly one of the worst “meals” of hers I’ve seen

No. 1036883

File: 1599842001832.jpg (522.3 KB, 719x1272, Screenshot_2020-09-11-17-33-26…)

This is what she did with the veg

No. 1036884

File: 1599842030788.jpg (427.7 KB, 719x1266, IMG_20200911_173403.jpg)

The fate of the cucumber too

No. 1036888

N2F can honestly be repulsive. her window is FILTHY and her egg is just about touching it, her entire room is probably crusted in food. must smell awful.

No. 1036889

File: 1599842484483.jpeg (708.57 KB, 1674x1260, F19263B6-67A9-4E5B-A6FB-A391C6…)

n2f: having the most normal meal ever in my life today

also n2f: aaah gotta put ketchup on mi kidney beans Yum yum

No. 1036890

File: 1599842564387.jpg (251.93 KB, 1026x1063, Screenshot_20200911_184304.jpg)

Actually eating egg with her hands. What an absolute goblin.

No. 1036892

Eating that egg like a slice of pizza

No. 1036895

File: 1599843126232.jpeg (259.43 KB, 1026x1063, 4D664588-52D6-496F-B11E-64B9A3…)

I couldn’t not do it.

No. 1036919

from having the toob to eating peanutbutter by her own volition… one real serious an you got there

No. 1036965

Amerifag here but don’t you brits call zucchini courgette and eggplant aubergine? How is it that n2f doesn’t even know what vegetable she is eating?

No. 1036971

Correct, multilingual anon!

Those two are the only veg I detest so didn't recognise them raw, but I knew no fucking way was that a cucumber. Sounds like her dad has an allotment.

No. 1036974

maybe she genuinely doesn't know which food it which. Would explain some of her odd combinations

No. 1037001

Saged for conspiracy theory.
gutted they banned u anon, imo I can’t understand it (part of me feels like Emma reported your post herself to try and stop facts from emerging) But thank you for this horrific, but not suprising insight into Her true true nature. How f#d up can you be to a) willingly and b) in full knowledge you are surrounded by other ED sufferers , PEG-feed yourself a fortisip, especially when if it was that necessary, you blatantly could have done it before/after the group OR left and done it outside!! Please come back asap to give us more Insights. Does anyone have an update from JTE since last posted on here?

No. 1037008

File: 1599857727323.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1477x1645, AC89AB43-62B1-4A44-A46A-06DA93…)

No. 1037010

These are too cute! N2F your tiny tomato topped egg has brought me so much joy and for that I thank you.

No. 1037014

File: 1599858172456.jpg (484.82 KB, 719x1279, IMG_20200911_220312.jpg)

Night snacks for the next couple weeks. Can you still get diabetes if you puke it?

No. 1037020

File: 1599858709832.jpg (749.74 KB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20200911-161102_Ins…)

Who wants to gift N2F with more candy?

I don't have an opinion on the matter but you didn't actually sage your tinfoil

No. 1037022

Does she keep her pick and mix lose in a shoebox? What am I looking at here?

No. 1037026

I think it was delivered like that. iirc she mentioned ordering more pick and mix recently

No. 1037034

I'm actually really proud of her for going to the gym and getting job interviews. But man, she's going to have some deep ass wrinkles if she doesn't stop scrunching her forehead like that. She looks so much better when she allows her eyebrows to rest normally.

No. 1037053

File: 1599862044993.jpeg (204.06 KB, 828x1145, 30097FF2-586C-4226-8FF7-E4EBED…)

Jesus Christ Emma

No. 1037055

File: 1599862230358.jpg (576.73 KB, 719x1230, IMG_20200911_230230.jpg)

I was right!

No. 1037057

Which of her follower actually believes that she keeps that down?

No. 1037058

Mmmh a bowl of diabetes, so awesome and good for your body

No. 1037105

#recoverywin! She has to fight back against the anorexic thoughts telling her she can't eat 6 bowls of candy every night!

I always wonder how tf she gets candy like that back up though. Must take practice.

No. 1037131

The person didn't even bother to put the sweets in a bag. They tipped a pick n mix in a flat box. Is it an equally challenged friend or a company?

She's going to have all her teeth pulled by the age of 30.

No. 1037133

File: 1599870261040.jpeg (241.54 KB, 719x1230, ABE94B8D-0167-40E9-8AC1-16BAEA…)

Look it’s her egg from >>1036884

No. 1037139

dude that's just candy

No. 1037142

File: 1599871058180.jpg (149.09 KB, 1200x900, 0_Midnight-Munchies-Review.jpg)

for context, in the uk there's a few companies that deliver pick and mix and sweets in flat boxes, it's kinda popular

No. 1037143


Standard pick n mix fried egg, yeah. Possibly less chewy than her own real fried egg.

No. 1037145

Easy - smother it in sauces. Why do you think she always has no less than 5 condiments in the background?

No. 1037149


I always bought pick n mix at Woolies before deciding to take care of my teeth. This is pretty bad though. Bad customer service. Would not give good feedback.

Still waiting to see what she bought at that cheap expired food cash n carry she went to on her way to Norfolk.

Those rainbow strips are sour af. This tells me her tastebuds really must be fucked. I know we shouldn't have feelings for our cows, but I'm really concerned about n2f.

No. 1037176

File: 1599873981133.png (564.01 KB, 1629x829, dasha.png)

Dasha was ranting on stories.

The tv subtitle thing says something about her dieting to please boys or something.

No. 1037182

File: 1599874899656.jpg (241.17 KB, 857x758, 20200911_204205.jpg)

Hey, at least the yogurt isn't expired

No. 1037191

Every skelly in Russia must be rattling with envy right about now

No. 1037209

Two types of jam on four Kraves. Interesting.

Not keen on her using plastic figures and plushies to decorate her plate. Not that she should be bothered about germs. I bet she's immune to ever disease in the Western hemisphere.

Don't dare imagine what's in those cardboard boxes.

No. 1037215

Chill, it was a joke

No. 1037217

File: 1599878126039.png (557.92 KB, 450x804, fangirl.png)

Manilife. She wants to be Elzani.

No. 1037226

Cinematic parallels

No. 1037276


Literally the last thing someone with acid eroded teeth should be eating but hey maybe she likes the pain.

No. 1037336

Lol I have never had an Ed and I love those sour belts. Some people just like sour things, chill anon. Of all the things to make you worried about her.

No. 1037343

File: 1599893652621.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20200912-015436_Ins…)

Hmm. (N2F warning)

No. 1037407

this is relatively normal compared to her previous concoctions

No. 1037410

Not really. If those are Weetabix, there should be milk, not syrup alone to make them edible.

Poor Nemo.

No. 1037411

File: 1599904690488.png (428.7 KB, 716x1198, Screenshot_20200912-105732~2.p…)

Saw this and thought of n2f

Answer: old prawn cocktail flavour crisp packet

No. 1037421

Looks a bit body check-y. I'm going to watch the vlog and report back any milk but elzani seems to be dry lately.

No. 1037422

File: 1599907974248.jpg (415.73 KB, 720x1090, IMG_20200912_115245.jpg)

Meant to attack this

No. 1037424

It’s her typical body check outfits and poses but she’s normal weight so I don’t really have a problem with it tbh. It’s low key refreshing to see a ~recovery influencer~ who actually seems to be maintaining a healthy weight, most seem to be either spoopy or overweight.

No. 1037425

No, no, no. Honey, your standards are dangerously dropping. If you ever start thinking food in this thread is beginning to look more "normal", time to take a break, close down the farms and go watch some 24h kitchen.

No. 1037428

File: 1599909144777.jpg (313.5 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_2020-09-12-12-11-08…)

Holy shit, not what I was expecting! There was the usual elzani sperg, they went round shops and bought clothes (accidentally revealed satara being a size 20, elzani a size S) then got pizzas out but then at the end of the video when they tried on what they bought at home, satara looked really miserable in a dress she bought whilst her family all assured her it was a perfect fit. Cut to satara shouting and low-key having a breakdown because she couldn't get her jeans over her arse, she seemed genuinely upset and elzani was just filming saying "don't worry! My arse is flat!" Satara went off on her about that. Then mumzani tried the pants on and satara started saying shit like "is mum really smaller than me? Is mum's arse really smaller than mine?" Whilst E was complimenting her mum saying how she should have the pants instead. Anyway E made some comments about satara doing hip thrusts and Satara walked out saying "absolutely not, I want my arse as flat as a pancake."

It was weird bc she seemed genuinely very upset and with a subject as close to home as body image you'd expect elzani and her mum to sympathise with her and try to make her feel better but they were really tactless.

No. 1037433

She looks good. Weight wise. Needs to work on clothes.

For a young woman with a recovered anorexic sister, having her dress size known would be mortifying if she's insecure about her own weight. Fuck, I feel bad for her.

No. 1037435

File: 1599910532581.png (212.82 KB, 398x616, spoopy.png)

Laura's back at it. That place mat really gave her motivation!

No. 1037438

Ngl, I didn't think anyone could ever make food as grimy as n2f, but if I'm wrong and there's rival grimy food I wanna see! Share pls!

No. 1037461

Youd expect her not to post that fucking video. Poor satara, how fucking embarrassing. Elzani is just a cunt.

No. 1037467

Remember elzani is the same one who publicly documented and dramatized her mom’s cancer scare for the vlog with zero empathy at all. Are we at all surprised?

No. 1037468


I get the feeling she wanted that in the video to make herself feel okay for gaining weight herself. Agree that Elzani's a cunt. Did she ever get a job or hang out with anyone other than her sisters?

No. 1037483

Can't say I'd be surprised if Satara developed an ED; elzani's forced her sister's lives to revolve around anorexia. Must be hard to maintain a healthy relationship with food when your sister constantly vlogs about how challenging and scary eating is.

No. 1037490

Even her other, non-satara sister seems completely over E's BS and happy to be out of the house. E seems to have transferred some of her unhealthy attachment with her mom over to Satara lately (ever since quarantine?) but I think we're watching that relationship slowly break down too, as Satara realizes just how much of a self-centered wanker her sister is. I bet we see less and less of Satara and a return of mum-zani and granmum-zani in the months to come.

No. 1037496

omg I thought this was pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy at first. And the decrepit bath toys surrounding her bowl! I hope that's a new thing she'll keep doing.

No. 1037517


Think I will have to watch this for once.
Wouldn't be surprised if her younger sister already has disordered eating- after being with E.
What's E going to do once satara is back at school? Bake more and more cakes?

No. 1037522

Alicia/Alisha is in the new vlog and it's quite interesting to see elzani film her from afar and whisper things like "Alisha is over there! Doesn't she look great!" Whereas when it's satara she's right in her face. She clearly knows A wants nothing to do with the vlogging and stars clear of her.

No. 1037523

File: 1599925077019.jpeg (318.22 KB, 826x1440, 42F17ECA-B067-4C9C-841E-562714…)

Apparently, it was all sarcasm

No. 1037527

I watched it (obviously just the applicable section, fuck giving her the add revenue for a full beginning-to-end watch time). Nope. Not sarcasm. She was clearly trying to play it off like she was less upset than she was.

No. 1037548

It was the only comment about it I could find so I wonder if it’ll end up getting deleted later. People are so blind to her

No. 1037577

She has such a weird body! When she was skinny I thought it was just because she was underweight but her legs are actually super strange. Are they bowed? I don’t even know but they are wonky looking. At least she’s a healthy weight though. Not a fan of hers at all but seriously she is one of the only “~recovery qweens~“ who actually gained weight and looks a normal size. I find recovery.chii extremely obnoxious for that exact reason - yea she’s not a soooper spooop anymore but she’s still extremely underweight and has been stagnant in her “recovery” for yearsssss. So yea, Elzani is boring and has nothing in her life beyond her mom and sisters and food obsession but I give her credit for actually letting her body recover.

No. 1037580


Ohhh is recovery.chii back?? Pls share the milk if you have any - that bitch has always annoyed/entertained me with her preachy attitude and pseudo-recovery

No. 1037581

There is zero milk here. Stop trying to make us talk about you

No. 1037583

Is it me or is the amount of casual close ups of her sister's cleavage in this mildly disturbing?

She really needs to lift weights and build muscle, otherwise she is just going to end up shapeless and skinny fat.

No. 1037595

Not to WK but saying a person who is still in recovery and barely a healthy weight needs to lift weights to avoid becoming skinny fat is kind of a proana scumbag thing to do.

No. 1037596

I don't think there's much to report. She posted in her stories about getting two slices of cake and only eating one because that's all she wanted. It's gone now so I can't attach a screenshot.

No. 1037606

Honestly I think she is muscular in her legs from all of the swimming she used to do which is why they look a bit off

No. 1037607

File: 1599940543340.png (1.72 MB, 796x1477, Screenshot_20200912-205511.png)

For someone who's apparently so into recovey, she sure conveniently checks lolcow as soon as she's mentioned.

No. 1037614

Lol super healthy and recovered mindset. Also I literally believed the shapeless and skinnyfat comment was directed towards elzani, makes more sense in her case compared to chii

No. 1037616

pretty sure anon meant chii

No. 1037618

sorry for not saging

No. 1037622

Comment was about Elzani, Kara! Jesus.

No. 1037624

Comment linked to Elzani post. Duh. Have a happy fucking life itself. Nobody here's interested in yours.

I think she cycles so that could be the reason for the muscular thighs.

No. 1037626

How embarrassing for you.

No. 1037627

Top kek. We're all actually talking about chii all the time. Georgia? N2F? No, it's all about chii

No. 1037628

Samefag. She deleted the story kek

No. 1037636

Ewww this actually embodies why she is horrible and also proves just how entrenched she still is in her ED. She bangs on constantly about her speshul recovery (while not gaining any weight), continues with her holier than thou attitude toward basically everyone and meanwhile she is probably a farmer herself but freaks out because some made a meen body comment not even toward her. I think she is probably a pretty miserable person. She pretends she is so recovered and living her best life but I think she just does it for the asspats.

No. 1037637

Uhm we were talking about elzani with that anyway

No. 1037641

I didn't know it was possible to have such an annoying, punchable face

No. 1037644

Anon that posted >>1037583 and I was talking about Elzani. It wasn't even a malicious comment. Elzani has done well and it's nice to see someone recover, even if she's not mentally all there yet.

Which is why I suggested weight lifting. Getting more muscle in her upper body would give her a better balance of body shape

No. 1037673

Nah she looks overweight tbh.

No. 1037677

Elzani or her sister? Bc if you mean elzani you're an ana-chan, that girl is nowhere near overweight. She looks very healthy and another anon confirmed her clothing size to be an S from that vlog so she's evidently not overweight. I can hear those bones rattling, anon.

No. 1037678

File: 1599947811970.jpg (497.98 KB, 719x1291, Screenshot_2020-09-12-22-57-48…)

Vomit stain and moustache

No. 1037679

Hi, Elzani! Yes, I meant you. "Very healthy" is certainly one way to put it. You look very round, and definitely look overweight. Sorry the truth triggers you. Doesn't make it bone rattling.(hi cow)

No. 1037680

I didn't watch the video, but you look overweight here >>1037422. Unless a lot of your weight just goes to your face?

No. 1037681

Looking like Grimes here, kek.

No. 1037683

File: 1599948228045.jpg (438.07 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_2020-09-12-12-04-47…)

Yeah so I'm not elzani kek. She's quite clearly not overweight, I don't know her weight distribution but on her recent vlog where she tried on clothes she wasn't overweight and literally showed her clothing size- if you think a size S would fit on an overweight (and tall) person then that's on you, anachan.

No. 1037685

File: 1599948448352.jpeg (103.57 KB, 671x982, 079E7A1F-023E-4E5B-8C09-064B52…)

sharni is no longer sharni, neither is she cubie, she’s Skylar

No. 1037687

Okay Elzani-fan. She showed a clothing size. Doesn't mean she didn't try on the clothes in a bigger size, unless she recorded herself putting it on? Idk, I haven't watched the video… but her face looks overweight imo.

No. 1037688

The rattling is getting louder and louder.

No. 1037690

Sad that you can't take any criticism, Elazni.(hi cow)

No. 1037691

I concur. Pretty sure this person is just trolling. Elzani looks like she’s smack-dab in the middle of the healthy weight range.

No. 1037694

Assuming you're not the same person, at the very least, she's on the high end of the healthy range. As I say, maybe it's just how she carries her weight.

No. 1037695

You accused me of being elzani and now you're accusing another anon of being her. What is the truth? Am I elzani or not? How many of us are elzani?

No. 1037697

I accused you of either being Elazni or an Elanzi-fan, and then I accused you of pretending to be another anon, actually. Idk who you are and I don't care, kek. Though she definitely does self-post here. I was just saying she looks chubby in response to someone saying she looks "good".

No. 1037698

We are simultaneously Elzani

So you are just trolling. Or maybe you are Elzani, saying you're overweight so we'll say you're not. Hmm.

No. 1037700

I'm not trolling for sharing my opinion just like the person who said she looked good probably wasn't trolling when they shared their opinion. If she didn't want to be called overweight she wouldn't binge in recovery imo.

No. 1037702

I was the concurring anon. Can confirm I actually think elzani is annoying, self centred and easily just as fucked up about food as she ever was. Her complete refusal to get a job, go to school or do anything other than leech off her parents, eat too much food and pretend she knows anything about the real world would be laughable if it wasn’t so fucking sad. But she’s definitely a mid-normal weight.

No. 1037706

File: 1599949652015.jpeg (293.57 KB, 1280x1280, B921E4D3-0066-47CD-8DDE-247F11…)

Georgia apparently added me to close friends so here you go farmers. Our dainty queen is struggling

No. 1037707

Yeah, I'm not a fan by any means and I think she's boring as fuck. She's a lot of things, but she isn't overweight at this point

No. 1037715

Her thighs are definitely chubby now compared to when she wore only black leggings.
She may not be overweight yet but if she carries on - it's likely she will be. Her mum is on the larger side ( not fat just larger) side of healthy.

There is only so long E can stay at home sponging off mum and dad.

No. 1037716

Ultimate betrayal

No. 1037718

Lucky anon. I requested to be on her private with 3 sock puppets and she denied them all. Please tell us your secrets!

No. 1037720

Careful anon, she might be doing it on purpose to pick the weeds

No. 1037721

If they do tell us, the secrets won't work anymore because we all know Georgia lurks here

Exactly what I was thinking

No. 1037724

This is hilarious. We haven’t mentioned her in months, posts the second her name comes up. Of course she’s a farmer, she bashes other ana chans to feel better about her (still obviously ana) self. Get over yourself, Kara, no one gives a fuck about you here.

Georgie needs to be forced to be responsible for herself, she clearly has way too much time on her hands. I’ll never understand the public bragging about laxatives, why would you admit to something so gross?

No. 1037728

The bone rattling in this thread though

No. 1037730

>why would you admit to something so gross?
Anything to make your fake "anorexia" look real.

Lolcow's own anachans are the serial nitpickers in this thread. They need any opportunity they can get to call anyone who weighs 2 lbs more than them ~morbidly obese~, it helps them feel better.

No. 1037738

takes one to know one. i thought it was a given that the majority of anons here have/had eds lol

No. 1037805

How do laxatives"kick in unexpectedly"¿ If you take them, they make you shit within 12 hours. Next IP most likely mid October.

Well there's a good old trans name! Along with Jake it's in the top tranny names.

Yeah, the bone rattling is embarrassing. Leave Elzani be. All the anas are behaving like she's been locked out of a very special club for letting them down by actually recovering. I can't stand her, but when even obnoxious cows recover it's good. So shush.

No. 1037813

I went to check the video out and it doesn't seem to be there? Did she delete it?

No. 1037825

It's on the Elzani Singleton channel

No. 1037871

File: 1599981436421.jpg (689.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200913-021732_Ins…)

Will she clean up the thick milk?

No. 1037872

it’s still there in the following pics so probably not kek

No. 1037873

if she hadn't mentioned a spill I would have assumed it was just another n2f creation

No. 1037895

Those glands though,but no she doesn't purge…

No. 1037897

Why has she stopped holding her plate out of the window? It's way too fuzzy when she keeps it static.

No. 1037900

File: 1599990796882.jpeg (270.95 KB, 1280x1280, A1F3BB65-805C-4DD4-92C2-9290A9…)

I don't think @wateremelons has been mentioned. Always claims to be a recovery warrior but gets hospitalized over and over. Posts "ootds" which we all know is just body checking

No. 1037903

who puts apple syrup on chocolate cereal and milk ffs?! only n2f!

yeh, i definitely preferred her plate hanging out the window photos to the ones showing her dirty window sill and grimy nuts-n-more pots. perhaps it was raining, so she couldn't pose with her plate outside for multiple photos without her food going soggy. not that it would probably bother her tbh.

No. 1037917

Okay, what's the deal with the toys? These recent stories all have plastic trinkets posed next to the food, as if the set-up for these photos wasn't weird enough to begin with. It's not necessarily a bad or gross thing, it's just strange.

No. 1037935

File: 1600002817422.jpeg (758.09 KB, 3490x3490, C83631C5-4441-4860-B2EE-3E62FD…)

No. 1037940

not milky but does Paris (Strugglingstrawberry or something similar idk) realise how stupidly repetitive she is or has she lost that many brain cells she hasn’t realised that every single one of her posts for YEARS is the exact same; saying how depressed she is and how hard mental illness is and how she can’t live much longer?? She’s been saying it for literal years and doesn’t seem to see the irony she’s still alive and seemingly loving living her proana childish sheltered protected life at age 25 or whatever??? I dunno how anyone can stand following her when her whole account is just body checks and saying she wants to kill herself every single day????

No. 1037942

She's older than 25.
I don't understand her life either. And she's not willing to change anything about it.

No. 1037943

Image being the mum of Paris. Goodlord

No. 1037955

who tf is this and why on earth would anyone post something like this

spoiler for gods sake

No. 1037960

She is recovering_mary_bxtchx

No. 1037966

Chocolate cookie semen surprise.

No. 1037980

The toys thing is unsettling because I was almost (almost) scarred by the fake dic pic of the appendage Soren had added onto her crotch in her thread. A fucking plastic figurine next to a fake dick. Now I only see that. I don't know why n2f started doing it. She might've been to a charity shop and bought a bag of them for a quid.

I had to unfollow her a couple of years ago after years. Sometimes a person just has to walk away. Since then life's been better.

No kiddin'. That could be a still from a niche porno.

No. 1037982

OOPS I had to unfollow her a couple of WEEKS* ago

No. 1037984


Her mother follows her IG…
All Paris does is wallow in self pity- has she ever been in an EDU/IP?

Ten years from now if she's still alive she'll still be eating asparagus and weighing strawberries and dancing while eating chocolate.

No. 1037987

File: 1600010782442.png (699.2 KB, 447x864, nope.png)

Yeah, Georgia. That aint gonna happen.

Fail job interview, check into New Farms. Rinse and repeat. Don't even bother trying to convince anyone you want a life outside of that fucking nut farm.

No. 1037989

File: 1600011050318.jpg (91.46 KB, 673x813, paris.JPG)

No. 1037995

File: 1600012502835.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200913_165420_com…)

but seriously, that bed spread! how grimy and stained it is. utterly disgusting.

No. 1038000

File: 1600012720806.jpg (29.42 KB, 472x521, fuck me.JPG)

Crumbs all over them? Select have a really massive sale on to get people to go in. I'd say she's been out shopping, but these things don't even look new. Has she dumped all her freshly washed clothes onto her filthy bed?

No. 1038001

Honestly I hope she does go and ace it. Maybe it will give her the motivation to stop ED larping and get her shit together. Maybe if she got a real job that she was interested in she wouldn’t have to keep running back to new farm to make herself feel like her life has some meaning.

No. 1038003

File: 1600012895850.jpg (16.31 KB, 240x323, fuck me again.JPG)

The more you look…

I want nothing more than her to get the job, grow up, get a life and stop her bs. If not for her sake, for the sake of her elderly dad and her brother. She kept her job at the bookshop, so it can be done. Even if she gets the job, I see her taking time off sick to go IP, then she gets fired.

No. 1038007

No chance she washes her clothes

No. 1038013

Her mum probably does her washing. The things on the bed are what she wore on holiday so I expect her mum did the washing. She needs to throw that fucking bed linen in the wash. Imagine if she had friends and they came over? I'd take a box of Daz and a bottle of Lenor with me. No, I'd burn it tbh.

No. 1038014

File: 1600014422169.png (771.83 KB, 490x725, Untitled.png)


No. 1038019

Off topic but your instagram layout is clapped.

Why is there a weird orange hue surrounding the bottom of her clothes? I don't even want to think about which syrup stain that is.

No. 1038023

It's a print screen from laptop instagram. Phone looks different, but don't get the full horror of pics on phone.

Forgive me for being so blunt, but it looks like she wets the bed. It looks like a urine stain rather than some drink spillage which is usually darker.

No. 1038029

Does anyone know what type of job she’s applying for? She strikes me as the type to settle for nothing less than her dream job because she deserves it y’all

No. 1038041

No, BUT she graduated from her journalism degree. The job's going to be entry level but with media jobs being massively sought after, she'll be incredibly fortunate to get it.

Her last job was retail, working in the bookshop, so it might be retail. Can't be picky these days.

No. 1038050

File: 1600019371139.jpg (528.36 KB, 1366x768, kelseykennedy.jpg)

Kelsey/Kennedy made it into this semi popular youtuber's photoshop fail video lmaoooo

No. 1038072


I wonder if the plastic toys just make her plate look fuller without having to be actual food.

No. 1038092

except from all the candy, I feel like she’s been eating smaller amount lately, like not as much cooked food as before

lol for using the word cooked when talking about n2f but u get what I mean

No. 1038093

File: 1600024163673.jpeg (974.44 KB, 828x1533, 7647C421-6D58-4F07-B521-F51DF8…)

Ganer remains deeply uncomfortable to look at. Is this her trying to act natural? Why are her captions always so preachy? She failed at recovery so she transitioned to a different eating disorder where she would be praised for compulsively exercising and eating the exact same thing every day. Inspuhrashionulll.

No. 1038102

How pathetic to center your life around fitness only to look just like a normal thin person

No. 1038142

File: 1600031853289.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200913-231558_Ins…)

So the light mayo expired in November 2018.

No. 1038146

She's going to give herself botulism if she's not more careful with this shit, two year old expired mayo is just rank

No. 1038149

She described this as a scrambled egg in her post. I want her to post on nourishrecipes how she does it because I am so confused

No. 1038150

Wait what do you mean her mother follows her IG? Paris’ Mum?! And how old is she if she’s over 25?

I know she’s been in hospital before for things like a suicide attempt where she was in ICU on a ventilator…. but I dunno if she’s ever actually been to a unit and actually tried to get better instead of complaining every day about how hard her life is whilst dressing and acting like a privileged child, posting spoopy body checks, and doing shit all to actually change her situation…. And what is it with proanas and an obsession with stuffed toys and kids stuff?

Paris really confuses me because of how much support she gets for posting her body checks, 42g of melon fooddiary’s, and then saying every single day for years how she can’t go on (spoiler alert: she can go on bc she has for all these years lol) all with the hashtags #edrecovery #fearfoods #edwarrior

No. 1038174

What’s that bandaid-like thing under the mayo pack? Do I want to know?

No. 1038192

She hasn't changed then!
Yes her mum follows her IG and even comments on posts- which is really weird.

No. 1038225

Her latest pics have been much lower effort than the usual. With not trying to cover up expiration dates and no food pictures from her windowsill and spilled milk I wonder if she's having some kind of breakdown? Maybe syphilis?

No. 1038233

Dear lord I think it’s a literal fucking bandaid, can we enforce spoilering all of n2f’s creations?

No. 1038246

File: 1600044929650.jpg (366.14 KB, 688x833, IMG_20200914_012421.jpg)

I agree, look at this post- she's picked out 3 pieces of cereal. If you want to snack dry cereal surely you'd get a handful? This is very nitpicky of course but imo the only reason you'd get specifically 3 pieces of cereal is because A) you're trying to satisfy a craving without eating too much so you eat a tiny quantity or really hope this isn't detected as an emoticon: B) she's trying to make the plate look aesthetic with a little pattern which is why the cereal is inbetween the sweets.

Another odd thing about this is the 10 calorie jelly. Why would she bother with low cal jelly if she's "kicking anorexia's ass!!" Or throwing it back up anyway. As a uk anon and cheapskate anon I know 10 cal hartley's jelly is more expensive than full cal hartley's and n2f is all about finding bargains so it's a bit sus that she'd go for the more expensive option. I thought maybe she was counting calories and keeping down her night snack but then she posted a whole place of sweets so who knows?

No. 1038247

Best guess is that the jelly is, much like the skinny syrup, a low/no calorie throat lube.

No. 1038249

File: 1600045653336.jpg (2.52 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200914_020229297.j…)

Off she goes! Our little porgie persuing a life outside of NF and anorexia LARPing….

No. 1038250

File: 1600045759525.jpg (28.48 KB, 148x242, IMG_20200914_015856.jpg)

…. Or so you thought! She's still repping that NEDA necklace, absolutely desperate somebody will ask what it means so she can go into depth about her sooper serious ED. The anorexia LARP never sleeps!

No. 1038252

sorry I only came in in the last few threads but it's killing me- what the hell is the scar on her forehead from?

No. 1038258

LOLz that she put it on with her outfit. It’s not even like it is something she wears all the time. This is so cringe. She really wants everyone to know she has an ED.

Apparently from some car accident. I don’t know the details but she claims that why she always does that dead fish/eyebrows raised look.

No. 1038281

File: 1600051208144.jpg (13.72 KB, 236x314, discreet.jpg)

A person can wear a crucifix and be an atheist. Just sayin'.

That thing is so chunky, not even delicate. Even women who have/have survived breast cancer wear an unobtrusive pink ribbon pin on a jacket or coat but NO, these anas have to get an ugly tattoo or wear a big fuck off pendant.

An idea for you, Georgia - we all have skin imperfections (unless blessed), and your skin does not look good with the dewy look. I suggest a matte foundation and powder. It could be where you're going wrong at job interviews!

No. 1038283

File: 1600052725102.png (705.13 KB, 528x851, happy.png)

Gives you some time to invest in that Rimmel Lasting Matte/L'Oreal Infallible Matte/your choice of matte foundation.

She looks so happy she doesn't have a job interview.

No. 1038287

File: 1600054465294.jpeg (408.41 KB, 828x533, AB0EFA25-AF0D-4DED-A7E2-18F0ED…)

There’s a photo Laura posted today were she looks like a legit gremlin. She’s also back with her crotch shots again!

No. 1038294

Welp, I gave it a try. Back to hospital now!

No. 1038297

When the fuck did a CEO ever interview an entry level recent graduate? What a cope

No. 1038313

When did the fuck did a CEO ever interview full stop.

I reckon she will pull the pin on the whole job thing. Especially if she’s looking forward to recognition from a CEO. Idiot

No. 1038330

File: 1600067785472.jpg (24.76 KB, 480x360, Spider_top_large.jpg)

This is fucking terrifying

No. 1038332

Imagine n2f and paris in a unit together, they’re the same age I think but both stuck mentally at 12 lol

No. 1038333

Let's not forget that bread will be reduced because it's past it's sell by date and she first started using it 4 days ago!

No. 1038353

her job interview was for write ups on real estate website lol, ceo~ journalism~

No. 1038355


not for long I reckon, jfc. imagine you're actually sick sitting across from this beast in treatment/therapy. do you think nf don't involve her in group therapy? she never posts about it when she's sooper sick fainting and purging in her hotel suite. she just says she's too triggered to go

No. 1038361

File: 1600076299854.jpeg (532.75 KB, 828x1716, E50DF66D-2B66-4AA6-8F37-D2602C…)

Doesn’t bode well that she couldn’t even figure out that the interview was supposed to be via zoom. Attention to detail and ability to follow instructions are generally skills employers look for during the hiring process. Just saying.

No. 1038369

which implies some things she says ARE a lie….

No. 1038379

David reaching out to let you know someone will be reaching out. Amazing vocab. Popular yt channel.

I thought it was odd having a face to face interview atm. She hasn't been in the real world for months. Hate to break this to you, Georgia but there's a thing called Covid-19. Google it.

No. 1038380

File: 1600078535133.png (229.88 KB, 720x623, Screenshot_20200914-111212~2.p…)

No. 1038386

File: 1600079780471.png (641.47 KB, 828x1792, B05D8B45-0D5B-4DB1-9283-1AC9C7…)


Hitting that’s refresh button on lolcow every 30 secs…

Sounds like a really professional company.

No. 1038387

“Leave me the fuck alone” as I continue to publicly post all the details of my life.

No. 1038388


Why would she doxx herself like that? Is she retarded?

No. 1038392

Reporter site can't even give clear information about an interview. Got to say, I would've phoned to confirm the details beforehand, but
>>1038388 yes, she's not the sharpest knife.

No support. NF sounds great! Discharge from super serious ~attempt~ without following up plan.

Poor Georgia. So hopeless.

No. 1038416

>I’m putting my life together with zero support
What about her elderly parents she sponges off of? Her dietician? Yeah, zero support. Life is so hard on ol’ Porgie

No. 1038419

File: 1600084478252.jpg (52.75 KB, 545x606, yeah a desktop ss again.JPG)


Yeah, she has so little support she has to trawl the streets handing out CVs day after day instead of slobbing on her bed with her face in her phone.

Trying to get a job is so difficult when nobody's there to hold your hand and take time out of their own stressful life to sit down for an hour and listen to you banging on about how difficult life is.

Omg though, I think she's getting closer to the root of her problems. The trauma she's hidden away must be when that nasty man in the area used to sneak into her room at night, reeking of cigs, and do unmentionable things to her.
(BTW, if it bothers you that much, pay rent for your own place).

No. 1038425

File: 1600085424662.png (171.78 KB, 1914x840, job ad.png)

She has a great passion for architecture.


You got this!

No. 1038426

What ever happened to Kelsey/Kennedy, votes for a “where are they now”.

No. 1038427

Don't see how the mixup is her fault, clearly bad communication by company. So it's not a great company/position she's applying for-still got to give credit for going for interviews and everyone has to start somewhere. Don't really see the point in criticizing someone for things like makeup not being perfect or not liking cigarette smoke. But yes, she really needs to stop providing updates on every detail of her day

No. 1038429


Give her credit for looking for a job? It's a fucking life necessity not something to congratulate her for.

Makeup - she said she looked like shit so advice was offered.
Cigarette smoke - she lives there for free and complains non stop. Get off your horse, wk.

No. 1038432

Porgie deliberately setting herself up for failure confirmed, there's no way she would get this job.

No. 1038433

File: 1600086008730.jpg (51.52 KB, 620x776, kenny.JPG)

No idea. She was on tiktok but I don't have the app so no idea if she posts. Whenever this one was, she looks better in her face.

No. 1038435

File: 1600086226035.jpg (52.53 KB, 578x846, hungery.JPG)

No. 1038444

So Georgia Collings doesn't think anyone from ozhomenews will google her before hiring an interviewee, and possibly see her posting their correspondences online? Imagine conducting a background check and seeing the person you interviewed for a job spamming your company name, employee's names, and address all over the web in an unprofessional manner to own the "haters." She's never going to get hired doing this shit.

No. 1038447

For someone with a somewhat typical Anglo name Porgie has her IG, twitter and YouTube all in the top three google hits.

I’d be waddling over to fill out deed poll forms…

No. 1038448


Google her and not one site, no blog, no example of her online journalistic presence (apart from videos she made as a student).

Should be working on some articles to post online to showcase your…talents. That's how people get noticed.

No. 1038450

“ceo” probably did google her hence the cancellation

No. 1038454

Kinda agree with you there. She could be like leah, shay, hannah, n2f and basically any cow, and be stuck not moving her life forward relying on others but shes not. Shes doin stuff to better herself

No. 1038455


Shoo, newfag. Back to insta.

No. 1038459

File: 1600088971605.jpeg (23.96 KB, 480x360, 0CDB373D-4323-4A4B-93E0-161F4B…)

No. 1038463

They'll no doubt see lolcow pro ana scumbags come up when they google Georgia Collings…how sad.

No. 1038474

Does she not know how to spell hungry??? Wow she must have destroyed her brain from malnourishment.

No. 1038482

Also notice "Arn't"

No. 1038483

Gemma, David or mysterious “CEO”, plz confirm. We won’t even get mad if you don’t know how to sage.

No. 1038485

Okay, can we not be grammarfags though? Shitty grammar and spelling doesn’t make her a cow, ridiculous photoshopping and blatantly going out of her way to show off her spoopiness does.

No. 1038486

How about option c) you're a blatantly mentally ill person who hasn't had a haircut for half a decade, lives in filth, consumes dangerously out of date food and brings it back up- all whilst documenting it online.
If you're looking for any logical behaviour here, anon, you'll have to keep looking

No. 1038488

It's the 5th photo result but on 2nd page of normal results. You get linked to a weird pinterest page of her Ed recovery instagram selfies on page one though? Not incriminating but definitely embarassing

No. 1038489

lets hope her potential employer doesn't do a google search of her name

No. 1038490

File: 1600092791867.jpg (470.88 KB, 719x1550, IMG_20200914_151123.jpg)

No. 1038493

File: 1600092919917.jpg (196.26 KB, 1867x685, Capture.JPG)

The cow is the American education system considering she graduated high school with this level of English.

Georgia's first page top row for me.

Yeah just seen this >>1038490 Same as mine

No. 1038495

this is the 1st time ive seen her legs and not thought they were photoshopped. interesting of her to move to a platform where the level of shooping she's used to would be kinda impossible to fake

No. 1038496

She posted this ~showreel~ recently. She has her tumblr url on her ABOUT ME page. www.wallflower-bitca.tumblr.com Professional.

No. 1038509

Can we agree that this level of online notoriety is a huge red flag for a normal employer? I mean normally you search someones name and maybe you get at most a profile pic from their linkedin or facebook. Most people don't have their face show up at all. This is like a full on porgie collage.

No. 1038512

File: 1600094141220.png (119.67 KB, 1914x840, gb.png)

Her tumblr shows she's been larping a long time

No. 1038521

anon i love u- how have i never seen this before?
"to start up again in times of lapse (…) which may be a month, year or decade". Fuck thats ironic.
My money is on porgie continuing to larp for another 4 years. Reach for the goal of a decade sweet warrior!

No. 1038529

I found this on her youtube channel. She links a tumblr and on that (boring) tumblr, she links her ~recovery~ one. Nothing's changed, eh.

No. 1038532

File: 1600096175880.jpg (257.64 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n7v66enNlr1tciedno1_128…)

No. 1038538

File: 1600096696612.jpg (36.45 KB, 645x140, breeder.JPG)

No. 1038550


maybe time to get healthy before you can ~stay healthy~

''In most cases, being overweight does not affect your ability to get pregnant. However, being obese (rather than overweight) can decrease your chances of getting pregnant. '' - Google

but keep kicking your ed in the but with having fries, pizza and boose all day, probably will fullfill ur dreams

No. 1038552

File: 1600098081699.png (1.24 MB, 796x1329, Screenshot_20200914-163434.png)

The delusion is strong. What gains? She's put on very little muscle in the two years she's been recovering and that's even more obvious when you compare her to the other clients of her coach.

No. 1038553

File: 1600098137214.jpg (101.96 KB, 1280x1024, 20200914_164228.jpg)

Ah, young georgia. Face of an angel.

No. 1038555

File: 1600098238410.jpg (60.99 KB, 768x1024, 20200914_164127.jpg)

I'm glad she's fighting anorexia, personally. Looking back at her old Twitter page she was way too thin.. she needs recovery pizzas and booze!

No. 1038560

File: 1600098318573.jpg (91.48 KB, 576x1024, 20200914_163852.jpg)

One last one for good luck. But seriously, this was too much fun.

No. 1038563

I think being obese and high end overweight makes birthing more difficult also. Not a doctor, just seen shit loads of those crap tv programmes about midwives.

Idk what that is, but I'll pretend it's something nice although knowing her it's possibly protein powder shit?

Slackjawed idiots shouldn't even be entitled to vote.

No. 1038568

Looks like baby food to me.

No. 1038579

Looks like a mix of rice kheer with butterscotch Angel Delight to me but wishful thinking.

It really is painful to see her "coach's" other clients and then see what she's doing to herself. Like, no way do they exist on what she eats.

No. 1038598

Cream of rice. Basically just carbs which she probably mixes protein powder into to make a low fat concoction. It's a standard bodybuilding meal…. Except she's doing none of the 'building'.

No. 1038603

Funny how her coach has never once featured ganer and her ~iNcReDiBlE PrOgReSs~. Almost like he just strings her along, telling her she’s going to be “stage ready” within a few months, for the money!

No. 1038611

She must be so miserable.

No. 1038628

Her voice is actually good for TV media, but her appearance is sloppy, and she never smiles. I’m all for media representation of unattractive people, but she could at least look professional. Cover her enormous chest, wash her hair at least?

No. 1038632

Man her face looks Hella different to the shoops, she entirely changed her nose in them!

No. 1038643


Ausfag here. Sorry for the sperg but our government are changing the corona supplement most people are getting right now.
People receiving the “jobkeeper” (those who are out of work) are now going to receive $250 every two weeks instead of $550 as of the end of September.

They are also cracking down on who is receiving payments. People are now getting messages from the government telling them to update their details of their work circumstances or you could be cut off completely.

Porgie probably got a message like that and freaked out.
She is now applying for jobs she knows she absolutely will not get in order to keep receiving Centrelink money.

No. 1038649

you really think she'd be smart enough to do this? that's a bit of a stretch imo

No. 1038672

Different Austag here- nah it’s super standard to have to apply for a certain amount of interviews a fortnight just to keep your payments

No. 1038677

File: 1600108869522.png (713.08 KB, 789x824, Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 1.42.…)

So she's bulimic now? I thought it was anorexia!!!

No. 1038679

File: 1600108989041.png (74.23 KB, 1224x222, Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 1.43.…)

Wow a whole kilo overnight!

No. 1038680

Similar in the UK with people keeping jobs they can't do atm. The furlough's ending soon so no pay. Those on the universal credit benefit have been getting extra cash and that's ending too.
Another similarly to the UK. We have to prove we're job seeking. They send jobs to apply for and there's a certain amount you have to apply for to keep getting benefits. No way would she go for the shit job for that real estate company and think she'd actually be suitable for it. So yeah tl;dr sounds like this >>1038672 is what she's doing for sure.

No. 1038683

Lots o food, big dump in the morning. There ya go, Georgia

No. 1038684

File: 1600109143739.png (271.56 KB, 1230x730, Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 1.46.…)

Last one but KEK

No. 1038686

File: 1600109287477.png (261.87 KB, 1087x693, Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 1.48.…)

Sorry one more because wow Georgia are you talking about yourself? 70 pounds my ass

No. 1038689

why is it so important that she clarify her height and weight repeatedly. like, well done! gold star for being underweight!rolls eyes
sure, because if she truly had an eating disorder diagnosis then she'd know you can't have anorexia and bulimia simultaneously. anorexia b/p subtype isn't bulimia.

No. 1038693

How come she took a long break from reddit then came back bulimic?

No. 1038698

Plot twist squelch is Georgia she's talking about the things she does. Interesting writing style maybe she should focus on writing instead of playing dress up with the skeleton crew.

No. 1038702

File: 1600110690429.jpg (385.13 KB, 1080x1732, 20200914_141215.jpg)

How many times has she said this before?

>Sure, Jan

No. 1038704

can i ask how you confirmed this is Georgia? also lmao no fucking way she was 70 pounds. Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 1038706

no ones harassing you or trying to "stop you" . Stop reading here

No. 1038708

Nta, but her reddit username is the same as her tumblr name.

No. 1038709

File: 1600110959822.png (51.17 KB, 1418x179, Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 2.16.…)

Same username as her tumblr and a few other places. And there's this.

No. 1038711

DYING! Her dad is all of us. You've had an ed for a decade and have nothing to show lol

No. 1038719

File: 1600111684395.jpeg (33.74 KB, 474x313, lawl.jpeg)

No. 1038724

There is absolutely no way in hell she ever weighed 70lbs. Even for a short person that is extremely underweight. The pictures that she has posted of her thinner/younger self were probably closer to double that weight, which in all fairness is still significantly less than her current weight. But really who spends a decade lying about having anorexia? Like at some point wouldn’t you just buckle down and for real develop anorexia or drop the act and pick something easier for the attention? There is no doubt in my mind that she is certifiably mentally ill, no sane person would ever waste 10 years of their live trying to convince everyone around them that they have anorexia all the while being obese.

No. 1038726

Look Georgia, I know you lurk. So please hear me out.

Had you simply deluded yourself into an imagined eating disorder, that'd be less of an issue for me. It's embarrassing and pathetic sure, but it does no actual harm to people other than yourself.

However, you crossed a very serious line by exploiting a system which trusts that those who seek help are actually sick. You knowingly took part in very expensive specialist resources meant for the very sickest. You wasted the valuable time of doctors, dietitians and eating disorder specialists. You spent the taxpayers hard-earned money on aid you didn't even remotely require.

But perhaps the most morally reprehensible part of this repeated offense is that your patterns of behavior effectively snatch these resources away from genuinely ill people. Public or private- there are only so many beds available, only so many hours in a doctors day etc.

You're on lolcow cause you truly deserve to be shamed and ridiculed. You're not only making a fool of yourself, but you and those like you make recovery from an actual eating disorder that much harder.

No. 1038729

File: 1600112900374.png (565.45 KB, 650x898, Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 1.55.…)

In a comment, she claimed this happened three years before the post, which was 2014. This is what she looked like then. Certainly smaller than now, but definitely not 70 pounds.

No. 1038734

her BMI would be 12.8. Is this low enough to be hospitalised in Aus?. Sage for possible blogpost but it wasn't for me in the UK. She makes my blood boil because no one takes (relatively) large anorexics seriously as it is.

No. 1038735

I know talking bmi is a no-no, but come on. If she's 5'2 and 70 pounds she'd have a bmi of like 13. Come on now, if you're gonna lie, at least try a little.

No. 1038737

I'm guessing her BMI would be around 22 here, or thereabouts which would mean she'd be around 23kg higher than her alleged 70lbs. I'm sure she's going to come back claiming this was taken after IP but that would mean she'd have had to have been gaining 1kg/week for six months. Has she ever said how long she was in for?

No. 1038747

Find me an anorexic who didn't obsessively bodycheck at lw lol. If she truly had a bmi of 12.8- or really an underweight bmi at all, and claims there are no pictures from this time, i call bs. Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 1038759

File: 1600114816387.jpeg (685.28 KB, 750x932, 68DA72DD-C09A-43D7-99E4-0594C7…)

no fucking way anyone would eat all this in one sitting and keep it down

No. 1038768

She's said before she doesn't post LW pictures because it'd be triggering. She did that whole "if you still have low weight pictures you're validating the narrative of being skinny enough for an ed!!" rant that a few recovery warriors like to do

No. 1038769

File: 1600115324436.jpg (454.39 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20200914_212750.jpg)

that olaf toy is the grimiest looking thing. urgh. i wouldn't be putting that anywhere n eww ar my food!

agreed.there's absolutely no way. also, what's the deal with the randomly placed sweets all over that plush pumpkin? what's she hiding?!

No. 1038783

File: 1600116166031.jpg (91.12 KB, 602x487, IMG_20200914_214259.jpg)

Kek just came to post this and the comment underneath

No. 1038784

This is not the place to seek validation for your LW, anachan.

No. 1038791

She also claimed they were on a phone she didn't have access to anymore, how convenient.

No. 1038800

Riiighhhtttt. What normal teenager doesn’t have tagged photos of themselves, taken by other people? Impossible that every single photo that existed of her when she was allegedly at death doorstep is on one phone that she coincidentally lost access to. Even if it were true that her LW pix were all on one device, no bonafide anorexic would let them just disappear into the ether.

No. 1038804

perhaps the company did an online background check and dug up pictures/posts from her myriad of admissions and lolcow mentions, and weren't impressed with their findings.

No. 1038805

File: 1600117970718.png (20.82 KB, 136x102, 41078131-F833-4B6A-BAEE-5044C9…)


massive kek

georgie posting on fatpeoplestories is truly the icing on the top of this shit-brick-cake

i remember reading that sub and theyre all so embellished. every woman is a sub-100 lb cardio bunny or severely anorexic in their posts going on about some horrible fatty they know. in reality 99% of them probably looked like porgie or similar. seems like projection to me .

No. 1038812

Come on it's definitely low enough to be hospitalized in Aus or UK I have seen numerous ppl on insta in the uk in hospital around that weight or higher.

No. 1038814

File: 1600119335427.jpg (55.22 KB, 715x682, IMG_20200914_223505.jpg)

She deleted the post and blocked that girl kek

No. 1038816

If you have the right health insurance the private system in Aus will take you at any weight. Some private hosp have up to 40 ED beds.

Let’s just say we wouldn’t see Georgia in a public hospital ED bed any time soon unless that magical 12.8 number appeared, then halved itself

No. 1038818

Holy shit that's some serious self-hatred she's got going on there. 100% she's Squelch.

No. 1038821

oh ffs 12.8 is a low bmi. Low enough for public hospital/medical admission if vitals/bloods unstable. You're saying you wouldn't be hospitalized till 6.4? How many ppl worldwide have even reached that bmi and been alive. The issue here is there's no way Georgia has ever been close to 12.8, not whether or 12.8 is low.

No. 1038833

Ignore the bone rattlers, anon, they're just hungry and think we care.

No. 1038839

Obviously the sarcasm font was not displayed correctly.

Don’t get hung up on numbers. The point was that in some Aus states there may only be 10 or so actual ED beds in all public hospitals combined on access.
If you were knocking on deaths door, no matter what your BMI then MAYBE you might be admitted.

Private is where most Aus cows lurk

No. 1038840

File: 1600121776340.jpeg (245.32 KB, 750x1083, B735965D-0F70-42FA-812A-0754B8…)

“unexplained liver damage” is this girl being serious? She posted the other day that she threw away 35 spirit bottles from this month, and she’s taken so many paracetamol overdoses, and overdoses I’m general I wouldn’t even be able to count. So now she’s trying to no doubt play to chronic illness card

No. 1038843

File: 1600122034194.jpeg (184.93 KB, 750x1056, 8FA30611-518A-4127-BB4B-F50EF7…)

Porgie’s pinterest is a mix of basic thin girls, pregnancy photos, and a honeymoon mood board

oh and apparently she has autism now kek

No. 1038852

yeah I live in a state with 6 beds total so I know but technically those are not occupied by the super unwell because if you are unwell you're put in gen med or icu or whatever and have to be somewhat medically stable to be on an ED IP ward. Eh it doesn't really matter and I'm aware I'm quibbling over unimportant details will get back to serious discussion of expired yoghurts and nightmarish nightsnacks now.

No. 1038857

Shes claimed to be autistic for a while now.

No. 1038858

File: 1600122935513.png (110.53 KB, 541x690, 00.28.22.png)

Another fine excerpt from Georgias old tumblr (https://anas-girl-recovering.tumblr.com)
The fucking hoops she jumps through to hammer-home how UwU sickly she used to be.

No. 1038865

one teaspoon a day kek

No. 1038866

Does Porky ever show meals she cooked herself?

No. 1038870

File: 1600123830048.jpg (1010.11 KB, 1079x1728, Screenshot_20200914-184718_Sam…)

4 days after her last healthy snack she bites the bullet again!
Georgie porgie

No. 1038874

File: 1600124062601.jpg (359.59 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n6myxlCNyH1tciedno1_128…)

yes actually

No. 1038876

File: 1600124105519.jpg (337.61 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n6f2lgEnoG1tciedno1_128…)

this one has an almost n2f quality to it

No. 1038880

Why is everything absolutely coated in salt?! My tongue gets tingly and dry just looking at that! Her poor arteries.

No. 1038882

she can’t even make a decent salad. it’s covered in salt.

No. 1038885

yeah all that added sodium is not good Georgia

No. 1038886

Is that big crusty scab cheesy potatoes?

No. 1038887

Looks like she's taken culinary inspo from the salads they serve in hospitals

No. 1038889

it's schnitzel

No. 1038892

it’s hideous kek

No. 1038893

Why can none of these girls take a decent photo of their meals? i mean n2f aside, they could at least turn the fucking flash off?