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No. 500530

thread to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking spoops.
previous thread: >>>/snow/361368
don't discuss:

No. 500727

File: 1518380569866.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 7F13E277-8B51-463E-85A3-F4FF7C…)

Nice body check bekah, really straining for it, but when’s he going to solve the problem and subtract you from his life? Kek

If her family’s essentially giving up I don’t see how she draws in these boyfriends? Is it a weird pedophile thing Bc she acts like a kid i do not get the allure

No. 500886

Lmao who would wear that shirt

No. 500910

He works at Best Buy lol hardly a mathematician.

No. 500913

File: 1518394544419.jpg (157.71 KB, 720x960, IMG_8144.JPG)

He looks like a weirdo

No. 500917

i guess hes an inventory analasist there whatever that is, and also a math tutor i guess former math teacher….wonder why he isnt anymore

No. 500924


He looks like he'd trying to sit as far away from the food as possible.

No. 500928

are her knees together i cant for sure tell but i think for once they are! damn shes loosing fast, prob so she can be the "sickest"

No. 500933

File: 1518396389945.jpg (141.14 KB, 784x960, 27545598_1669701249780485_7371…)

ok she def dropped a shit ton recently…. yeah guess that tube is working,,,,not

No. 500968


what the fuck is that line around her bottom lip?

No. 500984

She's standing with her legs at least 1 foot apart. Anyone looks smaller that way.

No. 500987

I'm sure they are NOT. If they were with a gap she'd just have to share it u stead of conveniently cutting it off. I'm sure they aren't.

No. 500998

does anyone follow on IG jessieloveslucie…..whats the deal with her??? cant tell if shes a spoonie or just super mentally disturbed shes another one to claim she has gp, EDS, and ptsd and selective mutism…..munchie?

No. 501006

Her & bekah use to be sick eating disorder bff until they went at it. Basically name calling to other. Bekah said she makes up sickness & uses fake photos that aren't even hers. Jessie said she was a selfish person & bitch & attention seeker.

No. 501014

definition of selective mutism:

Selective Mutism is a complex childhood anxiety disorder characterized by a child's inability to speak and communicate effectively in select social settings, such as school. These children are able to speak and communicate in settings where they are comfortable, secure, and relaxed.

fucking munchie. probably requires a safe space.

No. 501018

i totally agree, wicked munchie. like how can you even have a relationship with a weirdo guy if you had that,,, you cant!!! not to mention all her live chats and shit

No. 501020

>>501006 for once i am on bekahs side for this. i know for a fact jessie has used fake photos and faked gp, and shes being a total hypocrit calling bekah out on her ana mental illness bs but not claiming responsibility for her own. at least bekah was like somewhat of a friend to her unlike jessie who used her for rides and concerts and being at the hospital with her everydaya like damnnn major hypocrite ana munchie

No. 501117

File: 1518409045846.jpg (131.2 KB, 720x1162, IMG_5087.JPG)

Keep your eyes open for this one. Claiming pots again. Can't even capitalize the correct letters though 🤦🏽‍♀️
Interesting to see if she will continue to delete comments calling her out. We shall wait and see

No. 501206


self diagnosed schizophrenia?

No. 501218

File: 1518417898492.jpg (51.24 KB, 448x810, no.jpg)

ya Bella awesome idea
a great opportunity to complain about stomach pains and paaanic because calories afterwards…
also twisted bowels, gas, sooper chubby thighs at bmi 9, re-feeding syndrome, racing heart, high blood sugar, brown piss, dandruff and ingrown footnails

No. 501237

File: 1518419824087.png (972.45 KB, 750x1334, 2D09D216-AA3D-43A2-9A32-5972E2…)

did anyone follow healingnaturally, the girl with a bmi of like 10 but who lives a normal life . She was forced flit delete her account and now she is @nourishwithplants_ if anyone wants to peep, she brags about her 3 meals of watermelon a day, also she sees no professional at all, she needs to be sectioned

No. 501253

I'm interested, but her account is private. Will you post some screenshots?

No. 501271

File: 1518421762139.jpeg (962.94 KB, 2048x2048, CBAFFC53-324D-4D17-8430-4BE520…)

That’s hannez from anons pic. Regular skeletal vegan. Always on holiday. Super boring.

The user she mentioned I’ve never heard of.

No. 501281

healing naturally and now nourishwithplants_ is her private recovery account where she whinges about having gained 200g over a few weeks 🙄 but unfortunately she won’t let me follow her cause i once commented expressing concern, was hoping someone else could get her to accept their follow request to keep me up to date

No. 501286


change your profile pic, holly.

No. 501293

Sounds like a wanker but not that interesting. Bit spoiled maybe.

No. 501311

It's literally in the definition in the post you quoted that it's "selective" because you can speak if you are comfortable. Some people may just not be able to speak in certain situations, like in front of a perceived authority figure. There's nothing about it that would stop you having a boyfriend?

No. 501312

hey holly i'm sure you can recover but try cropping your profile pic out while yr at it

No. 501334

who's holly?

No. 501343

I think they found the profile of the girl who posted that cap because her profile pic was in it. And i guess her name is holly.

No. 501375

storyofkorey's bff

No. 501413

Not sure. She says her psychiatrist diagnosed her. I kinda believe it. All her captions are weird delusional stories about her life (which is a mess lol) but I honestly pin her more as a borderline/histrionic who feigns delusions for attention than a real schizophrenic. Her relationships/personal life seem to be more problematic than the "paranoid schizophrenia" she proudly displays in her bio
I've been following her since she started claiming POTS and she was never diagnosed with it (nor could she have been seeing that she was underweight (self reported) when diagnosed. However, it should never be diagnosed in people with eating disorders who are underweight because symptoms are common due to malnutrition. Sage for blogging but I was weight restored for 2 full years before I got tested and my doctors still hesitated, but apparently Natalia's cardiologist said she might have it so she totally does
See the previous thread for more inconsistencies in her POTS story. I'm just waiting for a new failed ~ana~ chronic illness muchie saga to play out

No. 501625


It's not impossible to have SM and a boyfriend, but it takes a lot more time to get to know each other, sometimes even years.
Also, there's the chance you can't talk to his friends/family or even himself while other people are around. I don't know, if she actually has it or not but it could definitely make being in a relationship a lot harder.

No. 501685

File: 1518468442897.png (818.1 KB, 750x1334, F791F2B8-1C23-4AD0-A8DB-16326B…)

Smorven is going home again. The hospital must be thrilled. Her family not so much.

Now she can’t chew because it’s too scary and letting everyone know she secretly plans on losing all her tube weight (shocker) by posting about having super secret plans she can’t share but still wants everyone to notice.

Honestly half her shit seems to be less and less due to her being an autist and everything to do with her being a selfish jackass.

No. 501688

No. 501756

has anyone seen ashleyshalleat? it's an account shared by her and her mum but the enabling seen by her mum is actually really fucking distressing lol. they apparently 'fought' for a hospital admission, but on the day she was sectioned the mum and her 'ran away' like they're fuckin 12, and the police had to go and find them. really sick. the mum also posts hundreds of videos of this girl ashley (who i think is 19?) crying over food and her spoopy body and shit. people seem to be waking up to how fucked up it is tho, look at the comments on her recents

No. 501765

Stumbled across her last night. Who the fuck takes so many photos and videos of their kid crying? Their entire relationships seems desperately unhealthy. Imo she’s gonna die. They’re both so obsessed with her anorexia that there’s no room for recovery. This is their whole life now. Ashley cries, her ma films it and uploads it, then they both cry when there aren’t enough asspats.

No. 501771

idk if she's gonna die now that she's actually in hospital, but if she is discharged back to the care of her mum then yeah i don't see her recovering. i feel bad for her tho, her mum seems to hold all the cards

No. 501774

File: 1518473822777.jpeg (172.52 KB, 750x789, B830F0D2-8AB9-4ED3-933C-35ADA2…)

Her mum is smiling during this photo which says all that needs to be said about her imo.

She’s a sick fuck exploiting her daughter for Instagram attention. She wants her sicker and more needy.

No. 501785

I was literally about to post about her this morning. It’s so fucked, ‘momma bear’ LOVES the attention her - adult - daughter’s anorexia gets her. She fully enables and mollycoddles her, and the crying videos are puke worthy. Fucking sobbing and screeching like a toddler - I mean catch a fucking grip. Most of us here have/had anorexia or and ED and don’t get on like a cunt.

No. 501787


what the actual f…she even posted a video of the ambulance staff carrying ashley out of the house.

Seems like a very toxic and symbiotic relationship. I´m sure psychologists could write a book about it.

No. 501792

File: 1518474584792.png (897.15 KB, 750x1334, 0C5EE5C1-5A2C-47C0-AE56-3C8587…)

Your not kidding i checked out the page she has a video of her holding her meal tray smiling a forced face and then returns to crying

No. 501793

Plus momma bear gives me major Jonzie vibes.

For reals tho this woman is happily filming her dying daughter crying and screaming about her frozen grapes being 8 minutes late rather than finding an IP program that could save her life.

I doubt Ashley has written a single caption on there herself given how brain-starved she must be and her god-awful emotional lability from the malnutrition. Her mum is a fuckin maniac. If she’s able to keep herself in charge of Ashley’s anorexia it’s only gonna get worse.

What a sick fuck.

No. 501798

Almost all her photos, she looks near tears or she’s full blown devastated and sobbing. I can’t believe she’s really consenting to all this public humiliation, she’s hardly cognisant enough for it.

Wonder how long momma bear has been at this?

No. 501800

Not to mention her mom is very aware of her, so how could she let it get to this point if she seems to be so involved, more like why did she let it get to this point, like anon said there’s interventions that can be made way sooner

No. 501806

File: 1518475145349.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 630.32 KB, 2048x2048, FC07A5D3-4E27-430D-BDA4-8222B3…)

Cause momma bear wants more photos like these to prove she’s such a wonderful great special martyr/mother.

Ashley isn’t her child she’s a tool to help momma bear maintain her ego. The narcissism is real.

No. 501809


I think that totally affronts ashley´s dignity. It´s degrading.

No. 501814

It really is. Considering how seriously I’ll Ashley is I don’t think she’s in a state to give consent for this to all be published.
Her mum is using her daughters vulnerability and exploiting her disease for kicks.
Ashley is clearly emotionally stunted but I can’t blame her when it looks as though she’s been raised to be that way. I feel bad for the kid tbh. Her mum is definitely the cow here, Ashley is being used and abused imo

No. 501828

Jesus. What a disturbing photo.

No. 501830

File: 1518476441365.png (467.2 KB, 908x567, Screenshot 2018-02-12 23.34.05…)


also disturbing

No. 501833

the mom HAS to be writing this, right? it's fucked up but it almost reads the same way people write when they make instagrams for their cats or dogs and pretend to write from the POV of the animal. except she's writing as her sick daughter. WTF.

No. 501834

This account is. SO disturbing. This mother is terrifying. Holy shit.

No. 501837

It’s almost like the mom wants a producer to like discover this Instagram and like do a story of bit on their life and her experience caring for her daughter, she includes everything that happens as if it’s a reality show. This is your child’s life, put the camera down and start really actually helping her!

No. 501838


Why the fuck has that emotionally abusive woman not been reported to social services? Ashley is a very vulnerable adult and this is a major safeguarding issue. The law is very clear. Are they just hiding it well from professionals involved in this poor woman’s care?

No. 501840

File: 1518477064228.jpeg (112.66 KB, 750x977, D0BD6702-1E3E-4727-BFA3-A8A075…)

Probably thinks she’ll get more sympathy if Ashley gets even sicker and thinner. Maybe a lifetime movie if she dies. Whatever momma bears priorities are, Ashley getting well isn’t one of them.
It gets worse the deeper you go. Pic related

No. 501842

The eyes say "Help me I've been kidnapped"
Someone needs to help them, and not some chump from a charity. A proper authority.
Seems like Munchausen by proxy or some shit

No. 501843

I am terrified for this girl. Even if she wanted to recover her mother would actively prevent it. I have a feeling her mum played some role in the development of her ED, she likely withheld food or convinced her to lose weight… No doubt mum gets off on her daughter's suffering and all the sympathy it beggars. This is absolutely criminal.

No. 501844

File: 1518477224424.png (224.93 KB, 750x1334, 1AC32AC5-BC35-4F70-B76C-C9EF6F…)

According to what I’ve pieced together momma bear claims that Ashley’s team were useless and let her get worse.

Incoming pic dump.

No. 501845

File: 1518477264689.png (362.35 KB, 750x1334, 26C160F7-8D32-48E6-9C18-8DB1CA…)

Second one

No. 501847

File: 1518477338204.png (210.17 KB, 750x1334, 4CCE1538-BF12-41DE-9E44-0499F7…)

And three.

There’s probably more but these get the gist across. I don’t get why she can’t afford it, they sound UK so NHS should cover it, right?

No. 501853

The shit lurking behind her (top right) looks like when someone illustrates what depression looks like e.g the "demon on my back". She's got a real live demon on her back who is slowly killing her and filming the process. I wish she has someone to help her

No. 501855


I live in the UK. 'Funding' refers not to self-funding but whether or not the NHS chooses to pay for something, essentially

No. 501859

Ahhh, I’m guessing funding issues are an issue if a pt is non-compliant, or at too great a risk in general medicine and requires hella specialists?

I’m guessing Ashley’s mother dearest doesn’t make compliance easy, and that she may be awful to the medical and community outreach teams working with Ashley. Idk I just get this vibe that she’s ansolutely okay with screaming verbal abuse. A lot like the entitled women at checkout counters.

No. 501861

Holy shit. I just caught up with this thread and went through ashleys Instagram account and I'm sure this is the most disgusting thing I've seen in any of the pro ana threads. What the actual fuck. I wish somebody would interfere, make sure her mother stays away from her and most importantly feed her some proper stuff or she won't make it for much longer

No. 501863

A nurse would never say this? I doubt much of these accounts are true. This girl needs help and to be saved from this woman holy shit

No. 501864

Yup. If someone has a long list of failed admissions behind them (for example - I don't know if that's the case here) then the NHS will be less likely to fund a new one. People (esp like Ashley's mother apparently) seem to think of the NHS as a bottomless pit of money and resources but it is struggling more than it ever has atm so beds are very very hard to get hold of. That part I don't actually disbelieve, tbh. It's the rest of it.

No. 501865

File: 1518478446607.jpeg (161.49 KB, 732x783, D1C20AB0-11BD-4BC8-89CB-B43479…)

Totally not the kind of photos an absolute nutter takes of their child, because it’s notmal to snap photos of your child’s immense suffering instead of comforting and supporting them.

I’d bet all momma bears accounts are more than tinged with bullshit. Imo I think she’s the reason Ashley wasn’t hospitalised before she became so critically ill.

No. 501870

Absolutely, I can see this woman being an abusive bully and making nobody want to help her, thus her poor daughter continues to suffer. Every picture screams abused child. The girl can't stop crying and this woman keeps filming it? Uugh
Something so odd about the candle on the food tray, like this is her one meal of the week and this troll is making a huge deal of it to make the whole thing even more unpleasant.


No. 501882

Hopefully the hospital will notice how bizarre it is for her mother to be filming and brushing her hair and lighting candles in her hospital room. Or see her gazing down smiling while her daughter hangs limp and too weak to lift her own head in her arms. There’s a lot of obviously unhealthy shit going on but there’s a good chance it will be noticed.

Momma bear seems overbearing so will likely be there all the time and do weird shit and given Ashley’s physical state she’ll be pretty frequently monitored so there’s loads of chances for momma bear to be caught.

No. 501890

Can only hope she's caught before it's too late. As it was mentioned everything was being documented so she could see how bad off she was.. I hope nothing more

No. 501897

Good Lord.

Ugh. So much bullshit. I hope this girl manages to get into treatment. Surely the professionals there would notice how messed up this relationship is…?

No. 501898

Honestly I live in the UK and mental health funding is virtually non existent. Suicide rates are soaring and hardly anyone gets access to therapy let alone hospital care.

No. 501902

Yep. Previous UK anon. It's a fucking awful mess, which as I said is why I don't doubt she's been out of treatment for this long and why I don't necessarily think it's down to the mum. The mum is disgusting tho don't get me wrong

No. 501904


I do think it comes across as weird but honestly? I have mental health issues myself (albeit not anorexia) and it partially looks like a very desperate parent. A parent who wants others to see her daughter suffering and wants people complaining until the NHS feel they have to offer her something. The NHS truly gives help to a tiny % of people who need it and even then it is not safe care. You ring the crisis line in tears suicidal and they simply tell you to run a bath or make yourself a cup of tea. They tell you it’s your choice and they can’t help you. I had an assessment where a psychologist referred me and the psychiatrist said that unless I was standing on a bridge on the phone to them saying I was about to jump, they don’t care at all about suicidal ideation. They don’t have the money or staffing to care if patients are suffering, all they can do is try to keep death to a minimum and that means hardly anyone gets access to psychological therapies or hospital admissions. GPs hand out psychiatric drugs like candy because there is little more they can do. Living with mental illness in the UK when you cannot afford to fund private therapy or care is brutal and it is impossible to convey that to anyone who has not witnessed it.

No. 501908

It can occur in someone who already has the disorder (AN) and the parent (mum) tries to make the disease worse. The mum is obviously not trying to help her daughter get well and is feeding her vegetables as a proper dinner. I think Ashley was ill and her mother helped her restrict. As she restricted more, her ED got worse and now she's more dependent on her mother. Her mother gets sympathy and praise while actively killing her daughter. Or at the very least not helping her daughter recover
Was watching a video by Kartini Clinic (ED treatment for children with eating disorder in Portland) and the woman mentioned that 5 out of 30(?) of her cases were cases of MBP. It's not impossible to feign an eating disorder. And if you can successfully starve a child, they will begin to behave like a traditional anorectic (see Minnesota starvation experiment)
Not sure which is the chicken or the egg exactly, but I definitely have my opinions

No. 501917

I don’t think momma bear is making her sick, just enabling and making a spectacle out of it.


What strikes me as strangest is that she’s in hospital but still eating her same sage foods from the same tray. She needs refeeding desperately.

No. 501927

maybe she just refuses to eat the hospital food so perhaps they let her eat her veg as it's better than nothing? She's attached to a lot of tubes and shit so they can tube her if it's necessary I guess and things look like they're getting rapidly worse

No. 501932

That’s pretty bad if she’s refusing to eat and she’s still not getting a nose hose. Wtf. How much more is she gonna deteriorate first, damn.

No. 501935

She's only been in for a day or two so its also possible they want to assess her before the tube

No. 501937

File: 1518483830960.jpeg (377.98 KB, 2048x2048, 4277F825-B233-40A8-B989-CFCC08…)

In other news, Bella’s latest bid for attention is having her followers decide everything she eats. As to whether she has bathed yet, nobody knows.

No. 501938

Ohh, I thought she’d been there longer than that. Honestly I feel bad for her. She’s in a bad way and her biggest safety net cares more about taking snapshots than about acting like a human.

No. 501949

I want to know if she left AMA or was she even admitted?

No. 501952

Background on the selfie looks like hospital shit behind her. At home she was usually on that filthy red futon.

No. 502100

File: 1518565888515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 554.87 KB, 720x1140, 20180214_004503.jpg)

Update on the ashley situation
>momma bear keeps posting videos and pictures, acting like it's ashley writing the captions most of the time (very realistic, since she seems to be too out of it to even form a proper sentence). Some of the videos are just painful to watch, for example the one where ashley basically has a meltdown over the fact she's got to eat 400kcal a day instead of 4
>lots of criticism in the comment section. Momma bear deletes all the negative comments and turns account private
>continues to post ridiculously often. Ashley is now being tube fed and gets a little amount of solid food but has to be sedated afterwards because she hates it so much

No. 502123

>ashley basically has a meltdown over the fact she's got to eat 400kcal a day instead of 4

dude… does she think she has been eating zero calories all this time?…

No. 502148

Wtf? Why would you post any of these photos? Very creepy and attention-whorey.

No. 502183

File: 1518570852006.png (851.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180212-203817.png)

What hospital lets you leave for cheesecake?

No. 502185

File: 1518571080996.png (463.32 KB, 1080x1920, 20180213_201629.png)

Of course she needs a central line and when she says how good she'll take care of it we all know that means as shit as she does her tubes cos no infections = no asspats amiright!

No. 502190

This is horrifying. She's treating her own dying daughter like a puppet. Her weird roleplaying posts pretending to be her are bad enough, but constantly photographing and even filming her during some of the lowest and most personal points in her life… Her daughter needs real support but instead all she's getting is play-acting and a camera in her face recording it all.

No. 502196

So she’s trying for tpn now, even though she can tolerate tube feeding (although I doubt she actually needs it).

No. 502197

I wonder what's written on her t-shirt but I bet it's "nobody understands me like mama" or some variation thereof.

That mother reminds me of the Hartley Hooligans woman, exploiting her kid's prolonged suffering for attention and asspats.

No. 502208

she's such cow! I give it a week before she goes septic or on TPN

No. 502229

File: 1518573666339.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3272.PNG)

Yes, Tilly, putting the lowest calorie butter you can find on your toast is a real recovery win. Such progress.

No. 502255


That's not even butter. It's a few drops of oil.

No. 502308

That girl is suffering on a level I can’t even comprehend. I feel gross for looking at such a private moment.
Momma bear is a fucking psycho. Comfort your dying daughter goddamn

No. 502315

Explains why her daughter is passively killing herself. She probably couldn’t think of any other way out of the situation.

No. 502325

File: 1518579670878.jpg (384.57 KB, 720x1039, IMG_20180213_224009.jpg)

It's even better "nobody understands me like pizza does" kek

No. 502330

It doesn't even appear that pizza is familiar with her at all.

No. 502335

Enabling her for sympathy is still questionable. It raises the question does enabling and letting your child die without intervention qualify as making her worse?

No. 502351

Does anyone know how long Ashley has had an ed? She seems so far gone but yet the way her mom posts it feels sort of… new??? Idk this is the creepiest shit I've seen in the internet in ages.

No. 502353

Does anybody know what the marks on her thighs are from? They look like indentations, not cuts. I'm curious.

No. 502356

File: 1518582803587.png (191.24 KB, 640x1013, IMG_3205.PNG)

This photo is from just before Christmas last year when it seems like she made the decision to move back home with mumma bear. She's obviously incredibly ill here but the deterioration in close to two months is terrifying.

No. 502358

Likely just very deep self-inflicted cuts that she didn’t get stitched up - I had scars very similar - deeper cuts can sometimes result in indent-like scars. This just makes me feel even more sad for her. Having her scars on show like that must be so humiliating for her.

No. 502367

File: 1518584097269.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180213-235415.png)

Just go back 2 mo and look at the difference in amount of food on her meals

No. 502370

anyone have caps of critical comments? I imagine the jig is up, or soon will be.

No. 502371

File: 1518584279016.png (738.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180213-235630.png)

Scars that have healed but should have been stitched but weren't. Notice the one on her arm in this pic is the same

No. 502377

She has some really deep scars on her arms as well but they look really strange and tendon-y. I can't even make out what's going on with her thighs. The texture even looks weird and almost burnt or something.

I can't believe how her mother is showing her off. Really disturbing.

No. 502411

Look we can all agree her situation is fucked up. Im not trying to white night but this girls life is tragic enough she doesn't need us speculating. She went private 24hrs after being posted here. She's a sick girl who needs help and posting her here will only feed her follower count which will encourage whatever fucked up itinerary her mother has.

No. 502434

Wow, they're so large that I was thinking that they couldn't possibly be cuts. Thanks for the answer.

No. 502457

The way she sets up her food tray with the fancy shaped bowl and flowery cutlery and everything arranged just so…then lights a candle. WTF? I wonder if Ashley has these requirements or if her mom is trying to make eating appealing. It seems like a very unhealthy dynamic.

No. 502467

I dated a guy that had marks like that on him and he said they were eraser burns. He just took a pencil to himself when he wanted to self-harm.

No. 502499

Sometimes you see a snippet of people’s parents and you understand why they’re so fucked up… poor girl.

No. 502633

Why isn’t she in any kind of inpatient/residential treatment program? Has she or the mother said why not? It seems like her being home is only going to lead to her dying.

No. 502678



No. 502782


oh my fucking god this fucking nutcase has a Mother Mary complex. Photo in the first post linked here is a classic Pietà pose. she'll kill her own child to be admired for her tenderness, stoicism and sorrow. she needs to be locked away ASAP.

No. 502816

Threatened by someone sicker than you, Becky?

No. 502817

File: 1518635689876.jpeg (308.58 KB, 1268x1598, 0856CE4D-30FD-4E5F-BE37-F29E49…)

Ugh forgot the pic

No. 502831

It wasn't her, it was her mother. She can barely speak coherently, do you really think she's writing long paragraphs?

She has a social media account intended for public consumption, whether or not she currently has it set so you have to request to follow. She's an adult and she seems to be allowing her mother to showcase her illness due to their fucked up codependency. She's fair game.

No. 502847

Kek yeah that’s what ana chans say when they’re hoping someone will get larger than them. At the weight they’re at though, they both look like death, and that’s all they’re competing for. Which is also why social media should not be allowed in ed hospitals and treatment centers. The competition helps no one.

No. 502848

She’s such a twat. She knows full well she’d screech about how triggering it was if someone said that to her. Ugh

No. 502889

File: 1518642161157.png (1.66 MB, 1864x1206, 94762873007.png)

Mumma Bear's roleplaying is comically bad….it sounds exactly like a 45-year-old woman romanticizing an eating disorder.

No. 502904

File: 1518643116264.png (2.15 MB, 1822x1132, 019294018633.png)

No. 502908

>"(making myself sick) was good for my recovery because if I became too unwell for today's transfer then I can stay here in general"
>implying it is in ashley's best interest to STAY SICK in order to stay in the hospital
>Munchhausen's confirmed

what the fuuuuuck. this bitch is seriously mental. I wish the account was still public because I'm dying to see what people comment on this shit. How is it not obscenely obvious this is abuse?

No. 502919

Righhht because every 19 year old who posts on their personal IG says "Hello everyone, it's Ashley". Dead give away mumma bear.

No. 502937

File: 1518644494475.png (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180214-164030.png)

Still in recovery but gotta show that new line.

No. 502964

Holy shit the difference in her plate, in her eyes, she could smile without crying. I’m hoping more and more that momma bear gets kicked the fuck out of the hospital and Ashley gets a chance

No. 502994

File: 1518646649683.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180214-171702.png)

No. 503017

Kek she’s not sorry. If anything, she’s happy for the attention.

No. 503025

No shit Becky
lemme guess there’s gonna five new IG stories that will be close ups of crying or black screen with tiny white captions about feeling so super bad shes gonna an hero so nobody is allowed to criticise an obviously shitty thing she did.
Girlie on basically palliative care but still feels the need to get competitive with the herd. Go spend your last months with your family not playing ~spookier than you~ with a dying girl.

No. 503026

Attention whore alert right here. Hope she enjoys her super special staph infection when they pull it out and don’t put in a new one, since she sure as hell doesn’t need it.

No. 503028

I mean, she could probably milk a lot off of the scalded skin syndrome blisters and all that shit if she gets staph. An infection is a bonus once you’ve entered munchieville.

No. 503108

>>502185 i know her personally and have video chatted and she eats all the time like on camera, gp my assssss

No. 503110

omggg wow attnetion seeking much? she doesnt even have GP. she eats all the fucking time. and ALOT

No. 503137

No she says she hasn't eaten in mooonths and don't forget her daily saline for her soooper bad pots

No. 503160

I don’t get this website? Like is it just an anonymous bad quality site where ppl post hate about ppl? Like I totally get why you’re calling out most of these ppl but sometimes it’s just fucking rude, like all that stuff about Becky. Yes she might have said smth wrong but she’s still a person for God’s sake, and she’s actually really nice if you got to know her.(no1curr)

No. 503167

File: 1518654698993.jpeg (18.67 KB, 299x301, FF381FF8-FEEF-4D3C-BDF8-88904F…)

Feeling nice and virtuous now?

No. 503169

Kek love it

No. 503178


Her insta is hollyrebeccataylor

No. 503179

Hey now, we're not THAT bad. At least we're not as bitchy as Skinny Gossip.

No. 503229

I think we’re very objective. We only point out bitches when they truly are bitches kek. Also, I love how cows complain when their publicly posted, attention-whoring pictures are reposted. If you don’t want your picture out there, don’t post it on the internet. Children know that. The whining is entertaining, at least.

No. 503291

>I ended up meddling with my feed

People with Munchausen by proxy syndrome commonly fuck with their victim's IVs. Just sayin.

No. 503303

File: 1518663433235.png (970.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180214-215615.png)

Oh good! Just who I want on the roads with me

No. 503395

I wonder if Ashley even know the Instagram account exists. She seems so out of it. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't understand what was even happening. Tragic. I hope someone in the hospital flags the mother as suspicious.
Blogging: as a nursing student, we are taught to question parents like her mother. I hope and pray they have similar training for nurses there.

No. 503452

This sounds like outright shaming of Ashley. I couldn't help but imagine her mom reading the caption aloud to Ashley as she wrote it. Fucking gross and I hope I'm wrong but the tone is… seriously perverse here.
damage controllll (also, still sounds nothing like how someone would actually write for themselves).

No. 503474

Guys, do any of you still keep up without ashley Isaacs? She’s been posting a lot recently letting everyone know that she’s going to die VERY soon and saying good byes and donating her things and such… I’m honestly so fucking sad for her it feels unreal considering how long she’s survived

No. 503488

yeah I feel really fucking bad for her and always have. people on here who bullshit about her only being this way out of spite are fucking morons. she's obviously REALLY ILL and has had afaik no therapeutic input for the past few years at least. she's no more inherently evil than this new Ashley but people seem to be unable to accept the fact she's clearly deathly ill?? idk man I'm not interested in white knighting and do find her childish and irritating but like no shit, she's malnourished with a brain that will be barely functional

No. 503492

did she at least delete her shit comment?

No. 503494

Do you have any caps? I forgot about here but followed her on Instagram for a while. Always had a small spark of sympathy for her even though she was rotten.

No. 503503

There's a separate thread just for Ashley Isaacs. You should post/look there.

No. 503547

People mostly dislike her for purposefully triggering other people with EDs and sending people easy-to-purge food. Probably more stuff also, but I got bored of following her thread.

No. 503643

I think ashleyshalleat was deleted?!

No. 503669

File: 1518704443114.jpeg (109.88 KB, 750x1181, 954663B4-782F-492E-A5C3-39889B…)

Wonder if someone tipped her (or momma bear)

No. 503730

was just coming here to ask about this…i went on my fake account to add her now that she's private and insta gave me the same result. was anyone here following her already? did she actually delete or just change her name?

No. 503731

Was probably Becky, she’s on here constantly

No. 503740

Account is gone

No. 503835

File: 1518715325223.png (2.64 MB, 1242x2208, 45C6800A-1476-4784-8953-0D486A…)

Most of it is on her snapchat/Instagram stories but here are some recent posts from her tumblr:

No. 503840

File: 1518715487073.png (901.27 KB, 1242x2208, 9DABEB18-4371-4825-A1C0-802A63…)

No. 503852

ash has her own thread, this probably belongs there? it's autosaged but you can find it on the catalogue if you ctrl+f

(and: she's been saying that kind of thing for like 7 years now tbh. like no doubt she'll die of her ED at some point but she's been in this state for nearly a decade and being an emo drama queen about it for all that time too)

No. 503865

could it have been removed because it was reported?

No. 503919

possible or mommabear found out about this and got scared and deactivated

No. 503984

She’s what jonzie wishes she could be. Emaciated, tube fed, having a “momma bear”. Except in this case, it like an actual hell.

No. 504051

File: 1518725577261.jpg (451.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180215-211129.jpg)

ugh really

No. 504067

But ugh it's so hard for me to ask this..oh wait and while I'm asking check out my gofuckme and my wishlist and while you're at it… SMH cow!

No. 504136

skelly's shouldn't be driving anyway, what if they pass out at the wheel?

No. 504140

>>I'm broke because of the hospital stay so that's why I bought a shiny new car. #selfcare #edwarrior
>>Please go fund my audacity xoxo

No. 504210

She doesn’t care about anyone else, which is why she thinks everyone should give her their money to potentially kill them when she invariably causes an accident.

No. 504382

File: 1518741689182.jpeg (223.84 KB, 750x727, 1A43BDED-E426-482E-B63C-4D1923…)

All I can say is….bahaha suuuure Bekah sure.

No. 504383

File: 1518742123473.jpeg (386.17 KB, 1536x1820, C4752B08-DA61-4E1A-B280-BF7A15…)

Kek only if it’s self-published. What a load of pure shit that’s going to be. No one cares anymore about her, her gofuckme only got $50 in 8 months. This just a last-ditch attempt at getting attention. And she’s probably not talking about her “chronic illnesses “ because she doesn’t have any, any there’s proof that her eating disorder and mental illnesses are the only sicknesses she has.

No. 504397

What it’s like to have a relationship with Bekah: you can’t, she’s too much of a self-absorbed, whiny cunt that no one except the mentally-ill men she somehow brings home from the psych ward. Thinks she’s better than everyone else, is a pathological liar, and will even exploit children for attention. Avoid her at all costs, especially if you’re actually trying to recover from any illness at all. Her only positive is the entertainment gained from watching her absolute ridiculousness, never believe anything she says.

No. 504455

File: 1518746420493.jpeg (92.91 KB, 727x401, 98093108-BD4A-4258-A77B-B74F8B…)

Bahahaha yes it is entertaining. I only follow her for the laughs and to be like fuck I never ever wanna end up like this bitch.
Found another gem….

No. 504537

Apparently refraining from body checking and ana chan selfies for just the week of ed awareness makes her a saint. It’s amazing how far up her own ass she’s managed to get her head.

No. 504568

You can’t post a before and after if you’ve never recovered or even attempted recovery kek

No. 504591

Did anybody save any of the ashleyshalleat videos? I didn't get a chance to see them.

No. 504830

File: 1518788243155.png (151.86 KB, 640x1136, 9143B7BF-F582-41C6-9FDA-22A325…)

So is she admitting that she was just trying to scam people for money when she asked for help with car insurance?? Like wtf

No. 504866

-wants money for car insurance for a car she doesn’t pay the insurance for
-wants money for treatment that she’s obviously never tried to get anything out of
-flat-out asks for people to buy her gifts, including a $300 Nintendo switch

Can we all agree she’s just an entitled, spoiled brat that lies to get why she wants?

No. 504877

File: 1518794466814.png (617.45 KB, 640x1136, 121EF5E2-F701-41A5-A088-702D09…)

This is an old youcaring page, it ended four years ago but has some of her journal entries on it, which are pretty milky. Apparently she was angling to get on the Dr. Phil show, but I don’t think it happened. She also tried to get on the Voice, or one of those ones, too, but she’s actually not very talented. She’s been an attention whore most of her life, I think. Absolutely no mentions of any illnesses other than anorexia or depression.

No. 504878

File: 1518794484576.png (130.86 KB, 640x1136, 30D272FC-D268-41B4-A822-8F71EA…)

No. 504879

File: 1518794505273.png (132.11 KB, 640x1136, BEC8FC18-021B-4CDD-A632-2B8684…)

No. 504881

File: 1518794684361.png (427.22 KB, 640x1136, FBD91C7C-9A20-478C-BC1B-A13598…)

Sure, you’ve got super severe GP. But can totally drink carbonated diet soda/seltzer/whatever.

No. 504886

File: 1518794935917.png (635.71 KB, 640x1136, BC50D171-974B-4DF9-9DDA-0DA1F4…)

And no evidence of her sooper serious “EDS” either
(because she doesn’t have it)

No. 504892

File: 1518795364462.jpeg (98.94 KB, 664x830, 33095356-49DB-49E5-936A-6732CA…)

Pretty sure this is impossible with EDS as well

No. 504893

File: 1518795471412.png (109.21 KB, 640x1136, DA7DC7E1-878B-4703-8525-AE5D86…)

She wrote this bitching about her insurance company not paying for treatment, even though she’d already been kicked out of multiple centers for noncompliance

No. 504900

File: 1518795776467.png (127.48 KB, 640x1136, C7630F0B-1191-4E9C-BDFA-747C6A…)

Part 2. The Mighty is a horrible website full of similar attention whores (some are not, but ones like bekah ruin it for everyone), but is sometimes enlightening. She states here that her problems are all due to her eating disorder and an ankle injury, no mention of any other physical illnesses, even though she wrote this barely two years ago. If she had sooper special EDS/POTS/GP/seizures, they would have been diagnosed way before, with all the dancing she did and all her hospitalizations.

No. 505204

File: 1518809982430.jpeg (101.11 KB, 750x778, 96343A0B-B41D-493F-A2D9-5524FF…)

Hahahha no Bekah I don’t want a facial or any part of your pyramid scheme Mary Kay and other products you’ll push on us, go actually do something with your life. Get a real job. But oh that will never happen she’s too happy being oh feel bad for me I’m miss sick. Ugh

No. 505290

Always looking for the easy way out. I wonder if any of her faking-illness shit is to lock in disability permanently, since she doesn’t have the same level of ed spoopieness going on.

No. 505775

File: 1518840226131.png (178.21 KB, 750x1095, IMG_8196.PNG)

Her old bff photos with Jess

No. 505776

File: 1518840303274.png (225.67 KB, 750x1076, IMG_8197.PNG)

The person whose children she watched but complains what a terrible parent she is…. id never let bekah watch a child of mine

No. 505780

File: 1518840429632.png (177.11 KB, 750x1126, IMG_8200.PNG)

Creepo boyfriend she met in the psych ward who also has eating problems lol

No. 505781

File: 1518840483232.png (138.8 KB, 750x1041, IMG_8191.PNG)

She use to put her tube through the bottom. Guess not enough people noticed

No. 505784

File: 1518840612649.png (144.67 KB, 750x1026, IMG_8194.PNG)

And proof she does pose. She is sticking her butt out to make her legs look smaller. It's obvious 1) by the mirror 2) how her shirt dangles. Just stand up feet together like a normal person

No. 505789

File: 1518840795229.jpg (609.6 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_8202.JPG)

And someone please tell me what all this childish stuff??? Come on.

No. 505792

File: 1518840889194.png (175.73 KB, 750x1062, IMG_8193.PNG)

Even if she is covering up her chest… who does it like that?? It's obvious she a trying to show her hip. Old photo^

No. 505793

File: 1518840968056.png (199.64 KB, 750x1176, IMG_8199.PNG)

Had a seizure. I'm so sick. Let me post online over & over!
I still think she probably did something intentionally to cause them.

No. 505795

File: 1518841083410.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8168.PNG)

And how not skinny/boney any of her leg is in a recent video. Cough*

No. 505798

Probably purging. That’s actually somewhat common in people who’ve purged a lot for a long time.
We already know her EDS claims are bullshit, but that photo is super obvious she’s not hypermobile at all. None of her joints are hyper extended at all, especially her knee that she claims always has to be braced.

No. 505799

And yeah, she’s definitely not spoopy now, which explains the chronic illness claims. She still has to be the sickest, but she’s no longer visibly eating disordered.

No. 505861


if it's any consolation, nobody ever (ever!) profits from facebook MLMs. she'll be paying money to desperately shill that shit

No. 505869

Tilly is now claiming she's 38.1kg
She posted on her story

No. 505979

pic related - ebil parents won't help her out because she's 21
post a screenshot please, don't just tell it

No. 505980

File: 1518860316076.jpg (437.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180217-022001.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 506002

File: 1518865853135.png (200.72 KB, 750x1222, IMG_5100.PNG)

So much for not triggering your vulnerable followers, Tilly
Can't wait to see how many people you have directed here will see the real "you"

No. 506022

This broad is driving around without car insurance….wow. A used tire usually goes for 30$ to 70$ depending on where you go.

No. 506031

She mentions not being able to afford going to hospital, if shes admitted at the ER at the public hospital what is she paying for? (Australia has a pretty good public health system)

No. 506033

File: 1518871441923.gif (186.38 KB, 250x219, K21Sh3x.gif)

>aM tWuE sIcK sKeLlY ANA KwEeN ~38 kG~ 4 REALZ

No. 506036

also Tilly you might even be down to 38.5 kg after cutting your toenails #weightlosshack

No. 506073

I don't understand scale pics for proof. In addition to being pointless attention seeking, it's easy to fake any weight you want if all you're showing is your feet. You could be sitting on something or you could have the scale calibrated strangely. It's not proof at all so why do they keep trying?

No. 506084

Kek what sooper ana feet and shadow of her leg. If she’s actually 38 kg she’s gotta be hella short. And why so desperate to prove she’s a low weight? No1curr. Pathetic and sad, but that’s all of the ana chans.

No. 506097

She's stalking this thread, too
Tilly, I know you need to keep this charade up, but you're damaging your reputation and harming your followers. Read their comments and drop the bullshit. We know you're taller than 165 cm. We know your bmi is higher than 14. We know you would be sent IP involuntarily (at no charge to you) if your health was in a precarious state. Stop harming your followers for validation. You're drawing more attention to your lies. It's honestly sad

No. 506249

Ew. She needs to get a life, and stop glorifying anorexia. Lots of young girls get very, very sick because of proana shit on the internet. There’s always underlying causes, but proana often pushes them over the edge, or at least keeps them sick.

No. 506374

File: 1518897707354.jpeg (608.46 KB, 1283x1653, B5B2B4AE-08F3-4073-9824-AB3FBE…)

I think this girl has been mentioned before?
She’s been inpatient and “in recovery” for over a year now and is still as skoopy as ever. Posts body checks of her emaciated pins with captions like “fuck anorexia, I want to gain weight” - #teamfia xox

No. 506471

File: 1518903861131.jpg (586.42 KB, 720x1280, 20180217_224304.jpg)

lol no

No. 506476

Maybe stop being a cunt and people won’t feel the need to post about you kek

No. 506497

File: 1518904479248.png (117.22 KB, 750x1109, IMG_3329.PNG)

She kinda looks like a skelly Julian Assange

No. 506514

Why try and have it validated as if it’s such a great thing? Fuckin anachans. If she’s so brave and unbothered and recovery focussed why waste time and energy posting just for ~the mean bullies~

Mate nobody cares about how skelly you are or aren’t cause it’s not impressive. Any retard can get underweight. Go do something Tilly.

No. 506549

File: 1518906775405.jpg (178.18 KB, 1960x836, boneshow.jpg)

she seriously made a video
>to show that despite being fat, I´m not as fat as you think I am
>so as you can see I`ve got my collarbones
>got this sumfin here (sternum)
>legs, arm
>so I´ve got my back bones there

it sounds like some amateur vlogger presenting their outfit of the day

No. 506573

this is so cringy! The comments are great though, I love seeing these girls get called out on their bullshit.

No. 506627

Just realised my sockpuppet account was blocked by tilly.
Never commented on her pictures or anything, just followed. Imagine having a life so boring you can check through your followers and see if somebody seems suspicious

No. 506673

The worst part is that she literally keeps screwing herself over posting these things. Also the ever shrinking height is a damn mess. First it was 164; 166; 163 now. The fact that she keeps trying to prove things in this manner is disgusting. She's very clearly taller and heavier than she claims but I'm just annoyed now because saying she isn't 38 kg means I'm telling her she's fat apparently. Tilly I'm not here to coddle you like mpa bitches. You're a damn mess and need psychological help. Your bmi is no less than 16. Stop lying to your followers just to "prove" absolutely nothing.

No. 506684

She claims she desperately wants to gain weight and recover, yet has never gotten above emaciated in her several years of “recovery”. She also asks people to send her stuff, and she started a whole #teamfifi shitshow. She’s just another ana chan.

No. 506686

Yup. She’s clearly not well, but she’s claiming to be much sicker than she is. And for stalking this thread, she’s got no idea how it actually works. (It’s not just one person, moron). She’s just desperately trying to prove that she’s a special ana snowflake, when really she’s just another proana bitch.

No. 506704

She doesn’t look emaciated :/

No. 506711

File: 1518919146700.png (443.4 KB, 1536x2048, 6A5CDA93-77A1-454F-B7C7-C13BFA…)

Dude, what are you smoking? Her knee is bigger than her thigh. Her face looks like a 90 year old’s. She looks slightly bette than normal, but that’s not someone who’s been in recovery for at least a couple years. This photo is from just a month ago.

No. 506718

She has extreme muscle wasting. Depends on people's definition of emaciation. Im so confused by the NHS. Many people will be in treatment and never gain a gram. How do they let you in treatment and not force you to gain? (My lowly American butt does not understand how they will continue to "treat" you while you make no progress. Can someone explain)

No. 506731

File: 1518920350055.png (281.49 KB, 750x1221, IMG_5101.PNG)

1. No one called you fat. They called you out
2. This is not a supportive community. How is posing your weight and body checks helping others? Or did you just want others to support you?
3. Last ditch attempt at getting validation by posting a body check on this is pathetic
4. Korey is problematic herself. Why would we trust anything she says over the people who were in treatment with you that have confirmed you are 5'9 and no less than a bmi of 15
5. So you are struggling. Struggling with intake for a short period of time does not excuse your behavior or count as a relapse.
6. How are you supposed to ~heal~ if you keep lying and seeking validation tilly. It's very clear all you want is to be told' you're the sickest ana ever' and 'we all support you no matter what you do.' Go back to MPA if you won't want to hear what the real world is like. There is no safe space in ED recovery. Grow tf up. Take responsibility for your actions or leave

No. 506733

Yeah, I don’t understand it. She’s definitely spoopy. So the UK can for people to go to and stay in treatment, but not to gain weight? In the US it’s much harder to keep someone in treatment, but you’d only leave that skeletal if you left ama or were kicked out for non compliance.

No. 506736

Kek the usual ana chan-attention whore cry: “they called me fat!! Wahhhhh! Give me asspats and tell me how thin I am”. No one ever said she was fat. She was called out for lying about her weight. That’s a gigantic (kek) difference. She needs to get over herself, and also find better friends. Korey herself is a goddamn pathological liar.

No. 506738


Wait how is Korey problematic?

No. 506766

Tilly here. I genuinely want to know what I should do differently. Advice?

No. 506770


If you do ONE SINGLE thing for your mental health, get off this website and never come back. If you don't want to eat, if you want to wallow, whatever you want to do, do it, but get off this website. At some point you HAVE to take responsibility for yourself and ffs stop looking for people to fight. Stop engaging. Do insta. Post whatever you want. But get.off.this.site.

No. 506775


And what should I do to avoid being posted on here?

No. 506798

why the fuck should you care if you're being posted on here. you don't know these people. they don't know you. it shouldn't affect you AT ALL. grow up. if you spend your time worrying about what strangers think about you you are going to waste your entire life.

No. 506799

Anon answered what you need to do. We've explained many times and you continue to do the same thing. Own up to your mistakes. Take responsibility for your actions. Hold yourself accountable and stop blaming your eating disorder for your inappropriate behavior. Lolcow is not supportive, but neither is the ~recovery community~ If your truly want to recover and do well in IB, get off IG; get off MPA; stop letting your eating disorder run your life. You have a lot of potential and are so concerned with being perceived as fat that you're ruining your chances for a future. Being labeled a liar is far worse than being told you don't look your bmi. Go back to therapy. Work hard and stop acting like a child. Apologize to your followers and understand that no one here is defending you because what you have done is beyond irresponsible and harmful

No. 506803

LoOoOoK I’m so anorexic look look someone look

Imagine forcing yourself to be a hangry boring bitch just so someone might go ‘she’s bony’ Tilly you could have had a life but you’re here skipping meals to prove something to anonymous online gossip lmao. That’s making the word pathetic look bad

No. 506805

Stop posting fucking body checking photos and talking about your weight/BMI. And stop posting about eating disorder behaviors while not even attempting to change them. Stop following people who are obviously in their disorders. Go to therapy and actually be honest. Try recovery before it’s too late and you either die or become a lifelong anorexic who’s wasted her life and is still miserable at 30, 40, 50.

No. 506806

Anon you’re missing a crucial point here. People like Tilly want to wallow forever but they want someone to hold their hand and say they’re so amazing for wallowing why me they do it. Life is hard and people aren’t nice so why bother when you can have visible ribs and be called an inspiring warrior for it?

No. 506820

sage your shit Tilly! then gtfo

you’re too delicate to be on the internet

No. 506824

Shit my bad I thought you were talking about tilly, I missed the pic of sofi and didn’t expand the reply because I just assumed we were still on the topic of sofi. But yes, sofi is definetly emaciated

No. 506842

Kek just delete everything, seriously. Even her sob story here is a ploy for asspats, playing the poor victim that doesn’t know what she did wrong. .

No. 506844


Ever thought about getting a job like a normal person, Bella?

No. 506855


Sorry hun, but your parents won't pay for shit because you're a self entitled bitch and they are tired of it.

No. 506861

Tilly if you're bad only getting weighed every 2 weeks it means your doctors literally are not concerned. They would have you weight at least 2 times/week if there was reason for them to. They don't just look at your weight to make their decision about your state of health. If your doctors genuinely are sitting back watching you, file a complaint in the hospital. Posting pictures and videos of your weight, your height, your body does nothing but confirm what I already think. If you admit you don't look like a bmi of 14, then why are you so desperate to prove your weight. Your actions are digging a hole for you hun.

No. 506877


What is it that you already think?

No. 506895

Seriously all you got from that is wondering what my opinion of you is?????

No. 506899

That was the only thing I didn't understand.

No. 506925

honestly? i think half of the posts about you on here, prior to this "reveal", were self posts from you anyway. you are set on creating your own drama to wallow in. the best thing you can do is recognize that you will never win this strange contest to be the sickest. take a step back from the community, because you're using it to stay in your disorder, not move forward in recovery.

No. 506939

I am 5'5 I don't think you're the weight you claim. I never will. Get the fuck over it. Stop hurting people who used to care about your wellbeing to try to disprove my opinions
Get some help cause you obviously need it you selfish spoilt brat

No. 506940


Stop posting pro-Ana shit. Not only are you failing yourself, you are failing your followers and driving to gem into the competitive nature of their own disease. Wake the fuck up Tilly!

No. 506947

Then what weight do you think I am? Because my BMI is NOT 16 I know I'm fat but NOT THAT FAT

No. 506949

Who said a bmi of 16 was fat?

No. 506952

I did because I'm (truthfully) 163cm and 38.1kg. BMI 16 is an additional 6 kilos. Meaning I have to get to 32 in order to look my BMI. Maybe then lolcow will stop saying I'm lying about my weight because I'll be thin enough Also, I get so many messages telling me that I look like I've been binging, I look fat, that I'm lying about my ED, that it must be

No. 506953

Girl get some help. You’re being incredibly irresponsible here.

No. 506979

GET THE FUCK OFF THIS BOARD HOLY SHIT. take some fucking responsibility for yourself and DISENGAGE.

No. 506981

No one is telling you to lose weight. You are telling yourself that. You can recover from anorexia but not if you keep yourself emerged in the eating disorder world.

No. 506984

File: 1518937126827.jpeg (32.55 KB, 500x294, D509611C-E1B9-43FD-9CDD-F3B870…)

I know being spoopy and spoilt made people stupid but omfg this is too much. How is she alive if she’s this sensitive and this immature?

Tilly there’s kids in grade three telling other kids to not be a dickhead and moving the fuck on from unwanted criticism. Nobody here gives a shit how skinny you might get if you’re still a fuckin idiot. Sit down, have some toast, find a hobby, just stop being an emotionally undeveloped sad sack all ya life.
Un-fuckin-Australian frankly, to be this much of a puss.

No. 506988

I'm not an idiot I do higher level Chemistry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 506989

Bye, Tilly. Go apologize to your followers for being triggering & find your will to recover.

No. 506992

File: 1518937507578.gif (912.1 KB, 244x218, 20486E57-B812-477B-9E77-7CE599…)

No. 507006

No offense but I earned my IB diploma and I'm dumb as shit. Stop looking for external validation from success in school and from others about your body. You need to be independent. You're months away from being a legal adult tilly. Use this advice to actually change for yourself and others. This behavior at your age is unacceptable, no matter the circumstances. Talk to your therapist. Discuss these comments being made and why they impact you so much. If you don't address the issue at hand, you will never progress or mature

No. 507007

who the fuck cares, hon?

No. 507034

Chemistry? Breaking bad type shit? Have to take your secret shit to keep your body at -0 size.

No. 507081

How pathetic do you have to be to selfpost and finally have the nerve to announce yourself
Tilly recoverys post history ->

Honestly, it usually helps if you're not self posting about yourself for relevancy sweetie.

No. 507124

Thank you farmhand, these are my favorite type of posts on LC tbh. It really makes me hyper aware of how much self posting really is occurring in every single thread on this site.

No. 507202

wow, she is much more pathetic than I gave her credit for. I will never understand why some people post themselves to these websites.

No. 507211

File: 1518969246703.png (524 KB, 750x1334, F41BA4AF-AC31-4031-8560-9C7152…)

Bella at it again~

No. 507219

> my birthday is almost in a month

Kek this bitch is dumb. It’s feb 19 sweetie, if your birthday is March 10th that’s LESS than a month not “almost” a month

No. 507222

File: 1518969784788.png (376.54 KB, 640x1136, 498309B1-583B-4ECE-8ECB-2D9FB5…)

Don’t forget this added tidbit. Because that makes so much sense, not paying for a tire or car insurance would make you homeless? Kek with what fucking logic?

No. 507229

She obviously has no idea how the world works.

I'm about to be homeless, please buy me starbucks and amazon gift cards! Kek

No. 507248

Thank you for posting this. How low can she go

No. 507279

w o w

her posts before she outed herself were trying to call herself out for being ~so sick~. her only sense of self is her ED (and her ~advanced chemistry~).

it's crazy how people can lurk these boards and the ED IG community and see literally 1000s of other girls who have nothing interesting about themselves and are clinging to minor mental health issues because they're convinced that will make their otherwise unexceptional lives interesting and special. having an ED doesn't make you interesting. clinging to an ED instead of working to get better and DO something with your life might be hard but it's way more likely to result in you ACTUALLY being interesting, special, and "the best" at something.

nobody fucking cares about your bmi. there will literally always be someone sicker. and no one remembers and glorifies dead anorexics either, so what the hell is your end game?

No. 507372

File: 1518980287885.jpg (132.79 KB, 825x568, 02-18.jpg)

>why´s she gonna be homeless without a tire and car insurance
I guess she´s referring to living in that car? Or she´s supposed to pay rent (all of a sudden) but won´t be able to since she
>can´t get to her working place without a car, so please send moneyz and starbucks gift cards

Also, she´s gay, pic related

No. 507378

Being gay is legit the least of her worries

No. 507405


Parismelodyraven being a good example

No. 507578

File: 1518990391583.jpeg (478.06 KB, 1280x1911, 529EA7C6-582A-4D19-9153-786701…)

Meanwhile, Kara’s super special self-recovery is, as expected, not going very well

No. 507612

Wait, she's the one who posted herself all over Reddit, isn't she? What's her story? I don't remember reading much about her here.

No. 507763

File: 1518999087097.jpeg (187.19 KB, 750x1334, 7955575F-94AF-4F27-A8A8-9D2A8E…)

Bella having a bad day 1/2

No. 507766

File: 1518999156749.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, CACAB8F8-F60D-4312-B557-167692…)

Is she saying that her dad molested her?

No. 507785

Why would her parents lock the food up, wth?

I genuinely feel sorry for some of the girls in this thread, no wonder they're fucked up with parents like that.

No. 507804

it does sound good but she still talks about getting food so how can it be true the way she says? maybe this is something where they are trying to be draconian and get her to discuss food? sounds useless as a tactic but still, people cook these ideas up. my dad touched me, it's abusive just sounds… weird. is she trying to say they starve and rape her? doesn't she starve herself?

No. 507867

I mean if I were financially supporting her and all she did was waste food binging/purging, if lock the food up, too
Especially if she refused to get a job

No. 507869

The way she worded it does not sound like she was actually abused. And if she was indeed having severe flashbacks, I don’t think she’d be on IG bitching about a locked fridge and getting kicked out. I’m guessing what actually happened was that her parents told her she has to go to treatment or they’re not going to support her at all anymore. So she’s on IG trying to get pity points.

No. 508001


I would assume her parents are all around tired of her shit. She refuses to go to treatment, finally goes for all of two days, throws a fit about being tubed, and goes back to wasting her life away in her parent's house. Tbh I would tell her to gtfo or go to treatment and stay there. Bye Felicia.

No. 508007


Right. They wouldn't be the first parents who had to lock the food up because their daughter binges and purges on it and refuses to get help. Food's expensive I don't blame them if she's being a shit and refusing to get treatment or get out and support herself.

No. 508020

I didn’t think she b/ped though?

No. 508031

Honestly who the eff knows. She's shady, wouldn't put it past her even though she doesn't advertise it. Or she's throwing out food because it's too enticing. Or they cut her off unless she gets help. I'm guessing her parents had a good reason to though.

No. 508044

this girl reminds me of mallory anderson, nut cases. both try to be the sickest possible but mallory lies about how physically sick she truly is "i am so tired and unwell i cant even get out of bed….1 hr later, let me walk 44,000 steps"

No. 508161

Most of the super spoopy anas do, they just don’t advertise it because it’s not the “good” pure anorexia they all claim. They get off on crowing about how little they eat, but yeah, most do secretly binge and purge.

No. 508184

She definitely purges. Her bloods are majorly fucked
No one knows who that is. Make a post about their similarities or don't mention it

No. 508244

File: 1519025763041.jpg (135.25 KB, 446x848, thane.jpg)

No. 508258

Yeah, this is a thing that totally happened. This is some melodramatic cluster-b theatrics right here. I would need a video of her parents putting locks on the food before I believe any of this - not just a pic of locks on the cupboards and refrigerator because I wouldn't put it past her to put a padlock on herself while everyone else is asleep, photograph it and claim they did it.

What bullshit.

No. 508321

Any parent who is willing to spend thousands of dollars for treatment is not telling their kid they can't drink water tbh

No. 508322

File: 1519039579193.png (311.52 KB, 750x1334, 50F831FE-E4DB-42F0-B8BA-A9F020…)

Thought she didn’t have a car? Or insurance?

No. 508345

Bella sounds like shes lying tbh or exaggerating and shaping stories.
In her last stories she wished people to send her gift cards and money and whatnot, she’s even having a gofoundme account where she receives some money.

All she wants is people to feel deeply sorry about her and send her MONEY so she can buy herself Diet Coke and starve herself to death by living a sweet sodatastic life.

I don’t believe any of her shit. Also the fact she escalated saying she’s gay was a bit unsuitable, not fitting in the situation but yeah, this makes anything easier to get “help”.
She needs to grow the fuck up already

No. 508351

Lmao she said it's her car, then said it was a joke and it's her dads car, back to saying it's hers

No. 508420

she's definitely bingeing/purging a lot and refusing to admit that to followers. while it's not common practice, parents locking away food isn't unheard of if the b/p cycle is out of control.

but without her being honest with that behavior, these posts just come across as bizarre/far more abusive than the situation likely is

No. 508499

It’s actually common for people with hyper mobile EDS to be dancers or gymnasts because they’re insanely flexible

No. 508601

Also she's being overdramatic. They didn't take away her access to water or anything. She's just being a princess and won't drink room temperature water. If you're THAT thirsty you don't GAF what temp the water is.

No. 508678

She’s coming off really histrionic.
Mum and dad likely locked fridge and pantry so she’d stop binging or doing other weird shit. She’s probably not allowed to habe ice water and shit because that’s how she’s been manipulating her way out of meals and treatment again. She’s a slimy little liar who’s done nothing but waste away on that filthy futon, accusing her parents of unending abuse whilst never working, never getting well, never doing anything other than taking the car, screaming, and crying.

We’ve seen how much of a liar and scammer she is with her begging for car insurance (straight up lie) and for a Nintendo switch (not a lie just greedy)

Idk why Bella thinks anybody will believe her now. She’s cried wolf so many times that nah sorry, don’t believe your dad is randomly getting handsy with his piss-reeking corpse-child and denying her water for kicks.

No. 508733

Bella posted a video showing the lock in her instagram stories so she's definitely lurking here

No. 508740

Maybe for very mild, a symptomatic cases, and for sure with generalized hypermobility, but not for true EDS. Some are flexible, but more are not, they have very loose and hypermobile joints, but very tight muscles,because their bodies are desperately trying to stabilize their joints. Flexibility is about muscles, not joints. And people with eds are prone to pain and injury, which is why they aren’t successful in competitive dance and gymnastics (unless they are very mildly affected). Besides, Bekah doesn’t have eds, she’s flexible, but you can see in her pictures that none of her joints hyperextend or anything. She’s just a pathetic ana chan that wasn’t getting enough attention for her ed and decided to jump on the most popular munchie trend.

No. 508756

Jfc anon, how fucking hard is it to post a screenshot?

No. 508760

File: 1519074711956.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, C3E76E01-CB70-440B-BAE3-3588AB…)

Nta but here you go

No. 508762

sorry for blogpost (But i think its relevant) one of my friends was an incredibly gifted/flexible dancer when she was young, before being diagnosed with eds and being forced to quit dancing. today she is in a wheelchair and certainly cant dance - and it's actually her biggest passion, if she could, she would.

in a lot of tx centers ice is banned because it's a great way to restrict (drinking cold water to fill you up, eating ice cubes etc). bella is so fucking overdramatic her parents are probably just trying to help and have realized coddling her isnt going to work

No. 508780

When I was at my worst my parents hid/locked away food… I was b/p-ing constantly and literally would eat a stocked kitchen worth of food in a few days. It's incredibly demeaning and dehumanizing but her parents are probably desperate.
She needs to get her ass in treatment. Her parents are not making anything better for her but doing this.
Sage 4 blog

No. 508812

She had to quit dancing though, Bekah still dances, and hikes, and goes to trampoline parks. Some people can be flexible, yes, but it’s not a given or even common with EDS. Bekah also had no problems with it until quite recently, whereas even later-diagnosed people with EDS have had problems most of their life, but just hadn’t gotten a diagnosis. Bekah has always been looking for the next best attention-getting scheme, this is just her current one.

No. 508931

File: 1519084484224.png (819.58 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-20-00-50-51…)

>>"this one's open but there's like, nothing in there."

No. 508954

What a spoiled brat! So she’s complaining because the food she wants is locked up, while there’s still food available if she actually wanted to eat.

No. 508970

No screenshot because I'm not particularly interested in her, but I remember she posted on ig ages ago (well, the past year) asking if anyone else keeps a massive hoard of food in their room. Idk if she kept it to b/p or to look at, but if she keeps it to look at/some weird OCD food thing, then she can dip into that stash.

Of all the anacows, Bella's the one I've always really disliked. She reminds me of Ash in a lot of ways.

No. 508972

(Talking about Bella, sorry thought I'd linked to a post about her)

No. 508974

I honestly hate to accuse people off lying about shit like abuse/rape, but Bella's sudden explosion of drama is really sus. Like she somehow has never mentioned anything about abuse let alone rape, or anything about being gay, and her parents have never "starved" her, and now five seconds after they seem to have given her some ultimatum, she's suddenly coming up with several majorly dramatic stories. It just seems like if there was any truth to this, she would have mentioned it in the past since she's all about oversharing and pity.

I assume her parents told her to get help or find another place to live and she's amping up the drama to get more donations. I don't doubt they locked the cabinets but I'm sure it's bc she's bping all their food. This is standard tough love for bulimics.

If she was legit raped it abused I hope she seeks help and works through it. If she's lying for attention I hope she rots.

No. 508983

Or abused, not it abused

No. 509096


I can't stand Bella and her obv lies. She's actually more of a cow! There's nothing wrong with her other than being an attention whore.

Side note: I don't have a pic cos last year but she's already said on her story she's abusive lax. Miralax to be specific

No. 509098

She’s super into oversharing. If she was abused, we’d have heard of it before now. She’d probably be using it for pity points to get more money and gifts.

No. 509125

Agreed! The car isn't hers I'm sure and since she wasn't getting enuff money donations then of course I'm gay, everything is locked BUT out of nowhere My dad touched me! Start sending that money everyone! Bella can't keep all her medical attention, paying insurance, buying dad a new tire

No. 509141

yeah but bekah had like two ankle surgeries so im not so sure its fake, i mean i dont think a doctor would willingly do surgery for no reason. idk bout the other illnesses but that one seems legit, plus those trampoline pics are like years old.

No. 509145

That doesn’t prove EDS. Ankle surgery could be from dancing injuries and overexercise.

No. 509153

It’s actually more likely to not be given surgery for eds, because joint surgeries tend to not be very successful with it. Also, her joints are visibly fine, and she had no problems related to “eds” until fairly recently. Even people who are diagnosed as adults have had significant problems since they were children.

No. 509182

Kek miralax is an osmotic laxative. You can only become behaviorally dependent on it >>509153
Yeah if she has hEDS there is no reason to even do surgery. People with vascular and classical often need surgeries because other body systems are influenced, but with hEDD they haven't even found the gene yet (hence why it's so easy to fake) All one would need to say is: I'm in pain and prove they meet flexibility criteria (if they have doctor who just wants them to shut up and is willing to diagnose) I don't doubt that bekah has some med issues or even pain, but she isn't even gifted in the flexibility department and hasn't been ill long enough that her hybrrmobility would have decreased. It's another attempt for attention. She's going to start claiming her tube is because they diagnosed her with the wrong EDS instead of her precious ~gastroparesis~ or some other bullshit

No. 509209

Eating disorders just aren’t trendy anymore, but EDS seems to be kek. And Bekah is well-known for doing just about anything for attention.

No. 509236

ok but ankle surgeries are so common in the pre professional dance world. 2 surgeries is very normal.

No. 509254


No, Bella has said things before about sexual abuse. Around a year ago I think? All I know shes said it before, a long time ago. When she posted regularly. I think she deleted it tho. Since no one here mentioned it.

No. 509259

File: 1519105725662.jpeg (204.06 KB, 750x1334, C0A7D9E7-756B-4BBD-ABBC-3B33F4…)

I think she be lurking lol

No. 509264

Kek she’s purposely got her arm sideways to look like it’s hyperextended. And she has a heart problem? She’s had anorexia and purged for years. It’s pretty much expected at this point. Besides, she’s forgotten all the other diagnostic criteria. Where’s her stretchy, delicate skin? She’s got a nose hose with no problems, which is impossible for EDS. And which one of her parents has it? It’s impossible to have hEDS without one parent having it. Sure she’s flexible now (kind of), but that is totally a result of stretching and loss of muscle mass due to her eating disorder. She’s so full of shit, and super insulting to people who actually have eds and pots and GP, and not anorexia, and who aren’t attention whores who beg for money and mooch off the government because they’re too lazy to work.

No. 509265

She doesn’t want pasta so she is being starved. Absolute torture anons. How could they?

No. 509266

File: 1519107124087.jpeg (83.26 KB, 640x640, 9EBBEC85-6D13-4D6B-B471-9449AA…)

(Same anon). Here’s a non-staged photo, you can see that her elbows, knees, and hands are not hyperextended at all. She’s practiced at posing to make herself look thin/sick, but it’s super obvious when you compare to a normal photo. She’s just desperate to be a special snowflake again kek

No. 509289

In most people the knees are the worst because they carry weight consistently. Neither her elbow or shoulder are subbed or dislocated. like come on bekah you have other people here who know about anatomy. I stopped following her because I couldn't stand her spamming of variations of the same pics. But I'm glad to see shes the same. It makes me want to scream seeing all these girls saying how sick they are and their conditions and lying about their weights. Some people will believe they at face value. Not trying to be annoying and defend some of these Ana chans but I feel bad that they might look at super pro Ana posed pictures and think that's what those people look like irl.
As for bekah. She needs some help for her presumably undiagnosed personality disorder, not her fake health issues. In her leap picture her knees are not hyperextended at all. And if she's so sick to begin with how can she dance and put that much stress on her poor ~EDS body~
With everything she has lied about though, you kind of have to question whether or not there is truth to that. Not that she doesn't need help if she's exaggerating, but she only seemed to mention it now when her parents seem to be done with her shit.
Kara has gained like 30 pounds. She's like 90 at 5'4 now. She seems like she's genuinely trying and is open about her downfalls. I don't support her doing this on her own just because I feel like she hasn't addressed how she go to 60 pounds, but she seems to be gaining. It's just a matter of time to see if she fully weight restores. I'm not sure if she will ever be fully weight restored to 120, but I don't think she has any milk besides posting on Reddit showing her progress tbh. And that's not even milky because she has actually gained some.

No. 509312

sage for blogpost but ive been able to dislocate my shoulders like that since i was a kid. no EDS here. she's reaching so hard

No. 509333

Sage for my post as well , about Bella and the locked food:

I used to only eat non carb food and lost bunch of weight so my parents were so desperate they stopped buying me salad, seeds, nuts, yoghurts and all other products I used to eat. I mean sure, there was food still like bread and pasta but I had followed (and still been following) the ideology that carbs are toxic when consumed in masses, responsible for many kinds of diseases, especially wheat products which I hate the most and make you dumb. (Idk there’s a girl who only eats weetabix and seem to have adapted the IQ of weetabix..) so idk about Bella but I’m telling you this because i can kinda understand her rage.

The ice cube/ diet soda story seems to be irrational, there’s enough water I’m sure she intends to let us know that her parents are responsible for her damaged behavior etc. or in short/ they intend to KILL her. She has absolutely no respect and shares her private life like this, now what does she want from her followers? Maybe someday she’ll hire a serial killer to kill her parents so she can bp or chew spit on everything she want BUT OH WAIT there would be no one to pay for the food lol(blogging)

No. 509339

I mean, I'm pretty sure most of us here have eating disorders or have had them in the past. But even so we're pointing out the illogical thought patterns she has. Yes pasta might not be a safe food, but saying she isn't able to have access to food is a lie. The fact that she cannot acknowledge how immature these thoughts are is disturbing. You can be fully in your disorder and still understand that pasta is still a good, but not a food you want. She refuses to see anything from a more neutral perspective.
What does she want from her followers: well she runs a public account posting her disgusting body. What do you think she wants? Attention, validation from other ill people, concern from normal people, a reaction in general so she can complain about it, etc. she needs attention constantly but has somewhat of a filter on what she shares, only sharing what makes her look like the victim. Hence today's antics about abuse, food being withheld, being raped. Versus, never mentioning purging, posting pictures of her body and asking people to guess her weight then being offended, etc. (I.e. Victim mentality again. Asking for honestly and then claiming it was "too harsh") she needs to be the victim and child like and pitied

No. 509387

File: 1519132133877.png (715.61 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-20-13-57-40…)

Plot twist: Bella's dad isn't actually starving her, he wants her to continue her hospital diet of 3400 kcals?

No. 509393

Typing sage in the comment field will not sage your post anon

No. 509403

So is bekah saying in her pic of her shoulder bone is bc of EDS & not bc she's actually skinny? That she can pop it out or something. Bc she's been posing that shoulder for years in her eating disorder hospital pics. Bekah, please show us an unposed picture. Stand up straight with feet all the way together in leggings & fitting tank. No flexing since you're so underweight.

No. 509419

it would also help if she hadn’t googled the picture of the echo too🙄

No. 509428

Well no wonder she has an eating disorder! Her dad is withholding all fluids from her by locking everything up and yelling when she just wants a drink of water yet at the same time is forcing her to drink sooo much fluids that the hospital put on her while also touching her! smh

No. 509523

that's like e-who-must-not-be-named level stupidity. this is too. good.

No. 509797

File: 1519163097839.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180220-164359.png)

Nope! You're still a cow Bella

No. 509802

File: 1519163427975.jpeg (209.26 KB, 750x1334, 14BEDBB0-AF09-425F-BB52-5AA2DD…)

Realised the whole caption wasn’t showing but here it is plus a few people sucking up lol “it’s all good you don’t have to prove it! <3”

No. 509814

Kek except they only “hyperextend” when she’s posing with her arm sideways by her head. When she’s not posed, they’re fine and not hyperextended at all, same with her knees and hands, which are all pretty much a given in eds. The only thing she suffers from is attention-whoriness and cuntism. (If people are talking about you faking an illness, and multiple people agree, then you’re probably faking. People who are legitimately sick and not ana chan attention whores don’t get posted here!)

No. 509815


Ew. She is disgusting and that post is totally egregious. She had to show as much of her skelly body as absolutely possible including not covering all of her pubes. Gross

No. 509819

MAYBE you can sell (or pawn) that Apple Watch and pay for car insurance, a tire, water?

No. 509830

File: 1519165157314.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180220-171837.png)

highly unlikely

No. 509875

How is it highly unlikely?? She's very low weight.

No. 509902


who even needs water when you have 4 liters of diet soda to live off of!

No. 509922

no one cuures! Go wknight sumwhere else

No. 509963


TWO drinks sitting right on the table. Yep, she's definitely dying of thirst. Kek

No. 509969

Why does it even matter? She’s just looking for attention and pity and for people to excuse her behavior because she’s sick. She’s so manipulative, and really doing damage out there to her followers. She makes no effort to be responsible for herself and her behavior, and constantly expects gifts and asspats. It’s pretty disgusting for an adult.

No. 509972

She's not sick! She's a spoilt brat!

No. 509985

Like she hasn't got scales in her festering pit?

No. 510031

how is shit like this not getting reported to IG and her account deleted/banned???

No. 510068

IG sucks at banning and removing anything related to ED or self-harm

No. 510101

Who's going to report her? The other wannabes?

No. 510106


"i'm dry fasting till i die"

good lord she's grody. and posting nudes when she's just accused her father of molestation? it's just…. so off.

No. 510242

File: 1519186220392.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180220-230149.png)

sorry anon she's sooo over that diet. She completely binged on her soda today kek

No. 510342


Is that her bedroom? The fact that she has TWO two-liters in there just screams purging

No. 510652

File: 1519229854643.png (Spoiler Image, 945.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Anyone talking about sadlilstrawberry? She says she under a 15.5 BMI and just posted a video of people trying to force feed her a bagel

No. 510657

Self post? Post the video
I mean we already established she purges
I've reported some pictures of 14 year olds posting extreme self harm and been told that it doesn't go against their guidelines
She's 5'7 isn't she lol. This whole "validate my lies or I'll kill myself" game grinds my fucking gears

No. 510662

File: 1519230793927.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Wasnt a self post man trust me.

No. 510676

But that's clearly just someone joking around? Or trying to get her to shut up maybe. No one is trying to 'force feed' her.

No. 510680

15.5? Lol. Nice try.

No. 510706

Lol you can always tell when they're lying because they don't even know what the bmi's they claim look like
Wants attention and lies about weight. So what? Almost all of them who have accounts on ig fit that criteria.

I'm getting bored with no milk. Can we make a separate thread talking about the hypocrisy of recovery accounts. Not people who are in recovery but the ones who have already recovered. (@/scarrednotscared; @/omgkenziee; @/alwaysmargi; etc)

No. 510708

Eh, looks like 15.5 to me, maybe 16 or so. I looked similar at that BMI, with smaller legs. Any more photos?

No. 510713

Maybe 15.5 on someone who's 5'2, but her bio says she's 5'8.

No. 510720

I don´t know how it is where she lives, but why does she not drink water straight out of the tap when she is that thirsty?
Maybe I´m just a spoiled Europeanfag with great drinking water, but I don´t understand that.


don´t want to whiteknight, but I´ve seen a lot of persons looking very different on the same BMI. Depends on bodyfat and muscles I think. But a few of them ana-chans are clearly lying for attention

No. 510886

A lot of places in the states have terrible drinking water and there is a ton of fluoride in the tap water here. So I don't blame her for not drinking tap water

No. 510895

Maybe, but even though you wouldn’t choose to drink it, you would if it was your only choice. Plus, I’ve lived all over the US and drank the tap water everywhere. She doesn’t live in Flint Michigan.

No. 510939

woudn't a brita filer solve that problem?

No. 510947

right. She's just showing how much of a spoilt entitled munchie she is! There's no tap water the bitch can't drink if she's thirsty enough. Next week I bet it's on her Amazon list

No. 510954

OCD? If you're thirsty enough, agreed. And kek I do and all you need is a filter anyways

No. 510975

15 my ass

No. 510983

And let’s be honest, all US tap water is regularly tested and has to meet standards. Also, bottled water often tastes better only because it’s chilled more than tap. And a lot of it is just repackaged tap water anyways. But enough ot water talk, honestly she’s just finally being held accountable for herself and is facing consequences for acting like a brat, and is trying to get sympathy and asspats in any way she can.

No. 511111

highly unlikely?!! yah it was attention seeking jeez theres no way thats not at least 65 or under… I can't imagine what people must think 65 will look like if it isnt this…….

No. 511120

File: 1519268287278.png (6.03 MB, 1125x2436, 652EA26B-BF4A-487D-B837-6AD58C…)

Becky at it again, showing off her bulimia scars but claiming they're something else? Why even post this…

No. 511128

This bothers me, why joke about it, and then make up a lie when the true reason for her fucked up knuckles are so obvious.

No. 511133

Ana-chan-munchie-queens lie.
She has been caught lying how many countless times and easily we can point out those at that actual weight she claims (or lower) with proper camera angles at her actual height and clothes she'd look way thinner. Compare to her older soopy naked self

No. 511151

File: 1519271124269.png (Spoiler Image, 453.97 KB, 1058x1035, 20180221_224239.png)

photo for reference
Look at her arms, chest bones. Bella towers this girl! She should look Trashly scary

No. 511243

@/betterbalancedbites is 5'2.5 and saying she's 63 (close enough to 65 in my book) I think she's closer to 70 pounds, but still, Bella (5'8) is more like 90. And for the record I don't think either of them are fat. I just strongly believe there is some manipulation of numbers

No. 511250

File: 1519282642097.jpg (91.05 KB, 356x606, 02-21.jpg)

I didn´t save the screenshot of Tilly´s post itself, fuck me because she´s deleted it. But I got the Sarahah she posted in her stories and it´s basically all you need to know.
#weightrestored #strongnotskinny #bopo

No. 511289

I mean if she deleted it, she seems to be inching in the "right" direction. Now, I hope she doesn't post more about her weight and intake to purposely trigger people in this next week, but if she make it this week without doing that, I think she's made some progress. But tbh it's not very clear what she posted to begin with and this kinda feels like a self post since no one else mentioned anything.

No. 511414

Semi related: I suspect Tilly sends herself some or most of her sarahah questions. She gets too much hate to make sense for such a small account. Yes we post about her here but it's already been proven she posted much of that herself, and no one on here is calling her fat or anything else that's half as OTT or half as fitting into her "everyone says I'm fat" narrative as what's on her sarahah. The questions she gets are way too convenient basically. She wants drama and attention and to look like a victim.

She also only seems to answer negative posts. I sent her a couple of supportive things awhile ago, like basically encouraging her to ignore the hate and focus on her health or whatever, and she never answered or posted them.

No. 511722

File: 1519336541749.png (233.65 KB, 750x1176, IMG_8257.PNG)

Another person claiming a bmi of 15 that clearly isn't. Bekah KNOWS better than to post any bmi or numbers that it can trigger others– even if it's a lie. She's trying to get attention. Can we start a thread of what people at 15 bmi actually look like? Notice how she doesn't put her knees together. It's be a give away she isn't severely low weight. And why share a pic where your car & clothes look filthy? Omg.

No. 511807

>>511722 is believe this is her "secret" account so she feels its somehow safe to post numbers? although i kinda believe she may be at a BMI 15… it seems shes beeen rapidly going down hill since she got out of that nursing home. i saw her live the other night and she looked pretty underweight. not white knighting because its still pathetic. i wouldnt be surprised if her guaradian locked her awway forever… she should be

No. 511810

File: 1519342040494.jpeg (873.98 KB, 1242x1233, CFC12569-7F03-40E1-A816-86281F…)

She looks old as fuck here, them wrinkles! Looks like starving yourself is paying off …. to look old like you get wrinkly like that when you’ve lost the roundness NASTY

No. 511847

She’s always had that secret account. She’s also never stopped being anorexic. Her recovery is about as real as all her fake illnesses.
On that note, one of the most noticeable things with EDS (as most of it’s invisible) is that people with it get very few, if any, wrinkles, even when they hit their 40s and 50s, and even if they’re underweight.

No. 512013

File: 1519351578270.jpeg (180.33 KB, 743x1094, A48990B6-278B-4107-812C-2E4D95…)

Looking for compliments bek?

No. 512030

Jeez she’s not even shy about being an attention whore

No. 512086

File: 1519354916866.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 148.63 KB, 640x1136, F2287AF3-CE6F-4435-932F-61B9A0…)

wtf is she doing? peeing in the shower?

No. 512123

Cos eggs, pb etc (proteins) are so hard to digest but all those super crunchy fruit and veggies are suuper easy? right Bella kek

No. 512135

dafuq you talking about?

No. 512143

i second this. alwaysmargi pisses me off to no end. blocked her bc i was sick of seeing her suggested on my feed. like move on with your life please

No. 512165

Awhile back (no pics srry) she posted pictures of animals in slaughter telling people to go vegan. On her recovery account 🤦🏽‍♀️
Wow that's a nice face right there

No. 512329


sure doesn't look like she's been using the shower for its intended purpose

No. 512338

File: 1519372704053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.99 KB, 400x340, whysweetbabyjesus.jpg)

What´s funny is she makes sure to pixel only the tiiiniest bit of her vulva, just so the pic doesn´t fall in the ´nude´ category… ew.
Yet she generously scribbles further down below where it shouldn´t be necessary

nitpicking but so what

No. 512345

Um that’s not how it works anon, that’s what teeth are for. I don’t think she’s planning on swallowing her fruits and vegetables whole. Nutritional content is what makes it easy/hard to digest; her flaw is that there’s protein in vegetables too. So does she mean she’s giving up meat?

No. 512407

File: 1519384870939.jpeg (161.05 KB, 750x1334, 033A94E7-6028-433C-AEA3-94F7B5…)

I don’t understand why Tilly does this… her followers/people are begging her to stop, stop using the ridiculous tags if she’s not in recovery, use trigger warnings etc. there’s some funny comments on it(stop self posting tilly)

No. 512427

>No protein
>Only dairy

Oh boy

And why the hell wouldn't you wear underwear for a picture like this? It's not like a thong is going to make you look ~fat~ or sth and these pictures are sooo uncomfortable

No. 512428

Why doesn’t everyone just report and block her? The comments are equally ridiculous because obvious she _wants_ to stir up drama and trigger TF out of everyone. They are just feeding into her personality disorder. Honestly maybe if we stopped talking about her on here too she wouldn’t stop be such a pathetic attention seeking cow all the time.

No. 512430

Tilly while you're here please address >>511414

Go study or something. Your online attention seeking isn't going to get you into Harvard

No. 512542

I reported it but Instagram said it didn’t violate their rules.

No. 513144

File: 1519448094069.jpeg (243.49 KB, 750x1149, 55938C8A-B56C-420E-9A07-EFC7EF…)


No. 513163

I need that tbh holy shit.
But gross. Why would anyone upload that shit? Keep it to yourself.

No. 513229

File: 1519463346868.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.78 KB, 428x834, thane1.jpg)

speaking of gross (Bella)

No. 513253

If she’s so convinced she’s dying why take nudes to get fish for comments on her weight? Go to the fucking emergency room instead of making sure all your followers know you’re a goblin

No. 513284

Exactly. And if she really was 58 pounds and 5'7 acute would send an air ambulance to her immediately. If you're at that point, it's admit now and plan later. I'm kicking myself with the body check in the background. How stupid do these cows think we are?

No. 513285


I thought she was claiming she was 5’9

No. 513286

Probably. I don't check her stories. I thought she used to say 5'7 but I could definitely be mistaken

No. 513287

Also if CHOP was no help, why would UCSD or ACUTE be any different, Bella? You have to try no matter where you go

No. 513291

She said she was 5’9 last I knew as well

No. 513297

That would make her 40% of her IBW. That almost unheard of. This is an acute patient analysis from 2010 http://www.denverhealth.org/medical-services/acute-center-for-eating-disorders/for-referring-professionals/eating-disorder-research-and-publications
The lowest IBW% they had was 42. From what I've gathered it's pretty difficult to be under 50% and alive. If Bella is around 90 lbs at 5'9 (my best guess) that would make her ~62%IBW-the average for acute patients. An average weight for their program would certainly explain a Friday admit. "Admissions are typically scheduled Monday-Friday before noon." If they were overly concerned she would be an emergency admit asap via air ambulance

No. 513347

If she's 5'9 and 58 pounds her bmi is like 7-8 and sorry but no. Even at 5'7 I don't believe it, although her not drinking water would give her a falsely low weight (as in she's just dehydrated and as soon as she drinks or gets a saline drip she'd suddenly "gain" 5-10 pounds since she never really lost far/muscle, just water).

She's obviously very thin but her bmi looks more like 11-12 to me, especially on a taller person since BMIs look thinner the taller you are.

More relevantly though she either needs to actually go to tx and try, or stop pretending she "wants" to recover but it's always someone else's fault (her parents, CHOP, etc) that she can't. She's an adult and this is her life. Time to get out of the gross basement, burn that toxic futon, and stop making excuses for doing nothing ever.

No. 513349

File: 1519488555864.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.9 KB, 610x931, F2137E7F-7772-4B3A-B8F6-05F00A…)

Valeria Levitin is 5’8” and 59 lbs umm yeah I’m just gonna leave that as an example for the whole Bella thing(emoji)

No. 513404

File: 1519491890235.png (2.51 MB, 1242x2208, 3EACD0A8-9712-4E00-B02E-8AE292…)

Also for reference: Struggle.baby who is (consistently) 5’7” & 90lbs

No. 513421

Lying about weight is cringey and all but come on, posting a random ana-chan as a comparison? Nice totally not obvious selfpost, dude.

No. 513440

The real question is:
Has Bella's brain really been starved to the point that she thinks 58 lbs is believable? Or is she being an attention whore? I can speak about UCSD and they will do involuntary holds, but only if you are practically dying. With her over exaggeration I think they would want her to go elsewhere as she'd be a negative influence (their main population is under 17s) She always ends up in a medical hospital where they won't refuse to treat her. I swear if she went to renfrew philly or something they would kick her out within a week for noncompliance

No. 513462

File: 1519496567537.png (73.57 KB, 1073x494, 20180224_132002.png)

Bella claims she's 5'8"
It's completely obv she's not a bmi of 7-8 ffs. It's crazy how many ppl believe her shit

No. 513498

I don't wanna be that person but I think of all the girls who are like 12 and actually believe her because they don't know better and get so angry that she's putting this out there publicly

No. 513522

Yeah, a few months ago when she posted a semi nude asking everyone what she looked like she weighed (without her height) people were like "oh my god THIRTY POUNDS" and shit and when a couple of people said 80 or similar she flipped and put them on blast for calling her "fat".

People lie about weight so much on IG and pose while trying to look like they're not, like in >>513404 the girl is thin and all but she's sucking in really hard, and jutting her runs forward and hips back. Many of the girls who look thin on IG would look normal irl even if they don't shoop, and many borderline skellys would just look thin. No different than the baddies whose "thicc" asses and tiny waists are all camera angles, except those girls aren't trying to get pity or glorify their fake forced EDs.

No. 513525

ribs* not runs, soz

No. 513726

File: 1519516647677.png (188.06 KB, 750x1166, IMG_8270.PNG)

Anyone got info on this girl? Is she photoshopping?

No. 513732

I think she’s an actual skelly. She’s a weird one to define. Posts a lot of selfies and creepy vasculature but doesn’t ask for comments on her weight or anything. She mostly seems sort of lonely.

No. 513898

File: 1519533529015.jpg (186.71 KB, 1024x1024, 20180224_233244-BlendCollage.j…)

so a year ago, bella claimed to be at a bmi of 10.5, whilst looking /exactly/ the same as she looks now. assuming she's 5'8 (which is bull because i specifically remember her telling someone she was "only 5'7" while asking for people to guess her weight.), she would've been 69lbs, which seems a whole lot more accurate than 58

No. 513917

File: 1519536072042.png (996.19 KB, 640x1136, AC96986F-4889-4ECE-A694-048F8B…)

The only differences I see are a hair cut and a tan. Otherwise she’s definitely still way in her eating disorder.

No. 513924

wtf. her face looks way different. wider, eyes further apart, and her nose doesn't even seem to be on the same plane as the rest of her face …???

No. 513945

Ugh korey. She’s so fucking boring and spoilt. Does nothing but whinge.

Bella always was and will continue to be a lying, malingering, creep. Someone should have locked her in a hospital and ignored her tantrums a long time ago. She’s looked and behaved exactly the same for years without any break.

No. 513949

Left: really pretty face (good facial proportions, nice smile), right: weird facial proportions (eyes super wide apart, ugly toothy grin). I would never have guessed that this is the same person. How is this possible?

And yes, she´s as anorexic in the right pic as in the left. True recovery queen.

No. 514003

It’s called optologia, sometimes happens after weight loss in anorexia and the eyes get pushed further apart the more you lie.


No. 514006

Idk tbh I could see it if she has lost weight since this photo actually. The other possibility is that the weight loss could have come from muscle mass/organ atrophy etc and thus isn’t necessarily noticeable. It seems hard to believe she could be 58 pounds but I mean bodies are so different and weird I feel like it could be possible. I mean really where could she lose more weight from? Other than her face, man her face always confuses the hell out of me how she just does not have that anorexic face that every single other emaciated anorexic does. It trips me out. I forget has she done videos with her full body or is it possible she is shooping?

No. 514034

She doesn't shoop but uhhh just look at someone like >>513349 or even skelly Ash if you honestly don't know how she could "lose more." There's no doubt that she's very thin, but there's a difference between a bmi of 12 and a bmi of 8. She's just banking on people not realizing this.

It's not any different from all the averagely thin girls who claim to have a bmi of 14-15. That looks pretty damn thin irl especially if you're tall but if you believe IG, every slightly thin girl who can push her knees out, suck in, and tilt her pelvis back is literally emaciated.

No. 514264

File: 1519585368502.jpg (292.44 KB, 720x1141, 20180225_195653.jpg)

Just stumbled across this one. Ash tier spoopyness and the comments on her pictures are disgustingly positive considering she's pretty much killing herself

No. 514265

File: 1519585408295.jpg (251.98 KB, 720x1028, 20180225_200033.jpg)

No. 514273

Jesus fuck

Does she brag about it or? I mean she has skeleton girl in her bio and that bizarre ass suicide diet line and says she can't work bc of her condition

No. 514278


Ew, I bet it's a bone fetish person like the one on deviant art who used to take pics of skeles in PVC.

No. 514280

A lot of anorexics attempt to hide behind diets. TBH she might not "see herself" looking ill and thinks her bio is convincing to others. Or she could be keto because she barely eats anything. I used to say I was vegan but that was only because I ate like five foods lol. I think that is fairly common. Looks like tumblr 2013 threw up on her though

No. 514362

File: 1519591723486.jpg (610.09 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_8283.JPG)

She's basically saying she wants ng tube. Yes, you are obliviously underweight. No, you're bmi is nowhere close to 8. Get a grip. You'd lose weight everywhere, including your face, chest etc. You're probably posing & photoshopping you're legs. I'm so sick of always seeing your legs.

No. 514366

LOL CHOC's ED program isn't even a real ED program. THey have protocol for ED patients but they aren't separated and don't receive the psychological therapy you would need. God Bella just admit you want attention because CHOC would not accept a 19 year old from out of state if they haven't been a patient in the past. Radys would be more likely to take her because they treat many out of state ED patients. Or she could just end up at her precious acute on Friday (if that isn't a lie)
I think all of this I'm going to hospital is a lie. She wants everyone to tell her she's sooper sick and needs to go to a CHILDRENS hospital (choc and radys are for children but will treat ya if they have been patients in prior years) All she needs is someone to give her the real truth and to go to a residential that won't put up with her bullshit. She wouldn't be able to leverage this much if she was critically ill. Her doctors would put her on a psychiatric hold due to her ~bmi under 9~ and inability to "care for her personal needs"

No. 514367

Holy bobble head. I sorta feel bad for obvious skellingtons getting preyed on by creepy fetishists since the girls are obviously mental but st the same time so many of them feed off the attention and validation of ‘successful anorexia’ that it’s hard to empathise.

If she knows she’s too physically busted up and skinny to model she knows someone complimenting her looks is a creep.

No. 514370

If she was a bmi of 9 and her body was shutting down like she says it is for as low ng as she’s claimed to have random symptoms of early organ failure, she’d have died 11 times by now.

Bella needs to fuck off and get the tube or quietly let her kidneys die of diet soda. The years of daily attention seeking and disgusting photos of her vulva has gotten old.

No. 514375

The difference in Bella & others is that not everyone is broadcasting: numbers for food & weight, every dr appt or symptom. Not everyone wants validation at being anorexic. A lot of people want to hide it & feel shame for their eating disorder.

No. 514378

Anddd they wouldn't risk trying to use an ng tube. Shed need to be on TPN.
I can't tell if all of this is a joke bc her parents are obviously concerned (they locked up the cabinets to try and help her stop binging) if she was medically unstable to the point where they could be her medical guardians, I think they would. OR if she's just mentally fucked and thinks she is super sick which like opposites mentality of true AN but I rest my case bc she probably has BPD too
the anatomical correctness kills me every time
Exactly so it seems like she needs attention more than anything. Idk how she would get that in a small medical setting. That's moreso validation from being "ill". I think that's why she keeps posting is that it draws attention and concern to her

No. 514383

Fuck is she only 19? I thought she was like late twenties. Jesus she’s rough looking.

No. 514414

Why does she think that anyone would believe her?

If this person >>514264 would say they're BMI is in the 9/10s I would believe it, but Bella definitely isn't. Not that she's healthy, but I hate her attention seeking

No. 514453

File: 1519599582639.jpg (366.94 KB, 1077x1568, _20180225_225813.JPG)

How is she at home with a glass of prosecco (on her story) if she has stab wounds? I'm skeptical

No. 514457

She was stabbed with a needle connected to a syringe? Or a pencil? Who knows

No. 514476

i dont really think she photoshops but there is no fucking way her bmi is below 10.5 lol. shes 11 at the lowest. seeing other girls her height and her siee have bmis 11-12ish. if her bmi was 10 or lower her face would look like a raisin. it annoying as fuck that she continually lies about her weight and her followers eat it up

No. 514497

Why are you namefagging?

No. 514501

I have to disagree. I think she's closer to 13. Her body composition is weird. She has lost the majority of her muscle, but still has some fat. That's why she doesn't look super emaciated or honey in her chest area. It's generally harder for purging anorexics to reach insanely low weight because of the mechanics of purging and they tend to have less muscle and more bf. But then again because muscle weighs more than fat, she could be a bmi of 11, but she looks more like 13ish to me.

No. 514523

She’s definitely not at 9. But she probably does need to be locked in a hospital, whether fed by NG or not, and also without her phone so she can’t be obsessed with posting about herself.

No. 514527

Exactly why she needs to be in a treatment center with electronic restrictions instead of a medical hospital

No. 514573

File: 1519606428096.png (722.57 KB, 640x1136, BDA9FF2B-710F-4F7E-9C3C-613B79…)

She’s 22 actually :/

No. 514589

File: 1519607820647.jpg (78.01 KB, 998x535, valeria-levitin-16875_w1000.jp…)


Valeria Levitin at BMI 9.

No, she's nowhere near that. An ex friend was BMI 9, I saw her half naked and no, Bella is nowhere near BMI 9. The face is especially telling. Sounds weird to say, but for an anorexic supposedly not in double figures she looks way too healthy.

Ashley wannabe.

No. 514612

Sorry fam don't know where I got 19 from then! She would have an easier time getting into adult hospitals then. She's from the east coast, correct? Why her obsession with SoCal hospital?
I mean she could just be lucky and not have a gaunt face. I'm not sure how much purging has influenced her facial puffiness or not but that could also be a contributing factor

No. 514696

File: 1519614174661.jpg (97.76 KB, 951x1227, 12.jpg)

Yeah, but the body though.

No. 514712

Oh dude I'm the anon who thinks her bmi is closer to 13. Yeah no where near 58 at 5'9 or 5'8 or even 5'7. Maybe if she was under 5 ft she would have the same bmi as she claims lol

No. 514948

File: 1519652225518.jpeg (196.31 KB, 749x1008, image.jpeg)

No. 514959

File: 1519654208777.jpeg (432.82 KB, 1276x1838, 535AA43F-9C32-4E08-B7CA-6FCBF4…)

No. 514960

File: 1519654243526.jpeg (478.66 KB, 1261x1815, 3264ED46-F09F-45B5-AF8E-88D0EE…)

Oh my fuccccck that’s her leg??? Christ wept

No. 515017

this looks like something that would be in a nosleep creepypasta

No. 515048

Why does what I assume is the leg next to it look normal?

No. 515073

cause of pajamas and blankets?

No. 515107

File: 1519667467655.png (982.6 KB, 1080x1228, 20180226_195005.png)

went lurking & jeez, she used to be pretty. anorexia is one hell of a drug

No. 515139

I'm surprised thatmckeegirl hasnt featured on here before-for someone who is supposedly in recovery she posts an awful lot of pictures showing off her thigh gap. She took a year off uni to recover but even after several admissions she's still not changed.

No. 515140

It's the first time she's ever really showed her legs. I also don't see and edema. Seems like she's asking for compliments/concern. Which makes me think it wouldn't be above her to shop this

No. 515146

Is that photoshopped or real?

No. 515186

She’s constantlt posting photos of her bloody legs. Boooring. We get it, you’re spooky and ear leggings.

No. 515189

Ugh, this cow. She was discussed quite a bit on the munchie thread before it got shut down, although she’s way more of an ana chan than a munchie, although she’s definitely both. She claims chronic illness as to why she’s so spoopy, but that’s a load of crap because she was on TPN but lost weight, which is impossible if you’re running it how it’s prescribed. Also, she can eat, and posts herself doing so, but definitely purges. She also left multiple hospitals because they wouldn’t give her strong enough pain meds, and because they kept saying she had anorexia when she’s just sick and is actually in recovery, everyone! Fun fact: having chron’s, GP and eds isn’t an excuse to be a skeleton, she has a feeding tube and is on TPN, and has done nothing but lose weight while bitching about every medical professional she comes in contact with and continuing to deny that she’s obviously just anorexic af.

No. 515194

File: 1519673257922.png (530.06 KB, 640x1136, 5EF11ECF-DE25-49A0-8365-0ABBD8…)

More whining from this one

No. 515202

Oh Bella…you don't want help. If you did you would go to the ER, you don't get help by crying on instagram.

No. 515286

What could anyone even do to help?? Like clearly she's just posting for attention but what's the fake thing she could even pretend she's looking for?

No. 515366

Patiently waiting for her plans to just disappear. I guess we'll know today about a hospital near her and Friday at the latest (acute apparently) to see if she ends up anywhere

No. 515390

Oh my fucking God. What a nightmare.

No. 515403


>asks her mom why she's crying

fucking really? is she stupid or just cruel? jeez i fucking wonder why it's upsetting for her poor mom to see a red and purple desiccated skelly where her daughter used to be. come the fuck on.

No. 515468

a thread with kenzie and macyeleni and those types would actually be really milky

No. 515477

She’ll claim they won’t take her and nearly killed her because she won’t comply, then she will come back and take more disgusting selfies to try and stir up more concern while she deliberately destroys her kidneys and accuses her parents of abuse from her filthy futon surrounded by litres and litres of soda.

No. 515514

File: 1519703611743.png (2.17 MB, 1125x2436, B244F0E2-EF4B-43BD-AC0B-4C4E77…)

Anyone know what Nella was implying here? I can't be fucked to try and read her medical records, but clearly she thinks it proves some type of point?

No. 515531

To anyone with a cursory knowledge of ED blood work she's really shot herself in the foot. So her sodium is a little elevated and the fucking thing even just says she has a level that indicates moderate kidney disease not absolute failure. This isn't the bloodwork of someone who isn't gonna make it to an ACUTE bed by the end of the week, I can't even imagine this bloodwork and her real weight would get her an ACUTE bed this fast.

No. 515540

Her estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) value (58) would indicate Moderate Chronic Kidney Disease (values ranging between 30-58). It's hardly surprising given how the eGFR is calculated and when you consider that the only values that really stand out as abnormal, are her creatinine, BUN-to-creatinine ratio and glucose levels. If anything, she is really dehydrated, but who would have guessed.

No. 515595

She needs to drink some water. Her kidneys are not failing, just being treated like shit. She’s basically let everyone know she’s lying and claiming to be near death when she’s fine, just dehydrated and stupid.

For all her efforts in saying her mouth tastes sweet/her breath has ketosis-smell/whatever other symptoms of dying she remembers from her Wikipedia binge, she’s given herself up really easily. She either thinks her results mean something serious when they don’t or she’s hoping her followers are more ignorant that she is

No. 515892

I mean I wouldn’t say she’s fine… she’s clearly very emaciated and at her state just a little dehydration is deadly. Although she does love the attention she gets for her declining health and worrying everyone by always wriggling out of hospitals and refusing help

No. 515899

She's under a doctors care.
Her doctor has the expertise/power to admit her if need be. Bella isn't in a place where her doctor thinks she needs to be hospitalized. She literally just has to drink something besides diet soda. No hospital will turn you away, but it's retarded to go to the hospital for something you can easily fix at home

No. 515924

Those actually look like pretty decent blood levels for an anorexic. Besides, if she was really dying like she claims to be, she would have been hospitalized already and not allowed to leave.

No. 515936

Swear I’m not WKing, but it’s not exactly that simple in the states. In case y’all are forgetting, everything costs money, emergency visits, a couple hours on an iv, everything let alone extended hospital stays. Doctors don’t really force you to stay hospitalized for your medical condition, only psychological. And since she isn’t psychotic or suicidal they won’t force her into hospital or prevent her from leaving. It just doesn’t work like that.

No. 515945

I'm from the us. From a state where it is more difficult to receive involuntary treatment than most. I don't know why you think we don't understand this when you don't even know how it works. The "grave disability" clause is used in non-suicidal ED patients. It's never simple, but if there is a medical necessity, it is far from impossible. With everything Bella is claiming she would be under at least a 3 day psychiatric hold. (Which can be extended) We all know she's lying about her physical state so there is no reason for them to even try to involuntarily admit her

No. 515952

I thought exactly this, too. That girl is proof that EDs make you fucking selfish. Her poor mother.

No. 515954

Yeah, just last week she was reviewed and the doctor provided a lower intake figure for her, for both solids and liquids. She mentioned it in one of her stories so she knows the exact figure of what she should be consuming right now. Bella just prefers the attention and worry she causes people over actually sticking to her doctors orders.

No. 515981

Yeah just dehydration. Sage for blog, but I had a level like that back in the day and no one even batted an eye because it's right in line with ED symptoms. That's why they don't just diagnose CKD from a metabolic panel. Also, anything out of the normal range will cause a flag to come back on a lab though. Doesn't mean you're dying or that they'll hospitalize you. I don't see any levels that would indicate hospitalization at least in the US. They'd recommend hydration and maybe prescribe a supplement or pedialyte kek(read the rules)

No. 516034

Second this. Also it's NEDA awareness so extra milky

No. 516050

Anyone know how to set up a new thread topic? I don't want to discuss their physical appearance or that kind of stuff moreso how illogical their claims are. For example Kenzie made a video basically excusing herself from not graduating instead of taking accountability for the fact that she was incredibly disruptive and truant. Which is pretty much the opposite of what she "preaches"

No. 516091

But… you didn’t actually sage

No. 516203

File: 1519774000766.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-27-18-24-26…)

No. 516210


Likely only getting fluids

No. 516223

She isn't even on heart monitoring lol. Def there for fluids. Then when she's out she'll be back to whining about children's hospitals and ACUTE and how she thinks she's dying

No. 516239

Her blood test wasn't even bad. Give her some fluids and any old residential tx could take her. Of course she'd last all of 2 days for non-compliance, but still… don't see why she needs to take up a bed at acute when she doesn't even need a heart monitor.

No. 516331


IIRC no other ana-related threads are allowed.

No. 516336

Kek they always look like some kind of soyboy knockoff. It really brings out the radfem in me tbh, I wanna castrate his bald ass(a-logging)

No. 516368

She reminds me so much of that girl from that “thin” documentary that came out years ago. Always playing the victim.

No. 516384

File: 1519786095772.png (Spoiler Image, 207.52 KB, 750x1203, IMG_8321.PNG)

This is about as proana 2000 as it gets. Bekah

No. 516388

Was that a recent post?!

No. 516435

No. 516449

What a dreary bitch. She needs to go home on palliative not waste resources by spending years killing herself in a masturbatory ego game.

Has she ever done anything interesting in her life or just starve and pose and complain?

No. 516474


I'm more confused about her "profile" pic on her medical records?

If you're talking about Shelley she even looks like her. Weird. I remember someone bringing this up in a previous thread

No. 516481

Righttt??? And her lab formatting too. I believe those are her labs but it looks like that Barbie computer game from the 90s to me

No. 516559

Right??! I believe they're her labs though because one would hope she'd do a better job of making herself look like she was dying if she made it herself kek

No. 516566

I think its some kind of online patient portal for accessing your personal medical data? Cringey picture to use though assuming it's just for her and her GP.

No. 516684

Does anyone know what happened to the lord swoledemort blog?

No. 516716

File: 1519826620013.jpeg (238.24 KB, 750x1074, 504CF720-8799-459E-BF3F-DD7F11…)

Does anyone remember clairethroughthelookingglass? Apparently she’s died

No. 516717

File: 1519826670337.jpeg (184.13 KB, 750x1061, D346B073-377B-4328-9DD2-09E152…)

people are posting on her fb as well

No. 516726

Dang I always forget that's a possibility. Not to be insensitive, but does anyone know why? Heart attack, suicide, malnutrition?

No. 516730

Based only on her recent posts I would assume suicide.

No. 516741

No. 516752

File: 1519832333620.jpeg (222.19 KB, 750x1189, 36F37574-9A2A-4C13-A8FA-C69CB2…)

She was hinting at it in her last post but that was over a month ago. It’s a pretty big deal for someone to complete suicide while on section so there’ll probably be news coverage at some point

No. 516769

She was complaining in a national (Welsh) newspaper about how she hated how she was treated at another hospital.

I always thought her writing about mental health was a bit off because she seemed so fucked up.
https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/health/anorexia-patient-slams-conditions-cardiff-13582680 (old news).

Sad, but hospitals aren't to blame and it seemed she had a massive hate boner for treatment places in general.

No. 516871


sorry if that already has been mentioned, but why is her blood sugar that high? (If we assume that she has not eaten inb4)

No. 516895

I understand that you don't feel like a human being in inpatient, but you aren't there to be treated with respect. You're there because you'll die without it
Crazy amount so of diet soda or from b/ping is my guess

No. 516970

It amazes me how people consider themselves victims in these situations. You want privileges in EATING DISORDER TREATMENT, you eat. That's how it is everywhere. "I was so thin and frail I made my mother cry but somehow that's the hospital's fault :("

RIP, but is anyone surprised?

No. 516986

maybe I'm wrong but isn't sweetener in diet sodas supposed to not have an influence on your bloodsugars?

No. 516994

File: 1519849603802.jpg (15.53 KB, 590x153, cc.JPG)


Some people overseas wouldn't complain if they had free health care. She was lucky she actually got a bed.

Anyway, no, I'm not surprised. Image related.

No. 517003

Yes. That's why diabetics can drink it (type 1) but in massive quantities I believe it can influence glusose levels
It's really hard to feel bad for her when she was so ungrateful for the help she was receiving

No. 517162

pretty fucked up to suggest that a hospital doesn't have a duty of care - it does, esp when someone is on a section

yes it is absolutely negligent for a hospital to allow a patient to complete a suicide, despite how you may view her previous behaviour. in no way is that acceptable treatment. surprised anyone is suggesting otherwise??

No. 517171

I feel like a lot of the people here are not from the UK and don't understand that a lot of the time the mental health system here actually does fail its patients and that you don't need to be grateful for fucking horrible care. Also yes, you should expect to be treated with basic human decency when you go into a hospital, and yes, it's to stop you dying, but oh look, they didn't do that either!

No. 517173


In recent human studies Sucralose has been found to increase insulin levels.

No. 517183

Sorry. We don't really understand it because it's pretty difficult to even get into treatment here that is covered by insurance. Our view of it is probably very different because here people die because treatment refuses to cover eating disorders. Obviously the NHS ED/MH system needs to be revised, but from my knowledge so many people there suffer because they are triaged and told they have to wait months. Claire was lucky enough to get a bed and it's clear she didn't want to recover. In the US, if you don't want to be there you get kicked out so it's impossible for me to have any sympathy for her being ungrateful for the care she was receiving–even if it was far below satisfactory. (Which obviously it was if she was able to kill herself) I truly hope the situation is investigated and her nurse/mental health worker is fired

No. 517189


people are dying here bc the conservating gvmt has cut mental health beds by 25%, despite RISING demand for them, and the hospitals themselves are underfunded and understaffed, so of incredibly limited therapeutic value a lot of the time. it is not a case of refusing to recover in an environment that's actually conducive to recovery. i have no idea what her hosp was like but you cannot blame a patient in hospital for suicidal thoughts for managing to carry out the suicide she had always told them she was planning. that's insane.

also yes, the waiting times for MH treatment here absolutely suck, i had a 12 month waiting list for basic cbt & there is an 18 month waiting list for dbt that i'm currently on. fwiw this gvmt is (was? not sure how it played out) being investigated for human rights violations against the disabled for the things they have done

sage 4 no milk / no1curr

No. 517202

You're spot on about the problem here being waiting lists.

Also, there isn't enough staff to watch someone every minute of the day. It's simple to smuggle in blades, booze, drugs, whatever on a psych ward because a lot of patients are desperate, form alliances and we're sneaky fuckers. I don't see how a staff of two nurses on one ward (perhaps one auxiliary nurse) can keep on top of activities.

I've been in psych units and I'm in the UK. I hated the staff because I was mentally ill. I think a lot of Claire's problem was with the staff taking away the control she thought she had. I had to be watched shaving my legs in the shower. Yeah it wasn't very dignified but they were trying to make sure I didn't cut or suicide.

I'm grateful as hell for our NHS even though waiting lists are a bad joke.

No. 517206

Grateful for the NHS, but horrified and despairing at what's being done to it - there will be a shit ton more Claires

No. 517207

I think I should add that my knowledge of the NHS also only comes from documentaries. So it's quite limited and it seems to be longer-term than our IP hospitalization in the us. I want to know how the hell she was able to do something like this to herself in the place she was supposed to be safe. She was in there for help and her own safety and they failed her. I wish she had been weight-restored sooner because I believe her thoughts and fear of having no control would have subsided a bit. She wrote so much about her experiences. Even though it eneded tragically, I think something will come out of it, if not only a conversation surrounding the care she did and didn't receive.

No. 517209

I watched a YouTube documentary about children who have committed suicide while in care and it was horrifying. I don't remember the same so many apologies. The worst part was they didn't even record them. I'm horrified that someone who is a risk to themselves would even have access to materials that could be used in their rooms completely unsupervised (also confuses me how everyone has their own room. I think roommates would help in many of the cases)

No. 517215

I think the answer is pretty much what's already been stated: there is no money in the NHS, so there is not enough staff, so patients can get away with wily shit that they would not be able to get away with if the hospitals were managed properly.

I know this is lolcow, but seriously, if you think it's on Claire that she managed to kill herself when she was in hospital FOR SUICIDE IDEATION, then you really need to reexamine that b/c it's genuinely fucking weird to put the blame on the patient in that situation

No. 517218

No. 517219

Were you logged in? If so, it should be in your history

No. 517221

I'm not shocked by it, someone managed to hang themselves in hosp where i'm from (worcester) but that doesn't make it any less of a failure of care in each case, a psych ward is the ONE PLACE where someone shouldnt be able to kill themselves. you can think whatever about the patients, but it should absolutely be impossible

No. 517225


Because she’s so dehydrated. She doesn’t have a normal amount of fluid volume in her blood so all of the components, like glucose and sodium, appear elevated.

No. 517242

I'm not taking sides but no one has mentioned that we don't know what actually happened. We don't know actual facts. Just what "she's' said in the past and what we've heard or read. We don't know any truths and we weren't there when *it happened nor do we know with 100% certainty that it was a completed suicide. It's all just speculation

No. 517306

File: 1519871245894.jpeg (152.35 KB, 750x1334, 0D07C485-3A5A-420C-959D-432A89…)

I don’t understand how anyone can support this girl anymore it’s disgusting. She’s a manipulative bitch and should be locked up.
Here’s her most recent “awareness” post. Ha Bekah all you want is attention.
I love the when do you get your feeding tube out comment though hah!

No. 517307

File: 1519871333688.png (387.6 KB, 750x1334, 479CC49C-6CFF-4C82-AA09-64D6DC…)

No. 517309

File: 1519871372135.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 9352D309-E750-4B26-AD3A-83FF5A…)

And I’ll post the attention whoring photos she put with it. Truly pathetic Bekah.

No. 517310

No. 517311

File: 1519871458676.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, 1B61AA1B-8291-4272-93EA-4E2096…)

No. 517312


lol not that it matters, but that picture shows up in her medical chart. so anyone who goes into her chart can see that…. super cringe and weird when people post selfies :|

No. 517313

File: 1519871491266.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, AF4E49DB-9BFA-4D3A-85F4-4752D3…)

No. 517314

No. 517315

File: 1519871534107.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 498CE4EA-71A6-4A70-A91B-9652E3…)

No. 517317

Those aren’t awareness…those are look at me look how sick I was also thought the seizure didn’t have anything to do with it Bekah?? Or does it now? Jeez you’re an idiot. Also most of those are posed in your favorite positions popping your bones out. This bitch.

No. 517322

File: 1519871883632.png (Spoiler Image, 231.65 KB, 750x1215, IMG_8332.PNG)

No. 517330

Not pro Ana? Are you kidding me????

No. 517333

Remember the satire account for jonzie? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if someone made one for bekah….

No. 517353

she needs to realise that putting that in her bio, doesn't make it so.

No. 517357

I’ve reported her acct multiple times for being pro Ana but they haven’t responded yet. Guess it’s not pro Ana enough for insta?

No. 517362


That dog! KEK Tell me he's a soooper well trained service dog

No. 517368

She looks like she’s posing, not even asleep

No. 517369

File: 1519875553401.jpeg (181.29 KB, 749x1070, 57B820ED-B996-4065-9E1A-5E8F7A…)

She looks like she’s 80 here lol

No. 517374

yeah, surprised it hasn't been taken down as it shows every characteristic of a pro ana instagram

No. 517418

Keep reporting. Let’s all report it. She needs to gtfo social media.

No. 517428

She ain't type a she's type attention-seeking

No. 517447

File: 1519880706640.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180301-000442.png)

Not anorexic anymore guys

No. 517448

She looks sooo different than she did Yesterday. No reason to go to treatment right Bella?

No. 517449

Ah yes that collarbone has definitely gained weight with the saline. That's a bmi 9 collarbone ladies and gents. Also that sneaky off the shoulder is my favorite Ana pose
If she didn't try so hard to look sick she could be really pretty. Her lips are actually really nice. They'd look even better if she closed her mouth

No. 517469

File: 1519882466806.png (153.6 KB, 1057x753, 20180301_003409.png)


They don't care

No. 517476

File: 1519882933551.jpg (1.83 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1519882785442.jpg)

before and after her huge gains from 9 BMI to obesity in 24 hours tho. AmI right on this assumption? kek

saged for shit shopping skills

No. 517560

But…isn’t she underweight because of her special snowflake physical illnesses? Kek she’s about as pro ana as it gets, and is trying to either hide it or get more asspats by claiming physical illness she can’t do anything about.
Yup same thing happened when I reported. IG just doesn’t give a shit, go ahead and post all your pro ana pics, cow, we encourage it!

No. 517567

Why are you announcing your sage?

No. 517593

Omg she said that she had body image issues at 3, what a load of bull

No. 517600

As far as I'm aware, Cygnet is a private healthcare provider that is affiliated with the NHS, not an NHS service.

Cygnet and Cambian are both awful hospitals and both owned by the same company and same people. The NHS is understaffed and underpaid, but the support staff who work in Cygnet tend to be poorly trained, apathetic, or some are downright power-crazy and so have taken a low paid job where they can wield power over others. Support staff tend to spend more time on their phones than watching patients, and are given an unusual amount of freedom when it comes to deciding what the young people im their care can and cannot do. The clinicians and managers are hugely overpaid for the little time they are required to actually spend at the home or hospital, and like to lock their doors when incidents occur. Staff are sometimes afraid to intervene in incidents and thus let them play out, or are entirely oblivious to what's going ob as they make themselves an elaborate dinner in the kitchen. It's no wonder this girl was able to commit suicide.

Sorry, maybe kind of irrelevant, but if this girl was in a Cygnet hospital then the NHS isn't to blame (though really they shouldn't be affiliated with these fucked up private practices).

No. 517602

Samefagging but it might not make it into the news. Cygnet has had patients die before - just last year a service user died from eating poisonous leaves in the garden. That never made if into the news.

No. 517607

Does Bella have a port? And why does she seem to have draped bits or gauze or bandage or some around her

No. 517611

File: 1519903065189.jpeg (251.57 KB, 750x1178, 92737972-0B9D-4D0C-B562-8DDE20…)

Less than 3 months ago an article was published expressing concern for the whole cygnet hospital group. There was also a documentary on channel 4 like a week ago exposing the failings of another private hospital chain (priory). It’s comoletely fucked up that nhs cuts are allowing these money grabbing private chains to make a fast buck off patients while cutting corners on safety to increase profits. Poor Claire. She may have been a deeply fucked up girl but she didn’t deserve to die in that place

No. 517619

I think those are the tapes of her hospital gown? And she also has ecg stickers and a gauze from having blood drawn. Bet she’d love a port tho

No. 517628

File: 1519908794584.png (40.01 KB, 721x251, Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 12.53…)

No. 517629

whoops thats the report from cygnet coventry. i went for a job there on PICU, got it but didnt take it,awful place(read the rules & usage info)

No. 517634

hey vcrowley1983 you can leave the email field blank

No. 517653

Don’t give her any ideas. We don’t need another ana chan turning into a munchie.

No. 517654

naw she looks like a horse and has a crazy snaggletooth situation

No. 517657

It's not like she actually had a choice, if she was on a section. People on sections generally don't want help but they can't just leave.

No. 517675

I hate that the NHS is wasting money over people who clearly would be better off dead. Taxpayers money shouldn't really be used for these vain and stupid people.

No. 517700

Claire was in a place that was supposed to help here. Regardless of what you think of her, she has been let down by the system. Think of her poor family. She shouldn't have died whilst under acute care.

No. 517707

I found this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-34317784

a patient murdered another in the hospital

No. 517709

JFC. I realize this is Lolcow and we are all assholes, but this comment…? She and other people like her would be better off dead?? WTF? Everybody here has probably suffered from mental illness and in some way or another can relate. She received terrible treatment, which probably contributed to her demise. That fact is waaay more fucked up than paying taxes into a public system that in theory exists to help all its people. Taxpayers money shouldn't go to terrible care. That is the fucked up thing about this. Just because people are mentally ill does not mean that they are better off dead. I get that it is hard to feel sorry for her, but regardless there is no denying that the system failed her.

No. 517710

Absolutely not. But why was she receiving care if she didn't want it. And why for so long? How was she able to either refuse meds or not take them in the first place and never gain weight. The hospitals gave her an environment to do the same thing she did in the community. Why did she get to keep taking a bed during the massive cuts when others who actually wanted help but were told they couldn't receive it because nothing was available. That's what my issue is at least. Why is care so long term but doesn't accomplish anything at all? And if she was sectioned, why no weight gain and potential access to dangerous objects at all

No. 517717

>>517710 I thought her face looked a lot fuller in her last selfie. Claire was sectioned, which meant she probably didn't want treatment. That doesn't mean the nhs will just drop her though. She made it very clear she didn't want to be in hospital, but her team obviously thought she needed to be there. I do agree that she seemed to get far more care than the average mental health patient, but that wasn't her choice?

No. 517727

I just think if they don't want to listen to advice from people and doctors then leave them be. You couldn't possibly be enjoying life when you look like shit and are starving to death. That's what I meant by better off being dead without burdening everyone else around them with something entirely self-inflicted.

No. 517728

>>517727 her personality disorder wasn't self inflicted though

No. 517737

She's been ip for over a year, right. What are they dilly-dallying on? Make her gain to be weight restored, give her community services and get her back home in a better environment. You can be home and suicidal/have a personality disorder/eating disorder. The way Claire talks about it, the environment of ip was the worst part. Why not just let her go home instead of forcing her to waste resourcing whilst doing nothing productive to help her achieve recovery? I don't think inpatient should be used for such long periods of time. It give staff the opportunity to get even more lazy and gives patients time to plan things like Claire seems to have. The poor girl obvious didn't feel like she had a way out probably because she's been cut off from the real world for an entire year. You can't fix or really treat uepd. The patients have to learn to live with it and manage symptoms, but like with all mental illnesses, if they aren't willing to do that you won't make any progress. She may have ended up back in hospital, learned how to manage her pd, gone to prison, had a family, but a personality disorder does not excuse anyone from anything. It's merely and explanation behind their motivations to do so

No. 517760

Americanfag here. THIS is exactly what I do not understand about the NHS/ED treatment in the UK - why do some people have to wait ages to get just OP treatment, while other people spend literally years going from one inpatient facility to another, all the while engaging in behaviors and not gaining or even LOSING?!? This is mind boggling. Off the top of my head I can think of two people doing exactly that - latteprincessmilly (has been IP for 6 years?!?) and without_the_mask_ - both of them have had extremely long term hospitalizations, continue to engage in behaviors and lose weight. I don't understand how the same system that has crazy wait lists for basic OP care also covers people inpatient for years with no progress. This is absurd.

No. 517766

>>517760 ukfag here and I agree!! In my area, you can have serious suicide attempts and not even be seen by a mental health team in general hospital. The waiting list for dbt is 2 years. You can't even be seen by the eating disorder team if you bmi isn't below 16 (even if you have life threatening bulimia.)However, once you've been inpatient once you're guaranteed to be readmitted very easily. Many people die whilst on waiting lists, whilst others can access treatment effortlessly. It's very sad.

No. 517810

I agree with you on this. How this girl can be inpatient for 6 years and when once asked why or when she might get discharged she didn't have an answer for either. She's clearly wasting taxpayers money and taking a place someone more needy could be using. Just because you fear living in the outside "real" world doesn't seem like a qualifying factor to me. It sounds pathetic and selfish

No. 517813

Actually the messed up thing is, these people are sectioned, meaning that they are being forced to stay inpatient. It's an issue of a totally broken system, not selfish ana brats who want to live in a hospital their entire lives

No. 517863

You are still calling HER selfish for staying in a hospital she DOESN'T WANT TO BE IN. It may well have been a waste of taxpayers' money to treat her there, but she had absolutely no choice whether to actually be there, so it's a moot point as to her 'selfishness'. She was under section, so could not have legally discharged herself

No. 517943

I don't think we agree with sectioning. And it's clear that you can be without a section (ashleyshalleat) at a point very much worse than Claire. Stop WFing and telling someone their opinion is wrong. Civil disagreement is fine but telling someone they aren't entitled to their own opinion is as disgusting as people saying Claire deserved to die. She shouldn't have been able to waste away when she was in treatment period. We don't let that happen in America. You cannot even get coverage if you are labeled as chronic. As horrible as that sounds, the people who are at that point have no interest in getting well. Forcing them into hospital is pointless because it wastes resources that could be better serving someone who actually wants help. The same thing happened in Claire's case. She wasn't sectioned for complying with treatment. That's for sure. Pretty sure you get sectioned for not complying and breaking rules. Regardless of the section, money should not have been spent on keeping Claire in hospital to feed her need for validation (BPD) or other mental health issues that could be addressed with her living at home. Her bed could have gone to someone with a bmi of 15 who had been waiting months and months but kept getting passed up by patients who don't give a shit but were more medically unstable

No. 517993

I was referring tolatteprincessmilly relax

No. 518019

when shes not in charged of her photos look at how relaxed and non protruding her collar bones are vs >>517313 when she sticks them out herself, fucking idiot she is

No. 518621

File: 1519996109936.jpg (1.28 MB, 1435x2266, Screenshot_20180302-080503.jpg)

Tilly's refusal to stop using recovery tags is really annoying and potentially harmful. I know you read here and I want you to get better but you have to stop using those tags

No. 518648

She also should probably stop sharing this kind of info anyway. Like if you’re actually suicidal pretty sure you’d move on to a different method of the first three ODs weren’t working, sorry to say it. But it’s clear she’s doing it for other reasons and obviously needs help but it kind of gives a bad idea to followers thinking it’s fine to just casually overdose four times in one week? Like then if someone was doing it for a cry for help or to get more help etc and then actually died because pretty sure it’s not a thing to survive four actual overdoses in that short of time

No. 518667

File: 1520002166290.jpg (583.48 KB, 720x1091, IMG_20180302_094315.jpg)

Also her story is a kind of questionable. First post from 19hrs ago she details her first 2 attampts, then today she's claiming 4 this week?? She deleted it (and no screenshot) but on Monday she posted that she was going to be gone from insta for a few days and she would be back Wednesday…? Something is fishy about this whole charade Tilly has going on. She deffo needs help… For a personality disorder! It seems like she's just wants the hospital shots. Most people who have made multiple suicide attempts are not immediately after asking people to hit them up on Saraha. Also the hashtag situation is just ridiculous at this point

No. 518935

Not sure how the Australian system works, but why would they let her go home if she attempted multiple times in one week? (Unless they deemed she wasn't actually trying to off herself or there was no room?)
Yeah I still 100% think she's got BPD or strong traits of it. Seems like she's only obsessive about school and in no other areas of her life. Makes OCPD seem like quite a stretch

No. 518944

I know here in the UK they will see if a patient is harming themselves more in regards to having the attention of treatment, it's why patients who hang themselves aren't always treated so seriously as they think well "staff will save me". If you take light overdosessuch as just antidepressants then you're going to be booted.

No. 519021

tilly went live on IG in the hospital, I popped in near the end, but this is what i gathered: They were taking her back to her bed, after she left it for some probably ridiculous reason. she whined to whoever was walking her to her bad that she'll be 18 in 6 weeks, so she shouldn't be in pediatric care. Once back in her room, she whined that they got rid of her breakfast, but she didn't want any new food of course. Then, once the staff left her room for a moment, she took off her hospital gown and showed off her bones and complained about how fat she is now

No. 519027

File: 1520031976263.png (698.5 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-03-02 17.54.31.png)

No. 519030

File: 1520032002587.png (846.42 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-03-02 17.55.47.png)

No. 519031

File: 1520032022661.png (746.52 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-03-02 17.56.59.png)

No. 519032

File: 1520032050694.png (791.92 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-03-02 17.58.12.png)

No. 519073

I watched the full thing as you can now watch them after the fact. My god I officially have no sympathy for her. She was absolutely intolerable and incredibly rude to anyone she came across and acted so entitled. Like she was giving a nurse shit for “lying” about looking for a phone charger for her just to get her back to her bed, but like the nurse was literally just doing her job and was also being so nice while at it. Also she was walking around the fucking hospital barefoot, who the hell does that? That’s disgusting. Also when a different nurse was telling her she needed to be back in her ward because of the stuff she was connected to, tilly was trying to be sassy and reaching for validation probably and said how she doesn’t need to be hooked up to anything and the nurse then was like “you’re right actually, so let’s go back to your ward so we can get you disconnected from it” LUL I laughed. Probably wasn’t expecting that answer ahaha so ya I call bullsjit there’s no way in hell you could be walking around a hospital like that if you’ve actually just had a real overdose

No. 519090

Can't be that ill if she's frolicking around showing off. I wish a nurse would catch her and take that phone off her.

No. 519110

Who pays for these bullshit hospital frolics?

No. 519139

God she really is an insufferable troll. What a spoilt piece of shit.

No. 519190

I’m sure that nurse is real thrilled to be on a live IG video too. Once again Tilly proves she only cares about herself and getting asspats.

No. 519273

tilly is live on IG rn and she just took a bunch of pills LIVE to overdose in front of everyone or some shit

No. 519278

she just said, "none of you guys know where i live, it's kind of funny that you guys cant do anything" what the actual fuck tilly, she left the hospital (still has the thing in her arm from it) and now her attention whore-ing ass is giggling hysterically while saying shit like "nobody knows where i live (:"

No. 519283

I'm an outsider as in I don't even begin to understand why these girls do this to themselves, but…

Wouldn't it be a little more logical to go and do something about that nose if you want to be prettier before you worry about the rest of your body?

No. 519290

bahahaha tilly is calling people dumb idiots and she told some chick named baily "literally nobody cares about you" then blocked her and called her a piece of shit and a little bitch. then someone called an ambulance and she called them a fuckwit and now shes telling everyone to suck a dick and saying fuck you and this shit is hilarious yall. She said "i just wanted to spend my last few minutes with you" but the pills she took are gonna take days to kill her lmao shes gone mad

No. 519297

she called another chick a cunt, bragged about how smart she is and the high level chemistry she does. pretended to pass out. now complaining that the recovery community is mean to poor tilly, then ended the stream

No. 519300

Lol totally just proved how full of shit she is. When she was getting all pissy at people for calling an ambulance she said “you guys know I have a life right? I have a life, I don’t want to be in hospital. I’m a genius blah blah blah” lul okay but if you were attempting to overdose wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of you saying you have a life? Christ I’m actually mind blown that she’s this self centred and attention seeking.

No. 519303

File: 1520050951287.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-02-23-00-59…)

my fav part was when she decided to take her shirt off and body check before peeling off her stickers

No. 519305

File: 1520051020336.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-02-23-14-38…)

this was probably the highlight tho, when she pretended to pass out to scare everyone

No. 519325

Would've posted this on the munchie thread but it seems to be dying, so has anyone seen meanexwife on tumblr? she's claiming to be "chronically ill", uses a cane, multiple braces, and now has a puppy she's training to be a service dog. The thing is years ago she openly talked about having an eating disorder but now claims she's just sick in order to avoid recovery.

No. 519327

Ashley the bonelord is apparently homeless now and is begging for donations so she can find an apartment for herself. No clue on how is she going to pull that shit off in her condition.

No. 519355


she has her own thread anon

No. 519358

She is incredibly toxic doing this…those poor followers panicking and no doubt triggering them as she manipulates and manipulates for some notoriety on recovery instagram. She can't expect "support" if she's doing this nonsense.

No. 519376

No. 519430

munchie stuff got banned since many anons couldn't control their blogging. some anons went and started reddit/r/illnessfakers as an alternative. you'll get a warning if you try to post munchies here atm.

No. 519487


Any updates on that anorexic and her crazy mother?

No. 519491

File: 1520080522256.jpeg (70.16 KB, 640x1003, CB22DA9F-0EE1-4334-9F89-C8A8AD…)

I haven’t had any luck finding them, but this came up when I searched her username the other day. So I guess that means their account was reported enough that it was deleted, not them who chose to self delete

No. 519536

No. 519820

File: 1520108705568.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-03-15-22-19…)

Holy disaster zone eyebrows. And those lashes?!? This is like scary clown level bad

No. 519920

File: 1520118514770.png (152.02 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8291.PNG)

not sure how legit but this was in the comments (if you can decipher it)

No. 519975

American Horror Story material

No. 520025


InB4 it makes headline at the Daily Mail. If the assertions in the blog and comment are true, news of her death and the ensuing inquiry will blow up.

For anons who want to read more about the failings of mental health treatment plans in the UK, look up the Beth Shipsey case.

No. 520049

She’s so gross, between the eyebrows and eyelashes to the clown makeup, spoopiness, general cunty personality, and general lies. She doesn’t realize that no one cares about her anymore, because they cared for years and years and she just never made any effort to get any better.

No. 520174

File: 1520135632678.jpeg (339.22 KB, 720x1149, 056D3589-9DAD-493F-B7D7-66E4EC…)

Tilly’s recovery has posted up a half hearted apology

No. 520175

Followed by a story saying psychiatrists are dumb and that she's talked herself out of a 4th admission this week. So over her bull shit antics she is a worthless cunt

No. 520191

I read this comment too

ya it's lolcow and everything but i still am so disturbed by the fact she was allowed to die on this ward

No. 520331

File: 1520157015849.jpeg (245.46 KB, 750x868, 98B29E16-7DD7-41E5-BBA0-EE9F82…)

I commented on Kimiperi’s latest photo on insta saying how I loved her a lot and care for her etc. but I also said “I hope you are well” and I stated I know that she has dealt with eating disorders in the past and that I hope she stays safe because come on she doesn’t look “naturally thin”. I also said how “You always get really defensive about the matter” and that I was worried, because she’s showing obvious red flags.

She deleted my comment in less than an hour. Continues to reply to all those who ass lick her, and putting on a fake “nice person” personality whilst being overly sarcastic and snarky to those who question her weight and if she eats. :U

No. 520334

I don't know why you're surprised. She's been pulling that shit for ages

No. 520335


I’d been following her for a while but didn’t realise how fucking sly and fake she is until now. I suspected something but now she has acted on something it’s quite clear what she is really like.

Healthy and Vegan my ass. More like I’m Vegan so that I can restrict even more.

“How do you stay so skinny?~ ”
“Magic and food” “My bone structure is small” “I’ve always been this skinny” bitch fuck off. Makes people think this size is natural.

She also deleted my next commented when I asked why she deleted my comment LOL.(cowtipping)

No. 520484

File: 1520186917585.jpg (471.81 KB, 1079x1685, Screenshot_20180304-180740.jpg)

Chantelle is a real person who is inpatient. I think her story is legit.

No. 520594

I contacted a friend of a friend who's a MH journalist re: Claire's death to see what he makes of it. I included Chantelle's comment as well. Figured he'd know more than me as to whether he can make a story out of it, but I'm weirded out I haven't seen anything at all in the mainstream media yet.

No. 520595

>>520594 i'm guessing they can't say anything until the police investigation is over?

No. 520611


Maybe? I don't think an active police investigation necessarily means it can't be reported on though, there is lots of stuff on (for example) murders and missing people, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case I don't really know anything lolol

No. 520612

>>520611 or maybe her parents simply don't want it public?

No. 520622


Maybe - but claire was so vocal about MI (whatever we thought of her methods of being vocal) that i suspect she at least would have wanted it public

No. 520640

sorry reply feature isnt working on my phone format. In response to person feeling bad about Claire’s death: dont be - she isn’t the first to die as an inpatient and she won’t be the last. The system is not fit for purpose in general, the current approach to treating mental illness is still in the dark ages compared to physical illhealth and that’s the biggest issue. People are dying on psych wards on a weekly basis but most never make the media because they weren’t bloggers/ activists. These are the real victims. Claire was determined to be the best anorexic. She stated consistently for the last few years how she wanted to let her anorexia kill her. She had no desire to take any responsibility for her own recovery. Also to clarify; she apparently died due to a completed suicide attempt, not directly because of her anorexia.

No. 520661

Before I read your comment I was going to write about how many people die on psych wards. Same as young kids on remand. They don't all get reported because it's common.

No. 520727

File: 1520206600675.jpeg (106.3 KB, 750x949, 9617727E-BAC8-4EC5-8C85-5E2AAB…)

Bekah made an “awareness” video….sure awareness more like let me show off my ed video ugh. I’ll post more shots from it it’s gross like literally just sick pics of herself. Seriously wish she’d just get over herself

No. 520728

File: 1520206625150.jpeg (110.72 KB, 750x996, B6C2BB6D-05DE-4703-AFFB-C43639…)

No. 520730

File: 1520206674851.jpeg (124.97 KB, 750x925, 4A72662C-71EB-4161-AA9A-155E7E…)

That’s not fucking awareness, that’s you showing off when you were doing everything you weren’t supposed to at the hospital. Ugh

No. 520735

No. 520736

File: 1520207241755.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.42 KB, 746x1027, A78284F8-A37B-4ACB-9428-9734FA…)

Fuckin really?

No. 520737

File: 1520207270523.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.48 KB, 750x1103, 8D53DC10-268B-4292-ABFF-61A3DD…)

Gotta show off that nose hose huh??

No. 520763

suicides are often not reported due to the effect the reports have on other suicidal people.

No. 520765

>hey everyone please be aware of my eating disorder

No. 520808

I don't follow bekah other than what I see on this thread, but the weirdest thing to me is that she always looks so healthy. even in these pictures when she is thinner than now, she doesn't have that sick look at all. Her skin is nice other than the over tanning, she always seems energetic, her eyes have light in them. I just never read her as sick at all so her personas as a tragic spoonie ana seem laughable.

No. 520812

I agree. I feel like she was sick the first time but just wishes she was that again. She wants to be sick. She isn't sick. She isn't underweight like others. Look at her face. Perfect example. People who are actually underweight you can see it. Their face basically sinks in. You see all the bones. Bekah never.

No. 520851

Kek another ana kween who doesn’t understand ‘ed awareness week’. It’s not Bekah awareness week, and you can’t celebrate being in recovery if you’re making no effort whatsoever. And those poses show fairly conclusively that she doesn’t have any of the physical illnesses she claims (those poses would be impossible). She’s such a shameless attention whore.

No. 520852

Someone who’s suicidal will find a way, no matter how many safeguards are in place. Even if the hospital fucked up some, she died because she was determined to die. If they would have stopped her now, she would have found another way.

No. 520866

Maybe she would not have been so determined to die had she not been locked up in a shit hospital

No. 520918

File: 1520224501527.jpeg (206.14 KB, 741x894, DC5253F2-F3AC-4401-A829-E2F162…)

Have you noticed every photo she absolutely haaaaas to tilt her head to show off her tube. Always.

No. 520966

Oh no can you imagine the number of dislocations she'd have from this if she actually had EDS

No. 520985

File: 1520232036480.jpg (152.43 KB, 750x1334, 28752990_574108149612028_14242…)

tilly at it again kek

No. 520989

Wish she’d just fuck off. She’s just stupid and probably still selfposting here and on Sahara. I’d feel bad if she wasn’t mentally slower than a wheel of cheese.

No. 521016

People with eating disorders/illness, children, and the elderly are all exempt from fasting. She's trying to fit a narrative again. Honestly I hope she gets admitted somewhere. She very clearly needs some therapy or med management. The comments on her apology post are very telling

No. 521065

File: 1520244674936.jpeg (150.02 KB, 750x1221, 3DFEE944-1070-4D3F-B1AD-BBACA0…)

I hate adding to the conversation about Tilly because it’s evident that even if she starves herself, she feeds off the attention she gets by being an actual lunatic, but I followed the link on her YouTube connected to her mpa and hooooly fuck she is actually cooked.

No. 521066


thought tilly had short blonde hair

No. 521071

Why the fuck have 223 people watched some batshit child pace back and forth? Did she watch it herself over and over?

No. 521072


How in the 22 mins since you posted that screenshot has she removed those videos from YouTube?

Hi Tilly.

No. 521076

She’s been self posting for weeks. Even streamed a fake overdose just to post here. The girls retarded.

No. 521092

Not Tilly. Everything she’s self posted so far has been boring as fuck anyway, was just trying to find more of her MPA posts. She linked her YouTube in the signature.

No. 521118

Whether or not you're tilly is irrelevant, either she is here reading or someone tipped her off. She removed her video ocntent within the 22 minutes of the post being published. Is it worth talking about her? It's just feeding into her addiction for attention.

Plus, who on earth lies abotu staff nearly dislocating their jaw and punching her in the ribs? Risking someone elses job just because you're an attention seeking nut job isn't on.

No. 521129

UKfag here - I’m not denying that the mental health system here is awful, that the care is distributed unfairly under the premise of being able to be accessed by all, and that as a result Claire was not being cared for as she should have been… but how is it possible that the hospital have failed their duty of care when she herself claimed that security was so tight she wasn’t allowed sanitary towels yet was able to (supposedly) kill herself in hospital. I agree with the other anons… if she was so unhappy in IP she should have been released. Sometimes people are so unwell that even the most perfect care standards couldn’t save them, it’s a sad fact of mental illness just like it is of physical illness. RIP Claire, and I honestly hope if you were failed then the people responsible are punished.

No. 521131

Does she think everyone thinks she has an eating disorder? If I saw someone tubed who wasn't too spoopy (or even if they were), I'd think they had a problem with their organs or something.

No. 521141

What's Tilly's mpa account? Maybe she has the videos unlisted and pnly available from there? Idk.

No. 521157

It's a fairly new account, she's only four posts (unless she's deleted any since seeing this thread) or something on there, youtube link was in her signature. It's named after bleach I believe (Hydrogen Peroxide).

No. 521161

Sorry to doublepost/samefag, but damn: http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/3069586-please-help-me-kill-myself-im-desperate/page-1

Disturbing read, she is twisted. Imagine doing that to people? She didn't just do it to people live, she took it to the boards for max attention and pats.

No. 521182

can you post a screenshot for those of us w/o mpa?

No. 521191

File: 1520263597349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1017.36 KB, 1888x2436, TillyMPA.jpg)

Wasn't too sure how to go about it, but attached. All through the post, people were being nice to her, talking her down, trying to find common ground etc. to de-escalate the situation, and of course every single time she just upped things.

If it was any other forum you'd be banned for this, even if temporary. It's distressing to everyone involved and can trigger self-harm etc. feelings of helplessness often set off control responses and internalisation.

No. 521200

File: 1520264418883.jpg (109.38 KB, 602x492, candlesnom.jpg)

No. 521221


wtf I´m sitting here and like 4 or 5 methods to kill myself come to my mind (I´m not suicidal though)
So I don´t believe that she has no ideas. Just all for the attentuuuun

Also: Imagine her future employer reading this and seeing the pics and vids.
That´s what I´m thinking about all the cows and snowflakes. Do they have absolutely no shame?

No. 521232

People like her never intend to ever work, so it doesn't matter. Professional ana forever.

No. 521272

This is just downright pathetic.

No. 521463

Tilly here. I haven't selfposted anything on here since my original ban a couple of weeks ago. I've also - honest to God - never asked myself questions on Sarahah. I admit that the MPA thread was just looking for attention, but that's what I do. I'm a very lonely person who seeks validation on the Internet. I'm going to try to find other means of getting something out of life, but I digress - I do lurk here. I took down my videos because shockingly, I don't want a bunch of strangers laughing at me for them. I'm going to do my best to stop doing embarrassing, attention seeking things and in return I would very much appreciate that people stop posting on here about me. That's all.

No. 521479

You sure aren't trying very hard hunny. Call your fucking psychiatrist instead of traumatizing your followers and get your personality disorder addressed asap

No. 521488

Newton's third law. Action/reaction, etc.

No. 521492

Get off the internet and start focusing on something fucking relevant. This shit is not cute.

Go make some friends, volunteer, get a job, go on a trip, see the world beyond a bunch of cringe girls exaggerating their own minor disorders on the internet for attention.

You could be healthy if you stopped trying to be sick and tbh no one gives a fuck if some random average middle class white girl feels sad and wants the internet to think she's skinny.

Move on and do something that matters. Find some self worth in something with value. Fucking contribute.

No. 521515

Tilly, do you think there is a correlation between why you're lonely and the retarded bullshit you put strangers on the internet through for your own self validation? I'm going to make no leap at all and guess that you are equally rude, self righteous, obnoxious and attention seeking IRL and have no friends. THIS is what you should work on - how to get positive attention and reinforcement from people around you instead of trying to manipulate them into the reaction you're looking for. Get professional help. Deal with your shit. Stop being a victim and take responsibility. If you weren't such a ridiculous shit show on the internet nobody would talk about you in this forum.

No. 521537

Until you actually change your behaviour no amount of excuses are gonna do anything and the people who do support you will drift away. You have been made aware of the shit you do so stop. If you don’t I have no sympathy for you.

No. 521615

-Didn’t want to be laughed at by strangers but uploads deliberately embarrassing videos.

-totally not self posting and lurking obsessively but deletes videos within 20 minutes of posting them and removes saraha link from bio minutes after anons mention she’s asking the questions on it.

-refuses to acknowledge deliberately upsetting and scaring her followers with her attention seeking. Instead justifies it with wah wah I’m so lonely.

-pretending she’s fasting for religious reasons to fish for ‘no don’t ur so skinnneeeee’ comments

-accusing mental health workers of assault and battery but no formal complaint or cops, ergo bullshit. Her bruise is either makeup or from her attention seeking with nooses.

-weekly declaration of ‘im gonna get better now I’m sorry for being a dumbass’ immediately followed by live-streamed scare tactics, self posting, announcing plans for restriction and relapse and non-suicidal overdoses.

-declaring a break from social media for mental health, posts ten stories a day.

-repeatedly refusing hospital admission despite claiming to be suicidal. ‘Poor me I won’t use the ample resources available to me cause psych staff don’t cater to my obvious bullshit poor meeeee’

-calls self a genius and scientist for getting reasonable marks in high school. Still stupid enough to dedicate entire life to obvious ploys to be childish and coddled forever.

-obsessively following accounts of children (13-15) forcing themselves to develop a mental illness because they’re also stupid.

That’s you Tilly. That’s who you are. The fact that you choose this is why you’re lonely and sad. Grow the fuck up and stop dedicating your entire life to being mentally ill. You’re not cooked just a little bit sad for fucks sake.

No. 521658


If you really want to stop embarrassing yourself you need to get off the internet.

People will only discuss you on here when you pull the shit you've been pulling. Stop posting all of these antics online. Problem solved.

No. 521709

File: 1520302893894.jpg (273.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-05-19-40-38…)

Confirmation slash a shock to literally no one

No. 521785

I don't deliberately upload embarrassing videos. I was whacked out on Valium for almost the entirety of last week. I made plenty of dumb videos whilst under the influence, but I'd like to think that I wouldn't do that sober. I removed Sarahah from my bio because the questions I was receiving were ridiculous (things such as asking if I would fast for Ramadan) and I was following the advice of people on here - the advice being to stop feeding into the drama. I did fast for religious reasons as I missed it on Ash Wednesday and didn't get around to fasting until yesterday. I understand that sick people are exempt, but it's something that'd actually very important to me. And there has been a formal complaint made. The police have been contacted and the CCTV is being investigated. Just because you don't like my character doesn't mean I'm lying about my experience. I was repeatedly discharged from hospital because I was medically safe and had only been admitted to ED the first three times that week, and the fourth time was because I had been abused by the staff there, hence why I convinced the psychiatrist that I was mentally well enough to go. And I never said I was a genius, but I make an example of my marks in school because, contrary to popular belief, I'm not stupid. Lacking in common sense, sure, but not stupid. And those children - there's only three of them - are people I personally know and have been inpatient with, not strangers that I'm trying to influence or whatever. And please don't say that I'm "just a little bit sad" - like I said, your disliking my character doesn't warrant dismissal of my problems. They are very real.

Anyway, I'm aware that this is a blog post and not allowed, but I felt that this needed to be addressed. I'm not doing stupid things anymore because I genuinely do want to change my life and my account into something better. Mods, feel free to remove this, but please don't ban me again, I genuinely enjoy laughing at the other lolcows on here.

- Tilly(blogposting)

No. 521813

File: 1520315417746.png (5.11 MB, 1242x2208, 3F787CF1-7A5D-4C4F-914E-922A15…)

I just

No. 521833

her YT channel is horrendous. She has a complex about veganism and lowkey guilts people who are recovering eating animal products
Seemed genuine at first but is now totally recovered and totally unrestricted on a vegan diet

No. 521835

I forgot one;
-you’re still stalking this thread and posting about yourself.

Tilly how do you think you’re a genius when you’re this fuckin dumb?

No. 521855

File: 1520324135089.jpg (66.14 KB, 502x353, imbetterthanothercows.jpg)

>I would very much appreciate that people stop posting on here about me.
>please don't ban me again, I genuinely enjoy laughing at the other lolcows on here.

She actually believes that she´s more worthy of protection than other cows. You might think lurking a little might give you an idea of how it works but obviously it´s too complex… even for someone doing aDvAnCeD cHeMiStRy

No. 521859

Careful she’ll livestream herself taking a couple of anxiety pills again.

No. 521861

File: 1520325007334.jpeg (384.71 KB, 750x1145, DB687359-0069-4B46-994A-519C8D…)

‘I’m gonna stop posting embarrassing stuff’
Immediately posts this bullshit.

No. 522045

File: 1520351498088.png (638.88 KB, 1162x686, Screenshot 2018-03-06 at 10.50…)

It's all sort of hilarious. She's obsessed with herself…

>named her butt "Wanda"

No. 522169


"Thick Thighs"

???????????????? where?

No. 522323

File: 1520373115566.png (490.43 KB, 1165x703, Screenshot 2018-03-06 at 4.51.…)

Right here!


No. 523393

look at meeee i ordered a salad i feel so fat i can't stop wiping oil off my veggies….. look how sick i am guysss

No. 523632

File: 1520470627804.png (241.1 KB, 750x1219, IMG_5194.PNG)

Is it just me or does Paris look better recently? She doesn't look to have gained real weight persay, but her face eyes look more alive to me

No. 523637

Honestly I was kind of thinking that too and didn’t know if I was crazy for thinking it. Maybe it’s because she has gained weight but it’s gone only to her organs and with her organs functioning better she looks better in the face? Idk

No. 523672

Looks the exact same to me. Same place, probably same weird dance, blah blah

No. 523725

I agree. She hasnt gained weight. But her eyes have a tint of actual happiness in them. Rather than just sadness.

No. 523872


LOL y’all serious?! Double taking… nothing but a skeleton/zombie…… wtf

No. 524079

Paris is never going to gain weight- and she's never going to recover (or even try) to recover. She will probably be posting the same inane photos and videos in 5 years from now and still getting her knickers in a knot over slicing up cherry tomatoes for her sandwiches. She doesn't want to recover as being sick gives her so many IG followers. She will still be stuck in her childish world of Disney and tsumtsum so when she's 50 ( if she makes it that far). She keeps banging on about 'the bridge'- she needs to get therapy and move on not keep wallowing in self pity.

No. 524345

File: 1520547126834.jpeg (644.35 KB, 1274x1892, B5CA3101-8C8B-424B-9BC0-1AB720…)

Might mean Morven is being admitted again?

No. 524365

Shocker. It’s still weird that she used to openly discuss being bulimic then anorexic and all the laxative abuse but then clammed right up and pretends it’s a physical illness as though people are stupid and believe it.

She needs to be put in treatment and needs to have her phone and shit taken away until she complies, stops bullshitting, and stops smashing her head into the walls when she doesn’t get her way.

No. 524663

File: 1520583465286.png (229.63 KB, 750x1200, IMG_5209.PNG)

When MFP congratulates you for getting closer to your goal but you have to pretend it's some deep-ass metaphor over being congratulated by society but really it's a computer program that doesn't give a shit about you and is based off of your own twisted goals "you're one step closer to your goal weight!"

No. 524673

Does that mean this person has their goal actually set in MFP as lower than their current? When I was active in my ED I had a low goal set, when I went into recovery they terminated my account due to said low goal that I didn't change. Suprised that they don't do that with more eating disordered accounts.

Good points and rants though, but maybe said person should also reevaluate if the goal weight they set on their account is actually healthy for themselves if they are in recovery (Or if using MFP is at all). MFP is just software at the end of the day, it doesn't know that you're dying, it just goes by numbers. There's no emotion behind it.

No. 524745

File: 1520601151821.jpeg (552.74 KB, 750x1190, E83A03E5-A012-46FE-82E1-BE8B22…)

Seriously bekah?! Like if this is not photoshopped I’ll be so surprised I mean this is a terrible photo in quality it’s literally just for to show the leg which looks oddly small given her recent photos, I only have the bekah not delicate ballerina account but is she really this thin now?

She gets her ng and then loses all the weight ? It’s not working obvi pull that shit!

I don’t get it if she actually had gp and didn’t gain weight a doc would never allow her keep the tubes they’d do something else! It’s so obvi just an accessory to her

No. 524748

File: 1520602860041.png (174.54 KB, 750x1213, IMG_8410.PNG)

So the point of this post is to show off her Patriots {mostly like size large} sweatshirt? Why is her leg sticking out??? A normal person would not take a photo like that. She is posing. Like always. And has anyone considered she is wearing larger clothes to appear smaller??

No. 524774

Yes! Everyone looks smaller in relation to big clothes, a true smelly wears an extra small already and that’s baggy, all of her like wishlist hoodies are medium and large so we know she buys bigger sizes

But anyway I think the leg is shopped I mentioned that on my post here>>524745

Something is off her legs don’t even look like that in normal pictures

No. 524817

>>524774 i actually dont think its photo shopped i follow her other account and shes def drastically smaller. but yeah this picture is clearly not to show off her patriots gear its to brag about being a skeleton again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 524888

Interesting to see how fast she declines with the nose hose, out of the nursing home back with an nose hose, and skelly again posting pictures like this she hasn’t changed at all since being in care for all that time,

I guess what bothers me is just how pro recovery and ed awareness she is when she’s so in denial and secretive with these ana accounts separate from her main one it shows she’s still dedicated to the ana games and thin angles etc like that’s not about the sweatshirt it’s about your leg, so obvious

Does she have a job? What does she even plan to do with her life now that she’s not in a home, I don’t seehowshessupportinh herself other than Mom

No. 524890

File: 1520622263701.jpeg (626.04 KB, 1269x1649, 43E23F38-A057-4DDF-BC77-EDC859…)

This gross bitch is still posting disgusting food. Today she’s having mouldy bread, still in desperate hope her food makes her sick.

No. 524912

I don’t even understand this picture, where is her other leg?? Am I not seeing it right?

No. 524915

Hi bekah!

No. 525176

What the actual fuck? I thought you were being hyperbolic, but it really is actual mold, fuck me. I can't, I'm out.

No. 525190

File: 1520643385874.jpg (383.68 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20180310-005430.jpg)

I don't know if anyone is still interested in media coverage of claires death, but this is a fairly popular activist account. Hopefully the full story will come out soon.

No. 525247


oh ffs, don't be such a victim. you're the one who downloaded the app, you're the one who put in your details, you're the one who inputs your calorific intake, and YOU'RE the one who entered your goal weight.

it's an APP, not a person. it has no values, it's not personally congratulating you

so fucking wetly dramatic. get rid of the big meanie app, idiot.

No. 525364

Was also thinking the same. I think it's making her depressed or something because her food photos and videos are lacking the hyper positive fakery she used to exude.

No. 525395

File: 1520665737964.jpg (481.79 KB, 1450x724, goodmorning.jpg)

Paris is a lost cause, she´s completely out of touch with reality.
The interior of her bedroom that looks more childish than an actual child´s room, her bizarre "dancing" while eating, eating but never gaining anything (I´m sure that bish knows exactly what she´s doing) and the way she decorates her plates. Not all the time but pic related.
Having dysfunctional thoughts, OK. But she actually takes the time to make cards with these depressing statements and puts them on her plates next to her low fat babybels.
She also makes "depression collages"

Pic 1/2

No. 525396

File: 1520665901831.jpg (391.34 KB, 1486x720, pmr.jpg)

No. 525415

adds own face to depression collage

No. 525420


How is making stuff like this helpful to anyone with mental health..

Paris might do better by helping herself and going to see a therapist, but she prefers to sit on instagram uploading the same food, complaining all day about how sad she is and refusing to do anything about it.

No. 525424

It’s not she just wants to leave behind things she thinks are meaningful, deep, and interesting. Her depression is her favourite hobby and she’s never gonna even think about trying to improve her situation one little bit. Why live if it’s a life where you don’t get called brave and amazing for flailing around with a pastry?

No. 525533

This is so cringe. Her aesthetic is like, 13 year old who just discovered hot topic.

No. 525687

the fuck? I remember she used to put cards with ~motivational~ quotes next to her food but this shit right here? I don't think she'll ever get better..

No. 526265

Fuck me, I haven't heard the term "pro-ana" in a decade or more. I kinda assumed they'd all just naturally selected themselves.

No. 526287

File: 1520779651002.jpg (138.51 KB, 436x722, morebsfromtilly.jpg)

>very much perfect logic, sooper smart #advanced #chemist
>I don´t like that people to hold me accountable for not recovering, so I´ll make myself look like a tragic victim of my own religious delusion

No. 526323

She's trying so hard to force this religion thing, the same way she tries to force the "super smart ib student" thing. She can't just admit she's another boring borderline teenage girl trying to feel special bc her life is boring and unexceptional.

No. 526328

Also samefag but if she's so holy and into Lent she would know that one of the most important Lenten readings literally talks about how if you fast for religious reasons, you shouldn't talk about your fast or brag about your sacrifice. Fasting should be done in secret. Penance: you're doing it wrong

No. 526361

File: 1520788973413.png (349.33 KB, 900x926, bekah.png)

What a bitch!

No. 526363

File: 1520789048554.png (280.59 KB, 900x770, bekah2.png)

No. 526368

And this is why no treatment center will ever have her. It's not cause she is super sick, it's because she tries sabatage other people's treatment too. She pathetic and cares about no one but herself.

No. 526406

Is she actually trying to trigger people for attention, again? She's saiid she's not actually religious, only her parents are. Fueling the body to get well from a sickness is not gluttony. What is the pay off for this for her? i'll never understand it. Relapse all you want, it's your life you're wasting, just don't drag others down with you.

No. 526415

File: 1520793959735.png (576.68 KB, 576x915, TR_fakearseappology.PNG)

Samefag to add: Seems like she's done a half arsed appology. What you can do Tilly to make people feel better is probably get off instagram and get help, or you know stop saying shit. It's not hard. "Will this hurt anyone else?" If so, don't post. Simple.

Attention whoring is no excuse.

No. 526612

File: 1520809871947.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, B4F326B2-A52B-4D96-9903-37F4EB…)

Tilly you read here more than your messages so here’s the request; fuck off and wuit your attention seeking lame shit. Fake Catholicism and reaching for esoteric nonsense just shows how stupid you really are. Delete your social media and learn how to have any resemblance of a life outside of begging for validation from hungry 12 year olds and stop being deliberately ignorant as fuck. If you were religious in any way you wouldn’t use Christ as an excuse to force your way to a disorder just because you have no hobbies, friends, or valuable thoughts/opinions/activities.

No. 526614


I hate even giving Tilly attention because she's a stupid fucking child but this was some of the worst shit she's ever pulled.

I'm Catholic. It's already hard enough to be a practising Catholic in an increasingly agnostic world. And she tries to use faith as a justification for her bullshit.

The fucking idiot needs to delete her account and get off the internet.

No. 526622

It really says something when she’s making the Catholic Church look bad considering g how excellent they are at showing how terrible they are. Tilly you’re making group where the leaders cover up molestation, theft, soliciting sex, and generally some of the least Christian policies ever made look bad. Really think about that before you start blathering in about your woeful misinterpretation of the literature and dogma.

No. 526655

Just a fun (but not at all fun) fact: fasting for "religious purposes" (but actually ed purposes) was thing like 500 years ago

No. 526659

You mean like anorexia mirabilis? Some saint used to purge with sticks and eat the pus from people’s wounds. Tbh I’ve been half expecting some of the weirder and more desperate Ana-chans to try and revive the mirabilis aspect for a few years now.

Either that or they’ll start getting way into Kafka’s story the The Starving Artist.

No. 526664


Yah, Hannah from the bible (book of Samuel) was a total anorexic.

No. 526689

That losertown bookmark though. Another catholic chiming in to say that having an eating disorder is more of a sin than recovering (at least from what I was "taught") when you go to confession, the priest will determine how you repent. (For non-Catholics: you will be absolved of your sins by praying a certain number of prayers a number of times that is determined by your priest through confession.) If she was so concerned she could just go to confession and ask a priest what to do. Also never heard her even mention church hahaha some catholic. She should know she's "going to hell" for not going to church every week and using her religion to hide her personality disorder. Also she seems to be showing more and more signs of BPD and maybe even paranoid or histrionic symptoms. Wonder if she's actually falling off her rocker or if she's just that desperate for attention

No. 526694

thanks I forgot the actual name

No. 526826

File: 1520825761097.jpeg (87.34 KB, 1242x588, AC6BBFF7-CA7F-442D-B176-2DEDF1…)

Looking up a user and see this ?????????????

No. 526828

She’s such a cunt. Good for those people for calling her out.

No. 526829

Jesus wtf is wrong with her? I knew she was crazy but that’s just disgusting and very disturbing.

No. 526832

I’m glad someone replied, haha. I felt sick having that little piece of info to myself.

No. 526839

File: 1520826369460.gif (559.9 KB, 500x281, A0E41115-5927-489D-9EA9-1FF2E5…)

Oh wow maybe those anons who said she was creepy about her brother were onto something.

No. 526940

Creepy, but I'm not exactly sold. She requests people just to gain followers. Legit praying she just forgot to unfollow them

No. 527320

File: 1520884162105.jpeg (238.17 KB, 750x1087, E1D2FEAE-5F8E-4AED-B7A4-B2C341…)

Such a cunt….look at me all sooooper sick with my feeding tube and sucking my face in like a duck I just have to take a selfie everyday for attention or else I’ll cry. Anyone tries to call me out and I’ll bully them because I’m a bitch.

No. 527322

She’s already begging for money why the hell is she at the mall?? HOW does she have any money to spend?? She seems to spend a TON she has new stuff every time I look….it’s annoying like people work for a living and she just sits on her ass showing off.

No. 527532


you went to the mall to show off your gross nose hose and how sooper skelly you are in public bekah, you attention whore

No. 527554

If she actually had POTS and EDS and sooper serious GP, she wouldn’t be able to have that coffee. People with those three specifically can’t handle caffeine well at all (usually). But yeah, she’s a fucking attention whore and a bully.

No. 527560

File: 1520901660162.png (Spoiler Image, 138.55 KB, 750x1222, IMG_5220.PNG)

Meet Hannah. Sooner special CRPS (no doubt somatic or purely psychological)

Also runs an account about being super chronically ill. (Chronicallyyhannah) Her chronic illness account has more followers and I believe both account are public

>claims to be underweight despite obvious appearance

>feigns other illnessses and uses "assistive devices" like a walker for her pain condition
>claims to have lost mobility and walking ability due to pain condition (also got ankle surgery for ??)
>pretends to eat only grapes and pita bread and smoothies for months but is somehow not losing weight in accordance to this intake
>posts weird triggering posts about CAMHS care
>talks about daily intake in way that is very clearly "bragging" and fishing for attention
>cringily tried her hand at making awareness friendship bracelets in the past
>overall attention-seeking resource-wasting muchie and Ana-chan by the age of 17 (they're getting younger and younger) (not a munchie thread)

No. 527579

Both are private.

No. 527594

Wrong. Coffee is completely fine with POTS if not in excess.

No. 527690

Ummm no it isn't. I have pots and I'm strictly prohibited fro my having any amounts of caffeine. She doesn't have pots or EDS lol

No. 527824

Is anyone following Tilly's new venting account? Anything interesting?

No. 527826

>Says she's the cause of multiple people's relapses so she created new account to vent. Says she realises how attention seeking she is. (I swear she's a classic example of the whole karpman triangle, switching to victim status all the damn time).
>She's fasting as punishment and not even hiding behind religion anymore because she knows that's bullshit. Cancelled appointments but her mother remade it for her, won't go treatment because she's ToXiC to others.
>Oh wait I'm not fasting, got a random email from the university she wants to go to. Not an acceptance or spot or anything. (Err.. do EDs even work that flippantly?)

No. 527835

Soooo when's the BPD diagnosis gonna hit. Wait does anyone else think she may have changed her diagnosis from bpd to ocpd in her bio because bpd is a "messy" label and ocpd is "militant" ?? I can see her doing that.
I think they can be fickle (at least in my experience) but the abnormal behavior doesn't last long because the brain's "default" is the eating disorder behaviors. She's obviously got some eating issues, albeit extremely exaggerated and manipulated by her

No. 527841

She’s too young for BPD officially but she doesn’t come across as OCPD at all. It’s really telling that instead of putting in the slightest effort to change her shitty, selfish behaviour or even thinking about doing so she instead makes an account specifically for being shit and uses the fact that it’s a venting account to justify all her histrionics and desperation to be a special crazy snowflake. I mean she posted videos of herself pacing just so she could call herself cooked. She wants to be more mentally ill than u, maybe because she’s finally realised she’s not the genius she thought she was for being able to do some high-school science.

If she had based her entire ego/identity on being smart, going to uni and realising she’s completely average probably devastated her and now being an hysteric fills the attention void.

If she wanted to be well there are loads of options for her that don’t cost anything. She’s young enough for MindAustralia to manage her entire case.

Sorry for armchair psychology.

No. 527850

I think she's about to turn 18. I personally disagree with any underage (maybe even under age 20) personality disorder diagnoses. So many teenage behaviors could fit criteria. In Tilly's case, it's clear there are things beyond normal teenage happenings going on.
Armchair psychologist myself so I really want to understand why she is like this… Did her parents tell her she was amazing and wonderful and she hasn't faced reality yet? Only child syndrome? Just mental illness? Teenage angst? As annoying and dangerous as I think she is, she could become a normal part of society if she tried. I think it would due her good. At least until she goes to a bigger pond and realizes she's average at best like you mentioned

No. 527870

Most people could be functional and part of society if they try but Tilly is another one of the many who refuse to try and improve and instead rely on bullshit excuses to continue being shitty. Actually changing is hard, way harder that staying inside a familiar little bubble of self-inflicted misery.

I really hope she never receives a BPD diagnosis because she will cling to it as a reason to continue being immature, irresponsible, and manipulative. All her issues could be fixed within two years of actively doing therapy and working to be well but she doesn’t get any reward from that.

I’d say you’re onto something with either parents or teachers praising her up but she’s old enough to have learned better by now. Ultimately I think she’s just another of the thousands of spoiled, petty little girls who can’t face anything that isn’t immediately rewarding and validating.

No. 527906

File: 1520945245577.png (4.23 MB, 2048x2048, 1469923048060.png)

I stopped reading these threads a while back, but I'm trying to find the Instagram account of this girl 'crying Emily' that used to be discussed. Her username was 'recoveringemily.' Does anyone have her current account or any info on her? I tried searching the last couple threads but couldn't see anything on mobile.

Last I read, she got pregnant with her boyfriend and I think she would be due around this time.

No. 527911

Caffeine aside, if she had GP or even just a sensitive stomach, she wouldn't be drinking what looks like more than a pint of milk (dairy would be worst, but that much almond milk or soya milk- still not great) with huge chunks of ice in it.

But she doesn't have GP, and the fact that icy cold sugar bomb will shock her stomach and make her vomit just works in her favour because she was going to purge it anyway.

No. 527923

Her username is emilyhxzell but I'm not sure if she's accepting new requests right now. I don't follow her but there are definitely farmers who do and there have been occasional updates in the past few threads.

No. 528002


Her "brother" is actually just trans

No. 528008

File: 1520957427558.jpg (100.37 KB, 805x593, Capture.JPG)


She mostly posts pics of her pregnant stomach and compares how big the baby is to food.

She broke up with the baby's dad. I'll post anything interesting and when she spawns.

She posted this today, and next I'll post a Mothers Day card her mum sent her from the unborn.

No. 528009

File: 1520957444395.jpg (66.78 KB, 805x595, b.JPG)

No. 528011


Oh, and it's due in April.

No. 528142

File: 1520969585325.jpeg (60.71 KB, 518x497, image.jpeg)

What has happened to Morven? She looks like an old lady .

No. 528145

File: 1520969639985.jpeg (155.57 KB, 627x829, image.jpeg)

Really ?

No. 528146

Unwashed, playing with slime, and purging everything she can. Bet she smells delightful.

No. 528161

She was mentioned in the last thread on a couple of occasions around 5mths ago. I'm assuming people lost interest, especially given she privatised her account and is about to give birth, not entirely certain now is the right time to bring her up again.
Not wking just being realistic.

No. 528343

Sorry if OT, but what happened to everyone's favourite sycophant joltography? Is she still a thing or did she give up?

No. 528345

Smorven is absolutely hilarious. She doesn't honestly think she's fooling anyone with this recurrent physical illness/bug bullshit does she? It doesn't take long to scroll down her page and find the old ass posts where she talks about her eating disorder. Dumb.

No. 528357


I dunno if she was ran off when all the ana chans were banned the first time or if she's still lurking around.

No. 528462

I always think it’s so weird how morven talks to her body like it’s a disobedient puppy she has no control over… her body didn’t decide to eat and then purge a bunch of French fries, she did. Such a transparent ploy to take zero responsibility for her shitty behavior

No. 529112

She still follows/posts comments on everyone who's mentioned here's accounts (bad engish soz), so… probably a lurker.

No. 529460

File: 1521074815383.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8533.PNG)

Can someone tell me why she's acting like someone is forcing her to report her sexual abuse 20 years later?? This is crazy.

No. 529461

What's she saying exactly? I don't follow her.

No. 529465

one of her first videos was about how her & the therapist were going to the police station for desensitization. Then she made a video saying how they followed through them even though it wasn't planned & she she didn't want to but made a report. All the while saying how she really doesn't want to, she's dreading it, she didn't want to report. Then more videos of the same. This video she stated she was waiting for her therapist bc they were going to see an attorney for the "next step" & shes "dreading it and don't want to go." She's grown. She can't be forced. Not to be insensitive but it was 20 years ago. Why now? And what prove is there even now?

No. 529472

Basically she's complained the entire time about how she doesn't want to/dreading it. Yet she keeps going though more. If you don't want to- stop. Instead she makes video after video complaining about it & saying the therapist the therapist. So it seems she's being very ungrateful, childlike, and two faced.

No. 529544

Alwaysmargi is asking people to pay for living expenses and ballet school fees calling it a ‘donation’ to her future

No. 529596

That’s not severe ptsd if she can vlog and talk about to strangers on the internet, it doesn’t bother her that bad to talk about. Just one one thing to get attention for. Also, her hair looks one hundred percent like shitty eating disorder hair.

No. 529668

tbh I think bekah self posts here often. too many posts here about her feel fake, like pointing out that she's so sick or so thin when she literally looks 100% healthy and just seems malingering and attention seeking. she's not even that interesting compared to drama trainwrecks like Bella or Tilly.

No. 529688

Hey Tilly. Nobody posted about you for a couple days so you had to drag up old posts to IG to feel relevant again.

Stop wishing strangers care enough about you to make fun of you for being about as intelligent as a ham sandwich and do literally anything other than force non-existent drama for twenty minutes. You might find that feeling ashamed of yourself for being stupid is a good motivator to improve yourself for once.

No. 529720

I don't doubt she is autistic but a part of me can't help wondering if it's just an elaborate excuse to avoid taking responsibility for being such a horrible human being.

No. 529821

File: 1521125452311.jpg (240.9 KB, 930x785, hitilly.jpg)

I don't get why she doesn't understand that acting shitty opens you up to criticism. She asked what to do prior, so people gave her advice, yet she still acts shitty.

How does she not see that she shows signs of EUPD? I'm hoping it's because she's still young, but even youngsters learn from their actions, come on Tilly, use that supposed IQ of yours. Quity acting the victim, own up to your actions, and maybe stop visiting here. You're creating your own problems.

P.s. read up about the karpman triangle, take responsibility for your victimhood status and remove yourself out of drama.

No. 529867

And she wonders why she gets shit on? Sharing tips? Go back to MPA Tilly you fucking reprobate.

No. 530002

Not to say you shouldn't report sexual abuse whenever you feel okay with it, but wouldn't the statute of limitation keep anything from happening about it? I know it varies state by state and if you were a child at the time, but 20 years is longer than most laws I've seen.

No. 530039

Wait…. but hasn’t the statue of limitations run out? The police would just inform you the statue has run out, that you can file a report, but they can’t be arrested/charged? So what’s the purpose of going to a police station but then complaining that you don’t want to report when they really can’t do anything? It’s even too late to sue in civil court.

Hate to be mean but the whole “I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to report, even though I’m an adult and I’m going to the police station, I don’t want this! So let me vlog it for the world!”

No. 530244

agreed. she's posted about way too often for someone whos just doing the same old shit every day. imo she's one of the least milky/interesting people in this thread

No. 530479

Thanks for the pics and info. Unfortunately, she hasn't accepted my follow request on Instagram. I can only dream of one day being worthy. ;-;

No. 530514

File: 1521159962876.png (1.91 MB, 1868x1196, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.24…)

daintyaly hasn't been mentioned since the last thread, probably because she's pulling a half-assed attempt at recovery, but i just wanted to share this post with y'all because i have no earthly idea what is going on with the front of her underwear here.

No. 530613

The underwear is too big probably. or she's rocking a massive bush

No. 530631

She's wearing it low on her hips to draw attention to her thigh gap and hide the largest part of her thigh.

No. 530846


These anachans are so dumb. Do they not realise that anyone with half a brain cell knows when they’re sucking in?

No. 530993

File: 1521218432630.png (5.76 MB, 1242x2208, F04000E0-E84D-407B-AF2E-897B57…)

Why doesn’t this girl cover up her friggen central line or whatever is it’s clearly fucking cold out , but gotta pretend I’m sick yet I eat a shit ton of food. Munchosens (sp?) to the extreme

No. 531025

Issa dude

I don't understand how the neck is so bony compared to waist/arms so maybe she has a protruding ~area~ too

Or a dude

No. 531027

File: 1521222286076.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, 0183DA00-1446-4A55-AD4C-B76BC3…)

what do you guys think it could be?

No. 531036

looks just like her pubis sticking out. Doesn't look that unusual for me, think it's mostly the lighting.

No. 531048


No. 531066

Most likely a personality disorder, seeing as she’s already got an AN diagnosis. The whole “i am an otherworldly, supremely intelligent being” thing gets on my tits. She’s dumb as fuck.

No. 531073

bpd is exactly what I thought. I have a theory that she may have ptsd as well, just based on some of her old posts and a recent one talking about flashback nightmares. That’s an interesting twist.

True, she probably refers to herself as an intellectual.

No. 531089

File: 1521227765556.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180316-191556.png)

No. 531208

File: 1521237127486.png (Spoiler Image, 536.72 KB, 720x994, IMG_20180316_223846.png)

Sorry but I have to say this, I don't want to harass anyone here but this woman seems to be very proud of her emaciated body. She only posts extremely triggering body checks of herself, it's like she wants people to see how far she could go…

No. 531215

this has to be fucking shooped, look at that hip!

No. 531223

I.. I can't believe she posted that. Omg. Also, no way did her "mothership" take this. Pretty sure your priority wouldn't be taking pictures of your passed out child if you were her mother…

No. 531228

File: 1521238051580.jpg (385.17 KB, 1067x1255, Screenshot_20180316-220711.jpg)

The caption to the image

No. 531233

How did her mum not notice her chewing and spitting? That shit seems like it would be fairly noticeable.

No. 531237

Her total Instagram is full of these pics. Thats sad though

No. 531591

jfc, she's 33kg

No. 531647

File: 1521381843546.png (975.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180318-140048.png)

Are these 'support shifts' self funded or NHS? Suspiciously unusual. Considering she takes pics of everything there's NEVER a "support worker" in shot….

No. 531660

File: 1521383082472.png (522.75 KB, 750x1334, AE9B75FC-7B92-4A62-919B-CEAB15…)

Has a private account now conveniently but is acting as the authority on anorexia stating people need to be underweight to be anorexic yet claims in other posts she’s near a non underweight bmi and does a 180 and claims to not be judgmental. Adds filters to her wannabe spoopy selfies for attention. This video post is top kek.

No. 531728

I think private, I used to work as a mental health support worker and the job basically involved babysitting people that weren’t safe to be left alone, but the clients all paid privately. Smorvens family are pretty rich by the looks of things. I feel bad for her parents forking out for all this support when she does nothing but complain

No. 531792

>>531728 She's an actual parasite. I bet her parents are so proud.

No. 531859

File: 1521400065734.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 881F6923-41BF-4649-B8AA-EFDFCB…)

Definitely a parasite. £4 coffee plus the cinema? Her parents should just refuse to fund her lifestyle any longer.

No. 531953

File: 1521406570796.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180318-205357.png)

The only thing she does for her parents is cook, but that's correctly related to her eating disorder? She probably loves seeing everyone else eat whilst she doesn't.

No. 531973

Have you noticed her posting weekly about cooking with someone else and 'fixing' the results? I think it's related to calories, maybe they're trying to get her to cook with higher calorie options? Either way she's a dumbass.

No. 532084

File: 1521415473140.jpg (594.99 KB, 1078x1665, Screenshot_20180318-232238.jpg)

How could tpn not possibly work? What sort of ana tricks could she possibly be using?

No. 532089

File: 1521415657157.jpg (Spoiler Image, 525.46 KB, 1080x1509, Screenshot_20180318-232614.jpg)

This is her body btw..but she's supposedly lost more

No. 532165

She looks like a mummy.

No. 532279

File: 1521425458713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.11 KB, 720x929, _20180319_040350.JPG)

This one keeps driving me nuts with the "amazing skeleton girl keto diet lifestyle" bullshit. Plus the fetishist and creeps crawling all over her in the comments.


No. 532280

File: 1521425499486.png (Spoiler Image, 682.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180319-040121.png)


No. 532304

That’s bullshit, TPN works for everyone. And why is she looking for a special drink to put through her tube? They make a million different kinds of formula. And if she can have tube feedings, why was she ever on TPN? Oh yeah, she’s super ana and only wants whatever isn’t going to cause weight gain. I hate to say it, but if you can’t tolerate TPN, you die, because you’re already dying without it. And she’s obviously not taking in many calories in any form, I don’t know how anyone thinks she’s not still anorexic.

No. 532305

The only way she actually ate that was if she purged it immediately.

No. 533044

File: 1521497215078.png (308.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180319-215940.png)

riiiiiight. You totally are a sooper speshul supreme being shit straight out of the 'mothership', and totally don't have an ED, but actually it's a sensory thing and 'the body' rejects all valiant and brave attempts at eating…(which has only developed the last few years… but you actually follow a zillion ED accounts and say shit like this…

No. 533046

File: 1521497248368.png (291.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180319-215958.png)

No. 533074

Morven is a hypocrit with a superiority complex. She loves cooking and watching other people eat, same principle online; encourage everyone else to gain while you waste away and become more and more skelly. She’s not in denial with the whole “bug” thing, she’s a manipulative liar

No. 533085

You might want to change your profile picture now, periwinklestrinkets.

No. 533333

File: 1521511429963.jpg (956.85 KB, 1440x2266, Screenshot_20180319-210422.jpg)

"Thick thighs"
Where they at tho?

No. 533616

Agreed, I think she's probably one of the most toxic people on Instagram. She's far too up herself to care about the impact she must have on others though. It disgusts me.

No. 533828


what I don´t get is that she seems to be sophisticated (or wants to appear so), everything has to be intelligent and logic.
But she is totally into Church and Jesus as far as I have noticed. How can this go hand in hand?

No. 533887

Yeah, it’s really odd that she presents herself as such an ~intellectual~ yet believes in God and stuff…

No. 533899

File: 1521565694270.jpg (1.16 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1521565576703.jpg)

Yes, your piggie feet must just kill you to look at smh

No. 534137

Bella hasn't posted in a while….

No. 534183

i heard she’d died but it mightve been fake news

No. 534191

tbh that would be no surprise.

first thought that came to my mind
>Bella hasn't posted in a while….

→ maybe she died

No. 534221

Where did you hear this?

No. 534223

File: 1521586916124.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-225601.png)

She's such a brat

No. 534229

File: 1521587043894.jpg (549.91 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20180320-230322.jpg)

I found an old fb profile of hers

No. 534242

http://shad0w-midna.tumblr.com her old tumblr for the lulz

No. 534301

Could be fake news, struggling to find any form of an obituary/announcement for Isabella DeM. Certainly not for the age of 22. Where did you hear that from? All i've seen so far is people concerned about her, hoping they're okay.

No. 534308

How old is she if u know

No. 534311

Jesus Christ, ‘the mothership’ subjects her friends to her spoiled brat of a daughter’s nonsense?

No. 534312

File: 1521590525513.png (Spoiler Image, 5.09 MB, 750x1334, AB44B7F5-80F2-479B-958C-A2D031…)


Samefag, forgot to add the image

No. 534330


Proof? Any ana dies it's big news, can't imagine you're the only one to know this

No. 534549

I believe she works her daughter in to that kind of state, the tears etc insidiously. My mother was the same, just comments building and building til she broke me and I would self mutilate or take overdose again. Even our emotions aren't ours with those kinds of women, and a disease or action traditionally meant to control such as anorexia is out of control with them because you don't choose what you eat, your mother does. My mother would hide the food in the house when I was young which progressed to buying only for herself and keeping it in her bedroom rather than letting me search in hope. it worsened as a teenager when I would buy my own food she would confiscate it. These people do start disorders they force them upon you and that girl needs someone, anyone at all who understands to step between her and her mother because it is her wicked hand that has caused this. At least to my eyes.

No. 534690

Maybe it’s just that someone got her into inpatient or residential treatment and she can’t have her phone. That’s pretty common.

No. 534775

Why would you drag up a month-old post about a cow who’s disappeared just to tell your tragic tale of starvation? Stop blogging

No. 534780

This is Bella's MO. She fucks off from ig for a few weeks then returns with a body shot to ask if she looks thinner. She'll be back.

No. 534933

File: 1521650515167.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, 55BA15CD-6391-427A-8822-AA6FDB…)

Think she posted this because she lurks and is getting called out for following tons of ED accounts when she apparently doesn’t have one?

No. 534951

File: 1521652458239.png (6.99 MB, 1125x2436, C239CFA9-95C8-4BAA-8A4A-9F8C0A…)

Why are all these anas absolutely disgusting? Being anorexic isn’t an excuse to be a dirty cunt. Also I know she’s autistic and that’s fine, but the whole mothership and fatherkins thing is fuckin dumb.

No. 534958

so many of them are gross and i don't get it. the ana stereotype is obsessive perfectionist. like that's why some treatment programs literally encourage girls to "neglect" obsessive hygiene/beauty routines, not to the point of gross but like a "challenge" to go out without makeup, or to skip shaving, or whatever, because there's so much routine and control of the body in the traditional anorexic mindset.

but if you judged off of the current generation of instarexics, you'd think no one had ever heard of showering, buying non-disgusting clothing, or cleaning their damn rooms. ew.

No. 534991


I know sometimes you can develop a fear of soap, feeling as though the calories leach into your skin. it's the same way that there can be a fear of brushing teeth, the amount of calories in toothpaste. Or water leeching through your skin causing water gain somehow.

But as with other mental health conditions, things tend to go hand in hand. Sorry for the blog post but I know when i was bad i started hoarding, i felt safer in my box room bedroom with stuff piled up. Depression was bad, and changing the situation terrified me. I don't know if others feel the same at all, trying to put myself in their shoes but it's hard to fully understand.

No. 534997

That actually makes a lot of sense with morven. We know she cries autism and sensory issues as an excuse for her ED behaviours so makes sense that she would pretend she can’t bear the sensory issues related to bathing, when she’s just terrified of absorbing calories

No. 535021

Either way she’s fucking disgusting kek

No. 535024

File: 1521658564651.png (516.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180319-183531.png)

I hate her obviously forced facial expressions. Makes me want to punch her in the face. She's also afraid of umbrellas kek

No. 535091

I thought she'd embrace the umbrella because it stops water getting on her.

No. 535100

>I didn’t have a first word
How is that possible? Has she never spoken?

No. 535136

Well, i think some kids don't have a first word the way others do. Some it feels like it's dramatic and out of the blue (or at least that's how other mums seem to make it out to be), they say a word and you know what they are saying and they cling to that word.

Others it's more gradual and you can't actually pick out what their first word was because it morphed from sheer babble. Or well that's my interpretation of it from current personal experience (but our son is speech delayed, so I don't know what it's like for kids who speak on time).

No. 535191

She said she skipped having a first word and went straight to sentences.

No. 535192


I imagine it to be "I'm an attention seeker" kek

No. 535196

I personally reckon it was “I don’t have an eating disorder I have sensory issues related to to my ASD!”

No. 535457

A lot of people with EDs have a hard time showering/bathing because it involves seeing your body. Like other people said it could be a sensory issue too

No. 535494

wtf does "i didn't have a first word mean" like you just started speaking in sentences as an infant?

No. 535505

I wonder more about the elbows thing. Wouldn’t that be pretty obvious from pictures? Seems like a pretty bold lie.

No. 535508

So the first word of the first sentence then? It seems impossible to not have a first word if she can talk.

No. 535526

I mean I agree for the most part but according to my parents I went from incoherent babbling to 2-3 word sentences in a day at like 16 months. They felt something just "clicked" in my brain and I spoke suddenly, but for morven it's probably just more special snowflake shit.

No. 535607

Like other anon said though, you still would have had a first word of a first sentence. That would still be your first word, it just arrived in conjunction with other words?

No. 535628

Agreed since we all know she likes to present this picture of herself as this ~supremely intelligent being~

No. 535759

Hard to be a supremely intelligent being with a cunt that smells worse than smoke from 9/11

No. 535912

She 100% reeks of vomit. No doubt in my mind about it.

No. 535979

File: 1521753607332.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180322-211900.png)

No. 535980

>>535979 this is morven btw

No. 535992

Yikes, all I smell is personal vendetta

No. 536096

If you’re talking from personal experience then you’re gross for hitting that kek

No. 536119

I wonder why she struggles to open mail? Even for someone with autism that seems fucking bizarre to me. More attention seeking?

No. 536217

I mean not to WK or blog but as someone who sits on the autism spectrum when I open mail especially in treatment I'm aware of the social expectation that I should respond and panic/confusion. But that's why I don't give my address out to strangers on the internet so who knows with smorv.

No. 536299

File: 1521768105614.jpeg (175.54 KB, 750x1211, 5055B039-2804-4F1A-A7F1-9D36C7…)

Been following this woman for awhile and finally seeing her as a cow. _brookeleblanc
>selfish mom of 1 in her 30s, clinging to her ED
>always something negative to say, posts endless videos of herself crying about how she’s pretty much dying right now and doctors aren’t helping
>knows that throwing her numbers around or what she eats it’s triggering, does it anyway and victimizes herself
>another ana stuck in a child phase where she buys herself tons of stuffed animals yet can’t work because too spoop and too broke afford other things
>constant attention seeking, says she’ll take a month away from Instagram yet clings to it and never leaves (aly much?)

No. 536332

She's 30?? Color me shocked, but this bitch looks like a plastic bag.

No. 536338

-I'm pretty sure she's never had a job.
-She blames her parents for her eating disorder and rants about them constantly, despite the fact that they pay for everything.
-Used to be super obese
-Abuses laxatives and has really fucked up her body, which is why doctors can't help her. She pretty much only eats oatmeal.

No. 536340

also sorry I forgot to add that she has a lot of lose skin from being fat and that's her excuse for not being underweight kek

No. 536367

She also just went to New York for a photoshoot for the “underneath we are women” project, fished in a post about not having enough money to stay longer for a seminar, continued to fish her followers about having to spend $8 a pint on Halo Top ice cream (she got at least 10 & wasted some) because it’s “one of the only things she can eat”. She really loves getting attention & whining.

No. 536422

Christ those eyebrows need help

No. 536643

File: 1521820283056.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180323-155052.png)

No. 536650


Can you update more Anon? Some of us don't follow her

No. 536661

>>536650 that's all she's posted so far. I'll update when she does

No. 536780

File: 1521833021169.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180323-192159.png)

Movern is such a brat about everything

No. 536789

I just wish I could find the screenshot smorven posted containing some kind of discharge letter. It contained a part about "Morven agrees to reduce excessive laxative use and maintain adequate nutrition". Any idea what quantifies an autism specialist?

No. 536820

>>536789 that screenshot was posted on here

No. 536910

Can you link me to it?

No. 536913

File: 1521846271651.png (4.38 MB, 750x1334, 28159A5F-E2EF-4C0F-A4B4-037149…)

Yikes she sure loves watching other people eat.

No. 537098


it's seriously disturbing that she calls her parents "mothership and fatherkins" like i seriously don't get it. grow up.

No. 537223

File: 1521879466511.jpg (302.85 KB, 934x785, thesmoverncovern.jpg)

It's common for anorexics to feed up other people, it's a strange obsession and pleasure-seeking behaviour whilst also denying the self. Strange power play.

Also someone either tipped her off or she's lurking.

No. 537246

“Dearest humans” kek she’s so funny. Also for someone who tries to seem so intelligent she’s making a hell of a lot of spelling errors lately. Her brain is probably shrunken from malnutrition (because of The Body of course, not poor innocent Morven)

No. 537249

Samefag to add, she's already bitching about how it's already posted. It's funny because she getting off on how she's "narrowing down the cowards", when in reality you can actually view stories anonymously (google it, woman). Confirmed she's lurking.

Sorry for the repost, deleted previous post as was worried about being incorrect over private accounts and didn't know if i outed myself. But i have just confirmed that using the Chrome IG Story extension (probably other apps too) you can download/view private stories of people you are subbed to without being traced. Doesn't count as a view either. Kek.

No. 537255

Lolololololol she’s so mad. I wonder if she’s a lurker or if she was tipped. On the inside she’s probably loving being relevant enough to be dragged on here, you can just tell she craves any sort of attention.

No. 537331

Movern has known about lolcow for a while now

No. 537379

I was not sent here by anyone but I did recently see in Morvens page that you were all still here hating on people. You talk about superiority complexes yet you all think you know more accurately what is happening with people on the internet better then their doctors do. You’re making fun of a person on the autism spectrum for having autistic traits. Morven lives at home and receives benefits as she clearly has been deemed unfit to work. If she chooses to treat herself to a coffee that’s not parisitic. You all sound like a bunch butthurt adults mad because you can’t fit into society so you find comradery in making fun of ill people. Sounds a lot like what you’re accusing everyone you talk about of doing. Go to university. Read a fucking book.
You are all truly the pathetic ones. I won’t be back to read your comments so save yourself the effort before “putting this user out to pasture”. Your mindsets are everything wrong with society.(no1curr)

No. 537476

When she writes anything longer than a short sentence, it may as well be gibberish. >>537379
Keeeek relax yourself

No. 537479

And assuming we all have no education isn’t making assumptions about people over the internet? Go WK somewhere else.

No. 538224

File: 1522014340177.png (473.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180325-224359.png)

No. 538226

File: 1522014394206.png (565.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180325-224457.png)

She's wrecked her body from laxatives but obviously she doesn't have an eating disorder

No. 538358

Who’s this?

No. 538389


No. 538428

Okay, so I've been away for a awhile and randomly got a message from morven asking how I found her Instagram? Wtf been going on here

No. 538452

File: 1522039262486.png (421.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-26-17-40-19…)

So like, she genuinally thinks she isn't underweight?! She must have some clue that she's at a really fucked up weight; she is emaciated.

No. 538489

File: 1522047227726.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-25-18-39-39…)

Whether or not she has an "eating disorder" diagnosis, she obviously is underweight and her denial of it is totally confusing. This pic is from over 2 years ago but she very visibly lost a significant amount. Like, does she think her followers don't see through her?

No. 538491

File: 1522047468644.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-25-18-35-22…)

Also she used to constantly say how fat and disgusting she was when she was very clearly severely underweight. How that is not an eating disorder and BDD is beyond me. EDs do have a known co morbidity with ASD but they are still EDs…

No. 538492

File: 1522047510471.png (325.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-25-18-35-28…)

Text from above post

No. 538495

It’s possible that her ASD is like, the reason for her eating disorder and that she does have a lot of sensory issues with food which complicates things and in her head that counts as “not having an eating disorder”. But that’s as far as it goes. Her whole aversion to being fat (which she’s said a billion times on her ig) can be an autism thing but tbh it’s the sheer denial of the fact that she’s obviously underweight (including in pics where you can see how bony she is), which makes people doubt her because then it seems like she’s lying about everything

No. 538503

It's possible that it started out as a purely ASD thing and then morphed into this. I think I recall reading about how some people were starved and then developed body issues as a result.

No. 538506

File: 1522052013516.png (738.24 KB, 750x1334, DAB83355-776E-4166-B873-6924AE…)

Anyone else not surprised?

No. 538514

What is it with people going to treatment and then doing retarded shit to get kicked out? I see it more in ED treatment than I ever did with drugs and alcohol.

Tilly ended up going on a sperg after someone questioned her BMI, tried to discharge herself and said she'd get sectioned if she tried to leave. Yet she smoked in her room because you know - got to curb appetite with those cigs - and got kicked out. I've got a feeling she tampered with the smoke alarm or they felt she was putting others at risk (we had that happen in rehab and it's serious shit, we get fined here).

I'm surprised they kick someone out though that they threatened with sectioning? What's that about? You get an opportunity to help yourself and yet you shoot yourself in the foot? It's mind-boggling to me, but it's hard to understand when you've been in a place of feeling desperate for help and you've had to fight tooth and nail for it in the past. Sorry for partial self-blog.

No. 538520

I’ve been to the hospital she’s in, it isn’t equipped for anyone other than people who will comply. It’s a privileged place to be, good on them for kicking her out

No. 538522

And it's always these people who complain about how no one will help them afterwards. Tilly is irrelevant as fuck but I agree with the person above, good on them for kicking her out.

No. 538541

I actually am surprised, honestly. Not really sure why though.

No. 538542

File: 1522060004916.png (Spoiler Image, 720.58 KB, 750x1334, E4EC806B-F5BE-4347-A9F5-A38143…)

Yet no ED.. ok then

No. 538543

Samefag, just realised I'd spoilered. I can't mobile. Soz.

No. 538547

She’s hunting for farmers.
>>538514 because Tilly doesn’t give a fuck about doing anything other than continuing on her dumb journey to becoming some ascetic savant.
She read wasted too much or something but mostly she’s young, immature, and never thinks beyond what she wants right now. She spent a whole week trying to be productive after a comment posted about her here and it wasn’t immediately rewarding. Feeling cool and rebellious and smoking in IP in front of the other sick girls was instantly rewarding.

She’s predictable as fuck tbh. She’ll read criticisms here and then have a show and dance about how sad she is and then repeat the entire process again. No self control unless it’s what she eats.

No. 538569

I hope they don't let her back into treatment if she does relapse to be honest, she clearly isn't interested in getting better, just the ass pats and pity she gets from being oh-so-sick. Use your ~higher level chemistry~ and get off the internet Tilly.

No. 538595

Why are 999% openly ana bitches insufferable twats. It really should be written in a medical textbook that a serious possible side effect of eating disorders is that you will compulsively embarrass yourself totally and always

No. 538604

I wonder how self-aware they are. Do they not feel immense shame in posting crying selfies/self harm/naked or half naked pictures?

No. 538767

File: 1522093753760.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180326-204532.png)

So beccy never posted why she was in hospital,but she now has a feeding tube

No. 538776

She looks like she's 90 ffs

No. 538782

considering EDs are basically the most attention grabbing of all mental illness, it makes sense that no shame is felt. i mean if you’re going to go to the extent of glamorizing your disorder like these people have then it’s just a natural progression and yet another side effect of histrionic personality traits. plus, having a poor little dehydrated brain lacking all sorts of essential nutrients doesn’t help, either.

No. 538804

File: 1522096915568.jpeg (506.74 KB, 1242x1822, EF5A8B2B-DC76-444D-928E-491902…)

Attention seeking spoops means those who photoshop right?

No. 538810

>>538804 you dont have to photoshop to be attention seeking, but it sure helps the cause

No. 538815

this is so fucking funny what the hell

No. 538826

In shrinking her pelvis and waist so much, she gave herself linebacker shoulders and a beefy neck. She turned her vulva area into a literal curve. Like a bowleg deformity.

I'm no 'rexic but wouldn't making her upper body appear so big actually trigger the ana? I just don't get what this actually accomplished when it made her look worse.

No. 538831

File: 1522098539822.jpg (50.74 KB, 1080x1080, tuning-fork-3d-model-obj-3ds-f…)

No. 538870

her stomach is swallowing her sweater

No. 539018

File: 1522111757696.jpeg (485.38 KB, 1440x1870, Screenshot_2018-03-26-18-36-38…)

Was just about to post about her, yeah obvious editing is pretty fucking obvious

No. 539066

this is glorious. any more?

No. 539082

File: 1522118471557.png (Spoiler Image, 722.82 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180326-193824.png)

People ask her why she's losing weight so rapidly like maybe because y9u barely eat?!??! Fuck. And she's always posting atori3s aboit how fucked up her family is and threatening suicide like fuxk(read the rules & usage info)

No. 539084

File: 1522118647736.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180326-193335.png)

And then she has stories aboit how shit her life is crying etc..like she works out whenever she can and eats as little as possible (frequently pickles and pickled beet a for her whole lunch) yet she "doesn't know" why she's losing weight… she was ip with a hose but the second she was off of it… restricting again a nd then says he doesn't know why's especially laing weight??!?!? Okay…

No. 539085

I’m losing my shit look how far down her fucking knees are I can’t handle this

No. 539086

File: 1522118715672.png (Spoiler Image, 3.33 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180316-201020.png)

Here's her "lunch"

No. 539090

File: 1522119023405.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180316-122408.png)

She was once an okay dancer but ruined it all and is so sad over shut that SHE MADE HAPPEN my eating less than 500 cal a day while her "father was keeping track" like fuxk her parents need a reality check she's like fucking 9 yr old brat in an adult body. She whines over everything and uses children's spoons n shit and claims her health is 👌 like u have seizures and xan barely each long distances but okay bitch

No. 539119

Omg I’m not the only one!!!! Like she’s posted back checks and every bone shows so we know she’s emaciated, why photoshop yourself to look so comical and impossible lol like sorry but nobody’s vagina is that wide

No. 539133

File: 1522123029177.jpeg (189.4 KB, 640x979, 7336B7E0-9D52-4EEF-AD5A-BF7767…)

She made a big whoopsie in this one, unless there’s some other reason why her one elbow is ridiculously wide and doesn’t look human KEK

No. 539135

She might as well eat a pile of salt kek

No. 539136

File: 1522123150369.jpeg (162.56 KB, 640x993, ABFEC4D1-7D9E-4840-9F2E-D04A06…)

But this is where I get confused because this one doesn’t look as photoshopped as the rest or at all? Like I just want to know what she actually looks like

No. 539139

Samefag wait nvm I think I see it now. The tiles between her legs are much more blurred and faint than any other tile, yeah? So there was some kind of stretch used?

No. 539149

this fucking screams self post. nobody cares.

No. 539169

thought the same thing. and yes, no one cares.

No. 539183

i am living for these terrible shoops. what are her captions like? is she legit or trolling?

No. 539185

Is that an old one? I can’t find it on her page. The editing is so painfully obvious in her photos. Her photo quality is normal until it’s the middle of her legs or around her arms and then everything is blurry and stretched out. I feel like even those who don’t have a keen eye for photoshop can at least see that it doesn’t look right???? Lmao instead everyone comments “oh hunny you’re deathly ill please be careful 😓”

No. 539186

File: 1522127557562.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x2008, 39353AE3-452F-4C6B-912F-084257…)

Here’s one of her captions. Also lmao different thigh size

No. 539188

File: 1522127779843.png (8.55 MB, 1242x2208, 050A370C-A5EE-4177-8583-B56D93…)

This is hands down the best photoshop work I’ve seen all year

No. 539255

Does anyone follow m.liss.n.Cole? She's not exactly milky in the attention whore anachan sense but she is a 34 year old child who lives at home and spends all day b/ping and complaining about her acne, mouth sores, joint pain and how she can't get her room clean. It's blatantly obvious that most of her issues are probably because she purges all day most days. She is outrageously judgemental but meanwhile is literally incapable of leaving her house to do anything other than buy more binge food. I just do not understand how parents of adult children let them live off of them like that, puking their money anyway??

No. 539256

She already looks skinny why the need for really bad photoshop??

No. 539269

Post caps don’t just ask if anyone knows her damn.

Deep fried meme levels of photoshop.

No. 539377

Yes post caps, most of these bitches have their Instagrams on private and they never accept my requests.

No. 539381

No it was from like February, but she probably deleted it because someone called her out on it or she noticed her shoop fuck up

No. 539386

File: 1522160003883.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 193.07 KB, 640x1009, 3ECABA86-1112-4402-90FF-00F2C7…)

Right? That’s what I’m saying. Like with this picture I feel like it can’t be shooped because she clearly doesn’t have the level of shooping skills to make herself look bony and skeletal in a realistic way so wouldn’t this be real?

No. 539407

File: 1522162572435.jpeg (193.18 KB, 1242x2208, 292F9D5C-8C53-4CB6-89A0-A5DCD9…)

My guess is she’s clearly a bony girl but she wants to appear literally thinner so she uses whatever app has a tool similar to photoshop’s “liquify” tool. She even goes as far as to make her fingers look thinner in some photos. I don’t understand it because at this point she doesn’t look like she’s dying. She looks like a meme

No. 539527

Movern is live on insta

No. 539532

>>539527 it's really boring.