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File: 1452368470777.png (494.8 KB, 800x568, szVs2qG.png)

No. 79031

Because the previous thread is reaching it's reply limit >>74624

A place to discuss ALL of the proana wannarexics and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088

No. 79036

Gracie is the worst little enabler out there. How does she not realize that she's making Emily worse?

No. 79275

File: 1452422591071.gif (65 KB, 275x207, 1442877600981.gif)

where the hell did op get this picture from?

No. 79352

Google. I used that image in particular to mock and possibly trigger the pro-ana scumbags that venture/self post here.

No. 79364


kek - I´d be the mixture between the first and skinny-fat(no one cares)

No. 79368

File: 1452461932156.jpg (31.33 KB, 340x255, image.jpg)

no 1curr

No. 79396

congratz for winning the boniest bonelord who ever boned competition that apparently exists.

No. 79406

lmao, i'd crush you with my fat ass

No. 79422

They're so far up their own ass that they're probably safe from yours, my friend.

No. 79426


pls stop.

No. 79484

Actually, anyone know who the "built-fat" girl is? Seen her before but forgot her name.

Polite sage

No. 79499

That's sooooo interesting. If you have a blog, i would love to give it a look!

No. 79517

Allison Stokke

No. 79554

File: 1452546300516.png (817.73 KB, 1079x1044, Screenshot_2016-01-11-16-02-27…)

Zoe has the biggest fucking nose I've ever seen on a wannorexic, holy shit.

No. 79555

Most of these proanas have giant, ugly noses, so I assume they started to lose weight in hopes they will shrink.

No. 79556

Kek. Was just about to post that. Unfortunately, when they start to lose weight in their face, their nose stays the same size and it only makes things worse.

No. 79557

speshul snewflek alert emily c's new ig post seems very fawn-esque~ hasnt the fawn done something v similar?

No. 79558

Screenshot when you make a post like this, plz.

No. 79563

File: 1452548742884.jpeg (131.88 KB, 640x947, image.jpeg)

What makes it look even bigger is the fact that she has practically no lips. In comparison everything else is so small and then there's a huge honker.

No. 79564

File: 1452549008645.png (326.19 KB, 768x486, sdfgh.png)

No. 79565

File: 1452549132303.jpg (221.12 KB, 1275x949, https://40.media.tumblr.com/e7…)

No. 79566

She's wearing her dads shirt with the the collar/buttons tucked in on purpose to show off her fat/clevage kek don't try so hard next time EmCrock

No. 79641

She always looks constipated imo.

No. 79644

File: 1452550590683.png (115.87 KB, 284x312, 1448217869776.png)

Ember has a ginormous nose too, check out her latest selfie hahahah.

Whoever said everyone can pull off red lipstick clearly has never met this ugly cunt.

No. 79646

File: 1452550871511.gif (857.69 KB, 240x228, 5t4n1TM.gif)

mfw i thought that fake septum was a huge booger hanging out of her nose

No. 79648

That's the nasty shade of red old ladies wear. Pinky red shit. That orangey blush she's wearing…she needs to learn to blend or colour match better. Really she needs to ditch trying to do make ups because it's all very wrong.

No. 79649

>>79565 what fat? i just see regular tshirt rolls tbh i'm so confused nothing is tucked in?

No. 79650

File: 1452551839203.gif (99.32 KB, 299x280, HAHAH-OOPS.gif)

I thought I could fix her face but looks like I only made matters worse LOL

No. 79652

To be honest, you both sound like Emily trying to bait us into talking about you.

No. 79653

Her eyebrows look like she fingerpainted them on with shit.

I hate this ugly arched-eyebrow-smizing thing all the Instagram girls do now. Enjoy your forehead wrinkles bitches

No. 79654

The shirt is folded in around her boob to try and pull off her "Fawn"look

No. 79655

JFC that looks like a bubble gum machine ring she stuck up her nose.

No. 79656

Making her face shorter, muting the lipsick and cleaning her face of that hideous orange is an improvement. As for the faux septum ring, I HATE THEM, but the one without the dangling bogie is lots better.

No. 79659

File: 1452552384416.png (109.74 KB, 252x296, squidward.png)

No. 79662



this is the best thing I've ever seen on the front page bless u anon

No. 79664

File: 1452553237690.jpg (61.84 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nsh9hhmBmT1qcdl07o1_128…)


booger septum is emily.

quick question for the fam: since ember has a penis on her face instead of a nose, shouldn't her septum piercing be referred to as a prince albert?

No. 79665


No. 79666

File: 1452553495105.jpg (192.36 KB, 1024x966, ember.jpg)

No. 79667

Emily is awfully homely looking but septums don't look nearly as ugly on her as they do on Ember

But that's only because Emily's nose isn't crooked/bulbous.

No. 79668


she's straight up so flat chested, like literal a cups, even when she got fat again. i've seen her in person bc she fucking lives at the mall i used to work at.

it's pathetic she's getting older and deciding now is a great time to go back into ripping off felice's style now that she disappeared. i know felice was unoriginal, but at least she had natural beauty she could manipulate.

what is emily doing with her life

No. 79671

>>79668 Can we get proof you know Emily and work at the mall she is at? Otherwise I'm going to have to pass this as just plain slander and personal vendetta.

No. 79672

tbh i thnk the fold in her shirt is just a natural fold idk. it's a big shirt for her so liike it just seems like somethng she didnt really plan on havin ?

No. 79673

Lol go away Emily.

No. 79674

what do you think lolcow is for?

No. 79676

File: 1452554164400.jpg (428.61 KB, 2048x2048, 1452554042704.jpg)

No. 79677


emily fuck off.

i work at the burlington mall, no i'm not posting fucking proof of my job you imbecile.

i will gladly go right up to you/her and introduce myself if i can manage to tell her apart from literally every single extremely lame white girl that comes through.

No. 79679

File: 1452554726227.jpg (174.94 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_nolpn4undp1qcdl07o1_128…)

I don't think you could get more pathetic than a spirit hood in 2016.

Anyways, this is what she wants and she'll never be Felice, which is a pretty low insult…

No. 79680

lol i doubt you knw emily. ur only saying that bc thats the only mall she mentions. where does she live if you "know her"

No. 79682

I kinda like this picture. She looks happy.

No. 79683

This also goes back to the "any new people posted on this thread are self posts" thing…why does anyone care if they want us to talk shit about them/bash them? We literally have only crying Emily and ember that we talk about because everyone screeches self post & bait.

No. 79684

File: 1452555584041.jpg (34.19 KB, 500x680, https://41.media.tumblr.com/6f…)

Can these douche bags not find their own style?

No. 79685

File: 1452555605397.jpg (235.08 KB, 1271x953, tumblr_nr2tnl4dSp1qcdl07o1_128…)


I'll introduce myself to you like I said.

Also the thing that initiated this is that I confirmed she was flat chested.

Pic related, now sit down you tacky young man and invest in some fucking eye cream.

No. 79686

File: 1452555772825.jpg (131.39 KB, 1259x939, tumblr_nthnu8mrXN1qcdl07o2_128…)

No. 79687

File: 1452555798531.jpg (20.4 KB, 454x343, XNqUIveqscs.jpg)


they can't.

No. 79689

we have a clear winner here.
…for once

No. 79691

I thought she has tissue hanging out her nose, ew.

No. 79697

It looks like tampons stuck up her nose for a nose bleed kek

No. 79700

File: 1452556942298.jpg (430.13 KB, 2048x2048, 1452556898250.jpg)

I'm dying that's is too fun #fail

No. 79702

File: 1452557357714.jpg (20.56 KB, 275x275, image.jpg)

Mfw I smell the rancid vendetta in this thread.

No. 79704

File: 1452557669270.jpg (24.73 KB, 494x371, good-good-let-the-butthurt-flo…)


Shut up Emily.

There's more than one person posting comparison pictures.

No. 79710

same anon, it's nice out of context

No. 79716

Calm down there bitter-chan, I'm a bit to old to be playing mallgoth like emily, its just pretty obvious that someone's samefagging all over the place and the smell of assburgers is overwhelming.

No. 79719

this has ember rage all over it

No. 79721


I posted the first one, not the other two. Don't make me defend why I would dislike two girls that pull the same shit.

Emily is appearing like she wants to wear Felice's skin, how could you not expect multiple people not to post this

No. 79722

Because its such old milk that its become cheese.

This topic has been done more times than embers mother.

No. 79724


Post something else.

No. 79725

File: 1452564410936.jpg (43.32 KB, 500x333, large-1.jpg)

No. 79726

File: 1452564435280.png (434.52 KB, 508x496, itputsthelotionontheSKIN.png)

No. 79731

the file name lmao

No. 79732

File: 1452565337850.gif (665.54 KB, 881x881, troll.gif)

No. 79734


I started posting her copying Felice but I think this is reaching. Sorry for my buzzkill opinion, I don't think her nose is the most major problem.

I do find it sooo crazy that she got her septum and nostril pierced, you know, like Felice.

No. 79735

I didn't make that as in attempt to insul her for having a big nose because she doesn't have a big nose. I just wanted to turned her into a troll since she acts like one.
But I was making fun of Ember's huge schnozz when I post this >>79659

No. 79736

The troll with the gothic soul

No. 79743

File: 1452566605019.jpg (355.04 KB, 2048x2048, 1452566375505.jpg)

I had no idea how special this copycat flake thought she really was. KEK so pathetic

No. 79746

File: 1452567116303.jpg (137.86 KB, 1263x947, tumblr_ntgizoHKta1qcdl07o1_128…)


lol this one works too, complete with hair molestation. so much crossover, how desperate.

No. 79747

File: 1452567181139.jpg (117.45 KB, 427x640, felice_fawn_by_pixel_spotlight…)

No. 79749

File: 1452567362669.jpg (248.78 KB, 853x1280, tumblr_noki0bQiUs1qcdl07o2_128…)


This one is more of a stretch, really for the lipstick and cuts.

No. 79750

It's sad she can make her own style with all the money used on buying stuff.

No. 79751

File: 1452567509878.jpg (142.54 KB, 1261x959, tumblr_nsqjpi3DcB1qcdl07o1_128…)

And here's Emily, editting her flat as fuck ass and showing off her 3edgy5me middle schooler cuts like the loser she is. Extra points for the pose, editing, and edge lord shirt.


No. 79752

I thought she was resting her chin on someone else's knee kek she so gross

No. 79753

File: 1452567847489.jpg (780.25 KB, 800x1199, tumblr_np4jxoad7M1qcdl07o1_128…)


The comparison. Her figure is so unfortunate.

No. 79754

Well according to the chart above she is obese KEK

No. 79755

Extra extra points for the ~*bruise*~

No. 79756

give her extra points for having bought the same shirt as felice

No. 79757

File: 1452568496989.jpg (7.73 MB, 2062x1650, 0f6cc151c7eedb970a91056c799108…)

god damn the butt edit is so obvious the more you zoom in. in the original, her shorts suddenly begin to blur towards the edge of the curve lol

No. 79758


Not until she bites the design and tries to sell them.

Really holding out for her to make clothing, she needs to step it up because rn she's just white trash with an obsession.

No. 79760

Idk, unlike Felice, her family hasn't disowned her for her addiction issues and thievery (yet)

I can only imagine how long her parents will allow their college drop out of a daughter chug vanilla extract in her room before they stop supplying her with $$$$ and kick her out.

No. 79762

Without the face and at first glance, I honestly thought I was looking at a picture of Felice. Then I read the caption.

No. 79764

File: 1452568941877.jpg (1.69 MB, 3761x5641, DSC05056Edit.jpg)

No. 79765

File: 1452569040487.jpg (1.86 MB, 4000x6000, DSC05025Edit.jpg)

No. 79766

OK enough random pics of that trash

No. 79767

File: 1452569167292.jpg (2 MB, 4000x6000, DSC04977Edit.jpg)

No way, these are gold.

No. 79768


Hahaha where is this from? I'm only pulling selects from her tumblr.

No. 79769

File: 1452569331895.png (254.91 KB, 413x342, d.png)

No. 79770

Damn she got chub and those swollen cheeks kekekek

No. 79771


her nails are you serious wtf.

No. 79772

Why do these girls have such horrid eyebrows? like go watch a YouTube tutorial or smthing.

No. 79773

File: 1452569674947.jpg (105.47 KB, 500x669, tumblr_m39tzdk0bG1rnkwfwo1_500…)

I didn't think you were being serious when you said she bought the same shirt as Felice..

No. 79776

File: 1452569777532.jpeg (5.15 KB, 256x197, images-7.jpeg)


lmao I just came to the exact same conclusion wow, u n r e a l

No. 79796

Damn Megan you're really taking this shit and running.

No. 79797

Lmao love to say I told you so.

She seriously got so fat. Those horrible bangs kill me. The eyebrows, ugh. They seriously anger me. They always look badly filled, like with a marker, and some area always looks like it was smudged off her face.

No. 79805

File: 1452586998651.jpeg (70.13 KB, 599x573, image.jpeg)

Ember always looks like she's covered in a film of dirt. That brassy Kentucky fried hair and that face. She's really unfortunate

No. 79806

Ugh that stupid looking pout they get from sucking in their cheeks looks so bad. Everyone can see it, nobody thinks your face is emaciated.

No. 79807


Who the fuck is Megan?


My eyes scanned over that quickly and read "kentucky fried face" kek. Her face is fucked, but really she could just get her eyebrows threaded.

Why does Ember always take the bait on everything except for things that would actually benefit her?

No. 79808

Because she genuinely thinks she's totally great and important and special. Not like a genuine narcissist, just like the vast majority of below-average intelligence teenagers.

Someone told her she's smart one or twice and maybe she got a good mark on a creative writing piece in eighth grade English. In her dimension of tragedy that equates to super smart and naturally brilliant writer who will churn out Stephen king successful novels once she starts writing it next month.

In reality, she will get to the age of 30, realize she's de facto married to some ancient stoner asshole with no job and a terabyte of teen porn on his computer, while she's still stocking shelves or asking if the customer would like that super sized.

No. 79809

Some tumblr fag that gets accused of constantly posting about Kristen the fat cow, ember, and Emily Crocker.

No. 79810


Ember and Emily share the one talent of never failing to come up with new ways to look and be pathetic, it's weird to me you could pin down one person for wanting to laugh at them. Especially considering this is fucking lolcow.

No. 79813

>so fat

The OP image is hilarious, it's exactly what Ana chans see the world as.

No. 79836

concept: talk about people besides ember and the emilys

No. 79839

Why? These fat fucking crybaby cunts are amusing. If you have better milk, post up

No. 79841

every time someone posts about another snowflake everyone shrieks self posting

No. 79842

Don't worry, it's obvious which posts are yours so feel free to post

No. 79846

File: 1452607965437.jpg (342.34 KB, 960x720, shitbrows.jpg)

they look awful because she uses black to fill them in and that almost never looks good. ffs i have naturally black eyebrows and i use brown because black looks like fucking shit.

it's like some kind of rule that internet fuckwads must have shitbrows to match their shit personalities.

No. 79864

What's with the over the top discriptions and CAPS LOCKS (like Ally) ie
nourishingliv https://www.instagram.com/p/BAaD44CK02J/?taken-by=nourishingliv
Tinyrecovery https://www.instagram.com/p/BAb_kDmwAlZ/?taken-by=tinyrecovery

No. 79866

Meh, it just seems like those who are posting about this odd Ember woman are just indulging her narcissism, and as everyone knows narcissists are boring and toxic so better not spoken of.

No. 79879

Lurk moar newfag

No. 79918


Yeah it's always the most flattering to fill with a lighter color otherwise you look like a muppet/Ember.

They make eyebrow pencils in dark shades but Ember has no idea that they're meant to be blended af and only used to accent, not literally color in. It's mind blowing to me she doesn't want to experiment with her look or even try by getting them shits threaded considering it's an amount of joy she could have in life that she just refuses?

I don't get it, I think fuckwads have bad eyebrows because they don't want to let a professional with outside perspective tell them how they could look better? I think it's a control thing, because since the dawn of time Ember was always primarily rage posted for her legit heinous eyebrows.

No. 79920

I just wanted to punch her in the vagina. Disgusting and dirty cunt

No. 79922

I wouldn't go near that if I was you. God knows what lurks there lol

Sorry to be OT but do you guys think Felice will ever come back? Maybe after/if she pays off her debt?

No. 79923

Wew can't be a control thing cuz those eyebrows are outta control

They're legit trying to run off the sides of her fat head

No. 79924

You can tell whether or not someone's a whannarexic by their eyebrows.

No. 79928

File: 1452625307418.jpg (92.44 KB, 500x313, nf7o5mcPKF1tktmygo1_500.jpg)

She doesn't really have dark eyebrows in the first place so I don't know what possessed her to pick up black to fill them in. Plus, her hair is pretty light so you'd think she'd want to do her brows lighter to match. Even people with black eyebrows usually use a lighter brown unless they have dark skin (so the contrast isn't as obvious) or they want to just neaten the edges.

If it only took a short time to pay off her debt, I would have said yes. She's been away ages now though and I bet it feels better to be away from all the pro ana freaks that only cared how bony her legs were. The distance probably gave her perspective.

No. 79929

File: 1452625473937.jpg (92.86 KB, 530x513, IMG_20160112_130357.jpg)

They look jackknifed like they just saw themselves in the mirror for the first time ever.

No. 79938


I mean control in how people who use meth/speed always fuck with their eyebrows, like thats the first thing you take your identity issues out on haha.

Either way it's most flattering to have light brown hair with light eyebrows - people look younger with light eyebrows bc that's what children have unless they have black hair. Some people can pull off a harsher dark eyebrows/light hair but they're beautiful and Ember is the product of her crackwhore mother so no dice.

No. 79939

Is that squint permanent? She looks like she has hay fever. What ancestry is she?

No. 79940

Did caro.recovery die or something? Didn't anons like her?

No. 79942

She's giving me Peacockfeather vibes her.

No. 79943


No. 79944


Haha no worries Anon, I got what you meant. I just can't get past her shirt brows, so I took the opportunity to add a low jab to the bunch.

I'm actually surprised she doesn't dye/cut her hair more frequently for the same reason. Even her identity crises are bland as fuck.

No. 79947

File: 1452630359925.jpeg (41.34 KB, 285x419, image.jpeg)

fixed her eyebrow problem
(I know the image is shitty quality etc)

No. 79950

She looks like peg bundy

No. 79951

Straight across bangs don't suit her honker.

Nor dark hair her ragged skin.

She needs a light brown-dadk blonde medium kind of color. She looks hideous with extremes in either direction (though to be fair she looks hideous no matter what you do).

I just don't get how you can make yourself look so ugly when you're obviously appearance orientated. I wonder if it's the general low intelligence + weed cocktail, I've met so many stoners who do the same.

I wish someone would kick her face in so doctors could reconstruct it to something bareable like that one cow with the elf ear mods/plugs

No. 79952


she looks like ~12 years here

No. 79956

File: 1452632854375.jpg (62.94 KB, 380x512, 761356fd-2c96-493f-a73f-76e90c…)

tbh her natural brows dont look that much better

No. 79957


Let's suggest she must be Asian so she goes through a race crisis/trend.

No. 79958


If you cover up the tail of her eyebrows she looks tons better, and compared to her Groucho brows I prefer her natural ones. The eyebrow tips also look normal rather than the little points she normally starts them out at.

Standing by the fact that the tail of her brows are dragging her entire face down and they are very literally sliding off her damn face. Soon they will become muttonchops and her eyes will be framed merely by her forehead wrinkles.

No. 79959


Like a migration cycle. Her eyebrows are migrating.

No. 79961

She's Korean.

No. 79963

File: 1452634547992.jpg (212.46 KB, 600x819, fixyobrows.jpg)

kek. i tried. i hate that lip thing she does.

No. 79964


that lip thing is her sucking in her cheeks, go try it in the mirror

No. 79974

File: 1452635598242.jpg (35.12 KB, 361x309, 0d1a29e8-8761-4aab-9007-6f2606…)

No. 79975

File: 1452635627335.jpg (81.88 KB, 380x574, 0cb53fd2-9e7b-4c74-b37c-afe436…)

She's still finding herself KEK

No. 79976

You did well considering the circumstances

She needs lighter eye make up and a hair color that doesn't look like fried ramen noodles

No. 79977

Damn that bird beak of hers. We need a warning on that shit

No. 79978

She looks like the navi from that shifty avatar movie in this pic

No. 79979

Lighter makeup &a lighter brows for sure. She needs something done with that hair

No. 79980

She needs to start threatening her followers for donations towards a professional make over fund lel

No. 79981

File: 1452636191398.jpg (159.24 KB, 537x853, IMG_20160112_155927.jpg)

And que the cry baby. She must be past her lesbehonest escapades from earlier this week

No. 79989

I saw this on the front age and I gave up on Ember drama after her last thread but for a second I scrolled past this and had hope she had gotten her shit together. That thought was immediately followed by "it's probably a shoop" but damn it for a moment I had hope that this mess had at least gotten her makeup application together a little.

No. 79994

What front? What mask? All you are is bawww

Someone should've gifted her those lotioned tissues for Xmas instead of all that junk, she looks like she is developing whiskey nose

No. 79995

Constantly giving in to every single emotional urge or irrational thought isn't putting up a front.
Quit bitching and crying over everything and start doing literally one fucking thing to improve yourself you raging borderline fuck.

No. 80000

I hope Emily sees a therapist regularly.

No. 80006

the bad fringe makes her face look 594749% rounder

No. 80016

File: 1452641713252.jpg (657.41 KB, 2048x2048, 1452641558287.jpg)

I see you found another to copy. Sorry, big fail EmCrock

No. 80019

Pink lipstick and a nasty case of the Pink eye. Nice. KEK

No. 80020

Dyspnoeic only posted her eye makeup today, how old is Emily's photo here?

No. 80024

Just posted right now

No. 80026

File: 1452642102918.jpg (134.64 KB, 531x695, IMG_20160112_174056.jpg)

Holy shit she's fat!!

No. 80027

Those are some childbearing hips.

No. 80028

File: 1452642543736.png (1.3 MB, 926x1167, IMSCAREDOFSYRUPBUTILLEATJUNKFO…)

ok so i found this chick last night on ig and >>79864 post reminded me of her. she has this whole long rant how a bowl of porridge with syrup challenged her 'fear of syrup' but then she has like tons of other pictures eating nasty processed fattening sweets and junk food ????? these "recovery" accounts make no fucking sense

No. 80029

Haaaa those don't even compare tho
Diff note: isn't that the bra she had in that photo one time she swore wasn't her?

No. 80030

how does a grown woman not know how to do something as simple as winged eyeliner? am i being too critical? i just feel like it isn't all that difficult to achieve. like it seriously looks like michael j fox did her makeup.

No. 80032

you'd be surprised. to me doing winged eyeliner is easy but to my sister who's 35 it's like asking her to complete the hardest level of a video game she sucks at or s/t.

No. 80033

Not to mention those horrid brows. These Anas need to watch a bloody brow tutorial

No. 80034

she's average at most but i mean…. if you're ana chan and going by the chart OP posted then yeah. i guess she's """fat""""

No. 80036


Her hips are actually very attractive (TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT) but those are the worst photoshopped ribs lmfao, really Ember?

I think she also tried to photoshop abs under her pooch belly??

points for the ugly neck stretch pose Grandma Ember.

also i've of p normal weight but my ribcage always shows for whatever reason, i'm sure everyone here can confirm that's not what ribcages look like with minimal fat covering them.

No. 80039


cause the nasty food is binge food that they're used to eating (or it's just some Aly level not-actually-eating-it shit), and incorporating some fat is their regular food is the foreign part, like tainting their safe food.

it's gross as hell though bc that's not how normal food works and what a good diet looks like. wouldn't be surprised if they eat the bad food, that's all they eat. anorexics eat like fucking truck drivers, they just have a superiority complex about their ~*winter girl willpower*~

No. 80040

Hahah yes! I remember that! It was that time where she was sendin anon hate about herself to all the trufe blogs

No. 80041

Has anyone talked about borderline.kate from IG before? She seems to be in hospital and is always posting about how she's going to 'run away' or 'do ligatures' and posts multiple pictures of her black eyes/swollen forehead from where she banged her head.

Must be a nightmare for the staff.

No. 80042


I SWEAR she used to say she was distantly Japanese? Fuck I'll try to find screenshots, I kind of see it though…

Maybe the most interesting thing about her, shame she doesn't talk more about it.

No. 80044

Dis company gon' drop her ass so fast.

No. 80045

i've posted her on an old thread because she has a tendency to constantly bash her head against walls and give herself black eyes. like within the few months that i've followed her she's given both her eyes black eyes at least 3 times. the girl has some serious fucking issues

No. 80048

File: 1452644350991.jpg (52.45 KB, 600x818, 7aa777e9b36db36c7a83442b8c119e…)


Not even close. Also wtf is that lipstick shade doing on her face with that eyeshadow color and child hooker training bra?

No. 80049


No. 80051

File: 1452645072894.png (294.76 KB, 500x308, image.png)


No. 80052

She forgot to shoop her ribs bigger than her hips

No. 80053

It literally looks like bad face contour on her ribs. Brown smears. Who tf walks around in a crappy sports bra at their bf's parents house??

No. 80056

File: 1452645872131.jpg (337.78 KB, 2048x2048, 1452645791308.jpg)

2014 and 2016 she's gained like 20 lbs trying to copy Aly's food pics, dumbass cunt

No. 80060

there's a girl that was talked about on the old thread once or twice, i think she self-posted/was accused of it? her name is maddie. but anyway, she posted a mirror selfie the other day and she might be fatter than ember.

No. 80061

i know the pic on the right is obviously Ember sucking her gut in but I still have to ask…if her ribs are so pronounced that there's a dip in the centre of her torso, why are the ribs themselves not defined? Her ribs are more defined in the picture on the left, where there's no dip in the centre. How would she gain weight on her ribs and lose it between them? If she was actually skinny she'd have lost the layer of fat covering her ribs before losing weight between them.

No. 80062

The one that thinks she's part wolf or something? She is a lolcow but she gets away with it because she's desperate for attention and nobody feels like giving it to her.

No. 80063

no…her previous account was deleted. she's fairly normal as far as the wannarexics go

No. 80064

File: 1452646788858.png (623.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

this is her(underage)

No. 80065

Right? Those are some fairly nice round hips. Mine are fucking squares like a boy I'd love soft shaped hips like that.

No. 80066

You mean that's you? Lmfao

No. 80067

Ducking self posting attention whore

No. 80068

Dumbass, confirm your email before screenshotting and pretending to be one of us. Just as dumb as Ember not deleting her pics before changing it into a hate account

No. 80069

how do you confirm your email?

No. 80070

Seriously Maddie? Go do some homework it's almost your bedtime dumbass

No. 80071

Honey, delete the account and go talk to someone you trust about this. Embers a fucking predator faking anorexia so she can feel superior over your genuine illness.

No. 80073

lmao i'd appreciate if you wouldn't jump at my throat everytime i try to post something. i'm new, thanks for nothing bitches.

No. 80074

File: 1452647572136.png (1.93 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-12-19-08-34…)

Can you say attentiom whore?

No. 80075

but yeah, if you can post anyone you want unless no one else has heard of them! go fuck yourselves.

No. 80076

Then don't self post. And dont post ur half naked underage child pics so people like Ember can get off to them

No. 80077

underage b&

No. 80078

Hahaha yeah sure workout.
Putting on a sports bra to take selfies and smoke some bongs isn't a workout you lazy fuck.

No. 80079

what the fuck is with her bellybutton it looks like a bunch of dirt is shoved in it

No. 80080

it's actually not a self post kek

No. 80081

Anyone check out ThinRoseBunny? She just started and already followed like every Ana queen ever -__-

No. 80082

If you're going to selfpost, log out first.

No. 80083

Read rules 2, 8 and 10!

No. 80084

Sure someone else is logged into your account and posting screenshots from it. Totally not you.

No. 80085

Does ember even follow the self poster?

No. 80086

Oh god guys should we tell her? Nobody tell her.

No. 80088

it looks like it has a giant blackhead now you mention it

No. 80089

File: 1452647981060.jpg (258.36 KB, 2048x2048, 1452642432645.jpg)

IDK but apparently it grows like a chia pet

No. 80090

You're right! God she's gross right?

No. 80092

She seems like a mini ember

No. 80093

That's really funny, anon. What else do you hate about Ember? For me it's her wide hips.

No. 80094

Haha Anon!
I am kekking. Do go on.

No. 80096

When people self post it actually makes me want to kill myself

No. 80097

is this an echo chamber

No. 80098

Holy fucking kek. I don't even use instagram and I can see why this is a self post. How can you be so dumb?

You're the stupid newfag who keeps talking about how ember should have her own thread and crying that if 'you talk about anyone else everyone calls samefag' too, aren't you?

I was going to quote grab all your obvious same fag posts earlier just because I hated how whiney you are, but couldn't be assed.

Awaiting delicious underage b&

No. 80099

oh you sweet summer child.

c- for effort.

No. 80100

>self posts
>too stupid to log out first
>still asks if ember follows her
>forgets to remove sage so even more obvious
>obvious self post is obvious

No. 80101

File: 1452648867162.png (136.13 KB, 275x266, 1446694379336.png)

No. 80102

I was the one talking about Ember having her own thread. Didn't think it was a big deal.

No. 80103


She's green as grass.

No. 80104

Someone has been repeatedly posting about it for 2 threads now. Even after being explained why she doesn't have her own/why we voted against it.

If you're that person, it is fucking annoying to repeat yourself like a broken record. If you are someone else who posted about it once, I truly don't care, but you should lurk more.

No. 80108

After it was explained I stopped. Don't know who the other person was.

No. 80109


No. 80110

So pathetic. Self posted and then deleted her whole account? I hate these proana bitches.

No. 80112

her ask.fm is still up tho

No. 80114

File: 1452650765271.png (56.27 KB, 937x731, Capture.PNG)

i think u mean

No. 80116

File: 1452651068198.png (254.23 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-01-12-20-06-23…)

Kek you're so gullible and impressionable. Thanks for proving your fatness, again. (screen shot of video just posted)

No. 80117

i'm looking into more of these girls who declare themselves part of a "sunny squad" and it's just a really embarrassing load of 14 year old proanas and one of them declares herself a black version of the main chick from scream queens like this cannot be real lmfao what is wrong with these children

No. 80118

i used to follow that girl but like, before she wanted to go by male pronouns and i remember she made a pUBLIC POST talking about how she cheated on her internet gf by sucking another guy's dick

No. 80119

Lilah is forgetting.lilah not lightlylilah, she gave her account away

No. 80120

You can see the curve of her gut kek

Looks like sucking in isn't doing it anymore since she's gained so much

No. 80122

The sunny squad should have their own thread, they're more pathetic than crying Emily.

No. 80123

At this point I think she records vids while she takes selfies, just because she plans for this.

>Has wide hips

>Is so ana
>No hipbones

She forgot a lot today, no chest bones, the ribs were barely visible, is she depressed?

No. 80124

which is really funny because she goes around DMing people about when they've been posted on lolcow (>>78689)
so i kinda wanna know what she thinks of her own friend trying to self post on here for attention

>>80122 no we can just keep them in this one thx lmfao.

No. 80125

>>80124 fuck that one didn't come out clickable
try this

No. 80126

File: 1452652162966.jpg (98.37 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nmm6tdqEjV1ust4llo1_540…)


Emily is the biggest fucking liar around. She had everyone fucking truth blog on the internet defending her when someone said that picture related was actually her.

I don't know how anyone can trust this girl anymore. She self submits about herself, blames other people, and sits back and laughs as her minions attack her supposed "haters".

No. 80128

File: 1452652247684.jpg (329.46 KB, 2048x2048, 1452652084136.jpg)

Sucking in Vs not sucking in KEK

No. 80129

kek you can't even delete your account anymore. it's just a temp deactivation. she'll be back. she'll wait until the heat dies down, reactivate, and probably change her username

No. 80130

Sunny Squad is the nastiest skank b*tch I've ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fugly slut!"

No. 80131

>Edit profile
If you're going to self post, log out of your account first. You're making this too easy for us.

Also, inb4 underaged b&.

No. 80132

You actually can permanently delete, except you have to go through the instagram help center.

No. 80133

And people wonder why we think every "new" person posted her is a self post.

This is why we can't have nice things.

No. 80134

>Goes out of her way to complain that every poster is accused of self posting
>Even waits it out
>Doesn't even log out when self posting
>Visibly shit talks Ember


No. 80135

doubt she'd go through the trouble especially when all these proanas do shout outs every day to gain more followers. who knows though

No. 80138


>>"kewl" "thang"

oh god she's so fucking LAME

No. 80141


where the fuck did her waist go, and fucking ew at her love handles. there's apps to edit videos easily actually, but if she did and still looks this bad i don't know what to say

No. 80142

>edit profile button

No. 80143

File: 1452654309702.jpg (389.68 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_no3qay9Ox41qcdl07o1_128…)


No. 80144


No. 80145

File: 1452654392297.png (728.88 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Here we go

No. 80146

File: 1452654446852.jpg (631.42 KB, 1000x680, tumblr_nyjmgpcsLI1uvsg16o1_128…)

No. 80148


what disease mark is that on her waist is that shingles

No. 80149

the one thing that always bothered me about felice was that she would go to FUCKING TOWN on retouching her face for these self shoots she did….

but then leaves her arm completely unedited.

No. 80150


look at all that fucking white trash junk in the background, she's probably starving to die and escape her pathetic life

No. 80151

it appears to be a birth mark that was never there before?

No. 80152

Her ribcage is so inflated lmao the sucking in is intense

No. 80154


I remember she had such a complex about her nose and about aging, so the retouching makes sense, I wish she didn't considering she's still pretty without it.

Unlike Emily, an actual dog.

No. 80155


it's cancer, my prayers have come true

No. 80156

File: 1452654744787.gif (12.5 MB, 486x608, #fatspo.gif)

No. 80157

best way to tell she isnt sick? your ass is the first thing to go. It turns into a fucking pancake. Look at hers. Im not saying its a bubble butt, but its def a normal sized ass. cant suck that in!

No. 80158

she sucks any harder she'll snap something

No. 80159

her fucking rib cage paired with that doughy stomach is making me sick

No. 80160

Try again fatass we already have your video KEK

No. 80161


No. 80162

She is totally about to bust a neck vein

No. 80163

lol dis bitch is so lazy and inconsistent. visible rib cage but no hipbones or obvious sternum?

No. 80164

Gut's still there, Ember
Nice veins btw

No. 80165

Why does she always do 2 pictures?

No. 80166

maybe to hide how much she stretches the pictures. stretched photo = skinny ultra queen ana

No. 80167


Do you guys know what A-logging is?
Because you're doing it.
Negative attention sustains the beast just as well.
You're just providing her with 'thinspiration'.

No. 80168

More of her nasty bronzer smeared around to look like bones or bruises.

Mostly just looks like she only showers weekly.

No. 80169

Why is her neck and chest so pale when her belly is brown? Lel is she using makeup or fake tan to make herself look thinner but keeping her face pale to look sick?

No. 80170

Wat. Not only does a-logging make no sense outside of Chris-chan but thinspiration makes no sense towards ember who couldn't put a fork down if her life depended on it. But even if you're trying to say we're provoking the beast, that's… ideal? We want to laugh at it.

>watch a joke or sarcasm gone over my head

Wonder why ember didn't claim bulimia instead to explain her constant munchies and say she just pukes or shits them out

Why is she such a bad liar can she not do a single thing right

No. 80171

Probably just lighting but yes that is exactly what she tries to do

No. 80174

File: 1452656834504.png (891.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I don't see a big difference honestly. Left was before eating disorder, middle was at 96-100lbs, and right is her now at 110. Definitely thin, but I feel like she's another one trying to get attention for it because she doesn't have anything else going for her. She's mid 20s and working at an ice cream shop, goes out with friends constantly but only ever posts pictures of the disgusting food she eats with them, and isn't super ugly but not really pretty either. My guess is if she was heavily restricting at a point it was more of a diet than actually developing an eating disorder.

No. 80175

Look at all the dust and shit dripped down the doorframe. The whole household are filth wizards, friends only to the pig and the eat

No. 80176

Because reading a bunch of people's comments, calling her fat and junk, may just inspire her to be thin?

No. 80177

File: 1452657017509.png (783.9 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 80178

she's so bland and boring

No. 80179

Lmao I doubt it. She's been doing this for close to five years and hasn't managed to force herself to have anorexia yet. She's just gonna keep pretending to be interesting to kids well into her thirties. Only difference will be having to edit out stretch marks from squeezing out stoned babies every few years.

She's a normal sized girl, who will be a normal sized woman.

No. 80180

File: 1452657235511.jpg (333.46 KB, 2048x2048, 1452657209071.jpg)

Not only are you proving your weight gain but I like how the tile lines disappear and curve in the pic on the right KEK

No. 80181


No. 80182

You must be new here…

No. 80183

File: 1452657344665.png (142.97 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ok now I'm lurking other sunny squad people and this girl may be one year away from being a legal adult but that's still nasty posting "daddy kink" shit when you're a child.

No. 80184

File: 1452657506925.jpeg (224.31 KB, 750x1120, image.jpeg)

inb4 self posts from starving kitten

No. 80186

I thought starving kitten was one of embers old usernames

No. 80187

As much as I love the snowflake drama, I am starting to wonder if this isn't the source of most of our newfag sjw shitposters

No. 80188

The only thing she is inspired to do is to sit at home on her fat ass smoking weed, shoveling food in her mouth, photoshopping and changing her old ass boyfriend incontinence diapers

No. 80189

File: 1452657898198.png (1.28 MB, 1233x655, ps.PNG)

lmao aw

No. 80190

Her left thigh turns green and bleeds into that grandma shower curtain

No. 80191

KEK she deleted fat tea pic and video

No. 80192


LMFAO Oh my god this just keeps getting better

>>my ask name is a complete joke I would never WANT to be "the black…" Anything, it's a joke.

So you're explaining a joke posted here that TOTALLY WAS NOT you, and owning it? You need to be put down.

Also real wise move to act immediately after fucking up, admitting all you ants are active and lurking hard.

Wow this is actually more pathetic than Ember, I'm impressed.

No. 80193


It is, plus this fuckwad is legit asking over and over what a website is, clarification that IT IS IN FACT the included in the URL

all stuff

she could have just googled

if she hadn't suffered brain trauma.

No. 80194

this is the result of googling lolcow
like it literally takes you to where she wants to see what we're talking about
a real fucking idiot

also i just peeped her instagram and she keeps going by "kinky kitten" and has a tumblr called daddys kinky kitten

fuck's wrong with these people?

No. 80195

File: 1452658697533.png (63.84 KB, 751x650, Capture.PNG)

maybe i'm the one with brain damage. forgot to post pic

No. 80197

File: 1452658830101.jpeg (68.55 KB, 750x774, image.jpeg)

oh it just got 10x worse

No. 80198

Ew, ew, ew. Daddy kink is one those things I cannot understand. Maybe it's because I have a dad though. Scat is cuter than daddy kink.

No. 80199


yeah which is fucked up considering she's underage and fucking someone over 18, let alone daddy age, is illegal and would straight FUCK UP his life.

and really how fucked do you have to be as a kid to admit you're into it publicly? that's vile. nothing wrong with being what you're into but bitch you are a child and even someone sexting you is going to fuck them over drop dead

No. 80201

yea i just found her personal account and saw her bio says class of 2016

No. 80202

yooooooo i looked at the blog and i shouldn't have and now i need some bleach

is it possible to report tumblrs for child pornography?????????? or does tumblr not gaf

No. 80203


Actually sometimes it's mom issues since you turn to the male parental figure for attention.

Regardless, being that young and being so public that the only remotely interesting thing about you is your sexuality is so fucked up. You can't literally be someone's little because you are A CHILD THAT IS FUCKING RAPE.

but w/e cool, willingly submit yourself to sexual abuse when your brain is still developing (fucking obviously) and give a real predator exactly what he wants. maybe put him in jail, maybe let him move onto other little girls. maybe self distribute your own underage pron, which will fuck you over too.

what a life.

No. 80204


They definitely do, if it has a location you could report her personally.

No. 80205

also willingly post images of you sucking your 18+ boyfriend's dick while you're underage.

No. 80207


I'm so glad I didn't look at that blog.

Is it possible to find her Facebook and let it idiot parents know? She's clearly about to fuck up her life.

No. 80208

on one of her posts she even said her bf IS in jail…..

No. 80209

i found her fucking facebook I AM SCREMAING

No. 80210


How does self esteem this fucking low even happen, and bitch why aren't you doing a thing about it.

These girls are so fucking stupid oh my god oh my god she has no idea how much she is getting fucked over in so many ways.

No. 80211


omg I love you, find the parents, send screen shots.

No. 80212

File: 1452659552932.png (709.77 KB, 919x817, fUCK.PNG)

does anyone have a dummy account to actually message her parents??? not about using my personal shit for that.

No. 80213

File: 1452659623478.png (340.56 KB, 900x634, wetzelspretzels.PNG)

don't know who's who

No. 80215

Send them all, for the sake of her family maybe blur her nips and whatever and let them know you did the censoring.

No. 80217


i have a fake profile but not photoshop lol oh well

No. 80218

Gonna go with Annette being the mom.

No. 80219

If you can be bothered maybe use mspaint, but otherwise eh. Not my problem.

Jfc I want to see replies from them. Anon plz don't let me down.

No. 80220

i think she's deleting posts as we speak. that dick sucking picture is no longer on her tumblr but there's two other personal ones that are still just as disgusting, except it's the other way around.

is there like a web archive viewer that will show you deleted tumblr posts?

No. 80221


I screen shotted some already lol she's fucking stupid.

Anyone else take screen shots?

No. 80222

It's the source of all of them. I fucking hate the Instagram community.

No. 80223

Screenshot as fast as you can

No. 80224

black chanel is probably dming her about this as we speak

No. 80225

File: 1452660234377.png (123.71 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Lol she dipped

No. 80226


hahaha we already screens hotted so much she's fucked.

also please censor and post any screen shots, i have a few.

No. 80229

You now literally have child porn on your computer/phone

No. 80230

For the purposes of proving she's providing it and getting her accounts removed? Wow such pedos

No. 80231


i have the screenshot of her IG that was posted and her covering her body.

No. 80232

File: 1452660893330.gif (46.51 KB, 400x246, cancer_cells_tumor-e1370614858…)

this entire thread is cancer. you should all be ashamed about drinking such low-quality milk

No. 80233


cry about it.

No. 80234

>probably a cow who's upset we're not talking about her

No. 80235

The girl that deleted has a food diary I think, does anyone know what it is?

No. 80236


>or the cow who's life just got wrecked

No. 80237

File: 1452661311443.jpg (68.42 KB, 480x270, wjANVCD.jpg)

Both parents have been contacted and URLS and appropriate screenshots were sent.

>some stupid website

No. 80238

Both parents? Did I miss something?

No. 80239

no idea. only know she has a kink ig (which has probably been disabled by now) and her personal ig.

No. 80240


posted here. I guessed.

No. 80241

That's not the same girl running the kink instagram.

No. 80242

File: 1452661648434.jpeg (112.63 KB, 630x654, image.jpeg)

"Ember is close to death"

No. 80243


no the other with the tumblr.

No. 80244

File: 1452661771877.png (61.12 KB, 550x373, deathththththththt.png)

No. 80245

Ohhhh I thought you were talking about the Maddie girl. She's the one with the food diary but I don't know what it is.

No. 80246

Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha ahahaha hahahah hahaha aha omg thank you for posting this anon.

That's hilarious.

No. 80247

Oh fuck, I should've scrolled down before posting >>80244

No. 80248

>>close to diabetes

No. 80249

You think Ember masturbates to the comments from people who genuinely think she's that ill? Lmao

No. 80250

Til her fingers bleed.

No. 80252

Instead of bitching about double posting, why not just delete it?…

No. 80253

Ember considers herself to be thinspo, lmao obviously this bitch isn't as easily ##triggered as she pretends to be.

No. 80254

Op plz have they seem it yet?

No. 80255


nope not yet, I'll keep everyone posted don't worry fam

No. 80256

I hope you guys realize how fucked up you are, like you should probably take a break from the internet

I do love me some good chaos though

No. 80257

Because that shit's funny enough for a second look.

No. 80258

letting a parent know that their child is posting pornography of themselves online (which is illegal) is far from fucked up. it's also probably the least fucked up thing anyone's done on this website kek

No. 80259

File: 1452667735677.png (828.03 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 80260


nah after they were self posting in legit underwear, then making tumblrs to spread child porn of themselves, endangering other people who don't know or want to see that, and being literally statutory raped by some old guy who just cares about her body

no i feel good lol. i don't have sympathy for dumb teenage sluts.

No. 80261


lol like it even matters anymore. i sent them a picture that involves her room, they'll know it's her.

No. 80262

hve they looked at the message btw? i'm so excite

No. 80263


no :c

also Wetz its a really unfortunate last name.

No. 80264

it reminds me of wetzel's pretzels. and now i really want some fuckin wetzel bits with cheese.

No. 80282

Goodness "crying Emily" is so horrid. Read the comments in this post, honestly she is toxic to the recovery community.

No. 80285

Screams jealousy that this girl is spoopier. I've never read her comments on other peoples accounts. I didn't think she was really this disgusting.

No. 80287

File: 1452684036826.jpg (44.65 KB, 475x657, 6tag-263037174-116033513674571…)

How long til she starts sperging out on her beloved again?

No. 80293

I know lolcow says this about pretty much everyone but the BPD really is strong with this one.
What a nasty selfish little bitch.

No. 80294

What the fuck is wrong with that chicks face? How is her chin so enormous?

No. 80296

File: 1452684904662.jpg (4.37 KB, 168x194, download.jpg)

Reminds me of this

No. 80297

Its the wicked witch and jay lenos love child.

No. 80298

Her while face is really big, like you see with people who have giganticism.

No. 80299

I honestly did think acromegaly when I saw her. Like that's one ol' noggin.

No. 80302

The amount of fat and cellulite around her love handles and this gut is giving me such gratification this morning. What a fat lying lardass

No. 80303

Eh, I don't think its cellulite. She's not fat, just a normal 110 pound chick with some apps and too much time.

No. 80304

File: 1452686966377.jpg (61.44 KB, 530x429, mactonight.jpg)

No. 80307

File: 1452687382305.jpg (25.93 KB, 228x275, image.jpg)

No. 80308

OK whiteknight. She's plump like a dough boy and will probably die from heart attack from all the shit she is eating just so she can post her food for #realrecovery just like her idol Aly. She's the fattest fake anorexic I've ever seen

No. 80317

Oh wow, she's vile. She types like such a spoiled fucking cunt, like demanding she be able to say this clearly dying girl is just posing (~bc she's the most ana~) on her page, and then saying she "supported her this whole time, and this is the thanks i get"

she's so fucking manipulative wow.

No. 80318

Lmao okay there anachan.
You sperg any harder and you'll give yourself a hernia.

No. 80319

Hey wasn't Ember supposed to do a "full photoshoot" with the dress she was gifted?

Lol whatever happened to that

No. 80320

Its too tight lel

No. 80321

Can someone who's really good at lurking find out Maddie's food diary?

No. 80326

>Inflated lungs expand rib cage
>gut sucked in
>not a single defined rib

No. 80333

lol yep, this bitch is pathetic. I don't understand why her followers don't understand what actual "close to death" (Jesus wept) anorexics look like, bunch of fucking morons.

No. 80337

File: 1452699887884.png (331.58 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Bitch literally uses the term "body check" for her recent pictures like

No. 80338

I don't get the attention ho thing on instagram. What's sfs? You ask people to LIKE a post of yours? Why?

No. 80339

Share for share, I think

I don't use instagram but some people want popularity because you can get free things from companies&stores to promote them. If you're really popular, you can even make money sponsoring products.

However, people like ember want it primarily to be acknowledged. She is worthless and knows no one cares about her, so she's turned to insta for attention.

No. 80340

I couldn't be arsed for a few samples of crap.

Ember's pictures are really shit. There's literally NOTHING interesting about them. I'd probably send her some free soap to wash her face if I had a soap company, but she even looks grubby after those face mask things.

No. 80342

>really good at lurking

No. 80344

Yes, well, for her it's all validation. The places that have given her samples will give them to anyone.

Some people have made bank off instagram. Obviously ember is not someone who could do that.

No. 80354

why do her ribs look like two baguettes

No. 80355

I just looked closer at the picture and you're right, she really did attempt to horribly shoop some abs on herself
Somebody force her to take an anatomy class pls

No. 80362

everytime she posts a selfie she posts these "like my recent image and spam with comments then I might spam back" to get lots of notes on her selfies, sad she has to ask people to like her images or comment.

No. 80363

File: 1452705727577.png (790.71 KB, 1080x1402, 2016-01-13 12.14.16.png)

Blacked out irrelevant comments to make the one I want you guys to read more obvious.

>im already in the process of getting treatment

No Ember, having an appointment for a check up isn't "getting treatment". There's a reason you had to wait 2 months just for an appointment where they THINK about your eating habits, and even that isn't true I'm sure. If you were as sick and as near death as you pretend, no doctor would treat you the way you are being treated. That's malpractice and knowing how you LOVE scamming people, you could sue but you really can't, since no one is mistreating your ugly ass.

No one irl takes her seriously, so she just lies and pretends to be the person she wants to be in instagram, all for attention. It's hilariously pathetic.

Also, I have the crazy feeling that Ember is gonna get bangs soon. Probably as in attempt to copy Emily C. for the millionth time or to hide those horrendous eyebrows/forehead wrinkles.

No. 80364

Her ~internet fame~ is transparent as hell. There's only like 10 people who actually check up on her and most of them are farmers, who wanna take the piss out of her and laugh as her failures.

No. 80368

If you're gonna be a "recovery" instagram, it's pretty fucked up to upload #bodychecks and talk about how fat you are hahahah.

Sucks for those who are easily triggered though. Ember is a miserable cunt and I couldn't care less if she suffered but my heart does go out to those who are all affected by her in someway though.

No. 80371

File: 1452706828968.png (21.38 KB, 507x88, Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.39…)

this made me so fucking sick to my stomach. what a fucking child. "no offense but i know you're sick so i'm going to purposely trigger you by calling you out and saying you're posing in a proana way- shit i do ALLLLL the time"

No. 80377

she did edit her arms, it was shown that she edited scars and burn marks onto herself for pity points. you can see she pasted the worst gash onto herself in >>80146 because it covers some of the leaves.

No. 80380

First of all Ember, you most certainly don’t work out. You’re skin, bones, and residual fat, regardless of what you’re trying to communicate by vacuum-sucking in your diaphragm for a three second photograph. You couldn’t be less toned or in-shape if you tried. Stop trying to act like you’re not a lazy little slug.

Second of all, drinking tea doesn’t make anyone thinner or healthier, and pushing a “teatox” brand to your followers who actually have eating disorders, using your own faux-emaciated body as advertising bait, is really fucking opportunistic in the least admirable way.

It’s more than obvious to everyone else that you’re imitating anorexic emaciation to simultaneously get more free shit, and maintain the admiration of young eating disordered girls to validate your misplaced self-esteem.

No. 80382

File: 1452707902638.jpg (60.33 KB, 535x395, IMG_20160113_115519.jpg)

Que transgender dress up party part II

No. 80383

File: 1452707993608.jpg (881.63 KB, 460x248, 00e0b8ab1072ce532572f801ba5ec8…)

No. 80385

File: 1452708063032.gif (1.37 MB, 480x262, giphy.gif)

No. 80388


Emily sent this truth blog an anonymous message:
>Can I ask why it's a big deal now that the cherry bra matters? And I'm also confused on why all of the sudden Emily is such a bad person? I'm a little lost. Like I know her personal blog was leaked but I kinda feel bad for her for that. I just don't see how it makes her a bad person for her being an alcoholic?

And their reply:
>When have I ever used her blog or alcoholism as an excuse why Emily’s problematic?

>My issue with Emily is her complete inability to tell the truth, even when she’s writing on a “secret blog”. It’s her constantly making herself out to be a victim when in reality she’s the one a using herself by submitting info, pictures, anon asks, and A WHOLE THREAD on a known harsh image board.

>The bralette matters because it’s just another log on the fire. She lies and corralled the gossip blogs as if they were her own personal army to defend her, lied to us when we asked her privately if it was her just so we would keep helping inflate her already outrageous ego. She doesn’t give a shit and her posting that picture like “lol got u guise it rly was me even tho I was hysterical and promised it wasn’t on multiple occasions to the people who were trying to help”

>It’s just a fucking dick move.


Get owned bitch.

No. 80390

No. 80392


#blessed thank u for the lols anon

i always thought emily was the absolute most pathetic - now that ember is the hardest working idiot here i think she wins, but emily is the definition of lame and forgettable, which she obviously knows based on her actions.

however her makeup has brought tears to my eyes from laughing so i have some gratitude.

No. 80406

Where did she write this?

No. 80415

File: 1452711831140.jpg (25.07 KB, 320x430, wHTWVyNwiIg.jpg)


That screenshot…





No. 80416

No. 80418

idk who tf this basic is but what's with her trying hard to be cara delevingne

No. 80422

>in the process of getting treatment
>posts bodychecks
>is becoming proana
>only does s4s with proanas/using her bodychecks
>"waaaah im fat all i think about is weightloss"

bitch you are the farthest from your fake ass treatment. it was only a matter of time before she faked "relapse"

No. 80423

oh godddddddddd

I never thought I'd see this bitch again, she fell off the face of the earth for a while.

Is it really the same girl? Can't tell if shoop is so bad or so good that it doesn't look like her true ugly self

No. 80425


This is surprising but actually extremely predictable. Also her FUCKING EYEBROWS ARE LITERALLY >>79929

No. 80427

One day Ember's little sister is going to see all the shit that her big sis has done online.

No. 80428

Yesterday when Emily posted that heinous photo I was thinking the same thing. I live in MA and its fucking 25 degrees out today like get a grip.

No. 80432

definitely her.
i guess she's trying to go for the new trendy drug-addled edgelord look now?
i can't understand why anyone would want their brows to look like this…

No. 80433

>Also, I have the crazy feeling that Ember is gonna get bangs soon. Probably as in attempt to copy Emily C. for the millionth time or to hide those horrendous eyebrows/forehead wrinkles.

Nah. She'll get a cheap clip-in one to go with her tacky fake septum ring and her tacky fake eating disorder.

No. 80434

File: 1452714243393.jpg (68.41 KB, 806x354, same.jpg)


No she was a major Dakota copycat from 2-3 years ago that started out trying to self promote on PULL, got caught and torn apart.

She was friends with Mila Mortice for a while but Mila caught her shitposting about her on PULL and there was some drama over that.
I believe she was also friends with MegvnMvrie at one point too.
She tried befriending Kiki on Twitter once tweeting at her "urghhh those PULL meanies bullied me too!" despite the fact she fucking posted herself to PULL bit Kiki knew who she was and tore her a new one lel

Seems like most of her old photos were gone but she'd flipped get gourd this one, literally copying and pasting body parts from Dakota into her own photos thinking nobody would notice.

She has her own thread here:


No. 80435

She's constantly faking things to be more like Emily. It's sad really.

No. 80436

>First of all Ember, you most certainly don’t work out.

Exactly. We all know that Ember would post a photo if she did even five minutes of exercise, and I don't recall her EVER posting a workout photo.

No. 80438

File: 1452714383213.jpeg (333.89 KB, 1268x1463, image.jpeg)

Looks like fading Zoe is learning a valuable lesson in what you should and shouldn't post on the Internet. Someone apparently uploaded her body check video & now she's losing her mind over it. Go outside kids, make real friends, get off the internet, put your phones down. Jfc.

No. 80439

File: 1452714429902.jpg (105.17 KB, 760x507, 1363719329663.jpg)


Ohhhh I found one.

No. 80441


In her credit she doesn't post body checks, which I really fucking appreciate for once. And her eyebrows are actually real and kind of disgusting - for anyone that wants to know, to save you the lurking she brushed castor oil on her eyebrows for a year and a half and apparently that turned them into a forest.

Also she commented this on a tbt of her when she was a 16 year old and was normal with a little teenage fat
>Ah thanks, I wish I thought like that back in those days. During this point of my life, I was constantly bullied by my anorexic sister and a few times by my family for how 'fat' I was. These sayings and insults are permanently stuck with me for life.

Which explains a lot, including the identity problems she had. Seems like a normal tumblr girl.


Hi fellow new englander, have you met dweeby Emily too?


Emily is not an alcoholic anymore than Shmegeh was when she admitted she started drinking heavily to seem cool on the internet. Why the fuck would you want to be the town drunk? She's already aging, this shit isn't cute.

No. 80442

File: 1452714668891.jpg (174.51 KB, 1476x793, 1363720790303.jpg)

No. 80444


LOL Emily is just as fake are you new, she was just able to starve herself successfully to keep the image up

No. 80445


>>posts an underage video to a site that is as public as any other social media site

>>i might overdose

she's fucking 15 where the FUCK ARE HER PARENTSSSSSSS

No. 80446

I never said Emily wasn't fake?? Lurk moar

No. 80450

At least she is giving us a bunch of thinspo to report. Maybe she will lose her account soon :D

If you are following her, here are some direct links to the posts you can report:

Her account IS NOT private right now, so it's a great time to report all of those posts if you don't follow her.

inb4 her account magically goes private two seconds after i post this

No. 80451

oh fuck i totally remember this chick now. i used to have truth blog about kotakoti/felice fawn/some bitch named aly antorcha/kiki kannibal and people would submit shit about this girl.

No. 80452

fuck the pull days were the best days

No. 80453

what was her video??? i fuckin hate one this girl so much but no one ever talks about her
i remember i brought her up in an old wannarexics thread and people were like "she's 15 stop talking about her" LIKE>..>??>>> EMILY?? cryING FACE?? is 16 and people talk about that boring bitch all the time

No. 80456

IDK I'm not finding nothing on Youtube, no matter how hard I refine the search.

She probably posted the video herself. These proana scumbags love giving themselves reasons to flip the fuck out.

No. 80457

It was a body check video.

No. 80458

She's taken down the post about it, the video was titled anorexia body check. And it wouldn't shock me if she self posted the video, sad, but not totally surprising

No. 80460

File: 1452718441752.jpg (69.13 KB, 534x569, IMG_20160113_145254.jpg)

No. 80461

No. 80462

I think I found it.

No. 80463

No. 80464

Yeah this is the one

No. 80465

File: 1452719203253.gif (1.12 MB, 1040x1059, zoomzoomzoom.gif)

No. 80466

File: 1452719327822.png (153.18 KB, 513x525, lol.png)

No. 80471

File: 1452720828684.png (115.67 KB, 738x839, lmfao.PNG)

the fucking comments

No. 80472

File: 1452720975579.jpg (443.9 KB, 2048x2048, 1452720869143.jpg)

No. 80473

lmfao @ anas who bodycheck with company in the room

No. 80474

What ever happened to the little girl who was caught self posting & the starving kitten chick (after anon messaged relatives with their pics)?

No. 80475

Last we heard they had not read the messages yet. She's suppose to let us know as soon as they do

No. 80476

Over 300 views in one day kek poor little foolish girl

No. 80477


I see she's invested in a better camera too.

No. 80483

File: 1452723739943.jpg (378.98 KB, 2048x2048, 1452723673044.jpg)

Eyebrows on point!

No. 80485

File: 1452724021909.jpg (11.15 KB, 150x200, image.jpg)

What the ever loving fuck

No. 80489

Aww cute. She documented the day she became friends with Ember KEK They should make makeup tutorials together

No. 80491

If they don't know about the "other" message folder on Facebook they might never read it. Don't understand why fb doesn't alert people when they get messages from there

No. 80497

The girl who self posted has a food diary but no one knows what it is, any ideas?

No. 80501

I'm sure one of her retarded friends will sell her out eventually.

No. 80504

File: 1452727828252.png (116.06 KB, 567x569, lol.png)

Emily loves burning bridges.

No. 80507

File: 1452728246399.png (235.41 KB, 781x471, lol.png)

This is the same girl as above. Her horrible photoshop gives me life.


No. 80508

File: 1452728275543.jpg (122.34 KB, 527x835, IMG_20160113_173425.jpg)

I'm not fat I'm just wearing 734 layers of pants.

No. 80511


Can somebody bring my up to speed on this cherry bralette thing? What is it evidence of?

No. 80512

File: 1452728934941.jpg (1.43 MB, 1287x1993, charles_darwin2_by_zuzahin-d6q…)


Why is Charles Darwin chilling out between her thighs.

No. 80515

Nbd, he haunts pretty much every faggot failing natural selection at one point or another.

No. 80519

Yeah I'm a little lost, too

I understand the original picture was posted to some truth blog?

And this nobody claimed it wasn't her and got people to white knight her over it?

But why did it need WKing? Why is it bad it's her?

I don't understand how we went from
>literally nobody on lolcow cares who this girl is/claiming she's self posting
>omg drama proof of blah blah

What are the deets? I'm missing something here

No. 80520

File: 1452730445883.jpg (88.42 KB, 456x810, tumblr_nghvbmwyoC1tktmygo1_540…)

Several months ago, this image >>80051 was submitted to truth blogs by someone, stating that Emily sent the image to her and how triggering it was for the person who received it.

But Emily swore up and down that the image was not her, but was actually Ember Whann FRAMING her. She flat out lied to every single one of her friends, so they will defend her.

Multiple people argued about this, here are few of the posts on Tumblr:

Most people had no idea what to think and considered it to be a mystery, until Emily posted this image on her blog >>80016 but she has since deleted it, because the people who defended Emily have reblogged the image and called her out for lying about it all of those months ago.


No. 80522

I think the original drama was that Emily sent it so some chick and it got her right in the triggers, and then Emily spent weeks crying and convincing truth blogs that it wasn't her, instead it was some big mean fakey faker trying to make her look bad.

Turns out it was just number 10837378937 in Emily's grand master plan 'Everybody look at me all the time I'm special'

No. 80525

File: 1452730694317.png (1.81 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-13-18-14-59…)

Lol ember photoshopped her squidward dick nose

No. 80526

There's an app called beautycam that can do that, I'm sure there's ma y similar tho

No. 80527

Oh, kek. Thanks for clarifying, Anon!

No. 80530

File: 1452731363491.png (277.23 KB, 779x418, squidward.png)

No. 80531

She wants opinions on her sharpie eyebrows and crap covered eyes? KEEKING SO HARD

No. 80536

File: 1452732310619.png (116.46 KB, 1278x737, 0708789.png)

Ember has a pro-ana twitter account called @starvinggkitten

No. 80540

File: 1452732625606.jpg (559.5 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160113_184941.jpg)

No. 80544



No. 80545


Wow, not very bright is she?

No. 80548

Didn't she claim the twitter and soykitten IG were hacked? And she didn't post that thinspo or make a Kenzie hatepage.

No. 80550

File: 1452734348436.png (77.99 KB, 1278x587, 000898989889.png)

Ember keeps swearing this isn't her but she uploaded the unedited version of one of her Instagram photo to that account lol. She did the same shit when she pretended to be some Russian person while running some thinspo blog with the url f6t6f6 or something like that. She posted uncropped images to her thinspo blog, sourced her main blog, and proceeded to freak out on HERSELF for using her as thinspo. She also did the same thing to Emily, despite hating her at that time.

So much cringe.

I wonder how some stranger would have access to an image that only Ember had access too haha.

Duh, of course she claimed she was hacked. That's what she says every time she gets caught doing shady shit lol. What's your point?

No. 80551

File: 1452734578011.gif (733 KB, 886x923, BURN.gif)

She burned the outer ridges of her nose, lightened her forehead wrinkles, burned her lips, and lightened the middle part of her nose.

No. 80563

File: 1452737514037.jpg (116.34 KB, 536x782, IMG_20160113_200812.jpg)

Lurk much?

No. 80565

So I remember seeing that Emily crocker's secret blog was exposed but I never saw links or caps…anybody got them?

No. 80566


No one finds it ridiculous that Ember hasn't reacted to Emily posing in this criminally ugly bralette when it proves her innocence or something, she reacts to everything she can imagine

No. 80571


Again, I seent this bitch in person and she is queen dweeb. I actually felt a little bad for her considering how insecure/sad or whatever she looked, but I knew of her drama. Her internet obsession made more sense, she kept her eyes on the floor and had shitty posture.

I mean if I saw Ember I'd probably burst out laughing but I feel she'd at least try to be consistent with her ego trip. Have Emily and Ember met in person?

No. 80573

There's screenshots in the old thread

No. 80584

it just baffles me as to why she puts ED & scoliosis in the same sentence.

No. 80585

File: 1452742125477.jpg (821.26 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_o0wzlwBOCJ1qb7w7bo1_128…)

No. 80592

What's really annoying is she begs for followers but doesn't tweet or update at all??? Like why
Prob bc she only has 60 followers on there. Someone with 14,000 real followers on insta would get at least 100 or so with a promo like that. But fake followers won't do shit :)

No. 80631

Exactly! Can't buy Twitter followers

No. 80644


You can by twitter followers, but there's sites you can run twitter handles through to see the percentage of fake accounts they have following them, which you can't do with instagram. She got caught out on one of her old twitters for having like 97% fake followers. It'll jump from 60 to 16k in 2 days if she ever decides to take up tweeting again.

No. 80672

She dumb putting ED/mental illness/scoliosis. An eating disorder is a mental illness. She can't even get that right kek.

No. 80684

File: 1452775623287.jpeg (168.69 KB, 750x1040, image.jpeg)


No. 80694

Well she's not wrong

No. 80696

She needs her baby plate and spoons and toys to keep the children enticed

No. 80697

it looks like vomit.

No. 80702

I wonder how soon ember will get pregnant and blow up like a balloon

No. 80703

File: 1452779765395.jpg (319.06 KB, 1500x568, wtf is wrong with you.jpg)

ok so i was lurking on ember's fb and found this gem
"being who i am and what i weigh"
"u can be size 00/xxs like me"
such hardship, very trauma :( :(

No. 80709

She's not a 00/XXS lmao

No. 80710

File: 1452781221373.png (670.56 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

To the anon that was wondering about the self poster's food diary, I saw a comment on one of the sunny sqaud posts and I think this is her account. Not sure though.

No. 80711

Lol if she had an ED she would have mentioned it in this masturbation sesh

No. 80712

Prob not, she has people who know her IRL on Facebook and they would point out that she eats so much greasy fried food at work lmao

No. 80713


No. 80719

i feel like her saying she's boney is alluding to her having an ED but i could also be reading too much into it

regardless she's full of shit, seeing as she's spent forever telling people that their body is the opposite of beautiful kek

No. 80720


Can't help feeling like this whole thing is one long self post. Like, who else would give a shit?

No. 80725

File: 1452785721838.jpg (835.32 KB, 1512x1512, 2d9v701.jpg)

I wasn't sure where to post this girl, because she's a league whore too

But since I reverse searched an image of her after she followed me on tumblr that lead me to MPA, I guess here is best.


Since she's photoshopping herself to at least half of her size, I thought she'd be a good change to the usual proana instagram people posted here

No. 80726

Kek, I've been thinking the same thing everytime 'someone' asks for her 'food diary' as if anyone here even cares about 'food diaries', or this girl.

No. 80730

I agree, it's all self posting, no one cares about her.

No. 80733

you're posting a screenshot from the exact same phone, except this time you logged out of your account you fucking moron. we don't care about you, fuck off.

No. 80739

Lol ember finally cut the foot long dead ends off of her hair. Short hair will make her chubby cheeks so much more prominent, I'm excited

No. 80741

File: 1452789316412.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2016-01-14-11-33-28…)

No. 80742

Jeez you guys are fast

No. 80744

Because it's actualy just ember posting herself here kek

No. 80746

Nah, I have post notification on for her. She uploads and deletes images ridiculously quick, so I just snagged screenshots when I can and post them here asap, so I can get them out if my gallery.

No. 80747

File: 1452792298846.jpg (19.79 KB, 274x272, qwack.JPG)

therefore, suck in n duck pout harder!

No. 80748

Oh my god please stop posting yourself you are literally the most boring person.

No. 80753

shes like the only person on mpa with a picture of herself in her signature lol

No. 80756

Haha, she can't even pretend to hate herself.

No. 80758

File: 1452794286097.jpg (54.33 KB, 598x483, BxydtzVIgAEDFqq.jpg)

She made herself look like a bicycle seat lol

No. 80762

is it just me or are most of her 'cosplays' just really poorly photoshopped selfies? most of her 'accessories' look like they've just been copied/pasted on in post.

No. 80765

Jfc it looks like stickers

No. 80767

File: 1452797480566.png (959.17 KB, 640x960, image.png)

She looks 40 lol

No. 80773

Her hair looks really bad, I know we troll a lot but honestly it looks like shit and it looked better with the split ends.

No. 80777

it was probably cut by her mum, so what did you expect?

No. 80779

OMG she looks like a little old lady. Gross

No. 80780

Acacia Brinley did it better. Ember should have Google hair styles for over photoshopped duck lip faces first

No. 80781

The fish face is so obvious here.

No. 80782

She literally put her hair in a low ponytail and hacked it off

No. 80784

ember please. Your hair is so fried it doesn't matter if you get and inch of "split ends" trimmed. Your hair still looks gross and unhealthy. Get a buzz cut and a wig in a shade that actually suits you and be done with it.

No. 80787

That's not a haircut, it's a cry for help

No. 80788

File: 1452800564341.jpg (50.08 KB, 531x397, IMG_20160114_133954.jpg)

It's not hard to figure out. She's done it before, she has even solicited other people to do it, why wouldn't she be doing it now? #wakeupemily #emberisnotyourfriend

No. 80789

she thinks she looks like emma roberts so bad oh my god

No. 80791

Omg can someone post Emilys number this will be so fun(probably underage)

No. 80792


aaarghhh I don´t like the pinky thing on her head! what´s this?

No. 80794


I hav her on snapchat too ?
16033216154(probably underage)

No. 80796

She fucking knows she has no friends. She only talks to ember because they both love stirring shit and having everyone talk about it cause these mayo af bitches aren't even as interesting as a bologna sandwich.
And why wouldn't anyone just believe that Emily is making it up? Or even did it to herself?

No. 80797

Fuck off already you retarded new fag

Admin please for the love of God underage b& these shits

No. 80800


omg yolo yes lets phone ember lololololol so much trollin lolololol

No. 80801

Inb4 she blames Megan.

No. 80802

Lolololll that's Emilys numba not emberrr

No. 80803


wah thanks anon - got distracted by ember´s cheeksuckingpic

No. 80806

Are you new!?!? Newfag!??!? IT MOST CERTAINLY IS MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ALWAYS MEEEEEGAAAN!!!!!!!

No. 80811

File: 1452804106874.png (Spoiler Image, 140.56 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

lmao ember begged for a shout out and told the person she has all these issues omg

No. 80812

Samefag didn't mean to spoiler it whoops

No. 80820

Glad you did. I'm triggered by

No. 80821


yeah because when you're truly battling depression and anxiety, what you need to do is feed an internet obsession so you never have to actually face your problems - and of course, be promoted by other girls that are straight up trying to get eating disorders.

mostly i come here and laugh and don't allow to take any of this seriously, but fuck i'm getting so sick of how these masses of kids namedrop serious disorders and do everything their power to stay or become even more unhealthy. luckily people who actually struggling with those things and want to get better stay away from those garbage kids, but it's messing up public perspective on those issues.

like that bitch who threatened suicide because """""someone""""" posted a video she originally posted on another social media platform, or every time there's some critics about their actions it's not even like "hey sorry, you're right it was dumb, i'm dealing with a lot and got overwhelmed" or something, it's this weird "i'm depressed and anxious so i get to stay a kid forever, it's your fault"

like how fucking much do you have to deeply hate yourself to make up like three serious disorders - how much attention did you not get and why aren't you fixing it

No. 80824

I feel like they don't even hate themselves. it is more like wanting attention and pity. every post is always how sad their life is because everyone is so mean and they hate themselves. they just want to be pitied and that is why they want to look anorexic so everyone who does not follow them sees how sad they are and pities them.

No. 80829


But why would they want pity? I feel like it's so transparent that they know they have no other skill and hate how useless they are, so they hide behind something more serious instead of addressing the problem. That's more what I meant by self hatred, that they refuse to believe in challenging themselves and their own capabilities. If they claim their self esteem issues are disorders they have more time to hide, considering they are life long struggles.

Like don't these girls want a higher quality fanbase instead of other idiot babies? It's so embarrassing how public they are about this (would obv be a different thing if they were diagnosed/making real efforts, etc.)

No. 80832

Different anon here but I think its a lot to do with being raised to believe they are special and smart and important without effort. They've never received encouragement for practice or work, just praise for existing.

Now they fully believe that they are all super special and delicate and anyone who doesn't adore them is a jealous bully, because that's all they've ever been told.

No. 80835


> Now they fully believe that they are all super special and delicate and anyone who doesn't adore them is a jealous bully, because that's all they've ever been told.

another anon here. that makes sense. Anyone else there with depression or panic symtoms? Can only speak for myself, but when I´m deep in a depressive episode, or panic attac, the last thing I can think about is grabbing my phone and posting it on istagram or smthg.
Maybe their disorders go different dunno

No. 80837

They're seeking validation and attention by posting it. They need others to know its happening. Imo their 'depression' and 'panic' is just them feeling attention starved cause they're used to getting it every five minutes as a child but now they're a useless insane skellington and they source the praise from elsewhere now that mum and dad don't cough up.

No. 80838

mhm, to be honest, I probably would, but other than those cows I would feel terribly ashamed once coming clear (and I have none of those accounts, obviously).

No. 80839


I do have an account, but do not post very often. It´s private and from time to time I post some mental illness related stuff. But I´m a coward and do not show my face or anything that could be related to my person in RL.
Don´t these cows and snowflakes fear someone (future boss, employees….) might find their presence on the Internet??
would give me the shit knowing my boss or someone at university could find me "body checking in underwear"

No. 80841

I suffer from depression and from an eating disorder and it took me years (13 to 17 - I'm over 20 now) to finally be able to tell a doctor. I felt extremely ashamed of these negative emotions and habits.

I remember the day very well, I woke up for school feeling the same weight on my heart that I always did. I told my dad that I felt "sick" and needed to go to the doctor, so he made an appointment and took me their later in the afternoon. Normally, I would let him come in and do all the talking for me, but not today. I was too embarrassed to even tell him the type of sickness I felt. When my doctor entered the patient room, I broke down and told her everything. The depression, anxiety, crying episodes, and every detail about my disordered eating habits. She immediately referred me to an outpatient program and I spent the next few months seeing a therapist, in an attempt to recover.

But I never told my dad the truth (I lied and said it was anxiety related) about why I needed to go to the doctor that day and my secrecy angered him severely. He had no idea why I would want to speak to my doctor alone and assumed I was pregnant.

Anyways, I have always been ashamed of my depression and fucked up behaviors and could never imagine running an account where I openly flaunted my sadness/disordered habits.

No. 80842


Yeah but that shit is so embarrassing and unhelpful. Like I said, it's not cute it's just other idiot baby teenagers that follow them because they have the same spoiled complex. I'm saying why not try to look more accomplished, it's just a weird thing to use to get attention because you look disabled


I've been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety, but I've had symptoms from childhood so I've always been focused as hell on trying to feel like everyone else - which makes it worse sometimes, but I'm more consistent with working on it and treat it like a traditional illness. I only tell my school administration so people don't think I'm just lazy/difficult, but with anyone else (unless I know they have the same) I fucking do not tell them. If anything I just say a family member died so they don't ask questions or doubt what I'm going through - I can't imagine basing my entire personality and identity around a disorder that convinces me I'm half a person.

No. 80844


Fucking MTE, I don't understand teenagers/kids now who leave such a trail of evidence of their fuckery, especially since they have no specialized talent. At least Felice used half of a fake name for a while.

No. 80846

This cunt is such a hypocrite


She hates attention whores but constantly acts like an attention whore, but I'm lol'ing at the 0 notes. She has to spam her followers with her disgusting zoomed in nudes just to get attention. I do love all of the angles she uses to hide her fatness though, it's hilariously transparent.

No. 80847


thx now I know that there are not only attention seekers out there!

U know what grinds my gears?

When sbdy asks "how are you" I say "fine", cause
- I don´t want to talk
- it´s (most often) my business and I don´t want drama or that I catch attention.

Now I´ve logged into insta and all I see is a picture of a girl (black/white ofc) lying on a railway line dramatically saying:
"how are you? - just fine"

I know again why I´m on istagram not very often

No. 80850

ITT: life story blogging

No. 80852

>If anything I just say a family member died so they don't ask questions or doubt what I'm going through

My depression shows, so whenever some stranger asks "hey why do you look so sad???", I'm just gonna say that. Thanks for the unintentional help.

No. 80854


sry fo that - just wanted to say that imho when you really suffer from severe depression or dissociating, a panic attack or smthg you definitely will not be capable of posting in this moment. I still don´t get this

No. 80859

They don't try to impoverished because they don't see any need to. Jfc reading comprehension anon. Its a valuable skill.

No. 80861

Improved not impoverished fuck.
Does autocorrect ever actually do what anyone wants?

No. 80862

she's going to give herself a stroke from tensing her neck muscles so hard, lol
seriously that haircut looks terrible for her face. the fact that she still insists on sucking in her cheeks and pursing her thin lips makes it all look even more unflattering.

I know she's trying so hard to look like emma roberts (KEK) but right now she looks like a grandma

No. 80863

>you definitely will not be capable of posting in this moment

Hey now, that's not true. I have made pretty of reckless posts during a freakout/episode. It is possible, but I try to just distance myself from the internet whenever I am feeling extra emotional because the attention I receive from acting like an attention whore is horrible. I'm always shamed of the way I act during those times.

No. 80864

This belongs in your diary anon. No1 curr.

No. 80867

She honestly looks like she's fucking 50 or something.

No. 80869

This bitch is a perfect example of >>80837

I wish fatties would stop getting naked. There's beached whales all over the planet, why add another?

No. 80871

If you have to cover your face beyond recognition to look like a celebrity, why take pride in it kek

Emma Roberts would kick her hick ass for being such a cheap looking wannabe

No. 80873

Throws together random woolen shit, calls it an outfit.

Huge ugly brown sunglasses

Brassy hair in PTA mum style number 4

She's 19 going on 38

No. 80874


>they don't try to impoverished because they don't see any need to


fucking lol ok.

Yes I clearly understand they don't see any need to, but they don't have actual disorders so there's no real suffering involved to lend the desire to change. That's my point, why publicly hide behind a disorder that requires behavioral changes to feel better? It's like saying you have a broken leg and refusing a cast, they should expect people to disrespect them for not trying.

I'm saying it's a dumb plan to get attention.

No. 80878


Emma Roberts is also a cunt that would definitely judge her for her issues.

No. 80879


Yooooo isn't she one of those insufferable ~*warriors of justice truth bloggers*~ ?

Noticed that a lot of them criticize people they turned out to be very similar to, so crazy.

No. 80882

yeah that's the Deja/Kristen bitch that made a ton of hate threads and got called out by admin

No. 80885

Anyone knows how to hack someone's email?

No. 80891

File: 1452814254443.jpg (10.66 KB, 275x275, image.jpg)

When did I say its a smart plan?
You can keep repeating ITS SO DUMB REEEEEEEEEEEEE all you like but you're missing the point.

These girls think its a good idea and that they are legitimately as unwell as they claim.

No. 80892

File: 1452814296964.jpg (18.72 KB, 373x200, image.jpg)

No. 80911

That girl is a fucking lunatic, if we keep talking about her, she will start stinking up this thread with her horrible rambles.

No. 80918

File: 1452819730721.jpg (225.84 KB, 1280x1269, dontlookatmelookatme.jpg)

ccccraaaaaaaaaaaaawling in my skiiiiiin
these wounds, they look great in my new seeeelffieeee

No. 80919

Holy shit. What an obvious cry for attention. Intentionally popping out her arm like that, for fuck sakes

No. 80921

Well someone should text her and let her know how you feel KEK

No. 80923


lmao i was going to post this but she's sooooooo fuuuucking thirsty i opted out.

this is a grown woman who's still trying to be the toughest kid in middle school.

doesn't she bitch about all her relationships/friendships? like publicly posting that is going to attract better men or friends. this is why you keep getting abused.

No. 80924


i just noticed i think she's sucking in her cheeks with her mouth open because her face is so fucking off

No. 80925

I like her double chin

No. 80926

Ember tries so hard to embody Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) from AHS: Coven. That knitted headband and the ugly pink fur coat she posted a while ago. Wants to be queen B but really she's just a sad, lonely girl

No. 80928

She latches into characters as personas like shmegeh, but at least shmegeh could keep up the schtick. Embers too lazy for it

No. 80950

Gods, I miss Queen Felice.

No. 80953

File: 1452825833248.jpeg (119.36 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)


No. 80959

Embers creating a cheek sucking trend. First it was hollow prince doing it and now Emily's doing it ?

No. 80960

What's up with the trim along the bottom of the wall?

No. 80963

Is that eyeshadow under her eye?
It looks like she's trying to make it look like she's got mad dark shadows under her eyes.

No. 80966

Yeah, I know how. I totally hacked that Maddie chick's e-mail last night. Then I logged into her Instagram and posted screenshots of her account! Ha ha ha. It was a real riot! Then to seal the deal, I posted some screenshots of her food diary the next day! I am a 1337 hax0r, I'll tell you what.

No. 80971

Lol. I don't see why she can't say she fucked up and just delete the account, instead she she has to lie and say someone hacked her.
Is your plan to get an anon to say they can hack emails so you can accuse them of "hacking" you?

No. 80978

File: 1452830642601.gif (102.61 KB, 291x324, Untitled-1.gif)

No. 80985

File: 1452832946201.png (886.91 KB, 941x604, 0f6cc151c7eedb970a91056c799108…)

No. 80989

nice selfpost

No. 80990

don't post shit like this.
We're not here to do research for you.

No. 80991

Nope, no idea who she is and its more than likely i will never care.

No. 81102

Em we saw those portraits we know you have a fat ass face stop faking.

No. 81124

she looks like she's just getting into modeling but her ig also looks too professional (and boring) to find any dirt. probably just another popular brandy model who keeps their shit on the dl

No. 81133

File: 1452843081902.jpg (169.35 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nusit9pNSP1qcdl07o2_128…)

no she has hella eye bags.

Shut up Ember you didn't star anything, Shmegeh was known for that fuckery.

No. 81135

lmfao who gives a fuck who ACTUALLY started it. either way i'm saying we pointed out that ember sucks her cheeks in all the time and coincidentally all these other anas on ig who we know lurk this fucking thread are starting to do it

No. 81136

File: 1452843353718.png (270.84 KB, 272x561, ember.png)


same with ember, yoyo dieting fucks up your skin so badly these girls are so dumb.

No. 81138

Aegyosal desu

No. 81139

File: 1452843550533.png (418.22 KB, 436x539, actualember.png)

lmfao here's ember when she can't do her ana poses, this was like two pictures down this is too good

lil chunky monkey face~

No. 81145

Every ana faggot has been doing that sucking in face since fucking xanga. Jfc you vendetta-Chana are so picky, its beyond pathetic.

'Dis cow started it'

They're both fucking trash stop your bullshit arguing.

No. 81146

>stay mad

No. 81148

I always sound fuckin mad.

No. 81157

No I was gonna try & hack Ember kek.

No. 81186

Does anyone remember lightlylily? She had around 6-7k, veeeerrrryyyy spoopy. Whatever happened to her?

No. 81189

maddie get the fuck out
why did you use the same exact email as the last time you got caught

No. 81190

File: 1452866736838.jpg (124.54 KB, 521x736, 1451768973071.jpg)

So this didn't happen, surprise surprise.

No. 81191

"Omg I have scolios too"

No. 81192


No. 81193

>>81190 That's a shame. she missed the LIFE saving over night fluids and "tube". And I thought she was finally going to recover. I'm so disappointed

No. 81198

I hate you so much.

No. 81199

Doctor: ember pls stop making appointments when there's nothing wrong
Ember: is too busy taking pictures of the office and medical equipment to listen

No. 81203

Ur legit embarrassing yourself now Maddie lmfao

No. 81204

Do something really fucking dumb outside of lolcow and then maybe we'll talk about you. Maybe.

No. 81207

File: 1452872715008.png (351.05 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Did a farmer make that little kids acct?

No. 81208

Samefag that or ember is actually being followed by pedos

No. 81209

File: 1452872816189.jpg (185.63 KB, 539x781, IMG_20160115_094217.jpg)

She about to get more free shit. Someone needs to warn these companies and her scamming, lying, pedophile ways. This is just more ammunition to lure more kids

No. 81211

These aren't even companies they're just other insta users trying to make a quick buck

No. 81212

File: 1452873077790.jpg (123.83 KB, 530x618, IMG_20160115_095016.jpg)

No. 81213

ember prob made rhat account to harass herself she would sink that low

No. 81214

Regardless. They are trying to make money and this low life lazy fatass is taking advantage

No. 81215

File: 1452873290368.png (419.76 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 81216

File: 1452873306668.jpg (143.48 KB, 528x833, IMG_20160115_095351.jpg)

Is disgusted and could have just blocked but promotes and tags pedophile anyways.

No. 81217

Because it's probably just her, kek

No. 81230

File: 1452876515940.png (3.41 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1452876279732.png)


I have the oddest suspicion that this girl is using thinspo poses or some sort of photoshop to make herself appear thinner, espically in the leg area.

In the middle image, the full body mirror looks like it is leaning back, which is known as a "skinny mirror".

So that's one way she manipulates her photos.

No. 81234

File: 1452877005266.png (1.94 MB, 2048x1130, PhotoGrid_1452876837025-1.png)

>has over 15,000 followers
>can't break 500 likes on thinspo without begging

This girls followers are faker than Ember's.

No. 81236

I really don't see the point in fake followers that ain't even gonna like your shit. These anas need to find their validation somewhere else.

No. 81243

I thought something similar about ray_of_hopehope64 back when she was really ill - elongating her legs and shit like that. she's recovering now tho for college so i feel like she's gotten over that ? i'm too drunk to screenshot atm (bless autocorrect) but i think she's a public insta. if not tomorrow when im sober i'll post some screenshots lol

No. 81246

samefagging from the rayofhope post but yeah i was following this chick until last month bc she was pissing me off but i'm like 100% certain shes buying followers for her #recovery insta bc no one actually cares about her posts (or so it seems at least. i might be ~too judgmental ~)

No. 81253

That bottom right photo is frightening

Take notes ember you'll never be veiny like that

No. 81256

She would have to dehydrate herself for a good month to get like that but Ember can't stop sucking some Starbuck coffees long enough to even feel hunger.

No. 81259

I bet 4 hours after Ember eats, she starts to feel hungry and thinks she is such a good "anorexic" for going another hour before she succumbs to her stomach growls and begs her boyfriend to make her a huge plate of pasta.

No. 81261

>in b4 ember bursts blood vessel trying to pop veins out

No. 81265

ember wouldn't even wait the hour - it'd be like 10 mins and then she'd fill her fat ass stomach with shit and post about how it's such a #recoverywin

No. 81333

File: 1452896740726.png (802.71 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lmao the weird veggie side just looks like broccoli and mushrooms…she's seriously going to give herself diabetes with all the carbs and sugar she eats

No. 81334

File: 1452897560640.png (44.28 KB, 636x520, Untitled.png)

I'll be shocked if this isn't accused of being a self post but I actually think this girl may be able to deliver us some milk. I randomly found picture related in the #i-got-raped tumblr search and she seems to overembellish and act like quite the drama queen.

And tbh, it looks like she edits her butt bigger



http://angryinkeddrunk.tumblr.com/post/137036097374/a-little-thicker-than-your-average-thin-girl (these looks unedited)

Oh and she thinks reserve racism is real?


No. 81336

File: 1452897923053.jpg (98.71 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nz5nsrvGjo1v161hqo1_540…)

No. 81368

File: 1452909519479.png (3.7 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1452909198928.png)

these shoops are too obvious for me to handle

No. 81370

File: 1452909592395.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1611, Screenshot_2016-01-15-20-57-08…)

No. 81372

File: 1452910178915.png (2.85 MB, 1429x2048, PhotoGrid_1452910071996-1.png)

No. 81373

Why are so many women obsessed with looking like a Bratz doll these days?

No. 81374

File: 1452910202677.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1349, Screenshot_2016-01-15-21-06-34…)

No. 81375

Omg, I thought this person was peacockfeather at a glance.

No. 81377

how did she even pop out a kid. she looks like she hasnt had her period in years

No. 81385

Ugh she is so malnourished. wtf

No. 81388

File: 1452916270253.png (1.34 MB, 1249x663, tyutyu.PNG)

she's so disgusting looking have you seen her fucking teeth?

No. 81390

File: 1452916529438.png (743.93 KB, 737x498, datyellowcheek.PNG)

she has so much yellowing on her face idk who's she's kidding with this "i just have a fast metabolism" shit

No. 81412

Her disgusting teeth and eyebrows make me want to stab my own eyes out

No. 81413

I thought you were just being a nitpicky twat and yet now I deeply regret enlarging the thumbnail

No. 81414

Why does a large portion of her face look blurry af?

No. 81415

I like most of her lipstick shades tho. Damn.

No. 81433

these are stills from a shitty quality youtube vid of hers. you can't expect that shit to be 1080p when her camera sucks

No. 81443

My bad I thought they were pics

No. 81446

Do any of you follow horsesandfitnessxo on Tumblr? She's not pro ana but always posts thinspo pictures of herself. She went from normal with some flab to clearly underweight and acts like that's fitness and healthy. Few weeks ago she gained a few pounds on holiday and then "got back on track" because she cannot live without underweight apparently

No. 81454

File: 1452955710306.jpg (174.82 KB, 531x751, IMG_20160116_084217.jpg)

When google has your fat pic and the link lists you as a fake anorexic with fat thighs, GOLD!!!!

No. 81468

File: 1452963379858.jpg (55.05 KB, 348x459, IMG_20160116_105551.jpg)

When you can't edit your fat head in your reflection

No. 81471

I can't stand it when people use straight up black eyebrow pencil.

No. 81472

File: 1452964303241.png (402.39 KB, 717x481, bikeseat.png)

Queen Ember posted a new selfie, have you all been #blessed enough to see it yet?

No. 81479

File: 1452964860448.png (154.67 KB, 258x487, fr4.png)

I'm a lil shocked Ember hasn't been milking Alan Rickman's death for attention.

No. 81481


No. 81482

File: 1452965034652.png (1.01 MB, 2048x1192, PhotoGrid_1452964872254-1.png)

>do your titties hang low, do they wobble to and fro?……

No. 81484

She may not have noticed, she's been too busy googling her own name and reading into her own drama that she just has no idea what the fuck is going on nowadays.

No. 81485

You can see the top of her flabby belly hanging down too lol

No. 81486

File: 1452965301735.png (227.15 KB, 930x585, liar.png)

Anyone else notice that everytime Ember says she will spam you with likes and comments, her activity feed never shows her doing so?

She just followed two more gymnastic accounts though.

#RIPAlanaRickman incoming

No. 81489

File: 1452965637563.gif (493.03 KB, 350x219, tumblr_lb1ebrIBzB1qbqb2ho1_400…)

You take, take, take, and drain others of their love and emotion.

No. 81491

Top comment is a 15 year old girl, yikes


No. 81494

In the actual selfie on the right side her cheek is so fucked up from editing, and she forgot her spoopy collarbones

No. 81496

Obviously can not multi task. Too busy editing chest bones, forgot about her doughboy cheeks KEK

No. 81498

File: 1452967395985.png (176.18 KB, 455x481, hot neck.png)

Her neck is super hot for a 28 year old man! You go, Ember!

No. 81523

She literally has jowls

No. 81524

This made me laugh, so I asked my boyfriend too guess her age based on this picture

>Looks at picture confused

>"At first glance she looks 13, but when you look for real…38?"

No. 81534

Ugh, don't say that. We'll end up getting an instagram post about how bulimia swells her glands and it's totes not her fault

No. 81542

would ember be a hufflepuff?
or prob. like Umbridge?

No. 81543

Can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow

No. 81544

She'd be a squib

No. 81545

File: 1452974918009.jpg (102.65 KB, 1925x1083, maxresdefault.jpg)


She'd be a house elf

No. 81557

File: 1452978087215.png (274.48 KB, 930x330, Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 4.00…)

Did other people see Ember's instagram food diary or is that old news? Her food looks like worms.

No. 81562

from the thumbnail i thought you might be exaggerating but HOLY SHIT. that is the least appetizing bowl of spaghetti i've seen since vegan ginger put her noodle abortion in a bowl.

No. 81567

Her wrists look soft. She's definitely got normal chub arms now spoopy skeleton limbs.

No. 81568

She's a blast ended scroot.
Remember hagrid had these animals and everyone hated them because all they did was be terrible and explode all over the place.
House elves were cool.

No. 81578


well Wormtail was Gryffindor too……

No. 81580

JFC, was step 1 in the recipe book to unearth dinner from the fucking ground???

No. 81588

File: 1452990703423.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpeg)

No. 81591

File: 1452991073290.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpeg)

No. 81595

File: 1452991422475.jpeg (180.76 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Wish it was such shitty quality but look at dat wiggly line of the floor

No. 81600

The warping is from stretching for sure

No. 81603

Was this on IG? It's gone

No. 81604

Nah. Snapchat. I had to take a pic on another device so she wouldn't see a snapchat screenshot notification

No. 81606

Her vagina has a slope lol

No. 81610

Because it probably hangs down to her knees kek that's why she's always in stretch pants, to hold it up in place

No. 81662

File: 1453008225600.png (500.73 KB, 927x572, Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 6.34…)

found one of embers friends on instagram and she' pretty lolworthy too

No. 81663

File: 1453008301463.png (377.55 KB, 930x572, Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 6.34…)

she literally takes videos of herself crying and drinking vodka. it's cringeworthy.

No. 81664

This has been posted before. At least state why, if not, self post.

No. 81665

oops, sorry! i browsed and didn't see it.

No. 81666

Ember, you don't have to bring negative attention to everyone you meet

No. 81670

But how else to make herself feel better by comparison?

No. 81688

Are those fillings on her teeth or food? I seriously don't know

No. 81705

I used to follow her until she started posting pics. The worst part is that people are encouragin her even tho shes almost spoopy level.
She also doesnt realize most of her followers/anons are pro anas. Evwryone just stopped trying to tell her shes sick.

sage bc no one cares about "fitblrs"

No. 81775

File: 1453049536498.jpeg (82.73 KB, 733x1110, image.jpeg)

all the wannarexics are whoring out this ugly sop
This will be fun to watch

No. 81779

File: 1453050121530.png (498.05 KB, 736x840, lol.png)

Bad photoshop is baaaaad.

No. 81786

Looks like food stains, or maybe she ate a huge bag of popcorn before shooting.

No. 81787

File: 1453051738884.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1507, Screenshot_2016-01-17-12-26-56…)

This looks like votmit!!! :S

No. 81791

Popcorn teeth

No. 81800

pretty sure it's decay.
her teeth are always like that and have always been like that. probably purging or drugs

No. 81814

File: 1453054944969.jpeg (117.21 KB, 618x631, image.jpeg)

So it was crying Emily's birthday today, I love that she was wearing not one, but two birthday girl buttons & one of them is massive, totally not a cry for attention..

No. 81817

Que "I'm not worthy" crying episode in 12 hours

No. 81819

Lol I speak Spanish so I read your "que" as "what"

No. 81820

File: 1453055681712.jpg (70.56 KB, 423x388, IMG_20160117_123306.jpg)

Is that a thumb or a fucking foot?

No. 81822

That's decay. They're literally rotting. If you look closely you can see the break down of her teeth.

No. 81824

jesus christ she is ugly. the weird photo shopping on her nose/eyes just makes it worse.

No. 81827

Wtf. Who posts unappetizing pics of food? Shit really does look like a plate of bile

No. 81830

Put your bets on the table ladies….
Will crying Emily have her melt down:
A)during her bday because she didn't get every fucking thing she wanted
B) at the end of her bday because tomorrow she will be back to her regular "shitty" life
C) the following day, when she forgets that today happened
D) all throughout because she's an insufferable cunt

No. 81833

Maddie is getting called out on her fake anorexia on ask kek

No. 81834

Toe thumb

No. 81835

Most likely B. All about how she's sick of having to restrict every day, how there's nothing to look forward to, how nobody understands anorexia except her, how she wants to die and be in the dirt with the wormz.

No. 81838

You are Maddie, faggot.

No. 81840

File: 1453056989815.jpg (231.06 KB, 738x1234, toe thumb.jpg)

HAHAHA disgusting

No. 81843

File: 1453057225294.jpg (16.08 KB, 300x300, use this.jpg)

No. 81844

Not Maddie, faggot.

No. 81845

File: 1453057299672.jpg (83.57 KB, 842x418, cxd.jpg)

Damn you would think that a person with 14,500 followers, who constantly promotes her food dairy, would have waaay more followers on that other account lol

I wonder how many people would follow her account if she didn't beg for shoutouts every other hour. She only has over 2k on her food dairy because she tells people IF U FOLLOW BOTH MUH ACCOUNTS - I WILL PROMOTE YOU.

But I have a pro ana sock account and got Ember to promote it for the lulz, and I didn't get a single fucking follower LOL

No. 81858

offense shows you are, in fact, maddie

No. 81859

File: 1453059151821.png (26.64 KB, 655x387, hjkghk.PNG)

this is funny tho

No. 81868

Wtf am I looking at? Who is this?

Please, take your head out of your ass, don't just assume we know who you are. That right there is what makes it obvious that this is a self post.

Normal posters provide links.

No. 81871

She went to build a bear with her mum & had some carrot cake, but don't you dare say you were 'proud' or any of that! Fuck, Even when she's mildly happy she finds a way to be a right cunt.

No. 81877

File: 1453061735835.png (1.14 MB, 1906x622, 1450101691038.png)

Don't do meth

No. 81882

holy shit she has one of the most punchable faces I have ever seen.

No. 81885

File: 1453062329614.jpg (22.98 KB, 250x327, image.jpg)

No. 81891

wtf is wrong with her face in the right pic? its almost like her features are shifting to the right below her nose or what

No. 81892

She forgot to suck in on both sides kek

No. 81893

File: 1453063003463.gif (83.98 KB, 403x392, image.gif)

Fucking go away!!!!!! Nobody cares about your bullshit maddie

No. 81897

I'm not proud of her. She's going to be unbearable banging on about hoe "fat" she is because she ate a piece of fucking carrot cake. Probably get a half naked body shot to show us how "fat" she is.

No. 81911

File: 1453065065250.jpg (129.55 KB, 953x609, cxd.jpg)

this image is so weird to me

No. 81952

File: 1453069524647.png (1.28 MB, 1517x839, try-so-hard.png)

No. 81953

I can't help but feel a little bad for girls who try so hard to fit into a certain aesthetic that just doesn't work for them. She's devoting so much time and effort into looking like a G0FFIK QUEEN but it's just not working for her. She looks like a flattened squirrel.
What the hell? Her legs look normal, but everything from about the waist up looks spoopy. Not sure if shoop or just unfortunate fat distribution.

No. 81963


Maddie is thick as hell. Not thin. She needs to stop fucking kidding herself and find a new way to get attention and sympathy. Because the fake anorexia thing isn't working for her.

No. 81965

Pretty sure Ember blocked me on insta… I don't even remember calling her out on anything lol. I thought she was just in hiding after people stopped falling for her bad photoshop. She seriously thinks anyone believes she's underweight or malnourished?

No. 81967

Does anyone know Ember in real life? Anyone in Rochester see her around? I want to see her without photoshop lol. See how "underweight" she is. I'd love to show up at her work just for the lolz.

No. 81968


Maybe she is slightly underweight or does have ED thoughts, but I don´t think she looks emaciated

No. 81972


Oh god she's like a charity shop Felice.

No. 81974

There was a girl on insta called aylastruggles and she was an even bigger fake than Maddie. Her lowest bmi was 19 something, at least Maddie got down to 18 something.

No. 81975

idk what's so weird about that. my body is like that too, if you got wide hips that's not gonna change with weight loss

No. 81977

The ayla girl's account isn't up anymore. She was deactivated/self deactivated.

No. 81980

A BMI of 18 isn't anorexic. It's got to be 17.5 or less, AND you have to meet the rest of the criteria. Unfortunately i know too much about that world. She definitely isn't anorexic.

No. 81983

Agreed. She's just desperate for attention, which is why she self submitted in the first place. Her ask even mentions lolcow. She's so dumb it's actually funny.

No. 82001

I don't know, she has been referring to herself as the "thinspo queen" for the past 4 years now. I don't think anyone with a real eating disorder would be able to love themselves as much as Ember does.

She constantly calls herself ugly and fat but whenever someone insults her, she immediately talks herself up lol.

Her self hatred is fake, I guess she thinks she needs to act like she loathes herself so other people will play nice but she can't even hate herself properly.

No. 82002

A lot of people don't think she was diagnosed with NPD. I think she was. She's a narcissist, plain and simple. She needs treatment for THAT more than anything. Personality disordered individuals are fucking dangerous for the people around them.

No. 82003

Has anyone gotten a hold of her ex boyfriend and let him know that she's been claiming abuse by him?

No. 82027

If she had NPD she wouldn't be working with her mom for a catering company

I don't think you understand the symptoms required for a PD diagnosis, Ember is just desperate to famous

She both hates and loves herself in equal parts, she even dropped out of school and vagued on her fb

She's trapped forever as an ignorant, skinny fat loser with an ugly face and unfortunately for her she's both too stupid and too poor to pull herself above it

She has nothing to look up to except social media famous people, she's obsessed with their fake image so she decided to make her own fake image

There's nothing genuinely wrong with her except she most likely has anxiety because she's probably living in fear of the day this turns on her in a worse way than instagram fights but other than that she doesn't care because she's self medicating with weed to live in her alternate reality world

Tl;dr you really think this dumb shit is smart enough to have NPD when she's just a parrot admiring herself in a muddy puddle lol

No. 82030

why are you talking to yourself

No. 82032

Lmao having npd isnt a fucking badge of honour.

No. 82033

Actually, I understand personality disorders. I don't have one myself, but have had the misfortune of being sucked in by multiple personality disordered individuals. She has NPD.

No. 82036

I'm the anon who sent him the screenshots about the things Ember said about him, but no answer yet. Perhaps I should send the screenshots to someone close to AJ?

No. 82040

Yeah, you could try that. I would if I were you.. It really gets under my skin. Not getting along with someone and breaking up is one thing (she cheated, no?), but she claimed he was beating her?? and raping her?? That's way out of line, and I would want to know if I were in his position. Maybe his parents? They lived with his parents i think.

No. 82041

Someone posted his phone number a while ago. I bet it's still out there…

No. 82043

Dude nobody knows what the fuck you are talking about

No. 82045

They're talking about Ember's boyfriend, just look at the posts above their's. It's not rocket science.

No. 82047

File: 1453077203639.jpg (35.96 KB, 500x500, 1442230540024.jpg)

His parents took her on vacation multiple times. I am sure they would love to know that this cunt is making their son look like an abuser/rapist.

>Pic related - it's them in South Carolina

No. 82055

File: 1453077738110.png (7.22 KB, 627x92, ooo.png)

It's silly that Ember keeps saying she never cheated on A.J. when she literally said she cheated on him in her original thread.

No. 82057

Ember moved in her that 32 year old guy not even a week after she was kicked out her A.J.'S house. That should make it obvious that she was clearly warming up to this Andrew guy long before her fiance saw those videos of her acting like a slut on camera. She probably cheated/attempted to cheat multiple times before he watched those videos and that was all the proof he needed that Ember is a deceitful whore and needed to get the fuck out of his house/life.

Now take a stroll down memory lane with me

No. 82059

The fact that she admitted to cheating just to bump her own damn drama thread is so fucking ridiculous. She's a cheater and she's a stupid one.

No. 82062

Send them to his parents or something. I know most of her followers are fake but she's still got enough for her to be damaging his reputation, all because she cheated and couldn't be brave enough to admit to it.

No. 82063

What's really gross about it is that she didn't need to mention ANYBODY being at fault. She didn't want to be seen as a scummy cheater so she made up a story about him when she could have just said that they grew apart and broke up.

No. 82073

You just have to assume that someone dumb enough to have associated with Ember in the first place isn't going to care much about reputation.

No. 82075


isn't western new york like the middle of nowhere?

my guess is there is no way in hell anyone would recognize ember anyways, she's entirely forgettable and scrubby.

No. 82079

You don't understand personality disorders at all. Cut this shit out.

No. 82081

Please stop sending reports with the assumption that every post mentioning Ember was actually made by her. In the past few months, we've received dozens of reports from many different people for "suspicious posts". None of the reported posts were made by her. Don't send a report unless you have genuinely good evidence for believing it's her.

No. 82082


yeah everyone that old is a narcissist.

No. 82083

You're an idiot and don't know anything about NPD or living with someone who has it.
I was raised by a narc, ember isn't one. She's just a attention hungry social media slut.

No. 82084

I'm diagnosed ASPD with narcissistic tendencies and I do not see any signs of a PD with her. I don't think you really understand.

No. 82085

>I'm diagnosed ASPD with narcissistic tendencies
You must be a very pleasant person.

No. 82086

You sound fun.

No. 82087

I am, actually. Anyway, back to the content.

No. 82091



wow, ur a totally cool nd edgy sociopath hehe wow edgy

No. 82092

File: 1453084136641.png (2.05 MB, 2048x1599, PhotoGrid_1453083582089-1.png)

I normally pity fat proanas but not when they say shit like "how it is I can starve myself all day then eat uncontrollably at night?"


Someone this big can lose weight so easily if she just exercised, drank 60-90 oz a day, and stop eating AFTER 6pm instead of refusing food until 6pm then stuffing herself just before she sleeps for 10 hours only to wake up even fatter, hating herself more, and becoming even less motivated to lose weight.

At that size, if she started losing working out, she would notice the results in a few weeks, which would only motivate her further. Its pathetic that she is just wasting her potential because she can't stop feeling bad for herself.

No. 82093

she has relapse in her username

relapse from WHAT

No. 82095

can we get posts that have been made by maddie to be tagged with "posted by maddie" because i'm p sure self posting isn't allowed and the girl has self posted many times

No. 82096

File: 1453084438072.png (2.35 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1453084351030.png)

She says she was diagnosed with binge eating and EDNOS buuuuuuut I can't see this girl actually talking to a doctor about her weight problem.

No. 82097

Self posting isn't against the rules but you can't make threads about yourself. How old is Maddie though?

No. 82098

She has a great figure hiding under all of that fat and she's 5'8, she will look fine at 140lbs.

No. 82100

i think she's underage so she can be b& right?

No. 82101

Self-posting is allowed but Maddie is 14. I don't think she needs to be exposed (it's obvious anyway), just b&.

No. 82102

report her posts then

No. 82104

She's been banned for being under 18.

No. 82108

File: 1453086257919.png (49.66 KB, 877x324, Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.0…)

so i found this lmao

No. 82112

File: 1453087325002.png (6.48 MB, 3008x1952, fakerecana.png)

I've been meaning to post about this girl, but I wasn't sure if she should go here or in the Aly thread, so I just came here. Whatever.
She's been "real recovering" for months now, and I'm quite sure she hasn't gained more than 3 pounds. She's from Argentina, and obviously pro-ana. Go to her profile and look at her pic. She's a really bad Aly copycat, like the poor, third-world version of her.

No. 82113

File: 1453087426027.png (589.62 KB, 964x602, alycopycat.png)

Also, this is her most recent post. She once posted a bodycheck, but it's deleted now.

No. 82122

The obese in the op IS obese

No. 82124

File: 1453088824293.jpeg (469.7 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

Well you called it, so predictable though. She's had oats, 2 Nakd bars, a banana, a sandwich, small slice of carrot cake & this all day. Christ kid, that's not a lot of food for a 17 year old. Or really anyone.

No. 82129

>mum put together for me
Holy shit, what are you, 5?

No. 82139


A lot of Upstate/Western NY is in the middle of nowhere but most of Rochester, and particularly its upper-middle-class areas like Eastview Mall, the suburbs of Pittsford, Brighton, etc are definitely not. They're very well developed, unlike the more rural areas like Honeoye Falls or Bloomfield. I live in the Rochester area and wouldn't be surprised if I ran into her somewhere. Like I said, it's not the middle of nowhere but it's still a small enough area where you can easily run into people you know if you're out and about.

Sage for slight OT

No. 82141


No. 82142


Sage'd my above post incorrectly, I accidentally put it in the wrong text line. My apologies, farmers.

The derp is strong with this one today.

No. 82272

File: 1453115097420.png (423.82 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_2016-01-18-05-53-14…)

>im not doing well
>mom is FORCING me to get a job
>but she doesn't UNDERSTAND me!
>i am sick and never want to better myself
>she doesn't even act like an adult!
>so i don't have to take any responsibility either!
>waaaah i need a denist but she won't even find me one!

Mother like daughter. This family seems to be stuck in a vicious cycle of laziness and self entitlement.

No. 82276

File: 1453115514186.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1669, PhotoGrid_1453115434421-1.png)

Obvious photoshop but the comments lol.

No. 82292

File: 1453117205491.png (1.75 MB, 1904x1364, PhotoGrid_1453117135253-1.png)

Somebody send this girl some babywipes.

No. 82300

the waist looks shooped on the left, but the one on the right is doable if she does a lot of ab work (look up stomach vacuums, bodybuilders are able to shift their abs into their ribcage to make their stomachs dramatically small)

but let's get real, there's no way she's into actual fitness lol

No. 82302



No. 82303

Why does she eat shitty food? She should be going the fitness vegan route, that way she can be self righteous about her anorexia.

Lol nice leg lengthening app

No. 82304

File: 1453121499438.jpg (90.83 KB, 736x932, 0b166427562caac5f80d3c21ac4d87…)

relapsing from not inhaling cheetos for 1 hour

it's traumatic for them

No. 82310

File: 1453122664528.png (2.15 MB, 1519x2048, PhotoGrid_1453122590413-1.png)

get a load of this pile of spoop

No. 82316

File: 1453123151881.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1412, Screenshot_2016-01-18-08-16-15…)

>"fuck eating disorders!"
>has two different types of eating disorders as username

No. 82324


This reminds me of my first time ever trying to contour. I didn't go outside with it though

No. 82329

File: 1453123849556.png (2.23 MB, 2048x1654, PhotoGrid_1453123737408-1.png)

I was surprised to find out that this girl is 23. She looks 14.

No. 82332

Her LW is 198, the "when did I let myself go?" sounds so damn silly.

Poor thing, she has such a pretty face. At least she's 15, there's still plenty of time.

No. 82335

File: 1453124043706.png (1.55 MB, 2048x1096, PhotoGrid_1453123934378-1.png)

Tbh I thought the image on the far left was photoshopped until I looked at her other selfies.

No. 82340

File: 1453124244053.gif (113.14 KB, 250x200, Suuuuuurrrrrrrrrreeeeeee _3df7…)

Took her around 5 months to become that thin and Ember has always been chubby as fuck but wants us to believe she has been anorexic for over a decade.

uh huh.. sureeeee. we totally believe you Ember LOL.

No. 82358

File: 1453125531881.jpg (348.96 KB, 2048x2048, 1453125389407.jpg)

Either self post or gullible because her pictures are definitely photoshopped in one way or another. These thighs are nowhere near the same KEK

No. 82365

Whoever the forever surviving ig is a fraud. That chick was around in 2006-2007 with those photos. I've actually always wondered happened to her as we use to talk wish the account wasn't Private so I could tell 100% but two of those pictures I could probably find on my old hard drive

No. 82366

File: 1453127365458.png (2.04 MB, 1378x2048, PhotoGrid_1453127240658-1.png)

But you're comparing images taken two months apart? I love spotting shoops and when I originally saw her newest pic, I instantly assumed it was edited until I looked deeper into her account. To me, it seems she really has lost weight over the past 5 months.

No. 82368

Okay but she did say in the captions of those images that they were not taken the day she posted them, and that they were old photos sooooooo….

No. 82369

File: 1453127764974.png (1.81 MB, 1946x1565, PhotoGrid_1453127431657-1.png)

Leg pic is 15 weeks old and full body is 8 weeks old.

A symptom of anorexic is dramatic weightloss in a short period and I know a lot of these people lie/over exaggerate for attention, but it is very possible for some of them to be legitimately sick.

But if I spot any weird blurring or curved lines by her thighs, I'll definitely be pointing out the shoops here.

No. 82370

Stop selfposting! You can see in the top 2 pics that it's fucking stretched. Yes she's skinny, yes she going to fucking die but she still stretches/shops her pics!

No. 82376

File: 1453128829412.jpg (603.65 KB, 2048x2048, 1453128565146.jpg)

It's amazing how the reindeer grow. People lie, face it and stop wasting our time trying to prove shit

No. 82379

You accuse me of being a self poster but there refer to her in the third person LOL, make up your mind dude. I will agree that it is possible that she is using that image altering feature that Instagram now has. Y'know what I'm talking about?

You just gonna pretend that the black and white image doesn't show baggy leggings and the colored one look as if she actually has them pulled up?

No. 82384

Ya because the Christmas tree rows are there same height but the reindeer's are fucked up and twice as tall. Anyway it's photoshopped

No. 82394

File: 1453130189147.gif (971.61 KB, 615x640, Untitled-1.gif)

Anon why you so mad? Skinny girl is TOO skinny so it must be fake? Also, the trees and snowflakes are stretched in the red image because she actually has them on properly, whereas the black and white image, they're clearly pulled down to make them appear baggy as fuck.

Anyways, I made this gif comparing two images she recently posted and the picture in the back slightly changes shapes and her thighs do look like she squished them a bit shrugs

No. 82395

File: 1453130641333.jpg (92.11 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nt4mkbpJQX1t0vtqbo1_540…)

she gives me Ash vibes

No. 82402

File: 1453131355671.png (2.13 MB, 1216x1078, ehhh.png)

Found these on her Tumblr

No. 82406

I've been watching her for a long time. I've never suspected shooping but then I'm lousy at spotting that.

I think other anons know of her because I posted a collage of her proana poses without her face on and anons guessed it was her.

No. 82411

I'm surprised she can stand.

No. 82412

File: 1453132283976.png (422.07 KB, 517x487, wq3466.png)

She's giving me the same vibes, very similar look to their faces. If Ash wasn't as spoopy she would probably look like this girl. On that same thought, any more spoopiness and this girl will look like Ash. She's got childish interests too, but I think that most anas tend to.

No. 82413

File: 1453132385213.jpg (21.91 KB, 215x215, IMG_20160118_095053.jpg)

Because this looks totally normal KEK

No. 82415

Isn't that shadow and wasted muscle?

I'm amazed how these spoops live so long. Apart from the usual heart problems, bad bones, etc. they never seem to get ill to the extent where their immune system can't deal with flu. They never need operations where anaesthetic would probably kill them.

How do their bodies fight off illness? All the time we've known of Aly all she's had is a sore throat she was freaking out about for a day and a wisdom tooth cutting through.

No. 82416

I think its is just wasted muscle because her arms look like this too.

No. 82417

No, it's pixelated and wavy and super blurry where its fucking Photoshopped. YES she'll be dead by dinner time tonight but she still edits her pics!

No. 82418

Why so hostile? Yikes, someone sounds jealous.

No. 82419

Because it pisses me off when you think just because she's got one foot in the coffin doesn't mean she doesn't lie KEK

No. 82422

File: 1453133535348.jpg (60.05 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nqz46a4ii71t0vtqbo1_540…)

Well, I never asked her if she photoshops and neither has anyone else, so she hasn't lied about that (yet) but anorexics are known for being sneaky, so I can already assume she lies. You really oughta chill out lol.

Is this pic photoshopped too, wise all-knowing anon?

No. 82429

Looks like the inside of her shorts got flipped inward and the discoloration is simply a shadow. Look at her other thigh and you see the same type of indent, yet it's not nearly as dark since there isn't a shadow being casted over it.

I see no shooping, sorry.

No. 82443

Wavy lines in the floor kek
Just stop, you're annoying

No. 82444

File: 1453134789680.jpg (102.76 KB, 509x603, IMG_20160118_103038.jpg)

No. 82445

Yeah but in the thigh photo the hardwood floor looks slightly pulled in in between the thighs. Like the flow of the floor is warped. She does your basic editing. Also the ones with the black mirror, look at the trim along the door that goes into the room its complexity pixilated in the different pics. No one is saying she's not thin. Way thinner than most cough cough EW but she still edit herself thinner

No. 82451

Whether she shoops or not, she definitely pulls those poses to make herself look spoopier. Must be that ol' ano competitiveness.

No. 82452

>isn't western new york like the middle of nowhere?

yes. the bitch basically lives in Canada. It would take me at least 6 hours, maybe more, to get to her from Manhattan. Some areas up there might be more "developed" but its still north bumblefuck. i can't imagine living up there, no wonder she does so much dumb shit, theres nothing else to do up there.

No. 82455

Nice trips but that picture isn't shooped. An image of that quality would have obvious waves and curves, the floor isn't blurred behind her thighs.

No. 82456

File: 1453136940158.png (1020.37 KB, 1080x861, Screenshot_2016-01-18-11-52-33…)

here's a map of embers stomping grounds.

No. 82457

You're an idiot KEK

No. 82459

For the love of all that is holy, can anon please stop with the KEK.

No. 82461

Nice samefags, did you just find out what KEK stands for or something? Jesus fucking christ.

No. 82473

I'm pretty sure I know this girl ._.

I've seen so many girls from here suddenly appearing in insta-twitter wtf, I thought we stopped at fat acceptance cringes

it's funny tho bc you can see some of them being all ñañañañaña i ate a cracker, that thing ooobviously has like 300000kcal ñañaña my life sucks ñañaña and they fight with those numbers and shit, they try so hard ahahahaha

No. 82495


No. 82499

File: 1453142405752.png (322.61 KB, 604x448, kekchan.png)


No. 82506

every thing about this is bad.

No. 82507

File: 1453143413159.png (2.25 MB, 1356x2048, PhotoGrid_1453143010308-1.png)

Most of the images the top chick posted have over 1,000 likes each but I just wanted to point out that it takes Ember over two days to get a few hundred likes on her selfies. Whereas it this chick naomi girl received over 300 likes in less than 30 minutes.

I'm only pointing this out because I don't want anyone to forget that over half of Embers followers are 100% fake lol.

No. 82508

That's because it takes ember over two days to log into her fake accounts and like her own photo bahahahahahhahah

No. 82510

File: 1453143796793.png (156.87 KB, 454x408, 1445977381658.png)

No. 82511

pls stop namefagging im triggered

No. 82512

>i totally understand personality disorders!!
>except i don't have one durrr


emily, you aren't recovering from anything and you know it.

No. 82522

This girl is hot though (even though the fact she knows it is off putting). I'd hit LIKE if her face appeared in my feed, whereas if Whann's fizzhog showed up I'd scroll past as fast as I could.

huahuahuahuahuahua jajajajaja

No. 82531

Foreal, she is so pretty I thought she was photoshopped and still kind of think she is lol.

No. 82544


Absolutely disgusting.
They will be dead in a few years so no problems. Anorexic and Obese women are disgusting-tier.
You know it's especially bad when there are more men who want BBWs than anas

No. 82559

Fuck off with your Wikipedia diagnoses Dr. Anon. You don't know shit about personality disorders you fucking autist.

No. 82565


sry for maybe OT but you get used to the pain.
I don´t know anything about photoshop, so I really can´t say, but what I can say is that it definitely is possible to have that thighs, cos unfortunately I have them and I´ve seen other girls IRL who had them, too


thx very much. don´t know you, so no reason to feel offended, but many of the spoopy ones or obese I´ve met really are nice. (Even though smtimes their bodies + ED behaviour are disgusting)

No. 82570


but I agree, when you are this thin you def. should not dress up like this imho. and when u do, u should not complain about comments

No. 82574

The tubs upset me more than the spoops. At least spoops know they're gross, fatties scream about how everyone is obligated to think they are attractive.

No. 82577

I agree there are thighs this small and this BITCH is definitely too small, but also wood flooring doesn't curve so I agree she edits some of her already deadly looking pics

No. 82579

Super OT but my dr put me on Wellbutrin today and she was very apprehensive about it because I have a history of anorexia ( I have been in recover or 6 years completely weight restored) apparently Wellbutrin cause seizures in low weight or people who restrict heavily. Soooo ember in deff lying about being on it or she is on it and just completely normal weight. Kek sorry for OT. Just thought it was funny.

No. 82590

This belongs on your tumblr, crybaby.

No. 82597

I don't have a tumblr A and B why you so upset.

No. 82600

Forever surviving is inpatient right now

No. 82602

Because nobody wants to read your sadass diary posts that vaguely relate to the thread. You just wanted everyone to know you're on Wellbutrin now and that's tragic.

No. 82603

pls leave no1 wants u here

No. 82606


it´s okay, don´t take it personally,

No. 82609

Actually do take it personally, and seek attention elsewhere.

No. 82610

File: 1453158087358.jpg (133.33 KB, 534x769, IMG_20160118_163040.jpg)

Crying Emily comes out to play the day after the B-Day.

No. 82612

How old did she turn..?

This is horribly embarrassing. Do like the rest of us and at least try to keep your PD on the dl, Em.

No. 82613

Wellbutrin's used to stop smoking, innit. Is it supposed to be cool to be taking it or smthing?

She knows she's thin af, why does she post about being obese all the fucking time. That fucking thing in her ear though.


No. 82616

File: 1453158669176.jpg (62.69 KB, 599x598, Capture.JPG)

This is fucking scary. This girl was in recovery and here she is 5 months ago

(another pic to follow)

No. 82617

This is her now. She was involuntarily IPed.
Nothing lulzy about her but that's a fuckton of weight she lost so quickly.

Also…tfw you feel like you can't post her ig username because you know Whann's going to hop on her follower list.

No. 82618

File: 1453158772404.png (1.45 MB, 1158x560, Untitled.png)


No. 82619

Need body pictures, drop a username.. something..

Also who cares if Ember follows her? This girl is legitimately sick and wouldn't even think for one second about taking her fake disorders seriously. Not when she is sucking in her face to emulate the sunken cheeks she has in the images here >>82618

No. 82620

Just saying "welbutrin isn't usually prescribed to anas because of x ember is full of shit" would've knotted everyone's panties less

It's because there have been so many 32" waist chans, relaying something the way you have comes off attention seeking - whether it was your intention or not.

No. 82621

She lost all that weight in 5 months???? Jfc

No. 82623

File: 1453159108249.jpg (83.54 KB, 924x599, 1.JPG)

Yeah, fuck it.

She does some kind of modelling/beauty contest shows…or did. She was spoopy less than a year ago. Scroll down her ig.

No. 82624

I'm about 45 mins by train to LI. I went to school near Syracuse. Culture shock doesn't even begin to describe it. Western NY is pretty much the boonies unless you live in Buffalo, in Syracus itself etc. But they're not as big as the boroughs in the least.

No. 82625

File: 1453159303205.png (101.57 KB, 539x356, INSIDE.png)

Poor guy :(

No. 82627

File: 1453159371784.jpg (366.2 KB, 2048x2048, 1453159293802.jpg)

18 weeks apart, JFC!!!

No. 82631

File: 1453159622310.jpg (73.89 KB, 913x584, 1.JPG)

She posts laxatives twice. Also uses #sue and #deb. I feel bad for her, but all the body checks are attention seeking.

No. 82646

Lmao y'all so bitter it's sad

No. 82648

Wow im so out of the loop
Whats sue and deb lmao

No. 82649

Y'all need diaries so much its sad.

No. 82653

File: 1453161043460.png (566.36 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I didn't read all the comments but those two, ew. Also scrolling through her page she's clearly going through like her 2nd relapse, who knows maybe her 3rd.

No. 82654

Cry harder

No. 82658

I wish hellweek would return and purge us of you

No. 82659

Sue it's for suicide and Deb for depression (I think)

No. 82662

>what looks hotter

No. 82666

File: 1453162895405.jpg (29.26 KB, 320x339, wtfwtfwtfwtf.jpg)


another anon. Did not know as well, so I googled it.

No. 82671

Jfc pet names though really?

No. 82674

File: 1453164256709.png (255.74 KB, 915x545, bvcdxs.png)

Somebody is in need of some attention

No. 82676

File: 1453164314289.gif (1.13 MB, 554x552, LOL.gif)

LOL Ember edited her profile picture ever so slightly, to hide the reflection off of her fat gut.


No. 82680

File: 1453164744251.gif (117.65 KB, 361x369, uhh.gif)


I looked at this a little closer and she photoshopped this! Notice how her hair is now blurred, when in the original it was crisp? Looks like she liquified her cheeks bigger? Uhhhhhh.

No. 82682

Fat dumbass lurker. It's too late Ember we already know what you really look like

No. 82684

File: 1453165629341.jpg (73.26 KB, 532x397, IMG_20160118_190535.jpg)

Both these dumb asses followed this chick we just posted about. Who called it?

No. 82687

How does Emily have half the followers Ember does but still gets the same amount of likes? Does Emily buy her likes or does Ember buy her followers?

No. 82691

Hahah disgusting. Emily Crocker is so desperate to not be the fat pig she's become, she's probably gritting to trigger herself into anorexia like ember.

No. 82694

Emily has around 20k on Tumblr (mainly proanas, since she caters to those type of people) and 1.6k on Twitter, andI honestly don't think she "bought" any of that.

Ember on the other hand, yes. She has been caught countless times using third party sites to get more followers in exchange for her money and time.

No. 82700

I'm gonna shit myself that is so funny

No. 82701

File: 1453169839043.png (337.05 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_2016-01-18-21-10-59…)

The only reason Emily became so popular was because she was thinspiration for other sick girls. You can find faceless thinspo of her EVERYWHERE. It's pretty fucked up tbh.

BUT this is exactly what Ember has been trying (and failing) to do for the past 4 years. Hence why she calls herself the thinspo QUEEN. She wants to be the very best, the best there's ever been.

No. 82702

File: 1453169899585.gif (295.94 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mxzozkx9mF1s93erwo1_400…)

Here's a gif Emily C. made for example lol

No. 82703

File: 1453170119003.png (406.72 KB, 1080x1353, Screenshot_2016-01-18-21-20-42…)

Never Googled her old username before, I'm finding some pretty cringe worthy stuff.

No. 82704

File: 1453170405788.gif (815.1 KB, 320x240, https://49.media.tumblr.com/tu…)

Oh my god, she made a gif of herself pretending to "purge".


No. 82705

This is incredible

No. 82707

File: 1453170635589.gif (224.34 KB, 320x240, emilygif.gif)

there are two crying emily's now

No. 82708

File: 1453170715914.gif (415.92 KB, 320x240, emilydrinkygif.gif)

drinky drinky

No. 82709

Ewwe Emily Crocker is such a poser. How cringey. She wasn't even below average weight.

No. 82711

File: 1453171384039.png (430.43 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_2016-01-18-21-41-58…)

No. 82712

File: 1453171588323.gif (468.85 KB, 250x188, c7f10d73-5039-4afa-b54d-964c2a…)

This is too much, I'm dying over here lol

No. 82713

File: 1453171621292.png (437.19 KB, 1080x1153, Screenshot_2016-01-18-21-45-37…)

>Source: Thinsignificant

Putting razorblades on a piano, how poetic kek.

No. 82714

ironic she ended up drinking shots of vanilla extract out of desperation

No. 82715

Come on guys, Emily has come a long way from that. At least she was only 16(?) at the time where now Ember is years older than her and pulling the same shit. Emily has grown, Ember has the mentality of a child still..

No. 82717

you are 100% correct. this is all throwbacks from like 2009. Ember still pulls the same lame shit.

No. 82718

Hi Emily

No. 82719

It's almost like Ember is trying to be 2009 Emily to gain ~popularity~ as Emily once had. I think Emily actually is trying to get better though and has recognized her mistakes and apologized (genuinely?) where Ember pulls shit out of her anus for sympathy. Looking on Emily's blog, she barely posts anything that could be triggering anymore and she seems to be stepping up with recovery and a genuine good outlook on life and spreading it to others where EW is triggering young souls and spamming people to like her "body checks" and promote them.

No. 82720

this shit is from like 2012-2014 yo just sayin

No. 82721

File: 1453172699036.png (1.99 MB, 2048x1183, PhotoGrid_1453172606687-1.png)

Faceless thinspo allllll over the place

No. 82722

this would be pretty hot if I didn't know who Emily was.

No. 82723

File: 1453172921919.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_2016-01-18-21-50-36…)

Don't be lame, this is hilarious.

And the only reason Emily isn't posting thinspo to this day is because she turned into an alcoholic and gained weight. She never recovered from anything, she just masked her problems with booze, lied to the internet and said she gained weight because she was recovering from her eating disorder, when really she is still starving herself all day, getting wasted at around 4pm, then pigging out and possibility purging all night, until she passes out.

No. 82724

She's 16 in that gif, you might want to retract that statement before Heather comes in here, screaming pedo.

No. 82725

Shmegeh was a huge alcoholic and was bone thin. Emily actually IS recovering and is also recovering from her alcoholism and looks to be at a healthy weight now and I am happy for her.

No. 82726

Ember and Emily are on different tiers. Ember will never have the power that Emily did, multiple people considered Emily to be their ULTIMATE THINSPO GOAL and would share her images on other sites, like MPA.

Ember wishes that would happen to her but she just forced her way. Made fake accounts, pretended to be other people to boost her own ego, etc. It was so abrupt and no one could take her seriously, she has been getting continously dragged for years now, no one notable has ever vouched for her, but with Emily, countless people defended her til their fingers bled.

I don't know if you agree but I just don't think they're that similar when it came down to their overall impact on the internet.

Emilys (almost/kinda) plan worked, Embers didnt.

No. 82728

Please shut up Emily.

No. 82729

I think we should stop shaming people for trying to recover even though that had a shady past. People can change. Emily seems to be going in the right direction; while, however, Ember seems to be changing for the worse.

No. 82730

uh oh, she better call the cops!

No. 82732

POLL: should there be an Encyclopedia Dramatica about Ember or Emily? (One needs to be made imo) ((bitches needa deal with consequences of their actions)) (((they gon be effed 4 lyf hopefully)))

No. 82734

I'm surprised no one's done this about Ember yet tbh

No. 82736

Emily is more relevant and did so much more than Ember, but I really hate Ember and if this ruins her life, I vote for her.

No. 82737

Oh stfu Emily white knight. Her Ed is as real as embers Kek.
So her recovery is just her getting fat from all the partying and drunk binging afterward.
And she isn't going in the right direction if she's following pro Ana accounts and taking pics flaunting her fresh cutting.

No. 82739

She never had a life to ruin, and f she did, she did it to herself by dropping out to be a slooty stoner.

No. 82740

>recovering from her alcoholism


No. 82743

Id say no, just because shed feel happy and accomplished about it

No. 82744

Lulz Emily just posted on her blog her Amazon wish list and said she will give her address off anon. Who wants to make a fake blog to get her address and send her whack shit like vanilla extract ???

No. 82748

No. 82750

Neither because neither are relevant.
Also, what >>82743 said about them feeling happy and accomplished.

No. 82753

1. her friend sucks at videos
2. she looks more like emma roberts than ember does (sorry ember but you don't look like ur two idols )

No. 82754

File: 1453177587981.gif (994.38 KB, 500x280, tumblr_mcyvqhYhnI1risusro1_500…)

>whack shit

No. 82755


was she super duper edge lord alcoholic here? i know she her eating disorder was the worst here but honestly she looks better ?(in the face especially..)

No. 82756


she drank vanilla extract?? what??

No. 82758

This explains those random scars.
She keeps cutting herself on her edge.

No. 82761

Ember never triggered her fat lazy self into anything tho?
She has done everything as can to 'make herself anorexic' and she's still as average and boring as ever.

No. 82762

You kids with diary posts need to fuck off back to tumblr with the rest of the trash. Stop getting your panties in a twist for getting told off about using the thread as your Wellbutrin edgelord diary and contribute to the thread you numb cunt.

Back on topic: Emily's gifs are so cringey holy shit. I had forgotten how bad she used to be.
Black and white depression blogs are an endless stream of minor cows.

No. 82763

No. 82766

>even in the right one I still think u could do with losing a few more

Must be someone from lolcow.

No. 82768

File: 1453181941096.gif (1.93 MB, 480x360, hahahaha.gif)

No. 82770

I don't understand these people. When I was really bad into my ED/depression/whatever bullshit, the LAST thing I wanted to do was show people. Who is like "Yass let me or up a camera and film be vomiting while showing my edgy cuts off"

No. 82774

I meant trying to trigger herself.

No. 82775

posted about Emily C on the truth blogs. EDL reblogged it

No. 82776

File: 1453184792345.jpeg (137.16 KB, 534x528, image.jpeg)


Whoops. Forgot the pic like a dumbass

No. 82777

What does this even mean?

No. 82809

Seriously, there's no context for it and I don't wanna wade through tumblr to find out.

No. 82813

Genuine question, does Ember wash her hair ever or just spray on just dry shampoo on every now and then?

How does she get it to stay so consistently oily? Its never more or less greasy.

No. 82841

EDL is biased, most likely Ember.

Will only relog things about Emily, Whimsical and Deja.

No. 82843

At least Emily lost weight

No. 82847

Isn't she underage here

No. 82850


No. 82887

What's the point of Crying Emily's food IG? It's the same thing every single day. Trying to get 'ooh poor little ass bum poo cracker you need to eat more' comments?

No. 82914

No. I've only seen her wash her hair once in the past year. She's a fucking greasy fatass who shows no pride in anything ever

No. 82955

Emily's friend took pics of her and apparently now the friend is mad at Emily and had this letter written to her.

No. 82956

Who knows, but everything she eats is disgusting.

No. 82963

File: 1453215077194.jpg (108.78 KB, 488x564, IMG_20160119_084500.jpg)

Ember's dad look like a pedaphile too lol. At least they slow down in school zones

No. 82975

He looks like some shit you'd see on "to catch a predator"

No. 82991

at least now I know what Ember would look like if she were a dude

No. 82992

She already looks like a dude
I bet her parents are related

No. 82998

The majority of posters in this thread are faggots who recently migrated from tumblr and ig, aren't they?

No. 83015

not just here, theyre all over the website

No. 83021

File: 1453222801892.jpg (90.89 KB, 834x577, huh.JPG)

Idk and idc who the fuck Crockpot is but she's annoying the fuck outta me in this thread.

What's this message all about on Crying Emily's account? Does she choose her friends according to their mental age, because Jeeeeesus. Speaking of Jeeeeesus >>82963
Holy shit. This is Class A chav in the UK. Does he have pit bulls too?

No. 83038

File: 1453226572663.png (158.63 KB, 804x419, YOULOOKSO-ILL.png)

>You're so stunning but you look really ill and I'm worried, please stay safe ?

That comment made me bust out laughing hahaha.

Anyways, everytime I see a video of Ember, she always has the most generic music playing. Like the type of shit that you will hear on the radio. I assume this is because she isn't capable of original thought and needs to be told what is popular, so she will know what to like so she can fit in better lol.

Everything she does is just her pathetic attempt at copying someone else. I have never seen her do anything that wasn't heavily influenced by someone else.

She just is not capable of thinking for herself. She never has been and probably never will be.


I love how in that video, the left side of her cheek is SUPER DEEP, while the other side looks normal, which she notices mid-video and then tries to hide it with her dirty, brassy hair LOL. Oh Ember, you tried. You tried sooooo hard. I know it's hard biting the insides of BOTH of your cheeks at the same time. Maybe you'll master the look one day hahaha.

Here's a vid.me link of the video she posted, in case the Instagram link doesn't work.


No. 83039

Has she even shown her whole greasy head with her new haircut yet? WTF are you ashamed of?

No. 83040

File: 1453227010269.gif (1.88 MB, 368x456, ezgif-2636617039.gif)

tfw you forget to suck in your other cheek :((((((((

No. 83041

Lol nope, she immediately started wearing hats to cover up how fucked up her hair is now. And it's probably so greasy because she is constantly touching it and rubbing it against her greasy skin.

No. 83042

her face is too big i feel uncomfortable

No. 83044

File: 1453227213456.jpg (113.03 KB, 531x614, IMG_20160119_121208.jpg)

Did this lurking BITCH just change per profile pic AGAIN?

No. 83045

File: 1453227260939.png (1.84 MB, 1819x1411, PhotoGrid_1453226954269-1.png)

She posted this then deleted it shortly after, probably because she realized she made herself look TOO SIMILAR to Betty Spaghetty.

It looks like her scoliosis moved to her calf bone lol.

No. 83047

why is she always squinting?

No. 83048


I honestly believe she's educationally subnormal. No mental illness, plain ol' mentally impaired.

No. 83049

Because she stoned out of her fucking mind all the time. That's why she's gained so much weight

No. 83050

Not drunk enough to lose balance and fall off the toilet.

No. 83051

File: 1453227717043.png (154.6 KB, 560x430, lol.png)

LOL soooooo drunk

No. 83052

File: 1453227827444.jpg (247.67 KB, 2048x2048, 1453227688475.jpg)

New post, remembered to spread legs further apart this time

No. 83053

Her snapchats must be a scream. I really feel like I'm missing out.

No. 83058

She looks like hollow prince

No. 83060

I think she just has a droopy side of her face, so she's sucking in the same both sides but her bone structure is different

No. 83061

File: 1453228827008.jpg (159.75 KB, 535x748, IMG_20160119_123833.jpg)

Don't do drugs kids

No. 83062

File: 1453228919679.gif (672.91 KB, 574x483, hmm.gif)

You know, Ember is pretty fucking stupid but I think it is no longer safe to assume that she is too stupid to know how to edit her pictures.

Her past shoops were extremely obvious but she has been getting away with editing her pictures over the past few months.

For example, look at this gif. The edit is so slight that I didn't even notice it at first. I have no idea what software she is using, but she made her thigh gap look bigger here. She liquified her inner leg, which caused the top of the toilet to magically change shapes.

The only reason she didn't post these images last night is because she was too drunkk to photoshop them.

>inb4 she uploads more videos that she totally does not remember recording

No. 83066

File: 1453230677067.gif (248.94 KB, 574x483, 12321.gif)

I'm pretty sure Ember just abuses the liquify feature on this website https://pixlr.com/express/

It's the same site Emily would use to edit her thinspo.

No. 83068

File: 1453230776411.gif (229.23 KB, 574x483, 12321.gif)


I don't know about your toilet, but my toilet is made of porcelain and never randomly warps itself in my selfies.

No. 83073

File: 1453230901242.png (484.09 KB, 900x519, lol.png)

wtf is this thirsty hoe up to now???? please tell me she is gonna go through a slutty phase. i would die if i saw a photo of ember, posing like this.

No. 83074

File: 1453230996704.png (221.36 KB, 811x529, lol.png)

>sexy girl

Oh my god, she is getting desperate.

No. 83082

Those girls have millions of followers and this bitch can't even get 10 likes from them lol

No. 83089

It's been 10 minutes and Ember post on their page only has 11 likes kek uh oh.

No. 83101

There needs to be an account for all of these I swear. Bad Ember edits brings me serious entertainment.

No. 83103

this is so embarrassing

No. 83110

Not ONE person commented on her pics for their big 14k shout out

No. 83121

Ember posted more thinspo for us to report if anyone is interested


No. 83128

She needs to get that bulge sorted out at the top of her thighs. It's almost as if something's making her leg thinner below it.


Nothing to report!

No. 83137

This hasten up for two hours and she's gotten 37 likes no comments. Yet that account just posted another shout out 30ish mins ago and already has 99 likes and a comment. Better luck next time Ember

No. 83139

I have a bulge at the top of my thigh too. I think it comes from being lazy and out of shape tbh.

No. 83140

Ugh has been. Sorry for samefagging

No. 83149

Top Kek

No. 83154

Its fat deposits. Such anorexia, many bones.

No. 83156

Love her latest of pic where the line on the machine behind her just dips in. She's so fucking stupid and I feel so sorry for the children she's preying on who believe she's that thin. I'm about to go on a fucking misshh to collect all this shit and link it to literally everyone on her fb and her bfs Facebook stupid bitch

No. 83161

Barely. When she had her "Ed" she was growing out of her kiddy fat and that helped. All she probably is is a drunkorexic. Starve till she gets her hands on booze, then binge on shitty food.

No. 83162

Has anyone ever found any Ana-chants that are also bipolar?

No. 83168

How does she still have visible boobs in the top left?

No. 83170

shmegeh mentioned being diagnosed with bipolar type II a few years ago.

No. 83175

File: 1453238845477.jpg (20.48 KB, 252x373, Capture.JPG)

Me too and I don't think you can get rid of it unless you're Ash BUT it's the way it dips in above the fatty parts acove her knee/halfway up her thigh then bulges out.

First time I noticed the shooping by myself on this one. Well done me.

I don't get why she posted this. Does she think she's thinner than she is because this isn't even skinny (not ana chan, these just look average - well the leg on the right does). Why is one knee higher than the other?

No. 83179


No. 83182

File: 1453239814936.jpg (121.09 KB, 535x829, IMG_20160119_154118.jpg)

Stop lurking fatass and go for a run.
You only address one pic and not the others lol whatever Ember

No. 83183

Clean the kitchen while you're in there pigging out, it's disgusting

No. 83185

It dips at the bottom too?
Sorry, "sweetie" those legs are flabby as fuck. Do some squats or sthing. Moisturise your knees if you cba to get off your arse.

No. 83186

File: 1453240275372.jpg (1.55 MB, 1589x1597, Failshoop.jpg)

I edited the contrast because I noticed she forgot to do the other side

No. 83192

Even if the top curves, the Line is still jagged and doesn't match up you fat cunt. Also yeah the bottom one is out of place too. Nice try tho. Still going to send all this shit to everyone you know.

No. 83194

Her left leg is thicker than the other one.

No. 83195

File: 1453240876029.gif (8.2 MB, 524x656, FAT CHECK #643,526,425.gif)

Thanks for the fat confirmation you gullible dumbass

No. 83197

I bet everyone besides her bf hates her, imagine having this dumb bitch hanging around all day

No. 83198

File: 1453241295734.jpg (288.46 KB, 2048x2048, 1453241194189.jpg)

Which one of these is not like the other?

No. 83199

one can literally see that she twists her leg further to make her thigh gap appear slightly bigger lmao she's not fooling anyone

No. 83204

She's just so round. All her features are round and her thighs/stomach. Maybe that's why she tries so hard with the contouring and photoshop. She's such a chubby thing…

No. 83205

She's probably got a Suzanne Summers thigh master under there holding her thighs apart

No. 83208

oh my god this girl literally does not have a life outside of the computer screen :/ I swear she has dedicated the last few years of her life to the internet and instagram. fighting with people she doesnt know and trying to impress teeangers, its the most pathetic thing ever. the fact that she replies to EVERYTHING said on lolcow on her instagram is just beyond pathetic. she must care soooo much about what we say to actually instagram a pic of her washing machine… get a fuckin life Ember. so wrapped up in internet drama. i almost feel sorry for her.

No. 83209

When your followers are as dumb as your are kek none of them commented on the 94 pics she's requiring them to

No. 83211

Her legs are fucking minging. Why does she post them so often? I feel so bad for her because she's such a spacker. Even though she's a twat, I pity her so hard. I'd probably want to believe I'm skinny if I was her and had a white trash dad with a tiny pecker and a huge snake to compensate.

No. 83212

File: 1453241968775.jpg (98.05 KB, 527x834, IMG_20160119_161735.jpg)

No. 83229

Good thing your dad's dick is huge, right?

No. 83231

File: 1453243755064.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.67 KB, 233x216, snapchat.jpg)

He seemed proud enough of it when he posted this on snapchat earlier, so I guess so.

No. 83232

File: 1453243933669.png (3.64 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1453243802250.png)

This girl gave me BPD Emily vibes but I wasn't gonna post her until I took a glance at this doll picture and my eyes almost rolled out of my eye sockets.

No. 83236

I don't get it. What did she do?

No. 83237

File: 1453244215378.png (1.43 MB, 1906x1872, PhotoGrid_1453244129518-1.png)

Her page is full of bad shoops, photo collages incoming.

No. 83238

File: 1453244236965.jpg (36.58 KB, 597x425, Capture.JPG)

This one made me lol.

No. 83239

File: 1453244391448.png (1.67 MB, 2048x1333, PhotoGrid_1453244307634-1.png)

Look at the dolls behind her back.

No. 83240

No fucking way…,sauce?

No. 83241

Lllllllliquify is ?

No. 83242

Kek. This is gold.

No. 83243

File: 1453244639222.png (1.52 MB, 1847x1384, PhotoGrid_1453244553670-1.png)

What I mostly notice are shoops around her head/shoulders lol.

No. 83247

File: 1453244853431.png (3.24 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1453244786078.png)

No. 83248

Holy Santa Claus shit the liquify tool has feelings for her

No. 83249

Oh shit, I didn't see that before. Thanks!

No. 83251

File: 1453245273573.jpg (70.69 KB, 640x724, image.jpg)

You're obviously making self posts of yourself because there is no way someone can access another persons photo that's getting likes. Sorry you're busted.

No. 83252

File: 1453245376980.png (1.99 MB, 2048x1443, PhotoGrid_1453245306340-1.png)

No. 83254

Not a self poster, I'm actually the OP of this thread lol.

No. 83255

Stop shitting yourself because you got caught

No. 83258

File: 1453245754100.png (708.22 KB, 1080x1810, Screenshot_2016-01-19-18-17-46…)

I actually found this girl by lurking the activity feed of the people I follow on Instagram, btw. Some guy who follows lots of "anorexics" liked her picture. She is only appearing in my feed now because I started following her to keep up with her shitty shoops.

Could you imagine how amazing self posters would be if they actually had milk for us? If only.

No. 83259

Oookie dokie, assume I'm a self poster if you wish but that really diwsnt affect me. these horrible shoops are lulzy and I have no regrets posting them. shrugs

No. 83260

You probably got some likes and got the notifications on that instagram button your on that's highlighted in black and whichever photo is getting the likes you accessed the picture from there and screenied it

No. 83264

Okay but again, please see >>83260

No. 83265

I don't believe you!! :) you just photoshopped it in a dash ://////

No. 83266

I encourage all you self posters to post your shitty photoslop and not just submit stupid handles for farmers to look up. Self post or not, at least op is providing lulz and not sending farmers to go infiltrate some private Instagram.

No. 83268

(The screenshot with the followers activity)

No. 83270

File: 1453246756655.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_2016-01-19-18-37-30…)


Googled her username because I wanted to see if she had a tumblr and found her Flickr instead.

No. 83271

did you know that if you click on a username in your activity feed that it does that exact same thing?

No. 83272

You anons are paranoid damn lol. At least this cow has milk. These shitty shoopin' jobs are amazing.

No. 83273

File: 1453246942201.jpg (333.29 KB, 1080x543, whattheneck.jpg)

No. 83274


You are literally retarded and have no idea how instagram works.

No. 83275

File: 1453247061386.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1387, Screenshot_2016-01-19-18-42-16…)

Shhhh don't argue with them. Just let them think I'm only a self poster lol. It doesn't really matter.

No. 83276

Her photos are a spot on 10/10 laughing stock

How can she even post something that makes the photo look soooo unfinished at least use the clone tool to put over the blurry liquify bits jfc

No. 83277

The liquifying results in her photos are so bent it could make a gay boy straight

No. 83278

she's so wobbly lol.

No. 83279

File: 1453247693529.jpg (790.88 KB, 1200x1500, 24401036766_e809cdcd72_o.jpg)

Alright I'm done posting about her for now, if anyone wants to see her horrible shoops in full size, just check out her flickr linked here >>83270

No. 83280

the meitu is strong with this one.

No. 83281

The shelving behind her is amazing lol

No. 83282

sorry you're an idiot

No. 83284

Anyone else have any more old Emily C milk? Idc if it's old. It's interesting/cringy as fuck

No. 83285

Just good thinsquids and any other old usernames of hers.

No. 83286

this mortuarymuffin is naturally cute and you can tell by her other photos she's already thin i really don't fuckin get the abuse of the liquify tool or why she's too retarded to fix it?

No. 83287

Google, not good. Jfc how does English.

No. 83295

Muffin? Oh god, is she an Emilie Autumn fan? I swear, every BPD bitch in high school loved her.

No. 83323

File: 1453258129354.jpg (155.62 KB, 534x833, IMG_20160119_204613.jpg)

Seriously who the fuck picks Aly to fucking copy? I can't even

No. 83325

This has got to be satire…

No. 83328

She's not even the first person, it's shit like this that makes me want to stop talking about her all together.

Also, it's real oily not Aly oily.

No. 83366

No. 83367

File: 1453269893800.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

July 9th, 2015. Ember's face/arm is still soft and doughy as hell.

No. 83369

File: 1453269960046.png (766.53 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Summer of 2015. She's second to the left. She's so unfortunate looking. :/

No. 83370

Not one person in this photo owns a toothbrush

No. 83371

File: 1453270113304.jpeg (167.48 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

I don't think it's been pointed out but look at that bad shoop. Knees don't do that naturally love.

No. 83373

So ~Ana~ Where's that protruding clavicle Ember???

No. 83377

File: 1453271225539.png (1.07 MB, 1010x1363, Screenshot_2016-01-20-01-24-26…)

I live off of candid shots of Ember. They're so hedious.

No. 83378

I have a few more.

No. 83379

File: 1453271434573.png (659.51 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Hello there circle face

No. 83380

File: 1453271482984.png (945.92 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

The picture looks like it was taken with a fucking microwave but here ya go

No. 83381

File: 1453271607332.png (196.52 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her eye kinda looks like a sideways vag
Or am I just really drunk

No. 83383

Super oily! Like my hair!

No. 83385

File: 1453272179526.jpg (22.41 KB, 137x196, Yes_Randall-1.jpg)