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File: 1583012629896.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7138.PNG)

No. 938978

Little baby Alexys was sooper sick yet happy in hospital with her Disney blanket.

Not quite the littlesest Lee seems to have stopped trying to get herself admitted… for now.

Laura was featured in a documentary about a psych hospital and basically outed herself as a faker.

Georgia was discharged but the bets are on for readmission in May

Elzani still posting 5+ photos of the same food, mumzani can’t stop the relapse.

A bunch of other milky cows were mentioned too, not much n4f or Kelsey/Kennedy.

Anachans came out in full force for a day to defend some random cow that nobody was interested in.

Let’s continue the thread whilst sipping full fat coke

Read the previous thread

Some of the cows from the previous thread

No. 938982

We’re all proud of you for making this new thread. I’m more proud than mumzani watching her darling E sperg about biscoff on a crumped.

No. 938994

I wonder if taking a million pictures of her food is just a ritual Elzani has to do before she eats. There’s probably a reason for it beyond just showing off what she’s eating.

No. 938996

it's 100% a delaying tactic and not uncommon with EDs

No. 938997

She may also think the rest of the world is as riveted by a bowl of oatmeal as she is. She’s very self centred, like a child, and probably can’t conceptualize that most people have more interesting, important things going on in their life than obsessing over food.

No. 939002

Yo hi, I’m new to this site

No. 939003

What’s the verdict on elzani? Is she relapsing or has she genuinely got a sooper fast metabolism

No. 939004

File: 1583017192262.jpeg (110.6 KB, 750x1334, D9A15AAF-2CF3-4F68-9711-243C58…)

Georgie reached 1k followers… someone’s going to have to break it to her that the new followers are most likely farmers (or other wannarexics, who knows)

No. 939005

Read the rules

No. 939006

Great new thread, anon!

I'm late to the party anon who only just watched E's hosp video. The contrast between Mumzani's ok yah voice and her dad's local Devonshire accent made me wonder what their story is. It's like a Mills & Boon where a stable guy gets with a heiress.

Ma's got some crazy going on herself. Can't quite put my finger on it.

No. 939007

And chubby chasers.

No. 939009

I have

No. 939010

then stop posting/sage unless you have something to contribute

No. 939013

Calm down I’ve already commented about E jeez

No. 939015

No. 939017

File: 1583018239312.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, DCFABD87-4678-47DE-A9A2-BDDB53…)

Has this one ever been mentioned before? Best friends with nourisht0flourish, both very similar in manner. Takes videos of herself eating and pushing her neck bones out has the same weird food combos . They influence one another

No. 939018

Is she milky?

No. 939019

She looks like she could be N2f's sister. Is that her kid?

No. 939021

Scrap above comment. I always presume these are private accounts, she's public. Thank fuck she's not a mother.

No. 939023

File: 1583018928827.png (801.24 KB, 720x907, Screenshot_20200229-232739~2.p…)

No. 939025

File: 1583019058364.png (673.27 KB, 720x843, Screenshot_20200229-233003~2.p…)

O God x2

No. 939026

I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out as sisters or mother and daughter or something to be honest.

No. 939028

File: 1583019322720.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 9D15649E-4FF4-4DF0-9C93-DB9DBF…)

Looks like she might need another English lesson

No. 939029

File: 1583019351248.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, C63E5285-D5FB-48A0-A0AF-D80B9A…)

Oh god x3

No. 939032

She’s an awkward mix of N2F and Laura. She looks terrible and I can’t stand to read anymore of her posts, mostly bc of the terrible spelling and grammar

No. 939034

File: 1583019580845.png (435.61 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_20200229-233717~2.p…)


No. 939035

File: 1583019664586.png (Spoiler Image, 944.06 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_20200229-233747~2.p…)

How old is she? #facesofmeth

No. 939041

She doesn’t like sharing her age because she thinks she’s old but pretty sure she’s 24

No. 939042

Thanks for the new thread anon, appreciated.

Is that the official ana scumbag pose ? What's up with a lot of those cows doing the ridiculous one leg up ?

No. 939043

That's disturbing

No. 939044

Fuuuuck, she looks way older.

They all want to be tiny dancers.

No. 939046

Honestly, she’s not that milky… I think the weird things like her plastic baby are just from her autism. I’m not sure she’s
appropriate for this thread

No. 939063

Yea I feel like we’re making fun of a mentally challenged adult. Based on her spelling and grammar she has learning problems as well and might have an intellectual disability in addition to autism. Would prefer to make fun of the cows who just act like retards.

No. 939097

File: 1583029627368.jpg (1.28 MB, 1079x1618, inbound3778045822391076933.jpg)

Here's another New Farm patient, seems obsessed with the tube

No. 939103

I've seen her account in the past. Iirc it was a weird one. Lots of Posey fashion shoots with a nose hose stuck to her face. If I lived in Aus I for sure would be doing an investigation docu into New Farms. Damn place is am enabling cult.

No. 939104

Adding, is this the one who's, ahem, recorded a single?

No. 939123

File: 1583033655565.jpg (745.15 KB, 1079x1343, inbound961168263806443767.jpg)

Yep, photoshoots with her tube.

No. 939124

File: 1583033704903.jpg (706.32 KB, 1079x1623, inbound7763909045282443167.jpg)

She also photoshops her photo's to make herself thinner than she actually is.

No. 939126

File: 1583033898099.jpg (829.86 KB, 1079x1742, inbound3660387825821052948.jpg)

Oh and not to forget, she NAMES her feed machine lol

No. 939127

New Farm raises the best cows, rich pastures for milky cows

No. 939130

The people that new farm coddles are an example of why Anorexia Nervosa needs to keep its weight requirement for diagnosis…as these Atypical Anorexics make a mockery of Anorexia Nervosa.

No. 939133

Scarlett isnt an ED patient. She has never been on EDP. Shes been on general ward for bipolar and EUBP. She chose not to eat for a week due to feels so they gave her a tube. Shes an arts student so everything is photographed artsy

No. 939135

oh great so she appropriates eating disorders for attention, like most of the cows here. littlestlee2.0.2.0?

No. 939141

Correct. She has no ED diagnosis and they wont put her on the EDP

No. 939143

No. 939147

wow so quirky and cool

No. 939151

File: 1583038679053.jpg (502.94 KB, 1080x2076, IMG_20200229_235702_107.jpg)

Kennedys friend here.

No. 939153

Uhm what’s the point of crossing her name?

No. 939162

You're very strange anon… We already know her full name, location, what hospital she's in…
You're not a very good friend tbh. That is if you're not actually Kennedy herself. What are you gaining from this?

No. 939179

Those are definitely 'long term purging' teeth

No. 939181

So,why does she have the toob out of IP? Why is she 'so supa speshal'

No. 939184

Thats the New Farm Park. They get leave at the clinic when inpatient

No. 939221

sickens me that she tries to make something she has no idea about "artsy"

No. 939241

Says her C-PTSD makes her not eat sometimes as per a few of her captions. Naturally georgia and leah follow her. Appears she was discharged 10 days ago and is now back in the clinic

No. 939259

No. 939261

The anon told you to sage. I second that, you need to sage.


No. 939288

It’s the relationship between E and her mum that’s fucked up - E is way too clingy and dependent on her mum for everything and won’t do things - or even eat I suspect - without her.
Need some photos of E’s legs in those black leggings she wears to be able to tell what’s going on weight wise. Face chub could be weight or b/p . What happened to the jeans her sister bought her?
She needs to put up the inpatient video she promised or one explaining why not.
Her IG followers are slowly dropping as people get bored of her food ( but Smorven is still a regular commenter on them)

No. 939290

ffs why is it so hard for so many people in this thread to fucking learn to sage

No. 939294

I did as far as I am aware ! Sorry

No. 939295

The eternal curse of this site. I bet they all pronounce it like the herb as well.

No. 939300

Solid hypothesis about her posting blander foods now because she's doing better weight-wise. I hope so, for her sake, she's really whipped with the food obsession
Yeah I agree… not that AA's necessarily make a "mockery" of AN in general, because AN isn't like the peak eating disorder that other eating disorders wish they could be lol but these particular AA's make a mockery of AN and the concept of struggling with food in general. If I understand correctly, AA is actually just the same thing as AN- a weight-centered disorder- people are just starting at a higher weight and if they don't get help will end up in the AN weight range.

No. 939303

I know I do and I've been here a long time lmao I don't have friends I hang out and discuss the idea with in my actual life… how do you pronounce it?

No. 939304

no you didn't. type sage in the email field it's not that hard.

No. 939317

I’m now dying to know how it’s supposed to be pronounced…

No. 939319

Google : exists.

No. 939322



No. 939333

File: 1583077136643.jpeg (288.13 KB, 828x720, 993B75B3-24C0-4FE1-9494-FB8397…)

Well then. Image attached for those unsure how to google without getting results related to herbs. Sag-eh’ed for no milk.

No. 939337

File: 1583078149024.jpg (528.51 KB, 2896x2896, 20200301_155403.jpg)

Fuck that was one of my first thought.
She looks like she could be a character in Orange is the new black

No. 939353

File: 1583081469504.png (113.61 KB, 720x568, Screenshot_20200301-164645~2.p…)

Admin hasn't said yay or nay to having Aly and Ash back in general thread, but I'm going to go ahead and post this.

Alys buying comments on her selfies, and I bet she wishes she'd saved her old account because all she writes about now is her ED.

Same poses, same grammatical errors, same fishing for attention. It's sad.

Much recovered…

No. 939359

File: 1583082145303.png (285.87 KB, 338x606, skeleganer.png)

Hannah is still around.
Still on her way to 'recovery' with exercise purging.
Still sporting that concentration camp smile!
Way to go, gorl!

No. 939363

should have kept the other girl in the photo, really highlights how unwell she looks when she's next to a normal person, the lack of fat in her face brings out all her worst features in the most unfortunate way possible. also complete nitpick but her eyeliner is absolutely tragic.

No. 939365

The dryness of her skin is the giveaway because she's really not a skull stretched with skin like at her spoopiest. I think one of her eyelids droops more than the other and that's why her eyeliner looks wonky. Not good to do a cat's eye liner with a droopy lid.

She exudes unhappiness in that pic. Can ya feel it?

No. 939376

File: 1583085986716.png (171.14 KB, 293x293, Screenshot_2020-03-01 Hannah G…)


Yay, she just substituted her ED with excessive gym workouts.

That cow just keeps on bodychecking like this for the better part of two years now…

No. 939388

I don't think its a self post cause the Kelsey account had an iPhone. IIRC the original pictures from her 'friend' were from an iPhone too? Hopefully she'll be done with her anorexia forever and stop shooping her pictures on her alter account

No. 939393

For the past month or so she does seem to be gaining visible weight, which is new since she’s otherwise looked to same for 2+ years. It’s a shame, because she’s gaining the weight but undoubtedly living just as miserable, disordered lifestyle as when she was at her lowest weight, as evidenced by her weighing out Siracha and mustard and cutting her apple into 100 tiny pieces

No. 939395


Same pose. Every. Fucking. Time.

No. 939396

The “there’s a giant pickle up my conceited ass” pose. A classic.

No. 939404

I was only interested in Kelsey when she posted ridiculous shoops. Without those she's just another boring ana chan.

No. 939408

Holy shit I’m dying at how off I’ve been; The little voice in my head is still going to pronounce it like the herb though, bc sah-guh still just sounds so wrong

No. 939411


Has she though? I haven't really noticed a difference unless it's very minor changes.

No. 939412

Agreed. Now I hear it like “Sega” (shout out to 90’s kids who played too much sonic the hedgehog)

No. 939414

Puffier arms and torso for sure. Might just be down to ridiculous salt levels (based on her downright offensive overuse of condiments) and water retention. Her face still looks like shit.

No. 939415


This is an image board. You're allowed to post images to back up your claims.

No. 939419

File: 1583092638242.jpg (873.73 KB, 1080x1679, 20200301_135519.jpg)

N2F changed her privacy settings recently (not sure how recently because I don't check her account status frequently). Posting a dry as fuck looking burger like it's the most amazing thing ever.

No. 939423

She couldn't wait to put it on a burger buns and squirt some relish.

No. 939428

File: 1583093876009.jpg (1.19 MB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_03-01-09.16.04.jpg)

First time posting.
Here are some of n2f's recent horrendous "meals". How she hasn't gotten dental or digestive issues is beyond me. But I assume she purges it, which is why she eats disgusting and distasteful combinations.

No. 939430

Welcome! When did she start using the party dish separators? That's new since she went private. What's worse, her food combos or her disgusting living space?

She lives off sugar, or whatever sugar's in her system after puking. Her teeth must be rank.

No. 939431

It’s not even sugar most of the time. It’s aspartame.

No. 939433

Her system must spasm wildly when she eats a real, live apple. I bet she bins the fruit.

No. 939434


She's purging it,so her system probably doesn't even have time to react

No. 939483

File: 1583105672432.png (878.02 KB, 928x581, Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 23.3…)


She recently mentioned she has anorexia specifically several times, is she in denial or ashamed of having bulimia or what

No. 939484

File: 1583105721133.jpg (678.97 KB, 1080x1705, 20200301_173350.jpg)

Fave fruit is strawberries, lemme post it with a picture of me sticking my leg in the air

No. 939485


There was a selfie she posted in the last thread where she was skin and bones, with crusty lips and dead eyes. There's no way she's actually keeping all of that shit down.

No. 939486

File: 1583105884736.jpg (401.07 KB, 1080x1641, 20200301_173341.jpg)

How long before she reveals what she's struggling with? Obligatory leg in the air.

No. 939487

Her noticeable weight loss and general sickly look mean that food's either going regurgitated down the toilet or straight in the bin. Waste of food either way.

No. 939490

File: 1583106289528.jpg (318.1 KB, 1080x1150, 20200301_174338.jpg)


Two threads ago.


No. 939491

Yea she’s sort of flexible but she has terrible technique. Not sure how she can’t be a little embarrassed? She must see her shoulders and bent supporting knee and know that ballet isn’t supposed to look like that.

No. 939492

File: 1583106584448.png (478.83 KB, 816x597, Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 23.4…)


looks like she's gone downhill since jan but posting vast amounts more food.

No. 939496


Lol she went back to private and I was blocked. No interaction. I guess she's watching the thread.

No. 939508

this is such a terrible combination of foods even for n2f……. the unwrapped ice cream is the pearl onion on top

No. 939540

Kek this looks like it's straight out of a creepy pasta

No. 939547

Woah! I hadnt seen what she looked like pre culinary mastery.
She looks so grey now and her hair is strawy.
There's more to N2F than she reveals and im so curious about it

No. 939584

File: 1583125732569.jpeg (580.01 KB, 750x1173, F9B0CEFB-0E89-481B-8318-A9C65E…)

Reading the comments on Elzanis ig post about her latest YT vlog- yes it was boring!

Also wonder if she’s so ‘recovered ‘ and relaxed about food why was she crying over the biscuits .

No. 939588

I will never un-hear that now lol

No. 939591

Is it just me or does she only ever do this with her left leg?

No. 939599

Yeah she blocked me too. I guess she’s paranoid lol.

No. 939643

File: 1583139143677.jpeg (916.32 KB, 1242x2208, A35DB55E-97EF-4DB7-ABB7-E78215…)

did.. did she even TRY to make this look authentic?

No. 939648

Why does it look like E is in the middle of a bukkake circle?

No. 939650

I'm curious about why you liked this post, seems kinda backstabby.

No. 939659

Could be one of those warped hospital mirrors?

No. 939660

Could be one of those warped photoshop jobs

No. 939663

Could be that she's so hungry she warps the very fabric of reality?

No. 939713

File: 1583154376372.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1125x1919, C28F84E6-E774-4879-A1BE-2BA91C…)

recovering_starfish letting us know once again that she was sooper sick and exaggerating everything ugh i cba

No. 939735

File: 1583157296440.png (8.08 MB, 1242x2208, 41D92FB0-4E30-4418-944F-CAC3BD…)

just as we all suspected. what would she have even gained? 10lbs of water and food weight back? Don’t they put obese people on maintenance anyway?

No. 939739

Can someone please send these to her dad’s insurance company? What a waste of time and money.

No. 939748

Looks like the video is private, maybe she got too much backlash?

No. 939755

Unfortunate theme considering Taylor Swift came out with her eating disorder recently

No. 939782

lmfao, those pesky hospital mirrors, known for warping specifically inwards towards the emaciated patient who ~definitely looks like that~

No. 939804


Whoa, that's one HELLUVA bent doorframe!

No. 939815

File: 1583169155918.png (739.17 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190824-032326.png)

Reminded me of this img I had to screenshot when it appeared on Wish (no, I wasn't looking for diet pills). Same authenticity as this girl's snap.

No. 939867

Warning! Her guitar is out.

No. 939901

Can someone with anorexia theoretically even control themselves enough to lose weight at a reasonable pace? I've known people who relapse after solid recovery because they're maybe 10 lbs over their set point and think they can handle a "normal" diet… seems kinda like an alcoholic deciding they can drink moderately- but in Georgia's case, drink moderately directly after leaving detox

No. 939902

They definitely just edited that before picture… no way would her skin look like that in the second picture if she lost that amount of weight
>>939755 kek right? Too soon, Elzani

No. 939903

Wow, it's actually so nice to see her doing something healthy/un-food related for that 30 second clip, she's pretty good

No. 939906

Spotted elzani! No, my dear, you’re not that good. Spend more time practicing and less time licking pretzels.(hi cow)

No. 939917

I wish these cows could see doctors like the ones on my 600 lb life and those other shows. People on those shows claim to have bulimia, anorexia, other eating disorders, etc. and they are shut down immediately, not enabled

No. 939931

Dr Now gives it to them straight. I'd pay to have him meet Georgia for a consultation and watch it.

A few open chords? May.

No. 939933

May should say NAH soz for shitty autocorrect

No. 939947

She put the vlog up this morning then took it down and has now reposted it. Bit odd.
She needs a life outside Taylor swift .

No. 939952

Self-Awareness has left the chat.

No. 939953

That's kind of the curse of EDs.
If you're an alcoholic or a drug addict, you can avoid your substance of choice.
If you're addicted to diet and /or food well, tough luck, you can't avoid food.

No. 939954

kek insinuating the goal of this latest admission was weight restoration. Wanna drop some lbs, Georgia? Go for it! It certainly wouldn’t hurt. Suggesting Weight Watchers is an easy dig but in her case it would legit be more beneficial (not to mention much cheaper) than lazing about in New Farm trying to LARP anorexia

No. 939957

I'm still baffled that she ever claimed anorexia
The fuck ?

No. 939962

File: 1583188411116.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 066DCE3E-2EDA-45C2-B09A-C97F19…)

This HAS to be a joke

No. 939966

I think that chick Aimee archiga also swallowed batteries if I remember correctly

No. 939971

and this has to be a self post or vendetta bc apart from the bloody forehead nobody cared about this one in the last thread. Basic instutionalized BPD patient. Doesn’t even claim ED (yet……?)

No. 939972

Wow. Well done. Much brave, very stunning.

Anyone else feel these "recovery wins" are nothing more than a flex about all their ~behaviours~? Just another 2sick4u bragging attempt. How long before battery swallowing becomes the new headbanging/hand scratching? Better not give Laura any ideas.

No. 939988

Nah, Laura’s self-harm only seems to extend to what’s outwardly visible. Not like she can post xrays on the ‘gram

No. 940000

Is that a challenge?

No. 940008

It'd make more sense to give her lap band surgery. When she's not obese, give her therapy for bi ges and overeating.

Of course she just wants to stay in a clinic and pretend to be ill at the expense of her parents.

No. 940016

At the expense of everyone paying into whatever insurance policy her dad is a part of, if we want to get technical about it. If I was an ausfag I would be especially pissed.

FWIW I don’t think she would qualify for weight loss surgery and I doubt she has binge eating disorder. She’s just your every day, run of the mill fatty. Because food is tasty and exercise is less fun than tv.

No. 940027

I've got some full fat coke chilling for when they all start posting before and after shots and some disingenuous ramble cause its eating disorders awareness week.

No. 940063

Before and afters. Amazing. Copy and pasted from last year.

Heading to Instagram for hashtag. I'll be counting how many became nutritionists and munchies.

No. 940071

It'll be the classic ana circlejerk of uninspired progress pics paired with captions about how weight doesn't matter and it's "an eating disorder, not a weight disorder".

No. 940076

Aye, had a quick look. Good to see loads are actually recovered although a fair few went the gym to excess route.

The regular cows don't realise it's awareness week for a few days, so I'm expecting the pity stories later in the week.

I read one girl talking about the cost of IP and it made me feel ashamed on behalf of the malingerers. It was a break to get good recovery stories after the dregs of society posted here.

No. 940137

Hey anons, that girl doesn’t have an ED. I follow her and she’s been annoying as hell recently but this isn’t the thread for her… admittedly, a while ago she said she used to have a problem with purging and body image but now shes all about body positivity etc. Not milky even in the slightest. Let’s stop talking bout her since this thread is for pro ana scumbags

No. 940262

Interesting question. I also know someone who has struggled with disordered eating/over exercising and even if she wants to “tone up” or get in better shape, she’s scared to start because it always seems to get disordered. I feel like they would have to get into a sport they love or something so that it’s not about weight loss. But then again if they started losing weight, it might start spiraling. Honest therapy might help but EDs are a tough beast.

No. 940291

Or better still get of lurking on here- if you are so into 'real recovery'- what about the job?

No. 940295

Theoretically, yes, it's entirely possible. Practically, it can be almost impossible, unless they have a dedicated doctor/care routine and food plan that they stick to

No. 940306

File: 1583241105476.jpeg (187.29 KB, 750x1334, 55E8EAC6-958C-4D33-9F81-C293B6…)

But why does it have to be “psycho cleaned the house” actual adults clean their house, get tired and it has nothing to do with mental illness…it’s called being mature and taking care of your home lol wtf. Everything she does is muh mental illness, even when it’s just mundane, every day life activities.

No. 940308

File: 1583241750434.jpeg (194.4 KB, 750x1334, F605A9CA-ED60-4BC9-BE47-6779EB…)

Once again not just any nap… a valium nap not sure why her doctors prescribe her these meds when she just abuses them. It honestly just makes her mental health worse. She sleeps way too much because she’s always drugged up. Probably thinking if she sleeps more she’ll eat less and the hospitals will start taking her seriously. I wonder if she’s totally given up on the psych admits or if she’s going back to the eating disorder. In a previous post she Was holding a fucking McDonald’s cup. Not sure what she ate as of course it wasn’t posted kek. Maybe she’s like Georgia and just has a Diet Coke from McDonald’s lol

No. 940310

File: 1583241904184.jpeg (254.31 KB, 750x1334, 989CD2E0-0A7B-45D5-BC17-4518C1…)

McDonald’s cup… but nervous about dinner ..? Sure jan. We all know you probably smashed down chips and burger or something else from McDonald’s, like everyone said about Georgia lol they’re not just getting Diet Coke lol

No. 940332

File: 1583247387529.png (5.96 MB, 1242x2208, F934F86F-388E-4E52-A586-221168…)

from her private

No. 940335

File: 1583247503203.png (10.72 MB, 1242x2208, 56B68726-B05C-449B-8722-4E1740…)

another thing I don’t understand is her need to larp anorexia, she’s already mentioned her doctor would be fine with her attempting healthy weight loss in a few months so why not just lose weight healthily? Also what was the point of going to new farms if she’s gonna do this?

No. 940339

Relapse is her only option? How about the option of normal, healthy lifestyle changes like eating healthier and walking a bit? Never change Georgie, never change.

No. 940341

Why not just exercise, eat a healthy meal and lose weight I feel like she tries anorexia for like five minutes, binges and gets bigger. Or like some say maybe she’s just a fatty that’s larping Anorexia/bulimia idk. Restricting obviously does not work for her, why is she pretending here >>940332 relapse is her only option. Besides do people voluntarily just relapse lol? She makes it seem like eating disorders are a choice and the way she speaks on them makes me think she actually has no idea what she’s talking about. I feel like by saying relapse is her only option she means “I hate how I look so I need to pay someone to force feed me and not tell me that I’m obese again so I can feel better about my manatee like figure” kek

No. 940365

she’s squeezing her legs together so tightly kek - it doesn’t make you look thin porgie

No. 940375

The sensible weight loss diet community - weight watchers, etc dont have the kufyos of an ED to her nor the label of illness. She's obviously intelligent enough to do further education, so no way is she stupid enough not to know what she's doing.

No. 940377


No. 940396

Agreed for sure but as some farmer pointed out before she has no visual hallmarks of any ed no bulimia teeth no hair loss, lanugo, skin changes, other than refeeding breakouts total kek the only thing is her occasional nose hose lol so she is literally fooling no one. I don’t follow her but how do people respond in the comments do they like tell her to eat and drink supplements? Do they lie to her like clinicians do? I just don’t see what she’s getting out of this other than maybe something to do. Does she get sympathy asspats?

No. 940413

File: 1583260758304.png (4.91 MB, 1125x2436, D6215A9F-44F2-4537-B67D-A05CAC…)

…is she for real? Also, what the hell hospital had that kind of menu?!

No. 940420

The way she talks about it being an option really highlights how fake she is. Actually sick people just relapse, they don't stand around deliberating whether or not they can get a bed on their private insurance or not.

No. 940423

Kinda like saying they're going to have a psychotic episode. You don't plan it, it just happens. "I'm going to choose to have a manic episode today after being stable". Nope. What Georgia's doing is planning to fake a relapse. If you want to restrict and get away with it, you don't post about it on it…unless you want someone to tell you to get help which you wouldn't want.

No. 940438

not to blogpost but i've known multiple hospitals to have menus like that, including the place i did IP for my ED. generally bigger medical centers or wealthier hospitals will have menus with lots of options because they have to accommodate patients' various dietary restrictions and needs.

No. 940441


Is that even a hospital menu though because it's really fancy. Individually created pizza? Entrees? Parents must have megabucks.

No. 940450

File: 1583267376143.png (2.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200303-132501.png)

Get a fucking job like everyone else then lmao
She stays "subtly" begging in her stories

No. 940455

Georgia is one of those people who thinks eating disorders are a lifestyle choice. Fake cows like her just help to perpetuate that myth. Even some healthcare professionals believe they’re a choice because they’re more likely to come into contact with a faker than someone with an actual ED. It’s shocking how many people believe that anorexia or bulimia are lifestyle choices instead of mental illnesses.

Georgia is justified in having negative thoughts about her body because she is a literal whale. Therefore negative thoughts around food and extreme dieting are somewhat normal. That is not a mental illness. If she was actually mentally ill with an ED, she would have avoided treatment at her size because she knows she is huge and wouldn’t want people to think she is a fraud. She’s a dumbass if she believes people think she has an eating disorder.

No. 940461

but if georgie porgie didnt whine about her willful "relapse" then she wouldnt get any attention! :(( its fucking sad to see so many people with weight problems deciding to say they have an ed as a cop out because its the new trend instead of putting in effort and taking actual steps to improve their health and well being but damn if it isnt funny.

No. 940476

George, Laura and al all make me think of some weird ass munchies/spoonies. They want attention, they want to appear oh so fragile, they are desperate that someone validates them in the idea of their "illness", they use internet to create their munchie narrative where no one can question it (contrary to say someone IRL who knows them and won't take their shit).
There's a fucking parallel that needs to be analysed here between all the famous munchies by internet that have graced lolcow in the past and this new brand of pseudo ED muncho combo breed

No. 940479

Why bother posting her old stories?

No. 940480

Why bother commenting if you’re not going to sage?

No. 940483


Is that you Georgia?

If yes please mash the keyboard with your big old ham fist

No. 940484

Good post. Georgia doesn't understand how an eating disorder is something you mentally can't switch off and on. She thinks a person can decide to eat or not eat. It'd be great for real eating disorded people if that was the case.

No. 940489

Excuse me because I don’t know how to reply to a post, but it wasn’t an old story, she posted that picture literally yesterday and I didn’t see it on the thread.

No. 940502

File: 1583277530229.png (640.29 KB, 750x1334, 9050C6A9-259D-4017-AEA2-A2B16B…)

Been imd and restrained , it was so awful , let’s go post it all over Instagram . Common occurrence for this account… always having some sort of incident in a&e or is on level 4…

No. 940503

File: 1583277633208.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 1714690E-FE43-43F5-B262-B84D96…)

Ayyyy lets go take a picture of the forehead you just bashed against the wall . She could have taken a picture of anything… but no … had to be her forehead

No. 940505

Not an eating disorder, get out of here anon. You’re probably the one who posted Lauren (girl with bpd and forehead scabs from head banging) they don’t have eating disorders, they are not pro ana scumbags. Yeah they’re annoying as shit but you are more annoying. Follow the damn rules.

No. 940508

You don’t know how to reply huh? You seemed to manage just fine when replying to the screenshot of Georgia

No. 940509

File: 1583278084473.png (1.62 MB, 1335x2048, Screenshot_20200303-182457.png)

becky has resorted to talking to herself on an account for her dog

No. 940512

She uses any excuse she can to just fall into doing nothing with her life. Work didn't schedule her for one week and she does this. Apply to other jobs Allegra.

No. 940514

Nobody gave a fuck about her body stars account so now she's going to put her dog through this.

No. 940515

Booxy stars. Jesus, I should just fkin leave.

No. 940518

>We had a crazy day today. Mumma found it very difficult. It was sad for me to see, so I gave her lots of licks and headbutts?

It still has to be all about her, doesn't it.

No. 940519

Why is it any different that i can’t post a photo of someone with mh. I’ve seen countless non ed related posts on here yet they didn’t get attacked. Your just being annoying and provoking me for no reason

No. 940522

Youre new. You don't sage. If you read the threads then you'd know everyone on this PRO ANA thread has claimed to have an eating disorder.

No. 940523

dumbass that wasn’t me. I posted the two photos of Georgia’s private story and I was replying (without actually replying because I don’t know how to) to the person who said they were old photos(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 940525

All these new fags and it ain't even summer

No. 940528

nice icon anon

No. 940529

Figure it out then. It's not difficult to reply. We're not going to spoon feed you, read the info for new users already jeez. I've posted a link to it twice in this thread, I'm not doing it again. If you can figure out how to sage, you can figure out how to reply

No. 940530

Seriously anon just follow the fucking rules and read the info. Don't argue.

Am I the only one creeped out by this quote ? Out of context it's…its weird ? Its yuk ? Argh
Poor dog.

No. 940532

Somebody's not a happy bunny… This is not a general mh thread. Read the rules and the info for new users or don't post.

No. 940536

File: 1583281093632.png (10 MB, 1242x2208, 1ECD30E6-98B5-4596-958C-DCF15B…)

sure Georgia

No. 940538

Give up purging. You obviously don't get rid of much so what's the point?

No. 940539

Also,bingeing is a compulsion. Again, not a choice.

No. 940551

go post non ed cows on >>>/snow/924799 (it's kinda dead but still better than this thread) or make a new thread specifically for general mh

No. 940559

> I just don’t see what she’s getting out of this

she's already admitted what she gets out of this. she's a malingerer and she wants an excuse to stall her life and she wants a reason to not feel guilty for not doing shit. there might be some reason she chooses wannarexic over another flavor of medical munchie but i think with her the biggest draw is having no responsibilities. maybe fake ana is a "safer" choice in her eyes because she's not using an actual hospital's resources. new farm is perfect for malingerers like her because they get all the perceived "benefits" of being sick without having to worry about getting in trouble for insurance fraud etc because it's a private clinic that they're paying for.

No. 940567

Who tf PLANS a relapse? Thats milky right there. Yeah you may discharge and go back to behaviours for multiple reasons, but who comes out, eats Chinese, and then says im planning on restricting/relapsing.
You can't choose when you want to use your ED, or your fake ED.
Shes super special with the way sje can turn her AA on and off at will

No. 940577

>who plans their relapse

ED Munchies!

She's just obviously a fattass that doesn't know what a gym is. Nobody is fooled here. She'll remain fat/obese as long as she keeps her pseudo anorexia charade up.
Once she admits to gorging on food/binge and understands gym is her only option (not relapse kek) she might finally lose weight but we all know that's neither here nor there.

No. 940585

4 b/p the day before and no swollen face, no red eyes, no blood vessels burst, she looks exactly the same. Unless she can purge hands free she should have signs
Shes either: lieing about bp, lieing about how effective her purges are(def not rinsing or anything) or she got nothing but the munchies(im going for this mixed with some BED)
You're a fucking joke Georgia, even your mum thinks so

No. 940587

maybe she’s abusing laxatives kekek

No. 940601

Is her dinner just 6 mashed sweet potatoes or

No. 940610

Some people don't have those signs a day after b/p. If you did it 4 times you probably would get a swollen face, Georgia's face is pretty swollen with obesity anyway, but her hair is covering her cheeks so can't be sure on that one. Red eyes go away relatively quickly and blood vessels only burst if the person has purged hard.
And she said everything she eats feels like a binge so it may not even be an actual binge. Idk how well she purges but if she's been doing it for a long time, she mustn't be very good at it.

No. 940622

Before I read the text I thought the bag was full of her vom. It's gross but some people do purge into bags.

No. 940632

If you havent purged in ages like georgia claims she hasnt, when you go back to it, it's not as easy and it would have taken more effort than usual. Then doing it 4 times in a day yeah id expect to see something. We know if sje does purge shes shit at it. Im not talking swollen cheeks, im talking gland.
In either case shes got lie-abetes

No. 940636

A large majority of bulimics will have purged in a non bathroom setting. Its a common thing, but not talked about because of the shame. Common places are things like bins, buckets in the bedroom, tupperwear, into clothes or towels, it really depends how desperate you are to purge.
I know bulimia is like the joke ED and the one people consider the dirty one, but having very strong bulimia (more than average/increased behaviours/ lowering bar of what rock bottom is, breaking the law to continue your disorder etc) it's fucking hell, FYI porgie

No. 940639

When I said swollen face and cheeks I was referring to the glands at the back the cheeks and below the ear, I should have been more specific. You can't see those glands in the photo she posted

No. 940641

Yeah that's why she'll try and claim AN b/p not bulimia. Probably thinks she'll be seen as sooper frail if the diagnosis has got anorexia in it

No. 940666

Who has access to porgies vent?


No. 940673

I have access to it

No. 940674

Any new milk?

No. 940675

Not at this moment

No. 940721


The square jaw look, much like that of Stan Smith in American Dad.

No. 940734

Holy shit. She is completely retarded at this point. How old is this woman? 25? What a sad, sad life.

No. 940757

File: 1583317354877.jpeg (252.68 KB, 750x1334, D26326AF-738E-4781-8EB3-46357A…)

Another purge worthy delicious combo for n2f this morning. One day those jars are going to fall off the windowsill

No. 940760

File: 1583320343275.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.36 KB, 1482x950, 9zrepc9.jpg)

No. 940761

File: 1583320370234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.77 KB, 1486x954, OgHgqGF.jpg)

No. 940765

OK, not WKing here, but whatever n2f is or isn't doing with food, her body's looking good right now. Still can see her chest bones, but body check left isn't where I'd want to see her again. Kinda in shock her yogurt isn't right on the use by date.

No. 940768

Very true. She freezes sort of her yogurts and desserts which is a very disordered behaviour yet she claims it to be completely normal to do that. And the fact most of her food is massively out of date shows how she puts herself off eating it for ages.

No. 940774

Probably hard to see any swollen glands under all the chub

No. 940779

File: 1583323973842.png (762.26 KB, 550x1038, Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 5.09…)

From E's story kek. 3 bloody frames of her lifting PB out of the jar- never mind the ridiculous caption-, how is her food obsession worse than ever when she's not even a that spoopy anymore?

No. 940792

Yup. She gained the weight but didn’t actually do any of the recovery work. Guaranteed recipe for relapse.

No. 940801

what makes it disordered?

No. 940810

Freezing food can reduce calories . It’s proven. And when she does it to every single type of food that aren’t necessarily supposed to be frozen, it makes it seem like a unhealthy obsession with freezing all different types of food

No. 940815

This is some anafag logic right here. Freezing food doesn’t reduce the calories consumed, dumb fuck. This is the same logic that Georgie probably employs when she claims to be restricting. “Yeah, I ate 4000 calories but 3000 of it was ice cream so that doesn’t count because frozen!”

No. 940817

File: 1583333344774.png (8.68 MB, 1242x2208, A019C2FE-39C9-4EB7-9C61-D0DDAA…)

Georgia: says she’s going to choose to relapse
Georgia: wahhh I’m not in hospital so I can’t choose to recover right now keep me accountable and tell me how frail I am

No. 940819

File: 1583333450305.png (7.83 MB, 1242x2208, 91114671-1D29-4D42-8CCB-4F41FF…)

She purposely leaves out the fact that she’s probably eating outside of those “binges and purges”

No. 940826

Everything about her is so unflattering… the droopy face, raised brows and but dead expressionless eyes, and of course massive tits flopped on the table as usual.. then again everything about her is massive.
She really needs to stop trying to pretend she's a frail anorexic when its obvious her only problem is with binging. Just accept the fact you're obese and do something about it ffs.. she does not belong in an ed ward (but i guess she's in good company at new farm)

No. 940835

Who is she hiding food from? Does she live with her parents? If so, why is she complaining about being broke?

No. 940845

Literally cannot find a single thing about freezing reducing calories. Lots of foods lose vitamins/minerals the longer they are frozen but losing vitamins does not mean losing calories. Also that applies to mainly fruits and veggies. >>940815 anafags come up with the craziest copes

No. 940864

Binging and then eating on top of binging.
Girl, get to the gym already. Cut out the shit food. Live your life.

No. 940865

Georgia is a binge eater who does not purge. That's obvious.

Want to comment on freezing yogurts. I do it because I can't fit a fro yo tub in my freezer drawer. It tastes great. I'm not sure why n2f does it, but it's not as disgusting as you think. Only like making your own ice lollies.

No. 940868

No one gives a shit about your frozen lollies

No. 940869

I don't make frozen lollies. Learn comprehension, fuckwit.

No. 940876

The fact remains that you went on a blogpostsperg. Just reel it in, Kay? This board isn’t about you, your freezer, or the virtues of freezing yogurt.

No. 940877

That’s a borderline blogpost, stop pls

No. 940879

Has she claimed to have bulimia before? Cos you need to have had it in order to have a relapse

No. 940880

Oh fuck off. What was happening there was explaining that no matter what crimes against cuisine she commits, maybe sometimes she does this be because she likes the taste combos? Everyone wants to nitpick everything she does with food to prove a point.

Blogpost bollocks. Someone's fucking handy today.

No. 940881


No. 940882

lol calm down.

No. 940889


Maybe the frozen food reducing calories thing means in ana logic that when body tries to digest the food it needs to heat it to body temperature and it burns more calories than when its just little bit cool taked from the fridge, but mostly its just like few calories more. In ana logic i guess every calorie counts.

No. 940892

File: 1583345459603.jpg (364.68 KB, 1139x720, PhotoEditor_20200304_180804377…)

She wrote about her struggles here.

No. 940895

You are right, someone is hangry today. It's you. Just calm down and follow the rules.
You could have said all that without sharing about how you also freeze yogurt. No one cares, anon.

No. 940896

Yeah, point taken three comments ago. If no other anon wants to keep banging on about it, stop making it a thing and get back to the cows.

No. 940914

Yeah it’s scientifically proven lol u saying scientists are wrong then.

No. 940916

Nta but nice job deleting your other unsaged dumbfuck post right as I replied to it. Provide some evidence to your claims then. Losing vitamins is not the same as losing calories. To think the two are the same thing is true anafag logic and coping. You are hungry as fuck and justify eating it by freezing it thinking that will save you a couple calories. If it's true then cool, interesting fact. But literally cannot find a single thing about food losing calories due to being frozen. Only vitamins, which is debated among scientists anyway.

No. 940944

Can we stop the infighting about frozen whatever, who the fuck cares.

Georgy talks about a bulimia relapse. Oh well, not anorexia then ?
She says she can't get a job (why is that, her state isn't severe enough to warrant not working).

She's so very fucked up, its pathetic, jfc

No. 940945

File: 1583354749629.jpg (868.26 KB, 810x2141, Screenshot_20200304-204328_Chr…)

Old post and no milk so Sage, just reflecting on the very close behaviour Georgy has to Munchie By Internet.
All the symptoms she describes sound like side effect of obesity. Lose the damn weight, and they may disappear, nothing chronic about it.
Also, everyone and their mothers have POTS now apparently. So many MBI seem to claim it, fuck.

No. 940954

Chronic is a dramatic way of saying a long term health issue. She lays it on thick. She's another one who'd benefit from getting her own place and independence. Hopefully her parents will tell her she has to move out. Her health problems are flap all compared to many real disabled people who live independently.

No. 940985

So much for her taking up weight lifting then!

No. 940991

I know this isn’t why she’s a cow….. but georgie is so ugly and I hate the blank eyed slack jawed stare she has in every. single. photo.

No. 941014

And that marathon she was going to run last October (she had talked about it almost a YEAR prior in a vlog, which speaks to just how long she’s been playing this attention seeking game).

No. 941020

"its proven by muh science!!1!!"

provides zero sources to back that up

that's what i was thinking to, but t would be a near-negligible amount.

No. 941023

I agree that she makes it seem like EDs are a choice, like how she can just choose to be going out to eat junk without issue if she’s feeling better one day. EDs aren’t something you can opt in and out of depending on your mood

No. 941027

I honestly am so fucking sick of her. She needs to be banned from the internet, I don’t even know if I can accept that she has an eating disorder given that she’d recover if she didn’t have people paying attention.
Also, yeah hospitals have pieces of paper where you circle your sandwich choice circle a fruit choice circle a juice box flavor and done kek this is ridiculous

No. 941032

This is the actual reality of anorexia… people always post their bragging before/after and are all, “the REALITY no one tells you about is (list of medical problems caused by being underweight”. No, we all know that because y’all post it constantly, the REALITY is having a tiny, isolated, self-centered, and wasted life

No. 941035

Or just lie about it like everyone else in the program

No. 941064

File: 1583368472231.jpg (27.34 KB, 645x729, NLDugGD.jpg)

No. 941073

Why does she even go to the day program? It doesn't appear to benefit her in any way and now she's planning a relapse. And what is she hoping she will achieve by telling them she's been b/p numerous times a day? If you want to lose weight/'relapse' you wouldn't jeopardise it like that

No. 941099

File: 1583371924655.png (4.73 MB, 750x1334, 4E13BDFF-8FA0-4552-888C-AA0CC5…)

She’s not being forced to go to the day program, she could have plenty of free time if she wanted. She chooses to take up a place on a day program that she doesn’t need, depriving someone with an actual ED from that help

No. 941104

File: 1583372037251.png (11.89 MB, 1242x2208, CC3ACD21-EC0D-412E-B55C-18C2AF…)

she’s reading the thread.

No. 941106

File: 1583372121826.png (11.52 MB, 1242x2208, 422F72C2-336C-4C33-B9C9-5D118C…)

another from her vent. hilarious she’s all happy to be at day patient on her main but is actively trying to dehydrate herself down to her dainty wainty pre clinic weight

No. 941124

File: 1583373477603.png (79 KB, 3245x548, lul.PNG)

MPA sperging, not sure if srs

No. 941139

Looooooool let me put on my reading glasses, where on mpa is it ? Smells like Georgie self posting there kek.

No. 941143


This specific topic has been talked about it previous threads, but it's still lulzy

No. 941147

Haha yeah thanks anon. It's weird, this 16 messages user just randomly bumped an old thread from last year - you'd need where to go to find it. Pretty sure it's one of our cows because lolcow is certainly not a topic of much interest on mpa.
So since one of these retard is reading this, we don't shame you for your weight. We shame you for shamelessly sucking out the healthcare system, gaming it for pity and sympathy points, for imaginary EDs in some cases or grossly exaggerated problems ("I scratched my arm, quick someone give me stitches and admit me for being suicidal uhu"). As a group, you are a disgrace of humans. Some people truly struggle everyday of their life and don't make it a public spectacle to feed their fucking fragile ego. They soldier on without a complaint. You cows, on the other hand, care only about your little persons.

No. 941157

Oh lawddd she been lurkin bad

No. 941158

Keep givin us the milk anon. You're clearly the only one with access

No. 941163

It's hilarious because MPA admin has been MIA for over a year and left staff hanging so they made EDC. Even most mpa members kek at other anachans, you can easily find various threads on tumblr users or Instagram recovery fags. They just downplay their cattiness.

No. 941164

Hope this isn't a self post

Seems like this is why a lot of people left

No. 941169

MPA is trash, it's a cringe fest alright.

No. 941190

File: 1583382783368.png (1.11 MB, 1856x902, Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 3.02…)

"last ever ng tube" as if she wouldn't jump at the chance to be toobed whenever it was offered

No. 941192

forgot to add, this was april last year

No. 941201

No. 941240

Mpa is absolute trash. Apparently we're "the worst place on the internet" yet right there on the bulimic thread there are methods of how to purge ~hands free~ They don't even try to be stealth about their "hints and tips". Fortunately, the majority of posters are overweight girls who desperate wish they had an eating disorder but fortunately never will. Others are deeply into a real disorder and think what they get from the site is support.

No. 941250

Does this girl realize she’s on a pro-ana website…?

No. 941260

No. 941265

Kek the level of delusion on mpa is something else. It should be closed down. There was a thread at one stage about the "cotton ball diet". Yeah.

Am I missing something with Georgie Porgy. Are new farm doctors retard ? Where did they get their degree, in a happy meal box printed on a piece of plastic ? WTF ? Why does an obese woman need "refeeding" ? Why does she need an NG tube ? Am I the only one who's missing something here ? Am I thick ?
What the fuck and how the fuck ?

No. 941268

Nope you're not missing anything. It's a duty of care thing. They dont eat for a few days on an edp and there needs to be consequences so the actual anorexics dont get any ideas. If she needed to be refed she'd be on feeds 24/7 not only when she decided to skip a meal and they put a supplement drink down the tube

No. 941277

File: 1583408092410.jpeg (840.34 KB, 828x1497, 8DC8301D-9EA1-43DF-BCF7-9B5412…)

Adorable how quickly she flips from her “ana fairy hiding food” script to her “I’m such an ana-warrior! #boobsnotbones #fearfood” script the second she gets a sugary drink in front of her face.

No. 941290

it's hilarious that she called this "the new weird tea trend" in the previous story
Why not just have actual tea if ur soooo scared of gaining lol

No. 941294

File: 1583411268217.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200305-072735.png)

re-up bc I'm an idiot kek
But oof

No. 941301

File: 1583412535679.jpg (283.37 KB, 1028x772, SoundMusic1.jpg)

Is it The Sound of Music themed?

No. 941305

Try that shit in Perth and you get formed and sent to the state system. Tubes at the private clinic are used here but more of your medically unstable, and underweight otherwise you just get written off as attention seeking, non compliance and shipped off to the state system.

No. 941307


I love the post by someone on there 'Wow I really hope Elzani never sees that
She's a lovely girl even tho it's true she's a bit delusional ' - given she lurks in here and self posts , I think it's unlikely.

No. 941321

File: 1583421664603.png (9.36 MB, 1242x2208, F2FBC49E-11C0-4745-89B2-8A6985…)

Aly doesn’t like it when people use pictures of her as thinspo or to trigger themselves but she’ll gladly do it to other people

No. 941325

File: 1583422307081.jpg (179.9 KB, 1600x900, us-dollars-banknotes.jpg)

Hope this IMG triggers her to get a job

No. 941328

i’m so upset because of this girl. she is such a pro ana, plays the victim and poses in all her bodychecks.
can’t post her body checks coz she’s 15 but she’s been so mean to me and my friends(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 941329

Go back to mpa

No. 941335

Why am i not surprised that she's an ita wannabe lolita. So many of them are munchies.

No. 941340

Wow, is that the look she's going for? I know nothing about the lolita thing except Weenus, but she's well off the mark with that von Trapped outfit.

No. 941360

lol peep the high blood pressure in the background, another side effect of her obesity lol. Come on porgie sooper sick anachans are supposed to have low bp kek

No. 941365

I’m not trying to bonerattle at all here but Aly just likes do say “don’t use my pics as thinspo” because she thinks it groups her in with the really emaciated skelly spoops. Which she is not lol. She’s a normal weight and has been… for a while. Would need to do some serious scrolling to find anything spoopy on that account.
Ahhh yesss top kek

No. 941367

File: 1583433817219.jpg (321.08 KB, 1008x1600, e88bea1a0f8f6e218ab25540f6fd8f…)


She posted this of herself on the thinspirations thread (lol) at improana some years ago with the caption 95 lbs. She's not emaciated, but this is what emaciated looks like in the minds of the users.

Spoilered just because.

No. 941368

Lol didn't spoiler ew

No. 941386

Calling this “not emaciated” is a little proana bonerattling imo. Also, learn to spoiler.

No. 941397


M8, I know photo spoiler, I fo-r-got.

No, it isn't emaciated. Definition:
>Someone who is dangerously skinny and skeletal-looking

No. 941417

Have to agree lol sucking in your stomach is not being emaciated. Her legs still have muscle tone, she’s very thin and underweight but doesn’t look like she’s going to drop dead. Anons not bonerattling it’s just the truth. Probably could of still use a TW for the delicate farmers. Everyone makes mistakes though mate.

No. 941424



Yes, concerned anon might want to look at the medical definition of emaciation. Don't look at the image search though. Holocaust survivors who were emaciated. Could make you an hero.(Anachan)

No. 941442

File: 1583441565283.png (54.14 KB, 720x498, Screenshot_20200305-205025~2.p…)

No. 941464

Honestly find this extremely creepy /only something a truly insane person would do

No. 941487

it rly doesn't matter why she says it, though, bc either way she's being a hypocrite, as ever

No. 941507

Yea we got that …? Explaining her milky wannabe behavior adds something new to the thread unlike repeating shes a hypocrite lol

No. 941530

File: 1583449538746.png (Spoiler Image, 4.94 MB, 750x1334, 58796BA1-5991-4D7C-A4D4-8CE30A…)

I’ve never seen anything so repulsive in my life. I’d do anything to unsee this. (Nourish back at it again with the pre-vomit f00d spam)

No. 941533

OMG what? Also is that supposed to be one bite or what am I even looking at??? Her combos are beyond repulsive. Who the fuck puts honey on tinned tuna?!?

No. 941540

Ok so this is legit scary. Why would anyone, ever, post something like this? She has absolutely no substance besides "I'm a very sick person and bad things happen to me." This really brings home the fact that the only thing Becky has to cling to in this world is her continued fetishization of mental illness, and it's truly sickening to watch! More and more, I feel so sorry for anyone who has to be part of Becky's life.

No. 941541

Is tuna and hummus a thing, or is it only her thing? Sounds fucking atrocious. Throw in the stir fry sauce and throw up.

No. 941547

She's so difficult nobody will be her friend, even the dog. That was a comment her dog posted on her account. Then on her account she replied to the dog.

The thing that gets me about Becky is she never addresses her ED as her problem. Its always BPD.

No. 941549

Ok usually I can manage her combinations and refrain from commenting but this looks fucking beyond repulsive. Tuna and humus alone sounds absolutely disgusting. This is the farthest thing from aesthetically appealing. What in the fuck n2f kek! Almost like she eats gross food so she doesn’t have to even induce the purging like this can’t really be pleasant can it? I mean I’ve seen anachans get into some funky combos but this is wack!

No. 941553

File: 1583451018948.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 703.76 KB, 750x1206, 9872EEA6-F474-49F2-A942-170015…)

TW bc skelly. It looks like she’s in a children’s store, and I don’t see any children which almost guarantees that her cryptkeeper like body scared them all off… I mean her phone is wider than her legs. This is what emaciated looks like btw anon kek >>941386

No. 941566

THE definition of emaciated. I need to catch up on Ash to see who her latest bff is. She goes through them more often than Trump rearranges his "hair".

No. 941603

I don't think tuna and hummus is that weird. It sounds like something that would work in a pita bread with salad. Sweet chili sauce with kidney beans is more disturbing to me.

No. 941611

Thanks for the spoiler anon, this is the thing nightmares ate made of. Truly emaciated.

No. 941623

Idk how of why Ash would want to live. Her life must be unbearable misery. The bad nails are a new thing to me. I'd remember the mummy nails if they'd been a feature before the last year.

No. 941640

Atticus is cachexic this point. She's been emaciated for so long I doubt her body could put on weight even with appropriate amount of intake

No. 941642

This is fucking hilarious because she’s inadvertently admitting to gaining almost 7 lbs since she discharged from NF, like what, a week ago? That’s some serious bingeing without any significant purging or purposeful dehydration.

Heaven forbid she’d actually have to work full time like the adult she kek. Georgie would’ve been punched in the face by reality a long time ago if she didn’t have a family that keeps letting her play sick baby ana chan.

Ash needs to just die and get it over with and stop yanking the emotional chains of everyone who she hasn’t totally alienated by being a total cunt (aka herself). She doesn’t deserve any pity, and farmers going on and on about how skelly she is is exactly what she wants. It’s those kinds of comments that have kept her alive, that and pure spite.

No. 941667

I don't pity Ash. She's not even a curiosity of nature now there are others in public view. I was dancing around the issue, but straight up - it'd be best to off yourself if the only pleasure in life is plastic toys. At her age. Whocould honestly be fucked to have some stranger wipe their arse in a nursing home in their 20s. Nobody's impressed. At one time maybe, but even now the ones who commented GOALS!!1 find her physically repulsive and nobody cares she lives another year.

No. 941719

100% true. Any pro ana scum bag who used to follow her has outgrown their phase or is just waiting for her to fucking die already. Too bad she doesn’t live in a state where assisted suicide is legal. Euthanasia is the only humane thing to do for her the hopeless, miserable shell of a human being she is.

Pro ana scumbags now take the easy route of claiming atypical anorexia to get ass pats for being ~uwu~ fragile anorexics without actually having to restrict their food and lose weight

No. 941740

Does anyone have an update on what Kayla/odolnost is up to now?

No. 941816

This is beyond creepy. And she doesn't feel any shame doing this? What a life

No. 941818

I wanted to search her account but she has blocked me apparently. Same with N2F
Idk why, I never texted them or something

No. 941825

File: 1583486000487.jpg (969.5 KB, 1080x1870, 20200306_101241.jpg)


No. 941844

File: 1583494214659.jpeg (949.5 KB, 828x1494, 47C1FBD0-78ED-4F61-9C7F-6A1EAE…)

Don’t forget the two follow up drinks! Such a warrior, tackling those liquid calories. The hero the recovery community needs.

No. 941865

Once she remembers this isn't very ana of her, she's going to start crying about ~relapsing being her only choice~, mark my words. Going from supposedly being scared of liquid calories straight to alcohol… seriously

No. 941873

She is practically the next Shmegeh! Living on alcohol!

No. 941884

Why does she document this shit if she’s trying to pretend to be struggling ? Like wtf? She didn’t even say “oh I’m stressed and going to purge” or “challenging myself” how can she go from this >>941277 breaking her fear of liquid calories to drinking sugary wine? You all say she’s smart and knows what she’s doing but she comes off dumb as fuck. She’s probably the worst internet wanorexic there ever was. Like she’s not even trying to pretend to struggle. That burger is almost as big as her head and we all know that’s massive, probably had and appetizer and chips with the burger as well. I’m sure she had some type of dessert because it’s a birthday I mean wtf Georgia? Fucking fail kek! Anorexia who? Bulimia what? She is one ridiculous whale of girl.

No. 941896

OT I miss shmegeh kek

No. 941909

Big ol' chomp bite marks. Good to see she hasn't dissected it or cut it into tiny pieces with her ~ana behaviours~

No. 941911

Disgusting. How about, "I is here as a separate being with my own needs and you should be taking care of me"
Of course she could, being too underweight to gain weight isn't a thing

No. 941918

File: 1583509000971.png (62.89 KB, 720x500, Screenshot_20200306-152927~2.p…)

But the dog is her rescuer.

Yep, nobody's beyond gaining weight. Her body's going to be fucked, but if she wanted to start being able to eat more, she'd feel damn better than she does now. Shame she doesn't realise she's not special, she's not the skele queen, she's passed the point where people want to send her free stuff, and so she may as well enjoy some food. Whatever…

No. 941934

File: 1583512166119.jpeg (916.22 KB, 1125x2042, 4E65809F-71C6-4EC2-87C3-98CAC9…)

Looked through n2f’s story and legit thought she was dipping the biscuit in a toilet bowl for a sec

No. 941940

Given the amount of artificial sweeteners she consumes, my guess is anything coming out of her butt probably FEELS like hot chocolate. That count?

No. 941943

Why does the hot chocolate look like vegetable soup?

No. 941950

it's very split pea
her indoor photos always look like something no one's supposed to be looking at

No. 941958


I thought it was spoonful of hummus and dirty dishwater in a sink.

No. 941959

Good description. It's like being invisible and watching someone have a binge in their room.

No. 941960

Was going to say earlier it looked like frozen hummus. It's the kind of thing I'd expect from her.

No. 941963

I remember an anon said a while back it’s like n2f is hiding something. Maybe it’s the out of control bulimia she wont admit she has, or how careful she is about her anonymity but i’m so curious. Also WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK is up with her room/entire living environment

No. 941971

It's strange that nobody ever refers to her by her real name. She doesn't say anything about her life except what she's eating. Her parents house looks nice but her room is unkempt. She's a mystery, but I think there's more to her mental health issues than an eating disorder. It's crazy her parent/parents don't do anything about the way she lives. If she was my kid I'd be breathing down her neck and checking up on her because she's been really underweight in the past.

No. 941977

I think Ash would actually die if she attempted to eat somewhat normally or try to gain, her body and organs are fucked beyond help after all these years of literal skellydom.

No. 941985

That’s assuming she has parents who give a shit. Unfortunately a lot of parents don’t. She may have some of those type. Or they’ve given up because she’s determined to be an ana chan, and a downright nasty one at that. She’s an adult, parents can only do so much.

No. 941992

True. I like Intervention for the family dynamic. The parents on those usually have had years of shitty behaviour from the daughter and it takes going on tv to get them to sort it out. Even then it doesn't always work. Not sure what I'd do with n2f. Probably kick her out so shes not barfing up all the family's food and pay for it herself. These cows have freaky mothers a lot of the time so…

No. 941999

kek what's Beckys job then?

No. 942000

Oh totally, if she wanted to get her life together she would have to do it in a hospital. Probably would have to have only 24 hour NG feeds for a really long time. If there was a reality show about someone as sick as her starting recovery from ground 0 I would definitely watch it lol

No. 942002

it makes the food harder to eat, required more chewing, takes longer, etc

No. 942012

of course she's dumb, she just thinks she's smart. She wants to be the ~dainty frail uwu ballerina ana waif~ and the attention that comes with being "sick".
She also desperately wants asspats and on some level to feel comfortable in her skin, but without working at it by eating better and exercising. So she goes back and forth between "body positivity! I am recovering!!" and then an hour later is saying she b/ped five times in a day, etc. It's part of what makes her so entertaining kek

No. 942018

File: 1583528172060.png (1017.53 KB, 796x1368, pobriM3.png)

laura's back in hospital
that was quick

No. 942021

That was less than 24 hours right? Her behavior is so compulsive, I’d almost feel sorry for her, if she wasn’t also posting pictures of being back to dance and coffee dates and shopping sprees. It’s like she’s supposedly sick enough to avoid real world responsibilities, but not sick enough to stop doing the fun things that cost money. And garner likes. I don’t know how her family can’t see through this. You

No. 942025

Nice how she acts like this wasn’t her plan all along kek. Laura wants to live in the hospital, because that’s the only place where her immature antics get her any asspats. Outside in the real world she’s just another adult shirking any and all responsibility for herself, which isn’t cute. She keeps getting herself admitted for both the asspats and as a way to keep avoiding life. The best thing the hospital could do for her is refuse to admit her, and force her to survive with outpatient care alone.

No. 942032

And also,as she said in the docu, she's more popular on ig when she relapses.

No. 942045

This is getting absolutely fucking ridiculous now. I understand this NHS has a duty of care but it's blatant what Laura's game is. I don't understand how these types of bed blockers can be so content and guilt-free with their antics.

I second the notion that she should be thrown out with outpatient care only. Admitting her in the first place was the worst thing they could have done for her.

No. 942054

Did the tiny dancer move into her supported accommodation?

No. 942059

>that colour
I wonder if it's because she is too afraid of the calories to use a full teaspoon of hot chocolate powder.

I find her to be the most interesting cow in these threads. Not knowing how or why just adds to my curiosity. I think she might be a hoarder and maybe the rest of family is as well because we usually only see her outside and the pictures of her inside are of areas around doors that would be kept clear for access.

No. 942063

File: 1583535415541.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1716, 09F4BE0F-52D2-49B7-A1A8-2A8E05…)

Back at it with all the anorexia buzzwords she learned in program so as to help convince her followers what a soopersick anachanna she is! “Mechanical eating”? Okay sure, so now we’re supposed to believe you were forcing down that burger and wine last night because you’re such a brave ana warrior?

No. 942067

I've seen her use Options hot choc which one s 40 calories a sachet, but she buys the jars. That stuff does look pissy if you don't put enough powder in so you might be right. Definitely not recovery warrior cocoa with full cream milk.

The cows we don't know much about are the most fascinating. Once we found out about Kelsey/Kennedy, the mystique was gone.

No. 942069

As if anyone listens to their doctor. Mechanical eating. Lol.

No. 942070

her onwy job is to be bwave

No. 942088

Christ, those dead eyes. Who does she live with and are they okay?

No. 942090

Her dad's 70. If her mother's the same age…that might explained n something. A late baby and all that.

No. 942099

File: 1583539676353.jpeg (336.25 KB, 1372x1372, 6474580B-396F-4039-94D4-54562B…)

Checked out her twitter (not particularly milky tbh) but she’s always had that dead eye stare. Hasn’t changed her selfie style for 5 years, she probably thinks it makes her face look thinner. She’s the type that would have extra puffy chubby cheeks with a big smile

No. 942101

It's the way she raises her eyebrows that do her no favours. She's going to have big furrows on her forehead soon.

No. 942113

File: 1583541286745.jpeg (322.5 KB, 750x1334, 23556C00-C3E3-4AB0-9C6A-B6D49F…)

Georgie wants to remind everyone that she was once slightly underweight. Why tf didn’t she stay in the healthy weight range? If she had AN she wouldn’t let herself gain so much and bulimics only gain that much weight if they’re shit at purging. Must be a case of closeted overeating/BED.

No. 942114

this "trying really hard" thing is what she promises her followers and then shes back at new farm. I think its safe to say its institutionalised her somewhat as it gives her attention.

No. 942121

isnt this around the age she claimed to BE anorexic? none of this makes sense. her story changes.

No. 942137

I find it awfully suspicious that there are no pictures of her when she was underweight. I've seen pictures of her at the high end of the normal range and she looked pretty cute tbh.

No. 942149

It’s because Georgia never was underweight. Her idea of underweight was the brief period where she weighed around 75kg. Still quite big for her short frame. You know if she had any photos of her looking thin that she’d larp on for centuries. She actually seems to have become more deluded since her holiday at New Farms, really gives credence to the theory that they are just validating fatties for $$$$$

No. 942153

Any new milk on others???

No. 942160

Yeah. She lurks here and has addressed it before, refuses to post pics of her “underweight” because it’d be giving into the lolcow meanies!!1! despite her gleeful tube selfies at NF. She’s committed I’ll give her that but if you’re gonna cosplay an ED, play to your strengths. BED = almost believable. The rest? Not so much

No. 942166

Her actual story is that the pics of her underweight are on a mobile phone she cannot charge currently.

No. 942172

There's no way Georgia was ever at a normal weight lol she's still fat af

No. 942174

Georgie, is that you? Lmao

Either way though, ana chans treasure those pic so seems strange for them to only be on one phone. She’s not poor so she would have had access to a computer or laptop. Or have them saved on a cloud or something like that
Can’t charge phone? Is it broken and won’t charge, or she doesn’t have a cable?

No. 942204

No. 942211

File: 1583554942430.jpg (126.5 KB, 1181x731, DXLx5wO.jpg)

No. 942233

I have heard similar from other wannarexics…that their "lowest" weight proof pics are now deleted or they were "too sick" to have images of them or their phones are destroyed.

They just can't be honest and say they weren't a very low weight…yet they preach EDs aren't about weight….

No. 942269

Jesus fuck that’s disturbing

No. 942270

No dewd its not. I can just foollow the its not hard

No. 942288

File: 1583570633330.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1125x2005, 0F58D4E1-F5EE-44F0-879F-41DDA3…)

“eat and drink as I please” as if her gigantic ass doesn’t do that all the time anyway. i’m so sick of this one pretending so be such a sick lil ana fairy when actually she’s morbidly obese and faking everything for asspats. she’s disgraceful

No. 942289

*to not so, sorry, crappy autocorrect

No. 942304

Sorry for randomly bringing someone new up but does anyone else watch Oat Fiber? She apparently bothered a lot of her viewers with this video so I thought I'd post it in case any of them are also here.

No. 942307

>40 minutes.
Could you explain why it did?

No. 942310

Can anyone give a rough idea of what this is? I don't fancy following that link.

No. 942311

looping video of a body check. obv emaciated as hell but also doing typical ana poses + visibly straining

No. 942312

She has shared her first name before, it's Alicia

No. 942315

Thanks. These pathetic ana chans need their devices and social media accounts removed. Guaranteed at least half of them would give up with their ED games if they weren't getting the validation and asspats that they all seem so desperate for.

No. 942316

File: 1583582730530.jpeg (127.99 KB, 544x427, 2760655C-A978-4592-AA29-26125F…)

Anyone keep tabs on pro-ana twitter? She claims to be a nonwealthy college student but I did some digging & she’s the kid of two lawyers & granddaughter to a major banker LOL

No. 942330

Wow. What a cunt.

No. 942334

I didn't think she was really emaciated but this looks real. Ana poses obviously but that doesn't change that she is seriously sick. I thought it was all shooped. Can people fake it like that on videos?

No. 942353

Ok self post

No. 942354

just seems like another boring generic proana twitter with sucked in body checks, wheres the milk?

No. 942356

I smell vendetta or self post.

No. 942360

File: 1583594704825.jpeg (761.02 KB, 1125x1916, B4E32AF5-C03C-42D8-BCBC-0B7682…)

Idk if these are common knowledge but i found n2f’s fb and personal insta and they’re more boring than I would have imagined possible

No. 942361

File: 1583594756468.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1125x2067, C6EB5E8B-0AC9-478C-9E42-D591B0…)

No. 942362

Her hair is yucky. I imagine her hair is stuck all over all of her sticky food packaging.

No. 942363

File: 1583595404818.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1310, E3FBA21F-CF39-46FE-8450-0FB8F2…)

I support the hoarder fam theory

No. 942386

Nice. Ty anon. This hasn't made her less fascinating. She does things outside of her bedroom. Wow!

No. 942398

Haven't you seen the latest Kesley reveal pics from her private account? If not, go back a thread or two. That shit is real.

One day she's going to regret her uploads, much the way Erica did. Idek if the spoops are aware of skinny fetishists. Becky comments back at one a lot. Unless she gets off to perverts wanking over her ed, she should block the fucker.

No. 942403


Oh for fucks sakes Georgie is honestly the worst fucking kind of wannorexic ever. Shes 》obviously《 no where near underweight nor has she been but in 2020 you get called a shithead for questioning someone's "mental illnrss" so all day long she gets asspats and validation which makes her think that she can get away with it. As If someone outside of this IGshitshow or new farm would ever belive she was anorexic, let alone someone with an IQ over 45. She really irks me to a whole new level with this cry baby arrogance, dead fish eyes and floppy desk tits.
Grow the fuck up

No. 942408

But it's easy to bewitch anorexia off and on like >>942288 I can confirm this because I am a pro ana wanarexic cow!

Surely though, those posts of hers confirm others beliefs that anorexia IS a choice and it's done for attention or to "be difficult". Really harmful imo. Wouldn't wish an eating disorder in anyone, but a year of it for Georgia, I'd like to see how she'd deal with the real thing.

No. 942409

Bewitch anorexia sounds good, but yeah switch was the word autocorrected.

No. 942411

File: 1583603762236.jpg (696.56 KB, 1073x1319, Screenshot_20200307-185041_Sam…)

the knuckles tell all

No. 942416

It's sad. She's pretty, she still has a social life. I'm hoping she gets out of her bulimic funk. I noticed on her Facebook she mentions being in hospital years ago when she wanted to need a Lady Gaga gig. She must've had this a long time.

No. 942417

File: 1583604149880.jpg (181.87 KB, 1065x2048, 38672474_1359858394148038_5284…)

I find it difficult to get my head around how someone with a fucked body image can wear dresses, yes it's a dress, like this.

No. 942418

Teeth as well. Also, i dont think she has a social life anon. There’s no mention of any friends or any pictures with anyone on any of her accounts

No. 942420

File: 1583604401302.jpeg (327.44 KB, 1125x1905, 58602029-FD45-47CF-AB19-56CE50…)


No. 942426

She gets dressed up and says she can't wait for the weekend.

No. 942438

Kek at the person in the background, they are just as shocked at how gross she is as we are lol

Any fresh Porgie milk?

No. 942445

Seven hours ago she was drunk. Probs snoring in bed like a hog.

No. 942456

I bet elzani says the same

No. 942459

Why does she have more than 8k followers and 2 likes on her pics?? Weird af

No. 942465

kek the the haystack hair, Russells sign and rabid grin. She looks feral. Has she ever practised personal hygiene or ???

No. 942478

File: 1583611159621.jpeg (263.69 KB, 2000x1333, 545AEA88-2938-4F21-A8B0-935136…)

She’s a ringer for Pensatucky on Orange is the New Black

No. 942486

File: 1583612344254.jpg (1.05 MB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_03-07-09.11.01.jpg)

I refuse to believe she has any tastebuds left, otherwise she wouldn't post or consume these horrendous combinations. It's just a medley of sugar and refined garbage, it looks like slop.
I highly doubt she's keeping much of it down, that's why there's little to no regard for compatible combinations.

No. 942491

Could do a lolcow reboot >>939337
the hoarding looks the be a newish thing. Her room isnt bad earlier on in that profile feed.

No. 942496

Someone please identify the other things. Looks like baked potato and cottage cheese gone bad.

No. 942507

File: 1583615029038.png (559.81 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_20200307-203405~2.p…)

No. 942521

please for the love of god spoiler this shit

No. 942555

Must be really nice to be able to turn off your mental illness when inconvenient, where can mere mortals learn that superpower?

No. 942573

Kek accurate. She strikes me as someone who is in general a heavy breather, even when idle lol. Cue the lurking porker to post on her insta, everyone says I’m such a quiet sleeper, all my roommates say they can’t even hear me I would hate to have her as a roommate in any living situation. I’m sure she snores like a gutted wild boar. At the pace she’s at, she’ll be sleeping with a CPAP machine in no time. If she wasn’t vehemently against living a healthy lifestyle with a healthy meal plan and exercise I may even just feel the smallest bit bad for her.

No. 942584

Her house and the area she lives in all look very middle class.

Looks like it's apple and cinnamon porridge with strawberry or raspberry mouse and the brown chunk is the fudge.

No. 942628

you cannot tell me that's strawberry mouse it looks like disgusting old dusty
cottage cheese

No. 942686

I guess it's her frozen yogurt

No. 942688

Anyone got eyes on porgies or shays private accounts???

No. 942723

File: 1583666554922.jpeg (256.87 KB, 750x1334, 07AEBDEE-48C5-4AF7-8D6D-069E2B…)

What could it be this time? I think there’s another reason she’s bursting out of the compression stockings kek. Interesting how all the average weight and Porgie wanorexics blow up after new farm. Like what happens? Can they only fake an eating disorder to get in and then it’s like fuck it let’s drink booze and eat all the foods!! Maybe it’s the angle but her legs look thicker..lol? Anyway I can’t wait to see where this goes from here bring on the milk notsolittleLee!

No. 942733

File: 1583673888219.jpeg (604.81 KB, 750x837, 26188ABA-5BA8-4DB1-8384-822D24…)

Anyone else sees that Porgie looks like fatter Ember?

No. 942738

Take some Tylenol crybaby. Or is she also a combo wannarexic/munchie. I can’t keep them all straight

Huh I hadn’t noticed that before. They both do the stupid eyebrow lift in every selfie. Is it to make the face appear longer and therefore thinner?

Sorry porgie but you’ve always been fat except during your sooper severe anorexia phase when you were just a little chubby rather than obese

No. 942742

that lipstick application is a crime

No. 942755

I don't see the resemblance, but I look forward to when Georgia starts to think she's a sassy woman of colour.

I don't understand her facial expressions. What is she going for? Is it a pity me look of it is supposed to be enigmatic or sultry or?

Her choice of uploads to her account, not the stories, is very orchestrated. Tube pic, recovery hey!!1, tube pic, etc. She invests so much time planning how to present herself as an ed person.

I noticed a thread self poster very recently followed her. Must've been the burger pic that triggered her to follow.

No. 942760

File: 1583680765643.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, 0D169045-1F3D-42FB-B67C-AD18FB…)

Elzani posted this unironically and I am ded.

No. 942761

She's probably waiting for all that grease to separate so she can dab it off

No. 942763

Why is there grease on oatmeal? Is this woman trolling? Is this her sense of humour? Please don't say shes serious because…that would mean she hit a new low.

No. 942765

Maybe it’s honey?

No. 942768

That Manilife© pb she uses couldn't ever look more repulsive. I don't have to say what it looks like, but it's connected with the day after 12 pints of lager and a vindaloo.

No. 942802

She’s full blown wanorexic, I wouldn’t say munchie, because she doesn’t exactly do anything serious to try and get herself into the hospital, her plight is that she wants to be seen as anorexic not a spoonie

No. 942808

She needs the socks to stop herself getting DVT because she just lies in bed when she's not doing hospital stops for vacancies.

Really waiting for the ana/munchies to suddenly develop this flu. Or ~self isolation~ so others can wait on them.

No. 942809

File: 1583689626532.png (811.9 KB, 720x873, Screenshot_20200308-174506~2.p…)

Okay, I thought if any of them would cry flu it'd be this one so went to check. THE SPOOP SKIRT IS BACK!

No. 942814

Who is that?

No. 942815

I didn’t get a screenshot :( but did anyone else see kimhoeltje’s (that one who eats loads of weird protein stuff and feeds her kids processed mouse sized portioned food) instagram story whinging about “gossip sites”? I thought it was really weird especially seeing as we haven’t discussed her booooring ass on here in a while.

No. 942816

Ally’s been on a steep decline for awhile now. Starved of attention = starve of food. She thrives on social media asspats, it’s a wonder she managed to gain to a seemingly healthy weight in the first place.

No. 942817

Omg baby farmer. Or am I just that old?

No. 942818

File: 1583690978154.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1961, 41B99853-764E-4D99-9293-84A3D2…)

Oh I don’t know Smorven…use your legs? Or boo hoo if you’re so sick, don’t go to the rugby and shut the fuck up for once

No. 942822

Why dyou say she’s been on the decline anon? I mean she never stopped being attention seeking etc but as far as I can tell she has managed to develop a somewhat normal relationship with food. I mean, compared to batshit crazy Elzani for example
God I miss the Aly threads

No. 942823

Samefag sorry I have to admit she is looking skinnier on this pic though

No. 942824

jfc the eye and teeth editing she does nowadays is terrifying

No. 942826

File: 1583692340095.jpg (838.3 KB, 1080x1920, 20200308_133020.jpg)

How tragic! She was free from the face scratching for one month, got discharged, and how she's back to where she was.

No. 942828

She’s been losing weight and not in a redistributing kind of way, for quite some time. She’s getting spoopy again because, just like all the cows have come to realize, you get more attention when you relapse.

No. 942832

No. 942834

Aly admitted last week she keeps herself underweight. Her cough number is low tbh. She also restricts to mostly seafood. Definitely losing weight. Those bought followers and comments don't give her enough attention.

I think Aly hit our radar FOUR years ago. Her thread's not bumped often, so farmers who post on this thread and aren't so new would never have known the joys of her realrecovery…and Dante.

No. 942836

She'll have heard it on the ana frozen grapevine.

No. 942838

what is alys Instagram? I cant find it..

No. 942839


No. 942840

Is Laura seriously in hospital again? All this talk of being so happy to leave each time. Convenient how she is fine until the second she leaves hospital. Also I thought she was around 18, she is somehow 24.

No. 942841

>All this talk

That's all it is. She only wants to live in a hospital for the rest of her life.

No. 942844


It's extra tragic because she was doing better after Stacey Dooley put her on TV but oh no, she's back in the hospital again! Extra asspats from all of the people who found her story ~inspiring~

No. 942846

File: 1583697722584.jpg (1.4 MB, 2216x1490, front_en.5.full.jpg)

It's this

No. 942848


Stacey Dooley ain't Louis Theroux. She could've ended up on an in depth docu if she wasn't a Poundland style mental. Boxed set, When Louis Met Laura. She picked the wrong day to go to the bridge the night Dooley was there.

No. 942851

God she’s doing my nut in. She gets discharged and conveniently “can’t keep anything down” and is oh so poorly. Remind me how she thinks she’s going to be a surgeon again

No. 942852


Oh i almost forgot Dante. Those were the times.

Sage because being old lurker and memories

No. 942853

File: 1583698972691.jpg (76.84 KB, 275x239, 1439569483705.jpg)

Those were the days…

No. 942858

does anyone remember the girl whose mum posted pictures of her while crying, having meltdowns and all that? she was severely underweight and living at home. I cant remember her name but one day the account was just gone and I'm honestly curious to how shes doing today. (elzani and her moms relationship made me remember her and I hope shes no longer around her mom)

No. 942865

was it emilyshalleat or something like that?? i haven’t been able to find her since her and her mum went radio silent. i would be surprised if she isn’t dead.

No. 942866

Someone created an account pretending it was her and all was great, so obviously that was a fake.

No. 942868

>>942858 she had a youtube account where she posted videos of her signing. her last update was that she was living on the streets. she then deleted all of her videos.

No. 942869

File: 1583704039723.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.39 KB, 191x275, 1518579670878.jpg)


No. 942871


You guys are being dramatic and embarrassing falling for Aly’s crap. She is no where near the bmi she’s claiming. She looks perfectly healthy and exactly how she looked pre-ed, it absolutely is distribution and perhaps settling at her set point as she had seemed to have overshot it a bit at first there. She’s no where near spoopy, stop the dramatics

No. 942884

File: 1583705376569.jpeg (96.39 KB, 960x540, 5B04F6C8-36D7-479E-B7C9-EE1F08…)

What, you guys don't put a little butter on your oatmeal? You should try it, it’s great.

Saged for asinine bullshit

No. 942890

Spoiler dat shit. N2f will be buttering her semi-frozen ice-cream bars in no time. Mark my word.

No. 942891

Thank you, exactly who I was thinking of. I wish there were more news about her but I cant find anything.

No. 942892

You didn't see a person in them though and the thing about being homeless was written in comments.

No. 942893

Someone wrote about ashleyshalleat recently on Mpa and they claimed to be her. Can't edit as here, but the link is https://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/2984234-heartbreaking-video-of-girl-gripped-by-anorexia-and-enabling-mom/page-23. Soz for no img but text is:

ashleytemp, on 12 Feb 2019 - 08:22 AM, said:
Hi everyone. I get why you won't take me seriously but I am the Ashley from Ashley shall eat. I'm not going to give out any personal details to make any further statements cause hey I've done way too many of them already. I come back and read this sometimes and fuck it hurts. Yes I sound different and that's because I am weight restored nowdays and fully cognisant. I want to clarify that I was in control of my Instagram and yeah I regret posting the depth of my struggle. Initially I started posting because I felt I needed closure. In my previous relapse I couldn't remember anything that happened which is one of the reasons I felt I needed to go back there. I asked my mum to film everything and she did. I know most of you think that's fucked up but she genuinely was doing anything I asked at that point. Due to my physical health any increase in stress was acutely life threatening. It was wrong to post this stuff but genuinely my mum never abused me. Our relationship was co dependant and very intense. We had both lived apart for a long time and were clinging onto family with everything we had. I called her "mumma bear" probably because I was trying to claw back the childhood I lost to anorexia and the years I spent alone but I did so in an unhealthy way. I personally deleted the I stage and after seeing these posts. At a certain point I knew posting was wrong but when you are at a certain weight the white matter in your brain starts eating itself and therefore your brain can't make connections and hence the rigid thinking. Think of it like a complex computer turning into a very simple computer. I felt I could only function by doing exactly what I knew exactly as I had done the day before. What you didn't see was every day my mum begged me to go to hospital but I was legally still scene as someone with capacity right up until the day I was sectioned. On that day in my head I wanted to go to hospital willingly and not dragged there. I was scared if police and scared that if I was forced into hospital then I wouldn't be choosing recovery. I wasn't physically well at the time and I still feel today if I hadn't ran away for the day then I wouldn't have survived a forced hospital admission. Instead of fighting the staff I went in there ready to recover and having that extra day to walk in there kept my mindset focused on full recovery. I have Asperger's so it takes a while to process things without having a meltdown and the meltdown would have killed me. I've been weight resorted since May 2018. If I can figure out how to post a picture I will. My mum never abused me and nor did anyone else. It was a very confusing time and yeah reading these posts makes me feel hella ashamed about myself but also dragging my family into this. No one's gonna understand my situation so I can only out my voice out there as you all have. I was gonna leave it but there guilts still there so here I am.(imageboard)

No. 942894

Big wall of text for someone so fucked up eh.

No. 942895

it's kind of weird she decided to delete her account on mpa after this. either it was her mum or a troll but I doubt it's actually her

No. 942896

I'd bet my life it wasn't her. There was more going on than an eating disorder. No way would she snap out of it, like Georgia can.

No. 942911

File: 1583714871846.jpg (488.12 KB, 1061x1887, 20200308_194629.jpg)

So triggering.

No. 942917

Haha I've been here a bit more than a year I think… there's definitely history I'm missing
I thought she was off social media post-gain! I was so curious about how she was doing, I'm real out-of-the-loop lol. Who's Dante?

No. 942918

If Georgie Porgie actually had any underweight pics, she would use any excuse to post them.

No. 942921

I don't understand why she doesn't just crash diet. You don't need to have anorexia to get underweight, and I don't understand why someone who wants to LARP it so bad wouldn't just get an Adderall problem or something

No. 942924

File: 1583719801403.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, E3DAF76C-ED17-40C5-A8C3-8CE687…)

Lee update 1
“Going to my hometown always leaves me fucked up” so if you already had a difficult time with dbt or whatever why go back to that environment it’s like she’s trying to trigger herself ffs

No. 942925

File: 1583719858211.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, DF00CC1B-3C9D-4691-BC6E-7C5116…)

Lee update 2
Mega melodramatic, my god kek.

No. 942928

File: 1583720260083.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, C5D40E64-E3DA-4B43-B31D-40A07C…)

Is she really crying about having a cold? I cannot follow or understand this cow at all. Take a decongestant, shut up and go to bed kek! Really based on what’s been posted why is she crying? What’s dbt and what’s that for? Is going home causing her to breakdown, are there any leefags that can weigh in because I’m lost. Sorry for the inundation of questions but like wtf lol?

No. 942930

Because she doesn’t have an eating disorder and has absolutely no self control. Simple. Kek. She’d be better off doing it the healthy way. Exercising and eating healthy but she’d rather LARP and pretend that her doctors want her to maintain an obese weight. If someone asked her to exercise she’d probably make up an excuse and claim she’s on exercise restrictions or something in order to maintain lol

No. 942932

Yay, first cow to cry virus!

No. 942973

Oh ffs, that should be enough motivation to get back to that. She just can't admit to having a problem with overeating and instead uses 'triggered' as an excuse not to change, kek

No. 942974

Uh-oh, she got the corora virums

No. 942986

I love the indignity at Facebook, as if the algorithm purposely is out to trigger her. And how dare all her Facebook friends call her pretty when she’s a healthy weight?! How insensitive! Kekekek.

No. 942999

File: 1583755756913.png (244.94 KB, 781x631, Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 8.06…)

kelseys on liveleak, posted to reddit


No. 943002

File: 1583756323215.jpg (346.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200309-121802_Ins…)

Laura is back inpatient

No. 943012

File: 1583759804253.png (10.41 MB, 1242x2208, 5099C4B7-8E1A-4FF3-AFE6-291520…)

Georgie this is simply going on a diet

from her vent

No. 943016

She doesn’t even need to drop to 1200. She would undoubtedly lose weight on 1800-2000 plus a little walking here and there.

No. 943017

Come on, she has no idea about calories. She has no idea how much products and portions have, she’s gonna eat 3000 kcal and complain “I am under 1000 kcal today and I don’t lose weight”.

No. 943027

True enough, as evidenced by her belief that it’s even physically possible to gain 2kg++ in one day. Sweetie, that’s water, food and shit.

No. 943031

They put the people on my 600lb life on less than that. For Georgia, it isn't a diet, it's ~high restriction~. Choose the right food groups and that would keep her nourished enough while on this normal diet.

Lol at her face at the thought of cutting down her intake.

No. 943084

Will that strict 1200 cals include burgers, cake and wine lol? Because if so yikes. She is so adamant about not doing this the healthy way. She’s just going to end up overeating, gaining, feeling sorry for herself and then ana LARP so she can get attention and people telling her she’s not obese at new farm. Wash, rinse, repeat. So smart but too dumb and stubborn to change her ways. She’d rather be a pretend anorexic than try and lose weight healthily. This whole eating disorder thing is just an excuse for her to be obese and not try to lose weight. She’s so fucking lazy. Let’s see where this goes. She’s probably just setting the stage for her planned relapse and new farm admission.

No. 943094

File: 1583770495575.jpg (11.42 KB, 289x174, images.jpg)


She'd feel more comfortable in her body if she invested in a good bra so her tits aren't heavily flopping everywhere.

She could larp being anorexic and actually lose weight if she used one of those calculator things. With her height and weight she'd find she could lose weight eating over 2500.

She's fallen off the toilet and banged her head because of her ana faints, what next?

Idgaf what the reddit 1200 is enough people do but in Georgia's case it would be handy to browse to see what options are available other than one big Mac and fries a day.

Her dad's 70. At that age she should be helping out with any health issues and lack of energy he has. Instead she bleeds the medical insurance for herself and refuses to behave like a responsible 20 something year old.

No. 943106

File: 1583771826791.jpeg (501.21 KB, 828x1637, 5FE56C4B-1A1C-4983-BD3E-736207…)

Saged for no milk, but I guessed at some numbers for her to lose weight. Would not be hard at all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 943108

Not to mention that these calculators generally underestimate actual calories needed. It’s like Georgie can’t even try!

No. 943111

Yep. Fibre, protein, keep hydrated on water and she could feel like she isn't ravenous. I find it difficult to believe she does that fasting for X days when she doesn't have the self control to stick with a diet not full of fats and sugar. Oh BED.

She once said he doesn't like feeling full, so a normal diet would be fine. Should be fine. What's her excuse for going from >>942911 to now?

No. 943125

Probably the coronavirus kek….

No. 943163


kek at the "male" selection

No. 943169

File: 1583782289492.jpg (659.44 KB, 1080x1975, 20200309_142736.jpg)

Trying so hard to get that manilife sponsorship.

No. 943171

We'll stick to satay sauce, thanks though.

No. 943173

Does she not already have one? I’m pretty sure they send her free product, at the very least. Tbh, I’m not entirely repulsed by this recipe idea. Seems like something a bachelor chef type bro would come up with while blazed and think we was gods gift to the culinary arts.

No. 943180

File: 1583783140938.jpg (837.15 KB, 1080x1920, 20200309_144519.jpg)


Huh. Looks like she does.

No. 943182

Don't they usually give coupon codes so that she'd get a percentage of cash on sales of that diarrhea?

No. 943188

She’s probably too dumb to even try to profit off of it. She’s happy just to have free product because she’s obsessed with food and has everything in her life paid for by mumzani and pop.

No. 943197

It'd be nice of her if she gave her army of naive followers a discount if she's flogging that overpriced stuff, but she only think of herself.

No. 943230

Now that the Kelsey accounts are gone and don't seem like they're coming back, I bet she regrets this. Her pictures and videos will forever be on the internet with her face attached to them kek. Naive girl

No. 943233

File: 1583791924220.png (31.81 KB, 757x385, 4213b175da020d0f4fed6b53dd10ea…)

About 200 ckal lower with female selected, but yeah, still pretty easy(anachan)

No. 943241

I didn't know they'd gone. Banhammered or she deleted them?

No. 943254

Learn to read,farmhand. They apologise for not being able to post a ss for reasons.

Any update on Lee's deadly virus or Laura's latest hospital break?

No. 943257


Her nose (possibly face) looks really different in the video to the photos I've seen…

No. 943271


Nothing from Laura anywhere. She must just be posting on her private account, other than the occasional picture of a hospital setting with a crying emoji.

No. 943281

Have u followed her vent for long??? Give us more milk

No. 943283

File: 1583800222198.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 39B73075-6006-41C8-ABCE-1A3D53…)

“Bordering an admission”…. New Farm get ready who will be back first Porgie or NotsolittleLee

No. 943293

Shay is still there so all 3?

No. 943297

Something like getting a job, doing school, returning to a normal life is how people recover. If you do nothing but continue to talk and think about eating disorders all day it's not surprising you're bordering on an admission, and certainly isn't proof you're too sick to work- it's more proof that you need to start "real life" to maintain your health

No. 943299

I forgot about her lol, anyone have Shay updates?

No. 943328

File: 1583808029645.jpg (932.04 KB, 1080x1843, Shaygonecray0.jpg)

Not really. just posting the same shit and old body checks

No. 943404

File: 1583814656213.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 67DD7307-33CC-4278-BC54-B06D04…)

It’s just cleaning, Lee. You already fake an ed, pls don’t start faking ocd.

No. 943429

lmfao, i don't even go to this thread but you need to get better at shooping your caps. not only is the font in the incorrect format, you couldn't even color inside the text bubble!

No. 943463

Seems there was a dirty delete

No. 943505

Shays another fucking wanorexic, I’ve scrolled through this account you’ve posted and not one near spoopy picture, she’s always remained the same weight or looked heavier in the face. I don’t even think she has an eating disorder either. She doesn’t vent about bad body image, food fears, anything like that she just ends up toobed at New Farm. I wonder if there’s something in Aussie water or if this is a major trend everywhere and we just happen to find a sample of aussies who are just mega attention whores. Lee at least was a lower weight, not underweight but lower. That kyah girl although photoshops heavily and lies about why she’s in the hospital, for epilepsy not anorexia at least had one symptom of an ed with the lower weight. But Shay and Porgie have done nothing but gain/remain the same but love to LARP as anorexics on Instagram. I figure in their real lives, especially georgia no one is even aware they have an eating disorder and they just live normal lives. But they document and manipulate photos with text to fit the narrative for entertainment and asspats. Porgie might tell some ppl shes uwu so disordered just to get out of being healthy but that’s probably it. How else could she comfortably eat burgers and shit without people looking at her like wtf I thought you feared food and liquid calories, it’s all just a sad game. However it’s very entertaining to watch the LARP. I’m still waiting to see who will make it in to New Farm first. I would love to see Lee, Porgie snd Shay all there at once. The wanorexic trifecta. Now that shit would be entertaining

No. 943518

I imagine Georgia doesn’t bring her anorexia up irl unless someone dares to suggest she have something healthier than a Big Mac or that perhaps she doesn’t need fourth and fifth helpings of dessert, at which point she flails and cries about how she’s “challenging” herself and they’re being “triggering” and then she stomps her feet and runs off to post about it on Instagram.

No. 943521

Exactly she only brings it up as an excuse to indulge, not exercise and live a totally unhealthy whale of a lifestyle. I can totally picture this happening in real life anon, good point.

No. 943523

File: 1583844284102.jpeg (194.05 KB, 750x1334, 715AE84F-AFDC-4F99-9B42-8D10F9…)

Instead of drinking something to put you to sleep why don’t you just relax and unwind… I thought her issue was over sleeping? Maybe if she didn’t take so many drug induced naps during the day she’d be able to sleep without wine. And why is she anorexic “bordering another admission” but has no issue chugging beers and cups of wine? Like what the fuck lol. No wonder she’s busting out of her compression socks. She probably actually is bloated. Foolish girl. She sucks at faking anorexia. I wonder what New Farm would think if they saw these girls instagrams, probably nothing. They obviously don’t care if people like Porgie come and flop there tits on the table and bitch about how hard it is to eat as long as they get their money.

No. 943527

drunkorexia is a thing. where you not around for shmegeh? she was a raging alcoholic.

No. 943529

not an actual diagnosis though and besides, take out the orexia and maybe that would be Lee.

No. 943534


"They obviously don’t care if people like Porgie come and flop there tits on the table and bitch about how hard it is to eat as long as they get their money."

Thanks anon I just almost choked on my full fat coke reading that bit.

No. 943535

God I miss the old days of shmegeh and felice. The old school ana-chans just hit differently, now we just have tabletits and ungodly food combinations.

No. 943541

Kek accurate
Lol your welcome it’s fucking true! What a ridiculous clinic, they just perpetuate these revolving door patients. It’s almost like they know their game and are like yes we can expect this cash cow back in x amount of months and this cash cow in in x amount of weeks etc. I mean they can’t be that stupid. They have protocol, patient doesn’t eat, patient gets tube. But they know the dainty one is full of shit… and cake and burgers lol

No. 943545

File: 1583850803877.png (9.44 MB, 1242x2208, F9B292D1-BFB3-4D2F-8563-6E4ED1…)

how dainty

No. 943549


100% sure shay posted this shitty shoop. Not the first self post meant to start interest in some scandal, especially as it mentioned Georgia and lolcow.

No. 943553


Wooooah hold up, our favourite LARPer isn't using the "stereotypical" black/white thinking here, is she ok?

30 mins at the gym? Ie 10 in the steam room then 20 panting to get her breath back in the locker room?

No. 943562

You forgot to factor in time taking pictures of herself in the locker room and / or of gym equipment to post to Facebook so all her friends know she worked out.
She spent a whole 30 minutes though, so she’s probably very confused why she’s not skinny yet.

No. 943569

Why bother spending only 30 minutes there?

No. 943570

It’s so obvious she reads here lol. We’ve been talking about her exercising for a while now. Hey porgie thanks for taking our advice!
If there are pictures I’d like to see. Even if she just walked into a gym and took a photo that’s a huge step for her. Well come to think of it, any step she takes is huge lol.

No. 943571

We all know there’s no way she did 30 mins of proper exercise but if you’re gonna fuck around like that why bother doing daypatient in the first place? Take your tits off the table and give someone else the opportunity to get better, you gelatinous moron

No. 943589

File: 1583856831172.jpg (567.42 KB, 1080x1748, 20200310_111211.jpg)

Sage because she's boring

No. 943624

Then stop posting her…? Unless this is a self post then gtfo ghostofme no one cares, no one ever responds to posts about her anyway unless to point out how ridiculous she sounds. yawn

No. 943628


Too late to delete it so I guess we're all gonna be bored.

No. 943631

When it comes to her, always assume self post. Always.

No. 943633

She's not even a lolcow. Standard attention seeking clichéd ana/bulimic. Even dull Becky's more interesting than this one. The yawn above is contagious.

No. 943638

File: 1583860694340.jpg (677.72 KB, 1080x1700, 20200310_121635.jpg)

Back to the smiling face scratch pictures. I remember someone mentioned her girlfriend in the last thread and now she's talking about her nonstop in her stories.

No. 943642

I meant to say this ages ago, but I was looking through her tell or something, going back maybe two years, and she mentioned her boyfriend. I don't think she's a girlfriend as in lesbian. She's barely around anyway.

No. 943643

Should add, this was around the time she was still saying that girl was her girlfriends.

No. 943644

File: 1583861086128.jpg (193.5 KB, 1079x1708, Screenshot_20200310-122308_Chr…)


I kind of thought that too. She does have this on her Facebook.

No. 943654

File: 1583863464469.jpg (162.36 KB, 1080x2021, FB_IMG_1583848572700.jpg)

Aly posted that screenshot of her own phone… What's wrong with her again

No. 943679

At least she acknowledges that she does look like an egg kek.
I don’t think she’s gay or even bisexual. I think knowing her track record for attention whoring she’s just doing it to hop on another minority train and adopt someone else’s victimhood, no attention from being an uwu ana? sooper self harms major depression not even a full blown docu gets her enough attention….? THATS IT IM FUCKIN GAY Whats next is she going to pull a Rachel Dolezal and say she’s transracial I mean come on Laura lol She’s becoming laughable at this point. I didn’t think I could take her seriously after the numerous crotch shots and pimple popping blood smears, but then documentary Instagram flex and now she’s got a “girlfriend” I know what illness she suffers from now, Attention whoreitis

No. 943698

Wtf is going on here?

At first I thought she was playing lesbian because Crying Emily's bi, buy back then she didn't mention being with a woman iirc. It might be facebook gay like facebook engaged was a thing.

No. 943699

File: 1583870459946.jpg (466.25 KB, 1080x1440, 20200310_150026.jpg)


She's been playing the lesbian game for a long time, looks like

No. 943701

They were much more interesting weren't they?

No. 943706

File: 1583871743943.png (495.45 KB, 720x991, Screenshot_20200310-201408~2.p…)

She's definitely mentioned a boyfriend during this period. She calls loads of girls her baby.

No. 943712

File: 1583873630544.png (34.46 KB, 552x441, Screenshot_20200310-204040.png)

No. 943718

Gotta wonder if y’all realise bi is a thing and she’s stated before she doesn’t know what she is, she never said she’s lesbian. Stop this isn’t even milk.

No. 943719

I thought she was a lesbian because one of the girls she was posting about looked like a lesbian, but she also never really hit my gaydar so I wouldn't be surprised if it's an attention thing

No. 943723


She's definitely working to focus on this more and she's putting it on for the attention. I found Dween's tumblr because I'm too invested. She wrote about them being in a relationship and seemed more genuine. But she could have been going along with what Laura wanted too. Sorry, blog.

No. 943724


I think people are quick to dismiss the idea because it's Laura.

No. 943725

Or because it's impossible to believe anyone would stick in a relationship with her bullshit.

No. 943728

It would be pretty weird if she actually did have something unique like that going on and didn't exploit it for attention
That's exactly what I thought when I saw her with that girl. Don't see how anyone could really put up with that stuff for the long-term

No. 943743

at this point its just anachans fighting at each other like that spiderman meme. i like the occasional update about alexys and georgia is great for a laugh but its all standard mental illness.

oldcows were the best. ember was a fuckin ride

No. 943748

The Ember and Emily stuff was boring because they played up for lolcow. That's no fun.

No. 943749

i think the fact she played it up so much for attention was what made me most amused. when her nudes got leaked and wanted to turn them into merch was just a cherry on top. she was desperate.

No. 943750

Well, yeah. She lies about being anorexic, suicidal and psychotic. Someone should tell her it's not ~trendy~ to play bi/gay anymore either.

No. 943770

^ This is all that needs to be said about this situation lol. Straight, gay, bi whatever no sane person would put up with her crotch flashing, pimple popping, blood smearing, wanorexic, wannabe psychotic ass. Poor dween or whatever their name is.

No. 943802

File: 1583882813378.jpg (152.77 KB, 720x1043, _20200311_012203.JPG)

Went through the "girlfriend's" ig and am confused. Some posts seem like genuine couple stuff, dating back many years.
Whatever attention seeking nonsense is going on here, I hope this girl isn't genuinely invested in the relationship and wanting to be with Laura.

No. 943812

File: 1583884644994.jpeg (438.81 KB, 750x1037, FC581F89-F571-454D-A42A-88F7DA…)

Yea but here’s a more recent post where the hashtag is friends…now Ik why Laura’s always contorting herself. She’s incapable of not forcing herself to try and have a thigh gap lol. I see the stress in her face…must. flash. crotch.

No. 943815

File: 1583885063106.jpeg (102.85 KB, 750x654, 636ADD94-6349-46DE-8664-78E7BC…)

From dweens tumblr… she must be an alcoholic then if she’s in love with Laura

No. 943826

File: 1583886290702.jpg (260.67 KB, 1080x1754, 20200310_192329.jpg)


Must be. (These are from 2017.)

No. 943857

I miss the days of shmegeh

No. 943860

File: 1583891130913.jpg (823.34 KB, 1080x1712, 20200311_014307.jpg)

Easy to purge food anyone?

No. 943870

the single jazzie on top of the yogurt is making me cackle for some reason. our girl n2f loves a variety.

No. 943871


17 March of what year?

No. 943874

Yeah we know Laura's never had a thigh gap or licked pussy, this isn't milk anons

No. 943882

kek, probably to disguise the use by date. It's learning

No. 943919

what i would do for a glimpse into what shmegeh and felice are doing now

No. 943923

Weird bc all the farmers seem to be talking and posting about it. Maybe it’s just not of interest to you. This board isn’t catered to anyone’s specific interests stop whining it’s almost as annoying as you bone rattling about Laura’s thigh gap, or lack of. Autist.

No. 943924

does anyone follow jaelle stiles? shes a formerly morbidly obese, now just plain obese cow who's claiming shes SoOoOo anorexic and is decaying whilst being easily 60lbs overweight

No. 943932

this is an imageboard, post pics.

No. 943951


she already deleted the story otherwise I would post the proof but she claimed diagnosed EDNOS, not that she was anorexic or sooper underweight and sick, so unless this is a self post, there’s no milk

No. 943952

File: 1583898961417.png (6.56 MB, 1242x2208, 060C0D14-28B7-4FBC-84E4-CD3F0E…)

here, this is the only thing that she’s mentioned about it. nothing special. she’s just saying she looks gross.

No. 943960

She already has a thread with Nika, if you want to discuss her you go to that thread. Nika would be more for this thread if she didn’t already have her own anyways kek

No. 943961

*~~all the farmers~~*
Calm down.

No. 943983

Definitely seems like this is Laura’s girlfriend then, she had an insta story calling it date night. I’m guessing she’s bisexual? Probably not the best idea to date while inpatient in hospital.

No. 944015

Fuck, you may be right. If she's scaring off yoghurt, I gotta wonder if it's to help herself purge? Like it's making her sick.

That's really sad actually. She's one cow I just pity. Her combinations are always gag worthy but overall she just saddens me.

No. 944016

Meant to be scarfing, fucking auto correct

No. 944048

The sickly combo would make most want to barf. A stomach ache at least.

I find her sadder than the other purgers because she has selfies taken all smilie as if nothing's wrong. The others have pity faces now and again, but shes showing us a plate of pre vomit and saying FUCK YOU ANOREXIA…then spending however long with her head in the toilet. Then there's the grime.

'Scaring' made me stop and ponder for a couple of minutes lol. Autocorrect is a twat.

No. 944068

File: 1583934597060.png (878.17 KB, 1412x2048, Screenshot_20200311-094859.png)

can't say i'm surprised

No. 944069

File: 1583935088583.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 060AC5BC-01BE-4B26-B8DB-406239…)

Don’t worry Lee no one trusts you lol

No. 944071

File: 1583935222718.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, D5970977-0185-44AA-BCFC-3444A5…)

I bet there’s other reasons she doesn’t want to go to the ER lol, like they won’t admit her lol so ehhhh what’s the point?

No. 944072

Inevitable but still sad. I like to bag on the cows as much as the next farmer, but it’s never fun to see them actually die from their shenanigans. RIP and my thoughts to her fam.

No. 944076

Yeah no fun to see someome die from "shenanigans"… Thank you for making me ban myself from this site again because apparently eating disorders and mental illnesses are "shenanigans". I'm all for calling people out 4 scaming/ wannarexic shit/ bullying. but some of you are so disgusting. People are dead and again i read something like "shenanigans". imagine thats your sister,mum, dad, aunt,best friend(…).

No. 944078

Where’d you find this? Would love to think people feel differently about their “great body”-type comments on her account now but I doubt it

No. 944080

Anorexia isn’t shenanigans, actively promoting and encouraging it online and playing up to the sick skinny fetishists absolutely is.

No. 944082

Calm your shit. Her illness wasn't stupid behaviour but her blatant pro ana behaviour was. She was on a level with Ash that.

No. 944083

Jinx. Almost. Yes, this. Thank fuck someone else gets it.

No. 944087

File: 1583937750279.jpeg (157.91 KB, 750x315, 35F15EC3-3271-4E10-854A-2BDC01…)

No ones making fun of her for having anorexia, it’s stuff she posted like this (included the comment on it lol) and tagging any picture with her in it #skeleton #skull #skeletongirl and something #skullcap if she’s wearing a hat. That’s not run-of-the-mill anorexic behavior

No. 944089

another skelly soul to fill ashleys phylactery she lives to rattle another day

No. 944090

That girl really should be studied, she’s a medical marvel

No. 944122

File: 1583943301425.jpeg (200.79 KB, 828x1525, 836ED2B2-80DB-42AB-8ED7-A7D976…)

Deeply, darkly ironic.

No. 944129

Whack jobs on mpa started a rip thread for her. One idiot really sensitively added ten years to Ashley's life by saying
, Poor Emily, how is Ashley Isaacs still alive.

I can't feel bad about it. She was arrogant about her illness in a way that wasn't connected to her illness.

No. 944141


No. 944205

I remember in ashley thread long time ago there was a pathologist that told what anorexic people look inside. It was very interesting. Anon said it looked like the body is decomposing inside and smells bad, and that it was a miracle most of them could still be living like that days ago before they died and be examined by said anon.

Sage because not milky enough i guess

No. 944213

I remember that from autopsy anon. I hope she's still here.

I didn't follow Emily because the cows on my feed are depressing enough, but apparently she used to workout a lot. I don't see how that's possible. Henry Roth/Bill Bockman will be in deep mourning.

That immortal comment's typical. Ash brags about living another year as if sitting on a bony ass the longest time is an achievement.

No. 944230

If anyone knows where this is I'd be very interested, I don't think I've ever even been on the Ashley thread

No. 944235

Tried linking the post but it goes elsewhere. It's this thread

Search AUTOPSY and it'll take you to the first post then follow the conversation down

No. 944250

Emily is never interesting and with her frame of mind it was blatant this would happen eventually. She’s even more boring in death than she was alive. I just hope she didn’t alienate all her loved ones so much that no one goes to her funeral. It’s sad, don’t get me wrong, but fucking YAWN. Props to her for not spamming instagram with her dying process. I mean we get updates when lee has a damn cold. I assume everyone around her gave up a long time ago so I don’t really even sad for her family.

No. 944278

Even Ash is dull now. They all wind down and the positive about the death of these insta pro Ana's is they're no longer putting a sad skele lifestyle how across as something not so bad and something to aspire to. Maybe knock some sense into naïve wanarexics.

Oh well. Next!

No. 944283

Autopsy Anon said she'd could live 2-3 years four years ago.
Very interesting post.

No. 944307

File: 1583970931426.jpg (367.16 KB, 1080x1627, 20200311_185439.jpg)

New crotch shot

No. 944309

Okay, Laura. Can you fo anything else though? Leg in air and splits is hardly progress over and over.

No. 944310

We've said it a long time but really Ash's days are running out. She's less than half the person she was four years ago, and I don't mean weight.

No. 944441

I think moving out of her mums house and into her own apartment she lost a little of that motivation. She was starving to get back at her mum. To make life shit for her. With no intended audience she's just kind of stuck now. Tumblr isnt a thing anymore, IG isn't what it used to be and with the skellys that have come out in the last years, Ash isnt the skelliest. Shes more of an anomaly with how her organs are still running. But like Emily, she doesn't care. It's purposeful and is very aware theyre close to death, well… usually they are.

No. 944505

How do you feel about Elzanis new video? Seems like she's eating quite a lot, although still as obsessed. She said "I love xxx" about 100 times

No. 944511

Spotted the self post. Elzani, you’re old milk in the worst way.

No. 944516

Or do any of this with her other leg? It's always the left

No. 944528

Actually not a self post. She seems to be doing better for real, although she almost seems to be binging

No. 944531

Okay ‘zani. Real interesting that the second you posted the first time and we’re called out you ran to post a bunch more oatmeal shots with dumbass captions to try to incite a little discussion. You’re not special or interesting. Sorry.

No. 944534

Actually felt really unconfortable watching the video and couldn't watch more than 5 mins. 44 minutes of her binging and excusing it as "extreme hunger"? No thanks.

No. 944541

File: 1584023586877.jpeg (471.35 KB, 1200x1800, 706FA520-D21D-46EB-944C-385AF1…)

This is getting ridiculous

No. 944542

Sorry I saged in the wrong box

No. 944545

File: 1584025040671.jpg (685.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200312-220607_Ins…)


Stop purging


No. 944548

slightly ot but i believe autopsy anon posted in the onision thread when his kid fell out the window and explained potential damage or something about it.

No. 944551

>>944534 E has definitely put on afair bit of weight- extreme hunger is just an excuse to binge and not able to have time.
Her milk I running dry- but if the hospital vlog went up…..

No. 944552

That food looks so ordinary it barely justifies using it for even one post

Lethal injection would cure that.

I'll look for that. I liked her posts and envied her job in a morbid curiosity kinda way.

No. 944555

Sorry I sage that but it didn't let me delete

No. 944556

Middle comment was at Ashley's nosebleed. A number dropped off.

No. 944558


No peanut butter in this one. I was surprised.

No. 944563

So is Laura currently in hospital again or was it just another 136 suite trip? Did she wait on a bridge for someone to call police again? How long did she last in the expensive supported accommodation the tax payers are funding…

No. 944567


She hasn't posted details anywhere, which is very unlike her. Also, she deleted the crotch shot post. kek

No. 944579

File: 1584029419716.png (499.2 KB, 814x604, Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 11.0…)

not flexi on the other leg

No. 944583

File: 1584029661827.png (564.22 KB, 936x475, Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 11.1…)

also while stalking the gf's insta, it looks like theyve been together since at least 2013???

No. 944585

File: 1584030333584.jpg (735.47 KB, 1080x1814, 20200312_110739.jpg)

Shocking that her doctor would think drinking and eating gigantic burgers as a fuck you to her "anorexia" would be crap

No. 944588

What a waste of resources re: her bed blocking at nf.

No. 944596

File: 1584032289229.jpg (576.5 KB, 1080x1668, 20200312_115808.jpg)

Laura is lurking.

No. 944597

File: 1584032515689.jpg (810.16 KB, 1080x1618, 20200312_115851.jpg)

I gotta wonder how tired people are of the shoe head leg in the air thing. She just can't pose for a picture normally.

No. 944598

Yes but she purged the burger. The tomato sliver on it anyway.

Thought you were getting the fuck off insta for mh reasons.

No. 944599


She came back because she was "doing better." Gotta cash in on that attention from being on BBC Three.

No. 944600

Really cold weather, wears shorts.
Flu pandemic, grabs shoe sole with hands.

No. 944601

Lol, autocorrect corrected duuuh to chubby

No. 944625

Anyone that follows Georgia's vent acc who has any milk?

No. 944636

File: 1584038426458.png (7.42 MB, 1242x2208, 57C2FAC1-926E-4A5D-9423-68CF8B…)


of course anon.

anyway this just proves she likes to fake sick. she knows she shouldn’t be using ~~behaviors~~ and she just went to treatment yet here we are

No. 944644

She’s always a victim, it’s always someone else’s fault. Anyone else suspect there’s not really much purging going on after her binge?

No. 944653


I always find the word binge confusing, I think its lost all meaning as many use it subjectively… Our we thinking the tits get flopped on the table and she devours 4000+ calories?

Or is she LARPing & classing a binge as being 400cals?

No. 944654

A journalism student who doesn't know the basic rules of confidentiality.

No. 944655

By the ever expanding size of her she shovels a lot of shit in her piehole that'd look like a pig out to us but a normal meal or snack to her. No ay does she purge lol.

No. 944656

And the only time she’s feigns not being able to “manage” a meal is when the meal is even remotely healthy. Burgers, fries and wine? No problem! Sunday roast with a bit of veg and potatoes? “-wheezesnort-Omg I could only manage a few bites. So full. Struggling so hard rn and restricting like crazy!!-oinkoink-“

No. 944658

It's like the reverse of how an anorexic develops a warped ideas of what too many calories are. A banana can seem like eating a massive chocolate bar. With Georgia, she eats loads of junk food and thinks it's normal, but justifies her greed by pretending it's a binge.

No. 944665

Yup. I don’t think there’s any purging going on at all. She’s done nothing but gain weight, and eats tons of shit. She’s going with claiming bulimia because everyone’s laughed away her anorexia claims.

No. 944693

her eyes are wonky as fuck in this. plus her face is looks dry - stop trying to moisturise with blood and put some diprobase on it ffs

No. 944697


Perhaps shes buying into the misinformation that "Bulimia doesn't make you lose weight" & is going to jump onto the Bulimia band wagon as people are wise to her.

No. 944766

File: 1584057263349.png (842.4 KB, 699x1299, Screenshot_20200312-235236~2.p…)

More vitamins.

No. 944779

the ED management plan has requirements to even be able to get one…wonder how shes going to get one.

Doctor isn't impressed….lol your doctor is putting on an act so they can get a rebate for your next New Farm admission

No. 944858

does the criteria include shovling mountains of kfc down her gob so fast the other customers are gaging

No. 944898

File: 1584086681972.jpg (151.37 KB, 720x1066, IMG_20200313_090332.jpg)

Sage because not milk, but I found the "light lettuce" part hilarious

No. 944931

File: 1584095472566.jpeg (1019.11 KB, 828x1470, 51EF8E14-0C99-465C-97AE-F90471…)

I’m guessing Georgie doesn’t think alcohol has calories.

No. 944951

She’s been in hospital plus had intensive treatment for at least 6 months so she’ll get it without any problems.

No. 944968

Lettuce is already low calorie and completely devoid of nutrients.. Tf is light lettuce? Squeezed iceberg??

No. 944984

File: 1584108734943.jpeg (338.57 KB, 1989x1125, 5A9BE5CE-1523-4976-B647-18B03B…)

Sage cause no milk but fast forwarded through elzanis video, ive never had much curiosity or been particularly amused by this cow but now im just furious at how fucking crazy she is and the number of people that follow her/watch her videos. idek if it’s post-anorexia brain damage idiocy or she’s actually so dim and happens to also be obsessed with food either way one of the cringiest people ive ever seen

No. 944989

Why have I never heard the term "night snack" outside of wannarexics larping recovery. Just eating food? Nope - everything they do is a special mental illness warrior potential IG post. I know I'm mad on the internet, but honestly, G, you just ate some food and drank some tea. It's boring. It doesn't need fetishising with ED terminology.

No. 944990

agreed i don't know how anyone can watch 40 minutes of her just obsessing over food. also why is she only posting on her 2nd channel now when her main channel has way more subscribers?

No. 944993

The people who comment irritate me more than she does. They watch a full video of her saying how amaaaaaazing cereal is while Mumbai sits there scoffing and nodding her head and then they actually feel they want to say how incredible Elzani is.

Question because idk if she ever mentioned this, she's had anorexia for years. Did she recover before then relapse? Her channel's redundant now. All people are watching is someone having a binge and gaining weight. Might as well watch a competitive eating video from someone with a personality.

No. 944994

Mumzani* not the city lol.

No. 944997

Exactly -her videos are pointless and she’s annoying . Her food obsession shows how much she is still in her ED. She’s looking much heavier now than before.

No. 945001

she should go see a therapist and work on becoming a functional adult instead of vlogging her binge eating. i wonder what she's going to be filming once she's fully weight restored. she can't keep eating this much forever lol.

No. 945003

I don't think she's ever had therapy - so at some point she'll relapse. She gets very thing given to her parents. Maybe some of her childishness is because she only has her much younger sister and no friends to talk.

No. 945010

I agree she’ll relapse. I’ve sort of been wondering if she’ll actually switch seats on the Titanic and legitimately get BED and/or gain too much weight, but I think anorexia is underlying all of it and that’s what she’ll relapse to. Just because of how she talks about food- sounds anorexic, not BED

No. 945020

File: 1584116296266.jpg (97.6 KB, 800x502, eoe.jpg)

No. 945069

File: 1584125544474.jpeg (274.53 KB, 1962x1125, ADD4668F-9C5E-4F2E-96DB-9FFC1F…)

No. 945083

id E delete the new video? I can't find it on her channel

No. 945089

Try the Elzani Singleton channel. It's on that one.

No. 945091

Is this Porgie? Holy shit. How can this cow be serious? Go to bed at 11pm, she could've woken up at 11am like the fat lazy pig she is. Then ~starve~ herself for a short 4 hours after waking up. Topkek. Also the "1.5 plates" of popcorn thing is so funny. Bitch you prob ate the whole bag. A plate can hold a literal mountain of popcorn. She probably inhaled it as if she hadn't eaten in days.

Seriously why would she share this? Genuinely do not understand how she thinks this is validating of her oh so serious ED

No. 945094

Ha, didn't realise it was her. I thought it was some random. That's not a fast, that's sleeping in. Some people have to fast longer than this before getting bloods done. She mustn't stop eating all day.

Even the milky tea and cheese with a taco is so undisordered. Get some black coffee and rice cakes, Gorgeia. Make some damn effort.

No. 945097

Can someone confirm that’s Georgia? If so, top kek. Much kek.

No. 945102


If the person posting it could do a better job thatd be awesome. Nothing says this is G

No. 945106

…except the level of idiocy.

No. 945116

File: 1584133394391.png (1.64 MB, 1125x2436, 50182EBE-3D3F-42EF-B1BB-AFD31E…)

Anyone interested in the @rexiacct drama? Apparently she was outed for being a racist, constantly posts pro ana diets and garbage, and likes to call people fat and tells them to go binge. Has a pretty big following with rabid minions who idolize her, thinks she’s so hot and small when she’s just another average wannarexic with a butter face. Cap from the girls’ story who was receiving the brunt of rexis racial antics

No. 945122


It's not on her main account.

No. 945142

File: 1584137462864.jpeg (989.78 KB, 828x1715, 85A929F4-8A4D-4AA2-8445-6B10C4…)

The complete lack of self awareness though! She goes from “I ate zero calories and spent an hour in the gym because I’m sooperanurexic!1!!!” “Can’t keep anything down because muh bulimia is sooo severe omg” one minute then the next minute she’s eating all the foods and doing shit all just laying in bed. Get your stories straight georgieporgie.

No. 945148

kek, would make a good next thread pic

No. 945168

You be sure to make the next thread then, anon

No. 945178


It's not georgia it's that wildstruggles girl

No. 945179

File: 1584145355952.png (188.43 KB, 720x985, Screenshot_20200314-001813~2.p…)

This is the nonce. He hasn't eaten since Tuesday. Here is his story of being abused. Oddly misses out being in prison for being a paedo.

No. 945180

File: 1584145567714.png (599.29 KB, 720x1292, Screenshot_20200314-002444~2.p…)

THIS is a fast. Shame the fucker ended it.

No. 945183

File: 1584146776294.jpg (885.58 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200314-013844_Ins…)

Yes I've been wondering about it! @bearcrumbs (used to be something like strawberrydiets I think?) just posted this

No. 945185

File: 1584147128784.jpg (755.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200313-160724_Ins…)

Someones been blaming Ash for being an E-begger. She definitely is.
She used til have her Amazon address on her page.
People ask around the world send her amazing packages, she sends candy she doesnt eat, small stickers and toys that shes gotten from vending machines.

No. 945195

She used to regift a lot. Didn't know she was back at it.

No. 945205

File: 1584151363160.jpg (980.49 KB, 1080x1920, 20200313_210111.jpg)

Is that salsa on white bread?

No. 945207

Looks like could have chunks of meat in it. Fuck knows, I thought at first glance was a N2F post

No. 945211

Yep and would send old binge food or candy to ED people. Must have loved getting the food away from her while basically feeding someone across the world. Knowing theyre gonna binge on it. Bet it makes her wet

No. 945214

I think it might be a weird looking beef stew…

No. 945232

Doubt she is capable of producing any lubrication for herself, she looks like a dehydrated corpse

No. 945258

Is sausages in some form of sauce on toast

No. 945300

Dallas is not one to talk on low IQs, but that's what coke does to you I guess.

No. 945330


I went & looked at the rest of the story, it's fucking dull & she's clearly lied/not included parts of her eating.

No. 945332

I was just coming here to ask if anyone else had flipped through her exceedingly dull day in the life of a spoiled twat. If she really ate like that she certainly wouldn’t be obese but she would be(and probably is) lacking in tons of vitamins and minerals because I don’t think there was one thing she ate that wasn’t processed and packaged. Closest thing to a vegetable was tinned soup?

No. 945344

I don’t know if it’s because I’m disordered but anything under 18/20 hour fast doesn’t seem like fasting it’s just waiting in between meals especially during sleeping

No. 945346

Porgie, no one believes you’d skip on food. Rather the other way around, that you’d lie you didnt eat something.

No. 945348

Basically what she burnt in the gym she ate back in sweet snacks with advance. She’s never gonna lose weight.

No. 945352

Learn to sage and stop rattling your bones anachan. No one cares what you consider a fast.

No. 945356

caps of her being racist?

No. 945363

Not Gerogia, sorry for not specifying. This is @wildstruggles

No. 945365

File: 1584193760298.jpeg (804.52 KB, 828x1597, BD0B8200-C483-4063-94AA-B7E34E…)

The irony of E preaching “you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself!” When she’s accomplished what exactly? Other than z list internet popularity for being spoopy and for producing foodporn content for other spoops to Jack off to?

No. 945384

Do they feed the dog enough or does she eat it's foid as well? It keeps hovering around when she's posing with food.

No. 945385

She has achieved making a fool out of herself and totally exposing her odd attachment issues to the world on YouTube.
I still can't decide if she's using this extreme hunger just to binge- must be costing a lot of money - no time for a job, too busy eating

No. 945390

All of this with a total lack of self awareness. She has no idea how she comes across except by reading gushing comments.

She has no idea what's going on in the world outside of her food bubble. A binge = an amazing life. That's her life. It's sad how inexperienced she is of life. Difficult to see how her life can move forward when there's nothing to it at her age.

No. 945426

Anyone heard from Aly recently? Or what about that bad bongs chick? Or are they just not milky anymore. Also more about wildstruggles and there ‘fasts’

No. 945458

I was thinking this was another disgusting n2f concoction before enlarging it lol the apple looks like grated cheese / just fuckin weird

You know anon you could maybe follow them yourself

No. 945459

What about some jonzie milk?? Can’t believe she doesn’t have coronavirus already!

No. 945485

File: 1584215407358.jpeg (347.6 KB, 1536x1645, 2E47D681-6E63-4A34-A8A4-76C6A0…)

Well speaking of E, she seems to really want to be sponsored, maybe she doesn’t have enough money to buy several jars of peanut butter and £180 coats along with new cameras without actually getting a proper job at all, I would bores out of my mind if I had to live her life.

No. 945486

Was literally just wondering about jonzie. Bet she’s posting something about corona and her being immunocompromised, and exTREMELLLLY high risk

No. 945488

I used to be able watch through her videos when I brain was fucked, I can’t now, just doesn’t interest me the slightest, I come on here to check if there is any improvement. I knew there wouldn’t be.

No. 945489

E will never need a job. Mumzani and pop will finance her daily foodgasms for the rest of her life. I don’t doubt that she would threaten them with not eating if they do anything she doesn’t like.

No. 945493

That’s true, does anyone know if her mum’s cancer treatment is going okay? It’s annoying to watch someone just milk everything out of their parents and not using the opportunities she has coming from a wealthy family to do something good with her life, go to university and achieve things other than having successful foodgasms.

No. 945495

These aren’t even accurate, they totally underestimate the amount someone needs per day. Just thought you would like to know because I used to rely on these and it didn’t help.

No. 945504

Actually thought that was grated cheese for a minute wouldn’t surprise me if that’s something n2f would have done(emoji)

No. 945511

Elzani and MumZani must've gone out panic buying to make sure to stock up on new sanga fillings for their child.
Heavens forbid she can't show off a new combo every damn day. They live in such a sheltered world.

No. 945513

File: 1584221608918.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, 20200314_163143.jpg)

So atypical ana. Or has she full on embraced the fake bulimia now?

No. 945515

And this is how we dress up plain gluttony with a few ED buzzwords. She tries to go without junk by eating tomato soup, cereal bars, weetabix, fruit BUT GIMME SUGAR N FAT IN MY LITTLE TUMMY.

No. 945516

"Bloated" KEK

No. 945519

File: 1584222702938.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1704, D71E91FA-AACA-4C3A-9E20-2D223B…)

If I’m reading this correctly, she’s saying she had cookies plus her normal breakfast…for breakfast? But she’s also claiming her extreeeeme eating disorder won’t let her eat junk food?

Let’s not forget yesterday she was happily chomping on this monstrosity for lunch. If she’s going to fake an eating disorder she could at least try to be a little bit consistent. Maybe cover her tracks by deleting all of yesterday’s ig stories where she seemed totally fine eating nothing but packaged crap all day?

No. 945526

Could at least eat wholemeal bread and not plastic white.

She's the most pathetic on this thread imo.

No. 945550

I was wondering that too- think her showing off her gym shark leggings was a bit pointless !

No. 945571

File: 1584229635594.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, BBEF3D78-EBDB-4CC1-BA7D-DEF641…)

Does porgie really think we’re dumb? Everyone can see how she’s squeezing her legs together and pressing her arms against her body in some pathetic attempt to look smaller. Top kek

No. 945575

Is she referring to herself here?

No. 945580

What diagnosis does Porge claim now? Srs question. Whatever she says is basically madlibs ED buzzword style. Forget anorexia, she seems clueless about all of it

No. 945582

File: 1584232935808.gif (544.94 KB, 498x330, tenor.gif)

No. 945583

its not oversized Georgie, it's your size

No. 945591

what does this even mean

No. 945599

It’s her size, the fuck is she talking about

No. 945604

Anyone fancy a piss up in a beer tent? P sure g won't mind if we borrow her shirt.

No. 945620

Enjoy all those germs from the sole of your shoe straight to your hands and probably face.

Big yikes. Wtf would anyone do that especially with the corona everywhere.

No. 945629

Linda confirms that Laura's not really one for personal hygiene in general. Never been germophobe at all, but nobody needs to be to know that spit and dog shit and God knows what else live on shoes. If she's into picking skin on her lips…good luck with the hepatitis etc in future.

No. 945630

Kinda, not Linda if youre wondering who tf Linda is lol

No. 945634

File: 1584239464746.png (464.91 KB, 629x860, mum.png)


I was confused about Linda so I went looking for one on her facebook page because I'm an idiot. Anyway, I found this picture of her and her mom and just kek

No. 945641

O what a surprise. Yet another idiotic parent who encourages their daughter's inherited idiocy.

No. 945683

Oh anon….at first I didn't see clearly and thought what's wrong, looks like a nice mother daughter picture.
Then the fucking leg held up by mom caught up with my slow brain.
What the actual fuck. Why. Its trash on so many level

Kek. Oh the horror, imagine those dirty hands touching this damaged face.

No. 945684

Oh and the shoe got a good cleaning on her hair.
I'm gonna vomit

No. 945685

Still sporting the Fitbit band that is mostly decorative, one has to assume….

No. 945791

Same. I was all ready to white night and then it hit me lol
Just the left leg again, I wonder if she had some sort of surgery or medical problem affecting her left leg only that ended up with her able to hyperextend it like that? I am far from a doctor kek, just hypothesizing

No. 945805

My bet is that she only stretched one leg and didn’t focus on the other, it happens with a lot of figure skaters and gymnasts.
Mainly the more flexible leg is the keg that they don’t pirouette on.

No. 945837

Exactly if that vlog went up….

No. 945845

File: 1584286679623.jpeg (824.3 KB, 828x1723, 88172159-8320-4810-8440-3AE45E…)

In elzani’s sheltered, sad little life, this is “living”. I mean, forget current events, forget people out there struggling to feed their families because of recession, forget about countries locking down. Nope, it’s all about elzani eating a fucking fatty treat.

No. 945849

>forget current events, forget people out there struggling to feed their families because of recession, forget about countries locking down.
you sound unhinged lmao chill

No. 945851

I’m really not, I’m just trying to make a point that she’s existing in a world where she’s completely oblivious to what it’s actually like to be an adult.

No. 945853

ah, my new favourite phrase ‘you couldn’t even organise a piss up in one of porgies beer tents’

No. 945857

Nah, I get what that anon is saying. Obviously she's not a social commentary blogger, but it's a tragic thing when a donut is what makes life amazing. She has no hope in the future of being able to deal with normal life and times when life fucks up. Right now the world is amazing to her because she got to eat a donut. That's how a 5 year old from a stable family thinks. She's never even had to deal with student loans or a job and she's in her 20s.

No. 945858

Is that you E? It’s okay, we know how difficult your life is. Just go read the news after you're done with your hissy fit

No. 945863

sounds more like "every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger in africa so focus on that instead of doing whatever you're doing rn"

yes, when someone disagrees with y'all it must be the cow. fucking retard.

No. 945864

Elzani reminds me of Italian Aly in the way nothing outside her family exists. I remember her getting stick for not even wishing people well when there were terrorist attacks in France and she has French followers, and other disasters. Even now she's only sperging about the flu because it's hitting her city hard. Still using the mask as a photoshoot accessory though!

No. 945874

It’s more like: there’s an international pandemic that is causing mass panic and severely impacting the daily lives of most working class people around the world and e can’t even be bothered to acknowledge anything other than “isn’t life grand because a donut! You can achieve all your dreams if you just believe in yourself!” Total ignorance as to what most people her age have to deal with and ignorance to the fact that most of us have a lot bigger problems that deciding to put chocolate manilife or original manilife in our oatmeal.

No. 945887

You speak my mind, Comrade. It was bizarre to me how when cancer affected her mum, she was still going on about what food her mum was eating. There's some disconnect in her brain. She went on and on about how close SHE was to death when spoopy, but she was shoving food onto mumzani after an operation.

No. 945894

she has an eating disorder, it makes sense that all she obsessed over food..

No. 945901

“She” (ie. you, because I suspect this is elzani trying to defend herself) claims to be soooOoOoo recovered now. If she talked honestly about still struggling with anorexic thoughts and symptoms, that would be one thing, but she’s claiming that this is what recovered life looks like. It’s not. When a person actually recovers they move on, get a job, go to school, do something other than sperge over donuts.

No. 945905

O right, so if a parent of a person with an ED has a serious illness diagnosed, they're so into bowls of cereal it affects their human emotions to such an extent they don't give a fuck? Mumzani might die, oh well mmmm peanut butter.

No. 945908

the anon ur responding to isnt me >>945849
so now there's two elzanis huh lmao

No. 945920

File: 1584300489523.png (26.99 KB, 1085x199, Screenshot_20200315-185656~3.p…)

Saw this on mpa. Reminded me of our cows who can casually drop their ED willynilly.

No. 945921

This is genuinely upsetting what in the actual fuck
>>945894 >>945901
Exactly- if she was framing herself struggling or trying to get well instead of actually recovered it’d be fine. Seems like she’d be scary to watch for someone who wants to recover so their life doesn’t revolve around food, and they look up recovery videos and find this

No. 945928

File: 1584301980607.png (306.24 KB, 627x522, medical emergency.png)

Medical emergency? kek

No. 945941

Is that supposed to a before and after?

Thought she'd checked herself in again.

No. 945947

Love her ever so subtle body flashing pose for the camera in what is clearly her psych ward room (where there are strict policies forbidding patients to use cameras on the ward!) & at the time she was so ‘suicidal’ and that she required being ip, but takes copious amounts of staged photos in skimpy outfits (which anyone who genuinely hated their body, as she claimed to Stacey Dooley, would go out of their way to avoid!). Also note how she proudly makes a point of stating “staff were worried”…she clearly relishes off the attention she gets when she starves herself, just like she also admitted to Stacey Dooley! She makes little to no attempt to hide the fact she craves the attention that her average ed gives her. Until she’s ready to take shit seriously and get rid of her attention seeking ways she will never actually put her all into recovery despite how much she tries to come across as a little recovery warrior. Wish someone who wasn’t already planning their relapse was offered her supported accommodation instead of her. She has a room at her Mum’s, why does she all of a sudden need to drain even more of the precious mental health resources that could be going to someone who actually uses it to move on with their life ?!

No. 945955

Just want to point out that, in the hospital where I work, as we speak, there are 20 something junior doctors risking their life, literally, to save others'.
I'm totally with you, anon. There are the Elzani of this world, and then there are those silent heroes who are just working insane shifts day in day out without a thank you. And they are the same age as this retard cow.

No. 945972

no, Elzani its still a disordered food obsession

No. 945998

File: 1584314831910.jpeg (230.76 KB, 808x1450, 55C9CCC4-42DB-4B71-BB25-C9B6CB…)

I believe photoshop might be present

No. 946003

So that's where the other two pillows went to!

Yes, yes, very representative of the body of a recovering spoop

No. 946029

File: 1584319020216.jpg (271.26 KB, 1080x2100, Screenshot_20200316_103655.jpg)

Is this a piss take? I just checked her account and she has some Laura-level dance videos in her stories, but her boobs look totally normal in them. Surely she must realise the photoshop level is delusional right?

No. 946039

I can find glamour shots of her but not one pic of her at any other weight to be found anywhere.

No. 946047

File: 1584321926146.png (293.17 KB, 418x518, Screenshot_20200316-011727.png)

No no no no. Really??

No. 946074

Who the fuck is that

No. 946077

File: 1584326993105.jpeg (397.08 KB, 750x982, FEF5CF18-D301-46B9-9218-350102…)

~**natural and authentic*~*~

No. 946083

Learn to read, you muppet, it's the same person literally JUST spoken about not two posts above yours.

No. 946084


Seems like a self poster

No. 946085


Am I missing something? Where's the milk?

No. 946102

File: 1584331698640.jpg (392.38 KB, 1080x2099, Screenshot_20200316_140810.jpg)

N2f is looking absolutely dead inside. It must be an awful existence living between binging and purging in her dark hovel. She just makes me sad.

No. 946107

She looks miserable.

No. 946140

God from the pics of her face you can just tell all she does is sit in her room b/ping all day every day. It's really fucking sad tbh.

I know a lot of other cows on here are assholes or something but has N2F ever done anything like that? Or is it all just gross food and misery?

No. 946147

basically yeah, most of her milkiness comes from her food concoctions and pretending its recovery and not b/p slop. Although I do recall her arguing with people in her comments once about her raggedy hair.

No. 946154

Her lips are covered in sores. Flourishing. Yeah, really sad. She's not enjoying that giant Jammie Dodger.

No. 946175

N2f used to (maybe still does?) promote skinny syrups to her mostly eating disorder audience. She tells them to buy it through her affiliate link. It’s pretty proanascum to market diet products to anorexics imo, if not milky in the traditional bed-blocking, tube-loving way.

No. 946197

File: 1584365684463.jpg (409.5 KB, 1080x1742, 20200316_083322.jpg)

Laura's showing off her crotch and face scabs on tiktok now.

No. 946201

Argh those scabs. Somebody pass me bleach for my eyes please.

No. 946213

File: 1584369088208.jpg (8.46 KB, 150x236, courtney-love-crotch.jpg)

There's something really skanky about her. Can't help rendering when queen skank did this on TV.

No. 946214


No. 946216

I wonder if followers ever buy the crap they sponsor. Skinny syrups, Maniclife PB when you an find similar much cheaper. None of these cows have the kudos where followers think they'll buy such a brand because bulimic n2f barfs it up.

No. 946220

That's right, cause according to Pop, "You can't help it Elzani"

No. 946221

Cue E doing a K and doing nutrition

No. 946228

Fuckin love it mate

No. 946231

Wow Iggy Azalea has really let herself go

No. 946316

File: 1584391515732.png (316.26 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200316-164408.png)

Did y'all hear the news about miss Emily the Skeleton? 💀

No. 946321

Control + f. Just put in a tiny bit of effort goddamn.

No. 946331

What do you mean pit effort? Into what? I'm confused(newfag)

No. 946361

File: 1584399019002.jpeg (182.25 KB, 1112x847, 5197D424-174C-4AEE-B099-CCDEE1…)

people might think dustbinflower is boring but she’s certainly more entertaining than elzani or georgia at this point in time tbh

No. 946363


We are really low on milk lately.

No. 946365

File: 1584399587156.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, 665E4C9B-0D11-41C0-B9DC-0720E5…)

Didn’t work last time…

No. 946425

I think the annoying part of all this was the fact that she is stating that she is doing all of this recovery stuff which is actually keeping her in this eating disorder mentality.
Having a whole YouTube channel and instagram dedicated just to what she eats is basically making her focus on what she has or hasn’t eaten.
Also she eats the same food over and over again, same combos, it really seems like she only goes out to grocery stores or to walk the dog as a means of getting outside.
Honestly wish she would do something with her life.

No. 946426

Totally feel you here.

No. 946459

dusty is in for her usual beginning of the year trip i see… also that totally fake story about the roommate. why she always telling them?

No. 946470

When will ana chans learn that a good lie has to be believable? A blood pressure of 60/30 is as good as dead, it’s not high enough to push blood through your organs. Yet she’s somehow on social media whining about it.

No. 946471

She was so god damn weird

No. 946475

even extending her leg can't distract from those thunderthighs

No. 946480

Yawn. This is not milky in the slightest or even related to this thread. It’s just another fucking boring post about her flexibility. I do not want to see any more damn pictures of her leg in the air when the post isn’t even referencing ~ana~. We need to ban Laura from being discussed here seriously and stop giving her attention.

No. 946488

Are you kidding? Laura (crotch shots aside) is one of the few decent cows left. The documentary was proof enough of that, and its only a matter of time before she's up to her old attention seeking ways. There's a reason she's been on and off these threads since the Crying Emily days, even if it did start as a self post.

No. 946557

File: 1584458761977.jpeg (169.92 KB, 1092x441, 20C4661A-38C0-42F5-A00E-A4A914…)

No. 946558

File: 1584458830989.jpeg (740.14 KB, 1106x1042, B935CC32-161B-4759-ACC0-FB798A…)

No. 946572

That totally happened.

I agree Laura is still relevant. With the current situation, I doubt she's going to be in and out of hospital, especially living in London.

I really do wonder what these ciws think about future employers or health professionals searching Laura Banks, Georgia Collings, etc. and their name's linked to lolcow. They wonder why we stay anonymous…

No. 946575

Oh, I meant to comment that when I look at Laura's fb it warms my dark heart to see how Crying Emily turned her life around. Mum and daughter look beautiful. Possibly this threads only success story.

No. 946590

Please someone bring some jonzie milk. This board is so thirsty!

No. 946591

Emily the Skeleton died in her sleep on February the 22end… Dose no one care?

No. 946593

Why can't you learn how to sage or read the thread above you?

No. 946600

and what do you want us to do about it???? Do you want us to still keep on making fun of a now dead person, you weird bitch.

No. 946602

We already talked about it anon. Learn to read the board. Also other than noting that she died and it was inevitable it’s not a particularly interesting subject.

No. 946614

She wasn't even discussed on here. She was just an Ashley without the scamming and dysfunctional relationships.

Grieve privately then I've on. And fucking sage, newfag.

No. 946615

Move* on

No. 946688

No, we don't care because we don't feel anything for these cows, you idiot.

No. 946734

Does anyone know the story with her boyfriend? She seems to have gotten an increasingly weirder style over the years and has long-term mental illness for which she's been hospitalized a crazy amount with no end in sight- but boyfriend's still there, and they're not even married
Of course I care, I don't really see what there is to discuss though

No. 946743

this isn't mpa and its already been discussed. move on

No. 946753

File: 1584484123053.png (821.43 KB, 720x1079, Screenshot_20200317-202736~2.p…)

>all over the place
>keep forgetting I'm supposed to be anorexic

No. 946755

File: 1584484826753.png (213.69 KB, 720x573, Screenshot_20200317-223737~2.p…)

Sounds like the anas catching up on Becky and she's got cellulitis. Awaiting gofundme for wheelchair.

No. 946761

Exactly my thoughts

No. 946770

A very wise ED nurse once told me that younger girls can pull it off (not looking haggard, essentially) but as you get older it really visibly starts taking its toll.

No. 946797

before he killed himself she was VERY ATTACHED to him. i remember her posting about him more then her bf at the time. i hate that i know this and i feel so bad for that man god. may he rest in peace.
her bf is lowkey an enabler and sometimes will bring/give her drugs. idk how they are still together but its kinda codependency at this point. there was a while they werent really 100% together around like 2016ish.
she's always had a kinda alt sorta normie style but now its crackhead as fuck. she owns soo much makeup but cant do it for shit.

No. 946803

File: 1584495329337.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 4000x3000, 8DAECBA2-3105-4AC3-B1C3-4E4E88…)

imagine if she miraculously recovered tho

No. 946825

In the pre-skeleton photos of her I've seen from her 4chan days or whatever it was, she was kinda cute. Sadly, however, at her level of spoopy, even if she did recover (let's be real, it'll never happen), she's never gonna look or be super healthy. Besides, I firmly believe no matter how 'pretty' you are, if you're evil inside, you'll always be kinda ugly outside. Crazy eyes, dead inside, whatever it is.

No. 946832

What makes you say she’s evil inside?

No. 946899

File: 1584515818800.jpg (100.21 KB, 750x1333, 90326250_283956275903162_85251…)

I'd love to see the phlebotomists face when georgie porgie waddles in with this form… I doubt she fits in the collection chair

No. 946905

File: 1584516974104.jpg (56.68 KB, 399x600, Rhesusmakaken23.jpg)


She looks like a rhesus macaque.

No. 946912

Kek Hi are you new?
Use Google, search for her thread,go to kiwi farm. Do your own homework

No. 946913

It's fucking shorthand, you retarded obese hog. She's a fucking journalism major or whatever and probably knows this and is just showing this off because it says anorexia/bulimia. God I just can't wrap my head around why any doctor is feeding into her delusions.

No. 946958

of course she is - the part of the paper that’s got ‘worlds fattest anorexic’ scribbled on it is in centre frame, so it’s the first thing you notice. She can tout about that diagnosis all she wants but any normal person passing her in the street would think she was just a standard ham, not whatever atypical ana bulimia bull diagnosis she’s clinging too

No. 946959

If she's been treated for her invented ED for oh so long she'd know what it means. Looks like full blood count,liver function, something else. That's a guess from someone who rarely gets bloods done. Of course she just wanted to show off the bulimia. Doc should add SJ. Sure Jan.

No. 946972

File: 1584539845872.jpeg (785.58 KB, 828x1467, 312C1661-CCBA-48E7-B85E-A21D82…)

Golly gee willlickers! Isn’t life just the grandest?!

No. 946978

She's started that OCD style of shooting Aly had. A bowl in her hand with socks in view. It must be shot like that. Every day.

She writes like she's 7 years old
>I am so happy to be with my family…to be inside my house with them.

Possibly so fucking happy about it because there's no change to what she usually does. While people with lives are going stir crazy, she's sooooo HAPPY.

No. 946982

does anyone else feel that a disproportionate amount of anachans are minimizing coronavirus? I find this shockingly counterintuitive considering they are people with MH issues/anxiety/and some are malingerers but seems like a trend at least on my feed.

No. 946997

Her post is a load of BS! If she worked and had bills to pay maybe she would feel differently .

No. 947003

Lol you’re the one who made the accusation

No. 947006

They're sperging on mpa. The bulimics are plan cked about where they're going to find/hide/store binge food and the restrictors are happy it's an excuse to not eat a lot.

On ig, theyre deffo playing it down. Still obsessed with the mundame problems of their lives, but not arsed about the flu.

Do you think she even knows people won't be getting their wage because the workplace is closed? She doesn't have a care in the world

No. 947008

What’s a “workplace”? #sarcasm

No. 947021

I'm sure her family isn't as pumped about this time away from work and she's just oblivious

No. 947025

File: 1584551235268.png (130.05 KB, 1214x759, Screenshot_20200318-170215.png)

Duh! It's where Mumzani makes her amazing rice!

Had to post this IMG. Goes with >>946982 The thread is called Do you want to catch coronavirus

No. 947027

more dustbin milk pls, she fascinates me more than the others itt

No. 947140

Just go look at her tumblr… she posts all the time.

No. 947159

I love how she thinks this proves her eating disorder. All it proves is how her doctor has no idea about ED diagnosis as you cannot have both Anorexia and Bulimia, its either one or the other or its OSFED.

It just shows how she chooses to claim both sets of behaviours and is seeking validation. You're still a binge eater Porgie.

No. 947179

File: 1584572493815.png (641.65 KB, 720x847, Screenshot_20200318-214326~2.p…)

Came to post this pic of Becky degrading a dog.

But >>947159 I could Google but in the docu Diary of an Anorexic, the girl is diagnosed anorexia bulimia. Was that a dx at one point and it changed to OSFED?

Yeah, G is either an overeater or binge eater. No fucking starving or purging involved.

No. 947207

I have some milk on our jonzie

No. 947210

I don’t think it was ever possible… maybe before ED-NOS/OSFED was a diagnosis? But my earliest reference point is around 2000 and you could only be one of those at a time then

No. 947211

No. 947225

I ended up googling but found nothing about it ever being a diagnosis. Possibly shoddy research for the documentary. Caraline from Caraline's story had the same behaviours but in the doc from early 1990s they say anorexia and bulimia.

What was the point of this unsaged post?

No. 947237

so bring it

No. 947240

too bad for Georgia that any thoughts regarding her feeling too big are just observations.

No. 947243

This thread is so dry. Anyone have access to the GOOD milk??

No. 947244


Go find some and learn to sage.

No. 947251

Also it seems to be saying "bulemia", tbh tinfoiling that she wrote that herself wouldn't be too farfetched

No. 947263


NA but if u follow her tumblr b careful cuz she gets deleted really bad and quick and shes not allowing IG followers since she purged them a while back.
most of her good milk is kinda old milk alas.

No. 947266

There’s anorexia binge-purge subtype, but not anorexia bulimia.

No. 947305

File: 1584588520406.png (2.47 MB, 1440x2131, 20200318_232547~2.png)

religious delusions? is this new for her?

No. 947326

She's talked about the sooper serious religious trauma before, basically just that she grew up in a Christian household, but the delusions part is entirely new.

No. 947362

thing is, Georgia doesn't have that. She has binge eating if anything.

No. 947375

Has she ever been in treatment? Of course whatever she has going on can be fixed, does she think she has the worlds most complex and unique struggles

No. 947396

She HAS been in treatment who knows how many times. All payed by her "brainwashing" parents of course!
But anyways, blaming her parents for everything that goes wrong in her life, when from what I've seen they have done nothing but try to help her with her mental health, is easier than actually being an adult and doing an effort to recover.

No. 947402

Unless she was in some cult, there's no way a usual, even if OTT Christian upbringing would do this. As an adult, she'd have the choice to walk away and say it's bollocks. Children raised in such families, political dogmas as well as religious, sometimes even go to the extreme opposite way of thinking. It's not as if basic Christian upbringing is the kind where if you choose to distance yourself from that belief system, society's going to treat you like an outcast. She's fucking pathetic.

No. 947489


are they really delusions if she has the level of insight to say wooow my delusions are weird?

No. 947493

No shit kek, was just clarifying for the anon who didn’t know about diagnoses in general. You still have to be underweight for a dx of Anorexia b/p subtype

No. 947512

File: 1584646880115.png (940.58 KB, 750x1334, 6EBC84CC-B777-41C0-BA0B-95302F…)

Yeah I mean GPs are just sitting on their hands these days Smorven. Quit your complaining and order before you run out maybe?

No. 947542

File: 1584653187950.png (4.05 MB, 828x1792, 3C310BF5-9542-4091-B004-C96422…)

The most obnoxious of fitnesscows. Who cares about a lil’ covid, at least the gym is open, right? Gotta get them gains.

No. 947548

If anything, the kind of treatment she needs is for everyone to ignore her, kek

No. 947551

I'm more concerned about running out of toilet paper, but I don't want an upload of her wiping her arse.

No. 947584

File: 1584659260751.jpg (355.06 KB, 1080x1714, 20200319_180132.jpg)

Farmer: what happened to Laura's girlfriend?
Laura: posts 200 stories about girlfriend
Farmer: why is she always lifting her left leg?

No. 947587

Smorven's been increasingly junkieposting lately, bitching about how they've stopped all her benzos. She's a selfish cunt.

No. 947589

What's up with her face here? Photoshop or filter maybe??

No. 947591

If she's that desperate she could get them from a dealer. Perhaps she'll take this one day no meds hell as a reason to bother A&E after going on a headbanging kick.

No. 947595

Looks to me like the ~action shot~ blurred her face and makes her look even odder than usual.

No. 947597

Exactly. Street valium is all the rage in Scotland, she'd have no trouble finding some. I vaguely remember her saying some shit about how she was morally against drugs in the past, how the tables have turned now she's rattling eh?

No. 947603

File: 1584660699626.jpg (339.41 KB, 1080x1707, 20200319_183003.jpg)


Nah, she has the slack jawed dead eyes look the entire time

No. 947658

she is really complaining about this corona stuff. you're not compromised Morven, you're just autistic.

No. 947685

stop posting the stupid leg pics, it's not interesting

No. 947732

File: 1584680981635.jpg (1.14 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200320_150823.jpg)

Aight, whoever said N2f was using the lolly to hide the use-by date has got my vote, she even deliberately hid it behind the yoghurt cup this time too.
I would ask how she's not getting ill from this, but it probably (definitely) doesn't stay in her system long enough to effect her.

No. 947741

god nf2 is such a fucking enigma to me. i know the basic theory is that she lies about recovery and purges all this food but why lie? she doens't post her face much or have much of an online persona other than these posts nor does she seem very social with other users, so it's not like the typical fake recover thing where it's for clout. she's not like eugenia where everyone knows about her and is constantly asking her if she's eating. she's not trying to sell something/ be a personal trainer/lifecoach/model. is she trying to convince herself to recover? is she trying to convince her parents or someone else that she's eating? i'm ignorant and i guess my question is, what other reason would someone have for lying about eating online other than to uphold an image?

No. 947757

Knowing her habits, she might go through her family's bin and rescue expired products to take pictures not even eat them and purge.

No. 947774

n2f posted strawberry mousse in this image >>942486 and that was 13 days ago. It might be from the same pack.

No. 947781

File: 1584699743999.jpg (678.76 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200320_005808_com…)

She 10000% looks like she's purging it all as soon as the video ends

No. 947782

wow thats a sad sight.
she doesn't lie about eating. she eats it but brings it back up.

No. 947801

This looks like it was taken mid bp session? Also, why does she have a moustache? Lanugo or whatever, I’m guessing?

No. 947804

definitely mid-bp sesh. note the hairstyle conveniently done up in a top bun to keep it out of the shitter whilst she purges.
fuck she is filthy af

No. 947819

I think unlike the other cows she does not post everything she binges and purges for attention-seeking reasons. It seems like there’s something more personal and truly disturbing going on, im guessing she does it to keep track
Also we may have realised what is going on, her parents (are we sure she even lives with them?) probs also know but are stuck in the current situation, but something about her online behavior just gives off that it’s a cry for help (instead of the usual attention whoring) like she’s lying to herself more than to her followers

No. 947821

File: 1584712182262.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x1923, 63C1B3AB-75F3-4D80-9126-C1C084…)

lmao why don’t you get a mf job then smorven holy f she’s intolerable

No. 947844

I think she's just one of those women who have a tash. She's pretty dark and her hair's thick. She'd look like Frida Kahlo if she had a unibrow.

No. 947846

Especially if you have kids and now have to look after them all day. Leave them at home and do a job without pay (because nobody has rent or bills to pay) so that Smorven's life is easier.

No. 947849

File: 1584719161927.jpeg (823.37 KB, 828x1559, 57E09085-C492-40E6-A1F6-6B790E…)

Jesusfuck she’s a dumb twat. How can you get to be 22 and still that ignorant to your own privilege?

No. 947856

>What is everyone doing today?

Trying to find somewhere all the long life milk hasn't been panic bought. Surprised she found strawberries at Tesco. Even the fresh fruit and veg is sparse at the moment.

Yeah, just relaxing without a care in the world. Here's her OCD bowl and toes shot. Must've actually fed the dog or it got pissed off with E like the rest of us.

No. 947869

kek I noticed something was off with this picture, left leg on the ground!

No. 947870

I think she's just deluded, actually thinks she's getting buff and thinks that no one can tell she maybe used to have an eating disorder

No. 947890

File: 1584726047392.jpg (297.83 KB, 1024x1024, 20200320_133739-COLLAGE.jpg)

whoever said that n2f is using candy to cover the best-by dates: you've cracked the code. i noticed that she was doing it a lot, so much so that it couldn't be a coincidence. i did some scrolling and was disgusted to find she's still eating food that expired in two years ago in 2018. and attempting to hide it. photo on the right is from march 10th 2020, left is from march 13th 2020.

No. 947896

File: 1584726486995.jpg (502.85 KB, 1080x1616, 20200320_124316.jpg)


Since n2f came up again I looked back at the earlier posts in this thread and then into her personal account. I don't know what the caption for the January post was but the picture is 4 years old.

No. 947912

Th…that DIP. I want to believe she's using old photos. How can a dip be lying around for two years?? Where is storing this stuff??

No. 947915

I wonder if some of the food she posts is just there as a prop to make it look like she's eating more than she is.

No. 947922

LOL. She’s now moaning because every starbucks is closed for obvious reasons and that means only now things are “serious”. So selfish.

No. 947935

File: 1584733598307.jpg (317.83 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20200320_194450.jpg)

Noticed this under one of n2fs horrors. Who does she think she's kidding?

No. 947958

By some miracle she's able to eat the same tub of expired pickle twice. Hmm…

No. 947961

They should put all these Starbucks ana cows in one Starbucks (serving themselves) and leave it to nature.

No. 948002

Natural selection

No. 948056

File: 1584756548521.jpg (Spoiler Image, 979.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200321-020607_Ins…)

I'm sorry if I'm not using the correct terms as I post this; I've only been reading these threads for about a month now and I'm a slow learner LMAO. Anyway this is someone I follow. She posts this sort of shite all the time and I'm bloody sick of it, she knows young people follow her and doesn't give a flying fuck. Imagine still giving tips

No. 948101

Bloody hell, she looks dead inside.
I bet these super ~aesthetic~ cutesy baking companies just cringe when she keeps tagging them and their baked goods amongst her food swamp pigsty.

No. 948102

She's not even that horrendous of a person. She just exhibits typical extreme ED behavior.

No. 948125

File: 1584784564696.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 294.57 KB, 1536x1256, 195AF4FC-DDC2-4F66-94B8-DF193B…)

Well, this spell disturbing, she’s good at art but this whole cat mother thing has taken it to a whole new scary

No. 948126

Yeah she just needs to get rid of all her younger followers tbh, the older ones have a brain, even if it’s fizzled out by malnutrition or drugs they can still think fir themselves.

No. 948128

File: 1584784815554.jpeg (450.9 KB, 1536x1301, 70B2127F-5651-44A6-83B2-270E9A…)

Paris is going to struggle, I, actually concerned for her tbh.

No. 948137

I’m sure the people dying in hospital are really sad she can’t have her fucking eclairs. What a miserable piece of work.

No. 948156

not to whiteknight Paris but eating disorders can become more debilitating during times like this.

No. 948158

Lmao listing food as appetite suppressants… yes when you're hungry and you eat you stop wanting to eat after

No. 948159

I would love to un-see that

No. 948160

Why do these cows always want to be nurses? Just a general interest in sickness and fucked up bodies? Also, no one is going to give a job to someone who looks markedly sick and unhinged, and it seems like a disservice that no one's pointed this out to any of them.

No. 948172

File: 1584800590069.png (1.27 MB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-03-21-22-20-34…)

It's the pickle dip again.. starting to wonder whether it's the same tub in every photo and she just doesn't eat it

No. 948175

It's more debilitating for everyfucking one. Get a grip. At least she's got family around her to wait on her.

For sure. Kind of a relief to know she's not yet desperate enough to eat two year gone pickle.

No. 948197

Why would she eat such weird and gross food if she’s going to puke it anyways?

No. 948221


Everything in this picture looks dirty. Her fingers, the packaging, the plate…

No. 948229

It. Expired. 2. Years. Ago.
Can’t unsee

No. 948308

omg. some of the expiration dates aren't as old as this one so i was hoping maybe they just shop at one of those grocery outlet stores where good but almost expired food is sold on discount. but no.

No. 948318

File: 1584829554498.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 9F38D07F-40BD-4898-B5F5-7B24D2…)


No. 948339

File: 1584832958758.png (276.14 KB, 720x469, IMG_20200322_002056.png)

Embarassing new elzani video is up

No. 948343

Probably because they have been in healthcare services due to their EDs and they are inspired by the healthcare practitioners, possibly?

E is never going to get employed because of what she posts, I’ve lost hope for her, I have no doubt her and her family have enough money for themselves to keep buying copious amounts of expensive food despite all the people buying the entire supermarket.

No. 948345

Cringeworthy- the bit at the start about ‘getting essentials…. Nutella’ - does she not have a clue about the real world .

No. 948347

File: 1584834385315.png (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 750x1334, 5785C532-99EE-4DDA-A4EE-CE9AFC…)

Nah, that’s just you ganer, pls learn about hand moisturiser

No. 948349

looks like OCD

No. 948351

100% yes.

No. 948352


Blog but my hands look like that when I wash them and don't moisturize so I feel her pain. But my hands don't look like they belong to and 80 year old woman when I do it.

No. 948353


God this is awful. I’m shocked that her parents let her do this, but I suppose they don’t want to deal with her otherwise

No. 948354

They don't just "let" her do it, they encourage it. Dad funds the whole operation while mumzani steps in as camera crew and co-host.

No. 948413

File: 1584848703689.jpg (990.89 KB, 1080x1707, 20200322_034304.jpg)

I don't have much to say on this plate of horror!

No. 948416

This is why meal plans set out by a dietitian are crucial in recovery. Extreme hunger can't always be trusted as mental hunger can lead to binging.

This is straight up binging. If shes not compensating,she will end up as big as a house soon enough.

No. 948417

Laura also had that sketchy ass bf for awhile. Always taking pictures of them in hotel room bathrooms together. She would also post pictures with “dween” during this time too. Seems like a weird “kind of” relationship for the cameras? Also, that bf! Please tell me someone else remembers!

No. 948422

This is hilarious. N2f has been getting more and more brazen with her grotty meals lately. Using this pot of pickles that expired 2 fucking years ago as some kind of decoration for her already revolting meals really is the icing on the cake for me. I kind of want to see her eat it on one of her instagram stories, Ashens style. How long will she continue to use this expired prop? #picklegate2020

No. 948425

Revolting as per. If you can’t be arsed to do dishes at least wipe that shit down. I know other anons find her more sad than anything but I’ll never forget her freaking after people pointed out her ratty hair. She thinks she’s hot shit but soz all I see is gollum

Such anorexia. Would love to see her try and fudge a squat test

No. 948441

No thats what nurses hands look like also. Because they wash their hands errrrryminute

No. 948445

New Elzani video online, it will sure will be more of the same boring shite.

Like sure, it's expected to be extremely obsessed with food during recovery, but usually recovering ED patients also broaden their lives in so many other ways - socially, personal development etc - at least in my anecdotal observations.

There seems to be none of that whatsoever with Elzani, she stays stuck in this ridiculous food obsessing phase, for years reallu aka pseudo-recovery. She's delusional in thinking that this is ^ ReAl ReCoVerY ^
And her family not calling her out on her BS, yeah, I don't get it…

No. 948448

Hold on to your guts, farmers. I think I spy the lid of an opened tub of long expired pickle far bottom left.

No. 948452

It's Mumzani day, so Brownies for breakfast? Close up of plate with fuzzy mum in the background despite being the greatest person in all womankind?

No. 948462

I doubt it, you saw how long it took for her just to gain that weight?

No. 948475

File: 1584870294815.png (256.12 KB, 1100x1214, Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 10.4…)

Well at least one commenter is being critical towards Elzani

And lolmao, someone's replying to that comment that E "is being an excellent rolemodel for people who may also have eating disorders"

Fuck no

No. 948484

File: 1584874083402.png (607.85 KB, 828x1792, 45815468-22CA-4537-8BB8-FA3C36…)

If this cow starts demanding hospital resources for her sooOoOoper serious eating disorder right now, I stg.
What’s even the point of posting this? Is she trying to prove how severe her eating disorder is? Because I’m pretty sure all of her symptoms can be explained by plain old, run of the mill obesity.

No. 948488

is she straight up admitting to purging on her non pro/normal account? the only things she’s getting are fatter and more brazen

No. 948502

Of course her fucking heart rate will go up, she’s just purged liquids and that’s just what happens when people puke their heart rate will rocket for a while.
Fml I bet her heart rate is high anyway due to her weight.

No. 948506

The thing is, the person who wrote that probably DOES have an ED, and knows that E is more than likely restricting and compensating after these “recovery” videos.

I think the more concerning thing is the obsession with food in general. It could be ASD seeing as they can sometimes get really intense interests that they can only focus on. Here is an NHS link to a small study, I personally believe in this but everyone has a different view. https://www.nhs.uk/news/2013/08August/Pages/autistic-traits-may-be-more-common-in-anorexic-girls.aspx

No. 948507

Did anyone read the article on Greta Thunberg and her eating disorder? She has ASD.

I am apologise for all the articles, there won’t be any more.

No. 948511

thats my sleep paralysis demon

No. 948516

Agreed, I think the issue isn't the extreme hunger, because that really is a part of recovery and can last a long time, but not saying that it's the extreme hunger stage. There are lots of people online talking about extreme hunger as part of the recovery process and how to cope with it and get through to the other side, but she's acting like it's peak health instead of early recovery

No. 948518

File: 1584883630869.jpg (128.39 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_03-22-02.23.35.jpg)

some snapshots from elzanis new video
talking about how her she has become more shapely in her legs, she can feel it and all that
how her arms aren't as boney but you can still see her ribs (lol sure)
she also said she got out of the shower and asked her grandma how she think she looked and went on to say that the grandma cried bc she looks so good

awful video, had too speed through it. never seen anything more annoying than elzani

No. 948520

And if Nutella is all she is worried about or a dented bottle of squash what planet is she living on? She’s definitely looking chubbier round the face though.

No. 948521

I doubt she even purged, she's just horrifically unfit and jogged for five minutes in a sad 'exercise purge' attempt and/or worked herself into a froth about her s00per serious ED feelz. Fucking give it up and eat a salad, George.

No. 948522

File: 1584885001025.png (688.98 KB, 720x1077, Screenshot_20200322-134751~2.p…)

Not sure what the twins are going to do for the next few months. Mo Costa!

No. 948525

File: 1584886615559.png (12.13 MB, 1242x2208, 901F6E37-C562-42E7-8FF8-18B24B…)

Aly out here fishing for attention again, why post it if you don’t wanna talk about it? Saged because boring but I’m genuinely wondering what bad decision she made this time.

No. 948546


It'll be some story about a rape.
Of course it's for attention and concern.

No. 948553

File: 1584892699720.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1682, A2CB4281-0280-4F7A-BB12-CC5943…)

here we goooo

No. 948560

Thought Maria was going to Australia?

No. 948564

File: 1584896627443.png (195.56 KB, 720x1155, Screenshot_20200322-170027~2.p…)

I haven't got the patience to figure out most of what she's on about but sounds like she's staying at her parents. For an ex doctor she doesn't grasp the seriousness of what's going on.

No. 948574

Ffs I wonder if she's ever considered her heart rate rises that high in the night due to the sleep apnea she's clearly suffering from because she's obese?

But no she's putting it down to all this purging that is clearly paying dividends…

No. 948578

Lmao not only had to post a story, but she made a post about it too. I’m not surprised AT ALL since she acts like a hoe and goes out to meet sketchy people for hookups like a ~badass~ and cries when bad things happen.

No. 948606

im all here for laughing at cows but calling someone who might have been raped a ''hoe'' just isnt it.
Yes she is a attention seeker and a wannarexic but some things are taken too far.

No. 948615


Are you hating on her cause she got a bit better and doesn't look like a skeleton anymore ? i mean sure the kid is insane but don't go on her cause she's not on the verge of dying anymore geez

No. 948629

File: 1584908484716.jpg (555.15 KB, 1080x1920, 20200322_152018.jpg)

Crotch shots are self care

No. 948664

The bone rattling of that anon was super obvious, kek

No. 948667

File: 1584912974985.jpeg (253.06 KB, 750x1102, A0E50C62-7293-481F-B76B-B70AB8…)

Finally somebody saying what most of us are thinking….

No. 948668

Do you guys think Elzani is looking healthier these days?

No. 948672

tbh she already looks like she's at a healthy weight/very close to it to me

No. 948675

She really seems to need to let people know she’s not a healthy weight. Any time it comes up. If she needs everyone to know she’s still “unhealthy” to justify eating, this recovery (kek, not real recovery, I know) isn’t going to last.

Yes elzani, we think you look perfectly normal. You look slim normal. Sorry, you’re not an anachanabana any more. Guess you’re going to have to finally make that second hospital vid to remind everyone that you’re the sickest snowflake.

No. 948676

File: 1584914261306.png (1.92 MB, 828x1792, F0557AD2-94C2-42F9-A610-70BC6D…)

Georgieporgie doing her part by being okay with skipping the gym. Some heroes don’t wear capes.

No. 948686

NTAYRT but her talking about authentic selves with her lip fillers, hair- and lash extensions (all filters aside) is fairly milky especially in conjunction with that egregious shop around her legs in that stretch photo.

inb4 "everybody does that" i don't care, i was just answering the question

No. 948687

extreme hunger can also be binging. You're not meant to listen to every hunger cue/thought as its not entirely reliable.

No. 948690

She doesn't look dead any more. Regardless of her weight gain, she doesn't look pale and zombified.

Can't really judge her weight in clothes, but her face looks healthy. Not even puffy.

I do feel like some anons, she's clinging on to the last dregs of her illness. She'd have nothing to video if she admitted she's a healthy weight.

Jfc, it's not a question of pick n choose who you're washing your hands for. Aren't we all trying to stop it spreading by not infecting anyone? Lol, Georgia a gum bunny. 30 minutes cardio. She's too funny.

No. 948712

A bit of COVID-19 might do her some good, lul

No. 948720

Sorry if this has been asked before but what’s the deal with n2f? Haven’t followed her long but i have so many questions and usually can’t sympathize with these people but n2f makes me sad, there’s clearly a lot she isn’t telling people. Holding packets of chicken nuggets etc out the window makes me wonder does she make all her meals in her room??… surely she can’t have an oven in there , unless her kitchens upstairs? . If that is her room in her photos just littered with food, it’s sad to see. Also getting E vibes from the plate shots for some reason, must require skill to balance all that crap on a plate and hold it out the window I’ll give her that.

No. 948721

File: 1584923187250.png (Spoiler Image, 3.67 MB, 750x1334, 228FFDD0-627F-4B4C-9EE4-3FD0C5…)

Although god I cannot unsee this

No. 948726

her plates are basically just binge foods (note: they often have liquidy items to make it easier to purge). I believe she hoards food in her room, food packaging and possibly has a kitchen nearby.

No. 948733

nobody is calling aly a hoe because she was sexually assaulted. aly is called a hoe because she posts about threesomes, hookups, making a findomme account for "paypigs", shibari, trying to find a sugar daddy, etc.

No. 948737

I get the feeling she cooks in her room. Possibly by microwave because nothing is cooked thoroughly or crispy when it should be. She stashes this food in her room in plastic bags and boxes. She's morbid documentary material. A cross between Hoarders and Intervention. She has exercise equipment in there. Her whole room is grine.

No. 948745

I think in either the last thread or the one before she had a hot plate in the background and im pretty sure she cooks a lot of food on that because most of it (especially meat) tends to look kinda raw and nothing ever looks cooked properly

No. 948746

Oh geez. Laura is looking chunky as anything, new meds I’m guessing?

No. 948749


So much bonerattling lately.

No. 948759

They're almost as bad as the cows themselves

I get she's intolerable, but are you fucking blind?

No. 948761

Pretty sure bragging about meeting a random person off tindr at a hotel for the first time to have sex makes you a hoe…. not because something bad happened. She is a hoe and I’m sorry for her but you can’t poke a bear and cry about getting bit

No. 948780


Finding who you are without your ED is sometimes harder than going back to eating again. She still has so much to figure out, which people usually do while growing up.

No. 948786

yes like a pans labryinth ED grotto
this is what this whole thread is for…Laura looks like shes been having some good old Olanzapine.

No. 948794

Stop fucking posting these
Laura is boring af
No one wants to continually see her spread legged plus Its Not Milky!!
If it's you Laura you're boring and no one gives a shit

No. 948816


No. 948820

File: 1584971961583.jpg (224.62 KB, 1242x2208, mVAWrHg.jpg)

Why do I get the feeling she sent herself this message? The caption just happens to be covering the sender's number…

No. 948822

Wow. Boris Johnson sent her a text while all the others have to wait for snail mail. Sh must be so special.

No. 948828

They're only doing this for people with incredibly bad illnesses and cancer?

No. 948830

Imagine being so starved for attention that you have to pretend to be immunocompromised

No. 948833

She must think she qualifies for being immuno suppressed lol. Yeah it's for people who've had organ transplants, cancer treatments, etc. Not people a bit underweight.

No. 948870

Are you lost? This isn't MPA and that's actually not what this whole thread is for

No. 948915

File: 1584995403292.png (1.47 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200323-202539.png)

Anyone know what G was self pitying about? Is she reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar or a baking recipe book?

No. 948918

She's probably reading Wintergirls for ~inspo~

No. 948920


imagine being so fat you have to hardcore angle all your selfies… wonder how many takes she had to do before settling on this travesty


No. 948948

File: 1585000701317.jpg (882.46 KB, 1080x1688, 20200323_165655.jpg)

I love the image of her psychiatrist being like "fuck I have to waste my time on this mess again"

No. 948952

File: 1585001198646.png (5.71 MB, 828x1792, 772ADA34-F8AD-49B9-888F-66C12C…)

Or pretending to be ~*~*concerned*~*~ about her dramatic weight loss!

Maybe she wouldn’t be a “broke bitch” if she stopped wasting her time pretending to be a delicate ana fairy, checking herself into lengthy new farm sleepovers, and instead focused on getting a decent education and/or job? Just a thought.

No. 948953

Woah she looks way nicer than usual. Maybe she’s lost weight or maybe she’s just attempting to smile, who knows. If her psychiatrist had any morals, he would be truthful with her and not keep encouraging her to feign mental illness. The sooner she realises she’s their cash cow, the better.

No. 948955

Lmao I take that back, it must have just been the angle that made her look nicer

No. 948963


she looks like hot garbage, what were you on? and this lard angles her camera hard. i'll bet she spent 30 minutes trying to capture the right angle to appear less fat and horrid

her psychiatrist needs to be jailed for not telling her straight up that she's full of shit and needs to get herself together because none of this is cute when you're in your twenties

No. 948966

IMO she does look a bit better when she's smiling compared to her signature "droopy eyes and slack jaw" expression. Still doesn't look good, but it beats letting her jowls and cheek fat just hang off her facial structure like she normally does at least.

No. 948968

Agreed. And if she also finally dropped the stupid eyebrow rise that makes her forehead look like a lake when a meteor hits it, it would be an improvement.
But can she really look good at this point? If she loses weight won’t her face just drop and sag?

No. 948972


She's young. Her skin probably still has some elasticity.