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File: 1695769361744.png (807.33 KB, 1300x950, psychward.png)

No. 1904806

After several threads filled with blogposting, infighting, and the posting of off-topic (yet still effusive with milk) cows due to low pro-ana cow activity, nonnies of the Pro-Ana Scumbag threads were finally able to agree on something: we need a separate thread for these Cluster B(itches).

For additional context, peruse the Scumbag threads. You can start from the most recent one here >>1902426.

Do some of these cows have eating disorders? Yes. Maybe. Kind of.
Does the majority of their milky behaviour have to do with their eating disorder? No.

This psych ward is open to: diagnosis-in-bio oversharers, headbangers and scratchers, revolving door patients (not munchies), cows with personality disorders, lurkers/posters, and probably some other criteria that are yet to be determined.

The Pro-Ana Scumbags thread will inevitably have some cow crossover with the Cluster B(itches) thread from time to time, but please refrain from posting cows whose antics aren't primarily related to their eating disorder in the Scumbags thread.

Current herd:
- Colours/Laura, on whom I will not be wasting any keystrokes: Read her old thread here >>1759128

- lostallsanityx: Serial arsonist, ice-smoker, deodorant-huffer, and gleeful thief. Doctors don't feel comfortable working with her.

- Laura: Leg-lifter, sock-swallower, face-scratcher, and [insert future diagnosis here] extraordinaire. Loves being inpatient and also loves a Starbucks barista nearly 10 years her senior. Something of a Pro-Ana Scumbags graduate, as her antics have evolved and are no longer primarily related to her eating…disorder.

- Enara: Another Scumbags alumnus with BPD. Known hospital shopper and ED LARPer who overdoses and self-harms for attention. She once even called for an ambulance before overdosing. After being discharged the next day, she totalled her car, then swallowed batteries to get back into the hospital again shortly thereafter. Has a 3rd place ribbon from a pony club and is a Very Serious Academic. You'll find some of her greatest hits here (>>1768412), but there will always be more to come because she never shuts up.

- Emily J: Headbanger and aspiring nurse that likes to physically assault NHS staff.

- Fish Shoes/Helena: A cow for the lighthearted, relatively speaking. Alcohol and substance abuse issues, has an ED, gets bird psychosis when she stops taking her meds and ends up in the hospital (she thinks birds are following her, and she has an emergency suitcase for when she's on the run from birds, fish shoes to attract cats, drawings of cats to scare birds, and a secret key to hide money in so the birds don't rob her).

Come get your daily helping of headbangers and mash, nonnies.


No. 1904811

Love the thread pic, thank you so much for putting this together!

No. 1904814

This ought to be good…

No. 1904823

Awesome. Excellent thread OP! Great write up! Thank you, I cannot wait for the milk to flow.

No. 1904831

God sent nonnie

No. 1904842

my new favorite thread. thanks for all your work! your creation should theoretically prevent a lot of infighting on the scumbags thread

No. 1904857

You legend.

No. 1904881

Looks like a pretty dry thread. It will be LLL and Enara battling for the most admissions and that’s about it.

No. 1904882

you can tell that from the whole three hours it's been up, huh

No. 1904886

From who you’ve got here.

No. 1904887

I vote add Luna. See what happens. And I want to see what she’s been up to. Or maybe you ARE her, OP……

No. 1904889

the thing tha I love aboput you is that you're the only one who says LLL so it's easy top pick out your posts
she fits the thread, so it's fine to talk about her. I read the OP as a starter pack, not exclusive list

No. 1904890

Hahaha that’s really funny considering how many posts I’ve seen calling her that.

No. 1904917

lostallsanity, laura, and enara make up a significant portion of the scumbags thread. so much so that multiple anons complain about how much space they take up (no pun intended). if farmers start posting them here instead, i doubt it’ll be dry.

No. 1904925

OP here. Yes, the list in the OP is just to get the ball rolling. Add anyone you want so long as they seem to fit the description, and if other nonnies aren’t into it, you’ll know.

No. 1904976

So glad to have this thread…. Enara has become a personal favorite hot mess and I was worried that all the bitching would make people stop posting her lol

No. 1904991

are we able to post screenshots of bpd we see in the wild here too, or is there another thread for random bpdchans being unhinged online? my bff is dealing with one and i have no clue where to post about her being a lunatic, personal cow thread doesn't really fit imo

No. 1904995

Go for it, we'll provide feedback. Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks.

No. 1905008

I see colours has entered the thread already, kek.

No. 1905009

thanks for this OP! fantastic threadpic and writeup, I'm very excited about this thread

No. 1905032

Nona I salute you!

No. 1905049

File: 1695800457780.png (728.29 KB, 792x1000, yourealegend.png)

No. 1905054

Great thread and pic nona, thank you for your service

No. 1905059

File: 1695802079368.jpg (967.5 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230927_090657_Ins…)

Becca with(out) a tube explaining that her severe, excruciating and extreme bone pain could be cancer and not just from jumping from a 40ft platform

No. 1905060

wow you are really a special kind of stupid

No. 1905072

Agreed tbh. I’m not sure if some anons realize that these cows are not interesting enough to warrant a new snow thread. Nobody knows who they are or care except for the anorexics that post all day in scumbags lel

No. 1905097

File: 1695809564319.jpeg (447.11 KB, 1125x1947, IMG_7368.jpeg)


Becca not realising she is ‘one of them’

No. 1905100

has anyone else noted that despite laura starting a new account to get away from the 'hate' she still seems to be posting on her original account very frequently

No. 1905127

File: 1695816314419.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x2057, IMG_3956.jpeg)

(First time posting I hope I get this right)
Enara is back in hospital with a tube

No. 1905131

Yes! I swear she said she was deactivating the account??

No. 1905137

Just about to post this. What a joke. All her Christmases have come at once. She must be trying to get back into the ana thread kek.

No. 1905139

She did say that. But then she wanted attention. She also said she had a broken foot and that she ate a sock and she had psychosis. What she says does not match her actions.

No. 1905140

I need, need, need to A-log. It’s a NEED. Help me god.

No. 1905144

Her ‘broken foot’ healed very quickly if she was back to having her leg up near her head almost instantly, I wander if she’s shat the sick out yet or whether it’s going to keep her insides warm during the winter?

No. 1905145

I’ve had this tube in for 5 whole minutes and I haven’t informed instagram yet how can I cope with this and the feeds?!?

No. 1905148

File: 1695819248023.png (4.09 MB, 750x1334, 4A3FAC5A-0801-4076-B5E3-211617…)

Not really milk but how many clothes does Laura buy all the time?! She appears to be selling her ‘fat wardrobe’ to make people think she’s losing weight but I had no idea she had SO many clothes. I counted 14 pairs of pants/ tracksuits put up for sale just today! And it’s not as if she’s had them forever and is clearing out because she’s only been obese for a couple of years. How many new clothes is she buying all the fucking time?! And it’s not as if they’re all super cheap brands either.

No. 1905152

Is that a tattoo scribbled all over her chest?
>>I believe you
She craves validation, it seems to have always been her life quest and no amount will ever be enough for her.

No. 1905154

File: 1695820701674.png (1.1 MB, 853x1550, IMG_2940.png)

please sage your replies nonna. but yeah, she made a big stink about it and then reactivated her account like 4 days later. still don’t understand how she was able to put so much weight on her broken foot so quickly

No. 1905159

Bright side anon, it means she's wearing clothes that are adequate for her size and she's not yet trying to squeeze herself into clothes made for literal kids unlike her name twin, kek.

No. 1905177

If she's on lower dose of antipsychotics and is actually moving around through the day then she probably has lost weight but she wants people to think its from restricting or her 'anorexia' coming back kek The filters are definitely a way she's trying to convince people she losing quickly

No. 1905186

Apologies for forgetting to sage I’m a new farmer and still getting used to the format! But from personal experience I couldn’t bare any weight on my broken foot even moving it made me want to cry

No. 1905188

aw nona, youve given me a chuckle by still not saging

No. 1905199

Is it saged this time?

No. 1905213

No. 1905222

File: 1695829313452.gif (3.34 MB, 500x500, gold-star-well-done-fireworks-…)

Way to go newfriend.

No. 1905229

There's no way she actually broke it, podiatrists won't let you put any weight on your foot for months and she's under constant medical supervision. With the amount she weighs if she tried to stand on only her broken foot while leg-lifting she would probably collapse in extreme pain and worsen the fracture.

No. 1905232

Where did she get the leg brace?

No. 1905258

You can still get them for less serious injuries

No. 1905266

Thankyou for the gold star haha

I don’t think she broke it either, it would be 6-8 weeks of limited activity and limiting pressure on the foot to allow it heal - another load of bullshit from Laura

No. 1905269

I'm wondering if she fractured something rather than flat-out breakage, and wanted to make it sound worse than it was.

No. 1905271

Not trying be an annoying medfag pedant but its a common misconception that breaks and fractures are different, they're synonymous. Break just sounds more severe than fracture so people tend to assume there's a difference in severity between the two

No. 1905272

to be fair i don't think she ever actually said that she broke it, just that it was 'injured'

No. 1905312

Kek love this. This is the first and probably only thread where newfags are welcomed and it makes sense as it's a new category in itself.
I screen recorded this but haven't converted it yet. For context, "one of them" is a headbanger. MAYBE, and hear me out becca, maybe if you weren't such a special little retard in your younger years you'd probably be in a much better place right now. Not obese. Not crippled. Not institutionalised, and not blaming poorly patients for still being poorly and putting their episode online you backwards toenail

No. 1905334


You can find them in op shops alongside other random medical supplies sometimes.

No. 1905336

You backwards toenail im crying ahaha

Quick question do we think there’s room for some tiktok cows on this thread? Because believe me there are plenty on there that could bring some entertainment

No. 1905351

Someone here/snow has got a deep rooted thing/vendetta/obsession with Luna. There’s absolutely no milk on her

No. 1905370

File: 1695848020478.png (21.96 KB, 484x205, crybully.PNG)

Pretty sure it's Colours. From what i gather she's seems to have got it in for Luna after she had some sort of DM exchange with her that she shared. She seems to think that Luna is the one posting her to lolcow, quite funny really. Wasn't that a narc tactic around deflection? Throw someone under a bus to distract from your dirt? She's certainly got the cry bullying to a tee to her public account, yet she actively participates here too and the whole multiple hate account thing..

No. 1905465

Well she’s not wearing them if she’s selling them all.

No. 1905472

No milk?! Hang on: She is irl friends with all the cows she can possibly get to, even travels to see them. Particularly the sickest ones. And is 2 faced about it, feeding info on people to other people. She hasn’t worked in years for unknown reasons (but last I knew she has some candle making business now), she is always in ERs and Drs’ offices for weird symptoms and diseases that don’t make sense: was even in a wheelchair for about a year around Covid because her toe and then leg apparently just went numb one day and she couldn’t walk anymore. She went to India, got sick and never seemed to get better about 5 years ago. Got a bf who was addicted to smack and I’m pretty sure she was using it too for a while. At this time she opened up her house to a bunch of homeless people and their dogs so she had people sleeping on the floor in her kitchen and all over the house. Had to start throwing them out because they were smoking crack in the bathroom. She was probably on all those drugs too because her posts were extremely weird at the time: about ‘being in a secret world’ that she can’t talk about but it was really good. You don’t find any of this milky?

No. 1905473

I do find this milky, but c'mon anon it's an imageboard. Give us the milk.

No. 1905475

I don’t have any access now. This is all from memory.

No. 1905477

But I’m still sure she’s a big farmer and possibly even farmhand so I doubt anybody is going to get any access.

No. 1905489

I know we've seemed to be in consensus on lostallsanityx, but do any of us actually have her friended for milk accessibility?

No. 1905559

File: 1695870341505.png (157.3 KB, 427x686, Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 10.0…)

poor starving enara

No. 1905612

uhm yes obviously, how do you think we've been getting the milk. duh.

No. 1905625

File: 1695882919709.jpg (389.54 KB, 996x1752, Collage_2023-09-28_02_33_57~2.…)

No. 1905661

When not hospitalised she'll get benefits, but I'm also sure her parents give her money or buy her clothes. It's a bit nitpicky to criticise her for having a large wardrobe if she's not complained about having no money or tried to crowdfund for basics before.

No. 1905662

holy shit that's an insane tattoo

No. 1905664

She was IP psych at the time too, so the A&E dept doc probably thought she'd be in slippers or pumps all the time and not supportive lace-up boots or even trainers (shoelaces are a no no on many units) and figured using the moonboot would give her foot some better support while it healed. To be fair even a bad foot sprain can take a while to heal.

No. 1905665

She was taken to the ER from her psych unit, so didn't buy it herself.

No. 1905666

Queensland is wild.

No. 1905701

File: 1695904652954.png (324.62 KB, 853x1524, Screenshots_2023-09-28-08-34-0…)

No. 1905713

Oh, so she does have a dad in the picture. But he's not wrong, surely she knows or has been hammered into her what the long term issues with huffing is if it doesn't flat out kill you.. Is she saying she's fully in control of what shes's doing and is purposefully being a shit, or is she mentally unwell? can't have your cake and eat it.

No. 1905733

Totally bring the cows from TikTok.
That place is a breeding ground for bpd cows

No. 1905742

File: 1695909043671.jpeg (175.12 KB, 828x1239, 80F1B0B0-D644-40C0-9A94-93E17E…)

This girl is starting to remind me of lostallsanityx kek

No. 1905810

ugh i don't know who this skank is, but as someone who's had 2 bikes stolen, i already hate her. at least lostallsanity isn't stealing anybody's fucking transportation.

No. 1905835

What I think they meant was that one person posting her said she was going to stop. So if that's what the anon you replied to was getting at then it wasn't a forgone conclusion until someone verified they had access.

No. 1905853

Ayrt, yes maybe that’s milky but what is she doing rn that’s milky/relevant?

No. 1905920

File: 1695930017972.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 8441B909-6875-45DD-BFD9-3FB7B1…)

A personal lolcow I follow is Hayley who I think would be perfect for this thread. She has BPD and likes to remind everyone that she’s spent most of life in psychiatric hospital (it’s even in her bio)

She’s currently inpatient and self harms regularly which is often ‘so severe she could have died’. She has a cast on her leg and is in a wheelchair from a recent self harm incident

She refuses to take accountability for herself and constantly shits on staff. She refuses to change or try to recover. Is constantly baiting suicide which garners many sympathy posts

Her TikTok is iknowyouarewatching888.

No. 1905921

File: 1695930154187.png (627.37 KB, 750x1334, 196C1EB1-79D7-4FB1-B138-65D1A7…)

Hayley has run away from the ward (again) tonight since she’s informal. Although not sure how far she’ll get if she’s still in the wheelchair

No. 1905962

where is she from nonna? she seems so milky

No. 1905994

File: 1695940154715.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4639.png)

gonna drop my favourite bpd (and other types of crazy) headcases from tiktok, it’s difficult to find pics to encompass all of the milk but i will give a brief description with each

Alex Moorhouse (@recovering.alex8 on tiktok): been in some kind of rehab or pd unit for years, constantly “choosing recovery” then quits days later, posts a lot of depressing, attention seeking stuff, serial headbanger and face scratcher, not THE milkiest but does have some moments and i think she could be interesting here

Holly Wilcox (@schizofabulousbackup tiktok @hollyamy9 instagram): schizophrenic alcoholic & many other issues, her tiktoks are absolutely wild in a way i can’t quite describe, her friend died of a stroke and she filmed him on life support, posts tiktoks of herself drinking in the street, she was hospitalised but got out at some point and has managed to stay out but she’s been in a million times so i doubt this will last much longer as she seems to be deteriorating already but she is one of my favourite tiktok crazies

Katya (@katsrecovery2023 on tiktok) i don’t actually know the full lore with this one but she has beef with Holly above because Holly sent her money and she didn’t send it back? or something along those lines. Holly frequently makes tiktoks about how Katya is copying her and everything she does which actually might have some credibility as Katya is a massive attention seeker who seems to just jump on anything she can and repeatedly tries to get herself sectioned by calling police on herself and general antics along those lines

hope these will interest and entertain you all the way they have me

No. 1905995

she is extremely milky, another one i was going to add before i saw you already did, i only found her recently but she fits perfectly here

No. 1905998

nta but I'm 99% sure she's british

No. 1906001

she hasn't changed since 2015!!!! jesus christ what a blast from the past. she used to post selfies of herself ligaturing back in the day. cheers for posting nona!

No. 1906049

are the casts for severe cuts, or does she break her own bones?

No. 1906052

File: 1695947430058.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x1965, IMG_3032.jpeg)

Definitely ticking off that "lack of self awareness box"!

No. 1906101

File: 1695953463847.png (748.97 KB, 853x1550, Screenshots_2023-09-28-22-10-1…)

No. 1906117

The way she styles herself is self harm kek

No. 1906122

File: 1695956024580.jpeg (743.95 KB, 828x1382, LLLTBT.jpeg)

Is this how Laura flirts? If so, Starbucks Guy is gonna be freaked out at the 100lb+ edition.

No. 1906123

almost crying with keks here nona. staff will give very minimal shits if a non sectioned pt absconds especially if they are known for threatening or doing stuff like that in order to get their own way. It's textbook BPD manipulation and a big reason why BPDers who've not had extensive therapy don't do well inpatient.

Good cow, too. A good addition to our Psych Ward but do i sense a hint of Munchdom? What a bonus!

No. 1906125

it's so weird to think about her even wanting to flirt with a "boy" (36 years old). i can only picture her caring about attention from health professionals and internet strangers. also didn't she have someone she seemed to consider her girlfriend before? so is she bisexual then?

No. 1906128

(NTA) I am only speculating, but I suspect it's to prevent her from interfering with the healing process. It's incredibly hard to break your own leg on purpose. Sorry if this crosses over to PL but I knew a girl IP who spent about 3 days constantly whacking her arm off of doorframes before she finally got a tiny hairline fracture. The leg would be a lot harder than that and I can imagine even a longterm cutter wouldn't be able to bring themselves to bring something heavy enough down on their own leg.

Saying that she might have walked in front of a car or something.

No. 1906148

Appreciate this Nona, Holly has been a personal cow of mine too

No. 1906159

literally just from looking at her face, i would bet money on her being british LOL

No. 1906163

Classic bpd splitting behaviour kek

No. 1906167

Same anon but classic virtue signalling and victim bhv. This cow is the definition of bpd. Not to mention her hard core 2010s appearance kek Borderlines aren't meant to be in hospital for long periods of time (sure you all know that) and I'm guessing she's only still in/ been in a long time because of her safety aspect? Gonna get discharged, self harm. Not being enough attention, self harm. Someone criticises, they're judgemental bitch cause I'm so special uwu
Thanks for the milk nonnie

No. 1906258

File: 1695976745413.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 4C625DEC-AEBF-4128-B221-11CFEB…)

Ok so Hayley updated again and she’s now inside somewhere, probably back on the ward. It looks like she has something round her neck. A few days ago she was hinting about having bought something that could end her life. I wonder if this is it? Also yes she is from the UK for those who were wondering

No. 1906264

Yeah I think it’s to stop her from interfering with the healing. She’s actually had a cast on multiple times over the last couple of years. She’s had a few infections from not letting cuts heal and removing the stitches etc

No. 1906287

Looks like earphones in one ear and stretched to the side me. Probably unrelated but you never know.

No. 1906353

That katya cow is a right bitch. This is an image board but a personal experience from almost 2 years ago:
She told someone she wasn't surprised her mum killed herself with such a horrid daughter. The girl in question didn't give her money for a vape. The lassies mum passed from cancer. I can't wait to see more from her as this is the most milk I've seen personally but I'm constantly hearing her name and I don't have social media

No. 1906368

File: 1695994231005.png (445.9 KB, 429x666, Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 8.29…)

Of course Enara does her one-sided selfie on the side with the tube, just to remind us she's such a delicate ana that she's not allowed to eat by mouth right now.

No. 1906369

File: 1695994335716.png (531.53 KB, 429x667, Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 8.32…)

What's the over/under on her writing this note for herself?

No. 1906414

Wants to kill herself, still uses filter. I know that's nitpicking but if she actually dgaf and wanted to off herself why give a shit what you look like or use a filter
The harm bait on this one is large
Unsure of you mentioned their age yet nonnie?

No. 1906416

What's the bet she wrote the note herself

No. 1906429

You need to get tf over yourself and get a life. You need to stop using resources of those who actually need them.

No. 1906440

Wasting resources + Doing your eyebrows = priorities

No. 1906450

For anyone who wants to catch up, here's Enara's inaugural farm post: >>938116.
Laura was around for the first 15 or so Scumbags threads, but mostly as a side-character. From #16 on she selfposted, leglifted, and facescratched her way into the main cast: >>259960.

No. 1906456

Just realised it’s her string lanyard. I wonder why she’s allowed that if she’s such a high risk

She’s 26 I believe

No. 1906518

Ayrt, yeah I saw the exchange in Colours’ own thread, couldn’t make any sense of it though

No. 1906525

I would wager that bet.

No. 1906606

This thread has a lot of potential but it's also going to be a self posting/ vendetta posting nightmare

No. 1906620

She's trying so hard to get back on the PAS thread

No. 1906636

She likely isn't deemed a high risk if it is that. Staff know she's all bark and no bite, and will only threaten or do things so publicly she's at no risk of actually suffocating herself.

No. 1906647

File: 1696033844709.png (323.3 KB, 424x670, Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 7.30…)

No. 1906678

You mean like any other thread like anafags? It's always going to happen but it's not too hard to weed them out

No. 1906684

Ooo we already have a lurker kek
Tries suuuper hard to get too, sends herself flowers, gets questioned about the validity of card and suddenly pulls out the tube- with no evidence btw and we know she lives a good pic when she's doing the naught naughty stuff. Then she 'absconders' but stays on hospital grounds where anyone (but miraculously it was security) can find her and she she goes back to get the ng again. I don't know about you but abscondering to me would be leaving hospital grounds and if I pulled my tooby out of fight like hell for it not to be put back in.
What a nice little production for staff to prove how sik she is and what a good story for her audience. I mean it's almost like someone wrote it.
It just really pisses me off how she tries so hard to 'her them to help me' them they finally give in and give her what she wants then once again wastes a bed and resources for her dramatics. Beds in Australia are scarce and she constantly using resources that people who really need them would be so appreciative.
A wonderful example of her BPD dramatics

No. 1906687

Samefag- sorry for the stupid autocorrect fails hopefully you can still read or understand what I wrote

No. 1906696

>escorted back to the ward (finally)

Is this bitch actually complaining about either them taking too long to play her dumb game of hide and seek or that security didn't call for a fucking golf cart to zoom her back for emergency refeeding before she lost half an ounce? The audacity!

No. 1906698

I think the finally is supposed to go with the painkiller bit, aka is a sign she was begging for painkillers before her little stunt

No. 1906699

Oh my bad then, she just doesn't know how punctuation works despite multiple unused degrees. What is she whining for pain meds for? The pain of refeeding? lol

No. 1906808

A pain killer for what though? Her ng? Give her some throat spray and tell her to harden the fuck up. If it was for her tube she made it way worse by pulling it out and having to put it back in.
No blogging but does anyone know of someone who's had to have painkillers after ng? And not straight after, they managed hours. She was probs just pill seeking like she does with the ambos that come to her place and give her a benzo or two
And where the fuck is her poor dog? Back with her case worker I guess

No. 1906809

maybe for her tragic self-inflicted esophagus strictures that magically only keep her from eating sometimes?

No. 1906833

>”Better get back to my room and let all my followers know I did this.”

No. 1906848

What a stinking pile of entitlement. How is anybody supposed to take mental health seriously when there's so many of these people around hogging attention like they're collecting Pokémon.

No. 1906892

"absconded" seems a very dramatic description when all she did was leave the ward, go to the main hospital door and curl up on the floor INSIDE. she didn't even leave the hospital.

No. 1906934

About time this thread was made. Enara is pro ana scumbagging her way for attention. She just loves the toob. It's a positive to her.

No. 1906961

curled up on the floor is so cringe coming from her. girl please you're an actual land whale. i'm really quite sure the security who found her wasn't thinking, 'aww look at this fragile angel curled up on the floor, poor thing!'

No. 1906964

The bitch can't curl, she is the curl. No need to curl into a ball on the floor when you are a ball. I'm absolutely loving the pushback from enara to get back into PAS kek

No. 1906965

File: 1696092337415.jpeg (302.17 KB, 1125x2019, IMG_7414.jpeg)


Kek Bitch where??

Tell me you’re delulu without telling me

No. 1906967

File: 1696092460477.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1867, IMG_7415.jpeg)

Imagine sending this to your mum and she just tells you to get your eyebrows done

Even her family are sick of her behaviour

No. 1906991

she did say that the outside doors locked at 11pm, so she couldn't physically escape. that being said, if she was really serious about it, you'd think she would have gone around looking for another door.

No. 1906996

calling it: enara's a homestuck fan

No. 1907006

File: 1696097551367.png (546.88 KB, 771x414, Capture-3.png)

to be obese and have your blood work be awful because you only eat garbage is too funny. she's worried about empty calories in the feed when that's all she chooses to eat anyway? kek

also this is an old article, but i only just read it and she's such a trip. i didn't appreciate enara enough as a cow before this thread. https://www.thenursebreak.org/mental-health-nurse-battle-with-suicide/

No. 1907013

kek I'm almost certain that she is saying this 'unfiltered' shit as bait for here

No. 1907020

does she really need a toob for those deficiencies? just drink a fortisip or something ffs

No. 1907047

it's just an instance of rules gone amok. she's in the state in australia where they follow really strict guidelines, so if she has an ed diagnosis and ticks enough boxes then the doctors are required to follow protocol and tube her for refeeding even if she doesn't really need it. it's supposed to minimize risk for patients who actually have restrictive eating disorders and is getting misapplied to her.

No. 1907063

I don’t understand. It’s not hard to get.
If u have a restrictive eating disorder, you will be adverse to food and loose weight… explain that

No. 1907067

spoiler: she doesn't have one

No. 1907070

Indeed. If anything it's just a part of her BPD except because she's in Queensland she can go 24h without eating and the hospital is obliged to tube her. It's both hilarious and maddening.

No. 1907079

Wait what if ur just an elderly person who thinks the food is gross? You’ll get a stupid nose hose

No. 1907080

No, it's a protocol for people diagnosed with eating disorders. Generally the elderly won't 100% refuse to eat and will work with dietitians to find food or supplements (like ensure/fortisip/whatever, which are common for the elderly) that they can tolerate. Eventually some elderly people do have to make a choice between tube feeding and deciding to just let nature take its course, but that's usually at the end of life when their body is shutting down anyway

No. 1907084

And like a lot of GI surgeries they tube people to control the food introduced into the recently operated on gut.

But anons are right. Such severe Ed claiming from Enara but so little change in weight. Doesnt compute

No. 1907087

thanks for the keks nonna.. i cant believe anyone would want to put something like this on the internet. good luck ever finding a job again. or any dignity.

No. 1907088

If there was ever any doubt that Enara was a munchie above anything else, even her absolute raging BPD, check out that hospital band collection.

No. 1907137

Kek she thinks people are supposed to believe her? Maybe she does need to go back on the antipsychotics

No. 1907143

Kek this made me laugh so hard
>I'm in a larger body
Is called being over weight/fat. The pressing she uses to try to deny yet prove her 'ED' is laughable. Last time she told us what rate she was on, but now the rate has gone up she coincidentally doesn't mention it even though that would encourage ass pats?
Requested psych eval cause she wants to be IP so bad, where of they actually do admit her, she will demand her therapy dog be with her. Freaking out means more benzos. She's got everything planned to a T

No. 1907145

she's definitely angling her way into a long term psych admit now that she's lost her ability to just turn up at the private clinic for respite admissions

No. 1907146

And after d/c she will write an article about her 'breakdown' and go to conferences where she'll blabber on about herself again saying how hard it was and her SEED had been for (calculates) about 20yrs. I wonder how many times nasogastric tube would be mentioned. IP gives her a whole new set of nurses and patients to tell her tall tales too. She'd be in dopamine overload

No. 1907223

File: 1696140780847.jpg (317.99 KB, 1006x1776, Collage_2023-10-01_02_11_46~2.…)

No. 1907224

please shoplift some nail clippers

No. 1907227

Something about the eyebrow things tickles me. What a weird thing to randomly obsess over then turn around and rant about your sooper serious ED. Her mom doesn’t give a fuck
>>1906606 that’s the fun part tho anon… it really is..

No. 1907228

She should try eating a vegetable here and there between all those fortisips maybe she'd have more vitamins in her

No. 1907255

This whole thing would be hilarious if she wasn’t such a humongous drain on services. I like how she’s put vitamin D in there to try and pad it out kek even if it’s super low it just takes a few weeks of high strength supplements. But I guess taking a couple extra pills a week doesn’t quite hit the munchie spot

No. 1907259

As a nurse and almost full time hospital patient she 100% knows what time the doors get locked.

No. 1907261

The way she gives all the details relating to her self harm, surgery and the after effects is so unsettling. Why are you telling people all of this? Why is wherever this is published allowing these details? It's all weird and off.

No. 1907262

I know she loves to say she has a restrictive Ed but what I think is actually the case is she's been biinging and purging a lot and that can actually quite seriously fuck up your levels. Much more so than than part time restriction.

No. 1907264

Does she look like she purges? If so then she must still be eating a TON.

No. 1907265

Idk I know she's mentioned it a few times. Maybe she isn't very good at it.

No. 1907266

Not from the looks of it kek

No. 1907288

kek her face looks pasted on the pic

No. 1907297

cuz she's the sickest of the sickest eva, anon! she just LOVES the attention

No. 1907310

File: 1696169313737.png (106.39 KB, 326x246, Screenshot 2023-10-01 160810.p…)

No. 1907368

Does she have no idea how easily that can get infected or does she just not care?

No. 1907369

Didn't she claim at one point that she "regurgitates"?

No. 1907371

Could also just be intentional, seen plenty of people put shit in their cuts with the goal of infection

No. 1907402

i'm sure she doesn't care, she goes months without showering and changing clothes and has one of the most carved up bodies i've ever seen.

No. 1907543

File: 1696209344596.png (467.12 KB, 430x667, Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 8.14…)

Enara has got to be reading this thread, the comment about 'tube selfies' is basically straight from our commentary. It's also bullshit that she just happens to be taking a selfie while she's tubed because she almost never posts pictures of herself normally and now she's posted several tube selfies. I sort-of believe her when she says that she doesn't want to go to the MHU, though, because I think the environment isn't very coddling and so she doesn't feel looked after by people there and it doesn't feed that need for attention.

No. 1907545

File: 1696209592710.png (477.48 KB, 475x648, Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 8.18…)

Does anyone here remember Allyson from forever ago? She finally popped back up on instagram a while ago, still munching and larping an ED. (If people are interested, I could recap her for those who don't know / remember her)

No. 1907547

I spy with my little eye some face scratching…

No. 1907556

yes please nonna! I don't know this cow but I'm so interested

No. 1907565

I don't think she's Kelly R-ing here, she's just chaotically unwell and doesn't care for herself. I might be wrong, but isn't she one of the cows whose local A&E has banned her from attending for basically anything but a life threatening emergency? I wish there was a programme that people like her could be given sterile first aid supplies from a pharmacy or something.

No. 1907566

That read to me more like out of control GERD (because fat kek).

No. 1907567

She doesn't want the tube, she's claimed to already have pulled it out, but it's not taped over the nose like on defiant anachans, let alone bridled… she loves it.

No. 1907571

Kek Has a toob for essential refeeding for 2 days! (Or something) and pulls it out and is now being introduced to oral feeds?
>you are sick enough
She lurks so hard
She wouldn't want to go to MHU because you don't get individual ass pats there and they don't take your shit. She can't LARP as hard there and they'll know her background. She'd rather be in a small unit with a nurse that has 4 patients and can spend time with her and create her little scenarios to validate to herself that she's sahh sick. And just cause a nurse is nice to you in the room doesn't mean they actually think you're sick, they know malingerers and 'hate' them because they do take up beds and resources.
Oh and suddenly a toob pic but not one without it even though that would have corroborated her story.
I stg a whole Fiction book could be written about her BS. That's probably what she's doing in her head anyway

No. 1907573

Samefag but kek she's taking inspiration from the UK cows. Wonder if she'll end up with a diaper too

No. 1907575

I'm pretty sure the on-nose tape is just the way some nurses secure NG tubes.

No. 1907578

Yep - for years she was a constant topic in r/ifgw, r/munchsnark and the like. She's one of the most pathetic and inept munchies I've ever seen. She's larped autism with a side of being nonverbal, fakes an NG using anything that remotely looks like medical tubing, has a weird, sexless relationship with some guy she met on Tumblr that moved her in to "fix" her, and she is the worst narrator that can't keep stories straight even just hours after she posts them. Also the skyler in her username is one of her alters, well in the days she remembers she pretends to have DID. Oh, and she posted a, I won't say bowl, a vat of oatmeal she ate, forgetting she said she 'has' gastroparesis - which, if she did actually have, would basically blow her asshole out. She's pretty harmless but Weapons-grade stupid.

No. 1907580

It definitely makes it more uncomfortable to take the tube out though when the tape's wrapped around the whole bottom half of the nose.

No. 1907591

File: 1696219720960.png (409.7 KB, 428x683, Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 11.0…)

"about to start an oral diet" my ass, pic rel. I frankly do not believe that she would be given a coffee drink for low blood sugar while hospitalized and supposedly NPO. Wouldn't she be given glucose tablets or similar?

No. 1907592

File: 1696219794859.png (446.38 KB, 429x692, Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 11.0…)

She was also drinking this while claiming she's supposedly not allowed anything by mouth

No. 1907594

Because of the caffeine content, coffee can lower the blood sugar if you're prone to that especially if you drink it without any food. So either she's lying or she enjoys inducing medical episodes.

No. 1907595

I also really doubt she's having lows while on continuous feeds

No. 1907612

YESSSS I have waited so long for Allyson to reappear somewhere on a forum! I miss her terrible attempts at munching. Is she still with Alex? One snark forum had a free Alex hashtag going for a while. The random things she would use as fake tubes and fake IV’s for the gram were endless and her tumblr short stories were wild reads. Is that a self inserted nose hose that her land whale second chin clearly needs?

No. 1907621

Need to increase BSL, gets given a sugar and calories free drink..ok Jan

No. 1907622

Maybe I missed something but I doubt she's on Continuous, I rekon they'd just have her on a boulus at night or AM

No. 1907639

She's on continuous because she's on the QUEDS refeeding protocol and has been talking about her rate being increased from 45ml/hr to 55ml/hr or whatever

No. 1907640

File: 1696231560520.png (774.03 KB, 1094x600, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 2.25…)

She is indeed still with Alex and still using him as her "service human", it seems. There's no way to know 100% for sure, but I would be shocked if the ng tube were prescribed.

No. 1907641

File: 1696231644458.png (664.33 KB, 1095x591, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 2.26…)

She also claims to have EDS now and did some LARPing around having to wear a neck brace that she claims was prescribed, but like … that is so clearly something she bought from amazon or wherever, not an actual medical device. Like, look at it.

No. 1907642

File: 1696231721366.png (321.22 KB, 291x597, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 2.28…)

This is super cropped because I didn't want to include the person she's with (who seems to be an innocent person who just had the misfortune of being her roommate while in ED treatment), but notice that Allyson is not tubed while in treatment for her "restrictive eating disorder" and the tube only reappeared a while after discharge.

No. 1907643

File: 1696231803420.png (612.03 KB, 1096x545, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 2.29…)

She also got discharged from therapy for LARPing too hard. (Last post for now, I don't want to flood the thread with Allyson and she honestly hasn't posted that much more on this account anyway)

No. 1907644

samefag, but I also just wanted to say that Allyson has a long, long history of deleting everything and shutting down accounts when she gets too much negative attention and/or thinks something is weird, so please don't all rush to add her at once. Her account doesn't have that many followers right now and I think she'll probably find it weird if she gets a big influx of requests and then we'll lose the milk. It's probably smarter to wait a while and add her at a random time so it's not all clustered together.

No. 1907652

Ahh ok thanks for that nonnie

No. 1907653

Could this be another Porgie
And kek to the 'welp' in your lower post

No. 1907655

oh my god thank you for this nonna! One of my favourite cows (I still gag sometimes thinking about tofu and onions)

No. 1907658

Those soft collars do absolutely nothing. We use them in ambulance services to remind people not to move their neck until they’ve had an X-ray and so hospital staff can see they haven’t had a spinal X-ray yet, without causing pain and distress that hard collars can cause. (Patients we actually think have a potential neck injury get a proper collar to clarify.) Claiming to use it for any kind of stability is hilarious. Is anything she has prescribed? Didn’t she steal stuff from her grandma? A walker or something?

No. 1907665

ENARA in a fucking WHEELCHAIR???? guys she's so severe frail SEED she needs a wheelchair to move around

No. 1907666

why do all these obese cows get fucking tubed ? is it cute and trendy to have a nose hose now? they're so provoking

No. 1907681

Image board

No. 1907707

? nta but, read the post the replying to

No. 1907714

That shit is expensive though, not to mention that she seems like just the type to neglect caring for wounds anyway with all the bullshit she pulls
Kelly was just a very extreme version of intentional infection, you see lesser degrees of it in the self harm community plenty often.
But yeah money's more on her just neglecting to take care of shit considering her self care seems kinda non exitent

No. 1907725

Kek Allyson wishes she was tubed. She does it to herself to larp gastroparesis then pulls it out before she goes inpatient every few weeks.

No. 1907734

In Allyson's case, she hasn't even actually been tubed by a doctor kek. She literally buys medical supplies on the internet and does it herself.

No. 1907757

chill nonnie, I literally replied to the post that said so in an "image".

No. 1907879

Read the image this post replied to. Enara says in it that she is in a wheelchair.

No. 1907937

No. 1907947

File: 1696288531775.jpg (382.03 KB, 1080x2090, Screenshot_20231002_190659_Chr…)

Kek ofc Enara would share this article on her LinkdIn? I think. I'm sure she's told whoever she could how traumatising having an ng placed and remain is (don't know if she mentioned to them pulling it out because most clinicians would be put off by it)

No. 1907948

or they could just take an x-ray before using it, like basically every hospital in the united states

No. 1907952

File: 1696288879651.jpg (652.78 KB, 1920x1920, Enabler.jpg)

No. 1907954

this reads like enara took her "everyone is so MEAN to me because of MAH BPD, that's why I'm unemployed" and tried to turn it into science

No. 1907957

File: 1696289230691.jpg (759.35 KB, 1920x1920, A-boohoo-dabi.jpg)

These are for newfags who don't know a lot about enara

We all remember her miracle recovery from suicidalty just in time to fly to UAE for a conference. She couldn't find any resource drinks cause she couldn't eat but ended up at Maccas

No. 1907958

are these linkedin posts? Because that's some wild shit to post on linkedin

No. 1907963

File: 1696289704396.jpg (498.59 KB, 1920x1920, Itsa me Enaria.jpg)

Last one for now

No. 1907964

File: 1696289814126.jpg (610.74 KB, 1079x1447, Screenshot_20231002_190115_Chr…)

You think that's wild nonnie …. this pic is on her linkdin profile

No. 1907965

File: 1696290027513.jpg (478.73 KB, 1080x1972, C9y9yc9tf.jpg)

Such passion

No. 1907967

File: 1696290068668.jpg (533.8 KB, 1080x2128, 0yfufpyf9y.jpg)

Much study

No. 1907969

File: 1696290161669.jpg (516.52 KB, 1080x2097, X8tedp8ct.jpg)

No. 1907980

It's not a research study if you are your only patient example. She's acting like she's a great mh treatment revolutionary, but really she's just the patient they bring out at conferences to be like "here's a face to the disorder".

No. 1907981

yeah, she's very clearly a token they use to show how forward thinking they are about learning from patients. I can't imagine she's really there on intellectual merit.

No. 1907986

thank you for posting this, i was just getting curious about enara’s first appearance

No. 1907996

Don't think that's her first appearance but I could be wrong. I'll probably go back threads a bit and grab anything worthy, unless she has her own thread link or another nonnie has them

No. 1907997

enara has never had her own thread, so you're not missing anything nonna. I'd be interested in seeing where she started in the threads.

No. 1908000

Never posted a link before and it's an article not a video. Do apologies for my autismfaggotry if this is wrong
"Suicide and nursing more common than you think"


No. 1908054

"deaths" wait…how do you die from having an NG placed, am I retarded?

No. 1908057

it can happen! if they're placed into the lungs instead of the stomach, you can aspirate and die. That's why you're supposed to take x-rays or test pH to check if the tube is actually in the stomach

No. 1908060

File: 1696305845062.jpg (496.37 KB, 1080x2134, 120.jpg)

From 1yr ago, think it goes back another year or so, but her recent one in the last 8mtjs have been creamy

No. 1908062

> mah anorexia

No. 1908063

File: 1696305958868.jpg (1.03 MB, 924x2088, Seed.jpg)

Wow how lucky! A dx of SEED and a new car right out of hospital!

No. 1908065

File: 1696306125397.png (16.23 KB, 1126x35, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 11.0…)

I looked up the grant she's always bragging about winning to attend that nursing conference and the website says that it's just for the registration fees, so not nearly as big of a deal as she was making it out to be.

No. 1908066

File: 1696306302229.png (58.54 KB, 715x230, Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 11.0…)

This other one that Enara bragged about was a $500 award. My slight blog is that I have been in charge of organizing academic conferences and giving out travel money before and this is an amount of money that you might give to everyone who applies and is qualified for assistance, out of funds designated for students. I almost guarantee that she gets a lot of these small grants because she can always say she's a student and conference grants usually have a chunk of funds reserved for helping students attend.

No. 1908070

I rekon she uses her army services to milk more (I don't codone those actions if she really was SA)but it makes her more special uwu

No. 1908071

ayrt. Eh, I don't think it would matter for those types of small academic grants. They usually don't ask for essays or anything, just some basic information about where you're studying, cost to attend the conference, verification that you're a student, etc.

No. 1908072

File: 1696307561698.jpg (628.56 KB, 1920x1920, Nomnom.jpg)

the seed is so strong and enduring

No. 1908073

File: 1696307857352.jpg (664.59 KB, 1920x1920, Samenight.jpg)

Yes, she stole a hospital blanket and took a sleeping photo of herself then ended up in ED that night for 'staples' All this is within the same month

No. 1908074

Same fag. I don't want to flood the thread so I'll post 1 more I guess that might be able to sum up a few things. Otherwise go to the snow/ proana thread and go back through them (maybe the last 5) that should get you caught up and an idea of her LARPing

No. 1908106

oh please, this fat bitch isn't actually worried about future employers, she is never trying to actually work again, she thinks she'll live off the government or whatever she gets forever.
also is it normal in australia for a dealership to put a bow on a new car or did she pay extra for that? lmao i can't

No. 1908111

It's definitely not the norm so I'm assuming she paid.

No. 1908135

i definitely figured she requested the bow. totally expected from someone who sends herself flowers and handwritten notes in the hospital.

No. 1908145

I got a brand new car and it had a bow on it. I think it depends on the dealership. I don't think they would do it if it's some blokes work car, but I definetly didn't request a bow on mine and there was one.

No. 1908149

File: 1696325820362.jpg (728.98 KB, 815x1735, Munchmunch.jpg)

I think this pic sums up Enara pretty well

No. 1908153

File: 1696326180356.jpg (652.87 KB, 1920x1920, F9yfy9cy99y.jpg)

Left:1 yr ago Right: 3yrs ago I think

No. 1908154

Wow anorexia really did number on her

No. 1908156

File: 1696326394186.jpg (393.08 KB, 885x2117, 9yf85dx8rc8t.jpg)

Ran out of Hospitals and treatment centres back then too

No. 1908159

File: 1696326615886.jpg (505.99 KB, 855x1384, Collection.jpg)

Some people collect squishmellows, some people figurines, Orr maybe plants, but Enara has her own collecting niche

No. 1908165

oh man, I forgot when she took the ng tube on the plane. thanks for digging up this gold, nonna.

No. 1908168

Who cowtippedbecause Hayley is gone from TikTok?

No. 1908176

kek reminded me of mr. bean

No. 1908179

of course enara had a septum piercing

No. 1908183

The way she's staring deep into my soul with that smirk and elephant trunk (quite literally) is so unsettling. I'm sure she was on cloud nine having the toob on the plane when the passengers, airline staff, and lots of people at the airport noticed this walking landwhale with her so severe and so enduring anorexia nervosa. I'm getting second hand embarrassment, embarrassment goosebumps. she's such a joke and she knows it.

No. 1908190

> suicide and nursing more common than you think
This is a misleading headline for a start - her mental illness doesn't appear to have anything to do with her nursing 'career' although I'm sure any minor stresses in the job have her reaching for the aspirin and the ambulance.

>tried to kill herself 40 times in a year


No. 1908217

she does not know it. this fat fuck is so full of herself, she really believes her own bullshit.

No. 1908228

Maybe she counts every instance of sh as an attempt or something… or something else insignificant that couldn't kill her but she kinda wishes it did

No. 1908230

It's something she has in common with colours then on that part.

No. 1908234

She's pretty shit at it of she's tried 40 times and is still here. That tells you everything there. Half assed barely attempts so she can be found (probably messages someone before) or go to the hospital herself and say she's done something or call the ambos on herself.

No. 1908279

She got banned apparently (she posted on another account but I can’t remember the name. If I find it I’ll post it.

No. 1908411

ayrt, it's truly fascinating how some people can be too oblivious they believe their own made up lies and cry about them.

No. 1908527

File: 1696386489151.jpg (380.8 KB, 854x1829, Screenshot_20231003_133110_Chr…)

Whoop there it is

No. 1908528

File: 1696386634161.jpg (414.95 KB, 854x1911, Screenshot_20231003_133049_Chr…)

She'll do a 'Kelly'

No. 1908529

I'm as annoyed by enara as anyone else, but this is clearly sarcasm on her part. There's enough to make fun of without inventing milk

No. 1908539

The question is valid and she's using sarcasm/joking to avoid the question. She's well aware of what she does so minimising it, using sarcasm and hyperbolies gets her out of answering truthfully. Obviously the Kekly thing is a joke. And lk I think she would 'want' to do something serious to be in hospital for a length of time. 40 attempted ODs speaks to that. There's always a grain of truth in sarcastic answers

No. 1908540

Samefag but have you brought any milk?

No. 1908542

I'm the anon who posted the majority of enara screenshots in the last two or three pro-ana threads, so yeah I post a fair amount about Enara. Sorry for misreading your comment about Kelly; I mistook the tone and thought you were being serious.

No. 1908543

She's so almost self aware.. but so not..
I have been thinking about how many cows try to avoid the BPD label and excuse all behaviours on a more "acceptable" diagnosis, but since enara is so far deep into the PD identity and open about the attention seeking, deliberate self harm, wanting to be a permanent patient and chronically mentally in crisis due to care seeking and validation. Why doesn't she just go balls into admitting she has munchausens ? If she's unwilling to recover and willing to blame every single thing on her mental illness because it "makes her act that way", wouldn't being a munchie just give her even more fake self justification?

The only thing that would make it hard would be the stigma and any munchie flags on a medical file would probably get her refused care more, is that why she dedicates it all on BPD? even though at this point many medical professionals dismiss it just as much, I'm sure she could feel so sooper special being a self aware, treatment resistant munch lol

No. 1908544

I think she sees admitting to the BPD stuff as a get out of jail free card. If someone calls her on shitty behavior, she can just point to the bpd label and say they're not being sensitive to her illness.

No. 1908558

Cognitive dissonance and the potential of them being turned away from facilities and not taken seriously. While there's still a question mark over the Munch, the Drs have to take it at face value. And tbh imho she the kind of malingerer that gives those with the Dx a bad name/ stigma. I know there's many variations of BPD but it's this stuff that the general public and health workers see and get pissed off with. Even nurses in EDs hate looking after BPD patients and will shit talk to other nurses. So being self aware this much to the point of arrogance pisses me off big time. It's smug, gross and entitled and a piss take

No. 1908607

I'll say this for Enara, she is somewhat self aware of her BPD behaviours.

No. 1908649

Scroll up to the picture of her hand, she's well aware

No. 1908695

File: 1696416571555.jpeg (20.18 KB, 266x321, 6CA47CD2-3F0F-404C-94CE-2E092D…)

Or the very rare cases of it being inserted into the brain because they pushed so hard or the patient had a skull or nasal fracture

No. 1908701

I mean she has lost weight, but it’s not SEED level. Some person the same size doing weight loss for health reasons would lose more

No. 1908727

That's gnarly

No. 1908737

File: 1696420293879.jpeg (275.12 KB, 828x1454, AA35B755-8098-4D55-AB81-E00191…)

Someone’s been facing scratching

No. 1908759

Oh dear god no. (I thought that was a tapeworm at first. Not sure which is worse).

No. 1908762

She just can’t leave alone can she? The IG account or the attention. I have never understood the face scratching. These people must have nails like cats.

No. 1908764

Fucking hell im traumatised

No. 1908779

File: 1696426401973.jpeg (190.61 KB, 750x1168, 1672836C-BE73-4ED7-BA87-94A5AE…)

Ok…..I want to try to introduce someone but I don’t know if they really belong itt or if they’re milky enough. Some people might remember but way, way back this person was well known in Ed circles (Anyone remember the Purgatorium?!) And had a lot of drama. Now seemingly recovered (good for him) but constantly marking anniversaries almost Becca style. Californian (explains a lot). Trans F2M and now apparently back the other way. Used to be a LOT of Ed milk and aggressively openly hyper sexual so a lot of just weird milk. I personally think HPD but see for yourselves if you’re interested.
Honestly he is/was a decent seeming person but a LOT of drama. I guess see what you think now. I’m going to upload a few pics so sorry in advance and if nobody’s into it I’ll leave alone.

No. 1908781

File: 1696426533587.jpeg (229.53 KB, 750x1192, 21A0FDBF-343B-4C6B-9089-9A236B…)

Male (trans) for the last 20 years or so.

No. 1908782

File: 1696426573565.jpeg (246.29 KB, 750x1187, 57377954-CF2E-4565-92B0-046581…)

No. 1908784

File: 1696426682138.jpeg (445.56 KB, 750x1201, F1F0C6F0-87A5-45B5-8545-330D6C…)

No. 1908786

File: 1696426820595.jpeg (326.35 KB, 749x1188, 7AA2B065-A625-4B42-B2DA-B5796B…)

No. 1908787

File: 1696426998217.jpeg (221.82 KB, 749x1119, 27DDC359-3E53-4D1F-9463-71CE23…)

Sorry I know it’s a lot of pics. If I knew how to make them into one I would but I’m trying to give a brief idea of this person and it’s kind of impossible to be brief. There is so much. But anyway now he’s not on T anymore and I’ll post ONE pic showing how he looks now. (She?)

No. 1908789

File: 1696427143342.jpeg (239.54 KB, 750x1206, 81CAC326-8159-47A1-AFB4-7F8D8E…)

Last one I promise. I’m fascinated but if people think he doesn’t belong then that’s fine.

No. 1908814

Don't continue to refer to this delusional woman as "he," you're going to get banned. We don't coddle trannies on this website. But other than that this person seems potentially milky, although the screenshots you've posted don't really seem that outrageous as far as BPDers go.

No. 1908817

She doesn’t seem milky to me, and last posted in may 2022.

No. 1908823

Ok. Just wondered if people were interested. That’s fine if not. I’m not a snowflake for pronouns or anything, just always ‘knew’ this person as male the whole time. Apparently now back to female, which I never expected.

No. 1908824

Blast from the past, Johnny is still going? I remember when he had the whole desirenotdemise website, does he still dress up in tutus in public? Good to see he's still kicking given Jeremy Gilitzer passed, (It felt rare to see chaps with EDs anywhere on social media a decade ago). And the whole recounting of him fisting himself to pull out literal shit to the point of constant bleeding & prolapse is etched in my mind, fucking nightmare fuel. The oversharing and unintentional bragging about how sick he was was wild
-removed part & reposted after googling - I always thought Johnny was a male since birth, didn't he have poems about/talking about male parts in regards to sexual abuse? Mandela effect? But it seems like others online clocked he's a female. I'm blind and awfully disappointed. I always thought he/she/whatever was just a twink.

No. 1908825

Interesting that someone else has ‘known’ him at least as long as me from those old days. I don’t know if that stuff is still going. I don’t think so? Had no contact with him for a long time because it got too much. Constantly posting attention seeking stuff, complaining about lack of engagement (when there was actually loads) and then saying ‘I can’t deal with all the messages and comments so I’m turning them off!’ Every time.
Actually born female though, so I’m afraid you’re wrong there. If you’ve known him around that long surely you know all that? There are many posts and old kid pics. Definitely born female. All the intimate piercings to close everything up? The ‘stinger’ ?! Became trans male kind of as a reaction to her father dying and also SA I think, but was still dressing in tutus and glitter with the whole ‘I own my sexual revolution’ thing.
And yes I remember the less than savoury details of emetophilia and the ‘anal purging document’ and intestine stuff. Was really a lot back in the day.

No. 1908829

He wasn’t shy about talking about being born female. I always knew him as male but knew he was trans. It’s wild to me that he is now transitioning/transitioned back.
I thought he would be dead honestly by now. He was really messed up but he - she - apparently is very much alive. And doing pretty well. But seems nobody is really into her, him - urgh I don’t know - So ok. Just thought I’d see.

No. 1908830

It’s been kind of fun to know there are people out there who remember that whole bizarre time of Ed’s online back then at least!

No. 1908848

Any news about Kelly? Most recent milk came from leddit a few months ago were she selfposted and got banned right after. She has now pulled out most of her teeth and hair and claims that they fell because of the medication she takes or another undiscovered disease. Couldn't hide her smug during all that. Holy cow.
Not to mention she keeps infecting the amputation wounds, but there's no more leg left it reached her pelvis wtf. Meanwhile, she couldn't hide her smug detailing all of these hardships.

No. 1908851

That seems to be the latest, as of her thread on the other farms.

No. 1908951

what did the "then" pic look like?

No. 1908971

File: 1696457731529.png (567.04 KB, 428x697, Screen Shot 2023-10-04 at 5.15…)

Enara is too dainty to eat a whole yogurt and serving of cereal at breakfast

No. 1908975

I would be more enraged that everything comes in small plastic packages, but sure, a yogurt, a tiny milk and juice and some cereal are way too much for a breakfast, especially for someone being overweight.

No. 1908977

They're individually portioned and hygienically sealed. I guess that's to be expected in hospitals (and hotels etc).
If they'd given her a Starbucks she'd have taken it without bitching lol

No. 1908993

Not where I'm from, you get cooked meals on plates and drinks in glasses, nothing portioned like that. It's still horrible, unhealthy food, but not individually portioned and the only thing that would be packed is maybe butter. And I agree with you, she would have taken that Starbucks stuff without complaining, get that sugar down, it's just like when she told everyone her stomach was hurt and she would drink coke, sure, best thing for a sensitive stomach.

No. 1909151

Coke is regularly given to people when they’re sick because it’s easy on the stomach especially if it’s flat, dumb nitpick(learn to sage)

No. 1909157

You sound like someone i know, they always pull out that line to justify their fizzy pop addiction kek. It's not normal. Got kidney stones now and still drinking the stuff. Bonkers.(dumb blogpost/derailing)

No. 1909171

Coke won’t give you kidney stones it’s 99.9% water….dumbass(derail)

No. 1909243

Yes, yes it is, much like ginger ale or fizzy Lucozade (in the UK). However Enara claims to have caused damage to her oesophagus and stomach through battery swallowing so surely Coke would be a terrible idea for her specifically. Either she's hooked on the sugar or she hasn't done as much damage as she claims.

No. 1909270

Hospitals make so much waste with all the stuff packaged and the pills in little paper cup things. And all gets thrown away if you don’t take it. Such a waste and bad for the environment but hygiene and safety protocols unfortunately.

No. 1909417

It’s 89%, and kidney stones have a known link to soda, but sure, drink your 13 cokes a day(continuing derail)

No. 1909462

did you find it? or has anyone else?

No. 1909564

I remember the Purgatorium and Johnny. I'm pleasantly surprised that he isn't dead.

No. 1909974

File: 1696621941057.png (170.29 KB, 428x693, Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at 2.52…)

I couldn't help but laugh at this tell that someone sent Enara. Cow behavior on both sides.

No. 1910003

File: 1696627205680.png (146.49 KB, 853x555, Screenshots_2023-10-06-17-17-4…)

according to lolcow. and by lolcow, did you mean…the scale?

No. 1910006

it's so wild knowing how much some of the cows lurk here, and it does absolutely nothing to make them actually take a step back and really look at their behavior.

No. 1910034

More sarcasm so she doesn't have to actually answer the questions. More and more people are calling her out so in order to not admit 'I'm LARPing and wasting resources'
I mean her statement is technically true. Maybe she just needs some McDonald's from UAE

No. 1910036

File: 1696630706563.jpg (336.43 KB, 1079x696, Screenshot_20231007_061801_Chr…)

She's beached as bro

No. 1910040

File: 1696631172315.jpg (610.57 KB, 1080x2093, Screenshot_20231003_122237_Chr…)

Pretends to be upset by her Pdoc telling her she Atypical kek
Sah special
Give proof by the email and I'll believe. I also don't believe that the Pdoc just have that up without Enara saying what the criteria is. She would have been jizzing her pants when they said the magical A word

No. 1910042

File: 1696631436563.jpg (388.89 KB, 781x996, Screenshot_20231003_133441_Chr…)

IP DBT course? Kek The whole point of DBT is to stay out of hospital and not become institutionalised. It's about doing the work yourself (with support) and learning to self regulate in your own, not go cry to a nurse every minute that you feel suicidal or want to self harm. She doesn't actually want to get better she enjoys hospital too much. She'd also have to admit to behaviors in order to stop them and create healthy ones. She's once again be wasting resources. The fact she wants an IP is hilarious

No. 1910055

It's funnier to me that Enara seems to have no idea that atypical anorexia is listed under OSFED.

No. 1910086

File: 1696636410528.jpeg (391.87 KB, 750x1334, C79ECF98-EBCD-4698-B419-93CF3B…)

reposted from PAS (nice thread, nona!!) but ever dainty enara showed us how she spent $10 on a screensaver app for her smart watch, good use of governmentbucks etc

No. 1910121

Miss "who eats 3 meals and 3 snacks" anorexia larper mocking the situation most actually anorexic patients have to face while in hospital. It's not like she's got a shrunken stomach from restriction that anorexics have. She will have no problem getting that food down. She just has to larp by posting this to make her look Sooper sick and serious.

No. 1910145

She lives in a fucking beautiful beach city and I never see pictures of her outdoors in nature, even in some of Cairns parks or near the sea.

No. 1910146

They're the same thing, god she's dumb. It means someone has anorexic-like behaviours (supposedly) but is too fat for an actual anorexia diagnosis

No. 1910147

She admits to the behaviours - even wanting attention and coddling which many people with BPD won't ever admit they crave. She just lacks the will to do anything about it and move on with her life. She'll be doing the same sad song and dance for attention when she's 40.

No. 1910160

did she ever even lose weight? isn't that a requirement even for atypical?

No. 1910162

she does seem to have lost weight over a few years, but not as much or as fast as she would if she was really eating what she implies. She's said before in response to a tell that really what's going on is she restricts a lot for a few days and then binges in response. So I think she's only telling people about the few days of restriction and leaving out the rest.

No. 1910163

It looks like it but she went from overweight to a bit less overweight. Not even into healthy weight from the looks of it.

No. 1910168

File: 1696646531546.png (693.76 KB, 800x578, 9386948523.png)

Left: A few years ago. Right: A few days ago.

No. 1910173

the cheek did shrink, I guess

No. 1910175

Do people like this just beg for a tube or claim they need it? I know doctors just want money but this is ridiculous

No. 1910176

She just knows how to meet the QUEDS guidelines, which triggers a protocol with an ng tube (guidelines for treating EDs in her area). She probably just dehydrates herself to get an orthostatic bp drop and heart rate increase when standing.

No. 1910178

No. 1910180

yeah, this is why there are so many australian cows that are basically constantly in and out of general hospitals for quick admissions

No. 1910198

>>1910175 in victoria it is a lot harder to get tubed compared to queensland. people can go 7+ days without eating but won't get hospitalised in the public system unless their obs are unstable

No. 1910199

Enara is in Cairns, so I don't see why Victoria is relevant

No. 1910200

>>1910198 was just commenting in relation to >>1910178
queensland makes it easier for cows to get tubed(learn to sage)

No. 1910201

could you sage your comments that aren't milk?

No. 1910210

Who would pay that much for something that meaningless small and stupid

No. 1910212

A lolcow, obviously.

No. 1910256

Nah, she went from obese, to a little less obese. She’s not even ‘just’ overweight

No. 1910271

Qld focuses more on things like blood pressure, pulse, electrolytes. I don’t doubt Enara purposely does things to cause poor results so she can get attention.

No. 1910384

Kek if she is trying to larp AAI/CCI which a ton of people with actual EDS end up with, a soft collar isn’t going to do shit. I guess you can’t buy Aspen’s on Amazon. People who larp EDS are the worst because it is severely debilitating for those who actually have legitimate cases, and something a lot of doc’s don’t take very seriously because everyone and their mother that can bend their finger back a little too far diagnoses themselves and cries for pain meds and referrals to be diagnosed with the trifecta.

No. 1910488

Yeah that's not all states sone are damn near impossible to get IP and ERs will stick you on a banana bag then dc you. Maybe cause it's Cairns and it's smaller than the bigger cities.

No. 1910499

File: 1696721951015.jpg (524.43 KB, 1080x1802, 32_Chrome.jpg)

I wonder which category Enara fits in to. She thinks she's a Cat 1 but really she's Cat 5-7. She presented to ED for being "suicidal" and waited like 5+ hrs and complained it was taking so long to be seen. This is why! And with the multiple presentations and no actual harm to self she was triaged correctly. Someone who is suicidal will not wait 5+hrs patiently then complained about it. Calling mental health services/ ambos cause you feel lonely is selfish af.
Enara is apparently a nurse who speaks to people about 'lived' experience yet she loves to act ignorant to simple procedures and protocol. She's the definition (by the state) of wasting resources and putting other people's lives and wellbeing at risk

No. 1910502

File: 1696722247809.jpg (181.39 KB, 1080x682, e.jpg)


No. 1910645

kek as a brit this is mad. change longest wait to average wait time, enara would have withered away from her sooper suris seed and lack of nutrition by the time she got seen for her antics here

No. 1910696

I would give anything to see her bank statements with all the shit she buys

No. 1910719

Omg nonnie this thought was the first one I had too! I often think this about the non-UK cows. Here we legit have unwell old people in A&E corridors for 12+ hours, people sat on the floors, sleeping in chairs etc bc of lack of beds/staff/waiting times. They’d crumble into a histrionic sobbing mess under the NHS guidelines kek

No. 1910735

The hilarity is that she thinks she’s hard done by, when she doesn’t receive what she believes to be appropriate treatment, kek. She’d be fucking brought down a peg or two here

No. 1910742

Our capital cities and large cities are like this too. Not too big but a friend stayed 3 days on the ED floor waiting for a bed (for a bad physical ailment) it's fucking gross what she's doing. The entitlement is of the charts. Cairns population is a lot smaller so there would be more beds available. Her LARPing because she's lovely or thinks she needs refeeding is disgusting. They were probably forced to take her and ng her (laws and shit). She needs a reality check

No. 1910744

Samefag autocorrect sucks ass

No. 1910938

Taking bets on if Enara is the patient presenting to ED for an ingrown toenail. Anything to add another medical bracelet to her collection.

No. 1910941

In the US we have patients boarding in the ED for DAYS before being given a bed. Expecting to be seen for non life-threatening issues in under 12 hours is just silly here. Who has 12-24 hours to waste sitting there if they’re not actively dying.

No. 1910970

She goes to the ED for a diazepam

No. 1911353

howling at this typo nonna!

No. 1911355

munchies, duh

No. 1911496

I'll post caps when I'm able but have any other nonnas been watching Laura's hair breakdown on her story? she took in a facetuned/edited pinterest reference that isn't achievable on her porous, straw blonde mop and paid 400 pounds (?!) for a disaster

No. 1911616

Yeah but I'm on her side to be honest. Any hair stylist, especially a senior stylist (which she went to) worth their salt would have told her how it would look on her hair and what is actually achievable. She's making the effort to be better, I feel bad for her.

No. 1911618

oh well, she didn't do her research. she had the money and could've gone to a reputable, honest salon. it will be telling if this causes a spiral.

No. 1911626

don't feel bad for the whale

No. 1911638

I think it was £200/£250… the worst of the pics aren’t on her insta/FB anymore as the stories have lapsed. It’s an absolute atrocity though but what do you expect when you book an appointment with someone who works outside of salon hours, it’s sketchy af

No. 1911656

Whaaat? I genuinely had no idea America’s hospital system was even worse, that’s insane.

No. 1911690

all you anons talking about laura's hair and not one of you is posting a pic

No. 1911756

File: 1696965031896.jpeg (382.95 KB, 1125x2024, IMG_7555.jpeg)

Don’t forget I had a toob you guys I was so sick.

Also the amount of storage this cow must use just on photos and videos of her, ahem narcissist, self.

No. 1911762

File: 1696965489229.jpeg (595.9 KB, 2048x2048, 49F7A619-A74D-420B-92C5-9430B5…)

Top left - what she started with
Bottom left - what she left with

No. 1911768

is there something legitimately wrong with her mouth, like did she ever break her jaw or something? seriously why is it like that?

No. 1911769

so wait, is she freaking out over it, or does she like it? i was expecting a lot worse from the stuff being said here

No. 1911780

Pretty sure it was tardive dyskinesia from the antipsychotics but don't quote my tinfoil

No. 1911796


Unfortunately I don't have the pic but I remember her posting a selfie basically asking that same question, something along the lines of "why is my face like this?"

Some people have facial asymmetry that looks almost like a twist. If it doesn't harm functioning or erode teeth, there's no reason for docs to fix it.

No. 1911799

File: 1696971398195.png (358.41 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20231010-165141.png)

am i confusing her with someone else, or didn't enara post in the proana scumbag threads before to address us and try to defend herself? i mean she literally told us it was her, it wasn't just her pretending to be a white knight. i swear she did, but maybe i'm thinking of a different cow. either way, she's beyond corny for trying to act like it's hard to post here. especially for someone who constantly reminds us that she's very intelligent.

No. 1911803

she's been freaking out and trying to "call out" the salon. it's terrible but they did what she asked, and by the way she was freaking out maybe she had an upcoming date with starbucks "boy". tinfoil kek.

No. 1911805

why did they give her that awful fringe? the model doesn't have it

No. 1911809

>>1911805 I actually think she already had that, just pinned it back because of the obvious (to see her face scratches)

No. 1911820

that is a pretty terrible job with the one darker shape in the middle lol but did she really think her hair would look like the inspo picture?

No. 1911832

I can't remember Enara ever posting

No. 1911882

I always assumed Bell's Palsy but her smile doesn't look as uneven as her resting face.

No. 1911886

omg what, the smile is even worse than the resting face

No. 1911947

"Checks it occasionally" kek
If occasionally was all the time. She's too full of herself to not check, especially because she baits. The toob probably went back in after she refused to eat a meal and cried her SEEDed heart out

No. 1911954

File: 1697021211612.jpg (946.03 KB, 2206x898, WhatTheDogDoin.jpg)

Kek, Colours thinks her namesake twin wanted to copy her hairstyle.

No. 1911959

This cow is actually deranged. Honestly, she’s so self entitled ffs

No. 1911961

What are, ‘Colours’ current socials please, anyone?

No. 1911977

Wow its like they're twins and LLL follows her every post.
Omg colours has hair!but I have hair! Stop copying me!

No. 1911984

Does Laura even know she exists? Kinda seems like colours is just trying to get more attention from us. Too bad if so, she's fucking boring.

No. 1911994

kek right? they're nowhere near each other in style/looks. As if Laura (colours) is anything to aspire to. She actually looks worse than LLL.

No. 1912000

kek that must be the npd speaking, i doubt anyone on the entire planet wants to be more like colours in any way

No. 1912004

Very late to this but laura might not even be bisexual, a few threads back an anon posted laura’s live where she said her “best friend” cut her off referring to the girl we all thought was her gf. So maybe she’s just straight and queerbaiting for brownie points the whole time since she never actually said they ever dated

No. 1912047

They dated years ago, so I believe… could have been fake af though

No. 1912197

Wasn't Laura in a psych unit the whole time, mostly on 1-1s and not getting leave? Easy to pretend to be interested in women when there's zero possibility of actually having to touch one.

No. 1912247

There was a long time where she was out obviously. She posted a lot of pictures of them together saying stuff like 'I live her' 'I live my girlfriend' whether she was speaking platonically or romantically in not 100% sure and cbf going back to check. Her being 1:1 and in the ward so long was the reason they 'broke-up' or she said lost a friend I don't remember again 100% but she did frame it like they were dating

No. 1912408

ntayrt but i’ve been following her for years and i recall she’d call the girl her “baby” but i don’t think she explicitly said gf but maybe i’m wrong, it defo was framed like they were dating but when people asked in her comments she never answered, it seemed a bit off to me idk

No. 1912420

File: 1697106140300.jpg (318.27 KB, 1440x1373, Collage_2023-10-12_06_17_55~2.…)

No. 1912441

Jfc she's the definition of an attention whore. I don't know if this thread or the cluster bitches is best for her

No. 1912442

This is the cluster b thread.

No. 1912443

Samefag fuck I thought I was on the pro-ana scumbags

No. 1912961

File: 1697195811652.jpg (556.02 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-10-13-13-08-19…)


No. 1912962

File: 1697195873094.jpg (934.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-10-13-13-08-23…)

Wants to go home and then complains when they let her go home the same day she pisses me off

No. 1913004

Typical enara. Typical bpd behaviour. Makes out she hates it in hospital and wants to go home. Then throws a hissy fit and is outraged when they deem her well enough to leave (which she admitted she was in that first post), despite last minute suicide/SH threats to prolong her stay.

No. 1913005

How many times a month does Enara go to a hospital to stay? Hospital and only hospital seems to be her whole life.

No. 1913006

File: 1697202172442.jpeg (172.21 KB, 749x1292, 45B37D0D-D2A8-4FD5-AF8E-4D755D…)

Hayley’s new account.
Wonder if the new name is setting the scene for a DID larp

No. 1913012

i can see my friends…..bitch, what!? seriously, what? not forced to eat…lmfaoo right cuz when you're home you just voluntarily binge eat. omfg this cunt

No. 1913015

and of course now she's home so we get pics of fucking walls instead of tube selfies lol classic enara

No. 1913017

lol, I give her another 10 to 20 hours and she is back in a hospital. The reason why they let her go is that the psychiatrist decided on actual facts without knowing her, just reading her record and realising that she will be back soon, no matter what they do and that she as more than enough support outside. She doesn't want help, she only wants attention. And I'm glad she isn't working as a nurse anymore, imagine having her as a nurse in a mental health surrounding, how she would be jealous of every person that has a worse case than herself. And she can't even care for a basic wound, maybe it wouldn't be infected if she would actually use her medical knowledge.

No. 1913075

File: 1697214854663.jpeg (291 KB, 750x1334, 99FCDB5E-5CDD-4E78-BEAA-F1A1C6…)

saged bc not milk but these boots were on sale for $45 on the actual doc martens website lmfao

No. 1913124

Enara pisses me off so much
The glittery basic doc martens sell for like 20 bucks used, how did she think this was a good deal

No. 1913126

She's in the hospital again because she took a bunch of benzos bruh

No. 1913139

Enara? I thought she only got access to one at a time via going and asking in A&E for one. Unless she was getting them on prescription the whole time too and wanted the extra coddling.

No. 1913141

Her latest story has her rambling about being in ED again and getting a bunch of medication. She probably got it there then I guess(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1913155

This is an image board, anon. Share the milk!

No. 1913352

File: 1697260946103.jpg (275.3 KB, 1440x810, Collage_2023-10-14_01_21_15~2.…)

No. 1913360

Considering how easy it is to straight up die from huffing, how does this one have two braincells left to rub together?

No. 1913398

i'm so sorry i really don't know how to post her stories here, but a couple days ago she posted tons of stories recording herself calling multiple police stations just to say hi and act goofy to the police and she said she was on a mission to get a mean cop to be nice to her but they all were actually nice to her that day so her mission failed. she then was telling all her followers to try doing the same and tell them Daylia (her name) sent them. smh

No. 1913492

I want to reply to these but I feel it will just turn into a rant. Unbelievable, but it's Enara so ofc this is her response. The hypocrisy, the entitlement, the willing ignorance is beyond. On think she'd be happy if she lived like LLL for the rest of her life. There's a reason the Dr d/c her, he sees through her BS. Relying on ng cause she can't complete a full day's meal while still be a normal weight is hilariously sad and pathetic. There's so many other ways she can deal with her sooper bad feelingz but she needs the constant ass pats and attention from clinicians. A agree with anon that a next post will be her having called the Ambos again or ends back up in ED (after waiting 7hrs cause she's SO suicidal) She really does need help, but not for the reason she thinks she needs it

No. 1913889

File: 1697379560798.jpg (456.82 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20231015_221109_Chr…)

She's more Histrionic with this type of shit not Borderline (still a B(ITCH) The more she huffs the more brain cells she loses which seems to be tracking. Another resource waster

No. 1913892

File: 1697379703802.jpg (335.1 KB, 1920x1023, 0231015_221659187.jpg)

Samefag Posting criteria so others who don't know the difference can. Mods delete if unnecessary(unnecessary)

No. 1914008

File: 1697397118956.png (1.31 MB, 828x1792, B63E8D0A-0068-4BAD-B2AF-AAB2BE…)

Actually fuck off at this point. Surgery for what? Girl if you don’t stop with this attention seeking behaviour

No. 1914034

wonder if she swallowed a battery again?

No. 1914095

Yeah my guess is batteries too she wouldn't be game enough to do anything that could hurt her in the short term. I'm thinking it's a few so they have to go in to get them but I'm wondering if 'surgery' means an endoscopy to retrieve them. I've doubt they'd put her fully under and slice her. She's going the way of munch. I hope the Drs and nurses see her history and give her the minimum care needed. What a selfish p.o.s. A nonnie needs to make Enara Bingo. This bitch is pathological and we know she lurks here so she knows exactly what she's doing

No. 1914144

“I don’t know why I’m self sabotaging like this”. Bitch please, you know exactly what you’re doing and why, kek.

No. 1914183

Just return the poor useless service dog and give him to someone who will actually use him as a mental health boost, FFS. Or train him to sniff out and dispose of batteries.

No. 1914184

She's done it because she knows if she's in mortal danger they have to treat her, unlike cuts or a bad mental health night. That's why she always immediately presents to the ER, not waits at home for it to start eating through her digestive tract and kill her. She's such a resource drain.

No. 1914290

File: 1697435999132.jpg (168.29 KB, 1183x1104, Collage_2023-10-16_01_59_11~2.…)

No. 1914321

and I guessed right. And no, it won't kill her, if 40+ suicide attempts couldn't kill her, nothing will, because she doesn't want to die and she knows exactly how far she can take every attempt without killing herself. It's sad how she has all the help in the world and doesn't do anything with it, while people that actually want to get better have to fight for a little bit of help.

No. 1914324

She's getting older, it's only a matter of time before something happens, it's frustrating because it's such a waste of a life and resources. It's the problem with BPD/ASPD/NPD etc. they won't get better unless they take responsibility to help themselves. No amount of services placating them will help. Hard work and change starts with you.

No. 1914355

Omg I forgot the poor doggo!I thinks it's better off without her.

No. 1914356

Gross she must have such a smelly minge

No. 1914419

Tho she DID stab herself in the abdomen. That’s pretty hardcore.

No. 1914435

Where did she get that scar from on her face? Self inflicted or accident?

No. 1914452

Not really. There's plenty of adipose. Not to blog but I knew a B(itch) girl who did that and died (ironically she was an object swallower too)

No. 1914677

it's funny that the most women with bpd I've met would recover the fastest on their own and it helped a lot that they just got older, grew up and actually had to decide if they wanted to live or die. While the ones with all the help would mostly get stuck in the system, always trying to "proof" their disorder, finding new papers and new ways to act like someone wrote it down and always claiming that their mental illness isn't treatable and never curable or that the diagnosis they got can never be wrong. So, you are very right, change starts with yourself, if you got help, good, but if you don't want to change, nothing will happen.

No. 1914733

Where did you see she stabbed herself in the abdomen?

No. 1914829

NAYRT I’ve seen this incident referred to multiple times by anons, I guess it was before she was a subject of discussion

No. 1914849

I was thinking what if Enara really has been trying her very hardest and with full intention to kill herself all 40 some odd tries, but every time it's like some Mr. Bean-tier luck as she bumblles her way through failure, cursed to live, vowing success on the next attwmpt. I'm high.

No. 1914876

Was that Clare? Who cut her abdo so bad it was that gaping wound for ages and was leaking literally shit everywhere for ages and eventually they let her stop eating and essentially euthanise herself? She was QLD too. She was incredibly borderline and very sad and lonely from it, her poor family

No. 1914883

topkek ty for the mental image fellow stononnie

No. 1914996

Yep you are correct nonna

No. 1915006

is there somewhere that we can read about this?

No. 1915026

File: 1697543715094.jpg (300.18 KB, 1440x939, Collage_2023-10-17_07_54_33~2.…)

No. 1915064

Ntayrt but this was back in like 2013. I don't know of her being posted on LC. It was mainly Aussies within the 'ED community' on Tumblr and instagram. If the other anon is from QLD or NSW then they may know of any articles written about her but it wasn't a big thing where lots of people knew. It was incredibly sad to watch her deteriorate. I kind of hope there's no articles about her, not really something that should be reported on (though these days it probably would be, or posted all of TT) Simpler times. RIP

No. 1915069

Shes basically just a meth head now but a Histrionic one. Who makes their crack habit known to so many people and shows it on live? No pity. It's live she's doing crack just so she can whinge about doing it. Had to make sure she upstaged the other live. Go back to regular crazy not crack crazy

No. 1915198

File: 1697562965376.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, FE335B2C-4692-4C2F-9687-EB63BE…)

Hayley is currently in the general hospital for possible surgery for recent self harm. She once again has never wanted to give up more than now even though she says that literally every two days. She’s been super active on her new account and suicide baiting constantly

No. 1915199

File: 1697563106351.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 27333E43-06A3-4B4B-938C-53353E…)

Just an example of the suicide baiting. The audio is ‘I don’t want to fight anymore I’m just too tired’

No. 1915202

File: 1697564285348.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 65B10EB3-C07C-4402-8B1C-D852BB…)

Does anyone else follow Shannon? She’s been inpatient for three years after jumping from a bridge and breaking both her legs. She claims she wants to get out of hospital but will act up when discharge is mentioned. Possibly a milky option if other cows dry out

No. 1915253

File: 1697570922242.png (2.26 MB, 828x1792, 0AE47D3C-80E8-4C61-BF88-66EEB5…)

“Hey guys, I’m Enara, just had to let everybody know I have a cast and am in the psych ward again. Don’t have the tube back yet so no selfies, but until then it’s gonna be pictures of my cast so everybody worries about what I did to myself this time.”

No. 1915300

She's LLL but she actually jumped. How high was the bridge do you know?

No. 1915303

I thought she swallowed something? Or was that just our guess? I'm assuming self harm but I feel they put it on as a means to stop her from threatening or messing with stitches and what not. She's been taking notes from Fi about vague posting. Wonder how long the dopamine of this will last. She'll have obviously told them she's suicidal and state how they d/c her when she didn't feel safe (so technically it's their fault)

No. 1915312

As far as I know she was never in the media and as she was never an ana (very overweight and no ED behaviours just pure severe borderline) she was never on forums and never had a huge following. She just posted on Insta. It was really sad to watch her descend into this absolute end of life spiral to the point where doctors were like nope nothing we can do for you physically or mentally. She had a lot of love online and from her family but was very sick. She stabbed herself with a knife and the abdominal damage was so severe her wound never fully closed and stoma bags couldn’t cover the wound so she would literally live for another maybe 3 years using towels to soak up actual poop and bile leakage that burned her skin raw. Just so sad. I really hope she went to a better place when she died. She would’ve been in the first group of aussies who had ketamine infusions for depression.

No. 1915380

Another Brit who picked up head banging while on the ward I see. I have a moderate respect for ones like her and Becca (she of the eternally memorialised NG tube), at least they properly tried to off themselves. Can’t try that 40 times and walk away.

No. 1915382

That legit made me sad. Poor girl. As with Kelly R, sometimes I wish public health systems had more freedoms to tie adult patients who don’t want treatment to beds and pump them full of sedatives, at least when they’re that level of self destructive.

No. 1915384

Just watch, Enara is going to start jumping off slightly raised walkways and claiming her super serious 1ft fall as another attempt

No. 1915422

speaking of jumpers, anyone know anything interesting going on with Paris lately?

No. 1915499

File: 1697620408158.jpg (153.69 KB, 1134x1044, Collage_2023-10-18_05_12_47~2.…)

No. 1915509

Is that from her phone? Cause it looks like it's a photo of security footage

No. 1915512

Nah, she’s still on the same BS as usual

No. 1915518

this story she posted is a video so she's moving her phone around a bit and i can see her pants underneath the papers she's holding, so it looks like some print outs of security footage she was given of herself for some reason. she's definitely the type to annoyingly beg for pictures of herself in a padded room, but it's so ludicrous that fucking everybody coddles to her bullshit

No. 1915683

Geez that's so cringe. She probably acted up enough to make sure she got out in there. I've been in one on a MH ward and it's not something thats cool or you want to brag about, let alone get photo/video footage. I even suspect she'd have asked to be put in there, if not they probably put her there for just being annoying and non-compliant. I've never seen anyone so desperate to be put in jail or in seclusion or incarcerated in some way. I get hospital for munchers but to be so obsessed with the police is a new one for me

No. 1915685

> I've been in one on a MH ward and it's not something thats cool or you want to brag about
Yet here you are

No. 1915696

It wasn't a brag. If it were a brah I would have blogged about it. It was a reference to contradict what the cow is giving the impression. A lot of cows and wannabes think its bragging points

No. 1915714

i kind of wish this retard could spend some time in the US or some other country with totally incompetent police officers, so she could learn to be fucking grateful that aussie cops are as kind to her as they are and stop fucking bothering them thinking they're her best friends and thinking that all her time wasting antics are adorable

No. 1915719

Or without her white privilege. Could you imagine if a First Nation peoples acted like this? They wouldn't have gotten past the second incident, maybe not even the first.

No. 1915734

Yet you brag away.

No. 1915736

You are literally talking about yourself. Newsflash; You are the cow.

No. 1915740

How the hell are all these awful people getting so long in hospital? It makes zero sense.

No. 1915742

> I would have blogged about it
You literally did.

No. 1915756

Enara can't jump. They just need to throw her out.

No. 1915829

So edgy thanks for your 12yo opinion

No. 1915841

Her name was Clare Murdoch. Enara claims to have been best friends with her. It was a one sided relationship tho, Clare never said a word about Enara.

Enara always wants to make herself the centre of attention. She was recently vague posting about losing another best friend, Genevieve. The reality is she was hardly a best friend and didn't even know she had died until like a month later kek.

No. 1915842

What happened with Genevieve? I got the sense she killed herself since everyone on instagram was really vague about it, but was kinda confused because I thought she was in the hospital.

No. 1915848

Claire basically had 1 best friend who visited often

No. 1915853

Huh… that's actually kind of fascinating.

Was there lore on this one posted anywhere, or is she pretty basically what we see here is what we get/self-explanatory kind of cow?

No. 1915856

is there anywhere to find out more about both of these

No. 1915863

Clare never made it to lolcow (she passed away not long after the proana thread was started). Her insta was scrubbed too. She would have fitten in with this cluster b thread perfectly though.

No. 1915882

Sage your shit
And in respect to Claire we (other anon hopefully) won't speak about it again

No. 1915909

Her main friend was Erin from NSW who certainly belongs on this thread if her history is still her current behaviour holy hell

No. 1915916

I can’t imagine anyone other than fellow hospital frequent flyers being friends with Enara, she’s exhausting and seems like a total emotional vampire.

No. 1915918

That was different people posting.
You do realise that probably most people itt have been in wards themselves right? So nobody needs your blogging and bragging to enlighten them about the subject.

No. 1915928

Was trying to keep names out of it nonna and she had been posted on ana LC way back. She could have fit in both threads. Lets leave this be now

No. 1915938

Not high enough kek

As far as I know she hasn’t been posted anywhere else which is surprising considering she’s been like this for years. It’s a shame her old account got banned because you could scroll down for hours and see the same shit posted just with different coloured hair.

She’s already admitted to being institutionalised which is obvious at this point. She knows exactly how to self harm severe enough to need a lot of medical attention but never actually attempts. She complains that the nurses say her issue is behavioural rather than mental. The truth hurts I guess

No. 1915959

You can't just tell everyone to stop discussing something/someone, kek, and trying is usually counterproductive.

No. 1915967

Why do we need to not discuss this person if she fits in the threads?

No. 1915979

File: 1697729950670.png (678.64 KB, 488x874, Untitled.png)

Hayley with a 40 second video of her lying in hospital bed with this thing in her mouth (could a medfag pls enlighten me?)

No. 1915980

File: 1697729978068.png (511.83 KB, 498x855, Screenshot 2023-10-19 163728.p…)

samefag but also both legs in casts? jfc

No. 1915982

Is it like a gas and air thing like when you give birth?! Painkiller thing?

No. 1915983

I can work out the word 'equipment' in that backward mirror writing or whatever it is but not the other word.

No. 1915984

Why break your legs on purpose? You're just going to lie around and get fat. Or does she not have an ed?

No. 1915993

That’s gas and air, nonnie. Used as a painkiller, you see it a lot in childbirth actually! I also had a friend that got given it by paramedics when she’d dislocated her hip and they had to move her onto the bed thing- Think it’s what others refer to as laughing gas (correct me if I’m wrong though idk!)

No. 1916035

Nitrous oxide, could be.

No. 1916084

Yea that'll be it.

No. 1916181

Correct, also called Entonox in the medical setting. Used a lot in childbirth but also in acute injuries, when resetting a dislocation etc because it doesn’t interact with alcohol/other meds the way morphine does and wears off quickly.

No. 1916187

File: 1697768415390.jpg (840.31 KB, 1170x2068, IMG_6224.jpg)

who thought it was a good idea to do a 2 day admission every 2 weeks until christmas? enara is going to be thriving off all that attention. claims her ed is super super serious and then gets angry that she isn't allowed out of hospital unless she follows her meal plan for 48 hours. what is she expecting

No. 1916190

kek, nonna, I literally came here to post this. I bet she'll fuck with laxatives or something to keep fucking her electrolytes for those sweet ng tube medical admissions

No. 1916194

unreal smh

No. 1916195

File: 1697769546647.jpg (236.5 KB, 1440x797, Collage_2023-10-19_22_38_33~2.…)

No. 1916249

She didn’t break them, it’s to stop her interfering with wounds after they’ve stitched her up.

No. 1916286

What makes you think that? Sorry, maybe I’m missing a post of hers? I’d assume she made some parasuicidal attempt and jumped off something not high enough to kill her but broke some bones in her ankles or feet instead. Happens a lot when people jump from a non-fatal height.

No. 1916303

I assumed she was slicing through tendons or something

No. 1916370

How tf is lostallsanityx still alive? Even if her acts are for attention, how is it that she does this all the time, and still has not managed to accidentally kill herself?

And why is she like this? (the deodorant puffing, the kleptomania, the obsession with going to prison)

Sorry for being dumb… But she's horrifying to me, especially as she's so very young compared to the other ones here.

No. 1916387

she literally considers jail fun and like she had friends there. it's understandable i guess. she can get drugs there and just kind of be like a 24/7 slumber party with other crazies who couldn't fit into society. for her it would be better than being like laura, enara, etc. trying to stay locked up in hospitals all the time, because i don't think she just embraces all her delusions and mental health problems and wants to keep them, rather than being made to do therapy or be medicated.

No. 1916396

File: 1697822147840.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 9C946CFC-561B-44FF-89AB-3868D1…)

It’s mad that she’s doing all this while still inpatient. Maybe she’s trying to get back onto 1:1 or to be re-sectioned.

I agree that the casts are there to protect cuts just from her previous history of needing casts for that reason. She’s had them on her arms too at different times.

Well the recent hospital stay hasn’t affected her too badly according to the newly died hair and selfies kek

No. 1916508

any anons know what's new with Laura? nothing's really been posted about her since she got her hair done.

No. 1916521

Is anyone else genuinely confused about what lostinsanityx’s support workers do? Seems like she gets buses everywhere. Constantly abusing substances and stealing. She seems to clean up her own mess. I know she posted something from the cops saying that she wasn’t allowed in a shopping centre unless she was with a support worker but obviously that does nothing considering she’s still stealing deodorant and huffing away

No. 1916543

noooo, she definitely does not clean up her own mess, she completely trashes the place she lives and a while group of support workers comes and cleans it for her sometimes. they also get her rides and buy her food and go places with her at times, but she still steals and does crazy shot even at times she's with them, so yes i am genuinely confused as to what they do. i posted about this before, so apologies for repeating myself, but there was a time she posted video on her insta stories of herself at a police station that she just went to go say hi to the cops, and then she moved the video over to a woman sitting on a bench and was like, "this is my support worker" and the woman just smiled….like WTF, your support worker really just tagged along with you to go say hi to the cops at the police station? this girl really makes me truthfully feel that australia is a fucking lawless wasteland

No. 1916616

The way lostallsanityx describes her support workers it sounds like she has drop in support for a set amount of hours a day or a week. They’d use their car and take her to appointments and things she can’t miss, apparently unless she cuts her neck to get out of it. Probably help her clean up a bit, encourage her to buy actual groceries, go pick up her medication. Try to get her to do something normal for once. She’d be funded through the NDIS and through some support service. It’s lucrative as fuck in Australia so there’s a million to go through.

There’s a duty of care and if she’s in danger there would be a specific plan in place. Call the cops, report her missing, call the 000 and tell them Daylia is needs some more attention and is at her favourite Chemist Warehouse. Minimal engagement with the behaviours so they don’t inadvertently encourage her. Just document it in their notes and hang out at her hovel until the shift is over if she’s not there.

There are more of these crazies living like this in Australia than people think. Free range to go out and do their thing then come back to their support worker who has cleaned the house (or has sat there playing on their phone for $40AUD an hour, I can’t blame them if their client is like this). The NDIS pays for this, lostallsanityx is free to spend her money on deodorant.

No. 1916627

she has said multiple times that the only mental health treatment that’s worked for her is what she was given while she was incarcerated, and explained this is why she wants to go back to jail

No. 1916642

at this point wouldn't it just be better to give her what she wants? obviously keeping her in the community isn't doing much good and i feel sorry for the chemist warehouse and coles she commonly steals from because they have to deal with her what looks like daily. do they just stand to the side and let her do her shit and call the cops after(sage your shit)

No. 1916653

That’s not uncommon, I know schizos who prefer jail to the psych ward and say they feel safer and calmer there than any kind of hospital, and would intentionally commit petty crimes just to get taken to jail.

No. 1916667

please she wasn't actually getting treatment in jail, that's the point

No. 1917020

Sage your shit!

No. 1917126

File: 1697911402217.png (6.99 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9703.png)

Does anybody follow Jordan? Trans male, forever calling ambulances for one thing or another, adhd, BPD, autistic, in ED relapse etc etc. Not much milk tbh but then again there hasn’t been much from the others in here lately

No. 1917181

File: 1697912600300.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 587A4A39-67DD-47C8-85FE-B3D004…)

Hayley is back in the general hospital. This must be a record. Claims she nearly lost her life…again. I wonder if this near death experience will make her change her ways and encourage her to start recovering but probably not

No. 1917195

File: 1697913013445.png (611.81 KB, 750x1334, E7C7DEF6-8D1A-4B60-98F0-18953A…)

Even her followers are starting to get fed up and call her out. She’ll probably delete them though

No. 1917268

File: 1697919299501.png (843.83 KB, 1351x847, Screenshot 2023-10-21 211433.p…)

picrel said she started seeing a new therapist. but apart from that just selfies/timehop pictures from years ago/reposts of unfunny reels

No. 1917358

Of course a cluster B disaster can’t stand someone getting more attention than her, even if it’s her own dad who’s getting married. Hope the dad doesn’t fall for the suicide baiting and just ignores her antics.

No. 1917365

what is the @ ?

No. 1917381

Sad 'poor me' TT videos about her ed and 'wanted help but never got it' which makes my blood BOIL because…..Yea she got all the help. And still does. Now she gets therapy too.

No. 1917447

Like other Nonna's said, she's just posting and deleting heavily filtered selfies and other face scratching pictures. There's been some kek worthy photos of her at her cow size wearing children's pyjamas but I didn't post incase it was a nitpick.

No. 1917500

lmao she's going to have a full-body cast at this rate.

No. 1917527

Ayrt, @disordered.dude, only really posts on stories

No. 1917628

Fr?! How can she say she’s had ‘no help’. She’s essentially lived in hospitals and supported living for at least the past 4/5 years, surrounded by support 24/7?! These are the special types of cows that piss me off the most. How much more help and NHS resources does she want to drain, exactly?

No. 1917784

File: 1697997887624.png (2.03 MB, 1074x1948, Screenshot_20231022-140130~2.p…)

No. 1917791

Exactly. Disgusting behaviour.

No. 1917794

File: 1697999147129.jpeg (1.61 MB, 2438x2001, 98F3CEC5-D02E-4F62-AEF0-FFB124…)

Didn’t get it?! Has she lost her memory? She’s had absolutely everything possible and the nhs paying for her entire life for years and years.

No. 1917797

File: 1697999475958.jpeg (76.41 KB, 419x745, 0618B54F-A57E-4B9D-830D-E5E381…)

When someone else takes a picture of Laura it’s very different from the heavily edited and filtered ones she takes of herself. (Obviously everyone is going to choose and edit their photos to show the best image of themself but photos like this show her actual size when a lot of her selfies don’t really).

No. 1917798

File: 1697999526286.png (6.84 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9708.png)

No idea if anybody wants these posting, but yeah

No. 1917907

File: 1698015495337.jpeg (3.23 MB, 3264x2448, 3E49E039-48F0-42D9-9BE5-BE3BD5…)

Laura is still at the post and delete. Posted 2 TikToks the other day but deleted this one. Still confused as to why her mouth/ jaw appears to me always shifted sideways and not aligned with her face. Was it always like this?

No. 1917918

this person was born as a female? i really can't tell from the couple pics shown here

No. 1917950

They're a male Enara definitely keep posting him he's milky af and it's refreshing to have a male cow

No. 1917952

Samefag have I just misgendered them? Fuck I legit thought…

No. 1917969

eh..to be fair, laura has posted tons of pics and vids of herself looking fucking grotesque and enormous

No. 1917988

What's their handle?

No. 1918037

Nona, nobody here cares about gender bullshit and you will stand out like a sore thumb if you keep that up
I'm interested in where this leads, please provide at least an @

No. 1918054

Yes, born female and transitioning

No. 1918055

I provided their @ further up. It’s, @disordered.dude, mostly posts on his stories

No. 1918056


No. 1918058

>wHeN yOu HaVe An EaTiNg dIsOrDeR
just as well she doesn’t then

No. 1918100

File: 1698056500144.jpg (629.8 KB, 1920x1920, Moo.jpg)

Think I've found a new cow @ messy_indy (aka Chloe Louckx 26yo from Belgium They/Them)- don't post hospital name bands with your details on them) Their page is full cream. Self admittedly has BPD. Has had a tube almost constantly with her weight fluctuating quite a bit but still has the tube at higher weight (thinking she b/p) ofc SH, pictures of inside ambulances, crying photos galore saying theyre trying, has had 3 birthdays IP, they basically tick every criteria. They're out of IP atm but says they're not good and was lieing to people. A lot lot more but cbf typing everything out rn, go lurk there and see what I've missed. Got a bunch of photos coz image board.

No. 1918101

File: 1698056573046.jpg (585.7 KB, 1920x1920, Moo2.jpg)

No. 1918102

File: 1698056645184.jpg (692.68 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20231023_175301_Ins…)

No. 1918104

File: 1698056686539.jpg (851.08 KB, 1079x1857, Screenshot_20231023_175354_Ins…)

No. 1918105

File: 1698056746386.jpg (802.98 KB, 1079x1871, Screenshot_20231023_175714_Ins…)

No. 1918106

File: 1698056826303.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20231023_180037_Ins…)

29.5kg on the left? Kek sure Jan

No. 1918107

File: 1698056882274.jpg (698.51 KB, 1079x1541, Screenshot_20231023_175419_Ins…)

Last one

No. 1918110

File: 1698057237302.jpg (272.24 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20231021_103435_Ins…)

250 days IP

No. 1918119

Swear I thought this was Himezawa…

No. 1918141

File: 1698064944505.png (6.81 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9711.png)

No. 1918156

How tall is she? 4”?

No. 1918168

I wish I could upload the video but I don't know how. It was a song with lyrics something like 'Did you change your hair? Did you lose a little weight? You should keep it up cos it really looks great. I hate that I always look my best when I'm dying on the inside.'

No. 1918171

I hate her already. Actually get her off my screen. What country's resources is she abusing? (Oh my bad, you did say Sweden). Fuck. Some cows you kind of like to hate but some you just…..Hate. She looks like the latter. And that trans guy.

No. 1918173

Kek 29.5Kg? Yea no. And the hashtags of 'nonbinary', 'suicide awareness' 'edwarrior' or whatever. Urghhh,

No. 1918180

ugghh another one with no lips. sorry to nitpick, but it's so fucking ugly, and so many of the cows posted here have no lips lol

No. 1918187

They love to virtue signal. I hate when they write "I can't believe im admitting this" or "I'm going to share this for awareness" no bitch, no you're not. And tbh (and this goes for any cow) of you're well enough to take photos in an Ambo/cop car and make a coherent post then you're not in a severe crisis.
'I can't believe I'm in an ambo going to the hospital..' they say after ringing emergency services abs then being non-compliant so services are obligated to take them and treat them. And 200+ days IP worth 100 being tubed…wtf? It seems worse there than Australia

No. 1918189

File: 1698078104307.jpg (677.55 KB, 1920x1920, Moar.jpg)

Here's some more for you

No. 1918191

File: 1698078336758.jpg (841.51 KB, 1080x2340, Justno.jpg)

Ambo example

No. 1918194

File: 1698078594447.jpg (295.47 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20231021_105021_Ins…)

Gotta love the video of getting your ng removed. Why do they feel the need to do this

No. 1918196

File: 1698078804110.jpg (191.9 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20231021_103516_Ins…)

No. 1918215

Why don't hospitals take away phones anymore? Clusterbees wouldn't be working so hard to stay ip if their only sources of entertainment were coloring books and a TV that only the nurses get to control. I blame the hospitals for this more than the resource wasters. It's such an easy and obvious solution.

No. 1918244

These are all delusional women, stop using retarded pronouns for these people. God this thread is infested with you newfags, please learn to integrate or go back to your twitter/tiktok hughoxes because no one wants you here.

No. 1918245

It depends on the country, but the argument I've seen is that it apparently infringes on their human rights/freedom of speech and expression which is utterly laughable

No. 1918252

Jordan goes by he/him, as he’s transitioning from female to male, how’s that retarded? I’m the original poster and posted about his cluster B lark. You’re just insinuating here that you’re transphobic and personally I don’t think that’s cool(newfaggotry)

No. 1918257

whole board is transphobic (unfortunately so imo, it's gna kill the board, but it's not a battle worth fighting until there's new admin). use whatever pronouns you want but stop derailing.

i could see that argument if there weren't plenty of other freedoms that are restricted in the interest of medical care. doctors don't take the harm social media/the internet can perpetuate seriously.

No. 1918258

Yeah I don't believe in the bullshit that is transgender ideology and nor does anyone who's been using this site for more than a week. The mods are just going to ban you lmfao, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.

No. 1918261

This board as literally made for and by terfs, why are you here? Why is mocking mentally ill people chill to you but transphobia is too far? You have serious brainworms you need to sort out.

No. 1918292

Why are they ALLOWED to do this?! It’s weird how some places let people video and post this kind of stuff and absolutely ANYTHING! Other places take everyone’s phones and don’t allow pictures or social media or even internet use unless supervised and for a specific reason like online meetings or bank stuff anything whilst in treatment. Inconvenient and anger inducing as that’s going to be, I’m starting to believe those places have it right and people are going to do better without phones and social media in treatment. Laura without social media access wouldn’t do anywhere near as many stupid things as she does and maybe Enara wouldn’t either. If they can’t post about it to anyone I think it would actually help them.

No. 1918294

In what world are these ‘happy pictures’ ?! This one definitely needs her phone taken away.
The whole idea of ‘awareness’ for mental illness is just flawed imo. Awareness for things like heart attack or stroke is useful to the general public but ‘mental health awareness’ has just been hijacked by people using it to virtue signal or try to justify attention seeking and triggering others/ get sympathy. People with mental illnesses are already very ‘aware’ and the general public doesn’t gain anything from ‘awareness’ posts of spoops with feeding tubes or people in ambulances covered in sh cuts. It won’t make anyone understand mental illnesses if they don’t have them but it will fuel and trigger people who do have them. The only people who could maybe benefit from ‘awareness’ are some actual drs and healthcare professionals tbh.

No. 1918296

Re: phones in psych wards and restrictions on people’s rights I think you’re dead on. If you’re locked up and can’t leave, well that’s a restriction of rights, as is any number of things that happen in psych wards like restraints, seclusion, forced feeding, forced medication. Taking away a phone should hardly be high on the list of a person’s rights being infringed by being committed. And it is probably in the patient’s best interest that they don’t use their phone while not in a good state of mind.

No. 1918300

File: 1698091361400.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 1B110118-C63D-4EBC-A8FA-6483B6…)

Enara is somehow still in hospital and really acting up and upsetting everyone. I can’t even keep up with what she’s in for or where but seriously wtf kind of hospital is allowing her to keep self harming and being such a general pain in the ass?!

No. 1918302

kek anachan on anachan violence

No. 1918303

File: 1698091539708.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, FD333908-9696-40B1-92FC-B9A4B7…)

How does she go from travelling to UAE alone and not having any ‘incidents’ at all to this rampaging around she’s been at for the last few months?

No. 1918305

She’s not anachan. Have you seen her? She just wishes she was.

No. 1918306

It's only the private system in Australia that's like this (and maybe public in Qld, I'm not sure). Public hospitals in other states don't pander to tubing these obese larpers and don't allow shit like filming of staff. Not blogging but I've seen phones taken away for inappropriate use

No. 1918314

At the risk of blogging I’ve only seen wards where no phones are allowed. Strictly enforced. Apparently because they don’t want photos being taken and social media used. There is a public phone for making actual phone calls. But they take ALL your stuff anyway including clothes and toiletries, all electronics. I don’t know if other wards (ie not psych) do this but I don’t think so, so the ‘privacy of others and no photos’ line doesn’t really stand up.

No. 1918322

because no one would have paid attention to her self-harming in UAE and there aren't people/a system she knows. Now she is at a hospital, in her used environment and they are forced to care for her. It's bullshit to say that it's because of her "intrusive thoughts", you can stop self-harming every second of the day if you work hard enough on yourself, even if your disordered mind tells you otherwise. She just doesn't want to, she wants the attention and she knows that she gets it and they can't turn her away.

No. 1918324

someone needs to offer her another emotional support conference presentation, kek

No. 1918326

yeah, she was afraid of the possibility that self-harming in the UAE would have actual consequences like ending up in a foreign hospital and not being allowed to leave and return to Australia

No. 1918354

Tf you on about? I'm the anon that posted and I am far from being a newfag and don't have tiktok. If pronouns don't matter to you then it shouldn't matter what I use. Calm tf down and find something worth pitching a fit over. There's all this milk and you rant about how someone's addressed kek

No. 1918358

'Less like my voice in my head' cue attempts for feigning psychosis in 3,2…

No. 1918376

File: 1698099121206.png (3.74 MB, 750x1334, E2BCC671-79D3-4558-BA4A-529096…)

The ‘I’m free’ happiness videos and then the ‘I wanted help and never got it, poor me, look I used to have a nose hose’ videos just go back and forth, over and over.

No. 1918377

File: 1698099197276.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, 59809E4F-9914-4BAE-AB8F-4BD75C…)

She’s singing ‘So This Is Christmas’ btw.

No. 1918381

You're not a newfag and yet you don't know how badly you'll be recieved if you bring up gendie bullshit? The fact that these women are gendies are relevant to the milk because we know they're either delusional or follow trends

No. 1918404

The only reason lolcow is still relevant is because it's the very last female-only space where you don't have to pretend biological men are secretly women because 'woman' means carrying the essence of ditzy retard porn fantasy bullshit. (This has made many oldfags unhappy who remember when imageboards were great).
Why don't you go use tattlelife or gurugossip where they say the rosary for JK Rowling is a TERF every other Bernadette Banner thread; you'd fit much better in there. But then again they don't like mocking the mentally ill.

No. 1918416

Enara’s got the cluster b trophy of self harm prevention casts and she’s not showing them off? I smell bullshit. They need to take away her phone and see how fast she behaves to get it back.

No. 1918419

wonder if she's taking inspiration from >>1915980
Also, funny that we were blessed with so many ng tube selfies but no cast selfies

No. 1918420

stop lol you did not just call enara an anachan. that's gonna make her whole fucking year when she sees it.

No. 1918422

enara is more like five anachans

No. 1918424

If you're actually anachan you wouldn't want limbs in casts or an ng tube. Can't exercise in casts so you're gonna get fat. Oh yea, she already is. ANd she doesn't exercise enough to even walk her own dog even once a day!

No. 1918425

flashback to Italian Aly, who was somehow seemingly cured by being hit by a car, in a cast, and subsequently unable to walk for a while

No. 1918453

for people who basically live online, phone + internet access seems to basically render any benefits of inpatient treatment moot.

No. 1918519

File: 1698124067143.png (537.2 KB, 418x691, Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 12.0…)

I don't know if any of you follow @heysharownmaxwell. She's one of the many obese women on instagram who claim to have had terrible restrictive eating disorders for years without losing any weight and just reeee about fatphobia if you point out how little sense that makes. Her latest drama is that she needs a hysterectomy because she's having menstrual issues that she insists have nothing to do with her weight and she's busy blaming it on doctors who wouldn't stop hurting her feelings by telling her that her periods would probably become more regular if she lost weight so her BMI wasn't over 30. (more pics incoming)

No. 1918520

File: 1698124098936.png (303.71 KB, 747x738, Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 12.0…)

how could they not acknowledge her obviously real anorexia

No. 1918521

File: 1698124142736.png (533.22 KB, 747x736, Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 12.0…)

boohoo, science that shows some medications/treatments are less effective in obese women is fatphobic

No. 1918522

File: 1698124172652.png (336.29 KB, 743x713, Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 12.0…)

send money!

No. 1918523

sorry, typo'd the username. It's @heysharonmaxwell

No. 1918539

which is it, amenorrhea for 10 years or bleeding for 160 days? And how would BOTH be caused by the same restrictive ED? bitch is just retarded and has PCOS, you can have no period for months/even years at a time when you’re a landwhale and then when you do get it it’s usually pretty bad.

No. 1918542

File: 1698131140091.png (355.55 KB, 421x746, Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 2.05…)

can't believe you would imply this woman isn't anorexic, as confirmed by the new york times magazine

No. 1918565

>anorexic for 19 years
these threads don’t usually make me MATI but I want to look this woman in the eyes and ask how the fuck she was clinically underfeeding herself for 20 YEARS and never managed to drop out of the obese category. it’s fucking disgusting and a slap in the face to those who have experienced or lost someone to an actual eating disorder, and b4 claims of muh fatphobia that includes people who may have started out as obese and unhealthily dropped a large amount of weight, which she obviously did not.

No. 1918570

public in qld and vic will kick you out if you self harm to much in hospital. you get a warning and if you keep it up then out you go. so much for enara thinking she could stay self harm free for 3 months to get into tmc. that's not happening any time soon

No. 1918576

Jesus, Mary, and fupa!

No. 1918620

She is in for a world of hurt with fatty liver disease if she doesn't listen to her doctors and lose weight. What an idiot.

No. 1918638

How old is she if she didn't have her period for 10yrs? And how the hell would that cause her to need a hysterectomy? Spoops that have managed to recover after years of being chronically uw managed to conceive and some while still in the uw range…but Magoo over here needs her baby bits ripped out cause of her super ED that NO doctor ever suspected of investigating? Now that's some High level delusional cognitive dissonance shit.

No. 1918642

I came here to say that! Is it 10 years of no periods or 160 days of period? This woman makes no sense. Either way, given her obvious obesity she probably has period issues because of PCOS and/or possibly some kind of pituitary gland issue such as a growth on the gland (as Enara claims to have). Like it or not, period problems are often related to weight, either being underweight or overweight.
All things considered, that surgery is not hugely, hugely expensive either.

No. 1918643

Yes, the wording here:'disordered eating.' Sure she can have disordered eating but she clearly does not have AN. I know I'll get hate for gatekeeping but honestly the diagnosis of AN SHOULD be gatekept because giving it out to every obese person with disordered eating patterns downplays the seriousness of actual AN. Not saying other eds aren't also dangerous but actual AN has such a high mortality rate and needs to be taken seriously, not diluted by opening up the diagnosis to these fatties.

No. 1918644

I don't remember her entire lore but yes I do remember the car incident now you mention it. I'm not sure that's what caused her to recover. She also had a heart attack but that was at a healthy weight I think.
I guess I was just thinking all anachans are exercise obsessed when that's not necessarily the case.

No. 1918646

He body shape with so much weight around the middle would suggest hormone imbalance and very likely PCOS. I don't know how she can be claiming to have a restrictive ed at that size though.

No. 1918654

Agreed Nonnie. That's why the diagnosis of anorexia should be kept as originally defined imo, ie including 'significant weight loss', 'refusal to maintain weight in a healthy range' etc. Because actual AN is extremely dangerous and often fatal so the diagnosis shouldn't be used lightly. Significant weight loss should certainly be part of the criteria for AN so it would technically include someone who started off at 200lb and is now 125 or something due to restrictive behaviours……But honestly I'd still call that EDNOS until they actually become underweight. (Unless they're extremely tall and of muscular build, making 125lb clearly very underweight for that person. If that makes sense).

No. 1918660

How is she self harming so much IN hospital that they have put her in casts! And how did she manage to cut her throat in a hospital too?!
I don't see how these cows get access to anything in hospitals that they can cause serious damage with that warrants putting them in casts! Like what is there? Anything glass like tvs will be boxed in. Windows are not breakable. Anything plastic like pens (but then they have bendy ones) can be broken or shattered if you throw it about or stomp on it but surely staff know all this, especially around known self harmers? Even those plastic shards are not sharp enough to cause more than scratches really.

No. 1918667

File: 1698159831152.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20231024-154619.png)


No. 1918704

jesus. just judging by this face pic, she looks bigger than ever. how embarrassing.

No. 1918708

what does MATI mean? i couldn't find it by googling

No. 1918721

mad at the internet

No. 1918761

File: 1698170300608.png (54.85 KB, 201x250, IMG_2987.png)

kek how is her face a literal circle??? Between her and Legohead we’ve got half of “My First Shapes”

No. 1918814

This freak blocked me because I tried to follow her too many times lmao

No. 1918833

Agreed. It's wild to me that someone that obese is diagnosed with atypical AN. Whereas people with a restrictive ED who are close to, but not quite, underweight (yet) almost always gets diagnosed with EDNOS/OSFED instead. Make it make sense lol.

No. 1918835

Hint: she diagnosed herself, I'm sure

No. 1918854

that's crazy, i figured she accepted everyone tbh she loves the attention

No. 1918882

File: 1698193062471.jpeg (331.4 KB, 828x824, IMG_1113.jpeg)

Ntayrt there’s more slides that weren’t posted. She says she had amenorrhea for 10 years and then got her period back in 2018 and was just diagnosed with adenomyosis.

No. 1918884

File: 1698193139797.png (39.96 KB, 647x128, Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 7.19…)

how dare her meanie doctor suggest obesity might be a factor

No. 1918888

File: 1698193731724.jpeg (593.9 KB, 828x821, IMG_1114.jpeg)

Her doctor didn’t. She said the adenomyosis was caused by the amenorrhea.

No. 1918918

This is what happened to Amberlynn Reid. She was bleeding constantly for two years and sitting on puppy pads while freebleeding all over the house. Turns out it was cancer (likely caused by being supermorbidly obese).
Amberlynn had a hysterectomy. She's nearly 600 lbs. I'm calling bullshit.

No. 1918938

File: 1698201087714.jpg (282.54 KB, 1440x1318, Collage_2023-10-24_22_30_49~2.…)

No. 1918960

True but she filters the shit out of them to give herself big eyes and pale skin.

No. 1918963

Very typical of someone who relishes their mentally ill special status - complains they get no help then when they’re given a home visit it’s refused and then 2 days later I bet she’ll be moaning about no one caring again. I can’t respect the gender shit when she behaves like a textbook BPD girl.

No. 1918964

I won’t give examples in case anyone who might learn something is reading, but there are ways to sneak blades into hospitals, especially if they don’t check everything forensically when you go in. Most psych units will go through everything with a fine toothed comb though, opening lipstick tubes, tampon boxes, pockets of any clothes you bring etc. They’re looking for drugs too, illegal or otherwise. As for what you can hurt yourself with even in a psych unit, you’d be amazed how creative people can get. Mind you, given the apparent severity of her throat slashing, someone really dropped the ball on Enara’s ward. My first thought was scissors from an art therapy room .

No. 1918965

I’m pretty sure a hysterectomy for suspected advanced cancer (they couldn’t scan her properly as she wouldn’t fit in the machine) is emergency surgery and they waive the BMI limit for that.

No. 1919016

public is so easy to find ways to sh in australia. i don't think enara will have much trouble unless she's on 1:1 and even then it's still easy. if you have your mind set on it you can always find a way unless you're restrained

No. 1919156

Where did she post that she cut her throat in hospital?

No. 1919160

That's why she got kicked out of that private clinic, it was documented at length in the last pro-ana thread before they split

No. 1919169

File: 1698251656121.jpg (631.35 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-10-25_12_33_45.jp…)

No. 1919174

File: 1698252245444.png (3.96 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9732.png)

There’s been a good few posts but they’re not really very relevant, just about getting a new kitten and an Asda food shop. Can continue to post if anybody wants these?

No. 1919175

File: 1698252397124.png (1.09 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9734.png)

No. 1919223

username checks out

No. 1919256

No. 1919294

i chuckled

No. 1919296

File: 1698269576462.jpg (1.18 MB, 3088x2316, image.jpg)

Since I’m an attention whore and you are apparently a doctor diagnosing me with cluster b how about you stop obsessing over me and a bunch of other people with issues and go live your life instead of documenting me and other girls/boys lol, I’d be grateful to have everything about me wiped from this page as I’d prefer no part in being a zoo animal here getting “attention”, I’d happily go without it as I’m supported in other many ways excluding (yes I agree) my dumb arse Instagram, so don’t give me attention and delete my shit unless you want to be feeding “this bitch”, me.

No. 1919298

Did you nonnas hear something? No? Just me? Must be the wind.

No. 1919305


No. 1919306

Don't think I heard a thing. Suddenly, I've just remembered I need to buy some deodorant today, though.

No. 1919313

eats popcorn apparently I’m the wind according to this “mature human” I’m witnessing rn so I can sit back and relax as you play pretend instead of initiating an adult conversation, but I’m not going to feed you guys anymore I’ll just leave it there, enjoy the shit show

No. 1919319

god it's getting really hard to huff my aerosols properly with these heavy winds

No. 1919339

you guys really are obsessed, its unhealthy i think deleting this whole site would be beneficial for your mh and the victims you post about, im not going to undermine my actions we can all agree they are horrific and theres no excuse but life is such and if youd like to sit behind a phone/computer screen finding out EVERYTHING about a bunch of "attention seekers" then thats your decision but id suggest just calming it down and put your energy into something a bit more positive, unless you'd like to write an biography about a bunch of random girls/boys/they-thems with clear issues T-T… i said id leave it and i will but damn you need a little education, its called !Dont Bully People Because Humans Are Sensitive! but clearly you dont give a fuck, Honestly Yes theres little remorse for my arson/theft actions but when it comes to friends/family they deserve happiness and i will do anything for them, kindness matters, i read alot of shit on here about me how i abuse my health care workers, thats bullshit, i respect them and if you knew me personally you wouldnt be writing these things because my instagram just makes me look evil af (youd say I am) but if only you knew, ok ill leave it there(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1919341


No. 1919343

pretty funny that you're calling us obsessed when you've obviously been refreshing this thread trying to think of funny taunts to post for two hours now

No. 1919348

It's only like 9.30 in the morning for you, go have breakfast

No. 1919353

And take a shower we can smell you from here

No. 1919354

At the risk of blogging I just thought all psych wards don't let you have anything at all, no own clothes, no books, no literally anything of your own. Until gradually you kind of earn some of your stuff back over time. I guess that's not how it works everywhere.

No. 1919358

Complaining about getting help when he, she, whatever is one of the lucky favourites that do in this hellhole. Get off my screen, blob.

No. 1919362

> one of the lucky favourites that do in this hellhole
sounding an awful lot like colours, anon

No. 1919375

She doesn't belong on here. She's not attention whoring. She clearly doesn't want attention, just help. The girl deserves help. And some people get it all and some people don't. It's unfair enough already.

No. 1919381

File: 1698285303666.png (1.79 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6414.png)

Because this makes so much sense

No. 1919382

File: 1698285463674.png (166.93 KB, 424x673, Screen Shot 2023-10-25 at 8.57…)

Really weird that they're discharging her tomorrow if she's on 2:1 right now

No. 1919386

File: 1698286785638.jpg (754.76 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-10-25_22_19_43.jp…)

No. 1919388

File: 1698286870960.jpg (317.13 KB, 1008x1659, Collage_2023-10-25_22_20_45~2.…)

No. 1919396

KEK why is she malding like this?

No. 1919399

Goddamn Colours we cannot escape you, can we?

No. 1919404

Hooray, she's taking the other nonna's advice, now she should start cutting down on the deodorant so she can preserve a few brain cells.

No. 1919430

I thought I smelled some Axe body spray in here.

No. 1919431

File: 1698295074071.png (1.94 MB, 853x1555, Screenshots_2023-10-25-23-11-3…)

No. 1919446

Anyone following the never ending BPD saga that is Ms E Jones?(learn to sage)

No. 1919462

nope. fuck her, she's too much of a lowlife scumbag piece of shit for me to even find her bullshit amusing.

No. 1919485

Learn to integrate and sage

No. 1919491

File: 1698308574981.jpg (281.03 KB, 744x1800, Collage_2023-10-26_04_22_26~2.…)

No. 1919495

Nope defs not how it works. There’s stuff you’re not allowed like sharps or glass or cords or aerosols but defs can have own clothes and general items & toiletries. And then whatever you can smuggle in

No. 1919497

File: 1698309541098.png (868.4 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_9745.png)

Cluster B crossover kek

No. 1919501

aussie psych wards let you have your phone but they'll either make you charge it at the nurse station or they'll have a charging box. the thing they don't really regulate is plastic cutlery, plastic bottles and pencils. yeah its harder to do something with them but if you don't let the nurses think you're that at risk they won't really care. there's also a lot of easy ways to get drugs into the hospital

No. 1919505

Who’s the person that messaged him?

No. 1919506

Hun everyone discussed is stuff you’ve posted publically? A good lesson in internet safety

No. 1919509

Lost all sanity

No. 1919513

tbt that zara rant about people who tell the cows they’re being posted and how they think they’re being helpful but only make things worse kek

No. 1919522

It depends on the specific unit I'd imagine, but "earning your stuff back" is infantilising and punitive. Most units aren't prisons…

No. 1919524

If someone didn't want attention, they wouldn't do a daily play by play of their self harming deodorant stealing shoplifting antics on instagram.

No. 1919527

dammit who is cowtipping?

No. 1919535

@lostallsanityx told @disordered.dude about the posting but I don’t know who if anyone tipped her off that she was being posted

No. 1919537

Prepare for the influx of white nights

No. 1919538

We know one cow lurks here…

No. 1919555

File: 1698320786152.png (1.15 MB, 817x854, IBC.PNG)

Daylia, why did you dox your own email (daylia4dogs)? You don't need to post your email in a field just because there is a field. Kek. Good on you for doing the ice bucket challenge, did you have a scene phase?
So many cows lurk here, i can imagine these sorts of threads feeding BPD'ers and NPD'ers alike.

No. 1919560

Is daylia lost all sanity?

No. 1919567

No. 1919577

Wow. And whoever said scissors……..They have stuff like that in Oz psych wards?! Ok. That’s very different to err what I know. I guess some places really are strict and on it and some are extremely not.

No. 1919600

Pretty sure that lostallsanity knew about lolcow before, i remember her posting in the pro ana scumbags thread a while back

No. 1919604

File: 1698327875508.png (Spoiler Image,2.48 MB, 1531x891, dafuq.PNG)

Daylia makes sims pr0n in her spare time too? (last year). Cows certainly have strange hobbies, can't quite tell if she made herself a character.

No. 1919612

Y’all must have real cushy wards then. Mine would never allow any of that.

No. 1919614

Guess I’m just so hardcore then.

No. 1919618

Well you’re wrong because every admission I’ve had they take everything and you have to wear the pjs they provide. No own stuff at all. You can’t tell me I’m wrong when I’ve had plenty of fucking experience and that’s my experience. So get off your fucking high horse telling me how psych wards work. I’ve been in enough fucking times and you’ve obviously only had the low level easy ward that you don’t really need.(powerleveling)

No. 1919619

File: 1698328741539.jpg (529.34 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-10-26_09_59_03.jp…)

No. 1919620

File: 1698328843576.jpg (653.18 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-10-26_10_00_48.jp…)

No. 1919628

Get a load of Ms. Law and Order all of a sudden over here.

No. 1919636

Do we think the cows will ever figure out those change petitions are useless?

No. 1919637

Sorry friend, only greasy trannies with hordes of little boys in dresses and cat collars can get sites shut down, better luck in your next life

No. 1919640

Oh sweetie, that's not how Australian law works even if free speech isn't protected here, it's not even libel if we're sharing screenshots from YOUR account.
You do know that different wards work differently in different countries right? I'm assuming we're talking about Enara. I know people who've smuggled weed and other shit into the pysch ward, Queensland is really fucking lax in some instances.

No. 1919646

*her, disordered.dude is a TIF

No. 1919648

lol who/what is this in reference to?

No. 1919662

nta but calm your tits you sound ridiculous. Wards in diff countries work differently, and just cos youre in a country with stricter wards doesn‘t mean youre the most severe special case ever

No. 1919668

nta but kiwifarms being shut down by trannies i assume

No. 1919751

KF has been back up on clearnet for months so truly, only TRUE and VALID stunning 100% stealth transwomen get websites taken down

No. 1919790

Why did the post about keeffals get deleted

No. 1919956

As far as I know, this is exactly how actual professionals use the label "atypical anorexia". They usually do things like percent of body weight lost over a period of time to calculate severity in those cases.

No. 1920019

is it at all common for patients to het casts put on to keep them from self harming? i've never seen or heard of it anywhere other than here. honestly seems like a really weird thing to do…almost kind of like making a dog wear a cone around it's head when it gets fixed.

No. 1920064

if you're talking about enaras no no casts they're only used rarely as a last resort

No. 1920078

i love when you can tell enara is answering questions she sends herself. i kinda think the only people sending her stuff are herself and maybe two cowtippers

No. 1920130

In private hospitals. It would be hard to get your hands on scissors in public hospitals. Technically they should make sure all scissors are returned after an art session or whatever but it doesn't necessarily happen.

No. 1920132

Sage newfag

No. 1920194

I really can't with the heart tape. It screams I'm loving this tube.

No. 1920238

It honestly varies hospital to hospital whatever country you're in. There's no right/wrong answers, but the bottom line is someone should have been keeping an eye on Enara because she'll take any opportunity to make herself the centre of attention.

No. 1920239

> this dark hidden site
girl it's googleable, this isn't Tor

No. 1920243

Only if they're known to sabotage their own healing. One of the chronic munchies (before the threads were banned) had casts on both arms so she couldn't pull tubes/infect her lines.

No. 1920335

maybe a tinfoil but i feel like the first anon who posted disorded.dude was her friend or at least someone who knows them. the account was private with only 30 followers when first posted, also this post >>1918252 is pretty suspect too

No. 1920365

File: 1698442333375.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, E63F220A-B809-4286-8B10-DD655F…)

Wait for it…….This cow really makes me angry with how much she thinks she’s entitled to. And how much she gets indulged and given it! 2 days planned in hospital every single week! And it’s still not enough. This was 10 hours ago…..

No. 1920367

File: 1698442435870.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 6C679811-4F31-4FDF-8B68-FF3613…)

8 hours ago……… Want to bet where she is now?

No. 1920372

File: 1698442786891.jpg (638.17 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-10-27_17_39_53.jp…)

No. 1920373

>just had 5mg lorazepam and it did nothing
wooow it's almost like you have to work on your mental health yourself and not solely rely on drugs and cushy hospital stays

No. 1920376

i can't stand this fat cunt. i know people are different, but i would say definitely most people with REAL EDs literally love being alone as much as humanly possible, EDs thrive in isolation. it's so disgusting how much this blob can't handle being alone.

No. 1920380

Kek, yet Laura posts here, contributes and has MULTIPLE instagram accounts shitting on people like Enera, Fairy, Han and co. And she's playing the victim of b00lying? topkek. Bet she posted about LASx too, keep friends close and enemies closer eh.

No. 1920412

kek, right? you can't despise us but also participate and have your own (much more vile) harassment accounts, colours, you have to pick a side

No. 1920416

File: 1698447949337.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 45980E46-8A18-4D4F-987B-EA5CF3…)

Nah she WISHES she was in England so she could be Laura and live in a PICU forever. Hopefully she’d instead be someone who gets no help and kicked out on their ass to die because they’re not an nhs favourite. I’d love to see her last half a day there.

No. 1920417

File: 1698448221857.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, DAA319FB-6A0E-44B1-ABA8-9F1121…)

Don’t you think other people need SO much more help and resources ‘than they can access in the community’ Enara?! Don’t you think other people have no help at all and can’t get any while you’re sat up there bed blocking every single night because you called an ambulance to get some seroquel?
She is such a spoiled brat I really don’t understand how the professionals come to these decisions. They just give her exactly what she wants every time.

No. 1920422

File: 1698448529153.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, E684BCDE-8E7C-4360-8A2D-AE3E6D…)

Just come to the UK and watch them ‘refuse to give psychiatric care that is necessary’ on a daily fucking basis! For years. Forever. So people die! This bitch doesn’t even know she’s born, she’s so spoiled.

No. 1920425

Kek this bitch wouldn’t get half of what she gets in Aus if she was in our NHS system. Lucky you’re not in England, we don’t need more leaches draining the NHS and bed blocking with your cluster B arses and antics tyvm. I genuinely wonder how she’d cope in a system where if you act up, disengage, become a revolving door pain you’re just discharged for disengaging (with the exception of the odd few that seem to get everything despite how often they play up, delay discharge, revolve door admissions etc looking at you Laura, Legohead, Smorven, Fi… et al). None of this 2 day admission a week bullshit kek.

No. 1920426

File: 1698449092447.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, E82EA1D0-68F4-4385-8257-9AE4E3…)

Occasionally my ass. Every single night! I guarantee you she’s back there already since she last posted those stories and she’s sitting up there right now, gloating.

No. 1920429

Exactly. But how do those odd ones who get it all, get it all?!

No. 1920430

calm your tits, colours

No. 1920431

A lot of it comes down to postcode lottery unfortunately, nonnie… unless you have parents like Fi’s who went crying to Sky news, and papers like the Telegraph slating the NHS bc how dare the NHS send their daughter to a specialist hospital in Glasgow for ED treatment where she spent 2.5 years, after copious inpatient admissions for her now all forgotten about BPD and overdoses, and years under MH services as a child, whilst others die waiting for a bed. These cows are truly the most hard done by warriors, kek.

No. 1920432

Maybe you have to pick a side? You get a hate on but don’t know how many times you’re agreeing with everything that’s said by the person you’re hating on.

No. 1920435

what are you even trying to say?

No. 1920436

Some people get everything forever and others don’t even get a look in. It’s incomprehensible. Seems unless you lie and fake and cheat, you get nothing.

No. 1920447

File: 1698451577383.jpg (577.46 KB, 1069x1719, Screenshot_20231028_080446_Ins…)

They're second and complex

No. 1920452

Try ‘having complex diagnoses and feeling so hopeless’ but also……. Guess what?! You get no help at all. Nothing. At all. Ever. Nobody will help you and everyone tells you you’ll just die. Nobody even bothers to section you because they’re so against giving you any chance at treatment and living……..Try that! See how ‘exhausted’ you are then while everything is done for you while they ‘don’t know what to do with you.’ YOU’RE the lucky one.
And OP learn to write.

No. 1920454

jesus christ, colours, log off and have a cup of tea or something

No. 1920494

It’s so obvious when it’s her. Colours just can’t help herself. Yet in the same breathe of her bashing others, will cry whistleblower about how the ‘boolies’ are mean to her online. What an absolute cunt.

No. 1920530

File: 1698457659172.jpeg (612.4 KB, 750x1284, 146C6AC8-850A-4377-AB37-EB34D8…)


No. 1920572

it never ceases to shock how much anti psychotics fucked with her facial structure/muscles

No. 1920575

Sorry nonnie mixture of ADHD and autocorrect

No. 1920576

File: 1698463101265.png (204.45 KB, 423x641, Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 10.1…)

apparently Enara has ARFID now

No. 1920578

That pic is not unfiltered or unedited. Another anon posted a tagged photo and she looked hideous
No one has that smooth skin no matter their skin routine

No. 1920580

You should actually be doing the opposite. Work on the behaviors no matter which category they may fall under. You can't 'ignore' bhv that are classified as bpd, if they are, the Doctor doesn't know what they're doing

No. 1920660

Colours, being sectioned doesn't equate treatment. Holy hell. And even in your letters you shared, you actually have access to crisis help. But even with the suicide hotline, someone that was doing their job, you shot down the person trying to help you with a massive rant about nothing. "Why'd i tell you?!" no one wants to help someone so combative to help.
Why don't you go a gofundme or use some of your benefits money - that you're wasting on kids clothes to squeeze in to - to pay for BetterHelp and do something with your days instead of whining, holy heck.

No. 1920749

If she could have her phone and come and go however she pleases she'd be booking a flight already

No. 1920775

My first thought was bpdchan on bpdchan violence as well, the insistence on using he/him pronouns was really sus

No. 1920856

Hate to say it but there’s literally a post up thread that is a photo of a computer screen taken from a phone. Something colors does often. Wasn’t going to call it out but kek. You aren’t slick. Colors uses here, if anything has def posted about lostallsanity. We all know she does. Anything for pity I guess

No. 1920894

But Enara has raging BPD which is her primary disorder - the ED is a part of the self-destructive/attention seeking that comes with it. And people with poorly managed BPD really do hate being alone with their own thoughts. I can empathise with her here, but she needs to find ways to manage it on her own or she'll never get out of this loop where any kind of mental discomfort is intolerable.

No. 1920908

I get barely anything for money and you have no idea what I do with it. Yes I bought a bathing suit ON SALE, last year. I'm not clothes shopping everyday like some other people seem to be doing. I don't have spare money.

No. 1920912

None of you stalkers know anything. You literally twist everything to suit your own narratives about everyone you post being evil, lazy, whatever the hell else. You aren't even smart enough to realise why some people hate certain people and not others.

No. 1920920

File: 1698527115344.png (211.11 KB, 374x651, LauraYourPostHereKEK.PNG)

Sit down Colours, you're not above anyone here given what you do on a daily basis kek. A shocking amount of posts and stories every single day over MULTIPLE accounts about other people. Why don't you go back to posting some more photos of you narcissistically eye-fucking yourself to sad music? And the fact you shared the change petition, when you actively post here is a laugh.
Glad I'm not the only one, had to bite my tongue so much as to not shit up the thread.

No. 1920922

yeah, I try really hard to not constantly point out when colours is posting because it'd clog the thread and I'd probably eventually get banned for it. But it definitely makes me mad on the internet that she thinks she's somehow 'better' than us because she only hates … the particular people that she's decided are acceptable to hate. Honestly, she'd probably love lolcow if we'd never discovered and started mocking her. It's just the narcissistic injury that makes her act like she thinks we're vile.

No. 1920926

if we're so horrible, then stop posting here and trying to use us as your personal snark army

No. 1920937

Well I've never posted about her except to say she's not a cow and I somewhat relate to her and I'm rooting for her. You all accuse SO many times when it's not actually me. Go find out who made the post and you'll see, 'twas not me. Because I'm not 2 faced like that. I hate who I hate for a valid reason and I'll hate them until they stop treatment hogging or I get actual help so I won't care about them anymore. Or I die. Maybe.

No. 1920938

You 99% of the time have no idea and agree with everything I say.

No. 1920939

You literally don't know what I post except on that one account, which I can pull at any time. The others you have no clue. Despite all the idiots thinking I'll accept people on them.

No. 1920945

You can both agree with certain, isolated statements coming from a person and have a low opinion of them-at the same time. Living in a world which isn't just black and white is quite nice. But mostly, I just report your posts and move on.

No. 1920960

And I can hate this site and all you evil stalkers and also post on it. There you go. And there been so many times when loads of people have agreed with everything I've said and had no idea who I am. AND so many times when I'm blamed for posts which were not me and the person happily lets me take the blame. I guess a lot of people are getting reported and getting bans that are supposed to be aimed at me because they think they're being clever by letting people think they're me. People are so dumb.

No. 1920963

if you redirected all of your hate-energy into something productive, you could have an actual job and be able to pay for the private health insurance that you so desperately want. Imagine if you used your obsessive energy to, I don't know, write articles about running or fitness or got really obsessive about coffee and started working as a barista or whatever.

No. 1920966

it's truly delusional and hilarious that you don't even realize how obvious your posts are. people who are newer here or not interested in your bs or just not paying close enough attention probably don't notice, but i'm really quite sure most people here can spot your posts a million miles away.

No. 1920969

I can't get private health insurance. They don't cover pre-existing conditions you retard.

No. 1920971

Jesus, colours, you could pay out of pocket to see a therapist if you had a goddamn job. There is no reason that your raging bpd prevents you from working.

No. 1920972

>> 1920969
they do. you just have to disclose them and most might charge a bit higher depending what the condition is

No. 1920974

I clearly cannot work and once again, you all think you know everything about me and you know probably 5% and now you can barely see anything I ever post so what the fuck would you know about literally anything? You wouldn't know if I work, you wouldn't know if I have therapy, you wouldn't know what I use money for, you wouldn't know if I was in hospital, you have no idea what my daily life is like. For example, I can't drink coffee. Didn't even know that, did you? You literally know next to nothing.

No. 1920975

They don't. I went through all this over 3 years ago.

No. 1920976

you talk about not working on here all the time, you retard. And we know you're not getting therapy because, again, you never stop talking about it. But it's pointless to give you advice because you don't actually want anything to get better - you just want to be a victim. That refusal to actually use help is probably part of what pushes clinicians away from you.

No. 1920977

Again, why do you think you know all about me and why I can't work? You just assume. But you literally know the very tip of the iceberg. But you decide to talk shit as if you know anyway.

No. 1920979

So why can't you work, colours?

No. 1920980

is talking shit about people when you only know what they, themselves, post online wrong? Gosh, someone should alert the retard that runs an obsessive instagram account doing exactly that

No. 1920981

There is no help to use. The nhs will not give me anything. But you literally do not know my life. It's ridiculous how much you think you know.

No. 1920982

You can't see my accounts so you have no clue what I'm doing. Just like you can't see my life.

No. 1920983

> The nhs will not give me anything
They gave you group therapy where you threatened to cut your face on screen. Really taking advantage of your resources there, huh

No. 1920985

Yea it's called being mentally ill you fucktard. And that was not the nhs. They were way underqualified and it clearly doesn't work to have underqualified people dealing with people with severe disorders.

No. 1920986

This site and everyone active in it is toxic af lol. Damn.

No. 1920987

if you hate all of us, why do you insist on posting here when we've made it very clear that we don't fucking care about you

No. 1920988

Well why are you always posting about me then? Stop caring about me. I don't want to be posted. You say you don't want to talk about me and then continue to incessantly talk about me.

No. 1920989

we're only talking about you because you're posting here

No. 1920991

You can't stop people from talking about you on these boards. It sucks but the more you fight it the more fuel you're probably giving them in the end to keep doing it. They're trolls. If you want it to stop, private your stuff for awhile until they forget about you, or make a new account. That's pretty much the only way to make it stop. Asking them to won't do anything.(learn to sage)

No. 1920994

I know. It's private. They just never take their grubby claws out once they're in. They can't see what I post but someone made a graph documenting every time I posted a post or story they couldn't even see. They're my obsessed fan club.

No. 1920996

File: 1698538193487.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 18E88113-8DFA-4202-B582-3B1EE7…)

Then talk about this:

No. 1920997

you know, now I'm wondering if colours is behind the sudden wave of really hateful tells that Enara's been getting

No. 1920998

Those things aren't really anonymous you know. Why waste time giving that blob more atention?

No. 1920999

File: 1698538572149.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, A7E37AB7-2603-47E5-A03D-782B12…)

No. 1921003

File: 1698539563971.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 93B6F907-F7F6-4E63-95ED-736170…)

Sounds like she’s admitting to needing a bariatric bed. Hilarious. If the whole world didn’t revolve around her and getting her all the care in the world at the expense of everyone else. Well the Southern Hemisphere at least.

No. 1921010

But hey if Fairy stops being a huge drain, which it looks like she might be (although she is getting all that free therapy and free place to stay and….All the nhs can give still….)But if she actually stops malingering and faking and resource hogging, which maybe, maybe, maybe she actually might……..Then there won't be any reason to hate her anymore.
See? It all makes perfect sense.

No. 1921018

> colours: wah, wah, leave me alone, I'm trying so hard for everyone to forget about me
> also colours: can't stop fucking posting

No. 1921037

>> 1920985
you can't blame threatening to cut your face in group therapy on being 'mentally ill'. that's something you talk to the therapist running the group therapy outside of the group time. heaps of people who are severely mentally ill still manage to get jobs. it's just a matter at looking at the job description and asking the person advertising the job to see if they can make any exceptions or have extra support if you need it. don't blame any of this on being mentally ill when you have had access to help and thrown it away

No. 1921040

Enara is beyond delusional if she thinks the only intense, proper, residential ED treatment model in the state will accept her. God it actually made me laugh. Enara, Wandi wouldn't fucking touch you with a ten ft pole, you fucking freak.

No. 1921041

I honestly think the frequent short admissions make sense as a treatment plan for Enara, to try to minimize cost. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than her doing fucked up shit constantly and then going to the ER for attention. That kind of really regulated medical attention is actually a good way to approach BPD patients and you can use it to incentivize good behavior ("you do x, no weekend admission this week")

No. 1921070

Not to white night but this is related more to the criticism of wandi that Enara saying she needs said bariatric bed. There was a news report recently about the fact that wandi advterise that they have a bariatric bed when really they shouldn’t be distinguishing like that cause it’s weird.
But I do agree weird that she brought it up in that way.

No. 1921071

Tbh she needs a weekly conference more than a weekly admission.
Also she’s basically blacklisted herself from every private hospital now because of her serious sh they won’t take her so

No. 1921075

are they not literally advertising that they have a bed that can support bariatric patients so they can accept them? I'm not even trying to be mocking, but bariatric patients literally need special beds once they're past a certain weight. So if I saw a medical facility mention bariatric beds, I'd assume it was the literal piece of equipment. Just like a bariatric ambulance or the special surgical tables, etc

No. 1921135

do any other nonnas remember Laura saying she was having seizures? I wonder what came of that

No. 1921139

File: 1698563320384.png (111 KB, 568x436, Screen Shot 2023-10-29 at 2.07…)

do you have a link to the news report? Googling "wandi nerida bariatric bed" didn't turn anything up and the blurb about BED on their website doesn't mention it

No. 1921150

>> 1921139
i can't find the news article but this did come up

No. 1921167

She had that with the private clinic tho, which she actually liked. And she still managed to do something to get banned from it. Honestly I think that's why she's gone off the rails too.

No. 1921169

File: 1698577230565.jpg (292.15 KB, 1440x1201, Collage_2023-10-28_23_10_33~2.…)

No. 1921237

HOW many times?! I don't get any nhs, cmht etc help. At all. Ever. Now shut up.(blogposting/derailing)

No. 1921341

This is such bs, truly one of the dumbest things i've read in a while, she knows no one is forcing her to log on here and read what is posted about her, right?! So how can this be bullying if she's the one that comes here looking for the bad comments?! I mean humans are entitled to have an opinion, as shitty as they might be, but no one is going after her to tell it to her face

No. 1921561

File: 1698661334904.jpg (370.34 KB, 1031x1800, Collage_2023-10-30_06_21_54~2.…)

No. 1921600

Gee, probably when you posted all over social media and to the world that they didn’t say anything when they saw you shoplifting. And if that wasn’t it, I’m sure it was something to do with covering for your ungrateful trashy ass. Stupid bitch.

No. 1921602

Not men you dumb cow. The spatterings of intelligence and wit throughout this board make it glaringly obvious. Men could never.

No. 1921705

Boohoo(sage your shit)

No. 1921706

You really need to look into why people are called cows on the farms, we're not saying you're a literal cow you utter retard. Even the uwu "i am a cow, i talk to them!" was so cringe.

No. 1921736

Colours’ use of full stops infuriates the life out of me! Use commas, ffs

No. 1921738

>Rico adores her asskissing
Girl we never see this fuckin dog

No. 1921795

I feel like we see the dog so infrequently that it could even be living with her mom now and we'd never know. We never even see dog stuff in the background when Enara has posted her weird medication shelf or her Barbie haul or whatever.

No. 1922027

File: 1698733113332.png (2.05 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20231031-021241.png)

cool. i'm so happy for aussie cops that shit is so mellow over there that they have unlimited time to waste on this fucking retard.

No. 1922028

In the US, you can get criminally charged for wasting emergency services' time. Does Australia have a similar law? Because if not, holy shit it needs one.

No. 1922086

I mean I can't get over the fact that she has a small army of tard wranglers. Weird country.

No. 1922097

At this stage the Daylia stuff isn’t even milky, it’s just her living her life. She steals, yes, but it’s pretty insignificant theft, in the grand scheme of things. She abuses substances, yes, but it’s old fucking news, just leave her to it ffs

No. 1922237

i don't think you should really even use men in basements as an insult when you yourself are a fucking degenerate living in some kind of welfare housing that a whole fucking team of like 10 people has to come clean out every month after you trash it and fill it with hundreds of deodorant cans

No. 1922239

lol okay boss. stfu

No. 1922298

Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s not with Enara at all

No. 1922304

Christ, use punctuation

No. 1922311

okay you're retarded, there's nowhere that's missing punctuation from that sentence.

No. 1922322

Are you the person obsessed with what they perceive as incorrect punctuation in posts which are actually fine? Kek.

No. 1922351

I guarantee she’s getting away with it because she’s young and a female. They’d have charged her before if she was male, and if she keeps up like this she’ll eventually find out that what was excusable for a girl is much less “cute” for a middle aged woman. She’s the type who will run to the media if the police hold her accountable, and no matter the country it just looks bad to the public if cops lock up a young, mentally ill woman. If she was just an addict or had a less socially acceptable mental illness, sure, no one cares. But she’s normal enough she can ride on her demographics. For now, at least.

No. 1922385

File: 1698805231260.png (1.54 MB, 853x1212, Screenshots_2023-10-31-22-20-3…)

No. 1922499

Ok so this sentence doesn’t actually need punctuation, I just looked at it, (without actually reading it) and assumed it needed punctuating because it looked really long. Ffs, I am a retard

No. 1922502

No, I just looked at it and assumed it needed punctuating, without actually reading it. As anon above said, I am indeed a retard

No. 1922599

Actually it could do with a capital ‘I’ at the start and a period at the end.

No. 1922601

So actually you’re not that much of a retard as it turns out.

No. 1922603

used to follow her tumblr years ago… is she still the exact same as always, starving and going to her day program, with her supportive partner and cute dog?

No. 1922609

File: 1698848925062.jpeg (323.69 KB, 749x1101, B1DE2F73-BD82-4590-A146-8FB2EC…)

Laura really has quite a gunt going on here.

No. 1922610

File: 1698848986475.jpeg (2.34 MB, 2448x2735, 9CFB7FD4-59E0-4BEC-8243-7EB90C…)

But remember she used to have a tube. How long before this TikTok disappears?

No. 1922611

File: 1698849088694.jpeg (180.5 KB, 750x1048, 8D21E0FD-A9D7-441B-ABE7-211618…)

No. 1922650

File: 1698855718975.png (437.77 KB, 671x739, MoreFliesWithHoney.PNG)

Have you ever thought you get more flies with honey than with vinegar? Who's going to want to help someone that's constantly slating the NHS? And if the unit can't help you - they can't help you. It's not their fault you're unhinged and a threat to all involved.

No. 1922668

Looking unhinged as ever but I do appreciate her for bringing us Porgie back then

She had the tube for like 3 days, she wasn’t underweight, she wouldn’t even have been given it if she wasn’t in a PD unit (a general medical or ED service wouldn’t dream of entertaining that attention-seeking bs or validating uwu her non-existent “anorexia”). So not really the ~~achievement~~ she thinks it is

No. 1922695

That’s more of a grammatical error though, rather than punctuation.

No. 1922698

so much for proving us wrong and keeping shit to herself. oh well.

No. 1922758

File: 1698869359756.png (172.95 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20231101-151033~2.p…)

Don't say that! You'll trigger her ED!

No. 1922816

kek what happened how well she was apparently doing. also how tf did her tits gets so huge, it's insane.

No. 1922840

File: 1698879552793.jpeg (152.51 KB, 743x1116, 2D034038-4262-43BE-AB6E-5F52B0…)

Still doing well: ‘absolutely miserable to happy’. It will probably be taken down again soon in her post and delete pattern.

No. 1922844

File: 1698880217072.jpeg (2.86 MB, 2099x3264, AE1BAE0A-3778-4F43-8B59-E694DD…)

Oh never mind, still posting sad videos romanticising her supposed Ed.

No. 1922845

File: 1698880314061.jpeg (3.59 MB, 3264x2448, 2EE240CD-2BF6-433D-AEF0-1641DB…)

‘Look how sad I was.’ (Look I wasn’t obese).

No. 1922849

They did. Poor choice of shirt really shows it up but that’s what happens often when you’re female and gain loads of weight fast. It evens out.

No. 1922855

kek why are you taking a picture of a screen? device hopping to evade a ban?

No. 1922856

Sorry I don't know why it came out so terrible like that. If you click on them they're a bit better? I don't have Tiktok, like I don't have the app on my phone or anything (but I do have a really shit and dirty screen apparently).

No. 1922886

these bpd malingerers suddenly posting about their eating disorders all the time after getting kicked out of the anachan scumbag thread is so fucking predictable. but i'm glad i don't have to wade through hundreds of anachan blogs to get to the good stuff anymore

No. 1922888

if you don't understand how to take a screenshot on a computer, then maybe you need a remedial computer class

No. 1922889

I'm glad Enara's gone quiet. I can't keep up with that many stories and Tells.

No. 1922893

Yea I could do that but effort. And I forgot that was a thing but whatever; crappy pictures, I said sorry and I was recording the video.

No. 1922895

look, anon, other people have been tactful but I'll just be blunt: if you post pictures of screens, everyone will assume you're colours

No. 1922896

Have you not looked at the ana thread lately?! All it is is personal blogs now. Or did you mean that's why you came here?

No. 1922898

No. 1922913

let's agree to disagree, talking about who blogs more is even more boring than hearing about which XXXtremely selective ip some anon got into

No. 1922915

Samefag, on second reading I may have misunderstood you, sorry, lol

No. 1922927

No worries. It's all confusion and fighting and blogging and no milk right about now, as far as I can see.

No. 1922962

File: 1698900038848.png (580.09 KB, 919x749, Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 11.3…)

She posted a gross ass post-surgery follow up where she's showing her catheter / bag of piss. 1) Why would you post your urine on your social media 2) if your urine is that brown, drink some goddamn water

No. 1923013

It's colours, she posts shitty pictures like this all the time on her accounts. She probably is using a few from when she was banned here for her recent sperg out and needed to sperg dump.
No one wants to be associated with being anything like Laura Bestow, kek. That's why "so?". The hard-on for Fairy is real, some people really come off as a dumped scrote.

No. 1923075

I think it's brown because there's blood in it

No. 1923083

commenting on something without actually reading it, yes you are retarded.

No. 1923084

I know, I know

No. 1923135

I feel like you guys forget that there's a literal like scientific paper written about lostallsanity https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9487922/

No. 1923194

Anyone else find lostallsanity/dayliabrown's story of her bopping a baby in the head with a water bottle kinda…. unsettling? She captioned it "give baby concussion."

No. 1923197

File: 1698957197557.jpg (125.93 KB, 1080x771, Whatthe.jpg)

No. 1923208

File: 1698958207338.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231102_205034_Gal…)

Can't remember if becca was officially moved over to this thread or not but this has intrigued me. What do you mean one headbanging incident has depleted your chances of leaving hospital? You've been in there for years? Surely they want you the fuck out.

No. 1923209

File: 1698958260425.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231102_205038_Gal…)

No. 1923213

File: 1698959194115.webm (2.24 MB, 1060x2110, Screen_Recording_20231102_2103…)

This girl is genuinely jarring

No. 1923237

Are you joking right now??? Take the pictures of the baby off this fucking site, you absolute wastrel(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1923238

From what I saw the baby wasn’t even touched by the bottle and if you actually watched it, it wasn’t even Daylia doing it

No. 1923263

File: 1698969037751.png (1.8 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20231102-194854.png)

they're not your friends dude. they just don't want you to burn down their building.

No. 1923275

Oh man, I haven’t thought dustbin in ages. She has never changed it seemed. Christ

No. 1923291

File: 1698974150895.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 1AB331E8-045A-427C-9627-8A3BF3…)

Thought she’d been quiet. And who is ‘we all’ who thought a transfusion would improve her mood?

No. 1923292

File: 1698974239677.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 5416E585-A49F-4822-AF03-B39152…)

She’s basically been given a free pass to hospital 2 days out of every 7 for the next 2 months. And that’s not good enough for her.

No. 1923294

Why is her hemoglobin dropping all the time? Doesn’t she take iron pills like anyone else would? Is she pulling a Kellly, because that’s how she started out with all the transfusions…………

No. 1923298

Well according to Enara there are multiple, multiple papers written about her (Enara), not to mention all the presentations about her 'lived experience.'

No. 1923303

it will never stop being funny that Enara is actually being allowed to speak / be a co-author on stuff because right now it's trendy to have "lived experience", but she thinks it's because of her actual academic abilities. Like, girl, you're there because then they can write about having x number of people with lived experience involved.

Sorry that I didn't screenshot it, but she posted about signing up for another course a few days ago. Because it's definitely the right time to start a new course of study when you need weekly admissions.

No. 1923308

Iron isn’t the same as haemoglobin you idiot. Yes iron is a part of haemoglobin and it helps to make new red blood cells but if the iron isn’t stored in the right places you can still develop low haemoglobin. If you’re gonna question someone’s health status/accuse it of being bullshit you should at least do some basic research. Though I’m sure you’ll learn all this when you start year 9 biology in the next couple years(learn to sage)

No. 1923328

Around the time you learn to sage then. Nobody said it was in question, just implied that it was extremely likely self inflicted.(Learn how to quote/respond)

No. 1923353

what did she do to require the blood?

No. 1923368

File: 1698989676321.jpg (723.39 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-11-03_01_31_40.jp…)

lmao daylia got her support worker to post on here and then talk on her story about how fucked up this site is. wtf!? try worrying about all the crazy shit your client does right in front of your incompetent asses

No. 1923370

The sad/weird thing is that lostallsanity is someone who's been posted that, in contrast to most subjects of the thread, is clearly a sincerely troubled case. She's much more like a traditional lolcow in this respect yet also sympathetic compared to Chris-chan or pixyteri. I was actually an anon in another thread defending her.

I don't think she realises that the majority of anons don't even really seem to have any antipathy towards her beyond abusing the time of authorities (no idea how she hasn't been told off for by the cops), Colours and Enara attract more negative attention, and the threads themselves are just documenting bizarro social media behaviour (be it pro-ana or bpdchan antics). But now I've typed this out, I've realised that lolcow has become another source of attention for lostallsanity that she tries to get from cops, pharmacists/shopkeekers, carers, etc., which she has to act out to get. She's only going to get posted here if she is acting out after all. So maybe she's one of those who need a moratorium though honestly her case is so complicated they've written fucking scientific articles about it. I sincerely hope she's okay and she stops reading the farms. If you get hurt by what nonnies here say, you have to remember where you are kek.

No. 1923407

Is someone else going to be losing their job due to her? kek. Imagine posting to lolcow of all things on the job.

No. 1923445

Too late, the damage is done. That baby will never be able to get a job now.

No. 1923468

Can we get the picture of the baby off this fucking site, please??? Why the fuck did/does, anon think it’s ok to post a pic of a baby??? Fucking stupid cunt(stop)

No. 1923470

If they're booting her over headbanging, i get the feeling this isn't the first time she's done it. Or she went off and attacked another patient.

No. 1923476

That's probably a component of her munching
>hey guys sorry i missed class i was in the hospital
>cue the asspats (if any given at all)
>if no asspats, meltdown immediately about da ableist professors

No. 1923515

I’m why the fuck in there an infant posted??(ban evading to continue sperging about a public social media post)

No. 1923536

They're not booting her for it they're keeping her longer. Indefinitely. Allegedly lost her place at supported accommodation so will be in hospital for the foreseeable over 'one headbanging incident'

No. 1923545

whose baby was it even??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1923561

Apart of me really really really hopes she’s lying about this being her support worker posting and it’s just her. Her support workers seem to just enable, care for her like an child and clean up after her. No challenging her behaviors. Just letting them happen. This seems like something that would lose you a job.

No. 1923572

no, it definitely was her support worker. the second pic was a story she posted that said "support and i" and it was a video just of her support worker's shoes and she was talking about how fucked up this site is whole daylia was sat next to her giggling like a child

No. 1923587

agree with all this, i feel basically the same about lostallsanityx/daylia as i do about lucinda.
do any of you understand how public services/incarceration works? it would definitely be a much bigger waste of everyone's time to try and put her–and every other young person who acts like this–in jail for what are ultimately minor public nuisances. this seems like more or less an appropriate allocation of resources, minus the fact that daylia definitely needs some kind of therapeutic help. that's part of her whole stated reason for acting out, prison was the only place she felt like she received help and made progress. idk it's a complicated case for sure, but deeply troubled people are also human and capable of being charming, funny, kind, smart, etc., and people who are drawn to work in social services probably understand that well. all that to say, i don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that some of the people/workers she interacts with genuinely like her to some degree, but aren't able/don't know how to truly help her, so they're left on their own to do what they can. which might mean just trying to be kind. nothing lostallsanityx has posted has indicated that she's cruel, without a moral compass, or a liar.

No. 1923619

Agree with other anon, either she went off on staff or another patient or she did it in a really obvious "headbang til i get what i want" way. She must be in a very low level unit now though, I can see at least 4 things that can be used for self harming in there.

No. 1923622

It could be occam's razor, she's actually anaemic from non-self-induced means? Sometimes even a munchie gets sick.

No. 1923648

File: 1699045985260.png (1.46 MB, 853x1546, Screenshots_2023-11-03-17-13-0…)

girl you're not even a little bit independent gtfo

No. 1923666

Who knows?! For once she didn’t want to give all the glorious details. Probably self harmed.

No. 1923685

Want to stop thinking about us here, Miss Independent? Go steal some more deodorant and chrome away whatever brain cells are left.

No. 1923812

File: 1699085436779.png (576.51 KB, 429x758, Screen Shot 2023-11-04 at 3.10…)

the level of participation in her did lap from mosaic's wife is insane.Despite the fact that they already got married again and had a wedding, she … proposed again to a "different alter".

No. 1923824

There is no freaking way Mosaic’s wife is not financially benefiting from this relationship scam

No. 1923828

File: 1699091797861.jpg (5.26 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

No. 1923835

I'm really puzzled by what's in it for her. I don't think Mosaic has a lot of money, given that she basically lives off social benefits in NZ and her wife seems to pay for everything in Canada. She can't work in Canada, so she's just a leech with no health insurance (unless they're paying for expensive travel insurance) because she's not a permanent resident when she's there. Is she really successful at online grifting?

No. 1923871

>I'll never be sick enough
Seems pretty close to "I've tried everything to munch but they know I'm LARPing"

No. 1923873

Her support worker with 'lived experience' sounds like they have a PD aswell. What other kind of support worker would joke about huffing or go on lolcow (with their client) and comment? Then let them post it on their story 'laughing' next to them. They should be reported and fired. They just seem to be encouraging her bhv and giving her an audience. Like they're teens in high school writing on the toilet walls

No. 1923913

You underestimate the level of control a narcissist like mosaic has, I think her wife is just another victim falling for her lies and manipulation. She always idolises and makes a person the centre of her attention so they do what she wants then when they grow tired or do something she doesn’t like she moves onto someone else. A wife is a massive step up but if it gets her to Canada with a personalised room and 90+ gifts from each proposal…(delete and repost when you forget to sage)

No. 1923914

Shit forgot to sage m. Don’t hate me (or do idc)

No. 1923941

I originally posted Daylia here, but I finally had to unfollow, because the last week or so has just been 300 story posts a day rambling gibberish responses to everything posted about her here pathetically trying to defend herself, shit's just mad boring, my god i've never seen anyone so delusional in all of my life.

No. 1923957

does she have any hobbies besides her mental illness and being hospitalized? maybe she'd be less miserable if she spent her time doing productive or useful things, hobbies or skills

No. 1924027

erm..i think just online shopping and binge eating and instagram/tellonym

No. 1924028

where i live in the US for as long as i can remember i've always seen ads for jobs for support workers for adult group homes, they seem to be always, always, always hiring, and i know some people who've worked those jobs. they don't require any kind of special training or education at all. i'm thinking maybe that's the same situation with the support workers Daylia has.

No. 1924042

For every starry-eyed person who goes into that line of work to make a difference, there's five bottomless pits like Daylias to drain them dry.

No. 1924047

imagine if Lyss was Daylia's support worker

No. 1924093

agree with the last nonna here. in the past mosaic's wife has posted about being ostracised from her religious family for being a lesbian. I think she's a vulnerable woman who's very desperate for connection, and has fallen for someone (mosaic) who feeds off attention like a leech. all while this poor girl tries to create a happy fantasy with a narcissist freak.

No. 1924115

Her followers on tik tok are always sending her gift cards and parcels and money to different alters and things on her Amazon wish list and stuff like it’s literally the biggest scam and I think one day when it all blows up in her face it’ll be pretty big in the media given her following

No. 1924169

having been following these threads for long enough, wanting to be “sick enough” seems to just be code for attention seeking

No. 1924181

in ED world, sick enough means skinny enough. so yes Enara you're very correct, you will never be skinny.

No. 1924253

File: 1699178861646.jpg (869.72 KB, 1071x1844, Indy.jpg)

I guess she was struggling with negative vibes. Again a photo of a cow mysteriously taken of them while sleeping

No. 1924307

"Can we go out to steal some deodorant pls?"
"Sure, I love free stuff!"

No. 1924386

I will never understand the sleeping hospital pic. 1. It’s rude AF to take a pic of someone in such a vulnerable state so I doubt anyone is doing this without them requesting it. And 2. Even if someone did happen to take a pic of me in such a state I would immediately delete it, not post it to social media.

No. 1924497

i think shes the vice president of some pony club or something? but considering she cant stay out of hospital idk how much time she actually spends with horses

No. 1924619

She said she's too fat to ride her horse basically kek

No. 1924824

File: 1699303859954.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20231106_205101.jpg)

Convenient to get the bandage in the picture, Em

No. 1924849

Britbong to English - what is "placement" in her scenario?

No. 1924857

I think it's like work experience in university, she is studying nursing right?

No. 1924886

Holy shit those are some beefy man hands. Whats up with that? Is it weight gain? Or like water retention? Her hands literally look bloated.

No. 1924887

yeah, it's what the US would call "clinicals". You basically shadow and then work some shifts to learn clinical skills.

No. 1924914

Anyone know where megann/itsokaytonotbeokay888 went? She might have just changed her tiktok name but she went silent for a few days after tweeting a tiktok that it might be her last day for real and now I can't find her

No. 1925019

looks like a combination of weight gain + her obvious hormonal issues (I really do feel bad for women who suffer with this kind of acne/fluctuation) and I think self harm scars? makes them look bigger

No. 1925021

File: 1699340593431.jpeg (598.38 KB, 828x1198, 9B4BB3FA-B854-4F7F-B2BF-A6301C…)

Laura you’re mistaken bc there’s threads and threads from this time period with screenshots of your very public and obvious antics. Any chance to post photos of herself covered in bloody scabs and cheap fast fashion.

No. 1925083

File: 1699361946026.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2196, IMG_3759.jpeg)

Enara not only decorates her room with hospital bands, but appears to have made a garland with med bottles. Someone needs to lock this munchie up and take away the key to prevent her from wasting anymore resources and taking them away from people with actual medical issues who need it! Disgusting.

No. 1925116

She always looks so filthy and unkempt, totally would not want to be a patient under her care

No. 1925127

Every hour? Goddamn. And if she could physically hurt herself more than she could, she'd be in hospital like wtf kek. I think she mixes up actual mental distress with distress of not having anyone to baby her or comfort her or coddle her, that's the part she can't stand, the part where no one is aware what she's feeling or doing because to her it doesn't make it valid, only if someone is witnessing her 'in distress' does it count for her, hence that post aswell. She's a living double- slit experiment, only when she is being observed does her behaviour change.
Her histrionics are entertaining though. I mean her psychopathology outside of an acute setting would be pretty interesting to study. Or just morbidly fascinating

No. 1925129

Samefag but she has a TWLOHA poster on her wall fucking kek

No. 1925150

Also loving the carton of chocolate our sooper sick seed patient is munching on in between SH episodes.

No. 1925159

File: 1699377248527.png (119.41 KB, 853x480, Screenshots_2023-11-07-12-12-2…)

lmao i just can't with her.

No. 1925203

Kek as if she’s some prize.

No. 1925243

it will never stop being funny that Enara thinks she's a genius

No. 1925257

She's got that munchie thing of refusing to let go of childhood. It's a children's pony club! And yeah, she's too heavy to actually ride them but she could be spending her time looking after the ponies and teaching the kids how to stable and groom them properly.
Also she's a qualified nurse, with specialisms on top in diabetes management. She could be doing so much with her life, but she stays where she's comfortable - wallowing in self pity and asspats. It's frustrating as hell to watch especially for others who have managed to pull themselves out of the BPD cycle.

No. 1925259

I saw that and had a good old cackle to myself. Who even liked that in the first place? Same girls who read nothing but John Green books.

No. 1925261

You're not wrong. A very big part of unmanaged BPD is the inability to be safely alone, both from feelings of abandonment and from poor self-comforting skills leading to not being able to stop a downward spiral. I just don't think she's ever really tried to learn those skills because social media means she didn't have to ever be truly on her own for any length of time.

No. 1925270

it's pretty silly that she still owns a share in a horse that she's not physically able to ride, when she's always complaining about being poor.

No. 1925273

She also has a service dog that gets left behind every time she goes back to hospital. Poor thing must be so confused. Plus the fact that the charity that gifted him to her spent thousands of dollars and hours training him. Someone else could have had him and actually made use of him.

No. 1925275

I genuinely do not believe that Rico lives with her anymore. We never see evidence of any dog stuff in pictures that she posts and she mentions him occasionally but almost never posts pictures. I think he's either living with her mom, a friend / support worker, or has gone back to the charity.

No. 1925300

That movie fucked the movement up. TWLOHA was a great company (can't think of the word) with the best intentions behind it, and was doing good things for awareness then they made a movie… like fuck why'd you have to ruin something that had potential. I'm sure Enara has the posters up because of the movie but even so, this isn't 2010s Tumblr kek and she has 3 of them, that's commitment to buying and Still displaying them. And kek at your John Green reference nonnie, spot on

No. 1925306

Proof of her entitlement. I'd kill for a service dog. All that time, money, training means shit to her. It's such a privilege to have an assistance animal. She should actually be using him as a self soothe/ distress tolerance "tool". Like holy shit how could you not want to soothe with a cute af doggo that's specialised for you. I think the dog is better off tbf. I feel like she just takes him when there's an audience to feel special. Question, who pays for her share in the pony?

No. 1925307

She does with the money she receives because she served in the military and became disabled while serving

No. 1925314

Yeah I know that. I just wanted to confirm that someone else's money was being wasted on that too

No. 1925332

This is supposedly the worst of her ed? Ok. Not anorexic.

No. 1925335

Hate that stupid TWLOHA shit. I bet she has a semi colon tattoo aswell. Puke.

No. 1925340

File: 1699404079491.png (964.66 KB, 750x1334, C2387BDE-E47B-4011-9A9E-91BE31…)

Was anyone else surprised that Laura has an actual job now? (Although who knows for how long as she’s apparently been off sick…..)

No. 1925342

is it maybe set up by her supported living / with an employer who specifically agrees to employ people with special needs / leaving programs? I know there's stuff like that in some countries, but not sure about the UK

No. 1925344

No idea. I think she actually said she used to work in a bakery like this before so maybe she went back to her old job.

No. 1925365

surely this must be bait. there’s no way she believes this. i’m begging it to be bait
good to see her working! the bar is so low and she’s actually far exceeded it.

No. 1925367

Colours must be fuming that Laura is actually making steps towards being a functional adult while she's just sulking. If Laura can do some casual work after being institutionalized for so long, what's colours' excuse?

No. 1925377

Well she says she's been off sick….

No. 1925407

lil what do you mean!? she posts all the fucking time talking about ,"i'm actually very intelligent." when people criticize her on tellonym. it's honestly so embarrassing. imagine being so arrogant when you are literally such a fat failure.

No. 1925500

Yeah Rico is defs with her mum and has been for agggeeesssss

No. 1925505

Wasn't she in hospital for over three years? What kind of sick leave does she get kek im jealous

No. 1925506

yeah her saying "off sick" is so funny. she was in hospital for I think 4.5 years? she's just asking to go back to her old job they prob have to take her bc of "discriminatory" regulations. Laura irks me most because of how coy, but also braindead she is online. I'll never forget those self posts after seeing them, kek.

No. 1925522

I could not believe it when someone brought up those self posts. I’ve been following for quite a while and Laura seemed to always get a lot of negative attention on here for years, maybe more than she deserved, I thought. But when I found out she had posted herself in the first place and I saw the content of those posts………..That blew my mind. Why would anyone desire to be posted on here?! She was even more insufferable back then because she was so ridiculously smug about everything. I think all the weight gain and the heavy meds actually took her down a peg or two, now that she can’t play the actual dainty fairy part anymore.

No. 1925523

File: 1699446400883.png (505.91 KB, 750x1334, 329CF263-81C8-4DB3-9B68-2D1C27…)

Her Tell made it seem like she’d been working recently and had been off for a few days but I think you’re right Nonnie, she’s talking about her job from about 5 years ago and considers all these years of hospital ‘being off sick.’ She said ‘I work in a Danish bakery’ as if it was current but I think you’re right and that was her old job before all these years of IP. This whole time she still considered herself to have that job?! Kek.

No. 1925524

File: 1699446622245.png (599.77 KB, 750x1334, 1947AA2A-834A-4EBD-B963-A5DE6C…)

Laura is also apparently straight. Definitively not gay and not bi. But I swear she said she had a gf for years and used to talk about her all the time.

No. 1925527

File: 1699446869389.png (502.6 KB, 750x1334, 02B9B282-62FA-4F94-904C-25CDC7…)

Not that her sexual orientation matters but it’s just another thing about her that changes by the day and she lies and misleads people about. I don’t know why she said she had a gf for so long and obviously lurking here would know that people believed that. Now she decides to come out as straight and say she never even had a gf, after spending years saying that she did.

No. 1925533

File: 1699448163700.png (589.88 KB, 750x1334, 2B33FD3A-230D-4D37-8632-BE9C92…)

No. 1925534

File: 1699448307127.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 81E64999-281F-4C5E-838B-CD1B87…)

No. 1925535

File: 1699448413093.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 0F212AE4-C331-4099-930B-EBED3E…)

No. 1925539

Had to leave because of her “eating disorder ? bitch what, she was mildly underweight at her worst and obviously functional enough to fuck around dance classes and Starbucks. I’m sorry I don’t want to armchair but I just don’t believe she’s ever had full blown anorexia nervosa. Anyway, this 5 years thing is wild. I wouldn’t call bouncing around every low secure and locked rehab in the country for half a decade “off sick” but good luck I guess? I doubt they even remember her

No. 1925540

File: 1699448973085.jpeg (239.34 KB, 828x1239, E3F1BC98-AFFE-47DD-A23B-241BD4…)

Again, she’s just lying. She was dating that girl, I think there’s caps in old threads about it. She’s just lying through her teeth. How long till this (why tf would you post this, she looks 50) gets deleted and she posts a “throwback”.

I agree with you nonnas that the way she phrases things is ridiculous. “Off sick” bitch you ate a sock with 2:1 supervision after 4 years.

No. 1925542

File: 1699449073297.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 75C1C8B6-827D-4959-A5FE-95A7BE…)

No. 1925545

File: 1699449227549.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 90C85FD0-0FBF-4C69-83BC-C1C56D…)

Like this.

No. 1925546

File: 1699449405490.jpeg (245.32 KB, 828x980, 0377B817-5405-47B0-A678-E8925A…)

Laura we know you read here. Please do not bleach your hair again. The hairdresser is lying to you for money. It’s over processed already, you need a deep salon condition with sealing oils, to colour it darker, and get a fresh bob so it can grow out and recover. If you get anything from your lurking let it be this.(fan letter)

No. 1925547

This is so unsettling. She looks like a moldy potato

No. 1925551

File: 1699450120139.jpg (399.26 KB, 1079x1863, Screenshot_20231108_132552_Ins…)

"people just assumed" Yes for good reason, you heavily implied it.

No. 1925553

File: 1699450234575.jpg (259.03 KB, 1079x1525, Screenshot_20231108_132916_Ins…)

Also who tf posts anniversary dates with flowers if you're just friends? Not even the most codependant friends do this.

No. 1925558

‘Bitch you ate a sock’ KEK! Sorry I don’t know how to green text but agreed: being in hospital for 5 years and eating socks is a bit more than ‘off sick.’ Especially from the kind of job that she had. No shade on bakeries or minimum wage work, I’m sure the majority of us have done a lot of that kind of work and I'm not trying to shit on it but it’s the kind of job you do for a bit when you’re studying or not sure what to do, get some money, build your life up and then you leave. I don’t think they’ll have been waiting for her and expecting her to come back like she’s a tenured professor or something.

No. 1925560

And stop copying Colours’ hair kek. You’re not blonde. You just said you missed your long hair and how dark it was so why keep cutting it more and more?

No. 1925561

She definitely said she had a relationship with that girl for the longest time. She probably wanted to be gay because it got more likes but I doubt she’s ever had an actual relationship. When would she have had time? She’s been in hospitals forever.

No. 1925562

File: 1699452125266.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 42454F4E-BD81-4BC8-A287-3C8A40…)

So stop cutting it!(samefagging)

No. 1925563

File: 1699452248117.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, B48439E8-A83B-48A0-8169-F7FD7D…)

No. 1925568

File: 1699453052669.png (583.06 KB, 750x1334, AB039C2C-1AE3-4553-8F25-0F1EF1…)

She doesn’t need tipping. (And it’s ‘you’re’).
For what it’s worth I hope she does get back to work and it goes well. (Maybe I’m going soft). But as she admits to b/p maybe a bakery isn’t the best work environment? She likes clothes apparently so maybe a clothing store would be a better option honestly.

No. 1925577

This is ridiculous. That hair color is fairly popular, so someone who wants it is almost certainly not thinking about miserable ole Colours

No. 1925578

>And stop copying Colours’ hair kek
Huh? I'm def not trying to wk Laura but would she copy colours out of all people kek

No. 1925579

*Why would

No. 1925580

I suspect that all of the hair sperging is coming from a certain person.

No. 1925583

I remember there were photos of them kissing and going on dates and stuff and when asked about her sexuality she said she didn't know, not sure why she's acting like they were just friends?

No. 1925617

imagine getting laura as a coworker omg i would die

No. 1925671

Maybe she was the psych unit equivalent of prison gay.

No. 1925675

Fuck around and find out: feigning psychosis edition. Eventually they'll either believe you or get tired of you and let you have the treatment. Enjoy the Clozapine bloat.

No. 1925682

I have a soft spot for Fairy, she seems less of a hopeless case than Enara to me because she's so much younger maybe, and hasn't squandered so many academic achievements. She just needs a good support group around her and something to do that isn't eating hosiery or yanking her leg up on camera.(no1curr)

No. 1925764

Laura is almost 30

No. 1925774

File: 1699483251771.png (486.75 KB, 511x498, DiDInc.PNG)

Under 30 is still young anon, it's not like she's middle age unlike the other Laura who is now larping DRPD. Is the next step full-blown DID? Why stop at two wolves after all?

No. 1925775

File: 1699483256869.jpg (260.67 KB, 1080x1754, 1583886290702.jpg)

it took me two seconds to find this in the pro-ana threads (shout out to the nonna who made the index). laura if you just shut up no one will notice this stuff jfc. pic rel is from laura's gf's tumblr, old thread is linked.


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I'm sorry for samefagging but another


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I've followed laura for years and she definitely never explicitly referred to dania as her gf and it's obvious she intentionally kept it vague so people would wonder e.g. never answering yes/no when asked but would post people's questions about their relationship. I think someone else also said this 1-2 threads ago. She heavily implied they dated, so it's either 1. they were friends and laura was queerbaiting for attention or 2. they dated but now that dania cut her out of her life she's denying it as a cope

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She's closer to 30 than i am, nona, she's young to me! It's also her lack of academic achievements and potential that make me feel she could be okay if she gets a good base going and manages to stay out of resid