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File: 1454524727132.jpg (25.07 KB, 500x422, donna-fears-she-may-be-anorexi…)

No. 89109

Because the previous thread is reaching it's reply limit >>83974

A place to discuss ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
Third thread: >>79031

No. 89112

Kek, nice picture anon

No. 89126

File: 1454526275801.png (199.95 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2016-02-02-16-24-24…)

i've been DM'ing Ember for the past few months and this is the only part of our conversation that wasn't a complete lie.. i blocked her a little while ago but theres more screenshots to come

No. 89132

File: 1454526376873.png (203.85 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_2016-02-02-16-24-32…)

she lied to me about being in HPH.. apperently she never even was in any kind of treatment and just made stuff up along the way

No. 89139

File: 1454526754014.png (160.89 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_2016-02-02-16-25-32…)

No. 89141

File: 1454526813668.png (137.78 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_2016-02-02-16-24-41…)

lying to me about why she has so many followers… its because she buys them..

No. 89147

File: 1454527900673.png (864.23 KB, 1103x1585, PhotoGrid_1454519819908-1.png)

all the lies ember told me about imskinnybeautiful2 calling her a pedophile and saying that she is bullying her, when ember was the one making hate accounts about her..

No. 89150

File: 1454528357272.png (980.61 KB, 2048x1655, PhotoGrid_1454448184927-1.png)

and this is the part where i messaged her about my ex boyfriend who used to abuse me..
i told her all about the horrible way he treated me.. and she told me she went through the same thing…

and that now i know that she actually cheated on him and that he never abused her, im so fucking upset that someone would pretend to be a domestic abuse victim to a girl who was ACTUALLY abused by her ex boyfriend… she's the worse person i have ever met..

those are all the screenshots i have to offer..

No. 89155

i'm sorry you fell for her shitty lies. I can't believe how much of a cunt she is. The stories she makes up infuriate me, does she not realize people actually go through this kind of stuff. Its not something quirky to make her stand out. She pisses me off so much.

No. 89156

Wow, anon I'm so sorry. (I'm the anon that used to be embers friend and talked to you in the last thread). I almost want to say I can't believe she did that, but I do believe it because she's such a shitty person. I'm glad that you know the truth now though. Thank you for sharing this.

No. 89193

File: 1454534521295.png (78.1 KB, 438x184, Untitled.png)

This isn't relevent to the previous posts in this thread but I love it when Ember rages all over somebody. She reminds me of a toddler throwing a hissy fit after getting caught sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar.

(Found this screenshot in her tumblr tag http://barbiebimboxo.tumblr.com/post/138608220875/fuck-this-stupid-bitch-if-you-wanna-say-dumbass)

No. 89202

man, her insults are always so weak lol

No. 89221

File: 1454538063086.png (905.31 KB, 961x1232, asfdsdf.png)

something that i just noticed while lurking crockpots ig-
the bitch not only uses her phone while driving but does it without wearing a seatbelt (and in harsh weather) like yas please get into an accident and learn your lesson

No. 89227

File: 1454538621381.jpg (15.3 KB, 236x326, feb775d0817d03342300615b6a7249…)


No. 89229

File: 1454538775672.jpg (24.87 KB, 600x399, lo9yoonclvoorw4b2otx.jpg)




No. 89231

>something that i just noticed while lurking crockpots ig
bitch who?

No. 89233

too bad youre lurking shit from like a year ago lmao

No. 89234

tiffany kudrikow used to (or may still be idk) a well known youtuber, this is her most popular video with 1.8 million views.

No. 89235

she literally has under 250 posts don't act like i spent 20 minutes scrolling lmao

also 20w=/=1 year sry.

No. 89236

p sure that one says 46 weeks bruh. Give us some fresh milk, this shit isnt even relevant.

No. 89237

Are you mad though

No. 89240

lol this pic

No. 89241

No. 89242

For the price of that 500 calorie Starbucks monstrosity you can get a fuckin bushel of celery, eat the whole fucking thing, and still be under 100cals

why ana chan so baka :'cc

No. 89243

What a stupid cow…

No. 89244

When I was talking to Ember about the posts on lolcow that are marked as hers she told me that it was probably her ex bf who posted them, since she used to live with him/be with him a lot so that explained the IP address. I do not have any screenshots of this because when I was done with her shit I blocked her and deleted everythong that had to do with her.

No. 89245

>it was probably her ex bf who posted them
she's a fuckin dumb ass

No. 89246

I tried asking her how she wanted to prove it and to get her to give me her actual IP but she didn't want to. That's when I started to not believe her anymore.

No. 89247

Fucking Emily Crocker wk please stop shitting up the thread. Your attempts are pathetic.

No. 89248

not crocker but nice try tho

No. 89249

i wonder how long it will take ember to indirectly talk about these posts on her IG to try to "falsify claims"

No. 89251

Fucking newfag, lurk moar. Nobody is calling you Emily.

No. 89253

File: 1454542211514.png (761.39 KB, 922x620, 5674567547.PNG)


No. 89255

File: 1454542786075.png (17.76 KB, 625x626, image.png)

No. 89256

File: 1454543009583.jpg (8.15 KB, 259x194, images (1).jpg)

No. 89265

Confused as to why you're posting this chick. Is she an Ana-dick?

No. 89269

lol, what does that mean? tranny?

No. 89270

she commented on Emilys post >>89221 I pointed it out >>89227 this anon said "bitch who" >>89231 and i replied with >>89234

its off topic, basically. but still strange that a popular youtube commented on Emilys driving post?

No. 89272

drunk rn so, what youre saying is that the youtube fag lurks here and commented on emily crocker?

No. 89273

no, she just commented on Emilys driving post. she follows her instagram. i never said tiffany kudrikwo lurks lolcow.

please, post less and lurk more.

No. 89274

This is an image board and you want to call someone out on using typical image board memes?

No. 89282

you must be the fag upstairs because i just told you i was trashed/trying to understand what that post meant.i was clearly asking you if they lurked here. jesus you're a fucking retard.

No. 89284

This whole thread is so shitty because y'all have 0 fucking chill at any given moment

No. 89295

pero like why u so mad

No. 89296

>itt someone who's drunk and just discovered lolcow

No. 89297

It's honestly due to the migration of shit wannabes that have been referred to lolcow by the likes of Ember.
At least that's why I'm guessing all these anons feel so bad ass.

No. 89308

No. 89336

This is why the board is going to shit. Too many 3edgy5me fags in here.

No. 89337

For real. Stop derailing!

No. 89356

Anyways….can I get some more fatty post like high bulimic?

No. 89365

File: 1454559461430.png (787.1 KB, 999x1632, k.png)

>posts half naked bodychecks and is underage
>claims to have "disordered eating" among other shit
aka another wannarexic attention whore

(idk if her account is priv or not so sorry if it is)

No. 89366

File: 1454559749634.jpg (119.72 KB, 813x593, tea.jpg)

So Ember said this? I'm not sure if she took the comment down or not but someone who I follow posted about it.

No. 89367

>im paid to
utter bullshit
no weightloss company would pay a "recovering anorexic" to advertise their product.

No. 89368

No. 89369

File: 1454559961621.png (378.63 KB, 898x545, uh.png)

I'm a dumbass and forgot the pic.

But here's some more fatties

No. 89370

Hahahahaha fucking gold!!!!!!
Bless you anon….holy shit, I love it.

No. 89371

File: 1454560214179.png (1.02 MB, 973x735, sk.PNG)

No. 89374

>food baby
Bitch looks like she's the octomom

No. 89375

Holy shit I can't stand that girl. Her face literally looks so weird too. A bunch of popular ED accounts shouted her out that's why shes semi-popular?

I feel bad for her tbh, she can easily just switch to eating clean and workout on a daily basis and have a nice body.

No. 89376

Nice hairy thighs, she's like a man…

No. 89377

File: 1454561286623.png (664.03 KB, 924x575, ok.png)

More from high bulimic, her friends are also as disgusting as hers.

No. 89378

File: 1454561416309.png (30.86 KB, 280x332, 7832.png)


Have you ever heard of a salad, Sarah? You could easily get past this phase of you purging if you just ate clean.

No. 89379

File: 1454561421848.png (402.31 KB, 748x617, Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.49…)

does anyone else hate this girls face as much as i do.
bitch has a sonny moore nose

No. 89380

File: 1454561514021.png (519.03 KB, 595x596, Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.51…)

complete with a happy trail

No. 89381


No. 89382

Her lips are as thin as paper too, yikes.

No. 89384

She's not paid, they just gave her free tea lol

No. 89385

File: 1454561883638.png (533.42 KB, 595x414, 1290.png)


She also has an IRL friend who has an ED account as well. It's disgusting how she's learning from this obese cow.


No. 89386

hence why i said utter bullshit did u even read my post.

No. 89387

Oh, no, I like to glance over them so I can get a salty ass reply

I didn't realize continuing a point was gonna fire you up damn

No. 89388

self-post. pls leave. no1curr about her. we remember you self-posting too, a while ago

No. 89389

i guess i'm also surviving_kitty & ava.struggless too damn :/

No. 89390

What. She has very little body hair. That tiny shadow from the peach fuzz on her stomach is gross to you? Fuck. This site gets worse by the day.

No. 89392

File: 1454563044312.png (255.27 KB, 424x456, Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.17…)

lol ok anon "peach fuzz"

No. 89393

I know you're not self posting anon because I feel the exact same way about this girls face. Like, I hate having to look at that mug, something about it is just infuriating.

No. 89394

File: 1454563157660.png (377.21 KB, 869x413, Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.19…)

No. 89395

File: 1454563217449.png (684.56 KB, 1041x597, Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.20…)

peach fuzz

No. 89396

That is a thoroughly normal amount of body hair for a Western European girl. Most people would just shave it off in embarrassment. Calling that 'manly' is unbelievably childish.

No. 89397

>unbelievably childish
did you forget what website you're on?

No. 89398

It's more a /snow/ phenomenon than a sitewide one.

Fuck, though, laugh at bitches like highbulimic and ember, not random girls who don't shave their stomach hair. There isn't anything funny about that, it's just petty and mean.

No. 89401

i laugh at any bitch who claims to be anorexic/photoshops pics/craves attention in any way and if you're whining about people being petty and mean you're in the wrong place fam.

No. 89407

File: 1454566933888.jpeg (450.53 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Looks like Highbulimic finally changed her lip color.

I'm confused though, she makes up a bunch of stories of guys wanting to fuck her. Why would anyone want to fuck this ghetto fat bitch though? lmao

No. 89409

Does she think that every individual gag and retch is a separate purge? Like, oh I stuck my fingers down my throat 4 times to puke this pizza so I purged four times?

What the fuck she's retarded

No. 89411

that 'beauty sleep' is just going to make her skin 100 x worse than it already is lmao

No. 89412

Does anyone else think that @/losingsof gained hella weight when she was ip and is still pretending to be thin? Her face and arms in her recent posts look so much bigger and all her other full body pics are old

No. 89419


Just thinking about the idea of sleeping with a FULL face of makeup on makes me want to wash my face. Her poor skin…..

No. 89420

her lips look like some sort of bruise or wound with that color
but still better than the anus one

No. 89427


OT as fuck, but I'm so sorry about what you had to go through with your ex, he's a sad excuse for a human being. Also that thank you for posting these, especially that they include such personal information, Ember is a piece of shit and feeds off of good people with a working sense of empathy.

No. 89430


emily no one fucking gives a shit, we only care when you try to be felice because it continuously blows my mind how cringe-worthy you can be.

no one hates you, you're too pathetic/boring. also lydia hasn't been relevant for a decade, maybe you'd be more interesting if you spent time off social media and got into music. idk dude but stop this shit.

No. 89433


>normal amount of body hair for a western european girl


No. 89441

Anon who posted em here. I'm also the same anon who posted Ava struggles , struggling kitty, and wastingsof or whatever that pig faced girls name is.
Casual reminder that not every crockpot post is a self post ?

No. 89443

Why do people freak out when girls have hair anywhere besides their head? "Its gross" sounds like a lame excuse. Its just hair ffs

sage for OT

No. 89452

OMFG That had to be a farmer! "Goals" for who, Jabba? TY for topkeks anon!

No. 89455

No. 89478

These fat bitches have no discipline

No. 89479

File: 1454600496066.png (30.11 KB, 633x293, Untitled.png)

The shit you find in Ember's tumblr tag is a lil hilarious sometimes


No. 89496

File: 1454603319574.png (104.92 KB, 534x304, Untitled1.png)

Taking a shower isn't pampering yourself ya gross bitch, it's basic grooming that you should do AT LEAST every 2 days.

But I guess for a girl who barely bathes, taking a shower really is her way of spoiling herself.

No. 89500

Does anyone have links to where ember said Aj was abusive to her? I want to compile a folder of her false claims to give to authorities since false abuse claims can get people in serious trouble. Ember Needs to learn a lesson. Her bullshit has gone too far.

No. 89503

>>89500 do you have confirmation from AJ that the claims are false? (Not saying they aren't, but without "proof" from aj himself you technically have nothing)

No. 89505

The only thing that can happen over ember making false abuse accusations is defamation of character but 1. Aj would have to sue for that not a random on the Internet and 2. If he sued he'd have to prove the accusations effected his life (made him lose his job etc.) which they didn't

No. 89506

I don't even think AJ knows she's made those claims. I was going to inform him and see if he wanted to do anything about it

No. 89507

Kek. Top post.

No. 89508


Havent two different people said they sent them to him already?

No. 89509

One way the admin could tell Ember was posting was because she would reply to posts like that, instead of like this… Hmm.

No. 89510

I'm the anon who sent those things to AJ. He hasn't answered yet, but I think he saw them. I'm not sure how facebook works.

No. 89513

Ember was never abused IRL, EVER. The worse childhood trauma she ever experienced was listening to her parents argue amongst themselves. She was never neglected, abused, or mistreated in any sense.

She has rehashed her life story 2 or 3 times now, caging details about her "anorexia", but never saying anything about abuse. Ember is 100% the type of person to milk every lil bad experience for all its worth, which is why she takes screenshots of IG users shit talking her lol. She would post screenshots of this site too, if it wasn't full of actual evidence that Ember is a hedious fraud who scams and manipulates ever person who comes near her.

No. 89514

I'm guessing you must be a raging feminist who doesn't shave and yells at people who do

No. 89517

Can someone just link where she said she was a used by Aj

No. 89518

File: 1454605592326.png (211.25 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 89520

JFC not only does she make fun of people who take baths but she considers a shower pampering herself. I knew this bitch was dirty but never expected her to confirm it herself lmao

No. 89523

No. 89524

Shes talking like being an infertile skelly is a good thing, lel

No. 89526

File: 1454607223740.png (1.62 MB, 2048x1801, PhotoGrid_1454607151671-1.png)


No. 89527

She already has very gross discolored (probably dirt) looking skin and decides to put on a full face of makeup lmao

No. 89533

nah, I just dont shave
guess people like you are just grossed out by it too much lmao

No. 89548


It's pretty disgusting

No. 89549

It's hair get a grip, do you cry at men's body hair? or just women?

No. 89550

You're petty. Have fun being insecure about your body and spending hundreds/thousands a year to shave/wax away all that yucky hair. At least you can take pride in the fact that you aren't disgusting, not like those other girls.

No. 89551

No. 89552

There's nothing wrong with body hair. Guys happy trails are sexy AF. Personally don't find female ones sexy but theres nothing 'gross' about them.
Get over yourself, not everyone finds the same thing attractive.

No. 89553

File: 1454613197960.jpg (30.53 KB, 343x320, verysexy.jpg)


No. 89559

Not hairy, pretty athletic as well so… Yeah :)

No. 89560


Holy shit can you SHUT THE FUCK UP about yourself this is an anonymous board you dumbfuck stop crusading about your hairy ass no one gives a shit about you.

No. 89563

You all are the reason this is the most cancerous thread on lolcow.

No one gives a fuck, please go back to posting attention whores and proana snowflakes.

No. 89564

File: 1454614491272.png (470.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 89565

Nothing on her is smaller. If anything she's gained weight.

No. 89566


I don't need to shave there, because the hair that grows on my legs doesn't also engulf my lower half. Not everyone is a hairy bitch like you, get over it. Go make a thread in /b about your thick hair that you're coveting, 32 inch waist chan.

No. 89569

the ana feet post tho

No. 89570

File: 1454614728029.jpg (20.25 KB, 608x132, fatorexia.JPG)

No. 89572


>Tesco wifi

Hypothetically speaking if she attempted to lose over a hundred pounds by managing purging and eating fast food, there's no question she would seriously and permanently damage her organs before getting near her goal. This is literally the exact opposite way of how to lose weight I can't wrap my mind around how she exists.

No. 89573

File: 1454615035512.jpg (24.35 KB, 259x400, lanugo3.jpg)

No. 89579

File: 1454615783624.png (14.76 KB, 443x69, Screenshot_2016-02-04-14-55-19…)

No. 89581

File: 1454616021308.png (174.32 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 89585

Fucking thank you! So many attention whores fucking starting petty as fuck drama. Fucking flood of newfags that have something to say about the stupidest shit.

No. 89587

Fucking Lel

No. 89592

Post the entire pic anon!

No. 89594

File: 1454618906832.png (484.34 KB, 975x621, Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.0…)

was this posted yet? look at those fucking teeth

No. 89597

File: 1454619254683.png (633.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 89598

I didn't even recognize her, woah.

No. 89599

Look at that thigh gap!!!! So jelly.

No. 89600

File: 1454620729754.jpeg (518.97 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Fuck sake all she said was she looked BETTER not fat

No. 89601

in an anorexic's mind better means fat same as healthy means fat

not sticking up for her just saying

No. 89602

File: 1454621121051.jpeg (310.68 KB, 1245x1479, image.jpeg)

God this girl just looks for any fucking reason to throw a damn fit. Grow up Emily, get some help, try going to school & stop using every single thing some one says as I reason for pity pints and ass pats. This kind of shit makes me want to scream.

No. 89603


funny how she makes a whole other post about it (feat. spoopy bodycheck) instead of replying to the comment tho lmao

No. 89604

File: 1454621416512.jpg (83.67 KB, 390x709, IMG_20160204_152527.jpg)

Something is def off with the girls pics

No. 89605

Somebody best get on FB and tell Mummy that pwecious baba Emily says she isn't going to eat ever again.

No. 89606



No. 89613

Her constant need for attention and reasurrancebabout her 'frail weight' is fucking redicilous

No. 89616

File: 1454623270359.png (656 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 89620

File: 1454624762236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 55.84 KB, 600x300, image.jpeg)

Why is the lower half of her body covered in grey paint?

No. 89623

Kek Crocker looks like a normal human without filters she adds wow. No wonder she doesn't smile tjat offen tho. Those teeth. Man oh man.

No. 89634

She does look like a normal human even with the filters. Nothing more.

No. 89635

File: 1454628976274.jpg (859.78 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20160204_173408.jpg)

Oh Emily, just stop embarrassing yourself

No. 89642

Cue a post/video from CryingEmily about Omg lolCOWARDS I don't photoshop! Here have this proof even though I DON'T CUR

No. 89643

Her face is so bloated, don't overdrink kids

No. 89644

Oh my gosh guys, I'm a fast grower I don't shop my pics. Wait is someone following me? OMG someone sneezed on me and now I have cancer. I'm so unlucky and unloved and fat.

No. 89645

damn. does she only buy the granny-est of granny panties?

No. 89651

File: 1454633975060.png (183.53 KB, 612x1084, 77938980183-300930.PNG)

look out, ember's giving us all a telling off and swears she isn't a dirty cunt.

No. 89652

"loooool y'all are so sad taking this so seriously"
>tweets like 10 times in a row about it

It's ok ember, it's ok shh shshhh

No. 89655


"Nothing better to do than stalk someone you don't know!!"
makes hundreds of posts on and about lolcow

No. 89656

>my boyfriend and i are crying

Lol as if you don't hide tour internet addict from your boyfriend.

No. 89658

There's a few different ways to elongate images, even instagram has feature for that now.
But Crying Emily does that skinny mirror bullshit, where she leans the body mirror at a 40° slate just to make their lower bodies look long as fuck. Pretty much every single wannarexic does this shit.

No. 89663

She's tweeting about a website where she isn't allowed to post on anonymously anymore because she was caught white knighting AND shit talking herself lmao, oh what a sad reality that Ember lives in.

If she isn't lying about how "my boyfriend are i are laffin", I wonder where she told him these comments were being posted lol. She would never direct him here, not with all of these embrassing gifs and images of her LOL.

>Ember: omg A internet trolls say i never shower!

>Andrew: huh? where?

No. 89665


I kind of want her to keep posting about lolcow only for people to come here and actually read all of the messed up shit she's done… come on karma

No. 89668

>Gotta put all these laughing emojis so they don't think I'm offended

No. 89681

I lmao anon

No. 89682

Biiiiiitttttccccchhh, you know your bf out flirting with the girls he tends. Even you know he don't want your squatting ass.

No. 89706

File: 1454649120846.jpg (39.28 KB, 460x464, enhanced-28324-1406574006-17.j…)

Her exaggerations are so cringe worthy. I'm sure her boyfriend isn't laughing so hard he's crying. It's not even funny. It's insulting. People roll their eyes at insulting shit, not laugh till they urinate themselves.

>Hey, babe, girls online say I don't shower online.

>omg hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

No. 89719

File: 1454653950097.jpeg (637.05 KB, 1600x1200, image.jpeg)

I feel like Ember hasn't been posting on Instagram nearly as much as she used to. Where's the milk?

No. 89720

A sensible person would be trying to distance themselves from the Internet and maybe do something positive for themselves, so I'm guessing that Ember is smoking more weed than usual, clinging onto her bf so he can't cheat yet, and planning how best to pretend she's in a residential eating disorder unit.

No. 89721

Crying Emily is ridiculous. She's like a fucking PARODY of BPD. She needs to get off the internet, stop pretending to be deathly ill, and go get her personality disorder sorted out. She's manipulative and vile. She's hurt many people, and it's no wonder she has no stable friendships or relationships. But of course in her mind, it's all their fault.

No. 89722

And PS: you're not fooling anyone with that cartoon photoshopped eyes, badly drawn "sunken" cheeks, and triangle/Jay Leno chin.

No. 89723

I used to feel sorry for her, but now I just wish a friendship with Ash upon her.

No. 89725

File: 1454655640042.jpeg (381.31 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

If anyone is following this fatty, she just posted videos of her being a retard. But I noticed how disgusting dry her face and body are? I wish I could've gotten better screenshots but eh.

No. 89729

Eww, her skin is so disgustingly fucked up looking.

No. 89731

Bad diet, she probably barely drinks water, puking, sleeping in makeup. I'm surprised its not way worse tbh.

She needs to mousturise that face so badly.

No. 89732

What is obeasts handle?

No. 89756

File: 1454682614540.jpg (27.09 KB, 460x288, ash-cloud_1637785c.jpg)

Damn, that bitch is ashy.

No. 89757

File: 1454682904363.png (393.36 KB, 502x728, capture-20160205-163504.png)

Her fingers look really short and chubby…

No. 89758

She looks British.

No. 89760



No. 89761

Her hands look like an umpa lumpa

No. 89767

On snap? Didn't find it

No. 89768

Just watched the video's she posted last night. Instant regret. The crust around her mouth/chin actually makes me feel queasy. She needs to get some moisturizer ASAP

No. 89769

Her nails always gross me out.

No. 89770

it looks like she bites them to the absolute quick. Its gross

No. 89779

Gross that nasty bitch chews her nails past the quick. Not only is that unhygienic but it's a bad habit anyone should break before adulthood. Now her fingers look like ballpark Frank's.

No. 89788

File: 1454695986181.png (537.67 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Embers twitter likes

No. 89789

File: 1454696057329.png (643.44 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Didn't she try to blame butfirsttea for the starvinggkitten account, yet she liked messages with that username in 2014? ?

No. 89795

Because she's a lying dirty CUNT. Someone needs to update the IG page about her. There are 2 not being posted on

No. 89809

File: 1454703049361.jpeg (132.69 KB, 640x1042, image.jpeg)

'Toning' okay.

No. 89810

beat me too it
She's in the Primark here near where I live and the mirror is a cheap one that makes anyone look skinny, even i do in it.

No. 89813

Why has she bought kid's cutlery? I don't get her obsession with that sort of thing. Her placemats are for kids too.

No. 89815


Nah, I don't have her snap but her videos are/were on her Instagram.

No. 89817

people with ED's usually like certain things surrounding food I guess
also don't forget, she wants to be an innocent little girl

No. 89820

She wants to be a child and baby/kid cutlery and bowls, plates, etc make whatever you're eating appear bigger to those around. It's an ~ana trick~

No. 89821

File: 1454705543750.png (662.42 KB, 927x592, DAMN GIRL.png)

when u get likes based on mutual respect and interest not desperate spamming for attention

No. 89823

>141 likes in 6 hours

No. 89824

What's the point if Emily's food account? It's not a recovery plan and it's the same every day. What IS the point?

No. 89828

I thought she was afraid of being ill. That cutlery with added plastic breed bacteria in the area where they're joined. Better scrub n sterilise that baby stuff really well…or use metal adult cutlery like adults do.

No. 89830

It seems to be a way of showing off how little she eats. She always reiterates how she doesn't want to her well dones but seems to get off on getting 'poor frail baby' comments.

No. 89840

She definitely loves to look ill. I would've thought that if that's all she eats and she constantly exercises she'd be much spoopier after 3 months.

No. 89842

can someone post a link/caps of her food diary? i wanna see the famous kiddie cutlery

No. 89845

File: 1454710266836.png (302.89 KB, 480x362, wp_ss_20160205_0001.png)

Her instas private, I think recoveringemily.

Here's her ~cute~ cutlery.

No. 89846

File: 1454710374214.jpg (107.73 KB, 1080x810, 6tag-2087942748-11784227095447…)

And with place mat having din dins.

No. 89851

as a die-hard porridge fan this is a fucking disgrace

No. 89862

She always makes a point of it being made with WATER

No. 89870

Porridge fan here too. Made with milk. No salt or sugar. I've never tried rye, but know how bland Ryvita is and imagine it's like one of those crushed up. With water. That's something you'd use as wallpaper adhesive, not something you put in your mouth.

Those naked bars contain the same amount of calories as some really nice filling foods. They're really small and flat. I thought what I eat is bland because I cant cook very well, but shee-it.

No. 89878


What's the betting we see a post saying how she can't eat the Nakd bars anymore because the 'big ol meanies' on Lolcow.

No. 89885

My 3 year old eats more than this.

No. 89899

Cutting out a tasteless bar for hamsters would make her even more of a martyr in her eyes. She wants the world to see how she suffers.

No. 89905

Anon with a slight milk hate; if I can't have soy (used up etc) will have with water BUT counter bland with honey and fruit. This just looks like crap. She's not even added enough water that's burned!

No. 89907


Yeah but unlike Emily your 3 year old is loved, and loves you back.

No. 89908

File: 1454717860065.png (71.65 KB, 621x658, Untitled.png)

lol Ember stop sending this girl anon hate because she finds you pathetic, mostly everyone agrees with her.

No. 89911

File: 1454719063058.png (1.91 MB, 1161x1438, Untitled.png)

These people interest me as much as the ana snowflakes.

No. 89912

fetishists probably

No. 89913

File: 1454719607830.jpg (532.41 KB, 1024x811, myfreecams_kissnicol_female_30…)

There's a comment in there, saying check this girl named kissnicol because she is anorexic so i looked her up and found this

No. 89914

File: 1454719640080.jpg (545.38 KB, 1024x811, myfreecams_kissnicol_female_21…)

and another

No. 89915

>favorite food: pizza

No. 89917

File: 1454719964291.png (3.61 MB, 1396x2048, PhotoGrid_1454719874316-1.png)

Alright not posting anymore

No. 89918

Looks way older than 24.

No. 89920

To be fair, she is deathly thin. I don't think anyone can look youthful, weighing so little.

No. 89938

Going off of this picture she's using baby and kids cutlery to emphasise how little she eats for her followers so she gets more people worried. I mean really, who would even give their child this portion?! It's sympathy points to feel like she's "cared" for by strangers because they'll keep checking up on her to see if she's okay or to see if she's eating more.
Pretty pathetic that you'd want more "love" and attention from people on the Internet when your mother is trying her hardest. Shows how selfish, conceited and attention hungry she really is. Stop making people feel sorry for you, using and abusing them and get better.
But oh wait, then no one would "care" about you because you're not a tiny, fragile, poor little baby.

No. 89945

i'm not surprised (about the mirror making people look skinny) considering that's the mirror she ALWAYS body checks in in public

No. 89948

File: 1454731059684.png (977.25 KB, 1080x1428, Screenshot_2016-02-05-22-55-47…)

Ember is now entering her kawaii phase

No. 89949

kek those fat fucking cheeks

No. 89950


>she finds you pathetic, mostly everyone agrees

>mostly everyone
>not everyone

hi Ember :^)

No. 89951

File: 1454731499765.png (516.66 KB, 956x603, Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 8.03…)

idk much about this girl but she's always on my explore tab and ALWAYS posts photos of her meals and how much she eat and she specifically goes out of her way to tell everyone how much she eats and yet she probably weighs under 80 judging by her photos? (she says she's 5'2)
idk probably not much milk but I sense something sketch with this one.
>inb4 people complaining about this post

No. 89952


The physically weak girl is my least favorite kind of attention whore. And I don't mean thin women, I mean idiot bitches that can't just eat right but have to starve because they're fucking stupid and talentless so they don't get attention any other way.

No. 89955


isn't that just another snapchat filter that edits your face.

No. 89958

yeah my point for saying that was to get ember to make an instagram post saying " 'fat cheeks' it's a snapchat filter hahahah me and my boyfriend are crying from laughter ;)"

No. 89962

Strange vadge area.

No. 89969

At least she cleaned off the sink before taking a picture.. That's my pet peeve. But god, that faucet looks rank.

No. 89973

File: 1454738722065.jpg (66.8 KB, 735x586, 1.JPG)

I just had a look at her account. She's really annoying. She's really into herself and she reminds me of Scamanda. Oh and she's ~vegan~ Get over yourself.

Weird how when she "bloats" it makes her ass look bigger too.

No. 89974

i was also taking note of how she has a few photos complaining about bloating but then another photo saying she's proud to have gained two pounds so she decided to treat herself with diet dr pepper and vodka??? what the fuck kind of shit?

No. 89976

also sage for double post but i can't seem to find any other social media of hers. i'm determined to dig deep because like i said before, something seems sketch about her

No. 89978

We will investigate.

No. 89980

File: 1454739969677.jpg (43.17 KB, 421x418, 3.JPG)

I think she's been on ig a while because a lot of followers but few pics BUT google image her username and it t throws up pics which aren't on her account now.

No. 89982


no one cares. This sounds like such a obvious self post ("we will investigate" wtf sounds like a mom who just discovered the hacker 4chan)

No. 89983

>wtf sounds like a mom who just discovered the hacker 4chan

Sounds like someone with a stick up their ass.

No. 89984

There's no way she weighs under 80 pounds :O She's probably around 100.

No. 89988

I'm taller than her and weigh about 98 on an empty stomach and she looks a helluva lot thinner than me. i don't think she's 100 at all. not even close.

and yet you still bumped the thread.

No. 89989

I'm not even arsed if it's a self post at this point. I'm sick of seeing Whann's ugly all over this thread.

No. 89990

anon who posted trash baby here
i'm the same anon who's also posted a couple other girls in this thread
and it's rly fckin obnoxious how if someone other than ember/crying emily is posted it's immediately deemed a self post
admins got rid of embers thread for a reason.

there's other shitty people on the web too

No. 89991

Yup. I like new people being posted for consideration. It's not like any of the others on here are exploding at the udders. I posted the VK collage earlier because I was bored of Crying Emily and Whaaaan.

No. 89995

Are we pointing out people to laugh at or to report? I'm going through the #'s and all I can really find are young girls saying they have anorexia, are looking for a "buddy", they post fitspo not realising the difference but using pro ana diets or attempting to.
IDK, not much lols.

No. 89998


Nah, she's at least 100. I weigh people every day at my work (clinic) and she looks like she would be 100-105 at 5'2. She's not emaciated- she has hips and not skinny arms. It's not a bad thing, that's just how she looks.

No. 90000

File: 1454745135076.png (98.57 KB, 991x553, Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.5…)

damn the bitches over on mpa have 0 chill

No. 90001


this wreaks of self post, where the milk at she boring af.

also she's doing that lame pose to make your ass look (slightly, in her case) bigger, and you can tell bc of how she positions her hand to hide how hard she's arching her back/has her leg pushed out.

also alcohol isn't fucking edgy these bitches need to stop they're going to look so fucking haggard when their starving and wannabe alcoholic behavior catches up (i.e. when they're 20).

No. 90002

They're just all hangry.
They're probably normal with a bit of blood sugar.

No. 90003

i seriously doubt the majority of girls on that website are as thin as they say they are. wish they all posted pictures of themselves because i'm sure half of them are cow worthy.

No. 90004

File: 1454745897013.jpeg (191.74 KB, 640x956, image.jpeg)

No. 90015

File: 1454749493338.jpg (44.07 KB, 500x295, screams_internally.jpg)



No. 90019

There is an entire section dedicated to pictures. Some are overweight, but many are clearly underweight and even Aly-level emaciated.

No. 90020

That girl is ridiculous. She wants to eat all that shitty food without guilt so she tells herself it's a recovery win

No. 90032

Stoned, fatass cheeks and unfortunate god awful orange hair. This chick really is trailer trash

No. 90033

File: 1454760431251.jpg (90.44 KB, 640x680, image.jpg)

Hancesolo is looking pretty grim.
Is there anything newer than this pic?

No. 90036

>Are we pointing out people to laugh at or to report?

Well, seeing as we aren't a personal army of moralfags, we are here to laugh. Report if you want but don't try to rally the troops.

No. 90045

scrolling through embers facebook account i asked myself if anyone really cares about her. like theres not even a single like on her "my eating disorder hurr durr"-posts, if id post personal stuff like this at least someone would comment or like it. i ight be petty but it looks so sad

No. 90046

also the feel that she somehow MUST know how fucked up and how sad her life is. idk i don't have any sympathy for her but i cannot imagine she doesnt know what an actual piece of useless trash she is

No. 90060

File: 1454772997237.png (56.8 KB, 1080x301, Screenshot_2016-02-06-10-35-12…)

Hey Ember, thanks for letting us know you're here right now.

No. 90061

Not that I've seen. She looks close to death. I know that she can be an attention-seeking shitbag but Christ it's sad.

No. 90062

File: 1454774492561.png (733.85 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Yes. You are a bitch.

No. 90064

wana know who really doesn't wanna have to get lab work done?

people who have to pay for that type of shit. im in so much hospital debt.

No. 90066

True. Although I don't like labs because I'm a hard poke. Takes 2-3 tries, sometimes 4, so I don't donate blood and I try to be nice and patient with whomever is doing the blood draw.

No. 90067

File: 1454777084331.png (507.24 KB, 924x586, Untitled.png)

Anyone remember vampirevoodoo? Still spoopy, still posting "not thinspo, just my body!" pics

No. 90072

She was looking healthy like 6 months ago she must have relapsed idk

No. 90082

Not spoopy, just sucking in.

No. 90085

She's not that spoopy, just breathing in. Her tattoo's pretty cool.

No. 90105

My favorite type of frail and delicate Ana

No. 90107

>has squidward nose
Kek. Nobody even cares enough to like or comment on her bullshit.

No. 90110

Somebody actually commented on it.

No. 90112

File: 1454792657242.png (172.68 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-02-06-21-02-27…)

Here's CryingEmily's gf Gracie talking about the type of person she doesn't want to be/doesn't want on her IG. Now…who does all of that sound like hmmm???

No. 90113

squidward share something from squidward

No. 90120

It's so rare to read anything like this from the ana4attention squad.

No. 90124

What did they comment? "Quit your bullshit"??

No. 90144

"Ooh girl I been there"

No. 90146

JFC, EKG = heart failure next week
Just wait for it.

No. 90150

Is that supposed to be a lotus?

No. 90151

She was a total 'look at meeee don't look at me' mess but its sad that she's so far gone.

No. 90154

why are you friends with her bf on fb lol

No. 90156

not same anon but for the milk, obviously.

No. 90157

Im friends with a lot of her friends on fb for the milk. its a fake fb account

No. 90160

I'm more concerned about the parasitic worms she apparently has under her skin

No. 90161

File: 1454803388798.jpg (14.08 KB, 274x184, tapeworm ana diet.jpg)

It's her secret to slender.

No. 90162

goddamn that's grody

No. 90164

She's been googling again. I wonder what she'll pretend to have.

I'm putting a dollar on bradycardia and an arrhythmia. The chest pains will start a few posts later.

No. 90166

Her nails are never blue, I'd love to see her come up with bradycardia

No. 90167

cue pics of her hands with the most obvious blue filters

No. 90168

It'd be a relief from the constant yellow pictures she posts

No. 90170

blue filters might make her look less dirty

No. 90171

Who is this chick? I've see r posted a couple times, but I don't think I've ever seen her Instagram/tumblr/whatever

No. 90174


Hasn't posted since Nov 2015 though

No. 90175

She also never has any visible bruises or complains about any of the other symptoms of anemia yet she had to stop being a vegan because hers was so extreme, she needed to change her entire lifestyle.

No. 90176

Blue nails indicates bradycardia?

No. 90177

It's a good indicator, my nails are blue even in hot showers in winter because my circulation is so poor

There's tons of reasons for blue nails, though

No. 90178

Her anemia was so serious she didn't have enough red blood cells to even bruise. Srs illness you guys.

No. 90179

Did she an hero or die or st?

No. 90180

You're kidding, right?

No. 90181

File: 1454807379037.jpg (68.08 KB, 640x640, 12598990_542185159295145_81988…)

Look at these legs. Not spoopy. She looks pretty normal.

No. 90182

File: 1454807675657.jpeg (76.17 KB, 1036x370, image.jpeg)

Kekekekekek do u think this is for realz lul i guarantee ember tried to ~recommend~ emily to try to get her closer to her gawd. Once obsessed, always obsessed.

No. 90183

File: 1454808066116.jpg (167.45 KB, 931x593, EEW aly lipstick smears.jpg)

Looks like Aly actually bit her "donnie" for once! Gross ass lipstick smears. EEW!

No. 90184

Shut the fuck up.

No. 90185

first off aly has her own thread.. go there. secondly this is the most annoying post ive ever seen. go fuck yourself.

No. 90186

I take photos from this angle to look bigger than I am, but it could be just a boot shot

Either way unflattering angle

No. 90187

>pokes fun at her for not eating
>pokes fun at her for eating

Okay. So you just hate the girl, right?

No. 90188

I wish I knew, can anyone help us out on the whereabouts of Hancesolo? Seems like she is M.I.A.

No. 90192

Isn't that part of her manic pixie dream girl trope

No. 90194

File: 1454809132412.png (23.94 KB, 625x626, image.png)

No. 90195

Maybe she went the route of Shmegeh and got better.

No. 90196

shmegeh got better? i thought she was M.I.A too

No. 90197

Did this fatty change her username on instagram?

No. 90198

Her weight seems to fluctuate a lot, I went back like 50 weeks and it seems to go from 45 to 55kg

No. 90199

Her last photo was in hospital with a feeding tube and apparently going bald so I'm guessing she's not better.

No. 90200

When and where did you see such a photo?

No. 90201

There's this new feature where you can scroll and see the posts in the thread. You should try it sometime.

No. 90202

Didn't people stop caring about her when they realized what an attention seeker she is?

I think not talking about her is better for her, considering her ED was very public

No. 90205

No. 90206

I don't know about the attention seeking stuff. Are there threads worth looking up?

No. 90207

Sorry my bad, got messed up and thought you were talking about Shmegeh! Oops

No. 90208

She has posted short vids to IG and people have said she looks like she's gained some weight. She's a manager at Hot Topic in Florida, it wouldn't be hard for someone to see how she is if they live in the area.

No. 90209

By attention seeker they mean abuser and overall shit person.
Also yes she has gained weight. Not a whole lot though just enough to ruin her little persona.

No. 90210


No. 90211

No. 90214

I meant hancesolo, not shmegeh.
Everyone knows she's an abusive shit.

No. 90215

File: 1454812288498.png (126.68 KB, 320x234, Untitled-1.png)

I found hance solo's photobucket (http://s973.photobucket.com/user/hanceyy/library/) and it's sad to see how she's declined. no clue how old pic is but she looks healthier and cute. i hope she makes it through recovery.

No. 90216

ugh please excuse my typos and mistakes. esl-chan here :c

No. 90219

I quite like her tbh, its a shame she's gotten so unwell. She seemed pretty determined to keep trying IIRC from her tumblr.

No. 90232

File: 1454819046789.jpeg (206.54 KB, 640x1060, image.jpeg)

No. 90236


i was required to take an EKG to be given/~gifted~ adderall. but she's too fucking stupid to get that.

anyways Ember is so hilarious because she's faking this in the way an actual high school freshman would.

out of curiosity what do you think would happen if people started just complimenting her on things? more in a theoretical sense obviously, do you think she'd eventually be reminded what accomplishment feels like and drop her pathetic act, oooooor would she lose her shit even more?

No. 90239

Finishing anything other than a bag of weed would be good for her.
Hell even doing some arts and crafts would at least remind her she can do something other than pretend to have diseases and disorders on the Internet.

No. 90241

I was going to say something like anon above said. She has no accomplishments to be congratulated on. Idk how people can do life without making/learning/doing something other than faking an illness. Too much weed kills motivation I suppose.

No. 90248

Eh. Ember used to make art, paintings and write poetry and people on tumblr made fun of her for it so she stopped. She's doing the only thing that she knows will get her attention, good or bad. It's rather sad. We created her to be like this.

No. 90249

She was mocked because she tried to sell her shitty arts and crafts, and for calling herself an author and publisher when she was neither.

It would be easy enough for her to start again, she just needs to stop desperately trying to be the best and most important at what she does.

No. 90252

She wasn't good at any of it and wanted to profit like anon below said

There was no reason she couldn't have continued to practice in private

No. 90253

Valid point, but I do remember at one time she was making "abstract" art and posted a picture of it, just saying "hey I made this" and a few truth blogs mocked the shit out of her until she deleted it. It was the only time I ever felt genuinely bad for her.

No. 90254

Omg. It's lit and I figured out something. Ember may not be good at anything but faking an ED because she's not good at anything else. The only way for people to praise her is if she fake improves or tries. Her parents maybe also praising her because this is the only way to get their attention by fake improving and faking an Ed because she was never better at anything else. So sad.

No. 90256

I don't understand why she likes pot so much, but desperately wants anorexia. I have anorexia and I HATE HATE HATE the munchies. I refuse to smoke pot for that reason.

No. 90257

File: 1454829962007.jpeg (119.65 KB, 640x932, image.jpeg)

I can't tell when somethings photoshopped or not but these legs can't be real. The right picture looks so weird.

No. 90258

No the most confusing thing is, why does she just not eat less? She eats so much junk but she stays slim! With a tiny bit of effort (a healthy diet not even ana tier) she could be very skinny. But she's too lazy to do even that.

No. 90259

I mean her entire life goal is to be an ana. It would require minimal effort from her…

No. 90260

not shopped, i follow this account and it's legit

No. 90262

Probably because it was shit.
If she's gonna cry and quit being a grow up every time someone laughs at her she's gonna have a hard time doing anything.

No. 90264

She smeared paint on a canvas in some dudes backyard and called it abstract

She quit because she wasn't automatically good when she picked up a brush, she could have kept going nothing and nobody was holding her back

It's the same old story, if she put time and effort into things like everyone else (you know, like people with real mental illness even do) then her life would be completely different

She might even have her GED by now, but she's just a lazy, stoner stereotype

No. 90269

If she ACTUALLY tried something new/find a hobby, I'd support her. Obviously not financially lol but if she actually TRIED and not just talked about it, who knows she might find something she likes and gets good at it, "recovers" and keeps up with it.

No. 90271

this isn't shooped, this girl is actually really sick and is trying to get better, she's legit.
she's really quite nice.

No. 90275

Why do you think she's still in Florida? She only moved there for Mena. The last everyone else heard, she was back in VA with her mother or parents or something.

No. 90277

No, she looks spoopy.

No. 90280

Stop it. You're not spoopy. Deal with it.

No. 90296

Have you ever seen what your leg bones look like?

No. 90303

shes probably got bone problems due to her ED

No. 90318

Oh, I assumed she was still in Florida because of her saying she was a manager at Hot Topic, and I know she worked at the one in Florida for a while. I guess it is possible she went back to VA.

No. 90363

File: 1454867319163.png (216.08 KB, 512x358, capture-20160207-194621.png)

at least she knows she's trash

No. 90421

This may have been addressed before but why does Ember hold her phone at a diagonal angle when she takes photos of herself?

No. 90422

Dat ana angle.

No. 90435

Oh Ember. Taking loads of photos at Lush after we comment about how little you wash? You are TOO easy.

No. 90438

File: 1454884007333.jpg (55.72 KB, 393x449, IMG_20160207_162328.jpg)

When you forget there's supposed to be tile lines in between your edited thigh gap

No. 90442

Even if they're edited, her legs look normal as fuck

Also both her and her friend are raising their heels, is she grooming her lol

No. 90443

they're both doing the toes-together, heel-apart thigh gap trick too lmao
after this shot, I bet Ember barraged the girl from not pointing her toes towards the mirror, like she is.

No. 90446

Even with all her angles and tricks, she's still kind of average-sized. It's really weird how she puts all the effort in but it never quite works.

No. 90453

File: 1454888108031.jpg (228.41 KB, 2048x1024, 1454887804430.jpg)

Is EmCrock using the fucking black paint brush tool to slim her neck?!

No. 90461

It's hair, chill

No. 90481

File: 1454893326725.jpg (30.44 KB, 278x577, bodycheck.JPG)

Why is Whann obsessed with thigh gaps?

Her legs are totally normal. They're pretty much like mine (except longer) and I'm normal.

Found this on insta. This girl has bigger legs (ie not anorexic) and she has a gap. Why does she think that having a gap between your thighs means you're skinny?

No. 90482

File: 1454893797549.png (452.65 KB, 348x611, th.png)

Honestly thought you were onto something but I have to agree with >>90461 and say that it's hair her hair folding over.

Her legs are even more normal in candid shots. Ember is just focused on appearing as skinny as she can possibly manage without any real determination of losing any weight. i mean, she's already thin, imagine how nice her body would look if she worked out? she could be a butter face with just a little bit of work.

No. 90484

File: 1454894438537.jpg (68.1 KB, 477x592, some drug.JPG)

This girl's tattoo says "Starving for perfection". SO MUCH sucking in.
That's the biggest ana snowflake tat I ever did see.

What's the drug on her first pic? I'm naive.

No. 90486

That's a straw, I'm guessing

Idk but looks like heroin
Could be anything lol even baking supplies

No. 90487

I thought it was a tampon applicator.

No. 90488

That's a weird way to buy heroin. I mean I guess it looks like it, color and texture-wise, but isn't it usually in those little wax-paper baggies? I've never known it to be sold in plastic bags.

No. 90489

The shit in the bag doesn't look like it; just the shit on the table.

No. 90490

That's cocaine, not meth

No. 90492

That's not crystal meth? Whatever it is, if she wants that shooped meth face look Ember has then who am I to judge?

(personally think this girl is a trying hard to be bad ass with her abortion and drugz)

No. 90495

File: 1454896197782.jpg (47.51 KB, 275x216, image.jpg)

Looks like some kind of bumper maybe.
Some dirty looking heroin, and possibly some shard.

No. 90497

Remember, crystal meth is crystals

No. 90498

They sell it however they want to sell it tbh
I've gotten it in tinfoil

No. 90500

File: 1454896493155.jpg (107.83 KB, 250x385, 0512_drug-free-kids1.jpg)


Thank you. I had to google what a bumper was ha.

No. 90501

that's cocaine y'all

No. 90509

Emily Crocker phone number 603-321-6151 (thanks to Ember) I've been sending her pics of when she was actually thin and letting her know she's gained and it's mad funny lol. Let's see how long it takes to Brel her. I want her offline. She's taking my Imternet fame away. Get her off. Now. I can't do it on my phone. (I'm not Ember Whann, just someone else who is annoyed). Ember is much prettier tho. Just imo. Get Emily to feel bad enough where she leaves the internet so I can reclaim thinspo queen even tho shE got fat. Once she's gone, e-drama will be way better. She pathetic.

No. 90510

File: 1454900066377.jpg (62.27 KB, 429x410, 1289786347036.jpg)

This is a shockingly pathetic post.

No. 90512


This whole post reeks of whismical.

No. 90514

File: 1454900528291.jpg (20.66 KB, 600x600, 8d0.jpg)

No. 90515

Emily stop self posting, even Ember doesn't care about your drama anymore

No. 90516

I'm dying, 99% of everyone here don't give 2 shits about actually harassing people

Literally here to laugh at pro anas, tf do you think this is

No. 90517

You're wrong by a number or two, pal

No. 90521

File: 1454903488573.gif (416.63 KB, 267x199, heres johnny.gif)

>She's taking my Imternet fame away


No. 90533

The stuff on the table looks like heroin. Pretty good heroin too (compared to what I get here, that shit is straight black) so I'd guess she's in the midwest or on the east coast. You'd definitely be able to snort that. But you'd get fucked up if you shot it up. Heroin usually comes in little torn off pieces of shopping baggies.

The stuff in the tiny baggie looks like Meth or some other amphetamine.

No. 90559

LOL Emily you were never thinspo queen tho? You can't rewrite shit, both you and Ember were taped about on truth blogs because they had a hateboner for Felice and you two just shit up the tags and rage posted you. And here we are years later straight up because you dumb fucks keep producing milk.

Also can Admin tag Emily's posts the way Ember's were?

No. 90560

File: 1454919074574.png (660.18 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Found this girl on the explore/popular page and she clearly isn't Ana or wannarexic for that matter but I sense some serious Photoshopping in her pics. In her videos she's flat assed but in her pictueres she's either making it bigger or using bad angles

Also what kind of BF is ok with their girlfriend having 25k followers and posting trashy ass pics like this?
>inb4 self post because this isn't ember or crying Emily

No. 90562

>she clearly isn't Ana or wannarexic

did you fucking read the thread title

No. 90563

But she shoops and is clearly an ig attention whore so unless you have something better

No. 90564

Admin isn't your assistant, Ember got exposed because she broke the rules

No. 90565

There are other threads you can post this in

No. 90566

read the thread title this is completely unrelated now shut the fuck up no one cares.

No. 90567

She still has a flat ass anon, are you fucking stupid? It's literally cause she's bent over

No. 90594

I think Ember posts on here whenever she's with her "ugly" friend from her phone. It's happened all 3 times they've went out together

No. 90597

Im sure she posts here quite often, just look at the writing style in her marked posts and some of them here

No. 90604

My favorite thing about ember is she goes "shopping" all the time yet only takes pics of the expensive shit and doesn't buy anything. She's broke bc she spends all her money on food i bet.

No. 90605

She's broke because she spends all her money on fucking weed. She's a high school drop out waitress that will be pregnant and alone and fatter within the year

No. 90611

and followers, pretty sure she still buys them.

I wish shed pull her shit together but we all know itll never happen.

No. 90614

Attention whores are welcomed here, eating disordered or not. Stop trying to control the chaos.

No. 90620

>Also what kind of BF is ok with their girlfriend having 25k followers and posting trashy ass pics like this?
He's the one taking the pic. I doubt anybody that goes "hang on, selfie time" when you're kissing is against attention.

No. 90623

File: 1454948743623.png (884.83 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_2016-02-08-11-24-43…)

No. 90625

that room looks filthy. is that a dorm?
anyway yuck

No. 90633

no bed frame… no sheets on mattress.. no skirt on box spring… and a jug of mysterious brown liquid sitting beside their bed… grody

No. 90639

Does she even smoke though? I know that she went through a ~stoner phase~ and would post about smoking all the time but she hasn't done that in ages. It was probably as fake as everything else in her life.

No. 90644

she posted a picture of a ~fancy tea cup~ and weed a few months back. And I THINK she mentioned it maybe 2 months ago. Not really sure, sorry
She might had to stop buying weed because shes buying so many followers lol

No. 90645

i wish i had that body so bad tbh

No. 90646

She prob smokes like once or twice every few months but she documents it every time she does for Ana stoner points

No. 90651

How about instead of wishing you start doing something about it? If you already are, keep it up I guess

sage for ot

No. 90652

Already working out and shit but my tits will never be like that

No. 90655

File: 1454955085818.jpg (117.76 KB, 493x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

Tbh, Ember seems to latch on to her current boyfriend's lives and whatever they're doing, she does too.

She has had only three boyfriend in the past 5 years. Some 16 year old druggie named Justin back in.. 2011 idk, who loved smoking weed, taking acid, and eating pills, so of course Ember did everything he would do. That's where that gif of her with acid on her tongue came from.

Then there was A.J. who was a 21 y/o stoner and probably was the only one in the relationship with a weed connect, so once he kicked her out of his house after she cheated on him, she no longer had access to weed like she used too.

And from what I can tell, her current boyfriend doesnt do drugs but loves to cook, so of course Ember has a food diary, slammed with images of food HE made HER instead of a stoner/hippie blog like she had in the past.

She just doesn't seem to have any type of personality or aspirations. She just likes what everyone around her likes because without their guidance, she wouldn't know what the fuck to do with herself.

No. 90657

File: 1454955562567.jpeg (69.48 KB, 640x960, received_973462356066343.jpeg)

No. 90658

File: 1454955593220.jpeg (57 KB, 640x960, received_973462316066347.jpeg)

No. 90659

File: 1454955638805.jpeg (146.8 KB, 750x1192, image.jpeg)

Her body looks like it just stores fat it all the right places. So I mean your best bet is to just eat all the nasty crap she eats and hope for the best

No. 90660

File: 1454955709997.jpg (154.51 KB, 641x528, 45612242.JPG)

>the .jpeg artefacts around the text
Golly gosh, that sure looks legitimate.

No. 90663

glad someone else noticed it too, though I diddnt see right

No. 90664

File: 1454955973033.jpeg (128.09 KB, 750x924, image.jpeg)

Well if she's anything like her friends, she photoshops. This account is some girl who she's always taking photos with.

No. 90665

File: 1454956448554.png (60.18 KB, 650x350, lift raft.png)

LOL Ember learn to proof read, ya dumb cunt!

>I can't continue to cling to my ED like a lift raft

>lift raft

No. 90666

>If you have any questions regarding the Eating Disorder Partial Hospitalization Program

LMAO Ember wut, did you forget you weren't telling that lie anymore?

No. 90667

that shooped ass on the left lmao the railings are warped, gj

No. 90669

>tfw your ass is bigger than your head

No. 90671

File: 1454957551536.jpg (11.11 KB, 236x339, 125926f862dfc4fa29bd66a28b9b7d…)

No. 90672

both of them are shooped

No. 90683

File: 1454958710110.png (7.83 MB, 5056x2352, shoooops.png)

too easy

No. 90699

Ipecac Abuse?! What line of bullshit has she been feeding the fake doctors

No. 90700

You dumb BITCH. You say you're going to get all this blood work done when it states, in bold, that these tests have already been completed.

No. 90703

The whole lot of those ig attention whores shoop their bodies and it's really sad and inconsistent when they're also shooping their friend's bodies too oml

No. 90704

I don't want to defend Ember, but it reads like she is supposed to hand in lab results from the last to weeks somewhere, and now she's getting them done to hand them in?

No. 90711


It's the proana scumbags thread you stupid cunt, it shouldn't be here go fuck up another thread

No. 90716

U offended ?

No. 90717

Contribute with some actual wannarexics and scumbags instead of bitching about the content then :)

No. 90722

Calm your ass burgers, the description says all edge attention whores

No. 90727

File: 1454965190889.png (625.82 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 90736

Pretty sure this is from a referral form that a physician is supposed to fill out, not a patient. That's why there's that note directed at pediatricians.

No. 90737

I'm pretty sure she just googled some shit and posted a photo of some document she found online.

No. 90745

Anyone not gonna comment on Emily C's horrific blue eye makeup …

No. 90747

Farmers, if you actually cared about these girls you'd try to help them. A lot of them are literally killing themselves.

No. 90749

Bitch where

No. 90750

They don't want help, they want asspats. Look at Crying Emily over here in >>90727 for instance. One optimistic message followed by copy and paste self loathing, capped off with a hilarious sobbing selfie.

But you knew this already.

No. 90751

No one gives a fuck about her bad make up, hit us up when she is chugging vanilla extract to get drunk again.

No. 90755


Noooo this is such obvious bait.

But first we're not obligated to care, they post funny shit and laugh at it. That's how the internet works, no one is putting a gun to their head making them post this bullshit.

And all the girls posted that are underweight are well off white girls that have resources if they wanted them. You're in the wrong place to be a sanctimonious cunt, they are so pathetic and thirsty that they are straight up trying to get a life threatening disease.

So bitch shut up and log off, you're on a site called lolcow

No. 90813

I hate motivational posts by white people.

No. 90814

Keep your racism out of these threads, please.

No. 90818

nice bait m8

No. 90825

does she ever get fucking changed

No. 90846

Don't worry, your body might not be like hers but I'm 99% sure your face isn't as duff as hers!

No. 90847

File: 1455001427608.jpeg (83.51 KB, 640x1055, image.jpeg)


No. 90853

Not to mention, people here have tried to help. I've tried multiple times to reach out to Emily. I know other anions have tried to help as well. People on lolcow genuinely wish for (most of) the people here to just get better and live a successful life. But we are also an extension of the Internet hate machine. If you're looking for answers, go see a therapist or go to the hospital. and sorry, but if you're going to be an asshole, or a liar, or a doofus on the Internet, you're going to get laughed at. Get used to it.

No. 90859

Sage for insanely far out speculation. I think about this kind of shit way too much.

After seeing Ember's post earlier about getting labwork done and the paperwork said it was for an ED Partial Hospitalization Program, it made me wonder….does anyone think she would go to the lengths of faking her way into a partial program? Because I seriously think she's nuts enough to do it. I mean, their admissions criteria are much less strict than inpatient or residential places. If she did enough research I think she could talk her way in, and it would definitely make her look more legit to all of her wanna-chan followers, right? I feel like things are getting to the point where she's kind of backed herself into a corner and either has to admit all the lies or go balls-to-the-walls and legitimately fake treatment. She tried before by saying she was there and got called out immediately because people could tell she wasn't, so wtf if she actually tries to go? 'Cause the thing is, from what I've seen, she doesn't seem to have the humility or the….uh…I don't know…COMMON FUCKING DECENCY to admit to lying about all that shit. I'm actually really interested in seeing how this fuckery unfolds.

No. 90862

It's definitely plausible, however, 'seasoned' patients (those who have been in and out of treatment) will be able to smell her bullshit from miles away and will probably talk mad sh!t. Also, don't you think it's likely that she would wind up with AT LEAST one person who happens to lurk here? That would be…gold.

No. 90863

I've been following this chick for aaaaages on insta (ray_of_hope64) and I've been waiting for someone to post her here. I'm pretty sure she's legit sick tho and currently recovering for college. i think what she does is fuck with the angles, stretch her legs etc. I often can't tell if someone shoops but i think she was actually that emaciated and just exaggerated the shit out of her leg length. idk, what do you think, farmers ?

No. 90864

>>90863 Well look at that photo posted, between her legs the line of the door has vanished!

No. 90865

File: 1455007294938.jpeg (191.94 KB, 640x989, image.jpeg)

Her legs look a bit sketchy, but could just be a low quality photo?

No. 90868

File: 1455010891781.png (151.37 KB, 319x295, wp_ss_20160209_0001.png)

She looks like she could be related to Ginge.

No. 90873

File: 1455012988692.png (779.17 KB, 865x647, gfhf.png)

Not sure if she's been posted in previous threads, but what is this girls obsession with having bongs in her photos?

No. 90881

She'd definitely try to lie her way into treatment. But for me the really crazy thing is that she's been faking anorexia for YEARS now but she hasn't bothered to lose any weight.

No. 90882

I couldn't finish two sentences of that caption without getting rustled.

Also if you're going to insist on having a bong in your picture, make sure it's not an old dirty cheap acrylic one. You already look tacky, so why make it even worse?

No. 90889

File: 1455028639574.png (748.81 KB, 596x594, capture-20160209-163522.png)

It's not vanished, the line doesn't even continue to that point, as you can see here…

No. 90890

File: 1455028723664.png (1.68 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 90891

>Wow, i just realized we are a super "gay" couple.
That is the straightest thing I've ever read in my life. I know "gay" used to mean "happy", but this is really cringy.

No. 90892

What the fuck is she wearing?

No. 90893

WTF? is that the ex BF "engagement" ring back around her neck?? Old pic or a fatass fucking liar??

No. 90894

Looks like a different ring to me. I dont see a stone anywhere on it at all. And she didn't have the Awareness necklace until after her and AJ broke up.

No. 90895

it's just paper, she's not actually wearing it lol just covering her boobs for the picture i guess

No. 90897

And she didn't have short hair. So it's not an old photo, at least.

No. 90898

That's alot of rusty shit around her neck. It matches her diarrhea orange hair.

No. 90900

File: 1455030514460.jpg (53.46 KB, 529x870, b1.jpg)

She uploaded a lot more pictures of this visit to her snapchat story.

No. 90901

File: 1455030528517.jpg (26.6 KB, 529x870, b2].jpg)

No. 90902

File: 1455030542619.jpg (144.51 KB, 870x529, b3.jpg)

No. 90903

File: 1455030557203.jpg (28.19 KB, 529x870, b4.jpg)

No. 90904

File: 1455030568995.jpg (18.36 KB, 529x870, b5.jpg)

No. 90907

why the fuck are these girls so obsessed with taking pictures of fucking hospital/doctor things?it's really not something you'd think yay lets take a picture!plus, i'd feel embarrassed as fuck. sure, attention i guess? but seriously wtf. i don't get it.

No. 90908

To prove her fake illness and gain more half naked child followers to drool over. She's a fucking creep dude

No. 90910

I never take photos of my doctors visits…I don't want people knowing my personal life lol. she is such a lying showboat.
Sage for slight ot and personal boo hoo

No. 90913

I can just imagine the lab technician/doctor standing awkwardly off to the corner while she takes photo's of all the equipment wondering what the hell she's doing.

Like how does she explain why she's taking photo's of equipment and herself in a paper gown?

No. 90916

This tbh
It's sad she's got nothing else she cares about

No. 90917

Nice samefag

No. 90918


No. 90919

I'll chill when you stop talking to yourself in this thread, samefag

No. 90920

please stop fighting

No. 90922

Go cry somewhere else

No. 90924

lol yea like 'hey babes about to have colonoscopy and they're gonna stick tubes in two sides of my body while i'm sleeping yay poor me!' I cannot imagine taking that kind of pics and telling the internet bout my stuff. made up or not, feel some kind of second hand embarrassment.no point there really, it's just so fucking weird

No. 90925

File: 1455034753106.jpg (250 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

only cause you asked nice k?

just postin someone i found under #anorexia

No. 90928

Ember already follows her. I wonder if she just follows every random person that uses the anorexia tag

No. 90929

that's rude

No. 90937

File: 1455037151180.png (229.43 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Trash baby temporarily made her page priv so when she public' it again I started lurking and saw this comment Crocker left on the girls selfie?? Wtf does this even mean.

No. 90938

EmCrock wishes she looked like her KEK

No. 90956

Obviously haven't been together more than 3 years.

People with bongs/spliffs think it's bad ass. Idk why.

No. 90957

Does anyone else think she doesn't look particularly skinny? Is it some weird thing that's happened to my brain hanging out on the ana snowflake threads where they just look like slim/thin girls?

To me, some of these girls look tall and slim and not skinny.

This site has either fucked up my brain or I'm being real.

No. 90958

yeah, if you see enough of them it starts to look normal. she probably is underweight, though

No. 90959

Compared to Ashley and haggard face Aly, they really do look healthy.

No. 90960

if you saw her next to a person of average weight she would look smaller, but next to aly she would look bigger. i know what you mean though

No. 90961

samefag as above

I love the bodycheck hashtag. Sucking in females and guys trying to look buff.

No. 90962

Lol, not above now.

No. 90999

They're just various general ED blood tests. She's been googling and found a list. Typically, no doctor gives a detailed list of tests to get, they just say 'go to the phlebotomist and make an appointment in a week for results.'

Nobody gets a detailed list like this, especially not with convenient little explanations like "ipecac abuse lol"

No. 91004

No blue nails again, when I got my ekg I was freezing
They leave you in there topless for a bit before hooking up the stickers

No. 91006

File: 1455055984501.jpg (69.89 KB, 500x380, image.jpg)

Where are the blue nails? The dark circles around her eyes? The bruises and cuts that don't heal properly?

What happened to her 'extreme hair loss'? Or the lanugo for that matter?

Ember you need to try harder.

No. 91008

File: 1455057499885.jpeg (306.74 KB, 1242x1915, image.jpeg)


I…don't get it. She thinks she looks like trash baby?

No. 91009

It's a weird world, people think they're both hot and ugly at the same time

No. 91012

I've only ever had standard blood tests, but I definitely agree that NO doctor or hospital would give out an explanatory form like that. I only ever got little sheets they told me to give the lab techs, which had little code names for various blood shit to test for with check marks beside the ones that needed to be tested. I've had that done in 4 cities across the country and it NEVER differs.

The one thing ember always misses with these stupid proof posts she makes is that a doctor's main job when treating an eating disordered patient is not to trigger anymore destructive behaviours. NO doctor, unless they were a total quack, would EVER EVER EVER give an eating disordered patient so much insight into their own treatment. They don't keep the patient in the dark but they don't hand out fucking sample meal plans at "choose your own calorie size!", or blood work forms that state WHY they're being tested. I could go on, but I'm already getting long winded.

This girl ain't sick, she's fucking stupid (as u all kno)

No. 91013

exactly! i have never seen something odd like that and i've had blood taken 30+ times over the last two years bevore treatments. you don't even get to see doctors notes beforehand actually. you can ask for your results tho! i doubt that's so different in other parts of the globe. idk this shit bugs me.

No. 91015

she loves the way she looks and likes being skinny and all.and she should!now and then normal issue comments, but really normal.imo she's mad pretty and i don't even know why she's posted here at all?

No. 91018

are you fucking retarded…we are talking about Emily C saying she thought Trash's selfie was her own (emily's)

No. 91023

oh my bad. well that's obviously delusional of emily. still, that girl is a pretty one

No. 91026

Same anon you answered; when I was in treatment my entire team made a point to not give me details of my tests because that info can be used to fake results.
ED patients as a rule are tricky, and I certainly wasn't the only one to fake my heart rate with caffeine and trying to water load around urinalysis days so they didn't an get an accurate specific gravity of my piss or an accurate weight.

You'd never get a chart saying they're checking for ipecac abuse or purging/laxatives. Most genuinely ill people would change behaviors for a short time in order to get around the tests.

If she'd just stop getting all her info from wintergirls and physicians charts she finds on google images she could probably make a semi believable lie.

No. 91028

Is ipecac even produced anymore? I thought it was taken off the market years ago.

No. 91029

An ekg doesn't mean shit. I get one every six months because I'm on heavy opiates and they have to check to make sure my heart isn't slowing and functioning properly.

I also had to get my blood drawn and an entire physical including a TB test. Like why is documenting this, she's acting like this somehow proves she's sick and not getting a once over for her prescriptions.

No. 91030

Yup, since 2010. It's funny because when I was a kid, Ipecac was encouraged to be in the medicine cabinet in case kids got poisoned.

No. 91031

Discontinued six years ago lol.

No. 91032

she's taking some old as shit ipecac. maybe it isn't as dangerous once it's half life is up. Too much of it and it'll kill you

No. 91033

sage for samefag
Ember probably watched that ipecac bulimic episode of House to get that diagnosis.

No. 91037

I get one every 3 months, no biggie. I never take pictures in drs offices, it's dumb.

No. 91038

what where is there a difference?

No. 91041

Where do you see good?

No. 91048

She's not taking ipecac, she's just taking ancient anorexia related info from wherever she can find it to bolster her stupidly fake stories.

No. 91050

She's not taking it, that sheet is meant to be given to a doctor for an intake physical and that's a list of things the clinic needs the patients tested for just in case. That's not a list of shit that's specific for ember.

No. 91051

yeah its some generic outdated shit that shes trying to pass off as her personal chart

No. 91057

I think she mainly relies on "the mirror trick" and low camera angles. Maybe light editing. She's pretty short, IIRC, so it's unlikely that her legs are so long.
I used to follow her and these pictures would make me so mad… not because of the angles, but because she claimed in her profile to be weight restored, and she so obviously wasn't. I suppose she's still posting "look at my underage titties" photos as well.

No. 91069

Stop your shitty trolling, it's nauseating

No. 91070

is that a ring from the boyfriend that refers to her as a "thirsty ho"?

that's cool. good job.

No. 91073

File: 1455075586236.jpg (63.66 KB, 400x533, tumblr_ns5n9uvnz41qcdl07o2_400…)



yeah emily is fucking delusional if she thinks she looks anything like her. and this girl is average, she just does her make up well.

also that comment is so wildly narcissistic this is too good.

No. 91074

File: 1455075875321.png (1.97 MB, 2048x1468, PhotoGrid_1455075786322-1.png)

She made that comment a day ago and uploaded this selfie (on the right) 5 hours ago. she tried at least lol.

No. 91076

File: 1455076298479.png (2.51 MB, 1396x2048, PhotoGrid_1455076104381-1.png)

I see why emily likes this trash baby girl

No. 91077

File: 1455076321387.png (2.11 MB, 1260x2048, PhotoGrid_1455076201345-1.png)

No. 91079

Those fucking teeth. I don't understand how middle class white Trash have shit teeth.
Her gross bare eyebrows explain why she can never fill them proper.

No. 91080

File: 1455076600481.png (285.72 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_2016-02-09-22-55-34…)

No. 91081

Always nice to see her "inspiration"

No. 91082

Ember posted a comment saying she won't know her ekg reading until the morning?

But it's done right away, they explain it to you or ask you to bring it to your doctor lol

No. 91085

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like embers in for a fuckin gyno appointment. Those are the only ones Ive ever gotten those stupid paper outfits for.

No. 91086

Its just a Pap smear

No. 91087

i literally laughed aloud at this and i don't think I've done that on this thread.

yeah they tell you immediately, i used to have them done for an unrelated reason.

No. 91088


Fucking kek. I've had EKGs done before, IN THE STRONG HOSPITAL SYSTEM, and never once was I made to wear a paper gown like that. Also, they definitely give you your results right away. They're printed immediately. Not to mention, if something's wrong with your heart they're not just gonna be like "lol call you tomorrow about it"

No. 91090


lmao yeah forgot about the paper gown! that is legit a gynecologist thing wtf.

and if she did get an ekg done lets be fuckin real she would be all over taking pictures of the wires and sticky parts, or complaining about some specific aspect that would show she got it done.

imagine being such a fucking loser that you do this shit. like bitch old high school enemies see your shit. non-pedophile boys may see your shit. how the fuck is your life supposed to improve when you're so publicly faking an illness

usually i just laugh at ember but to idiot 14 year olds they'll see her pictures and take it at face value, looking up to an actual basement dweller that can't even starve right.

No. 91092

No. 91095

…..What are you getting at here..

No. 91097


I had a small sheet to cover my tits while the dr was out of the room, but why tf would you take off your pants

>I was completely naked

Honey, they're not putting heart monitors on your vagina and if they are you might want to call your "lawyer uncle"

No. 91099

She's such a malingerer. She probably went in lying about chest pain or something just so that she could get pictures of the EKG machine. What a waste of time.

No. 91100

Clinics will get to know her if she stays in one town.

'Oh for fucks sake crazy girl is calling again. '
'Ahaha seriously carol? Tell her were booked until June.'

'Sorry ms whann, there are no available appointments until at least June. If its an emergency you should go to the hospital ED.'

-garbled screaming down the line/

No. 91101

I had a longer-term EKG (?) done to look for arrhythmia. I had to wear a little recording device for two days which then required analyzing. Could it have been something like that?

No. 91102

Nope, that's a holter monitor or telemetry monitor if you had it long term. The machine she posted a photo of is a simple one test ekg machine that would show and print out the results right there.

No. 91113


Omfg could you imagine. But really though like it's such an enormous waste of everyone's time, especially considering that lots of ED treatment centers (partial, inpatient, and res) have waiting lists. Sick people could literally be waiting for treatment while Ember fakes her way into a center just to take some pictures for her goddamn Instagram feed. Not to mention, like, does she realize if she gets her way she'll have to eat supervised meals and participate in groups in partial? She's used to being home all day so she's going to get annoyed with all that stuff so fast and want to gtfo. "Left treatment, I'm sorry guys I'm just not ready for recovery xoxo"

No. 91120

"What do you mean I can't smoke weed in here! It helps my appetite I need to smoke or I can't even look at eggs I am fucking leaving"

'Call security how did she get onto a locked ward'

No. 91127


I had on a tank top and only had to pull it up to my tits. That naked shit proves she doesn't even know what the fuck procedure is.

There's a few really specific things she could use for photo ops and quite frankly she's getting fucking boring if she's not going to put in some work.

And work means pictures that directly prove she's getting shit done - no printouts or random doctor offices, or of machines, that's easy.

No. 91139

File: 1455110057136.png (Spoiler Image, 922.94 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I'll never understand why these wannarexics put how many times they've been hospitalized in their bios.
Is it really that 'edgy'?

No. 91148

Yea, after this I wouldn't doubt she's never been inpatient for ANYTHING or even had an appointment with a specialist about her eating disorder. I was in an eating disorders ward pending transfer because I was being harrassed in the regular psych unit and I can safely say severely underweight girls taken down for EKGs in hospital gowns just had the stickies applied under the gown. The ones allowed street clothes who went down in tank tops had to pull it up over their tits.
I love her I love this little tard

No. 91149

In my cardio's office, they just ask you to take your shirt off, leave your bra on and then they apply the leads. Then you put your shirt back on after the ekg is done, or after all the leads and the holter is on.

Personally if she's legit having heart problems, why doesn't she have a loop recorder? it gives real time data and it beats the hell out of needing constant ekg's/holters. The procedure takes like ten minutes and the incision is super small.

No. 91151


Because she doesn't have heart problems.

No. 91152

Yeah, but if she actually did, a loop recorder would be better.

No. 91176

Why were you being harassed in the reg. ward?

No. 91207

oh someone kept showing me his dick and screaming my name at the top of his lungs, I was being transferred in like 20 hours so they just moved me to another unit

No. 91238

So, where are the news of Ember's heart failure and other stuff… I must admit I'm a bit disappointed in her.

No. 91240

This is hilarious because she's forgetting about all her IP AND OP lies lmfao


Isn't she jumping the gun? I thought she was just going to get assessed?

No. 91242

File: 1455132361627.jpg (93.83 KB, 531x584, IMG_20160210_132147.jpg)

6 hours? She must be getting that life saving "IV fluids and overnight tube" to help her stabilize

No. 91243

File: 1455132435121.jpg (104.88 KB, 535x522, IMG_20160210_132129.jpg)

Still waiting on the EKG results fatass

No. 91245

She's probably there for her abortion appointment

No. 91246

Lmao, that's a lie. EKG results can be read in minutes by a cardio.

No. 91258

That's true, if a cardio is present. Otherwise doctors sometimes send them off.

No. 91277

File: 1455136114790.png (879.52 KB, 674x1036, snowflakewarsepisode5_cryingem…)

I was missing her crying selfies guise

No. 91286

148 likes in 6 hours, with 15.3 K followers???? This bitch

No. 91290

File: 1455138556967.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-10-21-58-13…)

It looks like Ember will actually be able to fake her way into PHP??? Pics incoming.

No. 91291

File: 1455138585108.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-10-21-58-20…)

No. 91292

File: 1455138598181.png (952.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-10-21-59-10…)

No. 91293

File: 1455138622264.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-10-21-59-23…)

No. 91294

File: 1455138682242.png (911.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-10-21-59-17…)

Do her followeres and people on snap really not see how she bends over in every fucking body pic to fake/enhance a thigh gap? How stupid are they.

No. 91296


Yes, but I follow because she's entertaining
I wonder how many other people follow just for the lulz

No. 91297

I would be so fucking pissed if I was stuck in PHP with a wannarexic attention whore like ember
I wouldn't put it past the stupid cow to try to snapchat group therapy or even meals. she'd do anything for more attention and ~ana points.

No. 91298

at first when I found her, I believe her lies but now I find it actually hilarious, usually one of her delirious captions or snapchat posts makes my day because its so stupid

No. 91299

This dirty cunt is such a fucking lying fat greasy asshole

No. 91301

How embarrassing if she gets caught taking a selfie.

'Why are you bent over?'
"My anglerexia and scoliosis"

No. 91302

Begs staff for a feeding tube so she can feel special.

No. 91306

The funniest part is that she's faked her way to this point without losing any weight or having any ed symptoms, and php is all eating.

She's going to be supervised eating all day without her cell phone, she's gonna gain weight

No. 91308

It makes me wonder if this PHP is an excuse for her to finally 'recover,' i.e., give up the act and be fat. Once an ex-anorexic is fat, it becomes unforgivable for anyone to make fun off their weight. So she could be fat and happy while getting to bitch at others for 'triggering her.'

No. 91310

oh noo she can't take thinspo selfies or lurk lolcow during treatment hours

No. 91312

On her bf's insta he has a pic of his gut with take out food, she has probably been babied and cooked for so she's not starving herself

I wonder how many lies she's fed to her new "beau"

>I'm internet famous

>I've been anorexic my whole life


No. 91314

Can anyone explain how PHP works please? Like does she not have to go to work now, or do you only get treatment on certain days of the week?

No. 91316

You go in for most of the day, then go home afterward.

No. 91318

You also tend to get therapy sessions, medication management and in the case of ED's, you also eat your meals there.

No. 91322

She looking like she's doing one of those desperation piss fetish videos.

No. 91325

I hope that she's in a group with other adults. She shouldn't be allowed around teenagers.

No. 91328

But that's a pedophiles dream

No. 91330

I always thought this whole whannarexia charade was hysterically hilarious until now.
I can't afford any type of treatment for my bulimia and this stupid bitch is able to fake herself this far? I'm bitter af.

No. 91336

I feel u anon.
I need serious dental work, and some kind of serious help for restricting but I'm barely making my bills.

This bitch is wasting time and resources for a bit of validation from some lonely-ass sick little kids she'll never even meet.

I hope she does end up sick at this point, and that she gets rejected for help because of crying wolf so much.

No. 91337

no1curr. Adderall is cheap and a good tx for bulemia how can u not afford anything

No. 91338

obviously you know nothing about eating disorders. anyway, back to the wannarexics please

No. 91339

>implying eating disorder treatment is as simple as taking medication
oh anon u so silly

No. 91341

LMFAO this is so fucking FUNNY. What the fuck was the point of all of this Ember??? All your deliberate starving to be forced to gain, which you could've done by eating little more than your starbucks and ensure?

Who the fuck is paying for this? If I'm not mistaken aren't these treatment centers dumb expensive? Can she just fucking spend it on plastic surgery and legit improve her life?

I mean I hope she fucking dupes us all and uses this as an excuse or a way out of her mind blowingly embarrassing online persona as a girl who wants an eating disorder. She would gain some respect from that, especially if she just did LITERALLY ANYTHING with her life besides be this pathetic.

For someone that wants to "prove the haters wrong" she does everything in her power to stay so low in life. I mean look at Kiki Kannibal, look where that shit her her, she's a failure. Felice and Shmegeh are failures, and Emily was always a small town failure but she still a failure.

No. 91344

>On her bf's insta he has a pic of his gut with take out food

oh god i threw up in my mouth ember must really fucking hate herself

No. 91355

Is it beyond possibility that she got a few hours working as a cleaner at this place. She rifles through paperwork to post and gets access to equipment to take pics of/pose with. She's built a stash of pics to post in bulk when she has an "appointment".

No. 91374

I don't think she'd get a job as a cleaner in a medical environment given how grimy and unskilled she is.
It isn't hard to go to hospital or a doctor's office for no legitimate reason, as long as you don't mind wasting everyone's time and making a nuisance of herself (which she clearly doesn't) - if you go in complaining of medical problems they're required to check you out even if they think you're full of shit. And the "treatment paperwork" she posts can be found and printed out from the Internet pretty easily.

No. 91378

Did anon mean that addy will kill your appetite which would reduce your desire to eat, making you lose weight that way?

No. 91383

That's some ember level sperg if so.

No. 91384

somebody should contact Healing Connections and link them to her food diary account and shit. i'd call them myself if I were in the US. she's taking treatment away from other's and sitting in groups listening to actual people with eating disorders tell their story is only going to give her more fuel for her bullshit.

No. 91389

lmao you're an idiot if you think treatment facilities aren't like attention whore pageants.

if anyone had different experiences at them thats awesome but it's just competitive garbage sometimes. Ember is prob going to be delusionally egotistical until someone shuts her down then she's going to be a victim. Come back from treatment and be even more weak and pathetic until she's Crying Emily level pathetic only weight restored.

Then she'll starve to go back in rss treatment because wasting your family's limited funds is soooo kawaii.

No. 91390

lmao ember just went private on instagram…

No. 91391

Don't worry, she's not posting anything new

No. 91392

Ember on snapchat just posted a pint of double chocolate fudge Ben and jerrys ice cream…. Wow she's recovering already! Treatment is working :)

No. 91394


All she's done is deleted the "add me on snapchat" post from earlier. She's just scared the clinic will look at her account if someone emails them. Not like they couldn't just google her and find out who she is.

No. 91395


No. 91396

Include screen shots or just her damn NAME- if they google her, they'll learn what a shitty person she is.

No. 91506

I feel like that's a bad idea tbh

No. 91507


Dude, you can do that. Personally I think if the clinic is going to be contacted then it should come from multiple people, as many as possible, so they won't write it off as just one person who has an irl grudge against her, and if they think that they'll feel sorry for her and believe anything she says. If people are going to contact healing connections then it has to be multiple people who do so.

Screenshots from her instagram accounts, her lying about those forms that turned out to be cancer forms, her lying about having x y and z mental illnesses, her posting thinspo and being on MPA and running skinny for Xmas on twitter. All that shit. You gotta give them a fuck load of stuff so they'll listen and not think she's a victim of an undeserved personal attack.

No. 91508

Y'all need to hurry, she's deleting shit off her Instagram left and right

No. 91509

Samefag, but regardless of what you decide to do they probably still will think its a personal attack. I think the clinic deserve to know they're wasting their time tbh but they'll probably react in her favour. They should probably know who they're dealing with when it comes to ember but I don't know, do what you want.

No. 91510

She can delete all she wants. We have all the screenshots.

No. 91511

I agree. It can be twisted around and will probably end in her favor either way.

No. 91512

File: 1455163546851.png (767.09 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-10-23-04-35…)

besides. This is what you get when you Google her name kek
Sage for samefag (if I managed to do it right my b)

No. 91513

They will probably Google her any way before making any official decision. You dont get admitted in one day.

No. 91514

I have never heard of a clinic googling its orients before deciding to accept them or not.

No. 91515

In this day in age, it could happen

No. 91516

Tbh this seems like going too far for me. You guys do what you want but I'll show myself out.

No. 91517

I'm out too. Definitely too far.

No. 91518

Not to sound hypocritical, but linking an actual clinic like that to "gossip" sites is not going to go the way you want it to at all.

No. 91520

this. if anything, let ember ruin everything herself like she ruins everything else in her life.
she's going to make a fool at herself and the people with ACTUAL eating disorders will be able to tell she's a lying wannarexic easily enough

it truly is despicable that she invades a space meant for people to be open about their problems and work towards recovery just so she can impress idiot teens online and add "php x2" to her IG bio, but she's a scumbag. thankfully, she's also an idiot so she'll end up fucking up her own charade sooner rather than later

No. 91521

Yeah, I feel like a doctor seeing a site called "lolcow" attached to that would definitely not take that the way you think. They would most likely side with her, unfortunately.

No. 91523

If anything, it would feed into ember's bullying story. Let ember destroy her own life. She's well on her way.

No. 91524

I feel like the clinic needs to know the extent to which Ember is faking her illness. Ultimately she could get help for her compulsive lying. She's hurt a lot of people. To be honest, I don't think she's a patient at this clinic AT ALL.

No. 91525

I think they'll be able to determine that themselves tbh

No. 91526

File: 1455166750762.png (17 KB, 581x149, capture-20160211-065642.png)

No. 91527

No. 91528

As much as you enjoy writing them, Ember?

No. 91529


It's really bad for the clinic if they have some chick pretending to be deathly ill and getting treatment when she doesn't even go there. It's flat out misrepresentation and might give potential patients a false idea about treatment.

No. 91530

I think they'll be able to figure it out on their own, this is an eating disorder clinic.

No. 91531

Lmao this won't achieve anything. We know Ember is a fake, but she probably is a little bit underweight and if she claims she has ED symptoms, it would be VERY unethical of them to deny her treatment just because of an anonymous board.

No. 91532

And yes, I do think it is going too far. She is a messed up little cunt but I would never meddle in a stranger's life like this, ya'll are acting like she killed your puppy or raped your mum.

No. 91534

It wouldn't matter if they thought she was faking
They have to treat her for what she tells them

She's not actually sick so she can't do IP, PHP is all she has
If she wants to lie her way through life like this nobody can really stop her, she probably has herself convinced at this point

No. 91535

This thread is out of control. All of that is going way way too far. Everyone needs to chill.

No. 91536

Hi Ember! 1. You're not underweight and you know it. 2. It's not about denying you treatment, it's about informing an organization that someone is pretending to receive treatment from. If Ember goes too far with the faking treatment thing, she could get sued if she's representing that clinic in a false way.

She pretends to be deathly ill, but nothing is ever done. This sends the message that the clinic denies treatment to deathly ill patients for whatever reason.

No. 91537

And as someone who's been in the hospital for weeks at a time because of anorexia, you can't just tell a facility your symptoms and expect them to treat you based on those symptoms. THEY'RE NOT STUPID, THEY ARE EXPERTS. If someone who is of normal weight and hasn't lost a significant amount of weight comes in and claims to eat 300 calories a day for the past year, no doctor will fall for that bullshit. They won't be treated for malnutrition because they SAY they're malnourished.

No. 91538

They would never be able to deny her treatment unless she doesn't pay or if she is released from treatment. But I wouldn't put it past her to continue to make herself sick to stay. It's sad.

No. 91539

Actually you CAN BE KICKED OUT OF TREATMENT for noncompliance, rudeness, failure to improve (if you're in PHP, in which case you'd be transfered to a higher level of care), etc. They can kick you out for any reason. TRUST ME I've seen it happen.

No. 91540

No, but this is PHP treatment. Not IP, and certainly not the hospital. They do treat less severe cases, or even people who are almost fully recovered, or recently relapsed, etc.

No. 91541

Exactly. It's not like they're obligated to treat every attention seeking idiot who walks in the room. You have to comply to stay. It's just part of treatment, no matter what level of care you are.

No. 91542

We don't know whether she is pretending this time though. It is plausible that she faked her way into it.

No. 91543

Its 100% unethical for them to deny her based on internet web pages. If her tests say she doesn't need treatment they'll deny her treatment. They're not teenagers on instagram, they're medical professionals. If anything showing them this board would go in her favor. Y'all are savage…

No. 91544

I don't believe it for a second. That place was somewhere I almost went (did IP instead). The pics I saw are NOTHING like the pics she's posting. It's a completely different facility.

No. 91545

It might be YOUR opinion that it's unethical, but actually they can deny her treatment for any reason. They're not under any obligation to treat her or anyone. I've been an ED patient for too long so I know from experience.

No one wants to kick her out of treatment. She's not even IN treatment. She posted a picture of herself at the fucking gynocologist and said she was getting an EKG. She also tripped up in her EKG lies… pathetic.

No. 91546

I don't really think you have to "pass" physical tests to get treatment, especially partial treatment. If you have physical symptoms that require medical attention, you would be in a more intensive program. PHP is more about therapy.

No. 91547

But she's not in treatment…

No. 91548

Sure, they can. I'm just saying that it's not gonna happen, no one gives a fuck about a website called lolcaw.farm.
Yeah we know she has a mild case of Munchausen's most likely. But no I actually think she might have duped her way in for real.

No. 91549

The biggest problem I have though is where the fuck is she getting the money for this? So that's where I'm inclined to believe she's lying about it.

No. 91550

Of course she's lying. I don't understand how she thinks she can get a job later with her internet history.

No. 91552

I actually feel kind of bad for her. If she ever grows out of this, she's legit fucked.

No. 91554

Damn you just made me remember, I couldn't do PHP because I would have lost my job at the time

I thought she was soo busy, it'd be funny to go to her work and have her serve you when she is supposed to be in PHP

No. 91555

Omfg yes. I don't live near Rochester. If I did, I would show up to her work and see how "emaciated" she is LOL.

No. 91556

I'd peace tf out of there right away if I saw her toe thumbs carrying me a plate of food

No. 91559

Who here is from Rochester? lol

No. 91561


Insurance, probably. If she's faking her way into treatment and her insurance is paying for it, isn't that fraud?


I am.

No. 91562

I kind of assumed she had none because she's obviously poor as fuck, and so is her family and AFAIK they're not close at all either.

No. 91563

She probably has Blue Choice Option or something similar. It's for low income families/people but it covers a shit ton of stuff.


Also, even if she was denied, on The Healing Connection website it says that they help advocate for patients whose insurance denies them and helps get them coverage so they can receive treatment.

No. 91565

Sage'd for samefagging and mild rant

I just don't understand what everyone's end game is here. Ember's just going to keep doing the same messed up shit (and worse) since she knows she's going largely unchecked. She gives no fucks, she fucking called CPS on someone and tried to have their CHILD TAKEN AWAY. She knows nobody will go so far as to intervene to stop her from faking her way into treatment so she's just going to get farther into this web of lies. She knows she'll get away with it, and now even more people online will believe her. She wins. I'm definitely not saying someone should contact The Healing Connection, I just wish there was something we could do to get her to let go of all this. As someone who was in treatment for an ED for years, I understand wannarexia and all that dumb Instagram shit to an extent, but I feel like this latest stuff she's pulling crosses a line. It's just really upsetting. Bleh. This board can be entertaining as hell but I might need to step back as well. It's reached a point where her antics aren't as funny anymore, if she is actually faking treatment and if (this is a BIG "if") her insurance is paying for it, it's just sick.

No. 91569

I know that contacting the clinic probably won't help, I'm just legit worried for the kids she's going to be around.

No. 91571

Rochester anon, could you go along to the clinic and aak for a leaflet or something? See if the inside matches Ember's photos?

No. 91574

I think that you could be underestimating the intelligence of younger people at the clinic. Even they're going to see through her bullshit.

I've never had an ED, but spent time in psych for other mental illnesses. Quite a large amount of inpatients were for alcohol/drug detox and I remember they'd have conversations about how much heroin they'd use in a day and problems caused by their addictions. Somewhere along the way (and I'm guessing it'll be quite early on), she's going to make a goof and it's going to raise eyebrows when she says something that doesn't ring true.

I don't even care what she's doing with her life. It isn't even living if your ambition is to get away with faking an illness.

Being a Britfag with a National Health Service it'd piss me off to think someone was wasting funds and taking a bed for someone who really needs it. I'm not well up on medical funding in the US, but if she's getting anything free then that makes me rage.

It's convenient for her that she won't be allowed a phone in there, so there'll be no real proof she's day care.

Her reputation as a liar and piece of shit is set in stone. She's not taken seriously by genuine ED internet people and it doesn't take long for anyone who's new to her to discover that.

If she wasn't a gross person, I'd feel so bad for her because she wants so much to be anorexic.

Idk. This is her hobby. That's so so so so tragic.

No. 91577


I dunno. I would feel weird getting involved IRL with this. I'm sure someone could contact the clinic and request information if they wanted, though. Like general treatment info packets or w/e. Like I said, we're all in kind of a weird spot here. The forms she posted look pretty legitimate, like the consent for treatment one. I had to sign one like that when I went to residential. I wonder if she goes if anyone there will recognize her from the site or anything. I'm kind of surprised that none of her followers have been there and know what the forms look like. Maybe ask on MPA if anyone's been and can confirm?

No. 91578

If she did end up in a hospital setting, residential or partial, she's gonna be ripped to shreds by other patients.

ED patients in particular are notoriously competitive, and in that sort of setting there's very little to do other than talk shit.
The subject will always wind up being symptoms or stats or behaviors simply because this is what is taking the majority of these patients thoughts.

Ember won't be content to shut the fuck up, she will have to make herself seem impressive and feel like she's the sickest. Its her biggest weakness. She's too petty not to try and 'out anorexia' a ward full of legitimate anoretic women and they won't hesitate to call shit.

No. 91583

Ya, there's no way she'd get in and last longer than maybe a week, at most.
I was IP for four months and got absolutely wrecked by some chick who thought I was trying to be sicker than her, simply because it took me a very long time to finish my meals. ED patients are competitive as hell and will see through a wannarexic immediately. Also the majority just want to get out of there and I can imagine Ember doing anything she can to stay as long as possible which would do more than raise a few eyebrows.

Polite sage for slight OT

No. 91590

Oh god imagine the jealous stares she'd give anyone who had to have ensure, or what I assume is her holy grail, the tube.

-immediately throws a tantrum about dinner until she gets one too. Ensue smug satisfaction-

No. 91595

Let Ember fuck this up on her own, we know she's going to one way or another. It will be much more satisfying to watch than "outing" her to the clinic.

No. 91603

I believe it. Look at Thin, there was a part in group therapy when Polly was being a major bitch to Brittany and said that Brittany wants to be the sickest or some crap.

[I never liked Polly tbh, but I am sad she died]

No. 91611

File: 1455203832757.png (1.07 MB, 1101x593, capture-20160211-171500.png)

If you check The Healing Connection Inc on the Google maps, you can see some pictures from there. And they actually do match Ember's photos.

No. 91617


. It looks like she walked in the door, asked a few questions, took a shit ton of pictures, and left.

Guys she IS NOT IN TREATMENT. She fucking thought PHP stood for partial hospitalization PLAN wtf. She's working because she's poor as fuck. We've already seen her lie about the EKG and everything else. She's NOT IN TREATMENT.

Let's accept that and move the fuck on.

No. 91618

And besides, she pretended she was in treatment like a week ago at a place that DIDNT EVEN TREAT EDS. Ok? She's not in fucking treatment and its offensive as fuck. Part of me wants to call her work and complain about her.

No. 91621

I hope that she is in treatment, purely so she has enforced time away from the internet.

No. 91622

There is seriously something wrong with someone that goes this far to fake an ED.

No. 91623

File: 1455205949582.jpeg (39.98 KB, 750x324, image.jpeg)

Lmao @ember

No. 91629

Yes Emily, we see you trying to insert yourself into the spotlight again. Maybe if you stopped being such a cow, stopped self posting, and did something with your life other than whoring out on the internet and drinking, you'd actually get the attention you've been begging for.

No. 91630

File: 1455208102667.png (77.18 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_2016-02-11-11-26-28…)

Emily is only saying this because truth blogs on Tumblr poked fun at Ember for wearing an aeropostale hoodie in this picture >>89948


I'm 25 now so I'm not up on what the high school kids are into this days but here's MY experience with aero: I've always hated the brand. I'm a from a small town so it was one of the pricier stores in our area. It seemed like everyone from middle/high school wore them just to prove they spent more money on their clothes. And personally speaking, I'm not going to waste my hard earned money to be a walking billboard because 99% of their clothes has 'aero' written on it.

No. 91633

I mean, I'm a fucking 20 year old woman too and I still wear the Abercrombie sweater and jeans I got when I was 11.

That sweater is very childish, though. Never saw the allure in those '(brand name) athletic department' things. The pink fabric is a shitty colour and looks cheap as fuck too.

No. 91637

File: 1455209535688.jpg (66.36 KB, 1078x693, Screenshot_2016-02-11-11-49-42…)

Shots fired. Lurk much EW?

No. 91638

They have nice polos for work though

No. 91639

Well that friendship didnt last long.
Theyd do anything for attention.

No. 91640

Literally the best comeback Ember has ever came up with and probably the last.

No. 91642

Emily sucked dick for alcohol, wonder if she gives handsy for vanilla extract.

No. 91644


No. 91645

lol no

No. 91649

lmfao how quick you were to shut thay down made me laugh irl

No. 91651

So CryingEmily is jumping on the ana-vegan band wagon, pointing out how all her meals are vegan.

Yet still eats the Pret Egg and Cress Sandwich.

No. 91653

dont forget the starbucks mocha frap with SKIMMED MILK and WHIPPED CREAM which is totally VEGAN

No. 91658

File: 1455211982026.jpeg (85 KB, 680x1020, image.jpeg)

No. 91666

Admin could we get ember her own thread now? Every single post in this thread except like 20 are about that girl. And everytime someone else other than ember is brought up to talk about, they are attacked for selfposting. This is a bore to those of us that are not obsessed with assisting to ruin embers life. I know it's been voted on already but the idiocity of this ember chick has greatly increased and I think that warrants a new vote.

No. 91667

Nice try Satan but fuck no, Ember CANNOT have her own thread. Stop asking!

No. 91668


No. 91669

It's been voted upon a few times already, mostly everyone agrees that Ember needs to be grouped with the rest of the whannarexics and proana scumbags.

No. 91671

ember doesn't give enough milk to have her own thread. she's starting to become boring as hell and every post about her is the same shit. just leave her grouped with all the other wannarexics/attention whores

No. 91672

it's like this for a reason and it's not going to change anytime soon.

No. 91675

If ember had her own thread she'd cream herself. Let's not give her that satisfaction

No. 91676

The only reason the ember-persistent farmers want ember to be included in this thread is because they don't want her to feel "special". But look at this, this thread is for every single whannarexic and anorexic in the world ( except Ash and Aly) and you are letting her take over this thread. When someone else is brought up its "oh self -post" or "oh boring no milk, lets suck on more ember milk" or " oh wow that chick is fucked up but dis EMBER thoo…" Come on… The reason for not having her own thread is the same reason she masturbating to her famosity on this one.

No. 91677

Am I the only one who finds it funny that Emily made that Aeropostale tweet probably bc she saw some old mom wearing it and ember made the vanilla extract tweet to try to be funny and get back but Emily actually has legitimate followers and got 12 likes while ember not none? It's the same with their insta grams. Emily and ember could post the same thing and Emily will get three times the likes and comments in the same time ember will get next to nothing even tho she has more "followes" (that she totally cough cough didn't pay for

No. 91678

I think thE dif between Emily and embers tweets is that Emily actually has an addiction that's not easy to deal with and ember fakes hers and takes it to heart that she literally has the style of a middle schooler lol

No. 91680

File: 1455214801764.png (168.73 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 91687

Actually, Emily uses an app to get likes on her photos. A while ago, I was helping a friend who needed his bands page to have higher numbers so we downloaded one of those Instagram likes apps and her picture from Halloween (I think, she was dressed as a cop or something) was on there getting likes from other people using the app to get likes.

No. 91692

I'm sick of EW in thus thread. And Crockpot. The shit of lolcow gets sent to /snow, and the shit of /snow gets merged in this thread. Maybe you've got to have a personal vendetta against her to be interested? She's a skanky bore and there's too much posted about her that's dull af. She's a Long term faker who's forever pretending she's in treatment. IT'S BOOOORING. Yes, id post new lolanas but that'll get the selfpost accusations, and no, I am definitely not Whann. If I was I'd have the decency to try to OD on more than 12 paracetamol.

No. 91693

Adding, this thread was originally for anaflakes AND attention whores, so anyone complaining new potential flakes posted aren't ED you've got it wrong.

No. 91698

File: 1455218804367.png (478.1 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 91699

emily wk, your breath smells like her rancid pussy. Give up, nobody cares.

No. 91700

It's a concept the newfags don't understand and they sperg the fuck out and try to control the thread. Like, where do you think you are?

No. 91702

File: 1455218992085.jpeg (42.94 KB, 400x366, image.jpeg)

Says the sloot that copies everyone under the sun. Didn't know you were Felice, Emily.

No. 91709

Hey dumbass your post about Aeropostale clothes was not original. You tumblr stealing dumbass

No. 91715

File: 1455222139681.png (235.57 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_2016-02-11-15-13-08…)

I already said that the only reason Emily is making fun of Aeropostale is because she saw a post made by a truth blogger who made fun of Ember for wearing that brand days ago. Look at this and you will see that Emily is literally in the notes >>91630

She didn't see "some mom" wearing aero at the mall, she just said the said shit someone else already did, but instead of addressing Ember directly, she took the coward route of subtweeting her instead then trying to play the victim but saying this shit >>91698

Both girls are retardedly pathetic, but Emily is a straight up bitch for trying to vague while throwing shade at Ember and then pretending like she didn't intend for it to offend her lmao. C'mon Emily, if you're gonna shit talk someone, own up to the stuff you say and stop acting as if the insult you gave wasn't already posted by someone who literally runs a truth blog another Ember that has proof she lurks their page ffs. You know she saw their post dissing her aero sweater way before she saw the screenshot of your tweet here.

No. 91716

All of this stupid shit over a sweater……cause all the tumblrinas wear prada and balmain now huh? Pathetic.

No. 91718

Weak ass comebacks. Ember wins this round lol.

>Emily: You shouldn't wear aeropostale unless you're an 8th grader

>Ember: You shouldn't chug vanilla extract to get intoxicated unless your poor
>Emily: You're so creepy for intimidating me

Like wtf? Nice attmept at changing the subject there Emily hahaha.

No. 91719


People get attacked for posting things that aren't Ember are because those posts are fucking lame as shit. Not only that, but it's been proved more than a few times that some were actual self posts.

We talk about two other Emily's, big bulimic, the hairy bitch, the meth preggo and the only reason Ember is brought up is because of this inpatient scam.

No. 91720

Emily C imitates half the people she follows. Embers just a loser.

No. 91721

File: 1455223630575.jpg (164.87 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

I know she's not exaaaactly proana scum, but that weird Italian chick just posted the most revolting looking meal on the planet. It's even worse than Ember's toe-boyfriend's cooking. Wtf even is it?

No. 91722

Week old supermarket chicken with tomato vomit. Yum..

No. 91724

Part of it actually looks like a dead baby chick

No. 91725


Emily doesn't actually have an addiction you fucking twat- her family flies planes and she's trying to do something with her worthless life and learn to fly.

do you honestly fucking think they would train their alcoholic daughter/granddaughter to fly a plane if she's an actual alcoholic

and for the last time bitchass Emily is just trying desperately to copy old felice and shmegeh habits because she's a useless blob human. it's why her face is so fucking bloated.

No. 91729

Lmao no way is she learning to be a pilot.
Proof plz anon.

No. 91730

People who are atleast trying to do something with their lives (Emily) are still allowed to have issues an addictions. Not every successful person is perfect. Ember on the other hand is doing nothing and continues to do nothing. If anything, I'm proud of Emily for atleast taking some initiative in her life despite having personal struggles.

No. 91731

Emily doesn't have any ~struggles~ she's fake as fuck, only stirs up shit for the attention, and is so painfully average she had to copy people who are really fucked up in the head. She's just another pathetic drop out who couldn't handle her mediocre college work load.

No. 91732

Yeah. Balut without the shell eeeee.

No. 91733


Lmao Emily shops at forever21 so she needs to shut her fucking mouth. Like Aero is a joke, there's no argument, but glass houses bitch you're in one.

No. 91737

Kek. You're wrong anon, she shops at little boutique shops in her town cause she's so unique and obscure.

No. 91738


it's in her twitter, instagram, and tumblr bio, there's screenshots above where she states she's a "pilot" There's a post on her instagram or tumblr where she's posing with (i think) her grandfather flying with her, and she works at her family's pilot store.

Literally she couldn't handle her idiot coursework, dropped out, and prob realized it would be an insane level of failure to try to get employed in that field with her fucking proana presence. She royally fucked up her life online just to drink boxed wine to try to be Felice, who lives in a trailer with a bf who cheated on her long term.

I'm mall-anon, I've seen that basic bitch irl with her peasant outfits. I mean if you're saying she's posted about """"boutiques"""" then I believe it, but I'm in her areas and we don't have those, she may be referring to shitty secondhand stores that townies shop at.

No. 91739

It's one thing to have "issues an addictions" but it's an entirely different thing for her to be self posting and stirring her own drama, when she is constantly crying about how she wants to be drama free. Emily Crocker is an attention whore just like Ember, but she's better at it because she can actually trick people into helping defend her (against herself).

No. 91740

Off topic but I hate you so much anon

No. 91741

I said proof, not 'well she said so online!!'
If she's a student pilot then I am Genghis khan.

No. 91742

File: 1455226397291.gif (995.35 KB, 225x290, tumblr_nwbhk1GhG21rhzj6xo1_250…)

I'm glad you do Emily.

No. 91743

Well I love you anon. And yes, she had posted that shit.

No. 91745

i guess when you come from a family where your only career choices are meth addiction or teen parenthood, anything is glamorous

No. 91750

>>91729 She isn't learning. She has her licence. And works at an airport so she can fly planes sometimes

No. 91752

I lurk here and am actually friends with Emily and she is seeking alcohol counseling every week. I have no idea if she's drinking or not currently but I've even spoken with her mom about it and she seems to be doing well. And I mean if we want to go back to the personal blog she had, you can't deny she doesn't/didn't have a serious drinking problem.

No. 91753

File: 1455229890825.jpeg (13.17 KB, 225x225, image.jpeg)

Fucking stans, leave!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop shitting the thread up with your WKing, nobody gives a shit!!!!!!!!!

No. 91754

All I've seen is photos of her as a passenger while someone else pilots. If her family owns them of course she goes along for a ride sometimes.
Fuck imagine being flown in some breadbox with wings by that mess.

No. 91757

R u ok m8

No. 91766

File: 1455234494038.jpeg (268.25 KB, 1265x1472, image.jpeg)

Scrolling through my sock puppet accounts feed & I come across this, fuck this chick's pretentious, or just a cunt. I mean if you really spend the time to do something like this, you need to get a real life, maybe some irl friends, and get a hobby. Obsessing overs likes and followers isn't healthy.

No. 91769

Ember's obsessives shit this thread up. It was obvious when they came here and didn't even know who Crying Emily was and thought we were talking about their other object of obsession, Other Emily.

Ember's was a fucking self post. Anything about Ember is "lame shit"? Getting herself put into php for an imaginary illness isn't a "scam", it's her being a dick. All this Emily C and EW bullshit is the lamest fucking shit that ever happened on /snow. Don't you know they get off to the fact they both rattle your jimmies?

No. 91770

She's BMI 12? With jowls like that? Is this one of fakeboi's friends? What's their

No. 91773

she looks chubby as hell. Look how thick her neck is, do her followers actually fall for it?

No. 91774

Idk, her profile's private. I read that on her biog, then laughed.

No. 91775

she used to be a lot thinner. it looks like she's gained a lot of weight and is too embarrassed to change her bio

No. 91776

She needs more therapy so badly if she's so ashamed of being recovered.

No. 91777

i followed her because i am hella nosy and she constantly reposts pictures of herself with "200? 300? 400?" underneath so her followers could like it on her other account. someone asked why she cared she said she had ocd about numbers like yeah ok m8. also she lurks here because she asked in an ig post why aly has a banner and literally every person was like "she's a massive fucking fraud" so she deleted it i think?

No. 91778

>she had ocd about numbers

they all got to have some speshul little quirk innit.

No. 91781

that was all she posted too. she'd post one photo and then re-post asking for more like at least 12 times. and she'd delete her whole feed every week and a half. no idea why she has so many followers.

No. 91789

File: 1455241593623.png (159.58 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 91790

This site's definition of t
'Recovered' is so fucked.

No. 91793

Kek, is she gonna pretend her cheeks and jowls are bizarrely big compared to the rest too?
"My neck is thicker than my thighs"
"My cheeks are bigger than my knees!"
"My fingers are chubbier than my arms"

No. 91794

I meant weight restored, not recovered. My bad.
Psychologically, if she needs people to know her bmi was 11 and think its currently 12 she's still sick as hell.

No. 91795

She gained a lot of istagram notoriety for being one of the thinnest people in that community, so that may be part of it as well.

No. 91797

She needs to - LIKE THE REST OF THE ANA INSTAS - get the fuck off ig. She's weight restored so good for her (even if she hates it). That's a great step, but nooooo, she still wants to hang out on the internet with belly sucker-iners.

No. 91799

They all cling to any vestige of illness they can. Its like none of them want to move on from being sick and its pathetic.

What kind of person wants their biggest 'achievement' to be 'was spoopier than you'

No. 91800

No. 91802

File: 1455245827503.jpeg (604.66 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Yeah there's no way this girl has a bmi of 12.something
Look at those fingers/neck/face

No. 91807

dat potato nose

No. 91809


ugh jesus christ that girl annoys the hell out of me. she constantly begs her followers for more likes and shit, while acting like a prissy whiny bitch for attention

No. 91813

bitch claims she has OCD and can't deal with uneven numbers and honestly if that were really the case she wouldn't even be on IG since that's such a common occurrence there. i know she reads this shit too lmfao. too bad theres not more shit on her.

No. 91823

Is this girl also @thinnesss?

No. 91826

yes and i can't believe she made a whole separate instagram account just to preserve that username

No. 91831

There's a thinnesss FAN PAGE and hashtags for thinnesss shoutout competitions. How horrendous.

No. 91837

It's kind of part of the disease, anon.

No. 91843

I understand the disease.
Deliberately engaging yourself in a community that at best ignores and at worst actively discourages giving up the disordered identity is retarded though.

They're all so dedicated to their ED that they wallow in theirs and others and refuse to move on and find a real identity and purpose in life.

Why choose to half live? Either let it wreck you or grow up and move on.

No. 91872

>Let it wreck you or grow up and move on
What the fuck, anon?

No. 91875

File: 1455284715551.jpg (512.72 KB, 2048x2048, 1455284505228.jpg)

Blue Bell has only 160 calories per half cup. This fatass will be kicked out of treatment within the week with all the garbage she shoves down her throat.

No. 91883

that papercut mouth

No. 91891

>only 200 calories for 1/4 cup
Mother of God… Most ice cream is 80 calories for 1/4 cup. Fucking Ember, leave it to her to pick the most caloric ice cream in existence. So ana, much wow.

No. 91898

What does she expect? Almond milk has a different consistency than whole milk. Personally, I can't wait to try this because I am allergic to egg yolks and whites, and B&J's contains egg yolks D:

No. 91910

What is it with anas and Starbucks?

CryingEmily won't eat and freaks out about how much she'll 'gain' from a bowl of veg but will happily suck down a Starbucks with whipped cream.

No. 91911

File: 1455298421398.png (143.17 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Emily shouldn't be talkin shit considering she was 20 and listed Aeropostle as one of her interests

No. 91912

File: 1455298440291.png (933.69 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Part 2

No. 91919

Yo p sure that everyone in middle school liked 2000 pages they can't figure out how to delete now since Facebook has changed so much. Also that pic is mad old so idk what you're tryna get at mate

No. 91920

Anas love coffee in general because it functions as an appetite suppressant and can supposedly boost metabolism. They also probably rely on the caffeine for energy, since they don't eat.

No. 91921

No. 91934

It's more the fact that CryingEmily eats a bowl of vegetables then demands 'reassurance' that she won't gain off her followers. She makes such a huge fuss about a bowl of veg but then seems to easily have whipped cream on her Starbucks?

No. 91938

File: 1455303740809.png (2.23 MB, 1161x1438, Untitled.png)

She knows she's not going to gain if she eats some chopped up peppers. It's not even reassurance she wants, it's plain attention.

Throwing this lifestyle domme into the mix. Never mentions an ED. Thinks that she looks fit and is getting stronger. PS Not a spoop fetish model.

>toning her ass

No. 91939

Who U talkin to

No. 91940

Can you imagine her trying to command someone around with that weak raspy anorectic voice and fainting five strokes into whipping some fat beta dude
Nothing more 'powerful' and 'strong' than a 70 pound skeleton ghoul

No. 91941

I think she mostly stuffs soap into her "pet's" mouth and puts him in a nappy/diaper.
I imagine she can't manage much more.

No. 91942

woah that's freaky
those bruises on her wrist above the pic of her butt =[

No. 91943

File: 1455304496720.png (82.25 KB, 490x306, PkBhjHG.png)

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
I had no idea this kind of degeneracy was permitted on Instagram. Seriously disgusting.

No. 91944

Yeah! You see her smoking a marijuana cigarette and using one of those drug pipe bonks too.

No. 91945


Hahahaha shit that arm flex looks just like Ginger's arm. They should become workout buddies. Also very clear ass gap in that pic of her behind with the fishnets. shudder

No. 91946

Top Kek. Nice find anon.

No. 91947

File: 1455306089428.jpeg (53.28 KB, 400x385, image.jpeg)

No. 91949

Oh yes. He's a man sissy baby, but his Mistress smokes marijuana cigarettes.

No. 91950

it's not just starbucks. most anas don't count liquid calories so they're more than willing to consume like a 400 calorie drink in one sitting but they'll piss/moat/shit themselves over a 400 calorie meal

No. 91953

>marijuana cigarettes

..Do you mean a joint?

I didn't know grandma posted on lolcow.

No. 91956

top kek

anon is talking about >>91911

No. 91959

What? They don't? That doesn't sound right.

No. 91961

Any new milk on highbulimic?

No. 91962

We're talking about CryingEmily and how she makes a drama out of eating some vegetables with spices. She makes posts demanding people to 'reassure' her that she won't gain etc but then on a Friday will drink a starbucks or pret drink with whipped cream with ease.

She also seems to be a vegan everyday but a Friday when she has her skimmed milk/cream containing drink an egg sandwich.

No. 91965

File: 1455313202704.png (216.85 KB, 640x960, zoe.PNG)


No. 91968

marijuana cigarettes aren't the same thing as joints but you sound pretty stupid, mocking someone that you took seriously as they mocked someone else. Did you miss where they also said "one of those drug pipe bonks"…. >>91944

No. 91969

I'm not even an ana-chan and I balk at a 200 calorie snack.
What the fuck.

No. 91970

The fuck is a marijuana cigarette then, if not a joint?
What do you do, use a filter instead of a roach?

No. 91971

Where did you pull this from?

Most genuine anorexic people are horrified by the idea of just drinking their calories, especially when its coming from sugar and fat.
They have some arbitrary allowed number and as obsessed with food as you get, hell would freeze over before you just drank your 80 lunch calories.

No. 91974

i drink my calories, or at least have one exception to calorie free drinks, and that's a protein shake that I make from scratch. But I must log it. I won't eat anything I can't log.

No. 91976

She must be doing crossfit wrong… You can't really do it at all if you're starving yourself (intentionally or unintentionally)

No. 91979

Wow, you're so butthurt. Both of you are retarded. It's just called a joint and a bong.

No. 91981

In my circle, a marijuana cigarette is a normal cigarette, with weed packed into it. Whereas a joint has no tobacco mixed in.

No. 91984

Fifteen year olds should really not be on lolcow. This is why its so shitty lately. Tobacco or not its just a joint.

Some will drink calories but not a big creamy sugary frappe everyday. That's pretty atypical of an anorexic.

The obsessive logging sounds tedious. Tbh I hope you can stop counting like that anon.

No. 91985

You're talking to the OP of this thread lol, trust me I am not 15.

No. 91989

So you and you're circle are just dumb or pretentious as fuck?

No. 91996

Well I have OCD and anxiety [diagnosed by a psychiatrist]. That'll never go away.

No. 91999

Polite sage
I've got GAD and primarily obsessive OCD too, it sucks but you can manage it with the right treatment.

Have your tried exposure therapy?

No. 92001

The word you're looking for is spliff.
Spliff is the proper term to tobacco that has marijuana mixed in.
You're welcome.

No. 92002

You're huffing and puffing over a term and yet I am the pretentious one, right o! I hope you figure out that your edginess isn't as impressive as you think.

No. 92011

loooooool, this is so cringy

No. 92018

Holy shit you're so cringey about this stop.
Nobody cares that you and your edgelord friends smoke marijuana cigarettes lol.

No. 92024

Thank you.
Do you really think only one person here is calling you an idiot…?
lmao, what?

No. 92033

Anon who posted about the marijuana cigs here. I was taking the piss confirmed. Jfc.

No. 92036

What an absolute piss-take.
Nice try anon.

No. 92037

>le quirky bookworm posing with ~tea and books~

This makes me cringe so much. I wonder if she (and people who do it) are aware of how tryhard and forced it looks? What book is that anyway?

No. 92040

Nice try at what?

No. 92043

It's not really that absurd to be OK with something like a frapp. There are some anorexics who won't eat a lot of healthy shit, because taste-wise it's not worth the calories, but will eat sugar/fat in tiny amounts, because taste-wise it IS worth the calories.
Usually ones who 1. don't feel/aren't bothered by hunger pangs and/or 2. have a very tight emotional bond with good-tasting comfort food.

I'm both, I feel no hunger - if it weren't for the cravings I'd fast a lot more often. I usually spend the whole day without food (studying and reading obsessively) but with the promise of a treat on my free time, after I'm done for the day. Like a horse running after the carrot stick, except it's a few bonbons or small bag of marshmallows (or both, that tends to add up to something like 700 cal).

And yes, it's unhealthy as fuck and my body looks like shit. Sage for unrelated/semi-blogpost.

No. 92047

That's the thing though. A lot of anorexics (like myself) are okay with eating junk food, but very small amounts of it. A frap is NOT a small amount of calories and these wannarexics devour them. I just don't understand.

No. 92050

File: 1455332449075.png (166.73 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-12-20-59-47…)

Here we go

No. 92052


because they are middle america white girls that are so fucking basic and unoriginal they still look to 2003 era Mary Kate Olsen as ana queen.

No. 92054


What a life where even Ember is less obvious of a self poster than you Emily.

No. 92055

No Ember, it's not.

No. 92057

File: 1455333259095.jpg (71.78 KB, 519x600, 1214j90.jpg)

No. 92058

How does Ember expect people to believe she can even afford treatment?

Does anyone know if Emily was ever in treatment when she stopped being proana, or did she just pull a Shmegeh/Felice and gain weight so she just said she was weight restored?

No. 92065

File: 1455336213868.jpg (30.46 KB, 269x396, IMG_20160212_220113.jpg)

No. 92066

File: 1455336242092.jpg (190.56 KB, 530x850, IMG_20160212_220100.jpg)

No. 92067

File: 1455336263621.jpg (185.83 KB, 535x750, IMG_20160212_220047.jpg)

No. 92068

So your "organ failure" makes you too sick for partial? but they don't have a bed for inpatient. You're such a bad fatass liar

No. 92069

Bullshit. If she was too sick for partial they would've put her in a medical ward (or PICU) until a bed opened up.

No. 92072

Pretty sure php denied her and now shes bsing

No. 92073

all those fucking emojis i thought i was reading an aly caption for a second

No. 92077

I wonder who he's gonna bed while she's gone

No. 92084

Please stop shitting up this thread.

No. 92085

That program is shit, btw.

No. 92088

File: 1455340297153.png (850 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

What the hell is this shit?

No. 92090

what the fuck.
this is the kind of shit that makes me want to vomit
this and piss fetishes

No. 92091

People who are into age play are closet pedophiles, it's just a way for them to express their pedo desires masked as "BDSM lifestyle"

No. 92093

>attempting babbygirl aesthetics
>chemistry tattoo on arm
>shitty thick makeup

No. 92094

She abuses that one Photoshop painterly effect combined with excessive blur to make herself look like some kind of puffy human sex doll. It would be cool if flesh could actually have that consistency, though. I wonder how sticky it would feel.

No. 92095

File: 1455343436190.gif (1 MB, 350x191, NnoGhN1.gif)

No. 92096


No. 92097

Do you guys think ember will actually stay off instagram??

No. 92098

If she was "not ready" for php because of her health, she would still be given a hospital bed until a bed opened up at this inpatient facility
IF she was "not ready" for php because she needed a higher level of care (inpatient), they would still require her to attend php until an inpatient bed opened up (THAT is where she would be "doing weigh-ins/vitals/etc", not with her doctor)

it's going to be hilarious to see how she tries to fake being inpatient. I guess she's giving herself a week or so to think up a new lie!

No. 92099

Shes so dumb i cant wait to watch her crash and burn.

No. 92110

I swear to god, can I start a go fund me and I will drive from ca to ny and hunt EW down and take pics and videos and do whatever I can to fucking end this bitch. Not even lying. I'm the one who contacted her bf aj, the first time, over ig. And I have literally never involved myself in the drama since, just lurked, but honestly I'm up for a cross country trip and have the free time so lol lets do this

No. 92112

Hire a PI

No. 92113

Are you drunk anon?

No. 92114


Top fucking kek, could you imagine if a bunch of farmers got together and hired a PI to finally bust her?

No. 92119

That'd be rather creepy. Some anons are from her city or near it but they have the good sense not to be a stalker about it. Chill.
I mean… if I lived near her I'd do it cause I couldn't stop myself.. but I have the sense to realize that would be kinda fucked up.

No. 92120

OK roadtrip anon, if you do it, livestream that shit!

No. 92121

Fuck off and cry to your dumbass circle of marijuana cigarette loving friends op. you're shitting in your own thread.

No. 92134

Yeah but that's just you.
I know some anas who have no problem drinking beer, even a lot of it, which is a very high calorie thing to consume. I guess for some, if it contains a "drug" of some kind then it's okay.

No. 92138

This girl is so full of shit. By default if you're not fit for PHP, you're hospitalized (or hospilization is strongly suggested). I want to see her caught in her shitty lies so badly.

No. 92139


yeah I'm fucking sick of it, really fucking ruined the fun of exploring whatever kink you may have.

What's fucked is she's willingly posing as a baby and doing it so publicly. I feel like if it's so easy to make your taboo sex life that accessible or public you're either deeply traumatized or vanilla as hell and trying to cover it up. even strippers and sex workers are more discreet, damn.

like whoever does fuck you like that is pretending you are a legit toddler why do you want to be anywhere near men like that - where the fuck is chris hansen

No. 92140

It's so gross.
Imagine having your employer, nanna or spouse finding these sort of photos five years down the track when you're trying to get into middle management.

No. 92142

File: 1455357375307.png (92.24 KB, 1064x704, Planorexia.png)

She can make up as much shit as she wants, but she can't make her irl friends vouch for her

I bet the people who liked this status will have pics of her when she supposed to be IP

No. 92146


What does that status have to do with anything?

No. 92147


Emily has actually been in treatment and hospitalized twice for her ED and once for suicidal tendencies or self harm I think? (Correct me if I'm wrong)?

No. 92149

File: 1455362619182.jpeg (46 KB, 750x228, image.jpeg)


No. 92153

It's already been deleted so no.

No. 92154

Ahm 5 hours are nothing though? what

No. 92163

Do it Emily! Ember has not only backstabbed you but she's trying to give out your number so others will harrass you in hopes of destroying you. It's OK, it's called Karma

No. 92169

Looking forward to watching her go through withdrawals because the dumbass lied her way into thousands of dollars worth of treatment. Better light it up now before they "find a bed" for you

No. 92173

File: 1455370743253.jpg (85.67 KB, 1078x726, Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-37-06…)

No. 92174

File: 1455370761749.jpg (71.7 KB, 1070x674, Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-37-10…)

and also

No. 92176

Lol trying to get better from a disease she's never had?

I bet that's such a challenge.

No. 92179

The only withdrawals ember is gonna have is internet withdrawal while alcohol withdrawal can actually be fatal…… Ember don't go taunting people because you know you've back stabbed Emily more times than god has given a newborn to this earth. I really hope Emily goes through with this. I would love to see this unfold.

No. 92182

why don't you all just go fuck off and die

No. 92184

Oooh I bet Ember is actually taking some "time off" to possibly plan her next persona/fake relapse from her fake ED/research what its like to be IP etc so she can bullshit some more etc. Shes gonna fuck up something so hard.
But ots Ember, somehow I doubt shes able to plan ahead

No. 92190

My bet is after someone actually contacts embers new fake program she's either going to be admitted to a psych ward and play it off as recovery or she's gonna say she was "denied bc there was no room" or something or say she wouldn't comply with their rules so they kicked her out. THAT would be th funniest bc if you don't comply they kick you to a higher security and more restrictive ward until you either comply or gain the weight necessary for her height.

No. 92192

Oooh, in what way?

No. 92193

A skinny frap without cream isn't too bad, it's just the full fat stuff I don't understand

No. 92197

I'm preparing my email right now, and just need to know what facility she's claiming to be going to. Once the email is finished I will post it on a blog for all to see ?

No. 92198

File: 1455377388815.jpeg (160 KB, 1080x1776, image.jpeg)

No. 92202

Why? If she doesn't actually go it will be pretty fucking obvious, and if she does it will give this thread some much needed creamy milk.

No. 92208

Ok so the email I (might) send I posted on a public blog. I could use input or if there are things that you think should be added, PLEASE feel free to send a message or submit on there!


Input is much welcome!
I can't decide if I want to send it or if I should let her fuck this up on her own. ?

No. 92213

Kekekekekek that master post is brilliant. I would send it to her family tbqh

No. 92214

Realistically, it will be more fun to watch her fuck up on her own. Giving her the chance to play the ~cyberbully victim~ will only give her validation. It's a fun idea, but I'd rather watch the train wreck without someone stepping out onto the tracks.

No. 92217


I don't think a treatment center will take the time to go through all of those links. If you send anything at all, I think it should be a quick summary including why you think the center should consider your email.

No. 92220

They legally cannot deny her treatment because of an anonymous email. That is completely unethical. Let's see how ember backs herself out of this corner on her own.

No. 92376

there's really no need to contact the center. she's not sick; they won't admit her

No. 92389

I think the best opportunity here is to Facebook embers relatives / family and tell them how "sick" she actually is– with a link to the master post. I would but I don't have a Facebook :/

No. 92391

The only reason I'd support contacting the clinic is to give them a heads up about her grooming behaviour.

No. 92394


Haven't they already been led to evidence of her BS before? Her family doesn't seem to give a shit about her tbqh.

No. 92400

>any insight/experience

Searching for inspiration on the next chapter of your life? Kek

No. 92403

Why the fuck is everyone kissing Emily's ass on here? She's just as pathetic as Ember.

No. 92404

Yeah it seems she rarely speaks to any of them anymore anyway except her mom at work

No. 92405

File: 1455384807443.png (28.18 KB, 744x337, ok.png)

Like two years ago, yeah. I think it'll be a great idea to contact them again because she has only gotten worse.

The last time someone kept telling us not to do something, it was actually Ember herself lol.


No. 92406

Emily still has some Tumblr blogs wrapped around her finger, despite her self posting and shit talking herself anonymously still.

No. 92413

File: 1455385966427.jpg (43.28 KB, 540x328, ember whann andrew sanders.jpg)

>ILLEGITIMATE child of DEREK ZOOLANDER sighted courting TEEN MOM casting REJECT…at a 24 hour LAUNDROMAT! in Camden, NEW JERSEY! Have these two fallen stars found love in the Garden State? Will her WILD CHILD days of infidelity finally end? Are those RECOVERY GAINS hiding a… BABY BUMP?

No. 92415

I have a friend who was a treatment lifer who went there and said it was one of the worst. Basically a locked psych unit with a poorly inplemented ED protocol. No therap, really, just weight restoration. NYvis known for having poor treatment options for anorexia; everyone who can goes out of state. A BMI of 20 is generally recommended for weight restoration, and I can't imagine that this place is too personalized, so ember may end up just gaining weight, sitting around, stuck on a locked unit. http://www.edtreatmentreview.com/2012/06/22/ny-presbyterian-7s-cornell/

No. 92423

Also, I think the adult unit tends to be relatively empty or with really old people…

No. 92426

I found a youtube video about the program she is supposedly going too.

No. 92432

I found a review type page, where someone is discussing how life was like at this exact program Ember is claiming to attend.

Here's their routine:
>6am wake up, get weighed-blind, shower etc til 730

>8am breakfast depending on your cal needs. free to swap cereals, juices and fruits eat 100 percent get coffee- caffeinated

>if u eat three days 200 of all trays u can go on “meal selection” meal processing/ “goals group” after thirty min limit to eat then meds and waiting around for rounds.

>works on a 1 3 5 level system. 3 you can go outside and pick meal selections. 5 you have meal challenge go to cafeteria for lunch with staff member

>then group mon. weds yoga, cbt, or relapse prevention

>10:30am snack ensure free snack or just a chance to get water

>another group body image, stress management or something funny i cant recall

>1230 lunch then an afternoon group either dbt news and views or assertiveness training. typically 3 groups a day, sometimes only 2 but like i said that will be changing soon.

>4pm-5pm visiting

>5:30pm dinner meal processing goals wrap up

>6pm-8pm visiting

>10pm lights out

>slow on the weekends. rec therapy on sat, pet therapy sunday. bring a journal or a book or a laptop or ipod with no camera


If Ember really goes, at least she won't be able to posts photoshopped ~thinspo~ :) (if she does post, that basically debunks whether or not she is in inpatient, considering youre not allowed to take photos in there!)

No. 92436


Here's another review for the same program, but much more recent!

>WHEN YOU WERE THERE: I was at NY Pres in April 2014 for about a week

>HOW MANY PATIENTS ON AVERAGE: I was strictly in the adolescent unit, and if I can recall correctly, there was a maximum of six beds on that side. I’m pretty sure there were ten beds on the adult side.

>DOES IT TREAT BOTH MALES AND FEMALES? IF SO, IS TREATMENT SEPARATE OR COMBINED? Yes, NY Pres treats both males and females. Patients are not separated by gender, but they are separated by age (separation b/w adults and adolescents and people are roomed together based on age usually)

>WHAT SORT OF THERAPIES ARE USED? (DBT, CBT, EMDR) ETC? Oh boy. When I was there, we had DBT and CBT, but both groups were total jokes. Usually all we did was sit around a table together, nothing therapeutic was discussed. You could request other forms of therapy, which we were only told after we all complained that the therapy we were receiving was useless. The only therapeutic group I found soothing was aroma therapy, which we requested. There is “music therapy” and “art therapy” but I don’t really count either because they were both immature and undeveloped and not stimulating at all.

>6:00-Patients woken up to go to the bathroom (supervised and toilets checked) and to change into gowns, blind weigh-in follows

>6:30ish-8:00-Patients free to shower, go back to sleep, read, do whatever they please

>8:00-8:30-Breakfast, allowed to substitute different fruits, cereals, juices, or request chocolate milk

>8:30-“Meal Processing” (sometimes) which was generally headed by a nurse who didn’t care about how we felt and didn’t want to talk about it. This was also a time for any supplementation (Ensures) and meal processing wasn’t performed until all patients were in attendance

>Free time or “groups” until snack (usually around 10, rarely had a morning snack unless a patient had a high caloric intake, not everyone had morning snack)

>More free time or “groups”

>12:00-12:30-Lunch, extra time given for supplementation, followed by meal processing then free time/groups

>1:00-3:00-If you’re there during the school year and you’re on the adolescent side, tutoring was provided. Granted, not helpful tutoring. We didn’t have any computer access, no internet access (unless the tutor allowed us to use her laptop for a few minutes) and I take AP classes so no help was provided to me and I fell very behind. Also, you’re not allowed to have spiral bound notebooks because they’re considered weapons and this is a psychiatric hospital.

>3:00- Afternoon snack, only for those whose caloric needs required it

>Free time/groups

>6:00-6:30-Dinner, followed by supplementation time and meal processing

>Free time

>8:00ish-Night snack, which EVERYONE had

>Free time/showers

>10:00-Everyone in their rooms, a nurse opens your door to check on you about every ten minutes throughout the night

>There was one community phone on the adolescent side and two on the adult side, the phone could be used any time throughout the day until ten p.m, so long as it wasn’t during meals or groups.

>Usually, we didn’t have groups. There was a lot of free time to fill. There are board games provided and television privileges usually only on the weekends. It was extremely boring.

>WHAT WERE MEALS LIKE? How meals went generally depends on the people you’re with. I loved the group of girls that I was inpatient with, so meal times with them could be fun. Music was played and we were allowed to converse throughout the meal, as long as we kept up pace. We were not allowed to say anything about food (at all, even if it couldn’t possibly be triggering) or anything triggering (i.e weight, calories, fat content, etc.) One nurse sat with us to monitor. No ED behaviors are permitted, no mixing, no wiping, no cutting up into pieces, etc. ANY incompletion counts as restriction, which sucked. If you didn’t finish water, which was provided with every meal and was required, counted as restriction and would still get you in trouble with the doctors. The monitoring nurse often left us alone (TERRIBLE IDEA, many people threw away/hid food) to go joke around with another nurse or the cook and didn’t pay any attention to us. Either that, or the monitor was overly strict and would split all of us up between the two tables in the dining room for no apparent reason and wouldn’t allow music or conversation. Meal times were way more stressful than they needed to be.

>WHAT SORTS OF FOOD WERE AVAILABLE OR SERVED? Some pretty challenging food was served, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it was definitely nerve-wracking. Gluten-free diets were permitted, but I’m not sure about vegetarian/vegan diets. Everyone got dessert, usually cake/pie with dinner. Weekends were the hardest, we got crumbcakes and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Still, they were both possible to finish. I did it, and they were delicious! The taste was decent, but the challenge was a little too extreme for me considered the stage of recovery I found myself in.

>DID THEY SUPPLEMENT? HOW DID THAT SYSTEM WORK? Yes, supplementation was only done with Ensure Plus. That was the scary part, because it was so inaccurately done. The calories usually never matched up with the amount of food you didn’t finish, so it was always better to just finish meals.

>WHAT IS THE POLICY OF NOT COMPLYING WITH MEALS? If you didn’t comply with meals, you were put on an all Ensure Plus diet, which was nasty because you got sick of the taste of Ensure so quick. If you didn’t comply with all Ensures, you were put on the NG tube. I never got the tube while I was here, but I have had it about seven times before, and it is extremely unpleasant.

>ARE YOU ABLE TO BE A VEGETARIAN? I’m honestly not sure, but I don’t believe that vegetarianism/veganism was permitted.

>WHAT PRIVILEGES ARE ALLOWED? Basically, none unless you leveled up (done by 100% completion of meals)

>DOES IT WORK ON A LEVEL SYSTEM? Yes, Levels 3, 5, and 7. Below level 3 is Status, where the patient is literally never allowed to be alone and doesn’t even get privacy to use the toilet or shower. Level 3 is where a patient starts at, level 5 gets you the privilege to go outside, which is for a short period of time and monitored, and level 7 allows you to eat in the cafeteria.

>HOW DO YOU EARN PRIVILEGES? Privileges were earned only by 100% completion of meals (leveling up)

>WHAT DID YOU LIKE THE MOST? Honestly, the only thing I liked were the other patients that I was with.

WHAT DID YOU LIKE THE LEAST? The staff treated us like wild animals: total lack of respect, empathy, and overall caring.

>WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM? Only if someone needs weight restoration with zero therapy, so no, not really.

>WHAT LEVEL OF ACTIVITY OR EXERCISE WAS ALLOWED? None. You literally weren’t even allowed to stand. Patients on level 5 were allowed to go for very short, monitored walks outside.

>WHAT DID PEOPLE DO ON THE WEEKENDS? Basically, the same thing as weekdays, minus tutoring and groups, so the weekends were unbearably boring

>DO YOU GET TO KNOW YOUR WEIGHT? Absolutely not, under any circumstances. All weigh-ins are blind. You are, however, allowed to know your goal weight if you ask your doctor, but I don’t recommend asking as it can be quite triggering/scary.

HOW FAST IS THE WEIGHT GAIN PROCESS? They generally aim for a gain of 2 pounds per week

>WHAT WAS THE AVERAGE LENGTH OF THE STAY? It could be anywhere from a week to three weeks, but it was usually two. I was only there for a week because the whole program was not helping at all so I asked my dad to come take me out.

>WHAT WAS THE AVERAGE AGE RANGE? On the adolescent side, patients range from 13-17, the adult side was 18 and up

No. 92437

Ember is 19, so they will not allow her to be on the adolescent side, thank GOD.

No. 92443

lol the outlook? they pretty much weight restore and release, especially adults. and its not a good time at all, she def won't have her phone/laptop. thats if they admit her, which i highly doubt, i've only seen severe cases go to the outlook…and be released while they're still thinner than ember is now.

No. 92444

At LEAST she will have to shower regularly if she's admitted
Her bowl cut chop job makes my day

No. 92445

>THAT would be th funniest bc if you don't comply they kick you to a higher security and more restrictive ward

are you in america? bc treatment centers here don't necessarily kick you out to a higher level of care. sometimes they just kick you out. and The Outlook is pretty fucking strict, i can't imagine them ever admitting her.

No. 92447

Every review I've read said that this place is great if you don't want to undergo any therapy and just want to focus on weight restoration. Also, all doors are locked except the bathrooms.

Ember will be literally in lock down, with absolutely NO chance of gaining access to a cellphone or computer, and the only freedom she will be granted is being able to go outside and that's only unless she gains weight and levels up.

This is gunna be gud.

No. 92453

>I am not anorexic and I do not want people to become anorexic […] I know this sounds so stupid, but I love to look anorexic without being it!

Yup, that sounds exactly like Ember lmao.

No. 92454

I bets that ember has run out of money and she just wants the free meals

No. 92458

Emil you stupid cunt stop being such an obvious lurker and get better insults. Only you would go to the lengths of contacting her treatment center you fucking loser.

Also really ironic for this absolute failure to talk about anyone crashing and burning, apparently literally being an alcoholic pilot that's still being a lolcow.

No. 92463

They're such vapid cunts.

No. 92471

It's an IP unit, that's why there is little emphasis on therapy. It's to medically stabilize. sometimes shitty insurance doesn't cover residential.

No. 92475

yes all of this. people who've been to cornell presbyterian often refer to it as "Cornhell". it is basically a locked psych unit for weight restoration.

No. 92478

Also, forgot to mention that IP can also be for ED behavior disruption

No. 92486

Yup. IP isn't for treatment, it's to stop you killing yourself (whether via an eating disorder, suicide or whatever).

No. 92494

Ha. Just looked at Ember's Facebook. She has posted SO much eating disorders and personality disorders over the last couple of days and hardly anyone has bothered to even like her posts.

No. 92520

It's because someone on here mentioned that she never seems to post ED related stuff on her Facebook even though it's such a big part of her life. So she's obviously decided to go overboard.

From what I see, there's nothing about her IP saga on there?

No. 92521

She posted a link about the facility but didn't say anything about it.

No. 92529

dem chubby fingers lol
soooo ana!!

No. 92571

What kind of terrible IP place lets ED patients have caffeine?

They should know how many use it to boost their heart rate and suppress appetite.

No. 92574

top kek

No. 92575

You tell us emily. I believe she got in once, but twice? her AN was a short trip down starvation road. bitch couldnt commit, became an alcoholic and called it recovery when she gained her beer gut.

No. 92576

kek. as much as i hate this grimy little bitch, at least shes good at roasting emily.

No. 92578

wow Emily you're totes a bad ass.Don't fucking interfere, let the milk flow you dumb bitches.

No. 92580

anon that has access to highbulimics shit, fuck my shit up and post some motivation

No. 92581

They do weights and vitals before breakfast and it's typically only 8 oz of coffee anyway.

I'm lolling bc I'm sure ember thought she was going to be able to go to a low-key, handholding luxury place like Castlewood, Montenido or Remida when in fact she's going to jail for two weeks, basically.

No. 92583

She'd be happy just to go to renfrew.
So many ana points, that place is as ~famous!!!!~ as she wants to be.

No. 92635


oh god no. other than bedrooms and very few groups, "30+" for example, renfrew doesn't separate minors from adults. they accept as young as 14 and have such a huge "community" that staff wouldn't even notice her corrupting the younger girls. (yes I've been to that shit hole 2x, before it was "famous") and renfrew would actually take her, or anyone, as long as they have $$ or good insurance.
Im not convinced she's going to jail aka the outlook, as its for severe cases, especially on the adult side.

i look forward to her inpatient lie unfolding.

No. 92670

Medicaid and shitty insurance doesn't tend to cover residential, so even people who aren't deathly ill but need a higher level of care go IP. If you're on Medicaid and live in NYS, this is one of the few options you have for something more than PHP. Unless you want to do a med study at NYSPI. There are things one can do to into better facilities but I'm not giving Ember ideas. Let her go to this shithole.

No. 92700

I doubt she's going anywhere but her own bed the lazy creep.

She'd love renfrew, unrestricted access to vulnerable minors, all the glory she can imagine now that she's finally 'made it'

No. 92702

Ember gained and lost 1k followers in like 2 days

No. 92707

>Unless you want to do a med study at NYSPI.

well thats not an option for Ember, i've had NY Medicaid and I've done a research trial at NYSPI… they require you to NOT be on meds or using substances like weed, to be in their research studies/clinical trials. and we all know she cant pass a piss test to save her dumbass life.

No. 92710

Why is it famous?

No. 92711

The documentary 'Thin' was filmed there.
Its on YouTube. If you watch it, be forewarned that Brittany is an insufferable little harpy and her mother is almost as bad.

No. 92807

Yeah I remember the truth blog years for the more interesting girls, and I don't ever remember her going into treatment ever? I don't believe it until she posts proof, she's just as bad as Ember with her wanorexic fantasy world.

She just did the typical dead-end suburban white girl with no talent thing and restricted in high school/freshman year of college. Super don't understand how she claimed to cry about fear foods but drowns herself in high calorie alcohol?

It's awesome how Emily and Ember hate each other when they are nearly the same person.

No. 92809

Wouldn't be surprised if this is all a lie because her bf has decided to take her on a surprise vacation for V-Day and she needs an excuse to be offline for a week or two.

He probably doesn"t want her constantly updating her social media accounts while they're away so he'd asked her to have her phone switched off or whatever. It would be the pefect opportunity for her to fake an IP story so when she comes back she can claim she was turned away or left AMA or some such bullshit.

No. 92820

Just watching it now, thanks.

Brittany's mom is a piece of shit, how can she possibly recover around someone like that.

No. 92837

suppressing appetite means nothing.
you think they ask you if you are hungry or not recovery?
they are gonna force you to eat regardless

No. 92838

NO! his broke ass is not taking her fatass anywhere. They are broke ass trailer trash weed smoking loosers. no vacation in site for these two idiots.

No. 92879

I didn't think she was so bad. You've got to remember that teenagers are often whiny little brats. Polly was the worst, imo. I mean, taking another persons meds? that's just wrong.

No. 92885


Well, Failice and Shmegeh are alcoholics, too. It's pretty common actually for restricting anas to still drink.

No. 92896

Felice isn't as thin as she likes to pretend, though. She shoops.

Also, I am surprised someone who drinks can stay so skinny ala Shmegeh. Like, drinks have calories, and drinking causes bloating and dehydration.

No. 92904

The calories from alcohol are probably the only ones that she doesn't purge. Same with Hancesolo.

No. 92906

Yeah but booze can be calorific, especially if you're doing it every day and drinking a lot. I guess Shmegeh didn't eat anything else, and who knows if she did drugs or abuse adderall.

No. 92907

>Polly was the worst, imo. I mean, taking another persons meds? that's just wrong.

didn't she give her meds to Shelly? not take someone else's meds? and thats only bc shelly was begging for them. imo, shelly was the worst, a manipulative snitch who only cared about herself.
yes, i realize polly broke a lot of rules, but if polly was kicked out, i think shelly should have been kicked out too.

No. 92909

Sorry, you're right. She did give Shelly her meds. I agree, Shelly should have been thrown out as well. But Polly also had this holier than thou attitude and was a bad seed.

My fav was Alisa.

No. 92969

Polly def had a huge ego but I loved her

No. 92976

When I was at my lowest weight it was when I was drinking and not eating at all. I would wake up and start drinking. I literally dropped weight so fast that I had to be hospitalized. I wasn't purging because I wasn't eating. Alcohol made me not hungry in the worst way and I assume it does the same for them.

Just an anecdote. I didn't count alcohol calories because it was a way to cope with my ED making my life hell.

No. 92988

The fact that the mouth checks after med administration were so perfunctory that patients were hoarding meds just shows how awful renfrew is.

No. 92990

EDs and alcoholism can def. coexist, even if it appears contradictory. It's pretty common, mental illnesses aren't logical.

No. 92994

Randomly found this on YouTube and felt it was relevant to this thread. Here is the link to the Christie's Instagram.


No. 92998

File: 1455480705734.jpg (21.72 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Whenever you guys talk about anorexic alcoholics, I think back to Katie from the show Intervention.

>She'd dropped out of college, and was an alcoholic. She'd turned to prostitution in order to make money to buy alcohol, but even that wasn't the whole story.

(sounds a lot like Emily C)

I tried finding the intervention on YouTube but had no luck. Hopefully, some of you have seen this episode and know what I am talking about.

No. 92999

File: 1455480857170.png (691.37 KB, 921x559, weigh.png)

Video is from 2 months ago and picture related is from 2 days ago.
She's still doing the same shit :/

No. 93001

Sorry to samefag more but she also has a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBu5Z8qLLDYuK4hwEy9Zhfg/videos?flow=grid&sort=p&view=0

and around 28 second into this video, you can see her backbone as she is working out. Kind of shocked gyms let people who are severely underweight workout like this. Seems dangerous?

No. 93002

I feel bad for her. It's harrowing to see her next to someone who is a normal weight like that. She seems to have a good idea of what health actually is but fails to really recover, probably because she is getting huge amounts of support and even money for not recovering.

No. 93003

File: 1455481810480.png (91.67 KB, 830x806, lmao.png)

I was shocked to find out she still has the comments on!

No. 93006

File: 1455482045238.png (285.35 KB, 919x589, wth.png)

Christie posted this 10 hours ago and i am fucking horrified.

>I get these messages at least once a day, from young teenage girls telling me how much I've helped them in recovery or to even just turn vegan

It's obvious people use this girl as thinspo but to know she adores to know that young girls look up to her is sickening/terrifying. Does she not realize how dangerous promoting anorexia is?!

No. 93007


No. 93009

File: 1455482761522.png (372.2 KB, 657x525, d.png)

At 3:24 in, the narrator says
>And she is now speaking out about the dangers of overly skinny models flaunting their stick thin physiques

and Christie's just sitting there like pic related

She obviously does know what all of these images she posts of herself is damaging but either is too delusional to realize or doesn't care due to how popular she has become thanks to her figure. I wonder what her friends has to say about her appearance and behavior.

No. 93014

From what I remember she was living off diet cranberry and walmart wine

No. 93022

File: 1455484867586.jpeg (148.98 KB, 640x926, image.jpeg)

Interesting. Very interesting.
For those who don't know, this is one of crying Emily's "exs".

No. 93023

I bet crying Emily had something to do with this or this girl is making shit up for fun.

It's literally a 50/50 shot.

No. 93024

CryingEmily is too busy being all wah wah and mysterious over Valentine's Day talking about 'him' and what 'he' did. Blah blah blah.

No. 93032

You think force feeding until weight restored is all a clinic does?
Its about the ideas and behaviors behind it anon. Using an appetite suppressant in a ward is never allowed in a decent clinic.

No. 93033

You can tell Laura and Emily have a lot in common.

No. 93034

Considering her mother, I can forgive some of her shit but the whole 'abooo bloo bloo I'm not the skinniest in meeting no fair abloo bloo bloo and bragging about how 'Ana and mia'

Ugh. I'd have kept Polly. Her tattoo was such a nonissue tbh.

No. 93035

Shmegeh wasn't as skinny as she wanted tumblrtards to think either. So much abuse of flexing, angles and shit light.

No. 93036

That's just IP as far as I know.

We had to be checked for swallowing pills, get a pat down for anything dangerous if you go into the art-craft room, plastic cutlery on paper plates.

They're used to sneaky symptoms and suicides in those sorta places.

No. 93037

File: 1455488726661.jpeg (106.98 KB, 640x644, image.jpeg)

I don't really understand ask.fm - is this a self-submitted ask?

No. 93038

Wait I'm retarded and your post said mouthchecks were perfunctory not peculiar. . Jfc.

No. 93042

File: 1455490162080.png (360.98 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-02-14-22-45-23…)

This girl seems to spend most of her time banging her head and showing off the resulting bruises, talking about 'doing ligitures', running away from her IP ward and documenting it all on her IG.

I really don't get it. These girls seem to almost relish their illnesses? I don't understand why her, CryingEmily et al feel the need to photograph this sort of stuff and show it off to the world. It's almost like mental illnesses these days are badges of honor to show off.

No. 93045

Yes, I've noticed this before, but I still believe that Laura is a bit more decent (even though her crying selfies are as annoying as CryingEmily's)

No. 93047

File: 1455490591745.png (972.24 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_2016-02-14-17-55-17…)

No. 93050

Tsk tsk.
She needs to start editing in some cyanosis. For so done so dedicated to living a lie she's pretty lazy about it.

No. 93052

Fat little sausage fingers

No. 93055

>Starving in Suburbia 2

No. 93057

File: 1455491534256.png (1022.37 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_2016-02-14-18-10-55…)

She gets uglier by the day, dear god.

No. 93058

But surely her hands are trembling with cold because she's always freezing and she's in the first stage of Total Organ Failure.

That poor butterfly must have been shaken like an earthquake.

No. 93059

Wtf that doesn't even look like her kek

Why does she make faces like she's trying to take a shit

No. 93060


>tfw only insects will accept you

No. 93062

Is she hopping on the pink eyeshadow bandwagon now

No. 93063

File: 1455492144727.png (452.39 KB, 1033x537, d.png)

posting this for reference purposes

No. 93064

She's actually really cute here. Like an aging lesbian theatre director. I'm sure that isn't the look she's going for, but I really like it.

No. 93066

File: 1455492330621.gif (1.6 MB, 500x438, ezgif-2932963354.gif)

Nope, she's steady as fuck anon.

No. 93068

Her face makes me want to cry, she looks like a stroke victim

No. 93070

Wtf is this hideous shit?! I never thought she could look worse.

No. 93071

File: 1455492782233.png (276.44 KB, 970x508, dcfdxs.png)

she aged 10 years in two weeks, recovery clearly has been really stressful for her :(

No. 93072

File: 1455492900886.jpeg (86.02 KB, 543x543, image.jpeg)

Is Andrew trans? He has a very feminine face.

No. 93073

That height difference, I am going to sob.

No. 93074

File: 1455493070935.png (398.73 KB, 594x600, dcfdxs.png)

No. 93075

So there's this couple that are Instagram famous, gay and they keep beating each other up, breaking up, threatening suicide and getting back together. They literally got back together after Xiaver (so?) beat up Gio, bit him, made himself the victim and posted pictures of himself cutting on snapchat.
This was a little while ago so I didn't get any screenshots, I thought the second time getting beat up would make them never get back together again but
Gio - https://www.instagram.com/bklyngambino/?hl=en

Xiaver - https://www.instagram.com/xavier_ivan/

There's so much drama around them, their YouNows would be better for everything but if you check the comments, everyone explains everything. They're hilariously stupid.

No. 93077

File: 1455493356115.jpeg (170.52 KB, 1136x640, image.jpeg)

Samefag. Here's the picture Xiaver put on snapchat before his cutting ones. Only screenshot I got because it's hard to read.
He reminds me on Onion by the way he flipped it around and made everyone feel sorry for him.

No. 93081

Her ex posted about michelle looking good while crushing up adderal so pretty much confirmed

No. 93088

I think that looks exactly like her, she actually looks here the same as in her older pics. That's the real Ember.

No. 93096

Fucks the point of using the collage app with one fucking picture? Also laughing at how obviously she slimmed down her jaw line

No. 93097

File: 1455495915335.png (930.61 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_2016-02-14-19-24-06…)

loooool this is not a good look ember but you gotta hide that huge nose somehow

No. 93098

>Rough rough

No. 93101

File: 1455497491731.png (49.47 KB, 1080x172, Screenshot_2016-02-14-19-50-24…)

Woah, this is such a shock (not)

No. 93102

Not a good look no, but it definitely suits her, finally showing us the real you Ember? Woof.

No. 93105

File: 1455497861101.jpg (100.61 KB, 922x504, turds.JPG)

This reminds me of the Ash/Erika dramu.

I looked at the profile of someone who told Emily her profile was TRIGGERING. here, have some turds on a plate!

No. 93110

Considering she is a money hungry cheater, she is definitely a dog lmao

No. 93111

Looks like something the gingler would make.

No. 93112

File: 1455498770368.gif (1.88 MB, 288x432, ezgif-1011262847.gif)


No. 93114

File: 1455499223533.jpeg (117.82 KB, 640x1067, image.jpeg)

These "big" ED accounts that think they're hot but aren't. He dodged an ugly bullet.

No. 93116

File: 1455499475807.png (59.71 KB, 246x251, WHY.png)

Why is the skin cut off the cucumber?

No. 93129

File: 1455504285853.jpg (128.25 KB, 536x875, IMG_20160214_202932.jpg)


No. 93130

Why do ember's pictures only get 150 likes? That's 1% of her followers. she just jumped 1000 followers in one day.

No. 93134

Ember practically lives in this thread lol. How is she "getting admitted" to a hospital when she's not even underweight. She's so full of shit

No. 93140

Either they don't like the skin (some people don't) or it's their eating disorder rules that they aren't challenging. ED rules can be very very bullshit and useless and illogical

No. 93148

File: 1455510285018.png (579.61 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_2016-02-14-23-21-35…)

Everytime someone points this out, she immediately starts begging her followers to like her posts and leave bullshit/nonsense comments to make it seem like people actually care lmao.

It's the saddest shit. Why is she so fixated on seeming liked? Wouldn't it be much more awarding for people to genuinely enjoy you and your posts?

No. 93149

Samefagging but I can't imagine Ember looking at her follower count and all of the forced comments on her posts and actually feeling like she accomplished something. This might just be me, but I would feel empty inside if people only spoke to me because they thought I might promote them to a follower count that isn't even genuine in the first place.

No. 93151

Guys, for fuck's sake.

'Samefagging' only applies if you're pretending to be multiple people to suit a particular agenda. For instance, posting a joke, and then responding to your own joke with a laughing reaction image. Or making a point in an argument, and responding to yourself saying what a good point you're making, and how your opponent is a faggot.

Simply posting several times in a thread, or more than once in succession, is not samefagging.

No. 93152

Cause appearing special and popular has been her only goal since nobody liked her in highschool.

No matter how much her body ages in her mind she's always gonna be 15 and friendless.

No. 93156

File: 1455511956452.png (635.25 KB, 1080x1300, Screenshot_2016-02-14-23-50-07…)

B-but.. I am the same fag…

Anyways, look at all the thinspo accounts Ember is promoting.

No. 93158

There's some misinformation in that video. After a long time of being a really low weight, it tends to be difficult for anorexics to gain weight. That's why they're often put on extremely high calorie diets in IP and PHP.


No. 93159

Only mentioned so she doesn't she like some kind of fraud if she is actually trying to get better.

No. 93161

File: 1455512550238.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1578x2048, PhotoGrid_1455512318898-1.png)

Woah, get a load these posts from the accounts she promoted. One of them is a self harm account ffs.

Soooo I guess she only reports the self harmers who don't suck the rancid farts out of her hairy asshole

No. 93162

Has anyone seen a post about CryingEmily talking about recovery or forced recovery?

No. 93163

Why do all of these ~ana~ girls fill their baths less than halfway? Does that mean they don't wash themselves properly?

No. 93164

They only have those baths for the photos they take. Muh bodychecks.

No. 93167

>I wake up
>I can't even sleep


No. 93168


I don't understand how anyone can do without bubbles in a bath.

Nope, only boring dreams shit and bodychecks wearing shorts and black tights.

No. 93169

Right? That was my thought too, legit thought it would be hers til I clicked and read text!

No. 93170


No. 93171


This. I wonder if looking through water makes them look fatter because of paralax distortion?

No. 93173

File: 1455515623473.jpg (12.75 KB, 236x314, self post.jpg)

I have no idea. I like to use the bathing experience to immerse myself in fragrant bubbles and lather myself with creamy soaps and making myself smell beautiful.

I don't use the time to take selfies and stick pigs on my nipples and vagina. The ana in the bath is one of my most hated images that crop up on insta #ana search.

No. 93189

>>93066 I wish ed post more stuff like this, its prettier than her face and shitty bodycheks

Looks like her eyelids are inflamed lol at least shes trying out new colors now she only needs to change her filter color so she wont look so damn yellow

No. 93191

JESUS FUCK her eye makeup looks like she has a crusty ass infection and discharge. PUKE!

No. 93192

File: 1455520046253.png (1.9 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-15-02-05-44…)

That fucking stretching is something else though lmao.

No. 93193

Is it the angle of the mirror? I noticed her legs look shorter in the Primark mirror.

Can I just sat that atm it is freezing in England and she's wearing shorts.

No. 93194

Gotta show off that gap. Never mind the weather, there's asspats to be had!

No. 93195

Her room looks really dirty.
I bet she expects her mummy to pick up after her.

No. 93197

I'd bet my life on it.
Nope, caps? I don't understand why not. These anas have their mommies wrapped around their little finger. It's disgusting.

No. 93203

Why is her nose so crooked? Is it just the way her face is, or is she screwing up her face?

No. 93231


I just don't get it. When I was deep in an eating disorder, I was fighting so so hard to not worry anyone or even make anyone notice I was sick. Maybe it's just different personalities, but I just don't understand using your mental illness to make the lives of others worse.

No. 93250

Anyone bored enough that would like to try make Ember look at least slightly good looking?

Also, whats wrong with her lips? The lower part of her face is so…uneven?

No. 93264

File: 1455551543572.gif (743.76 KB, 641x962, crooooked.gif)

I already tried but her face is so fucked, there wasn't much I could do.. her mouth/nose is so damn crooked and there's too many shadows. It's like trying to dress up a pile of poo.

No. 93266

hahaha her neck

No. 93267

Man, her eyes look like swollen vulvas.

No. 93268

File: 1455552798433.png (531.15 KB, 1173x482, ember whann fraud.png)

That feel when 10 out of 15 comments on your selfies are forced compliments by people who are only talking to you because they think you have a large follower count but in reality, only 10% of your followers actually like/comment on your posts without being begged and spammed with shoutout for shoutout pictures :(

No. 93269

I checked out and reported every account she promoted, but also paid attention to their follower counts because I was curious if being promoted by Ember actually helped these proana accounts gain followers and literally none of these people received a single follower after Ember "shouted them out".

For example, that heartsick.safia >>93161 had 100 followers when this screenshot was posted shortly after Ember promoted them, and they lost followers since she did that.

Same with that small_elena person, they had 88 followers last night and now they have 85.

I wonder how cheated these people feel when they go through all this trouble of liking/commenting on her shit, only to lose followers. You would think that if someone with over 15,000 followers told people to follow you, you wouldn't end up with less followers lmao.

No. 93270

So without her panhandling for comments and likes on her pics by promising shoutouts, she'd only have 1-2 comments on her pics. Sad.

No. 93273

File: 1455553640795.png (578.58 KB, 1054x660, ember whann fraud.png)

Every single comment you see here was posted by a person who only wanted to be promoted by Ember.

Not one of these people would have said shit to her if they didn't believe they would get something out of it lmfao.

It's fucking depressing ahah.

No. 93274


I was warned /snow/ is garbage. Now I can see what they were talking about.

That hair you are talking about literally isn't visible. You couldn't know it was there unless you already saw the other photos. It's pretty clear that you created an excuse for exposing her happy trail.

You remember me of that cunthole back in high school laughed at every girl who had one fucking single hair in her crotch in the locker room, and later turned out to be trashy slut that got knocked up while she was skipping school.

No. 93276

Same goes for the online stores she promotes. The ones with etsys/storenvys have a sales stat and none of them ever receive a customer or even a follower most times after Ember tells her **~15k~** followers to check them out.

No. 93277

Hey you mind not derailing this thread?


No. 93282

File: 1455555467735.jpg (66.24 KB, 450x600, avatar.jpg)

wowza (this is what surviving_kitty looks like btw)

No. 93283

it's not derailment if it's the truth lololol

No. 93284

uhh okay sounds more like an opinion to me.
>You [remind] me of that cunthole back in high school laughed at every girl who had one fucking single hair in her crotch in the locker room, and later turned out to be trashy slut that got knocked up while she was skipping school.

honestly, ou just sound ridiculously butthurt because (I assume) you're hairy and this hit waaay too close to home. those posts were made almost two weeks back, what were you doing that far back in the thread anyways? looking for a reason to get salty?

No. 93287

Does she have lipgloss on her eyelids?? Haha.

>>93097 that forehead tho

>>93282 her face pisses me off so much

No. 93291

File: 1455556394123.jpeg (749.16 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


No. 93292

File: 1455556794594.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, EjJopdb.jpg)

No. 93293

No. 93301


Ember doesn't shave her pubes or pits according to AJ. ?

No. 93303

File: 1455560130401.jpg (75.16 KB, 242x326, 454023358_56f09783d7-1.jpg)

He told me that her downstairs business is all dried out and bushy. He also said she has lots of brown, loose skin hanging about.

No. 93306

Bait much?

No. 93309


No. 93326

File: 1455565186572.jpg (59.98 KB, 600x450, Ow the edge _57f85f9ea66435df2…)

No. 93332

File: 1455567229720.png (215.52 KB, 1156x580, ember whann fraud.png)

looking over the photos ember has on her instagram and found this hilarious photoshop fail.

ember why ur inner thigh so spikey? dont that hurt D=

No. 93335

File: 1455567949843.gif (395.67 KB, 588x1100, ember-whann-gif.gif)

No. 93341

File: 1455570592020.jpeg (415.44 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Embers pro ana account is fucking disgusting

No. 93344

File: 1455570776038.png (74.94 KB, 344x430, ember whann.png)

Ember's Instagram just became public and instantly gained 10 followers.

I'm absolutely convinced she uses those 'get followers quick' apps now. Before, I was never sure but this solidifies it for me.

No. 93357

And it's private again lmao

No. 93358

File: 1455572833247.png (232.17 KB, 1157x632, ember whann.png)

I keep thinking this account is just someone's sad attempt at posing as Ember just to make her look bad.. but she did create the #Skinny4xmas bullshit and I just found a tweet this @starvinggkitten liked all the way back in October 2013. Back when Ember was a co-moderate for that Twitter.

But…. this account's old username was TH1NSPO and you can view their previous about and the type of images they would post before they changed into starvinggkitten


I don't know what to believe yall.

No. 93359

File: 1455572926080.png (9.21 KB, 536x148, ember whann.png)

Here's an old tweet by Ember for example

No. 93361

File: 1455573242489.png (544.62 KB, 1085x551, ember whann.png)

Well.. this is new.

Did you guys know Ember held something called the #SkinnySweaterGiveaway back in 2013??

No. 93362

Wast it ember herself that said the account username was th1nspo? IMO she's pissed she got found out and is trying to bullshit her way out of it by making the account REALLY bad and the th1nspo one posted loads of pro ana images too, so maybe that was an old account of embers as well?

No. 93365

Yes Ember did say the accounts old username was TH1NSPO but that actually wasn't a lie. I found tweets from 2013 that mentioned @th1nspo (whose account was no longer accessible anymore) liked by @starvinggkitten.

And back when their username was TH1NSPO, their about said they were 21, English, and listed their email as th1nspo@live.com.

No. 93367

File: 1455574403466.png (34.83 KB, 504x446, th1nspo.png)

Okay so I just tried to reset the password to that @starvinggkitten twitter to see if they'll give me some additional info and just look at the email which was found to be associated with that account.

It's the same email that the TH1NSPO account listed in their description.

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but I strongly believe that this Twitter https://twitter.com/starvinggkitten does not belong to Ember and this post, along with this one >>93358 should be enough to back my claim.

No. 93369

File: 1455574653583.png (10.75 KB, 487x106, th1nspo.png)

There was also a ask.fm account associated with the twitter. Whoever runs this account, deleted all of their posts before trying to make it seem like they're Ember.

No. 93370

Anyone tried imessaging the account?
Didn't Ember blame some girl a while back?

No. 93380

She blamed butfirsttea but I don't think she was responsible.

No. 93383

That wasn't the email attached when we first started talking about this a few months ago. It is Ember's account

No. 93384

Who was the girl ember claimed to have run ecelebconfessions with? I wonder if it was also that girl?

No. 93393

One of the 'red flags' for me was that the starvinggkitten twitter had a lot conversation with someone called satanorexia who Ember used to call her 'boo' etc on one of her previous pro anorexia twitter accounts.

No. 93406

It's her face scoliosis, she can't help it

No. 93415

I remember satanorexia, got any screenshots of those conversations?

Remember though, Ember did once go by the username starvinggkitten, so you may be getting her old convos mixed up with this imposers.

No. 93460

Ember just snapped her shitty fingernails and said they were turning blue kek
Let me try to take a photo. I don't have a secret saver app

No. 93461

File: 1455588533591.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpeg)

I know she is doing this so we will talk, but I still wanted to log it

No. 93463

LOL they look red, probably from the cold.

No. 93464

Dirty ass nails on a chubby little doughboy hand, how unfortunate for her. That's probably how she got the herpes

No. 93466


I have really bad circulation in my fingers and toes due to restriction and they don't look like that at all. Just under the nails look like a greyish purple, not around the nail bed lol! It looks like she sat on them or something to cut off the blood flow. Hoping she'll cut out a fat chunk of hair next to show us how bad her ana balding is.

No. 93468

Ember is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

No. 93469

Try googling fucking symptoms before embarrassing yourself, you dumb, broke ass dropout bitch

No. 93472

Ember ran a thinspo blog and used private pictures from satanorexics private Twitter and she confirmed starvinggkitten was ember but this was a year ago

No. 93473

Are her cuticles inflamed?

I don't see discolouration, just irritation

No. 93476

Yeah it's obvious she has a picking/chewing problem on her fingers which would make them red and irritated. She tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter

No. 93479

File: 1455589876267.jpeg (767.57 KB, 1791x2398, image.jpeg)

No. 93480

File: 1455590051547.jpg (68.63 KB, 565x681, tiny mouth.jpg)

No. 93484

File: 1455590606221.png (183.42 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-02-15-20-24-39…)

No. 93485

Her fingers are so short, it's like they're deformed.

No. 93486

Fingers can actually turn red/blue/purple other than under nails, too, when you have poor circulation. You should google it…

No. 93491

THESE are blue nails, Ember are you taking notes?

No. 93492

Yeah Shmegeh would straight up contour, flex, wear her pants oversized and low to hide her thighs, and was really open about having the kind of cheap mirror that bends and makes you look like a stick figure.

She was always a satirist though and playing a character. She also used adderall, and if you drink on that you get messed up fast, so on top of her being underweight she wouldn't need to drink many calories to begin with.

But if you're fucking autistic, take internet personalities literally, don't have the love of your parents and don't want to improve your life - you get drinkers like Emily.

No. 93493