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File: 1444887976161.png (2.39 MB, 1456x1861, PhotoGrid_1444887891047-1.png)

No. 44088

A place to discuss the snowflakes, wannorexics, and attention whore on Instagram.

[Staff edit: This thread is now for all individuals with alleged eating disorders.]

No. 44110

can we discuss recoveringemily or do people still think she is legitimately disturbed?

No. 44363

File: 1444961488911.jpg (27.35 KB, 416x446, sadface.JPG)

There's nothing except anon's conscience to stop posting about her, but you might make Emily cryyyyyy.

I'd like to discuss why she has a wire shopping trolley in her bedroom.

No. 44373

These are the kids current social media is creating. Bet half of them wouldn't exist without all the stupid tumblr/instagram bs. She's the most attention seeking twat i've ever seen, holy fuck. how can she post a crying pic like twice a week and not be embarrassed af at herself?

No. 44374

also jfc her face is punchable af

No. 44376

Shit social media has made me anxious about having kids. What if mine turn into a lolcow? Fuck that.

No. 44384

File: 1444968169074.png (1.78 MB, 2048x1564, PhotoGrid_1444886371789-1.png)

Here something I saw the other night.

Apperently, someone reported her account because of her self made thinspo, so cut herself then posted photos of her disgruntled face and bloody shoulder.

These photos were deleted though.


No. 44385

bloo bloo bloo i got reported

No. 44386

File: 1444968949378.png (4.23 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1444968852884.png)

I've never heard of her but after lurking her instagram, I say she is a definite attention whore and could be discussed here if anyone wants to talk about her.

No. 44388

File: 1444969169492.png (128.57 KB, 987x410, Screenshot_2015-10-16-00-17-38…)

I do have to agree though, she does seem quite disturbed and full of hatred.

No. 44391

the crying selfies are a bit… yeah but her captions sound like they were written by someone in legitimate pain. It's the kind of horrible thoughts your brain tortures you with when you have low self esteem.

No. 44395

How old is she again? I had all sorts of crazy thoughts when I was a teen. It's something you have to deal with and grow out of. Maybe she's actually trying to reach out for help, but it seems like attention whoring to me.

No. 44396

Self hatred isn't something you simply grow out of.

No. 44400

This is sad. Reminds me of myself, some time ago.

This is just ridiculous. You can't blame cutting on someone else.

No. 44429

Yeah her captions sound like the stuff I would write in diaries and private personal blogs when I was like 14/15/16. I feel kinda bad for her when I think back to how I felt the exact same when I was younger and it was really shitty, but yeah at the same time I can't really understand why post it all over instagram; it just comes across as attention whoring. I'm sure her school have offered some kind of help in the past but she's continued to wallow in self-misery and perpetuate this.

No. 44448

as far as i know she's sixteen? also diagnosed with bpd as well as bipolar and ocd (anorexia is kind of a given) but i think the bipolar is for attention as she only seems to mention it when she wants to. when she "attempted" suicide, i have no idea if it really was an attempt or just a picture of a bridge, she cleared her whole bio for a while which seems like a guilty gesture imo.

No. 44449

No. 44452

Well, this kind of people usually posts it all on social networks for the attention, they do that on purpose. They want attention, it's like they cry for help, they seek help desperately. I can understand that, it's so sad.

No. 44472

>I'm sure her school have offered some kind of help in the past

She's been IP three times. She only recently got out and is already back to restricting to one small soy latte a day. She goes to CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) regularly, but waterloads before she's weighed. She literally doesn't help herself.

She was pissed off when her account was deleted because "people don't know me now". Says it all really.

No. 44473

That actually made me laugh, she makes me cringe but I liked that video.

I thought you couldn't be diagnosed with BOD until you are over the age of 18? Is she lying about that or am I mistaken?

No. 44474

BPD* not bod.

No. 44476

File: 1445010215353.png (236.73 KB, 792x564, Untitled.png)


>>Clinicians have been very reluctant to make the BPD diagnosis in people younger than 18 on the basis that their personality is not yet "fixed."

No. 44480


Sme light entertainment…

No. 44499

I was bored so I went through and saved as many videos as I could and uploaded them here


No. 44502

File: 1445016212258.jpg (10.96 KB, 200x200, you know it makes sense.jpg)

Thanks, anon. I will watch this compilation any time I feel like huffing the gas from an air freshener.

No. 44505

Accidentally followed recovering_emily instead of recoveringemily. Eww. /unfollows

No. 44507

Easy mistake. I sperged out earlier in the thread thinking recovering_emily was defending Aly and it was the other one.

No. 44511

she could very well be lying and self dx-ing. mood swings and difficulty with relationships (which are hallmarks of bpd) in teenagers can be put down to hormones which is why it's rarely diagnosed until someone is obviously out of puberty at 19, 20. even then people are hesitant to call it bpd at those ages and wait until 22. she's clearly out of her tree because of anorexia so her rages and relationship issues and lack of perception could just be because she's starving her brain and is constantly hangry. i have no idea about the bipolar thing tho, if you go back far enough when she used to be called recolapse, you can see her videoing herself in a stationary car freaking out about her "hallucinations". it's more /r/cringe than anything.

No. 44514

File: 1445018394523.jpg (25.8 KB, 703x128, askfm.JPG)

Hallucinations probably due to drugs more than anything else.

No. 44522


scrolling through her ig is so fucking boring but here you go

idk how to do a compilation video tho

No. 44524

That's some bad horror movie acting right there. She's gotten better at "crying".

No. 44527

File: 1445019736324.png (1.05 MB, 1319x635, emily.png)

also this is her bodychecking around that time

No. 44530

File: 1445020050517.png (483.36 KB, 389x705, emily2.png)

this is from when she was put in ip 21 weeks ago… even though i think she's fucking annoying and she's desperate for attention this is still pretty sad

ok i'm done her ig is infuriating

No. 44532

I tried making a video of all of the body checks pictures/images but the videos keep turning all black though the videos have audio. So creepy. I don't think I should make anymore.

>>Same person who made the first video.

No. 44543

>the videos keep turning all black

software is triggered!

I know she's ill blah blah, BUT it does piss me off that she's spent 3 times IP at the NHS expense and she comes out just to lose weight again. I can understand that the mental health services are shit in the UK, but she doesn't even TRY. I'd seriously do what they do with Aly and just patch her up and send her on her way. She's taking up a place that could be used by the thousands of other ED teens in the country.

No. 44545

(Reading that back, it sounds nasty BUT when you really want help and there aren't any beds at the hospital it's a killer).

No. 44563

someone sent her the link to here, why don't people get the purpose of lolcow i s2g

No. 44573

File: 1445025224123.png (229.81 KB, 539x677, Untitled.png)

ember you're such a cunt?? she must have told emily because she can't keep her squidward dicknose out of other people's business and clearly gets off on how upset people are when she "exposes" them

No. 44584

Lol "popular"

Ember in no universe is your ass popular

No. 44590

aw fuck, i was worried she would find this thread after i saw you guys talking about her but never in my life would i expect ember to go tell her. she is such a cunt, i really think emily is very unwell while ember is definitely a fraud.

No. 44591

What was the photo of? Like what happened?

No. 44593

Holy shit Ember is such a retard, why does she think it'll help that chick if she knew about the site? It could only make it worse jfc

No. 44595

I KeK'd when I read her definition of this board. /snow/ is not for "popular people". It's for snowflakes and mistake threads.

No. 44596

in the previous message on the same post ember was like "i know what it's like babe! dm me any time!" like bitch come on it was blatantly you who told her, you've got fingers in every pie on every board in /snow/

No. 44597

same, considering she's the only person talked about who is in a place where she might actually attempt to harm herself over what's said here. it rolls off the others like water off a duck's back, but emily… not so much

No. 44599

I made this thread and I really want to
fix the typo in the description.

Whore needs to be plural.

It's driving me crazy. Pls send halp.

No. 44608

I'm not surprised. That kid HATES EVERYBODY and wants to inflict as much misery as possible on anyone. Probably jealous of anorexics.

No. 44612

True. Guess the main reason is that she wants to stir up more drama. Doub she'd be doing it if it wouldn't benefit her in a way. It's Ember after all.

No. 44686

File: 1445054936996.jpg (16 KB, 318x173, they like it.JPG)

This random attention 'hoe come with a TW
(cutter). Too many of these people to post, but this is a typical one.


No. 45228

File: 1445073960681.png (335.46 KB, 729x542, emily.png)

Hello, Emily. I see you've been reading the things said about you here on /snow/. Instead of mocking you, I'd really like to give you some advice.

See, when I was around 16-17 (no clue what your age is,) I had a tumblr blog where I posted thinspo, pictures of my cuts, awful suicide threats, ect. I went to mental hospitals for overdosing. I suffered, and continue to suffer, from many mental illnesses.

I want you to know that your social media presence is harming you, and I advise you to delete it or try to make it something positive. Posting your bodychecks, reading things said about you by strangers, posting pictures of yourself crying? All of these things will continue to poison your life.

I would like to suggest to you making a diary. Write in it everyday. Write when you are feeling upset. Write when you are feeling happy. If you are compelled to take pictures, take polaroids of your life, paste them in. Most importantly, evaluate your life. Find out what triggers you. Find out what is toxic to you and preventing your growth. You are a young girl, you have so much of your life ahead of you, no matter what the past looked like.

I hope you realize that I also struggle with many of the hateful thoughts toward myself that you do. I am not telling you this in an effort to hurt you. I really want you to help yourself, to accept yourself. Life is a gift. Everyday is a new beginning. Please help yourself. It will be okay.

No. 46346

"let me sit here and pose for a crying selfie that I can post on instagram."
yeah, definitely not what i think of when i have breakdowns.

No. 46347

And people say our anons are mean ;(

No. 46670

File: 1445226247486.png (2.09 MB, 2048x1056, PhotoGrid_1445225990585-1.png)

Here's a snowflake for you.

The right image is ironic because her friend took that picture, meaning she wasn't alone at all.


No. 46675

File: 1445226715687.png (2.48 MB, 2048x1371, PhotoGrid_1445226642269-1.png)

No. 46744

All I can do is laugh at this and not feel bad. This shit is the same shit my ex boyfriend pulled. He's fucking stupid. Smh.

No. 47683

File: 1445487461542.png (1.86 MB, 2048x1610, PhotoGrid_1445487219804-1.png)

I think this girl is on her way to becoming a spoopy skeleton. (She's 5'5)


No. 47684

File: 1445487485804.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_2015-10-22-00-09-47…)

No. 47689

Theory: Ember told Erika about lolcow.

No. 47690

Also theory: Ember told icovery about lolcow, because Ember is an annoying little cunt.

No. 47743

115 at 5'5 isn't even underweight. This isn't ana, it's normal weight loss.

The second pic is kind of Ember-ish but she doesn't seem to have any other pics like that.

No. 47768

File: 1445524827350.jpg (201.79 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Professional attention whore and "twitch streamer"

No. 47769

File: 1445524924126.jpg (186.68 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Legit this bitch just turned 18 and does nothing but post nudes on Instagram or whine about how ugly her pics all

Also why the fuck do bitches post "deleting later" like TF why post it then?? Why are you going to delete it?

No. 47779


Ember-free thread, I'm afraid. Please stop bringing the skank into every thread.

No. 47853

Yes please keep your opinions about her in this thread >>37899

No. 47859

File: 1445537705632.png (647.05 KB, 1080x1318, Screenshot_2015-10-22-14-11-53…)

I only say I think she is on her way because she started out at 160lbs and within a few months, dropped to 114lbs. Plus she workouts while fasting and tags her #bodychecks as #healthy, so either she knows she is slowly destroying her body, just doesnt care, and is using thise tags for the fun of it or she is slowly killing herself under the illusion that she is really getting healthier. I just don't know.

I'm gonna keep an eye on this account and see what happens. I hope she doesn't lose anymore weight because she looks great but from what I've gathered by reading her posts, I don't think she is ready to stop losing weight just yet.

No. 47860

File: 1445537867872.png (Spoiler Image, 738.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-22-00-20-56…)

whaaaaa is this even allowed on instagram

No. 47862

I forgot to add that I noticed she deletes the more thinspo-ish body checks she posts. Like this one >>47684 was up for less than hour before she deleted it.

No. 48303

What an unfortunate figure.

No. 48394

If you added some width evenly to it it's a pretty good body, for a man that is. Dem wide shoulders and narrow hips. If she's tall she should seriously just take T and transition.

No. 48626

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Who are these nobodies? Why does anyone care?

No. 48849

"A place to discuss the snowflakes, wannorexics, and attention whores on Instagram."

No. 48900

File: 1445779174170.jpg (36.83 KB, 600x593, CB8LqNXWEAEjrF-.jpg)

>(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

No. 48901

the caption of the second picture is really scary, i mean even with my own mental health conditions i look back on my childhood photos and think "this kid shouldve been given a chance", not thinking about being burned alive… she really does have something wrong with her

No. 48940

I can't get over this. Oh my god Ember. Oh my god.

No. 49001

Right? I look back on my childhood photos and think, "How could this tiny girl grow up into -me-. That's unfair."

No. 49065


I feel the same way, guys.

I've been trying to reach out to Emily to talk to her, but she doesn't seem to be willing to accept help (probably because I'm a stranger.)

I hope she is going to therapy. Or that she will learn ways to help herself. Right now, watching her is like watching a trainwreck, like watching myself if I never got any better.

(though I'm glad for her style change. The black hair is much too harsh for her skin.)

No. 51742

File: 1446053055152.jpg (94.37 KB, 640x899, image.jpg)

Found this posted by one of Ember Whann's idiot whiteknights. Seems hella fake to me - wouldn't they specify subtype and severity on the anorexia, if this form was truly filled out by a clinician?

No. 51745


Why does it look like she screenshots ed someone else's insta pic and didn't crop it properly.

No. 51755

Oh my god, that's so embarrassing.

No. 51759

That doesn't look like a doctor's handwriting to me. It's bubbly and just… weird. Looks like a teen girls handwriting that she tried to make look like a doctor's

No. 51760

not to mention bpd is referred to almost exclusively as emotionally unstable personality disorder by professionals nowadays

No. 51762

So from the looks of it … the most hateful comments on lolcow tend to come from the cows and snowflakes themselves. Like now that everyone and their mom is self posting self hate on here and getting it exposed, most of the worst comments come from the people themselves.

Which is weird cause every lolcow/snowflakes defense is trying to convince us were are human scum for saying such mean things but it seems most farmers on here are just wanting to watch trainwrecks, not insult them.

No. 51764

If we've got a Jr. Ember here, god help us all. I wish I had a throwaway account so I could ask her about all that. If she's half as retarded as her idol, it could be entertaining.

No. 51779

File: 1446059348673.jpg (2.47 MB, 3260x1398, 20151028_140416-1.jpg)

This is back from 2003 and all the forms and stuff I got back then were always typed. I was12/13 and they didn't let me see the notes until the treatment plan was finished. This was before they diagnosed me with all my other fun stuff.

But I agree. If you're a minor they usually won't let you see the forms and stuff.

No. 51785

Not where I'm from.

No. 51787

Whenever an unknown person gets brought up in these threads, it's either that person self posting… or Ember pretending to be that person self posting. Unless it's bpdgurlwarrior, that bitch is cray, fat, and a faker.

No. 51884

That's not entirely true. I just posted about struggling_bree, and I'm definitely not Ember or self-posting. I've just been having a good time lurking her "holysquad" weirdos. Most of them aren't worth mentioning, but I thought the obviously forged medical form that she posted to secure her place in the ana princess ranks was…a little funny?

No. 52177

File: 1446134801224.png (402.69 KB, 741x543, jeez.png)

This chick is fucking hard to keep watching. No lulz here.

No. 52188

https://instagram.com/gone_mandy/ she begs every brain washing ana queen for a shoutout and sucks their assholes thru bendy straws on all of their posts lmfaoooo

No. 52193

Yeah. I've seen a hundred photos of her with a black eye today because she punched her own lights out last night.

No. 52196

Her bra is too small AND HER ACCOUNT IS PRIVATE. Gah. I really want to see it. It sounds interesting if her askfm is anything to go by:

>You kinda look like a boy and should consider shaving your stomach Um I'm not a boy and it is particularly rude for me to change the way I look for your or someone else's expectations of what I should and shouldn't look like.

No. 52220

File: 1446141843643.png (626.91 KB, 891x586, Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.0…)

her account is so boring and disgusting lol

No. 52223

File: 1446142156694.png (303.6 KB, 531x535, LMFAO.png)

No. 52227

Unfortunate. How is she anorexic? Is she mentally challenged?

No. 52228

She isn't anorexic but probably has some kind of ed.

No. 52264

maybe it is in your country, but definitely not in America. as a mental health professional, I've never once said emotionally unstable personality disorder, and neither does anyone else i work with.

No. 52266

You're a "mental health professional" and you don't know how to capitalize words? I'm guessing you're actually a 14 year old who's taking a high school psychology course.

No. 52313

Fucking where?
Nobody in Australia has ever used that term. Its still BPD in the DSM as well.

No. 52316

Diagnoses typically are listed in axis I-III with subtype if any and severity as well as being named with the DSM or ICD code for the respective disorder/s.
I don't think anorexia and BPD would be listed in the same axis either.

I'm a social worker, not a MH professional so I might be inaccurate here.

No. 52326


No. 52327

It's possible she'll grow out of this.

No. 52347

you wish. of course i know how, but its lolcow so i don't have to and nobody cares.

>I'm guessing you're actually a 14 year old who's taking a high school psychology course.

Im an LCSW, and I'm 30.

No. 52352

>I don't think anorexia and BPD would be listed in the same axis either.
I'm a social worker, not a MH professional so I might be inaccurate here.

no, they certainly wouldn't be on the same axis. anorexia is on axis 1, BPD/personality disorder are on axis 2, medical conditions 3, 4 is social+environmental problems (ex homeless), 5 is your GAF (global assessment of functioning score).
when you say social worker, do you mean bsw or msw?

No. 52362


No. 52365

because capitalising words = intelligence and integrity, lmao

No. 52368

Australian community services worker. specifically case management/residential support worker for children at risk.
Aside from case management its mostly motivational interviewing, counselling and risk assessments.

No. 52382

hey hey another aussie here thinking about community service/youth work.

can you tell me about it? did you get a qualification through tafe?

No. 52390

File: 1446178771820.png (439.3 KB, 487x532, fishface.png)

I know they usually don't diagnose BPD in people under 18, but I know there have been exceptions and I honestly think it fits Emily to a T.

No. 52391

I'd say so. I've known young people like her being referred to as having "behavioural problems" whatever that means.

No. 52412

Yeah, go for the certificate IV in community services work and then the diploma te following year.

Its honestly the most satisfying experience I've had in years.

Back OT; Emily can't be officially diagnosed with BPD unless there's significant need for the diagnosis to be made early and multiple parties agree. Its a very rare occurrence and not really needed unless there's stupidity around insurance and the client desperately needs a specific treatment.

Most likely she will get a Dx of 'personality disorder-unspecified' and some CBT until she's older.

No. 52414

Well, I hope she's diagnosed with something at least, and getting some sort of help. This girl is all kinds of fucked up.

No. 52415


We're talking British NHS mental health services which are a pile of shit. They seem to be okay getting her medically okay but you really are pretty much on your own once you're out of hospital with mental illness. The token "support" you get is worth fuck all.

No. 52419

she's definitely fucked up and i want her to get help because she clearly has a lot wrong with her, but she also winds me up so much with her captions and general attitude

No. 52420

agreed. it's obvious she's very ill and needs help, but her attitude is so fucking annoying. like fuck, why dedicate a whole page to negativity? that type of shit keeps people immersed in their harmful behaviors.
i bet she would be better off if it weren't for the internet tbh.

No. 52421

I think what you mean is emotion disregulation disorder

No. 52424

i know right? when her account was deleted she kicked off because "nobody knew her" on her backup account, the deliberate attention seeky behaviour is what gets me the most, it's never just a little rant every so often it's always constant essays worth of insults directed at herself or whatever… i'm so mad instagram restored her account after she whined in an email because it's such a bad influence for her

No. 52426

File: 1446189685420.jpg (98.7 KB, 1080x1350, 12135368_1486847884952018_9124…)

dropped the image oops

No. 52427

yeah one of the two, it's never referred to borderline among professionals because it's outdated

No. 52449

File: 1446204632231.png (45.87 KB, 305x545, sighh.png)

Just in case you guys were wondering why she posted a thread about herself on here..

(Not going to post the picture, but it's just another one of her self harm.)

No. 52468

so I'm just wondering, how many years of education did you need for that? i was a case manager while i was getting my masters, but to be a case manager now would be a waste of my degrees/license.

No. 52469

>it's never referred to borderline among professionals because it's outdated

omfg. in your country maybe, but in the US, and according to the DSM, BPD is still valid. and we still diagnose people with it all the time.

No. 52472

Yeah, a lot of people are wanting to change the name because "Emotion Dysregulation Disorder" or "Unstable Personality Disorder" or whatever is more descriptive, and they claim it would be less stigmatizng, but I doubt that. Its name has been changed in the ICD, but much like the DSM's name changes for Aspergers and EDNOS, not many people actually use the new terms…

No. 52504

am i the only one who feels she might be enhancing her bruise with eyeshadow? it's like the only thing she's posting pics of now and i'm surprised she isn't getting reports for self harm

No. 52506

She definitly is useing filters for enhancement so the possibility of eyeshadow is high. I just feel so bad.

No. 52507

but in all honesty i'm genuinely worried about the girl.she's filled with so much self hatred it's really sad to see how much someone can publicly have no shame in hating themselves and what they do to themselves.
i'm no mental health professional but i do have bpd and i can tell she's definitely borderline and i hope she gets some help with it soon because given all the other mental illnesses she has it's clearly making everything 10x worse

No. 52508

I was like her when I was 16. I would have enhanced it too. The poor girl. Shes stupid but I hope she gets help.

No. 52510

Wtf is wrong with snowflakes and their self importance? Ain't nobody harassing you hoe. We out here discussing your fails and laughing over your pathetic attention seeking behavior. One of the functions of anon boards is to avoid that shit.

No. 52511

the girl needs like intensive therapy, IP, meds, probably a better living environment and she REALLY needs to get away from the internet for a while. like i'm hopeful that she'll get better but she's also at that point where i'm just scared as to what she'll do next.

No. 52513

Yeah, in America that's still used. They want to call it that, but they haven't made the transition yet. They don't through bpd around that carelessly, at least not at my school.

No. 52514

Her mom clearly love her. It's really hard to watch.

No. 52515

right? if anything the majority of people are posting about how they're SCARED for her. how tf is that harassment??

No. 52516

I don't want to doubt the severity of her illness, but how much of this do you think is legit and how much of it is for show because it's reinforcing?

No. 52518

i think all of it is legit actually
i was like her when i was her age except i had one of those black & white tumblrs with a decent following
everything was legit but at the same time i fed off the attention it gave me and it was like the only thing i had. she feeds off the attention from strangers because she probably doesnt get enough of it irl & at the same time i think she might hate herself for that? idk i'm basing it off my own experience

tl;dr i think it's p legit

No. 52522

File: 1446230290899.png (600.92 KB, 918x650, Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.3…)

who is this and why does she have TWO Black eyes. trying to top emily or.

No. 52533

She says she banged her head. If she has BPD, she probably did it on purpose.

No. 52537

File: 1446233124971.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1350x1920, PhotoGrid_1446232930303-1.png)

Yeah, she said she banged her head against the wall and she must have done it really fucking hard to leave bruises like that.

And after scrolling through her account.. I can't help but feel bad for the girl. She looks young and seems disturbed.. I mean, you have to be to be able to cut yourself that deep, right?

No. 52538

She looks like my 12 year old cousin.. fuck.

No. 52539

I feel bad for her as well. I have known a couple of people with BPD and they were/are off the walls crazy. Either they were all cutters or extremely violent in other ways. BPD is extremely hard to treat.

No. 52556


I don't think we should ridicule people like this. Even if they are seeking attention it is clearly because they have some deep set issues/mental condition.

not saying anyone is doing this rn but I'm just saying my opinion

No. 52565

How come I've seen like four girls who gave themselves black eyes today but I have never heard of a guy doing it to themselves.

No. 52566

So fucking sick of self harm accounts. Jesus.

No. 52568

I take it you did not read the Zola Twitter story

No. 52573

i don't want to ridicule her either but emily's attitude makes me so angry because she's valuing the "support" of her equally as fucked up (or simply voyeuristic) followers over her mother who is obviously very afraid for her. and the constant "look at me i'm so sick…. look at me burning a doll i'm soooo crazy…… i punched myself in the face i'm REALLY CRAZY… crazy crazy little me" sort of thing reflects badly on other people who have the same disorders because she is obviously exaggerating some aspects of her illnesses for coolness and edgelord points. like being mentally ill is a competition. but i wouldn't ridicule her like people ridicule aly for being dehydrated or whatever the equivalent would be for emily, that's why i'm so pissed someone (99.99999% sure it was ember) told her about here.

No. 52575

99.99999999% it has been Ember telling everyone all along. At least in the case of the anas. iCovery, Ash, Erika, etc. Ember needs to stir the pot because she love dramu.

No. 52586

She'll grow out of it. You have to remember that she's only 16. If she doesn't fry her brain with air freshener, she'll have an epiphany around age 19-22 and decide that she doesn't want to be like this anymore, and she'll take steps towards getting better.

No. 52601

I agree with this. She's way too immature atm to understand what she's doing to herself and her family. She cant spend many more years cuddling her pig when things get rough. The thing she fears, having to be an adult, is going to be the thing that's hopefully going to save her.

No. 52635

She wants to pretend to be their whiteknight in shining armor, running to their aid to warn them about the big meanies on lolcow, like she wasn't posting about her very own friends on this website.

No. 52646

dude that twitter store had me dying the whole time

No. 52647

A year and 120 hours placement for the certificate, and another year and 200 hours placement for the diploma. I did the certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs and cert IV in mental health as well.

Its fairly intensive as far as assignments go, we usually have four to seven at a time but its tafe, so its easy.

No. 52843

File: 1446333990297.jpg (146.74 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

Does anyone know who this girl is?
I follow her on Twitter and she posts the same kind of incoherent crap

No. 52846

It's Nikki Lipstick. She owns her own store where she sells tumblr goffick stuff. It's pretty successful? I know a girl who has modeled for her and she has nothing but nice things to say about her. Looking at this post makes me think she's a little unhinged, though.

No. 53122

File: 1446426563629.jpg (90.77 KB, 640x715, image.jpg)

This shit right here.

No. 53124

>this isn't a cry for attention

Didn't think it was. Not for a second. Not at all.

There's a pathetic guy on ig who regularly fakes his suicide. It'd be more convincing if he didn't (as they do) eventually come back with old username plus a 2 and a 3.

No. 53126

What a manipulative way to gain followers.

No. 53127

Um she has scammed a lot of people not to mention outright stealing copyrighted images. It's a fat pastel goth Felice fawn. FAT. I know a girl named Amanda who modeled for her and I cringe at the photoshoot. Who wears that stuff.kek

No. 53148

I searched for that account just to report that post, but it's gone now; i guess they got their attention.
Shit like this is so offensive to me. Suicide isn't a fucking game (unless you're playing Russian Roulette) and social media "likes" don't magically make things better. This is even more asinine than those "50 likes and I'll flush my blades" garbage posts.

Pardon my raeg…

No. 53153

Me too. I couldn't find it, so I hope IG delete it.

No. 53181

File: 1446436534470.png (1.5 MB, 2048x1229, PhotoGrid_1446436347617-1.png)

this genius tried to kill herself by taking 100 iron pills

No. 53184

File: 1446436682266.png (1.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-01-19-52-20…)

She tries so hard to look thinner than she is. She is very thin but she purposely tries to stick her bones out so people can tell her how thin she is. She's also mentioned how she doesn't want help B3cause then she wouldn't get the attention and be "special" anymore. She blocked me after I stood up for a girl who emily attacked for ot wanting to follow her anymore.

No. 53186


No. 53187

Iron overdoses can actually kill you pretty well.

No. 53188

Oh Jesus, I did not want to see those floppy tits.

No. 53189

do these girls not realize how retarded they look when they pose in these ridiculous ways to very obviously exaggerate their bones? how do people still fall for this shit?

No. 53191

No. No they do not. And idk how people still fall for it. It's ridiculous.

No. 53194

File: 1446438298402.jpg (134.19 KB, 512x1508, basically.jpg)

relevant af.

No. 53197

The way they stick their arse out is so odd. It just looks like they're having a good fart.

No. 53198


she says she's on medications and talking to a therapist but I really feel like that's a lie. She has gotten 100 times worse than when she first started her instagram.

No. 53200

I don't think it's a lie. She's just borderline af.

No. 53201

I like how she was saying misdiagnosed with schizophrenia when she would make videos constantly of her crying and talking back to "the shadows' and "voices".

No. 53207

File: 1446439830050.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-01-20-49-22…)

Will never understand why she likes posting videos of herself tripping on aerosols.

No. 53210

Because dat edge.

No. 53222

She was coherent enough to set up her camera video a few seconds before she started to trip out. Looks like she's taking it there, like a kid trying to act drunk.

No. 53223

Faking not taking

No. 53224

Yep. It's not cool, cute, funny, or anything; it's just cringeworthy.

No. 53237

What happened to her door?

No. 53240

She painted her door black and the rest of her room is covered in posters of bands except that wall.

No. 53257

Emily. I know you lurk here. I know you're very troubled. And while just about all of your photos are cringe worthy, photos like these? You're underage; this is really close to illegal, and you don't want to add cp to your list of problems.

No. 53264

iron overdoses are actually pretty serious in terms of the damage they can do

No. 53265

however, even the NHS wouldn't have kept her in for only 4 hours after an overdose. They would at least keep her in for a day to keep an eye on her vitals

No. 53269

yes emily because when you pose like that we're definitely looking at your thighs……. also they look "fat" because you're tensing your muscles duh???

No. 53274

File: 1446456362489.png (832.01 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-01-20-51-03…)

No. 53275

File: 1446456411410.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-01-20-15-24…)

Sucking in to make stomach more concave and ribs show more.

No. 53278

Wait, what about iron overdoses?

No. 53281

i can see her nips in both of these, is it worth reporting her for nudity to get her account taken down again? because her having a captive audience is not good

No. 53282

File: 1446460479210.png (553.61 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-11-01-22-56-27…)

Which is why I called her a genuis.

She's also 15 and claims to have BPD (self diagnosed, ofc)

No. 53283

File: 1446460626533.png (254.17 KB, 728x369, Screenshot_2015-11-02-05-32-42…)

she posted these two images earlier. taken moments apart.

No. 53294

I wish I could do that honestly, right pic could easily be me but maybe I just have a really narrow ribcage because nope, I don't look anywhere near as spoopy as left pic when I suck in.
Anyways, oddly enough that's kind of a brave picture to post for her, whoever she is considering her previous post.

No. 53298

File: 1446463151112.png (353.56 KB, 1466x1088, Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.00…)

From her ask.fm.
>holysquad is pretty much our anti-pro-ana squad name, we defend each other against pro anas, bullies, etcetera. we're very tight friends :)
Especially given the recent shit that's gone down involving Ember, this gave me a chuckle.

No. 53340

Yes she posted a woe is me image and a user kindly offered her suggestions of selfcare like maske a cup of tea, bath etc and she was so bloody rude to this poor woman who probably too had her own problems.

No. 53343

emily posted a video of a nurse and a police officer taking details in her kitchen and her followers are all freaking out

No. 53463

But 31/11 doesn't even exist

No. 53478

She filmed it. Says it all.

No. 53483

Some countries format the date first, then month and year.

No. 53485

There is still no 31st of November in any country that I know of…

No. 53504

She also posted a hand written note but blurred put everything except the let 2 lines.

No. 53802

Ah crap, you're right. I forgot November doesn't have 31 days. Maybe she meant 11/30 or 12/1, IDK.

No. 53808

Honestly I'm getting really sick of this shit, it would be a lot easier to feel sorry for this girl if she didn't post such thirsty things like that and then not even respond to anyone who's been asking her what's wrong or what's going on, because it's clearly just a cry for attention and nothing else, girl needs to get a real life and get off of Instagram. She posted something apologizing to her mom for being a terrible daughter and whining and begging her mom not to give up on her, can't help but wonder how mom is coping with all of this looks like she tried to do a lot in the past but I can't blame her for starting to get tired of this too

No. 53817

Her mum seems lovely. Must be on valium at least.

I'm going to email ig about her account. I'm sure they'll do something when I mention them hosting cheese pizza.

No. 53864

I used to follow her and comment on her shit, but she didn't respond to me once. Honestly got sick of it and unfollowed her.

No. 53868

aw shit, why you trying to end our lulz?

No. 53869

seems like she only replies to rude people

No. 53929

I have her on fb and she's the most annoying and grossest girl ever. Her mother and family are in there as well and every picture Emily is tagged I , she re uploads and captions then "I look so massive I have anorexia blah blah blah"

No. 53930

File: 1446616012041.png (2.52 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-03-21-46-31…)

No. 53934

any photos with her mom/family?

No. 53939

File: 1446616507861.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-03-21-54-29…)

Most recent one with her mom

No. 53940

File: 1446616581456.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-03-21-55-47…)

And sister on halloween

No. 53943

wow… quick delivery. thanks

No. 53964

Her face is so overly edited it actually hurts… Did she make her eyes bigger too?

No. 53967

she has posted videos where she looks the same idk

No. 53971

Idk her face looks airbrushed af to me and those eyes.. Creepy

No. 53973

She must use some sort of filter for her skin because she always looks super airbrushed ia. But I don't think she does anything to her features but who knows.

No. 53975

I think it's just her phone. Her phone takes some low quality pictures so that could be why she looks airbrushed sometimes. In her older photos you can definitely see how she smoothed her skin.

No. 53976

But guys, she ~totally doesn't even know what Photoshop is~!


No. 53977

I'm thinking just the beauty filter that's on some smartphone cameras? It kind of looks like that when I turn mine on.

No. 53978

File: 1446618425741.png (1.49 MB, 1440x1750, Screenshot_2015-11-03-22-26-07…)

No. 53980

File: 1446618699203.jpg (1.93 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1446618648557.jpg)

Pretty sure she is still editing her face. Even just a little.

No. 53981

Yeah, that skin looks super unnaturally smooth, I don't believe for a second that she isn't at least using some sort of filter or editing tool on her phone

No. 53982

I honestly think she's pretty but … she has such an unfortunately long face :( Weight gain would probably help I hope.

No. 53985

File: 1446619099219.png (1004.43 KB, 1440x1043, Screenshot_2015-11-03-22-36-13…)

Her eyes look a bit bigger here because of the white eyeliner she used but still, her eyes now look even bigger

No. 53986

what's that weird white effect on her jaw?

No. 53987

if she didn't pick her eyebrows out from the middle (she says she had trich but ??? who knows) and let them grow it would flatter her face imo

No. 53988

She just uses white eyeliner on her waterline and opens her eyes wide. That's why they look so big, she likes looking like a "doll".

No. 53989

File: 1446619669437.png (650.63 KB, 1440x1383, Screenshot_2015-11-03-22-46-27…)

I like these eyebrows on her

No. 53991

tears? idk

No. 53992

I think it's the camera that makes her face long. My camera does that too and also airbrushes my skin and makes my eyes bigger.

No. 53993

Possibly, my new phone does that too. But her forehead, actually her entire skull looks strangely too big for her face? Not sure how to describe it.

No. 54000

Cunts like her are the reason a lot of people view people with any form of mental illness as completely psychotic and attention hungry. She milks it so goddamn much.

No. 54010

File: 1446623640357.png (2.84 MB, 1923x2048, PhotoGrid_1446623521180-1.png)

almost reminds me of ashley. almost.

No. 54011

File: 1446623950114.png (2.44 MB, 1388x2048, PhotoGrid_1446623882013-1.png)

check out this spoop

No. 54012

File: 1446624475261.jpg (2.71 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1446624424143.jpg)

No. 54013

what even is this thread right now? there's no milk in spoopy people that just… exist on instagram.

No. 54015

people kept discussing random ed girls in ember and aly's thread so this is just a dumping ground i guess

No. 54055

Anon her account is private.

No. 54080

I used to follow her… looks like she's spoopier than when she started her IG, which used to be called TiedToAHospitalBed… because she was underage and was restrained to keep her from pulling out her tube. Piece of work, this one.

No. 54208

Is she trans?

No. 54289

God emily is so fucking annoying. Bitch knows she isnt fat.

No. 54295

She just wants people to tell her she's pretty and skinny. Looks like Jolty's playing along with the game.

No. 54297

she posted more photos, does anyone want me to post a collage of them?

No. 54299

Please do! Collages always welcome.

No. 54409

File: 1446696844698.png (205.7 KB, 919x575, Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.09…)

so there's this little wannarexic girl who got locked out of her main account and now she's freaking out because she can't get it back. (moar pics to come) (her page is private so dont even bother looking her up)

No. 54410

File: 1446696865043.png (377.35 KB, 750x496, Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.10…)

No. 54411

File: 1446696917267.png (381.08 KB, 893x542, Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.10…)

last one. she is literally hurting herself over a fucking instagram. these people are so consumed and so pathetic it's beyond embarrassing and sad

No. 54413

Instagram is fucking toxic. These kids are retarded.

No. 54414

File: 1446697436398.png (411.7 KB, 727x535, wtf.png)

Emily has some serious self hatred. She needs to see a therapist or something.

No. 54415

File: 1446697518817.png (558.69 KB, 729x533, lookhowsickiam.png)

many sick, such meds

No. 54416

File: 1446697635874.png (348.35 KB, 730x531, waaaahhhhh.png)

I keep following her, but I don't understand why. Maybe it's because she reminds me of what I could be if I kept my BPD untreated. (And splayed all of my self-hatred all over the internet on a public platform instead of dealing with it myself.)

No. 54417

i acted like that when i was 12 but over actual fucking reasons… not over a stupid website locking my account because i wasn't old enough to use it.

No. 54419

Oh my god. I actually feel sad for her. She's so ill.

No. 54420

That's not real blood.

No. 54421

how so?
she's already deleted the pic

No. 54422

I feel really sad for her as well. It's very obvious she has a lot of problems. It's just that.. I don't know, her and I have a lot of the same tendencies and thoughts, and she's very similar to how I was at her age. And I really wish she would get help and delete her instagram. Her internet presence is not helping her in the slightest.

Emily, you need help. Things can and will get better. You just have to have the courage to try.

No. 54423

It's 3 days after Halloween and that blood looks way too syrupy.

No. 54426

That's such a low dosage, why bother trying to get mental illness points with 50mg of that?

No. 54427


This looks like when the police were called out, the crisis team were involved. They just give you some diazepam to sleep then in the morning you go to the doctor and they give you some meds or w/e. He probably prescribed Zoloft because she was having panic attacks and out of control.

She's definitely ill, but it's like with Instagram she (and others) feel like they need to post all the drama.

I don't get how she can take so many pics of herself if she thinks she's really fat and ugly. I think I'm fug so don't take pics very often.

That's the usual starting off dose. They generally increase it by 100mg in weekly steps.

No. 54428

Samefagging… this is trigger warning because it's self harm gore. I hate this account so much. https://instagram.com/secretsofdurablepigments/

>Backup for PeaceOfMindINeverGot since fucking assholes keep reporting me.

People are assholes for reporting that shit.

No. 54430

This needs to be reported repeatedly. Holy shit. This girl needs to get off the internet. I know some of these girls are actually suffering, but to post this shit online for attention is harmful to other people.

No. 54431

the thing i don't get is if she hates the way she looks so much and thinks she is so fat, why would she upload photos of herself all over the internet to an audience?

No. 54432


>I don't get how she can take so many pics of herself if she thinks she's really fat and ugly. I think I'm fug so don't take pics very often.

seriously!! I don't understand why she (and others) are making their drama so public.. I deal with the same mental illness bullshit but I don't broadcast it to the fucking world, mostly out of shame and why the fuck would you want that to pop up if someone googled you?

No. 54433

I report it every day, but nah. Instagram don't gaf.

There're others just like hers.

It's the attitude that pisses me off. It's like when people were telling Emily not to post about her huffing aerosols and she says IT'S THEIR CHOICE TO DO IT!!! Um, yeah but YOU PUT THE IDEA IN THEIR HEADS. Things like that make me lose a lot of sympathy for her.

No. 54434

Haha, I KNOW! When you see public accounts and the account person's all OMG this is a ~secret~ account, I hope nobody I know finds this. HUH?

No. 54435

Because they're attention whores, anon.

Seriously. They pretend to hate themselves and their body, but they post tons of pictures of themselves online to get attention and validation.

No. 54436

Really? Instaporn gets taken down daily. Do they not care about self-harm and gore?

No. 54437

Out of a list of bookmarked accounts I report, less than half a dozen have ever been taken down. I double report it as graphic violence and self harm.

No. 54438

Dat bloody dress. Such edge.

No. 54439

Another. TW TW


>It's so fucking uneven, I'm so pissed. Like if I am gonna cut and have these scars for the rest of my life, I fuckin want them to be symmetrical and equally thick all the way around. Fuck.

No. 54441

god i hope these people get fucking infections and their limbs fall off.

No. 54443

>I'm so glad the blood didn't get on my sheets. My mom woulda been pissed ;-;

No. 54446

There was a girl on Tumblr (or possibly Instagram) who posted pictures of her cut up FACE from self harm. There were also really graphic photos of deep cuts on her arms. I saw it from a fellow farmer, but I can't remember the username. It was the worst I've seen. Anyone happen to know who I'm talking about?

No. 54456

There was a girl I came across on Instagram who had horrific burns on her neck and chest because she poured BOILING WATER on herself.

No. 54464

Can't help but notice how many more dramatic blood spatter pics we're getting from these kids during Halloween shopping season….

No. 54466

I think I do, was it coldnessinmyheart? If it is, I saw some pictures of her where she looked better and had a boyfriend but it was a while ago.

No. 54467

lmao emily, venla is where it's at

No. 54468

tryingcrying recovery set herself on fire and her photos were….very graphic….very gross…she looked like raw meat and she even posted closeups

No. 54469


No. 54470

Emily had a "support page" on IG called for.emily.withlove but someone hacked it and posted a bunch of messaged on there for her and Emily had a meltdown after that since she was called selfish and shit

No. 54479

The account is gone. Caps?

No. 54489

I just followed her again.it's still tryingcryingrecovering

No. 54492

File: 1446721019784.jpg (91.83 KB, 540x773, wat.jpg)

hi aly hi ash

No. 54493

That's the name. She had a tumblr. Her and the emo cutter girl are the worst I've seen.

No. 54539

Is loopyloo933 that dead lady's daughter?

No. 54540

Becksvart was pretty bad too, but someone posted her cuts on Reddit and she deleted her blog lmao.

No. 54545

Oh my fucking god looking at this shit makes me sick.

Thank god I stopped cutting.

No. 54585

I don't know if those are all her pictures. Like compare this one: https://instagram.com/p/7ZoBbYIe4N/?taken-by=secretsofdurablepigments
To this one taken a week later: https://instagram.com/p/7fBmwHIe25/?taken-by=secretsofdurablepigments
The cuts aren't even in the same direction. I also this I recognize some of the bloodier ones from a different person, who I think is referred to as Cutting Emo Girl on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

No. 54598

File: 1446747295313.png (203.15 KB, 1080x659, Screenshot_2015-11-05-13-13-08…)

Who the fuck is this neckbeard

No. 54599

It's okay Emily, I forgive you.

No. 54605

File: 1446747863802.png (Spoiler Image, 496.26 KB, 711x369, Screenshot_2015-11-05-13-18-22…)

She says all photos are her and I believe most of them are but you do have a point.

Though I sort of feel like the image on the right is an older photo and was just reposted and the left image is either older or was taken several months after she took the right pic.

I mean, she does cut herself pretty fucking severely. There's a tattoo on her arm which you can see in her other image, so most of those pictures are undoubtedly her and if she can cut her arm like that, I wouldn't be surprised if she really did that to her thighs.

No. 54608

aaghhhh thank you for the spoiler. this is triggering af.

No. 54612

File: 1446748976006.png (1.14 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1446748456969.png)

Whenever I see a normal looking dudebro, with a normal username, and account, commenting on some emaciated girls image, I always check who their following because it reveals so much about who they are.

Like, so far 99.9% of the time, they are just a skinny fetishist but not only does this guy likes anorexic girls, he also has a thing for girls wearing diapers, petplay, and dd/lg roleplaying. (He tags some of his posts with #ddlg, asking for #cuddles)

Now, how old is Emily again? Because this guy is 20 years old and likes to fanastize about "litter girls".

My stranger danger senses are tingling.

No. 54635

Has anyone noticed Vilde or Vmmbbb or whatever she has gotten deleted loads and remade instagram accounts with names similar to that. Her self harm is brutal, she claims to have chopped off her own hand with a chainsaw kek

No. 54639

File: 1446752704354.png (382.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-05-19-43-42…)

Private account unfortunately, serious gore

No. 54658

I hope you meant littler girls not litter girls

No. 54659

He follows like all our anas, gross.

No. 54660

Plot twist, he's a farmer (probably not though)

No. 54674

>Daddy and Kitten
Gross. What a spook.

No. 54688

LMFAO I meant little* girls

No. 54694

oh my god this guy he followed me the other day and i'm not even an ana???

No. 54695

i know of her, she's constantly getting deleted and remaking her accounts but what can she expect when she supposedly posts serious self harm on ig? of course they'll delete the extreme stuff if enough people report her.

No. 54765

Are you an adult baby then?

No. 54780

File: 1446785507570.png (2 MB, 1935x1612, PhotoGrid_1446785372175-1.png)

Ugh I would like this girl if her hair didn't disgust me so much

No. 54783

nah i have self respect

No. 54793

Wew so edges.

Ugh, I bet she smells like nag champa, boxed wine and a dirty creek.

No. 54800

Dreads aren't supposed to look THIS ratty and even my non-maintenance-at-all dreads didn't look this bad……great, now I miss my dreads….

No. 54808

I don't agree with the "white people with dreads are racist" thing but damn 95% of the time I get where they're coming from. Fucking disgusting.

No. 54812

I can understand the argument that it's unfair for non-black people to wear dreads for fashion, while people whose hair dreads naturally are labeled as "nasty" or "unprofessional," for racist reasons.

But like, to extend that to say that all white people with dreads are racists, like, come the fuck on.

Sorry to derail, I have just sperged about that a lot internally and wanted to finally say something.

No. 54818

File: 1446811950927.jpg (71.23 KB, 550x815, tumblr_static_gp1w1r0tio00goo8…)

what about this account thinnesss ? it says in the bio that he/she want's to show that mental ilnesses are stupid and stuff , but he/she also says that recovery isn't hor him/her? like recovery is for everyone u know ? u may not have the choice for having a mental illness but u CAN choice recovery. If u don't choice it , then it's more like wanting the illness , right ?

No. 54824


No. 54854

Just so you all know, the chick with dreads is from Germany.

>there is very little media that shows people of color in German society, and this could help explain why Germany ended up atop a hotly debated list of the “worst countries for black people” to visit.

There's over 80 million people in her country and 200,000 to 300,000 black people make up that number. Not to mention how unsafe it is for PoC to be in certain areas.

>“There are small and medium-sized towns in Brandenburg, as well as elsewhere, which I would advise a visitor of another skin color to avoid going to,” said Heye. They “might not make it out alive” if they dared set foot in certain towns, he warned.

I don't know, seeing a German person with dreads just doesn't sit right with me. Considering their history with those with darker skin tones.

No. 54889

I have really long wavy hair (Between 2a and 3a) and during daily activities, like being outside on a windy day and twisting and switching sides when I try to sleep, it tries to dread itself. I have to finger comb it/ use intense amounts of conditioner to untangle it. I'm just one case, but at a certain length, white hair dreads on it's own. Vikings and Celts had dreads. That being said, white people dreads in the present are a good way to identify douche bags.

No. 54905

Thinnesss is only 15

No. 54920

File: 1446834094615.png (386.97 KB, 546x700, back to tumblr you go.png)

No. 54987

File: 1446838441605.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_2015-11-06-14-22-19…)

Ahhhh I don't follow this vilde person but someone I do follow just posted a photo of their arm and I am fucking gagging over here.


No. 54988


Yeah she is now claiming she cant live alone now (i would never have let her live alone anyway!) and that she to stay in some kind of accommodation for "old people". Wouldnt be surprised if she fucked herself up so much she did impart a physical disability on herself but damn why wasnt this girl inpatient on a secure unit?!

No. 55190

File: 1446879425872.png (620.72 KB, 862x652, makeup.PNG)

this bitch has the ugliest makeup but is so fucking self obsessed, i love laughing at her posts

No. 55202

Her makeup looks pretty nice. Not too much or anything. Sounds to me you're a little jealous.

No. 55204


No. 55205

Her makeup looks good tbh. But those nails tho

No. 55206

I like this makeup. She's probably self obsessed, yeah, but it's fucking instagram.

Only thing truly nasty is her nails. Looks like they are rotting or something from that angle.

No. 55207

Seriously, what is going on with them?
They look like Halloween hag nails.

No. 55208

Instagram is all about photos, so it's no surprise there.

And yeah the nails, probably the color or lighting.

No. 55209

Maybe she did get them done halloweeny, but it's nothing a quick trip to the nail salon can't fix.

No. 55210

I like this 'style' of makeup but I dislike how orange/un blended her contour is

I think it's the polish color but she usually has nails this length

No. 55211

What was the point of this post?

No. 55212


"A place to discuss…"
"and attention whore on Instagram"

No. 55213

It's Instagram….everyone uses Instagram for attention…that's the primary use of Instagram…to take and share photos. Yeah a place to discuss..people who are worth discussing. The original poster just seems like jealous kid OR even a self-post.

No. 55214

File: 1446885752048.jpg (2.34 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1446885208588.jpg)

How fat..

No. 55215

File: 1446885778435.jpg (1.19 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1446885257977.jpg)

No. 55216

Her makeup is actually pretty nice except for like the really obvious bronzer. And wtf why are her nails so long ??

No. 55232

Ugh. How do their parents not know?

No. 55240

File: 1446895669144.jpeg (214.53 KB, 1242x1242, image.jpeg)

It's actually struggling_bree I've posted a new screenshot that's got my name the doctors name the full diagnosis, I'm not part of the "holysquad" I said they group was awful and got blocked by most of them

No. 55265

File: 1446904849671.png (1.59 MB, 1517x1993, PhotoGrid_1446904678321-1.png)

no1currs ya attention whore lmao

>mfw she posted screenshots of this thread on her instagram for pity points

No. 55266

sounds like you just wanted a reason to post your diagnosis papers on your account tbh

No. 55267

This. We really dpon't care tbh. We make throwaway comments here and don't take it as seriously as you obviously do. You could b/p horse hooves and it wouldn't even make you interesting, but w/e.

No. 55268

I bet she lurked this thread to see if anyone has posted about her. All of the wannarexics from Embers lil cliche know about this site now.

No. 55269

That ~sense of importance~ I know!

She's yet another person with an eating disorder (yawn), she has anxiety and depression, was hospitalised for a short time and made "good progress". That's remarkable. What a remarkable person you are. You base your whole account (and life) on having common illnesses. Well, that's really remarkable. Your common illnesses make you INCREDIBLY special.

No. 55271

By posting here, Branna basically solidified her attention whore status. When will these flakes ever learn?

No. 55274


Go to hell Bree.

No. 55277

File: 1446908422798.png (1.33 MB, 1242x693, fake.png)

Faker than the time Fake went to Faketown.

No. 55290

what am I looking at here?

No. 55343

>review on: with dr alex (instead of a date)
>doctors names that don't seem to match partially blanked out
>teen girl handwriting

No. 55346

And, no doctor I've ever had writes Dr. "John Smith…" Mine have only ever signed their name lol

No. 55347

Looks like it says "bulaemic subtype," "brorderline personality structue" and "chronic anxiety and deprenion," lol. Atrocious penmanship. And yeah, that is kind of funny that "with Dr Alex" is written over the "___/___/___" in the box that's clearly meant for a date. There's apparently just a time, not a date, for the follow-up appointment. The "Dr P*" in the bottom box doesn't necessarily have to be the same doctor whose name is on the top of the discharge summary or the doctor who wrote it, and, of course, doctors are perfectly capable of making spelling errors (or just having such horrible handwriting that it looks like they're making spelling errors), but it does seem kind of odd.

No. 55359

Did this girl really just pull an Ember Whann by forging her own medicals papers for pity points? ffs…

No. 55363

Nah, I think it's genuine. I've never known a doctor/admin to fill in forms correctly. You'd think they'd know how to spell bulimic, and can't see how date AND time would be fitted in that small box BUT why fake a month of IP when you could fake a lot longer?

No. 55386

Whoever finds the blank version on Google wins a cookie.

No. 55458

File: 1446943094649.jpeg (512.76 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpeg)

Please do find an empty version of this lol I would really like you to "expose" me

No. 55462

That's the last thing I'm posting why would I post fake medical documents here when youd just expose it? Awkward, I'm done trying to prove myself, please get a life or focus on someone who's actually problematic

No. 55463

telling us to get a life when you're the dumb bitch who posts this kind of shit on the Internet for attention in the first place. kek, go home little girl, this thread is not all about you.

No. 55467

Oh fuck off. Nobody cares. You couldn't be less interesting. Bai.

No. 55469


No. 55470

Technically it is, since she has made herself out to be an attention whore / snowflake.

No. 55472

bitch get out of our thread lol

No. 55477

>anons call wannarexic's documents fake
>wannarexic posts fuller photo of documents to prove they're real
>anons get pissed off and tell wannarexic to fuck off

No. 55478

>get told to fuck off and stop self-posting
>self-post more

No. 55479

'cuse you but I told her that no one cared as soon as she posted that shit lol >>55265

And I'm still the same person telling her to gtfo of here.

No. 55480

Anons were milking the cow for lulz. This wannarexic might've amused me at her longing to prove she's anorexic (for she has no personality to engage anyone with) but I'm sick of the Whann thread. Post your shitty documents there if you like. Not here thnx awfully.

No. 55481

y'all cry self post so much that i could make up some fake shit about these instagram bitches and you guys would think it's the truth
i love it

No. 55482

Sooooooooo /briane

More crying girls and people who suck at life now.

No. 55485

i wanna talk about the fact that some of these (actual) anorexics such as recoveringemily wear granny panties.

No. 55486

I was wondering where Emily bought her drawers. Hard to find. They look nice sometimes but I prefer a tight fitting girl short myself.

No. 55487

File: 1446945882655.png (459.5 KB, 935x607, Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.23…)

no dude sometimes it looks like the girl's wearing a diaper i'm like wtf

and this one i just can't fucking stand.

No. 55489

What is it? Why is it talking about vaginas and pretending to be a chimp?

No. 55490

File: 1446946296837.png (479.76 KB, 918x593, Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.30…)

i think she used to be part of holysquad until the whole ember thing happened. or maybe not but i know she's friends w/ the lot of them.

she's literally always making that fucking chimp face and she's your typical body check wannarexic

No. 55493

File: 1446946370014.png (591.71 KB, 768x577, Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.32…)

there is a child behind her and she's body cheking lmfao

No. 55494

Looks like some inner thigh shop going on too

No. 55496

she does the typical thigh gap pose too. you can just tell she forces her legs outward to emphasize her gap but then again dont all of these girls?

No. 55497

Living for that child's footwear

No. 55498

This chick is in IP at the moment. I tried contacting her the other day about something nonrelated and yeah, she is away.

No. 55499

Why is she white here? Did not clear up my vagina question.

Ooo she likes to show those cutz in her shorts. Private account.

No. 55503

Good thing her little sister or whatever gets to stare at her cuts every day.

No. 55504

I wear panties like that and I'm not ana. They're comfy.

No. 55506

kek so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me

No. 55536

i dont think she was ever in that squad, but knows a few who are. i wouldnt call her wannarexic, i think at one point maybe but shes IP so my guesses are she's actually in too deep. her BMI is something around 15, i dont know.

No. 55552

go get a nutritionnist and a therapist and you'll be fine.
why do girls with anorexia always fucking dramatize and over exaggerate everything and are so lazy? reminds me of fat people

No. 55571


please someone explain to me what 'body checking' is…could not find anything on google

No. 55573

It's basically taking a photo of your body (or body parts) for progress and to show weight loss. Usually posted online with some caption along the lines of "abloobloo I am so fat kill me".

No. 55574

because they are MENTALLY ILL jesus

No. 55575

it is literally the first google result

No. 55576

I saw that it said it was something like 'pinching skin/looking at yourself' but the way people speak about it (look at my bodycheck!) made it seem like to me that it meant it's a 'special' kind of picture you share or something…I was just confused

also sorry for bad english

No. 55580

its a serious mental illness that kills, believe me there's some fucked up shit like pro anas on instagram but its really not as easy as getting a nutritionist and therapist. sometimes they make it worse. you need to go IP to recover properly, but that shit is expensive and has requirements and needs referral.

No. 55583

In the real world, body checking is frequently checking the mirror, touching/pinching/wrapping hands around/blah blah body parts or constantly adjusting hair that sort of shit. Basically a preoccupation with making sure everything looks just so at all times and isn't doing anything it shouldn't be.

On Instagram its photos of girls posing to look as thin as possible and fishing for complimentary comments from like-minded wankers.

No. 55584

if you mean complimentary comments as in "goals" and "omg i want your body" you'll find that its only the desperate-to-be-anorexic's that want those. the genuinely ill block any compliments

No. 55661

If you are within the NHS you ask for a referral to either the CAMHS or CMHT services where as an ED patient you will meet those medics if necessary. Inpatient isn't the only method of treatment ffs

No. 55669


No. 55677

Yes but access isn't the first problem for anorexics, it's seeking the treatment itself. They have distorted perceptions and some are unlikely able to see that they are in need of that kind of help. They are highly resistant to change, especially when the first course is emergency weight restoration which is the scariest fucking thing. So going 0—100 doesn't sound tempting.

No. 55679

Sauce pls. Do you have any pics of her? I wanna know what being on a polonged diet looks like

No. 55699

File: 1447002885066.png (3.3 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447002829793.png)

No. 55727

Thank you anon.
Lmfao @ the last caption. If you don't want to see any pro shit, why not fucking not follow them to begin with?

No. 55737

Because a sick part of their mind wants those proanas to see their photos–sort of like "ha look at how small and sick i am but you're just a fake who'll never get there"

No. 55771

I think it's truly fucked up that they glorify and romanticize mental illness so much. What the hell do the phlebotomists think when she's snapping pics of the blood vials and shit? I always felt immense shame around my psych ward stays, I didn't fucking take a nice centred picture to upload to social media to show everyone where I've been hanging out. When I tried to off myself a few times in highschool I was ashamed it didn't work and TERRIFIED that my friends would talk and it would spread around school. But these people are so blatant and almost proud of it??

it's seriously damaging and insulting to people who suffer from mental illness when these histrionic teens aspire to be so ill. but then again they seem to have some major insecurity issues.

No. 55774

The phlebologist pic looks like a "sneaky shot".

No. 55807

It's the secondary gain they acquire from taking the "sick role"….there are too many reinforcers for them to not egg it on. Like if your family had the sense to shut down your histrionic attention seeking favor, you can still find it with these sns fucktards.

No. 55937

File: 1447046007358.png (3.63 MB, 1574x2048, PhotoGrid_1447045176552-1.png)

>Allow me to introduce the world to Newsha Syeh. Self proclaimed “Daughter of the Sun” says she is a, “Tiny feminist rainbow lion sent from Venus to bring you peace, pizzas, and selfies.”

So I think I may have found a potential cow but I don't know enough about her to make a thread, so I'll just dump this here.


Do you guys think she is thread worthy?

No. 55940

File: 1447046365275.png (523.79 KB, 819x604, eyebrowse.png)

This kid isn't relevant to the conversation so far, but he is a snowflake with retarded eyebrows.


No. 55942

File: 1447047055081.jpg (479.14 KB, 500x261, OWrIN.jpg)


No. 55943

File: 1447047072869.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_2015-11-09-00-29-21…)

its a trap!


No. 55944

File: 1447047154504.png (158.4 KB, 281x382, Screenshot_2015-11-09-00-31-40…)

No. 55945

File: 1447047662397.png (372.2 KB, 351x668, Screenshot_2015-11-09-00-34-15…)

No. 55946

File: 1447047733031.png (2.66 MB, 1851x1509, PhotoGrid_1447047586895-1.png)

tbh i think this is a girl bc they always take photos in the bathroom but i never see any urinals

No. 55960

I'm seriously not trying to be judgmental so forgive me if I come off wrong, but how are many people like this okay with showing self harm scars.

It's been extremely embarrassing thing for people to notice and I couldn't bear someone asking about them or questioning why. So I don't really understand going out showing them for everyone to see.

No. 55961

Her instagram comes across as really processed. She takes a whole lot of 'trips'.
Hopefully she is just a high-class escort and not anything more sinister.

No. 55985


I'm sure some people like the attention but some of us also just like to live normal lives. I don't have scars all over like that but just on my inner arms and I don't go out of the way to wear long sleeves or something 24/7. I've only had like 2 people ever ask about them and they were friends/curious people (yeah it was a little embarrassing but nothing crazy).

No. 55986

sorry, I wasn't speaking from lack of experience but I guess I just felt more shamed I guess. My scars are all over my thighs and arms but it's really hard for me to understand showing them. I wear shorts but they still cover my scars as for the ones on my arm Ive mad an effort to fade them by using creams and lotions.

it was always embarrassing to have guys I was interested in ask or having family worry or feel sorry for you.

it was a dark part of my life so even if i accept it it's still a very sensitive subject for me.

but I mean everyone does handle things differently so i guess I can understand

No. 55994

im the same, scars all over my thighs and arms. it takes a shitload of building up courage to slide up a sleeve, even around my dad who has his own scars. i dont know how people just walk around freely like that. its fucking terrifying shit

No. 56003

She's an emo. It's a fashion accessory for them.

No. 56019

it's funny to me because my scars are "minor" and i never show them around my family but a friend of mine has previously severed nerves etc. and shows her scars because she's just stopped giving a shit about stranger's reactions.

No. 56037

I really don't understand it. A lot of people seem to like the attention that visible cuts/scars give them, but a lot of others go to any lengths to hide it.
I'm one of those people who tried to hide it and is deeply ashamed of the visible scars on my arms. I just try not to think about what others are thinking about me if they see them.. The more severe scars are on my legs and because of that I haven't worn shorts outside in over 10 years.

No. 56048

ngl I'm jealous of the people who can walk around freely like that.

No. 56072

Does he take make up tips from ember or something, jfc.

No. 56075

File: 1447093646205.png (326.34 KB, 442x446, dJC9U-PIP8wnPpUN1eGXpchPszYYkn…)

He's kinda cute when he isn't doing stupid shit to his eyebrows

No. 56085

Nice rolled up sleeves even though it's cold so you can show off your fucking cuts

No. 56092

>he's kinda cute
I'm sorry fam, but nah

No. 56101

That's a girl, innit?

No. 56102


isn't she the one that's married with kids but had a "love affair" with ze sk3l3t0n queen?

No. 56103


No. 56104


oh my bad, she looks like Ashley's ex-'fling'

No. 56119

whats going on with their arm

No. 56123

I've just stopped giving a shit about peoples' reactions. the only people I won't wear short sleeves around are my family because I know they'll be upset and I'm not gonna upset them

No. 56137

>A lot of people seem to like the attention that visible cuts/scars give them, but a lot of others go to any lengths to hide it.

The same can be said for those with EDs, or at least anorexia. Some go to any lengths to hide it, like wearing many layers. While other flaunt their bones constantly. The ones flaunting their bones and/or scars usually fit the diagnostic criteria for BPD as well.

No. 56266

Yeah, this whole trend of flaunting mental illnesses is so bizarre to me, because I've always tried as hard as possible to hide my "issues" IRL. The majority of the people I've been in treatment with have been the same - wearing baggy clothes and/or lots of layers, covering their self-harm, etc. I didn't grow up in the age of Instagram and smartphones, though, so if I was 17 right now instead of 27, my experience would probably have been pretty different. Also, part of it for me has always been that if I were to go walking around looking all spoopy with cuts all over myself, people would have taken me to the fucking hospital or ridden me until I got some sort of treatment.

No. 56490

File: 1447193480392.png (Spoiler Image, 2.98 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447193056736.png)

Get a load of this spoop. Her thighs almost look like they are on Ashley tier in some photos.


Not a wannorexic but definitely an attention whore. A very catty one at that.

No. 56496

File: 1447194089832.png (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 2008x1579, 2015-11-10 17.20.53.png)

This is why I say she is an attention whore.

No. 56513

Jackie is promoing fragile.turtle now lol.

No. 56548

File: 1447205263020.png (Spoiler Image, 678.65 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_2015-11-10-20-23-40…)

fragile.turtle is such a hypocritical scumbag. all of the #holysquad girls are disgusting as fuck and will promote anyone, as long as they are ponied first.

No. 56549

promoted* first.

No. 56551

Fucking eww at those cuts.

No. 56561

And they think we target them just for fucking with Member. This shit >>56548 is why I say fuck them and let's continue to discuss their dumbasses.

No. 56562

These attention whores are the reason I can't admit that I cut.

No. 56566

File: 1447206447922.png (2.24 MB, 1080x1784, Screenshot_2015-11-10-20-44-35…)

This is her feed right now. She totally isn't pro ana in anyway..

Fuck anon, this hits close to home. I hope you're alright.

No. 56567

Thank you for spoilering those cuts, anon. Muh ~triggers~

This bothers the shit out of me though. My 13 year old neice is on Instagram and I'm so scared of her getting shitty ideas from people who display their self harm like fucking badges. Yeah, I get it, I was 15 once too, but this is disgusting. Someone needs to tell them to grow up and knock that shit off.

No. 56568

Christ all fucking mighty what is this girl DOING?

No. 56575

File: 1447208031622.png (984.33 KB, 2043x811, PhotoGrid_1447207743436-1.png)

fragile.chick is pretty annoying too. she posted somewhere how lolcow helped her but has a secret venting account where she pities herself all fucking day long.

also believes she has BPD despite being a 15 year old.

No. 56576

dont all 'big' accounts do that though? its more than just those girls. at least the holy cunts dropped the name, tried to ditch it from their bios. took ember a while to do it, looks like she still wanted to fit in. what a barrel of laughs

No. 56577

Side note, but I hate "Riley" as a girl's name.

No. 56579

She sounds like a total brat.

No. 56580

at least shes not whining and crying about the hate, shes actually listening. only thing i can respect, shes not as batshit as the others.

No. 56581

What big account picks a person's self harm photos to post on their account for a promo?

What kind of account would continue to follow a user who posts promotional self harm?

Any person who does this is fucked up and has a place in this thread.

No. 56587

i hate to be that fag, but can any of you offer some fat wanorexics to the thread? i get off on it

No. 56591

Emily seems actually really ill. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. fraile.chick seems like a big ol' faker. In it for the attention, you know? She is already trying to excuse her behavior on BPD lol.

No. 56592

Emily is BPD. I'm sure of it.
Fragile.turtle is faking BPD. I'm also sure of it.

No. 56594


No. 56595

Wait, are fragile.chick and fragile.turtle two different people?

No. 56597

fragile.turtle posts almost-nudes and doesnt have bpd. fragile.chick posts her face and has bpd. so yes they are different

No. 56599

Fragile.chick then is faking BPD, not fragile.turtle. Jesus these girls need to be more creative with their usernames.

No. 56602

File: 1447209848295.png (1.87 MB, 1970x1714, PhotoGrid_1447209717107-1.png)

for you, anon.

No. 56603

except Riley doesn't have BPD.

No. 56605

omfg, i love it. bless you.
i love this "triumph of the will" disaster.

No. 56606

File: 1447210769575.png (979.16 KB, 2048x1331, PhotoGrid_1447210627303-1.png)

This is the girl who started the #holysquad and she says she is 14 and has been diagnosed with BPD, wow.

No. 56608

i bed these kids take personality disorder quizzes online and that's how they come up with this bullshit.

No. 56609

File: 1447211421477.jpg (64.11 KB, 931x596, underscorethin.JPG)

No. 56612

File: 1447211682901.jpg (49.22 KB, 762x593, oh lawd.JPG)

>sexy picture for boyfriend
>posts it on ig instead

No. 56620

Sad looking ass

No. 56621



No. 56623

File: 1447215279007.jpg (90.34 KB, 500x373, hank hill ass.jpg)


No. 56625

It looks like she has two ass cheeks on one leg.

No. 56854


i hate when they use #thin AND #fat. like which is it, do you think you're thin, or do you think you're fat? oh, you're just using tags to get more attention? i see.

No. 56940

i'm so late on this but i want to see so bad

No. 56944

What do you get out of "body checking" when you're this fat?
It's like, yup, still fat even after all that McDonald's. Fat wanorexics are the worst but deliver the best lulz

No. 56948

File: 1447305550831.jpg (35.28 KB, 960x540, trying crying dying flying.jpg)

I missed out to, but I'm imagining something like this.

No. 56954

File: 1447305905304.jpg (91.24 KB, 918x580, ANA WILL HELP.JPG)

I could understand if it was a personal BEFORE pic for when you've lost weight on a diet, but constant body checks at that weight … it's got to be disappointing because you don't see results in A DAY.

This is (apparently) a BEFORE pic. Ana is going to help her lose weight. She's going to catch ana.

No. 56959

asdfghgfds that filename tho

No. 56961

File: 1447306311320.jpg (66.02 KB, 924x549, a day makes a difference appar…)

Here's a case in point. Too many body checks
I think she's given up.

No. 56999

What is the actual sex of this person?

No. 57036

they're going to fast for 6 weeks?
yeah right, good luck with that

No. 57253

File: 1447379978975.png (Spoiler Image, 3.94 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447379767897.png)

Brace yourselves for some of the most gruesome self harm images I've ever seen.

>>added bottom left picture because it's a still from a video where she is huffing air freshener (like Emily does)

No. 57254


Unfortunate to say but I've seen worse, pictures where people have cut themselves to the point where actual glistening bone is visible under the torn fat and muscle.

No. 57257

File: 1447380275603.png (531 KB, 497x732, 1445902343390.png)


>went to my mam's today

>lost control and set myself on fire

I don't know why but I fucking laughed.
She says it so fucking casually kek

No. 57259

What the fuck

No. 57266

Ouch. Bet she would regret it now, if it didn't get her so much attention. Hopefully she didn't get third-degree burns on her fingers; it would suck to have nerve damage over a retarded mistake like that. How did she even light up? Did she douse herself in something first or was she wearing a flammable shirt?
Self-immolation is pretty metal.

No. 57267

Ah.. maybe because I know how fucking horrible it feels to be burned is why I consider what she did to herself to be my worse nightmare.

No. 57269

Yeah. Burns are much more painful than cuts. They're constant agony/annoyance.

No. 58327

File: 1447393693991.png (1.24 MB, 1904x1017, PhotoGrid_1447393396950-1.png)

She posted these several weeks before she lit herself on fire. Eerie

No. 58329

File: 1447394077352.png (Spoiler Image, 3.74 MB, 1687x1876, PhotoGrid_1447393555248-1.png)

To be honest, I thought I had the wrong girl when I originally followed her (after I read she lit herself on fire, I wanted to see it for myself) because she hasn't even posted a photo of her arm scars in months, plus her face healed very well or she is using make up to hide the scars. It took a good minute of scrolling before I found all of the self harm posts she still has up. And to be honest, I don't understand why she would keep those up. They're frightening and I'm sure they would upset her if she were to scroll past them.

No. 58332

File: 1447394258099.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_2015-11-13-00-22-13…)

long abdomen is long

No. 58414

How does her face suddenly look fine??

No. 58437


Is this girl British? She looks like a chav.

No. 58444

How the fuck do these self-harm blogs stay up? People like Emily and this tryingcrying girl need to be banned from the Internet for their own sake, the attention is just reinforcing their self-destructive behaviour. They probably read this thread and get off on our reactions tbh.

No. 58445

File: 1447442593052.jpg (18.35 KB, 256x223, her.JPG)

That was me. I found her on facebook, she IS British and a chav. You can kinda see some scarring on her face, but she was lucky.

No. 58446

File: 1447442709866.jpg (73.61 KB, 591x615, shoop.JPG)

She uses filters as well or shoops because…

No. 58448


Lol I saw this right away before even seeing she was a British chav and said "Chavette alert." Fucking right I was.

Gotta love living in the UK

No. 58449


Cos life on the dole is hard alright anon? JSA is keeping her going, don't judge.

No. 58450

Surprised she isn't wearing drag queen eyelashes they all wear.

Nah, she's gonna be on ESA with being mental.

No. 58457


Ah yes, just like half the country are on… "Av got mentul illness tho, me depresshon and all that tho innit."

"Can't work, not well and mi mum, she's depressed an all."

Scrounging fuckers.


Lol I agree, surprisingly this one hasn't got Audrey 2 eye lashes.

No. 58458

To be fair, it says she's a CASHIER AT MCDONALDS. Hope they keep her away from the hot oil.

No. 58483

File: 1447448527738.png (944.76 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447448469679.png)

No. 58486

Ugh. I had a Scottish fb friend and when the Scottish Independence thing happened she suddenly started writing all this Scottish dialect. Canae deal with it.

No. 58960

Aye cannae cope wee ah that shiite

No. 59012

She's clearly bending over to take the photo. Her shoulders are probably perfectly proportionate when she stands up straight.

No. 60176

File: 1447763367564.png (1.15 MB, 1276x545, beautifulmania.png)

I've been looking through this person's instagram and had to vent here.

To begin with, I HATE people who identify as a SPOONIE. These people are incredibly boring and idgaf about your illnesses, thnx.


Reasons she grinds my gears include:

- complains about chronic pain/fybromyalgia but is out regularly dancing in clubs.

(claims to have arthritis, fibromyalgia, PTSD, AN, migraines, parnoid schizophrenia, endometriosis, osteoporosis)

- calls herself a "pale-skinny-tattooed girl" and sucks in to looks skinny, but is not skinny. Slim but good at angles.

- chronic OVER SHARER ( https://www.instagram.com/p/9rfpVUgVSd/?taken-by=beautifulmania87 )

- describes herself as "the almost 30 year old grown ass woman and biological mom of two kids who is also secretly a fucking queer ass little 15 year old boy."

- "pansexual/multisexual"

- takes too many selfies. Does she spend any time with the kids??

- 100 other stuffs.

Also, her boyfriend's teeth.

No. 60177

for anyone that watches "how to get away with murder," this girl is a dead wringer for Bonnie

No. 60179

File: 1447764106369.jpg (4.16 KB, 240x166, images.jpg)

I googled. You have a point.

No. 60893

File: 1448038173009.jpeg (132.94 KB, 1262x1464, image.jpeg)

Been following this chick @thinness for a long time, she's gotta be one of the most annoying 15 year olds on IG. Constantly deleting her feed (daily or weekly), fishing for likes and attention, always editing captions asking if she can get to certain amount of likes, but deletes the posts anyways. Another kid who needs to get off the Internet and start looking for real help. These kids are so obsessed with their 'illnesses ' and self diagnosed shit, in 5 years I hope she looks back on this waste of time and regrets not doing something, or trying to have the life of a normal teenager.

No. 60901

Kek why would you follow her for awhile then unless you're interested in her posts

No. 60902

She cute ngl

No. 60903

Was hoping for some lulz I guess. Turns out she's a sad attention whore and nothing more.

No. 60969

seek christ

No. 63041

File: 1448209078619.png (2.49 MB, 2048x1574, PhotoGrid_1448208925572-1.png)

Not an attention whore or wannarexic but just wanna post this screenshot.

19 weeks ago compared to 2 days ago.

This can't be healthy.

No. 63043

File: 1448209320618.png (2.16 MB, 1953x1801, PhotoGrid_1448209247378-1.png)

How did her skin become so thin?

No. 63044

bodybuilders dehydrate themselves to look more vascular for competitions, it's not really "healthy" but it's not disordered in that context. the lighting is making a difference too.

No. 63047

File: 1448209688524.png (2.03 MB, 1923x1441, PhotoGrid_1448209581027-1.png)

Thanks for the info! That definitely explains why her skin looks the way it does.

Last screenshot I'll post.

No. 63129

it's called cutting and it's what professional bodybuilders do when getting ready for a competition. It's not more unhealthy than being an average slob

No. 64371

They look bad, but they're only surface burns. Once they scab over, they peel right off leaving the healthy skin underneath. Subcutaneous burns are the ones that leave scars, because the skin on the edge has to pucker to heal over them.

No. 64377

I feel like bodybulders can be just as disordered as people with anorexia and the like.

No. 64421

Usually it turns shiny and pink/purplish, depending on skin tone, but I guess they could be covered with foundation.

Jesus. Why would she leave those gashes open so long? At least use some medical tape to get the edges to heal together together. Or better yet, some well placed superglue. Sutures are expensive.

No. 64438

They can, it is called orthorexia.

No. 64813

File: 1448605689810.jpg (77.64 KB, 652x663, roth.JPG)

I don't get VK's Henry Roth. He pervs over the most emaciated women but posts things like this. Still wondering if this is Ash's friend Hank.

No. 64820

Been looking at jessicagresty's IG, too. She uses strong lightning effects or shops the pics afterwards.
But nevertheless she's really shredded. Being this shredded isn't healthy at all. There's a reason why bodybuilder only cut for competitions.
That's really odd. >.<

No. 64825

Especially with the dehydration that is expected before competitions.
Although I usually associate orthorexia with like, going vegan, then gluten free, then fat free, why not sugar free and whatever-free, until eventually all you are eating is carrots and celery in the name of health.
Dangerous, but being extremely dehydrated is far more so.

No. 64845


No. 64902

File: 1448637140592.jpg (85.56 KB, 814x594, hi enriksen.JPG)

p s henriksen spotted again.

>bio says #fuckyourthinspo

>proceeds to post thinspo

No. 65285

Is p.s.henriksen a man or a woman?

No. 65547

Guy as far as I'm aware. Most of the fetishists seem to be male anyhow.

No. 66399

File: 1448925668636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.11 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Oh my god I just started following this one girl and it's beyond belief. Self harm legit everywhere

No. 66401

these people should be banned from instagram and imo they shouldn't even be discussed here, they obviously get off on the attention and it feeds into their disorder

No. 66413

I feel like she's darkened her photo to make her scars pop out more. Fucking disgusting.

No. 66435

> >.<

fucking stop it, faggot.

No. 66436

ALl of these sadgirl instagram bitches are unstable cunts. They don't care about anyone but themselves.

No. 66438

That's a given. They're attracted to social media because they can make people feel sorry for them and just block them if they say something critical.

No. 66698

That recoveringemily girl just posted a photo of herself covered in blood. I'm going to vomit.

No. 66712

I must've missed it, I only saw the video of her crying with some blood on her cheek

No. 66713

Has she beaten herself up again?

No. 66716

Who knows. She honestly needs to be sectioned for her own safety.

No. 66717

She must get a thrill from scaring her followers.

No. 66718

She's been doing this since her ig began though, like 2 years or something.

She never replies to people who're concerned. Not even when she's feeling better.

Her mum puts up with A LOT. I couldn't do it. I'd have to have her put into Care. I hope she gets help, but it just goes on and on even when she's been in clinics.

No. 66724

She needs to be heavily medicated or something.

No. 66732

I have BPD just like I'm betting this Emily chick has, and if my kids ended up with the same Dx and pulled the shit this girl does I'd slap them into hospital for full-time therapy until they complied.

With some effort this shit can be managed, these girls milking their episodes make me sick.

No. 66739

Emily's better now guise.

No. 66741

Lithium would probably help.

No. 66754

I went to high school with a girl who acted like Emily. She constantly posted her cuts on LJ and Nex. She killed herself at age 25. I worry for Emily.

No. 66760

I worry about Emily too. I've been following her since she started a relationship with Gracie (didn't last too long, tho. Not surprised) But i've started to think she kinda likes to trigger her followers, like Laura, for example. It's like a sick, twisted game between the two of them. Laura "triggers" Emily sometimes as well. And don't let me get started on Gracie, she restarted her account a week ago, but I just found it today. They have like a little club going on, Laura, Gracie, Emily and Hannah (but Hannah is recovering, and she is actually doing it WELL).

No. 66768

Can you link to their accounts?

No. 66770

Sure! Laura has two accounts, one for "positive" stuff and other for venting purposes. The "positive" one is https://www.instagram.com/recoveringlaura/ and the venting one is https://www.instagram.com/starshinefades/
Gracie made a new account, the old one got deleted (I think), the new one is: https://www.instagram.com/legendofgracie/
And Hannah was peanutbutterqueen or something like that, in case anyone knew her, but she changed her user. Her account's is https://www.instagram.com/recoveryformedicine/ now.

No. 66773

Damn dude, that's sad as fuck. It's really sad when people don't get help for that kind of stuff. You can't choose mental illness, but you can choose to get help for yourself.

I hope that Emily realizes what she's doing to herself one day. I can't be too judge mental because I have BPD and I had a period of attention whoring on the internet, but eventually I realized what I was doing was stupid and cut it out. Sorry for muh personal diary, I just.. Idk. I hope Emily gets help. I've tried to reach out to her with no avail.

So many of these girls feel too far gone in their delusions and illness to change, and that bums me out.

No. 66788

I'm fascinated by Emily's obsession not just with being a little girl again, but specifically desperately wishing she could go back to being 7 years old.

I know she posted a pic a while ago talking about how she switched schools when she was 8 or 9, and being the target of some awful bullying. But her BPD is soooo severe that I can't help but thinking something else traumatic happened that she's kept a secret? /armchair psychologist out.

No. 66789

From things she's written I thought there was childhood sexual abuse. The things about a man hurting her, unless she's talking about an ex boyfriend.

I wish I was a child again sometimes so I didn't have any responsibilities or have to make decisions (doesn't everyone), but ffs you become an adult.

I can't figure out how much is for effect. I know she's mentally ill, but even though she said her last crying fit was dissociation, she still managed to film it and upload to Instagram, yknow?

No. 66793

I'm willing to bet most of it is real, but she films it and posts it for attention. I don't believe that she was dissociated one bit, though. There was some discussion in the comments about Gracie calling the police, and I think that freaked her out.

No. 66839

They're all private. Emily's gone private again too. And she keeps an eye on this thread, so people who follow her can probably expect a "lolcow made me do it" suicidal gesture.

No. 66841

Emily, please get help. You're a good person, genuinely.

No. 67330

Oh, anon. You were wrong with this one. She is making suicidal gestures, but guess who she is blaming. Laura and Gracie.

No. 67334

File: 1449161899086.png (3.37 MB, 2892x2200, emily002.png)

I made a collage about the Emily/Laura/Gracie stuff. Emily is known for publishing personal information about Gracie, that's why they broke up. Laura posted some videos of her doing jumping jacks and "over exercising", that's what Emily's talking about. And Gracie… Well, she's better without Emily. For what i've seen, Emily is good a manipulating people.
Also, I am terribly sorry if the collage looks like shit.

No. 67346

Whenever I start to feel bad because she's only 16, I remember that my 16-year-old self would've torn her a new cry-hole for this shit.

No. 67350

Thanks for explaining that. I wondered who Emily was talking about in that video she made. They really need to keep it private or just grow the fuck up.

It's three mentally ill teenagers having an online fight then?

No. 67354

No, it's just Emily being mean to a 20 year old girl (I really can't see Laura as a woman, sorry) and Gracie telling them to be more private about it. And it's not the first time Emily does this kind of stuff with Laura, she's done it before. I think Emily likes to do this kind of stuff, you know, being mean to people who are nice to her. Laura and Gracie have always been kind to her, Gracie even dated her before, but they broke up, because Emily posted photos of them at Gracie's facebook wall, where EVERYONE could see them, even Gracie's homophobic parents.

No. 67356

I caught the tail end of her relationship with Gracie, but didn't know about the facebook post thing.

It's one of those situations again where you can't tell where illness stops and generally being a bitch starts. I can understand Emily's frustration at being ill and lonely, but she doesn't help herself at all.

No. 67368

I'm really rooting for Emily and hoping she grows out of this. I'm sure she'll always have BPD, but one day I hope she comes to a realization that she can control most of her behavior.

No. 67429

I'm glad someone got all of the drama connected! What I hate most about all of this is that Laura & Emily have both left their last posts as an "I'm going to kill myself" thing & I absolutely love Gracie for being the adult that can see through both of their bullshit at the moment. It must be hard for her. From what I recall weren't Emily & Laura friends that met up, helping eachother "recover"?

No. 67435

Yes! They were, actually, I'm sure they met up a couple of times.
About Gracie, I really think she's a good person. She always puts everyone before her, but she doesn't allow people to manipulate her (like Emily). I sincerely hope she recovers, she was the first girl from the ED community I followed, and she's always having to put up with other people's bullshit. She deserves a life.

No. 67467

Teh drama. I hate vague suicide threats. They make me rage.

No. 67706

Emily posted a message for lolcow (too long to screencap soz).

I don't think you're making a joke about mental illness. I've posted how I like you and how I can feel your frustration at not having meds or therapy that's helping with how fucking awful (understatement) you feel. The only thing that grinds my gears is how you leave followers not knowing if you're safe or not. Maybe impossible for you to comprehend but people DO actually care about you. I know the NHS is shit with mental health, but there ARE some things that you can take control of and CBT or some other therapy would give you ways to realise that.

I'm not a fucking shrink, but I've been in your position (still have to fight like fuck to get heard). Things DO get better, but you need a diagnosis and treatment options. Pester the fuck out of your GP and others who're assigned to you.

>inb4 hi jolty, sympathyhugbox fag or w/e

Idk if anyone else wants to have their say, but really all I'M saying is push for more help.

No. 67957

I've been following Emily for a while now and I do actually pity her. I don't deny the fact she's mentally ill but she does bring a lot of it on herself. I've seen her delete photos and put them up, let's say, a few days later to make them look like a recent post again…

I did some digging on social media (naturally a nosy git) and came across we older sister having an ED few years ago. Just my opinion but I know younger siblings tend to follow the older ones so maybe she grew up thinking it was normal? Idk…

But I do sincerely hope she gets professional help…I'd hate to see her get to my age (I'm 23) and end up sectioned, that will fuck her up for life.

No. 67958

That should be "her* older sister" not we

No. 67961

I don't think it's a good idea she's researching DID and self diagnosing herself. She's already calling her childlike self "Alice". It's like researching physical symptoms you might have and it's so easy to believe you have all kinds of severe illnesses when, in fact, it's something harmless and common.

DIDs become a tumblr trendy thing and it pisses me off for those diagnosed with the disorder. Same way bipolar was "fashionable" a few years ago.

Emily's really vulnerable and I don't want to see her making her illness more complicated by acting out something she believes she could have.

She needs a diagnosis and second opinion. I'm also in agreement with everyone who says ig is harming her, but I can't see her leaving social media alone.

No. 68082

Yep, you can definitely induce symptoms in yourself just by believing firmly enough that you have a disease you've diagnosed yourself with. Especially if you're already severely mentally ill, diagnosing yourself with additional mental illnesses.

She needs an inpatient evaluation, at the very least.

No. 68121

I am Gracie. Scarlett Grace, but I prefer to be called Gracie.
Yes I was in a relationship with Emily and I was so so happy to begin with, but I was at boarding school at the time and had to balance my disorder, relationships, friendships and school all at once and it didn't work. I met up with Emily once, back at the end of September, and she is seriously one of the kindest people I've ever met. She was still pretty confident with recovery at the time, but she's recently said she couldn't bear being at that weight, glowing with health. I think when she was at that weight she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, and when I was at her house she was so happy. We made supper together and at one point we were lying on the floor, she was sitting on me and we were laughing and I felt the happiest I'd been in a long time. But then I had to go home and immediately I felt alone. Emily isn't faking her illness. She isn't an attention whore, she isn't cruel or selfish. Well, she is, but she needs to be. Have you seen her? She's dying of this illness. When you're as close to death or hospitalisation as she is, you need to be selfish and focus on yourself. So don't you dare call her selfish. Don't any of you DARE call her an attention whore. She posts videos and pictures of herself crying because she wants help. She wants reassurance. Emily wants to get better, but there's another darker part of Emily that's consuming her and forcing her to get worse, that's the sad thing, that she truly does want to get better but the darker side of her is too overwhelming.
I am not a kind person, I'm not selfless and I wasn't good for Emily. I didn't devote enough time to her and she needs someone she can see regularly and who will constantly reassure her. When we first started our relationship, she was so happy for about 3 days, no bad episodes, no bad days, but then it started going downhill because I didn't have enough time to call her every evening ( literally lessons finished at 6.30 and prep begins at 7.30 and ends at 9 ) Emily is truly one of the bravest people I've ever met, and if any one of you pretentious pathetic anonymous pieces of shit pretend you know everything about Emily, then you are just another sad grumpy troll sitting behind your computer screen and complaining about people you don't even know. Don't any of you fucking dare post anything else about Emily if it's not positive. She sees everything you're all saying about her, and its truly upsetting. I'm scared this will be her last relapse and some time next year I'll lose her for good. She deserves to live and she deserves support and love, so if any of you dare to say anything else about this tortured girl who has endured horrors you lot can only experience in your worst nightmares, then fuck you. Fuck you all sitting behind your computer or phone screens calling Emily an attention whore when you're anonymously posting bullshit about her. If these pathetic childish threads push her to suicide then you'll all have her blood on your hands. You're essentially killing her every time you post something saying she's an attention whore, or that she's faking her illnesses. I have MET her and she was still very thin back in September but now she is scarily thin and desperately needs help. I don't know if this will even post because I don't fuckin know how this pathetic website works but if Emily sees this, I'm sorry for what I said on Thursday. I had no right to be so cruel and I assure you I will never do or say anything against you again. I just want to help you in any way I can.
But to all of you anonymous cunts, fuck you. Stop spreading lies about Emily and stop talking about her. YOU'RE the attention whores. This whole website is a pointless black hole on the internet full of attention seeking pussies that are too afraid to show themselves, but have the AUDACITY to moan and bitch about severely ill teenagers. You're all pathetic and I hope you all rot in hell <3

No. 68122


No. 68123

Emily needs to get offline more than anything else.

No. 68129

Bit confused cause you've just agreed with everything people have been saying? What was the point of this post…

No. 68131

The point is that she hasn't actually read what we've been saying and she's just reacting to Emily being upset.

Gracie: >>>/snow/67712

No. 68134

Gracie, I'm sorry you feel that way, but some of us do care about Emily. Yes, there are some trolls and asshole who give zero fucks about Emily, but most of us don't pay any attention to them. She really needs help, but so do you.
Also, I'm sorry for calling you selfless and kind, but that's what I thought about you when I saw your posts. Emily is troubled, and I've never called her an attention whore or any of that, but she needs help ASAP. You care about her, I know you and plenty of others do, but I can't ask all of you to spend all of your time trying to help her. I am really sorry you think that way about all of us, because the vast majority of the people here suffer or have suffered severe mental disorders.
I'm sorry if this sounds offensive to you, I really didn't meant any of that.
And also, please take care of yourself. For me, under my perspective (because I can only speak for myself, for my own way of thinking) you are a young, strong, brilliant girl who needs help as well.

No. 68137

PS I mean fuck you to the people being cruel about emily and saying she's faking her illnesses. Not the kind ones suggesting ways of helping her. The point of my big long ranty message was to rebuke the stupid people saying things like she's self-diagnosing and that she likes to trigger people and beg for attention. It's sick because you're the one begging for attention by being so butthurt and careless with your opinions/
Of course I, and I suppose emily as well, am/is ( grammar wtf ) extremely grateful for the kind people suggesting ways of getting help, but I don't think deleting her instagram will help, it's one of the ways she is able to vent and let her emotions out. Everyone loves her on there, she's kind and funny, and yes she doesn't reply to many comments, but if you had a whirlpool of voices and emotions screaming around your brain and a severely malnourished body, wouldn't your mind be on other things?
THankyou again to the kind people on here. THankyou for being supportive and backing her up. But if you're here to just be unnecessarily rude about emily then pls kindly go sit on a cactus and rotate 360 degrees 5 times/

No. 68138

ALSO ps to the v kind anonymous above, I don't think of myself as selfless or kind, I just see myself as a big pathetic joke but oh well. You are v kind. Don't worry about me ok I'm not important, Emily is the one that needs the most care right now <3

No. 68153

At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I really do want both of you to get better and find happiness, wherever it is. Please take care of yourself and Emily, okay.

No. 68271

File: 1449430697160.png (1.05 MB, 1864x1198, Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 2.35…)

this girl complains about being depressed and how she cant be in a relationship with her 29-30 year old teacher bawwww

No. 68283

File: 1449434724298.jpg (125.56 KB, 1024x576, i HATE herrrrrrrrrrr.jpg)

I wish we'd had some hot teachers at my school. I was obsessing over rock stars and still do.

Oh yeah, there's Christian Bale too but I WILL have him. Just a normal, healthy lust yknow.

No. 68294

I think tbh the thing that makes people question the legitimacy of Emily's episodes is that no matter how dissociated she is or whatever persona is 'controlling' her, she always seems to retain the ablity to take a picture or make a video and document it on Instagram.

But then, all of a sudden, she seems unable to respond after threatening suicide….it follows the same pattern. Threatens suicide or makes a vague 'I'm about to do something bad' post then proceeds to ignore messages for a few hours before coming back.

No. 68298

Yeah oh wow maybe just maybe she does that to WARN people that she's having an episode?:L@PK{ And perhaps to ASK FOR HELP AND ADVICE. She recently posted a thankyou to all her followers, and she seriously does care about them all. There are some complete asswipes but the majority of her followers are kind and don't give a shit whether she replies to them or not. Are you calling emily selfish because she posts an 'I'm vulnerable' post then takes a few hours to calm herself down. Wow yeah so selfish emily ur a bich for taking care of yourself ugh some people gosh #rude

No. 68301

I don't get why people are so horrible to emily, she's such a kind person and she's considerate and thoughtful and yeah sometimes I guess she can be a bit manipulative but nobody's perfect, and it's almost her flaws that complete her character. Emily if you're reading this I'm rooting for you and I hope you never give up because you're one of the toughest cookies I've ever seen. You gots this babe

No. 68308

Calm Jolto. Calm.

No. 68310

She won't be reading this. She's having an episode on instagram. Make yourself useful and help her.

No. 68312

My point was nothing to do with whether or not she's selfish. My point is the way she behaves on Instagram is why people question her.

Take tonight as an example…another blurry photo,more vague text indicating she may be in danger. Chances are she will ignore everyone who is currently worried about her and post again tomorrow as if nothing has happened.

I'm one of those who believe her Instagram is doing more harm than good. If she believes she's in danger then she should alert her mother, the police, or a trusted friend/adult who can physically reach her. It's easier to dial a number on your phone than take out your phone,open IG, take a picture, add some vague text and post it.

She isn't a bad person at all. She does genuinely have mental health issues and needs all the help and support she can get from trained mental health professionals, not whiteknights on Instragram.

No. 68313

100% agree with >>68312
I understand she might be scared or it might be hard with whatever is going on BUT it's a lot easier to press 999, even with your phone locked you can call emergency services.

No. 68314

She also needs to NOT be walking around at gone 11pm in the are where she lives (or anywhere) on her own. If these irl friends of her really care, why aren't they helping more? It's okay to come here and say OH YOU BUNCH OF CUNTS SHE'S REALLY ILL SHE NEEDS HELP, well there's fuck all a bunch of strangers can do - YOU get her some help. We've tried shit loads of times to get help for others here, failed AND EVEN GOTTEN SHIT FOR TRYING TO HELP THEM.

No. 68315

Please can someone from the UK call the police and tell them whats happening and tell them to find her and take her home. She'll hate you for doing it but she needs protection from this man right now/

No. 68318

You can't randomly call 999 and say a 17 year old girl is walking around saying she's going to get killed. I'm sure her friends on ig know her location and can do it if they want to.

No. 68320

Yes someone screenshot her Insta and call the police.

No. 68322

I've had my suspicions for a while that Emily is the only person on lolcow actually suffering from a disorder like BPD, and it looks like it might be true - just look at how she's managed to manipulate even the users of this site so wonderfully! This is how someone with borderline does it; all the attention and sympathy seeking from others on this board is ham-fisted by comparison.

No. 68323

Her friends know she pulls this shit all the time. They know not to bother calling the police because she's fine. She smoked too much weed and she's scared, but she's fine and if anyone is following her it's because they're scared because she ran off.

No. 68324


No. 68326

>>68322 Spread your vile bullshit somewhere else

No. 68327

This is why I stopped smoking weed. Paranoia's not worth it.


No. 68328

SHE'S FINE. This is what people with BPD do.

No. 68329

Why is it vile? I never said it was intentional; in fact I said the opposite, I pointed out she most likely is suffering a mental illness.

No. 68331

Emily Hazell
Thats her name, I think

Someone please call the police and tell them to fucking find her before someone else does

No. 68332

You got a city? Mum's name? Facebook page? The police need something more than just a name.

No. 68333

Near Hounslow in West London I think, she has tracking things on her posts and it's showing Feltham

No. 68335

She has a Facebook page

No. 68336

Can someone send message to her mum and sister on fb?

No. 68339


Why don't you do it anon, half of us aren't even in the UK so idk what good that will do and there's a 99% chance you're either her or are just feeding off her bait.

Fucking chill.

No. 68341

Agreed, from someone in London who having been 17 once has literally no inclination to call the police. She's just stoned off one too many tokes off a joint and spinning out whilst walking back to her mum's house.

No. 68342

I'm sure Gracie or Laura will have her number or address, don't they know her irl

No. 68343

I'm in the UK, but I'm not calling anyone. The police have more to do. Nobody's after her and she'll be fine.

No. 68344

She really just needs a glass of water and a nap. I've been where she is now and she's going to come to her senses and go home.

No. 68345

Maybe nobody is after her, but being out this late at night she could be raped or attacked or worse, and since I know she lives near a bridge and she's possibly stoned, who Knows what could happen to her. Please Please call them I'm begging you

No. 68346

Three posts but no comment for ppl to say you know what I'm ok or don't worry or actually I need help, just an open ended message attracting more and more worry from her followers

No. 68347

You ring? Gracie is in 20mins according to IG

No. 68348

Call them your fucking self if it's so god damn important.

No. 68349

lmao you clearly know her irl stop trying to bait here holy fuck

No. 68350

You are Emily. Feck off.

No. 68351

Pisses me off how Joltography bad mouths this site to everyone but lurks so hard and begs for help.

No. 68352

If you know she lives near a bridge you know her address, that's more than most on here, use that info to ring if you're worried

No. 68353

Screenshots, people.

No. 68355

I'm starting to think this too. I hope not but… lol.

No. 68356

she could be raped

No. 68357

File: 1449447218459.jpg (190.21 KB, 1078x1375, Screenshot_2015-12-07-00-07-49…)

No. 68358

Why wait 20 mins to call the police? Surely if she's worried she should do it right away?

Emily will be known to her local police force. She's posted photos of them at her house before after another suicide threat.

No. 68359

File: 1449447357130.jpg (225 KB, 1054x1474, Screenshot_2015-12-07-00-07-29…)

No. 68360

Shut up, I'm fucking done seeing yout posts here.

No. 68361

File: 1449447476839.jpeg (172.12 KB, 640x1041, image.jpeg)

There. 20 minutes has gone, she's getting her help.

No. 68362

File: 1449447509144.jpg (181.22 KB, 1012x1528, Screenshot_2015-12-07-00-07-16…)

Last one bc I'm bored now

No. 68363

what if she's kidnapped

No. 68364

See, even Gracie knows that Emily's just stoned, that's why she waited 20 minutes.

No. 68365

Shut the hell up. You do something if you're so concerned and freaking out on here. >>68363

No. 68366

but what is she is raped and all you've done is mock her

No. 68367

Stfu Emily, no1curr about u

No. 68369


No. 68370

What exactly have YOU contributed to helping her? Oh, that's right, nothing. You've done nothing but say "what if's". Yeah well, what if you shut the fuck up OR what if you go and help her yourself. >>68366

No. 68371

And you're so busy doing what that you don't save her/ring police?

No. 68372

Fucks sake

No. 68373

My phone doesn't use UK numbers it won't go through, that's why.

No. 68374

Gets caps out. Must be serious.

No. 68375

I'm willing to bet my right arm that it's just Emily trying to nab attention/sympathy right now.

No. 68376

It's obviously her or one of her followers. The writing style is inherently britbong so >>68373 is bullshit, plus they don't know how to quote replies so it isn't a farmer.

No. 68377

'obviously' wow someone give you a fucking crown guys we found sherlock >>68376

No. 68379

Another night. Another Emily drama.

No. 68383

Are there any britbongs here? Could one of you please call 999? I'm more worried about Gracie having a panic attack because of Emily, than for Emily herself, even though I'm worried about her too. But please do it.

No. 68384

What if she's raped and you've done nothing to help her except posting her personal info online? Baww baww.

No. 68385

You don't call the police because you're worried someone is having a panic attack. Jesus Christ.

No. 68386

So now Gracie is having a panic attack and can't call 999 yet can still post pictures and type (in typical IG panic attack style) on Instagram


No. 68387

Wtf? Panic attacks are not a police matter, grab yourself a paper bag

No. 68388

These kids need Jeesus.

No. 68389


No. 68391

Ginge to the rescue

No. 68392

I'd deck Emily in the face if she were my friend. What a twat.

No. 68393

Yes. All you need is Jesus you king and lord and a cucumber in a bag.

No. 68402

I've had several low-functioning Borderline friends (most of them are doing much better now and don't display BPD traits, so yes, there is hope out there), and you do get used to overt manipulation, and if you're observant enough, you see the subtler manipulation as well. If you're a nice person, you learn how to evade the manipulation tactfully, though even then, you might have to just distance yourself for your own sake. But when your friend is threatening suicide or posting about being in a dangerous situation, you can't take chances by assuming that they're fine and just being BPD again. It's a (good) friend's responsibility, imo, to step in in these situations, even if it's just calling 999/911/whatever or anonymously contacting their parent.

Since Emily reads this, I suggest to her that she gives a few trusted friends other than Gracie enough info about herself so that they can call for help for her, even if that's the last thing she wants at the time.

Can someone please post some fat wannrexic accounts to lighten the mood in here?

No. 68405

you try being calm when your best friend is lost, suicidal, and hasn't updated in over an hour. Fucking try I dare you

No. 68408

Ed_souls is providing lolz on the aly thread

No. 68409

You know what, you have a good reason to be worried. It's not like this has happened once or twice or a dozen times before or anything :(((

Stop shitting up the thread. No one's gonna call 999 because pp paniuc atacukk or give you or Emily's sorry ass sympathy. Everyone knows she's going to be back online in a few hours because she can't stand being away from delicious delicious attention.

No. 68410

try fucking speaking to a complete stranger when you can't breathe properly. My best friend is possibly dying and I'm fucking scared ok I'm scared.

No. 68411

I'll do and say whatever the fuck I want, you nasty childish scum

No. 68412

Have you rung her? Or her house phone?

No. 68413

Why are you even here if you think we're scum etc?

No. 68414

I don't have her house phone and she's blocked my number because the last time I texted her was when we broke up. It's stupid I know. I'm a stupid fucking idiot and a shit friend.

No. 68415

Did I say 'you're all scum'?¿ No. I called YOU a childish scum. Because of your insensitive comment and your dismissiveness of the situation. 'Oh Emilys said she's going to die countless times so I shouldn't give a shit' see that's why I'm her friend, because I fucking care every time she has a breakdown or an episode. I care and I don't make fun of her like the minority of childish anonymous pathetic pussies like you.

No. 68416

That wasn't me but
> This whole website is a pointless black hole on the internet full of attention seeking pussies

It's weird you're here. Do some research on 192 and call a relative of hers.

No. 68417

Serious question, why are you on here if you're so serious about trying to get her help? You realize this isn't an asspatting help site right? No one's going to help you here. You're better off pandering to the ana hugbox of instagram if you're actually trying to help her. This just makes you look like an idiot.

This is all just a huge baww for attention anyway. Weehh weehhh

No. 68419

Jesus Christ you're all pathetic and selfish.
I hope something like this happens to you, I hope your best friend goes missing and people laugh at you for giving a shit. I hope one of your closest friends is as scared as Emily is and people call him/her an attention seeker. I'm fucking done. Please make yourselves known to me on my account because I'd truly love to get to know you all.

No. 68420

File: 1449453864561.jpg (78.05 KB, 500x732, advanced.jpg)

> asks site dedicated to bitching and gossip to help
> is butthurt no one wants to help

No. 68421

Here's the local police number for feltham rather than 999 and just tell them what you know, you posting/being on here helps no-one Call: 020 8577 1212 open 24 hrs a day

No. 68422

If you want help from ppl its normally better not be be rude to them

No. 68424

>implying nobody here's every suffered any of these things or worse.

No. 68426

No one cares enough about hamsters to follow your boring account. Bye.

No. 68428

File: 1449454618340.gif (997.05 KB, 500x279, 687474703a2f2f342e62702e626c6f…)

Look. It's hard to follow this thread, but I'm assuming you are Gracie (?), Emily's friend.

Emily is mentally ill. She needs help from a compassionate professional, or team of professionals. There is only so much you can do for an ill friend. Let's compare it to this: she has an infection. You could make her chicken soup, cover her in blankets, but she's not going to get better until she goes to the doctor.

I have had friends do this same thing to me before. Become very close to me very quickly, so much that it felt as though we were in love; and then lash out on me, suck the life out of me like an emotional vampire, lead me to make bad decisions. Cry that they need help, that they will hurt themselves; block my number only to reach out again weeks later and blame me for all their problems again. It's a sick cycle. You can't be a part of it, no matter how much it hurts.

You can't save people. You really can't. I know that it's scary. I know you want to help your friend, but the truth is that you can only do so much; it is up to them what they will do with their life. You can try to call the police, or call her mother; but the truth is that she will have to figure this out on her own (and with the help of a therapist.)

Emily: since I know you read this as well. I see the way you suffer. Your life is an out of control spiral. Your friends want to help you. Your mother wants to help you. You deserve to be here on Earth, you deserve to be a healthy, functioning human being. Please.. please choose to get better. Delete your toxic instagram. Make a picture diary. Talk about your issues, your regression, your dissociation– with a professional. Your friends can only do so much for you before they give up.

And finally, most of all: Lolcow is not the place for this. Please take it somewhere else.

No. 68435

Why ask us, ya dingus?
The amount of people from England here is probably less than 10%. Don't be a dingus; just call yourself instead of asking a bunch of "pathetic and selfish" people.

No. 68464


No. 68465

I seriously hope this girl is committed tonight. She is a danger to herself and a source of way too much stress to others.

No. 68470

File: 1449464856601.jpeg (110.71 KB, 640x900, image.jpeg)

The first one is deleted. You really didn't miss anything.

No. 68491

So did she died?

No. 68494

File: 1449477602360.png (330.27 KB, 807x591, lol.png)

Emily. Please stop doing this. You really need help. I don't know what toxic influence there is in your life, but you can get past it. I was in your position once. You can get better.

This is really embarrassing. Please consider changing. You have the strength and the ability to do something different.

No. 68495

Lmfao who would believe this!?

No. 68497

She only just let that Gracie girl know, poor kid probably didn't sleep all night

If her phone died how did someone get arrested and why did she only get home now? Did it die exactly after her last picture so she couldn't let a single person know? Why do I even care

No. 68499

Nobody does anon, it's just protocol to call these snowflakes out.

No. 68502

File: 1449480726017.jpeg (142.81 KB, 640x1003, image.jpeg)

No. 68504

File: 1449480960235.jpeg (116.82 KB, 640x1007, image.jpeg)

"Oh. you had a panic attack because you were so worried? That doesn't matter because it's all about me and those people are 'attacking' you because of ME. Forget about being scared and upset, focus on ME turning it around and making you feel sorry for me again. ME, ME, ME!!"

Gracie, you deserve better.

No. 68505

Thing is lots of comments to Gracie were to ring for help, and advice about what to do/who she should contact, but instead we get attacked for not helping. In my head genuine emergency = 999 or contact someone irl, not log on to social media

No. 68507

Gracie could obviously text anyone (as shown by her posts here - she was perfectly able to type): she could've texted someone to call the police with Emily's details if she was that worried. She could've got a mutual friend to text Emily to see if she's ok. She could've done a lot of things to help (many great suggestions were ignored in this thread) and posting about it on social media is not one of them.

No. 68513


No. 68524

She's so fucking full of shit.

No. 68533

so tired of the melodrama and teenage hysterics. every single one of them is so selfish. I doubt they actually care about each other, the "omg honey baby pplease no no you're beautiful im crying are oyu okay??" is so contrived, it's all for show.

No. 68548

Imagine the Google search results their future employers/universitys will see, I doubt they've even thought that far ahead.

No. 68554

I like the person wishing everyone in this thread "nevar has to go thro disss!", like my life story comes along with lolcow. Had a friend succumb to mental illness, was in the hospital with them when we finally found them. :) Maybe some of us here know more about this situation than you do. Here's a hint! If emily won't get psyciatric help, she will die. End story, there's no debate. If anyone is her 'friend' here, you'll drive her to inpatient today. If you don't, shut up about it. You can put someone into psychiatric care against their will.

No. 68556

Both of them need to grow the fuck up. Pulling these stunts all the time is fucking stupid because it happens so often nobody does anything when YET AGAIN there's a OMG GET HALP!!!1 thing going on.

If last night was a one off, yeah I would've called her local police station but because she's always threatening sudoku or saying there's a man after her nobody pays any attention. Heard of the boy who cried wolf?

People calling the police for stupid shit like this is a bug bear. Her "friend" thinks that we have lives of rainbows and glitter. Weeell, this one time I was sexually assaulted by a stranger. I called the police. I had to wait approx 50 minutes for them to send a van because they're BUSY. Fifty minutes alone outside a call box waiting. So no, I'm not going to entertain every kid on the internet who's a serial IM GUNNA DIE!!! threat.

Grow up.

No. 68562


Here's Emily's sister. If anyone really gives a shit about Emily and really believes anything she's saying, they'll screenshot the things she's said on Instagram and send them to her sister so that Emily can get the help she needs.

Otherwise, shut the fuck up and don't bother coming here begging for someone to call 999.

No. 68586

Emily and Gracie mentioned attacks, rape, arrests, being rescued etc if that was me I wouldn't be fine, I wouldn't be posting shit videos of myself laughing farting and burping, I wouldn't be out shopping I'd be devastated!

No. 68587

1. About the personal details thing, if any of you actually look through Emily's account instead of assuming this bullshit, there's a location button on the bar at the top. Press that, and there are over 50 posts connected to the same location so literally ANY ONE OF HER FOLLOWERS can see where she lives.
2. Gracie freaked out. Get over it. Panic attacks are not a valid reason to call the police, she was just worried for emily. Lots of people were.
3. If you're 'so tired of the melodrama and teenage hysterics' why do you continue to post things about them? Clearly you're not tired at all and you love bitching about people on instagram.
4. Do you really think you're going to accomplish anything through this website? Do you think you're going to look back on these years and think 'god am I glad I dedicated my days to bullying mentally ill teenagers'? Will you really be proud of yourself?
I know someone's going to reply with some witty comment like 'fuck you' or 'get the fuck off this thread' but I don't give a shit ok you're all so cruel. How can you be so insensitive? I'm sorry some of you have tortured pasts but that does not give you any right to take out your anger and suffering on other people. Go ahead and tell me to shut the fuck up, I'm waiting.

No. 68589

Clearly you just don't want the attention bad enough.

No. 68590

So moving on

What's the deal with this goodbyehospitalbed girl? She seems pretty bad atm, she known here?

No. 68592

Private account. I can't see. She's been mentioned.

No. 68627

No. 68639


I follow her - shes really depressive

No. 68642


> tortured pasts … take out your anger and suffering on other people

Most of us choose to work on dealing with the effects of sexual abuse. I'm not angry about mine and I'm not suffering. You can choose to be a victim for pity, or get help and therefore not suffer.

This kid thinks she knows the world because she has a mental illness. Did she say she was at boarding school? Figures.

No. 68646

File: 1449515419993.png (148.95 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

If people were that worried they would of taken the 15 seconds to click the map icon on her insta, zoom in and see her street.

Btw Emily, tagging all your posts with your exact location is kinda stupid. You just need one crazy person to decide to kidnap you and boom, you're dead. :))

No. 68648


Somtetimes I definitely do suffer from "mine", but I´m not going around introducing myself to someone like ´Hi, my name is XY and I have been se*ually abused and am terribly suffering from PTSD now!´

When I was IP, I experienced soooo damn many people behaving like this like it was a challenge

No. 68653

Oh yeah, I agree with this. You never forget and it's something that does affect the way you feel about particular things (like intimacy in relationships, the opposite sex). That anon was making it sound like everyone here is rabid with anger and misery for calling out snowflakes. Just…nope.

No. 68654

>>68642 Nah I swear Gracie got kicked out of boarding school

No. 68683

No. 68689

File: 1449518324024.jpg (75.95 KB, 810x592, ee.JPG)

No. 68690

File: 1449518336579.jpg (52.31 KB, 798x592, e.JPG)

No. 68692

Looks like the ally way at the back of her garden

No. 68694

File: 1449518737517.jpg (19.55 KB, 288x166, 11.JPG)


this >>68689 looks like the metal fence

No. 68696

File: 1449518816878.jpg (24.27 KB, 293x207, here.JPG)

here as well

No. 68699

File: 1449519801918.jpeg (169.34 KB, 640x1063, image.jpeg)

HI EMILY! First picture is very obviously your garden

No. 68701

She is such a bullshitting attention seeker. I've honestly never wanted to punch someone in the face so much in my life.

No. 68702

I LOVE how the pictures are all blurry like she's running from something, but somehow she can still stop long enough to type just fine.
It's all so fucking melodramatic. :)

No. 68704

To me it looks like the green communal spaces most blocks of flats around here have - in front and around the building there will usually be a grass area, sometimes with a couple benches or on bigger estates a little playground area or something scenic like a stream or pond. Usually a little fenced in to establish that area is just for the residents but with open/relatively easy access onto the road.

Or, idk, the more I look at it maybe just a park. The green railings are use often in both cases. >>68692

No. 68707

Don't bother, babe. We're just blind and retarded dumb fucker fat arsed pussies. You just concentrate on getting well.

No. 68710

Laughing so much at 'lolcowards'

No. 68711

>>Says in caption that she can't see. Her eyes are terrible and it's dark implying she doesn't know where she is/is lost etc.

>>Those pictures CLEARLY show a fucking lake.


No. 68713

It's all very orchestrated like almost everything she posts.
It doesn't mean she's lying exactly but she's definitely using them as a way to manipulate people and get attention.

No. 68716

I love it when bitches are so retarded that they say things like '2scurred to show ur real face huh :)))'

like where do you think you are cunt, this is a fucking anonymous image board holy shit.

this bitch reminds me of Erica

a bunch of people on here surprisingly fell for her shit at first, giving her all the attention and sympathy she wanted. and later finally figured out what a lying, manipulative cunt she was. just like this bitch.

No. 68717

Also, lake? Um that is a stream. There are streams in a lot of parks and gardens and things.

No. 68719

File: 1449521301661.jpg (34.77 KB, 360x329, self post.jpg)

I'm not scared to show who I am.

My name is Karen Hall. I live in Chislehurst. I work in retail. My hobbies are cooking, tennis, horse riding and travel.

I'm currently exploring my dating options. I am looking for a man who can make me laugh.

No. 68723

People always uses that shit argument of 'omg such coward show face' like it's relevant or something.

No. 68724


>Running/hiding from rapist/kidnapper/murderer

>Stands in middle of a squat's garden, taking pictures with the flash on

No. 68725

adding - my ip is 143.345.676.

I bank with RBS. My email is krayzekaz@gmail.com and the password is [removed].

No. 68728

And people wonder how paedos manage to groom young girls online so easily.

No. 68729



Yup. Taking deliberately fuzzy/blurry running pics of nondescript locations to make it almost impossible to match to any one specific place (those photos could be from anywhere by anyone pretty much). Then there's no end to the speculating "little detail" in this corner or that corner, showing where they really are or whatever. They're just attention seeking images. If you are scared for your life you go to the police or hospital. There's no reason not to go, even if you literally end up in jail - it's better than being dead.

>>68719 Why are you here? Why are you telling us your name? Who cares? What is the relation to this topic? How long have you known her? How closer are you? Do you live together? I care not for your information unless you have juicy details.

No. 68731

..Isnt that Ann Leary?

No. 68732

That's the pond at Feltham Green.

Jesus, anon >>68729 have you had a sense of humour bypass?

No. 68751

File: 1449523217551.jpg (41.53 KB, 848x149, o rly.JPG)

It'd be a bit weird if she'd never seen "that fucking fence".

No. 68752

So these are the things that don't add up:

1) she's in danger, being followed whatever yet can open IG, take a photo, type some text and post it MORE THAN ONCE yet doesn't use her phone to call or text anyone to let them know where she is

2) Gracie waiting 20mins to call the police, if you were as worried as you were crying about on here, why wait that long?

3) Gracie having a panic attack yet, like Emily, still able to take photos, type and post to IG AND REPLY to comments

I'm not trying to sound like a dick but this honestly makes no sense to me. If I thought I was being followed or in danger, Instagram isn't the first thing I think about. And from Gracie's POV,the waiting 20mins makes no sense either. If you're concerned about a friend then surely you would do something right away rather than wait 20 mins, work yourself up into a panic attack then beg people on Insta to DM you so they can call the police?

It seems like this sort of thing happens all the time with these girls…vague posts, threats etc…Instagram seems like such a toxic enviroment for teenagers. The kids claim to support each other but it seems more like they enable each other.

I really hope that Emily gets off Insta and gets the help she needs. It would be terrible to see such a young girl with so much potential become another Ember.

No. 68754

Just thought I'd point something out - the house in that picture isn't her house. She doesn't live at number 39. Now stop stalking her and get a fucking life. Go paint something, make a cake, decorate your christmas tree, go bitch about someone else because Emily has made it pretty damn clear that she doesn't care about any of you pathetic cunts. You're all so obsessed with proving yourselves correct, having the last word and trying to come up with the biggest amount of bullshit believable. Seriously grow up, I've known Emily longer than any of you cunts and you need to back off and get your facts straight before you come crawling back covered in your own bullshit.
Ah now lets play a game - who can come up with the wittiest rebuke to this post.

No. 68755

Gracie probably waited for Emily to post an update i'm guessing..

No. 68760

I could understand Gracie getting upset over Emily's posts. Personally though, whenever I have a panic attack (even a mild one) I can barely speak never mind actually open a social networking app and post something.

This shit seems to happen waaaaaay to often with Emily as well and she's being really vague with everything. She's the kinda person that would go into detail about major drama shit if someone was actually following her. Which I highly douubt seeing as she was in her back garden!

No. 68761

>>Emily has made it pretty damn clear that she doesn't care about any of you pathetic cunts.

Posting things like >>68699 hardly proves this, anon. If she doesn't care, why has she been posting random ass photo threads on here trying to prove us wrong? A person who doesn't care about something simply ignores it.

No. 68763


No. 68764

So if Emily doesn't care, why do you care? Why do you keep bumping this thread if none of you care? If you'd stop posting we'd forget about her soon enough and ler her fade back into obscurity. So what you're doing can't be very helpful, can it?

No. 68765

If she didnt care she wouldnt be checking this thread every five minutes. Also, the majority of her pictures are geo-tagged on that street so she lives somewhere along there.

No. 68766

This isn't THE EMILY THREAD. She hasn't got HER OWN thread. This is for general snowflakes.

No one gaf about Emily tbh. If you stayed away, if she stayed away and stopped banging on about it we'd forget her.

Number 78.

No. 68767

sorry, anon. read it wrong. kisses.

No. 68769


> Ah now lets play a game

This isn´t saw - is this saw? o.O

No. 68770

Kind of.

It's like she ends her comments like that so we play with her. The sequels are never ending.

No. 68771


You know, if you don't publicize your mental illness to the internet, the internet won't troll you. Tired of randoms commenting on life? Stop posting to randoms on the internet. No IG, no FB, no twitter - nothing. Hmmmmm, doubt it'll happen.

>>68732 I don't know who the photo is of, so I guess I have had a humour bypass. As in, if there was a joke in that, I didn't get it.

No. 68775

Why the fuck did you post 78 twice

No. 68776

I'm not trying to be rude. I don't want to upset anyone. I'm new to this thread and I don't really know what to say but I just want to know - why are you doing this? why are you all so mad at emily?

No. 68779

No ones mad at her, but she needs to stop milking for attention and acting like such a cunt

No. 68780

How do you know

No. 68782

Electoral roll search.

No. 68783

Holy shit, I didn't realise it was that easy to look up peoples address

No. 68785

She's pretty much just gone down the street and taken a couple of pictures lol

No. 68786

Yup. Anyone can find someone else's address if they know their name and vague location. If you don't check the box to be excluded from public search, your details go out there for ANYONE to find.

No. 68787


No. 68788

Everyone knew she wasn't gonna do shit and we're right. All it was was an attempt to milk attention. I don't like Gracie either but she needs to drop that manipulative psycho asap.

No. 68789

Public records on a 1 minute search isn't stalking. Tell her to turn off her location on her phone and do some basic things to protect herself. Nobody here wants to do anything to her, but there might be others she knows who do. This is why you shouldn't give so much personal info about yourself on the internet. That's why some people like to remain anonymous for their safety.

/end of public safety announcement.

No. 68791

It literally took me less than a minute to find her street and i'm an idiot when it comes to this kind of stuff. She shouldn't be so stupid as to have everything geo-tagged.

No. 68792

Seriously, this shit should be taught in schools.

No. 68793

It's common sense. Don't put stupid shit online, and if you do then its your own fault that things like this happen.

No. 68794

Her and her whiteknights posting is raising her to lolcow status imo

No. 68797

Who's gracie

No. 68798

Emily's little white knight

No. 68806

what's a white knight? XD

No. 68808

Did you come from ig?

No. 68809

>>What is google? XD

No. 68810

yeah>>68808 i just started following emily and I'm so confused

No. 68813

File: 1449528193918.png (867.08 KB, 1339x557, Untitled.png)

Exploring the #stripper tag on ig. It's grim. It actually makes that Scamanda look half decent.

No gossip, just lightening the mood and taking the focus off You Know Who.

No. 68816

File: 1449528477238.jpg (57.47 KB, 480x495, 3181731-big_voldy_smile.jpg)

Bless you, anon. For a sec there, I thought top left was Willow Smith…

No. 68821

File: 1449528829492.jpg (110.28 KB, 978x601, 1449521691610.jpg)

its uncanny :O

No. 68822

What did gracie do i'm seriously so confused

No. 68823

File: 1449528961895.jpg (6.99 KB, 259x194, NOT a stripper.jpg)


I had to double check she wasn't a Whitney Houston X rated tribute act!

I thought I'd find a snowflake there, but most of the images have been flagged so can't see them.

How do these snowflakes come to our attention? I can't even remember how Aly was introduced to us.


No. 68825

Try reading the fucking threat

No. 68829

Whats her ig account

No. 68845

For the new person/people here…it goes a little something like this

1) Emily posts crying selfie
2) Emily posts selfie with accompanying text sometimes written as if she's a different person, sometimes written in 'panic attack' style
3) Emily posts 'black screen' or blurry photo indicating she's about to do something bad or is in some sort of crisis/danger
4) The above post is flooded with her supporters(enablers) who post comments such as 'bby are you ok? What's going on etc..'
5) Emily goes radio silent, doesn't respond to comments, doesn't post
6) She comes back the next day, sometimes deletes the vague/blurry photos but never mentions it
7) She posts a bodycheck or selfie of her out shopping
8) people question her on here because of the same pattern that repeats
9) Gracie/Emily both do 'fuck lolcow' 'don't care what you guys say' posts
10) The pattern starts again.

No. 68865

oh look awwww gracies posted an apology how sweet

No. 68868

Holy fuck I hate people who do that. You call them out about one thing and they have a fucking fit, "blablabla im such a piece of shit i should just die then how dare you" it's so manipulative. Grow up you twat.

No. 68869

Cringing so much at her 'apology'. She's basically trying to make us all feel sorry for her, and honestly I did kinda like her until then!

No. 68871

What the fuck is wrong with her she's just as bad as Emily lmao

No. 68873

How can she fucking live with herself she's 17 and now she's just posting even more to get attention

No. 68874

The lies just never stop with these girls do they

No. 68875

Posted it where? I want to read it

No. 68876

File: 1449535531954.gif (528.99 KB, 245x186, tumblr_mc4bsh3ew71r6gxmgo1_r1_…)

No. 68877

On her ig >>68875

No. 68878


No. 68882

It's on private. Got screencaps?

No. 68885

idk how to upload them, just follow her

No. 68887

>>68882 follow then unfollow, she doesn't notice or care about followers as far as i know.

No. 68888

Nah. Fishing for info about farmers.

No. 68894

Gracie doesn't even look unwell tbh I think she's another wannarexic

No. 68899

Wow… Okay. I just want to say that i've been following Gracie for a long time, even when she had her old account and she is ill. She isn't a wannarexic, I remember most of her photos, I remember how ill she looked/looks. She even lost 15 lbs. while she was at boarding school. Just because she doesn't post bodychecks or stuff like that doesn't mean she is not as ill like Emily or Laura. She is ill, she needs help, but she also needs to get her shit together and worry more about herself than that manipulating cunt of Emily.

No. 68901

caps caps caps!!!

No. 68907

I think gracie is a fake tbh

No. 68909

I'm starting to think this is the same anon, or probably Gracie trying to get people to hate her as much as she claims to hate herself.

No. 68911

It's Emily.

No. 68913

I think the anon who's trying to get us to "follow" gracie is her and she wants to check out people here. Doesn't know how to upload pics, yeah right.

Seriously nobody cares any more.

No. 68914

Ahhmm, I don't celebrate Christmas, and even if I did, I am handycapable and could not decorate a tree, also I am allergic to all types of evergreen trees, and once when I was a baby I choked on tinsel, so you're totally like triggering me. Check your privilege.
(Spot the truth)

No. 68922

Fuck off Gracie no one cares

No. 68945

File: 1449546171328.jpg (169.32 KB, 680x509, instagram roleplay.jpg)

>I am Gracie. Scarlett Grace, but I prefer to be called Gracie.

No. 68974

>check ur privilege!!11!

Cringing so hard ty anon

No. 68978

sage goes in email, hon

No. 68987

File: 1449558855874.gif (1.01 MB, 540x255, h.gif)

gracie also made a thread on /b/ .
people have different attitude to you because of the nature of this site. we're skeptical, get the fuck over it crybaby. not everything's going to go your way sometimes. Also, doesn't it make you scum to tell us to try being raped? that's not how rape works sweeties.

No. 69000

why are you all still paying attention to that emily cunt?

No. 69011

>>68945 what the fuck is that lmao

No. 69052

File: 1449600294065.jpg (109.66 KB, 972x954, Screenshot_2015-12-08-18-42-56…)

As annoying as G has been, no one deserves attention from ember!

No. 69060

I didn't think they knew each other

No. 69061

Ember will talk to every chick mentioned in snow, she wants you guys to talk about her

No. 69065


No. 69080

>I think Emily likes to do this kind of stuff, you know, being mean to people who are nice to her.

Object relations theory: Try to destroy the object/person (laura). if the object stays after all efforts to destroy/push it away, the object has proved its value. This pushing away/testing behavior is very common in those with BPD.

No. 69098

Are emily and Laura still fighting

No. 69145

File: 1449620790317.jpg (5.51 KB, 198x200, tandenbaum.jpg)

Anon. I have tried to put this out of my mind but I MUST know the answer. I'm guessing the choking on tinsel thing because kids are retarded.

No. 69302

Both Emily and Gracie have gone radio silent on Insta. No posts for a couple of days…hmm..

No. 69312

Good. I hope they've sorted out their dysfunctional friendship and Es unblocked Gs number so she isn't sperging put on here next time there's a drama.

No. 69313

So they aren't the same person?

No. 69333

I hope Emilys gone to hospital tbh she looks dangerously thin

No. 69335

Gracie will be back tomorrow I know it

No. 69336

She only gets attention on ig

No. 69353

'ello, Emily!

No. 69462

I'm not Emily…

No. 69574

File: 1449710082484.png (542.85 KB, 929x593, Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 5.13…)

this girl has one kid and apparently is pregnant again (her page is private) but her arms are covvvvered in scars and she also posts a lot of half nude slutty pics. also this photo is SO badly shooped (look at the blurring around her boobs, and the fucked up line behind her back by her arm)

No. 69579

File: 1449710579734.png (331.11 KB, 380x518, Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 5.22…)

every photo featuring her thigh gap contains a weird blur between her legs

No. 69581

File: 1449710618543.png (275.56 KB, 492x362, Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 5.23…)

No. 69602

Stilettos and pregnant. Way to get varicose veins.

How old is she? Does she live with the father? Does she actually care for her kids or posts pics of herself all day? I prefer these people keep their accounts private but when interest is sparked, it's dang frustrating.

No. 69604

all she does is posts photos of herself, or right now "belly pics" lmao
like she's posted the father and the other child a few times but it's always the same picture. she's never mentioned her age (from what i'm lurking through right now)

No. 69606

File: 1449713537488.png (544.84 KB, 927x581, Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.11…)

also might i add that photo is 6 weeks ago and this attached image is her most recent bump photo
so clearly 6 weeks ago is all food bloat, laughable

No. 69701

I know nothing about pregnancy, but I'm surprised someone could be 5 months along and just look a little bloated.

No. 69767

File: 1449728279122.jpg (964.93 KB, 1821x2712, 2014-04-25-17.21.46.jpg)

Hmm, yeah, I'm not an expert either but Google Images is showing women who are 21 weeks pregnant looking quite a lot bigger than that. This pic is the smallest bump I could find. Most of the women were a lot bigger.

No. 69802

recently there was a woman who went to hospital and gave birth without even knowing she was pregnant. some babies grow closer to the back. my mother told me that once, some people dont get a large bump. not to mention she is anorexic, which would probably make a difference.

No. 70147

Everyone carries differently. You can't compare anyone. Tall people tend to show less because the baby has more room to grow.

Having a tummy is the smallest pregnancy symptom.. I know everyone is different but there's one thing that's very hard to not feel, is when the baby kicks, especially the last months. This can be felt less with overweight people, so most of those who didn't know they were pregnant were probably very obese.

Also being very skinny makes your tummy small, because when it grows, it goes from skinny to normal looking, then you don't really look that pregnant until many months in.

No. 70296

File: 1449861770726.jpeg (575.64 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Was there really any need to change the image Emily? Disgusting.

No. 70299

She needs to ask Santa for a bigger fishing rod for Xmas! Also, she posted an image of her legs before this but I'm guessing not enough ppl liked it

No. 70300

File: 1449862379632.jpeg (119.12 KB, 640x1076, image.jpeg)

Creep much?

No. 70301

Lol she had another mirror shot where she was facing the mirror with her face blacked out. What an attention seeking cunt. The person who called her "healthy" is waterfae, btw.

No. 70303

her floor is nasty af

No. 70304

So is she. She looks like a starving guinea pig.

No. 70305

Can she just check herself into the mental ward already?

No. 70306

Now she's deleted them all. Did I hit a nerve Em? Whoops.

No. 70307

She was whinging because she didn't get enough ass pats from her little gang of 'nooo bby you look so ill'.

You're right Emily. You shouldn't have come back to IG. You said it yourself, you stayed away and felt more positive, came back and cried about being triggered.

You just proved our point so thank you.

No. 70308

What kind of person gets upset over being told they look healthy? Fuck sake, she really needs to get her head checked.

No. 70309

File: 1449863344216.jpg (50.57 KB, 572x271, e.JPG)

>recovery account
>gets pissy when someone said she looks better

No. 70310

I think she is 21 or so.
She had her first kid when she was 15/16/17 (idk lol) and he is something like 5 now.

No. 70314

She probably just meant she looked better with a smile on her face and no crying face like last few times, but no Em proper goes off on one that girl apologized straight away!

No. 70315

File: 1449864664487.jpeg (153.11 KB, 637x1089, image.jpeg)

LOL. Okay Emily.

No. 70317

File: 1449864738013.jpeg (100.76 KB, 640x754, image.jpeg)

Her face is looking a lot rounder now a days. Gaining weight?

No. 70318

I see what you did there anon… Well done.

No. 70319

File: 1449865052004.png (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 1339x557, snowflake.png)

Translated: People need to tell me I look thinner, I thrive off it. How DARE you say I don't look skeletal. Do I have to walk around in my knickers for you to see my bones???

I thought she'd stopped coming here even before she said she'd stopped coming here. Oooo, NEED that attention.

Speaking of which, TRIGGER WARNING - SERIOUS MUTILATION ON SPOILER PIC. The fucking ARROGANCE of the cutters who say STOP DELETING ME, FUCK YOU I'LL NEVER GET DELETED NUR. This bitch is in a HOSPITAL, how is she even getting to cut herself?

No. 70320

File: 1449865059794.jpeg (134.97 KB, 640x1022, image.jpeg)

That's funny… I thought she was staying off this website?! That lasted about two seconds

No. 70321

Her skull is gigantic

No. 70322

'I you report me ill find you and shit in your bed'

Wow, she seems like such a lovely young lady.

No. 70323

her face is a weird shape does she photoshop it

No. 70324

dat taper, whyyy

No. 70326

Lmao. At least she looked less like a conehead on the right. Emily, you need to stop lurking. My sympathy is getting close to zero.

No. 70328

File: 1449865269307.jpg (6.33 KB, 259x194, snowflake.jpg)

I hate white eye liner so much. Why are so many snowflakes obsessed with making their eyes look like they're Charles Manson?

No. 70329

File: 1449865373213.jpeg (135.68 KB, 640x1088, image.jpeg)

Is she reusing old pictures or does she just not change her granny pants?

No. 70330

Wow, it's funny because she never gets tired of saying how she sees herself as "fat" and how she "can't see how the real Emily looks like". Stop faking body dysmorphia and get some help, smh.

No. 70332

It's so obvious her eyes aren't that big, her eye brows are always 'up' to make them look bigger.

Compare the video she made 4 days ago to her latest pic, her face is blatantly photoshopped

No. 70333

A new Emily pattern has appeared!

1) Bullshit photo is posted
2) called out on her behaviour on here
3)lurks and cries about it on IG
4) (insert current 'girlfriend' here) whiteknights her
5) LolcowARDs ahahahahaha (insert immature insult) screw you!
6) mentions she will no longer be lurking on lolcow

Aaaaaaaaaaand repeat…

No. 70334

File: 1449866175895.jpg (91.64 KB, 738x589, ccccasd02935.JPG)

Oh look, some honest and supportive advice! I wonder how long it will take her or her lackeys to lash out at it.

No. 70336

What is wrong with her ears? Is she wearing one giant taper on the right, with a totally unstretched lobe on the left? How bizarre.

No. 70337

I always think about when ppl have those crazy ear lobe holes, never again will you be able to wear normal earrings, not when you want a pair of diamonds, not when you're old and want to wear pearls haha bleughh

No. 70338

It's deleted and I'm blocked already. That took less than a minute. i only even knew about lolcow because of her posts to begin with.

I thought I felt sorry for this girl, but now I can see why people are so ticked off by her attitude. I honestly thought people here were being unnecessarily rude and mean but now I get it. She WANTS to play Broken Doll. Fuck it, let her.

No. 70339

File: 1449866689845.png (754.7 KB, 973x630, lelelelel.png)

No. 70341

yeah a lot of people like being sick and getting attention through instagram or whatever, quite sad.

No. 70342

She even said it herself
> why should I listen to people telling me I look better

No. 70343

She woman looks 40+ she needs to get herself a better hobby than following Emily on IG

No. 70344


Jesus, they all want to get in on it.

No. 70345

haha she so DESPERATELY wants to be told she looks thinner! Emily, it doesn't count if you have to photoshop your fat out ;)

No. 70346

Fuck these bitches who know literally nothing.

Many of the people on this board suffer from an ED, personality disorder, or both. That's why we have no patience for people who play that shit up for drama and further stigmatize what we ACTUALLY TRY to recover from, instead of milking for attention points on the internet like they do. It's because of people like Emily that everyone with an ED or BPD is automatically assumed to be a histrionic, lying, self-centered brat.

Middle finger to you too, wall-eyed-shittycat.

No. 70347

File: 1449867174736.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.42 KB, 640x1079, image.jpeg)

No. 70348

File: 1449867319274.jpeg (468.39 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

She's like an older, fatter emily

No. 70349

Oh god, she's a pathetic attention whore too. Gotta make sure you get those self-harm scars in there when you're bragging about your substance abuse!

Honestly, these bitches are the real cowards. Hiding behind instagram, overexaggerating every aspect of their negativity, circle jerking with their self-perpetuated misery.

Bravery is actually recovering and living an independent life. Not using instagram to post all your toxic self-loathing for asspats from other disordered teenagers competing to see who's the most fucked up.

No. 70352

I am amazed by all these hashtags, just imagine her after she took the image, with tears in her eyes thinking of what hashtags she could write

No. 70353

I don't consider one small alcopop (wine cooler in American?) as substance abuse. The rest of your post I agree with!

No. 70354

Oh normally I wouldn't either, but when you've posed it with your cuts, and caption it "properly celebrating the weekend like the failure I am," followed by a dozen mental illness hashtags, that's substance abuse. Not alcoholism, but substance abuse for sure.

No. 70355

I love LOVE how Emily assumes we have no lives hobbies friends etc we are not on here 24/7 living and breathing social media like she is on IG, this is funny humorous free entertainment, light hearted most of the time and I'm guessing ( sorry if I am wrong!) once we close the page we have jobs friends real life friendships to fall back on, but she has IG and strangers whose comments she picks and chooses from to suit her mood

And I'm done

No. 70356

Yeah, she's been lurking in the thread for like two or three days waiting to be mentioned

No. 70358

Yup. I keep the browser open while I'm doing some crafting or w/e so I'm being productive while I'm here too. Even though I #battle with #mentaldisorders I prefer to keep it to myself and do something therapeutic instead of cry all over instagram for hugs.

No. 70359

Somebody should give Emily what she wants and make her her own thread

No. 70360

Do you honestly think she deserves her own thread? She's boring as fuck and so repetitive. She's only good for the occasional lol

No. 70363

She probably thinks it's just a couple people F5'ing to leave more nasty comments all day long.

Sorry, Emily. Most of us just pop in once or twice a day to leave a comment, and then forget all about it. Just because you're obsessed with your little act doesn't mean everyone else is.

No. 70366

File: 1449869390259.png (65.86 KB, 569x418, Untitled.png)

Fucking hell, that's her new girlfriend. Her whole life is a cycle.

No. 70367

File: 1449869977413.jpg (57.8 KB, 400x542, I want to leave.jpg)

Holy fucking Christ, anon, that's some of the worst self-harm I've ever seen. I have no idea why people put this shit on Instagram and feel entitled to have it stay up, even though they know they're breaking the TOS. I fucking hate people.

Such maturity and self-awareness, lol…

All you Instagramtarded cunts browsing here, please fuck off back to your weird hugbox/mental illness one-upmanship party. You are cancerous and you need to be contained.

>"I am not my illness(es)!!!!!!"

>posts content that does nothing but demonstrate that their entire identity is based around their illness(es)

I may be a "lolcoward" (what an amazingly witty pun!), but at least I'm not Instagram #edfamily/3edgy5me filth.

No. 70368

So give it like what? A month? The same thing happened with Gracie. This little group can't stay friends for long.

No. 70370

Definitely recycling. Probably can't photoshop her body as thin as she photoshops her face.

No. 70371

File: 1449870773835.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.11 KB, 892x593, p.JPG)

This one lives in the Netherlands, so at least she doesn't have to deal with it face to face. Aww, instagram relationships.

Love this photo of Laila (the gf) purging. I really want to see pukey fingers.

No. 70374

WTF… Bulimic here, and the last thing on my my whilst purging is 'oh hey ill take a selfie!!' what a fucking moron.

No. 70376


No hugs for you then. You're missing out on so much fake support there, anon.

They need their phones surgically removed.

No. 70377

File: 1449871366958.png (412.83 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She just can't seem to keep away

No. 70378

That's what always gets me about these three (Emily, Gracie and The GF) it's any opportunity for a photo.

Gracie can post on IG when she's in the middle of a panic attack, Emily posts when she's crying, in 'danger' or dissociating. Generally the first thing people think of in these situations is 'oh this'll make a good IG post'

But then I shouldn't be surprised considering thier lives revolve around themselves.

No. 70380

AAAAnnnnd we predicted you couldn't stay away, Emily! Psychics r us. Cool.

No. 70381

How long til she deletes that?

No. 70382

Trust me Emily, we know when you're upset. We get the crying selfie, crying video or ambiguous blurry photo of a bridge or whatever before you disappear for a few hours.

No. 70383

Gracie, please tell me your secret! I can barely talk during a panic attack, you must have some kinda special powers if you can actually TYPE whilst having such a sever one.

No. 70384

She probably the one posting this. Attention whore. Let us move on to other Instagram psychos.

No. 70385


holyyy shit she shops herself SO much. it's more visible when the images are small–that is literally not even a feasible human skull shape. this reminds me of how kooter used to do the dollface shit…except the look she was going for actually looked like an ~aesthetic~ and this just looks like babby's first photoshop

No. 70386

File: 1449871661608.jpg (16.96 KB, 312x257, mullet.JPG)

I never noticed Emily had a mullet.

Okay, but needed to laugh at the mullet.

No. 70388

Emily is so toxic. She can't even have a relationship, because she's so self-centered and selfish she only thinks about herself. She should just stay away from people, because she is such a pathetic, lying, manipulating little cunt with no purpose. She could die and the world would be a better place.
Oh, yes, and I hope she reads this, and throws some blurry pictures on her instagram pretending she's going to kill herself, and come back two days later saying "oh no it wasn't anything serious" or some shit like that. Emily, c'mon, we both know you do this kind of stuff.

No. 70389

Not every panic attack is a severe one, I've had ones where I only have an extremely tight chest and can't stop crying, not every panic attack is severe. Surely you should know this?
And I'm sure Gracie wasn't pretending because I've been following her for a while and she's a big fan of the 'don't glorify mental illnesses' and she once typed up a huge long paragraph on how zoe sugg made panic attacks desirable in her book 'girl online' so I don't think she was pretending. She was trying to get help the only way she thought she could. Yes, she didn't have to post something but at least it wasn't a video or photo of her crying like some people have been doing ahem ahem

No. 70391

Surely then that's not a panic attack, that's just feeling emotions?

No. 70392

Who's the WK?

No. 70394

Idk, whatever it was she was clearly distressed.

No. 70395

To say she doesn't care about lolcow and is gonna stay away from here Emily is sure mentioning us a lot tonight :)

No. 70397

Damn, son. I honestly didn't think what I said was mean. I tried to give her advice, and now I'm blocked.

Emily, since I know you're going to read this, I've been trying to give you solid advice since the beginning. I've shared my story with you in the hopes that you may be inspired to help yourself get better as well. I've been genuinely concerned for you. Still hoping one day you realize the harm you are doing and stop yourself.

No. 70399

Oops, meant to crop that. Sorry everyone.

No. 70401

gracie doesn't seem to understand what a lolcow is.

No. 70402

Gracie needs to stay away from everyone, she loves involving herself in their private business and then acts the victim

No. 71241

What's up with spoopy bitches and saggy granny panties

No. 71242

>>71241 When you lose enough weight off your hips and buttocks then when you wear underwear or trousers it can have a saggy appearance??

No. 71243

Gracie's lurking too :) the lolcow/pussy comment has been deleted

No. 71245

it makes me laugh so much seeing gracie and emily throw around the word cunt, like awww you're really trying hard to look tough aren't you?

No. 71246

They're not the sharpest knives in the bos though are they. They need to read a few books and improve their vocabulary. They're both thick as shit.

No. 71247


No. 71248

this is off-topic but…

Who keeps knives in a box

No. 71249

File: 1449875464026.jpg (204.31 KB, 550x450, amen.jpg)

No. 71250

Secret cutters, for their ~Secret Accounts~

No. 71251

they're sheltered little girls trying to act bad on the internet… how every snowflake starts out imo

No. 71252


cutter snowflakes

No. 71253

I used to bait the Xians on the Yahoo Christian Chat rooms back in the day. Tbh, there wasn't really anything that interesting then. Mostly geocity home pages.

No. 71254

Does Gracie cut?

No. 71258

I don't recall her doing it. She does pull her hair a lot, though. Says she has a lot of bald spots on her head.

No. 71263

At least she has the decency to not post pictures of it

No. 71266

Emily is the fucking worst and her mum ought to beat her ass.

No. 71267

I think we're witnessing what Ash was like as a teenager. I cant wait until Emily is 25, I bet she'll be a screeching puke ghoul too.

No. 71273

Those pictures make me feel ill holy shit

No. 71278

nah, she only wishes she could be that much of a special snowflake. emily is just a dime a dozen BPD bitch. eventually she'll get tired of the wannarexia and cutting and etc. and just turn into a "people of walmart" sweatpants whale with 5 different baby daddies & herpes.

No. 71281

Also likely.

No. 71292

To be fair they're british tho

No. 71295


Hey not all Brits are psychos! ;)

No. 71298

Jesus christ Gracie's crying for attention again. She loves being the victim doesn't she?

No. 71300

'I hate myself' Bitch you got yourself involved in this

No. 71302

She wishes she was as relevant as Emily. Sorry Gracie. Maybe a few crying selfies would help.

No. 71304

Idek what she looks like. I only notice her when she comes here for attention.

No. 71308

Damn, Gracie, if you don't fucking like this then fucking block Emily and kick her out of your fucking life, she's fucking toxic for you, for fuck's sake.

No. 71313

As sad as it is, this is true. This is what it feels like to love someone with BPD. My mother was the one I had to cut out of my life.

No. 71315

Gracie you cant call yourself cruel and then whine that the is cruel to you in the same sentence. Either way just stay out of Emily's life until she gets help. That shit never ends well.

No. 71330

'I don't know what I'm doing wrong'
a few posts later..
Wow Gracie can you see what you're typing or are you having another 'panic attack'

No. 71332

off topic but wtf happened to the ember thread?

No. 71336

No. 71404

Yeah that's what anxiety feels like.

No. 71405

Same anon here -

As in, diagnosing anxiety as a form of panic attack… Ugh.

No. 72581

i feel so bad for emily's mum. it must be so incredibly stressful for her.

No. 72583

Her ask.fm's been suspended.

No. 72616

it's what everyone on tumblr does these days basically

No. 72631

Does Emily have tumblr?

No. 73219

Anyone else find it funny that raggityannie "challenges" herself pretty much daily with a shitload of fried foods, burgers, etc? She always talks about how she's going to liquid fast and how solids scare her but then not even 24 hours later will be scarfing up fries with her friends. She's one of my favorite insta wannarexics.

No. 73344

File: 1450375705880.png (335.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-17-13-24-27…)

Are these legs photoshopped? Look blurry to me!

No. 73346

Knee And thighs have def been shopped

No. 73348



No. 73352

Yeah, one of ems pictures from today

No. 73354


not to defend her, it could be unshopped

unfortunately my legs also look like that

No. 73360

File: 1450381888023.jpg (156.64 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I love the way her eyes are so much smaller even when trying to make them look as big as in other pictures. What happened, Em? Couldn't use that editing app on both of your faces?

P.S. Does anyone think it's the same app the weebos use?

No. 73361

Just the blurred edges got me suspicious

No. 73362

Does she think others will believe this is how her eyes looks naturally ? The pics grace posted show her eyes looking much more natural

No. 73364

File: 1450382519025.jpg (74.53 KB, 720x839, Screenshot_2015-12-17-19-59-39…)

No. 73366

Yeah, why is her friend's face so blurry and lacking in colour? Come on, Emily, glamorise her too.

Laura goes for the popeye look. Why is this a thing?

No. 73368

Sry, I know it´s old - but WTF really?


(for those who do not follow her, it´s a video about how she loves her own farts)

No. 73370

Oh, it's not that weird. She and Gracie post stuff like that all the time.

No. 73371

File: 1450383713028.png (315.84 KB, 578x386, eye thing.png)

See, I think they must use the same app.

No. 73372

File: 1450383847078.jpeg (165.81 KB, 640x900, image.jpeg)


I wonder the same thing, what's so attractive about huge eyes? They look beady as hell and almost (if not) scary from the side. And they need to stop with the white eyeliner on their waterline to make their eyes bigger as well because that + the editing doesn't look good or natural at all!

Also, nice normal sized looking eyes, Em.

No. 73373

File: 1450384176388.jpeg (301.29 KB, 1200x1800, image.jpeg)

I know she's genuinely ill, I get it but really?! They're a day apart and all of a sudden your cheeks are sunken, you're colourless, your face is longer? Please try harder. (Also pictures before the one where she met Gracie her face was thinner and longer too but for that day, it's not)
Gracie isn't stupid, she must be able to see the difference and the over the top editing

No. 73376

Haha she's deleted that pic now must be lurking

No. 73378

So what are we going to see now people have been talking about her again? Will it be a 'fierce' i donnt give a fuck about you lolcowards post followed by a 'you're so hard/too perf for lolcow bby' post from Gracie? Or do you think she'll revert back to a crying selfie since we haven't seen one for a while?

No. 73381

Maybe a video of her "proving" how natural her eyes are "you f#cking lolcowards"

No. 73382

I'd think Emily REALLY was a twat if she commented on the fact we're talking about an eye enhancing app/filters. Still, if she's in a mood then lolcow will take the blame. We're a scratching post for the world at times.

No. 73384

Ah well

At least this'll get you a bit of that much needed attention you can't live without Emily! Soon all your little ana minions will be lining up to pat your ass for how 'strong' you are.

I guess when you build your whole identity around your mental illnesses you don't really have much else to play for attention with.

No. 73385

File: 1450385616040.jpeg (292.81 KB, 1200x1800, image.jpeg)

Looks like she is a twat anon but, I'm glad she at least acknowledges that her eyes wouldn't look so big unless she raised her eyebrows to her hairline. Well done Emily.

No. 73389

They have the same colouring here
But not here because… Beauty App/ Photoshop! We're not stupid Emily

No. 73391

Oh and Em, this video just shows how unnatural your grey sunken cheeked photo is

No. 73393

People like Emily really upset me because here she is draining the colour out of her pictures, making her cheeks thinner, making her face longer, etc for that extra bit of attention and it's making it harder for others. There's this girl I follow that's extremely suffering but I have NEVER seen her "colourless" or extra sunken or anything like that.

So many people want help, so many people tell it/show it raw without filters or apps and they get seen as jokes because of people attention seeking.

Yes you're ill Emily, yes you're extremely thin but do you really needed to do extra things to get people's attention? Especially since you don't want to recover? Why do you want attention/people to notice how much "sicker" you look if you don't want help? I don't get it.
(sicker in quotes because of the editing of pictures)

No. 73395

Her eyelashes! Either she's using really out of date gross mascara, or she's like this girl I knew that used to take all her makeup off at night except her mascara then just put more on in the morning.

Also Emily so mean to ~beautify~ yourself but not your friend booo ;(

No. 73401

This girl is so stupid, can she just close her eyes or stop reading if she hates what they say about her on here so much to the extent of posting about it on a daily to "prove the meanies wrong!! ):"

No. 73403

She's said twice that she wasn't going to come here anymore.

No. 73406

She's an attention whore. I'm pretty sure that somebody really early on in the thread mentioned that she cried about her IG being deleted because nobody would know her.

She's probably used to everything revolving around her because of her issues.

No. 73408

Telling us we need hobbies:
both sharing images and talking to others online, only difference IG is posting about yourself LC is posting about others I know which I'd rather do

No. 73412

It's fine, she can come back under the Gracie identity.

I don't know how she has time to post at all with all the abduction trauma.

No. 73424

Excuse me sorry for coming back on this website but it's me gracie again hello yes the attention seeking psychopath with no life. I'd just like to point out I was with Emily when she posted that photo of us ( duh ) and she did not edit anything. She didn't 'beautify' ( really??? ) herself at all. And with the sunken cheeks, its honestly sick how you think she edits everything. It's a case of lighting and also the fact that she is extremely thin. Same with her eyes, she doesn't edit them at all. Her makeup is incredible tbh, and yes white eyeliner can enhance the size of the eyes but I can assure you she doesn't edit them. I'm sorry to disappoint you all :) I'm not asking for an apology because it's really quite funny reading these things, so thankyou for making me smile xx <3

No. 73425

hey it's gracie here yes the pathetic attention seeker, if you're not already following me, you'd be able to see that I posted the eXACT same photo. No filters, no editing, no nothing. The photo was on a timer, 10 second countdown feature on the iPhone camera, yadda yadda yadda so are you now going to assume that I edit things too?(underage)

No. 73426

I've always wondered… when you post here to show us who's boss, why don't you ever put your name in the "name" field?

No. 73427

Can't be bothered to. Why does it matter, you know who I am…

No. 73428

Also I'm not trying to show you 'who's boss', I'm defending my friend because people are assuming things about her that aren't true. I would say I'm 'proving you wrong'.

No. 73429

This is Grace. Just saying I think you're a bunch of fuckwits and I don't gaf what you people say but I really must reply even though I dgaf.

No. 73430

w0w you're so offensive I cri
No really I don't care what you're saying about me, I know I've brought it on myself and make a huge deal out of it when really it's nothing, but I do care when you're assuming things that aren't true about a very close friend of mine. What's the matter with proving you're wrong? Can you just acknowledge that the exact same photo is on my account with no editing/Photoshopping/filter?

No. 73431

>Can you just acknowledge that the exact same photo is on my account with no editing/Photoshopping/filter?

That's not the photo we're talking about.

No. 73433

Actually you were talking about that photo but I guess you're always right aren't you. I promise you it's a case of different lighting doubled up with her very low weight.

No. 73435

File: 1450400649862.jpg (71.42 KB, 839x661, EDITED EMILY.JPG)

Okay, so I guess I have to post the picture to show you the one we meant and why there's editing. WELCOME TO THE LOLCOW IMAGE GALLERY OF FAME!!!1

As for the one of her trying to look sicker, I agree there's no editing on that but she knows very well what she's doing in a certain light for shadows and to look thinner/sicker.

No. 73436

>I guess you're always right aren't you


No. 73438

This, and the ember thread are the best rabbit holes I've ever fallen down

No. 73439

File: 1450401452039.jpeg (123.93 KB, 640x948, image.jpeg)

I'll just leave this here

No. 73440

File: 1450401773981.jpg (6.23 KB, 261x193, dismissed.jpg)

That. Right there.

No. 73444

They care about this thread so much, it makes me cringe.

Yes, you totally don't care about this thread as you post another photo directed towards us justifying your actions.

No. 73445

it's because they lead sad lonely lives starving themselves for their instagram audiences, they will latch onto any bone we throw good or bad. just because it's attention for five minutes or so and they feel a sense of satisfaction that they don't get anywhere else in their lives because they're so unappealing in their Real Lives they have no hobbies or friends or educations (in emily's case anyway)

No. 73447

>you know who I am…

No one really cares, that's the bigger issue. Even the manufactured drama is boring.

>mah friend wuz abducted by wizards would u like to hear more???

No. 73450

I honestly dont know why our faces are apparently different colours. But I saw her take the photo and post it straight from the Instagram camera so that's all I can say about that photo. I don't care whether she edits her photos or not.

No. 73451

Jesus Christ, again, this is angle and lighting. As you can clearly see, her cheekbones are prominent and her cheeks are sunken in in both pictures, plus the top image is from a video so of course it'll be blurry, and she isn't making the same face in both pictures.

No. 73452

nobody cares though, we know emily edits her face to look sicker than she is

No. 73453

Oh really you 'know'. How can you 100% prove that she does. Give me proof she photoshops herself and I'll drop it. Give me proof she has the photoshop app, despite the fact I didn't see it on her phone when I was WITH her, and prove to me that she uses it.

No. 73454

go to bed gracie

No. 73456

No. 73458

File: 1450403801258.jpeg (86.75 KB, 640x885, image.jpeg)

Uhm while you're here please explain this?

No. 73459

>Give me proof
>Give me proof
>prove to me


>…and I'll drop it

You can bang on about it all you like, dear. It's not like you've got anything else to do with your life.

No. 73462

I was just gonna say … Yea her mascara probably bugs me the most about her makeup. Such a disgusting clumpy mess, I bet it's constantly flaking into her eyes and all over her face ughh. Someone needs to shop some spider legs as lashes on her lol

No. 73463

File: 1450404588912.jpg (51.26 KB, 540x960, IMG_20151217_200442.jpg)

You don't need an app. My phone automatically has these setting when in selfie mode.
1 Beautify
2 Slim face
3 enlarge eyes
It will automatically apply these enhancements every time you take a selfie. Settings range 0-8 depending on how much you want it to apply these effects. You DON'T need an app!

No. 73464

the only reason she always wants proof is so she and emily can cover their tracks for next time

No. 73465

File: 1450404824645.png (181.94 KB, 402x297, emilys eyelashes.png)

those are real fly legs, by the way. something emily can only aspire to have.

No. 73466


No. 73468

if emily did this and got pinkeye she would probably post a fake panic attack about having eye cancer and make all her followers cryyyyy

No. 73469

lol imagine capturing a bunch of flies, pulling their legs off and painstakingly gluing them to your eyelids so you can take a sweet #aesthetic pic for tumblr

No. 73470

I was going to ask if it was one of a series. Was it some arty shit where they glued wings and spider legs and stuff on faces? That really is so repulsive.

No. 73473

File: 1450406391759.png (Spoiler Image, 943.79 KB, 1337x565, pls dont report.png)

Yet another of the thousands of attention seekers who shouldn't be on instagram. They're so. fucking. obnoxious. At least she finds it funny (hahaha).

No. 73524

Then you should see that all the photoshopping is just a symptom of body-dysmorpia/self hatred. Rather than attack us, actually support your friend by stop lying to yourself and her about it. Making your face as long as a horse, shading in cheekbones and making your eyes appear like huge circles isn't attractive, it simply making a mockery of recovery.

No. 73530

this is horribly embarrassing.

No. 73546

File: 1450429360639.jpg (72.54 KB, 1076x385, Screenshot_2015-12-18-08-56-01…)

Here's some proof gracie, ignoring middle photo
Jaw a different shape
Eyelids twice the height
Head two different sizes (despite closer photo, ratios are elongated)

No. 73549

Hai! you can look through all the pictures you want. Left is a smiling face, right a serious resting face. Now ya'll go step infront of a mirror. Yeah you're there? Now look. That's your face, resting. Now smile! Oh shit that looks different does it? Cheeks! Woooooow isn't that weird that your face looks so different then? Now sit down again. And case closed. Bye bye

No. 73551

My skull doesn't change shape and size when I smile, and my eyelids don't double in size.
Your advice is invalid. Case closed. Goodbye.

Oh and you're 15 you shouldn't even be on here,

No. 73552

15?! Haha thanks for the compliment. I'm 24 dipshit ?

No. 73554

Then you too must have a warped sense of perception if you can't see a mentally unwell young woman photoshopping her face to be longer and eyes like circles. It's a symptom of her hating herself, why the heck would you support this? You and the instagramers are very immature.

No. 73556

15 isn't a compliment, far from it. it shows how immature I found your post.

No. 73557

1. She doesn't photoshop
2. I know she is ill
3. I support her recovery wise
4. Don't assume that everyone is the same

Have a great day, bye ^^

No. 73558

Is this like the awkward part at the end of a party, saying goodbye a few times but not actually left yet?

No. 73559

That's fine, you can have your opinion on my posting. Freedom of speech and all:)

No. 73560

Maybe i'm thinking of sticking around for the afterparty ;) but nah, if you say something i want to respond to, i will. But shall we part ways then and make a final goodbye?

No. 73562

Emily no-one called you 15. Now go dry your hair

No. 73563

Taking to long to wait for a reply. Well this was a nice time killer. I won't be coming back so whatever you post now will be for the afterparty that i will not be at! Goodbye!

No. 73564

Fuck off already

No. 73568

File: 1450434281425.jpg (136.37 KB, 528x960, image.jpg)

No. 73576

Appalling, and so germ-infested.

No. 73577

So agreed. This crew are a cancer here.

No. 73602

So who the fuck is Laila? Why was she embarrassing herself?

No. 73608

She the second of emily's whiteknights after Gracie, she goes by recoveringkittycat or something on IG.

I love how they're so eager to act like they don't care about what we say and they're done with us yet every time emily is talked about on here, either her or gracie come along and act sassy/sarcastic/hard on here.

I guess it gives them something to do?

I think it's also interesting to note that since she was called out on here for her cry selfies/blurry drama pics/black screen maybe suicide attempt posts, emily hasn't posted anything like that since.

No. 73618

Looks like Null from kiwi farms lol

No. 73643

Now I remember. It's the Dutch one Emily had an internet relationship with for two days. How unforgettable they are.

No. 73644

By the looks of it Grace and Emily are getting close again. I say power couple reunited

No. 73645

even after emily called her a cunt and posted all their personal facebook conversations on instagram when they broke up?? and grace called emily toxic?? that always makes me laugh when i remember it because nobody took emily's side because she was being such a hangry fucking bitch

No. 73647

Lolcow brought them back together.

No. 73650

Yea. It's all 'i love you' blahblahblah. This will be a good one to look forward too ;)

No. 73651

Her panties are too fucking tight and it bothers me. Like, honey, you're tiny, but not THAT tiny.

No. 73656

nobody is attacking you. we're laughing at you. there's a difference.

No. 73661

File: 1450471940545.jpg (84.96 KB, 640x754, gracie.jpg)

Neither of them can do much laughing at anyone with those Hapsburg features.

No. 73662

Anas on ig have v bad taste in underwear. Hers look like men's Y fronts from the 1970s. Those and granny drawerz…it's not good.

No. 73685

That's actually really weird? Didn't this chick say she was 24 and isn't Emily underage or something? What is with this Instagram try hards

No. 73701

Emily will be. 7…oops, 17 in January. That lot think of relationships and friendships as little kids do. "I'm not your friend now, I'm gonna tell everyone you smell"…someone cries…next day "You're my bff", "I'm her girlfriend now cos she said she liked me and we're getting married when we're older" etc

No. 73704

Not a relationship as such (see above). She said she liked her on ask.fm and even though they live in different countries, had a "relationship".

No. 73714

I really really hate all of you. I hate you. I hate you.

No. 73717

and I know you don't care and that you're going to reply with 'why are you telling us this' but I just hate you so much I hate you all you're all vile. I hate you I hate you I hate you

No. 73726

Why? We're not that bad if you take the time to get to know us.

No. 73731


From what I remember, this was a stand-alone piece of ""art"" by a British artist a few years back, so it's not part of a series or anything

(anyone else's eyes itching after seeing this?)

No. 73734

Well, thank you for making us feel relevant! Oh… Wait, I just remembered WE DON'T CARE. We're not pathetic attention whores like you. Jesus, get a help or just kill yourself. Just stop being toxic to everyone around you.

No. 73735

if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the fucking imageboard

No. 73769

File: 1450501127342.png (137.59 KB, 467x719, wp_ss_20151219_0001.png)

I think she hates us

Not itchy, really really uncomfortable at the thought of fly legs stuck to my eye. What if one fell in and you had to fish it out. God no.

All these "friends" of Emily's who're so concerned about how ~scarily thin~ she is, here's an idea. Why not try to be a friend and help het. For example, email pic to West London CAMHS at their site and alert them to her Ana tricks and her exercise agonies?

You've thrown the IF SHE KILLS HERSELF YOU'VE GOT BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS at us. If she drops dead of heart failure, then do you not see YOUR to blame?

No. 73770


No. 73793

File: 1450511244359.jpeg (210.27 KB, 750x1179, image.jpeg)

This cosplayer is buying followers. Near 10k and only gets 99 likes on their photos, and going through their followers you see a bunch of empty accounts.

No. 73801

No. 73830

What an unfortunate face….they look like a Who from Whoville come to life.

No. 73831

File: 1450541676391.jpeg (92.11 KB, 750x1022, image.jpeg)

You mean unfortunate everything

No. 73832

I can't comment on cosplay costumes and make up because it's not an interest of mine, but, dear god her sfx makeup skills suck

No. 73836

File: 1450544972186.png (730.68 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Can we discuss this attention seeker? Clearly unwell and underweight but she deletes any post that doesn't get over 1000 likes

No. 73837

File: 1450545398541.jpg (39.94 KB, 455x421, pastry face.JPG)

Private account, bah.

Maybe more people would like her posts if the pictures were interesting. Who wants to like a pic of skinny legs wearing jeggings? Nice shiny floor though. Her mum must be good at buffing.

How bad are her bodychecks, because I notice she was deleted?

BTW, having problems starting a new Aly thread. I posted about it on /meta. If anyone wants to try, feel free to copypasta this:

Since Alice's last (disappointing) hospital control appointment there have been BIG CHANGES to her ig account!

She has decided to post only ~meaningful~ pics and to show us more of the Real Alice's interests through the medium of instagram.

So far we have discovered she collects Disney "muppets" and absolutely EVERYTHING she is interested in or owns is related to her eating disorder.

We have also learned that she recycles photos from her old account and her ALL NEW feed (!) consists mostly of pictures of croissants and her long-suffering friends.

She has also morphed into Fifi the shih tzu with her cute new doggy hair do!

www.instagram.com/aly_realrecover (public)
(now private)

Aly discussion on mpa: http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/475017-anyone-heard-of-aly-realrecover-instagram/

Last thread:

[suggested image]

No. 73838

Yeah her account got deleted, she's now using her 'food diary' which has 15K followers, her old one had over 30K. It pisses me off that all she does is ask for likes because of 'the unevenness' but has several times complained her followers aren't active enough..

No. 73841

I can't get enough of the attention whores who try to make it seem like they're triggered by how many likes their instagram selfies get rofl.

>odd numbers are soooo triggering v.v wah wah wah i need 800 likes or else my mental health with continue to plummet

No. 73842

No, she's only 15

No. 73843

Makes you wonder what some people think instagram is. More active? I don't think I'll ever understand why they crave followers and likes of random faceless people, but probably because I'm not an attention seeker.

What's her food diary?

No. 73844

IP x 7 at 15? Woah.

No. 73846

Emily posted a video of her crying! AGAIN. Because she's alone. Do guys know why she is alone? Because she didn't want to go to a family trip! Jesus, Emily, get your shit together, it's pathetic. You chose not to go, stop being so whiny and deal with the fact that you wanted to be alone so you could starve yourself. You love your disorders more than your own family, and don't deny it. If you don't want to be alone, do something about it.
God, she is so annoying.

No. 73847


Are her friends rushing to keep her company? Is she testing to see if they care? Will they drop everything and take the trip to her house or come here to call us cunts because they're concerned and we should babysit Emily?

Mind games. I'm not in the mood.

No. 73851

Let go of your hate. Hate is vile and will do nothing for you.

Ay; that's not nice.

No. 73853

Hey calm down that's too far. We bitch about people and call out attention seekers, we don't tell people to kill themselves. Yeah she's annoying but don't say that.

No. 73854

@fadingzoe or something but her name isn't zoe its Sofija. She's the one that started the whole 'changing my name for security reasons'. Her bio used to be 'relapsing from a relapse' lmao

No. 73855

File: 1450552022856.png (252.26 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Things like this seriously piss me off she's so desperate for likes

No. 73857

She's underage, stop talking about Zoe

No. 73858


Zoe will cryyyyyy

No. 73859

icovery's underage but people talk about her

No. 73860

Emily is 16 gracie is 15 we still talk about them

No. 73864

File: 1450557496088.png (54.64 KB, 431x292, wp_ss_20151219_0003.png)

Idk what the comment was, but Jolto's being an interfering autist again. More inappropriate comments jfc.

No. 73869

Why's em crying and panicking about being on her own then?! Fs make up your mind!1

No. 73871

Emily why the fuck are you moaning about being scared to be on your own if you ACTIVELY CHOSE to be on your own?!? If someone mistakenly blames someone else ie your mum, they are not at fault, YOU are for making such a big deal out of it in the first place!

No. 73872

File: 1450559974675.jpg (197.72 KB, 1070x1225, Screenshot_2015-12-19-21-18-30…)

You made your decision, live with it

No. 73873

But this way she has something to cry about on IG so all her crew can be like 'aww bby nooooo'

No. 73874

File: 1450560648502.gif (1005.25 KB, 277x300, littlefinger.gif)

Joltography up in everybody's business as usual. Read about them here and follow as many as you like but they'll never be your friends, jolto.

No. 73879

What is it with Emily and Aly not being able to function without their mum around?

Both need to find something to do. Learn a craft, learn a language, research an interest…emily would probably benefit from a kick boxing class to focus her anger I she was willing to get physically healthy.

To see a young woman cry because she's alone and to see her make herself look and sound vulnerable is really tragic. She likes to come over as a hard B sometimes, but the state she's in I could snap her like a twig (not that I want to).

No. 73888

How long is Emily meant to be alone? Will she be alone for Christmas?

No. 73889

>People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) tend to have major difficulties with relationships, especially with those closest to them. The wild mood swings, angry outbursts, chronic abandonment fears, and impulsive and irrational behaviors can leave loved ones feeling helpless, abused, and off balance.

Her poor mum.

No. 73891

With all the attention she gets online, she should know better than to announce that she's alone. I'm sure she has a number of creepy old man followers that would just love to find her by herself.

No. 73894

File: 1450571127085.jpeg (261.75 KB, 1271x1496, image.jpeg)

Way to make jolty cry Em.. Kek

No. 73897

Her mum came back early evening. She wasn't away all day. Her mum sounds really nice tbh.

No. 73902

She says the most inappropriate things. See pic. That was a dig at us, which I think meh at because I know a lot of us are definitely not, but even if we were overweight, meh again.

What IS totally idiotic is writing about people being "fat" on an anorexic's ig.

That girl is pretty much a lolcow herself, clinging on to people with disorders.

I really do feel bad for Emily. I understand how disgusting mental illnesses are and how shit treatment is. My only gripe with her is the ig dramas. She NEEDS that bpd diagnosis.

No. 73903

File: 1450572697530.png (18 KB, 451x104, wp_ss_20151220_0001.png)

Ffs dropped pic

No. 73904

Gracie isn't 15 wtf she's 17 she just turned 17 and Emily will be 17 in January

No. 73905

The poor woman probably doesn't know what to do with her shreiking skelebaby. I feel really bad for her.

No. 73906

jolt is lurking, she's DM'd a lot of people talking about @2old2recover telling them to block her because she's talking about people on here

No. 73907

She has 2 other children as well AND she's a grandmother, Emily posted something back in August saying 'I will be the best aunt ever'. I can't believe she's doing this to her mum, I feel so sorry for her. 7+ years of this… She goes on and on about how she wants to get better for her mummy and how she loves her mummy but she's not actually doing anything to help herself or her mum. If I was her mum I'd hospitalise her immediately and get her out of my hair

No. 73908

Gracie just turned 17 and Emilys about to turn 17 I think.. She looks about 12 tbh

No. 73910

And how the hell does she know who never2old is talking about? She's not a namefag. I only know for a fact she had problems with whannorexic. She's a fucking nobhead.

Emily's the only one who still lives at home though. Some mothers are incapable of tough love. She supports Emily so hard, but gets nothing in return.

No. 73912

It's tragic because Emily's mum is enabling her and allowing this sort of behavior to continue. What she needs to do is have her admitted right after Christmas.

No. 73932

File: 1450586272813.jpg (21.28 KB, 250x296, 1071819.jpg)

Basically, Emily made a post about how upset she was that she was alone. Jolto made a comment along the lines of, "I can't believe your parents left you home. That's so mean." Emily flipped out. She swore at Jolto and then made a post about how stupid she was. Jolto sperged out and criiiiiied.

Emily did the same thing a few days ago when Waterfae said she looked "healthier". She lashed out at Waterfae, deleted the offending comment, and then made a post about how stupid Waterfae was because clearly she's lost weight blah blah blah.

This is classic BPD behavior. Imagine how she must treat her family and real life friends.

No. 73938

Beautifying eye enhancing app?

Sperging put at followers and embarrassing them publicly isn't good, but if they communicate with Emily then they've got to expect it. It must be like treading on eggshells talking to her irl and I couldn't be arsed with that bs.

No. 73943

Of all the cows we've discussed, I'm betting Emily and maybe Ash are the only ones that really have BPD.

No. 73965

I used to feel sorry for Emily but I'm stating to see her as a manipulative bully. Deleting comments, only responding to people who are "mean" to her and ignoring anyone who tries to help or compliment.

Get your damn backside off social media and back into hospital. I live no where near you but if I have to find a way to find your camhs nurse and tell her you're cheating your own health I will bloody do so!

And if any of her arse lickers are creeping on here, do yourself a favour and get rid. She needs professional help and I don't think you's should be anywhere near her until she's in a better mind.

No. 73968

File: 1450606541174.png (190.88 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 73970

That last comment.

If they really cared about keeping their likes even, they would put the captions as "DO NOT LIKE THIS IF IT HAS AN EVEN NUMBER", to ensure it stays that way. Bitching about disliking odd numbers is just another way to get more likes while also making them seem quirky, since OCD is trending right now.

No. 73971

if it were really true, they would just not post on insta

No. 73973

She could like and unlike her own comments for even numbers.

No. 74025

>How do you know?

unless jolty sent you a DM about never2old? otherwise, how could you know that? pretty sure the only cow never2old truly dislikes, or has posted about, is ember.

No. 74029

It's always Ember.

No. 74105

File: 1450662104268.png (640.46 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_2015-12-20-20-40-00…)

This should be the visual definition of attention whore.

Just… what the fuck.

No. 74106

I agree. There's quite a bit of this kind of thing on the bodycheck hashtag on ig.

No. 74109

You know, on days when I feel fat, I never strip naked and take faceless body shots for the internet to see. She obviously just wanted people to disagree with her to boost her ego.

No. 74110

>Tell me I'm pretty! I don't feel pretty, teehee. ;)

No. 74121

File: 1450664919317.jpg (13.14 KB, 351x113, sharpie brows.JPG)

Another ana with appalling eyebrows.

Notice all that ~tensing up~ of muscles on her body checks.

No. 74137

She has to go through a brow pencil every two weeks

No. 74138

Not if she uses copic markers.

No. 74142

Or dry erase markers.