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File: 1619206842468.jpeg (207.25 KB, 522x462, 5B6EE6B1-C2CB-410C-9C38-A56482…)

No. 1215061

firstly sorry this is my first time making a thread, apologies for any tardness and mistakes

Our last thread was evidence of the rapid drying of milk- but some cows just can’t stop themselves!

Ham is still munching away- (youtube channel well and truly deceased thank god), on regular cHaLLeNgEs with mumsie and a near miss with her first toob (drink straw dw, no NHS resource wastage)
Ro’s looking better and farmers live in hope that her (slightly) reduced posing and straining for the camera angles will continue to fade.
Gainer’s glorious return to the gym included a “meltdown”, perhaps an allergic reaction to anything that doesn’t involve posting spoop to oompah loompah transformation pics.
Eugenia Cooney and her total moronity (and lifespan) was a brief subject of wonder, but nothing particularly new.
in contrast, the sheer scale of porgie is blowing our minds- a non-selfie picture of her reassured us that we needn’t worry about her wasting away…. nuff said.
in other news,
Anna’s GI issues are ever boring, Remi’s wasted legs seem to work just fine, May admitted to piling on the pounds, and the ever flowing OOTDs from han and AD are persistent and highly amusing.

we saw the rise of new tiktok BPD cow @lilvodkaflavouredjuulpod, another dramatic teenager with enough self-harm on display she should open a museum, and a soops severe (invisible) case of anorexia.
anons noticed she was friends with zara (whose spoopy videos mixed with recovery preaching aren’t fooling anyone)

newfags: read the rules, put sage in the email field.

No. 1215063

again my deepest apologies for this plz don’t roast me for a shit thread

No. 1215087

Is it illegal for all you "UwU my first thread" fags to choose a good thread pic?

No. 1215090

File: 1619209362860.jpg (514.48 KB, 2880x2880, 20210422_224645.jpg)

Thanks anon.. I was too chicken to make a new one, you did fab.

Anywho.. Grace wasn't accepted into the Melbourne clinic kek. I wonder why? Hmm. So we had a wee tantrum so we could get some attention and a ride in an ambo. Typical.

No. 1215093

File: 1619209511872.jpg (564.65 KB, 2880x2880, 20210424_082347.jpg)

(Part 2) And then we got bored of hospital so did a wee runner (or a waddle) to waste more police time. The ER was probably pleased to see the back of her.

No. 1215100

Not thread creator, but her WK. Nobody bothered to submit a pic last thread, why should one anon do all the work? You do it next time, maybe.

Ty for the thread, anon. Excuse pissy farmer.

No. 1215101

File: 1619210092286.jpg (241.06 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20210422-161848_You…)

Ah, jaysus lads, Molly had a routine for a few days so now it's time to challenge ourselves to totally normal breakfasts in the latest installment of Molly Hamming it Up

No. 1215103

Gracie: Can I go home? I know I'm super sick and wast….

No. 1215109

thanks anon much appreciated, I did look for a thread pic but no one posted any, thought ham would do to sum up how dire the milk is.

No. 1215114

Thanks for the thread anon, much appreciated (and dw you did fine)

Do you, Molly? Really?

No. 1215116

> has 0 comments asking about her well being 21 hours after video posted

top fucking kek

how delusional are these bitches? they must spend hours on these over the top dramatic tik toks just for three people (tops) to comment. imagine wasting your life away on that. jesus christ

No. 1215117

I apologize, nonnie.

No. 1215138

File: 1619213425293.jpeg (175.69 KB, 750x881, 17C34AFE-8012-4420-A51C-ED900A…)

nothing like a photo of your deceased grandad followed by a picture of your tits and skelly body

No. 1215139

File: 1619213456428.jpeg (224.06 KB, 750x894, F2003320-D61F-4677-9800-E02B75…)

samefag. haunting photo

No. 1215142

god this is going to haunt me… but the emoji nip covers are sending me kek

No. 1215145

Why does she have her tits out in the second pic?

No. 1215147

why is she so..sinewy and muscly and leathery? given she doesn't go to the gym, is she exercising in her room or something? not that she looks good, she looks weird af

No. 1215154

File: 1619214417036.jpeg (29.77 KB, 250x183, 94330491-123D-47C5-8B8B-CF0F4A…)

No. 1215178

File: 1619215802791.jpeg (267.01 KB, 828x1380, 7F1B2BC1-87CD-4115-8A26-A2E014…)

sage bcs no milk but ro is looking well- as irritating as she was i rlly hope this is her cow status diminishing

No. 1215186

Bewildered as to why she lifted her top up like this… The local skag heads are in better condition tbh.

No. 1215188

Hamming is right, her face is looking rather chubby

No. 1215235

She’s got to be working out somehow right?? She must be doing push-ups in her room.

No. 1215246

File: 1619221857812.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 2888x3464, D1567CA6-4B21-43EF-B500-A895BE…)

Some updates and a body check from Ovi.

No. 1215247

File: 1619221980174.jpg (420.58 KB, 2880x2880, 20210422_224715.jpg)

K's nurses are happily stating the obvious. Imagine the laughs they have about her behind her back. She looks so stupid with that toob.

No. 1215248

can someone make "y'all" illegal to say unless you were born south of the mason-dixon line

No. 1215300


If you're coming back from work,, couldn't you just,, buy your own pizza???

"Encourage recovery".. kek gonna relapse because mum wouldn't allow her to eat her leftover pizza crust. Gross.
I'm really convinced every OW cow here considers eating vegetables and fruits/exercising is considered an eating disorder and rEsTriCtIoN.


This is why everyone thinks OSFED is a fucking joke

No. 1215303


Sorry samefag as >>1215300 but the more I read this it's so fucking stupid HAHA.

>Eats 2 cheese sticks

>Gets mad at mom for not "supporting recovery" (won't let her eat pizza crust)
>"Purges everything" (2 cheese sticks but still OW)
>"Malnourished from years of ED"

do they not even read their own posts? none of this shit adds up at all and apparently they can't even make their own food or buy it despite wOrKinG All dAY and aChInG

No. 1215306

That is defo the body of someone who can just have two cheese sticks a day, and otherwise purges everything she eats. And what.. does her poor mother just have to stop eating food that she bought for herself to encourage her obese daughter to eat like shit. Fucking entitled i'll say.
And vaccines give side effects to even well-nourished people… she aint special there.

No. 1215311

File: 1619228670560.jpg (333.26 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20210423-184110_Twi…)

I checked out Ovi's Twt and they retweeted this pro-ana(??) tip saying 100 steps backwards burns more calories than 1000 steps forward. I think they're just retarded

No. 1215326

we established ages ago she has a naturally round face

No. 1215339

Hi Molly.(hi cow)

No. 1215376

You make the new thread next time then, you had plenty of time

No. 1215417

File: 1619237677143.png (969.41 KB, 1499x780, 2021-04-24.png)

Sage for no milk and possibly heading into a no-go zone.. as far as I can see Rachael has been discussed very briefly in thread 26.
Just watching her most recent youtube video.. is she actually getting any better? I totally get that she was dreadfully sick and it would have taken ages to stabilise, but it was six years ago that she released her first "help me" youtube vid, and raised $200000 .. six years? And no real noticeable weight gain (aside from the first 6 months where she gained a tonne of water weight). She is able to walk now I think, or at least stand. But I'd think if she was actually recovering.. in six years there would have been noticeable progress. Maybe I'm going to get myself into a whole lotta shit.. and i apologise in advance if she is a no go.

No. 1215473

how is she not embarassed to post this? That body check actually looks like she's gained weight
Ovi you are morbidly obese

No. 1215475

I love that despite her following her interaction is super low so all the "omg bb the nurses are so cruel to say that" comments she wants just…dont happen. Kek. We need more psych staff who are willing to call out malingering.

No. 1215476

I want to believe she's recovering, she can walk, talk, and in her recent videos has been saying she's worked to heal her organs first. She couldn't swallow years ago. I just don't find her milky, more extremely sad as she may not even survive this recovery attempt. Yes it's taken a long time for her to actually commit to help and you can tell she's a bit mentally stunted due to being a spoop, but I wish her well

No. 1215514


People called her out on being a fentanyl addict and how a lot of the money must have gone on that. Last I saw she finally did a video admitting her addiction, don't think people who donated were massively pleased as the money wasn't spent how it was said it would be. Scroll through some vids to find the addiction video.
A lot of her assumed spoop brain is because she's high on fentanyl. Easy to see it once you know. Sad all round, wish her the best.

No. 1215516

Possibly, in that photo, she's holding something black in the bottom of the frame that seems to be causing exertion (could be some sort of weight?). Always wondered what sort of bulimic she'd turn out to be. But it looks like her veins are bulging, so wouldn't that be more of a sign of dehydration rather than working out?

No. 1215524

>Can confirm. Own experience and nobody I know hasn't felt like shit after the AZ vaccine (none malnourished).

Idk how much her addiction affected her body and recovery, but she was p much like Ash. Her situation confuses me. How far could she go to be physically well after the state she was in? She's definitely gained, but still seems as fucked up mentally.

>He's watching over me
That's a grim afterlife to watch his granddaughter b/p non stop.

No. 1215525

Fucked up green text, but yeah, I was going to quote her MUH STARVED LITTLE BODY GAVE ME SIDE EFFECTS!!1 bs.

No. 1215529

File: 1619249370956.png (312.91 KB, 720x873, Screenshot_20210424-082657~2.p…)

I was hoping Ganer would've stopped the spoop comparisons now she's busy at the gym. She moved her location to the gym for her "before"s instead.

No. 1215571

All you ass hats who constantly clog up the feed with “hi cow” should seriously be permabanned fucking retards.

No. 1215583


Rest assured, Anon. She'll ruin the rest of her bodily health with her overtraining soon enough…

Hannah's continuous bodychecking is (still) all part of the same old problem… We know.

No. 1215594

File: 1619262815404.png (286.08 KB, 750x1334, 9D4B27C4-6B1F-4D94-AB87-EA1981…)

This from the ‘you are sick even if you have zero ED behaviours!’ queen

No. 1215595

File: 1619263147320.png (1.1 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210424-121745.png)

Creepy Nik is skinwalking Ham

No. 1215606

She has weights and resistance bands, she (obsessively) works out in her room, she's posted photos of it before.

No. 1215607


Oh, those recovery braggers with their treats again.

Call him a li'l fatty one single time and the fear will be back in a hurry.

No. 1215613

File: 1619270432393.jpeg (1.44 MB, 961x1695, 0AA89611-5F77-4969-8AF3-BE3268…)

No. 1215615

File: 1619270831813.jpeg (568.82 KB, 828x1477, B6A6DD12-221E-4EB5-9BDB-92A791…)

Been seeing jonzie, at least I’m fairly certain it’s her, pop up in groups I lurk for munchie antic spotting

No. 1215620

File: 1619271739231.png (Spoiler Image, 1.94 MB, 828x1792, 592E273E-8320-40F8-B229-AE6D89…)

this is so fucking funny ‘normalise weight gain’ ‘anyways here’s my underweight body check’ goodbye

No. 1215631

File: 1619274174436.jpeg (962.72 KB, 828x1566, 5F90A4F6-83B9-45E9-BCB9-5BF052…)

Omg the Ig explore page is like mining for gold (manure?) normal weight cow who routinely crawls around taking selfies with a blank white paper so she can add preachy messages later about an illness she’s only pretending to understand.

No. 1215636

The #anorexiarecovery goes through phases of them all copying each other. Must be the turn of the printed sign. Last time I looked 8t was them showing their stomach's (with rolls). I mean, no problem with rolls, but place don't steip off to get it out for insta.

No. 1215637

Please don't strip off* (still got the nail polish on screen problem, soz)

No. 1215645

just tell them it's aave and to stop being racist, that generally works on these types

No. 1215647

>normalise weight gain in recovery
Isn't that the whole point?

No. 1215655

File: 1619276722293.jpeg (170.64 KB, 750x1238, F0541C97-17B9-47D7-95CA-82FC2D…)

How many times are we going to hear that Anna got her period? This is definitely the second.
Let’s put bets on how long it will be before her ‘informational’ posts on hypothalamic amenorrhoea (I miss the good old days when people just called it ‘missing your period’) and 50 tiktoks on how she got it back… including stretching, sleeping and meditating and ignoring that actually you just have to gain weight.

No. 1215675

Yea it looks like her. She got skinny again since her heroin mug shot days. Girl really craves showing off her illness on the internet. Also KEK about the text - literally everything wrong with her she did to herself. Got any more milk on her?

No. 1215680

Wasn't it deemed a while back that ghost was self posting? or am I misremembering? Seem desperate enough to re-pull up something that was left at the end of last thread. Poor bait.

No. 1215692

File: 1619281320731.png (530.78 KB, 720x1148, Screenshot_20210424-171949~2.p…)

Oh yeah, periods are popular as well. This random uses hers as a before shot opportunity.

Yeah, she posts here and that's more than likely her reposting.

No. 1215693

shes skinny in both so the point really isnt coming across too well

No. 1215718

also talks about over exercise being an issue but her second photo is her in workout gear kek

No. 1215720

Meh, how else can you brag (how sad…) to have lost your period? There's really no other context that would work, which imo is what's prompting all these completely wrong informationals from teenagers

Does anyone know if thane_of_windhelm died? Search these threads and online, couldn't find anything

No. 1215728

P sure we would've heard if she died. It's been ages since I heard about her.

No. 1215735

She changed her username, now it’s yuri something I think…? Sure there another anon who can confirm.

No. 1215736

She's still going, she has been active on social media earlier in the month so assuming alls well as can be.

No. 1215755

i'm shocked. she was spoopy for a long time.

No. 1215759

I would also love more milk if it's available. She's one of my favorite OG ED/Munchie crossover cows.

No. 1215795

File: 1619289088782.jpeg (391.71 KB, 828x1173, 0950AAAA-6B40-4F3B-8FF2-08E6F5…)

marin hitting the nail on the head

No. 1215827

File: 1619291065415.jpeg (100.41 KB, 750x1195, C4C5B80B-F8C6-4075-9604-923068…)

21st Jan she made this post.
I do get it that when you get your period back it can be irregular maybe this is the first period she’s had since Jan. But she is acting like she has only now got her period back for the first time ever akin to all the first time ever eating food ever posts splashed on all the recovery accounts. Because you don’t get as many asspats if you’re just having your period like a regular healthy NORMAL person.

No. 1215831


Someone tell that person, that this 'period' thingie is supposed to return every four weeks!

Just in case she doesn't know already.

No. 1215841

I know you don’t mean this literally but it gets better: an anon on an old thread she mentioned she wants to go into gynaecology. Can you imagine her in a consultation telling her patient “well when *~I~* was underweight and lost MY period……” because this is totally something her arrogant ass would do

No. 1215843

It’s actually the 3rd time at least she’s got it back. I followed her since like June 2020 and she got it back in August 2020 too and then again like a month ago. It’s to the point where I don’t believe she lost it… she deleted the post but there was one of her in her room holding pads up like they were a prize.

No. 1215844


Samefag here. Now THAT ticks me off. How in the world? Too good to know that nutjob wouldn't get a degree anytime soon (or ever).

Going for a pizza and a can of beer now just to add some healthy calories.

No. 1215852

File: 1619293404519.png (453.41 KB, 2030x1427, Screenshot_20210424-153449.png)


Yeah this is her now. I think an anon in a previous thread follows her and said she's gone on more of the munchie route

No. 1215895

Yup, claims eds and is always posting about how her anus is bleeding, various infections, and begging for money

No. 1215905

Pretty sure she's blocking people who like this comment.

No. 1215909

It must be over two years ago she was saying she needed a load of her stomach taken away and/or a colostomy.

Hope someone took that red sofa away and she washed her knickers.

No. 1215912

File: 1619299175287.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 92EAADA6-7CBA-4914-99D2-03098A…)

That comment isn’t there any more…
Also this part just seems so insensitive… like she’s sticking her finger up at people who don’t have their period saying ‘haha at your osteoporosis and infertility’

No. 1215914

it must kill her pretending to be happy about it when she is probably annoyed she is not a frail waif

No. 1215917

File: 1619299439504.png (443.46 KB, 507x604, sohot.png)

Anna also didn't realise that the element in the oven gets red hot. it's not particularly milky but also shows she is not the most observant or smartest cow in the herd. gave me a laugh anyway.

No. 1215919

I doubt there was ever any chance of her getting those with her short, mild case of the ana. Yeah, fucking awful thing to post. She could be infertile herself for many reasons.

No. 1215929

Kek. Probably because she was never actually severely underweight for an extended period of time. She’s pretty dumb for someone who wants to be a doctor… you can get your period back and still have done enough damage to your bone density and reproductive system to have problems.

No. 1215934

Yay! You got toxic shock syndrome to look forward to instead.

No. 1215937

Her obsession with menstruation and fertility is bizarre to me, like… having a period doesn't automatically mean your fertile anyway

No. 1216023

Does anyone remember a youtuber from New Zealand called Pixie? She was anorexic and had a peg but living at home..

One day she just vanished- it's going back maye 6 or 7 years

No. 1216113


That's what living in a world is like, where the only "safe" food is a strawberry milkshake.

No. 1216137


Quitting Youtube is the first step to realize your failure at life.

No. 1216145

File: 1619342713191.jpg (1.04 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-25-07.22.50.jpg)

OMFG! Was scrolling through all the threads, I didn't think it was even possible for Georgia to get even fatter than she was 2 years ago… But look at this comparison of just her face 2 years ago and now. Her face has pretty much DOUBLED in size. I don't understand why she isn't being FORCED TO LOSE WEIGHT! She's BEYOND obese for goodness sakes!!

No. 1216147

Calm down, bone rattler.

No. 1216149

this hog is insufferable but no need to sperg and be this MOTI

No. 1216150

File: 1619343276434.png (510.5 KB, 422x714, diabetes.png)

jfc it looks like ham put almost half of the jar on her porridge

No. 1216151

The weight gain is both sad and not a surprise. I wonder if anyone in medical care ever told her directly she's morbidly obese. She seems to worm out of the way by using her malnutrition (not eating healthy) as a catchall for being tubed. I hope she's not restricting too much during this difficult post-coma period of her life… Are you eating proper solids, Georgia? You'll experience icky diarrhea if you don't, hunnie…

No. 1216167

Aldis finest strawberries. Her constant Oat So Simple pics reminds me of the monotony when Becky posted blueberries in milk every day.

No. 1216182

I’m just surprised to see a fruit. Try veg next, Ham.

No. 1216190

File: 1619355249233.jpeg (449.53 KB, 1125x2000, 78A7CA4B-128E-4465-A92C-BDF88C…)

Has her face always been so lopsided? What’s going on with that?

No. 1216195

It's exaggerated from headbanging.

She used to look somewhat normal, her face is serving stroke-chan vibes cause she's constantly either bloated or head-banging or both.

No. 1216199

Who the fuck would force someone to lose weight? Calm down.

No. 1216200

Has she had a mild stroke?

No. 1216203

So annoying that these cows think the reason they've avoided dire medical consequences is because of their super special recovery tips and general ethos, not because they just weren't sick enough long enough.

No. 1216204

That's scary that someone can look so different from headbanging

No. 1216205

she's such a sadcow. She's been at this dumb 'uwu I'm so delicate and innocent and helpless' bullshit for like 4 years now? Defintely BPD. She needs to be told on no uncertain terms to fuck off

No. 1216207

File: 1619357940395.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, B2826F24-41DE-4052-A6C5-9CC7ED…)

is this a threat or a promise , kek

No. 1216213

it's a national emergency alert

No. 1216219

Holy shit. That really almost looks like just a full bowl of Nutella with strawberries.

No. 1216222

pre sure I once read on her tells that she didn't have trauma….odd

No. 1216229

Well, anorexics can be forced to gain weight, so I can see the argument for forcing ham planets like Porgie to lose it…

No. 1216233

I think antipsychotics can do that to you?

No. 1216242

when you are in inpatient, your doctors control your life including your diet. At her size she could lose a lot of weight on even 2000 calories a day - she's morbidly obese and making her lose weight should be part of her healthcare. But she wants to roleplay as an anorexic.

No. 1216245

Sorry if this sounds snobby but I can't stop laughing at the fact she's even got off-brand Nutella.

No. 1216246

File: 1619366025923.png (698.64 KB, 641x637, Screenshot 2021-04-25 at 16.52…)

I was going to say "at least she's not holding her leg above her head" then found her Depop store… (although this listing is from over a year ago)

No. 1216247

apologies for samefagging but it's "And ME" not I! Fucking hell I hope an editor catches that. Basic fucking grammar.

No. 1216252

Looks like Bell’s palsy to me which can happen from antipsychotics. She doesn’t bang her head hard enough for it to result in her face drooping. Her self harm is all superficial for the gram.

No. 1216254

Over 4 years. She's one of our original cows because she was friends with Crying Emily.

Same. Some things are worth paying an extra quid for.

No. 1216255

We only just tackled Corona virus here and she unleashes her second self indulgent snoozefest.

No. 1216261

File: 1619368010625.jpeg (213.64 KB, 750x734, 8D3733C1-581D-40DA-8EEF-A13099…)

Found a meme on Reddit, immediately thought of Porgie. Except this is how she really looks and for some reason she sees herself as dainty waif.

No. 1216270

No I think ‘I’ is correct. For example, ‘The King and I’ or ‘Me, myself and I’

No. 1216271

"I" is actually correct, anon..

No. 1216272

y'all know anon is saying its 'and me' in reference to the title not that its correct….hence why she wants an editor to catch the mistake…

No. 1216277

She is literally in a bpd unit so…yeah

No. 1216287

Reverse body dysmorphia, kek.

No. 1216311

Anon is suggesting that ‘and I’ is wrong and should be changed to ‘and me’ instead but anon is wrong…. ‘and I’ is the correct grammar.

No. 1216312


Whatever, that's a shit title for the book. It sounds like it was written by someone like Betty Ford and not an over dramatic teen with an eating disorder.

No. 1216333

File: 1619375286015.png (4.21 MB, 828x1792, D97C4044-B51B-487A-B5D0-874CC6…)

Not everyone who has an eating disorder is white and female but here is a collage of white females to contradict that. The ED community is a dumb place

No. 1216338

They're all young people as well. She could've used some pics of males, POC and older people with eating disorders available online. Oh, and they all have long hair.

No. 1216343

File: 1619376722624.jpeg (79.05 KB, 752x960, 40A830E4-7FD7-4ACF-B899-95E14F…)

I just noticed she started posted there within the last few months, I wonder if mama bear is still around and treating here.

No. 1216345

File: 1619376797333.jpeg (981.98 KB, 1184x1277, 871DFBF9-7414-458C-A251-358ECE…)

Jonzie in 2021, guess she got bored of the seizure helmet too

No. 1216349

File: 1619376969223.jpg (164.37 KB, 1018x820, richmond-12-pc-plating-spoon-s…)

Here ya go Jonzie.

N2f inspired teletubby hairdo.

No. 1216361

everyone, cut your hair to recover instantly!

No. 1216364

she's blocked comments on the post as well. She could have used the responses she got to talk about how the ~community~ does not represent older people/males/POC/people with EDs other than AN or LARP. Like, I can think of maybe 3 male ED accounts when 1/4 sufferers are male.

No. 1216443


Medfag here - 99% sure this is Bell’s palsy. Easy way to know is look at the eyebrow. If the eyebrow droops too - it’s Bell’s palsy.
If she can raise her eyebrow, that’s when you think mini stroke/brain bleed from headbanging (it’s to do with which nerves in the brain are responsible for eyebrow movement).

No. 1216445

shes probably self conscious about it enough, if its bells palsy no need to keep sperging

No. 1216452

Doesn’t Bell’s palsy go away in a lot of cases? Not a message but I thought that, and also that it doesn’t typically progressively get worse, which it appears to be doing for Laura.

No. 1216453

Sorry samefag meant not a MEDFAG

No. 1216608

Bells Palsy is viral and can come and go in the form of flare ups, which can be related to stress.
Has Laura never mentioned this before? You would think a munchie would be ecstatic to announce a new diagnoses

No. 1216679

You would think, but I feel like it's not really trendy enough in the munchie community (like gastroparesis/ehlos danlos/POTS/chronic fatigue etc.). Bells Palsy is rarely 'serious' and not usually an excuse to be coddled and mothered in hospital.

No. 1216682

Not to WK but she did put a disclaimer.. sorry but kinda over people calling out everything as racist.. it's not. This was obviously a personal project thing and she likely just reached out to the community she is in - which is clearly white female teenagers. They're probably the only ones who will see it. No big deal. If this was a huge international awareness project event thing it would be different.

No. 1216770

Two sentences isn’t a sperge you moron, it’s to stop people suggesting half her face is paralysed because she is bloated (why are people that fucking dumb)

No. 1216789

it is brought up almost every fucking thread, this thread is for shitty pro-ana behaviour and sperging about a fucking facial condition she can't help doesnt really fit under that category? feeds into their little perception of us as bullies.

No. 1216790

whats the back story on jonzie? sperg for retard, nvr heard of this cow

No. 1216827


It’s worth just going back and reading it all for yourself purely for the rollercoaster it will take you on. I think this is where she first entered:


No. 1216843

Heavily wrapped up in staying sick and going to extreme lengths to do so. (Ingesting tide pods). Was very entwined with her primary physician, calling her mama bear and posting various screenshots of texts with mama bear where she encourages her to eat, provides words of encouragement, coddles her etc

No. 1216912

File: 1619451125219.jpeg (396.92 KB, 1536x2048, 937A60A2-21BE-4CE3-8D4F-FD75E9…)

The way ovi does her makeup legitimately makes her look like a brow-drooping neanderthal. Why would anybody do this?

No. 1216917

File: 1619451432278.jpg (482.69 KB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20210426-113300__01…)

I've been following these threads since the beginning and can't for the life of me remember if this girl has been posted, and wasn't able to find a mention on google.

Came across @moonchild.etc on instagram today, claims to be recovering from restrictive ED and various chronic illnesses, meanwhile her FDOEs are mostly fast food and carbs and sugar loaded coffee.
Every post has roughly 5 or so comments while having hundreds of views, and all of them happen to be positive. There's the stray criticism here or there but they get spammed by her whiteknights.

No. 1216943

She was a golden cash cow of delicious creamy milk.

No. 1216956

i'm seeing a reoccurring theme of munchies faking restrictive eds claiming to have pcos as if that somehow explains their morbid obesity.. i mean, i know pcos makes it harder to lose weight and makes women more prone to have some extra weight on them, but if these girls were eating close to nothing because of their sooper severe anorexia, they wouldn't be 300lbs no matter how severe their pcos is

No. 1216970

File: 1619455046276.png (2.91 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9267.PNG)

this comment section KEK

No. 1216976

File: 1619455603944.jpg (87.9 KB, 702x839, Capture.JPG)

She really is disgusting. If I was morbidly obese and wanted to find a bodiposi person to feel an affinity with, no way would I look at this fashion blind whale flashing her gunt and calling herself cute and think she's someone to bond with. I'd cross the fucking road.

Loads of health problems…oh I wonder why.

No. 1216982

File: 1619455916360.jpeg (876.37 KB, 828x1135, 9E6FBBE3-BF4F-44E1-813C-4A6A2C…)

ovis notes for her therapist
>wanted to binge but brushed teeth instead
>mum worried about ed behaviour

No. 1216983

if she really brushed her teeth everytime she wanted to binge she wouldnt be morbidly obese

No. 1216997

kek at her ~off-handedly~ mentioning taking steroids like it’s any excuse to be overweight

No. 1217006

yeah, it's one thing to be 130 lbs at 5'2 and have anorexia and just not be dealthy underweight, but some of these people saying they have AN when they weigh as much as a LITERAL small cow (not an adult full grown cow)?? I don't buy it. If you have BED, great, get help for it, but don't market your eating as 'anorexia recovery'

these people need to grow up and realize that flashing your gut on social media and calling it 'body positivity' isn't doing anything for anyone

No. 1217007

these people need to grow up and get off of the internet and live real lives, not lives spent posting about their ED and how 'strong' they are. fight your illness (real or not real), but don't do it on the internet

No. 1217015

The one thing that confuses me is that her mouth doesn't seem to be affected, just her eye/eyebrow.

No. 1217020

Yeah, that's odd. I just did a quick search but nothing's mentioned about only the eye being affected. If anything, it looks like she's scrunching her eye up on purpose because her cheek muscle on the wonk side is higher than on the other. Even "droopy eye and eyebrow" doesn't say anything except if it's eyes and eyebrows (both).

No. 1217021

I dunno anon, I'm not saying she's not a landwhale but she does say she's on prednisone which is a bastard for making you bloat up. I wonder what she takes it for.

No. 1217023

That ramadan one sent me

No. 1217024

This body type is so unfortunate

No. 1217026

but could it possibly make you bloat THAT much? I get a few pounds, but all the way up to being morbidly obese? Unless they were morbidly obese to begin with?

No. 1217028

SHe drank 2 liters of rum? Although being so fat she does need more to get drunk

No. 1217030

File: 1619459455548.jpg (171.92 KB, 1156x666, unknown allergies.JPG)

She mentions "allergies". If it's hayfever, then she's a dick playing in the grass.

P sure she'd get alcohol poisoning with 2 litres unless it's really shit rum.

No. 1217032

yeah, if you have allergies that are THAT bad, would you REALLY be spending a ton of time outdoors if you know that's what aggravates them?

No. 1217036

File: 1619459949165.png (468.04 KB, 1002x652, 2.png)

She might have arthritis because she shows herself taking some chemo stuff, methotrexate

>Methotrexate is a type of medicine called an immunosuppressant. It slows down your body's immune system and helps reduce inflammation. It is used to treat inflammatory conditions, including: rheumatoid arthritis. That's probably her chronic pain, which would probably improve if she wasn't carrying so much weight on her knees.

No. 1217037

If you want to reply to a specific post, you can just tap the post's ID number and it'll make your post a reply to the post.

No. 1217067

I will say tho, as scummy as much of her behavior seems to be, I could imagine it's difficult to be trying to lose weight but not being able to bc of medication

that being said, I don't like it when people glorify obesity or try to make it seem like obesity is healthy or normal

No. 1217079

I agree. It's none of my business if someone's obese, but pretending to be restricting or being ill because they're big and putting themselves forward as #plussizeinfluencer is revolting. It's that debate about how profat is the same shit as proana.

I want to know how many donuts less a day she consider to be "restricting".

Any word on Georgie while we're on the subject? Bet she's tubed.

No. 1217090

YUP. overweight isn't healthy, nor is underweight. those terms exist for a reason. you should be within your weight range, and I'm sick of people trying to say that obese is healthy and you should love your body no matter the size. Sorry, but that isn't any better than the proana content–I agree with you on that point, above anon

No. 1217092

and like, if you want a donut, eat a freaking donut. it's not the end of the world. if you're eating multiple in a day to challenge a 'fear food'? maybe check your diagnosis or habits, luv, bc something doesn't seem quite right there

No. 1217098

File: 1619463442471.png (3.67 MB, 960x2079, 1D8FF9DA-1CE8-45DE-84CD-8FAF6D…)

Sage b/c no milk really but do y’all remember when nikki sharp was really big??? She clearly has disordered eating habits / underweight

No. 1217102

imo but she kind of just looks like most swimsuit models? not trying to wk here in the slightest but that particular pose also accentuates your rib cage, so it really could just be that… plus, many models/influencer tend to promote 'clean' eating which is just glamourised orthorexia, so I'd just lump her in that category, I suppose. It's all the same. They're all the same.

No. 1217104

Learn to post properly newfag

No. 1217105

no idea who she is so I looked her up. She has a book called 'the 5 day real food detox', I think it is safe to say she doesn't have the healthiest relationship with food regardless of her size

No. 1217120

File: 1619464760728.png (4.74 MB, 828x1792, B2DE92CA-3563-428C-BC89-50CD44…)

what is it with all the posh twats trying to get a manilife sponsorship?

No. 1217123

Bet she saw where we sussed out Manilife makes you recover successfully and bought some.

OR Elzani really is their role model and they copy everything she does.

No. 1217158

you know, recovery 'influencers' are bad enough, but I still can't believe there is a whole section of MPA dedicated to accountability threads for users to help each other starve and enable their eating disorders… recovery larpers are bad enough, but this?? how is this allowed to exist??

No. 1217160

also why do all the recovery accounts use the same sad little mellow background songs

No. 1217168

it's 'allowed' bc we dont live under an authoritian state? lol. love to see how you think these kind of sites would get banned. they dont break the law, unfortunately

No. 1217170

* authoritarian

No. 1217175

I meant more so in terms of people, not necessarily government intervention. It still shocks me that there are people that enable this behavior (naive, I know). MPA is a scummy website, but at least the admin seems to have ditched the site so it'll hopefully die eventually, but I fear a new one will just take its place

No. 1217176

I know it can't get shut down because it technically does break laws, it just bothers me because pro ana content should not exist.

No. 1217177

I love how they start threads about lolcow and how horrible and evil we are like they're some kind of fucking angels when they're compiling ~bonespo~ galleries.

No. 1217184

exactly!! like sure jan, you're so much better bc you're encouraging people to starve but it's ok bc you're giving tips on how to prevent harm!

It's hypocritical. At least we aren't encouraging people to starve themselves to death here.

No. 1217185

also meant to say DOESN'T break laws in my previous post, sorry

No. 1217187

i think you need to learn how to reply to people. click the 'No.' to reply

No. 1217196

Plenty of average people are on steroids. Yes they do make you bloat but mainly you just get a moon face. Most people don't even change clothes size.
Of course some people do get significantly puffier and the fluid retention can make moving around harder bit it's very different to just genuinely being morbidly obese…

No. 1217199

OH ok. Thank you!! I will do this in the future. Sorry!

No. 1217212

Funny how most of these obese ones try to explain their size away with either (or all of) some sort of chronic illness, medication or ~restrictive ED recovery~ while preaching eVeRy1 is v4LiD and HAES. If they truly believed that they wouldn't need to try and justify it with muh pcos/thyroid/whatever. If food's nothing to be ashamed of, what's wrong with admitting you're enjoying a metric fuck ton of it?

No. 1217215

you have posted the same comment 3 times in 17 minutes
the influx of newfags on this thread is fucked

No. 1217217

Yeah I can't spell. Not a newfag but carry on

No. 1217225

wtf is the point of clogging up the thread reposting your comment then? just leave the spelling mistake no1curr

No. 1217235

Jesus okay nonnie, point taken. Can we stop derailing and get back to comparing manilife to explosive diarrhea now?

No. 1217268

I don't get why people can't just eat normal, generic peanut butter. I also don't get why people are trying so desperately to get these brands to sponsor them/send them free stuff

No. 1217276

File: 1619475686028.jpeg (631.47 KB, 1112x1804, 87415A03-E650-4E9C-A703-E9B905…)

This is the stuff she currently posts about

No. 1217279

>admitted for MALNUTRITION (not anorexia!!!!!)
>discharged "swollen" and depleted of potassium

sure, hun

No. 1217289

interesting. malnutrition could easily be as a result of a shoddy diet…

wonder if she's REALLY restricting, or just eating like garbage

No. 1217300

Christ, that sounds awful. I really hope she's making this up.

No. 1217305

a lot of these site eventually move toward recovery as people age out of their EDs (happens for some) or reach an equilibrium. There are much worse things online than pro-ana sites, and restricting discussion of EDs only leads to more isolation and problems imho. There's no reason for all the censorship on various social media platforms; it's not like showing people how to inject an illegal drug. People were EDed before the internet.

People in positions of power like to blame grassroots websites (created by sufferers) for eating disorders and mental illnesses while absolving companies who advertise with bone-thin models and send starving underage girls/boys down runways to show off clothing. It's easier to say "wow, look how fucked up those mentally ill people are, get that shit off my internet" rather than take on some huge corporation or suggest that companies be prohibited from photoshopping their models.

Harm reduction is a thing for drug addicts too. I'm not sure why it's being vilified.

Pro-tip: if you see some thread where people are seriously urging each other to starve, those people are probably normal weight, or maybe you went to skinnyfans. Someone with an ED doesn't really need a group of people cheering on their fast. Maybe it helps some people do it but I highly doubt it's even a factor. Pictures and models on the other hand…

No. 1217320

File: 1619479323686.png (2.39 MB, 828x1792, 7E43CFA9-FCE5-4597-8ABE-7B4161…)

still claiming water retention….

No. 1217322

File: 1619479610072.jpeg (281.21 KB, 828x838, 1B4D030E-DDF0-4E86-85B6-87949B…)

and this comment made me kek

No. 1217334

Didn't someone post her Wendy Williams ankles in the last thread? Legit looked like edema though

No. 1217335

The two things aren't mutually exclusive. She's clearly gained weight and she probably does have some edema in her ankles because that's a pretty typical side effect of gaining weight after being pretty underweight/malnourished. There's no way in hell that she's literally gained only fluid weight from edema, though.

No. 1217336

Why is organ failure the favorite thing for cows to claim recently? They’re outpatient and living normal lives besides their constant bitching on TikTok and Instagram, but they claim their organs are failing.

No. 1217337

if you have organ failure and other internal problems, would you not want to get help? why put this out there if you know that the attention you get is just going to be people telling you to get help (at least, I hope that's what people will say)

No. 1217353

Prednisone + chemo = something autoimmune

No. 1217397

She’s a fitness author and writes books on how to eat well don’t think it’s an eating disorder

No. 1217405

KEK she looks like a tranny. Turns out she is fucking ugly regardless of her weight.

No. 1217407

File: 1619484892858.jpg (427.37 KB, 2880x2880, 20210427_124422.jpg)

K did a "what I ate today" .. garlic bread and chocolate/raspberry bullets. I guess a good reason to LARP anorexia is to eat these things and claim its a challenge, and then pretend to feel guilty. Hun.. we know this wasn't hard for you

No. 1217423

Phoebe tickner vibes

No. 1217568

I agree, apart from I think there is an argument for banning pro stuff on social media. If people are already on myproana they probably actively sought it out but it is too easy for kids to stumble upon a thinspo account on instagram (or tiktok or whatever the current platform is) and spiral from there. And from what I've seen at least people on MPA normally don't pretend what they are doing is OK whereas people on insta do. (Or maybe if they stop banning those accounts they won't have to pretend to be pro-recovery? ) The exception is course the creepy pedo/skelly fetishists who hang around encourage young girls to fast on MPA.

No. 1217580

the internet used to be (/is) primarily for adults and parents need to parent their kids. just my two cents.

No. 1217610

Call me soft, but I've always pitied her. I doubt she will ever seek the actual medical help she needs

No. 1217611

god she's so ugly

No. 1217618

she looks so… tragic.
do you think she fucks up her bangs and eye makeup on purpose to make her look more sick?

No. 1217621

I think she's autistic tbh. She has made many videos about 'atypical anorexia' and in one she states "atypical anorexia is when people who are naturally bigger have anorexia" and she genuinely thinks her make up videos are good. She can't lip sync either and has a kinda slurred speech, but that could be meds. Either way she's an attention seeking cow.

No. 1217699


She posts a LOT of videos (I think hoping they’re going to go viral) giving ‘inspirational’ speeches like ‘PUT DOWN THAT ROPE’ ‘you need to be here’ ‘I know you feel worthless but you are not’.
The latest one she said ‘I don’t even know you and you might not follow me but if you weren’t here tomorrow I don’t even know what I’d do’ …..well you’d carry on your life as normal because you’d have no idea? kek

No. 1217754

File: 1619533696051.png (591.98 KB, 1069x1932, Screenshot_2021-04-27-15-17-17…)

A HAES activist in recovery from restrictive behaviours and purging.

According to her posts, maintaining any level of thinness is unhealthy but the BMI scale is "a lie" when applied to healthier weights.

No. 1217755

File: 1619533759267.png (136.87 KB, 1068x1398, Screenshot_2021-04-27-15-20-38…)

HAES activist logic:

No. 1217756

File: 1619533880554.png (366.9 KB, 370x573, polaroidsushi.png)

Anna says she has had to go Gluten and dairy free because of her GI issues, but the said she had this whole box of sushi, which contains cream cheese. In fairness it is not much cheese, but I am going to post it here in case she was lying about a) eating it or b) the severity of her GI problems

No. 1217767

With this logic she'd be utterly miserable 24/7 because there's always someone who's killed themselves

No. 1217769

I think their "restrictive behaviors" are fasting or eating very very little because they want anorexia to lose weight but then they get hungry and binge. They should try a healthy balanced diet with some exercise, but that's fatphobic probably..

No. 1217773

File: 1619535749772.png (882.53 KB, 796x1266, Screenshot_20210427-160017.png)

Dharma well and truly proving that she's not right in the head.
1500 calories 'bulk' with an absolutely excessive amount of protein given she claims to be about 70lbs

No. 1217778

she is going to completely crash when she goes to college in autumn, if not before. I can't say I'll be that sad though, because of the way she shares her bs nutrition advice and LW photos.

No. 1217787

don’t think anyone is concerned about anna lying about what she eats tbh… not to WK but she’s one of the healthier cows who (for all her lies and general twatishness) seems to eat and eat enough.

No. 1217791

File: 1619537232578.jpg (96.09 KB, 1328x441, shit thapist.JPG)

Found this title on a lit site. Can't help thinking how this would be the antithesis to Paige's dull, miserable, self-pitying Trauma, My Therapist and Me/I.

Does Paige have a sense of humour?

I'm finding sushi is becoming a trending middle class recovery food, like Manilife. Looking forward to Ham eating one of those cheap sushi packs from Aldi.

No. 1217793

I looked up the sushi, it was £40. You could buy all the sushi in Aldi for a quarter of that

No. 1217796

£40 is half a week's grocery bill for Ham's family! £40 and Anna's going to feel hungry an hour after eating that lot. Soz, I don't get sushi.

No. 1217797


Obese cows also keep crying body dysmorphia which is by definition focussing on flaws so minor they can’t be seen by others… disliking being obese isn’t irrational or dysmorphic, it’s just life.

No. 1217801

You could make the same argument for Eugenia Cooney, but whenever people are told it's not her responsibility that kids stumble upon her stuff, and actually it's their parent's responsibility, people lose their shit.

No. 1217821

Ganer's stories are possibly the most OCD on insta. Walking, action figure bodyshot, cup of coffee on kitchen top, protein slop in that bowl near her laptop. Can't post ss, but you'll have seen it a million times already.

I couldn't not say anything to her if I was her friend or family. Her head must hurt with all the compulsions to do routing.

No. 1217823


No. 1217842

File: 1619541557490.png (216.81 KB, 2136x540, Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 12.3…)

Sorry if this has been talked about but do we know if Dharma genuinely has lipase deficiency or not? Cuz after reading the wikipedia article on this condition it seems conveniently like a fat-fearing ana's perfect excuse to restrict.

No. 1217856

File: 1619542982251.jpeg (233.66 KB, 750x1291, 667D14F1-3C31-4280-AAFA-D9FA84…)

She’s on the munchie train now I follow her. She munched her way into two feeding tubes by using her ed and starving herself… she also has a port for fluids. And of course blood letting for those sweet iron infusions

No. 1217873

Came to post the exact same picture. She’s a classic pro-ana cow: posting low calorie, high volume recipe ideas for other anorexics, flexing her skinny body, pretending not to understand why she can’t gain weight or why she’s having digestive problems. I find her especially despicable because she clearly comes from a wealthy family that coddles and caters to her by buying her the fanciest blender, expensive diet foods, etc. but she frequently accuses them of being abusive and awful on her Instagram. Ungrateful little wretch.

No. 1217884

absolutely just a cover. Anna/ fitveganginger claims it as well I believe. For Dharma, there is the added bonus that she can say it is a result of organ damage because she is the sickest anorexic ever.

No. 1217888


I was trying to think which cow it was that said they were homeless and their parents hate them yet they bought her a fancy ass blender and she had daddy date pics on fb. Was it Dharma? There were too many threads to trawl through to find it, but it bugged me.

No. 1217891

yes, that was her

No. 1217899

Is she still claiming she's on the streets?

No. 1217909

No. It wasn't very well documented here but she found a room to rent with a middle aged gymrat and his son, who she kindly fed zero calorie pasta. But a few months ago her other roommate assaulted her and she needed to get stitches (which she was pleased about because it meant burning calories while healing so she could eat more 'treats'). That was when she moved back in with her parents

No. 1217919

Holy shite, how did I miss that. Oh I'll find it. How do they get themselves into these situations multiple times?

No. 1217922


Wow, this just made me go check in on fitveganginger for the first time in years. She's calling herself a Dr. Anna now after buying a bullshit degree? Amazing. I will never forget her anorexic "cereal" of diced vegetables and stevia in almond milk. Top-tier.

No. 1217924

Stevia was her version of Spam. Whatever food she was…creating…tons of Stevia.

No. 1217930

File: 1619547576608.png (422.7 KB, 638x406, anna.png)

>>1217922 anna is actually looking really good these days, but she still has a stomach asshole

No. 1217959

ofc shes making it up you retard

No. 1217971

File: 1619551619858.jpg (42.22 KB, 360x480, blogger-image--2037292597.jpg)

Bon appétit ladies!

Seriously though FVG was one of my all time favourite cows, her abomination recipes were horror cow tier, kelm

No. 1217973

is that raw veg in milk? jesus i feel sick

No. 1217974

How did she end up with 2 tubes?!? Share more anon!!!

No. 1217995

its her version of cinnamon toast crunch. raw veg in almond milk, seasoned with cinnamon and a metric fuckton of stevia

No. 1218064

> I have body dysmorphia because I see myself as disgustingly fat
> has a BMI of 50

Yeeeah, that's not dysmorphia, that's being unhappy because you're a fatty.

No. 1218065

well, this is also true imho. I don't know why people who literally grew up alongside the internet think it's some kidsafe place. It isn't. For every Eugenia, there's someone out there who directly wants to cause your kid harm. So you teach them skills for dealing with tough stuff in life.

Seeing a bone queen isn't going to make people or kids anorexic. to It's disgusting to look like that. The media and society romanticizing anorexia and mental illness and sex and alcohol and drugs… that has a far greater effect. OnlyFans is a cancer that will cause many more eating disorders and addictions than eugenia's carcass could.

No. 1218067

BD is a thin person thinking they're fat not a fat person knowing they're fat kek

No. 1218077

File: 1619555559190.png (2.82 MB, 828x1792, D689D6F2-2348-426B-ACB4-B2F142…)

Another cow on the headbanging trend but at least she has some decency to not show it off

No. 1218078

she blocked me for gently telling her that God wants her to heal, not overexercise and hurt herself. It was actually a kind comment and I'm still shocked she did it. This was back when she got her ostomy and would detail her poop blowouts but also show off her hours at the ice rink + brag about her sheer exhaustion. It was really gross.

But that also wasn't the first nice comment I ever made to her. That finsta was always supportive and had some photos and followers too.

She's a bitch. I remember her bizarre dreams about little boys with ostomy bags dancing ballet.

No. 1218081

literally what is scary about sushi? You are right though, Anna was once talking about going all in and all the food she could magically eat… she drew in this big dramatic breath and moaned "suuushi…!"

yeah sushi, that low-fat pseudomeal

No. 1218100

ok ass kisser

No. 1218113

wow anon you're such a cool emotionless edgelord, i too vow to never wish for people to stop harming themselves /s

No. 1218117

'God wants her to heal'

No. 1218126

dude, sometimes it's part of interacting with fucked up people to play along.

No. 1218127

Exactly, and I don't see the petitions calling for obese YouTubers to be banned from the internet. Don't get me wrong, Eugenia IS a pro-ana scumbag, but she also does get a lot of genuine hate and harassment, aside from the obvious concern from fans she also gets. She's allowed to exist on the internet.

No. 1218133

File: 1619558036633.jpeg (322.24 KB, 750x970, CBF16028-50C7-48B5-8B26-23B1C0…)

To break up the FVG sperging, here is a post Hxn made (pretty much an exact replica of the one shared a few days ago here, but with some black people in it)I like to think she placed herself next to our Ham to emphasise her spookiness.

No. 1218150

cant believe she put ham on it KEK

No. 1218165

I was with that caption until she said "cis". Maria's there as well as Ham!

No. 1218174

File: 1619559783002.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, E1AA6E5D-9E5A-497A-8712-BFCBDF…)

She got them because of her “gastroparesis” which is basically her just starving herself. Also she got two bc one is gastric for venting and draining which is just purging and then she has the j tube for feeds that she restricts and barely runs. Honestly she reminds me a lot of when we talked about amy Lee fisher.. Rest In Peace. I say this because amy went through the eating disorder like she admitted to that, and Jonzie is even talking about going on tpn the similarities are striking.

No. 1218187

lmao who’s that one girl who sent in a toob selfie for it

No. 1218190

the asian one? cant remember the user but she was a spoop briefly in the louis theroux documentary at st ann's/vincent square. she has eupd as well, think shes at a specialised unit for it

No. 1218191

Is that really her?

No. 1218193

yes i recognise her, she has gained a fair amount of weight obvs

No. 1218195

i think her name begins with S

No. 1218199

shouldv mentioned i used to follow her on insta as well thats how ik its her.

No. 1218200

The one in Louis Theroux was called Ipsana

No. 1218202


No. 1218205

no not her, this one wasn't interviewed. she was just briefly in a few clips, one was her getting her blood taken. idk why i even remember it, i just recognised her and she said on her insta she was on it

No. 1218207

Oh right, I remember seeing her. She looked bored af and had a tube.

No. 1218245

I wonder if she'll make an all male post in it next with some troons included.

No. 1218250

>>1218199 do you know her @

No. 1218279

LOL she's like the 6th person to use a variant of babe/mobility aid. Unoriginal, Jonzie, unoriginal.

No. 1218405

File: 1619572398534.png (2.74 MB, 1125x1811, image_2021-04-27_211321.png)

The varying sizes of bean are stressing me out. Purely unhinged

No. 1218406

Why would anyone object to the word atypical? Do they know what it means?

No. 1218462

they invalidate the term itself by trying to avoid it

No. 1218503

You’re still shocked she blocked you? God wants you to get a life anon

No. 1218549

That photo would make anyone want to starve themselves.. it aint body dysmorphia girl.

No. 1218630

It makes me so mad that the Brits invaded half the world to steal everyone’s spices only to never fucking use them.

No. 1218633

Never thought she weighed her food, but she let slip she does.

Britfag and I love spices. Savoury not sweet. It's unfortunate Ham and n2f post their shit food. I think it's representative of Brit food though. No idea what went wrong. Partly laziness and not know to shop.

No. 1218636

I can't believe she just eats butter beans on their own, they're so bland

No. 1218644

That's the least pressing issue with her food choices tbh

No. 1218648

as a Britfag I agree, our cuisine is shocking despite us having more than enough to work with

No. 1218653


Ohmigawd. Good ole Vegan Ginger is back.
Look, Anna-rexic has got some flesh on her bones! Thick arms! And do I see some hips there?
And who's Prince Charming?

Now that's some excitement.

No. 1218655

The spergs at kiwifarms have convinced themselves he's gay and using her as a beard but who knows

No. 1218657

I haven't read kiwifarms about her or him, but looking at his fb I can see kind of what they see. He's quite camp. He's like one of those Christians who check into a gay conversion camp then get married to resist homosex.

No. 1218723


Before he really complains about being repressed and/or treated badly, he should check out Anna's cooking ability and her mental state…
I'd rather be gay and shunned by the church than eating noodles made of celery and stevia sauce for the rest of my days.

Run, guitar boy, run!

No. 1218753

File: 1619621429498.png (212.46 KB, 465x271, annaorange.png)

I know it has been established that Anna is definitely not critically ill or anything, but in her most recent tiktok she recycled this plate of oranges for breakfast and a snack. Is she trying to make it seem like she is eating more than she is for her ~Hypermetabolism~ claims? or going to lose weight for more views? or actually relapsing?

No. 1218780

And to think, they have to pray to be truly thankful before eating her raw veg in milky Stevia. I doubt any god could do that.

No. 1218809

File: 1619626381846.jpeg (199.42 KB, 828x382, ADC7BBF9-29A0-4AD1-8175-152B9B…)

Not real milk but I couldn’t help noticing this in molly’s vid description

No. 1218840

At least she eats something healthy sometimes unlike ham

No. 1218841

She was a theater kid and she wants to be an actress?? Who would have guessed

No. 1218925

don't worry anon, I actually don't miss seeing poop in my finsta feed. It was God's plan all along

No. 1218950

File: 1619632677044.jpeg (762.61 KB, 828x1607, BDA938B4-CE3B-4406-AA6F-9EF120…)

oh shut up anna. is she delusional or just larping

No. 1218961

this is fucking hilarious lmao, even when she had her toob she looked pretty normal and i remember her eating all along (not like those who totally stop) - not that that’s a bad thing obviously, but dumb of her to try dramatise it now

No. 1218972

she has tried to backtrack in the past by saying things like "my face got so puffy when I was really sick." As if it wasn't obvious she was never very underweight at all, even with posing and chasing her skinniest pictures (ofc not being a spoop is not a bad thing, but lying about it is)

No. 1218975

She’s just not sick anymore and can’t admit she’s now just a boring basic white girl so has to spend her time making constant tiktoks about when she was sick…. MOVE ON. The thing is she had such a short period of time she was sick that her tiktoks are also based around literally a few days/weeks…

No. 1218984

File: 1619635536428.png (437.04 KB, 550x528, anaarms.png)

I've been waiting for the opportunity to bring this up! So the top photo is the one she posted on her account, and the bottom is the one her mum posted. It's obvious how hard she tries to appear thinner than she is. I wonder how long she is going to continue with the ~community~? Her number of followers has been static for months, and a lot of the engagement she gets is pretty negative.

No. 1219019

File: 1619638421250.jpeg (475.84 KB, 828x1851, 87877A5A-7903-4B3E-99CF-1A2304…)

Rem is really diving into her munchie period now that she’s apparently weight restored. Bonus body checking and bragging about how sick she is.

No. 1219036

Looked fine then, looks fine now (I’ll take the bone rattler comments idc). She’s in medical school, why not focus on that instead of trying to milk her few months of being mildly underweight. Bored with ana? Yeah I bet most people are bored with Anna’s “ana” too

No. 1219056

that last sentence anon- pure poetry, and said with more intellect than anna herself will ever possess

No. 1219116

shes clearly not bored w ana if she never stops fucking banging on about her 4 minute 'eating disorder'

No. 1219126

File: 1619644148600.png (457.45 KB, 720x802, Screenshot_20210428-220631~2.p…)

Tiny Ham are FOUR pancakes with thick spreads. Here's her usual looksatfoodlikeitsshit face.

No. 1219127

you can see the hidden glee behind her little eyes. why bother trying to convince us shes repulsed by it?

No. 1219128

File: 1619644282506.jpeg (66.09 KB, 1024x571, 8D1A01F5-F2CF-427A-B2A6-EE0D0F…)

Four pancakes, Ham? Four? That’s insane

No. 1219159

>I had 1 with biscoff, 1 with strawberries and raspberry jam, 1 with honey and 1 with peanut butter! The peanut butter was definitely the scariest one of them all, but I pushed myself and ate it all

That's just breakfast. I don't doubt you did manage to eat it all, Ham.

No. 1219205

Ugh, her face.

No. 1219226

I wish the obese YouTubers WOULD get their channels deleted. They're doing just as much harm as the proana ones by saying it's perfectly healthy to be 400lbs at 25 years old, without showing the negative side like type 2 diabetes, fat fold yeast infections, and the inability to waddle to the kitchen without getting out of breath.

No. 1219230

Ahhh the posh knob route to stardom… private school, then Oxford, then RADA.

No. 1219260

To be fair to Molly, I think she went to a top performing state school not a private one. But tomato, tomato I guess.

No. 1219266

Is that really JONZIE??! Total OG cow we all use to get a laugh out of following her. Any more anon??

No. 1219289

Good job weight restoring ham!

No. 1219413

looking forward to this weeks sod off saturday or whatever she calls it.

No. 1219440

That's a pleasant surprise, but she's in a very expensive part of London so it's not surprising there are good state options.

No. 1219458

It's a common tactic for middle-class people in good areas to go to a state secondary school or college/sixth form if they want to apply to Oxbridge. It looks better on the applications bc afaik they don't differentiate between some scummy inner-city school with 2 teachers per 100 pupils and a cushy grammar school. it is perfectly possible to get a comparable education to a private school with extra tutoring and stuff. then the colleges get to say they're improving in terms of diversity.

No. 1219461

it should be interesting when molly goes back to oxford. i wonder how she'll cope with the stress

No. 1219484

File: 1619690069534.png (398.01 KB, 363x622, anna.png)

In Annas most recent tiktok she talks about how her parents would take her to the polling station "Because my parents were raising children that knew how important voting was" and I'm not sure why but it rubs me up the wrong way.

Maybe showing off how functional her family is? bragging about her political awareness when it is something she was raised with? because she never talks about social/political issues otherwise? because she is loaded so however it turns out she will still be financially comfortable? maybe because I just find her an arrogant cunt? who knows

No. 1219485


I guess it’s just bragging about her privilege without acknowledging it?

No. 1219490

this is a bit nickpicky. i think most parents take their kids to the polling station

No. 1219493

I think I get it anon. It's like, oh wow that's very well and benevolent that your parents gave the nanny a break and took you to the polls once a term. For one, pronounce Gerrymandering and reveal the magic word for why polling stations are accessible to your fam - additionally that poor people of colour are eschewed from a lot of stations by location and the timing of polling (ie when they're at work). It's just not a flex to be like I'm rich and I vote.. because all rich people do. And often for more priviledge or to pretend that voting = helping people. Sorry for sperg she's just so annoying

No. 1219495

File: 1619696330624.png (1.09 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210429-123652.png)

>my parents were raising children that knew how important voting was

And how important they vote Conservative to keep the proles in their place. No sushi for the plebs, Co Op PB.

No. 1219498

This is hilarious

No. 1219503

Go back to twitter anon, poor poc don't need your babying, we already know you can vote by post.

No. 1219541

yup. overweight isn't healthy, nor is underweight, and tbh both ends of the spectrum are annoying af

if you love your body at 400 lbs, whatever, good for you, but don't tell me I'm fatphobic if I say I'd literally want to die rather than be 400 lbs… because that isn't fatphobia.

No. 1219544

I feel like this is such a big problem with the recovery 'influencer' accounts though. They see that these things get them views/clicks/clout, and so they drag it on, and they don't ever TRULY leave their illness (whether it was real or not) behind. It's sad, and pathetic, honestly. Move on and get off of the internet and go be a normal teenager.

No. 1219565

Social media was designed to be addictive. If Anna didn't get likes or attention for her ~recovery~ she'd be fucked. She's got nothing else to offer. It's like cow crossover herbsnaltars. She's playing up a "relapse" because he because suddenly she had loads of new followers after her Cooney video was posted on Reddit.

No. 1219566

The HE was a typo, I absolutely meant SHE

No. 1219603

Not really. A lot of young people don't vote and those who do I imagine use postal ballots or live away from home because of uni so go polling stations by themselves.

No. 1219607

I think it's actually because Dorian was getting hate after she made a Lolita video and apparently inadvertently misrepresented the subculture? I don't even know tbh. She talks about it in her latest video. Nothing to do with Eugenia, anyway.

No. 1219624

The Cooney redditors have been saying how much they love her since the ana fetish video. Now they're all fangirls commenting on her ed posts. Way before the Lolita's oops.

No. 1219633

>because she never talks about social/political issues otherwise
This is it. Personally I don’t give a shit whether or not her family is well off, who they vote for (although I can take a good guess kek) but it’s all just so fucking performative. The thought of her qualifying and practising medicine is chilling.

No. 1219645

File: 1619713309472.png (642.66 KB, 891x591, Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 17.19…)

molly's on medication. does anyone recognise these

No. 1219660

The top one is Lyrica/pregabalin.

No. 1219666

definitely a Lib Dem. Her dad gives me major tax-avoidance vibes.

No. 1219668

File: 1619715211595.jpg (266.75 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20210429-195216_Ins…)

What the fuck's going on here?

No. 1219672

Bottom one could be lorazepam? or escitalopram?

No. 1219676

uh wrong thread?
this girl just has long legs and also put her phone on the ground to make the angles extra weird.
Also I dont think she claims to have an ED or anything either

No. 1219684

Looks like generic sertraline 25mg

No. 1219691

Nobody thinks there IS anything shameful. Some would in 1950 when people whispered "cancer". What's with these bitches wanting to flash their pills. Who tf isn't on something?

Let your fucking issues go, Molly.

No. 1219698

Wait, are Lib Dems known for tax avoidance? I thought that was the Tories.

No. 1219700


Lib Dems are into anti-tax avoidance, yeah.

No. 1219705

especially since things like sertraline are pretty mild. If you want to convince people your mental health issues are sooner severe wouldn't you go for something like olanzapine? (not a medfag so I could be wrong)

No. 1219713

Location and time needed to vote in the UK is very different to the USA, anon. There are still some issues with race/identity checking, but it takes 5 minutes and the polling stations are open til 10pm.

No. 1219719


You’re not wrong and also two pills like… come back when you’re on ten kek that’s like when people says ‘mental health awareness I have mild depression and anxiety!’

However pregabalin is a strange thing to be prescribed in the UK for MH - usually a 4th or 5th line drug, I can bet it was something given by a private psychiatrist and definitely not an NHS one

No. 1219741

sorry for potential medfag but sertraline ain't shit, especially at so low dose, unless she's just starting on it. she probably can't take olanzapine bc it has a big potential for weight gain and that might trigger a relapse for our poor girl>>1219705

No. 1219744

Pregabalin would explain her slightly puffy face.

No. 1219760

No it wouldn’t? Are you confusing it with prednisone?

No. 1219764

can you leftie fucktards stop politics-sperging?

No. 1219768

not rly how it works anon.

No. 1219775

Commenting on Anna's post about voting finished over an hour ago.Keep up. It's Molly's meds now.

No. 1219779

It’s ok the Tory just had to announce themselves.

No. 1219828

How is Sertraline 'mild'? Genuinely curious. I thought all SSRIs are the same. If not, does that mean someone would be prescribed Sertraline if their GP/Psychiatrist didn't take their claims of depression particularly seriously?

No. 1219830

>>1219828 gps will hand it out to anyone who claims depression no questions asked basically

No. 1219832

ayrt here, It's just the impression I got but it could definitely be wrong. It's one of the first meds you get prescribed I think? I certainly don't want to imply people who take it don't have serious MH problems, it's just very common and I haven't experienced any stigma around it (but I have seen stigma around antipsychotics)

I guess it's hard to quantify severity of depression/ anxiety anyway because you could talk about treatment resistance or self-reported pain or how much it inhibits your functioning. I don't know if sertraline is less effective against the latter two than 'stronger' medications.

No. 1219833

SSRI/SNRIs can be prescribed by GPs without need for a psychiatrist. So yeah a lot of people with symptoms of depression/anxiety are on them (particularly with the long waiting list for therapies)

No. 1219841


'mild' imo compared to eg olanzapine which is antipsychotic, if you want to compare meds based on how severe shit they are prescribed for. sertraline absolutely can be prescribed to people with actual depression so you shouldnt understand someone taking sertraline as "their depression isn't real". but if she's really taking only 25 mg i'm gonna laugh my ass off bc the treatment dose is usually 100-200 mg, you start with 25-50

No. 1219865

I'm not a Tory.

No. 1219867

all antidepressants pretty much work the same in the way that we have no idea if they do actually work or how they actually work or if its placebo

No. 1219887

Molly's ~one year on~ video is out! (idk if this is where the med talk originated from) Anyone brave and bored enough to give it a watch and provide us with any milk/ prevent further med and politics infighting?

No. 1219897

no 1 curr

No. 1219900

It's an entry level one, but she looks to be taking something for anxiety too. Some people take an antidepressant and that suits them. If she's fine on what she's on, it's better than taking some combo that makes you feel knocked out all day.

Antipsychotics definitely have a stigma, but that's probably because of the word "psychotic" and people imagine you're Norman Bates when something like lithium can just be a mood stabilizer if the antidepressant doesn't cut it.

No. 1219904

File: 1619734300437.jpeg (7.73 KB, 290x174, images.jpeg)

Anon sleeps with a stuffie she calls Boris and has a voodoo doll she calls Carrie Symonds.

No. 1219906

ofc I had to give it a watch as soon as it was posted. Truly a haydur with no life.
>5 minutes long
>reminder of how so very sick she was this time last year
>recovery body yoga montage
>shot of 2 different varieties of maniflife
>unnecessary sound of her chomping down on toast added over stock music
>shows us birthday present from mummy of a plate that was broken but put back together with gold adhesive in the cracks. Something something japanese, reminder that imperfections are beautiful <3
>shot of annotated book she's reading, reminding us of the literature student she was before her ana LARP commenced. Quite sad tbh
That's about it. The milk's dried all the way up with Molly I'm afraid. Maybe we should just let her go. Being a bit cringe on the internet isn't pro ana scumbag behaviour in and of itself

No. 1219916

File: 1619735279632.png (817.86 KB, 821x719, valid.png)

She still struggles every day (…)

I'm fine without her. Room 101.

No. 1219923

glad to know I'm not the only one still obsessed with this utterly dry cow kek x

No. 1219938

King Boris and Carrie Antionette, kek.

No. 1219942

Jesus, there is nothing nutritious on this plate. No wonder she's mentally ill

No. 1219959

Molly is honestly my favourite cast member of the Pro Ana scumbag threads. I click her upload notifications so fast tbh

No. 1219962

Faster than a bean bag in a hurry in all seriousness I need private healthcare rehab for my molly addiction

No. 1220020

I get why you'd think that but I'm not. Prednisone causes face puff all on its own, but Pregabalin increases hunger and is also notorious for weight gain because of this.

No. 1220022

lol nobody thinks it's shameful anymore.. does she realise how many people are on these meds nowdays? People are on psych meds even if they don't actually have crippling mental illnesses. They're given out almost as commonly as vitamins these days.

No. 1220026

File: 1619747436112.jpeg (766.1 KB, 1196x1800, 125EC231-893A-4196-8F92-29434F…)

Not an established cow here or even a popular ed account but the entitlement is off the charts like most cows. Has insurance but won’t go residential where insurance covers because being vegan isn’t allowed, asking for $38k on IG instead. And her “disability” is anorexia and ofc bpd but she’s almost ‘brain dead’ kek

No. 1220048

Zoomers and millennials think everyone that doesn't abide by the hard left dogma of Bongland is a tory, kek. Oh boy.

No. 1220136

Where do I start!
In that photo she doesn't look 10lbs underweight, and certainly I do not believe at that point she 'could have died from anorexia,' 'ate 500 cal a day,' or 'was basically brain dead.' If she's gained a lot of weight since then, she's hardly going to be on deaths door. What does she think IP will do for her… coz at some point she is going to have to fix this herself.

No. 1220192

exactly. if they’ve gained from their lowest and are eating more it seems they’re doing ok by themselves. perhaps not recovered, but not in need of IP

No. 1220194

this is a joke haha they don’t look underweight in the pic at all and that’s supposed to be a low weight pic? oh dear, no one is gonna be stupid enough to donate money surely

No. 1220205

File: 1619767092313.jpg (77.29 KB, 700x1017, a76451Db_700w_0.jpg)


You sound like a self-poster though.

No. 1220213

I was browsing the adhd tag on tumblr and came across this bitch begging for money

No. 1220215

And of course they're always disabled and nonbinary so not donating is an ableist hate crime

No. 1220230


Yeah why is being non-binary even relevant??

No. 1220236

Woke points, fragile oppressed species.

No. 1220242

early 20s munchie cunts ebegging online with bpd are almost always some type of begendered lmao
genuinely had a laff at this though. the dismal amount of likes only makes it funnier

No. 1220243

File: 1619777517203.jpeg (429.38 KB, 1125x979, E894D8CD-21FF-4039-BA7E-25B7AD…)

Ham “rechallenging” pancakes for the millionth time kek

No. 1220244

atleast shes challenging herself to some fruit for once

No. 1220246

They’re just the garnish, I’m sure she didn’t eat them kek

No. 1220251

why can't she just admit that she wanted to eat pancakes? these "challenges" are just an excuse to eat excessive amounts of sugar

No. 1220293


Have you noticed she doesn’t make them properly? People who make multiple small pancakes make American fluffy pancakes, they’re thicker and darker. She’s trying to copy Elzani’s ‘American’ pancakes but using the crepe recipe (like when you fill the whole pan) so just making them smaller

Is this a nitpick? Or just more of Ham not knowing how to do food

No. 1220294

She's scared to make them bigger. Soon she'll challenge a full pan crepe I'm sure.

No. 1220308

Bullshit is she scared. These are the for-Instagram pancakes, I bet she scoffed a load more afterwards - full size ones.

No. 1220314

She doesn't know how to do food. Same as that hideous dry pasta she puts a bit of chicken with - no sauce.

She does pancakes to be like Elzani. She copies her fave ana accounts. She's started doing the thing Molly does where she posts the same pic in stories but adds a bit more text to it every time she uploads it.

Her food looks shit because it's really cheap food and cheap ingredients too - eg Co-Op peanut butter, Aldi fake biscoff and nutella.

No. 1220316

Want to add - those pancakes, 4 pancakes with thick spreads like honey, sugar, chocolate spread is so wrong two days running. She's going to be so fucking huge soon,

No. 1220328

Sarcasm dear anon

No. 1220336


So terrifying she somehow manages to put away four at a time - all with sugary shite on top, no less. The “strawbs” are a cute touch but c’mon. Just admit your diet is garbage, Ham. Nothing wrong with the occasional Big Mac but you can practically see that trash coming out of her skin. She looks unhealthy af, just not in the way she wants to be.

No. 1220339

Really, why is she eating all this crap for breakfast? Does she think she's weight restoring, because that's the only reason anyone would pack that lot away.

When she writes she rechallenged her fear with her mum, I hope her mum didn't eat it as well because she's already one pancake away from a heart attack.

No. 1220341

That dry ass pasta made me want to cry. I get she made an effort by chucking in some tinned sweetcorn and all but it’s not like sauce is a ~fear food~ is it? She probably counts ketchup as one of her 5 a day

No. 1220344

Larping n2f with the sauce fear. She'll be coating her food with skinny syrup in no time.

No. 1220345

Anon >>1220314 said it best, she wants to be Elzani. Which is sad in itself but whatever people think of her, at least E actually did need to weight restore and wasn’t a LARPer.

I reckon Hammum would be quite good in an EDU tbf. Her talents are wasted.

No. 1220346

I automatically read skinny syrup as “throat lube” now. This place has ruined me. But yeah, they’ve got some in B&M at the mo so shouldn’t be too far out of her price range.

No. 1220349

I dont even know how my post came across as self posting.. but I'm not that chick. I live in a place with free healthcare for one.

No. 1220367

File: 1619795574443.png (309.98 KB, 684x686, palm oil sad monkeys.png)

NO WAY would Ham ever use Skinny Syrups! She LOVE LOVE LOVES sugar. Also, they're £2-£3 in Home Bargains which is more than her cheapo PB. She might buy a generic if it was under a quid, but ofc she'd add lots of white sugar.

No. 1220369

To add, I notice she buys smooth (ew), but same price.

No. 1220370

It was Anna not Ham with Co Op PB.
Only the best ALDI PB for Ham.

No. 1220372

>>1219495 is Ham! Anna is surely a Manilife consumer. The jam is from her putting the ~strawb~ jam on the other pancake. Ham goes through a jar every week, so this week's shop must've been co op. The generic biscoff and nutella are ALDi though.

No. 1220400

File: 1619798407096.png (312.22 KB, 389x551, Untitled.png)

Anyone else find it really patronising when people, in this case Molly, post things like this? Like, who gives a fuck what colour a person is. Can't everyone just be ~welcomed into the ed community~ as a person and not a label? A lot of recovery accounts are doing this lately (note the ones that picture mostly white girls). I'm not being all twitter or tumblr (never used it), but having to announce black people are people too and have people problems is really condescending. Obv Ash and the Trump fanatic wouldn't give af, but…is it just me?

No. 1220405

I agree anon. I feel like it's just for woke points.

No. 1220411

yeah, I don't think the non-binary or disabled tags are really relevant… they're just trying to get people to donate bc wahwah they're part of a minority and people should feel so sorry for them.

i get it, health care is stupidly expensive and poorly structured in some countries, but I hate people begging on the internet.

No. 1220413

and sorry, but how many of these ana larpers on the internet are ACTUALLY nb and disabled or whatever they claim to be? i highly doubt they all are…

No. 1220420

And there's no guarantee they're telling the truth. No one can know what they'll really use the money for.

No. 1220421

I think she claimed disability because she has adhd. That's just my guess though, as said, I found her begging on tumblr in the adhd meme tag. Annoyed me greatly.

No. 1220426

UGH that's so scummy! No one wants to see randos begging on the internet when they're looking for actual content relevant to their search subject…

No. 1220429

Yeah the last thing I want to see while browsing memes is someone crying about their anorexia.

No. 1220431

or begging for money.

plus, why do these people all assume that others just have money to give to them? and why do they feel that they're entitled to it?

No. 1220433

Performative anti-racism.

No. 1220458

I feel like she mostly tries to copy Ro with her talking to her mum encouraging her off-camera.

No. 1220465

to be fair, ham has been posting videos on her insta longer than ro has been posting youtube videos. ive always thought the dynamic of their mother/daughter relationships are extremely weird. i think ham and ro are just equally as manipulative even though ro’s genuinely ill whereas ham’s motives are different.

No. 1220472

Ham 100% copied Ro by giving herself werewolf brows.

No. 1220474

Ham is like a mixture of most cows discussed here

No. 1220524

File: 1619808007823.jpeg (714.81 KB, 2906x1251, 7B0DD8F2-6646-4D89-A404-B1765E…)

I always end up feeling confused when Ovi posts these before and after comparison photos. I believe she has an ED but I don’t think it’s the one she thinks…

No. 1220525

File: 1619808083768.jpeg (607.9 KB, 2585x1117, 06B78C91-6C6D-4B83-95C0-BBE0DB…)

Also posted this for some reason?

No. 1220526

>Client reports an alternative to drinking to cope with stress is listening to "emo" music as she has been lately and it's been "zen"
kek i feel bad for her therapist

No. 1220532

Oversharing? Her face is no different. Oh god she's too funny.

No. 1220535

>not the type to slit her wrists.

You what?

No. 1220538

She has insurance, but it won’t pay for IP anywhere she wants to go, because must be vegan. It’s difficult in general to find an ED IP/residential program in the US that allows patients to be vegan. And many insurance companies don’t cover IP or resi at all. So it’s especially entitled and deluded that she could go IP or resi if she wants to and have insurance pay for it, if only she’d make an accommodation and be vegetarian for a bit. But that’s apparently too much to ask so instead she’s ebegging for almost $40,000, with the insinuation she’ll be asking for more later.

No. 1220540

This bloated whale has got to be my favorite cow. It baffles me that she doesn’t realize how delusional she is to claim she has anorexia while consistently maintaining a weight of, what, 300(?) pounds for years. classic wannarexic kek.

No. 1220542

Samefag but does anybody know Ovi’s approximate height or weight stats? I’d love to calculate how many calories she’s actually consuming for funsies kek if I know her height I could guess her weight better

No. 1220543

I don't believe she's vegan.

No. 1220545

she’s on the taller side, like 5’9 iirc but i don’t think she’s ever mentioned her exact weight

No. 1220552


I finally watched one of Ro’s videos and the main thing I noticed was that Hammum said almost identical things to Ro’s mother. I bet Ham has been making her mum watch Ro’s videos.

No. 1220561

Kek that’s my height so this is EZ. She’s gotta be about 280 lbs. If I’m being generous and saying she exercises once or twice a week then she needs to consume around 2,890 calories a day to maintain that weight. Good job, Ovi. You could eat nearly 2,000 calories a day and still lose 2 lbs a week. So anowexic.

No. 1220580

like 90% of people ebgegging and saying they’re disabled are either referring to their mental health (which maybe is affecting them but people automatically assume a physical affliction when you say disabled) or some fake munchie shit like hEDS or POTS. Rarely have I seen somebody with an actual physical disability openly begging like this people do. sage for off topic sperg kek.

No. 1220586

the ebegging munchie crap is bullshit. all of it.

No. 1220642

File: 1619823473477.png (123.88 KB, 720x1010, Screenshot_20210430-185419~3.p…)

what's new with Becky?

No. 1220665

File: 1619825940078.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1796, 4BFB5FB0-7C8E-45EC-A421-A7DDEB…)

Slightly ot but What is it with the recent influx of cows playing ‘little’. Winter girl recently announced her ‘little’ persona and is now uploading videos of her sucking her thumb and watching kids cartoons with a dummy. Top kek

No. 1220672

Does she actually think she has lost noticeable weight? Kek .. its like reverse body dysmorphia

No. 1220729

Having a well timed meltdown in a garden centre and documenting it for Take A Break, I imagine. You tell us, anon. Out of all the cowmums hers is the worst.

No. 1220782

File: 1619838882246.png (567.52 KB, 708x1189, Screenshot_20210501-041201~2.p…)

Still terminally dull, writing messages of hope. Her art is all she has left to cling to, apparently. She doesn't post much nowadays.

No. 1220860

> totes suicidal
> "low suicide risk" on assessment

also shitty of her to dox her therapist

No. 1220879

Just when I thought she couldn't get more ridiculous

No. 1220917

more ridiculousness and possibly a bit of a nitpick but she has forgotten to take the tag off the dress in her recent FB photo. either forgotten or my guess is she tries on all these clothes and poses in them before sending it back. also for sure the body of a sooper serious anorexic

No. 1220918

File: 1619870609201.jpeg (150.24 KB, 960x960, A9303FEA-1ED2-45E6-B1F4-657571…)

forgot the photo, my bad

No. 1220927

File: 1619872425850.jpeg (215.09 KB, 750x446, 43B1D22D-35E1-431A-A557-207E13…)

No. 1220934

a nasty cheese sandwich and milk is probably calorifically the same as a hot school meal anyway? is she fucking retarded

No. 1220940

What a fucked up system to throw away perfectly good food and then give the kid something to eat anyway, makes no sense in my head

No. 1220986

Getting hit with a belt didn't create a nation of perverts, so nah. Most kids prefer a sanga to some hot slush anyway which is why most brought their own lunches.

No. 1220988

“White milk”? You mean normal milk? Maybe she only has artificial flavoured shit

No. 1221011

I read the "white milk" as they didn't put Nesquik in it. As a kid she must've only drank chocolate or strawberry artificially flavoured milk. Speaks volumes.

No. 1221046


Not to derail but I read this more as her differentiating from the strawberry and chocolate milk cartons at school because when they would do this they would put your flavored milk back and only allow you to get regular milk. Stupid that schools do that but somehow I doubt that’s the reason she can’t stop stuffing her face kek

No. 1221054

So because she didn't get the chocolate/strawberry milk and had to have the healthier option she got an ed lmao

No. 1221060

No, it gave all of us an ED. Everyone who was given the white milk!

No. 1221064

(Oops apologies for no sage. I was so amazed by her genius).

No. 1221069

File: 1619888294533.png (606.14 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_20210501-175657~2.p…)

New Laura pics. Scratch free.

No. 1221077

good for her

No. 1221109

I feel bad that she’s literally banged her face into not developing properly

No. 1221121

could be that they just didn't eat the food given to them because it was gross? it's a flawed line of logic however you approach it though

No. 1221124

I'd be SO EMBARRASSED to post something like that on the internet. Do these cows know boundaries? What makes them think people would be INTERESTED??? Post this on a subreddit or smth

No. 1221154


No I think they did this in UK schools too - if parents missed hot dinner payments they’d give them a standard cold lunch instead. I do not know anyone who was scarred by this at all though

No. 1221155

File: 1619895583376.jpg (411.16 KB, 1080x2048, Screenshot_20210501-215715_Ins…)

Another fattie claiming restrictive ed popped up in my discovery page

No. 1221156

File: 1619895629737.jpg (314.35 KB, 1080x1998, Screenshot_20210501-215727_Ins…)

No. 1221160

from the looks of it, they've recovered and THEN some. They could actually do with some restriction.

Oh, the irony…

No. 1221165

File: 1619896305007.jpeg (51.72 KB, 874x469, 43975D52-A28E-47DB-BDFF-DF729C…)

Ngl, I use these threads to remind me to eat normally. Cheaper than therapy.

No. 1221170

This is speciesIST, but all these obese LARPers look the same.

Is this how women have evolved? Eating crap and being obese is the norm? Ham could've been brainwashed by these fat fatties and thinks her weight is too low.

No. 1221172

File: 1619896899712.jpeg (220.44 KB, 828x1018, FF96EA8E-397D-4236-B5AE-36A069…)

Anyone follow amyonthemendd?? reminds me a lot of Ham. “Anorexia recovery” but proudly eating an entire box of millionaire shortbread followed by a mcdonald’s… feel like she’s pretty milky

No. 1221174

File: 1619896965732.jpeg (26.53 KB, 503x307, 1273A277-02BC-4D80-82DB-885922…)

Lmao, not the tiktok cow, just a twig farmer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1221182

please stop with the unsaged autism

No. 1221185

So is her username Moonchild because she's as big and round as the full moon? Ugh this one makes me want to hurl

No. 1221205

HA, you and me both. Normally I don't get bothered by people, but this moonchild chick bothers me! Seems like another one of those uwu I'm so sad i'm fat and disabled so you must pity me and give me clout and love and attention types. scummy.

No. 1221212

Annas tiktok today has been an absolute shitshow, every video gets more and more painfully cringey to watch

No. 1221218

File: 1619902132852.jpeg (162.83 KB, 750x1214, 5F0045E0-28E9-48A3-BBC6-1E3FCE…)

Kek at this comment
Also how she hasn’t replied to many comments… except to one to confirm she is still underweight

No. 1221222

vintage sideshow energy with those pants kek

No. 1221257

Is she living in some sort of ward/residential ? It would make sense, you’d have to be pretty mentally ill to think somebody that size needs to recover from anorexia kek

No. 1221282

How is this milk by itself? Wow, somebody months into recovering from anorexia is eating junk food. Ok? You know anorexics even have binges from time to time while they’re still in the deepest throes of it, right? Plz post something actually milky about her thx

No. 1221297

File: 1619910258386.jpeg (917.42 KB, 1170x1492, 6F9395C2-8631-4252-A9CE-2CC263…)

Ovi is going to be working in a bakery. Surely that’s a great idea for somebody with Binge Eating Disorder.

No. 1221307

She's in college, living in a dorm.

No. 1221326

did she transfer just for free fraps? kek

No. 1221341

File: 1619916473127.jpg (529.33 KB, 2160x3840, 20210502_124253.jpg)

Anna just needs to exit the internet. Her videos over the last day are so cringe.. im actually embarrassed for her. The more she tries to explain the more pathetic she sounds.. does she actually not realise you just don't brag about shit like this?

No. 1221357

Is it bone rattling to think 5 pumps of syrup is a fucking lot? Like, jesus, my teeth hurt at the idea.

No. 1221378

Sage for absolute retard but what does uwu mean? Is it the emoticon? U wouldn’t understand? Under weight unicorn? Halp I’m dumb AF sorry.

No. 1221392

Suppose to be an emoticon face

No. 1221395

She doesn't have Ham's unfortunate naturally chubby appearance, so I can buy her being in recovery. This isn't milk without more proof of cow bevahaviour.

No. 1221397

I thought moonchild was an old timey word for a retard?

No. 1221399

No, it's an obscene amount. Why would you have a coffee when all you can taste is corn syrup and flavourings?

That's about 100cals and 25g sugar from the syrup alone.

No. 1221441

oh my thank you for asking.. i've been wondering that for so long and too chicken to ask!

No. 1221454


20 cal/pump, 150-200 for whip, and ~150 for milk. Yikes.

No. 1221462

Do fat people realise how stupid they look with feeding tubes?

(disclaimer: I know some people have NG tubes for other reasons.. I don't mean them)

No. 1221463

Ah yes bendycripple!

No. 1221472

grocery store bakery
not a real bakery

No. 1221499

shame >>1221460 removed the deathfat with the nose hose (Was it a self post and you regretted it shortly after?). scrolling through their tumblr, is there any condition they're not claiming to have? So far it's POTs and EDS.

No. 1221506

ooh was it the munchie qween Allyson with her self-prescribed nose hose and methotrexate from the internet? Deader-than-Porgie stare, greenish hair that looks like it's mold?

No. 1221510

Aw what I hadn't got around to looking her up yet, what's her @?

No. 1221527

It's asd-tea
and holy shit no idea how i missed that:
I wish i had a bingo board on hand.

No. 1221529

don't worry anon, it's probably a positive thing that you didn't know lol. uwu is kinda the same thing as :3 and i'm pretty sure it was popularized by weebs. no one uses it unironically except anime fans and alt/e-girls

No. 1221532

I really hope she turns this into a series, she is just getting cringier and cringier. A med student needs to be more aware of the real world

No. 1221533

Sorry to samefag, but I can't see anywhere that they claim to have an eating disorder though (outside of rumination syndrome which possibly counts). But cheers initial anon for the rabbit hole.

No. 1221550

File: 1619947702265.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 1F0EC580-10CA-4DCC-B737-D7D4D9…)

Do you think your parents could buy you a sense of humour Anna

No. 1221554

But anon, her parents couldn't afford to shop at Harrods! She's not, like, super rich she's pRiViLiGeD

No. 1221559

Harrod's sell cups that's only as expensive as a one off nice cup or mug. £20 for a limited edition or something. I'd have no qualms about trying to pinch for fun from there. Not like they can afford the loss.

Has she ever shown she has a sense of humour?

Just want to add, I've only ever used the toilets at Harrod's. It's fancy and free spray of perfumes!

Do you think the digs at her being well off even affect her?

No. 1221560

Whoops… can't* afford the loss

No. 1221563

Image board. Post caps.

No. 1221564

So she has DID too apparently..

No. 1221565

File: 1619949167351.png (28.34 KB, 550x354, munchie.png)

No. 1221569

I think it must to an extent, otherwise why would she try to downplay her wealth?
what I find funny is how she is trying to portray her parents as benevolent, when she has talked about her Dad having anger management issues on tell before and how her home environment isnt great.

Also why is she trying to give parenting advice? Because she turned out sooo well?
And shouldn't her parents be trying to help with her and her sisters ~severe anxiety~ instead of giving them money?

No. 1221572

File: 1619950694195.jpg (327.53 KB, 1000x1819, walloftext.jpg)


No. 1221573

Imagine having to down this many meds. Wow. Horrible. Wonder how many are totally unnecessary

No. 1221575

File: 1619950965103.jpg (89.71 KB, 1080x2280, sfcroaolhlw61.jpg)

not sure if it's been posted, but plus size model Tess Holiday is claiming anorexia now.

No. 1221576


I don’t understand why she has started this series of videos about her amazing upbringing and home life, unless she has realised that she can’t milk her AN any more and this is the new angle she needs to take? She’s crashing and burning hard because TikTok is full of people with shitty parents and poor backgrounds who do not want to hear her brag about her wealth and privilege!

I think she lost her way a bit bragging about their endless access to money and yet… her sister was so anxious to ask for anything she didn’t even have socks she could wear because she was too scared to ask for any. She must think TikTok is as stupid as she is if no one is going to notice the glaring inconsistency.

No. 1221577

File: 1619951143198.jpeg (273.05 KB, 493x806, AF7E3EA2-7A7B-43F6-93A0-523899…)

Ooh ooh I remember this one from illnessfakers! She’s a huge munchie faking both physical and mental illness although the real issue is supposedly - surprise surprise! - BPD. Not sure if she’s ever mentioned an ED but picrel is the legendary bucket of oatmeal she once inhaled despite claiming to NEED a tube guise!1! Still makes me chuckle.

No. 1221580

'plus sized' is putting it politely. the fucking audacity of tess

No. 1221584

Didn't she gain weight on purpose for the body positivity movement

No. 1221599

File: 1619953971487.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1125x1967, 65A7C006-71CF-4364-9649-9B7964…)

Lee complaining that her father won’t pay more of her medical bills. He already shills out for her 5+ trips a year to New Farm. The entitlement of this grown ass woman

No. 1221602

That’s moonface

No. 1221619

She has posted about purging before. And arguably anyone who would eat a bowl of oatmeal that large has some type of ED.

No. 1221625

File: 1619958418966.jpg (988.17 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210502_052600307.j…)

Same fag but picrel.

No. 1221630

Why is no one talking about her big anniversary today!!!

No. 1221631

Thought this was Amberlynn

No. 1221633

don't tube feed her, wire her jaw shut so she stops eating the entire fridge
who the fuck tubes these fatties

No. 1221635

bet he funds her dinners of fortisip and booze.

weird kind of anorexia she has. pizza, fortisip and alcohol are her safe foods.

No. 1221637

Anna is 365 days tube free!!!!

No. 1221646

she definitely used to have a post about when she fainted at her day unit and needed it inserted but now it is deleted - don't want to admit it was only for a month, Anna?

No. 1221647

Plz repost the original content anon.

No. 1221652

I’d encourage her to follow those urges. This is not someone who needs an NG (inb4 ‘you can be malnourished at any weight’ - yup, but I don’t think those feeds are even prescribed. She removes the tube whenever she goes for one of her monthly 3 day IP vacations)

No. 1221653

How dare you anon. Everyone’s safe foods are different! You don’t have to have safe foods to be anorexic! You don’t even have to use any behaviours! Ham said so and she has 8000 bot followers so she’s the authority on ~validity~ here

No. 1221660

does that mean we get a tiktok video of her toob pics?

No. 1221664

She should try eating some vegetables and whole foods if she's so worried about malnutrition. Eating doesn't seem to be a problem to her.

No. 1221668

yayy another anon who follows the munchers! Allyson is honestly something else. She puts the tubes down herself and buys formula and gravity bags online.

No. 1221669

File: 1619966066118.jpeg (68.94 KB, 750x648, 202ADEAB-BB83-4F37-BF4A-C49C93…)

Possible Kelsey?? No posts yet but that icon looks scary similar to kelseys old photoshopped photos

No. 1221672

probably not her. A while back another account was using her pictures and claiming they were her. Maybe something similar, or it is a fetish account.

No. 1221676

File: 1619966644012.jpg (35.55 KB, 750x1000, redballrocker.jpg)

also to add for the next time Anna says she is not super rich - she has a modernist rocking horse that sells for £550 on sale (from her house tour tiktok) Pretty damn loaded to me.

No. 1221677

File: 1619966672841.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, 48699AF1-7C32-4B11-8863-B076FD…)

the pics that depict an average looking girl with an unecessary feeding tube? please god no

No. 1221679

you can tell shes average weight by how her fingers look in that pic, those are not sooper spoop fingers in the slightest. the only thing that makes her face look skinny is how giant her nose and mouth are, they take up 80% of the room

No. 1221690

It's easy to find her parents online which very leads to their two (2) houses (one is a £1m+ flat in an expensive part of London), and the £40k+/year boarding school she went to. She's rich, alright.

No. 1221691

File: 1619968903453.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1689, A48872E9-524F-4474-9D69-4433F4…)

No. 1221692

File: 1619968934148.jpeg (330.59 KB, 1152x2048, 0AC6EC5C-DB18-4082-A092-331936…)

The face of longterm low restriction

No. 1221694

File: 1619969031991.jpeg (692.45 KB, 828x1387, E5F955E7-C4D5-4896-BA1A-6CCA5B…)

self harm scars strategically placed in the photo. or just some weird obese person skin condition

No. 1221695

i swear ovi goes by they/them… did she just misgender herself kek what a retard.

No. 1221696

File: 1619969139401.jpeg (115.43 KB, 750x309, B07B9575-5F8E-4A43-90D8-FD8CE6…)

I thought I was the only one who knew but didn’t want to bring it up in case it counted as doxxing. Don’t forget their allotment (they seem to own the entire plot) and the fact they probably have a property in South Africa as well.

In other news. Dharma shames her Mum for eating those disgusting chemicals. Does she think her daily Halo Top pint and copious protein powders are all natural?

No. 1221697

All that for a soulless ugly piece of crap
> Reject modernity meme

No. 1221700

She's actually in a psychosis if she genuinely believes that, kek.

No. 1221704

idk if I’m overthinking it but doesn’t the “365 days free” kinda imply her tube was a regular thing? We all know that wasn’t the case, ugh she’s so disingenuous. Did mummy and daddy pay for private treatment? It’s much less common for ‘just’ slightly underweight ones to be tubed here unless they’re in a PD ward that has a ton of hunger striking LARPers like Laura.

[insert Pam *they’re the same picture”]

No. 1221708

If she did all that she'd be losing weight so she must be still bingeing kek

No. 1221730

No one that is classified as an adult would almost never get tubed at her weight, it’s just shows her privilege and ignorance to not acknowledge how luck she was to get treatment early on, so many people don’t get that chance

No. 1221732

she was under the NHS/ not private. Also, someone at her weight would very rarely be tubed or day patient even under CAMHS (where criteria tend to be more lenient than adults for non-uk anons). I'm honestly surprised she got offered any help at all, it really shows how much of a postcode lottery the system is.

No. 1221735

She’s had the same pfp for years, at least four since I followed her

No. 1221743


Kek since we’re talking about it… she’s shared her surname before trying to get people to follow her personal Instagram and her family have the same surname as the family who basically own the blood diamond industry in South Africa. She’s been asked before and says ‘no no not related!!!’ But… super rich, South African…

No. 1221745

unrelated, but do you remember the surname? We had a scam artist of a therapist from S.A, she made a lot of people worse before she had to leave. Just really curious it's related, doubt but you never know. this was at a private treatment centre in the UK that you get refered to, alch mostly with a chap called kevin.

No. 1221749

de beer

No. 1221753

It is a common surname, I think so probably not the case.

No. 1221766

File: 1619977159200.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1909, F19E9C21-4C55-4173-BF28-8B3E6E…)

lmao the oatmeal, reminded me of her tofu and raw onion monstrosity binge. She's honestly pretty fascinating. Definitely one of the ones who is actively faking instead of just deluding herself into thinking she has real problems, as evidenced by the baby-sized feeding tube she puts in at home and pulls out before she goes anywhere with medical professionals.

No. 1221782

sorry for bringing up Anna again but given she is the only cow doing anything milky lately - has she been buying followers?. Last week I swear she had 12k and now she has 13.1k.

No. 1221783

Oohhh curious to hear more about the corrupt therapist
As long as it doesn’t derail

No. 1221786

File: 1619980384365.png (271.47 KB, 1920x1248, Untitled.png)

That's a definite YES

No. 1221792

what part of london is it, hampstead?

No. 1221793

this cow is all over munch snark on reddit. shes not pro ana scum though, she claims (fakes) gastroparesis. she mentions purging but its just trolling

No. 1221795

highgate (she has shared that on her accounts multiple times, so doesn't count as doxxing). one of the more expensive areas.

No. 1221796

ooooh i know highgate. yes, it's one of the most expensive areas in london. lots of celebs live there

No. 1221800

What do her parents do again?

No. 1221801

She's a young Tory as well, there's a pic on her twitter of her canvassing for Rory Stewart in Highgate.

No. 1221803

her dad is the director of a company (not going to share what type because I am not sure if that is something she has outright said before and his company name leads to their address) and her mum is an architect.

No. 1221805

File: 1619982055747.jpg (23.78 KB, 1061x152, 1.JPG)

This is how much was paid for the Highgate place ELEVEN years ago. A second residence.

No. 1221806

Ok, 10 years ago. Bad at maths.

No. 1221807

im still shook she lives in this area and is claiming not to be rich
her parents have a successful architecture company. ig this is all public info so its fine to share?

No. 1221808

I thought the highgate flat was where they lived? the articles said so.

No. 1221811

>>1221807 no address posted, so it's no problem.
As anon above said, the info is all available online.

No. 1221812

I'd be very careful, anon, that could definitely get you banned. Either way, I have found her address through 3 different methods from her public instagram accounts so she really needs to be more careful. I think people have told her that before in comments?

No. 1221813

She was stupid posting that map of her miles she was running where the destination was where she lives.

No. 1221814

Is it possible to delete comments on this? Sage for retard

No. 1221815

Within a time span. Click the box next to anonymous and when the box opens, press delete.

No. 1221816

done so. hopefully its ok

No. 1221827

At least half of the psych meds, she's massively overmedicated. Christ, no wonder she has tardive dyskinesia.

Calling bullshit on vascular EDS too, because that's both very rare but crucially it's life limiting. People with actual vEDS don't need to munch to get their medical kicks.

No. 1221830

I call utter, utter bullshit. She's claiming her diagnosis is "anorexia nervosa" and well, no. She's just attention seeking and found a HAES therapist to pander to her and tell her what she wants to hear.

No. 1221880

this is so ugly. i. cant get why anyone would want this in their house, and her parents are architects?

No. 1221884

NGL it is evocative of sybians to me. It does fit in with their style though. It's a nice space but feels so performative, there aren't any family photos or knick knacks or anything homey. Maybe growing up in that environment is why Anna is so focused on her social media image?

No. 1221886

Degenerate Art!

No. 1221889

Narcissists maybe. it does look very showy and lacking substance

No. 1221908

Is that thing supposed to look like a sex toy? If so, looks interesting. Are her parents those decadent wealthy kind who are into free love and naturism?

Apologies, just looking to spice up a dull person's background.

No. 1222036

tess holiday is a literal cow. I highly doubt she actually has anorexia.

but also? doesn't her having anorexia destroy her whole 'I love my body even though I'm fat' weewoo message?

I mean, if I was her size I'd want to be anorexic too ngl

No. 1222176

Honestly I reckon half of her 'medical conditions' would disappear if she stopped over-drugging herself. Her body must be a total mess. No one needs that much shit.

No. 1222179

Totally. She retweeted the top tweet, really explains why there were so many obese holocaust victims!

Also kek at claiming AN diagnosis

No. 1222193

I don't think she's actually on most of it. Allyson has a long track record of lying/manipulating/trolling

No. 1222210

Zara (z.is.tryinggg) posted how she is definitely NOT related to Elzani and thank GOD. I know we’re not the biggest fans of Elzani here but honestly it just comes across as snobby (she’s above her) from the rich little white girl.

No. 1222211

Rich hippie is not the vibe I get off them, they're too tory for that. Probably too uptight to have noticed. But in their second home they do have a bathroom with a floor to ceiling window and apparently no blinds. A … brave choice.

No. 1222212

was the 'thank GOD' her words? Zara is so much more pro-ana than E ever was, and seems more aware of it.

No. 1222214

File: 1620030185576.jpeg (170.88 KB, 828x1234, 0F185F07-F395-46E3-B57D-545E30…)


Not quite but close.

No. 1222215

as if she'll pass the bar hahah. Advocate and barrister are not similar in any way. and what's wrong with being related to elzani, is she better than her?

No. 1222217

after medics, law seems the second most popular cow career. Hannah, Chii and now Zara?

No. 1222221

They couldn't handle the stress of it.

No. 1222222


Girl hasn’t even started uni yet so she has no clue what she’s in for.

She thinks she is. She always acts so high and mighty.

No. 1222238

File: 1620031711769.jpeg (112.64 KB, 576x663, F1AA6A2C-C3C1-4E0A-9538-1C56C2…)

Photoshop anons, does the space between Anna’s legs look a bit distorted or is it just me?

No. 1222239

File: 1620031729393.jpeg (259.53 KB, 1800x1800, 91BB27C3-1F3F-430C-9733-93A23B…)

Soz forgot to attach image

No. 1222240

So Ovi's real name is Marian?
That's a nice name. I wonder why she'd make her e-name something that brings to mind ovipositors

No. 1222245

File: 1620033341960.png (855.58 KB, 640x1136, 88B3A094-8B0C-4A4C-86E7-F0EE2A…)

She’s the one on the far left for reference
I mean posing aside there may be a difference??

No. 1222249

i don’t know shit about photoshop but agree this looks weird

No. 1222266

I didn't even realise it was her on the left, she looks way bigger there.

No. 1222268


There was one point she said she wasn’t going to do OOTDs until she was at a healthy weight because it wouldn’t be responsible. I actually was impressed with her for that. But she’s started bodychecking and doing a few OOTDs and I just assumed a few weeks ago she was a healthy weight until she has been very careful to point out she isn’t… I guess she has realised her popularity is dwindling and the only way to up the followers is to keep providing body shots.

No. 1222269

or buying more followers! And she can definitely afford more than Ham can.

No. 1222270


The amount of information you can find on her family in 10 minutes is actually scary. She needs to be careful

No. 1222271

File: 1620041638960.jpeg (586.44 KB, 1125x1492, 315FC7AF-E866-482C-BEFD-8248AB…)

after some posts about her ab workouts and body checks showing zero abs, uploads a post of her making her bed and VACUUMING the sheets??? girl just change the sheets, yuck

No. 1222272

advocate is the scottish term for barrister anon….

No. 1222273

File: 1620042499449.jpeg (825.06 KB, 828x1466, 20D5C7BB-73EF-46B6-9298-D7E044…)

audio says
>people take one look at me and go “ahh! help! run! big stupid ugly ogre”

lol who’s gonna tell her it’s not the tube?
(sage for no actual milk)

No. 1222277

File: 1620044143467.png (647.9 KB, 828x1792, 0BD4FDE4-BE07-476B-B4C2-67D6F4…)

not to WK her but she’s talking sense

No. 1222284

She's still doing this?? I unfollowed her MONTHS ago and she started doing it around that time. And she still records it too.

No. 1222293

its defo photoshopped. also - embarrassing @ them all sucking their stomachs in kek

No. 1222296

Yeah i agree w this. The naked body checks and mummy attention whoring in that video was insufferable

No. 1222303

File: 1620048305897.png (3.07 MB, 828x1792, 5B0B9C14-EAB0-4C6F-808A-07EDA3…)

top left shows what she rlly looks like

No. 1222306


Don’t know who they are exactly but I remember one of her flatmates is also in recovery… I bet they’d be half as self conscious if it wasn’t for Anna. If she wasn’t in that photo maybe they wouldn’t be sucking in kek

No. 1222310

File: 1620049585836.jpeg (231.15 KB, 828x1416, B96B5DE3-136C-45E0-AF6C-BE8C9A…)

Zara again. So arrogant.

No. 1222311

*predicted not predicated

No. 1222312

I'd agree if it weren't for the fact Zara does the same shit.

yeah but Anna said the other flatmate was 'much further along in recovery' than her (bc Anna is the sickest little waif ever) so they don't trigger each other. It must be fine that Anna edits her photos to look as thin as possible while leaving the others normal-sized!

No. 1222313

Also last year’s

No. 1222314

she types with all little letters not sure grammar is her priority on instagram kek

No. 1222316


Idk about you but if I wanted to brag about how “intelligent” I was then I would make an effort with what I was typing

No. 1222317

How arrogant, people can get those grades and still not get into/ pass law school. Uni work is on a completely different level than schoolwork is.

No. 1222318


I followed Zara for a while and thought she was ok but had to unfollow because I couldn’t stand her arrogance. She would correct everyone’s grammar constantly (which I think is such a snobby thing to do… things like dyslexia exist, not everyone is so good at English or even has English as a first language).
Then one day she announced she was ‘recovered’ despite being v underweight (and she looks shocking without makeup on) and anyone who called her out on she would shit all over saying some people don’t need to be a healthy weight, don’t need to eat a healthy amount of calories etc. When people said a part of recovery is basically eating a lot to restore weight she said basically ‘that’s not good for you so I won’t’ and just acted like people were imbeciles for suggesting she needed to weight restore.

I finally had enough and unfollowed when she posted that doctors were trying to make appointments with her and she was ignoring them because if it was so important it should be on their time not hers. In the middle of a fucking pandemic.

(I know imageboard but she’s private and I unfollowed)

No. 1222319

File: 1620050589053.jpeg (198.2 KB, 828x1472, 2B66E2C8-4739-46E6-8E2E-33BDA1…)

yes much recovered … there’s often an occasional spoop check on this account too

No. 1222323

samefag but doesn't she moan about her crippling low self esteem?
If she were at E's weight she would have done the same, I'm sure. (I know she is underweight but not quite Elzani-tier)

No. 1222329

zara’s underage u morons, at least stick to the rules

No. 1222330

she is over 16 which is the requirement.

No. 1222335

File: 1620053059257.png (9.23 KB, 82x63, 1620033341960~3.png)

Very wonky

No. 1222339

Most members of the general public see a tube up a nose and don't think it's because of an eating disorder. Some won't even k own it's a "feed". Chances are, they'll think she has complications from being obese. I wish the fat LARPers would understand this. It might stop them wanting one.

No. 1222365

Nobody said she's not that underweight. Just not bmi 10 like elzani was

No. 1222367

Hi Zara. You're milky af and a hypocrite which is why you're discussed. Thanks for stopping by!

No. 1222368

Zara, your arrogance and immaturity is showing. No one said your 'intelligence' would be a barrier to your career. Learn some humility and quit stalking here in your spare time

No. 1222370

was the now deleted (why do you want to discuss a literal child???!?) post Zara?

No. 1222371

Imagine being in fucking secondary school and thinking you can ace the bar with your iNteLligEnce.

No. 1222374

She'll have a shock if she opts for GCSE Law. Even at that level it's tough to remember case names. Lots of them.

No. 1222376

She'll have taken her GCSEs if she is over 16 though? (although they have smth different in Scotland anyway)

No. 1222377


I don’t know her situation but pretty sure she’s doing the Scottish equivalent of a levels? Unless she’s been held back

No. 1222380

Why do all the white middle class cows like Dora/Ro/Zara get obsessed with reading about themselves on here? n2f and ham don't seem to read here.

No. 1222388

nourish doesn't because she is too busy b/ping

No. 1222391

After I left school I chose a bunch of GCSEs to do at college that sounded (weren't) interesting. I thought she might have to do Law at A level, at least. That's going to be tough as fuck. Idk about Scotland's qualifications, though.

They all read here. Class does not discriminate. I don't think Ham wants attention drawn here because of all the fake follower and true things we write about her.

No. 1222392

This is probably getting irrelevant but where I’m from in the UK most schools don’t offer law at a level and it’s definitely not compulsory. I don’t doubt she’d be able to do it and she’s clearly intelligent but she is just SO arrogant. Ignoring the anorexia she comes across as someone who has never been told that she can’t do something, never been bullied (even a little), never had it knocked out of her like kids like her did at my school. She’ll probably get to uni (if she’s well enough) and… welcome to the real world, people won’t like her.

No. 1222393

File: 1620060851335.jpg (81.67 KB, 420x757, oat muffin klub.JPG)

Speaking of Ham, she joined the ana oat muffin recovery club. Cliche. Put some strawbs on and she's instantly Paris thin.

No. 1222397

what did the now deleted anon say? and doubt it was her she asks people for screenshots rather than searching, and was one of the ones who copied Ro blocking the site

No. 1222399

File: 1620061096702.jpeg (395.65 KB, 750x1228, D609794A-A495-4EDA-A741-6C0B97…)

Kek Anna attempting one of Ham’s motivational stories, but upper class.

No. 1222400


Nah you’ve got this literally spot on.

No. 1222402

white knighting by:
replying to the anon who said Zara wasn't as thin as Elzani was, and saying 'how dare you say she isn't that underweight!'
Then going on to claim Zara isn't pro-ana and asking why we are so obsessed with a 'literal child'

No. 1222403

Genuine belly laugh at this. BIG HUGS X

No. 1222406

Thats a lot of sushi. Was anna the one with stomach issues?

No. 1222407

yeah. in fairness I think she shared it with her sister.

No. 1222408

I mean, some people do this as a stylistic choice and does not necessarily reflect their grammar ability, but it's annoying as heck nonetheless. Not trying to wk here, just saying that little letters do not automatically mean poor grammar in academic coursework. People should type properly.

No. 1222411

In that case it's fine then. But it kind of is staged like it'd be all for her especially with the ~inspirational quotes~

No. 1222415

File: 1620061787310.png (85.83 KB, 733x433, youwillbehappier.png)

It's the caption for me.I keep misreading it as restriction won't NOT solve your problems (as in it is a thing that won't happen when you restrict)

No. 1222418

if shes bored with ana why does she keep fucking talking about it every 5 seconds

No. 1222419

and she restricted for about 5 minutes and won a treatment postcode lottery plus having rich parents

No. 1222425

Because nobody's interested in her swimming, eating fancy food or dull style. She has to bang on about recovery so people will look at her pics. Maybe they'll click on her wishlist and buy her the £6 pillow she definitely can't afford herself.

No. 1222436

these girls just need to grow up and get off of social media

No. 1222440

ah so not zara but an asspatting follower… she herself never fails to whinge about how she’s “not a child” ( tho 17 is hardly the peak of life experience )

No. 1222443

17 yr olds can be like kids. theyre immature and naive as fuck, their brains arent developed fully

No. 1222444

not Wking though, their behaviour needs 2 be called out

No. 1222453

If her GI issues were even half as bad as she was making out she’d be avoiding sushi (high fat content of the fish) and raw fibres like the red cabbage and other veg in the salad… Did she ever actually give a diagnosis? Guessing it wasn’t the one she wanted and it’ll never be mentioned again now because she won’t get the desired asspats kek

No. 1222457

oh god she's not gna start claiming gastroparesis is she

No. 1222463

She had some sort of scan a few days ago. She has gone dairy and gluten free on the advice of her doctor. (although there was some cream cheese sushi in her £50 sushi box from last week. probably not enough to be a huge issue and probably healthier than cutting out huge food groups entirely, but it makes me think she may be exaggerating)

No. 1222474

50 quid sushi kek

No. 1222478


Funnily enough her issues started the week she went ‘all in’ (and are common symptoms in recovery) but she insists it’s nothing to do with recovery and definitely IBD

(From what she’s said I think it’s diarrhoea)

No. 1222479


nah what? most sixth forms n colleges offer law, it’s weird zara is not taking law if she wants to do it at uni. the college right near me offers law and i live in a “rough” area so

No. 1222483

law degrees often prefer that you don't have law a level

No. 1222502

What? Why

No. 1222504

it’s reall uncommon to do law at school in scotland - look up “highers” and “advanced highers” it’s their A level/ type stuff. she goes to a private school so they often have limited choice

No. 1222507

like >>1222479 said, most courses if not every course has a law class in scotland. hell i did media for 4 years in college in glasgow and there was a law class in every year.

No. 1222511

>>1222483 derail but that's not true. It makes little difference other than you have a slight head start

No. 1222545

law a-level is seen as a pointless subject. russell group unis only care about facilitating subjects, they'd rather that you did english lit, history, biology etc

No. 1222553

It must suck to be a private school kid and be expected to go into law or medicine. If you haven't experienced a something level (O or A or w/e Scotland equivalent), they'd be stuck doing a dull af uni course and be expected not to drop out. It's good to be not privileged financially.

No. 1222554

Writing this reminded me that one of the subjects in the Louis Theroux docu had been pressurised into law and her family were similar and high achievers.

No. 1222568

is that you, Anna? Trying to convince us your life is sooo hard?

I knew plenty of rich kids and as long as they went to uni it was OK, regardless of subject. If you're rich enough it doesn't matter if you get a job but a degree still looks good and means you're not a layabout. You can always get a job at Daddy's company if you need to.

No. 1222569

>shes clearly intelligent
Kek anon. You’re either a child with 0 standards or really dumb so that regular 100IQ people like her impress you.

No. 1222571

No, it's the pov who did law at O level.

No. 1222573

Zara clearly focuses on a day to day mundane shit, and nowhere there is any proof of her producing any individual, intelligent thought. The fact that she can memorize some crap and put it on the test for good grades mean nothing, and the way she is arrogant about it only proves that she believes in dumb stereotypes. Her parents told her she must be a genius to have good grades and now she thinks she’s the shit.

No. 1222586

nitpicking about how smart or not someone is doesn’t really fit with the pro ana scumbag thread.. any actual milk?

No. 1222619

Are we getting into this… I’m not dumb. I think she is intelligent. I think she’s an arrogant little shit. But just because I dislike her doesn’t mean I’m going to call her stupid.

No. 1222627

File: 1620070460444.jpg (231.77 KB, 1080x1429, 20210503_153242.jpg)

I came across this on my usual Twitter surfing. The fuck is up with this chick? She has other questionable tweets as well.

No. 1222628

File: 1620070543722.jpeg (299.93 KB, 828x779, 7F551B2C-904B-48C8-B97D-FF5454…)

sorry if this is OT but ed twt is so fucking hilarious. all the kpop ed larpers are crying over the anorexia weight criteria for the millionth time because of all the people calling out tess holiday.

No. 1222629

all this validating shit needs to stop.

No. 1222630

people on twitter are seriously horrid. Even most of the people on MPA of all places discourage and generally don't condone the use of fatspo/reverse thinspo, or mocking fat people…

No. 1222631

I mean, the people are right in the sense that tess holiday doesn't have anorexia

in fact, tess might be the biggest ana larper we've seen… literally

No. 1222635

I saw them get shit even by fatspo posters, she also mentioned wanting to be raped or shit wild shit like that.

Gave me a hearty chuckle. They should realize that anorexia and bulimia aren't the only EDs. They likely have BED but I guess that isn't as cool or cute as having ana or mia to them.

No. 1222638

File: 1620071078247.jpg (177.75 KB, 1221x796, suuuuuuuuuuugarrrrrrrrr.JPG)

Everything she eats is XL sugar

No. 1222643

theres two sides to ed twitter: the edgy 14 year olds who are genuinely pro and use fatspo, and the other lot of 14 year olds who cry over feeling invalid, will put trigger warnings on food and have she/they/pup/kit in their bio. massive kek.

No. 1222644

>”i am not longer weak” if she was ever weak it’s from lack of decent nutrients and vitamins (aka HEALTHY FOOD)

No. 1222645

sorry i fucked up the green text a bit

No. 1222646

kek exactly. she acts like she was a frail waif on her deathbed when she's remained chubby throughout all of her years of "restriction"

No. 1222669

File: 1620072200854.png (2.26 MB, 1896x873, Untitled.png)

She does a long ass video talking about how a fucking biscuit tastes. Wolfs it down, mind. Hammum Debs chips in as per.

No. 1222671

File: 1620072256109.jpg (39.92 KB, 395x509, frail.JPG)

In the depths of her eating disorder…apparently.

No. 1222674

look at those fragile legs. i wonder if ham genuinely believes in her own larping/delusions.

No. 1222678

Now, now, she has ~a long way to go~

No. 1222687


I wonder what percentage of her daily intake is eaten on that car seat

No. 1222689

I cannot think of a single traditional 'fear food' she hasn't tackled. Mm, maybe vegetables, legumes, nuts, fruit?

No. 1222690

Im sure her mum is nice ish but those glasses…nitpick

No. 1222692

it's sad tho bc han would be so much better off if she just ate a normal, balanced diet… not all these calorific 'challenge' foods

she needs to stop larping and start ACTUALLY caring about her health, not playing pretend ana waif

No. 1222693

kek she's getting death threats. good. billie is fucking gorgeous i can see it even though i got a bad ED. I hate ED twitter it's ana tumblr on steroids

No. 1222699

dont blog

No. 1222705

Lot's more fear foods she needs to tackle? She can't be serious.

No. 1222743

File: 1620077208768.png (608.89 KB, 716x1087, Screenshot_20210503-222249~2.p…)

You know how these LARPers want to live with their mums forever and real ana's like Paris do too? A year living with her parents would be fantastic for Maria, yet she lives independently.

No. 1222746

captions like these make me think shes a much better person than these ana larping twats. just more genuine. shame they cant get it together..must have been influenced by their mother having ana

No. 1222750

Can anyone translate what she is saying?

No. 1222752

She stayed with her parents. Her mum is amazing at giving support and Maria tried new foods and slept well.

Being in London and under her sister's influence kills any chance of progress when she gets back home.

No. 1222753

‘Eating without judgement or scorn’
Am I reading this wrong in assuming she means that her twin judges her every time she eats?

No. 1222754

It’s like she doesn’t have an eating disorder but her sister is her anorexia

No. 1222755

@ the person who mentioned amyonthemendd the other day - jesus how much does that girl eat???? i’m honestly shocked like that can’t be good for her, weight restoring or not - i know people said she wasn’t milky but…

No. 1222766

an anon a few threads back mentioned Katie has said shitty things about Maria's weight before so it is definitely possible.

No. 1222769

I just looked her up and holy shit you’re right anon. She’s going to be huge in no time if she keeps this up

No. 1223015

That first story is so retarded. You can't be anorexic without losing weight. It's not your body magically hoarding fat cells it's you not being anorexic.

No. 1223017

If I saw someone that size with a tube up their nose I'd assume they were having a stomach acid monitoring test because being a giant fatty causes reflux.

No. 1223021

NAYRT but my friend went to an all girls private school and said EDs and self harm were basically a contagious epidemic there, so many high achieving but incredibly stressed out students.

No. 1223102

If i saw someone that big with a NG tube i'd assume they had cancer (or some disabling long term illness) and were on steroids. No one would assume it was coz she had an ED kek.

No. 1223140


I think someone somewhere read in a medical journal ‘you can be anorexic without losing weight’ but it was referring to young children who are small, then restrict and grow without gaining weight hence becoming underweight without technically losing weight. Obviously these people have just jumped onto being able to have anorexia… without the symptoms of anorexia.

They could of course just change the dialogue to ‘you can have an ED without losing weight’ but I guess that isn’t special enough

No. 1223156

File: 1620121780900.png (109.09 KB, 204x285, smug.png)

In Anna's second most recent tiktok she says she has gained 'what society would call a lot of weight' in the past few months. But she still claims to be underweight? You've never had to gain a huge amount of weight, Anna. Her smug face irritates me so much

No. 1223157

File: 1620121892528.png (502.22 KB, 478x597, Screenshot_2021-05-04 Hannah G…)

In her latest IG Ganer babbles about "adapting" to situations, but still she comes around with the same dumb pose as always.


No. 1223165

File: 1620123894665.png (1.4 MB, 712x1103, Screenshot_20210504-112114~2.p…)

I thought this was a weird one for Ganer. IMG.

I'm not sure the people at the gym would appreciate her covert filming. They're all sweaty, making fuck faces and minding their own business, and she's planning the camera around.

No. 1223173


Going by numbers she’s dropped and doing some calculations… to have gained weight but still be underweight she will have gained less than 7 pounds. Hardly a lot of weight.

She can’t be in all camps. The ~underweight ana~ camp, the ~all in recovery warrior gaining loads of weight~ camp, ~calling out body checks~ camp AND ~posting shooped body check~ camp.

No. 1223176

That’s half a stone

No. 1223177


…yes? Sorry I don’t know if you’re disagreeing but among the people I know less than half a stone isn’t a lot. Most women’s weight fluctuates by that much just by being on their period.

No. 1223178

and besides, that is the absolute maximum (based on her LW being above BMI 16 for University requirements, yes?)

No. 1223181

I suppose it depends on height tbh, for someone of Anna’s height (5’7) it wouldn’t look that much but for someone of like 4’10 for example that would be a lot and be very noticeable. Must suck being short.

No. 1223184

From the video posted yesterday of her jumping into the sea, I doubt she is actually underweight anymore (although maybe not at her optimum weight)

No. 1223185

File: 1620127700901.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1394, 724D6A95-855F-4E75-B969-7D1148…)

Yay we got another obese ana

No. 1223188

the comment section is NOT going to pass the ~vibe check~ on this one.

No. 1223192

bit late to the party there anon

No. 1223193

File: 1620128507403.png (4.98 MB, 828x1792, 394404A0-F704-4092-86D5-CE83A3…)

sorcha blossoms on tiktok… fucking hell how embarrassing. so none of them have lives that aren’t focused on their old eating disorders

No. 1223204

What even is this whole thing about ‘optimum weight’ or ‘set point weight’ ??? It makes literally no sense…if your BMI is overweight, YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT. You can’t just say that it’s healthy for you because it’s your natural, unrestricted weight. If you’re BMI is above 18.5 there is no way you cannot be at a ‘proper healthy weight’ it’s literally just an excuse to continue stuffing your face. ‘Minimum’ healthy IS healthy. And a BMI under 18 isn’t always underweight either. You get so many anas saying it’s ‘okay to overshoot’ while they’re sat there either flabby and unhealthy or still restricting and sticking to the lowest weight they can function on. Just go to a doctor ffs they’ll tell you if you’re healthy ‘for you’ or not(Bone rattling )

No. 1223207

That is just not true. Of course you can't have a set point range in the obese category, but lots of people don't get periods until above minimum healthy. 20-25 is most often normal weight for caucasian people

No. 1223208

calm down, rattler. Most non-ED people don't hover on the 18.5 range. And you know why? because the body isn't a machine. Although there may not be any physical issues above this, it's not conducive to mental recovery to be worried about staying at the minimum healthy point and one of the ways to tackle that is to get back to your pre-ED weight (assuming it is not overweight)

No. 1223211


Easiest way to look at it is to stick to daily recommended intake, don't eat only junk food and that's that. It's not complicated to get your body to a neither under or over weight state.

No. 1223234

Sorry, didn't check was busy, some of us still have jobs

No. 1223238

Fuck me,, your bones are rattling a little hard there. Under 18.5 is underweight. Health range is 18.5-24.8 and they aren’t American numbers

No. 1223251

Anna's fine. She can go swimming, run half marathons, study for a degree, have a social life, is interested in doing things. That's more than your average Josephine does with their time without being knackered or not having the motivation.
In the unfiddled with shot, she's slim. Being a couple of pounds underweight on the official chart isn't affecting her life it seems. She just needs to feel a bit special with her sore tummy.

No. 1223260

nail on head anon

No. 1223276

ganer do something, anything, else with your hair challenge
she looks like Popeye and Olive Oyl had a daughter with the father’s proportions and the mother’s dimensions

No. 1223288

File: 1620141810924.jpeg (726.34 KB, 828x1449, 837DD985-F2E7-493C-AFEB-390E33…)

Or you could take an Uber, a bus, ask mummy for a lift, literally anything else. But that wouldn’t show true dedication, would it?

No. 1223294

As if she has an issue with the opportunity to power walk for an hour. Hasn't she heard of public transport?

No. 1223301

Do you have a source on a BMI of 16 being the minimum needed for being allowed at uni? Also does anyone know why it's that BMI specifically? It seems arbitrary. Like why not a BMI of 15 or 17?

No. 1223307

This is beyond parody now. There'll be A LOT more of this if the weight criteria is removed from the anorexia diagnosis, so let's hope the DSM-6 doesn't get rid of it. These LARPers don't deserve legitimacy. If she said she struggled with BED, nobody would care, but LARPing anorexia, especially when you're morbidly obese, is disgusting.

No. 1223308

What does she even mean? She thought she was too fat to be lifted out of a wardrobe??

No. 1223309

not the anon u replied to but to my knowledge it’s not mandatory (people go to uni under that bmi) but it’s the recommended number

No. 1223312

Do you know why it's the recommended number though? As I said, it seems arbitrary.

No. 1223319

ayrt. It turns out for St Andrew's it is 17 (>>1208090)
Although for most it is 16. On lives she has said she won't reveal the number you have to be before because it is different for every uni. Probably just doesn't want to admit her requirement is higher.

They need a guideline so they can send people home if they get medically unstable/ to avoid liability and I guess 16 is a good a number as any.

No. 1223321

sorry dropped link


No. 1223325

There are topics about med school and BMI requirements if you search. Found this one

No. 1223329

To add, it is a recommendation but if you are below that (especially if you are doing medicine) they can send you home. Although it's rare - look at people like Mary.

No. 1223355

I'm not at uni but I'm guessing if someone was sent home for being too underweight they wouldn't get any of their money back? That'd suck.

No. 1223357

It's called a forced leave of absence and they can get their money back on tuition, at least sometimes. Not on accommodation though.

No. 1223373

she probably thinks skipping one of her dozen meals a day means she's anorexic now.

If she was truly anorexic, she'd be MUCH smaller, and she'd also understand that you can't go against the basic laws of thermodynamics. She's such a cow (and the size of one, too!)

No. 1223388

File: 1620151091603.jpg (59.41 KB, 409x743, n2f v02.JPG)

Wasn't it n2f who used to heat up protein bars in the microwave?

No. 1223390

ham definitely reads here, because ever since somebody wrote that she used to wear make up, now she wears makeup again

No. 1223393

She pick n mixes all the cows little habits and foods.

Sad that Hammum forks out £1.70 for a protein bar and the family have to exist on cheap convenience food.

No. 1223400


It’s something I’ve seen on a few recovery accounts.

What I don’t really understand is why people are suddenly eating protein bars when they don’t need to gain weight and aren’t hitting the weights in the gym. A normal diet should give you the protein you need.

No. 1223406

Same feeling about the protein bar thing. Why not a fibre bar? She shouldn't need vitamins and protein stuffed into a slab of chocolate if she bothered to research her diet. For the same calories she could eat a normal chocolate bar.

No. 1223424

heated up protein bars used to be THE shit in 2014/2015 recovery instagram. Literally everyone ate them, usually Quest bars (that was a weird era). Then came the halo top epidemic, but not before the b&j pintparties in minniemaud circles kek

No. 1223427


Shit I remember 2012 tumblr it was all about lara bars. Good times

No. 1223440

I came to lolcow at the beginning of the Ash thread, so THAT recovery era is what I remember and it was Quest bars and the tail end of pint parties. Don't remember Lara bars. Can't remember the other fad snacks, but they all used to do giveaways with the exact same recovery foods!

Don't protein bars go hard in the microwave?

No. 1223442

lenny and Larry cookies!

No. 1223443

Before my time. This has got me looking at old posts on mpa to see what the IN foods were. Atm I'm reading where everyone's discovered Halo Top. HAM - YOU NEED HALO TOP!

No. 1223448

has she ever 'challenged' ice cream before? At some point in the next 2 weeks she will be staring at a scoop of halo top with trepidation, reassuring us she is working up to the pint of ben and jerry's she so desperately needs.

No. 1223456

Nope. She's into yogurt atm. With sprinkles, ofc.

No. 1223481

At least larabars have some fruit and nuts and stuff. Healthy shit. That’s probably why they went out of style: not enough chemicals for the dainty waif cows.

No. 1223485

normal people eat a protein bar for lunch when they’re too busy to have actual food and want more nutrition than a candy bar would provide
spoops and larpers eat the protein bar instead of the candy bar because it’s more virtuous

No. 1223493

shit anons we're getting old
I remember the giveaways oh goodness. also, nakd bars boomed when there was a huge influx of orthorexic khm… vEgAN recovery girlies!!

No. 1223501

But anon, I don’t think you’ll find halo top in aldi or asda kek

No. 1223505

both have a rip off brand plus the original… processed frozen water and sweeteners is infiltrating everywhere kek

No. 1223509

Hell even if she claimed "atypical" anorexia it'd be less insulting. But she's got to go for the Anorexia NERVOSA for the clout.

No. 1223516

Someone in my year left partway through to go for anorexia treatment, not sure of her BMI but she was scary thin. Student Finance funds you for the length of your degree plus one year in case of things like this, or deciding to switch course after the first year/failing a year.

No. 1223523

genuinely wonder how many people recovering from anorexia really just become orthorexic instead, and I genuinely wonder if it's because of all the recovery influencers preaching how they eat so clean now to fuel their bodies!

No. 1223524

sorry for slight blog but protein bars really DO go hard in the microwave so tbh that's one thing these girls don't lie about

No. 1223561

File: 1620164426479.png (3.44 MB, 828x1792, F9BA9B61-F1AA-4AB3-86B9-0E9500…)

congrats to ro for gaining weight but it’s a shame she insists on using horrific angles to film herself, and now looks like a man. sage because nitpick but come on.. do they think unattractive angles / close ups make them look “sicker”??

No. 1223595

It is a shame, honestly. Whilst Ro seems to have some scummy behaviors, she genuinely seems ill and I wish she would just film herself like a normal person?? But then again, she's probably suffering from bad body dysmorphia rn but then wouldn't the smart thing to do be to just work through it?

No. 1223674

File: 1620175376102.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 1971F5BE-96A9-470A-BD6F-B35B4A…)

Wait is this Ham? Or Porgie?
Ffs no wonder they feel free to LARP so hard

No. 1223761

This has been posted multiple times, read the thread anon.

No. 1223804

I'm pleased I'm not the only one hoping the weight criteria isn't removed from the AN diagnosis. Like.. if you can starve yourself to emaciation (i.e your absolute fear of food overrides all your innate survival mechanisms) .. then you have a very different issue to someone who wants to do so but can't because they binge eat or whatever. I'm not saying the mental struggle of one is worse than the other - but it needs to be recognised that a person with anorexia has some mental disturbance that actually shuts off the bodies drive to surviving.

No. 1223815

File: 1620195004413.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, 50E20DA9-A9DC-40EE-89CB-19F52B…)

Niamh finally admitted to binging. Took a while, but she's no longer claiming to just eat toddler sized portions and miraculously gaining weight

No. 1223826

Makes me wonder how the unwashed Mary can go to uni at her weight

No. 1223833

mary mentioned that her dad removed her from a section and she isn’t with services i don’t think- just the GP….? i’m not sure if that makes a difference

No. 1223837

To be fair she said she binges a while ago (maybe two weeks?)

No. 1223843


It does make a difference. GP’s rarely have a clue and ED services are usually the ones to write to educational institutions

No. 1223845

Sure but she posted minimal meals with no admission of binging for quite a w

No. 1223857


A taxi ride won't burn that much of those pesky calories, that's for sure…

No. 1223858

did she say why he did that? Has he just accepted she is probably going to die from her ED fairly soon?

No. 1223859

File: 1620205537850.png (195.19 KB, 580x444, beav_recover.png)


Oh yeah, those were the 1990s!

No. 1223865

File: 1620208535054.png (389.41 KB, 438x737, anaphone.png)

Anna is begging her followers for very underpriced artwork now. Of course, we've already discussed her family money but a few weeks back she was also bragging about how the money she earns on insta and tiktok paid for her £1200 phone (and more followers kek). Any talented anons want to submit something worthy of that price tag?

No. 1223869

File: 1620209368543.jpeg (140.72 KB, 750x907, 492A9079-9660-4FE6-BCC9-EDEEB4…)

Samefag but when I was looking at all the portraits people have given her for free I came across these comments. Anyone know what it is about?

No. 1223876

amazing catch, anon kek

lets see how she explains this

No. 1223878

it is from ages ago so she probably won't have to. she deleted a LOT of comments. It says there are 45 but only ~20 are there. Probably the ones which actually explain what she did to 'frame' the other girl

No. 1223879

Yes this was about Niamh (disposablesmile) who is underage so…
Anyway Anna called her out on some of her social media behaviours and got bombarded by a lot of her fans.

No. 1223882

shit didn't realise she was underage and now I can't delete the pos, sozt. At least I didn't mention the other girl's name.

No. 1223891

You could get a stylised digital portrait for ~£25, which is still cheap but more reasonable for something that might take a couple of hours. Why is this rich bitch trying to get something for less than a tenner when she could easily afford it? Also, commissioning a portrait of yourself is the most narcissistic thing i’ve ever seen but i’m coming to expect nothing less from anna.

No. 1223892

she already has 10 pieces of art people have done for free, plus 5 more on her running account (she didn't even tag the creators!). I understand she might not like all of them but it must be hard to be one of the people who she has barely acknowledged.

No. 1223903

yes this is a rare occasion where anna was absolutely in the right with what she was saying (but a total hypocrite for calling out others when she makes such a display of herself)

No. 1223947


Yup she has said a number of times underweight body checks are so unnecessary but also said she doesn’t have an issue with tube pics.

I wonder why she finds one invalidating and not the other……

No. 1223956

That makes sense. She has moaned about how only 10% of the community are actually recovering before. Still don’t understand why she deleted all those comments though.

No. 1224021

>>1223956 they were all little kids fangirling over another 14/15 year old, tbh i wouldn’t want that in my comments either.

No. 1224053

Could it be that she's just looking for nice messages saying "I'll do it for free you're so cute ! ! "
10£ gee way to say you think art is worthless

No. 1224088

commissioning a portrait of yourself doesn't really fit with the whole "anxious about wasting money" disaster she posted on tiktok, does it?

No. 1224108

her parents are rich why is she even worried

No. 1224114

sympathy? to garner controversy-fuelled views? to appear more relatable to the proles? (although that backfired horribly) 'tis a mystery.

No. 1224126

>>1223157 her crab legs spook me out more than the usual ana skeletors jesus it looks disgusting

No. 1224217

I thought she had access to the bank account of her parents? Plus, why can't people get it through their heads that artists deserve to be compensated for their work? I'm sure anna's dad would be peeved if someone said they were only paying him 10k instead of 20k (random numbers lol) for his architectural designs

No. 1224220

I think it's because people who don't have creative hobbies that take time don't appreciate how long it takes to paint (for example). Also because they see the finished object and judge the worth by what it is materially. They don't consider the time spent making something is worth anything because the person did it for "pleasure". Same as people who want someone to knit them a sweater and say "I'll buy the yarn", but no thought to give cash for the hours of work spent knitting it.

No. 1224231

File: 1620251612481.png (2.87 MB, 828x1792, EAF92C53-598B-4AB6-A46E-128D93…)

anna said she had a bad physical health day and bangs on about how “getting healthy again” is how she got her period back and says shes still underweight?

No. 1224239

she probably had a sore throat or headache and is trying to make out she is chronically ill. Munchie crossover anyone?

did she try to imply she has sooo much weight left to gain? she normally does in her livestreams

No. 1224245

or covid again

No. 1224249

are all her followers as stupid as her??? that one asking about indyref = anna’s english so she couldn’t vote anyway. stupidity is contagious

No. 1224268

She seems ripe to bloom into munchhood - it’s basically a socially acceptable way to be a frail waif for attention, and we all know how much Anna likes being seen as a frail waif.

No. 1224373

Now I'm confused is this a different Niamh to the one whose username is noodles something?

No. 1224387

She's not studying medicine. Med schools have stricter rules about health, partly because it's such a stressful and competitive subject full of Type As.

Sometimes personal tutors at unis here just don't know their students, or she might hide under baggy clothing. I doubt she's able to take much in though, an anorexic brain is not a functional one.

No. 1224388

Molly did it so Anna wants it too.
Fan art is how you know you've made it!

No. 1224474

File: 1620291176384.png (465.25 KB, 1448x572, ovi is fat.png)

Ovi seems to be laying off the ana larp and becoming an alcoholic

No. 1224475


Anon that would be steeling

No. 1224478

Ffs, who does she think pays for her food, accommodation, clothes and so on? I refuse to believe she took out a huge student loan and she doesn't work so even if the money isn't coming directly from Daddy's credit card it is from his account.

No. 1224514


Yes and to add, the reason med schools are a lot stricter is because you have patient contact so they have to protect patients from you acting unsafely (which they assume you will if you are underweight)

No. 1224534

Anna on a story bitching about how she is feeling shit but “at least I’m not on a pro ana forum bitching about people’s dress sizes and leaking addresses”

- we are not the pro ana scumbags, you are
- we were very careful to never leak your address and we’re actually far more careful with you personal information than you yourself are
- not going to let your followers know in the past week we’ve discussed your lack of insight into your wealth and privilege, hypocrisy on showing off ED shit, lying about periods, lying about weight, photoshopping and buying followers?

No. 1224542

Yeah, not the same one

No. 1224553

just watched it and the way shes moving her body/hands and her facial expressions is so funny, it looks like she’s performing or attempting to be a motivational speaker or some shit

No. 1224555

File: 1620305009695.png (Spoiler Image, 8.16 MB, 1125x2436, C4939494-9898-4173-807D-CC90E4…)

Y’all see N2F’s latest creation? Spoiler cause it’s both NSFW and disgusting.

No. 1224559

She would probably lose like 15 lbs and then maintain on 2000 calories

No. 1224575

File: 1620309144673.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, 3C3C1ACD-FFFC-496D-BF94-6606A8…)

Look at all that water retention, surely no gained fat at all

No. 1224586


Is she also being discussed on MPA? Because she said
a) pro-ana site (this site is not pro-ana)
b) guessing her clothes size (no one has guessed her clothes size)
c) sharing her address (no one has shared her address)

Either she is exaggerating what has been said or she is also discussed elsewhere?

No. 1224591

File: 1620311276713.jpeg (111.47 KB, 2000x1333, penis.jpeg)

Radioactive custard.

May would make more dollar on chaturbate like this. She suits this body.

We said she lives in Highgate. She's stupid enough to claim that's sharing her address. Kate Moss lives in Highgate. Oh no, I'm a stalker doxxing Kate Moss.

We've discussed her dress size. Ofc she means here.

No. 1224592

Aaaaand, just searched MPA. No mention of her.

No. 1224597

File: 1620312045458.jpeg (861.47 KB, 1800x1361, 1F372724-54A7-4D0C-AB48-DEDF22…)

Still playing it off as swelling kek

No. 1224598

yeah mpa is too busy discussing tess holiday and the future of mpa itself to be bothered with anna lol

No. 1224602

What are they saying about Tess Holiday? Do they think she's ridiculous too, or are they ~validating~ her? MPA has changed a lot over the years so I'd assume it was the latter?

No. 1224612

BAHAHA no they're dragging her to absolute filth (rightfully so)

almost no one is validating her, and those that are get called out for it

there are a few threads, all around 8+ pages

No. 1224659

(I'm not her) this feels a bit brutal, her talking about how bad she feels about weight gain isn't that milky, surely most people in this thread can imagine the hell she's in right now

No. 1224665

not WKing but i also agree. she may have gained but shes still pretty slim, shes hardly ballooned up to an obese bmi.

No. 1224670

Sorry bone rattlers, she looks a million times better like this. I know it's incredibly difficult for her, though.

Is no one going to post about the MPA being sold drama? I haven't because I can't be assed to screenshot it and write it up but I will later if no one else wants to, assuming anyone's interested.

No. 1224672

MPA is being sold?

No. 1224679

File: 1620320535621.jpeg (194.17 KB, 750x1334, 2C1A02FF-D5B9-4291-8A76-AF4490…)

Anyone know what this video was about?

No. 1224692

File: 1620321114307.png (146.75 KB, 720x812, Screenshot_20210506-180801~2.p…)

Anyone know who this person's talking about? It could be hundreds, but others in this thread know who it is.

No. 1224709

File: 1620321891490.png (577.51 KB, 2157x1254, mpa-announcement.png)

Yep. The previous admin (not sure if she was the founder or if it'd changed hands before this) didn't want it anymore so she sold it to some dude who wasn't part of the community, I think he just wanted to see if he could make a few bucks off ad revenue. When it wasn't profitable he abandoned it, until out of the blue he shows back up to announce the site has been sold to a for-profit company called VerticalScope that runs a bunch of forums and they will be "rebuilding it into a proper ED and mental health support forum". Everyone assumes it means they'll be deleting all the explicitly pro stuff and thinspo, which probably is what that means. There's now a 73 page thread full of drama about it.

No. 1224719

Holy shit, end of an era
MPA has been having a slow death for a while though

No. 1224741

File: 1620322720925.png (22.44 KB, 604x243, 82359259329523058-4732483959.p…)

Don't worry anon, she's been tweeting about how "nauseas" she is because she isn't eating as well, though it's more logical that it's the copious amounts of alcohol she's drinking lately. A lot of larpers claim they're too sick to digest anything except what they want to, of course. But going vegan will surely solve it!
Looks like it might be @moonchild.etc who was mentioned earlier >>1224692

No. 1224750

I'm not saying her weight gain is milky, what I'm talking about is that she still claims it's all water retention. Not bone rattling or saying she's big

No. 1224765

I'll believe her stomach hurts when she actually loses weight

No. 1224782

Thank God.

No. 1224786

Damn. What are people typically saying in the 73 page thread? I'm guessing this hasn't gone down well…

No. 1224791

I see Heisenberg crying and rocking in a corner. Homeless.

No. 1224804

File: 1620325664679.jpeg (64.59 KB, 402x577, 1635D8A6-25B9-4D5A-A30E-0FC88F…)

You’d think so but…… eatingdisordercentral.com
How does one person have the time for these insane post counts she must do literally nothing else

No. 1224823

>should I go vegan
as if tons of vegans don’t have garbage diets too kek she’s definitely the fries and Oreos type. also who’s gonna tell her alcohol has a shit ton of calories… or do those not count?

No. 1224892

File: 1620330205722.png (248.15 KB, 713x1269, Screenshot_20210506-204233~2.p…)

I never bothered to look for personal cows at EDC. I suppose I might have to. The. MPA ~community~ are more concerned about losing their safe space than the recent global pandemic.

Love the post about how their naked body checks are now going to be perved over by "normie straight guys".

No. 1224896

to be fair though, most of the people on mpa are ed veterans and have been there for years. theyre overreacting with the whole "straight guy normie" shit but i get why theyre pissed off/worried

No. 1224919

File: 1620332677094.jpg (72.37 KB, 1606x426, genocide.JPG)

Yeah, but I've had a couple of ~omg this forum is my life~ sites RIP during the age of internets, but it's hardly the end of the world. If lolcow ever disappeared, loads of us would be gutted, but there you go.

Might do some of them good to not live there 24/7

No. 1224955

Yea but she’s still a monster of a human being an an ass hole to her followers so I wouldn’t feel too bad for her

No. 1224956

comparing a pro ana site to the holocaust. NICE

No. 1224959

Godwin's law, anon

No. 1224960

No. 1225038

Pancakes is a personal cow smorgasbord if you're interested, most of the best milk is locked behind "full membership" which is kind of a pain in the ass to get though.

No. 1225218

Okay sorry for being stupid but what is the difference is personal cows and regular cows?

No. 1225255

Personal cows are cows that you just personally follow without posting them here. Sometimes it's people you know IRL or online, sometimes it's just randoms who you stumbled across that interest you. Either you don't feel like writing them up, they have little to no social media following so they'd know who posted them, or you just don't think they'd interest anyone else.

No. 1225283

File: 1620375365006.png (378.92 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_20210507-035006~3.p…)

No. 1225289

Eurgh, bonespo accounts are repulsive. I know the first pictures of kelsey, not sure on others. But how is it milky?

No. 1225313

File: 1620386325229.jpg (714.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210507-121812_Chr…)

Our obese but anorexic cows are in great company!

No. 1225317

Groundhog day…

No. 1225340

her head doesn't even fit on her body… it looks so odd

No. 1225376

File: 1620398396855.jpg (167.72 KB, 800x1055, daniel lambert.jpg)

She looks like a real life caricature. It's not often an obese person's head is so pea sized like that. Her face should be fatter.

No. 1225433

bonespo accounts are terrifying. shocks me that some people aspire to be like that.

No. 1225436

Larpers like Ham and the obese ones are twats, but it's good to know they think "too skinny" is just above a healthy weight range.

I never understood wanting to be a living skeleton, but with some I suppose that's the only way to prove that they're a "good" anorexic, and they all want to be the skinniest skinny who think Ash is a fatty.

No. 1225443

File: 1620405258488.png (711.76 KB, 720x1077, Screenshot_20210507-123235~2.p…)

No. 1225447

No. 1225451

Damn and it’s lots of followers for that content.

Did Ashs Instagram change? I remember it being ghost.in.my.pocket but i can’t find it

No. 1225453


Well… at least it didn’t happen when she was on 1:1 in a psych ward.

No. 1225458

Insta deleted that account. She's here now https://www.instagram.com/bury.wingless.crows

No. 1225487

a bmi in the 18s or even below can be perfectly normal for east asians. my mother is in her 50s and is still in the 17s naturally, as is everyone else in my family. I hate being mistaken for a rattler because of genetics.

No. 1225488

context? why the fuck are u posting this

No. 1225491

oop tried to quote an earlier post in the thread.

No. 1225494

Eugenia Cooney flashing her underwear again in her new foot fetish body checking video.

No. 1225495

OMG this thread got weird. Who the fuck is replying to who and who the fuck gives a fuck about Cooney's underwear?

No. 1225498

You're the anon who was sperging about optimum weight? Anna is not east-asian so it isn't really relevant. Sage your blogging

No. 1225499

File: 1620411714751.jpeg (596.22 KB, 2048x2048, 99225FB0-0174-4942-A2E2-AB7688…)

I do. It's very interesting.

No. 1225501

Wow, pink drawers. Mind blowing.

No. 1225502

I'm glad you finally understand where I'm coming from.

No. 1225506

Sage your blogposts. Yeah Asian BMI is a little different, but I don't think we've discussed any East Asian cows recently?

No. 1225511

File: 1620413105958.jpg (63.93 KB, 500x500, jelly-mini-teeth.jpg)

I thought she was a super restrictor, why does she have a mouth full of Pick n Mix?

No. 1225515

She can't even hold her leg up without using her hands to hold them up.

No. 1225519

She'd be best buying trainers/sport shoes like Dasha. I mean, where does she even go to wear fancy shoes? EXACTLY.

No. 1225521

>>1225499 the way she holds her legs looks like a bodycheck geez

No. 1225528

It is, but even though those shoes are fugly, she really needs to know how to wear boots and shoes. She needs SOCKS. Thick socks. Slouch socks.

Those fuck me shoes are so tacky.

No. 1225533

She made sure to match her eyeshadow to her panties. Definitely made for the fetishists

No. 1225535

Those are some expensive shoes for someone who doesn’t leave her room.

No. 1225540

File: 1620416705466.jpeg (606.14 KB, 2048x2048, 89CDF3F1-F00B-49D2-8EAA-86DB0D…)

Yeah, it's so clear she chose a bright colour so the fetishists would really be able to see her panties. I mean, neither the panties nor the eyeshadow even match the rest of her clothes.

No. 1225542

how long until she makes an onlyfans?
remember that pic of her gross flaps hanging out

No. 1225544

File: 1620417119973.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.66 KB, 1145x751, BCC4D088-62EC-425E-814F-318118…)

No. 1225545

it doesnt even look like a vag. like an old womans vag thats lost all its elasticity. any medfags care to explain why it looks like that

No. 1225546

Is this the only dress she owns?

No. 1225556

Her labial fat pads have wasted away along with all the other fat and muscle in her body. But anorexia fetishists specifically like that withered/hollowed out look so hey, she knows how to keep her coomer fanbase happy.

No. 1225557

It looks relatively normal to me? It just looks too big for her body. Like she lost weight everywhere but has a fat vag.

No. 1225591

are we looking at the same thing? it looks like a deflating balloon. and its a weird colour

No. 1225630

File: 1620425689938.jpeg (140.52 KB, 827x939, 1A3EF35C-A038-470E-BC82-A36C96…)

Let me suck in my stomach as much as possible, wear Spanx and then tell everyone how I’m a chronic anorexia SEED. Dafuq? Proper attention seeking moron

No. 1225637

Yea this pose is telling everything. Imagine her letting her arms down and not arching her back that much

No. 1225638

the arched back

No. 1225641

no matter how i look at it, i don't… understand

No. 1225651

File: 1620427308241.jpg (19.46 KB, 364x389, jennifer-aniston-yoga-pose1.jp…)

Even trying so hard to look spoopy, she still looks only a little underweight. Not even bone rattling. When Madonna was on her yoga health kick she looked similar. Same with Jennifer Aniston, albeit without being toned.

No. 1225652

That smug look on her face.. it’s chilling

I genuinely don’t know how she still manages to do anything without being exhausted

No. 1225659

shes a normal size. no way is it seed

No. 1225660

sage for retarded derail, but why are the majora so big but also such a weird shape? has the underwear actually entered her? why are they not firm at all and just like hanging out the side?

No. 1225664

>>1225630 she's also claiming she only eats almost milk and fat free yogurt

No. 1225694

Yeah it looks about as normal as genitalia squished around underwear can look. The size is exaggerated by how small the rest of her is.

As funny as it is for this thread to become like a Shayna thread, Eugenia isn't doing bimbo porn so she doesn't need to have a bimbo porn vulva.

No. 1225704

When is she going to die already!

No. 1225710

It's kind of obvious how naive some people in this thread are. Some women have large labia minora. These, in rare situations, can get caught on underwear. Any woman with larger labia minora pretty much has darker labia.

She was stupid to expose herself like that but aside from that, her shape is probably normal. I did a practicum in gynaecology. There are very few labial shapes considered "abnormal" and your shape is almost entirely based on genetics (with some very uncommon exceptions). Of all the things to nitpick on lolcow, something a woman cannot influence or change about her body (without literally slicing off healthy tissue) is kind of over the line for me.* Aren't there more fun things to criticize?

*I'm aware of where I am. But the gyn I did my practicum with told me that over the past 20 years, younger and younger women are asking about labiaplasty. Some for their own daughters. Why? Because the labia minora stick out.

No. 1225718

not trying to medfag, just answering this q

you're not looking at her vagina at all. The labia minora are flaps of skin and will hang; the labia majora are a type of skin fold. Labia majora correspond to the scrotal tissue in males and the labia minora to the skin on the surface of the penis.

So these skin folds and flaps of skin don't really indicate elasticity except in terms of the actual skin: whether subcutaneous fat is puffing the flaps up or not. They hang lower in some women, especially women who have completed adult development and are not overweight. But like everything, some women have different shapes and just don't have a lot of fat or puffiness down there. I don't really want to put any images in peoples' heads but the fetish men have for hairless puffy clam is rooted in pedophilia, and it's highly disturbing. Sure, some adult women look like that. But most don't.

No. 1225821

milk so dry we’re really discussing eugenia’s vag huh

No. 1225839

File: 1620460218702.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1724, 551FC238-CDE9-4105-9706-39F3C3…)

I can’t understand why she pulls her bra above her nipples?

No. 1225852

File: 1620462415216.png (553.55 KB, 416x739, ham.png)

there's more biscoff then porridge in this bowl. you may as well just eat it out of the jar ham

No. 1225856

Because she's a beautiful, eccentric mess. It's N2F, come on.

No. 1225857

That's 4/5 of a strawberry and half a glass of biscoff - nutritional priorities!

No. 1225860

This is why posting her here is a bad idea. Someone always drops her vag slip. Just because know-all bullshitter Erbs made a video about ~skinny fetishists~ that's all anons talk about, as if pervasive are interested in her flashing her knickers.

Is it that her sports top is too small?


No. 1225861


No. 1225872

God that mirror is FILTHY

No. 1225902

She is a bigger cow than many of the other cows posted here so I think she's still relevant to this thread.

No. 1225916

How could she be emaciated when she's shown us for years all she eats, including her bakes. Is this n2f admitting she purged it all but keeps more down now?

No. 1225923

probably, but there was speculation a while ago that she was cooking food then rearranging it for several different posts of her meals. i’m not doubting she purges but that could also explain the constant food posts

No. 1225924

she also likes to exaggerate her spookiness. A while back she said 'no one could have been as evacuated (sic) as I was' when she was definitely underweight but not ash-tier

No. 1225925

File: 1620477324619.png (472.35 KB, 607x672, DHARMA.png)

Not sure if people are interested in Dharma but since the milk is so dry she is being SO rude.

Someone asked her to not mention her LW if she is using recovery hashtags and she said 'I didn't know the unwritten rules of tiktok. if you can't cope with realistic numbers get off the internet' like the scumbag she is.

Another asked her why she eats low-carb and she got really defensive and claimed it was 'because she wants to'. sure jan. went on to brag about her personal trainer qualification which is probably just some shitty online thing.

No. 1225926

*spoopiness, obviously.
Although she is also pretty damn spooky.

No. 1225931

She also claims to have some mysterious illness that makes her unable to eat / process fat. So she eats low carb, low fat and still pretends to be a recovery warrior. Her recipes read like a disgusting, high volume low density how-to for beginner anorexics.

No. 1225952

Any medfags know if lipase deficiency can be caused by organ damage or if it is always genetic?

No. 1225955

Caffeine and adderall probably

No. 1225968

TBH I'm pretty sure she's flat out making it up. I mean I guess it's possible she could coincidentally have both that and anorexia, but it's just too convenient an excuse to restrict fat. Usually the younger anas are afraid of carbs and the older ones are afraid of fats because they internalized the fad diet messaging from the time they were developing their ED, but there is some vice versa. You shouldn't really eat low fat AND low carb at the same time though, you can actually damage your kidneys with too much protein.

No. 1225986

She has only been ill for a few years and although she hasn't gotten very very spoopy I'm not sure if that alone is enough to cause the kidney(?) damage she claims caused it. She is clearly scared of carbs as well - someone in a (now-vanished) comment said she doesn't eat that low carb and she basically said "You don't know me !!11! come back when you have looked at my videos"
But TBH I think most anas who claim fears of specific food groups are probably still more worried about total calories and are "challenging" those 'fears' to get asspats while avoiding eating enough calorie-wise to maintain or gain

No. 1225990

Her sense of importance is too funny. I got my cycling proficiency certificate as a kid, don't make me Lance Armstrong.

No. 1226011

File: 1620491703132.png (1.03 MB, 1132x703, herbs.PNG)

new herbs video about tess's larp

No. 1226014

anyone willing to give a summary? I'm not normally one to comment on shitty make up but why does she look like a bad wax figure?

No. 1226016

Yeah, I won't give her a view either. She's a twat. Her make up's shit but that's okay because she's a literal basement dweller in her 30s who lives with her parents and has no friends and goes nowhere.

She's an ED expert. Self confessed.

No. 1226023


You can develop it… but you can also take supplements to process fat. People with cystic fibrosis also cannot digest fat well and take a lot of supplements to be able to do it. Why can’t she…

No. 1226040

agreed, i would love a summary bc i cannot stand this person for more than 3 seconds

No. 1226041

I'm the anon who thinks she's a twat. I downloaded it so I don't give her a view but I haven't watched it yet. Give me the length of the video and I'll write it up here.

No. 1226042

Really can't sit through this if she's doing what I presume she is doing and saying that Tess' larp is 1000000% true and she's a brave recovery warrior because fatties are now a protected class. Sorry for sperg but why can't fat people ever just be like 'Yes I'm a big fat fuck because I love food too much' it always has to be everyone else's fault.

No. 1226051

>She assumed Tess was pretending she was anorexic.
>She admits she was wrong in her assumptions.
>Can you be morbidly obese and have anorexia? she asks cynically.
>She initially thought no because she knows the diagnostic criteria "inside out", and you have to be significantly underweight to be diagnosed.
>Fatties don't get taken seriously as anorexics.
>She thought Tess had EDNOS
>She says she was COMPLETELY WRONG
>"They have finally created a logical diagnostic criteria for anorexia in the DSM in 2013 [Jen only just found out]but SHE HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT, THE MAJORITY OF THE WORLD HASN'T HEARD OF IT - the new diagnosis is ATYPICAL ANOREXIA NERVOSA.
>Explains what it is (obv googled it)
>You can be a fatty and be atypical.
>Jenn thinks that's great because now anas don't have to compete in a hierarchy of being "sicker"
>Doctors wouldn't help fatties before then.
>Fatties who lose 300lb can be as severely anorexic as someone emaciated.
>She went through SO MANY PAGES of people agreeing with her misassumption.
>After the 6th article she believed and now respects Tess for coming out as an ana.
>We need to detach "skinny" from "anorexia".
>Stop throwing "anorexic" at "naturally skinny" people.
>Stop commenting on peoples weight NOW.

god this hurts

>Typical ana still exists as a separate illness. It doesn't matter, it's JUST A MENTAL ILLNESS. ??????

>We're to blame Tess is anorexic because we complimented her on her weight loss.
>Now we need to not applaud her killing herself.
>Say "are you okay?" if you see someone's weight alter.
>Some people need their weight commented on.
>Some people don't.
>So she'll make a video about it.
>We have to give Tess empathy and love because she must get a lot of fat shaming and it's horrible.
>Fatphobes hate Tess because they're uneducated and lash out.
>Tess has a tough battle ahead dealing with her recovery and idiots.
You can starve to death eventually at any weight.
>See a therapist before you do a diet if you're fat.
>Jenn wishes Tess good luck.
>It's good news "looking eating disordered" out of the DSM [years ago, changed nothing]

rabbits on about the same things over and over

>It's a real disorder. You must go through shit with idiots. She's proud of them.

More people will get diagnosed now, more people will need treatment, more places will be built to be treated for EDs [HAHAHAHAHA]
She thinks they'll put more money into ED treatment.
>She hopes fatties with anorexia will be taken more seriously.

>The DSM is to blame.

Okay, she just repeats herself now.

No. 1226052


No. 1226057

Wasn't expecting this was from Dorian. She's clearly doing it for the clout. If she came out and said she thinks Tess is lying and isn't really anorexic (which is the truth), she'd get hate again and I don't think she'd cope with that so she took the easy way out. I highly doubt she hadn't heard of atypical anorexia before now.

No. 1226061

fuck knows why she feels the need to make a video on it. although i hate dorian i can admit she was fairly spoopy back in the day, i bet shes secretly laughing at tess because pretty much everyone with AN has a superiority complex.

No. 1226063

File: 1620501240870.jpg (41.1 KB, 750x611, ibeatanorexia.jpg)

Oh god, Tess is going to be the living embodiment of this meme without the intended humour.

No. 1226070

There are so many petitions to ‘remove atypical anorexia’ but if it was removed and changed to EDNOS/OSFED… these bitches would have a heart attack. I’d love to see it.

(I do know that’s what it originally was)

No. 1226079

they could rename it to specify weight? because we all know there are changes in brain function when underweight which mean therapy is normally pretty useless before weight restoration.

the people who sperg about the atypical diagnosis are just reinforcing the 'hierarchy' around EDs. No one (apart from the worst pro-anachans and uninformed general public) thinks you are worse at eating disorders because you were diagnosed before you reached an underweight BMI.

No. 1226080

lmao at her having a sheet with books printed on it in the background instead of actual books

No. 1226084

funniest is when she bumps into it with her chair and you can see the mess behind the backdrop

No. 1226086

Hahaha lovely. It takes a special kind of gal to LARP owning books

No. 1226100

I know we’ve said it before, I know I’m saying it again… HOW do people get diagnosed with atypical anorexia while gaining weight. I get that there’s a restrictive element to their ED but do they just think they’ve screwed their metabolism up that they’re gaining on the amounts they eat or ?????

No. 1226118

File: 1620509674013.jpeg (164.64 KB, 960x1088, 6FF26385-0B5B-4FCB-8BD0-119102…)

For your personal use.

No. 1226121

for the same reasons it asks your gender ID on medical intake forms: science has been absolutely lambasted by sociology students and their big thunks which should have stayed in think piece on cosmos website and have no place in actual science. Sociology is held up in some colleges as being a science, so you get shit like Tess Holiday technically being anorexic even though anyone with common sense can see she's only at risk because of her binge eating, not anything restrictive.

No. 1226176

anyone who claims to have alters isnt worth listening to, the anorexia to munchie/DID pipeline is insane

No. 1226204

>HAD anorexia

before she moved onto bulimia

No. 1226206

Thanks anon!

Also when did Tess LOSE weight??

No. 1226385

It is not possible to gain weight unless someone is eating more calories than they burn. Anyone who says they’re eating an anorexia restrictive level of cals especially 1000 or less but still is gaining is lying, it’s not scientifically possible unless it’s just water weight. Overweight and obese people tend to way underestimate how much they eat during a day. Tldr Tess Holliday is full of shit and not anorexic.

No. 1226391

Anyone know alexys new insta?

No. 1226414

she doesn't have DID

No. 1226417


The article I read says she lost weight whilst recovering (saying please don’t congratulate weight loss because I’m recovering from anorexia).
so…. she gained weight having anorexia and lost weight recovering and is upset when people question her diagnosis…

No. 1226419

TBH I can see Tess having a form of BED/OSFED where she restricts for a while, then massively binges, averaging out to a huge daily intake to gain/maintain her weight. Some people with BED or bulimia have binges of 5-digit numbers of calories, even if she restricted to 1000 outside of binges she'd only need one big binge per week. Not to WK her because there's no way in hell any reputable professional diagnosed her with anorexia and she's an awful person, but I can see why she'd focus on the majority of her week rather then the hour or two she feels the worst about.

Sounds like BED recovery to me!

No. 1226422

I completely agree with you and this is why people need to stop chasing the anorexia label and stop crying that it’s fatphobic because while they’re saying ‘it’s soooo invalidating’ all they’re doing is making OSFED more invalidating! The whole point OSFED exists is because eating disorders are a spectrum but there is a push from sufferers to essentially have it on a three tier system of AN/BN/BED (except obviously no one wants to talk about BED).

No. 1226454

or maybe she was secretly put on a weight loss meal plan and was told it was ‘weight restoration’ kek

No. 1226463

File: 1620557586588.png (95.77 KB, 184x247, annapasta.png)

Anna mad a tiktok about 'how her brain convinced her she didn't deserve dinner' and the melancholy music when she goes to eat her pasta has me howling. Who the fuck films and edits clips of themselves struggling to eat?

No. 1226466

Omg I laughed my ass off. I haven’t been following the young cows on tiktok but is this really what the ~*~recovery community~*~ has come to? I thought the carefully plated, aesthetic instagram food pictures were over the top 5 years ago but the amount of work that goes into putting together a video like this to document every stwuggle is just stupid! It’s a ducking cult!

No. 1226470

Millions of people DO deserve food, but they can't afford any so stfu with your rich girl struggles.

No. 1226533


Ah but she has made the decision she is not going to be defined by anorexia and she is not going to be a chronic case and has now realised she can’t maintain a social media presence on personality alone, spare a thought for her dwindling followers please

No. 1226539

No worries, she can just buy more followers - she has gained a few hundred more in the past few days, despite her count having been static for something like the past 4 months.

No. 1226540

samefag but her bitching about 'you don't have to be a chronic case' is hilarious - she is the farthest you can be from a SEED patient without LARPing (not bone-rattling just the facts)

No. 1226551

Has n2f bought followers? She has no engagement but almost 12k following her weird ass food plates

No. 1226554

if shes suddenly gained loads of followers its probably just from mass accepting their requests. i requested her on both of my accounts months ago and only got accepted the other day (already unfollowed her because seeing that shit on my feed made me nauseous)

No. 1226567

She's gone public, so the requests have all been added to her count.

No. 1226568

File: 1620581763590.png (804.86 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210509-183302.png)

At least she's definitely gaining even if binning or puking some of the food she posts.

No. 1226572

that butt doesn't look bad. her eyes however..

No. 1226573


I guess EC can’t lift her legs on her own so she has to use her arms to do it. Wish she would get help but I know that won’t happen. Supposedly, she is learning to drive but I think the pics are for show, I can’t see someone like her having the coordination and enough awareness to earn a license.

No. 1226576

The mirror's the thing that needs some work. How did it get so filthy?

No. 1226588

FFS can we just stop with this bs, Tess doesn't have an ED She's an attention whore like most celebrities/models and probably stopped getting as much attention considering every fat woman is now a bbw model walking for gucci.

No. 1226594

wow such a contribution to this thread, unsaged too, thank you so much anon we care a lot

No. 1226607

How is her mirror so incredibly dirty does she put her fingerprinys on it?

No. 1226612

File: 1620586612389.png (511.46 KB, 1914x1248, tiny fingers.png)

Some of it looks like fingerprints, but the streaks look like she shakes her hair like a dog shakes its fur after getting it wet.

Someone on mpa wrote the post on the left in img. Many times TH mentions how she gained weight during 2020 on twitter.

No. 1226646

File: 1620589207324.jpg (441.94 KB, 1125x2436, costacon.jpg)

Ham really struggles with liquid calories guys! Guess the bucket of hot chocolate she pours down her throat for nightly ~~snacktime~~ doesn't count

No. 1226648

It's scary because it's fruit and isn't brown.

No. 1226678

kek she's "ofherbsandaltars" not ALTERS
although i understand your suspicions as the ana/munchie/DIDlarp circles overlap a lot.

No. 1226685

File: 1620591801737.jpg (689.05 KB, 1641x1257, capuhchino.jpg)

Can't be that scurrred of liquid cals if she gets a cappuccino "every time" (let's be real, it's not like she orders mini/small)
She's so incredibly bad at this.

No. 1226737


No. 1226741

Honestly I don't really care that she says it's a 'fear food', sure okay that's fine. But why the heck does she need to post all those videos of her staring at it like it's about to kill her? Also why why why does she have to talk about her ED the whole time trying to be some ~inspiration~? Would have thought that discussing your ED while challenging something would be a bit counterintuitive….

No. 1226745

are you on crack?

No. 1226746

anon are you unaware that Ham does not have an ED? also, sage your shit

No. 1226775

File: 1620599996201.jpeg (366.13 KB, 582x1340, A6C84240-0712-4035-9339-2588EE…)

sage bcs no real milk just found the horrendous shooping hilarious ….

No. 1226779

File: 1620600201611.jpeg (65.63 KB, 492x290, 09823A79-7E23-4894-9E4C-5FDF59…)

samefag but the only “motivation” anyone can get from this post is maybe to take a photoshop class or something… recovery accounts are just the new pro ana with extra steps

No. 1226780

That gap between her thighs.. surely photoshopped?

No. 1226803

So is there any milk apart from the shit shoop or

No. 1226826

File: 1620603888086.png (716.91 KB, 1059x596, 248A010E-A74E-40E3-BC15-C7B522…)

Go Ham, choosing something with fruit. That might even count as one of her 5 a day. Recovery is possible!!!

No. 1226881

Looking bigger by the day, watch out Porgie

No. 1226891

That rehearsed, puke-worthy "fear" plastered all over her face is irritating as hell. The first bite/ sip is always met with astonishment.

No. 1226944


Of COURSE her marriage was "toxic and abusive". It's a dead cert that when narcissists like Tess have a relationship end that their ex will end up being labelled as such.

No. 1226945

Yes, she'll look scared as she bites/sips it, then look down at it, raise her eyebrows, look back up at the camera, and look back at the food/drink like she wants to have its babies.

She's so predictable.

No. 1226955

File: 1620618570642.png (1.11 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210509-214256.png)

No. 1226974

This has to be thread pic either here or on the deathfat thread.
She's so fat, she's spread over multiple threads on lolcow.

No. 1226981

Yeah sure kek

No. 1227014


KEK does she not know that we know what… female bodies look like… cause she's absolutely sucking in, the fact she points it out cause she's insecure makes it even better. kek what an idiot

No. 1227016

File: 1620628559306.png (88.64 KB, 717x744, Screenshot_20210510-073508~2.p…)

No. 1227026

ah. screams of selfpost

No. 1227041

If you’re following this person, why would it show that you’re not in this screenshot? Their account is private.
100% self post.

No. 1227063

Omg those elbows, no wonder she’s normally in a dressing gown. She’s a right chubster worse than expected

No. 1227084

I always wonder why people self-post with small accounts (or in general really), to figure out who might be using lolcow? to garner attention. Seems to take a special kind of special.

No. 1227090

File: 1620648049339.jpeg (197.12 KB, 588x793, 3B2EF3BA-CA92-41E5-9C73-BA1294…)

followed this account for a while but never noticed just how big of a twat they are… what are these poses?? saged because not rlly milk but deffo pro ana scumbag behaviour.

No. 1227091

File: 1620648084006.jpeg (438.69 KB, 828x1071, 7ECD7306-6A00-4416-A35B-CE6F85…)

another one just for keks

No. 1227106

What the heck even IS that? I kind of (and yet don't) want to see what sort of face she's pulling to stretch like that. Just went over to her profile, it's got to be a joke right? wind your neck in lass, and the duck faces are cringe.

No. 1227107

the irony of talking about the lie of 'not being sick enough' whilst straining her neck and popping her collarbones hard enough to cause an aneurysm.

No. 1227113

File: 1620651572805.png (279.2 KB, 675x311, photoshop-goes-quackquack-wind…)

Looking at her pictures she photoshops her photos a lot. And she was a "healthy" weight back in late 2020 going by her facebook. Cheeks, neck, etc. And it seems like she's got a bit of the 'tism, her public facebook is just as cringey with the photos.