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File: 1636080733242.jpeg (754.04 KB, 1936x1936, ooo.jpeg)

No. 1361980

Things have been drying up a little in ED LARP and pro-ana land, with anons having to rely on tiresome Tik Tok cows and the occasional drop of milk from the Orthorexics. Hopefully November will bring some GAINS.

Last thread highlights:

Anna claimed never to have tried the most basic Cadbury's chocolate bar, and had a week off from having MCAS because that's something you can do when you make up your illness.

Hxn looks slightly better but is still crying about not being in a private hospital, whereas Gracie might be heading to New Farm to fatten up like Porgie.

Ganer ate out at a restaurant! That's one point for Ganer, about 400 for Ham.

Niamh indulged in blatant bodychecking, farmers speculated that her ED might disappear if she quit social media.

Cecelia retrofitted exercise addiction into her list of ED behaviours, then took an overdose because she missed being inpatient.

Anons resorted to discussing Eugenia fucking Cooney because of the lack of milk.

Nourish posted more scantily clad pictures with clown makeup, making anons concerned again that she might be a bit developmentally disabled.

https://www.instagram.com/ceceliafrances/ (private)
https://www.instagram.com/hannahmblackburn (private)
https://www.instagram.com/nourisht0flourish (private)
https://www.instagram.com/savingshan (private)
https://www.instagram.com/emisfighting (private)
https://instagram.com/flourishingfxiry (private)
https://instagram.com/soph.ventiing (private)
https://instagram.com/smorven (private)
https://instagram.com/littlestlee2.0 (private)
https://www.instagram.com/a_wintergirl_thawing_2 (private)

No. 1361981

(apologies if this is a shit thread, it's not my first but it's my first ana scumbags one)

No. 1361998

File: 1636083591580.png (66.33 KB, 720x471, 1635964379613.png)

shes Alive?? does she have links other than YT?

No. 1362029

Could this be some new milk?? Currently stalking will let y’all know. TikTok seems to be the only place to farm cows these days

No. 1362031

File: 1636089084867.png (7.15 MB, 1242x2688, 52A8F70A-C167-44D5-975B-71E032…)

Whoops, forgot to add the milk

No. 1362035

in what world is this milk? she’s not a spoop, is she even anorexic? or claiming to be? how is she a pro ana scumbag?
jeez, what is with the obsession with average slim tiktokers

No. 1362036

Yeah if anything this just belongs in the bad photoshop thread.

No. 1362056

File: 1636093354136.jpeg (762.01 KB, 828x1364, 49855706-288C-4785-A3EB-B1DADC…)

if anything belongs there it’s this. fucking hilarious that she keeps posting it everywhere

No. 1362057

File: 1636093382181.jpeg (117.45 KB, 280x605, 0A6D2014-97E7-436D-80C1-9ED47B…)

No. 1362118

Looks pretty spoopy to me, Anon. You probably can't be objective anymore since everyone ITT is a fucking anachan themselves.

No. 1362121

She's thin sure but it also looks like she may have used some editing app. There's many people on tiktok using those to alter their body. All that and filters have ruined everything I hate them so much.

No. 1362124

File: 1636109983901.jpeg (280.58 KB, 1414x2160, 194D6FC8-F280-4102-9096-3ECC84…)

Holy shiiiit, she’s gotten HUGE!!! This one used to be Anorexic until she was diagnosed with gastro paresis and got her beloved tube full time and magically was cured from her ED when she realised she got to have the NG tube… I thought people with gastro paresis were usually underweight or thin… she looks obese.
Photo 1/2

No. 1362125

File: 1636110015281.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1419x2160, D007832C-9797-439B-9492-2E5761…)

Photo 2/2

No. 1362126

File: 1636110046289.jpeg (371.49 KB, 1419x1816, F1D85E4C-77F7-47A0-A5EF-B8BA54…)

And for comparison, here’s what she looked like before gastro paresis

No. 1362128

File: 1636110940008.png (402.91 KB, 720x1343, Screenshot_20211105-110914~2.p…)


Definitely altered. Half her fucking arm is missing.

Thanks for new thread, anon.

Thought this was Lillee Jean.

No. 1362130

Why does gastroparesis require a tube?

No. 1362131

File: 1636111163342.png (835.91 KB, 720x1146, Screenshot_20211104-192740~2.p…)

>Ganer ate out at a restaurant!
See her slop yesterday? Look, no raspberries. How confusing.

No. 1362141


I think she's rather hot
♡ ♥❤

Also, not milk, so sage your stuff(don't use emojis)

No. 1362142


Oh my fucking goodness. Theres a rift in the space-time continuum!
This has got to be an alternate universe..!

No. 1362143

Okay this is a dumb question but I’m still confused as to how Cecelia was able to od? Isn’t she still in treatment? Idk I still don’t get it
Ganer mixing up her slop situation is kinda inspiring I hope this means some good change is happening

No. 1362151

Those are white cuffs that blend into the wall. I mean I am sure this is edited to heck and back (her jawline is blurry too), but her legs alone are scary and spoopy.

No. 1362155

Fuck off, this is not spoopy. I looked through her page, her weight has been stable for ages and she is healthy slim. She is 5 ft 10 which adds to the slender look. Says she has fast metabolism and humblebrags about having no tits but wouldn't say this is enough to be a cow. I get milk is skimmed but I'd rather the thread was less active than start to discuss people who don't deserve to be on here.

No. 1362176

spoopy?!! you must be a hamplanet, or possibly american if you think this is spoopy. she’s slim (and boring)

No. 1362179

I just watched the video and wtf y’all must be having a laugh if you think she’s ‘healthy slim’ bone rattling at its finest

No. 1362182

File: 1636117506056.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, BEB8CEE6-DBB5-440B-A3C1-094995…)

Like her waist is TINY + y’all can’t tell me this is not a significant drop since the second vid that comes up after this in search….

No. 1362184

File: 1636117548744.png (3.59 MB, 828x1792, 61AD9DB3-5D4E-4C19-A2C9-CA699A…)

I wouldn’t call that stable… she went from healthy slim to Defo not

No. 1362190

STOP SHITTING UP THE THREAD! she’s a slim tiktoker. big deal???

No. 1362191

Oh yeah, and her legs have stretched overnight. People drop weight but they don't grow longer limbs and torsos. IF she was losing weigh, ok, but where's the milk?

No. 1362193

Everyone photoshops themselves on tiktok, no biggie. Ed twitter fags shoo

No. 1362195

File: 1636118498010.jpeg (204.87 KB, 828x1378, 1B0D48A6-AD05-4E0B-8666-235319…)

To break up the tiktok spam, Scarlett is taking clients with EDs. Jen Peach all over again

No. 1362197

you sound like shayw.99. after all, Mikayla is/was Shay's online toob buddy.Neither you (Shay) or Mikayla need tubes, you just both need BPD treatment.

No. 1362204


How ethical. Coaching others by supporting their ED behaviors and praising their exercise addiction. Literal definition of pro-ana scumbag.

No. 1362245

File: 1636123797688.jpeg (451.02 KB, 828x1338, F17547E1-DA41-408E-929A-A5206D…)

>i don’t know if I’m ever going to get the chance to share the positives if I don’t soon
>too late for me now
Why is Hxn terminal illness-baiting?

No. 1362274

File: 1636128629692.png (435.92 KB, 413x671, Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 9.10…)

Niamh claims she isn't bodychecking! Over a photo of a bodycheck.

No. 1362281

It’s not even photoshop but filter abuse, which makes it less milky because they have the fallback of “obviously it’s a filter” and “everyone uses them.” I miss the days of badly shooped thinspo a la felice fawn and that Imskinnybeautiful chick.

No. 1362285

Felice was a gold mine. Anyone know what happened to her

No. 1362287

File: 1636131118369.jpeg (328.48 KB, 828x1443, B15B5EFC-178F-480C-898F-78D27C…)

More of Scarlett being an absolute psycho. She is always complaining about how bad her sleep is, maybe this shit is why?

No. 1362291


Completely ignoring how integral sleep and rest are to muscle growth. Fucking idiot doesn't deserve to call herself a coach. No wonder she looks like fifty shades of shit.

No. 1362293

I raise you with this icon:

No. 1362303

File: 1636132867587.jpg (407.09 KB, 1080x1943, Screenshot_20211105-132017_Ins…)

Why does she need multiple accounts for her hospital porn

No. 1362304

gastroparesis=stomach paralyzed=doesnt digest food correctly and at the right speed=fucked up shits=ng tube delivers nutrition that can be easily digested

No. 1362306

File: 1636132998527.jpg (302.66 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20211105-132249_Ins…)

We get it Fiona you're sooper sick

No. 1362307

More to the point why does she have to do a whole body check to show some socks, she could have done that without the skelly legs on show

No. 1362311

File: 1636133383228.jpg (460.04 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20211105-132845_Ins…)

She's always banging on about how hard it is to ask for support while constantly posting body checks and hospital porn. If I see this pooh bear hoodie one more time I'll scream

No. 1362312

>>1362303 I'm more concerned with why she's wearing that ridiculous winter hat indoors constantly.

No. 1362318

lol she said on YT that is security and because shes a snowman constantly

No. 1362326

>>1362312 I can't help but think she's doing it to add to the sick widdle warrior image

No. 1362369

File: 1636137147274.jpeg (463.05 KB, 1536x1536, CB2B3843-38E4-4A19-9B68-641EE9…)

Smorven’s Twitter is a goldmine. She’s not been up to much, her usual moaning.

No. 1362373

So fucking sick of her daily hospital machine selfie parade.

No. 1362378

Damn, Nik has been gone for so long that he didn't even get a mention in the summary. I miss good old Pencilneck posts.

No. 1362382

OMFG Smorven is 28!?!? I thought she was max 23. Haven’t followed her in ages after she blocked me for politely correcting her for always writing Columbian coffee rather than Colombian. For someone who fancies herself to be such a tortured genius she didn’t even bother to read the label properly or consider that it’s offensive to people when you spell their country wrong. (Can you imagine the shit fit she’s have if someone wrote Scuttish whiskey). Sorry for rando sperg but she is the worst. Can’t believe the absolute lack of self awareness she constantly plasters over the internet. God forbid someone who’s job is to take care of an insufferable woman child has to nourish themselves at some point during their shift. Feel so sorry for everyone working on the ward who what’s had to deal with her day in and day out for the last year+. What an absolute nightmare.

No. 1362394

File: 1636140325531.jpeg (782.79 KB, 828x1425, 419860A8-CFD9-4481-BB71-B084BD…)

why is she allowed her own magic spoons and bowls? isnt it a very disordered thing? so recovery

No. 1362400


Such a smol speshul spoon for a smol sheshul princess, isn't it.

No. 1362402

Working on his aCtInG cArEeR, going all ze way to Hollywood, ja.

No. 1362405


Talking about herself in third person and in the plural form. Oh, and nice body check.

No. 1362407

File: 1636141005236.jpg (404.97 KB, 1080x1614, Screenshot_20211105-153604_Ins…)

The constant sad face selfies send me

No. 1362413

>>1362394 why is she making repetitiv tiktoks about how brave she is for eating oatmeal

No. 1362417

File: 1636141723615.jpg (320.6 KB, 1080x1614, poor_gorl.jpg)


There is always room for improvement, is it not?

No. 1362422

File: 1636142816491.jpeg (707.88 KB, 1170x964, 8090E9B3-3106-40DD-930B-A56CB2…)

What is up with Ro makeup kekkk

No. 1362424

She's a lowkey gamer thot these days, AFAIK she had to go in hiding when debt collectors came for her.

No. 1362425

>>1362417 top fucking kek anon

No. 1362427


Whatever she did, she shouldn't have used mustard.

No. 1362430

I can already hear the skellies rattling in to tell us that she is in fact, becoming quite chubby

No. 1362434

I know, especially the constant saying she’s not stopped crying, it’s the worst day yet. Imagine having to sit through her wailing whilst trying to eat

No. 1362436

File: 1636144107416.jpg (727.51 KB, 1080x2028, 20211105_212344.jpg)

This chick has been posted recently and I don't know anything about her, but wow. Bitch thinks this is some yami kawaii shit, the way she is posing with that tube makes me fucking angry

No. 1362438

would you stop posting all these totally interchangable, non-milk tiktok whores, plz?

No. 1362464

File: 1636146418885.png (2 MB, 640x1136, B80123E4-7F65-461B-A480-2BE2D9…)

A_wintergirl_thawing is back trying to make people concerned and updating her “bodycheck” highlight while as always looking perfectly healthy? Also posting about her “psychosis”

No. 1362467

File: 1636146560766.png (507.44 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_20211105-210655~2.p…)

He posted this 5 days ago. Recovered!!! Nah, it's from 2014 on his ~acting~ account.

No. 1362468

No. 1362470


Looks like they did some stage enactment of "The Office" with Nik playing some gay cousin from Germany..?

No. 1362476

i can’t upload pics on my phone but the story wateremelons just posted- like am i the only one who thinks she does not look weight restored?

No. 1362477

I bet this bitch is a eugenia stan

No. 1362478


She;s on a general ward and they don't care about this kind of thing

No. 1362480

kek this bitch has been "losing weight" since last year and still looks the same. She's all over the place, a drug addict, jewelry maker, age regresser and now she's in psychosis? The most ridiculous cow we have in this thread honestly, pathetic as hell.

No. 1362539

look what they did to my boy patrick bateman

No. 1362570

>>1362311 is it just me or does she bundle up in part to try and look as sick and fragile uwu as possible. I get it's cold but surely she doesn't need a ski hat, two jackets, and a blanket??

No. 1362582

File: 1636157404210.jpg (373.68 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20211105-200933_Ins…)

Pic related

No. 1362710


Yes I think so. General hospitals are usually boiling. And if she were hypothermic she'd have one of those funky space blankets.

No. 1362728

File: 1636167171874.jpg (25.26 KB, 458x451, wtf.JPG)

You'd think Bateman could afford a better wig.

Nik's face here tho. He's amazed a chunkier guy can make friends!

The more I see these pathetic milk it spoops, the more I wish there were more of them like Dasha who's out every night hanging out with baseball players without a fucking nose hose or being all Emma Wants To Live.

No. 1362789

Don't be silly, Lillee Jean lives in a tiny attic.

No. 1362790

She was a day patient when she OD'd, she'd gone back to her parents' and was constantly complaining that the place she was going to there was making her eat too much.

No. 1362794

holy shit at least get a sofa that folds out into a bed, or a futon mattress or something? This girl is nutso

No. 1362795

Most people with gastroparesis can manage it with medication and diet. But munchies get the tube the second they feel nauseous without trying anything else first and that's how we get things like Jackie dying when her bowel died.

No. 1362802


No. 1362807

"Ma'am this is an EDU"

No. 1362810

In what the hell kind of hospital do they allow patients to use their own crockery/cutlery unless it's a disability aid?

No. 1362871

it’s actually pretty common. i don’t know about cutlery but at my ward everyone had their own hand-painted bowls it was cute

No. 1362881


And why would any ED patient be allowed to have any "specialized" items to eat with, when the main goal is - hear hear - to heal their particular obsession with food..?
Doesn't make sense to me at all.

No. 1362884

Who's that anyway. Her Insta is full of that senseless, ugly kind of animu LARP.

No. 1362900

No1curr about your cutesy time in the ward, anon

No. 1362914


Oh yes? That's wonderful.
So I'm sure you were all VERY, VERY SPECIAL LITTLE SNOWFLAKES™ at your ward.

No. 1362938

I think she was in IOP and the program provided housing.

No. 1362947


No. 1362949

File: 1636203466869.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2094, 396A546E-AE5F-42C1-AE32-DB2365…)


No. 1362950

File: 1636203946777.jpeg (498.78 KB, 1013x961, EB25E4E8-583C-4616-9545-E37195…)

I think S* is self posting again but her eyes are completely fucked

No. 1362951

Fuck this stupid self posting twat but holy shit that bug eye. Keeping an eye out for the farms mods redtexting her. She looks like that retard kelly who picked her legs so badly they had to amputate.

No. 1362959

Holy shit. Her eyes are creepy as fuck. Just adds to the fact she's very unfortunate looking

No. 1362964

Dasha Nekrasova?

No. 1362965

Wait what????

No. 1362969

That Dasha is scummy but she's not spoopy by any definition of the word. There was another Russian(?) dasha who would get posted a couple threads back and was really skeletal. One of those anorexic women who try their hardest to appear like they're living functional lives

No. 1362970

Don’t engage anons, we already have a veritable buffet of unfortunate looking cows to choose from. Fiona, for instance, reminds me of a naked mole rat.

No. 1362974

kelly ronahan anon, she’s a pure old school munchie. She has a thread on the other farms that’s worth a read.

No. 1362989

File: 1636211208845.jpeg (721.1 KB, 1800x1638, 7B0BF766-FE0B-412D-B02E-497D69…)

These? Impossible to tell imo

I'm posting this from my phone, why can't you?

No. 1363004

It makes me sad that women use filters on their selfies like that. Regardless of eating disorders or weight I feel bad that we’re socialised into feeling so shitty about how we look that those uncanny valley Insta face filters are so common. Unrelated but I’m really curious: does she have a job or study or is she a NEET currently? Being a NEET would make sense so I’m not asking in a judgemental way, I also know she’s only(?) 19.

No. 1363014

File: 1636213962524.jpg (299.38 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20211106-115151_Ins…)

Does she really need to make a daily YouTube video of hospital porn

No. 1363019

omg she's wearing chronically jacquie merchandise

No. 1363028

was this today? cause i cant see a new vid?

No. 1363032

Ntayrt but I think anon meant she's been posting/intends to post a daily vlog of feeds, yogurt, and sick waif shots

No. 1363051

Oh my fucking god what the actual fuck that was truly horrifying

No. 1363135

File: 1636226907337.jpeg (595.06 KB, 828x1354, 258E0096-BE53-4412-BF38-62F7D0…)

just a 5min video that she keeps repeading the same things and im very unsure if she realises.
Also never forget the toilet body check

No. 1363149

Good to hear that she's on the right way, then.

No. 1363151

At least she retired that silly jumper for now and changed it for some hippy jacket..?

No. 1363171

File: 1636230961664.png (476.42 KB, 1022x463, niamh.png)

Niamh claiming to have diagnosed body dysmorphia while posing in shorts and tank tops daily, for an audience of thousands of people.

No. 1363218

File: 1636234443589.jpeg (155.51 KB, 2000x1333, C37870BC-D43B-4A17-8FCF-8C6E71…)

No. 1363226

This shit is embarrassing. Obviously can’t be that bad if she’s allowed in the toilet for however long these stupid selfies take and trusted not to tamper with the feed.

No. 1363249

KEK. This cow could not be more in love with herself.

No. 1363251

body dysmorphia my arse.

No. 1363289

I don’t know - didn’t another anon say she was on a general ward? Blogging but it’s relevant. The last time I stayed in hospital I was on a general ward, and the bed across from me was a spoop who was waiting to be transferred to a specialist ward , but was having her feeds ran in her local hospital while that was being set up. She was meant to be on bed rest with continuous feeds but I watched her tamper with her feeds at night or stand for long periods of time. The nurses were too busy looking after the other people on the ward (bedbound old woman, woman with liver failure, woman with congestive heart failure) so me and this ana on the far end of the ward who were comparatively self sufficient got left to fend for ourselves, outside of the bloods and vitals. If this girl is on a general ward that’s got more medically unstable patients, and the nurses aren’t experienced with various ana tricks, she could be getting away with stuff.
However if I’m totally wrong about what sort of ward she’s on and she’s getting proper ED help she’s probably just playing it up to appear sicker.

No. 1363309

Sage for no milk, but it’s always confused me how people have hailed dasha nekrasova as a spoop. She looks healthily skinny to me, anachans treat her like eugenia v2 or something kek

No. 1363322

To be fair anorexia behaviours can look like wanting to see your body 24/7 to be certain you didn’t somehow gain weight from taking a sip of black coffee. Also these revealing outfits could be her challenging the body dysmorphia (and def body checking at the same time). Idk, I genuinely like Niamh she seems like a nice person in daily life. I really hate how people here immediately think because someone does something Ed related they’re faking their recovery completely. I just think about these girls and the giant impact reading these things can have on their mental health and my heart breaks. I’ll def be put out to pasture for this one but someone needed to say it. Sorry cows

No. 1363333

She’s on a general but has her own room- don’t know if that includes own shower. The nurses need to wise up to the ideas of feed tampering never mind she’s probably pacing round her room each day to get in 10000 steps…

No. 1363419

But where else would she find a full length mirror for these essential body checks? I mean OOTDs?

No. 1363436

she talks a lot about how little she eats, has/had a Twitter account detailing how little she eats, constantly trashes average weight women as fat
honestly she would fit in this thread with her ana cosplay

No. 1363453

Does anyone know what Smorven is up to?

No. 1363462

File: 1636262848111.png (576.53 KB, 576x511, fgffgfg.png)

she also is dating a troon and calling it her girlfriend eeew wtf

No. 1363496

File: 1636272898593.jpg (395.93 KB, 970x2259, dashaonedtwt.jpg)

speaking of dasha she did show up on edtwt recently

No. 1363518

Her reason for posting these videos doesn't matter, the impact does. She knows what she is doing and that she is hurting people but does it anyway. Sage your whiteknighting.

I thought nothing would disgust me more than n2f's meals. Turns out I was wrong.

No. 1363527

oh niamh, learn2sage and fuck off

No. 1363528

the only thing niamh “challenges” herself to is tidying her room.

No. 1363533

I got a feeling niamh wants to be the next eugenia cooney

No. 1363539

she definitely idolises spoops;
close friends with zara, who has essentially manipulated her way out of MH services and into university when she should be in a hospital. (side note: very unlikely friendship??)
follows people like hxn, sarah, findingsky, wateremelons, fiona, emistrying, sophia etc etc. she’s probably slightly envious that they didnt all need a million shitty angles and poses to make their followers think they were emaciated.

No. 1363544

I know her… I was inpatient with her

No. 1363546

>two normal weight women

Speaks for itself

No. 1363548

In Glasgow? What was she like?

No. 1363572

they do both love the butterfly emoji.

No. 1363602

Currently? Doing her best to make whichever HCA drew the short straw for her 1:1 cry.

No. 1363614

there’s this one anachan LARPer who has been around for a few years who I wish would post again, she hasnt posted in a year except some stories and deleted all her followers and I think of her all the time, just another basic bitch Australian ward-hopper. I don’t even remember her @ I just remember the icon was just this stupid looking squished cartoon face with big ass lips.

Anyone else have a favourite personal pro Ana scum bag they just WISHED were more milky? (Maybe don’t name anyone specifically cuz ~self posters!!!!~)

No. 1363622

fighting.emxx. bambirecoversxo. heybooxy’s breakdowns used to be funny too but she’s well on her way out

No. 1363670

What's going on with Georgia?

No. 1363700

File: 1636304522982.jpeg (365.98 KB, 828x1334, 99F14C8B-37E2-4001-9808-926D57…)

Have no fear, anons! Cecelia is back from IP and making sure to tell her anorexic followers she is going to make low-sugar baked goods (I get Starbucks stuff is overly sweet but there was no reason to specify that in her caption)

No. 1363704

I stopped looking for new milk a few months ago. The golden days have gone. The only personal proana lolcow I check on are the skinny fan men on VK. VK is a weird platform because the bony women are treated more like models and influencers. Like Dasha, they're smiley and pretend they're having a great time. I like being repulsed by the comments. It feeds my misandry.

The tiktok kids and the ones who dress up like chemo patients are zzzzz

No. 1363708

Nothing changes then .

No. 1363709

What was she like?

No. 1363710

she is looking like Ham these days, with the car takeaway with mumsies.

No. 1363728

Now that's some miracle recovery™ from her latest "OD"..!

Talking about hair and flavored coffee.

Way to go, Cece.

No. 1363731

File: 1636308008665.jpg (4.83 KB, 360x60, more_nuts.jpg)

you don't say

No. 1363779

reminds me of lauraingrampoet, was she ever mentioned here?

No. 1363825

holy shit kelly’s leg got amputated?? i haven’t heard anything about her in years

No. 1363829

>>1362436 yeah but she's not milky these days–same as always, spoopy and in and out of ACUTE

No. 1363837

File: 1636314627907.jpg (707.76 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20211107-144436_Ins…)

May be a nitpick but if Fiona is well enough for home leave and to go to a shop the wheelchair etc seems a little much. And of course she had to mention that she's cold

No. 1363842

File: 1636314886345.jpg (239.79 KB, 1046x1808, Screenshot_20211107-145416_Ins…)

Can't let the nurses forget she's the sickest waif

No. 1363849

The fucking pillow under her bum, how embarrassing. Even a healthy person would be chilly in thin leggings. Just pull some trackies over them - oh wait, then people wouldn't be able to see her legs - which don't look that spoopy, compared to the other cows who had to be in general for a long time. Why is she still in a general ward if she is well enough to go on shopping trips?

No. 1363862

File: 1636315842465.jpg (601.8 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_20211107-150934_Ins…)

Sorry for sperging but she looks fucking ridiculous. Even Ash doesn't bundle up this much.

No. 1363935

not surprising since she was also impatient with beth & abby who are popular on tik tok for making videos about their illnesses as well

No. 1363942

It's been the same old cycle with Fiona for years. She's addicted to the recovery process of deliberately getting herself to ground zero and then being nurtured back to life, looked after and not having to deal with adulthood. Every time.

No. 1363945

not more boring tiktok kids. please no

No. 1363950

File: 1636322246157.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1529, E3CD52E2-660F-4289-832E-3C7E65…)

her hair is a rats nest, her pout is the ugliest froglike expression i’ve ever seen, and her story is full of shitty boring outfits she’s trying to sell. why are all the cows obsessed with selling their clothes???(do not post minors)

No. 1363962

to raise money for the new clothes she is constantly ordering (literally several times a week.)

No. 1363977

so she’s also wasteful and trashing the planet. what an ~icon~. spoiled little brat

No. 1363987

tell us how the recovery queen was in her admissions?

No. 1363988

yeah. I didn't screenshot because I wasn't sure it was milky enough but she is constantly buying from some of the worst names in fast fashion (she was defending SHEIN the other day) and claims it is because she has a low budget - bitch, it's not like you need any more clothes, you can't fit the stuff you have into your wardrobe.

sorry for the sperg but given COP26 I feel it is topical to discuss the many forms her selfishness takes.

No. 1363998


So a lot of this empty lip service that she’s giving now about what’s good or bad by challenging or going against the anorexia but it always seemed quite fake. Also, her parents threw up a big fuss and got their names and story in the paper a few times so services gave her so much support. Even when she was outpatient and clearly deteriorating. Normally they’d discharge you or say you weren’t trying hard enough but they saw her multiple times a week with repeated support when some people were even struggling to be seen every other week. A lot of the love for llamas and other childish things was a big part of her identity and existed in friendships that were also quite childish and those friendships were often ED-related in my opinion.

No. 1364011

File: 1636326325313.jpg (49.97 KB, 464x829, the pupils return.JPG)

I second this. Can we stick to insta?

Her stories are reposts of her tellonym, which is where she seems to hang out these days while finding life challenging…

No. 1364017

the best part is that a few of those people have called her out and it’s pretty obvious they’re talking about her. they’re awful too of course but it’s still funny

No. 1364019

it’s the shoops for me

No. 1364024

isn’t she in a general medical hospital? and they just let her leave? to go to the fucking grocery store of all places?

No. 1364028

File: 1636327228891.jpg (105.18 KB, 683x629, Capture.JPG)

It does seem weird to get a few hours off to go home if you're on a medical ward.

No. 1364031

why is she wearing a hat indoors ffs

No. 1364034

>>1364028 because she's the sickest widdle ana ever obvi/sarc

No. 1364037

File: 1636327698808.jpg (96.85 KB, 772x716, Capture.JPG)

Her battle is harrowing.

No. 1364040

tbf i dont understand how she was so secretive in all her 3 instagram accounts since like April not to trigger anyone and all of a sudden she gets admitted (that she desparetly didnt want) and within a day she is on all over social media publicly posting updates

No. 1364043

File: 1636328285908.jpg (479.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211107-183742_Ins…)

She's been at this for ages I don't know why anons at first were saying she's "just sick"

No. 1364050

love how she puts the butterfly ana emoji kek. And yes, she's been doing this for a long while. Im the anon who knew her on tumblr in I wanna say 2013. She was the exact same and used to bodycheck and overdose 24/7

No. 1364054

Picturing Fiona being wheeled around the supermarket with her stupid ski hat is hilarious

No. 1364060

How old is she??

No. 1364061

It's good that she can tolerate sitting on a hard floor though. >>1364028

No. 1364063

she said in a video (lost track with sm) shes 24

No. 1364066

File: 1636330116093.png (399.69 KB, 1143x1112, Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 2.08.…)

No. 1364071

Fi's got more toob selfies than most people have regular ones

No. 1364103

Pretty sure a lass with a handle of "dietcokewaif" is at least a wannarexic

No. 1364104

Call me weird, but this is IMO the nicest selfie Cecelia has posted. She's smiling naturally, no crazy wide eyes etc.

No. 1364105

I wish these threads had covered Agony Autie's rather obvious ED phase. She was originally famous in munchie-watching circles but there were rumours she was using excuses of medical problems to avoid discussing noticable weight loss.

No. 1364107

BOTH legs were yeeted, above the knee no less. Kelly was a rare breed of social media munchie - her primary goal was IRL medical attention, not the adulation and sympathy of people on Instagram although that was a bonus. Now she's well and truly irreversibly disabled.

No. 1364108

Could be medical instability - like b/p bottoming out every few days would be enough for an EDU without med facility to refuse. Although it's more likely there are just no beds available at the moment what with the sad state of affairs in the NHS MH services.

No. 1364169

I genuinely can’t tell if she actually wrote this or if it’s a joke

No. 1364173

Didn’t she say she was going to be discharged directly home? or was that someone else

No. 1364261

I just had a thought - why do these bitches try so hard to get tubed by a doctor when you could literally buy plastic tubing from a hardware store, craft or whatever & pretend?? like has nobody thought of that? should we be looking out for people with tubes that aren't in hospital or have absolutely no irl followers (cuz if you post to friends & fam it's less likely they'll fake it to that extreme) idk man!! but i've been thinking about this all morning. I wouldn't put it past some of these idiots.
Like back in the day girls would give themselves baby cuts then say they needed stitches, wrap bandages around non-wounds, use other people's X-rays & hospital photos, & take photos in doctors offices/hospitals when they're not there for eating disorders.

No. 1364263

omg wearing hat indoors is disrespectful!! lmao it's pretty normal to wear a hat indoors, especially if it's cold, you have no heating, you're a spoopy lil waif, etc.

No. 1364298

Wow she fills up the entire screen. Very ‘I beat anorexia’ t-shirt vibes

No. 1364299

Oh, some of them have self-tubed. Probably the funniest example was Dani, who self-tubed for about three days and then angrily got rid of it when she got so much shit online. Or Allyson, although she's more of a munchie, who self-tubes and coincidentally has to take it out whenever she's going to see a doctor or have a psych admission.

No. 1364309

swear she's older than that

No. 1364310

she never takes the fkin thing off.

No. 1364311

God I miss munchsnark

No. 1364325

holy shit I actually remember Dani doing this!!
Lmao at the other chick who had to take it out for docs & shit, that is gold.

No. 1364335


You are one singe person and talking with yourself all the time.
We realize that, and your hatred of Niamh.

Forget about it, she's not a real cow.

No. 1364336

Going for that cAnCeR gIrL look..?

No. 1364337

File: 1636367160164.jpeg (514.73 KB, 828x1337, B9CD7D6B-3F5C-4492-AE53-C42AFD…)

Why is Emily constantly reposting the same spoop pics? Some of these are months old.

There are multiple anons who find her milky. I’d say ask the mods to check IP addresses but I’m not sure how active they are.

No. 1364338

one of them is me and i’m not replying to myself- check the IP addresses you whiny cunt.
it’s more suspicious how you’re so obsessed with WKing the cow, and how you crop up every single time. just don’t reply if you’re so bothered ?????

No. 1364339


You are weird, indeed.

First of all, her smile looks rather constipated than anything else, imho.
That's not supposed to be 'nice'. It's part of her ongoing ward hopping, being on her quest for perpetual, unwarranted attention.

No. 1364340

Thanks for that phenomenal kek, anon.

No. 1364341

I hope I didn't give any munchie anachans any ideas

No. 1364342

Hey, gotcha again.

So you're defending yourself immediately.

Also, your idiosyncratic writing style gives you away.

No. 1364343

That's going to be one hell of a trend:
MacGyver'in your last IP stay with some plastic hose and HiFi racks blinking in the background.

No. 1364345

Didn’t someone order tubes off Amazon and use a mop as an IV pole or was that a fever dream.

No. 1364348

HA! I hope so

No. 1364350

I remember the mop, but don't remember who that was. Not a fever dream.

No. 1364356

you’ve literally been replied to by two anons already.

No. 1364357

File: 1636370935040.png (1.16 MB, 1015x1581, Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 1.27.…)

here's your ootd - sorry the recovery body checking

No. 1364359

im all in, calling out the proanas and ive done it with Emily as well at the start but i know people from her unit and she genuinely struggles a lot currently - not leaving her room or talking to anyone.

No. 1364360


Congrats, that snowflake pattern just blew my irony-o-meter.

No. 1364362

Still defending yourself? Just stop your obsession with Niahm, cuz she's just another attention whore on Ticktok.
Find another hobby, maybe.

No. 1364363

You're the only anon that seems to not understand how to use capitals at the start of sentences and style of writing. It kind of gives you away hun.

No. 1364366

> idiosyncratic writing style

That's what nonnie said. And there's some more.

No. 1364368

Me too, nonnie. IF just doesn’t cut it.

Possibly Dani? Or Amanda/Ren who tried to pass off her dying grandmother’s obs and equipment as her own, then used a pen or some shit to fake a PICC line?!

No. 1364369

Fuck off white knighter. I'm a separate anon who's posted about niamh and found her milky. There are quite a few of us sick of her bodychecking.

No. 1364370

Are you aware that not using capitals is a common thing on the internet?

No. 1364372

That much might be true. But it comes only when that anon post another brain fart from niam and then two or more agreeing answers follow up immediateley.

Just too fucking obvious, isn't it.

No. 1364373

Anon you might be retarded, there’s a different between having an obvious typing quirk and just not using perfect capitalisation and punctuation on an anonymous thread for laughing at skellies.

No. 1364374

I’m literally watching replies come through from multiple anons. Why are YOU so obsessed with whiteknighting a 16 year old pro ana scumbag??? Sus.

No. 1364375

don't see that Niamh as pro-ana. she' just some teen brat showing unwarranted self-importance on tik-tok.

No. 1364377

have you seen her body shots and posing? that shit's ripped straight out of edtwt or old school pro-ana

No. 1364378

WHY are you constantly trying to give her a cow status? She's absolutely irrelevant.
And plz stop applauding your own posts. That's ridiculous (and also very obvious, btw).

No. 1364379

Yes. You. We recognize your writing style.
You're pulling the same stupid stunt off for WEEKS now.

No. 1364382

Niamh is NOT milky, she's boring af. y'all just want to worship a basic bitch cow - just go b her fan on tiktok instead of sperging out here

No. 1364389

Jesus fuck I knew you'd say that. again, I'm a different anon and I often write in small caps. Leave your armchair investigator shit. I'm happy for my IP to be checked lmfao we're all different people and for some reason you defend her like there's no tomorrow. I think you're one of her insta pals.

No. 1364446

Why do all these cows think people are so interested in seeing their leggings and hoodie combos, it's so obviously done to show of their body

No. 1364447

seconded, i’m also happy for my IP to be checked.
i knew we’d get some of her little fans here trying to derail the thread, but didn’t think they’d be quite so aggressively retarded.
go back to senpai, she might appreciate your efforts more than we do

No. 1364451

Damn the WKing for Niamh every single time is insufferable and is the only thing that makes posting about her a headache. If you think someone is not milky, just scroll past it because your sperging isnt milky either, nobody gives enough of a shit to check anyones IP so calm down amd shut up.

No. 1364452

Shut up about which Nona is which. Plenty of people write without capital letters, and plenty of us find Niamh milky. If you don't then fuck off it's really as simple as that just let us enjoy the milk you spergy retards.

No. 1364455

File: 1636384422487.jpeg (807.76 KB, 828x1446, 5C8B027A-E64B-4422-B3E9-42CDCE…)

she gives me the idea that she aims to be an influencer? slight jealous of Elzani & Ro, Fi?

No. 1364458

File: 1636384574764.jpeg (868.25 KB, 828x1485, 1389ECF5-D7EC-432B-A385-A1CA62…)

my 5 year old would love the pooh pyjamas and grinch bowl &spoon

No. 1364474

Are there any women often posted in these threads who either work or study besides Zara and Ham or are most of them NEET?

No. 1364501

Aw look. Mom did the laundry for her.

No. 1364510

Fiona was/is studying psychology i think

No. 1364515

Of the cows mentioned in the thread summary:

Studying - Anna, Niamh
Working -Ganer, Scarlett (if you count an unethical coaching business as work)
NEET - Hxn, Cecelia, Nourish

No. 1364516


I dont' think that Niamh counts as a cow. Jus' sayin.

No. 1364517

oh my god shut up already

No. 1364521

File: 1636390837857.jpg (152.89 KB, 750x1334, 4215825660768198974_n.jpg)

Now to the good news:

Ganer has finished her pre-workout meal. Rejoice!

No. 1364522

As the mods already noticed:

Niamh is a minor. Don't post.

No. 1364526

N2f had a placement at a charity shop and mentioned studying maths online. Don't know if that's still happening, but she'd started to do something with her life.

No. 1364528

no she fucking isn’t?? she’s 16- read the rules newfag.

No. 1364529

File: 1636392083849.png (1.34 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20211108-171950.png)

Ganer's the minimalist decor to Ham's hoarding.

No. 1364537

What year was this?
Yes! She’s definitely jealous of Ro and Elzani too

What is it with cows and porridge?

No. 1364542

lol it clearly says on the photo Wednesday, October 11, 2017

No. 1364547

Porridge must be a fad in the ~community~. Same as Biscoff and Nutella. Ham laps it all up with her cow tongue.

No. 1364549

While being "a minor" is different everywhere (+/ eyes of the beholder) and whatnot, sickens me that people post kids here. Would you like to have your own chilish mistakes or those of your own children/ nieces /nephews (…) spread even more than they expose theirselfs online? Why expose those stupid kiddos even more. ew. Yeah i know moralfag,sns. Talk about adult Proana scam scumbags like them good old days or whatnot

No. 1364562

File: 1636393808641.png (126.13 KB, 388x346, Screenshot 2021-11-08.png)


for the record


No. 1364570

File: 1636394300470.jpg (41.87 KB, 851x182, gr.JPG)

I'm not bothered about this one either way, but jsyk, farmhands fuck up sometimes. Rules say under 16 is a minor.

No. 1364598

Learn comprehension. I said:
>I'm not bothered about this one either way
I do not care for her. I don't have tiktok. I couldn't give a rat's ass if she's mentioned or not.
To stop all this immature fuckery, I posted a shot from the rules page. Just ignore posts about her like I do or don't post here anymore and keep embarrassing yourself.

No. 1364599

File: 1636396460703.jpg (25.82 KB, 931x135, Capture.JPG)

I was replying to this twat

No. 1364613

Since you seem to know it all better, why don't you just go ahead and open a Niamh thread?
This one is about ProAna scumbags, and she's not quite one of those.

No. 1364615

You've already said that dumbass.

No. 1364618

So, what syllable of "do not post minors" do you not understand?

No. 1364620

The girl is the epitome of pro-ana and is also a clear scumbag. So please, if you're so insistent that she ought not to be posted here, provide some reasoning. Thank you and goodnight, White Knight (lots of capitalisation, just for you nonnie x)

No. 1364626

That's clear enough.

No. 1364629


sage that shit

No. 1364631

Please shut the fuck up.
If you don't think she is a cow, that's fine, scroll past. I hate pencilNik milk, and find it utterly lugubrious, but instead of whining about it like a little bitch, I scroll past.

A lot of farmers find her milky af.

No. 1364633


Did anyone notice last thread, shortly after we had expressed rage at Ganer refusing to put her chocolate slab in her measuring cup, but instead resting it on top, she suddenly started putting in her measuring cup?

Sage for tinfoil but I wonder does she lurk.

No. 1364634

Porridge if made with water is low calorie but filling. Not sure why they all add the shit on it defeats the purpose

No. 1364642

the rule is 16+. she's 16

No. 1364687

^^^ where are the mods and what are they playing at? she’s not a minor according to the rules.

No. 1364693

File: 1636403814296.jpg (349.92 KB, 399x350, broccolicat.jpg)

No. 1364711

Niamh is so fucking boring just fucking move to her TikTok you desperate fucks. we can all tell you’re just worshipping her as an anachan cuz she’s vaguely pretty, you wanna get noticed by her go to her TikTok comments, bitches

No. 1364717

I've seen loads of newfaggy fighting in threads that never even attracted it in the past. Lolcow newbie anons really fuck it up.

Ham's oats are prepacked with sugar anyway. Oats with water tastes like cardboard, so I understand adding fruit, but not biscuits, chocolate and haribo.

No. 1364722

Look, can we just stop with the infighting? It's clogging up the thread. If you don't like the people being posted, just scroll past or post milk yourself. Seriously, some of the anons here are more annoying than the cows themselves now.

No. 1364727

There is a certain irony in that. I visit this thread just as much for the anons bitchfighting as I do for the actual cows.

No. 1364748

We Despise Her

No. 1364773

This writing sounds like zara kek. Not that I disagree but it just has that vibe

No. 1364776

This. Exactly. Thank you.

No. 1364850

File: 1636420251935.jpeg (194.54 KB, 750x817, DB79EAC1-40E8-4BD0-AA25-044607…)

Cece is trying new fashion in addition to the haircut. Honestly looks pretty cute and trendy. If she can stop BPD-ing she could reintegrate. Unfortunately her 6 month plan was underwhelming.

No. 1364851

File: 1636420365973.jpeg (145.6 KB, 750x547, 3F4CADD1-C1C7-4334-A2FE-86927B…)

Can’t forget the caption. Please let your ana queen identity go

No. 1364854

>>1364850 honestly Cece is my favorite/most hated cow bur she looks great

No. 1364858

She’s infuriating because she actually has the potential to live a cool life. That and she acts like she had chronic severe anorexia

No. 1364871

I don’t know about cool but at least functional. She could be a normal human who sees a therapist and takes medication while living a fulfilling life with an interesting job, and friends and family. Instead she just likes to printed that she has an incurable case of anorexia and so dramatic “suicide” attempts for attention.

No. 1364875

& the late Amy Lee Fisher who had her "best friend" (a 15 year old!) send her some of her actually-prescribed NG tubes, and proceded to make YT videos about how to place your own NG tube. Definitely not an ED red flag, not at all…

No. 1364898

does anybody remember thinsignificants

No. 1364912

I just say cool because she seems to have a few interests outside of her mental health. I agree though she could be successful outpatient

No. 1364984

Must every day be a treat day for her? Can't she just have normal oatmeal for once? What an utter child.

No. 1364986

File: 1636438656107.jpg (740.37 KB, 1076x2090, 20211109_161602.jpg)

Does anyone remember this cow? They had many accounts but hasn't posted for years. Always found them to be a cow, wanting to be in hospital 24/4.

No. 1364987

Remember? If she's 16 now she wouldn't have been discussed before this moment so shoo you selfposting twat.

No. 1364988

They're account hasn't been updated for probably 3 years. So they would be closer to 18 or 19 now I'm guessing. Certainly not a self post, was just going through and deleting followers.

No. 1365000

Omg I just went thru the last couple of threads as refresher - god fucking damn, STOP posting "sage for no milk, ____" lmao like as if we give a fuck why you're saging your post, like we can see there's no milk. lmao

No. 1365025

Cece will return to the beige-brown grandma style in no time. She will stay the same.
Her nutjob routine is too established now that she could change it like some (halfway fashionable) clothing.

She just claimed to have some kind of overdose just last week. So pretty much nothing has 'changed' with her.

No. 1365028

I predict she’ll keep doing impulsive shit to avoid the real world as well. She claims some doctors inpatient did not think she fit criteria for BPD anymore kek

No. 1365035

Not to mention the ongoing struggles with her dietician(s), since Cece just knows what is best™ for her.

It's the same old song, just the wallpaper of the wards will change.

No. 1365038

File: 1636448105197.jpeg (341.35 KB, 828x1118, 69797013-7AF0-4630-BA46-0A7530…)

>don’t need that level of care at this time
At this time - not anymore or again, sounds like she is expecting to be readmitted . Will probably ‘relapse’ in the new year when her job hunt starts and she has to be an adult again.

No. 1365069

It just shouts "relapse".

No. 1365076

Maybe I'm the only one, but calling yourself some ED fighter and/or warrior, while whining at the same time doesn't do your credibility any good.
She's still full of it.

No. 1365197

That shit behind her NASTY.

No. 1365240

I hate to admit she looks lovely here. I hate the shoes, but that's a personal preference, suede loafers would be much cuter, but other than that I think the hair, outfit, size, are all great.

So much more attractive when she's not flashing crazy eyes or having a bpd meltdown.

10/10 would date, nice to see her looking better, hope she doesn't feel the need to 'attempt suicide' again any time soon.

No. 1365276

I assume this is her bunny's bedroom? But yes agreed looks fucking gross. Bunny piss and shit on a pee pad on top of a mattress??? HARD PASS.

Yea the outfit is cute minus the shoes, which look kind of stupid in this combo. Thank god its not one of her creepy boomerangs, for some reason I find them incredibly infuriating. But regardless, you ok anon? You would date that crazbo just because she has a decent outfit???

No. 1365291

File: 1636481291003.jpeg (889.48 KB, 828x1531, 9B0969B0-5366-45B2-8C15-05BF35…)

pro ana scumbags stick together.

No. 1365293

>10/10 would date

You know what they say - "Don't bed the mad."

No. 1365307

File: 1636482294498.jpeg (245.35 KB, 828x1331, 9E54694E-B6A2-4D95-A35B-A8DA36…)

So has Anna is hoping we all forgot about the MCAS? She said she’d be symptom free for a week, it’s been a month now.

looking through the post she says it might be better to describe something as triggering or inappropriate but it is still about IMPACT over intent. If something is promoting ED behaviours in the audience it is pro ana (assuming the creator should have know that - e.g OOTDs, unnecessary toob pics?). But this all seems like a semantic argument to divert attention from her content/ to avoid having to take responsibility for it.

No. 1365352

I’ll be honest as a northerner i’ve never been in a pret, but if anna is the client base I think that’s all I need to know. Does she think people have forgotten about her MCAS AND her eating disorder that she struggled so terribly with? Nobody with a restrictive ED and allergies would be this excited about a sandwich.
And this isn’t a reasonable complaint but her face is stupid and I want to hit it.

ntayrt, but I guess sticking your fingers in crazy is one way to avoid lesbian bed-death.

No. 1365393

File: 1636489041341.jpeg (862.87 KB, 828x1457, 60506BE9-30B2-4F17-BF4E-E31393…)

just on a celebratory trip to the cafe because she might be able to get some leave after 5 weeks stuck in hospital, if she continues with the plan?
didnt she had leave home and tescos this weekend?

No. 1365407

File: 1636489925953.png (4.4 MB, 828x1792, 497818EC-4E34-4D83-B70A-BD840D…)

this girl was mentioned a few times in previous threads, used to be @lilvodkaflavouredjuul. seems to be spiralling into some bpd drug addict lifestyle (shes tweaking like fuck in all of her tiktoks) as well as constantly posting pics of her flexing her body and scars. funnily enough shes also friends with zara.

No. 1365409

File: 1636489990111.png (5.87 MB, 828x1792, 377FE56F-AE83-4A2D-B860-75A73F…)

No. 1365494

>>1365393 how is this not embarassing for these cows?

No. 1365538

like why would a doctor say that to her after she had just overdosed kek

No. 1365545

oh her nose what the actual fuck

No. 1365565

Ugh this whole post. Pro ana sumbags just love defending their selfish behavior huh.

No. 1365623

Fiona’s in the ana chan uniform I see: toob, wheelchair, cancer kid beanie, massively oversized jacket and complete with a gigantic shit-eating grin. BPD ED cows are so predictable.

No. 1365636

Anyone else having problems with the site? Lots of white spaces and no posts.

No. 1365681

Might have been during her ED IP, because rocking up to the ER having overdosed is a big BPD thing. What I've found with people I know with it, is sometimes they don't fit the criteria, when their lifes are going smoothly but it comes back hardcore when there's any problems like breakups or stress.

No. 1365780

It could be that her suicide attempts are further apart now. She was at a teaching hospital so the “doctor” might have been a resident or med student that doesn’t know better. She’s textbook BPD: non-lethal overdoses, superficial cutting, alcohol and drug abuse, b/p eating disorder that comes and goes. All triggered after the engagement fell apart

No. 1365783


You’re only seeing unsaged posts. Unsaged so you’ll see this.

No. 1365885


not. another. tiktok whore.

No. 1365886

Because they're in for that extra attention that they get..?

No. 1365887

> cancer kid beanie

If there is a name for it, this should be it!

No. 1365903

Does she still have Instagram? Or has she moved on like the other older cows

No. 1365911

File: 1636539140223.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.33 KB, 478x596, kelz.jpg)



Was this REALLY TOO HARD FOR YOU to find out??


No. 1365916

Looks like a deepweb video. Does she plan any more amputations?

No. 1365918

I didn't die but your newfaggy posting is depressing.

No. 1365933

Someone else asked this in her instagram comments (while calling her out for doing it to herself) & she sarcastically replied that her arms will be the last to go…. but I don't doubt it

No. 1365963

File: 1636548951840.jpeg (647.54 KB, 828x1303, 7DFBE36C-FD61-4692-BD1F-8FEC77…)

bc you‘re fat and sweaty porgie

No. 1365965

File: 1636549095237.jpeg (177.56 KB, 502x928, 37DE012D-5136-4D9B-8C73-84539A…)

does anyone remember „goodbyehospitalbed“? She’s doing much better these days

No. 1365973

File: 1636550587347.jpeg (795.31 KB, 828x1461, 6A69439D-2913-49CD-87DE-AEBF1D…)

No. 1365979

Yes!!! Followed her closely back in…I want to say 2014/15 when her handle was tiedtoahospitalbed. Was she a cow on here ever? That was before my time on Lolcow. Nice to see she’s doing so well, she was really in bad shape and seemed pretty hopeless there for a while.

No. 1365982

being skinny just doesn't suit her. she has crazy person eyes

No. 1365983

she was discussed here before in some of the old threads, but she wasn’t milky imo just really really unwell. She stopped posting for a long time and i was afraid that she died. Really glad to see that she seems to be a lot healthier and happier now.

No. 1365985

I miss mellow.yellowe

No. 1366017

this just in: boobs are the only thing that make u hot

No. 1366021

File: 1636555057756.png (1.36 MB, 698x1154, Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 9.36…)

BREAKING SHOCKING NEWS porgie's in hospital again. Wonder how long she's going to last at this job with all the medical emergencies she's having making her miss work.

No. 1366024

She still looks like a toddler

No. 1366049

cuz diabeetus

No. 1366050

i think she looks old as fuck. So ugly lmao

No. 1366051

One calorie per can.

True love, indeed.

No. 1366090

File: 1636561536851.jpg (105.68 KB, 790x450, nutrition_fr.12.full.jpg)


There is absolutely no nothing nutritious inside of that Pepsi can.

Yet she seems to be oh-so-fucking proud about herself, showing us her wrinkly smile.

No. 1366113

Lol she’s finally fat enough that even she knows claiming an eating disorder makes her look insane. Full time munching suits fatties like her much better. Did she ever get a concrete diagnosis from those tests that where posted a couple months back?

No. 1366115

Why would you need a diagnosis for being a fat blob?

No. 1366120

What’s wrong with the site? Nothing is working.

No. 1366122

File: 1636564050878.jpeg (489.82 KB, 828x1719, 1D192D7D-20FA-43F6-98F8-6BEF07…)

dare i say zara looks a bit better? her stories have been less irritating lately too, holding out a shred of hope that she might actually get a grip

No. 1366124

"bucky" = Buckfast Tonic Wine

Reinforced bum wine like Thunderbird or MD 20/20. Cheap and deadly.

No. 1366125

Yeah totally better, just showing off some bones. Her face might look better but I suspect she's purging

No. 1366131

More likely to be swelling from chewing/spitting. She's admitted to having a big problem with that and also has a vomit phobia.

No. 1366133

I didn't know chewing and spitting can cause swelling. How does that work?

No. 1366139

Salivary glands swell if it's done excessively

No. 1366141

It can inflame the salivary glands because of overuse. You still produce saliva based on the amount of food that you're chewing even though you're not swallowing it.

No. 1366142

same anon, but you can also see a lot of dental problems from chewing and spitting

No. 1366159

No. 1366162

Blatantly body checking. She must be cold wearing something like that, and it's inconsiderate to show off her body like that when she's so underweight. She knows EXACTLY what she's doing. Little bitch.

No. 1366166

she doesn’t even drink, kek. she had a story about how it was leftover from a party and she kept it “too feel included”
i’ll try find the screen cap

No. 1366170

File: 1636567413569.png (1.18 MB, 688x1076, Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 1.02…)

Obese person goes into hospital with a concussion. Gets admitted and gets tubed. Someone please make it make sense.

No. 1366183

refeeding… for a concussion? surely this is some kind of medical negligence? in what fucking world would that make sense

No. 1366184

!!But she’s not pro ana, she’s just ExIsTiNg at a LoW wEiGhT!?!?!
….. on her ‘recovery account’ , talking about how well she is doing despite still being noticeably underweight despite claiming to have been in recovery for months - yeah, not promoting anorexia at all.

It’s hard to tell if she’s doing better here - the chewing and spitting could make her face look better, her make up makes her look healthier and it’s hard to tell how she is posing.

Pics or it didn’t happen Georgie. Is she claiming she passed out from low blood sugar again or something?

No. 1366185

Since when did obese people need refeeding? I don't get it?

No. 1366194

File: 1636569795023.png (438.23 KB, 1133x573, georgiarunning..theremusthaveb…)

I stumbled across Georgia's Tumblr, with this post from September:
>if there were a bingo card for diagnoses, I'd win the prize
fucking kek.
I do think using her 'illnesses' as an excuse for underachieving is a true depiction of how her brain works though. Shame she is diminishing the struggles of actually anorexic people in the process.

No. 1366197

Guessing she says she fainted due to not eating but still Australia seems to be so negligent. Not only has she clearly been eating due to her Instagram posts but she wouldn't faint for not eating for a few days.

No. 1366218

Only last night I was thinking she's stayed out if a hospital for a long time by her standards. This happened before when she fell of the toilet. Australia sounds shit with medical non issues.

No. 1366228

Australia seems to take everything bizarrely seriously and admit people for weeks for stuff that would only need outpatient treatment elsewhere, like a 20-30bpm heart rate increase when you stand up lmao.

Every time I point this out, some Australian anon always replies to assure me that I just ~~don't understand~~ and it's not like that in most places but I'm increasingly convinced that their system really does massively overreact a lot of the time.

No. 1366229

Omg… thats that lady.. I found her from her "please help me I'm dying" video or something. Think she said she was called Sarah. I'm shocked she is alive, she was so sick my gosh. She was definitely an interesting character, and I know she had a young son. Wow.

No. 1366231

File: 1636572562708.jpg (486.78 KB, 1077x1915, Screenshot_20211111-081944_Ins…)


Aaaand we have a toob. My god. That looks utterly ridiculous, how embarrassing.

No. 1366243

I still don't understand the Aus system, but in the UK they send away a cancer patient in pain after waiting 9 hours with her usual morphine patches. (Not me, was in A&E with a relative two weeks ago).

It's astounding they tube someone so obviously morbidly obese. She usually goes for potassium, but she'll soon be on feeds. How far is she going to be after she's dragged this stay out for 2 months. God.

No. 1366244

File: 1636573355954.png (Spoiler Image, 89.44 KB, 180x275, 1600832152426.png)

Groundhog Day

No. 1366268

File: 1636575131650.jpg (239.25 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20211110-151133_Ins…)

The sickest widdle waif was allowed to go galavanting with her friends

No. 1366286

File: 1636576793697.jpeg (675.46 KB, 828x1447, 1B716E35-8729-416D-AB60-0CAEAF…)

she also got dressed as the Christmas spirit for a nody check (sorry ootd)

No. 1366298

yeah she does that same pose in every photo

No. 1366307

They admit more quickly than the us. That’s truly saying something because we pay for everything here.

Why is she still inpatient? She’s clearly medically stable enough to be a day patient.

No. 1366308


They always claim that it's "preventative care"/"early intervention" which makes people more well in the long run, but it really doesn't seem to work that way. Obviously early intervention is better, but whatever the hell they're doing doesn't seem to work.

No. 1366309

>>1366307 but anon you can't forget she has super special low blood sugar every single morning

No. 1366321

refeeding from what? kek bitch let your body eat your fat stores for a change

No. 1366323

File: 1636580433128.jpg (770.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20211110-163905_Ins…)

So yea….just like…casually body checking on my ig story guys….but don't worry….Im doing fine…so yea..haha

No. 1366324


No. 1366329

Am I just desensitized to hell and back or does she look slightly better? She isn't as corpsey as I remembered.

No. 1366344


and it was a story about finding a lump on her fucking dog! imagine being that pro and shallow to upload a lengthy bodycheck while talking about your sick dog.

No. 1366351

Agreed. She still looks awful though, totally dead behind the eyes. She reminds me of one of those realistic looking sex dolls.

No. 1366357

I think she blurred out her visible ribs and therefore looks "healthier". Look at her elbow in the front, she looks as corpsey as always. It annoys me so much that she can't just wear something other than a crop top.

No. 1366365

File: 1636583952882.png (2.42 MB, 819x1436, ribsy.PNG)


check her latest story, still showing more ribs than an Outback Steakhouse.
also, wtf at that left leg placement trying to make her legs look skinnier. anymore of an angle and she'd rip a fuckin tendon!

No. 1366367

uh, porgie, INFLAMMATIORY bowel disease and irritable bowel SYNDROME are two different things. IBD is an actual chronic illness diagnosis (either crohns or colitis) with upsetting and painful symptoms and IBS is getting the shits when you eat spicy food or caffeine. Either you’re deliberately trying to throw people off your trail by misnaming one of your not real diagnosis or you’re so dim you don’t actually know what you’ve been diagnosed with. I remember anna also deliberately tried to conflate her IBS diagnosis with IBD by tagging both on her tiktoks but obviously only taking OTC meds for IBS.
Side note, people with IBD often lose weight without trying to when in a flare, and porgie has never lost weight in her life. cope.

No. 1366386

I'd forgotten she blanked out that explosive persistent daoreah (can't even spell it close enough for predictive text to work) …shits on that medical form.

No. 1366469

It’s either over react or under raft really. Aus fag here and I’ve seen people sicker than the cows on here get turned away and not receive help, it truly baffles me how some can get so much ‘help’ they don’t really need while others are left to die

No. 1366534

It’s a Queensland thing. And particularly a New Farm thing. Porgie’ LARP would be treated with an apple juice, a cheese sandwich and a swift boot out the door in most other states.

No. 1366550

she looks like one of those old barbie dolls from the 1960s

No. 1366601

Concussion likely from whacking her head on the wall on purpose, ECG likely from purging or dehydrating herself and throwing off her electrolytes, liver function from paracetamol overdose.

More ECT, daily posts, then discharged until her next turn on the carousel. She's so frustrating to watch, I don't give a shit that she's obese I just want her to do something with her life.

No. 1366602

At least she's drinking something, even if it is full of nothing. Some anas are too scared of water weight to drink as much as 330ml a day.

No. 1366603

Just looking at her, and admittedly I don't know how tall she is so can't estimate a BMI, I think she's just too underweight for them to feel comfortable discharging but they're obviously working towards it with the home visits. They'd not let her go until she was eating meals not through the tube.

No. 1366644

the pout omg
is that just fat+gravity or is this deliberate

No. 1366656


A bachelor of journalism & she writes like a 16 year old. Completely self obsessed

No. 1366660

in a TikTok or YT she said they have a plan to be discharged home soon. Also in one of her latest TikToks she started with the phrase (one of my last porridge here) so im assuming within the next few days?

No. 1366678

I wish Dharma would stop pretending she is "lean bulking" and increasing her calories when she's obviously underweight and over-exercising

No. 1366742

Looking so kyuut with her kindergarden clothing again. Way to go.

No. 1366765

File: 1636638353763.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1536, 7E3C2E5A-9D3B-4F31-ABBB-00A31B…)

…something….doesn’t seem …quite right here

No. 1366767

File: 1636638433445.jpeg (263.28 KB, 356x770, 0C07B6DA-C05C-464D-8A74-7055B0…)

look at that unusual bendy arm!! have never seen the likes of that before.
so strange from her too, she’s WR, has been very vocal about being a healthy weight, so why is she shooping so obviously???

No. 1366769

File: 1636638612403.jpeg (611.39 KB, 671x1252, 10DB5949-CB12-4836-8A63-71E12C…)

actual arm size visible on tiktok. kek

No. 1366888

That's one not-so-dainty princess…
Blue butterfly my ass.

No. 1366949

File: 1636653695218.jpeg (285.51 KB, 828x1329, 9C09A383-72CC-4A39-BCCF-5C3EA0…)

Anna is recycling old food pics again - this one is from here:
(I hate that I recognised this immediately.) Also her captions are getting more and more nonsensical.

No. 1366952

I thought cerulean blue butterflies were for the wannarexics anyways.

No. 1366959

File: 1636654482531.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1216, F866B800-C561-40E1-BD61-B0BA19…)

No. 1366971

File: 1636655691133.png (2.61 MB, 828x1792, 0C88771C-5FC1-4748-B8ED-CACB87…)

shan’s gone all out and is now insinuating she’s getting a surgical feeding tube

No. 1366974

File: 1636655793091.png (1.51 MB, 828x1792, BDBCA717-6BC6-4C78-8929-93EB2B…)

No. 1366976

Just what a munchie and former ana larper needs, a tube to directly purge out of. Not to mention it would make a BPD OD much easier if she goes that route again. Dumb bish trying to insinuate intestinal failure, too, another munchie favorite but yeah not something she has since she’s not only maintained but gained weight and hasn’t had any intestinal blockages or similar issues. She’s going to eventually kill herself a la Jaquie at this rate.

No. 1366990

File: 1636657050672.jpeg (284.42 KB, 828x1256, 389203B4-4B52-4077-A668-BF9DB6…)

Kek imagine asking your anorexic followers to donate their ass to you. (Granted most of them are probably just wannarexic)

No. 1366992

This flavour of borderline is nuts. Especially in people so young.

No. 1366997

File: 1636657353257.png (349.35 KB, 357x679, shewishes.png)

on the subject of borderlines, I came across this old video of Sophie's and had to share. Is that friend Porgie?

No. 1367039

sorry if this is stupid kek but i’ve never understood this because isn’t water weight from not drinking enough? and a lot of people with anorexia also drink too much water. but then there’s all these cows who say they don’t drink any water. I know EDs just sometimes don’t make any sense and cause irrational fears but I don’t get the water weight thing

No. 1367050

I suppose the ones who want to be dehydrated want to get their weight to look as low as possible when really the weight isn't fat, it's water and food in your body. I don't get it either.

No. 1367055

nah porgie snitched on soph once she sent screenshots to the staff. i might have a screenshot somewhere it was ages ago

No. 1367061

This looks like a terrible shoop come to life. I mean this must be edited to some degree right? I’m really bad at spotting that sort of thing though.

No. 1367085

It's just a fixation on the number on the scale in addition to a fixation on body image. Some people are irrationally emotionally affected by the number going up even though it's just water. I think it's sometimes part of the "not sick enough" mindset, where they don't want others to think that they've gained weight or are doing better so they don't want their weight to go up for any reason.

No. 1367098

Weight is weight to liquid restricting anorexics, or final days of bodybuilding for a show from what i gather. There's a very real fear of that fluid being retained, whether it's fat or not is irrelevant when you're dictated by the number on the scale, or your head makes you believe you're going to swell up from the liquid and puff out. The whole "liquid pushes liquid" phrase won't quell the anxiety for them.

No. 1367131

File: 1636666743154.jpeg (451.35 KB, 750x1200, 855E5D0B-C723-4BBC-B47C-B61CA2…)

Wateremelons is looking significantly spoopier in her post on her personal. Is it just some saturation stuff going on or am I missing anything?


No. 1367135

File: 1636666764930.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, C51F52EA-0602-4B45-A7F4-9B8897…)

For reference


No. 1367142

probably just relapsing again (if she was ever even really in recovery)

No. 1367150

No, there's just a couple of days difference

No. 1367160

It's just the angle.

No. 1367163

She looks really underweight.

No. 1367167

Yeah, my point is that her weight doesn't look different between the two pictures. Her legs just look a little thinner in the one from behind because her coat is blocking the widest part of the leg.

No. 1367187

File: 1636670928083.jpg (299.57 KB, 1080x1730, inbound6479330231622515845.jpg)

Poor old Niamh got the word 'anxious' mixed up with 'delighted'.

No. 1367194

File: 1636671210625.jpeg (750.67 KB, 828x1473, AC4179D4-6A94-4DE0-8EE8-8E1534…)

No. 1367206

… she put her phone on a quite possibly filthy public bathroom floor for a bodycheck? That is crazy. If she was actually concerned, she could make her account private.

No. 1367219

Germs are good to maintain a healthy immune system, but even I draw the line at other peoples piss and fecal flora from under their shoes. How disgusting. Don't usually comment on this one, but that's really gross. Oh, and she knows why she's getting followers. She knows she's posted here, right?

No. 1367221

she might even like it being posted here. she started her tiktok a week ago and she's already on 20k + followers

No. 1367231

I hope she feels a sense of achievement with that because whew! 20k tiktok followers. What a winner.

No. 1367234

i suppose for an influencer wanna be she is over the moon, although her content is solely her eating with tiny spoons and body checks. Paradise for pro anas

No. 1367265

She always gains followers really fast but hasn’t her most recent account been banned again? Keeps happening kek

No. 1367293

Fiona’s latest video she casually dropped in the ‘ the autistic part of my brain’….

No. 1367336

As if this bitch is reading the Financial Times kek

No. 1367337

IDK anon, Jacquie had that super special crazy that made her insist on a tube procedure that literally rerouted her intestines. Not many people would munch that hard.

No. 1367340

Actually (apols for autism) based on the curtain to the right of the pic and the type of seat on the left, I think she's in a shower cubicle and resting the phone on a towel rail or something.

No. 1367344

this girl gonna inevitably start a fire if she keeps throwing clothes and shit on her power bars lol

No. 1367380

File: 1636690756638.png (9.17 MB, 1242x2688, 0C54141E-FC5A-496E-8AAA-1B3588…)

No. 1367429

Im sure it is. Reminds me of that library laura or whatever her name was

No. 1367430

She's talked about on twitter a lot and everyone there hates her. Her following is mostly just hate following kek

No. 1367487

psycho smile caught me off guard there, jesus.

No. 1367500

why the hell is she dressing like a fucking circus clown?

No. 1367505


whos that

No. 1367506

nevermind the clothes, WHO wraps christmas decorations in a store around themselves in NOVEMBER? This is embarrassing on so many levels. Not only is she already so spoopy she garners a lot of attention I'm sure and then she goes and does this kind of shit in public. Takes photos even. Wow.

No. 1367507

lurk more. she has only been mentioned a million times in this thread.

No. 1367538

Idk why people in the thread said she's weight restored

No. 1367543

File: 1636711228980.png (2.16 MB, 828x1792, 4886CD2B-E3FB-44D6-B5DA-44865B…)

>“if i did one now i guarantee i wouldnt get these comments”
>continues to post bodychecks whilst clearly still underweight

No. 1367545

Their natural ana competitive/comparative tendencies come out. You’ll also notice the inverse happening were ham is called an obese fat fuck despite being a normal weight. Watermelons did actually look a little weight restored for a bit but she didn’t post any full body shots at the time and you only saw half of her face, now she’s starting to look terrible again she’s posting OOTDs and other bodycheck excuses again. They’ll ramp up the thinner she gets.

No. 1367555

HA!!! Porgie has been discharged ALREADY kek just happened to open her tellonym and saw someone asked if she was still in Hospital and she's not! Good on the Hospital for realising she's bullshitting!

No. 1367560

File: 1636714102792.jpeg (367.39 KB, 828x1390, 496909F1-7644-47C1-BE95-2FBEA2…)

Meanwhile Cecelia pretends to be scared of a fairly light noodle soup. Sure, you were soooo scared of a bit of sauce and you’re such a sick little waif you couldn’t finish the noodles! She wouldn’t be maintaining her current weight if she was struggling half as much as she implies she is.

No. 1367561

haha fattie cecilia won't eat noodles but will cobble up dessert

No. 1367573


This is just bitter speculating

No. 1367586

yet she was ok with eating a fry up immediately after she got admitted after supposedly liquid fasting for an extended period of time? so many inconsistencies

No. 1367588


pants on fire

No. 1367605


bone rattling - she's not fat, she's slim

do agree with comments about her losing weight if she was struggling as much as she implies

No. 1367609

She had a mild concussion, she only needed overnight observation at the very most. Surprised she didn’t try the usual munchie tricks to extend her stay.
That pho looks like shit. Insult to Vietnam.

No. 1367631

she’s clearly in her school toilets. because- once again, she clearly has zero friends and zero interests

No. 1367632

File: 1636727883980.png (158.93 KB, 828x1792, 0CF48D2E-6191-4D73-B922-68AF0C…)

No. 1367651

File: 1636730755501.jpeg (639.57 KB, 1080x1616, 60D16890-0605-4C43-96D0-F3B428…)

Eugenia not so subtly posting the Ana butterfly.

No. 1367681

This is why private hospitals should be abolished - when she’s in a public hospital they don’t cater to bpd bullshit like new farm does

No. 1367688

Anyone remember an Irish girl called Aisling Bannon ( I think) she came up few times on here- used to have a YouTube and multiple IG accounts. Can’t find now .

No. 1367707

learn to adapt & sage

No. 1367725

Being anorexic doesn't inherently make someone milky. But by looks she's probably still alive FWIW, latest public post is late august on facebook via a quick google search.

No. 1367763

Still has a billion IG accounts.
Recently got kicked out of IP (having been in treatment there for near enough 18 months) because she wasn't doing the program, wasn't sectioned and brought dangerous items onto the ward for someone on high obs under section.
Nightmare to be around.

No. 1367766

fluids = water weight= bloat, I was in ip with a girl who would do anything to avoid fluids because she said they would swell her cells, she would tip it in to the fish tank when staff weren’t looking and constantly have rows with staff because she claimed she didn’t need it.

No. 1367768

Whats her user?

No. 1367770

yeah im sorry anon i deleted it. didn't read properly.

No. 1367772

File: 1636746764939.png (1.14 MB, 720x813, Screenshot_20211112-194853~2.p…)

Had to post this even though it's not Ham's recent post. She posted some 9f what she ate last week (grease and sugar, ofc), but look at this veg pizza. Still allergic to vegetables.

I wonder if she's still at college and made friends yet. Telling people you don't need a diagnosis to have an eating disorder is not progress.

No. 1367776

She has gone full recovery influencer with her recent empty quote posts. It's so boring.

No. 1367831

File: 1636753896461.jpeg (409.05 KB, 828x1473, 1F714FEB-07CD-4F8B-A7F2-B051BC…)

Scarlett is telling people to start training instead of getting therapy. And still pushing her coaching business despite bragging about how she has never had a coach herself.

No. 1367847


This is the problem with there being no regulation in this industry. There really needs to be someone to report people like her to and hold them accountable for their irresponsible and potentially dangerous actions. Her clients all seem disordered in one way or another, and I feel so sorry for them being scammed out of their money by her when what they really need is professional help and therapy.

No. 1367850


Also she is an absolute mess herself. She's constantly exhausted, injured, has terrible digestion and posts weekly about how awful her body image is…why anyone would aspire to be like her mentally or physically I'll never know, other than the wannarexics and those who only want to gain muscle and no fat.

No. 1367868

wow Ham, u feeling ok hun? Almost got 1 of your 5 a day there! Asspats all round!

No. 1367873


This is a TRUE recovery pic. For someone with veg as her only fear food because it's too natural. Baby steps, good girl. Asspats.

No. 1367895

This is the saddest veg pizza I've ever seen

No. 1367953

Thanks- she was really weird- actually amazed she’s still around .

No. 1367954

ATM if you sage a post it doesn’t get seen

No. 1367957

Yeah that's the point, retard.

No. 1367960

you are literally the only person having problems, figure it out

No. 1368014

I get that but isn’t swelling often caused by dehydration? As the body retains sodium?

No. 1368039

File: 1636780931274.jpeg (394.46 KB, 750x1323, 0B80DB2C-68CE-4AE6-BF82-A3C2A4…)


No. 1368048

Sorry, was me being dumb. I thought we were talking about Fiona's hospital-bathroom photoshoots.

No. 1368049

I half suspect she's asking for "clients" as a way to make friends.

No. 1368050

Don't try and science with anorexics. It's an illogical illness.

No. 1368069


I bet those eyelashes are years old & totally gunked up with glue & mascara

No. 1368073

I somehow feel like nourish is trying to please her new boyfriend with all these sudden changes.

No. 1368081

Nope. People need it. We arent like USA where you have to wait until you're the worst before you get help aka the downstream approach. It's best to do the upstream approach and get help before you do more damage. That applies to physical and mental health.

No. 1368082

Did she apply for a Muppet Show musical?

No. 1368088

Click "Show saged posts" at the top of the screen, someone told you higher up. Unsaged so you can see. It's not the site being broken.

No. 1368090

It would work like that if everyone’s goal was to get better, problem is for cows like Georgie and Co. the goal is to be in hospital taking tube selfies

No. 1368103

File: 1636798081567.png (8.29 MB, 1242x2688, 04E39B6B-CFF5-4A2C-A069-2890D3…)

Is it just me or does Ham look like she’s lost weight?

No. 1368105

Oh no! Is she relapsing?? BIG HUGS Hammie xoxo you can do this! Go towards the fear!

No. 1368109


just sage your shit already, for fucks sake

No. 1368123

restricting liquid can be an ocd part of anorexia, too. And anyone who is dehydrated at a very low weight will look more unwell than someone who is hydrated. The look of sickness can be something they want.

No. 1368128

The newfag isn't going to stop shitting up the thread until someone points out what to do. So reee harder about a single unsaged post. They can't hear you in the back.

No. 1368129

File: 1636802374339.jpeg (877.12 KB, 828x1644, DE0648E9-CD51-4373-B573-C6A872…)

niamh blatantly bodychecking. again. yawn. how is she not being called out on this more? she doesn’t even try and hide it, some shitty gymnastics in her room? come on

No. 1368130

File: 1636802490399.jpeg (725.77 KB, 828x1431, B0D95CB5-34F7-464F-BCD1-1011C0…)

2/2 suck in a bit harder babe

No. 1368132

she isn't as skinny as I thought she'd be kek try harder eugenia wannabe

No. 1368138

File: 1636805200351.png (26.54 KB, 738x172, Screenshot (2).png)

This comment on Hams tiny pizza post seems so passive aggressive I almost thought it was a farmer. Has she admitted she has no diagnosis openly before?

No. 1368141

Never admitted it. This pixie seems like a cow herself TBH, how would someone who was genuinely suffering but not diagnosed/underweight feel if they saw this comment about how 'weird' their situation is? (Not Han, obviously)

No. 1368142


top kek, the typical "reach for jesus" ana-pose to elongate her torso?? how is this not a 100% bodycheck?

No. 1368144

yes it was only upon seeing her account that I realised she was just another pro ana scumbag. The comment is clearly insulting and condescending, competitive ana at it's finest. Just thought I would clarify, becausr is it a pretty fucked up thing to say to someone who you donbt know for sure is larping to the extreme or openly admitted to being undiagnosed, I bet Ham is screeching

No. 1368145

Ham anon here, holy shit im stoned and can't type I am so sorry I am not even trying to save that

No. 1368160

how many accounts of hers have been banned now? the desperation to show these blatant body checks is embarrassing

No. 1368166

I feel bad for nourish, it’s like she’s genuinely unaware of how bad whatever…this? is looks. And the clubbing outfits, filthy room etc. Surely there’s no way you’d be ok sharing it if you weren’t a few sandwiches short of a picnic? Idk

No. 1368168

someone in another thread said she has butthole eyes and i can’t unsee it

No. 1368170

They seem to recess further back into her head with each picture

No. 1368171


Not too skinny for a teen her age.

No. 1368178

ok bone rattler

No. 1368181

File: 1636811785960.png (4.88 MB, 1170x2532, 3B17A02C-D19D-4882-89E2-713F7F…)

This girl really bothers me. I know this isn’t a recent pic, but she’s always preaching how recovered she is YET she’s still very underweight. It’s annoying.

No. 1368185

Rattle those bones some more, she’s clearly not healthy

“lol”, the arrogance here. I guess we’ll see won’t we

No. 1368190

Well of course there's no mental health services at sight because she's not home so no one can stop her and her disordered ways.. She's free to starve as much as she wants and that's exactly what she's doing.

No. 1368191

out of curiosity, are kids no longer allowed to be gangly teens without triggering off the bone rattlers/BOPOSquad?

No. 1368194


Why would she be a real ED cow? First she's still awfully young and only trying to grab attention on TikTokk, like so many of them do.
But she hasn't got any kind of medical history, IP stints or symbolism to show for that would qualify her as such.

To me she's just a regular brat, whoring for attention.

No. 1368197

File: 1636814034743.jpg (160.6 KB, 750x1334, 247933650_1219155168589475_907…)

Hello slop bowl, my old friend.

No. 1368198

The fact she’s this divisive just highlights the lack of milk lately. Have we even had a quality cow since Ham or Cecelia ? (Fiona’s ok but the poor widdle me in hospital thing is a dime a dozen)

No. 1368201


she's not a gangly teen, she is pretty underweight

No. 1368202

To me, scarlettvfit would be one candidate.
Delivers regularly, disturbed body perception, mentally unstable, narcissism, the whole smash. Even trying to build a business on that pile of madness.

That's miles above some late teens trying to impress on social media with being overtly sassy.

No. 1368203

she's also not a cow at all, she just posts bodychecks and denies it. she doesn't LARP, try to get admitted, be a recovery warrior whore. Like I said a while ago, y'all just wanna hate-worship her cuz u think she's skinny/pretty

No. 1368204

File: 1636814663895.png (4.26 MB, 828x1792, 7CE801E3-60F2-498E-BCD9-9E79A3…)

shes a lot healthier looking here than when she poses with her legs stretched out in front of her.
(not bone rattling, shes underweight but nowhere near spoopy)

No. 1368206

also, she's got a cute belly button

No. 1368207

did you miss the tiktoks inpatient, NG pics, ~hospital GRWM~, etc etc

No. 1368208

I tend to skip her because the trying to peddle her crazy to vulnerable people thing just makes me wanna a log but you’re right. Better value that Ganer’s daily slop that’s for sure

No. 1368209

File: 1636814878297.jpg (95.83 KB, 500x500, 5u1hss.jpg)

No. 1368210

File: 1636814897422.png (3.85 MB, 828x1792, E8E3A5DB-68B7-4EC7-9260-B9A740…)

she just looks like a gymnast tbh, look at her legs and arms when she’s not flexing them. normal.

No. 1368211

File: 1636814976597.jpeg (622.02 KB, 828x1227, 5FA97B58-EC14-445E-95F1-778989…)

is it me or she did put some weight?

No. 1368212

Let's face it. - She's never gonna be a 2nd Eugenia Cooney.

No. 1368213

Thanks seeing that as the page refreshed almost gave me a heart attack (also: yes. kek)

No. 1368215

There are some runners/athletes with quite similar figures.

No. 1368219

File: 1636815250124.jpg (342.92 KB, 1080x1350, 254440362_1310728256048856_889…)

Let's compare.

Who's the real nut out there?

No. 1368221

Yeah right kek, she absolutely doesn't look like a gymnast at all.

No. 1368224

File: 1636816656295.jpeg (89.87 KB, 828x1227, 1636814976597.jpeg)

Mirrored correctly.
You're welcome.

No. 1368229

Its probably just cause she's not smiling so you can't see the face lines

No. 1368233

File: 1636818038825.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2057, B77A879C-953F-4684-B7E2-A44C85…)

Not especially milky but throwing it in among the Niamh sperg. If Morven truly wished to be out she’d do what had to be done instead of languishing in her room and terrorizing staff on the reg. ‘No care plan’ (a previous claim of hers) my ass

No. 1368235

File: 1636818312671.jpeg (687.78 KB, 828x1469, 5FCA63D4-21D9-498F-8554-0E0C6E…)

because everyone knows if your phone doesnt freeze from the notifications of the motivational quotes, you wont recover. right Fiona?

No. 1368256

actually a couple of threads back, i posted a screenshot of the conversation me and ham had (before i found lolcow), it might not be there now, but she did openly say she has no diagnosis and apprently her team were letting her do it alone to give her one last chance.

No. 1368259

I wasn’t the only one and I’ve figured it out

No. 1368260


No. 1368268

Exactly how does she have a whole "team" and no diagnosis? That is such bullshit. There is absolutely no chance any medical professionak would give you the resources of an entire treatment team with no diagnosis, just for them to slap you on the wrist and say "you silly goose now go eat by yourself !! Last chance!! (Last chance before what exactly? She's told to plan her meals kek? Such intense treatment)" she's always been a healthy weight too. Brit fag here also and there's no fucking way she has no diagnosis but has a treatment team on the NHS.

No. 1368269

>>1368268 probably one last chance before she's left alone into the wild as the little SEED patient she is

No. 1368272

the irrational water weight thing is so frustrating to see. i understand its part of the disorder but anorexics who restrict water intake enough to give themselves kidney failure almost always BALLOON in recovery. theres this tiktok girl (wont say because pretty sure shes underage) who had kidney failure as a result of anorexia and heavily restricting fluids and she gained a lot very very fast

No. 1368277

It’s difficult to get team or specialist care with a diagnosis so I cannot imagine it happening when you’ve got none. Not to blog but i’m from the same section of the country (not the same county but a neighbouring one) and the NHS is so overtaxed it’s scary.

No. 1368284

No idea how CAMHS works nowadays but the only way I can kiiiinda see it is if Ham was already there for something else (like depression or w/e) before starting the LARP. You’d think they’d get a proper ED assessment done if it was as significant as she makes out though. So this ‘team’ likely just consists of her Mum and all the eejits blowing it up her arse on insta

No. 1368285

She's cute and looking kinda healthy to me.

No. 1368287

File: 1636828612077.jpeg (776.19 KB, 828x1504, 7FCF7774-990E-4691-AF27-FD82B2…)

i suspect within the next week the pole will be decorated like a xmas tree

No. 1368291

Ham is telling porkies. I wish she'd drop it.

Anon, you built my hopes up and I dashed over to his ig but NOTHING.

No. 1368293

>a few sandwiches short of a picnic
kek i'm using this. amusingly accurate for nourish bc of the brain damage that can happen w severe eds

No. 1368295

It’s the only way she can get that sweet sweet validation without any irl friends so I’m sure she’ll be bravely ~battling~ a while yet

Kek, in nourish’s case those sandwiches were flushed down the toilet years ago

No. 1368296


forgot to add in my last reply that i think nourish has likely got the 'tism. the unawareness of how certain traits (hygiene/personal grooming/oversharing or lack of personal boundaries)is common for some ppl on the spectrum.

it's funny, i think she is the only cow who is actually autistic- while all the bpd/narc cows claim to be bc it is trendy now.

purely speculation tho kek

No. 1368299

would it be mostly fluid retention they are gaining then? i often see anas go into treatment and gain fast but a week or two after they leave treatment their moonface and swelling goes away. unless they develop BED or go back to purging.

No. 1368324

File: 1636835833050.jpeg (251.78 KB, 828x1344, 619CF186-2283-4177-9658-0231F7…)

Cecelia claiming she is “really good at weight loss” while also implying it took three years for anyone to notice her ED. Make it make sense

No. 1368326

File: 1636836064618.jpg (254.77 KB, 1080x1222, Screenshot_20211113-223858_Ins…)

Got some good keks from this one. Now I understand ham and porgie better.

No. 1368335

“really good at weight loss” isn’t that what Anna said too? Also someone who’s never exactly been a scary spoop. Keep lying to yourselves, girls

What in the Kentucky fried fuck

No. 1368336

I saw a really great post recently about how dismissing binging as a restrictive behaviour just increases the shame around it. It’s probably better to equate the purposes they serve - emotional numbing, control, short term comfort etc

No. 1368350

File: 1636839227370.jpeg (423.2 KB, 828x1296, 4F460056-EDD1-46C7-9069-479B72…)

Cecelia also posted this today. Why on earth does this need a TW but not talk of toobs, suicide attempts, her ‘transition to a solid diet’?
Side note: looked up the two facilities and I can see why she loves treatment so much. They are VERY cushy. We need to have a wife-swap type of thing where she has to go to a NHS ward and someone like Smorven or Hxn gets to go to the holistic, HAES-inclusive, vegan catering Opal

No. 1368355

CeCe's collection of ED chat snippets and hospital pics today is really pathetic. I don't even believe those were all sent to her (questions). She needs to stop banging on about recovery, get her head around being a decent weight and delete that account and start posting interesting non ed shit on her personal account. She seems like she could be an interesting person if she dropped all butterfly stuff. I'd rather know about her dates and hikes and work etc. What she's doing now is sad.

No. 1368376

File: 1636842182291.jpg (175.88 KB, 267x400, 57062720.jpg)

Considering a lot of the ana snowflakes are mad about Harry Potter, I'm surprised they haven't been banging on about this memoir.

No. 1368389

File: 1636844731657.png (1.95 MB, 2025x1896, anorexictits.PNG)

No. 1368392

Thought May had implants for a mo. This is ridiculous. What a fucking clown. Off to check out her posts!

No. 1368395

File: 1636845427347.jpg (65.5 KB, 1676x264, Capture.JPG)

Gets massive implants because it gets her money as a ho, but can't afford medical insurance. 28. Never craves food. Sure, Jan.

No. 1368432

>I'm 28 now but this is the worst it's ever been mentally since I was 58 lbs
58 lbs my ass.

No. 1368440

File: 1636850061443.jpeg (584.05 KB, 828x1470, 68FFEBFF-70C2-4BFA-93B1-9B0B88…)


No. 1368458

File: 1636852388301.jpeg (186.64 KB, 1200x1581, 103DCEA4-AC34-47B1-9C45-397DAB…)

Gymnasts are a lot more muscular, she’s still kinda spooky. The knees always give it away.

No. 1368459


No. 1368468

Fi made a comment about her autism in one of her vlogs.

No. 1368475

File: 1636855403321.png (631.36 KB, 750x1334, 8A00A4FF-92DD-4433-AFC2-453727…)

She could be very successful talking about recovery as a working adult if she wanted

There was an old cow/munchie crossover yesterday

No. 1368476

File: 1636855477362.jpeg (154.67 KB, 750x1126, 316AF564-9D09-4383-9562-9E9363…)

May also posted this before going into an incoherent rant about her “water retention.” Seems like she’s gotten into more hardcore drugs lately

No. 1368482

58 lbs at age 13 is totally believable. I weighed 70 as a healthy 13 year old so 58 as a 13 year old with an ED makes sense.

No. 1368537

Oh, I didn't think she meant 58 lbs at age 13.

No. 1368544

Fluid retention is usually only severe in ED patients with kidney disease or heart disease. Many in recovery get a belly bloat that looks out of place with the rest of their body, but it settles.

No. 1368545

Now there's a success story. However, I wonder if she'd been a teen in the current Insta/Tik Tok era Evanna would have had the same outcome.

No. 1368556

I was thinking the same thing. I mean, isn't the story that she recovered for her role as Luna Lovegood? That is something that 2020 people would milk tf out of on TikTok (tube pics & radish earring galore)

No. 1368561

Blogpost: as a former anorexic, I can think of nothing worse than having a constant stream of calories going into my stomach via a tube. Why these girls, especially Porgie, insist on getting tubed is beyond me. Yes it's supposed to symbolise how sick they are, but I would personally never want it nor could mentally handle it.

No. 1368566

Listening to the beginning snippet of the audiobook, and it's a purposefully non-triggering book apparently and really preachy about it. So I've got a feeling people aren't reaching for it or sharing it for notoriety compared to other memoirs.

No. 1368596

> as a former anorexic

nonnie are you triggered???

well, NO1CURR

No. 1368602

I'm saying from personal experience with anorexia, I cannot fathom how all these wannarexics, LARPers & pro anas alike can justify trying to get on continuous feeds. It is outside of the reality of eating disorders, and is only something cows do - cuz no anorexic would want the toob

No. 1368605

This is not your treatment center, snowflakes.

No. 1368606

So as as REAL™ anorexia victim you would know better.
Well thanks for enlightening us.

No. 1368607

fuck me, alright then my point has no validity cuz I referenced my own disorder, forgot nobody is allowed to speak from experience. I'll rephrase:

How can these girls claim to be severely anorexic/disordered, but desperately try to get tubed, which is not within the reality of restrictive EDs. Especially porgie, who claims to be depressed & have a restrictive ED, but has never lost weight - how does she justify a continuous feed?

No. 1368610

nobody cares about you, your experiences or your feelings. please leave

No. 1368617

>nobody is allowed to speak from experience
Given everyone here has/has had an ED, you shouldn't be talking about your own experiences. It just encourages blogposting and bragging about how sick you were.

No. 1368622


I think everyone is being a bit harsh to you. Despite the continuous flow of calories, I think just being deemed sick enough to have a tube and be in the hospital is worth it. Then if they are discharged and/or lose the tube, they can start all over. Plenty pull out the tube anyway. It’s hard to rationalize irrational thinking.

No. 1368625

Her hair… She looks so stinky…

No. 1368627

so you were some sickly-wickly poor ana snowflake of some kind?
well fuck you, no one cares.

No. 1368628

File: 1636889816855.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, 1BF63885-02F3-4389-9484-9368B9…)

Still not body checking

No. 1368631

yes we all know you are butthurt anons because somebody dared to share their experience. Not the same anon btw and yes we get it, you are all very cool, much farmers indeed. stop derailing too we don’t care you are pissed

No. 1368634

File: 1636891718269.jpeg (844.08 KB, 750x1334, 36B4F715-63AF-4DCF-8742-8071B4…)

so she needs a tube but is perfectly happy drinking alcohol? can’t let the ana ruin her party girl look

No. 1368643

Needs toob but can drink pitchers from spoons which are liquid sugar

No. 1368649

most pitchers are 600+ calories KEK

No. 1368672

lmao ok fatties, fatpost some more

but seriously, y'all are hateful bitches, I simply forgot this wasn't reddit or w/e, but the reaction to me mentioning a disorder is so volatile it's embarrassing. You guys r the snowflakes lmao

No. 1368675

it also seems super insensitive to people who do get hospitalized. like she’s constantly bragging about how she doesn’t have to see services, she’s doing soo great at uni and living her life, she can’t be sectioned, etc. while others are being forced into locked units

No. 1368677

no blogposting is in the rules dumbass. fuck off back to reddit skelly

No. 1368678

it's been agreed so many times in so many threads, including this one several times, that blogposting can be useful to give perspective. I rephrased my question. Why people can't just ignore it instead of makes themselves look triggered by screeching like harpies is beyond me

No. 1368681

Ugh is that the Anelise I think it is?

No. 1368683

can you leave it and fuck off pls

No. 1368686

yes, yes it is. a pro ana scumbag for the ages. Kat sucks too but like she really needs toxic Tina right now

No. 1368693

All I see around here is a genuine lack of fresh milk.

No. 1368695

File: 1636901511477.png (123.43 KB, 236x354, gymnastics photography.png)

No, they are not always like that.

No. 1368696

And pics/references to randoms we're all supposed to know. Right now there's no actual milk anywhere.

No. 1368697

Example ^

No. 1368754

Clearly there is no milk as you're all turning on each other. I get we all understand ED's however sometimes you can't help but mention how you were. UK services are struggling but then we have people refusing to cooperate and still receiving support as Mummy and Daddy fight for it. People dying from ED's and mental illness because they are on their own so get ignored. Wow there are so many people in the UK you could find wasting resources yet you all choose to turn on each other. As for Australia your system is fucked. Obese people don't need a tube as even within a few weeks their bloods wouldn't be that out of range.

No. 1368761


No. 1368777

Triggered seriously. Nothing triggers me. I ain't no snowflake. Triggered is a word thrown around way too much and maybe the fact you're using it for such a shitty post says more about you than me. Need trigger warnings on all posts do ya?(infighting )

No. 1368782

just shut the fuck up already

No. 1368801

File: 1636914282246.png (74.71 KB, 202x275, withniksuglyass.png)

n0ns remember who the real enemy is… fighting amongst ourselves on lolcow is rly not the move.

No. 1368803

Nonnie triggered

No. 1368806

Would you stop the fucking baiting?

No. 1368807

File: 1636914741108.jpg (543.67 KB, 1074x1910, Screenshot_20211114-202914_Ins…)

Confirmed that ham only wanted to become an influencer. She keeps tagging the brands she uses. Will she join a gym next since she's hopping on the slop train also? She just turned her protein powder to a cake..

No. 1368811

File: 1636915113581.jpeg (803.5 KB, 828x1530, D6AB284B-A2EB-4178-B406-CCE56B…)

No. 1368812

It's like she never had anorexia (which she didn't). No talk whatsoever about what REALLY happens to you in recovery. She just scratches the surface with her "you're valid! your body is perfect the way it is!" posts. The transition to these perfectly curated influencer type posts was way too quick and smooth. Scum of the earth. Almost wish she swings to binge eating disorder like many anas in recovery but she won't since she was never sick to beging with.

No. 1368818

imagine if she did actually join a gym just to fit in with her recovery larp and then developed a real disorder like orthorexia or exercise addiction. mini ganer is pending…

No. 1368824

So fatty fatass is trying to bulk up?
That's gonna be some fun.

No. 1368829

Caved in. WHAT? She needs protein powder why?

No. 1368836

Because all she eats is sugar and carbs. Maybe the occasional salmon but honestly, all she eats is carbs in the end. Amazed that this isn't disordered behavior in her opinion. She should be getting her nutrients from REAL FOOD not SUPPLEMENTS or is she too scawed of real food so she needs to supplement? A miracle she never gulped down ensures or anything to accompany her larp.

No. 1368838

Oh come on. Not WKing - she’s an absolute twat and makes a mockery of AN - but she isn’t fat. She’s a perfectly average, normal, healthy weight and always has been.

No. 1368843

File: 1636917745634.jpeg (127.88 KB, 800x533, DFEB9F46-4934-4E27-B8CC-E28250…)

Ham tooling around a supplement aisle needs to be included in the next thread pic

No. 1368844


No. 1368847

im surprised she hasnt piled in ensured either, obviouslg cant be the sickest waif without them kek

No. 1368849

File: 1636917965710.png (1.22 MB, 720x1203, Screenshot_20211114-192332~2.p…)

She's got no chance of the company sponsoring her when the people tagging them look like this…(img)…and she's some lazy ass idiot whose only movement is a fork to her mouth.

No. 1368850

Harsh, anon. Presumably she also walks to the fridge.

No. 1368852

I imagine she's a gatherer and has all the Oreos, party rings and iced gems next to her for a night of TV on her own.

No. 1368853

you usually have to be prescribed them here….guessing her “team” made an oversight

No. 1368860

File: 1636919015470.jpeg (368.22 KB, 1568x1029, CAA0B95F-364C-43BD-83EA-233D39…)

Is the food pyramid is still a thing? Girl skips like three entire steps

No. 1368868


Muh teeth hurt just by looking at it.

No. 1368871

File: 1636919940543.png (799.8 KB, 1283x609, hamspyramid.png)

No. 1368872

Her lack of fruit and veg is concerning. She eats the way a 10 year old would if they could choose. Her breakfast looks like something she made at the Ice cream factory part in Pizza Hut, except dry oat stuff instead of ice cream.

No. 1368877

Join a gym??? The poor mite should be on bed rest!

kek thank u nonnie. Would’ve done myself but my shoop skills are worse than Kelsey’s (what happened to her?)

No. 1368881

File: 1636920958950.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 944.93 KB, 1296x1147, 06190FA2-2E9A-46D1-B54E-007635…)

ig not everyone likes fruit & veg but picrel gonna be ham soon

No. 1368884

File: 1636921337069.png (78.52 KB, 720x661, Screenshot_20211114-202014~2.p…)

Ohhh I see a lot of these stories. The boy in img story is on YouTube talking about it. Ham skips anorexia and in a few years gets actual gastric issues.

No. 1368899

File: 1636922688220.jpeg (67.13 KB, 158x220, 5EA58E94-1144-4C47-8471-A17E48…)

and when it happens she can shill her ~story~ to one of those trauma porn magazines a la Ganer. prob wouldn’t be interested tho as she has no underweight pics to share

No. 1368900

File: 1636922997690.jpg (48.48 KB, 400x400, picforantsee0.jpg)

No. 1368909

She could have larped AFRID

It is! I’m guessing that this thread has gone to shit because everyone is new given no one knows Tina or Kat

No. 1368928

Get your eyes checked. Look at your picture and how the knees look in proportion to the legs, and then look at you sweet ana-chan's knees snd legs. Totally different. Not to metion that the upper torso in the pic is bigger and definitely more muscular. And there's an ass at least. Gymnasts wouldn't be able to do gymnastics if they were as skinny as >>1368210

No. 1368934

There must be more of us oldfags who remember Tina? I know not everyone’s up to date with the munch bunch (understandable since there’s nowhere decent to discuss em anymore) but was expecting more engagement there too anon. Tina must be seething inside as Kat actually looks like shit.

No. 1368939

I remember Tina but mostly from munchsnark after she turned munchie. She kept suicide baiting and then deleting and coming back. She did a lot of other nasty shit too but can't recall what it was

No. 1368940

File: 1636926447266.jpeg (258.97 KB, 1171x1127, 4A8BEAFF-AF89-4F46-B4C6-BF5DCF…)

dropped pic

No. 1368944

Got caught fucking her sugar daddy while inpatient in a children’s hospital and accused the guy of rape

No. 1368945

She was discovered here because she was munching on one account and posting pro ana content on another. After illnessfakers imploded she’s been less active on Instagram. Still photoshopping and drama baiting. I haven’t seen her suicide bait lately but I don’t follow very closely

Drugs sure are hitting Kat hard. I miss the subreddits

No. 1368952

This. illnessfakers like to clutch pearls about her ED and how ~smol~ she is but she’s never exactly been scary spoopy, just a toxic mess

No. 1368960

I love you nonnie, this site never fails to make my day

No. 1368962

Oh god stop the gymnast sperg. Anons are arguing over a gymnast physique because a dull kid was tippling over in her bedroom??

I don't remember Tina. I didn't like the munch thread and don't remember her being in this one. If she's ana chan can someone recap?

No. 1368979

>top google results for Tina Dao link to IF
>changes name to Anelise, reeees about ppl ‘deadnaming’ bc ~trauma~
>gets job as extra on some medical show
>deliberately faints on set, wants to sue
>kicked out of home, beds down on waiting room floor of ER
>kicked out by ER security bc why are you here
>admitted to kids hospital for one of many self-induced maladies
>dances on windowsill of hospital room
>moved from room bc “ghosts”
>nurse discovers her & sugar daddy doing the dirty in front of sick kids
>files false police report for sexual assault
>ten thousand more admissions
>brags about how big new hospital room is
>brags about how many lumens (lines) she ‘needs’
>more admissions
>very sick

probably getting this in the wrong order but cba to double check. Most of her health problems are from the ED but she has a history of being a pathological liar and overall horrible cunt especially to those she feels threatened by

No. 1368984

File: 1636932053930.gif (1.73 MB, 500x342, deliberate faint.gif)

>>deliberately faints on set, wants to sue

Idk why but that made me laugh.
Thanks for excellent summary. I'll read up on this one.

No. 1368990

The only difference I see is hair color and style. Is he….is he proud?

No. 1369067

are those english snacks or just actual dr seuss words

No. 1369070

Actual kek

No. 1369094

English crisps lmao

No. 1369095

File: 1636942669389.jpg (158.18 KB, 683x1024, cordon ham (n green eggs).jpg)

Yes, very funny haha. UKfag reports that Wotsits are cheesy puffs, Quavers are a cheesy curly shaped corn (?) things and chips are your fries.

(Pssst the Dr Seuss comment really was funny. I'm not a pissy Britbong).

No. 1369096

File: 1636942818173.jpg (7.58 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

(Just looked it up and Quavers are potato. I'm even surprised by that. Yeah, they look like witches curly toe nails or something).

No. 1369106

you sound obsessed

No. 1369154

I was in treatment with Tina. Total attention seeker. Triggered the hell out of the poor little kids that wanted to recover.

No. 1369197

Don't know why everyones attacking you. I agree, would a tube of cream going into ones body not scare the average anorexic?

No. 1369204

classic lurking Tina lmao, she must have a google alerts set up for her name.

No. 1369215

i dont think i have the screenshots anymore but that tina girl is crazy. she and i used to be in the same ed recovery group on FB and she was regularly mean and passive aggressive to ppl in there. ik most anas are competitive but she took it to a whole new level

No. 1369217

kat is my thinspo which is so cringe but what are ya gonna do

No. 1369219

Nice shoop, nonnie!
That pyramid tip inbetween gives it such a precarious imbalance, just as if it could tumble over at any given time.

How fitting.

No. 1369221

I don’t get how everyone on here is always going on about there being no milk when tiktok is so full of pro Ana bullshit

No. 1369229

File: 1636963697763.jpeg (515.6 KB, 828x1362, E1CFB696-A46D-423E-9396-B73198…)

i dont think a 5 year old would need more in a pic?

No. 1369231

File: 1636963845633.jpeg (234.03 KB, 1568x1029, 1636919015470.jpeg)

There is always room for more improvement.

No. 1369232

And above it all, that lousy sketch features a kyuut little spoon, that allows her a tightly controlled, small intake of food.

No. 1369251

Probably because TikTok is the platform for those with mental retardation and is full of attention seeking children who probably would be giddy about being put on here. All attention = good attention.

No. 1369259

TikTok is full of shit. That much is true.
But not much of it is ProAna.

No. 1369262

Not for everyone. May is different

No. 1369264

File: 1636972936197.jpeg (201.93 KB, 828x1362, 1636963697763.jpeg)

Needs more ICU p0rn.

No. 1369319

File: 1636987718408.png (3.51 MB, 750x1334, 489A9FA6-6740-4538-A4C7-EE01C9…)

Wateremelons is still of course not body checking, just interested in fashion

No. 1369364

File: 1636994662588.jpeg (143.26 KB, 828x925, 77682E4E-FCA8-41D2-8FBB-878C56…)

Not exactly milk but I’m laughing at this out of context quote

No. 1369376

Her childish teaspoons in every video are silly

No. 1369407

No1currs about your pathetic thinspo fattie anon but also who the fuck is kat?

No. 1369408

>no one cares but also i care

No. 1369451

Bulimic munchie. Likes toobs, getting high on whatever prescription shit she can get her hands on, and body checking. I don’t find her that interesting personally but a he lost weight recently so illnessfakers lose their shit whenever she’s posted bc ~so frail poor babby~

No. 1369459

whats the @ on accounts?

No. 1369486

File: 1637006893153.jpg (222.21 KB, 828x1472, 257395158_319624996291090_1196…)

Ham is really bulking now, more than she did in the beginning of her "recovery". She just declared she was overweight, she doesn't need any more extra, my god..

No. 1369491

Going by illness fakes, she's a munchie called connected.kat (Tiktok), connected_kat (IG). Just noticed that it's on anons original image:

Now as for why the other anon would want to idolize or use her as "thinspo", completely off your rocker. Might want to get that checked out.

No. 1369497

I’d like to know what’s going through her head because I just don’t understand? Protein powder? For what reason would she legitimately need it? She seems as allergic to exercise as she is greens, so is it not just pissing money away?

No. 1369505

I think she wants to appear trendy and make it seem like she's
eating healthier than she is. I wish she'd do fdoes, the oats are getting old.

No. 1369511

im on my knees begging for another MASSIVE RECOVERY WIN “fear food” mini series

No. 1369514

File: 1637010653251.png (807.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20211115-144001.png)

No. 1369516

File: 1637010721828.png (185.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20211115-144047.png)

No. 1369524

Poor fetus, but better than being dragged up by an onlyfans whore who didn't give two shits over it. And not good optics to milk the simps i guess to have a spawn.

No. 1369530

File: 1637011816385.jpg (128.39 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20211115-232931_Ins…)

Ham take notes..

No. 1369537

Honestly good on her for realising she shouldn’t bring a baby into her clearly fucked situation, but has she been posted before? Two unsaged unexplained posts seems like a vendetta. If she’s pro ana I’d be interested in more posts though.

No. 1369555

It's her mum's money she's wasting so she doesn't care. She eats meat all the time, there's no reason she needs extra protein. I want to know what she thinks the powder is for. Ham's so pathetic. She's healthy yet does nothing with her life or at least nothing interesting enough to share on her account. No mention of college, books, drama classes or music. She's such a blank of a person.

No. 1369562

Your last sentence is bang on correct. And she can’t even convincingly make an “ED” her identity because she’s so poor at LARPing anyone can pick out the inconsistencies, let alone those who’ve experienced shit themselves. I wonder what her end goal is tbh. Influencer? Even for that you need to offer something other than this WOW porridge iz gud banal shite.

No. 1369568

File: 1637015435388.jpg (44.25 KB, 426x722, Capture.JPG)

At least Georgia's back on track with eating. Living on her own and not having cash to pay for hospital really put her tube selfies to a swift end.

No. 1369569

i think ham's been lacking inspiration for her larp ever since molly changed her account to being less anorexia recovery focused and elzani stopped posting as much.

No. 1369571

I'd say n2f is her main inspiration now, but fortunately lacks a boyfriend for those raunchy pics.

No. 1369592

File: 1637018183030.png (1.3 MB, 1770x668, Untitled.png)

Ham makes her mum take lots of photos of her while they're out, apparently. It's good to see Hammum getting tarted up and going out having cocktails and meals without the child now she's single almost. She posted this pic of Ham when she graduated which would've been in 2016. Very spoopy.

No. 1369671

File: 1637029582032.png (989.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20211115-212400.png)

No. 1369674

File: 1637030468978.jpeg (834.08 KB, 828x1394, F656F5C8-A336-4E71-A8CD-F6109B…)

What’s wrong with people on tumblr chromatica tattoos and klonopin literally so fucking annoying like have you even tried being normal

No. 1369679

File: 1637031048058.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 17E94205-77F5-48AE-9CBA-C530BF…)

Anyone see josies latest post? Another pro Ana human being trying to get waste resources

No. 1369682

Nonnette, your icon

No. 1369718

oh shit.png anon i love you
I remember tina from years ago on the other thread. I didn’t follow her story closely specifically because she was a genuinely horrible person and it would have just made me angry, but I remember her shoops, constant complaining about things that were her own fault, posting about how wealthy she was, etc.

No. 1369720

needs the toilet in the background like all of her ootds

No. 1369725

Leave her vent account alone. Our vent accounts are for us to speak our minds and I think you’ll find every true anorexic has thoughts like this, and yes, when spoken aloud they can sound ‘pro anorexic’. But they’re not. This is why we create safe spaces like vent accounts. Maybe you should respect that next time Sophie (pays to make sure your profile isn’t visible if you intend to stay anonymous. Just a little tip)

No. 1369729


Sophie?? I thought you were Josie's friend?!? Why are you posting her private posts on lolcow if you're her friend? You of all people should understand what she is going through as you go through similar things. You really outed yourself as a snake here

No. 1369732

File: 1637039688276.png (985.89 KB, 864x1473, feministfarmercallout.PNG)


dont act like you're not Josie with this whole WK bullshit, and writing in the 3rd person with all the "they's" and "we's".
you're not fooling anyone, Josie.

also, don't pretend that you don't lurk here… check the timestamps on your story post.
56mins ago OP posted. 1hr ago you shared this post to your stories.

stop posting as if you are other anons Josie, saged or not, its still clearly you writing this shit.

…ahhh fuck it, go mad at it. might as well give us fresh milk to discuss here.

No. 1369734


wait they're friends irl? I don't agree with some things josie has done (faking BP, etc, as discussed in the last proana forum), but to have your own friend go behind your back (well, not really behind her back as she forgot to block out her profile LOL)and trash you on here is, well, a little messed up. But i guess that's what we are here for right?

No. 1369739


nah I'm not Josie, I follow both her and Sophie and was really surprised to see Sophie post her own friend here. Especially when Sophie is basically a wannabe Josie. I just never thought Sophie would be the kind to do that as her and Josie are basically going through the same thing

No. 1369740

IIRC, she wrote to JK Rowling and said how much she loved Luna Lovegood and wanted to be an actress, and Jo wrote back and said she'd get her an audition if she was well enough to be discharged from hospital by the time they were casting. I highly doubt that was the end of her ED, but definitely incentive to focus on recovery. I think the problem many of these girls have, especially the ones who are revolving door patients, is they've lost sight of any life goals and can't find anything to recover for.

No. 1369742

I assume "caved in" refers to the protein powder being a huge influencer trend. She's just following trends like the oats with half the kitchen cupboard of top of it, Biscoff spread etc

No. 1369744

Are they even still around? My only munch milk lately has been Anna's miraculous disappearing-reappearing mast cell disease.

No. 1369745


Super proud, because he only gained 2lbs or something.

No. 1369747

That’s on Josie tbh, if one of her own friends has turned against her then maybe it’s because she deserved it

No. 1369750

That’s honestly so cute though. I’m glad she got the role. She’s a perfect Luna.

No. 1369765

Nah that's just a fluff story. She just wrote letters to jkr but jkr didn't know she'd gone to an audition, which was open call


No. 1369771

This sounds like something Sophie would say to make herself sound better lol

No. 1369773

Very spoopy indeed. Good for her for sticking it to the ed and fighting back! Also kek at her mom's comment about her being expensive. She really is just wasting her mom's money.

No. 1369792


She must be so proud about her mini-abortion. Got it in the wrong hole at the wrong time, darn.

Now have another fag, my pouting snowflake.

No. 1369801

Farewell, little fetus in that toxic womb.
You never had a chance.

No. 1369816

File: 1637064805433.png (1.25 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20211116-121122.png)

Make peace with toppings, anons.

No. 1369818

Welcome to Pro Ana scumbags, to be honest it's something that brings me a lot of keks. The sheer amount of friends that post each other, keep your friends close and enemies closer eh. Eating disorder communities have always been like this, the drama that used to unfold in facebook days was something.

No. 1369822

"Make piece with toppings" As if no one has better things to do broo she sounds si retarded

No. 1369823

>MaKe pEaCe wiTh ToPpiNgs
idk if it’s a bitch eating crackers thing but everything this girl says just winds me up. Other than the bots Mummy paid for I don’t get how she has so many followers, she’s crap value even for a “recovery” account

No. 1369838

Also make peace with needing a lot of tooth fillings and having early diabeetus.

No. 1369874

OT but how does she make her oats look like that? Like the whole thing is a cookie?

No. 1369883

she probably bakes them

No. 1369885

this just reminded me of another cow that was discussed in the last thread, I believe… she announced she was pregnant but is just fat… need to find her again

No. 1369886

Guys it literally says "baked" in the photo. Hammie has started baking her oats so I assume they must be more cake like when made like that. Now she adds chocolate protein to them too. Chocolate inside, chocolate on top and biscuits too with the tiniest amount of berries. She just lives off of desserts at this point.

No. 1369896

File: 1637083489615.png (538.7 KB, 580x1028, Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 7.22.…)

how are her blood sugars always low after feeds and meals?
it must be that shes the sickest of all

No. 1369899

File: 1637083811798.png (2.5 MB, 1012x1663, Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 7.30.…)

No. 1369907

If she was so frail and delicate you’d think she’d wear a mask in a shop to protect herself… but then no one would see her toob.

No. 1369910

Don’t worry anon we all have cows like that, anna is very much my bitch eating crackers and I can see how ham could be one too. If she wasn’t so pathetic and had friends or something I think she’d get more on my nerves. As it stands her larp is literally all she has which makes her more of a sadcow in my brain.

No. 1369931

I don’t wanna sperg about wasting NHS resources but fuck it I’m going there, sorry anons. She’s lucky to have a bed considering she can manage this much leave. Guessing she’s not sectioned? So she’s willingly accepting the NG. Good for her. Just send her home with some fortisip and have done with it, people are literally dying in the back of ambulances rn

No. 1369933

This looks like some make a wish shit. Why do anas have to infantilize themselves like this it’s embarrassing

No. 1369944


She might fool a lot of her cronies, but in the long run her own body will remember all those antics, very well indeed.

No. 1369948

imagine popping to the shops on your lunch break and seeing this adult baby being wheeled around trying to spread some *~*~Xmas cheer*~*~* I’d assume she was fundraising for a local LD charity or something she looks exceptional. if it’s cold enough for a hat you can throw on some joggers over those tights Fiona

No. 1369952

File: 1637091169261.jpeg (659.58 KB, 1800x1669, CD9F5AB3-2D2B-4B38-8A27-6B2370…)

Latest Hampost (sorry for shit collage)
Such an inspiration

No. 1369958

File: 1637091998758.jpg (24.18 KB, 407x295, Capture.JPG)

What the fuck is this pose all about?

Tell you what, she needs to wear a bra. Those vest tops are comfortable, but she has enough to warrant a real bra with support or she's going to end up with droppy tits before she's 20.

>At my lowest weight I was never happy…a shell of the bubbly girl I used to be

So where is this bubbly girl now?

>our bodies know what to do

Eat dessert every meal with protein powder for no reason?

No. 1369959

>aren’t “posed”
no, Ham, these look awkward af and it’s obvious you’re sucking in.

No. 1369962

File: 1637092364313.jpeg (946.72 KB, 1633x1102, 39A4B2FB-A02E-4FE9-A19D-C647CB…)

No. 1369967

>>1369899 the hat is going to make me a log one of these days. It looks ridiculous

No. 1369970

File: 1637092726166.png (234.78 KB, 648x518, Untitled.png)

Ah, yes. I was thinking appendicitis, but there were no hospital pics.

No. 1369976

Ham seems more like an antidiet influencer rather than an ed recovery account. And those antidiet accounts are ridiculous..

No. 1369982

you'd think she'd have a good social life by now if she was so bubbly kek

No. 1369988

not a fan of HAES shit either but if Ham was just an anti diet account she’d be slightly more palatable. it’s the lying about having an ED that makes her gross. dropping a few lbs of puppy fat =/= anorexia

No. 1369990

File: 1637094843845.png (57.35 KB, 800x2000, A80BA0DC-DC24-406F-99B1-75D87B…)

She’s got number 7 & 9 down perfectly

No. 1370005

File: 1637095963635.png (237.61 KB, 720x1046, Screenshot_20211116-204742~2.p…)

Ham's hashtag #anorexiawarrior grinds my gears. What a piss take for people who put years of hell into recovering from anorexia because they actually had it and deserve the title of being a fighter. Oh and the #strongnotskinny one she uses is a no no in the recovery world of ig. Oops!

No. 1370012

It’s a toss up which is worse, an ana larper like Ham or a BPD ana chan like Fiona who won’t stop posting toob-faced body checks. In all honesty I’d prefer Ham if I was forced to pick one to hang out with. Bc you know Fi is a horrible cunt a lot of the time but blames it all on her ED.

No. 1370055

She’s wearing a sports bra is she not? She also had no tits. Look at the third pic

She needs to get in some exercise so she can stop sucking in

There’s no genuine following for anti-diet influencers who have never been skinny though!

No. 1370070

Idk if it's a sports bra. They have more support. I wish I'd worn a good fitting bra at her age because even though I'm not well endowed, they'd be perkier if I'd given em a good sturdy hammock.

How long has it been since she claimed starting recovery? One year or two? Time goes in a flash here. You know she never had this diet culture made me spoopy illness. She was flashing her stomach after a few cakes. Anyone knows it takes years to ever feel comfortable doing that after weight gain. She gets it so wrong, so I'm adding low intelligence #6 to her bubbly bingo >>1369990. She doesn't have as many people on insta who like her or care as she believes. I'm noticing comments from non followers who see her on explore and think she might be interested in some fitness thing they're selling. So they leave a comment. How can she be so unashamedly stupid.

No. 1370087

Sorry for no pic (I'm sure another anon can grab it!) but soph.venting can't go ANY WHERE with out police or medical intervention on her crazy ass!

No. 1370130

Agreed- she’s either sick enough to be on a medical ward for monitoring or she isn’t and doesn’t need to be there.
She makes out he feeds are huge- they aren’t ! With the exception of the overnight one, the day ones look tiny- probably just an ensure she won’t drink because having it down an no makes her sicker.

No. 1370135

It's like she tries to go out of her way to look like a fucking serial killer. The dead ass blank stare. She really looks like she's looking forward to something but it's not curry or an early night, it's eating someone's brain.

No. 1370138

File: 1637116366580.png (852.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20211116-212814.png)

No. 1370139

File: 1637116409062.png (1.11 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20211116-212935.png)

No. 1370141

File: 1637116460075.png (1.15 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20211116-212948.png)

No. 1370162

what’s the gfm for? abortion fund? imo i don’t see an issue with that… does she have a history of scamming?
last i knew (so before she went private) she was getting kicked out of her dad’s (?) house. does she live with the bf now?

No. 1370172

while I have no problem with her getting an abortion, talking about her uwu poor pregnant body is cringe af when she didn't even notice for like 2 months & is getting rid of it. out of context it's very much like she's keeping it & is totally milking being preggaz

No. 1370180

Well in any case it sounds like JK was encouraging her to get better so she could audition like she wanted, she did so, and the rest is history.

No. 1370182

Starving yourself on and off can cause reactive hypoglycaemia. It's a real thing, but there are ways to combat it like eating smaller, more frequent meals. I'm guessing being in hospital tho Fiona gets her NG-dump in one go.

No. 1370187

In a way I feel sort of like she should be able to talk about how crap she feels while being pregnant. There's a huge taboo that ifyou're not keeping it you can't complain about it. I knew someone who suffered awfully with sickness but couldn't bring herself to tell anyone or get help for the dehydration etc because she knew she wasn't keeping it.

No. 1370207

It's the way she's doing it. I suffered so hard before the 2 abortions i've had, literally 2 weeks of nothing but dragging myself from the couch to the toilet to puke. but she's vagueposting every time she mentions pregnancy symptoms that it strikes me as clickbaity ? to people who don't know she's aborting - because it's been an after thought on all her "poor me!" posts

No. 1370213

Isn't she three months pregnant? Abortion at that stage is more than a simple procedure. I know that two pills are given and pessaries to kill off the foetus, then the woman has to go through a mini labour and birth it. I had a friend who had a late term abortion and TW FOR SENSITIVE DETAILS she saw the foetus and sac fall out of her. She could recognise the features of it. The trauma have her mental issues for years.
I'm pro choice so not saying this being all moral. She's taking it too lightly so I'm not convinced she's not keeping it either. That or a scam for cash.

No. 1370232

She probably would be having a surgical abortion at this point - I was 13 weeks (3 months) at one because I miscalculated the conception date & technically was 1 week over the cut off point (12 weeks in Australia). They, I believe, had to make an exemption note because it was over 12 weeks - likely what Kyliee is having done.

I would never recommend the 'at home' pill version & both times had surgical because it sounds traumatic as fuck to do it conscious over my toilet bowl rather than unconscious by a doctor.

No. 1370233

also I think this too, like has she got it booked & everything? she seems very nonchalant about it I wouldn't be surprised if she faking it, or keeping it.

No. 1370236

I was 10 weeks and had a chemical (pill) procedure because to me it seemed less traumatic than having someone all up in my ladyparts. I couldn't afford to travel to the hospital that did the D&C abortion anyway.

I just hope this cow gets the mental health support after if she needs it. I turned it down but I realise now it was because I was angry with myself.

No. 1370239

File: 1637131088611.png (514.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20211117-013601.png)


No. 1370250


First of all:


It's irrelevant, maybe your personal vendetta but it's got nothing to do with ProAna shit that belongs here.

Why don't you just piss of with that little pregger drama??

No. 1370251

She really just fought her urge to diet and labeled it anorexia.

No. 1370267

It seems very theatrical doesn’t it? I hope she isn’t playing things up but it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s gone down this road

No. 1370324

How is getting pregnant her dad's fault? Is it his? kek

No. 1370331

Spoilt kids like to put blame on others for how they turned out, as if they don't have any personal responsibility for whoring themselves out I assume.

No. 1370345

Anyone who knows anything about gymnastics knows that Nastia Liukin is the rarity here. Every time she took to the beam, bars or floor, her unusually slender and incredibly hypermobile frame (for a gymnast) was mentioned.
The other 95% have frames like Shawn Johnson.

No. 1370384

Based dad.

No. 1370392

File: 1637166283424.png (3.3 MB, 828x1792, 0855935A-8AF8-41F7-9C6B-A9665F…)

> am i obsessive or manipulative

how about both?
niamh’s new tiktok everybody. let the egotism and overposed body checks commence

No. 1370396

File: 1637166610273.jpeg (888 KB, 828x1617, D4B6FF10-EEA1-44E3-89D6-ACC722…)

even her comments are fed up (she’s been deleting them rather fast but there’s one or two she leaves up)

No. 1370413

She has it spread through the day then a big one over night.
How can she be sick enough to need a private room but still get to on shopping trips?
And who eats chickpeas with a spoon?

No. 1370414


What is that teenage shit all about..?
She's not even a cow.

No. 1370415

When you have those motivational spoons you have to use them with everything

No. 1370432

>>1370182 not to mention she's able and allowed to ve disconnected from the feed for long periods of time to go joyriding. She even posted that she feels "so ashamed" to use the wheelchair in public ok then why upload ten photo slides of it every time you go out

No. 1370433

File: 1637169891084.jpg (183.33 KB, 720x1280, transcode_output_dashinit.jpg)

Ultimately, it's so very sad. The gym is the only place to go for Ganer.
The only stuff she cares about are some protein foods, pumping her bars and posing her barely covered ass.

No. 1370434

File: 1637170020107.png (300.22 KB, 299x600, Hannah Gane ( ganer_gains).png)

Showing off her goods to the world.

No. 1370446

All I’m getting off this is ‘chicken drumstick’

No. 1370449


Wtf, she's just posting some selfies.

No. 1370457

Seeing this, I realise why these bodybuilding women have fake tits. She looks so out of proportion. Tiny head, protruding arse. How is that pose supposed to be complimentary? She looks like the bottom half of a stage donkey.

No. 1370466

That's lordosis sweaty

No. 1370485

Ham now claims she used to body check all the time.. but manages to get the reasons horribly wrong AGAIN. Does she not realise when you are faking something there is zero authenticity to the bollocks you spout. Everything about her screams 'I have never had anorexia and I am out of my depth with my lamp' I detest her fucking bullshit posts

No. 1370524

File: 1637179058869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 525.26 KB, 828x1142, 4073390A-6374-425A-A327-7197A2…)

Lauren is getting discharged and she already looks like she is in relapse

No. 1370548

File: 1637180813779.png (5.12 MB, 828x1792, CEF71BFC-6B9B-4AF0-9BD8-5D7A51…)

(recovery chronicles) is so attention hungry shes posting ugly charcoal stained hospital tiktoks.
don’t you have to seek help pretty fast after a paracetamol OD to be given charcoal drinks? aka= take some pills as an attention plot and go running to tell people as fast as you can? and don’t forget to take your phone to get the mandatory attention-whoring a&e shots!

No. 1370558

Not even a NAC IV? 100% attention seeking

No. 1370576

File: 1637183876363.jpeg (341.84 KB, 828x1348, 10DFE980-09B9-4A17-AF24-BA59C2…)

Anna is going on a placement in the US (a children’s hospital no less). What happened to being so sick with her MCAS she can’t go on holidays with her friends?

No. 1370606

it's not even a country where she can't speak the language. I hope her reaction is a joke, but I fear it's not and it just shows what a cared for life she is able to live. Also, no one can tell me that she has to go to the USA, it's more like she can go there and she would have had other options, right?

No. 1370662

File: 1637192124119.png (409.67 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20211117-233154.png)

I'm not going to necro her thread for this, but Ash posted this.
All those HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!!1 questions will guarantee another ten future birthdays.

No. 1370711

Wtf like she’s clearly unwell when she was a normal weight at the start of the year and her blood sugars are fucked despite weeks of feeds and food. Yeah she posts a million tube pics in her baby Pooh clothes which you can pick at all we like but honestly she’s be dead or close to it if not in hospital. Unvaccinated scum are the ones clogging the hospitals

No. 1370725

File: 1637198100120.jpeg (449.34 KB, 828x1467, F5EFC6C4-3817-4421-95C3-82FC96…)

No. 1370735

How is she allowed to be discharged she still looks underweight

No. 1370742

Don't worry, Georgia. You're not about to go down the drain with the bathwater.

Why is her company using manual weighing scales that're inaccurate for packages? You can get postal ones dirt cheap.

No. 1370745

File: 1637199496339.jpg (55.75 KB, 388x620, Capture.JPG)

Oh no, she lost so much weight recently that her excess skin is really noticeable.

I like that Georgia's back with her ED thing for attention. I'd missed her.

No. 1370752

She should be an edu not clogging up a medical bed

No. 1370766

She’s spent years in both camhs and adult services, in and out of long psych ward admissions, spent around 2 and a half years in Glasgow Priory after months in general and a few media articles, before being in an EDU back in England (Tumblr/Instagram followers got frequent reminders of how long her stay had to be). Yes, she has an ED, but a lot of people don’t even get that level of input when their literally at deaths door, I.e unable to go for lil daily trips out with friends/be left alone without intense supervision/ don’t have mummy and daddy to put complaints in, especially with the state of MH services in general, never mind ED services. I see where other anon was coming from, the revolving door patients have always baffled me the most with the intense resources and help consistently thrown their way for periods of, literally years, (whilst others may get a few apt’s and then that’s it) and/or constantly kick up a fuss whenever possible whilst others practically screaming out for help are left, a lot of the time anyway.

Sorry if I replied wrong, first time posting a v long time lurker!

No. 1370813

PLEASE let's not start this again. She's a pro-anorexic scumbag who also just so happens to be a teenager.

No. 1370827

Anyone know what happened to Mila Mortice?(sage)

No. 1370831

yeah, but she's still not worth discussing imo. she's plain boring and keeps doing the same things, all of which are repeatedly brought up on here to the annoyance of many.
and yes, I know that posting Ganer's slop over and over isn't any better, either. I can see a lot of us growing tired of that as well.

No. 1370857


but she's SO. FUCKING. BORING.
so many people are tired of the Niamh simps that maybe y'all should just drop it

No. 1370880

She is going to be in for a rough awakening when she can’t see specialist doctors without paying a significant portion of mommy and daddy’s money

I’m not trying to be thick. Cheap scales only register up to 300 pounds. Is she suggesting she’s under 300?

No. 1370882

I would love to know what she looks like these days

No. 1370915

Overseas placements 100% not required for a medical degree in the UK. I'm guessing she applied for paediatrics over there specially so she can get the attention.

She's so going to come back with a port and a service dog isn't she?

No. 1370916

I'm guessing she's exhausted all the help actual EDUs can offer since she keeps relapsing. Maybe she doesn't attend op ED services afterwards, maybe she just likes the attention being in the hospital gets her.

But in any case, the EDUs are overstretched in the UK right now to put it mildly.

No. 1370921


Most of her pics seem to be


No. 1370922


Just like she did all the time. She couldn't have lost weight, nor will she have gained some.
It's the eternal constant of her ghoulish existence!

No. 1370927

That’s going to get expensive fast.

No. 1370928

She probably applied specially to go overseas. She’s been mentioning ‘something exciting she’s working hard on’ for months now which must have been her application/grades (most study abroad places go to the students with the best grades, I think)She didn’t expect to get it my ass. Guessing she will fall in love with paediatric palliative care or something.

No. 1370930

>>1370485 Body checking can look like that though, it's not just the clique of fingers around arms or jutting out with angles. Especially if you have comorbid issues like social anxiety, or perfectionism, checking in mirrors or reflections to see if your countless flaws are visible to others, trying to keep yourself in check, etc.

Out of morbid curiosity does ham have any other mental illnesses that we know of? Can't remember if anything has been mentioned over the threads.

No. 1370953

Nobody believes you’ve lost weight after seeing this >>1369568 Porgie.

Mayo Clinic saga when

No. 1370967

She was literally showing above waist, nothing that could really constitute a body check, bar I guess that top with potentially collar bones. If there's anything actually scummy bring the milk, if not all we can really see is she's just another generic tiktoker and that says it all really. Maybe i'm an oldhag, but it feels as though the one's sharing the kid are probably also under 18's and aren't supposed to be here, but i digress.

>>1370880 come on now, don't bone rattle. She's not 300 pounds. Go look at ham planets that are 300 lbs to gauge it (or imagine amberlyn slightly smaller than her original 2014 weight). Just imagine half of amberlyn perhaps for context. So I'm sure porgie can fit on a generic scale. But glad she's back to her bullshit, had a few laughs over her and shay being utter dinguses behind each other's backs.

No. 1370970

I don't think she's 300lbs. I'd say more like 180-220 (assuming she's average height around 5'2-5'4)

No. 1370979

File: 1637242861295.jpeg (149.38 KB, 828x1231, C5993746-CE09-41F6-A1AC-105E37…)

Anna made a post on “11 things people don’t know about med school” . I have no friends or family members who are medics and I still knew all of these, and I expect everyone else does as well (apart from the last slide which is subjective) she’s got a huge superiority complex about being a medic but is still so dumb.

No. 1370980

NTAYRT, but from following her Insta for the last couple of years now, she’s been receiving intensive OP support and weekly therapy for at least 2 years since coming out the EDU. It’s always been the case with her. So many resources and when it seems she’s improving and likely those resources will decrease, ‘sudden’ relapse.

No. 1370986

So having known her I know that she’s had intensive OP support (more than anyone else I’ve ever known in the UK to get). Even when she starts deteriorating she still gets a lot of support and appointments whereas for most patients the support tends to go down if it looks like you’re not trying or if you’re not getting better/engaging. But I’ve noticed this isn’t the case for her. She still gets a shit load of support from services regardless

No. 1370991

I think it's so weird how they pick and choose who to support. Josie is inpatient at the Hobart hospital, which from when I've been there seems like a complete waste of resources. I don't live there but it seems like their mental health care system is completely fucked, people wait 3+ days to be seen by a psych nurse while in crisis while literally starving and self harming in the waiting room, but Josie has an almost permenent bed there at a average weight. HOW?! They don't even have enough spots in the psych ward for people who need it, then they pick cows like Josie, porgie, Fiona, soph.venting to use up as many resources as they can so they can have one or two success stories.

No. 1371008

It's because her dad is a big shot and her parents went to the media about her treatment. I think services are actually scared of them.

No. 1371009

Also, she loses weight very rapidly, threatens suicide a lot, impulsive. She's a big risk for them, even if they know her intentions behind all this

No. 1371013

File: 1637249158741.png (948.43 KB, 943x694, Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 10-24…)

Eugenia is just trolling at this point. Just waiting for the day she's not here anymore sadly…its crazy her mom ignores how bad her daughter looks

No. 1371018

This reminds me of the countless of posts like "things in ed recovery no one talks about", "things about eds that no one talks about" and it's the most basic stuff that literally everyone knows.

No. 1371022

File: 1637250027911.png (1.05 MB, 2048x1050, Screenshot_20211118-153908.png)

On the note of the SleepySeymour proana creep seen in Eugenia's streams, I've had the misfortune of knowing this guy through mutuals. He buys drugs for underage girls and actively supports their eating disorders and is extremely open about this, both supporting eating disorders and the drug habits of fifteen year old girls, and this is nowhere near the first time he's confessed it. He was fired from a job for printing out inappropriate photos of teenage girls.
Knowing that he's been following Eugenia for this long and they only realized now how open he is about his fucked up fantasies is insane. Scrotes are disgusting.
Sage for eugenia derail

No. 1371031

In her latest vlog- her best friend Harriet- looks familiar - few years back there used to be someone on IG called Harriet who was a med student somewhere and who also had an ED (BP )- can’t remember her username or much or what she did - anyone else remember her or think the same? Fi can’t be that medically unsafe if she can go on random shopping trips.

No. 1371039

someone who knows/follows her explain me something.
i Just searched her on ig and she has at least 4-5 profiles? (could be more that cant find). one personal, one with her dog (?), one for her wanna be influencing stuff and 2 "recovery" ones. Who needs that many and how in the world she keeps up?

No. 1371041

File: 1637252592118.jpeg (745.51 KB, 828x1507, 8C5C08F8-806C-4BA3-8577-E2249D…)

Also for someone who keeps a tape of how she doesnt trust anyone and she is a private person, she posts a lot on social media. zillion ig accounts, tiktok, youtube, a semi public fb and someone posted a blog? wtf?

No. 1371046

Ik the harriet you mean, not the same one. I'm not sure what that one's doing.

No. 1371047

Don't forget tumblr, she was big on it back in the day.

No. 1371050

Disgusting moid. And of course she almost defends him, she enjoys the creepy fetishist's attention (and money) like every anachan does. You'd think that at that weight one wouldn't have any kind of sexual drive, but she sure enjoys flashing her underwear and body to people. She's not even trying to hide she's proana lately.

No. 1371051

She has/had a Tumblr too (which was the first time I came across and followed her back in 2014 if I recall correctly?!). Don’t think she uses it anymore but it’s still there and active. The ’BPD’ tag she used on her Tumblr text posts spoke for themselves. She knows exactly what she’s doing and always has in terms of her behaviours and motivations - this is what infuriates me the most about these types. Although now she’s allegedly got that precious ~*ASD*~ diagnosis I’m sure she’ll blame all her bullshit and behaviours she had openly stated previously on Tumblr as her “being a borderline” on that now - a common thing with the cows I’ve noticed lately kek

No. 1371052

This. What's the name of the Tumblr again?

No. 1371053


looking like a water corpse

No. 1371055

Self diagnosed Asperger’s or professionally diagnosed?

No. 1371056


Her user was recovery-vs-relapse19 (the irony kek)

No. 1371057

She had back acne .she must be a full dr now- maybe why she was allowed to take her out.

No. 1371059

It would be Aspergers but in the UK, Aspergers comes under the term ASD now. I’m assuming it’s professional, also very recent. Only mentioned it in a few of her vlogs

No. 1371062

A while back it was proven one of her mods was grooming minors, she just took a week off social media and then posted a shitty non apology.

No. 1371063

Self - she’s never mentioned it or an assessment .
Her Fiona bowl and Hope spoon are really annoying .

No. 1371065


Hope TEAspoon anon, kek

No. 1371076

no its official. she claimed to undergo assessments, although as lengthy as they usually are but im assuming her precious parents pushed it to happen quicker

No. 1371077

File: 1637257304110.jpg (381.41 KB, 1080x2000, Screenshot_20211118-124024_Chr…)

Fiona's tumblr is a gold mine holy bpd
"Overdosing daily"

No. 1371078

File: 1637257388263.jpg (309.79 KB, 1080x1964, Screenshot_20211118-123516_Chr…)

Hashtag sectioned kek

No. 1371080

Kek, tumblr was like this back in the day. A complete free for all cesspit with all these girls overdosing, self harming, etc and romanticising it into a poetic aesthetic. It was really really toxic and competitive as well.

No. 1371082

>waiting for the day she's not here anymore sadly

Why"sadly"? Who tf cares. She contributes zero to life. She's as interesting as watching a disposable mascara wand that's lying in a table.

No. 1371085

Some people have this thing called empathy, where they don't like the idea of people losing their lives needlessly, might want to try it. It'll be a blow when she dies, whether to kids or those of in ED communities - some will be shaken up and relapse and they could end up dying too.

No. 1371087

You're not talking about people with empathy. You're talking about pathetic snowflake idiots.

No. 1371091

File: 1637258205799.png (2.32 MB, 1015x1654, Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 7.52.…)

someone grab her the christmas lights. she forgot them back in the hospital.

No. 1371167

She looks ironically so old beyond her years. The wrinkles and stretched skin.

No. 1371188

okay but we’re all on the same website making fun of cows, don’t try and pretend you’re better than other anons.

No. 1371193

The keks stop rolling when a cow dies anon (well I'm sure there are some absurd exceptions), I'm not any better than anyone else here.

No. 1371320

No, I think i’ll laugh if one of these cows pro-anas themselves to death, if it’s all the same to you.

No. 1371580

Why don't you just shut the hell up and go elsewhere, then??

No. 1371597

Ham originally dropped out of college because of "depression and anxiety".

No. 1371598

I don't understand why Porgie thinks weight loss is necessarily a negative thing at her size. Not eating or drinking at all would be extreme, but losing some weight through healthier habits would do her a world of good.

No. 1371600

Some people seem to have sway, maybe due to who their parents are or media connections. Just the other day my friend was telling me about how they were hospitalised in a private clinic during a MH crisis and there was one girl who basically lived in her room on the intake floor where you're only supposed to be for the first few days. Like, lived there. Had all her meals in her room, didn't engage with therapy, didn't leave the room, even cleaned her own bathroom as she wouldn't allow anyone else inside. Her parents could have been paying thousands of pounds for this, but it's still taking a service away from someone who would be willing to actually engage in therapy and try to get better. It's baffling.

No. 1371635

File: 1637326917140.png (1.11 MB, 1114x652, Peeled Bitch.png)

Scarlet losing her shit and ranting in an unhinged way about diet culture accusations being stupid while looking like an overcooked ham, always injured, self-admitting to shit body image 24/7 and always complaining about bad digestion/bloating/water retention. She doth protest too much or what? Of course you're still anorexic you dumb fuck.

No. 1371657

File: 1637329950537.jpeg (279.02 KB, 828x1356, D43FEF56-C5F3-481E-8046-54E61E…)

She’s literally talked about guilt over increasing her calories a few weeks ago. I’ve said it before - her entire life revolves around bodybuilding, she had no job other than her shit coaching business, her friends have all ditched her, she has no hobbies or interests outside macro counting and overexercising. Nobody should have only one passion or coping mechanism. she literally didn’t have a proper bed till a few days ago and she is still trying to act like everyone else is just overly sensitive/tRiGgErEd/being unreasonable/ jealous. Reminds me of Dharma claiming her lifting was healthy.
(The bench contains her new bed)

No. 1371660

notice how she says “no guilt about the cookies in my hand” … no mention of eating them

No. 1371662

Idk who's worse Ganer or scarlett

No. 1371674

Personally Scarlet is fifty times worse. As irritating as Ganer is, she has actually gained a fair amount of weight, doesn’t coach other girls with anorexia, is miles less arrogant and aggressive in her views, and on some level seems to know her lifting is not entirely healthy.

No. 1371690

And she at least has a proper bed/bedroom

No. 1371700

How old is she? I know shes probably young still but she legitimately looks like shes 40+ here.

No. 1371714

Late 20si think

No. 1371721

I know her, she’s 25 early next year

No. 1371731

File: 1637339102644.jpeg (29.54 KB, 612x459, F234A078-FCDC-401A-AA35-D42CC5…)

scrolling past I legitimately thought this was some sort of secure hosp/prison cell. but even those look more inviting

No. 1371750

File: 1637341126989.jpeg (635.74 KB, 828x1396, B9508424-1FC6-41C6-B846-F3A5C5…)

its the posed anorexic elf

No. 1371762

They look really similar ( minus her acne ) but maybe different. Do you remember what Harriet’s name on IG was? It’s annoying me that I can’t remember…

No. 1371764


No. 1371767

And Fi is about as annoying as Scarlett and ganer but in a different way- her Hope spoons and ‘ Fiona bowl’.

No. 1371799

>>1371750 kek she's fine in a short sleeved shirt but frail fiona has to wear a hat still

No. 1371880

"Be your best self"

Oh yeah. And don't forget to show 'em skinny laaayyygs.

No. 1371897

File: 1637349481709.jpeg (839.97 KB, 828x1422, EB6CF1DA-B301-4565-A23F-9C9EF3…)

two weeks of feeds yet she looks as skeletal as then

No. 1371923

File: 1637351376913.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 273.56 KB, 828x1464, 1A2FDA13-1453-4F65-8ADD-DB20CD…)

this one keeps popping on my fyp although she was mentioned a few threads back, she hasnt post in a bit. is she still in hospital?

No. 1371924

Also loving how she can’t just take a normal selfie, has to make sure there’s as much hospital equipment included as possible - just incase her followers forgot she was shock, horror in hospital, kek

No. 1371944

>>1371897 it's pretty lulzy picturing her arranging all the equipment just right to get it in the shot. And let's not forget the hat. Can't let people forget she's cold because she's so dainty

No. 1371951

Does this pic look like a composite to anyone else? Though done rather well, it looks shooped to me, like she's been pasted onto the background, her medal badges look out of place as well?

No. 1371952

File: 1637354825785.png (307.01 KB, 509x703, niamh.png)

Em (cow mentioned a while back but is doing better now) posted this on tiktok and is obviously talking about Niamh (Em commented on Niamh's most recent post basically admitting that). Now a lot of people are calling Niamh out for her bodychecking/ faking recovery etc. Hoping she will finally be 'cancelled'

No. 1371967

A good day to have a fucking snorkel in your nose all the time.

No. 1371968

What's with the constant hat wearing, she looks stupid inside with a hat on, hospitals are Hella warm so she can't be that cold, and if she is why wear such revealing clothes. If she's cold it's no wonder since she refuses to put on warmer layers. And what's with all the sudden outfit pics after radio silence for months never posting her outfit before

No. 1371979

Cancer girl look for headpats. Tight pants for bodychecking.
That's ICU standard for skellies.

No. 1371995

File: 1637358644739.jpeg (211.26 KB, 828x1472, B40A6F08-B58B-4B53-88D9-FA6872…)

yep.. and it’s hilarious. about time too

No. 1371999

File: 1637358846654.jpeg (465.9 KB, 693x907, 80E08B93-9ADA-421C-8E83-6F6EDD…)

her own comment section is equally funny

No. 1372002

File: 1637358886063.jpeg (101.61 KB, 828x874, 7484EE73-0B0C-46BB-B439-81464D…)

No. 1372005

File: 1637359104524.jpeg (760.34 KB, 828x1507, 2B8EFAA7-DD44-4F3D-A6DE-6C459A…)

this could easily be 50 parts lmao but it’s not rlly milk beyond the scummy comment to em (never thought i’d be on her side either)

No. 1372007

she has made her insta and tiktok private - has she acknowledged it?

No. 1372018

File: 1637360565718.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, 6B04FAA6-ABBB-4D3D-8C28-B2FCAE…)

so fucking fake. only after huge backlash has she made this half assed apology because she’s scared to lose the attention she clearly thrives on. of all the cows, she’s the most frustrating and until she actually recovers i don’t think she’ll ever cut it out(do not post anyone under 18)

No. 1372020

>I was in a bad place
>doesn't excuse it
is clearly using her illness as an excuse for her shitty behaviour. Not an apology at all.

No. 1372023

no, she was just being a spiteful bitch. no excuse at all tbh, i say good that her personality has been exposed

No. 1372052

How did this thread change so quickly. Who tf are all these new names and why is tiktok suddenly being farming territory? This feels like the age where you suddenly don't know who the popular bands are.

>this could easily be 50 parts
Please god no

No. 1372120

But for a feed that has only just gone up and started, the amount of stuff in the feed- drip bag is tiny! It’s probably not even a full little bottle of ensure. And she’s not on 1:1 so probably gets rid of it.

No. 1372121

Assuming she’s having the feeds and not getting rid of them

No. 1372190

I wonder if anorexia has messed with her hair, and it's visibly thinning. Might explain the hat?

No. 1372199

Georgia??? 180 pounds kek. Ham is probably around there but Georgie is a hamplanet

Here’s women who are 5’5 and 300 pounds

No. 1372201

File: 1637385839929.jpeg (194.31 KB, 750x1047, 72E67D7B-53D3-4F46-86C1-AE99B5…)

No. 1372208

Everyone knows when refeeding you only gain weight in your stomach. It’s pretty normal to have toothpick arms and look pregnant for even the first few months.(sage)

No. 1372242


That's armchair MD bullshit.

Proper refeeding will yield a gain from the very start. You just gotta do it stepwise. Fluids like broth first until the usual non-hunger metabolism kicks in again.

No. 1372254

This is the most half assed apology & shows she's an absolute bitch
>"I just said what I thought she was doing" so Niamh you genuinely thought she was just calling you out cuz you eat less (/are skinnier)? ok Cow.

No. 1372255

I stand corrected LOL

No. 1372274

File: 1637410624072.png (1.91 MB, 1006x1206, Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 2.15.…)

into town

No. 1372278

File: 1637412348860.png (2.17 MB, 845x1473, piggyporgie.PNG)


what a coincidence… all this talk about Porgie's true size, and she dumps these selfies 2 hours later. lurk much Porgie?

No. 1372280

File: 1637412380801.png (2.05 MB, 840x1452, piggyporgie2.PNG)

No. 1372281

No. 1372282

File: 1637412506136.png (1.91 MB, 847x1460, piggyporgie3.PNG)


sorry, wasnt sure if i shouldve spoilered them.
apologies if ive put any of you anachans off recovery now.

No. 1372283

I love that she tries to scrunch up her shoulders to look less wide but she just ends up looking like a hunchback instead. Most fat girls know their angles Porgie!

No. 1372285

File: 1637412867261.jpg (23.31 KB, 580x513, blob.jpg)

And you call that pudding a "hand"?

No. 1372286


hot take, these are her angles and show her at her 'best'.

remember that tagged photo from a few threads back that showed her from a perspective that wasnt under her control??
truly horrifying shit…

No. 1372289

File: 1637413182790.jpg (155.05 KB, 735x737, ganer_trainer.jpg)

Ol' wonky eyes is on a career trip.
Makes every mom pround, doesn't it.

No. 1372295

Ganer should not train, counsel or even talk to customers.
Except those who would want to eat and work out like a meat robot, like the one she is.

No. 1372299

Kek at the scales proudly displayed. Surprised she is even within their range.

No. 1372301


„Meet Hannah, our goodwill ambassador of body dysmorphic disorder.
Book your membership today! Free slop bowl included.“

No. 1372307

Why does she always pose like this? It looks dumb as hell.

No. 1372308

What does she have written in her mirror? You are worth it?

No. 1372313

I thought this means she's the trainer of the month as in the best person who goes there to train themselves.

No. 1372315

That makes no sense at all.

No. 1372319

File: 1637418705720.jpg (155.04 KB, 735x737, ganer_trainer.jpg)


That's more like it.

No. 1372320

There’s been a few photos without the hat (less so on her ~recovery~ accounts) and it looks fine on the scalp, doesn’t seem to be thinning. Probably just wears it in hospital and public because she thinks it makes her look sick and special. Hospitals in winter are usually like saunas and if she can wear thin layers it can’t be because she’s super cold. Extra sick points for the special childish hats kek

No. 1372321


Lotsa inspiration for her cancer clown outfit, kek.

No. 1372334

reported(stop replying to the scrote)

No. 1372344

Well who is she training? I've never heard her talk of being a trainer for someone else.

No. 1372387

And who buys Christmas cacti for meal support and gives them names? She’s so childish it’s silly

No. 1372390

why is this still up lol

No. 1372392

So very hot.(stop replying to the scrote)

No. 1372394

She's having her protein drink.

No. 1372397

bc mods are almost nonexistent at this point

No. 1372400

File: 1637429237655.jpg (143.28 KB, 683x1024, 3840800738_a2fa747a82_b.jpg)


they never cared

so fuck them

No. 1372408

File: 1637430462166.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 720x405, bee sex.gif)

Pic…Lucinda? She transformed?

Why do anas like tube face and Becky all love Christmas? Is it because they get stuff for free or ?

No. 1372422

They like to cosplay as Tiny Tim. (In all seriousness probably because they can revert to childhood memories of Xmas/ get attention from family members/ get sympathy for spending the festive season in hospital) odd since for most anas it is a difficult time due to the holiday stress/meals/pressure to be happy

No. 1372469

File: 1637435404495.jpeg (860.04 KB, 828x1436, F1B685A8-AD6D-42EE-9AAC-F44BEC…)

i think Fiona has a bigger collection of beanies than asos

No. 1372480

Why is she allowed home leave after her story about having medical emergencies all night

No. 1372485

i mean, she can say whatever she wants right? tomorrow might tell us she slipped into a coma overnight and then had leave in the afternoon. no proof. just trying to prove she is the sickest

No. 1372487

File: 1637436106702.jpg (164.31 KB, 735x737, 1637413182790.jpg)

No. 1372490

File: 1637436234919.jpg (479.98 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20211120-142318_Ins…)

Make it make sense

No. 1372498

File: 1637436823653.jpeg (306.32 KB, 828x1455, F8FEDB98-0EC6-4331-8CD1-AA04FA…)

Niamh has made her accounts public again and posted this to her story. Couldn’t even cope without the attention for twenty four hours.(do not post anyone under 18)

No. 1372509

Stop posting minors.

No. 1372510


She’s not a minor

No. 1372513

And sage your shit

No. 1372515


She's sixteen years old and a little dumbass.
That doesn't make her some ProAna cow.

How many times do they have to tell you..?

No. 1372531

I’m sure needing the doctor to come down “every hour” because she’s super sick really upset her, kek

No. 1372535

File: 1637439205738.jpeg (815.79 KB, 1800x1440, B28D9225-D47F-4362-A2AE-F405FB…)

The way Wateremelons stands when someone is taking a picture seems sus. Or just what pictures she chose idk

No. 1372542

I find the choice of outfit worse, wearing what looks like super thin tights to go ice skating is uhh, certainly a choice

No. 1372560

She fits all the criteria for a cow, fuck off

How long till she gets recalled back to hospital? In fairness she might be standing like a newborn deer because ice skating is hard but why is she wearing tights around another anorexic?

No. 1372577

Aw c'mon. Not that teenager again.

No. 1372595

She’s an idiot, imagine risking scraping up your legs and knees just for a bodycheck photo op

No. 1372597

cause she's such a pro ana cow she just wants attention and doesn't care about possibly hurting her 'friend'. probably enjoys showing that she's skinnier than her tbh. glad people have stopped wking this cow

No. 1372609

File: 1637445037333.jpeg (1.17 MB, 828x1469, 059FB033-855D-41C4-BC67-114CE6…)

ahh protein bars and "recovering" anas

No. 1372630

File: 1637447739600.jpeg (963.96 KB, 1170x2155, 63651C97-A49D-4E11-8C76-88778B…)

Anyone see this Niamh telling people they eat too much the girl is so fat gone. Most blatantly pro ana I’ve ever seen

No. 1372632

Read the thread. The kids already been mentioned ad nauseam.

No. 1372633

File: 1637447972053.jpg (266.2 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20211121_080549.jpg)

This is another aussie cow who has been mentioned on and off. I ignored her for a while but this showing up brought me right back. What's with these cows and money grubbing? Ignoring that she's in Australia and there's essentially free healthcare/medicare, these gfm's are all giant red flags. Apparently its for a catheter? It seems like the pro ana scumbag to muchie pipeline is alive and well.

Link for posterity: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-kyiah-with-medical-expenses?member=15398699&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer

No. 1372634

File: 1637448336908.jpg (1.22 MB, 1564x1564, failedshoop.jpg)

Sage for samefag but it seems like she shops too. I'm usually pretty bad at seeing it, but the weird bumpy calves and the wonky window lines are for sure shoop, right?

I know this is pretty dime a dozen for these cows, but thought I'd throw it in the ring

No. 1372642

File: 1637449100985.jpeg (465.9 KB, 538x1425, E35293B5-3FE0-4F24-A195-3CF126…)

S* is looking serious emaciated I’m not even sure if it’s photoshopped or not. If it’s real though surely she would have been sectioned by now

No. 1372646

Perhaps I've just become desensitised after being here among the spoops for so long but that person looks fine?

No. 1372673

I’m begging y’all to look at Cecelias latest Insta post and body check where she mentions that she “had to gain 40 pounds”

No. 1372685

Or you could post it yourself?

No. 1372690

File: 1637457292549.jpg (593.83 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20211120-171326_Adb…)


No. 1372700

Tf is going on with that neck

No. 1372716


God damn Eugenia. Every time I see her I’m surprised that she is still up walking around and doing shit.

No. 1372739

eugenia is coming for ashley’s crown

No. 1372744

Not even bothering to look vaguely conventionally attractive in the face anymore, just bone rattling.

No. 1372749

File: 1637463703012.jpeg (393.65 KB, 1124x2040, 4502A91C-378A-43FA-B76A-394EAB…)

No. 1372750

File: 1637463754358.jpeg (481.66 KB, 1124x2089, A8C27682-A306-4991-8D87-F9F32C…)

No. 1372819

If she didn't show the scales, anon, how would anyone know she had an eating disorder?

No. 1372821

> medication resistent depression

whatever gets you the special treatment!

No. 1372845

Why do they hoard them like this? Just buy one when you want to have one, or is this Fifi's binge stash?

No. 1372846

People will just think she's on a weight loss journey to get healthy

No. 1372847

Good for Cece, the sickest ana to ever ana, recovering in a year. Congratulations.

No. 1372853


She does look dumb- but Hospitals are very purposefully cold to negate incubating bacteria. Bacteria thrives in hot, wet environments.

No. 1372857


Treatment resistant depression isn't even special though. Stats - a third of people with depressive illness are treatment resistant. Her problem is she continues to live her life as if she's special. Why has she taken so long to use non med treatments?

Number 5 pisses me off. A lil psych ward humour. Yeah, it's fucking hilarious being in there.

You can tell she's faking being happy about her weight gain and plans to "relapse" asap. No anorexic's as celebratory and positive after just leaving a clinic heavier.

No. 1372858

In the UK it's too hot in a hospital.

No. 1372865

File: 1637477904547.jpg (73.37 KB, 758x929, niamh.JPG)

yo what the fuck(don't post minors)

No. 1372866

File: 1637477988708.jpg (52.99 KB, 788x672, Capture.JPG)

Dasha's getting there first.

No. 1372892


She's actually kinda pretty.
You know that she's only sixteen, yes?

And would you sage your posts?

No. 1372894

There will be a moment in time when Eugenia finds out about the fact, that a rich daddy can not buy you some extra health points with all his investment banker money.

No. 1372898

"In the UK" they might jail you for wearing a pocket knife on the streets.

No. 1372899

That top’s fit is atrocious

No. 1372904


can you freaks stop posting this 16 year old just cuz u think she's pretty?? she isn't interesting she's just underweight. Most of us are over 18 and don't want to hear about this underage cow.
nobody gives a fuck. simp on her tiktok or insta

No. 1372909

Agreed. Honestly she's just so annoying and uninteresting, and I get the feeling it's the same one or two people constantly posting her.

No. 1372916

she’s a cow. deal with it

No. 1372921

We don’t care about whether she is pretty or not. She is a cow. Stop whiteknighting.

No. 1372934


Why can't you take your little petty vendetta with Niamh elsewhere?

No. 1372939

will you stop posting this tiktok shit

No. 1372947

There are multiple people who find Niamh to be a cow.

No. 1372948


we keep having this argument & the same 2 people keep posting Niamh (can tell from screenshots it's only 2 & maybe a 3rd last thread) - there's more anons that find her not worthy of cow status.
get it in your heads: almost nobody wants to see a boring as fuck 16 year old whose only milky, if you can even call it that, behaviour is being underweight. she posts photos of herself & is underweight. it's not milk enough to warrant reposting her selfies every time she uploads.

y'all have been repeatedly asked not to post her, or at least post her being milky, and all you can do is post her selfies & say "omg!"

her being called out & her fake ass apology was milk. but save the photos of her face & body literally just doin nothing for your wank banks ya freaks

No. 1372949

thoughts on linda sun? she's been brought up once before but deemed as "not milky" but tbh i'd beg to differ
she's a recovery/fitness youtuber that makes cringy inspirational videos about how you can eat anything you want ever and have abs and be skinny like her, then proceeds flaunting her blatant exercise addiction. when called out on her said exercise addiction, she cries on camera and says she just enjoys working out twice a day and that it has nothing to do with her disordered eating
i know milk's been running dry these days, so there might be some potential here

No. 1372951

File: 1637494657306.png (13.92 KB, 500x174, creep.PNG)

y'all sound like this about some of the cows lol like so invested

No. 1372954

have seen her around, tbh I love these inspiration cows who are completely in denial of their replacing one intake/outake obsession with another

No. 1372955

Why do anons keep mooing about not liking a certain flavor of milk? Are you waiting for a farmhand to remove any breed of cow that isn't to your personal taste? Tiktok cows are not against the rules. Cows age 16+ are not against the rules. If you think a post violates the rules, you can report it and scroll past without infighting, whiteknighting, minimodding or any combination of shitting all over the thread. Please don't cry over spilt milk, anon. If you're too busy bullshitting you might forget to sage.

No. 1372957

File: 1637495357629.png (826.22 KB, 991x610, hannah highlights.PNG)

Some WOW! Lovely! inspiring content from Ham. I highlighted my favourite ones like "to not be cold or ill anymore" as if being cold is a symptom of eating disorders, and not being underweight, which she's never been.. and I don't think she's ever had a relationship with exercise to heal! poor girl wants to be "seen as the girl with the Eating Disorder" SOOOOO BAD

No. 1372960

File: 1637495567630.png (821.92 KB, 986x607, hannah highlights 2.PNG)

this one is also generic physical symptoms that come from severe restriction, man she should have chosen AFRID or BED larp instead it fits her so much more consistently…. also kek her mum has never cooked a day in her life

No. 1372964

Equally, there's ample of anons that either don't feel comfortable talking about a literal child, or for whatever reason feels she's not a cow. To be honest part of me is wondering if it's either vendetta posting, or under 18's are using the boards (GTFO).

No. 1372965

There might be a multitude of people who think that she's just a skinny, very bratty teen of 16 years of age.

No. 1372966

this is mostly my issue with her, aside from her being generally not cow-worthy, I don't want to discuss someone who is underage - it makes me pretty uncomfortable that people who are supposedly over 18 want to discuss a child with such passion. y'all are kinda outing yourselves as either underage too, or soooo petty

No. 1372967

ham was under 18 too until very recently… personally I think this cow is pretty milky. I've been following her for a while and she really is scummy, irregardless of her age

No. 1372971

Well over 18 and don't care to discuss niamh but will risk redtext to ask anons crying vendettapost to please for the love of God shut the fuck up and stop wking already. Whining that you don't find a cow milky isn't milk either so why you think you're contributing by posting more whining about her and the tiktok cows than actual milk regardless of quality is beyond me. Please shut the fuck up nonnies I'm begging you

No. 1372974

File: 1637498193298.jpeg (80.18 KB, 680x658, FEt7PvaVkAUybgJ.jpeg)

No. 1372975

Niamh's stuff is just boring, regardless of age.

No. 1372980

why do you think she's scummy? /genuine(don’t use tone tags)

No. 1372981


This meager teen is just as boring and repetitive as Ganer posting her porridge bowls.

No. 1372982

Wonder what her hobbies used to be before she became a full time recovery #influencer

No. 1372983

yet people act like she's N2F's porridge bowls

No. 1372987

File: 1637500163076.jpg (254.79 KB, 600x1066, 11-21-06.jpg)

Still pointing her feet at awkward angles to show the back of her knee for some reason, but I thought her neck looked extra thick in that set too. Not sure if that's a filter error or what, but she couldn't possibly crop out irrelevant comments about how super sick she is in edited screenshots could she

No. 1372995

Ham needs to *~*~choose recovery~*~* from this constant bullshit about ever having had anorexia nervosa. Genuinely, who would see her as “the girl with the Eating Disorder” if she wasn’t LARPing on instagram? She has no friends, no life. Save it for those Drama lessons, Ham

No. 1373000

File: 1637503609586.png (1.87 MB, 1242x2208, A1BF197D-34B4-40DF-9AD6-8899C9…)

Soph.venting is having her weekly run in with the police, this time she’s got cuts on her neck and flung off her shoes while fleeing from security. She was caught and then discharged some hours later. Honestly how she’s not detained under the mental health act is crazy to me

No. 1373033

See this is the problem with this thread - fags from twitter and tiktok not even understanding board culture before posting. 2 years ago we wouldn’t get this pearl clutching about how the tiktok blonde is 16 so that’s basically underage or calling other anons way too harsh for calling somebody ugly or saying they hated them, but now I feel like there’s no old school anons left.

No. 1373036

don't use tone indicators if you wanna be taken seriously on here

No. 1373038

File: 1637510124335.jpeg (654.71 KB, 828x1470, EF4F82D1-B49D-4D4C-95CD-6CDEA8…)

eating porridge for 5 weeks every morning, surely is tricky

No. 1373041