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File: 1672734702530.jpeg (534.21 KB, 1200x1200, 1672702535861.jpeg)

No. 1736335

It’s a new year, but there’s nothing new about our cows’ pro-ana antics.

Zara is 100% recovered and GETS A PASS on weight-restoration because she TOTALLY HAS PHYSICAL ILLNESSES that she’s NOT taking advantage of to maintain a low weight, guys! She’s ready to spend another year spewing hypocritical motivational bullshit. New year’s resolution: none, because she’s PERFECT.

Ham had TWO Christmas celebrations (with each of her divorced parents) and only really took pictures of lots and lots of food. New year’s resolution: fill up her entire phone with pictures of her fat rolls.

Hxn continues to insist that she’s totally eating lots of solid food, guys, really. And NO, she will NOT tell you why her last 24 hours were traumatizing, you have to infer it from her pictures of policemen and hospital bands. New year’s resolution: set a world record for time spent stirring a single bowl of cereal while her dad dies inside.

N2F is still living her best deranged life but really needs to learn how to use artificial tanner. New year’s resolution: ???

Hayden is TRAUMATIZED by another patient being … nice at PHP and would like to tell you all about how the anti-minority, anti-trans medical system REFUSED TO HELP. New year’s resolution: probably another gofuckme

Em continues to study from the master and move closer and closer to N2F’s make-up skills. She’s done some recent vague-posting about struggling, maybe foreshadowing relapse 2023. New year’s resolution: drink

Ganer is psyched to bulk with one extra goddamn raspberry and a sliver of egg yolk. She’s totes recovered, guys, and would like to show you her bizarre half-skeleton half-gym-addict image to really drive home how much she’s totally not swapped one eating disorder for another. New year’s resolution: eat exactly the same number of spinach leaves every day, no more of that lax weighing out raw spinach

Laura is on metformin to try to counteract fucking immense doses of antipsychotics. She keeps claiming to be about to leave hospital but can’t even stay out long enough for a loaf of bread to go stale. New year’s resolution: get back on 2-1 so she can get that sweet, sweet attention.

A fucking nutcase showed up in the last thread and chimped out, but we won’t summon her by name.

And of course, we still have momsfave who claims to have finished a semester of school, miha who would like you to know that fat people also get EDs, porgie who seems to have gone quiet, the twins who traveled abroad and went to a medical conference (but mentioned wanting to start working out…), and cece who has somehow managed to stay off social media.


previous thread >>1695588

No. 1736379

Good recap nonnie! Thanks for the thread

No. 1736397

Since there are two new threads I vote we use this one as the recap is detailed and funny.

No. 1736413

File: 1672744959358.jpeg (444.81 KB, 1170x2065, 510A35BD-9796-49DA-908F-BC655B…)

Here’s some milk.
Ausfag recoverywithdarcy posts bikini pic then immediately gets hate

No. 1736414

File: 1672744981635.jpeg (504.64 KB, 1145x2064, 3C2CB498-A00C-4B87-AABB-00211C…)

No. 1736417

she's been flaunting how thin she is for a while now, really clearly trying to bait these types of comments

No. 1736418

Why do so many proana girls have ugly faces? And unkempt hair too. I mean nice body but she and most of them are butterfaces

No. 1736430

They don't take care of themselves re unkempt hair and any sort of facial fat will always look better because it is healthy

No. 1736431

>nice body
Where? Their legs always look like shit, anachans always looks troonish to me, once they recover they look nice though.

No. 1736482

File: 1672755231332.jpg (576.71 KB, 1080x1867, IMG_20230103_141000.jpg)

Because 8 workouts a week doesn't sound at all obsessive for this braindead super spoop who is nearing 50. The endless years of treatment hasn't worked but this? This clearly will. I fucking despair of these cretinous PTs who take on seriously ill clients.

No. 1736485

This is a horror show in the making. “Simone” is obviously a piece of shit for taking her on and sry to be dramatic but if Katy ends up keeling over she should be done for manslaughter

No. 1736513

"St Ann's can do one" - how fucking ungrateful can you be for over 25 years of NHS treatment? I know her sister is also a pro-ana scumbag, but I find Katy particularly despicable. That said, I don't actually want to see her drop dead because of some shitty, money-grabbing "personal trainer". The twins parents must be fucking demented with them at this point. May actually be a bit of relief for them when the girls die prematurely, which they most definitely will.

No. 1736517

File: 1672759148724.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1753, 231555BA-1131-4CD5-B761-2D3305…)

Yeah niamh… totally not somewhat disordered New Year’s resolutions

No. 1736521

Sounds normal, people often vow to exercise to be healthy, better than vegging out and causing more damage to your body as muscles weaken. Or is that triggering now a days to bopofags? A part of normal recovery is - shock horror - caring for your body with both nutrition and exercise.

No. 1736545

its probably because the fat on their face disappears with weight loss so they look sunken in like a crackhead's ass.

No. 1736546

Some women wanna be uncomfortably thin but I’ll be completely honest, the only one who looks troony to me is Ganer and the other super skinny wannabe fit one who’s always posing super retarded in her wieiad videos kek. If someone told me Ganer was a man I’d believe her

No. 1736547


No. 1736550

sorry nonnie. forgot
it has been a long day

No. 1736553

File: 1672762509238.jpg (909.23 KB, 1080x2130, Screenshot_20230103_161001_Ins…)

Omg the minimods and newfags.
I vote we move over to the other thread because at least there's some basic reminders in there about how to use the site.

Anyway. Yes neef, you're fantastic and inspirational. Now if you could stop obsessing over your sick body and actually get over it we'd believe you!

No. 1736554

File: 1672762602205.jpg (836.5 KB, 1080x1946, Screenshot_20230101_184502_Ins…)

Probably one of the most bizarre bodychecks I've ever seen in my life kek
She goes on about her side profile/ nose / jaw being insecurities but can't help posting them every so often

No. 1736571

Avsolutely no way she's going to gain any significant weight doing this, spoops should not be anywhere near weights over 1kg

No. 1736577

the twins/ganer crossover is looking bizarre but promising

No. 1736587

No fucking way did she get "medical clearance". She's a walking corpse

No. 1736615

That’s literally the same response Cece gave to her body checking posts.

No. 1736639

She knows she is very pretty but she needs to be told as much at least 50x a day.

No. 1736644

File: 1672770151954.jpeg (387.84 KB, 1536x2048, 4EC7948A-4664-42C0-943E-CCDF9E…)

nikol looking a lot less skelly

No. 1736653

Fucking hell. Definitely not skelly now. Is she posting these on Instagram? She's one mean, mental bitch, but I almost feel bad for her. Must be pretty tough to come from severe AN to full-blown BED. Not to mention the strain she must be putting her body under with her monstrous binges. Girl needs some serious help.

No. 1736663

Is she crying in this photo?

No. 1736672


it looks like shes got some water retention, not proper weight, no ones built like that

No. 1736676

File: 1672774481256.jpeg (277.06 KB, 750x768, 4C22DDE8-BBED-4A56-902D-C52505…)

In other nikol news, she’s completely schizo and also wishes she didn’t have money, maybe she could help some people out with rent

No. 1736679

Is she larping as the unicorn retard anachan?

No. 1736682

Jfc she's wild. How does she "have access to all the money in the world"? Are her family filthy rich? She doesn't seem to realise that having no money doesn't stop people with raging cases of BED. They just beg, borrow and steal to get their fix. She's also delusional in thinking both that there isn't a very high chance of her dying BEFORE hitting BMI 8, and also that she would be able to give up the binging at this point in order to do so. She truly is a fucking crackpot

No. 1736691

Definitely true, but she is still no longer skelly. She said herself her BMI is now 19.5. Far from being Ham, but a spoop she is not. I suppose eating 8k calories a day for a prolonged period will do that.

No. 1736700

File: 1672776657220.png (183.46 KB, 720x461, one_fucking_minute.png)

The only "disordered" thing is your obsession with that Niamh gal, vendetta-chan…

No. 1736702

nah, that's just what happens when spoops gain weight very quickly. A large, disproportionate amount of the weight goes to the midsection and it takes months for the weight to distribute properly and look normal. She's also probably distended from continued bingeing.

No. 1736705

Absolutely this. What Nikol is displaying shape-wise is classic rapid weight gain for people who have been top-tier skelly. Given that she doesn't purge, it would be physically impossible for her not to have gained an enormous amount of weight.

No. 1736716

>eat a healthy and balanced diet
>challenge fear foods
>allow myself to take breaks
>be kind to myself
this is completely fine, vendetta-chan. you're weird.

No. 1736740

I mean if her crazy ass wants to give her money away, I’d gladly take some to avoid getting a second job.
Also it’s like the more she binges the lower she sets her bmi. The calories are somehow making her more braindead.

No. 1736744

File: 1672779638956.jpg (314.12 KB, 1080x2025, IMG_20230103_205909.jpg)

Her fucking audacity never ceases to amaze me. Honestly insufferable. How does she actually have any friends? Who can tolerate all this absolute bullshit she spouts? Nothing worse than people who don't follow their own advice.

No. 1736755

>then. MAKE. A. CHANGE
Z, if its that easy, why haven't you not just decided to weight restore then. Just make the change, simple!

No. 1736759

it’s her blatant hypocrisy that makes her so horrible because tbh her advice isn’t even bad if only she followed it

No. 1736766

You really don't belong here if you think that protruding (idk how to spell that, english isn't my native language) bones especially when they're the result of anorexia equate to a "nice body"

No. 1736769

I agree about the working out one but the others aren't really disordered for most people and I don't think she meant them in a disordered way. This isn't WKing in any way, I just think she wrote down what the most generic new years resolutions that everyone under the sun has every year

No. 1736770

"Seeing memories from this time is really hard so I'll make you all suffer with me"

No. 1736772

Why does she keep posting photos of her body that she supposedly hates? Most anas will put on a santa costume before they show their body after gaining even the smallest amount of weight

No. 1736780

Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually a self post, it seems to be a common enough occurrence with these threads kek

No. 1736785

quick question was the thread pic edited so everyone’s foreheads look like megamind or is that just another devastating side effect of slowly unaliving yourself

No. 1736786

Oh for sure. Some of her advice is fine, but she has clearly never followed even one tiny bit of it herself. She is the special exception in her mind and it's unbearable. Sanctimonious little cunt.

No. 1736787

Kek. I think it has been edited anon but I'm not entirely sure as that's a pretty fair representation of Ganer's head.

No. 1736801

i gagged when i saw zara’s face kek also the upside down face at the top is that the gay guy nikol is thirsting over?? or am i tripping

No. 1736806

It's the same thing the red scare girls have going on—they realize that they're below average and compensate by being skinny.
I think someone mentioned that she uses laxatives (and purges that way).

No. 1736807

Why do you never sage? Are you a retard?

No. 1736808

>>1736807 wtf newfag you don't sage fresh milk, what has happened to this site? -samefag as >1736807 milkman

No. 1736824

She maybe does, but laxatives don't cause real weight loss or stop fat gain. It's all water. If she's binging every day on thousands and thousands of calories and not purging via vomiting or exercise then she will be gaining rapidly.

No. 1736829

I’ve actually been to this girls house before for a fundraiser for better eating disorder treatment, she’s not a cow

No. 1736832

Surely this is photoshopped

No. 1736843

You don't get to decide who is a cow, anon. Mini modding is against the rules. And it's also fucking irritating.

No. 1736845

No, this is the reality of a previous super spoop who rapidly switched to BED. This is what is on her twitter. Why would she Photoshop her own picture to look like this?

No. 1736878

Wow her handwriting is beautiful tbh

No. 1736889

Nta but learn how to post, your use of hitting backspace after clicking a post number makes your posts very recognizable, and they're all shit. And you don't need to include every lc term in your posts, it just makes it all the more obvious your new here.

No. 1736929

File: 1672800215952.jpeg (287.55 KB, 1170x691, 1997B241-797C-41A4-86DF-B58A75…)

First tweet isn’t so bad but the second makes me cringe? She’s like 110 lbs she really is the most legitimately both mentally and physically ill out of all of them

No. 1736950

speaking of nikol, anyone know what happened with her insta? is it just inactive now

No. 1737058

I can't stop looking at her creepy Jack Skellington hands.

No. 1737095

To get bullied into restricting again… but nobody responds kek

No. 1737096

Yeah she just doesn't realize that very few people would actually bully others for gaining weight after being deadly underweight

No. 1737141

File: 1672845163575.png (4.48 MB, 1125x2436, 41EF423F-E868-4D5B-B01B-BB612E…)

How on earth has she managed to discharge looking like this? No way has she gained anything

No. 1737146

This sticks like a self post to me I think she gave up asking for attention from followers and move right on here

No. 1737147

File: 1672845957749.jpg (857.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230104_152551_Gal…)

Girl, be for real.

No. 1737148

File: 1672846114427.jpg (564.66 KB, 1080x2108, Screenshot_20230104_152834_Ins…)


No. 1737151

at this point i believe Niamh is self posting and we should stop interacting

No. 1737164

They likely don’t give a shit anymore and won’t waste time on combative patients because why would they kek

No. 1737165

This x10000000

No. 1737176

Girl, you can't even take a sip of water to clear your throat on stream?? WOW Also notice the sheer panic in her eyes that swaps over to dread. Grim.

No. 1737187

I don't think EC was trying to stop coughing but throwing up. She looks more like she is gagging.
She actually stops the steaming and says that she is going to "cough, and do what I got to do" and "get a tissue and some stuff".

No. 1737189

That makes far more sense, honestly. She looks quite rough in the stream with a very red nose and clammy complexion.

No. 1737196

You must be a retard too then ey nonnie

No. 1737231

File: 1672855801907.jpeg (854.62 KB, 3222x3222, A89B61C6-0000-4A0D-9D18-C7D54C…)

Pretty milky, posts body checks but then complains about others doing it like Sydney. Claims she’s been in recovery for maybe a year but she still looks like Emma Chamberlain who’s been doing hefty amounts of heroin

No. 1737249

Emma chamberlain does heroin?

No. 1737262

File: 1672859147050.jpeg (46.61 KB, 750x500, 2CEFC9DA-3666-4B75-A319-1E2C8A…)

Not to be all ‘hi cow’ but I’d bet my fucking life savings this is a self post.
She’s having heart problems.

No. 1737265

Why does she put her hairspray on the radiator? That shit is freaking me out. I swear that isn’t safe???

No. 1737267

>heart problems
She's going to die on stream. Harrowing.

No. 1737293

File: 1672861013866.jpeg (233.09 KB, 1125x595, 2131E8B6-166F-4B03-B8E3-84B4A0…)

Happyhealthywhole and her erc girlfriend back at it again

No. 1737307

Just because some anons don't obsessively stalk the thread for updates, doesn't mean every passing observation is a selfpost. Some of you are so paranoid.

No. 1737344

It's gonna be one for the history books.

No. 1737359

dulcie posted herself before tho, she’s a brat

No. 1737362

File: 1672870444383.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1067x1714, C7C022D9-8C0A-4578-BE1A-4E8C80…)

has anyone else seen this cow. she’s been on my fyp several times. constantly tagging ed recovery but visibly losing weight. @martina.privx on tiktok

No. 1737411

File: 1672877441912.jpeg (160.19 KB, 960x795, ACDBF882-849E-40FB-AF40-2EBD42…)

I know HH hasn’t been discussed in a while but what 24 year old woman drives hours away to give a promise ring to her barely 18 year old girlfriend that she met in treatment??? The girlfriend recently attended a friends sweet 16 party. Idk WHY HH sees this as a normal innocent relationship because it’s super weird and inappropriate. It makes me uncomfortable. Apparently they broke up and she moved and now they’re long distance.

No. 1737412

Sorry I didn’t notice the earlier call out of Happy Hole’s grooming bc I just opened the thread. But anyways yeah, shits weird.

No. 1737415

Please stop self poasting.

I think it was a comparison kek I doubt she does heroin

No. 1737416

Being anorexic and posting body checks doesn’t immediately make you a cow. These attention and nutrition depleted anorexics really are scraping the bottom of the barrel for all the eyes on them they can get, even in a negative way. Legitimately pathetic.

No. 1737431

I'm not trying to sound mean but if I was an anachan I would hate to make tiktoks standing next to an average weighted person, I would feel so insecure every time. The sad thing is she probably thinks she looks better than her friend

No. 1737439

It’s the opposite, they feel morally superior looking skelly next to “fatties” (i.e. normal healthy people.) They’re proud of being sick, they don’t feel like they have anything to be insecure about. That’s why it’s a mental illness, they’re literally delusional.

No. 1737440

Anachans are soulless. They only take pictures with their friends so they can look thin by comparison.

No. 1737455

Bro being thinner standing next to friends in photos is like the superbowl for anachans, my bitch "Spamaccountmx" here feeling like tom brady

No. 1737458

ITT: people generalizing anorexics based on a thread specifically about attention-seeking instagram bitches

No. 1737476

I never post but personally me having anorexia standing by healthy people makes me feel guilty because I don't want them to ever feel like they have to compare to me

No. 1737485

Trust me, they don't

No. 1737486

Fuck me I forgot to sage again I'm so sorry jannies please don't ban me, I tried to delete but it won't let me I'm sorry

No. 1737490

pffffff i take it back anachans are fucking annoying

No. 1737514

shut up no one cares anachan

No. 1737590

how tf both a wet cough and a dry cough symptoms of the same thing?

No. 1737597

Tag the posts, don't be shy

No. 1737605

God, I wonder how this one will end…

No. 1737610

you still have time, mind deleting and spoilering the image? morbid to have in the open

No. 1737612

File: 1672898657892.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.59 KB, 394x400, rupture.jpg)

No. 1737615

File: 1672898723767.jpeg (Spoiler Image,936.79 KB, 1170x1609, C43AD297-5D43-41D0-8786-382150…)

My apologies nonnie! Thanks for catching it so quick I appreciate it actually

Here’s the original caption but spoilered pic: Yeah Nikol’s body obviously isn’t coping well with her current circumstances…

No. 1737621

This is legitimately terrifying and reminds me of Tarrare (if you're not familiar, Google him, the story is wild). Is she just obsessively eating everything in sight because her body went into starvation mode and slammed her with cravings that won't stop?

No. 1737658

How did she not get refeeding syndrome… that's what I want to know. Like.. she pretty much went 0-100. This has all happened since the start of November.

No. 1737670

She's probably not gained as much as she says. Her weight would also include all the water retention and the weight of the food. She's probably like 10 pounds less without the stomach.

No. 1737698

bump don't scroll

No. 1737718

Nobody wants to compare themselves to you, you look 20 years older than you are and most of you can’t even stand up straight. You look like knock kneed old women. Unbelievable how you fuckers have to insert your personal lives into this thread as much as possible. You guys don’t have a high enough mortality rate, honestly.
Actually I’m naturally thin and athletic. Something you barrel waisted cunts will never be.

No. 1737722

If I didn't know better I'd say she actually does look pregnant

No. 1737723

Yeah but she still gained a lot. She's definitely around BMI 17-18 even without the stomach and don't forget she used to be around 10

No. 1737724

"barrel wasted cunts" lol, tell me you're insecure and bitter without telling me

No. 1737725

(sorry about the typo but it's even funnier now)

No. 1737742

Tell me you’re a butthurt anachan without telling me

No. 1737755

No. 1737761

Don’t feel guilty. Anas always have this delusion other people are jealous of them, but they look at you with pity & horror. If they’re comparing themselves to you at all, it’s feeling grateful they aren’t prematurely balding decrepit skellies.

No. 1737765

Nta, I know an anachan like this. Thinks other women are jealous of her and look at her with envy (at work, at the grocery store etc.) but she is very insecure and jealous of other people's (including myself) skills/qualities/achievements

No. 1737777

It’s just part of their delusion that they’re sooper special victims of the universe. No one envies someone who gets osteoporosis and infertility by age 25 and spends every waking moment obsessing over food. Anachan’s brains are so consumed with mental illness that they assume everyone else’s thoughts are as sick and warped as theirs. Nope, most of us have lives & hobbies and if we think about you at all, it’s just “ew, get help” in passing - the same way you’d look at a morbidly obese person with mild pity/concern before going back to whatever you were doing.

No. 1737792

I don’t think this is necessarily a self post, a lot of people on tiktok seem to have an issue with her being a “recovery” account but staying looking like the scream painting and “challenging” herself with protein bars

No. 1737796

Haha, what is that eyeshadow? How ~sickly~

No. 1737803

Ok calm down sporty spice no one gives a shit…this infighting and selfpoasting is getting way out of hand and is just fucking embarrassing. Shut this shit up.

No. 1737805

That’s exactly what makes this looks like a self poast, actually. Because none of that is cow behavior, just anachan behavior kek. Goodness…

No. 1737831

I feel very sorry for Nikol, she must be in so much pain. I would listen to her mother (for once). She should go to the doctor asap.

No. 1737850

I'm definitely not an anachan, I just think I have much more valuable qualities than my naturally slim body (see, you're not the only one, shocker)

No. 1737851

A lot of anachans are like that - those are the genuinely nice (and insecure) people who happen to have an ed

No. 1737852

You'd be surprised by how many "ordinary" people have no clue that eating disorders ruin your body to such a dangerous extent. They mostly think that as long as you're not at BMI 10 you're fine. Remember the 90s and the whole heroin chic thing? It was horrible

No. 1737869

I don't know about 'normal' weight but I've seen that stomach thing happen at BMI 18. Unsustainable, chaotic restriction can cause it. Assuming it's a combination of IBS/difficulty digesting and water retention. Whatever weight you are, if you starve for long enough, you blow up like a balloon and all your fluids shift when you start eating again. I feel horrible for her. It's grueling and painful.

No. 1737885

Gurl needs to be hospitalized before she has a stomach rupture and dies. That's sadly a more likely fate for her rather than cancer. Also fuck her for wishing she has cancer.

No. 1737894

can we stop posting this sad and terryfiying photo every couple of threats. We can bully alive ana queens but posting a dead girl over and over doesnt sit ok.
If you are new here, check previous threats

No. 1737903

I don’t have screenshots for proof but she came up on my fyp in early 2022 or late 2021 (she was still very skelly) talking about binging and saying how she never restricted. So she’s been crazy for a long time but she’s actually been binging in some capacity for much longer than she’s been a cow here

No. 1737909

It’s funny and milky when some cows do the same thing, but not others. I don’t get how people on here distinguish between who to make fun of for having “anachan” traits and who to deem “self posting”

No. 1737999

Either you're the same anon or two of you still don't know how to spell "post." I lolled at the sporty spice comment tho

No. 1738004

Omg and you're the anon who still doesn't know these are called threads not threats, have you not learned this in the past like 10 "threats" you've been lurking lol

And who keeps NOT tagging the post they're replying too? I know I know, fuck me for minimodding but how come some of you still haven't gotten the hang of posting here?

No. 1738014

File: 1672949643858.png (Spoiler Image,582.85 KB, 750x1334, B1BE3B44-8091-44E6-9736-54AC0D…)

Anyone familiar with this bitch on Twitter and Tik Tok? Used to run a “fatphobic” edtwt account, now claims to be in recovery while posting bodychecks every day to prove how ~sooper sick~ she is and interacting with edtwt regularly.

No. 1738032

A normal healthy skinny woman might be envied but nobody outside other people with EDs envy anorexics lmao they need to wake up. Most people want to be slim but not super thin.

No. 1738038

can you delete this shit what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 1738045

She's skim milk to me. It's amusing to see her whining breakdowns about how she needs her mummy&see her type like "I is so sad" and other baby talk, but she lacks a certain level of crazy and bodychecking for me

No. 1738046

File: 1672952004529.jpg (188.11 KB, 1200x1124, FhHCTUwXoAAfr4G[1].jpg)

Looks so uncomfortable, I feel sorry for her, I went through the same when I was 14 even our stats are similar, so risky to keep this going…

No. 1738054

no1curr about your stats anachan go gloat somewhere else

No. 1738056

>even our stats are similar

No. 1738059

no1curr, little sNoWfLaKe wArRiOr
get your bloated belly and fuck off

No. 1738065

wtf is wrong with you

No. 1738083

File: 1672954367886.jpeg (895.96 KB, 1125x1182, 95DD9856-FBE0-4248-B281-A9A7B6…)

Potential new cow? This woman with AN always posting bodychecks, sharing explicit medical info about herself (bmi ranges, complications, calories etc), showing off that she’s going on long walks despite being on bed rest… she seems to be a good friend of the twins

No. 1738089

This post was a whole year ago, she's done IP and is out now, she's not that milky tbh. Just her brain is frazzeled despite being a Dr herself

No. 1738150

I was saying I had similar stats when I was 14 almost 11 years ago so I know what shes going through and I'm worried about it because it looks severe. Fucking retard >>1738059

No. 1738155

Please learn2spoiler current pictures of Nikol. Also nobody cares if you’re an anachan

No. 1738160

no1curr. Stop blogposting lol

No. 1738167

I know how to spell post I just usually see other nonnies spell it as “self poasting” sometimes so I thought it was just slang kek. Sorry if I’ve just been sounding retarded this whole time

>It’s funny and milky when some cows do the same thing
I’m not trying to insult you but this kind of outed you as a newfag. Putting another anachan in the thread simply because she is anorexic and on the internet isn’t nearly as interesting or “milky” as when multiple different topics on this site repeat similar behavior that’s actually interesting and noteworthy, which being anorexic and having eye bags is not.

Also, the overuse of milky and cow repetitively…we can tell that it’s you. Depressing how starved for attention anorexic teenage girls are.

No. 1738187

File: 1672961309793.jpeg (1021.34 KB, 1170x1763, 22545742-1546-4221-90EF-4C103B…)

jas …. looks good?!! like actually has made actual real progress? i am shocked

No. 1738199


She really suits it. She looks so so much better (and happier - she looks like she now has a life).

No. 1738206

Although the pic is from a year ago, she still continues to overshare, and she only just got discharged from the sedu in December

No. 1738213

threat threat threat threat
tell me how you NEVER misspelled a word before esp if its not your first (or second as a matter if fact) language.
It wasnt me but you should shut the fuck up and reply on what the person actually posted instead of stupid mistakes

No. 1738222

I think you're too delicate to post here

No. 1738223

File: 1672965022339.png (1.11 MB, 948x1648, Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 7.25…)

Has anyone else come across this person before? She claims to be going into hospice for anorexia and posts shit like this where the claims she's making seem really extreme for someone who looks like they've always been at a healthy weight

No. 1738229

File: 1672965575655.png (7.28 MB, 1170x2532, BDACFF1A-6C69-4B73-AED9-5A158A…)

Caroline isn’t talked about enough. She was a super skelly that got a little better, some mysterious treatment- she didn’t share a lot. She’d just share random videos about almost dying. Now she makes constant awful singing videos and is going downhill again. She never really got better. She’s obviously grown and living at home but acts like a child and shows no responsibility for her ED.

No. 1738236

kek been posting for way too long, i dont think so move on

No. 1738238

File: 1672966098267.png (9.7 MB, 1170x2532, 9C74B144-D6A8-4371-860B-F6F31C…)

“The things that don’t invalidate my ED” then “oh wait. I’m the freaking stereotype.” That is so extremely obnoxious. She’s been living at home making weird singing videos and Mean Girls impersonations, and clearly not in recovery at all for YEARS.

No. 1738239

Wasn’t she the one claiming to be dying of Mast Cell Activation syndrome or something? Like that other ana chan who was studying to be a doctor but claiming she was allergic to everything and couldn’t eat at all. Real MCAS (as I recall from the munchie threads ages ago) wouldn’t cause that for anyone and definitely not to the degree Caroline claimed. She and the other chick are that sub category of ana chan-munchie crossovers that use fake physical illnesses to stay sick, avoid eating, and get asspats.

No. 1738240

Private account with slightly over 100 followers? Calling self post here, in addition to BPD drama queen/habitual liar (tho can’t see any of her other posts since she’s private).

No. 1738242

Zara is one too, she has a million mysterious illnesses that just happen to cause all the symptoms of anorexia, but it's definitely not anorexia because she's "recovered."

No. 1738243

File: 1672966519123.png (7.12 MB, 1170x2532, 3016BD47-7014-4550-AC0B-65721D…)

She shared that she was basically full sedated for 1 month of forced recovery at one point. She also says no she’s recovered. Yea okay lol

No. 1738244

File: 1672966716187.png (5.34 MB, 1170x2532, 6688C2DF-DB19-4ED2-9EE1-638DDA…)

When she was claiming chronic illness instead of admitting her ED killing her. She claimed was allergic to everything & none of this was her fault. She needs a reality check & to stop acting 14 with these terrible videos.

No. 1738248

Anachans are always aware when they try to make physical excuses, they're in denial but not to themselves.

No. 1738254

File: 1672967197282.png (9.71 MB, 1170x2532, D1764CAB-153D-433E-95C7-529EB7…)

Last one but she’s literally singing “I’m in love with my body” as she can barely breathe or speak. And the crown is killing me. She really wore that at the hospital.

No. 1738265

i hate this girl it’s so annoying like she knows what she’s doing n it’s harming so many people

No. 1738272

definitely not a self post, I just forgot to check if she was private / her follower number before posting her. I follow a bunch of munchies and ana chans / ana larpers to see if they'll turn out to be milky.

No. 1738278

And this is the best you could find?

No. 1738288

No you are a thoughtful, willing-to-integrate person in a sea of retards

No. 1738292

she’s not too milky. but doesn’t seem like she genuinely wants to recover. as much as i hope she is successful, i predict she’ll be fully relapsing in a month or so.
cannot stand the baby talk

No. 1738308

These are all super old posts… Don’t get me wrong I find her bizarrely fascinating. She is obviously really rich but is always half dressed in a huge sweatshirt and tights, has greasy unwashed hair, and appears to live in an empty mansion. Also she sings like absolute garbage but her tracks are so heavily remastered that they actually sound decent. Oh not to mention that it seems likely her mother is filming all of her content and paying for her followers and to produce her music… it’s all bizarrely fascinating. Also hate to admit but her song Have my cake and eat it too actually isn’t even half bad.

No. 1738314

"when I wuz 14 and muh anurrexiuh"

fuck off and take your pesky blogposting and bellypix with you

No. 1738323

Not milky or a cow. She had a liver transplant (over a decade ago), before her ED began. She’s tried pretty much every treatment center in the US, and struggles with serious complications due to the transplant which have hindered a lot of her progress and cause many places to deny her admission. She keeps to herself, and she’s in a bad place. She is entering palliative/hospice. Leave her alone.

No. 1738405

You could of simply said "I am not the anon who posts "threat" instead of "thread" about 10 times per thread." But I agree with the other anon, you're too delicate to post here, and too spergy.

No. 1738485

Not a new cow eb has been in hospital for years she is trying to get better

No. 1738486

What the hell this is jas? I don’t believe it she looks like a different person completely good for her!

No. 1738518

calm down, not everyone here is a native english speaker

No. 1738521

Oh hey, a genuine smile!

No. 1738535

Is there any other thread with so many selfposts or is this a trait specific to anachans?

No. 1738555

How was that an uncalm post?

No. 1738557

File: 1672998706808.jpg (746.4 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20230106-023622_Twi…)

Was checking on Nikol and saw her reply to this kid who claims her bmi is 14. But if you look at the picture, she's angling her hips and likely on tiptoes to exaggerate a thigh gap. Not to mention how her arms look completely normal and healthy, and in other pics it's obvious she's not dangerously underweight, just "teenager with fast metabolism" thin

No. 1738558

File: 1672998760401.jpg (288.52 KB, 840x2048, 20230106_023647.jpg)

Uncropped image.

No. 1738560

No posting kids

No. 1738563

This is really weird to post anon. They're 14, and every anachan/wannarexic does this to appear skinnier. Not milky.

No. 1738565

Oops, poor word choice on my part; she's not actually a child. She seems to be at least 16 or 17, but I will check if she mentioned her age anywhere.
Wasn't aware. I don't have an ed and I'm not a regular in this thread, but noted for the future. However, the 14 in her bio is her supposed bmi, not her age.

No. 1738568

Oh, you're right, anon. Found a tweet where she confirmed her age is 14. My bad.

No. 1738586

All she posts is drafts. You can tell she recorded like 10 videos in a single outfit and just randomly posts them? Something is way off about her/whoever records her in that empty house

No. 1738590

File: 1673009005875.jpg (442.25 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20230106_124237.jpg)

Hxn taking tanning inspiration from n2f!

No. 1738633

has ham ever mentioned being professionally diagnosed or did she just come up with the idea that she had anorexia

No. 1738645

The hospital had a bed with her name on it, if you wanna take Ham's word for it.

No. 1738647

File: 1673016388926.gif (1.08 MB, 478x1037, ezgif-1-7b552bf468.gif)

Do the Ganer (again)!
a.k.a. Rockin' the bedroom.

No. 1738651

Serious question for the skellies lurking, is there something about ana brainrot that makes one unable to apply self tanner properly? Because a lot of these anachans look ridiculously streaky and orange, and it has to be visible to them since they take bodycheck selfies constantly. What's the deal?

No. 1738680

File: 1673019709544.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.49 KB, 467x778, maamyourbonesareshowing.jpg)

This Just Dance era is absolutely frightening. (1/3)

No. 1738683

File: 1673019811539.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.47 KB, 473x720, ECnightmarefuel.jpg)

That boot is going to fly off her boney foot if she's not careful. (2/3)

No. 1738685

She must hate how big her thighs look in this. Those boots are ugly as sin too.
You can see her buttbone all red from sitting all day.

No. 1738686

File: 1673019953499.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.42 KB, 461x740, youvedisturbedthewitch.jpg)

Just so everyone knows these are pajama rompers with an ass flap. Only EC can make normal poses look like an eldritch horror. (3/3)

No. 1738689

ayrt uh oh thighs are too big, time to restrict. All of her dolls dollskill tripe is pure garbage kek.

No. 1738695

I literally said ew out loud at this. She looks like a more retarded skelly Caroline Ellison

No. 1738696

Probably self diagnosed because let’s be real, which part of the criteria did she ever meet?

No. 1738710

bet they are children size

No. 1738712

If dollskill sells clothes for children I'm worried

No. 1738720

Probably due to not wanting to be naked for too long. Or by just simply being British.

No. 1738757

>>Or by just simply being British.
That is 100% the cause.

No. 1738768

it's absolutely horrifying. I can only conclude that some skelly fetishist is paying her insane amounts to do this content. She is so bad and it looks so disturbing/strenuous for her that I know she didn't think of this herself. She's never been into exercising to lose weight. I wonder if one of her fetish perverts wants to see her have a heart attack on camera. Like, literally wants that to happen.

No. 1738782

File: 1673032182429.jpeg (180.99 KB, 1170x636, C05B3262-39A4-45D0-89A2-AFBD82…)

wonder how come she left nhs

No. 1738790

It will be on a day like that when her meager heart finally gives in.

No. 1738797

File: 1673033107537.jpeg (53.2 KB, 479x681, EZu8SYjWAAEHSZ4.jpeg)


No. 1738805

Tbf I don’t think it has anything to do with her Ed. I have friends and family members working both in nhs and private and because the nhs is neglected by the govt it is crumbling and underfunded. work is busy, overcrowded, working conditions are poorly maintained, patients and even fellow staff can be rude and clique-y, and the overall pay is just not worth it compared to the private sector

No. 1738818


She had a job working in the same GP practice as her mum. It’s an NHS practice. Don’t know about now.

No. 1738838


whats her actual height? is she still claiming 5'5?

No. 1738867

With or without those silly platform shoes..?

No. 1738881

This or she's so fucked mentally that she wants to go out this way. Like Black Mirror level of attention seeking.
She is 5'7" according to Google.

No. 1738918

>which part of the criteria did she ever meet?
Not to wk but she's clearly underweight, and was even spoopier before. Is this thread full of anachans or something? Or are you that coloursofthedark stalker?

No. 1738921


Ham not Han. Read it again.

No. 1738923

Oh shit my bad, it was right under the photo of Han so my brain just read it as "Han" lol

No. 1739026

I understand the mistake nonnie but I lol’d at ham being clearly underweight hahaha she wishes. Bloating out of all sizes of pants is normal!!! It’s not bloat you’re a boat bro

No. 1739093

Totally irrelevant but wtf is with the new site address..?? why is it now farmcow.lol not lolcow.farm?

I've been thinking the site has just been down. Missed you lot.

No. 1739140

It’s both, the lolcow domain is duplicated as farmcow because some people are having trouble accessing it or something like that but they’re the same thing

No. 1739199

Never thought I’d say this but her legs look fuller. So gainz??? The extra rice cake and the cheeseless pizza every 3 weeks has shown results.

No. 1739201

I get her videos recommended to me on youtube, in the thumbnails she looks the same as she does now. I always think she has started posting videos again but no, they're from 2 years ago. Such progress.

No. 1739249

File: 1673110003324.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1111x1731, D996359A-F994-443C-9B74-B07048…)

There’s something kinda sad about n2f sometimes. Like I’m probably being soft (and reading way too much into a sentence) but the caption feels less like she’s trying to be accountable for her actions and more like she’s flat out blaming herself when it’s not like she developed an Ed for funsies. Like she’s done amazing on her own but she really needs to talk to a professional. Eating doesn’t fix whatever was hurting inside to begin with.

No. 1739269

File: 1673112409118.jpeg (527.23 KB, 1170x1871, A83C5A4F-5797-4639-817F-173E70…)

Nikols new bf? I’m not sure why i thought she was a lesbian

No. 1739281

if this is the same guy she met when she was on vacation then i think she said is gay lol

No. 1739323

It isn't a mystery. Those girls starve to feel in control of themselves in a misogynistic society. First rule of misogyny, women are responsible for what men do.

No. 1739347

File: 1673122198925.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20230107_200623.jpg)

Just a casual photo, definitely not a body check…

No. 1739356

File: 1673123587804.jpeg (825.76 KB, 934x1337, 0378CD2F-E782-41CA-A153-253C6F…)

New ganer in the making

No. 1739373

FR. Anyone with an eating disorder, physically recovered or not, should seek professional help.
The problem is when these people have NPD, and they don't want to be treated. Not saying n2f is like that, but some of the anchans of this thread are.

No. 1739377

Most anorexics don’t want help… it doesn’t mean they’re narcissists kek

No. 1739390

Her hair is strangely looking so much better than it was when she was in hospital despite the fact that she is still a spoop (way less now but still)

No. 1739391

Nf2 actually strikes me as the kind of person who truly wants help but her life is such a mess that there’s no place for a professional there. I honestly feel bad for her because you can tell she’s still struggling albeit in a healthier body

No. 1739392

"from teenager to trailer slut"

No. 1739393

It’s sad because the idea is great but she’s 100% going into it with a disordered mindset even if she’s convinced herself otherwise

No. 1739394

Count ribs.

No. 1739402

She's off her face. Actually IN a toilet cubicle at a rave doing checks kek. I'm surprised it's only her ribs we can see. How long before the cops pick her up again?…….Or maybe they already did; they're her usual taxi home.

No. 1739403

She used her mother's new shampoo or conditioner or something. She rambled about it before going out and how it makes her hair look not greasy for once.

No. 1739405

Glad she's doing better but wish she'd go back to brunette!

No. 1739408

File: 1673132719413.jpeg (539.26 KB, 1026x1231, F62E20EA-9BCF-4948-A205-B2EF4C…)

What is this scabby welt on Han’s arm? It looks like an IV drug user’s sore. Not my guess in her case but either way it looks infected, damn.

No. 1739409

That was the arm with the bandage she was keeping not so subtley just out of view and giving a quick wave around with for the hospital bracelet on Christmas or NYE or whenever. Thought it was sh but I guess an IV.

No. 1739425

File: 1673135246127.jpeg (257.55 KB, 750x1207, BA27A220-E3B4-4765-A1F8-E6ECC8…)

Laura is out and about with a new haircut and a full body picture that actually isn't 4 years old and airing out her vagina. But no comments on her huge weight gain please. She says she plans to lose weight with professional help for 'personal reasons' and don't worry, she won't take it too far.

No. 1739433

File: 1673135597694.png (1013.38 KB, 1170x2532, 022BF6D7-4AA0-4F5B-8BD6-567014…)

is she trying to insinuate that she’s weight restored?

No. 1739434

Of course not, but most people with an eating disorder, in time, ask for help because they all are living a nightmare.

What I'm saying is that narcissistic people, anorexics or not, don't seek professional help because either a) the problem is always other people or situations or b) they are faced to their own lies and they cannot stand the reality vs. their fantasies.

That is completely different from being scared of gaining weight and not wanting to be in a hospital, for example.

No. 1739436

Samefag. Exactly my point above, kek.

No. 1739452

No. 1739453

Like, she just posted a picture on her side account of her very much still incredibly underweight. She is THAT delusional.

No. 1739457

>>1739425 pull a muscle reaching for that one? This is not milk.

No. 1739474

Everything she does is milk. Wait for the head banging when she goes back to hospital tomorrow. If she gets that far.

No. 1739481

File: 1673141508656.jpeg (19.37 KB, 223x285, 4A3D3D4F-7E7B-4A97-ACFC-E3803C…)


No. 1739482

File: 1673141589532.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, BCF8D82F-08C0-4D9F-863F-C46A8A…)

Who summoned this?

No. 1739483

File: 1673141688760.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, 068BE914-72BA-4E61-85C9-A65E4F…)

Predictable day after the night before. Couldn't do her live 'watch me eat.

No. 1739485

Definitely not high.

No. 1739512

Niamh makes me sad tbh, she's so young and has so much potential but she's just wasting it for some ana aesthetic or tiktok views or whatever. She really is beautiful but I wish she wouldn't devote so much of her life and personality around that, she's in for a rude awakening in her mid twenties when her followers move onto the next skinny ana kween.

No. 1739542

All this validation seeking ass “watch me eat” shit feels very non anorexic and just starved for the love you’re supposed to get from your parents

No. 1739556

File: 1673149890086.jpeg (941.87 KB, 1125x1291, 6E5282C5-742D-4075-BBE8-EDB33C…)

Sometimes I feel like she lurks. She gave us proof of her gainz the only way she knows how.

No. 1739558

Ganer if you're lurking, get a top piece and eat more meat!

No. 1739643

I reckon she's taken to wearing long boots or knee-high socks to hide that from the knees down her legs are purple.

No. 1739690

God, i want to a-log this bitch so bad, her obsession with posting her spoop pictures is disgusting

No. 1739705

Anorexics have such a genuine fear of gaining weight that they equate help with being made to gain/becoming fat.

No. 1739708

Same. Just waiting for all her bones and joints to give out due to the shit she's put her body through. She won't be so smug then and her downfall will be hilarious.

No. 1739717

Doesn't really make any difference, given that her "watch me eat" lives only ever involve her stirring her food, and looking at it on the spoon - never actually eating it. She hasn't swapped her liquid diet for food - she's simply added alcohol as the main part of her liquid diet.

No. 1739743

who is this?

No. 1739746

Of course she's lurking. It's the eternal greed for validation that makes their clock tick…

No. 1739748

Some gorl who didn't understand the instructions on her sunscreen bottle.

No. 1739826

File: 1673196585528.jpeg (579.55 KB, 1169x1660, 6FAA805E-227B-483C-9E9E-4AFCE5…)

How can she still be diagnosed with anorexia ffs

No. 1739827

Did she say so? If anything she has BED now.

No. 1739833

Not a medfag but probably not from an IV line, there would likely be a lot more bruising from her level of dehydration.

No. 1739841

I’m surprised she was in the first place tbh, I always thought her “ED” was an attention seeking BPD thing. This though? Yikes. I guess that’s what happens when you work your way through every antipsychotic under the sun (although the weight doesn’t come from nowhere, obviously. Her appetite must be monstrous)

No. 1739844

How much do you wanna bet that she's purposefully posting pictures of herself now to get critique so she can act out again and lose her recently gained privileges?

No. 1739846

She looks cute in these new pictures. antipsychotic weight gain is definitely better than whatever fuckery had her banging her head on walls.

No. 1739848

How did the mental health “professionals” let her reach this state? What the actual fuck. They have a zero tolerance policy for being uw but allow this?? Evil. Pure evil.

No. 1739856

File: 1673200206941.png (7.1 MB, 1125x2436, 110C47E2-4E8B-486B-A140-B12DCB…)

New cow? Bodychecks all the time in shorts despite it being winter, and reeks of needing self validation

No. 1739859

I see what you mean but it’s not exactly like they can stop her eating

No. 1739862

We all know she’s a lurker so just wait until she’s back with the tube to show us how sick she is

No. 1739867

Clearly pushing those hips back to get that thigh gap lol

No. 1739893

kek it's like she's trying her hardest to look like the gnome decorations next to her

No. 1739895

File: 1673205085405.png (2.16 MB, 1170x2532, 5795DD9B-9228-4B84-8813-4E4A51…)

We see you Laura

No. 1739896

File: 1673205153944.png (1.89 MB, 1170x2532, 613A081F-12E4-418C-A366-77A036…)

Honestly the biggest cow

No. 1739903

I told you, now she has a reason to act out again. She didn't have to come here but of course she did after posting selfies.

No. 1739904

I'm convinced every time she's posted, it's a self post. What a waste of breath her existence is.

No. 1739905

She wants motivation for weight loss

No. 1739912

>posts landwhale pics
>immediately runs to lolcow for ‘meanspo’

Never change, Laura

No. 1739932

Calm down, she's not a landwhale.

No. 1739949

She's so un self-aware, how does she go through life like this?

No. 1739954

File: 1673211856761.jpg (79.4 KB, 482x814, o really.jpg)

Ganer says her hormones are healthy/in check in one breath then posts this in another. She's so fucked.

No. 1739955

File: 1673211924967.jpg (75.86 KB, 481x800, answer.jpg)

And she's not with her bro coach any more. Back with the irresponsible, stupid cunt who took her on in the first place and had her in the gym with a BMI of about 9 and two breaths away from a heart attack. Wonder what happened there.

No. 1739997

Well done! She's posted a tube vid story. I couldn't be bothered to watch it kek.

No. 1739998

Hhahahahaha omg

No. 1740014

Nah she deserves it for faking her way into all that care in the first place. Bit of karma for you there, Laura; bet you didn't expect this did you! I hope they kick her out on her ass and see her for what she is and never take her back in again. She was never seriously underweight anyway.

No. 1740017

File: 1673221443433.jpeg (213.2 KB, 750x926, 47A17C5D-7D57-4CE9-BE6C-AED4DE…)

Anyone seen this one?! 'ginas.fairytale' 'From wheelchair to wheel pose?! Really odd account. Looks like a kid with all this fairytale crap but says she's 27! I'm going to post a couple of pics.

No. 1740020

File: 1673221498544.jpeg (323.94 KB, 750x1093, 07EDBECA-44E5-46A0-A5DD-7185CF…)

No. 1740021

File: 1673221644618.jpeg (350.53 KB, 750x1225, 0578DE99-6929-4A49-AA48-F64272…)

Don't get mad, I'm only posting a couple! I just think this account is really odd and never seen it before.

No. 1740033

Yeah she’s been posted before. She’s obviously pro ana but also boring so she hasn’t been posted recently. Her socials are all body checks but that’s about it.

No. 1740035

Ah. Weird life she seems to live.

No. 1740048

Third fucking cow I've seen with this dress. Time to toss.

No. 1740050

File: 1673227490764.jpeg (176.13 KB, 750x1252, F9628E73-C518-43FC-BF42-CE40F2…)

Sage because it's nothing new but Han complains about just mentioning how she feels and they put her into IP?! Why does the whole of the nhs, not to mention all the other services, jump and scramble to give her all this attention all the time when others get nothing no matter how hard they try to access help?!

No. 1740052

Barely a dress. Good for showing of ribcages I guess.

No. 1740056

File: 1673227868188.jpeg (182.97 KB, 746x1119, 4C261E6A-411D-43E1-9A18-B96D36…)

Poor her; frightened to get help others are begging for for years. She says the word and gets all the help every time. Such a huge drain. Unbelieveable.

No. 1740069


Hahahahahahaha she did post her tube.
Well to be fair she did say it is atypical anorexia - meaning she met all the requirements of AN except weight.

No. 1740070


hi laura, you should be focusing on recovery rather than trying to fish for attention to feed into your eupd. those shoutout for shoutout…. really?

No. 1740112

Nah, I reckon it’s that colours again, she is pretty good at getting around bans and posts the same with just slightly different writing style now but still so similar. Bitter old bag.

No. 1740126

At least she looks better now rather than a skelly. Better to be this than sickly. It's probably overshoot as most anorexics do during weight restoration, especially on antipsychotics. At least she doesn't say she's doing great at recovery when they are still underweight af, like rich han

No. 1740149

go away, colours

No. 1740159

They’re the ones giving her antipsychotics that turn her into a zombie.

No. 1740170

File: 1673248673168.png (7.05 MB, 1170x2532, F370E0B2-5D76-4AE0-B98A-F8782A…)

Niamh’s Pinterest boards are literally just thinspo. The boards called ‘getting my life together’ but it should be called ‘romanticising my eating disorder in a socially acceptable way’

No. 1740171

File: 1673248875496.png (8.73 MB, 1170x2532, C2DD0A64-4A8B-4A47-8C88-BBF4DD…)

Sorry for the spam but not to mention Niamh’s Pinterest board dedicated to weird pictures of herself in bizarre poses…

No. 1740176

If she actually wants to recover she has to get off social media for a bit. The fact that she lurks here is telling that her hearts not in it, despite what she's saying on her ig posts.

No. 1740192

hold on, how old is she?

No. 1740193

back to the wheelchair now

No. 1740201

Every other pinterest-obsessed girl has probably saved a bunch of photos like these but it strikes me as interesting that Niamh doesn't comprehend that it's particularly harmful for her given her history. I don't 100% agree with the recovery accounts that choose to completely ignore their weight gain in an effort to recover but Niamh is holding onto her body image like no other while still claiming to be doing well in recovery

No. 1740207

did anyone watch the ‘documentary’ where she said she didn’t eat for 2+ weeks? What a lie kek

No. 1740210

In all fairness that may have been true…at the time. That documentary was filmed in 2019 I believe.

No. 1740230

seems she graduated from uni in 2018 so around mid twenties I'm guessing.
she's just been malnourished since before puberty

No. 1740242

kek Laura was never skelly

No. 1740256

Lol I was just thinking it would be a really cute dress if it wasn't being worn by a spoop, keep it nona I'm sure it looks great on a non ana chan

No. 1740260

You're obviously the stalker and I'm hesitant to give you any engagement, but I wanna answer this. It's because Han has a history of being dangerously underweight, previous impulsive life threatening stunts, possible substance abuse, and prior attempts to end her own life. She's already in their system, probably as a moderate to high risk bpd case. They know she's tried to kill herself before, so obviously when she tells them she's feeling suicidal they're going to be weary of letting her go without IP because if she does commit suicide the hospital gets hit with a lawsuit. And don't take this as advice to amp up your shenanigans, I was so fucking embarrassed for you when you said you were "flattered" by me calling you a milky cow. And I was wrong btw, you're much too boring to be anywhere near cow status. (And that's a good thing weirdo)

No. 1740262

Samefag as the comment above but you'd have to be completely retarded to not understand she wanted outpatient therapy for her suicidal feelings not inpatient care. Most people (aside from a few IP fags) don't want to be inpatient because it's horrible, she obviously just wanted to be able to talk openly without fear of being committed, like she explained in the caption. Now stop being a jealous wanna-cow and making dumbass statements that make the actual cows look good. Your posts stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1740277

Colours is Laura multiple accounts

No. 1740286

File: 1673271599047.jpg (90.93 KB, 640x1136, 324551945_224492343380353_2733…)

Well then someone should inform the 40 year old attention seeking ex runner that her photos are being used for catfishing on some psychos vendetta account. Look at the shit she posts, Han making bread is apparently "vile" lol, how dare Han feel entitled to make bread lol

No. 1740291

I think she’s 25/26

No. 1740292

Same person behind both accounts… shes been told, never listens.

No. 1740296

She's aged like20years? Most people look younger with a lil extra but damn those psych meds must be worse than crack.

No. 1740297

Wow that is sad, with the weight lifting too, she's in for a rough ride once she hits 40.

No. 1740304

Sage. Also huh? Same person behind what accounts? Laura is quite obviously not coloursofthedark, and coloursofthedark is obviously not a fake account.

No. 1740308

File: 1673275270651.jpg (337.11 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20230109_143314_com…)

Wild how Ganer hasn't ever had a period when this bowl of slop is an example of her "hitting her macros! kek. she's claiming she is healthy and eating sufficiently, while simultaneously listing the causes of amenorrhea as not eating enough, not being at a healthy weight etc - come on Ganer, join the dots! if her macros are reviewed every week, it just shows her coach's incompetence if she is telling Ganer what to eat, and perceives her diet as adequate in fats/protein/carbs yet she is still in such a poor state of health she has never had a period. the peak of physical fitness!

No. 1740309

Coloursofthedark & abandonedborderlineaspdnarc same person behind accounts. Never said fake account

No. 1740311

Well, I guess he's had it after her cOmPeTiShUn sHoWs. But he raked in some idiot anas' money for three years.

No. 1740312

Says 'weight gain' and 'healthy hormone function' in one breath.
Then doesn't gain weight by overexercising and bland slop.

No. 1740313

There are two different Laura's - which is why people are getting confused. Laura behind the colors/abandonedborderline accounts aren't the same Laura as flourishingfxiry

No. 1740314

Oh my bad, I can't even find where abandonedborderlineaspdnarc was mentioned in this thread though..

No. 1740315

Samefag forget my first comment I get it now lol, they're both named Laura

No. 1740324

Is that just a bowl of milk and mayonnaise with raspberries? That’s how it looks

No. 1740325

File: 1673277871314.jpeg (112.35 KB, 1170x671, 5124A335-74D6-4DDD-B3C1-9EEE4B…)

>I was eating 1200-1800 cals a day! I was getting a normal intake!
Also Nikol:

No. 1740326

File: 1673278094617.jpeg (767.51 KB, 1170x1234, FCB6EF63-FEA7-4DAF-A9FC-845EBC…)

Ok, looks a lot more like Nikol was actually groomed into developing anorexia/thinking she needs to change her body. Does anyone else remember when she posted those photos of her from when she was with her gf and she looked normal and healthy? Apparently this was a while after

No. 1740327

File: 1673278269342.png (964.49 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20230109-152913.png)

she says that she eats chicken yet never posts pictures of it kek. she normally posts the slop and spinach+potatoes everyday. I call bs on her eating meat

No. 1740333

LOL it really does, i think it's actually a mix of yogurt, protein powder and cream of rice

No. 1740360

Yea I'm boring to you and that's fine and good. But I am as 'high risk' as Han, if not more. It's in my notes even from this BS country but they literally don't care if I live or not. But they care extremely about her for some reason. I get nothing for my failed attempts and nobody notices me do things as I live in the middle of nowhere now. Rant, rant, blog, whatever.

No. 1740361

Some people want OP but some people want IP. Different things help different people. Her 'fear of being committed' just shows how entitled she is to reject and make a joke of care that other people desperately need and can't get because of drains like her.

No. 1740363

Colours and Fxiry the same?! kek

No. 1740366

You’re acting just as entitled. You are not a nice person, you aren’t kind, part of why no one wants to help you. They don’t want you ruining other peoples recovery. They see your attention seeking for what it is. God you’re pathetic.

No. 1740375

Still alive, no hospitalisations after 18 months, not really "high risk". Why do you want IP so much, its not a badge of honour. Maybe you aren't a good candidate for IP cus of your attitude which would damage patients and staff

No. 1740376

Bump 4 porn

No. 1740387

I'll probably get banned again for defending myself but idk how I'm alive. I suck at dying? No hospitalisations because as I said; middle of fucking nowhere. Get taken to hospital, only ONE allowed in my 'area.' They say they have no psych so don't know what to do so kick me out. If I go to another hospital it's 'outside area' and they kick me out. Literally live where nobody gives a fuck.

No. 1740391

So you are Colours. You have internet connectivity hardly out in the sticks. That in UK cus that ain't the rules in UK.

No. 1740392

I literally don't know what you're saying. But yes that is what happens with hospitals. Only allowed in my 'area.' Those are apparently the rules. Go ask the hospitals. I've fought with them enough times.

No. 1740394

Stop talking shit its not in the UK and you are Colours

No. 1740395

It is unfortunately in the UK. This is what happens every damn time. In the UK.

No. 1740397

nayrt but stop fishing for attention online and move on with your life or an hero. 'waah waah my life sucks' so fucking do something about it.

No. 1740401

Stop lying Colours just cus u aren't getting what u want

No. 1740404

If that bad why you still able to run?

No. 1740405

Not lying. That's what happens here. UK is shit.

No. 1740406

You are lying Colours even if from another country they get treatment in UK

No. 1740407

Also failed to mention how excessive exercise can cause amenorrea….

No. 1740408

Not here apparently. Why do you think I'm so angry and desperate?! Because I get NOTHING and others get it all and it makes no sense.

No. 1740409

Ur not wanted Colours, go work on urself instead of wasting time on here. U don't get anything cus u don't need it, time wasting NHS and they can c through u

No. 1740411

So you think that the logical response to that is to create hate accounts and stalk these people every fucking move they make? Get off your ass you slob, do something about it other than blame everyone else. You are a top tier retard.

No. 1740413

You just can't believe your precious nhs is this evil. And I'm telling you it is. It is absolutely criminally negligent. Also I hardly think any of you are in a position to be so holier than thou with me when you're also posting on a hate site and 'following every move these people make.' What's the difference between me doing it and you doing it?

No. 1740415

Theres a difference between hate & bullying vs the truth you do the first I do the latter something which you can't handle.

No. 1740417

>>1740415 I can't handle having no help when others get it all for years, no. And if I'm not sick then why did I get so much IP in Canada? I'm just asking for the help I deserve. But anyway I'm boring so go talk about someone else.

No. 1740418

you honestly think NHS will let you IP or even OP when you behave like you do?!

No. 1740419

They're not the same, it's just they both have the same name. But they're both insufferable, i wish they'd both stop bloody self-inserting themselves into the thread, EUPDfags lap this up.

>>1740387 Does it hurt to be both a raging narc and EUPDer and no one literally gives a shit? no wonder you lash out at others so obsessively. Kek.

No. 1740424

well it didn't fucking make a difference if u got all that help in Canada and still no better, waste of NHS time, ur perfectly fine without, uv shown it last 18 months. U don't deserve anything. U can't handle the truth, hate it when the emphasis is on u yet u on hate on others.

No. 1740431

Sperg ahead but… You are absolutely deranged. Your complete lack of self awareness is almost astonishing, except I had a gander through your account and I guess it should not be shocking coming from someone so unhinged and laser focused on hating strangers on the internet. The thing you seems to completely miss here is 1) anons do not actively spend their whole days stalking these people and creating hatful content about them; they come here to talk shit and gossip and go on with their day 2) nobody spends all day on lolcow, unlike you. You clearly spend your entire life on the internet looking to take these people down. The audacity that you think you can come here and try to defend yourself or align your disturbing behavior just further proves how demented and irrational you are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that what we do here is good or right but you thinking that your behavior is the same is totally nuts. Also in case it wasn’t clear, you are not welcome here. Nobody cares about your lame sob story and your posts contribute nothing because they are all filtered through your mentally retarded lense of “how entitled” these cows are. Nobody else here cares that much about what treatment someone does or doesn’t get. We’re here for the keks of their cow behavior on the internet.

No. 1740433

you get all the help you need and still wanna blame others, grow up, u come across so self entitled and unhinged. Lol you actually are jealous of ppl that are IP you for real!

No. 1740434

The NHS doesn’t help cows that are just selfish and attention seeking - go private if you’re that desperate kek

No. 1740437

about as high risk as you or I, y u think ur so special? Nothing wrong with you except laziness and cba attitude sponging off ur parents, feel sorry for them the way you treat them

No. 1740438

File: 1673287171069.jpg (688.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230109_123615_Ins…)

No we couldn't have just seen the bag just on its own dear lord

No. 1740443

File: 1673288303336.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 3465x3465, 8DE6E863-9386-4E8D-BA7F-49A2F3…)

She wasn’t groomed into AN. But she did visit an ana fetishist in 2021 (caze_bruin) he is the hands in this waist photo

No. 1740447

Kek that Jenna aka unpetit.flan pure or whatever follows this guy. I am 100% convinced that girl lives off of funding from skinny fetishists. Her content is boring AF but she follows and is followed by A LOT of creeps.

No. 1740453

File: 1673289218005.png (5.5 MB, 1170x2532, 30DA3A43-EE98-471C-B4AB-86049B…)

Probably been mentioned before but this cow drives me mad

No. 1740454

File: 1673289256490.png (3.7 MB, 1170x2532, B6EE5FCF-1856-45CF-A995-4DC937…)

Because you love sharing the rest of ur life with strangers on the internet Zara

No. 1740455

her tiktok is so milky. the awkward dance videos, my God.

No. 1740456

please post some I need a laugh

No. 1740461

>>Colours screenshot posts here ffs shes a joke, no wonder she gets no hope, just acts out for attention clearly

No. 1740468

File: 1673291115598.webm (2.73 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_715298536256925210…)


i don't know how to archive, but here you go , nonnie

No. 1740471

Oh Jesus christ

No. 1740473

File: 1673291511712.webm (Spoiler Image,2.05 MB, 576x1024, Pari_7085016172600528133.webm)

this one is kinda NSFL.

No. 1740474

She and EC need to do a dance off.

No. 1740475

No. 1740485

Oh Paris. She's been around forever. Is this video recent? I don't follow her but if so, believe it or not she actually looks slightly more healthy than usual. Ugh, she's a whole mess. She does little dances when she eats too, ridiculous.

No. 1740489

Now you've said it I really want to see it

No. 1740494

How long before it devolves into a limp-wristed skelly slap fight? Taking bets, nonnas.

No. 1740499

pretty recent, this video was from April 2022

No. 1740500

everyone who lives in the UK knows the NHS is shit and underfunded, but it doesn't change the fact that you are a degenerate loser who does nothing but sit on their fat ass all day and bitch about "mUh CLUsTeR BeEEeeE dISoRdeRZ". of course they're not going to waste their thinly stretched resources on a silly cunt like you who refuses to get a life and get better… duh?

No. 1740506

KEK nonnie you took the words right out of my mouth

No. 1740585

why'd they help someone as fucked in head attacking and stalking ppl like u? Go help urself instead of whining and moaning about nothing. Attention seeking twat

No. 1740594

What are you talking about? I get absolutely zero help. I'm removed from the system. I get NOTHING here.

No. 1740599

Because you don't deserve it

No. 1740608

My ass is clearly not fat. And I'm not refusing to get better. I have zero help or treatment so yea it's not gonna happen on its own. Now go away.

No. 1740609

So I am deranged, fucked in the head, insane……..And also perfectly fine? You gotta choose one.

No. 1740611

This threat is shit.
Stope interacting with the fucked in the head crazy “colors”. You are feeing her attention needs and she is not a proana anyways.

No. 1740614

File: 1673305933381.jpeg (1.13 MB, 882x1591, B6EE2434-15BC-4CD1-B1E9-F5722F…)

Another ‘fitness girlie’ who is undoubtedly killing herself, absolutely delusional
She used to look ok, but now just posts ‘high protein low calorie’ meals and 4:30 am gym routines

No. 1740616

File: 1673306065733.jpeg (419.27 KB, 582x873, DE35DC24-7010-42BD-956A-6DE4EB…)

(Before pics)

No. 1740620

Where are her organs? Spooky

No. 1740647

File: 1673308327163.jpeg (103.6 KB, 640x922, 6A048833-EB5A-445A-89B6-0CB95F…)

Lil photoshoot, big girl

No. 1740648

File: 1673308365008.jpeg (100.88 KB, 631x897, A0EF914E-F344-467A-BF36-83CFAA…)


No. 1740653

File: 1673308841557.jpeg (183.12 KB, 638x911, 23271445-078B-4B1D-9842-C3743E…)

I bet

No. 1740671

>And if I'm not sick then why did I get so much IP in Canada?
Because there's less restrictions to getting put into IP in Canada, they dote on bpd cows here. And you should feel fucking ashamed for forcing your way into IP in Canada during the height of Covid when there was already a limited amount of doctors and nurses, in fucking Vancouver of all places. Every other month someone dies in the ER here because of staffing shortages and they're forced to wait over 12 hours sitting in the waiting room with a potentially life threatening issue. Don't ever come back to Canada looking for IP handouts because you're too lazy to get a job and put your ass in therapy like an adult, THAT is the definition of entitled you retarded cunt. IP isn't something someone gets if they "deserve" it like it's a fucking treat, they get it if they need it and you clearly don't. You talk about your time in there like it was a vacation, even wearing the hospital pajamas like a souvenir. You are the most entitled brat I've ever spoken too, I would think you were a 16 year old spoiled child if you didn't look like a decrepit old troon.

No. 1740672

This is because you don't actually have anything wrong with you except that you have a bottomless need for attention. You just wish you were special (which is fruitless because pretty much everyone has some form of a mental illness or another).

No. 1740697

I did not FORCE my way in. And you clearly know all about my medical files so you would know that. And are going to pay.You have broken the law. Simple as. Don't you know anything about PIPA? You are an idiot as well as a cunt.

No. 1740700

Don't be an idiot. Why would I have diagnoses and extensive medical files if there was nothing wrong with me? Why would I not be able to work when I have worked my entire life up until a couple of years ago? It's not like I want to be in this situation, this place or even this country. This is the last place I want to be.

No. 1740702

Also, not very Canadian of you is it?

No. 1740714

I wouldn’t worry about her coming back here and accessing our health care system. She has no rights to come back on anything but a tourist visa. Can’t use the MSP on that.

No. 1740716

You actually know nothing about my immigration rights and what I do or do not have and what I can or cannot do. You don't know my situation. Not everything is online.

No. 1740718

You had to leave once your employer wouldn’t let you come back and you had no right to remain. Pretty much sums up you have no right to come back. You were originally over on a working holiday. No partner so can’t come back that way either. Don’t qualify for PR so???

No. 1740719

You never heard of LMIA? You never heard of sponsored work visas? You never heard of immigration lawyers? You never heard of PNP? No. You're all ridiculously dumb.You don't know me, You don't know my life and you're frankly a waste of skin who doesn't deserve to live. And the audacity to come on here and tell me not to hate on people when that's exactly what you all do…..It's just ridiculous.

No. 1740721

Not correct. I can't believe you think you know my life from IG? You are wrong. As all of you are about……Pretty much everything. So yea; go fuck yourselves.

No. 1740722

Working holiday lmao yea in 2007

No. 1740723

Good luck getting an employer to sponsor your fat ass.

No. 1740727

You're ridiculous. I am nowhere near fat. ANd I have one thanks. I just need treatment to be able to fucking work. So yea; you no nothing. Get out of my life, go fuck yourself.

No. 1740728

One more harassment charge and they won’t want you back. And you are making your own bed, so you’ll have to lie in it.
Actually make positive changes to your life, actually make an effort and stop being such a bitter old cow and people may feel like they want to help you. You think you are the most unwell person alive but you aren’t, sorry but you aren’t… start putting your energy into recovery rather than putting it into abusing others.
You are an abusive idiot and that’s why no one has any sympathy for you, tearing others down out of pure jealousy, stalking ex therapists…no one would have you as an inpatient because you would ruin others recovery. And if the treatment you had in Canada didn’t work then why would they pay to have you do it again here. Unfortunately, no one else can make you recover, you have to do it yourself but you want everyone to fall over you and feel sorry for you… with your attitude, no one ever will.

No. 1740729

>And you clearly know all about my medical files so you would know that. And are going to pay. You have broken the law. Simple as. Don't you know anything about PIPA?
I'm not the nurse anon retard, just a Canadafag who's tired of your bullshit. And no one has to be nice to you when you act like a complete fucking bitch, Canadian or not.

No. 1740732

And what all of you do on this site is not 'being a bitch?' So it's fine for you to do but not me? Right. And I don't have any criminal record thanks. See? You don't know my life. But the person spreading my medical history from VGH is about to be in a whole load of fucking shit.

No. 1740736

I’m also not the nurse either, I’m in a whole different province, but your history is all over Instagram for everyone to know.

No. 1740739

Clearly it's not because you 're all getting everything wrong. And you think I put everything on there?

No. 1740740

The fact that you think what we do here is the same as what you do is just sad. I don't even really say anything nasty on here, I just find the ana cows interesting. You think we're all just sitting around all day cyber stalking each cow and posting every detail, but that's what you do, look at your instagram, you post every single one of Han and Laura's stories. You wish death on them, call them fat hoes and act like their the scum of the earth because you're jealous of the care and treatment they receive. The reality is the lot of us follow a few cows, check their socials when we're on IG or tiktok, and post stuff we find milky to talk about or laugh about. We don't engage with them, repost their stories on IG, relentlessly call them fat whales and wish them harm. We are not the same, and you don't belong here.

No. 1740742

So you haven’t got a restraining order against you? Sure, well you should by the sounds of it. You think abusing others (who are much younger than you) is ok because poor little you hasn’t got the attention she wants. There are waiting lists, there are rules against abusing people, you abuse others, you aren’t going to get therapy…get a job and go private and appreciate it what you do have in life. Try a gratitude diary… you need it.

No. 1740743

That is exactly what you do. Someone just today called Laura a 'landwhale.' You all say the most horrendous things about anyone just because they have an illness. I only hate on people who are sneakily taking all the resources so I can't get any treatment because of their antics. If I got treatment I wouldn't give a fuck about any of them. But hey; I'm off to slit my wrists. Well done. I'll write you and this site into my note for sure and leave all the screen shots with it.

No. 1740751

Nope. See? You don't know what you think you know. I'm not on waiting lists. I can't pay for private treatment. I can't work because I had a fucking breakdown. And now guess what? You and this site have pushed me over the edge. As I said; this will all be screenshotted and included in my final note. I hope you feel like you achieved something because you bullied a person to death. Well done!

No. 1740752

Enough with the blog posting! It's literally in the rules! Holy shit! Try going to reddit or something. That's where it's more appropriate to use words like I, Me and My

No. 1740755

One comment calling her a landwhale is not the same as 20 plus stories a day calling her fat and worthless and celebrating her poor health. And we're not a hivemind, you can't say "you" as if we are all the same person, I've never said anything about Laura.
>I only hate on people who are sneakily taking all the resources so I can't get any treatment because of their antics.
You are delusional or just plain dumb if you really think that's why you're not getting treatment. Grow up already, and no one is worried you're gonna an hero, I've gotten worse cuts on my wrist from my elderly housecat.

No. 1740763

Again, you don't know my life. You haven't seen my cuts so fuck off. And now I'm done. Congratulations! You killed someone. I'm leaving this open with all the screenshots too.

No. 1740765

that caze_bruin guy follows me too and god he gives me the creeps, i wonder if the arizona guy is the one who was posting about her earlier? >>1740443

No. 1740769

You've posted your cuts, and the blood, and it's not on the level of being worrisome or hospital worthy. And I didn't tell you to kill yourself so don't try to pin that on some random anon. But by your own logic if Han or Laura ever commits you're in some deep shit for wishing suicide on them. Enjoy your pity party.

No. 1740775

From Dec. 30th, Santa Bones shambling along to some Linkin Park. Been meaning to post this as it's… something. >>1740473 she's got stiff competition KEK

No. 1740780

File: 1673317453567.jpg (99.41 KB, 1080x1080, C9tp9TEAy70p5o6znbEV81NtutHBb_…)

>what the actual fuck is happening in here

No. 1740793

I wonder how much life insurance her family has on her.

No. 1740815

Some bpd chan suicide baiting kek

No. 1740897

If reckon a few doll hairs for certain.
Gotta admit that was pretty kek worthy. There are so many weird posts happening on lolcow right now holy shit. I miss our comfy farm.

No. 1740916

>I miss our comfy farm.
Me too, this place has felt so different since all the stuff went down with Shaymin. It's so dead in comparison to before, maybe from some nonas being unable to access the site still or just quitting before lc dies. There's a lot more anons posting their goodbyes in the graduation thread than usual, it feels like end times on here, makes me sad to see lc go down like this. I've been here since Felice Fawn scammed people (including me lol) out of T-shirts with Yolandi Vissers face on them.

No. 1740930

can someone please fucking ban colours already

No. 1741027

So I actually just now found out that “mh” in some like Anglo languages is pronounced as a V, and Niamh McDougall is apparently like English or Australian or some shit and her name has actually been pronounced as Neeve this whole time…I feel a little dumb kek

No. 1741029

No. 1741035

File: 1673330639383.jpeg (237.48 KB, 1170x687, 1BCBE402-219E-45BC-8387-8E4B6E…)

Uh anyone know who this could be about?

No. 1741063

File: 1673334704830.png (366.36 KB, 473x580, yellow_EC.png)

Is it the lighting or is EC looking a bit jaundiced these days?

No. 1741065

I'm kind of shocked that she knows how fucking unhealthy is it to have never had your period at 25-26 and she still chooses to do extremely strenuous exercise and diets as if her body is gonna hold on for much longer. I know she's a brainfried cow but I just can't wrap my head around that

No. 1741067

Meh, it's possible. If she was in an environment where no one was watching her and she didn't have food around her to tempt her, then it's possible. It's not particularly deadly unless you're way too active but I bet she was lying in bed all day

No. 1741069

boohoo, download a cbt wokrsheet like the rest of us

No. 1741073

arfid and emet? another one who is/used to be a spoop NOT due to anorexia?

No. 1741076

Love to see the leg lift is back.

No. 1741077

Histrionic fits well

No. 1741078

“ana&health” kek

No. 1741119

why'd they help someone as fucked in head attacking and stalking ppl like u? Go help urself instead of whining and moaning about nothing. Attention seeking twat

No. 1741181

"I'm so high risk bla bla bla, I get nothing for my attempts and nobody even notices" - will you fuck right off? You are SO irritating. No wonder you get no help. Nobody in their right mind could stand to be around you. You don't seem to have even one redeeming feature. Fucking weirdo

No. 1741182

Neef lives in Edinburgh, so is Scottish.

Genuinely, and people need to stop engaging with it. Don't feed the troll, it'll see itself out in time. Bitter old hag that one.

Coming soon: Eugina Cooney uploaded "Shopping at Target in Simpsons cosplay!"to YouTube

No. 1741183

File: 1673356177359.jpg (922.59 KB, 1079x2274, Screenshot_20230110_130227_Tik…)

Humpty dumpty sat on a head

No. 1741184

File: 1673356246860.jpg (664.36 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230110_131014_Tik…)

Again with the classic standing like a lego figure away from the camera for absolutely no reason other than milk

No. 1741197

lives in Scotland, but Niamh is an Irish name.

No. 1741215

I've been watching some of the clips of her dance streams on youtube & they're all equally as bad. the comments all say "this is like a video from the dark web" kek

No. 1741220

File: 1673360971207.webm (Spoiler Image,6.24 MB, 720x1280, Y2Mate.is - WHO DID THIS Eugen…)

No. 1741224

Who's colours and why is she shitting up the thread? Why is she talking about slitting her wrists suddenly Wtf?

No. 1741234

Actually read the thread and maybe you'll find out

No. 1741235

I laughed then felt bad about it, then laughed again because holy shit.

No. 1741243

How the hell are total non spoops getting NG tubes? There’s no possible way she’s actually malnourished enough to need a tube, just based off her appearance. Her skin isn’t looking sallow, her hair isn’t falling out, she really seems perfectly fine aside from looking mildly tired in just the eyes. I’ll literally never understand the desire to go through such pain to just like…look “cool” for a tiktok? Like of all the trends we could live through, we’re currently witnessing normal looking women and girls do whatever they can to look like victims to get mommy’s attention and love. It honestly would be better if they just for real committed suicide instead of making the people in their lives just hate them more…

No. 1741245

i know ana fetishists have always been a thing, but the fact that she actually visited one is incredibly weird and disturbing. everything about nikol just gets worse and worse, she's so dysfunctional but in the strangest possible way

No. 1741258

Apparently there's one of the Linkin Park vid set to the sad, janky penny whistle from My Heart Will Go On. Nonnie if you can get that one posted here that would be amazing. I'm sorry I'm a phone poster and tech illiterate I don't know how to do it.

No. 1741263

File: 1673366258831.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.96 KB, 310x460, jfcwoman.jpg)

Open at your own risk. EC flashing her streamers, yet again. (1/2)

No. 1741264

File: 1673366439196.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.9 KB, 429x528, sandwichandfruitstat.jpg)

You think she's getting paid for this or is her brain so rotten she has no idea her entire lack of ass is hanging out? (2/2)

No. 1741270

100% getting paid. How is she not banned yet?

No. 1741276

Christ. Horrifying. I cannot understand. I will say this- she is incredibly dedicated to whatever image she wants to/is being made to project. Idk how she hasn't had a bout of psychosis or and massive mental breakdown. My god woman you are an adult you can walk out the front door if you need to get away from home life… I don't understand. I want to feel sorry for her but I also know she and I are the same age and I was able to learn agency over myself a decade ago to remove myself from a bad home… what is stopping her? I know everyone is different and her brain is malnourished but come on..If she is trying to commit slow suicide, why does she care to stream? Sorry for rant, I follow ec loosely and I just have a burning desire to understand her situation and her psychology. Honestly I want her to get out of whatever hell she prolongs for herself but I have so little faith.

No. 1741282

File: 1673368293758.png (Spoiler Image,8.15 MB, 1290x2796, 155D036B-00AF-4C1B-A68E-5136F7…)

Apparently aidel is now court ordered to remain in treatment. Can’t believe her parents fell for her crap about wanting to get better they are spending thousands a day to get her treatment in the US.

No. 1741283

how would YOU look without blood?

No. 1741284

Oh wow, I had to stare at this for a full minute before my brain put together that what I was seeing was human.

No. 1741287

'human' in a wider sense

No. 1741288

Stfu colours. Go away

No. 1741294

I think she showed up last thread if you wanna read the lore, her instagram is coloursofthedark_bpd_aspd_npd. She posts screencaps of lolcow comments and has a weird hate boner for Han and Laura, she hasn't posted anything since her dramatic suicide bait posts last night so we'll see how long she's gone before she comes slinking back with her tail between her legs lol

No. 1741295

Samefag but I think she's back already lol, that didn't last long

No. 1741300

I really don't want to encourage Barlow by talking about her, but did she waste emergency services time or is she gucci? can't be fucked to check.

No. 1741304

Oh I don't know for sure, she still hasn't posted anything to IG I just saw the comment above mine was talking about her and the comment they tagged looks suspiciously like a colours type comment. I'm sure she's fine though, wrist slitting has like a less than 5% chance of being fatal and that's with intent behind it. She posted a photo of a bloody rag to her IG last night and there was very little blood on it so I'm sure it's just another dramatic stunt for attention

No. 1741321

Ganer is one of my favorite cows, but I've never seen one plate of chicken. She went insane over that steak a few months back, a little more than somebody who usually eats meat anyway. And she's had chicken on her diet pizzas, but I have yet to see her eat it any other way. As for her never having a period, that is alarming. Has she not been to a doctor? Maybe not because she's afraid they'd make her change her lifestyle? Or there's flat out lying about it. But Ganer, be concerned.

No. 1741326

File: 1673373412826.jpg (438.08 KB, 1080x1918, Ganersgainmeal.jpg)

Ganer does eat chicken. From today's story. She has the same autistic meals everyday.

No. 1741333

i don't have screenshots but on her story q and a the other day she said she's never got treatment for physical or mental health. i don't understand how her family allows that in good conscience

No. 1741335

File: 1673374396138.png (1.55 MB, 1070x1917, Screenshot_20230110-181227.png)

and no chicken in the fridge either…..

No. 1741339

Are you blind or did you not properly read what I said? There's chicken on ganers plate. Not having it in the fridge doesn't take it away from her plate. And we can't know what's in that white bowl. Ganers comment though, like mother like daughter? Does Ganers mom have disordered eating too, that would explain why she lets her do her thing. Maybe they have an agreement, as long as she eats some minimum her mom will stay off her back.

No. 1741340

How much you wanna bet Ganer is counting eggs as meat?

No. 1741341

It could be cooked already in that white bowl, or in the freezer. I don't doubt Ganer is very restrictive with her meals and has lied about eating stuff she hasn't eaten but this is just silly tinfoiling. We can't base that off one fridge picture.

No. 1741354

lol sorry im dumb, i just looked at the picture and didn't even see there was chicken there it just looked like veggies

No. 1741402

File: 1673380350331.png (6.25 MB, 1125x2436, BFC60B34-7361-4726-B10A-9A5EA5…)

Omfg I hate this ‘recovery’ account sm. always showing off how spoopy she is, eating like 150cals/day, then supposedly challenging eating rice but having the cereal version which is only like 50cals

No. 1741429

I've never seen pineapple on her hEaLtHy gAiN foOdS that she photographs daily…
Also, yeah, it might be some chicken there but it comes in homoeopathic doses.

Sterile like a hospital.

No. 1741436

The pineapple on bland white rice isn't new, we talked about it like 15 threads ago, lurk moar.

No. 1741442

Nitpick but this plate looks like shit, the food stretched out to the edges stresses me out. I just imagine ketchup and rice all over her table.

No. 1741479

Oh, so now she can do struggle porn and cram in some calorie-burning at the same time. How convenient.

No. 1741520

File: 1673392891853.jpeg (994.43 KB, 828x1498, 756E004C-90D0-4042-9C01-008703…)

I bet she’ll be sent to Denver.

No. 1741532

File: 1673393949609.jpeg (491.17 KB, 828x1105, F64A79BE-A8BE-4E21-BCC6-3A86E5…)

Her struggle porn is already gross, but why in the world would anyone post such a disgusting nostril selfie?? It’s not like she can’t clean the grody side, the toob’s in the other nostril. And she’s able to take a pic so not restrained atm. Use your selfie-taking hand to wipe your nose you gross cow

No. 1741533

Yeah I forgot to comment on that. Why would anyone post that?!? Also how does npo work in an eating disorder treatment program? The whole point is to eat???

No. 1741541


> 15 threads ago

> lurk moar

are you out of your fucking mind

No. 1741543

Stretching out the food in an oh-so-very-thin layer, all the way to the edge. Also using small plates to make it look more.
Those are some of the oldest ana tricks in the book.

No. 1741544

I'm not telling you to go back and look for it I'm just saying the pineapple isn't new and you must've missed the previous discussions about it. Newfag central on here lately, the lurk moar was used in jest.

No. 1741548

Jesus Christ, she’s got a bandaid on her forehead. is she head banging now too?

No. 1741575

Calm your tits. I’m not the anon but I wtf’ed at the pineapple on rice so it’s new to some old fags too. I can’t be bothered to notice every Ganer post ffs.

But is the pineapple supposed to be like a healthy version of butter? Why would you put tiny pineapple bits on white rice?

No. 1741581

Ntayrt but yeah the weirdly portioned pineapple rice dish gave me n2f vibes but in a very "regimented" way.
Ganer's meal choices are about as questionable as n2f's old plates out the window, ganer just likes bland, boring food; n2f at least clearly craved certain flavours and was adventurous with food in her own way.

No. 1741587

>Calm your tits. I’m not the anon but I wtf’ed at the pineapple on rice so it’s new to some old fags too. I can’t be bothered to notice every Ganer post ffs.
My post was calm. Are you okay though? You seem quite rattled over a one off comment.

No. 1741670

eggs contain all of the essential amino acids, and like milk (esp skim) it's one of the main ways to get high quality animal protein. something doesn't have to be actual meat to be considered an animal protein, so I'm not sure I understand this criticism. don't get me wrong though, her rigidity, lack of variety besides macros and hesitance to gain any real weight are pointless and batshit fuckery. I don't see why she would bother wasting time in the gym if she can't get her most fundamental shit together.

No. 1741708

I was drunk at the time

No. 1741726

A way to satisfy her sweet tooth? Lord who knows. Love how miniscule looking those pieces are

No. 1741742

Sometimes bulimics and bumlimirexics are put on tube feeds in an attempt to eliminate or at least reduce the amount they’re purging. The liquid food is doled out by the feeding pump just a little bit at a time, sometimes just a few drops. That way they’re not eating a meal or snack and then have a lot food in their stomachs that compels them to purge. The slow drip of liquid food gets digested and absorbed before there’s a significant amount that could be purged.

No. 1741747

She's literally been eating the same few meals for 2 years now.

No. 1741773

It might not be snot, with the redness it could be something eczema related. Can't remember the condition but it's triggered by things like the air being too dry, or some form of sensitivity, so you end up with scabs pretty much in your nose. It does look flakey, and not something you can really control unless you had things like vaseline to keep the moisture in. Looks pretty vile though, I don't get why you'd share a selfie with it - but then again those who share tube pictures normally don't have self-respect.

No. 1741779


At least with her super effective training and bulking regimen (lulz) Ganer has a perfect excuse to avoid all those nasty fEaR fOoDs of hers..?
Now we know it's not pineapple, hooray.

No. 1741791


No. 1741793

‘Bulimarexics’ do you mean anorexia b/p subtype?
What is this shit gen Z talk, I’ve never heard that term even after years in this ‘community’

No. 1741803

Looking online it's basically anyone that restricts yet has binge and purge elements, so probably EDNOS (even bulimia has restriction elements). Not necessarily anorexia BP subtype.

No. 1741828

yeah, a combination of restriction and b/p behaviours - so either anorexia b/p subtype or ednos! bulimarexia is a non-existent "diagnosis" - clearly a term used by gen z's diagnosed with endos, yet desperate to label themselves with anorexia, because that's the sooper SeVeRe goal diagnosis!

No. 1741844

File: 1673447558928.jpg (954.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-01-11-14-27-17…)

Chii is still annoying af and entirely contradictory after all these years. Said on her story last week that she is 100% fully recovered, yet today she is saying this. She has also just put a deposit down on a nose job. Not before time with that conk tbf. She reminds me of Zara. Sanctimonious, smug bitch.

No. 1741860

Is she at ERC Chicago?

No. 1741904

Totally agree. And no way in fuck has she ever been a healthy weight. She might have touched BMI 18 at some point when she was declaring herself healthy but no more than that. She's always been full of shit about how much she eats and how recovered she is.

No. 1741905

ERC Dallas

No. 1741906

File: 1673457216020.png (618.12 KB, 828x1792, 396ADAC6-42A6-422D-A981-F763B9…)

Saged bc it’s rorecovering but fucking kek.

No. 1741915

since ro ’recovered’ she’s literally so irrelevant in the ‘ed community’ kek

No. 1741957

Been off lolcow for a couple of months. Kinda got bored with the ana chans but wanted to see if anyone had croaked or recovered.

Really wanted to see how face N2F was tbh, but nothing's changed with this lot has it. Not one thing. Pretty sad to see the state Legliftin Laura's in. Really mindblown how Georgie even considers regular ECT. Ham, just put it away, girl.

Don't know if any anons have read "Sexy But Psycho" but recommending it to any woman with a Borderline/EUPD diagnosis, but particularly any of the cows who read here.

Not asking for spoon feeding, so going back and re reading last thread. I know this is an unnecessary post, but wanted to settle back in on the farm. Thanks for keeping the thread going, but we really need to start using a blur filter for Hayden's face. I know she's legally blind, but no excuse for those fugly bins.

No. 1741958

n2f fave*

No. 1742066

>Ham, just put it away, girl.

No. 1742083

File: 1673469022747.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x2077, 3246EC81-5068-45D5-96DC-724403…)

Anyone seen this bs from han… saged bc han kek

No. 1742095

File: 1673469733100.jpg (53.47 KB, 652x879, attagirl.JPG)

Back on track

No. 1742102

no one gives a shit about the fireworks, if you get triggered by them then chances are you get triggered by 80% of sounds and things on the streets and that's your issue (except for the animals but oh well). i agree about the heroin chic though, i thought we were past that

No. 1742105

Imagine not having chewed a single bite in years because I find it a bit hard to believe

No. 1742111

Kek. Does she think this looks cute or smth

No. 1742115

File: 1673472133145.png (514.71 KB, 1170x788, Untitled.png)

Think she's going for a "cute" look, but the eyes say something else. Celebrating them allowing her hair elastics.

Remember OhChickPea, the recovered ana who said she had Satanic Ritual Abuse? She was much like Laura in that she'd be given a place to live but fucked it up within a couple of days because she was totally institutionalised. She seems fine now and got out of that mindset. Hope the same goes for Laura because she's wasting her life in there.

No. 1742125

That's because you deserve nothing. Besides, you can have all the help in the world and someone who's clearly a cuntish twat like you still won't get better, people lile you are a drain on resources, and the system knows it, hence why they refuse to help ypur pathetic ass. If you got help in Canada, fuck off back there you absolute waste of space, eupd cunt!!

No. 1742137

can someone ban colours of the whole site? her IP maybe?

No. 1742187

Am I being dumb? Why would you not be allowed hair ties? Surely you can't use them to hurt yourself?

No. 1742188

Well, she swallowed a pen so..

No. 1742191

I usually just lurk this thread and silently stalk but WHAT is this?? She looks devoid and robotic which I guess is from all the meds. I would not call this a “celebration”at all if anything this is kind of depressing. This video is scary like move your head or blink or SOMETHING girl!!

No. 1742214


not trying to wk here but good for her for actually recovering and now being anti ed and attempting to promote awareness/whatever. irrelevant in the ED world or not, it's still nice to see a former cow doing better.

as far as the fireworks thing goes, I don't really feel that we need to be poking fun at her or others for that as there's no telling why exactly those are upsetting to people. idk I know anyone is welcome to talk about whatever here but I feel like ro is just… living life, and there are far more interesting individuals to be discussing

No. 1742254

The pineapple on rice is nothing new to me, but I thought it was a total Midwestern thing. People have been known to make rice for dinner and make extra to sweeten up somehow for dessert. But here's Ganer, playing Tetris with her rice to lie it out flat so it looks abundant. And why, just why must everything be served with ketchup or salsa or whatever the hell the red blobs always are?

No. 1742257

Pineapple on rice is a really common thing in Polynesia and Southeast Asia, not sure why people are freaking out about it lol

No. 1742263

How's this milk?

No. 1742268

Well to be fair her nose is as hideous as her personality. Kek.
Much recovered highness.
While she's at it might as well put down a deposit for a personality adjustment. Preferably one as far as her current one.
Sad. How many years has she been with her eating disorder? Now she's just delusional

No. 1742289

OT, but similarly coconut rice. That shit is the bomb! Also a Polynesian thing.

No. 1742298

one of my favorite things to eat is mango sticky rice and its so easy to make, you just cook rice in a rice cooker or pot like normal but add some coconut milk and sugar, then you can serve it however you want, you can turn it into a sort of dessert nigiri/sushi and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top

No. 1742302

Lig risk

No. 1742330

Ayrt, Sorry, can't find the video you're talking about anywhere, I need to see it though. I'm on mobile too, so I'll try to explain how o take videos from youtube, copy the link, use a youtube to mp4 downloader website, then use a website to convert .mp4 to .webm and the video will upload. Not sure if thats the "correct" way of doing it honestly, but thats how I post videos here.

No. 1742354

she just had a plastic surgery consult and is considering paying $14k for a new nose, kek

No. 1742437

File: 1673501809704.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3222x3222, 26522A5B-04EC-484E-BCCA-10F0FE…)

Her Instagram poses lately are giving Eugenia level of body check desperation

No. 1742460

The outfit on the right is really cute but it's sad to see zoomie babies revolve their entire life around beauty and aesthetics. I feel bad for the tiktok generation.

No. 1742469

Fireworks are distressing to people for a lot of various reasons, and there's talks every year about banning them - or at the very least only selling silent fireworks. Vets with PTSD, people with anxiety conditions, domestic animals becoming really unwell from the stress, wild animals dying from shock, they're pretty awful. I didn't quite get the post shitting on RO either, it just sounds like post-recovery stuff - some do end up advocating for others. We have the same with rehab, people often going on to help others.

No. 1742487

For someone who spends most of their life worrying about clothes, she really knows how to pick a shit outfit.

No. 1742505

File: 1673513941184.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x2146, 1907E23C-D1F3-4331-98A3-06F456…)

not a niamh WK, she’s an annoying little cunt, but it’s good to see that she looks like a relatively okay weight and has been for a while. it suits her much more than a year or so ago

No. 1742512

I don't understand how people like Zara, Niamh and Hannah have been discharged from inpatient at a below normal bmi? Didn't they get tubed a couple of times? How the fuck were they discharged? Or did they lose all the weight again? I'm so confused because where I live people with anorexia are only discharged at bmi 18.5

No. 1742515

Nah, I was discharged at bmi 14 everytime(no1curr)

No. 1742516

Wtf how?

No. 1742524

That's a fair argument, I hadn't really given much thought to the fireworks

No. 1742528

File: 1673517161017.jpg (565.7 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20230112-104952_Tik…)

Pls I just saw this tiktok from an oberweight girl that lost weight and she says people were saying she is wasting away, is skin and bones and look on drugs bc of how emaciated she is when she literally look healthy. (Girl on the right)
The attention seeking is hard on that one

No. 1742530

She's gained max 5kg (most of which is probably just water) since she was in hospital, what are you talking about? She's nowhere near an "okay" weight and she knows it perfectly and isn't trying to hide it. She makes sure to mention that she's still underweight on a (somewhat) regular basis, and in case you forgot, she also said that she isn't planning on gaining more weight as she "can't handle it". I suppose it's better for her to maintain this weight as opposed to being forced to gain and then relapse harder but either way, she's still unhealthy and is portraying a fake narrative that's she's so okay like this and I can only imagine how much this is fucking with her young followers' heads. She could've easily just ran her "fashion" or whatever it is account without talking about her ed and making people believe that you can recover while staying so underweight and underdeveloped

No. 1742532

A bit suspicious that all three of these comments were posted within minutes of each other, have the same writing style, and all weren't saged. No one cares about your BMI, anachan.

No. 1742542

I watched a couple of her tiktoks and she used to be quite big, so it's normal to get a reaction to a such a drastic weight loss of a teenage girl, especially in the US where her current weight is considered "thin". It's clearly attention seeking but either way, it's somewhat valid and she's not claiming ana

No. 1742551

Love to see it!

No. 1742559

no1curr, newfag.

No. 1742560

What is her @? Drives me nuts when people post screenshots of new/potential cows but cut off the handle so it's not easy to find them.

No. 1742562

Nah that wasn't her it was Lego head/sharni who swallowed the sharpie

No. 1742569

File: 1673520507626.jpeg (635.05 KB, 860x1279, 415880FC-4AAC-4F4B-BCF6-BC1151…)

What the actual fuck

No. 1742572

File: 1673520649159.jpeg (494.23 KB, 803x1150, CE0C8DD9-482D-49F6-8705-69B772…)

Anyone who puts ‘Ed warrior’ and ‘low calorie’ in their tags simultaneously is either seriously delusional or fiercely attention seeking, someone send her a full-fat cup of reality

No. 1742574

File: 1673520788979.jpeg (697.42 KB, 801x1528, C769F437-55AB-480D-B86B-2D2DB6…)

The ‘Katy’ person is a cow herself

(Sorry for the spam)

No. 1742616

We know, newfag

No. 1742647

She, like most if not all the cows ITT, will never improve until they get the fuck off the internet and stop endlessly seeking validation.

No. 1742657


No. 1742704

no idea if it depends on the country you live in etc, but certainly in the UK, after a couple of admissions, they often give up on encouraging patients to reach a "healthy" BMI, unless the individual themselves specifically wants to, as it's a waste of time when they know the weight will be lost immediately upon discharge. especially with revolving-door patients, they often just focus on getting them to a point where they are physically stable and "safe" to discharge to the community, then discharge. BMI 15/16 - sometimes lower - is a pretty common discharge weight.

No. 1742713

Where was it that Kay went that discharged her under 13? Does anyone remember?

No. 1742717

most people aren’t discharged at healthy weights especially not in scotland. if you’re eating, typically you go home. not enough bed space

No. 1742718

Kay infuriates the crap out of me. Preaching and claiming recovery yet parading round at a BMI of 11, she is so toxic and the biggest narc around I just can not stand her! How she managed to get discharged from services and gets away with no intervention from your stupid UK services baffles me.

No. 1742719

All just BPD attention seeking cows! They use their ED’s as trophies. There’s nothing wrong with them just attention seeking cows!

No. 1742729

Reminder: Sage your shit.

No. 1742734

File: 1673533369595.jpg (959.1 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20230112_142113_Ins…)

I hope standing like this in half her posts is making her back and shoulder blades hurt like fuck
Neef, you know what you're doing.
I'm pretty sure it's bait to get posted more but I'm biting, because ya ugly gal.
Saged because it's just niamh being niamh so the milk is mouldy

No. 1742743

nicoledeller, you can see it in the screenshot above the comments button

No. 1742745

hard to keep track at this point

No. 1742747

I smell a big fat milky relapse coming our way with her new workout obsession and non-bodychecks. Keep going Niamh, there's nothing more admirable and exciting than throwing your life away before even turning 18!

No. 1742799

To the vendetta idiot nonna posting Niam all the time - Fuck you, that ain't no fucking milk.

No. 1742803

File: 1673540756940.jpg (29.59 KB, 378x424, Screenshot_2023-01-12-09-24-52…)

No. 1742838

File: 1673543431679.jpg (973.37 KB, 1079x1916, Screenshot_20230112_171007_Ins…)

Boo-hoo. sad life.

No. 1742842

I posted 1/3 of these, Niamh. Nobody cares enough about you to only post you/repeatedly post you.
Also, all 3 are milk. Body checks are milk and it's great to see it being documented in preparation for the next relapse which is clearly already beginning. Stop lurking kek

No. 1742849

What’s the difference between a body check and just simply taking power photos of your body? She’s at a normal weight so why can’t she show herself. As long as she isn’t like spoopy or glorifying harmful behaviour just let her be a stupid instagram girl wtf

No. 1742850


No. 1742853

> She’s at a normal weight
Come on.

No. 1742855

definitely not too skinny for a 16 yo (?) teenage gal

No. 1742870

>body checks are milk
Since when? I can go on Instagram and see a thousand body checks if I wanted. It’s absolutely not entertaining or outside the bounds of social expectation. In fact it’s boring as fuck, as are your posts.

No. 1742884

Stop rattling. Obviously this weight is not natural for her, regardless if she’s a teen

No. 1742888

there's nothing wonky

No. 1742983

File: 1673551238516.jpeg (465.16 KB, 1179x1960, 00EEB06A-6A67-43BF-9342-37E23E…)

That one time Ham had a suicidal thought 4 years ago…wonder if the hospital bed with her name on it was available then too.

No. 1742985

File: 1673551279723.jpeg (656.5 KB, 1179x1944, 7F421D6D-083D-4FB3-81B2-E6D7B1…)


No. 1742990

A new low even for Ham, like her anorexia its pure fucking fantasy for likes.

No. 1742991

File: 1673551642907.jpeg (493.17 KB, 1179x1995, B89284F5-1590-40F7-B306-D66B08…)

Samefag for Hamum screenshot…

No. 1742994

What a stilted conversation. Has she always spoken like this?

No. 1743007

Nope! Who the fuck would text"regarding your question" to their mother during an emotional outpouring. what a crock of shit. fully staged

No. 1743018

you talk to your mother like that if you have no real relationship with her or expressing emotions was never a part of growing up.
Everything Ham posts is a show, nothing else, if someone ever had suicidal thoughts or tried it, they would never go the "oh, it all gets better" route, because many times nothing gets better and you know how little those words mean to people that are suicidal. She is also one of the horrible examples what could happen if you stop being anorexic, I know that people gain weight when they recover, it has to be to survive, but hear "way" is a nightmare for people starting to think about recovery.

No. 1743024

Although we all know she never had anorexia

No. 1743099

call me morbid nonnies but i’d love to know what counts as an aTtEmPt to Ham. if it’s anything like her teenage dieting phas— er, super severe eating disorder i mean - it’s probably 6 paracetamol and a couple of cat scratches. she’s obviously really struggling for content kek

No. 1743136

one small cut with a knife while doing the dishes… I feel like you, I don't think that it's ever been something very "serious", honestly, if it would have been, she would have told the world all about it long ago.

No. 1743163

I'm not them but if you think that Niamh coming back with bodychecks and her new "strong not skinny" obsession while openly refusing to gain weight isn't milk then I don't know what it is

No. 1743167

yeah, isn't that sort of shit supposed to be the essence of these threads?

No. 1743168

This isn't normal weight and you know it very well, stop trying to come off as an innocent child when you have triggered more eating disorders than you can probably count with your awkwardly posed underweight photos

No. 1743170

i’ve found posts confirming her anorexia diagnosis if anyones interested

No. 1743172

she looks fine

No. 1743174

She doesn't deserve her mom's kindness (and a bit of enabling but she doesn't deserve that either)

No. 1743175


No. 1743178

File: 1673561597592.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1170x2129, 50FE5A34-C49D-46CB-95F5-2739E1…)

sorry for the slight blog but it’s relevant. i’ve been in REDU (the adult unit this cunt is on) with her and god she’s fucking embarrassing, creating a huge scene when she didn’t get her way, she’s a huge purger like it’s disgusting to be honest. loves the tube, has a fit when all attention isn’t on her, speaks in the most horrible babyish voice, pretends to br super “out of it” when she’s not even been sedated.. even the staff can’t bear her, and she’s just known as the girl who wants all the attention. fucking unbearable

No. 1743179

Not >>'ing anyone in particular because I'm NTA anyone's talking to / about. But everything in here about niamh is milk and the person getting defensive about her, is probably her.

No. 1743180

niamh is so obsessed with herself of course it’s her, she cannot bear the idea of being disliked lol

No. 1743181

took THREE tylenol pills

No. 1743183

post it if you have it. I do not believe Ham had anorexia , more likely EDNOS or atypical anorexia.

No. 1743184

You have the body of a child which might sound like a compliment to you but it's insulting and frankly concerning to 98% of the people on this earth. There's nothing "fine" about clinging to your child persona and very obviously unhealthy body when you're literally about to be declared an adult very the law very soon. You won't get anywhere in life if you continue living on the internet as "thinspo" and refusing to fix your own issues that you are solely responsible for. What an utterly pathetic existence

No. 1743185

Lurk. More.
We don't need two of this cretin plaguing the thread.
But yes, insufferable wee toad. Never been IP with her but briefly saw her & her mum at a cross over of appointments and her mum is as crackers as she is.
Started talking to me in depth about how her daughter is "struggling with her eating at the moment" and giving details like weight and number of IP admissions…as abby was stood smirking and picking at her forehead (got to make sure there's fresh blood before the nurses see her, she needs to earn that bed after all.)

No. 1743189

People these days go to the doctors and say they skipped lunch and they're automatically given the diagnosis

No. 1743190

That's exactly the way I imagined her

No. 1743191

nta but she can't be any more than like bmi 16 which probably doesn't seem low to an anachan but it is medically considered to be severely underweight and will still cause health problems if maintained over a long period of time

No. 1743192

I thought the NHS was less like that, but am probably 100% wrong as an Amerifag

No. 1743203

File: 1673562741471.jpg (258.44 KB, 1080x1612, Screenshot_20230112-232732_Tik…)

Check this chicks tiktoks out, her name is mariakrvi. Full with bodychecks

No. 1743222

She does have scars on her arms (very faint) that she's mined for content once or twice. Very neat, straight, evenly spaced. they don't go the right way for an attempt though, they're up and down, not side to side Sorry if I sound like a selfharmfag, I'm referencing the way the arteries and veins go.

No. 1743223

"up and down" is actually more lethal if you cut deep enough. Edgy teenagers used to say "down the street, not across the tracks"

Obviously Ham was only cutting superficially though

No. 1743233

does she? i can’t see any on photos

No. 1743237

It’s her mum on Facebook. Didn’t post them at the time as I knew her mum would stop posting as ham is so aware of lolcow and didn’t want to lose the milk. Incoming

No. 1743243

holy fuck i never thought i'd say this but i don't care i'm shouting it from the rooftops, I MISS fucking CECE AND this thread has never been as good since she's been gone

No. 1743244

File: 1673565655873.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1492x1810, B165C003-FBCD-4D26-9A76-868A1D…)

No. 1743247

this is just Ham-mum saying she has anorexia, though? we've always known that Ham-mum is a believer.

No. 1743248

File: 1673565831656.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1392x1864, 727216CF-F735-4CAA-936D-9C2EA1…)

No. 1743249

these sound like the around the dinner table nuts

No. 1743250

File: 1673565946993.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1547x1857, 5941E3AD-143B-4AF2-B381-45C3B9…)

No. 1743252

File: 1673566090347.jpeg (954.38 KB, 1440x1626, F6DD8E2C-2C36-4A62-9272-DE9029…)

No. 1743253

File: 1673566166853.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1417x1856, 01600E8B-46A5-4FDA-A251-1F0172…)

I think the top one refers to us, kek- true fame

No. 1743255

kek, do you think that bottom post is what made Ham think she had a reserved hospital bed?

No. 1743261

File: 1673566627703.jpeg (908.08 KB, 1357x1860, 8F348DA0-1126-477A-B03F-1A76C5…)

Mum tales phone away = ham refuses to eat.
Also yikes, her mum moved her bed into her room

No. 1743262

> She doesnt have friends, hobbies. I now sleep in her room, go with her to the bathroom,


No. 1743268

File: 1673567049829.jpeg (807.81 KB, 1359x1891, 22CC87AF-3F13-4A1D-AC4A-2FD392…)

Also more comments about somatic symptom disorder. Apparently she was fainting but it was due to anxiety and depression… not malnourishment

No. 1743271

it seems pretty telling that the eating disorder team hadn't even seen Ham, yet her mother was acting like this. Maybe Ham got the exaggeration from her mother, rather than the other way around

No. 1743276

Oh my god I completely forgot about her…her hijinks were so goddamn funny sometimes

No. 1743301

Get over it & move on. There will always be new cows.

No. 1743376

No wonder ham thinks she was so horribly ill when her mother was treating her like this

No. 1743378

Like I said, very faint. They show up in her 'things everyone has on their body that nobody should be ashamed of' posts most frequently.
3500 minimum?? I'm no expert at refeeding, but shouldn't it be something like 2000, 2200 cal/day? Absolutely overcorrecting here!

No. 1743396

idk if 3500 is minimum everywhere, but pretty sure most treatment centers will start at 1200 and work up sometimes to 5000 or more for weight gain, but if it's that bad she should be in ip, not op

No. 1743398

>>1743378that facebook group is filled with parents from https://www.aroundthedinnertable.org/

They're basically nuts who believe anorexia isn't really a mental illness ("brain based disease") and that it can be cured by feeding their children as much as possible. They advocate for a "life stops until you eat" approach where they force the kid to do literally nothing until they eat all the food they give them, will do stuff like mix oil into yogurt secretly, and will drive their kids to the ER if they refuse even a single snack. They're totally into removing bedroom doors, watching kids in the bathroom, patting them down after meals, etc

Some of their kids do seem to be legitimately very sick and some seem to have mild disordered eating that the parent is hysterical about.

No. 1743404

File: 1673580489861.png (33.23 KB, 1093x239, Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 9.27…)

for example

No. 1743431

Not to be devils advocates.. but actually "brain based disease" means it's a condition caused by changes in the brain chemistry. All mental disorders fall under this category, but all the others are 'treated' with medication to 'restore' the chemistry (SSRIs, mood stabiliser, anti-psychotic etc). It's basically saying it's not just the child being difficult, which is what a lot of health professionals (and parents even) need to get into their head. Reminding them it's a brain-based disease is like reminding them they can't help the way they think.
And also.. it can only be cured if full weight restoration is achieved - and the quicker the better. When you piss around letting kids eat 1000 calories for years on end they end up chronic. Just their methods of doing it are horrid.

No. 1743432

I didn't do a great job describing it in that comment, but at least a few years ago they used to get super pissed if anyone mentioned the phrase mental illness. It does actually look a little more sane now, though. It used to be page after page of parents doing deeply nasty things to food to make 1500 calorie breakfasts or whatever. They also used to be really against most therapy, which does seem to have changed.

So - I probably should have looked around a little more to see if it was still the same or if it had improved.

No. 1743434

samefag, but they also used to believe that if the child still had any symptoms, they needed to gain more weight. So some of them were pushing their kids way, way above the weights that their treatment teams and doctors recommended and when the kids complained they'd just go o"oh, guess they need another 10lbs"

(Of course some people have naturally higher weights, which is fine, but that wasn't what was going on.)

No. 1743438

Wow. This is sadder than I could of imagined. Ham mum was clearly also desperate for attention. Nothing written confirms anorexia, in fact the opposite. discharged from CAMHS, private therapist unable to help ( not telling them what they wanted to hear) 300 cal for a week kek! It screams of attention seeking parent and child. Refeeding has started kek not a term used when stopping short term diet/restriction. Seems the anorexia in Hams head was aided and abetted by hammum and all rather creepy

No. 1743442

it's just really odd to me because you know ham had to be aware of her mum making these posts, like everyone knows their family members' social media accounts. she could have joined the group with a fake account to lurk or something idk. i just know that i'm happy as fuck my parents never got on social media

No. 1743450

Not to wk but 7 weeks on 300 calories? Definite damage

No. 1743455


You're bassackwards - it's down the street not across the road for greater chance of an hero.

No. 1743458

From a normal weight even fasting for weeks is not going to cause damage to heart. That comes from the body eating muscle when it has run out of fat. Prolonged starvation and malnutrition cause the harm to body.
Fatties are put on vlcd by doctors such as milk diet for a couple of months prior to surgery and they dont drop because they are forcing their body to eat its fucking fat stores.
If she was on 300 cal (which I highly doubt) it wouldn't of been ideal but a total dramatic over reaction by attention seeking parent was far more damaging than any diet Ham imposed on herself.

No. 1743499

Not a medfag but I think anon meant damage because ham was still developing then…
Also how do some people starve themselves and turn into Spoops and others do the same thing, same starting weight and duration but stay fat?

No. 1743510

Sorry for blog posting but the whole ‘life stops until you eat’ approach absolutely shattered me, there’s got to be a better way

No. 1743517

Holy shit, no wonder Hannah is the way she is. Desipite her larp this makes me feel pity for her, she never had a chance. I have a feeling hamum would have spun any minor issue into a catastrophic event.

No. 1743523

No wonder she keeps gaining weight like she does if she's been eating 3000 calories

No. 1743524

File: 1673595345355.jpg (55.62 KB, 605x605, skellie62__605.jpg)

Don't scroll porn post

No. 1743532

thanks for the warning nonna, love that you found an appropriate picture kek

No. 1743535

You're most welcome, couldn't help myself lol.

No. 1743536

Except she's been in treatment for ED and currently has one, so it's clearly not her natural state. Stop being dense and stop rattling.

No. 1743550

Oh shut up you faggot. This conversation is had every fucking thread. We’re talking about interesting stuff now.

No. 1743558

Because dear anon… some people starve starve and some people starve with a wee bingey binge on top.

No. 1743560

Some people lie about how much they're eating

No. 1743584


Wonder if we’ve crossed paths, I also been in with her. Wasn’t sure staff hated her tbh but as a patient she is definitely hard to be around and also made staff tighten up rules. I don’t get her posts are having no support and being “40 minutes from home” because she had more visitors than everyone else on the unit. Does love the tube as well though.

No. 1743588

Why do so many anons know the cows IRL?

No. 1743609

Zara, Abby and Niamh were all on the CAMHS ward at one point or another. There isn't many YPUs in Scotland so if you were unwell enough to need IP under CAMHS within the last few years, you've definitely come across a cow.

No. 1743638

You keep saying you’re high risk but all you do is bitch about 20 year old girls online.. if you really were at risk you would be in IP liar

No. 1743651

File: 1673618760806.png (2.4 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230113-022924.png)

No. 1743652

File: 1673618815766.png (1.27 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230113-022713.png)

No. 1743653

ayrt and… that's what I said.

No. 1743654

Why are we still giving her attention

No. 1743663

Why has this been posted here? Pots is an autonomic nervous system disorder and there's no proana content in there at all
I don't recognise the username though so am I missing something

No. 1743665

They did hate her kek, they actively discussed her. Un[professional but what can you expect in redu

No. 1743686

Just ignore Colours, crazy at best, not sure why she plasters all her med notes online for all to see never mind her interactions with friends

No. 1743693

Thats what Colours wants is attention cus NHS see right through her and don't give it. Clearly not high risk as took pictures of her mini A&E trip in and out same day

No. 1743713

Was this meant to go in a spoonfag thread or something? I’ve never seen this girl posted here before; and I also don’t see her username in the thread summary. This would be a really weird self poast if it is one kek

No. 1743739

Na not dead, shes posting again slagging off the usuals and someone who told her the truth it seems. Who the hell wants to be IP like she does, pure attention seeker posting up pics from her ambulance trip. Someone like that a liability and waste of tax payers money when fine.

No. 1743740

Seriously, it's obviously Colours trying to bring attention back on herself. We all know she didn't kill herself, stop giving the self posting retard the validation of debating whether shes ~hIgH rIsK~

No. 1743748

Because anachan cows come here to anonymously do their jealous seething at sicker cows who get more medical attention. Colours is just the most obvious samefagger, but there are a bunch of them in here. If it wasn’t obvious anachans are just munchies with extra steps, and IP is the shiny brass ring these psychos are all competing for.

No. 1743752

all these anachan cows have multiple accounts posting same shit to them all, love the attention of posting from ambulance

No. 1743760

She's so odd and lacks the tiniest bid of personality what in the world

No. 1743762

Oh god I forgot about that phrase lol

No. 1743765

Correct me if I'm wrong but she would've lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight if she really ate <300 calories a day for 7 weeks

No. 1743770

File: 1673632378094.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x2084, 1696A7ED-270E-42B6-B38B-9574DB…)

She keeps claiming she was abused so bad she has “PTSD” that prevents her from going back to the hospital if she needs it. Gives Zara vibes of making excuses to not get help while rolling out recovery advice

No. 1743771

File: 1673632449174.jpeg (330.89 KB, 1170x1989, 59347103-36D4-4340-B923-B561F7…)

Also the smirk as she posts a tiny achievement after being in recovery for a year is so telling

No. 1743779

What's all that bullshit about CAMHS abusing them and causing them PTSD? Do they seriously expect to regularly scream and yell and literally throw food and stuff at the workers and not be penalized? I get that the workers act unprofessionally sometimes but very few people have the capacity to stand still with their mouth shut while someone is verbally and/or physically abusing them all because they're doing their job at trying to save the cows' lives. The nerve and ungratefulness of these bitches is astonishing. They put themselves in these facilities with their own actions. Disorder or not, it's their own fault and the only reason they're being held under strict rules is because they're lucky enough to have caring parents trying to save them

No. 1743822


Yeh my expectations of that place are low so checks out, I think i just missed that

No. 1743848

She's back to posting to her account; so obviously didn't an hero. She got a few hours of attention from overworked and desperately stretched A&E staff, i'm assuming whined about the mean boolies (who she is equally one of if not more spiteful) and was probably booted. Imagine the police going through her account with her post about 'look at lolcow they did this', and then you bump in to the endless posts alogging. I wish i could find out if she managed to get an ambulance in under 7-12 hours, been seeing people's grandparents not being able to get needed ambu rides due to the wait and she's probably contributed, might have killed someone - good job! BPDfags fuck me off sometimes, as much as they bring keks.

No. 1743850

Police would have a field day on her account amount of trolling she does, bullying others, innocent healthcare staff, injunction on her therapist in Canada bet shes relieved shes left the country and not coming back. Can't believe shes posted up pics of her little trip in ambulance, talk about look at me and entitlement!

No. 1743852

No. 1743964

File: 1673647155668.png (1.82 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230113-094526.png)

No. 1743968

what is the deal with all the recent drive-by posting of new people without any description/explanation.

No. 1743971

dont know why such post scream self post to me

No. 1743973

especially since if you go look at the bio of that private account, it's clear that person has bpd and is probably pretty attention seeking aka prime self-poster

No. 1744012

so she was only anorexic for 7 weeks? kek

No. 1744058

Are you kidding me? I've had lots of IV/blood draw issues but never once has it been where it's necessary to use a butterfly needle for an IV. Tinfoil: she cried pain wolf.

No. 1744229

File: 1673665377470.jpeg (609.53 KB, 750x1119, 10BBE2B5-C830-4564-A76A-2108D4…)

Sure, that’s what you’re showing off

No. 1744283

File: 1673669105185.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2015, A8399724-8973-40CF-8FD1-C78699…)

She’s a complete psycho. It’s milky but also obvious colours is living for the attention so kinda hate giving her the satisfaction. But her obsession is both horrifying and hilarious.

No. 1744286

File: 1673669617724.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1963, F1CB32F8-A515-45B7-9549-30A654…)

The twins have been cows forever. I’m just hoping the ganer/katy crossover event happens.

No. 1744358

i love how quirky and non-conforming to the ed community rules she is, what a true rebel

No. 1744359

It definitely is, nonna

No. 1744361

Cardio sounds appropriate, yes

No. 1744415

It's one person posting multiple people if you look at their phone icons. Either they're a newfag or they're posting themselves/friends/vendetta but failing.

No. 1744430

File: 1673689138004.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20230114-093709.png)

han is the bestest anorexic

No. 1744467

File: 1673696380016.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3222x3222, 6BC6831E-B6F9-49EA-94E3-1DE6B8…)

Cassie update. She’s an attention seeking piece of shit and cares only about herself still. She went back to acute. Failed again. She deleted me. She had to be peg tube fed & stayed on the picc line. Then I lost access bc she went on a deleting spree. Idk how long she stayed. If they can’t fix you, go ahead and die. This sick bitch is still a bad influence on her daughter. It’s disgusting her arm is smaller than her kids hand. The veins had started popping out of her. It was fucking sick. Money can’t fix trauma. Her husband is a pos enabler. Nothings changed. She made this group where she’s the admin & shares all her triggering stuff. I lost access, but maybe someone else can get in. As far as I know she didn’t go back to ig. She just closef off to fb with the same old bs as always. Nothings her fault. Poor her. The center failed me.

No. 1744472

…. Is it just me or does this sound suspiciously like colours?

No. 1744480

Sounds like a vendetta to me, but I’ll take it. I miss the old cows.

No. 1744500

EC would win for sure.

No. 1744504

EC looks like trash as always.

No. 1744512

File: 1673702366799.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3222x3222, 121C1224-9C1C-4954-944C-D85D3C…)

What is it with anachan cows and their obnoxious oversharing? I swear so many of them have BPD/NPD and can’t help but share their “shocking” numbers for attention and pity pats

No. 1744516

File: 1673704098441.png (3.16 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230113-174846.png)

No. 1744533

ayrt Holy shit I needed that laugh, bless you nonnie. Such a fucking train wreck that woman.

No. 1744535

I have zero sympathy for someone who is willingly making themselves sick for attention. This bullshit enrages me to the core.

No. 1744555

Did colours account get deleted?

No. 1744559

I think so. It doesn’t come up anymore

No. 1744563

Na Colours won't have deleted her accounts shes still got abandoned_borderline_aspd_narc someone like that just can't help themselves and will constantly troll and bully others playing the victim card. I feel sorry for her parents.

No. 1744568

nope not deleted shes posted half an hr off her head thinking someones abusing and betraying her wtf can't hack someone calling her out it seems and attacking them.

No. 1744569

Why's Colours so defensive as fuck what the hell, a screw loose with that one, so what if you've gone to uni, athlete, still a nasty piece of work

No. 1744571

colours is cray cray, thank fuck shes outta Canada not sponging

No. 1744572

File: 1673711284306.jpeg (Spoiler Image,231.18 KB, 1511x1125, 2CAD6953-0E00-4ED1-8479-EFFF61…)

I wonder if this dance arc is her way of speeding up her eventual livestream death. Her makeup is very amateur mortician so she’s already prepped for the casket.

No. 1744573

How old is colours anyway, looks in her mid 50s with that haggard body mentality of a 10 year old. Thinks shes Gods gift or something, she ever looked in the mirror. No wonder shes got no friends u seen how she attacks them bet Renee was glad she got away when she did!

No. 1744574

If you're gona post up scrub out ur messages we can see youre called Laura

No. 1744580

Colours what u done jobless would be homeless if it wasnt for your parents bullying kids u dont deserve jackshit for just sitting on ur arse all day at best running who gives a fuck

No. 1744583

whose abusing u colours

No. 1744586

silly cow scrubs her name plays voicemail that says her name is laura milky

No. 1744592

Isn’t she like 25? Why do anorexics still have a relationship with their parents like they’re children?

No. 1744593

Any Laura Ingram updates?

No. 1744600

What is it about the name laura and going cray cray

No. 1744623

File: 1673715488282.jpeg (806.7 KB, 1170x1379, 46054219-8BC8-4601-AEDA-886943…)

This made me laugh so ugly kek

No. 1744626

Laura and Laurens are peak pick me nutjobs

No. 1744634

This is bothering me now. Colours is shitting up the thread with self-posting and arguing with herself. It's blatant in some posts like >>1744573. Was going to ask about something but won't bother since realizing it's just her creating her own drama to stroke her own e-dick.

No. 1744640

"juicy jiggly ass"

No. 1744672

Pls this is so funny

No. 1744674

These threads have been shit tier since You Know Who showed up to milk her own lacto free nuts all over the place. 10 disorders and still can't be interesting, kek.

No. 1744676

File: 1673719366210.jpg (77.3 KB, 492x567, IMG_20230114_180040.jpg)

Wake up babe, new Laura dancing video just dropped

No. 1744677

File: 1673719404226.jpg (167.61 KB, 787x1300, Screenshot_2023-01-14-17-58-17…)

No. 1744678

why's she dressed like Rey from star wars in right pic?

No. 1744693

She actually looks kind of cute kek

No. 1744724

Kek you ain't wrong there.
Those are the most lifeless eyes I have ever seen in a human being, holy shit.

No. 1744729

Laura was a mere "Borderline" case, but quickly became a victim of social contagion. If she'd stayed away from the internet and started copying behaviours she sees that make the consultants believe she has schizophrenia or w/e, she wouldn't be in this state. Those anti psychotics have truly fucked her up and she (probably) didn't even need them.

No. 1744765

Wait is her roommate an elderly man? Lol wtf, it's like a setup to a sitcom or something

No. 1744768

Samefag nvm she's in a hospital, I thought she was flatmates with an elderly man, it's not as funny now

No. 1744775

File: 1673726511233.jpg (115.11 KB, 1255x721, pencilnik.JPG)

If anyone ever wonders how old Pencil Nik's recovery is going, although his "recovery" account was deleted, looks like it's going just great.
I miss a male presence on this thread and it's not like Hayden counts.

No. 1744783

Omg I fucking needed that laugh. It’s stuff like this that makes me think ec is some kind of devil child, how on earth do her parents let her do this shit?? So cursed

No. 1744787

The funniest thing about that was literally no one here told her to harm herself in any way whatsoever, and she was like "look what lolcow did! now they've killed a person!" lol what a shitshow

No. 1744823

File: 1673729745189.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2010, D7118320-6F3F-4578-8EFA-839D88…)

Bpd cows seem to get hospitalized the most for their Ed

No. 1744825

You think anyone cares about colours (Laura) lets face it taking photos in back of ambulance and posing in mirror shows its pure attention seeking then pretending to be dead. Now shes hating again on others AGAIN yawn boring

No. 1744834

Holy shit she's dumpier than I expected.

No. 1744849

looking as gay and pencil-necky as ever

No. 1744869

I'm surprised at that really if that's true, I'd have thought the hospitalizations are more for the self-injury etc, you don't always get ED treatment as you're "too complex" if you have co-occurring issues along side your ED. Unless this is outside of the UK then hell knows. Some countries seem tube happy, so they're probably equally throw you in the looneybin happy too.

No. 1744897

Damn, I actually feel bad for her

No. 1744970

Feel sorry the antipsychotics caused her weight gain and shes been trolled by colours whose so fat phobic its unreal, shes not exactly "fit". Thank God shes not IP she'd go attacking everyone

No. 1744972

Anyone know the beef with Colours and Sophie?

No. 1744981

What the flying fuck is this, I haven't seen milk this good on here in a good while

No. 1744984

I was wondering what happened to her since she relapsed yet again and made her accounts private. Also, does anyone have access to her friend Elia's account? She was right in the middle of a relapse when her tiktok disappeared and I was wondering if she made a new one

No. 1744987

She's in Switzerland I believe

No. 1744992

>>1744472 if Canada's so great why isn't Laura Colours back there

No. 1744996

Colours a wanna be ana now

https://www.instagram.com/p/CnZW6outoyV/?hl=en(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1744998

Oooh disgusting

No. 1745001

Elia’s account is now elxa.flxra2 she just posted a tiktok about being basically recovered

No. 1745004

No. 1745010

Stop fucking posting her, Jesus Christ. Don't give her any attention.

No. 1745025

Posting insta links instead of screenshots to an imageboard to keep that traffic flowing, huh.

No. 1745035

We can’t even see the posts, she deleted her account or it got taken down

No. 1745036

life's so hard when you get the attention that you beg for

No. 1745045

File: 1673745435339.jpeg (277.98 KB, 1170x2372, D9150032-EF95-4E4D-8219-91F170…)

I know this person has been mentioned once on here a while ago, but every time I see her post eating videos on her story I get to wondering how she is compensating. She hasn’t gained a single pound since she started her account in April, and she is lying to all her followers that she is recovering because it doesn’t take that long to put on even a few pounds if she is eating what she is saying she is eating.

No. 1745048

this stuff highlights more than ever the abysmal state of care for ED. how is treatment, IP no less, focused on getting a thin person obese? where's the intervention or management plan for that whole new set of health problems? we can all google the healthy weight range for any height and this ain't it. feel terrible whenever i see a new photo of her, this has gotta be abuse somewhere

No. 1745050

laura is very clearly not being primarily treated for an ed. She's in an incredibly locked down acute unit and I would bet that they treat any eating disorder behaviors as part of her other mental illness (i.r., attention seeking from bpd, etc)

ED treatment is terrible, but she's definitely well into another system by now

No. 1745065

File: 1673747381154.jpeg (959.79 KB, 1170x1640, 16C0DBE1-CED7-4206-B8EC-F18542…)

Obviously not trying to show off the “bargain”

No. 1745078

File: 1673748600466.png (371.86 KB, 473x484, Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 8.09…)

Emily continues to uh get more bold with her fashion choices

No. 1745107

Why the fuck does he have yaoi hands tho? I guess he’s the jack Skellington to EC’s Jackie. They should hang out. They can lifelessly dance together in ill-fitting cosplay. I’m picturing a bad Cloud wig on him and her garbage Tifa. DDR battle to the death.

No. 1745110

Clown hag is pretty in vogue right now, tbh.

No. 1745111

File: 1673751414029.gif (349.05 KB, 200x153, B8C7B7E3-7972-467E-89F8-AB0874…)

No. 1745112

kek, that's fair, maybe I'm just showing my age. I'm happy for her if she's happy anyway, just find it a bit funny.

No. 1745129

File: 1673753819488.jpeg (590.05 KB, 828x1282, 90EDD1AD-4642-4BF5-8095-E39DCB…)

Samefag but here’s Ham’s scars. I know they get brought up again and again but it’s worth seeing that she put her cuts on the outside of her arms where they would be most visible and not as close to something harmful that could lead to an actual bad result.

No. 1745138

File: 1673755744037.png (829.04 KB, 1077x2297, Screenshot_20230113-085154~2.p…)

No. 1745139

hello anon who posts people who've never been mentioned before with no description/text and is instantly recognizable because of their phone icons

No. 1745140

Remembering how Kara gave herself away by posting a picture with her profile with her nick vendetta still makes me laugh. HA.
Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these posts are just chii and her vendettachans kek

No. 1745144

The most annoying part about this anon is that the screenshots have literally nothing pro-ana in them. Like, how the fuck is this related?

No. 1745183

She went so dead behind the eyes. Like it took a lot out of her and she was light headed sort of. Creepy.

No. 1745206

Reeks of self post
Chii is one of those horrible people who pretend to be an angel but horrible to others. I think there was a post about her commenting shit on happy.gut Sofia's posts.. rip.
The duality of kays accounts is um interesting?

No. 1745211

Do you think she's gonna manage to become a spoop again?

No. 1745214

Can you stop posting this dumb bitch Ham? Clearly never had anorexia and is not interesting whatsoever. Stop giving her attention omg????(sage your shit omg)

No. 1745218

maybe when you learn to sage and integrate

No. 1745244

File: 1673770491820.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20230113-080834~2.p…)

No. 1745245

File: 1673770521858.png (1.78 MB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20230113-082441~2.p…)

No. 1745246

File: 1673770554679.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1946, Screenshot_20230113-083855~2.p…)

No. 1745247

File: 1673770580105.png (878.03 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20230113-083941~2.p…)

No. 1745248

File: 1673771103398.jpg (470.46 KB, 1080x2161, Screenshot_20230115_082401_Ins…)

Kek. As if?

Zara claims to have struggled with binging

No. 1745250

I'm just happy to see her healthy and without that massive bandage on her noggin, she looks awesome good for her

No. 1745251


Fuck off newfag
Or at least sage and caption your dumb vendetta rants

No. 1745252

Very possible to have anorexia b/p especially when you reach an extremely low bmi. Possibly binged then took vomited, took laxatives or fasted/restricted the next day etc. not surprised. But in this case it would be more of reacting eating than binging.

No. 1745253

Apparently Nikol is traveling to starve. Anyone think she will get out of this binge cycle and go back to ana?

No. 1745254

rocking that Tweedledum look

No. 1745259

You know, using a unique font on your phone makes it really fucking obvious which posts are yours on the anonymous message board. Are you doing it on purpose or have you really not noticed in the last half a dozen threads?

No. 1745271

she looks like a cross-dresser trans

No. 1745275

Not sure about that one, unless they've had reconstruction surgery (even then) it's hard not to tell someone is a troon or not. She looks like a woman, just a very gaudily dressed one. But as >>1745250 said, it's much better than being a head banging nutter.

No. 1745300

It's just the makeup, trannies wish they had her shoulder to hip ratio and titties

No. 1745312

this is an image board, post pictures

No. 1745323

File: 1673780064225.png (423.52 KB, 431x717, Screen Shot 2023-01-15 at 4.52…)

kek that Darcy was mentioned once almost two weeks ago but felt the need to post this to try bring it back up

No. 1745340

File: 1673781941233.jpeg (206.83 KB, 828x1307, E563A400-3180-49EE-9A0A-A4D017…)

No. 1745392

Nta but this is a pretty common font. I also haven't seen this font in any threads earlier than 88

No. 1745405

She’s always said she never struggled with it ffs keep to your story kek

No. 1745414

Is that where that caze_bruin guy lives or whatever his name is?

No. 1745438

No and he isn't an ana fetishist. His friend died of anorexia

No. 1745448

File: 1673798623521.jpeg (994.21 KB, 1170x1712, 11EFC844-DB51-41BF-A9E9-F35CAA…)

She doesn’t really look horrible just disheveled and stressed

No. 1745459

Well this did happen to her before so there's a chance she'll go back to restriction

No. 1745474

I can't believe I'm saying this but she's screaming for help in her own horrible way and I kind of feel bad for her. She's the definition of being in the lowest of lows and her actions and sheer look in her eyes show it so clearly. She's one of the milkiest cows we've had and she's also one of the truest anas of all the cows. She couldn't pass as faking/exaggerating if she tried. Compared to han (random example of another unredeemable case), nicol's life seems to be going roughly 12 times worse

No. 1745475

r u ok anon?? LOL

No. 1745483

Blows my mind though how some of these cows reach bmi 18.5+ through forced recovery, extreme hunger, binging, etc… yet manage to relapse to extremely low bmis again. How are they not impatient? Does their life just revolve around relosing all the weight they gained?

No. 1745492

You can’t really force someone into inpatient care so long as they’re not harming others/wreaking legitimate havoc via their disorder, so most of these attention seeking mousey anachans do sort of get left to do this for as long as they want, similarly to Lucinda

No. 1745493

Havent their been cows who have literally fucked their friends dads and sold videos of it? I feel like this isn’t the “lowest of the low”cows we’ve seen

No. 1745507

Why does she act like she’s so above everyone

No. 1745508

Sure, but combined with the typing style and the people she's always posting, it's the same person.

No. 1745513

My friend was forced into inpatient care twice what are you on about? And she isn't a minor

No. 1745518


Not sure why some here still have such a hate boner for her. She is annoying, but this pic is the most normal not Ana pic ever.

No. 1745536

She is such a cunt who has no clue about life

No. 1745547

Eh she’ll probably become an-bp despite her emetophobia

No. 1745560

She's gonna die if she tries… I'm surprised she hasn't collapsed yet with all that her body's been thru.
I mean there's a reason chili's nose is so big … The Pinocchio story has some truth to it. Also who has 14k grand just lying around.
Different in different countries . Hell even states in the US

No. 1745562

How will she die if she tries? She will have to get to a kinda low bmi before that happens no?

No. 1745563

Saging but Eugenia Cooney got way worse than her and managed to lose again and here she is still alive

No. 1745573

I'm going to have to disagree on that one, Han consistently bodychecks in that way.

No. 1745579

Lol I think you’re referring to Nika and agree that she kind wins the category of lowest. She was (is??) a dumpster fire.

No. 1745585

I can't believe I forgot about that, yikes

No. 1745599

File: 1673819130720.png (1.46 MB, 942x1450, Screen Shot 2023-01-15 at 3.44…)

kek that either this treatment center is only full of fat ana larpers or she went out of her way to befriend the other fat kid

No. 1745629

Birds of a feather flock together after all.

No. 1745631

Nude clothes are a mistake.

No. 1745660

I mean Eugenia isn't binging… Nikol is going from two extremes. And binging does hurt the body

No. 1745686

All I know, at least in the state that I live in, is that as long as you’re not harming others through starving yourself, threatening to directly kill yourself, or threatening to harm others/cause mass harm they can’t lock you up against your will. It’s not against the law to be anorexic kek. Chances are your friend wasn’t “forced” (unless she was raising hell in some way) she just wasn’t ready to admit that she wanted help.

No. 1745690

it varies dramatically from state to state and country to country. There are some states where it is famously much easier to involuntarily admit/treat anorexic patients (Colorado, Minnesota, etc). I don't understand why it's so hard for people to realize that laws vary so much that their experience is not going to be universal.

Also, learn to sage already so your blog posting is a shade less obviously you.

No. 1745715

>isn't an ana fetishist
>follows hundreds of emaciated women on IG
>literally met up with an emaciated teen to likely encourage her to starve further and take pictures…

ok caze, whatever you say KEK.

No. 1745809

File: 1673838007054.jpeg (Spoiler Image,766.46 KB, 1170x1324, 26D08CC1-ECB6-449A-8EDB-0970AE…)

Pic dump incoming of current Nikol, some I’m gonna spoiler but most are pretty harmless. I have a feeling that the rash on her tummy likely ain’t from a hot water bottle anymore

No. 1745810

Lol this tho. Like 7000 ana accounts including EC. Yeah, he follows them for moral support.

No. 1745811

File: 1673838161029.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1170x2015, 21736B0E-6FF0-4355-916F-67C431…)

(1/4) she could just be getting rosacea or having some kind of skin reaction from all the shit she’s been putting in her body

No. 1745814

File: 1673838308042.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 1170x2111, 66B4248B-2D03-4E21-AB4E-8118B2…)

This one is frightening ngl. Her intestines can’t be in good shape…

No. 1745815

File: 1673838332615.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x1570, AA6CD1D6-CB9B-49DC-A21B-521EE5…)

The thread could use some positivity so I present our feral child N2f. She is doing well, having odd food concoctions among some normal-ish stuff and having fun with the bf.

No. 1745816

File: 1673838486922.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1170x2137, CDAE7A15-3815-407F-8E3B-E65B54…)

No. 1745817

her whole outfit and everything is so incredibly british looking im kekking, I only ever pass by this thread so i've never heard her speak but she's gotta be british right

No. 1745819

File: 1673838705011.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1985, 3A7F5E3D-483C-4F1C-B14E-E9AF3F…)

Here’s how she’s looking currently. So fascinating how despite the weight gain she’s still just as malnourished and still has only half her eyebrows kek

No. 1745825

She's a national treasure.

No. 1745826

wait i’m actually confused how nikol binges as much as she claims every day but still seems underweight (except for her stomach)? or has she not been binging for thst long

No. 1745856

not to wk but i believe she tears them out in relation to her OCD

No. 1745859

She was a spoop not that long ago, the binging has been 1-2 months iirc

No. 1745878

She needs to see a fucking doctor already. The more her stomach gets swollen, the more likely she has a blockage and could actually die.

No. 1745880

If that were to happen she would've died at her lw not now

No. 1745952

i had a dream i made a website, iseugeniacooneydeadyet.com

in my dream i had some diet ads on the site lol, i justified it by telling my partner that anyone asking that question is either in recovery or normal/fat (obviously this is just dream bullshit)

No. 1745953

this is so wrong, a blockage is not dependent on your weight.

No. 1745958

File: 1673857832106.jpeg (224.33 KB, 1170x1427, 6C4080F1-C6DC-44B8-BE56-761CA6…)

No. 1745959

What the actual fuck

No. 1745961

Everything about Ham screams "sheltered child lashing out for attention" so much that I feel bad for her parents. Her mental illness/ana larp started during her parents divorce and that has always sat wrong with me, like she's emulating a Jacqueline Wilson character.

No. 1745975

It also greatly depends on one's body. Eugenia's is extraordinarily durable given how many years she's managed to stay extremely spoopy without dying while there are people who start purging out of nowhere and their hearts give out after two months of being bulimic even if they're at a healthy weight.

No. 1745977

Given that she went from not eating barely anything in months or longer to severe binging, I would be surprised if her brain physically explodes at some point. Her poor poor body

No. 1745978

I hope he's as nice and harmless as he looks

No. 1745979

She seems to be around bmi 18-18.5 now. I used to think she hasn't gained enough from all the binging but considering the fact that she was bmi 11-13 (i don't know exactly) just a few months ago, it all checks out

No. 1745981

She was bmi 10. Now she is bmi 21

No. 1745985

To help her starve or what?

No. 1745986

Markiplier was a healthy weight when he had intestinal blockages following eating a large quantity of food and wound up in hospital. It's not weight specific, and all sort of complications can happen at any weight - especially when it comes to tears when the body hasn't fully healed from the crap you've done to it previously.

No. 1745987

Nikol is trying to become a spoop again though. Do you think she'll be able to?

No. 1745992

how many times do you need to be told to learn to sage

No. 1746002

I honestly don't care. I think it would be far more interesting for one of the larpers to become a spoop, it's pretty unremarkable for the ana cows to lose weight.

No. 1746012

No, she will not. She has clearly developed BED. Also, fucking sage your shit please

No. 1746013

I know she's said previously she never struggled with binging, but I'd be more inclined to believe this. The majority of anas who are as spoopy as Zara got do end up binging/reactive eating, particularly at night. She was clearly purging or compensating somehow though.

No. 1746016

considering the state of her teeth, i would bet on the fact that she purges/was a purger

No. 1746026

She can go back to AN like she went to BED

No. 1746028

Yeah especially considering how many spoops relapse after fully regaining weight

No. 1746030

write sage in the email field next time you make a post PLEASE

No. 1746031

The more you flip flop though, the worse your body becomes. It's why people like eugenia go for so long, it's not a constant up and down with them. It's a gradual decline. She's done partial weight restoration once, but that's it. Didn't nikol rapidly weight gain last year too? I've been away for a while and by sounds she was a low weight again near the end of this year? I cringe any time I think of tins of condensed milk now.

No. 1746034

Yeah but Eugenia did relapse. Doesn't make THAT much of a difference if she gained through binging or gradually, sure binging is more dangerous. But the effects on the body are the same. Nikol went through this AN to BED to AN before so who says she won't do it again? Girl is asking strangers to kidnap her. If she manages to find a way to restrict and lose she'll probably be able to continue with that. Not sure.

No. 1746038

Is it true that all extreme spoops go through a major reactive eating phase or b/p at some point? There's this one who had anorexia for like 16 years. Weight restored like 4+ times but managed to lose all the weight again. At some point she was like bmi 9 but she never said she overate… is that even possible or just ashamed? I can't remember her name exactly but I think she passed away :(

No. 1746039

Dear unsaging nonna, learn to sage or leave the page.

No. 1746040

I would be inclined to agree, and the "severe emetophobia" would be triggering in terms of binge/purge urges? The thing that pisses me off about Z is that one week she's "never struggled with binging" and the next "it's something she really struggled with particularly at night"
And then "anorexia made my hair fall out" to "it's just stress"
She's so fucked in the head and I hate She's writing motivational posts when she can't even follow her own advice

No. 1746042

The fuzzy jacket, the crop top with the leopard bra showing, the fact they both looked stoned to absolute fuck, peak n2f and I'm loving it. Good for her

No. 1746043

I guess it's true but then how do many relapse RIGHT after being discharged?

No. 1746046

I know eugenia lapsed, hence my comment. I don't think you understand. It's inherently more dangerous to cycle with rapidly losing and gaining weight than to do it gradually. And the more you do it, the older you get, the less your body is going to tolerate the extreme changes. It's why you see people that seemed otherwise well dropping like flies once they hit late 20's to 30's.

No. 1746047

What do you mean by seemed otherwise? Like the ones who never regained weight and kept it off for a long period of time? And yeah I noticed deaths caused by anorexia come around early 20s to late 20s, max 30. Is there a specific reason as to why it's this age?

No. 1746051


No. 1746052

There is a support thread on /g/, don't look for advice or sympathy from the cow boards.

No. 1746054

Figured that's why I deleted. Thank you anon

No. 1746059

I don't think it's a blockage or her stomach bloat. IIRC when you rapidly gain weight from a very low bmi the fat tends to collect around the belly area first and after a while it evens out on the rest of the body

No. 1746060

As they literally said, once you get older your body can't handle the rapid eating//not eating cycles. 20s is usually when your metabolism slows down anyway, so yeah..

No. 1746068

But if the metabolism slows down that means they should have a greater chance of being alive no? Since the food won't burn off as quickly

No. 1746079

Late to this but holy shit
>I have moved a bed into her room and even go into the bathroom with her when she goes to the toilet
Is she out of her fucking mind, she was watching her daughter shit because of a few shallow cuts to the back of her forearm? Jfc no wonder Hannah thinks she was such a serious case of ana/self harm. Her mom treated her like a fucking nutter. Probably like 1/4 or even 1/3 of teenagers self harm once or twice at this point. What an overreaction. Just get her into therapy, talk to her, check her bathroom and bedroom for razor blades if you must but I feel like with most 17 year olds treating them like a convict with no privacy would just make the problem worse. Poor Hannah, I'd be bashing my fucking head into walls if my mom tried pulling that shit with me at 17.

No. 1746081

File: 1673880048702.png (216.93 KB, 884x881, Screenshot (17120).png)

Uhhh nona, am I just inept when it comes to facebook or is your profile photo an old ass man?

No. 1746083

We obviously can't say for certain that it happens to ALL extreme spoops but it does happen to the vast majority, yes. They don't admit it through shame and also the competitive nature of the illness making them feel that binging/reactive eating means they'll lose their "top ana" spot (this is clearly why both Han and Zara have lied about it). They don't realise that it doesn't speak to the severity of their illness at all, but rather to the fact that the body has an incredible drive to survive and WILL override the anorexic brain at a certain point.

No. 1746096

Is it just me or does that look like Henry Roth (vk fetish perv)

No. 1746100

File: 1673882911631.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x2076, 89A4F561-1CE0-4121-A2DF-65B691…)

Looks like her “shocking” obs didn’t even keep her at hospital that long

No. 1746105

Oh god please no, please tell me I'm not farming alongside some old ass scrote failure who spends his time online stalking anachans. The optimist in me says maybe it's a fake profile used to infiltrate the fb group, but even that would be weird the nona didn't use a woman as a profile pic and not a man.

No. 1746106

The way the shirt is positioned so her collarbones pop lmao

No. 1746111

Gonna be very honest this is a huge toss up for me? I feel like the logical part of my brain is saying “it’s just a really smart catfish don’t worry” and then the more logical part is saying “do you really think grown men don’t stalk and post on lolcow”

No. 1746114

is the lump on the side of her abdomen a rib or an intestinal blockage/hemorrhaging? these photos are scary. she needs medical assistance.

No. 1746115

It would be very very very ignorant to think men not only post in this thread but also use it as a masturbation tool. Same can be said for the whole site.

No. 1746116

Am I on drugs or is the site literally mirrored

No. 1746118

Just enter original.lolcow.farm into the search bar. I have no idea why it’s like that today

No. 1746120

Thank you for reminding me of this I’m gonna go vomit now

No. 1746121

not a medfag but that rash on her stomach looks like hemorrhaging.

No. 1746124

Well, at least she's got one bf. Good for her.
Let 'em have all fun and joy in the world.

No. 1746125

Thank you, it broke my brain lol.

No. 1746126

This is brilliant

No. 1746133

And if everything else goes wrong, she can sell her huge ass forehead for ads.

No. 1746139

Has there been any instances of nikol lurking here? given how much she wants people to criticise her weight gain surely she would love reading this site

No. 1746157

File: 1673889440610.png (1.18 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230116-030439.png)

No. 1746164

Guessing she didn't aim to land heads first, seen an oddly impressive suicidal flip on another site, met their end efficiently from a buildings over door thing. Falls from that short normally aren't fatal unless you fall wrongly.. or well, rightly.

No. 1746170

I think you guys are forgetting about male psychiatrists here. Who plague the NHS and other health services across the globe. A particularly nasty species of moid that loves to diagnose every woman they "treat" with BPD - the modern day equivalent to the 1800's hysterical woman. I'm not saying the cows aren't hysterical BPD freaks though, of course.

No. 1746233

What's proana milk about this

No. 1746248

Looks more like bruises from punching her stomach or "burns" from a hot water bottle. The latter is the more probable

No. 1746252

>>1746157 did she break a toenail

No. 1746277

you do realise that disordered behaviours like restriction, binging, purging etc can result in death at any weight, right? People aren't protected from dying simply because they aren't a spoop. cycles of losing and gaining weight, especially at such a fast right, but huge strain on the body, and the way she's binging, she is at risk of blockages or stomach perforations which have the. potential to be deadly, regardless of her weight.

No. 1746296

Scraping the bottom on my memory here but I think, she does? I believe there’s caps a few threads back of her implying on Twitter (or maybe it was a story post when she kept deactivating and reactivity her insta?) that her “stalker” posts her.

No. 1746299

File: 1673905019428.jpeg (99.48 KB, 828x994, 4D1994B5-880C-48A7-99C6-128EFF…)

Surprised they’re not cancelling her.. yet

No. 1746310

I know she binges a crazy amout but is she not shitting either? The fact that her stomach just keeps getting bigger and bigger is wild

No. 1746331

Top kek, if you don’t know this you should.

No. 1746350

Well this is creepy

No. 1746406

File: 1674057197773.png (5.3 MB, 1170x2532, 238B6B1B-CE1D-4CFE-B1CE-E2C83C…)

Laura’s gotta remind everyone that she’s still super sick. The only thing unwell with her is her raging BPD. Even in the first picture she wasn’t underweight.

No. 1746419

little girl, your profile picture is showing

No. 1746422

File: 1674058614191.png (8.53 KB, 85x85, uggo.png)

No. 1746429

Nonnie she was obviously underweight before, your insecurities are showing. As is your pfp

No. 1746446

look at those saggy neck rolls you can see in that tiny image, do you put twinkies directly into your tendons? needs some qua sha on those turkey folds

No. 1746469

In what universe is that first picture not underweight?

No. 1746470

Why do all anachan femcels look this plain, old and manly

No. 1746480

Being malnourished ages you.

No. 1746488

nayrt but she was hardly wasting away there

No. 1746512

Anyone know this cow? kek. Looks familiar - but then again there's that weird generic look, especially with hairlines, top pulled to the side to show off collar too. This is the reason why i find the PA thread so funny, some farmers are just looking in the mirror.
Not underweight? You need to get your eyes checked bone rattler ana chan.

No. 1746518

help u forgot to crop your pfp out babe

No. 1746547

File: 1674068043090.png (1.55 MB, 859x858, ham.PNG)

Ham posed as a fetish model in case her anorexic viewers were debating recovery

No. 1746588

Funny that she chose to cut herself on her hands and outside of her forearms…

No. 1746591

Anachans vibes are matching colours'

No. 1746593

File: 1674071227957.jpg (312.14 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20230118-110649_Twi…)

I'm new to these threads but got morbidly curious about what's going on with this Nikkole girl. She looks 8 months pregnant now after binging nonstop for ~2 months

No. 1746602

i’m genuinely so worried for nikol. She needs to get medical attention asap. That amount of bloating + the bruises is not a good sign

No. 1746603


No. 1746694

"she wasn't underweight" kek, go back to mpa

No. 1746744

Okay but to be honest, yeah, she's probably morbidly obese in the eyes of an anachan, how is showing this body to a bunch of recovering (?) anorexics helpful?

No. 1746760

What are the odds that she's actually pregnant… (probably 0 but one can only imagine)

No. 1746765

No but like FOR REAL. How has her stomach not just ruptured already? This stuff scares me more than the super spoops I think I’m worried she’s straight up gonna explode

No. 1746870

Did anyone catch up on the Russian soldier trad wife EDtwt drama today? Very milky

No. 1747055

To be fair, a fair few farmers are probably just like that ana-chan. It's just they don't get caught out, other than the newfags who openly declare their bmi/seethe story or alogging. It's why i always get a few keks out of outings and reveals, granted we've not had anything on shay & porgie level for a while. To me that was funny as fuck.

No. 1747079

To be fair, a fair few farmers are probably just like that ana-chan. It's just they don't get caught out, other than the newfags who openly declare their bmi/seethe story or alogging. It's why i always get a few keks out of outings and reveals, granted we've not had anything on shay & porgie level for a while. To me that was funny as fuck.

No. 1747169

Kinda looks like Cece to me, kek.

No. 1747171

Imageboard babe.

No. 1747880


No. 1747917

Stg I couldn’t access this for the past few days

No. 1747919

File: 1674090956806.jpeg (347.68 KB, 1170x1433, CCB5993B-D557-4A3D-84AE-03C800…)

I can’t see if anyone else has posted this but here’s a Nikol update

No. 1747921

Ham has the face of a 45 year old bar matron

No. 1747924


it's like 15 posts above you

No. 1747925

File: 1674091249643.jpeg (1017.52 KB, 1170x1959, B7F4E82C-6D5F-41F0-A99F-3AF3C0…)

Love how she throws some Ed recovery fundraiser party while bragging about her low blood pressure and making sure we see how skinny she is despite totally recovering… yeah the people on this site are called bad people but a lot of the cows are too

No. 1747928

Ok well I didn’t see it because the website is still unbearably slow and not loading images or jump buttons so now we have 2

No. 1747929

File: 1674091705694.jpeg (302.05 KB, 1170x2118, 15E70F79-9E81-4A74-B1FB-7F21E1…)

Seems like she’ll never figure out how to body check less obviously

No. 1747931

Do you have a job, nevefag? There’s not really anything lactic about her

No. 1747935

File: 1674092472866.png (1.28 MB, 986x936, lily1.png)

Lily posted a tiktok calling out zara a couple days ago inb4 "vendetta" or "stop posting her!" I've posted her twice like months ago and I found this funny because it's about zara, eat my asshole

No. 1747936

File: 1674092603820.png (56.95 KB, 497x581, lily2.png)

Comments on the tiktok name Zara directly

No. 1747938

Who wears that to a fundraiser? I swear most of these girls don't know how to dress properly for an occasion lol, that's a club or late night dinner type shirt

No. 1747941

she only raised $900 kek so I feel like her "fundraiser" was probably just a gathering of friends/family?

No. 1747944

File: 1674093352303.jpg (91.2 KB, 1080x720, p_6817136217343121161566_4_c08…)

Holy shit I just checked this post on insta and look who I see in the 5th pic. Lol major cow crossover, glad to see she's recovered though she looks great

No. 1747974

Haha true. Ngl thinking you're one too.

No. 1747976

Damn Korey. Idk how she did it but anachan bloggers on here start taking notes.

No. 1747978

Just like a million of other teens on TikTok.

No. 1747980

Stomach rupture, nerve shock and that's gonna be the end of it all.

No. 1747982

along with a flabby belly, same age

No. 1747985

Yeah I almost didn't recognize her at first, she looks incredible. Her skin is glowing and the life returned to her eyes, and her hair looks adorable at that length. Good for her it's nice seeing old cows recovered and doing well

No. 1747987

What a hypocrite it really gets me. So smug like she's single-handedly making a hugeeee difference

No. 1748024

File: 1674103866677.jpeg (685.79 KB, 1170x1844, 7CE6E544-80F6-455C-B25C-24D493…)

Sometimes she posts her conversations with this troon and its kind of funny

No. 1748039

This is just disturbing af

No. 1748097

For some reason i think i can hear a Tilly rattling in the distance. I remember her saying how Korey was on drugs, doing xyz, when she herself was the one drugged up. Korey's looking great, nice to see a cow actually doing better for once.

No. 1748118

wow, I totally forgot about Korey. Vanishing from social media seems to have been really good for her - I hope she's doing as well as it looks.

No. 1748127


meanwhile Tillys still looking shit (admittedly not as bad during her meth-head stage), still on a vendetta against Im_Powering, and still lying about her own recovery ands sperging about pro-recovery bullshit.

No. 1748129

File: 1674129077648.png (Spoiler Image,504.2 KB, 996x906, uh.png)

Nikol posting her old nudes kek later in the video she straight up flashes her tits (idk if I should be posting that here so here's a less explicit part)

No. 1748133

File: 1674129618502.png (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1042x1047, nip.PNG)


im posting it because im not a fkn pussy and shes posting it publicly so why not share it here?
its for the benefit of mankind to document the species.

No. 1748139

>u won the internetz!
12-year-old scrote energy

No. 1748148

Are… are you the decrepit chalky scrote who posted the Ham mom fb screenshots? This has boomer vibes

No. 1748169

File: 1674134532291.jpg (585.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_2023-01-20_001919.j…)

Darcy suddenly going the spaghetti straps to show off those bones

No. 1748173

Oh my god, a woman has a titty

No. 1748184

It's probably the pro ana scote that posts here.

No. 1748187

For real like every time there's a reminder that crusty ana fetishist moids are lurking it starts making me suspicious of every post. Now I'm wondering if the Darcy poster above is a scrote for using the term "spaghetti straps" lol

No. 1748192

the term spaghetti straps for that is super common in my english language country, not a scrote thing fyi

No. 1748195

All i can see is some boring drama about someone creating a hate account towards "liliyarexic". And some shit about everyone pretending to be korean, and now pretending to be russian. That's time of my life i'll never get back. Which drama exactly are you on about? Twitter is filled with brain rot, and if you're not going to bring up caps to an imageboard or specifics it's probably not best to post.

No. 1748196

Lol I'm just playing nona I know, I'm just making a joke about how paranoid I get about moids lurking

No. 1748226

Just assume there are scrotes crawling all over this site. It's an imageboard that makes fun of obese women, anorexic women, sex workers etc. It's a great place for men with those fetishes to get wank material, and farmers do all the work to find, upload & compile it for them. Also they're men - they can't help flocking like annoying hungry dogs to any place where women congregate to speak among ourselves.

Thank you, that post was annoying. "DiD aNyOnE cAtCh uP oN" bring some milk or stfu.

No. 1748236

File: 1674146297505.jpeg (694.64 KB, 3222x3222, BF7B4EB5-0F60-464C-A071-A954AF…)

I can’t tell if this is just bizarre af or milky, but Darcy posted on her story a long video of her singing random ass dramatic musical theater lyrics (not even that good), as therapy???

No. 1748238

Is the filter an attempt at hiding that fivehead? No one come for me I have the same sized noggin lol

No. 1748262

File: 1674149163727.webm (1.88 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

That was some difficult cringe to sit through ngl, there's like 8 of them but I have to post this one because it made me laugh. She forgot the lyrics and does this overdramatic confused look into the distance lol

No. 1748264

File: 1674149388810.webm (1.33 MB, 720x1280, Untitled (1).webm)

Samefag but I'm posting one more, hope these are uploading properly. There's something so irritating about her but I can't put my finger on what it is exactly. I think maybe it's ego, like the way she acts gives the impression that she thinks she's just so talented and interesting, and the zoom in and smile at the end like she's the cutest thing ever when really it was just annoying and loud.

No. 1748283

Okay, this is some terminally online bullshit. You're inventing reasons to be outraged over literally nothing. Go outside.

No. 1748293

Calm down sperg, I said "not sure what it is that bothers me about her maybe it's a sense of ego I'm getting." You're the one who's terminally online if you took that post as "outrage." Get some life experience, talk to people, be less autistic and you'll be able to pick up on very basic things like ego as well.

No. 1748315


No. 1748343

Your forgetting you can still lose weight despite binging, weather it’s exercise or purging or as zara has said before chewing and spitting

No. 1748348

Eye spy Russell’s sign

No. 1748380

Chewing and spitting isn't binging? Is it??

No. 1748421

File: 1674166294217.png (275.07 KB, 1163x623, Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 5.11…)

I thnk the Russian military aesthetic is cool but this is just milky. I am so tired of people bringing politics into aesthetics and shitting it up

No. 1748424

File: 1674166380491.png (411.71 KB, 1209x1408, Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 5.05…)

No. 1748427

File: 1674166448301.png (1.03 MB, 1181x997, Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 5.08…)

No. 1748428

File: 1674166512745.png (385.04 KB, 1158x1238, Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 5.03…)

No. 1748429

"Snezhnaya" is not a real place, but a region in Genshin Impact that hasn't been released yet so this is interesting too (this person was involved in the drama).

No. 1748430

>Followed by Naya
Go back.

No. 1748431

File: 1674166732536.png (1.05 MB, 1169x1437, Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 5.14…)

No. 1748433

Looks like the typical coquette loser

No. 1748556

PSA: that korey chick is nearly as bad as that what’s-his-face Hornby dude on TikTok… they even look similar, they splurge about inclusivity and HAES and its a little too woke imo

No. 1748559

Can you post the tiktok accounts? I wanna see who you're talking about

No. 1748562

File: 1674183106531.jpeg (723.09 KB, 1376x1031, 999B5678-EA66-4032-B861-EF001D…)

This bitch

Also does anyone know what thread number korey showed up in?

No. 1748567

>I am so tired of people bringing politics into aesthetics and shitting it up
It's her personal account? Are you worried she's going to tarnish the coquette aesthetic or something? Who cares

No. 1748583

I’ve been digging way back to thread 1 for the beginning of N2F - I need to know her story fully.
Korey is mentioned in the very early threads. Within the first 3 I had come across her story.

No. 1748641

Ok so some bitch was being bitchy online, this is boring and not milky in the slightest. Reeks of vendettaposting but then so does a lot of this thread.

No. 1748732

Ah, so it was some pathetic drama and vague vendetta posting. Why did i waste my time even looking through the cesspool twitter? Was hoping i was just missing something. Ended up with edtwt herpes on my main account algorithm for nothing.

No. 1748836

File: 1674220246669.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-01-20-13-05-43…)

Have we discussed Enara (@enaralouise) before? Another obese Aussie claiming AN along with all other manner of physical and mental ailments. Has been tubed several times despite being the size of a house and is a frequent flyer at the hospital. A classic BPD munchie. Puts me in mind of Georgie Porgie. It's like Australia encourages this behaviour.

No. 1749013

Yes, and just like colours she's posted here before, let's not summon the freakshows please.

No. 1749151

As an Aussie I can confirm, Australia does not discriminate against anyone, even those who need discrimination like people faking heaps of mental illnesses or obese people with anorexia.

No. 1749195

Anon, I think Hayden might beg to differ.

No. 1749197

Hayden recently quit day program because they "couldn't keep him safe" from whatever the fuck he thinks the other patients are doing to him

No. 1749203

File: 1674261197262.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1104x1888, 35EFE4B9-2629-4FBC-9824-F2F2E7…)

Lukacorpse posting the same pics she always posts but calling it a “series” now. Im wondering if the rest of her house is just filled with hoarded clothes she never wears and the shower and stairs are the only untrashed parts of her house. Also I left the comment in cause it made me chuckle.

No. 1749409

from hayden's story when he doxed her, it sounded like she was still inpatient, so i wonder if shes out now, or if she's just been posting old pics. putting two and two together, hayden will have dropped out of day program because luka is crashing again, or is now in day program

No. 1749431

exactly my thought kek

No. 1749442

She does need to be discussed, she's another hospital addicted ED larper.

No. 1749456

I should relapse and be scary skinny again, imagine being occupied by all those numbers again(bait)

No. 1749463

Go to therapy anachan, no1currs here. Bloody attention seekers.