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File: 1512492741137.png (1.61 MB, 640x1136, 1511363243961.png)

No. 438253

Aly_sjourney, ex anorexic, ana queer, so feminist her rights have been lift by some men cause she is too WEAK (!) to do it

Previous thread:


>if you gaze long into mcdonalds, mcdonalds also gazes into you

>mcdonalds sued her for being more famous than ronald mcdonald
>sudoku i kill me
>i don't care about haters - i kill me brb
>psychiatrist didn't gave her meds, depression disappeared
>her ass saw so many tables thinks he's an mcnuggets
>face so hollow you can eclipse the sun with it

No. 438269

Oh, MATE. She's STILL wearing the chin highs. They haven't been washed. EVER.

No. 438270

(And thanks for the new thread, anon)

No. 438312

Damn OP this thread description reads like our dear Recovery Queer herself wrote it. Well done kek.

No. 438315

Why did she have to go out and buy a brownie when she'd just made some Nutella pastry things?

No. 438382

Actually she was doing pastries while breaking down-reposting, lmao… I believe that Aly has many arms as Shiva.

No. 438403

File: 1512503646224.png (126.11 KB, 748x819, IMG_4217.PNG)

"You wrote a comment to someone your don't like? wow I feel sorry for you, your life is sad. Here, have a comment." -Lydia Bordeau, Aly ass kisser, hypocrite extraordinaire

No. 438413

Fuck me. She's still got a white stain on the left thigh. She had that on the pic where she was lying on her bed with her flies undone. I want to vomit like Karen Carpenter on Ipecac.

No. 438415

File: 1512504816860.png (546.75 KB, 701x517, hobo chic.png)

No. 438434

She keeps deleting posts so now shes back at 3000 again

No. 438436

She really likes that 3000 #ocddetected

No. 438452

Thank you, I did my best to resemble the great Glory of our dear idiot.

No. 438456

File: 1512510684491.png (1.56 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171205-145020.png)

No. 438457

File: 1512510750192.jpg (649.94 KB, 1079x1629, Screenshot_20171205-145120.jpg)

No. 438459

Emojis look really realistic on your phone, anon. Had to mention it. I gazed at the donuts in wonder. Speaking OF, I thought she donut care about haters.

No. 438463

File: 1512511250935.png (247.44 KB, 750x1049, IMG_4220.PNG)

omg what a liar no one told her to close or diagnosed her with anything. she's delusional

No. 438464

girls just stop leaving her comments i know shes annoying af but she loves this attention, prolly thinks shes some kind of idol cus of the hate

No. 438474


I think she's talking about things she claims have been said to her over the past X amount of months.

B…but she's my idol

No. 438475

>it is not the 'cutest breakfast bowl'
>it is not about great quotes or colorful pics

says, as she takes a bite off a cookie. Positions it on the top of a pile of wisely not-perfectly-centered-arranged cookies.
The angulation must be the same as the time before. The ritual dancing of a girl with an iPhone, hoovering here and there around those edibles.
A snap, then other two. Some inches to the left, a step behind. Other three or four, just to be sure.
With her prey in her hand, chooses a filter. Always the same. Setting up the contrast, a bit oh shadows.

Opens Google, searches the inspiring quote of the day.
"Recovery is not about great quotes" murmurs to herself "not about great quotes" - as she tries to rephrase the famous word in some infamous way.
A dash of something I've read on Tumblr, something I've took from other recovery accounts… voilà. Perfect. "It's needs PUBLICITY."
#foodblog, #recovery #bodypositive #tellmeimthin

I hate her.

No. 438482

Maybe a gerbil would be much more a good example to follow.

No. 438487

File: 1512513051341.png (91.11 KB, 257x260, Capture.PNG)

Saw this on BBC news and it made me think of her instantly. Guess she isn't the only one with no identity outside her ED.

No. 438490

I thought that might've been a documentary on BBC so googled
Wish it was on telly because I have capped broadband. Still, don't need to see yet more whining ex (!) anorexics.

No. 438492

File: 1512513436793.jpg (298.32 KB, 791x862, Screenshot_20171205-163608.jpg)

yeah no shit

No. 438496

I wish Aly could dump some of the interest in instagram on me. I really wish I could do it but I can't be arsed. I think I don't get it really. I only use it to follow musicians and craftsy/artsy people because I like seeing what they've made. It seems too much of a ball ache to deal with unless you need it to promote something you sell.

To be as obsessed as Aly is really mind boggling to me. I've never seen an account where someone posts so much in a day. There're stacks of attention seekers with their paper cuts and the wannarexics, but Aly's got to be the most attention seeking. It's relentless.

No. 438500

Indeed, fearing there's nothing other than the ED is pretty common if you've suffered from childhood to adulthood. You spent your development years being sick.

No. 438505

Aly was 19.

No. 438506

Exactly, and now she's 22. And she's in an evident childhood state.
Maybe she'll start behave like an adult in 10 years.

No. 438507

19 isn't childhood. She was at university.

No. 438512

Have you heard about sarcasm?

No. 438515

Have you heard about sage?

No. 438517

Yep but noticing how you get upset by me not using it, I guess I'll act as I don't know what it is.(sage this)

No. 438519

It doesn't bother me, just trying to warn you you could get put out to pasture if you don't sage.

No. 438522

those collarbones tho, T R I G G E R E D

No. 438536

Sooo is her hamster still alive?
Did she even tell us its name?

No. 438543

i think it called marill (sp)

No. 438557

she likes the chin highs because they suck the gut she's developing in.

No. 438639

LoL what did you say that was sarcastic in the first place?(derailing)

No. 438917

File: 1512546346676.jpeg (137.25 KB, 738x428, 69369E66-AE52-4947-8457-56F278…)

I commented „*tripping“ and she blocked me lol fucking idiot bitch

No. 438932

>I said nothing about anybody but my horrible feelings
Once again I can't help but wonder if she doesn't understand what you mean or is playing dumb

No. 438933

The light on her mouth makes her look like a boar.

No. 438936

If you explain sarcasm, it loses its means.

I don't really understand how can't she see how she tries to play with her followers. She's so focused on herself it almost hurts.

No. 438950

That bitch is boring these days. Not even a proper break down. Guess we'll have to wait for very bad christmas pressure and relatives telling her she looks healthy ?
In before 3edgy5me

No. 438970

File: 1512560256158.png (71.74 KB, 298x364, Näyttökuva 2017-12-6 kello 13.…)

aanndd here we go again

No. 438971

File: 1512560278581.png (75.38 KB, 288x378, Näyttökuva 2017-12-6 kello 13.…)

No. 438972

File: 1512560296277.png (75.37 KB, 314x381, Näyttökuva 2017-12-6 kello 13.…)

No. 438973

File: 1512560431701.png (169 KB, 300x321, Näyttökuva 2017-12-6 kello 13.…)

anxiety about eating r making me than a lil bit nervous ;(;(;( look a much hollow face, is so hard I gotta go working even though me poor lil thing can't eat so hollow n bony not weight restored.. Ima die working

No. 438974

>meet an ex best-friend
this should be interesting, wonder who it is. If she even updates on that.

No. 438975

> I've been told my whole life turns around IG; really? Opening Instagram, taking a nice pic and sharing some #motivation with you helps me evading from problems
>should i be judged for considering you PRECIOUS (?)

Aside from her wonky English, I recognize she's really good in putting the things in a way that makes her always look like she's the good one and the whole world is bad.

No. 438976

I don't really understand what she's up to with punctuation marks in parenthesis.

No. 438990

please tell me she liked chez.macdo's comment I can't see it without the app

No. 438998

File: 1512566797090.jpeg (100.64 KB, 1226x658, image.jpeg)


No clue if she liked that comment, most likely deleted with the original reply. She liked this one though

No. 439011

File: 1512569755105.jpg (25.57 KB, 288x174, periods everywhere.JPG)

Aly sees women menstruating in the streets.

No. 439014

OMGGG im deceased. someone make a fake account and call her out on this be like "im thinner than you but how can you see me menstruating? do you ask women if they have a tampon in?" i would but running out of data

No. 439017

File: 1512570329229.jpg (11.7 KB, 300x168, yeah like that.jpg)

A message for Aly.

No. 439031

File: 1512573071343.jpeg (429.98 KB, 640x1005, 7851416B-D425-4A7E-A72F-039939…)

What lurks behind those eyes?
Her comments on other’s profiles is spiking.

No. 439041

That's the hot androgynous girl. Is she the only one whose account she comments on? Maybe Aly's got a girl crush. She said she's queer after all.

No. 439044

File: 1512574707955.png (137.84 KB, 750x1057, IMG_4225.PNG)

fuck i hate these anime fanatics. always reminds me of onion and his hentai

aly has only commented three times on this girl's profile. how can you see who she comments on unless you follow them? do you follow everyone aly follows?

No. 439045

sorry samefag but i meant to tag >>439031 for that last paragraph

No. 439069

File: 1512577100589.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171206-101643.png)

droll indeed

No. 439084

File: 1512578055077.jpg (468.89 KB, 874x1159, Screenshot_20171206-103107.jpg)

Look at this poor anorexic soldier, fighting through eating anxiety to get her 3000 cals in

No. 439095

I thought she dyed her hair? they look the same as always

No. 439099

Yeah, she's definitely gaining fast right now. She's pissed off that the world won't acknowledge she's suffering because she's not SEVERALLY skinny.

>We're allowed and deserved and worthy of treats and love and cares EVERY FUC*ING DAY OF OUR LIVES and at EVERY POINT IN RECOVERY ✋? Not only if severally underweight, regardless of the world around ?

No. 439100

i think its because she just uses henna or something? what she needs is a hair cut her split ends are outrageous lol

No. 439102

Henna's shit. I don't think you're supposed to put normal dyes over henna? When I scan read my packet dyes I'm sure it says you can't do that. She's going to have to wait 3 years and grow that disgusting nothing colour out.

No. 439104

ikr haha how many times has she said "everyone is deserving of recovery" we get it. its time you got a job and went back to the real world

No. 439107

Yeah, she thinks she's OWED having things bought for her and OWED attention because she used to be spoopy. Nah, you got to EARN treats. Yep, get a job and reward yourself with a treat from the money you earn and attention for being a good worker. Slacker bitch. ha.

On a better note - HER CHIN HIGHS MUST BE IN THE WASH!!!!!

No. 439148

File: 1512582284526.png (190.3 KB, 750x805, IMG_4226.PNG)

water you doing, duck? (see what I did there)

are you actually reporting other farmers?

what is your end goal here?

No. 439151

Ducks sounds like she thinks she's entitled to be given everything for free too. Pft.

No. 439167

File: 1512582959479.jpeg (218.09 KB, 741x1107, B6ECCFED-58CB-4979-B823-44EFD9…)


No. 439171

it's that weird black screen again that looks like parched desert or a car tyre tread.

No. 439174

is it gone already? i can't see it on her profile :(

No. 439175

File: 1512583430350.jpg (69.74 KB, 358x645, Capture.JPG)

She remembered she's public so stuck it in photos.

No. 439178


She's so butthurt over the truth. It's hilarious how we finally see her getting affected by the "haters"

No. 439182

Everytime she types LIKE THIS in black posts it reminds me of a /r9k/ robot rant, but with a black picture instead of a Pepe pic. All it's missing is a "REEEEEEE" at the end of the paragraph

No. 439184

she's been sitting on her account for the past 30 mins just deleting comments. bored at work so I've been making new accounts to test my theory of her not getting off Ig, commenting stuff like "shut up" and literally 3 seconds after i comment, im blocked. isn't she supposed to be meeting a friend? what is she doing loool

No. 439205

File: 1512587215825.jpg (409.24 KB, 1027x1000, Screenshot_20171206-130440.jpg)

>blog post style
i think they mean excessive writing on a site not meant for blogging lol and shes just posting how she normally does anyone lol

and does she anyone believe shes "with a friend"?

No. 439207

apparently I had a stroke at the end of this post

No. 439210

File: 1512587304827.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5476.PNG)

Why does she think that this face is nice enough to post? She looks so awful I kill me

No. 439212


I no believe she with mama. She said that guy broke (can't remember his name) broke their friendshop over her ED, and now she's saying there's someone else who did the same. Nope.

What else was it she's doing, looking for a job and getting cheap seafood with Berty. So busy.

No. 439213

oh to cla-ri-fy there should be a fullstop in between i no believe. she was with mama.

No. 439214

File: 1512587570449.jpeg (263.78 KB, 750x1027, 94E5AFFB-6C8D-482B-8FF0-9DFA52…)

Ya’ll aren’t letting up today.. starting to wonder if Aly will benefit from this.. or if it if throw her further into insanity. Stay tuned folks. Only time will tell!

No. 439215

File: 1512587587553.png (131.9 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5477.PNG)

Oh which one of you idiots tipped?

No. 439217

Not me, but farmer in question has been tipped over the edge.

Aly's not going to know what lolcow is, or google, or maybe she does know. Don't expect Aly to come here all HIIIII GUYYYZ.

No. 439234

Wtf? Seriously? cowtipping isnt cool jfc. Even exposing wateroffaduck. I'd be so pissed if I was duck. thankfully she wont any of read this, she'll just delete everything. She definitely wont bother to google anything

Bc she has a massive ego & legit thinks she looks good/hot in every pic. She's obsessed with hersef

No. 439242

Tbh I’m surprised duck is a farmer. They’re not so much a troll as a backstabber. They only kiss Aly’s ass and I don’t get the purpose, it’s not funny.

No. 439243

She deleted her post LMAOO

No. 439244

She went private.

No. 439246

Cowtipfag, it'd be pretty cool if you could just chill and not observe Aly instead of ruining the fun for the rest of us.

No. 439248

I don't understand it too and it's not like it'd hurt her to hear that they were faking their adoration, she'd block them without hesitation if they said something wrong to her ear.

No. 439250

File: 1512589604227.jpg (99.31 KB, 750x444, IMG_4240.JPG)

anyone have a shit ton of fake accounts following her? comment on her pic lmaooo will be funny if she thinks she can't even hide from haters by going private

also sorting.my.life.out is a literal moron. Aly mostly gets hate, "it's just one person and most people love you". Yeah. One person has made like 1000 fake accounts over the course of 3 years. oh my goddd

No. 439251


Is it definitely confirmed duck's a farmer? A farmer said they were duck, but maybe they were trolling us?

Odd if she is a farmer like you say. If I disliked Aly I couldn't bring myself to keep posting encouraging comments to her. Why help her if you don't like her?

No. 439252

I'm not sure if I'm getting it myself but maybe duck is just trying to be a very convincing sockpuppet

I wouldn't put so much effort into it.. who cares though.

No. 439253

Yes it's confirmed she's a farmer. I posted on here asking her to send me a dm with a smiley face and she did

No. 439254

Hmm…oh well, STAY FANCY HAPPY (!)

No. 439257

Sorry for samefagging but encouraging her stupid behaviour isn't actually doing her good.

That's why I don't understand why someone who hates Aly would cowtip her. Doesn't make sense to me, it's the only thing that might actually help her on the long run: The cold hard truth

No. 439260

I just looked at this person's profile. I know why she loves Aly. She lives on coffee, chocolate and cakes too.

No. 439263

File: 1512590276111.png (62.56 KB, 312x341, fancy happy.png)

if this isn't proof that she enjoys all the attention from the haters, i don't know what is..

No. 439267

File: 1512590465918.png (875.72 KB, 1101x562, donut.png)

samefag but "i keep the eye upon the donut" reminds me of this

No. 439268

Lol, a "meaningful" donut story.

No. 439270

Would it be considered cow tipping if an italian anon actually calls the police next time aly threatens to kill herself? I feel like the only thing that'll make her stop crying wolf is for the cops to actually show up at her doorstep embarassing her infront of her parents lol. "GIRLS POLICE SHOWED UP AT MY DOOR. I KILL ME. I didn't actually want to kill me. Stop calling police on me. I feel suicidal af now."

No. 439272

For all we know you could be the same farmer pretending to be duck though kek and just created this scenario yourself

No. 439273

I'd say no. I've been on forums where people made Sudoku threats and the police have been called.

No. 439276

Omg can someone in italy do this? do it from a free calling app if need be. I want her to realize what her fake suicide threats can actually lead to.

No. 439280

uh i'm not but ok. im not gaining anything from this. duck clearly doesnt speak english well and has a unique way of writing when she posts on here but go ahead and think she's not a farmer no one cares

No. 439284

she's writing like that to make fun of aly you retard.

No. 439286

If she has such a crush, she can go on /soc/ and look at this girl's nudes.

No. 439288

oh yeah that's why she writes in the exact same way when she comes on lolcow and dm's people in the same writing style. You call me a retard but just made yourself look one kek

End the infighting newfag and search the last thread. not responding to you after this

No. 439289

You're clearly duck considering you know so much about them

I stay happy, she says, as she reposts and screams in all capital letters

No. 439295

Why don’t you do all this clever milk-making yourself? You’re always telling “someone “ else what to say!! Just fuc@ing day it yourself if you think it’s so funny!

No. 439297


No. 439298

File: 1512593817626.jpeg (84.5 KB, 743x338, 58D9333B-EDD3-47E2-8B71-4B0CF0…)

Oh the possibilities!

No. 439299

File: 1512593851218.jpeg (36.06 KB, 737x183, F571B80C-FFB1-4E8B-B65F-1B933A…)

I am deceased.

No. 439301

File: 1512593879205.jpg (9.32 KB, 290x174, liz.jpg)

Oi! This is a hater free zone, hmkay.

No. 439302

I saw a beauty blogger on youtube only today who had wings as bad as Aly's. SOOO it's possible! (Can't remember her name, she was testing some lip tint)

No. 439308

wtf are you talking about? that's literally the first time i've asked someone to write something for me and i literally explained why in that exact same post. like what. Are you the same anon who keeps infighting with every other anon? calm down

No. 439316

Oh sorry ?. There is someone who does this a lot and it just hit my last nerve! LOL. I see now you did post your battery was low! And no, I’m not the one arguing with everyone here. I rarely post. Once again, I’m sorry for not reading your entire message and for thinking you were the person that regularly say “someone need to create an account and say….”. ✌?(emoji)

No. 439325

It might just be multiple people who've done it once like me! And no worries thanks for apologizing!! lol

No. 439335

Would be useless, Italian cops won't give a fuck about some girl on the internet threatening sudoku. If it was someone who knows Aly and where she lives then maybe, otherwise there's no way the cops would actually show up at her door. It's not how it goes here

No. 439358

rly? has this ever happened there and they didn't do anything? bc they come knocking on doors in north america, they did with another cow (i forget who) and all you needed to give was her full name

No. 439359

The ones who were reported at that forum I mentioned (above) were in the US. One was genuinely unwell and said she was going to jump in front of a train at suchatime on suchaday and the police turned up.

Not sure what'd happen in the UK. They'd probably check it out if you had their address, but they'd be in no hurry. They'd be long gone by the time they turned up but that's shortage of po-lice.

Aly's history of mental illness would make the police act on it if she was here, but you'd need her address if she was doing it at home.

No. 439365

File: 1512602490775.png (2.55 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171206-161047.png)

Is she still private? Just curious

No. 439368

If you only give them her full name then they'd have to look up the address by themselves… Too much work, for someone allegedly threatening suicide on the internet. Calling the police on Aly is useless

No. 439374

File: 1512603200294.jpg (311.15 KB, 1200x498, Screenshot_20171206-162943.jpg)

I guess she's staying private for a while

No. 439377

File: 1512603666869.jpg (1.02 MB, 1063x1429, Screenshot_20171206-173831.jpg)

Look at this ridiculous feed, totes not obsessed with instagram, out there so busy with life, haters can't touch this lol

No. 439385

File: 1512603946745.gif (1.84 MB, 480x240, yeah right.gif)


>I solved with my boy-friend, we're so extremely inlove with each other ?

No. 439388

File: 1512604119465.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171206-174721.png)

No. 439393

yes you can really tell how unbothered she is but how she comes back at midnight for an update about how she doesnt care

No. 439430

LoL this fucking idiot. I guess she will go back to breakdowns, and blackout posts from lack of comments.

No. 439440

File: 1512606987422.jpg (24.88 KB, 420x294, you do sound crazy yes.jpg)


Get some fucking friends or another job then. Nobody forces you to stay in your room with your fucking phone.

She's still doing the #gratitude even though she blocked me for suggesting it.

No. 439458

Didn't she say something about "probably" getting a job in january? but she never went into detail about it and lol that last post has 25 likes rn private don't work for ya aly remember

No. 439465


so the big catch-up after NO SUPPORT and drifting apart due to her OCDs (!) and anxieties (!) with her friend… was getting maccas drive-thru and eating it in the car. right

No. 439468

File: 1512609360106.jpg (22.32 KB, 480x360, primitive.jpg)

I wouldn't let any bitch eat greasy food in my car (if I had one). She's a savage.

No. 439473

and her friend said "they should do it again sometime" omg! totally a genuine thing you say when you want to see someone again (just a jk she was obviously with her mom)

No. 439497

we should all give her 0 comments, not even the fake fans until she goes public again lol she's gonna get like 2 comments per pic

No. 439520


No. 439605

Yeah let’s do this

No. 439627


On another level, the hate comments upset her because they ruin her maladjusted vision of perfection and her attempts at achieving perfection. Hence the constant deleted and reposted posts. It's extreme OCPD behavior.

No. 439643

No. 439647

File: 1512638661301.png (836.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-101226.png)

She cutted her leg because of "fatness insults". Maybe I missed those because I didn't see any.

I totally understand that she deletes very negative comments. This is not "extreme OCPD behaviour", it just pisses her off that half the comments she gets call her out on her bullshit. But she needs this bullshit in order to stay kinda relevant and get asspats.

No. 439661


>Maybe I missed those because I didn't see any.

It's SO obvious how she tries to get attention…Pathetic. Of all the things people called her, I'm sure ''FAT'' wasn't one of them, ever. She just uses the easy way to catch other ED's (recovery?) accounts. What she doesn't realise (or doesn't want to talk about) is how people doesn't hate her because she's healthy or recovered, people hate her because she's a selfish brat who deletes everything that doesn't praises her.

She's stuck in those ED years when people always helped / encorauged her without hesitasion, no matter how many times she lied or what she said. It reminds me of that scene in Skins when an anorexic girl said (literally) ''I stopped eating and then everyone had to do what I said. That was powerful. (…) I think it was the happiest time of my life. But I had to stop before I died, because… otherwise it wasn't fun.''

I'm glad she's recovered, if I'm honest. I wouldn't wish an ED to anyone, even if I hate someone so much. But she can't treat people like shit and expect not to get hate in return.

No. 439677

File: 1512647891670.jpg (130.94 KB, 720x1012, IMG_20171207_055654.jpg)


No. 439678

File: 1512647923357.jpg (231.02 KB, 720x1131, IMG_20171207_055451.jpg)


No. 439679

File: 1512647959447.jpg (113.26 KB, 720x552, IMG_20171207_055549.jpg)


No. 439680

I thought farmers weren't commenting anymore

No. 439683

I haven't commented but they stopped because she went private and now she's public so goal achieved.

No. 439685

File: 1512652052888.jpg (40.11 KB, 522x522, smells like success.jpg)

Img related.

She only went private so she didn't have to delete 7/24 while she was out with her boy. For the other 3/67 hours of the day she's glued to the screen ready to delete.

Cutted her legs. Okay.

No. 439688

File: 1512653029025.jpeg (271.32 KB, 750x1162, CB6A14B5-5E08-499C-BFA3-E9646C…)

Her poor brother. His face is how we all feel about Aly these days.

No. 439691

what the fuck she's literally blaming other people for her fake self harm. How fucked is that. What a little bitch. No one even called her fat HAHAH.

And what sleeping pills? She probably took an OTC sleep aid lmaoooo bruh she probably took melatonin. Acting like she needed fucking xanax lmaoo

No. 439701

This is such an odd photo to take with your brother too… i dunno.

No. 439703

the thing is she doesnt just delete negative comments, she deletes anything that doesn't benefit her. she deletes comments from people who ask her for help, there was someone who claimed to be 12 years old and suicidal and she deleted their comment and everyone trying to help them. I see comments from farmers now asking her why she deleted that girl's comment and she deletes that too. How dare it be about anyone else? The only suicidal thoughts that matter are her fake ones!

No. 439705

File: 1512658770950.jpeg (67.33 KB, 631x136, 4A2B38C7-EF50-4E04-9DAC-A2EF59…)

Also from post(!!)

Does this girl not drink Faps every day?

No. 439712

That's true. Even her harshest critics (us) don't call her fat. I think comments about her being "weight restored" is what she considers "fat". Like a farmer above says, as much as I hate her I'm glad she recovered. Idgaf what weight she is, it's her as a person that pisses me off.

Yup. I've written her a while ago she deleted an interaction I had with one of her followers on a food post talking about a recipe!

If she starts with the fake suicidal thoughts thing this month I'm going to flip my shit. It's a fact a lot of people truly struggle because of loneliness, bereavement, mental health, etc around the festive period and have no one. This bitch has a family and a boyfriend to help (if she really was suicidal) and … ugh…y'know?

No. 439716

ikr she literally acts like she lives in hell (thankfully not recently) bc her father is kinda strict. what happened with her father's beats anyways? they just stopped? kek that's like proof it was never an issue. he probably just raises his voice at her and now she doesn't rly care bc she's distracted with insta

No. 439719

File: 1512662049034.jpg (41.2 KB, 290x362, Capture.JPG)

No shit.

No. 439725

File: 1512663133349.png (218.9 KB, 750x1049, IMG_4250.PNG)

can someone inform this dumb bitch that normal doses of birth control only makes you retain fluid or increase your appetite? it doesnt slow your metabolism down to a halt and make you gain 10lbs in 5 days wtf. i doubt she's that one rare exception

No. 439764

File: 1512668787908.jpg (260.69 KB, 978x739, Screenshot_20171207-114526.jpg)

wtf duck

No. 439765

File: 1512668973725.png (341.18 KB, 1248x1884, IMG_4799.PNG)

Wow, check out Aly posting stories about her sooper exciting family Christmas fun, real life(!) it's almost like she's a real person.. ha

No. 439768

File: 1512669094977.png (455.55 KB, 1250x1868, IMG_4798.PNG)

That wing gets longer every week I swear. You gotta love all the shit family selfies to "proof" her enjoying her real life too.

No. 439769

what a jank looking tree

No. 439771

I'd notice that yesterday's last post was deleted, she had 2 comments in 10 hours, so she shared the cheapdish with berto asking #support and after a while with no comments she deleted it and repost with that shit of "cutted ma legs, gaals (!)" the funny thing is that NOBODY has asked about the fucking cuts, even asslickers don't care about.

No. 439792

File: 1512672332383.png (246.97 KB, 750x1178, IMG_4255.PNG)

another intern job that she's going to quit in 2 weeks after day 1? but what is her actual job tho, because she's obviously not going to be a fucking "teacher" and "nurse". is that just words lost in translation or does she actually think part of her title is NURSE?

Does she mean babysitter…?

No. 439795

She's public again, so you can do it

No. 439797

Sounds like a daycare

No. 439798

File: 1512672619202.jpeg (278.24 KB, 750x1169, 848128E1-BF06-4AB2-97AE-A3D1D2…)

The bottom of Aly’s caption

No. 439799

it was just a saying omg i didnt literally mean "someone go write THIS on her profile". duck already said it before me anyways if you read the comments. are you >>439295 ?

No. 439803

I cannot imagine her working for a daycare. I worked several years at a pre-school (ages 2-5) and holy hell it is exhausting, children can be evil little shits and I’m willing to bet my fucking car she’ll quit the first time she’s vomited on (!!!!!!)

No. 439807

why couldnt she say "at a daycare" kek

she's gonna go insane when one of the kids starts crying and she has to give someone else attention. children arent all fun and games oh my god. She though RETAIL was stressful…. this is going to be hilarious

No. 439814

I love it her new post still has zero comments and it’s been over 10 minutes. I wonder if she’ll freak if it reaches an hour with no comments

No. 439816


>I will sign the contract if nothing wrong wkll happen

What could go wrong? Oh…aly not able to take 2 hour lunch breaks at mc donalds or eat&go. And showing up late because she was changing her clothes for her photoshoot.

No. 439818

Her boy tells her it's not a good idea.
She has a big fight with sexist Berto and comes on insta asking for your support.
She doesn't recieve enough support.
Aly self arms, purges, feels suicidal af and suddenly (!) has an appointment with doctor the next day.
Doctor does not give her permission to take job.
Aly does not sign contract.

No. 439819

Her calling herself a nurse and educator, etc is incredibly insulting to those in the those professions. Yeah, if it's a daycare type situation she will probably quit so fast. That job is exhausting and kids can be crazy!

No. 439822

Same. Children can be tiring sometimes, they demand so much attention almost 7/24 (lol). At least she wouldn't be able to compare herself with the kids because, well, they're kids. Can you imagine? ''I can't believe these kids cry so MUCH! And I thought I was the only ONE having BREAKDOWNS. Fight for HAPPINESS my kids (!) Life has just begun for you, not like my life that has already been destroyed by my ED (NOT!)''.


I give her three months. She won't have actual time to post or to hide in bathrooms, that's for sure. No one will care about her eating because kids are by far most important, and I bet she'll feel left out. I wonder what she'll do if one kid starts screaming / crying / yelling at her (for real, not hater's yells this time!)

No. 439826

File: 1512673750800.png (757.46 KB, 720x1280, 20171207_200321.png)

Lol chill Aly

January is gonna be milky, hella yeah

No. 439828

Lifting shoeboxes was too much for her and now she thinks dealing with children will be easier? we all know whats gonna happen

No. 439832

Phones are banned in childcare settings for obvious child protection reasons so there goes her selfie obsession, or her job if she carries on regardless

She will not know what's hit her working with little kids, its exhausting and constant!

No. 439835

I give her 2.5 weeks lol

No. 439837

No I'm not that anon. But it's funny how perceived criticism makes people think "haters" are all one person. Very Aly-like.

No. 439848

Can everyone stop infighting and picking random fights over insignificant shit, it's been happening too often recently, it derails the thread. If you have nothing to say about Aly then don't post

3 months??!! You're being generous. She didn't last 1 month at retail and she was able to spend hours in the bathroom as she pleased. Kids are far more stressful than retail and if Tressee made her "almost develop a new eating disorder" what will a daycare do?

No. 439856

oh of course she will compare. how else will she make it all about herself?

OMFG those kids leave half their meals on their plates, I'm triggered af (!)
And sometimes they're not hungry at all, I feel a goofy greedy pig. Really in need of your support girls and guys.
Kid said I have big hips. I kill me.

No. 439857

How does she even qualify??

You can't work with kids (at least here) unless you finished college or have taken some special courses or some

No. 439860

seriously. who wants to bet that a kid will "say that she looks fat"

No. 439864


Or maybe some kids will ask her if she's a mommy (as they always do!) and she'll turn it around to make it about her body…Being Aly as she is, nothing can surprises me anymore.

No. 439871

File: 1512679098464.jpg (22.05 KB, 300x336, educator aly.jpg)

Catching up on the last dozen posts here the first thing I thought of about working with kids is how they say what's on their mind. One of them is definitely going to say something about Aly's looks which will be really just kids being kids and she'll sperg out about it.

The women I know who work in childcare really like children. It's like one of those jobs that're a calling (like nurses and priests). Not once have I seen her say anything that makes me think she has an ounce of maternal instinct. I don't either and the thought of spending a couple of hours with kids drives me nuts, which will happen to Aly. BRING IT ON (!)

No. 439895

File: 1512682274904.jpg (177.61 KB, 1003x417, Screenshot_20171207-152829.jpg)

I fuc*ing hate how she posts things, no one else does this. its always "update in next post" she think shes a goddamn celebrity, like just answer the people in the comments. wow, you got a job omfg thats amazing!! no one else has a job!!!

No. 439898

File: 1512682439927.png (320.88 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20171207-212117_2.p…)

She posted this then pretty much instantly deleted it and replaced it with the Milka chocolate post.

No. 439899

File: 1512682480807.png (86.52 KB, 1067x412, Screenshot_20171207-212123_2.p…)

No. 439908

so shes working to save up for school now? ok and like saying "a private association" whats that? a daycare right? just say normal things aly lol

No. 439912

she actually posted 9/24 once. one of my fave Aly moments.

>And at last no, I didn't finished University because of money problems in my fam

uhhh last spring she was literally pretending she was back at uni, so is she trying to now say that money problems made her drop out mid semester? remember how we were waiting for her to dramatically drop out after she made such a big deal about going back but never posted anything about school, and she instead just stopped talking about uni?

I feel like she would've made a big deal of blaming her dad if it was really money, like saying he didn't value her education bc she's a woman (!) #feminist. or have made it about how shit was too much for her frail smol self. so idek what to think about what actually happened.

No. 439915

i'm guessing she just never went back and now doesn't want to go back

i don't reallt get saving up for uni like who saves up that much money? you just get a student loan that haunts you forever but thats england so idk if they have that there

No. 439932

im 99.9% sure that she just couldnt handle uni and even now when she's not snoopy she just isnt bothered to go back. this is aly we're talking about. if her parents wanted her to get a degree (which they must've) they wouldve taken out student loans, aly couldve took a year or two off and gotten a part time job, etc. she's not fucking dirt poor she eats out everyday

No. 439944

>>private association

so she's literally just going to babysit?

No. 439951

UK anon here too. I remember a while ago asking how much fees were for uni in Italy and someone said it's cheap compared to elsewhere and there're scholarships (I think). Anyway, hazy memory, but I remember reading it and it sounds like it's easier to do uni in Italy than over here because the loans aren't all Toryfied (ie extortionate). She won't go back to studying. She isn't interested in educating herself.

Fuck me, I'd rather lift boxes of spanners all day than spend an hour with a bunch of kids. She really thinks it's going to be easy like she has a fairytale idea of all children being like the Von Trapps.

I reckon her fancy way of describing where she's working is "day care centre".

No. 440002

I read "lifting children not boxes" lol.

does she know that children weigh more than a shoebox?

>not starving and running here and there no stop

really? yeah because kids just stay still, and have predictable hours. lol

Also most kids I know refuse to eat, I cant imagine Aly handling lunch time trying to get them to eat their veggies.

I'm excited to see how this goes, I wish it was happening now.

No. 440014

Aly-esque Inspiration salad

No. 440018

File: 1512698129425.jpg (15.75 KB, 236x236, and scarfing snickers in there…)


>I wish it was happening now.

I knowwww. She's been dull for too long and Christmas/New Year's boring. Still, it's something to look forward to.

No. 440022

we haven't earned it yet…first motivational posts about why you deserve recovery at christmas time then breakdowns because a 5 year old called aly a fatty and she has to work a 4 hour shift

No. 440026

She'll be happy at Christmas because I expect Berto's going home and won't be there to trigger her. Hopeful for a fight over the phone.

No. 440107


the poor kid has that thousand-yard stare war veterans get. he can't even bring himself to look at the camera.

No. 440117


He’s always hated being Aly’s prop in her photos. Poor kid. I can feel his pain behind that forced fake smile. Im sure he’s said ‘no’ to her photo shoots before and she threw a fit. So he probably has to stand there while Mama C takes 100 photos of Aly in various poses.

No. 440119


>come gather round my stomach and nest love, fam

No. 440200

Lol no one asked any questions

No. 440223

File: 1512737631266.jpg (35.16 KB, 648x308, a.JPG)

No. 440224

Barely got any comments (dogs doesn't count), already asking for help and #positivevibes because ~family meals~
So unless lots of sockpuppets kiss her ass within the last few hours, there'll be a massive breakdown ?

No. 440225

I mean *next few hours

No. 440230

File: 1512739129682.jpg (42.66 KB, 835x253, a.JPG)

> since when I realized hormones are slowing down my metabolism

Img from Do oral contraceptives affect a woman's metabolism?

No. 440234

She has to invent another lie instead of saying ''my hormone's levels are changing and I'm hungry all the time''…Like when I have to get my period, I can't stop eating and I'm hungry almost 7/24. But Aly's too special to feel THAT hungry, must be something related to her metabolism because it was affected by her ED…Sure, Jan.

No. 440236

Ha, yeah. I remember her saying dark shadows under her eyes were a result of her ED.

No. 440248

yeah they dont they can just increase your appetite and make you retain water! she has to be so dramatic

No. 440265

this is hilarious! i feel his pain! love how shes doing her stupid fuc*ing stare into the distance pose ugh

No. 440307

File: 1512752122882.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5502.PNG)

This bitch is so fucking vain. If she had actual hobbies, maybe she wouldn't sperg out every day over the size of her thighs.

No. 440310

Ew, camel toe.

You react like the EX anorexic you are and don't bodycheck for #thighgap.

She does look like she gained a lot though but not in a bad way. I hope she does get to do exercise though.

She could get diuretics for the water retention but she'd be spending all day taking instagram pics of the bathroom door.

No. 440316

File: 1512752934660.jpg (364.78 KB, 1003x978, Screenshot_20171208-110709.jpg)

guess which bitch is gonna lose it
her thighs obviously touched before today lol like that doesn't just happen over night

No. 440317


She should take her own advice and read her own obnoxious captions. “Getting fatty is ok! Because i ? care of big thighs”

No. 440319


The way she says she hadn't noticed she'd gained. All she does all day is examine pics of herself.

Yeah, but that caption goes under the bit at the beginning "I'm fat and disgusting pig. I KILL ME".

No. 440342

File: 1512755913054.jpg (430.88 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20171208-115706.jpg)

this fuc*ing idiot

you can tell shes gonna freak out later cus of all the goddamn posts today

No. 440343

Yes. I bet she'll cutted her thighs.

No. 440347

what the literal fuck did i just see? who does this? she's just screaming "tell me im still thin, tell me that it's just bc i'm walking"

she looks basically the same weight as always tbh she just might have started to distribute her weight (it was all in her tummy when she initially gained). She claimed she gained like 5lbs which isnt even visible and consdering she was a bmi of "17" 3 days ago clearly this is just a normal fluctuation due to food and water weight

No. 440354

>OMFG you guiiiise!!! McDonald's has CHRISTMAS DONNIES!!!11
>regular doughnut with a little bow on it

No. 440359

File: 1512757320081.jpg (74.21 KB, 720x742, sausage dog.jpg)

Here is a Christmas sausage dog. Enjoy!

No. 440362

What is it with her and marking McDonald's tables with her minge?

No. 440364

Guess what. I was about to say how great it was she wasn't wearing those skanky jeans or sitting on a table today … then she posts that one.

No. 440366

File: 1512758330040.png (55.54 KB, 720x411, 20171208_193728.png)

Dear Sockpuppet halp me pweeease

No. 440368


A PM??? OMFG HAHAHA. Tell her she looks "heavier".

No. 440369


Oh and ask her what's wrong with not having a thigh gap.

No. 440381

WHAT??!!! LMAO this is an a whole new level

No. 440384

File: 1512759966636.png (167.68 KB, 720x943, 20171208_195721.png)

I wonder how she'll react to this

She has gained but she looks fine (at least weight-wise), so even if it'd be interesting to see her reaction, nah I won't contribute to her anxiety. Even if she might be blowing it out of proportion.

No. 440385

top kek

No. 440387

Leave a comment on her recent pic and be like "In response to your DM "blah blah blah", no I dont think youre fat". to expose her. She doesnt like being exposed

No. 440390

>she looks fine (at least weight-wise)

Hit the nail on the head. Why is she worrying about a teeny increase in weight when her hair and make up are in dire need of her concern.

No. 440393

File: 1512760273574.png (45.71 KB, 743x355, IMG_4310.PNG)

she's seriously trying to force people into fucking reading her posts

No. 440430


Her fingers are so red they look almost frost-bitten. The fuck are those gloves anyways? Normal gloves make her fingers too fat looking?



No. 440433

Fingerless gloves because normal gloves with fingers means she can't tap on a phone screen.

No. 440434

Sorry for non sage gah

No. 440438

File: 1512763935582.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171208-141042.png)

You're supposed to turn your phone off at the cinema aly

No. 440439

File: 1512763941272.jpg (49.16 KB, 361x603, a.JPG)

HEY those aren't her hands!

No. 440440


No. 440455

File: 1512765030668.jpeg (74.03 KB, 737x330, BB4FBD42-0022-4A12-A6F6-71BE15…)

Oh god why

No. 440462

popcorn is a good low cal snack like shes anxious about that but not doughnuts from mcdonalds??

No. 440466

she still hasn't seen this put posted popcorn on her stories

people are liking this (idk if farmers they're not familiar) she mustve sent it to them too kek

No. 440475


Chez. You're pushing it a bit there, (Unprison the amphibian. I'm going to steal that one)

No. 440478

She probably did write other people but if she didn't, that would be kinda awkward

No. 440492

my sock puppet got the same copy pasta from her

No. 440509

For fucks sake Aly, this isn't what people meant when they told you to interact more with your followers.

No. 440511

Is it possible to spam on insta? I can't DM because I only look on my laptop. Has she DMed ALL her followers??

PS Does my bum look big in this, hun?

No. 440514

wdym is it possible? yeah she can copy and paste the same message to a couple people lol

No. 440516


No, I mean can she send it to all her followers? Like you do cc or bc on email.

No. 440519


Too much time on her hands. JFC.

No. 440521

oh yeah kinda like an email, but she has to click on everyone's names or type them out. but she can send the same msg without manually going onto everyone's profile

No. 440522

samefag but i realized she can do it lol, see above

No. 440525

I can't imagine being so … fucked up that I'd think, right I'm going to send a load of followers a message asking them if they think I look fat. WHERE WILL IT ENNNDDD??

No. 440526

Next she'll start visibly tagging people in pics (she did once)

No. 440527

I can imagine that one day she'll do something so cringe and get so many wtf comments that she'll say her account was hacked. The same way she used to say ig deleted her pics because they were too scaring.

No. 440536

tbh i doubt she'll ever have the required level of introspection to think "that was a bad thing to post so now ill say my account was hacked" even with 50 wtf comments. i bet she made that scaring shit up just to seem super "scaring"

and >>440455 has a point. If she sent that to 14 year olds who look up to her, that could be damaging and you'd think she'd realize. bc she's obviously thin jfc. i bet she does realize but literally doesnt care. she's already proven her levels of empathy. its aaaaalllll about her

No. 440540

yeah aly has zero empathy, fences dog died and she didnt give a fuc* so i doubt she cares that she might trigger someone

No. 440546

she deleted those two but left
and liked it lol

No. 440550

FUcking lol. I actually cried. You made my day, Chez. Thank you.

Also. Dear Aly, you hadn't have thigh gap for a really long time. She must be real slow if she just noticed it today.

No. 440556



I wonder what she thinks of chez's comments because we know Aly doesn't have a sense of humour. chez is my all time favourite Aly troll on ig. She should have her own column in a magazine or a tv show.

No. 440559

File: 1512774707657.jpg (152.02 KB, 1004x380, Screenshot_20171208-171032.jpg)

congrats bitch you're normal, incredibly normal

No. 440565

She just admitted her BMI isn't still 17! Lets see how quickly she'll say she's below 18 without any visual changes. I give it one week.

No. 440567

That means she hit 19 or over.

No. 440588

File: 1512778585504.jpeg (73.85 KB, 749x297, EE9F86E7-345F-47BB-9273-64753B…)

Jack Fisher v. 3.0

No. 440599

File: 1512779433070.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171208-182900.png)

No. 440603

How many people are going to threaten suicide on her account before she shows even the slightest bit of empathy? stay soones

No. 440614

>>is my body ok OR chubby?

implying that being chubby is not OK. #feminism #bodypositivity

No. 440615

Here's a confession. I feel empathy for Ash. I know she's been a shitty person but I had to stop looking at her because of second hand pains and that's a total waste of life. If Aly died tomorrow (it wouldn't be Sudoku) I'd think, oh okay, and move on. I feel nothing nice towards Aly. If she was crying in the street I'd walk on.

No. 440616

(okay, maybe I'd offer her a tissue but I'd grob a greenie on there first)

No. 440789

? care bye chubby girl

No. 440819

ALY JUST FUCKING LIKED THIS POST. sorry for the caps but oh my god what a fucking bitch

No. 440821


Maybe she cottoned on to the fake followers and is playing them?


No. 440836

Nah. I think she's just so narcissistic she thinks like from her will stop someone from being suicidal.

No. 440853

File: 1512822320196.jpg (50.43 KB, 314x509, a.JPG)

Repost. 14 mins, no comments. "Gosh" (!)

No. 440856

File: 1512822518029.jpg (13.31 KB, 199x149, a.JPG)

Oh wait, I hadn't refreshed. 46 MINUTES AGO.

No. 440860

File: 1512823231039.png (913.94 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5510.PNG)

No. 440872

Yes pls don't

No. 440892

File: 1512830768481.png (190.71 KB, 716x1121, 20171209_144505.png)

Cant wait to see the breakdown after she sees this comment. Reckon she'll get the song ref?

No. 440902

File: 1512832323107.png (1.67 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5511.PNG)

No. 440905

File: 1512832955084.jpg (53.44 KB, 584x794, 1qjwzg.jpg)

fucking hormones

No. 440908

File: 1512833400230.png (902.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171209-162410.png)

Next in her stories

Same shit different day

No. 440931

Eyes arent red, face isnt puffy…yea clearly shes been crying all day.

No. 440938

File: 1512838156820.png (467.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5514.PNG)


No. 440939

File: 1512838190649.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5515.PNG)

I dread to think what her insides look like.

No. 440950

Any other farmer who received a thank you message from her? She just dm'd me and it's hilarious. Then again, I really made an effort to type in my worst English so I totally deserved it (!)

No. 440963

>ops im heading for heart disease
yeah she really needs to watch all the mcdonalds shes eating jesus christ, like get some fries when youre drunk maybe but imagine eating mcdonalds every single day

No. 440975

File: 1512841376603.png (107.98 KB, 750x595, IMG_4373.PNG)

?!!!! you think she really did it?

No. 440986

File: 1512842508849.png (267.63 KB, 1238x1575, IMG_4804.PNG)

She changed her comment. I hope the farmer? Who made the sudoku comment will post screen caps if she does actually DM her,

No. 440987

File: 1512842729845.png (337.05 KB, 1280x1921, IMG_4803.PNG)

I'm starting to enjoy watching this bitch balloon from all the sugars and sodium in her diet. Starting to wonder if she'll go full binge mode soon. Seems she can't stop eating fast food & I can't imagine that's going to work for her for long.

No. 440990

File: 1512842794129.jpg (157.25 KB, 686x1660, IMG_4377.JPG)

Just messaged the girl. she's a farmer and aly did send her help.

I'll ask her rn if she wants to share more screenshots of what aly said

No. 440996

File: 1512843769448.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, DED9C487-1AEA-4FC2-92D1-3FF653…)


No. 441001

she acts like normal anxiety people experience = anxiety disorder and panic attacks

No. 441003

If Aly is sending help then that might be the first good deed ever? She's still an attention ho but finally something positive she has done whether she was baited or not?

No. 441024

Well honestly, good for Aly. The one nice thing she's done in over 3 years. She actually sounds normal in that screenshot.

No. 441046

File: 1512847261362.jpg (308.04 KB, 1226x1660, IMG_4388.JPG)

read screenshots from top left to top right to bottom left to bottom right. sorry i got lazy

but lol at "read my last post"

Only took 2 suicidal people for her to realize maybe she should do something good for someone! Maybe she did it cuz she really cared, maybe she did it cuz she felt like "she needed to" bc her followers were worried, and she didnt want to seem like a bitch. who knows

No. 441080

why is she using the strongnotskinny hashtag? Like, that's mostly used in the fitness community by people who went from being skinny to doing weight training.

No. 441082

"I've been ASKED to contact you".
Because she did see the comment, she even liked it, but she only decided to send a DM after and because people ASKED her to do so. Doesn't count as a good deed for me.

No. 441092


Exactly. Her “concern” was an after-thought. “Oh people are saying i should message this girl so I guess i will”. Aly wasnt concerned when the comment was made. And she still isn’t concerned.

No. 441110

Call me cynical but remember how she freaked out over that girl in Italy getting in trouble for encouraging people into ED behaviours? I think her pouncing on a suicidal is more to do with that.

No. 441114

So true. Read the full DMs above. She literally asked a suicidal person to "read her post" which always translates to "give me attention"

Who wants to bet if cindyfee messages aly again she wont respond?

No. 441118

Except now it’s been partially taken over by “former” ana chans who either are “in recovery” justified by excessive exercising, or who just want asspats for recovering but feel they need an excuse as to why they’re not skeletons anymore.

No. 441167

>>posts dozens of selfies in her stories

No. 441313

File: 1512875173471.jpeg (150.21 KB, 750x535, CF5916F9-1D44-40FF-8930-70307B…)

Sounds like it was written by a creepy old man

No. 441346

yeah they've just set up camp in her ass

No. 441348

Could be Henry Roth on a mission to make her spoopy again.

No. 441351

File: 1512877456301.jpg (174.17 KB, 1300x866, duck.jpg)

>I have some wine

No. 441387

what if it's dante

No. 441390

File: 1512882213947.jpg (28.77 KB, 400x300, I KILL SHE.jpg)


Dante's a beer drinker BUT if ducks is Dante…Aly's a dead woman.

No. 441466

File: 1512897043683.jpg (12.71 KB, 250x250, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

This. Aly doesn't even have the self awareness to recognise she's a self centered fuck.
She doesn't strike me as even sexual let alone maternal.
I was in a supermarket once a few years back and this kid glared at me, then says to her mum "mummmy is that a girl or a boy"
A normal person recognises this as "what kids do/say" it's normal. They have fuck all filter. Or a kid might point out a random persons arse or stomach. "mummy why is that womans bum so big"
Aly is going to suduko on the first day there!

No. 441472

Why does she even ask this question? I mean she clearly doesn't want truthful answers. Given her history of anorexia I could "almost" give her a pass. "Almost"
No matter what anyone says she will freak the fuck out. Despite being such an ANA WORRIOR! Such a recovery QUEER.
Bitch, piss off!
Your BMI looks about 21-22 here. You look healthy you crazy bint.
But some cardio would go a long way.
You asked so I told you

No. 441479

This is the most pathetic thing I've actually seen from her. And that's saying something.
Does anyone know if HPD and NPD can be diagnosed simultaneously? I know PD's are on a spectrum and can sometimes overlap. (maybe i should internet psych… instead of sperging) But yeah… wtf?
It's like a celebrity just came into a local hospital and said, "thanks for your concern over this overdose,wound,near death shit", but i'd much rather you contact the press about this matter first because well…. that would be the best way to help me. Show your concern TO MY PPL

No. 441538

File: 1512911508320.png (75.09 KB, 720x580, 20171210_140805.png)

Seems like sending dms asking for support is her new thing now

No. 441580

File: 1512921861139.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171210-100230.png)


No. 441582

File: 1512921902012.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171210-100246.png)

more replies on a post ive made a million times!

No. 441592

File: 1512924773790.png (42.18 KB, 720x288, 20171210_175221.png)

No. 441593

How long til she realises my comments are mostly queen lyrics

No. 441596


She's going to become a stalker. God, what a useless human being. It's disgusting.

No. 441604

All of her dm copy pastas read like the scam shit foreign spammers send. She sounds like she's about to say she's a Nigerian prince or that there are sexy Russian brides looking for love in my ZIP code. Even if we didn't have proof that she sends the same messages to everyone who interacts with her profile, it would be painfully obvious that her messages aren't sent with a specific person in mind and they're all about her, her, her.

No. 441608

File: 1512927983279.png (76.34 KB, 720x604, 20171210_184454.png)

>praise me

No. 441613

File: 1512928184595.png (85.06 KB, 671x522, IMG_2752.PNG)

No. 441614

Why is she talking about bloating all the time now? I mean I know its from all the sodium she has but I feel like shes trying to make it sound like when you first start eating a lot in recovery and get super bloated, surely she must be used to it by now and omfg I hate when she talks about a "food baby" it's so gross thinking about all the fries and seafood pasta churning away in there

No. 441617

You're cracking me up hahahaha

I think it's because she has to show she's soooo afraid to look ''fat'' or something similar…A friend of mine ALWAYS get bloated when eating / drinking, and she's the skinniest of our group, so…It's something completely normal tbh…But NOT (!) for Aly.

No. 441619

Lmao she sent me the same thing. EXACTLY THE SAME.

No. 441620

Fuck hahaha how demented is she. Jfc. Looks like I'm not that special after all :(
But honestly. How can a single person be so fucking desperate for attention.

No. 441621

The word itself, and also coming from her, it's very disgusting.

No. 441656

Yeah it's common, look at the Wiki page for HPD under comorbitity. There's even an HPD sutype called Infantile histrionic which fits her to T. even the theatrical subtype.

she just needs to blame her normal fucking hunger on hormones

who DOESNT look bloated when they eat and drink? every single person has a belly after eating a big meal, aside from body builders

No. 441676

I received the exact same copypasta from her.
She’s getting desperate.

No. 441683

Have we not had a blackpost recently? since she started messaging people directly. i guess it wasn't working and she finally realised that.

No. 441750

File: 1512942532528.jpg (40.52 KB, 285x422, Capture.JPG)

She wants people to tell her to stay again. Lack of comments = REPOST imminent?

No. 441772

at this point i hope she relapses. sounds mean but it would be so entertaining
she's not gonna tho. she's got a taste for junk food now

No. 441787

File: 1512947885602.jpg (608.26 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20171210-171619.jpg)

She looks so dumb, omfg

No. 441792

File: 1512948112185.jpg (249.84 KB, 1019x661, Screenshot_20171210-172021.jpg)

samefag but what is she talking about a pause? she posted like 9 times today plus stories and ohh almost 18???

No. 441805

She can't even tell her "lovely girls" apart. What are their hobbies? Do they have a significant other? Do they go to school, or have a job? Is someone currently inpatient?
For her it's just hater/non-hater, and even there she often messes up.

No. 441814

This person writes to her in Italian (this is the google translate) a lot, so she won't be called a hater SO I hope she listens to her and GETS A HOBBY. I'd say the major reason she's not getting anywhere with life is she does NOTHING other than ig. How does a person exist when they're not driven to research/create/be inspired or driven? Her brain must be a vacuum.

No. 441815

File: 1512950799437.jpg (47.19 KB, 282x314, Capture.JPG)

dropped pic

No. 441861

she has a hobby its instagram

i cant imagine bert wanting to merry her and have kids anytime soon like they dont live together or have any money (i know that doesn't stop peoole but still) and i feel like aly mentions wanting to have kids because shes seen other people with eating disorders worry about not getting their periods, being able to have kids etc. and is just including that to make drama about it

No. 441906


Insta aint her hobby, it's self PROMOTION (!)

I wouldn't be surprised if Aly's already getting periods and the birth control's for birth control and/or her bones.

Hopefully working with a bunch of brats is going to put her off ever wanting to spawn.

No. 442072

File: 1512993663245.jpeg (319.01 KB, 750x1092, 84AB4DAE-F419-4CA0-9D44-69618C…)

>I don’t know rather I rent a ghost

No. 442098

honestly does she really think she's motivating anyone at all? like what part of her bullshit is supposed to be motivating?

No. 442113

she .. closed… with.. anorexia.

but you didnt close with all your other issues now did you

No. 442117

>and ive no more problems eating

No. 442119

File: 1513005799715.png (1.95 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171211-092103.png)


No. 442120

File: 1513005839787.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171211-092120.png)

ughh stop eating mcdonalds!

No. 442122

Ok just HOW is she able to eat this much mcdonalds? I get nauseous after a large fries.

No. 442151

File: 1513011169190.jpg (177.53 KB, 978x402, Screenshot_20171211-105027.jpg)

yeah its disgusting, she must go at least 5 times a week

whats she talking about "messed up time tables"? i saw it in her stories too

No. 442154

File: 1513011483582.png (45.59 KB, 720x288, 20171211_175716.png)


No. 442163

probably means that she ate dinner at 4pm rather than 6pm

No. 442185

File: 1513015234080.jpeg (140.98 KB, 1262x574, image.jpeg)

Sister aly

No. 442192

wtf is she gonna be doing? haha

No. 442197

File: 1513016008103.jpg (187.23 KB, 1041x512, Screenshot_20171211-121141.jpg)

what about this too? volunteering?? for like 5 minutes out of the day?

No. 442198

I swear she's on drugs. Her blackout days are come downs.

No. 442209

If she had been doing volunteer work there would have been multiple posts about it already. How they don't give her breaks every thirty minutes for eat me and go shoots, how she's fainting while serving soup etc.

No. 442212

She doesn't. She most likely takes pictures with other people's food, should it be Berto or Mama C

No. 442225

volunteering probably means that she cleaned up some litter outside of mcdonalds

ew can she stop calling herself a teacher/educator as if she's actuallg teaching grade school

and a nun kek

No. 442227


Does she mean she offers to do errands for her family?

No. 442229

you know what's irritating about aly is that you can ask her a question and never get a straight answer like people said whats the job going to be and she says working for a private organization or whatever like just give the job title! lol now shes a nun, teacher and educator! what! im guessin its watching kids at an after school club or something like that

No. 442237

people thought it's a daycare but idk how she can work with kids and babies with literally no job experience, let alone experience w kids. who wants to bet she lied on her resume/cv and said she was a babysitter. fucking annoying how she calls herself something official like "nurse" bitch stop insulting all nurses everywhere who actually have a degree

No. 442246

File: 1513021426732.jpg (147.31 KB, 710x614, Screenshot_20171211-194220.jpg)

She liked this comment. I have no words. Those damn sheep

No. 442274

File: 1513024237701.jpg (65.01 KB, 620x413, aly ate all the pies.jpg)

I'd say she makes her answers sound flowery to big herself up. The only thing I can imagine she could do with kids without qualifications is dinner lady. Idk about Italy, but I imagine it's the same as in the UK and probably the US where checks and courses about appropriate behaviour with the children is the first thing they learn. On top of that there's health and safety and basic first aid.

No. 442277

I just wanna know where she got nun from lol

No. 442279

File: 1513024958462.jpg (5.54 KB, 200x252, sister aly.jpg)

I said she thought all children are like the Von Trapp family. She thinks she's Sister Maria and she'll make all the little children chin high jeans out of curtains.

No. 442282

File: 1513025359571.jpg (37.14 KB, 656x369, nun.jpg)


umm she´s more like the one on the left from sister act.

No. 442284

File: 1513025580283.jpg (33.93 KB, 300x455, aly.jpg)

OR this one for her photoshoots (until she gets to that >>442282 size)

No. 442291

nun aly is my new favorite thing

wish I wasn't blocked bc I really want to ask her when she's taking her orders and how berto took the news that she's taking a vow of chastity.


imagine her as a nun though. "omg sister maria can you please take 10000 pictures of me sitting on the communion rail holding up the body and blood of christ" "pls sister caterina does this habit make me look fat???"

No. 442296

File: 1513026785809.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5545.PNG)

Aly get your realrecovered ass off the f*cking (!) McDonald's tables

No. 442298

god fucking dammit i just got my first comment deleted by aly. i'm oldfence. i didn't even say anything over the top i was like "focus on aly only :)" to another farmer. she deleted it. how the fuck does she fall for "my dog died and my house burned down" but deleted that. f u

No. 442303

Must be having her period.

I can't even explain how this makes me feel every time. People around where I live are pretty manners-free, but I've NEVER seen them sitting on tables.

No. 442307

So her ass is where people put their food, and her boots (with some kind of gum or something stuck to one of them) are where people sit, she's disgusting.

No. 442311

>I've been so rarely used to happiness, and so used to suffering

Poor, poor Aly and her traumatic life.

No. 442330

did she block you or just delete the comment?

No. 442380

just deleted it. funny cuz i left 2 other comments on the same pic that she didn't delete, and they were way more over the top than that one. I don't understand her logic

No. 442396

No updates from her about being a poster girl? No updates from her about having the guinea pig brain fry experiments? It's almost as if…as if…she was telling a load of bullshit?

No. 442415

haha noo aly? make something up for attention??

No. 442420

File: 1513044269417.jpg (452.09 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20171211-200059.jpg)

This is the most cursed image aly posts, like just think about her taking that miniscule ant sized bite out of that m&m to take this pic, absolutely ridiculous

No. 442433

The way she arranges her food with the tiny bites and all never really gets to me. I imagine her sitting there arranging them and balancing them and it really makes me think how pathetic she is.

The only problem I'd have (if I was picky) with the bite pics is the teeth marks. Idk, I'm not a germophobe (even though her ass on the table is my big t r i g g e r) is the plaque germs. Overall, it's pathetic and she's been doing this way too long.

No. 442573

>vamos a las playas
>twelve sheep in my yard are eating the boots inside out
i am not breathing, it's making me laugh so much

No. 442574

She probably just messed with "nanny" and "nun". Maybe she thought that "nanny" is some kind of diminutive, or a colloquial way to refer to someone who provides child care - like it was "granny" for "grandmother".

No. 442619

File: 1513078324225.gif (539.86 KB, 300x169, tumblr_inline_nmdocfePlJ1s1t2t…)

I know right. C_bish is my favourite commenter. I always read the name as clitoris bish as well

No. 442623

To be honest, if Aly was a native English speaker I think we'd all be bored by now. Aly'isms are a thing of beauty, sent from the Italian Ana Gods themselves.
The one that always stumps me the most though is "GLOBAL UPDATE" Her post is so dang(!) important it needs to be read GLOBALLY. And recognised GLOBALLY. The whole WORLD needs to read this shit.

No. 442641

berto's surname can be literally translated as farmers, and i think that's beautiful

No. 442644

File: 1513088872267.jpg (162.57 KB, 1019x432, Screenshot_20171212-082559.jpg)

Aly you don't have any friends

No. 442653

File: 1513090994797.jpg (395.37 KB, 2048x2048, A02F787B-558C-43AB-B9D8-93F776…)

how the literal fuck is she liking these + the gibberish from _bish?? sometimes i doubt she even reads comments

No. 442667

ah yes, hamlet, my favorite kanye/drake collab.

i don't get why aly hasn't blocked emilylove354 yet. like a month or two ago when emily first started posting aly was replying like she believed it, but then emily got extra over the top with the burned down house thing etc and aly stopped replying. she also didn't reply to emily on the alysrealfans page when she replied to some other farmers who were a little less OTT. so i think she actually does know emily is fake? but she still doesn't block her.

so my only guess is that she knows she's fake but leaves the comments bc they make her look more popular. which is actually so embarrassing.

No. 442668

Or maybe she's leaving them there for looking "superior" - she likes them for saying "Yes, I notice you've written", I don't know, liking it ironically? She may not delete them just to go against what people say, that she deletes things that are not exactly what she wants to hear.

It is too obvious that those comments/commenters are fake accounts, honestly I think she's an idiot, but not this much.

No. 442671

maybe because they use a lot of weird language alys tiny brain cant work out if its hate or praise, like hmm i dont get what theyre saying but it has hearts in it so it must be good!

No. 442682

I'm emily and she still sometimes dms me with thank yous. I think that she doesn't actually care about anyone, so she doesn't notice that I'm the same person. So when she doesnt respond to me/doesnt like my comment it's not that she knows I'm a fake, it's just that she didnt like the comment. If she wanted to block me, she would. she didn't hesitate to block that other farmer who used to give her fake asspats constantly for one neutral "you should be thankful" comment.

I'm just trying to see how far I can push it before she blocks. and I like making other farmers laugh.

No. 442685

I haven't been blocked either, even though I only send her queen lyrics. Wonder if she just doesn't care or does not know them

No. 442704

Has she even mentioned signing her nun contract?

Are they trying to tell you something?
You're missing that one final screw
You're simply not in the pink my dear
To be honest you haven't got a clue
Oh dear…

No. 442705

What was it?

Next time use Jaden Smith's quote "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real"

No. 442706

Fattori I guess

No. 442707

At this point I am convinced that Aly is a computer program. Captions are generated according to a random algorithm that attempts to select words from the English language (and emojis) according to three broad mood categories: happy (in her motivational posts), sad (whenver she's "depressed and suicidal"), and angry (when she replies to "haters' comments" in stories for example). It's not perfect so sometimes it generates completely nonsensical sentences, but others are almost close to the human language.

Same her liking comments and blocking users; it follows and algorithm. For instance, it's easy to fly under the radar if you use a lot of heart emojis and pet names. 

Her detection of "fake accounts" is rarely based on evidence that requires subjective evaluation (like the use of a ridiculous eyeliner picture), but rather, on other objectively measurable factors that a computer can detect such as the lack of a profile picture or of followers.

Regarding the pictures, they may be generated by a pioneering hyperrealistifc animation software and that's the why her expressions and poses looks so stilt and random, and why the color of her hair and skin (uncooked wiener shade) are so unnatural. 

Just let me dream, I don't want to believe a person like Aly exists.

No. 442709

File: 1513097947764.jpg (46.28 KB, 515x600, nintchdbpict000323662446-e1494…)

This reminds me of the Ashleigh Coffin drama.

No. 442716

i think shes doing that today for some reason shes nervous about it going through

No. 442717

I know Aly is dumb, but do you really think it's to the point of not recognising frequent commenters? I mean, my cat recognises familiar people. There's even evidence to suggest fish recognise their owners. Is Aly really that dense? Can self-obsession really hinder the ability to even acknowledge someone's existence?

Sorry, I just find it difficult to believe someone could be like this. She truly does live in a world of delusion

No. 442722

File: 1513099556229.jpg (19.01 KB, 490x143, oops.JPG)

Anyone else getting this on Aly's page??

No. 442724

Oh it's all of ig. She broke instagram!

No. 442725

omg shes gonna lose her shit not being able to give us a global update (!!!)

No. 442728

It's back but I bet she had an anxiety attack.

No. 442736

File: 1513100311618.jpg (112.7 KB, 1044x280, Screenshot_20171212-113656.jpg)

yeah she posted in the first 20 seconds of it coming back lol

No. 442737

i'm not emily/the farmer you're responding to, but i posted something similar a few weeks ago after she randomly blocked someone else from ere for saying something fairly innocent and having commented non-suspiciously many times before.

i think she sometimes notices but not that often. it's not that she's that dumb (although she's p dumb…) it's that she's so very self centered that she's focused on the number of comments and a vague superficial reading of it, not on who posted. same reason she sometimes deletes shit that isn't even critical while she lets gibberish and sarcasm through. she skims and if it's either neutral or ass kissing she hits like. if it's at all critical or uses a word she doesn't like she blocks you and doesn't even check to see if somebody's name is familiar.

No. 442738


>Hard work pays off guys and girls

How would she know?

No. 442739

File: 1513100518834.jpg (36.18 KB, 435x380, a.JPG)

No. 442740

>be different, get a job!


No. 442741

>Be a free and sparkling happy cupcake ?? in a world of muffins guys

what x 2 lol

No. 442742

she basically just applied through an agency and got the job, she makes it sound like she had to impress them..still dont even know what the job is

No. 442744

Yeah, like when agencies hook up ex offenders and problem kids with crap jobs. Still, we've got something to look forward to now. I'm glad she didn't get that PR job. She didn't deserve it.

No. 442763

yeah she does probably recognize me as someone who's posted before but her head is so far up her ass I'm seriously willing to bet that she's so unattached to her followers and that she truly only cares about comments (not people). so if someone writes something rude after 1000 nice comments, blocked. it's happened before. so even though she'll have that feeling "i've seen this username before!" she won't have that feeling of "there's emilylove354, she's commented such nice things recently!". just think about how she's so incredibly self-absorbed and histrionic, it becomes easy to see how she doesn't give a shit about people

yeah I never heard anything about an interview? like suddenly she was offered the job out of the blue. this must be a really shit place.

if she thought retail was "hard"… good luck

No. 442769

maybe that was the interview today idk ive had jobs through agencies and you still have to interview

No. 442789

File: 1513106657086.jpeg (88.03 KB, 750x374, A29B333B-4F29-4802-98A8-14D04E…)

It’s been done already

No. 442802

File: 1513107607703.jpg (21.29 KB, 295x131, Capture.JPG)

She reposted the global update about getting the job because she only had 2 congrats comments.

No. 442815

she doesnt even update them lol and then later she'll take out the bit about it being a repost

No. 442818

File: 1513108456004.jpg (18.62 KB, 294x137, a.JPG)


No. 442830

but yesterday she was like "tomorrow i find out if i get the job or not" & idk about italy but here you usually dont get told "Hired!!" on the spot

and 4 days ago she said and i quote "I officially GOT A NEW JOB"

idk it doesnt make sense but it doesn't sound like they ever interviewed her. some places dont do interviews but they're usually rly shitty places that pay horribly. which i cant imagine for a daycare. like.. it's so insane if they didnt interview her but are trusting her with KIDS

No. 442832

The job might be so shitty she's the only one who opted for the placement so they took her because they're desperate for cheap labour? She said she starts IMMEDIATELY, but when's that? Tomorrow? Please god let it be tomorrow.

No. 442840

i seriously wonder how shit the pay is considering she can't even afford one therapy appointment. do these jobs paying less than min wage bc they can get away with it for her? who knows

No. 442860

She said she pays for her food and driving lessons, but of course that's bollocks.

Idk if she was talking about that PR job she didn't get, but she's been saying how she'll be getting more for this job with fewer hours than she did working more hours at the shop.

No. 442873

File: 1513113460993.jpg (21.09 KB, 302x107, christ.JPG)

The plot thickens

No. 442899


She’s so self absorbed I’m not surprised she’s saying the children already love her. Children don’t hate you on the spot or dislike someone unless you give them a reason to.
They didn’t all start crying and Aly takes that as she is those children’s answer to their lives.
One of those kids won’t want their graham crackers and she’ll get triggered.

No. 442901

8PM? Is that normal for daycare in Italy?

No. 442903

I'm all huh? about the times too. Shouldn't kids be in bed at 8?

No. 442906


Yeah I still don't understand what the fuck her job actually is.
What's the actual job title or description, Aly?

"Little children" should be in bed by 8PM, so I'm still thinking it's a regular babysitting job.

No. 442908

Maybe she’s actually like a nanny/ babysitter just looking after some family’s kids after school?

No. 442914

would make more sense

No. 442915

i was thinking maybe its an after school club?

No. 442918

File: 1513116775306.jpg (31.7 KB, 391x450, e76b2d4183aca3270baf84af97eeb4…)

She might be a Brown Owl in the Girl Guides or whatever it is in Italy.

No. 443003

File: 1513125202287.png (83.11 KB, 750x305, IMG_4482.PNG)

makes me laugh how she tries to insult her "haters" for having nothing better to do than make a fake account, which takes about 15 seconds, meanwhile she's on instagram typing 9 paragraphs of bs every hour

maybe she was hired in the afternoon bc they know there'll be like 1 kid there, max.

No. 443024

File: 1513126670789.jpg (390.74 KB, 1144x2536, IMG_4810.JPG)

Scrolling through my feed I could help but see Ais post then right underneath this pic of Aly. Not 100% sure she is talking about Aly, but she's follows her, but if so all I want to say is, girl you've got your own shit, but I do agree with you and wish you far better than Aly.

No. 443202

File: 1513146263463.gif (1.67 MB, 320x192, giphy.gif)

Oh mama mia!!!

No. 443213

radio gaga. all we hear is radio gaga!

No. 443246

In Italy, dinner time is around 7PM/8PM

No. 443285

nothing like that exists

No. 443286

No, they close at 6PM

No. 443361

File: 1513174138681.png (1.63 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5548.PNG)

Is she trying to look cute?

No. 443366

File: 1513176214311.jpg (436.5 KB, 1057x1223, Screenshot_20171213-084205.jpg)

shes starting work today?

No. 443368

File: 1513177422791.jpg (456.04 KB, 810x1240, Screenshot_20171213-090114.jpg)

She's already freaking out. She forgets to mentions that her precious ed community gave her a lot of help and support when she had that harrowing time folding clothes and picking up shoe boxes and she ignored all of it

No. 443369

File: 1513177425982.jpg (59.27 KB, 446x382, trap.JPG)

She's already guilt trapping her followers and she hasn't even started working. (pic related)

Also, the real reason why you're unable to feed yourself while working is because you are a fucking dumbass, Aly.

I can't find her post anymore but I believe she said she is going to have a trial day today?

No. 443370

ikr like she couldnt even figure out how to bring a packed lunch with enough food for one whole day…it really hurts my head with how stupid she is like she really quit that job because she couldnt eat enough snacks lmao

No. 443374

holy fuck she seriously thinks working with kids isnt tiring? what a moron omg. they're LIVING YOUNG HUMANS that she'll be dealing with, not articles of clothing like at her last job ffs

No. 443378

File: 1513178868474.jpg (699.74 KB, 810x1630, Screenshot_20171213-092531.jpg)

I didn't notice these comments from the other day, seem to be from non cyborgs too

No. 443381

She is afraid of gaining but also afraid of starving to death because she might not be able to eat over a time span of… 4 hours
Not eating at least every two hours = risk of relapsing into anorexia

No. 443382


i am so sick of her crying about haters but then someone is like "aly why do you post so much?" and she screenshots, circles their name, and posts it on her stories to nearly 50k people. are you fucking kidding me? what an actual piece of garbage. fuck you aly, that could really mess up a young kid if they suddenly saw that someone with a bunch of followers was calling them out basically asking for her followers to go and attack them. fucking bitch.

No. 443394

File: 1513192279553.png (132.45 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5550.PNG)

This hater (!) has a point. People commented on her previous pic giving her advice about eating enough on breaks, getting proper nutrition etc. What does aly do? Go for fucking cheesy fries at McDick's. She's so ignorant I swear(!)

No. 443420

>life over recovery
isnt the whole point of recovery so you can get back to life???recovery is shit
so like yeah life over recovery us a good thing aly

No. 443467

File: 1513207554884.jpg (99.59 KB, 1003x335, Screenshot_20171213-172409.jpg)

This is what she took from those hater comments

No. 443482

Did she miss the parts of every one of those messages where they still congratulate and wish Aly the best despite her awful behaviour? Hell, there's advice thrown in there, too but she really lasers in on that negative shit. Despite fixing the weight problem, everything else has really gotten worse.
Aly needs to get a grip with this job, for example by learning how to move beyond her own problems in order to help somebody else for once. Something needs to happen for it to click in that head of hers or she's truly a lost cause.

No. 443502

File: 1513211518516.png (1.01 MB, 720x1132, 20171214_012700.png)


No. 443510

File: 1513213023799.png (246.16 KB, 750x1102, IMG_4499.PNG)

high functioning anxiety kek

bitch that isnt anxiety that is SHAME. how does she have zero emotional intelligence/awareness holy fuck. she needs to go to one of those MDMA assisted therapy trials lol

No. 443511

File: 1513213470589.jpg (593.26 KB, 922x1533, Screenshot_20171213-190311.jpg)


No. 443514

>one of the worst days in ages

a day she has to do some work

No. 443519

this is gold.

No. 443523


I've thought this before but posts like this make me wonder if she actually does read here and that's where she's taking the "hate" from. Usually there are no hater comments on her instagram but she often sums up the mood on here pretty well.

I wonder if she doesn't wanna direct people here case bc she's scared her followers will take farmers' side.

No. 443533

This is the smartest "hater" i'd read. But Aly will ignore it and make a drama haha

No. 443537

I HATE how everyone talks to her where they're walking on eggshells. Even when they say this stuff to her in a nice way she still throws a hissy fit.

Idk about that. She'd know about emilylove etc if she came here.

No. 443542

I think she got a comment calling her dramatic and another one I think their name was "loser" or something

yeah everyone always has to be like "aly ❤?❤❤ + criticism ?❤?? no hate!!" and ya she wont listen to this i literally cannot see her coming off instagram unless it is forcibly removed from her clutches

No. 443550

I used to think she did but by this point I doubt it. 1: she's too dumb to figure out the site tbh. 2: her english is shitty and her reading comprehension is worse, she barely skims her comments, so I can't really see her wading thru this thread with as fast as it goes. 3: relatedly, she is too self obsessed to internalize criticism or to deal with the times the thread goes OT. she won't even read comments that aren't all about her, and she only half reads hater comments. she wants validation only and deletes/blocks anything else, so why spend time on something that doesn't make her look popular or kiss her ass? 4: she 100% would be screen capping and posting the shit out of this thread if she read it. she has no self control, she couldn't resist victimizing herself so dramatically.

No. 443562

I think she's too dumb in general. She doesn't understand things. She doesn't understand anything. It's remarkable someone like her exists and isn't recognised as having some kind of learning difficulty.

No. 443633

yeah i think she'd make a much bigger deal if she found this and read through it. like a black out post in all caps "Critics made a site just to bully me. Thanks so much haters I am taking 40 sleeping pills. I kill me. Thanks a lot this is all their fault. I die." and then post stories of her crying face with unsmudged eyeliner and a knife pressed against her wrist

then come back the next day with a bikini pics and be like "Haters? NOT. I laugh at them. Girls my mom is taking that website down. All the bullies and critics are arrested (!)"

No. 443635

yeah i think she'd make a much bigger deal if she found this and read through it. like a black out post in all caps "Critics made a site just to bully me. Thanks so much haters I am taking 40 sleeping pills. I kill me. Thanks a lot this is all their fault. I die." and then post stories of her crying face with unsmudged eyeliner and a knife pressed against her wrist

then come back the next day with a bikini pics and be like "Haters? NOT. I laugh at them. Girls my mom is taking that website down. All the bullies and critics are arrested (!)"

No. 443659

File: 1513230433591.png (135.66 KB, 636x848, 20171214_054646.png)

No. 443730


Aly is not mentally well enough to work with children. I wonder if she hides it well in person and does a shitty job hiding it on IG? I mean…if she acted how she sounds on IG I wouldn’t hire her to watch children. She didn’t even believe it would be exhausting.

It makes me sick to think she wants a child. That poor kid. I hope her uterus is just a barren wasteland.

No. 443765

File: 1513251329375.jpg (31.04 KB, 302x230, Capture.JPG)


Here's Aly's response. She needs to take time to stop the drama about working with kids.

The fact that Berto doesn't follow her and there aren't any friends she knows irl who interact with her makes me think she hides it all from them. This must've happened with her therapists and she goes in all #bodyposi and #recovery bullshit and then she blackposts on ig.

I hope her whole womb shriveled and she can't conceive. Hopefully this experience at work (whatever the fuck it is) might put her off having any of her own. I'd be as much concerned about her having a baby as I am that Crying Emily's spawning.

No. 443767

(She even finds the whole thing funny with that emoji at the end of "let me take time").

No. 443768

File: 1513251889316.jpg (50.18 KB, 358x635, Capture.JPG)

Just noticed this in stories. She's obsessed with her BMI.


No. 443769

inb4 "shut up anachan"
Aly looks good here, toned, and happy. Now she looks manic, borderline chubby, and is retaining water from her sodium intake. I would love to see her post a side by side because she is CLEARLY bigger.

No. 443770

You don't sound anachan. I think she looks more than 19 BMI there, but she's got those thighs where she looks toned. She used to do horse riding, so. Yeah she looks good there and "normal". Whatever starvation did to her brain, it made one hell of a mess.

No. 443772

File: 1513252837481.jpg (1.03 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171214_065923.jpg)

No. 443773

File: 1513253083713.jpg (25.61 KB, 267x201, Capture.JPG)

I don't think she'd like the answer to her question after seeing this before and after.

No. 443787

She deleted that because only 2 comments. Here's betting she became OCD nervous about the picture.

No. 443790

File: 1513258787486.jpg (99.72 KB, 730x672, lol.JPG)

Oh, she PURGED is the reason.

No. 443794

File: 1513259458291.png (915.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5555.PNG)

Boo hoo.

No. 443797

File: 1513260766582.png (300.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-14-07-10-13…)

I love when her comments are filled with angry people!

No. 443800

File: 1513261663243.png (490.71 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5556.PNG)

No. 443807

tru tho. what does "i fucking did good for 2 years even mean. shut up

No. 443812

Did anyone catch what she just posted? I have alerts on for her but she took it down so fast I didn't even get to see it, wondering if it was a black post after all her "hate"

No. 443814

The elsy.hdez one is the first comment I ever saw that actually did call Aly fat. Not necessary imo

No. 443815

File: 1513263851233.png (241.29 KB, 750x1114, IMG_4507.PNG)

but she just "purged" bc of haters

No. 443817

Lmao empty belly but had donnies and candy yesterday

No. 443820

lol so she totally listened to the girl who said try not to post all afternoon dont make a drama etc haha shes such a joke

No. 443823

File: 1513264831230.jpg (107.3 KB, 994x277, Screenshot_20171214-091831.jpg)

*continues to post

No. 443827

she actually looks more than 18.5 here i would guess 20 at least. so i'm willing to bet it's just the pose + different weight distribution. if you look at her pre ed bikini pics she looks the exact same

No. 443830

She just claimed the other day that her current BMI was as high as it hadn't been since 2012, which would be around when this picture was taken.
But she also said her current BMI was "close to 18".
Once again something doesn't add up.

No. 443835

yeah i noticed that too
her bmi is probably over 18 by now, i mean cmon we've all seen her big meaty head like just admit it aly, her telling people shes still underweight but she knows shes not? like whats the point

No. 443860

She will hit 180lbs and still claim BMI 17.8
I suspect Aly will get chubby by spring time

No. 443905

File: 1513274200209.png (12.76 KB, 290x91, Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-14 um 1…)

She thinks about quitting her job before she has even started, lol. Did anyone expect anything else?

No. 443908


I thought she'd found her life's calling. After all, children are on the same intellectual level.

>If you ever had to take care of children you will understand: it's terrifying, and rewarding

She's spent approx 4 hours with them and now she's an expert.

No. 443909

File: 1513274568578.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-14-10-59-50…)

One of her new poses appears to be pulling at her hood. I hope she quits so th ose poor kids aren't subjected to her.

No. 443910

File: 1513274723098.png (370.79 KB, 569x282, new pose.png)


Yup, her new "thing".

No. 443934

File: 1513276650128.jpg (23.58 KB, 480x219, IMG_20171214_123458_330.jpg)

Do someone know who is Melania and what is this girl talking about?

No. 443935

Melania is her mother

No. 443936

pretty sure Melania is her mom lol

No. 443939

man i hope this account is legit

No. 443942

File: 1513276965096.png (137.12 KB, 720x1060, 20171214_184213.png)

I predict black out

No. 443948

Hope so, I miss those times, nothing is the same since she began to break down on stories haha.
hope too but this account its a triple zero.

No. 443949

File: 1513277434806.jpg (45.12 KB, 315x362, Capture.JPG)

This one too

No. 443954

melania trump obvz

No. 443961

If she breaks down, it's now. She just deleted all those comments.

No. 443967

Did she even delete this one? they werent a cyborg. She's gonna have no followers left, that hot girl only leaves her comments cus aly said she was beautiful a bunch

No. 443968

Yeah it's gone. Only the ones praising her are left.

No. 443989

File: 1513286863003.png (946.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171214-222046.png)

Aly bleeds again you guys!

No. 443991

At least we know she isn't knocked up..

No. 443993

we really didn't need to see this
how much weight do you think she's gained from period bloat? she's definitely far above 18 now…

No. 443999

Btw, who wants to tell her that the period one gets by anticonception pills is a fake period? bahaha

No. 444003

Are you idiot? there's no fake period.

No. 444006

File: 1513288506487.jpg (2.82 KB, 275x183, aly white.jpg)

Ew those are pads? If so, please don't wear such tight jeans, Aly ffs.

No. 444012

(At least she won't have to have sex with Berto at his parents next week unless he's into that and has a stash of bleach).

No. 444013

before calling someone an idiot, search a little.

No. 444022

I still hope she's infertile.

No. 444027

so she ate a different thing than what she posted.

No. 444031

File: 1513290415131.jpeg (256.16 KB, 750x1080, 700A1A3C-4924-40CE-9FC9-74532C…)

The comments are deteriorating again

No. 444032

File: 1513290464537.jpeg (108.49 KB, 750x412, F302EBF2-D2F4-4D2E-BA71-02FFBE…)

No. 444033

I can't believe Aly is this…Oblivious. I started working four months ago as a school lunch monitor with kids between 3/11 years old. It's not a complicated job but it requires a lot of patience. The money isn't that good but I didn't have to do a previous interview, so I guess she'll be doing something similar. And she's such…So. Fucking. Dramatic.

Kids are tiring, it's exhausting and they can be really mean when they want to be. I love kids, I enjoy spending time with them and some days…I can't stand them. I just know she won't be valuable for this job, she CAN'T be when she was in a retail job and had to make it all about her. When you're with kids, you don't have to think about you or your needs, they're the most important thing. She's so obsessed with herself, I'm sure she'll give up and blame her boss / kids / mean parents / little money. Ughhhh

No. 444034

File: 1513290486724.jpeg (119.36 KB, 750x509, 0C7CE734-C736-473F-A3FB-68CDBA…)

No. 444041

OH GOD. You KNOW this is going to be another ~anniversary date~ like going in hospital for two days was being reborn. This will be her menstrual day. Still grossed out over pads considering she'll be sitting on dining tables.

No. 444068

File: 1513293550056.jpeg (167.26 KB, 1234x1265, image.jpeg)

No. 444114

File: 1513298146383.jpeg (211.86 KB, 750x1076, B8B2B913-1A98-4FB5-B59D-5B7798…)

Oh my god this is gold

No. 444115

File: 1513298175273.jpeg (248.58 KB, 750x1069, 3F4447F9-3822-4278-973D-860AF1…)

No. 444119

File: 1513298260102.jpeg (281.74 KB, 750x1042, F4E528FF-982D-4CC2-9F3D-2F54A2…)

No. 444121

File: 1513298295154.jpeg (207.26 KB, 750x740, 4D63B85A-C910-4B6E-BEDC-7D764B…)

Uh that escalated quickly

No. 444125

I can’t breathe

No. 444126

if she hasn't had one in a long time, I can understand why she posts this? it's not the worst thing in the world to bring up.

Did you have a strict religious/cultural upbringing so that you feel so disgusted with your own body? Periods are messy and inconvenient is all. They don't make a woman disgusting or "untouchable".

No. 444130


I just…WHAT. I wonder what will happen tomorrow when Aly wakes up to find more than 30 comments in one photo and has to read all…That.

No. 444157

I just like seeing aly get shit from people everyday, its almost encouraging non farmers to leave her hate too lol I mean I'm almost happy for her that she got her period, but I still hate her and she's an awful person etc.

No. 444158

It's a pasta, not that Aly will know lmao

No. 444168

File: 1513300499411.jpg (1.56 MB, 245x160, D34BCgT.jpg)


crackmother is my idol.

I was ew at pads. No I'm fine with periods. I talk freely about them and enjoy period chat. I don't like pads because they're messy and bad for the environment. It's gross to be sitting on a nice beach and there're bits of plastic lining from pads on the sand. I hate having periods because I had no need for them. Tax on products for X amount of years when I never wanted to breed.

I like when Aly's insta becomes a surreal farm chatroom.

No. 444222


it's that fucking sara who tried to expose oldfence.

honestly fuck. what if she gets pregnant!?? she'll use that as excuse not to do anything w her life then completely fuck up the kid and neglect them when she realizes children are a huge responsibility.

i feel like lainey is a better mom than aly would be. aly is the type of person who'll start crying and screaming when her baby wont shut up and then she'll "run away" leaving her baby unsupervised for half a day

No. 444224


Half a day is being generous

No. 444227

uhh i dont think those anons are grossed out by periods. where did you even get that from…? pads are generally kind of ew bc they're a lot messier and also "unsanitary" in a sense where you can flush down a tampon or rinse a diva cup but the pad goes in the trash beside the toilet… and can smell… etc etc. plus you can't swim without making the water red. it's not the period itself lol. i dont know anyone who uses pads anymore tbh

No. 444249

File: 1513305935495.jpg (10.98 KB, 225x225, do.jpg)


I'd just rather shove something up there and not have this reminder stuck into my knickers. Do they even stick properly? No, I don't know anyone who uses them either.

Aly's careless enough to get pregnant although she must've had periods pre spoopy when she was with Berto. (Please be infertile). I bet her hamster's been sleeping in a pile of its own excrement for weeks with no water in the tube or food in the pot. No, she must never spawn.

No. 444308

Some people have to use them for medical reasons that make tampons too uncomfortable/painful, but I think general consensus is they feel like you're sitting in a wet, bloody diaper at constant risk of leaking.

Sage for irrelevance.

No. 444421

there's all kinds of quality levels and the better-made ones are just fine. the liquid is absorbed into it, it doesn't sit on top and doesn't come out the other side either. "ultra-thin with wings" type of thing. source, I have to wear them as backup due to a having a bicornuate uterus, tampons don't always work. they obviously don't go well with some types of clothing but that's about it.

No. 444431


>doot around lookin at baked good

I lost it

No. 444477

File: 1513343036670.png (367.73 KB, 1249x1475, IMG_4825.PNG)

As if this daft cunt has to ask random people on Instagram how to deal with having her period… like just do what you did before you stopped getting it. Middle, chocolate, heating pad. Ask your mother Aly since she's you beloved number 1 and all..

No. 444478

That should say Midol, I kill me

No. 444485

You're not supposed to flush tampons down the toilet.

No. 444500

>Eat me and go
I like that brand name, makes me feel like even the fast food places are tired of her and are like "fucking eat your food and gtfo aly you look like an idiot making your boyfriend take stupid pics of you at mcdonald"

If I saw a girl taking dumb poses with a fucking mcmuffin i'd lose it. New level of poor instahoe

No. 444510

what the actual fuck? "are period cramps normal?" did i srsly just read that? why does she have to make everything so insanely dramatic? they're called PERIOD CRAMPS for a fucking reason. as if she didnt have her period pre-ed.

No. 444525

And I'm sure Aly has never heard of the navy seal copy pasta and will somehow interpret this as a personal threat

>Better to rest/not stress my body or keep living normally?

yes Aly because most women just do absolutely nothing while on their periods, that's why women aren't allowed to be politicians or ceos or serve in the military

Also what about her life is "stressful" at all, kek

No. 444541

Now this is a nitpick. Just for context, most Italian girls use pads so it's not weird that Aly would use them too. Few girls use tampons, and even fewer use the cups.
You just have to change them frequently and wash yourself, it's not a big deal and they're more hygienic than tampons to be fair. And no, you can't flush down tampons wtf you'll clog the toilet

She missed her periods for how many years? Two? And now she's acting as if she hasn't seen them since she was in middle school or something

No. 444575

File: 1513357377222.jpg (350.2 KB, 747x1107, IMG_2690.jpg)

And not everyone wants to change them in public bathrooms. Tampons in Italy and most of EU don't come with that plastic applicator.

Also, she hasn't had it in years, how is she supposed to know how much she will bleed? There's enough other things about Aly to talk about.

On another note: she doesn't have any more 'physical goals' and is asking whether she should reduce her intake and start exercising.

No. 444587

File: 1513358194585.jpg (7.35 KB, 189x267, alys wishlist.jpg)

No, Aly. You aren't supposed to eat cake while menstruating. Neither should you wash your hair or look a toad directly in its eyes on a full moon.

I'm period sisters with Aly. We're in sync (!)

No. 444600

I can now sleep at night knowing that Aly wears wingless pads
Fuck these millenials and their oversharing

No. 444602

File: 1513360226043.jpg (28.35 KB, 495x425, tumblr_lhpf8ltXFv1qgcxlx.jpg)

These names are just the gifts that keep on giving. Xmas time is here folks

No. 444604

File: 1513360269050.jpg (39.05 KB, 340x270, grrrlfriend.jpg)


I prefered the creativity of the Generation X-ers who made their own. Environment friendly too.

No. 444607

I clearly spoke too soon….
Now we got
I'm catching up sorry. Fucking dying over here!!
Reckon we need a list of the funniest Aly commenter usernames.
I'm calling c_bish as top

No. 444609

File: 1513360993042.jpg (217.55 KB, 1199x1199, C1xlUz0UoAAIoof-tout.jpg)

We need a list.

How long is Aly going to drag this being on the blob thing? It's getting boring now with her rooftop wine and chips with Berto to celebrate. Next month she'll be holding a "period shower" Ma…i mean her "friends" gift her wingless pads, Feminax and hot water bottles.

Not sure it's going down too well with followers because she's lost a few hundred during the last 12 hours.

No. 444610

File: 1513361300378.gif (4 MB, 500x282, source.gif)

>>I bet her hamster's been sleeping in a pile of its own excrement for weeks with no water

I completely read that line as a euphemism.

No. 444615

I weren't anyone of the above you're referring to.
But for me, the EW was pointing it out?
Does ANYONE other than HERSELF need to be knowing how she deals with her "monthlies"
I don't care if she hasn't had one for 10 years (!)
It's NASTY that she's telling us. While she's at it. She may as well be telling us how much discharge she has and the specific colour and thickness and how frequently she changes her knickers.
NOBODY needs to know.
It's not gross it's natural. What IS GROSS is telling 40k randoms online.

No. 444633

File: 1513364247623.png (2.38 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171215-115543.png)

No. 444636

Yes darling
Walk to the nearest train station
Throw your IPHONE onto the tracks of the nearest oncoming train
Go home
Take some ibuprofen n go to bed
Wake up with a fucking grip!

No. 444725


like seriously, for anyone who ever gave her the benefit of the doubt about her "exhaustion" at her old job, or her "purging" or "panic attacks" or "self arming" or whatever, they should now realize that all of that was total bullshit, because she's literally making a period sound like she's fucking dying.

and as others have pointed out she obviously got her period like a normal person for probably like 5-6 years before her anorexia kicked in at age 19. aly if you could handle cramps and chocolate cravings at age 13 you can do it now, trust me

No. 444794

That's not nitpicking. It's derailig slightly but they were just answering another anon's question.

i vote emilylove and chez as 2 and 3

Ikr. really really bad cramps and symptoms can occur but i have this feeling that it's not happening to her

No. 444799

File: 1513375590417.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171215-160007.png)

I wonder how aly will try to make herself stay relevant. Lots of people stay on insta when they're wr and go on to post "normal" things but I'm sure she'll stay clung to her ed identity

No. 444821

How is that a euphemism, you dumb?

No. 444823

I don’t get what’s so great about the Emilylove username?

No. 444828

bring me up to speed\


No. 444830

God. She's still going on about periods. I know every woman is different, but on birth control I barely experienced pain and they were so light it was barely worth them happening. Without birth control I get ravenous for about 2 days before then when it comes the hunger goes away.

There were girls in primary school at 9 years or 10 getting their first period and they dealt with it. Women with endometriosis have terrible pain and they deal with it. Idk why I expected anything else from Aly other than major drama over periods, but JFC, this is extreme dramatisation even for her.

cinoirtsih_bish made me well up with tears in my eyes
> you are really goddess, created from the light of three thousand evening stars.


No. 444831

Teach me

No. 444833

true as shit

No. 444848


is this an incel who just discovered lolcow?

No. 444851

Probably. One who had a bad experience with blondes perhaps.

No. 444871

men remain just..so embarrassing

No. 444876

okay dude

No. 444877

please stay on topic virginfag

No. 444880

what does this say i can't read suddenly

No. 444899

File: 1513384781781.jpg (12.4 KB, 218x218, incel tales.jpg)

I'm sorry your mother's an evil beast with vile sexual impulses. Sorry she's a plague, vicious, depreaved and barbaric. You should write a ~tragic life stories~ book. Might make you feel better.

Bye now. Good luck.

No. 444900


No. 444908


She would deal a lot better with something severe because she thrives off attention and drama. she only can't stand being ignored. remember when she was sick and downplayed the seriousness of it.

No. 444919

I can't pinpoint the moment when she became so attention hungry. She gained a large following on insta because she appealed to anachans and she was a trainwreck like Ash and the other spoops. Her feed was all fake eating but not much drama (if any). Then she became all needy. Having a period is the only eventful (in her life) to have happened anorexia-wise to her for ages so she's milking it. If she was interesting and did things other than think about recovery I'd follow her to see her do hobbies or read what she feels about things, but … there's nothing and we just follow to watch her flip out.

No. 444920

bitch just learned that being ill gets you attention and she loved it. no idea what she'll do now, i'm amazed she even admitted to getting her period

No. 444929

sorry i accidentally deleted the post you replied to (thought i double-posted) but it said something along the lines of "take it in how much she exaggerates everything, imagine if she was to go thru something actually severe. imagine aly goes thru benzo or opiate withdrawal kek"

No. 444931


I imagine that if now she was getting tubed and in hospital (for two days) she'd be posting loads of crying shoots in stories about the pain. All we had was her wheeling her drip and a mock sad face Aly. I really think she's become more unhinged.

Some people must just love making something sound dramatic (obv cos of munchie thread). Personal blog soz, but a couple of years ago I had to start tapering down from Benzos. I looked at a specific forum and it gave me the fear of the devil like it was going to be HORRENDOUS and worse than coming off heroin (!). It wasn't fun, but increased anxiety, palpitations, etc under supervision was fuck all. But yeah, back to Aly, she was all OMFG HOW WILL I REACT TO ANTIDEPRESSANTS?? WILL I COPE WITH SIDE EFFECTS?? If I was a 10 year old reading about her fucking period I'd feel like I'd been diagnosed with a life changing disease. Idk, can't get inside the mind of drama people but they really need to find a hobby.

No. 444959

you're lucky you seemed to have had a good taper plan if you weren't getting the worst symptoms like hallucinations & delusions, when i tapered i had a fucking seizure (sorry for blogpost too). i mentioned benzos & opiates bc withdrawing off them is literally the worst experience of life and i simply cannot imagine what aly would do. her thought process was prob filled with a fuckton of defense mechanisms when she was snoopy so she probably didnt even think of it as thaaat bad back then. but putting her in the middle of something like H withdrawal… that's not something you can just rationalize your way out of not feeling bad. Like, you feel bad. Period. I wouldnt wish that shit on anyone but tbh maybe Aly needs to experience something THAT bad. so she can stfu about her period cramps ke

No. 444985

(I was doing it with guidance from the Lifeline Project and cutting back 5mg every two weeks. It took ages and had some slip ups but they were good. Got down to 30mg a day but doubt I could deal without that tbh. Benzos and alcohol are the two things that you can't suddenly withdraw from innit. Shame Lifeline doesn't exist any more).

One of the shittiest things Aly talks about is how she hates her dad. He's had cancer yet she's so flippant about it. She even made the death of that uncle who had cancer all about her. I don't wish terminal cancer on her and at this point I can see she still wouldn't change and she'd become #cancerworrior. Maybe she would show strength through it, but when she'd start to recover I'm not sure it wouldn't be like groundhog day and she'd forever bang on about her battles.

No. 445021

I think she's going to get extra boring now because she'll have to drag things out even more like she'll stub her toe and say when she was bmi 10.6 that could've killed her but now (!) i think NOT or w/e

No. 445065

File: 1513399799898.png (21.15 KB, 292x298, Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-16 um 0…)

Lol, how will Aly react to this?
A bit vulgar, but whoever posted this is sooo right…

No. 445083

I've seen this written on cards and stuff except they say "alphabetty spaghetti" instead of scrabble words.

Kind of thing I can imagine the Jackass crew trying for real.

I concur. Sooo right.

No. 445197

im not a fan of the farmer comments. all comments make aly happy someones paying attention to her posts and she doesnt give a fuck about what they say, shes probably even happy if theyre mean bc then she can complain about it.
i wish i could see aly's ig not getting any comments for a whole day or two. she would go crazy

No. 445203

yeah and recently if there were no farmer comments there would only be like 1-2 people leaving her comments

No. 445234

File: 1513433679127.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171216-081316.png)

Seems legit

No. 445238

I do like the farmer comments and I've made some myself but I'm totally up for depriving her of attention for a couple days
Won't like or comment until at least let's say Wednesday, feel free to join

No. 445261

I mean, she shares the most trivial things on her profile, even when she's going to see Berto. Having her period back after the spoop is something more or less important. It means that she's healthy now and can't bitch about "Still recovering" anymore.
As long as she doesn't add any gross detail to it, I don't see why anyone should freak out at someone mentioning periods. It's childish

No. 445266

yea no one was we've moved on anon

No. 445268

Duck is working on something, ok? Take the #motivation soup, it’s going somewhere.

No. 445270

theyre gonna get alys account details and delete it?

No. 445275

I only just checked in today and she's REPOSTEED X because someone called her moonface? Still banging on about period pain ffs.

I hope so. It makes me weep to read duck's love letters to Aly knowing she is a farmer.

No. 445284

File: 1513441791830.jpeg (41.01 KB, 348x306, 327261A3-45D9-4434-91C2-F595E5…)

Zoomed in, you can see the buttons are under pressure on those high waisted jeans. If she has another one day breakdown and claims she’s BMI ~16 again I’ll go insane right along with her.

She just can’t deal with the fact that she’s a healthy weight.

No. 445289

File: 1513442390369.jpg (32.7 KB, 329x425, Capture.JPG)

I noticed how tight her jeans were a few days ago. It's almost forcing the zip down. She said she was a double zero when spoopy and now she buys two sizes up. Um…I don't think so. She looks like she needs a UK size 10 (US 6 I think?)

No. 445334

i like the occaisonal hilarious over the top ones, not the daily asslicker ones. while i have no idea what some farmers are giving her asspats every post, the occaisonal "my dog died" ones are funny. if everyone could stop commenting for like a couple days (like how we all did when she went private for 12 hrs) that would be cool i wanna see what happens

all her pants were probably stretched out and now when she tried a US 0 or 2 or whatever at a store it didnt fit so she was like "oh i'm gonna buy one size higher so i can gain weight into it!!!"

No. 445371

Omg I woke up with period pains this morning. Then I went out to pick up some tampons because I'm having a period. I then ate what I always eat because I'm having a period. This evening I will do what I always do except I will be having my period while doing it.

Is that an elasticated bit at the waist on those pants she's wearing? I think they've expanded as much as possible and it must be painful when she's sitting down (not just because she's got her period).

No. 445376

idk i cant tell. did her mirror selfie pic have a shot of the name of the store where she bought these pants? i could try and find them online

she probably doesnt wash them so they dont shrink kek

No. 445438

File: 1513461324856.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171216-145301.png)

The not commenting is working. LoL

No. 445442

File: 1513461455499.jpg (272.12 KB, 1371x675, Screenshot_20171216-145548.jpg)

No. 445464

Yeah then some fuckers spoil it.

Can't believe how she needs someone around 7/24.

No. 445496

on some chocolate pic she said it was the first saturday shes been alone in 3 months lol

No. 445507


There's something really wrong with that. She wigs out if she's not with someone for an afternoon. She must have NOTHING she can think of doing.

No. 445596

She always acts like she will instantly die if she misses one meal or one snack. Isn't that weird for someone who used to have an eating disorder?

No. 445619

File: 1513487676097.png (2.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171216-221258.png)


No. 445658


hater comments give her attention and make her real followers feel like they have to comment in defense

better not to comment at all.

No. 445663

So now she is drama begging for more attenshun after"freaking out", but she finally admits she's PHYSICALLY RECOVERED! It's a miracle!

Agreed. Enough, farmers. This has gotten way out of hand and now it is like bullying, all these people posting nasty shit to her. We are supposed to observe not interact.

No. 445691

I think it's good there has been lots of commenting until now though, because now the contrast between attention and lack of attention is significant. There'll always be a few asslickers like dogs but Aly won't be impressed because it used to be so much more attenshun.

No. 445696

It's just her attention seeking, though maybe it's rooted with OCD. She's such an attention seeker that she can't stick to one lie, too. For days it'll be her posting junk food #recoverywins, then she'll have a breakdown and want more attention so she'll write a black post about how she's been struggling to eat and she's losing weight. The "give me attention for being happy, no wait that's not working anymore, give me attention because I'm sad" thing is at a toddler's level of intellect, but I wouldn't expect anything more of Aly

No. 445724

File: 1513512125618.jpg (19.04 KB, 293x156, Capture.JPG)

Ma's got a tattoo. Can anyone see what it is? #goodsunday #support4support

No. 445738

She became attention hungry when she became weight restored. (fuck all the 17-19 bmi bullshit) She got so much attention and love and praise from eating to gain. She misses that shit. So here we are.

No. 445739

The only farmers comments I don't like are the OTT nasty ones. So I kind of agree with you. I'm here for the LULZ. Not to personally harass someone, and I'm assuming (though may be wrong) that is why most of us are here.
Calling her fat and stuff directly isn't to my taste.
That said, the subtle sarky comments, or the plain outright calling her out on her bullshit are fair play.
It would be good if nobody commented at all for at least a few days, to see how many comments she actually does get and witness the potential meltdown over "no support"

No. 445748

Kinda looks like a mother mary tattoo to me?

No. 445752

File: 1513521947249.jpg (188.61 KB, 1304x453, Screenshot_20171217-074109.jpg)

So she thinks its absurd to eat one day, and be hungry the next day?

No. 445756

File: 1513523142535.jpg (494.98 KB, 2896x2896, 20171217_080027.jpg)

Her poor brother. Before putting this together I didn't realise he had the same exact stance for the whole "photoshoot"

No. 445775

his smile is even faker than hers lol she looks so dumb here omg

No. 445797


I don't think cookies is a craving. Cravings are for things your body needs and seeing how her blood is basically sugar I doubt she needs more.

No. 445842

Random, I remember Aly showing a post back in the day with their wrists side by side. Her mother has a tattoo of a stylised horse because she used to be a horse jockey or something of that nature.

No. 445852

Thanks for that. I don't remember that pic you mentioned, only the one where they're holding hands across a table both wearing red bracelets (and some farmers thought they were pro ana).

Aly used to say how much she loved horse riding and wanted to do it when she was well but never does. Maybe she was just into it because Ma did/does it. Her mum sounds interesting which makes it odder that Aly's so uninteresting. I'd rather follow Ma's account if she had one.

No. 445870

File: 1513535614306.jpg (310.46 KB, 1032x811, Screenshot_20171217-123208.jpg)

*aly never replies

No. 445875

If she doesn't post food in her stories she's posting pictures of her having a ~panic attack~

No. 445885

File: 1513537991347.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171217-120945.png)

She's got to prove the haters wrong lol

How can Aly question this when she recycles food pics?

No. 445889

File: 1513538738480.jpg (130.6 KB, 978x386, Screenshot_20171217-132348.jpg)

She's not gonna be present, except for tbs oh and a bunch of other posts too and stories don't forget the stories

No. 445968

i really enjoy the occaisonal ott asslicker ones like the infrequent ones by emily love or c_bish as long as theyre infrequent and not spamming her with comments. some make me laugh a lot. also ones that aren't filled with insults but try and tell her something objective are great bc she always ends up screenshotting their comments proving how shitty she is. it makes me rage how she publicly humiliates people. like ya aly you're definitely above your haters

i always wonder how she's react if she went thru and ACTUAL panic attack

No. 445977

sry samefag but is appleorangeandblack a farmer? always constant asslicking, zero photos, and never a response from aly. if not a farmer how tf do these people care about commenting constant support on her posts if she never fucking talks to them.

No. 445980

theyre a farmer, doesnt aly follow them? lol shes follows a bunch of farmers with empty accounts or random pics

No. 445986

File: 1513546320323.jpg (27.82 KB, 480x240, rome gay baths.jpg)

Sooo…predictions for her week in Rome. Will there still be kissing pics? Will we see any architecture or will it all be pics of Aly with food? His parents are so lucky getting her to stay with them for a week (!)

No. 445988

rome gay baths anon (!)
shes hardly gonna be on! just a few tbs ya heard her

yeah prolly kissing bert, holding up food, no scenery or architecture, im thinking more breakdowns than normal because she always hates being just with bert

No. 445990

I honestly dont understand farmers who give her supportive comments on every post. Like there's nothing even funny about the comments, it's one thing to be like "my house burned down my dog died etc" but regular praise on every post? Why? What is the point?

No. 445994

Oh I suuuuure will miss her words ?

Yeah I was looking at pictures of Rome and found that one. I bet Berto hangs out (literally) there while he's away.

So many of her followers today have said things like this comment
>Maybe keep this account for those with eds and to show your support, but also create another account that is focused on your day to day life that isn't ed related. :]

They really want to see her LIFE. Haven't they twigged she hasn't got anything else yet?

I dislike her too much to write even one serious support message. I'd do it for dollar and right now I'm cheap. ??

No. 446013

seriously like aly doesnt do anything, maybe people say we want to see your life cus they think oh she must do something but yeah her life revolves around going out to eat and posting those meals on instagram…also i noticed someone asked her if she still had her hamster and she replied that she did but then deleted the reply? prolly jealous someone asked her about hammy on a post about her beloved insta account

No. 446023

File: 1513549722088.jpg (38.02 KB, 303x321, Capture.JPG)

Wow, I think she's realised her clothes are too small and she looks like shit in them!

No. 446028

"So late, can't sleep"
It's 11,30 pm in Italy right now and she's usually up until 2 am posting stories and deleting comments

No. 446031


I was thinking that. I'm only an hour behind and thought it was going to be late then looked at the time and thought wtf it's only just gone 11pm. She seems to wake up early as well. I couldn't stand her life it's so regimented.

Oh, didn't notice she'd deleted the reply about her hamster. She didn't answer what the name of her cat was either I don't think. I'd say something about it but the hamster might end up in the frying pan.

No. 446066

whats her dilema tho? dont wear clothes that dont fit you and they only fit her cus she was spoopy

No. 446077


Idk what the big deal is if she still has 50% that fit, but if you ever wondered what keeps an empty headed dullard awake at night there's the answer - what shall I pack for a few days away from home.

No. 446098

File: 1513554372087.jpg (284.59 KB, 1304x838, Screenshot_20171217-164249.jpg)

isn't this the bitch that tried to tip Aly? I'm sure we can think of a lot more insults other that "fat" for you Sara.

No. 446107


Yeah, the one with the forehead you could write War and Peace on.

It's anas who're obsessed with being called fat. Clothes sizing's gone up and all those skinny heroin chic supermodels aren't popular. If I call someone fat it's because they're morbidly obese because it's a fact they're fat. Overweight people I don't even think as fat. Get over yerselves ffs.

No. 446108

ikr wouldnt that be great if it wss the height of your problems

she asked people for help cus she cant sleep but then never replied to any of the comments lol why even make the post

No. 446110

Oh yeah I meant to say that if you want to see the worst of the lot calling people fat then head over to mpa where anything that isn't skeletal is "fat".

No. 446424

>it's just one of the main food nutrients […] that's all

it's not just a noun, m8
it's also a verb
and an adjective

No. 446449

File: 1513579251467.png (2.14 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171217-233636.png)

Also, She's deleted almost all photos from today

No. 446487

File: 1513584847706.jpeg (219.22 KB, 750x1017, 2DA707A2-88B5-4273-90BF-AE3AD0…)

Those fucking chin-highs tho. We’re going to have to look at them all winter.

By far the worst thing she’s ever worn and the worst thing to come out of Milan. I hope these never make it to the states. I will kill me.

No. 446554

they actually look like they're maternity clothes.

No. 446555

File: 1513602636335.jpeg (93.17 KB, 640x1166, image.jpeg)


No. 446557

Still so severally underweight. I understand that she´s too weak to work for three hours straight without stuffing her face with fries and donnies.

No. 446568

File: 1513605212376.png (304.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171218-085022.png)

She really has no idea what eating disorders are about at all. "Omg guys being recovered is not wanting to lose weight lolz" uhhh yeah bc eating disorders are literally just about weight, that's all.

The fact that she has apparently been even been asked to look at underlying issues is so stupid. And she thinks she can offer worthwhile recovery advice?

No. 446571

File: 1513605511962.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5625.PNG)

The fry-stache is back. Comedic genius, Aly.

No. 446579

File: 1513606634143.png (177.79 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5626.PNG)


No. 446580


You know it's a true story because she hashtagged #truestory

No. 446585

So that's where berto has beebeen h hiding! At least no risk of spawning there

No. 446594

File: 1513608872254.png (1.24 MB, 720x1280, 20171218_155313.png)

No. 446597

File: 1513609385349.png (1.44 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171218-160126.png)

No. 446600

you are literally on your way to see your boyfriend stop crying about having no one you stupid child.

How long does she travel to Rome? 2 hours maybe? Oh shit guys, how will she ever stay safe? She's got low battery, guys.

No. 446601

Stuff of nightmares!

No. 446608

btw you guise, did you know she's travelling ALONE!
There is actually no one holding her hand while Aly, a 22 year old woman who happens to just have had her period (!), is going to Rome to stay with her boyfriend.

No. 446612

File: 1513610679885.png (173.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5630.PNG)


No. 446635

She just keeps proving that the only thing she can talk about is eating disorders…someone said nuggets should be lunch not a snack…omg!!!

No. 446639


She even looks like a maniac with resting face.

What does she mean by "stay safe" anyway? Is she going to throw herself off a moving train?

No. 446641

haha ikr she always says that "i dont know how to stay safe" safe from what? feeling worse? trying to self harm? skipping chocolate snack? its meaningless

No. 446644

nitpick but someone please free the frog she hides in her mouth, it's animal cruelty

No. 446652

File: 1513614289625.jpg (21.61 KB, 305x301, ribbit.JPG)

But they're old friends.

No. 446696

deer in headlights stare
tricking word salad


No. 446700

What the actual fuck is "a breakdown" to her? Mild anxiety? Mild guilt? Crying?

Ikr!??? Her life hasn't been threatened since she was snoopy. I would bet $1000 that she is far too egotistical to even contemplate suicide

No. 446705


Poor Aly will get no love in the comming weeks due to the holidays and everyone’s enjoying junk food and their family. And poor Aly will have NO ONE(fatberto) to help her not feel greedy. How dare you all.

No. 446718

File: 1513621112470.jpg (151.09 KB, 1004x282, Screenshot_20171218-121556.jpg)

so…she managed to get on thw train to see bert, ugh must have been awful it sucks when you cant stand your boyfriend and hate being away from your usual mcdonalds

why is she saying she can only post with throwbacks too, like she cant take pics of them out where they are? i love seeing an old chocolate bar, great a+ content

No. 446729

File: 1513621736725.jpg (841.55 KB, 810x1702, Screenshot_20171218-122745.jpg)

shes so crazy

No. 446746

So she’s clearly not alone. Mama came with her. Unless Aly brought two purses. I wonder if her mom just accompanied Aly to Rome and is headed back home or if mama chaperones her visit.
Cut the umbilical cord, my god.

No. 446754

well thats probably a bag for the clothes she took

i wanna see her pic taking process in person it must look ridiculous

and how come berts back in rome anyway? did she mention him leaving?

No. 446761

File: 1513623228510.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171218-125232.png)

>mcdonalds bag in pic

No. 446764

File: 1513623275347.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171218-125247.png)

literally nothing different in that post

No. 446768

Seriously, you could take virtually ANY pic while on a trip, be it of the train station, scenery, architecture, or what have you.
NOT (!)
It's gotta be a picture of her filthy feet on a park bench next to a McD bag.
much difference. wow.

No. 446775

Sorry for slight OT but you guys are gonna seriously regret it if you keep flushing your menstrual products. You're not supposed to and it will fuck up your plumbing. BF's dads a plumber and he gets called out to houses to dislodge massive wads of pads and tampons a surprising amount. It's expensive and massively embarrassing - usually you can't pull out the clog inside the house, you have to do it in the outside plumbing so everyone in your street will see years worth of your used menstrual products. It's also how they end up polluting the environment on beaches.

Also tampons are less sanitary than pads. You can get toxic shock syndrome from tampons, but not pads.

No. 446796

i was gonna leave her a hater comment but then i noticed she only has 1 comment on that pic so thats much worse to her lol

an yeah if she started posting pics of just the things around her, her insta would become 100% more interesting simply because of where she lives like i'd love to see milan or rome but she thinks posting a pic of her on a bench w a mcdonalds bag is a big difference to the norm??

No. 446832

Unload the toad

No. 446839

This one is gone now, she's gonna cry that people only care about her food posts so she will keep doing that…
what a bizarre life she leads

No. 446849

Yep you called it anon.
No one yelled at you Aly you didn’t get any more than one comment, that’s why you reposted. This lying cunt drives me nuts.

No. 446850

File: 1513628272868.jpeg (245.02 KB, 750x1334, 71F16AB0-5E6E-45C3-A410-B45E3B…)

Dropped pic

No. 446859

>Also tampons are less sanitary than pads. You can get toxic shock syndrome from tampons, but not pads
I think "unsanitary" implies dirty or messy, every girl knows what tss is.

She recieved one comment, she infers it as "yells". She basically said "I don't want to be myself because it doesn't give me enough attention" hahaha

No. 446861

File: 1513629369258.png (464.96 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5646.PNG)

No. 446869

Her hair deserves dyeing.

She's messing about on instagram and she just arrived at her bfs parents. Unbe-fuckin-lievable.

No. 446876

>every girl knows what tss is.

I'm gonna assume people who are stupid enough to think flushing menstrual products is okay also didn't read the bit on the tampon box about tss.

No. 446880

Stop bickering about about menstrual products. Flushing is bad, yes. Even worse than pads and tampons are baby wipes/make up wipes. Idk, maybe start an environmental discussion about it on the other boards, but it's been enough having Aly bang on about her period this week.

No. 446883

ffs stop picking fights over irrelevant shit from 4 days ago. who cares

no one even insulted her or was hateful at all, my god.

No. 446885

you're not alone though??? i can never believe how obsessed she is w instagram…like is she just sittinf next to bert obsessively checking her phone? live your life like you're always banging on about you dumb bitch

No. 446886

conversation would have died had you not replied.

idk why people on this site have such an issue with ignoring shit they don't like. Why did you have to make a post twice as long as the one you're complaining about drawing out the issue. Complaining about shitposting is shitposting. Ignore and report.

No. 446924

If she's alone why does she have 2 purses. And who took this >>446729

No. 446928

File: 1513633452108.jpg (164.64 KB, 1304x565, Screenshot_20171218-143346.jpg)

No. 446930

How sad would it be if she had Berty's mum meet her at the station because she couldn't make it to their place alone.

No. 446933

Sometimes I wonder what I'd think of Aly if I was new to her like a lot of her followers that comment. Her manipulation is BLATANT (!) to us because we're used to it, but is it subtle to someone who doesn't know her history?

Strangely it was her lies about eating when she wasn't that made her a cow and now it's something different.

No. 446938

I knew of her in May (or so) of this year, when she was doing actually fine and at first I thought that she was someone inspiring and that what she did what something admirable but this just lasted for two days, because I followed her and I had to see at least three breakdowns, guilt trips, her saying she was closing her account…In just TWO days. That's when I knew I couldn't be the only one thinking she was kinda nuts.

>Strangely it was her lies about eating when she wasn't that made her a cow and now it's something different.

It's so ironic how when she was into anorexia she claimed everything was fine and that she was recovering (NOT!) and now that she's healthy again she makes a fuss of everything, trying to make it sound so much worse, almost impossible and of course ED related.

Sometimes it's hard not to think she's trolling us all, I just can't believe someone like her exists. It seems surreal.

No. 446946

File: 1513635079242.jpg (526.86 KB, 1660x1660, IMG_4545.JPG)

No. 446975

File: 1513636824092.png (41.67 KB, 304x708, 1812.png)

I don't like people commenting because I know she'll turn it around and it'll be useless anyway but I gotta admit anon's 100% right.

No. 447006

File: 1513638884495.png (33.56 KB, 750x208, IMG_4547.PNG)

what does this even mean… how is a random blank anon account wanting attention by posting that…. these asslickers are ridiculous

No. 447013

File: 1513639252769.png (64.21 KB, 750x498, IMG_4548.PNG)

Anyone get this? Am dead

No. 447024

I'll believe she's closed her account when it happens.

No. 447025

Sure, Jan.
See you until "if there's even one lovely girl I can help it's worth it to continue", edition #3923.

No. 447034

I have two questions. 1. How can be so…Socially awkward /…non intelligent?, always DMing people just to comment on her photos even saying she wants to DIE (!) and 2. how can that PEOPLE actually believe her?

No. 447065


No. 447074

tesco mobile
>> i feel at home

No. 447078


That one thrives off the drama the way that Jolty used to with Ash and farmers. I think Jolty still follows any anas that're mentioned in their own thread.

No. 447079

(I do my main shop at Tesco, sister!)

No. 447083

Erm it is very much not a verb

No. 447186

Over 3/4 of the comments on her master post are going to make her wake up feeling …(!) and good. I honestly hope this trend continues, how much longer can people seriously keep condoning this shit. She’s a pos. She can’t keep up with her lies and I’m starting to wonder what’s really up with Bert lately, notice how almost no one has been in her photos including him? Are they all tired of it? Do they know? Are they not models enough? So many questions.. and I don’t care to have them answered anymore. Just like anything else that’s ever been asked. It will wear thin, she will have to give up or try another account and just like her personal account it will fail. Sage because I’m kinda drunk and raging at this bitch.

No. 447189

Last* post … wine.

No. 447267

File: 1513653659079.png (112.44 KB, 750x697, IMG_4549.PNG)

oh my god go away sara they werent speaking to you. bet you still lurk. why does this woman have to defend aly on every post? has aly ever thanked her? i bet not

No. 447308

Yep can confirm I have received it as well.

Well I think we’ve established she was pretty much thriving off farmer comments.

No. 447337

What doesn't explain the username sara? Did someone ask about the username?

No. 447429

User name is clearly EVIDENCE for anon being an eeebil cyborg hater (!)

No. 447503

i know its v early but i went to look at these comments and she's already deleted them she must be on insta like 14 hours a day

i wonder if she'll ever listen to people about taking a break lol i know i know

No. 447518

> notice how almost no one has been in her photos including him?

Even when they're dragged into shot they're grimacing (little bro).

I bet she even checks when nature calls in the middle of the night. Idk why she just doesn't go private.

No. 447524

havent seen berty for ages, even in her stories of mcdonalds its just his hand…she must be somewhat bearable irl for him to tolerate her or hes as dumb as her, prolly that…i just want him to break up with her for the fallout tbh

No. 447526

File: 1513675839316.png (2.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171219-032848.png)

wait so shes not even in rome?

No. 447549

File: 1513678785149.jpg (190.71 KB, 720x896, 20171219_111810.jpg)

She liked the comment about deleting comments what a cunt

No. 447566

>> if you ever wondered what keeps an empty headed dullard awake at night

underrated comment

No. 447568

>> wings
please tell me it's a farmer

No. 447583

So who the hell is taking her pics?? All alone bullshit

No. 447591

yeah its kinda confusing especially cus she just said she was on the train to wherever she is now and then shes getting another train to rome but milan and rome are only like 3 hours from each other? so where did she get this train to that shes still 3 hours from rome? lol did she fake a train breakdown for insta comments?

No. 447592

File: 1513685675621.jpeg (422 KB, 746x1090, E022F2B0-6587-4094-ABAC-0F7DC6…)

I don’t get it… has Bert moved back to Rome? I thought he was just there for Xmas but the way she’s talking here, it sounds like he never left there. Maybe the lack of wheat in Milan forced him to move back

No. 447595

She's done a fake #breakdown before when she was pictured with her suitcase then said her dad came to take her home to apologise for beating her.

Unless her and Ma went to visit relatives and now she's off to Rome? I don't think she was alone either. There're two shoulder bags. Ma is there for sure.

This damn wheat crisis. I blame Brexit.

No. 447596

Werent they moving in together? I cant remember where they were renting- surely it cant take this long to get water heating etc sorted

No. 447597

It was a place he was renting with a fellow uni friend. I don't even think she was legit supposed to move in with them and it was her fantasy world.

No. 447598

File: 1513686098341.png (70.06 KB, 704x433, 20171219_122019.png)

So he lives in her city but not with her, and no sign of that changing . Goes away from her for chrismtas and she follows him. Give this poor man a break

No. 447599

Well IF that story was ever even true, Aly gone and done fucked that up when she quit her clothes folding job. I’m sure Bert can’t afford to support that overgrown child.

No. 447601

I doubt she'd want to move in with him. He's something to brag about when she tries to show how #recovered she is. A boyfriend means she's successful. Going to Rome and doing cosy Xmas pics to show everyone. She doesn't even like him and idk why he's with her it's so plain obvious she's not bothered about him.

No. 447602

he musta only just gone too? why didn't they go together? i swear they were out getting lunch before aly did her exhausting 4 hour babysitting shift just a few days ago. what is going on lol

No. 447603

She suspects he must be at the baths here >>445986 He's been distant. Sometimes he can't perform and he blames it on stress, but she knows something's wrong. Could be his copy of "Euro Boy" she found at his place which he said was his flatmates.

No. 447604

Trying to shake her off.

If he went early i can't see any reason she couldnt travel with him. Its not like she has any prior commitments. Ever. Unless MacDonalds counts.

No. 447616

File: 1513690754497.jpg (360.92 KB, 720x1130, 20171219_143601.jpg)

Oh wow, she's admitting being an ana snowflake made her feel speshul

Also lol at that dumb cunt talking about how her ed ruined her childhood/youth

No. 447623

why is she talking about this now? why cant she make normal posts about something else..

No. 447626

It never used to take her this long to get to Rome before.

It's really bugging me that she won't admit that ma is with her. And why did they stop and do a photoshoot on a bench in a park with McDonald's not even an hour into the trip? Like, how is she not already in Rome? Also, why didn't she make a big deal about Bert leaving for the holidays? Like, spending some time together before he goes? I know she hates him, but at least for appearances?

No. 447638

File: 1513694961087.png (725.16 KB, 588x682, 20171219_154718.png)

>I never had a woman's body
>turned anorexic when I was a little girly

No. 447639

she has to be lying and idk why. she said her train to rome is 3 hours and thats how long it is from milan, so idk how there was a first part to her trip she was still at home. shes so weird like why lie about that and it seems like she always does it too? the last couple of times shes been on the train she never gets on it when shes supposedly has too, but freaks out, says shes overcome that or something and its a #recoverywin and goes the next day??? why!

No. 447656

Maybe she's a compulsive liar too

No. 447682

what the actual fuck? so this bitch actually constantly lies and then doesnt care if she gets caught lying? i dont understand her. do pathological liars not care about going along with their lies?

No. 447716

File: 1513701064679.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171219-092924.png)

LoL she hasn't said "delve" since she was a skeleton

No. 447719

File: 1513701274949.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171219-093121.png)

"Lush" too

No. 447720

I miss when she said "LUSH" and posted that sake emoji along

No. 447721

Samefagging, wow Aly has read in my mind

No. 447731

she was talking about how she missed being a spoop maybe she delved back into some old posts and is reminiscing

No. 447747

if you look at some of her mcdonalds photoshoots there's usually a small hot drink beside her, it's probably a black coffee kek

No. 447754

No, the sake emoji accompanied OILY (!), usually SUPER OILY (!)

No. 447756

File: 1513704416360.jpg (34.3 KB, 311x483, Capture.JPG)

>never had a woman's body

Okay then.

No. 447792

File: 1513707462438.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171219-121625.png)

yeah you're dizzy sure

No. 447794

File: 1513707559563.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171219-121830.png)

No. 447815

File: 1513708773684.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5659.PNG)

Why is she so obsessed with junk food like ffs eat a carrot

No. 447839

restricting cus she hates being with bert prolly

No. 447868

She could've eaten something nutritious and filling instead of that.

He won't take her restricting too well. Remember last time…

No. 447883

Ffs no one feels dizzy after like, one day of eating a few cookies. She's not snoopy anymore. So annoying oh my god if you want pity votes at least make your sob stories believable

No. 447908

She probably feel dizzy because she gets majorly hypoglycemic since all she eats are sweets. I seriously just want to see her eat a salad again (but she will then say she is "orthorexic" again…which we know is a lie).

No. 447918

Its actually more likely for her to feel dizzy after one day of restricting. She eats utter crap, so her blood sugars are going to be out of whack. whereas someone who progressively reduced their intake wouldn't feel very dizzy at all for a while.

just means she's getting symptoms for her shitty eating habits on the wrong extreme she wants them to be kek

No. 447957

but she gets like, 1800 cals of sugary shit a day, and today she got like 400. would it really make that much of a difference for her to get dizzy at the end of the night? ive never experienced hypoglycemia. she never complained about dizziness when she was snoopy. remember how she "fainted" at work and "no one noticed"and she took a selfie? i rly think shes lying

No. 447982

yeah p sure shes just saying it because she wants to imply that shes still so thin she couldnt miss a meal with consequences…noticed she never posted a pic of some bad looking seafood

No. 447983

>without consequences

No. 447988

she used to lie and say she ate more than she did, and she used to never talk about her physical health problems because she was pretending to be recovering and doing so well (!) despite being obviously spoopy.

now she lies and says she's eaten less than she did, and she always talks about even the smallest or most mundane health "problems" because she's pretending to be spoopy and still so sick (!) despite being obviously a healthy weight.

the main thing we can deduce from all this bullshit is that aly lies to fit whatever attention-seeking narrative she's currently pursuing.

No. 447996

that's full on ana bragging right there

No. 448178

why did she do this? wouldnt have she gotten more attention if she just admitted she was super sick and struggling at a low weight? idgi

No. 448218

idk maybe she didnt want people to think she was feeling so ill because then they'd make her get more help or something? like after her 1 week hospital jaunt. her posts back then were definitely weird too, like i looked back at those posts before and she was in hospital talking about how shes excited to be eating and wants to eat more, who enjoys ip? she always been so fake

No. 448226

What the hell is the sake emoji?

No. 448240


back then she got a ton of attention just bc she was so skinny, plus her feed was "prettier" bc she dressed nicely, had better hair/makeup, went to niceish restaurants, and didn't pull crazy faces. so she was already getting attention and her niche was never with the pro ana girls, it was with the "pint party recovery" girls. she wanted attention for being inspiring, not being sick.

it's partly just the corner of instagram that happened to be trendy when she got into it (the bw bonespo Tumblr moment had passed, if she was sick a few years earlier who knows). but also partly because she really WAS sick back then and in that deep denial that's common in severe but early anorexia, where people are scared to admit they aren't in control. we get so used to the cows that it's easy to forget most real anorexics (as opposed to fame seekers with cluster b comorbidity) do NOT want people seeing them as sick or imperfect.

now that she's gained and her brain is back to "normal" her histrionic side is out in the open.

No. 448244

It's this: ?
She thought it was oil and would use it to help illustrate how oily (!) and lush (!) her half cup of dry looking pasta was.

No. 448279

File: 1513750567398.jpg (213.43 KB, 915x581, Skelly Christmas.jpg)

I hope Pa gets his guitar out again this Christmas.

Here is Aly a few years ago pretending she was gaining but looking deathly ill. I think this was a month or two before her leg was destroyed in that horrific accident when she actually did start gaining.

This makes me remember how when she felt down or ill it was NEVER, absolutely NOT connected to her ED. Now EVERYTHING's connected to her ED.

No. 448354


i think this is one of the most relatable things she wrote (in aly standards) lately. she pretty much admits to how she feels about ED, which overlaps with opinion about her here. but of course she later twists it into ~INSPIRATIONAL~ bullshit word salad because she can't be an actual person.

No. 448390

It’s nearly been 24 hours since her last post, this is actually a major breakthrough.

No. 448402

Berto smashed her phone

No. 448413

File: 1513773595141.png (803.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171220-133848.png)

No. 448414

she sounds almost normal here. i am amazed.

No. 448419

Nooooooo I lasted so long! I’ve been following Aly for two frigging years and just now got blocked, I’m assuming all because I liked the comment that was about how she should try posting only once a day! Like wtf’ that person was actually giving constructive criticism and wasn’t being rude. Ahhhh I’m pissed. Any chance someone with a good rep with aly wants to message her and ask her to unblock me (I’ll get my username to ya somehow?) and that it must have been an accident because “I love her and have never said anything bad”. I’m too lazy to make a random account and have to make posts and shit to make it believable. Plus I’d feel a little obsessed creating an account only to follow her on kek no offence to those who do that, I just don’t want to get TOO hung up on it/her

No. 448422

it wont work anon, she hardly reads dms and probably wouldnt understand

this is why the farmers being nice to aly is pointless cus once you do one tiny thing wrong she blocks you without a second thought

ugh now im so irritated i hate how she treats people

No. 448423

File: 1513777729214.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171220-074729.png)

Thank fuc*ing god aly (!) I thought you weren't safe

No. 448433

There’s our beautiful pic of Rome guys. The road and some trees. Thanks Aly. How much you want to bet Berto told her no phone this holiday? I’d wager they’ve fought about it before.

No. 448438

if you could type that out you can make a new account, it takes 1 min. just use a gibberish email, you dont have to verify. she's public so no need to make fake posts

No. 448440

whats the betting she'll take a bunch of her holding food and post them when shes back? she couldnt just snap some pics out in rome and post them noo if she can't post her usual insanity she cant post anything

i'd imagine they would argue over her posting so much cus shes obviously forced him to take pics of her over and over before

No. 448442

Yeah, Berto and his parents aren't enablers like Ma. The way she's living there is the closest to normality she's had for years.

No. 448466


No word salad? No multiple uploads+stories? Berto must've hidden her phone out of desperation. This, or by this evening we should expect another "Count orgasms not calories" rant

No. 448473

File: 1513790697209.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171220-112335.png)

wow they have mcdonalds in rome!

No. 448481

Is she joking all people who told her to take pics of rome and show 'em? "these are called rome's pines" is it for real? it's like I go to Egypt and take a random pic in streets and write "these are called egyptian traffic lights!"

No. 448499

File: 1513793931284.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171220-121730.png)

No. 448503


yeah finally. I mean you could just take off the clothes and the picture would just look the same like those in summer.

No. 448504

File: 1513794114175.jpg (1.28 MB, 810x2909, Screenshot_20171220-121959.jpg)

stop telling people you're safe

No. 448518

What does she mean she's rolling today?

Rome is beautiful in twilight? Wish you'd get out of the way so I could see. This picture is obviously cropped in on them.

No. 448522


When I'm rolling the last thing I want is a plate of greasy fries.

No. 448523

File: 1513795839052.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171220-124935.png)

No. 448524

People think its an old post because you used an old picture lol

No. 448542

You can literally use any email to sign up a new account. Just make any name up. Have mine if you really want but shes public

No. 448544

Rolling is her word of the week. I have to say it’s better than ‘goofy weird’

Fatty has his hands in his pockets…face looks unamused. They clearly dislike each other. What’s the point? Some people are so afraid of failure they will just trap themselves in a shitty relationship for years instead of admitting that it’s not working out.

No. 448548


It's not even good Rome. There's a tower block behind. It's like saying "London looks amazing" and she's standing in Dalston high street.

I was going to comment on his hands in his pockets. Could he be any less arsed?

What does she want luck for?

At least she's no longer worried about the calorific value of sperms
> I could switch off Anorexia's voice while making love

No. 448556

bruh i literally thought she was doing mdma then i was like wait no this is aly. she could totally use a roll though.

No. 448568

File: 1513799525876.jpg (262.32 KB, 1304x675, Screenshot_20171220-124915.jpg)

Why is she asking? It isn't like she listens to anyone

No. 448569

File: 1513799634831.png (2.64 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171220-125217.png)


No. 448570

File: 1513799653608.jpg (7.87 KB, 212x238, no.jpg)


They put less cheese on the fries in Rome.

No. 448573

Would be helpful if she told us what it was. Does she even know?

No. 448576

did you not already do that?
and like how the "rome by night" pic is in her stories only like she chose cheese fries over it!!

No. 448579

I'm wondering how she's explaining her photo taking while she's there. He's not supposed to know about her recovery account so when she's taking pictures of fries and other shit, what's she telling him?

I think a major reason she's not uploading a lot is because she has to be stealth with her account. Even that pic of Berty on his phone yesterday looked sneaked. It must be killing her.

No. 448580

File: 1513800289431.jpeg (131.35 KB, 1248x438, image.jpeg)

She has wifi now and is posting and deleting again.

No. 448581

bitch you promised us one update only today, don't back out now.

>>shame of rolling with our partner while enjoying ourselves

>>I rolled at an all-u-can-eat.
>>I'm rolling today.

still not sure what she thinks this word means.

No. 448586

well before i think she said rolling was uh sex with bert, something about rolling while watching netflix? guess they banged on the table at the sushi place in front of his parents..why doesnt she just write in italian

No. 448587

No. 448588

um that was adorable

No. 448589

File: 1513800694031.jpg (972.64 KB, 1080x2484, 20171220_131008.jpg)

She somehow thinks this post is different than her other posts. I really want to know, in her mind, HOW it's different…

No. 448590

File: 1513800829974.jpg (302.24 KB, 1014x820, Screenshot_20171220-141142.jpg)

Ugh fam, what is you going on about

No. 448601


Underated post.

Cow videos: underutilised commentary resource.

No. 448606

File: 1513802573971.jpg (58.93 KB, 640x360, cosmic cow.jpg)


No. 448612

i read this as golum for some reason.

>wes recieve a flower and wes don't know how to treat it

No. 448621

File: 1513803978058.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5685.PNG)

It's alright, Aly succed in her recovery guys.

No. 448624

File: 1513804154001.jpeg (206.59 KB, 1291x1291, 64A6FA53-1CAD-4E0D-ABC6-CF51B1…)

Call it like ya see it right?!

No. 448626

Even a fucking fortune cookie wants her to get off instagram.

No. 448632

Does this daft cunt not know what shout out 4 shout out means?

No. 448633

she does not

alys so dull, what's she gonna keep posting about? recovery endlessly? she has the opportunity to be popular cus she lives somewhere so nice and she posts cheese fries i cant

No. 448657


>recovery endlessly?

I guess so. Her personality's as drab as it was when she was ill. I expected something more to her when she recovered, but… from now til the grave it's going to be cheesy fries and 10.6 BMI reminders.

No. 448669

File: 1513807637333.jpg (181.36 KB, 1041x407, Screenshot_20171220-160608.jpg)


No. 448722

My sides. This is a perfect description of her face. I never thought of it before but it’s so true. She does look like she’s holding her breath under water.

No. 448723

Wi-fi? Doesn't she have an internet monthly plan with her phone company like every single person that owns a smartphone? This is weird

No. 448737

Wait, does she mean "succeeded (at)"? I always thought she meant "sucked (at)".

No. 448742

right? like dont you pretty much have to have that now? unless its a pay as you go (i literally cant remember what phones were like idk 10 years ago) but im p sure its some kind of excuse for posting like now she FINALLY has wifi she can FINALLY update us (!)

No. 448772

I have a pay as you go phone and pay £12.50 a month for unlimited texts, loads of hours in calls and internet. Is she so stingy with cash she won't pay top up? I know that phone she has used to be Ma's so idk if that's anything to do with anything.

No. 448801

tbh i know people (who are still financially dependent) who have parents who wont pay for data bc they say they can just use wifi. obvi aly's parents pay for everything. it's not that absurd that she doesnt have data

No. 448808

A lot of ana-chans have an irrational fear of inhaling calories via smell lmao

No. 448821

she thinks it means support 4 support haha

No. 448832

File: 1513823902729.jpeg (216.01 KB, 750x1125, 84705154-CE5F-4474-9EE6-E2B0B9…)

Comments on her latest post of her sushi dinner with berty. Everyone should just start asking for rome photos. I wanna see her lose her mind over it.

No. 448865

she'll just say she posted one in her stories or sth

No. 448867

File: 1513828833095.png (626.27 KB, 640x1136, 57D2194E-5200-46E6-9E9D-01FC9B…)

Wait wtf I was scrolling through the accounts she follows and saw that she follows her brother, and I checked and he follows her back too?? So he knows about her account

No. 448885

She is posting from the toilet. Snacks and updates from toilet town.

No. 448908


Yeah? Her mom takes most of her pictures. Everyone knows about the account.

No. 448910

File: 1513836241534.png (476.73 KB, 561x532, 20171221_070000.png)

Pretty sure she is trying to tell the world about how she ate sooooo much, she feels like she ballooned and like she was only able to move rolling like a ball, pic related

No. 448991


Cali fag here, and I assumed when she said rolling she meant laughing. A lot of people around here use the term for laughing out loud. “That joke had me rolling” for example. Maybe she is trying to use slang and just missing the mark.

No. 449013

File: 1513855656778.png (229.97 KB, 720x1148, 20171221_122646.png)

Plot twist, she's already back in Milan. Because of her job. Yeah sure

No. 449014

File: 1513855732579.png (45.85 KB, 579x432, Untitled.png)

She's found a way of getting away from Berto early (work, hmm). She's only going to show us pics of food from now on and share nothing of her personal life (not that there's anything to share).

Good Thursday girls and guys.

No. 449015

Damn, you beat me!

Same cynicism over the job.

No. 449019

She deleted it because only dogs commented.

No. 449020

File: 1513856382953.jpg (33.05 KB, 305x261, repost.JPG)


No. 449021

File: 1513856432546.jpg (37.72 KB, 351x633, we kill her.JPG)

blackpost on stories

No. 449022

lol @ both of us cutting out the same ol' boring "recovery" talk

Something's happened.
>I go back to my city a bit freer than before
>I'm alone
Maybe they've broken up?

No. 449023

>lol @ both of us cutting out the same ol' boring "recovery" talk

I know! It wasn't even worth an extra 10 seconds on Paint haha.

I'm not sure about the relationship BUT who they hell calls someone to work a on 21st December when they're in Rome? That means she'd be looking after kids on 22nd Dec. Kids aren't even at school now. Idk. Very fishy (!)

No. 449024

>may anyone tell me if i'm alone?

this is the most weird thing i've ever read.
Would "No, you're not alone" be enough? Said by somekind of stranger on instagram - the same strangers she says they only care about food? IN A PLACE WHERE SHE SAYS IT'S FULL OF HATERS? How does her mind work!?

No. 449025

Kids are still at school in Italy. And the call it's actually pretty much possible, I can assure you this.

No. 449026

The Italian education system is tyrannical! Still not convinced this is why she's gone back home though, are you?

No. 449027

It's not that bad, but I went to school the 24th December too if it was a regular school day - then the holidays would start to the 25th to the 6th of January.

I think they argued for some reason, and she decided to get the easy way out. I never trust regular people in general, imagine if I could believe a single thing of what Aly's writing.

No. 449028

It's not that bad, but I went to school the 24th December too if it was a regular school day - then the holidays would start to the 25th to the 6th of January.

I think they argued for some reason, and she decided to get the easy way out. I never trust regular people in general, imagine if I could believe a single thing of what Aly's writing.

No. 449034

File: 1513860598108.png (2.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171221-074156.png)

This juxtaposition made me chuckle.

No. 449042

You must be relatively new because we’ve gone over this many times that they don’t actually know what her account is/how crazy she is. She lies all the time so obviously they don’t all know about it and how crazy she is? Or does that now mean she’s telling the truth about dad’s beats? Or does she assume her brother isn’t on instagram much?

No. 449043

Yep you’re obviously new, sage your replies and shit

No. 449064

i can't believe she would lie about having to come home jus so she doesn't have to post pics of somethin over than her huge head! wtf

No. 449089

File: 1513871617730.png (132.39 KB, 640x1042, IMG_5687.PNG)

Oh my.

No. 449095

ok now she straight-up looks like a toddler who can't clothe themselves so their mother puts on whatever she can find on clearance at Walmart.

No. 449096

aly honey what is you doin..thought she was comin back for work? she must have left at like 7am, did her hair, forced ma to go out with her?? what! she literally cares more about insta than bert that must sting, imagine him asking her to choose between him and her account

No. 449100

this SCREAMS "i have hpd"

she threatens suicide all the time on there so no. her bro probably doesnt use IG. thats why she deletes black out posts like 10 mins after posting

No. 449108

It's weird because there's no one here who doesn't have data, and Aly can totally afford it.
Most likely she finished her monthly gbs early from too much data use.

Lmao, second picture is a screenshot of someone insulting Teo and him clapping back. At least Aly posts that kind of stuff only in stories where it's gone after 24h. Attention whoring runs in the family I suppose

No. 449113


Omg I didn’t even notice that. Do you know what the insult was by chance or did you only know the insulta part translated

No. 449119

File: 1513874982373.jpg (111.55 KB, 435x580, khloe-fidel-435.jpg)

reminds me of when khloe Kardashian posed in front of that fidel wall

No. 449129

>this remains a prorecovery account
>that's why I share food not places in my posts
because recovery is all about being obsessed with food

No. 449144

My theory is that Mateo barely knows english or is too lazy to read his sister's salad and traslate it, and if he does, he knows that her sister is nuts, so maybe he is "rolling" about her instacomedy. Btw I guess he isn't used to instagram.

No. 449146

There was literally NO difference between her 24 hours of "personal blogposting" and now.

No. 449171

File: 1513879263402.jpg (55.95 KB, 476x604, d.JPG)

How does this not make a person throw up? I could deal with the donut with a cup of tea, but with a fap?? Christ.

She looks gutted to be away from Berto and OMG her rats nest has appeared again.

No. 449176

It's not about being able to afford it or whether or not the majority has it, it's about whether her parents want to pay for data, regardless of how expensive or cheap. She's constantly home or eating out (where there's probably wifi) so they probably think it's pointless. Aly probably doesn't wanna bother offer to pay the extra fee bc she doesnt like spending money on anything other than food.

Ew srsly so much sugar!!! I don't understand. I like sweet things but not that much.

No. 449179

File: 1513879554630.png (484.33 KB, 617x510, Untitled.png)

Aly's hair is a wool wig. Confirmed.

No. 449189

so is she working tomorrow or what? and how come it took 2 days to get to rome but only half a day to get back for her??

No. 449191

File: 1513880704837.png (215.27 KB, 633x1001, IMG_5689.PNG)

''Most genuine"? Really??

No. 449192

File: 1513880747028.jpg (49.02 KB, 365x565, y.JPG)

Because Mama is the only love in her life and she couldn't get back to her quick enough.

No. 449199

She just reposted this.

No. 449201

The other guy is calling him a fag and a 10 years old brat. Funniest thing is, they're having this fight over some shitty rap singer.

Nah, Aly needs internet more than she needs food. She probably just ran up of data because she's constantly on instagram, and instagram sucks a LOT (!) of data

No. 449211

and reposted for a third time.

No. 449223

Ok, she just deleted that pic for the FIFTH time. Is that a new record?

No. 449232

File: 1513883405852.png (117.46 KB, 288x288, 20171221_195807.png)

No. 449233


aaaaaaaand ? it's gggg

No. 449234

Sixth and seventh time guys (!)

No. 449248

man shes nuts

No. 449253

So what do yall think is the real reason she's back? Bert dumped her cus she couldn't keep her greasy mitts off her phone? cus doesn't look like she's workin

No. 449256


I honestly think she's got an unnatural attachment to her mother.

She wrote today
> My boy is spending Christmas with his family.

So looks like they're still together. I'd say she's so dependent on Ma she makes excuses to go back home. She's always hanging out with, used to go to work with her, still lives at home with her. I think she hates being away from her and would rather be at home with Ma C than away with Berto.

No. 449258

File: 1513886438921.jpg (50.25 KB, 482x492, dead eye.JPG)

Look at the weird behind Matteos empty stare. If anyone in the family has depression, I'd say it's him. Possibly a school massacre leader in the making. He'll go postal somehow.

No. 449294

File: 1513889309427.jpg (22.87 KB, 288x150, Capture1.JPG)

fancy anxiety

No. 449311

wtf her english is way better than usual on this post

No. 449323

File: 1513892166964.jpg (39.22 KB, 300x335, tragic.JPG)

The Alybot was experiencing a glitch in the system.

>fancy Christmas anxiety. Anyone else?

Nope, just you. Plain ol' generalised unfancy no frills anxiety here.

Oh, poor suffering martyr here. Always giving support and never receiving.

No. 449404

After seeing her latest post about making yourself a priority, I’m going to wager that Aly didn’t get called to work, but she may have used it as an excuse to come back since Berty most likely told her to ease up on the phone. Must be a great life, you would rather go home and take the same poses photos with the same food at the same places because you’re OBSESSED with your IG image then be with your boyfriend for the holidays. Aly really is a sad sack. I’m almost starting to feel bad, but then I remember it’s Aly and I don’t feel bad anymore.

No. 449514

oh yeah what happened to her starting her job like a week ago, she said she was going to start "IMMEDIATELY"?

No. 449517

i think she was starting a few hours to begin with then in jan full time

No. 449523

I feel so bad for people who take photos for her.
It'd take long ass time and be so annoying.
this bitch is full of herself

No. 449576

File: 1513909481784.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171221-202320.png)

shes lonely but she cant use dms

No. 449610

Melaconica is a bitch.

No. 449658

So weird..lonely and uh melancholic but doesn't want a conversation with someone just an insta comment? whens this bitch gonna have a full blown breakdown? I don't believe she has to work either

No. 449682

File: 1513913751039.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.64 KB, 806x593, asha.JPG)

I hate to wish a real breakdown on anyone (as in requiring psychiatric IP treatment for months) because of it's disgusting BUT if Aly really reaches rock bottom and is so cabbaged out she can't function and her family can't deal with the illness it'd be the only thing that could benefit her at this point.

It's strange to me that her psychiatric team haven't picked up on a personality disorder (or whatever makes her what she is). How can they treat her for "just" an eating disorder? Does anyone with an eating disorder only have an eating disorder? I doubt it.

Her weirdness has escalated really rapidly if you think about it. I know it seems like she's been this way for ages because these threads max out really quickly, but she gets worse.

It's like how I wanted her to actually do a cry for help OD or wrist slash so she'd be admitted for observation.

When she used to have a life before being skele she seemed stable enough so it's not like being a massive twat is what she always was.

She doesn't post her vagoo or lie about having a white child that was taken away, but I can see her becoming another Asha Flingai.

No. 449688

Wow…Youre right. I could see that for Aly when she's in her 30's and single and maybe living on her own.

No. 449711

it takes a lot to breakdown is the thing like you can go along pretty crazy yet functioning for a long time, she'd need like bert to dump her, ma to cut her enabling and the worst of all to lose her insta but then we wouldnt see the fall out (god could you imagine her getting up at 5am to check her account and it was gone?)
i think she could maybe get back to some normality if she just need normal fuc*ing things, maybe having this new nun/teacher/educator/nurse job will change things but who am i kidding

No. 449773

Agreed. How else could she be saved. I don't think breaking up with Berto would help at this point. It would only isolate her even more from less crazy people. She would probably cope by writing about how being single is so #feminist #independant etc. Ma is most important because she enables Alys lifestyle. Instagram is equally important. If I could, I'd hack her account

No. 449837


I don't think she has a psych team? She never mentioned anything apart from seeing that one doctor for antidepressants. Anyway she's not harming herself or anyone else so she's not going to be a concern. Chronically dangerously impulsive/suicidal people can barely get help, so someone who posts a lot on IG is not going to register at all unless she sees a private therapist.

No. 449884

File: 1513942997199.png (144.04 KB, 720x961, 20171222_124146.png)

So I did some asskissing and this happened.

Any suggestions? #support4support

No. 449919

berto isn't okay at all. a friend of mine decided to tell him about lolcow, and he blocked her without even replying.

No. 449927

Your friend is an idiot.

No. 449930


No. 449950

>It's strange to me that her psychiatric team haven't picked up on a personality disorder (or whatever makes her what she is). How can they treat her for "just" an eating disorder?
Therapists and psychiatrists are kinda shit in Italy, I wouldn't put it past them to fail at diagnosing a cluster B personality disorder. Eating disorders are easier to diagnose, because they have physical consequences (spoopyness etc.). The whole mental health area in Italy is very "behind", it wouldn't surprise me if in some small town in the South therapists would still be diagnosing homosexuality as a mental illness


No. 449958

File: 1513957509119.jpg (175.59 KB, 1006x393, Screenshot_20171222-094214.jpg)

this is her fifth post of the day

No. 449987

File: 1513962071350.jpg (127.5 KB, 668x533, Screenshot_20171222-105928.jpg)

No. 450002

File: 1513962987161.png (2.91 MB, 1089x1170, Screenshot_3.png)

for someone who's so OCD about her food pics it always surprises me how she doesn't notice stuff like this.

No. 450009

I don't see it either,??? What's there?

No. 450014

It appears to be a strand of hair.

No. 450030

What do you mean "not ok?"

No. 450033

how in the heck did ya see that anon

No. 450035

hmm, assuming you are on a phone, it probably just isn't visible on small screens.

No. 450046

Isn't it a stringy bit of cheese?

No. 450064

what evidence do you want?

I know, she's just too naive sometimes

No. 450065

I mean, if someone told me about a huge anon board that followed and said hurtful things (because let's be real, no one here is nice) about my loved one, I would've told her? Or at least start a big argument about how Instagram isn't so good for her/I would've forced her to take down the account. Probably I would be a shitty partner but I would definitely be at least concerned.

No. 450072

You're presuming Berto's "normal" and that he can find his way around a chan board. I just looked for his ig and it looks like he deleted it so I don't doubt he's had anons tell him about lolcow. Perhaps he doesn't care. They're both odd so fuck knows how he'd react.

No. 450078

HEYYY, WAIIIIT. Isn't she supposed to be AT WORK??

No. 450082

uh yeah do far shes had 2nd breakfast lunch and gone out for waffles so is she working at like 8pm? she cant even commit to the lie like at least take a break from posting to pretend

No. 450086

not only in italy, but in north america too. when you seek help for an ED, you usually don't get sent to a psychiatrist. one will usually first see their GP or therapist, then the GP or therapist will refer them to an ED clinic, which consists of a dietician, a nurse, and a therapist that specializes in EDs.

if aly was to see a psychiatrist and SOLELY complain about her ED, that's what the focus would be on. the psychiatrist will rarely be like "hm maybe she has a personality disorder too!" it's only when you go and see a psychiatrist and say something like "my life is unmanagable insert symptoms of cluster b pds" will they consider that she may have HPD

that, or a suicide attempt. if she was to attempt and find herself inpatient, then the physicatrist at the hospital would consider everything.

so it's not that absurb that she hasnt been diagnosed with hpd, especially if it's a lot shittier in italy.

if your friend was going to cowtip she should've told her about aly's suicide "threats" and sent screenshots. if someone sent my bf "there's a hate image board for your girlfriend" my bf would also block and ignore, since he wouldnt want to show me a bunch of people who are insulting and criticizing me, as that would make me feel like shit. if your friend had sent my boyfriend my suicide threats… that would be different

No. 450111

File: 1513975706275.png (968.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171222-144713.png)

No. 450112

File: 1513975774778.jpg (277.71 KB, 1085x1172, Screenshot_1.jpg)

He really hates being in her pics.

No. 450116


Matteo and his dad know Aly's nuts. Remember when she was upset that Matty and his friend were taking the piss out of her "oddities" on holiday. I bet he's seen some drama in his short life.

No. 450120

woah vicious amirite

holy shit his face(!)

No. 450133


Love that she ignores the two really nice posts to focus on the other one

No. 450158


She deletes nice posts if she's doing a repost. I reckon this bitch gets off to ~hater~ comments and loves the drama of it. I don't think she gaf about nice comments.

No. 450162

File: 1513979206259.jpg (108.91 KB, 927x596, this morning NOT.JPG)

She's still recycling ages old pictures. Here is a couple of days ago


No. 450163

File: 1513979256994.jpg (107.41 KB, 923x592, coconut cookie.JPG)


and here's the same shot a v long time ago (I rediscovered my Aly chocolate folder).

No. 450166

File: 1513979701864.jpg (93.12 KB, 928x595, regurgitated.JPG)

And the teeny tiny bitten eminem was once dessert but now a night snack.

No. 450167

File: 1513979736238.jpg (88.44 KB, 925x591, eminem rip off.JPG)

No. 450170

File: 1513979898251.png (882.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171222-155654.png)

haha is she serious

No. 450173

I'm 99% sure that the knife sliced kinder pic is also a repost, but I can't find the original. She might have deleted it.

No. 450178

shes been posting this one for at least a year

No. 450181

S'okay Aly, I like reading that sh*t.

Probably 90% of the chocolate she posts now is an old pic. I don't doubt she's eating chocolate but she's got to have it lit just so for it to be acceptable to post. A lie's a lie and that's what I hate.


No. 450189

yea its funny she posted those hater comments that didnt even seem that mean so everyone could see her overeacting

she definitely loves the haters

No. 450647

late to the party but holy fuck, am I the only one who thinks she looks like Mira in these pics?

I never realized who she reminded me of, but that's it. Siiiick

No. 450797

File: 1514035022878.jpg (207.04 KB, 1092x1189, Screenshot_1.jpg)

holy crap it's not fast food


No. 450840

This really reminds me of her spooper posts
The close up, the portion, the asset.

No. 450846

she posted this like 3 days ago

No. 450850

I'm still bugged by why she lied about why she had to come home early, like I really think it's cus bert wanted her not to use insta and boom she's free and posting 10 a day, wish I could look in to that crazy head of hers and understand what's going on

No. 450888

File: 1514046035464.jpg (21.08 KB, 400x303, creepy chan.jpg)

Aly looks like Creepy Chan.

His parents might really not like her. Understandable and all.

No. 450906

Aly wishes she looked like Allison.

No. 450912

File: 1514049192674.jpg (832.93 KB, 810x1327, Screenshot_20171223-111122.jpg)

now you might be confused and think these posts are over several days but its actually only 2

No. 450975

>>450912 The compulsion is real

Aly Food Aly
Food Aly Food
Aly Food Aly
Food Aly Food
Aly Food Aly
Food Aly Food
Aly Food Aly
Food Aly Food

No. 451049

she keeps posting this exact one too. Its weird she usually uses pictures on a monthly cycle, but this one seems like every week.

No. 451061

I never really cared for creepy-chan, but are you literally blind?

Are your eyes and your ass reversed?

No. 451097

File: 1514063781386.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171223-151455.png)

>is it my turn

No. 451107

ot but anyone else freaking out over christmas food
aly has nothing to preach about, she eats junk every day

No. 451130

yea dont really know why shes freaking out about xmas dinner, well its probably because junk food or mcdonalds has become her safe food

No. 451175

>christmas is about so much more than food
>only writes about food

No. 451182

ikr like all shes done for days is talk about how you should enjoy eating at xmas and variations on that like yes aly, we get it…when she feels anxious about stuff she doesn't process it at all she just makes insta posts

No. 451365

I’m very disturbed by this. I feel as if she truly believes she is an #inspirational and popular #foodblogger

No. 451544

File: 1514125533555.jpg (262.36 KB, 727x683, Screenshot_20171224-082412.jpg)

No. 451562

she really does look chubby in her latest photos.

No. 451563

File: 1514128446995.png (516.5 KB, 455x583, aly chubby.png)

No. 451564

File: 1514128589295.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171224-160529.png)

Even on freaking Christmas eve?!

Slightly OT, but I would never go to Mc.D on Christmas eve. I feel like my mom would kill me if I would choose to eat Mc.D instead of spending time with the family/ eating homemade food. (And I say this being about Amy's age, srsly. Aly lay down the Mc.D)

No. 451565

File: 1514128627082.jpg (93.9 KB, 978x225, Screenshot_20171224-091555.jpg)

wait who said that?

No. 451566

They just had pasta???

No. 451573


Even weirder that she goes to Mc Donalds afterwards.

Poor mom.

No. 451583

People are asking for the EXACT OPPOSITE. She's insane. Also, she's running away from food-focus??? Sure, Aly.

No. 451590

File: 1514130983202.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5710.PNG)

Her brother really looks like he hates her, yikes

No. 451600

File: 1514131634347.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171224-100545.png)

She reposted this story and made the question more confusing lol

No. 451603

I really want to follow Aly's dieta at list a month and see if i become obese or fat liver or whatever.
Btw I'm going to enjoy christmas over calories guys (!) So Aly isn't in my plans. I hope for a relapse because all of us have better plans than supporting that bitch. Merry christmas anons.

No. 451607

File: 1514132091872.jpg (224.17 KB, 944x1568, Screenshot_1.jpg)

it lives!

No. 451608

aw and his cage looks clean too!

No. 451612

why can't she post more of him

No. 451623

its cuter than her

No. 451640

Wouldn't you? If your sister was constantly draining energy from your family for her non existent problems, made your mother take countless pictures of her continuously and in any situation thus making her look like a spineless enabler, wouldn't you despise your sister, too?

There's also got to be an element of missed opportunity. If you have an older sibling, you kind of look up to them but she's the definition of Peter Pan syndrome. It must occur to him, every now and then, that his sister is always going to stay a needy child and he's never going to be able to count on her for anything.

No. 451658

Not to mention the resentment when he's sick and his sister throws a for because that should be her attention

Whenever people try to under play alys crazy i think they forget stuff like that happened. Also think she is obviously crazy to the people she meets irl and that's why no one sticks around (remember those awkward couple pics with bertos friends?)

I bet he is flat disgusted by aly.

No. 451659

Dropped sage accidentally sorry

No. 451662


No. 451671


Ma's such a dick. I wonder what her psychological issue is.

I hope Matt's got good friends and gets out of that house as soon as is possible. He deserves better.

No. 451675

go away anachan

honestly poor brother, i bet he feels like no one gives him any attention, he witnessed his sister nearly died at a young age probably feeling useless and helpless, and if her father really is that horrible, he might grow up kinda messed up too

WTF!!!! This is just her own brain rationalizing why she only talks about food despite saying "it's not all about food"

No. 451679

File: 1514142960515.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171224-131448.png)

No. 451682

I really doubt her dad's awful. No matter how much I adored my mum there's no way I'd stick around in a house with an ogre. He'll be the rational one. If he spoke English I bet he'd be writing in this thread.

I also agree that Aly is in no way chubby. Her normal fat distribution from way before anorexia is similar. Her weight was around her face and hips. Her problem is not knowing how to dress for her shape. Tight things don't work for her (tight because they're too small). I'd want to tone up a bit, but fix the clothes and she'd look good. (Can't believe I'm defending her).

No. 451696

yeah i really doubt he's horrible too, he probably just raises his voice lol

and say she dresses so… histrionic. she wants to show off EVERYTHING

No. 451736

File: 1514147302543.jpg (67.98 KB, 1052x183, Screenshot_20171224-142720.jpg)

No surprises there

No. 451739


It's Christmas eve.
In Europe people are either in food coma or still busy with family and stuff…

Does she really think people are giving a shit about her IG right now?!

[I am so close to commenting this is ridiculous]

No. 451742


Her and probably every other person with an ED at this time of year.

I'm not busy. I'm lying in bed watching tv, but bitch can break down all she likes. I'm knackered from actually being busy the past week because I don't have a mother who does EVERYTHING for her and Aly hasn't had to lift a finger to do any Christmas preparation. Idle twat.

No. 451754

File: 1514148848259.jpg (538.88 KB, 2896x2896, 20171224_135022.jpg)

Updated the collage lol

No. 451756


You deserve to chill!
And god damnit does she deserve the break down she basically craves.

No. 451757

File: 1514149155836.jpg (14.37 KB, 236x322, thousand yard stare.jpg)


Some day this war is gonna be over.

No. 451768

Poor kid. He's probably got the patience of a saint.

No. 451788

shes currently waiting for midnight so expect a lot of posts

No. 451796


Why's midnight special? Is she going to Mass? She knows it's Christmas Eve and not NY Eve, right?

No. 451812

In Italy it works that way usually, people wait until midnight to open their presents and drink

No. 451813

File: 1514153908813.jpg (206.67 KB, 1007x556, Screenshot_20171224-161708.jpg)

No. 451815

i'm sure she's going to mass because she's got to brush up on her prayers before she becomes a nun

but for real though even midnight mass isn't usually at midnight right? it's at like 10 or 11 and ends at midnight. so who fucking knows.

agreed about both, i think her dad is probably gruff and has a temper but i don't think he's actually awful at all. given her other lies and exaggerations i'm sure that if he ACTUALLY beat her she would have made it a huge deal 8/24 and shown pics of her bruises, rather than like mentioning it every couple of months in the rest of her whining.

and yeah i don't think she's chubby but she seems to be trying as hard as possible to look that way. the combo of the too tight pants with bulky coats has the opposite effect she should be going for. to flatter her figure she should wear closer-fitting tops and maybe fit and flare skirts or something? that would minimize her hips/thighs and accentuate her smaller waist. but instead she's squeezing into shit 10 sizes too small

No. 451822


Drink! Drunk Aly will want ~i kill me~ ?

No. 451869


this is the kind of morgan spurlock shit i'm here for
be careful anon - nobody's built to eat a bunch of mcdonalds, cheesy fries, cake, chocolate, pasta and pastries every damn day, you might wanna sudoku (!)

No. 451875

File: 1514161750754.jpg (29.2 KB, 404x784, hamster cone.jpg)



Ha, I remember doing the experiment to see what happened to the jam on a spoon when it was dipped in coffee (something spoopy Aly used to document every breakfast).

Yeah, I've seen Supersize Me and I'm not willing to spend a month puking out of a car window with a sweat on.

Fuck neurotic Debbie Downer and her breakdowns. It'll do her good to eat some vegetables, unless … Christmas at McDonalds???

It's only Christmas, but hope it's a pleasant one for you all, dear farmers.

No. 452108

File: 1514219429602.png (119.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171225-112936.png)

No. 452112

One of her relatives probably told her "you look nice" and she thinks they meant you look fat aw poor aly she was doing SO well leaving her ED behind (!) and not talking about food

No. 452113

I was going to leave lolcow alone today until I saw her post this. First black out since going public!

Damnit Aly…its Christmas…

No. 452117

File: 1514220703603.png (786.36 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5718.PNG)

Aly, leave people alone, it's Christmas.

No. 452122

this bitch is insufferable ugh

No. 452156

she deleted this

No. 452158

File: 1514227907469.jpg (616.98 KB, 1033x978, Screenshot_20171225-125038.jpg)

She makes food look so hideous

No. 452170

File: 1514230359583.jpg (271.07 KB, 1115x1444, Screenshot_1.jpg)

does this look like a weird combination to anyone else?

No. 452175

>>452170 kjhgfcdxzsdfghjklkjhgfdfghjk what the shit

No. 452186

How the fuck is this even restaurant food? It legitimately looks like it's already been purged.
Shit like this wouldn't leave my kitchen.

No. 452222

theyre at some like cafeteria or something

No. 452230

File: 1514238049061.jpeg (295.78 KB, 750x1334, 0F09B5FB-A43D-4DAA-B59A-C052E8…)

I may have upset her.. Merry Christmas you spoiled bitch.

No. 452232

File: 1514238579548.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171225-224827.png)


In case she blocked you anon

No. 452234

Oh she did. That’s fine I made that account just for that comment. Her repost actually answers what I said, but good old Aly flipped it so she can still be a fragile Ana sufferer. She’s dropped over 100 followers in 24hra too.

No. 452235


Silly Anon!
Aly doesn't care about follower NUMBERS (!).
Just like she doesn't care about calories.

"Count comments(!) not calories" -Aly 2017 or something.

Sage for no contribution

No. 452267

File: 1514243954069.jpg (582.9 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20171225-171708.jpg)

why does she use a pic of her lookin nuts and the thermals why not use a pic of her in her home at christmas, everythings so plotted

No. 452419


This anon has a bunch of inside information.
Curious, very curious.

No. 452421

Because I once wrote her how beautiful and natural(!!) she looked here.

No. 452450

those comments are from different people

No. 452451

File: 1514258720386.jpg (194.05 KB, 685x637, Screenshot_20171225-202207.jpg)

She cant accept her body after weight gain, but doesn't need therapy…

No. 452498

While ago she admitted that actually she really needs therapy. This drama was only because of christmas, do you imagine how it would be in new year?

No. 452514

they don't lol, #1 was just italian, #2 everyone knows her mom talks pics, #3 was just a guess bc food looks shit

srsly how long has she been weight restored?! it's about time in her recovery to begin accepting her body, i mean sure lots of ex anas don't ever love their bodies unless they radically change their outlook on life, but Aly talks about her weight gain CONSTANTLY. how does she think this is real recovery? omg. do you think she actually knows she's a faker or is she this delusional?

she probably admitted it for asspats "ur so brave and honest aly!!", there's a reason she never followed through lol

No. 452678

>I'm soooo afraid I'll start dieting again if I gain 20 kilos/44 lbs or more
…next day
>hiii guiiiuse it's #oreos for breakfast … #fries #fapndonnie #pasta #nightsnack -ing on #bitteneminems

She loves to live dangerous

No. 452726

File: 1514297745277.jpg (434.84 KB, 1036x1274, Screenshot_20171226-081339.jpg)

she just cannot stop talking about eating disorders

No. 452730

>>452726 wow it's like she has no sense of self other than her ed (!)

No. 452734

File: 1514299612109.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171226-084526.png)

uh for some maybe..

No. 452742


THIS is restaurant food? Is she taking the piss?

Do you know what was nice yesterday? Taking a break from this lunatic. I missed nothing because everything I expected happened on her account.

She couldn't even drop it for A DAY.

Oh no, most of the food on my plate was veggies. I'm so unhealthy.

No. 452760

File: 1514303187516.png (15.74 KB, 290x114, Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-26 um 1…)

Today it´s just Aly and her mother because they don´t have anyone else who wants to keep them company.

Now that´s something completely new and extraordinary!

No. 452797

File: 1514310220670.png (909.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171226-103951.png)

But Aly… you are exaggerating. She had a black out post Yesturday, now she's 100% fine?

Also, why is she asking permission to do anything? She's doing it anyway.

No. 453780

File: 1514320266003.jpg (57.07 KB, 356x622, Capture.JPG)

Two years ago Little Matteo didn't have all the life sucked out of him.

No. 453883

yeah but youre stil obsessed with your weight and instagram

No. 453885

File: 1514332426403.jpg (253.62 KB, 1024x683, aly and matteo.jpg)

I wonder if her family bought her lots of wheat for Christmas so she can piss off to live with the boyfriend she clearly really misses. NOT.

Yes, Aly, you look so much better now but your personality really went uber shitty along the way. I don't think she's even concerned about her weight too much now. She doesn't mind showing off her figure in tight clothes and bikinis. Hopefully the attention she'll get for looking human and not too shabby is going to stop her wanting to look skele again. The only things keeping her stuck in anorexia is attention/lack of attention as a recovery account on insta and that personality disorder that needs working on.

Look at this img. Don't you just know this could've been Aly and Matt (if he was ginger) when they were kids.

No. 454020

File: 1514352174401.jpg (60.59 KB, 1038x168, Screenshot_20171226-221951.jpg)

this is… different