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File: 1617551015695.png (3.49 MB, 1897x1640, 8B474C63-1C11-4662-90BF-097961…)

No. 1201609

Our favourite pro-ana scumbags have all been curiously silent for a while, although as lockdown restrictions continue to ease around the world we may be in for a flurry of sudden milk as the LARPers return to #recoverywin #fearfood #challenges at supermarket cafes, Ganer returns to the gym, and daintyalytoo returns to the earth. RIP.

Ham has been MIA since March 24th and has locked down her personal account, as well as removing pretty much all trace that she ever made that one Youtube video. Maybe Hammum revoked her allowance for her nearly-adult daughter to make a Youtube channel. Farmers fear the worst as the lack of snack plates and 👏🏻 challenge 👏🏻 repeats 👏🏻 could indicate a serious relapse.

Ganer posted some progress pictures in which she actually seems to have put some mass on. Well done, Ganer! However, unfortunately these celebrations don’t last as she posts another ‘do you remember how spoopy I was? I was spoopy, right? Remember this? I was spoopy, y’know’ comparison video alongside a more current one of her gurning whilst lifting weights.

Porgie was strangely silent for most of the thread, but rumbled in to save the day with a tagged photo of just how much of a heifer she is. Anons were shocked, somehow - maybe her Myspace photo angles do more for her than we thought. She insists on Instagram that lolcow doesn’t get to her, that she doesn’t care what we think, that she’s totally in recovery from anorexia and learning to love food again…coupled with some photos of pizza and poorly hidden fries underneath a massive steak.

Aly joined the club of shufflers off their mortal coils, and farmers speculate it was a drugs-related death after examining the wording of all 5 of the tribute posts she received. A friend of hers seems far too eager to push a Gofundme right after her death. We speculate on whether her death was legitimate or faked as no obituary pops up, until family members and ex-partner’s mothers chime in about her ‘untimely, unexpected’ death.

Eugenia Cooney was the focus of the end of the thread as the milk has ran drier than her exposed dusty cooch. Her discussion was proven to be just as boring as the last time she was mentioned and the thread locked itself after chatter fizzled out. Yawn.

Herm— uh, Ruby Granger started to be discussed as rumours flew around of a potential new ED cow. She’s started to show sparrow-like portions on her Youtube channel, although she’s at a healthy weight. Farmers discussed her terrible book and whether she has milk potential.

Old friend Posh Molly also resurfaced and took an interest in Ruby, re-theming her Youtube content around studying and ~aesthetic~ videos instead of focusing on scawy ceweals. Her acting hasn’t improved an ounce as she films Instagram reels of her making ‘the first lunch ever for herself in recovery’. Evidently she needs to work on her lying ability too, as she made plenty of lunches in her old videos. Keep up, Molly!

Gracesfight_ on Tiktok proved that you don’t need to be underweight to have anorexia as she bravely shows her size 22 body alongside her #anoress1a awareness and storytimes of her rolling down the psych ward corridor with staff running (walking) after her.

In other news: lifeofhxn selfposts to no end and some anons have a bone to pick with Remi. N2F is posting from a new account with glands the size of golf balls and foods just as disgusting as last time. One farmer created their own rendition of ‘Come Dine With Me’ featuring all of our favourite cows.

Dora and Ro throw eyebrow-based shade at lolcow despite their ramblings in the last thread on how they don’t want to be discussed. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen! They’re now up for discussion again, although the only things going on right now is Ro’s excessively long Youtube videos on how to eat ‘diet culture’s WORST foods’. Anna also let us know that she’s not ~severely anorexic~ anymore, just a regular old anorexic! Still anorexic though, guys! Just not super severe! Still anorexic!

Ovi couldn’t even purge her followers successfully to avoid being posted and kept at least 4 farmers in the mix with access to her account.

Other cows were boring enough to evade discussion, although we can only hope for their swift return to save us all from the lack of milk.

If you’re new, read the rules, and sage goes in the email field. Refer to previous threads before asking why someone is lolcow-worthy. We’re not here to spoon-feed.


No. 1201610

sorry about the absolutely shocking thread pic i just used what was in the old one

No. 1201612

this is the dumbest board ive ever come across(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1201614

someone actually sat down in front of their computer and typed all of this

No. 1201620

love the new summary!

No. 1201630

>>1201612 did someone hold a gun to your head and force you to read it?

No. 1201635

File: 1617552797369.png (7.59 MB, 1242x2208, 1A860818-B665-41B9-A9A5-84C263…)

Anyone seen Anna’s latest IG video? Seems pretty healthy to me so good for her I guess?
Pretty bored of her senseless posting now tbh and think she’s just desperate to stay ~relevant~

No. 1201636

Cheers for the new thread anon! An Easter miracle after the state of the last one. May we be blessed with an abundance of (chocolate, full fat) milk soon

No. 1201645

Yessss, new thread!! Beautiful summary anon!!

No. 1201647

This woman has never opened a book in her life

No. 1201650

File: 1617553794093.png (593.05 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210404-172533.png)

Ty for new thread, anon!

Img - Georgie thinks ~diet culture~ is fucked up while she "fuels" herself with enough junk food to fuel a fucking rocket to the moon and thinks that's a better option.

No. 1201651

Please, no EC. You're new, please don't spam with this non entity or at least sage.

No. 1201654

Why not? She's ana and a cow

No. 1201659

she’s probably one of the worst cows and its not exactly like there’s an abundance of milk rn…

No. 1201665

I hate to say it but thank you for saying how to sage, hopefully newfags can at least read the top of the thread before asking what the fuck sage means

No. 1201667

Same old shit every time, she hasn’t changed she’s not going to. Her acts have and will remain the same and unless there’s something new or something, no she’s not a good cow (lol) to talk about

No. 1201677

Eugenia is the epitome of a pro ana scumbag, kek. The milk is drying up and she is full fat straight out the tit milk.

No. 1201724

She filmed this video when she made the notorious beach pic
>haha guys, the weather is warmer now so I went to the beach
>is wearing tiny shorts and a crop top
>wind is blowing like crazy
>you can literally see someone wearing a jacket in the background
I can't

No. 1201726

Her milk is boring though. Like, we can only post, "She's sick and looks like death and keeps posting obvious body checks and ignores concerned comments! She panders to fetish creeps!" so many times before it gets old.

No. 1201733

File: 1617560539744.png (3.9 MB, 828x1792, 834A4BA2-0675-4AD0-87D5-D3FB4B…)

she seems okay tbh, haven’t seen a toob in an abnormally long amount of time… dare i jinx it by saying she’s moving on with her life??

No. 1201740

Between Ashley Isaacs and Eugenia Cooney, who would outlive the other?

No. 1201746

What is dead may never die so naturally Ashley

No. 1201751

ty op, great thread pic and summary. was thinking no one would do it bc milk seems drier & infighting rampant.

No. 1201753


Surely EC will outlive, like yes she looked super spoopy, but Ashley looks already dead…

No. 1201773

I know Eugenia provides 0 milk, but she is undoubtedly an anachan and does slip up at times because of her 64 IQ. I’m only interested because the internet likes to REEE and I don’t quite understand how she can hold her head up.

Sage for non contribution

No. 1201774

Ash could outlast a horde of cockroaches. Whatever ends up finishing this planet, I guarantee she’ll be rattling around the kids section of Target for aeons to come

No. 1201777

File: 1617566115473.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 53151A25-25A4-48F7-A66A-8A4618…)

No. 1201778

fucking context?

No. 1201779

File: 1617566204991.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 5E86BC2A-693D-4B4E-8664-AA897E…)

Why is the fake cows forehead and teeth so big… sat binging on chocolate today when all she goes on about is how she fasts and purges ALP THE TIME…. nothing to do with her cocaine addiction WHICH SHE ~apparently~ has

No. 1201781

you are genuinely retarded

tell us who it is and why they're milky or fuck off

No. 1201782

sage, context, integrate. who even is this

No. 1201783

Self poster leave

No. 1201785

a_wintergirl_thawing_2(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1201809

I can’t express how disappointed I am that Ham didn’t give us some big Easter recovery win

No. 1201814

i think we're all missing her antics at this stage

No. 1201817

File: 1617570096042.png (942.46 KB, 720x1172, Screenshot_20210404-203552~2.p…)

She started following fat women bodyposi accounts, so I take that as challenge accepted and completed numerous times today. No chocolate is enough!

No. 1201818

So she hasn't changed at all. Hmh. With all that "fasting and purging" one would think she'd lost weight but nope.

No. 1201823

Try 5 days ago she posted a TikTok that showcased every toob pic she had. I would link but don’t know how to do videos

No. 1201828

she is still posting 'crazy things anorexia made me do' TikTok but at least she seems to have clocked on to the fact tube pics = bans

No. 1201829

File: 1617571527768.jpeg (271.72 KB, 747x1170, 96AA1695-EEAC-4261-A2B3-4CD3F2…)

It’s from a few days ago but Anna was literally considering a phone case with the ana butterfly on. My hopes for her moving on have been dashed.

No. 1201832

whats the deal w the ana butterfly? where does it come from?

No. 1201835

From Google:
In 'Starving in Suburbia' there was a character called 'butterflyana' who gave tips n tricks to the main character on how to be ~ana~. Now 'butterflies' are wannas/ people who worship Cassie and Eli/ glamourise EDs etc. I don't think I have ever seen anyone other than Anna use it in a recovery context?

No. 1201864

spend 5 mins on the insta “recovery community” the things are everywhere

No. 1201868

Part of me was hoping for a Ham Easter resurrection cos milk’s been dryer than Ganer’s skin lately but I’d also be happy if she fucked off for good tbh. Either way she must be loving the speculation. Has she been admitted to that bed with her name on it? Did she choke on a jammie dodger while inhaling her nightly feast plate? 10+ days without her bullshit whew she’s seriously committing to this totally-not-planned relapse

No. 1201893

File: 1617579411268.jpeg (161.36 KB, 1125x902, 29A405F6-4FDF-4B19-9086-DD8A3D…)

Has Shira ever been discussed here? Eating disorder therapist with an active eating disorder. Asks followers for donations for treatment and service dog despite (presumably) paid-partnerships with different brands. Has almost 100K followers…. (not saged because new milk?)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1201907

Heads up, don’t put a name in the field it’s dumb kek

No. 1201909


No. 1201911

File: 1617580721692.jpeg (555.59 KB, 828x1508, F0E46BAE-7C97-416F-B85D-55FECE…)

You don’t need a reason besides “I eat too much food and that’s why I’m fat”

No. 1201912

And also being obese is no reason to celebrate, even from an imaginary eating disorder.

No. 1201938

File: 1617583275785.png (4.28 MB, 750x1334, 2B48D1CB-ED6C-4E5D-92F2-9B18CD…)

as if nourish’s teeth and skin weren’t dirty enough, look at the melted chocolate on her bed and her filthy wall

No. 1202013

File: 1617595410698.png (10.49 MB, 1284x2778, 7DD7ACE7-0DFF-4CE7-8797-114D1D…)

I guess Ro is back on her main account again. Not sure why every anorexic has to emphasize that it’s their “first time having insert food IN YEARS!!!”

No. 1202023

She was mentioned on a sub Reddit. Six people saying she's inspiring. I feel like it's an Italian Aly situation where it's pointless waiting to see her gain despite saying they're~all in~. Congrats will be given when she isn't doing these videos still exposing parts of her body and looking healthier.

So many of these watch me eat my first…vids. after Elzani, Molly and Ham it's like being in yt purgatory having a billion suggested.

No. 1202053

File: 1617605639358.jpg (311.14 KB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20210405-184858_Tik…)

Sage for wk but Gina is actually starting to look kinda shocking. Maybe she isn't LARPing after all. In saying that, her childish tantrums are making her that dreaded patient that supposedly "50% of nurses hate", she's been refused admission to one ward for her behaviour, and she very nearly got herself kicked out of this one.

No. 1202060

Ah yes, fuelling oneself for a diarrhoea event while wearing a designer gown with a hard-to-reach back zip. Not brave at all, just self care.

No. 1202061


Laura vibes.

No. 1202062

soz for no sage

No. 1202064

The saddest thing about the latest Georgia pic is how old she looks and how she admits she wants to be cared for. Some of the cows could get away with it, although still look pathetic, but when an obese one does it and admits it's for attention and to be cared for, it looks tragic. Which it is. Anyone taking a bet on her next admission to NF?

No. 1202076

what did she used to look like? i cant remember who this cow is

No. 1202081

Someone pointed out she has gained no weight on her latest YouTube video and the white knights came for them. Give it a few months and I think people will start questioning how ~super inspiring recovery warrior~ she actually is. And does that girl honestly not own anything but low cut tops?

No. 1202083

always trying to flaunt the chest bones. the way she interacts with her family while she eats is really manipulative as well. constantly wanting validation, reassurance, clearly making the dinner all about her. if i was her mum i'd be telling her to pack it in with that shit. over indulging your kids leads to this bs

No. 1202084

I haven't watched the video fully but I did notice at her brother's birthday dinner she was making it all about her. If you want mummy to hold your hand you can do it separately after the others have eaten.

No. 1202087

Is that her natural part or is she wearing a wig?

No. 1202089

Seen it in the former thread:
She's wearing extensions and her scalp is balding.

No. 1202114

File: 1617619556802.jpg (577.81 KB, 2880x2880, 20210405_224400.jpg)

Oh my apologies. She was spoken about probably 5 threads back, she was basically constantly being admitted for anorexia and self harm, tubed 3 or 4 times since mid last year, a good few suicide attempts, kicked out of residential for her behaviour.. typical BPD stuff, and the Australian health system playing along as usual.

No. 1202120


jesus this doesn't even look like the same person. she looks like she's aged 15 years

No. 1202135

recently have been the first few times I've seen her properly losing the shape she was lucky to have in her face. grim. re: the EC vs Ashley Isaacs smackdown, what is dead may never die, but I do reckon they might both pop off close together and it'll send ~waves~ through the community

No. 1202142

would it be distasteful to say I want to see them fight in a cage match for title of ultimate scumbag kek

No. 1202143

File: 1617626879793.jpg (101.23 KB, 646x1263, Screenshot_20210405-134129.jpg)

She's spoken about being in a psych ward off and on since she joined tiktok. She's clearly lost a fair bit in the last few years.

No. 1202145

I reckon Shira ticks multiple cow boxes (ED therapist while being obsessed with size, HAES adherent, e-begger, possible munchie)

Bar of chocolate underneath the cake box too. That's a binge for sure. I am legit worried that one day she'll stop posting and we'll find out weeks later she died in her cesspit of a room.

Yeah when Eugenia goes (and I reckon it'll be before Ash finally bursts into flames trying to enter a church) there will be a lot of internet soul searching about What Could Have Been Done and such. But you can't help people who don't want help, you have to convince them to accept it. I wonder if her face starting to sink in will be a wake up call to her, she is pretty vain.

Jesus she's literally half the girl she was.
At this point I wonder if getting OUT of the hospital would be the best thing for her.

No. 1202151

ash would win, bony little hands down

No. 1202152

fueled by her unearthly spite and battery acid for blood!
queen of the Lich!

No. 1202166

ruby granger posted a video where she ate like a victorian child for a weekend. i'm surprised molly doesn't find her triggering to follow

No. 1202224

Can you please just create a thread for Ruby already? Or do you not know how to do that? Maybe go back to Tattle Life in that case

She’s not relevant to the thread and nor is her video about being a Victorian child??? Was the Victorian child anorexic by chance? No? Then it doesn’t belong here.

No. 1202234

I guess most of her milk isn't relevant but she is definitely trying to LARP an ED. In the victorian video her 'meals' were literally a few spoonfuls worth. Are other anons interested, given milk is dry at the moment?

No. 1202235

lol the only reason i mentioned her is because molly has been interacting with her

No. 1202252

She may have potential but she’s not a full cow yet and she hasn’t admitted to having anorexia. So even if you pick up questionable eating habits in her videos, that doesn’t make her a pro-ana scumbag. You could talk about her all you want in her own thread. She just doesn’t belong in this one since every post about her so far has been either totally irrelevant or nitpicking

No. 1202255

She's not really a pro-ana cow. I can see nothing really triggering in her vids and her IG.

Just another YT attention whore, maybe.

No. 1202263

File: 1617643759970.jpg (136.26 KB, 1518x774, h.JPG)

Looks like Ham was/is on an art and design course at college.

No. 1202266

The life of a normal girl suits her. She should go back to that instead of larping (unless she already has. Miss her though)

No. 1202267

File: 1617644193141.jpg (51.27 KB, 788x693, cow.JPG)

This cow is some of her artwork. Bacon is vegan, guys.

No. 1202272

Ruby Granger seems to be a nice and educated young lady.
She does not feign any kind of illness and gives some constructive advice for studying and personal organization.

There's nothing wonky about that.

No. 1202278

screencaps? i am not scrolling through the cringe-worthy ass kissing to find those comments and it’s an image board after all

No. 1202279


Oh yeah. She's partying hard at the birthday of her brother and letting the cam roll, all for her very own YT glory.
Classy move, beeyotch.

No. 1202283

Last night, eugenia live streamed for 12 HOURS straight, without eating or drinking. What is she trying to prove damn

No. 1202286

Soz, I trawled through the comments but couldn't find it - maybe it was deleted?

No. 1202306

File: 1617649092037.jpeg (127.34 KB, 581x1066, 12A4D507-26EF-454A-B099-04F49F…)

The audacity of this bitch, when every other reel features her dainty fragile tubed face

No. 1202308

Well to be fair it says dairy free and not vegan.

No. 1202309


"🐒♞ 𝐒Ť𝑜ᑭ ǤⓁ𝓪ŕᗰσŘ𝓘sᶤŇG έÃ𝓣Įᑎg Đ𝔦ⓢ𝐨𝓻Đєℝᔕ ♚♤"

No. 1202310

Intermittent fasting probably kek

No. 1202312

File: 1617649745636.png (403.96 KB, 980x1160, cuntey.png)

Just to make a point

No. 1202313

She gave a disclaimer at the start of the video saying that she knows the meals are small and that she’ll be snacking on regular food off camera during the day too. So not sure where the milk is

No. 1202318

Did she have coughing fits again? Sometimes she starts coughing and acts surprised like she doesn't know why her throat is dry

No. 1202321

File: 1617650247136.png (75.2 KB, 230x233, Screenshot_2021-04-05 Adressin…)

So here's some fresh hateen for y'all…

Our favorite skelly complaining in a squeaky voice about being misunderstood.

No. 1202324

'The Holocaust was really serious, you guys'. Wow, thanks for educating us Eugenia!!

No. 1202326

so in her world concern = hate

No. 1202327

File: 1617650866360.jpeg (353.84 KB, 2048x2048, 85D876DB-A38E-4BA6-9188-731D1E…)

Her real hair peeking out from under her extensions

No. 1202330

Her constant hair flips drive me insane

No. 1202334


That's NOTHING compared to her superfluous usage of the word 'like'. Maybe signs of an early brain death?

No. 1202339

I watched some of her videos so I was familiar with her (limited) vocabulary kek. I honestly think she just doesn't read. Also what was interesting to me is that she didn't really seem upset about the comments that much…? She seemed really cocky and condescending. I feel like she likes attention in general, be it negative or positive

No. 1202343


She's in complete denial. That's part of the problem.

No. 1202346

She doesn't care because she only talked about the troll comments. When she gets stuff that actually hits home (e.g. that 'fan' art of her on the beach) or proper criticism she is often visible upset (or so reddit says)

No. 1202347

Bollocks. She's getting off to reading that out. Imagine the cows here getting that sort of comment, they'd love it. She's baiting people with that video. Who the fuck watches this disaster anyway?

No. 1202348


You talking about some of them mentioning her upcoming early funeral? That's not trolling at all, but in fact very realistic.
She just shrugs it off like any other addict.

No. 1202349

File: 1617652895983.jpg (554.88 KB, 1074x1696, 20210405_133943.jpg)

I think I found a new ana larper

No. 1202350

File: 1617652944991.jpg (507.01 KB, 1080x1838, 20210405_133915.jpg)

This is her profile

No. 1202352

Yeah well a name would help.

No. 1202353

File: 1617653012594.jpg (741.02 KB, 1080x1838, 20210405_135922.jpg)

She gives me Ham and Molly vibes

No. 1202354

No. 1202357

She's gaslighting and baiting all over the place.

No. 1202360

File: 1617653616254.jpg (25.81 KB, 413x443, Capture.JPG)

Maybe it's a language barrier. She admits she was never spoopy, unlike Ham

>I was never severely underweight but I am weight restored in the sense that I gained healthy weight, it took me about 5 months

She mentions having friends and a life, so she's not a saddo wannarexic. The sad part of her is the stick n poke on her wrist. Hope she was bored and it's just pen.

No. 1202459

Before actually reading your comment I went over her tiktok and was gonna say, she looks like she legit has an ED, tube seems actually given rather than requested kek. Weight has varied a lot and she does seem to be going downhill right now. So the antics aren't killing me like Laura's
RIP the good old days where people actually did things like hide food rather than insist everyone know exactly what they're thinking and doing 24/7 (/s)

No. 1202483

God that's cringy though.

No. 1202518

All Victorian children were anorexic anon, haven't you read Dickens?

No. 1202524

"Like gorging on junk but don't want to feel guilty about it!? Just claim to be in recovery from an eating disorder you've never had!"

No. 1202556

File: 1617679544114.jpg (284.08 KB, 972x1476, 20210406_132348.jpg)

This is the "thinnest" I've ever seen Porgie. She was only 16/17 here yet looks older than she does now. Wow, amazing how all that fat can make someone look so much younger. She must literally waddle when she walks. Its absolutely disgusting how fat she is

No. 1202559

File: 1617679998420.jpg (328.39 KB, 1080x1981, 20210406_133151.jpg)

Laughing my ass off. Just checked the posts Georgia is tagged in and here's a screenshot from a video a few days ago. Her forearm is literally the size of my THIGH. She's holding that basket of chocolates probably secretly going she gets to take it home and stuff them all down into her huge fat gut

No. 1202565

The majority of Porgies account is pictures of food. Anyone with an actual, real eating disorder would NEVER post food like that because of the fear of judgement etc. Yet Porgie happily posts about all the fatty foods she eats

No. 1202571

screenshots like these really show how hard she’s faking the whole recovery thing. MONTHS into eating ‘all in’ or even eating a semi reasonable intake should 100% have rid her of the visible chest ribs. not surprising nor really disappointing, but just pretty pathetic that she keeps playing pretend like this, and sad for any followers she has who might assume that they could eat her alleged intake and still be spoopy

No. 1202573

File: 1617680859847.jpg (920.33 KB, 1078x2105, Screenshot_20210406-134642_Ins…)

"I was skinny"…. Wowza, she truly has a warped perception of what "skinny" looks like… Because even in this photo she looks on the larger size of "average" if not overweight

No. 1202574

oh of course. didnt you catch all the drama between her and her youtuber friends after she was forced into treatment a few years ago? she dragged them through the dirt and sicced her army of defenders on them because they tried to intervene, save her life & save from her violently enabling mother. to EC, any amount of care for her well-being is hate.

No. 1202576


Jesus your bones are rattling. She looks perfectly fine here.

No. 1202587

File: 1617684807565.jpg (216.01 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20210406_144501.jpg)

So as it happens, ovi has been hollering for attention for years, including posting about drinking nyquil to her friends and family on Facebook. She gives me massive (no pun intended) Kaydee vibes, but at least she's not faked a therapist text thread yet.

No. 1202593

File: 1617685982351.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1553x1528, FA073EA2-AF22-47AE-AFA9-0505CE…)

Damn those hips don’t lie… but Porgie does. No one in their right mind would be encouraging her to eat the crap she does in the name of “healing her relationship with food”. Where’s Dr Now when you need him?

No. 1202604

Living for this milk omg I have missed porgie so much and she did not disappoint with this comeback!

No. 1202606

She looks beautiful in this photo. This is not overweight, or at least does not look it in this photo. She actually looks really good..

No. 1202612

File: 1617692024035.jpg (858.77 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-06-04.53.21.jpg)

So we all know about how Remi goes on and on and on about "DONT DO FDO'S" and "DONT BODY CHECK" well then what the fuck are these TikToks???

No. 1202615

LMAO this is CLEARLY a self post

No. 1202618

File: 1617693349933.jpg (496.58 KB, 1079x2167, Screenshot_20210403-125636_Ins…)

Wow anon you went back almost a year on tiktok to find those videos? Either youre just trying to find milk but this is old or youre the vendetta person again.
This vendetta is old and boring. When the vendetta started it was ash and cj posting rem. They used to be friends with rem but had an argument, and rem stopped speaking to them. You can see they stopped following each other. I think rem blocked them and then she started getting posted here with heaps of stuff she'd never spoken about publicly. So obviously someone who knew rem. Pic is of the post cj and ash had a go at rem, I think there was more said privately from what I heard rem stopped speaking to them.
I doubt its the ex-wife posting here. Thatd be a desperate reach for her if it was. It doesnt make sense to be her, im pretty sure they broke up last year and the vendetta "milk" only started this year.
Tldr; vendetta posts Im pretty sure is ash and cj. Boring.

No. 1202629

Incredible how much a person can change in 6 years. To see how much she gained since then is as sad as seeing how much Ganer or Dasha lost and went spoopy. NF should be helping her and not fucking her up.
First time I've had a twinge of pity for Georgia.

No. 1202634

omg… no that was not a self-post. I am certainly NOT Georgia, but why should you believe me anyway I suppose. She was beautiful then, healthy and normal. She is not now.. and I agree with this comment - >>1202629 I actually have a twinge of pity for her too. That's a shitload of weight for anyone to gain, and if I was in that position I would want to kms too. It's no wonder she's miserable.

No. 1202635

Hard agree. It's just sad at this point. NFC may be actively harming but at the very least they are certainly not helping. How tf can someone cycle through there so regularly and never improve. Whelp, Drs need their new mercedes after all

No. 1202643

File: 1617698451732.png (325.92 KB, 572x960, POTS.png)

Does anyone else find it weird she took "POTS" out her bio? Saged for mini med-fag but medical recommendation for this disease is to focus on muscle building exercises (swimming, yoga) and reducing your carb intake and eating smaller meals. Alcohol is also a known POTS trigger.

POTS also causes a lack of appetite, and many anorexics can develop POTS due to significant weight loss, which makes the LARP extra hilarious.

No. 1202650

File: 1617699879799.jpg (162.16 KB, 501x900, Screenshot_9.jpg)

…so someone asked her to pose with his skateboard…but for some reason didn't want to be on the picture himself…?

No. 1202653

How is this milk?

No. 1202654

Because it's more likely that she bought her own skateboard and changed her clothes during the beach photoshoot. A fan would have wanted to be on the picture themselves and also would have taken said picture with their own phone. She lied, the whole thing looks staged

No. 1202655


i don't find it that interesting either, but most of what gets posted is just anachans (allegedly) telling obvious lies to begging for attention. this is the same thing. she's clearly telling a completely fake story for likes. don't see why anon shouldn't post it. "milk" in these threads is a very broad term.

No. 1202658

Because gaslighting and feeding on any kind of attention is her only way.

No. 1202662

Bet it's a fetish thing someone paid for

No. 1202664

crazy how it looks like the skateboard is heavy for her to carry, like she's slumped over holding with both hands and also supporting it with her knee

No. 1202665

File: 1617704409842.jpg (29.2 KB, 354x248, 1617699879799.jpg)

dat knee….

No. 1202666

Just what the fetishist want

No. 1202675

How is anything in this thread milk?

No. 1202676


Like "Eugenia Cooney's calorie-free Downhill Jam"?

No. 1202679

Can we all shut the fuck up about Cooney? Same old sour milk, attracts newfags (r/EugeniaCooney is the kinda people she draws in).

I like Porgie, ovi and miss Ham. Maybe I like mocking fatties, idk

No. 1202680

She’s relevant to the thread though? She’s arguably one of the most well known and popular anorexics out there so it’s kinda weird that we can’t talk about her. The amount of ‘hate’ she receives on the daily is proof of her scumbag ways

No. 1202681

She's ana and a cow and only recently did people start to get tired of her bullshit and realized that she's not the innocent angel she's trying to portray herself as. I'd say she belongs here.

No. 1202683


Eugenia is pro-ana and a scumbag.
Now take a look at the title of the thread.

No. 1202684

Yeah I remember a time before the Shane Dawson documentary when Eugenia hadn’t admitted to having anorexia yet and so there were always these regards who would argue that Eugenia was naturally skinny or maybe she had some sort of medical problem and that people should leave her alone etc etc. But I noticed a shift in people’s opinions after Shane’s documentary because people realised that yeah she does have an eating disorder but ignores the seriousness of it and acts like it’s normal and nothings wrong and constantly posts triggering photos, so people have realised she’s actually not a nice person

No. 1202686


No. She's not a usual, ordinary cow posted here. She's YouTube famous and that's not interesting. Go post her on Reddit. Apart from the kiddies here, nobody cares about her. Holding a skateboard is not interesting. Cooney isn't interesting. She makes nobody lol.

No. 1202687

She's relevant to the thread but she's super boring and predicable because she's been doing the same thing for years. There's no shock factor, no hot takes. She's an attention seeking whore with diminishing abilities who's gonna croak soon and be forgotten within a week despite being an online presence for more than a decade. I know we all have our preferences for interesting/uninteresting cows, we can't all have the same taste, this is just my personal take. Yawn.

No. 1202688

That "interview" was rigged since Dawson had to avoid certain questions.
But he is as clickbaity as her, so why bother…

No. 1202689

She was banned from here. Her thread was locked.

No. 1202690

Her organs will ban her soon enough.
I want to be here and witness it.

No. 1202694

How is being YouTube famous not interesting? Besides, the only difference between Eugenia and the other cows here is that those cows pretend to recover while still losing weight etc. Eugenia is straight up pro-ana and doesn’t acknowledge any issues and so doesn’t try to recover.

Maybe we need a refresh on what this board is actually for and put it in the OP. Like what are the requirements to be posted here? Because currently, Eugenia fits the pro-ana scumbag title.

I’m guessing milk is considered to be someone who posts only eating disorder related stuff on their social media (I.e it’s their whole identity) and pretends to recover but still loses weight or is still unhealthy with food etc, or they are just fat and larping

No. 1202696

She fits the criteria imo but I can understand that she might be considered more trouble than she is worth if the infighting continues

Subjects must meet 3 out of the 5 following criteria:
An unhealthy desire for attention
Failure to accept criticism
A lack of self awareness
Delusions related to their skill or self importance
No willingness to improve upon their behavior
All subjects must have:
A documented history of bizarre behavior displayed online
Some sort of public presence outside of private circles, groups or irc channels. Personal cows can go in the personal lolcows thread

No. 1202698


Oh my god, shut the fuck up. Eugenia is a gold mine of milk and we’re pretty dry these days except for Remi self posts. You complaining about Eugenia is shitting up the thread.

No. 1202700

She's 100 percent ana.
She's 100 percent cow.

No. 1202711

File: 1617711759056.jpeg (223.15 KB, 1152x2048, 145C0844-3446-45D2-A281-9F3761…)

Sage because not quite sure if it’s milky but Ovi posted that they were 14/15 when they originally posted this. Why would you post something like this on Facebook? Just a really weird situation idk it makes me uncomfortable. Not something you would post on Facebook.

No. 1202713

scroll up been posted already

No. 1202715

Kek if she was self posting she'd post something thats interesting not stuff thats a year old. Reach anon, reach. Cooney isnt that interesting either. Mind bore watching her speak.

No. 1202726


My bad, images weren’t loading for me anyway. Well this just proves ovi still has a ton of us on their account, kek.

No. 1202728

Are there pics of her anywhere without makeup?

No. 1202730

File: 1617715337942.jpg (51.53 KB, 711x634, Screenshot_12.jpg)

This is from one of her makeup videos, she might have concealer on, I'm not sure. Her eyes look really weird without makeup

No. 1202731

Sick of people crying vendetta whenever Rem is mentioned. She's milky and a massive hypocrite and if you don't like her being talked about (is that you, Rem?) just be quiet and talk about other cows that you do personally find milky.

No. 1202733

Her gums have retracted so badly, I sometimes wonder if that’s even her real teeth.

Also where has her upper lip gone

No. 1202735

Yeah, it totally loks like she has dentures

No. 1202747

wow now this made me laugh. she's fucking gigantic

No. 1202750

So we never got any Han easter content??

No. 1202753

I was so looking forward to it

No. 1202762

Just like some cheap Mexican harbor skank…

No. 1202766

What's that?

No. 1202770

File: 1617722637239.png (151.3 KB, 220x312, Tony_Hawk's_Downhill_Jam_Cover…)


You little teenage dumbass…

No. 1202774

Sorry I didn't play games as a kid? american dumbass…

No. 1202781

you need a sense of humor to post here

No. 1202782

games aren't an american exclusive thing ya weirdo. All you had to say was you didn't play games as a kid and keep it pushing.

No. 1202787

Assume shit about me I'll assume shit about you. Have some humor.

No. 1202795

File: 1617724591242.jpeg (783.46 KB, 1242x1556, 2B624B9B-EF17-4AFD-85CE-796ECA…)

What the fock is this

No. 1202801

learn2integrate or fuck off

No. 1202804


Looks like some retarded Klingon.

sage your shit

No. 1202827

File: 1617728398697.png (3.01 MB, 828x1792, 1625BA6B-EE52-4150-9971-F3EAB9…)

for all she’s still going for the angles, dare i say ro is looking slightly fuller ? she has openly said that she’s gaining weight so maybe her “all in” sperging is real (just very over dramatised?)

No. 1202848

File: 1617729355951.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, 79D88751-AE4A-41D2-BF24-CE0E5F…)

mentalhealthwithk is no longer private and her tiktok is a goldmine of self obsessed ED-larping … “fans” kek

No. 1202852


Throwing her therapy overboard?
Now that's a fucking bad idea.

"I can recover by myself", my ass.

Maybe the nutrients of that single chocolate bar overloaded her skelly brain.

No. 1202856

FUCKING HELL IS SHE DELUSIONAL?! watch her eelapse immediatley and then say the services failed her. She's lucky snough to be getting nhs adults ed therapy in the first place.

No. 1202857

Her face does look fuller but it has for a while. In her last YouTube video her arms looks pretty much the same (but that could just be her superhuman flexing abilities). I think she miiiight be gaining a tiny amount in order to avoid ip but it probably isn't for the right reasons and she just wants praise for being such a ~fighter~

No. 1202858

I get therapy not helping but how can it stop you progressing? probably just doesn't want to hear what they are telling her

It will be like when lifeofhxn, emma etc moan that the services they receive are crap (despite the fact most people would give an arm for the same help) all over again

No. 1202862


Just some days ago she made a vid about eating her first fries in years. Now she thinks she's invincible and cancels her therapist, that sick cunt.

Absolutely not a recovery, but rather some fishing for pity points, huh.

No. 1202886

from that angle her face does look a lot better

No. 1202899

tbf it worked for elzani

No. 1202900

Only weight wise though it seems

No. 1202911

TBH that was a freak miracle. I feel like the psychology behind Elzani's anorexia was different from most as well, if that makes sense - and unfortunately it is not impossible she will relapse.

No. 1202918

I'm interested in how it was different, do you have a theory?

No. 1202924

Idk, its just the vibe she gives off if that makes sense? Didn't seem to have issues with body image that I know of, was fine with eating over her meal plan in hospital (that could have been because she wanted to get out/she had 'permission) etc. It just appears like weight gain has reset her brain to an extent that doesn't normally happen. Seems like a different personality type to most anas I know. I'm probably completely wrong though.

No. 1202935

an i rhe only one remembering that literally a year ago ro claimed to be recovered, and was certainly healthy??? all this “first x in years” is bullshit

No. 1202938

Elzani spent a year out of hospital relapsing before her sudden real recovering. I'd like to know why. I find it really odd she has never mentioned therapy or psych work at all- and anorexia doesn't just vanish with weight gain.

No. 1202946

kek watch her throw a tantrum about the NHS failing her when “all in” goes tits up, even though they’ve obviously deemed her as having capacity to decide. This might be the first decent thing she’s ever done - at least now someone who actually wants help can use the resources she was wasting

No. 1202948

I heard somewhere that her ED was a trauma response but idk and I can’t remember where I heard it so may be wrong? Would explain the lack of issues with eating certain things though

No. 1202952

How does she still have facial fat? How is it not sunken in like Ash’s?

No. 1202958

File: 1617740688798.png (2.77 MB, 828x1792, BFEAA0B1-E879-4AF4-BB87-C877B8…)

z is trying posting a quarter of an apple whilst preaching recovery… scumbag behaviour if i ever saw it

No. 1202960

i wouldnt call it fat, anon… but she’s remarkably okay looking facially, tho if you compare to her when she gained a little weight (shane video) she’s looking quite sunken

No. 1202973

Sage for blog. I’ve just been discharged from the same service as Ro after 10 years in and out and 18 months of day patient and therapy. She’s an idiot. We are SO lucky to access such a strict and hard to reach service and that she’s taking it for granted and throwing it away iOS infuriating.(sage doesn't make blogging allowed)

No. 1202980

hate 2 break it to you anon but no one cares you spent 10 years or whatever. this is not the place.

No. 1202984

Eugenia blames sexual assault victims and says they shouldn't come forward until they have proof

No. 1202985

"biggest step" like that wasn't one of her fucking safe foods or something..

No. 1202987

her brains so fucking starved and sinewy at this point how does anyone expect her to come out with something that isnt retarded rubbish

No. 1202991

yeah, this. eugenia could come out as a holocaust denier and I wouldn't even blink because she clearly has zero brain function or understanding of what she's saying pretty much ever, she's like a parrot

No. 1202995

I put it down to autism. It's blatant her brain's wired all wrong. I know some of the other cows and ordinary anas are on the spectrum, but she just seemed to snap out of it as soon as she was on the medical ward. Not just "allowing herself" Magnums, etc. It started and continued.

No. 1202998

Cooney in a nutshell:

27 year old with a 3 year old brain. Lives with her wealthy parents, never integrated at school, never made a career out of modelling, still makes videos for youtube with fuck all content. Like, like, puffs up her hair and like, stands with her arms out and like, like, makes sure to get her legs in shot, like. Oh COOOOL something cute!! Shitty ten dollar cosplays, like Jack Skellington is my boyfriend, like, I'm fine worry about yourself, hahaha, I'm really sorry you feel that way haha

So sick, you're ill, get some help, you're in my prayers, we don't want to lose you
SKINNY LEGEND!!! I want to look like you!!!1

Is that a wig? What happened to her mouth? How long will she live? She never drinks or eats on screen! Her mom is an enabler! She's doing this and that for skinny fetishists because Dorian, he (ha) said so, omg look at the colour of her legs, omg she's getting worse

People on youtube wanting hits:

The rest of the world

No. 1202999

I don't think this is fair. As far as I can tell, she was saying that (or she later clarified that she meant to say that) nobody is guilty unless PROVEN so, and while of course you can come forward with claims of sexual assault without having proof, it's unfair to NAME those alleged to have assault you without proof or unless they've been proven guilty. False accusations destroy lives, and we have the presumption of innocence in the West. No, I'm not a "fan" of hers, but someone needs to make this argument.

No. 1203002

I wasn’t calling her face fat, just referring to the actual fat on her face. Like essential fat. Her face is fine, I was just wondering how she’s managed to keep it looking relatively okay considering how long she’s been a spoop.

No. 1203003

File: 1617744675008.gif (494.29 KB, 500x282, DF0587FB-F30B-4480-9F2A-3FA6C4…)

No. 1203004

I don't know enough about the situation to really comment but I feel like the backlash is more because she was trying to defend her friends - Jeffree star and the pedo mod on her discord server - and trying to avoid responsibility for the latter rather than trying to play devil's advocate for an altruistic reason

No. 1203008

Some people just naturally have puffier cheeks. No matter what weight I am, I will always have a rounder face. Guess it’s the same for Cooney.

No. 1203010

File: 1617745833061.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1599x646, Untitled.png)

This skele "art model" has a reasonably okay face. She contours it to make it look thinner.

No. 1203061

when did life drawing classes start including skeletal anatomy in their curriculum but dont have access to a human skeleton.

No. 1203070

File: 1617753175518.png (3.67 MB, 750x1334, C180A43A-6BC9-462A-9542-45856A…)

No. 1203071

Lmao, did the tagged photos and vids get to her?

No. 1203072

i mean …. tinfoiling, if we assume that all the food she posts does get eaten, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to still have the spoopy arms and chest at all, which would mean it’s coming back up. that’d account for the face fullness in comparison (some people show it on their whole faces, not just swollen glands)

No. 1203075

File: 1617754287040.jpg (421.06 KB, 1075x2101, 20210407_101120.jpg)

Ah yes, in the ICU yet well enough to take a selfie and post it to Instagram

No. 1203092

Came here to post this. HAS to be a suicide attempt

No. 1203096

Sage for blog posting but when I was in the ICU breathing through a tube the last thing I thought about was posting on my Instagram.

No. 1203099

she looks like an elephant

No. 1203111

Shes got central lines in and a ngt thats not for feeding through so i’ll believe she’s in ICU—or at least an acute ward.
But her pupils are nowhere near blown enough to be coming down off the sedatives used in intubations. Girl, quit lyin. Its embarrassing.

No. 1203117


Damn, porgie leaving social media again, I've missed her milk

No. 1203119

Med fag here, not everyone has dilated pupils from sedation and its all dependant on what sedative, analgesia and paralysing agents they used. Id say she only has access to SSRI and antipsychotics so they do a supportive coma with sympomatic treatment. The NG is a drainage one so they probably did a bowel wash and charcoal flush. Arterial lines because ICU love art lines.

No. 1203129

Theres black shit in the salem sump so ill second on the charcoal flush.
I dont believe she was ‘just extubated’ though, if shes posting on social media. On her left cheek theres some evidence of those sticky things icu’s tend to use for tubes though so maybe she was intubated.
Either way, it takes a real histrionic mf to wake up from a coma and immediately go announce it to the world. Obviously she cares more about what’s said about her than she claims.

No. 1203133

She tried to khs
Porgie i know you lurk, just go to the nutritionist and get on a real 1600 cal diet. You will feel better

She's going to end up a Kaydee if she doesn't get things straight. She deluded herself into thinking that she is anorexic for 10 years now and can't deal with the cognitive dissonance of knowing she's obese and never was dainty

No. 1203135

I think shes gonna become a deathfat munchie drug seeker. This attempt screams BPD as as soon as she can, shes paraded it on social media.

No. 1203161

Don't mean to tinfoil but from what I see, there are 'two types' of people with anorexia. One.. the 'environmental response' - where anorexia is like a response to historical trauma/abuse, and alongside it is a whole range of other MH issues. Their lives are usually quite chaotic, and usually have addictions in other areas - drugs, alcohol etc and many comorbidities. Then there is the 'genetic' type - where people who have nothing remotely traumatic in their life, they're very sheltered, perfectionistic type people who are essentially ticking time bombs.. waiting for that first diet, or the first self-esteem issue.. and then anorexia just takes off. It comes on rapidly and severely, but with proper nutrition, it can be 'reversed' and a person can go on to have a relatively normal life, because they don't have any trauma etc to work through. The ED may persist for many years, but they're generally able to function relatively well. That's Elzani I think. Of course, it's not black and white. But that's how I see it.

No. 1203162

File: 1617768297270.jpg (Spoiler Image, 488.16 KB, 1080x2032, IMG_20210403_135739.jpg)

She uses filters in her videos and and her face is already contoured here. She hides it really well, but on her Instagram stories it's obvious that her face has started to sink in. Picrel from previous thread. Spoiler because living dead.

No. 1203194

Hopefully one of her "close friends" is a farmer so we'll get some more details.

No. 1203202


So very, very true. Thanks for that.

No. 1203211

suicide attempt or COVID?

No. 1203212

kek people only follow her to make fun of her, her engagment is so shit she may also have bought followers

No. 1203214

She tried to kill herself

No. 1203220

does she have BPD? she doesn't seem to have the extreme emotions or chaotic relationships or impulsivity.

No. 1203222

Don’t know how it is in Aus but in the UK you get diagnosed with BPD if you just try to kill yourself enough. The more chaotic the attempt the quicker the diagnosis kek

No. 1203226


How convenient, discharged for her birthday, holiday, and Easter so she can stuff her face on chocolate eggs and sweets delight, but as soon as the week starts up again and the attention is no longer on her—suicide attempt.

No. 1203236

anon pls, she clearly saw everyone here losing their collective shit at her candid pics whenever she browsed lc over the break. That's what has sent her dainty ass into a bpd af attention sucking spiral here. attention must always be on her! no wait, not that kind of attention!

No. 1203237

Seriously doubt she's one of the 70 odd cases in her state right now, especially as she hasn't just been overseas. I feel like she'd make a big deal out of it if she was.

No. 1203245

wanna bet she wrote a suicide note including „lolcow made me do it!“ for eternal pity points

No. 1203247

Yup. She would absolutely cry covid if it that's why she's there. Plus med fag earlier IDd the charcoal and other bits. Does look a lot like an od. Hopefully some farmers are in close friends to get some more details

No. 1203249

She’s so transparent and pathetic. The only thing more pathetic than an infinifat is the eternally woe-is-me, attention seeking infinifat.

No. 1203256


When things are really, really bad…

…you just don't post on social media.

No. 1203279

I don’t agree with boredwithanas tiktok about food waste. The bit where she mentions how she got rid of her food ‘by flushing it away’ was unnecessary and just gives people more ideas on how to dispose of their food. Just say you weren’t eating it. Don’t give ideas to a community struggling with eating disorders…

No. 1203284

It doesn't take Stephen Hawking to figure out food can be flushed down the toilet

No. 1203290


No. 1203292

IDK, many anas "snap out of it" once they're on medical. Like the doctors know best for them, they'll submit to the tube/feeds/diet plan.

No. 1203294

Yeah not to mention it can easily clog up the pipes/ make for a very expensive and embarrassing plumbers visit. Anna just needs to remind people she was the sickest ana ever with her irrelevant stories.

No. 1203295

Many people with BPD retain the diagnosis because the symptoms flare up under stress, but find that on the whole their lives are way less chaotic and awful than they used to be as teens or younger people. I can buy her having it, she's definitely had trauma.

But damn, posting that? Oh Georgie honey no.

No. 1203296

That's a really interesting theory anon.

No. 1203297

If she's got an arterial line, charcoal delivered via NG and was intubated (which I'm willing to believe) then it must have been more than half-assed.

No. 1203302

Maybe. Given the size of her I imagine she’d have to take enough to fell an elephant

No. 1203306

File: 1617800899506.png (16.75 KB, 402x96, shade?.png)

Oh also this comment on it. I'm not sure if it is a genuine question or pointing out Anna could never have experienced severe malnourishment but I like to think the latter.

No. 1203308

Given milk is slow atm here is some more shitty things Anna has done:

Not got a photo because it is a video In one of her more recent FDOEs she says 'I know I eat a lot more than most people' and she does have a fair amount but I'm sure other people have higher meal plans. Just wants to rub in her ~hypermetabolism~

No. 1203309

she probably had too much panadol trying to numb a food coma headache

No. 1203335

there's no community spread of covid right now in Aus. She'd be in the national news if she was a case.

No. 1203337

File: 1617803116964.jpg (513.9 KB, 1080x2280, 20210407_143936.jpg)

saged bc she isnt posted often but milk is dry and shes currently milky as hell
of course the first thing youd do in resus is take a photo of other ill ppl? shes spammed her story with multiple photos of gulcogel tubes practically posting how after 15+ tubes her BGLs are fucked (she gotta prove shes the spoopiest ana that ever did ana. yet goes on to post biscuits the nurse gave her as a "suprise" (of course theyre lotus/biscoff because #anarecoveryfood).

No. 1203338

File: 1617803384772.jpg (393.27 KB, 1080x2280, 20210407_144901.jpg)

No. 1203355


i can't even

No. 1203357

What's that thing on her head?

No. 1203358

At the same time she managed to get to a hospital with enough time to be totally fine and able to post on IG so clearly not serious enough to die. Screams attention whoring, if she actually wanted to kill herself she’d be dead. Porgie is just pulling out the big asspat guns now that her ana larping is so obviously a failure and everyone saw just how fat she truly is.

No. 1203365

File: 1617811515635.png (135.71 KB, 639x671, yanoseycow.png)

SO Han (lifeofhxn, not our Ham) is in general and being her typical cunty self to people asking about it on her tells. Multiple people have asked if she is going ip, she says to DM her and then doesn't reply and says she doesn't want them to know. OFC Zara is there kissing her arse as well. I know she is not one of our main cows but the way she never fails to be so rude amazes me

No. 1203375

A washcloth. Charcoal lavage makes you vomit like nobody's business, she's probably sweaty.

Not sure if it's been mentioned, but ana/munch crossover Amy Lee Fisher has been confirmed to have died at the start of the month.

No. 1203380

I think it was closer than she meant to, because her posting on IG at the earliest opportunity tells me that it was the money shot she was after. All the tubes, sadface for the camera.

No. 1203387

Well, shit. A lot of them are dying lately. Anyone know her cause of death?

No. 1203390

From her social media, she was in heart failure (which is not uncommon in chronic purgers - see Karen Carpenter's untimely death). Fucking with her body didn't help either, she was tubing herself before a doctor ever talked to her about it. Munching and EDs are a deadly combo, the ED weakens the body and it can't deal with whatever other shit you want to put it through for attention on the internets.

No. 1203405

She used the feeding tube to purge too, and posted pictures of it but claimed it was necessary. She also drank a lot and purged plenty the normal way too and messed with all the tubes they gave her. It was inevitable honestly, kind of surprising more of the ana/munch combos don’t accidentally off themselves this way.

No. 1203407

File: 1617816232712.png (172.29 KB, 413x440, bestunit.png)

I sort of understand that she needs to take up a bed 70% of the time to stay alive but honestly, why do they send her to the 'best unit in the country' when we all know she is not trying to recover and someone who actually wants to could really benefit from that help?

No. 1203409

Elzani doesn't seem like a sperg I think she was just severely malnourished and food obsessed, she seems completely normal now tbh which is great, I hope she keeps it up.

No. 1203410

File: 1617816435453.png (753.54 KB, 598x598, Screenshot_2021-04-07 Hannah G…)

Yes, she's bodychecking all the time.
Yes, it's all about nutrition and training and posing for her.

But one has got to admit that she grew a really nice ass.

No. 1203413

This is so true. I find it hard to believe that the absolute worst thing Anna could come up with about her ED experience was that it made her paranoid about food going off. Not the suffering it caused her or her family? Weird

No. 1203415

She's got a good body now. Shame she can't enjoy food and can't stop obsessing over exercise, but she's got to be in a better place than on the left. It's not often someone so far gone manages to restore their weight.

No. 1203420

She has also done similar videos on:
1) how she was so embarrassed by her tube that when her uncle came to visit she hid in a cupboard or smth
2) she wanted to convince her nurse to let her donate blood to burn calories . She lied and said all her friends were doing it and they would bully her if she didn't as well. Even made a poster advertising it.
Which is a really stupid lie because a) it's not like they would know or could stop her and
b) plenty of healthy weight teenage girls can't donate anyway because you have to be over a certain weight/ blood volume

No. 1203427

I'm shocked she was ever given a tube, considering she got them given to her by a minor (her "best friend") and would post "how I do my tube" videos on YT which is basically a "how to purge 101".

No. 1203456

File: 1617822544879.png (3.07 MB, 828x1792, BF21C31C-7A68-451E-AEFC-C77AFA…)

when did OOTDs stop being to show your nice outfit and start being … whatever this mess was??

No. 1203457


They all LOVE those hospital shots, don't they.

No. 1203458

OOTDs have never been about nice outfits, if they were you could just photo your outfit on the floor or over a hanger or smth to avoid showing your head banging wounds/ spoopy legs etc

No. 1203464

Except she is still obsessed by food!
Was that a self post?

No. 1203469

Why did we not rip Elzani a new one for this video where she eats her followers' fear foods but we did so to Ham?

No. 1203477

She didn't like that we pointed out her eating way too much sugar -sadface-

No. 1203478

No i'm not Elzani anon, I just think she now seems like all the other middle class bongland food vloggers on YouTube. Yes, she probably still has anorexic traits, but she really seems to have actually reached recovery. Soz if that makes me sound like E, kek.

No. 1203483

File: 1617825528480.jpeg (271.84 KB, 750x1120, 43F0F3E8-06A7-49BE-B1EC-41C6B2…)

Hams back!!!!!!

No. 1203484

File: 1617825556030.jpeg (399.57 KB, 750x1208, DBF338AF-1F8A-4934-8790-62827E…)

No. 1203486

In the main caption she says we told her to kill heself. afaik this hasn't happened, and if it did it would be labelled a-logging.

No. 1203489

Yea no one here told her to kill herself, more like get a fucking life.

No. 1203491

never mind, I see she was SENT those messages
We don't criticise Ham for not talking about doctors, BMI etc, we criticise her because what she does say does not add up. Years of restriction would not leave someone her weight, she would not have a bed' with her name on it' under the NHS, inconsistencies in the first time trying x etc.

No. 1203492

Maybe she was porgie tier fattie and is ashamed of her past kek

No. 1203493

Maybe but in the pre-ED photos she has posted she was the same weight as she is now.

No. 1203500

Well she is a liar though..

No. 1203501

Because Elzani has actually been severely underweight and Ham has not. Elzani had an ED to recover from in the first place.

No. 1203505

But if she doesn’t want to write about doctors, treatment etc. what is the actual point of her account then? Not saying people deserve all the details or that oversharing like some of the other cows here is the way to go but I mean? She’s styling herself as an ANOREXIA. RECOVERY. ACCOUNT. How is mentioning therapy or a diagnosis ~triggering~ for others? I just… it just proves she’s lying about all of it. How dense can one person be

No. 1203515

File: 1617827678492.jpeg (348.78 KB, 750x1236, 423A7011-826C-45CC-A609-FB9CB1…)

No. 1203516


No. 1203519

Ham sure does trigger me

No. 1203531

Our queen has returned

No. 1203539

Okay, so she probably made a serious "attempt" but then immediately sought help for it. That's still parasuicidal behaviour which is what I was getting at. This cow is utterly shameless. I can totally imagine her doing that.

No. 1203541

Aw come on ham, don’t forget we also called you piggie and made fun of your greasy hair and dressing gown kek

No. 1203557

this is very similar to what molly posted before she went on her hiatus

No. 1203559

'stalked my friends'

ummmm what friends are we talking about here

No. 1203561

Looks like bored with anas tik tok has been banned again. When will she get the picture

No. 1203585

Is anyone keeping track of how many times she has been banned?

No. 1203586

It's like she doesn't know what stalking is. If you have information public, its not stalking

No. 1203626

damnit we should keep a tally. i’ll go back through the threads see when it’s been mentioned - i reckon this is five or six

No. 1203629

File: 1617839450713.jpeg (94.9 KB, 776x719, image.jpeg)

Amy was discussed on here many many threads ago because of her ED and feeding tube- this came up on you tube- death unrelated to her ED.

No. 1203635

so what cause?

No. 1203671

Shes been in ICU for many weeks with heart failure secondary to comorbid issues. Poor tom

No. 1203681

Something to do with her heart and lungs.
I only posted it because I know a few farmers have been her a while and might remember her. No disrespect

No. 1203686

The comments kek

No. 1203697

watch her go back to nfc clinic for a toob upon discharge

No. 1203698

because she was actually anorexic

No. 1203700

I hope they tube and weight restore this little smug brat.

No. 1203701

because shes a braggy shit , always has been. I truly hope shes forcibly made togain so that she can lessen her superiority complex. If she was in a dire state as she claims, they wouldn't let her carry on living off ensures!

No. 1203702

pretty sure she has diabetes anon

No. 1203733

This was discussed in 1-2 threads ago, but Amerifag now in Australia. From my understanding and what other Australia anons posted, getting diagnosed with BPD is basically guaranteed if you’ve made any self harm or suicide attempt.

No. 1203742

Deleted her YouTube channel. One video. AHH shame. Here's me thinking she'd gone back to college and decided to drop her LARP.

Btw, this >>1202263 would've been her after years of restriction.

Georgia tells staff when she self harms, so no doubt she told her dad she'd taken some pills. If she was serious, she wouldn't go the OD route. I mean, great she's not dead, but how long can she keep doing this until the hospital's stop humouring her.

No. 1203776

So it could be an effect of her ED. Constant purging really fucks your heart up.

No. 1203802

At least the eighth.

No. 1203811

„Serious attempt” my ass. She did bare minimum for attention without any consequence. She will go to NF later to get tubed to speed up her road to infinifat.

No. 1203814

no, she had genuine heart failure not due to her past Ed. get over yourself.

No. 1203815

Probably end up on the same ward as Shay

No. 1203816

She was never a munchie, just very OTT which is why she was posted in the reddit subs. Over the past year all of us on reddit have been worried about her and we are all absolutely devastated that she’s passed. She was very loved, so young, and such a kind soul. Rest In Peace Amy.

No. 1203817

Completely agree with you anon. She didn’t have an Ed. She had EDS with a paralysed stomach as well as other PHYSICAL health problems. Leave her out of here. Stop speculating when you clearly know nothing.

No. 1203822


Sage your shit.


No. 1203830

File: 1617881378181.jpeg (115.15 KB, 640x718, 73B2906F-9B7B-4B74-A696-C44A00…)

That’s some burnt toast

No. 1203836

Easily done if she threw the plastic cheese on when the toast was almost done. This is Michelin 5 star compared to n2f's cooking.

No. 1203856

Lol I know I'm late to post about it…but Ham messaged me saying she had been diagnosed but now is saying publicly that she won't talk about it…which tbh sounds like her way of avoiding it because she's not any of the things she listed as topics she didn't want to talk about…I can send screenshot for proof but if Ham lurks she'll know my account lol (not that I'm two-faced, I messaged her before coming to lolcow and changing opinion on her)

No. 1203857

So sounds like Ham told a porky and lied to me

No. 1203859

am I imagining it or is she actually sounding more well-spoken and coherent in this one? I can still understand why many anons think she might have aspergers or something, but in this video I think she´s way more normal than how I remember she was few months ago. Maybe the anorexia brain rot is healing finally and she´s not actually tarted after all?

No. 1203868

She's never seen anyone about an eating disorder. She knows so little about the process of dealing with clinicians and doesn't even behave like almost every 21st century anorexic teenager.

No. 1203879

please post it anon

No. 1203883

Like a previous anon said, the things Ham won't discuss need to be discussed with a recovery warrior account. All she posts is fucking scoffing ~yummy~ chav food, and she's the only one that does that. It'd help followers if she was a genuine ana chan.

Okay, bmi isn't important really. Some don't like the issue because tRiggerS, but why wouldn't she want to talk about periods and weigh ins? It'd be encouraging if she had a period cake, or said she'd gained (not even any need for the increase, oh I mean ~niumbers~. Therapy being discussed would help those who are thinking about recovery but don't know what to expect. So fuck off, Ham. You don't want to discuss these because you just want to eat on camera and pretend you were anorexic.

A two week relapse, whew. That's almost longer than when Georgie relapses into normal behaviout (around holidays).

No. 1203885

Ok…coming right up

No. 1203888

File: 1617891463184.jpeg (315.89 KB, 1125x879, 2529A0B8-D49E-42A4-B907-0B1396…)

Idk funny that she’d openly admit without prompting that she was diagnosed in a personal message, but never even hints at it in public posts. And yeah anon, things like treatment and appointments etc are quite a big part of recovery and stressful in themselves…it tends to be what people talk about etc even just to motivate others to get help…and thinking about it, does she ever tell people to reach out and get help? Or is her only real advice to her followers to stuff their faces with sugar?

No. 1203891

>is her only real advice to her followers to stuff their faces with sugar?

That and reposts of shitty ~motivational~ quotes.

The thing that tells me she doesn't have therapy is how she insists on eating what you want when you want. Idk if it's the same with all therapists, but usually they encourage you to stick to set times (3 meals, 3 snacks) to regulate eating times so you don't get into binge eating. I can't imagine a psychologist encouraging eating all you want when you want to.

No. 1203914

File: 1617895018102.jpeg (132.69 KB, 750x729, 76BA54AB-8E00-4142-B525-428D53…)

New Ro video! Anyone willing to take one for the team and skim it? I’d offer to male a bingo but all 25 squares would end up involving chest bones or flexed arms

No. 1203916

Kek if you’re going to show up just to whiteknight a dead cow, at least sage your shit. Amy was an ana turned munchie who didn’t have EDS or gastroparesis or any of the shit she claimed, she was an ana chan who realized she could get way more asspats by munching instead. She died because she got unnecessary medical treatment and fucked with her tubes and lines and medication which lead to heart failure, especially on top of all the purging she was doing with her tubes. She’s not some poor sad victim of physical illness, she was a pro ana scumbag turned chronic illness larper who accidentally offed herself doing shit for attention.

So easy to forget about her secret ana IG account when you want to paint her as a martyr, huh? And the drinking and partying and b/p’ing she did. Take your pathetic wk pity party elsewhere, we don’t give a fuck here. She got exactly what she wanted, got to be the sickest little snowflake ever and now her poor friends and family have to deal with the fallout. Feel sorry for them, not the dead cow.

No. 1203927

My browser has a filter that blocks ugly eyebrows, so I couldn't watch even if I was a masochist.
She's so obnoxious.

No. 1203936

File: 1617897575787.jpeg (729.49 KB, 828x1410, F46F1DDC-8397-4137-835E-3659EF…)

if anyone’s been paying attention to chii lately, she’s been on a bit of a tangent about the need to distinguish between atypical AN/‘regular’ AN/etc since the internet has been making such a point of trying to lump them together to make sure everyone feels super special and valid. i actually agree with her on this one — real shame she decided that the pics to go with a pretty legit caption should be a bunch of body checks

No. 1203940

Her face actually looks swollen atm. Can you retain water in your face when you're recovering from an ED? Because it's either that, or a lot of her weight gain has gone to her face. Better than when she was spoopy but still unfortunate.

No. 1203967

TBH it just seems like she is angry to be lumped with other 'non-severe' anas. I get what she is saying about not everyone needing xyz treatment but to classify severity we shouldn't just be looking at weight (which I think is what she is suggesting we should do?)
Just wanted an excuse, no matter how very flaky, to remind us how spoopy she was

No. 1203977

Agree, this isn’t about her wanting people to realize that all eating disorders deserve treatment and can be serious, it’s just her reminding people she used to be a sooper sick fragile ana. Not awareness, just a pro ana scumbag brag.

No. 1203984

Just waiting for her to read all this and desperately scramble to backtrack. Seriously, those like Ham are the reason people roll their eyes at self-diagnosis - it’s near impossible to be objective about yourself, especially with mental illness. Maybe you don’t need a diagnosis to be ~valid~ but Ham is definitely not in that camp.

No. 1204003

anyone see zaras tik tok? um

No. 1204004

Her mum is enough and way better than a doctor or a therapist. She knows best!

No. 1204005

She sucks as nutritionist though.

No. 1204006

Sure does. I wonder what they eat during the day normally. I'd love to know. Ham we need a fdoe!

No. 1204017

image board.

No. 1204024

she now has two accounts as well anon which one

No. 1204032

File: 1617907667457.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1803, FA327E08-19F5-4BA6-89EA-456D14…)

makeup skills on point

No. 1204054

at least people in the comments are saying 'I'm so glad you recovered' etc which she must HATE

No. 1204055

i feel like this isn’t really fair to be picking apart her face shape (makeup skills leave a lot to be desired but not really “pro ana scumbag” material). she’s weight restored and couldn’t really control how it went on, as unfortunate as it is

No. 1204060

anon are you retarted or sth? did I say something about her face shape? I commented on her make up skills which were always awful, either weight restored or not.. stop being so fcking butthurt

No. 1204069

ntayrt but makeup skills (or lack thereof) aren't milk either

No. 1204072

you’re all act so sensitive and butthurt when someone mentions niamh lol grow up

No. 1204080

Exactly - she pretended her weight loss was EDS etc. If I had the time I'd go back through here. She fooled a lot of people.

No. 1204083

‘you’re all so sensitive and butthurt’ says overreaction of the century

No. 1204089

Relatively newfag here, sage for dumb question but what was her ED account? I wasn’t aware of it

No. 1204103

I give Niamh max 2 months before she relapses again it’s always the same

No. 1204109

File: 1617911939278.jpeg (671.9 KB, 828x1346, 09C7E712-0FAE-42F0-893F-E2112A…)

feel like credit where credits due, she does look way better now than she used to (img) and it’s good to see skellies getting “healthy”,tho agreed her makeup is shite it feels that anons are nitpicking rather than posting real milk

No. 1204113

She looks like a completely different person wow

No. 1204121

Yup. Loads of these spoops are dropping dead, so not really arsed if they're not MUAs. Nobody's perfect and all the cows have issues - Ro and her brows, Ham and her oiliness, Ganer and her wonk eye, Ovum and her ugly, Georgie and everything. Why pick out dodgy makeup on a girl who's recovered?

No. 1204125

File: 1617912959982.png (3.64 MB, 828x1792, 6764C49F-3181-48D0-970E-F0F87F…)

speaking of ro- our definitely recovering warrior celebrates her fiRsT eVeR!!!! percy pig

No. 1204130

her expressions and general face just annoys the fuck out of me idk why. something so manipulative about her.

No. 1204141

File: 1617914410260.png (3.64 MB, 828x1792, 7B3B1E14-3EB5-4D55-8D06-FABEAA…)

very sneaky/ villain-esque i agree

No. 1204190

if there's one thing ive learned about anas from years of reading these threads it's that attention seeking is the main part of it, inadvertently or not.

No. 1204196


I would congratulate you for your wise insight, if it wasn't so fucking OBVIOUS.

No. 1204199

kek cheers im just aware theres a lot of ana chans on this thread who would prob find that offensive or some shit. but its true

No. 1204232

File: 1617921887479.png (1008.93 KB, 828x1792, 7BAAAB8C-D67A-4179-AFE0-1B9E80…)

ovi just posted this to twitter with the caption “tag yourself as my problems”

i thought she was straight up lying about the anorexia diagnosis but what the fuck. who in their right mind would diagnose her with it? i also wonder what the crossed out diagnosis is (probably bed)

No. 1204234

It's a shame she can't find a happy medium where she's not spoopy as fuck but also where her face isn't chubby. I guess it's just not possible for her. Must make recovering so hard for her.

No. 1204243

Yes there is crazy swelling/weight gain on her face which looks unfortunate and her makeup is awful, but it was established in the last thread that she's not milky. The girl is just trying to get better. Leave her alone

No. 1204244

I wonder what diagnosis she blanked out? ‘FAT’?

No. 1204245

Blacking out your obesity related health problem isn't fooling anyone, Ovi.

No. 1204258

She is milky. She lies about what she eats and makes out that she only ever eats anorexic-sized meals yet she's gained this much weight. I feel sorry for her followers who are actively disordered. She needs to either stop with the food posts, or do FDOEs if she's going to do them at all. Nobody believes she eats as little as she makes out. One need only look at her round, chubby face so see that.

No. 1204303

she admitted that she's been struggling with binging in a recent instagram post

No. 1204370

I think its one of those health applications you can add to

No. 1204375

I agree with her.

No. 1204391

yeah i think the spirit of what she’s saying is very legitimate. it’s just a shame it’s coming from her in particular since her focus is always going to be on making sure she’s considered the sickest

No. 1204401

The one she blocked out is “obesity”

No. 1204405

File: 1617937144741.jpeg (260.2 KB, 1242x1155, 3A8D7BAF-8551-493B-878E-BAC256…)

Her longest fast was probably well she was asleep.

No. 1204417

I think she’s been/is taking a medication that causes increased appetite, bloating etc anas are often prescribed it. I read it up thread kek

No. 1204428

Learn to sage.

No. 1204436

It looks like the mychart app that children’s hospital uses. I think other hospitals have a similar app but the children’s hospitals ones are the same colors and icons

No. 1204445

>Chronic calculous cholecystitis

Gall bladder inflammation, often accompanying gall stones. Her obesity is officially morbid.

No. 1204471

kek she was definitely a munchie
who the hell else would beg NG tubes off a teenager to insert them herself? actually sick people get that shit from doctors

once she moved to Australia it went innto overdrive as they seem to be far more indulging there as long as you can pay for it (see: Georgia)

No. 1204478

File: 1617948103083.jpg (216.21 KB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_20210409_160159.jpg)

Certainly seems like stuff she's just been claiming

No. 1204484

Ovi is Amerifag isnt she? They use the DSM where anorexia no longer has a weight criteria.
I will also note gabapentin makes you gain weight so badly, so why is she on it? Wouldnt a true ana refuse to?

No. 1204490

I seriously agree with her (and I'm not underweight haha!) An ED that causes someone to starve to emaciation is very different to a an ED that doesn't involve extreme starvation. But it's just DIFFERENT, not more or less severe/mentally distressing. For example - binge/restrict cycles, binge/purge cycles, or eating disorder thoughts that are relentless and debilitating, (obsessive/controlling behaviours around food but the person eats a normal number of calories).

I wish people would stop trying to convince the world that you can be overweight with anorexia, because.. not only does that invalidate the suffering that an anorexic goes through (with severe weight loss), but it basically just invalidates OSFED and atypical anorexia. People just need to increase awareness of those disorders and how serious they can be, not trying to lump everything together.

P.S. This is literally coming from someone who has a fucked up relationship with food but no diagnosis.. so I'm not trying to lump myself in with anyone!!!

No. 1204495

Don’t blog post. It’s embarrassing to read and you could have made your point without talking about yourself

No. 1204516

yeah right but if I'd said that without my blog disclaimer I'd be told I was just trying to be the sickest, or that I was a spoopy ana just not wanting to be lumped with anyone else. kek how is it embarrassing to read.. you have no clue who I am, nor do I know you? So just leave it and let the mods red text me. I know what I did but it was worth it.

No. 1204518


Mods? This isn't reddit anon

No. 1204524

Younglings, please.

No. 1204528

She has deleted the post now. I'm pretty sure her followers dropped from 60k to 57k in the past 12 hours though.

No. 1204538

She went from 57.2 to 57.1, trust me, I was paying attention. She’s been steadily losing followers ever since the milk started running dry

No. 1204539

Has Ham been snacking yet after her comeback or has it been too scary?

No. 1204540

My third eye sees her sitting in the car with her mum. They are parked near McDonald's. They are eating a McFlurry. There is a giant cookie on the dashboard which she plans to eat at home.

No. 1204556

it increases appetite in some cases, it doesn’t cause weight gain the same way olanzapine and similar meds do

No. 1204562

The fluffy dressing gown is draped over the tv with her YouTube set up slowly gathering dust (toast crumbs).

The lolcow tab on her desktop is still open and slowly burning in to her monitor…

No. 1204564

File: 1617962926465.png (452.04 KB, 414x672, Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 11.07…)

seems like another molly vlog is on the way

No. 1204572

God this was the best thing I’ve discovered ahahahahah(namefag)

No. 1204578

Poor, is that what the Scandinavians eat? She's so cultured. No Oat So Simple for Molly.

No. 1204584

Type "sage" in the email field, not your actual email address, butterflysuggababy @ gmail dot com.

No. 1204597

No we do not eat pastries for breakfast here. What the fuck Molly

No. 1204599

Where the fuck does one even find cardamom buns in the UK? Or even cardamom?

No. 1204600

You forgot that Molly is posh?

No. 1204610


Sage for off topic but you can buy cardamom at Tesco at least near me. Sincerely, Scottishfag

Is there any actual milk with Molly though or is she just posting food vlogs? Doesn’t seem as milky as our other cows tbh.

No. 1204611

molly is slowly easing back into her cow tendencies, give it a bit of time

No. 1204624

File: 1617971085480.jpeg (723.54 KB, 704x1344, 168E3D4E-164F-4B18-899E-5938D2…)

for all the scepticism ro is definitely looking better so more power to her, ig, but the cringe fest videos show no signs of stopping

No. 1204629

That's good for her and I am glad, but why does she still insist on picking her boniest pictures for YouTube thumbnails? Does she have a stash she took at her LW?

No. 1204639

ÖThank you!! Very new to this I’ll learn I swear. One of my followers must know abt this.

No. 1204710

File: 1617981997969.png (586.26 KB, 427x748, ham.png)

apparently this 108 calorie coffee was very scary for ham

No. 1204711

Ham go outside challenge

No. 1204714

File: 1617982739078.png (406.29 KB, 709x1162, Screenshot_20210409-163807~2.p…)

Almost in the tubed club

No. 1204726

Nice pro ana email kek. This board gets overrun by all sorts of cows ffs

No. 1204740

not counting calories doesn't necessarily mean you're not restricting though

No. 1204741

No. 1204749

File: 1617986283390.jpeg (650.21 KB, 1125x1926, 94028537-D6E0-4DAF-AE28-91B772…)


Oh and just in case anyone was worried…see pic. Thanks for the laugh Katie!

No. 1204830

U know it’s a song right lolzzz(ban evasion)

No. 1204832

Oh dear.

No. 1204841

Well clearly. Look at her, kek.

Yeah, she takes Olanzapine so that's probably a factor.

No. 1204844

You can't stop 5 years in a week- and I bet she's still mentally adding them even if not on her phone.

No. 1204846

Of course you can, anon. I have it on good authority from Ham: you just need to honour your cravings. Easy as flicking a switch, just like Tabitha Farrar says!

No. 1204857

Feel kinda bad for her, it can’t be easy going from semi-spoopy to where she is now. But then she’s been under services long enough to know olanzapine’s notorious for that shit and posting those toddler sized portions is messed up. Didn’t she used to be besties with scumbag Sarah (the depop one) or am I mixing cows up?

No. 1204859


shes in london yeah? there are a couple swedish bakeries there. like others said, she's posh she can afford a £3 pastry.

No. 1204876

I wonder if that festering acne breakout is from eating too much processed junk foods or fungal acne from bad hygiene.

No. 1204911

her smug mouth-at-right-angle expression is so annoying

she literally has 600 cals happily for a snack but is scared of a 100 cal coffee? fuck off

No. 1204926

~~liquid calories~~
conveniently forgetting the bucket of hot chocolate she pours down her throat every night (we've seen your 'snack plates,' ham)

No. 1204964

I'm not sure, sorry, but she definitely either needs to stop posting her "meals" (honestly they're so tiny I'd barely consider them snacks) when she's gaining weight this rapidly. It's not fair. Like either show us everything you're eating, or show us nothing. Imagine how vulnerable people who eat more than what she posts feel. Of course they can always choose to unfollow her, but that doesn't mean she isn't being irresponsible. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

No. 1204966

I think Ham is incapable of making a facial expression that does not annoy or anger me. So utterly infuriating.

No. 1204967

No. 1205021

I'm so glad she's back, she was my fave cow besides porgie

also oh my god Butterflysuggababy I love it lol.

No. 1205037

she feels validated from this , sad

No. 1205038

what does olanz do?

No. 1205039

File: 1618020811231.jpeg (464.82 KB, 828x2051, 19D903A3-E534-4643-8BF8-DC06F1…)

Rem is still trying to jump on the munch train while simultaneously body checking and showing off her SH scars. Classy and pathetic as ever, Rem.

No. 1205041

File: 1618020857192.jpeg (530.51 KB, 1125x1347, 082588BE-6B80-4303-83C4-EE4B62…)

> claims lower cal, vegan coffee is fear food
> openly admits to regularly drinking normal coffee
I understand fear foods are irrational, but come on ham, this one is just lazy,

No. 1205062

Inb4 you're accused of vendetta-posting for DARING to mention this milky, hypocritically cow

No. 1205111

I wouldnt say shes showing off anything SH related in this pic. Its 34degrees atm here. Is she suppose to cover scars up?

No. 1205121

No. 1205153

Learn to sage, Rem.(hi cow)

No. 1205158

She looks to be completely weight restored now. I’m so curious as to what’s causing this muscle/leg weakness. Many people who’ve had anorexia for longer than she has have been able to re-build strength/muscle mass and walk completely fine. Does she just need a bit of physio or what? Have NF actually given her a diagnoses for this inability to walk at random times?

At this point she needs to post a video of her losing her balance/struggling to walk, just so that I can laugh harder.

No. 1205161


I’m curious too. She keeps going on about her inability to walk and her fatigue being a result of her anorexia. I wonder if it might be a chronic fatigue things or just plain old attention seeking. It is good to see that she appears to be closer to weight restored now!

No. 1205174

File: 1618045816497.png (425.67 KB, 328x598, Screenshot_2021-04-10 Hannah G…)

And Hannah's still like "where's my period at"?

What a ridiculous goon she is.

No. 1205176

she alleged muscle wastage but was never skinny enough for that to occur

No. 1205205


Saw her on IG, that mad hag turned her whole flat into a full-sized gym.

No. 1205212

File: 1618056366602.jpeg (984.15 KB, 1242x2014, A56B19E5-14AC-4A15-B268-8490A2…)

as if her dumbass does not post triggering stuff

No. 1205227

Yeah even her lowest weight would have been surely no less than a 17bmi or abouts, can't see muscle wastage being ED related. Was she on bed rest or something and lost muscle because of that?

No. 1205245

kek, ana chan bmi guessing?

No. 1205266

She looks like she's really short, but I can see that she gained a bit of muscle mass. Good for her honestly

No. 1205269


Just replaced one addiction with another…

No. 1205282

Yeah but not all addictions are created equal. It's still obviously not as ideal as just having a healthy relationship with food and your body, and it's certainly not risk free, but I'd say overall that this is a step up.

No. 1205289


True dat. As long as she's pumping up her midget muscles, she's got a negative body image. I'm sure she's still calorie counting and avoiding 'dangerous' foods.
There's still enough of that ED inside of her to fuck it all up again.

Time will tell.

No. 1205290

Semi-spoopy? Sure posting those portions is messed up and she's definitely weight restored now but I'd say she was really spoopy before

No. 1205297

didn’t want to be accused of self posting or WKing but my thoughts exactly anon

No. 1205313

Spoopy is such a subjective term. Some people might consider it to mean anything below BMI 15 and others below 10, for example.

No. 1205325

Ganer gets to go back to the gym on Monday. Can't wait for all the gurning videos.

No. 1205347


She'll be glad to lose those extra calories on her way and back…

No. 1205349

Does that include chest bones? Manipulative rat. How are her eyes so dead yet so calculating at the same time

No. 1205355

silly anon, she already walks to the closed gym and back daily to 'stay motivated'

No. 1205357

nikki grahame died…(namefag)

No. 1205360

was she the british woman who was in big brother?

No. 1205361

Not only that, but actively posing to make herself appear as thin as possible. And don't forget her potential shooping a few threads back (and subsequent deleting of her OOTD highlight.)

No. 1205364

File: 1618074274754.jpeg (156.12 KB, 822x1562, EyoIA-7WgAUUp0a.jpeg)


not really a shock, given her weight last time she posted it.

No. 1205365


That's right. I couldn't see her ever recovering unfortunately.

No. 1205367

How many sensationalist Daily Mail headlines are there going to be about it? Maybe it will at least bring some awareness to older people (aka non-teens) with EDs, even if she was otherwise the stereotypical anorexic. Sad all around ofc, but we all knew it was the likeliest outcome.

No. 1205368

Agreed, she gives me cliquey bitch vibes kek

No. 1205370

oh shit that's really sad, but was inevitable unfortunately.

No. 1205376

Did she ever make it to a clinic for treatment? all I can find is a claim she was about to go to one within days, that would put her in hospital for a week or more before passing, if it happened.

No. 1205379

The daily mail says 'she had recently checked into a private hospital' but it's the daily mail so I wouldn't be certain. If she did the clinic might end up being investigated in case she wasn't appropriately monitored for refeeding syndrome or heart issues or so on. It also doesn't specify if she was on a med ward for stabilisation.

No. 1205381

Genuinely sad to hear this even though it’s not at all surprising.
Ham, Porgie, Ovi: real cases like this are just one of the many reasons you dense fucks should quit the LARP. Utterly shameless.

No. 1205384

You're right since she had been ill for so many years it was unlikely, but I heard about the gfm and was kind of hoping she'd make it this time…

No. 1205394


108 cal coffee - scary
Slice of "5 month recovery cake" - not scary
Frozen pizza - not scary
400 calorie snack place - not scary
Stirring sugary spreads into oatmeal - not scary

I call bullshit on being scared of the coffee. She's probably salty it's not the extra sugary dairy version.

No. 1205397

Olanzapine is an antipsychotic, also used to calm manic episodes.

No. 1205400

File: 1618077341220.gif (3.06 MB, 498x274, WHO IS SHE.gif)

Awww, this is sad, although not surprising. She was great on BB.

No. 1205402

I'm interested to see if we see Ham doing anything except lounge around in her manky dressing gown and eat now lockdown's relaxing. Doubt we'll see her anywhere except stuffing food into her face at a divey cafe.

No. 1205404

>How many sensationalist Daily Mail headlines are there going to be about it?

She's been overshadowed by the death of Pip, so she won't get a look in.

No. 1205409

They're dropping like flies these days, huh. Really sad to hear, but not surprising considering the state she was in. Wonder if we'll see anyone else die this year…

No. 1205415

I don't want to tempt fate, but the twins have been doing it for a long time and something's got to give.

No. 1205422


One spoop down, several more to go..!

No. 1205424

Kind of a morbid thing to say.. They're still humans and they're ill

No. 1205427

Even though she was a typical old school anachan she was legitimately suffering, next to all these LARPers it's really sad she's gone but it was inevitable

No. 1205428

maybe say that to the families who love them? jfc be a fucking human

No. 1205430

File: 1618079902110.png (80.64 KB, 347x288, Trollface_non-free.png)


No. 1205431

Ha, on the Mail Online site even their "lockdown counter" has been replaced with a ghoulish tribute. can't wait for them to blame Meghan for this too.

No. 1205432

fuck off

also it's more like three? four? we've lost a handful recently.

No. 1205434

Fact of the matter is:
A dead cow is a dead cow.

No. 1205435

It's nonfuckingstop innit. He's suddenly gone from an un PC racist big game hunter to a mischievous conservationist.

I know we've had a load of spoops die this past year or so, but an incredible amount of anas you think have no chance recover. I find it interesting when celebs have a touch of the anorexia (Olsen twins, Vic Beckham, Keira Knightly etc) but it doesn't last with them. Possibly a reflection on the quality of healthcare for wealthy famous people.

No. 1205439


Should have used that Gofundme money to buy her some SANDWICHES INSTEAD.

No. 1205447

OT and not a royal fan, but I don't know why people are shocked at the amound of shit we'll see in the media about him, he's the queens husband, what do you expect a single page spread in the sun on monday morning? kek.

No. 1205449

No idea if it is true or not, but there is a rumour that whichever Olsen twin had AN was actually on heroin and they chose the ED storyline as it is more sympathetic.

I think Victoria is still pretty underweight? But a lot of celebs I feel probably have more disordered eating than full blown EDs and when they are under less scrutiny they can relax around food a little bit. Just tinfoiling here.

No. 1205453

File: 1618082051699.jpeg (170.22 KB, 750x745, 6FE40AEA-FC20-4E09-9861-F60670…)

saw this, reminded me of Ham

No. 1205454

Okay edgelord.

No. 1205472

Pretty unfortunate. How did she develop anorexia at age six? What kind of trauma caused this to happen to Nikki?

No. 1205474

>>1205472 she herself doesn't know. In her book she suggests her perfectionism coupled with being in gymnastics. Her grand dad died too when she was young.

No. 1205482

It was Mary Kate and the rumor was coke, which was very likely to be true. I saw then clubbing a number of times in NYC before she went to rehab and it sure seemed like they were coked out. Also the place she went for treatment was a super posh drug rehab called Cirque Lodge, which did not specialize in ED treatment. On the other hand, she was reported afterwards to have an “eating coach” supporting her and I also spotted them together at a Starbucks once (Soz for slight blog but I went to the same uni as them at the same time, hence all the sightings). Point being, I think she was probably heavily abusing coke to lose weight, so she had an ED + addiction combo.

No. 1205497

Yeah, no. We’re not all psychopaths here.

No. 1205506

File: 1618090439224.jpeg (372.42 KB, 1125x1861, A2FC69D4-EBA8-4A28-BE81-FB5633…)

Happy “Sod off eating disorder Saturday” Farmers! You all better have challenged your fears today. Here’s Ham to remind you how scurrred she is of cake despite wolfing it all down in approximately 20 seconds
(also Is it the angle or are her trotters going full Porgie pork chop?)

No. 1205507

the only fear foods she has are fruit and vegetables. and basically anything low calorie kek

No. 1205509

jesus christ shes ballooned
looks like she gained a lot during her two week ‘relapse’

No. 1205511

Oh my, how unflattering.

No. 1205512

The Trunchbull similarity is stronger than ever.

No. 1205514

didnt she used to do a full face of makeup and wear reasonably nice clothes?

No. 1205515

File: 1618091411809.jpeg (15.33 KB, 303x166, 1CD0F88A-1840-4E2B-BB11-3FE678…)

defo some Bruce Bogtrotter in there too

No. 1205518

Depends on your definition of “reasonably nice” I guess. She’s been dossing around in a crusty dressing gown, grimy skin and greasy hair since she started using mum’s money to pay for bots. Not that it matters anyway. In her mind being a lazy slob = enforced bed rest. She simply can’t afford to burn precious calories showering!!!

No. 1205519

Very edgy, anon. Want a pat on the head?

No. 1205520

File: 1618092359946.jpeg (150.37 KB, 450x448, 88382F14-1BF2-4FB4-B26A-9A4F33…)


No. 1205521

I named her Ham after the pig from Toy Story, kek.

No. 1205526

Commonly used at very low doses in ED population to reduce anxiety etc esp around meal times. With the potential additional benefit of weight gain as a side effect.

No. 1205529

Unfortunate, yeah, but why are people so shocked when a cow dies after abusing themselves for years? Besides, there’s no evidence yet her ED killed her, she could’ve committed suicide. Anyone dying is sad, but it’s hard to be sympathetic when someone is actively killing themselves either directly or indirectly with their ED. Especially when it’s one who’s been obviously pro and publicly too and who’s been offered treatment so many times. On top of that she knew she was famous yet still posted spoopy pics for attention.

Sorry we’re all not willing to make her a sudden instant martyr/victim. Being pro ana and dying doesn’t magically excuse her past behavior or make her some sort of ED deity who should be worshipped now that she kicked the bucket. A cow dies and suddenly everyone here is their best friend and how dare anyone say anything remotely negative even though the whole reason they’ve ever been discussed here is because there’s some sort of milk. Kind of hypocritical, don’t you think?

No. 1205530

shes not a martyr or victim and im sure she was manipulative etc etc but she was quite clearly very mentally ill and loved by her family so not everything has to be black and white? she wasnt perfect, she wasnt evil, blah blah

No. 1205531

>>1205529 she had a bmi of 9, it was probably her ed…

No. 1205535

No one she was evil. Just that she’s suddenly become some sort of worshipped victim, rather than the objective view that while any death is sad, it was due to the consequences of her own action. EDs are mental illnesses, yes, but if someone has been given years and years of treatment and support yet still engages in behaviors serious to kill them, then it’s not like it’s not inevitable when they do die.

It’s sad, but the hero worshipping around here is getting gross. You can all play holier-than-thou when a cow dies, but we’re all on a message board that exists to mock pro ana scumbags, which she was.

No. 1205542

What hero worshipping? Are we on the same forum anon? Saying it's sad someone died isn't hero worshipping.

No. 1205576

Wow who hurt you, nonnie? Takes a special kind of person to out-scumbag most of the subjects discussed here. Congrats.

No. 1205581

Get a grip

No. 1205583

>You can all play holier-than-thou when a cow dies, but we’re all on a message board that exists to mock pro ana scumbags, which she was
has she EVER been mentioned on this thread before, genuinely? i've been following for probably a year and not once have i seen her being mentioned, and i doubt if she was it was anything other than in passing. she's not even a cow, and you just look like an absolute raging psychopath trying to lecture other people about being mildly sad about somebody dying. get a grip you wet wipe

No. 1205589

>>1205583 only when her go fuck me was created

No. 1205590

not a single person has worshipped her. people merely said it was sad and sad for her family and someone asked what triggered it. thats literally all. your bpd black and white thinking is showing anon

No. 1205601

she’s gonna meet prince philip, awesome

No. 1205610

Step away from the keyboard and go outside to learn how to actually interact without being an edge lord NEET

No. 1205613

The lack of self-awareness and absolutely irony of a bunch of trolls on a 4chan image board suddenly deciding that the same gross behaviour they’ve been lowkey encouraging the entire time is now too “edgelord” and out-of-line for them. Kek, as they say.

No. 1205620

File: 1618105190233.jpg (435.07 KB, 1080x2057, 20210411_113706.jpg)

I'm sure all of this is just over dramatisation. Why does Remi act like she was skin and bones on deaths bed? It's all just over dramatic so that she can continue getting the attention she wants and seems to be getting, its fucked.

No. 1205634

No one cares about remi, give it a rest ash.(hi cow)

No. 1205635

I wonder what Paris makes of Nikki dying-she would love to get to bmi 9.
Nikki was in an NHS hospital but they couldn't help her- so not sure how a private one would.

One of the twins will be next to go

No. 1205647

File: 1618107897547.png (2.03 MB, 828x1792, 32F9F252-F08C-4B5B-B5BF-839BB0…)

there u go

No. 1205680

Ash who?

No. 1205685

Lies. Some of us are interested in remi. Just scroll on if you're not interested

No. 1205691

Shush Rem, you’re quality milk and exactly what we discuss here.

No. 1205695

File: 1618114772352.jpg (698.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210411-141818_Gal…)

Well well well… Would you look at this!? JACKPOT! Georgie finally admits to never having had an eating disorder! We all KNEW IT!!! So fucking glad I saw this post when I did because classic Georgie, already taken it down. Probably thinks "well I admitted it, so taking it down is doing no wrong". I'm absolutely disgusted by her but also not surprised by this confession

No. 1205696

I legit dont understand the fixation with remi. Not to wk but she really doesnt have the same pro ana attitude as some of the other recovery warrior bs and larpers that this thread is riddled with. Her story hasnt ever really changed either. Can someone enlighten me what constitutes as ‘milky’ with her because i dont see it. I just see someone with hairy armpits who is starting to get herself back together. A bunch of you claim she is but never elaborate how beyond ‘massive hypocrite’.

Inb4 “hi rem”.

No. 1205697

This shit’s doctored af lol.

No. 1205701

That post doesn’t exist. Try harder porgie, if you’re going to try get yourself off on our attention at least put some effort into it

No. 1205702

Are you kidding? Her entire story is milky. Her ED behaviours are evident and her body checking is constant. She claims to be part of the recovery community but also constantly posts images which are blatant body checks. Her “holier than thou” ED attitude is sickening. And also being a product of NF almost automatically gives her cow status.

It’s also evident she reads and posts here since it’s Aus times almost every comment that occurs. Eg. Now.
So get off your phone Rem or scroll past anon if you’re not interested.

No. 1205705

I agree she body checks a lot. The midriff tops she insists on wearing are constant. But what anachan doesnt bodycheck constantly.

Whats her story thats so milky. Anachan gets sick, goes to hospital, fights for a while, then engages in treatment? Sounds pretty typical if you ask me.

Aside from the body checking, she’s boring as hell. Start talking when she ends up back in NF with the other skeles.

Also nice try but its 10pm where i am. Multiple time zones exist, anon.

No. 1205706

Like I said anon, scroll past if you’re not interested.

No. 1205710

She does runners to the point her wife has to report her as a missing person, she shows off toobs, makes out shes the sickest and has physical symptoms and damage you only get at very low weights.

No. 1205717

Lol this is fake??

No. 1205719

One article I've read today says she died the day after returning home from the ED treatment facility. She wasn't in very long, I wonder if she left AMA. This makes it more likely she offed herself, but she has stated her previous suicide attempts were out of frustration and self disgust with weight gain when she was very ill.
Either way, it'll be heavily entangled with her ED. In her physical state I doubt she could tolerate the trauma of an otherwise nonfatal OD.

No. 1205722

If other anons are to be believed, she deleted soon after posting it?

No. 1205748

File: 1618128827995.jpeg (240.44 KB, 822x909, 1A2FB5B8-CCF2-460B-8B48-B932EA…)

Did they know eachother?

No. 1205749

They follow each other and I think they've both been at Vincent's square in London so they may have met there

No. 1205751

File: 1618129581832.jpg (350.57 KB, 1080x1636, 20210411_182517.jpg)

If you're going to doctor/fake a post, at least do better. Heres the original.

No. 1205752

I want her to mean this, but I don't see it happening. Kind of like how if someone you knew died of lung cancer but you can't quit smoking.

No. 1205761

Exactly anon, which makes her relevant to the pro Ana scumbag tag we have given her.

No. 1205764

You have too much time on your hands anon.

No. 1205771

I don't follow Paris but from what I've seen of her surely she has been at a BMI close to at least 10 before? (In Nikki's last instagram post her BMI was 9.85 so basically 10. still scarily spoopy, not bone rattling etc)

No. 1205783


Yeah, it would appear a fair few of the London anas new Nikki personally. Mostly from them all receiving treatment at Vincent Square

No. 1205785


Not to mention that she posts what constitutes recovery and then goes and does the complete opposite. She is definitely a spoop

No. 1205790

Learn the language first.

No. 1205832

spoop means skeletal. remi is normal sized. kek learn2integrate

can we stop harping on about remi

No. 1205889

File: 1618159597107.jpg (Spoiler Image, 645.01 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_20210411-184443_Ins…)

anyone remember her? what happened to it

No. 1205890

god that’s the stuff of nightmares

No. 1205891

fucking hell thats grim. name/user?

No. 1205898

Dustbinflower. Pretty sure she was proven be self posting at some point.

No. 1205912


The thing with Paris and the twins is they don't want to change or recover- they can say how sad it is about Nikki etc but will they change? No. Paris enjoys being sick and the attention she gets- she could easily get help if she wanted to, and the twins are too far gone/ institutionalised to change and just compete with each other.

How was Nikki able to self discharge without being sectioned?- must be more to it.

Anyone follow Smorven? Has she made any ' how sad' post? Or is she still in total denial about her ED?

No. 1205918

File: 1618161707378.jpg (79.01 KB, 641x853, yawn.JPG)

She was doing this on March 20th

No. 1205920

I think Maria would have half a chance to at least somewhat improve if it weren't for Katy. Sad to say, but if I has to choose one to die first it would 100% be Katy.

No. 1205921

>>1205912 it could be that she was a seed patient or that she was in private treatment?

No. 1205923

I don't think Paris is Nikki tier yet. She's got a few years yet.

No. 1205925

she's so weird. i feel embarrassed looking at her

No. 1205928

File: 1618162372763.jpg (67.75 KB, 753x648, Capture.JPG)

Still posts emo quotes and she's in her 30s and stuff like img. Embarrassing much.

No. 1205931

she's such a rude and self absorbed person to talk to on top of her embarrassing appearance. I actually thought she was cool back in my tumblr years until I tried speaking to her. So boring.

No. 1205937

omg i think i remember her from tumblr circa 2013-14.. people idolised her

No. 1205938

nikki had been in and out of hospitals for like 30 yrs and was seed so they probably deemed her to have capacity and were thinking of some palliative care situ realising that more inpatient wouldnt help

No. 1205957

Idk if this is random but does anyone remember thinandsly on tumblr. Her name was talia s.

No. 1205958

File: 1618164922210.jpeg (316.91 KB, 1187x1321, 05EB3736-169F-4BF0-B100-408D32…)

dusty looooooooves attention.

No. 1205959

File: 1618165045314.jpeg (492.21 KB, 1182x1753, 4288B1AE-040B-47F1-A6B6-E073FE…)

she clearly doesn’t want to ever recover……

No. 1205961

great example of a person who isnt actually mentally ill but just wants to be looked after and parented again. lots of these fuckers clogging up mental health services

No. 1205963

Her writing is so painfully dire I could only get halfway through this. Is she gunning for some best-selling memoir?

No. 1205970

jfc it’s not unusual to be asked to cover up “gaping wounds” and stitches in psych wards. i’m all for people being comfortable with their SCARS but walking around with blatant open wounds and recent stitches really just screams “look at me!!!” and really can be upsetting for people with or without a self harm issue. I’m not often in the business of telling people to cover up but in the case of extreme self harm…it’s different

No. 1205974

not to mention it is surely a hygiene issue?

No. 1205977

Dustbin’s punctuation and general writing style is fucking appalling. Clearly a poor attempt to sound edgy, deep and oh-so good with words.

No. 1205982

she's stuck in that old 2012 tumblr style of sylvia plath/woolf/woman undone/girl interrupted faux-deep tortured artist crap. it was so popular at the time and a real 'aesthetic' but im surprised she's still like that. i thought most of the people in that circuit grew out of it.

No. 1205983

Yeah, that too. I’m sure the staff were just doing their job and then she acts like her human rights have been violated to the most extreme degree. I dread to think of the tantrum she threw.

No. 1205984

File: 1618166219429.png (27.05 KB, 787x191, han.png)

99% sure Han sent herself this tell. Ik she is underweight but she is hardly sub-10 or anything (even if she was forcibly fattened up under section)

No. 1205986

fuck does anyone still even use tumblr for the mental health community ?

No. 1205994

File: 1618167065675.jpeg (102.14 KB, 1170x339, 06AF2586-3AE7-41FD-90F6-79A86C…)

No. 1205997

File: 1618167108025.jpeg (211.75 KB, 1188x685, B63841D7-9821-40E4-9318-638A1E…)

No. 1205998

Jfc, does she think she’s the next Hornbacher/Kaysen? Not quite as bad as Paige but bad enough

No. 1205999

File: 1618167194742.jpeg (318.95 KB, 1169x1218, 51D75835-9C39-4EAF-BDF9-8BFBB0…)

i might have posted this previously but it’s my fave

No. 1206002

Hi, Remi.(hi cow)

No. 1206003

Is Dusty the one who gifted us Georgia? Can’t say I’m pissed at her for that, but the rest? Yikes. The literal embodiment of BPD

No. 1206005

>can we stop harping on about remi
When she stops being milky and a hypocrite. If you're not interested, just scroll on and do not engage in posts about her.

No. 1206013

File: 1618168734520.jpeg (461.42 KB, 1242x2039, 10266F7F-6986-47EF-91D4-1AA571…)

No. 1206014

she looks fine but why that image and pose???

No. 1206017

File: 1618169147832.png (5.71 MB, 828x1792, A6563D7C-C58D-487F-AFC9-56B94E…)

sly fuck couldnt make a video without a jawline check and she wonders why her account gets banned.

No. 1206021

Yes lmao she was. It was a weird spat over self harming depth or some shit.

Also I am surprised dusty has yet to be 100% dropped by doctor V. I doubt she has a therapist anyway. Poor dude has been thru the wringer with her, she loves writing weird fanfiction about people too so. Her tumblr also gets deleted every once in a while and she just makes a new one which makes her hard to track or I would post her more

No. 1206026

can mods do something about the ‘hi remi’ garbage that always clogs up the thread after shes mentioned?? she’s milkier than some of the cows we discuss regularly and i think it’s been established that a good portion of us are interested in having her here

No. 1206030

the whole 'hi (cow's name)' thing for all cows is so annoying, its the reply if someone says something positive or even goes slight ot about said cow

No. 1206031

what in the everloving fuck is interesting about her even porgie is more interesting

No. 1206041

people don’t engage with posts about unless it’s to say she’s boring as fuck, sorry but she’s a shit cow kek

No. 1206075

File: 1618176706422.png (Spoiler Image, 4.89 MB, 828x1792, A6DCAB67-2F06-4AC3-B388-6D9AF3…)

took me a while to find this but this screenshot was sent to a gc, in august? NO i’m not han, she was definitely extremely sick (and didn’t neglect to post about it). i agree she sends herself tells, no one else cares that much

No. 1206084

If you're that easily triggered maybe you shouldn't be TikTok, anon.

No. 1206085

Sure, as long as the mods also do something about the "stop talking about her" stuff, because it smells of Remiposting. The people who think she's milky are the same people who say the "hi remi" stuff btw, because it sounds like she's trying to stop getting people to talk about her by pretending to be a farmer. Or people (who may or may not be her) will cry "vendatta!" whenever she's mentioned, which is annoying as fuck and it doesn't happen to other cows nearly as much, which is sus.

No. 1206088

Pretty sure it's just one person repeatedly saying she's boring as fuck so we stop talking about her.

No. 1206092

I've never posted about Remi before but I also find her boring. She has all the components to make a good cow in theory but not in practice. Mods, is there a way to set up a poll to determine what proportion of anons want to continue discussing her/ find her interesting?

No. 1206119

File: 1618182704334.png (3.9 MB, 828x1792, C5FF1783-B554-42B1-B403-74D232…)

if ro is taking early retirement from body checking tiktok we have a replacement in this one ig… replacing spoopy chests with spoopy shoulders kek

No. 1206120

File: 1618182756558.png (4.56 MB, 828x1792, 30149A62-4406-47BB-92E6-11E61C…)

samefag but this isn’t even subtle.

No. 1206147

those people need help too, calm down

No. 1206202

I agree with this. I suspect that Remi herself or maybe one of her friends may be posting here to try get us to stoop posting about her. She is clearly milk. If people don’t want to talk about Remi then keep scrolling. I find Ham and Porgie boring as fuck and I just keep scrolling and don’t cry the stop posting about them card.

No. 1206227

This Remi autism is top retard shit and you're all morons. This isn't your little Pinterest board, read what you like, ignore what you don't, and move the fuck on. I can't see shit anymore from all the Remi sperging.

No. 1206278

I can see why ppl find Rem boring, really wish her tumblr circa 2012 still existed because it'd give a bit more context esp to anyone who actually believes she's in any sort of recovery. Anyway just let those who want to discuss it's easy enough to ignore if you're not interested

No. 1206298

I checked out her tiktok and honestly she’s just another little snotty brat with far more privilege than she is. The “things in my house that scream tory” one was especially tone deaf.

No. 1206299

She loves bragging about her 'chronic and severe' eating disorder even though she has only been ill 4 years.

No. 1206302

Eugenia Cooney cried on stream tonight

No. 1206308

“Why are you so demanding of me???”
Because you’re sitting there with your sinewy legs and toothpick arms out, ignoring everyone telling you that your bodychecking selfies and posts are harmful and dangerous, and pretend that everything is fine when it clearly isnt.

Honestly, she’d get far less hate and concern trolling comments if she just acknowledged that she has a problem and stopped posing half naked. That aint much to ask.

No. 1206312

she wouldn't understand that, or maybe doesn't want to understand even though deep down she must know. she has the dumbest fucking coping mechanism and her brain isn't functioning like a 'healthy' brain. i feel sorry for her but the hate is needed. she will never get help if people continue being nice to her

No. 1206320

her existence is very weird. letting the robot voice read out all her donations when plenty of people talk about her totally not real ED and such, exposing herself on stream all the time then crying because people want to know more. she's pretty bad at denying her own issues.

No. 1206322

Its its own vicious cycle, as much as the positive sweet and loving comments are. The hate directed towards her appearance just fuels her even more. Shes such a snide, spiteful thing that pissing people off to get views is becoming part of what she does under her veil of positivity, and those comments enable her.

Theres no real way to get through to her from an audience perspective. The only way it’ll happen is if she gets away from her creepy mother.

No. 1206323

She loves the validation she gets from the comments being read aloud. Her viewers might not have the chat window open or not be following the written chats, but they can all hear the people talking about how thin and ill she is when the bot speaks.

Plus, then she gets to react to those comments, just like she does here.

No. 1206326

they're probably a bigger strain on MH services than actual cuts to staff funding

No. 1206331

File: 1618226959876.png (2.72 MB, 828x1792, AE322764-008F-4CA8-9C50-54D0B9…)

>>1206326 speaking of strains on services…

not sure if shes been mentioned before. bpd anorexic who has headbanging tantrums and is in and out of inpatient units/general hospital/police cars multiple times a month. pretty sure shes 17/18.

No. 1206332

-her username screams 'teenager trying too hard to be ~edgy~'
- brags about being drunk every day in year 12(for non UK-fags, that is age 16-17) before getting kicked out for 'being in the psych ward too much' (pretty sure that expelling her on the grounds of MH reasons would be illegal)
-I've seen her insta, her posts aren't milky other than the fact she tags her hospital as the location
- and she is friends with zara ofc
- at least she is not bodychecking in her tiktoks, but that is probably because she is not a superspoop

No. 1206336

Fuck off with your self posting

No. 1206344

some of you guys are actually retarded when it comes to self posting accusations. i'm not op but as long as you're not autistic you should clearly be able to tell that that post is not a self post from the way it is worded. so gtfo with you "self-post!!!!" comments whenever a new cow is brought up.

No. 1206345

forgot to sage, my apologies

No. 1206347

not a self post.
anons will complain about old milk/lack of new milk and then when someone new gets posted its ‘self posting’.

No. 1206351

Integrate better anon, 'actual milk' is not a generic egirl that uwu headbangs and if you think that is compared to who is in this thread then you've obviously hit your head one too many times

No. 1206353

just because a cow is not worth posting in your opinion doesn't mean the post is a self post jfc.. no one said anything about "actual milk". you can clearly tell it's not a self post by the terminology op used. a 16 year old uwu generic egirl wouldn't refer to british people as "UK-fags" to name one example.

No. 1206357

File: 1618230888957.jpeg (736.46 KB, 666x1611, CEFFDB60-9301-47B7-A44F-754CE1…)

she doesn’t body check because she’s pretty much an average weight

No. 1206358

File: 1618230978643.png (2.74 MB, 828x1792, 69DDE986-570F-43DC-AA31-999183…)

samefag but interestingly she claims to be admitted constantly for ODs/ drinking / drugs but then twists it into being because of her ED.. which is likely just another attention seeking BPD behaviour

No. 1206360

Shes so proud of her achievements. The bragging about being a school drop out stoner is painfully embarrassing. Do you even have a personality??

No. 1206371

she looks like she’s trying not to grin here. soooo pleased with herself. i can’t stand how tiktok has given people like this a bigger platform but hey, it’s milk

No. 1206373

File: 1618232227759.jpeg (664.48 KB, 670x1525, 23BE9EC3-4DDC-4941-A68D-9B7175…)

shes not thin / underweight so maybe the hospital bragging is a way of validating herself..? not sure who would be falling for it

No. 1206375

File: 1618232394174.png (2.11 MB, 828x1792, 4508532D-F0A2-4C5D-83F2-6E309D…)

pic kind of irrelevant but another thing i’ve noticed is that she gets off on talking about drugs and EDs explicitly to a very large audience- there’s lots of old HBing wound videos around further down the feed

No. 1206378

File: 1618232674152.png (3.4 MB, 828x1792, 578C30B4-BD3F-4D2B-9041-38E7AF…)

shes “almost died” due to her ED…. really? sure it wasn’t the binge drinking /drug taking /suicide chasing?
worth noting that at least the inpatient unit she was at dont wait for them to be sooper skinny before treating their eating issues (unlike most UK units)

No. 1206379

Jesus. What a fuck up she is. Lunatic asylum material.

Won't last long, anyway.

No. 1206382

File: 1618232985924.png (4 MB, 828x1792, 5D076F10-4E39-4B22-9D53-CD21F1…)

also besties with zara (featured in this video)- surprisingly i wouldn’t expect posh anorexic to be friends with stoner BPD cow… kek

No. 1206383

I bow down before you ana-kween. ED at 11. what goals. /s
I guess it is possible she has heart issues if she purges, which seem to be way more common in people with BPD? But do people really count their IP admissions like that for anything other than trying to show off how sick they are?

No. 1206384

File: 1618233098220.jpeg (646.48 KB, 828x765, FDAB718E-0FC7-4B8F-929A-3AF01F…)

ED at 11 yet still looks normal… LARP harder! image related for some serious BPD shit

No. 1206386

Jesus Christ spoiler that shit. And are squishmallows some sort of status symbol in the ~community~? Like the more you have the sicker you must be?

No. 1206399

File: 1618235997894.png (834.01 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210412-145842.png)

At least one of the herd is happy.

No. 1206400

So cringe to watch. She basically has her own home gym, why does reopening make her so giddy?

No. 1206404

sorry to be annoying but what's that on her forehead?

No. 1206407

yeah shes 18

No. 1206409

new trend of cows banging their heads off walls. (a legit form of self harm that’s now been over exploited by BPD attention seekers )

No. 1206422

she’s so proud of that festering forehead wound

No. 1206447

Nothing comes close to Smorven though!

No. 1206480

Idk. She could be addicted to the smell of man sweat. I felt a bit of a lift going in the Red Cross shop earlier, but I wasn't bouncing off the ceiling. She's not the only one though. These gym nuts have been sperging about how amazing it is to be back there. I guess you need to have your brain wired in a certain way.

No. 1206487

to pretend she has a life? to have access to more equipment? so that she can better push herself to workout for hours on end?

No. 1206490

sounds exhausting to be stuck in a loop of pretending to be mentally ill because you are actually mentally ill.

No. 1206494

it's so fucking embarrassing. they should just stick to cutting

No. 1206499

attention-seeking morons… they're gonna regret fucking their faces up in a few years. Arms and legs, easy to cover up but your face? Just imagine having your niece/cousin or god vorbid own child ask you 'hey what happened to your face'?

No. 1206511


Her and Morven are in the same ED unit as well kek

No. 1206522

I'd have though encountering Smorven would be a major deterrent against that sort of behaviour. They should send her out into schools like they do with former drug addicts.

No. 1206530

Smorven is in livingstone? god that makes her feel oddly real now kek

No. 1206542

File: 1618251088111.png (4.48 MB, 828x1792, CFE71907-01AA-45EB-AE85-EE4B96…)

apparently this face issue is the result of burst blood vessels from hanging

No. 1206551

Clearly this is about head banging and scratching your face. Besides, self strangulation/ half assed throad cutting is horrible as well. It is indeed to be taken seriously, but flaunting it on fucking social media is sickening. But let's not get sidetracked here

No. 1206586

Really happy to see this thread here. Few things piss me off like these people maliciously trying to damage others.
You can see collarbones. She's not an athlete. This places her solidly inside the bounds of average female BMI.

No. 1206597

File: 1618254975423.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1810, 570AE793-C205-4D39-B914-F6A934…)

why does she have to ruin every picture with her sad af captions.. like she does not say anything new just the same things over and over again

No. 1206598

File: 1618254986695.jpeg (103.07 KB, 828x1236, A08222D8-AC65-488A-9070-7DEA08…)

couldn’t work out how to get the full video but posh zara’s taken to posting spoopy shoulder check videos under the guise of “recovery wins” ….the win was “letting myself go in the hot tub”. i ask you.

No. 1206601

She could get help if she wanted- she prefers being ill and the attention no life reposibilities it gives her- she does nothing all day.

No. 1206603


Has Morven been up to anything?

No. 1206608

File: 1618255777198.png (1.63 MB, 828x1792, B9683561-45EB-4B08-97D6-4C6113…)

it started out well…. and then lost its way, kek

No. 1206611

File: 1618255886586.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 362.49 KB, 1242x2208, 34753339-A8FD-4DC6-A20B-ADBFBE…)

she looks like she is about to poop.. she tries so hard to show that her neck is bony

No. 1206613

surely a hot tub in Scottish springtime would be too cold for a spoop? especially getting in and out and having your shoulders and head out of the water

No. 1206614

the people in the UK rich enough for one go in hot tubs in snow. also wouldn’t be unheard of for spoops to make themselves colder to burn calories (think the cold shower pro ana tumblr shit)

No. 1206615

File: 1618256148456.png (3.43 MB, 828x1792, EC0CE9FB-E118-43E1-9903-48B2B4…)

sage for it’s another boring ana tiktok but this made me laugh- claiming to have almost died whilst looking like this…?

No. 1206616

File: 1618256174420.png (3.62 MB, 828x1792, A93907D6-B531-4544-98C4-85027A…)

samefag but come on now….

No. 1206618

Actually she is skinny, you do not have to be a BMI of 9 or 10 to die.. some bodies cannot handle low weight

No. 1206620

ponytail still tighter than a duck's arse. has she been discharged? filmed any more bodychecks with other patients in the background? stepped on her dogs again?

No. 1206621

>Low calories mars bars and twixes aren't low calorie!

The idea is that the bars are just "snack bars" that are half the size of regular bars so it's easier for people to have a treat without going over their calorie limit or having to save a half chewed mars bar for another time. Is she stupid? It's not healthier chocolate, it's just portion controlled.

No. 1206624

Butterflies have been around for donkey's years as representation of pro-ana, think ceruleanbutterfly (same type as the butterflies on the case) board was founded in the early 2000's. Pretty sure butterflies in that sense far predate that too. I think the 2014 movie just hopped on the bandwagon of using butterflies.

No. 1206625

she was discharged and freaked out about the post-hospital “weight gain” so she is back to her game and eats less than 300 cals a day.. she mixes weetabix with hot water and a small yogurt and call it a day. Oh also she is back at abusing laxatives

No. 1206626

Why post this clearly knowing what the majority of her followers struggle with. Between this, her rudeness and all the horror stories about her from fellow patients & staff I’m convinced Morven is just a shitty person. Being autistic isn’t a good enough excuse for her awful behaviour

No. 1206628

I think the same. Always. Sometimes it's a nice picture of her with her pets like this one, but she always bangs on about wanting to die.

This is true. There's a lot to be said about having to live independently. You have to recover to some extent to deal with basic responsibilities like shopping, learning how to be alone, not being so self engrossed because there's nobody around to say aww, you poor thing. Maybe it's me, but wanting to stay with your family doing everything for you well into your 20s is just - why?? Nothing's going to change. Possibly Ganer's success (again, to some extent) is because she has her own place and a job.

No. 1206629

File: 1618256886441.jpeg (349.63 KB, 1242x787, 566B5320-E08A-49FD-A274-9D3A1D…)

this is the first time I’m actually reading her bio and I cringed so hard

No. 1206630

dont even think shes autistic tbh. just bpd.

No. 1206632

i know she has the diagnosis but i genuinely dont believe she has it

No. 1206634

File: 1618257055345.jpeg (154.17 KB, 420x622, wonder womuuun.jpeg)



No. 1206651

shes well within a healthy weight range smh, i’m not bone rattling i just find it funny

No. 1206652

shes well within a healthy weight range smh, i’m not bone rattling i just find it funny

No. 1206653

is is smorv who’s obsessed with eating loads of low calorie food under guise of recovery like gainer? I’m not surprised this is her stance on snack sized chocolate bars.

No. 1206654

Don’t think so, she’s been on NG for approximately 5000 years now (someone correct me if I’m wrong)

No. 1206658

Ayrt you’re probably correct, I feel like I need a refresher class on the older cows now. Still, not a great story to post to your followers trying to recover.

No. 1206701

Did one of them copy their username off the other? They're very similar usernames.

No. 1206706

Do you mean morven and smorven? Same person. Her full name is Morven S____(not sure if surnames are allowed to be posted here)

No. 1206708

Yes, I meant them. I didn't know they were the same person, kek. Is one of their accounts like a vent account and it goes by a different but similar name?

No. 1206714

does anyone know jess' instagram? she was in the louis theroux doc

No. 1206751

I wanna know too, and ifzana's if she has it. Tried looking for them to see how they are now but I couldn't find anything

No. 1206804

Has any kind farmer got an N2F update to bless us with? Can't help but worry about my favourite goblin.

No. 1206813

File: 1618268083305.jpeg (211.88 KB, 828x736, 8B2E7321-69C7-40D0-820A-F5AFD9…)

>body can’t process food
>cuts out entire food groups
>is still medically obese
KEK there are so many inconsistencies in her larp it’s ridiculous.

No. 1206815

File: 1618268136136.jpeg (435 KB, 828x1101, 2839249F-D8BA-4AE6-9078-6C0F42…)

this made me laugh

No. 1206863


Is she saying she like almost died whilst looking like that…? Because she is no where near thin enough to die at her weight! But she could have been at a lower weight in the past?

No. 1206865

she just had to use the tornado emoji when putting it in a 'feelings' sentence

No. 1206942

In no way am I defending Hannah because well, it’s Hannah but people can die from eating disorders at any weight

No. 1206943

No morven /Smorven is stuck sectioned in an adult PICU. Does she post much on IG ?

No. 1206957

nope these were her “dying” pictures, the rest of the video was her “recovered” having gained even more weight

No. 1206962

100% she is an absolute monster. She and May are by far the two most detestable cows based on their abhorrent personalities. They are both true asshole’s who give zero fucks about anyone on planet earth other than themselves.

No. 1206963

KEK soz for that rogue apostrophe. I can haz grammar I swear

No. 1207000

File: 1618287399283.png (9.97 MB, 1242x2208, 92B84A4F-03F6-4231-8BA4-0EA473…)

“I do not know if I should I eat my 200 cals muffin that I carefully adjusted it to my daily calorie deficit so I will not gain and show it to the tik tok world so they’ll think that I’m a FiGhTERrRR and think Aw you poor thing and buy me things that I have on my wishlist”

No. 1207016

File: 1618292697840.jpg (2.44 MB, 1440x3200, Inkedntfwr_LI.jpg)


N2F goblin has emerged from her B/P dungeon and into the kitchen which looks just as rank as her bedroom

No. 1207031

Suddenly her parents allowing the state of her room makes much more sense … she still looks sinewy in my opinion but a little better than she was. She does make me more sad than other cows, if i want recovery for any of them it’s nourish.

No. 1207035

She missing her left tit?

No. 1207037

After "muffin monday", she has "restriction tuesday".

No. 1207057

I think N2F has the kind of parents that are ‘not quite hoarders’. Yunno, the kind that have random junk drawers, maybe a spare room full of crap. Maybe her parents are messy enough that her rancid bedroom is rationalized or dismissed

No. 1207073


She was moved back to the ED unit. They’re in the same hospital.

No. 1207082

She was an obsessive self poster and super obsessed with Georgie Porgie. Typical 30 something bpd loser. Chronic attention seeking, no personality, no redeeming qualities, unfunny attempts at trolling, and slathered in scars from previous attempts at getting noticed. Edgy posts about being bad at suicide and bad at life. Seems like her crowning achievement is being thinner than porgie.

The milk is thin and sour.

No. 1207095

new larper: izzyisrecovering on tik tok claiming anorexia and shes been called out for it aswell

No. 1207103

seen her on my fyp a few times, she just seems like your average posh twat. shes only in year 11 (sophmore year for the amerifags) so she might not be 16 yet so hold off posting about her until we have age confirmation.

No. 1207112

File: 1618312132374.jpg (267.47 KB, 1000x778, pastaslag.jpg)

more Hamtwts. restriction for 3 years, my arse

No. 1207114

So her "anorexia" was starting a diet and failing over and over again

No. 1207145

File: 1618316547843.jpg (126.21 KB, 1257x750, Capture.JPG)

This guy she follows gives me the creeps. He's apparently in recovery and eats better, but he still looks like he's done a runner from Belsen. He pops up on my ig suggested all the damn time.

He just started a recovery channel on yt, he talks about being an actor. His slick(ish) presentation on sm makes me think he's using an ED to further his career in some way.

And I still don't get why Ham is doing any of this.

No. 1207148

Eugenia Cooney's creepy FAS-looking stalker mrbusinesssuits is the real cow.

No. 1207149

He's legitimately insane.

No. 1207150

File: 1618317324432.png (2.6 MB, 828x1792, 484CF319-F618-4A43-A6E3-300BDB…)

one of her first videos (november) she says she’s bulimia ??

No. 1207151

maybe it's a padded sports bra & one of the pads got lost?

No. 1207154


omg yes! i couldnt agree more. we need more male cows (lolbulls?). he is another cookie-cutter "recovery" account that seems to thrive off the asspats he gets for eating* fear foods, & holding up those cardboard quotes and yet not actually taking their own advice (a la @im_powering) remaining emaciated for the views and staying as far away from actual recovery as possible.

*eating and yeeting ofc

No. 1207157

in fairness, It is harder to tell how underweight men are because a lot are beanpoles even at healthy weights.

No. 1207161

File: 1618318356986.png (2.01 MB, 828x1792, 7F25C47A-51E6-4AF0-A461-502527…)

phew took some digging but she’s officially 17! milk available

No. 1207164

File: 1618318906945.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1170x2074, 98FFAE55-AA65-4E74-895A-80F3B4…)

You guys upset Morven.

No. 1207177

>been informed
Like she doesn’t read here
>not affected
Probably took it out on the poor unsuspecting agency nurse babysitting her

No. 1207179

File: 1618319884382.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, 0B2913D1-169D-472F-ABF0-3E32CE…)

her tiktok is a goldmine of keks if anyone fancies a laugh

No. 1207183

He annoys the fuck out of me

No. 1207196

File: 1618322099944.jpg (Spoiler Image, 250.47 KB, 1080x2160, 2021_04_12_21_14_45.jpg)

georgia update for curious anons. she posted that she OD'd and went silent for a week (which I guess is the "coma" (???), even thoughI'm pretty sure she's been online in between that time) and then this yesterday.
Dunno why she has people who've never talked to her on her cf list but here I am

No. 1207216

because she wants to be posted in the lolcow pro ana scumbags thread. She must be a dainty wasting waif you see, isn't that why the internet boolies are calling her obese?

No. 1207218

"I just woke up from a coma, but can lucidly post on instagram and remember all the details of what happened, and people are telling me I should have died. Please dont question how I went from a charcoal wash to a coma."
For real though, no one who wakes from a coma is that compos mentis

No. 1207222


Nikki was in a general hospital when she was disharged:

'An insider explained that due to a lack of beds Nikki had been discharged and was due to attend a specialist clinic but tragically never made it. 'Her loved ones pleaded with them not to as she wasn’t ready and was then supposed to enter a private outpatient clinic from this Monday, she sadly never got to and died within 24 hours of leaving hospital.''

No. 1207250

the princess diana audio in the background kek. this girl is such an attention seeker, she looks the exact same before and after her ‘ed’

No. 1207252

File: 1618325783388.png (4.08 MB, 828x1792, 384D239B-DF7C-4E88-B861-AD462D…)

this is the body of a true anorexic waif

No. 1207258

shes bulimic not anorexic (not WKing just saying)

No. 1207260

File: 1618326299148.png (2.41 MB, 828x1792, 7C51F1C3-62C1-4A21-990D-DC3D79…)

and to be as fair as possible she does admit she’s never been underweight

No. 1207262

File: 1618326728213.png (4.91 MB, 828x1792, 713DE81B-B890-4042-A5F9-734702…)

she still finds other ways to be a scumbag tho kek

No. 1207272

She fancies herself such a tortured genius but doesn’t even know that it’s “affected”

No. 1207298

I know I'm super very late to this, I kind of skipped a couple threads because it can get stale and porgy is my favourite cow but WOW chills at Amy passing. I'm so desensitized to seeing ER/ICU/CCU posts in munchie forums and these threads so I really didn't see that coming / didn't take it seriously enough. I followed her story ages ago. What a grim ending.

No. 1207325

File: 1618331574294.png (2.59 MB, 750x1624, 0EE407D5-F5B1-4E21-A369-AFFCA8…)

jesus christ her contour is horrendous, she’s definitely trying to make herself look even more emaciated with that mud on her face. what’s up with spoops trying to appear dead?

No. 1207334

I don't get this 1 in 5 meme. The mortality rate of anorexia isn't even that high.

No. 1207340

Can't they just take her phone off her? I mean if she's going to complaint to them about being "harassed" on lolcow, why wouldn't they take her phone off of her to stop that?

No. 1207341

File: 1618332676780.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.95 KB, 349x640, C4923AD0-963F-4FF4-ACDD-99529F…)

that explains a lot @ovie

No. 1207342

File: 1618332697740.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 197.9 KB, 1169x2088, 36EFBE9F-7402-406C-93D6-C66B99…)

pt. 2

No. 1207347

File: 1618333043919.png (4.42 MB, 1242x2208, 9BAD3D46-833F-4898-8516-0EA543…)

1 “at least I can still take aesthetic photos”

No. 1207348

Another victim of the incompetent NHS. RIP Nikki.

No. 1207350

>>1207345 no one is going to attack you for shit talking the nhs, any uk fags will agree its shit. We're lucky to have it, but the tories have destroyed it.

No. 1207353

File: 1618333158708.png (10.33 MB, 1242x2208, 4250EC43-5165-4D73-AAC7-06F7CF…)

Does she STILL really think that this is water weight? I mean.. why doesn’t she just say that she really gained weight and not blame it on swelling

No. 1207355

File: 1618333258223.jpeg (496.47 KB, 1447x1242, 7EF8CEC8-6E43-496B-AC35-A2839B…)

I mean it’s obvious at this point

No. 1207356

Why has she gained weight though? Did she start bingeing and stopped with the purging?

No. 1207361

she says that she still purges everything and eats less calories than before and this is all because of water weight and muscle gain.. she thinks that doing yoga made her gain muscle which is obviously so stupid. Muscle gain needs food so she obviously eats but she lies about it because so many proanas follow her and support her

No. 1207364

>We're lucky to have it, but the tories have destroyed it.
An unnecessary caveat, and I'd disagree that we're "lucky" to have it because universal healthcare is pretty common in the Western world, so it's not unreasonable to expect it… and I'm pretty sure the NHS always been shit compared to countries like Germany, which is what I was getting at, but whatever. I'm not going to get into an argument about it because people always get annoyed when people criticise the NHS for any other reason than "muh tories destroying are enhaychess".

Kek, what cope. She must have upped her bingeing and stopped purging completely.

No. 1207384

Quit trying to make this girl milky.

While they keep ungrateful shits like Morven IP for years. Sigh.

Ayrt. I doubt she actually complains to them it was more a “gonna throw a tantrum displace all my anger on the nurses” since she’s apparently really horrible to everyone

Cope harder, May.

No. 1207388

File: 1618334593724.png (442.92 KB, 720x830, Screenshot_20210413-182112~2.p…)

To an extent, but this is beyond yer average skinny guy. Recovery. Oookay

No. 1207396

Also doing a Ham and buying followers.

No. 1207477

fucking hell georgia. as soon as she came out of nf she was like 'i feel great bc i had ect and wanna get my life back blah blah' and she pulls this? why tf does she never mention her obvious raging BPD

No. 1207481

the nhs was not incompetent. they must have spent well over a million on her, she was in and out for over 30 yrs. in the end she chose to starve herself to death. no one else's fault or responsibility, it was hers.

No. 1207487

Had to get that collarbone out. They're all the fucking same. Scumbags has never been so apt

No. 1207488


Still sporting that concentration camp smile?
Way to go, Ganer! Lift your heart out until your period comes back. Or not.

No. 1207500

File: 1618340436930.png (448.79 KB, 720x830, skeletor1234.png)


Oh yisss

No. 1207508

File: 1618340975432.png (444.32 KB, 720x830, skeletor12345.png)

No. 1207522

She just couldn't resist looking!….

No. 1207565

Exactly, she had lots and lots of treatment for free and still starved herself. Cant blame the healthcare system especially when plenty of spoops with private healthcare do the same thing.

No. 1207580


Damn right. Should have used her TV fame money to get a decent therapy.

At the end of the day you have to carry responsibility for yourself.

No. 1207621

File: 1618346805212.jpg (29.03 KB, 400x400, amy_winehouse_4_wenn1832955_40…)

'Memba that ugly skank?

Made millions with her albums.

Bulimia, hard drugs, alcohol. Drank herself to death one fine morning, whoo-pee-doo.

No. 1207623

how is this relevant to anything on this thread

No. 1207628

at least she actually had talent and a personality

No. 1207629


It's got everything to do with it.
'Cos Drugged skellys die even faster.

No. 1207632

A heap of money.

All that doesn't help much when you down three bottles of vodka, eh.

No. 1207634

File: 1618347196541.jpg (22.25 KB, 330x330, d36f11fe36e4a8c65e7a40ffcb2548…)


No. 1207636

try harder anon.

No. 1207640

File: 1618347420787.jpg (36.56 KB, 445x483, spl44543_001.jpg)





No. 1207647

Are you 12? Quit clogging the thread with this shit

No. 1207649

kek how embarrassing.

No. 1207716

File: 1618352661851.jpeg (246.52 KB, 750x1223, 2324420F-8875-4249-849F-2EEE6B…)

Anna just needs to let us know she is still underweight, doesn’t she?

No. 1207723

>well on the road to a healthy weight
>is bmi 18.4
such a delicate spoop

No. 1207735

18.4 is literally not in the “healthy weight range” for white people
I mean, yeah, she’s basically almost there, but

No. 1207772

anon she has to clarify because anyone looking at her would think otherwise…so where else can she get her validation from ????

No. 1207863

Can't understand why she wasn't sectioned, and hard believe that a medical ward would let someone that ill self discharge.

No. 1207884

Anna’s literally had more tiktok bans than hospital admissions (both a good thing) sooo…yeah. Pretty easy to avoid becoming a “revolving door patient” when you were never in danger of that to begin with

No. 1207930

Porgie is so fucking dumb I can’t even. How does she think her lies are even slightly believable? Did excess fat overcome her brain?

No. 1207996

Soo she makes a sooper serious attempt but is clearly at home and wasn’t admitted to psych? She really MUST be a risk to herself…

No. 1207999

Wait isn't she in the hospital??

No. 1208044

If this IS N2F's healthy weight then I'm really happy for her. She looks far better than she has done recently.

No. 1208047

Grim yet pretty predictable. EDs aren't great for one's health, add in some munching and it's a crapshoot for early death.

No. 1208051

File: 1618391008974.png (309.09 KB, 302x540, dharma.png)

Dharma is promoting her great ~macro friendly~ 'meals'. Features fat free italian dressing, 1/2 a turkey sausage, egg whites etc. This girl is moving 10 hours away from home for college in a autumn, we'll see a full-blown relapse if we haven't already

No. 1208053

Wait, did the coma happen before she posted that tube-up-nose ER photo or after? Did she lapse into a coma after they stomach pumped her? Or is she full of shite?

No. 1208056

Na the coma was before the photo she posted.

No. 1208060

Wow her face has gotten fat. She must have been binging like crazy

No. 1208062

Stop with the vendetta. It has long been established that Emily isn't milky and is just very ill. Shit makeup skills doesn't make someone a cow

No. 1208063

Jess recently started a much smaller, private instagram. Still anorexic but no milk. Hasnt been in hospital since the doc. Doing well, lives independently, has a job and seems to be building up a life. Dunno about the other person you mentioned though.

No. 1208070

She SHOULD have been sectioned. That's why I said the NHS acted incompetently, but that appears to have triggered a few of 'are enhaychess' workers here.

No. 1208071

She really doesn't suit it, but obviously it's better than her being spoopy. Hopefully it'll redistribute with time… hopefully, kek.

No. 1208073

But isn't it much harder to be sectioned as a SEED patient? I don't know Nikki's full history but if she had been weight restored under section multiple times and it didn't help surely they would have just made sure she was medically stable? And can private clinics even section someone easily?

No. 1208076

> are enhaychess

Please stop.

No. 1208080

Literally, bmi of 18.5 is classified as underweight. My therapist says a bmi of 20 is minimum healthy for Caucasian adults

No. 1208090

File: 1618398083612.png (165.18 KB, 482x715, annatell.png)

Anna has her tellonym up so I scrolled through to look for inconsistencies and milk. We have:
- The infamous BMI 13 claims. I blocked out the other girls name as she is under 16
- Saying no one noticed and then that it was obvious
- Inconsistencies in when she developed anorexia
- I've got the minimum BMI 17 in there just for posterity in case she tries to claim it was lower
-Does she think people 'let themselves' get sectioned? Isn't the whole point that choice gets taken from you?
- Saying she has struggled with exercise when she is now claiming it was never an issue for her
- the 'friend not visiting her' one irritates me. Wouldn't COVID have been getting bad when she was in hospital? I get it is disappointing but having ill friends can be very difficult. But the world revolves around Anna ofc.
- and saying her anorexia started due to stress and body image when she is now claiming trauma

No. 1208093

File: 1618398470156.png (2.11 MB, 828x1792, 5EBBEEDC-709B-4886-B8E3-31B27E…)

bangs on about having anorexia and then tells everyone else not to cling to their illness???? are they all bread dead?

No. 1208097

I think she means that you are still anorexic even if you gain a little/ are in recovery etc and you dont need to be at your worst to be ~valid~. But then why do you have three social media platforms dedicated to anorexia if not to cling to your illness?

No. 1208100

File: 1618400130850.png (1.01 MB, 705x1250, 20210414_123119.png)

That's right fellow wannarexics! Absolutely no ED traits needed to join Ham's ED larp club

No. 1208102

no its not ~okay~ ham, its a mental illness with a strict diagnostic criteria you utter spastic. kek why is she trying to rewrite the DSM to fit her larp

No. 1208104


Just imagine the scores of young uns she's leading into thinking they have an ED, muddying the pool of real patients

No. 1208110

“It’s ok if you don’t have any rules/behaviours at all”

I think she’s forgotten what an eating disorder is

No. 1208138

Who fucking reads all of this kek

No. 1208140

So everyone has an ed? If you've weighed the same healthy weight for years, have no problem with food and eating and don't gaf if you gain weight, you still can still be a ~VALID~ anorexic? Can I be a conjoined twins but not have a twin so it's not conjoined like other twins?

No. 1208141

Sorry forgot sage being so confused by being an anorexic conjoined twins but not.

No. 1208149

This takes the absolute piss. I wish she’d fuck off back into obscurity

No. 1208150

He should be a televangelist preacher

No. 1208165

File: 1618408718940.png (66.01 KB, 804x296, validation.png)

ham needs to stop making posts like this. she's feeding into fatties' delusions

No. 1208171

Someone tell Ham and her wannarexic fatty followers that not eating for a few hours a day isn’t a restrictive eating disorder

No. 1208172

You can’t tell me that she’s not autistic

No. 1208179

Guessing that she passed out for a moment/slept a long time from the pills, and then decided to call it a coma to make it seem more dramatic for instagram kek

No. 1208189

We don't want her.

No. 1208193


I mean to be fair she was ventilated so slightly different from just sleeping for a long time

No. 1208228

Has she ever been IP/ in an ED unit?

No. 1208234

>>1208063 whats the username?

No. 1208236

I think at least once, but quite possibly more

No. 1208245

yeah she was at huntercombe or something

No. 1208255

refreshingjess. She won't accept people she doesn't know though. Has a hundred and odd followers on this account compared to 8 or 9k on her old one. No milk anyway. I dont think she was ever milky, just really unwell.

No. 1208257

No, she shouldnt have necessarily been sectioned. You don't know the ins and outs of her treatment so you can't know that. SEED patients of that age are rarely detained and it's generally for good reason. Your reply is fucking embarrassing to be honest

No. 1208268


Do you know anything…? Yes 20 is ideal….and don’t blog about “your therapist” it’s desperate. 18.5 is healthy, it is in the healthy range, use Google

No. 1208270

Not that anon but you're wrong in relation to eating disorders. Every ED team that works with adults states that under 20 is underweight for Caucasian people. Not saying I agree with it but that's what they go by. Google clearly isn't always filled with reliable information.

No. 1208281

Good lord, if someone’s maintaining a morbidly obese weight is it any surprise. Ham and her fellow wannarexics are delusional. “Restrictive eating disorder” doesn’t = “restricting fruit & veg” you fucking mouth breathers

No. 1208323

I want to lick their small, skinny feet.


No. 1208334


Eating disorders teams say that under 20 isn’t ideal as it doesn’t allow a buffer for relapse…the BMI NHS takes into consideration ethnicity and it states 18.5 is a healthy weight. However if you have an eating disorder, and have previously been lower, is it deemed as underweight or not ideal as it doesn’t allow a buffer. Most adult teams once you’ve been under 18.5 for extended period of time don’t care anymore, and accept anything over 18 really, as there is such a high demand for services they need to focus on more severely unwell patients. Once 18 and over, your bloods and medically you are far more stable. No one then makes sure or is focused on you reaching a BMI of 20…some units might suggest this, again for the sole purpose of a buffer. But 18.5 is healthy, it’s the very far end of it, but it is.

I mean I don’t super agree with the BMI scale as in terms of eating disorders it doesn’t help all that much, because you could have gone from BMI 26 to 19 suddenly and therefore be medically compromised. But statistically. 18.5 for normal people is fine.

Ed patients they suggest 20, but if you’re an adult they’ll rarely continue to aid you once over like 18 or 18.5

Children teams do try to focus on making the patient reach higher weights as they are currently more in control of them, and have more power and things.

No. 1208341

>Your reply is fucking embarrassing to be honest
Triggered, kek. What was the point of raising all that money for her to get private treatment when the NHS was just going to deny someone as severely physically and mentally ill like as her a bed? They basically killed her by doing that. They never should have sent her home. I'm sorry if that's difficult for you to hear, but it's true. Someone as far gone as her can't help themselves.

No. 1208342

File: 1618424940904.jpg (688.34 KB, 2160x3840, 20210415_062203.jpg)

I dont know if this girl is milky enough, but she's an advocate for HAES and fat people in recovery from restrictive eds, claims she was misdiagnosed as BED for years because of her size (i wonder why!), was mega pissed off when the VOH clothing line didn't make clothes of her size (bigger than XL) and so they're now a fat phobic organization.. and claimed that thin people own eating disorders. I think she's hilarious to watch.. have a look. @mollyinprogress (tiktok)

No. 1208344

you do realise people can see you posting, deleting, and reposting your even longer braindead replies in real time, right? stop parroting 'triggered' and go back to twitter to seethe about muh NHS bad, mouthbreather

No. 1208345

Thanks for proving my point that you can't criticise 'are nhs' without people like you getting triggered hun x

No. 1208365

wtf anon

No. 1208381

This is true. If you've seen Caraline's Story, right at the beginning the letter from the mental health boss ( or whoever) explains how even though she's fucked, recovery attempts haven't worked and all they could offer at that point was access to her usual MH team if she wanted. She died at under 4stone, b/p non stop and lived alone in a flat. That was in the early 90s, but it's not changed.

Nobody here knows what went on with Nikki, but many spoops go the same way without being sectioned.

No. 1208398

Are either of the twins sectioned or under CTOs?

No. 1208407

'hun x'

you do not belong here

No. 1208423

Why doesn’t she just say “body check time”?(subjects must be over 16)

No. 1208424

she's a minor. stfu

No. 1208426

U wot m8

But back to the topic the topic.
Has anyone heard about fitvegan or tilly(if anyone remembers her or am i the only one), ofc if she isnt banned anymore like ember.

No. 1208430

who is this

No. 1208432


Photoshopped right? Look at the floor and how the lines are going. Embarrassing

No. 1208434

she's fucking 15 stop

No. 1208435

read the rules and stop talking about a 15 year old ffs

No. 1208436

you stfu? lol who decides which one is minor and who is not? surely not u fy

No. 1208439

the mods. read the rules. no one under 16.

No. 1208440

That’s a child.

No. 1208441

the rules are fcked up obviously because this does not change the fact that she body checks lol

No. 1208442

The latter is banned. Referred to as she-who-must-not-be-named. Anna/ginger is now dating a fellow munchie Christian who is quite possibly gay and using her as a beard.

No. 1208450

why is she banned?

No. 1208454

Self posting iirc.

Wow, I should catch up with Ginge. A lover. How…ewww.

No. 1208463

File: 1618430711066.jpeg (494.81 KB, 828x1032, DEDB3B17-706E-4A0F-94FD-24550C…)

Chii back to subtle flexing her spoopy pics. I don’t have tiktok thank god, can some brave farmer do the dirty work of watching?

No. 1208468

"I saw my body reach weights I didn't even think were possible." She is such a scumbag. The full body pics are quite graphic, I wouldn't recommend anyone go and gives her more views

No. 1208470

File: 1618431295338.png (3.72 MB, 828x1792, 809EFED4-4A37-4781-A4C1-FEEB90…)

“and this is where things went from bad to worse… fuelled by disappointment and spite i began my year long death march” …. just say you want attention and go

No. 1208473

File: 1618431570740.png (4.12 MB, 828x1792, 5CB7A04C-4D9B-478C-8A86-FC2971…)

not fighting the “pro” anachans whilst showing off her spoopy arms, kek. the false superiority complex is sending me

No. 1208486

She's blatantly not a sperg or even bpd, she's just a plain old attention seeking teen that got bored during lockdown and started an anachan larp.

No. 1208493

I agree, but don't understand how she got her mum involved.

No. 1208498

her mum loves her, shes her only child, and looks easily manipulated, probably just believes the shit ham tells her and the fake distress and goes along to make her happy. stockholm syndrome in a way kek

No. 1208536

This is what I meant, about the buffer for relapse. So many people relapse as a bmi of 18.5 is still too low as if they get gastro or something and unintentionally lose weight, they instantly become underweight again. I agree that it should also be based on an individuals weight prior to developing their ED so 20 may still be underweight, but you’re right adult teams are in such high demand that they can only do the minimum which is why so many people end up in and out of treatment their whole life

No. 1208538

can you retards stop sperging about weight and bmi no1curr

No. 1208540

File: 1618436934096.png (22.25 KB, 409x118, chii.png)

what. a. scumbag.

No. 1208552

What's that quote from? Wasted?

No. 1208554


Death marches were definitely a Holocaust thing… don’t know if she’s Jewish but even so super inappropriate

No. 1208557

File: 1618438188225.png (295.02 KB, 321x537, dharma.png)

maybe it is something in the Canadian water because Dharma is showing off her 'progress' as well

No. 1208590

File: 1618441220997.jpeg (281.85 KB, 750x769, 27A87FED-EECA-41CE-B261-054D5C…)

Another one going for the let’s show off our ribs look…

No. 1208597

God she is really falling back into true scumbag territory. She inspires a shocking amount of hate in me. She acts like some gatekeeper of anorexia and now is on an mission to remind everyone that she was the worlds best most sickest chronic SEEDiest Ana that ever lived. Probably because her life now is completely devoid of friends, relationships, or meaning.

No. 1208598

She’s not a jew even with that horribly offensive schnozz

No. 1208605

thought this was Phoebe Tickner kek

No. 1208610

She’s really just promoting pro ana tik tok accounts to her audience

No. 1208621


yeah the banning of tilly to the point of not even being able to say her name, never seemed to make sense to me when sooo many other cows have been proven to be self-posting.

regardless, shes moved on with all that "im a sex worker ana queen" bullshit and now just posts the odd filtered af photo/story.

No. 1208627

Oy vey, kek.

No. 1208677

I still remember when she tried to start a patreon to capitalize off of her Instagram following. She legitimately thought she deserved money just to discuss her anorexia.

No. 1208715

File: 1618452525588.jpg (621.06 KB, 1142x2623, thesun-co-uk-tvandshowbiz-1439…)

This timeline the DM's said doesn't make sense. Nikki passed away April 9, which according to this article would make her planned admission date to a private clinic April 12. But on March 19 a rep of Nikki's told The Sun she'd be starting treatment "on Monday" i.e. March 22. Perhaps Nikki couldn't be convinced to go through with the private clinic admission in the end?

No. 1208724

not sure the daily mail can b expected to get anything right…

No. 1208823

File: 1618461617397.jpg (231.53 KB, 1080x1630, 20210415_143807.jpg)

Shay we get it, you're trying so desperately hard to convince everyone you're super ana that you've posted 6 of these "how did i get here" videos in the last 15 days. You arent fooling anyone, especially with the vending machine food you sneak at new farm with your super sick bowel issues.

No. 1208841

Ok but why is there not a new ED specific to these overweight “anorexics”?? the ones claiming Ana yet are gaining weight because obviously between their 2 day restricting fazes they binge. They clearly need help acknowledging and accepting that they binge and that their restriction isn’t anorexia. I also imagine it would prevent a lot of these larpers from claiming anorexia if there was this category because obviously they’d be diagnosed and given help for their actual issues and not the ones they want to have.

No. 1208843

Wouldn’t that just be EDNOS/OSFED? Although none of them would accept that anyway

No. 1208848

Yeah isn't that OSFED?

No. 1208886


No. 1208898

Shay here only because someone pointed out this had been posted. Regarding the vending machine, I've used it ONCE to get some vege chips which is one of the limited foods my bowel can handle

No. 1208902

To me this just reaks of Georgie… Trying to take the attention away from herself and conflict it onto someone else. Unless there's another poster here from New Farm who knows there's even a vending machine

No. 1208912

"Once." Sure jan, sure.

No. 1208951

File: 1618488312803.jpeg (954.57 KB, 1170x2136, 44E22D7D-A2F5-4887-A45F-C93937…)

I remember this girl from the early 2010s. She used to be semi-popular on aesthetic grunge tumblr and was posting the exact same kind of stuff back then. Her old recovery account used to be filled with spoopy leg shots, videos of her disposing of food and bragging about drugs and sex. Wish I still had screenshots.

Screenshot is from her tumblr circa early 2014, she’s one of the OG (albeit lesser known) pro Ana scumbags.

No. 1208954

File: 1618489015232.jpeg (162.83 KB, 1166x471, 1E699583-7F0A-4884-87CA-53EC37…)

the milk might be “thin and sour” but dusty is still my favourite proana scumbag

No. 1208995

File: 1618494196649.jpg (575.57 KB, 1038x1471, 20210414_214637.jpg)

Cecelia now claiming shes a SEED anorexic

No. 1209007

That have that already, it’s called Münchausen syndrome. For the ED larpers it should be called mooncher syndrome

No. 1209014

> tumblr circa early 2014
> she’s one of the OG pro Ana scumbags

> 2014

> OG

not sure if you're underage or i'm just an old hag, but pro-ana communities were rampant on the internet in the aughts, so you can't call a cow that didn't operate on the internet in the 2000's an OG in the lulzy pro-ana/mia scene no matter how milky. tumblr was relatively proactive about shutting down pro-ana shit compared to xanga and livejournal where these communities really ran around with free rein. (plus, tumblr has/had a massives body-positive/HAES userbase that actually bothered to report pro-ana/mia content.) for further temporal context, pro-ana/mia sites started getting mainstream media attention around the mid-2000's. here's a NY Times article from 2005 discussing pro-ana/mia websites https://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/07/health/nutrition/web-sites-celebrate-a-deadly-thinness.html and a published research paper from 2005 profiling the phenomenom as well https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1467-9566.2005.00465.x

No. 1209016

lmao, has she ever looked in the mirror and then looked at one of the SEED anorexics (e.g., the twins, etc)?

No. 1209019

Home made Geocities pro ana sites existed last century. Unfortunately old enough to remember. Live journal didn't gaf about pro ana accounts and LJ communities. Old groups are still there like abandoned buildings.

No. 1209020

File: 1618496777340.jpg (854.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210415-094508_Ins…)

No. 1209021

Bitch should try harder then.

No. 1209022

File: 1618496863917.jpg (720.04 KB, 1021x1676, 20210415_102751.jpg)

No. 1209031

Afaik SEED isn’t given out to US ana chans, and even if it was she wouldn’t qualify since she’s only been in treatment a couple times. In the US there’s no official chronic or treatment resistant label, that’s a UK and Australia thing iirc. She has a habit of making herself out to be much sicker than she actually is (too sick for acute but admits directly to erc, claiming bone marrow failure etc.) and is clearly just jumping on the UK chan trend of claiming to be a SEED patient.

No. 1209038


Did she ever give details of why she was "too sick for acute"? (Which is laughable, since they take direct transfers from medical ICUs)

I think the term 'SEED' is used in research in the US but not really diagnostically/clinically - I did a google search and I can find some articles written by people who work in the US that use the term 'SEED'. Diagnoses in the US are used for billing, after all, and it's not like you're going to get more money than if you're already billing for anorexia or bulimia.

No. 1209040

>>1209031 She said her bmi was too low or something

No. 1209041

lmao, if you look at some of the papers published by acute's medical director, they literally take patients with single-digit BMIs

No. 1209063

Nah, I’m old as fuck too and I agree that Xanga & geocities pro anas will always be the ultimate OGs but that milk has largely been lost to time. Nicole was one of the OGs of that specific sort of brand of tumblr pro-Ana bullshit though, before tumblr cracked down on it. She was one of the first to migrate to the insta recovery community iirc.

No. 1209086

amerifag here, SEED is not a thing, no doctor would diagnose someone with that as it doesn’t exist, if anything it could be classed “highly severe” or “chronic”, never heard of anyone in the US using SEED

No. 1209100

Pretty sure she wouldn’t be considered chronic after what, two? stints in residential treatment. There are plenty of US anas who do many more stays including IP as well who aren’t chronic and do eventually recover.

No. 1209163

File: 1618506186853.png (4.91 MB, 828x1792, EF988D18-A587-438F-8059-02B1C2…)

god imagine being the autocorrect / grammar check on this computer… would quit

No. 1209224

It is a diagnosis in the UK - the twins being a good example.

No. 1209271

File: 1618511937959.jpg (48.6 KB, 720x251, 20210415_194643.jpg)

A comment under a video Molly uploaded about an hour ago. I bet she fucking melts everytime someone validates her "teehee I'm just an innocent child" thing

No. 1209278

Beatriz must look rough as fuck. Molly looks 20, she just behaves like she's a lot younger. And dresses like a toddler.

No. 1209291

Where I live SEED is a thing, it's not a diagnosis necessarily, but its a recognition, and treatment goals are altered. For example SE-AN patients will rarely be sectioned/detained, they will often agree to medical stabilization but weight restoration isn't a goal. It's not determined by how many IP stays, or how many recovery attempts, its purely the years living with it.. which needs to be greater than 5 - 10. If you've had an ED for 16 years, even if half of that you've been at a healthy weight - you'd still likely be noted as severe and enduring.

No. 1209294

File: 1618513739600.png (534.61 KB, 707x556, molls.png)

is it just me or is there a red mark on her forehead? i wonder if she's head banging again

No. 1209298

i thought the same thing

No. 1209301

Who are the twins you all speak of!?

No. 1209303

she looks a healthy weight. SEED my ass

No. 1209306

wow. her face has really filled out. purging or just heavy carbs?

No. 1209309

Cecelia is in the US though, where sectioning patients isn’t a thing. SEED patients don’t exist in the US the way they do in other countries. She’s labeling herself just to seem sicker when she’s not.

No. 1209311

File: 1618514569695.jpeg (93.37 KB, 768x802, image.jpeg)

Exactly - well explained

No. 1209323

Is she WR? Not familiar with this one but doesn’t /look/ like a “hopeless case” either. So many cows jumping on the SEED bandwagon lately when they’re either barely out of their teens or just clearly…not. We’ll be getting Porgie or Laura claim it next.

I’m too dumb to come up with something witty but I cant just scroll past this without mentioning that hair.

No. 1209359


Maria and Katy Campbell, if you Google them a few articles will come up

No. 1209365

Bingeing, probably.

How come sectioning isn't a thing in America? I know they don't refer to it as that, but I had assumed that anorexics in America could be detained? I mean, Eugenia was…

No. 1209387

Can people SAGE! I’ve just read through and like half the posts aren’t even saged! Like read the rules of get off this page

No. 1209396

i think what EC had was a 5150 which is equivalent to a section. not sure if thats in every state though

No. 1209404

She's had that in the same place all along. Looks like a birthmark. That video is appalling. I love booktube but God, her editing is like a panic attack.

No. 1209438

Sectioning patients isn't a thing in the US? Umm.. a quick google search will disagree with you there. Eugenia Cooney was put on a 5150 (72h).. a further 14 days is a 5250, a further 14 days is a 5260, a further 30 is a 5270.15 and a more indefinite (up to 180 days) is a 5300. I think it's called 'involuntary commitment' in the US, but all countries have to have pretty tight laws around this stuff to protect the vulnerable person.
She very well be labelling herself to seem sicker, but it doesn't mean that SEED doesn't exist.

No. 1209443

oh shit, I remember reading an article about them years ago. I thought they died. I honestly feel for them, I couldn't imagine living with someone with anorexia, let alone having a twin sister. Can you imagine, like could one of them eat if the other doesn't? What if one goes for the walk, would that make the other feel like she has to? Would they have to eat the exact same amount of the exact same food. Far out, the competitiveness would be horrific.

No. 1209446

Given the competitiveness anas experience between non-siblings (or with non-ED twins) it must be crippling. I think an anon was talking about how Katie would intentionally trigger Maria a while back? Anyway, they walk around London all day together (at least one anon has spotted them) so exercise is pretty equal. If you are thinking of twins who did die, the Wallmeyers died in a house fire in 2012

No. 1209450

Yes it would be crippling, I can't even imagine.
Oh yes that's right, I remember that story too. The parents of these girls must be heartbroken.

No. 1209451

Is there anything like that at the federal level, or do all states have an equivalent to the Mental Health Act? I'm pretty sure 5150's are a California thing, not a federal thing?

No. 1209456

Ohhh my apologies, I really don't know, but I'd suggest each state would have their own law. I live in a small country that just has one prime minister aha, no different state laws! I just googled involuntary commitment in texas and it seems similar - the Texas Mental Health Code?

No. 1209478

File: 1618529262761.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210416-112405_Ins…)

I should have larped anorexia when I was a child. Imagine the cakes and maccas and ice creams I could have had if mum thought I was frightened of them and had to be challenging myself. Hams going to be continuing to challenge herself for years - what a good excuse to eat crap all the time.

No. 1209483

what a smug cunt

No. 1209512

File: 1618531262711.png (301.51 KB, 828x1792, BAE56667-A7AB-4F63-A294-A5E839…)

Yeah it varies by state, some states have more power in detaining people but there’s nothing nation-wide other than a 72 hour hold (not national but pretty standard across the US). After that it’s much harder to hold someone, a person has to be pretty much actively suicidal or homicidal. ED patients no matter how sick are rarely kept against their wishes unless they are an imminent danger to themselves or others. How else would Ash the skele queen not be in treatment? American is the land of the free, even if it’s the freedom to starve and purge yourself to death. Plenty of states require a court order for even a 24-hour hold, involuntary commitment beyond that requires further court orders and typically requires a considerable reason beyond eating disorder because “muh freedoms”. Involuntary ED treatment is very rare, tho iirc Colorado (where both Acute and ERC are) orders patients involuntary much, much more than other states. In most cases long term involuntary psychiatric treatment is mainly only used as an alternative to prison.

No. 1209518

File: 1618531678774.jpeg (429.12 KB, 1792x4074, F7DA7D33-8344-43CA-B732-57F3CB…)

Most states it’s hard to hold anyone who’s not in immediate danger of killing themselves or seriously injuring or killing another person. Partially why the US has so many in and out of IP and resi spoops, they get admitted then check out AMA after their 72 hours (or less).

No. 1209523


As others have said, it really really varies by state. The problem with getting a court order for involuntary treatment for an eating disorder is that most states don't really have a precedent for that counting as an "imminent threat to self or others" - that's pretty much just "I am literally in the middle of trying to kill myself" or "I am literally in the middle of trying to kill someone else". There are a few states (Colorado and Minnesota are the two that come to mind, but I'm sure there are others) where involuntary treatment is more common for EDs, but there are also states where it's basically impossible to get anything more than the standard 72-hour hold. There are also states where you have to get separate orders for holding someone vs tube feeding them vs giving them medication. The legal arguments all hinge on what you consider to be "capacity" and often the standard is being able to state the consequences of the choice you're making - so if an eating disorder patient admits that leaving AMA might result in their death, then technically they've demonstrated capacity. It's kind-of a new idea that they might not have the capacity to weigh that risk rationally against the desire to continue with their behavior.

It also really depends on what medical professional they see. Almost no ER physician is going to order an involuntary hold for an eating disorder. If you're seeing specialists at an eating disorder center, it's more likely because (a) they'll know that it's something they can do and (b) they've probably done it before and are more confident that they'll win in court. Most non-specialists aren't going to do anything unless you're literally in the middle of cardiac arrest or something like that.

No. 1209528

What’s there ig handle

No. 1209532

Based America. All the BPDfags/ED-larpers like Laura couldn't get away with it if the UK didn't have a Mental Health Act, and that would save resources and tbh there's an ethical argument against forcing help on people who don't want it.

No. 1209535

File: 1618535459587.png (4.47 MB, 828x1792, C276A787-5768-4612-AFBD-EBA325…)

quit the legal sperging plz and have a good laugh at this

No. 1209536

learn2sage, read the threads they’re there

No. 1209537

File: 1618535640326.jpeg (590.26 KB, 828x1511, 1603A4B7-328F-4F55-86B0-18B5DB…)

She would look so much better if she just let herself gain weight without so much strength training. Her training has fucked up her proportions so much that she looks terrible! Just gain some damn fat, ganer!

No. 1209539

>recovery win
pls give me asspats and indulge my fake ED

>whilst out with mum earlier

made mum drive to costa for muh insta, stopped at mcdonalds for a big mac on the way home

No. 1209541

Pity her poor editor.

No. 1209543


No Hannah, you ATE the cake. You know you can eat it, you could even have shared it with your mum or taken half home for another day but you gobbled it all up and get to feel proud of yourself because you're framing it as a CHALLENGE.

No. 1209550

i wish she’d get a nose job

No. 1209557

She's having cakes and biscuits daily it seems. Who eats like that?

No. 1209559

people recovering from soopah serious anowexia. she’s gunning for a type 2 diabetes diagnosis

No. 1209571

I know that this isn't strictly an ED thing but fuck she looks STUPID with that pose.. like does she not realise how pathetic it looks? Sorry rant over.

No. 1209578

she needs bangs/fringe for that fivehead more than anything
then someone needs to teach her to smile like a human

No. 1209586

I wish she’d stop being such a terrible human being on the internet. I couldn’t care less about her beak. Too bad there isn’t medical intervention to correct someone’s personality.

No. 1209603

File: 1618545899595.jpg (436.14 KB, 2880x2880, 20210416_160350.jpg)

Does she think she looks fab with that make up? Anyhow.. how does she still have that blasted toob. What a joke.

No. 1209604

No. 1209646

The only way she'll eat fruit is if it's in a cake, ahh.

No. 1209659

Her skin is making me want to scratch mine off. Bitch, wash your face.

No. 1209688

but anon! chii is better and wiser than all the medical professionals and procedures and would never dream about getting treatment!

No. 1209703

Quotes from Kara's BBC article. such a hypocrite

"When I posted those pictures I was in a different place in my recovery," she said. "Now that I'm a little bit further along I think that picture isn't helpful even attached to a good message.
"I worry it makes people feel invalidated because their eating disorder doesn't look a certain way. It's a huge misconception that the only eating disorders are the ones that make you emaciated.

No. 1209711

File: 1618563107998.png (8.31 MB, 1242x2208, 549BC0B1-C6DE-4F50-8B90-DF3357…)

the way she walks, poses and opens her legs to flex her weird legs is funny af

No. 1209717

She's on the comedy festival line up.

She must have permanent headache with that Croydon facelift.

No. 1209719

File: 1618564118771.png (12.88 MB, 1242x2208, 23EB9623-FC1B-4A76-8DD2-FCFC48…)

one word: her nose

No. 1209722

File: 1618564300622.jpeg (67.27 KB, 740x470, B6C2391B-A752-4C2A-BA86-DCFD90…)

No. 1209725

That's two words. She does have a huge conk though

No. 1209750

Just pissed myself laughing. Thanks anon!

No. 1209770

Your foundation is looking a bit orange sis

No. 1209771

I'm more concerned about her foundation. Looks like wood varnish

No. 1209773

We are one mind, anon

No. 1209775

File: 1618574217484.png (221.45 KB, 302x473, Screenshot_2021-04-16 Hannah G…)

"I accidentally the whole gym"

No. 1209780

File: 1618575005119.jpeg (615.3 KB, 828x836, 0BD5D514-7EE9-4CF7-BC4B-C5E86B…)

Still smaller than chii’s. So unfortunate

No. 1209783

if they actually weight restored it would be less noticeable. Cue Chii whining on her story about the mean comments, proving she lurks here.

No. 1209810

File: 1618580675983.jpg (126.71 KB, 447x447, Rookscavengingonpicnictable886…)

They want to look like crows. Especially the legs.

No. 1209813

They wish! Crows are much more intelligent than any of our cows

No. 1209828

Chii is smart, that’s why I hate her so much. She knows exactly what she’s doing

No. 1209831

Bet she can't do this with her beak though.

No. 1209834

chii looks like she smells like morning breath.. or milk and molded cheese

No. 1209836


No. 1209840

More like n2f smells like that for sure

No. 1209847

n2f smells like a homeless person and rotting vomit

No. 1209963

> when I'm feeling shitty I do my makeup so I can look as bad as I feel

She has classic PCOS face

No. 1210064

what's classic PCOS face?

No. 1210086

Round/fatter appearance, acne, facial hair and/or darker pigment in skin.

No. 1210092

Is it just me or does that still lowkey say "I'm sowwy that I was the skinniest and the bestest guys I know it made you feel bad for not being as good at being anorexics"

No. 1210098

round or pear shaped face, uneven skin tone, lots of dark facial hair esp on upper lip or chin, oily skin and always very heavy, cystic looking red acne concentrated on the bottom half of the face, especially either side of the jaw and chin.

No. 1210102

Definitely. If she genuinely cared she would say smth less specific to HER. Like "before and after pictures fuel comparison and competition" or "weight does not determine mental suffering and anorexia is ultimately a mental illness". Her true colours are really coming out now.

Also, I could have sworn I heard her BMI was at one point below ten but in her reddit posts she says her LW was 60lb at 5 ft 3, making her BMI ~ 10.7 (which I have seen mentioned elsewhere) Did she lie about this or did someone else make it up? Sorry for numbers (ik they're technically banned), but I thought potentially lying would be relevant if she is being mentioned more often

No. 1210116

If anyone wants a bad cringe, go watch Euginia’s Instagram story. It’s like she has social anxiety talking to her phone screen. She’s so awkward it hurts.

No. 1210123

her life must be so incredibly dull holy shit

No. 1210165

Blame the mother. Her brain's not functioning right either

No. 1210166

File: 1618615961419.jpg (654.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210417-011827_Ins…)

No. 1210261

it must KILL her to not only see a pic of her own face clearly at a healthier weight but also have it publicized kek

No. 1210325

I thought she was referring to her obscene raccoon eyeliner

No. 1210346

Can she even close her mouth at this point? Horrifying.

No. 1210382

>"Omg my gloves keep falling guys I don't know I feel like as these get older I need a new pair"

God I dunno why.. you know maybe coz people's upper arms are kinda meant to be bigger than their forearms.

No. 1210393

I reckon she only re-posted that story to ensure everyone is aware that it was from a long time ago.

No. 1210395

I seriously have so many thoughts and questions about Eugenia's mother. Like.. surely, there has to be more to it.. surely she can't have watched Eugenia do this to herself and done nothing. I'm Eugenia's age, and I found her about 10 years ago, so maybe back then as a teenager her mum did do something.. or at least tried to. But now aged 26.. what could her mum actually do to help? Given Eugenia is an adult with SEED, it's unlikely she could help over the last six years even. I detest Eugenia's mother for what she has done, but I have given it a lot of thought, and maybe she tried. Maybe she's given up fighting her daughter, and fighting the illness.

No. 1210426

Giving up fighting is one thing, but actively participating is something entirely different.

No. 1210462

Not to armchair, but if her mom isn’t the textbook definition of a dee dee Blanchard level sufferer of munchausen syndrome by proxy, I don’t know what is.
Not the first in the ana community and probably won’t be the last. It’s not just the cows who get off on the attention.

No. 1210472

Im not sure how to link stuff because I'm a techtard, but on YouTube there's a clip that was taken from one of her recent streams where she was asked if her mom was worried about her, Eugenia loosely explains her mom was only worried for her while she was getting help while being vague as possible, but straight up said at this time, No, her mom is not worried about her at all.

Jaclyn also said that when Eugenia was 5150'd she started balling her eyes out panicking because if she got help or went away her mom would die of heart problems because she has a weak heart.

Eugenias mother is very much involved in her daughter's condition, just how much involvement will never be revealed, I don't think much about Eugenias true past will ever be revealed even after she's gone.

No. 1210510

The whole munchausen by proxy armchair is retarded.

Intentionally making your daughter sick for medical attention doesn't manifest as an eating disorder that desperately avoids medical attention. Munchies by proxy play the good caretaker of their poor sick loved one for asspats. Eugenia's cow of a mother is probably some kind of malignant narcissist who lives vicariously through her daughter, but she doesn't look like a good caretaker and for years denied there was anything wrong with her at all. that's not munchausen

No. 1210521

File: 1618665448991.jpeg (327.41 KB, 1242x2093, ECF8D436-0C47-4FB6-9AA8-0F9190…)

why does she pouts her lips like this? she will do anything that will make her look like she is the skinniest queen to the point of looking like an old woman kek

No. 1210538

just looks like a triggering triceratops

No. 1210594

Looks like an inbred Klingon.

No. 1210604

File: 1618676461066.png (3.71 MB, 828x1792, 7517E9AC-00B3-4A98-B6DF-F42A61…)

this ones back- this video was a collection of gross open wounds, a couple of my tubes, a perfectly healthy weight body check, and general BPD substance abuse… under the guise of inspirational recovery content kek

No. 1210631

someones been headbanging.

No. 1210642


>a couple of my tubes

Did you make a typo or did we just catch a self poster

No. 1210647

typo, i meant *ng not my

No. 1210659

kek such ana, alcohol calories obviously ~don’t count~

No. 1210667

She's starting to look and sound a lot like morven in her ' I can't go on' posts.
What unit is she in ?

No. 1210671

she’s not in a unit.. she’s at home and she made an update about a huge argument she had with her family because her father wanted to take her car keys and she started screaming and head banging (extra points for breaking a chair also) kek

No. 1210675

She has talked about passing out a fair bit before, right? He should report her to the DVLA for being a threat to other people.

No. 1210676

File: 1618688640323.jpeg (123.58 KB, 640x995, 58D040F1-290B-4322-BE6E-5932D1…)

Ham skipping on her veg again

No. 1210677

That and she takes a ton of laxatives/purges, so her electrolytes are fucked and she's at high risk for having a seizure while driving and hurting/killing someone. It's extremely on brand of her to be so selfish that she either doesn't recognize or doesn't care about that danger.

No. 1210689

Tbh I don’t blame her. If I was born with that huge conk it would make me get an eating disorder as a way to focus on my weight loss rather than seeing my face

No. 1210691

File: 1618689563614.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1242x1739, B886BA46-AC7C-4DC9-B17B-2AB250…)

Elvis Presley would be jealous of those sideburns imo

No. 1210692

is this just the same person vendetta posting about AD? what is the point talking about her nose its not like she can change it kek, better talking about her pro ana scumbaggery surely

No. 1210694

who the fck is AD

No. 1210696


No. 1210699

Not a frequent flier here but I have a question. Shouldn’t it be more frowned upon to keep an “anorexia diary” on social media for followers? I’m sure if someone with a different disorder did the same it would attract more criticism, and regardless this is the type of stuff that could be posted privately. What do therapists have to say about all this?

No. 1210702

therapists probably think its attention seeking and anorexic narcissism like the rest of us . i dont know that these people actually tell their therapists they have anorexia ig accounts though

No. 1210704

Ikr? Like if someone had a similar username like “psychosisdiary” or “schizophreniadiary” and wrote her captions it would definitely receive way too much criticism.. but that’s not an issue for her, as if you see her followers’ comments they seem to support her kek

No. 1210706

its like turning an illness into a