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File: 1641499026832.jpeg (31.36 KB, 244x275, B98E7BCC-C8F4-4E32-AE5B-33574B…)

No. 1410299

No. 1410315

File: 1641499811291.png (805.63 KB, 720x1082, Screenshot_20220106-172458~2.p…)


Ty, anon. Sometimes, most times recently, I think of a new thread and lose the will to live. Specifically when thinking 9f Fu's brave cryface. You're a #warrior for having the motivation to post socials. Recap - Fi wore stupid Xmas outfits.

Anyone else get deja vu with Ham's latest gut shot? She's done this before. Documenting her expanding waist size. She never cuts tags off her jeans?

No. 1410327

treat yoself with those primark jeans made by sweatshop kids guyz

also, eugenia's breakdown actually made me sad. anyone else? i feel like she's finally cracking. she looked human for a second there.

No. 1410336

Same to be honest, I'm wondering if she's actually at the point of needing products, I can imagine it not being something you'd want others to know about and it more than hitting a nerve. Plus by sounds, the alogging seems to be getting ridiculous.

No. 1410339

I know it’s ot but Fiona’s eyebrows bug me so much. She’s not that old why are they plucked as if it’s 2005? I’ve looked through her fb (not sure whether it’s okay to post profile pics?) and if you scroll back far enough her natural brows are thin but okay

No. 1410347

Most spoops at her weight have fucked up kidneys. She's possibly wearing a Tena pad for incontinence.

No. 1410360

new jeans didnt fit, so go buy more new jeans? huh

No. 1410368

It makes sense to me. I don't think she tried them on, the lower legs are way too loose.

No. 1410372

It made me sad too, but after so long it was almost good to see the façade crack. I know this won't be a wake up call for her, but I wish it was.

No. 1410374

What Eugenia breakdown? Do you have a link? I assume someone recorded it.

No. 1410376

last thread

No. 1410377

thats why it doesnt to me, i thought despite the current covid that primark changing rooms are reopened? anyways im just nitpicking so ill stop

No. 1410378

Found it, thanks.

No. 1410381

maybe she ordered the first pair online?

No. 1410383

They annoy me too with how arched they are, maybe she has that hair pulling disorder?

No. 1410422


It seems like that comment hit too deep for her to process(learn2embed)

No. 1410428

At 18, you're no longer a "growing girl". This is twice in a year she's upped her sizing. Please stop eating shit. This is not ~recovery~, it's unhealthy eating which sticks for life.

No. 1410429

Don’t think you can order stuff from primark online, they didn’t even have a website before the pandemic. The bigger tip off is she’s clearly holding a bag from primark. You’d think because ham is so at risk from covid due to the damage anorexia has done to her body that she’d be shielding still, but she bravely ventured out.

No. 1410437

File: 1641507909925.png (859.19 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20220106-222232.png)

22 weeks ago. A dress size every 6 months?

No. 1410442

Don’t give her another thing to larp, kek. Back in the 2014 tumblr days they were like that too I think it’s just the natural shape perhaps

No. 1410545

She wouldn't have such an emotional reaction if it wasn't true, I think. Not so glamorous to be a spoop after all.

No. 1410546

All the oatmeal bowls and sugary junk are catching up to her. Is she still posting her daily breakfast? Still afraid of fruits and vegetables because they're too low calorie?

No. 1410643

I eat oatmeal every day and my BMI is still 15(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1410652

No. 1410660

Posting this again for those who are looking for it and missed it in the last thread.

No. 1410663

Absolutely no1curr anachan go post your BMI to tictok where also no1currs.

No. 1410671

Has Fi stopped making YouTube ? Or is she struggling too much with her teaspoons.

No. 1410673

Clearly some sperg cares enough to think you can get to an overweight BMI on oatmeal and literally any sugar alone, I don’t know if it’s you but keep seething anyway

No. 1410755

File: 1641532744901.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 313.9 KB, 828x588, 85C5E597-F2FC-4EDC-BCE4-29E972…)

Rachel still as terrifyingly spoopy as ever, despite all the money people have donated she hasn’t gained an ounce and is barely able to move.

No. 1410814

No1curr about your bmi or your sad little watered-down slop. Go eat a burger.

No. 1410833

Oh my god, I’ve never seen her get so angry. This vid is kind of funny though kek >>1410130

No. 1410864


It's good to see that her oh-so-glittery, shiny polished facade is crumbling and breaking.

No. 1410865


Fuck. Off. Skelly.

No. 1410877

Shocking. Less chocolate, more raspberries. The upsize of her jeans might've put her off throwing in her party rings.

Ever thought about recovery or do you plan to be an ana chan bore for the rest of your life?

No. 1410888

Your skelly ass probably doesn't have a double portion of oats topped with sugar on top of sugar with some sugar sprinkled on top with syrup and maybe 1 blueberry, and many other meals during the day. Fuck off.

No. 1410890

That little window in the mask makes this all the more horrifying

No. 1410932

Be gone skelly no one cares

No. 1410953

I think she's pretending that these clothes don't fit her, like, they're just unzipped. I think I might be wearing jeans too tightly though.

No. 1410979

Make your words make sense dumbfag

No. 1410981

Aren't you supposed to buy jeans tight at first because they stretch out with wear?

No. 1411006

File: 1641571571706.png (429.67 KB, 358x638, Diaper Girl.png)

>>1410660 in response to her flashing–by accident her diaper. and not her pink panties….
she must be upset everyone knows now

No. 1411037

If you zoom in it actually doesn't look like a diaper. It looks like she's either not wearing underwear kek or she's wearing nude underwear.

No. 1411045

just looks like white pants to me

No. 1411051

heres a longer vid

No. 1411079

Tbh, what’s the big deal if she’s wearing a diaper? Everyone knows she’s killing herself with that extreme anorexia of hers, it wouldn’t be that shocking if she’s already having bladder issues.

No. 1411083

Where do you see a diaper in this?

No. 1411085

File: 1641579412428.png (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 745x1322, Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 1.15…)

Spoilered for Nourish's terrible makeup.

No. 1411087

So Fi has 3 weeks before an EDU… will she / won’t she ?….

No. 1411093

File: 1641580131636.png (2.18 MB, 1035x1305, Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 1.28…)

No. 1411104

I haven't watched Eugenia in a long time. There's a MASSIVE difference in her personality compared to when she was younger. She seems so empty. Emptier than than before. Her life seems empty. There's only vanity. She's just sitting in front of her computer every day getting compliments. Se also seems much more coherent in this video than usually. She's like very serious for the first time ever. Her whole personality is a huge huge act.

No. 1411106

Tinfoil time. Maybe everyone is saying she wears a diaper is because they want her to start flashing her panties more during streams.

No. 1411111

File: 1641581367008.png (458.41 KB, 596x454, n2f_lucyslut.png)


yeah we're getting darn close

No. 1411112


>> She's like very serious for the first time ever.

You're already starting to talk like her. Maybe have another break..?

No. 1411113

Jesus Christ.

No. 1411117

I'm very aware I sounded like her. That was the point.

No. 1411120

That's a-ok with me as long as you maintain a decent calorie intake.

Stay healthy, nonnie.

No. 1411125

Don't worry nonnie.

No. 1411126

I wasn't serious, nonnie.

No. 1411127

I really am autistic huh

No. 1411132

File: 1641582756048.png (1.75 MB, 986x1004, Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 2.12…)

No. 1411138

Pickles onions in spaghetti in a jacket potato. What.

No. 1411139

Her hands are clean but her nails are still grimey.

No. 1411144

I always see the wildest food combos in these threads.

No. 1411149

more attention from mummy and daddy, more crying content and more gifts from people who feel sorry for poor her!
but are there are beds or she will end up in general again getting away with things?

No. 1411156

File: 1641584124378.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x2040, 6C086C34-F625-43B2-B5DA-7CA1A8…)

body check just so you wont forget she is still ill

No. 1411161

Where is lucindas newest thread?

No. 1411166

Go to Catalogue, it's under snow as always. Shouldn't need to be spoonfed. but >>1386142

No. 1411168

Kek, she acts like she doesn’t absolutely love all these sooper serious appointments and hospital threats, and all the attention from mummy, daddy and professionals. Pity she can’t do recovery without being coddled, and more independently, unlike her younger sister who practically had to. Maybe if she was treated like the actual adult she is, it’d be a shock to her system.

No. 1411170

i don’t understand then, is there a bed available in 3 weeks and she’s going in it if she hasn’t made progress?? let’s be real she’ll just deteriorate after it’s been denied lmao

No. 1411185

could be that, could be that shes fooling us around just to prove how sick she is or they gave her 3 weeks to turn things around

No. 1411189

Someone needs to make a new thread.

No. 1411192

There was no 1200 post warning though? so it should be open still i assume

No. 1411230

File: 1641590320628.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 376.37 KB, 1124x2206, DC3AB605-DD2D-4447-8B8E-239417…)

Kennedy/Kelsey is now posting her spoopy body checks onto her main insta

No. 1411241

Zara complaining someone is copying her on her IG story does anyone know who she’s talking about?

No. 1411257

can you post some more of this. what was the caption? acct is private.

No. 1411258

Her face looks worse than before but why TF does she not have a belly button???

No. 1411267

File: 1641593024444.jpeg (709.81 KB, 1124x2221, 5EBE5F0A-205D-41D6-BD00-EAABD1…)

Here’s some of the caption but it’s super long and continues into the comments. The video starts with selfies of her crying and her body checks, then transitions to pics of her smiling and with friends and family

No. 1411309

File: 1641596000385.jpg (270.77 KB, 1052x1727, Screenshot_20220107-175013_Ins…)

Cece always delivers

No. 1411318

File: 1641596656019.jpg (688.88 KB, 1520x1077, eugdiapers.jpg)

No. 1411323

Because corpses don’t piss

No. 1411325

File: 1641596970548.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, E39B25EB-4188-477C-881A-054676…)

What is this about?

No. 1411348

imo she got super defensive because it's either true or partially true. i feel bad for her tbh. idr if anyone posted this, but there's another one here 2 months ago where someone said her face is chubby so she should lose more weight. it's an obvious troll but you can see the wheels turning in her head and she was pretty much speechless.

No. 1411367

I can’t stand Eugenia but the people who troll her like this truly deserve to rot. and so do her sick fuck parents

No. 1411370


FML when I zoom into cooneys's crotch for analysis. I think she's definitely wearing a pad. Thickness of a light sanitary pad. Obviously got kidney failure and lost control of her bladder. If there was nothing going on in her knickers, she would flip her literal wig over it. I just wish she'd fuck off.

No. 1411371

Soz, she wouldn't*

I agree trolls are vile, but she's no better.

No. 1411381


Sorry I didn't get a pic but the other day nourish posted a poll on her story with pics of her with and without makeup. 97% voted for without makeup, take the hint girl

No. 1411385

It's interesting that out of all of the troll comments she gets this is the one to get to her. Do ana fags go incontinent eventually? I'd imagine if you're at that level of malnutrition you'd lose some muscle strength.

No. 1411394

Ash tier skelly I used to know used to piss the bed every night.

>As the lower urinary tract is oestrogen sensitive, it is possible that women suffering from anorexia nervosa may experience similar distressing urinary problems. Of 29 anorexic women assessed, the majority had significant irritative urinary symptoms of which frequency, urgency and nocturia were the most common.

No. 1411433

oh god she is skeletal
at that point just shoot yourself, instead of committing prolonged vanity suicide
stg if I get alogged for this…

No. 1411445

What happened to nonnies spoilering N2F's vile food? Can that start happening again please?

No. 1411504

I agree 100% nonna. I don't know how anyone can watch their daughter just wither away either. It's like her parents don't even care.

No. 1411518

Her parents are definitely crazy but they also can’t force her into a facility either because she’s an adult. Since it’s been so many years they’re probably just trying to appease her until she passes away

No. 1411588

I understand that, but her mom could consider 5150 since well, it's kinda at that point and i sincerely doubt she even suggested something basic like therapy. If anything, her mom seemingly encourages the disorder and tries to discourage her from eating judging from her videos. I genuinely think she doesn't care otherwise should would have intervened a long time ago.

No. 1411598

File: 1641614018212.jpg (631.57 KB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_20220107-225249_Ins…)

Definitely found a new EG wannaba

No. 1411600

*Eugenia typo

No. 1411654

With those nails at least we know she's not a purger.

No. 1411661

File: 1641621222223.jpg (405.44 KB, 1080x1774, 20220108_155209.jpg)

Oof we've finally pushed Enara enough that she's exposed her weight to "get us off her back" a WHOOPING 150 KILOGRAMS holy shit

No. 1411662

File: 1641621333908.jpg (344.67 KB, 1080x2170, 20220108_155503.jpg)

In other news, Porgie junior has begged her way into getting a toob in hospital again at an obese weight

No. 1411695

holy shit I was not expecting that! she's bloody huge.

No. 1411701

I have some thoughts about growing Jose but idk if anyone cares

No. 1411712

Not everyone knows Eugenia is killing herself; that's what makes her such a scumbag. She markets her horrorshow on youtube as fashion/lifestyle content for ages 13+, and there ARE younger girls misguided enough to believe her when she lies about her health like in vidrel.
Calling everyone stupid and ragequitting her stream over a comment she used to laugh about doesn't make me feel sorry for her at all, it just makes me think she's only overreacting because she really is incontinent. All this because Eugenia flashed her panties again! What happened to not caring when her underwear's hanging out because she's "not showing anything private"? If she put some fucking clothes on nobody would be commenting about what she showed them and she could have kept her damn diapers private.

No. 1411726

Samefag just to show she used to laugh off way dumber "diaper" comments. Just like no one's making people watch your videos if they don't like them, nobody's making you read those comments if you don't like them, Eugenia

No. 1411745

Sorry for ec sperging but 5150 only applies in California and Eugenia's parents brought her back to Connecticut to avoid it.
Her parents have such a history of helping her turn away attempts to get her evaluated by medical professionals (any time she says she got swatted, it was a wellness check/psych eval team), her friends had to trick her into leaving the house to get her seen in 2019 when she was involuntarily committed.
Unfortunately, since Eugenia gets whatever she wants, not what she needs, her parents pulled her out of rehab (tinfoil: as soon as possible), discontinued psychotherapy and sent her back to YouTube work within 6 months of being 5150ed with absolutely nothing changed except her physical condition and alienation from her friends, who she now considers bullies because fucking Deborah (mom) threatened to pull her out of rehab early if any of her friends tried to contact her. Ex-bff Jaclyn Glenn may be considered something of a cow in her own right but she's a lot more credible than the Cooneys.

I really hope Eugenia outlives her mother but I'd be surprised.

No. 1411757

weird to see her with some flesh on her bones

No. 1411760

Didnt Eugenia have her own thread?

No. 1411762

Not on this farms no, there's 4-5 year old threads that got locked not long after being created.

No. 1411765

File: 1641635869103.jpg (39.51 KB, 501x411, 1641614018212.jpg)

Holy fock. Those are not real fingernails, or are they..?

No. 1411786

To me they look real due to the deformities. Hands can get pretty gnarly with vitamin deficiencies.

No. 1411793

just post the milk, this looks like a self post. asking if anyone cares means yu already think nobody does

No. 1411795

Or I just can't be bothered posting if nobody Is interested which it seems nobody is not so I'll keep it to myself.

No. 1411800

If it's just your thoughts newfag then probably not, if there's milk sure. Click the number to reply to people.

By sounds looking at her account she might be suffering from a TBI following a car accident. Hope the lass recovers soon. But isn't there a munchie thread where she'd probably fit better?

No. 1411822

She's looking a bit fuller than before. Good for her.

No. 1411823

She has brought it on herself at this point to be honest.. She knows what she's doing wrong and won't stop.

No. 1411826

Why does she need her followers' opinion on everything she does? On food, on her hair, on her makeup..

No. 1411828

If anyone knows who this is referring to please spill, very curious anon over here

No. 1411833

Does it really matter, seriously.

No. 1411837

I think it's referring to Han. As in life of hxn.

No. 1411850

More deets come in bring the milk.

No. 1411851

deffo not about her. they’re like best friends seemingly. and simultaneously seem nothing alike (hxn seems very infantile and zara seems overly belligerent)

i thought it was maybe about the increase in ~educational~ recovery accounts copying posts off one another

No. 1411871

File: 1641649886261.jpeg (198.64 KB, 750x1176, A7C6E889-78B4-40B7-9498-EE0ED1…)

Has she deleted her account?

No. 1411872

Why are you here, seriously

No. 1411883

If you have milk by all means post it!!!

No. 1411885


That anon is right. We want milk, not second-hand milk.

No. 1411887

File: 1641651862265.jpeg (110.59 KB, 640x640, scarlettvfit.jpeg)

Here, have some fried chicken instead.

No. 1411888

It's dead for me, too.

No. 1411902

think that means she’s deactivated

No. 1411905

When she said she wished her stomach could permanently look like that … so recovered

No. 1411906

It most definitely is about Han. Not sure of the actual details of the "copying" but that is who Zara was referring to.

No. 1411911

File: 1641654286900.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 312.53 KB, 1800x1218, B56069F6-EAA3-4BBA-A5F7-31F219…)

Looking like picrel. I’m having the texture of a brittle desiccated corpse didn’t have anything to do with why she lost those competitions. She really looks like the pinnacle of strength and fitness.

No. 1411920

Isn't han now wanting to do law?

No. 1411933

>5150 only applies in California
every US state has its own involuntary commitment statute
in Connecticut it’s just called “civil commitment” not by its number in the state legal code

No. 1411940

Fuck Kati Morton. Could we make a thread for her? Has she got cow status? I would say she has, she's done a lot of shit

No. 1411943

how do you know

No. 1411960

I chat with someone who is friendly with Zara and she told me it was about Han. Not a cow so not wanting to name names. She could be lying. Don't really see why she would but it's possible

No. 1412000


And having a mental breakdown over her face and legs looking 'watery.' Just say fat FFS. But it's totes not an eating disorder guys because she's a speshul bodybuilder.

No. 1412003

smells like bullshit to me. they seem thick as thieves and equally detestable

No. 1412005

File: 1641664798640.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1964, 7AB52319-F865-417E-A4B3-71153F…)

shan remains unhinged and ugly, has recently posted a poll on her story asking “do i look sick?”.

No. 1412014

How is Katie Morton a cow?

No. 1412016

There is no appropriate comment. Words fail me.

No. 1412033


You got a source for that..?

No. 1412034


Still able to hold up her smartphone and take some snaps to post them on Instagram. Oh yes, death must be closing in.

No. 1412047

I just realized that Anna hasn't been mentioned in a while. Is she still larping mcas or has she finally moved on and is concentrating on her studies?

No. 1412073

File: 1641669956281.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2046, 3CAED9B8-8B6D-4B0E-86CE-220FA3…)

Good job Fi, so proud of you for sharing that you ate rice krispies with water. Im sure your young, vulnerable audience wont get triggered

No. 1412078

File: 1641670200125.jpg (434.58 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20220108-142742_Ins…)

Had to make sure we know she she's too sooper sick to "walk"

No. 1412082

i mean, at what bmi do they dont allow you to you walk if you dont have any other physical symptoms?(i.e/ fainting, low muscle tone etc) she never mentioned any of those and it keeps me wondering…

No. 1412083

… Why wouldn’t you just eat them dry at that point? It’s not like with oatmeal where you need to wet it so it can be eaten. Sounds like she’s just saying shit for shock value now.

No. 1412090


That's one fine way to land under a bus pretty soon, gorl.

No. 1412092


She likes getting attention more than eating those rice krispies.

Film at eleven.

No. 1412093

A BMI that she'd be detained at hospital for. Is she actually told to use it or is she so speshul and sick that she needs one. Only ana who wouldn't love to just use that walk to exercise even a little

No. 1412094

exactly my thoughts! every other anorexic would walk, she still uses it, she loves it

No. 1412100

>>1412078 I don't think they can not allow you to walk in the community/your own home. Maybe a condition of her discharge, but I've seen many other spoops walking

No. 1412106

Any other spoop would refuse at home, they'd agree to it in hospital but refuse once they got home

No. 1412112

Calm down. Not everyone with anorexia abuses exercise. Not even everyone in Fiona's physical condition. She's a fucking idiot for using a wheelchair to take instagram pictures in though.

No. 1412113

I can only assume that if she was at all dehydrated and having difficulty producing saliva, that rice crispies might be a son of a bitch to try and swallow. Trying to imagine eating dry rice crispies the next day after being on a heavy lash with a dry mouth, no thanks.

No. 1412131

She didn’t have the wheelchair in any photos she uploaded to FB last week (or week before) when she at her friends’ house for Christmas drinks either. Wonder if she takes it to appointments or just for the public’s viewing.

No. 1412133

Thank you for the correction, Nona. Makes it more despicable the Cooneys have access to options local to both of their million dollar homes but enable their daughter's illness unchallenged, all while her ignorant audience cry "but she's an adult it's not like her parents can do anything" when they can if they recognize she's gravely ill–but that would reflect poorly on their parenting. Better let your own daughter die than admit you're a horrible mother I guess. At this point Eugenia's pretty much SEED anyway so why waste limited resources just to send her back to the same living situation that made her sick?

No. 1412145


One fine day her EC's parents might realize that you cannot possibly buy health and a sound mind.
If her heart just stops at night, even a million dollars won't come to her help.

Let's go on and draw our circles like the good vultures that we are.

No. 1412154

She’s mostly moved on to be fair. Still occasionally posting on her stories or among half assed info graphics but she seems to actually be bored with (exaggerating) ana now.

I think most places it is around a BMI of 12. But given we know she is fine standing up and walking around for her tiktok videos I’ts just an ana badge of honour to have a wheelchair when not in hospital.

Not sure if it’s something we want to discuss further but I think she enabled Eugenia, made a video claiming she was fine and the friends who organised the section were in the wrong

No. 1412173

Kati Morton's not milky enough for her own thread. Maybe if you toss her in with Dr. Todd Grande, Dr. Drew, any other medical professionals on social media who show a cowish lack of professionalism.

TL;DR Kati Morton is the marriage & family therapist who works outside her area of expertise for clout on youtube.
Kati Morton is known for
-Diagnosing Jake Paul as a sociopath despite knowing nothing about personality disorders (he probably is but he's not her patient and it was presented in a very sensationalist and unprofessional way, because it was for a fucking shame dawson video)
-validating every distorted thought Eugenia shared about how much worse than death her 5150 experience was with zero pushback, just nodding along while Eugenia villainizes her friends for getting her help, playing dumb despite Kati being the one who advised Jacyln Glenn on staging the intervention.
There are several videos on what makes Kati a cow, take your pick.

No. 1412190

i hane no idea about the sociopath dianosis and all the other shit she does (stop following her years ago when realised she was claiming to be expert in everything just for money) but she is a dbt trained, specialised both ed and pd’s especially bpd

No. 1412201

She also has stakes in the questionable betterhelp that she shills to no end. And she is completely unable to take criticism, calling it 'hate' or 'trolling' if anyone challenges her.

No. 1412209


if EC does croak, her mother will inherit all her daughters money… maybe that'll give you an insight into her enabler-ism.

No. 1412231

If that were her BMI would she not be sent straight to an edu no option

No. 1412256

She's like a highly trained and very qualified professional who never emotionally graduated from high school

No. 1412262

No. 1412263

No because a) there is a long wait list for beds , b) typically after multiple unhelpful ip stays the admission weight decreases bc they prioritise people for whom ip might actually be helpful and c) she is probably falsifying her weight at weigh ins

No. 1412358

Holy shit, never thought about that. Maybe since Deborah’s given up on helping Eugenia recover, she’s focusing more on Chip? He has autism and is obese and maybe they need the money to make sure he’s okay long term. Or maybe Deb is a sick fuck with Munchausen??? They’re such a weird family.

No. 1412376

I was always more sold on the theory that perhaps her mom is an emotionally neglectful alcoholic/pill popper who lives vicariously through Eugenia…in her warped mind she sees EC as her "beautiful, skinny, successful daughter" and doesn't see that her severe AN is a problem because she doesn't want to see it because then things would change, and change = scary. And a shallow/neglectful mother daughter relationship would explain Eugenia's need for attention by any means necessary.

I say all of this based on 0 actual information about her mom so pardon the tinfoil. This isn't even that milky, this horse has been beaten to death all over the internet outside of this thread so I'm done lol

No. 1412495

She’s obviously lost weight at home.
First she was talking about going back to stoke hospital again, now she’s talking about an edu. Wonder which would dare have her! Has she been in Vincent square?

No. 1412509

am loving the well predicted new development of Fi going to the hospital straight after christmas. she ruined it for her family now she's gonna go shut her herself away with a tube for another few weeks? months?
why do her team even give her deadlines? she will obviously stay restricting, self harming/"having incidents" & being an autist until she can get back to her happy place: 1:1, tubed & fawned over by nurses that braid her hair, and followers who call her brave for remining so spoopy and sick.
soz for the rant, but she's a selfish pig.

anyway, why would EDU take her if she's obviously not going to be having a short stay, i thought they were 'emergency' decisions units, not long term stay hospitals

No. 1412541

EDU = eating disorder unit, no clue where you got your interpretation of the acronym from

No. 1412561

Emergency Decisions Units (EDUS) are wards for recovery, short term & in-between stays - I mixed the 2 up

No. 1412564

Interesting, I'm assuming that's a British thing? As a USAnon, "short stay"/acute is the default for our psych units unless otherwise specified.

No. 1412570

Ausfag, but in my state there is no eating disorder units except pediatrics. same state as growing.josie so i d k how she's in hospital.

>>1411701 I want to hear the milk about josie anon, I follow her but still

No. 1412587


She is in hopsital after being in car accident which was her fault. She is dangerous on the road. I hope she loses her license. She also looks big in her photos. when they are taken of her they really show her weight

No. 1412590

why the FUCK was she driving when 4 days ago she posted a pic of her in hospital talking about debilitating 'thunderclap' headaches that incapacitate her?

No. 1412592

She's an idiot. She is definitely an attention seeker. I just love the photos taken of her, she is not dainty as she claims

No. 1412593

she's never been anywhere near underweight and she knows it

No. 1412595

Yes. She acts as she is the sickest fairy.

No. 1412597

post caps from her private account if u follow

and start saging yr posts

No. 1412600

File: 1641714544973.jpg (506.45 KB, 1411x2017, Screenshot_20220109-184818.jpg)

No. 1412601

File: 1641714578994.jpg (712.4 KB, 1440x1962, Screenshot_20220109-184812__01…)


Not very dainty

No. 1412609

She posted a contortion shot on her story but I don’t have screen caps. I’m guessing the “accident” was another suicide attempt. Is the person posting the updates milky as well?

No. 1412625

Working with bpdfags does not make you an expert on all personality disorders. Kati Morton said herself she was not familiar with antisocial personality disorder and Shane tasked her with researching the condition specifically for the video. With her legitimizing Eugenia's dangerously disordered perceptions about mental health care and earning the ire of other mental health professionals, seems kati sucks at what she supposedly specializes in too
Eugenia grew up spoiled rotten rich, but my mother would trade every penny she had + more for the health of her children. It's painful to watch a child defend someone who treats them so poorly, even if that child is 27. Like a battered woman defends her piece of shit husband because she thinks it's love. I don't think Eugenia's ever known a mother's love. No clue if she really thinks she does or if she's just afraid of upsetting mother dearest since she's such an unreliable narrator

No. 1412634

The best thing about all of these updates is that they're claiming she has a TBI that's making it hard for her to stand, walk, dress herself, feed herself, etc, but then there are pictures of her doing things like … holding a glass vase with flowers in it. Because you would totally give glass to someone who is so uncoordinated that they can't feed themselves.

No. 1412636

I thought ( obviously wrongly) that a cow had to have/ claim to have an ED and post attention seeking posts on social media and provided milk. So what is the definition of a cow ?

No. 1412637

αare you new here anon? we said she in previous threats that she hasnt been to any other edu other than glasgow (that litterally always has beds and takes everyone with Anorexia). Vincent Square is shit right now. i wonder if she cries to be moved, if shed admitted there, because its short staffed, mostly bank who dont give a shit and wont give her the wholesome attention she craves

No. 1412643

No not new -4 or 5 years - just must have missed the post.

No. 1412652

Wow, at last I know what Kati Morton does. So many times she's been a suggestion on my youtube feed, but her videos have been so random I didn't bother to check her out. I saw her on the EC video and I took it she was one of those celeb type therapists who are shit. Betterhelp says it all…

The most disturbing thing about her mum is how she films upskirts of her daughter. Absolutely always seems high every time she's been on camera. The family is very Adamms Family, except mental instead of spooky. It's like they're all inbred living in a house left to get on with being totally dysfunctional.

No. 1412661

File: 1641724066589.jpg (530.62 KB, 1080x2067, 20220109_164917.jpg)

Kek how much more of an idiot can this Enara chick be. Now pretending that she never actually posted her weight and that "someone edited it". Bullshit Enara, I wasn't even the one who posted it and I saw it on her story. She didn't realise how much it'd spread around the internet so now tries to claim she never posted it lol

No. 1412665


big kek, like why would someone pretend to be her and write that toss, it was a total sperg she thought would get us off her back but backfired

No. 1412667

File: 1641724413903.jpg (684.39 KB, 1080x2190, 20220109_193951.jpg)

Josies really gonna milk this whole car crash situation. What's the bet she turns this into a "permanent brain disability" or something? And why can she not write her own posts when she can answer messages and get all these photos??

No. 1412670

lolcow.farm/rules#snow newfriend, if you mean this thread specifically sorry for derailing. Kati Morton is only tangentially relevant through her irresponsible collaborations with Eugenia Cooney whose qualification as a proana scumbag has been detailed in previous threads.
I'd be interested in a Mental Health youtubers thread but there's not a lot there.
If you don't see how kati's self-promoting social media behavior is attention-seeking though I can't rewire your taste for milk, go enjoy your Shane Dawson videos I guess
Why does the vegemite pattern feel so right for her?

No. 1412675


Those devilish thoughts…

But I like them a lot.

No. 1412681

File: 1641726544181.jpg (363.96 KB, 1080x2097, 20220109_210444.jpg)

At this point Enara is just bullshitting everyone.
1. She purposely would of saved a fresh, unedited copy of this photo purely for the purpose of this; to accuse everyone of "making a fake edit" so that she could go and edit the initial photo and make it look like she really posted that. Because she really didn't expect this to blow up like it has and now she's regretting it and trying to make it look like she never posted that and that she posted something totally different.
2. She's claiming she weighs HALF of 150 kilos which would make her 75 kilos AS FUCKING IF!!!! Unless she's like, what, 4 foot tall?

No. 1412687

No, just Glasgow. (Hence the massive media cry-fest mummy and daddy did). Managed to drag her stay out for a straight two and a half years. She’d improve for a few months, the tube would be removed and then suddenly have a tube again after a couple of weeks, visible self harm on hands, head would re-appear etc., classic Fi.

No. 1412689


whos that bint anyway

No. 1412690


So you're the samefag with all that little personal vendettas again.

No. 1412694

Awfully swift capture there

No. 1412696

Please go away. Nobody's interested in you.

No. 1412698

file name: 20220109_210444.jpg
is she from Aus? seems to fit the timezone.

No. 1412725

Her and the person writing the posts are both extremely fucked up. Like, I don't mean to be mean for no reason, but they're both absolutely hauntingly riddled with mental issues. If they weren't so toxic online I'd actually feel bad for them. Seems Chelsea has settled down a bit, but it won't last long if she keeps hanging around Josie, she's bad news. Still, all these posts are publicly visible and I thought someone had other info, but yeah. I also think the car accident was on purpose, and if it wasn't, it is still pure recklessness because a snowflake as sick as her shouldn't be behind a wheel.

No. 1412726

Also heartoftee gives me the shits sometimes but I'm glad she had the guts to comment what she did. The whole sharade is innapropriate.

No. 1412732


Why don't you fuck off, selfposting cnut.

No. 1412762

How do people just get admitted into general with an ed?? Or a mental health unit? And does that mean you wait longer for an ed bed?

No. 1412764

How do ed beds even get prioritized like what patients get it sooner, genuinely curious as to what factors and criteria push you up the list

No. 1412777

A variety of reasons for people being given priority and it is dependent on the unit. Generally physical need such as rate of weight loss, dangerous behaviours, physical obs like potassium, ECG results etc, level of motivation and number of previous admissions all factor into it.

No. 1412786

what’s considered risky behaviour?? and if ur weight was low like bmi 14 ish but no abnormalities, you’ve been in before and the referral has been made with lack of consent for admission, would that give u priority for example? or push you lower ? say if u were on a mh bed waiting would that push you waiting longer?

No. 1412793

Nonny here is not the place to ask these things, plus you're barely making any sense. Go ask mpa or some shiz.

No. 1412794

Also there a soo many different factors to take into account it really depends on the individual situation and the hospital…

No. 1412797

Really depends on the service in the area and the history of the individual. In the area surrounding me, if someone was a chronic case, had had previous admissions, had a BMI of 14 and no abnormalities in bloods/wasn't purging/exercising excessively/abusing laxatives, then it is unlikely an EDU referral would be put in without their consent. Of course this isn't a solid rule. I would imagine that being in a general MH unit would mean someone is a lower priority for an EDU because they're (theoretically) being kept safe, but I really don't know about that situation.

No. 1412827

How the actual frick is Atticus @bury.wingless.crows still alive after all these years… Like, how? Sheer willpower? Witchcraft? I would pay good money to see them recover, but damn they're annoying… Half the stuff they post is "updates" just presented as thinly veiled body checks. She's like "look at the illness I am making worse and influencing others with, but don't say anything about it" ummm no. No no no.

No. 1412831

File: 1641742358066.jpeg (21.91 KB, 200x226, 76AE488C-74B4-483D-813F-2E5587…)

No. 1412841

And with that, her lifespan extended another spite-filled year.

No. 1412842

Her thread on kiwifarms is in the deathfat category. Made me kek.

No. 1412856

File: 1641744411561.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1170x2026, B8F8E3B1-A41A-4EF9-93D6-4B9A01…)

we switched from two sachets of porridge to three pieces of weetabix.
so scary considering is less calories now

No. 1412876


Take a pill.

Get some rest.

No. 1412877


She feeds on that thoughts, noob.

No. 1412885

File: 1641746516345.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 574.91 KB, 750x1147, F66D8518-CB43-44D9-8ED6-FC9A44…)

Someone asked what Anna was up to the other day.

Posting selfies with actual shit on her reel was a highlight for today. In among the pity party and ~woe is me and my lost chance at freedom in recovery~ crap.

Spoiler bc actual shit. ??

No. 1412917

Not the birthday peach photo making a reappearance.
Forgot to screenshot but she is also going to the US to study abroad on Tuesday. She’s going be insufferable, preaching about how hard she worked and how blessed she is. Maybe I’m just bitter though, she seems to have realised she can’t milk the ED anymore.

No. 1412933


Two sachets of porridge is 200 calories. One Weetabix is around 65-70 calories. Do the maths.

No. 1412944

It’s telling that she recycles the same 10 photos. If she had actual MCAS she’d have many photos of her symptoms.
But she’s showing ‘circulation issues’ which is a photo of her hand when she went swimming in the sea in Scotland in January.
A stranger ‘deliberately giving her covid’ which i think is 1% likely to have happened (particularly because she came up with this story months after she had covid). A ‘rash’ which is scratch marks on her arm.
And ending it with the fucking birthday peach. She is still so fucking insufferable.

No. 1412945

So why don’t they try her in a different unit? Probably have similar no effect or help but just different to the priory. Capio nightingale is brutal - she’d hate that ( and it’s private)

No. 1412946


It's all about her fAnCy nEw fOoDbOwL, I think.

No. 1412951

2 sachets of porridge is 200 cal if you make it with water though, assuming she’s not doing that (on camera) because it’s disordered as fuck. I’m too lazy to do the maths because it would require knowing what sort of milk and how much fi used in her porridge and weetabix but in the end unless she’s drowning them in milk and drinking everything leftover it’s not going to be a significant difference either way.
The way she captioned it ‘New breakfast’ is funny though. Maybe to you fi but to most people a couple of weetabix is old hat. They make them with chocolate or fruit in now, maybe you could really challenge yourself!

No. 1412968

Porridge made with water is disordered?? I have to disagree with you there.

No. 1412979

I’m guessing you’re disordered.

No. 1412981

NTAYRT but I'm pretty sure porridge was originally made with water. Sure, it's a bit weird by modern standards, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's "disordered" to have porridge with water instead of milk.

No. 1412987

File: 1641753001949.jpg (32.29 KB, 612x492, istockphoto-181062211-612x612.…)


By golly, hats off to you, old chap.

No. 1413000

?? instant oatmeal made with water is the norm where I am

No. 1413008

File: 1641754541753.jpeg (220.72 KB, 750x1334, F02C7161-932F-4381-A7D9-D4FD0B…)

Late but don’t think it’s about Hxn

No. 1413010

porridge tastes better with water, and a serving of weetabix is 2, not 3. but then again who the fuck has two porridge sachets

No. 1413015

who tf are mpa
im just curious cos i hear different shit all the time, people sent home with like a bmi of 10, yet people turning up in general not quite that bad. i’d assume if you’re in a mh unit tho with main problem being the ed that wouldn’t lower your priority.? has fi got any other diagnosis apart from asd?

No. 1413023

If you want to know if you can go IP just ask your doctor

No. 1413024

File: 1641754992099.jpeg (262.91 KB, 750x1232, E7721ABF-CF66-4C72-B40B-1F472E…)

Rare shot of Niamh definitely not bodychecking

No. 1413029

is it just me or is she looking worse?

No. 1413030

forgot to sage

No. 1413033

I think this is an older photo, her face looks way fuller on her latest tiktoks

No. 1413043


Yeah, it's just you posting that Tiktok bitch and answering your own posts.

Have a nice day.

No. 1413045

BPD. Still don’t believe her ASD diagnosis. Larped to fuck is what that is, kek (especially if you’ve known her years). Seems to be the new ‘thing’ to have amongst the cows/general MH insta ~community~ now.

No. 1413047

How many porridge sachets are you supposed to have?

No. 1413050

I make porridge with water, I never have milk at home and if you add a banana it's nearly the same from the taste. That being said, I don't use instant porridge stuff, so, maybe that is a difference.

most instant porridge has milk powder added, so no need for milk

No. 1413057

No it’s not… and kek that’s an Instagram post

No. 1413058

actually i didnt post her, can do ip check if ya want.

No. 1413059


Listen up, samefag nonnie.
It's so obvious, because you're making the same mistakes all over again.

No. 1413063

Still obsessed with your lil' teenager, aren't you

No. 1413072


Accept she’s a cow and remember you’re anon, your ana goddess won’t appreciate you defending her here anon

No. 1413075

sage for blogpost but its relevant… friend has been to nightingale marylebone. It's not brutal at all, they let you get on with whatever. You chill out in a hotel room with a TV and do art groups.

No. 1413076

Also, its not NHS funded

No. 1413079

She looks way worse.

No. 1413081

im not gonna argue further, if your really that bothered, im sure the farmhands will assure you its more than 1 anon

No. 1413084

it’s not the same person you utter ‘tard

No. 1413086

File: 1641758474684.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2419, AB79D756-83A8-4C43-9BF7-92A480…)

zara does look better recently, holding out hope she might do a ro and actually recover ..? maybe uni was what she needed.

No. 1413095

oat so simple original one sachet is 180 calories!
one weetabix is 68 according to their websites.

use a calculator

No. 1413099

She’s literally wearing a baggy sweatshirt, she still looks like boney shit the rest of the time

No. 1413102

She's also some kind of a-hole.

No. 1413110

Usually one if you add milk, those sachets she uses have exactly 100kcal and she makes it with water. The Weetabix with probably almond milk or some bullshit is nearly the same as two porridge sachets. So not a real change or challenge for her

No. 1413111

Only if you add milk

No. 1413113

she's swathed in a jumper you actual retard? her face looks like it could cut paper

No. 1413116

funny you mentioned that. following her since tumblr days it was only eupd, then anorexia added, then eupd vanished and ptsd added, then became cptsd and now autism added but never mentions flashbacks/nightmares that was the reason for her ed

No. 1413123

File: 1641760343425.jpeg (24.91 KB, 225x225, 0856D821-E304-4EE0-8175-BD0692…)

You have Fregoli syndrone

No. 1413124

And the fake ‘psychosis’ she wrote about on tumblr that also seems to have been forgotten, kek

No. 1413129

the flashbacks that caused her severe self harming and not eating and not touching and the sleepless nights due to ptsd were re occurring on her old recovery insta. she seems to magically recovers from whatever its not in her interest/convince anymore

No. 1413130

Fuck my life, can't we just thread ban Niamh? It's fucking retarded every single damn time. No one cares except the same few anons and it always causes shitting up the thread. For all we know she could be reveling in the attention from it here too, self posting etc. just as she does with the negative attention on tiktok.

No. 1413132

It tastes better because I prefer mine salty. Adding milk makes it too sweet to my taste. I do add berries or banana on top but they're different kind of sweet. This is just something I'm used to, it's not disordered.

No. 1413135

Ham eats 2 every morning because 1 just isn't enough to make her gain.

No. 1413137

she's a charlatan…follows whatever trend

No. 1413138


No. 1413142

fuck off fattie go eat your milk oats

No. 1413146

Shut up lmao all you do is samefag just to get your own way. Log off.

No. 1413147

File: 1641761459734.jpg (57.93 KB, 611x489, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1413149

Kek sorry for not starving myself for attention, retard.

No. 1413154


No. 1413159

No one cared about how you have your oats either but that didn't stop you sperging

No. 1413162

>most instant porridge has milk powder added, so no need for milk
That is wildly inaccurate nonnie where the fuck are you from?

No. 1413163

Sounds like 'murica

No. 1413167

Home country of "Competitive Eating".

No. 1413173

doubt it no amerifags say porridge

No. 1413184

Maybe they mean the pots rather than sachets?

No. 1413189

Jesus christ I wish I’d never brought up making oats with water now

No. 1413195

Americans use neither of those words. We call oatmeal “oatmeal”. Other sorts of “porridge” has a variety of designated names.

No. 1413233

i don’t lmao(namefag)

No. 1413235

porridge should be made with water not milk, end of

No. 1413245

Sounds disordered to me kek, but at least you guys aren't blitzing cauliflower to a minuscule amount of oats and claiming it's a recovery recipe. Maybe it's a US thing, even the back of the boxes say milk in the UK.

No. 1413249

Stop obsessing over Nightingale Capio. This is at least the second time you've said it is "brutal"!

No. 1413262

Just…leave like clearly you are not old enough/ are too naive to be here!
Adults with EDs as the primary reason for admission are not admitted by the NHS to acute mental health units. They go to EDU or medical. Those with an ED and BMI below 15 should never be on an acute MH unit even if they have other risks. That can mean EDU or PICU that can tube or all sorts.

Fiona or anyone at her weight absolutely could not be safely managed on an acute MH unit because they can't tube, monitor intake effectively nor are they trained to restrain low body weight/ clinically frail.
I know anons love to critique but she does have anorexia and is clearly a very low body weight. She is a cow because she posts on every social media platform going.
She isn't currently in hospital because of policy (Care and Treatment Review) that means it is more complex to admit an autistic person (she does have formal diagnosis (larped or not)) to hospital. Especially when it is an environment that won't make them better (previous admissions have not made her better) therefore if she is doing what she is meant to at home then she will be supported to do so (and due to previous section 3 this support can be funded by NHS England not her local teams budget). If she isn't doing what is required then she will be hospitalised to medical whilst they find an EDU bed/ put in community care.
The issue is that she posts all of this online and has done for a decade. But I think arguing that she has too much porridge is just bonerattling!

No. 1413268

fi is that you

No. 1413271

Next thread should be called pro ana scumbags: endless sperging about fucking oats edition

No. 1413296

also why is everyone (or the same anon) calling it capio? EDU is called Nightingale bendall mews and its anything but brutal, infact you pay therefore you want to be there and yes strict but if you want help, you will probs get out better. Nothing but brutal but i dont think her parents will pay apx 5,000£ per week for her to relapse within a week. Also if you dont comply they refer you or kick you out

No. 1413300

hello Fiona!

No. 1413308

I saw the original post (on the left) in her stories

No. 1413309

File: 1641771554233.jpeg (607.86 KB, 828x1382, 6710B54B-0CAE-4171-A8E0-A7A76F…)

Almost fell of my chair seeing this pop up in my explore page, I’ve actually forgotten what she looks like without the horrendous shoops

No. 1413324

Absolutely no sympathy for her at all. We know she’s underweight, we see it with her body checks lol and her ED is all she goes on about. She’s a cow. At the end of the day, if she’d used the years of help and support she’s had, as well as what she’s currently getting and actually put in effort she wouldn’t have to mope about at home and cry for YouTube videos. She loves attention, being babied, larping and having that ‘mentally ill’ identity. She always has and she’ll never change. Bet she’s hating how being put in hospital won’t be as easy as it used to be for her though kek.

No. 1413348

No it’s nhs as well- most people there are under section or get sectioned once they are there. Main unit for other MH is voluntary/private - some overlap but not much ( main part has restaurant and gym).
ED part had an independent clinical care review thing - or whatever it’s called- a few years ago and they found “ numerous failings” in the care.
Not sure I would call it “ brutal “ but 4000+ cals a day and patients jumping out of windows, being restrained by 5 nurses and syringe fed because they aren’t allowed to do my feeds is pretty harsh to say the least.

No. 1413349

Go back to your porridge and hats Fiona .

No. 1413358

i know people who were there recently though! yes there main concern is the money so if they realise that you are staying for as long as they say so, they keep increasing your target weight to stay longer. Therapy is shit, psychiatrist was an ass who never did what she said but no people jumping out of the windows, no syringe feds . yes to brutal restrains though. They call it prison as its in the centre on london, no grounds for fresh air, tinted windows that barely open. But its irrelevant to the threat and our dear Fiona will never voluntary end up there (and she cant do it involuntary)

No. 1413364

AFAIK they have a couple of NHS beds for people who are sectioned. Didn't Beth go there?

No. 1413366

>>I think arguing that she has too much porridge is just bonerattling!
Based take, anon. Even if her oat packets are 100 cal each, 200 cal would still be a small breakfast.

No. 1413369

Forgot to sage, sorry

No. 1413375

articles say its the only completely private hospital in the uk. so i dont think nhs has to do anything.

No. 1413393

File: 1641776373414.png (672.93 KB, 951x1248, sex offender.png)

Remember the convicted paedo tranny ana? He just fasted for a week,but unfortunately didn't die.

No. 1413448

File: 1641780222596.jpg (228.77 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20220109-210022_Chr…)

Cece here to trigger the ana chans with her "unpopular opinions"

No. 1413451

File: 1641780256684.jpg (310.91 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20220109-210222_Chr…)

Gotta remind randoms she's sooper sick

No. 1413453

Yes they do have nhs beds - nhs pays them for them- know of several people under Paul Robinson ( twins consultant ) who sent them there as nhs patients via Royal Free .

No. 1413455

File: 1641781032413.jpg (156.49 KB, 1076x1198, Screenshot_20220109-211147_Ins…)

>>1413309 I screengrabbed this poll she did the other day of her unedited leg/knee. To answer your question, spoopy as fuck, just not uncanny proportions. Made me feel a bit sick.

No. 1413459

>>1413262 agree. Fiona is an embarrassment and she will never get better with mummy and daddy coddling her just as she likes 24/7

No. 1413462

>>1413455 my eyes, anon. Spoiler that skelly.

No. 1413464

>>1413448 kek doesn't she get lattes all the time

No. 1413466

>>1413309 soz for samefag but I cropped the poll out bc accidentally voted in it

No. 1413501

Girl called Christine - on 1:1 - took a run across the room jumped off bed through front window - hurt but not dead.

No. 1413502

Fiona wouldn’t go there - without sounding racist ( I’m not) majority of staff are black and Fiona is to middle class English to be able to cope- especially with her autism ….

No. 1413512

Doesn't look so super sick though. She should just let go of her ed already and go live her life outside of social media.

No. 1413514

File: 1641787012652.jpeg (976.47 KB, 828x1425, D905B6AF-1BA5-4F60-A521-2C230A…)

so frail

No. 1413573

oh god I thought that was a baby in it's amniotic sac. fuck

No. 1413588

that’s complete bs … so i’m not naive. you CAN be on a mh unit waiting for a bed, i simply wondered what that meant in terms of still getting an ed bed

No. 1413596

File: 1641797878641.png (26.05 KB, 783x380, enara.PNG)

Enara is currently crying on her story (literally) because she misgendered someone, then when called out about it she misgendered them AGAIN in the 'apology'
there's about 10 tells about it https://tellonym.me/enaralouise and it's posted on her story

No. 1413613

I just had an image in my head of her falling like humpty dumpty and rolling on the ground a bit then huffing and puffing herself up. Imagine being so fat you need strong painkillers after falling.

No. 1413636

Sucks to be her, once you injure your lower back you're prone to doing it the older you get. And the pain can be horrendous. She's not doing herself any favors for risk of injury given her weight. I only know what late-stage pregnancy related injuries are like and the impacts after, shudder to think what it must be like to be like that 24/7, but i assume it's similar. I know people on shows like 600 pound life, if they fall it can be devestating.

No. 1413649

right sorry ive heard different things. I guess thats why most windows are locked or barely open now

No. 1413677

Oh no she miSgEnDeReD someone
Literally nobody cares

No. 1413691

Oh my god now josie has a gofundme. For a car. That she will most likely crash again. Like… Surely if you've crashed two cars and you get seizures and severe headaches you'd just catch a fucking bus.

No. 1413710

>she misgendered someone
Fuck off back to PULL with this because we don’t care

No. 1413712

That’s what you get for being fat

No. 1413729

I think she made it up. It came out of nowhere, she said people had been messaging her about it but no one knows who it is? It’s either fake or someone said they want to study law while also being full of themselves and she couldn’t take the similarity

No. 1413736

Is a car really her top priority now? While she’s recovering from a TBI? fucking idiot

No. 1413738

The point was she’s literally crying on her story apologising for it lmao I don’t care she misgendered someone

No. 1413751

This convicted pedo deserves his own thread

No. 1413755

Does anyone know what happened to that French spoopy girl? Her name was Cece or smthng and her username had Flan in it. Also that Italian spoppyone - Aly?

No. 1413764

It is bloody annoying that there's some anons here alogging or poking the bear, this is why we can't have nice things. Milk dries up when accounts private etc. Whoever is telling her to kill herself is legit retarded.

No. 1413768

Didn't Aly die?

No. 1413774

Italian aly? No. She's still going, no longer spoopy though, but just as crazy i assume. @itsaly_eleanor

No. 1413785

You can't tell me one of the twins didn't write this lol

No. 1413789

can't get over how pathetic she is. LARPing her sooper srs ED on tiktok at her age. Her weird gnome face enrages me

No. 1413792

Sage x100 for blogpost, but I've been there. It's a cushy private hospital. Boring as fuck, nearly all agency staff, but private. Can we end this discussion now?

No. 1413793

This is very clearly either Katy or Maria posting.

No. 1413794

File: 1641829232539.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2059, 8095E4BD-B919-4DF5-8F38-10D8BC…)

Fi had weigh in today

No. 1413810

File: 1641831703944.png (920.55 KB, 727x1267, frenchcow.png)

Came across this french cow on instagram…she seemed to be on the way to recovery, but now just posts hospital food pics / incredibly long rants on her ig stories all day long, pretty much every day

No. 1413813

No! I’m not Katy or Maria - just know several people who have been there and done the rounds of the London EDUs.

No. 1413814

No. 1413834

You clearly are naive if you don't know what will/ won't get someone admitted.
Adults with a PRIMARY issue of anorexia will not be held on a MH unit because realistically they will just end up in medical with low blood sugars/ have further,faster weight loss.
If someone is being admitted because they are trying to off themselves then that's a different issue but again if they have BMI below 15 and they respond how most do to a) wanting to die and b) put in a scenario where they aren't in control they just stop eating and thus… medical!
You say you know all this stuff about London units but literally all the London units use medical as their holding space… even more so in the rest of the country where there are fewer ED beds. And it is incredibly rare that an adult gets admitted to edu with BMI above 15 and in some areas 13 (unless ongoing electrolyte issues, other physical risks that are reoccurring even when going to medical for fluids) because there are just not enough beds.

No. 1413841

She’s still around, still in and out of hospital. She’s not really milky just boring and probably could be considered SEED at this point.

No. 1413870

File: 1641837664947.png (303.05 KB, 429x698, Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 11.5…)

In classic BPD fashion, Enara was apparently so upset by someone telling her she did something wrong that she crushed a glass vial in her hand and is now ~so at risk~, how dare you ever scold her for her behavior.

No. 1413889

will you shut the fuck up and stop shitting up the thread? no one but you cares about inpatient criteria. get a new hobby

No. 1413891

is that why you've suddenly changed your typing style?

No. 1413899

I have suspicion that Enara keeps self posting since no one is bothering to interact with the Enara posts but they just keep on rolling in.

No. 1413901


Was this the one with that crazy fasting thread on MPA?

No. 1413938

Not aware I had ! Only some posts are mine - no idea who the other anons are- except someone who is obsessed with IP criteria, and someone obsessed with porridge and water.

No. 1413943

File: 1641844508182.png (1006.44 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20220107-094903.png)

Anna is still flaunting her normal-thin body and restrictive diet and pretending she is some genius getting a placement at a no-name hospital in the US.

She'll have some "MCAS problems" and come home before summer, I'm sure. She'll also definitely rip on the US while living there, she has no shame. Anyway, enjoy this botched caption.

No. 1413957

Anyone else find it rage-inducing the way fiona constantly refers to herself in the third person as "fi" and uses the royal we "blah blah fi loves fi needs we will get fi back:

No. 1413958

File: 1641845766387.jpg (219.25 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20220110-151426_Ins…)

Dropped pic bc I'm a dumbfag

No. 1413964

I'd bet real money on that. I don't think any regular anons care enough to post about her. it's not milky it's just pathetic

No. 1413978

Bet she’s trying to keep up the autism act - sounds like something she could have copied from Smorven

No. 1413983

She literally posts the same thing every day.

One breath at a time. Minute by minute. Hour by hour. Day by day. I WILL do this. I WILL get Fi back. Deep breaths. Tough day but just. Keep. Going.
I think she thinks it’s super inspirational.

No. 1413987

Tinfoil she never had a car accident, this is all made up - classic long elegant posts from her friends and her ‘I can’t tyype goodf’ comments that only appeared when someone questioned how this was happening (she managed to type well enough to explain somehow that her friend was typing out long captions and sending them to her, she was approving them and posting them?). But has a traumatic brain injury, no memory, seizures, cannot eat… but can copy and paste text, choose which pictures to upload to Instagram and beg for people to send gifts.
(which she could have edited out as she posted the caption herself but did not)

No. 1413989

File: 1641848671822.png (446.04 KB, 431x680, Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 3.03…)

The "placement" that Anna has been bragging about it is… eight days long. For context, the rotations that US medical students do last 1-2 months so she's very clearly not doing a rotation like she implied.

No. 1413990

File: 1641848761002.jpeg (399.54 KB, 1241x1842, 40CEA5F6-91E4-4114-B27F-6D0EAE…)

Oh come on now. She’s obviously very badly brain damaged. I mean, look at this spelling …. ;)(;))

No. 1413991

File: 1641848817212.jpeg (177.36 KB, 750x1334, CBDF97C2-55D2-4814-8995-9B3F5D…)

Cece jumping on the trend of telling hilarious stories about her treatment holidays.
Her quest to become tiktok famous continues

No. 1413993

Enara is a cow, just not a pro ana cow.
Just like any BPD enthusiast of course she was going to have a meltdown a week before her discharge date. Any excuse (or self post/messages) would have tipped her over the edge.

I don’t think she belongs here in this thread. She’s milky, but not the brand we like.

No. 1413994

File: 1641849037527.jpeg (282.1 KB, 654x387, 179D74EC-2664-46A3-B0CA-7A38DE…)

No. 1413995

In many ways she is like a skimmed version of Han.

I really want to be happy she has a life outside her LARP but it’s hard when she is so smarmy. I think her longer placement may have been cancelled because of COVID ( but not sure why she’d be able to go at all if that’s the case). Also seems super wasteful to fly half way around the world for 8 days doing something she could study at any UK hospital (especially because of the differences in US and UK treatment). I’d get it if it were for a month or more but she’ll be probably be too jetlagged to really appreciate it - and that’s if she doesn’t have a MCAS flare up on the plane, poor delicate waif.

No. 1414004

>>1413991 her "breathy/delicate" voice is so fake and cringey

No. 1414005

ot but why do you type in such a specific way on an anonymous board? I don’t get the over use of hyphens or parentheses and you’ve been doing it for months. It’s super obvious when you’re online

No. 1414007

There are a few anons who I can recognise by typing style. one is obsessed with fi and says 'kek' to end every sentence. Another is the one who types like bridget jones and who i still suspect is Katy.

No. 1414010

File: 1641850378001.jpg (272.82 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20220110-162333_Chr…)

Oh cece. Never change, seed warrior

No. 1414012

File: 1641850471133.jpg (296.99 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20220110-162835_Chr…)

Bonus bug eyes

No. 1414025

Oh she's insufferable. Her misspelled, trite remarks about how to do well in school are ridiculous. Yet she acts as if she's God's gift to medicine. I especially enjoyed her tribute to the heroic people who volunteer to give vaccinations - a.k.a. herself. I think it's in her highlights.

What a twat, I hope she gets her ass kicked someday.

No. 1414029

No. 1414038

Idk, I’m just a dumb bitch who can’t collect her thoughts. But I’ve looked through the thread and seen a few other anons who also overuse hyphens and parentheses so maybe it’s not as unusual as you think.

No. 1414040

jumping in to say that i too overuse punctuation, feel like it gets the tone across better. if anons are truly so bored that they’re spending their time microanalysing the typing styles on the thread, i’d suggest finding a hobby.

No. 1414041

File: 1641852843681.png (2.3 MB, 1214x1116, Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 5.13…)

No. 1414042

File: 1641852881600.png (2.26 MB, 1205x1233, Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 5.13…)

No. 1414046

I hope she ends up like lucy knight on ER. She was a medical student with ADHD who was super good at studying despite her condition, like anna with her dyslexia. And she had such an affinity for poor mentally ill patients…

No. 1414057

Also this was not funny. Just a stupid treatment inside joke. Actual funny shit can happen but this was not it.

No. 1414084

Ausfag here. Have something I've been wondering about for ages. I've been in both public and private edus in Australia and generally you stay 1-2 months in private and I don't really know public, I know some ppl do like 6 months but the thing is, people put on weight. And I just don't understand the UK system where people are constantly in edus for like 1-2 years and come out underweight? What are they doing in there? How much are they feeding them? I just can't wrap my head around it. Also do they do any therapy because it seems to me they come out having absolutely no capacity to cope with life.(unsaged blog)

No. 1414092

Sage for sperg but Ausfag too and I was thinking the same thing. I think because here IP treatment goal is physical recovery and then you get moved to IOP/day programs/OP after that? Plus idk about your state but here you have to be medically stable to be eligible for any ED program (IP/day/IOP/OP) otherwise you go to the medical ward until you are stable. Day program is basically like DBT group therapy but with meal support. There are no tube parties in IP where I live because that's exclusive to the medical ward.

No. 1414093

My fave thing about this is the fact the lyrics actually are "pope is a rock star" and I lol every time I see mental health warriors using it to be deep and inspiring.

No. 1414122

Equally bewildering as an Amerifag where most inpatient units keep patients like 1-3 weeks and you can only spend forever in residential if you have great insurance.

Here, guideline is to try to make patients gain 3-5lbs/week. It's really confusing that they don't pick up the pace in the uk if beds are in such short supply.

No. 1414143

Hiding food, watering down no feeds, refusing to eat and nurses being soft, over exercising, bping etc- once you know how a unit works it’s not hard to get round things. Therapy is useless here- or maybe it’s more that you only get out of therapy what you put in- so if someone is under section and doesn’t want to be in a unit or recover they won’t engage in therapy or put in effort or try so they don’t make any progress and just fight the system or drs, nurses, therapists. People who do really want to recover do , they gain the weight and do the mental work .

No. 1414147

do you really think anachans in other countries have never thought of those things? sounds like the staff are incompetent or the policies are ineffective

No. 1414148

adult diaper, pants, liner
Either way this is a lesson she needs to wear pants in public and not try to post skele thirst traps. I don't feel bad for her, wear shorts.

No. 1414150

In my experience in ED units in Aus you can't get away with any of that. Sometimes you can on medical if your 1:1 is an idiot but on the units you can't get away with any of this and if you try you get kicked out until you're ready to recover

No. 1414173

Defs my experience too. Ppl are literally constantly getting kicked out of private if they don't comply. I've been in Australia's only public edu and you can't get away with anything but they don't really help you either. So you can put on the weight but depending on your attitude you lose it as soon as you get out

No. 1414182

God damn it's so annoying. If you actually had brain damage that badly, typing is the last thing you'd want to do, let alone posing for photos…

That's a pretty big tinfoil, and I don't think she'd be in hospital in emergency if there wasn't an actual car accident. It is possible of course, but it means her friend and boyfriend would have to be in on it or she is lying to them. I would say that's impossible but people literally fake having cancer so anything is possible! She'll milk it to no end, and be on a disability pension for life I'm sure of it. She'll probably use this as an excuse to not go back to uni too, actually that's probably why she did it. Munchausen needs a new definition to account for all the people who go on the internet to research and fake/give themselves illnesses, there's so goddamn many of them now.

No. 1414192

According to the NHS website, there is actually recognition of ‘Munchausen’s by internet’ now, nonnie!

No. 1414204

She’s already on a disability pension for her mental health!!! How else do you think she’s afforded to not work all these years! Anorexia is also the thing she uses to not do uni, because she’s much to sick to exist in the world as a normal functioning adult

No. 1414221

That looked like a normal plate of food for about 2 seconds, then my brain processed what I was seeing. Well it tried to…still not really sure wtf I'm seeing here

No. 1414226

Oh hi, yeah well we know she's on disability already seeing as she's mentioned it before, but I'm saying she likely won't ever get off it. Like, she'll never be a contributing member of society. She enjoys the parasitic munchie lifestyle too much. As for her anorexia being the reason, pssssh. She's fucked up, but it's not from that. The thing is, she's never been anorexic long enough or severely enough to class as disabled, it's all the attempts that have been the reason for hospital admissions. Plus she seems more of a bulimic anyway, what with her lax abuse.

No. 1414243

Both staff incompetent and policies not effective or not tough enough.


Sounds like things are much harder in aus- do most people have insurance?

Are there any sole ED units? Mia - as in whatmiadid next- made a thing out of there being no specialised ED IP units in all of Aus?

Going back to Fiona - she just doesn’t want to recover . Simple. Why would she with mummy and daddy giving her attention, no responsibility, no money worries, nothing except porridge hats and llamas to struggle over.

No. 1414244


Oh la that reminds me of https://www.instagram.com/uneanafliction/ who I hadn't checked on in a while. I'm impressed she finally gained some weight but ugh still with the dancing and needs to be queen of the tube.

Anyone else hospitalized in France? I don't remember ever seeing anyone tubed at BMI > 15.

No. 1414263

Not many people have insurance if it's not mooched off their parents, and then the parents have to be somewhat well off to have private insurance. Private clinics usually only accept people with insurance, and can cost up to $1,000 a day.
As for ED specific clinics, they are few and far between really. Some states don't have a single one, others have a few. Ramsay Clinic (New Farm) is where a lot of cows go, it's in Queensland.
So basically, there's no clinics unless you have the money.

No. 1414269


Ausfag here also..
You can stay under your parents insurance until you’re 25/26 (?) then you need to pay for your own.
Which is why you’ll see a lot of ED cows drop the IP act by the time they reach this age.
The public system here is not kind.

No. 1414278

OK so uh, I'm the person who originally posted and said I had stuff on Josie and got poopooed. Since then. It seems like you've all done my work for me.however I have been screenshotting shit for literal months but have been to shy to post so Rn I'm trying to get some shit together to share.

No. 1414283

I do however in the meantime want to say that it's bullfuckingshit that she was driving. Like there is zero percent okayage with her driving. She knows her conditions. She advertises on insta on a regular basis that she passes out everyday. Like wtf?

No. 1414302

OMG her "foodie finds" make me homicidal. Protein bars are SO disordered and then microwaved. Jesuus, that is just so disordered.

No. 1414304

Right! Like why was she allowed to have a licence of all this shit is legit wrong with her? And even if her licence wasn’t taken off her, why were her family and friends letting her drive in the first place! I can safely say that I was as ‘unwell’ as Josie is I would not be allowed to drive

No. 1414309

how are protein bars innately disordered?

No. 1414316

They aren't innately disordered but in the case of spoops like Fi they 100% are.

No. 1414332

Thanks I've been missing n2f cuisine.

No. 1414333

In my state there is only hospital IP which is like a psych ward but only for eating disorders. It's public but the wait list is long and it's pretty much just sitting down and eating.

No. 1414347

File: 1641881881550.png (1.1 MB, 1061x935, 138265936295.png)

Is that a headbanging mark? And before any of the anti Niamh spergers start I've never posted her before in my life and her picking up munchie tactics after getting admitted is milky as hell so don't try me.

No. 1414350

of course she's a headbanger too. Wonder if she picked that up at the hospital? I really can't imagine anyone but someone who is autistic or retarded doing that though, like isn't it embarrassing to just sit there and bang your head to a wall/table because you have to eat? Or is the very obvious mark on the forehead something they want? Self harm you can't hide. Nice to trigger others at the ward and so on..

No. 1414355

The reason she ends up in hospital for her "anorexia" all the time is not because of how unwell she is with that but how easily her other conditions get exasperated by basic Ed behaviour

No. 1414357

I think it's something done in a fit of rage, they just suddenly headbutt the wall in anger. Like how someone punches a wall and accidentally injures their hand. But it's so obvious Niamh is just sponging up the influences around her, and feeding off the attention it gets her. It's sad cause she really does need help but getting admitted is just going to make her worse if they don't take away her internet privileges and address the underlying BPD or whatever drives her to act this way.

No. 1414358

There is literally one Ed unit in Australia with 8 beds. There is a new (and first for aus) residential treatment in Queensland but I've heard nothing about it. There's Ed programs in children's hospital in aus but it's merely the fatten them up and let them go approach. If you want help you need private but tbf that's much more accessible than other countries.

No. 1414360

Yeah but like a year ago it was rare and now literally everybody on insta does it.

No. 1414361

I didn’t realise there is only one. Is that the one in SA? Because I’ve only been to 4GP in SA and it has 8 beds. There’s plenty of private stuff out there - Wandi is private.

No. 1414364

I have been to the royal Melbourne Ed ward. It sucks it's just there to make you fat and stable. Barely any work around the ed no therapy. It's why do many people relapse

No. 1414366

That’s basically the same as 4GP. Just eating and sitting and an occasional art therapist. We have day program here which is public and is really good. Meal support but also heaps of therapy and skills every day and that’s basically how I got better. I’ve never been private so I don’t know how it compares

No. 1414367

how do people end up getting put on a medical ward, how does that even get initiated from their home??

No. 1414368

I don't know about 4gp. Maybe I'm mistaken. I'm talking about Peter Beaumont unit at RPA. I had thought it was the only unit bar the new residential in QLD.

No. 1414370

I’ve been to edp at TMC in Melbourne before and that’s a private program though that’s a bit weird as well

No. 1414371


most psych wards don't admit medically unstable anorexics so they need to go to medical first. as for how it happens from home, your outpatient medical care team or guardians would organise that.

No. 1414380

Yeah that’s true, it’s why her obs get so bad so quickly regardless of her weight. Plus she’s under a mental health agreement or some shit so if she breeches that she’s straight into hospital.

No. 1414383

So you got stuff or no?

No. 1414384

No she’s fragile brittle boney skeleton remember

No. 1414390

She doesn’t have other conditions. She’s a munchie. Don’t fall for this shit.

No. 1414391

Mainly iffy blood tests like potassium or weight loss too low- then you become a medical risk not a psych risk.

No. 1414393

It’s usually bad blood tests or heart stuff that’s picked up at your GP is what gets someone admitted to med. Well that was the case for me anyway. People who know they’re going to go through refeeding can present to emergency and be admitted that way too.

No. 1414396

I’m not surprised people get worse when they’re in wards like that. Having liberties taken away, being away from home, work/school, family/pets and being surrounded by other people who are sick like you. Pressure cooker environment. I’m still confused as to why she went 2 days before Christmas? She’s under 18 so was she sectioned against her will or did she voluntarily go? Waiting lists are crazy in the uk so maybe that’s the only time she could get a place and she was happy because she didn’t have to eat Christmas din din. Idk I just hope she gets better someday.

No. 1414401

Why not just punch a wall then. It'd look even more retarded to just run and headbutt a wall because you're angry. Imagine this hag doing that kek. But honestly I think it's repeated lighter slamming until you get a mark you can flaunt.

No. 1414403

No. 1414408

File: 1641891382655.png (2.11 MB, 1201x1268, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 3.55…)

Wonder who N2F is trying to copy with these sugary, diabetes-inducing concoctions.

No. 1414411

aw ham has become an influencer after all.

No. 1414412

File: 1641891944548.png (2.38 MB, 1036x1316, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 4.04…)

No. 1414413

File: 1641891966216.png (2.43 MB, 1038x1312, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 4.04…)

No. 1414415

File: 1641892085163.png (2.34 MB, 1039x1311, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 4.04…)

more NourishtoSugarRush. How could anyone stand eating this much sugar?

No. 1414418

Most likely, she posted pictures of proper fresh hb wounds during her last admission
I think she was voluntary at first but then sectioned after a few days
At least there’s no sprinkles (yet)

No. 1414419

>her obs get so bad so quickly

Seriously wondering if you’re her because I cannot believe people on this thread are being taken in by such obvious Munchausen’s by internet behaviour… she’s a textbook example of it. Nothing is actually wrong with her.

No. 1414424

Was ip in France, and I think the toob depends on your situation…saw girls at <13 without a tube, and others at around 15 (mostly older women) with one. Only saw ONE patient w/ a tube at >15, who had phagophobia (fear of swallowing)

No. 1414425

>"with a banana, granola & a banana" ok is she drinking with every meal still?

No. 1414429

Me too, it sounds so sus. Like, I would hazard a guess that she does have the heart condition from when she was born (which isn't that rare, I know two people with it and they're fine) but for her I bet it snowballed into a massive health anxiety internet munchie fest, because she craves the attention. I think her mother is actually a disability worker of some kind, so she is possably the one who helped her get onto the dsp in the first place.

No. 1414442

15 is considered like a safe bmi for discharge i’m pretty sure

No. 1414449

it has been around at least since tumblr times! where everyone had to copy each others behaviors and diagnosis

No. 1414486

File: 1641908470638.jpeg (357.13 KB, 828x1439, 4FF6F4E0-95E8-44D0-9DA7-D4A0D7…)

Anna, probably: I need all this medication for my life-threatening chronic illness! Are you sure I’ll be able to take all these highly regulated, rare, special substances on the plane?

Security guard: of course you can take paracetamol and multivitamins on a plane you ponce

And the medical lanyard is very very cringe. Really hope she doesn’t walk around the hospital with it.

No. 1414489

God, I irrationally hate her so much.

Does she realize that they're not called "consultants" in the US? Lmao.

No. 1414491

>spoonie friends
You amerifags can keep her.

No. 1414508

Oh my god is she really calling herself a spoonie now? Cringe.

No. 1414511

that little ribbon? no one gives a fuck if you have that or not, they're still x-raying your bag and checking for shit, Anna. I hate her.

No. 1414522

So I’m presuming the medical band is to let people know her emergency medication is in there in case she goes into ‘anaphylaxis’ although we know she can still talk and move well enough herself when that happens. But if that’s the case she shouldn’t keep her medical paraphernalia in a large bag that people would have to dig through, it should be in her small piece of hand luggage (e.g a cross shoulder bag). Such a gifted and talented student though.

No. 1414525

"prevents having to answer questions"

uhh no it doesn't? you think airport security are going to see that and think "I don't need to know what's in her bag because she's clearly a brave chronic illness warrior"

No. 1414527

Oh never mind just realised it’s to justify her meds. But to be honest you could put ‘medical bag’ on my carry-on and they still would not let take in fortisips or any other liquid. Staff have to check suspicious items regardless of why people are claiming they need them.

No. 1414538


You can take Fortisips. Take your script and let them scan them individually and it’s fine. But yeah, no lanyard or ribbon would excuse you from the extra checks.

No. 1414542

Does anyone know why Brianna.recovery is tubed? She looks overweight/obese.

No. 1414578

Fingers crossed for a Malaysia airlines flight 370 situation.

No. 1414604

jheez anon that's dark

No. 1414605

I used to follow a personal cow (whose milk is almost non existent) who lived in kind of the middle of nowhere and eventually was sent to Sydney for treatment to some place called RPA I think?? Seemed like an ED inpatient program and I believe it was public?

No. 1414653

My pet peeve is people who say exasperated when they mean exacerbated. Come on anon you’re better than that.

No. 1414658


Just fuck off, samefag.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1414660

cry more

No. 1414665

how about you fuck off too and learn to sage while youre at it

i must be blind but this is the first time im noticing a kitchen background. impressive steps n2f, finally learning to… make food in the food room. kek.

No. 1414669

Do you remember a YouTuber an BP called recovering Jess? Bit hippie - not sure which bit of aus - vanished many years ago - wondered what happened to her? ( not a cow no milk )

No. 1414706

I can’t remember if I’m mixing up Tina and Josie. We’re both reposting old vitals and artifacts?

No. 1414709

I think you mean Jess Tathum/Tatum or something like that? she's still on there

No. 1414718

No I was Jess Tathum - this was someone different about 5/6 years ago on yt- before it even existed!
She was really into crystals and natural healing . She BP a lot- don’t think she ever went ip.

No. 1414720

I wanna know what happened to cordialcat/courtney. I can't remember her last name.

No. 1414742

Hi, Niamh.(hi cow)

No. 1414749

Not sure who Tina is? But yeah another anon said she did and it seems to be true. She uses old photos from other things too.

No. 1414773

I remember her too - asked a few threads back - I think one person remembered her but n one knew what happened. The sad part of me thinks maybe she was so unhappy she isnt alive anymore- but I hope I’m wrong .

No. 1414804

I wonder when she'll learn enough in "medical school" to know why her "how I got covid and mcas" story is fucking retarded BS. She got covid from doing shit during lockdown without a mask. Not from a stranger coughing on her. And I'm pretty sure MCAS is just a big way to restrict when she wants to, she can have miraculous remissions when it's convenient. She's just an attention ho of the most obnoxious variety

No. 1414813

File: 1641939664305.jpg (532.88 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20220111-143855_Ins…)

Cece can't let us forget how sooper frail she is. Apparently she's fat deficient.

No. 1414852

This must be linked to the cholesterol TT she posted. Too bad dietary cholesterol has minimal effect on blood cholesterol. Is she suggesting her liver is messed up?

No. 1414866

I think she is just using ‘low cholesterol’ as ‘blood work that’s off’ (because that sounds way more serious).
Liver etc being off wouldn’t really be corrected by eating more fat in the diet.

No. 1414868

Something that's funny about this is that there's not even data showing that having low cholesterol is bad for you - there's some data showing that an association between low cholesterol and mood disorders / poor health, but it's super unclear if it's casual or an effect of that other health condition. If you google it, the advice is mostly "eh probably don't worry". So she's just being her usual drama queen self about nothing.

Her doctor probably mentioned that it can be associated with mood disorders because she's getting treatment for depression.

No. 1414872

Nah I reckon the dietician just fixated on it because she’s in recovery and if there’s one thing that’s off why not use it to get an extra couple of sessions out of her

No. 1414875

In the caption she says that the doctor brought it up, not the dietitian. I would be shocked if her dietitian even had access to her labs - since she's not at a treatment center, her dietitian and doctor likely don't even work for the same system.

No. 1414879

Medfag here, cholesterol is the precursor to hormone production, so low cholesterol usually means hormone problems. It’s fairly common with restrictive eds

No. 1414891

The liver makes cholesterol and cholesterol is a precursor for hormones like estrogen. Cece never had hormonal issues from her ED. She would have milked that for ages like she milked the dehydration and acute larp

No. 1414900

Shes talked about losing her period and doesnt give speicifics about her lab work, just says its “off”. Not trying to defend her just dont think this is milky

No. 1414978

File: 1641954044579.jpg (376.56 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20220111-202509_Ins…)

The smirk

No. 1414992

She JUST got her license don’t understand why she thinks this is a flex

No. 1414998

she's definitely obese and doesn't need a tube. also another larper who films herself crying lmao

No. 1415001

She doesn't look too fat deficient

No. 1415047

Anon who said Cece wasn't ugly in the last thread, just plain here to apologize for my mistake. Has she always been so fucking smug? I can't tell if she's sneering or if that's just her face. She looks like Sid the Sloth without the charm

No. 1415065

OMG yes I'm so sorry but life keeps getting in the way. It will probs be an anticlimax. Whatever, I will post a couple of screenshots I have collected over time now but I'm sure I have more.

No. 1415066

poor anna. halfway across the world for three days of playing around during a massive covid surge. why did she need to do this, anyway? Why was hee flight cancelled? Because it is winter, and flying in winter in the US means sometimes there are snowstorms and ice storms. idiot.

No. 1415067

File: 1641966314564.jpg (9.56 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20220112164353934.jpg)

Ugh, I don't even know where to start…

No. 1415071

I just hate how she puts on this super recovery warrior so cute aesthetic facade but she's the absolute opposite. Also who asks for flowers? I would die.

No. 1415072

She's chronically iiiiilllll and all her shit is in her baaaaag, thanks United! hey, bonehead, they literally tell you to pack essential items in your carry-on, you absolute Karen. All you allegedly eat is corn flakes and yogurt anyway, pretty sure any hotel has that. Be thankful your pampered ass is in a hotel room vs. on the floor of an airport.

No. 1415076

I think I know who>>1414605

No. 1415079

She's got off the charts prolactin which stops periods. It's usuay due to a medication one is taking.

No. 1415106

File: 1641970665343.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.45 KB, 720x1018, Screenshot_20220111-212022_Ins…)

For anyone who missed Laura's post yesterday before it was deleted. We mustn't forget how sooper sick she was. Spoiler cause she was such a medical emergency, don't want to worry anyone.

No. 1415109

There is absolutely no way she is 40-38kg. this is the only number that makes sense for “BMI 15”. Look how big her arms are, and her face is exactly the same average weight in all these photos.
Why is she saying this shit when it’s so obviously false?

No. 1415114

Yeah it's just fucking insulting. As someone who has had a bmi in that range… You don't just keep your normal facial fat. By that point it all starts to go… Also I'm pretty sure I'm taller than her, so it would have to be like less than 40kg for her, which she is so obviously not. Maybe she is just too dumb to read a bmi chart. Maybe it's munchies… I mean, maybelline.

No. 1415115

Why is she such a hypocrite poser. Like… Ew. Thanks for sharing though, it's nice to know my suspicions that she's a scumbag are true.

No. 1415116

Wow her face is clear. Is she still kept locked up?

No. 1415117

>as someone who has had bmi in that range

No. 1415123

Can we also acknowledge that isn’t a term used by dietitians? Protein malnutrition and energy malnutrition are the only diagnoses. Her dietitian is stealing her money if she really gave her that advice.

Nice access to the vent anon

Got to humble brag don’t ya? I agree with the consensus so far. It’s more difficult to look “normal” when underweight as an adult. Dare I say she doesn’t even look underweight

No. 1415124

File: 1641972941528.jpg (486.76 KB, 719x1346, Screenshot_20220112-073511_Tik…)

Ah… it all makes sense now.

No. 1415125

I swear to god if you all don’t stop shitting up the thread with your gd blogposting… between this and the “I was in this EDU and this medical ward” sperging upthread I’m about to commit.

No. 1415126


Yup. Waiting to be "stable" enough to go to a new treatment facility for extra specialised help. Still not an ED unit though, sorry Laura.

No. 1415127

Wow, what a lying bitch! It’s a shame Aus has no treatment for munchies because that’s literally all that’s wrong with her. Larping an ED… larping physical illness… classic BPD munch.

No. 1415131

Okay, okay. So last time I checked, and if I’ve worked out my calculations correctly, the number she’s hiding with the ‘X’ is just a 5… meaning that the photo she’s posted with the back body check showing ribs etc is her at a 59.8kg. There is no way in hell she is looking like that at present! Especially if her current photos taken of her are anything to go by

No. 1415132

She literally has a different personality for every different page she uses. It’s extremely frustrating because not one of them feels real.
MAYBE her vent is the most realistic, but then she posts the exact same thing on her normal accounts saying the opposite. Like why y’all gotta be so fake and promote this sappy bullshit for followers when you’re obviously not into it. Such an im_empowering wannabe

No. 1415133

Sorry *im_powering
Typo on my end

No. 1415136

Lol and we are supposed to believe she looked exactly the same at bmi 15 as she does at nearly 60kg

No. 1415138

bmi 15 isn’t exactly thin thin(okay ana-chan)

No. 1415139

Just think of all the carbon emissions for three days of work experience at a no name hospital. This is why you don’t take multiple/ long-haul flights for short trips or without contingency plans Anna!

No. 1415142

Just saying I know from first hand experience that she's full of shit. Sorry.

No. 1415143

ok bonerattler

bmi between 15 & 16 is classed as 'severely underweight'

No. 1415144

File: 1641977780606.jpeg (612.07 KB, 2304x3072, 50A2C970-651C-4853-B6B6-C9271B…)

Look who can spell and post all on their own again. And use emoji’s and punctuation

No. 1415145

It's not a brag, I don't share it on social media like josie, so sorry if it came off like that

No. 1415146

probably everyone here has had an ed, lots have been underweight. nobody needs you blogposting about 'from your experience'
it comes of as a brag cus it's unnecessary

No. 1415147

So glad Josie Munchey has made a miraculous recovery and I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with abusing pain medication at all.

No. 1415148

I only said it because I didn't want to bonerattle and say she doesn't look that thin. She was thin in the back photo, but not bmi 15 thin. I realise I probably sounded like a douche and for that I'm sorry.

No. 1415149

File: 1641978088719.png (782.17 KB, 704x647, dehjdjksnxk.PNG)

this is josie in 2017, probably the thinnest she's ever been (from 2016-2018 she looks like this). Even this doesn't look "bmi 15"

No. 1415151

lmao just shut up

No. 1415152

File: 1641978192988.jpg (180.08 KB, 720x787, 20220112_091255.jpg)

I can't fucking believe this. If any if you used to use MyProAna then you very likely know who Oki is. Up until relatively recently this grown man Oki would post on MPA encouraging teen girls to starve themselves, hand out fasting tips, and just be a fucking weirdo running around a forum where underage girls are posting their body checks. How the fuck is he able to get a big YouTube career with an internet footprint like that? It's not even hard to find his MPA posts telling girls that anorexia will make them feel powerful

No. 1415153

To most of us of this board? Nope. It’s the same reason why we can catch people in their lies so easily—most of us have or had EDs. Rest assured most of us know what BMI 15 looks like

No. 1415155

File: 1641978346487.jpeg (898.41 KB, 1241x2309, 1E3D614B-0E87-4A80-A969-8744AF…)

She says she’s a bmi 16 here, tbh I’d believe it in this one personally

No. 1415157

high 16s to 17, i'd believe it but she's such a chronic liar i'm adding 1 point on the bmi

No. 1415158

never heard of him but i've certainly seen his type. some Qs: Did he have long term access to MPA, was his account deleted, is he in himself milky (apart from being a pedo creeping on vunerable girls), did he post much?

No. 1415159

File: 1641978709155.jpg (543.63 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1641979392748.jpg)

This is from 2021 post defending Oki after he commented under an underaged girls body check "show us as many pictures of your tiny body as you can". This woman is claiming to have met Oki in person and is fucking delusional enough to think Oki enabling her shit is the same as being a good friend. He thinks he got banned from MPA for being a man

No. 1415160

He used to post all the time. His posts are all still available and there are other people posting about all the weird shit he used to do on MPA

No. 1415163

Whatever, I was just trying to not bonerattle because I accidentally have before. Anyway I am not the one being discussed, let's get this milk, I am merely apple juice at best.

In other news, Josies gofund me is above 700. At this point it should really be considered fraud!

No. 1415165

Tbh I’m surprised it’s made that much.
I either thought it’d make nothing or explode. So I’m surprised it’s just ticking along slowly

No. 1415171

File: 1641982269291.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2057, 7AF5715B-388E-4BDA-B91C-E27945…)

Cece loves to be posted here and to read everything

No. 1415173

Ausfag here
Okay so there are multiple things that bug me about this whole care crash thing. The inconsistencies are only surface level. Why is there no record of the crash? If it were so severe she had to be cut out and it was a two car crash surely there would be some sort of record, shit like that gets put in the newspapers.

Why anyone would give money to this munchie fraud is beyond me.

No. 1415177

It’s a bpd thing as well. I know many that have headbanged or punched themselves during a breakdown, but then they do everything to hide the marks, and the few bpd breakdowns I’ve seen, they do feel embarrassed for how they reacted. None of the bpders I know would be willingly posting this shit tho

No. 1415179

4GP isn’t like a residential treatment place. It’s just in a hospital and it’s mostly just getting them to eat and not a whole lot done to help the mental problems that the eating disorder is based it. I’ve heard a few things about the new QLD clinic. Have to share rooms, so no privacy getting changed and easy way to get triggered by others. When they first started they had no idea what they where doing and multiple people left bc it was bull shit. Apparently better now, but haven’t heard much about it since

No. 1415180

Is she admitting to having a pro-ana account? She wouldn’t feel smug about hiding it otherwise. I

No. 1415183

Link? Or screenshot

Also, she’s never been BMI 16. Maybe 17.5 at most.

No. 1415186

The thing I find sad about this whole thing is that the silly little twat hiding behind anon is supposed to be Josie’s friends.
Yes, Sophie, we know it’s you, she knows it’s you and everyone else reading from Aus (tas) knows it’s you. You are a cruel, twisted individual.

No. 1415187

File: 1641984802154.jpg (1.99 MB, 2160x2880, Collage_20220112_214911.jpg)

Stop going on about it, I explained why I said that!

The chelsea girl is absolutely delusional, and I think josie takes advantage of that. Josie is also older, and she was originally friends with Chelsea's sister who, lo and behold, died in a car accident. It's all so suspicious of jose, and there was a time they stopped being friends all together.

No. 1415188

I think Sophie was the one who gathered the original set of screenshots, can't imagine anyone else would be that obsessed, she seems like the type. More milk for the farm thoughso idaf. Josie is a dickhead, sophie is crazy, who cares.

No. 1415190

File: 1641985232141.jpg (561.93 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20220112_214603.jpg)

Moo, moo moo moo, moo moo, moo moo, moo moo moo moo mooo, moo moo, mooo moooo.

No. 1415192

How is that ‘milk’??
Sophie is an actual social path… if that’s the ‘milk’ you’re referring to, then yes… plenty of milk there.
In regard to Josie? No… she was in a car accident and was seriously hurt, how is that milky?
And to bring up her friend who died in a car accident is a whole new level of low.
When does one cross the line on here? Because these people are actually human beings, they have feelings and you won’t seem to stop until someone actually fucking dies
So Sophie and whoever the other fucking psychopath (from Tassie quite obviously) is, stop. Enough is enough, this isn’t funny. It never was

No. 1415193


No. 1415194

I could also post screenshot I have from Sophie where she asked me for money several times and said she’d pay me back but didn’t (I’ve never met this girl) I might add. I wonder if she’d like her personal life plastered online(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1415195

Holy shit that face serum is $130. And she's begging for money from gofund me. What the actual fuck.

No. 1415196


No. 1415198

Yeah seriously hurt enough to be posting about $130 face serums. And the death is literally on their profiles everywhere. You can't deny it's a bit weird that josie is so reckless driving when her friend literally died in a car accident. And it's sociopath, not social path haha. Also Tasmania, is the inbred part of Australia right? Makes sense. Josie is a munchie larpinf cow, and if you don't like the milk, you can leave.

No. 1415199

It’s sad that you’re having a dig at me for a simple spelling error.
And yep, that part of Australia
You must still be in the 1800’s, with that inbred comment darling.(don't use emojis )

No. 1415200

If this was a serious crash why is there absolutely no article on it? Because other crashes less severe were reported on.

No. 1415202

sage, learn to reply properly and don't use emojis, retard

No. 1415205

If there were a crash, it certainly wasn’t as severe as they’re making it out to be. Absolutely no traffic reports, road closures or anything of the sort. There is no record of a female being cut from a car in Tasmania in the last week/fortnight at all. The fact that she’s scamming people out of money makes me physically sick. She is the absolute profile of someone with munchausen by internet. Reminds me of Tina.

No. 1415206

Okay, retard.

No. 1415211

It was on her street which is in a small suburb hence no road closures. Not all car accidents are reported. Her car hit into a parked car with no occupant after suffering a seizure. You guys are so fucking dumb.

No. 1415212

Not quite there yet hun, try again

No. 1415214

You don’t get admitted to hospital and go through what she has if there simply wasn’t a crash.

No. 1415215

I'll humour you. Say it was all true. How did she get out unscathed? Not a mark on her. If she has cognitive issues how is she sitting up cross legged holding a vase? Your friend is lying to you

No. 1415216

Yet, she doesn’t have a single scratch on her… for a car accident so severe with such severe head trauma she really got lucky not to have even the slightest graze on her. No bruises, nothing. Really doesn’t add up.

No. 1415217

Dumb how? Josie is the one exaggerating everything, she's a malingering turd. You must know her to know where the crash was, or you are her. Either way, it doesn't diminish the fact that she's a cow.

No. 1415218

Not even a scratch on her face! Like, seriously! It's absurd!

No. 1415219

why would she be saving up for a car if she has frequent 'thunderclap headaches' on top of now seizures? why is she allowed her phone to message people if she's struggling with everything else? should you give people with a new TBI a vase of flowers to hold on their bed?

No. 1415220

Umm she is not ‘unscathed’. They don’t give ketamine infusions etc to well people. She has a severe TBI and brain injury. You obviously haven’t seen her. She also is having seizures From her head trauma and has to learn how to walk again… I’d say that’s pretty fricken injured. I’m a friend of hers that’s visited here multiple times and she is very unwell. She wouldn’t require all these interventions I’d she was simply just not unwell. They don’t keep people in hospital that don’t need to be there ffs

No. 1415221

Um van you not dead?? She said she used to have thunderclap headaches which was proved by the form photo on that post. You’re getting desperate now.

No. 1415223

She has preexisting conditions that would require her to be kept in. Where's this evidence of a ket infusion? Again how can she sit so awkwardly without falling over if she has a tbi? Josie it's getting obvious this is you

No. 1415224

She thinks you saying you were severely underweight is "bragging", she's probably just as mentally unstable as the pro-ana girls since she sees being bmi 15 as something good. Literally everyone looks ugly and skeletal at that weight.

No. 1415225

Faking not being able to walk is classie munchie behaviour. And as for the ketamine infusion, people can fake sick and get that too. She said she already had a brain injury from trying to off herself, but I think the seizures are more likely brought on by drug abuse.

No. 1415226

Finally someone who understood, I looked like an alien, and wasn't meaning to brag at all.

If josie was anywhere near that she'd be looking way freakier than she did.

No. 1415229

So you admit she’s unwell then? Make up your mind idiot there’s a photo of the ket infusion on her Profile. Most People with a TBI can sit up… just google it. This isn’t Josie. I believe she has faked some things but I don’t see how you can fake this…. And her chronic illnesss she’s proved countless times. Why are you obsessed with her?!

No. 1415230

The girls definitely sick, just not what she's claiming. She's exaggerating. I've no beef with her chronic illnesses, this is just exaggerated. I've had a tbi kid, yeah you can sit up but not freely in positions that would test your balance. I feel bad for you ngl

No. 1415232

Not only exaggerating, but making stuff up for personal gain. It's malingering and now with the donations, fraud…
A papercut turns into a laceration - whilst technically true, also total bullshit. That's how she operates, and it's just fucked up.

No. 1415234

I'm pretty sure back in the day "she who must not be named" got into beef with Josie for accusing her of over exaggerating her Anorexia. They later made up if I remember correctly, but it was definitely a thing.

No. 1415235

As in S**a? Or someone else?

No. 1415237

Has anyone seen Eugenia online since diapergate?

No. 1415238

She's usually most active on twitter I think but there's been nothing! I actually hope she's okay, even though she's an idiot.

No. 1415239

She usually drops off the face of the earth for a week when there's controversy surrounding her. She'll be back soon Nonnie.

No. 1415240

She does not have pre existing conditions, kek

She’s a munchie. Oh, the hospital wouldn’t keep her in?? Tell that to Jaq

No. 1415241

She doesn't have heart shit?? Fuck did I just get munchied?

No. 1415242

She’s a liar, like all the ana munch bunch. She’s faking her health shit. They do it as a sideline to aNoReXiA because it also alllws them to stay as retarded children

No. 1415243

Okay peeps let’s set this all out straight once and for all. I’ve never posted anything apart from that one regrettable post and now I’m embroiled in drama over so called posts. I’ve been praying for Josie and hoping she gets better. I now have her little side kicks tracking my IP address and people now sending me death threats. I’m not a copy cat, I’m trying the fuck to get on with my life. I may have borrowed money from people in the past and not paid people back and I deeply regret those actions but I know what I’ve done wrong and if I ever owed you money please message me politely. There I’ve said it all.(okay but learn2sage)

No. 1415244

File: 1641990877989.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1984, E7B5473E-6E6D-442C-93C3-2347FD…)

- Needs two people to assist to walk her to the toilet yet is left unattended in the bathroom where she can take a novelty ‘oh so sick’ selfie. Also states she’s too weak to start physical therapy yet she’s standing unassisted, taking selfies…
- She’s having ‘multiple seizures’ a day yet is not on a constant EEG? In fact, it seems she’s not had an EEG
- Again, if she has such a severe head injury, where is the evidence of trauma? Airbags exist and they pack a punch. She’s completely bruise/scratch/damage free. Not consistent with a TBI acquired in a car crash.
- If she crashed on a suburban street, into a parked vehicle it’s unlikely she was going more than 60km/hr. I really don’t understand how she managed to flip her car when she hit a stationary vehicle parked on the side of the road, the physics don’t really add up there.
- People with TBI’s aren’t really that fussed about getting cute pics for the gram. Too busy worrying about how the fuck they’re going to get on with life considering their whole life has been completely changed.
- Why on earth is anyone encouraging her to drive? If she were only risking her own life sure, natural selection at its finest, but putting the lives of other people at risk. She should lose her license, I don’t care that nobody was hurt this time. If this so called car crash happened I’d send the car to the wreckers and burn her license. God forbid she kills some innocent kid who didn’t ask to be dragged into her munchie bullshit.
- She also seems to be admitted under the surgical team, not neurology. This admission could be for an endo surgery or something, since you’re claiming it’s so hard for her to fake being in hospital.
Fraud is a serious offence Josie. This whole thing has so many inconsistencies that just don’t add up.

No. 1415245

For fucks sake anon stop. You should be banned. Or reveal yourself because your constant replying on the topic of your stupid BMI suggests you’re probably pretty milky yourself.

No. 1415246

I see she still isn't toobed either like all her updates keep saying

No. 1415247


Wow okay whatever. It's not about me but sure, make a big deal out of nothing.

No. 1415248

Can you share the rest of the update please?

No. 1415249

How do you gather its surgical team? Not saying you're wrong but just curious.

No. 1415250

Dude you shouldn't dox yourself like this… Also, death threats are illegal, take that shit to the police.

No. 1415252

It feels like this one really got to her. She most likely has incontinence issues considering she snapped that hard

No. 1415254

Someone like her, i wouldn't be surprised if she does. it happens to people not half that bad. She might not wear diapers but I guarantee she's shit herself before at least once.

No. 1415255

File: 1641992220895.png (483.23 KB, 828x1792, CB59579B-EA3A-41CF-A6A9-D79290…)

Hi this actually is Josie lol and this is all I have to say… she’s the liar. Good night.

No. 1415257

I see you have no problem typing now

No. 1415258

Okay look at what you’ve done now Jose. Destroying lives and exposing yourself as the liar right now…

No. 1415259

Wow so I actually feel bad for Sophie, like, no, not all the posts are from her.
Yeah wtf happened to not being able to do shit for herself and here she is not only typing but on the internet. Like… Damn, you just showed yourself to be the real liar and did all the work for us. Munchie cow.

No. 1415260

That poor girl did not deserve death threats and josie is such a liarrrr gross.

No. 1415267

>I don't go on the website
And yet here you are

No. 1415270

Exactly hahaha. Josie, you're the pathetic one. Stop being such a munchie. Or actually don't, it's entertaining at least, and probably more productive than anything else you would be capable of now seeing as you've flushed your education down the toilet with all the diarrhea from your laxative abuse.

No. 1415274


It's not a 'secret' any longer, if you talked about it, Cece…

No. 1415275

Josie claims she doesn’t go on the website yet somehow knows how to sage

No. 1415277

Oh but it's not hard to learn, it's so obvious and all newfags do that………..

(>:~) )

No. 1415278

She looks a lot better when she puts her down,for some reason when she ties it up she looks a lot worse and i feel as if it ages her. She needs something to frame her face or she starts treading into some uncanny smirking goblin territory. Smaller glasses frames might help too. The big frames + entirely beige wardrobe gives me heavy grandma vibes. Don't know why I'm bothering with this critique but I hope she lurks and sees it

No. 1415281

people on general with a tube…surely they would have had to be sectioned for the tube? i don’t really get how someone just gets from their home to being in general…

No. 1415283

No, T*y

No. 1415284

There's zero chance this is the same Oki. Pretty sure MPA Oki was white. Use a little critical thinking, sometimes people have the same name.

No. 1415287

She is boring AF now and hasn't been a LC topic for yeeaaarrss I don't think you need to hide who you're referring to. I imagine a ban must expire at some point if the cow no longer has any milk whatsoever?

No. 1415290

Josie has a GFM posted too and according to her friend, she isn't tolerating food coz sooper sick so shes needing a toob so badwy

No. 1415291

Laura's constant throwbacks make me simultaneously sad and irritated. Like how have you been doing the exact same thing for 3+ years and still can't manage to get off the unit

No. 1415296

is not the facial fat its the legs thats a dead giveaway

No. 1415297

Yet we all know if she was toobed it would be everywhere

No. 1415302

File: 1641999978049.jpg (156.02 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20220112-145739_Ins…)

haven't been on this thread for a while so tell me to shut up if she's irrelevant but Laura's gone and got pissy at people who complained she posted before pics, took them down, then said yeah no fuck you and uploaded a full video of when she was spoopy LMAO

No. 1415317

I find it hilarious how all anachans are obsessed with looking younger and startve themselves largely for that reason, but it ends up making them look like they have progeria.

No. 1415322

wtf this isn't universal to people with anorexia

No. 1415342

Can someone explain why her food combos are so weird? Is it related to ED? Is she making it gross so she won't eat it? I don't understand but I am fascinated.

No. 1415363

Oki's a white guy, silly.

No. 1415366

sounds like she's challenging us kek

i've been checking her socials but there hasn't been a peep out of her since diapergate which makes me think it's true or partially true even more so.

i know you mean well, but just stop replying to them fr. I understand the urge to defend yourself, but some people just be angry with or without your commentary and they're typically not worth replying to anyways.

No. 1415373


No. 1415374

people who are terrified of food eat strange things tbh

No. 1415383

I suspect she's low income so she's making the best out of what she can get her hands on. She used to buy cheap expired foods online.

No. 1415384

File: 1642008366433.jpg (1.14 MB, 972x2916, Screenshot_20220113-032447_Fac…)

Fb updates written by a friend

No. 1415396

Yet she somehow manages to take and post selfies, what a #warrior. Pity she’s so full of shit she had to be hospitalized.

No. 1415402

Something that… doesn’t always go well. Not about to a log like the anon above was about MCAS Anna, but seriously Josie. Knock it the fuck off. Everyone knows what you’re doing.

No. 1415410

I'm no medfag but this does not look like a traumatic brain injury and/or someone who has to relearn to walk.

No. 1415415

You can be voluntary on a tube- if you want the I’m so sick image

No. 1415432

File: 1642013601169.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2142, 9AE8854B-DED3-4584-AF6C-19A19F…)


No. 1415433

File: 1642013632260.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x2142, 4BFAB41F-2D6C-4230-97B9-D17710…)

mummy to the rescue

No. 1415438

She should try Ham's advice.

No. 1415468

File: 1642017799997.png (10.18 MB, 1242x2688, 1EAE5E31-0AAA-452D-A1F5-05F6F3…)

She’s totally looking through this website guys. I feel bad for her

No. 1415480

File: 1642018517898.jpeg (526.41 KB, 828x1432, C2F732BB-5746-4488-8646-48D808…)

This just in! Your can’t find meaning in your life unless you have an eating disorder - scratch that, unless you have an eating disorder so severe it ‘almost killed you’ and left you incarcerated for years

No. 1415484


No1curr what your BMI was, take that shit back to MPA. The majority of anons on here have or had an ED and have been that weight, no one here gives a fuck

Also just to play devils advocate, she mentions in that first screenshot that she b/p's, which causes water retention and swollen glands in the face. Plenty of anachan b/pers get fairly spoopy but can hide it easier with enough layered or baggy clothes bc their faces look fuller in comparison with the rest of their bodies.

Considering what a lying munchie Josie is I'm sure it's 100% bullshit, just pointing out that it's possible to get to that BMI or lower while still looking semi-normal in the face.


Amerifag and shared rooms are the norm in ED treatment here, I think Denver Acute is private rooms but that's the only one I've heard of, and it's more of a medical unit anyways. At most places you only get a single room if you're a sooper speshul tranny/they-them snowflake, and/or are making up or at least milking some sooper severe ~trauma~ to get special treatment. Or if you're the only male in a coed treatment center, which tbf does happen fairly often especially at the smaller treatment centers. Most places have a couple single rooms for these types of situation, but 90% of the rooms have 2-3 beds.
Also if it's so triggering why don't they just change in the bathroom..?

No. 1415487

I think the most shocking thing about cecelia is that she has never complained about her roommates (at least not to my knowledge) You’d expect her to be crying that their stuff got onto her side of the room or they were watching a PG-13 film and it was scaring her.

Regarding the changing situation, I expect it was a locked bathroom ward. They could still just step outside if its that big a deal though

No. 1415502


THAT smells fishy like one metric ton of tuna.

No. 1415503

She had a meltdown over her roommates watching a movie when she moved to res in the PNW

No. 1415512

Yeah she frequently complained about her roommate. Mostly that she listened to music iirc or that one of them was always on the phone.

Tbh having always been in the uk or at least an area where you always have your own room I can’t imagine having a room mate. Especially in gen psych where people are really nuts like… people destroy shit all the way through the night, how can you get better? I guess in most treatment centres just for EDs people are generally saner?

No. 1415557

File: 1642024015431.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1125x1894, 466F96EB-CB4A-4D29-A7D4-54751E…)

sure jan…

god she's annoying.

No. 1415562

>>1415179 Denver ACUTE is medical only iirc for skelly spoops in the US. Every other res as far as I (usfag) am aware does sharing. Cece moaned about it constantly.

No. 1415563

>>1415557 this looks rank

No. 1415565

looks disgusting. barf.

No. 1415566

I ran into another inspirational post by Ham. She was eating out again. This bitch eats out almost daily. I can't even remember the last time I ate out. How can she afford to be eating out so often when she's from a working class home and why would she go out so much in the middle of a goddamn pandemic? She's not worried her sooper serious anorexia damaged her immune system?

No. 1415567

In response to some stuff about new farm up there ^^^

The ED program is only part of the whole clinic. No shared rooms. They discharge you at BMI 20 and the reason they tube so much is to get you there faster so you can get out and into day programs which have better therapy. Goal is +1kg per week. They’ll tube overweight people if they’re refusing to eat/if they’re losing weight too fast while on the program. Private hospital so private insurance only. You have to be medically stable or they will transfer you to a medical hospital.

There is only one residential in Australia and the rest of the ED units are just parts of regular med/psych hospitals.

No. 1415570

Thought this was congealed egg fried rice when scrolling past.

No. 1415571

I don't understand the tubing of overweight people since weight loss would do them good.

No. 1415574

If they’re not eating anything else then the naso is basically a 1000cal diet anyway

No. 1415581

Usually the psychiatrist will tell the dietician they (cows specifically) haven’t been eating anything (whether the patient is lying or not), they’ll be put on feeds, and then at the next weigh in they’ll be taken off feeds again because its obv they didn’t need it

No. 1415591

I wonder how many sandwiches porgie sneaked while being tubed because she never lost weight, only ballooned.

No. 1415593

She gets Uber eats so it doesn’t look like she’s eating meals from the dining room

No. 1415594

I mean I could be wrong, that’s just secondhand information from people who’ve been in at the same time

No. 1415596

So porgie just basically goes to new farm to get her very very serious anorexia validated for a few days and skips happily out of there once she has refilled her gut and attention needs

No. 1415607


For the love of god PLEASE learn to integrate and stop inserting yourself, your own experiences, and whatever the fuck your BMI was into the thread.

No. 1415608

That's weird, normally I'd feel bad for someone like her too but not someone so obviously malingering, and certainly not for someone who gets people to send out death threats.

No. 1415611

Calm down lol

No. 1415624

I'm with you anon, BMI fag was shitting up the thread

No. 1415628

One of the symptoms of anorexia is social isolation. Maybe sharing a room can help develop/repair social skills.

No. 1415629

So you'd rather someone claim Josies bmi was not fifteen with no comparison or experience? Isn't that literally bone rattling.?!

No. 1415631

Are you new here???

No. 1415632

We're not blind

No. 1415635

File: 1642029817576.jpeg (756.81 KB, 2392x2399, FF403C88-04A2-4684-A5B6-3063F6…)

Why is she saying she’s scared of the cake when she videoed herself for YouTube/Insta eating a mug cake protein thing before Christmas?

Also says she hates cake but forgot when she plastered her celebratory ‘two years out of inpatient’ cake to every social media platform she has.

No. 1415636

File: 1642029866145.jpg (233.84 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20220112-171236_Chr…)

See >>1415363
Oki's MPA & youtube accounts were both banned but you can still see from his display pic he's a white guy. You must be pretty new to MPA yourself if you don't know what proana Oki looks like since he posted a lot of before and after selfies of his weeks-long fasts, clearly featuring the same white man.
I never got to see oki's video explaining the misandry tinfoil (if anyone has a mirror I'd appreciate it) but mods made pretty clear they weren't showing all their cards for the sake of victims' privacy

No. 1415638

ouch that is an unfortunate lighting right there

No. 1415654

i feel like rn she is doing everything just to get gifted/ sponsored, the sickest you are the more attention/followers you get. she wants to grow audience

No. 1415660

God I hate how they always wear their sweaters over their hands to make it look like they're drowning in their clothes. Spoopy or not it just looks retarded.

No. 1415663

What’s her username now?

No. 1415697

File: 1642035315127.jpeg (464.04 KB, 1540x1525, F3940FBE-D750-48EE-BFDE-ED9899…)

Another inconsistency… these are two completely different stories? If it happened on a residential street how did the go fund me version of events happen? This whole thing is a shit show

No. 1415709

Now that I'm looking I think she deleted her quasi ED one, the only account I can find is a new: celinebyparis

No. 1415712


“They suspect she has internal bleeding” this is total bullshit. If she had a CT/MRI (why the fuck they doing both if she was that seriously unwell, it’s one or the other until the patient is stable, and usually only a CT initially with MRI later) they would have picked up on the bleeding the day of the accident. Bleeding lights up on CT scans like a beacon.

If she was that seriously injured that she needed to be cut from the car, why no leg fractures? Why no chest trauma from the impact? Why no visible head injuries, or shoulder injuries from hitting the side door?

Aside from the inconsistent story, If this accident was as terrible as claimed, there would be evidence of it somewhere. Especially in a residential street in a tiny state like tassie.

The whole thing is bullshit.

No. 1415713


Yeah it either hit another car, or left the road, which is it… Fire fighters are always called to car accidents to make sure there's no risk, and if the paramedics were there too they probably just used them to get her out, and they cut seatbelts after accidents as a precaution anyway. Also if you're literally hanging upside down in a car, you get some pretty hefty bruises from those seatbelts. Even if you're not hanging, the whiplash absolutely kills.

No. 1415715

I could understand there being no story if it was a private or very rural road, but not in suburbia.

No. 1415736

She's commenting on serums?? How'd you come across that? That would also be my top priority.

No. 1415739

If you still have access to vent can you provide some fresh milk pls?!

No. 1415743

File: 1642040005074.jpeg (793.25 KB, 1125x1863, 14E9C8D4-BBB0-40B4-B5A5-8F6205…)


heartoftee once again being the one ed insta needs, but doesn't deserve. comment deleted ofc x

No. 1415750

Sydney has an actual Ed unit

No. 1415756

Has im_powering only recently started getting called out like this? I'd like to believe that all the recent drama regarding her stupid posts might make her reevaluate why she even runs her account. If she's deleting thoughtful comments like this, it's pretty clear that she cares more about online attention than her own recovery (as most ED accounts do). I don't have high hopes but wouldn't it be nice if she internalized tee's comments and deleted her account and went to fucking therapy? It would set a better example for her followers than literally anything she could ever post.

No. 1415760

File: 1642041969062.png (759.74 KB, 648x1204, Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 1.15…)

Just adding to this. It looks like they had an argument or something

No. 1415766

I’m so happy heartoftee got her shit together cos honestly she was bordering on milky some years ago

No. 1415772

Did the comment get deleted? There are a fair few people calling her out on the post but can’t find that comment in particular

No. 1415776

She deletes every comment that isn't 'you're my inspiration'. Her entire account is crafted to make her seem like the recovery big sister but it's just for her own validation that she was sooper sick

No. 1415781

File: 1642044063205.jpeg (323.03 KB, 750x1060, E5D3DF59-FB6A-4DA6-BB3D-4A0191…)

Deletes all the comment calling her out but leaves up these obvious spam account comments kek

No. 1415789

She can eat a high cal cake yet gets her knickers in a knot over an apple. Oh well I’m sure mummy held her hand and there were numerous panic attacks and she was really struggling.

No. 1415816

yes EVERYONE would prefer you not bringing up your experience (blogposting) because we all know josie was not BMI 15 because, as stated to you sooo many times, almost everyone here has/had an ed and knows what BMI 15 looks like - you're not sooper special for having first hand experience, that not what these threads are for

No. 1415864

Looks like a tumour

No. 1415867

File: 1642052199532.jpeg (152.02 KB, 750x1038, EF310FCC-D628-46D4-A360-CE4E45…)

She was mentioned before briefly and I think a_wintergirl_thawing_2 is genuinely milky.
Aside from the fact that it seems her ED got her kinda thin and now she just longs for it back but can’t restrict anymore so tells lies. She’s been “losing” for months now with no physical change. Likes to brag about drug use and long stories dragging her “friends” in the past. Pic is her lately and how she has looked for at least the last 2 years.
Shoot me down if you want but I say keep an eye on this one

No. 1415869

File: 1642052562441.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, 56B44F7F-6D1D-4118-979F-803D6E…)

(Pic related) but all her “psychotic episodes” sound like utter crap she’s picked up from films like one flew over the cuckoos nest and just botched it like it’s believable at all. Not a vendetta or anything, I’ve followed for years and she irks me.

As for the pic, girl I don’t think they put your VIDEO on the RADIO? Does she just mean they played the viral song? Kek

No. 1415874

She’s deleted everything on it… (crying on the inside cause that shit was like my own personal drama/sitcom)

No. 1415875

Hardly classes as blogposting, and what about all the people carrying on about what wards they've been in etc. It's the same shit. It's merely a comparison, not a personal biography like you're making it out to have been.

No. 1415876

It’s on her Facebook. Which isn’t private. If you’re gunna look for the milk, gotta look in all possible areas

No. 1415877

Talking about a ward from experience is different to blogging about your BMI - once again we all know what BMI 15 looks like, many of us have been underweight, and also…… nobody fucking cares about the comparison to YOU, an anon on lolcow.
you should know by now if you're not completely new that posting about your personal weight, bmi, intake or ED is not the done thing here.

No. 1415879

like just accept that is was unnecessary to post "from your experience" because we are all here agreeing that Josie doesn't look BMI 15, and we all have our own experiences informing this. you sound like an absolute cow trying to justify it as a comparison, because you've been told multiple times that anons just don't give a fuck about your BMI or experience.
on these threads it is pretty much a given that anons are speaking from experience or knowledgeable places about EDs.

No. 1415881

There wasn't even a report on The Vigilante News about Josie's supposed car crash, which is tasmania's local like ACAB "we do the real reporting" facebook 'news' site. They post almost every car crash or traffic update and post up 10 times a day - not a single thing about a crash on a residential street that required fire department and paramedics.
While I have no doubts she crashed her car, I am having serious doubts that it was as serious as she is claiming. TBI my ass

No. 1415884

?? It was a past experience, and only mentioned in reference to a cow. I would say sharing experience of being in a ward is more blogposty and irrelevant, but whatever. I've been here since the beginning so I don't know why you'd assume anything, it seems people here are way too sensitive now.

No. 1415886

I can't even find it at all now! Does anyone know if the vent acc still exists?

No. 1415887

dude just don't post your (past) BMI like is it that hard?
also ppl are always asking what wards are like, their rules etc. so speaking from experience is necessary to answer those things. Randomly bringing up your past low bmi as if we all don't kow what bmi 15 looks like is what you're being called out for.

No. 1415888

her vent acc is still up healingjosie (i dont follow her)

No. 1415889

There was another one though called josevents.

No. 1415892

oh looks like that one's gone :/

lol i'm having sick fantasies about her parents or friends seeing her posts from there about how she's fucking her recovery and lying to everyone(:/)

No. 1415893

she probably got scared of exactly that happening and deleted

No. 1415896

Well clearly not everyone knows what bmi 15 looks like because so many people believe Josies bullshit on her accounts. How can you be so pissed about me mentioning a number, but be able to handle all the posts from cows discussing way worse? It's not like I was boasting about it or anything.(incessantly sperging about bmi)

No. 1415897

Both of you need to shut the fuck up

No. 1415899

I agree. We need milk, not this.

No. 1415902

She's so pathetic with her drug flexing and nonexistent weight loss

No. 1415903

Ever heard of vitamin deficiencies? Anemia? Severely undereating even at high weights can be dangerous. It can more often than not cause liver problems too.

No. 1415906

Obese people didn't get that way for no reason. They clearly can eat, they just choose not to when the toob is threatened so they can brag about being sooper sick. It's clearly for attention.

No. 1415907

>on her accounts
See you said it yourself right there. In here we do know and people who follow her don't read this board so it's no use trying to inform them in here, you dumbass.

No. 1415908

Eat some fruits and vegetables with some supplement pills and you're good. Like >>1415906 said, obese people can clearly eat.

No. 1415909

Most obese people have deficiencies because they only eat fastfood and carbs. Ever seen an obese person eat a salad? Fruits? Veggies as they'd need?
It can be for attention but you can't deny treatment to someone even if they're the one deliberately making themselves sick. By that logic no anorexic person would get treatment either.

No. 1415911

At new farm they could make the fatties eat fruits and veggies. They could try to help them with learning better habits but they take the easy way out by tubing the fatties and offering shit carb filled junk I guess.

No. 1415912

It's pretty uncommon to end up with nutritional deficiencies even if you have a shitty diet, though. So much food is fortified with vitamins and minerals (including sugary cereals, etc)

No. 1415913

File: 1642056563828.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x1136, inbound8889723041330110128.jpg)

No. 1415914

Fair point. I just think that the underlying reasons for not eating in hospital or when tube is threatened are different to someone who is anorexic. Most people with anorexia threatened with the tube try avoid it because it's usually more calories than a hospital meal plan. Obese people seem to try and get it for the attention.

No. 1415916

File: 1642056761333.jpg (748.27 KB, 750x1440, inbound2415197684340823833.jpg)

This is all you cunts on here

No. 1415917

Well clearly they do read here otherwise Josie wouldn't have came here to comment. I think you'll find a lot of people read this, but not as many post.

No. 1415920

wah wah go eat a burger

No. 1415922

File: 1642056983363.jpg (259.37 KB, 1280x1283, inbound3610766474817442394.jpg)

Shag off

No. 1415923

No. 1415924

File: 1642057112557.jpeg (57.43 KB, 500x427, 06EC2623-46B6-4C1A-9DFE-C2578F…)

No. 1415925

I love me a zingerburger as fat as half you soggy bitches

No. 1415926

File: 1642057176140.jpeg (175.15 KB, 1241x2403, 46576051-43AF-4637-93B0-756592…)

She must have deleted it. Says user not found now

No. 1415927

Can I put you in my burger bun?

No. 1415928

Just fuck off you toxic soggy cow

No. 1415929

shut up bekky u fat cunt

No. 1415931

Y’all are way too obsessed with stalking peoples instas. Who GIVES A FLYING FUCK. Jeeeeeeebus take the wheel.

No. 1415932

Eat my ass plz

No. 1415933

Healingjose isn’t a vent account

No. 1415934

Or can I eat urs

No. 1415935

File: 1642057403082.jpeg (44.86 KB, 625x475, 3D82AC0D-337E-46D9-BAEF-42AB41…)

No. 1415936

god someone perma ban these retards

No. 1415937

File: 1642057603684.jpg (612.87 KB, 1200x1062, RDT_20220113_18054528385583943…)

Good luck with that one you sexy hunk of pickle

No. 1415939

So bekkys Chelsea right and thinnestbitchalive is Josie?

No. 1415940

she has healingjosie, growingjosie, josiemackey and _secretlifeofjosie but can't find josievents

No. 1415941

sage bitch

No. 1415942

File: 1642057672327.jpg (992.26 KB, 1200x1440, RDT_20220113_18073669543457842…)

Hmm just going to leave this here

No. 1415943

No this is not chelsea or josie idk who they even are

No. 1415944

was thinking one of them had to be chelsea, either bekky or unsaged anon. Chelsea is so unhinged in a classic bpd way and this "humour" they're posting here is what i'd expect from her and Josie, both have no personality and aren't funny

No. 1415945

you don't know who they are you're just randomly here going off after we started laying into Josie? ok babes keep being cringe and fat xx

No. 1415946

Who’s Chelsea?

No. 1415947

I literally don't know who we're talking about but from some of the stuff in this thread y'all toxic as fuuck

No. 1415948

how'd you get here then?

No. 1415949

then stop fucking reading and spare all of us the attention-seeking bullshit

No. 1415950

Who’s Chelsea? And what makes her so unhinged? Give me the tea

No. 1415951

it's so obvious this is you chelsea

No. 1415952

Use your ctrl and f keys. You're not a baby, nobody needs to spoonfeed you.

No. 1415953

I've been lurking here for a while babes(retard)

No. 1415954

this is definitely a baby who needs to be spoonfed just look what they're writing lol

lurk harder and learn how to use the site, or fuck off

No. 1415955

I don’t know who the fuck chelsea is I don’t even really know how this twisted weird ass outdated site works i was sent this link via a friend but like lol there’s no Chelsea’s on Instagram that i can see

No. 1415957

Shut the fuck up and fuck off

No. 1415958

read the rules, read previous threads.

No. 1415960

Then you're pretty fucking stupid

You too

No. 1415962

Hahaha classic, the cows come for more milk from mummy, pathetic. Also chelsea is off her rocker, and if she posted like she used to there'd be so much milk. Josie is also nuts but takes advantage of chelsea. I have so much dirt on chelsea, and josie too, I wish I could share but it would be impossible without doxxing myself.

No. 1415968

File: 1642059146239.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1241x2425, 4A69F12D-CB63-4D52-A33B-D9A9A3…)

“ThErEs nO ChelSeAs On iNsTaGram”
Shut the fuck up. You posted for Josie the whole 3 days she was an ‘invalid’
Funny how that got old quick. I guess you realised that you had better things to do chels then play into this new game of Josie’s. Honestly bravo to you gal. Seriously

No. 1415970

Lol Chelsea is so dumb she wouldn't know if you spilled any dirt on her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1415972

You're also fucking dumb, learn to integrate

No. 1415973

until you figure out how to sage, we're all going to know which posts belong to you

No. 1415975

File: 1642059992453.jpeg (635.5 KB, 1620x1790, 74BAA097-4BCC-472B-BACF-B15D5B…)

Found this old gem of Enara’s where she spoke about MISSING THE TUBE. What the actual fuck is wrong with this chick

No. 1415976

She's so lazy she doesn't even want to lift a fork to her mouth. Let the tube do the feeding and she can just lay down and gain more.

No. 1415982


Why is her head shape two different shapes from pictures and videos she posts she has bowling pin head vs ones someone else has taken she looks normal?

No. 1415984

Oh damn. I'm sorry for your loss anon

No. 1415988

File: 1642061922804.jpg (239.4 KB, 1080x2066, 20220113_181823.jpg)

Enara is soooo sooper dainty and sick guys, she doesn't finish her dinner kek probably a good thing at the weight she's at

No. 1415994

Thank you. I really appreciate it.(sage your shit)

No. 1415996

how long would they just leave u with no food? like medical wards neverrr want ed patients and they don’t accept if bloods are fine right? i don’t get how ppl like fi are voluntarily being ng fed on a ward? like if ur accepting the tube…why not…eat or drink it?? like just drink what they put down lmao. i don’t understand criteria to just get admitted to medical everyone seems to go there like it’s standard but it takes up beds for elderly etc, they’re very reluctant

No. 1415997

No, she’s been getting called out for a while (I think more since the time last year when she plagiarised someone’s post?) but it might be getting more frequent now. She always deletes comments and blocks people who disagree with her.

No. 1416013

I have no idea who the fuck Josie is and I don’t care and I care even less about the pettiness of debating BMI. At least Fi is vaguely entertaining in a ridiculous way and has some milk in her still.

No. 1416024

I didn’t know she had UC - this cow just caught my interest. Of course, one of the hallmarks of IBD is massive unintended weight loss, and many IBD patients struggle with body image and can even develop eating disorders as a consequence (especially younger women for obvious reasons). Does she ACTUALLY have colitis or is she munching? People don’t usually larp it because it’s got objective clinical markers but if she’s that fat and claims an ED I wouldn’t put it past her to say she’s got UC too.
sauce: have IBD

No. 1416028

Well considering its the one and only time shes EVER mentioned it, I'm assuming it was munching and for the attention.

No. 1416038

Honestly, Fi is getting pretty boring because she just does the same shit over and over. I might be biased because I can't stand her voice, though.

No. 1416059

Even with bed shortages, medical units can admit ED patients for refeeding even if labs/vitals are fine. I'm not from UK but Canada so we have a similar healthcare system, and that's how it works here. If someone's OP team pushes for a hospital admission because they are rapidly deteriorating and can't stay safe in the community, the hospital will admit them if/when there's a bed. If their BMI is low enough that they're at risk of refeeding syndrome, that's a valid reason to admit even if they're not in immediate medical crisis. So Fi is probably well on her way to the medical admission of her dreams.

No. 1416060

ayrt. Oh, really? Then it’s gross she’s co-opting a condition that is already highly stigmatised and only mentioning one of the more private symptoms. Most people with IBD will unfortunately experience some sort of incontinence but they have the presence of mind not to talk about it in a public instagram caption. It’s that sort of histrionic attention seeking that makes my skin craw, she doesn’t care how she gets the attention or who she stigmatises (wether it’s ED or chronic illness patients) she just says whatever she thinks will get the asspats. Why not suggest you have a fistula enrana, you already leak shit out of your mouth.

No. 1416061

File: 1642073059150.jpeg (88.49 KB, 781x286, 48820594-93B0-4AD4-AD56-269360…)

Skimmed milk at best but considering how much this thread’s been shat up… here’s Porgie commenting on a post about COVID swabs being ~~traumatic~~ for those with history of NG. Bitch, as if you don’t go waddling to NF every few weeks to pay for them

No. 1416062


If she had a TBI she'd not be allowed to use her phone because of how stimulating it is for the brain. You don't suddenly forget how to spell, and if she needs to relearn how to basically exist, she'd also not know how to take a perfectly posed selfie, add a caption, and post it on IG.
I'd feel bad if she was telling the truth but she's clearly talking out of her ass to get more sympathy since clearly her anaLARP didn't get it. No doctor in their right mind would give a concussed/TBI patient anything stimulating to further break her fucking brain while she's "dying" in the hospital.

No. 1416063

oh my god THE NERVE. She specifically goes to NF because she wants the tube. NG can be traumatic for some, but Porgie probably salivates when she imagines that sweet tube going down her throat. Traumatized???? Then maybe don't go back to a private treatment centre. Nobody is gonna force you, hun.

No. 1416065

You started out as a nuisance who seemed to not understand the rules or culture of the boras to actually being an absolute twat who can’t take any criticism and defends herself repeatedly to multiple anons telling her why this behavior is not appropriate, appreciated or useful. I seriously hope you get banned for your complete retardation you stupid cunt because you suck.

No. 1416068

Anon that last line sent me fecking flying

No. 1416069

tinfoil: bmi 15 anon is actually Josie. The need to continually defend yourself on an anonymous board where no one even knows who you fucking are? That's cow behaviour.

Anyway, between that garbage and the actual self posting, this thread has really gone to shit in the last 2 days. Where is N2F? We need one of her trashy selfies to restore the balance.

No. 1416079

I don’t think you guys realise that a concussion can be a TBI. She even stated herself that she has a severe concussion, therefore has a TBI. Not all TBI’s are full blown brain damage and potatoes. Literally just google it. Idiots.

No. 1416080

Yeah gotta admit anon is actually right on this one. Medfag here.

No. 1416091

BMI 15 is unhealthy looking/thin thin, abliet maybe not skeletal depending on muscle only skewed anachans wouldn't think so.

No. 1416093

Totally agree. Was run over while crossing the street 6 months ago and she'd 1. Know the results of her scan ASAP - internal bleeding is no joke. 2. She'd be initially sequestered from any visitors except her primary contact 3. There'd be some sort of visual trauma 4. If it was that bad she'd be deemed a fall risk and cath'd before it even got to a "urinary retention" issue

However , I will say not all car accidents make even local news. Mine didn't because multiple accidents happened that day and since there wasn't any fatalities it wasn't even mentioned(blogpost)

No. 1416097

Surprised we haven't seen an EEG selfie yet.

No. 1416102

What do all you cunts not understand about no blogposting? Read the rules

No. 1416109

I think it’s time to give up on these threads, they’re filled with teenagers with pseudo eating disorders who are jealous of the cows. The last few have been unreadable. I skim them for milk but don’t bother reading the text posts.

No. 1416111

I agree but I don't think the threads should be stopped, we should get new mods and switch things up a bit…just dont know how. too many tiktok and insta cows have infiltrated these threads, even fucking Katy and Maria post here.

No. 1416114

I remember that time I blogposted. My BMI was -11 and I'd just shredded my hand in a meat grinder…

It'd help if the cows who aren't already aware of the board weren't cowtipped by child cows.

No. 1416123

We need new cows.

No. 1416126

Maybe ones that haven't been in the UK/Aus system and all know each other and copy each other (headbanging etc.) I haven't looked for fresh meat on ig for a while. Time to do some digging, perhaps.

No. 1416160

I don't think we're going to get any good milk until cecelia relapses again. I certainly don't wish that on her, but we all know the relapse rate of "severe chronic anorexia"

No. 1416194

Old cows dry up because they get boring doing the same thing day after day - just look at Paris for one . Fi going the same way. At one point Katy and Maria were vaguely interesting as were the likes of smorven and that McKee girl.

No. 1416199

niamh is the new sorcha

No. 1416204

You just decided that on your own huh? And this is milk how?

No. 1416224


Tbh that's one good idea, including all other li'l camwhores on tikktok. And permabans for everyone who posts.

No. 1416257

Stop selfposting because you want to not be talked about anymore like Sorcha, Niamh.

No. 1416264

Did solostinmymind die?
What happened to journeytoemma?

People like elzani, molly, ro stopped being milky because they recovered . Elzani was decent for a while.

No. 1416272

Smorven may get milkier now she's home again maybe?

No. 1416276

But this post isn't milky.

No. 1416278

Solostinmymind (changed to plantsandpeperminttea) died somewhat recently. JTE you can find easily enough, still munching along.

Spill it anon! I always found her enraging and entertaining but she blocked me a million years ago for a nothing comment.

No. 1416281


Cos all she posted was the other day saying she's been home a few weeks. I was saying she may so watch this space. Fingers crossed maybe

No. 1416282

Cool but learn to sage

No. 1416303

Is that right?

No. 1416311


No. 1416312


i wanna know about Becky (solostinmymind)too

No. 1416313

Didn’t Claire die too? Young one?
I know Megan did but she wasn’t a cow.

No. 1416316

do we know her last name? are there any articles about her death?

No. 1416322

She died new year's eve 2020

No. 1416328

Becky something no idea if she died of her ED or something else or suicide.

No. 1416329

she was a true seed patient.
she did attempt a few months before and she couldnt walk so she had to move back to her parents. But everyone was expecting her to die anytime

No. 1416344

Anyone know what happened to that really rich vegan girl that was ip in london in around 2014? Barbara maybe?

No. 1416352

File: 1642102630792.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1170x2259, BCDA122A-C5DA-4038-A643-AC9079…)

i dont understand how she doesnt get that this might be triggering and she keeps reposting it

No. 1416443

My question is how has she been able to get away with no fluids for 7 months in treatment? Honestly wtf are these UK cows doing in treatment?

No. 1416447


It’s such a brag about how ill she is. Jokes on her because she’ll end up weight restored having not consumed a thing. Eugh.

No. 1416451

i believe she said multiple times that she is at her target weight and that she will start soft foods in January

No. 1416454

Yeah because her target weight is bmi 15 (which she also said after saying she wouldn’t mention numbers)

No. 1416456

no way though she wont gain once she starts eating

No. 1416458

Stupid question but, Ive heard a bit from anons about people diluting their ng feeds with water to avoid weight gain but how does that effect calorie consumption? Does it mean they dilute it and pour some away but make it look like its not happened by dilution? sage for ot/sperg

No. 1416488

File: 1642112943096.png (843.66 KB, 1348x537, badass bitch or just bitch.png)

Hahaha Scarlett posting this and then trying to backpedal hard on her stories, then losing her shit completely on there because people are calling her out on her bs. Crying over your training is not normal. It's pathetic. Unless you're an olympic level athlete and your life depends on your sport, derive some level of enjoyment from it ffs. She is an amateur bikini basic bitch. The comp she won is a joke and she embarrassed herself at the Arnolds. She cries because she doesn't really want to work out. It's just her ED making her do it, and she's selling that mindset to people, many of whom are recovering themselves. She needs to be taken down. It's one thing for some random influencer to post shit like that, quite another when she is literally coaching other anas. Shame Insta can't ban her.

No. 1416500

>not even missing rules she’s imposed on herself for the funeral of a close family member
Is she fucking retarded or does she not know that’s just as disordered as any restrictive ED?

No. 1416525

Yes- unscrew it pour out feed fill up with water . Not enough staff to have everyone on ng feeds on 1:1 especially on medical wards. Easier to do on 21 hr feeds than if it’s the piddling little feeds Fi was on that just looked like a single small bottle of ensure.

No. 1416529

Yea clairethroughthelookingglass. Offed herself I believe. Honestly a lot of cows have died, it's pretty depressing if you think about it.
I followed her awhile but never knew her last name.

No. 1416533

She was having a full on breakdown on her story. Haven’t watched it all because it was very long but she started talking about how she still really struggles with self harm urges and how the arm is the easiest place to cut and shit . Maybe a sign your lifestyle isn’t the best, hey Scarlett?

Mental illnesses are literally defined by the impact thoughts or behaviours have on your lifestyle - no friends? Check. Shit sleep and digestion and circulation? Check. No goals or hobbies outside orthopaedic? Check, still clearly struggling a lot? Check. It’s very concerning she has so many enablers.

No. 1416579

File: 1642118274578.jpeg (314.25 KB, 2047x1478, 6FB853FD-FE71-40C0-8530-9869AC…)

When you go to look at or follow Scarlett’s TikTok…
She’s pretty much given up making YouTube stuff.

No. 1416616

Why does her face look so…dirty?

No. 1416645

File: 1642123208980.jpeg (311.87 KB, 1125x2436, D4FACF79-6BE0-4434-8627-04B70D…)

Cece trying to peddle a new depression severity level since her SEED larp is off the table atm. One glance at the DSM is all it takes to confirm that “acute severe” is not a thing. Anything to make her look like a true #anawarrior

No. 1416672

The absolute audacity of keeping her inpatient and letting her get away with no intake for 8 months, including water… seems like they could be doing a whole lot more, but they're treating her like a baby and letting her do whatever she wants to remain the sooper sick waif she is. The lack of discipline or accountability is infuriating. she's such a cow.

No. 1416696

File: 1642127081554.jpg (319.52 KB, 1080x2089, 20220113_204954.jpg)

Enara 5 years ago kek she was still fat as fuck. Hmm wonder when this "underweight" period was?? Seems a bit like Porgie… Both claiming they've been severely underweight yet never seem to have any photos from then and can never remember what time period…

No. 1416698

File: 1642127168792.jpeg (139.49 KB, 1080x2064, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Enara is soooo sooper sick and dainty guys…. eyeroll

No. 1416707

'oversharing' about stereotypical disordered behaviour like not wanting foods to be touching. LARP harder enara

No. 1416708

File: 1642127973181.png (19.85 KB, 765x232, ehdoqjksl.PNG)

She should delete it because nobody cares about her kek

No. 1416713

How the fuck does she take medication like forceval or anything else without water? And it’s pretty standard to give anorexic patients anti osteoporosis meds which need lots of water. Somehow I don’t believe her.

No. 1416741

Not to blog but I’m a psychology researcher and we use acute to differentiate from depression that’s in remission. It’s not a DSM thing but it is legit.(sage )

No. 1416751

They probably crush medication and put it through her ng tube.

No. 1416777

>faecal incontinence
Why would you post about shitting yourself on Instagram? At least nikocado gets paid to be disgusting.
I actually can't blame her for not wanting to eat anything solid if she has a history of shitting her pants and has to share a room with someone who can smell it when it happens. Mortifying

No. 1416783

File: 1642136774847.jpg (174.24 KB, 1080x1813, 20220114_150300.jpg)

Kek Enara DEFINITELY lurks here. She happens to post a photo of herself at a low(er) weight but still nowhere near underweight. Probably the lowest weight shes ever been in her life (yet a healthy weight) and this was when she was a KID probably 15 years ago. Just seems coincidental that she posts this a few hours after the post about her having never posted any photos of herself at a lower weight… Yet the lowest weight shes ever been was literally when she was a KID and wasn't even near underweight what a joke

No. 1416828


She still posts every once in a while on insta, just snippets of art/crafts and enjoying her role as an aunt. Still a hippy but seems more grounded, and her bio says she’s in remission. Officially, fortunately, irrelevant to this thread

No. 1416845

no one said that Priory Glasgow is a good hospital though

No. 1416877

What’s her insta?

No. 1416879

Other old possible cows: Laura Jones /weebabe , Aisling MB, Laura /Byebulimic

No. 1416883

File: 1642150958768.png (2.56 MB, 1211x1254, Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 4.02…)

Eww. N2F

No. 1416885

/Users/pumpkinpie_1/Desktop/Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 4.03.25 AM.png

No. 1416887

File: 1642151043416.png (2.25 MB, 1221x1297, Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 4.03…)

No. 1416888

File: 1642151139118.png (2.36 MB, 1220x1239, Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 4.05…)

No. 1416889

Pretty sure my cat has vomited something that looks like this

No. 1416894

The sandwich looks like it just violently ejected the trail mix, kek

No. 1416913

Chocolate yogurt? wtf

No. 1416917

That's the thing you find strange out of all of this? chocolate yoghurt is a normal thing, especially for kids.

No. 1416918

She also started YELLING at the camera that she doesnt have an eating disorder, she could starve herself if she wanted to, she is gaining weight so can’t have an ED (orthorexia must be a myth) and people who are ‘concerned’ for her just don’t like seeing someone recover

No. 1416922

Imagine finally getting to a normal weight only to sperg out, get yourself tubed for attention & gain everything back-

No. 1416927

That is pudding though isn't it? I've never heard of chocolate yogurt.

No. 1416933

Sometimes I think I'd prefer a fancy feast® to an N2F feast. Maybe bone rattling for this particular dish since it's just a fistful of chocolate slop but it looks like a toddler's already played with it

No. 1416935

I think she mixed protein powder with normal yoghurt to get chocolate yoghurt

No. 1416938

That sounds appalling

No. 1416939

File: 1642157790368.png (2.61 MB, 1206x1229, Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 5.56…)

No. 1416942


what kind of retard buffet is THAT???

No. 1416944

File: 1642158586527.jpg (700.87 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20220114_220339_com…)

Is this a cow? Claims to have anorexia, but has never been underweight, and has only recently started to lose any weight at all. Copies Josie so much. Why do they all copy each other. All ausfag cows are miniature versions of how heartoftee used to be back when she went by teethrives. It's so weird.

No. 1416958

Why do any of you believe this girls bullshit?

No. 1416964

File: 1642162127669.jpg (673.21 KB, 1080x1511, 20220114_204608.jpg)

Is she becoming the new shay?

No. 1416975

She's 22?! I actually thought at least thirty approaching 40…

No. 1416976

I think pudding is an american term, most brits would know what chocolate yogurt was if you mentioned it to them (cadburys do a popular range for example). However just eating one of those wouldn’t be viscerally horrifying enough for n2f.

No. 1416997

File: 1642167132584.jpeg (373.9 KB, 828x1363, 6950B307-1288-49B9-BAB5-279B5A…)

Imogen is getting very defensive over that shite-take post from a few days ago and edited it with this. It’s a lot of words for ‘I need to justify my continued obsession with the disorder I say I’m recovering from’

Pretty sure if you erased your ED you wouldn’t need to learn there’s a life outside of aesthetics or to live in alignment with your values.

No. 1417000

Clairethroughthelookingglass that's a blast from the past. Blog post but I did group therapy with her she was nuts. Had to he the sickest in the room.

No. 1417009

Hello Pumpkinpie, how ya doin?

No. 1417010

File: 1642167786380.png (4.42 MB, 828x1792, 20C54E4A-04C5-4EE7-8740-6CCFC6…)

this is hell.

No. 1417021

it's like when she recently ate a Crunchie and made a huge deal about how it's the first time she's eaten chocolate in YEARS - despite the fact that she eats chocolate-coated bars on a daily basis. but obviously chocolate is totally safe when it's included in a protein bar - it's only when it's layered over a filling of honeycomb that it's a challenge! and Crunchies actually have less calories than a standard protein bar, so once again she's manipulating her followers into thinking she's doing something brave, when actually she's flaunting restriction! not to mention the fact that there are photos of her eating Easter eggs and chocolate on her IG, so it's hardly been "years".

No. 1417037

completely normal thing where I live, yogurt comes in many flavors

No. 1417065

File: 1642174888763.png (2.48 MB, 1145x1242, Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 10.4…)

No. 1417080

Yea like fruit and berries but chocolate sounds weird. Pudding is not the same as yogurt. Chocolate pudding I understand.

No. 1417084


We all know that’s not what she’s referring to. If it were, she’d have labeled her new depression level as “acute moderate”. She just wants more asspats.

No. 1417087

File: 1642176170119.jpeg (345.9 KB, 510x1472, 07447EBF-FFFF-4CB2-A435-270C2D…)

Sage’d cuz no milk but circled ones did make me laugh.

No. 1417099

'A scale does not determine who I am' It would give her the heads up on the size of them there thighs though

No. 1417105

>A scale does not determine who I am
That's right: she'll always be Ham, no matter what the scales say. Kek.

No. 1417117

File: 1642179330716.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1170x2176, 78BFA289-B6E0-4C1A-AA5B-9CF6B0…)


No. 1417124

File: 1642179811859.jpg (85.45 KB, 912x1280, hamitator.jpg)

Is this the person ham is trying to copy?

No. 1417135

whos that fatass anyway

No. 1417136

Maybe. She is not a cow though. In my opinion she used to be, a bit, but she’s made the effort and is really living her life now.
(Not her, check my ip, I’m in the UK)

No. 1417143

Since Tee used to actually be anorexic but put in the work to recover, her posts come across as authentic unlike Hams. Used to be sort of milky but pulled herself together. Hate to be that person but it’s suspicious she is being posted as a potential cow after she calls out a known cow.

No. 1417158

that’s on her PERSONAL?!!!!!!!! god how embarrassing

No. 1417177

Go rattle your bones elsewhere, sad skelly woman

No. 1417180

Retarded question but why do most anorexic girls posted here have huge foreheads? Does anorexia give you male pattern balding?

No. 1417191


I mean she’s not fat. She recovered from legit anorexia.

No. 1417197

It can be both. She had legit anorexia and she's definitely overweight now.

No. 1417199

Don't argue with ana-chans. They've been mistaking this thread as their pro-ana website. Kek.

No. 1417233

shes recently ended up in a locked psychward at greylands according to her recent posts i believe. sage for no milk

No. 1417236

She makes it up to make the struggle real! Like the Apple issue fear food.

No. 1417241

They take pictures from above to make their bodies look small relative to their heads. Aka the MySpace angle.

No. 1417244

She had a lot of shit going on mentally - leaving her with her iPad in hospital was a disaster.
I’ve been trying to think back to all the old cows on her and IG from a few years ago.

No. 1417259

Is that.. pilau rice? On rice cakes? and in the ham bagel? The only other thing it resembles is big fly eggs, which with N2F is about as likely as the rice.

No. 1417289

I thought it might be rice crispies?

No. 1417297

this is what our precious taxes go on. letting people like her piss about with a toob for 8 months refusing to eat or drink. if these people saw the actual starving people in yemen, let's say… oof

No. 1417315

What did she do, was it a lot of bragging and competitiveness?

No. 1417333

No, she was definitely underweight. I’ve been following her for a while, she’s been in active recovery for awhile just having a hard time at the moment. Definitely not milk

No. 1417335

And also if anything Josie copies her lol

No. 1417338

Wanna make your self posting any more obvious?

No. 1417343

I 100% am not self posting. I am the same anon that was posting about Josie further up. I just happen to like chaibabie lol
If anything I actually think it’s Josie who posted her.
They were/are friends. But I believe chaibabie calls the authorities and dobs Josie in to her parents a lot when she’s worried, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Josie’s using her to try and get the attention away from her.
Plus Josie does copy the shit out of her.

No. 1417365

No. 1417367

The way she’s so self-congratulatory over this shit like the same types of posts haven’t been done for years. Not one of these ‘facts’ is interesting at all, she really has zero personality outside faking an ED huh

No. 1417413

sorry for my idiocy, but what do you mean by “locked psych ward”? are all of them not locked in the location you speak of?

No. 1417417

I followed her as sort of a fatspo thing because I'm a horrible person but she looks amazing here. Good for her! I'm sure there's posing trickery afoot but she still looks great.
Btw modestly overweight is a lot healthier and happier than for example Scarlett at a "healthy" weight, but you go ahead and stay copeful, rattlers.

No. 1417424

File: 1642200421009.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1957, 5F64B4B4-FDF7-4839-8312-522B68…)

have they bought the wheelchair or does nhs has this much funding?

also ofc she post a 15 sec video just to announce us that they are going on a post meal walk. although she sits, because she is the sickest. Why is she still on bedrest again?

No. 1417425

Head back to edtwt, we don’t care who you use as fatspo

No. 1417428

What was Enara’s weight?

No. 1417438

Sophie? Learn to sage.
It must be before 2016 because she definetly hasn't been underweight since then. And also as if Josie copies her, if anything they both copy Tee, at least how she used to be. And it's a bit sus that she "dobs josie in". Like, it's her responsibility and her families, not Jess.

And for anyone wondering yeah Tee used to be a massive cow but she has done a full 180, she's not milky at all now, and it's good.

No. 1417440

Some wards you can come and go on day leave etc, some you can't. That's what I assume anyway. There are still physical locks on the doors, and not all patients get day leave.

No. 1417446

This was before she had admissions, I think 2010? She would sit in the waiting room with me and tell me her life story. At the time she was at college studying dance. She would tell me her weight, all the behaviours she was doing, how many calories she ate a day etc. Every time we had to do written activities she would just write one word answers that basically implied she had no intention of trying to recover which seemed a bit of a waste of a space in the group. She then found me on social media and used to send me long updates on her illness which I didn't ask for. She was very toxic and I didn't really see it at the time but she definitely had control over what she was saying and sharing with others and it felt like she was deliberately saying things that would upset someone with an ED.

No. 1417447

File: 1642202782177.jpg (1.06 MB, 1079x1796, Screenshot_20220114-171757_Ins…)

Not my scene but call me if there's another unicorn war and thank you for taking the time to post about how much you don't care about a fraction of the post kek. Tee came onto my radar for posts like this but unlike Ham it's not her entire fucking feed. If Ham is trying to copy Tee I hope she copies the idea of having interests and a life beyond obsessing over food and body image.

No. 1417453

LOL honestly if all cows could do what tee has done the world would be a better place.

No. 1417483

Honestly I really like Tee. She was a spoop, gained weight and recovered properly and the overshoot seems to have settled down now anyway, she looks a healthy weight. Overshooting when doing proper weight restoration is normal. And she has her shit together and calls out the real cows like Imogen.

No. 1417486

As opposed to a private ward where you can come and go as you please (which there are a lot of in Aus).

No. 1417496

Yeah I do too but she used to be an idiot. And I can't help but feel a lot of her posting is still over sharing and attention seeky, she just uses different things to do it. She's obviously intelligent enough to know what she's doing, so I don't know why she still does it. She goes on and on about her assault like it's the only person it's ever happened to, just like she used to with her eating disorder.

No. 1417506

What thread was Clairethroughthelookingglass on ?

No. 1417522

File: 1642208103216.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1170x2391, DF65B30D-ACD5-4713-A0C3-C3F83A…)

Can someone explain how she has been in hospital for 8 months and not had any oral intake/fluids? What are the nurses even doing there?

No. 1417529

125mls isn't a cup, it's half a cup. Also, she's obviously psychotic, and she could be lying. My guess is they try to make her have something and she has a massive meltdown tantrum.

No. 1417536

She's said before that she has to be restrained for feeds and that they reduced the number of times they do the feeds per day because she was so violent towards staff. So I think you're basically spot on - she throws enormous, dangerous tantrums whenever they try to make her eat/drink so they're basically just doing whatever keeps her physically safe but reduces risk to staff.

It definitely seems like she's got some personality disorder shit going on in addition to the eating disorder.

No. 1417554

She died like 4 years ago so look from early 2018 and earlier. Her name was Claire Greaves.

No. 1417561

Just to add, her death was sad. She was another one of these UK girls like JTE who spent a billion years in one ward after another, but the place she died seemed like it really mismanaged her case. There was a lot of new coverage about it.

No. 1417573

Scarlett vs Tee is a great example of how prioritizing physical health in recovery can absolutely backfire. Every day that Scarlett chooses to put bodybuilding before everything else, she's reducing her life expectancy because she's making herself fucking miserable and refuses to admit it. Tee probably eats far less healthy and does less exercise but she is healthier overall, guaranteed. Shockingly, people with close relationships and meaningful hobbies that bring them joy tend to live the longest. Tell that to these fitbabes who put chia seeds in their smoothies instead of going out for breakfast with their friends. And no, Scarlett, there is no "joy" to be found in contest prep and posing practice…anyone who thinks that is real joy is delusional.

No. 1417583

Also Tee used to dance and doing that or any sport when you're younger leaves you in a better position from having muscle memory, and when she's ready to exercise she can actually enjoy it, unlike scarlet who has turned it into a whole other disorder.

No. 1417586

I wouldn't say Tee is overweight, the waist to height ratio is more important than bmi and I don't think she would be above the limit. It's normal to get big in recovery then settle back down later.

No. 1417603


Still sad that they let her die alone in a empty room tho https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/young-woman-25-killed-herself-14251585.amp

No. 1417617

I like how you’re trying to call out Sophie for posting, but now you’re sticking up for Josie?
Sounds like it’s you behind this one Jose. No one thinks anyone copies josie lol. She’s not worth copying. Literally if anyone, and I mean ANYONE in the ED community announces a chronic illness she suddenly has it too. Especially anything gut related and easy to fake . .

No. 1417621

Same tbh, it's funny seeing Fi trying to be all cute and i'm baby with her toddler cutlery and shit when she looks like a granny.

No. 1417628

She was really young/ immature and very very entrenched in her ED . I’d say BPD too. Yes sad she died but at least cows back then had proper milk. I’m still trying to remember other IG users from around the same who were interesting..

No. 1417630

No I'm honestly not Josie, gross haha. I wouldn't really say that was sticking up for her, like, how? I said they both copy, but I know for a fact that Chai Babie is also a larper, she's not as fucked up as Josie though. Like, at the very least josie was underweight, chai never was. And hell yeah I'm calling out sophie because she is a twat that pretends she's so unproblematic and when she's the literal opposite.

No. 1417652

Yeah okay, fair call lol

No. 1417657

File: 1642222092744.png (315.8 KB, 1198x818, Different-BMIs-same-body-weigh…)

Oh shit I think you're right, was I hearing my own bones rattling all along? Thank you for the perspective nonnie. You're absolutely right about waist to height ratio.
Including a visual aid.

Already posted here >>1417117 and discussed here >>1416352

No. 1417721

167cm looks bigger than 165cm, bmi is useful as a vague guide but the waist to height is really a better indicator of how healthy someone is. I think the general consensus is your waist should be less than half your height, even if your bmi is higher, if your waist is less than half your height you are at less risk for cardiovascular illnesses. I think tee is kind of tall, so she would be fine now, earlier in her recovery she was probably above it but that's just what happens when you've been anorexic for so long.

No. 1417746

File: 1642233149547.gif (2.59 MB, 320x240, 7547C7F1-32CE-4154-B061-5AF1EA…)

No. 1417761


"I am not going to lie" equals "I'm going to lie to you, deliberately"

Oldest scheme in the book, that

No. 1417762


topkek, anon

No. 1417778

File: 1642239467646.jpeg (273.19 KB, 828x1472, 552EB825-53AE-46F0-8269-85312B…)

Okay but Josie posted this photo on Jan 1st and Jess (chai) posted this today… she obviously copies her like ffs she is wearing the same togs and white shirt like ffs Jess is such a cow and look at her she’s obese and certainly has never been underweight. Plus she’s never EVER been admitted to hospital or tubed. I agree with first anon she’s a fake that decided that when her an got her nowhere she would munch her way into cHroNiC iLnEss sorry I just really hate her and find her so fake she copes I’m powering all the time which just makes me hate her more I’m so glad she was brought back up again okay sorry will calm now btw I hate Josie too but at least she actually has anorexia

No. 1417779

File: 1642239518621.jpeg (313.86 KB, 762x1472, 6BFB490F-D7E3-4FB5-A9CE-9DE855…)

Following on

No. 1417781

Her face is so weird like she a double chin yet no chins at all she looks like a thumb kek

No. 1417782

As much as I think she is a cow and copies the shit out of Josie and others, she was once underweight and tubed. I only know this because I was in hospital at the same time as her (funnily enough she got admitted right after Josie lol)

No. 1417784

I know for a fact she’s never been admitted and just ask her she’s open about it. She’s never been admitted to medical for her Ed not even to the ER. This isn’t up for debate, she admits it.

No. 1417785

Since when do we target cows private accounts?(learn2integrate)

No. 1417788

You literally have several times in this thread alone lol anyway it’s some good milk

No. 1417789

The good milk is always private

No. 1417790

What has smorven being doing now she’s home? Still head banging? Still making cheap soups and calling her parents daft names? Still being rude?

No. 1417791

Yeah sorry another anon confirming this is false. She’s never been admitted to med she went to a private clinic once (funnily enough the same one Josie had gone to like 6 months prior) and larped a little but yeah def no tooobs up her nose

No. 1417799

Since when do we just downright refuse to learn to integrate?

No. 1417815

Really, tubed? That sounds like bullshit I was at the private clinic she went to after coming out of public, and she was definetly not anywhere near underweight, and she was in there for "anxiety"… And she wasn't even in there long. She's a total larper. If she was really sick, they wouldn't have let her come to the private clinic so soon, you have to be moderately well to be allowed to the private one.

this is too funny, I knew she was copying but like that's actually creepy as fuck.

No. 1417820

Not disagreeing, but it's not really that big of a coincidence considering there are only two in this part of the state… Literally everyone here either goes to St helens or Hobart clinic, or if you're a special snowflake you go to the mainland…

No. 1417822

No. 1417834

We are talking about TMC which is on the mainland.

No. 1417842

Just using the same style of speech as her, calm down nonnie.

No. 1417845

A hard time at the moment? The cow is fatter than ever. Like look at Jess and her no chin sausage face.

No. 1417852


ITT, Josie relentlessly self-posting. I'm sorry that whatever mental illness you clearly have is causing you to do this on a Saturday night instead of being out with friends living an actual life instead of LARP'ing a TBI in hospital.

pro-tip: posting both saged and unsaged posts doesn't throw us off your scent when you type the same.

No. 1417866

I’m begging you to stfu

No. 1417886

Oh okay, well the other anon said she'd only been in once, I'd like to know why they said that… Because if she's been to the Melbourne clinic that's at least twice including St Helens. I just know that she definetly wasn't underweight at St helens, and hasn't been since, so it must've been pre 2016. However, you or someone else also said she was in there only 6 months after Josie. And I'm pretty sure Josie was not at tmc in 2016. So either someone is confused, or Jess is self posting and trying to claim that she was toobed when she wasn't. Which if I had to guess, I would say is what's happening.

No. 1417889

At least one of those was not Josie, and I always sage so it's probably just the unsaged. I can see why you'd think that, but yeah. She's a larping turd and I hope for her own sake and all the idiots who buy into her fake personas that she stops.

No. 1418042

Well, you're the same anon with the same telltale signs that post her. Including awfully swift captures too, same timezone, every single time. It's almost as if someone is self-flagellating. It makes you wonder. How's the discharge coming along?

No. 1418069

File: 1642272797916.jpeg (1.23 MB, 917x1884, B2CE9E72-EACD-40EA-997E-A6942D…)

so this is my first time ever posting on here after lurking for years. if i did anything wrong let me know
enera let me onto her private story and this is the story about how she self harmed during a dbt group

No. 1418077

This can't be true. How can someone stab themselves in their actual bowel without fainting? how can your pain tolerance be this high? Also, what a major attention seeking move.

No. 1418078

I know it's weird but it's actually not me, and only one of the screenshots was me. I have a feeling there's at least two or three others, or maybe it's all just her i dont know.

No. 1418083

Maybe adrenaline? But yeah idk. Seems sus.

No. 1418084

And conveniently it's some newfag posting, making sure everything is right this time, just somehow ended up in her close friends to see this post which sounds incredibly unbelievable.
>My psychologist obviously got suspicious and kicked down the toilet door
yeah sure, unless you were wailing in pain I doubt that happened.

No. 1418087

File: 1642273737986.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2072, 12DB3645-2FCA-4E90-AD33-189A5A…)

must be a pain to have a patient constantly pulling the tube and have to restrain them to reinsert it

No. 1418090


She is dumb for letting me on her private story. I am happy to supply you all with her posts now.

No. 1418092

No, Jess has 100% been in medical. I mean it was quiet a while ago. But I’m sure I remember her being tubed when we were there together.

No. 1418093

No. 1418094

Is there more?

No. 1418095

I think I need to address this because I've been called out for self posting several times now but it truly is not me. I know there's probably nothing I can say to convince anyone that, and I know it's extra suspicious because at least two people have self posted openly. I am not one of those. And honestly, it just goes to show that unless you know for sure, it's literally impossible to know who is an anonymous. Damn now I want to read V for Vendetta again haha.

No. 1418096

File: 1642273961525.png (2.15 MB, 1219x1294, Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 2.12…)

a whole pop tart. Kek.

No. 1418098

File: 1642274051966.png (2.26 MB, 1206x1292, Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 2.13…)


No. 1418099

You're either certain or you're not. How long ago was this?

No. 1418100

File: 1642274161254.jpeg (1.36 MB, 960x2079, 8AF9ED85-1767-4044-AD72-E019D3…)

more from the private story (1/2)

No. 1418101

Has anyone noticed that Josie has been extremely quiet lately? Like give us the milk Jose

No. 1418102

do you want to address what the fuck you're talking about? also, you type like a cow.

No. 1418104

this isnt milk nonnie.

No. 1418106

File: 1642274211726.png (4.35 MB, 960x2079, 4AADDE5B-98CF-4580-B484-2040F0…)


No. 1418109

you're right sorry i'll only post the milk now

No. 1418111

Would have to be around 8/9 years ago. I think it was either my first or second admission

No. 1418112

Sorry that wasn’t meant as blog posting. That was just me trying to remember dates.

No. 1418114

There's literally been so many different times so no, work it out yourself.

No. 1418116

File: 1642274582075.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2155, EDB71BEF-0332-48E1-93D4-DD0273…)

Ready for the snow top half, but have to show our skelly legs, so have to wear skirt

No. 1418118

You didn't reply to anyone, retard. that's why it's not clear who you are or what you're talking about.

No. 1418126

I think you're either very confused or lying. That would be 2013/14 time right? And you're saying she was in medical and tooobed. And then went to the Melbourne clinic? Even a quick search shows she wasn't nearly underweight during those years so maybe you're thinking of someone else? You're so vague and unclear on detail it seems like a lie. And she was also just finished school around that time, so I doubt she was even at tmc, not without having done the rounds at St helens and rokeby first.

No. 1418149


Please learn to sage already. How many times do people have to tell you?! Type sage in the email field when you post

No. 1418150


Ffs and I go do it too

No. 1418164


I want to purge just looking at this.

No. 1418168

Yet you are well within the 30 mins cut off for self deletion, and do a samefag reply for a correction instead?

No. 1418189


Cosy little BODYCHECK, that's what you mean.

No. 1418194

What kind of artery clogging mess is this..?

No. 1418198

Would you just piss off with that irrelevant BS, plz

No. 1418225

i mean, “its an ootd you cant change her body”

No. 1418238

Why does she think this outfit comprised of 2 seasons old primark castoffs and an infants headband would be an interesting outfit of the day… Unless… anons, you don’t think she’s trying to show off her body do you?!

No. 1418242

File: 1642283462484.jpeg (272.92 KB, 827x1366, 6A8526D2-87D7-40E8-9ED3-0297E9…)

sage for no milk but this is so funny “how can you do so badly” seriously girl get your shit together and stop ripping out your tube

No. 1418244

Jess went to TMC in 2018. Her admissions to Hobart clinic also started the same year. Prior to 2018 she had never been admitted anywhere AT ALL. Her ‘ED’ didn’t start until around 2017. I think you’re confused with the other Hobart Jess.

No. 1418247

who the hell is that supposed to be..?

No. 1418250

File: 1642284515298.png (Spoiler Image, 449.7 KB, 501x381, gollumfeet.PNG)

somehow that anemic yellow pile of food isn't the worst thing in the photo

No. 1418257

its niamh

No. 1418259

Niam's vendetta-chan is back again, pretending she's another anon.

No. 1418264

There are multiple people who've posted Niamh. Fuck off with this boring derailing.

No. 1418270


Yes, you are right.

That's no milk at all.

No. 1418301

Hi Niamh.(hi cow)

No. 1418306

File: 1642288365000.png (122.98 KB, 320x270, aee8d4ac-lq.png)

No. 1418320

learn how to reply

No. 1418324

Who is the other hobart jess? And no I don't think i am confused, but I do think the other anon that said she went to tmc like 8/9 years ago is. I know this jess was in St helens in 2016. So it's weird you say she definetly hadn't been before 2018, how would you know that, unless you're her?

I thought I did, I always do. It's fixed now

No. 1418349

you've heard of pro recovery cutlery, get ready for proana spoons !

No. 1418357

Probably borrowed from the hospital, with the expectation you return it at a later date. I don't think the nhs has the cash to hand out wheelchairs you can keep indefinately.

No. 1418371

File: 1642293184680.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2172, 6400ECCB-6555-4D48-B3A6-8C2C6A…)

Top kek at her calling anorexia a hobby. What an actual disgrace. Porgie-junior.

No. 1418376

She’s right that recovering is harder than just wanting to as some #recoveryqueens like Ham would suggest, whats milky here is the fact that she feels the need to share that she’s been ripping her toob out every day to her public instagram account

No. 1418384

Yeah it is really weird, I don't follow her private though. Maybe its a policy of the special neuro hospital lol. I bet she's been discharged already and now has to face all her embarrassing lies.

No. 1418385

Sage? For no content
But does anyone know about Smorven? Is there any milk or is she still wasting space in a hospital? Honestly getting bored of hams ham and n2f eating chocolate slop(newfag)

No. 1418403

>look at her she’s obese
There’s no way this is obese. Compare her tiny tits and flat ass to an actual obese woman. Stop bonerattling.

No. 1418408

File: 1642297560362.png (3.33 MB, 1767x1311, Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 8.45…)

New cow alert? She claims to be in recovery for months but has lost weight.

No. 1418409

File: 1642297594725.jpg (450.48 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20220116_013740.jpg)

so the crunchie fi made such a huge deal about eating the other day was SUCH a challenge, and required endless asspats - supposedly the first time she's eaten chocolate in YEARS!- yet that thick layer of chocolate on top of the protein bars she manages every single day is totally manageable! despite protein bars being higher in calories than standard chocolate bars! as long as chocolate is labelled as "high protein, low sugar", fi is fine with it, but an actual chocolate bar? it's exactly like the fruit! it's suddenly become a huge fear, so that she can convince her team to introduce increases which are far lower cal than they'd normally add in, under the pretence that they are such a battle for poor fi. manipulative as ever.

No. 1418418

Looks like a shoop job from the lines in the background

No. 1418436



No. 1418473

Note the red wrist band carefully not cut off from hospital- got to have the arms exposed with as short as sleeves as possible. No doubt she claims to hate her body etc etc.

No. 1418476

File: 1642304598191.jpg (124.99 KB, 760x1200, 20-under-200-calorie-meals-1.j…)

200 calories. Could've eaten some decent real food instead as a snack.

No. 1418477

Bit like the whole Apple is a fear food thing- at least she doesn’t slice it up like smorven used to.
Strange as in her TikTok’s from yesterday she had blue green nails on. Yet they’ve vanished.

No. 1418479

I’m interested too - does she finally accept she has an ED or is she still in total denial. Or has she gone back to BPing?

No. 1418488

File: 1642306158945.png (74.88 KB, 320x270, 1642288365000.png)

Shut the fuck up fregoli-chan
The more manure you autists post the less space we have for milk, fucking waste

Those engraved spoons are so disgusting I swear they're just designed to catch extra bits of food and bacteria in the lettering. Proana spoons are just baby spoons but picrel could sell as a novelty item

No. 1418498

No, no, I remember the other Hobart Jess from another hospital admission, she was a runner lol. Hard to forget.
I could have sworn I remembered chai babie from the Hobart hospital!

No. 1418500

You almost got it… almost. What's with the sudden influx of newfags who don't know how to sage or reply? This is the shittiest thread I've seen in a long while.

No. 1418505

Are you the same anon that said chai hadn't been admitted pre 2018 or not? I'm even confused now. No one gives a crap about the other jess.

No. 1418527

No I was the anon saying chai had been admitted to medical pre 2018. Someone else mentioned that I may be confusing the two Jess’s. But I remember clear the difference between the two. Chai was definitely admitted to medically at RHH pre 2018. She would have still been in high school and with the RHH outpatient system

No. 1418542

That doesn’t look like her underwear? Maybe a pair of shorts or something that rolled up a bit at the bottom

No. 1418543

You are confused. Jess never went through pacu her Ed developed after she turned 18. I know Jess, we went to St. Helens together and we discussed this. I’m sorry but you’re thinking of aomeone else. Josie went through pacu though and was admitted to paeds several times. Are you mixing them up instead? I’m not even trying to be rude it’s just the truth from someone that actually KNOWS her and Josie personally and has for years. Her first ever admission for her Ed was to TMC in 2018. She had been to Hobart clinic earlier that year. Can you just accept you’ve mistaken her and move on? Like as anon said this thread is boring af

No. 1418553

crazy how many tasmanian cows there are when we really don't have a good system to LARP in

No. 1418554

Sometimes you need calorie-dense things, not everyone is going to be able to eat a whole bowl of something out of the gate (and I doubt those things are less than 200 calories unless major corners are cut/tastes like dog shit).

No. 1418564

Sorry, maybe I am thinking of someone else. I just could have sworn it was Jess.

No. 1418600

File: 1642321903708.jpeg (151.68 KB, 828x1275, 4FEB5107-D1A4-4D3E-9341-2472A9…)

so has cooney finally kicked the bucket or

No. 1418609

Nta but for the love of god can you stfu? You are a fucking broken record.

No. 1418616

Jas is a known shooper, has been mentioned a few times in past threads

No. 1418619

Yeah I actually think you're right, like she has a pretty distinguishable face. Plus her account literally had st helens tagged in it on a photo she posted waaay back after she came out of the royal. She basically restarted her whole account since then though.

How on earth could anyone mix up josie and jess they don't look similar in any way, apart from jess clearly copying her that's it. I don't want to say you're wrong because you know them so well, but have you considered perhaps, that jess is a liar?

No. 1418624

File: 1642325056975.jpeg (175.68 KB, 1242x2688, 397D5614-F4D2-4DDF-9915-60E121…)

Looks like Josie is back giving this brain injury another run for some clout. She’s now begun following concussion support groups and sharing one of many posts I’m sure from their pages. Save us now. I feel we need another board entirely now for chronic health cows now

No. 1418626


Nah, but she's working on it.

No. 1418628

I’m sorry but this proves you’re not from Tasmania. St. Helens is a small town on the east coast of Tas and St. Helens hospital is a private Mh hospital in HOBART. Ffs jess grew up in the town St. Helens you idiot. She’s never been to medical for her Ed. She had a small attention seeking type ‘I took 10 Panadol lol’ od and got ad