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File: 1434395344352.jpg (70.18 KB, 615x573, hashtagIP.JPG)

No. 121883

First thread is sage >>101158

Aly is currently #inpatient for her #EDrecovery. She is being #IGTube fed, drinking lots of LUSH #Ensure as well as HUGE, OILY portions of DELISH hospital food.

#Struggling with fast weight gain. Is she really eating that food or force feeding it to the old lady?

We follow aly's #recoveryjourney…

No. 121886

also for discussion of other lolcows in the ED community.

No. 121888


Looking at the straws.. did the drinks even reach her lips?

No. 121890

The protein one did at some point, the clear straw looks kind of milky so she had SOME of it

No. 121900

Lmao the hashtags killed me.

No. 121953

File: 1434399438111.png (814.12 KB, 973x636, sixsprouts.png)


No. 121954

She actually looks so much better in the hospital photo. It's a shame she's going to lose all that weight the second she leaves. As hilarious as she is, I don't want her to die.

No. 121957

I just have this overwhelming urge to pour sauce of some sort all over that dry-ass meal.

No. 121972

Little Six Sprout <3

She's pulling the stomach upset card again. She doesn't go to the doctors for what she thought was a heart attack, and she isn't going for stomach issues. I wonder why she avoids the doctor hmm.

No. 121975

If Aly's not being monitored around the clock I guarantee the feeding tube is being sabotaged in some way. My really sick cousin stuck hers in her rear once and then went to the bathroom and shit out the formula out of desperation.

That sounds like a joke but it's not.

No. 121976

Needs some kind of fats

No. 121977

You can still purge with a tube, as I've learned from all of these awesome ED threads

No. 121986

Has she always claimed to have IBS?

No. 122034

she probably burned/melted some of the tube while she was having a sneaky ciggie so the fluid leaks out.

she recently said she had stomach flu (hence had 3 sprouts instead of 6), but i haven't seen her mention IBS before.

No. 122037

Not sure if a general hospital know that much about nutrition for someone with an ED. Probably basic stuff? The only time I was sent a nutritionist was when I could barely eat any of the menu because I'm veggie (this is 20 years ago, so thinks hopefully changed). She asked me, "What do you eat?" Lol. Nutritionist didn't know what vegetarians eat. (not an ED thing btw).

No. 122041

Well I don't know if my eyes are foolin' me, but she looks like she's really recovering. I see some more skin on the cheeks. Good to know, hope she recovers.

No. 122043

Oh for sure she looks better in her face. Less skull and looking younger.

She's already getting her tits in a twist over gaining 4kg in 4 days even though people are saying it's water retention mostly.

We all hope she recovers, but it's how she gets on when she's not being tube fed and back at home that's worrying.

No. 122054

I'm just wondering when she'll check herself out. She's got 9 more days left but I can't imagine she'll stay the rest of the time.

No. 122077

So Ash thinks they're going to medically transfer her to Japan.

No. 122080

Wait what?

No. 122081

File: 1434413488448.jpg (21.19 KB, 494x244, lol.JPG)


Lol. Just seen it. Deluuuusionsss.

No. 122082

A follow up from the post where because her old grampa is dying and it's suddenly struck her life is short so she wants to go to Japan.

She didn't consider that her life will be even shorter because she didn't bother getting treatment.

Her friend Jackie says
>We could go to Japan and tour it together ?.. You can teach me about their cultures


No. 122083

File: 1434413671653.jpg (96.51 KB, 491x655, lol.JPG)

No. 122085

PT levels of delusion

No. 122088

File: 1434414559645.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-15-19-27-47…)

this is an offense against mac and cheese everywhere

No. 122091

File: 1434414603545.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-15-19-28-15…)

No. 122093

Yeah I thought I was in the PT thread for a sec. Even the caption sounds like her. I was going to be proud of her for her rekindling her Japaroo dream :')

Why does she think a hospital is just going to provide medical transport to Japan for no reason other than that she wants to go? She doesn't have cancer, it isn't fucking Make A Wish. She'd be a huge liability.

Does this melanin-starved cave gremlin have a single picture of herself where she doesn't look like a total dipshit?

No. 122094


She scares me. She looks like something evil from the Middle World/Underworld.

No. 122095


Yeah, no way anyone will air ambulance her to Japan. She is delusional.

No. 122096

Also, isn't she perfectly healthy?~ Why would she need an air ambulance in the first place?~

No. 122106

That response is so bitchy.

I find it funny she thinks she's just going to be able to get medical transport like it's a normal plane. Like you can just go to cheap tickets or whatever and click the "medical transport" option. Kek

No. 122115

don't forget the in-flight all-you-can-barf buffet catered by a sugoi japanese chef!

No. 122124


>An air ambulance from London to New York can cost $40,000; from Hong Kong, it can cost up to $100,000.

This was 8 years ago…

No. 122127

Oh so like totally do-able

No. 122129

She's going to have to sell a lot of those jelly iPhone cases…

No. 122134

File: 1434422531508.jpg (205.75 KB, 968x593, sproutibs.jpg)

Nope, she diagnosed herself with it just today!

No. 122140


Yeah, everyone with an ED has stomach issues (typically mild gastroparesis). The only way to get better is to eat normal-sized meals on a regular basis.

No. 122141


She can start a fund like that Rachael person

No. 122158

File: 1434426416413.png (921.08 KB, 969x635, Bait.png)

"Mimi" here, eagerly awaiting a response…or deletion and blocking.

No. 122164


I lol'ed at "stay strong"

No. 122171

File: 1434429524555.jpg (5.87 KB, 232x208, images.jpg)

>this melanin-starved cave gremlin

DYING. but i have the same question, what is up with these manic looking selfies

No. 122195

File: 1434434751839.jpg (202.39 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Anon, you did good. Imao rn.

No. 122198

To make it truly authentic you need to put your low weight, high weight, and current weight though. Oh, and number of times IP.

No. 122203

ED worriers, kek
I love it!

No. 122207

File: 1434438383216.png (792.44 KB, 658x1155, Aly 6-16-2015.png)

Nooo that's so ~triggering~ omg crying rn!!!

Also how is this an acceptable breakfast for a severely underweight anorexic being refed in a hospital? I mean, I know she's being tube-fed, but still…

No. 122209

My question was, why is she drinking coffee out of a bowl? I thought she was yesterday, but this confirms it.

No. 122216

MIMI!!!1 U are so inspiring <3 ~gOOd vIbeS n strenght to u~ <3 irly

No. 122217

Why does she spread cookies on dirty hospital bed sheets
I know she's probably not eating them and the sheets have been washed, but it still looks gross and it really bugs me

No. 122218

File: 1434441316563.jpg (118.3 KB, 336x507, kawaii.jpg)

Because it is ~kawaii~

No. 122233

I don't think it's healthy if she's gonna eat a lot suddenly. It's probably better to have her eat more gradually.

Have you really never seen earless coffee mugs?

No. 122250


Pretty much, when you starve yourself, your stomach shrinks. You can't physically eat a lot, without getting hella sick and vomiting even in some cases. She needs smaller meals so she can gradually expand her stomach to be able to handle normal sized meals again.

No. 122252

>implying she didn't eat all those croissants and other multitude of snacks. WHAT?!?

No. 122253

Damn, I was IP for "refeeding" as a young and stupid teenager (not proud of this, it was awful and humiliating but it did save my life) and I wish I'd gotten off as easy as she seems to be. It was in 'murrica and it was strict as fuck. Complete bedrest for weeks, except for wheelchair rides to the bathroom; 1:1 observation around the clock at first and always at mealtimes; no "playing with" your food; no cameras, laptops, cell phones, or anything; no visitors except immediate family members; etc. Meals had to be WAY more balanced/"normal" in terms of carbs, protein, and fat, etc. and were fairly large from the get-go. It's surprising to see what a general hospital in Italy is refeeding someone with. Makes me wonder how much they're giving her via the tube. If she's only going to be in the hospital for a few more days, it's not like she's going to be working up to eating anywhere near regular portions.

I know it's not going to happen, but I wish she'd just admit to her legion of adoring fans that she's been lying out of her ass.

No. 122254

Well, at least she's promoting brussel sprouts. That shit's so good.

Jfc, that looks disgusting. Does she use this for bulimic purposes?

No. 122256

I wonder if she's actually going to get discharged that fast (this Thursday or Friday) or if she's checking herself out AMA. She can't have gained much more than just water and food weight over the course of a few days. Seems kind of stupid to just let her go back to what she was doing before when she's still such a spoopy skeleton.

No. 122275

It's not a shrunken stomach that's her problem but refeeding syndrome; it can be fatal if her electrolytes aren't monitored and taken care of.

No. 122278

i thought a lot of europeans (italian and french?) eat little breakfasts of bread and coffee… then bigger mealers later

No. 122283

Can we submit posts to this instagram? I have an OCDelish meal I'd like to shaare!

No. 122284

We should help out "Mimi" by taking OCD pics of our meals and sending them to her to upload

No. 122286

File: 1434461948855.jpg (116.14 KB, 640x480, FullSizeRender (1).jpg)

Here is my #realRecovery win. I ate TWO egg whites instead of one. Ugh it was hard and so scary but I used all of my strenght to get through it. Sending lots of #love and #positivity and #strenght to my #edfamily. Together we can do this.

No. 122337

File: 1434468451177.gif (570.74 KB, 383x253, Crying.gif)

LOL, did you actually just cook this? Can I ("Mimi") upload it? I'm going to grab my camera later on and I have some shit in the cupboard like Quest bars (not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for chocolate-y protein bars for when I'm on the go) and Ensures (thanks for leaving those here, grandma) that I can arrange in strange patterns. But although "Mimi" got down to the ~perfect weight~ of 74 pounds (pic related) before starting her recovery journey, she has never been hospitalized and is too scared to actually drink the Ensure…sooo many cals and liqiuds are scarier then food cals for some reasons :( need strenght like Aly to conqueur my fear foods :(

I am probably a terrible human being for doing this but yeah, go ahead and post weird food pictures here if you want and I'll try to integrate them into an ~ED recovery~ persona. I figure I need at least a few actual photos to seem convincing, but the only real food pic (don't want to take pictures off of Google Images or anything really obvious) I had on hand was one I snapped of a giant stir fry I made like 5 years ago. Hence the user pic.

This is gallows humor for me I guess because I'm actually having a lot of health problems IRL; I've just been sitting around feeling like shit while I wait for various tests and procedures, and lolcow drama keeps my mind off of it.

No. 122342

Sprinkle in some Marya Hornbacher quotes too

No. 122343

A French breakfast is generally 'light' but it's not minuscule like that. Hell, 2 pieces of toast with butter would have been more substantial then a couple of biscuits.

No. 122357


I like your humour. I do shit like this a lot. I wish I'd read this post before I scoffed my bbq rice cakes and pasta salad. Could've cut a rice cake in half and arranged the pasta just so

No. 122359

Lol absolutely you can upload it. Yeah I cooked it. I have no gallbladder and I've found that if I eat fats first thing in the morning I'll shit liquid all day. So, I gotta backload the actual tasty foods.

No. 122360

File: 1434470736590.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-16-11-04-20…)


So idk if she purges or not. But she's seriously ill either way and her food concoctions are truly horrifying. Her Instagram is like a fun game of "how many photos of horrible food and manic selfies can I scroll through before I throw up?"

She also repeatedly photographs the same old veggies. She's definitely not eating everything she posts.

No. 122361

All this joy from little blondie excited child is so fake.

>I'm just getting stronger (and more beautiful

Quit being so modest, aly. Sheesh.

No. 122362

File: 1434470804334.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-16-11-04-15…)

totally normal behavior

No. 122364

My pasta salad almost came up.

She looks like something out of an Aphex Twin video. She's so fucking ugly. Sorry, but that's truth.

No. 122365

File: 1434471168844.png (551.33 KB, 793x410, yes.png)

Anyone else see it?

No. 122366

File: 1434471279191.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-16-11-12-37…)


The sad thing is, a year and a half ago she looked so much better. she actually has muscles, body fat and color to her skin.

No. 122367

File: 1434471321312.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-16-11-12-00…)

that eyeliner tho

No. 122368

File: 1434471341606.jpg (30.91 KB, 480x369, screenshot.JPG)

No. 122370

Some gene sharing definitely going on there.

No. 122372

No. 122380

Thank you anons, I love you.

No. 122386

File: 1434474947703.png (1.88 MB, 1272x1272, Family ties.png)

Mother-daughter ana bracelet bonding moment, SO TOUCHING

No. 122390

OMG i honestly thought she was just naturally skinny duuuuude woah

No. 122392

Yup, I know Rocky from the Cher film! I meant gene mix up with ginger vegan, aphex twin and rocky.

I would've cried a sentimental tear if I'd not imagined the awkwardness of having to take a pic at that angle.

No. 122393

Pmsl I think I'm in love with you

No. 122396

File: 1434477031942.png (893.42 KB, 976x638, horrifying.png)

She's going to be put on medical leave before her freshman year is finished.

No. 122398

Can you imagine being a freshman assigned to be fitgingervegan's college roommate and stumbling upon this instagram account? I'd be terrified.

No. 122402

fuuuuck that, she's probably stare at you while you were eating

No. 122412

this is what I imagine satan looks like

No. 122424

what's her deal????

No. 122427

File: 1434480192470.png (1.21 MB, 1648x432, 456435674.png)

nailed it.

that looks like she drew her eyes on in microsoft paint and removed her eyebrows. how can a human being be so unaware?

she reminds me of shmegeh btw, they have a similar face.

No. 122431

God DAMN she is terrifying

No. 122432

I'm from Argentina and my ancestors are Italian (like a lot of Argentine people) and this is pretty much what we have for breakfast everyday in our country. Sometimes we don't even eat anything and just drink a cup of coffee or tea. We have pretty big meals after though.

No. 122438

wtf she puts like any kind of vegetable together with milk and calls it cereal because its crunchy ? fuckin gross. and her oatmeal with ketchup and corn. wtf

No. 122444

File: 1434483151137.png (325.16 KB, 705x337, vomit.png)

No. 122449

Is that a Columbine shooter? Jesus.

No. 122450

Jesus christ

No. 122464

Are we sure they're not siblings?
And why doesn't she have her own thread?

No. 122469


The one on the left is.

No. 122473

yaaas to a thread for her

No. 122497

Oh man, I miss Shmegeh's silly ass shirts that she used to make. I wish I had gotten one.

No. 122514

File: 1434490449949.jpg (75.2 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Ashley related:
Her grandfather just died (most likely)

No. 122520

No. 122524

He's still alive but in a hospice. She's making a drama out of it on her other page.

No. 122528

Ash is "not allowed" to see the rest of her family.

No. 122529

Sorry if I missed it the first time but what's the reason behind her not being "allowed" to see her relatives? (Besides being a spoopy skeleton ofc)

No. 122532

It's because she's a spoopy skeleton.

No. 122533

She's never even mentioned him before and now she's saying she's all alone :(

No. 122534

she's craving dat attention since we stopped giving it to her

No. 122536

Quick, everyone stop talking about her.

No. 122538

Ashley who?

No. 122539

So I really don't want a thread about that fucking ginger kid, her pictures freak me the fuck out.

I have to admit I AM curious about what her deal is though.

No. 122540


No. 122541

Jesus freak plus starvation-induced mania

No. 122543

I can't deal with Jesus freaks. Her weird diet and looks would be difficult, but all that Jesus stuff…having lived in a house with a bunch of born agains - just, no.

No. 122550

That just makes even creepier, imagine being chased down by her screaming "Have you heard about the word of our Lord and Savior!?!?!?"

No. 122558


No. 122567


No. 122570

File: 1434497044080.png (474.5 KB, 740x456, Dry as fuck.png)

"an amount of carrots in loads of oil as usual"

Aly, girl…come on…WHERE IS THE MOTHERFUCKING OIL??? You live in Italy, for fuck's sake. I know you know what oil is and what it looks like. Olive oil? Shiny? Ring any bells?

Also, it's not like she's down in the hospital kitchen watching her food be prepared, and I highly doubt she has a doctor, chef, dietician, or anyone giving her a detailed explanation of how each item was made. I don't know why this one thing drives me so fucking nuts. When I was a kid, my parents used to cook carrot rounds in a bit of butter and brown sugar (maybe that's weird, but I used to love it). They were quite obviously shiny and left residue around them on the plate. ARGHGHHHH

I keep telling myself to stop looking at her Instagram - she lies about everything, it doesn't look like she's going to stop anytime soon, and why the fuck does it even matter to me if there's oil on her veggies? I think I need to step back and re-evaluate my life here.

No. 122573

Nah, not weird. My boyfriend's mother makes carrots like that as well, though she uses baby carrots.

It's driving you nuts because it's such a stupid lie. Like seriously, Aly, why even lie about that? She's power-tripping because she convinced everyone that she was eating whole meals for so long and now she's just testing how far her lies can go.

No. 122574

these carrots have clearly been boiled. no oil or butter was involved. she's delusional as fuck

No. 122575

Scary that she thinks carrots will make her gain

No. 122576

It's hot weather. The heat evaporated the #superoily dressing

No. 122579

>why the fuck does it even matter to me if there's oil on her veggies

Because she's clearly lying, it's obvious to anyone with eyes that there is absolutely nothing on those carrots, and yet everyone is kissing her delusional ass.

No. 122609

No. 122626

File: 1434504236984.png (504.51 KB, 844x442, idkkkk.png)

I tried to make her pretty with my shitty Photoshop skills.

No. 122645

A-anon, that's horrifying.

No. 122654

LOL, I'm sorry, did I fuck it up too much?

No. 122658

No, it's just that with the stark contrast of black and white it now looks like a cartoon villain like fucking Harley Quinn on meth or something

No. 122663

File: 1434507668592.png (1.07 MB, 659x1804, dem fuckin carrots man.png)

OH LORD these last three comments, I'm fucking dying here. She still has people who apparently believe her? Do they have eyes? What is even going on??? WHY PHOTOGRAPHY SOMETHING UP CLOSE AND DESCRIBE IT SO OBVIOUSLY INACCURATELY WHYYY ALY WHYYYYYYYYY

I wonder if her doctors and/or parents know about her Instagram and, if so, what they think? I'm so curious about the family dynamics here. Is her mother an enabler, clueless, or ?????

No. 122664

I don't think ginger girl is ugly, but I think she needs to chill out and stop the manic poses. Damn.

No. 122666


Too busy lolling at Mimi rn

No. 122669

>debunkin.donuts: I can see the oil. If YOU can't you need to wipe your screen or sth.

I just cleaned my screen, friend, and those carrots still look pretty damn dry and sad. Is this a mass delusion/hallucination or something?

No. 122670


No. 122671

File: 1434508358625.jpg (87.58 KB, 420x300, Punk’d.jpg)

No. 122673

Damn you did get me, fuck you Ashton Kutcher I always hated your ugly butt chin

No. 122674

File: 1434508974605.jpg (30.57 KB, 304x303, 0.JPG)

This person eats with children's cutlery and shit. It's like if spoopy ash had a recovery account and posted her food.

:( Sorry :( Love Ashton X

No. 122675

I'm a bit sick of aly hogging the #inpatientrecovery hashtag

No. 122682

The OCDelicious is strong with this one.

No. 122683

Oh shit, I'm youaretransparent and I am willing to admit that you got me too. shameface emoji

No. 122684

All these food (that have probably gone to waste) make me so hungry now

No. 122685

Go Mimi! Recovery worrier!

No. 122689

I am rocking recovery over here. Photographing food like mad. Doesn't matter if I eat anything - as long as I photograph it, I'll get better, right? RIGHT?!?!

No. 122695

You guys are so entertaining, it'll be a shame when she wakes up in a few hours and bans you (crying emoji, bottle of milk emoji, monkey covering eyes emoji).

No. 122724

File: 1434515433842.png (910.82 KB, 960x617, whyyyy.png)

I like the subtle plea for ana points with the hashtag #childrensclothing.

No. 122729

Flashbacks to being in treatment with a girl who wore toddlers dresses. But we all called her out on that shit, lol.

No. 122731

Oops she unfollowed Mimi. Is she a farmer?

No. 122741

File: 1434518998947.jpg (915.24 KB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1434518933803.jpg)

What the actual fuck is up with this girl

No. 122749

Oh damn she finally blocked my "youaretransparent" account. Lol tho because she called me a fake. What even?

No. 122752

Lol she thanked "donuts" though

No. 122759

File: 1434522822151.jpg (354.93 KB, 1898x1468, comments.jpg)

How many comments is she deleting tho? I follow her and I never see the comment count the same as the actual comments, at least before it gets too many to count. Maybe more of her followers are onto her than we think?

No. 122768

Wow. Just wow. Does she actually think that people CAN see oil dripping off of her dry-ass carrots? Does SHE see oil on them? I can't figure out how much of this is legit crazy and how much is just her trying to cover her ass and not let her followers see through her (extremely obvious) lies. Yet people still seem to be, shall we say, eating it up. OMG SO BRAVE SUCH COURAGE MY INSPIRATION 4 EVA <3<3<3!!! Her fake positivity makes me want to vomit.

No. 122769

Jfc she looks bad in both sets of photos.

No. 122773

Cute boots in the first set tho.

I can't even tell what her legs really look like in the second set… with her legs all far apart and her feet turned in with the toes facing each other like that, she looks like she doesn't know how to walk.

No. 122777

File: 1434527685589.jpg (209.06 KB, 971x594, NOT her fav oh my.jpg)

Maybe her own fake positivity makes herself vomit too and that's why she keeps it up.

She came so close to admitting that she doesn't enjoy every damn food on the planet and then nooope, backtracked.

No. 122795

Loads of oil. LOADS OF OIL!!!!
So fucking much oil. Sooo oily.
Lush. Abso-fucking-lutely lush.

No. 122800

File: 1434534205299.jpg (25.91 KB, 531x255, wtf.JPG)

What's wrong with this girl's ears? What're those growth things? That septum, jewellery is unfortunate because from a distance it looks like she's got a Hitler tash.

No. 122801

I swear to God, I'd give anything to know what the fuck is up with her oil obsession. Italian hospital fare is notorious for having absolutely zero condiments, as I'm sure is the case with most hospitals. What the fuck is she trying to communicate. What the fuck.

No. 122802

Donuts here. I'm glad YOU can see it too.

No. 122807

Goddamn you guys are making me want to make an insta account for the purposes of trolling Aly

No. 122810

They're keloids. It's basically scar tissue that overgrows past the boundary of original wound/injury.

She shouldn't be getting that many piercings if she gets keloids though. Whoever pierces her is an unprofessional shit.

No. 122811

I was like "aww look at the fish cookies swimming towards the bowl" and then i realized it was a grown woman doing this and not a kid and i felt disgusted.

No. 122835

As another anon said, it looks like she has a bunch of keloids. You see it a lot with black people who have had piercings. For whatever reason, they get them a lot more than people of other races. (Seven times more likely, in fact)

No. 122844

Fuck me I almost kinda want that romper for roomwear

No. 122846


No. 122857

mimi you are an inspiration and a true worrior.

No. 122868

File: 1434549509653.jpg (44.96 KB, 592x450, Capture.JPG)

Mimi, I found a photo of a TRUE recovery win. LUSH oily carrots, and TEA with lots of cream!

No. 122885

File: 1434552134060.jpg (4.08 MB, 5312x2988, 20150617_083726.jpg)

My super ~delish~ and ~filling~ breakfast this morning. Recovery never felt so good!

No. 122893

I've actually followed her on Tumblr for a while now. Her account used to be all "pro-ana" and thinspo shit.

No. 122895

OMG, that must be at least 800kcal, you're so brave! Stay strong <3

Today Aly had green beans dripping with invisible oil! (milk bottle emoji, flexing biceps emoji, #recoverywin)

She's being discharged on Friday. She'll have lost every kg gained by next Tuesday. What are the odds of her actually following through on the psychiatric help she speaks of? I hope she doesn't drop dead.

No. 122900

Seems like it still is by the pictures posted here

No. 122906

File: 1434557611228.jpg (1.11 MB, 2048x1536, 20150220_125131.jpg)

hahahaha i always laughed about her emojis use i thought i was the only one. Also i wanted to make a fake recovery account too to comment on aly's IG. Great idea Yep, she's delusional.
I give you a picture of a salad with HEAPS OF OIL OMG and an omelette made with ONE EGG #fearfood with 50gr of chopped fruit #recoverywin

No. 122910

I hope you insta #anaworriers are measuring portions with a plastic spoon. Don't forget THE MEASURING SPOON.

No. 122913

You guys ARE eating more than what you're posting right? It would be hella ironic if you developed an eating disorder because of this shit

No. 122914

File: 1434558376328.jpg (197.37 KB, 640x640, 10838621_764727783619708_39374…)

hey i wanna collaborate with LOTS of images too for mimi! such a strongh fighter omg lol

No. 122915

File: 1434558417298.jpg (77.96 KB, 640x640, 10919130_394858350639103_12743…)


No. 122917

Aly keeps using the sake emoji to mean oil?

No. 122918

File: 1434558461745.jpg (69.93 KB, 640x640, 10979691_811723668876696_80966…)


No. 122921

Since the 6 sprout thing, as soon as I see an #anaworrior photo I have to count how many items they have, like how many pistachios and berries.

Froyo +1 ana point!

No. 122922

File: 1434558489194.jpg (124.68 KB, 640x640, 11355019_916399971751089_72949…)


No. 122923

Yes. One must always keep the foodstuffs separate.

No. 122925

File: 1434558655689.jpg (126.6 KB, 640x640, 11428673_1496598723895891_1195…)


No. 122927

i ate that when i was recovering from stomach flu last summer, so yes, now i'm eating well :P

No. 122928

Six. Nice.

No. 122931

File: 1434559043101.jpg (74.47 KB, 640x640, 11098739_853574831404210_14245…)

BFAST! two rice cakes with 2 nuts (OMG!) plus, non fat cream cheese with sweeter and (unpictured) starbucks moccacino with cream and extra caramel!

No. 122933

Don't you post everything you eat? I know a lot of #anaworriors don't. They say so in their introduction.

No. 122936

File: 1434559658464.jpg (73.62 KB, 640x640, 11374583_842331072489482_20797…)


No. 122940

File: 1434560025041.jpg (91.29 KB, 640x640, 11208084_1601886136748490_1940…)

soup for dinner as it's cold today. #Staystrong

No. 122941

File: 1434560117449.jpg (126.44 KB, 838x588, six pretzels.jpg)

Yes, she seems to think that emoji means oil.

Pic unrelated to that, but here's an #afternoonsnack for Mimi. 1 tbsp garlic hummus and six pretzels. (Plus plastic container so you can see the LOADS of oil dripping down the side.)

No. 122942

File: 1434560120845.jpg (74.94 KB, 640x640, 11142901_856684661064128_98022…)

afternoon snack: vanilla cereal bar. I also had 10 chocolate-chips cookies (heart emoji)

No. 122943

hahahaha mimi will have a large account seeing all what ya posting

No. 122944

she looks like graveyardgirl now

No. 122946

you left the stems on , that adds like 50 cals

No. 122949

Did you weigh the pretzels as one serving? It's just that some appear larger than others and you have to be careful of those microcals.

That bar looks HUGE. I'm not surprised you didn't have room in the viewfinder to include the 10 cookies.

She's pushing herself with the stems, so shhh. Don't trigger.

No. 122961

coldest summer by far!

No. 122963

What is up with anas and children's cutlery?

No. 122966

No idea but it's kind of creepy

No. 122972

Ugly as fuck shoes, in both, the top and the bottom panel, especially the bottom.
And that tacky belt.
Jesus, no sense of style.

No. 122975


Lmao, is that one half of a "Stay Strong" tattoo?

No. 122977

"Mimi" here, oh my god I love you guys. I have to head out for a little bit but am going to add some of these photos to "my" Instagram when I get back. In the meantime, stay strong and remember, FOOD IS MEDICINE!!!!1

No. 122979

Sorry I couldn't posst any food shots today. I'm suffering with … gastric flu…

No. 122981

it seems so!

No. 122982

she has posted her dinner. Again "oily zuccini" hell, NO. Three meatballs in sauce. I bet she left the sauce bc there's no bread or a cracker to dip into it. And yes "unpictured ham". Yeaah. I wonder why the hospital gave her coffee instead coffee w/milk (more calories) or why do they gave water to drink instead of.. i dont know, some caloric beverage. It's obvious she's not in an ED specialized hospital but this seems a joke to me.

No. 122987

File: 1434567494579.png (737.38 KB, 640x639, ghdnfg.png)

I'm pretty sure she's trying to be an Instagram ~*~fashion~*~ icon, but all her clothes just look like she found them in a dumpster behind Goodwill.

No. 122990

>dumpster behind Goodwill

fucking kek

No. 122992

Yes, that picture is from 2013 and I have no clue why I was eating carrots with my tea

No. 123001

mimi should use more tags:
#healthyrecovery #vegetarian #edrecovery #eatittobeatit #anarecovery #balancednotclean #countnutrientsnotcalories #healthynotskinny #nourishnotpunish #beatthebinge #healthylife #anorexia #staystrong #recovery #eathealthy #healthymeal #foodisfuel #foodporn #spamforspam #recentforrecent #recent4recent #likeforfollow #likeitup #TagsForLikes #follow #followme #followback

No. 123005

She's trying waaaaaaay too hard. Sure is gonna regret that tattoo on her chest, the ugly ear stretching, growths, cheek scar…oh, and the eating disorder.

No. 123012


A farmer with a "stay strong" tattoo trying to make fun of Aly is the height of irony.

No. 123014


I'm wondering if she reads here because she was following Mimi until after her stuff was posted here.

No. 123017

Maybe it says Stay Beautiful because she's a Manic Street Preachers fan.

No. 123019

Song related

No. 123020

she's like a walking 2edgy4me post

No. 123022

FUCK. I HATE that the quick reply doesn't delete the previous youtube url. Sorree.

No. 123024

The kid that huffs aerosols hasn't updated in a long time https://instagram.com/recolapse/

No. 123027


Ugh, crying girl

Someone in the comments of her most recent picture said she posted to Facebook. I don't know the girl's name other than Emily otherwise I'd check. I can't be assed to dig through her posts to find her full name though

No. 123028

Bet she's one of those Ensure people from last thread.

No. 123032

No. 123033

anyone looking @ erika's instagram lately? she is looking thinneragain

No. 123035

I think so too. I believe she's trying, but she's short on cash so probably can't afford all the food she needs.

No. 123040

You mean therapy, not food, right? Well she says shes gaining, even if that is a lie I hope she is at least not losing. It's hard to tell but she's definitely not gaining anymore. I hope the best for her :(

No. 123041

I was thinking the same. She looks like she's losing weight.
I also thought that part of going back to Florida was so she could go inpatient or to a residential treatment closer to home…

No. 123043

Sounds like she went IP and they restrict internet access. Good.

No. 123044

No I meant food. People were telling her cheap nutritious things to eat like wholemeal and she bought Quest bars out of some kind of token thing on amazon.

Not sure about the IP thing because I don't understand the whole insurance set up. Yeah, it's difficult to tell really from pics. She's posting a lot more sad face pics which is never a good sign.

No. 123045

I thought the whole point of her leaving Denver is because she couldn't afford it anymore? Possibly can't afford Florida either

No. 123049

Correct. She left denver due to not being able to afford it any longer. But food…? Has she said so that she can't afford enough to eat?

No. 123055


A lot of girls with anorexia want to have people take care of them and pity them, like a child. Losing a lot of weight kind of gives them a "childlike" figure as well. Usually you see it in anorexics who were abused somehow as children and are terrified of taking control of their own lives. So they regress. That could explain the children's cutlery, not to mention that the plates and utensils are usually a ton smaller as well, leading to smaller portions overall.

I'm on mobile right now so I can't link any scientific studies, but you can probably find 'em if you Google.

No. 123056

She's finding ways of economising with food and using coupons etc. https://instagram.com/p/3XYsZph7Ee/?taken-by=fluffykittensandbunnies

It pisses me off that people like aly who don't really want to recover get the chance/have the money but Erika who reaallly wants to sort herself out struggles.

No. 123058

Something about her legs just seems off to me. Especially in that picture of her from behind.

No. 123083

tbh that looks delicious….

No. 123092

Yeah, Erika has talked about struggling with even buying enough food due to financial strain, but it sounds like she's been doing an amazing job of making the best of what she has. I would feel too awkward asking for her address or something but I honestly wish I could ship her a big flat-rate box of non-perishable food. Guess I could send her an Amazon gift card if I had her email address, though…

ED treatment is so ridiculously expensive it's disgusting. Here in the US, insurance companies like to be butts about covering it, too, even when the patients are literally dying.

No. 123095

Eww. She's a candidate for suicide if I ever saw one.

No. 123118

I want to keep on top of all of this dramu and I have more pics to post on Instagram, but unfortunately "Mimi" is going to be occupied for the next day or so. Ironically enough, I need to go in to the hospital for a procedure of my own (GI imaging) - I have to fast, then go in and eat a breakfast that's laced with a radioactive tracer…mmmmm. I'm not going to be ~inpatient~ but I'll see if I can snap any #hospitalfoodpics while I'm there. Who knows, maybe my special breakfast will be absolutely LUSH and cooked in tons of oil (as usual)! Keep fighting, ED worriers! #staystrong #hospital #radioactiveeggs #hopethisdoesntmakemegainweight #howmanycalsareinthisshitanyway #ohmygodfreakingoutnonutritionlabel #doesradioactivitymakeyoufat?

No. 123125

I'll anon ~stay strong!!~

No. 123126

Whoops, ilu*

No. 123130

When I struggled with an eating disorder, I liked using child size cutlery because it made me feel like I was eating more food than I was. Basically, the smaller the cutlery/plates, the more I felt I was eating.

No. 123136

Are you the anon who keeps throwing up after eating but is NOT bulimic? Will have to google GI imaging. My boyfriend once had "nuclear medicine" for sthing to do with his kidney stones. He wasn't allowed to have sex for a few days afterwards. I was fine with that because his body smelled like…batteries…the following days.
Good luck #worrior.

I say she'll start (if not already) on heroin and OD or sthing. She already posted camvidz of her #high and #toostonedforinternet.

No ED here, but I only eat food with a spoon. Idk why :/

No. 123147

Oh god. This girl looks so young and so ill. What a fucker of an illness.

No. 123156

Ehh only because Demi Lovato popularized the "stay strong" tattoo and made it a complete joke.

No. 123159

God she looks awful. Looks like she picks at her skin too.

The juxtaposition of the pictures of her as a baby with her mom and then right after her looking gaunt with a tube up her nose upsets me. I feel so bad for her mom watching her slowly kill herself ugh

No. 123165

File: 1434586632168.jpg (40.75 KB, 619x614, well_helloo.JPG)

I know. It's so easy to pick out potential lolcows, but when you see someone like this it's really so sad.

I was looking at hashtag bodycheck - girl naked standing in front of mirror, girl standing fully clothed in front of a mirror, girl lying down sucking stomach in, male ED worrior posing in his…oooo, hellew there!

No. 123180


Who had that tattoo before Demi Lovato though?

No. 123192

oh jeez that's sad. She's 20 and has been ip with an ng tube for over two years, and it looks like she's losing weight.

No. 123194

lel skinny guys usually don't do it for me but he doesn't look too bad

No. 123197

I didn't watch the videos until now. What the actual fuck? What is she even on?

No. 123199

I was trying to figure out how long she's been that way. She's yo-yo'd ridiculously even with a tube

No. 123210

I honestly don't know, but "stay strong" has been popular in the ED community for years–both negatively (stay strong starve on) or positively (stay strong in recovery). Then Demi gets it for a tattoo and it becomes the next big thing.

Pisses me off though because I had "stay strong" tattoo way before her bullshit. Now the phrase is seen as a joke by many.

No. 123212

She's so cute as well. Not that dickheads deserve to be ill, but she brings out a mothering instinct I very rarely have (except towards animals).

No. 123223

He's chubby where it counts.

No. 123285


one of her comments says shes been IP for 2 years…

No. 123303

I didn't weigh them, but it's 3/10 of a serving, which is 33 calories. (Which is beautiful in its numerical alliteration, but you're right, those microcals probably ruin it. Damn.)

No. 123307

So I'm reading about Gypsy Rose Blancharde (Munchausen by proxy victim who killed her mom who was involved in the hoax) and I'm wondering why xBlueEyedBarbiex hasn't faced criminal penalties for all of the money she's stolen. She's still on IG, stalking ED people and pretending to have CF.

No. 123312

She looks photoshopped as fuck. The obvious indicators are the weird lines and blurs around her legs and arms, but even if that's just due to photo quality, it looks very off. I don't think she's lost any weight at all, just got better at tweaking herself with liquify.

No. 123347

wow check out the OCDelicious on this one: https://instagram.com/justrecover/

not sure if that account's been mentioned before but daaaaamn, it's making me salivate. these people make their food look so pretty…I just shove it in my mouth, I'd never think to photograph an energy bar or something

No. 123354

It seems she is currently living at home. It also must be a lot more energy expended than in the hospital with the kids so maybe she is maintaining

No. 123355

why don't you post his IG name

No. 123373

she looks disgusting.

No. 123378

Yoo not that difficult to find, but he only has 3 post. https://instagram.com/landofcle94/

No. 123383

Erika looks like she's getting bulimia cheeks. Shitty.

No. 123385

Hi Ashley.

No. 123401

File: 1434618089672.gif (1.03 MB, 174x188, 1422513555370.gif)

No. 123405

What IS this?? I really want to eat it.

No. 123428

lol! is that gif from reefer madness?

No. 123429

Aly has been discharged

No. 123432

is it wrong of me to immediately assume child abuse when i see girls like that? i just have a hard time understand what else could make you hate your body so much at such a young age

No. 123447

I don't immediately jump to child abuse. Teenagers are fickle things, all it can take is one comment/picture/peer pressure whatev that sets them off. Not saying that's the case with all these girls though

No. 123448

I actually thought that too because of some of her pics. I really hope she isn't.

No. 123456

>>123405 zucchinni, cheese & onion omelette (i think? it was some time ago, arugula and lentils salad. The dessert is passion fruit and mango

No. 123457

File: 1434633203943.jpg (110.96 KB, 640x640, 11379739_397052410481332_15012…)

Our #survivor has been discharged

"Guys… LAST #selfie from the HOSPITAL‼️? Omfg I can't believe iiiit ? Too too HAPPY for words ? Doctors already decided to discharge me in the afternoon instead of tomorrow ? since my "medical journey" is over and I'm completely re-established ?
? Going to have an appointment with the psychologist in a few minutes and then.. I'm ready to return to my LIFE ☀️ my home and my beloved ? In the last week they saved my life but now I know I HAVE to do it and I'm so freakin motivated ? They did so much ? and I've learnt even more: I will NEVER be inpatient again ?? and I can just keep going on this good track ? And with a super up mood ? I remind you my #edfamily to keep always fighting against this cruel illness and send you all my strenght and love ❤️ We can do it, we can REACT ? and WIN ? so stay always strong darlings, stay always positive✨?"

No. 123458

Sorry anon, didnt realise you had said this already!

No. 123461

What's the bet on how fast she'll relapse? I'll give her maybe a week to lose all the weight she gained. Also how long will it take for her to post those creepy smiling-at-food "surprise" pictures?

No. 123469

Holy shitballs that was fast. I would have guessed that someone in her condition would have been hospitalized for at LEAST a few weeks, but, then again, she wasn't in an actual ED unit. They probably just did the bare minimum to "stabilize" her. She's still a spoopy skeleton no matter how much water and poop weight she "gained" in that short hospital stay. Sounds like she's doing an ED day treatment program, though, so I'm hoping they'll be more informed there and actually keep a closer eye on her. Who knows if she'll change her mind and decide she's ~recovered~ and doesn't need to keep going, though.

No. 123479

I say 2 weeks until she's back to her former #perfectWeight state

No. 123492

yea i dont immediately think child abuse either.
plenty of people claim to remember their ocd/anxious/disordered behavior even from childhood. it doesnt have to be abuse, it could be any other trauma. for example a stomach illness with a lot of vomiting can be traumatic and make the kid have fears about eating even later in life.

No. 123494

No. 123495

aly does look nice even if it's water on her face or w/e. i wish she meant what she writes.

No. 123514

She always looks surprised to me. not sure if it's because of her eyebrows or she opens her eyes really wide or what

No. 123516

She def opens her eyes wide. Not sure about the brows.

No. 123523

I think it's partly the brows. She should get them fixed. Eyebrows shouldn't look like umbrellas.

No. 123527

>Eyebrows shouldn't look like umbrellas.

Words to live your life by <3

No. 123538


No. 123543

By "established" I think she means she's out of the woods for an immediate heart attack and not weight restored. A full body shot would be interesting…

Definitely needs to gtfo internet, but she's addicted to the attention. Notice how the biggest likes are the pics of her with a fucking tube up her nose.

No. 123547

File: 1434644174056.jpg (30.14 KB, 679x196, bragging.jpg)

She's now bragging about her lowest BMI in her description.

TW for numbers. :P She's 169cm. That makes her lowest weight 31kg, and her current weight 35kg. Gosh, 4kg difference, which is exactly what she gained in the hospital. Yet she still won't admit her "fast metabolism" was bullshit.
(Also, that's 5'6", 68lb, and 77lb for Americans.)

No. 123550

I've wondered whether she might be showing her account to family members or something, too, to show them how "normally" she's eating and how "recovered"/"committed to recovery" she is. I don't know. It's probably just for the ~e-fame~, since she has literally thousands of people following her, kissing her ass, telling her how amazing and inspiring she is, etc.

No. 123551

She said her mum's aware of the account.

No. 123552

that's 4st 12lbs and 5st 7lbs in UK

She's 5 and a half stone. Fuck.

No. 123554

Ah right, I forgot about stones. Thank you, anon!

No. 123555

File: 1434645359143.jpg (26.76 KB, 303x208, discussing_gear.JPG)

The way ED people talk about drinks like Ensure is like how drug bores talk about different kinds of weed or heroin.

Still chuckle when I see mimi's posts.

No. 123556

Putting her lowest BMI in her description is appalling.

No. 123557

Putting the BMI she is now isn't much better!

No. 123558

I wonder if some people become anorexic to be able to talk about the drinks like that dentist in Seinfeld who became Jewish in order to tell the jokes

No. 123559

Yeah both will be considered goals by her sick followers

No. 123562

File: 1434645780149.jpg (105.38 KB, 937x584, c.JPG)

Part one

>will unfollow/block proana/promia accounts

No. 123563

File: 1434645805683.jpg (100.02 KB, 953x614, cc.JPG)

Part two

How does one block oneself hmmm

No. 123564


Ensure's actually just like weed with the shit you can bake it into


No. 123566


I'm surprised someone hasn't capitalised on this and opened a chain of ED recovery cafes specialising in nutrition drinks and overpriced snacks. They'd have workshops and stuff and it's a place where the #EDfamily can hang out.

No. 123571


Why don't more parents use these recipes?

"Hey dear I made you some chicken soup"

Ana brain - soup is good, 100 calories maximum, when a bowl could easily fit 500 calories of the recipe on there.

No. 123575


If you can't escape adulthood by making yourself thin, just surround yourself with children's merchandise. Sigh.

No. 123576

File: 1434646747968.png (1.2 MB, 1185x637, Zoolander.png)

her fucking face…

No. 123577

blue steel

No. 123578


But unlike Derek she is by no means ridiculously, ridiculously good looking

No. 123579

Shit. She was eating healthier things a few weeks ago and now she's back to cereal and pop tarts…

No. 123588

What happened to this girl? Are we positive she's in hospital for ED? I went through her post history and it looks as though she was fine for a while then a severe relapse all of a sudden. She's so young. I wonder what is going on? She didnt look like she picked her skin before in-patient.

No. 123589

wtf!? she's 30, right? and she eats in children plates and uses children forks and stuff. I scrolled down her insta page but to be honest it's all kinda weird? idk it just give me the creeps

No. 123590

>>123575 it's cereal all over, does she eat something else?

No. 123595

It worked for Ash. I know some local ED lolcows who do the same thing but I don't hate them enough to post them here lol. Unlike Jen's "friend." Btw, I figured out who you are.

No. 123596


Ew, Subway smells like pizza and vomit.

No. 123598

She's admitted cereal's her binge food, so it doesn't take much figuring out what's going on.

No. 123600

Her tag says ED

>georgielopez1Trying to relax argh?? #colouring #mindfulness #mentalhealth #anorexia #depression #anxiety #ocd #relax

No. 123602

and it's been almost a year since she wrote


georgielopez1Been transferred to an adult unit so im allowed my phone yay? #anorexia #sleepy #teddy #louis #tired

No. 123604


Just another person with gratuitous hospital selfies.

No. 123606

File: 1434651409211.png (588.48 KB, 638x615, Screenshot 2015-06-18 at 1.16.…)

Little Sprout I beg of you eat something else

No. 123607

She's too bloated. She's constipated today. I love how you know of someone's bowel status by looking at their instagram.

No. 123612

Children's clothes? She's a fucking adult and what she's wearing obviously fits her? This girl, Is my girlfriend actually, She lives on her own, Does adult things, On her own, So she doesn't need arrogant children to try to put her down, She has a lot on her hands as is, She herself would never ever make fun of someone on their looks to purposely put her down so she doesn't deserve this, You people need to learn some fucking respect, And stop posting my fucking girlfriends photos on your useless forum.

No. 123613

I'm so sad she might not be Little Six Sprout soon. She said yesterday that she thinks brussel sprouts or dairy is upsetting her stomach. Hopefully it's the dairy.

No. 123615


i think u guys found her

No. 123616

File: 1434652509932.gif (647.7 KB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

No. 123617

>comes onto board with his own volition
>waaa waaa stop making fun of my poser girlfriend abloo bloo blooo
Well that sure showed us. We're totally going to stop because some random person called us children.

No. 123618

I have a theory. She probably wasn't discharged a day earlier than expected. She probably checked herself out.

No. 123620

File: 1434652798839.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_npeaxnHKrR1qkkjtwo1_128…)


How does it feel to know that you're dating an even more anorexic version of Robert Wayne Stiles?

No. 123621


Please tell your girlfriend to stop dressing like she's in an 8th grade Hot Topic phase, and to stop living off caffeine pills and cigarettes.

No. 123623

Tell your girlfriend she looked way better before the sharpie brows and to take better care of her nasty fucking piercings.

No. 123625

File: 1434653291656.jpg (66.67 KB, 640x640, 11333568_738655639614080_19579…)

Her makeup looks way fucking better here. Tell her to go back to this phase because right now she's the walking personification of borderline personality disorder.

No. 123626

Why Do You Write Like This?

No. 123629

Obviously. But she has to keep up her omg I'm so recovered now persona

No. 123631

File: 1434653372264.png (853.08 KB, 1280x736, tumblr_npn2x6vtzd1qkkjtwo1_128…)


Yo, Derek - maybe you should just work on yourself.

No. 123632

She looks like 5x better here. She needs to straighten her life out

No. 123633

Hoooooly fuck. Both y'all are hot messes, jeeeeeeezus

No. 123634

It looks like a bag of wet garbage exploded on two people and they never took a shower after.

No. 123636

File: 1434653724810.jpg (63.03 KB, 650x350, rollingeyes.jpg)

No. 123647

File: 1434655144082.jpg (489.75 KB, 1318x980, 10delish.jpg)

the end of an era of paper plates with loads of oil ?

No. 123649

I TOTALLY respect people with mental illness who post videos of themseves high on instagram and gets piercings when they give them ugly growths and facial scars.

No. 123650

I shall miss the bottle of San Benedetto.

No. 123651

File: 1434655280315.jpg (130.34 KB, 959x627, delish.JPG)

Zoom in real close for this HUGE dinner!

No. 123656

File: 1434655481743.jpg (198.55 KB, 522x588, lesspiercings.jpg)

I think she looks prettier now, tbh. It's the piercings and crap that make her look awful.

No. 123659


No. 123662

This collage actually makes those meals look appealing to me. I'd probably add some oil to the veggies though.

No. 123664

She just needs to learn how to do her eyebrows and maybe use softer makeup.

No. 123665

Is one of here eyes bigger than the other? o_O

No. 123670

I think that's just the angle?

No. 123673

Can someone please tell me what a "Panromantic Grey Asexual" is. Fuck your pronouns, twats.

No. 123676

It's someone who isn't sexually attracted to anyone, but is romantically attracted to all genders, and has a sickly complexion from a combination of anorexia and not going outside.

No. 123677

File: 1434656970176.jpg (37.58 KB, 542x465, 1.JPG)

Maybe it means she can have multiple boyfriends.

No. 123678

I'm assuming that's her ex? Looks like a fairly old picture.

No. 123686

Before the sharpie caterpillars hatched.

No. 123687

Feed your fucking girlfriend.

No. 123694


Why would you get a tattoo that lets strangers know that you've suffered from mental illness? I don't understand "recovery" tattoos because everyone I know with them is still sick. And the recovery symbol looks like an ugly tribal.

No. 123699

File: 1434658621966.png (330.74 KB, 544x351, fuckoff.png)


No. 123701

so kawaii

No. 123702

I want to cry. Also, is it bad that I think the collages of her meals would make great posters? I'd decorate my room with the breakfasts.

No. 123703

Is that a fucking Hamtaro necklace? Oh boy…

No. 123713

I don't even care about this chick.

No. 123714

So I guess she is/was a farmer if this is a message to us?

No. 123716

that septum ring makes her infinitely more hideous
why cant people use silver or gold
not black, red, pink, looks like shit or pimples

No. 123717


I suspected she was a farmer since she befriended Mimi. But if she's a farmer, she should know better than to have her "bf" post here and to acknowledge the board with her tumblr if she wants people to stop talking about her.

No. 123723

Maybe she's not a very good farmer. How fucking ironic

No. 123733

(I'm the anon you replied to.) My tattoo has some decoration that actually covers up my scars, so that's part of the reason. At the time I got it too, "stay strong" was mostly unknown to normal people. I liked the phrase, and I still do except for the fact that fake people have turned it into a joke.

As for the recovery tattoo, I don't get that either. It's the symbol for the National Eating Disorders Association. I don't understand how that came to symbolize recovery nor why people would want a business's symbol on themselves.

No. 123734

File: 1434662231380.jpg (55.21 KB, 360x640, 2015_05_28_12_40_28.jpg)

Surprise surprise, she has a myproana account as well.


No. 123736


Huh. Interesting. Thanks for your polite response. Sucks that about what "stay strong" has come to mean.

No. 123739

She was a cute kid.


I'm starting to wonder if she'll need her own thread considering some of the nonsense
people are finding.

No. 123740

File: 1434663088062.jpg (46.08 KB, 509x334, wtfhappened.jpg)

Shit I don't know what happened to my attachment.

No. 123744

I'm wondering this as well

No. 123759

Nah, she's just a twat.

No. 123768

File: 1434667005969.jpg (22.39 KB, 440x396, b.JPG)

No. 123771

binge video

No. 123773

No problem! It does suck, but I still like my tattoo, so that's all that matters.

No. 123779

She doesn't look that terrible without the gross eye makeup. She's still BPD incarnate though.

No. 123782

File: 1434668312087.jpg (74.02 KB, 892x528, 3edgy.JPG)

Derek's way 3edgy5me tho

No. 123785

Where is Mimi? I need some strenght to get through dinner

No. 123787

is she retarded? sounds like she might be retarded.

No. 123789

this cannot be a real person. i refuse to believe that this is a living, breathing human being who goes about her life with that horrible voice and dumb bitch attitude.

No. 123792

aly posted a pot of B&J so perhaps it sent mimi into a panic attack. i hope she's okay. she's such a worrior.

she's being drunk because she thinks it's cool and also bragging about b/p ing

No. 123794

File: 1434668931087.jpg (38.44 KB, 514x219, retarded.JPG)

Could be. Pic related.

No. 123812

She's like a walking kristen wiig SNL cahracter

No. 123813


Her youtube feed shows that she's subscribed to Ashley's channel, she liked that video the daughter of that anorexic who died (the one with 7 kids and implants) made so she definitely reads this thread. She also only likes ED videos.

No. 123814

File: 1434672533962.jpg (54.46 KB, 593x960, jfc.jpg)


How is she 22 and still doing this shit? Does she do anything else with her life?

No. 123817

Looks like Oxnard to me… which is weird bc didn't he eat a lot?

No. 123822

She says she's a #NEET

No. 123823

Isn't that surprising.

But I mean, really. Who's going to hire her looking like that?

No. 123826

For everyone (ie racist grandma chan) who thinks EDs are a white girl's disease

She's not a lolcow, just a girl with a stupid diet.

No. 123827

File: 1434674920290.jpg (54.43 KB, 956x621, o.JPG)

Here's the latest from the underpants guy

No. 123828


I bet this is a perv who gets off on young girls looking at him naked and tries to attract them with the ED tags.

No. 123829

I'm wondering if she has rich parents or what. Her boyfriend said she lives alone, so someone must be giving her money.

No. 123831

Well, her brother was taken on a trip around Europe for his graduation…

No. 123833

I bet Derek sodomized it.

No. 123836

All Manson like.

Her dad's a professor at Ohio University, so he's probably minted.

No. 123838

File: 1434675940624.jpg (53.21 KB, 640x640, lisso.jpg)

Trying to pull of this kinda look and failing miserably.

No. 123846

>Unlike Jen's "friend." Btw, I figured out who you are.
Hmm…I previously made a few posts about her but didn't claim to be her "friend" - I've never talked to her personally, just followed her online. Hope you're not talking about me, because, if so, I highly doubt you know me (and if you do, that would be really fucking creepy).

Wait, are YOU Jen? How's IP treating you? (Seriously tho, I'm just a random anon who found her/you on Tumblr.)

No. 123848

Did you find her facebook? Links plz?

No. 123849


No. 123854

No. 123855


No, I looked at Jen's SM and figured out who the anon who told her to see Dr. Phil was. It's on her instagram, anyone can find it. And, now I'm not Jen, ha ha. I don't know her either. I just think it's strange that her "friend" would post about her on this website. I think Jen figured out who that person was anyway since her stuff is more private now.

No. 123857

Who is it? Spill the beans, Vivian.

No. 123858


I wonder which /farm/er made this, and how many others contributed.

No. 123859


That's the funny thing about watching people tear this Emma girl apart. She was one of you guys but because she made a dumb mistake she became fodder. It's interesting from a psych perspective.

No. 123861

I think you responded to the wrong person, but that isn't what happened, mate. We are equal opportunity catty bitches to anyone who deserves it.

No. 123862


No. 123863

Definitely pick out the farmers in there. Interesting how the ones I think as non farmers agree. I haven't got an account there. I hate that fucking site.

No. 123864

Hi Derek

No. 123865


I'm not defending her behavior because it's ridiculous being a NEET, belonging to MPA, and making those videos. I just think it's interesting that even after she was identified as a farmer there was no mercy, lol. The mistake I was referring to was following Mimi. But it has obviously become clear that she's made many mistakes before and since.

No. 123868


Are a lot of you guys pro-ana? Why do you guys (the ones commenting in that thread) belong there?

No. 123869


This is me >>123863 so obviously not proana.

No. 123871


Sorry. I guess that I meant that more as a general question to the people reading this thread.

No. 123872

Is there an Ashley thread on MPA? Someone ought to make one if there isn't.

No. 123873

File: 1434679345571.jpg (72.88 KB, 453x604, Gu_TV-1geV4.jpg)

There are people here who have EDs or are in recovery. There's never any proana shit spoken in here except discussions about feeding tubes sometimes.

I think there're two!

No. 123874

No. 123875


MPA is full of thinly-veiled pro-ana talk

No. 123876

I doubt that's the same guy from earlier. Whoever posted this seems to actually know how to type.

No. 123878

The anon said are "you guys" pro ana, so I thought s/he meant anons in this thread. MPA is stacked with proED people.

No. 123879

Apparently so.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to 'call anyone out' for being on MPA, or to specifically identify the farmers. I just thought it was interesting to see the reactions from another site.
Sorry if I worried you, MPA-OP. None of us are coming after you.

I'm not pro-ana, although I do have an underutilised account on MPA. I find that I occasionally enjoy browsing threads or making a post. I don't agree with every community I am a part of, I simply enjoy absorbing all types of perspectives and information.
Besides, posting on MPA is like shrieking aimlessly into a void. You post about yourself, many anonymous lurkers read it, no one responds. Posting as such is also a way to employ self-reflection and similar cognitive functions that are difficult for me.

Also, please don't hate too much on NEETs. Many of us are in this position not due fully to choice, but because of physical, neurological, or mental disabilities.

No. 123880

Yes You. Have a Ponit,

No. 123881


Yeah, that is true. That thought didn't occur to me when I made that comment about her being NEET.

No. 123882

File: 1434679850285.jpg (463.82 KB, 1195x1600, LUSH radioactive breakfast.jpg)

hi #recoveryfriend I am Mimi and I sprinkle some magic calorie fairy dust on you to give you STRENGHT for recovery!!!! YOU CAN DO IT! just remember @aly_realrecover and you can do #realrecovery to! just make sure to photograph all your food or else the calories dont count :O

(Seriously though, I spent my day in a hospital basement with a bunch of old people who were yelling back and forth about their incontinence and various other old people problems. I ate some DELISH radioactive eggs and toast with LOADS of butter and jam - pic related, but not mine - and then waited around for them to take pictures of my insides. Unfortunately, I couldn't photograph my #hospitalbreakfast :( I can't keep up with this Instagram shit. I don't know how these people manage to make, arrange, photograph, post, and eat - or "eat" - all of their meals, read and reply to comments, etc. I'm doing this all from an old iPod touch, too, so I'm kinda gimped. Still need to transfer more pics from my computer to my iPod so I can post 'em…)

No. 123883

I don't care if people here are on MPA as well, so long as that shit stays there. It's a shame they allow all the HOW DO YOU PLAN YOUR BINGES etc threads, when it could be used for recovery. It might keep people off instagram spamming food.

No. 123884


Did the eggs taste weird?

No. 123885

Nah, not me. I'm just overly paranoid. It would be really weird to find someone I knew on lolcow…

No. 123886

Are you still glowing?

>pic related, but not mine

I'd fucking LOVE if someone posted this on all their food pics.

No. 123887

She said they were LUSH! Look at all that oil, too. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!1

No. 123888

Nope, the tracer shit they stirred in was totally undetectable. It was actually a tasty breakfast, although my stomach vehemently disagreed. Apparently you just poop out the radioactive stuff and it doesn't affect you, but I'm hoping I'll develop some superpowers or something. I kept thinking that Aly probably would have found a way to snap a super-close-up of the wee bowl of scrambled egg and made it look like it was the size of her head. HUGE bowl of eggs with two GIANT pieces of toast with LOADS of butter (as usual)! God, I feel like this girl has infected my brain…

No. 123890


If you develop a cloak of invisibility AND ability to fly you could spy on aly and see if she's really eating the food. Report back.

No. 123895

>When I see people that most people would say are "deathly thin" I just get jealous and see them as competition. Like Walmart and Target competition and I'm the Walmart. Which is probably a seriously unhealthy thing of me to think.

I lol'ed at this post from that thread

No. 123898

No. 123901

Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck

No. 123906

File: 1434682651281.jpg (68.84 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nnuztrPxq61tl6v6so1_128…)

Has this girl ever been mentioned before?

I noticed the piercing girl reblogged this pic belonging to her.

No. 123915

Hah, will do. No glowing or anything so far. I am disappoint.

AAHHHH DAT FACE, what is this creature? I like this post: https://instagram.com/p/3vmEhsHPjm/
Yeeeahhhh okay.

No. 123917

:( I was going to design you a superhero outfit :(

Do not know what that creature is BUT it is saying potential lolcow to me. I'll investigate the 1000 links on her vk profile in the morning.

No. 123920

Apparently she's on disability.

No. 123921

She only eats chocolate and has children's cutlery and plates.

No. 123922

Can't tell if bulimia cheeks or just chubby face - ? The rest of her body seems so skinny, but those cheeks, man…

No. 123956

File: 1434692717148.png (599.5 KB, 630x607, Screenshot 2015-06-19 at 12.42…)

No. What is this.

Are those…carrots?






You can't do this to me…the brussel sprouts, they're what I…sniffle…oh god, sorry, I'm getting choked up, it's just…they're what I live for!

No. 123971

probably but we can enjoy it while it lasts

No. 123972

My heart is breaking a little. sniff I don't check out her IG much, but isn't the cottage cheese new? If her tummy is really upset and it's not from her starving stomach eating itself, maybe it's the dairy. I'm a keyboard nutritionist and have no idea what I'm talking about, of course.

Ahhh, I forgot about her, I think she was linked to in one of the Ash threads around the time that Ash's milk began to go sour and boring. Russian proanas are so… interesting.

No. 123973

her style reminds me of kimperi who is worth a mention here

No. 123988

File: 1434704188723.jpg (159.91 KB, 1076x1374, Screenshot.jpg)

Well, now shes deleted this question which seemed pretty innocuous and not "negative" like she says for all the other ones she deletes.

She's really dedicated to this lie that she magically started gaining weight in hospital after eating 3,000+cals at home for months and remarkably losing enough weight to get to a bmi of goddamn 10?

Man she pisses me off. Fucking recover or not. But don't pretend to. It's enough of a fucking battle on its own we don't need people faking their way through it on instagram.

I just don't see the point. She could have been getting actual support from her followers instead of false praise.

No. 123999

File: 1434708801985.png (2.69 MB, 1948x1280, OMG SO WORRIED FOR ALY.png)

Well, she's already taken her BMI out of her Instagram bio. Probably realized that was a terrible idea. ~Concerned~ "Mimi" is toeing the line by posting this, so we'll see if she deletes my post and/or blocks me now. She seemed to like me before when I was kissing her ass, so who knows. SO CONCERN, MUCH WORRY ALY :(

But seriously, that is fucking appalling. How did her family, friends, SOMEONE not intervene before things got to that point? How did her condition only merit a week-long hospital stay that probably only made her gain a minimal amount of actual body weight? Italian health system, what gives? Her health complications couldn't possibly all have cleared up in that short span of time - a lot of those consequences from severe EDs can be permanent, or they take months and months of weight restoration (and, in her case, we're talking a LOT of weight) to correct, so how is she back home?! How is she stable enough to just do a day treatment program where she won't even be supervised at night or on the weekends? Jesus.

I'm so curious to know what's up with her parents. Has she pulled the wool over their eyes so completely that they don't see how sick she is? Are they in denial? Do they not understand? So many questions, so few answers. You drive me crazy, Aly, you really do.

No. 124002

lollllll at her "progress pictures" (progress of a whopping FEW DAYS) where she looks exactly the fucking same, still a spoopy skeleton, maybe just smiling more and sucking in her face a little less? granted, she probably is retaining some water and may have gained a tiny amount of weight in the hospital but it was a fucking WEEK, she barely could have gained any actual body weight and she's acting like she looks ~soooooo different guise~! and she seems to have legit followers actually eating it up.

it's just so ridiculous that she still acts like she was eating and gaining for the last what, six months? nine months? and she was very visibly getting thinner, and now she's been allegedly actually gaining for a matter of DAYS and she's claiming to be visibly larger. how anyone can believe a word she says at this point is beyond me.

No. 124013

Her heart is still messed up based on the color of her feet in that pic

No. 124014

Italian here. I don't know where she went, but chances are if that it was a public hospital, they can only treat her immediate urgency and then send her off with a recommendation to get actual treatment. She can't get sectioned against her will and the hospital can and will only make sure she is stable enough. It's fucked up, but it's the state of public health. Dont cut public health services, kiddos.

I can only hope that her parents shell out for a private ED clinic, but again, there's no point if she won't go.

No. 124019

Little Sprout said she was named after conjoined twins. Erm…

No. 124064

mimi i am loving the shitty grammar. you are a worrior pro

No. 124065

shit my feet and hands look like that

No. 124068

plot twist
she's actually a heavy alcoholic and the LUSH OILY is a cover up hence the excessive use of the sake emoji

No. 124073

Interesting, thanks for the info.

thank you I try to write good but I have some learning disables maybe brain damages :( parents drop me on my head when I was very little now I am kinda stupid so sry for mistakse in writings <3

No. 124074

I kept trying to figure out what that stupid emoji was. Sake bottle! Thank you! Interesting explanation. Maybe she's a secret ~drunkorexic~! I wish they had the show "Intervention" in Italy. I'd kill to see her as the focus of an episode.

No. 124075

File: 1434720536481.jpg (299.16 KB, 720x720, RealRecoveryMuchGainz .jpg)

Left: two weeks ago
Right: today
>These jeans suites me tight for the first time

Um. Yeah.
If she really gained 4 kilos, it must have been all water weight.

No. 124078

OMG what are you talking about? Don't you see how much healthier she looks already? Thousands of people on Instagram agree with me! She's already like 99% recovered and back to eating pints of B&J's, what more do you want from the poor girl?

No. 124084

Well we can now use those jeans as a benchmark to measure her ~*Real Recovery*~ progress on

No. 124085

File: 1434721649095.gif (1.03 MB, 500x374, wat.gif)

>that's clearly two girls
>enlarge pic
>pubes on the fucking chin

No. 124096

I don't want to give her any ideas, but, TBH, if she really wanted to fake ~recovery~, she should have been wearing looser/less revealing clothing all along. It'd make it much easier for her to fake weight gain. Her tight-as-fuck pants (jeggings?), teensy "dresses" (shirts?), etc. obviously emphasize how emaciated she is, and it's SUPER easy to line up photos of her (also, since she almost always poses in the same way) and compare her alleged "progress." It seems like she'd want to go with baggy pants and loose tops :\

No. 124106

File: 1434725240697.jpg (95.46 KB, 615x618, fuckingshirt.jpg)

I can't speak for all of her dresses, but the one white "dress" she got a few weeks back is indeed a shirt. I looked it up when she posted the brand name.

No. 124107

She probably just meant 'long shirt' by saying 'dress.' There are specific types of shirts made to wear with tights which are baggy and long, so I imagine that's what she's referring to. I mean, it does make sense to call them 'dresses' instead of 'shirts' if English isn't your first language.

No. 124114

I was thinking he looked like a girl, but usually feminine looking men are kind of pretty.

No. 124118

Yeah that's what I thought. It's just, IMO, a bit short for wearing with only leggings underneath…but whatever floats her boat. I assumed she was doing it to show off her stick-insect legs. It's weird - the anorexics I've known IRL all went to great lengths to HIDE how thin they were, wearing tons of layers, baggy clothes, giant coats, leggings under jeans, etc.

No. 124128

It seems like there are two ways for anorexics to dress: The "LOOK AT MY BONES" skimpier attention-seeking style (Aly, piercing girl, Shmegeh),and then there are those who don't get off on being gawked at and cover their shit up (anorexics NOT on lolcow).

No. 124133

File: 1434730338004.jpg (123.89 KB, 454x750, tumblr_n0qcp9FkmV1qe1xs0o1_500…)

a lot that i've known or followed online wanted to avoid looking bigger (like most of the general population of normal people) so they avoided baggy clothes

No. 124135

She looks like she smells really bad.

No. 124142

You don't think that sweatshirt is oversized? Apart from her legs, and even then she could just have chicken legs, you can't tell if she's normal/naturally slim or not.

No. 124146

she kind of looks like the one mean girls chick

No. 124150

File: 1434731643933.gif (498.07 KB, 500x198, tumblr_inline_ml24azSTkr1qz4rg…)


Immediately thought of this line (pic related)

>>she really almost looks like she's on crack, minus the crazed eyes and excessively chapped lips

No. 124157

I don't see it. Which Mean Girls chick?

No. 124162

File: 1434732342433.gif (381.49 KB, 500x265, mean-girls08.gif)

Probably this one.

No. 124168

File: 1434732905822.png (442.23 KB, 831x615, crack.png)

No. 124170

Um…plus when you wash them they go back to being a little bit tighter. There is literally no weight difference in these pics.

sorry >>124078 you may block me :(

No. 124171


hate to be picky, but I'd call this a tunic. also hate to sound horrid (!) but the shot from behind can't be too pretty.

No. 124173

Yellow eyeballz

No. 124174

Nah I was thinking the same. Most 'long shirts' like that which are when to be worn with leggings are called tunics. IDK if that translates into Italian… Google tells me it's more a French/Latin based word.

No. 124182

Yellow eyeballs, yellow skin…I feel like her liver barely hanging on.

No. 124186

They sell it at Zara as a shirt but I haven't looked at the site in a while.

No. 124193

File: 1434734533852.jpg (20.77 KB, 320x240, qKylJHLJq3o.jpg)

Not sure if this is Ash, but I can't even identify which part of the body this is. Obviously somewhere near the waist/hips, but…where?

No. 124194

Another Italian here. I don't think we have a word for tunics like this one, that's why she called it "dress" I guess. I would say dress too. "Tunica", which is how "tunic" would be translated, has a connotation of something you wouldn't really wear anyway, like priests' clothing and such.

No. 124198

thats a butt, she's lying horizontally (legs are on the left, head on the right?

No. 124201

Doh, I thought the bit underneath (leg) was a shadow. Oh god. That's horrific.

No. 124202

wait the bottom knee is bent so that there's a calf between the two legs it can't be a butt

No. 124203

What knee though? I was trying to figure this out by the seams on her knickers.

No. 124204

File: 1434735150428.jpg (384.25 KB, 764x1024, 0A438896-DC67-4A01-8263-7CF202…)

ok the thick jumper was a bad example but this is not a natural body shape. she has an ed.

No. 124212

This isn't dissimilar to my body shape, except she has longer legs and her knees are more nobbly. Difficult to tell with her sweater like that though. Her wrists don't look scary thin.

No. 124213

Maybe should add I'm only 5ft 1in. Maybe that makes a difference.

No. 124222

She might have an ED (like anyone else in the world might), but I don't think she looks ill based on these pictures.

No. 124228

I've read people's interpretations of this pic but my mind can't make sense of it. Gross.

No. 124229

File: 1434737605821.jpg (49.85 KB, 503x405, n.JPG)

I was thinking about Derek's girlfriend. I wonder if coming here/Ashley was her thinspo. She posted an Ashleyesque picture on facebook a while ago.

No. 124231

What does the Japanese say?

No. 124233

File: 1434737670367.png (119.66 KB, 754x212, Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 2.14…)

> #edrecovery

No. 124234

what body part?

No. 124235

Me neither!

I have no idea. I only thought it might be Ash because one of those skinny fetishists on vk posted some old pics of her I hadn't seen before and this was posted with them. Also the shitty stickers and Japanese writing.

No. 124236

Who is she? Are the previous pics recent?

No. 124238


Yep, that's an ass. The bony bit at the top is the femur/pelvis joint. And her gyno must have an easy time…

No. 124239

File: 1434738113550.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.99 MB, 1684x2338, Anorexic ass.jpg)

~trigger warning~ Semi-graphic ass descriptions ahead! Sensitive anons avert your eyes!

Severely anorexic ass is NOT a pretty sight. I imagine Aly's is just bones and sagging skin at this point. Kind of like a shar pei, only minus any cuteness factor whatsoever. Pic related is the closest I could find to what I'm describing. You get an "asshole gap," where your anus is just completely visible because you have no buttocks around it. Unsurprisingly, it's also impossible to sit comfortably.

No. 124240

Educational. Please don't let #assholegap ever become popular on instagram, pleaaase.

No. 124243

Oh dear lord. I hope no one would take pictures of that. But, then again, there are websites devoted entirely to porn involving severely emaciated anorexics, so who even knows.

#assholegap #nomorebuttocks #ischialtuberosity #lovelyanus #easyfistingaccess

No. 124254

The creepiest part of severely evacuated anorexics is approaching them from behind, thinking they're children. And having them turn around and being surprised by a skull. That's why when they wear the children's clothing it doubly creeps me out. At least Aly isn't wearing Pokemon shit and terrifying people who are her face.

No. 124256


No. 124262

was half looking away when opening that image, because i expected a goatse style pic.

No. 124280

How much of that super oily pizza do you think aly ate. Tbh, I doubt I could eat even half of that without feeling full. How would her stomach deal with it?

No. 124286

I'd bet money on it. Everything about this girl seems to scream that she wants to be the new Ash.

No. 124289

File: 1434743342221.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.54 KB, 1024x576, assholegap.jpg)

Here you go, anon. <3 #assholegap

No. 124295

She's lost a load of weight in 7 months. The Ashley thread started around 7 months ago.

Ew at pic above. I really don't get the skinny fetish thing. Feeders I don't get, but people who like BBW I can understand. It can't only be because a man has a tiny dick. The look of bones repulses me. It'd be like fucking a bunch of twigs.

No. 124298

File: 1434743843243.jpg (18.4 KB, 296x394, 1493285_10154975560510484_6504…)

Seriously, you looked better at this weight.

No. 124324

Anon, she be wearing lose clothing hiding her ED, if she has one. Her legs look more questionable here then in the previous image, but it's still hard to tell.

According to google "The body ya".

No. 124326

Jesus fucking Christ, this girl is the epitome of the worst kind of BPD bitches

No. 124331

That girl does have a really bad eating disorder, she's talked about it on tumblr

No. 124339

File: 1434746998243.jpg (46.78 KB, 574x960, 10590627_10154545818910484_855…)

It looks like she was losing weight for a while before that. Apparently this picture is from August 31st of last year.

No. 124349

File: 1434748761436.png (1.06 MB, 657x1692, Aly 6-19-2015.png)

OH anon, you went and did it…

I see that more people seem to be questioning Aly's story. I wonder if enough people put pressure on her if she'll ever actually come clean and admit she wasn't eating what she was photographing and has been lying through her teeth for the last god knows how many months to all of her followers (as well as, I assume, her family and real-life acquaintances). Probably not. She isn't being very quick on the deletion of such comments, though. Interesting.

No. 124350

got to be lots of loose skin going on these days.

No. 124351

I hope mimi doesn't try tube feeding at home.

No. 124353

>I went over my meal plan for two days and I really don't care and it's unbearably LIBERATING! I'm gaining weight, life ? and happiness back? and I feel so dang motivated to keep going ? And.. Yeah, it's amazing

I have NEVER read such manic optimism from someone in recovery. I know Erika's hit that thing where she can see how ill she looks and I believe really trying hard, but she's never been all JOY JOY JOY!!! THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING!!! That alone is suspicious with aly.

No. 124355

Yeah, especially since depression can be caused by the malnourishment and usually accompanies an anorexia diagnosis.

No. 124447

Aly's "RECOVERY YAY OMG BEST THING EVER SO FUN SO HAPPY" schtick does come across as incredibly fake. Yeah, it's nice to have more energy and not feel like death. You might even be able to recognize that you do look better with some more weight on you. Speaking from personal experience, and based on the experiences of other people I've known in treatment, being in ~recovery~ often just fucking blows. Especially at the stage Aly is/should be in. You're full and bloated and in pain from eating all the time, you're constantly having to confront things that terrify you, you have to deal with your body going through all these weird changes (hormonal fluctuations, night sweats, stretch marks, water retention, YAY!), you're constantly in appointments/therapy, you're often stripped of a lot of your privacy and independence, etc. Erika's now recovering on her own and doing a pretty damn impressive job (or so it seems), but that means she gets to retain a lot more agency and control than most people who go through actual structured treatment programs (or have their recovery monitored by their parents - e.g., Maudsley Method shit).

I went through a few years of treatment for anorexia in my teens, and I encountered a lot of different eating disordered people from various walks of life with various attitudes toward treatment and recovery. I never knew anyone IRL who acted at ALL like Aly. Not even close. For example, I have NEVER known an anorexic to practically jump for joy at something being drenched in "loads of oil (as usual)" - that would be more likely to provoke tears, in my experience. No, you choke that shit down because you HAVE to, and it's often quite unpleasant and makes you feel awful. Some people are more accepting of, positive towards, or stoic about it than others, but manically joyous? Not that I've ever seen. Not until our girl here.

No. 124452

Maybe she is having a manic (or hypomanic) episode?

No. 124462

I have no personal experience of this and I'm the one who said it all seems fake. That's my opinion from looking at loads of recovery ig accounts. They all have problems with issues you mentioned and even looking at Little Sprout, she's terrified of calories and her stomach's acting weird. With aly it's, Oh, I've got water retention :(

I don't think she's having a manic episode because she's been this way all through her account! I really don't get why she's doing it because she's more ED terminology savvy than she pretends to be and she must see other people going through shit with recovery. Why does she want people to believe it's a piece of piss because if people DO find it inspiring, she's really setting them up for a hard time. Aly didn't suffer like this, I must be a failure etc etc.

I can't figure out what's making her tick.

No. 124464

oh, and I'm the one who said I'd feel full after half that pizza she said she ate. I don't believe she could tolerate that much. I actually DO eat, but not big portions but she doesn't. Her stomach must be the size of a grape, so how is she meant to eat that pizza? EVERY SCRAP WAS DEMOLISHED!!!1

No. 124465

Also want to ask - seeing how her…metabolism's stabilised now, when would we see a noticeable gain in weight on her meal plan if she's following it?

No. 124472

File: 1434765924938.png (25.51 KB, 321x248, Screenshot 2015-06-19 at 9.04.…)



No. 124481

File: 1434767628282.jpg (293.11 KB, 962x576, fuckingliar.jpg)

I did. That's not even the worse picture I found of the asshole gap, scarily.

I'm glad people are finally catching on to her lies. Here she's somewhat admitting that she was restricting, though no mention of what happened to all the food we saw (though we all know).

No. 124489

It's okay. When she realizes it isn't the sprouts they'll be back! :)

No. 124491

She put the broken cookie back together just to take a picture of it.

Anybody with a healthy relationship with food will not spend hours arranging their meals then editing the pictures to post them online. Imagine doing that for every meal every damn day. It has to be exhausting.

No. 124493

Oh my god the put-back-together cookie, fucking lol

No. 124495

lol must have been the last 6 cookies in the pack, otherwise she no doubt would have used a perfect one.

also, that line about not restricting during the day makes it damn obvious that she hasn't been eating the stuff she takes pictures of. she admits to restricting. i honestly don't think she's gonna make it guys. it kind of makes me sad.

No. 124498

So consensus on lolcows?

Aly: Not going to make it

Ash: Not going to make it

Sprout: Only if someone intervenes

gummybear_princess: ??? Hasn't posted in a few days…

ally_beats_ed: Seems to have turned to binge eating?

My crazy ex who weighed celery: So long, bitch you did me so wrong

No. 124502

File: 1434772725456.jpg (432.87 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

The straw is pristine. I wonder if she drank this

No. 124506

I hope they all get better but the pessimist in me knows better.

And wtf @ weighing celery?

No. 124507

I'm going to throw in a prediction of suicide or accidental OD for piercing girl.

No. 124520

I wish someone would ask her why there's nothing in the straw but she would just say she hasn't started drinking it yet.

No. 124524

No way Ash is going to make it. I kinda want to say that Aly maybe might if she actually DOES start recovery and doesn't do these half fucking abortive efforts at getting better. She needs more than just fucking re-feeding, she needs actual therapy. I can't help but feel like maybe she actually convinced herself she's eating everything because she posts pictures of it.

No. 124539

File: 1434779400493.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.14 KB, 720x576, melanie6_2.jpg)

Here's another delightful #assholegap!

No. 124541

looks like a portal to another dimension.

No. 124545

#assholegap is the new #thighgap. You aren't a ~*~Real Ana~*~ unless you can stand with your feet together and put your whole fist up against your anus without your cheeks getting in the way. Bending forward is cheating, obvs.

No. 124550


She's totally open about having an ED.


> My biggest fear is acctually that I will come to hate my body if I ever recover even slightly

No. 124582

File: 1434801985475.jpg (235.82 KB, 750x1172, image.jpg)

Is what she's claiming even medically possible without some kind of pre-existing condition like a thyroid problem or disease? Don't get me wrong, I don't for a second believe she was actually ever consuming the meals she used post, I'm just curious about whether she's completely talking out of her ass to save face, or if this kind of magical metabolism that does exist. My bet is she's just making up science now.

It would have been so easy for her to admit what she was doing here….

No. 124589

No freaking way. She's lying through her teeth in order to save face.

No. 124590

Not to my knowledge. I have extensive personal experience with ED treatment and weight loss and restoration, unfortunately, as well as an educational background in biology (although not specifically nutrition/dietetics, I'll admit), and I've NEVER heard of anyone's body behaving anything like Aly claims hers does. It simply doesn't work like that. You don't go from eating MORE calories to eating FEWER calories and magically gain weight after ~reestablishing your metabolism~ by being tube-fed in the hospital for a few days.

Unless she had an underlying medical condition, like a thyroid problem, that has now been corrected or is being treated and wasn't before, there's no reason why her body would suddenly only NOW be absorbing calories or why the calories she was eating before would have been "fake." She didn't "assimilate the right nutrients to gain"? Pure bullshit. The food she was posting was normal fucking food. There's no reason her body would have, a week ago, been treating normal food as "fake calories" that just fucking sneak by you when you eat them. She is so unbelievably full of shit, and I wish I could call her out on it without getting my comments immediately deleted and her banning me from posting there again.

What DOES happen is that patients who have been undereating have their gut motility and food transit time slow down. That's why a lot of anorexics have some degree of gastroparesis and/or are chronically constipated (and often end up using/abusing laxatives). When they start eating more normally again, their digestive system "wakes back up" and starts processing food more normally, unless they've permanently damaged their GI tract, in which case they sometimes need something like a jejunostomy or even surgery to remove "dead" parts of their intestines (I personally knew a very young woman who had to have much of her intestines removed because it had necrotized - peristalsis no longer occurred, so she had to start pooping into a colostomy bag in her early 20s).

When the GI tract "wakes back up" and the person starts eating more calories, they can become hypermetabolic, requiring sometimes 3000+ calories/day to gain weight. This would not occur in someone who had been previously eating fairly normally, like Aly claims to have been. There's no way on earth she would go from eating 3000+ calories/day of lush, oily, delish food to eating LESS and suddenly start gaining, unless she's suffering from some sort of rare and bizarre medical condition.

Please, anyone, feel free to step in and correct me if I'm wrong about any of this. Like I said, I'm not actually a ~professional~ in this area, but I know a lot about it from both experience and study. She is completely full of shit. If she DID have something like a thyroid condition that they just discovered in the hospital and that's now being treated/corrected, I'm fairly certain she would have posted about it, because that would be a completely plausible explanation as to how she was eating "so much" before and not gaining. Not just not gaining, but losing, as is clearly evident if you compare her photos from over the last many months.

It makes me fucking frustrated because she's got a bunch of people with EDs, many of them young and probably uneducated about this shit, apparently believing her. I know it'd make ME feel like shit to know that I was gaining on, say, 1800 calories/day and Aly was LOSING on like 3500 calories/day. It's so fucking ridiculous I feel like screaming right now. It shouldn't affect me, but it makes me mad that she's deceiving all of these people. If they tried eating what she claimed she was eating before, they'd probably gain weight quite rapidly and think there was something wrong with THEM.

TL;DR: Aly is completely full of shit, as expected.

No. 124593

If she had a thyroid problem that severe she'd be missing the outer third of her eyebrows and have a goitre. People also tend to get really protuberant eyes like a toad.

No. 124594

When aly stops posting these extravagant descriptions for food, emphasizing "loads of milk" "oily" "lush" "tons of cheese" etc,, I will then believe she is eating said food.

No. 124609

Yep. When people in treatment are hyper metabolic, they just make them eat more, not less…Aly is conflating hyper metabolism with refeeding. If she'd had refeeding syndrome for months or even weeks as she's appearing to claim, she'd have died.

Here is an easy-to-read article about the metabolic changes in refeeding syndrome


No. 124611

No. 124617

> If they tried eating what she claimed she was eating before, they'd probably gain weight quite rapidly and think there was something wrong with THEM


No. 124623

Yep, that was me ("Mimi"). I have far too much experience with this shit, unfortunately (and far too much experience with shit itself, even more unfortunately). Since I'm currently just sitting around being a bum on disability as I attempt to deal with my own health issues, I'm on here way too much >.> Shhhh…

I feel like Aly has become one of my hobbies or something. This is embarrassing. I just wish I could actually do something to prod her into publicly 'fessing up on Instagram, but I don't think that's going to happen.

No. 124624

Oh, no, I meant that Mimi should try eating the way Aly did, complain about rapid weight gain, and ask her what she's doing wrong. :

Yeah, I figured you'd had experience because of the ensures lol. I'm sorry you went through that and I hope things are better.

No. 124634

OH, hah…maybe Mimi shall…hmm.

(As far as me personally, I'm doing OK, thanks! Just trying to get through each day with my fucked up digestive tract. Oh, and IMO, that dark chocolate Ensure flavor isn't too bad if you don't smell it. What the fuck IS that smell?)

No. 124636

Vitamins. Have you ever taken a whiff of your multivitamins or even worse, vitamin B supplements? Makes me gag

No. 124638

Apparently it's the oil too.
I was trying to look up why it smells so bad and someone compared it to baby formula. Look up why that smells bad, and the answers say vitamins and fish oil.

No. 124639

Try enlive. Tastes like thick apple juice. Have to drink it cold though, otherwise it tastes like blood. Easier to tolerate I find, in terms of stomach discomfort. Ensure is a huge osmotic load.

No. 124646

The thing that puts me off taking daily multivits is the smell. They're also the size of a scud missile and I have to break them up and the taste is too foul.

In the UK we have Complan, not sure if it's a US thing as well? They're those nutritional hot drinks and those things are disgusting. I had the Ensure type things to gain weight after illness and loved them (only had strawberry flavour), but Complan is so disgusting. Chocolate "flavour" things can go so wrong…the Complan chocolate is an A+ example of this.

No. 124647

btw, aly has replaced ash as my "hobby". if i find out ash has started getting strangers buy her loads of shit again, i'll switch back to her, but aly pisses me off more right now. i don't even have personal experience of an ED, having a friend die as a result of anorexia and the other friends I've known who've had their lives fucked by EDs is enough to make the bile rise.

No. 124648

and the last sentence I wrote is THE reason I fucking hate anyone who promotes their ~lovely bones ana lifestyle~ so much.

No. 124652


Yeah, Aly annoys me fore that reason too. There are young, stupid kids who follow her (as well as adults who should know better) who think that the way she lives is great because she discusses none of the negative side effects of her disease.

I bet that she is going to just try to maintain and not gain.

No. 124653

File: 1434817673002.jpg (153.62 KB, 968x632, peas.JPG)

Jesus, she's fast becoming a motivational speaker!

Strange how we never hear of her #harsh battle and the #rollercoaster ride of recovery.

No. 124656

>Life is so hard

*in lounge chair on balcony in Milan, relaxing and smiling

No. 124662


No. 124697

She DESERVES to relax, guize. She's had a HORRIFIC experience recently - a whole WEEK in hospital AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE HER OWN ROOM!!! HER PASTA WAS OVERCOOKED!!!
Her Ensure wasn't in the fridge!!!

Now she is #struggling with all the OILY food. You're so, so, heartless.

No. 124699

File: 1434823804558.jpg (30.5 KB, 307x228, struggle.JPG)

see how she battles with food

No. 124743


This is actually really really fucking sad.

No. 124746

File: 1434831787190.jpg (34.88 KB, 288x283, ugh.JPG)

yeah, because it's that simple

No. 124753

File: 1434834132652.png (1.04 MB, 657x1344, Recoveryfoods.png)

Oh god, Little Sprout's grocery haul is so sad…dat diet food, man :( I wonder why her mom or someone doesn't encourage her to buy the "real" versions instead of all of that light/diet crap if she's supposedly ~in recovery~?

No. 124776

none of these are "diet" foods…? Maybe the yogurt, but…?

No. 124778

>LOW FAT Nutrigrain eggo
>LIGHT original flatbread
>FAT FREE upper left corner
>Reduced Sugar uncrustables

No. 124787


Everything says "sugar-free," "light," or "low-fat." Read the labels.

No. 124790

80 calorie yogurt JFC

Diet food is tasteless. A Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers ready meal is like chewing on bits of slug in a river of water.

I remember her being really bolshy on her blog saying how SHE'S RIGHT about what she eats, so I dare say her mum just lets her get on with it. At least she's eating something kind of thing.

Idk, low calorie sugar free doesn't have to be so meh. She could chose other things that're far tastier than that crap she eats.

No. 124793

File: 1434841765152.jpg (6.87 KB, 160x160, image.jpg)

>Swedish Fish-flavoured gum

No. 124796

what's wrong with that though? like, it's just healthier food? "Sugar-free," "light," and "low fat" aren't bad things at all, unless they replace sugar/fat with TONS of sodium and chemicals for taste.

No. 124801

File: 1434842765339.jpg (97.12 KB, 600x600, DSCF1466.JPG)

You can get gum that tastes of the sweets now..?

No. 124805

swedish fish gum tastes like really vague strawberry plastic ngl

No. 124812

because she simply prefers the flavor of diet version and clearly taste preference isnt ED related

No. 124814

thats the thing, all of those foods DO replace the sugar and fat with chemicals and other unpronouncable mystery substances.
alternatively, things that are naturally low in fat is fine.
unfortunately sprouts choices are all diet food - not healthy alternatives

No. 124817

healthy alternatives
ice cream -> frozen yogurt (not diet no sugar ice cream)
white bread -> same calorie whole wheat bread (not 30 calorie per slice air-bread)

No. 124828

THANK YOU. There's a world of difference between actual healthy eating and doing what she's doing - eating only her safe diet/light foods that are full of artificial sweeteners, thickeners, fake "fat," and other shit.

I bought one of those "1/2 the fat" ice cream quarts once because the flavor sounded good and didn't seem to be available as a normal ice cream. When I went to eat it, I found that it apparently had just been kind of "fluffed up" and was thus less dense, so it had fewer calories per unit of volume (but not necessarily per unit of mass). It also had a bunch of weird ingredients added to try to give it the taste and mouthfeel of actual ice cream, but it didn't succeed in its mimicry. It melted extremely fast and was, overall, pretty gross. However, I actually prefer some good frozen yogurt over ice cream, just not as a ~diet ice cream alternative~. And yeah, I drink skim milk, but because it's the only type I can stand the taste of, not because it's lower in fat and calories.

I can understand compromising and eating diet/light foods if you're on a fucking diet and trying to lose weight. But if you're supposed to be recovering from an eating disorder, trying to normalize your eating behavior and GAIN weight? Nooooope. If you're a "recovering anorexic" and like 90% of what you eat is labeled as diet/light/reduced fat/low-calorie/sugar-free/whatever, that's a pretty big red flag…

And I don't believe anyone who says they prefer tiny pieces of thin, dry, bland faux-bread over slices of nice thick, fluffy, flavorful real bread. Or, at least, I highly distrust them.

No. 124842

I hate that Quest bars have become one of THE ~ana recovery foods~ (along with Ben & Jerry's ice cream). I actually really like some of them and had been eating them before I ever stumbled across this weird Instagram #edfam #anarecovery #strongnotskinny community. Now I feel kind of ashamed for eating them. (Just posted as "Mimi" to show off my #chunkporn like a REAL RECOVERY anorexic - and no, that wasn't actually my lunch or my first Quest bar.)

No. 124845

Can I get a link to your IG, I can't seem to find it unless I search through comments on Aly's pictures

No. 124857

We don't have Quest bars here, but I guess they're the type of thing on the shelf with the energy balls and other protein bars things? They're really expensive and I never fancied trying them. Most of the people I see buy them in bulk are all the scrawny guys who go in the health shop to buy the body building powder food.

No. 124859

Not mimi here, but find her here

and lol

No. 124860

oh…i add…and people who go hiking buy those bars for some reason

No. 124871

File: 1434850949467.jpg (13.66 KB, 300x199, 300px-Ocean_pout,_Boston_Aquar…)

Re: the slow-churned ice cream, it contains a "a protein cloned from the blood of an eel-like Arctic Ocean fish, the ocean pout."


See pic

No. 124903

Thank you kind anon

No. 124920

Ugh, a while back I noticed that a tub of Breyer's had "frozen dairy dessert" on the label instead of "ice cream". When I Googled it I learned that the "frozen dairy dessert" ones don't even have enough of the ice cream ingredients to legally be called ice cream. They also have an awful texture.

No. 124921

haha this.
ana recovery staple foods become normal people fear foods

No. 124982

I'll be honestly, I clicked the #chunkporn link thinking it'd be a bunch of feedees. Instead, I was horrified to learn it was a legitimate thing among Quest bar eaters. What the absolute fuck…

No. 125033

I don't even fucking know. I'd been eating Quest bars for quite while before I ever saw "#chunkporn" on Instagram, and I was baffled, too. I'd actually never seen an entire "naked" Quest bar before I stumbled onto the anorexic section of Instagram…they always just went straight into my mouth. I eat a lot of energy bars in general, and I've always just peeled down the wrapper as I eat them, not completely taken them out of the wrapper, which makes them really impractical to handle.

When I put one on a plate, it stuck to it like glue. I had to pry it off to eat it after I photographed it (which honestly made me feel kind of dirty for some reason), and it left a bunch of bar-gunk on the plate. Annoying. Anyway, Quest bars aren't exactly the most attractive of bars, IMO. They just look like shit mashed together into a brick.

No. 125048

Cheese is the same way. Next time you're at the store, look at a can of that spray cheese, Cheez-Whiz, or Velveeta. Sure am glad the FDA is on top of these important issues.

No. 125067

File: 1434885362844.png (1.09 MB, 659x1557, Aly 6-21-2015.png)

NOOOOOOOOOO I just woke up to see that Aly deleted my last "Mimi" comment and blocked me. I was even "defending" her against someone else who ACTUALLY was questioning her weight gain, and she left THAT comment up but got rid of Mimi, who was fucking hero-worshiping her. I am truly surprised and completely disgusted - she can't take anything that even borders on hinting at the truth. I guess I may have been pushing it too far there, though :( Sorry I fucked up, guise. Please forgive me.

What I really mean to say is, what a massive, lying, stuck-up bitch. A day ago she was thanking me for kissing her ass, and then this. See pic for what she blocked me for. Wow.

Anyone else want to take a crack? Post comments about how full of shit she is? I'm just sickened. She can go ahead and keep killing herself/staying stuck in the same spot (eventually, her body won't be able to take that anymore), but she's crossing a line when she makes other vulnerable people feel like THEY'RE doing something wrong and not in "REAL RECOVERY" like she is. She's continuing to deceive her followers, and I truly believe it's damaging and should be stopped (for the sake of others - at this point, I have no more fucks left to give about Aly, if I ever had any to begin with). People are feeling like there must be something wrong with THEM that they can't eat even close to what Aly claims to have been eating and not gain massive amounts of weight. Her story, more and more, doesn't add up, but a decent number of her followers (seems like the vast majority) don't seem to see that at all.


No. 125069

Ehhhh when I t read it, I felt just a hint of sarcasm(Idk what exactly you were going for). Probably Aly felt the same, or she couldn't handle the truth. Kek

No. 125070

I was going for "dumb as bricks," but failing. I was getting increasingly angry at her blatantly obvious bullshit. Oh well. At least more and more other people are commenting on how what she says and posts don't add up or that something seems to be "off" about this whole situation.


No. 125083

Mimi. If you change your ig username is the account still blocked?

I feel someone who comes here tips people off we're talking about them.

No. 125086

you guys should really read up on artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame!

No. 125093

Same goes for "peanut spread" instead of "peanut butter"

No. 125096

LPT: microwave your quest bars if you're dead set on eating them

No. 125098

i think you jumped the shark with the atrocious grammar and it does smack of sarcasm, too. remember, aly is no pt.

No. 125099

Yea it's nasty. Like nuts are supposed to be high fat… Low fat peanutbutter therefore becomes a science experiment

No. 125100

File: 1434891906695.jpg (90.7 KB, 626x640, lol.JPG)

No. 125113

Quest bars have junk in them too

No. 125114

Fromsicknesstofitness is somewhat calling her out.

I've seen other people on IG make oblique references to her. I think a lot of people have her figured out.

No. 125122

mmmmm powdered peanut that you mix with water to give the illusion of peanut butter meanwhile tastes like vaguely peanut flavored sludge

No. 125123

It tastes good in smoothies and with ice cream

No. 125124

ohhh, i think she took it somewhat differently.
the comment might be implying that she is already better and doesn't need to be an "ED worrior" anymore.
that's her identity though. she wants to stay sick and appear like she is fighting her illness.

No. 125138

File: 1434900556328.png (866.28 KB, 972x589, Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.2…)

Sweetheart please roll that waffle in mass gainer and add granola to that yogurt

No. 125140

That's a snack, not a meal. And those low-cal, Splenda-sweetened yogurts are gross.

No. 125141

Aly reminds me of Taralynn, who pretended to be thin for a long time through "healthy eating" (hard boiled eggs in Splenda)'and exercise until unphotoshopped pics were published.

No. 125144

File: 1434901058501.png (10.65 KB, 493x281, hjkhkhj.png)

(Posting here because the Ash thread is sage)I guess Ash is into body modification and stretching her ears now that the ana cow with with all the piercings got some attention here from hers…

No. 125145

Guys, these bars are made with crickets…https://www.exoprotein.com

No. 125147

File: 1434901477598.png (164.49 KB, 764x944, Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.4…)


>Yesterday's intake pic related

>knows she's low and eats a 200 calorie breakfast



Crickets are natural, and those bars are 300+ calories which would be totally better for them. I say Mimi needs to start the trend.

No. 125151

Pity she can't stretch her whole body out of existence.

No. 125153

File: 1434902193663.png (928.33 KB, 971x598, Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.5…)


She's that girl that's right there on the massive pile of fucking fruit

No. 125155

I like how she talks about counting macros lol

No. 125156

Yeah, I know, I was trying way too hard - should have gone with a lighter touch. I just made a "real" post on that account, so we'll what happens with that. It's a throwaway account anyway. Sorry, though - I feel like I let y'all down :(

No. 125158

Maybe try to make a new account and start all over? Not sure how easy that would be, I don't have an IG.

I commend you for keeping up the bullshit though, that's got to be exhausting

No. 125164

Horse-faced fake bitch. Behind that fake smile and OMG LIFE IS DELISH!!!!1 fake attitude, she cries an ocean of tears.

No. 125167

Yeeeeaaah I think I'm done for a while. I don't think anything will get through to her and her devoted legion of fans. Whatever.

No. 125168

It's good to see that others are calling her out on BS over at mpa. Anywaaaay, we'll see what happens in a few weeks and months. She hasn't got her "super high metabolism" to blame now for losing weight.

No. 125171


You know how we make the jokes about girls 'recovering' on Quest bars and fruit though they eat other things sometimes?

This one literally just eats Quest bars and fruit.

I'm gonna go eat a balanced lunch and then jam my head in a revolving door.

No. 125174

Quest bars are so fucking gross imho.

Seriously what's with these 'recovering' anorexics and all having a variation on the same diet? Do they even go out to places to eat or like, change it up once and a while?

No. 125177

>with these 'recovering' anorexics and all having a variation on the same diet

club rules

No. 125178

i don't get it either. aren't quest bars only good for getting protein? or are there any nutrients in there?

No. 125181

They have a lot of protein and fiber. I really like the Cookies & Cream one and the Mint Chocolate Chunk one, but they're overpriced and most of the other flavors are subpar, IMO.

No. 125184

I cycle a lot and I really really like the Cliff Builders bars more than the quest bars. At least the mint chocolate chip flavor is delicious. If you get the boxes they come out to a little over a dollar per bar which is a pretty good deal.

No. 125193

File: 1434907825669.jpg (155.54 KB, 660x730, 1411635359921.jpg)

sorry for OT, but wouldn't pic related provide just that? protein and fiber.
these bars are just way too fucking expensive.

No. 125196

HALF A CUP OF SWEETENER?? WHAAAA? Why do Muricans need to have everything SWEET. Sheesh.

No. 125198


1/2 cup splenda, wtfffffffff?

No. 125199

lol, didn't notice that. i would probably use dates or honey to sweeten it up.

No. 125200

fuck yeah dates

No. 125201


>high protein

Supports the "lean, toned" recovery they all want

>high fiber

Helps them shit out the food they regret eating

>low net carbs/sugar

Not all of them apply to this logic but a few believe carbs/sugar are fattening evil after that Fed Up documentary got on Netflix

>junk food flavors

Lets them conquer fear flavors without actually eating a brownie or overdramatic gasp an OREO.

No. 125202


Yeah, because they don't sell candy or sugar or soda in other countries.

No. 125203

I lol because when I go shopping I only see fat people buying quest bars. They're disgusting (have splenda and taste like laffy taffy), and the quest bar "recipes" are gross.

No. 125204

File: 1434909079425.jpg (52.79 KB, 649x488, sugar.JPG)

They sell it, they just don't eat as much of it/put as much in foods as in the US.

No. 125206


That's because people have used to them to lose weight by substituting shit food for them and there's probably at least one idiot who eats them on top of their shit food and is confused why they're not losing weight

No. 125209

File: 1434909455184.jpg (154.68 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I sense quite a relapse coming on. Sprout's eating a scoop of this in a cone, and it's 90 calories for about 2 scoops

No. 125211

sugar free cone? anon, you really need to charge your phone.

No. 125212

Erika's legs are looking good on a recent ig snap.

No. 125219

That stuff looks like it tastes horrible

No. 125255

It's definitely not great. Well, I haven't tried that specific flavor, but I've had that type of "ice cream" (unfortunately; at least it was on sale for like $3/quart or something). See:
It melts really fucking fast and the consistency is kind of fluffy and weird, not like regular ice cream at all. As with "light" bread, I don't believe anyone who says they buy it because they actually prefer it as opposed to because it's lower in calories and fat. Especially recovering anorexics. No, you're either flat-out lying or you've convinced yourself you "like" that shit because you feel guilty eating real ice cream. You're not fooling anyone. Just buy some good nonfat frozen yogurt or sorbet if you want something "healthier." But no - gotta have dat diet crap cause "look guys, I'm eating (fake) ice cream! I'm all better now!"

No. 125257

File: 1434915275040.png (944.42 KB, 659x1205, THE OIL IS REAL.png)

Holy fucking shit. Those carrots ACTUALLY look like they have some oil on them (NOT as usual). I don't know about "loads," but there's some definite shine going on. Whether or not Aly ate any of what's pictured is, of course, debatable, but for once, I'm not raging over the clear lack of oil on her "cooked with loads of oil" food…could she actually be changing her ways? I still highly doubt she'll accept gaining any significant amount of weight, regardless.

No. 125266

Looks like what you scoop out of a litter box

No. 125269


As a true cookies and cream fanatic as a kid I can say Edy's/Dreyers was definitely among the lower ranks. Breyers Blast is best because made with real OREO, but it has gasp 10 more calories per 1/2 cup!

No regrets, eat a whole pint of that shit on cheat day.

No. 125276


Carrots are oily, meat is dry as fuck. Looks like she dribbled the oil on afterwards.

No. 125288

on the questbar topic: take a look to this photo: https://instagram.com/p/4NFlABkVh6/?taken-by=eatcleanok
The girl of this account is like an "eatclean guru" in my country buuuuuuuuuuuuut i think she's more like faking an ED (diet products, NEVER USING SUGAR, never eats a whole egg -just the white-, she's sooooo happy whit the existence of that 8 cals noodles omg, etc)
She reminds me a little of Aly because of her use of emojis

No. 125302


I don't think that everyone who obsesses over food is necessarily disordered. I admit that I just skimmed her account though. She seems to eat foods that eating disordered people consider fear foods (e.g. bread, meat)

No. 125312

File: 1434922857673.png (229.49 KB, 466x259, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MY …)

I just looked up Breyers Blasts and I am literally salivating. How have I never eaten this before? I have almost no freezer space though - how am I going to decide which one to get (first) when I want to try them all??? Thank you, anon.

That's got to be one of the most ridiculous photos I've ever seen on Instagram. WHYYY?! I mean, I have a pretty big stash of various types of bars myself, but they're for eating, not rolling around in.

No. 125314

File: 1434923407196.png (2.69 MB, 1282x1284, A totally normal and well-roun…)

"Recovering anorexic" whose diet apparently consists of 99.9% raw fruits and vegetables. I don't even know why I'm entertained by finding these people's accounts. I feel like I'm collecting Pokemon or something here.

No. 125317

I have the waffle cone blast in my freezer now and it's hella good.

No. 125319


Grossed out by the food on the ground/in the grass.

No. 125332

That heath blast is god damn amazing. I used to put some kix in it for texture and to cut the sweetness down.

No. 125333

File: 1434926785517.jpg (52.77 KB, 390x402, pic7.jpg)

also this shit is good. i should eat ice cream soon. i havent had it in a while. thanks lolcow

No. 125337

>Turkey Hill
>Fried Ice Cream
dear god, what even is this? fried ice cream-flavored ice cream? I've definitely never seen THAT in my grocery store. what does it taste like, just sugar and butter?

No. 125342

It was limited edition. It's got little cinnamon chips in it similar to cinnamon toast crunch, and the ice cream is very… hm..

I googled it and found this:
“cinnamon ice cream swirled with cinnamon sopapilla and sweet tostada pieces.”

Fuck it was good.

No. 125354

File: 1434928117738.jpg (101.68 KB, 988x622, fried-icecream-988x622.jpg)


.. That's not fried ice-cream that I know and love :(

No. 125357


No. 125368

oh damn that actually sounds pretty LUSH and DELISH. I'd eat it. I love cinnamon toast crunch.

I've never had the opportunity to try actual fried ice cream. that thing looks like it would taste amazing, but I'd feel like such a stereotypical fatass Amurrican eating it. oh well. Aly/ED lolcows general has now turned into "foods to put on my bucket list" general.

No. 125373

Well, it might actually have been invented by Japanese tempura restaurants depending on the source lol

No. 125377

I've stopped eating ice cream since discovering gelato. I thought it was some overrated snobby shit until I tried it.

No. 125378

gelato and froyo are my vices i swearrr

No. 125380




No. 125383

File: 1434931107858.gif (506.25 KB, 500x283, giphy.gif)



>"limited edition"

Why would you do this to me anon

No. 125394


This girl uses margarine and I am just so grossed out right now

I mean, at least unlike gummybearprincess she's willing to mix things up a bit, sometimes even having liquid calories and there's a nice lack of Quest bars, but…goddamn margarine.

No. 125397

Where is the margerine? WHy not use flax seed oil or coconut oil. Is margerine like really unhealthy?

Also she's got them bulimia teeth. Probably why shes ok mixing shit up so often

No. 125400


Margarine is less calories then butter but has trans fats and weird chemicals.

No. 125406

what? her teeth look fine. not straight but pretty white

No. 125424

Do you even know what bulimia teeth look like? Her front teeth are crooked but they look perfectly healthy.

No. 125429

Show me, I meant how they go up in the front, worn away. I can't tell if they're just crooked or worn down

Yeah that's what I meant by unhealthy

No. 125430

Yea they look fucking rotten

No. 125437

File: 1434937932648.png (2.63 MB, 1276x1274, notcute.png)

>tfw your family is a "margarine is better than butter" family and you were raised eating margarine (can't stand butter OR margarine now, ugh)

this chick creeps me out. she's 21 going on 6. what the fuck is up with these grown-ass women being so obsessed with disney princess shit and uncrustables and ahhhhh it makes me want to scream. I mean I know some anorexics eat actual baby food but I'm still weirded out by how many people "in recovery" from EDs are apparently still stuck in early childhood. https://instagram.com/p/4Fe18GFSbc/ is especially cringeworthy - makes me think of ageplay and "adult babies." sure, it's nice that she's close with her little sister, but…ehhhhhhhhh…

also, this meal makes me want to vomit: https://instagram.com/p/4K4ynnFSce/
>Dinner is a giant #bakedpotato (it weighed almost 350g!) topped with margarine and curry flavored #tuna and some sliced fresh #tomatoes on the side

NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. dear god. I am no longer hungry. thanks lauren.

No. 125439

questtorecovery ate less then 1000 calories today, says she's going to write a 'detailed post' on something soon and if it's not an admission she's not recovering I'm going to be pissed off.

No. 125440

Anyone else annoyed by ED people with tubes using tags and vernacular typically reserved used by people with chronic illnesses?

No. 125445


Yeah. Have a tube here, posted a casual pic of myself with it on Instagram and got likes from "wannabbones88" and "saladtillthighgap".

Despite the fact that I tagged it with my chronic illness. Ffs, feeding tubes are not fun.

No. 125450


I see the using the #tubie and #spoony tag which people with chronic illnesses use to find each other. Does that annoy you, as someone with a tube for medical reasons aside from an ED?

No. 125473


No, I don't think it's annoying…for people with chronic illnesses who want to find each other. "HEY GUYS LOOK WHAT I GOT IN INPATIENT I BIT A NURSE :D" is annoying.

I'd love to eat everything Aly claims to eat (except for the Fortimel, bleh) and it really annoys me to see her waste all this :\ When August comes around I'll be going to a specialty hospital and might be able to eat again hopefully?

No. 125483


Wow, I'm sorry. I hope that it works out!

No. 125484

Where the fuck did uncrustables even come from? I'd never even heard of them before these ED girls.

No. 125487


I think a lot of people remember them from school breakfasts/lunch? They're supposed to be like PB&J sandwiches for picky shits who don't want to eat their grains. Or for parents who are too lazy to put some peanut butter and jelly on bread.

No. 125492

Ugh I'm sorry, that's really messed up. I've encountered it a number of times, but I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that some people with EDs actually WANT to be tube-fed. I guess it's probably a combination of them thinking it will be easier than actually eating food (for some, maybe it is) and them wanting a visible indicator that they're "sick enough" or whatever. I think some people also watched that documentary "Thin" and wanted to copy the woman who had a J-tube (I think it was a J-tube, at least; it's been a long time since I saw the film) and used it to purge :\

No. 125493

I think that when they first debuted they were viewed with some cynicism because PB&J is so cheap and easy to make and per sandwich it's 2x-3x the cost compared to making it yourself.

No. 125495

PEG, I think. That woman was the worst. A manipulative snitch who had everyone wrapped around her finger.

No. 125504

Right. They're as pointless as a prepackaged frozen grilled cheese.

No. 125512

File: 1434946722334.jpg (209.32 KB, 583x372, LP_Mon_11_17_14.jpg)

No. 125520

Lol, "Hungry Girl" is married to that creep Dan Schneider

No. 125521

Oh so that's why I saw the Hungry Girl mascot in the ICarly intro.

No. 125523

>relapse lol
>implying she was ever actually recovering

No. 125525

File: 1434948161891.jpg (49.83 KB, 627x622, 1.JPG)

One of those British anorexic twins has been in treatment


No. 125526

File: 1434948260491.jpg (33.53 KB, 200x200, breyers-overload-light-ice-103…)

I almost cried when they took this out of stores.

No. 125527

Is this a food thread now?

No. 125533

wow, I never saw that one either. what have I been doing with my life all this time?

yes, lush/delish/oily foods general

No. 125539


Yes. Taking advantage of the fact that we are healthy people and have the power of gushing over all types of foods that aren't diet no-sugar-added protein stevia-sweetened organic blahblahblah

I miss Blue Bell ice cream :( Especially the Moo-liennium Crunch, with the dark chocolate-caramel-nut fusion.

No. 125551

>dark chocolate-caramel-nut fusion
damn, I really have been missing out. that sounds orgasmic. I have a tragic backstory: growing up, my family usually only bought Breyers vanilla ice cream, and I'm more of a chocolate fan. after I grew up and moved out, I guess I just kind of forgot about ice cream. I never really bought it for myself. I sometimes bought Safeway brand plain chocolate froyo because it was cheap, but I never really ventured far into the frozen desserts aisle. I think I got scared off by the price of Ben & Jerry's pints and didn't even look at what all Breyers and other brands had to offer. this thread is opening my eyes to a magical new world of possibilities (candies, cookies, and more in ice cream?! what is this madness?) and it's probably going to make me fat. I blame Aly.

No. 125558

Since this is a food thread now, I have to say.

The Publix bakery has the best cookies I've ever eaten. They're sugar cookies with grains of sugar on top – not sprinkles, pieces of sugar.

I swear to fucking god, I buy two packages of these things a week for nearly three years. I have never had better cookies anywhere than these.

No. 125589

File: 1434958355273.jpg (621.4 KB, 1520x1437, 01-front..jpg)


Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels…

…except for peanut butter pie ice cream. I feel like if Aly tried this ice cream she would try real recovery.

No. 125608

File: 1434962635129.jpg (128.6 KB, 640x424, 1-DSC_6686.JPG)

I found that to be okay. The real Haagen-Dazs winner for me is sea salt caramel gelato.

No. 125611

that's an abomination.

No. 125613

the way americans eat is so fucked up, i swear. i was raised on whole-grain bread and only eat white bread when there's absolutely nothing else. also peanutbutter and jelly being considered normal is so hard to believe fuck

No. 125634

File: 1434967158888.jpg (25.55 KB, 300x268, PBJ.jpg)

>also peanutbutter and jelly being considered normal is so hard to believe fuck
W-why, anon, why? What do you have against PB&J? ;_; (I mean, technically I prefer "jam" over "jelly," but I think it's a pretty damn good combo…)

No. 125645

It's ok, anon. More pb&j for the rest of us!

No. 125648

Wonder how she deals with her husband being a serial child molester/pedophile.

No. 125657

Does anyone think aly's relationship with her younger brother's a bit … odd. I have no siblings, so idk how families work, but I find it odd how she can have photos taken of herself hugging her brother when she's wearing a bikini and sleeping in the same bed a bit weird.

Maybe it's an Italian thing and they're more tactile, or the fact I'm not a huggy person?

No. 125660

it's not unhealthy (on actualy bread that is), so go ahead lol. idk, it's just so weird that a strange combination like that is considered normal, not just something quirky someone does like putting ketchup on cheese or whatever.

No. 125662

I'm against peanut butter with jam, but I put ketchup on peanut butter and everyone thinks it's dirty.

No. 125663

autocorrect turned actual into actually fsr

No. 125664

now that's just nasty anon. stop.

No. 125666

well, anon, i feel the same way but i think in that case it's us who are weird.

No. 125667

I don't see the problem. Not THICK ketchup, just a tiny spead on top. I swear if you tried it you'd never look back.

I was expecting someone to say I was a pervert for thinking it was strange (why I put the only child disclaimer thing), but…yeah :/

No. 125668

if you like it, you like it. but imagine that was considered a normal thing to eat that parents all over the country make for their kids and that's shown as THE breakfast food on every catoon? that's how i feel about pb&j and other us foods.

No. 125671

I'm UK, and find a lot of US foods disgusting in general. I cut out junk food a couple of years ago, but even when I did eat crap there's no way I could eat peanut butter on bread for breakfast. I hate that ad we have here on tv where the mum gives her kid Nutella on bread for breakfast.

I must be like someone who quits smoking and gets all self righteous about it, but the things people feed their kids is gross.

No. 125672

I'd like to add that a lot of US foods have come over here and - FLUFF - wtf? Marshmallow spread?? Whaat?

No. 125673

YES. Publix is surprisingly good. I rarely went there up until recently when they renovated ours to be more like a Wegman's (where they have the food court type area). So I bought a bunch of their publix brand stuff, and it's awesome

No. 125675

If you want to try an actual hazelnut chocolate spread that isn't so fkn sweet, go for Justin's brand

I don't think most of us eat that shit on the regular. I actually had never heard of it until I was like 18 and saw some poor kid eating it. At least in my family our junk food habits consisted of the occasional trip to coldstone or dairy queen. Baking cookies here and there. Sometimes frozen meals. Pimento cheese (is that junk? no clue) Same for my friends. I live in the south

No. 125677

i have a younger bro and 3 of my grandparents were italian so my home is pretty italian eventhough i live in southamerica and… yeaaah i kinda find weird her relationship with his brother. My brother and I don't behave like them at all

No. 125678

americans like it cheap and easy
even when they have money they buy cheap junk. or at least junk.
(unless you are one of those spiritual vegan earth mamas - then you're fucked in your own right)

No. 125680

omg so creepy
i brought an individual froot loops' box to work, to eat with yogurt as a snack and now i've seen this girl's IG i feel embarrassed hahahahaha. At least i don't have princesses plates and that kind of stuff

No. 125682

I (male) have a somewhat older sister I'm very very close with, and I don't think we have physically hugged or slept in the same bed since we were 5. Plus anybody notice the children's sheets on that bed? Isn't he like 15 or 16?

No. 125688

Peanut butter sandwiches aren't really a breakfast thing. The only people I know who eat peanut butter toast are people who work out or go running in the morning. And they take it on wheat bread. PB&J is kind of a kid thing.

No. 125700

but the concept of "kid foods" is fucked up, too. junk food that's considered kid food, like chicken nuggets or sth. it's kinda sick

No. 125709

totally agree

No. 125711

Yorkshire pudding, scotch eggs, and fish pie disgust me.

No. 125712

Guys, what you see Americans eating on TV is not what we eat every day. I'm American and I've only eaten white bread once when I didn't have a choice. Plus, were a nation of immigrants so many of us don't eat what you think of as "American" foods. Most of that shit was invented by the fast food industry. Educate yourselves.

No. 125719

But I do admit that I live near NYC and I am surprised by what I see people eating in the Midwest and the south. Like "frito pie"

No. 125720

How much younger is Aly's brother? That would influence how creepy I find it

No. 125721

File: 1434983159261.jpg (761.33 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

No. 125726

Poor kid, can only imagine what kind of issues she could develop from something like this… I hope the mom isn't "relishing" into this, and that she won't compete with her daughter and shit.

No. 125728


That'll be venus and margo in another 10 years

No. 125742

But that's hardly an American concept.

No. 125762

Lol "sneacked" photo looks "facked"

No. 125764

I feel like only short anorexics could fit into childrens clothes, There's no way anyone taller than maybe 5'4" could fit into children's dresses, shorts, etc.

No. 125765

i live in nyc too and i fucking love white bread, and chicken nuggets..from mcdonalds, burger king, wendys, etc. i don't think chicken nuggets are "kids food", unless I'm completely delusional? but i don't think so.

No. 125767

I know a girl who is anorexic and 5'9" who wears children's clothing. And yes, it is completely ridiculous and stupid. She wears shirts and children's dresses as baby doll dresses.

No. 125770

I don't understand your point. Mine was that not all Americans eat crap. If you like it then okay, that's you preference. And they don't sell frito pie at McDonald's or Wendy's or any of the other monstrosities I've seen from the south.

No. 125773

Her face already looks thinner. I will give her the benefit of the doubt FOR NOW and assume it's from water weight loss

No. 125774

I am 23 and was planning on making a pbj sandwich for bfast this morning. How is it "kids food"? Maybe you are mistaking it for "fear food" since a lot of you are ex-anorexics? Peanut butter, almond butter, whatever nut spread… Is totally normal? Not something I personally eat every day, maybe once every week or so (not including having some with fruit as a snack). I don't understand everyone saying that it isn't normal lmao

No. 125776

No. 125777

I believe the kids food connotation comes from parents giving it to their kids for lunch because it's easy and quick to make, and also healthy.

No. 125780

Well, that's true. It's just weird that it seemed as if everyone was freaking out that there are adults out there who actually eat peanut butter sandwiches.

No. 125783


For breakfast.

No. 125785

Yeah I don't understand those anons either. PB (as long as it is not organic and doesn't have trans fats added) is healthy.

No. 125786

What I don't understand about the UK is French fry sandwiches, "takeaways" and the prevalence of beige foods

No. 125790

You can eat anything you fucking want for breakfast

No. 125791

And beans on toast, and mushy peas with food coloring added.

No. 125795

Poor peoples food. I just had beans on toast. It's filling and it costs under a quid.

No. 125797

i think he's 13

No. 125800

He's 13.

No. 125801

I don't think Aly and her brother are that close irl. I think it's fake like everything else she does.

No. 125802

I'd try this but we don't have heinz beans in my country. just that shitty sugarladen busch's

No. 125803


ok anon

No. 125804

13 and has those sheets?

No. 125805

I think the "anorexics wearing kiddie clothes" thing is more of a mental issue than a size issue (especially since it often accompanies them being obsessed with kiddie foods, dinnerware, movies, toys, etc.). It's difficult but definitely NOT impossible to find clothes for tiny adults.

I'm 5'4" and, thanks to my stupid malfunctioning digestive tract, am disgustingly underweight. I buy and wear regular adult clothes from places like H&M; I just get the smallest size available, tailor the items a bit if necessary, and deal with the fact that they'll often still be baggy instead of tight-fitting. I get along just fine without having to resort to decking myself out in Disney princess/Winnie the Pooh/My Little Pony-type shit meant for people 15+ years younger than me. I've looked in the kids section at a few clothing stores before, but I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even bring myself to try anything on to see if it'd fit. No way in hell am I going to buy even underwear in Barbie or "Frozen" prints. It just feels creepy and wrong, like I'd be trying to pass myself off as pedo bait or something. It's a definite choice to infantilize yourself like that.

Also, I don't know about you guys, but I've only ever seen people do this on the internet. I've known a number of people with EDs, but I've never encountered a person like that "icedfancy" chick IRL.

No. 125806

Lol. I know.

No. 125808

DAE afraid of all foods?!?!? GUYS??/ DAE think fat is bad for u??? which one of these chicks are you? Eilish?

No. 125809

Yeah, just because you can fit into children's clothing doesn't mean you should actually wear it. I think they also do it to brag.

No. 125810

Well, people in this thread read that pro-Ana board so…I don't see why the farmers in the Aly thread were off limits. Reading that board is lolcow worthy.

No. 125811

Yep, it's like bragging about fitting into a size 0 or 00, except even more ~Ana~. LOOK GUISE I'M SOOOOO SKINNY I CAN ONLY WEAR KIDS CLOTHES! Nope, BS.

No. 125813

File: 1434991540300.jpg (43.15 KB, 458x567, v.JPG)

He's too old to have Goofy bed sheets, and too old to have his 19 year old sister sleep with him. He's old enough to have had his balls drop.

No. 125814

File: 1434991629805.jpg (72.14 KB, 752x582, goofy_fan.JPG)

He looks older than 13 somehow

No. 125815

Maybe he's delayed. People tend to infantilize people with mental deficits.

No. 125816

There are people who have EDs because the idea of growing up and growing adult features like breasts and curves scares them, like those twins + Ash.
I feel like the whole wearing kids' clothes thing falls into that.

No. 125818

They've both been in treatment multiple times

No. 125823

Right? One of my friends is 4'5 and thin she dresses like a goddamn adult even though she will often shop in the kids' section. It's got nothing to do with size.

No. 125824

I've always thought that too.
Tbh I had one really horrid incident where I went "Hm, he's attrac–THIRTEEN. He's thirteen!"

No. 125834


Nutella is disgusting. I barely want to eat cereal when I wake up. I definitely don't want to eat what amounts to fucking sweets for brekkie. When I think about it, there are precious few advertised American breakfasts I'd really like to try.

No. 125840

Yeah I don't want blood pudding, beans and potatoes either while we're making generalizations…

No. 125858

What do you guys eat for breakfast? I eat eggs prepared in some way, fish, or oats with various add-ins

No. 125859

What isn't there to understand about takeaways? It's just a synonym for takeout.

Hash browns are American, not English. Most English people don't consider them part of a real full english, but I for one thank our American friends for their potato based contributions because they're one of the best bits, imo.

>Thanks Americans


No. 125862

Takeaways are disgusting, that's why I don't understand how you eat them. Supersize vs superskinny has that shit.

No. 125863

I eat eggs with some sort of meat, or cereal if I'm lazy.

No. 125864

Oats with dry roasted nuts and fruit

No. 125866

You realise they're purposefully made to look as disgusting as possible on that show, right?

Takeaways are almost exclusively Chinese, Indian, Italian, Turkish etc. and they're always run by immigrants. The only actual British thing you can get at a takeaway is chicken tikka massala (A curry invented in Scotland, it's like our Chop Suey) So you're not really doing a great job of insulting British cuisine, you're just insulting brown people's food.

No. 125868

Yeah, the same way you can tell what an American eats by the tv shows you watch then?

No. 125870


Can't remember the last time I saw a chippy ran by a white family tbh

It's mostly all chinese and across the road it's the kebab shop full of pissed up teenagers and footballers… Oh England

No. 125871

And brown people don't eat the shit they sell to the public. That stuff is doctored up to their tastes and does not resemble their cuisine at all.

No. 125872


They actually don't, the chinese love selling bad shit to us Brits but they won't eat it themselves lmfao

No. 125873


No. 125874


No. 125877

Hey, I'm not the anon arguing that, that was my first post. I have plenty of American friends and know you guys eat plenty of delicious food. Do I need to mention hashbrowns again?

I'd say that only really applies to the Chinese, but even then I know a couple of Chinese restaurateurs who just cook what they'd eat back in China. Takeaways are some of the only places you can reliably get halal meat in quite a lot of the UK. The Indians and Pakistanis definitely eat exactly what they're cooking in the restaurants, because their clientèle is people of the same race/background.

No. 125892

File: 1435000649737.png (861.1 KB, 974x637, fakeaccount.png)

Who is she talking about here?

No. 125894

File: 1435001002367.png (814.87 KB, 974x636, no.png)

Still using the #childrensclothing hashtag…Went out with her "mommy"…

No. 125895

that jumper tho

No. 125897

Lol, it's a pokemon jumper. I wonder if it's a child's sized one.

No. 125899

shmegeh does it too.
she once talked about catcalling and how disgusting it is. i guess thats another reason ana's want to lose their womanly features - their self esteem is so low they dont want any atention grabbing traits.
i do agree and makes me wish i had… less prominent assets.

No. 125903


Is she trying to attract creepers or just saying there will be creepers because of her children's clothing?

God every fucking time I look at her face the septum ring looks like a hitler stache.

No. 125904


She's made this blog post two times before, the whole 'I am tired of my eating disorder' thing, but never changes.

No. 125905

File: 1435001756462.jpg (24.79 KB, 400x400, S-DEMONIA-CREEPER-402S-SHOES-B…)

I think she's referring to her shoes.

No. 125907


This one got shut down for 'promoting eating disorders' before, that's how shitty her 'recovery' is

No. 125914

Looks like @todayiwontsink deleted a message, or aly did. I thought she was referring to mimi.

Btw, UK. I have porridge oats or a couple of toast for breakfast.

No. 125916

May be a controversial comment, but I don't think she's skinny. She can't afford to lose any more, but the only striking fact about her is weight loss in such a short space of time and she looks better with more weight on her.

That Hitler tash, I know.

No. 125918

When she said she was going to change her blog and ig after the CPA incident, I thought maybe she was going to improve her diet, but she's still the saaaaaame.

No. 125919

>at grocery store with Mom
>Mom is trying to be all about that healthy
>Hey anon, should I buy these 'Quest bars'
>No mom plz real fruit and veggies
>Hey anon look at this 'Light and Fit' yog-
>No mom plz Chobani
>Hey anon brussel-

Is my mom looking at ED Instagrams I'm concerned

No. 125921

ask her if she wants her pasta and carrots drench in oil and see how she reacts

No. 125928

That's a fair point in itself. I don't fancy any of that either. My taste in breakfasts is basic, but I draw the line at any of those supposed staples.

I say supposed, because I'm sure the majority of people in both countries don't eat those things.

No. 125932

Black pudding's a regional thing as well and I don't know many people who eat it or places that even sell it.

No. 125945

That sprouts girl is dumb she writes about chest pains and eats fuck all and wonders why she got reported to CPS?

No. 125946

Yes, that is the point. It is a generalization not based in fact, like the point about Americans only eating sweets for breakfast.

No. 125948

File: 1435004592366.jpg (19.36 KB, 302x166, pft.JPG)

If aly was more honest with people…

No. 125949

Anyway, this wank is old. Let's focus on the cows.

No. 125960

What grocery store were you at that sells quest bars you fuckin liar

No. 125994

>I don't think she's skinny
>She can't afford to lose any more

What does that even mean?

No. 125999

Not that anon, but I saw some Quest bars at my local Stop and Shop once. I also see them at 7-11.

No. 126037

some whole foods too. pretty much every gas station i've ever been to as well

No. 126039

what part don't you understand?

No. 126051

trader joe's sells them now too

No. 126052

>How am I supposed to go back to school if 1) my brain is fried, 2) I loathe sitting, and 3) I can’t tolerate people my own age?

Did Sprout just admit she doesn't want to go to normal school because she doesn't want to sit down? Wow.

> I’m supposed to be eating more sodium, according to my cardiologist, but I buy all the no salt/low sodium foods I can.

Why is her mom letting her shop for food? She needs Maudsley.

No. 126055

>I’m supposed to be eating more sodium, according to my cardiologist, but I buy all the no salt/low sodium foods I can.

Most people in modern society eat too much sodium. It's in fucking everything. If she's managed to get a sodium -deficiency- in this day and age…

No. 126058

Different anon, but my local Fred Meyer (Kroger store) just started carrying them maybe three weeks ago. They only stock the shittiest few flavors though (Banana Nut Muffin, Lemon Cream Pie, I don't remember which others but not the "popular" ones). It made me wonder if they had struck a deal with Vitamin Shoppe or GNC (formerly the only local places that sold Quest bars) to buy up their excess boxes of the flavors that weren't selling well…oh, and Trader Joe's started carrying like two flavors (again, shitty ones, don't remember which) around the same time.

I like the Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chunk ones because they taste like Oreos and Thin Mints, respectively. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and S'mores ones are OK, but the others I've tried have been pretty bleh. Not worth the price whatsoever. They're like 2.5x as expensive as Pure Protein bars, which I think have way better textures and flavors (Chocolate Peanut Caramel fuck yeah), and aside from their lack of fiber, they're almost identical in nutrients to Quest bars.

I try a lot of different types of energy/protein/snack bars…this thread kind of makes me feel like a freak because of my habit, but they're the easiest thing for me to carry around in my bag and eat when I'm away from home (or whenever I'm just fucking lazy and hungry and can't be assed to prepare "real food"). I mainly buy whatever's cheap and tasty, and I don't try to pretend that I'm "eating clean" or that they're much more than glorified candy bars, though.

No. 126066

>If I don’t have my eating disorder, what do I fill my time with? How do I cope with stress? What makes me unique? Who am I?

Why not try reading, finding a hobby, getting some education, taking part in an activity. Like an ED makes her unique? WTF?

No. 126068

sorry, i was referring to >>125700
my bad.

No. 126069

Never have any luck finding them at any grocery stores/shops, but all the gas stations near me sell them? Odd

No. 126070

i love when girls on tumblr "complain" about how embarrassed they are to shop in the kids section. when really its disguised ~ana~ bragging. well, an attempt to disguise it anyway.

No. 126074

File: 1435017734731.jpg (58.37 KB, 638x356, HUH.JPG)


No. 126076

No. 126078


if you google "pro ana coach" or
pro ana mentor" there are threads about people doing shit like that & girls' experiences with it on sites like my pro ana

No. 126079

Here is that all-fruit person's "anorexia story"


No. 126081


Those girls are idiots and should have known better.

No. 126082

Cut her nipple off though. It's like Saw or sthing.

No. 126083

Anon, it's like you read my mind. I cannot imagine how a grown-ass woman can eat with goddamn children's cutlery without being embarrassed, but these bitches put it out there for all the world to see!!

No. 126084

I think the bowl Aly uses for close-ups is child-sized.

No. 126086

fuck no. maudsley. do. not. even. there are SO MANY THINGS wrong with Maudsley.

No. 126088

someone PLEASE ask Sprout why she's allowed to shop for food.


No. 126089


Works if you do it right. I know people who are fully recovered after being institutionalized for years.


Someone needs to tell this girl that not only was that person not a guy but a pedophile, it is more likely than not that her pictures have been shared with dozens of people like him.

No. 126090


Works if you do it right. I know people who are fully recovered after being institutionalized for years.


Someone needs to tell this girl that not only was that person not a girl but a pedophile, it is also more likely than not that her pictures have been shared with dozens of people like him.

No. 126097

It just seems like those statements contradict each other.

No. 126099

Don't feel weird. If I could afford them all the time I'd get em. I like Kind bars, ever had those? Not a protein bar but they're high cal and minimal ingredients, basically just nuts/fruit.

No. 126105


Midwest, Dillon's. Just popped up recently, had a big-ass "look what's NEW!" label on it. $2.50 a bar, steep and stupid

No. 126108

I still have some of that Moo-liennium in my freezer… I could sell it in all its [probably frostbitten] glory for thousands of $$$ :P
Srsly. Nothing matches Blue Bell.

No. 126110

I have never heard of Quest bars until this thread, I feel like I'm missing out.

No. 126111


They're great for hitting macros, but if you substitute junk food for them like these girls do, you're gonna have a bad time.

No. 126114

I take those if I'm running late and don't have time to pack a real lunch. I like the chocolate chunk and the maple pumpkin seed… haven't tried the others, though.

No. 126115

I broke a tooth on the sea salt/dark chocolate Kind bar D:

No. 126117

Maple Pumpkin Seed …, you now have my full attention!

No. 126120

shit, really? These were the chewy bars I had.
(gonna be honest–idk if they make crunchy ones or not. If that was a chewy one you broke your tooth on, that's gotta suck.)

No. 126128


Yeah but stupid kid food is coming to the UK pretty strong as well, judging by what my bf's little bro (who is in nursery) and his little friends eat. Vaguely fun shaped chicken nuggets and potato smileys all over the place. At least they'll eat the same yogurt the grownups do, and not weird neon sugar yogurt (which I have seen at like Iceland or something, so someone is buying it).

Coming back to the US, I did notice that Americans put sweeteners in everything. Like in bread. Which is weird af.

No. 126130


What is it with hot topic goffick kids and creepers anyway? They're the ugliest fucking shoes. But I guess they're like edgy or something? Get some nice boots ffs.

No. 126131

No. 126132

File: 1435025776548.jpg (96.55 KB, 640x440, image.jpg)

Yep everything's got sugar here in fine old America… Tomato sauce, salad dressing, bread…

And neon yogurt

No. 126135

File: 1435026292181.jpg (98.82 KB, 560x415, rs_560x415-140107131816-1024.v…)


There's even sugar in our cheese (2g per 1oz of Velveeta).

No. 126137

File: 1435026392100.png (91.16 KB, 332x640, hangry.png)

She's a feisty one, that sprout.

No. 126138

File: 1435026485632.png (670.64 KB, 712x445, Japanpizza.png)

Mayo, hot dogs and sausage

No. 126141

Does Ash still comment on sprout's stuff?

No. 126143

on the topic of breakfast that was going on early, as an American [for reference], my choices are usually either toast [whole grain; little butter and cinnamon], English muffin [w/cream cheese and raspberries or blueberries on top], scrambled eggs w/spinach, or bacon. Sometimes waffles [whole grain, blueberry, cinnamon–I'm rly not picky] but w/out syrup. I tend to shy away from sweet things because I drink juice in the morning [CranEnergy. Seriously–this is like my coffee. I'd save money if I bought the large bottle of it, but I cannot stand the taste of cold juice. Room temp is the best temp, imo.]
Basically, I just try to keep it around 300-400 calories overall[give or take] and still try to eat somewhat decently for a college student.

No. 126144

I should give those bars another shot. I only tried the "Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond" one and it tasted really odd to me, not at all mocha-y. I couldn't identify the flavor, but apparently "chicory root fiber" is the second ingredient, so I'm assuming that's what I was tasting. I just looked at the company's website, though, and some of the other varieties are making me drool.

Fuck, I'm lazy, but not Uncrustables-level lazy. What I REALLY should do is start making bars like that from scratch. It doesn't look like it'd be that hard. There are a ton of copycat recipes online. I have no excuse now that I've seen them ;_;

No. 126147

They make really shitty/cheap coffee out of chicory root because the taste is supposedly similar

No. 126148

File: 1435028062513.jpg (35.57 KB, 232x500, why.jpg)

Dear god. I thought I had seen some pizza abominations in my time, but that takes the cake. Why the fuck is mayonnaise so popular in Japan? Why does anyone even eat mayonnaise ever, anywhere, on anything? I have never understood this. I'm probably being ~culturally insensitive~ or something, but the Kewpie doll squeezy-bottle mayonnaise is fucking traumatizing. WHY, JAPAN, WHY?

I wonder if Ashley has tried it. I wonder if she's purged it. I wonder why I'm wondering this. I'm leaving.

No. 126149

Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow so I won't be eating one before that o_o

No. 126158

sounds like that same diet the other girl was doing when she died. Seems like it's a pretty attractive diet to someone with an eating disorder.

No. 126160

hey now, that's not cheese. That's pasteurized prepared cheese PRODUCT.

Real cheese comes in packs of individually-wrapped 64 slices. Every American knows that.

No. 126162

File: 1435029598850.jpg (255.78 KB, 917x582, ashysprout.jpg)

Yes, I saw her comment just the other day.

No. 126163

I love you.

No. 126180

File: 1435032492444.jpg (1.33 MB, 2250x3000, img_2526.jpg)


If you're in recovery from a severe eating disorder, have a BMI of 12 and are eating 45 calorie brownies, telling yourself they taste amazing and call yourself the 'queen of artificial sweeteners', you need IP. Sorry not sorry.

Sprout might actually be worse then Aly, because she's deluded herself into thinking this is an appropriate recovery amount and won't admit anything. At least Aly sorta came out on her bullshit.

No. 126181

She needs to be IP

No. 126183

File: 1435032857271.png (506.88 KB, 1069x585, Screenshot 2015-06-22 at 11.13…)


A year and a half ago she was having pint parties. Healthy? No, but these pints had the same amount of calories she eats in a day now. And when you're at a BMI of 12 fuck macros, you need calories. What the hell happened?

No. 126226

Plot twist: sprout is BMI of 12 anon

No. 126243

What d'you mean …?

No. 126246

Overconsumption of sugar might be worse than occasional consumption of artificial sweetener http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/17/magazine/mag-17Sugar-t.html

No. 126262

>wearing the same clothes as Maisy gives me a sence of proud
this almost sounds like she's fattening up her daughter on purpose to make herself feel thinner

No. 126263


Well duh overconsumption of sugar is worse. Or are you trying to make an argument AGAINST artificial sweetener?

My grandmother has been drinking Tab for 40 years and is still a spring chicken.

No. 126264

…and this is why not even her mum can tell her to stop eating diet food.

No. 126272

Wait has she posted her BMI/weight? I don't keep close tabs on the Sproutling. I'm still laughing at how Aly put her ~low BMI~ up on her Instagram bio for a short time. It mysteriously vanished just as quickly. TRIGGERED

No. 126273

File: 1435046334748.png (53.34 KB, 290x201, 1.png)

No. 126296

No. 126299

File: 1435056500368.jpg (113.99 KB, 868x569, z.JPG)

whada fug

is this the special "ED worrior" pizza?

No. 126300

I live in eastern yurop and grocery shops sell quest bars (which are like 4 euros get the fuck out)

No. 126302

File: 1435057904382.jpg (50.12 KB, 800x398, pizza-hut-korea-star-edge-pizz…)

>Dear god. I thought I had seen some pizza abominations in my time, but that takes the cake.

Koreans are masters of pizza abominations

Anyways back to topic:
Why do all these recovery anas don't try eating normal, but healthy food? If they are so afraid of calories they could still eat tons of veggies, chicken, greek yoghurt, some fruit, eggs etc, get some actual nutrition?
Why go for shit like this >>126162 which is basically processed shit and artificial sugars?

No. 126307

Quest bars are fucking disgusting. We had often some a few months back because I had gotten sick and couldn't manage to eat very much, so why not just get some protein bars or whatever they are? EW. They make me quiver. They taste so grainy and disgusting and not even like Oreos or cinnamon buns or whatever the flavor is. Just eat normal food. FOR FUCK SAKE why do you people enjoy them? How do you enjoy them? I really feel like all the farmers here are anorexics because you've trained yourselves to eat what is "safe" or easy to full up on, not focusin on the actual taste.

No. 126309

Maybe like portion control.
If they eat no packaged foods it would require diligent weighing of every morsel, something that only exacerbates the Ed. Not that eating all here processed packaged junk is helping but…

No. 126316

When you haven't had the real deal in a looooong long time they taste amazing hahahahha

No. 126317

It probably gets tiring and time consuming to weigh out everything

No. 126320

They're good for getting protein in and hitting maceos, but grainy is a good way to describe them. They're also way overpriced.

No. 126322

yea weighing every single non-packed good gets tiring.
but you can always count on 6 sprouts

actually theres this one girl on IG who used to be obese, lost 84lbs on weight watchers but… its gotten to a point she weighs out everything, even her quest bars and eggs.
sigh, from one extreme to the other. so sad.

No. 126323

File: 1435064367425.png (160.74 KB, 292x275, Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.58…)

weightwatchers_college_girl get some help girl you went too far

No. 126325

Oh, they do.
That anon is a mong.

No. 126326

It's really not that weird once you understand that the US government subsidizes corn and sugar. That's why it is in everything. Not saying it's right, but that's how it is.

No. 126327

File: 1435065490344.jpg (30.75 KB, 293x601, o.JPG)

She looks even thinner. Please stop wearing short skirts.

No. 126329

Yep. Definitely thinner. Still giving benefit of the doubt, though, for another week or so

No. 126332

"nothing is impossible!"
"one piece, allllll sausage"

No. 126335




No. 126336

File: 1435069779121.jpg (244.77 KB, 500x667, nutella.jpg)

american pride this morning.

No. 126338

those palazzo pants would be her best bet for legwear, since they're flowy and hide how stickish her legs are… but knowing Aly she's proud of them.

No. 126339

No, I just thought it was an interesting article

No. 126340

If she doesn't increase she's going to start losing

No. 126341

Holy shit, she looks like she's actually going to disappear. What the fuck kind of "help" is she getting over there?

No. 126342

Maybe Ashley's "therapist" is doing Skype sessions with her

No. 126344


Chances are they're doing the best they can for someone who doesn't want to recover.

Aly is popular in the community because she's a skeleton who can take pretty pictures of food. If she stopped being a skeleton she'd be another recovering girl and wouldn't have as many followers.

No. 126347

I think it's funny that these girls think their EDs make them unique when there are thousands of accounts like this and millions of people with EDs

No. 126349

B-but anon, I DO like the taste of a few of them…even my picky-ass little brother loves the mint chocolate ones (I agree with you about the texture and that most of the flavors suck, though, and of course they're massively overpriced)

Definitely too far. To be fair, though, some packaged foods really do vary in (or lie about) how much they contain. I was curious once after reading an article about it and tried weighing a frozen entree - it was far heavier than it claimed to be on the packaging. I bought the same thing again a few months later and lol'd when I saw that they'd changed their nutrition facts significantly but the product appeared to have remained exactly the same. I can see how someone could get really paranoid about that shit if they had an ED or were an obsessive dieter or whatever.

No. 126350

that one person had been harassing her for a whiiiile before

No. 126351

"might be"

i'm pretty sure it's definite

No. 126353

Awwww now I wish Aly was a weeaboo, then maybe she and Ash could go to Japan together via air ambulance <3

Aly at least acts like she has IRL friends, though. I wonder what people like this "male best-friend" she just posted about meeting up with think of her spoopy skeletalness? It must be kind of awkward to go out to "eat" with her.

No. 126354

I doubt she has many friends at this point.

No. 126358

How??? How do her and people like Ashley actually manage to lose weight when they have so little body fat? Do they take a lot of laxatives and purge everything?

No. 126361

They lose weight very slowly

No. 126364

imho, the deeper you are in ED, the easier pounds fall off…
i dont know if the science behind it, if the body starts metabolizing its own flesh and causing further weight loss, or if the sicker you get leads to stricter ED behavior. or a combination of both.

No. 126365

File: 1435074112604.jpg (9.36 KB, 304x70, challengethesprout.jpg)

Also this.
It'd be nice to see her challenge herself at all. She literally does nothing but eat safe foods.

No. 126366

yea at a certain point in the disease, even when you know you are very sick and dont look good at all, you just keep thinking about restricting or exercise or the number on the scale going down. it consumes every thought and its really tiring. its OCD. you cant NOT do the rituals.

No. 126370

Just had a great lunch at work. Browsing this thread reminds me how great eating is. How these rotting ghouls enjoy being hungry is beyond me.

No. 126371

When being afraid of whether or not a pre-packed snack food has more in it than printed… keep in mind, these companies are out for a profit. Giving you more in net weight than what's printed goes against all rules of capitalism.

No. 126373

Gather round farmers, it's cool story time

No. 126375

I gurss I can understand that. When I was deep into my ED, I had a bmi of 17 at my smallest, so I wasn't like Ash and other girls where I was super emaciated.

No. 126380

calm down, summer

No. 126384

I feel like you could say this about, more or less, everything trait a person can have.

No. 126386

no actually the government has standards that they MUST have AT LEAST as much as printed on the package. so… its more likely than not that packaged foods contain (however marginal) more calories than printed

No. 126389

File: 1435079918214.jpg (48.81 KB, 500x512, Screenshot_2015-06-23-12-16-12…)

No. 126390

File: 1435079952828.jpg (60.91 KB, 598x762, Screenshot_2015-06-23-12-15-10…)

No. 126391

And don't forget that food companies are allowed to be off by as much as 30 percent, according to the FDA.

No. 126392

Goddammit anon

No. 126394

So healthy and fit~
I'm pretty worried about this chick. Being hard vegan and running like 10 miles a day can't be healthy. She used to look healthier. Shes in a bunch of sports and stuff and seems like a perfectionist. She so 'quirky and high-energy' that her family are probably in denial about her problem too.

No. 126395

Yeah if she doesn't get her act together her school will probably put her on medical leave if a classmate/RA/professor catches on to her

No. 126397

She's definitely a perfectionist. I think most of the ED chicks are.

No. 126399

I think there's some mania involved too

No. 126401


This thread makes me feel hungry because I go off and look at food pictures. Opposite of thispo. I must've gained a few pounds just by being here the past few months.

No. 126402


please god take it away

No. 126403

File: 1435084773796.jpg (109.63 KB, 867x559, 50.JPG)

She always posts basically the same picture every day.
Also has a thread on GOMI

No. 126407

File: 1435085073209.jpg (72.93 KB, 855x552, j.JPG)


uh…i'm gonna go eat some bacon and eggs

No. 126408

Fatty vegans exist too, this girl is just doing it wrong.

No. 126410

File: 1435085875908.png (559.18 KB, 969x637, delusional.png)

She and Ash must have the same definition of "healthy"

No. 126413

Dirty mirror aside, she was a cute kid

No. 126414

File: 1435086087288.png (628.44 KB, 972x640, wow.png)


Oops attachment didn't work

No. 126416

omg this
i know many fatty vegans
i lol inside
potato chips and oreos are vegan, kids. this isnt the 70s where veganism wasnt a thing and you were forced to live off rabbit food

No. 126417

- triggered -

No. 126422

Yeah, I remember a fat vegan in college who did it for health reasons and she practically lived off of pirate booty and bean burritos

No. 126431


This is her private account. That is a thinspo/pro-ana pose if I've seen one.

No. 126441

No. 126444


Girl who doesn't look fat/unhealthy at all recovers from EDNOS through severe restriction and trying to lose weight?

No. 126445

File: 1435093354626.png (576.83 KB, 591x524, before.png)

No. 126446

question: if you have anorexia and become weight restored, are you ednos? because -technically- your weight isnt in omg anorexic bmi
> tldr; do doctors go 'you're too fat for anorexia anymore. here, have this ednos diagnosis'

No. 126447

The only person I knew that had this same behavior had a very fucked up life and all these singing and yelling and hyperactive shit was her way to shut up the bad thoughts and the reminders of all the shit that she was going through at home


those collarbones

No. 126448

fuck, she used to look like an actual human being.

I wonder what she "cured" herself from when she went vegan?

No. 126449

So, people on GOMI have noticed that this guy https://instagram.com/brun5150/

posts almost exclusively on the IGs of ED women and girls. Sounds like another onefixation.

No. 126450

Her wonky smile is so cute.

No. 126451



No. 126455

the GOMI thread reveals that she apparently goes to Liberty University AKA the biggest evangelical Christian university in the world (like in biology classes they teach a very literal creationism) and I feel like she might be surrounded by people who probably wouldn't help very much/are just as crazy as she is…

No. 126457

Depends. If you "recover," you can be classified as being in "partial remission" or "full remission" from anorexia nervosa. If you're still actively eating-disordered but no longer underweight, I guess a professional could re-diagnose you with a different ED (oh, and "EDNOS" is now "OSFED" as of the DSM-V), but I don't know how common that is.

No. 126459

oh god

No. 126460

She transferred to a school in Delaware

No. 126465

But I agree, anyone who goes to LU is fucked.

No. 126466

Fuck me. What's wrong with her???

No. 126467

That's weird because he follows women with muscles/into fitness.

I saw onefixation post on one of our cow's ig's yesterday but I can't remember which one.

No. 126468

Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.

No. 126469

So Ashley's grandpa is ded.

No. 126470

Aly took her skinny #ootd photo down.

No. 126471

She'll be joining him soon.

No. 126473

I reported it. Instagram prob removed it

No. 126474

instagram NEVER take down pics I report and we're talking cutz that look like surgery.

never even thought to report aly, but yeah she's promoting being skeleton

No. 126476

Yeah I'm going to start reporting her too. Good idea.

No. 126477

No. 126482

It's a thinspo account. Nothing special, as far as I can tell.

No. 126483



No. 126484


I just realized that her hair loss is very apparent after looking at this pic. Wow.

No. 126489

If you get rediagnosed by another doctor they may change it because you aren't underweight when receiving the diagnosis.

Technically it's labelled partial remission if the behaviors are there but weight has been restored.

No. 126501

Her brows are so tragic.

No. 126502

Nothing special, just the fact the person's an aspiring living doll. If that account didn't sound creepy (DM your ana confessions), she could be a future lolcow.

No. 126503

Her chipped/badly applied nail polish gets me every time.

No. 126504

And it's always the same god damn colour.

No. 126506

Her face really is the only part of her entire body that looks less skeletal. I know that weight becomes apparent in different areas with different people, but I still think her body looks thinner and she still looks half dead.

It's going to be interesting to see how she looks in a month's time. If there's no improvement, there's something wrong for sure. She won't be able to hide it.

No. 126507

So many uggo ED girls have those same brows.

No. 126508

I guess even their eyebrows need to look emaciated.

No. 126513

haha is it kota?

No. 126526

yup D:

No. 126529

anyone seen ashley's video?

No. 126530

for some reason she seems not only tolerable, but actually kind of likeable in this one… idk

No. 126531

File: 1435111313666.png (952.93 KB, 636x864, vomit.png)

Wait a sec, what ever happened to Aly being in an ED day treatment program? Didn't she claim that was the plan after she somehow managed to escape (checked herself out AMA? IDK) from being inpatient after such a ridiculously short stay? Apparently I haven't been keeping up with her antics well enough. It seems like she's just back home doing the exact same thing she was before and looking thinner than ever - ?

Also, is it just me, or does this AMAZING and LUSH meal look like someone puked all over it? I cringed when I scrolled down and saw it on Instagram. People are commenting and saying it looks good, though…maybe it's just me.

No. 126534

>couldn't be less amazing


No. 126535

I thought the exact same thing when I saw this pic but was too lazy to screencap it and post here lol It looks like cat puke :(

No. 126536

Wow, she's usually so fucking obnoxious she makes me want to gouge my eyes out, but that video actually made me feel pretty bad for her. I guess that was probably the point of her making and posting it, but still. I don't care about her stupid tapers but the shit about Fathers Day, ugh. And DAT LANUGO. Girl :(

No. 126537

Looks super gross. But yeah I've been thinking about commenting and asking but she'll just come up with some excuse. She said she went to a psychiatrist yesterday so…. Who knows. But most programs I know of discharge you directly into the day program? Because any lapse in care is just an opportunity for relapse..

No. 126544


Is that guy on the bottom the raw food guy Johnny?

No. 126547

Looks like it smells like that vomit smelling cheese. I don't like that kind of pasta. It looks like arteries.

Don't fall for it. She's playing for pity. I call her fucking fortunate to have reached her age and never suffered a bereavement. Suddenly she tells everyone her dying grampa was so close to her but she never mentioned him before. Her mom's lost her dad and soon she'll lose her daughter as well. She needs to think how that's going to affect her instead of thinking about herself the whole time.

She said her appointment with the shrink was GREAT but left it at that. Who says a shrink appointment is great, unless he told her she doesn't have to go to hospital again?

No. 126548

Lil Sprout didn't post much food today. I hope she didn't have a heart attack.

No. 126550

I disagree. Her teeth are gross, her eyebrows are gross, and her voice is grating. I could barely watch it, and she should never film that close to her face.

No. 126551

She didn't post any food today; all of the time stamps are from yesterday.

No. 126553

Well here in the US it's usually inpatient -> residential -> partial hospitalization/day treatment -> outpatient. No idea how it is in Italy. I know Aly was just in a "general hospital," not in an actual inpatient ED unit, though. It would be pretty damn irresponsible of an ED treatment facility to just discharge someone from IP directly back home after a few days, especially when they're in Aly's condition, but I guess maybe a regular hospital that didn't know much about EDs might (or she could have left AMA).

Here, I'd think she'd be at risk of involuntary commitment (at least on a 72-hour hold) if she tried to leave AMA; also, if her parents gave a fuck, they could try to obtain legal guardianship of her despite her being of age. I've known two young women who, in their 20s, ended up having their parents appointed as their legal guardians because they were deemed "incompetent" due to their extreme anorexia and refusal of treatment.

I honestly don't know how Aly is still up and walking around doing all the shit she claims to be doing at this point. I can't imagine she's very "medically stable" - she looks like she could drop dead any second, but, then again, Ash is still alive and kicking (albeit from a wheelchair, and probably not for much longer).

No. 126571

>It looks like arteries.
lol, I like(d) that kind of pasta. now I'll never look at it the same way again. dat sauce doe, wtf.

No. 126620

definitely puke

No. 126641

File: 1435131870250.png (2.75 MB, 1944x1274, WAHT.png)

How are there so many of these weirdos on Instagram? I start checking out the people who comment on these girls' posts and find so much shit like this: https://instagram.com/p/4TIef9pQEa/?taken-by=tolive.again

>#dinner was corn pops #eattogrow #edrecovery #realrecovery #foodforfuel #eattolive #eatforabs #liftheavy #gainzzz #macrofit #iifym #carbsafterdark #fit #fitfam #fitfood #fitlife #fitness #girlsthatlift #girlsthatworkout #gainingweight #bootyoverbones #strongnotskinny #absaremadeinthekitchen #healthyfood #gainingweight #smoothiebowl

Corn pops for dinner = "real recovery"? Gainzzz?? Healthy food??? Smoothie bowl????

And they all constantly kiss each other's asses about how great their shitty photos are (post another identical close-up of a fucking Quest bar or a cup of fat-free low-calorie yogurt and you'll automatically get a ton of likes apparently - THE SAME PHOTOS OVER AND OVER AND OVER) and how inspiring they are and how wonderful "recovery" is and I seriously do not understand any of this I feel like David Attenborough observing the bizarre mating rituals of a rare type of bird in a remote jungle in Africa or something I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANY OF THIS

No. 126649

>dinner was corn pops❤️?#eattogrow #foodforfue #eatforabs #liftheavy #gainzzz #macrofit #iifym #carbsafterdark #fit #fitfam #fitfood #fitlife #fitness #girlsthatlift #girlsthatworkout #gainingweight #bootyoverbones #strongnotskinny #absaremadeinthekitchen #healthyfood

Are you fucking kidding me

No. 126651


I totally agree about therapy. Like, I never come out of it feeling great! No matter how positive the meeting was, its still draining and exhausting and assuming it was her first appointment it should have been sort of fucking terrible. First appointments are the worst.

No. 126653



No. 126654

this dying girl pretending to be happy made me really sad in side

No. 126663

I feel the same

Search ig for hashtag #edfamily #edrecovery etc and it's like one person with multiple (100s) of the same account. Same poses, same food, same style of writing… even their usernames are similar recoveringsomething, recoveryforsomething, fightingforwhatever. Same terminology. I'm surprised there isn't some kind of ED "uniform" like a subculture thing.

It's even worse when you switch therapists. I can't even remember how many I've had in total over the years, but that first appointment where you have to go over the same old story yet again. So dull.

Don't feel too bad. She thinks that Jesus is on her side.

I still dislike Ashley and the way she operates, but YES at least she's honest about binges (ok, maybe not the 24 donuts) and doesn't pretend to be happy etc.

No. 126666

There is something seriously wrong with this person; she's overcompensating on a massive scale with all this GOD IS GREAT MUH LIFE IS AWESOME MUH BODY IS FILLED WITH STRONG AND I HAVE RAINBOWS IN MUH SOUL!!!!!! Meanwhile she runs herself ragged every day and eats disgusting, nasty food. It's like she believes she's achieving bliss through penance. So weird.

No. 126672

The feeling of hunger might make her feel closer to God. You think he'd have a word with her about her eating issues if he exists.

No. 126702

She's probably lying to her therapist anyway

No. 126706

I seriously think she's manic

No. 126715

Her sister is normal, fwiw. I wonder why she hasn't gotten her help?

No. 126717

File: 1435159930079.png (71 KB, 330x639, quest.png)

She got dropped by her nutritionist

No. 126724

and what is her calorie goal? 1200 probably rofl

No. 126731

why would her dietitian drop her over the cps thing?

No. 126732

File: 1435164735864.jpg (55.72 KB, 606x612, ho.JPG)

attention ho

No. 126733


Probably thinks the kid needs more help than he/she can give and now sees her as a liability. Or he/she told sprout to go to a higher level of care and sprout got mad.

No. 126734

File: 1435164939802.jpg (22.05 KB, 308x195, ffs.JPG)

doesn't believe in therapy

No. 126736

Who does this?

She doesn't believe in talking to someone? Therapy doesn't mean drugs and random diagnoses. It's about talking to another person about your issues. It's actually really beneficial to even the most sane of people. Maybe she should look into a counselor or something.

No. 126737

Because therapy will mean she had to face her other problems (daddy issues etc) and require her to be honest with herself.

No. 126739

i dont think anyone with a mental illness, especially a minor, ESPECIALLY a normal class white girl, has a place to "not believe in therapy"

No. 126740

Checking out the hashtags on her non ED account, it's pretty obvious she wanted attention and lots of followers. Can't believe she actually printed something out like that though.

Sprout's too opinionated. She's banging on about being stuck in a cycle and sick of her problems but she doesn't believe in therapy. Dumb kid.

No. 126741

I'm with you on that.

No. 126742

Sprout will never get better until she goes to a higher level of care. She is too rigid and set in her ways. She can't even fucking sit down. When she "challenges" herself she compensates by restricting more. Damn, her mom's dropping the ball here. I hope CPS intervenes. I wonder if her father realizes what's going on.

No. 126751

It's so weird, I have the most vivid memory of getting these yogurts as a small child after seeing how good they looked on TV, and once I got them I remember sitting down in my little weird walker-with-a-small-table-thing or whatever and just eating itty-bitty bits of it (like 1/10 of the kid spoon). I'm surprised nowadays at my kid self thinking this shit was gross and not eating it seeing as how I would eat basically ANYTHING you put in my mouth. (I love gogurts tho I still think they're tasty af…)

No. 126752

File: 1435170895268.png (674.78 KB, 967x628, turds.png)

Wtf is this?

No. 126758

Dear anyone from Instagram's ED community if they end up reading this,

There is no ifs or buts about it. You have to fucking eat. You have to get to a healthy weight for your body.

A lot of you are teenagers, so you gasp are still growing and will have to continue to gain weight until you go into adulthood so you can become healthy adults who contribute to society instead of another aly_realrecover.

No. 126761

File: 1435172143253.png (2.29 MB, 1944x1276, smoothiebowl.png)

Looking deeper into her account (https://instagram.com/tolive.again/), it looks like cereal for dinner is the norm. Trix, Crispix, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes (OMG #fearfoodfriday), Frosted Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Cookie Crisp, and Rice Krispies for dinner just within the last few days. She must have like 20 boxes of open cereal, for fuck's sake. How is it not all going stale if she only eats one bowl a day? The rest of the minimal amount of other food she eats is equally disordered. I guess the #smoothiebowl hashtag refers to this disgusting-looking protein powder concoction that's one of her other diet staples.

>1 cup almond milk 1 serving of cellucor a little water and a looooooot of ice also 1 mini banana and blend blend blend

I'm sure she's making tons of GAINZZZ on that super-high-calorie, super-healthy ~real recovery~ diet. AND PEOPLE ARE CHEERING HER ON. Fucking delusional enablers.

I'm assuming it's one of her weird concoctions with stevia and coconut flour or something. It looks like a cross between a marshmallow, a mushroom, and a cookie - ?! I'm eagerly anticipating the recipe on her blog. Sounds DELISH!

No. 126762

Yeah, it's really eerie. Like…Stepford Wives or clones or something. I wonder if they even realize how similar to each other they are? From reading their "My Story"-type posts, it seems like at least a lot of them are under the impression that they're extremely unique, that their situations are so very unusual and special, etc. But they're all the same kind of unique, unusual, and special.

It truly creeps me out watching these very specific, odd behaviors occur in so many different individuals. I don't know how much of it is mimicry from seeing others do things on Instagram or other venues and how much of it is them coming up with it on their own, but being a part of the big ol' #edfam Instagram "community" REALLY doesn't seem like it would be healthy or helpful for them whatsoever.

No. 126767

File: 1435173524040.png (351.16 KB, 641x484, Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 3.18…)

shit she's 19 and looks granny

No. 126769

Eww her fucking smile and sinewy skin is vile.

No. 126770

how does she not know she looks awful?

No. 126771

She had the body of an 80 year old, Jesus

No. 126772

No. 126773

File: 1435174175976.jpg (31.73 KB, 617x414, bleaaaaaaah.JPG)

dear god

No. 126774

File: 1435174608080.gif (154.4 KB, 240x181, 129987371.gif)

No. 126775

No. 126776

That's fucking disgusting

No. 126781

The lanugo down her back…

No. 126782

File: 1435175971893.png (347.96 KB, 969x636, uhoh.png)

No. 126784

Looking at thefitgingervegan's instagram, her sister is not there at all, not even in family pics. I think she goes to college out west (and she is normal). I'm wondering about that family dynamic. Her sister doesn't have any pictures of her or her family either, and doesn't seem to comment on thefitveganginger's account (even though thefitveganginger comments on her account).

No. 126786

File: 1435176473643.png (947.33 KB, 658x1273, bitchplease.png)

This really and truly pisses me off. Aly's fake "real recovery" bullshit is an insult to people actually struggling with eating disorders. She makes it sound so fucking easy. Just choose to eat more, guys! It's fun and delicious and wonderful! WOW IF IT WAS THAT MUCH OF A CAKEWALK WHY WOULD TREATMENT CENTERS EVEN EXIST? WHY WOULD PEOPLE DIE FROM THESE DISORDERS?

I imagine it must suck for her other eating-disordered followers who must be feeling guilty that they're struggling and she's apparently not. Fuck you and your lies, Aly.

No. 126789

She looks like she is half way through a werewolf transformation..

No. 126794

I hope, BUT DOUBT, that she had an overactive metabolism and she really did eat all the food she said (b**ch please) and she's really doing well …

… HOWEVER in reality give it a couple of months and see if she's gained any. I'd bet my life savings (could buy someone half a box of delish Quest bars perhaps) that she'll still be spoopy. Her face is looking more like a skull again.

She pissed me off with that Forget your stupid ED thoughts and enjoy your food comment the other day. I'd love to be in Milan. I'd totally spy on her in cafes etc.

oh god ha!

No. 126799

The vit vegan comments on her sisters' facebook posts tho

No. 126804

>I'd love to be in Milan. I'd totally spy on her in cafes etc.

Haha, I'm visiting Milan for World's Fair, maybe I'll find a living skeleton Aly if I visit one of those cafe patisserie

No. 126807

forgot to quote

No. 126814


Her sister never comments/likes her stuff on instagram was my point.

No. 126816

File: 1435180089712.jpg (115.07 KB, 720x719, 1551470_10152731966429089_5452…)

I don't pay attention to the ginger because her looks disturb me, but is her dad a minister? Got this from fb, although it's probably on ig with a caption but looking at her food will make me vomit hard.

No. 126818


They're Jesus freaks. I just hope that he does something. She said on IG that he is visiting today. I can't believe they let her move away from home looking and acting the way she does.

No. 126819

Hopefully he'll see how bad she's gotten and do something to help her.

No. 126820

she took it out of the container this time

No. 126823

She sounds like she's trying really hard to believe the words she's saying.

No. 126825


Pretty sure that is the same one she's used to take pictures of before

No. 126828

All the food she takes pics of is probably her brothers.

No. 126839

File: 1435182529303.jpg (27.61 KB, 334x463, 2.JPG)

wtf is happening on her legs?

No. 126840



No. 126841

I hadn't actually thought of that, but yeah, with a younger brother in the house, that sounds plausible. He probably eats all of that DELISH ice cream, at least. I have a massively hard time believing that, even if Aly is eating everything on whatever meal plan she's supposedly on, she's actually voluntarily eating tons MORE food on top of that. Sounds like complete and utter BS. I wonder if even the pasta photos and such are someone else's plates of food? She could be telling them she's an ~aspiring food photographer~ or something and snapping pics of their meals before they eat them…I always just figured she either tossed the food or puked it back up, but it'd be much better if someone else was eating it instead.

No. 126842

IMO, they look more like either some type of sores or weird skin pigmentation. It makes me think of my neighbor's little kid. He had some health problems and was extremely skinny, pale, and malnourished-looking. When he got scrapes from doing regular kiddie stuff, they'd take forever to heal and leave marks all over him that looked like that.

No. 126844

Gremlin replied that they're "coconut donut holes." I think I nailed it on the stevia and coconut powder. At least it doesn't look like they have any grated zucchini or anything in them and they're not soggy from soaking in almond milk.

No. 126845

petechiae and purpura from her iron deficiency

No. 126848

She could bulk so hard. So much potential. So much bulimia. Nice teeth

No. 126865

File: 1435184724164.png (658.18 KB, 629x631, wtf.png)

From thefitveganginger
>tofu noodles with ketchup and mustard.


No. 126872

File: 1435185623593.jpg (51.69 KB, 400x300, e78f26455b30fcf3362e9b4a3af037…)

A few years ago I went to the Bodyworld's exhibition and the dead, plasticised corpses looked more alive than she does.

I wonder if onefixation gets off to bodyworlds?

No. 126875

>tofu noodles with ketchup and mustard.

Like I get that you don't eat french fries but damn, that is nasty. I love mustard, but I'll admit that I am a ketchup-hater in general. Still, I can totally accept other people putting it on things that make sense (fries, burgers, etc.)…not on the weird-ass shit she puts it on, though. That's just crossing the line. I don't know how she stomachs those disgusting concoctions.

No. 126878

I can't even look after the raw vegetables in milk "cereal". She has no idea how to cook. It's like something a 6 year old would make when it's playing cooking.

No. 126901

I think that "cereal" is her worst "recipe," TBH (or at least the worst of hers I've seen so far). Why on earth she would even call it "cereal" is beyond me. And yeah, when I was a little kid, I used to go out in the yard, pick stuff from the garden, mash it up with rocks, and make weird concoctions (I never ate/drank them - I pretended they were ~*~magic potions~*~). They were kind of like what Gremlin consumes, now that I think of it.

No. 126908

Her food always looks really hard to digest. Her stomach must feel really horrible a lot of the time.

No. 126928

Because she forgot what normal fucking food tastes like

No. 126931

JESUS CHRIST!!! She looks terrifying!

No. 126935

thats not necessarily true. I'm not saying anyone should aspire to be a functioning adult anorexic who contributes to society, but its definitely doable. i've fit that description for a decade or so, its not advisable, but its possible.
as a "functioning adult anorexic", i would strongly suggest recovery if you're still a teen. while your bone density can still be saved and people still give a fuck about helping you..because neither will last.

No. 126954


Are you just functioning/existing or are you living though?

No. 126955


I seriously question her relationship with her brother.

So, uh, on a total unrelated note guys, hehe, do you think she can even have sex? Does she even have a libido?

No. 126958

I wouldn't be terribly surprised to find out they buy into "faith healing" and think they can pray mental illness away.

No. 126971


That's a good point. Do evangelicals think mental illness is demonic in origin?

No. 126983

I doubt she has a libido. Maybe that contributed to the break up with her boyfriend, who knows.

No. 126985

>Of the 1,001 people surveyed, 35% of Americans said they believe in the statement: "With just Bible study and prayer, ALONE, people with serious mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia could overcome mental illness."


No. 126989

>With just Bible study and prayer, ALONE, people with serious mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia could pretend nothing's wrong and film themselves singing about marvelous monday!

No. 126990

>and be deluded into thinking the effects of the mental illness are an awesome feeling of Jesus Christ moving their bodies HALLELUJAH!!!!1

No. 126993

Replacing one mental illness with another

No. 126999

Collage anon should make a collage of her faces- starting from before inpatient to while inpatient to currently. Bcus I think her face is looking thin again.

No. 127001

oh look who it is


No. 127008


Can it help cure her white finger nails and purple feet though? (see photos posted on her insta)

No. 127020

She's honestly probably so starved that it tastes good to her. Kind of like >>126928 said, but it's more than that. It's not just forgetting what normal food tastes like, but cherishing every bit.
I used to like Healthy Choice meals when I was restricting. Now they taste gross. I'd also eat mustard plain, though that was probably more due to dehydration.

No. 127023

I love you <3

She's deluded enough to think that "functioning" means sitting in her chair grave and walking ten paces out of her wheelchair to take a selfie at Target, then HI ASH.

No. 127026

Ash isn't pro recovery though. She doesn't think anything is wrong. She's perfectly healthy, remember?

No. 127028

it's YOUR body, YOUR choice. is spoopy posting on ig still?

No. 127029

Meh, who cares.

No. 127034

Spoppy is p much ded.

No. 127036

I'm looking at who follows aly and finding it amusing how many variations of "recovery" people use for their username…oh and skinny or thin.

No. 127037

File: 1435201208751.jpg (324.75 KB, 1082x795, Face nonprogress.jpg)

Not collage anon so this is crap, but it's something. I think her face is getting thinner again too.

No. 127038

Good job.

Those first two (most recent) pics could be her BEFORE she went in hospital.

No. 127041

File: 1435201879156.jpg (389.13 KB, 1207x1202, Face - Copy.jpg)

Thank you, and I agree, they really could be.
I decided to combine an old comparison picture with those two, which made me realize how gross the skin above her lip looks when she does the kissy face.

No. 127044


Estimate: 1400 calories. At least she's not restricting under 1000 anymore?

No. 127048


Not a big change unless she stops pacing.

No. 127055

Her mouth looks like a butthole with lipstick on it

No. 127057

File: 1435205096349.png (807.97 KB, 971x639, ruhroh.png)

Looks like the visit with her dad didn't go too well. I wonder if he tried to talk some sense into her.

No. 127063

First time she doesn't look like a complete psycho

No. 127066

I think the closest that ginger will ever get to treatment is Mercy Ministries, which is sad/messed up.

No. 127067

He probably noticed right away that something was wrong and tried to confront her about it. I feel so shitty for parents with anorexic daughters. They must feel so helpless.

No. 127073

Well, she was like this when she lived with her parents. Maybe he forgot how bad she is and being confronted with it was a wake up call for him. I hope.

No. 127078

>i said LIGHT frap and they made me a WHITE FRAP
All i hear through that post seems to be "everything scares me, but especially calories, people, and deviations from my routine".

No. 127079

I know Ash is kinda boring but:

>I was raped of my rights.


No. 127080

Yeah, the homeschooling probably didn't help her tendency to isolate

No. 127081

Going to Milan on the 4th for two weeks. I'll tell y'all if I see her around.

No. 127098

I saw that too. How fucking dare she compare her situation to rape. Yes, it's awful that she did not get to see her grandfather before he died, but it's not comparable to rape.

No. 127101

No jfc. Rape has different meanings y'know. Rape could also simply mean "To take by force". Not having to do with sex. So her saying, "I was raped of my tights" is correct, though most people try to use it in a more violent sense. Take, "The Rape of Nanking", not only were they talking about the women being raped, but also the rape of their normal living rights.

No. 127104

File: 1435215446681.jpg (65.08 KB, 512x293, 45463454.jpg)

Pffff she chose the most dramatic way of saying "robed of" she's obviously desperate for attention