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File: 1622496827217.jpeg (97.49 KB, 275x183, 4F51B4E1-B4BF-4637-9EA8-B83E54…)

No. 1243167

somehow these threads are still going despite an endless influx of self-posting and the definition of “milk” being pretty much the only discussed topic

our last thread started out with scary strained necks and creepy nick kicking his ~much recovered~ matchstick-looking limbs about.
every ana on instagram is now a qualified ED expert, with infographics, informative posts and LOTS of opinions to match. case in point : anna’s relentless posts about her period, (menopause themed live coming up guyz!!!), molly and porgie’s thoughts on calories… the list goes on.
n2f is still alive, living as a raging bulimic in denial and attacking anyone who dared question her near-naked videos of arm flexing and posing semi-nude in her cesspit of a house.
Ham has eaten a pretzel for the first time… for the second time?? and continues to try roping mummy and daddy into her parade, though it’s clear to see the novelty has well and truly worn off for them..
zara shut down her old ig account and made a new one, still preaching recovery whilst extremely underweight, nothing special there.
and there is now an influx of anachans heading off to inflate their egos working for scam model agencies, too?
who knows, but we’re here to be entertained so let the milk flow!!
reminder to put sage in the email field, no posting under 16s, read the damn rules


previous thread = >>1228808

No. 1243173

thx for making the thread but kinda sad title, op. is this what its coming to?

No. 1243185

shit op and way to pick an antsized image lol

No. 1243186

the img is tiny and the caption is salty. could've started us off with a little more enthusiasm

No. 1243189

File: 1622498953927.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 97729C52-00DE-4268-9550-61973A…)

How would she know recovery is worth it when she’s never been sick?

No. 1243193

shes so fucking infuriating. we have not seen ANY evidence of her ever being ill, having an ed, being underweight, or even being scared of food. she uses this as a way to get asspats for sitting around doing fuck all other than stuffing her face

No. 1243195

File: 1622499414271.jpeg (251.51 KB, 750x901, FEBD9140-5BAD-4E16-A246-F08C3C…)

Has anyone noticed how freaky her mom is encouraging this larping while she clearly isn’t sick

No. 1243198


As if Ham needs MORE calories, lol

No. 1243200

File: 1622499646697.jpeg (93.38 KB, 750x1076, 5CF73437-6F1F-4504-A2B6-E15066…)

her mom is making her gain

No. 1243206

File: 1622500179938.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, 25DC0B6E-7541-4933-BC51-91B909…)

Hannah’s coming up to her first “recovery birthday”

No. 1243208

File: 1622500297843.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, A2077E04-D83E-4A5B-BE66-B6415A…)

what absolute milking

No. 1243209


She's sick, just not with an ED like she wishes. Homegirl has a bad case of "someone look at me i want attention and community, please look at me."

No. 1243212

File: 1622500390816.png (253.11 KB, 812x471, Screenshot 2021-06-01 082901.p…)

Eugenia posted a new summer outfit video that was trending on Youtube. Thumbnail was of the swimsuit.

No. 1243213

File: 1622500528155.jpeg (236.43 KB, 750x665, 426701EE-495D-46FD-A1CD-913B27…)

Her mother has psychological issues trying to make Ham gain weight. Does she have a healthy relationship with food?

No. 1243214

she has a couple weeks left at most.

No. 1243215

Judging by the state of her hair and skin, she definitely doesn't have a healthy relationship with staying hydrated.

No. 1243217

she should put down the cream scones so her and ham can eat a vegetable for once

No. 1243221

People have been saying this for the past 2 years (for good reason) and frankly I'm baffled by how long she's lasted in such a skeletal state

No. 1243228

Some of the very skelly very public anas just seem to survive another year each time they get mentioned out of pure spite.
cough like a certain ghost/crow we shall not mention

No. 1243236

where does she get an adult swimsuit that fits?>>1243221
her weight has dropped pretty gradually, which could help. the fact she has been underweight since she was a child might mean it is easier for her body to cope? I'm not a medfag so probably wrong on that.

No. 1243249

wtf Ham.. you're not 14. If you don't want the bread your mother won't mulitply the cals, youve been eating fucking maccas and pretzels, refusing one slice of bread won't matter. Someone just wants a big lunch and needs to justify it somehow. Clearly just trying to LARP a bit to stay relevant.. can't appear too recovered too quickly.

No. 1243255

She's disturbed. Her mom is probably trying to get her to eat her greens and she's threatening to starve herself.

No. 1243258

Hammum is obese. She doesn't look as fat sitting down, but when she's walking around in the kitchen, you see she's obese. >>1243255 so I doubt she's eaten a vegetable herself.

Did anyone else find it a bit off that Ham had TWO scones? One's enough, but even if you want two, it's usual to buy one as a serving and then order another.

No. 1243259

Why make the second trip to the counter if you know you're going to get a second from the start?

No. 1243270

File: 1622507115735.png (1.11 MB, 1531x822, fashionista.png)

This is how her JADE and CORAL HERVÉ LÉGER bandage dress looks when a slender model is wearing it (left).

Does she just hoard these expensive clothes that she never wears and look like shit on her? She really doesn't care about the designe4r brand enough to get the person's name correct, or look at the description to know what the dress is called.

No. 1243274

OP did you even try
thanks tho

No. 1243281

File: 1622508273925.jpeg (212.63 KB, 558x790, F9DBC966-92DA-4249-9665-070CE8…)

she didn’t she started with two. Probably to multiply the lost calories from the bread.

No. 1243283

She didn’t eat the bread cause it was brown bread. Too healthy for her when she wants a big plate of biscuits

No. 1243286

what the actual fuck. she needs to be stopped.

No. 1243287

File: 1622508833346.jpeg (10.96 KB, 324x367, 11326E2A-ECA7-4020-9BC7-E8133E…)

Nice pfp.

No. 1243288

File: 1622508933020.jpg (101.8 KB, 1232x822, wuff.jpg)

Really shouldn't swim in the sea to avoid img scenario.

No. 1243293

fucking kek anon looks like an egg. find this way funnier than i should because it’s always interesting to see the types of people on this autistic site

No. 1243310

umm.. nah I'd have two!!

No. 1243311

such as yourself? or are we leaving you out of this one

No. 1243313

>where does she get an adult swimsuit that fits
She doesn't, it doesn't fit, look how much she's pulling on the back strings to keep it in place, there's like a meter of string on each side.
All Ash does all day is lounge around, Eugenia streams every day for long hours, that's exhausting even for a healthy person. She's gonna collapse on stream one day.

No. 1243314

I thought the bread post was from earlier in her recovery journey

No. 1243327

Dont say that it makes people like Eugenia and Ashley live longer

No. 1243332

I want her to croak because she's the only bone rattler to profit off nothing but her eating disorder. Flaunting her wealth when she knows she's earned it by causing so much harm.

No. 1243336

File: 1622513913261.jpeg (230.59 KB, 750x1315, C3CC6919-C266-4B77-83EB-137959…)

this girl needs socializing, badly.

No. 1243337

Jesus gracious this could've used a spoiler warning, anon

No. 1243338

you should take a look in the mirror first. anon made a little mistake it's not that entertaining and they look aight

No. 1243343

Ugh the visible carrying angle of the femur head is revolting.
Tragedy to waste such a classic dress on a sad boring skelly who couldn’t style it even if she wasn’t starved to dead. She’d look the same in any bandage dress from any mall, why fork out for Herve?

No. 1243347

About Sorcha Blossoms well she now exaggerates how serious her team are about her….putting her on bed rest etc kek

No. 1243352

exactly she milks it so much

No. 1243353

File: 1622516640639.jpeg (102.84 KB, 750x863, 3B513D44-2991-4FD3-B4D0-CB76E0…)

what pisses me off is the constant “eds aren’t weight related…” while also posting this

No. 1243370

File: 1622518768446.jpg (474.99 KB, 1080x1195, halloween decor.jpg)

Speaking of the grim reaper's list, I was wondering how Dasha was doing

No. 1243381

looks seriously ill

No. 1243385

yes please spoiler everything from N2F Im physically ill now

No. 1243389

I hope she got them on sale or second hand otherwise someone really paid her big for the panty video kek

No. 1243405

She's been in the same state for a year now I think

No. 1243456

This clip literally made my stomach turn

No. 1243466

I recently started following n2f and literally makes me feel v unwell looking at all the overexposed skinny syrup demon creations but I also can’t stop looking ?? Also is it just me or is Dora pissing anyone else off bc it seemed like she’d actually gained a bit and is now back to her usual bullshit

No. 1243475

self post

No. 1243476

File: 1622535219076.jpg (370.77 KB, 1080x1685, IMG_20210601_101043.jpg)

It seems to me that n2f is largely a product of her surroundings. This family is obviously messed up, the entire house looks like an aftermath of a SWAT call. The kitchen sink probably hasn't been scrubbed in a decade.

No. 1243477

Where's the new thread gone or am I being a retard?

No. 1243478


You're being a retard

No. 1243479

File: 1622535407829.png (1003.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210601-041400.png)

No. 1243481

yup just realised that

No. 1243490

File: 1622536068872.png (1.08 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20210601-092142.png)

I personally don't watch Dora because I find her boring as fuck, and it kind of seems like she wishes she was Ro sometimes - I think half the comments about 'girl u so pretty if u just stop wearin sweats x0!!' are from herself - but yes, her latest video is fourteen minutes of body checking, and she just couldn't resist showing us that these jeans are two sizes too big and sloppily tied at the back with a shoelace.

No. 1243492

the way the farmers here have been acting lately i’m surprised nobody’s bone rattled and accused eugenia of ‘probably only being like bmi 17 at worst’ jesus

No. 1243494

KEK truth.

No. 1243500

I was about to post a pretty much identical screenshot! She has definitely gained next to nothing. I think she probably has a rivalry with Ro, and since Ro has so many more followers Dora wants to compensate by being smaller (along with all the typical ED motivations obviously). On that note, have they seemed less chummy lately?

No. 1243504

Haven't heard much from them together, but it really seems like Ro's actually recovering, but Dora's kind of stationary or regressing, mentally at least, with the more frequent body checking we've been treated to lately.

No. 1243510

more like:

'she's not that thin. I'd say she was over a BMI 18 actually. When my BMI was -987 I looked so much smaller than her! It's all just posing!'


She hasn't posted a chest bone thumbnail in a month. It's hard to tell if she has actually gained much but hopefully she is at least graduating from cowdom.

No. 1243513

They got so much stuff piled up there, the animal food for example I'm starting to suspect they might be couponing hard.

No. 1243517

What do we know about the Family Nourish? Parents' jobs? Does she have siblings?

No. 1243521

File: 1622538975399.jpeg (777.01 KB, 828x1631, 346E5AB1-C78D-41DD-84E5-853198…)

she looks much better, her face is much more normal looking and her arms too. let’s not hold our breath tho bcs all-in seems to bring a lot of regression afterwards when anachans can’t cope with the gainzzzz

No. 1243528

File: 1622541433660.jpg (92.43 KB, 951x750, 7[2].jpg)

Might want to visit the isle of wight for a souvenir ashtray to go along with your dull attention-seeking self-posts and oh so retarded rebellry. This is what happens when you get old yet have nothing to show for it i guess.

No. 1243537

She reminds me so much of Ms. trenchable from Matilda.

No. 1243539

AYRT I am so glad I'm not the only one who picked up on that.
While I agree that Ro used to be a bit milky, I still found her likeable as a person and enjoyed her content because it seemed genuine and kindly or something. All the milk seemed to come from her ED instead of her as a person. She seems to truly want to get better, and want that for others too.

Dora on the other hand just seems like a spoiled little rich girl who refuses to get dressed for some reason, and is dropping weight because her parents don't give her enough attention, and her channel doesn't get enough comments lol.

Yes! I can't remember who it was last thread but there was a person whose BMI was easily <15 and farmers were like 'sHe CoUlDnT bE LoWeR tHaN BMI 17'
Just because someone is unlikeable doesn't mean they're incapable of being a low BMI. Go humble brag about your Body Dysmorphia elsewhere, you know?

No. 1243542

I totally agree. Sage for slight blog but nowadays I find Ro actually pretty motivating and good for the recovery community, whereas Dora kind of seems like she's found her place in the instagram ED-verse as a struggling anorexic and doesn't want to compromise it by actually recovering.

No. 1243543

Also, does Dora look like she's dropping weight? I haven't noticed any weight loss recently.

No. 1243544

Might've been the probable self-post about Sorcha Blossoms. Or vedetta-posting? Idk, an anon that couldn't sage postet some sceenshots and such.

No. 1243550

File: 1622545568829.jpeg (970.91 KB, 828x1538, E6030F09-5D9A-4A04-A6A1-D9B892…)

Ganer out here pulling a N2F, posing half naked in the garden. I can’t decide which makes me more uncomfortable.

No. 1243555

the colour of her feet is disturbing

No. 1243558

Ganer's still sporting some of that concentration camp lines around her mouth. But ED and bodychecking belong together.
Her excessive overtraining might be a bit better than an outright starvation, but it will do her more harm than good, at least on the long run.
Joints, tendons, bone structure - One fine day she's gonna pay the bill for her 24/7 training regime.

No. 1243559

Those colors might belong to the transparent plastic straps of her show pumps?

No. 1243561

Tbh Ro’s “all-in” actually seems maintainable. She’s not only eating junk like Ham and just eats more when she feels like she needs it, also including fruit etc. I feel like her ‘all-in’ is more like intuitive eating.

No. 1243563

Is she… Balding? She looks really unhealthy. I also wish she would stop wearing those tacky af shoes - 'safe clothes' are a very real thing - but I realise that's a nitpick.

Yeah I feel like she's actually listening to her treatment team and is learning to listen to her body. It also helps that she doesn't constantly post pictures of herself at her LW like many other cows.
I genuinely wish her well because it seems like everything she is doing, while undeniably difficult, is working.

No. 1243588


soz to come off a bit of a cunt but shouldn't she be showing even a little bit of muscle definition by now?
i mean, she trains every day, is strict af on weighing all her meals, and yet she still looks like basic bitch that serves me my mcdonalds… i just dont get it.

No. 1243593

File: 1622556398661.jpeg (366.96 KB, 1080x1694, C2DEDEC7-F477-4EE6-9198-B925AD…)

Idk if this is the right place here but does anyone know the girl who posted Shayna on ed Twitter? Her account got deleted and i just found something about exposing her? Wonder if anyone was following her fast

No. 1243609

Fuck off with your self posting. Noone cared about you in Shay's thread and noone is going to give a shit here.

No. 1243626

File: 1622559134223.jpg (1.27 MB, 1284x1984, IMG_2425.jpg)

found some fresh milk, its a new ham that's joining the band wagon!

No. 1243628

File: 1622559313167.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 5353E01F-C0C0-4198-BB09-183BCB…)

What is it with recovery accounts and always contradicting themselves? "Fuck anorexia" and then a body check featuring chest bones. Sage for no milk and not an English account

No. 1243629

File: 1622559355486.jpeg (764.37 KB, 828x1635, 485E54BA-4B73-4365-B9B7-C1B0B8…)

not milky imo, seems to just be a bulimia recovery account…? elaborate anon

No. 1243632

Reeks of a self post, you could at least try to integrate.

No. 1243634

I’m not her anon i just wanted to know if anyone knows why she got deleted

No. 1243636

has she skipped every single arm day?

No. 1243639

been following this one for a while, bulimia nervosa recovery, has come out of inpatient a few weeks back after a 2 month ish stay >>1243626

No. 1243641

File: 1622560664785.jpg (205.41 KB, 1283x1316, IMG_2426.jpg)

she thinks she's an ana, and always trying to copy cat ham for attention just begging it imo

No. 1243642

would say she possibly meets the rules for being a cow, but she isnt a pro-ana, she does have bpd tho which may explain a lot

No. 1243644

she does look up to ham..that much is obvious

No. 1243645

No. 1243647

Christ are you retarded? Sage and google if you're that dim, god..

No. 1243651

calm down no beef what's the relevance tho?

No. 1243654

bpds are crazy and attention seeking and youre still not saging

No. 1243656

Learn to sage and stop clogging the thread, it's not up to us to dumb things down for you.

No. 1243666

Learn to integrate newfag.

No. 1243673

I was wondering this too. I don’t work out at all but am pretty active and I feel like I have about the same amount (not much) of muscle definition as Ganer. What a waste of a life to spend a jillion hours a week pumping iron and then to look totally… normal.

No. 1243710

I feel like the bigger waste of life is how carefully she controls her food. Everything is identical day to day, down to the gram and she preaches that that’s what dedication and commitment looks like. She could be having way more fun eating tons of actually tasty stuff and properly bulking and she would probably see better (ie any) results as compared to this snails-pace lean bulk she thinks she’s doing.

No. 1243712

Wasn't she supposed to be bulking right now?

No. 1243719

Ganer's still fucked mentally, she's just not a spoop anymore. She'll feel healthier but her head's still her prison. She needs to deal with that OCD.

No. 1243753

File: 1622570950824.jpeg (911.16 KB, 828x1696, 8A76C171-91AC-409F-AF99-9DA4B5…)

Dharma crying in the doctors office because she definitely needs to go back to the gym for her health despite being a super spoop. Refusing to follow the local lockdown rules due to the compulsive need to exercise is hardly “flexible”. Then again, she’s hardly a foodie.

No. 1243782


Ganer didn't stoop this low. Ganer survived. Her patience paid off and now she hits the gym every day. Don't cry.

No. 1243792

File: 1622574603665.png (1.21 MB, 828x1792, 5120004B-677B-4C6D-B332-360F19…)

just waiting to see if this is followed up by slagging off elzani again… sage bcs no milk but the frustration is pretty funny

No. 1243793

I'm a dumbfag confused about the lockdown situation in Ontario. Are gyms open? Why is she getting a doctors note? Is it to say she is well enough to work out?

No. 1243801

at least Dharma can do her eyeliner well, I suppose

No. 1243802

Ontariofag here. Gyms are closed and to my knowledge even a doctors note can’t get you back in. Everything is closed in Ontario except grocery and pharmacies until at least June 14 I think? Even then I don’t think gyms open until July.

No. 1243803


We didn’t have the option to go to the gym at all in the UK. If we did I’m pretty sure Gainer would have stooped that low. Didn’t she share a petition to keep the gyms open during lockdown?

No. 1243806

JFC just get a set of dumbbells and overpay your coach for online video sessions like the rest of us
She is the exact kind of at-risk person we are having lockdowns to protect

No. 1243818

Sorcha blossoms is a great example of bpd

No. 1243820

literally every cow on here bar ham and n2f is a great example of bpd

No. 1243834

File: 1622577535908.png (142.17 KB, 656x938, Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 3.50…)

update from Cecilia…her health is looking "worse" and "worse" (yet she is still drinking caffeine and going to work?). looks like Acute is out of the question, as it always was. i wonder when her ip admit date is, they usually try to get you in as fast as possible (and if you wait too long you risk having to redo the entire admissions process). the whole bit about the local hospital waitlist sounds like a lot of bs, there prob is no waiting list she just wants to make herself sound worse than she is without actually needing the hospital.

No. 1243844

Ha, yeah! That petition. She's lucky she gets to use the equipment. Fitness classes have 6o be booked six days in advance. How are sweaty, grunting people with fuckfaces ok to train but you can't do a bit of yoga on a mat?

I don't understand Ganer's lack of muscle definition. She looks good at that weight, but all her exercise isn't doing much.

No. 1243877

File: 1622580503587.png (32.66 KB, 577x415, 38572395935925.png)

Protip: look up a person's username before asking here. I looked at her account when her post came up on Shayna's thread for milk but it's pretty dry, just another formerly obese anachan fasting and getting off on all the teenagers in her replies telling her how insane she is to do it.

You would think that these types would stay on MPA instead of getting suspended off Twitter all the time but since MPA is going to try and become a recovery website, I wonder if we'll see a mass exodus to other social media sites?

No. 1243878

its the only face she can pull while trying to suck her skin into her body. you can tell her eyes are literally bulging.

No. 1243880

Kek normal hospitals don’t have waiting lists for admissions. If she was sick enough to need hospitalization immediately, she’d already be admitted. She’s desperately still trying to make herself sound sicker than she is.

No. 1243888

Not trying to bone rattle…. cecilia is probably underweight, but like…. there are spoops out there in far worse condition than her who don't have that (supposedly) bad vitals and the ones that do get admitted immediately regardless of waiting lists and also don't get the "choice to stay outpatient". Does she have some sort of other physical health issues than her ED? I know that some people get issues at higher weight but like..
This seems so excessive.

No. 1243889

File: 1622581406558.jpeg (355.82 KB, 2048x2048, 029E6C28-68FC-40BC-B47B-41A4EC…)

Looking like a mummy

No. 1243901

You're not rattling anon. She never says how her health is 'compromised', it is always conveniently vague.

No. 1243902

yeah that sorcha post got probably the most bonerattly replies i’ve ever seen here. hope she’s not reading this because she doesn’t need the validation, but in the pic on the last thread she had a thigh gap practically a foot apart and multiple anons were hopping on the ‘bmi 17 at worst!! faker!!’ bandwagon. really delusional and weird. can mods start calling out that kind of thing again?

No. 1243924

>>1243888 Cecelia claims low blood sugar low blood pressure and terrible labs afaik

No. 1243925

File: 1622584883613.jpg (631.31 KB, 1065x1794, Screenshot_20210601-180108_Ins…)

No. 1243927

why the fuck haven't youtube suspended this irresponsible little prick's account yet?

No. 1243928

Yeah, if she needed an urgent medical hospitalization rather than waiting for inpatient/residential then they'd just … send her to the ER and she'd get admitted because she'd be obviously medically unstable. They might not keep her for that long, but they'd keep her long enough to correct whatever instability was going on.

Direct admissions are a thing, but (a) what service would she even be waiting to be admitted under, surely she'd just be going to a generic medical floor and (b) lol "waiting list".

No. 1243932

She makes $ for them. If people unsubscribed and gave her no views, then perhaps they'd get shut of her.

No. 1243988

since when does Boost Plus correct vitals? Wouldn't it have been a Gatorade?

No. 1243995

maybe she is 'old fashioned' or something and thinks girls need to be a bit plump or they are ill. ham fell for the delusion and truly thinks she is a delicate ana waif.

No. 1243998

In that bottom left pic does it look like she has scoliosis?? Also she is shockingly not boney for how incredibly emaciated she is. This whole collage is incredibly bizarre.

No. 1244002

> shockingly not boney for how incredibly emaciated she is
i know what you mean. her skin seems somewhat alive, almost supple, and not veiny for having zero fat.

No. 1244004

yeah or they could have been lying. I wouldn't put it past ED clinics to tell white lies to get some calories into patients.

No. 1244005

She probably just had low BP, so needed to drink something (anything) and they gave her Boost because they want her to eat more.

No. 1244007

Samefag but she’s so brain starved she can’t even figure out that she’s supposed to tie the strings of the bathing suit. She is an actual evil retard.

No. 1244018

she posted on MPA the other day. she's around.

No. 1244021

same, i think she should start using steroids because she looks like a regular old bitch despite training 24/7

No. 1244033

Right. And even if the general hospital is full, they’d make room or keep her on observation or even in the ER. She makes up so much BS to seem sick, this is just one more lie to be the most ana ana chan ever. Especially since she turns around and lectures about recovery all the time, like she’s an expert. Her length of having an ED changes a lot too, she keeps adding years to how long she’s had one and then declared herself ‘chronic’ even tho she’s only been to treatment a couple times iirc.

No. 1244047

a face scratcher too

No. 1244055

The only semi-reasonable thing I can think is that maybe the local hospital has an inpatient eating disorder program/unit and her doctor put her on the waitlist for that. But, again, that implies that it's not super urgent because if it wasn't safe for her to wait at home then they'd have her go to the ER anyway and sit on a medical unit until the bed opened up.

No. 1244080

Okay I watched the video and the colors are so off. She either removed blue or upped yellow, same result.
YouTubers do usually color-correct their videos but this is too much.
I think she did it to make her skin look more natural, it's probably bluish from being so skinny. It hilariously backfired - people are commenting how yellow and sick her sclera look when it's just a color filter kek.

No. 1244081

she should just eat more instead of using gear

No. 1244095

File: 1622608293457.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 423.43 KB, 750x1303, C34F1E9A-5EC9-4B7E-A3B9-0ECC76…)

anyone else find it fucked up that ganer looks up to this stuff? absolute freak, this looks gross. why would you want to look sinewy, veiny, and lumpy. she has just replaced one disorder with another, how tragic

No. 1244109

Another Ontariofag here, there have been cases of people who use gyms/rec centres/mostly pools for physical therapy having facilities opened for them to do PT with a licensed PT. Being a spoop who needs to “lift” in order to stuff her increasingly heavy bras doesn’t count kek

No. 1244136

Thanks anon. Unfortunately Dharma was allowed a note for the gym, as long as she gets vaccinated. Idiot doctor.

No. 1244141

Wasn’t sorcha blossoms diagnosed with bpd and supposed to be starting therapy for it?

No. 1244143

The Sorcha Blossoms bone rattling screams self post. She’s stoped posting on instagram, is she looking for validation here?

No. 1244154

She’s lying to try to come across as the sickest snowflake who’s extra-serious need for lifting “for her mental health” warrants gyms rolling out the red carpet just for her. Given the fact she’s not already vaccinated, gyms will be reopening anyways right around the time she gets her shot, but she’ll claim they’re opening just for her. Trust me there is no doctors note that will force a lifting gym to open against public health orders so this skinny bitch can get her workout in.

No. 1244160

File: 1622625270069.png (464.06 KB, 403x702, Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 10.13…)

why is molly hanging out with a studytuber

No. 1244162

Well she's planning to go to Oxford to study literature which is similar to what Ruby's doing right? Checks out I think, and seems like she's moving way from the ED-verse as a place to get her identity from.

No. 1244167

She's going to ride on the coattails of Granger for yt fame. Senpai noticed her

No. 1244171

Look at her living her dream

No. 1244174

Anon do you know where she lives?

No. 1244175

File: 1622629414657.jpg (85.05 KB, 380x558, starmaker.jpg)

Crumpets for supper, hurrah!

When the new friends start to fight, will Molly flee Oxford once again with her ~eating disorder~?

No. 1244176

Ruby is probably trying to leach off Molly with the ED larp

No. 1244182


Ruby neither lives nor studies in Oxford so…

No. 1244184

Who said anything about Granger being there?

No. 1244193

For some reason I want to say Portland, but I can't find confirmation on her IG and she's too smug for me to watch her stupid videos

No. 1244194


That looks shooped. But with these mad beyotches, you can never know for real.
Don't they realize that they're plain ugly and unnatural with their rotisserie chicken look?

No. 1244196

Personally I’m pretty excited to see what ganer looks like when she inevitably gets a pair of implants strapped to her chest. It’s the industry standard and, much like ham larping anorexia, ganer will do anything to larp these creepy body building competitors she idolizes (except actually eating enough and / or taking the steroids to achieve significant muscle growth).

No. 1244211

Portland. She halfway gone done a doxx on one of her youtube videos walking to her therapist's office.

Sign at 14:40 and earlier the street sign.

No. 1244212

she hasnt even replaced one disorder with another, she fails at being a body builder by refusing to eat enough and eat properly. it's seriously tragic

No. 1244215

Thanks anon

No. 1244243

File: 1622644796323.jpg (922.26 KB, 1920x1907, IMG_20210602_153847.jpg)

Meanwhile, Ham is on her second ice cream of the day

No. 1244265


She really needs to find some friends. Where she lives. Not online.

No. 1244266

File: 1622648368496.jpg (149.22 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20210602-113905_Ins…)

No. 1244267

File: 1622648388844.png (684.64 KB, 720x1085, Screenshot_20210602-163716~2.p…)

Says matchstick man, our token male Nik.

He wants a healthier relationship with food. He should realise that uploading himself eating breakfast every day is not a healthy way to deal with food.

No. 1244278

context? is this cecilia? cant really tell by the pic

No. 1244282


It's Cecilia

No. 1244292

sorry for derail but this guy is like the complete opposite of nikocado avocado, the other nik. it’s so funny

No. 1244296


Somehow I just feel he is way worse pro ana scumbag than a lot of other cows posted on this thread. Probably the "people want to be skinny like me"-post that did it.

No. 1244297

When did he say that??!?

No. 1244298

File: 1622653361787.png (Spoiler Image, 3.29 MB, 828x1792, 82EC13DF-3B03-40C9-93C3-4DBD46…)

i think ghosts finally admitting to gaining weight and not just being bloated/swollen. definitely looks like she’s gained even more weight, too.
someone needs to tell her that loosing 3 pounds won’t change anything the way she is right now KEK

No. 1244304

File: 1622654437048.png (950.15 KB, 733x750, thinsponik.png)

Nta, but he wrote it here.

No. 1244315

File: 1622655358738.jpeg (502.16 KB, 750x1042, B5969C5D-2C53-4B57-961F-B4DB63…)


Also NTA - they were referring to this video

No. 1244323

File: 1622656020214.png (413.6 KB, 425x569, not a single crumb was eaten.p…)

My mistake, but he sure loves to brag about people wanting to be skinny like he is.

Fucking cunt.

No. 1244325

My personal tinfoil is that N2F's whole family are Gilbert Grape-level obese. I knew a girl like this who was a little stunted, really skinny & vegan. When I went to her house it all made sense. A lot of the time having obese parents means that the kids will be obese as well, but sometimes it goes in the opposite direction.
Just my personal theory.

No. 1244326

It's too bad she's still as fucked in the mental area she looks much better

No. 1244328

"You must have so much discipline and willpower to become so skinny"
"How do you manage it being so skinny"
"I'd like to be skinny like you"

If this isn't bragging then idk what it is. We get it creepy nick.

No. 1244329

Her family aren't even overweight! Can't post a pic because it's against the law, but her mum and brother are on fb. They're not fat at all.

No. 1244365

lawfag…how is reposting publicly available photos from facebook against the law?

No. 1244369

i mean even if it's not illegal it's borderline creepy and invasive
also isn't it a rule that you shouldn't post about cows' family members? i remember everyone getting their panties in a twist over people talking about molly's trans brother

No. 1244370

I don't know if it's just me but he does look kind of like nik from his vegan days. Wonder if that's what he told himself too: "there's no such thing as too much" as he threw himself into the trainwreck he's become. Wonder if we'll see any food or scale smashing with a broom from niks.

No. 1244381


I find this a bit strange anyway because… surely 99.9% of men do NOT want to be skinny?

No. 1244386

File: 1622663707693.png (618.94 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_20210602-105232~3.p…)

No. 1244390

pahahaha ‘not sucking in’. pathetic. who does he think he’s fooling?

No. 1244397

It's a few days ban for posting family members. They haven't done anything, so they don't get posted. Ham's mum gets to appear because she puts herself in videos and photos.

No. 1244398

There's a pervert on vk into this vacuum thing of the stomach. Basically what this guy's doing.

No. 1244399

I had almost forgotten about Hilarious Jamie!

No. 1244402

Agreed anon. He's becoming more obnoxious by the second.

No. 1244428

Howling at the img name anon.

No. 1244438

agreed. it's one thing to post a picture of your breakfast once in a blue moon bc it's super cute, or bc you got it at a fun cafe, and another to AlwAyS post yourself with food/your meals. That's still a fixation on food–just in a different way. these people STILL make food the thing that their lives revolve around!

No. 1244487

File: 1622672176297.jpeg (294.84 KB, 828x1457, 37C494F2-9AD6-449B-968F-9E9A5F…)

Cecelia’s weird eye thing really bugs me. Deliberately blinks really slowly and delicately then try’s to pop them out like she has watched too many episodes of Skins and is taking notes on Cassy

No. 1244499

File: 1622673446984.jpg (315.8 KB, 1075x1846, Screenshot_20210603-003402_Ins…)

You missed the best part anon.
Cecilia had to make sure her colleagues would notice her scars. The bpd attention whoring is out of control with this one.

No. 1244500

>>1244487 She has the longest head I've ever seen

No. 1244516

This probably sounds dumb as fuck but like, is all her hair extensions? Is it a wig? There's no way she's not experiencing crazy hair loss with being that underweight..

No. 1244520

Her hairline is high and the pulling into a tight bun won't help so maybe.

The stripper shoes are a staple of female bodybuilding, though. Heels engage the calf muscles.

No. 1244523

I think she doesn't actually gain muscle definition because fear of weight gain stops her eating enough to convert to muscle in the first place.

No. 1244525

What an attention whore. Bet it’s the last time any of them invite her, self harm scars are cringe enough in teens let alone an adult professional. Especially one old enough to be an SLP since that requires the minimum of a masters degree. Unless she’s lying about that too and is only an SLPA (only a 4 year degree versus 6+ years). Either way agree about the BPD and her being a massive attention whore.

No. 1244527

is Ash acting as Eugenia's picture in the attic? kek

No. 1244529

I'm surprised she's not been vaccinated already, anorexia at her level makes your immune system very vulnerable.

No. 1244532

Yeah, sage for bodybuilder sperg but nobody trains for years on end just to keep looking the same. For bikini girls, prep is usually 6-8 months MAX and the billing phase is only 2 months or so. Ganer has been “bulking” for what, three years at this point, and her muscle gain has been negligable. The reality is that she’s not a bodybuilder, she’s an orthorexic ana who just found what she thinks is a valid “excuse” to strictly control her food and work out constantly. If she ever actually steps foot on stage, I will be genuinely shocked.

No. 1244533

She has extensions, yes. You can see the beads (?) falling in some videos.

FFS just turn up in short sleeves, don't draw attention to the scars before they've even seen them. Chances are they won't notice them and if they do they won't mention it because they're old and everyone knows someone who made mistakes as a teen. Christ, Cecilia.

No. 1244550

The way her eyes sit in her face with her glasses makes her look like an alligator to me

No. 1244554

Samefag, autocorrect changed sage to save, sorry all

No. 1244636

She is extreeemly easy to find on LinkedIn. Not sure if can post caps or is that considering doxxing? In any case, it is unclear if she has actually competed her MA or not but she is in the very least in the process of doing a masters. She also started college in 2010 so assuming she went straight from HS she’s 28/29. So yes, way too old to be acting that way about her self ham scars.

No. 1244661

I haven't been following her closely and I can't recall ever seeing her in short sleeves.

I sort of understand those who really fucked up their bodies with self harm in their teenage/YA years, and then recovered and grew up, but remains more or less covered in scars, that they feel the urge to warn others. Same with scars from severe accidents/housefires and so on. But honestly mostly you don't really see a few self harm scars unless it's pointed out.

And if she's so self conscious about them, can't she just.. wear something to cover them?

No. 1244774

File: 1622695427128.jpg (351.27 KB, 1080x1977, Screenshot_20210603-163722_Tik…)

Anyone else following this story? Caroline claims she had anorexia in the past but fully recovered from it, and is now allergic to everything. She said when she eats she gets symptoms that resemble anaphylaxis, and that this is not anorexia and she wants to eat. Yet no one has taken her to the doctor or anything until the other day.. she went and was admitted to hospital (twice), discharged AMA both times (told us they were bad hospitals and kicked her out).. and then stated she needed to go back to the hospital but had no way of getting there. So.. concerned followers actually called CPS on her parents. There is so much wrong with her story. I'm so sorry if she has been discussed but I cant see her name on this thread. Also apologies if you don't deem this milk.

No. 1244838

So she’s claiming she’s suddenly allergic to everything? Bullshit. While it’s possible to develop/discover one or a few severe food allergies after childhood, being suddenly allergic to ALL food as a teen/adult just isn’t possible, especially with leaving hospitals ama. Bc that’s not suspicious at all. Clearly an ana chan who’s trying to go the munchie route to stay ana, but is too dumb to make it remotely believable.

No. 1244873


I watched a few of her videos last week but had to stop because her face made me so uncomfortable. Unless she has urgent medical intervention I don’t see how she can survive for long.
I did see one Q&A where someone asked if her symptoms when eating could be due to anxiety (facial flushing, palpitations, feeling of throat closing, nausea) and she said emphatically that they had to be allergies because they were not anxiety symptoms and I thought… sounds a lot like hysteria to me.
If she were in the UK she would be detained the second she tried to leave.

No. 1244881

I was waiting for someone to post about her! I believe she’s a victim of munchhausen by proxy and star grooming by her mother. If you go through her her tik tok and Instagram she’s been trying to become a pop star for years. Her mother is for sure managing her career, If you email her “manager” on Instagram, it goes to her moms phone. I’m sure she’s been encouraging this esp now that Caroline’s receiving so much attention. In her latest tik tok at the hospital, her mom is filming. Your daughter is on the brink of death and you film a tik tok? Why didn’t she get her help months ago? There’s so much more bizarre shit I’ve found. It’s all incredibly disturbing.

No. 1244882

it is ashleyshalleat all over again.

No. 1244898

File: 1622712137904.png (4.04 MB, 828x1792, 005557BE-B0E6-47B3-BC82-36D047…)

idk anon she seems pretty eager to make a right show of things

No. 1244928

Why would anyone do a live from an ambulance. I find that even taking pictures in an ambulance is very cringey. Imagine how the paramedics feel..

No. 1244929

I watched her live yesterday and she had said that she refused to go to a specific hospital because her mother wasn't allowed to be with her because of COVID. She seems incredibly dependent on her mother.

No. 1244930

Sage for sperg
i was doing the same sort of stalking last night, from what i can gather, she and her doctors think its something to do with her stem cells, ill see if i can find the comment of what she said it was called again. she also did still say in one video that her illnesses caused her to develop an ED and that she still struggles, but in another says she is recovered.

No. 1244944

File: 1622717667041.jpg (277.49 KB, 1008x1674, Screenshot_20210603-065406_Ins…)

What is with the smirk

No. 1244955

Shit. Eating. Grin.

No. 1244965

File: 1622720693180.jpg (256.62 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20210603-133607_Chr…)

If she's actually going to the ITU then it's probably more because of the mental complications from her raging bpd

No. 1244967

File: 1622720826553.jpg (231.15 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20210603-074709_Ins…)

Cececila ofc has to flex that she's been ip multiple times.

No. 1244968

I think they also keep anyone with an NG tube on the ITU, so it might also just be because she's been tubed there in the past and they know she'll probably be noncompliant again?

No. 1244969

File: 1622720983004.jpg (257.53 KB, 1075x1833, Screenshot_20210603-074941_Ins…)

She was at the ITU over Christmas and she ate that shit up.

No. 1244974

You're probably right. Wouldn't put it past cecelia to be a lover of the toob. Makes for better, more eye grabbing insta posts and more attention
Kinda looking forward to her going, she's one of my favourite cows and I'm sure it's going to be milky

No. 1244980

massive essay-like quote from zara in there, gotta love a good cow crossover

No. 1244991

No, they tube in their regular IP patients and also their patients at the Residential levels of care. A lot of people on the ITU either come straight from ACUTE OR (emphasis on or) are behavioral health risks. I believe the ITU is a locked unit.

No. 1244993

File: 1622723246691.jpg (46.42 KB, 916x538, 011.JPG)

Looks fine in her vid

No. 1245005

Oh, huh, thanks for correcting me.

No. 1245006


….that’s not Zara

No. 1245019

File: 1622725300390.jpg (240.69 KB, 1072x1741, Screenshot_20210603-090137_Ins…)

You can see her sucking in her cheeks here kek

No. 1245040

Are half these tagged cows even talked about anymore? Feel it just makes the intro too long and harder to find cows with current milk

No. 1245048

are you/was she talking about mast cell activation syndrome? that’s when your body responds to random things as if they were allergens
there are very definitive tests for that, so she won’t have much luck faking it

No. 1245049

File: 1622729923262.jpg (119.32 KB, 747x835, Screenshot_20210603-160901_Chr…)

I do think she is underweight but apparently she was well enough to jump around and dance in her birthday video from a week ago. Seems a bit strange for someone who was only refused from ACUTE for insurance reasons

No. 1245050

She's definitely underweight and probably meets the criteria for inpatient/residential, she's just really, really exaggerating how underweight / medically compromised she is.

No. 1245051

I think she could do with some extra pounds, but nowhere near in danger. Why bang in about insomnia? Doesn't everyone have sleep problems?

No. 1245052

Her waist isn't tiny here.

No. 1245053

Tbh, it isn't here either. She could find skirts in the adults section, unlike spoopy Zara Kids laura

No. 1245054

she's TOO MALNOURISHED TO SLEEP, duuuuuh. Her insomnia is a super special sign that she needs to be admitted to ACUTE ASAP

No. 1245056

I don't get the anachan obsession with kids clothes. You can be a perfectly health weight and fit into Zara kids clothes as long as you are quite petite. A zara girl 11-12 years is often larger than an adults 6 -8, for example.

No. 1245058

ACUTES admission criteria is below 70% of ibw and the typical patient bmi ranging from 10-13

No. 1245059

>>1245058 cececila is probably a little underweight but nothing that would fit ACUTE admit criteria

No. 1245064

The weight difference between December and June is so extreme, I've never seen someone drop so much so fast.

No. 1245068

File: 1622731838533.png (772.1 KB, 592x823, Ovi update.png)

Ovi posted some food creations, though they're not n2f tier the emphasis on feeding other people is ironic

No. 1245071

Wildly off-topic but I recently discovered a brand that sells clothing in wild patterns (dinosaurs, unicorns++) in adult sizes. I really like the brand (duh, dinosaurs), but I couldn't help it and started thinking a lot of the superspoopy terribly malnourished emaciated anas with normal-overweight-obese BMIs would love this too and I'm just waiting for somebody buying it and insisting it is kids clothing.

No. 1245080

Maybe by "people" she means the 7 people she must be eating for

No. 1245098

File: 1622735233467.jpg (276.43 KB, 1080x1643, Idkman.jpg)

I dont really see how it's doxxing when she's posted her full name publicly for anyone to see

No. 1245119

File: 1622736121505.png (5.69 MB, 828x1792, 7DAA8CC7-98E1-4422-A64D-2C1619…)

She’s currently live at the hospital, wearing a tiara and singing…

No. 1245126

her singing makes me want to scream, did she used to be able to sing and her low weight has fucked it up or something? dunno how she has people telling her she’s good at it. soz i know it’s not rlly milk but jeeeeeeesus

No. 1245136

idk man sage for blog but last time i was in an ambulance I was way too sick to even think of taking pictures and i would have been far too embarrassed by any that were taking given the state I was in
ambulances arent some badge of super special sick person honor, they are a crisis situation

No. 1245137

You didn’t even sage and your blogpost added nothing of value to the conversation.

No. 1245140

I just had a look, she was small to begin with… i hardly recognised her

No. 1245148

Holy shit her mouth looks like when a mummy is taken out of a sarcophagus and his weird dried up decay mouth has been stretched over his teeth what the fuck did her dad break into a pyramid and have his bloodline cursed

No. 1245150

Gee, thanks for the self dox. Interesting checking out your pages. Didn't know her degree was in PERFORMING ARTS, but it figures.

No. 1245154

Trying to be an ana stereotype

No. 1245155

Not a self post if that's what you're insinuating. Just wondering how it's doxxing this is literally in her highlights of her instagram profile that she accepts anyone on

No. 1245158

holy shit I checked out her page and she's defintely a cow. Can't sing, very spoopy

No. 1245159

>I wasn't

No. 1245160

u stupid?? the quote included in that post is from @ umhiimzara ??? retard

No. 1245164

She lost weight faster than Dasha, and I thought that was dramatic.

No. 1245165

(sorry for keep fucking up the green text. wonky phone)

No. 1245181

Wow, am I slow because I only just found out Caroline's a signed singer??

No. 1245190

File: 1622742713646.jpeg (216.4 KB, 750x1051, 182D496E-3FDE-44E3-8CBB-A35B44…)

Chii letting us know she is so recovered because she can eat 5000 calories but in the process letting us know she counts her calories. Make it make sense.

No. 1245208

Shes posted about calorie counting recently so it’s not some big secret. That’s some weak milk.

No. 1245246

File: 1622745683540.png (832.61 KB, 560x726, FB010734-7D2D-4B77-B9A2-4F7255…)

I highly doubt she’s actually signed anywhere, she and her mom are just delusional. Everything they post is so embarrassing and unprofessional. The website is a disaster. https://www.carolines-music.com/

No. 1245256

File: 1622746387961.png (3.2 MB, 828x1792, 01713981-C171-47B7-AC2D-D2F8B3…)

Sage for samefag but the more I look at the batshit things they post about her already being a successful musician (she isn’t), the more I think this is another Lillie Jean situation. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they are using her appearance as a way to grab attention on TikTok the way Eugenia does on YouTube.

Also her merch store is just full of cheap shit like sparkly socks and phone cases?

No. 1245278

File: 1622747338182.png (311.25 KB, 688x311, caroline.png)

kek the best is the audiobook. Any brave, stupid anons willing to sacrifice their cash to give in a listen?

No. 1245339

> the more I think this is another Lillie Jean situation

EXACTLY what I thought when I read the post above! She has Christ in her life, though, not a hot French nonce boyfriend (apparently).

Not buying this bullshit disease she claims to have.

No. 1245357

File: 1622753612163.jpg (370.06 KB, 1071x1694, Screenshot_20210603-224827_Tik…)

In her new video she admits thats she's not completely sure it's not all in her head but also says she's been diagnosed with -chronic illnesses-. She also admits to being ana "in the past". There's no way this isn't just an extreme case of ana in denial. In my opinion it's all just kind of sad. She also said I'm another video that she previously left the hospital against medical advise. Why would she do that if she wasn't anachan?

No. 1245366

We're back to the WHAT ARE THE PARENT'S DOING? question.

At 16 she refused a tube and that's okay.

No. 1245371

can u elaborate

No. 1245373

The refusal of the toob in preference for 'real food' is such an ana-chan thing. I'm not sure how milky she is even is she clearly definitely loves the attention. She is now already off extra oxygen as well, which is good - hopefully she will stay in treatment this time.

No. 1245378

you can always tell the difference, the BPD larpers want the tube and the real anas 'want' the food

No. 1245382

File: 1622755098672.jpeg (172.52 KB, 750x789, 1611520563987.jpeg)

a recovery account, apparently run by a rather spoopy late-teen/early twenties girl, but very clearly run by her batshit crazy Mum. This 'Mama bear' would film her daughter having breakdowns over a salad, take photos of her in only underwear, and when she was due to be sent to hospital they ran away to a hotel until the police found them. On of the most disturbing stories here.

No. 1245383

(I found Caroline similar with the likely exploitation from her mother and strong denial)

No. 1245397


You’re either blind or we’re talking about different things because therealrapunzel was tagged twice and Zara 0 times

No. 1245404

What’s the @

No. 1245414

the original post has a slide with a massive interview like quote from @umhiimzara. who is tagged on that slide. ffs

No. 1245416

File: 1622757175136.jpeg (555.7 KB, 828x1166, 71F4EDEC-AE49-404C-A0C6-685EEA…)

No. 1245423

bs that therealrapunzel has been ip she's looked a normal weight the whole time

No. 1245425

she’s a minor. read the rules

No. 1245428

ffs that quote isn’t from her anyway it’s from zara … the AUTISM

No. 1245429

i wasnt the one who brought her up in the first place

No. 1245430

why is her @ at the bottom then

No. 1245432

its a quote from zara on _therealrepunzel post

No. 1245434

That's heartbreaking

No. 1245436

did you not see the post Ashley made on MPA? She said it was her doings the whole time and she instructed that pictures were taken of her like this. she said they were heavily codependent but her mother wasnt abusive and she has recovered and weight restored now

No. 1245440

'Dorian' has made another video glorifying the hazy days of pro ana forums. When will she stop talking about the past in this weird ghoulish way and move on with her life?

No. 1245463


Do you know what thread it began with?

No. 1245465

OMG that was caroline? She was pretty - yikes, what a sad outcome.

No. 1245474

File: 1622760962515.jpg (271.19 KB, 909x1549, Screenshot_20210604-104900_Tik…)

"Thank you so much for forcing me to go to the hospital and get help it's honestly the best decision I ever made. I never would have gone to the hopsital if I didn't go viral on tiktok, and if you didnt leave all the comments I would never have come here"

What the fuck? So her mother would have just left her?

No. 1245483

omg this video is so cringe. she's going up to people in her princess outfit while playing her song and asking them if they like it. everyone is just confused lmao

No. 1245488

Wow she’s like Eugenia Cooney 2.0, right down to the neglectful mother.

No. 1245489


wow, just wow!! an "official music video" that barely has any of the music playing, is full of harrassing essential workers & general public who clearly DGAF, and is basically just a 3-min bodycheck. this bitch…

No. 1245493

Munchiedom. I saw someone once do an annoucement multiple times a day for a week until their "live broadcast bone marrow test".

No. 1245496

File: 1622763376588.png (794.44 KB, 1164x710, horrorcow.png)

how do anons feel about twitter ana scumbags?
i never knew how many there are.
some are SWs too. it's gross.

No. 1245497

imageboard! what did she look like before?

No. 1245498

ntayrt .. but perhaps use your energy to scroll further rather than clog up the board..
>>1245246 - a before photo posted not long after that original comment.

No. 1245500

>>1245496 there's no way this isn't horrifically shooped

No. 1245503

She won't, she's living in the spoopy past as much as Anna holds onto those two weeks of tube feeds.

No. 1245508

File: 1622764475225.png (Spoiler Image, 621.24 KB, 786x670, monimusume.png)

i mean it is definitely a lot of shoop but she is pretty spoopy.

in picrel, the bottom pics are her before.

No. 1245515

A lot of the shoopers are genuinely pretty spoopy. Makes it even sadder

No. 1245525

OH JESUS. Fuck off, Jen. Fuck off. I wish this cunt would get a life NOW so we don't have to hear her fantasies about the past. YES. Why is she even popular? She's so tacky. Tacky jewellery, cliche entry level goth literature.

Got the url? P sure Ashley never posted that thing on YT, so dubious about her posting on mpa. Girl was Fucked with a F.

No. 1245533

does anyone knows the forum she keeps referring to? she keeps saying that it was one of the most popular pro ana sites and that is still up to this age.

No. 1245537


Haven't watched it, but two I saw she mentioned skinnyfans.com for pervs who're into skeles, and she's mentioned some facebook group she has with ~friends~ to be nostalgic about being pro ana scumbags back in the day.

No. 1245538

I thought Ashley passed away?

No. 1245550

In her live tonight Caroline kept looking off to one side; people were commenting on whether or not she was looking at her mom. I’m just so hung up on the fact that her mom didn’t take her? People were saying “she’s a minor, her mom can’t force her” but that sounds like bs… if she was as close to dying as she says she was then why didn’t her mom take her to the hospital? Freaky shit

People were also commenting on why she didn’t have an IV or a feeding tube in, some were like “she’s not even at a hospital”, idk enough about medical stuff to know if this has any merit, but it is strange that someone on the brink of death has no IV in? Idk

Also briefly mentioned she “definitely has fibromyalgia” kek

No. 1245555

(I'm a nurse) Yes, very strange. In fact almost all patients who are admitted to the emergency room get an IV, it's protocol to have IV access at all times - ESPECIALLY for the critically unwell patients. I honestly think the whole thing is so sketchy.. do we know how old she is???

No. 1245559

sorry samefag but also about the tube, patients CAN refuse, (and it's hard to section anorexia patients). Someone above wrote the larpers are desperate for the tube and the true anas are desperate to NOT get one and eat real food, which is so true. But in her case, if she can't EAT anything, most people would welcome ANY form of nutrition, and if she wants to eat, and doesn't have anorexia.. she wouldn't be worried about 'wasted calories' (like cals through the tube that you can't enjoy)

No. 1245567

>entry goth level literature
I'm still not over the fact that she went out & bought a sheet with old books printed on it to use as a backdrop. I know it's petty but like… out of all the things to LARP, you're gonna LARP owning books??

No. 1245589

she’s not even a minor, she’s 19! there’s something so off about this whole situation..

No. 1245617

@im_powering has called out Tilly {the banned topic} on her story for sending her hate on a fake account

No. 1245618

she says she doesn't but her face is so obvs shooped. she says she uses the meitu photo app kek

No. 1245630

relatively-newfag here, can someone explain who tilly is and what she did

No. 1245637

I've only looked into Caroline for about 5 minutes, so sorry if this is obviously false, but my tinfoil here is she could have fear of negative consequences type ARFID. ARFID is rarely mentioned on this thread, I guess because people with it seem to be less likely to be cows and it's not well-known enough to attract larpers, but intense OCD-like fears related to food/eating is a possible presentation of it. Maybe she truly BELIEVES she is allergic to everything, but isn't. Switching from one ED to another is super common.

Speaking of switching EDs… 5000? Either switching to BED or bulimia, or lying.

No. 1245645

I feel like she’s referencing PAO. It used to be proanaonline before it got shut down and bought by someone else. It was pretty big and really toxic, back in the day. The original site was shut off in 2012 because the girl who owned it said she felt like it was too much drama. She closed it with no warning, it was just gone.

No. 1245699

Her “mast cell activation syndrome” can be confirmed with urine test. It’s also treatable… and would not be triggered by “all the food in the whole world”.

No. 1245700

File: 1622786873546.jpg (244.32 KB, 1080x1978, IMG_20210604_160709.jpg)

Incoming drama dump

No. 1245701

File: 1622786906014.jpg (222.91 KB, 1080x1943, IMG_20210604_160718.jpg)

No. 1245702

File: 1622786934445.jpg (217.69 KB, 1079x1968, IMG_20210604_160743.jpg)

No. 1245703

File: 1622786955982.jpg (218.05 KB, 1079x1926, IMG_20210604_160759.jpg)

No. 1245704

File: 1622786986449.jpg (185.29 KB, 1080x1904, IMG_20210604_160808.jpg)

No. 1245706

Notorious for posting friends of hers as a vendetta. @kingwillyt. Shes known for saying Korey was on crack and she was on it herself

No. 1245722

See late 2017-2018 threads if interested

No. 1245734

damn what a fucking horrible person. i mean i know this is lolcow and we're not exactly angels, but purposefully trying to trigger your friend? i hope she stays a miserable lonely person for the rest of her life if this is how she treats people

No. 1245744

They deserve each other. Tilly is a bitch, obviously, but Imogen is sanctimonious, faking recovery, frequently deletes critical comments and is all about ~aUtHeNtIcItY~ but did not say she had relapsed until she was pressured to.

No. 1245745


The mind is a powerful thing. I think she has convinced herself so thoroughly that she is allergic to all foods that she now does have an allergic-type reaction to whatever she eats. It’s just panic.
I’m sure they will set her up with an NG soon

No. 1245747

File: 1622796015190.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, D1DEDD6C-D963-4489-A323-F5EEEC…)

Sneak preview of the video where Hannah eats her birthday cake. Does she get to SLICE IT HERSELF??? Will it be her first cake in recovery??? Will we get a 5 minute film clip where her parents can’t celebrate her 18th birthday but instead have to just sit and listen to her talking extensively about how scaaaawey it is?
Note: she has started taking blurry photos she excited and I can’t work out if she’s trying to pass that off as a genuine photo attempt (‘as you can see I’m excited etc’). Annoying.

No. 1245749

This seems so bizarre, especially the insults. I fully believe Tilly to be capable of it but these don't seem like the words she would use. I think she would spell out her beef with Imogen, like she did with Korey, instead of just calling her a bitch. Is it possible Imogen faked the messages? Sorry if this veers into banned territory, but the milk is interesting.

No. 1245751

Like an anorexic, even a recovering anorexic, would be OK with someone ordering them an unknown cake. Such a faker. Of course, we already knew that though.

No. 1245800

so theyre going to eat week old cake…?

No. 1245804

Nah, her mum's shown her an example picture of the biscoff cake and they'll bake and personalise it later on.

No. 1245806


I enjoyed some of her ED related videos as they're insightful but this was weird. She's speaking as though she's reading out a jacqueline wilson book or something. She does seem to really romanticise early ED forums and her ED. I know she claims she's fully recovered now but I'm skeptical personally, she seems obsessed with her ED still.

No. 1245819

File: 1622807079694.jpg (606.02 KB, 1080x1854, IMG_20210604_134355.jpg)

Those hands

No. 1245823

you’re reading too much into it. tillys just bring a cunt

No. 1245826

Will Ham have some friends around for a drink, a laugh, share here cake? No, she'll be with her mum and filming herself pretending to be scared of birthday cake. Then she'll edit it and upload. Grim.

Why is her right wrist swollen? It looks like her hands been cut off and sewn back on.

No. 1245837

What an embarrassing, histrionic bitch. You literally posted the exact same overdramatic ode to cake last year, when you had your FIRST "first birthday in recovery". >>1243208

Her mother must have seriously fucked this girl up with coddling & sheltering if she's this stunted at 18 years old. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole anorexia roleplay is just a side-effect of her mom being one of those 'put some meat on your bones' types. Hannah has never been unhealthy, and any doctor would tell her that unless her habits change dramatically she has no reason to suspect she's undereating. Her entire existence is just expecting praise for doing human activities because she cries about it. What's next, Ham? Gonna take some rat-face crying selfies with captions about how being bipedal is just SO hard for you in particular? Omg, breathing oxygen? Sounds scawwy. I dunno if I can do it without youw suppowt uwu

No. 1245838

File: 1622808850860.jpg (121.86 KB, 684x772, piggywig.JPG)

She's always stuffing in cake. May 19th, can't even remember what this cake was for.

It's true her diet is 95% sugar, 100% processed.

No. 1245840

Why is it always women who want to convince the world that they have a problem with restricting who mainline cake on camera like it's their job?

Tess Holiday does it too. Directly before she 'revealed' her anorexia, she posted something like 5 cakes in a few weeks on her instagram. Like ??? Who eats that much cake EVER? Call me crazy, but I don't have the urge to eat cake outside of birthdays. It's tasty, but if anyone feels restricted by NOT eating it then I'm gonna go ahead and guess they have an over-eating problem, not the kind of ED Ham is hoping for.

No. 1245844

File: 1622810567102.jpg (70.19 KB, 540x720, lard.jpg)

The cake shop near where Ham lives makes these Biscoff cakes. I hope it's generic biscuit spread used in her cake or she might be scared about the real deal.

No. 1245847

>No more crying over food
>To not think of food 24/7 or base your life around it
Darn, looks like you'll never recover, Ham

Also some of these points seem a little bizarre coming from a young woman.
>To be able to have children
>To make your family

Girl, you're 18 years old and can barely wipe your own ass without your mother there to reassure you you're a special little nugget. You need to mentally grow up about a decade before you catch up to other girls your age, let alone think about having kids.

No. 1245855

complete pro trying to pass off as some recovered ana mom. has the whole anti-eugenia fandom hanging on her every word trying to find some reason to justify their obsession. still posts and deletes bodychecking photos and videos on instagram once someone calls it out.

No. 1245864

what is all these ED girls obsessions with babies and having their periods??? i doubt hams "disorder" effected her period or reproductive system…. also yes because the only reason you should recover is to have a family and baby??

No. 1245865

File: 1622815320283.jpg (97.29 KB, 1148x679, so cool damn.JPG)

One thing for sure, I've never heard anyone describe vomiting up food as akin to being granted a Godhead orgasm experience like she does.

She totally glamourises old ana forums as if it's like you were a member of Warhol's group of superstars for the Coolest of the Cool with magickal tomes containing the secret to effective purging. Wow, man, dig that proana scene. What a laugh it was sitting on the bathroom floor with our heads down the lavvy. Ahhh

No. 1245876

the spiel about using lowercase because she was too depressed for proper grammar was so pretentious. it's an aesthetic choice, just like using the name dorian instead of the name jen. girl needs an editor.
honestly, i prefer her airy fairy glorification to the bizarre melodrama of totes recovered ham types. at least dorian believes what she's peddling (and it's a lot more interesting to listen to)

No. 1245883

I think this recent one was the most obvious glorification of eating disorders yet, how her audience don't see right through is a wonder to me. She's stuck in the past, it's more pathetic than anything. Most of the other forum members have probably long moved on- careers, spouses, kids- but here she is still living with her parents in her 30's. Putting herself up on a pedestal because she was briefly spoopy several years ago.

No. 1245901

she looks like Diet Popeye

No. 1245903

File: 1622820308341.jpeg (425.04 KB, 2048x2048, 4850C957-42CC-4163-994F-C503D0…)

Ganer pretentiously sperging in her stories these past two days. She admits that she is not at a healthy weight but then goes on to rant about how BMI is bullshit because many body builders are classed as overweight because of their muscles. I’m not sure what that has to do with why it’s totally okay and healthy that she is still underweight despite having been “bulking” for the past 5 years though.

No. 1245909


Is it bone rattling to say I’m surprised she’s still underweight? I thought she’s looking like she’s bulked up a bit recently, especially in her thighs.
Still no muscle definition, still smile lines, terrible eye liner, raw hands… but perhaps some more muscle hidden there somewhere?

No. 1245910

it's weird seeing molly in someone else's vlog lol.

No. 1245923

Kek anon

No. 1245925

People with very little body fat never look healthy to me. It's particularly agriculture g on the face. I'm clueless what she's aiming for. She's so lacking in vitamins that her skin is painful to look at.

Ofc she looks loads better than how she was, but only in the sense she doesn't look like a mummy.

No. 1245926

Agriculture ha. I meant AGEING

No. 1245928

The posh overload gave me a brain haemorrhage.

No. 1245939

I had to stop watching before I developed a pretentious accent by osmosis. It hurts.
I know Molly likes to put her life on the internet but if I ever go to stay with a friend and they film the ENTIRE thing… wtf

No. 1245968

"most bodybuilders are overweight" kek it's just her admitting she is scared of actually body building, someone needs to give her a wake up call rather than coddling her dreams of "being stage ready"

No. 1245974

She's kinda the worst pro scumbag to me, idk how people watch her videos and eat it up it's pathetic, she's clearly glamourising her past ED and cant let go of it but is completely unaware of how pathetic it is to be on youtube going "guys I was spoopy, I used forums, much drama"

No. 1245977

No, she looks ill but a healthy weight. Maybe in the same way it is okay for bodybuilders to be overweight because they have muscle it is ok for her to be underweight because she has zero muscle?

No. 1245984

I started the video and almost immediately the “““intellectual””” posho is buying childrens sun cream. Not surprised she’s friends with molly who also can’t go 30 seconds without infantilising herself.

No. 1245986

The fact they meet and instead of doing something different and a bit exciting they read together is wtf.books. I love books. I read half the day, but Jesus Christ, out with a friend we talk shit, have some laughs, go somewhere new (possible even with lockdown regs). Being a swot is great if that's all you've got, but FFS students should at least try a spliff, get pissed, have sex…or do that lot clutch their pearls if any woman in a classic novel flashes her ankle.

No. 1245992


And on the second day Ruby said ‘we’ve had a great productive morning!’ … you’ve got guests! Stop making them work!
And they went to a Waterstones… this is probably a nitpick but this was presented as a bit of a ‘wholesome bookish’ thing to do… as if Waterstones aren’t everywhere selling the same books?

I’m interested in how they became friends. I think someone already mentioned this - they both study English lit but at completely different unis… did Ruby notice Molly or the other way round?
This is probably quite dry milk but I’m interested to see where it goes…..

No. 1245993

In Ruby's book the main character (Ruby's Mary-sue self insert) looks down at girls who enjoy makeup or pop music so I doubt she endorses whispers sexual intercourse or recreational drugs

No. 1245996

File: 1622830346417.jpeg (154.45 KB, 750x909, 113AE0A6-32EC-4EEF-968F-55CD03…)

Does anyone find Anna’s (accidental) reply to her follower as amusing as I do

No. 1245998

… Has she munched herself into hospital or is it a terrible ana relapse?

No. 1245999

I'm mostly dying to know just how 'very unwell' she has been. Probably just as bad as her super severe ED was.

No. 1246007

Too good for charity shop 5 for £1 books.

No. 1246012

random and unrelated but i went back to some of the 2017/2018 threads to read up on tilly (i hadn't heard of her before) and i came across a lot of posts about n2f
it's so sad to see that she's literally on square one and she's been trying to recover since 2017… she was just as strange back then, posing in her grim mirror with her disgusting food. she has literally made 0 progress

No. 1246016

soz for blog but i was in the "instagram recovery community" in 2017 and n2f was one of the biggest names there, she was very well known
i remember seeing her posts and finding her behaviour a bit strange, but being a naive teen i just figured this is what muh super real recovery looks like (everyone was promoting all in, minnie maud and binging your way to recovery, n2f was one of them). no one was calling out her clear binging and strange eating habits either and when every once in a while a brave soldier would to the part and point out the lies, all her minions would go attack them and accuse them of being a "hater".
many people from the community have actually recovered and moved on with their lives since then, but n2f has just continued living miserably and hasn't changed at all. really disheartening to see tbh

No. 1246019

File: 1622832389867.png (1.58 MB, 828x1792, 7815FBF5-C33C-4AD2-8020-1DD87B…)

zara essentially dropping her BMI for all her followers, amidst a host of recent recovery preaching

No. 1246029

they are who Anna was with, right? If so we shouldn't assume her BMI since they make exceptions.

No. 1246033

anna was with them because of where she went to university, zara doesn’t live in fife at all and isn’t exactly picture of recovered

No. 1246045


She must be going to St Andrews for university then.

No. 1246047

Anna wasn't with them iirc. She just lied and said she was threatened with being referred to them. They very rarely make exceptions as they just don't have the capacity. I think we can assume Zara is going to Dundee uni however the ED service there is not an intensive service and only offers standard outpatient so wouldn't accept her in her physical condition. Fucking scummy of her putting her BMI out there

No. 1246051

You can't study undergraduate law at St Andrews.

No. 1246063

it’s mpa. i remember the ‘what are you binging on right now’ and the ‘skinny place house’ thread was just called something like ‘what if all the mpa members lived in a house’.

No. 1246067

omg hahahhahaha it’s just MPA?? she acts like it’s the deepest darkest corner of the internet

No. 1246078

yeah completely agree with this. they're gonna look back and regret not living their young years, taking risks, having fun. id rather slit my wrists than be friends with people like this or even be one of them kek. so boring and pretentious and faux-wholesome when you know they're all deeply insecure.

No. 1246079

File: 1622839129140.jpeg (273.41 KB, 828x1267, F49EB085-5ED0-4526-93F5-AB5A6D…)

At least she is admitting to severe anorexia now… reckon this is how Ham thought she looked a month ago?

No. 1246080

its rare you see a spoop like this.

No. 1246096

I feel lik I would just be exhausted being around them tbh, keeping up the pretentious facade would be so draining.

No. 1246187

Damn those are some Maleficent cheeks girl

No. 1246188

feel like this one could drop at any moment

No. 1246233

Fuck what a state to get yourself in. I'm sorry but she's gonna drop any day. Why did it take so long for her to get help. If someone was having "allergic reactions" that caused them to not be able to eat for a week they'd get help - not wait 6 bloody months. Something so sketchy about this whole thing.

No. 1246236

feel like she's hardly admitting the anorexia has caused this. a combination of fibromyalgia, mast cell disease, lupus and some other shit she's chosen.

No. 1246238

Not to mention it is a massive contradiction to her saying that she in not yet at a healthy weight and indirectly proves she has no muscle.

No. 1246242

You know it’s because she has got to support the local book sellers kek. Also obvs too posh for Amazon.

No. 1246245

Why does she sound like she has a completely blocked nose?

No. 1246288

Sorry this is late but my god I've been waiting to see Imogen talked about in these threads. Jesus pisses me off. The most enthusiastic, tooth rotting recovery preaching while clearly underweight with no intention of gaining

No. 1246319

maybe ruby cottoned onto molly’s oxford stint and decided she wanted to be friends, i seem to remember ruby didn’t get into oxbridge

alt answer is that all these ‘influencers’ use other influencers for more views and their relationships aren’t genuine

No. 1246370

Can some anon with tiktok and a heart of gold give us a more detailed rundown of wtf is going on with her? I checked her insta and holy shit on so many levels. If she were not so earnest I would be convinced it was a parody account, everything is so bad from her voice to the lyrics, to her videos. Like really what the fuck content. But her rapid weight loss is the most bizarre of it all and I want to know more about what is happening in hospital but I don’t hate myself quite enough to DL tiktok just for that.

No. 1246454

sage for no contribution but i watched one of her recent insta lives and hearing her voice that makes her sound legit five years old and looking at how spoopy she is physically hurts me…

No. 1246477

File: 1622865094611.png (352.75 KB, 1168x1134, Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 11.5…)

Extreme spoopyness messes with your voice. Ashley Isaacs sounds similar. This is an excerpt from the book Sick Enough by Jennifer Gaudiani explaining it. She is also likely hearing her own voice echoing in her head, which could be affecting her ability to sing on key.

No. 1246500

Where doesn't have a local booksellers that isn't a bloody Waterstones? I know independent shops are dying off (fuck you Amazon) but specialist and secondhand bookshops are still there. Maybe she's trying for a Waterstones promotion.

No. 1246502

She has gained some weight this year, but still lives in her hovel and behaves utterly mad.

No. 1246534

Unrelated I know but does anyone know what changed for Elzani? I was watching old videos and the change is almost like shes another person I’d love know what’s happened. Same for ro it seemed to just shift suddenly

No. 1246564

Could we spoiler pics of caroline’s face? Not from the triggered-anachan perspective but because she’s genuinely difficult to look at in the sense that it’s hard to see someone in such a poor state & also not to be rude as I’m sure she’s pretty enough when she’s healthy but that skeletal face is one of the ugliest I’ve seen

No. 1246606

I know I'm a retard but how is she telling her bmi? Is there a specific one you have to be with this service?

No. 1246608


I think they’re using each other for more views. There’s a cringe bit in the video where they’re both vlogging simultaneously and can’t figure out which camera to talk into because they’re both trying to make their own content at the same time…
I also wonder if Ruby is using Molly a bit for her ED larp - I don’t really follow Ruby but this was speculated a few threads ago, and if you look back maybe a year or so she has lost a bit of weight, it’s noticeable in her face. I wonder if this is how she came across Molly

No. 1246616

Even though Molly's studying lit, the book's we've seen her read are really meh. Classics or popular contemporary literature. Waterstones makes it easy for her to find them and she doesn't have to touch secondhand copies of transgressive lit novels, sci-fi or, heaven forbid, suspense thrillers that are beneath an Oxford undergrad.

No. 1246618

File: 1622877541772.png (422.7 KB, 713x554, herbsandaltars1.png)

Jen/Dorian, sage bc could be irrelevant.
I haven't really gotten around to watch the video on yt, but there was "quite a status update" on insta but I haven't gotten around to see that either, I just find her voice annoying.

Anyways,as far as I can read out of it she admits relapsing?

No. 1246620

File: 1622877596893.png (294.97 KB, 713x582, ofherbsandaltars2.png)

Please post a short summary if anybody can bear that voice for 6 minutes lol

No. 1246627

File: 1622878054074.jpeg (555.7 KB, 1157x1380, 601B0C76-B1B9-416F-9C4E-6D587E…)

ANITT is a service for those with BMIs under 13, or under 15 if you’re losing weight v quickly

No. 1246635

She doesn't mention a relapse. In an upload a while ago she said she rang 111 and told them she might kill someone so she would get admitted to psych, but when she did she checked out because it was horrible on the ward and it was full of crazy people. Nothing about an ED.

No. 1246637

Oh wait! She said she couldn't eat after negative comments from lolita chans over her video where she took the piss out of Lolita fashion. Yeah, that was her ~relapse~

No. 1246640

apparently Blakeney (Ruby's flatmate) knew Molly first and introduced them but I don't believe that. Probably senpai noticed Molly when she did the Ruby Granger routine video.

Sorry if this veers into derailing but I don't understand the concern about Ruby's weight. People on tattle keep describing her as gaunt and … I don't see it. She has lost some weight, yes, but not rapidly or enough to be worrying.

No. 1246642

Anna did say this was the service she was admitted to because (iirc) it’s the only ED service in that area - but I think she said at the time it wasn’t BMI related but due to medical instability. So Zara might not necessarily be dropping her BMI but just be going there out of needing to be under an ED service and that being the only one.

No. 1246649

File: 1622879938480.png (866.95 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_20210605-085738~2.p…)


No. 1246666

Idk about Elzani but Ro talked about it in one of her videos. I think it was something about spending Christmas alone in the hospital if I remember correctly.

No. 1246675

>>1245749 agreed, feels really odd, but I've been out of the loop with her past few years. Thought she was doing well in recovery? by sounds if it is her she's still as fucked up in the head as she was prior.

No. 1246705

File: 1622893264381.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1125x2273, 8434D2BB-E3AC-4AA5-A0CE-CF68CE…)

caroline update if anyone cares: singing on live as per, just said she “used to” have “really bad” anorexia but that she’s recovered now…sure jan. ofc loads of people are asking why she’s in hospital but she just says “chronic illnesses” without specifying anything. i’m so confused by this whole situation tbh

No. 1246707


I haven't got tiktok, but she posted it here https://www.instagram.com/p/CPhkqCknvej/

If she's allergic to everything then how come she's eating in this? Her ~reaction~ looks like a panic attack with some dramatisation so she gets away with saying eating makes her ill rather than she's anafuckinrexic.

Whatever, she'll croak it in 3, 2, …

No. 1246710

Very weird she’s not tubed …

No. 1246715

File: 1622895525713.jpg (318.75 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20210605-081817_Ins…)

Another poor me whine from Cecelia

No. 1246719


No. 1246721

make sure to pop those collarbones and do sad face

No. 1246743

she could always leave before the dinner? or try to eat some if she is branding herself as a recovery account? And is she trying to imply she never eats? bc obviously that is bullshit.

No. 1246753

File: 1622900320066.png (Spoiler Image, 778.59 KB, 656x890, caro.png)

fucking ghastly

No. 1246755

Looks a lot like makeup

No. 1246756

File: 1622900567104.png (178.46 KB, 327x461, caroline.png)

kek at that file name. What I don't understand is how her face can be so fucking spoopy but her arms look RELATIVELY ok here. They're obviously still very skinny but they are not the same level of skelly.

No. 1246757

not the best screenshot, sorry, but if you watch the video you might get a better idea of what I mean

how is her hair OK? does she have extensions or a wig

No. 1246764

She only got spoopy fairly recently. It ain't hit her follicles yet.

No. 1246770

File: 1622902475840.png (618.76 KB, 426x753, Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 15.12…)

ham's going book shopping! maybe she's hoping she can get the attention of ruby and molly by becoming an intellectual

No. 1246777

not trying to be a dick, but she has filled out/gained a bit of weight. Her torso and arm look chubbier now

No. 1246779

but anon, her mom said she HAD to gain weight. her sooper severe anorexia left her frail and dainty

No. 1246789

honestly, there was probably just a moment where they both completely just came alive again, as stupid as it sounds. there seems to be a breaking point for a lot of people

No. 1246797

File: 1622904330129.jpg (40.4 KB, 312x500, 51VmLPmWu6L.jpg)

O God that's desperate. Bet she buys romantic poetry or something flouncy by Jane Austen.

Recommended reading for Ham.

No. 1246799

More cringe is Ham getting into ana snack protein bars. Like she doesn't shovel a Mars down her gullet.

No. 1246801

The biggest eye roll. Go and eat a little, push the food around your plate, I don’t know but I cannot believe this girl lives off water. She’s skinny but she’s no Caroline.

No. 1246809

File: 1622905549746.jpg (242.1 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20210605-110602_Ins…)

No. 1246812

I'm just happy she's wearing clothes. She looks nearly normal in both these pictures! (and that's not anything to do with her weight, she just isn't flashing her puss & looks like she's had a shower)

No. 1246815

This was my immediate thought to. We can throw lots of hate, but the fact is that she is a pretty girl who is going to absolutely ruin herself with this larp.

No. 1246817

I thought that trend died in 2019 amongst all the ana warriors? Back with pint parties?

No. 1246822

File: 1622907031743.jpeg (196.82 KB, 640x890, FBEE9D53-CF50-477E-AD42-75BF06…)

Countinghappypointsrecovery used to do pint parties every other night kek. I’ve just checked and her last post dates from January. Where did she go?

No. 1246825

Eh, she'll ruin herself but she's consistently insufferable & patronizing, so I'll watch along & consider it karma when she blows up proper like Georgie.
She can never just leave it at "I used to struggle eating this, and now I don't" like a normal person who's not obsessed with themself would.
Instead she has to go on and on about how SHE'S proud of YOU, dear reader. You can do it too! Kindie-teacher Ham is PROUD of you for taking HER lead (since she is obviously a recovery warrior influencer). And when it's a negative post, instead of just saying "I had a hard time", it's a PSA to all the struggling skellies she dreams are hanging on her every word, letting them know that they are WORTH it and CAN do it and are SHINING beautiful SNOWFLAKES.
Idk nons, she's just so dramatic & it's obvious that she has a delusion of herself as some kind of ED figurehead. The other wannarexics make me laugh, but Ham makes me honestly angry.

She's just such a poser.

No. 1246828

File: 1622907527864.png (899.56 KB, 712x1247, Screenshot_20210605-163804~2.p…)

She's late to it all. She'll be wearing a red bracelet next.

Some are still into them. Spoopy Nick only just got onto Ben & Jerry's

No. 1246829

Choked on a chocolate honeycomb ball?

No. 1246830

she said that in the video of the lolita drama that she relapsed and she "wasn't eating". in the instagram post, she said that she did relapse because some personal stuff going around plus the lolita drama/hate made her want to not eat to deal with it.

she says that she's not purging or fasting, she's eating more "healthy" and that she feels great and happier. she mentioned that in her comments that people told her that she was acting like EC because she was replying "i'm fine you guys uwu".

she has been like body checking on her recent instagram pics and i've notice that her collar bones and the bones bellow are a bit more noticeable.

No. 1246832

i really enjoy dorian/jen being mentioned in this thread because i dont like the altcows thread and i also see her as one of the worse pro ana scum too, would love more discussion on her/her videos, when she blamed the internet for her relapse recently i got really annoyed because it was so obvious to me she PLANNED the relapse and was using that as an excuse

No. 1246836

She got a lot of attention from Cooney fans because of her videos about her and I'm pretty sure that she's using her past for views from people who wouldn't want to watch her content usually (who does, ha). She only ever looks like she lost weight to me when she isn't heaving her bosom up with a corset.

No. 1246838

I can only assume Anna was lying. The service is small and has to cover the entire area of Fife (a large area in terms of Scotland). It really is for those with severe anorexia who would otherwise be in hospital, voluntarily or otherwise. I can imagine that Zara is too physically unwell to not be under a service but the closest specialist service to Fife in the city of Dundee are not equipped to deal with her in the community. They are not an intensive treatment team. Anna may have been medically unstable, but given that she was not at a low bmi she would have been closely monitored by her GP and not referred to ANITT.

No. 1246848

She says she's going to write a book about this pro ana forum. She gives me major Emilie Autumn vibes. Can't wait for the ED asylum franchise

No. 1246854


You're an angel!

No. 1246861

Wonderful, that’s really what the world needs: self-obsessed sperg from another insufferable former ana styling herself as the worstest spoop ever to spoop. Question is, will it be better than Paige’s? Because the bar can’t get much lower there. Perhaps our resident bookworm Ham will grab a copy for some LARPspiration.

(Another anon glad Jen’s being mentioned ITT - a lot of people think the sun shines out of her arse for being ~sooooo real~ but nah)

No. 1246862

Woww that is so interesting.. thanks anon! Gonna read up about this!

No. 1246864

> Question is, will it be better than Paige’s?

It'll be just as self indulgent. She's milked her OMG IT WAS AMAAAAZING TO PART OF THE PROANA SCENE!!!1 stories to death. Since when was MPA a fun place? The site basically hasn't ever changed, yet it changed her life?? Changed her life, then it stopped in her early 20s and all she's done since is sit in her bedroom at her parent's house putting make up on and bullshitting about her past being amaaazing and fun.

No. 1246865

Give over Ham, we all know the bulk of your reading consists of the McDonald’s menu and infographics from *~real recovery warriors~* to regurgitate to us ignorant peons.
Any predictions, anons? I’m going for Wintergirls and the big scawy food being the biggest pastry she can get her chubby paws around.

No. 1246872

>Since when was MPA a fun place?

idk it’s kiiiinda amusing to see delusional shoopers and 300lb ‘anorexics’ crying ~fatphobic~~ DSM criteria and muh safe space being sold off. but only for about two minutes

(reposted to add something pls don’t kill me)

No. 1246876

Heya I'm the anon who first dared to bring her up kek. So essentially she'd dropped a bunch of weight and appeared to be doing nothing about it, claiming it was a chronic illness and that she was allergic to almost all food. About 3 days ago her tiktok followers seemed to "convince" her to go to her doctor.. so she did. They were obvs very concerned and she was taken to a hospital ER later that day (I'm not sure if her mum took her or ambo the first time). She had severe hypotension and hyponatremia so they gave her IV fluids and oxygen. Apparently that was a very bad hospital because they told her she could either leave or be admitted for a very long time and she wouldn't be able to have her mum (covid restrictions mean no visitors).. so she left but ama. She went home and said she was dying and needed to somehow get a ride to the 'best hospital'.. her concerned followers called CPS and they showed up because her mother wouldn't take her to this best hospital. Caroline comes back saying the best hospital only accepts patients bought by ambo. Eventually she got an ambo and was admitted, she's now admitting she isn't sure whether it's a chronic physical illness, mast cell activation, lupus or anorexia. She's getting vitamins through an IV and also on oxygen. The whole thing is so sketchy because she lost SO much weight so quickly and her mother seemed to do absolutely nothing. She doesn't want a feeding tube she wants to eat real food to gain weight.. but how would that work if she's allergic? A lot of this just doesn't make sense.

No. 1246883

nayrt but thanks for this anon, didn’t wanna dl tiktok either. What a shitshow. I’d almost say she belongs on a munchie thread but she’s clearly physically fucked whether it’s anorexia or not (hint: it’s anorexia). The mother, the Lillie Jean vibes, the rate of her weight loss…I’m intrigued ngl

No. 1246904

molly's starting to look kind of chubby

No. 1246906

"Starting" to? Kek.

No. 1246911

I know this isn’t technically milk but I find it so fucking weird that crying Emily’s boyfriend and father of the baby she is carrying is her sister’s ex husband and father of their children. Weird af

No. 1246914

You're right. It isn't proana milk. It isn't incest, so who tf cares.

No. 1246918

It’s not far off incest

No. 1246923

Calm down children, she’s not exactly Porge-tier

No. 1246926

She's swapped wanarexia for cottagecore. Delightful.

No. 1246932

File: 1622915779361.jpg (336.41 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20210605-195559_Ins…)

What's with anas and the "reserved hospital bed" thing

No. 1246947

Christ, that was boring.

No. 1246958

Agreed. I miss her old vlogs featuring Hilarious Jamie and deep talks with Mollmum. They were much more entertaining.

No. 1246970

File: 1622919507304.jpeg (152.94 KB, 750x652, F2183ADC-2752-4E99-BA62-B58D27…)

You know molly was thrilled to get this comment

No. 1246978

sMOLLbean uwu

No. 1246983

File: 1622921456859.jpeg (468.39 KB, 1543x1356, A549C046-A228-445F-8434-D5C03E…)

Ham is proud of herself for eating cake. Because it’s not like she eats it weekly or anything, and she’s certainly never tasted icing either no sir. ahhhhhh. strong arm emoji. # anawarrior.

No. 1246984

> person tries to get admitted to psych ward and is horrified when said ward turns out to have actual mentally ill people on it


No. 1246987

I can only assume her mom is taking this picture. I thought they were very funny in the states about people photographing medical staff at work.

No. 1246990

Han strikes me as someone who would devour those misery memoirs by people who got abused as kids. You know the kind, faded photo of a child on the front, swirly writing, something like "The Lost Girl" or "No Grandad, Not On My Face!".

No. 1246991

Why isn't she in the hospital then tho like if it's urgent??

No. 1246994

File: 1622922932136.jpeg (299.95 KB, 916x1200, 268FD077-40B9-4AE5-9B59-1BD163…)

Aren’t misery memoirs just a teensy bit lowbrow for our Hamtellectual? She READS, you know.

No. 1246995

>No Grandad, Not On My Face!"

Genuine laugh out loud

Ham doesn't need to be eating all this crap. She's gained enough during this LARP.

No. 1246996

My guilty pleasure

No. 1246997

>"No Grandad, Not On My Face!"
my sides

No. 1246999

Same tbh.

No. 1247004

File: 1622923908631.jpeg (410.65 KB, 750x959, 206501E7-FBB0-4ADF-B7D1-81CB95…)

periodic update on jen peach: seems to be getting a little better, doesn’t look as spoopy as before. i can’t wait for her to get back on social media and make more “pro-recovery” content aka lifting extremely heavy weights and eating romaine lettuce as a bulking food

No. 1247017

let her eat what she wants

No. 1247027


Ashley is a bp subtype so of course her voice is going to be affected.

No. 1247028

I thought it was because she never entered puberty?

No. 1247029

Agreed, anon is obviously just one of those nasty meanie bullies. Ham’s care team—er, mum actually wanted her on bed rest, so emaciated she was at the start of her rEcOveRy jOurNeY

No. 1247038

File: 1622926382876.jpeg (148.75 KB, 815x1453, 0291C961-2031-4EF6-8400-80E2E5…)

Trauma klaxon

No. 1247046

Yeah, nightmares suck. Thoughts and prayers to staff at whichever hospital she wrangles her way in to, hopefully they’re equipped to deal with raging BPD

No. 1247070

File: 1622928327953.jpg (174.4 KB, 1080x1432, Bpd.jpg)

any anons out there capable of sitting through this?

No. 1247076

I'm working on it now, give me a few more minutes.

No. 1247079

>"No Grandad, Not On My Face!"
Is this meant to be a sexual thing or like, don't hit me on the face? I can't tell.

No. 1247082

Why tf does cececila talk in this weird baby voice

No. 1247083


ok, I'm all done, sorry for the wall of text. There’s a lot of questions so I’ll try to only include the highlights. The second question is asking how she feels about her SEED diagnosis. She says she’s “accepted” that she has “chronic anorexia” and that that doesn’t mean she can’t recover. She’s made peace w/ it tho and believes in her ability to recover. The next question is about how to motivate herself when her motivation for recovery is low and she said going back to treatment. The 8th question is asking how she manages paying for treatment, to which she says she has really good health insurance through her job and it’s covered 100% of her treatment. The 9th question is asking how she prepares for going inpatient. She says 1) pack, 2) journal about goals, etc, 3) get a pet sitter. The 10th question is if she feels like treatment is the only way to be alive. She says she is trying to work against the idea that she is treatment dependent. She makes a big show of saying she knows at the bottom of her heart she knows that’s not true, she has it in her to recover, she doesn’t need to be in treatment for the rest of her life. She says it’s a really tough question that tugs at her heart. The 12th question asks what a full day of eating looks like for her. She says she’s not going to answer it because her intake is so low and she’s only consuming liquids and hasn’t had solid food in over a month. The 13th question is “why do people feel the need to be sick or severe?” She says it’s something that people’s eating disorders tell them and it’s what her eating disorder tells her to do. The 14th question is what food she’s excited to work to eating, she says cereal with soy milk and at ERC that’s one of the foods that’s often on the breakfast menu and is offered as a snack so she’s very excited even though it’s a fear food. The 16th question is what’s her fav movie and she says it’s Girl Interrupted. The 17th question is just asking for an update in her life. She says right now she’s really struggling and is trying her best to do what her dr and dietician ask, she’s going to erc’s itu in 2-2.5 weeks due to medical complications, she may be going to the general hospital, she doesn’t want to go though she wants to stay home until treatment. the 19th question is about how quiet her youtube videos are and she goes on and on about how soft spoken she is and how her voice just doesn’t get any louder!! remember she’s so dainty!! the 20th question is “how are you so amazing” and she gushes all over it. the last question is “what keeps you going.” She says she struggles with this because she feels so hopeless so often. but she has a lot of goals so she wants to stop going to treatment and be healthy and strong so she can work on them. She wants more of a life than anorexia, keeps talking about how she wants to stop being sick and how awful it is. That’s basically it.

No. 1247087

>The 16th question is what’s her fav movie and she says it’s Girl Interrupted.

kek, say no more

No. 1247092

>>1247083 her weird blinking and intentional baby voice made this impossible to watch thanks anon

No. 1247095

>she’s going to erc’s itu in 2-2.5 weeks due to medical complications, she may be going to the general hospital
How nice of those “medical complications” to wait a fortnight. Her doctors are obviously super worried.

No. 1247106

It’s a special type of intensive care that let’s you wait for two weeks (whilst WORKING) before you rock up

No. 1247107

And the general hospital is reserving her a bed, even though that’s not how general hospitals work at all. If she needed medical hospitalization, she’d be there already. Even though she claims to only have had liquids for the past month, she’s fine enough to be alone at home. What a sooper sick snowflake kek

No. 1247125

Who said that? Never heard that before about her.

No. 1247126

Aren't dreams about your trauma by assault something to discuss with a therapist and not made public on Instagram? Her face makes a person severely depressed.

No. 1247178

File: 1622935893113.png (4.47 MB, 828x1792, 63B35012-A55D-49C2-B955-96440B…)

Caroline apparently JUST told the doctors about her ED history so to figure out which of her allergies are real and which are fake, they aren’t telling her what’s being put in her IV (which she calls a tube). Also thanked everyone for pushing her to get help.

No. 1247215

sage for stupid, but where's she from/which country does she live in? I really can't stand her voice (either, what's up with all the slow-weird baby-voices?) and english is not my native language so my guesses will be worthless nevertheless.

No. 1247228

pretty sure america

No. 1247233


She's in southern california

No. 1247248

File: 1622939639780.jpeg (747.93 KB, 750x1536, EDC9AC32-18CC-46BF-928C-73719A…)

ro’s filling out nicely and she’s looking really good. i hope she doesn’t go overboard with the extreme hunger thing and end up like amyonthemend, just devouring absolutely everything in sight. it would be a shame to see her get to ham’s weight with this all-in recovery.

No. 1247286

She lives in Oregon but has been to in treatment in Northern California and Colorado.

No. 1247287

You're thinking about Cecilia. They asked about Caroline.

No. 1247300

>>1247248 jfc weirdo ham isn't overweight and ro isn't anywhere near. Bonerattle much?

No. 1247310

Also in her bday video she got a bunch of food including macaroons which she said she was excited to to eat. I highly doubt she’s going to save them for months because that’s just gross, so obviously she eats some solids.

No. 1247319

They were responding to a pic of Ceclia. You’re right though, Caroline is from SoCal. If anyone’s wondering why she isn’t sectioned it is much harder to be held in CA than other states. Its curious (not) that Cecilia wants to go back to Colorado where she could risk getting sectioned and tubed instead of going to California for treatment

No. 1247324

Uh, no, that's a picture of Caroline. Look at the username - @carolines__music

No. 1247338

cecelia probably wants to be certed, many many of the patients at ACUTE are, makes her seem sicker

No. 1247342

Does anybody know why our dainty Cecelia is insistent on going to Denver for treatment when it’s halfway across the country from where she lives and not where we family is from-?

No. 1247366

Bc that’s where the sick anas go kek. She probably thinks that going to treatment close to ACUTE and the program some of the ACUTE patients step down to makes her special or at least critically-ill-adjacent since she’s not actually sick enough to be at ACUTE. Bc she’s bpd nightmare who wants to be the sickest ever even though she’s waiting for treatment at home not a hospital and going directly to residential instead of inpatient or medical.

No. 1247372

There’s no ass pats for going to Alasna or CFD! I assume it also might be due in part to the fact that they can’t tube her. She’s clearly gunning for tube selfies and exaggerating the severity of her condition with the ACUTE and “reserved bed” talk. Ghost has been to the ED unit in Oregon that Cecilia would admit to if she was telling the truth

No. 1247406

ERC allows phones while a lot of other residential places don’t, wonder if that’s part of it too. No sense in getting a toob if she can’t take and post selfies with it!

No. 1247409

ro’s been “all in” since last year already and it’s clearly not the ham version of all in seeing as she didn’t gain much weight at all until recently (or so we can assume since she’s stopped with the spoopy ribcage shots = probably not much rib to show off anymore). it’s pretty obvious she’s not ballooning so it’s odd to bring her up in this context. no milk, just some faint rattling im hearing from your direction anon

No. 1247411

yeah she definitely has.. sigh

No. 1247436

it's not mpa lol, mpa was much later. it's 100% TF, one of the og proana forums. it's gone through various iterations, at least 3 different site names and many owners, but i know for sure the very first site, which was shut down in 2003 I think, had the exact forums from the video (purgatorium, culinary arts, underweight champions, pills, working out, sweet stasis) so im sure that's gotta be it. mpa never had any of that shit lmao

No. 1247469

File: 1622968530323.jpeg (1.07 MB, 750x1057, 806D1854-A18D-464F-9E90-5EE328…)


Stop with the bonerattling. She has gained SOME weight. She isn’t even at a healthy weight yet so you can stop with the ‘omg she’s going to be obese’.
Even Ham isn’t overweight although so many anons claim she is - look at the photo she posted, she actually looks good.

No. 1247471

Yeah ro is actually looking really good, especially since her face has filled out too - she never really showed that side of it (too busy with the ribs and bendy arms) but it’s good to actually see some shape in their rather than just a hollow skull

Dora WAS looking good bc I remeber being actually impressed when she posted that photo of her legs (can’t be bothered to put it in but she looked semi healthy)and then it seems shes lfallen right back into it as a cry for attention bc her parents seemingly don’t care ??? Like they don’t do anything to stop her? And now she looks ike her head is two sizes too big for her body again sorry for being a bitch and bringing her up when there’s not much h milk she just drives me mad

No. 1247475

Hold up, is this REAL?

No. 1247477

she does look good and her outfit is really cute on her imo
she just needs to slooooow down a bit though because all the junk she eats will catch up with her fast. honestly not trying to be a catty bitch, but it's maintain not gain time for her

No. 1247486

Ham's upper body looks relatively slim but her legs look fat

No. 1247489

In what sense anon? Magazines with similarly outlandish stories are a staple of british journalism (not bashing them, I think rags like chat and take a break are the print equivalent of gossip sites) but the stories themselves are usually at least half truths. The titles are more dramatic than the actual articles usually too, A cover story like ‘My baby was eaten by rats!’ may actually just be a toddler getting bitten by a mouse. The british public will debase themselves for the 100 quid and a few seconds of notoriety, no matter how terrible it makes them look.

No. 1247510

Really, I honestly haven't noticed weight loss from Dora. Any pics? I feel like I see everything she posts, maybe I'm not looking close enough

No. 1247512

File: 1622972465077.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 163.88 KB, 744x1002, BCDE0EAA-DE78-46A3-91A8-85BE91…)

This was four days ago. Not bone rattling; she’s clearly very small, but I can’t really see a whole bunch of weight loss or any concerning regression in her weight?

No. 1247515

File: 1622972988076.png (124.64 KB, 209x361, dora.png)

I don't think there has been much/any loss, it is more she has gained next to nothing. This is from one of her first TikToks, back in February.

No. 1247532

File: 1622974935444.jpeg (637.66 KB, 828x1626, 6D7376F5-C3FF-47EF-887A-446DED…)

she’s fine fgs

No. 1247534

u can tell by the arms

No. 1247535

File: 1622975410450.jpeg (476.65 KB, 828x1417, 23F5722A-DFB5-46CE-AC10-717538…)

No. 1247537

also not bone rattling, but in this pic she just seems a very slightly underweight teen, and could easily be passed off as just a bit lanky.

No. 1247538

arms are a dead giveaway. she's just a skinny young person.

No. 1247540

File: 1622975797912.jpeg (478.74 KB, 828x1248, 2F60C168-9ED3-4BAB-9D7E-1B29E3…)

4 days ago, looks normal. anons stop feeding her ego acting as though she’s a spoop- we know she reads here already.

No. 1247542

File: 1622976019856.jpeg (547.86 KB, 828x1442, 61DA5A91-DA23-4037-8D77-25D6D4…)

Ganer reminding everyone she was a super spoop because maybe they forgot since she hasn’t posted a progress pic in over 48 hours. Really sad that after 5 years she hasn’t made enough progress on her muscles to be even slightly impressive without comparing it to her walking skeleton phase.
But shame on whatever greedy gym owner even let her on that machine at that weight. Her legs easily could have just snapped like twigs.

No. 1247549

wasn't there a pic of her winning some sort of desing competition a few threads ago? iirc she looked heavier in that pic compared to more recent ones. Will try to find it later. Anyway my guess is, she actually lost some weight, her mother freaked out, ham liked the attention and started her larp

No. 1247558

yeah I've said it before and will again, it was not safe for her to exercise at that weight and I hope this isn't blogging, but I live near her - the gym she goes to is fine, a little more expensive, has personal trainers and really tries to get a client base focused on proper exercise rather than clients who are casual gym users. I dont know how she got a trainer to work with her, and it was irresponsible for the trainer to do so as they dont understand anorexia

No. 1247575

She changed gyms. The gym that let her train while spoopy is not the one she goes to now.

No. 1247639

I know Hannah/ham won’t say how I’m related to her but she’s even worse in real life. She really is faking everything.

No. 1247645

1) sage
2) you can’t tease us like that, we want details

No. 1247652

spill you non-saging pricktease

No. 1247679

Receipts or fuck off fatty

No. 1247704

There seems to be no end of the milk accounts lately cropping up even worse than ham

No. 1247708

Anon who? We need some new milk because Eugenia is old news

No. 1247710

File: 1622996386354.jpeg (166.25 KB, 750x1001, C4A9751B-232E-45C6-8C21-BEC4B3…)

This madlifeofandy on instagram but the tiktok is wayyy milkier when clearly at a larping weight

No. 1247722

anon stop bone rattling i’ve seen a few of their tiktoks and there no where near as milky as some other cows they seem to actually have things going on outside their ed.

No. 1247733

You're her mum, right?

No. 1247764

Nah, her mom would tell us how SUPER sick and frail her dainty waif daughter is, and how very dare us for questioning her vegetable-induced tears.

No. 1247767


Tiktoks are milky as hell look at how sick i was etc etc when not even slightly underweight cow

No. 1247768

People here seem so fixated on the fact that she lives with her parents, when I don't think anyone knows the reason behind it. Of all the things she could be problematic about, anons seem so worried about her age and where she lives, it's confusing.

The video was a bit cringe, but it did feel a bit like that in the past, although she is older than me and the first time I saw anything pro Ana related was 2007 and the "scene" was already dying. Sage because no one cares.

No. 1247850

OT/You don't type sage in the body of a post to sage. It goes under email. Green text means no sage has been applied. If you catch your post within 30 mins of posting you can always delete and repost amendments.

No. 1247876

File: 1623008540563.png (1.9 MB, 808x1432, Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 20.4…)

Does anyone else think n2f actually looks slightly more socially acceptable in her recent stories? I know we've established her modelling venture is for sure not legit, but maybe it's actually given her motivation to appear like a functioning member of society? Either that or she reads here and it's finally got to her….

No. 1247879

yeah i saw one of her stories earlier and thought she looked less grim. maybe she bathed recently?
the fliter in this pic though KEK

No. 1247880

How many filters though?

No. 1247881

nah, her hair still looks like that of a feral child and there’s some sort of weird filter applied to this. she’s tapped as ever

No. 1247885

I may be wrong but I think she is already losing weight. And who posts workout details for their ana followers to see?

No. 1247887

N2f has something majorly wrong with her. She is repulsive to look at

No. 1247889

A few of the Britfag anas and munchies have themselves appeared in these esteemed journals. I know Robyn (former munchie queen) did.

No. 1247895

Have to agree with you there, anon, sage for opinion but I find Dora completely insufferable. I don't understand how it is possible for someone to be so completely self obsessed as she clearly is but also dress like a complete hobo for the vast majority of her life KEK

No. 1247897

I did on both, email and on the text itself just cause I felt like it. Hope it worked.

No. 1247900

Ngl I think a lot of anons are too harsh on Ham's appearance. I think she is a relatively attractive average teenager, and in some way I feel sorry for her that she is basically ruining any prospects of having a normal social life by keeping up her ridiculous LARP. Plus if she continues with 'all in' she will be overweight in no time.

No. 1247912

It didn't, anon. This one wasn't saged either. Are you sure it isn't autocorrecting or something?

No. 1247917

The girl needs help, kek. Saged because it's been mentioned many times before, but how her family hasn't intervened in her bizarre behaviour completely evades me. She is completely delusional, claiming she's never purged but it's so painfully obvious. Her teeth look like they are decaying by the minute. I actually feel sorry for her like if she keeps going she's gonna have a heart attack.

No. 1247928

This new girl madlifeofandy seems to be an even milkier version of ham. When will these wanarexics stop larping

No. 1247932


when will these attention seeking self posters learn how to sage

No. 1247940

her tiktoks are milkier than hams. I don’t even know how that’s possible

No. 1247950

File: 1623015215218.jpeg (285.03 KB, 828x1459, 216F5D16-DA03-4A28-84B8-34AEAA…)

Honestly this shit surely feels like some parody right now… those poor Denver health professionals and fellow patients who don’t know what’s coming

No. 1247954

this one is veeery not-so-covertly pro ana.

No. 1247977

What's stopping her from going to the er?

No. 1247980

Maybe ask your doctor instead randos on Instagram

No. 1248004

File: 1623018170495.jpeg (295.29 KB, 750x1214, 51A4C1DD-B0D9-4930-8965-3C7B8C…)

This commenter asking the question we all know the answer to.

Keeping an eye for a reply from N2F seeing as we all know it’s a condiment graveyard down there.

No. 1248052

There’s a #thathappened post right there. She’s either admitting to trying to purge or she’s lying. Probably the latter, since she doesn’t look like she’s repeatedly vomited. Her eyes are fine, her skin is fine, she’s well enough to bitch about it on IG for asspats.

Absolutely nothing. She has two types of insurance, has a car, and is able to post on social media. But being a responsible adult and going to the ER or her doctor doesn’t get her the asspats she wants. Besides, if she went to the ER they’d maybe give her IV fluids like everyone there gets and send her home. She’d lose her bs claim that she’s got a hospital bed waiting for her there and all her followers would realize she’s full of shit.

No. 1248058

Yeah I think she’s exaggerating or straight up lying. Anyone with AN knows dry heaving or vomiting while restricting is likely low blood sugar. She’s more than capable of drinking a Gatorade instead of bothering workers in the ER. The whole story screams BPD/worry about me

No. 1248060


Im getting real sick of her real fast. Its as if her ED is her entire identity its fucking boring. We get it cecila, youve relapsed again and no one is surprised anymore, jesus. Just go to the ER ffs.

No. 1248066

She's trying sooo hard and looking sooo unauthentic. Dry heaving? Wow. I do that with anxiety, could be that. Could be a hundred of things, but if she's okay to post on insta, then I doubt it's an emergency. She's not even pale. Is there anything except this overblown anorexia about her?

No. 1248074

File: 1623022726950.jpeg (355.36 KB, 828x1400, 40015985-CDCE-4A1D-ACE5-2EDC94…)

Shit eating grin over the asspats she got. Looks totally normal. But sooooo sick, guys!!!

No. 1248077

She's so annoying. I was at erc with her and she was always taking selfies in the bathroom and swapping between acting emotional versus being totally fine at meal times. It felt like she wanted us all to think that she was the worst. Honestly half of erc itu's was like that, the whole thing was just one big competition for attention-seekers they all just enable each other.

No. 1248080

Haha gosh I'm trying not sure wtf happened. Maybe ~Ana destroy the few brain cells I had left haha jk I'm just dumb

No. 1248082

>stop being stubborn and seek the support I need

Fucking hell, she doesn't stop for a damn minute thinking about getting admitted asap

No. 1248087

>>1247950 spill the tea anon erc is when she claimed to be bmi 12 and too medically unstable for acute

No. 1248104

There's not a lot to spill that she doesn't already make public. Definitely wasn't bmi 12, I would say maybe 14, plus there were people smaller than her. She was one of the smaller ones there though, erc is full of larpers who manage to manipulate their way in. She was only tubed after refusing meals- a lot of us in the itu aren't even given the opportunity to try, it's forced on you when you walk in. If, hypothetically, she were too unstable for acute she would definitely NOT have been at erc, they would have sent her to a real general hospital and if she refused the hospital they probably would have put her on a cert (a hold that can last for months). Too unstable for acute my ass. "Too unstable" for acute means "dead."

No. 1248155

File: 1623029320078.jpeg (525.78 KB, 750x1324, C6469147-4811-452E-A798-18A3E9…)

she can’t drive to cvs? okay

No. 1248167

If she really does feel shitty, then it's more responsible not to drive.

No. 1248173

whats with the autism trend?

No. 1248180

You can't get your own Gatorade? Why is it so horribly embarressing to ask for Gatorade? Why post this dramatic face? The histrionics are astonishing.

No. 1248186

I wonder if she reads here, gatorade was mentioned earlier today.

No. 1248208


No way she doesn't with how self absorbed she is. I bet she reads obsessively when she's being discussed kek

No. 1248250

I agree, I think Han has been looking good lately, her body seems to have distributed her body fat and she looks good, like a normal 18 year old girl. No need to bonerattle and call her obese when it’s so far from the truth

No. 1248280

Doubt n2f is capable of self reflection or shame even if she did read here.

The itch of her dirty oil soaked hair and her years old unchanged bedsheets smothered in sauces and sugar don’t phase her. Words from strangers about how gross she is probably barely register. She also likely thinks she’s normal and that everyone sleeps on top of expired mayo and doesn’t use soap.

The filters are hilarious. The one thing that got to her was how she applies lipstick like a pensioner with Parkinson’s and the last lippie from their Avon days.

No. 1248285

The garden looks more socially acceptable than the inside of the house. It makes the pics look more normal overall. Though we know there's always skinny syrup trash beneath her window.
It's good seeing her outside those depressing dirty walls getting some vit d.

No. 1248286

She could have had Gatorade delivered with ubereats/grubhub/postmates instead of calling her aunt

No. 1248291

She’s still working, so she can stop playing ana queen and get it herself. But you’re right, even if she was actually as sick as she’s pretending to be, there are options that don’t involve forcing family to cater to her entitled ass.

No. 1248319

But anon she has to make her entire family aware just have sick and frail she is right in time for her sisters wedding which is coming up in July. I'm sure she's hoping to go there nose hose attached so she can be the center of attention. That absolute pinnacle of an attention seeking whore

No. 1248343


Honestly that makes sense to me. I feel like she has definitely planned this relapse. I also love how every post at the moment on her IG is of a drink or yogurt, just to prove to us just how sooper sick she is.
“No really guys, I havent eaten solids in a month I swear! Check my IG for proof!”

No. 1248352

File: 1623050554675.jpeg (942.08 KB, 828x1430, F4A58AEA-724F-44E5-96A3-34B39A…)

She has to be looking this bad on purpose…

No. 1248356

File: 1623050952555.jpg (392.98 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20210607-092841_Ins…)

What's funnier to me is how much more muscle she has than ganer

No. 1248369

File: 1623052467335.jpg (244.3 KB, 1077x1586, Screenshot_20210607-080415_Ins…)

Lmao the self pats. The only thing you'll be remembered for at this rate cecelia is your histrionic antics

No. 1248378

I don’t get where all the hate on @sorcha.blossoms is coming from when hasn’t she had an account for years and we never talked about her??(self-posting)

No. 1248383

Self posting to feel like someone cares about her lol.

If she did something other than a vacant slack jawed stare she could look normal and not like she’s handicapped and about to drool.
At least she has some decent muscle happening and isn’t a stringy grey corpse like ganer. Purging does more for noyrishes abs than years of starvation and sit-ups have for ganer

No. 1248385


lmao i was just thinking the same thing! id love for n2f to enter the bodybuilding comp and absolutely slay ganer. or even just a scrag-fight between the two.

anyone care to dig thru ganers pics to find a comparable pose to n2f's and post them side-by-side. for teh lulz

No. 1248387

>If she did something other than a vacant slack jawed stare she could look normal and not like she’s handicapped and about to drool.
N2F is just like Anisa Jomha in that they both try hard to look sexy but their facial expressions and body positions just end up making them look retarded.

No. 1248396


>her body seems to have distributed her body fat

>not trying to be a catty bitch, but it's maintain not gain time for her

Ham WKs, you're forgetting the reason she's in this thread. She didn't have to gain and her she's doing it because she's eating crap as part of her LARP. She didn't have anorexia. She's pretending. Saying she looks good because she's fatter isn't good in this case. She never was thin.

No. 1248402

File: 1623056457417.jpeg (317.47 KB, 828x1220, 5CAF068E-90D7-4DC7-8C59-D40F27…)

I don’t know if I’m being stupid but what tf has n2f got stuffed in her bra?

No. 1248406

File: 1623057138880.png (10.03 MB, 1242x2208, 537C88D8-8D4A-4C3A-9E7E-9CFB18…)

Sorry to bring her up bc she’s so dull and clearly loves the attention of being IP but when will this bitch fucking stop!!! She. Drives. Me. Mad. But like also I am not about to unfollow bc I need to hate-stalk her feed and know what antics she’s getting up to each day but seriously she is so self absorbed and I have never seen a more punchable face. Also I literally can’t deal with the tiktok drama crying l

No. 1248410

took me forever to figure it out too i think its her lipgloss

No. 1248412

She is still fifteen. Read the rules.

No. 1248416

File: 1623058860979.jpeg (36.18 KB, 592x518, CDF852D6-1591-4B2E-AFFA-8B71D5…)

Looks like a nail polish bottle imo.
The fuck is going on with her hair? Are they those little decorated springs people wore in the early 90s? Just bits of string?

Looks more like catching flies than anything sexy. She has a mouth-breathers face.

No. 1248420

This might not even be their screenshot anyway or a burner account.

No. 1248424

File: 1623060376759.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, F39B7D27-E17F-469A-8184-E2E107…)

anna has gotten her period back… again incoming menopause live

No. 1248429

Did she twist a pearl necklace into her hair?

No. 1248438

Didn't she get it last month? You don't need to announce it every cycle Anna, we know you are healthy.

No. 1248440

File: 1623062384015.jpeg (656.68 KB, 2048x2048, 0DEC4F29-9AFD-405A-B9F4-E68316…)

Best I could do, sorry it’s so weak. If nothing else n2f has a much more aesthetic balance in her musculature, likely because she allowed herself to also gain enough fat.

No. 1248442

File: 1623062640778.jpeg (529.66 KB, 750x1083, 3ACABDB6-32FD-440D-9ABA-E96B93…)


She posted this yesterday
“Here’s some weight loss advice from somebody who’s honestly incredibly good at it. Are you trying to lose weight for health reasons? No? Oh so are you trying to lose weight to trash your metabolism, ruin your relationship with food and miss out on social occasions? I can’t even touch butter anymore, let alone eat it. Your family and friends will see what you’ve lost, but it’s not weight”

Weight loss isn’t a binary either for health or anorexia Anna…
And I’m not forgetting your little post a few months ago “today I ate butter and spread it all by myself”
And just kek at the example of the absolute worst thing about anorexia being that she can’t eat butter.

No. 1248443

I'm sorry Anna, you are not 'incredibly good' at weight loss.

No. 1248444

Is anyone following Sorcha’s new account @sorcha.really.recovers? Wonder what shite she’s posting on there(self-posting)

No. 1248447

If you weren’t Sorcha you would know and wouldn’t be asking us to look now would you

No. 1248450

Sorcha stop self posting no one here cares about you, this is sad

No. 1248461

hahhaha never seen a more blatant selfpost

No. 1248462

'incredibly good at it' i have never seen this bitch look even more than SLIGHTLY underweight. if i had seen her irl id never have thought she was anorexic.

No. 1248465

She said she was in hospital because she had gallstones caused by her anorexia - is that something that can happen? She was ‘anorexic’ for all of 3 seconds so could it even produce symptoms in such a short space of time. I do like that she mentions her morphine drip though, just like all munchies she wants narcotics.

No. 1248468

n2f is way bulkier than ganer. Ganer just takes pictures from below and poses in the most monkiesque way possible to appear bigger

No. 1248472

She also had biliary colic as a result of gallstones. Risk factors include rapid weight loss and fasting but also obesity (so clearly not all people who get them are dainty spoops), being female, race (caucasians are at greater risk) and high cholesterol - there is no reason she can attribute her AN as a cause.

No. 1248477

See ganer… look at how much better you would look/gain if you actually ate something other than that slop with frozen raspberries and your one immaculately weighed piece of chocolate, and actually bulked a bit. N2f can do it and she don’t even keep half of it down!

Lol @ the fact that n2f has gained more muscle in 6months than gainer has in 4 years!

No. 1248486

KEKK n2f actually does have more muscle than ganer. All that tracking and obsessive training and she still lost to a disheveled bulimic mess

No. 1248488


Conversation at the hospital:
‘You might have gallstones’
‘I have anorexia is that why?’

‘Guys it’s definitely my anorexia’

No. 1248491

File: 1623068972320.jpeg (794.06 KB, 828x1706, BD782576-25D3-467E-A63B-7BD286…)

No, no anon! As of an hour ago ganer is gonna make BIG changes to her diet! Starting with this carefully weighed sliver of chicken and the green beans she has every night with her dinner! Keep an eye out for a Tupperware of dry spinach leaves, or as ganer calls it “bulking food”.

No. 1248495


I'm impressed with how n2f is looking (body wise, not the rest obv). She's looking like a Valkyrie, whereas Ganer looks like a little action figure of a wrestler standing on a kid's shelf.

No. 1248505

Looks like she's making rice and chicken like she always does

No. 1248506

File: 1623070443416.jpeg (864.62 KB, 828x1724, E3CD7FD7-67AD-4068-8193-B92692…)

We will never know because this was unironically her next story

No. 1248511

File: 1623070616821.jpg (35.52 KB, 471x436, pitiful.JPG)

She'd burn more calories cooking this pitiful greenery than actually eating it.

No. 1248529

is that LESS string beans than usually or am I imagining things? Maybe she has upped her chicken or rice intake who knows. Thrilling.

No. 1248538

It's loads of those tangle free hair ties, KEK. God knows what she was thinking

No. 1248544

Never said she was thin, I meant it looked like her baby fat as distributed nicely as she’s grow up a bit. She looks like a normal 18 year old girl. But yes unless she stops this larp she won’t be a normal healthy looking 18 year old for much longer

No. 1248553


Kek imagine if she gained weight from her larp and got anorexia for reals

No. 1248554

Mumster would literally feed her chocolate in her sleep

No. 1248582

Ham's restriction would be one scone instead of two. She has no self control. She cuts big fuck off slices of cake, chooses a Man vs Food size burger and chips, 4 pancakes with spreads for breakfast, supersize biscuits and pretzels. No way would this one be able to do it.

No. 1248593

File: 1623077364744.png (6.71 MB, 1125x2436, B982D9FA-53E4-459E-A21D-B42DC4…)

has this bitch been brought up yet?

No. 1248599

She fucking loves whoever told her that

No. 1248601

She clearly has an attitude problem but with so few videos posted it is hard to tell if she has cow potential.

No. 1248606

sage, retard

No. 1248607

She's definitely pro ana in the original sense but idk if she's that interesting. Mostly just posts photos of her in bikinis/underwear and talks about eating whole jars of nutella that I highly doubt she keeps down

No. 1248619

File: 1623079637236.jpg (206.76 KB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_20210607-112622_Ins…)

Is it just me not trying to bone rattle but I do not see her as "severely underweight"

No. 1248623

She sees herself as "severely underweight" though. Don't rain on her parade.

No. 1248625

She's underweight but not "experiencing life-threatening medical complications from a severe eating disorder" underweight which is on the website for ACUTE the place she only didn't go to because of "insurance reasons"

No. 1248629

Don't see any of these horrendous sh scars she had to tell her colleagues she has.

No. 1248636

The way she fiddles with the dress to show off how it's too big on her…

No. 1248650

File: 1623082116737.jpeg (268.79 KB, 828x1224, 7A4B2DC6-C041-45BB-8005-8225F6…)

Wait so they aren’t waiting for her to finish her working week now…? Everyone is SO concerned you attention seeking moron

No. 1248653

Healthy nail beds considering…

No. 1248654

File: 1623082470452.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.96 KB, 357x422, Screenshot_20210607-181347_Ins…)

Here they are. Spoilered for extreme gore.

No. 1248655

She says 96 hours which is either 4 or 5 days

No. 1248656

The irony that she’s working so hard to convince us she’s spoopy and sick while other bonafide spoops (dharma, chii, ro to an extent) work so hard to convince us they aren’t makes me giggle.

No. 1248659

File: 1623083340547.png (4.72 MB, 1242x2208, 84B046A4-71B1-4C08-B410-72BF63…)

Nice little arm check from our posh Tory pal. We don’t care that it took three tries Dora, we really don’t.

No. 1248660


I don’t get why she isn’t called out more on Instagram when she goes against pretty much every rule of a recovery blog. She body checks, posts pictures of her “entirely liquid” intake, posts descriptions of her symptoms, talks in detail about her decline until she goes to inpatient… people like Zara and lifeofhxn get a lot of hate for doing essentially the same thing and no one is calling her out on it?

No. 1248694

Obviously just wants us to know about how much the doctor struggled to get any blood out of her dainty waif arms KEK. What is it with Dora and sharing her endless need for tests and medicine? She is obviously obsessed with her illness, if her parents let her go to uni itwill be a recipe for relapse, I cannot see her realistically being able to feed herself.

No. 1248698

I thought she was going to Sheffield Uni, but she has been posting about accommodation in London recently. Is she trying to become a instead?

No. 1248714

this is underweight?!!!!! what

No. 1248717

don't bone rattle, come on. she's definitely significantly exaggerating her condition but she is underweight.

No. 1248718

File: 1623087252023.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, 07BB67F3-6033-4E2D-A786-B31BBE…)

ye but as we established there isn’t much shocking about her arms kek

No. 1248719

i recently found doras mum on a parents of ED kids group on facebook, ill find some screencaps later but it’s very interesting

No. 1248735

Shiiit. Eurgh. That's some coldnessinmyheart tier self harm. She must really feel so much pain to do that to herself.

No. 1248742

don't tease us anon, share the milk! (assuming it is not against the rules)

No. 1248747

so the anon who said they were related to ham just posted once and dipped without giving the milk?

No. 1248755

phlebotomists struggle to find veins on normal weight people if they’re dehydrated, cold or just have difficult veins in the first place due to genetics. It’s not an indication of spoopiness. I’m sure if the phlebotomist had to resort to a paediatric needle we would have heard all about it too…

No. 1248766

if not against rules, id also be interested

No. 1248775

File: 1623091148998.jpg (23.43 KB, 355x500, 410GBOhU9CL.jpg)

Ham didn't show us her bookshop haul either.

No. 1248783

Her milk is drying

No. 1248784

Why do they look like they are drawn with marker

No. 1248842

pleaseeee give us screen grabs

No. 1248845

you're not wrong..

No. 1248850

I’m legit disappointed, was looking forward to mocking her reading taste. It’s almost like she crawled out of her dressing gown just to film herself scoffing another cake…but obviously that’s not the case, given she’s very severely anorexic and uh

No. 1248889

Maybe cuz she’s old and not hip with the young rexies so no one GAF?

STFU anachan. She is definitely underweight just not a super spoop. Go run and hide back at MPA because your anorexia will never let you recover since you think that is fat.

No. 1248893

Screencap it, just blur out her name.

No. 1248895

File: 1623097651712.jpg (308.29 KB, 1078x1718, Screenshot_20210607-155941_Ins…)

No. 1248897

1. Jealousy that people her age are having babies and she's still playing this stupid ana game and stunted by it
2. BPD

No. 1248901

I don't even know wtf she's on about here but the second-hand embarassment is getting almost too much to deal with.

No. 1248910

Why does she look like she's on heroin

No. 1248915

Of course her “emotional regulation skills” are trash with her raging BPD. She’s underweight, sure, but not severely so and obviously medically stable enough to be waiting so long for a bed. Seems like a better candidate for DBT than coddling in an EDU (or residential, whatever it’s called over there)

No. 1248952

lmao you don't need to 'download tiktok' to view someone's TikTok profile, you absolute boomer. just type tiktok.com/@ and then whatever their username is.


also offtopic but all anons need to stop being weird about downloading new apps jfc.

No. 1248955


fucking hell the bottom looks like Projared

No. 1248957

File: 1623102630164.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3464x3464, CEC19D21-B232-46E8-A5AC-7FDAE8…)

do you think ganer lurks on here? she posted these meals and they’re looking sufficient enough. i hope she’s taking our advice and eating more.

No. 1248960

Why are foetuses and tumours measured like vegetables? Her pics and captions are getting to be so ridiculous I'm really wondering if she's trolling.

No. 1248967

Nta BUT tiktok is a Marmite thing. I downloaded it to look at one of the cows but hated everyone on there so much I had to delete it I'd go postal. So I get where anon is coming from. Saying that, watching on the website is tolerable. Tiktoks's like a crèche for crass humoured attention seeking retards. Sincerely, MySpace fan.

No. 1248991

File: 1623104912070.jpg (1.62 MB, 2424x2740, 1607691310204.jpg)

I doubt she's lurking, I feel like Ganer is always just in her insular bodybuilding sphere. She doesn't even interact with other anas that much.
Hopefully she is increasing her intake, but the meals themselves look identical to the stuff she's been eating for a few years now. I dug through some old threads and made this autistic collage, oldest pic is a year old and each are about two months apart, so you get the point. Maybe she's eating the same meal more often and increasing intake that way, but with her level of activity it's probably negligible.

No. 1249020

File: 1623107918790.jpeg (883.04 KB, 750x1256, E9EE3624-2E77-495E-A001-0D74D7…)

niamh’s fat distribution is quite tragic, as her legs look thin but her upper body is a bit plump. also, she’s studying nursing, typical of the recovered anachan. what is with these anas all going into nursing?

No. 1249021


imagine being so fucking stunted and obsessed with your safe foods to continuously eat the same bland meals everyday for years on end. all for no visible muscle building progress…

its like living in culinary purgatory

No. 1249022

kek I don't know much about this one but whenever she's posted it's about how tragic her weight gain is. Is this self-posting or just someone with a weird vendetta? Her weight will redistribute or not(top/middle heavy early weight gain is pretty common but some people are shockingly just different shapes naturally). Calling it tragic is just a wee bit desperate.

No. 1249026

Honestly she doesn’t even seem like he has “raging BPD”, just is starving for all the attention. She’s not doing much else that is particularly BPD-osh

No. 1249027

Umm, her body is fine and she seems to be doing really well? Don't be a dick anon.

No. 1249029

File: 1623108501486.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1696, 6F35E064-6381-4836-8C44-DAEE65…)

The fact I called Tupperware of dry spinach earlier today before she posted this confirms. Nothing new in her diet for 3+ years, just the same cycle of safe meals and macros. The times she does post non-safe foods it’s always pretty clear it belongs to someone else at the table. She packs her own food to family events.

No. 1249030

She was super spoopy (unlike Cecelia kek) and gained very quickly, her weight will redistribute if she can manage to not relapse for a year or so. This is far from the worst I've seen, she certainly looks better then when she was spoopy. Totally within the normal range of fat distributions, I've seen weight-restored anas who look literally pregnant with stick arms and legs for a bit. She seems happy here. I hope she can get a handle on the binging without relapsing into anorexia.

No. 1249035

Learn2sage before you start mocking others you regarded zoomer.

No. 1249041

>a bit plump
girl stop rattling your bones at us

No. 1249075

File: 1623112299661.png (982.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210607-142614.png)

No. 1249080

selfpost fuck off you rank bitch

No. 1249100

You really tried to do something there.. perhaps you should learn to sage your shit before you come at others you 'absolute boomer'.

No. 1249108

I mean… this is depressing tbh. Imagine turning 18 and eating a cheap ass cake in some dinner while drinking soda from a paper cup.
Call me spoiled, but the only celebrations are at our home with family and we pull out the silverware and glass goblets for ocassions like these… Homemade cakes and pastries, with a nice bottle of shampoo.

No. 1249110

File: 1623115009544.jpg (72.44 KB, 362x512, unnamed (1).jpg)

Ho no no no…

No. 1249112

Has ganer ever said how tall she is? Her midget proportions are absolutely ridiculous. She’s like four and a half heads tall.

No. 1249114


you're welcome btw

No. 1249148

>all anons need to stop being weird about downloading new apps jfc
kek if you want to haphazardly install whatever apps feel free to keep being retarded but don't get sore other people care more about security and privacy than you, "absolute boomer"

retard confirmed

No. 1249284

File: 1623125551379.png (89.7 KB, 344x345, Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 05.13…)

I believe they are called "invisibobble"

No. 1249291

I think that was her 17th, anon.

No. 1249296

>they’re looking sufficient enough.
They look dry as fuck and need oil.

I didn't realize it was supposed to be a hairdo, I thought she put some shit in her hair to curl it.

No. 1249412

You haven’t even learnt to sage your shit so fuck off, no1curr about your retarded self-posts/vendetta anyway (no way you aren’t one of those idiots bringing up Dora/Zara/Sorcha/Niamh at every opportunity). Time to go back to nursery and let the grown ups play.

No. 1249421

She looks absolutely fine???

No. 1249422

What's the yellow stuff? Scrambled egg? Tofu?

No. 1249435

The only thing"wrong" here is her shorts and top. She's obviously had to buy clothes to fit her but has no 8dea how to dress a non spoopy body. She's wearing clothes too big for her, which is maybe an attempt to hide her gain.

She really does look totally okay. Why are done anons desperate to see her fail? Excuse me not for acknowledging she's done really well and don't want her to read a comment to knock her back. Tl;dr Knock it off.

No. 1249452

File: 1623148999522.png (609.31 KB, 924x510, A01A00ED-7E04-4993-B075-9F06D8…)

What is this car crash

No. 1249461

A: because it's a body check

No. 1249465

She knows the answer to this she's just asking so people can tell her that she's "triggering" or whatever because it'll make her feel valid. Get a grip cecelia you're like 30 it's pathetic and embarrassing

No. 1249474

The funniest thing about this is that her sweatshirt/pose actually makes her look less underweight than some other pictures she's posted. So she's not even doing a good job trying to get attention with her "suuuuuuper triggering" bodychecking.

No. 1249482

File: 1623153016549.jpg (131.64 KB, 828x893, 33252D81-F216-4298-9E06-161827…)

possible new cow alert! @hcneymilk__ on instagram.
i've been following her for a while and always thought she's quite milky, but wasn't sure if anyone else on the thread would've been interested. since the milk's running dry these days, it doesn't hurt to try i suppose (more info coming up)

No. 1249485

File: 1623153375012.jpg (309.35 KB, 828x802, IMG_9768.jpg)

a 18/19 year old girl, obsessed with asian culture/dolly aesthetics, claiming to have a restriction problem, yet hasn't lost weight since she first opened her account. constantly posts cringe hello kitty eating disorder aesthetic boards and puts cute anime filters on pics of her low calorie diet food.
claims she "never said she has anorexia" (which is her defense against people calling her out for being pro) yet constantly implies that she does and says she talked to her therapist about it and the therapist said she is anorexic, but didn't give her an official diagnosis.

No. 1249492

File: 1623153725710.jpg (447.81 KB, 828x823, IMG_9776.jpg)

mmm yes eds are very aesthetic guise!!

No. 1249495

Her goal BMI isn’t even underweight what

No. 1249496

File: 1623153917261.jpg (378.95 KB, 828x785, IMG_9780.jpg)

No. 1249499

File: 1623154061957.jpg (639.81 KB, 828x734, IMG_9782.jpg)

ok last one for now. lmk if anyone's interested to see more, i don't wanna clog up the thread any further

No. 1249505

>>1249452 her larp of being super spoopy is so weird.

No. 1249509

God she’s so weird. She’s definitely my favourite.

No. 1249514

N2F uploaded a video of her talking and showing a onesie.. I mean it was a bodysuit but ok, her voice is actually lovely?

No. 1249517

if you have an actual eating disorder that doesn't exist for attention, you dont need a calender. looking at you too cemented.calories

No. 1249519

I actually have so much hope for n2f she speaks well and genuinely seems like a lovely person. She has a great figure and if she took care of herself would be quite pretty. I feel like if she moved out of her dirty ass household she could be a functioning member of society

No. 1249520

she can’t even manage 24 hours on a liquid fast? Even regular people can manage that as surgery prep kek what a dainty pro waif

No. 1249521

File: 1623157400522.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 84102457-038C-4AD3-A8D5-95BCDD…)

anna cow changing uni

No. 1249522

I think she is just changing where she does her clinical teaching, from Manchester to somewhere else in Scotland I think? (St Andrews does not have the resources for them to do it there) Anyone who a) non-ironically calls themselves 'blessed' or b) brags about their grades on social media is a prize twat though.

No. 1249523


Was literally about to post this too haha honestly stfu bitch no one cares lol

No. 1249525


She just needs to cut her hair I feel nauseous when I look at it :/

No. 1249526

File: 1623157953385.jpeg (1007.33 KB, 828x1519, 9A8B0E36-88D1-4769-970A-921A91…)

Dharma gave us a shoutout in her stories with a shit-eating, any-attention-is-good-attention grin on her face and then made a post complaining about how these over priced fish cakes have too many carbs so they shouldn’t be eaten with a bun because macros. What happened to being so poor that she needs a gofundme?

Girl, clean your damn nails.

No. 1249527

I was going to post this as well! For context she has got her vaccine so can go to the gym now. She said 'lolcow, I can already hear you mooing'

No. 1249528

File: 1623158259407.png (3.81 MB, 828x1792, 5FDC89D2-2293-40D4-B29B-66088F…)

“I’m on the hdu so everyone’s v v unwell” tryna exaggerate her illness again much

No. 1249560

File: 1623160752916.jpg (320.01 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20210608-095808_Ins…)

Cececilia claiming to be more than 50 lbs underweight

No. 1249561

File: 1623160785867.jpg (253.23 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20210608-095900_Ins…)

No. 1249565


Kek she has now taken down the question box. After replying angrily to everyone telling her that… she is bodychecking.

No. 1249568

Lmao unless she's 6ft tall then there's no way

No. 1249573

File: 1623161885457.png (774.83 KB, 730x1164, Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 10.1…)

I have never been as infuriated with her as I am right now. She's wearing an oversized hoodie with no pants! How is that posting her outfit? The picture's only purpose is to show off her legs. She's clearly baiting people into telling her she's body-checking and then has the audacity to go and ask people why they think she's body-checking? This is textbook pro-ana behavior. Recovery instas are the new mpa for girls trying really really hard to be sick and dainty.

No. 1249574

Kek at the ‘but everyone else can show their outfits!1!!1!’ Is she trying to imply she is the only underweight person in the ED community?

No. 1249575

>>1249573 she literally looks maybe 5 or 10 lbs underweight I don't get it especially the "why is everyone's body allowed but mine" like she's the spoopiest spoop to ever spoop

No. 1249597

I'm glad cecelia is getting brought up more in this thread because she is actually the worst. Out of all the cows she really gets on my nerves because she's so dishonest. At least most of the actual spoops are somewhat honest about being scum and larpers like hannah probably think they're doing something good. Cecelia loves being pro ana and get attention for her scummy behavior but she also at the same time wants the praise for being a tru recovery warrior uwu. Her bpd is just so extreme she'll take any possible attention she can get from anyone. I'm sure she reads this thread religiously too and tbh she's probably very pleased about what's being written because all she cares about is attention. She needs help for her bpd. Her ED is secondary to that.

No. 1249607

yeah not to blog-post but when i was in ed treatment there were so many normal/overweight people who seemed to be claiming an ed for attention. they seemed like they would be better off in a normal psychiatric ward where the focus was on behavioral health rather than ed issues. i think cecelia is the same, she's just somewhat better at losing weight than others. she might actually work through her mental health issues if she stopped going to ed inpatient and tried general psych ip instead.

No. 1249611

File: 1623164395497.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1614, 3F36B698-9A14-4DF8-B662-9902EF…)

imageboard…. and the story for anyone who wants to view: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iqd2xp9fkh39veg/RPReplay_Final1623162198.mov?dl=0

No. 1249616

File: 1623164647415.jpg (357.03 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20210608-161315_You…)

Molly just uploaded. Apparently she traveled to meet online friends

No. 1249619

1g of carbs is too many? lolwut

No. 1249629

They are the same friends mentioned a few days ago. The one in the middle is Ruby Granger, a studytuber. Everyone on tattle seems to think she is anorexic, even going as far to call her ‘gaunt’ and ‘emaciated’ which Molly must hate. Mind you, they are the same people who talk about Molly as if she were the sickest waif ever

No. 1249634

It always looks to me like they're larping being old ladies

No. 1249637

I actually immediately thought the girl in the middle was anorexic too. Something about the appearance of her head is a dead giveaway.

There are some shots that look awkwardly filmed. I wonder is she making one girl film then making the other act natural at times

No. 1249641

Stop trying to make this girl happen, this isn’t even milk (and literally no1curr)

No. 1249642

File: 1623165767634.png (626.84 KB, 523x638, ruby.png)

OK, am I going mad? - I seem to be the only person who just doesn't see it. This photo is from last week. Not bone rattling, but her weight is not concerning IMO. I'm posting because she follows some recovery accounts (including being Molly's new BFF of course), reads a lot of ED books and posts tiny meals but as far as I can tell has not lost a significant amount of weight.

No. 1249650

Could it be that she high restricts or just eats more irl off camera?

No. 1249655

File: 1623166284523.jpeg (25.36 KB, 230x219, C29CFAAE-15A5-422C-8189-D59488…)

Unfortunate screengrab. The middle one looks okay to me but can’t imagine old Molly Moonface is happy not being the smolest uwu of her new little gang

No. 1249657


Maybe she has just realised the huge following you can get as an ED recovery larper (Ham) and is trying to subtly break into that market without losing her academic/productivity audience

No. 1249659

File: 1623166534999.jpg (65.47 KB, 500x747, PicsArt_05-13-05.23.25.jpg)

i think this is likely. with the small amount of food she's shown herself eating for the past year you would expect her to have lost a more significant amount of weight. this was only a month or so ago and she looks completely fine

No. 1249664

sorry if people aren't interested but this is what I think is happening because she has been exhibiting these behaviours for a while now and has not lost the weight she would have if she were eating only what she shows. She is very concerned with remaining childlike as well which may feed into it.

No. 1249670

Most of Ham's followers are bots, though.

No. 1249671

Cecelia is one of the worst cows out there. I have never seen anyone so grossly exaggerate or have such a terrible victim complex

No. 1249673

The concerning thing about Cecelia is she's behaving like this at her age. The other old pro anas like the twins and Ash, they're proper spoops whose brains are shot. She's 30 (?) and doing cry faces and exactly what the young larpers do - or at least the ones who say they're ~dangerously emaciated~ when they're 7-14lb underweight.

No. 1249685

People do think Ruby is anorexic and I can kinda see why. Something about her gives it away and I can't quite pin what it is that I'm seeing

No. 1249686

File: 1623168383562.jpg (156.09 KB, 1080x1615, Screenshot_20210608-120601_Ins…)

How is this an outfit she's wearing a hoodie with no pants and covering her face w her phone

No. 1249696

File: 1623169215311.jpg (14.82 KB, 360x360, 00.jpg)

She thinks it looks cute because she's seen the oversize hoodie thing done where it does look cute. It just looks like she's demented and forgot to put her jeans on.

Img - how she sees herself in her mind.

No. 1249702

Learn to sage anon but yeah I agree. Surprised she Isn’t a recovery account tbh as I always thought she was but that’s just bc of the ana vibe she gives off idk how to describe it

Probs something to do with the facts she’s clearly a perfectionist and very work driven but maybe that’s just me generalising

No. 1249792

File: 1623173900128.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9794.PNG)

dare i say she's actually looking nice? the room behind her actually looks clean and there's no vomit stains on her clothes from what i can tell so… improvement?

No. 1249808

n2f is probably one of the very few cows im genuinely rooting for to have a better life

No. 1249813


No, Ganer is not over the hump yet.
Just by looking at those mini-meals you realize that nasty controlling compulsion of hers.

Yeah, pretty sure she's still counting calories, along with her years of useless exercise purging.

No. 1249898

Jesus Christ, this is Enid Blyton Pony Club nonsense
have more blancmange, saddos

No. 1249968

She has brushed her teeth!!!

No. 1249997

its fucking ripped/stained as well??? this is not a 'cute outfit' pic this is just a body check which actually makes her look a normal weight

No. 1250018

File: 1623188396121.jpeg (517.69 KB, 828x1474, FDD4024A-52BB-43EB-B2E3-2DD11C…)

Idk if this is supposed to be a body check but chii doesn’t look remotely spoopy any more.

No. 1250050

Seriously people
I know imma get banned but seriously stfu
This isn’t a place to shame people who are actually doing good

No. 1250051

ntayrt, i know it's hard for anachans to comprehend this but calling someone "not spoopy" isn't shaming them. not being a spoop is a good thing.
also sage the wk-ing

No. 1250054

Yeah, I think people are honestly pleased that she's doing well finally. She also seems like she's become a more reasonable person with some of her opinions about treatment, etc, which is a nice evolution to see when some of the other cows continue to have terrible opinions even after they get better.

No. 1250094

nah, its courtesy brushing thanks to the filter.

honestly the amount of filter-selfies she's posting lately rivals the amount posted on FB by a boomer who just bought a new phone and discovered filters.

No. 1250138

File: 1623196677646.jpeg (814.84 KB, 750x1317, 1EEE99B7-3C89-4D1A-89D5-E7F5C7…)

can a brave farmer tell n2f to cut her hair and clean up? i’m tired of seeing all this wasted potential. i just want her to cut her hair, tweeze her brows and mustache, and put on some deodorant(cowtip suggestion)

No. 1250147

>reee how dare this girl not perform femininity and conform to beauty standards to the maximum extent
Untweezed eyebrows are wasted potential for what exactly?

No. 1250155

take your retarded faggot feminism onto a political thread. we discuss pro anas here not whether tweezing your brows or not makes you more favourable.

No. 1250157

wasted potential for looking pretty. now hop onto a radfem subreddit and let out your frustrations there

No. 1250161

She's going to the church dressed like for a nightclub? Will they even let her in with such a short dress? Even if the particular church doesn't have an official dress code, it's still inappropriate.
She's exactly like sims in sims 3 with the "inappropriate" trait, you invite them to a funeral and they come dressed in a swimsuit.

No. 1250162

File: 1623198416350.jpg (98.52 KB, 1600x1689, structure-demodex-mite-demodec…)

A Demodex infestation. Duh.

No. 1250163

The first one's acceptable. The second best saved for her Lady Gaga gig. Vicars have seen some unsavoury sights at celebrations, I'm sure, but 2…just no.

No. 1250177

Shiny gold mini dress or shiny gold mini dress to celebrate the christening of a baby kek. Sure she probably doesn’t own any dress that isn’t from a strippers formalwear but she surely owns a blouse and a pair of pants? It’s like she doesn’t even know that she doesn’t k ow how to act like anything other than a glue eating tard.

No. 1250274

Neither of these numbers are appropriate for a religious event. What kind of trash are n2f fam anyways? Also who takes a picture of their ass in a dress to poll people on which to wear. We have no clue what they look like from the front. She is beyond unhinged.

No. 1250340

File: 1623211099814.jpg (440.45 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20210609-155508_Ins…)

Shes not gaunt but this pic was January.. it appears she has lost a wee bit since then I think!?

No. 1250343

Honestly I feel like she's just a regular person like everyone else outside this site and the eating disorder world whose weight fluctuates? I really think any speculations about Ruby having an ED are just a product of people who DO have EDs being unable to think about anything else.

No. 1250369

It's definitely something about her appearance. I see it too, Ruby has some kind of weird anorexia vibe radiating out of her. Is it the shape of her head?

No. 1250431

Exactly. I’m actually baffled by the speculations of her being anorexic. Ruby is so boring that the people on tattle have nothing left to talk about expect speculate on her having an eating disorder. She looks completely normal to me. She’s short and thin/small but not unhealthily underweight. These speculations have been going on for months, so you’d think Ruby would have lost a lot more weight in that time if the allegations were true. She’s in her 20’s now and faces do change as people get older and that could explain why her face is less round now.

Until Ruby comes out and says ‘I’m anorexic’ or she loses a significant amount of weight, people need to stfu with their speculations and get out of this thread and back onto tattle

No. 1250444

the only thing that strikes as odd to me is her following recovery accounts (_therealrapunzel being one of them)

No. 1250448

I think people are reading too much into it. Besides, this thread isn’t the place to speculate. We don’t need to turn into another tattle grasping at straws and speculating for months on end. This thread is about pro-ana which Ruby is not.

No. 1250453

she only came up because of molly but yeah ruby doesn't need to be discussed here

No. 1250466

Molly is pretty tiny height wise at 5 foot nothing. She also has a naturally round face. As much as she irritates me, I do have a soft spot for her and hope she continues to do well, goes back to uni and off our radars.

No. 1250471

i think anon was referring to her not being tiny weight wise

No. 1250481

I never thought the intention of lolcow was to make the cows fit into your idea of feminine beauty standard, I am merely here for calling out scumbag behaviour, lol.

No. 1250482

File: 1623228421077.jpeg (312.52 KB, 828x1386, A4FF1108-08D3-431D-B687-44B433…)

She finally got what she wanted. And now so frail she is in a wheelchair… wtf

No. 1250485


Could she be actually kind of honest, but bulimic/lax abuser and thus dangerous bloodwork? Just a thought, since they actually have her in a hospital.

No. 1250487

Absolutely no medfag, and same anon as above, but as far as I know lab tests just doesn't suddenly rapidly go down with anorexia without bad weight loss or something like that.

Or she could just be overexaggerating ofc. Who knows.

No. 1250492

>I’ve had some things through my IV line that will hopefully help me be safe to walk soon

How about eating some food instead of wasting resources if you want to be safe to walk, dumb bitch

No. 1250493

Hunching herself up in bed to look bones. Jesus.

The hair.

I agree it's a reach giving Granger an ed. She's fine. It's difficult for a popular if or yt person NOT to know ana's. They're everywhere. If you follow someone who thinks the royal family are cute, doesn't make you a monarchist/any less of a republican

No. 1250494

I wanted to tell her she probably needs a longer dress for a christening. She’s so feral

No. 1250496

File: 1623230423115.png (Spoiler Image, 44.59 KB, 117x240, sml_gallery_408258_70365_13314…)

you should see her images on my pro ana, they look mega shopped.

No. 1250497

File: 1623230435502.png (300.44 KB, 720x439, Screenshot_20210609-101857~2.p…)

This is her mum. Beheaded for privacy. The family seem okay.

No. 1250500

Can change with severe food/fluid restriction as well as purging/lax etc. Just a general observation but many long term spoops will eat enough to just maintain their low weight and be somewhat functional vs the more attention seeking/munchie types who suddenly stop all intake for a few weeks, end up in the ER dehydrated with low blood pressure etc and so get treatment before they actually have time to lose a huge amount of weight.Being in a wheelchair could just mean her bp is on the low side

No. 1250501


I think as soon as the referral was made for Denver she gave up (iirc that was when she went onto liquids only if she actually did) - not unusual for anorexics but also not the behaviour of someone who is ‘really ready to recover’
She needs to realise that she is the only one who can make herself recover, she has been very passive this whole time, sharing body checks, liquid meal pics, isolating herself and then going “oh no I’m miserable, labs are bad, I feel like shit, oh why am I not getting better”

No. 1250507

File: 1623231057671.png (Spoiler Image, 798.14 KB, 807x497, spoop.PNG)

posts weird suggestive selfies and spoopy body checks constantly. is friends with the infamous Kate Kusmina

No. 1250513

File: 1623231395116.png (480.97 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210609-103542.png)

She's really going to town now. Lip gloss!

No. 1250521


urrggghhh! you should've spoilered that shit! now i have a face to put on my sleep paralysis demon. thanks

No. 1250522

If I didn’t know her and I saw this photo I would assume somebody was torturing a brain dead potato by putting clown makeup on them. Why are her eyes rolling back and in different directions?

No. 1250523

You can see that smirk even if she's wearing a mask. She got what she wanted and is living the time of her life getting coddled and treated like a frail waif. I'm sure she's playing all her symptoms to the max. It doesn't take that much to get admitted, blog but I was given an iv over night just because of a bit of dehydration and low BP nothing life threatening. She's such a drama queen. Also the description "for more info DM me" normal people who were actually distressed about being unwell and not just trying to get attention wouldn't be fishing for dms

No. 1250529

File: 1623232765647.jpg (32.19 KB, 343x483, E gurn face.JPG)

No idea, but I remember seeing a lot of people with a similar expression at nightclubs in the late 90s.

No. 1250544

>the last thing you see before your drunk aunt gives you vodka scented smooches

I don’t get her at all. She has conventionally attractive features. She may not be a stunning supermodel but she is definitely pretty. How the fuck does she manage to look so monstrously horrifying?

No. 1250547

She’s defo mentally challenged. Who the fuck wears this to a christening? Room temperature IQ.

No. 1250549

>If you follow someone who thinks the royal family are cute, doesn't make you a monarchist/any less of a republican

>implying being a monarchist is a bad thing

No. 1250550

The look of a b/p-induced high

No. 1250567

File: 1623236264112.png (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 750x1334, CA777D06-8A7C-491F-9739-8018F7…)

brave queen

No. 1250568

>>1250482 Cecelia is barely underweight. I wouldn't be surprised if she's riding the 18.5. That's fine and doesn't mean she isn't sick but the frail waif denver acute shtick is ridiculous. Imho she does more extreme behaviors but in the short term for the coveted medical instability.

No. 1250569

Good old body check with some half-baked attempt at feminism sloppily thrown over it. "I chose not to shave today for the first time. I shave because I like it, not because I have to. I will not apologise for my natural body."

No. 1250570

File: 1623237074501.png (Spoiler Image, 169.61 KB, 578x417, CLOMmyGUMAQZ3w1.png)


>2+2=5 ?

But if you're taking that route, what's not to adore about the royals?

No. 1250581

Oh my god one whole day!
Am I dumb or isn’t it more normal to shave one every few days to a week than every day?

No. 1250582

yeah unless you have like crazy fast hair growth, i don't see why you'd have to shave your armpits every day lol

No. 1250584

Shaving every day is pointless and would make your pits sore. These days they get done when I can be arsed (not often), but it's not a feminism thing and so I won't make a post about my armpits.

I'm waiting for her to do the freebleed seeing how she keeps getting her period back.

No. 1250587

and yet from the looks of it her pits are clean-shaven? It is like when the women in the adverts shave their already hairless legs.

No. 1250595

I'm not sure what you're trying to say? I'm not even sure why you brought up monarchy, actually. I'm just saying it isn't a bad thing. Imagine having preferred President Blair to the Queen, lmao.

No. 1250622

Am I crazy or does Anna actually look a bit underweight?

No. 1250627

O ffs. Step by step.

*Someone said Ruby Granger following a recovery account makes RG a suspected eating disordered person.

*I said following someone who AND YOU CAN INSERT ANYTHING HERE eg works in retail/thinks Adele is an amazing singer/has schizophrenia/is vegan/is bisexual/IS A MONARCHIST does not mean that YOU, the person following that person, ALSO has the same job/taste/illness/EATING DISORDER/sexuality/love for a public figure.

MEANING just because she follows recovery accounts does not make her anorexic. If she follows gays, it doesn't make her gay. If she follows Taylor Swift fans, it doesn't mean she does, and so on.

Please learn comprehension. It scums up the thread having to explain things.

No. 1250644

shut up you autistic femcel

No. 1250652

lolcow is a chan website. i know most of us are women but if you thought farmers here would subscribe to your radfem bullshit you were wrong. now stfu and discuss what's supposed to be discussed here or leave

No. 1250653

i agree with anons saying that granger has an “anorexic look” about her. looking back at pictures of her shes lost a bit but you cant deny her face is sickly looking. just because she isnt a spoop and isnt losing 10kg a month doesn’t mean she cant be disordered. im putting my money on her having ednos/osfed.

No. 1250667

For ducks sake the point is no1curr. This board isn’t to speculate on whether someone has an eating disorder or not. It is to mock pro Ana scum and LARPers. She is neither of those things and there for this conversation does not belong here. Stop.

No. 1250669

god i was wondering when someone with any sense was going to interact with this sperging, thanks anon

No. 1250685

File: 1623247813957.jpg (322.57 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20210609-101035_Ins…)

No. 1250704

You can tell how hard she’s straining to pop her collarbones, kek

No. 1250714

Kek samefag sorry for all the rage induced typos

No. 1250715

No. 1250719

it appears lolcow is turning more and more into and internal b*tchfest than actually focusing on the larpers and Pro-Anas

No. 1250732

I think it’s because of her vegan diet, especially as she seems to eat a lot of raw meals. She looks gaunt like all the fruitarians and raw foodists on YouTube. She’s probably not getting enough fat in her diet as she’s not eating dairy. ANYWAYS she is not anorexic and doesn’t belong here

No. 1250737

File: 1623251518124.jpeg (1015.16 KB, 828x1713, 6D707583-72F5-4B10-AD8C-953B1E…)

And yet you continue to talk about her? She’s not ana, she’s not a cow, stop sperging and let’s focus on someone more bovine!

Verging on 18 with nothing better to do than food shop with mumsy while larping a recovery Queen, bopo influencer.

No. 1250738

File: 1623251553075.png (903.19 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210609-161149.png)

Speaking of LARPers, Ham, you behave like you're mentally 12 years old.

No. 1250745

Turning 18 with nothing to show
No friends
No job
No hobbies
No plans of going into education
Just mummy and a fake ed. Bleak.

No. 1250752

It's possible she is a few pounds underweight, but she doesn't look underweight IMO. The tiktok is about a month old anyway.

No. 1250801

Is that a safety pin hanging off her earring? Is she going punk now?

Even her bedroom has no personality. A print of a rock on her wall.

No. 1250811

File: 1623256509973.png (432.48 KB, 595x589, Ovi-1.png)

Ovi posted some new body check comparisons, and as usual they're pretty much the same.

No. 1250814

File: 1623256669373.jpg (742.15 KB, 2048x2048, Ovi-2.jpg)

Nobody liked the tweet either and it's been up for awhile. Does she ever feel embarrassed about posting these?

No. 1250820

Ovi's had an ED account since 2018 and is yet to lose any weight, kek
but she is a bit less milky lately

No. 1250821

“Skinny” is an adjective nobody with functioning eyes would ever use to describe Ovi, much less “skinnier”. Plus she’s using a filter so….. does anyone on edtwt ever call her out or do they feed (hehe) into her ‘anorexia’ delusion?

The milk should be flowing tomorrow anons! I know not everyone has a huge social life and some people choose it, but spending your entire 18th with your parents because it’s your ONLY option (no friends) is legit sad. Can’t exactly “get your life back” from your fake anorexia if you never had one to begin with.

No. 1250826

File: 1623257819582.jpg (43.53 KB, 474x632, mentally 12.jpg)

Beer and bottles of spirits or ice cream and iced gems?

No. 1250848

File: 1623259140765.jpg (313.81 KB, 1064x1646, Screenshot_20210609-131920_Ins…)

No. 1250860

What happened to "I won't likely be on here much for a few months" kek
There's no way she can stay off insta, insta is one of the primary reasons she's going

No. 1250864

File: 1623260032905.gif (199.06 KB, 220x180, love spurts all over her.gif)

>Very much feeling the love!

No. 1250893

Not only has she not lost weight, these are terrible comparison pictures. She's smiling in the second, which pulls her jowl fat up toward her cheeks and away from her chin. If she was making the same expression (and not using filters) she would look exactly the same. I think she knows that too.

No. 1251008

File: 1623267770238.jpg (115.07 KB, 592x725, EnzrD61XIAE_vFl.jpg)

IIRC another anon mentioned when she first came up in these threads that she had been getting a lot of anon messages calling her fat and such, and someone was replying to her account with similar messages. Then there was some callout where someone messaged the account and basically confirmed it was her sending herself hate.

There was also some drama because a Tiktok she made was used as fatspo, picrel. Combined with the lack of interaction with her tweets I don't doubt that most of her followers just use her account to trigger themselves.

No. 1251014

File: 1623267951352.jpg (293.54 KB, 1080x1080, ganer_gains_169147519203777938…)

After three long years of steady training, this is literally nothing. - No definition, no features, no mass.

All that due to her still-too-low caloric intake, one might suggest.

All that while posing as a fitness model, self-proclaimed trainer and life guru.

Way to go, Ganer!

No. 1251023

EDtwt is a pack of cunts so I'm surprised it's taken them this long to spot her in the ED tags and rip on her weight. They openly do it all the time, so she has to have known being a fat person larping an anorexic was going to end with her being torn apart by mentally ill kpop profile pics

No. 1251054

File: 1623270352961.jpeg (415.45 KB, 750x1055, 1553A255-CE4D-4748-A460-30322C…)


Everyone here always suggests the reason she has no definition is because her intake is too low but then look at Jen Peach, definitely eating a small amount and a lot of definition…
There is something going on with Ganer that doesn’t add up but not sure it’s the calories

No. 1251069

why has she obscured her tiktok username? everyone knows it was the same as her insta one.

No. 1251073

what are you hinting at?

No. 1251074

File: 1623271670766.jpeg (87.68 KB, 224x399, B73B0E27-F16B-4E4F-B2A1-C0A0C8…)

Just look at that ingrained dirt on N2F’s hand

No. 1251081

File: 1623272068603.png (929.59 KB, 748x1334, img.png)

so much for not being active on insta for the next few months

No. 1251085

Of this particular lolcow thread, pro ana scumbags, I meant. Seriously, not picking their eyebrows is .. not milk.

No. 1251100

Maybe where she is does things differently but unless she’s been getting adequate calories from supplements or whatever, after “not eating solids” for however long that portion size looks suspiciously…off. Like, clearly she isn’t in danger of refeeding syndrome (….or is it just me seeing this?)

No. 1251103

If she hasn't eaten any solids in a while those sausages are going to fuck her up

No. 1251112

Absolutely not will they give that meal to someone who has gone into hospital admission for anorexia. You’re at risk of refeeding syndrome snd they focus on much more nutrient heavy foods…. not sausages and microwaved egg or whatever that shite is. Proof right there of the lies.

No. 1251114

how is this her 'first chance to attempt recovery?'

No. 1251118

Dude just fucking shut up already

No. 1251125

man I’ve never seen a cooked breakfast in hospital it’s always porridge or toast (although cecelias constant ‘I’m too sick to be sent to X’ confuses me and I’m not sure where she is right now - an ED unit or just a general ward?)

I assume she meant because breakfast was the first food she was eating today, rather than this admission in general being her first chance, but I might be interpreting it wrong

No. 1251152

>>1251081 that's not a refeeding meal plan. And didn't she claim the other day to not be keeping water down?

No. 1251153

She's on a normal medical unit, so that's something that would be reasonably available (depending on the hospital). A lot of American hospitals have pretty big menus that patients can order from.

I doubt she's on any type of meal plan unless that hospital is particularly good and has an eating disorder protocol. She probably just has an order for "general diet" and is allowed to order off the usual menu. Most medical units that don't see a lot of eating disorder patients are just going to encourage them to eat, unless they're so medically compromised that they need NG feeds / TPN or they're flat out refusing to try to eat.

No. 1251154

Samefag, but I've noticed that in Australia / the UK it seems to be protocol to put eating disorder patients on NG feeds right away as part of the refeeding protocol (more so in Australia than the UK). In the US, it's absolutely not normal and even specialized units will try to start patients with oral supplements or food from the beginning. Like I said, though, she's definitely on a regular medical unit and what she's eating probably isn't even being overseen by a dietitian. Even if they put in a consult for a dietitian, it's unlikely that she would have already been seen by the time she had to order that meal.

No. 1251161

>Samefag, but I've noticed that in Australia / the UK it seems to be protocol to put eating disorder patients on NG feeds right away as part of the refeeding protocol
Why is that the case? It seems unnecessarily traumatising to tube someone who is refusing to eat solid foods/drink oral supplement drinks. Surely they should be given a chance? It's clearly possible if it doesn't happen as a matter of routine in America. I mean it must be safe otherwise it would be routine there, too?

No. 1251164

I have no idea why they do it and would love to know, given that it's very safe to use actual food / oral supplements in most cases (this is how ACUTE handles most patients - they only use feeding tubes if patients are persistently refusing or have a medical reason that they can't consume enough orally).

My guess is that it may be an attempt to reduce refeeding syndrome cases / deaths on medical units where the personnel aren't familiar with eating disorders, since maybe it's easier to give them a guideline that says "order tube feeds that provide x calories a day, according to this algorithm for x and increase at y rate" than to ask them to figure it out with food. But that's just a guess.

No. 1251168

Yaaay proud of you queen!

No. 1251193

AYRT, sorry, I meant to say it seems unnecessarily traumatic to tube someone who ISN'T refusing to eat food/drink oral supplements. Apologies.

No. 1251225

So she got her precious admission. I bet that she just dehydrated and restricted herself more just to get admitted, it’s not really that hard to do in a US hospital, especially right now when most hospitals are trying to make up for lost revenue due to COVID. A younger woman with simple dehydration and low blood sugar who happens to have two types of insurance is a cash cow for a hospital. Ofc she’s ridiculously playing it up, everyone in the hospital gets an IV no matter why they’re there, same for a wheelchair (until it’s established they can safely walk themselves afaik). She’s not sick enough to not be given a normal meal tray, so no major refeeding or other issues going on. Nor is she sick enough to stop taking selfies and posting on IG.

It is a BPD attention whore’s dream come true tho, and she’s milking it. She’ll never stop being an ana chan as long as she gets asspats for it, unless she decides to go the munchie route down the line, tho I don’t see that happening as long as she can still get off playing ana kween. They need to send her to a facility that takes away internet access and doesn’t play into her attention whore-victim game.

No. 1251265

File: 1623286128961.png (2.06 MB, 1866x1192, lol.png)

showing off her neda tat in the hospital. she's looking suuuuuper spoopy guys im so worried. i see she found the energy to remind us again how hard she finds it to eat solid food.

No. 1251270

"nutritional rehab"

How is everything she says so pretentious

No. 1251286

hahhahahhaha does she think this is the arm of a superspoop or something? fucksake she’s exhausting. as far as average looking LARPers go she gets my back up more than Ham

No. 1251308

I know it might seem that way based on the munchie types posted here but as far as adults in public hospitals go NG is not used unless oral intake has failed. One reason I think they use NG with kids is that 'nutritional rehab'(as Cecelia puts it) is prioritized and they want to establish firm boundaries early on. But as far as adults go, NG feeds are only used if food/supplements has failed. Having said that they're not going to let a patient sit in an expensive hospital bed refusing food for long due to funding/resource issues. Standard protocol for medical admissions in the hospital here is to get the patients heart rate, blood pressure, blood tests etc stabilized and bmi roughly 15-16 and then discharge with community followup/possible admission to a specialist ED unit.

No. 1251311

Huh, thanks for the correction! I guess I've been misled by the attention-seekers/cows that I follow, since they often talk about having to have NG feeds and not being allowed food during the first few days. Good to know that's just drama.

No. 1251347

There's an even more recent video (1 day old) by this girl saying that she called in another wellness check and was told by "a supervisor" that Caroline was receiving treatment.

No. 1251356

File: 1623293685135.png (1.09 MB, 742x1264, Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 10.5…)

I was looking through Cecelia's ig highlights and saw this where she said the only time she's been inpatient was general psych inpatient. That means her first time ed inpatient was this past year, but the way she talks now she makes it sounds like she's been inpatient for anorexia several times?

No. 1251358

File: 1623293829921.jpg (243.16 KB, 1080x1985, Screenshot_20210610-141042_Tik…)

My apologies i saw that after I initially posted so deleted my first post. For anyone wondering.. this is the girl on tiktok who has been phoning the hospital and getting the police involved etc.. regarding Caroline. Initially it appeared she had been discharged but they've since received info that she is still receiving treatment just likely from another place.

No. 1251389

She pretends she’s been inpatient many times to boost her also fake claim she’s a SEED or chronic anorexia patient. But she’s not, she’s had an ED for a lot less time than she says, and she claims to be much sicker than she actually is. She’s the same ana attention whore who claimed to be in bone marrow failure and too sick for inpatient, while she’s never been spoopy. Underweight yeah, but nowhere near the levels of the severe anorexia she acts like she has.

No. 1251413

i think you’re making a good point actually. ganer definitely seems genetically predisposed to have a higher bf % than jen peach. also, muscle memory plays a huge role in training and jen was a competitive all star cheerleader before her eating disorder, and they do some pretty impressive stuff. i’m sure jen is just naturally more muscular/inclined to build muscle than ganer. however ganer not eating enough is also a factor in why she just looks like some regular old bitch despite training for years

No. 1251488

This whole neda tattoo thing is extremely pathetic. I cant image anyone who's truly suffering due to their ed would want a reminder burned into their body forever

No. 1251501

Agreed why would you want the fact you had an eating disorder plastered on your arm forever. screams attention if you ask me.

No. 1251511

This. And its not like a normal hospital wouldn't know about refeeding syndrome. It also happens to alcoholic and cancer patients so if she actually had such a horrible intake as she makes it sound like she would be on a refeeding meal plan. Usually consisting of 3 very small meals a day (talking half a slice of bread with half a slice of cheese kind of meals) not oily sausages. If you gave that to someone as spoopy as cecelia wishes she were they'd drop dead

No. 1251519

Has anyone got any hams before pictures cause to me she looked the exact same weight since she started?

No. 1251522

Kek before what exactly anon?

No. 1251523

File: 1623312987480.jpeg (183.24 KB, 750x852, 3BCD9CCE-0D2C-443C-9ABB-E27506…)

Maria’s in Cecilia’s comments. She has finally ascended to SEED status /s

Her meal plan looks like the typical normal diet order (source: worked in hospitals in the us) This means she either was able to consume enough calories via liquids to not be high risk or she didn’t lose a significant amount of weight. I assume she’s moderate risk due to some weight loss and somewhat restricted intake. They’re probably watching labs but aren’t concerned. I loled at her team being surprised by how much she ate

No. 1251527

Wonder if the twins read here. Second time ITT I’ve seen them not so subtly call out a cow and ngl I’m kinda living for it

No. 1251530

Lmao I'm not surprised she's eating normally again as soon as she's in the hospital. She's achieved what she wanted now that she's in the hospital she's gotten the validation she wanted as the sickest ana ever and now she's fishing for asspats for being the greatest recovery warrior ever
When she gets transfered to the edu and is faced with actual anas im sure she's going to play it up again when she realises she isn't the sickest and doesnt get the same amount of attention as she would get in a general hospital where she might be the only anachan. I'm sure she suddenly won't be able to eat again when she goes to the edu so that she can get her coveted nose hose

No. 1251532

I thought the exact same when I saw Maria's comment.i never thought the twins would be arsed because they're in their little bubble, but they're bitchy about each others weight so…

No. 1251533

File: 1623313932854.jpg (393.88 KB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20210610-103153_Ins…)

It has begun. Many brave challenges to come

No. 1251541

It'll be nice to see/hear about her friends. Hope she shares her book gift haul with us.

No. 1251543

I’m sure they were impressed kek. Not that they were just being professionals dealing with an adult attention whore. She is loving her hospital stay and the asspats that come with it, she’s going to be such a huge pain in the ass for the resi program she’s going to, I pity everyone who has to deal with her. She’s acting like an overgrown toddler but more manipulative.

No. 1251547

Come off it Cecelia, I had to use a wheelchair when I broke my nose in the states because it was their policy/they can charge you or your insurer for it.

And you waited to be admitted before eating solids again, apparently. Sus twat - hails recovery warrior but waited until then to start eating again for sick clout. Again, this is why she’s the worst(no1curr)

No. 1251556

File: 1623316013410.jpeg (133.68 KB, 1076x1444, 86C07FB1-7FDA-4CC3-885F-824773…)

Oh lawd. Grab your popcorn, anons

No. 1251558

File: 1623316418938.jpg (396.94 KB, 926x1204, bhf.jpg)

Don't forget it is the logo of an association, not a general recovery thing. It is like getting a tat of the BHF logo or something.

No. 1251560

Can anyone with access to Maria's account see which cows, if any, she follows? I'd love it if she started really openly calling them out.

No. 1251575

>>1251533 No way is Hannah only 17/18?! She looks older. I guess that's what happens when starvation most definitely hasn't stunted your physical development kek

How come she's been discussed here if she's just a minor?

No. 1251577


People over 16 are discussed (16 and under are banned I think)

No. 1251579

This is 100% for attention. It's just her way of getting it, as opposed to pretending to have chronic lyme or whatever. Most severe anorexics don't throw themselves into recovery as soon as they get a hospital bed, don't chow down every meal put in front of them etc. But this was her goal and now she's going to play good little patient.

No. 1251582

Some of the cows she follows are: remi, anorexiadiaryy, ganer, dharma, Ellie may (though I wouldn't call her a cow anymore), zara, Paris, marybxtxh (or whatever her name is), hxn, Laura, cecelia, Anna, molly, (Elzani and ro also not sure if still cows), smorven … thats some of them anyway

No. 1251625

“hannahfightsthis” what is the “this”? sanity? vegetables?

No. 1251643

Kek at the vegetables

No. 1251648

File: 1623332523026.png (3.24 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0525.PNG)

she is truly milking this hospital stay for all it's worth

No. 1251649

File: 1623332958401.jpg (265.17 KB, 1076x1342, Screenshot_20210610-150516_Ins…)

Surprised she didn't get it done like this

No. 1251652

I am dead! Good job anon, this better make next thread’s thumbnail.

No. 1251661

kek 'day in my life'. cecelia you got to the hospital TWO DAYS AGO lmao she acts like she's been there for months.. the attention seeking is so transparent it's sad

No. 1251662

Notice she's also just getting three meals not three meals and three snacks like ana chans get when they go into hospital.

No. 1251668

Am i dumb where did she say that?

No. 1251680


It’s on the whiteboard at the foot of her bed.

Where are the “day in my life” when she’s actually outside and living, working, socialising… or is nothing worth showing unless it’s lying in a hospital bed
But of course she’s not pro ana

No. 1251684

Thanks im blind. Definitely not a refeeding meal plan kek you don't get snacks in early refeeding where I work. She kept going on about her intake only being liquid but like if you drink 1800-2000 calories or whatever she needs to sustain her weight at where it is then what's the difference? Liquid sounds more ana?

No. 1251685

She even gave out her hospital room phone number it seems. Hope no unfortunates waste the hospitals time, more so than what cecilia is.

No. 1251687

What a dumb bitch. Hope no one does that though. hospitals already going through a lot dealing with her bpd "superspoop" anachan larp
30 year old woman happy about getting praised by nurses for eating food. Beyond pathetic.

No. 1251697

File: 1623338435910.jpeg (426.79 KB, 1125x1823, 53721B3A-E7A1-44BC-B00A-1B09F4…)

Hannah not quite understanding the assignment… This girl is painfully unfunny. Imagine spending your 18th commenting on a bunch of ana recovery accounts

No. 1251700


Took me a good few minutes to get that she was meaning food is food not calories? Really trying to work out how Ham (the person) is food. She just ate way too much bacon

No. 1251702

File: 1623338800139.jpeg (216.87 KB, 363x645, 539B75AB-882B-4B92-B0EF-013E6A…)

Is that wool?

No. 1251703

The minimum a person would do on their 18th, lockdown regs or not, is have a few friends over, go out for your first "legal" drink. Even having some neighbour friends in for coffee and some of that biscoff cake if no friends. How can she be this tragic.

No. 1251706

Yeah. Looks like some ribbon trimming on the shelf above.

No. 1251713

Legal drink? Not for Ham, dear anon, think of all the LiQuiD cALoRiEs

No. 1251714

I see her as a Bailey's girl. She should feel the fear and do it anyway.

No. 1251715


Always good to have the presence of mind to grab that when you’re at death’s door

No. 1251716


Aldi’s chocolate flavoured Irish liquor

No. 1251721

KEK. I was gonna say WKD blue because she seems the type to take a couple of sips at a house party and pretend to be hammered (you know the sort) but you win, anons

No. 1251722

File: 1623340034200.png (126.9 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20210610-164450~2.p…)

They really do have knock off Bailey's. Bet you can't tell the difference!

It's quite negligent to leave something that could be made into a ligature in the room with someone who has suicide face like she does. Hope her followers keep sending their love.

No. 1251723

There are pics of her ~preED~ swigging from a wkd bottle, or ALDI similar.

No. 1251724

I love that this image is the first thing I see when I first open the site today

No. 1251726

Oh god. Was she actually with people her own age or did mumsy let her have one with her frozen pizza one weekend?

No. 1251729

Not too far off then. But are you even British if one of your formative experiences isn’t passing out in a field after too much Tesco value vodka & red bull? I’m concerned Ham might have missed out

No. 1251733

why are you retards sperging on about cheap liquor

No. 1251742

post pic please i’d love to see this.

No. 1251761

wouldnt she also have more details on the board if she was genuinely in for ana? And a 1-1 for food? sorry for dumbfag, im not in the states

No. 1251762

File: 1623343335873.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 3F00C548-5E9A-4CE2-9E1C-0BFEFD…)

Ffs. Honestly…?

No. 1251763

File: 1623343410320.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, C432BBFC-9D27-4C78-B6F8-A7BB5A…)

Whoever cowtipped has made this cow even more insufferable.

No. 1251764

But anon, remember, tHe CaLoRiEs, and how would she deal with the comments on breakfast the next morning, all of the others expressing great concern at her measly 4 pancakes with spreads…

No. 1251768

>>1251762 "a sick person in a hospital" my sides what a dainty waif we mustn't forget

No. 1251769

Wondering if she's just lurking tbh, and using it for ass pats, could her not censoring it have been on purpose?

No. 1251772

>>1251762 gotta lean back and make sure to look sooper sick by straining the neck

No. 1251774

It's in a past thread. I'll look for it.

No. 1251775

I'll take things that definitely happened for 600, Alex

No. 1251776

Light relief from the anons infighting & sperging about Ruby Granger.

No. 1251777

File: 1623344162682.png (706.1 KB, 720x848, 1613242692588.png)

Didn't take long to find…

No. 1251779

Theres no way cecelia isn't lurking she's probably updating the page every five minutes to see if something new was posted about her. Wouldn't be surprised if no one called it would be very in character for her and her attention seeking ways

No. 1251782

File: 1623344355694.png (845.15 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210610-175844.png)

I hope Ham is proud af when she manages to eat her burger and chips again.

Didn't invite any friends.

No. 1251783

yeah I dont think this happened

No. 1251787

I honestly don’t think she reads here because if she did she would absolutely be posting about it crying for attention, and I doubt she could find it on her own without being cowtipped

No. 1251788

>having an ED has changed me

No, Ham. If anything, faking anorexia makes you look MORE desperate

No. 1251791

I hope the birthday sash is staying on for lunch.

No. 1251792

File: 1623344986401.jpg (322.72 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20210610-124812_Ins…)

The smug smirk. It's too much

No. 1251794

Oh I'm sure it will. She'll be telling every stranger she's 18. She'll have to wait for Santa now for more surprises.

No. 1251795

I hope part of her recovery is getting bangs

No. 1251796

can't wait for when she gets to erc and suddenly undoes all of her "progress" and gets tubed

No. 1251797

Gotta get those lead wires in the shot so we can all see that she is in fact a sick person in the hospital

No. 1251798

Nothings going to save that horse face

No. 1251805

This girl eats out more than most people I know, even if it is usually crap like McDonalds. I get the “challenge repeat” thing for actual anorexics but come on. She was scoffing cake in some cafe at the start of her miraculous rEcOveRy. Trying so hard not to a-log but ahhhhhh arghhhh ahhhhhhh (proud x hugs x)

No. 1251810

She’s loving it. What happened to “not being on here for a few months” ? Put your phone down Cecelia and pick up that fork like you really want to. She’s like Laura and the rest of the attention-seeking BPD cows, only with the ‘virtue’ of being slightly underweight.

No. 1251822

That smirk is really something, she’s disgustingly proud of herself even though it also doesn’t take much to get on a heart monitor. Dehydration alone can mess with heart rate, as can lack of nutrition. Tldr you’re not special, Cecelia, just another attention whore pimping yourself out on IG for asspats.

No. 1251828


Ham missed the bit of her research where people actually get better… normal people who recover in the way she has with supportive family, weight restoration (kek), challenging food all the time for the best part of a year DON’T have every unhealthy food as a fear food as much after a year as the first time. She treats every challenge as if it’s the first challenge. Her meal out now is still as scary as the meal out she had on holiday. Cake is still as scary as the five other times she had cake. McDonald’s is still scary as every single week she has McDonald’s.
Every time she posts a video she gets a thousand likes and praise from kids with EDs so she keeps the same formula knowing that if she gets actually better (and therefore doesn’t need to indulge her ED) she will lose the community as we have seen with some cows. So her recovery process is literally a straight flat line that is going nowhere.

No. 1251860

File: 1623348955221.png (1.17 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210610-191543.png)

She ate it all and is proud of herself. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1251884

File: 1623349982675.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 803.7 KB, 828x1271, 35BBD89B-37DB-4C3A-8712-86A235…)

what the actual fuck is in her hair

No. 1251890


How nice of her super serious anorexia to wait til summer so it's more convenient for her to get treatment. This whole hospital stunt is so ridiculous

No. 1251897

oh my god she's so special needs

No. 1251903

Its also perfectly times for her sisters wedding next month

No. 1251907

G&T? kek no way would she genuinely choose that, probably read here and frantically googled “low calorie booze”

No. 1251912

File: 1623351455062.jpeg (21.05 KB, 183x275, 50A41DB5-6270-49E6-AE4A-7624A8…)

No. 1251913

I see the joke she’s trying to make, that food isn’t just numbers, easy to see what she meant despite poor delivery

No. 1251919

Typical recovery Ana shit, food is more than numbers etc, whatever. Ham isn’t saying their food? Or a number? Like she has so much to pick at and laugh at, but here it seems a few of you just didn’t understand what she said, again despite poor delivery

No. 1251923

Those are hair ties, but she’s wearing them in an especially sped way. They are supposed to be used like normal hair ties, not whatever is going on here.

She’s claiming to be an SLP, not an SLPA which means she has at least a masters degree, 5-6 years+ of higher education. She’s acting like she’s some lofty professional yet here she is posting blatantly pro ana hospital pics (gown pulled down for collarbones, body checking, general hospital porn etc), basking in all the attention she’s getting. She’s got to be at least 27-28 if not older, but is truly just a pro ana scumbag on an adolescent bpd train wreck level. So gross.

No. 1251928

hi cecilia

No. 1251931

To be fair, she wrote about "not being on here for a while" on her "personal" account, not her "recovery" account.

No. 1251933

nope. just someone who's been paying attention.

No. 1251934

File: 1623352061588.png (238.55 KB, 720x674, Screenshot_20210610-200634~2.p…)

Here is an img

No. 1251936

I see it. Just find the fact she literally cannot relate (not once seen a professional for her so-called “Ed”) more amusing

No. 1251940

Yep she clearly waited until she was done with work then starved and dehydrated herself beyond ED to get a general hospital admission for asspats/ana chan street cred. Ofc she’s playing the victim when she did this to herself on purpose and has the benefit of a job and two health insurances. There are a lot of people with EDs who are much sicker but don’t have the resources for treatment they’d actually benefit from.

I guarantee she’ll go inpatient/residential, play recovery queen for a while, then have a totally ‘unplanned’ relapse as soon as she’s not getting enough asspats anymore. The only way she’s getting better is getting social media taken away and people not coddling her any more. Her relationship with her doctor is sounding more and more like Jonzys unfortunately, same with her comments about this hospital stay. She loves the medical coddling and concern she gets, and unless that stops she’s not going to stop her attention whoring behavior.

No. 1251949

File: 1623353150865.png (543.06 KB, 365x504, fvginger.png)

Anna Johnson, The Fit Vegan Ginger has returned after some smallish hiatus and some kind of earthly boyfriend.
And oh my, she got a bit chubby around her bodyparts.

Good for her!

No. 1251950

Two health insurances but still can't go to ACUTE because of insurance reasons mk

No. 1251954

Gtfo, she looks like a normal woman. Why do some anons get their panties so twisted when cows actually seem to get better and try moving on with their life?

No. 1251955


You cannot cure mad.

Get over it.

No. 1251962

you're so fucked in the head if you think this is chubby , shows how brainwashed by the spoops anons have become. she's a normal size. not everyone needs to be skinny

No. 1251963

But she's not tho she's returning to her exercise purging and talking about her bullshit degree

No. 1251967

The boyfriend saga ended too soon which it's truly a shame since it seemed to be doing her some good weight-wise

No. 1251974


I don't think an ED unit would do it for her, since she most likely wouldn't be one of the more serious cases. She might look skinny compared to people at an healthy bmi but throw her in a sea of actual anas and she wouldn't stand out at all.

It's just weird to see an adult woman behave like she's doing. Imagine have no other plans for your vacation as to get yourself sick in order to get your dose of attention at an hospital. It's all so planned out and she's not even trying to hide it.

No. 1251989

Definitely. Compared to how sickly and thin she was this is absolutely normal.

No. 1251993

File: 1623355054253.jpeg (143.81 KB, 750x1048, E76C59A5-D95E-4F8A-AD43-58004D…)

Just Ham eating about 5 portions of cake

No. 1251996

File: 1623355156258.jpeg (142.02 KB, 750x939, FE01CCF4-298F-49DE-8551-FC70C6…)

id say it’s more than 5

No. 1252007

holy shit, she spent her 18th alone with her mum and dad larping anorexia. No friends, nothing. I wonder if there's some deeper shit like her getting pulled out of school at a young age

No. 1252016

File: 1623355779598.jpeg (409.58 KB, 1125x1442, 2D9ABFC7-8AFB-4481-BB18-7582BD…)

No. 1252018

She claimed one of them was Medicare, which ACUTE does not accept. However this doesn't add up because if she was working even part time as an SLP she'd be making more then the SSDI income limit, which is how you get Medicare at her age. Perhaps she meant Medicaid, which is more believable, but full-time SLPs would certainly make more then the income limit for that too. Either she's lying about being an SLP and is some kind of part-time assistant while collecting disability, or she lied about having Medicare as an excuse for why she couldn't go to ACUTE because she knows they don't accept it and didn't want to admit they rejected her for not being spoopy/medically compromised enough.

No. 1252024

File: 1623356060735.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 773DA968-6DDE-4850-955E-A93065…)

She’s going away with her only “friend” her mum. Anyone else think there strangely close. I’m getting incest vibes with the amount of time ham spends with her.