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File: 1692386273269.png (911.48 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_4899.png)

No. 1883975

Read the rules, Newfags. Upper left hand tab that says [Rules]. Read it all. Then click the part where where it says "Check this guide to learn about posting on lolcow.farm." Read that too.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1874088

Last thread saw the udders start to plump with potential new cow milk. Farmers were thrilled, or not, because apparently all we do on here is make fun of poor, pathetic anachans because our lives are sooooper sad. Uwu.

Laura attempted to attempted. Or attempted to attempt to attempt (?) by climbing up her window to presumably try to launch herself out…or who knows with her. Regardless, the big event was that the physical limits of the building structure combined with Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation combined with hamplanet Laura’s black-hole-esque gravitational pull…and a striking cocktail of antipsychotics melting her brain…caused an unfortunate plummet to the ground, breaking her delicate dancing foot. Don’t worry though farmers, she bravely fought through it and shows up authentically leg lifting herself to new heights, and new supported accommodations. Speaking of new supported accommodations, it’s all but been confirmed that Laura’s psychotic break and scurrry scurry voices were all part of a plot to secure different supported accommodations. Our spider-feeling, man-hearing, dainty Ana queen is suddenly so compliant and willing to improve after seeing the opportunity to move to upgraded digs. If she keeps at this long enough, maybe she’ll secure herself a stay at Balmoral for some shooting.

Marie/Elise is perhaps living on her own, though no one can figure out how or why. Posted some EDTWT body checks and basked in the glow of her single digit BMI flooding her feed with UwU “omg ur so tiny Elise..be careful”. Will she be careful, or will the consumption take her out like the frail Victorian ghost child that she is.

Speaking of single digit BMIs, did you know Zara pulled herself out of the single digits herself? How did she Zarvive, you ask? We don’t know….but she’ll likely tell us at some point when she releases her Zarvival Podcast (trademark pending…probably).

Enara presented to the ED with Acute Suicidal Ideation, a plan, active bleeding head wound (minor), psychomotor agitation, pressured speech, infighting at the Pony club and raging bpd at 2145. Not only did she not get seen by a doctor within 30 minutes, she was also exposed to a mentally ill, naked man. She self assessed as a Category 2 or 3 patient for gods sakes. Interestingly, she’s managed to keep herself quite safe despite the lack of desired medical intervention. Makes one think that maybe her tri-weekly A&E pilgrimages are not needed.

Becca claims IS NOT BPD, guys. She’s autistic. Sadly, Becca’s family dog was removed at exactly 12:12 8 days ago. Lyn may or may not have made a surprise appearance as a euthanasia vet. Becca’s got bones to pick with her excruciating bones. Still.

Stef left on a jet plane. Farmers suspect she’s on her annual trip to the ERC ITU, or perhaps even the holy grail, ACUTE. There have been no recent wide angle lens full body photos or pictures of weirdly bony chest. Maybe she’s learned…or maybe she’s been warned that she’ll get the boot if she TikTok’s her way through the feeding farm like last year. Keep alert.

Lucinda is alive. She made a return to social media looking like a spoopy Jenna Ortega/Raggedy Anne doll cross. Still as unhinged as ever.

Kate gained weight. She’s no longer the most Ana of all Ana queens. She looks good. She should stay here. She should also find a new hobby and focus on screwing in drain pipes or whatever she does.

Katbeatanorexia…by a lot.

Rachel rising is still shilling her fake recovery content and challenging herself to black coffees and coloring her hair in ways that makes her ghoulish face look more spoopy. More spoop, more $.

RecoveryforMedicine continued to provide some low key entertainment. Mostly in the form of her inability to recognize that she’s gotten a heavy hand of special accommodations, that she’s not the skelly queen that she believes she is, and that she actually has to make an effort in her NHS funded day program. She just wants to go back to staring at babies for 48 hours straight. She’s a comfort to those incubated babies who end up imprinting on her haggard face.

Lauren and Emily funded their way through a whole day in Ibiza. Rumour has it that they took pills to show Avicii they were cool, and when they finally got sober they felt ten years older…and looked that way too. No one has seen or heard from them since. Jk. They’re around.

Additional cows: TimTam/TinTin/TamZin/Zyrtec whatever her their name/names is/was, was brought back into the mix as was a quality photo of a self administered bolus tube feed using a mop as a bag pole. We love a resourceful cow - perhaps she could share some of her Zarvival skills on the new podcast.


No. 1883990

kek at thread pic, thanks anon

No. 1883996

File: 1692388394864.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1692.png)

how exactly is she not fit for work? surely no one is getting chucked out of a job for being maybe 5-10lbs underweight? none of her stories make any sense to me

No. 1884027

File: 1692393909803.jpeg (1.44 MB, 987x1784, IMG_3366.jpeg)

Her handle is green.leem, been in and out of hospitals despite barely being underweight. Likes to use the hospital bed and her tube as props for either pity or “inspirational” vids

No. 1884033

Respect to them for discharging early, she was clearly a massive pain in the arse. “Autism” or not, of course shit like this >>1878384 >>1878386 isn’t gonna be accommodated in a ward full of anorexics. Unhinged

No. 1884036

(also thanks nonna for the thread. Yeah your first attempt was a shit but at least you took the initiative)

No. 1884037

File: 1692394767797.jpeg (945.12 KB, 2048x2048, 736A8843-47DE-41CD-A9D3-C37929…)

Semi accurate timeline of her hospital stays

No. 1884039

Is there any milk to this one other than sharing vids of herself hospitalised?

No. 1884042

File: 1692395270057.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x2022, IMG_3395.jpeg)

She posts body checks, uses hospital for content, and brags about how many times she’s been hospitalized. Plus all the crying and self pity content. So I’d say yes

No. 1884044

File: 1692395550692.png (Spoiler Image,4.94 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_8722.png)

Know Luci isn’t really part of this thread but “Biggest slay” made me kek.
Jumpscare warning cause she’s looking like a corpse Michael Jackson bodychecking

No. 1884047

Thanks anon for the thread, was worried for a bit there. Ur work is appreciated

No. 1884048

Jesus Christ

No. 1884061

Most welcome. The title is a reference to LLL’s many stories highlighting this phrase with a sadface.

No. 1884074

The thing that most people don’t realize is that anyone can end up in the hospital with an IV and a tube if they just refuse to eat or drink anything for long enough. No actual ED required, though being normal or underweight speeds up the process.

And there’s girls who go IP for bulimia or EDNOS who are normal or overweight who decide they want to play ana for the attention. They’ll refuse to eat or drink anything and get tubed quick, because the rules have to apply equally to everyone even when it’s obvious they don’t miss meals.

This chick is clearly in the class of semi-ana chan/semi-wannabe, those types can be anywhere from obese to underweight and usually have some sort ED (or, if not, BPD or they’re a munchie [or both], but they exaggerate quite a bit and will stop eating and drinking for a couple days only to present at the ER acting like they are a skelly on their deathbed. And once they get the shiny prize they want, being hospitalized, they double down. It’s obvious because if they acting how they do in the hospital all the time, they’d have died a long time ago.

A lot of our farmed cows here fall into this category, like Cece, Porgie, Enara, Stefani, Becca, and recoveryformedicine, to name a few. They’re the ironic counterpart to the actually very ill ana chans who claim to be completely healthy at BMIs of 10 and scream at anyone who dares think otherwise.

No. 1884082

Not that I want to defend the cows, but I do think Cece and Stef are/were actually more physically ill than the others on that list. They definitely still play the same game (see: Stef always having a tube for several months in IP, which only happens if you keep refusing to eat and ironically doesn't happen that much with the super skellies who just want to GTFO) but they are starting from a lower physical point.

No. 1884095

File: 1692404016946.jpeg (209.67 KB, 1170x1045, 4AB1C923-58DE-4B05-AF08-A9208A…)

Does anyone remember Karen Owens? She was mentioned in the earlier threads years ago. She passed away recently.

No. 1884160

this bitch needs to croak(a-logging)

No. 1884168

Thanks for the thread and lolsome recaps, nona!

Based on her face, she looks more than 5-10bs underweight to me. She looks like she's perma dehydrated. But yeah, active anorexics can and do work - maybe not in a healthcare setting seeing patients though.

TBH, I bet seasoned EDU staff are used to autistic behaviours whether they realise it or not as there's such an overlap. The difference between them and RfM is RfM insists it means she needs special treatment and allowances in front of all the other struggling anas.

oh holy christ those poor sad boobs

No I agree with you nonnie. Cece practically revelled in her past illness and relapse, but she was near spoop levels.

No. 1884175

File: 1692413908612.jpeg (379.29 KB, 1170x1604, 13F27B5D-E158-4807-ADEE-9AE242…)

I really hate this girl, holidaying in the Middle East as a spoop with her boyfriend, her spoopy body checks are going viral too

No. 1884176

you want to post some milk?

No. 1884194

She doesn’t have an eating disorder so there’s no milk

No. 1884195

A toob isn’t at all mandatory for weight gain even when refeeding from a low weight. Oral refeeding is done all the time, as long as patients are willing to eat. NG tubes deliver supplement directly to the stomach, exactly like normal drinking. If a patient’s willing, they can do the same amount and speed of supplementation a tube does. Cece and Stefani get tubes because they see a toob as an ana status symbol. They’re physically able to eat normally even in refeeding, but purposely refuse to.

No. 1884197

Like Cece eating sausages for breakfast (v Jewish of her!) in general med ward, then once in EDU she can't eat at all.

No. 1884223

Yes she does kek

No. 1884262

Poor lady…she lost her third child fairly recently too so I guess she couldn't take it anymore and just gave up life. She seems that she helped a lot of children with special needs. That's really depressing rip,at least she is reunited with her children now.

No. 1884268

Girl posts loads of body checks, living super underweight, previously very milky with recovery based account but just in complete denial that she clearly had an ED

No. 1884269

Samefag also don’t whinge if the milk isn’t enough for you, just bring something better. Less whingefest more milk harvest

No. 1884270

File: 1692434989505.jpeg (2 MB, 1170x1919, 03D3FB34-195C-4630-A465-DABBB3…)

kek @ rachel posting her pancake recipe and it’s some orthorexic high protein low carb low fat recipe you’d find on ed twitter

No. 1884276

File: 1692436825089.png (456.37 KB, 1438x920, ewwwwwwwwwwwww.png)

I just creeped her tiktok and wtf is her uncle doing texting shit like this to her and wtf is she doing posting it like it's not creepy kek

No. 1884277

File: 1692436957640.png (463.24 KB, 1458x919, ewwwwwwwwwwww.png)

Samefag sorry I couldn't post the tiktok, it won't let me save it for some reason but here's the link: https://www.tiktok.com/@green.leem/video/7264231685003169067

No. 1884280

File: 1692437367140.png (224.87 KB, 514x919, bitchwtf.png)

Samefag again but wtf!!! Bitch wtf!!! She's texting shit like this to her uncle?!?! I'm wheezing nonnies, sorry for the exclamation points but omg

No. 1884302

Ummmmm??? Yeah these messages are beyond weird I don’t know what context would make it less weird…

No. 1884306


No. 1884308

The pupils! what!

No. 1884314

Are you serious anon? That's a shoop, she always shoops her face to look other worldly.

No. 1884315

otherworldly michael jackson-core

No. 1884318

But Michael Jackson post-death.

No. 1884319

duh thats the otherworldly part. he's in another world now.

No. 1884321

This is an image board. Post some screenshots, ffs

No. 1884326

File: 1692450466915.webm (13.38 MB, 1280x720, 9386739023.webm)

394 calories for that entire massive stack, 112 of which are protein, because god forbid she eat normal fucking carbs. Oh, and only 10g fat, because obviously she couldn't let herself use more than one egg yolk.

Very normal and recovery-oriented eating.

No. 1884360

File: 1692454698246.jpeg (215.91 KB, 1170x904, IMG_9210.jpeg)

Lyss at it again complaining she’s broke. We all know she wastes her money on binge food….maybe she should stop begging people for money/food because we all know it’s going straight to the toilet

No. 1884362

sorry for the nitpick but the way she makes all the pancakes different sizes and arranges them on the plate like that is so weird to me. also lol at that pitiful amount of sugar (probably sweetener though)

No. 1884374

She's right, she's not like other girls. She's worse. And making her whole personality hating people and flipping everyone off isn't edgy and cool anymore. Bitch is 34.

No. 1884382

I don’t think she claims to be super skelly though? Wasn’t it people on here comparing her to the twins just because they are doctors. She doesn’t look great but she’s never claimed to be on her deathbed so I don’t see the milk.

No. 1884384

File: 1692457542646.jpeg (32.1 KB, 237x320, IMG_9224.jpeg)

Someone needs to lock this girl up in treatment forever. Rumor has it she is in hospice

No. 1884385

File: 1692457585430.jpeg (21.43 KB, 243x320, IMG_9226.jpeg)

Like what is this

No. 1884391

>sitting at starbucks calling other girls basic

No. 1884393

It’s literally every treatment place “staff has a problem with her” and she is the victim. She needs a new hobby

No. 1884442

Her whole account is pretty milky

No. 1884445

niamh is claiming that someone is impersonating her on insta

No. 1884451

If you're gonna post this unsaged, at least give us a screenshot

No. 1884467

File: 1692470728789.jpeg (329.66 KB, 828x594, IMG_9563.jpeg)

Nikol posting her mom as fatspo

No. 1884469

Nonnie… that's clearly supposed to be thinspo, are you ok?

No. 1884472

That's definitely fatspo

No. 1884473

File: 1692471158396.jpeg (106.61 KB, 750x391, IMG_2714.jpeg)

Still well enough to post on EDSF

No. 1884477

She's 23 and in hospice because of her ED? Talk about giving up on someone

No. 1884484

Hospice isn’t End of Life care

No. 1884504

Yes it is, nona? I hope you're okay and not in hospice being lied to…

No. 1884506

File: 1692478308986.jpeg (471.45 KB, 828x1474, A157851A-BEBB-4214-8F90-D71E76…)

Depressing post from ham. She didn’t get results predicted for her high school exams that she took (two?) years later than everyone else because she was busy being a dying anorexic. Still went out for a calorie dense meal with hammum.

No. 1884508

File: 1692478867099.jpeg (180.75 KB, 827x1241, 8A1322E0-600D-4A51-8F17-11CE2B…)

Kek at Laura making a tiktok of thinspo (when she wasn’t a beast). She also posted it to her story? Maybe she’ll stop eating and drinking for two whole weeks! It would be soooo unfortunate if she relapsed and had to stay in hospital for even longer.

No. 1884511

File: 1692479561686.png (11.81 KB, 960x67, 9k48276f4.png)

No. 1884513

She seems to have a thigh gap or at least has relatively small legs. This is definitely not fatspo, it comes off like she's praising her mum for not having typical mumbod

No. 1884521

Ffs I did and anon was like where’s the milk jfc

No. 1884545

I was in treatment with her she was in and out of the hospital like clockwork but always very kind. Idk what the deal is now with being in hospice though wish we had more info. Remember her family being supportive and if you go on her Instagram it seems like she has a bf. Not sure who would want to fuck a skeleton she weighs like 30 pounds(sage your shit)

No. 1884686

maybe they're mixing it up with palliative care, which people often conflate with hospice but isn't end of life care - just care aimed towards making someone more comfortable. So, for example, cancer patients often see palliative care to deal with side effects of treatment even when they're not terminal and do actually end up in remission

No. 1884692

How can you be in a hospice and at home? Wtf is she talking about? Someone who gets sent home to die doesn’t have the strength to hold their phone up and blogpost and chat online kek

No. 1884694

home hospice is extremely common, why are some of you so sure about things that are incorrect?

No. 1884731


No. 1884741

No. 1884749

How dare people enjoy a flavor that only comes around in one season? How basic and NPC, not unique and special like this anachan who doesn't like pumpkin

No. 1884793

I mean, good on her anyway. Thousands of students don't get the grades they were predicted and do a rush for spare place at universities they'd not considered before. She's far from alone. It's also daunting finishing school when you're older, so I'm pleased she did it. Maybe she'll finally move on.

No. 1884795

I thought this too, nona. Palliative care is for people with life limiting conditions including those who aren't actively dying right this moment. It's different to end of life care.

No. 1884864

Wasn’t unique faith in a hospice long before she died? Not there to die but just for the bed. Then they made her leave as she didn’t die.

No. 1884874

Yeah because there's a limited amount of beds and they needed her spot for someone dying of something out of their capability of getting help for, like cancer.

No. 1884959

> barely being underweight
there seems to be lot of mentally ill anas in this thread because at >>1884037 you can see she is more than "barely" underweight. sure she is not a complete spoop but honestly some of you are rattling so hard

No. 1884983

>there seems to be lot of mentally ill anas in this thread
That's proven literally ten times per thread, just look at the unsaged blogger like ten posts above talking about her IP stay kek

No. 1884993


No. 1885003

I usually assume that a large percentage of people who come here either have active EDs or recovered from one

No. 1885004

File: 1692532554117.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1788.png)

my personal favourite crazy is eating more spoons, maybe this is what the cows who claim to be “spoonies” should try kek

No. 1885005

File: 1692532603801.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1789.png)

truly disturbing

No. 1885008

Jesus, I take it she had to get that removed surgically? There's no way the human body could pass that right? Btw ty for the lostallsanityx milk, I wish her accounts were public so I appreciate you milk collecting for us

No. 1885047

The milk is she’s annoying AF. Begged for a spot in treatment then complained the entire time that they weren’t being accommodating to her disordered ways. Acts like the biggest know it all who is expert on every other patient’s condition, tattles on other patients like a toddler, cries about how triggering the other patients were while kicking off with her own triggering behavior every chance she got. She got kicked out of treatment for being annoying because the staff didn’t want to deal with her obnoxious antics anymore.

No. 1885060

I know she's not really an ED cow atm but please never stop posting her, I'm obsessed with her mind

No. 1885064

i’ll post lostallsanity milk as long as she lets me follow, she’s one of the most entertaining on this thread for me

No. 1885065

File: 1692539125043.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1791.png)

i think she’ll get it removed? i’m losing track of what hospital visit is for what at this point as she’s in there daily but assuming this is spoon related

No. 1885068

She was in two days ago for swallowing a butter knife but was let out on outpatient
Now she’s swallowed the handle of a spoon
Her insides must be screaming

No. 1885070

She was let out after the knife moved into her intestines
Only took a day and she’s back in for the same reason

No. 1885073

Shit like this makes me cringe so hard, I don't even understand how someone can swallow something as long as a butter knife. (Also remember to sage so you don't cop a ban, the milk is much appreciated though)

No. 1885074

File: 1692539839413.png (29.97 KB, 740x312, Screenshot 2023-08-20 145854.p…)

Kate has made an 18+ discord for whatever reason. She's 100% fully aware it will just be full of 13-16 year old teenagers. What a sad life she has, making discord servers and podcasts (yes, kate has started a podcast too) instead of looking after her children. Great mother.

No. 1885078

The bar has moved tbh. At least in online circles. Underweight is considered skinny and spoopy is the one acknowledged as underweight.

No. 1885116

File: 1692548392586.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1793.png)

No. 1885130

File: 1692549994259.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20230820-122816.png)

yes, Laura is scary

No. 1885147

Does anyone remember Boo from yt? Canadian - talked a lot of sense. Vanished.

No. 1885171

File: 1692556309485.png (3.67 MB, 1170x2532, 50B8862C-182D-47C4-A1B6-E84C4C…)

Why doesn’t she just caption this a body check and move on

No. 1885191

Stef is annoying but I wouldn’t say this is a body check. She is just existing as an anorexic person but not really a body check if u ask me bc there is a legit reason for her to not have much clothing on

No. 1885203

What the fuck is this? Swallowing shit for attention because they won't treat her otherwise?

No. 1885214

File: 1692559953606.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1821.png)

i’m really not convinced that laura isn’t genuinely retarded in some way, why would anyone post this?

No. 1885270

you know EDs exist on a spectrum right? Just because someone isn’t bmi 10 doesn’t mean they don’t have AN

No. 1885321

They have an ED, but they don't have AN.

Idk why care that much about the ~AnOreXic~ label, they are all the same screwed.

No. 1885334

File: 1692569893517.jpeg (146.59 KB, 638x1091, 350209A0-0654-43CA-9511-426A50…)

The farmer who touches the shit and harasses people directly by messenger.

No. 1885336

File: 1692569970655.jpeg (157.78 KB, 640x1072, B4D271A0-B4F6-43EF-8BFA-4711E4…)

Fb profile of above

No. 1885339

File: 1692570068199.jpeg (94.86 KB, 640x1088, 916865BA-D9FA-4189-A24A-BA2831…)

Profile uses male pronouns. Not sure if the person is actually male but they’re certainly scummy.

No. 1885340

File: 1692570116219.jpeg (184.15 KB, 828x1518, 989D28EB-D14E-4090-BE67-C752A5…)

She posted another video first day in her new supported living. Imagine walking down the hall to meet the new resident and you see this through an open door. But also nonna she’s seriously lost some brain cells due to all the antipsychotics, she is retarded at this point

No. 1885344

File: 1692570391277.jpeg (166.97 KB, 640x1091, 6C67B8C7-4DB2-44B4-BCC9-A6B08B…)

I think they might actually have a penis.

No. 1885370

File: 1692573381590.jpeg (131.65 KB, 750x1020, FD8CE674-2984-4E43-9D57-193595…)

Why go to classes when you can dance to your phone in hospital and have everything paid for?!

No. 1885372

File: 1692573465459.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, F8D3BEFB-303D-47C3-A946-8B8B3E…)

Her life is super sweet now she’s in hospital.

No. 1885376

I'm actually scared of this coming at me like this.

No. 1885386

File: 1692574280369.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 9201D7AF-73EB-4CF7-AEE9-C37336…)

Han answered (didn’t answer) a load of questions and won’t talk about why her Ed is so special and so different but revealed she’s ‘navigating a very messy and complex situation’ (isn’t she always?) and she ‘hasn’t found the right support’ to try recovery. She also hasn’t showered in actual weeks because the only one she uses is being re-done. She says she smells. She wakes up at 5pm.
Later showed off her love of thrifting, body checks and head banging.

No. 1885387

File: 1692574326511.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, 158CE16E-836B-4EAF-9A3E-207C21…)

No. 1885408

Urgh I can smell that through my phone hurl

No. 1885438

>bmi 11 not AN
stop being retarded. i don't think anon means like some genuine fatasses claiming they have anorexia but not all anorexics end up to the spoop level before getting/being forced into treatment, etc. rattle rattle etc like i understand that you are mentally ill and have very disorded perception on what is healthy weight and whatnot, but being at dangerously underweight bmi is actually lot higher than 10 or something.

No. 1885445

i feel like every time i am watching one of her stories she is talking about how she's going through something blah blah. I don't understand how her life is so dramatic when she seems to be a neet who sleeps all day

No. 1885468

I desperately need an explanation for why she can't use a different shower.

No. 1885482

I don't think she's organically retarded, but the heavy psych meds have definitely dumbed her down.

No. 1885484

OCD or autism (which often includes v limited behaviors) maybe. Or maybe rituals connected to ED behavior. Whichever, it's gross. At least wash your pits at the sink, Han!

No. 1885521

File: 1692595909190.jpeg (477.15 KB, 1179x1979, IMG_0766.jpeg)

My day is made. This cow is back and what is the first thing she does? Post multiple videos of lol cow on her page…. She says we don’t have anything better to do with our lives - though she can’t talk seeing as she has posted multiple videos about us. Kek

No. 1885523

File: 1692596151694.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1179x1946, IMG_0767.jpeg)

Then she goes and changes her toob for everyone. Clearly buying the toobs online and not being placed under medical supervision or testing to ensure the toob is in the right spot. Apparently doing better with her ed but needs a toob at home? Her stomach works but she just wanted the most visible ana badge out there. So cringe.

No. 1885525

Ugh this is so dangerous on a social media app that kids love. It's basically showing you how to munch/abuse medical devices. Amy Lee Fisher did the same thing.

No. 1885530

I was about to say the same thing about the Amy behaviour

No. 1885557

I find this girl incredibly entertaining but does she belong in this thread? Like idk what’s pro ana scum about her, she’s more of just an insane bpd freak

No. 1885560

Giving the insane BPD freaks their own thread would just give them the special attention they want. I consider them the comic relief of what is otherwise a pretty depressing thread.

No. 1885562

Pretty sure it was a teaspoon and not a butter knife

No. 1885563

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for her kek

No. 1885565

I know. What's your point?

No. 1885572

Ah fair enough

No. 1885574

Ah, so what are you? pro ana scum, HAES trash, a munchie, spoonie or a combination of intolerable?

No. 1885588

Must we have this "she doesn't belong here" argument every time she gets posted? I'm tired of having this discussion like 5 times per thread

No. 1885589

No one has ever explained how she fits in pro ana scumbag thread though. That’s why it keeps getting dragged up. I vote we keep posting her for entertainment value but I can see why people are confused on her relevance to the thread

No. 1885604

Very much Amy vibes. Wonder what she will pull next.

No. 1885662

Sorry for being clueless but what was milky about Amy lee fisher? I’m not caught up, are there any old thread explaining?

No. 1885679

“Rachel wanna be”? Brooke has been playing this game long before social media, before anyone even knew who Rachel was. And considering Brooke has a small private account I assume you’ve met her irl at some point, probably in treatment like I did. I understand if she’s your personal cow, because she’s mine too, but she’s not trying to have a huge audience or big following, we don’t need to put more eyes on her right now.

Brooke is incredibly lost. Her whole life revolves around food, ED relapse/treatment cycles, and trying to find direction in life. Yes, she is obsessed with food and doesn’t practice what she preaches, but she doesn’t post her body a lot like someone previously said. She knows she looks awful. She’s a SEED patient and we will lose her soon. She’s lost and kinda mean, but there’s not much more milk there.

No. 1885692

If you go back to like thread’s 16+ she’s in there

No. 1885709

File: 1692629238822.jpeg (199.96 KB, 1396x1140, 1F29B702-2745-4759-B8A6-4631B2…)

Alyssa getting called out is always so funny. She is correct in that a naked picture would give us something to talk about

No. 1885722

I think she may have said OCD but she only ever publicly lists or talks about diagnoses of AN and ADHD. She’s denied having BPD but it really seems like she has it and has even mentioned her mother being her FP before and sleeping in her room every night.
What I am almost 100% sure she has though is autism. It seems blatantly obvious and could even explain the apparent BPD and ADHD. Could have neither of those and have autism instead. So much about her screams autism to me, from the way she literally doesn’t care about people giving her hate, is so wrapped up in herself, writes weird vague posts all the time, always having unexplained meltdowns that seem to need police all the time, always walks around with giant headphones ffs and a million fidget toys. And her Ed is so weird apparently. She has a problem with chewing she says, so she can eat loads of McFlurrys and calorie and cream laden drinks (and curries with loads of cream she says but not with bits of potato) that most anachans wouldn’t dream of touching but she can’t eat an apple. Because she can’t bring herself to chew. In the latest questions she even said she has ‘atypical AN’. I thought that meant you want AN but you’re fat Kek. But obviously she’s underweight, not fat and has been very much more underweight in the past. She also says she doesn’t care about gaining weight and thinks it’s ‘funny’. (Not sure about the truth of that). But she can’t get herself to eat food apparently because of chewing and her Ed is ‘so different’ to everyone else’s. It seems more like ARFID than AN. I don’t know why nobody has thought to tell her she’s autistic.

No. 1885770

Yeah Brooke is mean but yeah the picture she recently posted is like the first body picture she has posted other than her feet in like forever. I feel sad for her though because I think she’s deff a little delusional believing people are actually going to believe her when she says she is recovered while looking so ill.

No. 1885792

Why is she mean?(sage your shit)

No. 1885794

Search for her in the old Munchie threads. She was a glaring red flag of ED and munchie, "best friends" with an underage child (who she got to send her NG tubes she wasn't prescribed), went to the tabloid press about her "near death experiences"… that's just from memory!

No. 1885796

Sorry, what does FP mean? Favourite Person?

No. 1885836

NTAYRT but I also met her irl at ERC and she was delusional and mean af even once she got less spoopy. There was a girl in PHP with us who was an actual dietitian and Brooke asked her if she thought her dietitian in treatment was doing a good job or if she had made her gain too much weight. I stayed out of her way but any time I ate at her table she'd say cringe stuff like that. But agree nonnie, no milk unless she ever comes off private.

No. 1885845

Because she has posted ED content? >>1871084

No. 1885873

File: 1692647753340.jpeg (429.09 KB, 750x1020, IMG_1853.jpeg)

spoon (and key?) gate update

No. 1885874

File: 1692647837184.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1854.png)

please stop boolying guys we might stop getting 47 snapchat selfies of laura when she wasn’t obese every day!

No. 1885876

File: 1692647912309.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1855.png)

No. 1885877

File: 1692647962941.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1856.png)

sorry for the spam, i can’t pick just one of her stories as they are all just as insane

No. 1885878

File: 1692648003685.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1857.png)

last one, but holy fuck

No. 1885880

>now i'm at home inhaling deodorant
kek. seriously though, what's all that deodorant inhaling going to do to her in the long run?

No. 1885888

this girl makes her Ed her whole life. Like get a fucking personality

No. 1885890

Okay but she isn’t even skinny who cares

No. 1885893

melbourne, again. why is it so rife with these people

No. 1885894

Newfag unsaged rattling intensifies.

No. 1885896

It will cause permanent damage to her vital organs such as brain, heart, lungs. Probably has already since she abuses it so much.

No. 1885906

File: 1692652723627.jpeg (408.88 KB, 1170x2094, 38FED73E-5F64-4D0E-B5F7-0E36DC…)

Has anyone talked about her yet? She constantly talks about her “diet” of under 800 calories and pretends like it’s caloric because she uses butter and heavy cream. Her what I eat in a day video is just coffee with cream, chicken soup, and a snack with strawberries nuts and butter. She calls it “intermittent fasting with Keto” and says eh does it under a professional. She keeps spreading misinformation and shit talks people about using meds and says that lactose intolerance is caused by pasteurized milk. She’s super stupid and has a horrible Ed that she’s masking as healthy, not to mention she’s ugly as shit

No. 1885910

And when she claimed she healed her dogs IBS by feeding it a blend of raw meat and organs with kefir… even though it’s know that most cases of gastric issues in dogs are caused by raw feeding. Just absolutely not listening to a vet’s advice. This girl is nuts

No. 1885913

File: 1692652997099.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1999, F479E921-0889-4379-84BD-6FAE8A…)

So nasty

No. 1885918

People lived on almost solely dairy and meat/protein for thousands of years without problems. Carbs and sugar and grain are unironically the devil and responsible for more premature deaths than any other substance on earth, I don’t see a problem with her diet other than she’s restricting a bit too hard, but she doesn’t look particularly ana so who cares.

No. 1885923

Agreed, people that don’t like her seem to just be jealous recovery/ed girls that are mad she’s still skinny after recovery. Her diet is adequate and she’s gained like 30lbs of healthy weight on it

No. 1885925

Rattle rattle

No. 1885926

Okay ketofag, you can keep crying that eating sticks of butter and bone broth is healthy. Just because she’s not as skinny as she used to be, does not mean she isn’t restricting. This is just a basic case of orthtorexia being masked as an eating disorder. Not to mention the lack of nutrients her dog gets because she decided that her dog can be keto too

No. 1885927

The fact you are claiming her diet is 700 cals is so fucking stupid. You can clearly see she’s gained a lot of weight on the diet and looks healthier. Also calling her ugly when she’s a model kek

No. 1885928

>carbs are the devil

No. 1885929

Orthorexias not even real kek

No. 1885930

Tell that to all of the anons posting about the “recovered” influencers

No. 1885932

Not all models are pretty. Plenty of fat, ugly or troon models nowadays. She kinda looks like a guy. She obviously has unhealthy eating habits but I don’t think she’s pro ana. The only cow behavior is feeding her dog only meat and kefir and claiming it “cured” his IBS as well as the medical nonsense she preaches on her page.

No. 1885934

They aren’t “orthorexic” they are just still anorexic

No. 1885935

I mean fair point but I wouldn’t say this girl I ugly at all. It’s subjective though i guess

No. 1885937

File: 1692655416768.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3465x3465, 506AD5A4-0330-4E64-BAD0-B48934…)

Lol show me the 30 pounds of weight gain please

No. 1885939

File: 1692655783188.png (3.22 MB, 2360x1640, IMG_0361.png)

She’s 6 foot so 30 pounds won’t look like that much. Not claiming she actually had gained 30 but she looks a lot healthier

No. 1885940

File: 1692655806557.png (1.63 MB, 2360x1640, IMG_0362.png)

Her before

No. 1885942

NTA but she looks the same tbh. I don’t think she’s under eating that much, she just found a way to restrict while eating more calories. The medical misinformation sperging is annoying, but she’s nowhere near spoopy. She’s still obviously underweight though, doesn’t mean she’s not physically healthier without her body changing much.

No. 1885943

And she’s obviously posing here, she still has a large thigh gap

No. 1885947

I don’t know if I have a fucked up perction of weight but to me she looks fine considering she is tall. She doesn’t look underweight, just skinny

No. 1885952

Sugar and grain are absolute poison and provide very little nutrition in the long term, humans should probably not be ingesting them at all. It’s sugar and grain that has made 75% of Americans overweight.(derailing)

No. 1885958

Natural sugar is not poison. The problem is artificial sugar found in sweets and processed food and sauces that Americans gobble down. Natural sugar found in vegetables and fruits is nutritious, so are carbs, which can be balanced out with fiber and protein. It’s not about a certain food group, it’s about balance. It’s just like when that whole wave of anti-fat shit hit in the 90s. People thought fat was the Devil back then lol, now everyone thinks it’s great.

No. 1885959

milk is full of carbs retard. carnitards don't even know basic fats about the food they shill

No. 1885963

Nutrition infighting is the worst infighting.

No. 1885964

And milk has a decent amount of carbs per cup too kek so many disordered ketofags in this thread

No. 1885965

>Carbs and sugar and grain are unironically the devil and responsible for more premature deaths than any other substance on earth
Wait until you find out about fentanyl

No. 1885967

They all raise insulin and you body doesn’t discern between them, complex carbs are a meme. Plenty of fatties chug down banana and strawberry smoothies with 40 grams of sugar inside daily and think they’re being ~healthy~.

No. 1885968

Yea Favourite Person.

No. 1885969

Opioid deaths in the US each year: 80K
Fatal heart attacks + heart disease deaths in the US each year: 700K

Not even remotely comparable, retard.

No. 1885970

Not all heart attacks and heart disease is caused by food intake, retard. Believe it or not, there are many things that cause heart disease like genetics, smoking cigarettes, stress, or just an inactive life style like most Americans have because of work. Not to mention the amount of heart attacks that happen to businessmen in Korea and Japan from toxic work culture.

No. 1885973

Not to mention high cholesterol is often genetic. “If a parent has familial hypercholesterolemia, there is a 50 percent chance a child will inherit the LDL abnormality”

No. 1885974

Jesus, the punched in walls really tie together that traphouse vibe kek

No. 1885978

a good chunk of heart attacks occur due to stress…the thing that not eating enough carbs causes…

No. 1885979

Nitpick but she annoys me, her videos are just "look at how tall and skinny I am did I mention I'm a model, guys did you hear I'm a model, lemme give you the inside scoop on the industry cause I'm a model"

No. 1885980

Nigga, carbs and sugar don’t cause obesity. Stop acting like it’s not calorie intake. Weight is as simple as calorie intake-the calories you burn. Yes, processed food is unhealthy, but it’s also not nutritious and higher in calorie. Meaning it makes people hungry and unsatisfied, which means their calorie intake is higher. Stop sperging about how “carbs, sugar and grains are the devil” , when there are different types of carbs, sugars and grains that are healthy.
Oh my god stop with the insulin when you retards don’t even know how it works. You can still eat carbs if you eat it with protein because protein takes longer to digest than carbs and sugar. So eating protein with carbs slows down the digestion, which slows down absorption in the intestines, which slows the rate of sugar entering the blood stream. This is basic 9th grade biology, and you can easily Google this stuff. Stop spreading misinformation and infighting when you don’t even know what you’re talking about

No. 1885981

I will turn this car around if you retards don't stop

No. 1885982

Samefag but also her modelling is just her standing there looking pretty and thin kek, which she is don't get me wrong, but she gives me the vibe like she's got a bit of an ego because of it. Alright nitpick over

No. 1885985

I agree, anons think because she isn’t as spoopy as the other rattlers in this thread, that she’s not anorexic. She’s obviously body checking in a lot of the posts. She’s definitely not as bad as the other people on this thread, but it’s not like she doesn’t have issues of her own

No. 1885987

I have no dog in this fight and I don't think carbs are the devil but bone broth is healthy isn't it? Maybe not all day everyday, but it's healthy

No. 1885990

Bone broth is healthy and dogs dont need carbs, theyre just cheap pet food filler.

No. 1885992

Bone broth is fine as long as you’re actually eating food. She only gives her dog raw meat and kefir with no supplements. Dogs are omnivores and not wolves. They are not carnivores and they require a number of nutrients they can’t get from just meat. I don’t know why people don’t know that. Her dog is going to get sick from only eating meat.

No. 1885994

I’m in college studying veterinary medicine and nutrition. It’s not carbs they need, they really don’t need potato or grain. It’s vitamins from Carrots, peas, green beans, and bananas and other fruits/vegetables. A lot of doctors recommend dogs eat vegetables daily along with a lot of meat to ensure their immune system is functioning properly. I’m honestly shocked at how many people don’t listen to vets and think that they know better. It’s just not healthy to only give your diet meat and a little bit of kefir.

No. 1885995

Oh I thought she meant bone broth for human consumption, yeah I don't know anything about what dogs should be eating as I've never had a dog and don't plan on getting one (not a dog hater though kek)

No. 1886000

File: 1692661827704.png (252.35 KB, 424x559, Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 6.53…)

Enara's planned admission wasn't enough, I guess

No. 1886001

File: 1692661944390.png (419.87 KB, 430x694, Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 6.54…)

Will the dietitian tube our dainty ana?! Only time will tell.

No. 1886002

She is the absolute limit!

No. 1886006

File: 1692662382790.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, A1F337E8-E9E2-4B0D-B1CF-C76014…)

It appears she still hasn’t washed. It must be almost 3 weeks or more now?! She said she ‘did an ice dive’ and got half her clothes wet. That might actually help. Why don’t her parents make her wash?!

No. 1886007

they need to literally just turn a hose on her at this point

No. 1886008

File: 1692662512323.png (4.38 MB, 750x1334, 6F255E46-078E-492F-B679-C5377B…)

Maybe the wet clothes will make her smell better.

No. 1886009

File: 1692662584576.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, CC4B6B91-9D9C-4F77-BE3E-BCD39A…)

And also a hose on her room.

No. 1886013

File: 1692662840944.png (232.94 KB, 427x575, Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 7.10…)

she's going to burn the entire house down

No. 1886015

is that stuff on the wall (graffiti art?) of her own making or someone else's? either way i dig it tbh, has a neat modern abstract expressionist vibe

No. 1886019

I wonder what her living situation is. I mean can she pay her own rent? Is it a group home? Family. I was curious about the graffiti stuff too.

No. 1886027

Have all the edtwt fags come over to here now? So much unsaged new fag shit and stupid irrelevant questions and streams of conversations. This threads locking will be imminent in 3 days if this shit keeps up.sage your shit! And stop using reddit and twt lingo

Sorry to minimod but it's so frustrating and ruining the feed

No. 1886036

she seems to live alone in some kind of council flat or whatever the aus equivalent of that is, and her mum or social workers sometime visit to help her clean it up or decorate etc

No. 1886037

Yeah I noticed that too, it seemed to start last thread around the time lc got posted to reddit. And there's a newfag haes dummy hanging around kek

No. 1886041

File: 1692666383555.jpeg (630.9 KB, 828x1395, IMG_9573.jpeg)

She’s like a walking vein

No. 1886044

natural sugars and whole grains are fine. it's highly processed foods that have made americans fat.

No. 1886047

It’s confirmed she’s in hospice care….

No. 1886048

1) sage your shit, you retard
2) pics or fuck off, this is an image board

No. 1886049

I also studied vet med btw and its all bought by pet food companies to get vets to peddle shitty pet foods to their clients. You think a dog (wolf) would naturally eat carrots peas and bananas? At most they eat berries and a little bit of grass. Also my vet sells raw foods in his clinic so not all vets ageee with you, and almost every sled dog owner feeds raw and have way healthier dogs than your obese fido who has tooth decay and rancid farts and only eats kibble. Peas are also bad for dogs and are linked to heart disease so funny you think thats good for them, studying veterinary medicine and all. Maybe you should ask for a refund for your studies.(off topic derailing blog)

No. 1886057

Ntayrt and I agree with you but the “in nature they do X” is kind of moot when animals in captivity can and often live longer than their wild counterparts because what nature offers is not always the best. Wolves in the wild don’t have access to a cotton bed, leashes or veterinary treatment if a scrape gets infected.

No. 1886063

I honestly would love to see this girl get help. Oz are giving out so much to Enara and god knows who else but she seems to be getting a shitty deal and to be really desperate. She's very messy for sure but all the drugs will do that. She's very different from the attention seeking, entitled, bratty cows and should get a chance at some real help imo.

No. 1886064

Samefag. Maybe I'm getting soft but I just see someone who's fallen through the cracks and been given up on. I can't hate her for being so genuinely desperate.

No. 1886066

File: 1692669966399.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, DF989C5D-1961-403C-80FB-55108E…)

Literally the amount of resources that Enara gobbles up is astounding to me.

No. 1886069

File: 1692670056348.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 68AA9430-8AEF-4287-A2F5-7D2D2A…)

Literally no stone unturned. Is there anything she doesn’t get?! Seems like Australia is the place to go if you want ALL the healthcare.

No. 1886073

Unless Enara's already used it all up.

No. 1886074

Drank every Delical (kek) in the country. I love that the supplement they're giving her sounds like "Delicate".

No. 1886079

I feel for Enara and she obviously has real problems so I don't want to comment on her too much (maybe just not the ones she thinks) but the reality with Aus mental health care is that unless you choose to seek it out, they're not interested in you. If you're equipped with the right team or people who can help you navigate the system and you keep pushing you will get something out of it. But if you're genuinely sick you will have a hard time getting support because of how much rigmarole there is and that they tend to assume you are guilty of abusing the system until proven innocent, which doesn't affect munchies psychologically. It's meant to keep those sorts of people out, but really what ends up happening is that only people who really want to abuse it will keep trying. The Aussie thread features here are interesting for that reason and that's why I think there are so many. There are/were a lot of Qld cows as well because of how overactive ED care is there where they follow the nutrition model of ED's which is that it's sickness caused by not eating, not a psychological condition (Maudsley).

No. 1886091

File: 1692672183289.jpeg (286.28 KB, 1170x2136, EDB3DBC7-EB79-4F51-AC84-042A77…)

No. 1886093

Nah tbh as an ausfag I can see the big different of private vs public.
If you have money, you can access so much care such as Enara, or if an institution fucks you over like Enara. But also if you have money you’re more likely to go looking for treatment and be willing to engage in it too because it’s actually there and can help.
But if you’re a poor actually mentally ill person like lostsanityx or whatever her name is then no help for you because you can’t afford the fancy shit. Public system doesn’t have the money to invest in properly dealing with her. And because the treatment is shit there’s no motivation from her to engage in the first place

No. 1886110

Kek okay professor Google. It’s almost like dogs are descendants from wolves and are not the same at all. You’re definitely not a vet. I don’t have a dog and I’m not talking about dog food. You can feed your dogs by making your own dog food. I actually recommend that a lot as there are a lot of dietary restrictions for certain dogs because of health issues usually caused by excessive breeding or incest. I also recommend it because it’s actually pretty cheap to make if you know what you’re looking for. Peas have several vitamins, minerals, and are rich in protein and high in fiber. You can feed your dog fresh or frozen peas, just not canned peas. Stop acting like I said dogs should be vegan and eat mostly vegetables. I simply stated three shouldn’t only be eating meat. You’re also talking about purines found in peas, which would only happen if a dog ate peas in excess amounts. Dogs should not be on carnivore only diets because they are not wolves. Do you think those bred small shitty teacup dogs are the same as wolves? It’s very obvious you’re not a vet if you peddle that bullshit. That’s one of the first things we learn in veterinary school. The evolution of dogs and the long lasting effects of breeding. I’m concerned if you’re actually dealing with animals.(derailing)

No. 1886111

can you go find a thread in ot or wherever for sperging about animal nutrition? This has nothing to do with pro ana scumbags(just report and move on)

No. 1886115

Georgia had both private and public funding and Enara has public funding through DVA. There's some truth to what you're saying and there is to what I was saying about the public system. lostsanityx is too mentally unwell to navigate the system on her own and I think she's a little beyond motivation to engage, honestly.

No. 1886119

Enara's DVA funding pays for her to access private hospitals and doctors. She has planned admissions in BOTH the public and private system.

No. 1886122

If they know she's a risk for this shit why the fuck did they let her go home for the night? Solvent abuse suppresses the CNS, and could easily amplify the effects of anaesthetic. Christ.

No. 1886123

>I’m honestly shocked at how many people don’t listen to vets and think that they know better.
I think one of the issues is different specialists give different advice. I've been feeding my cat this expensive brand sold exclusively at my vet, it's supposed to be really good for him but then when I went to a separate vet and browsed their food options they said the one I had been feeding him isn't the best because there's a lot of corn in it and not much animal protein. So it gets confusing which advice to follow(off topic blog)

No. 1886127

The idea of a BPDchan having her mom as a FP is baffling to me, as most BPD people I've met have really messed up relationships with their parents, more distant or troubled than the weird babying Han's mom does.

No. 1886128

She's already mentally institutionalised, she plans her life around her literal psych ward vacations.

No. 1886129

I'll bet you 10/1 that the "fresh beverage" being brewed there is a mocha or similarly sugary coffee drink.

No. 1886131

I also laughed at her implying she's not already institutionalised. She cannot cope for more than 4 days without presenting to a hospital for treatment.

No. 1886133

Am I confusing Lostallsanity with someone else? She's talked so much about wanting to go back to prison where she got what she considers proper mental health support.

No. 1886135

>mah oesophagal strictures
> soft proteins only

But puking up via that same oesophagus is fine, not to mention the fast food and potato chips she showed on her IG when she was in Abu Dhabi. She's like a munchie, only sick when she's not on vacation or somewhere she wants to be.

No. 1886137

File: 1692678804455.png (552.99 KB, 427x728, Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 11.3…)

Josie complaining about her bladder problems. (For those who don't know, she's an old cow who gained a bunch of weight and started munching after her ED larp wasn't enough attention) 1/2

No. 1886138

File: 1692678840904.png (633.04 KB, 427x737, Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 11.3…)

Then drinking a bunch of caffeine, famously good for bladder issues.

No. 1886140

>caffeine cure migraine

I could scream.

No. 1886141

Who is that?

No. 1886142

The username is in the screenshot and I explained her backstory briefly. In the least aggressive way possible, what answer are you looking for?

No. 1886146

How is she pro ana?

No. 1886153

She's mentioned in OP of >>1818000 where she claimed that anorexia gave her diabetes.
Here she was recently showing off her ng tubes.
She has a different vent account where she posts her pro-ana bullshit.

She hasn't been posted here much in the last year or so because she locked down her vent account, but she was frequently discussed at one point and was suspected of WKing herself here, had revolving door admissions, etc. At least more relevant than cat food nutrition.

No. 1886161

File: 1692682438607.png (549.41 KB, 429x682, Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 12.3…)

Coincidentally, she just posted this story about bravely drinking a supplement

No. 1886163

File: 1692682493282.png (1.37 MB, 735x759, Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 12.3…)

Which might make sense, but she's been this overweight for at least a year.

No. 1886168

People also had much shorter lifespans thousands of years ago, let's not pretend that chugging butter and the products from genetically altered animals is good for you either. I can hear arteries screaming out on these keto and carnivore diets.

No. 1886172

Maybe that's where you should pack your backs for next colours.

No. 1886175

Ausfag who never forgets here for the tea on Josie.

So Josie is from Tassie and was a revolving door anorexic who loved the feeding tube. She got sick of that and dipped her toe in munching and starting looking for someone to operate on her bowels after years of lax abuse (someone eventually did in another state but didn’t give her a shit bag). Anyway she then had this TERRIBLE car accident and a “friend” was posting for her saying she had to relearn to walk and eat and all this shit whilst posting photos of Josie totally fine in her hospital bed sitting up and eating and smiling. Josie claimed the accident was from a seizure which means in Australia you can’t drive for 6 months. A go fund me was also started by this “friend”. Anywho a week later Josie gets discharged to her normal life so no rehab despite this massive brain injury and is driving around and whatever and deletes her social medias and goes dark. Comes back full munchie with a pain killer addiction that she went to rehab for, then decided to hold her pee and get a super sexy catheter, then claimed it caused spasms so a month later got a surgical one which now keeps getting infected because she keeps touching it. She’s 3 times the size she used to be but still has “challenge foods” which is ridiculous and posts constant inspiration porn from her inspiration wall. Will she find the willpower to starve herself back to a tube?? Stay tuned…

No. 1886185

File: 1692688514230.jpeg (691.3 KB, 1242x1822, IMG_9319.jpeg)

Not particularly milky, so saged but, how obsessed and happy does she sound about this, ffs

No. 1886187

Or Deli-cow

No. 1886189

Can you hear yourself rn? They don't care unless you seek out help no fucking shit retard you think they're gonna go round scouting for people. Compared to other places Aus has options, fair not all states are the same but with NDIS, pathway plans, free hospital care, CMH and of you can afford it insurance. Get a reality check and stop WK of anything Enaras proof of how much help there is. She seeks it out then throws it back on their face just so she can go back again and again. With her card she has access to more help than anyone in Aus. Jfc where are these autists coming from

No. 1886192

I'm have no words. Dietitian recommended chewing and spitting.

No. 1886194

Australia DOES have amazing mental healthcare …for some. Mostly if you have money. Or if the government pays for anything and everything in the case of Enara.

No. 1886196

Enara should be posted on the munchie feed not proana. She's a munchie LARPer there's no real proana milk. She pity baits, not glorify and I'm p sure she lurks here. Put her where she belongs

No. 1886204

Holy shit anon you've reawakened a wild ride thank you, I didn't even recognise her in these recent pics kek

No. 1886213

File: 1692692925990.jpeg (577.31 KB, 828x1021, IMG_9575.jpeg)

I don’t know anything about this person in particular but I saw this picture on Ed twt. What does that mean about her knees?

No. 1886215

she's intensely mentally ill, don't expect it to make sense

No. 1886228

She also had a history of self harm (burning) due to her bpd leading to significant skin grafts and a coma. Josie and she who must not be named were vendetta posting one another. Iirc Tilly took issue with Josie’s excessive spending. By the looks of her instagram, Josies still being financially supported by her parents. She has only ever been marginally underweight and would get tubed and restrict after suicide attempts. She has been obese longer than she was ever underweight. Anyways congrats to kory for recovering and building a life for herself. A genuinely positive outcome for a previous cow

No. 1886229

They probably mean discoloured, with little dimples in the knees like you'd see on people who don't move often. That's as much as I can decipher from that.

No. 1886233

She who must not be named??

No. 1886235

Is she still on drugs with her boyfriend? Not really heard much floating around.
I'm assuming anon means Tilly. She was dubbed "she who can't be named" for a while due to self-harming /overdosing for farms & self posting for attention etc.

No. 1886237

From what I’m aware she does regular ketamine infusions for pain and her super serious issues and doesn’t take the excessive amount of oxy that she used to use. Not sure about the boyfriend though.

No. 1886240

Funny that she had trouble with urinary retention while on a ton of opiates. Couldn't be a drug side effect, must be organic disease that requires a surgical catheter.

No. 1886247

Seriously, why the fuck is she making this face in all her pictures and videos? Does she think it's artistic or something? I don't get it

No. 1886253

There's an unspoken consensus that someone who's been on this thread for their ED, but then wanders into PD/munchie/insane territory while the ED takes a backseat, still belongs here. Part of that, to me at least, is because you never know when these people will suddenly decide their ED is the thing they want to focus on. A lot of these types of cows will also talk about their EDs in between or during other incidents, so they'd just end up back here anyway.

No. 1886256

it's so obvious which of you are pro-ana scumbags yourselves. stfu

No. 1886258

Especially on a thread about eating disorders.

No. 1886267

I mean, we already know Enara is LARPing being a SEED. She posted a picture of the McArabia Chicken she ate, then tried to convince her followers she could only manage coffee-type drinks and fruit on her vacation. I swear she thinks we all share her IQ.

No. 1886269

Or this tamzin chick who is being paid money for her ng tubes that she clearly doesn’t need

No. 1886270

Maybe you should ask edtwt instead of posting non-milk

No. 1886272

She did sage, to be fair.

No. 1886281

I've come across both. Obviously family dynamics and parenting play a huge part in personality disorder development so yes, lots of people with PDs hate their parents/have bad relationships with them and get attached to unsuitable FPs who are kind of parental replacements in a way, (Older and more dominant partners, healthcare workers, teachers, carers, sports coaches etc).
I've also seen people with PDs have a parent as an FP. Perhaps alienating one parent and being completely attached to another.
I've also seen lots of people with eds be extremely attached to a parent, often a mother with girls, and not neccessarily have a PD.

No. 1886285

I am the furthest thing from a WK that Laura is ever going to get but in the case of these photos I think it's literally because they're screenshots from videos and so she's not making a specific face for a selfie. I think this is just her concentrating on her 'dance' and breathing through her mouth and this is how her face is. Resting leg lift face.

No. 1886286

Samefag; also her attempting to keep her eyes on the camera while she's moving around.

No. 1886287

Zoomed in she does look like a fish kek.

No. 1886288

KEK how does DRAWING a BC work? I love the feet omg. Idk about the knee thing but maybe they're dimply and weird and the patella is the yolk?
The thing about one hip being higher and the other thigh being bigger is interesting though. That's something they could correct with PT treatment and exercises. I wouldn't say that's reason for them to hate themself. They just might need some chiropractic adjustments and some therapeutic exercises to stop one leg working harder than the other. Then the muscles will be more in balance and one leg won't be bigger.

No. 1886290

If there was a way…..

No. 1886291

Wouldn't she WANT to be in hospice? I mean essentially means they've given up trying to make her gain weight and recover right? Surely any anachan would want that? No forced feeding or rubes, no mandates about weight gain anymore. Am I missing something?

No. 1886293

It seems like one of those body dysmorphia exercises where you have to draw what you think you look like and then see how far off you are to real life but done totally wrong and intended to make themselves feel even worse, not better

No. 1886295

No I think that's the same person. That's why I just want to see her get help. She's breaking INTO prisons because that's where she's had mh help.

No. 1886296

anon by “drawing a bc” they’re drawing what they think they look like. there’s this thing called body dysmorphic disorder that you will find in most anorexic patients. what they see in the mirror is distorted. I don’t know this user so I can’t say how accurate their drawing is, but body dysmorphic disorder can be very intense in some cases.

No. 1886301

The munchie threads aren't active, I'm pretty sure mods would shut down any attempt to reintroduce them sadly.

No. 1886304

Right, because what dietitian would actually encourage someone to chew and spit? Surely a professional trying to advise come one not to purge wouldn't suggest they replace one disordered behaviour with another one - encouraging an ED sufferer to adopt a different disordered behaviour as tho that would be acceptable advise from a dietitian.

No. 1886315

I know what BDD is. But a body check is a photo or at least looking in the mirror and/or measuring something on your body. It's literally checking what you look like. Drawing what you think you look like is something else.

No. 1886316

agreed. Enara is the most boring of them all. She has BPD and is LARPing that she has an ED. I hate that LARPers without a real history of anorexia are talked about here so much. What makes her so special compared to all the other ED LARPers? It's like any time she mentions a supplement or a disordered behavior we talk about her non-stop. No one cares.

No. 1886361

File: 1692718742666.jpeg (394.67 KB, 1179x1206, IMG_3690.jpeg)

Oh boy….. long timer from Walden is now at ERC Denver…

No. 1886364

You absolutely have a fucked up perception of weight. Being tall also doesn't somehow make someone able to be more skinny without being underweight?

No. 1886369

File: 1692720016886.jpeg (441.24 KB, 1169x2270, 17A6A790-DD1F-42B3-BA49-F305EE…)

I guess this was pre-hospice?

No. 1886370

Most models are not conventionally pretty and yeah, a lot are quite ugly.

No. 1886376

What a pathetic attempt to “brag” about how sick she is she needs hospice. These people act like they’re in with 6 months to live. It’s comfort care for people who likely won’t get better and it can last a LONG time. You’re an adult with control over your own health care decisions, you can refuse hospice care at any time, and opt for other care options like choosing to eat like a normal person. Being on hospice is the “cool” thing these days I guess, meanwhile regular people and families are devastated having to be at that level of care, and these BPD anachans are using it for internet asspats and bragging rights.

No. 1886385

I think the best way we could treat her is to ignore her. For me it feels like she is feeding on the attention she gets here (and everywhere else) and mostly on the negative attention. Her whole mental disorder revolves around getting attention and being seen. Not posting anything about her would make her mad and we would never have to read her whining while being in a very privileged situation, again.

No. 1886391

Exactly! She’s trying to make up harm reduction for bp. B/P harm reduction would involve ways to manage your oral health, using urge delay to put off B/P for a period of time however short, etc. it wouldn’t be to c/s, which comes with its own health risks. That’s like saying instead of puking your food up, take a bunch of lax. Either this dietitian is a complete unethical fucktwit or Enara is making it up to show how super sick and in need of harm reduction she is, like you swallow batteries, we get it, your behavior is high risk. My bet is on the latter. She’s so inconsistent with her lies. I thought she didn’t eat solids and now she’s a b/p queen?

No. 1886419

It's not the opiates I'd worry about with the bladder problems, it's the serious bladder issues that are a known side effect of ketamine abuse (and I don't think therapeutic ketamine is much better for it).

No. 1886428

who is this? not asking to be spoonfed but I could use a username

No. 1886429

I don’t think she realizes how being obese and claiming purging makes her look. The foods she willingly eats aren’t easy to purge. She has told so many lies she can’t keep track of them anymore

No. 1886430

File: 1692728235743.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1179x2402, IMG_3691.jpeg)


She hasn’t posted any ERC tiktoks yet but I’m guessing they will be coming as she posted the comment about being at ERC denver 1 day ago.

No. 1886437

Who is this?

No. 1886441

We don't even need the posts from ERC because we know how this goes: LARPer envies the lives of those with anorexia, uses "going back to treatment" as motivation to restrict, over-reports their symptoms during an assessment, goes to treatment, uses the structure of treatment to worsen their behaviors so they look super sick, get put on a behavior plan, comply, go home. The only thing that makes these people special is that they hit the insurance lottery, not that they're actually sick. They're the worst to be in treatment with because it's so transparent.

No. 1886445

Samefag. Obese, purging, claiming *anorexia

Interesting how the us has similar issues to ones anon spoke about in Australia. The people who are loudly sick and looking for attention are able to access a level of treatment the individuals who are genuinely unstable or suspicious of treatment cannot. Isn’t Mi 26? How is she able to access any treatment with Medicaid? I wonder if they code her as a BED patient and everything as “treatment for obesity” to appease both patient and insurance

No. 1886450

I've never quite figured out Mi's situation, but I think she may get some extra care and handling because it appears she was in foster care / group homes as a teenager and young adult and has never really graduated from that system. She basically went from a group home to being institutionalized at Walden, back to a group home, back to Walden, etc. I suspect that a lot of her hospitalizations are actually for suicide attempts / threats and self-harm and then she plays up the eating disorder symptoms once she's there.

No. 1886477

Is anyone going to tell the people on the other thread that it's a dud? Kek.

No. 1886482

File: 1692738335928.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 6349FBB7-145D-4F93-9C25-24E488…)

Anyone know what the hell Han is on about? (Does anyone ever?)

No. 1886483


You missed the part about getting tubed and posting a million pictures with it. These people flock to ERC because they allow phones and don’t enforce HIPPA. I feel like they use tik tok as their marketing

No. 1886488

File: 1692739286897.png (2.31 MB, 2360x1640, IMG_0365.png)

I’m not trying to rattle but in what world is this unhealthily underweight

No. 1886493

Looks like a normal weight MTF to me.

No. 1886494

She looks ok to me, anon. No bones sticking out anywhere or even defined muscles or veins etc. Hint of clavicles but in a normal way. Hair and skin look good but that could be a filter. I would say she looks like a normal, slim healthy person.
No idea who she is but on the question of is she unhealthily underweight? Doesn't look it.

No. 1886495

She's trans?

No. 1886499

No. 1886507

No. 1886532

I don't follow her so I'm not going to opine on whether she got there in a healthy way or not (sounds like not), but she definitely looks healthy thin to me.

No. 1886550

lol she really is autistic

No. 1886551

File: 1692743782393.png (1.27 MB, 1080x2068, Screenshot_20230822-233644.png)

not milky but ganer is on the dreaded stairmaster again - hope she isnt trying to lose weight

No. 1886562

She’s often admitted to inpatient for history of SI and “attempts”, refuses food for a few meals and gets tubed for months. This one has also recently been on the hunt for a SEED program - which is funny because they don’t really exist in the US, and also because she thinks she’s SEED. It’s comical.

No. 1886567

Good chunk are caused by eating an over abundance of animal products. For those “thousands” of years that the other anon was claiming, humans actually subsisted mainly on grains, fruits and vegetables. Animal flesh was not something that could be had every day, they weren’t bringing home killed animals every day and having enough to share with their whole family or tribe(derailing)

No. 1886568

File: 1692746472487.png (481.1 KB, 445x725, Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 6.22…)

Tamzin or Ashleigh or whatever her name is appears to be genuinely trying to morph into Mosaic. It's creepy enough that Mosaic is trying to act like a toddler, so the extra skinwalking layer really puts Ashleigh over the top. Like, look at this screenshot from her most recent dancing video - without seeing the fact, it's genuinely difficult to tell which one it is.

No. 1886580

Agreed nonnie. If there's no milk don't post her, if milk starts to flow then sure post it

No. 1886592


Her life is so bleak and boring. Fuck.

No. 1886605

I thought she was kicked out of her house and living her car or something? What happened to all the insane amount of Squishmallows? Were they in the car too? Looks like everything's all back to how it was now.

No. 1886617

This is nonsense especially for northern Europeans, Russians and north Asians. They lived on milk and meat almost exclusively.

No. 1886620

Also barely any fruits and vegetables grow naturally in north Europe and Asia retard and when they do it was seasonally aka once a year pretty much, potatoes and tomatoes for example weren’t introduced to Europe until the 1500s many other fruits and vegetables also came from the Middle East and the rest come from tropical countries. Go live in the middle of the rural American or European countryside and see how many fruits and veggies you can find to even get 1000 calories to sustain you a day you dumb fuck. Breeding animals for meat and milk came well before agriculture.(derailing)

No. 1886654

Can you stop? Jesus

No. 1886675

Oh the unhealthy mum/daughter dynamic is real in this thread for sure.

No. 1886677

The fact that Mi was in treatment for so long during her last stay is evidence that state sponsored health plans for people who age out of the foster system are poorly managed, not that she was ever really sick. I thought she turned 26 in treatment last time so she likely doesn’t have state benefits anymore. I hope this is a short stay. She makes my blood boil. There are so many people actually fucking suffering.

No. 1886679

Not wrong kek. If you’ve been to a treatment center that allows phones and you do an intake assessment somewhere that doesn’t allow them why would you not go to the one with phones? What am I going to do in treatment after the therapists go home? Stew over how much I hate myself and everything I’ve eaten? No thanks. Give me the phone.

No. 1886688

> health looks different on everyone

still trying to find the health in this picture tbh

No. 1886690

There's a lot of talk over here again about reducing drug deaths by changing the law to legalise usage of street drugs, so maybe this?

No. 1886693

She needs therapy, just not the kind she thinks she needs. She's obviously had a shitty start in life.

No. 1886705

She needs to take a nap and eat some food before she starts trying to fix the world kek

No. 1886723

I'm strangely really relieved Lucy is ok, I was starting to think she had died

No. 1886780

File: 1692780710705.jpeg (344.92 KB, 1170x1755, AE3D8B83-9161-4554-9650-9C5E5D…)

this isn’t new but it hasn’t been posted yet. lyss e-begging crumbl to send her free cookies actually worked kek

No. 1886781

File: 1692780743105.jpeg (321.49 KB, 1170x2148, 2B829F3B-0FFD-47EA-9332-3C0C72…)

you bet she absolutely kept none of it down

No. 1886782

File: 1692780793317.jpeg (371.13 KB, 1170x1896, C9BD3EFC-2B85-4C02-87C7-C48E27…)

No. 1886785

so all in all, she got sent a $50 amazon gift card, a free box of cookies, AND additional gas money to drive to crumbl. god she’s insufferable, how does this keep working

No. 1886786

wtf you are getting these informations from
barley, oats, rye, wheat and a lots of fruits like grapes and apples grow in rural Europe, those has been the staple foods here since agriculture exists(derailing)

No. 1886787

File: 1692782182179.jpeg (144.78 KB, 750x546, 8D85D883-2FC2-4893-AEC8-272EB3…)

is han alright kek

No. 1886796

What in the name of fuck, kek. Pot, kettle, black

No. 1886798

>>Ed recovery
who is she trying to convince that she won’t purge them kek

No. 1886801

First thing that came to my mind, nona! Idk why but I find it ironically hilarious when these cows, especially the top-tier attention larpers, call others ‘attention seeking’… bitch tf?!

No. 1886806

are we doing homework for her?

No. 1886816

File: 1692788805899.jpeg (338.69 KB, 1772x1170, 51B42688-BD2B-4D97-89EE-D96596…)


This is for everyone confused by the v neck comment earlier. It is her eating disorder treatment uniform but has nothing to do with showing off her chest according to her. Keep in mind she’s 34…

No. 1886818

File: 1692789103602.jpeg (191.99 KB, 1170x1155, 4D90826F-E138-471E-8B12-15BCBD…)


I forgot the socks are a part of the standard outfit. She also messages people begging for socks whiles she’s in treatment

No. 1886833

Omggg stfu about this already

No. 1886844

kek if that tellonym is attention seeking, what do you call han's behaviour?

No. 1886847

it pisses me off when people post these things without names. i almost never know who they are. not all of us have been here for years

No. 1886855

Even being here for years I need names kek, I can't remember everyone, especially based off usernames or pfps alone

No. 1886858

Doesn't this cow exercise all the time anyway?

No. 1886883

File: 1692802533371.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230823_155706_Ins…)

Here comes the "it's my crohns" shtick. Bring back Lynn and the toob at once as becca puked exactly 4.56h ago

No. 1886885

File: 1692802821825.jpg (655.18 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230823_160304_Gal…)

I also noticed a lack of abby in this thread which makes me sad. You must suffer with me

No. 1886952

Where is she lP? Is it for her Ed or bpd or both?

No. 1886958

>excited in Australian
She just gave us a new meme since their healthcare is just enabling these cows

No. 1886979

im pretty sure she’s in an edu, she posted something about being in a eating disorder unit where they don’t understand bpd but tiktok got taken down and i didnt ss

No. 1886980

*her tiktok

No. 1886987

That's the REDU communal area I'm sure, so eating disorder. She also mentioned being on an ED unit and nobody understanding the BPD diagnosis somewhere. Tiktok also presumably. I'll see if I can find it

No. 1886995

Really must be healthy in hospice. Has anyone been in treatment with her? She used to post more about Ed but hasn’t really I feel(sage your shit)

No. 1886996

File: 1692818636156.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1270x2257, IMG_2309.jpeg)

Tell us something we don’t know, Enara.

No. 1887008

anyone else find it interesting that she "majorly fucked up" right after an anon started arguing that we should drop her as a subject of discussion until she became more milky?

No. 1887038

did she… cut on her throat? i highly doubt this was actually an attempt to slit her throat so she just purposely wounded herself in the most visible area she could think of. surely to god everyone around her sees through this shit

No. 1887046

She is still boring af.

I agree with the anon that said she shouldn't be in this post:

>>Enara should be posted on the munchie feed not proana. She's a munchie LARPer there's no real proana milk. She pity baits, not glorify and I'm p sure she lurks here. Put her where she belongs

No. 1887090

File: 1692827075921.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 61BC3FD6-BC59-4EE4-BFD5-D1F3FF…)

But she was just about to get the Ed IP she wanted (but pretended she didn’t).

No. 1887110

Damn, REDU. That means she’s in with Smorven. I hate to imagine the head banging noise pollution those two create.

No. 1887114

She looks like, Jordan! The transgender dude… he’s not been posted about on here for years though!

No. 1887116

Fucking Smorven, I cannot deal with that insufferable bint. She uses her, ‘autism’ to be a cunt and an out and out bitch

No. 1887120

I hate it so much that all those cows take pictures in the hospital, many times with people working there in the pictures. Yes, you aren't feeling great, yes, you want attention, we know it, but let those people do their job without you being a prick and recording/posting everything. Honestly, if you are so unwell/suicidal/out of your mind, the last thing you do is record that shit and post it straight away on your instagram account, except all you do is for that 5 second of attention.

No. 1887135

I was lucky enough to be in treatment with emily+stefania. Emily is an absolute menace. She bullies everyone whose bmi is two digits and tells them they don’t look that sick. She even asked stefania if she had atypical anorexia once and stefania totally flipped out on her(unsaged blogging)

No. 1887137

is abby’s tiktok still up? i can’t find it

No. 1887138

Sage your shit. Also, who is American Emily?

No. 1887170

that is liza seibert… famous for eating cow brains and hearts and god knows what else. her nutritionist (??? dietician?? I actually don't know) is scamming her by recommending that she takes over 35 supplements, and she's on almost exclusively a diet of unpasteurized milk and cream from the Amish, along with a whole host of other… well… odd things. She's fascinating, and while I don't think she has proana content, she definitely promotes some exceedingly bizarre stuff that seems to have no regard for food health OR safety

No. 1887179

Nothing wrong with eating cow heart and organic Amish cream.

No. 1887184

cow heart, no, but the FDA does not recommend unpasteurized milk in any form due to the possible contamination of bacteria. it's also just a lot of weird eating habits from her. Not that milky overall though, I do agree

No. 1887191

File: 1692837201587.jpeg (253.65 KB, 567x402, IMG_7043.jpeg)

>not that milky
>drinks unpasteurized milk

No. 1887209

Smorven! Not heard her mentioned in a while - is she still ED IP? Any less intolerably rude.

No. 1887211

File: 1692840268980.png (6.33 MB, 1170x2532, 930E462F-D8B7-4F81-B561-CDEAFC…)

>>1887138(unsaged self posting)

No. 1887234

Not pro ana milk. Stop posting her munching. Make her own thread or some shit she cloggs up the feed

No. 1887236

Sage your shit

No. 1887248

So unmilky and yet so literally milky at the same time. I watched a whole TikTok about how much heavy cream she drinks in a day.

No. 1887280

This is not bpd scumbags come back when she’s tubed or I don’t care.

No. 1887283

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but I did a deep lurk on Mi (livingfor_mi on tiktok) and I cannot figure out her insurance deal. What the actual fuck how is she getting insurance to pay for so much? If it’s safety related why not transfer her elsewhere for non-ED treatment? I’ve seen ERC do that so I’m so confused.

No. 1887288

Fat wannabe anachans are the worst. Sucking up resources instead of getting the fat sucked out of them. It’s so embarrassing to watch. My theory is the fattys get tubed so they can monitor their calories to the max so they don’t gain even more weight. Like I’m sorry, but no you’re not anorexic if you’re obese, no matter how many times you say anorexia doesn’t have a size to convince yourself.

No. 1887294

>she cloggs up the feed
Nta but between the unsaged anachan blogposters and infights about nothing it really doesn't make that much of a difference

No. 1887296

Circling back to this, she's literally so gross. Like, I am glad she locked down that vent account because it's so hypocritical. But then, that's what cows are I guess. I bet after the bladder larp ends she'll have another "accident" or try to kill herself when her bf dumps her.

No. 1887297


No. 1887311

New rule all subjects of harassment must be underweight!

No. 1887313

Or skinny

No. 1887315

No? You can't just make up new rules and expect us to follow them, that's not how this thread works newbie. And this isn't "harassment" get real

No. 1887316

boohoo, turns out that when you post things publicly, other people may have commentary that isn't flattering

No. 1887317

You are known to stalk private accounts and actually mentally ill people who quite clearly don't have capacity

"Physically and mentally"

Also if you can break the "rules"
Eg, post minors and young people at their most vaunrible then who is stopping somone from making a rule.

Besides it's pro "ana" scumbags
So you'd expect we'll.. People with actual anorexia.(learn2integrate, reddit spacing)

No. 1887319

> vaunrible

No. 1887320

I'm guessing most of you have no idea what anorexia is, coming from sites like kiwifarms where your only exposure is eugenia cooney,

Or " recovered " anorexics who are just jelous they lost their skinny bodies from forced treatment and extortionate meal plans

No. 1887323

I stand by that. People with severe an are extremely mentally ill. They hardly have capacity to tie their own shoes without a wheelchair

,According to the gross medical practices,

let alone be held to the same standards as other unintentional influencers

No. 1887324

are you too stupid to realize anon was making fun of your spelling? Between that and your general inability to integrate and be more than minimally coherent, it seems like maybe you need yo eat something or log off or stop huffing deodorant or whatever.

No. 1887326

Trust you to use spelling as a defense rather than actually looking into an argument

No. 1887328

Guys if u want to be skinny so bad. There's always tips in some ana memoire somewhere

No. 1887329

Nobody wants to argue with you, we just want you to fuck off. Your borderline incoherent argument seems to be that we should only make fun of emaciated people because they're … very vulnerable? But also that's mean? Oh, and we're all wannabe fatties I guess? Also it's very bad to make fun of sick people, so we should only make fun of the people you personally think are the sickest? I'm not even trying to be mean when I say that your brain does not seem to be functioning well enough to make a coherent argument.

No. 1887330

My point:
1. If you're going to make this page you might as well have skinny people as subjects.

2. But in reality you shouldn't even be making it in the first place because it's essentially picking on sick people for fun and to vent your jealousy idk.(retarded whiteknighting)

No. 1887331

Oops. Forgot to "SaGe"

No. 1887333

pretty anachan thought process to assume the only reason someone might make fun of scumbag behavior is out of jealousy about weight.

No. 1887349

lol, yeah, couldn't possibly be that we're poking fun at people who are bad influences and a societal scourge. We must be jealous!

No. 1887350

File: 1692863546405.jpeg (793.05 KB, 828x1053, IMG_9588.jpeg)

This guy made a weird comment on Nikol’s page so I clicked on him and I guess they know each other? But also he’s following a lot of anorexic girls. I wonder if he’s related to Nikol or he’s just a fetishist.

No. 1887352

>You are known to stalk private accounts
Not sure who you're talking too when you say "you." I only post public accounts of people who aren't autistic or retarded in some way. We aren't a hive mind or one person, if you have an issue with a post tag the person directly, I'm not responsible for whatever it is you're having a tantrum over.

>Also if you can break the "rules" Eg, post minors and young people at their most vaunrible then who is stopping somone from making a rule.

Posting minors is against the rules which is why the posts get deleted. And we don't create the rules, farmhands/admins/lc staff does, you want to propose a new rule you take it to meta, you can't just announce new rules and expect us all to fall in line with you, you autistic weirdo.

At least half the farmers here are anachans who can't seem to shut up about it, try again.

No. 1887353

I don't think they're related, he used to comment on every single one of her tiktoks semi flirtatiously. He seems quite infatuated with her and would comment disappointed sounding comments on her tiktoks about other guys.

No. 1887354

Why the fuck are you even here? Don’t like the content then leave. But for fucks sake stop shitting up the thread.

No. 1887360

I’m surprised Nikol would meet with him?? He lives in Arizona. But Nikol is full of bad decisions so who knows. How old is Nikol?

No. 1887363

I feel like I have reason to. I mean your hurting actual people and again, sometimes children.

No. 1887364

are you gonna report us to ben

No. 1887365

Fucking kek

No. 1887373

The people being posted are harmful and you can use whatever logic you want to say they are not responsible but they know what they are doing.

No. 1887376

Not any of the nonnies you're responding to, Creutzfeldt–Jakobfag, but this is a thread about PRO-ana people, as in PROMOTING anorexia by glorifying it or pretending they have it, so land whales can be included into that catergory. Read the fucking site rules and the OP, you retard.

No. 1887379

Are you fucking retarded. Ana brainrot? This is NOT for skinny people or the best anas or whatever, it's literally making fun of pro ana BEHAVIOUR. This is not a pro ana thread what the fuck. Get out if you're just waiting to see emaciated people for your thinspo collection, this goes to anyone else who completely missed the point of this place.
You're all ruining the threads, I would ALMOST say fuck off to everyone here if you have an ED yourself.

No. 1887380

Unrelated but I do think she looks very cute in this pic

No. 1887390

I second this

No. 1887418

Oh yeah BTW 95 lbs is now 93
Bmi 13.5
That's right. I'm still here(ban evasion)

No. 1887435


No. 1887439

File: 1692880764121.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1679, 0A0DBFA4-A205-45AB-9B57-D829D4…)

Ok moving on from the idiot shitting up the thread with their bmi and incoherent arguments…we’ve been blessed with yet another “throwback” from LLL - tensing and popping that collarbone/upper arm as hard as she can kek

No. 1887446

Damn this Liz girl is such a cunt, I'm not an Abbey Sharp fan in any whatsoever but what the fuck kind of reply is this?

No. 1887448

that explains so much of the braindeadness actually

No. 1887449

Part 2. She's right about Abbey being rude and judgmental though I'll give her that, but her smugness and "milk fat cured my depression and now I'm nothing like you" diatribe is just fucking bizarre

No. 1887450

I agree most people with an active ED need to gtfo, the sheer amount of “if you make fun of a cow you’re jealous!!” comments is laughable and really only shows how disordered the person saying this is

No. 1887451

Nonna this made me burst out laughing, ty

No. 1887456

Fuck off, no one finds that impressive. It’s not something hard to achieve if you have no life and are a pro ana cunt. Go back to posting your bodychecks on Twitter and getting creeped on by anorexia fetishists

No. 1887458

>It’s not something hard to achieve if you have no life
Accurate. It's like being proud that you have nothing better to do and no responsibilities kek

No. 1887464

but then the place would be empty…? I learned about lolcow from people in treatment or because I followed "recovery accounts" of people who were featured and mentioned it on social media, as did most of the people here, I assume. Very few reasons to go to ED treatment or follow ED recovery accounts if you don't… like… have an actual ED.

No. 1887468

aw poor 5'10" giant you'll never feel dainty and small so sad must post on lc for brags

No. 1887470

That's honestly depressing. I found this thread back in highschool because an influencer I used to stan got exposed for a bunch of bs and got posted here, I've never had an ED but I stuck around for the milk. A lot of other farmers found this thread from finding other lc threads first and found this one interesting. It's not really supposed to be something that IP anachans shoot the shit about or recovery accounts mention. Obviously that's bound to happen but it's not really the target audience for this thread

No. 1887472

Whats wrong with being 5'10? That anon trying to alog everyone with their weight is super cringe and most likely bait. Just say you're short and go, its obvious you're stubby and projecting.

I hate how many anachans in this thread think she's not disordered because she's "recovered" and not super skeletal. Its so painfully obvious that the people who view this thread are anachans. Embarrassing

No. 1887478

>giant!! ew tall ppl!

>yucky short and stumpy ppl! gross

Can we fucking not? This shit is retarded

No. 1887509

Kek, I'm the other way around, reading this thread gave me an ed.

No. 1887515

Well if the newfags, twtfags, US summer fags and wannabes would read the rules and stop doing that shit then maybe a thread might last more than a week.

No. 1887519

Nta but please tell me your joking kek

No. 1887521

Go back to twted

No. 1887522


Kek. Love it

No. 1887524

Fr? These threads cured whatever minute traces of anachan I used to have, seeing how awful the anachans look and how quickly they age and how sad and pathetic their life is and how other people view them literally 180'd me on everything I thought about anachanning. I was like a retarded "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" type tumblr pro ana loser until I found these threads and smartened up

No. 1887528

File: 1692890215038.jpeg (1.54 MB, 4000x4000, IMG_0781.jpeg)

Used the wrong colour. Needs to be as red as her blood she is giving away.

No. 1887536

File: 1692891100552.jpg (245.7 KB, 1290x2293, 369297144_846162643530788_9118…)

Sage cause this isn't milk but I thought this was an old woman at first till I read the username kek, Darcy ffs girl your fingers look geriatric and you already have false teeth. Time to think about recovery?

No. 1887537

Me too. This shit deterred me so much from an eating disorder. Especially the tards in this thread who are from edtwt and tumblr and clearly not over the age of 15 and sorry about who’s skinny enough and who’s not kek

No. 1887546

No one is hurting children. They also can choose not to lurk here. How many children have these cows hurt posting their proana content with Ed recovery hashtags that can pop up on anyone’s feed unsolicited?! You’re wasting your time trying to preach here.

No. 1887549

Don’t want to be kicked out bc I’m one with an ED but these threads have helped me because I don’t want to be a part of the same group as these crazy ass cows.

No. 1887578

Don't shit on us 5'10" nonnas, we can beat the fuck out of moids and carry short nonnas on our shoulders. Imagine the chaos and justice we could bring with our powers united. Desiring "daintiness" is simply pandering to scrotes. I'd honestly respect anas more if their desire to be skellies were to freak out scrotes and terrify them in the night. Tall, short, average… doesn't matter. We're all here as females and should use our natural talents to fuck up moids.

No. 1887601

Did elzani split with her boyfriend? Post on TT(screenshots needed)

No. 1887608

Blog: Same. No better motivation than to see what your life could turn out like

No. 1887613

File: 1692899848234.jpeg (459.87 KB, 1170x890, IMG_3611.jpeg)

Marie again being shocked she’s unwell

No. 1887615


No. 1887621

She is not shocked, she just loooves the attention of being the sickest.

No. 1887622

exactly, see also: her weird ass posing to try to look spoopier when she's already a mega-spoop

No. 1887624

Yeah I’ve noticed 3/4 of her posts are made to have people comment “you’re so tiny stay safe”

No. 1887634

File: 1692901344181.jpeg (951.81 KB, 1170x1867, IMG_3613.jpeg)

Another weirdly posed body check post from Stef because she is sooo sick

No. 1887636

This is an old picture. I'm pretty sure that everything she's posted since the plane bathroom selfie has been old pictures / video clips and that she's in treatment somewhere (probably ERC?) and being coy about it for once.

No. 1887643

File: 1692902522614.png (3.08 MB, 1080x1433, IMG_9019.png)

Since we’ve been down under, anyone heard from/follow Hayden (“disabled”/“indigenous”/“severely underweight” pictured unspoiled for memory jogging)? I think they might have changed usernames during #90 and is pictured in #91 but no link. Curious to know if she’s still the only one in Australia denied ed and mh services or if she made another gfm.

No. 1887657

Aha yep. I read this thread specifically while I eat as a comedic break and horrific reminder to just be fucking normal

No. 1887666

File: 1692905460440.jpeg (69.84 KB, 828x195, IMG_9589.jpeg)

Fucking wild how ukfags get to go bowling and shopping when they’re in the us equivalent of inpatient .Usfags aren’t even allowed to walk.

No. 1887673

What is wrong with that? It actually helps.

No. 1887677

Nothing like a perfect afternoon on your grippy sock vacation

No. 1887681

Nope, don't know what's up but the account was deleted, not a name change. We had personal contact and I actually received money from him/her. So I know I'm not blocked or anything, the account is just fully gone

No. 1887693

File: 1692909061491.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1983.png)

clearly very ashamed kek

No. 1887698

He/she gave money to you?! Thought it worked the other way around only kek.

No. 1887699

Nice headbang

No. 1887700

>We had personal contact and I actually received money from him/her
uhh what? pls elaborate

No. 1887704

And a lot of old body checks and a lot of post and delete lately. The message keeps swinging between 'I really wish I was skinny but I got myself fat and I hate it. But look I wasn't always fat!' and 'I'm not ashamed, bopo, I'm enough etc etc'

No. 1887705

Anon was a sex worker and Hayden was a John.

No. 1887709

I know we should be proud of them when cows stop blasting us with nose hose selfies but I kinda want some milk from Stef. But good for her for getting treatment and having the self control to focus on getting better and not updating everyone on how super sick she is.

Or she just got her phone taken away already.

No. 1887718

Yeah remember their gofund.me? Don't want to blog but necessary to answer this, I had one as well, for treatment for anorexia. Legit one as I'm so low in weight standard treatment refuses me, and one that does want to try is very expensive. They shared my gofund.me around and donated 50 euros themselves

No. 1887721

Doesn't want to blog…goes full ana chan…stfu

No. 1887723

Oh yeah, the "I'm 3/1000ths aboriginal" girl that referred to herself as a brotherboy. I wondered if the Australian wildfires were started by the sun refracting off her glasses.

No. 1887724

NTA but how else were they going to answer?

No. 1887742

I mean, they could have just said "I had a gofundme" and not shared that they were so super skelly special that the public health system wouldn't take them.

No. 1887743

They're still active on social media. IG has stories from today but not about her, it's LGBTQIA++ shit. Facebook is oddly locked down, first time I've ever seen the the type of message on the platform. It seems like they're rolling out so you can't see user public profile pictures etc if set to private. Not yet really bumping into much about what they're currently up to.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hayden.moon.1048
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@hayden_seek94
IG: hayden_seek94

No. 1887772

I agree. Enara is difficult because something fucked up happened to her but I can't imagine exactly how she's supposed to be treated by doctors when she's so reliant on them because her brain is so messed up. I guess this goes for all people with Munchausen's but Enara's presents as BPD-ish as well

No. 1887775

Retard moment on my behalf, didn't realize you weren't talking about Enara

No. 1887795

Yea I was saying I want to lostallsanity get help. I just see Enara get so much and she's in the same country (I now it's a big country) in a desperate situation and even doing similar things to Enara but Enara gets everything and this other girl barely gets the bare minimum.

No. 1887798

I can't type apparently. Should say 'I want to see lostallsanity get help.'

No. 1887807

If she is in treatment, it’s more likely she doesn’t have a tube and therefore won’t post herself since it’d refute her sickest ana ever claim (tho again, there are very sick people who manage to recover without tube just fine, and actual landwhales who get tubes for attention. A toob is not a definitive measure of sickness, despite what every ana chan and wannarexic wants you to believe).

Maybe she’s gaining weight through normal methods and not being her usual attention whore self, in which case I’d actually be impressed. But Stefani getting treatment is not anything to be impressed with since she’s gotten treatment many times before only to immediately fall into an “unplanned” relapse. She thrives on the asspats being sick gets her just like every other one of these cows.

No. 1887808

I feel like it's more likely that the ITU doesn't let them take selfies / make TikToks anymore than that she voluntarily stopped treatment posting.

No. 1887832

Oh don’t worry, she’s definitely taking secret body check / toob pictures and are gonna post them all once she’s left and can’t get in trouble for it

No. 1887843

Thanks! I chuckled when I saw “Public figure” on the insta.

No. 1887852

They could at least take the pics when staff ISN'T in front of them, or angle the camera differently, but I guess that would make too much sense

No. 1887855

or take three seconds to scribble over them when adding text. It's literally an option on the same screen when making an Instagram story post, so it wouldn't be any extra effort

No. 1887863

Anon you are the true hero I was just trying to remember this one’s name to see what they were up to. Real mvp of the thread so far anon. Non of this infighting and nutrition blogging bullshit but bringing some actual substance

No. 1887865

I watched this awhile ago and it's the most rude, condescending bullshit I've ever heard. She lost all credibility at "dependence on pharmaceutical drugs", but it gets so much worse as it goes on.

I did go watch Abby's original criticism video, too, and it was very valid. I think Liz was feeling butthurt and this was her attempt to try and save face.

No. 1887866

it's so annoying when they do that. you'd think they'd eventually realize how stupid and sheep-like they all sound

No. 1887906

[dumb ways to die starts playing]

No. 1887914

Can another ERCfag remind us what the rules on phones are in the ITU?

No. 1887946

This honestly spooked me kek

No. 1887947

File: 1692937132683.jpeg (767.94 KB, 1522x1398, IMG_2054.jpeg)

No. 1887948

File: 1692937341403.jpeg (215.33 KB, 1954x549, IMG_2055.jpeg)

No. 1887949

The moo's are coming from inside the thread…

No. 1887975

I know bad things happened to Enara and that this can really fuck a person up. What bugs me is really bad things happen to many many people but they can't access help because they werent in the military. Like I'm sure the lostinsanity girl has been through horrific trauma to end up like this. Many people with EDs have been thru trauma but they can't get the help.

No. 1887991

This isn't milk it's just sad she graduated ages ago

No. 1887992

Fucked up things happen to most people. Even worse things than being raped at gunpoint. And not every survivor of rape involving a weapon loses that many brain cells and hinges, either. She'd have to WANT help for the PTSD which is allegedly the root issue, and she doesn't. Because then what excuse does she have to behave the way she does? Absolutely no sympathy. Being a rape victim doesn't give you a pass or a soft spot from me kek

No. 1887993

It's potentially the beginning of a relapse. I do wish anon had captioned her post, but it is what it is. We love a good breakup fuelled 'relapse'

No. 1887994

Thought this was Ham at first kek

No. 1887997

Speak for yourself anon, it'd be sad if she does end up relapsing over some scrote.

No. 1887998

This is 100% attention seeking. She's not even admitted yet, still in the ER, and she's posting grim bloodied selfies to instagram. She needs her phone taken away more than anything else.

No. 1888002

Who looks after Enaras dog when she's constantly going into hospital? Also if it's a therapy dog… it clearly isn't working.

No. 1888003

File: 1692953291244.jpg (340.29 KB, 1080x2111, IMG_20230825_104514.jpg)

Oh my, thanks for the gold mines! Too dainty to lift a flute, kekkk

No. 1888005

File: 1692953669724.jpg (324.94 KB, 1080x1976, IMG_20230825_104545.jpg)

So there was "too much hate". She's also mentioning her doing a PhD many times, still insufferable

No. 1888007

File: 1692954490754.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1988.png)

No. 1888015

I think so too, she looks really nice here but the dude looks like a creep. 100% a fetishist but why would she meet with him? I would understand maybe if he is good looking but what the hell is that? I thought he is a middle aged woman at first

No. 1888063

File: 1692967286721.jpg (193.64 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230822_102008_Tik…)

Abbys tiktok is private, or she at least has a private one

No. 1888074

milk? nothing pro-ana scumbaggy to see here

No. 1888078

File: 1692970845129.jpeg (167.08 KB, 1080x1080, Dletx7m.jpeg)

So now it's the dog's fault? Kek.

Complete shitpost here, but I was just imagining the dog as a therapist and thinking that it was problem that required more tweed.

No. 1888079

Doesn't she want to be in jail anyway? Why would she worry about paying fines lol

No. 1888102

Ahahahah,no not dogs fault but others have said it isn't actually a real trained dog. It can't get in a car and pees on stuff but she claims it is fully trained.

No. 1888105

Marie Senechal died

No. 1888109


No. 1888114

File: 1692975145554.png (1.22 MB, 2211x742, Screenshot 2023-08-25 105430.p…)


this is all i've been able to find

No. 1888115

File: 1692975206051.jpeg (503.24 KB, 1238x1450, IMG_2329.jpeg)

NTA but there’s a comment on her most recent IG post

No. 1888118

Was she ever in these threads as proana? This is actually pretty upsetting, I never knew her to be that problematic but maybe I'm missing something. I followed her youtube channel in the early 2010's and she doesn't seem like a cow, just a genuinely deeply troubled individual who happened to gain notoriety after a vlog or two. Holy shit though

No. 1888121

What a weird response.

No. 1888128


NTA just a lurker, i dont remember seeing her mentioned before. its sad if she is dead. she seems like she was trying to help others goin through what she was

No. 1888150

No she did post her lowest weight and bmi a few times. But I did always appreciate her because at some point, she did try to help people. It’s still really sad though

No. 1888180

It's so funny that people are getting militant about certain cows on this thread. Your autism is showing. No one else minds that they're here but you, newcomer.

No. 1888182

Seems like they're trying to keep the news about her death quiet, so it doesn't blow up on social media. Too late now, I guess.

No. 1888189


She has multiple but has been banned from her public 1. She was doing well until another BPD patient A arrived and then suddenly the head banging increased and the NG also joined, despite managing fine previously

No photos bcos I don’t follow her private accounts

No. 1888195

That’s really sad - she was mad funny helpful just her. Things seemed to be going well for her in the last vlog.

No. 1888196

I'm the anon you're referring to and I agree. Enara is taken care of for life just because she happened to be in the military. It's fucked up. Almost all of the common eating disorder cows have the resources to afford to do what they're doing in all of these hospitals

No. 1888220

This girl came into one of Rachel risings lives and told her she was worried she wasn't recovering and then Rachel and her sycophants blocked her for "bringing negative energy". There's no way she's recovering and I hope that more people catch on and treat her like the Eugenia wannabe she is

No. 1888239

Oh, I thought she sounded wildly depressed. She was crying and saying she's trying to get through this and that there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. She joked "hopefully it's not a train" haha. Poor thing, that's just heartbreaking.

No. 1888258


Poor thing, rest in peace.

Yes, in her last video she was crying but she seemed hopeful.

Do we know the circumstances of her passing?

No. 1888266

How do you know that about the unit/other patient? Did she say that before she was banned or do you have some inside scoop kek

No. 1888268

I don't think it's unreasonable to assume a psychotic break and suicide or death by misadventure, or organs packed in from years of abuse

No. 1888270

File: 1692992971877.png (1.59 MB, 1512x1512, atexactly40ftpm.png)

More info on becca with a tubes jump

No. 1888315

I think she's bullshitting. Unless someone wants to medfag.

No. 1888340

File: 1693001227218.png (1.91 MB, 1512x1512, isiteven40fttall.png)

Draw your own conclusions but it doesn't look that tall to me?
There's also a jump from a 40ft platform where tension is only pulled in the last second so I definitely feel like you could survive it as there's so much potential for fatal injury with an open platform (all it would take is the rigger to stop paying attention and the climber to slip or jump before the all clear and according to Google they'd essentially burst? Seems way too much of a liability in that case)

No. 1888359

Honestly I’m not trying to wk but at the end of the day she jumped off a building so I don’t think I really matters. Also I wouldn’t really say because is a larger as many claim because virtually all the weight she gained was from tube feeding and was actually skinny to begin with

No. 1888360

she's had the tube out for almost a year without losing any weight, so she has to be eating enough to support that weight

No. 1888363

Yeah but she can’t exercise because she’s in a psych ward and overshoot in recovery is pretty normal

No. 1888364

Plus isn’t she on anti psychotics and other meds which influence weight gain

No. 1888365

it's weird how invested you are in her weight when it's really not why she's so weird/funny and doesn't get discussed very much.

No. 1888367

You lot are the ones agonising over how tall the building she jumped off of is

No. 1888368

*becca is a larper

No. 1888369

we're not one person, kek, and for the record I also find that weird but in a much funnier way

No. 1888372

That’s why I said ones nonna

No. 1888376

File: 1693006590764.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 23461987-0FCE-4BF1-BBC3-ECCF96…)

In other news Han is a general disaster.

No. 1888378

File: 1693006743823.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, FF45E918-5AF4-4A8C-AFD5-6B059A…)

Goes to bed at 11am and seems like she still hasn’t showered as house renovations are still going on and shower discussions are being had.

No. 1888380

This one was my favorite. How dare someone want to do work at her bedtime?

No. 1888381

File: 1693006863409.png (2.64 MB, 750x1334, 35443294-718E-42B8-AE6A-401994…)

But actual discussion of diagnoses which she always usually dances around. Someone just tell her she’s autistic already.

No. 1888382

Why is her finger IN her eye? She chooses the weirdest pictures to share.

No. 1888384

She always goes on about trauma and has anniversaries about every week it seems but I don't think I've ever heard any mention of what any of it is at all.

No. 1888385

parents bathed her nightly as a child, every evening is a trauma anniversary

No. 1888405

Kek at least she would be washed daily then.

No. 1888426

NFC EDP got phased out at the end of last year. New head psychiatrist, new dietician. Strict 6 week admission at the longest. 3 strike system; if you refuse food / supplements or just generally fuck around, you are out. P sure NG feeds are rarely used.

No. 1888478

File: 1693018247586.png (602.9 KB, 471x588, Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 9.53…)

Stef continues with the throwback bodychecks. I'm sure she would argue this is just a normal selfie taken to show off her life.

No. 1888482

File: 1693019114562.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230826_122945_Ins…)

Confirmed Enara tried to slit her own throat but wasn't actually trying to kill herself. Just trying to go for the most obvious and dramatic place to sh. Her arms are already covered in scar tissue, I bet she ran out of free space where people can see it so she went for the neck. Doubt she has any cuts where clothes would cover it.

No. 1888486

Gee she did a good job if she wasn’t trying to kill herself. She exposed her fucking larynx. Also how the fuck did she manage that in a private hospital?

No. 1888490

What kind of twisted person jumps off a toy store where children would be in the vicinity to witness it. What a fucking psychopath.

No. 1888491

most people who jump off buildings aren't really in a frame of mind where other people even exist, honestly

No. 1888493

File: 1693021108442.jpeg (206.84 KB, 828x1393, 798D7485-C389-4498-B66A-319055…)

Nothing is making me happier right now than thinking about Stef having to tolerate Mi at ERC right now. (Pic from the Mi archives. @livingfor_mi for newfags.)

No. 1888494

now I'm just imagining the two of them silently competing to have their ng tube the longest

No. 1888500

And Mi overly relating to Stef because they’re both aNoReXiC aNd So SiMiLaR. “We’re all the same here.”

No. 1888501

Where the proana milk? This is munch post this to ot or something

No. 1888504

the ed larpers are their own variety of pro-ana scumbag and belong in this thread too. once someone qualifies for the thread, it makes no sense to segregate their non-ed content. for example, han's inability to shower like a human has nothing to do with anorexia but is still funny.

No. 1888514

I bet Porgie is livid!

No. 1888515

Toys R Us has been closed in the UK since March 2018 after they went bankrupt here. So the building was abandoned, luckily.

No. 1888518

She's such a munchie. You can tell by the way she's revelling in all these details - intra-osseous line, ketamine infusion, air ambulance etc. I'm also calling bullshit on "very nearly ending my life" because she posted a fuckin instagram story while she was still in the ER. I'm sure lots of us have been nowhere near death but still too unwell to pick up our phones and post a coherent story for attention.

No. 1888526

It matters because she always said she'd never give details like height of the jump as it would be too "triggering" and doesn't want to give people ideas. It also matters because I find it amusing how she clings onto the anorexia "diagnosis" when she knows full well this jump is the sole reason for the weight gain and rather than admitting it, she's pushing the blame onto "the medication"

No. 1888533

Yup. Crippling yourself is a pretty effective way to gain weight.

Has she really been in the hospital a solid 5 years now? Grim.

No. 1888535

File: 1693031293823.jpeg (439.7 KB, 3264x921, 11B32B4C-41BF-42EA-AA4C-D76C49…)

Kate sperging about how shes such a good mom and claiming she’s dealt with neglect and abuse

No. 1888550

I mean, the Turpins took their kids to Disneyland too…

No. 1888555

kek nona i’m ctfu

No. 1888564

KEK good one

No. 1888568

damn she managed to take them from disney to build a bear in one minute

No. 1888575

Hasn't she posted about having nice parents growing up? Now she's claiming neglect? These 180's give me Nikol vibes

No. 1888598

could be aiming for weight loss via amputation kek

No. 1888626

I am trying so hard not a-log but what an absolutely terrible person she is. 3 ambulances and a helicopter for someone already in IP. In a PLANNED admission which I still can’t believe she gets. Just after she posted she wanted another week! She didn’t ‘fuck up’ at all. She did it all on purpose. And then admitted she didn’t even want to die. So why slit your throat?! Jesus fuck.They should take away all her planned admission bullshit. Doing this while you’re already in hospital, just because you want an extra week is disgusting. And what the hell did she use when she’s already in IP?!
Also what about her poor dog? Where was he? What was he doing while she did this?! Who’s caring for him now? Did he heroically raise the alarm or did he start licking the blood ? (Because he’s a dog and they do that).

No. 1888654

The obnoxious way she uses ALLLLL the textbook medical terminology and goes into great details. She’s insufferable and it’s SO obvious she loves every minute of hospital life.

No. 1888656

Kek taking your kids places and buying them shit doesn’t make you a good mother necessarily. It’s putting a pretty bow on a shit package.

No. 1888659

I can see colours doing this same exact thing if she ever goes to IP and she doesn't get the treatment she demands, kek. She also doesn't give a shit about her dog as she "lays upon a bed of blood" each night.

No. 1888664

I think Kate is just chronically online and feeds off the attention. She only comes back to Twitter to lose weight when she starts talking about a new guy, the break up, she loses weight again, disappears and comes back. Repeat. I don’t know how she is a parent but hopefully the aren’t old enough to notice her fucked up eating habits. She needs to log off and get some therapy. Seems like she never grew up even after having two children.

No. 1888672

Fuck this reminds me of a few months back when she posted how she wished she was the air Ambo patient. I'm sure that was her? Now I need to go check kek it's absolutely within her remit to have initially got the idea through envy and was planning / building up to this

No. 1888686

Has em lost weight… was in her live earlier and she isn’t looking her best(sage your shit, this is an imageboard)

No. 1888709

File: 1693067704262.png (1.01 MB, 1440x1012, screenshot.png)

Anyone have any information on the coaching this person sells? I can't imagine that she is healthy at all, and her clients end up looking like her. Is she just selling starvation?

No. 1888724

File: 1693069129466.jpeg (380.5 KB, 1321x1139, 48EA945D-3C3A-4DE1-9F31-398DE9…)


I’m not sure if this is the Emily you’re referring to but I saw she posted this..

No. 1888726

But it’s not??? Enara is only funny when she’s saying she has anorexia or whatever she claims. Otherwise we could include anyone with BPD or a chronic illness who ever claims to have an ED when that’s not the primary content. Keep it to people with ED’s as a primary diagnosis why is that so hard????

No. 1888731

Nta but you don't get to decide rules and then demand everyone else follows along, go whine in meta if you have an issue, I'm sick of your bitching(infighting)

No. 1888733

Nah I meant the girl who has long hair and does makeup(sage your shit)

No. 1888734

No. 1888748


I heard stef is waiting for a bed at Veritas right now while she’s at ERC. I don’t know what their social media policy is but the girl has to take a break. I really hope that’s why she isn’t posting on tiktok but she has posted plenty of sad tube pictures to her Snapchat story. She said in one of her videos a few months ago that her views go down dramatically when she leaves the hospital. Everyone is tuned in to watch the train wreck not “support” her

No. 1888774

Much as I hate Enara I don't think it was her that was jealous of the air ambulance patient. Was it the Norwegian girl? I don't think it was Enara.

No. 1888785

Sister's dog*. Get your facts straight before you get your hate on. Don't even live in the same house.

No. 1888787

File: 1693074204188.png (2.58 MB, 1170x2532, 799C5BEC-C8B8-466E-A5F4-BD1640…)

what the fuck is this

No. 1888789

I love how anons keep predicting her death and she just keeps surviving and being a deranged cow 24/7.

No. 1888794

But nice talking to you.

No. 1888801

When she does finally croak all the nonnies will be like "SEEE?!?!?!" I PREDICTED THIS!!!" Megakek

No. 1888807

show some respect for the unicorn queen

No. 1888816


OP was talking about emilyx_jonesx
Probably losing as all she’s been doing is partying and hanging around friends that don eat either

She’s off to uni soon so hopefully she doesn’t use the independence to fall further into relapsing

She also lurks this thread(sage your shit)

No. 1888823


She’s not subtle about it, she showed that she was reading lolcow while on live by flashing it on screen when she saw the news about Marie Senechal and shared the posts on here about it on her live.

But Em doesn’t warrant being called out for cow behaviour here - yes before there was damaging content but this point it seems like a weird vendetta. Leave the girl be and if you’re gonna be a vendetta moron at least sage

No. 1888826

Oh so han hasn't actually been diagnosed with any of these things she's claiming to have. Just claimed BPD because it was trendy

No. 1888839

I hate to defend her but she's denied having BPD quite a lot of times. (And it's not in her bio kek. I have a thing about people putting diagnoses in their bios but that's just me)…… Then again she's also referred to her mother as her FP and uses dbt skills such as the 'ice dive' that ended up wetting all her clothing the other day and giving her a bit of a wash.

No. 1888840

Is it still trendy? God who would want it?

No. 1888860

File: 1693083271446.jpeg (830.43 KB, 1170x1380, CCF062AD-1B72-47AB-9CDF-7BC304…)

you forgot the part where she essentially doxxed her children’s bedroom

No. 1888866

>this defensiveness

She knows she's a shit single mom because she's self-obsessed and probably impatient with her kids lol.

No. 1888901

God, she's honestly one of the worst if not the worst active edtwt cow currently. Nerfing yourself and ruining your life is one thing but your children? Imagine her children ever find this

No. 1888915

File: 1693090742937.jpeg (312.85 KB, 1179x2004, IMG_0786.jpeg)

Clearly she lurks here.

No. 1888916

Autism and CPTSD seem to be replacing BPD for the trendiest ‘go to’ diagnosis nowadays it seems nona

No. 1888917

Fucking colours ban evading again. Why doesn’t this bitch get off the fucking internet?

No. 1888918

File: 1693091069684.jpeg (749.18 KB, 1179x1999, IMG_0787.jpeg)

She also is now a month free from binging/purging. But she is no longer talking about the ozempic. Noticed she removed those videos as well. Got to show of the tube in ever picture/video now. What’s next with this cow? Will she go full on munchie and end up like LLL with her “lifesaving” ballet? Will she give up the did act and actually get a job? Who knows with this cow. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

No. 1888938

And DID. Wanting any of those things just makes no sense to me.

No. 1888948

>It wasn't an attempt (sad face emoji, broken heart emoji)
We can fucking tell!

No. 1888956

Her saying I don't have supps or says her dietician told her to chew n spit isn't milky. If she posts about her ED larping then post but her bs SH woe is me bs just clogs the feed. I swear she lurks and posts herself. Hans whole thing was saying she was anorexic and then posting about her "recovery" and body etc there's a reason she was posted cause everything she posted about was either her crying over cake or squishing her rolls advocating for all bodies are beautiful or whatever. Enara is munch who once in a while will mention she struggles to eat. Not comparable

No. 1888958

I lk miss porgie. She was flowing with milk

No. 1888959

your (only semi-coherent) rants every time enara is mentioned consume more space than the posts themselves. You also have the wrong person; Han is thelifeofhan, not Ham.

No. 1888969

No. 1888971

like some other anon said earlier, we're not your personal snark army. You can't dictate who other anons find it interesting to discuss.

No. 1888974

She makes me laugh tbh, always lurking and ready to reply

No. 1888975

Can you shut up already, the only one ~clogging the feed~ is you and your weird autistic micro managing

No. 1888981

Stg not wking that idiot, but clearly you two have never starved yourselves for more than a couple days. Fighting your biology to wither away is ridiculously hard. Not impressive, but hard

No. 1888982

if she actually was a good parent she wouldn’t be on edtwt or talking about her kids on there or posting photos of them/their rooms there wtf how does she not realise how weird that is? also I went down an edtwt rabbithole while lurking one of the cows and the number of single mums with kids on there and who talk about their kids there is alarming

No. 1888996

Kek, I haven't starved myself at all, go boohoo about your super serious ed on twitter

No. 1888997

File: 1693103414532.jpg (386.23 KB, 1052x1800, Collage_2023-08-26_22_32_24~2.…)

No. 1888998

File: 1693103453843.jpg (384.58 KB, 961x1791, Collage_2023-08-26_22_27_08~2.…)

No. 1888999

File: 1693103495049.jpg (497.96 KB, 963x1800, Collage_2023-08-26_22_29_06~2.…)

No. 1889000

ugh, wah wah "starving yourself is So HaRd" you sound like a cow. MOOOOOOO.(*bones rattling*)

No. 1889003

No. 1889004

File: 1693104784024.jpeg (234.87 KB, 724x1285, 91B68114-566B-416A-90AE-B21F2B…)

No. 1889013


She claimed she was becoming a citizen so she could study paramedics and then people pointed out to her there was no way she could be a paramedic with legit DID (how can a 5 year old personality switch drive an ambulance and give morphine?? As a just one example) but she has old photos on her Insta in 2 different uni paramedic practice uniforms but doesn’t appear to have gone to any classes so the lies continue. I think the ballet completely stopped following that unhinged Facebook post?

No. 1889015


Totes miss the porgie milk because let’s be real a whale with a tube is just funny but honestly sorry to whikeknight but props to her for living independently and holding down a job unlike so many of these other girls who just dick around going from resource to resource with no life responsibilities or capabilities

No. 1889019

File: 1693108293641.jpeg (625.27 KB, 1170x2081, 660A4C55-DE3E-474B-935D-26627B…)

No. 1889020

Tbh Veritas is a good fit for Mi. In the same way ERC has a reputation for being where you go if you’re actually sick (after stepping down from Acute ofc), Veritas has a reputation of being where you go if you have raging BPD and also an eating disorder. At least for adults anyways.

No. 1889026

ntayrt but that proves the point that there’s more than one of us here who think this, I swear to god Enara is self posting when she’s upset she hasn’t gotten enough attention from staff in the hospital or a big enough response on social media. Just keep it to the eating disorder larping jfc.

No. 1889028

the post you replied to claims that Stef is waiting for a bed at Veritas, not Mi.

No. 1889031

oops my bad but kek that makes it worse because Stef will hate it there

No. 1889034

Nta but you and the other retard should take your complaints to meta, it takes up way more posts to continuously try to enforce non existent rules than it would for you two to just ignore it.

No. 1889064

As an ex anachan, no. It's really fucking easy to rot away in your room and starve. Being a functioning member of society is much harder.

No. 1889082

So now she is a citizen she has given up trying to actually make a life and is now larping to suck resources and use taxpayers money to live a comfortable life. She still posts ballet stuff, not as much though. She claims to be doing it from home now.

No. 1889085

File: 1693126710347.png (307.15 KB, 427x634, Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 3.59…)

Enara posted this story where her neck wound is very visible and then got super butthurt when people sent her messages telling her that it wasn't cool to post pictures showing something she claims almost killed her. She claims it's "barely visible" in the video. (I'm sure this post will upset the autistic anti-Enara anon)

No. 1889089


How to tell your local hospital is sick of your shit: you cut open your larynx and an artery and they literally send you home the next day. It’s almost sad. She will keep going until she is a vegetable pissing in a nappy with a feeding tube and only then will she get the care level she craves. She will never actually die.

No. 1889090

As a fellow ex anachan, I second this

No. 1889101

Anyone knows what happened to the russian super skeletal anorexic Daria?

No. 1889103

File: 1693134583158.jpeg (533.4 KB, 828x1197, 49B7B047-6076-4D57-801A-381E5B…)

No. 1889109

I think your timeline must be off, since she says they gave her five days of IV antibiotics before sending her home?

No. 1889112

File: 1693137585279.jpeg (549.06 KB, 828x1399, 57F689EF-AFA3-4A6A-8F97-009046…)

No. 1889115

Veritas actually accepts lower bmi patients than ERC does and has a pretty high level of care medically. It's just not as trendy/anachan points because it's not as well known.

No. 1889116


Attention seeking cunt status confirmed.

No. 1889120

Circulation issues/the beginnings of congestive heart failure. Edema is next you dum dum. But hey.. at least she's so smol she can't fit in the smallest public size tee hee!

No. 1889126

If you google 'awaytohealthy pdf' you'll get a bunch of reddit and ED forum discussions about how it's just a lazily put-together low-cal vegan diet.

No. 1889134

Blood pooling from orthostatic hypotension. It’s not that serious she just wants attention and I’m sure would love her some CHF.(learn to sage)

No. 1889136

File: 1693143408159.jpg (693.22 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20230827_143746.jpg)

Fi vague posting again. Am I the only one who hadn't noticed she was off her socials? I stg she was posting stories, just not posts? Anyway she promises she will tell all her followers what is going on, really soon. And she got a new tattoo telling her to keep breathing and keep going.

No. 1889164

Fi looks super skinny again in that picture, but I don't see how is that milky, tbh.

Anyways, I hope she is fine and gets better.

No. 1889169


So let me get this straight….this woman collected a bunch of severely disabled kids like fucking Pokémon even when she had a severe eating disorder. Then ended up severely disabled herself from a stroke. Jesus fucking Christ her poor oldest daughter.

No. 1889170

No but I want to know too. And the girl in Kuwait…..Saassisadness or something.

No. 1889174

Is she actually complaining that anachans with forehead vaginas get more likes and follows than her sh get her?!

No. 1889177

She always was annoying but all the vague posting is even more annoying. I never cared for her but now I care even less tbh. If it’s all so secret then shut up and don’t say anything. Who cares? I don’t know if she’s trying to get people interested in her and string them along but it’s only making me skip over any talk of her even more. I’m surprised I bothered to even write this Kek.

No. 1889222

Honestly think it already has, her calves are almost bigger than her thighs(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1889232

Kinda wild to be 25 and in hospice? It’s been said she is trying to get out of it but is she’s 25 couldn’t she just refuse? Anyone have milk on this one? She used to post reels about trying food in her Instagram when she just got out of ip

No. 1889272

Agreed. I'm fucking tired of this idiot anon and I wish they'd shut up and sit down. We like to know the WHOLE story about people and their fucked-up minds, not just the strictly ED parts.

No. 1889281

I agree that it's possible to make certain kinds of progress without weight gain, but that's called harm reduction, not recovery. In order to actually recover she needs to gain weight, and she clearly knows that.

People like this cow and Rachel piss me off the most of anyone on this thread. They want all the praise and social clout that comes with full recovery, without having to do the work themselves. Can they improve their health without gaining weight? To some degree, maybe. But they're kidding themselves if they think they can sit at these sorts of weights and stay healthy long-term.

No. 1889283

File: 1693172462065.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1242x1399, 59D896B9-B42E-488C-AE4F-DB55E6…)

fi updated and it looks like she’s lost weight

No. 1889284

File: 1693172495892.jpeg (694.91 KB, 1242x1668, 135EE36F-F9CB-462C-862A-50551E…)

samefag, fi’s caption

No. 1889287

Ems in hospice so maybe her brains so fucked at this point she doesn’t know the difference between recovery and harm reduction. She’s mentioned a lot of health issues from her Ed like osteoporosis and history of cardiac arrest but she doesn’t really go into it as much now. She had to make it clear though she hasn’t gained

No. 1889289

At least it seems like she's doing more than just sitting at home crying over oatmeal.

No. 1889294

I’m just going to assume Sasi is dead. Her bmi was 9 and she wasn’t under any care. Her country doesn’t do Ed treatment.

No. 1889296

i love all the enara content. please keep it coming

No. 1889316

That's sad. I haven't checked her account in a long time but she did have a long list of IP treatments she had had in her bio. I guess she had to go abroad for them then.
Daria I have no clue. Account disappeared. But she looked seriously awful.

No. 1889317

Hi bmi 13.5 ban evaders here

They're right. It's easy if you have will power. Can I link my edtwt and get famous here?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1889318

Sage your useless drivel jfc

No. 1889327

Only took 20 mins for your ban this time. Bye-bye, dumbass

No. 1889336

I don't think she looks like she's lost weight

No. 1889343

She's so masturbatory about 'getting to know Fi.'

No. 1889370

Not completely true. I was at ERC with multiple people who had been to ERC multiple times and wanted to go somewhere else but no one would take them, including Veritas. Seems like there aren’t tons of options for inpatient if you want a treatment center and not a hospital program. None of us had been to Acute either so it’s not like both Veritas and ERC would’ve referred us to Acute because apparently none of us made the cut.

No. 1889374

Hope Fi is remembering to breathe

No. 1889377

File: 1693186683683.jpeg (946.82 KB, 1170x1656, 438E0D77-2A29-4DEF-AD38-0D1243…)

This bitch does not have an ED but a fucking attention problem, 24 yo on edtwt with 60K teenaged followers, absolute loser

No. 1889386

File: 1693189088012.png (482.56 KB, 426x681, Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 9.19…)

For all that Kara has been making a big deal out of how she's not going to show her body until she's a healthy weight again, she's only going to post healthy recovery content, etc, it really seems like she's increasingly trying to "subtly"/"unintentionally" show off that she did lose a bunch of weight in her relapse. See: weird shoulder contortions to make her arm look as thin as possible.

No. 1889393

File: 1693190751455.jpeg (151.79 KB, 750x515, EB20670A-B945-4A3A-A881-17CF5F…)

kek the username sounded familiar so i looked and saw this post and this person literally looks normal weight? maybe on the slim side of average but not nearly emaciated enough for the post to be true

No. 1889397

File: 1693191036816.jpeg (770.08 KB, 750x1146, 6D5C4F86-3156-4436-A077-24B11D…)

samefag, if most of her followers are indeed teens (probably yes as its edtwt) then she’s weird af bc she promotes her insta which is just her in bikinis/skimpy clothes. but also in general i really judge fully grown adults on edtwt like what are you doing

No. 1889407

ty for bring up this cow nonna, the few times I've checked her page she's seemed very milky but I haven't had the time to deep dive

No. 1889418

I stopped following her because her hypocritical ass enraged me. Why did she “relapse?” (As if she ever actually recovered in the first place…)

No. 1889419

Her skin got really bad, so she started cutting out food groups to see if it would help.

No. 1889422

Oh geez. Actual recovered anas would not do this. They know that's the start of a slippery slope.

No. 1889423

File: 1693196258170.png (518.38 KB, 428x665, Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 11.1…)

she's also doing her usual bragging about being super, super dedicated to recovery in a way that is clearly not true. Like, in what world would we believe she ate four sandwiches on a hike.

No. 1889441

File: 1693199007069.jpeg (54.5 KB, 500x375, CC8F9A2F-B253-45B6-BA44-5DF325…)

they were finger sandwiches

No. 1889463


No. 1889483

File: 1693210727142.jpeg (643.58 KB, 828x1305, IMG_9604.jpeg)

This isn’t milk but does anyone else follow Lauren? I can’t believe she’s only 30. She looks 45 at best.

No. 1889501

File: 1693215355625.png (401.68 KB, 713x1042, Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 5.22.…)

Imagine the smell of the cat piss

No. 1889502

Damn she's alive?

No. 1889512

File: 1693218024743.jpeg (570.02 KB, 1179x2019, IMG_0789.jpeg)

Looks like this cow is getting back on the ed content train. Less did content more ed content. Or as she is now putting it eedee. She says she has stopped binging and purging but I’m guessing she is now striving to keep her eedee alive some other way.

No. 1889518

File: 1693219320820.webm (9.73 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

Emily got trashed at a Billie Eilish concert kek

No. 1889522

Doesn’t look like she’s in hospital. She’s never even been that skinny from what I recall.

No. 1889523

Her poor parents. The shit they go/ gone through. I mean they do enable her a lot but geez, from vomiting on the floor to both her and the cats pissing on furniture id be at my wits end

No. 1889526

Right?! It's cringe af and I don't think we're surprised she lost weight straight after graduation and started vage posting almost immediately after being mentioned here about her looking good being weight restored. And ofc there's a part 2 you have to wait for. She's becoming insufferable again. I'm getting wound up, I need to just breathe

No. 1889536

meth is a helluva drug

No. 1889548

I personally don’t think she looks that she’s lost weight - often in recovery once your body gets to a set point the weight gain distributes to other parts of the body so that may be what’s happened. She still has a year left of uni and is due to go back next month. Discharge or decreasing appointments was probably brought up so obvious as is usual for Fi, things are suddenly super difficult…. Again. Hopefully her respiratory system will help her through though kek

No. 1889550

File: 1693226126861.jpeg (417.51 KB, 828x1207, IMG_0822.jpeg)

holy cringe

No. 1889552

this is the most attention seeking shit lol

No. 1889555

File: 1693227832885.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.68 KB, 1080x1141, Screenshot_20230828-075310_Chr…)

Jesus christ(spoiler shit like this jfc)

No. 1889560

That looks like ketchup.

No. 1889563

nta but i’m not so sure, that looks pretty watery and bloodlike.
regardless shit is cringe as fuck, she could have just had a nose bleed and rubbed it everywhere for all we know.
althoughh are those cuts under her eyes? that would be disturbing

No. 1889565

it looks like she's been gnawing on her own arm lmao

No. 1889570

Fi speaking in third person again

No. 1889584

Jfc girl really loves some eyelash. I think she shredded her vocal cords.

No. 1889600

File: 1693233931358.jpg (436.92 KB, 1080x961, Screenshot_20230828-103135.jpg)

I mean she's posted that she's hiding from her dad 14 hours a day and kind of hinted at some kind of ~hurtful treatment~ so we know at least he's done with her retarded shit. But keep in mind this is the same steroid-pumped bodybuilder vietnam veteran father with a head tattoo who kins Otis from The Devil's Rejects and told her to slit her throat. I'm surprised she didn't paint him as abusive earlier.


No. 1889601

File: 1693234000506.jpg (531.03 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20230828-103208.jpg)


Have some dirt-smeared-on-nose makeup with clown lips.

No. 1889602

File: 1693234032063.jpg (542.26 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20230828-103221.jpg)

No. 1889603

File: 1693234113872.jpg (316.72 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20230828-102928.jpg)

I guess these are more direct in terms of her current relationship with her dad.


No. 1889604

File: 1693234146220.jpg (268.55 KB, 1080x943, Screenshot_20230828-102942.jpg)

No. 1889605

The hair is really nice and suits her. If she put on normal makeup instead of this sooty unicorn thing she'd be really pretty.

No. 1889606

I wish I was as delusionally positive as she is.

No. 1889611

File: 1693235307873.jpg (243.58 KB, 720x900, 20230828_110839.jpg)


yeeeah i'm bringing this shit back from the last thread lmao. dad must be a total psycho. i second that he had something to do with her ed because she's FINALLY medicated and coincidentally now she realizes he's toxic. apparently she's supposed to gain weight to travel to the states and she's cooperating so maybe we'll see a recovery arc. she looked SO good in the first pic when she came back. i'd kill for her to just do a 180 and be fucking normal.

No. 1889626

She thinks she's anorexic? Kek.

No. 1889630

What is this supposed to be? I'm not sure I believe that's blood. Looks weird. Why is it smeared around and under her eyes?! That's just odd.

No. 1889634

She's vomiting on the floor and pissing on furniture?! Sorry I haven't come across her before and she seems like she's absolutely from another planet and kind of scares me. The make up and filter is terrifying (WHY?) And the jumbled writing. And she's hiding from an abusive dad? I don't know how milky this is. Seems more like an absolute hallucinogenic nightmare.

No. 1889642

she's schizo that tells you everything. she thinks she's an actual unicorn in the body of a human as well. and she uses skeletal dolls as her body goals. you can't even begin to unpack this bitch's lore of delusions.

No. 1889644

OK I don't think her dad "kins" anyone, because he's a grownup.

No. 1889651

I would be scared to! If anyone saw that really weird movie 'Horsegirl'…….. That is the kind of fucked up nightmare schizo vibes I get just from looking at this profile. Like this person is seriously not even on this planet and shouldn't she be in some facility? (In the nicest way possible because she's not a regular cow, she's literally INSANE insane and how can she live out in the world?!) Not too many things shock me and I've been around people with schizophrenia, psychosis, mania etc but wow she's different……Gives me a really scary vibe just from looking at her stuff.

No. 1889656

You should go check out her threads.

No. 1889659

Covered her arm in halva and gnawed away

No. 1889665

File: 1693241587563.png (256.42 KB, 792x1104, Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 17.50…)

Kate's behaviour reminded me of this post I came across of another single mom oversharing on edtwt about her weight-related beef with her ex and involving her kid in these stories. Saged bc not sure how milky the rest of the account is but this seemed to have potential

No. 1889668

Samefag - just went back to check the account and according to the bio the person also has bpd and is on self harm twt and is a junkie, all of this at age 24. That poor kid.

No. 1889677

File: 1693244398050.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1170x2128, IMG_3736.jpeg)

Truly horrific

No. 1889681

Much recovery. That 14lbs has really made a difference.

No. 1889699

File: 1693248627014.png (7.13 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5969.png)

This girl (gabbyslife81) just posted a video claiming to have chronic anorexia kek

No. 1889702

That hairstyle is doing her absolutely no favors, me thinks it’s a wig ala lichy queen ash.

No. 1889711

File: 1693250740756.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20230828-141711.png)


Agreed! Her face looks surprisingly normal without the sooty clown child makeup

No. 1889719

I’m convinced these literal cows have revers body dysmorphia where they see themselves as way thinner than they really are. I’d never let someone tube me with a stomach that fat. I feel sick just thinking about it.

No. 1889720

She looks like Jenny Ortega. Wish she'd stop with the ugly makeup

No. 1889721

I was going to say the same, I literally thought it was Jenna Ortega when I saw it in recent images

No. 1889722

File: 1693252456852.jpg (463.27 KB, 1080x1638, Screenshot_20230828_205510.jpg)

Fi's update part two. Is this Fi saying she's restricting again? This is so infuriating. She said she was going to tell her followers what was going on, but now again, the same vague posting.

No. 1889723

File: 1693252609382.jpeg (99.23 KB, 720x1287, niamh1.jpeg)


Guess which cow is back? It seems Niamh has been lurking here even more than I thought, she's only wearing baggy clothes but even then she manages bodycheck, my phone doesn't have space to record a video of it, but it was literally her showing that even with baggy clothes she still skinny and has a huge thigh gap, seriously it's not like she's selling those pieces and showing then, and it's also not a cute outfit that she would do a fit check in, seemed kinda pointless other than to bodycheck

No. 1889729

File: 1693253207431.jpeg (160 KB, 720x1283, niamh2.jpeg)


Also didn't she just get a sponsorship from this brand and got sent those clothes for free and said she loved then?! Now she's charging that much for clothes that were literally free?? Idk seems kinda dishonest to her followers to get paid to say she loves the clothing and then try to get rid of them as soon as possible

But maybe she needs the money to pay for next IP, who am I to judge? Kek

No. 1889732

Jeez she's aging herself so rapidly, if I didn't know her actual age I would have assumed she was 30 or older based on this photo.

No. 1889733

File: 1693253527459.jpeg (112.67 KB, 720x1279, niamh3.jpeg)


But it seems she's been taking our advice and tried to stop bodychecking on the photos of the clothes she's selling, she even covered her stomach! Congrats Niamh!

Or maybe no one wanted to buy clothes from skelly, guess we'll never know…kek

No. 1889734

Don't tell me; Australia?

No. 1889736

Does anyone care at this point?

No. 1889737

it posted about going to a concert in massachusetts, so I think American

No. 1889738

Does the perfume come with them because that stuff is expensive!

No. 1889739

File: 1693254308187.jpeg (944.41 KB, 1170x2044, IMG_3737.jpeg)

She always has drama going on

No. 1889740

‘It’ Kek. Yea I wasn’t sure. I didn’t think the US tubed fat people like the Aussies do. Is there an IG? Couldn’t find one.

No. 1889741

All I can find is the TikTok. I think she? he? genuinely unsure might have been hospitalized for a suicide attempt and then started refusing to eat, but it's hard to figure out because like 90% of the tiktoks are just staring at us with empty eyes while a song plays and/or tube pics

No. 1889743

File: 1693254563599.png (554.98 KB, 456x707, Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 3.31…)

kek, mad because a private residential treatment center said they can't prevent cross-contamination so don't want to take a chance with an anaphylactic allergy. How dare they take her reported medical problems seriously?!

No. 1889747

File: 1693254791943.png (517.96 KB, 445x659, Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 3.35…)

last one, but just … kek at how seriously this girl takes herself

No. 1889748

Because she vacuumed up her meds. (How?! Where?!) Surely they’re in a container so should be easy to just go through the vacuum bag and get them out? But where were they even on the floor?! I can’t imagine they were just loose on the floor (although this is Han), even in a container is risky because she’s got dogs. If they ate essentially speed off her floor they would probably die. But either way, she pays for them. I’d go in that bag and get them out if it was me. (Although I’d like to think I wouldn’t be in that position in the first place. It’s far from the first time she’s lost or somehow thrown away or misplaced meds.

No. 1889751

Well Gabby is a female name. (Actually could be Gabriel for a male I suppose but wouldn’t that be Gabe?) If 81 is their year of birth then they’re 42?! Looks like they’re bald and have no eyelashes and only tattooed brows…….. Oh wait….Has hair in the last pic and talks about 20th birthday. And being 15. Not sure what the 81 is about. Looks female in the last story at least. But doesn’t look anorexic, that’s for sure. Just sounds (and looks) like Ham.

No. 1889752

Is she trying to look she's having chemo or..?

No. 1889753

Apparently she has alopecia, which I actually believe because her eyelashes/eyebrows are also gone and she's spending long periods of time in treatment where they probably wouldn't let her shave or nair everything

No. 1889754

Exactly! The first 2 pics I would swear she has no hair. At all. Eyelashes or anything. And that toque isn’t hiding any hair I’m pretty sure.

No. 1889755

it's alopecia, an autoimmune thing that basically causes your body to attack the hair follicles https://www.niams.nih.gov/health-topics/alopecia-areata

No. 1889756

I'm guessing not, it's just set dressing

No. 1889757

File: 1693255801501.jpg (2.51 MB, 1284x1632, IMG_2973.jpg)

surely she is loosing weight, can defo see in some picture with her face and lives

No. 1889758

On the surface I agree that no one should be refused specialist care because of an allergy but I suspect it's deeper than just "please don't give me any milk products". If she's the dramatic type (which it looks like) she's probably demanding no one in her vicinity eat milk products around her either. Controlling what others eat at an ED clinic isn't a good look.

No. 1889759

Ok. Makes sense. But didn’t have it in the 3rd pic shown. I wonder when that happened. Still not anorexic looking enough for a tube but maybe it’s the old gastroparesis.

No. 1889760

File: 1693255998567.jpeg (239.16 KB, 828x1378, 551EC88F-5AC7-46CB-8B7A-184816…)

Nothing to say but, kek

No. 1889761

eh, it's reasonable for them to refer her to another treatment center if they don't think they can safely care for her.
the last picture is the oldest and alopecia can flare or develop over time, so it's probably either before she developed it or before it got really bad

No. 1889762

I was in IP with Lyss in the spring. She lovebombed every new patient that showed up with handwritten notes, cards, and stickers. Within a day of me being there she trauma dumped on me about her ex and I later found out they broke up TEN YEARS ago. Another patient and I saw her using the janitors rolling cart to dispose of chewed up food she was hiding, and she kept getting in fights with staff after they caught her purging. She regularly told people on the unit which patients she wished she looked like and compared herself to every new admit. Every fuck up was not her real doing— it was her eating disorder. Staff were so fed up they stopped redirecting her until she left a month later. I know people who literally have forfeited beds and delayed treatment to avoid being on unit with her simultaneously.

No. 1889763

**meant to say that she frequently placed the blame on her ED to dodge responsibility because “the real her” would never!

No. 1889765

yeah I agree she has, dont think she will last at uni ngl. think she will end up back In hosp probs as she always gets unwell

No. 1889767

I don't think Em is in Uni?

No. 1889769

File: 1693256983521.png (7.9 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9365.png)

1/2 - if these are from 1 week ago (when they were uploaded to Vinted) then Niamh is looking pretty damn sickly…

No. 1889770

File: 1693257010478.png (7.5 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9366.png)


No. 1889771


Second “em has lost weight” unsaved post in a couple days, and we know she lurks here…

To the other anon, she starts uni in a few weeks

No. 1889772


*unsaged, ergh

No. 1889773

She’s been on two holidays and been to two festivals… she’ll have gotten herself into a routine of not eating properly… honestly, I hope that she doesn’t/isn’t in the midst of a relapse

No. 1889774

saying what we're all thinking. She looks fine and I hope she realizes that it's okay to be fine and give uni an honest try and see if she can do it rather than falling back into being sick. Plenty of opportunity for her to party with new friends, kek

No. 1889776

I had the same experience with her. She would binge eat her food in the last minute of meals and then run to her room to purge. She ordered me a sweatshirt that was like 40 bucks even though she thought I hated her and ordered gifts for all the other patients too. She was convinced everyone hated her which staff surely did because she way just wayyyyy to much to handle. Kind irks me that she refused all caloric liquids in treatment because “trauma” yet now regularly drinks iced coffee with milk/syrup and all that but simply couldn’t in treatment. Her mom has guardianship and is making her at least maintain a better weight at home

No. 1889777

I'm pretty sure she's just purging everything at home. She post all the time about how hungry she is no matter how much she eats and about how puffy her face is

No. 1889778

NTA, but i didn't realize there was a Tesco Two-Stripes equivalent of mobile, kek.

No. 1889785

Ugh yes she’s always complaining about how broke she is but is showering people with random shit all the time. She apparently filed for bankruptcy to pay for treatment at one point. Yet somehow she has the money to buy a dozen pairs of the same leggings to show off how skinny she is paired with a bunch of quirky middle school girl sweatshirts. She dresses and acts like a child to play innocent. Super disturbing. I was lucky to avoid her getting my contact info

No. 1889788

I just wonder who is she trying to fool saying she's recovering… she's clearly not kek

Maybe that's why she got off ig and tt, she couldn't keep up with her lies without everyone noticing anymore

But where the hell are this girl's parents, why is she not back IP yet?!

No. 1889790

Pretty sure she means she ingested/abused them. "Hoovering" up drugs is a colloquialism for snorting a substance. With her behavior this seems more likely than accidentally running an actual vaccum cleaner over them.

No. 1889791

no, she literally posted pictures of a vacuum and the dirty bag that she was trying to fish pills out from

No. 1889792

she’s using meth? I didn’t know this. Do tell more.

No. 1889793

I thought Niamh was IP, at least that was what somebody said a couple of threads ago.
So, how can she look even worse now?

No. 1889794

it's a joke about her adhd medication

No. 1889795

She 100% purges- there was no chance she wasn't purging those crumbl cookies

No. 1889797

ayrt - Well, how silly of her. Thanks for the correction.

No. 1889798

File: 1693260014467.png (205.74 KB, 681x637, Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 5.02…)

want to know something terrifying? she managed to get a job as a personal care assistant (pca), somehow. I don't know exactly what type of patients she's working with, but they're often pretty vulnerable people that she's driving around and in charge of caring for

No. 1889801

No she literally vacuumed them. It was in a previous story. And she made that lovely face on this story before showing the vacuum cleaner bag because she couldn't face trying to fish them out kek.

No. 1889802

Tamzin is on adhd meds too? Is it really the cool kid diagnosis still?

No. 1889803

Unsaged blog

No. 1889806

I don't post on here but can you fucking stop posting Niamh? Jesus Christ I mean these entire forums are stupid and yeah I agree that a lot of the people posted on here are extremely cringey etc but Niamh left social media for a reason. The girl is struggling. Just leave her the fuck alone. What do you get out of this? Why are you so obsessed with mentally ill girls? Fucking retarded losers probably a bunch of adult virgins who are chronically online and no real life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1889810

> Niamh left social media for a reason
> Reeee stop posting stuff from Niamh's social media

No. 1889815

have you not seen her face, she looks gaunt kek

No. 1889817

Is that the only thing you're gonna respond to LMAO she's literally just posting photos of clothes she wants to sell and it's common to have photos of you trying them on. Anyways I have a life unlike you so I won't be checking whatever you respond

No. 1889819

File: 1693261564254.png (983.8 KB, 743x697, Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 5.29…)

this is a very normal face

No. 1889821

File: 1693261746260.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1912, IMG_3749.jpeg)

Why do parents like this agree to be in their attention seeking kid’s tiktoks

No. 1889822

you "never come here", yet pop up immediately when niamh is mentioned to tell us all that we're big losers who have nothing better to do? kek, enjoy your F5ing

No. 1889823

Riiight. She's swinging so much between 'I'm proof things get better, bopo' etc and a million post and deletes from years ago before she faked her way onto all those weight gaining drugs. I wonder if she regrets it. She could have spent the last 5 (?) years leg lifting in parks and going to dance classes instead of sat on her ass in units munching herself into obesity.

No. 1889827

>>1889819 yeah I agree, I mean yeah she looks less than she did a few months ago. hopefully its just a little set back. but you never know, especially with her. she hides stuff well

No. 1889828

not really she still looks fat In my opinion lol, surely not the only one that thinks that

No. 1889830

knowing how hard Em lurks here, it's hard not to wonder if a lot of this is her trying to bait us into calling her fat

No. 1889831

File: 1693262493523.jpeg (655.71 KB, 1170x1856, CECA7888-0286-4BDD-B1A7-213FBE…)

I know this post is old but it shows how stunted is this bitch emotionally that she hasn’t grieved a relationship that ended 9 years ago. She feels incompetent because she is incompetent. And regarding tidbit 2 is she stupid for not realizing she can’t control what other people say or comment on her weight like does she expect to be coddled in her mid thirties?

No. 1889833

Yes, please share more about the adhd. Not surprised she is spinning this angle now.

No. 1889835

Different person here. As much as I agree with most of the stuff said here, the continuous use of 'r*tard' is disappointing. There are plenty ways to be mean without using that word. Y'all discuss cows of many nationalities yet I don't see any racial slurs so why use ableist ones?(are you lost? this is lolcow.farm, learn2integrate)

No. 1889836

holy shit are you in the wrong place

No. 1889837

soo true, although someone said shes blocked the page. I mean dont blame her if it was making her struggle. but guess we would find out through a live of her crying about it lol. pathetic cow

No. 1889844

File: 1693264410798.jpeg (750.2 KB, 1170x1999, 8CB5F9E6-F9D9-4C9C-A6EB-0EFE5D…)


She just posted this… can’t seem to find more information on this Emily but idk if she’s really in palliative care or not

No. 1889847


She hasn’t blocked it, she showed she was reading it briefly during a live the other day.

No. 1889852

do these cows know they're allowed to, like, not look at certain sites?

No. 1889859

I don't think em looks like she's lost weight, but if she has lost some I'm sure it's just because she's getting on with life. Everyone's weight fluctuates in the real world.

No. 1889875

That makes sense if we're seeing her stories out of order. Nonetheless, she's a long way from spoopy or even underweight.

No. 1889876

I get it, it's just now she's having a tantrum over them taking her safety seriously. She obviously wants to go to the treatment centre that can't deal with dairy allergies over the one she's been to before (and which evidentially didn't help her).

No. 1889879

Supermarket mobile is a thing in the UK yeah, but more associated with people like my 60something year old dad lol

No h8, Tesco anon. you do you.

No. 1889883

It definitely is. I'm a UK anon and I was reading an article earlier about how prescriptions for ADHD medication have gone up 700 PERCENT in the last decade here. There are a lot of private companies diagnosing people with dubious self-reported symptoms too, at least 3 people I know have acquired an ADHD diagnosis this way.

No. 1889884

There's something pathological about not being over a breakup nearly a decade later.

No. 1889888

It’s already been confirmed by her she’s in hospice. Read the forum.(still hasn't learned how sage works)

No. 1889890

The ex is married now too(5th consecutive ban for still not sageing)

No. 1889891

kek, I can't with the irony of you snottily telling someone to read the thread while ineptly trying to sage

No. 1889905

If she strains any harder she's gonna burst a vessel.
It looks like she's always had a heart shaped face though?

No. 1889974

What about Mi? She's perpetually tubed.

No. 1889979

It's like she couldn't keep herself from posting thinspo so instead of doing it on her insta or tiktok she does it on vinted so she can use "I'm just trying to show the product I'm selling!!" as an excuse kek, she's embarrassingly obvious about everything

No. 1889989

ayrt - kek, honestly I could probs get a cheaper deal with Vodafone or someone but I cba changing providers. The carrier for Tesco mobile is O2, so I think they provide all the contracts etc

No. 1889995

File: 1693295989889.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1127x2024, 7EE8895F-60B6-4B7A-A514-A94B8D…)

Is this our deodorant huffing jailbird featuring on Reddit??

No. 1889996

I was IP with lyss too. Where were you if you don’t mind? I was at the outlook in westchester. Sorry for blog everyone but it seems like lyss has been to every single treatment center in the country

No. 1890004

I don't think so, the public transport she posts in looks like it's a different states.

No. 1890006

That’s in r/brisbane but pretty sure the cow ur referring to is in Melbourne?

No. 1890008

Yep and every second Instagram or tiktok post being about something that loads of people do and calling it a fucking adhd symptom or autistic symptom.
Adhd is underdiagnosed in women notoriously so I’m sure some of it is real, but it’s getting real fucking annoying the rest of it

No. 1890009

Ah ok I wasn’t sure what state/city she was

No. 1890010

File: 1693298986376.jpeg (615.69 KB, 1170x2201, C842FC9B-2CF5-4B6B-83FF-9B5D7C…)

The biggest larper imo. No normal person with an actual ED would tube themselves and run feeders and be like oh no my super bad ED is so super bad. She clearly doesn’t run anything through it, which means it’s pointless and she’s using them for the munchie look.
Biggest cow imo like the milk is flowing

No. 1890012

File: 1693299093045.png (125.05 KB, 267x269, nonachan.PNG)

No. 1890013

isn't that the icon for the sound used in the video kek
absolutely retarded but i'm not surprised, it's shittok after all

No. 1890014

ah sorry, i don't know how tiktok works.

No. 1890015

kek imagine being this retarded. that’s the profile pic of the person who made the sound that’s used in the tiktok vid

No. 1890016

There’s zero proof of her ever running feeds and she has no equipment. It’s a tiny neonate size tube she buys herself online and self inserts for clout

No. 1890019

countdown until she posts another selfie with a gravity feed hung on a broom.

No. 1890029

File: 1693305481012.jpg (184.15 KB, 1436x1085, Collage_2023-08-29_06_39_21~2.…)

someone did re-post her stories on reddit a couple times, and she went and defended herself on them on her account

No. 1890036

File: 1693307804288.png (7.74 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_8105.png)

Isn’t that the connection thing?

No. 1890038

Nta but that's not a sign of retardation it just means she doesn't use tiktok lol

No. 1890043

yeah it is (nurse here) that’s the extension set (for the pump) connected to the NG and there’s milk going through. it’s impossible to run a gravity feed through the regular extension sets (gravity tubing is wider and shorter) so she must have a pump or she is bullshitting.

No. 1890056

Holy BPD batman. She's constantly grifting for more of those sweatshirts too with bait like "I can't afford any more of these but they help my body image."

No. 1890057

File: 1693311957287.jpeg (332.22 KB, 1169x1998, 113D14C8-3692-4420-927F-F171DA…)


She also begs people to take her to Wegmans so she can take mirror selfies and get their pre-packaged salads. No she can’t make them herself as she explains here

No. 1890065


I can’t say exactly where I was but this is how it went: she asked me my name and then said “you must be in treatment for the first time because I haven’t met you yet. I’ve been to treatment everywhere so I know everyone”. .7 seconds later I got a Facebook friend request. She left ama because the other patients were “bullying her”. This was after she had framed just about every other patient for purging around the facility. It actually was my first time in a higher level of care so I wasn’t used to the whole pride thing over a mental illness yet

No. 1890067

Penn Medicine in Princeton (sorry for blogging earlier I just lost my mind when I saw her here)

No. 1890068

It is retarded to try and call someone out like that when you’re completely wrong tho. Or at least embarrassing kek

No. 1890073

Indeed "I won't be checking back for a reply", sure you won't. It's not like you're following the thread to see if Niamhs posted about or anythingor get overly emotional seeing her posted, topkek. It's almost as if you were a certain someone.

No. 1890081

>she's literally just posting photos of clothes she wants to sell
She’s going to die.

No. 1890088

OT but maybe I'm forgetting parts of Horse Girl but I wouldn't call it "fucked up nightmare schizo vibes" it was pretty mild???

No. 1890096

File: 1693319156393.jpeg (342.55 KB, 1626x1101, 06AF8822-01E1-4C5A-A503-953A17…)


My favorite Lyss Facebook content is the filtered selfies she posts with people after begging them to come visit her. The hospital is her runway

No. 1890100

File: 1693319664825.jpeg (853.91 KB, 1170x1984, IMG_1564.jpeg)

You and "Momo" (Amy) seem to have come to the same recent realisations! She's been active here in the past and posted around. #recoveryqueen posted this on her instagram story today as if she wasn't active 3 days ago on twitter.

No. 1890109

Sorry where is Lyss from? US or UK

No. 1890110

Because I have a story about her but if she isn't from the UK then it's someone who looks like her lol

No. 1890111

No. 1890113

Why are some of the people with eds living in a bubble and weird like EC, Elzani, Lyss, Han, etc but then there are normal ones like Dora and Alice. Even some who recovered stayed weird. Do they have another disorder or what(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1890120

File: 1693322133800.jpg (312.83 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20230829-171424_Tik…)

Do yall remember this woman? She gained alot of weight since the last time I've seen her

No. 1890121

She’s friends with Mi kek

No. 1890131


I was in treatment with her once!! Her ocd would need the toilet paper a certain way so every time I peed I would switch it to the wrong way on her and she would scream. I also was stuck in ip with her when she dialed 911 because they were going to place a feeding tube after she was using behaviors non stop(cool story)

No. 1890133

File: 1693323621840.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1095x1933, IMG_1017.jpeg)

is ‘terrible makeup skills and no self-awareness’ a new criteria for cows because it’s really fucking common. look at the state

No. 1890137

File: 1693324029450.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1890, IMG_3794.jpeg)

It’s pretty easy to pick out the bpd anachans. No regular anorexic would be upset they were getting discharged, but the bpd makes these cows want to stay in hospital for attention and asspats

No. 1890140

Shes pregnant kek

No. 1890142

File: 1693324155881.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1170x2101, IMG_3795.jpeg)

I also find it so odd how often she’s in the hospital despite being not severely underweight. It’s almost like the hospital room is her tiktok set

No. 1890151

File: 1693325108427.jpg (316.71 KB, 1267x1019, Collage_2023-08-29_12_06_47~2.…)

No. 1890166

There are plenty of people that are revolving door patients that aren’t underweight. They’re in treatment constantly so they don’t have the time to lose weight. Many are overweight.

No. 1890177

File: 1693327325467.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20230829-174400.png)

she makes it so obvious that she is only posting this crap for attention

No. 1890178

not trying to wk but if she is actually trying to recover then good for her. prob half the people who post here are on edtwt anyway

No. 1890182

to be fair at least she isn't posting little wieiads and purging haul like the other EDtwt girls. she seems to be making an honest effort towards trying to live a normal life.

No. 1890208

Yeah this one seems like a really bad case

No. 1890209

honestly it was probably a relief to everyone else on the unit that the insufferables paired up together kek

No. 1890215

File: 1693332062713.jpeg (707.47 KB, 1125x1710, IMG_7621.jpeg)

The Stefania toob pic we all knew was coming

No. 1890227

File: 1693332501306.png (Spoiler Image,3.1 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3784.png)

The texts make me fucking laugh KEKK literally tweedle dee and tweedle dumb

No. 1890241

Is that true? That they told her to cut out carbs?

I mean, she is not in a healthy weight, but it's also not healthy to cut out nutritional groups entirely.

Idk, maybe she is lying, but I find it concerning.

No. 1890250

all things considered (ie being written by a teenager still struggling with an eating disorder) this is a pretty genuinely reflective post. i can see it being a helpful wakeup call to some of her followers. for her sake i hope amy continues to reflect and sticks with her recovery to put her ED behind her, she's right that it's very immature.

No. 1890252

God the toobed bpd cows are filling up the feed today kek

No. 1890253

That's good

No. 1890254

File: 1693334849976.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1170x1984, IMG_3809.jpeg)

She looks beyond giddy about everyone in the airport seeing her tubed

No. 1890257

Go back to edtwt

No. 1890258

File: 1693335726765.jpeg (248.86 KB, 828x1045, CCB677A5-73FD-4C74-AD90-8FF086…)

No. 1890259

File: 1693335760253.jpeg (404.69 KB, 828x933, 24395A4B-A0C5-4748-B0DB-0E8F51…)


No. 1890261

She’s another one who thrives off the attention her revolving door cycle of treatment gets her. This girl should get a permanent tube at this point, not because she’s skinny just because she wears it like a badge of pride

No. 1890263

File: 1693336239570.jpeg (493.02 KB, 1170x1677, IMG_9719.jpeg)

The walking hospice vein at it again

No. 1890271

weird cope kek tell us again how much u hate urself

No. 1890272

Rattle rattle
She looks the same to me. I'm not one to wk em, but I don't see the point in commenting on her weight

No. 1890280

its the tummy for me lol. would not be showing that off

No. 1890282

Ok, but how does the girl in the left keep her hair that well put together while they are inside the pool?

No. 1890286

Those photos literally show the weight loss

No. 1890290

I dont think she has lost weight imo

No. 1890293

no one thinks or cares that she has lost weight except for you, and learn to sage ffs

No. 1890295

congratulations for discovering that a human body looks different when it's posed in various positions. she looks fine in both and if there's any weight change, it's not visible.

No. 1890296

File: 1693340346476.png (5.02 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_3706.png)

She’s on the move!!!!

No. 1890297

Probably by not having an ED

No. 1890304

>messing with the TP to trigger an asshole

ILU anon

No. 1890305

No. Terrible makeup skills is basically common to all makeup wearing cows anyway.

No. 1890330


imagine the other people at the airport watching her little photoshoot. The feeding tube really is her badge of honor

No. 1890346

God they need to just pull the tube and reinsert to avoid the public attention they love. She’s not on a pump and using it, make them go through the trauma or reinsertion again.

No. 1890355

God this is annoying. She probably asked her dietician things like “does this have a lot of carbs/sugar?” In order to get this response and post it to her followers. How can you apparently be anorexic and not know that pasta in large amounts will make you gain weight if you’re sedentary? Jesus Christ her attention baiting drives me up the wall. She’s going to pull another stunt soon, maybe this is bc she doesn’t like her new accom. Laura you’re such a retard, quit the act.

No. 1890364

Whoever you are, you aren't a regular here because you don't sage.

She doesn't even look like she's lost weight, it's just the posing and whether you're bloated or not makes a difference. Even if she has lost weight, its normal for people's weight to fluctuate, she's been busy doing stuff so maybe she's just naturally lost a bit.

No. 1890383

Hmm I did watch it at a bad time. I was thinking of re-watching it. It seemed very mind bending at the time; like what's the actual reality? Her perception or what you see when it flips to outside perception? And there were lots of smallish bits like the phonecall and the dreams that were somehow really disturbing to me. Idk I have dissociation issues that sometimes worsen into 'reality' issues and it was not a good time for me to be watching it (plus also it was covid isolation). I thought the ending was ambiguous.. Like wtf happened?! I don't want to spoiler it in case anyone (unlikely) decides to watch this really random movie but it certainly freaked me out kek.

No. 1890387

When even using filters doesn't hide the 'ana face' effect.

No. 1890413

The stunt she wants to pull is a huge weight loss and be tubed. But she can't do it. But she's trying really hard to let everyone know she's gearing up for it and now she's even posted that she is going to get her 'old body' back. Right. She's painted herself into a corner; can't get attention and validation for being thin and having an ed so she plays up other mental illnesses instead. Gets more and more restrictions placed on her and more and more weight gaining meds so she's sat around for years and just ballooned….But also does get attention so maybe it was worth it to her?
Agreed that every bit of that 'recovery manager's' advice is garbage and I'd question her qualifications if it happened as Laura portrays it….But we all know it probably didn't happen that way and Laura was playing dumb and asking leading questions. Only a qualified dietitian should be giving advice on diet and I'm pretty sure none of them would recommend cutting out a whole food group, or even cutting out sugar unless the person had a serious medical reason. I don't think anyone needs to worry about her 'I'll take this to the extreme' warning/whining (although I probably just gave her another bit of resolve by saying that). She's been obese for ages because of her shenanigans and if she really was anorexic she would have 1) not let that happen and 2) Gotten out of hospital at the first chance and used every bit of freedom she had to do things to lose weight, not fight to get back IN and stay in the places that made her obese in the first place.
Also she's wildly contradictory in how she tries to get attention onto her 'ed'. One post:'Things get better, I'm living proof. I'm so happy. Accept your body.' Next: 'I miss my old body. I have to get it back.' Next:'My team says I have to go to ed treatment because my behaviours are so bad.' Next: 'They told me to cut out everything. I will take this too far and it will be so dangerous.'
But seriously just boot her out.
K I'm done.

No. 1890429

Even her old body was hardly underweight. I totally agree about her 'anorexia' just being a tool for attention and symptom of her personality disorder. There is no way someone with genuine anorexia would have gotten into that position

No. 1890450

File: 1693356280973.png (498.25 KB, 482x693, Screen Shot 2023-08-29 at 7.47…)

This post from Em makes me suspect even more strongly that she's been self-posting here to ask if we think she's lost weight.

No. 1890455

I don't think she has a real PD either. She basically has like 1, maybe 2 symptoms of BPD. But it's been changed to PTSD or CPTSD now. One of them. Maybe she has that. I just think she has attention seeking kek.

No. 1890456

>implying that a carer's job isn't hard

This bitch I STG….

No. 1890460

Most squash (diluted fruit juices) in the UK don't have sugar in them these days anyway. Fewer carbs would certainly help and more lean protein, but as long as Laura's in hospital her diet is going to be appalling.

No. 1890462

She left ama? I thought her insurance cut her off and that’s why she left. I remember her saying something about needing a ride and hoping insurance could extend her a few days or something. But yes, I was IP with her in Princeton’s EDU in the spring and it was legitimately the darkest time of my life, idk how she acts like everything is a big joke. I feel like most people there were actually focusing on improving themselves but all she wanted to do was talk past treatment centers.

No. 1890472

I think Laura's biggest issue is that she's been inpatient for so much of her life she doesn't know how to cope outside.

No. 1890484

She basically has her own feed. Go read it. She's pretty manipulative

No. 1890486

anon, your posts are super identifiable because you refer to individual threads as "feeds"

No. 1890492

I swear she knows how she looks in the pictures and purposely makes herself look more spoop I mean this pic is uggo and she has the tense going on and always has to be in shorts and a crop top. She's loving it and loving giving her 'inspirational TedTalks'

No. 1890493

I'm a millennial so bad habits etc
I just forget the name

No. 1890495

kek, I figured it was leftover from RSS feeds or whatever. Sorry for mildly nitpicking you, just figured you might not want to be so identifiable.

No. 1890496

Newfag please blog and talk about Horsegirl elsewhere

No. 1890500

Exactly what I was thinking, would explain the fact they never sage. I reckon it's gotta be her lol

No. 1890501

Thanks for the advice nonnie I'll make sure my geriatric brain remembers from now on

No. 1890510

I'm not new. Just didn't know Lucinda and she reminded me of the movie. You fuck off.

No. 1890512

Her body and face aren’t even showing, what are you talking about

No. 1890533

I would be so fucking embarrassed to walk around with a tube. At this point, they should g tube her like they did with Aidel.

No. 1890559

File: 1693366402111.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_20230828-233528.png)

Not posted here but so annoying
But this kek, maybe Becca inspired here or maybe her dietitians name is Lynn
Looking forward to all the days and times we celebrate the exact removal time of the nose hose

No. 1890561

File: 1693366471370.jpeg (688.15 KB, 828x1439, IMG_9619.jpeg)

Damn she got thin again

No. 1890565

she claims the ng is because she's super, super sick with lyme disease, so possibly edging towards a munchie arc

No. 1890575

Girl please. You have to be joking.

No. 1890577

I'm serious, kek. She's in the hospital getting antibiotics for her super serious lyme disease and said they upset her stomach enough that she needed the ng tube to supplement what she could eat. Sorry for no screenshots, this was in stories a while ago.

No. 1890584

Why the fuck would they give someone a surgical tube who only needs it when they decide they don’t want to eat for a few months to get some attention. Gtubes are a nightmare and not something they give out like ERC gives out NGs to fatties.

No. 1890595

It works. I don’t know if you guys remember Tina/Anelise but they gave her a g tube after she spent most of her teens/young adult life in the hospital and being an absolute nightmare of a patient. She rarely posts online now. She got her tube out.
Aidel said her tube will come out eventually.

No. 1890597

Tina spent forever being a little shit after she got a g-tube. I doubt her eventually simmering down was related. There's no reason to do a surgical procedure unless you anticipate the need for long term tube feeding for medical reasons. It might be a low risk procedure, but there are still risks.

No. 1890613

Nonna you said everything I was too frustrated to say clearly, ty for your service

No. 1890621

Oh nooo nona, it's easy to purge with a G tube and also anyone with attention seeking tendencies can manufacture a medical emergency with one very easily.

No. 1890622


No. 1890623

I guess it blends in since it’s the same color???

No. 1890625

Not uncommon. Helps it to stay out of the way and not be annoying unlike others who will dance and fling their tube around so everyone can see it

No. 1890628

File: 1693375220989.png (173.65 KB, 853x747, Screenshots_2023-08-30-01-55-4…)

No. 1890638

at the beginning of her live yesterday em literally said that her ed ist taking over again and cried about how she can't go through this shit again

No. 1890639

I really hope em doesn’t relapse

No. 1890643

look, in the bluntest way possible, nobody here cares this much. You are very obviously a single anon continuously posting about Em, trying to stir up discussion or concern or accusations of being fat so she can cry about being triggered or whatever.

No. 1890644

ironic that em wails so much about being discussed here and yet seems to have started desperately self-posting now that she's not really being discussed

No. 1890657


And is literally showcasing her Pepsi max collection with pride and necking them constantly after drinking full sugar sports drinks etc before.

Add on constantly complaining about wanting to go to uni just to escape parents because “they hate her” (read: just not pandering to her BPD antics)

It’s an attention seeking circle so don’t feed into it.

No. 1890708


If she's so medically fragile why isn't she wearing a mask at the airport? She might as well switch shirts when she takes these to give herself more content for the future

No. 1890712

You’re welcome. Glad to be of service kek

No. 1890717


the scary thing is this wasn't at Princeton. She did these same shenanigans at a completely different treatment center in which she did leave AMA. This was back in 2020

No. 1890718

You can see it on her hands, neck and face, and near her brows too.
Anyways, she posted another picture after that where is confirmed.

Still, that's part of the recovery process, maybe Fi relapses bad or maybe she finally recovers, who knows.

No. 1890732

File: 1693402080910.jpeg (579.13 KB, 828x1507, EA63D2EB-0096-4089-8CDC-749C07…)

Update: Laura got what she wanted, to be referred back to the Ed service from the documentary she was featured in, I think? (It may be a different place). Also turns out she was just talking to a random counsellor? Who is now going to get scolded after Laura was asking lay up questions

No. 1890733

kek, isn't that the eating disorder service at least one of the twins is under?

No. 1890758

Imagine being this emaciated but still having to make a retarded face to give off the illusion of having cheekbones kek

No. 1890767

Katy is under St Ann’s and I don’t think Maria has mentioned recently if she’s under services

No. 1890790

File: 1693410854296.jpg (205.27 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8385.jpg)

Its a good thing Lyss doesn't have tits or they would be hanging out in all of her shirts

No. 1890846

adds a filter to hide her bony chest but still can't resist mentioning it. kek

No. 1890851

I think Maria is Vincent square or royal free - banned from being same place

Aren’t they both in Thailand ?

No. 1890859


No. 1890888

She mentioned in June that she was a year free of services (Maria that is)

No. 1890946

File: 1693434172970.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1516, IMG_7983.jpeg)

Potential cows- Found people just as excited about their ng tube as steph. Hanging on poles, dancing, grinning ear to ear like it’s the most exciting thing that ever happened to them. Treating treatment like a literal playground or stripper pole won’t get you better. Another country with free healthcare, & these girls piss it away & waste resources.

No. 1890955

File: 1693435153861.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2018, IMG_7984.jpeg)

What a joke she is & complete attention seeking hypocrite. It’s insulting she shoved some oversized, awkward thing up her shirt to make a point about the weight distribution she doesn’t have but others will experience it. Narcissistic. She’s not in recovery. No way.

No. 1890957

Ugh. This is gonna sound mean for no reason but idc. Why are these anachan cows always fugly? Is that why they starve themselves? "Oh, im ugly as shit but atleast i can be thin." Kek, sad. Looks have no gauge on your worth, i know, these girls dont.

No. 1890959

what made her a cow? not doubting, i just haven’t seen her posted much but know of her

No. 1890961

Being a skeleton makes people look bad even if they’d be cute looking at a closer to healthy weight (Eugenia is a good example of this). Being a skelly ages them and distorts their facial features in addition to the thin hair and crispy dry appearance.

No. 1890970

nonnie they're literally malnourished and in a psych ward. no one looks cute under those conditions, no matter how beautiful they are

No. 1891000

Are you retarded? They’re ugly because they aren’t getting basic nutrition. A lot of them were cute or at least average looking before they got sick.

No. 1891032

Lots of these cows were pretty and even beautiful before they started their death spiral. Even Zara, with her starved baby macaque face, was stunning at one point.

No. 1891033

Exactly, Stefania would love to have a surgical tube because only the sickest ana chans get permanent tubes.

Except that’s not true. While, yes, some very sick ED patients eventually get surgical tubes but like this anon said, it’s generally a pretty terrible idea bc of how easy it makes purging. Plus anyone who was around for the munchie threads back in the day knows how even obese cows manage to munch their way into G and GJ tubes. At this point in the clown world we’re all living in, it’s way too easy for a munchie to lie and fake their way into a surgical tube.

I can see Stefania eventually just going the munchie route just like a lot of the other ana chan and ED larper cows here and ones other anons have mentioned like Tina, Porgie, what’s her face from NZ, and >>1890561 . And don’t forget one of the most infamous ana chan to munchie, Amy Lee Fisher, who munched so hard while also continuing to purge, starve, drink, and over medicate herself enough she died. Contrary to what many people claim, she had no chronic illnesses at all until she managed to self induce heart failure. Munching kills, and can very fast if they get tubes and shit put in. They all love the asspats they get before then tho, which is why we keep seeing more and more munchies and ana chans turned munchie.

No. 1891050

No wonder all these lonely autistic/anxious girls dream about going IP with pictures like this on social media showing it as a fun place where you can make friends with similar interests and fuck around for social media kudos all day! Oh and maybe try to weight restore a bit too? That comes second though. 'Gram first.

They need to take patients' phones away. Moreso than in other types of MH unit I reckon.

No. 1891051

I think Amy Lee Fisher did have that hyperkalemia/period paralysis or whatever it was? But it was induced by her ED rather than being a 'chronic illness' on its own.

No. 1891053

she claimed she had a hypokalemic familial periodic paralysis (low potassium that intermittently paralyzes you). Coincidentally, purging and using laxatives will tank your potassium.

No. 1891056

> familial

I wonder how many of her relatives also suffered from this… tumbleweed

No. 1891072

I didn't know Amy had an ED??

No. 1891074

What's a munchie??

No. 1891084

>What's a munchie?
"Munchie" is short for Munchausen's, which is a psychiatric disorder where the person with the condition fabricates or induces symptoms of illness(es). Munchies might manipulate medical tests and doctor shop for their desired diagnoses.

Sometimes people with EDs will attempt to mask their disorder by claiming that they instead have some kind of physical ailment that makes eating or maintaining a healthy weight difficult (gastroparesis and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) are extremely popular claims).

Others might find that because EDs are psychiatric conditions, there is an expectation that the individual with the ED has some degree of control over their recovery. On the other hand, recovery from something like cancer relies much more heavily on the treatments administered to the patient. In the mind of this breed of Munchie, making the jump from ED to something "physical" absolves them of their responsibility to get better.

There have been some munchies who have had an ED diagnosis in the past and decided to feign other illnesses post recovery in order to maintain the "sick/patient role".

No. 1891114

E.g secretlifeofjose, had anorexia, then recovered, and now has bladder problems that totally aren't caused by drinking a million coffees a day.

No. 1891115

oh you sweet summer child…

No. 1891157

Was there actually any evidence that she'd had an ED in the past though? I used to watch her YouTube and I didn't see her talking about having an ed or anything

No. 1891229

File: 1693489654136.jpg (309.63 KB, 1231x1164, IMG_4905.jpg)

Pretty sure this bitch is having a pretty huge delusion (phd) because ain’t no way she eats more than a few ice cubes for this “daily dessert”

No. 1891241

She looks like she purges.

No. 1891244

It’s likely the only thing she eats all day.

No. 1891245

All super spoops eventually b/p sometimes. They’ll never admit it but it’s impossible to ignore the biological drive to eat after years of starvation.

No. 1891246

File: 1693493590471.jpg (275.88 KB, 1169x1803, stef.jpg)

Whenever Stef posts a feeding tube picture her smile reminds me of Demi Lovato coked out during Camp Rock

No. 1891247

Sorry if this has already been posted, are we getting a new oswaldslunch thread now that she’s back? She’s one of my favorites

No. 1891282

Headbanger 4 life(do not post uninvolved family)

No. 1891305

I know it’s on her Instagram and therefore visible to all but do not share minor pictures here… also unsaged and not even at least spoilered(minimod)

No. 1891341

File: 1693507780301.jpeg (394.27 KB, 1125x2196, IMG_7710.jpeg)

No. 1891360

File: 1693509409004.jpeg (251.51 KB, 828x677, IMG_9626.jpeg)

No. 1891382

you're fucking retarded. that's a pic of her as a child, there's no rule against posting that.

No. 1891383

File: 1693513004792.jpg (724.75 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_2023-08-31-21-18-25…)

Elzani posted this, she looks so good

No. 1891384

Oh my god she looks fantastic! I’m so happy for her, she looks healthy and in great shape. She’s come a long way.

No. 1891391

File: 1693513859294.jpg (425.26 KB, 1060x1690, IMG_4923.jpg)


These were all taken on the same day. This makes me embarrassed to have an eating disorder

No. 1891397

Holy shit, someone take her phone away and stick her in a year long bpd program instead of her spending another year in a program staying tubed and recording it

No. 1891398

She uses the tube like other people use jewelry as an accessory

No. 1891401

it's so funny how they always reveal how euphoric and valid they feel whenever they're treated like big old babies. I don't even feel angry, I just feel bad for these girls. I couldn't imagine being stuck in an infant's mentality during my late teen/young adult years.

No. 1891412

I'm holding myself back from a-logging so bad she's so proud about it!

No. 1891416

Someone please sick Lynn on this bitch.

No. 1891435

i see she's gone through the recovery to body obsessed gymrat pipeline

No. 1891436

don't forget the video clip of her changing the tape in the airplane bathroom

No. 1891437

I mean, she looks like she works out but she seems to still have a reasonable body fat percentage. She might just be being her usual autistic elzani self about enjoying lifting but not going too crazy with it

No. 1891439

Kek that was cringe. Had to go full on BPD attention seeking and pull it out so she got a bridle to prove how much she hates the toob. The shit eating grin in this photoshoot say otherwise, Stef - we know you love it as much as you love the clout you think you’re getting from being sooper sick.

No. 1891440

File: 1693521306974.png (318.83 KB, 1190x1226, Screenshot.png)

I hope the lucinda thread gets reopened

No. 1891453

but we can’t send Lynn the dietician, it’s not exactly 12:12 !!

No. 1891456

i don't understand how anyone can even stand following her. people here have posted saying she's actually legitimately retarded, but i seriously feel like she types this way on purpose, i honestly don't understand why people seem to think otherwise.

No. 1891462

i find her fascinating! the wondering how much of it is real is part of the allure. still obvious she has a serious ED and SH problem

No. 1891476

She looks amazing! Good on her

No. 1891477

File: 1693526735452.png (411.86 KB, 472x639, Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 7.07…)

What an extremely normal picture to post. Trying to angle her legs, the gross stuffed animal she's cuddling on the plane, truly a totally normal person who doesn't have anorexia.

No. 1891478

You're right probably should have saged but she's an adult

No. 1891479

Does no one else find is sus af when multiple posts claim they know a cow or have been in treatment with her? Wtf are the odds of that

No. 1891481

It's a little more believable for Lyss because she literally does spend most of her life in treatment centers. So I can believe she's met a lot of american ana-chans

No. 1891483

File: 1693527280090.png (5.1 MB, 828x1792, 94F5007A-FCE7-4945-87E0-531C2B…)

I watched the whole tiktok so you don’t have to give her any more views: “thx for the support/kind messages” “I have a lot of shame about not being better yet” “I’m trying, I was trying” “some people don’t ever get better” “I’m not attention seeking, I’m hurting” “I don’t treat this as a vacation, I don’t like being in treatment”

Nothing she said is inherently wrong (I mean, I guess she might believe she’s not attention seeking even though we all think she is) but I just don’t buy that she is working as hard as she possibly can to stay out of treatment over and over again.

No. 1891484

letting my newfag show a little but is there a way to ask for it to be reopened?