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File: 1486068020260.jpg (76.61 KB, 490x491, IMG_1769.JPG)

No. 243674

Old thread kicked, so new thread to discuss ana queens such as Alexys (jonzie08) and Ariana (arianamagro)

Remember not to discuss:


Or anyone associated with those people unless you want this thread banned again.

If linking someone unfamiliar, post clear reasons of why you think they are a snowflake or you may be banned.

No. 243675

So I'm still waiting on this proof that Alexys got kicked out the Emily program, because so far someone has come here every damn day claiming she's been kicked out yet there's no evidence that she has.

No. 243684

Same. Starting to wonder if it's Alexys her retarded self.

No. 243710

Does anyone know anything about Bella thane_of_windhelm? She was talked about a little in the last thread, I can't help but be fascinated by her

No. 243719

She's pretty much just another boring spoop.
She had some stupidly low bmi, went to hospital, came home and promptly went to work undoing the weight gain from the tube. Regularly posts comparisons asking followers to confirm that she is indeed so skinny goals wow, and gets snarky at the saviour types, or really anyone who doesn't praise her asshole gap.

Looks sort of like shmegeh made a baby with a stoned horse.

No. 243772

File: 1486081480896.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1777.PNG)

She's really loving these suckin in the cheeks and frowning photos lately. It's ALL she's posted on her story for the past week.

No. 243984

Emily program anons, where are you?

No. 243985

I miss thefitveganginger :(

No. 244061

no kidding, that manic piece of jerky was pretty lulzy

No. 244081

File: 1486147267732.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1780.PNG)

Every time she posts another one her frown gets droopier and droopier lmao I can't with her. I wish she would stop being so fucking vague and say what her deal is.

No. 244093

Her bad skin is ruining her life
Quick, someone send vitamins to her

No. 244139

File: 1486151448190.png (64.11 KB, 640x714, IMG_1790.PNG)

She's mad because her insurance company finally realized she doesn't fucking have an eating disorder and doesn't want to pay for her to treatment hop anymore.

No. 244162

Gofundme coming soon

No. 244168


Oh she must be crushed.

No. 244170


No. 244188

OMG FINALLY!!! Once shes back home and has to actually deal with reality instead of living in her pro ana fantasy land, she might actually start to realise what taking responsibility for your own genuine recovery is all about instead of just moping around the country waiting for some treatment centre to "cure" her!! (Although i 100% predict a super-serious relapse to try and "prove" how ana she really is & try to get at least a few more hospitalisations and tubes before shes 25.)

No. 244190

I thought her family was super rich. Won't daddy pay to keep her locked up with the other skeletons?

No. 244716

File: 1486236053652.png (86.85 KB, 640x1063, IMG_1846.PNG)

Crying Emily is back at it again with the spoopy thinspo pics.

No. 244717

File: 1486236073890.png (97.76 KB, 640x1060, IMG_1847.PNG)

No. 244766

She has lunch lady arms.

No. 244783

File: 1486241913085.png (395.37 KB, 928x594, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.51…)

OMG you called it.

This honestly makes me cringe can't even deal. I so badly want to say "ariana you've been to more treatment centres than the amount of fingers and toes I have, what the hell makes you think one more is going to make any difference [in your fucked up fantasy land]" wouldn't say the last bit because god knows I'd get shit on by all her followers who are somehow as delusional as she is to believe this shit. Like hunny if you haven't been able to eat in three weeks you'd be emaciated by now and you'd have a feeding tube lol like fuck

No. 244789

Those smoking spliff pics were so dull I actually missed her crying face and calling herself fat and she should be in the soil with the worms.

The new crop of anas don't really grab my interest as much.

Awaiting inevitable post where shef too scaeed to tyoe properky because she's at the river being "raped".

No. 244797

those are some droopy bat wings, she must literally lay around all day like a slug to be that flabby

No. 244806

LMAO WE CALLED IT. Her insurance probably cut her off because they knew she didn't need to be bouncing from treatment center to treatment center. She's probably trying to get as spoopy as possible to prove that she's really sick. And her not drinking in 3 weeks…in one of her snap stories there was literally like 5 Gatorade bottles at the end of her bed, but sure, definitely not drinking….

No. 244810

>My friend made rugs for me as a last resort

What the fuck does that mean?

No. 244811

File: 1486243201202.gif (1005.25 KB, 268x168, rage.gif)

this infuriates me beyond words

No. 244812

ahahaha yeah I thought the exact same at first. I think she means her friend made rugs to sell and fundraise money for her. rolls eyes out of head

No. 244815

Oops, it's me, the anon who posted the screenshot of ariana announcing her gofundme page. Correction: the amount of treatment centres she has been to equals TWICE the amount of fingers and toes I have -_-

No. 244816

PPS: I have the normal amount of fingers and toes a human should have

No. 244820

It's probably similar to when she made those "Ariana's Angels" shirts that were ugly as fuck and she was selling them for $15 a pop.

No. 244821

It's also funny because she doesn't look anywhere near death. I love how she's throwing around "I'm close to death, I don't want my dad to have to bury his daughter" like dude if Ashley has been alive for all these years there's no way Ariana's going anywhere. What makes her think that if the last 15 treatment centers haven't help, another one will? What she really needs a kick in the ass and a reality check.

No. 244828

Well I mean to be fair everyone's bodies are different and there are many people who die from EDs at normal weights. HOWEVER, this girl has been going straight from one treatment centre to the other, how has she even had time to engage in symptoms or at least to the extent that it could cause any damage like this. It does bug me though that she goes on about her severe anorexia like i'm not sure how she could have received that diagnosis. This girl is completely fucked in the head i don't understand how anyone in her life let alone her instagram believes her or goes along with her shit?!

No. 244838

File: 1486245497092.jpg (589.6 KB, 960x960, caesarapp_20172415575249.jpg)

Admitted for overeating? Maybe its just gas little sick girl

No. 244840

I'm so confused I thought she was in treatment?!

No. 244845

File: 1486246291335.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9571.PNG)

Sure Jan…

No. 244846

File: 1486246446651.png (758.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9572.PNG)


No. 244847

Those calves!!

No. 244848

Just coming around to disliking hospitals - most normal people don't like them.
Maybe they are finally making her go to a big girl hospital

No. 244875

There is a pattern to Alexys' admissions and guess what, it's been 2 weeks since she last admission. She doesn't like to be more than a couple of weeks out of hospital. She's weight restored and clearly not in for her super serious anorexia. If she actually has complications, she'd be less vague and not all "my organs are healing from my super special anorexia". Which organs? What treatment are you getting? All she gets is popsicles and fluids. If she was actually sick, she'd get treatment. I have an actual disease of the immune system and even I don't get admitted for basic infections; I get treated at home with medication.

No. 244881

File: 1486249930250.jpg (133.43 KB, 640x829, IMG_2119.JPG)


Amen to arianas followers. Preach it !! Wonder what her response to these rational people will be?

No. 244882

File: 1486249978689.jpg (83.72 KB, 637x505, IMG_2120.JPG)

No. 244890

I thought Alexys was the only super speshul anorexic on the world who could get sick enough to need hospitalization after missing one meal but it appears Ariana also has this very rare yet serious type of anorexia.

No. 244894

THIS!!! There are public options but they definitely dont give out ass pats and bottles at the end of the day and we all know these fucking IG ~~~anas~~~ need to feel like the one and only.

gtfover yourself chick….

No. 244949

File: 1486261013860.png (41.65 KB, 315x438, Ariana Magro arianamagro • …)

i usually can just watch along but i had to say something and she deleted my comments and blocked me of course

No. 244971

Of course she did. I'm glad you said something though! I wanted to but didn't wanna be blocked. Clearly she's hiding something if she had to delete your comments.

No. 244975

File: 1486265731278.jpg (147.41 KB, 720x960, IMG_1855.JPG)

Of all the photos they COULD have put on her gofundme page this one was probably the worst. If you're trying to convince anyone that this girl has an eating disorder, choosing a photo where she looks like a land whale wasn't the smartest.

No. 244976

File: 1486265808542.png (43.06 KB, 640x286, IMG_1854.PNG)

Also LOLOLOL begun making funeral arrangements for herself.

No. 244979

I'm completely new to this type of lolcow, mostly because I actively avoid these threads as I'm not interested in seeing people trivialize EDs but…

Has this bitch really been to 20 rehab programs for anorexia? Who exactly does she think she's shitting? This stuff makes me so fucking mad my blood is literally boiling. What a waste of resources.

No. 244987

She's been to almost 40… I can't keep track but in September she had said she's been to 35 and she's been to at least 3 different ones since september

No. 245010

Ugh she wrote this herself. Such anorexia, calling herself beautiful.

No. 245287

Storyofkorey just me or does it look like she's losing weight?

No. 245331

nice selfpost. not getting enough asspats on your before and afters?

No. 245334

File: 1486313178711.jpg (896.59 KB, 1424x1895, Screenshot_20170205-114405.jpg)

In the hospital last night, but was able to go out this morning?

No. 245370

Nope, you're definitely still fat

No. 245371

awe is somebody not getting enough asspats now that they're no longer living the institutionalized hospital life?

No. 245380

File: 1486318991717.png (181.53 KB, 720x1132, IMG_2870.PNG)

If she was truly finally kicked out of TEP I suspect that someone tried to make themselves sick enough to require hospitalization and admission to a children's hospital. However they are on to her game and it looks like the big kid hospital only which isn't quite as fun so no need to stay.

No. 245389


Embarrassing. Why do they all do those posts? I'm not skinny anymore, so here's a throwback to that time my psychiatrist told me how close to death I was…

No. 245390

Tried french toast… but burgers fries and lasagna are okay. girl please. youre not ana~~~ anymore. find something else.

No. 245454

omg there were so many incredible comments going on arianas post and she just deleted all 9 of them she really is alexys amplified

No. 245503

now she actually deleted the whole post lol hopefully she closes the gofundme too otherwise someone else should report it or something like i feel so awful for the people who have donated and have no idea that their money is going to waste

No. 245563

OMFG GOOD. Finally. Someone calls her on her bullshit. She's not allowed in TEP anymore or childrens. I'm SO GLAD.

No. 245627

What's tep?

No. 245642

The Emily program

No. 245659

Once again, how do you know that? Proof or don't say anything

No. 245677

Alexys, this forum isn't unknown to those us currently at TEP.

No. 245678

That is all I will say.

No. 245684

lol what this isn't alexys and why would she even say that? It just makes it seem even more obvious that you're making it up. Farmers are supposed to provide proof of their milk or else its just annoying. Like ten different people have been saying she's been in and then kicked out like multiple times the last two weeks so which is it? someones making shit up duh

No. 245693

Hi Alexys. "Alexys" has posted a few times saying she was already kicked out of treatment so that we wouldn't report her confidentiality breach. Just like Jenna Lewis did with her mother so no one would contact her and inform her that her daughter is faking cancer.

I will not say much, but I am a TEP person and Alexys everyone knows about this thread. You've been spoken to and kicked out. Give it up and apologize for your mistakes. You took pictures IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE CONTRACT YOU SIGNED saying you can't talk photos in tep of other patients, let alone post them to the internet. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 245723

omg stop lol this seriously isn't alexys. Get the admin to prove that my IP address isn't even in the same country as her

No. 245747

File: 1486346567714.jpg (73.47 KB, 625x625, IMG_1430.JPG)

No. 245750

rolls eyes how do you think they ban people on here idiot?

No. 245797

Unless you have proof then shut the fuck up. It's getting super old and repetitive that someone says "omg Alexys got kicked out of so and so program"

No. 245802

It is old. It would be pretty hard to post proof though without outing urself.

No. 245807

God damn it I want receipts so badly. So she is banned from Children's too? Mama Bear was actually informed of her bullshit? Someone explain credibly please.

No. 245972

It does look as if the last emergency room visit was not at the Children's hospital.

No. 245986

Not sure if this girl was mentioned @recovery.chii . has a lot of followers only because she's milking sympathy from them. Always pretending that she's under attack to garner sympathetic comments.

No. 245988


To be honest she doesn't really bother me because she seems to be trying to be a functional adult and since she's not in and out of the hospital she's not a drain on resources.
She seems lonely and kinda socially stunted but overall pretty harmless.

No. 245991

She's always crying about the hate she's getting when there's no hate. Yeah its probably since she's socially stunted. That would explain the thigh gap pictures in the beginning and her insecureness on IG

No. 245993

Socially stunted/emotionally immature plus starving and refeeding can really mess with your emotions. Even taking out the mental aspect of the eating disorder homegirl probably has a lot going on hormonally right now and she's probably pretty lonely which can't help so I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt since she does seem to be trying to recover and be an adult.

No. 245995

I was waiting for chii to be discussed!definitely an anachan . posts too many body checks and is getting attention on IG for her anorexia. Its been 6 months since she has started her extra super special recovery for her followers. Still maintaining on that amount of food so she can have something to post and get attention . her amount of transformations posted (which look exactly the same) also proof she's a proanna scum. 'I used to be so skinny and states bmi ' flaunting the severity of her sickness

No. 245997

I want to think she's genuine and just immature because we have interacted on Reddit a fair amount and I think she's a nice girl but part of me thinks that she's smart enough to know what to post to get the sympathy/validation and attention that she isn't getting in real life.
Like I commend her for getting a job and living on her own but she needs a lot of therapy and some friends her own age.

No. 246012

File: 1486398924172.png (693.89 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20170206-163323~2.p…)

she went three weeks without an ootd because she realised she posted them for sick reasons,then posted one again. i want to believe she's genuine too, at least she seems to be gaining albeit slowly, but her actions on SM seem very ana-chan.

No. 246079

Idk she seems legit just really fighting with thoughts

No. 246090

She's generic and not worth discussing. Sry.

No. 246106

I do feel like this is more about two munchies more than anything else though.

No. 246177

File: 1486423292577.jpg (113 KB, 640x866, IMG_2133.JPG)

Meanwhile…, journeytoemma (now 27 & coming up to 4 yrs in the same private psych hospital being payed for by the uk tax payers. she claims she remains sectioned for her anorexia because she cant be "trusted" in the community, yet treats the place like a b&b and ensures she is always "well enough" to be granted leave whenever she wants it for days at a time & goes out drinking, etc etc.) i could go on & on about how fake & manipulative she is! Anyways, she just cannot help but try to compete with anyone else who even hints at being sick: the poor girl whos account she left this comment on has genuine severe chrons disease and has just had major surgery to remove her bowel & fit an iliostemy, but Emma just makes it all about her.

No. 246332

ALXEYS JONES. You are trying to divert attention away from yourself.

Here is some advice:
1. Change your name. Your name is only going to be associated with Munchausens and people who fake serious illnesses.
2. Grow up. Get used to it. You are a fully grown adult.
3. Go to school. Get a job. Do both.
4. Apologize for hurting so many.
5. Move on with your life and leave the coddling cravings behind. Find a hobby or some way to fill your time. You've done enough damage. It's time to move on.

No. 246334

I agree with all your points, but just out of curiosity (as i'm not aware of any examples) what kinds of things has she done to hurt people?

No. 246342

I'm UK and get the feels about wasting tax payers money. Considering there are waiting lists and young people with anorexia who have to travel across the country for a bed for urgent treatment, this bitch makes me heave. Talk about bed hogging.

Definitely shades of fake DID Cassie/Rachel. Hospitals need to be tougher.

No. 246343


No. 246345

- Taken pictures of other girls in treatment
- Put your friends and family through all kinds of stress
- Etc.

No. 246346

The widdle baby has friends?

No. 246359

true I forgot about the whole picture taking shit. Not cool. Omg you people are so annoying on here, I'm asking a freaking question because I haven't been following her for too too long and wasn't familiar with any stories about her hurting people. I was hoping for some milky stories about how she manipulated people or was a bitch or something. So chill dude, not alexys here

No. 246376

^^Ew do your research before commenting. Don't come on here asking questions about cows without staking out the farms. Oh I don't know, scroll through her Instagram and catch the fuck up. I can already tell this thread is gonna suck with newbies. Boring.

No. 246432

This new thread sucks. Too bad the old one kicked

No. 246435


Other baby friends only. They compare the best brands of diapers and take naps in their cribs together.

No. 246439

>this kind of hanger
'lurk moar' would have sufficed
only in PA gen

No. 246445

I can't believe how quickly this thread filled with cow tipping faggots. Plus this whole 'I dobbed alexys in at TEP!' thing is so old. Post proof or fuck off you wanky little cockgoblins.

No. 246460

File: 1486465871784.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170207-110808.png)

>"muh crippling ed makes me hate my appearance"
>still all fill their stories w ugly sad selfies for attention

No. 246550

Has m.0rphing been mentioned yet? She's a spoiled brat and pretty lulzy

No. 246572

I dunno man, read the fucking thread.

No. 246597

shes on private, if you have milk post caps

No. 246630

She looks like she has 5 o'clock shadow in this pic tf

No. 246654

Jenjebbi kinda urks me. She relapsed awhile ago and then was like I'm gonna eat lots and asking people who were not weight restores how much they eat. Now she looks the same (dead skeleton), and post pictures of food she makes and it's like WHY DON'T YOU PUT SOME IN YOUR MOUTH.

No. 246706

Eugenia cooney is one of the greatest proannas I've ever seen. She looks like she's dying just to get more YouTube videos, her morning routine on YouTube doesn't involve breakfast, and girls are literally starving to look like her. But again this isn't news

No. 246709

Oh my god fuck off. This thread is not meant to laugh at generic pathetic anorexic women. Post over-the-top clowns or get banned, fag got.

No. 246737

Her morning routine doesn't include breakfast wehhh she's forcing little girls to anorexiaaaa.
Fuck off with your boring complaining. This isn't the place to cry about people with anorexia it's for the wieners with fifty million complications and gofundmes begging for attention and money or obviously fake disorders like alexys.

No. 246747

File: 1486506066033.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-02-07 16.17.33.png)

Much like "I'mskinnybeautiful" likes to photoshop herself to be more skinny.

No. 246770

She looks like a Bratz doll.

No. 246776

I was thinking about posting her too! She's horrifying looking. Every time she posts a photo I shudder.

No. 246778

>skinny person exists

No. 246788

File: 1486510299948.jpg (372.52 KB, 1079x1078, IMG_20170207_163018.jpg)

You know who is creepy? Paris Melody Raven. Something about her just squicks me out. I can'tell quite place my finger on it, but she seems "off" somehow.

No. 246789

She randomly added me on instagram a few weeks ago, and after following back I quickly unfollowed. She seems really sick.

No. 246790

She followed me too, but what's weird is that my account is about my dog. I'm guessing she just mass-adds people that are following other Instorexic girls.

No. 246796

Christ, she's so sick her body can't heal those cutting scars

No. 246797

how long has she been carrying that one bar of chocolate around? the wrapping is worn enough to make it seem like at least a year.

just carrying it around with her to pull it out at random moments and show the bite mark to prove she eats…

No. 246859

File: 1486518643366.png (226.1 KB, 748x1199, IMG_2872.PNG)

Ohh Alexys - in a better place physically but not medically (or mentally). I don't think it works that way. Just trying to convince us that even though she is supposedly weight restored she is just one meal away from death. What she really means is not that if she restricts a single meal she will die its that if she chooses for that meal to be a cap of detergent she might.
But have no fear - her many friends, therapists, and doctors are all texting her to make sure she is okay. Sure ….

No. 246887

What's the difference between medical and physical?

No. 246889

Nothing. She just needs to seem as sick as possible so invents terms to suit her shitty online persona.

No. 246895

It means that she knows that people have been questioning how she ends up in the hospital so frequently due to what she claims is restricting when she appears to be weight restored and looks to be at least at a somewhat healthy weight. She is aware of this thread and is likely trying to make people think that even though she looks healthy she is still a super sick little kid.
Hospitals don't usually just keep people for a week without some sort of actual medical issue so I actually don't doubt that she does has some sort of organ damage but I don't believe its from restricting even a single snack but rather more likely self-induced as she claims she has PICA and has admitted she eats toxic substances, like detergent.

No. 246957

Paris is a waste of time. She eats the same crap every day, every week and every SINGLE Wednesday she moans about weigh in and her concern with gaining weight but never does and knows it. It's sick and sad. She's a cross between Ash & any delusional attention seeking ana. She doesn't honestly have much milk considering she is so repetitive and whiny. Like her account is the same daily photos for a few years… It's sad.

No. 247020

Whatever happened to Ashley's friend, Jackie?

No. 247024

Don't forget the occasional pity-me crying photo because lunch was 7 minutes late.

No. 247203


I don't understand how she's been discharged from mental health services. She's clearly very unwell. Anyone who has ever seen her photos of her in the bath, crying in the mirror or skipping through the supermarket can see she's even more unwell looking than a lot of the people mentioned in this thread.

I'm really curious to know what her court case is about though - she keeps mentioning seeing doctors and her solicitor about it, but never replies to comments asking what it's about. Why mention it if you're going to be so vague and leave people guessing?

No. 247229

Maybe she's gonna have court orders out on her to force her into treatment since she's no longer a child.

No. 247250

In the UK, they can just section you if you are in need of treatment. She was seeing a neurologist I believe, and said it's been going on for a long time (a year +)

No. 247259

in the UK you pretty much wont get sectioned for an ED over the age of 18 unless you're on deaths door or you've had to go to A&E over it. Especially in areas where ED services are poor/minimal. They hate wasting the beds.

No. 247262

The appointment was in October. She's deleted all the posts with information about it, aside from a photograph of the London Eye, which she passed on her way to the appointment.

I hope it is about getting her treatment though, she looks so unwell!

No. 247452

Paris Tried to kill herself once by jumping off a bridge iirc? It was after that she was pretty much forced into "treatment".

No. 247467

>I don't understand how she's been discharged from mental health services. She's clearly very unwell.

If you don't turn up to appointments, no matter how ill you are, you get written off. I think in my area (don't know if it applies to elsewhere in the UK), you get written off if you miss three appointments in a row.

They're wasting time for people who need the appointments and are willing to go. Waiting lists for therapies are long.

Unless she's considered a threat to herself or others she won't get sectioned. You need a bunch of people (just googled if you can be arsed to read it http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/healthadvice/problemsdisorders/beingsectionedengland.aspx) to agree you need to be sectioned.

Paris has tried to add me on EVERY ACCOUNT I've had because I've posted on some ana cow's account.

The news clipping from when she jumped off a bridge is in this youtube.

She's really very mental, but I imagine she doesn't cooperate with mental health services so they let her go.

No. 247493

>She's really very mental, but I imagine she doesn't cooperate with mental health services so they let her go.

That's makes sense. I'm surprised her mother/brother don't try to do anything though.

>Paris has tried to add me on EVERY ACCOUNT I've had because I've posted on some ana cow's account.

Same here. She's followed me on every account I've ever had, because I follow a friend from school who has anorexia. She quickly unfollows though, and I've never actually noticed her commenting on anyone else's images.

No. 247530

same i followed Alyrealrecover with a sock puppet and Paris followed me within seconds, then unfollowed asap. she must be lurking on instagram 247

No. 247595

File: 1486597060866.png (3.09 MB, 1200x1800, IMG_2876.PNG)

One post she is claiming she is medically unwell and one restricted meal away from hospitalization.
Less than 24 hrs later she is posting about how great it is to play soccer. If she truly is one meal away from hospitalization then I doubt that her body can afford to use those calories to play a game of soccer (especially since she has mentioned in the past it is league soccer not just a little kick the ball around in the backyard)
Seems Alexys body only malfunctions when it's convenient to her

No. 247600

File: 1486597225623.png (156.67 KB, 750x1161, IMG_2877.PNG)

And then a few hours after the I can play soccer post there is the I am restricting so I can only manage two Starbucks drinks at once for the sake of my "kids" (which she then clarifies as kidneys - just say kidneys)
Her inconsistencies drive me batty

No. 247651

kek is she wearing an athletic headband with that hackjob?

No. 247962

File: 1486655425002.jpg (121.88 KB, 528x768, IMG_20170209_094911.jpg)

Working off some of those medical bills?

No. 247963

That's because she wants people to follow her so she follows them to make them follow her. It's a 'tactic' to get more followers.

No. 247974

File: 1486658312790.jpg (931.18 KB, 2048x2048, solostinmymind.jpg)

With regards to Jonzie, caffeine is really bad for your kidneys, so not really helping out the "kids". Also she just changed the name of her personal account to jonzie8. I thought it might be to get more followers, but she won't accept me.

Has solostinmymind been mentioned on lolcow? She is a mix between Ariana and FitGinger. She makes her pictures super contrasted to highlight her bones and does the Ariana faces.

No. 247975

Argh! Monster! Kill it!

No. 247976

Jesus fucking christ

No. 247977

Yikes spoiler that shit!

I definitely see the Fit Vegan Ginger connection. Red hair, freckles, manic faces…

No. 247985

Ariana is first like on Jonzies pic
Top kek

No. 247989

fucking hell, she straining so hard in those pics she gonna end up with hemorrhoids

No. 248007

File: 1486661478918.jpg (156.53 KB, 353x696, 2017-02-09 11.30.31.jpg)

Before ED

No. 248009


I am relatively new to lolcow. When is it appropriate to spoiler images? I thought it was for pictures of people under 18 or nudity

No. 248106

Basically, if it's gross to look at, you can spoiler it.

No. 248195

File: 1486682368281.png (203.02 KB, 640x1066, IMG_1961.PNG)

No. 248399

I follow her but there isn't much milk beyond the photos. She's just really sick. Has been constantly talking about how her vitals aren't looking good but even that doesn't seem like an anachan humblebrag.

No. 248543

Unfortunately, athletes get cankles as well so you're not so special as you think alexys

No. 248547

Or that just may be the size of her ankles. Gasp

No. 248561

File: 1486752103647.jpg (319.48 KB, 1280x1280, 705034cf-4980-481c-87b1-d016ce…)

anyone know of prettygirls-do-eat/anorexia-is-not-a-diet on tumblr? used to think she was a genuine APAC member but all she seems to do now is post sick selfies and snowflakey ~so moving~ posts and vents about how awful being IP is.

No. 248565

Links/description of why she's a lolcow or gtfo.

No. 248567

I want to hydrate this grandma.

No. 248647

on mobile, the links are kinda selfexplanatory but if you'd prefer them typed out

>has tried to/started a lot of arguments with sarah frances young/everythingeatingdisordered in the past

>types like a cross between a grammarfag and a tween girl texting when she's mid20s
>rightfully calls out proanas but also does a lot of much lower-key stuff to draw attention to her own ED and constantly says things like "i can't be harassing any of them because muh anorexia"
>can be pretty rude in responses, or types out essays to the smallest anons

also didnt say she was a lolcow but she's pretty snowflake-y.

No. 248706

File: 1486771679597.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1989.PNG)

According to Ariana's story, looks like she's back home and still pulling the ugly ass pouty face. What's wrong? Your friends selling rugs and trying to mooch money off of people for your near death anorexia didn't work?

No. 248715

But lotion has calories!!!!

No. 249033


I was just thinking we hadn't heard from her lately.

No. 249183

File: 1486842834179.png (128.39 KB, 640x1080, IMG_2028.PNG)

I wonder when imskinnybeautiful2 is going to learn to photoshop properly. She botched it so bad in between her thighs, yikes.

No. 249229

Nobody cares, read op

No. 249255

It looks like she spilled something on her crotch and it hardened. Gross.

No. 249324

File: 1486863779424.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2037.PNG)

So anorexic

No. 249338

one meal away from death huh? super cereal ana for sure, thats a pretty big froyo ariana..

No. 249377

She thinks people can't tell shes sucking in her cheeks and tensing her chest so her collar bones are accentuated? Goddammn these wannarexics are soooo bad at their little game. It's embarassing enough that they want to fake it but to be so shitty at being somewhat believeable….it's mindboggling

No. 249611

File: 1486915990173.png (1.37 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2044.PNG)

No. 249615

this is literally a reaction image.

No. 249742

I wonder how much time she spends making the perfect pouty face.

No. 250157

Welp. She said it, not us.

No. 250177

File: 1486959307394.jpg (30.18 KB, 640x360, squidward.jpg)

i wonder how many practice shots of her frowns she takes..

No. 250194

File: 1486961859421.png (450.06 KB, 1242x2046, IMG_0872.PNG)

This pame chick shops herself so fucking strangely? She's already spoopy why does she need to stretch her arms so gd long

No. 250197

File: 1486962303946.jpeg (293.45 KB, 1242x1864, 1486961989714.jpeg)


Also, is imskinnybeautiful allowed? Not sure where she fits in in all of this..

I just had to post how absolutely blatant and awful this shoop is between her legs, you can see the seat fabric is stretched to oblivion to try and make some kind of thigh gap. How could anyone fall for this and how does she think that this looks even remotely believable

No. 250392

She's not allowed. She was only here because of her association, plus def not a snowflake

No. 250396

Nobody cares about her fucking Photoshop. shut up or gtfo

No. 250401

How is she not a snowflake :S

No. 250404

Photoshoppers are a dime a dozen. that's not what this thread is for, we don't care

No. 250510

She's a 40-year-old woman posing as a much younger woman and grooming her young followers for donations. How is she not a cow? Honestly, she's incredibly milky and I think she should be discussed thoroughly as long as we don't start talking about how she once had a big ol' rivalry with that one chick. She's a huge fuckin' creep regardless of her association with anyone else.

Rhonda Wood-Umpierre, is that you in this thread, flipping out every time you're mentioned?

No. 250516

File: 1487011357837.jpg (210.65 KB, 536x936, IMG_20170213_113058.jpg)

Thinking we need to spoiler her images

No. 250551

You can always tell when the Ana-queens are shooping because the videos they post will be great quality and then their photos will be shitty ang grainy to try and hide the fact that they're using photoshop.

No. 250552

her ugly pouty faces remind me of a spoiled child who didn't get their way

No. 250574

Agreed. She is totally a cow.

No. 251336

File: 1487100873654.png (573.61 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1998.PNG)

I thought Alexys wasn't allowed back at the kiddie ER.

No. 251522

For those who were around for Kadeelyn aka kadeecow, well she actually did commit suicide very recently. theory of mine being it was a ploy for attention gone too far. Idfk.

No. 251530

youre late anon

No. 251532

Really?? I couldn't find any reference to that here, sorry about that. Were there any other speculations?

No. 251533


how do you know it was suicide?

No. 251534


She has her own thread here.

No. 251539

Mutual follower on IG, link the thread please?

No. 251546

It's in the catalogue, find it yourself.

No. 251626

p sure pedialyte is given to dehydrated adults too- adultolyte isn't a thing afaik

No. 251660

but do they have Rugrats artwork in adult ERs?

No. 251673

In my experience, they have the full cable package.

No. 251674

Nevermind, am retarded, I thought that said "network".

No. 251751

File: 1487123392595.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2262, 20170214_194902.png)

I thought she was dying???

No. 251794

10 bucks says those are from her parents.

No. 251929

God I just want to fix her posture.

No. 252051

File: 1487175541110.png (133.63 KB, 640x1063, IMG_2127.PNG)

Yeah fucking right she's at risk for a heart attack. The only thing she's at risk of is hurting herself when she's not getting enough attention.

No. 252140

I truly wonder what she looks like without her XXXL shirts, slicked back hair and oversized bow. Probably….:healthy??

No. 252168


She looks healthy even with all that stuff. Ugly, but healthy…

No. 252182

She was throwing up yesterday and couldn't keep anything down but today, she's browsing the full hospital menu. I guess I'd throw up too if I ate that many tide pods.

No. 252236

File: 1487194376005.png (37.17 KB, 640x232, IMG_2134.PNG)

Someone asked Alexys why she doesn't update as often, and this was her response. Ummmm you mean HER inability to protect other people's privacy?

No. 252304

File: 1487200559436.png (53.76 KB, 737x699, misty_in_icu_w__crystals_by_cr…)

No. 252308

I… I know its been said but I can't get over how fucking hideous this girl is

I actually think she may be the ugliest person ive seen on the site, sans maybe ginger or peacockfeather

No. 252327

Part of me feels like she realized she was unfortunate looking and decided to play it up so people think "oh she looks that way cause she's sick" rather than "oh she's just homely" kek

No. 252329

File: 1487203090934.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4985.PNG)


No. 252351

I'd definitely wager it helped fuel her need for asspats/attention

No. 252655

One of the comments in response

>ryry_recoversOmg why do people feel the need to violate somebody's privacy like that? Is there a certain person that's been harassing you? I've had my information at risk before and it was very scary. Is there anything we can do to help you?

…. of course jonzie hasn't responded kek

No. 252658

Been stated but I can't wrap my fucking head around why they just give her pedialyte in the hospital for "heart attack risk"? If it was truly the case she would be monitored 24/7, no leaving her unit, not ordering sodium laden hospital food. And they sure as hell wouldn't be simply giving pedialyte as her treatment. It doesn't add up.

No. 252659

Her as in jonzie, apologies

No. 252662

Got some sand in your vagina? That sand must be really uncomfortable.

No. 252920

File: 1487284143086.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2140.PNG)

Ugh she looks so creepy. Ariana sucking in your cheeks to make yourself look gaunt doesn't work when you simultaneously have a double chip.

No. 252932

She doesn't even look very cheekbone-y, just… Really weirdly wrinkly and dirty?

No. 252952

she could have went in for dehydration and got lectured that if left untreated it could lead to a heart attack. but being an attention seeking sack of lies, why not just say that shes at risk of a heart attack bypassing the reason why.

No. 252956

what is that line down the middle of her? It looks like dirt or badly applied 'contouring' to maybe try and disguise the fact she isnt actually as thin as she makes out she is. Also again with the giant accessories to make her actual body appear smaller. Its making me cringe.

No. 252971


I bet she smells. She looks so dirty, like she didn't wash her face in ages. And that dirt line in chest, gross.

No. 253047

File: 1487298549133.jpg (186.91 KB, 536x836, IMG_20170216_202543.jpg)

I'm pretty sure she was out of bed yesterday in the toddler playroom.

No. 253136

She probably asks for pedialyte (sp?) and says it's for something else.

No. 253138

any real dehydration would be treated with a drip surely. so I agree with you.

No. 253167

I think that's a scar. Some kind of heart surgery maybe?

No. 253204


I bet she tells people her super severe anorexia caused her to need heart surgery or something.

No. 253235

It just looks like pigmentation or a birthmark to me

No. 253244

File: 1487336837549.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_2017-02-17-08-07-56…)

Not sure if this is the right thread but here is a cow that may or may not be super milky. I've been enjoying her bellowing in the morning at any rate. Watch and enjoy as she sees others struggle and tries to "steal the spotlight".

No. 253266

Self post

No. 253267

She has not had heart surgery. She just has fucked up skin. Very dry and splotchy. And yea, she is soooo not thin at all. She just likes wearing 3x sized clothes and huge gag-me accessories to try to look smaller. Even our dr and nutrionist have been fucking fed up with her. She used to cause so many problems in group therapy. They loved sending her away so she would stop bringing us all down. We all saw through her shit. She's so fake. It's all a show for attention (as if that wasn't already obvious). And such a bitch. Gawd I wish I would've punched her while I had the chance. I guess I had hoped she would grow out of it. Also, begging for money? Fucking kidding me? I bet if she sold her precious red Mercedes it could pay for some more attention-seeking treatment.

No. 253270

I apologize, new to posting here. What's a self post? Sage for being clueless. Sage for not knowing how to sage(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 253272

Ohh nvm, I understand. I'm not even located in the UK. Check muuhh IP ;)

No. 253273

No. 253280

File: 1487342921352.png (489.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-17-09-52-13…)

Not done here tho

No. 253306

fffff that shit is triggering

No. 253330

How do you know Ariana? Please tell us more.

No. 253395

I don't think Lauren is a cow. I'm not her friend but I've followed her for a while and she seems to have legitimate mental health issues, also she does seem self-aware of her thinking errors and distortions for the most part

No. 253431

File: 1487355383750.png (124.87 KB, 640x1077, IMG_2143.PNG)

As if she wasn't punchable enough already.

No. 253442

File: 1487356453233.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170217-182204.png)

I don't think it's a selfpost, this "other account" gets mentioned a few times, scattered through the posts yet no one gets told it? Surely that would be posted if it was Lauren. What's frustrating is everything she does or posts is based on something someone else has post not long prior, even the very first mention of this "other account", tube pictures come up when people she follow start relapsing or commenting on their weight during an eating disorder (current or past), even her cryptic mentions of rape/childhood abuse appear to have come about after one of her friends was seemingly actually raped, then died down after her friend posted slightly less about it. Seems to be a lasting, warped theme of "stealing the limelight" as the other anon stated.

No. 253474

I bet they have no idea she's a grown ass woman.

No. 253485

She looks seriously old (not to mention manly) in that pic though.

No. 253486

let's be real, they probably do. pose next to her and you'll see right past the huge glasses and nasty beanie.
they probably hate her histrionics and having to indulge in her stupid childish fantasies. at least they're getting paid for it?

No. 253511

Lauren is…interesting. She's definitely come a long way since her tumblr days, I think her url was still-comes-inpink or something. Like Emma, she lived in the hospital for years, but was still well enough to go on home leave for weddings and shit. idk what she's up to now, i know she's been wanting to get pregnant for years, which was kinda scary. Like she'd try to time her home leave for when she'd be ovulating, but would be head banging till she bled while on the unit. 1. how can u still get home leave when doing that? 2. how can u think "yes, this is a good time to get pregnant" Def would intentionally fast so she could be tubed while ip.
idk if she's a cow(anymore), she's def mentally ill, but attention whores/gets competitive. i wonder if i can find her old tumblr on the waybackmachine

No. 253538

I agree that she's come a long way to be honest, with the self harm etc, though her latest photo is blatantly showing off the latest bandage. I get she's in pain, but everything is intentional to gain something. The purging just so the bloods are fucked? The post purge photos with the puffed out cheeks and slightly smudged mascara… It's almost pro bulimia. Idk.

No. 253576

File: 1487376098294.png (145.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3164.PNG)

So I'm assuming Mama Bear never found out….

No. 253583


It doesn't mean that she doesn't already know.

No. 253910

File: 1487440440129.png (958.88 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_2017-02-18-12-48-38…)

"Little toesies"

No. 253912

I'm sure she knows thoroughly by now. Leave her alone.

No. 253981


Truly creepy and pathetic.

No. 253983

Adults don't wear their hospital bracelets on their ankles - particularly if they have a history of such "horrible pitting edema".

No. 253986

File: 1487455481294.jpg (197.42 KB, 530x760, IMG_20170218_160217.jpg)

No appetite = Organ failure

No. 253990

No appetite because she already ate her fill of tide pods.

No. 253995

File: 1487457117425.png (642.25 KB, 900x508, alexys2.png)

How do you go from almost dying of heart failure, kidney failure, multiple organ failure, not able to keep down anything but pedialyte to eating Mexican. So full of shit!!!

No. 254035

Sure Alexys

No. 254056

>eats something smothered in onions and peppers

Such bullshit.

No. 254057

its amazing how she goes from ~~scared ana~~ im going to try spaghetti omg all liquid fast! to eating fucking mexican.

No. 254377

File: 1487528846642.png (774.35 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20170219-182233~2.p…)

hannahuccino fishing for asspats on her separate 'vent, totally not pro-ana' account, heightenedentropy

complete with highcontrast photos of her sucking in so hard she still gets concern for her #anorexia despite being a landwhale.

No. 254385

Those are… not anorexic arms. At all.

No. 254403

Lol congrats for not eating for one whole day….

No. 254529

File: 1487544967770.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20170219-225316~2.p…)

>symptoms of ED include raising the contrast in your selfies so high that you lose your eyebrows

No. 254533

File: 1487545170719.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20170219-225718~2.p…)

why do all the fatorexics voluntarily drink fortisip? why not just have a milkshake or something less vile?

No. 254578


How to be ~uwu ana uwu~
Step one: eat light/no dinner
Step two: poop
Step three: sleep for the night
Step four: wake up looking slimmer than usual because there's not much food in your system because of yesterday's preparation and the fact you just woke up and haven't eaten anything yet
Step five: assume an ana pose and suck in and fill your lungs up as much as possible
Step six: take a picture, and up the contrast and use b/w so you look more spoopy
Success ? ? ?

No. 254597

If they eat crap with little nutrition, drinking this might appear to them they're getting vitamins as well as supplying mandatory Ensure/Fortisip pic.

Fortisips okay though. Its those Complan drinks that're the worse thing ever. Alcoholics here buy Nourishment meal replacement drinks. Wonder why Fortisip and Ensure are the "cool" ones with wannarexics. Is it because hospitals give them to patients so it's more "I'm so Ana I was prescribed tjrse".

No. 254598

Bollocks THESE*

No. 254605

>I'm done with sugar coating it all
Good, because she'll probably eat that too.

No. 254714

We need to be screenshotting Jonzies story posts more than we have been. I've fallen off that recently.

No. 254715

File: 1487596503372.png (910.81 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20170220-131106~2.p…)

Screenshot from her tumblr… is this a shoop? I'm not good at telling, but the way that the light is falling on her ribs looks unnatural imo.

No. 254719

i always hated to waste cals for this stuff. Personal, i think showing the world that you are poor enough to be tube fed is far more attention seeking. There are girls who video their tube being removed - its gross bc, well, that thing comes out brown and slimey

No. 254720

i think she gets boring - either pics of her hospital room or ugly food pics. Ha, good old times when she went out wearing her beanie and the tube in her backpack! Remember anyone?

No. 254734

this is so tryhard i can't believe it, the caption too.
she's lying down, back arched, sucking it in. her thighs give her away pretty badly.
what a messy post.

No. 254735

I don't have access to those. Do I need to install an app or something?

No. 254771

File: 1487606962492.jpg (5.43 KB, 200x200, butt.jpg)

Does anyone have any dirt on the Cerulean Butterflies website? My crazy ex used to post there and said there was mad drama

No. 255082

I have thought about doing it - because seriously a bed bath in the hospital with huggies wipes and brand-name baby shampoo - most healthcare facilities I have worked in do not have brand name products (although I haven't worked in a kid's hospital). If she was well enough to sit in a wheelchair then she doesn't need a bed bath - they have shower chairs.
I haven't been posting her stuff because I think she is reading this and posting this crap to get a response/negative attention. Her posts have just been getting more ridiculous - perfectly fine and cleared to be soccer to on the verge of a heart attack and can't keep food down to kidney failure and bed rest to discharge and tons of salty restaurant food (but struggling so much to eat). It is almost like she is fishing for the usual questions (which is why she even had a post inviting questions) but nobody seems to be biting these days because her story is repetitive and getting old.

No. 255085

God… Just sign up and look for yourself. Jesus.

No. 255218

File: 1487652092865.png (958.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-20-23-45-32…)

What anorexic ankles, such edema

No. 255274

Not so much anymore. Most of the members are around 30+ years old now. There was a fair share of drama in 2005-2008ish time back when Liz ran it and she would do interviews with mainstream media about being pro-ana.

No. 255390

File: 1487687140918.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-21-09-29-04…)

"One who hugs a pumpkin doesn't require a bedbath." -native American proverb

No. 255939

File: 1487769510802.jpg (161.13 KB, 536x836, IMG_20170222_071728.jpg)

No. 255965

File: 1487775422885.png (802.18 KB, 1080x1409, Screenshot_20170222-144452~2.p…)

>having to strain this much to even look remotely average


No. 256072

Nice thigh shop kek

No. 256073

File: 1487795341864.png (19.02 KB, 293x208, peciallympics.png)

Did anyone catch that Jackie, as in "genius honor roll" ( >>pt/280202 )
Jackie, joined the Special Olympics?

No. 256075

Fail, sauce is here >>145411

No. 256077

Maybe she's volunteering, not competing?

No. 256090

No. 256100

all it says is that her name was ashley g. and if she was in pallative care/hospice, she was probably drugged up.

No. 256121

Why do some people find it difficult to believe Jackie is special needs?

No. 256160

Mind putting a spoiler next time? Yek

No. 256164


I don't think most "terminal anorexics" have social media and act like drama queens online.


No. 256166

I never said she wasn't special needs. prove to me that she is, schroedinger.

No. 256172

juuuuust recovering from a super serious heart attack risk then going out to play a match?

No. 256174

But I thought MLS, now myupanddownjourney, was the most severe case of ana NJ had ever seen??

No. 256187

The video evidence no longer exists. If you'd been around 18 months ago you'd have seen it posted here.

It's not like it's shameful to be special needs.

No. 256190

No, it's not but you can't just say someone is special needs without a decent amount of proof. and if she was on the honor roll then she was smart. to qualify for the special olympics you need to have a cognative delay, intellectual disability, or have significant learning delays. to qualify as an intellectual disability, you have to have a low IQ and need adaptive life skills according to the special olympics.

persons whose functional limitations are based solely on a physical, behavioral, or emotional disability, or a specific learning or sensory disability, are not eligible to participate as Special Olympics athletes, but may be eligible to volunteer for Special Olympics.

No. 256373

Oh god anon go complain somewhere else you're ruining our board. No ones gives af. Bye.

No. 256555

File: 1487865810226.jpg (199.23 KB, 640x977, FullSizeRender.jpg)

If this aint proof to you then I don't know what is lol

No. 256570

Happy Valitene Day!!

No. 256599

This photo is tragic

No. 256609

Maybe she was on the "honor roll" because she had an IEP? (Individual Education Plan). So she didn't make honor roll by getting A's in mainstream classes, but she did well in special ed?

No. 256612

education anon here. 100% plausible.

No. 256643

I think it depends on what classes she attended. In my high school we had lifeskills, remedial classes, normal classes, and AP classes. Lifeskills kids learned basic, basic stuff like counting change and made up of kids with down's syndrome and other genetic disorders that led to low IQ's

remedial classes were the kids who had potential but needed a little extra help depending on their leaning disability. they did indeed have IEPs.

normal kids and the AP classes are self explanatory.

it's very possible Jackie falls into the remedial class category where she did well because she had extra help such as 1:1 tutorial during school, extra test taking time, etc. but again, with the special olympics you cannot qualify for it due to an intellectual disability. you need to be low functioning as indicated by an IQ test. I don't think jackie fits that bill. low iq kids don't get put in remedial classes, they're the kids who got no diploma because they couldn't pass the regents and got stuck in lifeskills.

No. 256667

Alexys deleted her IG, haha!

No. 256721

File: 1487889536725.jpeg (80.49 KB, 750x1173, image.jpeg)

She has a backup, anyone following?

No. 257160

File: 1487970185870.png (627.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170224-210103.png)

>You're looking skinny


No. 257809

so Alexys seems to be gone (like literally). Sad times, farmers, sad times.

No. 257837

As in, she's faking her death?

No. 257844

No she deleted her insta

No. 258050

Haha sheesh that's what happens when people use the word "literally" wrong. Why did you even need to say literally?

No. 258489

bc it does sound better…..

No. 258614

File: 1488124334309.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1706, 20170226_094940.png)

Oh honey, wearing black leggings in the shade and trying to hide behind that poster does not hide how big you are. Maybe someone needs to tell that group she's not anorexic, she's just a crazy bitch.

No. 258985


wtf, she is so weird. How does she know the whole UCLA gymnastics team? I picture this girl pathetically sending them all letters written on her kiddie stationary telling them all about how she's dying of severe anorexia. They clearly are like "wtf is this?" and send her a shirt and a poster hoping to keep her away. Also, what happened to her dying and needing life-saving treatment like, 3 weeks ago? She looks more well-fed than ever.

No. 258999


I'm pretty happy she isn't spoop-tier.
Her face is unfortunate enough as it is.

No. 259042

File: 1488167037937.jpeg (216.08 KB, 750x1094, image.jpeg)

>in honor of neda awareness week
>let me post an NG tube pic
She's so annoying, and ugly. She clearly has some severe scoliosis or other deformity. I'd love to know what's actually wrong with her, it's obviously not anorexia.

No. 259056


This has to be an old picture, as she doesn't have a tube right now. I guess she thought she actually looks sick here, but once again, just ugly and awkward for tensing her muscles like a loon.

No. 259960

File: 1488248428449.png (213 KB, 750x1096, IMG_1395.PNG)

I'm new to this but does anyone follow @sadfxiry she has quite a lot of followers major attention whore

No. 259961

Can you tell us more about why you think you're an attention whore that should be discussed in this thread?

No. 259966

File: 1488249210107.gif (101.93 KB, 478x353, KLOTZ.gif)

No. 259971

Oh my god

No. 259975

Lmfao where is the lie

No. 259979

File: 1488250617132.jpg (28.31 KB, 324x226, IMG_0898.JPG)

No. 259985

I like your hair way better now, Laura.

No. 259997

File: 1488252370804.png (553.75 KB, 973x627, topkek.png)

Laura, I would recommend laying off the bronzer a bit. A more brownish tone would suit your skin better. Also, having visible collarbones does not make you an ana goalz goddess.

No. 260005

she looks greasy…

No. 260006

>logged out
>same font

Go the fuck away.

No. 260009

kek I'm glad I capped it instead of posting the link because it's been deleted.

I don't have an instagram. Can post proof that I'm not whoever this is. Just got lucky with the timing.

No. 260010

Lol, fair enough. She looks like a hideous coal miner.

No. 260011

"edit profile" not "follow?"

No. 260016

File: 1488253386556.jpg (311.49 KB, 630x800, IGlessfaggot.jpg)

holy fuck my sides. Didn't even notice that.

Also anon(s), here is my proof. Hope different hair color/different facial structure is sufficient.

No. 260020

It's cool. Laura is a tard, so I just expected her to keep self posting.

No. 260027

Are your followers bots cause you're honestly not that cute

No. 260042

File: 1488256419457.jpg (51.65 KB, 528x201, uwuanagoddessuwu.jpg)

kek forgot to post photo.

Same, tbh. I would have responded similarly, and no harm in providing some proof since it's not revealing of much. 100% Laura lurking here, though.

Anyway, I went on a bit of a search through IG for some potential lulz and stumbled upon this girl:


She frequently links to her personal account in her posts, and that account is here:


In the bio, she writes that her name is Chloe Suhr. Pic is what I see when I search her on FB; I thought it was funny because of that garbage-tier book, Wintergirls. She's in "recovery" yet very obviously glorifies her ED. Does the weird Shmegeh/arianamargo thing where she pushes out her collarbone and hunches over in pics to make herself look spoopy. She also posts hospital pics and tags them with #ana #thighgap #recovery etc.

Certainly fits the bill for a pro-ana tard.

No. 260050

File: 1488257255447.png (1.43 MB, 1648x1216, Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 04.4…)

I creeped a couple of her posts and found one of her friends, 99.9999% sure she uses fat people to make her look smaller because she's not really spoopy.

Her friend is the usual lol, obese, tags a couple pictures with #ana, claims to be restricting/binging/purging/abusing laxatives. Loads of stories about being kicked out of a "mental hospital" so she's gonna be homeless. But then her dad loves her and it's really sad he's in the army and gets deployed. Also says that Chloe is her "fake girlfriend."

No. 260053

Yeah, no, she's not actually spoopy, but she tries her best to pose/edit in order to make everyone think that she is. Actually hilarious.

Her friend though– good find. kek.

No. 260120

Buzz, your girlfriend… Woof.

No. 260257

wait what why are you referencing shmegeh there? she's emaciated af

No. 260275

This one seems far more lulzy than that chloe bird

No. 260380

referencing the way she used to pose.

No. 260383

Sorry, I wasn't trying to imply that she doesn't have a real problem. But Shmegeh does pose in certain ways to make herself look even more emaciated. That's the connection I drew between Chloe and her.

No. 260740

File: 1488325223963.png (1.92 MB, 1882x1212, Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 04.4…)

Figured I'd dump a few more photos of her since people seem interested, I wasn't sure how she'd be taken considering she's clearly not pro-ana.

She chose to apparently take a knife to her throat because of PTSD hallucinations. Note no cuts on her throat.

No. 260742

File: 1488325257621.png (1.97 MB, 1892x1214, Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 04.4…)

I hate my scars so much so LOOK AT THEM PLS

No. 260754

File: 1488325640630.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 1884x1208, Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 23.4…)

Spoiler because fatorexic bodycheck. Apparently she was going inpatient 6 days ago but was on leave within 4 days.

She's like a more autistic, younger Kaydee. I kind of want to see what happens if we just leave her to mature, will she develop a long list of mental health issues? will she start seeking more instagram attention?

No. 260759

File: 1488325886747.jpg (415.38 KB, 1012x778, bodychecks.jpg)

Not sure about her not being pro-ana. I mean, yeah, she's clearly not anorexic, but she does do a lot of body checks. I think it's weird as hell; realistically, when you're that overweight, how different does your body look day by day?

No. 260832

The autism is strong with this one. She even has autistic facial features. You can sort of see similar facial features with healingplanets and turtl.ed (recovery owl girl).

No. 260838

What's the point of "body checking"when every check you still look like a pile of mashed potatoes?

Also I can't stop rolling my eyes at these wannarexics posting body checking photos because that's not what body checking means in diagnostics. Body checking refers to mirror checks yes, but also the repeated tapping, grabbing etc of areas of perceived change. Eg an anorexic will pinch at her collarbones because their prominence is reassuring. It's like these fat children are determined to make anorexia as much of a joke as BPD.

No. 260842

File: 1488331101163.png (44.17 KB, 444x287, IMG_0793.PNG)

>>autistic facial features

ASD doesn't effect facial features. It's not like Down's syndrome.

No. 260844

I just meant I wasn't sure whether to put her in this thread or the spoonie thread. She's not really fitting the criteria of either but she's lulzy all the same.

Kek I think I understand what they mean, there's a lot of rejects from my high school who look like her. They all seem to sport the same dumb-as-fuck features, like the kind where you can read their IQ from an expression. But I'm not sure how much of that is her actual face and how much is cause she's fat. It's not like autism causes features no but they all just seem autistic idk.

I'm putting money on her being strangely deluded into thinking that she's actually thin, hence all the horrible selfies.

No. 260862

That's entirely to do with fat people all having roughly the exact same face and stupid people having blank looks because they're stupid. Anon who thinks autism has any affect on looks probably looks like the girl pictured given the stupidity of their comments.

No. 261225

hopefully they can get this poor girl weight restored!

No. 261442

Top fucking kek! I know right? I can't with these fat chicks acting like they are so ~*trajikly frajul ana*~ on IG. Just no.

No. 261448

File: 1488394555166.jpg (14.87 KB, 260x130, 2cent.jpg)

to be fair, you can be fat, then get to where you have food in enemy mindset, just it's not really ~~ana~~

im not standing up for her and the attention seeking though just an observation..

No. 261449


hope so too! Why doesnt have this spoop a tube yet?

No. 261579

File: 1488403306070.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-01-16-25-57…)

Much anorexic

No. 261580

File: 1488403350966.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-01-16-25-46…)

Such emaciated

No. 262027

She went inpatient for less than a week.
DR TALK: "yeah discharge this waste of time"
What's hilarious is the fact they have to act like they are bound by strict LAW.

No. 263598

File: 1488696154712.png (286.3 KB, 750x1226, IMG_6910.PNG)

The head coach of the UCLA gymnast team just posted this on her Instagram

No. 263601


lmao this is getting a little too close

No. 263613


>that fucking "I'm a 4-year-old autistic child dying of cancer aren't I brave" smile in every picture

someone smash her teeth in I can't take it anymore

No. 263816

File: 1488739849460.png (302.8 KB, 1026x1142, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 18.4…)

Kek, fat.fag's real name is linked to instagram so I went for a little snoop. There's not much I can see whilst not being friends with her but this made me chuckle. She's in a relationship with food.

Incoming dump of a couple of her insta screenshots.

No. 263820

File: 1488740152707.png (1.41 MB, 1878x1208, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 18.4…)

I've no idea what panadolm is, I think it's Panadol which is just a name brand of paracetamol. Pretty sure nurafon is Nurofen, a name brand of ibuprofen. Vodka Cruisers are just poof juices, 4.6% alcohol vol.

She wants to be legit so bad but she's out here overdosing on a pack of ibuprofen and some alcopops.

No. 263821

File: 1488740381784.png (1.85 MB, 1874x1208, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 18.4…)

Who takes a potato quality photo with an actual camera? How? How does that happen?

Her trigger warning isn't even necessary, I swear she's just a walking meme. She OD'd twice in one day, I think she's taking over dosing to mean literally taking more than your recommended dose instead of an actual OD.

No. 263914

File: 1488748961736.png (83.19 KB, 634x763, IMG_2330.PNG)

Anyone come across this girl claire? up until recently i felt she was genuine and she was always at least trying to make an effort to recover and not remain institutionalised unlike loads of other girls with similar histories that she is friends with in the ED "community". Lately she does nothing but post selfies witu her ng tube and i swear this pic has been shooped cos noone has arms that long surely?

No. 263945

I just browsed her account but it's very dull. How old is she, she looks 12.

It's the angle she's holding that ipad that makes her arms look long.

Looks like just another teenage #anorexiarecovery angsty account with lots of Ensure with a sprinkling of shots of her thigh gap and skinny arms.

No. 264198

Nope… according to one of her artsy hospital band photos she will be 25 this month which makes her a little more interesting I guess? Still not much milk there imo.

No. 264291

I saw a photo of her lying in bed, N.G tubed wearing E.D charity gear. One of her relatives(?) was beside her. It's quite sad, that a whole existence can be defined by an E.D and the self identified "E.D warrior" moniker.

Then again I'm not a fan of the E.D tattoos either

No. 264292

Sorry made a mistake, no relatives in this one (unlike in most other photos). Not sure how wearing Beat branded socks will aid your recovery, also are people not ashamed by having a tube anymore? Or at least not wanting the world to define you by it?

No. 264294

There are quite a few articles about her, and by her online. She looks like a child in all of the photos despite being in her twenties. If you read them it seems like she has developed an identity of being mentally ill/eating disordered since a young child. I don't think instagram will help her become a person without an E.D identity, which is crucial to developing and moving on with your life

No. 264366

>are people not ashamed by having a tube anymore?
quite the opposite, they see it as a status symbol, proof they're one of the sickest anorexics. MLS even went so far as to tube herself at home once, and then upload pics, as you do.

No. 264371

File: 1488833885146.jpg (21.54 KB, 578x111, duh.JPG)

It's good to be a mental health advocate but this http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/author/claire-greaves- is overkill. You're definitely painting yourself into a corner when your whole life becomes being mentally ill and writing about it/making a name for yourself out of it. Even her twitter's all about being anorexic.

I know recovery's difficult, but she writes as if she knows all about mental illness yet she writes on twitter about how she'll give all her birthday cake to patients and the nurses.

Also strange that she's been anorexic since she was a fetus yet she doesn't understand why drinking so much fluids is dangerous.

No. 264459

Yeah she's aussie. Panadol is just paracetamol and Vodka Cruisers are very low in alcohol - you couldn't get drunk off 4 as they're only 1.0 standard drink each…

No. 264809

can someone tell me what happened with this girl ive never heard of her the only ones i know about are the banned thread girls

No. 264813

kind of hard to know who you're referring to when you didn't reply to a comment and say "this girl"

No. 264820

excuse my asking, i didnt understand. i read through things so nevermind

No. 264822

and i was talking about claire (is that her name? idfk)

No. 265075

Might be worth your while doing a bit more reading (of the rules) before you comment again. Not bothering to learn how to use this imageboard is a bannable error. It also makes you stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 265342

File: 1488966565837.png (102.19 KB, 640x891, IMG_3555.PNG)

3000$? Ugh you've gotta be kidding me -_-

No. 265349

I somehow doubt 3k is enough for treatment though…

No. 265431

nowhere near close enough but why not ca$h out when she has the chance?

No. 265467


I know it's a terrible thing to say, but something about her smile just makes me want to punch her in the face. And I'm not a violent person.

No. 265476


You are not alone.

No. 265503

acidburnbaby is getting shit for her dumbass "uwu i'm a pure asexual angel" act today.

When told she's being shitty, she blames it all on her trauma and starts the whole "but what about meeee" bullshit.

It amazes me how fast someone can go from "you're threatened by my purity, cry about it slut" to "I didn't mean to hurt anybody :("

No. 265531

She has her own thread >snow/res/209739.html

No. 265533


My bad, thank you.

No. 265534


What a scammer.

No. 265560

File: 1489006734603.png (169.5 KB, 631x895, IMG_0221.PNG)

I know this cow has been brought up before mostly because of her gofuckme campaigns, but I can't look at her feed anymore without sharing some of the milk with you guys. Oh, she also has a super sekret IG just for her ED. I know her irl if anyone wants me to continue.

No. 265611

Yea please. She's what 23 and can't take care of herself? She's In a nursing home. She literally can't be trusted alone. Heard she was caught emptying her peg tube all the time and would purge through it. Gross much.

No. 265622

Does she purposely wear makeup that makes her look sicker?

No. 265629

wtf does she even need the service dog?

No. 265711

She's in a nursing home in part because she has been refused entry to every psych and ED treatment facility she's been to for wasting resources. She will "fall" when no one is looking and have to be shipped out because she "hit her head" in the bathroom. She got busted for teaching adolescents how to purge through a tube while in treatment… the list is so long.

No. 265719

File: 1489017682413.png (146.18 KB, 636x912, IMG_0222.PNG)

Unfortunately I don't think it's on purpose. She made a huge thing about trying to become a Younique representative (a shit makeup pyramid scheme) and I'm pretty sure she puts legitimate effort into her "look". A touch of foundation would do her a solid imo

No. 265772

She met her current boyfriend online while she was in the nursing home. He recently took out a loan to finance her new car (when her gofuckme didn't work). She tore tendons in one foot and got out in "rehab" aka the nursing home and then as soon as that one was getting better it happened to the other foot. She was in a wheelchair for idek how long because she was ~so sooper sick~ her body doesn't heal right and she just couldnt walk. Oh. She also has now come out as having Ehlers-Danlos… there is just so much here

No. 265778

She also claims the tube isn't for anorexia, its for "severe gastroparesis" only and has not a thing to do with her refusing to eat anything. That guy is crazy for wanting to date her. She will never live a normal life she is in absolute LOVE with her Ed and the attention it gets her. People like her sicken me and give legit eds a bad name.

No. 265866

link to the IG? (if it's public)

No. 265875

Wow…if she purposely injures herself to be super sick and injured all the time she belongs in the Munchie thread for sure, and yes please >>265560 share the milk!

No. 265888

not trying to be an asshole but she really is trying to push out those collarbones in that position

No. 265909

File: 1489034790969.png (124.33 KB, 640x887, IMG_0227.PNG)

Nearly every single photo has her shirt pulled off to the side exposing a shifted forward collar bone, (ugly sports bra), and crazy tensed neck to show off her sicknessss.

I thought about that, but she is the epitome of pro-ana scum.

No. 265938

Is that a g-tube she pulls out of her shirt so it shows? Jesus Christ even chest lines can be kept more discreetly. This kind of tube-whoring is attention-seeking as fuck.

No. 265941

Oh yeah. She makes sure everyone knows she's tubed. There is no reason why she couldn't let that drop out the bottom of her shirt like every other person with a tube.

No. 265942

File: 1489039348252.png (168.85 KB, 640x900, IMG_0230.PNG)

This is from her "secret ana account" delicate.ballerina. Never thought I'd see someone trying to make a holter monitor look sexy?

No. 265945

Please tell me that is sharpie pen, not legit ink. You weren't kidding about the pro-ana scum bit. I haven't seen that quote in years. For the unaware, 'quad me nutrit me destruit' = 'what nourishes me destroys me'…classic pro quote circa 2000's.
What is it with these snowflakes and their medical paraphernalia?

No. 265951

She does that in every photo. Makes sure she moves her body so you can see every bone like it's not obvious what she is doing also makes sure you can see her tubes and all medical equipment intentionally. She thinks she is getting out of the nursing home soon to get an apartment?! She has no job no Money makes me so mad she buys all this crap with government handouts and mommy's money. She also can't even make her own medical decisions. She has a medical guardian because she isn't capable of it.

No. 265965

Ugh these bitches make me sick. Of course she will fabricate some medikul krysus so someone has to wipe her ass again.

No. 265967

File: 1489043119918.png (133.1 KB, 640x909, IMG_0231.PNG)

Yup. The latest.

No. 265971

I hope that's not real….no provider or treatment center will EVER take her seriously with that. That's just saying yep I love my Ed. Even if she ever decides she wants to get better no one will want to help her.

No. 265973

Dude. I would screenshot her whole page and put in the munchie thread.

No. 265979

Can confirm it's real.

No. 265985

she looks a lot like a certain proana scammer We Shall Not Discuss in those or is it just me?

No. 265987

I see it too. It could be her sallow ass makeup.

No. 265988

Yes, it's not just you. It's the face shape and thin lips I guess. But let's stop it at that and not talk about "it"

No. 266027

More more more anon, this is a good cow!

No. 266062

She purposely baits people to pick fights online. She will post stuff she knows will upset people or concern people then attack everyone that says anything and make herself out to be the victiM all while gaining sympathy from others and people saying "omg poor widdle bekkkah being bullied" when there was never anyone being mean only truthful or concerned.

No. 266092


I tried to link her super cringed YouTube channel but it didn't work. User is /bekahgeorgy. She has auditioned for shows like "the voice" a bunch of times, showing up in her wheelchair and usually sporting an NG tube looking to be taken seriously. In real life her voice isn't horrible, but the whole thing just makes me want to hurl.

No. 266094

fml! This is exactly why in uk they avoid even using ng tubes in ED patients unless absolutely no other option, it is virtually unheard of to give an ED patient a more permanent (&more efficient at purging) tube like a g-tube, because they cant be trusted to not tamper with them AND it encourages them to focus on their sole identity as someone who is sick with anorexia…. its just super screwed up. How common and easy is it for serial- treatment centre anorexics in the US to blag themselves a PEG/ G tube??

No. 266207

File: 1489085773093.png (1014.83 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3559.PNG)

Purposely posing to show off how "sick" she is.

No. 266246

I heard bekah was caught teaching young kids how to purge through their tubes. I think I read it somewhere here actually. Fucked man. Special sort of garbage person who should be barred from IP treatment.

No. 266254

She's good at tensing her jaw/neck muscles (whatever that part is called that she's pretending is none). What an odd area to concentrate on to display her "disorder".

No. 266257

Bone, not none. Jfc.

No. 266260

I hope that's not true. Disgusting.

No. 266268

I think she is kind of barred from inpatient. She's been in a nursing home for awhile. I've heard treatment centers refuse to have her.

No. 266315

Hahahaha you think she has private insurance! No way! All of her services are paid for by tax money!

No. 266341

Who pays for nursing homes in the states? I hope it's not the taxpayer!

No. 266345

If you are on Medicare/Medicaid(which she is for disability/low income) it is the taxpayer.

No. 266357

Hahaha, even the Arbour(s)?

No. 266387

>How common and easy is it for serial- treatment centre anorexics in the US to blag themselves a PEG/ G tube??
I've actually seen more NGs on UK accounts than US, especially since you guys are way more lax with the camera/electronics privileges in ip/residential in the UK. To answer your question, its very rare/doesn't happen. I'm sure she had to take a gastric emptying study and get dx with gastroparesis before getting a permanent tube. Not wk'ing, I'm also sure she's done/is doing plenty to cause said gastroparesis and is a huge attention whore.

No. 266396

File: 1489103596226.jpeg (233.1 KB, 750x1119, image.jpeg)

>in honor of eating disorder awareness month
>don't remember these pics being taken
I'm so sure, she looks so smug on the top right

No. 266397

File: 1489103637806.jpeg (164.25 KB, 750x1085, image.jpeg)

>boycott the before
Contradicting much?

No. 266841

Smh "beautifully broken" "delicate ballerina" this stuff is above and beyond nuts. I get that a lot of people play the tube card but what really gets me is the whole broken girl gimmick and the Latin ana quote. You can't parody that shit

No. 266999

Sure thing, Miss 'Quad Me Nutrit Me Destruit.' You're so anti-ED. FUCK she makes me rage!


PEGs are rarely used in the U.S. for ED treatment. They are generally considered too high-risk for someone with an otherwise functional GI system and there is too much abuse potential. You may be thinking of the case made infamous by the 'Thin' documentary. If I recall correctly, the girl with the tube (Shelly?) claimed she got it due to other issues. She admitted to misusing it and didn't really need it so she had it surgically removed while in treatment.

This. It's disturbing af.

No. 267023

This is Ash's dream girlfriend.

No. 267832

File: 1489284966516.png (1003.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3586.PNG)

Choosing an outfit to hide your contraptions my ass more like show them off. I'll post the caption in a min.

No. 267833

File: 1489284994915.jpg (152.92 KB, 640x652, IMG_3588.JPG)

She's so fake.

No. 267892

File: 1489291240141.png (127.6 KB, 635x902, IMG_0248.PNG)

Looks like maybe people called her out on her bull? I didn't see if there were any comments before she changed the caption though…

No. 267934

The other caption is on her fb. The good news she's looking for is an apartment to let her rent. Like seriously? Also she gets her housing for free. She doesnt work, and gets free health and apartment, and spends her Money on coach purses and other luxury stuff. Seems like shes making a living off of being "sick". I don't feel bad for her at all.

No. 268208

Not to mention that PEG tubes aren't good for gastroparesis anyway…

No. 268680


I used to work on a gastro ward. Bekah is the only person I've ever seen who wears her tube like that and I've seen hundreds, if not thousands.

No. 268757

File: 1489415867689.png (146.68 KB, 640x884, IMG_0258.PNG)

Oh guys, apparently she is trying to get a job as a nanny. I can't even imagine what her potential employer must think when they see her rolling up in her walker with 57 tubes and wires hanging off her body…

No. 268817


as a kid I prbly would be afraid

No. 269543

She actually was a nanny, though. We've followed each other for about six years or so (she's had the tube pretty much constantly the whole time) and she used to post a ton of photos of the little girl she was a nanny for. I always thought it was really inappropriate because I'm sure the parents wouldn't have been happy to have their kid splashed all over social media.

No. 270742

Isn't it like medically recommended that people shouldn't be tube fed for that long? If so, what doctor is approving that?!

No. 271179

File: 1489729215555.png (764.57 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20170317-053229.png)

hannuh, posing with what is probably the exact same unopened can of strongbow and claiming to be taking a huge amount of lax every day. still more believable than her 'scary drastic weight loss'

>liquid calories

>such anorexia

No. 271180

File: 1489729316562.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20170317-054056.png)

No. 271182

File: 1489729386351.png (618.09 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20170317-053311.png)

No. 271183

You absolutely do not ever publish photos of the children you care for as a nanny. She's got no business minding children.

No. 271185

Why are all these normal weight girls saying anorexia now? shes what all basically all teenage to early 20's girls looked like.
Is 22 the new 16 for bmi?

No. 271446

File: 1489773724161.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-17-14-06-12…)

Always a victim even when it's her own fault.

No. 271516

Has anyone ever brought up the recovery account "countinghappypoints"? She fucking pisses me off, so annoying with all that "fighting ana warrior" shit.

No. 271518

Countinghappypoints seens to lie about the things she eats. She eats by minniemaud guidelines since like a year and it seems like she never gains weight? Always crying and bitching on insta

No. 271663

The samefag is strong in this one

No. 271680

Nice samefag. No milk. Try again.

No. 271699


OMG this is so fucking cringeworthy
Not only are you trying to court drama about yourself, but you're too stupid to realise that the image has "edit account" right there at the top
How thirsty are you, wana girl?

No. 272003

I've never meant to samefag, calm your tits, my ass

No. 272100

File: 1489849198091.jpeg (217.11 KB, 744x1118, image.jpeg)

Aimee makes me cringe, could she be more in love with her ED?
>in rollsroyce without tints
>none of us could muster a smile
>everyone was watching
Wow. Such a hard life, poor baby. How old is this bitch now? Will she ever get a job, or is being anorexic her career.

>never meant to samefag
But u did. And if you're gonna post here, sage your non contributing boring posts and lurk moar. I know these ana threads bring in new ppl, but at least fucking assimilate before u start posting.

No. 272177

I wasn'samefagging because i didn't mean to act like a different person. I suggested that account and you're too lazy to look her IG profile up for detailed Informationen because i can't shove it up your ass

No. 272206

aimee is clearly addicted to her eating disorder. as is her friend evita. it's sad really. in and out of the hospital. not getting along with others (including each other at times.) posting ig videos crying and complaining (evita)

No. 272207

and I think she's on disability but not sure.

No. 272319

>you're too lazy to look her IG profile up for detailed Informationen because i can't shove it up your ass
Sage your noncontriburing garbage posts plz. and I shouldn't have to look up her profile you mess. It's an image board. If you want to bring up a potential cow, post screenshots.

No. 272327

Everyone: Wow, look! A car full of rich people! And they're miserable! I certainly notice AND care!

No. 272328

Crying Emily's friend Laura (@sadfxiry) has been trying to shoehorn herself into this site since Crying Emily was mentioned here for the first time.

No. 272450

File: 1489877372912.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170318-234125.png)

No. 272452

File: 1489877419375.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170318-234818.png)

No. 272456

File: 1489877558794.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170318-234459.png)

What?a?worrior? #anawho? Cuz i can ????

No. 272999

File: 1489936361846.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-19-11-16-25…)

No. 273000

File: 1489936461652.png (873.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-19-11-13-36…)

She clearly needed to challenge herself for above pancakes….

No. 273038

please stop posting this girl. there's no milk, it's just the same repetitive food photos and captions and it makes you seem like a vendetta-chan.

No. 273093

True, I'm not very experienced at posting.

No. 273131

She might not have much milk but I do find her posts entertaining. I love fat anorexics so I hope anon keeps posting her.

No. 273676

>I love fat anorexics
But anon is only posting pics of food? We don't even know what this alleged cow looks like?

No. 273716

File: 1490033240813.jpeg (130.33 KB, 750x1124, image.jpeg)

Been following this girl for a while.
She's posted videos of herself cutting, constantly fakes suicide attempts and alludes to suicide attempts and then the next day will be like "I just took sleeping pills to sleep!" When a bunch of followers are worried. She used to make a ton of videos of herself talking shit about other girls in the ~ana community. Plus the poor thing just has the ugliest mug I've ever seen. She's crying in this photo because there were no apples at the psych ward she checked herself into (probably to be able to take photos in the psych ward, which is all she's been doing) because she couldn't make an apple pipe to smoke her weed out of. Sadly her account is private.

No. 273733

File: 1490034751623.jpg (59.93 KB, 595x429, IMG_2182.JPG)


No. 273802

Have you ever thought about paris melody raven again? Do you think she will ever recover; i follow her on snapchat and i feel like her mental state is getting worse and worse damn

No. 273817

She's boring as shit. Every day it's the same meals, the same 'motivational' speeches, videos of her nibbling some snack, and crying selfies. She's so stagnant.

No. 273828

No. 273843

File: 1490048559046.png (42.09 KB, 640x277, IMG_2577.PNG)

clairethroughthelookingglass is doing so many people's patience in on her social media. She was mentioned recently but has continued to produce post after post of telling her followers how she is pulling out her ng tube, refused any food, is on 2:1 and will be until she is transferred to a brand new bpd&ed private unit despite already being in hospital for nearly 1.5 yrs. she is turning into another emma. Loves being in hospital and has no intention of even trying to work with anyone giving her support because it might make her look "less sick" and she has this obsession with looking super sick. But whenever anyone confronts her about it she deletes comments and blocks people even though her profiles all remain public and she has no quarms about overusing every ed-related (and non ed related) hashtag to invite the world to her attention seeking posts. I know most of this is down to her bpd and some anorexia but her blatent attention seeking is infuriating.

No. 273846

File: 1490048616901.png (183.2 KB, 640x904, IMG_2581.PNG)

Sorry more pics related

No. 273848

File: 1490048801093.png (93.55 KB, 640x744, IMG_2580.PNG)

multiple daily selfies even though supposedly on 2:1 and hates how she looks? Tags them as fashion & ootd. Also uses tag "ana" but also claims to be raising awareness via representing multiple charities supposedly reducing stigma.

No. 273859

And squeezing herself at the waist to try to make herself look as thin as she can…

No. 274068

Tbh I just see pretty unstable BPD and a really mentally ill adult who needs to get her shit together. More sad than milk worthy.

No. 274086

Nah man, this shit's hilarious.

No. 274115


>on /snow/

>expecting milk

Oh lighten up. All the bitches posted in here are snowflakes. Fat anas make me laugh too. Fucking strong.as.kell, she takes the cake.

No. 274116

This shit right here makes me so angry. Bitch you are not anywhere near motivational or recovery-oriented.

No. 274177

I was literally just ragefapping at her identical post on instagram. This bitch is pretty much everything I hate.

No. 274182

Please more photos I live for this kind of bitch

No. 274269

File: 1490114369360.png (709.25 KB, 1051x1542, Screenshot_2017-03-21-11-33-50…)

She posts an outfit shot every day begging people to tell her she looks ill

No. 274294

File: 1490117684474.jpeg (104.33 KB, 750x1065, image.jpeg)


There's this…

No. 274295

File: 1490117811471.jpeg (129.84 KB, 750x1088, image.jpeg)


No. 274298

It's this girl here: >>273000

We used to talk about her a lot in the munchie thread

No. 274323

File: 1490121442460.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-21-14-41-44…)

She's doing all this shit and meanwhile she voluntarily brought herself to the hospital….?

No. 274390


Yeah. If she's using so many behaviors I don't know why she's even in the hospital at her own accord. She could just leave and do them all and not have to worry about "sneaking". So dumb. But I guess doing behaviors in the hospital is sooooo much more ana than at home!

No. 274397

File: 1490128132861.jpg (1.12 MB, 1390x1870, Screenshot_20170321-162555.jpg)

Claire attempted suicide last night even though she is 2:1? Is 2:1 different in the UK?

No. 274398

The BPD side of Instagram is fucking wild.

No. 274473


Nope 2:1 is what it says on the tin. She has said she needs to be within arms reach of 2 members of staff. Unless they were both negligent, I cannot see how she'd have managed to make an attempt on her own life.

That said, I feel quite sorry for her in a way that I don't for someone like Emma.

No. 274644

This girl and everyone else who pretends to have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome make me sick. I actually have it (like a doctor diagnosed me, whoa!), and it sucks, but you can totally be a functioning adult. I hope karma bites her in the ass soon. She's below scum.

No. 274695

The funny thing is that many of these girls could have EDNOS, but it's not as ~dramatica~ as ana or bulimia. When I had EDNOS I was a normal weight, too. It's incredibly disgusting to claim to be ana when you're not–what a waste of resources.

No. 274727

File: 1490148607636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 302.49 KB, 1214x601, Screenshot_2017-03-22-11-08-30…)

It's ironic though that they don't want to call it what it likely is, ednos, not anorexia/bulimia, because ednos actually has the highest mortality rate out of the eating disorders.

It's actually the deadliest one.

No. 274728


Fck. Accidental spoiler sorry.

No. 274962

Yes, it's deadly but doesn't have the same immediate effect as anorexia or bulimia. If they were to tell someone, "I have EDNOS" on IG or Facebook, no one would care or pay attention to them. A sad girl at a normal weight is not as interesting as the other two options, as messed up as that is.

No. 275676

To be honest I think someone like her should be aware of how much it costs to stay in hospital every day and the cost of replacing an NG tube. Tearing out an N.G tube every day and making no progress after so long inpatient is a waste of precious NHS resources, sorry. I could empathise id she was a 14 year old kid on her first inpatient stay, but this is an adult woman.

No. 275678

This will come off as being rude, but even her daily activities on the ward are child orientated. She doesn't read books, do crosswords etc but instead makes crafts and pictures that look like an 8 year old could do them. She wants to be a kid, it means she doesn't need to be responsible or understand consequences. Be it from her online thinspo/pro ana content to her waste of NHS money and time.

No. 275757

File: 1490276900253.png (1.88 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170323-144434.png)

Seems like paris has finally gained; she posted this after her doctors appointment

No. 275965

Why are these girls so concerned with being skinny but at fine posting pictures of snot dribbling out of their twisted faces?

No. 275983

They've crafted an attention-seeking image to post on the Internet, with each little picture, text post, and tag as a piece of the puzzle.

I feel bad for them, but I think that it's unfortunate they're getting treatment for only some of the symptoms–like disordered eating–without addressing the underlying cause, which is malingering (along with a possible personality disorder). And while they are obviously suffering from mental disorders, there comes a point when you need a kick in the ass and the stubborn will to get better.

As someone who battles multiple mental disorders, I know firsthand that it takes HARD WORK to get even a little better. The upkeep can be exhausting, but it's infinitely better than having a shit quality of life. I also know that there is a strong temptation to wallow in the misery and pain because it's easier. I feel torn between frustration and compassion for these girls, who've chosen to worsen their disorders rather than get the help they so desperately need.

No. 276039

Paris does seem to be trying, though it's obvious that she's also performing for her audience.

No. 276057

File: 1490309906878.png (113.48 KB, 640x556, IMG_2595.PNG)


claire needs to take some responsibility for herself - doesnt matter wether she's in the most successful & expensive Ultra specialist IP unit in the world; if she doesnt want to recover she will never recover. This is proven by the thousands of people that get given up on by services after exhausting all their options but never embracing willingness or readiness to change. Wishing you could have one last chance at recovery is a bit bloody late when your body is damaged beyond repair and you are sent to a hospice to live out your final days amongst other terminally ill people who never had the ability to CHOSE if they wanted to recover or not.

the pic related is a quote from claire today. Absolutely infuriating. She is currently in an nhs hospital pissing around deciding to "take a break" from recovery cos essentially she cba anymore, whilst she is surrounded by people who would give anything just to have another shot at life but they dont get that luxury.

No. 276059

File: 1490310077451.png (137.76 KB, 628x920, IMG_2594.PNG)


Oh and then there is this pic.
(To the anon who said they didnt think claire was anything like emma… think again!)

No. 276065

Is this for sure inpatient? Why would they let patients have their phones/internet?

No. 276069

I'm in an inpatient ward at the minute and have internet and phone access. Some nicer treatment centers let you I think to stop you from isolating yourself much since that tends to be a part of the illness.

Still agree she's an attentionseeking snowflake though, sage for blog

No. 276077

no she is currently sectioned (detained) in a general hospital because the psych ward she was on can't deal with ng tubes. Because she is a sectioned psych patient in a general physical health hospital ward, she has to have 2 mental health nurses with her 24/7. If they felt she was at risk using the items in her possession they would have confiscated them from her (happened to me when i was put on suicide watch in a general hospital ward). the whole point of the 2 specialist nurses babysitting her is to essentially bring psych ward rules & safety to the general hospital to ensure she doesnt cause harm to herself or others and they have the authority to restrain her and ensure her immediate environment is free of risk. The staff either dont give a shit or they just let her continue using her phone cos she is happy and not throwing tantrums when she is getting attention and ass pats from her ana supporters!!.

No. 276091

It seems like it until you realise she's been living one identical week for like, years.
Identical meals surrounded with recycled inspirational bits of paper or baby toys, identical 'challenges' at the shops (you know, where she flails some pastry or chocolate around and nibbles it looking like a maniac) same little hints in the same photo captions, same everything.

There are stalactites progressing faster than Paris.

No. 276104

File: 1490314637724.png (211.72 KB, 750x1120, IMG_8790.PNG)

Usually I don't bother posting just to snark on someone's appearance, but in this case? Y i k e s.

No. 276131


No. 276303

It's bizarre that she is claiming this is her best birthday ever. Erm babe you are stuck in a general ward because of your own choice because you keep ripping out your tube, wasting thousands of NHS money and having two stressed out staff members at arms length next to you ready to restrain you. Her poor family having to drive to hospital, take time out of their day having to waste petrol money and pay parking fines all to sit beside the bed of a 20 odd year old woman who acts like a kid so she can get attention. There comes a point when family and friends can no longer be bothered with this shit, unfortunately Claire has managed to drag them down for years.

No. 276341

It looks like her hair is progressively molding with the older black mold on the bottom

No. 276365

I cringe every time she posts with these extensions. Either dye your real hair to match or get new extensions that are the same colour as your actual hair! This half/half bullshit looks so tacky and awful.

Sorry, girls with shitty extensions is a pet peeve of mine

No. 276388

Sage for slightly OT/blog, but I don't really get why inpatient centers let pts have access to Internet, especially when they have to be aware of all of the pro-ana forums and groups (unless they use that as a challenge for girls to stop visiting these places). Like, imo, it's a temptation that contributes to ED and I think at least until they get further on in treatment it should be something that is taken away or limited.

No. 276667

File: 1490398442315.png (614.05 KB, 900x567, bekahdance.png)

Oh look Bekah is dancing

No. 276670

File: 1490398560749.png (433.58 KB, 900x438, bekaywalk.png)

And now she is claiming she can now walk for the first time…a week after dancing

She also posted calling someone a bitch because they said she was attention seeking…LOL

No. 276685

[muffled bone rattling in the distance]

No. 276927

I wonder why nobody is forcing paris into inpatient- i know that she's an adult but srsly she's getting worse;she admitted that she's relapsed but family members aren't even helping a little bit

No. 277005

Probably the same reason why a family with a heroin addict wouldn't be sounding the alarm for a program after their 46373th relapse.

No. 277043

File: 1490452321635.png (837.18 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170325-153021.png)

Every fucking day the same thing - getting tired of her attention seeking behaviour

No. 277109

File: 1490464354713.png (489.99 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_2017-03-25-13-49-32…)

Claire accusing people of giving her "hate" bc they called put her bullshit to garner more sympathy. Also tags even posts about art or whatever at the hospital.

No. 277268

File: 1490477403977.jpeg (174.55 KB, 750x1067, image.jpeg)

I know she's just in a general psych ward but really? shes so attention seeking.

No. 277272

jfc we get it!! mommy and daddy didnt love you!
god she fills me with such intense amounts of rage..

No. 277279

Yeah, this would infuriate me if I were a patient on the unit with her. Someone needs to put this bitch in her place.

No. 277280

>not just letting people like this kill themselves

The resources should go to more deserving people who actually want to get better.

No. 277295

She posted a video of her sadly eating a chocolate bar about an hour ago and it's kind of disturbing to watch things like that. Like why have your family capture that & then post it online… Oh right.. Attention.

No. 277346

>>277295 yeah it's everyday the same routine; same food for probalby years at the same time. Takimg photos of her body and postingthem on snapchat to whine about being a "fat" fuck. Crying the day before weigh in - every single week- complaining, complaining, complaining. I get it, she has an eating disorder and depression (which doesn't pair well); i have an eating disorder too but especially as an adult you have to at least try to get your shit together instead of playing the victim all the time.

No. 277348

She keeps looking around and smiling like she's doing something so cheeky. In every video.

No. 277380


True omg it's so weird. Also does it bug the shit out of anyone else how she has the worst rhythm ever? I seriously cannot handle her videos of eating to an "inspirational song" and dancing with her arms and shit like it actually fills me with rage like wtf is she doing?!

No. 277382

She is honestly one of the most annoying accounts. Like I get it, eating disorders often come with body dysmorphia but when you're severely emaciated and able to feel literally all of your bones, it gets real old whining about how "fat" you are. Sure, you can say you feel fat. But she obviously knows she isn't actually fat. IT IS SO INFURIATING

No. 277401

It's like her lack of nutrition has stunted her & made her some weird socially autistic retard.

No. 277588

This is why internet should be banned from inpatient, on one hand you have all these strangers praising you for just being alive and not achieving any progress then you have medical staff who are trying to do their job and not allow her to deteriorate. She says she wont start eating until she gets transferred to a "specialist unit", way to take the piss. If she can decide when to eat or not then she is just wasting everyones time.

No. 277589

One of the replies to that post

feathersabolAnd if someone tells you to "just eat" tell them sure, you'll start by eating them. ???

I think because of her facial expressions her followers think she is still a young teenager and not someone approaching 30

No. 277709

File: 1490547037271.png (488.94 KB, 1079x1835, Screenshot_2017-03-26-12-33-19…)

Claire sicced her followers on a 17 year old girl lol

No. 277716

Does she think there's a certain age when you suddenly "snap out of it"? I agree with the marriage comment. Wow, imagine being all of TWENTY FIVE and not married and trying to get knocked up. Stupid twat.

No. 277722

I want to add I'm not defending Greavesy. She irritates the shit out of me, but so do kids who come out with stupid shit like that.

No. 277728

Yeah the kid made a stupid and generally awful comment but Claire having people attacking a teenager who is also sick just….yikes lol.

No. 277787

Ana-chans have no concept of age because they're all mentally 13.

No. 277791

Hopefully Claire serves as a wake-up call for this 17 year old.

No. 278162

File: 1490581122396.jpeg (109.28 KB, 750x1092, image.jpeg)

She really does bug me so much. Leeching so much of her mother's / tax payers' money for what? She checked herself in and hasn't taken it seriously the whole time!

No. 278175

I kinda want this bitch to die. Like there's no point in her existence.

No. 278234

File: 1490587563522.png (1.46 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170326-203938.png)


She's been to a lot..this account was made in 2016, and she's Been to more since and it's just purely evil/painful/insulting. And of course she did not stick with using this account, her happy healthy account.

No. 278303

How does one person have the energy to go to treatment 33 times??? Holy shit. I just got out and I don't see how ANYONE (even attention seekers) can have the mental energy to keep going back or just never leave.

The attention whore is strong in this one.

No. 278332


Why was this person banned? They were quoting someone's emojis, not using them themselves. Are using them in any capacity on the board a bannable offense now or was this a mistake?

No. 278338

File: 1490608335064.jpg (131.26 KB, 750x1096, IMG_1152.JPG)

why is she still allowed to take pictures?

No. 278359

it always was a bannable thing

No. 278369

When going IP is basically their career. It becomes the only way they feel secure, basically extreme regression. Unable to function without being treated like a young kid 24/7. There's also a personality disorder dx coming into play more often than not. Claire seems like a "quiet borderline".

No. 278370

Is she from the UK? because I can see why people abuse the NHS like this. In the US, insurance only covers you for so many days and once you start gaining weight, they're quick to kick you out of treatment.

No. 278374

This pisses me off so bad bc by the first or second place they should have the information and skills they need to recover (unless it was a complete shithole). Why anyone would want to spend a life of misery with this disorder is beyond me. Sage for blog but I couldn't wait to get out of the first and last treatment center I went to just because I was sick of feeling sick all the time and ready to start my life.

No. 278429

May I ask why? Just out of curiosity? (Different anon here, and I've never seen that anywhere on the site saying it's prohibited)

No. 278461

File: 1490632607512.jpeg (174.7 KB, 750x1107, image.jpeg)

And here I thought she couldn't get any worse and more disgusting

No. 278504

Okay I get that someone helped her and that's nice, but why share this information online and take pics of it… Jfc

No. 278513


because everything she does is for attention, I'm almost certain that's why she even checked herself in in the first place. Shes on her phone constantly, that can't be normal for anyone besides these people honestly.

No. 278532

It's been fixed, sorry!

No. 279949

File: 1490798398958.png (963.3 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170329-163639.png)

Yes show us your bones you can obviusoly see yourself and seek for attention

No. 279950

File: 1490798452028.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170329-163706.png)

pulling down shorts so everyone can see better how malnourished i look

No. 280150

damn how old is she? Her face is haggard as well as her skeletor body

No. 280650

I think she's in her mid 20's?

No. 280823

omg ive been following disordered_transboy /even when his un was transboy_needing_thin/ and he is such a fucking joke. i was good friends with him before but when we'd talk he'd always say how he wanted to cut himself and at one point even cut himself in the bathroom at a park and his ex found him and he went to the hospital. not to mention his story is usually pretty lulzy, always saying how "pro-ana" he WAS and then posting that he binged on "everything he could get his hands on" /i know someone mentioned his username before but i didnt see a full explaination on him/ he also gets super upset when people lose weight faster than him. /"you dont understand thatr= im going to start self harming more again" yes because thats a very reaosnable thing to post???? "gonna go cry or die, or both, cya" at least he doesnt post stupid shit about how "thin" he is, /though he used to but that was when he had under 300 followers. hes shifted his comments to "im so fat i want to die i binged everyday 3 times a day for 2 or 3 weeks oml i feel so bad i wish i could just die"

No. 280828

same person that posted about transboy// the kiddo isnt even fat. hes actually a normal bmi but is constantly taking pictures at angles that he KNOWS makes him look bigger, so when he posts a "super sad" caption all his little buddies chime in and give their "support" by saying "itll be okay! you'll get to youre goal weight eventually, just keep trying, stay strong, we love you its ok bb" like???? he posted a photo on february 26th of a conversation bwteen his "best friend" where they basically said theydidnt want to be friends with him anymore and had no desires to continue the friedship /probably because hes so attenion seeking and obnoxious/ the amount of food he posts compared to what im 100% sure he also eats explains why hes cant lose any weight.ill give him credit tho he lost 20 pounds in a year and a half.

No. 280893

Idk if this is a self post, or a newfag, but your paragraphs were boring and the profile is private. Post screenshots and milk, or not at all.

No. 280912

its not a selfpost- ill post screenshots later when i get home. /itll even have my pic in the bottom if u dont blv me

No. 280914

that's actually a weird inverse of the usual Ana chan shtick. this person take photos making themselves look bigger to get encouragement to lose weight?

No. 280944

I think she's around 23.

No. 281071

File: 1490913951758.jpeg (182.74 KB, 750x1112, image.jpeg)

>it'll even have my pic at the bottom
So you're new then. That's ok, but don't do that, don't identify yourself, it's technically a bannable offense and u should sage posts when the content isn't contributing/no milk. Otherwise welcome, plz post milk, the ana+munchie threads have been pretty dead lately.
This Aaron kid is quite the snowflake, don't see too many guys doing this shit…tho he prob fits better in the munchie thread, I guess it depends on how he's getting attention that day.

No. 281176

File: 1490920769308.jpg (104.01 KB, 640x640, IMG_9273.JPG)

Here's some examples of what Ive been talking about. //I'd explained some earlier// he also has a very consistent pattern of yelling at people who are worried and a few times he's even DMd people who voiced their concern, saying they were cunts and should go die

No. 281320

File: 1490928275443.png (100.76 KB, 636x514, IMG_0363.PNG)

I've been following this chick for a while and she's getting increasingly annoying. Idk whether to put her in munchies or here but since it's ED based I figured here. She just got kicked out of ERC for non compliance. A lot of smug NG tube pics. Humblebragging about her sooper speshul anorexia symptoms. The usual. Her hair is always perfectly curled no matter if she's been in hospital for weeks or not… totally not relevant, just an annoying little tidbit.

No. 281322

File: 1490928302869.png (162.07 KB, 640x975, IMG_0364.PNG)

No. 281333

File: 1490929315441.png (152.88 KB, 640x1034, IMG_0365.PNG)

No. 281335

File: 1490929454322.png (155.39 KB, 640x1037, IMG_0366.PNG)

No. 281341

File: 1490929800657.png (174.93 KB, 640x1036, IMG_0367.PNG)

No. 281381

File: 1490932502861.png (2.04 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170331-055146.png)

This is natalia taylor - a youtuber who posts story time videos etc.. she published a video about her past ED but says that she is recovered now when she surely isn't

No. 281401

I've been following this chick for a while now. She doesnt post much on her insta but her story is a WRECK. She's pretending to be sick and apparent her life is in the "danger zone" but on facebook she posted a vid of her on vacation.

No. 281402

File: 1490935262888.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7157.PNG)

No. 281403

File: 1490935337719.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7156.PNG)

No. 281405

File: 1490935496592.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7158.PNG)

"Hey guys look at me! I'm in the hospital because I'm 'critical' but I can still post about being on death's doorstep!"
You can watch her stories on insta @girllearningtofly
Her fb is Chronically Montana.
Its actually quite amusing the legnths she'll go to to appear sick

No. 281406

File: 1490935641990.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7159.PNG)

"Let me make a live video to tell you about me knocking over my cup because my chronic illnesses make me clumsy. Oh how ironic theyre also my pills. Let me tell you apl about my pills and why I need them because I am VERY sick"

No. 281407

File: 1490935737015.png (106.24 KB, 750x561, IMG_7160.PNG)

Montana stop talking about yourself

No. 281442

File: 1490940004780.png (843.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0368.PNG)

Presented with "critical potassium" yet they didn't admit or recheck before sending home? I'm sure that really happened.

No. 282180

File: 1491040123579.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7196.PNG)

Allergic reaction for 24 hours? Sounds kind of serious lol shouldnt you be in the hospital?

No. 282182

File: 1491040226009.png (683.52 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7197.PNG)

She likes to do this often makes incomprehensible statuses/posts looking for people to ask her if shes okay. Later she messages you back saying she was "very ill last night and did not know she made the post". Did it on her fb account several times

No. 282183

File: 1491040380091.png (67.21 KB, 750x570, IMG_7198.PNG)

Did she honestly think she would get a job at the hospital? Hospital pros are experts at spotting malingering scumbags. All her records are there did she really think they would hire her? And how convenient that she had a "severe reaction" and "critical potassium" right after she didnt get the job..

No. 282432

It was mentioned ariana was the first like on one of her posts. Did anyone see Arianas "update" on her last gofundme account claimed that she had a dr appt. And got bad news that her kidneys are failing now and she can't get any treatment for her ed. Like bitch please if you had kidney failure your Dr would have RX you medication and any other treatment you'd need including hospital and surgery if needed. It feels like ariana doesn't just treatment hop(40+), but plays big time on mimicking other people's illnesses fake or serious..even though hers are always fake..textbook bpd.

No. 282661


Sage for blog: but I've had allergic reactions for several days before. Once to a medication, i had hives over every inch of my body for almost a week, my life wasn't in danger though. Unless you count me wanting to kill myself bc of the pain. I did get 3 medications including steroids to stop it early tho.

No. 282833

I thought ariana deleted her gofundme?

No. 282848


She's writing this during sex.

No. 282867

What is going on with this site? Why are there usernames and banners and shit?

No. 282868

Nvm. April fools joke. Got it.

No. 282874


I believe she did (after getting $3000 in donations). Unless she has set up a new one, this person is way late to the game.
(And the reason that Ariana appeared to be the first to like one of jonzies posts was because the person who screenshot jonzies post also follows Ariana - IG doesn't tell you who liked a post first but will tell you if someone else you follow liked the post)

No. 284261

Claire was probably the worst person to tip. If whoever did that thought they were "helping" her in any way you are truly an idiot

No. 284289

I didn't think white knights did it to help the cows but to help their ego and make them look like heroes

No. 284480

Wtf? She hasnt been tipped unless you know someonething we dont? Shes continued to post publicly about her latest "ligature" attempt and post pics of the aftermath which is so triggering and attention seeking. She also posted on her fb a few days earlier begging her followers to nominate her for some sort of inspirational blogger award… go figure.

No. 284481

Nicole doesn't care about their feelings.

No. 284531

File: 1491355934632.png (130.96 KB, 639x906, IMG_0432.PNG)

Seriously. this girl isn't well and whomever tipped her should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

No. 284650

I agree, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. She is too weak for this.

No. 284765

I hope Claire knows that whoever told her only told her to hurt her. I hope she blocks that person for her own safety.

No. 284779

Cow tipping is always dumb, but if she's so delicate she can't handle reading things that aren't even particularly critical of her she's too mentally fucked to be allowed online without heavy supervision.
If you're ready to kill yourself over something this small, you're in need of 24/7 1:1 care. I can't imagine being that underdeveloped psychologically at her age, it's legitimately sad.

No. 284845

She has 24 hr care.

No. 284926

Yep, I'm surprised that the facility hasn't confiscated her phone/devices since this "incident" happened. She's really acting out and attempting to manipulate others. If she's trying to show farmers how hurtful this is she obviously doesn't realize how savage everyone is here hahaha.

No. 284981

What did she do? (I know obviously suicide attempt but like how? She's been on 1:1 forever).

No. 285085

All I can say is the lot of you are sick bastards and need to find new topics to discuss, Claire is very aware of your nasty comments and so does ceop.

No. 285103

same photo on her IG feed today.It's the string of 'recovery' hash tags that she uses -kind of irrelevant if your IG is private. Re Court case -I think it was something to do with her benefits/state welfare -if your claim gets refuse you can appeal it in court - it was just after she mentioned court that she made a youtube video about how disabled she was even though she wasn't in a wheelchair etc. She lives with her mum so who knows why she has not done something to get Paris help (and her mum follows her IG so she must have seen the pictures).

No. 285198

Whoever told her that she was being discussed here is probably the person who posted her here. We've seen this kind of behavior before. Someone will post their vulnerable friend or even a complete stranger here, wait until the mean comments roll in, and then rush to their side to protect and comfort them. It's all a game to these people. I can flat out tell you right now that if Claire was contacted by a Nicole, Simone or Shelby, they have a history of doing this. They're honestly sick.

Claire needs to take steps to protect herself from this kind of manipulation. Nobody online is to be trusted, even if they seem to share the same symptoms as you. Jealousy is a powerful beast.

No. 285201

And just for the record, as I am the poster above, I have been posted to this site as I have a recovery account, and I was contacted by a "just_breathe_nicole". She is sick.

No. 285203

if shes so fucking fragile than why document your life for people to scrutinize? I dont feel sympathy for people like that. Mental illness is real, but when you put yourself out there, there is always going to be a negative. she set herself up for this so whatever

No. 285214

tbh I feel like Claire found out about this site on her own. I mean someone may have tipped her, but I just feel like she found it. What else is she going to do all day? I feel quite bad for her really. She says that she hasn't eaten anything orally since last year?? What kind of awful hospital would let someone do that and not push her to eat every day??? What is she even doing?

No. 285218

This sounds like damage control.
We already know what happened.

No. 285282


Sorry if this sounds dumb but English isn't my native tonge but, are you saying Nicole (just_breath_nicole) contacts people who're posed here to upset them or is messing with other sick people to upset them?

I have seen Nicole before, she doesn't have an ED, she herself have said that doctors couldn't find anything physically wrong with her and said that it was more of a mental issue (Not an ED, though).

No. 285294

How has she been in care this long and not been taught any other way to say 'I'm upset about this'?
Suicide threats are manipulative. Why isn't she learning better emotional regulation?

No. 285296

solostinmymind caused my phone to crash and go into a bootloop while watching one of her instavideos, rendering it completely useless.

stay away from this cursed litch.

No. 285324

Stumbled across a pro ana hatespiration blog. Will post link soon. Pretty gnarly

No. 285352

She appArently got the nannying job. Ugh that person that hired her must be absolutely crazy or desperate. Bekah is despicable and posts the kids she nannies alllll over social media along with showing off her tube.

No. 285359

I'm saying Just_Breathe_Nicole approaches people who have been posted to Lolcow because she's presenting herself as some sort of anti-bullying warrior. In reality, she's just doing it for attention and to create a certain image for herself.

No. 285363


Ah, thank you for clarifying. I can see that, she now does beauty pageants, and most of the attention she has gotten from it is solely because of her feeding tube. She even gave one to her stuffed rabbit.

No. 285388

No, I saw a comment on her post from two days ago that said "Lolcow.farm loves you". She probably deleted it after she found the thread.

No. 285390

She's in a hospital. I don't think they can take her phone away unless she's in a specialized facility, which she will be next month.

No. 285397

It's still there.

No. 285655

File: 1491498269934.png (506.66 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

No. 285657

File: 1491498330878.png (163.06 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

No. 285690

Am I correct remembering that she's from the UK? if so it's not as easy as just taking her phone out of her hands, but they can take it away. If it works anything like the systems I've worked in, a concern has to be raised about her using it, then a meeting needs to be had by her multi-disciplinary team about her mental capacity, and risk assessments made before they can justify taking her phone. I could be completely wrong about those details, but I do know that in the UK it's not simple or easy to take away a phone/ipad/laptop from someone in hospital or residential care if they're over 18.

No. 285704

What was the username?

No. 285719


I feel sorry for Claire, I think she's a sad, sick young woman, so I have no axe to grind but I doubt CEOP will be that interested given that she's not being groomed or sexually exploited.

I do think vulnerable young women like Claire should lock down social media I hope her friends encourage her to do. By friends, I mean actual friends and not spiteful fuckers who posted her on here and then went running to her, trying to pretend they give a shit.

No. 285721

How old is Claire by the way? I thought she was in an adult ward that but maybe it's because she's not in education.

No. 285810

File: 1491517086850.jpeg (347.47 KB, 1440x1570, Capture _2017-04-06-17-21-00-0…)

This comment was left on one of Paris' many redundant posta for today. Seems more and more people are cow-tipping the anas these days. But Paris has been flaunting her skelly body on ig and youtube for a few years so I cant imagine shes not come across sites like this that mention her. I just wish she'd choose to get better finally.

No. 285823

Shootthedamndog, why do you want to hurt Paris?

No. 285930

She's 25.

No. 286350

Are there any of her posts that aren't redundant? Same thing over and over..like Claire it's sad that she is so ill and won't accept help. Paris doesn't even see her GP anymore so she really has fallen off the radar- her weekly weigh ins are just her going to the scales in Boots.

No. 286465

I can't figure out if Paris is genuinely ill or if she is making it up to gain followers.

No. 286470

Yeah same, and I can't tell if that Ashley Isaacs chick is really skinny or just shooping herself to get attention.

No. 286695

File: 1491611550840.png (201.7 KB, 640x882, IMG_3186.PNG)

So anorexic

No. 286697

Stacy is looking rough these days

No. 286756

there`s just something about her head/face that does not look like it belongs on her body, or any body for that matter

No. 286759

Her smile makes her look like a person not wearing their dentures.

No. 286785

NO WAY, I was at ERC with her last summer!!!!

No. 286816

Well, she's clearly no longer in need of any medical treatment for her most serious anorexia. Those tatas don't lie, she's been eating well and looks healthy. So now what's she gonna do? She doesn't need to be in a treatment centre now so whats the new hobby gonna be?

No. 286819

Yeesh, that's a rough thiing to point out. Her boobs I mean. She seems like one who was legitimately kiddie-diddled. Why else would she go inpatient 33 times unless it was to get away from home? Esp if she's American, where it costs a crazy ammount to be inpatient for even a single day.
She looks much cuter when she's not smiling; She probably sees that and does it on purpose.
Rich family that pushes her away. Dark vibes from that one.
I'm probably wrong though.

No. 286881

>>those tatas don't lie

Kek. Good point though, and her arms and legs have filled out. Is she still managing to get hospital care for her super serious anorexic at this healthy weight?

No. 286894

She has such a punchable face. Like I don't know what it is with her and I feel terrible but something about her face sets me off.

No. 286898

Why is it harsh? She's a grown woman, having breasts is normal. Where did you reach to find a criticism in that?

She isn't "obviously molested and using treatment to escape her rapey family". That's pants-on-head retarded.

No. 286900

She'll stay for psychological stuff and to make sure she doesn't instantly lose weight again. Another couple weeks, tops, then she should be back home.

No. 286939

Her gofuckme must be raking in the cash these days /s

No. 286952

Does anyone know what her court case was about?

She is so full of writing 'positive keep fighting stay strong' posts yet she seems to be getting sicker and sicker- both mentally and physically. For someone who claims to have such hatred of their own body and is ashamed by her fat and size, she posts a lot of photos showing how skinny she is?

No. 287919


Definitely not super shooping herself. She has some videos of herself on her blog


No. 287928

File: 1491776698989.jpg (18.62 KB, 448x328, IMG_0750.JPG)


No. 288067

File: 1491785135395.png (783.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170410-014246.png)

Okay, whatever, she's still going to look at this cause it's part of the illness, triggering oneself etc. But… Just going to point out the classic pose… Heels raised off the ground, slightly pigeon toed. She needs to find a way out of the need to appear sick.

No. 288075

Wow, some people think Ashley shoops? no friggin way.

No. 288118

Fascinating, sage next time you idiot.

No. 288643

File: 1491854418716.png (569.35 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Yet again…

No. 288644

File: 1491854473703.png (139.65 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

No. 288671

has hardly_whole been talked about on here? That one is a WILD ride. "ED Warrior" fatty, munchie, "deaf" but not really, has a wild story about being fucked up because of a forced miscarriage related to ritual abuse via her father, used to claim to be possessed by a demon she called "Kiri", I can't even remember all the things she's claimed. She has a lot of accounts, deaf_dissociation is another.

No. 288678

oh - and she totes around one of those creepy "reborn" to help her "cope." Don't forget the weekly trips to A&E for self harm or overdoses, too.

No. 288717


"I want to lock myself far away"…. So I'll just post pictures of myself half naked for my 123k followers to see?

No. 288899

yea she's totally not deaf, i've seen her talking to someone on her instagram story IRL. she's weird af

No. 288914

She has several of those creepy baby dolls, an entire account dedicated to how much Lush product she buys, clearly eats quite a bit, and seems to be NEET on benefits. I don't understand where she gets the money to be such a special snowflake. She has "Marco" (her miscarried son) tattooed on her neck, as well as the NEDA symbol despite landwhale status.

No. 289047

I know nothing about this chick since she's private but being deaf or HoH doesn't alway affect how your voice sounds. And many people can have normal (non sign) conversations with people by reading lips. Just a heads up.

No. 289089

This is an image board, post fucking images.

No. 289235

Fuck, i'm so full of paris' shit.i have the feeling she'll try killing herself again in the near future

No. 289322

File: 1491942234714.png (234.25 KB, 750x991, IMG_8244.PNG)

She deletes a lot of her most milky posts, but I'll fill some in.

No. 289323

File: 1491942284667.png (138.08 KB, 750x1104, IMG_8239.PNG)

No. 289326

File: 1491942360206.png (196.54 KB, 750x1056, IMG_8238.PNG)

BPD is the main problem here, obviously.

No. 289328

File: 1491942493669.png (211.46 KB, 750x1124, IMG_8246.PNG)

>>289047 Ok, but she's a doctor shopping snowflake munchie. So thrilled to finally find someone willing to diagnose her with the most vague hearing problem possible.

No. 289330

File: 1491942569065.png (206.39 KB, 750x1117, IMG_8243.PNG)

Cringing intensifies

No. 289331

File: 1491942710299.png (Spoiler Image, 132.18 KB, 750x1055, IMG_8241.PNG)

And of course this one loves showing off self harm. Her "vent" account is full of pictures of fresh gaping wounds. Also, how do you take an old picture of a new tattoo?

No. 289342

Maybe she means a new photo of an old tattoo?

No. 289343

>have multiple diagnoses that i wont list
>lists everything

No. 289349

Nice photoshop, Paris. Holy moly.

No. 289355

Can you point them out? I can't see anything

No. 289364

>>289342 It looks like a new tattoo to me, albeit an awful one. The ink hasn't fully settled into the skin, yet.

No. 289366

you can clearly see that the area beneath one rib is WAY more sunken in than the other?

No. 289370

To be fair Binge eating disorder is a recognised eating disorder. Kek.

No. 289371

Mine do that too tho?
I don't think it's shopped I think she's got a weird ribcage

No. 289374

She's a fat bulimic, lol. Too much binge, not enough purge apparently. Being too doped up to eat like >>289330 is a godsend for her.

No. 289379

Whatever you say, anachan. There is obviously some serious darkening going on, there. Burn tool or the like.

No. 289405

You can see on the bottom of her shirt where she missed with whatever tool she was using. The other side of her ab-area looks weirdly darkened in one spot, too.

No. 289541

File: 1491955081020.png (507.47 KB, 1267x1471, IMG_4246.PNG)

Ones anyone folllow Sassisadness? She's an interestingly similar Ana to pre-recovery Aly, She types a lot like her too. She also posts her binges and photos of her purging on the floor but claims it's all in documenting recovery/relapses etc. She's a weird Ana honestly.

No. 289569

I don't follow her but she looks really young in this photo. How old is she? I feel sad just looking at this.

No. 289581

Her IG is private.

No. 289590

Request it?

No. 289630

File: 1491964803532.jpg (666.37 KB, 1526x1524, oatmealobsession.jpg)

This girl relentlessly puts cakes on top of oatmeal, and makes videos of submerging/mashing the cakes. There are parallels with Aly’s old food presentations which is why I’m interested. I'm guessing this girl is in a recovery of sorts; I'm not trying to pick over her life, but want to marvel at her cake-mushing. Video example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSahp0kj81r/

No. 289631

File: 1491964933610.jpg (696.88 KB, 1522x1510, oatmealobsession2.jpg)

No. 289635

Oh man, this makes me uncomfortable. It's almost fetishistic.

No. 289652

I know some anorexics that do nasty things to food so they won't eat it/play with it/mash it.

No. 289688

The videos squick me out. The sounds of it, and the way she turns it into mush or picks at the sloppy bits.

She covers the sides of her face with hair but her face looks pretty swollen at the sides.

No. 289695


Looks pretty tasty to me.

No. 289697

Yeah, the extreme closeups of cupcakes being smashed accompanied by (loud) squishy sounds is…creepy.
Extra creepy is the hashtags: #foodporn #foodgasm

No. 289722

I am deeply disturbed. shiver

The one where she decapitates chocolate bunnies with a spoon and then squishes them just about ruined my Easter.

No. 289925

File: 1492019937552.jpeg (67.13 KB, 625x416, memewat.jpeg)


uuuh…am I the only one? why those videos?

No. 289931

For a moment I thought these were Vegan Ginger recipes. Ugh.

No. 290056

File: 1492032263898.png (710.63 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Paris is the only person I know of who makes a song and dance out of eating a McDonald's donut ?(?)

No. 290140

duh. she looks like she is some mentally retarded child with very, very special needs.

No. 290427

No. 290656


Yikes. Does she eat anything other than chocolate and cakes?

No. 290659

I thought this was Sasiisadness, but I requested her and was very disappointed when there were no oatmeal cakes on her page. I did get to see her bloody vomit all over the floor and toilet, though, that was a real treat.

No. 291439

File: 1492157540358.png (685.21 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Yes -same thing day after day- lunch is a sandwich made with 'a sliced cherry tomato ( how do you slice one without it falling apart?) and cucumber /lettuce weighed to the nearest gramme ?

No. 291831

File: 1492220514614.jpeg (498.54 KB, 1440x1910, Capture _2017-04-14-21-31-11-0…)

So Paris had ONE gummy bunny… Then an hour later makes a post regretting said bunny. Like okay yes you are an anorexic, but you can't use the hashtags involving recovery when this is NOT recovery.

No. 291832

File: 1492220569290.jpeg (591.23 KB, 1440x1906, Capture _2017-04-14-21-31-27-0…)

Samefag but seriously… It was ONE fucking gummy. This girl has been doing this for way too long to feel bad for.

No. 291992

File: 1492252190803.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_2017-04-15-06-28-49…)

I would like to introduce the newest "alyrealrecover", glitterygnomie. This 4 year old masquerading as an adult has been in various inpatient programs for more than 2 years. She strikes me as an aly/jte hybrid. I never saw her as a 'true' cow until fairly recently but her feed is becoming increasingly lulzy.

No. 291994

File: 1492252519602.png (439.79 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_2017-04-15-06-38-30…)

Samefag but the amount of emojis make me want to puke all over her "cutesy" knitting

No. 292101

File: 1492272169813.jpeg (201.25 KB, 750x1202, image.jpeg)

Anyone following the drama between these 2? Aimee and Evita? Aimee def belongs in the pro ana scumbag thread, tho evita seems to have mostly recovered from her Ed, they both still love drama.

No. 292113

File: 1492274237072.png (456.7 KB, 700x342, 2345675897654.png)

No. 292119

File: 1492274906217.png (2.62 MB, 1440x2560, 234567897654.png)

ewwwww wtf is wrong with those people

No. 292137


The thirst for attention is what's wrong with these people. Rather than display achievements, it's much more profitable to an ego to display every fault and failure imaginable to acquire more pity points for the piggy bank.

No. 292685

File: 1492370224419.jpg (82.15 KB, 960x960, 535005_525508874190754_8865826…)

>squirty cream

No. 292690

Woops, that was for >>291832

No. 292712

I just want paris to go inpatient and fucking recover. This behaviour is going on for years now; if she was my daughter i would force feed her damn

No. 292728

Paris will never recover. She loves the attention she gets from being sick.

No. 292730

Why do all these ana-chans have horrid eyebrows?

No. 293047

My thoughts exactly - she will probably still be doing the same thing 10 years from now.
I don't understand how her mother can live with her and let her just get sicker and sicker- she must realise how ill Paris is but she's doing nothing about it- if Paris was under 18 she could be done for child neglect.

No. 293049

Paris just plonks a load of # tags on photos without thinking- there is nothing recovery about any of her posts so why she uses recovery#…. She doesn't seem to realise that # are pointless if your account is private.

No. 293438

File: 1492469310365.png (153.79 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

… 1g of marmite and 3g of sugar free jam…. Why bother having any at all???

No. 293442

Paris isn't under 18 tho, that's why her mother is pretty powerless about it all. Paris likes living like a toddler and ignores anyone who doesn't coddle and enable her.

No. 293446

ew marmite and jam with cheese

No. 293644

I think it's the same case as Ashley Isaacs. Paris and Ashley are both adults, and they've both been doing this for over a decade. Their mothers are sadly powerless.

No. 293979

Might wanna crop your icon out of your screenshots… just saying

No. 293984

File: 1492535168573.png (200.89 KB, 750x1092, IMG_7439.PNG)

Palliative care, seriously?! She looks a bmi 16 at least. This brat is so annoying

No. 294436


Palliative care for what condition? Yeah she's skinny and self harms - mentally ill, for sure. On death's door though?!

No. 294523

Not that it's common, but sometimes you can get pallative care for anorexia if you're dying from the disease anyway. In fact, there was a recent court case in NJ about an anorexic young woman who was given the right to die without any force feedings, tubes, etc.

No. 294527

No. 294533


Has Ashley kicked the bucket yet? Im so behind

No. 294555

No, she's alive. She's updated tumblr and IG recently.

No. 294562

Not to defend these people, but concerning some of the aspects of their disorder, we can't really say we know every single part of what their body is going through. Sorry, it just annoys me when people make assumptions that they know every part of another's health profile.

No. 294664

When you Google this story pics of Ashley Isaacs shows up kek

No. 294665

For the reasons why she is sectioned and in a general hospital. Palliative care for E.Ds is not unknown within the NHS and most patients will be aware that unless they recover or gain stability it is a likely option. The NHS can not sustain someone like Clare in general hospitals for months, pulling out her tube and refusing treatment. Even in palliative care she STILL has the opportunity to turn things around and have an opportunity of LIVING

No. 294666

I wonder who the hell is taking these daily photographs of her? Also being able to fit into a dress from the same kids range that your baby relative wears is saddening.

No. 294667


I agree and take your point but given that people like Claire usually overshare information anyway, I'm curious about what medical issues she has. Just nosy really! Plus, she's very young. It would be a tragedy if she did die.

No. 294669

Stomach ulcers, double incontinence, bone disease and fractures, cardiac arrest, muscle spasms, fits and seizures.. all of these could be a reality for someone with anorexia.

No. 294670

Not to mention damage to the renal system. It's not unheard of for people with anorexia to end up with jaundice.

No. 294709

I may be a pussy but I actually almost feel sorry for Claire.

No. 294716

File: 1492634199373.jpg (1.26 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170419_143504.jpg)

She did it!

No. 294717

>Plus, she's very young.

She may look like 14 or 15 (or even younger) but she´s in her mid 20ies!

No. 294757


Oh I genuinely though she was a teenager. Either way, I may be a sucker but do feel sorry for her too. She's clearly really mentally ill.

No. 294790

Paris claims to hate her body and be ashamed of it yet she sits in Nero wearing a strap top showing all her arms/scars/bones and making a scene of eating an eclair. Does she ever do anything not for attention?

No. 294792

File: 1492641612110.png (559.91 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Yet again.

No. 294798

No. Everything Paris does is for attention. If you've ever scrolled down through her repetitive pics she has a before ana and after pic that is just sad to see how beautiful she was and what she became. And just like Aly i she is obsessed with the attention she gets from her 100k fans. She will never recover because she would rather be a whiny pos like Ashley than have a REAL life. She had NO friends. Her uh now brother seems to be the only one to ever pose with her and she's unwilling to change. Paris is addicted to the huge amount of asspats she gets daily but still acts like she's alone and has never been offered help. She has but she has refused. So fuck her

No. 294828


While Claire only ever talks about her anorexia, I think its pretty clear there are some other bigger underlying mental illnesses there. She has been in the hospital for a very long time, with a high level of supervision, but it doesn't seem like there is a lot of work being done to get her eating orally again. I would suspect that is because they are trying to work on other issues. She has admitted that she acts and feels more like a 12 year old that the mid-20 adult she is. I do kind of feel bad for her because she truly does seem like she is stuck in a child's mind and is constantly setting herself up for failure.
She has said that she is waiting for the new unit before she works on recovery but has also said that since the new unit will accept her with a tube there is no pressure to eat. She started complaining about the new place not giving her any information a few weeks ago so I suspect she is looking for a reason why the new place won't cure her - she has been able to say she will put off eating until she gets to the new place and I think the thought of actually having to do that terrifies her.

I am not from her country so I am not familiar with their terminology. However, I suspect that when they say palliative care, they aren't talking about hospice - they don't think she is dying. Its more that they are going to move her from an acute care type setting to a long-term holding pattern type setting - kind of like a nursing home where they would continue to tube feed her and make sure she didn't kill herself but they wouldn't necessarily actively be working to get her to improve her situation. That being said, if something changes, it is possible to get off of palliative care.

Ultimately, I feel bad for Claire. She truly is mentally ill and seems to have the capabilities of a younger child. I hope the new facility limits her access to the internet, because like a naive tween, its not helping her.

No. 294950

Idk it all seems pretty attention seeking and bullshit to me. She claims she never binged so why has she always basically been the same weight? Like if she is as anorexic as she like to act like she is then she would have been noticeably underweight at some point and she isn't even close. She looks healthy and always did. Not saying that makes an ED invalid but it means she is lying and attention seeking … it would be different if she was being honest you know? Feels a lot more like a munchie than someone truly with an ED idk

No. 295042

She's being tube fed, you imbecile. Plus, she may not be ashley level spoop but she's clearly not healthy.

No. 295047


she looks like a haggard 30-something

No. 295080

While I don't think she's healthy, she definitely plays her ED up somewhat.

No. 295091

Some interesting stuff in this post and I appreciate the speculation, but I work in a residential home that's private but has some links with the NHS. Palliative care does only refer to end of life care as far as I'm aware. I would also think she was going into a residential setting considering her circumstances; it seems beyond comprehension that in England we'd give a 25 year old who is maintaining good physical health, albeit with a lot of medical intervention and support, the right to die.

No. 295190

File: 1492697062214.png (101.99 KB, 750x649, IMG_7447.PNG)

Claire's blog post.

No. 295191

She may be unwell with her ED, but she definitely does not have severe anorexia. And even if she did, units do accept people with a bmi >10 with personality disorders.

No. 295351

File: 1492719840060.png (149.84 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Paris likes to put up photos of her with 'inspirational' captions/comments- solely for the reason of getting people to tell her how wonderful and strong she is etc.- only thing is that in most cases the crap she comes up with bears a lot of similarity to things other people have written and they aren't her own words. Does she not realise people can just search for the comments and see they aren't her own words/ phrases?

No. 295352

File: 1492719918124.jpeg (46.88 KB, 334x450, image.jpeg)

Quote by Emm Roy about mental illness- rather similar to what Paris wrote.

No. 295544


I believe she has been an inpatient/hospital setting for at least 2 years. She isn't going to look like a typical severe ana because no health setting is going to allow her to get to a crazy low bmi, especially since she has been tube fed for quite a while. I think her mental health issues must be on the extreme end (hence the constant suicide/self harm attempts despite having 2:1 supervision) and that is the real reason why most places won't accept her (what place would want to risk taking liability for her care).
She is definitely sick - she primarily portrays the ED aspect but I don't think its the main player in the game.

No. 295718

no shit sherlock. The point is that she never WAS severely ana like she likes to claim to be. I've followed her way before the tube and long term hospital situation, and she has never been any smaller than she is now. And newsflash, she aint that small, especially the way she likes to milk it. I wouldn't judge for a second if anyone else had an ED and were her size, the difference is that she milks the shit out of it and goes on about how she's such a severe case of ana and makes the most ridiculous poses to try and look thin and yet she still doesn't lol

No. 295729

Same lmao, I've been mutuals with her for 5 years now and not once did she look severely underweight

No. 295779

File: 1492772031714.png (31.18 KB, 299x338, screenshot 2017-04-21 12.49.18…)

Claire is pissed that people doubt her "severe anorexia". Does she see anorexia as some sort of competition and is she desperate to be sicker than anyone else?

No. 295783

"…because quite frankly taking photos were not something that entered my mind…"
Riiiiiiiiight. So she just magically developed the compulsion to post every OTT thing on Insta after that? Hmm. Usually people on ED Insta accounts are selfie-obsessed much earlier in their ED. It's like an addiction.

No. 295791

File: 1492773921721.png (258.46 KB, 533x452, 5645678.png)

im so going to hell for this but i laughed so hard about that
>serious head injuries

well that explains some things.

sage for responding to 2 month old post

No. 295850

File: 1492784429235.jpg (518.28 KB, 1863x1863, 1492783951163.jpg)

In Jan 2017, she was in month 17 of the hospital? By looking thru IG this is not true. And no way this girl looked like she was 70 lbs. There is so much exaggeration going on here.

No. 295874

File: 1492787272685.png (856.7 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Why does the side of her nose ring vary from photo to photo? Or is she mixing old and new photos on her feed?
What has she done to her eyebrows?!

No. 295888

Because instagram flips pictures? So she could be using some from her phone camera and some from the instagram app's camera, I don't doubt that it's a real piercing. Unless it doesn't match up with her tattoos, then I can't explain it other than -fake nose ring, ha. I don't see what issue that poses in terms of cowism. The eyebrows though, ouch.

No. 296076

File: 1492809742813.png (397.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-21-22-20-14…)

So apparently it was her "last day in this life" but she still bothered to include all her tags. She needs to focusing on finding her identity and stop milking her illness or social media

No. 296091


There are a lot of attention seeking arseholes on IG but you know, I don't think Claire is one of them. She's clearly really mentally unwell. She's not using IP as a hotel like certain other people. I think she's incredibly vulnerable.

No. 296135

Agreed. She is clearly unwell. Her IG reads more like that of socially/emotionally stunted adult rather than an attention-seeking ana, like jonzie (sidenote - I kind of miss that milk). She may not be the world's most severe ana case, but there are clearly other factors in play. She wouldn't survive outside of the inpatient setting right now. She doesn't seem to be trying to manipulate things to laze about and get others to cater to her every need. I do wish she would at least turn her IG to private as she really is too vulnerable for social media right now.

No. 296278

Yeah okay keep white knighting you dumb doormats

No. 296326

There's nothing particularly nasty or critical written about her in the screenshot she posted. Why so melodramatic over basically nothing?

No. 296527

So is that a suicide threat or is she just going to delete her account? Because stopping to leech attention from the Internet would be beneficially mental health wise.

No. 296531

oh fuck she lives in the same town as me

No. 296625

File: 1492873546163.jpg (170.46 KB, 536x857, IMG_20170422_100453.jpg)

Still here

No. 297279

File: 1492963226178.png (371.74 KB, 839x460, screenshot 2017-04-23 17.57.54…)

Yes Claire, we all know you´re so fucking proud of your tube and you don´t EVER want to give it up.

No. 297321

I can't find the spoonie thread… Is it still around? Is there a link?

No. 297376

use the search function you lazy piece of shit

No. 298356

File: 1493082197225.png (103.3 KB, 635x863, IMG_0573.PNG)

Some serious filters and potential shopping on the right side? Her ribs look extra funny and her picc line seems to disappear?

No. 298379

IDK I am not an expert at shoop detection, but at least as far as her PICC is concerned, it just looks capped off (as it should be when not in use).

No. 298443

Hahaa I was just about to post this….But not for that….I was Going to point out that terrrrible pose…. Notice how she absolutely HAS to show off all her devices and stuff, AND poses so you can see her hipbone and collarbones.
Bekah we alll know you're in love with your Illness stop pretending you want to get better. We all know better.

No. 298452

File: 1493092216309.png (120.33 KB, 570x1086, IMG_4256.PNG)

Doesn't look even remotely anorexic here. Also does anyone see her live posts on insta? It's all her food, and irs gross, she eats a lot, and it's all junk food, cookies, popcorn, candy, ice cream, pizza, pasta, like really? Def doesn't seem anorexic and In need of treatment to me.

No. 298474

I mean, she is wearing baggy clothes too.

No. 298562

But make sure your shirt is pulled to one side, and flex that shoulder so your collarbone juts out!

No. 298565


Why does she literally have the face of an 80 year old woman with no teeth? How does that even happen?

No. 299122

File: 1493196973288.png (298.4 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

How many people have their mother following their IG account?! I wonder what her mum thinks when Paris posts her half naked pictures or her moany comments.

No. 299744

What an unfortunate body shape kek
She's so wide even while trying her best to look emaciated

No. 299820

I'm sure her mum and her brother are both fucking devastated.

No. 300065

well let's a stretch, she's certainly not emaciated but definitely doesn't look "so wide"lol

No. 300866

Do you hate it too when people have names for their EDs, like ana or mia? I hate it do fucking much

No. 300955

Anyone know what's happened to Paris? After years of posting the same stuff day after day on IG she's stopped.

No. 301486

File: 1493553684135.png (996 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170430-135238.png)

Not sure if she's ever been mentioned before but this girl says she's recovering since january and hasn't gained a single kg! Compared to previous pictures she looks like she's even lost - and that comment under her picture fucks me up the most

No. 301487

File: 1493553754255.jpg (664.34 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170430_135809.jpg)

Samefag here, posted the wrong picture, here is the one woth the comment

No. 301502

I feel sorry for actual girls named Ana or Mia

No. 301625


I think (and hope) she is gaining weight albeit very VERY slowly, its probably just mostly around her torso and isnt distributed normally, as is the case with a lot of severely underweight anorexics when they are restoring weight

No. 301704

I can't believe they're allowing her to gain weight that slowly. If she's completing her meal plan, then she should be gaining faster. When I didn't, they were quick to tube me. I guess she's lucky to be at a place that isn't quite so tube-happy?

No. 301730

>recovering isn't just about weight gain, you're doing amazing!
It isn't only about weight gain, but if extremely low weight is a serious negative side effect of the illness you're recovering from, then yeah, it is a major part of recovery, and not gaining weight is indicative of not changing your habits nearly enough to reflect a positive change in mindset and coping mechanisms.

No. 301774

most of those recovery accounts are an excuse for little anas to post selfies all the time and have the excuse of discrimination because theyre 'getting better' recovery is slow, recovery is more than weight gain blah blah. we all know you want daily body checks and attention

No. 301933

This. Censorship didn't solve the problem, the same people post the same kind of pics but now just say "uh I am not pro or anything" OR "I am pro-recovery just not in it" or they take the "totz rekuvrein guise" approach but never gain.

No. 302330

idk regarding fat so called anorexics, i had one in school. a skinny fat girl like completely floppy arms and belly but her legs were kinda skinny and overall she was from normal weight. She would always whine about how anorexic she is and how she cant shove down more during school than one bread bun without anything on it. Im pretty sure she stuffed her face with sweets and chips after school. She probably just felt bad about her body and "identifying" as anorexic made her feel better about herself somehow.

i completely hated that bitch out of my guts.

it think with that one it's the same.

No. 302718

File: 1493729638343.png (529.17 KB, 474x842, 2017-05-02 07.50.36.png)

This psycho reminds me of blueeyedbarbie

No. 304363


Suck in that neck, lovey.

No. 306675

File: 1494184423968.png (2.14 MB, 1080x1920, 20170507_211230.png)

This chick says she doesn't have an eating disorder but i'm not sure abt that. She has a youtube channel and posts Workout routines and basically lives off fruit

No. 306681


All these underweight health vegan hoes got eating disorders tbh. Doesn't have to be anorexia perse, but I'd bet a handful are orthorexic and obsessed with what they eat

No. 306689

File: 1494186063387.png (87.17 KB, 380x310, lines.png)

whats going on with her legs?

No. 306690

I would say shooped, but i think she actually is that slim and nobody wants that weird lumpy knee thing you get when your thighs are wasting away so its more likely that shes just upped to contrast and fiddled around a bit with just her legs to make them look more tanned which has created that weird outline

No. 306693

Sometimes, when your eating disorder is severe enough, your legs kind of pixellate.

No. 306695

what the fucking eyebrows

No. 306696

I've read that people with eating disorders claim to be vegetarian or vegan because it makes people less suspicious when they reject most foods.
"Oh you've noticed I only eat fruits and veggies in limited quantities? It's because I'm vegan of course!"
Meanwhile they never seem to give a shit about exercise–or any serious attempts at it anyway, hitting their macros, or ingesting healthy fats. It's just a convenient excuse so people can't outright accuse them of starving.

A mix of bad shoop and the flabby-skin-hanging-onto-bones look that a lot of anachans desire for some reason.

No. 307278

File: 1494255336820.png (457.4 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Followed by the hash tags #strongnotskinny #edwarrior #realrecovery #anarecovery etc… Yeh right!

No. 307351

Shoop da woop.

No. 307360

how do these people think anatomy even works? this doesn't even look like the human skeletal system, it looks like grill marks

No. 307369

Um, plenty of people with ED's overexercise.

No. 308552

I think anon meant that it's sus when anachans who DON'T care about a healthy lifestyle claim to be vegan /vegetarian for health reasons.

No. 308636

Yeah I have a friend who is just out of 3 years inpatient for anorexia and she's veggie "for ethical and health reasons"

No. 308670


No. 308673


No. 310571

Holy fuck, i haven't seen paris since a while and this pic shocked me. Now i hope this shit is photoshopped - i mean a humans ribcage doesn't consist out of so many small ribs right?

No. 311679

for once i almost wish there was shooping, but other than twiddling contrast and brightness, i think this is pretty much true to life

No. 311804

File: 1494654978493.jpg (201.76 KB, 1431x870, Screenshot_20170513-155433.jpg)

Anyone else follow @edmayeh?

No. 311974

Post milk or GTFO.

No. 312004

File: 1494690834334.jpg (1013.87 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170513_175102.jpg)

Look who's inpatient because they didn't eat all their huge meals they always "pushed through" :) Now she send me a dm because i 'spread lies' even though i only commented that she owes her followers an explanation. I always knew countinghappypoints has milk

No. 312244

Had a brief look at her account and actually had to stop it pissed me off so much.
Its one thing to struggle, its quite another to lie to and totally mislead thousands of followers, many of whom are young and impressionable. I wonder how many kids have copied her meals or joined her on 'pint party's and then been confused when they gained a ton of weight, not realising she was purging/hiding/throwing away her food that she was posting and not digesting it.
And then when people ask her about it or are confused/hurt, she simply blanks them altogether and refuses to own or take responsibility for her lies and actions.
Worst kind of 'recovery' account imho.

No. 312381

File: 1494729958372.jpg (298.29 KB, 1242x2010, IMG_4575.JPG)

No. 312388

lw 103? ok

No. 312390

oh wait did i read that wrong n thats just their goal?

No. 312408

Yeah it's their UGW I guess.

No. 312447

>forget me when I'm dead
Kind of tacky when ur "best friend" just died.
>kelly belly
Umm wtf that's what we were calling "Saving Kell Bell", the other fat wannarexic munchie.

Does Kelly have a weird boner for obese attention whores, or…?

No. 313306

File: 1494864124561.png (414.14 KB, 540x745, 2017-05-15 10.58.30.png)

This bitch pisses me off

No. 313389

Then don't post her pics. Seriously what the fuck is the point of these anorexic threads. When you post their pictures shocked over how skin y they are they actually get happy about it.

These people look disgusting arent even fun to gawk at. At least the gains goblin was entertaining.

No. 313401

File: 1494872423321.png (558.79 KB, 915x641, 3889ED0E-9BB6-45EA-9DB9-2701CA…)

Did you know the fit vegan ginger started an online shop? Now anyone can enjoy her food monstrosities for themselves.

No. 313406

File: 1494872605406.jpeg (70.47 KB, 480x960, 160645B8-68CA-4EC7-A548-3BF66F…)

No. 313442

No. It is illegal to sell homemade foods online then ship it in her state. She can only do local pickup but she'd probably cancel any orders.

No. 313443

HEY DUMBASSES we already have a ginger thread.

No. 313467

File: 1494876118643.png (133.43 KB, 640x854, IMG_0707.PNG)

I feel like out of the shirt and apron is a bit excessive. This cow was out and about hiking and dancing (as seen on IG) but is now back to using a walker and wearing a boot. So sad. Probably not getting enough atenshun without it… maybe it's time to move her over to the munchie thread for real?

No. 313551

>ricNOTa cheeze

why I hate most vegans compiled into a single phrase. I can just imagine a white lumpy salty tofu monstrosity parading as something edible.

No. 313597

Not shocked at them being skinny, they are skinny fat trailer trash. I'm sick of their obvious editing and getting attention for it.

No. 313605

im vegan and i hate this shit too

No. 313662

Can hike and dance and jump on the beach, but needs crutches and a wheelchair to do the 3 lap NEDA walk.

No. 313675

File: 1494891538664.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170515-181644.png)


Here is a recent update to her story posts on IG. Just this..no other pictures of it, no mention of it just the picture of a store bought sling and her pout.

To be fair about her diet choices she is doing better than before. It's junk but it was way worse a few years back. She would only eat low calorie foods so that each meal was a ton of food and would take pictures of it with her meal taking up most her table and whine and bitch that she has to eat so much food for her failing body and how sick it made her and it's not fair and all of that crap..and any time someone would mention for example instead of 4 cups of celery for a snack, why not 2 fig newtons shed flip her shit.
Not to mention she's always been a closet eater and only shows what she can manipulate and what she wants people to see.
She claims she sort of switches from anorexia to bulimia, but an old picture a few years ago and everyone kept complimenting her on how much better she looked and she got so angry and went on she was being severely bullied and was severely bulimic. Yet now she posted the same picture and labeled it as when she was healthy before her ED.
The kicker is she has claimed she had an ED way before that picture was taken, she contradicts herself a lot..cant keep her lies and manipulations straight i guess.

(what ED one has doesn't matter in general because they are all so evil)

No. 313988

File: 1494940104919.png (962.66 KB, 1069x1699, 20170516_090300.png)

Anyone follow smorven? She completely denies her anorexia. She is beyond sick, but claims she doesn't have any eating disorder. She recently got admitted inpatient, and is completely fighting her food and ng, she has said she is allergic to the nutritional supplements they gave her. She gives people tons of advice and tries to help them, but is very, very rude to anyone who tries to help her, even if it's not ED related. It's a special type of pro ana.

No. 313993

IDK why, but she gives me Annelise Michel vibes.

No. 314006

I swear I've seen this exact screenshot posted at least three times ITT already. Who's got the huge smorven boner and why won't you just post the milk instead of hinting and dropping this one pic where she looks like heroin in a sweater?

No. 314012

File: 1494942924471.png (264.23 KB, 1079x1776, 20170516_090332.png)

Sorry, that was the first time i posted that. Was seeing if there was interest, I'm mainly a longtime lurker here. Here's her over a year ago having an epiphany that she had an ED…only to comment days ago that she was deluded to ever think so. Her feed has dwindled over this year to almost no food, where at least she used to have normal ana meals of a supplement and a few veggies.

Her ask.fm is worth perusing. https://ask.fm/smorven She used to have a MPA account as well, but it seems to be gone.

Sage for being a noob.

No. 314026

File: 1494945099232.png (345.94 KB, 540x851, Screenshot_2017-05-16-09-26-41…)

How many more lies can she come up with?

No. 314047

She comes across as kinda bitchy tbh.
No surprise, anyone would be bitchy if they were as malnourished and physically fucked up as she is but still, I expected her to do the "wow so lovely such a lovely lovely sweet girl" thing

No. 314062

File: 1494948496839.png (210.78 KB, 1080x1111, 20170516_090354.png)


Yeah, I originally found lolcow because I was friends with some of the recovering girls, trying to help them, when I discovered some outright fakers (Like ariana) and I Googled them which lead me here. I tried helping smorven, because that's a lot of what I was doing and she was too, and she's VERY abrasive and rude. I know she has autism, but it seems she never used to be this mean. I don't want to post caps in case she visits here, but in a DM convo with me she basically said she didn't need help, there's nothing wrong, and I can't possibly know anything about her. When I shared a personal story (blog post) about my mom nearly dying and surviving, she chided me for thinking hope and positivity did anything. I stopped trying to help after that.
I don't know if she's lying or what, but for a few months she's been claiming not to have enough energy to even listen to music.

Here's her realizing that her epiphany about having anorexia was wrong, apparently. It's been a year since then, and she has barely eaten since then.

No. 314108

File: 1494954802610.png (915.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4249.PNG)

Smorven is quite an interesting account to follow. She's completely fucked up. No idea what's going on with her at the moment at hospital, all she posts is insta stories about how everything is unbearable.
She looks fucking horrific though, one of the worst anas i've seen on instagram

No. 314144

Psssst, crop your profile picture out.

No. 314148

I was about to say the same thing, looks like she's a little ana-ish herself, as much as you can tell fr all 6 pixels. Also, clearly an old, saved screenshot…that post has a lot more likes now!

No. 314150


I´ve been following for a while now.

She is in denial and not really … uhm…. nice to her followers.

Also has an ask.fm but does hate any questions.

She has aspergers and imho she is suffering really bad.
She may not be a nice person right now, but clearly is really unwell.

No. 314153

(and the profile's either changed names or deleted)

No. 314157


Wait, is that pam_wants.to_heal? Kinda looks like her, same boniness, hair color, lipstick..and she has been posted about here for shooping. Wonder if it was a self post.

No. 314189

can't find that account, is she still active?

No. 314210


No. 314214


naw that's lalarecovery

No. 314219

She is pathetic bound to spend her entire life in treatment. I can't believe anyone trusts her with their kids still blows my mind.

No. 314240

i'd never heard of this girl and her IG is private, but i just looked at her ask.fm and holy shit she's insufferable. like 99% of questions she either gives non answers ("are you afraid of anything?" "many things") or else gives some stoner pseudo-philosophical bullshit to try to sound intellectual and nihilist or whatever.

reminds me of shmegeh's ~deep~ bullshit her fangirls used to love.

No. 314296

File: 1494976391391.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170516-181100.png)


She used to look so different

No. 314297

File: 1494976701522.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170516-181650.png)

Looks like Smorven is or was an avid self harmer

No. 314300

This looks eerily like Kiki

No. 314304

was about to say her horse face and dead eyes, and especially her bullshit pretentious responses remind me of shmegeh and acidburnbaby (though idk if abb was ever actually sick)

No. 314307

Sage for being a noob, who's kiki? Give me a last name and/or username and I'll do my own searching.

No. 314308

kiki kannibal

No. 314309

File: 1494978211670.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170516-184044.png)

Here she is admitting to being both bulimic and anorexic

No. 314311

File: 1494978432537.png (309.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170516-184535.png)

Here is her denying her diagnosis and backtracking on what she had said. I wonder what happened to make her so delusional.

No. 314334

Even Ashley is jelly of those veins

No. 314339

ugh that pseudo intellectual bullshit. Girl your brain is so damaged you can't even listen to music or focus on a tv show don't act like you're smarter than anyone.

No. 314344

File: 1494983453462.png (2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170516-200707.png)

Newest story picture. Notice her back brace is suddenly on again.
Anyone know what she's crying wolf for this time?

No. 314362

I dm'd her, she said she fractured her elbow.

No. 314374

i get how someone could be in denial about a restrictive ED (or even an overeating ED), and tbh feeling like anorexia is really just "self control" or w/e is pretty normal. but how can you rationalize bulimia? like how can you be purging frequently enough to make a post like this, and then be like "lol nope that was just for a laugh"? the whole ~enlightened~ "i was just delusional" makes no sense with bulimia so like…?

also clearly most of the attention she gets is from the ED community anyway, she'd frankly get even more attention if she just embraced it.

No. 314387

Sage for blog post, but at a lower bmi, I knew I looked gross. There's almost no pictures of me at that bmi. So like where Ashley is spoopy and knows she is, Smorven does not at all seem to know how horrifying she looks…or denies it for attention.

No. 314481

File: 1494998697421.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8926.PNG)

She posted a singing vid on fb and the way shes threaded her tube to seek attention looks so dumb because its just jiggling around? Also she sounds like a dying cow and people are actually telling her she looks good

No. 314482

File: 1494998854341.png (43.76 KB, 750x369, IMG_8927.PNG)

@girllearningtofly has tricked her docs into giving her a j tube for her "chronic vomiting". If you havent been watching her live videos, she had issues getting her doc to clear her for surgery because her heart rate was too high so all of a sudden, her heart issues go away.

No. 314491

She looks awful ? and She thinks she can sing and wants to be famous for it ha no one will look at you with that ugly face and the tube hanging off you. I don't understand the tube hanging out of her shirt either…Like who does that?! Everyone can tell it's all for attention.

No. 314495

File: 1495000672133.jpg (31.21 KB, 220x220, IMG_3439.JPG)

>Be still

No. 314496

File: 1495000695120.png (287.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170516-202205.png)

She also abused laxatives

No. 314528

There are people who, upon seeing the Hartley Hooligans, are subject to an unreasoning need to wreak violence on them. Like throw them down stairs or smother them

I feel that way about Ariana. Her face enrages me. When she does that affected frowny sad face I want to punch her until her teeth fall out, if she has any in that ninety year old face she has. I feel it even more when she smiles.

Saged for pointless psychopathy.

No. 314561

she's extremely punchable. i used to feel the same way about that kayla/odolnost chick. she had a similar old lady face and obscenely attention seeking personality

No. 314617

I don't know if you're the same noob or what, but don't just write the word sage. Type it into the email field

No. 314694

File: 1495038330421.png (656.8 KB, 900x524, ariano.png)

No. 314697

where the FUCK are her teeth?? anon >>314528 there is really nothing there for you to punch out

she looks like an old lady and an infant at the same time

No. 314769

omg yes! she looks like a 1 year old with tooth buds poking through her gums.

No. 314925

They are there if you look close enough! Baby teeth.
Her smile runs in the family but no one else was as fortunate as her to get it this bad.

No. 315162


Based on other photos the mouth definitely runs in the family. Don't have much control over that.

But why oh why does her hair always look like it hasn't been washed ever. I even understand the ridiculously large bow as some sort of crazy ana strategy to try to make you look smaller. But the hair is always so greasy. Some shampoo would do that hair wonders.

No. 315223

Are you shitting me? She wears those ridiculous hair bows to look smaller? They remind me of the ribbons cheerleaders had to wear on game days. They definitely do not help her look or seem small. Mostly they make her look like a geriatric crone the nursing home tech tried to dress up for visitors.

No. 315414

>or denies it for attention
almost certainly. If you didn't think you had an eating disorder why continue to follow a bunch of recovery accounts and interact with them? Why continue to post on an account you made for that purpose? Surely a delusional person would be more likely to just delete than keep talking about how they're 'completely fine'? Seems like typical anachan bs to me

No. 315492

File: 1495113863817.jpeg (15.76 KB, 460x288, Cherie-Blair_1005101c.jpeg)

No. 315523

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I've been trying to think of who she reminded me of for months!

No. 316112


I don't think the bows make her look smaller. They do make her look more ridiculous. However, I wonder if the principle behind them is similar to wearing oversized clothes (not that having a tiny head is something to be desired). She claims she used to be a gymnast so she really should trade the giant bow in for a giant scrunchie. (At least cheerleading bows tend to be big but short - I think she uses the entire spool of ribbon to make hers).

But please someone give her some shampoo. There is a difference between shiny hair and gross greasy hair.

At least it does appear that people refusing to cater to her treatment hopping has finally allowed for the beginning of a real recovery.

No. 316134

Does anyone remember shmegeh from Tumblr? Very very Ana-chan, worked at a Hot Topic and was weirdly popular for a bit.

No. 316228

File: 1495174994523.gif (949.09 KB, 500x364, 84e5186a-7291-4b54-b934-cde711…)


I was obsessed with shmegeh. She was a train wreck with Mena towards the end. Definitely my favorite alcoholic anorexic cow. She always wore her pants super low to make her thigh gap appear larger and would tense herself in pictures so her bones would appear more noticeable. She claimed to be against people using her content as "thinspo".

No. 316278

File: 1495177288473.jpg (312.14 KB, 960x1280, a0a2ec9c-a862-4aa4-b070-8e9df7…)

No. 316589

wtf is this like ???
and i thought i was bonkers

No. 317026

File: 1495252754055.png (541.75 KB, 711x471, 99d1c003-6549-4f75-98b3-cc45c6…)

No. 317032

Man, me too. Not even slightly in a "I want to be like you" way, more just glued to the story she was spinning. I keep hoping she will come back and spill the tea on herself, because damn if that wouldn't be a trip to read. She once posted a rec letter from her psych (?) which detailed a few of her struggles and DX's, but I believe some of her problems we're self inflicted to fit her character. I also remember a post mena made after they broke up, pretty sad stuff, but it's been what, 3 years? Come back michelle, someone needs to dig up old "the simple life" memes for us.

No. 317039

File: 1495254515681.jpg (332.12 KB, 873x1280, d1ccbef1-9906-4aac-be8f-ee225e…)

She was also friends with Haku. They have their own thread somewhere on here.

No. 317045

File: 1495254902068.jpg (1.11 MB, 960x1280, 909a68ae-2b6d-4ecf-a5a1-01a4b6…)


I feel like she forced alcoholism and trichotillomania upon herself. Definitely the alcoholism. She used to say she was like Mavis Gary from the movie "Young Adult".

No. 317050

That was exactly what I was reffering to. Mavis has trich too, that was what caught me as sus, like, she would roll a new character every year and become them. That redhead in evangelion, mavis, paris, etc.

No. 317060

Man she played Asuka so hard for so long. When she started wearing the wig casually it felt like a sign that she was too far gone. I was so obsessed with shmegeh but looking back she was pretty gross.

No. 317061

What's the point of being skelly thin when she looks like a deranged tranny?

No. 317064



No. 317065

File: 1495257992983.png (236.16 KB, 526x329, IMG_0216.PNG)

There's apparantly some speculation that this is her, how she looks now, or at least how she looked last year, someone found it on postsecret, and the secret was about recovery. I can't really say that I'm buying it, mostly bc of the nose, but the tip is pretty similar.

No. 317068

File: 1495258223860.jpg (113.74 KB, 524x591, IMG_0217.JPG)

And there is this one, that popped up in her tagged photos like a year or two ago

No. 317070

I knew she wore her pants low but it looks like you could see the pubic mound peeking out on the sides of her jeans
I wouldn't be surprised if you'd be able to see her ass crack

No. 317072

I wanna say it's her just because of the ~sea foam~ hat and bad eyeliner

No. 317074

File: 1495259222579.jpg (606.43 KB, 1280x1707, 81e0159b-e1c4-41b1-956f-89948a…)

No. 317076

File: 1495259608306.png (216.93 KB, 638x474, b023d178-9fdf-4c5a-be8d-c5bb32…)


Not her. The nose is way off.

No. 317077

File: 1495259758493.jpg (175.53 KB, 596x1080, b8566e45-56b7-45d1-bd60-1c2985…)

No. 317079

Wasn't shmegeh into teen girls?

No. 317080

So is the chin.
She dates mena and that green haired girl for five seconds but imo it was less predatory and more to do with shmegeh being developmentally trapped at age 14

No. 317085

Hm, while I would agree, compairing these two makes the first one a plausible shoop, no?
I wasn't able to see it back then, but she did shoop a lot. Just check the tiles in like every pic of hers, I wouldn't put it past her to give herself a different profile.

No. 317087

File: 1495260885386.gif (1.58 MB, 287x270, 31fdb301-7653-4ca8-b4d7-16b115…)

No. 317089

I was a bit obsessed with shmegeh honestly. I still stalk her sometimes trying to find out what she's up to and waiting for her to resurface.
I found her weirdly attractive, her hands and nose in particular for some reason. I related a lot to her, and she had some really insightful posts right before she dropped out of the internet.
I'm glad she did drop out though, it was definitely the best thing to do for herself as well as the idiots who idolized her.

No. 317091

Who is that supposed to be?

No. 317093

That's shmegeh dude..she posted this herself around the time she got one of her friends to take modelling headshots for her.

No. 317096

It… doesn't really look like her?

No. 317097


The pic was taken from her tumblr. It's her

No. 317105

File: 1495263312913.png (885.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170520-015438.png)

No. 317106

Ah, thanks. Her nose is actually way cuter than I thought

No. 317108

File: 1495263690606.png (513.97 KB, 494x652, 991b7608-66f0-4fac-a437-ac3d6e…)

I love that in most of her photos she just looks busted

No. 317111

File: 1495264217947.jpg (698.36 KB, 1280x1707, 99d8d4d0-5f66-47d4-907f-fbfb80…)

She owns looking busted but I also think she's really cute without all the makeup. It's almost like she tried to make herself look as terrible as possible sometimes. She definitely knew her angles. I remember she said she would practice making faces in front of the mirror until she had full muscle control.

No. 317112

Busted was her whole thing and tbh she did a good job of the look.

No. 317116

I almost wanted her to make it just to see what her portfolio would turn out like. I mean she knew her angles and how to work lighting better than some real models I've seen even if she did look like David Bowie made a baby out of heroin

No. 317117

All this shmegeh talk is making me weirdly wistful… I don't even know why I miss her.

No. 317133

Same here, probably because she reminds me of simpler times.
Surprised no one managed to dig up anything about her current life during all this time especially considering all the drama she caused

No. 317134

She went pretty much completely offline for ages tho. I wish someone could find her though. I was so into her whole schtick as a teen and now am really curious

No. 317147

"I sincerely regret all of the times I was so concerned with being too fucking cool.
God it’s all so fucking embarrassing.
You take a step back and see just how hard you’re “trying” - at anything at all really, anything - and it’s so terribly pathetic.
Goddamn what a frighteningly mortifying existence.
Take note because you’re part of it."

one of my favourite shmegeh quotes, yes it's slightly egotistical but she always pulled it off well

No. 317148

So did everyone forget about how Shmegeh beat up her gf she lived with and posted pics of the blood spatter on the wall, or…

No. 317151

screenshots, link?

No. 317159

Nobody who knew of her when she was around doesn't know she's a drunk abusive manipulative little shit, but it's still fun to get nostalgic about the characters she played. No one is denying the fact that she beat Mena up but Mena herself said she wanted it to not be discussed and drawn out so she could try to get over it.

No. 317197

except she's literally being try hard about not being try hard here.

she was not nearly as "deep" as she got credit for and she 100% played up her thinspo queen status while pretending she wasn't. she was the definition of "look at me/don't look at me" and it's amazing how many people still stan for her or find her "fascinating" when she's always been a stunted attention-seeker.

No. 317285

I think the biggest tell for me was when she started compairing herself to the maincharacter of the book "a million little pieces", a gruesomely detailed book about a drug addict that hates themselves, and all the pain he goes through. Oprah even pushed this bookfor being oh so brave and dark and that this guy had it the absolute worst. Turns out the guy who wrote it faked the whole thing, oprah got pissed, readers pissed, but michelle? Basically said it didn't matter much to her that it was fake because she related anyway. Now, I read that book… no way her sheltered life was anything remotely close to that guys fake memoirs.

On a different note she admitted to snorting adderal in a post (or if it was a text between her and her ex) -I'm not saying she's not anorexic, but loosing weight with amphetamines is not hard, tbh.

No. 317337


Yeah Mena said how cute she was crushing it and snorting it

No. 317375

Top bad Mena deleted her tumblr. It had all the details of their gnarly break up

No. 317381

File: 1495302049476.gif (489.47 KB, 500x375, 7132357b-d05f-40a4-adaa-320062…)

No. 317450

The details that exist are all in another thread. Smegma was discussed in an old ana thread quite a lot. (I'm not being pissy, just letting you know in case you want to look for it).

No. 317456

>>317450 was mne. I was giving fake info. She had her own thread >>>/snow/49394

No. 317462

She looks a bit better now, she looks healthier now but she is still in recovery, and it's been really slow.

No. 317467

I don't think that gif recent since she's been in recovery, is it? I don't recall her posting much of anything, especially selfies and shit, since she went into rehab.

No. 317493

But she did stop posting after that and presumably got better, so it's wasn't entirely bullshit.

No. 317495

Oh that gif is 100% not recent, I remember seeing it a long time ago on her tumblr

No. 317558

wouldn't it be easier to find shmegeh IRL since she is a manager at Hot Topic at some mall in Virginia?

No. 317564

Yeah sure but most of us don't wanna try and stalk the girl irl just because she was an entertaining train wreck a few years back.

No. 317565

No. 317571

Paris is similar

No. 317572

File: 1495317740333.png (737.42 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

The video of her wiggling in her chair dancing with her bar of chocolate??

No. 317589

so is acidburnbaby / Eva/"Yeva Hazen"

No. 317626

File: 1495321784753.gif (443.11 KB, 450x340, fa6b8711-0da0-41ce-a2a9-4dff71…)

No. 317628


I wish someone would stealthily take some pics of her or maybe no one recognizes her since the weight gain?

No. 317630

Her weekly dance-snack is so weird. I feel bad for the people who must see her doing this bullshit every week at the mall, while her mum is made to film it. Paris is a fucking waste of time imo. She sits there doing nothing to help herself, posting her ugly crying selfies or creepy videos of her nibbling some junk with the same enormous caption which boils down to 'poor poor Paris I've tried nothing and it didn't work! Wah Wah tell me my ribs worry you oh poor paris'
She needs to be forced into treatment or ignored imo.

No. 317631

I'm pretty sure that's illegal so maybe not.

No. 317651

No. Malls are public places so there are no privacy laws.

No. 317668




Love Paris. If she eats (virtually) the same thing for the next five years- good for her. Her brain is putting here through sh*t nobody here can comprehend and I think she's doing great.

No. 317696

>Her brain is putting here through sh*t
Maybe she should get a lobotomy then

No. 317715

Lmao ok stan. Sticking to the exact same obsessive routines is obviously doing wonders for her. She mustn't need therapy or medication or to do anything at all to help herself, just to make sure her quorn chicken and asparagus tips are always the same measurement (not enough to gain any weight) and not 1 minute late. What a recovery hero, how inspiring, role model.

Paris wouldn't be struggling with her poor sickly widdle brain if she didn't act like a toddler and reject anything that doesn't involve crying black and white selfies, expecting to be filmed writhing around looking manic nibbling some pastry bullshit every week, and complaining.

No. 317716

Still incredibly creepy and invasive.

No. 317801

File: 1495334544370.jpg (1.25 MB, 960x1280, 87c05681-5c91-4a24-a39e-ef821b…)

No. 317809


She put herself out on the Internet opening herself up to creeps

No. 317816

It took me not even 5 minutes to find this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKRItPlh7S-/?taken-by=ht_chesterfieldva

So, she's not spoopy anymore but her eye makeup still sucks.

No. 317824

Looks like she still needs to pull up her damn pants.

No. 317830

yep and so thats why this shit exists. but to seek someone out and sneak a photo of someone irl is some shady shit anon, stop

No. 317837

File: 1495336767810.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170520-220440.png)

Her ass looks terrible. Poor shmegeh, her fat settled everywhere but there it seems. Maybe its just how she is still wearing her pants super low

No. 317838

File: 1495336888606.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170520-221628.png)

Putting the pictures here for those who dont want to click link

No. 317845

She looks like Davey Havok here

No. 317848

File: 1495337265961.png (228.88 KB, 640x960, d03b45d3-8ce0-493e-9b6d-fb8a3f…)

No. 317849

why the fuck is she trying to look like every marilyn manson clone ever with shit contour? she should honestly go back to being spoopy.

No. 317862

You're not the only one. I was oddly obsessed with her and her trainwreck life. I wonder what mena is up to since they broke up?

No. 317866

Eh, her ass was unfortunate even when she was a chubby teenager. I'd say it's because she's never exercised before and was overweight then a limp noodle. She's never had any decent muscle tone.

No. 317867

The fact that she was online and therefore visible to creeps doesn't mean you or anybody else should go out of their way to be creepy and take photos of her. That's weird no matter how much of a cow she was.

No. 317873

File: 1495338785486.jpg (600.49 KB, 809x1926, Screenshot_20170520-225050.jpg)

No. 317882

As if she didn't engineer a persona around getting as much notoriety as she could muster. She was the poster girl for 'look at me don't look at me'

No. 317927

File: 1495343705632.jpg (757.1 KB, 810x1913, Screenshot_20170521-001357.jpg)

Says she never photoshopped

No. 317984

aw man, that makes me sad. somehow I imagined her being and looking healthy and happy now, but she still looks half past dead… I hope she's at least sober and more content with herself now.

No. 318027

but conveniently does not address that that exact type of mirror, when leaned against the wall like that, stretches you out and makes you look thinner. and also doesn't address her contorting and tensing to look thinner. on the old thread about her (anon linked above) there are pictures of her from cons and shit that others took and comparison pics from her tumblr within a few days and it's pretty stunning how normal she looks in the pictures other people took.

i don't think she ever shopped but she definitely worked hard to look as thin and sick as possible while trying to act like she was so different from other girls who did the same. she absolutely cultivated her ana queen persona and enjoyed it even though she had to pretend she didn't like people talking about that aspect of her.

No. 318030


Those pictures bum me out, too. I'm assuming she's doing better with alcohol and eating, but seeing her still playing up that early-00s emo look and busted face is kind of tragic. She's in her late 20s and still styles herself like a teenager from 15 years ago. I don't think she's brilliant, but she's decently smart and has a supportive family and at least got a degree. She could be living an adult life instead of fucking around with terrible makeup and fandom shit. Idk it seems like she hasn't developed much over the past few years and breaking away from the busted emo trainwreck look that was tied to her drinking and not-eating phase would be necessary to move on and get a life.

sage for armchair bullshit soz I'm hung over

No. 318042

Spending all day in hot topic can't help.

I honestly thought she'd have dropped the entire emo thing by now as well. Like, it was largely assumed that she had actually hopped off her own egos dick and was gonna grow up offline but at least appearance wise she's doing the same old thing. Idk, maybe she's not such a raging case of BPD now but she's kept the uniform for sure.

No. 318048


to be fair those photos are still from last Fall. who knows how she looks now. (probably the same but still)

No. 318084

File: 1495381070833.png (911.67 KB, 900x836, bekah.png)

I hope everyone can see my tube because at someone else's graduation everything is about me and the attention I can get.

No. 318409

Does anyone know what's going on with crying emily lately? She was on of my favourite cows but last I checked her IG was private.

No. 318432

She hasn't posted anything for months. Last ones were about her new boyfriend who hasn't posted either, and her trying to get spoopy again. Idk if she's using another account, but I'm guessing she's either dead or in prison.

No. 318451

why would she be in prison?

No. 318628

That dog looks exactly like a dog I fostered 2-3 years ago.
I wonder…

No. 319604

OMFG this makes me rage. FUCK YOU selfish bitch put your tube down your front like the rest of us!

No. 319903

But how would anyone know that she's #recovering? #fuckana

No. 319988

File: 1495570233674.jpg (840 KB, 1079x1554, IMG_20170523_140859.jpg)

Does she have a box of these emo lunch cards or does she print a new one every day? Also, what the fuck.

No. 320053

File: 1495576312278.png (147.47 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

The stuff she wrote in the comments was such a load of self pitying bullshit.

No. 320541

How old is this bitch again?
This reads like a 13 year olds diary entry

No. 320585

File: 1495636912145.png (284.76 KB, 768x1024, image.png)


Think she is 21.
Today's post wasn't much better!

No. 320600

>>279950 (?) - I think this one's you.
Why're you so obsessed with Paris? You're pretty much the only farmer who keeps up with her consistently. Other anons drop something milky but you drop everything. Even when discussion's on something pretty interesting you butt in with Paris.

The only other screenshot I can tell you've posted in this thread is a quick one of Jonzie.

No. 320606

not that poster (I unfollowed paris cos I found her boring) but rather than complaining why don't you post something interesting?

No. 320615

I meant to sage my post but it was more out of suspicion than complaint. As in a vendetta-anon or Paris herself, considering anon has proven continuously not to be a farmer by their frequent use of emojis in posts and their weird fixation with just Paris.

No. 320629

ah I see, misunderstood, apologies. looking through the comments it is a bit weird, Paris is pretty boring in what she posts, probably a vendetta.

No. 320858

No. 320861

File: 1495658885978.png (2.49 MB, 1678x1252, Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 21.4…)

tinyrecovery is oh so inspirational. never gains so much as a gram. constant patronising inspirational drivel.

No. 321158

The way she types sets my teeth on edge; faking your recovery for asspats is annoying enough but why can't she talk like the fucking grown ass adult she is?

Also the obsession with sparkling wine…

No. 321229

Paris wouldn't have the brains.

No. 321261

Nah we aren't all the same person - i'm the one who posted some pf her snaps 1 month ago or so

No. 321287

She has 125 k IG subscribers -why? What is so interesting about her to follow? It's like watching a train crash- you know it's coming and heading for disaster but you can't stop watching . I don't know about the idea of some of the posts being by Paris herself - could be- but why would she?

No. 321359

Not all the same - I posted one of them . Emoji use makes me wonder if they are Paris herself.

No. 321390

You answered your own question. People love a train wreck. This site wouldn't exist if they didn't.

No. 321717

File: 1495756681825.jpg (51.7 KB, 501x458, cry no moar.JPG)

Found out she's engaged to her newish boyfriend. He must have the patience of a saint.

No. 322084

She looks great compared to the last time I saw an update about her

No. 323125

File: 1495924173108.jpg (120.37 KB, 720x960, 13179371_10209749260474151_298…)

here's a pic of smegma from May 2016

No. 323138

File: 1495925423074.jpg (119.98 KB, 541x960, 1912313_994143487277814_671627…)

also, here's one of her at hot topic in 2014. you can tell she still poses in ways that make her body look thinner, although she definitely has put on weight. then again, even at her thinnest she was constantly photoshopping and using lighting/positioning/mirror tricks to make herself look thinner, so I don't know how emaciated she ever really was to begin with.

No. 323141

File: 1495925469913.jpg (73.51 KB, 541x960, 10349193_1008176912541138_4956…)

and another.

No. 323143

File: 1495925763390.jpg (158.32 KB, 960x720, 416978_410212509004251_2254437…)

here's one of her at Hot Topic in 2012, more or less at the height of her internet fame. she definitely looks thin, but not nearly as dead as she made herself out to be at the time.

No. 323145

File: 1495925945603.jpg (65.36 KB, 640x480, tumblr_m0uhs4mUvg1qzt48xo1_128…)

samefag again, last post

for comparison, here's a picture of her from March 2012.

No. 323146

yeah w/o the photoshop, posing, and makeup she looks so different
lmao @ how low she's wearing her pants like once you're flashing an inch+ of bright pink underwear you should really stop haha

No. 323148

File: 1495926142185.jpg (35.2 KB, 332x443, IMG_1426.JPG)

She was never as spoopy as she made herself look, and all her candids show she's skinny but not the busted up waif she tried to present. She tensed herself and posed more than Ember does, plus the eye shadow she used to smear all around to make her eyes look sunken and shadowed. Overall she was actually pretty embarrassing and I can see why her friends wanted her to fuck off

No. 323151

How did you get this? Would love to see more of her non-spoopy recent photos.

I'll admit I was morbidly fascinated with her back in the day, and now seeing her it's like the curtain has been pulled back and I am kind of just repulsed. By myself for falling for it and at her for everything.

No. 323157

Same fam, same. I thought she was so fucking cool and swallowed all her shit, even defending her before she hit Mena. Now looking back it's like who is this unwashed MySpace themed monster and why was her ego so huge?

No. 323180

She doesn't look so bad, she just needs to ditch the heavy eyeliner. I always thought makeupless shmegeh was pretty cute looking

No. 323310

File: 1495943524714.png (1.4 MB, 1264x1356, Capture.PNG)

Ohh shit. Somebody called her out on Facebook. I can't wait to sit back with popcorn and watch the shit hit the fan when she sees this…12 people have already defended Bekah, too rolls eyes

No. 323353

She's fucked up and attention seeking, sure, but she doesn't deserve to be humiliated. Jesus.

The person who posted this apparently worked for Center for Change. What a joke.

No. 323356

I don't understand how people can still defend her she is so fake and in love with her Ed. Newsflash no one wears a tube like that unless they want attention and questions ugh.

No. 323594

File: 1495989570601.png (417.15 KB, 506x762, Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.3…)

I feel like she always had a pretty straight-up-and-down build, even when she was ~160 (which I remember was the number she was fixated on, she made quite a few posts about how no matter how other people saw her SHE always saw "160" etc etc). like, in her scene queen photos she was relatively flat-chested, had no hips, and no butt. most of the weight she did have seemed concentrated in her limbs, face, and torso.

No. 323598

File: 1495989854900.png (891.42 KB, 1023x757, Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.3…)

samefag again
I think that even in these photos she weighed less than she did earlier in her teens, because this pic is probably from when she was 15 or so, and she actually does look a little chubby here (in the blue dress one she looks pretty average). but maybe puberty was a factor too. I remember her mentioning that she was like 5'10" or 5'11" iirc? and that her feet were at least a size 10. anyway, seems like she was never very "curvy" to begin with.

No. 323599

File: 1495989856840.jpg (229.62 KB, 1215x1015, IMG_4607.JPG)

I take it back. She's a scum who deserves what she gets. What a lying sack of shit.

No. 323602

Shmegeh was 5'7", she complained about it now and then

No. 323603

Yes she uses that acct and posts pro ana pics alllll the time. She deserves it and is in love with her illness.

No. 323604

She posts videos of 'her' singing a lot. Most of the time she lip syncs covers. She's fucking awful in real life. She sang the national anthem at the MA neda walk…kek

No. 323625

oh damn I was way off then lol. she definitely did say she had some huge feet though, I remember a picture where she took a photo of her and her gf's shoes side by side and she had some damn aircraft carriers. being very thin makes your feet look bigger though, especially in combination with tight pants and creepers, so maybe she was lying about that too for the Edge Factor

No. 323627

the strange thing about smegma was that, at least by my impression, one day she wanted to be a pale androgynous monochrome scarecrow with grey flesh and hair in all black, and the next she wanted to literally be a bargain bin Paris Hilton, wearing all pink, with a yellowy blond wig, looking like she'd just rolled in some damn dorito dust. never was able to determine how she simultaneously wanted to be goth tumblr queen and a Rock of Love contestant.

No. 324219

Have you noticed her promoting her mums shop? A week ago, a shop called Mombi and Ted sent her a free package as a surprise. Her mum has ripped this company off - made the same designs with the same matching cards, and now Paris has deleted the post. I also noticed she does a lot of follow/unfollow to get followers and attention, it seems she spends a lot of time trying to get instafamous and now her mum is ripping another business off to make money. Ugh. I commented saying wait,

No. 324220

Isn't that m&t? And got blockeds

No. 324242

Thank you, Anony Mouse. Do you have any more information on Paris? This is really helpful. How do you know her?

No. 324638

I laughed my ass off at this description.

No. 325261

Are you going to post the comments and what's going on??

No. 326454

is the thread close to its limit?

No. 326490

I'll finish it

No. 327149

That's why there are no negative- honest- critical - blunt etc comments on any of the photos on her IG - anything that isn't pro her anorexia she deletes and blocks the user. Her silliest post was when she gave out her address.

No. 327188

Parisbitch always starts following my ig, likes my first five posts, waits for me to follow her (or a day of me ignoring her), and unfollows me. This happens about once a week.

No. 327260

She used to do that to me until I blocked her.

No. 327694

same lol
first time she did it i was baffled
then i was alarmed
now im just amused

No. 327791

File: 1496430051612.png (172.01 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0540.PNG)

No. 327952

File: 1496444646828.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1552, 20170602_180212.png)

Where do I even begin with this post…. nobody wants to see your wires. Nobody cares about your BS sooper speshul illness. And those hashtags are icing on the most fucked up cake. Good God.

No. 327968

Same! She does it continuously so I always unfollow her back.