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File: 1439569483705.jpg (76.8 KB, 275x239, 1438278042579.jpg)

No. 159243

Last thread >>146319

Will Aly recover for realsies this time? What will Ginger Gremlin add stevia to next? Also for other ED lolcows.

Will we ever see Dante again?!

No. 159263


I LOVE U DANTE <3 <3 <3

No. 159287

Dante paid me a visit in my dreams last night <3<3<3

No. 159289

His arms look so strong and powerful. He is at once forceful and tender between the sheets. He is not a selfish lover. He would fulfill my every need. Oh god.

No. 159293

File: 1439575632340.png (164.82 KB, 1144x522, Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.56…)

Aly had already deleted the comment from @embracingem before I could see it, but I will forever lol @ these clowns who keep trotting out the bullshit "MUH METABULLIZUMS!" defense and/or acting like it's possible to be gaining weight for months and not have it show whatsoever. It's not like her followers are there with her when she's receiving this "medical supervision" or when she's eating or anything. I don't know why they back her up her so vehemently and unquestioningly when they really have no solid evidence to support her/their claims. Not only that, but Aly has posted a fuck-ton of evidence to contradict those claims (e.g., pics of her looking just as spoopy, if not more so, than before she was even hospitalized).

No. 159294

Aly's hand is seriously freaking me out in OP pic.

Also we need a Dante thread in /b/ or something

No. 159295

It's disturbing how much they idolize her.

No. 159297

It seriously looks like a deformity.. Like a flesh claw or something LOL

No. 159299

I can't take her born-again recovering goddess thing seriously when she looks SO ILL on her pics.

>we need a Dante thread

We just need him :(
If I knew which cafe he was in when that photo was taken, I'd definitely do a fb page to find him or sthing. Aly's a bitch though and so probably wouldn't tell.

I spent so long trying to understand layers on PS last night to make some Dante pictures, but dang it! I'm a retard.

No. 159301

File: 1439576012128.jpg (22.02 KB, 640x360, rV0oLTq.jpg)

No. 159302

File: 1439576049972.jpg (21.63 KB, 244x279, deaded.JPG)

So ill. Sucking on an ice lolly which is basically water and a few grains of sugar won't convince me your #snacking is ~real recovery~

No. 159311

At least it's actually in her mouth this time. Although she looks terrified.

No. 159313

She looks like she's regretting every second of that picture

No. 159316





No. 159321




No. 159327

ah that skin colored lolly got me when i looked really quickly

No. 159330

Haaaa me too

No. 159340

File: 1439579538787.png (7.98 MB, 3000x1500, The Carrot Conspiracy.png)

Re: Ginger, her goddamn carrots have been driving me crazy. Either she's reusing the same baby carrots for multiple photos of her "meals" or she's actually eating old, dried-up baby carrots that needed to be thrown out many days ago. CARROT CONSPIRACYYY

(If anyone saw, yes, I deleted my first post because I realized I didn't include all of my carrot photos and they weren't in chronological order. THE HORROR!)

No. 159362

I have no doubt that a lot of these ED girls take multiple pics of the same meal, maybe changing things up a bit (hence all their food in separate bowls, easy to mix and match to create different "meals") then posting them a few days or weeks apart

No. 159365

Wtf is that pink stuff?

Also, imagine what this girl's shits are like. They must be the stuff of nightmares.

No. 159368

File: 1439582628215.jpg (74.68 KB, 500x288, shirataki-noodles-package.jpg)

Also I'm pretty sure those are shirataki noodles next to the… green things with pink stuff on them. If you are not familiar with these, they're 0 calorie noodles made of indigestible yam fiber. They are expensive, annoying to prepare, and completely tasteless. There is no reason to eat them unless you're restricting calories.

No. 159370

Ugh, I was deployed with a girl who was heavily into weight lifting. Her protein farts would clear out the tents. Good thing we had to shit into giant buckets otherwise she'd probably destroy any working plumbing.

I would hate to be gremlin's roommate :/

No. 159376

I'm trying to see if I see the same carrot multiple times.

No. 159379

they smell like mothballs

No. 159383


b-but anon, shirataki noodles are so delicious :'( i really like 'em with lamen-esque broth and add-ons. But those are too caloric for fellow Aly, I think.

No. 159388

Protein farts are awful. I stay away from eggs for that very reason.

No. 159389

They're tasteless if you don't cook them with sauce/broth/oil, and Ginger definitely isn't doing that.

No. 159390

Knew a guy who cleared the entire gym with one.

There's really nothing to do on a deployment other than work out

No. 159391

I-I actually want to try these…

No. 159426

I stay away from eggs because they smell like farts.

No. 159431

Hardboiled eggs are so delicious tho

No. 159433

Heaven have mercy.

No. 159434

File: 1439586970514.jpg (63.05 KB, 400x215, Shirataki.jpg)

I haven't tried that specific type shown above, but I've gotten this kind of plain shirataki a few times from local Asian grocery stores. It smells awful when you open the package, and you're supposed to rinse the noodles off before you use them (I put it all in a strainer and run it under cold water for a while). I think they're OK cooked in sauce, but the texture is weird and they're flavorless and rubbery on their own. I can't imagine eating them plain. Ugh.

No. 159452

File: 1439587549742.gif (284.35 KB, 248x155, tumblr_mlmvfn3ogl1s8vpimo1_250…)


No. 159486

File: 1439589288627.jpg (92.74 KB, 955x543, Capture.JPG)

No. 159490

"OMG <3! You're so strong! Keep fighting and ignore the haters!"

No. 159491

I find them pretty pleasant to eat, and the texture is interesting imo. Not plain, but I used them as a pasta substitute a few times. Too bad they're so expensive in my area.

No. 159497

This account gives me a reason to actually enjoy Instagram lmao

No. 159507

Responded in true Christie fashion. My fucking sides omg

No. 159530

Mr/Ms cchristie_recovers, you're awesome, marry me plz?

No. 159597

File: 1439598907370.jpg (100.47 KB, 639x403, lying bitch.jpg)

I'm so glad someone made this comment before I had another account blocked. Because holy shit, fuck you, Aly. "Why should I lie?" That's exactly what she said during her relapse. Obviously she gets a benefit out of lying or she'd finally fully admit to lying from around February to June.

After all the rage though, I come here and see >>159486 and now I'm just laughing. Thank you!

No. 159599

In that picture, her mother is nearly done with her ice cream. Aly must be so annoying to eat with. I just imagine her friends are done with their food and have to wait for Aly to be done with the other 3/4 of her food.
I mean, I know it's typical for anorexics to take a long time to eat, but I just never saw how drastic and seemingly annoying it was until Aly's pictures.

No. 159691

I'm a little too impaired to take a good screenshot right now but debunkin donut's tag is "recovery for dante" and I'm crying

No. 159943

File: 1439627073357.jpg (76.74 KB, 640x640, 11910022_1620061754934912_6550…)

save aly's brother 2k15

No. 159944

Looking so uneasy with his sisters skeletal body pressed against him

No. 159961

I got these zero calorie noodles once, and I was honestly so excited because I ADORE pasta, but, you know, calories. So I bought them and prepared them with a seasoned red tomato sauce, pressed garlic and onion and a bit of mushrooms (cooked in water, not oil, so as not to add any substanial cals), and they tasted fuckin' awesome … Ate almost the whole pack and I was stuffed, I thought they were absolutely genius, figured I could have these every other day or something, super unhealthy, but hey, weightloss — And then the bloating began. And the indigestion. And the pain.

Basically my stomach bloated out as if I were eight and a half months pregnant and I couldn't eat anything for about thirty or forty hours — Constipated me for a few days, as well.

Horrid. I just ate less after that as opposed to trying to 'cheat' at a diet. Sooo not fucking worth.

No. 159964

File: 1439631196971.png (1.24 MB, 620x2294, Aly 8-14-2015 2.png)

That itsmyparty01 person was speaking da troof all over the place earlier…surprised the comments are still up

No. 159972


Have you guys seriously never seen a fig before?

No. 159986

>ed at the beach

No. 160056

I think Aly's over the top captions are actually giving me brain tumours. I can't stand the fake positivity anymore. She's been lying all year I can't see why she'd stop now.. What with 21k followers.. Why should she…

No. 160094

are those black people defending aly?

No. 160126


Somewhere on the internet there is incest porn with a brother and his anorexic sister.

I don't want to find it.

No. 160127

Idk maybe your body wasnt used to the High fiber?
I eat these a lt and still cant shit

No. 160136


Occupy Matteo

No. 160138


Go away Ash.

No. 160159

the stupidity in this thread is occasionally mind-boggling. Those are fucking watermelon radishes.

No. 160216

So Nasty!

No. 160219

Is Dante in beer recovery?

No. 160226

File: 1439666444661.jpg (42.33 KB, 540x440, IMG_20150815_121130.JPG)

Her post count is steadily declining. I remember about two threads ago, someone had mentioned to Aly that she was close to the 1,000 mark.

I know at some point she went on a deleting spree after going inpatient by removing a lot of her OOTDs and things of that nature. But surely these last few weeks would have caught her up, especially with all of the vacation photos. I wonder which pictures she has been removing.

No. 160274

I noticed this the other day as well. Seems if you spend some time scrolling that any photos she can be called out on are gone (body pics etc) and quite a few photos since her new real recovery started. I showed my aunt her account (Aunts a 55yr old shrink) she said she has patients who lie about their disorders for multiple reasons, but she's never seen an anorexia fake positivity and "recovery" like this in her whole career. Figures mum's a coddler, dad doesn't put up with shit & the brothers just hoping he doesn't have to help bury his sister anytime soon. She put it a lot nicer than that, but she agrees that the social media accept of it is indeed damaging her and others. If I had less of a life than I do, Id find a way to contact Aly's parents and just ask them why they allow this to continue… Or Instagram and have them delete her account for her own good.

No. 160291

We have her Facebook, we have a few Italian anons… It's pretty easy.

No. 160351

This isn't an Aly post, but I just saw this:


This is super fucked up. 'Fitspo' is such trash.

No. 160353

File: 1439676376440.png (2.36 MB, 1182x1196, Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 2.53…)

Christ, her sternum will never cease to appall me. How anyone can think she's physically "recovering" is completely beyond me.

No. 160369

Her mum's on facebook, but I can't speak Italian. Also not really into contacting the family of cows.

Saw the word HORSE in the url and thought it was Aly related :/ Fuck though, I thought the top pics where she looks hot were the recovery pics. Ugh ugh ugh.

No. 160383

File: 1439678684564.gif (16.76 MB, 1327x1332, FortiMANIA!.gif)

The declining post count has been bugging me, too, because I can't figure out exactly which posts she's deleted. She has so many repetitive posts and she posts so much every single day that it's hard to tell. I also mentioned Aly to a woman I know who works as a nutritionist and sees a lot of patients with EDs. She thought the situation was pretty bizarre, too (how is she able to keep fooling people month after month?), and agreed that social media is pretty toxic for those who are actually trying to recover from EDs.

Oh, and I think someone else made a gif of this before, but not with Aly's most recent (and absolutely LUSH!) Fortimel photography, so I felt compelled to put this together.

No. 160388

what's horrifying about this? just looks like a petite girl with some muscle mass. i agree that its not a good look for her but it's not ana

No. 160390

I hadn't noticed before she keeps the straw pointing in the same direction. Almost exact same spot.

Someone could do a phD on ash and aly. If I had the cash to fund myself, I'd do an MA on it (seeing how I'm a lowly BA). I'd seriously love someone to do that, or at least make a blog about it. I honestly don't know enough about EDs to do it, but the social networking thing really fascinates me.

No. 160393

File: 1439679049080.jpg (38.02 KB, 450x574, this.JPG)

Not that anon. I'm the one who thought she looked in the before pics.

THIS (pic) doesn't look healthy. How can there not be an ED going on?

No. 160396

that's just what someone looks like when they have low body fat but aren't super buff. you can see abs. if you look at her other pics you can see considerable definition in her arms too.

No. 160397

also, wouldn't be surprised if she's sucking in a bit.

No. 160402

Still not a body I'd aspire to. If that's what she wants and she's healthy then that's okay, but this looks like the anorexics to me. Even the fitness freaks I've seen don't look so angular. Maybe it's sthing to do with her frame, what would I know.

No. 160403

>just low body fat
C'mon. Really?

Of course 'you can see abs' when she's this far underweight.

No. 160415

ok i suppose i'm just talking to americans who don't know what a fit person looks like.

No. 160419

fit people generally don't look like holocaust victims but ok

No. 160423

>that travesty of a body is just "low body fat"
These threads are always filled with anas who have warped ideas of the human body lmao

No. 160431

I've spoken with this girl before. She's anorexic.

No. 160432

Not American.

No. 160434

I thought that myself as soon as I read >>160388

Thank fuck I'm not of the mindset that thinks that girl's body is the epitome of health and fitness.

No. 160483

Oh lord… If anyone thinks that sternum is looking "real recovered", they need their brain examined. Nightmare stuff right there.

No. 160520

She seems to have deleted all the sandwiches, pint parties, and other bullshit that she "ate" (read: threw away) during her relapse. Because, you know, if you delete something, it never happened.

I'll give her credit though, she's being clever about it. Keeping a few photos for each week so there are no time gaps.

No. 160635

HAHAH OH WOW that is rich. I was looking back through her account to try to see if I could tell what was gone and I didn't even notice anything (except the missing OOTD photos, but those were taken down a while ago). So sneaky. Too bad she can't sneakily make her body look like she's gained any significant amount of weight whatsoever in her #realrecovery. I hope more and more people start calling her out on Instagram as time passes and it's even clearer that she's full of shit.

No. 160640

I would not be opposed to her photoshopping her sternum so it's no longer popping out.

No. 160646

She's still getting ~negative~ comments on old pics.

No. 160647

File: 1439707177132.jpg (48.83 KB, 297x404, 2.JPG)

and still people run to her defense

No. 160652

File: 1439707764884.png (55.28 KB, 236x260, srsly.png)

>a bloody long way from where she was 6 months ago
Seriously? SERIOUSLY? God, her sycophants are delusional.

No. 160664

To be fair… It's true in that she's come a long way. She used to weigh more six months ago

No. 160671


No. 160720

File: 1439720257382.png (51.26 KB, 1124x138, A Mysterious Disappearance.png)

kek she just felt the need to explain why some of her posts are gone…gee, I wonder why Instagram could have removed them?

No. 160727

Good news. Keep hitting that report button, anons!

No. 160730

File: 1439723664071.jpg (14.89 KB, 291x88, 1.JPG)

She's not fooling everyone.

No. 160793

File: 1439735477223.png (106.05 KB, 598x568, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 7.24…)

I'm going through her old posts now, and she still has a LOT of "incriminating evidence" left up, such as comments she made stating how many calories she was eating, claiming that she was gaining weight, etc. (e.g., pic related, from ~15 weeks ago, a number of weeks before she was hospitalized and began her "new start." She should have just started a new Instagram account for her "real real recovery" and started fresh…

No. 160849

File: 1439741778214.jpg (339.64 KB, 1054x1606, Screenshot_2015-08-16-11-29-56…)

I thought I'd scroll back and check out all that she's deleted and wow. Almost all of her selfies, all the ootd's except a few, all but like two of her "pint parties" that she used to have weekly. Who does she think she's fooling? Shes addicted to posting selfies, whose going to believe that she only posted like, three selfies before her "fresh start"? I think most of her followers lick her dehydrated butthole so they can keep her on IG where they can watch her fucking die.

Also capped her first post. This is the only time I remember her mentioning BED? I remember her saying she had binged a few different times, but that's relatively normal for restrictive dieting. Did she think that since she started binging occasionally that she had BED? If she had BED for two months shed gain a fuck ton and not reach her lowest weight during that period…. I don't know what the fuck goes on in this girls head. You were right, Aly your mind is fucked.

No. 160882

File: 1439744559666.jpg (192.22 KB, 911x578, what.jpg)

This is an old photo, but I just wonder if melaniednn means that Al's legs could use a little weight loss. What a healthy environment.

No. 160885

Damn you, autocorrect

No. 160890

File: 1439745190778.jpg (213.61 KB, 900x866, alien_face_hugger_sculpture_by…)

Her sternum reminds me of the facehugger from Alien

No. 160904

Never to be unseen from henceforth.

No. 160929

Her poor family. I can't imagine having to deal with her histrionics on a daily basis.

No. 160936

melaniednn is a fetishist. He follows nothing but anorexia, porn model, and big titty accounts.

I noticed that Aly deleted someone's comment asking why she's been eating 6 cookies lately, instead of 7. I'm guessing that she answered him (she didn't delete his comment thanking her, ofc), saying that she explained in another post.
Anybody notice that this morning she had 5 cookies?

No. 160937

File: 1439748248131.png (583.19 KB, 1440x2006, Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-02-12…)

No. 160938

File: 1439748257006.png (65.47 KB, 586x298, MM.png)

LOL, after losing a lot of weight due to GI problems last year, my sternum started poking out like that (not quite as bad as Aly's, but it was gross). Every time I saw it in the mirror, I was reminded of a facehugger. A #facehuggerchest is only slightly less disturbing than an #assholegap, IMO, but Aly seems to loooove showing hers off.

Oh, and here's another find from digging through Aly's old posts (the ones that are remaining) - her saying she followed "MinnieMaud" guidelines to recover before. She gained weight rapidly eating 3000+ calories/day, and then magically started losing weight while still "eating" 2500-3000 calories/day…to the point where she had to be hospitalized with a BMI of like 10. And she was having #pintparties, eating whole pizzas, chowing down on candy bars and HUGE (!) plates of super oily pasta, etc. the whole time. Yeah, that all sounds totally plausible.

Anyway, not that I think there was any doubt whatsoever among farmers, but her old posts pretty clearly indicate that she does NOT have some sort of disease or magical metabolism that makes her incapable of gaining weight, because she was able to do so last year with no problem. In fact, she was able to gain weight quite rapidly. She clearly could do so again if she wanted to. I wish her ass-lickers would actually read some of her fucking posts and employ their brains a bit before rabidly jumping to her defense whenever anyone comes even close to casting doubt upon this story she's invented.

No. 160942

I don't get why the fuck she would even post this picture. She looks like she belongs in a wheelchair and can barely even stand on those toothpick legs. She's clearly incredibly ill, possibly even in worse shape than she was before she was hospitalized. How does she expect people to keep believing her story? How DO people keep believing her story? It boggles the mind.

No. 160944

> I wonder if that's onefixation. He followed the same kind of accounts.

No. 160948


There's a name I haven't heard in a while

No. 160950

File: 1439749151547.png (169.13 KB, 1152x458, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 11.1…)

Guess she didn't actually understand the Ensure/Fortimel thing after all. I went through her previous few posts and couldn't find what she meant by her "little weight-struggles" - did I miss something?

No. 160951

File: 1439749349336.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.41 KB, 600x433, bleck.JPG)

Henry Roth posted pics of himself. Spoilering it not because it's triggering, but just because he's disgusting. Body, no face.

No. 160957

Holy fuck, where are his organs? That's terrifying

No. 160962

I'd love to read his post-it notes. Kind of odd how he's a spoopy fetishist and he's spoopy himself. I wanna see his face.

No. 160963

Organs shrink a lot when youre malnourished. After all most of the thoracic cavity is digestive organs and those aren't being used so..

No. 160969

He's def sucking in and tensing up but he's still disgustingly spoopy

No. 160970

He said he's 52kgs/114lbs. I thought it'd be less because I had a male friend with anorexia and he was 5ft 7in and lowest weight was 6 stone and no way did he look like this so yeah, sucking in quite a bit.

No. 160971

adding, he's 6ft 1, so yeah that's taller than my old mate.

No. 160976

>so viel
>noch dicker

What an asshole.

No. 160980

File: 1439752431560.jpg (128.96 KB, 980x663, Capture.JPG)

He's doing it on loads of recovery accounts

No. 160983

File: 1439752666672.jpg (53.09 KB, 534x562, Capture.JPG)


No. 160988

Wow that's fucking disgusting, and just another reason why the online #edfamily #edrecovery "community" can be horrible and unhealthy/damaging

No. 161009

What the fuck is this. This angers me more than anything. How dare this dude. Holy shit, I want to push him off a cliff. You don't say this to a mentally ill ED person trying to get better. You just DON'T.

No. 161057

Jesus Christ that makes me so unbelievably fucking angry. I don't know who this girl is and I tend to not follow ED-related drama for personal reasons, but I'm seriously contemplating making an IG account just to chew her out.

I watched my brother struggle with recovering from an ED for years and to see her trying to sabotage people who want restore their weights and return to health just really infuriates me.

Fuck this bitch. Fuck her with a sandpaper condom.

No. 161075

Whoops turns out it's a guy. My sentiment about the sandpaper condom still stands, though.

No. 161111

Unless Ashley's bored…

No. 161166

You are the best anon.

No. 161168

I went out with a girlfriend once in celebration of my new job and first paycheck. We went out to a burger joint and she never touched her burger. she just nibbled on the fries while I stuffed my face. It's so annoying and embarrassed. I had no idea how people with eds acted until I saw her playing with her food (moving it around the plate) and barely eating anything – just talking a lot the entire time. Never went out with her again.

No. 161184

I don't know how Victoria Beckham's not been ill all this time. How did she even conceive?

A psychologist said in a recent interview:
"As much as she may claim to eat like a horse and have an incredibly fast metabolism, I would argue that she is defying all laws of biology and physiology."

Sound familiar?

No. 161225

File: 1439765665535.png (77.27 KB, 1134x256, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 3.49…)

>being this buttmad over someone calling Fortimel "Ensure"
kek, if I was Aly I'd keep calling it Ensure on purpose

No. 161238

Aly is probably trolling this person.

No. 161248

This autist needs to get over it.

No. 161255

wow, anon. you sound really supportive and understanding of her issues! I'm sure she had a wonderful time feeling anxious, terrified, judged and humiliated!

No. 161258

Lol BPD bitch spotted. It's not everyone else's responsibility to cater to your own mental issues, and besides, the person you're responding to didn't even DO anything! Surely she should be hanged for her thoughtcrime

No. 161259

well you're a quality individual

No. 161260

i see where ur coming from, but tbh it just sounds like anon is a bit of a dick

No. 161261

I'm pretty sure that >>161168 wouldn't be the only reason the relationship ended.

I steal tomatoes off peoples plates (that I'm with) without asking. I should be embarrassed but I'm not. Nobody ever left me over it.

No. 161276

I mean, she's just correcting her. Is that really considered harsh?

No. 161326

I wish I'd taken a screenshot, but earlier today the caption on her breakfast photo had a freak out because the hotel forgot to make her a packaged lunch before they got on the road and she was very anxious about having to eat an unknown meal at a "service station" on the way home. Now she deleted that from the caption and all comments related to it are gone.

She also changed another caption where she was concerned about if she gained weight "too fast" on vacation and was asking advice on whether she should wait for her next ~Hospital Control~ a month from now or if she should weigh herself. Again, caption changed and all comments about it gone.

No. 161346


holy shit I saw all of those. I can't believe she actually took the time to go back and modify that out of the captions. People were even praising her for admitting that she was struggling. What does she think will happen if people know she's having trouble?? Why is that so hard for her to admit?

No. 161352

Why tho? How is it personally affecting you? By making you feel self conscious? Good for you that you can eat what you want and feel fine. Not everyone can but is it really that embarassing and hard FOR YOU?

No. 161364


No. 161365

File: 1439774634618.png (42.13 KB, 1124x148, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 6.11…)

Damn, I'm bummed out that I missed out on screenshotting those. BTW, I love you Chris Christie <3

No. 161367

Well if you enter into a relationship with someone, that person (and all his/her problems) then become part of your life. I'm assuming anon just didn't want to deal with that heavy, heavy baggage

No. 161374

I saw the one about the packed lunch, but she turned that into a #challenge and then a #recoverywin as usual. I didn't see comments though. Tbh, I'm not looking at her account too much because it's so fucking predictable. I'm holding out for weigh ins and the possibility of seeing our man again.

I get this. I wouldn't expect anyone to deal with the shit mentalness brings into a relationship with me and it doesn't make that person any less of a good person.

I ended a relationship with a relapsed heroin addict because it's not something I could deal with.

No. 161376


>it doesn't make that person any less of a good person

I mean, it wouldn't make someone I was in a relationship with any less of a good person if s/he couldn't deal with my illness.

No. 161437


i gotta be honest, thinking of things to post on the CCHristie acct makes my day. Aly is just so full of inspiration for him.

No. 161440

Was kinda in the same boat. First date I went on with my SO I pushed my food around on my plate the entire time and maybe had a few bites the whole hour we were there. I even refused a takeaway container. My SO told me much later in our relationship how incredibly awkward he felt the whole time. I'm glad he stayed with me but I feel second hand embarrassment for him thinking back to how I used to be regarding food when we went out.

No. 161441

Well…Ginger's eating baby food.

No. 161442

It's fucking fantastic, keep it up anon, you're so #inspirational

No. 161444

Actual baby food or her meals have devolved into baby food consistency. I remember when the baby food diet was all the rage

No. 161468

At least on her SECOND #AFTERNOONSNACK post–that gross looking cheesecake–she did admit that it was another unbearable #recoverywin. Though this was probably a mistake due to English being her second language, but it makes her seem more genuine.

No. 161471

Yeah, it's a huge turn off when you out to eat with someone (friend or lover or whatever) and they barely eat.

No. 161474

If I'm treating someone to lunch, is it terrible to expect them to eat?

Cry more, ed bitch

No. 161485

File: 1439783777556.jpg (61.26 KB, 318x344, testy.jpg)

OMG this is the best

No. 161492

The post count continues to go down. Disappear your whole account, Alice!

Insta is owned by Facebook now, isn't it? I wish IG would start letting people click to see what's been edited, like on facebook.

No. 161494

File: 1439784022726.png (467.02 KB, 1440x1137, disappear yr acct more pls .pn…)

fuuuuu it didn't post the attachment

No. 161502

File: 1439784373477.png (840.56 KB, 595x596, baby.png)

Actual baby food, while claiming it's all her stomach can handle.

No. 161505

This is perfection

No. 161506

ngl when I'm rushing to work, I have that stuff and it's delicious.

No. 161514

I posted the picture, but yeah, I've eaten baby food way past infancy. I guess other anon was just interested in it due to the baby food diet trend that went around for a while.

No. 161532

Baby food as a diet would be crazy. i can only imagine these ED people getting the shits all day.

No. 161538

Love how Ginge started to be all "oh holy father, I will pay for these devil seeds" after someone mentioned her eating seeds etc despite having an intolerance to fat.
I'm sure that she'll tell us soon that she has an intolerance to potatoes and rice.

No. 161541

You don't shit, unless you're eating jar after jar.
Also, once you finally step back into sane land, "adult food" tastes insanely good. Kinda really sad when even a stalk of celery is orgasmic.

No. 161687

File: 1439806976229.png (96.43 KB, 1134x342, Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.20…)

>Cause they told me that I'm doing well
Yeeeeahhhhh okay who are these people again? I think they need their heads examined. If she dies while "on their watch," it's not going to reflect very well on them…

No. 161720

What's going on with aly's elongated skull in this picture?

Oh dear, she's struggling now she's gone home. Must be nice to be able to have a week long break to the sea courtesy of parents funding.

>Milan is completely desolate and I think that boredom and inactivity will kill me


No. 161722

File: 1439815380989.jpg (18.57 KB, 202x242, freakshow.JPG)

the pic

No. 161729

How many posts did she have before?

No. 161731

This is gold.

No. 161758

I laughed my ass off about the cchristie_recovers haha
But wouldn't be cchristie_realrecover better? It's more credible. Just a thought.

No. 161762

my butt isn't that mad. its just annoying that she tries to mislead people in every way possible, even with dumb shit. if she lies about drinking ensure (bc she can't be) she's obviously lying all the time. but we already knew that.

No. 161769

File: 1439819397857.jpg (27.39 KB, 300x336, elongated-skull-sm-300x336.jpg)

So she has a facehugger chest and creepy alien skull

No. 161770

correcting aly makes me an "autist"? interesting diagnostic criteria you're working with anon.

No. 161795

Why do you care so much? It's all pretty much the same shit.

No. 161801

That. That is fucking terrifying.

I wouldn't imagine she'd stretch her skull, but… gosh, it almost looks like a partial wig that was really poorly put on.

No. 161803

Or a bump it. Lmao

No. 161806

I have no idea how anyone describes food as "lush". Lush hair, greenery, garden,lotion, makeup, colors but cake? Steak? Wut?!

No. 161809

It looks like she has a brachycephalic skull.

No. 161812

File: 1439824012600.png (1 MB, 619x1703, Aly 8-17-2015 2.png)

>Waaaaaah people are calling me on my bullshit ;_;

No. 161814

>ignorant "empires"
That gave me a good chuckle and made me feel really powerful for a second. I'm assuming she means umpire though.

No. 161815

This fucking girl I s2g

No. 161824

Yeah I have no idea what she meant by that last bit.

No. 161878

i just find it weird and annoying that she wants so badly for people to believe she's drinking ensure. Like someone else said before, its like calling every hamburger a BigMac, its ridiculous.

No. 161879

anyone know what Aly means every time she types "sth"?

Also, ging's followers are so. fucking. creepy.

"reach out and touch his tender smile" "I pray the lords hands will administer healing deep inside of your body from the center to the surface"

I mean, those are the sorts of things I could understand saying about Dante, but Jesus?

No. 161880

lo-fucking-l at the person who told Aly she would ship her ensure from NY

No. 161889

I just don't understand. It's not like there's something special about Ensure…? It's one of many types of supplement drinks. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a universal "household name." If I was going to drink a different nutrition drink, like Boost, I wouldn't call it "an Ensure." I don't get it.

No. 161892

Sth for > something < maybe?

No. 161899

I'm waiting for her calling the food horny

No. 161903


No. 161904

Dante is sooo handsome, makes me think about a medieval poet or a knight or all of above <3 Dem curls

No. 161905

File: 1439831135585.jpg (330.33 KB, 1440x2560, D00t D00t Mr SKeltal.jpg)

I'm a bit late, but how the hell does she know she went over her meal plan if she wasn't even following it?

No. 161906

Fuck me. The same description is posted here.

No. 161955

File: 1439833922491.jpg (101 KB, 456x675, 1lb6mos.JPG)

Aly's instagram comments are now just a mix of people calling her out, trolls, and people confused at the trolls. lol @ 1 pound every 6 months

No. 161962

I'm pretty sure flyingfree85 has good intentions, but his/her trolling is starting to tick me off.

No. 161967

She's trolling everyone but I think she's especially focused on trolling the people here since she's posted about so often.

No. 161983

I think flyingfree and the cc account are either friends or the same person

No. 162077

The flyingfree kid is really blind. Like an anorexic here said once > If you don't gain with 8,000 kcal then doctors will feed you with 12,000 kcal

No. 162079

I think the cc person is sarcastic

No. 162087

FF85 is def. just a troll. He/she follows CC lmao.

No. 162104

I hope aly's triggering acc is shut down soon

No. 162108

She might think Ensure is a term used for all nutrition drinks, as if she's using Prozac to mean all antidepressants. "I'm about to take my prozac paxil" kinda thing. Idk.

An artist. He paints nude and freely to express his raging sexual appetite.

No. 162112

Could be that she's hiding food in her hair.

No. 162154

Her smile and her eyes are terrifying since she's always so dehydrated. If she were eating all those fruits, icies, and fortimils, she shouldn't look like a piece of leather.

Agreed, she probably just thinks it's an eponym for nutrition drinks.

No. 162162

It's weird that people get hung up on the ensure thing. It seems to me that using the wrong word to describe her nutritional drinks is probably the least offensive thing she's done.

No. 162185


cc definitely has a different tone

ugh you guys did you see that one of the people commenting on Aly's stuff is like 13 and with a feeding tube? can't ss right now but it's the girl who said Aly is her role model. That makes me so sad. That is exactly why why Aly is doing is not okay.

No. 162191

But that's incorrect. That's like calling all soda coke cola when it's mountain dew or pepsi.

No. 162205

HUmans show their affection, one of many ways, by offering food to others.

No. 162213

Is it really that big of a deal? It's not like you can't see the actual name in the pictures. It's like calling every kid's meal a Happy Meal even though that's a McD's thing. People still know what you're talking about regardless.

No. 162247

Is that the fat going to the most important organs or…? Her skull looks normal in the pre-anorexia photos.

No. 162268

File: 1439847520495.jpg (27.09 KB, 234x321, fig064.jpg)

I know. Who knows what goes on in her head. I've had Fortimel after an illness and it was gorgeous, like milkshake. Ensure sounds disgusting, so the only way I suppose her calling it Ensure is that people are going to think it'll be nicer if they crush biscuits up in it and freeze it and shit? I don't see the big deal, but I get weird over apostrophe's (!)

I posted the pic wondering why her skull was long. I know she's backcombed the bottom part of her hair to give it some volume, so maybe she's doing that at the top although it looks too smooth to be backcombed. Could be hiding thinning hair or she really does have a weird skull. Idk.

No. 162323

annnd the shitstorm that was the "tuna salad" post is now all deleted.

No. 162337

File: 1439851493788.jpg (22.16 KB, 300x176, rr.JPG)

So recovery before June wasn't real? Srsly??

No. 162354

Its easy, you take a layer of hair from behind your fringe, clip it, back comb the layers underneath and then arrange and spray the smooth layer you clipped earlier over the backcombed part, boom, ugly bouffant creates the illusion of duper lush, voluminous high calorie hair.

No. 162376

She does, and that wouldn't be such a problem except that she's been corrected on it and has indirectly acknowledged the correction. She started calling her drinks by the proper name and then just decided to quit doing that for no reason.

No. 162379

I mean, we knew that, but holy shit, this is HUGE (!); she's finally admitting it.

No. 162407

Man am I the only one enjoying the comments on CChristies account between them and the other troll? Whoever you are FF85, you've got me fully entertained. #oiltastic

No. 162419

so glad i could amuse you.
Interesting coincidence that i blocked flyingfree85 (she had followed my private account from there, I'm assuming its her now), and then Aly almost immediately blocked me. what a little brat.

No. 162493

I think flyingfree85 = aly

No. 162500

Not relevant to Aly, but here's an interesting documentary I found earlier:


I thought I'd seen every one available, so this might be something new to you guys.

No. 162501

if i were her bro, id probably smother her with a pillow in her sleep sometime in the near future. id consider it a mercy killing at this point, she'd have no strength to fight back, and no one would question her heart stopping in her sleep.

No. 162520


No. 162522

All of it's gone. Good job Aly, as if it wasn't sitting there for hours before you managed to delete it. I'm sure many of your thousands of followers have already seen it.

No. 162531

I entertained this notion as well

No. 162533

I think flyingfree tipped Aly off

No. 162551

it so is. I block flyingfree, aly blocks me? such coincidence..

No. 162575

Woah, kudos to jessnize.

No. 162578

I am so glad I took a moment to check Aly's account just now. All of that was just … Beautiful, simply everything I've wanted to say.

No. 162587

thanks. i just couldn't keep it in anymore.

No. 162588

slow clap to her

No. 162589

and i did it at 2am milan time so it should be up for a few hours.

No. 162592

Isn't there an exposé page about her anywhere? I know someone started one questioning her pint party on mpa, but is anyone talking about her elsewhere??

No. 162620

bless your fucking soul. reniiuu needs her eyes opened.

No. 162622

File: 1439868879008.png (1.23 MB, 1931x605, gdzv.png)

capped it for before aly gets around to deleting it

No. 162786

wow. that was quick, its already gone.

No. 162826

File: 1439878589230.jpg (126.93 KB, 1062x632, Screenshot_2015-08-18-02-11-51…)

This comment remains… I stand by the idea that at least 75% of her followers are there for thinspo or waiting for her to die. She gets hundreds of likes for her photos but like three real comments she will accept without deleting.

No. 162965

File: 1439890787475.png (1.09 MB, 621x1971, Aly 8-18-2015.png)

Oh man, the tides have really turned. It's just so fucking stupid that she keeps up this facade even when it's becoming so obvious that it's fake.

No. 162971

File: 1439891861435.png (816.31 KB, 618x1327, Aly 8-18-2015 2.png)

And minutes later, the deletions have already begun, and she's made a new post addressing ~the haterz~. How fucking stupid is this girl? Posting a screenshot in case she deletes it later.

>two/three people

Yeeeahhhh no. Dozens of people at least have called her out at this point.

>SO MANY irrelevant/rude argues

Irrelevant? Seriously? She is completely delusional.

>conflicts with fake accounts and random haters

Yeah, attack the messengers when you can't refute the message.

>this is a REALLY PERSONAL profile, no matter how many followers I own, this is NOT a kind of blog or social network

Except that she's voluntarily chosen to constantly broadcast her REALLY PERSONAL shit all over the internet for anyone and everyone to see. Except that Instagram is a social network and she's just blogging with pictures. Also, lol @ "how many followers I own." I know, I know, language barrier, but still.

No. 162986

File: 1439893709291.png (482.06 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-08-18-12-27-39…)

I wonder how long until I get blocked.

No. 162988

File: 1439894248031.png (572.96 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-08-18-12-35-34…)

3 mins later my comments are gone but her follower acknowledged what I had to say and Aly told them I am fake or something like that

No. 163015

File: 1439900910071.jpg (16.97 KB, 303x138, hmmm.JPG)

Her real recovery before hospital wasn't real. Not that it's real now.

No. 163018

How does Aly have energy? Ash at least admits to needing a wheelchair, sleeping upright, and so on.

Aly is always out and about and it boggles my mind.

No. 163021

Probably one of the reasons she drinks a lot of coffee is for a tiny bit of energy. She must feel like shit most of the time, but she rushes about to burn calories imo.

No. 163022

Yeah but she has still kept the same "positive" outlook and never mentioned a relapse. She's digging herself a deep grave here.

No. 163026

>sleeping upright
why? wouldn't that use more energy?

No. 163030

Probably because lying down is too painful when you're a skeleton.

No. 163038

damn that's fucked up

No. 163039

She probably has the worst pressure sores on her ass

No. 163043

I thought it might be because of acid reflux, but I'm not sure. I have really bad GERD and have had to sleep basically sitting up my whole life :\ Acid reflux is really common in people with EDs, so it's likely that Ash has it. I'd think it'd be more comfortable to lie down instead of sit if you were extremely emaciated, though, because sitting puts more pressure on your ass/tailbone, and that isn't pleasant if you don't have any padding over those bones…

Or maybe it's a breathing thing? Now I'm curious. Ash, why do you sleep sitting up?

No. 163044

WOW, I am shocked. Did Aly just actually admit that all that shit before she was hospitalized was fake? I mean, she did it in a super low-key way, but still. I thought she was just going to go on dodging/deleting questions and denying accusations about that forever.

No. 163049

File: 1439905181255.png (959.17 KB, 617x1136, Aly 8-18-2015 3.png)

>overload of proteins
Ehhhh not really, no.

>A TON (!) of delicious grilled turkey breast

1 ton = 2 ounces; delicious = dry and almost fat-free.

>zucchini ofc cooked in oil

Looks steamed to me. There's no browning whatsoever, which makes me doubt it was even stir-fried in oil.

>white super soft bread

Wow, look at that huge piece you tore off. Amazing.

No. 163055

File: 1439906147285.jpg (5.9 KB, 250x250, 2edz092.jpg)

>for my growing muscles

No. 163056

Aly doesn't seem to respond kindly to the users who do support her. When someone asks her a question she usually replies "look at the caption" or "look at the picture" like she's so annoyed by their stupid question. IDK she comes off hangry for someone who eats a lot of food.

No. 163057

Hahah I forgot that part, that was probably the best line. Seriously, what muscles? After that photo she posted of her leaning on her poor brother, looking like she could barely even stand up while wading in the ocean, she expects people to believe she has "growing muscles"??? Bitch, please, your muscles atrophied a long time ago. I don't know how she's not in a wheelchair by this point.

No. 163058

File: 1439906468123.png (69.87 KB, 1096x248, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 6.59…)

Yeah her tone just seems really bitchy, even to her ass-lickers

No. 163059

She used to be sweeter in English and reserve her full cuntishness for the Italians. I wonder if the lack of nutrients is getting to her

No. 163066

That was my favorite part.
Maybe she's going to attempt developing an exercise addiction to balance out eating more, and then claim it's part of having a high metabolism.

She's a bitch to everyone. As far as we know, she's never commented on other's accounts, and she doesn't even seem to have friends on instagram. Makes me wonder: what's the point? Why even have an Instagram if you have no friends and have to constantly defend your lies? (I mean, bragging and all, but it doesn't seem worth it.)

No. 163082

>"a ton"
Bitch, your fork is half the size of that portion, who are you fooling?

No. 163093

She sleeps in a recliner because she doesn't have her own bedroom.

No. 163128

First time seeing this thread and I'm just kind of baffled to be honest.
How can anyone claim that all that food she supposedly eats isn't showing on her body because "hair and muscle" first bullshit??

No. 163148

Kinda hoping she goes into a coma tbh

No. 163161

Something's going to happen soon if she doesn't do #realrecovery. Her heart's probably going to give up.

No. 163163

We'll find out when she dies when all the "hater" comments about her don't get deleted within 24 hours

No. 163172

It's actually pretty hilarious to watch Aly and her followers flail around and try to justify/explain away why she hasn't visibly gained any weight whatsoever (and even seems like she may have lost more weight). That shit about calories ~going to nourish her internal organs and hair~ is so WTF I don't even know what to say. Anorexics who are hospitalized and put into treatment programs here in the US are generally expected to gain at least a pound or two a WEEK, and it definitely shows. You don't just gain 5, 10, however many pounds and have it magically all go to your fucking hair or vanish into the cavities of your heart or something. For fuck's sake, aside from the follicles and roots, your hair is DEAD CELLS. You don't store any significant amount of weight there, which should be obvious to anyone with a brain.

Sure, if organs like Aly's heart shrank, they would increase in mass somewhat when/if she started eating properly, but the idea that the weight you gain when recovering from ~severe anorexia~ is somehow invisible is just plain false. Plus, it's a damaging idea for those of Aly's followers who are recovering from EDs - if they think they can eat like 3000+ lush, oily calories a day every day for months and still look just as spoopy as they did at their lowest weight, they'll be very unpleasantly surprised at the reality. The weight tends to go to the stomach area first, but then places like the legs, arms, breasts, and ass are going to start filling out. Aly may think she's fooling people with her padded bra, but it's pretty damn clear that she hasn't gained much weight at all, if any.

No. 163173

when she's asleep, everyone should post rip aly comments

No. 163180

Omg imagine that deleting spree. It's going to take so much energy that she probs WILL die.

No. 163181

That might be a little too far. Her followers are finally starting to question her, we don't need her to start crying victim.

No. 163185

That part's more trolling than anything. I mean assuming you're talking about CChristie. CChristie's a troll.

No. 163186

Ugh edmayah follows her?
She is another of those annoying fake recovery ones I used to follow her on tumblr

No. 163197

She's still around?

No. 163205

Nah there are some (what appear to be) legit followers of hers who rush to her defense and say shit like that whenever any of the ~haters~ comment on Aly's lack of weight gain. I really wish it was all just trolling…

No. 163219

apparently and she is 'preggers now

No. 163222

Could they be doing it because they're not realrecoving either and they want to justify their own lack of weight gain by using aly as an example.

Say a young anorexic who's supposed to be recovering is being questioned by a parent as to why she isn't gaining, she could show them aly's account and say LOOK THIS IS WHY - THE SAME IS HAPPENING TO ME!

They want to encourage her because she's enabling them to not have to gain weight because it takes soooooooo long for it to show.

No. 163247

maybe.. but i think the majority of her defenders do it in the hopes that she'll acknowledge them, which is sad/pathetic.
if my anorexic child showed me Aly's account to explain why they're not gaining, well, they wouldn't have internet access anymore.

No. 163277

I don't want my anorexic child (deity somewhere forbid my child from developing an ED in the first place) to be into such a toxic environment. I'd rather have a child that hates me for taking away their internet access than a dead child.

No. 163300

Terrible idea.

Honestly, if I had a severly anorexic child, I would take away their internet access first thing. The whole pro ana and "recovery" (aka pro ana #2) community is toxic and I doubt it ever made anyone better.

No. 163319


It's helped me but in a I-don't-want-to-end-up-like-that way rather than a social support thing. I urge anyone who is deep in her/his eating disorder to look at some of the facebook groups for adult (30+) ED sufferers and look at the profiles of the members. HUGE wake up call.

No. 163336

File: 1439934191339.png (174.59 KB, 586x421, Untitled.png)

How long do you think she's going to keep this up?

No. 163338

File: 1439934474234.png (604.35 KB, 595x595, aly.png)

lookin worse and worse

No. 163342

File: 1439934605656.jpg (86.98 KB, 408x455, Capturea.JPG)

No. 163343

File: 1439934642234.jpg (96.56 KB, 409x551, Captureb.JPG)

No. 163345

I tried scoping out FB but couldn't really find any good examples of these groups or their haggard members, any links?

No. 163361


I'd been in an out of treatment for a while so I had 50+ treatment "friends" (I've deleted all of them since) so I think it came up in a suggested group link. I can't remember the specific name. It might have been a group associated with a treatment center that takes adults. I'll have to look.

No. 163391

Apart from the one fuckwit, it's good to see others backing up what you (?) wrote. That Italian comment agrees (yeah i had to google translate).

Her time is up, she can't carry on her account because she's becoming a sad joke.

No. 163449

Meh, just copying what jessnize did last night. But I guess if it saves someone from believing Aly's bullshit, good on actually_recovering.

No. 163485

File: 1439945718554.png (72.07 KB, 900x212, 968 to 931.png)

And we've gone down again. I'd like to believe this is all from reporting. I honestly have no idea what kind of posts Aly would be deleting considering how many selfies, OOTDs, and miscellaneous body pictures disappeared a long-ass time ago.

No. 163488

File: 1439946101969.jpg (70.69 KB, 640x640, 11374058_1608372929385255_2037…)

Next, on Aly's so-called life: her cooking slowly devolves to TFVG levels.

No. 163518

If it was reported pics all the spoopy ones would be gone. She could be deleting ones that have the least likes or comments. Idk how she can spend so much time over an instagram account. This looks like her only online presence apart from fb. Why doesn't she do a blog if she's desperate for something to do.

The comment about how part of her problem is not having distractions and her mum's vowed to take her places is telling. She's NINETEEN. How can she not think of places to go by herself, or things to occupy her mind? She lives in MILAN ffs, not some hick town in woolyback land.

No. 163528

I'd prefer that than her ordering veal.

No. 163530

no, she's a "joyous CHILD" remember, and she needs her mommy for everything.

But seriously, like i said in my comments that she deleted impressively fast, the only places mom should be taking her to are A-the hospital or B-homeless shelter. Allowing her to live at home in her condition is like allowing a heroin addict to shoot up/live at home, its enabling, and she'll regret it when her daughter is dead (at least i would think so)

No. 163540

I used to think Aly was a little cute, but then she stopped wearing makeup. without makeup you can really see how fucked up she is bc she can't hide it. She probably doesn't have the energy to put on makeup anymore.

No. 163550

I kind of thought that red lipstick made her look more like an old lady. I thought she was cute, too.

No. 163555

File: 1439951125711.jpg (168.8 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Aly must be so *~inspiring~*
I found this account under the comments section of one of Aly's photos

No. 163560

What is with these girls and child dinnerware in recovery?

No. 163563

Christ, the repetitiveness of these meals makes me sad.

No. 163565

None of that looks nutritious or appetizing.

No. 163566

you gotta make a terrible disease look kawaii desu. I doubt the Rachel girl even has an ED though.

No. 163577

helps with portion sizes

No. 163580

File: 1439952177715.gif (262.44 KB, 261x260, ALYGIF.gif)

the dead expression in her face

No. 163587

And none of that touches her mouth

No. 163643

Her portions are getting smaller and smaller…

No. 163653

File: 1439954901752.jpg (139.6 KB, 594x599, old woman eating.jpg)

Gotta admit, she did manage to hide her horror a little bit better than when these pictures began.

Also, I agree with >>163550 that the red lipstick makes her look even older.

No. 163682

File: 1439956269149.jpg (433.51 KB, 1573x638, calories.jpg)

As we've already established, she deleted all of her bigger-than-her-face sandwiches and pint parties.

Since she's sick, she probably remembers every meal she did eat, and every meal she didn't. My theory is that she's currently deleting all of the meals that were lies.

If you look, almost every meal from before the hospital is a dinner. (A few snacks, breakfasts, and lunches survived the deletion spree, but they make up maybe 10% of the posts.)
She's admitted to restricting all day in order to eat a meal, so these dinner-only posts would follow with that.

Lastly, here's a fun little picture where she argues with someone about macaron calories.

No. 163717

Well, at least she hasn't deleted Dante. Snapping a picture of that beautiful man with the LUSH (!) hair is the only decent thing she has done with her instagram.

No. 163724


>Oh well… Loved the end of the message!


No. 163809

Keep up the good work

No. 163880

The hair thing was satire, but I've read the "organs first" argument multiple times from misinformed stans, and it's infuriating how gullible some people are.
When refeeding, fat usually gets stored in the abdominal area first to protect the vital organs, which does show - a lot. That's why a majority of people actually recovering from advanced anorexia look "pregnant" at first.

So everytime I see one of those ~real recovery~ fags with flat as fuck stomachs I instantly suspect they are full of shit.

No. 163884

Every last comment has been purged

No. 163891

aw, poor baby woke up in a bad mood /s

I wonder how her mom got her to go IP last time. There didnt seem to be any special lead up to it, she just went. I wonder what the delay is this time.

No. 163899

I've been following this saga since I discovered her in the thread of she who shall not be named.

Her mom was threatening IP if she didn't gain by the end of June, maybe may. But then she started saying that she'd decided herself to go IP for ED treatment. The first place said her bmi was too low and that she needed emergency aid in hospital. So she sought a second opinion, and these were the geniuses who tube fed her for a few days and sent her home. Her mom needs to start threatening again, but maybe Aly's been threatening to not eat and such. Who knows?

No. 163900

I guess my point is that mom stopped threatening when Aly decided to make it her idea, probably to get mom off her back.

No. 163902

hrm. Well I'm impressed that it happened once…it makes me hope her mom was just giving her a few months to turn it around and will soon threaten again. And pick a better facility, this time.

No. 163909

Thing is, since Aly's an adult, she has to agree to enter, remain in, and participate in treatment (unless she meets the criteria for involuntary treatment, and then a lot of legal shit is involved). I doubt her mom can stand up to her. Aly seems like she could be pretty manipulative and sneaky. And, even if she was willing to use it, who knows how much "leaverage" mom even has to use against Aly.

No. 163936

File: 1439971083627.png (1.06 MB, 621x1702, Aly 8-18-2015 4.png)

Unsurprising but still pretty funny. Here's the last screenshot I got before she deleted it all. Unfortunately I wasn't able to expand all of the comments. They wouldn't load for some reason.

No. 163938

random question, but anyone with an ED in here ever drop acid or take mushrooms while ill? I'm wondering if it has the potential to be therapeutic.

No. 163952

>You look so healthy!
Basically every image, just because she's sitting in front of a plate of food.

No. 163962

That's not a fit person, that is definitely someone who is very underweight. This is coming from someone who is 10lbs underweight and surrounded by people who are actually thin and fit.
You're either retarded or have a really warped mind.

No. 163971

It makes it look like you're eating more than you are. It's a tactic for weight loss since people tend to fill their plates, so a big plate usually leads to big portions.

No. 164001

Wait a minute, this girl is 19?? Fuck I thought she was late 20's early 30's or something.
I mean I'm on the opposite end being really fucking fat but even I look younger then her and I'm the same age. I mean I have my own eating issues except that I overeat obviously but I can't imagine making an account like this and doing the opposite of what she's doing, saying I'm losing weight but that it first comes from my organs.

That girl needs to be send to treatment, I'm honestly fearing she's going to die soon.

No. 164066

That would actually be interesting to do. Start a fitspo or whatever account and claim to be losing weight even if you're maintaining or gaining. Take a picture of only one-fourth of your normal plate of food and claim it's your meal.
The only thing is, you wouldn't be damaging people in the same way that Aly is, of course.

No. 164072

Yes! i've always been shocked at how thin i look when tripping, as opposed to thinking i look totally normal when not tripping. Its more with shrooms that i see this than acid. Once I'm not tripping anymore I'm like "am i actually that thin, or was i hallucinating?"

No. 164078

Is it just me, or are her posts getting more and more desperate, trying to assure her followers that yes, she's totally eating so much LUSH (!), OILY food?

No. 164085

Yeah I think a more fitting example in that case is HAES blogs that tell people struggling with too much weight that they shouldn't lose it, that they look better, and that they should gain more.

But yeah I wonder how long it would take until I get called out "Uuum I don't think you're losing weight??"

No. 164091

File: 1439999313522.png (362.61 KB, 499x569, 1435985481725.png)


Same. I remember the last time I did, I think acid (been a while), as I was coming down, I took off my shirt and stared at myself in the mirror and started just flexing my muscles and pulling my shoulders forward, and was mystified at how weird I looked. Bones on skin look weird when you're tripping.

I will say, though, when I was tripping, instead of thinking "yes, I look thinner" like I would sober, I thought "Jesus, look at me. I look horrible."

No. 164092

At this point I reckon most of the comments are people humouring her.

No. 164095

what's the deal with lardass and the sprout making her cry?

No. 164098

From some TLC show about a woman who would only eat cheesy potatoes. Wouldn't eat anything else, and couldn't even be in the same room as other food. This was an attempt to get her to eat something different. It was a very tumblr-esque show.

No. 164099

Anon, please show a bit more compassion. This woman is suffering from an incredibly serious illness. She's American.

No. 164105

just to clarify, i was the first to reply to the acid/shrooms inquiry, i don't think i look good when i take shrooms. its more like "omg do i really look this spoopy and why the fuck has nobody told me?! or am i hallucinating.."

No. 164106

Oh, there was a girl on British tv who only ate things made out of potatoes like that. She was fat as well.

I hope one day she can find a country who will offer her citizenship.

No. 164109

its possible… as some kind of enlightenment. tripping makes me feel like i learned something about myself or at least opened my mind to things it previously couldnt access. its possible you could 'realize' the causes/effects of your ED and some way to cope.
just make sure you have someone watching you, people/location you trust. all that.

No. 164114

At this point I'm entirely certain Aly's whole life revolves around food and Instagram. Buying/being bought, preparing, arranging, and photographing food, going out to a place to eat, ordering food and photographing it, uploading the pictures online with long detailed captions in a second language, engaging with followers and constantly, constantly patrolling the comments to delete and block people. Imagine waking up every day, spending half an hour deleting comments on a social media profile, then beginning the rigamarole of preparing, arranging, photographing, uploading food, which you may or may not eat.. then having to delete all the comments that don't agree with the image you're trying to project. Repeat.

Fuck. Give yourself a break Aly.

No. 164116

File: 1440000239914.png (670.98 KB, 956x619, cMq8x9n.png)

she can hold TWO of these plums with her spoopy hands.

No. 164119


Wow that is really interesting. I wish it was easier to do studies using hallucinogens, I really do believe they can have great therapeutic power for some mental illnesses. Imagine doing a guided trip with a therapist on hand to prompt you. You could probably achieve so many insights

No. 164122

MMMmmMMmm reminds me of Dante

No. 164123

Have a look on Google scholar, there's lots of scholarly journals about the therapeutic uses and potential of Psilocybin :) Also you might like to look into MDMA therapy and a recent study into using Ketamine as an anti-depressant!

No. 164126

The day Instagram implements a setting where all comments must pass approval before even being published will cause Aly's account to be even more maddening than it already is.

She looks fucking awful lately. She was looking so much better in the hospital but now she's back to being dehydrated and bug-eyed with her caved in face and dead expressions.

No. 164127


Snort. Good one.


Not only that, but the food she photographs is less and less convincing. She used to at least pretend to eat enough, now even if I believed she ate everything she photographed I still wouldn't believe its enough.

No. 164129

Have you ever read John C. Lilly? He was a kind of pioneer with lsd trials. Never taken acid, never would. I don't want to be stuck in the Vietnam War for the rest of my life.

Aly really looks like shit. Like, more than before hospital.

No. 164131

Yes I have read some! I have never read it used for ED in a clinical trial though, only cancer patients. There may be self reports of past experiences though. I actually have university access to academic articles, I should do some searching. I was also meaning to look for any research on ED recovery and social media use. I imagine someone has at least done a dissertation on it.

No. 164132

Well I was literally just about to say you've inspired some ideas for my dissertation so thanks anon!

No. 164133

And do you know what this doesn't leave any time for? Actual eating

No. 164159

No. 164160

oh fuck me >>164123 already said it.

No. 164163


Ha, I wonder how many of us are grad students. If I wasn't so deep into my diss I'd consider it as a topic.

No. 164164

i agree… sorry to OT the thread but yea a lot of the dangers from hallucinogens is from people that are in bad environments or unsafe places. if you go in with a good mindset with good people, it should be fine.

No. 164203

Oh, of course. Considering how many people are catching on and how much fire she's under, it seems she's altering the style in which she speaks to make it seem a lot less suspicious. Does that make sense? I've sort of noticed it, too.

No. 164207

File: 1440006848855.jpg (27.67 KB, 351x297, okay then.JPG)

She sounds desperate when she's trying to convince everyone how her mood is over the stars.


No. 164214

I honestly think she's trying to convince herself. Like if she type it out then that's what she was feeling, not the fear/anxiety she probably feels when faced with food

No. 164248

Yeah, but she's convincing OTHERS in recovery that she's joyful at food and they then think they're losers for feeling anxious and not joyful children with a mood over the stars.

No. 164250

If anyone is interested to start a thread on /b/ I'd be happy to contribute experiences with mental illness and various drugs (not ed but it could be an interesting thread nonetheless)

No. 164271

Oh man, that new CChristie post/video of the crepe being binned.. Seriously, my sides. Although part of me hopes that wasn't a real crepe or at least not a good one haha.

No. 164289

I'd be

No. 164291


I actually bought a real crepe but it was a fresh bag in the trash cab. Aly made me want a crepe. The difference is that mine had meat and cheese in it AND I FUCKING ATE IT.

No. 164295

Oh good I'm glad it didn't go to waste, aren't many places to get a crepe around here so I'm rather jealous as that meat and cheese combo sounds great, I mean lush (!)

No. 164297



No. 164337

First time I tripped on acid I was like "i am so damn beautiful the way I am and I'm going to start being nicer to myself bc I only have one body and I better treat it with love!!"
That was two years ago and I still hate my body lmfao

No. 164367

Even if they were HUGE(!), that's still less than 100 calories for both of them, smh.

No. 164373

She might be eating them for the laxative effect.

No. 164386

That sounds so good. My favorite is mushroom, cheese and spinach crepes.

No. 164390

No. 164391

I don't even know this woman and i want to punch her in the face.

No. 164444

It was prosciutto, raclette, and potato!

No. 164459

NGL, I fucking love this show.

No. 164558

File: 1440032413459.jpg (14.31 KB, 276x98, tena lady moment.JPG)

This made me pee.

No. 164588

Actual lol

No. 164595

Fucking kek

No. 164621

Fellow grad student here. Good luck on your dissertation. /ot

No. 164728

File: 1440037376503.jpg (39.9 KB, 512x368, image.jpg)

No. 164830

Can someone call Aly fat just so she starves to death? Like she's gonna do it anyway, might as well make it quick

No. 164840

… Uh, how about we don't?

No. 164859

We're not trying to hasten her death, we're just morbid spectators.

No. 164860

Cchristie is a hero

No. 164892

Holy fuck my sides

No. 165184

Let's not do that because we're reasonable human beings. There's no guarantee that she will starve herself to death. Maybe she will, maybe she won't.

No. 165204


That'd be really fucked up….

No. 165375

I communicated with a guy from Verona, Italy because I wanted to order something from him. He looks eerily similar to Dante. Does anyone know where that beer guy photo was taken?

No. 165472

Did anyone catch the big blow up in Italian on that minced meat post? I didn't screenshot and don't speak Italian, comments are gone though.

No. 165499

File: 1440091570918.jpg (23.72 KB, 308x186, Capture.JPG)

Caught this (google translated)

No. 165505

File: 1440091711354.jpg (46.64 KB, 287x421, 1.JPG)

And this (farmer?)

No. 165526

Hey guys. Does anybody know about this chick?

200K+ on youtube (this is an old video)

No. 165533

She's already been discussed.

No. 165604

Apparently it was NHERO Milano. She tagged it in her pic

No. 165613

im still loling

No. 165615

He looks grotesque in some poses
>twerking when you have no ass

No. 165668

File: 1440104282121.jpg (181.94 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Aly a year ago

No. 165676

Definitely shooped. Her thigh's gone all wonky.

No. 165689

I don't think it's shooped only because of how thin we know she got, her thighs weren't much bigger than her calves

No. 165716

She's diggin' her spoopiness and generously offering lots of vulnerable young people some #thighgap #thinspoo

No. 165728

yeah actually not shooped that's how a lot of people's are shaped when they're thin

No. 165759

lol dear god fuck off, that's straight up thinspo. at least put a ~SUPER DELISH AND OILY~ portion of vegetables in there or sth, to keep the recovery facade up

No. 165762

So, flyingfree85 is a confirmed troll. Is she/he still commenting on Aly's posts?

No. 165764

I haven't seen ff85 in a few days.

No. 165766

It's someone from here since she's commenting on the chris christie account.

No. 165872

No. 165887

Yeah, those poses are such a cliche I always have to roll my eyes.

No. 165914

File: 1440124303238.png (61.93 KB, 615x345, mmj.png)

I've always wanted to try DMT, salvia, LSD, and shrooms (probably in that order). I've only ever ~done marijuana~ (legally, too - I'm such a badass rulebreaker). I wish ED treatment centers could/would offer medibles as dessert options. At every meal. Or just provide joints/bongs/whatever. I'd probably still be a spoopy on my way to a chairgrave if it wasn't for MMJ. I try really hard not to be That Annoying Pothead, but I'm definitely an advocate. Of course, it's not for everyone, though.

Chris Christie anon is a true hero. This comment alone was enough to put me back in a good mood after two of the shittiest days in memory.

No. 165953

She probably makes food as plain as possible because ~muh calories~

No. 165998

File: 1440134638587.png (1.15 MB, 594x1198, Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.1…)

Dear lord. Every photo that shoes her sternum…why, just why? If you're going to pretend that you're ~recovering and gaining weight~, why not at least try to make it look real? She has one of the spoopiest sternum's I've ever seen, and I don't mean that as a compliment in any way whatsoever.

No. 166028

It's so scary. Looks like if someone bumps into her hard enough, it will fracture.

No. 166029

They're soooooo common, it's ridiculous. The only one I can kind of excuse is the arm-tensing type where it looks like they're taking a selfie using Photo Booth or something on a heavy laptop and they're holding it out in front of them.

Pics that should be on that list
- Side shot of a person lying down and sucking in, bonus points if there's a pencil or something in between their abdomen and the camera
- Shot of a person holding a Starbucks cup or a bottle of Diet Coke or something between their legs, emphasizing their thigh gap

These poses make me want to punch things.

No. 166031

She's probably got mad osteoporosis going on, too. I hate to think what something like a bad fall or a car accident would do to her. Going for ages at a BMI of like 10-12 has to take a pretty awful physical toll, and I hate how Aly represents herself as this JOYFUL CHILD (!) when she's probably, I would imagine, in total agony.

I starved myself as a super-edgy, super-stupid young teen. My memories of the time are hazy, but I was only severely underweight (not even Aly-status spoopy) for like four months or so. I still have horrible osteoporosis over a decade later, after years of taking calcium supplements. I'm out of my bone-building age window, too, so I'm stuck with grandma bones 4 lyfe. SO GLAMOROUS!

So yeah, be careful, Aly. One tumble and you could break your hip like an old lady.

No. 166032

geez, I'm sorry to hear that, but glad this was a long time ago, so you're through the ED. You actually recovered, unlike Aly.

No. 166067

One of the many things that suck about EDs is that, even if you've been fully "recovered" for years, you can still be suffering the consequences of your actions. I guess it's like people who used to smoke and then quit but still, decades later, have respiratory problems. Aly has already been severely underweight for so long that, even if she were to fully recover and stay at a healthy weight for the rest of her life, she would probably still have to deal with problems caused by her anorexia.

Underneath all of the bullshit positivity and lies, she's a very young woman with (apparently) a very bad ED. I hope she either chooses to change her own life (unlikely, IMO) or is compelled to by some outside force (PAPA PLEASE STEP IN WITH YOUR IRON WILL AND HELP YOUR DAUGHTER!). In the meantime, though, she's causing damage via social media, which isn't cool whatsoever. If she was just yet another person struggling with an ED, it'd be an entirely different story. But all those lies, lies, lies, lies…

No. 166073

No kidding. It sounds very scary. A lot of people with EDs usually start off in their teen years and sometimes last in their 20s.. If and when they recover, it does affect their health for life.

I feel really bad for people who want to recover so bad, but have a hard time. Aly is just a liar, and she really frightens me to look at her skeletal body. She is damaging to people who want to recover and anyone can see she hasn't gained any weight. I believe she'll be back in the hospital very soon at this rate.

No. 166079

File: 1440145934048.gif (10.16 MB, 595x597, Cookie monster.gif)

37 different cookie pictures. Don't have a seizure.

No. 166083

That just makes me hungry. I wonder if there's a crazy enough anon to list all the types of cookies/biscuits she buys by brand?

No. 166084

So many pictures with the saucer in the same direction..

No. 166086

What bugs me most is how she never paints her whole nail. I know nothing about nail-painting and haven't painted mine for 10+ years, so maybe that's a "thing," but whatever - it looks sloppy and ugly, IMO. She's so rigid about some things, like cookie placement, that I'm surprised she doesn't fix her damn nails. Unless, again, that it's some sort of weird fashion statement that I'm just too old and uncool to recognize.

No. 166088

LOL! You're so cute, anon. Nah, I'm in my late 20s and i'm pretty sure she's just sloppy as fuck and bad at painting her nails.

No. 166090

It is a thing, but not a fashion statement. Supposedly it's bad for your nails to paint all the way to the cuticles, though when I looked it up, it only applied to gel nail polish. Since Aly, despite doing nothing, chips her nail polish after a day, I doubt she's using gel.
(However, I think not painting to the cuticles is bullshit and looks dumb.)

No. 166091

I always leave a very slight gap. I find that if I paint to the cuticle, it pools. But yes, Aly needs to learn how to paint her nails, they're always in such awful condition even after fresh coats.

No. 166092

File: 1440148067653.jpg (9.48 KB, 286x100, stfu.jpg)

Getting bored with these "hints" at events. Just tell your followers what happened or stfu. Sheesh.

50% bet on "panic attack" and 50% bet on "dad was meeeean wah wahhh"

No. 166096

File: 1440149051471.png (1.92 MB, 1196x1200, Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 2.20…)

This is what Aly gets off to. #Cappuccinoporn. At least it's better than #yolkporn.

I love cappuccinos and all but man, those bubbles make it look like a bubbling swamp. It doesn't even have anything cute drawn in the foam. But it's [minimal] CALORIES (!) so it must be posted on Instagram.

No. 166123

A kaleidoscope of cookies!

No. 166127

At this point, I'm finding it hard to tell if this is a common thing anong recovery IG/blogs (i.e. everything's basiclaly perfect everyday) or it's mostly just Aly trying to keep it up. What is it? Perfectionism manifesting elsewhere? Wanting people to ass-lick for eternity? Seriously, what? I'm really trying to understand, but I can't.

No. 166130

File: 1440157260382.png (1.19 MB, 797x1002, aly.png)

I made you guys a thing ❤
(sorry for the shitty shooping skills lmaoo)

No. 166135

such determinated!

I love how Doge's ear sticks out from her hair. Humans should have ears on top like that. Much more pleasing to the eye.

No. 166137

File: 1440158801019.jpg (27.11 KB, 556x295, not convinced.JPG)

Hater comments are happening much more often.

No. 166139

File: 1440159099031.jpg (28.23 KB, 300x248, not convinced.JPG)

I spy a farmer! Omg, your h8r fake account, b*tch please!!!1

No. 166140

File: 1440159178579.jpg (16.26 KB, 303x116, say it sista.JPG)

for the archives because deletion is imminent.

No. 166144

>>166140 omg she didn't delete it, she replied!!!!

No. 166149

File: 1440161164609.png (324.58 KB, 589x499, Untitled.png)

She's so controlling over the comments she deletes. She deleted some inoffensive comments too.

Damn haters.

She cut parts off though.

No. 166153

I hate chocolate powder on cappuccinos. It sticks to your lipstick. Cinnamon's better and even then I eat the froth with a spoon.

That doesn't look like a nice cuppa, but she was on her own so probably took the froth off or didn't drink it anyway.

No. 166188


can never taste the chocolate anyway

No. 166207

"I haven't banned anyone" BAHAHAHAHA MY SIDES.

No. 166208

Also, can someone who ISN'T banned by her explain to her that blocking people is the same as banning them?

No. 166237

Oh Christ.

No. 166242

Wow, it only took her 30 seconds to block me and delete my comment calling her and her lies out. This spoiled cunt.

No. 166245

File: 1440174613894.png (1.02 MB, 617x1704, Aly 8-21-2015.png)

Here's a screenshot with a few more of the comments from that post. I'm not sure how many she deleted before I capped it.
>"I haven't banned anyone, but I answered to polite comments instead. Thanks for your hate and please unfollow me!"
Bitch please, you've blocked me on like 4-5 throwaway accounts alone for making fairly innocuous comments, not even hardcore "hating." With every post, you're fooling fewer and fewer people. If you want a complete echo chamber, don't make a fucking social media account that thousands of people can easily access and comment on.

No. 166247

Found her facebook; the troll has a boyfriend… who would want to make love with that?


No. 166249

File: 1440174790980.png (49.78 KB, 1112x154, Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.16…)

Was this you? I lol'd. She is DANG (!) fast at deleting comments and blocking people! What a superlicious liar! [monkey face emoji]

No. 166250

File: 1440174883158.png (164.07 KB, 1122x564, Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.32…)

Annnnnnd of course that comment was gone when I refreshed the page…here's the echo chamber now. Wow. Just wow.

No. 166252

How does she afford all these things? I can't possibly imagine …

No. 166253

Yeah that was me, lol. I'm so DANG mad I didn't even make a throwaway. To be honest, I didn't understand the deal with her until I started following her Instagram. Her fake positivity makes me sick. Its not that easy to recover from an ED. And she is obviously lying about recovery. Which means that sick people who see her "progress" but don't see her gain weight become discouraged to gain weight themselves.. She's a pro-ana account masquerading as someone who is actually trying to recover.

No. 166256

They broke up.

No. 166259

I don't know… She doesn't have a job and she doesn't go to school, right? How old is she? Isshe still living with her super rich parents?

No. 166260

File: 1440175774583.jpg (27.06 KB, 294x196, kek.JPG)

She's at university, she lives with her parents.

> OMFG I've never tasted such a DELICIOUS strawberry cheesecake

No you didn't, Aly. A bit of honesty at last.

No. 166264

"Mood is over the stars right now" is aly code for "bent over a toilet purging".

No. 166265


Honestly not surprised.

No. 166267

He's the one who bought her the $800 Tiffany necklace she still wears.

No. 166268

Oops, I realize now that my phrasing was a bit problematic. I should have said "look like a mummified, leathery corpse that has been decomposing n the Sahara desert for three weeks" instead of "skinny." Because that's what Aly really looks like.

No. 166269

lmao, anon you are fucking ruthless.

No. 166271

Her mum spends so much time having to go out to places with her, then go to a cafe and take pics of her with a fucking croissant or cheesecake. No fucking way on earth did she eat that. What does she do with it?

Anon would be a lifesaver if aly took that advice.

No. 166274

If I could be arsed (and spoke Italian) I'd phone California Bakery and get them to tell me what she did with the cheesecake.

No. 166308

File: 1440181483295.png (52.53 KB, 1098x182, Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.1…)

More and more questioners are coming forward. I love it. Aly's going to have to step up her deleting/blocking game even more to stay on top of all of the ~haters~. Maybe one of these days she'll get it through her head that what she's doing, even if it gets her ass-pats from a handful of other eating-disordered people on Instagram, is unhealthy, abnormal, and counterproductive to "real recovery" (although I don't believe for a second that she actually wants to recover - she gets too much attention and adoration for being a spoopy). Or maybe her mom will snap and stop tolerating/enabling Aly's BS. Seems like that may have been what happened with her dad, although one can only speculate.

No. 166323

"Had a bad wake up this morning ? my friend was getting ready for his wedding when a 747 fell from the sky and crushed his entire family, including the bride to be who was also pregnant ? ? but then I took a walk to the cafe with mum ? and am feeling now #POSITIVE and #UPBEAT "

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cchristie_recovers you are an inspiration to me ~*~*~*

No. 166326

I'm jealous of the fact that she's only 19 and since bone density is mostly accumulated during adolescence, she still has about 5 years to make up for a lot of the damage she's done. Not that i think she will. I think she'll end up like me and other anon, that is, by the time she wants to recover, she'll be out of the density forming window and have horrible osteoporosis for life. Idk if it would've stopped me as a teen, but I'm pissed no one ever explained to me how the bone density age window thing worked. i didn't figure it out until id gotten a bachelors in health ed, and by then it was too late.
i wonder if its been explained to Aly? id explain it, but she blocked me, of course.

No. 166328

Shoot, forgot best part:

" I think my friends family died so that I could realize how #PRECIOUS life is because like I always say everything happens for a reason ?? "


P.S. - Any guesses about the actual size of that margharita pizza?

No. 166335

Hahaha fuck

No. 166345


I've questioned this before too. I'm guessing its a personal pan size… Probably a frozen low fat low cal pizza because its not pre cut and its looks exactly the same as every other pizza she's ever eaten. Does she expect her followers to believe that after she has 8oz of fish and a half cup of rice for lunch that she's putting away a full size pizza?

No. 166347

6" tops. Pessimistic guess, but who cares. From what I can tell, she's using the same plate she used for her various pastas, so it can't be too big.

No. 166398

She's not even pretending to be about to take a bite any more… she's probably too tired. And this is just nitpicking, but why is she always smiling in horror at her food, rather than looking at the camera? She looks like she's telling her mom, "hurry hurry hurry, take it now" through gritted teeth.

No. 166404

Goddamnit I can't stop laughing

No. 166415

File: 1440192948636.jpg (66.96 KB, 800x600, HUGE cracker and a TON of chee…)

Pizza is probably a stock photo on google.

No. 166431

I remember saying one of these .gif compilations looked like something out of a Death Grips music video. You have outdone yourself, anon.

No. 166435

File: 1440195457225.jpg (26.76 KB, 644x325, SAFE.JPG)

I was just browsing #inpatient on ig and found an old friend of this thread. Anon made gifs of her unknown silver edible and #sexspresso and they're my favourite gifs.

Seeing her on the feed makes me feel so safe and secure, but damn, I hope she gets outta hospital one day.

No. 166436

No. 166438

I think that's the second thread about her. There's one questioning her Ben&Jerry's pint party somewhere.

Most think she's full of shit, ha.

No. 166440

No. 166441

I think it was the Starbucks .gif, because it looked like something out of the "I've Seen Footage" music video. I'm not even a big fan of Death Grips but that .gif, man.

No. 166443

YEAH! I remember your comment! Sthing like it looks like a hipster video.

No. 166451

File: 1440196636294.jpg (55.91 KB, 293x350, purging ice cream.jpg)

She actually answered the purge question! That's shocking. Of course, I'm certain it's a lie, but still.

For a moment, I thought she had seriously lost her damn mind and lost track of her lies, but she counts those frozen Fortimels as ice cream. Fuck no.

No. 166457

She said she used to binge, then disappear for a few days and starve. I can see how she'd lose weight doing that depending on what she calls a binge (probably 1000 calories).

If she's eating what she says she is, she's got to be throwing up.

Nah, she calls Fortimel a snack. Nope.

No. 166459

They're both pretty close in calories. Fortimel is like 300 calories a bottle. Ben and Jerry's peanut butter fudge is 300 for around the same serving size as a Compact. But that's just for Ben and Jerry's.

No. 166461

It looks more like she decided to tear that thing apart instead of eating it.

No. 166465

File: 1440197686453.jpg (20.25 KB, 225x280, 1.JPG)

She'd have more luck actually eating it if she wasn't grinning at it so hard.

Found this hideous ED organisation logo tattoo on ig.

I kept reporting this bitch for thinspo and her account was deleted SO SHE MAKES A NEW ONE. ffs.

No. 166472

File: 1440198406200.jpg (56.88 KB, 602x593, baw.JPG)

The gas huffing anorexic self harms (sue debs maggie rosie) has started posting crying pics again.

No. 166474

File: 1440198425801.jpg (28.84 KB, 239x571, remember her.JPG)

The spoopy one - remember?

No. 166490

No. 166499

How come the majority of anas have such terrible sense of style or horrible taste for hairstyles? See: Ash threads and the anas featured in them

No. 166506

Because they feel ~alienated~. Idk, but this phase didn't last long.

I was going to stick her and the ugly tat in the Ash thread but thought not. Don't really want to bump that thread seeing how it's all LETTTT THIS THREAAAD DIIIIIIE

No. 166508

that fucking symbol. just buy a necklace or a t-shirt or something.

No. 166511

File: 1440202451332.jpg (16.91 KB, 298x96, PLZ DONT BLOCK.JPG)

It looks like some sort of pregnancy figure you see on a testing kit.

Back to aly, it's funny how when followers post comments asking why she's still emaciated and have to follow up with I'M SAYING THIS WITH LOVE, RESPECT, WORSHIP!!!1

No. 166513

They fear the wrath of Aly (in other words they don't want to be blocked bc then they can't stalk their thinspo)

No. 166537

File: 1440203917718.png (1.14 MB, 617x1814, Aly 8-21-2015 2.png)

>What does she do with it?
I'm guessing she spends a lot of time dicking around and playing with her food, arranging it, photographing it, taking little nibbles, etc. and then goes "OH MY GOD, that was SOOOO lush and delish! I can't eat another bite!" or something. A lot of what she photographs consists of really small portions that she tries to make look larger than they are, too, like the nano-desserts and extreme close-ups of tiny parts of a plates of pasta (she's probably using tiny plates and shoving all the food into the one area she's photographing). She could be eating just under the amount she needs to eat to maintain and slowly losing weight while still consuming what appears to be a fairly normal diet. Or, she could be purging. Who knows. I don't think she's one of those people who purges multiple times a day, every day, though. If she is, she's doing a DANG (!) good job of hiding the physical toll that would take on her body. Being a habitual purger at any weight can be deadly just because of electrolyte imbalances. She's never mentioned having to get potassium supplements or anything, but maybe she just doesn't post about shit like that.

Anyway, at minimum, those Fortimels are probably either getting poured down the drain or purged, both of which would be pretty easy to do unless someone was watching her like a hawk (which that pretty clearly isn't the case). Aside from the salads, which aren't very calorically dense at all, much of what she eats is easy purge material - ice cream/sorbet/gelato is a good example.

I had some pretty bad GI problems last year and, even though I was able to force myself to eat almost enough (never under ~1000 calories/day or anything), over the course of many months, I ended up getting pretty spoopy myself. As soon as my stomach wasn't full of ulcers and I was able to digest things properly, though, I gained the weight back by eating ~1800-2400 calories/day. I "recovered" in far less time than it's taken Aly to gain, what is it she claims, like 3 kg total so far in her real real recovery? And I never ate nearly as much as she makes it seem like she does. No super oily (!) whole pizzas, pint parties, or "ensures."

Here's a page that discusses hypermetabolism in recovery from AN: http://www.scienceofeds.org/2014/05/07/hypermetabolism-in-anorexia-nervosa/

Interesting…I got the "hot and sweaty" thing, too. It was really unpleasant. Aly's never mentioned it, but, then again, she rarely mentions anything about the unglamorous, un-JOYFUL-CHILD-ish parts of her "recovery." If we assume that she was completely full of shit and severely restricting before she was hospitalized, and then she really did start eating more after she got out of the hospital (despite what seems like evidence to the contrary), I guess it could be possible that she's still in a state of hypermetabolism. However, if she is being followed by ED specialists, including a dietitian, as she claims, she should be continuously increasing her meal plan to combat the hypermetabolism. The idea that she's hypermetabolic, gaining invisible weight (her "organs" have to be HUGE (!) by now), and having an ED treatment facility be so happy with her "progress" that they never even increase her meal plan or feel the need to see her on a regular basis is just laughable. Either she's completely full of shit or the "professionals" "treating" her have no idea what they're doing.

Wow, I wrote this whole comment hours ago and then went to a different tab and totally forgot about it until now. Looks like Aly's asleep - I love how the comments sections on her posts go from Happyland to Criticism City as soon as she stops moderating the fuck out of them.

I really thought she had copped to purging in the past. Did I imagine that?

No. 166560

File: 1440205787724.jpg (47.93 KB, 640x374, image.jpg)


No. 166562

File: 1440206207876.jpg (164.96 KB, 640x1088, image.jpg)

This one's just fucking sad tbh because she's 13

No. 166563

Totally recovering but look at how skinny i am don't you wish you were 29kg like me uwu

No. 166565

If it weren't for the tube up her nose then I'd think she's just another naturally skinny 13y/o using her thinness as a way of getting attention by making a "recovery" Instagram when she doesn't even understand eating disorders but sees these spoopys with a lot of followers because they're "recovering" and she wants the attention that they receive.

No. 166568

Same anon, pardon my English, it's my second language

No. 166586

File: 1440209273721.png (667.83 KB, 929x596, xdth.png)

her captions remind me of aly's, or is it common for these recovery igs to post their captions like this?

No. 166589

Well, she follows Aly (I found her in the comments section of one of her photos actually lol) so she's probably mimicking her captions

No. 166596

Semi-related: I used to think that Ginger was just a normal, naturally thin 12-14 year old and people were being paranoid faggots when they accused her of having an ED. It's normal for kids to have underweight BMI's before they hit their puberty growth spurt; see this chart from the CDC, for example. http://www.cdc.gov/growthcharts/data/set2clinical/cj41c074.pdf

…Then I found out that Ginger is 19.


No. 166598

I read her ~my story~ a while ago and don't remember her saying anything about purging. It was the binge/starve thing I remember, and also she admitted that she threw food away or hid it. I could be wrong, but don't remember a purge thing.

I wait for aly to go to bed just so I can read the comments that can't be deleted within 10 minutes of posting. She can delete all she likes, they're usually archived here ;)

No. 166600

Part of me wants to make an ~*~exposing aly~*~ ig and follow people who regularly comment on her shit while posting the caps farmers put on here/the photo collages of her but i'm afraid of it getting taken down bc of aly's bitching/reporting to ig

No. 166604

Could do a tumblr like the one for 'A' but then insta people might not find it.

Aly went apeshit when someone made that short lived ig account that made fun of her one one pic, so she'd definitely kick off.

I'd love someone to do an account that exposes her though. Not mentioning her name would be okay, and I'm not sure if reposting screencaps of negative comments would be a big deal seeing how they get removed which must get the people who commented pissed off.

No. 166605

Oh, and possibly making it private would keep her from seeing her collages.

No. 166606

File: 1440211306585.jpg (14.76 KB, 442x50, eek.JPG)

So sad she's copying aly so hard. Poor kid is already fucked up and she's using aly as some kind of role model.

No. 166607

Bella Thorne (actress) was a super thin prepubescent preteen and a lot of young girls are naturally like that before they hit puberty, which is why it's tricky to guess whether a 13 year old girl has anorexia or is just super thin just by looking at them (unless of course there is other physical evidence)
Ginger is different, though. If your disorder starts at a young age like before or during the beginning of puberty then you've pretty much fucked up your body for life. Not providing enough nutrients for your body while it goes through huge changes, means no boobies (yay me). Ginger stunted her development which is proba why she looks so young :/

No. 166612

I didn't get to see that IG :(

No. 166658

File: 1440219535423.png (76.68 KB, 322x294, bleeearrrgghhhhghgh.png)

True. Then, in people who develop EDs later on - even later in their teens instead of pre-puberty - it seems to age them, and they often end up looking haggard as fuck, like aworkingprogress (sorry girl, I really hope you get better because the whole spoopy thing makes you look about twice your age).

>tfw your growth was stunted and now you're a disgusting, freakish "woman"-child who's 27 going on 13

I don't even know what this emoji is supposed to convey, but it seemed apt. If this was 1915, maybe I could join the circus. /borninthewronggeneration

No. 166695

She didn't stunt her development. There were pics posted in the old thread of how she used to look . She looked like a normal person until maybe a year and a half ago..

No. 166703


that's embarrassing af…what's her instagram account?

No. 166771

File: 1440237747530.png (1.19 MB, 619x1793, Aly 8-22-2015.png)

First, let's take a moment to appreciate that nice padded bra and the chest-sticking-out-y pose Aly's doing there. It's really distracting me from her disgustingly protruding sternum…yep, totally looks like she's gaining weight, guys.

Next, I think this post is a good example of how Aly doesn't seem to grasp what "recovery" actually means. To her, it's ~*~positivity~*~ and taking pretty pictures of food and smiling for the camera while her sternum bursts through the skin of her chest and using a zillion emojis per post and gushing about how oily all of her food is. It doesn't involve actually eating a healthy amount of food, maintaining a healthy weight, and/or practicing healthy eating behaviors. She's "gaining weight," but of course she'll never gain any fat. It's all going to her organs and those growing muscles of hers. It's pretty sickening, really, because she has a lot of young girls who (unfortunately) look up to her, and many/most/all (?) of them have EDs as well. She's giving them a completely unrealistic picture of what recovery is like, and I'm starting to feel like it goes beyond just delusion, self-absorption, and attention-whoring and steps into the realm of maliciousness.

Aly is the super duper special unique case, though. She has a magic metabolism that functions in a way that contradicts everything I know about biology and nutrition, for one. Here in the US, a young adult in Aly's condition would be a likely candidate for having her parents obtain legal guardianship of her again, since she doesn't seem able to make sane decisions herself (i.e., actually fucking try to recover instead of continuously teetering on the brink of death). Then, if her parents cared at all, she'd be on strict bed rest in a facility like Denver ACUTE getting refed and gaining 2-3 pounds/week. It's baffling.

No. 166778

File: 1440239848640.png (49.23 KB, 1126x120, Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 3.36…)

Good question. I'm so curious about this dynamic.

No. 166807

That's what we've been wondering for a while. Hope she replies.

As for the ootd, when…if she recovers I nominate her for a free makeover. Her clothes are so disgusting. And the eye make up needs to be dealt with.

No. 166883

File: 1440254845939.jpg (62.4 KB, 287x341, answers.jpg)

She answered. I wonder if they also know how deeply unhealthy her obsession with instagram is…

I know the meal plan is only mentioned so she can blame it for her not gaining weight, but jfc, how annoying. It doesn't even matter how many calories the meal plan has (which she does know), but how many she's actually eating (which she also does know)…

No. 166888

File: 1440255357562.png (161.53 KB, 1140x338, Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.49…)

Jesus, I want to fucking throttle this girl. Yes, we get it, you're allegedly on a fucking meal plan and it includes tons of oil, SO MUCH OIL, SOOOO MUCH OIL! Everything has to be drowned in oil because of this meal plan that you follow but also always eat "extra calories" on top of even though you totally don't know how many calories you're eating, and this meal plan is definitely created by a legitimate dietitian who specializes in eating disorders and thinks that an extreeeeemely slow rate of weight gain on an outpatient basis is the best thing for a spoopy skeleton with a BMI of like 11 or something. I'm sure your family is so happy with your amazing progress in """real recovery""" and loves the fact that you spend all day arranging and photographing your food to show off to other eating disordered people on the internet.

Fucking hell. She seems like she'd be a nightmare to be around. I feel bad for her family.

No. 166954

I want so badly to tag her friends in the photos she posts with them. I won't, but I really want to.

No. 166963

I don't even care if origamipunk is a farmer, she's so fucking annoying.

No. 166964

File: 1440260283577.jpg (72.49 KB, 509x589, ffs.JPG)

Aly's cooking is literally slop

No. 166968

File: 1440260434709.jpg (14.17 KB, 275x58, ffs2.JPG)

She's even bringing shop staff into her whole pic taking mania.

Christ. Most irritating cow on this page imo.

No. 166971

I found one comment by her on the selfie picture. It was pretty generic, doesn't sound like a farmer, and wasn't annoying at all.

It literally sounds like you're origamipunk self-posting to get attention. Stop.

No. 166974

File: 1440260726567.jpg (8.56 KB, 225x225, huh.jpg)

What drugs are you on??

No. 166979

File: 1440260921900.jpg (40.3 KB, 298x207, day hospital.jpg)

Translation: I found the most lax team I could so I could get away with not gaining anything!
At least she stopped calling it "Day Hospital Control".

No. 166982

None. If you're the anon I replied to, what are you even talking about? Still only finding origamipunk's single comment on Aly's selfie here: >>166771

No. 166984

dank meme.

No. 166987

>emaciated woman
>once a month check up

No. 166995

Gives a fuck.

No. 166997

I wonder if one of the reasons she keeps up with the ultra-positive facade is because her family know about her insta? It'd make sense that she would pretend to be recovering so her mom doesn't force her IP. Her family must be hella stupid to believe her shit, though..
I know no one cares because personal blog etc, but her sternum has made me self-concious about mine since I have weird fat distribution and although I'm normal weight, my sternum looks like hers (although not quite as terrifying). I don't wear low-cut tops anymore because no one needs to see that, shit's nasty.

No. 167006

If it makes you feel any better, if you're not spoopy all over don't worry about your sternum. I see people who are average weight with collarbones and visible ribs and don't think anything of it. It's only when you look spoopy all over it's not nice because you're looking at a walking corpse.

Idk where her ig obsession began. She abandoned her normal account where she begged for followers when she discovered having a fake recovery account won her "friends". It must be so annoying being with her when so much of the time she's fannying around taking pictures.

No. 167014

i was anorexic when i was 13, and was weight restored by late 14, but since then i have had like NO BOOBS at ALLLLL… i'm 16 now and still relatively slim (5'8" ~124ish?) and i'm still holding out for some magical event that makes me suddenly summon some tits

No. 167021

It's really appalling. I only know a bit about ED treatment here in the US, not anything about how it is in Italy, but here, I can't imagine she'd be able to get people to agree to "treat" her on such a lax and infrequent outpatient basis when she's got 1.5 feet in the grave. Here, with how insurance works (or doesn't work, rather) and how expensive treatment is, it's generally more of an "if they're underweight, refeed them as quickly as it's safe to do so"-type thing. As far as I know, most "lower levels of care" (e.g., residential and day treatment programs) have minimum weight criteria, so her ass would be headed straight to an inpatient ED unit. Probably somewhere like Denver ACUTE, given how far gone she is.

I know that feel ;_; I have a spoopy sternum and really disgustingly-prominent collarbones too, and so does my mom (she's not even close to underweight). Tree trunk legs + spoopy chest = not cute. I usually wear a scarf, even a lightweight one in the summer, because having my chest at all exposed makes me super self-conscious. Anything with a V-neck is a no-go.

No. 167025

Guize, stop being weird about your body! Me->thin legs, fat ass, collarbone and hip bone - always look like I'm bloated (ie but of a belly), skinny, veiny hands, no visible cheekbones. No tits. Really odd shape, but fuck it. It's really only us being paranoid that others think it's disgusting. (Fuck I sound like Aly). There're always people who think you look gorgeous, some will think you look average, some will be meh about you. Fuck it. Life's too short. (saying all this, I still hide my fat ass with long t shirts/sweaters, ha).

No. 167026

Actually that made me sound a bit spoopy, but I'm not.

No. 167029

File: 1440263804136.jpg (45.35 KB, 667x587, criticalfail.jpg)

I put on my robe and wizard hat and attempt to cast Summon Tits on Anon.
/rolls d20
Natural 1…sorry pal, looks like I can't help you with that. (I'm in the Itty-Bitty Titty Committee, too.)

No. 167031

i've tried selling my soul to the devil AND summoning demons. nothing seems to work :'( maybe i need an aly-level padded bra

No. 167032

I like my no tits. Too may women I've spoken to with ample breasts/cleavage complain that they hate how men always talk to their tits and not their face. Aesthetically, I prefer tiny tits. At least they never sag to your knees in the future!

No. 167038

File: 1440264212424.jpg (29.38 KB, 630x359, 1420024_10202430238299031_4936…)

This girl's tits are natural. Obviously she uses them because she's an attention seeker, but most comments from random guys on her fb page are about her tits. I'd hate that so much.

No. 167049

Join the "my eating disorder ruined my boobs" club. I'm nearly 19 and wondering where my boobs are, and I come from a family of curvy women :(

No. 167060

I wouldn't mind trading my Barely A-cups for DD cups. Maybe I'll finally look like a woman.

No. 167064

File: 1440266573424.png (1.88 MB, 1194x1196, Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 9.53…)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't what Aly keeps calling "ice cream" gelato or sorbet? Those are usually nonfat or low-fat and lower in calories than "real" ice cream, like the Ben & Jerry's she used to pretend to eat, right? It seems kind of disingenuous, unless Italians just call all frozen desserts "ice cream" or something.

No. 167068

You are correct, if it's sorbet. However, gelato is like ice cream but has more sugar and calories than ice cream, so that's likely not what she's "eating."
It's probably just something Aly does, the same way all nutritional drinks are Ensure.

No. 167069

I thought it was sorbet too.

Found this about gelato tho:
> It is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar than other styles of ice cream.

and this

>Gelato simply means “frozen” in Italian. It is an all-inclusive term that loosely translates to ice cream but also includes anything from sorbet and yogurt to custards. In the U.S., gelato cannot be called ice cream because by legal definition ice cream must contain a minimum of ten percent milkfat; premium ice cream brands can contain twice that amount of fat. In contrast, gelato is made with only five to eight percent milkfat, making it a healthier alternative.

No. 167083

Yea and you can fit in most tops properly (i assume)
Big titty girls cannot
(Zomg small boob privilege!!)

No. 167092

Oh wow! Thank you for the correction. =)

(I was >>167068 ) I heard the "more sugar" thing so long ago and just never questioned it. Haagen Dazs gelato generally has more calories than regular ice cream, though it is about the same amount of calories as "premium" ice cream. I guess I just assumed all gelato has more calories than regular ice cream. Now I know!
Some sources to back anon up:

No. 167098

I've noticed something about aly's FIGHTER tattoo ~strenght emoji~. She had it done a couple of years ago, right? It still looks fresh like Ash's do.

My tattoos are all black and I didn't go to a scratch merchant, but after a year they definitely still don't look so shiny and new as hers does. What is it about their skin that holds the ink so well?

No. 167099

(adding, and after a decade at least two of them could do with retouching)

No. 167102


Doesn't ash's cat tattoo have blow-outs and smears?

No. 167108

File: 1440272855755.jpg (52.01 KB, 604x453, 1XJy9PuvwZ8.jpg)

No. It's remarkable quality!

No. 167116

omfg i hope she didnt pay for this

No. 167122

lack of sun exposure would be my guess. if she keeps the tattoo covered up, that might be the reason they retain color so well

No. 167135

It's even more funny when keeping in mind that this picture was taken when the tattoo was still fresh, so there really is no excuse for the blow-outs.

I thought the "as" was the poop emoji at first.

fragile poop
a cat.

No. 167136

Definitely sorbet. She has a tendency to declare things as a more acceptable ~recovery food~.
Her lush oil is probably vinegar.

No. 167139

Not true
I cant wear certain tops/dresses because i don't have enough boobage to properly fill out the boobs part. A small dress will fit me properly everywhere, except where my boobs should be, it wrinkles up :/

No. 167143

File: 1440277992896.png (155.73 KB, 1146x1146, so much oil.png)

Tonight Aly ate some #CHALLENGING foods again, but ofc #RECOVERWIN -s

She grinned inanely at a waffle again.

No. 167145


What like you did the other week you mean?

No. 167154

She's raving about food like only a starving person can

No. 167156

The temptation to leave a pissy comment is so high, but there's no point.

Really though, why is she patting her own ass over eating a waffle when she had one last week? Good girl, aly. What does she get out of those comments? Not that she ate in anyway.

Her heart was the big issue the first time she screwed up with her disorder. WHY IS SHE ALLOWED SO MUCH CAFFEINE? The whole thing is a mystery. All of it.

No. 167159

uhm two things:
- i live in a country with loads of italian influence. What we call "helado" (which means "gelato") is just ice cream. When anglophone people come here, they ask for helado when they want ice cream. Maybe the difference between i dont know, B&J and common "gelato" is that industrial icecream is maybe made with skimmed milk or powders instead of "real ingredients" like chocolate.
- About the sorbet: here we make no difference between sorbets and icecreams (or helado), we call it "helado de agua" (water ice cream) or "helado de crema" (cream ice cream) because it doesn't sound redundant in spanish, as it sounds in english. "Gelato" and "helado" just mean "frozen" so i guess in italy they call gelato even to the ones made with water instead of cream

No. 167166

File: 1440280336457.jpg (153.37 KB, 640x877, image.jpg)

Holy shit, this meal actually has oil, I think this the first photo she's posted in ??? That actually contains visible oil… Doubt she ate it though.

No. 167168

If I'm ever in Italy, I'll just point at sorbet to avoid confusion.

That's a child's portion anyway. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, ALY.

No. 167169

I actually hate that photo because she's clearly made herself the centre focus, her friends are just in the background. Her "look at me" pose is irritating as well!

No. 167172

MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Idk about her friends, but I don't appreciate having my photo taken at the best of times. They must secretly wish she'd stick her phone up her scrawny ass.

Yup, major smugness all over that sickly face.

No. 167178

File: 1440281530142.jpg (16.63 KB, 515x119, gh.JPG)

This was posted on aly's first ever ig pic http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-1347294776/aly_realrecover/photos/ig-725883846960785035_1347294776

That 13 year old thinks Aly's a recovery goddess. Now someone tell me she isn't damaging people.

No. 167180

File: 1440281945447.gif (16.19 MB, 640x640, output_o4eOu5.gif)

I'm not the anon who posted this other images, but here's another gif of Aly's OCD food. For someone in recovery, Aly's diet is kind of boring.

Maybe next time I'll make a picture of her anus mouth selfies.

No. 167184

For the first time
Literally drowning in oil
clap emoji

No. 167186

File: 1440282220204.gif (8.25 MB, 640x640, output_EdppW8.gif)

Sorry for samefagging, but here's yet another GIF of all those snacks in the heart bowl. There are no repeats. She just has the same snack multiple times.

I'm surprised her straw isn't turned in the same direction every time.

No. 167187

File: 1440282320893.gif (499.04 KB, 400x302, lickylicky_zps6a8a423c.gif)

The variety of tablecloths is interesting though!

Yes, her anus mouth. That'll be a horror.

Kitty wants to lick the super creamalicious froth (!)

I samefag all the time. I do it on forums as well because I forget to say things.
I love how the straw spins on this one.

No. 167188

See, samefagging. I cba to chop up a banana and put it in a bowl. Can't she "eat" it normally?

No. 167204

File: 1440285022827.gif (933.5 KB, 269x288, come dine with me.gif)

This is my first attempt at making a gif. I was stuck for things to do, so I took some dipping in coffee ones and showing us what's on her plate.

It's crap, I know, but it's almost like watching her in motion…almost.


No. 167234

So that's where the Dante meme emerged. I was too lazy to raid the old thread.

No. 167236

He's not a meme. He's an Italian stallion.

No. 167288

My bad :((

No. 167296

File: 1440294440790.png (301.97 KB, 563x1000, M42L3aI.png)

Damn, her descriptions used to be so tame in comparison to what she does now.

No. 167334

Kinda OT but I'm watching Summer Heights High again and I got to the part where J'amie said she would've had bigger boobs but she had an eating disorder in year 8 and I thought of this thread. I couldn't find that scene on youtube but I found this one, lol:

No. 167337

that show is fucking amazing.

No. 167338

No. 167348

File: 1440298311594.png (249.54 KB, 500x280, aly.png)

No. 167350

File: 1440298779677.png (197.58 KB, 493x238, realrecovery.png)

No. 167352

File: 1440299346401.jpg (63.48 KB, 500x281, thigh gap.jpg)

I really imagine Aly to be pretty much like Ja'mie

No. 167355

I think J'amie is like a parody of Aly and some of the posters in this thread who romanticize their EDs

No. 167358

Gif wouldn't work. Aly reposted.

The kind who think that they're really quiche. Aly thinks she's hot.

No. 167359

File: 1440299632926.gif (1.51 MB, 500x248, stop staring.gif)

No. 167363

File: 1440300212492.jpg (43.98 KB, 450x622, well what a surprise.jpg)

Predictions for Aly's Sunday instagram feed:

I see a picture of 7 cookies (on a chipped saucer facing towards her) with a cup of creamy coffee (and milk unpictured)

I see frozen ensure fortimel in a glass bowl.

I see cutted up fruit in a heart shaped dish.

I see a bottle of ensure fortimel with straw facing to the right.

I see massive recovery win after a food challenge of something drenched in oil. Aly is grinning at it.

I see a close up of the oily edible on a yellow and blue plate.

I see Aly grinning at some high calorie dessert, giving the camera a peace sign 、( ̄▽ ̄)V

I see many emojis and much ass kissing comments from her followers.

No. 167367

was literally about to put u on blast for "cutted up" until i realised

No. 167392

It wasn't even last week. It was five days ago, and it doesn't matter if you start your weeks on Sundays or Mondays, that was earlier this week! What the absolute fuck, Aly.

I just don't get her idea of a #recoverywin. It makes no sense. The only consistent thing in her life that she hasn't tried to claim is a #recoverywin is her breakfast cookies.

No. 167591

File: 1440340004985.gif (10.96 MB, 1190x1194, Entimel-Forsure.gif)

Going through her old photos to make this gif of her ~SUPERLICIOUS (!) ensure creations~, and damn, she and Ginger are so creepy with their "everything ever every day is the BEST EVERRRR!" thing.
>Yesterday: "Oh guys this was just the most PERFECT ensure creation ever made"
>Four weeks ago: "So I'm spooning on this Vanilla flavor Fortimel Compact cup ofc topped with broken cookies and chocolate chips cause.. Well, it's the BEST ever mixup"
>Seven weeks ago: "Dessert BOMB and oh-my-freakin-God BEST Ensure creation!"

I kind of want to go through her captions and see how many times she uses the exact same phrases

No. 167593

She posts so much she makes a week feel like a month when you scroll through her ig.

It shouldn't, but the frame with the spoon in it makes me feel uncomfortable. She's ~triggering~ my latent OCD.

No. 167598

I'm sorry anon, I was ~triggered~ too (also by the bowl with the vanilla-looking Fortimel topped with lots of chocolate chips, because it's not in the same place as the others ;_;) but I managed to muster enough strenght to make it through the process of creating that gif. I did have to retreat to my hugbox afterward, though.

No. 167662

File: 1440351318923.jpg (5.6 KB, 233x64, image.jpg)


No. 167708

File: 1440355500326.png (1004.93 KB, 1311x569, Untitled.png)


No. 167712

(she didn't do the cutted up friut because she's started to fantasize she is in fact fondling Dante's balls when she handles plums).

No. 167765

>more TASTE

What the fuck, oil tastes like nothing.

No. 167802

fat is a flavorenhancer. that's what she meant.

No. 167848

I wonder if Dante was drinking bc he saw Aly and wanted to forget about it?

No. 167912

She's really trying hard to justify her crappy captions these days. I also like how she insists she fried (!) the omlette, when it was probably stir-fried in one tsp of oil.

No. 167979

I hope that's the case, and the sight of her tipped him over the edge and he lapsed after 7 successful years at AA.

No. 167982

didn't tip him over the edge*

I care deeply for Dante.

No. 168047


Seriously though, I'd probably chug down a few drinks if I see a spoopy irl
Fortunately they're too cold to wear revealing clothes and I don't go out often hahaha

No. 168081

He didn't intend to drink when he went out but he needed to wipe the image from his memory

Fucking lel

No. 168098

This is true.
At the same time though, Aly makes it sound like she would just guzzle oil straight out of the container since it tastes so good. (Then again, she's starving herself, so maybe it would taste good to her…)

No. 168199

File: 1440385571223.jpg (27.24 KB, 517x326, image.jpg)

No. 168252

File: 1440388846946.png (546.25 KB, 586x508, Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.55…)

Oh my god. I am desperately trying to convince myself that Ginger is just a master troll and that she isn't crazy enough to have actually eaten (and been ridiculously enthusiastic about) this shit. Today has been great - it started out with me getting exposed to Asha's snatch for the first time (I can't believe I managed to avoid contact for this long) and now it's ending with me staring at another rotting mess that screams "GET AWAY FROM ME!"

No. 168254

What is that red fruit above the carrots?
Is that a whole tomato? I want to believe it's not rotten, but…

No. 168255

look like a persimmon

No. 168264

kinda looks like a fucked up pomegranate tbh

No. 168301

I'll admit, I'm cheap as fuck and hate wasting food. I'll sometimes eat things that are past their expiration date if they look and smell fine, and I'm not above eating produce that looks a bit past its prime. That shit Ginger just posted, though, is sooooo far beyond what I would consider eating. Damn. I don't know how you could even put that close to your mouth. I'm not even sure what it is, TBH - tomato, persimmon, whatever - the skin is broken and it's turning BLACK. NO EAT. BAD.

No. 168302

I'd probably eat that but I'd cut off the spoiled part before I ate it. And definitely before photographing it.

No. 168304

Yeah, I might eat half of it if I cut it open and the inside looked okay.

No. 168391

File: 1440418302114.png (71.52 KB, 1110x242, Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.10…)

I don't know, maybe it's just me, maybe it's a language barrier thing, but just about every single one of her responses to comments sounds really cunt-y

No. 168393

Just checking her feed for today and thought the exact same thing. Sprout used to say "thanks though" when she was being bitchy.

She's replying more to individual comments. She must be really bored/desperate.

Her face on that Disney cup pic tho. How ill is she looking :/

No. 168394

File: 1440418762608.jpg (32.66 KB, 315x464, 1.JPG)

I mean, look.

She looks like an old lady who took her dentures out. This is the sickest she's looked imo.

No. 168414

I was looking at older pictures of Aly, even ones where she's already kinda spoopy, and she at least she looked like she was alive. Not just in the way that her face looked like it belonged to the living, but she at least was going out and having fun with people.
She also was pretty back then. I know that some of you disagree, because she's a little different looking, but I think that she was pretty. She looks a lot like my Italian friend (coincidentally, she also had an eating disorder, but has since recovered and has a family), minus red hair.
Now she just has nothing going for her. Her family is probably at the apathetic point where they're thinking that she's just going to die one day and that's just how it is, nothing they can do about it–whatever. She has a shitty life that is 90% less eventful and ~*JOYOUS*~ than before. I'm sure that her friends tolerate going out with her because they pity her and will feel guilty when she does die. Oh right, and she's uglier than the crypt keeper.
Oh yeah, and she's a bitch. Don't know if that's because of her ED or just her personality, though.

No. 168420

The salad looks good. That fruit though! Ugh, I'm all for not wasting food and cutting off the rotten bit, but CUT IT OFF, DON'T LET IT TOUCH YOUR OTHER FOOD!! D: Gross.
"Whaaaah, whaaaah, I'm gremlin ginger and always so sick to my God blessed tummer-wummer" Then stop eating rotten fruit, because we all know it's not the fat that's really bothering you. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to eat all those low-fat fatty foods together at once.

No. 168421

Yeah, I really do not get how she's convinced anyone she's gaining weight/getting better, she looks so gaunt

No. 168422

File: 1440422088834.gif (668.96 KB, 400x283, giphy.gif)

Ash and Aly at dinner together.

No. 168452

My motherfucking sides omg

No. 168466

The woman of the restaurant took this picture cause they are "so nice together".

No. 168468

what does Alice do with all the food after she takes the pictures? Eats and throws up or just throws away? LOLOLL

No. 168469

No. 168472

Jesus I feel sorry for her…and her parents.
If she keeps fooling them she'll die anytime soon.

No. 168473


No. 168498

File: 1440436491559.png (70.78 KB, 1122x266, Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.1…)

Another example. Would it kill her to just give a response without some sort of passive-aggressive remark tacked on? She comes off as "SIGH, I can't believe my followers are asking me these stupid questions instead of just kissing my ass!"

No. 168504

I'm not above eating food that's a little past expiration date, but just cut off the spoiled parts, jfc. And don't take pictures of it…those cucumbers look bone dry for some reason as well.

No. 168505

File: 1440437831045.png (1.52 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-08-24-13-36-07…)


No. 168515

Does anyone have any idea why ginger always looks like she's ready to kill someone?

No. 168517

File: 1440438482262.gif (509.48 KB, 500x216, psyho.gif)


I honestly believe she has no feelings towards anyone except herself. I'm not saying she doesn't love her mum and brother, but even when she talks about them it seems fake. She definitely doesn't gaf about others with her illness.

No. 168518

spoiler, spoiler, spoiler!!!

No. 168520

She's said before that people that take regular selfies are vain, so she likes to add her own unique twist.
But.. with the amount of selfies she takes, I'd say it's still being vain lol.

No. 168521

File: 1440438895263.jpg (22.24 KB, 527x166, shit shit shit shit.JPG)


SHE WAS THERE AGAIN! And we didn't even get a shot of the other customers. How inconsiderate. Our hero could've been sitting there enjoying a pint and all she did was take a picture of a fucking croissant. Fuck her.

No. 168529

Is out of the loop I've been through all of the past 6 threads and I still don't understand who Dante is. Who is Dante?

No. 168535

File: 1440440274857.gif (592.36 KB, 300x169, noooo.gif)


No. 168536

File: 1440440496729.gif (510.9 KB, 500x210, fuck you aly.gif)


No. 168539

No. 168540

File: 1440440633026.gif (83.98 KB, 403x392, 1404754092558.gif)


No. 168544

File: 1440440811763.jpg (16.17 KB, 275x124, JESUS.JPG)

all we have is PRAWNS, COFFEE, CROISSANTS and tragic comments like this (which she never deletes ofc)

Seriously though, aly, fuck you. Fuck you over and over and over and over. And over.

No. 168546

Antisocial personality disorder signs and symptoms may include:

Disregard for right and wrong
Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or for sheer personal pleasure
Intense egocentrism, sense of superiority and exhibitionism
Recurring difficulties with the law
Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation
Child abuse or neglect
Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, impulsiveness, aggression or violence
Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others
Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behaviors
Poor or abusive relationships
Irresponsible work behavior
Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior

No. 168553

Symptoms of autism include using Wikipedia to diagnose an internet personality with a mental illness.

That's fucking awful. :(

No. 168585

I wonder if she visits this page. This shit is not unintentional.

No. 168591

some guy lucky enough to be in the background shot of one of aly's glorious pics. some farmers here were enchanted by him

No. 168592

OHHH so vegans look like serial murderers?

No. 168679

>Symptoms of autism include using Wikipedia to diagnose an internet personality with a mental illness.

i think i love you

No. 168703

I was watching these youtube videos and couldn't stop thinking about how they're probably what Aly's food portions are like irl (y'know, the ones she always wants to zoom in SUPER CLOSE to)

No. 168714

File: 1440455863951.jpg (1.35 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

Aly be like
"HUGE plate of delicious pasta with LOTS and LOTS of cheese! And of course, OIL (!)! This is a #recoverywin because I challenged myself! Posi posi posi vibes! Stay strong #edfamily!"

No. 168717

File: 1440455904111.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

When in reality
(Sorry for samefagging)

No. 168718

In addition to the subtle cuntiness present in so many replies, she likes to add that fucking "tears of laughter" emoji to the end, which is especially obnoxious, IMO.

And in addition to being cunty, she's egotistical enough to think that everyone has looked at and read (or should read!) the captions of every one of her hundreds of photos. Heaven forbid someone should put her out by asking a question she answered a year ago!

No. 168754

Her post count was 976 3-4 hours ago. It's now 974. Anyone got ideas?

No. 168767

Too many comments to delete under one picture so she decided to delete the posts instead?

No. 168768

Ah, I love these videos. They're so cute!

I'd say you're right, but making tiny food would be a hobby, and heaven forbid Aly have one of those. So >>168714 and >>168717 is definitely correct. It's a trick of the angle and such, rather than tiny foods.

No. 168771

TBH, she even makes me feel like that about myself, even though I know she's full of shit. And yeah, I fully realize it's not "healthy" for me to be following these threads if I have an ED, but I can't stop watching this trainwreck. Plus, Dante.

No. 168775

I HATE that seemingly passive-aggressive use of emojis, especially when she uses that "tears of laughter" one or the "monkey covering its mouth" one. It make me want to scream.

No. 168781

Haha, love this new joke, you're so creative, how did you come up with it?

No. 168785

Ur so bitter

No. 168789

I hate her excessive use of emojis, period. She's not in middle school.

No. 168818


Thank you. There are too many armchair psychologists here. Just because someone is a shit person doesn't mean it's pathological.

No. 168821

This. It really makes it hard to take anyone seriously when they have a paragraph length of emojis.

No. 168860

My fucking sides!

No. 168861

File: 1440466200907.png (5.11 MB, 1168x5627, OIL (!).png)

The sad thing is, this is only a small sampling of the gajillion times she's mentioned how oily everything she eats is. I didn't even go back any further than a few weeks to grab these quotes.

(Sorry, deleted and then reposted because I saw a place where I fucked up the image.)

No. 168871

Oh my fucking god anon

No. 168883

You've been Junji Ito'd.

No. 168885

Hahaha omg. That Junji Ito story made me stay away from pizza for a month.

No. 168892

I threw up in my mouth a little

No. 168940

File: 1440473893540.jpg (47.06 KB, 435x500, fb.JPG)

What's the monkey covering its mouth emoji anyway? Is it going to throw up?

Yeah, that tears of laughter one is my most hated.

Way too much time on her hands.

I'm also still finding her relationship with her brother creepy.

No. 168958

She's pale af. Or yellow. It could just be her natural complexion because she's Italian, but I have olive undertones too and the only time I get that yellow is when I'm sick or starving because im a poor college student. Her liver must be crying. Going out daily and not getting a tan should be another hint to her followers that she's not #realrecovering.

No. 168964

File: 1440476946592.jpg (75.21 KB, 550x348, work.3874765.2.flat,550x550,07…)


>what's the monkey covering its mouth emoji anyway? Is it going to throw up?

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

No. 168968

good lord

No. 168994

File: 1440483494985.png (174.48 KB, 1520x1580, it had to be done.png)

No. 169031

File: 1440491115817.png (147.33 KB, 606x730, Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.22…)

Whoa whoa whoa, I just thought a thing. What if when Aly kept saying "control" (e.g., "Day Hospital Control"), she meant to say "vitals"? I'm really high and this seems very important right now.

Screenshot is from when Aly was in the hospital. She was getting "controls" done. I think she meant "vitals" (heart rate, blood pressure, temp, etc.). EARTHSHATTERING BREAKTHROUGH?

No. 169035

File: 1440492150624.png (39.55 KB, 1130x168, Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.40…)

Bet she won't answer this, or, if she does, she'll say something like "sorry, I'm not comfortable talking about that." I mean, it is kind of weird to just ask someone that. But it would be pretty impressive if she did still menstruate.

No. 169037

who the hell eats cookies for breakfast every day?

No. 169066

She could mean vitals, but according to Google Translate, "controllo" in Italian can also translate to inspection, examination, screening, or checkup. I think she literally just means "Day Hospital Checkup," which yes, would including having vitals done.

No. 169067

She did, wow. She said she does not get her periods, which is no surprise.

No. 169082

Wow, she usually deletes or avoids answering anything about the poor physical condition she's in. I'm surprised she answered but very unsurprised that she doesn't get periods, since she's still floating around in like BMI 10-11 land I believe.

No. 169083

>using logic
>using a translator
Pshhh look at you. (I clearly wasn't really thinking, duurrrrr.)

No. 169085

Hell, super-spoopy land is well past 'enough' to lose her period. Even bulimics can lose their as a result of their ED.

No. 169091

Thanks. I didn't know the monkey emoji was part of a set.

She was asked and answered that one a few weeks ago. Don't you read every word of every caption and every question and every answer by the #recoverygoddess dammit!!

No. 169099

File: 1440505958123.png (133.73 KB, 1136x482, Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 5.28…)

OMG I'm sorry I can't believe I missed it

Answers like in this pic make me rage. GI distress in anorexia recovery has nothing to do with your fucking willpower or super-posi-vibes. It's like telling people with cancer to "JUST SMILE!" because "smiling boosts your immune system!"

No. 169117

Fuck. I hope that people call her out on that, even though she will block them and delete the comments. Maybe she believes in "the secret" and being recovered and healthy yet spoopy af is something she "manifested."

No. 169124

File: 1440511671800.png (2.14 MB, 608x9521, PLEASURE.png)

It's really sad to see Aly continuously repeating these hollow mantras (e.g., "food is a pleasure"). I can't help but fill in "that I'm missing out on" at the end.

Doubt anyone will comment. It's just typical Aly - avoid answering questions or saying anything of substance by repeating some variation on "think positive!"

No. 169125

Gross. I'm so angry, how does she think this is an okay thing to say to someone who's struggling?
>If you relapse, you're not really trying! :*

No. 169126

What a piece of shit.

No. 169128

Junji Ito gets me every damn time.

No. 169132

File: 1440512668044.png (1.18 MB, 797x1187, Junji Ito - Gyo - Landshark.pn…)

It's especially sick coming from someone who is so clearly miles away from "recovered" themselves. Aly doesn't have a leg to stand on. Well, she has two legs, but they look like they can barely even hold her meager weight.

No. 169133

Okay I legitimately did not mean to include that picture along with that comment.

No. 169158

Junji Ito is always appropriate, anon.

No. 169165

File: 1440516337962.png (1.79 MB, 1256x1878, Aly.png)

It's true.

No. 169168


Holy cow, I've watched like 5 of those back to back. I'm in love.

No. 169183

#whatserialkillerslooklike #victimbloodsorbet

No. 169195

File: 1440520570136.jpg (105.18 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

If Aly makes it to mid-2016, she will be able to use the rumored croissant emoji apparently being released around that time

No. 169197

Kind of like telling a chemo patient they can stop their hair falling out if they fight against it.

Oh great. A croissant. Mid 2016…hmm.

After the crying with laughter emoji, the praying hands is my 2nd most hated.

No. 169203

I can't believe it will take them until mid-2016 to get a bacon emoji

No. 169204

What's the title of that one? There's another one where the girl starves herself and it takes a zombie-ish twist, but this looks like a different one.

No. 169206

Aly always looks like she's photobombing. This would've been a nice pic of her mum and auntie, but of course she has to put herself in the shot.

She does weird things with eyeshadow. She's put the crease colour on the browbone and some highlighter on the crease?? It bugs me as much as her nails, sorry.

No. 169207

File: 1440521664150.jpg (71.92 KB, 535x533, 11.JPG)

Bollocks, forgot photo

No. 169237

Blood Slurping Darkness from the Voices in the Darkness book.

No. 169238

There's also the one where the fat girl starves herself, and then eats the guy who rejected her once she's thin. I'm not sure if that was by Ito though.

No. 169241

I loved that one

No. 169282

Watch the cucumber become the new #eggplant

No. 169291

This WILL happen.

No. 169298

Looks like aly actually used oil in her new pic

No. 169368

File: 1440532686646.jpg (341.17 KB, 977x1280, 45156812.jpg)

You're correct, it's not Junji's work.
Here it is,


Also Umezz did a live action version :
>Kazuo Umezz's Horror Theater : Diet
I always felt bad for the "fat" actress tho…
(It has Shokotan in it as well! If you're familiar)

Sorry for OT

No. 169382

File: 1440533008864.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1264x1326, Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.5…)

Blood-slurping Darkness from the book Yami no Koe. Unsurprisingly, it gets pretty weird.

Maybe Aly stays so thin because she lets vampire bats feed off of her!

Hahah wow I hadn't seen that one before. Revenge of the fat chick, yikes.

No. 169385

Ah whoops I didn't see that another anon had beat me to it

No. 169448

ok, OT for a moment, but i live near Newark Natural Foods (where ginger works.) I have seen her there a few times, EXTRAORDINARILY cheerful and about as overly energetic as you'd expect. I don't shop there too often, so I wasn't sure if this was worth mentioning

No. 169458

Wow, a real-life sighting! I wonder if Ginger is legitimately experiencing some kind of mania? Her "cheerfulness" (fanaticism?) seems excessive to the point of being pathological. Also, I wish Aly lived somewhere where we had more farmers. It'd be interesting and/or entertaining to get their perspective. I'd love to just sit back and observe one of Aly's meals out with her family or friends to see just how oddly she behaves IRL.

No. 169464

Does she look the same way she does in pictures? Apparently she's suffering from a bone condition that is caused/aggravated by poor diet and over exercise but is doctor shopping to find someone to tell her what she wants to hear b

No. 169467

Definitely worth mentioning.
I always put her down as suddenly springing to life for her selfies, then slumping around being miserable as sin. I liked that image. Seems like she's full on annoying then.

No. 169474

We should have a horror thread in /b/.

No. 169475

I'm not an expert but I've read a couple things about/written by anorexics and recall there being a link between starvation and mania and eventually psychosis.

No. 169477

tbh, I love J-horror films, but haven't ever seen the cartoons that've been posted (except The Enigma of Amigara Fault in Ash thread), so I'd love this.

No. 169482

I went ahead and made one! >>31457

No. 169483

fucked up the link, sorry.

No. 169484

thanks to you all I've spent way too much time today on Junji Ito but I love it so much

No. 169486

I won't be able to contribute, but look forward to reading the posts.

No. 169524

Thank you!

That's the one I meant, and oops, I mistook it as Junji's work. It had been a while since I read it, and I can definitely see the stylistic differences now that I compare them.

No. 169533

File: 1440546832947.png (116.08 KB, 1113x275, d00t d00t calcium for strng bo…)

975 this morning. What's the deal?

No. 169548

File: 1440548487599.jpg (212.28 KB, 933x585, lowest.jpg)

She's creating more gaps in time before the hospital. Only scrolled to May so far, but she's making it look like she only posted a meal every other day. (Example: May 9th jumps to May 7th. Next post is May 5th, though that's just a #throwback to May 4th.)
Looks like she deleted her "My Story" post as well as the post where she explains that she relapsed in the fall. But of course, she kept up her lowest weight photos for bragging rights (though she's more emaciated now than then).

No. 169551

when will our dante return from the war…………….

No. 169556

No. 169571

That bio makes me want to put my fist through my screen. Jesus. Gaining LIFE…instead of weight.

Re: the posts vanishing, it creeps me out. I wonder if she's planned this out, like "I'll delete X number of posts per day to make them slowly trickle away and hopefully no one will notice me getting rid of the evidence of my lies"? Or does she just randomly delete shit? I see what you're doing there, Aly. I see you very well.

No. 169573

Put your disgusting camel toe away, girl.

I noticed she's posting most pics around breakfast/noon-ish and then her enthusiasm fizzles out a bit. I hope she's getting bored of it all.

No. 169575

Who is the artist of this drawing? It looks familiar.

No. 169578

Hisashi Eguchi

There's a J-horror thread on /b now if you missed the link.

No. 169596

Might not even be a true camel toe since her labia are probably not fat enough for it so it might just be her (loose) underwear creating an unfortunate fold there.

No. 169632

Thanks! I'll check it out.

No. 169639

yeah it looks far too low to be her labia

No. 169645

It wasn't but Ito, but someone he looked up to as his senpai. I loved that short story so much!

No. 169646

Shokotan a cute

No. 169648

I really think I need to get some sleep at this point, but I'm afraid to after the image of her labia.

I thought >>169632 was in response to >>169596


No. 169687

File: 1440571087236.png (720.21 KB, 889x519, Untitled.png)

Good morning my #farmingcommunity

Here's some motivation for your day ahead.

Imagine this and Ginge in the same room at the same time. Much valium would be required.

No. 169705

At this point, I feel like we could create a new dictionary entirely based on those two.

Enormous, bombalicious, OILY, LUSH, superlicious, strenght..

No. 169710

It killed me (almost) scrolling back 8 weeks (noticed she'd deleted a lot during those weeks, eyebrow raised), but I'd do an Aly lingo. I couldn't even look at a day in the life of Ginge though. I'd rather be waterboarded. I can't remember her new url to be honest.

It makes me laugh how hard aly wants to keep her #recoverywin tag in the caption for people to search by adding [space] -s at the end.

She sometimes writes STRENGTH and I hate it. Dante's gone, but at least we still have #EDWORRIOR

No. 169717

File: 1440578046510.jpg (37.89 KB, 345x429, 13084_1432866093677778_8604698…)


No. 169718

It's a face-hugger trying to escape!

No. 169719

I thought about censoring it or putting a spoiler, but I wasn't sure if it'd gross out anyone else as much as it did me, haha.

No. 169720

File: 1440578599506.jpg (116.15 KB, 596x595, heavy.jpg)

This has been bugging me since yesterday. Literally what the fuck is she talking about, heavy morning snack? How was this any different than usual?

No. 169722

What is beer guy

No. 169724

Beer guy is love. Beer guy is life.

No. 169728

Beer guy just IS.

Okay, if this shit doesn't taken off ig then I'm going to start a petition on somewhere or go to the po-lice or something. Idk, but that is DISGUSTING.

I thought she'd missed a pic out when I read about her heavy snack, but it was a nectarine. Fuck yeah, I'm bloated for hours after I eat one of those things. Dang.

No. 169733

File: 1440582683199.png (446.5 KB, 1302x472, Untitled.png)

Shit storm is happening.

No. 169734

File: 1440582746737.jpg (37.99 KB, 264x279, more.JPG)

No. 169735

What is origin of beer guy? I can't find info on him last time I checked

No. 169737

File: 1440582998253.jpg (11.66 KB, 402x125, images.jpg)

>origin of beer guy

Pic related

No. 169738

That doesn't look like a "bitten" peach

No. 169740

File: 1440583462519.png (268.4 KB, 504x374, Untitled.png)

Scuse the spamming of comment imgs, but must be archived for anons who are working or w/e.

No. 169741

ngl im honestly willing to bet she just scooped it out with a spoon or something tbh

No. 169756

I think what you can see might the sagging skin of her arse creating that camel-toe?

No. 169760

Christ, it gets worse!

No. 169766

File: 1440590436427.png (268.18 KB, 1134x970, Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 4.53…)

>roasted in unknowned (!) LOADS of oil of course
Oh fuck off

No. 169778

Soon-to-be-deleted comments on that post:
>fromsicknesstofitness: The potatos look not oily at all
>lauralism: They dont look oily at all…just saying because you always mention oil in your posts and most of the time its not necessary at all, but it looks really delish!

No. 169781

jesus Aly is so boring, it's the same shit day after day.

No. 169784

The spoopiness is intensifying, though, and her veil of ~RealRecoverySuperPosiVibes~ is wearing thin. It seems like (at least from what I've seen before she deletes them) Aly's been getting more and more comments calling her out lately.

No. 169785

How awkward does it have to be to position everything then to 'take a bite' and make a pic and post it
I won't get over this

Taking a pic of a great meal or at a restaurant ok but come on that is a peach ffs

No. 169786

She is so full of shit adding that embarrased icon after saying oil was used

That is totally recovery

No. 169797

Has she responded to any, or are they already gone?

No. 169801


They're all still there? I don't know. I'm confused by it. She's even getting more doubting comments on everything she posts.

Maybe she's too exhausted from being a damn corpse and cant be bothered to police her account.

No. 169803

She hasn't deleted any comments (including one I made), hasn't blocked (!)…people are getting wise to her with these comments calling her out on her oily potatoes. Thing is with a lot of her followers, they get fed these pictures of her food and forget her chest bones. It takes a reminder how spoopy she is for them to say anything.

I hope she just fucks off the internet and gets in a residential clinic or sthing. As much as I dislike her, it's brutal watching her wasting away.

No. 169805


she is not gaining an ounce
if you are that fragile of a state, 1lb a month is not enough.

No. 169808

File: 1440603087108.jpg (30.53 KB, 262x241, fin.JPG)

No. 169822

File: 1440605474327.png (53.86 KB, 293x313, Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.0…)

now this isnt an spoopy ED lolcow per se, but this girl lost 84lbs in a year basically by restriction. she's was obsessed with weight watchers points and a lot of food concoctions (not vegan ginger level but still). another telltale sign of cow is the quest bar obsession.
oh, and her food/inspiration descriptions rival aly's at times smug emoji

No. 169832

There's a woman in my mum's copy of Woman's Own who started dieting age 41 (weighing 25stone) with that company that makes meals and brings them to your door.

She got hooked on dieting and went down to 4stone. She went to a clinic and now weighs 5stone 12lbs at 44.

I get a buzz out of losing weight when I'm on diets, but thank fuck I know when to stop.

>shorts are an extra small but still too big

Hmm…that's healthy.

No. 169834


No. 169836

File: 1440606998547.png (786.8 KB, 599x595, um.png)

She's one of those people. The people who claim that they're into "clean eating"/fitness, and then eat sugar free jello and fat free shit left and right.

Reminds me of Taralynn/undressedskeleton

No. 169841

File: 1440607413389.jpg (46.95 KB, 506x509, wtf.JPG)

She says she's diabetic, so that could be the reason for sugar fee.

Ew, though most of what she consumes is getting towards ginge level tardiness. Clementine with EGGS.

No. 169842

File: 1440607677669.jpg (34.07 KB, 267x339, lol.JPG)

crystal_inside, ily

No. 169848

What's wrong with that though?

No. 169849

IDK, that doesn't seem weird to me, it's not like the clementine is mixed into the eggs and she's putting salt and pepper on it. It's like having a glass of OJ alongside your eggs and toast. I've never eaten okra, so I can't offer my opinion on its flavor, but it seems kind of weird to just eat it plain like that for breakfast, though.

No. 169850

(meant to respond to >>169841)
Now I want oranges or clementines or something, mmm

No. 169851

File: 1440610470375.png (141.45 KB, 1164x376, Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.3…)

Poor Ginger…I wonder if she'll delete or respond to this one

No. 169855

Damn, Alys hand in the OP pic looks like a Lego hand.

No. 169859

File: 1440611654240.jpg (6.85 KB, 214x235, aly in lego but not spoopy.jpg)

If she's having a mouthful of egg then a mouthful of clementine with EGG still in her mouth that's not nice. It's very mucky.

It it was for afterwards she should keep it separate. It's not like she's even trying to make a face with the egg eyes.

Okay, but I WILL be ginge here and insist on some bowl separation.

Cravings for Vit C are so odd. It's like suddenly wanting a nicotine fix. I'm fine for citrus atm, thanks.

Hey, you're right!

No. 169941

but who thought oranges and pb and tofu are a good combo

and oat bran with ketchup

No. 169947

Legit don't understand her latest whiney post about her 'haters'. She's the one posting all this shit and really obviously lying, and people are telling her to get help and she pulls a guilt trip?

oooooh…wait this is how she guilts her poor mother into letting her continue with her disease.

No. 169948

Tbh tofu is tasteless

No. 169955

>I've read too many hurting comments here this afternoon and cried over them for almost an hour. I really can't stand them anymore

So get the fuck off instagram

No. 169976

Crying because people are seeing through her bullshit, was what she meant to say. Love all the supporters coming out to comfort her, fucking sheep.

No. 169981


Despite people stating the OBVIOUS (walking corpse) INCLUDING a nurse:

"Oh lovely princess it is sad that some people just have to have something to be mad or annoyed about , or have to come with rude comments to make themselves feel a little more important ."

"These are only stupid comments."

"Some people does not have anything to do more than judge… (¡that's how miserable their lifes are!)."

"Don't let them ruin your day."

" people can be really mean…but you cannot let them bring you down"

". These people do not know you. Their comments are fucking bullshit, and you don’t deserve this."

"strangers tormenting someone they don’t know sucks"

blah blah fucking blah

Okay. You just go your way, Aly. Your funeral.

There'll be a 2nd wave of croissant comments tonight I suppose. Usually happens with some in different time zones who are unaware of how concerned individuals have hurted her.

No. 169998

File: 1440619563627.gif (8.51 MB, 1170x1170, Ginger.gif)

WHYYY does Ginger continue to take and post manic, almost possessed-looking selfies like this?

No. 170000


No. 170005

File: 1440620380858.png (546.48 KB, 1440x2058, Screenshot_2015-08-26-16-15-39…)

She posted a new one while I was checking IG… she cried for two hours (riiiight) and anybody who has expressed concern or skepticism is just trying to make her feel bad.

Also, they're jealous (fat) haters.

No. 170010

Trigger Trigger Trigger

No. 170017

What if that is just how she looks,
Like, imagine her sleeping. Same face, only eyes closed. Intense-faced girl. Like in a comic book.

No. 170022

File: 1440622677558.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.94 KB, 1080x1080, 11336110_741179422661163_16608…)


She always looks like a frightening drawing from those "Scary Stories" books! Especially in this photo, oh god.

Also, I'm not sure if it's been mentioned before, but she eats noodles with PLAIN DIJON MUSTARD D:

No. 170025


Those are not real noodles. It's all that zero cal shirataki slime crap.

No. 170031

I've cried for TWO DAYS since she deleted the Dante photo. TWO WHOLE DAYS. Now that's suffering.

Really though, Aly can fuck herself dead at this point.

No. 170035

Ffs spoiler that shit jfc

No. 170037

At least his glory has been archived for the masses.

Dante is love, Dante is life.

No. 170040

File: 1440624241213.jpg (3.58 KB, 251x201, dante with jesus.jpg)


No. 170075

I really don't understand why she's so confused about where these accusations are coming from. She lied for over FOUR MONTHS about recovering, so why would we believe her now?!
She needs to grow the fuck up and own up to her previous lies, perhaps even apologize! Then, perhaps, just perhaps, her followers may start believing her.

No. 170077

Wait, what?

She's showing off her beloved chest bones in this shot, anon; she's not going to delete it.

No. 170099

Someone with an account needs to report her face-hugger sternum pictures. I know there's some farmers here who have been reporting her OOTD ones

No. 170101


I've been reporting those at least once a day. Hope IG takes them down. Nightmare material.

No. 170102


Oops, I meant >>170099

No. 170103

File: 1440630840746.png (1.55 MB, 617x3547, Aly 8-26-2015 2.png)

Lots of delusional ass-lickers came to poor Aly's rescue, though…ugh.

I report them. I'm not sure if any of them I've reported have ever been removed, though. It's hard to tell with Aly apparently going on deleting sprees to cover up her old faux-recovery or whatever it is she's doing.

No. 170113

File: 1440632191726.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe.jpg)

No. 170115

File: 1440632270127.jpg (84.33 KB, 720x212, Screenshot_2015-08-27-08-51-13…)

In today's not yet deleted Gremlin news…

No. 170118

File: 1440632421822.jpg (35.95 KB, 580x398, hallelujah.jpg)

Oh PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thankyou, Lord, baby jesus, whoever for REVERSING ALY'S DELETION!!! my laptop must be bored of seeing me stare in ecstasy at the screen at his visage. MOOD IS OVER THE STARS RIGHT NOW!!!

Report her bonez every day. Sometimes I report it for other things so at least they might take notice (same way I report self mutilation as graphic violence) but ig is a massive bastard.

She's getting some troof/h8r words trickling in now though.

haha, sounds like A. N. Other account who posts on Aly's pics in an equally amusing way.

No. 170132

Fuck OP, I'm going to have nightmares.

No. 170137

I went on her account on IG for the first time today after following the threads for a while. I found it super freaky and for the first time in my life I reported a load of photos plus her actual account, but it seems like a pretty useless system.

No. 170158

>this is MY account! this is MY journey! so believe everything i tell you
>how can you just call me out on my bullshit as if i havent been lying to everyone as well as my followers

Well, at least she admitted that she's been deleting shit she doesn't like.

No. 170205

Oh no no no, it's not just plain old dijon mustard, dear anonymous. It's dijon mustard with water and stevia (!!!). Yummm.

No. 170211

I hate mustard to begin with and I didn't think it could get any worse…

No. 170213

File: 1440642088996.jpg (33.87 KB, 256x252, i seeeee.JPG)

How do you actually report the whole account? I only get the option to report individual pictures.

Oh, and it's OUR fault Aly's not getting healthy.

I like French mustard in small quantities, but it's only something I use if there's a free sachet of it in the condiments. Sometimes I like the burn on days I'm feeling a little bit masochistic though.

No. 170274

I love mustard, especially dijon, but watering it down and then adding sweetener and/or eating it on fishy smelling non-noodles? Nope. I'd rather eat durian.

No. 170281

File: 1440648263648.png (233.47 KB, 1000x788, squad goals.png)

See photo.

No. 170283

aw man anon we're opposites!! i fuckin love durian hoooooly shit

No. 170285

It tastes heavenly, but the smell! When I tried it, after several moments of dry heaving, I finally got it into my mouth. I'll admit, it was quite delicious, but then I breathed in again and half of that heavenly bite came out of my nose and the other half out of my mouth. It was a truly humiliating experience. Should have figured it would happen, since I once lost my lunch in a movie theatre when the man in front of me passed some foul smelling gas.

No. 170287

File: 1440649788295.png (16.54 KB, 532x312, yes.png)

oh, Ash, you're always so clever!

No. 170289


Well, yeah, if you don't try and have no desire to get better.

OT/no one curr but I also think that Marya Hornbacher is really one of the proponents of the idea that recovery isn't possible, which is why I hate Wasted.

No. 170313

!!! i'm glad you enjoy the taste anon! i grew up eating it, so thankfully the smell doesn't bother me. i always wondered if people who couldn't stand the smell would like the taste of it haha.

No. 170325

File: 1440653591908.png (652.97 KB, 927x591, hungryhungryskeletons.png)

I wonder what it feels like to constantly feel like you're wearing a sweater..

No. 170327

I'm sure some anons saved the original pic. We will always have Dante in our hearts, anon. We can give him more than Aly ever could.

No. 170329

The amount of emoji she uses in a single sentence makes me the most furious of all.

No. 170331

No. 170332

Wow shes gotten much thinner.

No. 170336

Poor girl is going to be dead within a year.

No. 170353

If she were actually recovering she wouldn't be calling people begging her to get help "haters" and such shit, good lord she's getting spoopier every week, it just confirms the fact she's 100% bullshitting.
How does she even do enough mental gymnastics to assume these people are jealous or hating, her eating disorder has taken over even every inch of her brain, she needs some serious help.

No. 170354


Oh god how the fuck has she gotten even thinner. So many people die way before they get to that stage, does she have magical ana genes or something?

No. 170357

Shes perfect… uwu

No. 170367

Browsing Aly's comments over again and I'm super glad to see some people are sticking to their guns and not falling for the guilt trip. I mean, there is a lot of ass-kissing and all, but there are a few that aren't doing that.

No. 170369

Soon enough those people will be gone too once she blocks them…

No. 170377

Man..I remember being in year 8 and my Indonesian teacher, Bu Harrison, brought in durian, rambutans, and proper nasi goreng so we could have an 'Indonesian breakfast'
Rambutans were pretty good, but durians were the most incredible thing.

No. 170378


This cow claimed to have anorexia in two previous (now private) videos.
Go through the videos, you'll wish you hadn't lel. seriously, kill it with fire before it breeds.

No. 170379

Eh, ugly and fat, but other than that, literally nothing special. There is no milk to be had here.

No. 170381

OH YUCK! D: Stevia tastes disgusting. It's the same kind of weird, gross sweetness that shots of wheatgrass have. Oy veyyyyy eliminating food groups creates so many problems. (pic unrelated but I made it!)

No. 170382

File: 1440660257934.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1080, Dante! ^=^.png)

and here it is, lol

No. 170401

Literally how has she not died?

No. 170412

It's a mystery. I don't think she's human.

No. 170415

Really? She does recover, though, and has friends who recover. The problem is they recover when they're already done extensive physical damage to their vital organs, have lost bone density, weakened their hearts and wasted muscles. She might use the phrase 'you never really recover' but I believe she's referring to the lasting physical effects and the mental struggle that will always exist around food to those who have suffered an ED.

No. 170418

I wanna see a comparison shot between Aly and Ash's sternums lol

No. 170419

File: 1440672533826.png (114.22 KB, 1134x334, Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.46…)

How the FUCK can she post this right after posting this: >>169717 ??? This is some serious next-level delusional behavior

No. 170420

>No more "deathly skinny"

Well, shes wearing the baggiest outfit I've ever seen her wear for starters, plus her old OOTD pics were figure hugging and tight jeggings (shudder) or black tights.

I don't think she's delusional or else she wouldn't have worn a tent for the body shot.

No. 170421

File: 1440674007760.jpg (47.91 KB, 480x640, twigz.jpg)

I don't think she really has. Her arms looks more or less the same in this old pic. Her face actually looks nicer with spex.

Ash hasn't flashed her chest area for a long time, but even in the older ones it isn't as sunken as Aly's.

No. 170423

File: 1440674166657.jpg (33.43 KB, 500x375, G7bvov7eaL4.jpg)

(old pic for example)

Ash is spoopier with the rest of her body, but Aly's chest is probably the most pronounced of most anorexics I've seen who're still walking. Maybe it's something to do with the size of bones, idk. I am NOT a doctor.

No. 170432


No. 170436

It likely has a lot to do with body fst distribution. Take Lipita Nyong'o for example. She's not extremely skinny, but her chest bones are somewhat prominent, but hwr overall, her upper half isnrwther slim.

No. 170438

*but overall her upper half is rather slim.

No. 170441

This is fucking terrifying oh my god

No. 170442

Go to church

No. 170443

>lol so edgy "jokes"
>look at my humerus and arteries look at it

She's ugly inside out

No. 170444

That's what I thought as well. I can see it in her arms.

No. 170456

Her eyes look like they're on backwards

No. 170468

File: 1440686194800.png (1.03 MB, 617x1589, Aly 8-27-2015.png)

The difference between her outfit here and her old OOTD outfits (that, of course, you can no longer go back and see) is ENORMOUS. Literally - that outfit is pretty ridiculously baggy. Look at those damn pants. She used to always wear form-fitting tops and miniskirts with tights/leggings to show off her toothpick legs, and now she's doing everything she can to cover them up for the attention that pulling the ~look guys I totally gained weight!~ thing will get her.

No. 170469

I only now realized she meant "Tourette syndrome" when she typed turrets lmao. I was so confused.

No. 170470

I hate everything she wears so much.

No. 170476

File: 1440687663454.png (172.75 KB, 1118x544, Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.00…)

Yeah, that outfit especially looks like an old lady costume IMO. The shirt looks like something my grandma would have worn.
>Ahh you look so gorgeous! Like honestly!! And I love this style of clothing it really suits you!

At least a few people are being honest/"hating."

No. 170483

Me too, with a passion. The cut, the fabrics, the way she puts her outfits together. A lack of a distinct personality probably influences her shitty no-style. She's NINETEEN and dresses like some mumsy 40 year old 9with bad taste).

No. 170484

Yes and the worst thing is she is filthy rich AND lives in fucking Milan. Where does she even find these hideous rags?

No. 170486

Old ladies' closets

No. 170490

File: 1440689413579.jpg (24.26 KB, 982x112, k.JPG)

That top she wore a couple of days ago with a print of lipsticks and perfume or sthing on it was shockingly bad. Shockingly (!) And tacky.

Her accessories are ugly too. Oh god, she has no chance.

I noticed this post on the aly thread at mpa and literal lol because that person's equally as disgusted by her lack of make up skills as I am.

No. 170503

maybe aly is more tan so it sticks out more idk

both too spoopy

No. 170505

The thought that you can probably see her heart beating right through her chest is enough to keep me awake at night. Ugh.

She's so goddamned stupid if she thinks she's fooling anyone posting a photo of herself wearing baggy-ass clothes all "LOOK IM NOT DEATHLY SKINNY ANYMORE GUIZE" right after that sternum shot.

No. 170508

I've been kept awake at night since the anecdote from anon who said a guy like fucking anorexic girls because he could see his dick go in and out.

I feel like Christian Bale in the Machinist. Never sleep again. Not spoopy as Bale though.

Kinda OT, but I'm a Bale fan. Can you imagine the damage he's done to his body getting spoopy for that film, then gaining mega pounds for the next? Same with Jared Leto in Dallas Buyer's Club.

No. 170510

That's a cranberry cookie, Aly, not raspberry. Which you would know if you ate it. Which you didn't.

No. 170511

That's a cranberry cookie, Aly, not raspberry. Which you would know if you ate it. Which you didn't.>>159243

….and a cherry emoji. she's just fucking with us now, right?

No. 170516

Why does she have to tag along to work with her mum all the time? I suppose at least it's good that Ma Casati won't go home and find her daughter dead, but it's sad she can't find things to do that doesn't involve her mother.

No. 170519

I know this is late as fuck, but you're not "relatively" slim. You're 3 pounds from underweight.

No. 170526

Not that anon, but a few pounds from underweight is better than a lot of pounds from underweight considering she was anorexic.

The charts say that at 5ft 1in I'm 2lbs underweight but I don't look skinny and I'm physically healthy. The pounds fluctuate anyway, like I get heavier around the sacred menstrual time.

Anon hasn't been weight resored for long really, so there's time to gain if she needs to.

No. 170533

I'm not saying she isn't doing much better than she was. I'm just pointing it out because so many people - even those who have never had an eating disorder - have an incredibly warped view of what a healthy weight looks like. She's 16, had an ED, and is close to underweight, but only considers herself "relatively slim." It's worrisome.

No. 170536

Sorry, I got the wrong end of the stick. Yeah, that weight is definitely slim, not "relatively".

No. 170537

File: 1440693579130.jpg (19.58 KB, 253x104, v.JPG)

Been blocked for this

No. 170540


people hold weight differently anon. it would be relatively slim if she has a bunch more fat vs muscle

I'm 5'3 and 98 pounds and im technically underweight. However, i'm totally healthy and have quite a bit of stomach fat,thigh fat, etc. People usually over guess my weight because I have a lot of fat.

No. 170551

Nothing I hate more than being short and having a bit of tummy chub (nothing I can't hide with the right clothes). Tall girls win the lottery when it comes to fat distribution.

No. 170553

I love Bale, too. I heard that he ran into a few health problems, but was really careful about the whole thing, so it wasn't bad. Idk about Jared Leto, but Matthew McConaughey went about his weight loss in such a gross way. He ate a pudding cup a day and was on a ketosis high. McConaghey is always high though, so who knows. /OT

No. 170560

File: 1440694854887.jpg (8.62 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Opposite here! People under guess mine because I have fat in the same places as you but I hide it with long tops and stuff! I mostly wear black which makes me look slimmer. Yeah, my distribution of fat definitely goes to the stomach/thigh/ass area. When I've been much heavier people then under guess my weight because my arms and calves are always thinner than the rest of me!

Same here with the clothes. Black heavy denier lycra tights are amazing for slimming thighs.

I wonder of anyone's happy with how they look? I don't care so much so long as I feel well because I can't deal with bad health.

Wasn't it a tin of tuna and an apple a day Bale ate to lose weight? Not sure I could do it for a film, although I suppose it depends on how much you want the money or sthing. I wouldn't even risk bulking up like thingy (gah, Bridget Jones) did. Can't be good for your system. Oh, I love McConaughey too, but mostly for True Detective. #twinstars

Relevant to discussion I'd say (although I'm biased and just want to talk about actors)

No. 170570

Different anon here
I'd think it would put too much stress on your body, especially with dramatic changes in a short amount of time. Definitely can't be good for your bones, muscles, etc. I don't think there are licensed dietitians who'd recommend something like that, but with all these crazy doctors and dietitians (see: Aly's "doctors"), who really knows, eh

No. 170591

File: 1440698464145.jpg (49.59 KB, 291x331, how long to delete and block a…)

Yeah I got blocked for this one the minute she woke up.

Fun fact: you can delete and recreate an account with the same email and be unblocked, haha. You just have to change your username so you can take that back when recreating. Instagram is dumb.
I bet Aly doesn't even notice names when she reads/deletes her comments. It's not like she has actual friends on Instagram.

No. 170600

did she use women's bathroom emoji for her outfit?

No. 170601

V helpful, v educational and v flipping handy insta info, anon! Only need to remember the 3 other account passwords and it's back on track!

I was going to not bother looking at her account at all, even on the inknumbers site because she makes me feel violent. I'm too interested in watching her lies all unfold though. I could bear it more if she didn't show her teeth for some reason.

Can't answer the emoji question. My phone really is like something you win on a lucky dip. The emojis are all different.

No. 170602


OH NO SHE ATE CLAMS. triggering ahead for cchristie (

No. 170607

Yup, and the lesbians emoji for her mother and her.

No. 170609

I assume her mother forces her to come, so she could see her eating.

No. 170615

File: 1440700719147.png (2.74 MB, 980x1952, 1.PNG)


No. 170624

whyyyyy does ginger make those creepy faces

does she think it hides how sickly and emaciated she looks? it does the opposite

No. 170627

She looks ten times worse than the worst-looking person of the bunch. It's quite sad.

No. 170632

That's because normal selfies are narcissistic.

No. 170633

>Guys, I ate cake ONCE, my mom SAW, why does no one believe I'm totally recovering for real??

Is she? It's been a while since I read the book, but it didn't come off that way for me.

I love Bale, too. He's probably going to just die at some point from how rapidly he gains and loses weight for his movies though.

No. 170657

keep in mind BMI charts are not meant to be used for children/teens. They go by percentile.

"Based on the height and weight entered, the BMI is 18.9, placing the BMI-for-age at the 26th percentile for girls aged 16 years. This child has a healthy weight." http://nccd.cdc.gov/dnpabmi/Calculator.aspx

anything between the 5th and 85th percentile is considered healthy for a 16 year old.

No. 170658

i always figured it was an attempt at pretending she doesn't do jack shit all day. i recall her saying something a while back about how nice it is that her, her mom, and aunt, all "work together". Aly, working, yea fucking right.

No. 170670

What gets me is when anyone asks what she's does she just says "working with mum" aka : being watched because she's a lying cunt/ dad doesn't want her home starving herself all day. Her vagueness pisses me off the most I think. My 58 year old mother would beat my ass. If I had ever behaved this way at that age or at all. Not coddled me, sometimes tough love is the best reality check.

No. 170674

Can someone please point this out to her followers? I mean fuck me the cookie says cranberry yet none of the sheep catch this mistake they just praise her instead.

No. 170717

File: 1440714996848.jpg (33.39 KB, 290x210, moron.jpg)

The thing that she and all of her asslickers don't seem the comprehend is that YES, the four MONTHS of lying to her followers are going to cause doubt.
This one in particular made me laugh. Going to reply and hope they see it before Aly wakes up in 7-8 hours.

No. 170718

File: 1440715170021.png (16.36 KB, 293x57, Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.38…)

im sorry… what?

No. 170725

Yikes. I mean, I'll give her credit for doing well with the English language, since English can be quite a difficult language. The problem is that she's arrogant. Best example is that she won't listen when people tell her to stop calling her drink ensure.
As a journalist, pretty sure you need to be adaptable and conform to the paper's/magazine's rules. I can't see her doing that. Plus, you can't write articles with 40 emojis in every sentence.

No. 170732

i think 2 years is a pretty long time to be weight restored

No. 170733

And what would she write about? She has no interests besides her ed and will most likely be dead in a year.

No. 170734

File: 1440718321845.gif (3.33 MB, 697x458, 1439215889209.gif)

Fuck yeah True Detective (season 1, that is; I cannot into False Detective/season 2). I've got my Big Hug Mug on the counter right here. Also love Christian Bale.

I've had 4 or 5 different Instagram accounts with the same email now because I couldn't hold back and made the mistake of commenting ("hating") on some of Aly's pics, of course resulting in me getting blocked.

Comments like that one always make me think of this pic.

No. 170735

File: 1440718337869.png (2.61 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-08-27-19-29-41…)

She's even worse now than during her "relapse" right before going impatient. look at her collarbone. This was then…

No. 170737

File: 1440718380479.png (2.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-08-27-19-30-02…)

And now

No. 170742

Yet people on myproana are discussing if she's even thin

No. 170744

Ummmmm. She's like…BMI 10-11 maybe? How is there any question over whether she's thin? She's pretty fucking spoopy even among severe anorexics. Fuck, most of the bitches on that site aren't even underweight.

No. 170746

There's one user who keeps saying Aly is not really thin even though she admits she's not thin herself. #justwannarexicthings

No. 170753

File: 1440721347317.jpg (133.12 KB, 600x407, oops.jpg)

Yeah, I'm on my third with the same email now. I just can't stand seeing these delusional people.
I always think of that picture too, lol.

This person baffles me. So they know about Aly's lies… yet still doubt she would do that?

No. 170754

Okay, so is it one person or people? I know MPA can be bad, but one person saying she's not thin shows that person is severally delusional, not all of MPA.

No. 170757

Some envy her weight, one person in particular called her "not even thin" or something (which caused a fight) and the rest either hate her or defend her because it's apparently ok to lie about recovery or something… And a link and screenshot to here were posted. (The user on there confuse me, they jump at every self proclaimed pro ana yet the website is called… myproana?). So, it's only one delusional person thankfully. How does anybody look at Alice and think "Nah she's not thin"…

Not Aly related but is it correct that one lolcow (forgot her name, she went from fat to skinny and wears ugly dirty clothes) is a Myproana user?

No. 170761

Let's be fair: there are a lot of people on that thread noticing the bullshit that are not okay with it. It's about 50-50, at least.

There are different types of pro-ana. The two most common are: Pro-ana as in promoting anorexia and claiming it's a lifestyle, and pro-ana as in "I accept that I have an ED and I am not ready to recover, so I will live with it." The first is what most people think of. It's also what myproana started as, but it seems to have transitioned to the latter.

And yes, you're thinking of Emma, who is an MPA user.

No. 170765

I feel like this goony anti-vanity shtick is just a religious cover for serious body image issues.

No. 170767

By the latter definition, majority of anorexics would be pro-ana. That doesn't make any sense.

No. 170768

I guess that's true, it's just sort of shocking to see someone who does not think Alice is thin.
Has she been deleting comments again? And where's the "READY MADE super oily (!) tomatoes sauce" on her pasta…?

I'm getting the impression Aly is always "helping" her mum at work because she requires constant supervision but maybe her parents don't really want to put it that way…?

I don't understand the Italian healthcare system at all to be honest, I'm pretty sure she would be court ordered to go into treatment where I live.

No. 170772

Tragician. Aye-ya-yay.

No. 170780

True. The latter definition (we'll say PA1) is actually what pro-ana started as. In the early days of the internet, the term pro-ana was a way for (normal) anorexics to discover each other. It allowed them to discuss their illnesses and give each other tips to stay relatively safe with their illness.

However, the media discovered the term, exposed and exploited it. It soon became what we currently think of as pro-ana (we'll say PA2). A bunch of crash dieters and wannarexics declared themselves pro-anas. Tips transformed from safety tips into tips to starve or purge. And other such terrible transitions.

At least, that's how it was explained to me.

I am probably doing MPA too much justice by saying it is transitioning to PA1. It's more like there's a mixture of PA1s and PA2s, but PA1s have become more vocal than PA2s since the beginning of the site.

No. 170786


She scares me. I think she's psychotic and moving into that apt alone was a bad idea.

No. 170791

I think psychotic is a bit much but she's definitely unstable. When did she move? It seems like her selfies & diet went from "goofy" to "wtf" around the same time, I wonder if they coincide with her moving alone?

No. 170793

File: 1440724473456.gif (5.07 MB, 640x640, spoopy leaves the house.gif)

Now that I think about it, Aly's eyes look awfully sad.

No. 170794


Halp me plz. I can't remember Ginge's latest url. I think I tried to block it our of mind so I wouldn't go there (trauma reasons), but I feel masochistic. Url would be greatly appreciated. Ta in advance ~praying hands emoji~

No. 170796

She looks so empty, like she's just a shell of a human. Sad.

No. 170797

She's back to thefitveganginger

No. 170800

Damn Ginger's faces are ugly. Why does she do that? (Serious question, has it been discussed why she actually does it? Does she have some kind of mental illness on top of her obvious ED?) Looking at her Instagram makes me rage inside :/

No. 170801

I always interpret the eyes as those of blankness/boredom. The only picture I've seen that's not that way is this one from her other account, where she's actually animated

Haha, she missed the attention. Thank you.

No. 170803

I really think it's because she hates her appearance, and pulling faces/acting above "normal" selfies is her way of avoiding the fact that she can't take a regular picture of herself that she likes.

No. 170805

Hah, I was going to make this gif but because I was creeped out by the similarity in the compositions of all of those photos, but ya beat me to it

No. 170806

Damn, just use flattering angles and photoshop your pics like everyone else.

No. 170807

ok? hows that relevant? are you implying the 26th percentile isn't weight restored?

No. 170809

Or get an eyebrow pencil and mascara. They would make such a huge difference already :(

And the photos where she's ~dreamy~ and looking into the sky… Ugh so stupid

No. 170811


Yes, she has serious issues. I don't think she'll be able to cope with the ED and full-time school.

No. 170825

File: 1440731140227.jpg (84.48 KB, 640x640, 1171081_218893014955278_789172…)

I didn't know she had another account! I found this picture there. She should be getting close to this level of weight gain by now :c

No. 170830

Yeah, that was her first account. When she didn't get a following, she created her ~recovery~ account. The kissy face selfies and the PDA with the ex are bleck, but I'd rather see that than the endless plates of food, emaciation and grinning at oily (!) pasta.

No. 170839

File: 1440732944931.png (897.6 KB, 666x690, Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.34…)

>tarragon white bean "dinner cake" thing
That looks like what my cat throws up…

No. 170840

Ah, the original Beer Guy.

No. 170842

She looks photoshopped. It's so spooky.

No. 170843

Hahaha, I love cchristie.

No. 170844

Ginger is gross. OT, but is that guy really buff and a vegan? I thought you really needed meat protein to get that big?

No. 170845

I feel bad for her mom and family in general.

No. 170853

I feel bad for her brother but her parents are enablers.

Also maybe I'm just a bitter asshole, but I'm extra put off by the fact that her family is rich and they let her get away with this crap.

No. 170872

I mean, I've eaten some pretty ugly looking meals, but why post it online?

I'd say it's possible, but it would take more work to get the proper proteins, enough, etc. etc.

No. 170877

>I thought you really needed meat protein to get that big?


No. 170878

No. 170884

File: 1440739010290.jpg (671.65 KB, 2550x3300, 35be0dd3752c7219aced66e70506ec…)

No. 170885

You couldn't put a spoiler on this monstrosity? I'm gagging. No one should be proud of that.

No. 170887

Oh, I see!

The kissy face selfies wouldn't bother me so much if her eyes were closed and she knew how to make a normal kissing pout. She's probably one of those people who doesn't know how to do it. Lol, if the people are reasonably attractive, PDA stuff never bothers me.

No. 170888


How does she have such a small head on top of that rotting mudmountain of a body? Is gravity to blame?

No. 170918

File: 1440744567631.gif (304.19 KB, 500x278, 1440427694793.gif)

No. 170922


No. 170983

File: 1440760745796.png (52.48 KB, 750x236, Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 3.53…)

lol "a food ensure" - oooookay

No. 170998

@running4jaysus ily

No. 171007

Her kissy faces are a joke, but I just scrolled through her old insta for a bit, and she looked so much better. If she got back to the weight in this pic at lease, she would be so much better off. Still thin, but not spoopy enough to freak people out.

Her old outfits are also much better. Guess she can't find clothes that fit anymore/wants to look less emaciated.

No. 171008


No. 171009

I love that these are still up. Guess she stopped checking that picture. At least there's some truth on her account.

Think it'd be a good idea to tell her to Google her username?

No. 171025

the codfish she posted actually looks to be drowning (!!1) in dang much oil

No. 171027

File: 1440771616111.jpg (39.82 KB, 568x335, flyingfree85.jpg)

aly's defenders:

No. 171043

Did a farmer make the "worriedaboutaly" instagram account? They're following people who are following Aly, from what I can see. If this is a nonfarmer rando, then that's actually pretty cool. People are getting sick of her shit.

No. 171050

File: 1440775098971.jpg (10.71 KB, 185x273, san muerte.jpg)

#OOTD by Zara

No. 171076

Aly sure does like to mention how she decided not to restrict after a meal. I feel like I've seen her mention restricting after her tiny-ass meals on nearly every breakfast post she makes.

No. 171084

File: 1440780162142.png (73.99 KB, 1126x214, Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.41…)

At least now she's being totally up-front about the fact that she deletes all of the comments that aren't ass-kiss-y enough for her liking.

No. 171095

Top kek

No. 171107

File: 1440782583437.png (60.35 KB, 1142x232, Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.2…)

Can't believe people continue to trot out this bullshit excuse. How long will Aly's magical hypermetabolism last? How many pounds/kilograms will she invisibly "gain" because MUH ORGAN REPAIRS?

No. 171120

File: 1440786058278.jpg (1.99 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1440785941826.jpg)

Literally lol'd at this one.

Eggo waffles are bigger than that thing.

No. 171127

File: 1440787412273.jpg (29.52 KB, 534x173, Capture.JPG)

Everything being a #RECOVERYWIN is annoying the hell outta me now. She's had waffles 4 or 5 times in the past few weeks, so how is this a recovery win when it's SUPPOSEDLY already been done?

No. 171138

Both of these annoy the hell out of me too. Like I know it's a way to beg for ass-pats, but shut the fuck up!

No. 171139

What is up with her eyelids? Is it crappy eyeshadow or is it just weird coloration from being a walking corpse?

No. 171142

Crappy eyeshadow, I think. She doesn't really know how to blend or where to put the colours. It looks like she puts the highlighter all over the lid and above the crease line.

Her eye area looks naturally puffy to me in most of her pics, so that makes her look a bit weird.

No. 171154

Made a comment on lays acount. It's was deleted before I could even screen cap it. I don't think she even reads them at this point.

No. 171156

It's depressing as fuck to imagine her forcing her family/friends to take the pics of her with food then watch her barely eat any/throw it out and post about what a #RECOVERYWIN that was

No. 171157

It would be the literal opposite, the lower your weight, the more/faster you'll gain from eating that much (same as how obese people can lose a lot of weight quicker from dieting) There's no logic in that no matter how you look at it, like even if it was true it's all going to her organs, which it definitely isn't, why would she be losing weight like she has? Do u think her followers actually are that delusional and believe that crap or are just consciously bullshitting to defend their thinspo queen?

No. 171190

When she blocked me for a commenting on croissantgate pic, I'd written a comment then wrote a longer one. I clicked send and it wasn't sending. I refreshed and she'd blocked and deleted the previous comment. She really must spend most of her time on ig when she's not pretending to eat.

No. 171208

LOL she added coffee to her vanilla ensure Fortimel ensure "creation" today. totally her own recipe, but thanks, tears of laughter emoji

No. 171250

File: 1440808535357.jpg (35.37 KB, 541x266, delete.JPG)

No. 171254

File: 1440808756621.jpg (54.94 KB, 526x280, Capture.JPG)


This shit…

> Aly is not 'showing off her skeletal body', she is documenting her journey towards being happy and healthy

Yet her skeletal body is becoming more skeletal. Bright and happy. Srsly?

No. 171268

So hypermetabolism is a thing, and yeah, your body will need to expend some calories to repair damage inflicted by starvation (e.g., to reverse cardiac atrophy), but people are taking the facts and twisting them to try to justify Aly's Bogus Recovery Journey. If she was indeed hypermetabolic, her fucking "ED specialists" like her "dietitian" would be UPPING HER MEAL PLAN. That's just how it works. If you aren't gaining, or are gaining but just not quickly enough, that's what they do. Have you eat more. Some people end up needing to eat crazy amounts, like 6000 calories/day, to gain weight at an acceptable rate. Staying on the same meal plan for months if it isn't resulting in significant weight gain is just plain stupid, and I have a hard time seeing an actual ED professional going along with all of this.

Also, Aly never mentions (or says she doesn't experience) any of the symptoms that should go along with where she's allegedly at in her "recovery," like night sweats, bloating/GI distress, extreme hunger, etc. Not saying she isn't having them, but…I'm guessing she's not having them. Because she's still eating a "restrictive" amount and isn't actually gaining any significant amount of weight.

I brought this up in a previous thread and was told no1curr (I know), but I'll use the example again because I think it's relevant. I lost a lot of weight last year due to GI issues and got pretty spoopy myself. I just wasn't able to eat enough to maintain my weight, and I was involuntarily throwing up undigested food a lot. As my ulcers and gastritis began to heal, I was able to increase my intake, and I gained back the weight I lost plus a bit more (I was very underweight to begin with) in far less time than Aly's been in #RealRecovery, and, from the looks of it, by eating less than how much Aly claims to be eating. I just steadily increased my intake. It's not fucking rocket science. I ate more calories than I was burning, and WOW, magic! I gained back the weight I had lost in a very predictable manner. I refuse to believe that Aly's body somehow differs so much from that of a normal human being that these things work completely differently for her.

>NEW ensure creation as early #afternoonsnack since I'm going to meet mum at my favorite bar downtown (love that she works less on friday) Hooowever I made this kinda "sundae" cup (aka "affogato") with a frozen Vanilla Fortimel Compact topped with some broken cookies and chocolate chips and… Del ved into coffee! OMFG best recipe ever tried
HAHAH oh wow…I wish @aprettyoddfooddiary would see that post and be like "bitch please, that was MY recipe!" Not that it's much of a "recipe" at all. Aly likes to make it sound like she's so fucking inventive, but she's been doing almost the same simple thing almost every day for so long now that it's ridiculous. It would be like if I poached or baked some chicken breast meat every day, added a slightly different mix of 2-4 spices, and called each new day's chicken a new "recipe."

No. 171292

File: 1440815363915.png (740.28 KB, 682x1023, Aly's Bogus #RealRecovery Jour…)

>Aly's Bogus Recovery Journey
Here, have my super shitty attempt at modifying the Bill & Ted cover (Ash = Death).

No. 171314

Thank you anon, night made. Lol

No. 171315

File: 1440819952178.png (73.42 KB, 320x308, <3.png)

No. 171319

Our lovely man looks so into it

No. 171331

File: 1440823613342.png (1.67 MB, 1288x4294, NO RESTRICTION ALLOWED.png)

This actually makes me kind of sad. The way Aly repeats the "no restriction" mantra over and over, it's like she's trying desperately to convince everyone - including herself - that it's true…

No. 171335

This is great
Dante looks fab as usual hair flip emoji

No. 171345

File: 1440826828820.png (222.26 KB, 1144x718, Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.3…)

Is Ging actually retarded, or is she just balls-deep in denial? Does she even realize that her diet is weird as fuck and, along with her compulsive over-exercising, might be causing or at least contributing to some of her health problems? I wonder if she tells the doctors she sees what exactly she eats. I also wonder how these doctors react to her manic glee (or does she tone it down for them?).

No. 171348

Thank you for making this.

No. 171350

When "orthorexia" first came out I thought this was ridiculous, but with these fucking fads nowadays? I have no doubt it can escalate to a serious eating disorder, what with raw veganism and whatever the fuck else, that shit isn't and has never been healthy. The motiviation is just different.

No. 171353

I forgot about orthorexia … This explains Ginger's confusion and/or denial perfectly, ortho is often missed because on the surface level, hey, you're just trying to be healthy! I suggested in a past thread that she has an ED and honestly does not realise it. With ortho this makes such a possibility even more likely.

No. 171356

I'd definitely bet money on that in her case. I don't get classic ~ana~ vibes from her at all, definitely orthorexic.

No. 171358

Do these people actually not eat cooked food AT ALL ever? I mean it's one thing not to eat animal products or to prefer raw food, but if you're afraid of eating a boiled carrot… :/ I hope not, because something is seriously wrong with you.

No. 171363

oh jesus. That Rachael woman who got all the money isn't going to ACUTE. She's going to a clinic in Portugal run by this quack:


No. 171364

I think they stick with raw because boiling takes out nutrients. Plus boiled carrots are gross.

No. 171374

Reading about Bale's weight loss methods for that spoopy role he had to play are part of the reason I started to diet at a young age. I started to think I was fat around 11 years old at 93lbs and deciding I needed to lose weight. A few years later I remember being intensely impressed and inspired by Bale, awhile after that I began to imitate his diet of a single apple/can of tuna a day.

Kinda sad.

No. 171381


Next new thread header pic plix!

Dante gets hotter and hotter. How can that be so if it's the same pic? He's an enigma.

No. 171390

So wait.. is Dante the beer guy? Forgive me. I'm jumping into this late. How did he become so special.

No. 171395

Yes. Yes, he is. He became special because a couple of anons started masturbating to him.

No. 171396

Yeah, but then she uses that "sly" face as if to say "Yeah right, I'm definitely restricting. Fuck you all." Maybe I'm reading too much into her damn emojis though…

No. 171400

A. That's not always true. Boiling carrots, for instance, raises their beta-carotene levels.

B. ALWAYS eating food in the form that maximizes its nutrients is weird. Sometimes the less nutritious form tastes better.

No. 171425

File: 1440845771807.jpg (50.49 KB, 492x545, its a cup aly.JPG)

He's the wallpaper on my phone. I tell people he's my lover.

Mashed carrots are nice with swede.

Fuck me, she's started grinning at cups now.

No. 171430

Fake it till you make it, anon. We will find him!

No. 171435

File: 1440847155136.png (72.73 KB, 1148x244, Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 4.03…)

She's so full of shit. I have a very hard time believing that any meal plan intended for a recovering anorexic who needs to gain a shit-ton of weight would be so restrictive that one could NEVER work in something like peanut butter on toast. Dieticians fucking love nuts and nut butter, in my experience. I bet Aly just isn't willing to eat them.

And are we really supposed to believe that she was just given a meal plan that has her, for example, eating the exact same breakfast every morning, and never increasing? That's just not how it works, sis.

No. 171436

Yeah, she also claims to eat pizza, waffles, starbucks etc, which is not bad but she herself says "over the meal plan" or something like that.
But now suddenly she is following it strictly

No. 171438

Nut butters are not that big of a thing in Europe. That being said, I've never seen a dietitian recommend 6-7 cookies and coffee, it's usually oatmeal, eggs, piece of bread, etc.

No. 171442

I also don't get how she's 'eating' pastries and sweets multiple times a day, but only has one serving of fruit. It's just not what a dietitian would recommend and we all know she doesn't need 3000 calories to gain weight, in the hospital she was probably on 1000 - 1500 and gaining fast.

No. 171446

She's asking followers if she should go out to dinner with her parents' friends. Prediction: she does it and it's a massive #recoverywin.

No. 171449

>I'm going by a meal plan!
>Going over my meal plan today
And yet she can't do peanut butter on toast to go over her meal plan?

No. 171454

That actually might be a real recover win though

No. 171455

Except for the fact that she won't actually eat anything

No. 171457

Well it'll be harder to get away with, surely

No. 171459

Hmm, I didn't know that about the nut butters in Europe. The breakfast, though…I have a hard time imagining a dietitian saying "You must eat 6-7 cookies, a small cup of coffee, and an [unpictured] glass of milk every morning. No exceptions." All of her posts of her meals and snacks reek of OCD, and I doubt a dietitian would encourage or mandate that behavior.

It's hard to believe that Aly is receiving any sort of treatment when so many of her disordered behaviors seem to be going unchecked, starting with the fact that she spends so much time arranging and photographing her food to share largely with strangers on the internet. I also struggle to imagine any ED specialists knowing about this behavior and saying "Great, Aly, keep up the good work! This is obviously very healthy and beneficial for you and others in the #edfamily!"

This. It's so contradictory.

She seems to get away with not eating [enough] in front of people all the time, though.

No. 171473

File: 1440856547213.png (55.14 KB, 1088x190, Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 6.55…)


No. 171478

Ugh she sounds so condescending all the time.

No. 171483

Translation: I bribed/threateneed my dietitician into giving me the smallest meal plan possible, tears of laughter emoji

No. 171485

File: 1440859839204.jpg (133.57 KB, 640x628, image.jpg)

I know this matters very little, but it kills me that Aly uses that cup over and over. I wonder if she knows what that 1 symbol means…

No. 171486

LOL, I always thought it was some sort of a hard reusable plastic cup made to look like the regular Starbucks iced drink cups. Is it seriously just a regular fucking disposable cup? I'd have thought it would show more wear by now. Unless she has more than one of them, I guess.

No. 171487

Do they even have Starbucks in Italy? Why does she need to be a basic bitch all the time?
No words.

No. 171488

File: 1440860998079.png (686.57 KB, 599x594, Capture.PNG)

MY meal plan

No. 171490

didn't Aly actually say at some point that EDs are not really an acknowledged or well known thing in Italy? so, logic would reason that these "specialists" she's seeing don't have much experience in treating EDs, and since she's so severely ill, she needs to go to a facility outside of Italy if she's ever going to recover. I would love to point out how inexperienced her "team" is based on things Aly has said herself, but since I'm jessnize, I'm obviously blocked. and I'm not making a throwaway account just for that spoiled twat.
I've been in ED treatment, no dietician would give a meal plan that has cookies and coffee for breakfast everyday. or ever. morning snack maybe, but not breakfast. i really just want to slap her.

No. 171495

File: 1440863215541.jpg (25.12 KB, 295x156, omg.jpg)

Omfg to this comment. Please tell me this is not a farmer because that makes it even funnier.

I'm dumb, but does the 1 mean you should only use it once?
Yikes though. Like others, I thought she had a reuseable one, not just a regular cup.

People have asked this multiple times. Just looked it up, and no, none in Italy. However, Milan is close to the borders of Switzerland, which has several Starbucks, though the closest one is 244km (or 151 miles) away.

No. 171496

She gets away with it because she's a *~tiny recovering fragile lil angel~* that's fighting so hard, so even just a few bites is brave and victorious to her family/friends. Manipulative twat.

No. 171498

grad student anon here. As promised, here's one academic article linking facebook use to maintaining ED pathology:

And one, which I find VERY interesting in the context of Aly's "unique" writing style, that analyzed the language content of pro-recovery vs. pro-ED blogs and found this:

"Compared with recovery blogs, pro–eating disorder blogs scored lower on cognitive
mechanisms, insight, and abstraction, but higher on closed-mindedness and primary
processes, and displayed more exclamation marks and fewer question marks. Pro–eating
disorder blogs contained fewer negative emotion words, specifically fewer words
related to sadness and anxiety, and displayed fewer social and communication words.
More words related to food, eating, or drinking and school were used in pro–eating
disorder blogs."


No. 171501

I'm italian and I've got a friend in an ED clinic. Aly is right when she says ED aren't generally known to the public, but only in a "anorexia = don't eat, bulimia = eat too much" sense. But her doctors are not the public, and I am sure they know how serious her condition is. The thing is, EDs are mental illnesses, and unless she is a severe immediate threat to herself or others (think trying to stab people in the streets or throw herself off a building), Aly cannot be sectioned unless she wants to. She is an adult.

Also yes, ED clinics aren't as widespread and known here, but:1) Aly lives in Milan, where there are many health care services 2) Her parents seem rich enough to afford treatment 3) Her position as a relapsing young adult means she would probably manage to get a spot at an IP clinic and part of her expenses would even be covered by the state services. This is what happened to my friend, who was Aly's age at the time (and nowhere near spoopy). But it's all for nothing if she doesn't request treatment.

No. 171516

Even if Italy isn't #1 in the world for ED treatment or anything, doctors, dietitians, etc. should at least have an understanding of human biology and nutrition…it's not like how a person gains or loses weight is a huge mystery. Aly is clearly extremely underweight, and if she isn't gaining weight on her current meal plan, she needs to eat more (or have supervision to ensure that she's actually eating and keeping down what she claims to be consuming). I think either she isn't doing what her "treatment providers" tell her to do and is lying to them or that she isn't actually even seeing anyone. Her "meal plan" sounds bogus as fuck, but I could be wrong.

No. 171522


Yeah, see, that's the thing, cooking doesn't "take out" nutrients. It does break some components of the food down to make them more bio-available (i.e. in a form your body can actually use readily).

No. 171525


I also found someone's VERY interesting dissertation that is qualitative research on ED in Italian women. Southern Italian, but I'm sure some of it applies to Aly, as well. Basically the diss frames it as Italians having a particularly fraught relationship with food that is entangled with identity, kin, and gender roles, and the context of ED in Italy has to be considered in the context of the huge role of food in Italian social life. For example:

"Lucia, with a smug grin on her face, would say "Mangial" (Eat!). Her son, for instance, without looking at his mother would respond, 'Non ne voglio." (1 don't want anything else). This was followed by two more requests made by Lucia that he eat. Each time he would counter her requests with 'Non ne voglio" yet with
more authority and assertiveness. After three requests and three counter responses, the son would win and Lucia would attempt to make someone else at the table eat. The
second time I learned just how intricate the links between food and Lucia's self-worth were when, amidst her frustrations over understanding why her youngest son's "Russian" and "non-catholic" girlfriend refused to let Lucia serve her a bowl of pasta, she said, with tears brimming in her eyes: "I made it with my hands and from my heart." The son's girlfriend was not just refusing food, she was refusing Lucia. "

"As I learned during my fieldwork, in Calabria, a region where small scale, face-to-face societies are typical, and where the family's reputation is negotiated by how kin members interact in the public spaces of everyday life, a slender-bodied daughter, wife, or fidanzata can enable a man to gain prestige, increase his family's social status, and obtain power. Conversely, a fat daughter, wife, or fidanzata can publicly shame male kin,
because in rural societies the head of the household is socially expected to make sure his family's reputation is held in good standing. Although both kinds of gendered bodies, fat and slender, are subjected to the gaze, scrutiny, and gossip of community members, one body shames the man, while the other body increases his reputation, respectability, and power"

"In the following section, I turn to Mariella's stories of food refusal and body
shame. Mariella's story communicates how shame is lived and grounded in discourses of womanhood influenced by Catholic norms and "traditional" values, as well as the
"modern" valuation of a slender body. As her story unfolds, it becomes clear that, for Mariella, body shame was grounded in inequalities entrenched in images of being a "good" daughter in rural Calabria and food refusal became a practice used to negotiate and contest social expectations that legitimized subordination. "

No. 171527

>Sometimes the less nutritious form tastes better.


No. 171532

bro I don't have a subscription, can you pastebin it somewhere? very thankful

No. 171534


ugh sorry I tried to dl it a bunch of times but I keep getting a server error. It's called "The Contours of Womanhood: Living with "Eating Disorders" in Southern Italy"

I'll try again later.

No. 171544

nice, what are you in grad school for? Im a social worker myself. I kinda want to get my Ph.D on the subject of social media and EDs, not quite sure how to go about the topic or research though, totally open to suggestions.

Facebook/social media in general doesn't just maintain ED pathology, it lowers the self esteem and general satisfaction with life for many people. Most people only upload their "best" pics, pics where they're out having fun, and a lot of people use photoshop too. This leads to people feeling like their lives aren't as good as others. Social media has a big impact on mental health. I can only imagine how screwed up kids who grew up with it are going to be. Im glad i went to high school when almost no one had a cell phone, and if they did it was that little silver V60 with a green screen and it didn't take pictures.

No. 171562

Finishing up a PhD in Developmental Psych (research, not clinical).

A focus on social media and EDs falls in the purview of lots of fields! Public health, clinical psych, social work, communications, etc. You can frame it in a lot of ways. A social work perspective would be really interesting since it has implications for recovery/courses of treatment (discouraging the patient from engaging in harmful social media practices).

No. 171563


EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I thought it was one of those hard plastic ones too. It's a disposable one? Ewwwwwwww.

No. 171567

Why do sufferers personify AN? Like, don't listen to ana when she tells you not to blah blah…

A heap o' disorders here, but I've never felt the need to talk about them as if they're entities. Occasionally I'll call depression "the black dog", but I don't say, Oh the black dog is here and is making it difficult for me to function.

No. 171569

the black dog is here and S/HE making it difficult for me to function*

No. 171592

I started to look that up a little while ago, too. Most of the research I saw (now I was just skimming, this isn't exhaustive or anything) seemed to reach the consensus that personifying illness is psychologically helpful, and helps the patient separate the illness from their identity. But most of those were concerning cancer. I do wonder if it's just as helpful for ED or not. Seems a lot of these girls on social media really fixate on the personification and it's hard to tell if it helps them feel more or less in control of their recovery.

No. 171595

I don't relate to that either, although I guess I can understand why people might want to personify their illnesses as some sort of a coping mechanism. I have my own "issues," but I've never thought of them as separate from me - they're part of how my brain works. The thoughts/feelings/whatever originate from within my own mind, not from some outside source or entity. I just know that I hate hearing shit like "oh, that's just your anorexia talking, don't listen to it/her." It also seems like it can be used as a way to avoid taking personal responsibility for your actions - like "that wasn't me, it was my [disorder]!"

I think with younger girls, especially, they may just personify "Ana" because they've seen that portrayal (e.g., of an "Ana goddess" or of "Ana" being like a separate person who fills the mind of the ED sufferer with bullshit and tries to get them to starve themselves) depicted in media.

No. 171596

There's a book about ED recovery (Life without ED) where the premise is that the sufferer thinks of the illness as a boyfriend that he/she breaks up with.

Don't buy it, it's terrible (unsurprisingly).

No. 171597

Yes, it's hard for me to put my concern with it into words, but it seems persomifying ED would potentially be more problematic than personifying, say, cancer. Because a person's actions can't fix their cancer, but ONLY a person's actions can change their ED. Making an ED as something external seems like it enables the person to separate their feelings from themselves, and thus fail to confront why they might be feeling that way (e.g., pushing aside unwanted negative feelings a la Aly, rather than acknowledging the feelings and coping appropriately).

No. 171598

That was me asking the question and ta for replies.

>It also seems like it can be used as a way to avoid taking personal responsibility for your actions

I think this too. It's like how if someone "sins" it was the Devil that made them do it.

Erm…can't see how that works really. Haven't read it, but sounds dire!

No. 171600

Past ED here. For a lot of sufferers, there is a voice in their head that seems to whisper thoughts of guilt or disagreement at them (e.g. "You're a pig for eating that cookie;" and "Don't you dare eat another bite!")
I guess for some people, the voice sounds like someone else inside of them whispering to them. For me, it was always my own voice, my own self fighting against myself. But I do understand those who view the voice as separate from them.

No. 171601

Yup, I was right. Goddamn it, Aly.
The thing is, she may be winning in that she's eating with others, but she's going to call the food the win, not the act. And she's going to eat pizza, which she apparently eats every week.

No. 171602

I fucking loathe those ED memoirs/thinly disguised ~*~pro-ana bibles~*~ with a passion.

I was thinking about religion as well. I was raised in a very secular home, and I just cannot into religion. It makes no sense to me. I was always baffled when people talked about having spoke with Jesus/God/their dead aunt/whoever, or having had the Devil plant "bad thoughts" in their head and lead them into temptation. I was also kind of jealous, because I wasn't important or cool enough for Jesus/God/my dead aunt/whoever to talk to me. Then, I realized that, since I was never told to attribute my thoughts and feelings to an external source like a deity, I just consider everything that originates within my brain to come from "me" (whatever "me" is). If I have a really good idea that comes from out of the blue, I'll think "wow, cool, I'm glad I thought of that," whereas I guess someone else might think "wow, God has spoken to me and imparted unto me this amazing idea."

That's interesting. I wonder how many people with EDs would identify that "voice" as coming from within themselves or being a part of themselves vs. personifying it. I also wonder if how you view your ED has anything to do with your ability to recover and avoid relapsing.

No. 171605

So, apparently Ginger fainted at work. But she still doesn't have an ED. And she posted this, which is pretty disturbing considering her decline:


No. 171606

Same non-religious upbringing as you had. I define Christianity as for people who don't want to take responsibility for their own actions. I used to share a house with others and half were born again. The guy in the room next to mine used to have big, long conversations with Jesus, saying things like "yeah, man" and laughing/having a joke with whatever he was hearing. Not sure if he was nuts tbh. The rest had conversations with Jesus (apparently) and "spoke in tongues" but I didn't hear them chill out with Jesus in the same way.

Bit OT there.

Maybe it softens the blow of otherwise feeling like a "failure" if you can blame a binge or w/e on Something Other?

Speaking of Jesus people, I imagine Ginge''s get quite animated. >>171605

No. 171608

File: 1440876205050.jpg (21.73 KB, 665x132, Capture.JPG)

Meant to post this as well.

Didn't think of #foodporn in this way before (being proud of avoiding stuff like waffles and pizza for eg)

No. 171610

Ginge is admitting there's a problem. Good. Now just admit it's an eating disorder and we can start from there.

No. 171611

File: 1440876728291.png (1.78 MB, 1196x1196, Posi-Ice-Vibes.png)


No. 171613

File: 1440876883003.jpg (17.22 KB, 527x107, rolls eyes.JPG)

No. 171620

No, her problem is that her organs are in the wrong place due to a back injury. The massive amounts of indigestible fibre are causing no problems at all.

No. 171623

"worriedaboutaly" is deleting

No. 171624

it is crazy to me that someone "threatened" that account. wtf…what kind of threat and who? maybe they threatened to dox the owner…

No. 171625

They can't, soooo…

No. 171626

Some twat's always got to stick their nose in.

No. 171627

I hope the account stays. It's the only way people can say what they feel about her "recovery" and have things explained from a real struggling person in recovery without a)being deleted and blocked and b)given a condescending reply about a meal plan or some bullshit about a team of nutritionists and how she's making "progresses".

No. 171628

File: 1440879927393.jpg (127.91 KB, 661x958, dtWIZE9.jpg)

No. 171631

File: 1440880886582.jpg (174.13 KB, 633x916, image.jpg)

Looking into an account Ali follows, the way this girl talks is eerily similar to Aly, this girl speaks English though so it's likely Ali is copying this style. "See guys I'm #realrecovering, just look at my posts and read my captions " … This girl is as fake as it gets.

No. 171632

File: 1440880954257.jpg (152.46 KB, 640x889, image.jpg)

"Full fat milk" Hmmm Ali "drinks" that too

No. 171633

right down to the starbucks coffee and cookie

No. 171634

File: 1440881162990.png (510.99 KB, 703x448, elena.png)

They're both from Italy, but this goes beyond having similar terms and phrases from being from the same country. Elena literally types like Aly.

No. 171637

Dudes on plate look like tapewormz

No. 171638

Man the amount of skeptics that are posting and commenting daily now is fucking fantastic, this cunt has so much damage control to do after her "pizzeh party". grabs some popcorn

No. 171639

aly literaly types like Elena

No. 171640

Is Aly the chicken or the egg?

No. 171642

Aly has no personality whatsoever, so it doesn't surprise me that she's stolen someone else's personality and has turned it into a caricature.

No. 171644

At least that's actually a large portion. Does she post any pictures of her body?

No. 171645

lmao even the fucking sake emoji

No. 171646

I think I hate Aly even more now that I've seen Elena.

No. 171649

Nothing full body, but her arms are tiny, she seems to have gained a bit though.

No. 171651