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File: 1614059565227.jpg (114.58 KB, 795x456, n3w1hr3ad.jpg)

No. 1168484

Last thread ended with a flurry of what some think is milk. New cows have made an appearance and certain old cows have made unfortunately made themselves private whilst they think of how they will make a comeback that doesn’t include moooving back to the farm (clinic)
Larping is rife at the moment with most cows, like COVID, spanning every continent available.

Ham is continuing to let everyone know what pre packaged food she has recently re-heated, whilst following in Hammum’s footsteps and telling all the HATERZ to ‘sod off’

Gainer is hoping gyms will, once again, ignore the current pandemic and open soon as she is running out of spoop pics.

LittlestLee struggles with sleep so decided to down a fortisip to show us she’s strong as the calories are more challenging than alcohol and snacks.

Laura is continuing with the Tube selfies, however threw a TW our way because of an incident (possibly) involving her need for the Tube (*attention)

Ovi reminded us that all dainty anas can be flexible.

Nourish2Flourish’s skin tone is slowly resembling the mustard bottle in her front lawn.

Soft4nge1 has been in hospital showing off excessively bandaged legs with no explanation.

anorexiadiaryy is using nurses for bodychecks whilst helping them forget there are sicker people in the current pandemic world state.

Sharn/Skyler has done something so bad she’s now off to medium secure, but gave us the address for handwritten notes xoxo

Georgia has gone private to make sure we don’t see her next admission, though she will surely be tagged by other Aus cows we think!

Farmers worldwide have scrapped Australia off their future travelling list due to the growing number of cows and milk, and how easy it is to become tubed - is it a patriotic thing?
Only two months in to the new year and milk is flowing!!

Previous thread >>1154718


No. 1168488

Tried to link the new thread to the old one but we maxed it out..

First time making a new thread, forgive me if i've missed anything.

Previous thread #51

No. 1168555

File: 1614071249300.png (1.87 MB, 771x1139, ntf captive.PNG)

good job on the thread!

is it just me, or is NTF looking thinner than normal? my guess is her Grandfathers death has hit her hard, and is BP'ing much more now (her stories are much more frequent, and her binges seem less planned and more manic).

although, ever since the anon a few threads back floated the idea that NtF is being held captive and forced to do this, i cant stop thinking its true.
she never has audio in the vids, and CONSTANTLY glances off camera then immediately looks miserable, as if someone is there forcing her to eat.

~dons my tinfoil hat~

No. 1168556

god she looks awful

No. 1168564


note the Russell's Sign on her knuckle in the bottom left photo. i bet you that she tried to cover it up with those hand emojis but failed.

also of concern was the way he hand was trembling when showing her half eaten sandwhich. (sorry, i didnt manage to grab it on PC. its still up and will expire in 2-3hrs of this post if anyone wants to check it out)

No. 1168568

Like she hasn't slept in several days.

No. 1168575

This is by far the worst she's looked. I think the yellow skin is partly her warm glow bulb and crappy cam but it's likely account the jaundice.

It's really sad. One time she'd hide she has a problem and now her robe's barely closing so she can show her bones. Bad vibes about a bad ending. Wish her mum would do more than get rid of her freezer. RIP N2F

No. 1168576

Accentuating* not account

No. 1168577

File: 1614075975960.jpg (374.5 KB, 720x1521, Screenshot_2021-02-23-09-59-36…)

Oops, just posted this on the other thread so I guess I'll put it here too ?

No. 1168579

Is this the new place because what did she expect? Why haven't they taken her phone?

No. 1168580

She looks worse than a lot of the megaspoops do. When people say severity is determined solely by weight I'll show them this.

No. 1168582

great new thread anon, thank you.

she doesn't look great at all, she looks so sad.. some cows hide it better but her ED is definitely taking its toll. she needs help. poor thing always looks so tattered.

No. 1168587

File: 1614078479634.png (462.61 KB, 720x1003, Screenshot_20210223-110517~2.p…)

Dead eyes.

The lengths some cows go to to look ill and this is 100% natural AND trying to convince us she's in recovery.

No. 1168595

Her nail too. Lack of calcium.

No. 1168596

File: 1614081587324.jpg (110.39 KB, 720x552, Screenshot_2021-02-23-11-58-46…)

Well her followers are no longer buying her bullshit, funny how they have to walk on eggshells round her kek looks like she's got a reputation for snapping now

No. 1168597

at least she's not claiming 'I just prefer the taste !!11!' anymore

No. 1168598


its the slamming the sandwich so fast into her mouth she doesnt even care if it gets all over her cheeks for me…

this. this is what dejected looks like.

No. 1168606

can we discuss the current drama around eugenia cooney here?

No. 1168607

File: 1614083482927.jpeg (543.54 KB, 828x1244, BE6A12AD-1DAC-4D0A-90F9-3B7D3B…)

i mean this

No. 1168608

I'm interested but in the past it has caused so much infighting she just isn't discussed anymore. what do other people think?

No. 1168611

No hate, anon. No hate. I don't understand why she bothered with skinny syrups when she throws it up anyway. No hate in my comment.

No. 1168612


I’d say this belongs in the YouTube or Twitch general threads, but Eugenia discussion seems to ruffle feathers no matter the thread.

No. 1168613

The problem is the thread is likely to bring Reddit EC sub stand here or she'd take over the thread and the unknown normal cows won't get a look in.

Personally, she's really boring. Standard skeleton in denial who happens to be rich and was once semi popular YouTuber. She's so thick it's no surprise she comes out with bs.

No. 1168614


No. 1168615

i thought that redditors are very critical when it comes to eugenia? At least in r/EUGENIACOONEY the people are fed up with her bs

No. 1168616

Anon that was pretty hateful please remember to clarify that you mean no hate in the future

No. 1168646

Might be partly just her skin tone too, some people naturally have a yellow undertone. I feel bad for her she doesn't look well at all. Wonder if she sees a therapist or anything

No. 1168655

Please no. She’s discussed to death everywhere else

No. 1168657

Her bulimia cheeks are painful to look at. God, I know she’s got to be purging no less than 3-5 times a day. I wonder if she keeps anything down besides water. I’m so worried for her. Why doesn’t her family force her to stay inpatient somewhere? Does anyone know what country she lives in?

No. 1168659

Also, samefag, but does she have any friends?? Has anyone here ever tried to personally reach out to her or befriend her? She’s going to die soon if she keeps at this. Bulimia fucks you up long term worse than anorexia, I think. She will likely have lost teeth, scarring in her throat and stomach, and permanent GERD issues in a few years even if she recovered today. I worry for her so much

No. 1168662

Plenty of her followers have tried to reach out to her. She lashes out angrily at anyone who dares to question her recovery. She's said some really vile things to well-meaning people just expressing concern.

No. 1168669

She lives in the UK, some anon literally doxxed her on an old thread but due to cow tipping rules we can't do anything about it

No. 1168678

I think her family are probably in denial about how bad it is. I'm not sure if they could get her sectioned - I don't follow her so can't be sure but she doesn't look quite spoopy enough for that?

No. 1168684

She would be getting sectioned for bulimia, weight doesn't matter. Her bulimia is no doubt severe enough.

No. 1168689

What's wrong with this? People are innocent until proven guilty. If you want to go public about alleged sexual abuse you've experienced, you don't need to publicly name your alleged abuser to talk about it. False accusations ruin lives, and the court of law is more important than trial by media and the court of public opinion. I don't think she meant they shouldn't come forward without proof, just not publicly name their alleged abuser unless they're found guilty. I don't think that's unreasonable?

No. 1168690

Yep, her skin tone is quite olive/yellow. She generally looks unwell even though she's not pale.

How do her family not hear her puke? She lives in a typical British home, no en suites and one bathroom. They can't not notice the smell of sick on her.

Don't know about therapy, but she has bloods at the GP. Remember her awkward squatting in the mirror at the doctor's pic?

Behind her disorder there's a funny, eccentric person. It's a shame.

Ham is her friend.

No. 1168691

holy shit, those glands the size of fuckin golf balls. n2f was my favorite cow for a long time because of her food creations, but this is getting really sad and scary. Ham, when you’re reading here to get tips on improving your larp, just remember this and know you will never be able to fake a fraction of the true illness shown in just one of these photos

No. 1168692

Stop. We don't want to talk about EC and bring all her goons here. She's boring as fuck anyway.

No. 1168693

I can't watch EC. She's annoying af, but you need to sort the nutters out in the Manson thread. Never seen sperging at that level.

Imagine asking Cooney a serious question that involves some degree of intelligence to form an opinion.

No. 1168707

File: 1614096443038.png (385.09 KB, 720x729, Screenshot_20210223-160542~2.p…)

Millie bullies her, not Ana.

No. 1168708

Even when real anas do it, personifying and especially - god forbid - naming your ED is cringey. Med student Anna is another one who does this a lot 'Anorexia didn't want me to have this' and so on. I don't understand how it is meant to help - by separating yourself from the thoughts? It just seems unimpowering to me.

No. 1168712

LMAO. Can one of you sleuths somehow comb her socials for the real Millie and make her the new unofficial mascot of this thread?! Somewhere out there in the world Millie is walking around, living her carefree life, blissfully unaware that some girl she knew in elementary school has named her imaginary eating disorder after her.

No. 1168716

difficult to do, she only has 60 followers (on her personal) and most of them are recovery accounts. i went through the people she’s following too and with the exception of 1 they’re all either famous or in the recovery community. a bit sad really, she clearly has no real friends

No. 1168720

I'm pretty sure I remember tinfoil about her having vomit bags in her room at one point? Forgot why we were tinfoiling that and the thread but I think it was discussed

Maybe her Twitter?
If we can't find her there's always MBB

No. 1168725

I think we were speculating about the vomit bags because she never seems to leave her room. If she was constantly going to the bathroom to keep hurling up her creations, you'd think her parents would have noticed the wretching sounds by now? Maybe?… You'd hope so but with N2F's parents, who knows.

A lot of bulimics vomit secretly into bags in their own room to hide it more easily. I'm sure they'd blend in with the hoards of other crap she has lying on her room. It would seem very on brand of her.

No. 1168739

File: 1614101246097.gif (22.47 KB, 476x268, message for millie.gif)

recovery accounts and bots!

Millie the ED voice is Ham's twist on Belinda the Bloat.

It's something I find really immature. Making your mental health problem a being is all kinds of devilry. Ham needs to grow up.

No. 1168741


Oh. It just hit me. She throws up out of the window?

No. 1168744

What a spiteful thing to do - ham really has a nasty streak.

No. 1168745

You'd think her old bully Millie calling her a fat piggie would be triggering and make her not want to eat because it's another person and that's way different than just arguing with your own head.

No. 1168747

Imagine if this is who was tormenting ham

No. 1168748

File: 1614102080642.jpg (160.68 KB, 1080x1389, 20210222_141317.jpg)

Ham eats pizza and chips, can barely be heard over the TV, and ignores the lettuce on her plate.

No. 1168751

File: 1614102332304.jpg (193.08 KB, 1085x665, Capture.JPG)

I looked up Millies at her school, but there's too many of them. Millies, Mollys and Sophies.

One of her school newsletters has a big warning about the dangers of Momo. Lol.

No. 1168752

wait til ham writes a send for millie to the tune of ‘skinny love’

No. 1168753

jesus christ what a tard. i cant be the only one here who thinks shes on the spectrum somewhere?

No. 1168754

Could be why Millie bullied her.

No. 1168755

File: 1614102582966.jpg (64.88 KB, 1080x912, 20210223_114623.jpg)

There's a Milli that follows her twitter but that's all I could see. There's also this empty account that follows her.

No. 1168759

that would be even more noticeable than the bathroom or her bedroom

No. 1168760

Nobody notices the bottles of mustard and syrup she throws out of the window.

No. 1168761

Maybe nitpick but it is not so “normal” to eat pizza AND fries in the same meal. Or maybe it is for you britfags but I think most other places in the world would consider that a pretty unhealthy combo.

No. 1168766

it's pretty standard for chavs

No. 1168768

File: 1614103140007.jpg (59.32 KB, 420x560, Capture.JPG)

You're forgetting she only eats crap.

No. 1168769

I know a lot of American pizza restaurants sell pizza and fry combos. I know when I was 10-15 years old my friends and I would go get pizza and fries after school together, it's quite a common combo for young teens. That being said, she is a big girl, and has likely eaten that combo plenty of times. Probably while revising, kek. She needs to get some nutrition in her asap, or at least a homemade pizza for god's sake.

No. 1168771

found the instas of people who went to her school but theres so many millies it could be any of them. all orange british girls look the same

No. 1168772

They all hated her.

No. 1168776

File: 1614103803348.jpeg (237.25 KB, 828x652, E5B241A6-5778-4C04-AE89-ABCD4A…)


No. 1168777

File: 1614103973364.jpg (12.43 KB, 248x204, chav.jpg)

A six pack. Chav style.

No. 1168780

where are the grapes !!!! do you suspect she’s relapsing omg

No. 1168781

not 100% on this but i think it's quite hard for someone to get an adult sectioned in the uk? also ED services here are so overloaded they tend to tell you to fuck off unless you have a really low bmi, but n2f is looking kinda spoopy so maybe she'd qualify

No. 1168784

File: 1614104346797.jpeg (223.39 KB, 828x1434, 1D7B8A34-9925-4DC7-A874-EAE250…)

after looking through some of her school acquaintances followings this is the only millie they all follow. could this beach whale be the inspiration for ham’s larp?

No. 1168787

My tinfoil: she vomits in plastic bags and tosses them out the window into the bush. She goes outside to take out the trash and disposes of her vomit. It’s clear she’s already comfortable throwing garbage out of the window. Any bulimic will admit that when living with family, it’s really embarrassing and hard to hide the sheer frequency that you vomit. You have to get really sneaky, and you do get quieter. That’s why it’s so dangerous bc it’s honestly way easier to hide looks wise? That being said, she’s always had really obvious vomit stains in her pics, and her knuckles and cheeks are dead giveaways that she’s doing piss poor. Maybe she’s mean to people who try to help her bc she wants to die so badly. I can’t imagine what it’s like broadcasting your disorder online among a sea of fatty fakers fetishizing your actual inner demons. She needs help or she will die and I’m no expert.. saged for no contribution

No. 1168811

It’s not the healthiest, I agree, but it isn’t that abnormal. It’s sort of like a burger and fries, not the best combination but fine if you’re only having it occasionally. It’s not the type of meal I’d make for myself at home but if I go out to eat with friends, we might get pizza and a big plate of fries to share with the whole table.

No. 1168831

this made me laugh so much anon. millie b skinny love remix

No. 1168838

Come on, anon. Making fun of some random's weight, when their only crime is possibly knowing Ham, is not OK

No. 1168893

File: 1614116342864.png (Spoiler Image, 3.83 MB, 750x1334, 105394C6-1797-41F4-A884-3258D5…)

thank fucking god. she hasn’t relapsed. she’s back on the grapes

No. 1168895

samefag didn’t mean to spoiler this lol

No. 1168901


THIS!! the most accurate tinfoil yet, and one i believe is the truth. definately the window vomit bag toss.
either that or she spews into containers and then dumps them all at once while her parents are out or something.
i was going to write "dumps them all while in the shower" but we all know that doesnt happen often enough

No. 1168904

top kek!! "you got to nourish to flourish".

No. 1168907

File: 1614117166179.png (372.26 KB, 586x512, Screenshot_20210223-215121~2.p…)

Take your own advice, Ham.

No. 1168909

"… Healthy food is not a punishment"

No. 1168923

“eat it to beat it”
what exactly does she have to beat

No. 1168925

totally forgot it was NEDA week, the cows have been unusually quiet about it

No. 1168929

The Uk week is in March, so we won't hear much from that crowd. I've seen a lot of posts on how the typical spoop before and after doesn't help ~raise awareness~ (especially on accounts already dedicated to EDs) but I'm sure we'll get a few from the typical crowd anyway

No. 1168936

File: 1614118591644.jpeg (182.74 KB, 750x1188, 6CACB8DD-25A2-40DF-A64E-83C6D4…)

Maybe nitpick but Anna is sharing more of her random ‘anniversaries’ to remind us all she is the sickest. (For people who don’t follow her she is constantly posting stuff like 275 days NG free! 276 days NG free!) I may be misremembering but I believe she said in one of her lives that she didn’t have any other MH issues but it seems like she is gearing up for a PTSD diagnosis as well

No. 1168952

File: 1614119695092.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, 01A6254F-6BEA-4059-AB5D-634BFC…)

I feel violated.
Mint tea with an effervescent tropical electrolyte tablet.
Makes me barf in my mouth to think about.

No. 1168963

it's a relief she's using electrolyte tablets at least, since she's purging so often… but fizzy tea is vulgar

No. 1168978

Why does she do this? Put the damn tablet in water for a tropical flavour.

That chocolate with cardamom sounds lush, but no doubt she committed some atrocity with it.

She mustn't be weight restored yet. /s

No. 1168979

File: 1614122296728.jpg (29.2 KB, 985x264, eye roll.JPG)

Well well well

No. 1168984

File: 1614122607445.jpg (271.02 KB, 1080x1778, 20210224_121935.jpg)

Does she realise that the meaning of atypical anorexia is "despite significant weight loss, the person is not underweight" … honestly these cows are so desperate for this anorexia term.

No. 1168988

Oh come on this is obviously a vomit inducing concoction - It’s like a slightly off version of the taste you get if you drink orange juice after you brush your teeth. I wish somebody in her life cared enough to get her help.

No. 1169000

all those skinny syrup bottles beneath her window were probably just dropped by accident when she took one of her thousands of 'holding my meal out the window' pics. i really just think her family either doesnt care or has no idea what to do anymore even if they did care. she lives in squalor but the rest of her house is pretty normal, irl her disturbing habits would be SO obvious, the family have to be aware of the situation, theyre just not doing anything

No. 1169009

File: 1614124614252.jpeg (280.78 KB, 827x1696, 425EDD5B-0A76-4CBF-ADDD-4A80D1…)

Don know when I started following this one but after see her story I thought she belonged here

No. 1169010

File: 1614124680397.jpeg (231.21 KB, 828x1700, 418058E1-CC6B-4B4C-8001-847BCC…)

I apologise if she’s not milky enough

No. 1169012

File: 1614124724207.jpeg (220.74 KB, 828x1689, 14D5563B-D1DA-49C9-8046-97FB5B…)

But yes obviously doesn’t have an ED like they said they’re completely healthy

No. 1169013

File: 1614124777513.jpeg (213.82 KB, 828x1694, 1099A133-C092-4E94-99E9-BECA23…)

I don’t know why she’s trying to convince people she’s not sick when you can practically see her skeleton

No. 1169024

File: 1614126025257.png (3.16 MB, 828x1792, AFC6D8C6-BEDC-4915-BF8F-421B0D…)

I hate this ham clone army of fake anorexics posting themselves fake crying and eating for all the world to see. So attention seeking jesus! Also not a self post unfortunately saw this cringe in the wild today

No. 1169089

she's not trying to convince anyone anon, it's bait for everyone to tell her how totally spoopy she is. where's the milk?

No. 1169092

File: 1614135241746.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.22 MB, 406x614, pain.gif)

More n2f eating. Looks totally normal and not painful.

No. 1169106

she has and eating disorder so its hard for her to see herself as sick and is trying to get validation fromher followers. This is typical insta ED bullshit though not really milky..

No. 1169107

Yeah, it's very difficult to get sectioned in the UK. Even people who end up in A&E from suicide attempts are likely to just be sent home as soon as they're physically stable. Beds are scarce.

No. 1169139

The way she eats is so messy and disturbing, like a feral street child too hungry to care about the mess on her face. How tragic.

No. 1169160

File: 1614145460506.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1125x1891, 1477BB5A-C9B0-4FA6-BE60-763F64…)

Sage bc this cow is annoying af. Wintergirl_thawing_2 showing her true colors here.
TL:DR wintergirl has a fit because her step dad got mad at her, so she cuts herself up and wants him to notice it so ‘he can know that it’s his fault, and his fault only, that I sliced my skin”
Some serious manipulation there, and shares it like it’s completely normal

No. 1169161

It's genuinely disgusting and uncomfortable to watch. Feel bad for her. Having internet access isn't helping.

No. 1169242

What a horrible girl. I'd sympathise with her a bit about the stepdad situation if it wasn't a complete lie.

No. 1169276

Behold, the face of Hammorexia!

No. 1169279

File: 1614160441042.jpeg (591.51 KB, 1284x2081, 426A0DD1-A492-4AB3-B8A9-3923F7…)

Molly's looking… fuller. Of course, Ham has liked the picture, kek.

No. 1169296

Typical Londoner, it's fucking miserable weather up North.

I reckon she'll be back at uni in September. Unlike Ham, I think Molly had a touch of the food fear for a very short time and has a good life in front of her.

Ham will always be a vulgar liar with no friends and no class.

No. 1169314

you could not have described ham better, anon

No. 1169317

Is anyone aware of skinnygossip? Apparently you need to submit photos to the owner to prove you are skinny enough if you want to become a member. But they're not pro-ana! Just say anyone over a size 6 is fat! IMO they're worse than MPA because at least there they acknowledge their goals aren't healthy

comments I found with a 5 minute search include
-'she's sooo tiny for an actress' (are actresses not normally tiny? this was about Sarah Hyland, when her BMI was around 16)
-'normal hollywood' to me - puffy face and al
-'She really has the SG lifestyle. Having the same thing everyday for lunch, small portions mostly veggies'
-OMFG those thunder thighs (about Emma Watson, lots of comments similar to this one)
- and a thread titled 'Anne Hathaway needs to lose 16 lbs'

No. 1169325

File: 1614167837405.jpg (503.12 KB, 1080x1857, IMG_20210224_125617.jpg)

NotsoDaintyaly again at it with shoplifting. (1/2)

No. 1169326

Image board…

No. 1169329

File: 1614167994650.jpg (780.94 KB, 1080x1841, IMG_20210224_125302.jpg)

(2/2) Stealing from your own workplace? Totally cool. /s
She also then proceeded to give advice on shoplifting for "harm reduction" with the iconic shop-lifter mindset of "I just steal from big companies, so it's fine"

No. 1169336

File: 1614169067552.png (356.51 KB, 637x589, taylorswift.png)


Here are some posts from the Taylor Swift thread. I included a photo from the '1989 era' for reference. Not a spoop, sure but still thin. All these posts are after she talked about her ED as well.

No. 1169346

I remember way back on these threads someone said the owner was a guy

No. 1169356

yes, the thread full of fucking anachans has heard of SG. nitpicking a celeb’s weight isn’t milk, post caps of their users being personally milky or take this to /ot/

No. 1169359

skinny gossips weird but its not exactly relevant to this thread
it hasnt really been popular in years

No. 1169368

I can't with the fucking mood lighting. Euphoria isn't even that good a show

No. 1169372

How can you possibly tell she looks fuller? This is a weird angle and only shows her face. She isn’t doing anything milky. You’re just trying to make the girl feel bad. If she’s not desolating cow behaviors she doesn’t belong here.

No. 1169373

Samfag demonstrating. Ffs autocorrect

No. 1169382

Wow, shouting to the world that she shoplifts while on duty for Instacart. That just … not smart. Probably trying to get caught and fired.
These cows do everything they can to sabotage the smallest possibility of steady employment or responsibilities.

No. 1169392

i was just wondering the other day what she was up to after her crack-smoking announcement a few months back. her & may should link up in jail some day

No. 1169422

Hi Molly!

No. 1169475

File: 1614183886523.png (613.61 KB, 425x761, Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 16.22…)

since when does ham read books

No. 1169478

more importantly, since when has she had such a cute cat?

No. 1169522

AYRT and not molly. Just sick of the bone raddling.

No. 1169524

She wants to show lolcow she's not thick.

Somewhere she mentioned she had one pet. I'd rather she change her account to the cat and not her feeding her face.

No. 1169525


Molly is reading a book right now and Ham wants to be Molly, so Ham reads too.

No. 1169526

Tyler Knott Gregson, Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series.

No. 1169538

Ok grammarfag ever heard of a typo

No. 1169598

File: 1614194134502.jpg (210.5 KB, 1080x1690, 20210224_131506.jpg)

Just another rest day for Ganer.

No. 1169622

I hope she lives on the ground floor. Imagine the noise if you lived below.

When she tags her shady trainer, is it like some kind of accountability? 7 weeks to go, Ganer. 7 long, dark weeks. Be strong (ie eat some proper food).

No. 1169624

Thinking about it, the people above are going to get the racket from all her equipment attached to the door frames.

No. 1169627

But will Molly go back to Oxford or somewhere less off a mental health issue hotbed. I wish she'd come back to YouTube- for us who don't do Instagram she left a hole!

No. 1169628

speaking from experience, def a mental health issue hotbed. but I know plenty of people in Molly's position who took a year out, returned, and subsequently graduated. getting to Oxford in the first place is often such a huge achievement that people will do everything they can to get to the end of the degree. even if that means suspending again and again. perfectionists don't "give up" easily

No. 1169666

File: 1614201008562.jpg (227.38 KB, 1080x1276, 20210224_140746.jpg)

kek. not a milky account but thought this was funny

No. 1169668

Molly belongs here through and through, sorry anon.

No. 1169669

File: 1614201103902.png (2.21 MB, 1851x1148, dasha.PNG)

ladies and ladies, i present to you our beloved spoop Dasha, totally normal and definately not sucking in her cheeks to make herself appear more emaciated…

No. 1169675

File: 1614201532915.png (84.38 KB, 486x387, cringe.png)

definitely. her tags prove it lol.

No. 1169705

Really, I'd like to see Molly on yt but not her ridiculous food things. Vlogging about her middle class life. I hope she either does her Lit degree or drama. Good luck to her, but I'll be personally pissed off if she flogs the dead horse 9f eating disorders.

Damn, I thought she was getting it together.

No. 1169724

AYRT It's not bone rattling because she's not spoopy. I'm not saying she's obese or anything, but she's certainly gotten fuller, kek.

No. 1169752

at least this isnt edited to make her look like a shriveled piece of bacon like most of her photos

No. 1169786

File: 1614212457382.jpg (86.18 KB, 605x267, Screenshot_2021-02-25-00-19-59…)

Crap outside of N2Fs window yesterday

No. 1169802

File: 1614213730767.png (515.17 KB, 648x593, 1611423096808.png)

im horrified about her hair more than her face,
her hair looks so dry and thin,
her hair used to be so pretty

No. 1169830

File: 1614215234067.jpg (769.54 KB, 1072x1683, Screenshot_20210224-233610_Ins…)

No. 1169834

pissing myself thank u anon

No. 1169835

also… it doesn’t look like she has much, if any, respect for her body?

No. 1169881

File: 1614219506574.png (2.45 MB, 828x1792, 085B3DC5-A68D-4A0A-B171-2DD1F8…)

hoped this would give you anons all a good laugh, much love

No. 1169903

So much for her "relapse" huh

No. 1169907

Since when did being fat mean you don't have an ED? lmao if she was larping ana, fair, but she isn't.

lmao yeah it's called having an ED.

No. 1169944

Since when are we judging obese people for having bulimia or BED.. she doesn't claim anorexia and I don't think she has ever claimed that she's starving herself. She isn't an attention seeker - she's just really fucking sad and has come from years of hell tbh.

No. 1169961

Anorexia is devastating her! Look at her fuller appearance. Much relapse.

No. 1170076

File: 1614250519798.jpg (301.21 KB, 1078x1916, Screenshot_20210225-090716_Ins…)

Some hilarious wintergirl bodychecks. Is she a little or whats with the onesie thing?

No. 1170077

File: 1614250587469.jpg (327.2 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20210225-090720_Ins…)

These bodychecks show shes just average sized and has always been lol

No. 1170078

File: 1614250614713.jpg (356.46 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20210225-090730_Ins…)

Pop those collarbones!

No. 1170083

She looks like a 40 year old coke head…

No. 1170092

Oops forgot to suck in.

No. 1170125

Could she suck in any harder?

No. 1170148

File: 1614266591299.png (5.53 MB, 828x1792, F23840D7-0A4E-4BA8-9A8B-E72C13…)

Did anyone see Ganer’s pizza yesterday? Am I overreacting or is this thing the saddest, floppiest-looking, pathetic little pizza you’ve ever seen? You’re not fooling anyone girl. That pizza is barely technically a pizza.

No. 1170161

Not a pizza fan, but it looks okay for a homemade job UNTIL you think about the ingredients. The tomato and cheese are going to be zero everything and tasteless. The base the same. It's good to see something other than the protein swill, but I doubt nutritionally there's any improvement.

No. 1170166

Same anon. On closer inspection, looks like she put the part with some chicken on it right in front. Can't see any elsewhere.

No. 1170167

Lots of people With EDs are fat. In every diagnosis other than AN. This woman is actually kinda Likeable imo

No. 1170168

Most concerningly, who puts ketchup on pizza?

No. 1170170

Anyone know what the "anoress1a" tag means?

No. 1170171

Everyone knows ketchup and corn is a delicious pizza combo

No. 1170174

all the tiktok cows do it. I presume that the 'anorexia' tag is blocked/ not available if that makes sense.

No. 1170175

she didn't cook it at all and ate it raw just like this ew

No. 1170176

I'm guessing it's a ~secret~ hashtag because it won't show #anorexia maybe. Kinda like #secretsociety123 where kids posted sh pics.

No. 1170181

I've seen mukbangs where people dip pizza in tomato or BBQ ketchup. She's trying to add flavour with a zero calorie ketchup.

In other news, Molly's still going with the ana warrior thing. Soz no as, my phone's being a dick.

No. 1170183

File: 1614269167132.png (581.67 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210225-160514.png)

As* but it's working now.
Here's a preach

No. 1170184

Kek most if not all normal weight people have visible collarbones, as do many overweight people. Showing off collarbones means nothing, same as her trying to put her hands around her arm and waist. She’s at a normal, healthy weight, congrats. Sad she’s pushing pro ana shit still when she could get plenty of asspats doing the recovered ana warrior shill.

No. 1170185

I … don't disagree with this.

No. 1170188

Is this milky? I mean, she's right. "Intuitive fasting" is a fucking joke and Paltrow has no business giving health advice.

No. 1170191

glad to see shes making use of her oxford degree

No. 1170208

I genuinely laughed at these, especially followed by the next slide of "I only had cranberry juice today" kek jog on. Srsly who's she fooling!
I also reckon this was just an opportunity to post her bloody plaster on her arm after her step dad made her do it the day before

No. 1170210

Her dumb ass also thinks she's able to purge out literally everything she ate and then decreases those calories from her total.

No. 1170215

anorexia in Italian lol

No. 1170224

No. I used the post to demonstrate her whole account is still about recover when the point of her being here is she didn't really have to recover in the over exaggerated way she over exaggerated her ed

No. 1170269

I didn't screenshot because it would just be a picture of her smug face, but Anna is bragging about how she has hyper metabolism and isn't gaining on the amount she's eating 'which SUCKS!11!'. I'm sure it does, Anna. She's only been doing her 'all in' thing for three days and said she her body has been 'rejecting a lot of it' so what did she expect?

No. 1170274

also apparently her consultant said Anna lacks insight and doesn't realise how sick she is and will never gain weight, c'mon Anna it isn't bone rattling to say your ED is not and never has been Ash-tier.

No. 1170285

A med student. So sick she manages to study medicine. Not to sound nasty but for potential future patient's sake, I hope she fails her exams.

No. 1170291

it made me piss myself quite frankly, if her consultant ever did say that, which i very much doubt, they obviously haven’t seen many anorexia patients if she is their epitome of “soooo sick”

No. 1170304

Ughhh, she isn't likeable at all, she's just as annoying as the pro ana cows imo. She needs to get inpatient help for her ED instead of parading her gross body on tiktok for attention.

No. 1170305

impossible, anon! Didn't you know Anna 'came in the top 4% medical school'?

No. 1170308

These cows always have the most negative, unmedic like professionals on their team. Always say how irreversibly ill they are like they might as well go ahead and die because no chance of escape from hell. They'll never recover because ~too broken~.

Generally, even with illnesses like cancer, doctors tend to give encouragement even if a prognosis isn't great.

Funny, that.

No. 1170311

Phew. Thank god her severe anorexia hasn't affected her brain at all. Or concentration. She must have to fight harder than any severely sick ana EVER.

No. 1170317

I get everyone is different and some people are very high-functioning but most anas' grades fall when they are really ill (and she says she was soooo sick in the first term, when she took the exams she did so well on) Does that mean she is really in the top 0.00001% of her class?

No. 1170359

File: 1614284243180.png (184.85 KB, 1851x783, Untitled.png)

It's sad that the majority of followers adding to Ham's fousands are bots. Some are obvious ones, others deserted accounts taken over by whoever she's using to pay for followers. How does she get a buzz out of this when people know what she's doing?

No. 1170366

not to wk, I don't know anything much about this cow(?), but depending on where she lives it might be very hard to get ip treatment; I doubt insurance in the US would cover it for example.

No. 1170391

Right? She's a run-of-the-mill anorexic, I doubt any normal medical pro is that worried. What is she, 20?
>>1170269 Insufferable. CICO isn't rocket science

No. 1170394

File: 1614285991821.png (Spoiler Image, 4.52 MB, 750x1334, 32FE94F7-AA76-4B52-980C-5A9E99…)

Nitpick but even N2F’s fruit looks unwell.

Spoiler because even frozen strawberries shouldn’t look like this and I don’t want to put people off them. Lol

No. 1170403

They're waterlogged like there was a hurricane flood in the UK and this is the spoiled crop. They look like infections.

No. 1170404

I genuinely don't believe those are strawberries
I am really sorry to strawberry sperg, but jesus christ, look at those things

No. 1170405

Yet you didn’t spoiler. Bog body strawberries 2021.

No. 1170409


I’m pretty sure I did….

No. 1170410

File: 1614286751862.jpg (43.42 KB, 481x421, canned strawberry4.jpg)

Could be canned ones? Canned strawberries are past being strawberries.

No. 1170412

she did go inpatient a few weeks/months ago. If she's in the US she must've been pretty fucked up with electrolytes or something to get in there

No. 1170414

I dunno dude, they look even worse than that, plus they still have their hats on

No. 1170419

The hats. Yeah. Never seen them in canned strawberry mush. Frozen strawberries gone wrong? If freezing strawberries is a thing.

No. 1170421

>have their hats on
bitch cute, shut up tho lol

No. 1170458

Uh…you ok, anon??? It is spoilered.

No. 1170460

frozen strawbs usually look like that when they’re defrosted
eating gone off fresh fruit is too gross even for n2f

No. 1170463

ntayrt but it's not spoilered for me

No. 1170491

wtf she legit JUST went IP. She has just come out. Seriously her whole tiktok is about that.

No. 1170493

File: 1614292017047.jpg (438.72 KB, 1080x1894, 20210225_162632.jpg)

So the eat a vegetable challenge, Ham

No. 1170494

No. 1170520

Fresh food. Home prepared food. Wholefoods. Fruit salad. Vegetables. Something that wasn't bought in a box or packet. For a WHOLE DAY.

No. 1170521

She was anorexic for years. These pics aren't old. She is not at all underweight.

No. 1170546

What is up with her eating foods semi-frozen? It's disordered as fuck (and disgusting).

No. 1170550

I think, at most, she's "atypically anorexic" but finds the "atypical" part invalidating so LARPs as a normal anorexic. I think anons have showed in past threads that she tagged older posts with "#AtypicalAnorexia" ?

No. 1170587

i was not expecting that at all, i thought she’d never even lost anything and was completely making the ed up. ednos perhaps?

No. 1170678

File: 1614303963781.jpeg (458.71 KB, 1125x1927, B1285CD6-5516-4D70-9789-35245F…)

Ham asking people their fear foods. My bet is that she’s gonna take this as ‘research’ and adopt some of these scawwy fear foods for herself - Now she’ll have more foods to cry over on camera

No. 1170714

How about don't talk about anything related to food or eating disorders for a day?

No. 1170717

Her eyebrows have been solid pretty much throughout all this, I'll give her that

No. 1170807

What are you on about? She never had an ED and has looked the same in all her old photos anons dug up.

No. 1170837

expecting what.. she looks pretty much the exact same?

No. 1170873

File: 1614321622011.jpeg (563.74 KB, 1125x1956, A96D3C04-EB3B-4D46-9806-C7AB9B…)

I wonder if Georgia will be striving toward having a portacath from now on. This might be a tinfoil but I think she’s slowly dropping the ED to go the full munchie route.

No. 1170894

I think it's supposed to be frozen Yogurt which isn't that unusual but then again it's N2F so who the fuck knows

No. 1170908

I can't deal with the lid on the blanket with the yogurt side down.. even if she licked it clean.. still gross

No. 1170911


This seems wildly excessive for IV fluids and ECT. They usually only put those things in for people needing chemo, or other illnesses needing regular access over a prolonged period of time.
Not wannarexics who could live for weeks sustained only on the body fat they’d burn off.

No. 1170916

is she too lazy to drink water?

No. 1170919

that barely even seems like tinfoil given that she's talking about getting a fucking port. Any type of indwelling catheter is a huge infection risk and generally reserved for only the most grave of illnesses. Sepsis saga when

No. 1170932

There's something very Kadeelyn Konstantino about her lately. We already know how that story ends.

No. 1170941

It probably tastes like nothing and doesn't give her a sugar rush so it's a big no no

No. 1170969

Am I missing something? Apart from the makeup she looks exactly the same. Maybe she lost a few lbs at some point but that’s hardly the same as “restricting for 3 years”
Don’t even see how she’d fit OSFED criteria tbh. What a clown.

No. 1170971

The constant challenging of foods seems more and more ridiculous the more old photos we see. What did she eat then? Did she binge on fruits and vegetables during her ed so she maintained or something? Is that why she never eats healthy foods because she was "sick" when eating them lol

No. 1170975

I don’t understand why she still makes that ghastly grinch smile. She hasn’t been bullied enough.

No. 1170981

She might have deleted the posts now but we all saw her challenging shit like pizza, pasta, cake, crisps, chocolate, Maccies etc. at the beginning of her account so…like, what are her fears? Not saying fear foods are always ‘junk’ or carbs or even totally rational but 8 agree with >>1170678 she’s defo fishing here. Low key hoping one of her followers suggests broccoli or at least some kind of vegetable not in potato form

No. 1170984

She is by no means underweight now and definitely not anorexic, but I think she does look heavier in these pictures, look at her arm

No. 1170986

File: 1614339330646.jpeg (301.84 KB, 1200x1115, E4C189FF-7B1A-4732-B5D3-95A5B2…)

Samefag but comparing these pics she looks like she lost a liittle bit. Not much but still enough for hammum to notice

No. 1170987

that could just be down to the angle/posing

No. 1170992

File: 1614340639582.jpeg (141.73 KB, 554x293, AE4D0209-3A0A-4745-9DC1-97E215…)

i know she’s obviously posing her collarbones but there’s definitely atleast 15lbs difference. when you start decreasing your cal intake at a high bmi the weight comes off super easily, she most likely just skipped lunch for a month or so. none of this “restricting for years” crap

No. 1170993

she gained fast

No. 1171001

What teenage girl hasn't been on a diet? Losing a bit of fat off her arms isn't anorexia. More likely she cut down on the iced gems and chocolate biscuits for a bit. Shame she didn't consider it a diet and graduated to eating healthy snacks and not back to eating crap. Nothing about ham's behaviour says eating disordered. Unhealthy diet is a different thing, which she has.

No. 1171006

There's sooo many people out there who cry eds when they only tried to diet for a while and failed.

No. 1171013

And what teenage girl hasn't been 100% happy with how they look/their weight/etc. The majority will have thoughts of "I wish I looked a bit like this/weighed a little less", but that doesn't automatically equal eating disorder. Ham's put 2 and 2 together to get 5 because now she can larp Ana warrior and feel like she has friends through her online presence of utter bullshit. She truly thinks she's helping others and is an inspiration, when really she's doing the complete opposite and invalidating people that actually suffer. A passing thought of wishing a part of you was different is definitely not the same as being mentally ill with an Ed.

No. 1171015

She claimed to be unable to bathe herself because she was so weak, that’s not happening with 15lbs weight loss. She’s absolutely lying about the severity of her ED, or her having an ED at all.

No. 1171017

Ever since an anon said Ham looks like Lillee Jean I can’t unsee it

No. 1171018

…..tbf she doesn’t seem to bathe that often now either. I wonder why (inb4 she replies indirectly to us claiming ~shower gel has calories~ or something equally ridiculous)

No. 1171020

dear lolcow, i cant wash my oily face because cleanser has calories that might get absorbed through my pores :(

No. 1171022

Oh anon, me too now! They have a lot of similarities, thinking about it…both have deluded mothers. Crazy facial expressions. Awful “skills” (Ham LARPing anorexia, Lillie Jean makeup) the overinflated sense of self importance, the zero self-awareness, the blatant lies, the list goes on……
Ham = Lillie Jean of eating disorders confirmed.

No. 1171023

My bubble bath smells like vanilla pudden how many cals in air?!?!

No. 1171058

File: 1614350149308.jpeg (168.28 KB, 750x1334, BDAB017E-7E96-4916-B230-C1DC68…)

Anna is begging people to share her FDOE video to ‘raise awareness’, and not at all because she is desperate to get more followers

No. 1171064

>>1171015 To be fair you feel very weak very quickly after not eating for a few days. My theory is Ham maybe went a few days a week only eating a small amount of calories or fasting and that's why she said she was too weak to bathe. It's a bit of a stretch considering I doubt she was fasting or eating low cal regularly but it doesn't seem that out of the realm of possibility.

Sage for blogpost, I don't consider myself a hardcore anorexic but when I went for a few days without eating, I would be too weak to stand up in the shower and some days even too weak to get out of bed. I doubt Ham was "anorexic" for more than a month though.

No. 1171070

i seriously doubt that's the case. i don't think she's ever restricted. she's just larping entirely, she probably got that "too weak to bathe" thing from some other ED account.

No. 1171077

highly unlikely she ever properly restricted or fasted. weight comes off very easily when you’re that big and if she restricted as much as she says she does she would’ve been spoopier to start with

No. 1171089

exactly. in one of her posts she claimed to have forgotten how good apple tasted. so that implies she didn't even eat fruit and veg during restriction

No. 1171090

what /didn’t/ she get from some other account. or here kek. anons mention compensatory behaviors, next post “no compensatin’!!!” people wonder why she never eats fruit, suddenly10 wild grapes appear!

(she requested to follow me ages ago bc ED i guess? yeah no way is she getting the opportunity to use my shit for her LARP. /blog)

No. 1171118

Wonder what made Ham go for anorexia when there’s literally a whole book of disorders she could make more believable. Did her mum read a ~shocking~ spoop article in one of those take a break type mags and freak about her daughter losing some puppy fat? Did Ham watch some old Skins episodes and decide Cassie was ~~lovely~~?
I feel almost sorry for her sometimes cause she obviously doesn’t have any friends irl but inserting yourself into an ED ~recovery community~ is an odd way to go about it. The non bot followers encouraging her prob just enjoy seeing her get bigger

No. 1171122

How long until she goes the same route as the jiggly aussie recovery chick whose name I can't remember

No. 1171138

keep an eye out for bought followers, if Ham can afford them Anna definitely can

No. 1171140

File: 1614357501880.jpeg (778.16 KB, 828x1726, 1D4261E9-802E-4E04-B474-64EC6E…)

I’m bloated and nauseous just looking at ganer’s latest concoction. So many carbs. So much salt. And the plain, dry spinach?! Just why?!!

No. 1171144

At least she seems to be eating more now. Maybe she's actually trying to bulk for real this time? She seems to have a new nutritionist or something like that.

No. 1171150

agree. I never thought I'd see the day where she ate white (gasp!!!) bread

No. 1171154

honestly it just looks like she’s sucking in/tending her stomach. arms look exactly the same

No. 1171162

Not necessarily, also remember that blood samples can be drawn from it. It can be a good decision for patients with somewhat regular iv treatments/blood draws who are extremely difficult to cannulate even if the treatment itself doesn't require central venous access, if cannulating otherwise takes ages or you always need to call anesthesiology for assistance.

No. 1171163

Completely agree. If she ever legitimately fasted/lost any real weight, she's definitely the sort to have photographed it, even for herself, let alone to post online.
I think she just discovered how many accounts exist on ig, the "recovery" trend, and just how rife eating disordered accounts are, and jumped straight on the train, seeing she could potentially make a name for herself as someone inspiring. She's so very clearly done her research on what she would have experienced if she was actually sick (eg being too weak to bathe, which is common with genuine sufferers) and carbon copies this as her own story.
Her videos are cringe af for a reason, that being she is completely an over exaggerated act. She's sick in the head but it's not anorexia, thats for sure.

No. 1171170

File: 1614359258477.jpg (568.84 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20210226_170627.jpg)

Same anon, but prime example of what I was just saying.

You struggle with this do you!? Funny that, so do I!!! What are the chances!

No. 1171176

She’s only difficult to stick because she’s fat - she should lose weight, not have a central line installed.

No. 1171195

nitpick but the way she says “hugs x” in every inspirational story post pisses me off

No. 1171206

I think she also probably aspires to have an eating disorder. A lot of people who have real EDs first wished to have one. I think it’s not just that she found a niche where she could get insta famous, but rather wishes she had an ED so created an online recovery account to make her feel how she imagines it would feel to have an eating disorder (insta famous, supper from friends/family/strangers, etc. )

No. 1171307

File: 1614370148379.jpeg (171.69 KB, 1024x1024, A7298315-C179-4BBF-B276-42BA33…)

Ham did something incredibly scawwy tonight and had bread wif bu’ah as a fear food! You can’t imagine how long she hasn’t had butter for!!!
Her acting is actually getting worse, which is disappointing.
Also, please note that I suffered through 10 slides for this, 9 of which were videos of her munching. Migraine incoming.

No. 1171309

Samefag but I’m dumb and don’t know how to post IG vids, so if anyone wants to volunteer… unless it’s just boring at this point that is?!

No. 1171324

File: 1614371859003.jpeg (197.74 KB, 695x900, bwed.jpeg)

No. 1171325

I can screen record but it usually ends up being too long for me to upload anywhere. Ham (and we all know you're reading this), stop rambling so much. The videos are obviously edited.

No. 1171326

I love you, anon.

No. 1171331

thank you for this

No. 1171332

those videos, especially her facial expressions, are making it harder for me to believe shes not on the spectrum

No. 1171336

File: 1614373359380.png (1.77 MB, 970x1704, Peter Pettigrew.png)

>>1171324 Anon, you missed the best one!

No. 1171364

this looks like a normal plate of food for someone who works out. a bit carb heavy sure, but why do you care, anachan? shouldn't that be a good thing given that she's supposed to be recovering?

people in their 20s without serious medical illness are not "extremely difficult to cannulate," anon.

No. 1171371

Top marks anon. I howled.

No. 1171381

But her obesity is a serious medical condition

Good thing in emergencies they can just drill into her bone for access I guess!

No. 1171407

She’s in Canada (Toronto) so I’m assuming she was inpatient at TGH which I was surprised about because usually only people who are legit dying get IP beds. Pretty sure that’s the same hospital Dasha was in.

No. 1171414

File: 1614378648038.jpeg (856.65 KB, 828x1550, 443709E0-DF63-4B7D-862B-5E0AA1…)

are we talking about Grace or? tried to do a quick browse through the past few threads and couldn’t see her posted anywhere but maybe i’m blind
5 minutes of going through her videos tells me she’s an obese Australian claiming to have severe anorexia and desperate for any inpatient program to take her. rare plot twist, her dad is feeding these delusions of hers and not her mom

No. 1171417

Whoops — I meant Dharma, not Dasha.

No. 1171434

Early vote for next thread pic for sure

Speaking of which, can we add "Wannarexic/LARPers" to the next thread title to remind the munchies they're not valid

No. 1171442

she’s been mentioned. Look up through this thread.

No. 1171446

File: 1614381140044.png (1.04 MB, 696x1164, twat.png)

one of the other patients on the unit came into the hallway mid-body check and, rather than have a bit of decency and 1. delete the footage, or 2. keep the footage to herself (because let's be real, none of her followers give a flying shit about what she's wearing or her body checking) - she does a half-ass scribble over the door. fuck off.

No. 1171448

It’s more confidentiality than she affords the nurses, so I guess that’s good?

No. 1171450

Is she on an EDU/ psych ward now? Maybe she scribbled it out because they're spoopier than her?

No. 1171457

I can’t believe how little awareness she has for others?? Blatantly bodychecking in the corridor of a fucking edu and in front of other patients? The other poor girl looked so uncomfortable as she quickly walked by (the scribble doesn’t really cover her in the vid)

No. 1171459

Yeah she got moved to the EDU a couple days ago

No. 1171464

surely she can bodycheck in her room? and who parades around an EDU in tiny shorts and a tank top? I hope she gets kicked out for the other patients' sake.

Is it bad that I think if she is so determined to not recover she should just get it over with and die now rather than a few years down the road? It would free up a lot of resources for people who actually want to recover, not to mentioned save a lot of the girls in ip from her pro behaviour

No. 1171475

She posted on her story that apparently she dresses in barely anything because being “cold burns off more calories”

No. 1171482

there’s no way you can think having a body like this is worth that god awful hairline

No. 1171490

Maybe a silly question but why doesn't Ham just call herself orthorexic… It is the perfect excuse/explanation for her current situation and "recovery" aims. You can be cripplingly afraid of certain foods but that doesn't make you anorexic. This fixation on anorexia only prevents her from actually becoming a healthier person, although I don't think the "orthorexic" label would do much good either.

No. 1171497

orthorexic would be the least believeable one for her. you have seen her diet right? she’d be better off larping ARFID

No. 1171521

sage for blogpost, but i've been on the ward she's currently on. either they've loosened their rules or she changed straight after this was filmed, but they used to have a strict policy about not wearing tight-fitted clothes around the unit and to avoid wearing shorts outside of your room. surprised a nurse didn't pull her up on it.

No. 1171523

oh thx anon I am blind. Gonna be watching out for her, I see a lot of milk in her future unless she grows up and gets over herself

YIKES look at the size of that fucking forehead. someone tell her the tight ponytail isn't doing any favours for her hair… looks like it's holding on to her scalp for dear life

No. 1171526

nice to see shes gained

No. 1171528

File: 1614389698875.jpeg (680.66 KB, 1562x1800, 9B6B6875-393F-46FB-B9CA-9608A9…)

Rem is being discharged, is claiming some vague physical problems requiring a 5-day-a-week carer, physiotherapy and a service dog even though her only diagnoses are an ED, ptsd, and ocd. If she was so physically compromised wouldn’t she be still in hospital?

No. 1171552

So someone who just panic bolts…getting a service dog? Idk how that would work. Smells like BS.

No. 1171553

File: 1614392311877.jpeg (198.18 KB, 1125x1234, A35487ED-E11B-41ED-A2CE-4D3C43…)


No. 1171565

amazing recall for a “PTSD attack”. super detailed. definitely needs a service dog to abuse. is it just me or are loads of the aus cows going the munchie route?

No. 1171587

Wasn’t there a rumor going around a while ago that there’s a doctor at NF or another Aussie cow hang out handing out munchie diagnoses? Specifically POTS and EDS and GP

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