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File: 1614059565227.jpg (114.58 KB, 795x456, n3w1hr3ad.jpg)

No. 1168484

Last thread ended with a flurry of what some think is milk. New cows have made an appearance and certain old cows have made unfortunately made themselves private whilst they think of how they will make a comeback that doesn’t include moooving back to the farm (clinic)
Larping is rife at the moment with most cows, like COVID, spanning every continent available.

Ham is continuing to let everyone know what pre packaged food she has recently re-heated, whilst following in Hammum’s footsteps and telling all the HATERZ to ‘sod off’

Gainer is hoping gyms will, once again, ignore the current pandemic and open soon as she is running out of spoop pics.

LittlestLee struggles with sleep so decided to down a fortisip to show us she’s strong as the calories are more challenging than alcohol and snacks.

Laura is continuing with the Tube selfies, however threw a TW our way because of an incident (possibly) involving her need for the Tube (*attention)

Ovi reminded us that all dainty anas can be flexible.

Nourish2Flourish’s skin tone is slowly resembling the mustard bottle in her front lawn.

Soft4nge1 has been in hospital showing off excessively bandaged legs with no explanation.

anorexiadiaryy is using nurses for bodychecks whilst helping them forget there are sicker people in the current pandemic world state.

Sharn/Skyler has done something so bad she’s now off to medium secure, but gave us the address for handwritten notes xoxo

Georgia has gone private to make sure we don’t see her next admission, though she will surely be tagged by other Aus cows we think!

Farmers worldwide have scrapped Australia off their future travelling list due to the growing number of cows and milk, and how easy it is to become tubed - is it a patriotic thing?
Only two months in to the new year and milk is flowing!!

Previous thread >>1154718


No. 1168488

Tried to link the new thread to the old one but we maxed it out..

First time making a new thread, forgive me if i've missed anything.

Previous thread #51

No. 1168555

File: 1614071249300.png (1.87 MB, 771x1139, ntf captive.PNG)

good job on the thread!

is it just me, or is NTF looking thinner than normal? my guess is her Grandfathers death has hit her hard, and is BP'ing much more now (her stories are much more frequent, and her binges seem less planned and more manic).

although, ever since the anon a few threads back floated the idea that NtF is being held captive and forced to do this, i cant stop thinking its true.
she never has audio in the vids, and CONSTANTLY glances off camera then immediately looks miserable, as if someone is there forcing her to eat.

~dons my tinfoil hat~

No. 1168556

god she looks awful

No. 1168564


note the Russell's Sign on her knuckle in the bottom left photo. i bet you that she tried to cover it up with those hand emojis but failed.

also of concern was the way he hand was trembling when showing her half eaten sandwhich. (sorry, i didnt manage to grab it on PC. its still up and will expire in 2-3hrs of this post if anyone wants to check it out)

No. 1168568

Like she hasn't slept in several days.

No. 1168575

This is by far the worst she's looked. I think the yellow skin is partly her warm glow bulb and crappy cam but it's likely account the jaundice.

It's really sad. One time she'd hide she has a problem and now her robe's barely closing so she can show her bones. Bad vibes about a bad ending. Wish her mum would do more than get rid of her freezer. RIP N2F

No. 1168576

Accentuating* not account

No. 1168577

File: 1614075975960.jpg (374.5 KB, 720x1521, Screenshot_2021-02-23-09-59-36…)

Oops, just posted this on the other thread so I guess I'll put it here too ?

No. 1168579

Is this the new place because what did she expect? Why haven't they taken her phone?

No. 1168580

She looks worse than a lot of the megaspoops do. When people say severity is determined solely by weight I'll show them this.

No. 1168582

great new thread anon, thank you.

she doesn't look great at all, she looks so sad.. some cows hide it better but her ED is definitely taking its toll. she needs help. poor thing always looks so tattered.

No. 1168587

File: 1614078479634.png (462.61 KB, 720x1003, Screenshot_20210223-110517~2.p…)

Dead eyes.

The lengths some cows go to to look ill and this is 100% natural AND trying to convince us she's in recovery.

No. 1168595

Her nail too. Lack of calcium.

No. 1168596

File: 1614081587324.jpg (110.39 KB, 720x552, Screenshot_2021-02-23-11-58-46…)

Well her followers are no longer buying her bullshit, funny how they have to walk on eggshells round her kek looks like she's got a reputation for snapping now

No. 1168597

at least she's not claiming 'I just prefer the taste !!11!' anymore

No. 1168598


its the slamming the sandwich so fast into her mouth she doesnt even care if it gets all over her cheeks for me…

this. this is what dejected looks like.

No. 1168606

can we discuss the current drama around eugenia cooney here?

No. 1168607

File: 1614083482927.jpeg (543.54 KB, 828x1244, BE6A12AD-1DAC-4D0A-90F9-3B7D3B…)

i mean this

No. 1168608

I'm interested but in the past it has caused so much infighting she just isn't discussed anymore. what do other people think?

No. 1168611

No hate, anon. No hate. I don't understand why she bothered with skinny syrups when she throws it up anyway. No hate in my comment.

No. 1168612


I’d say this belongs in the YouTube or Twitch general threads, but Eugenia discussion seems to ruffle feathers no matter the thread.

No. 1168613

The problem is the thread is likely to bring Reddit EC sub stand here or she'd take over the thread and the unknown normal cows won't get a look in.

Personally, she's really boring. Standard skeleton in denial who happens to be rich and was once semi popular YouTuber. She's so thick it's no surprise she comes out with bs.

No. 1168614


No. 1168615

i thought that redditors are very critical when it comes to eugenia? At least in r/EUGENIACOONEY the people are fed up with her bs

No. 1168616

Anon that was pretty hateful please remember to clarify that you mean no hate in the future

No. 1168646

Might be partly just her skin tone too, some people naturally have a yellow undertone. I feel bad for her she doesn't look well at all. Wonder if she sees a therapist or anything

No. 1168655

Please no. She’s discussed to death everywhere else

No. 1168657

Her bulimia cheeks are painful to look at. God, I know she’s got to be purging no less than 3-5 times a day. I wonder if she keeps anything down besides water. I’m so worried for her. Why doesn’t her family force her to stay inpatient somewhere? Does anyone know what country she lives in?

No. 1168659

Also, samefag, but does she have any friends?? Has anyone here ever tried to personally reach out to her or befriend her? She’s going to die soon if she keeps at this. Bulimia fucks you up long term worse than anorexia, I think. She will likely have lost teeth, scarring in her throat and stomach, and permanent GERD issues in a few years even if she recovered today. I worry for her so much

No. 1168662

Plenty of her followers have tried to reach out to her. She lashes out angrily at anyone who dares to question her recovery. She's said some really vile things to well-meaning people just expressing concern.

No. 1168669

She lives in the UK, some anon literally doxxed her on an old thread but due to cow tipping rules we can't do anything about it

No. 1168678

I think her family are probably in denial about how bad it is. I'm not sure if they could get her sectioned - I don't follow her so can't be sure but she doesn't look quite spoopy enough for that?

No. 1168684

She would be getting sectioned for bulimia, weight doesn't matter. Her bulimia is no doubt severe enough.

No. 1168689

What's wrong with this? People are innocent until proven guilty. If you want to go public about alleged sexual abuse you've experienced, you don't need to publicly name your alleged abuser to talk about it. False accusations ruin lives, and the court of law is more important than trial by media and the court of public opinion. I don't think she meant they shouldn't come forward without proof, just not publicly name their alleged abuser unless they're found guilty. I don't think that's unreasonable?

No. 1168690

Yep, her skin tone is quite olive/yellow. She generally looks unwell even though she's not pale.

How do her family not hear her puke? She lives in a typical British home, no en suites and one bathroom. They can't not notice the smell of sick on her.

Don't know about therapy, but she has bloods at the GP. Remember her awkward squatting in the mirror at the doctor's pic?

Behind her disorder there's a funny, eccentric person. It's a shame.

Ham is her friend.

No. 1168691

holy shit, those glands the size of fuckin golf balls. n2f was my favorite cow for a long time because of her food creations, but this is getting really sad and scary. Ham, when you’re reading here to get tips on improving your larp, just remember this and know you will never be able to fake a fraction of the true illness shown in just one of these photos

No. 1168692

Stop. We don't want to talk about EC and bring all her goons here. She's boring as fuck anyway.

No. 1168693

I can't watch EC. She's annoying af, but you need to sort the nutters out in the Manson thread. Never seen sperging at that level.

Imagine asking Cooney a serious question that involves some degree of intelligence to form an opinion.

No. 1168707

File: 1614096443038.png (385.09 KB, 720x729, Screenshot_20210223-160542~2.p…)

Millie bullies her, not Ana.

No. 1168708

Even when real anas do it, personifying and especially - god forbid - naming your ED is cringey. Med student Anna is another one who does this a lot 'Anorexia didn't want me to have this' and so on. I don't understand how it is meant to help - by separating yourself from the thoughts? It just seems unimpowering to me.

No. 1168712

LMAO. Can one of you sleuths somehow comb her socials for the real Millie and make her the new unofficial mascot of this thread?! Somewhere out there in the world Millie is walking around, living her carefree life, blissfully unaware that some girl she knew in elementary school has named her imaginary eating disorder after her.

No. 1168716

difficult to do, she only has 60 followers (on her personal) and most of them are recovery accounts. i went through the people she’s following too and with the exception of 1 they’re all either famous or in the recovery community. a bit sad really, she clearly has no real friends

No. 1168720

I'm pretty sure I remember tinfoil about her having vomit bags in her room at one point? Forgot why we were tinfoiling that and the thread but I think it was discussed

Maybe her Twitter?
If we can't find her there's always MBB

No. 1168725

I think we were speculating about the vomit bags because she never seems to leave her room. If she was constantly going to the bathroom to keep hurling up her creations, you'd think her parents would have noticed the wretching sounds by now? Maybe?… You'd hope so but with N2F's parents, who knows.

A lot of bulimics vomit secretly into bags in their own room to hide it more easily. I'm sure they'd blend in with the hoards of other crap she has lying on her room. It would seem very on brand of her.

No. 1168739

File: 1614101246097.gif (22.47 KB, 476x268, message for millie.gif)

recovery accounts and bots!

Millie the ED voice is Ham's twist on Belinda the Bloat.

It's something I find really immature. Making your mental health problem a being is all kinds of devilry. Ham needs to grow up.

No. 1168741


Oh. It just hit me. She throws up out of the window?

No. 1168744

What a spiteful thing to do - ham really has a nasty streak.

No. 1168745

You'd think her old bully Millie calling her a fat piggie would be triggering and make her not want to eat because it's another person and that's way different than just arguing with your own head.

No. 1168747

Imagine if this is who was tormenting ham

No. 1168748

File: 1614102080642.jpg (160.68 KB, 1080x1389, 20210222_141317.jpg)

Ham eats pizza and chips, can barely be heard over the TV, and ignores the lettuce on her plate.

No. 1168751

File: 1614102332304.jpg (193.08 KB, 1085x665, Capture.JPG)

I looked up Millies at her school, but there's too many of them. Millies, Mollys and Sophies.

One of her school newsletters has a big warning about the dangers of Momo. Lol.

No. 1168752

wait til ham writes a send for millie to the tune of ‘skinny love’

No. 1168753

jesus christ what a tard. i cant be the only one here who thinks shes on the spectrum somewhere?

No. 1168754

Could be why Millie bullied her.

No. 1168755

File: 1614102582966.jpg (64.88 KB, 1080x912, 20210223_114623.jpg)

There's a Milli that follows her twitter but that's all I could see. There's also this empty account that follows her.

No. 1168759

that would be even more noticeable than the bathroom or her bedroom

No. 1168760

Nobody notices the bottles of mustard and syrup she throws out of the window.

No. 1168761

Maybe nitpick but it is not so “normal” to eat pizza AND fries in the same meal. Or maybe it is for you britfags but I think most other places in the world would consider that a pretty unhealthy combo.

No. 1168766

it's pretty standard for chavs

No. 1168768

File: 1614103140007.jpg (59.32 KB, 420x560, Capture.JPG)

You're forgetting she only eats crap.

No. 1168769

I know a lot of American pizza restaurants sell pizza and fry combos. I know when I was 10-15 years old my friends and I would go get pizza and fries after school together, it's quite a common combo for young teens. That being said, she is a big girl, and has likely eaten that combo plenty of times. Probably while revising, kek. She needs to get some nutrition in her asap, or at least a homemade pizza for god's sake.

No. 1168771

found the instas of people who went to her school but theres so many millies it could be any of them. all orange british girls look the same

No. 1168772

They all hated her.

No. 1168776

File: 1614103803348.jpeg (237.25 KB, 828x652, E5B241A6-5778-4C04-AE89-ABCD4A…)


No. 1168777

File: 1614103973364.jpg (12.43 KB, 248x204, chav.jpg)

A six pack. Chav style.

No. 1168780

where are the grapes !!!! do you suspect she’s relapsing omg

No. 1168781

not 100% on this but i think it's quite hard for someone to get an adult sectioned in the uk? also ED services here are so overloaded they tend to tell you to fuck off unless you have a really low bmi, but n2f is looking kinda spoopy so maybe she'd qualify

No. 1168784

File: 1614104346797.jpeg (223.39 KB, 828x1434, 1D7B8A34-9925-4DC7-A874-EAE250…)

after looking through some of her school acquaintances followings this is the only millie they all follow. could this beach whale be the inspiration for ham’s larp?

No. 1168787

My tinfoil: she vomits in plastic bags and tosses them out the window into the bush. She goes outside to take out the trash and disposes of her vomit. It’s clear she’s already comfortable throwing garbage out of the window. Any bulimic will admit that when living with family, it’s really embarrassing and hard to hide the sheer frequency that you vomit. You have to get really sneaky, and you do get quieter. That’s why it’s so dangerous bc it’s honestly way easier to hide looks wise? That being said, she’s always had really obvious vomit stains in her pics, and her knuckles and cheeks are dead giveaways that she’s doing piss poor. Maybe she’s mean to people who try to help her bc she wants to die so badly. I can’t imagine what it’s like broadcasting your disorder online among a sea of fatty fakers fetishizing your actual inner demons. She needs help or she will die and I’m no expert.. saged for no contribution

No. 1168811

It’s not the healthiest, I agree, but it isn’t that abnormal. It’s sort of like a burger and fries, not the best combination but fine if you’re only having it occasionally. It’s not the type of meal I’d make for myself at home but if I go out to eat with friends, we might get pizza and a big plate of fries to share with the whole table.

No. 1168831

this made me laugh so much anon. millie b skinny love remix

No. 1168838

Come on, anon. Making fun of some random's weight, when their only crime is possibly knowing Ham, is not OK

No. 1168893

File: 1614116342864.png (Spoiler Image, 3.83 MB, 750x1334, 105394C6-1797-41F4-A884-3258D5…)

thank fucking god. she hasn’t relapsed. she’s back on the grapes

No. 1168895

samefag didn’t mean to spoiler this lol

No. 1168901


THIS!! the most accurate tinfoil yet, and one i believe is the truth. definately the window vomit bag toss.
either that or she spews into containers and then dumps them all at once while her parents are out or something.
i was going to write "dumps them all while in the shower" but we all know that doesnt happen often enough

No. 1168904

top kek!! "you got to nourish to flourish".

No. 1168907

File: 1614117166179.png (372.26 KB, 586x512, Screenshot_20210223-215121~2.p…)

Take your own advice, Ham.

No. 1168909

"… Healthy food is not a punishment"

No. 1168923

“eat it to beat it”
what exactly does she have to beat

No. 1168925

totally forgot it was NEDA week, the cows have been unusually quiet about it

No. 1168929

The Uk week is in March, so we won't hear much from that crowd. I've seen a lot of posts on how the typical spoop before and after doesn't help ~raise awareness~ (especially on accounts already dedicated to EDs) but I'm sure we'll get a few from the typical crowd anyway

No. 1168936

File: 1614118591644.jpeg (182.74 KB, 750x1188, 6CACB8DD-25A2-40DF-A64E-83C6D4…)

Maybe nitpick but Anna is sharing more of her random ‘anniversaries’ to remind us all she is the sickest. (For people who don’t follow her she is constantly posting stuff like 275 days NG free! 276 days NG free!) I may be misremembering but I believe she said in one of her lives that she didn’t have any other MH issues but it seems like she is gearing up for a PTSD diagnosis as well

No. 1168952

File: 1614119695092.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, 01A6254F-6BEA-4059-AB5D-634BFC…)

I feel violated.
Mint tea with an effervescent tropical electrolyte tablet.
Makes me barf in my mouth to think about.

No. 1168963

it's a relief she's using electrolyte tablets at least, since she's purging so often… but fizzy tea is vulgar

No. 1168978

Why does she do this? Put the damn tablet in water for a tropical flavour.

That chocolate with cardamom sounds lush, but no doubt she committed some atrocity with it.

She mustn't be weight restored yet. /s

No. 1168979

File: 1614122296728.jpg (29.2 KB, 985x264, eye roll.JPG)

Well well well

No. 1168984

File: 1614122607445.jpg (271.02 KB, 1080x1778, 20210224_121935.jpg)

Does she realise that the meaning of atypical anorexia is "despite significant weight loss, the person is not underweight" … honestly these cows are so desperate for this anorexia term.

No. 1168988

Oh come on this is obviously a vomit inducing concoction - It’s like a slightly off version of the taste you get if you drink orange juice after you brush your teeth. I wish somebody in her life cared enough to get her help.

No. 1169000

all those skinny syrup bottles beneath her window were probably just dropped by accident when she took one of her thousands of 'holding my meal out the window' pics. i really just think her family either doesnt care or has no idea what to do anymore even if they did care. she lives in squalor but the rest of her house is pretty normal, irl her disturbing habits would be SO obvious, the family have to be aware of the situation, theyre just not doing anything

No. 1169009

File: 1614124614252.jpeg (280.78 KB, 827x1696, 425EDD5B-0A76-4CBF-ADDD-4A80D1…)

Don know when I started following this one but after see her story I thought she belonged here

No. 1169010

File: 1614124680397.jpeg (231.21 KB, 828x1700, 418058E1-CC6B-4B4C-8001-847BCC…)

I apologise if she’s not milky enough

No. 1169012

File: 1614124724207.jpeg (220.74 KB, 828x1689, 14D5563B-D1DA-49C9-8046-97FB5B…)

But yes obviously doesn’t have an ED like they said they’re completely healthy

No. 1169013

File: 1614124777513.jpeg (213.82 KB, 828x1694, 1099A133-C092-4E94-99E9-BECA23…)

I don’t know why she’s trying to convince people she’s not sick when you can practically see her skeleton

No. 1169024

File: 1614126025257.png (3.16 MB, 828x1792, AFC6D8C6-BEDC-4915-BF8F-421B0D…)

I hate this ham clone army of fake anorexics posting themselves fake crying and eating for all the world to see. So attention seeking jesus! Also not a self post unfortunately saw this cringe in the wild today

No. 1169089

she's not trying to convince anyone anon, it's bait for everyone to tell her how totally spoopy she is. where's the milk?

No. 1169092

File: 1614135241746.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.22 MB, 406x614, pain.gif)

More n2f eating. Looks totally normal and not painful.

No. 1169106

she has and eating disorder so its hard for her to see herself as sick and is trying to get validation fromher followers. This is typical insta ED bullshit though not really milky..

No. 1169107

Yeah, it's very difficult to get sectioned in the UK. Even people who end up in A&E from suicide attempts are likely to just be sent home as soon as they're physically stable. Beds are scarce.

No. 1169139

The way she eats is so messy and disturbing, like a feral street child too hungry to care about the mess on her face. How tragic.

No. 1169160

File: 1614145460506.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1125x1891, 1477BB5A-C9B0-4FA6-BE60-763F64…)

Sage bc this cow is annoying af. Wintergirl_thawing_2 showing her true colors here.
TL:DR wintergirl has a fit because her step dad got mad at her, so she cuts herself up and wants him to notice it so ‘he can know that it’s his fault, and his fault only, that I sliced my skin”
Some serious manipulation there, and shares it like it’s completely normal

No. 1169161

It's genuinely disgusting and uncomfortable to watch. Feel bad for her. Having internet access isn't helping.

No. 1169242

What a horrible girl. I'd sympathise with her a bit about the stepdad situation if it wasn't a complete lie.

No. 1169276

Behold, the face of Hammorexia!

No. 1169279

File: 1614160441042.jpeg (591.51 KB, 1284x2081, 426A0DD1-A492-4AB3-B8A9-3923F7…)

Molly's looking… fuller. Of course, Ham has liked the picture, kek.

No. 1169296

Typical Londoner, it's fucking miserable weather up North.

I reckon she'll be back at uni in September. Unlike Ham, I think Molly had a touch of the food fear for a very short time and has a good life in front of her.

Ham will always be a vulgar liar with no friends and no class.

No. 1169314

you could not have described ham better, anon

No. 1169317

Is anyone aware of skinnygossip? Apparently you need to submit photos to the owner to prove you are skinny enough if you want to become a member. But they're not pro-ana! Just say anyone over a size 6 is fat! IMO they're worse than MPA because at least there they acknowledge their goals aren't healthy

comments I found with a 5 minute search include
-'she's sooo tiny for an actress' (are actresses not normally tiny? this was about Sarah Hyland, when her BMI was around 16)
-'normal hollywood' to me - puffy face and al
-'She really has the SG lifestyle. Having the same thing everyday for lunch, small portions mostly veggies'
-OMFG those thunder thighs (about Emma Watson, lots of comments similar to this one)
- and a thread titled 'Anne Hathaway needs to lose 16 lbs'

No. 1169325

File: 1614167837405.jpg (503.12 KB, 1080x1857, IMG_20210224_125617.jpg)

NotsoDaintyaly again at it with shoplifting. (1/2)

No. 1169326

Image board…

No. 1169329

File: 1614167994650.jpg (780.94 KB, 1080x1841, IMG_20210224_125302.jpg)

(2/2) Stealing from your own workplace? Totally cool. /s
She also then proceeded to give advice on shoplifting for "harm reduction" with the iconic shop-lifter mindset of "I just steal from big companies, so it's fine"

No. 1169336

File: 1614169067552.png (356.51 KB, 637x589, taylorswift.png)


Here are some posts from the Taylor Swift thread. I included a photo from the '1989 era' for reference. Not a spoop, sure but still thin. All these posts are after she talked about her ED as well.

No. 1169346

I remember way back on these threads someone said the owner was a guy

No. 1169356

yes, the thread full of fucking anachans has heard of SG. nitpicking a celeb’s weight isn’t milk, post caps of their users being personally milky or take this to /ot/

No. 1169359

skinny gossips weird but its not exactly relevant to this thread
it hasnt really been popular in years

No. 1169368

I can't with the fucking mood lighting. Euphoria isn't even that good a show

No. 1169372

How can you possibly tell she looks fuller? This is a weird angle and only shows her face. She isn’t doing anything milky. You’re just trying to make the girl feel bad. If she’s not desolating cow behaviors she doesn’t belong here.

No. 1169373

Samfag demonstrating. Ffs autocorrect

No. 1169382

Wow, shouting to the world that she shoplifts while on duty for Instacart. That just … not smart. Probably trying to get caught and fired.
These cows do everything they can to sabotage the smallest possibility of steady employment or responsibilities.

No. 1169392

i was just wondering the other day what she was up to after her crack-smoking announcement a few months back. her & may should link up in jail some day

No. 1169422

Hi Molly!(Hi cow)

No. 1169475

File: 1614183886523.png (613.61 KB, 425x761, Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 16.22…)

since when does ham read books

No. 1169478

more importantly, since when has she had such a cute cat?

No. 1169522

AYRT and not molly. Just sick of the bone raddling.

No. 1169524

She wants to show lolcow she's not thick.

Somewhere she mentioned she had one pet. I'd rather she change her account to the cat and not her feeding her face.

No. 1169525


Molly is reading a book right now and Ham wants to be Molly, so Ham reads too.

No. 1169526

Tyler Knott Gregson, Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series.

No. 1169538

Ok grammarfag ever heard of a typo

No. 1169598

File: 1614194134502.jpg (210.5 KB, 1080x1690, 20210224_131506.jpg)

Just another rest day for Ganer.

No. 1169622

I hope she lives on the ground floor. Imagine the noise if you lived below.

When she tags her shady trainer, is it like some kind of accountability? 7 weeks to go, Ganer. 7 long, dark weeks. Be strong (ie eat some proper food).

No. 1169624

Thinking about it, the people above are going to get the racket from all her equipment attached to the door frames.

No. 1169627

But will Molly go back to Oxford or somewhere less off a mental health issue hotbed. I wish she'd come back to YouTube- for us who don't do Instagram she left a hole!

No. 1169628

speaking from experience, def a mental health issue hotbed. but I know plenty of people in Molly's position who took a year out, returned, and subsequently graduated. getting to Oxford in the first place is often such a huge achievement that people will do everything they can to get to the end of the degree. even if that means suspending again and again. perfectionists don't "give up" easily

No. 1169666

File: 1614201008562.jpg (227.38 KB, 1080x1276, 20210224_140746.jpg)

kek. not a milky account but thought this was funny

No. 1169668

Molly belongs here through and through, sorry anon.

No. 1169669

File: 1614201103902.png (2.21 MB, 1851x1148, dasha.PNG)

ladies and ladies, i present to you our beloved spoop Dasha, totally normal and definately not sucking in her cheeks to make herself appear more emaciated…

No. 1169675

File: 1614201532915.png (84.38 KB, 486x387, cringe.png)

definitely. her tags prove it lol.

No. 1169705

Really, I'd like to see Molly on yt but not her ridiculous food things. Vlogging about her middle class life. I hope she either does her Lit degree or drama. Good luck to her, but I'll be personally pissed off if she flogs the dead horse 9f eating disorders.

Damn, I thought she was getting it together.

No. 1169724

AYRT It's not bone rattling because she's not spoopy. I'm not saying she's obese or anything, but she's certainly gotten fuller, kek.

No. 1169752

at least this isnt edited to make her look like a shriveled piece of bacon like most of her photos

No. 1169786

File: 1614212457382.jpg (86.18 KB, 605x267, Screenshot_2021-02-25-00-19-59…)

Crap outside of N2Fs window yesterday

No. 1169802

File: 1614213730767.png (515.17 KB, 648x593, 1611423096808.png)

im horrified about her hair more than her face,
her hair looks so dry and thin,
her hair used to be so pretty

No. 1169830

File: 1614215234067.jpg (769.54 KB, 1072x1683, Screenshot_20210224-233610_Ins…)

No. 1169834

pissing myself thank u anon

No. 1169835

also… it doesn’t look like she has much, if any, respect for her body?

No. 1169881

File: 1614219506574.png (2.45 MB, 828x1792, 085B3DC5-A68D-4A0A-B171-2DD1F8…)

hoped this would give you anons all a good laugh, much love

No. 1169903

So much for her "relapse" huh

No. 1169907

Since when did being fat mean you don't have an ED? lmao if she was larping ana, fair, but she isn't.

lmao yeah it's called having an ED.

No. 1169944

Since when are we judging obese people for having bulimia or BED.. she doesn't claim anorexia and I don't think she has ever claimed that she's starving herself. She isn't an attention seeker - she's just really fucking sad and has come from years of hell tbh.

No. 1169961

Anorexia is devastating her! Look at her fuller appearance. Much relapse.

No. 1170076

File: 1614250519798.jpg (301.21 KB, 1078x1916, Screenshot_20210225-090716_Ins…)

Some hilarious wintergirl bodychecks. Is she a little or whats with the onesie thing?

No. 1170077

File: 1614250587469.jpg (327.2 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20210225-090720_Ins…)

These bodychecks show shes just average sized and has always been lol

No. 1170078

File: 1614250614713.jpg (356.46 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20210225-090730_Ins…)

Pop those collarbones!

No. 1170083

She looks like a 40 year old coke head…

No. 1170092

Oops forgot to suck in.

No. 1170125

Could she suck in any harder?

No. 1170148

File: 1614266591299.png (5.53 MB, 828x1792, F23840D7-0A4E-4BA8-9A8B-E72C13…)

Did anyone see Ganer’s pizza yesterday? Am I overreacting or is this thing the saddest, floppiest-looking, pathetic little pizza you’ve ever seen? You’re not fooling anyone girl. That pizza is barely technically a pizza.

No. 1170161

Not a pizza fan, but it looks okay for a homemade job UNTIL you think about the ingredients. The tomato and cheese are going to be zero everything and tasteless. The base the same. It's good to see something other than the protein swill, but I doubt nutritionally there's any improvement.

No. 1170166

Same anon. On closer inspection, looks like she put the part with some chicken on it right in front. Can't see any elsewhere.

No. 1170167

Lots of people With EDs are fat. In every diagnosis other than AN. This woman is actually kinda Likeable imo

No. 1170168

Most concerningly, who puts ketchup on pizza?

No. 1170170

Anyone know what the "anoress1a" tag means?

No. 1170171

Everyone knows ketchup and corn is a delicious pizza combo

No. 1170174

all the tiktok cows do it. I presume that the 'anorexia' tag is blocked/ not available if that makes sense.

No. 1170175

she didn't cook it at all and ate it raw just like this ew

No. 1170176

I'm guessing it's a ~secret~ hashtag because it won't show #anorexia maybe. Kinda like #secretsociety123 where kids posted sh pics.

No. 1170181

I've seen mukbangs where people dip pizza in tomato or BBQ ketchup. She's trying to add flavour with a zero calorie ketchup.

In other news, Molly's still going with the ana warrior thing. Soz no as, my phone's being a dick.

No. 1170183

File: 1614269167132.png (581.67 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210225-160514.png)

As* but it's working now.
Here's a preach

No. 1170184

Kek most if not all normal weight people have visible collarbones, as do many overweight people. Showing off collarbones means nothing, same as her trying to put her hands around her arm and waist. She’s at a normal, healthy weight, congrats. Sad she’s pushing pro ana shit still when she could get plenty of asspats doing the recovered ana warrior shill.

No. 1170185

I … don't disagree with this.

No. 1170188

Is this milky? I mean, she's right. "Intuitive fasting" is a fucking joke and Paltrow has no business giving health advice.

No. 1170191

glad to see shes making use of her oxford degree

No. 1170208

I genuinely laughed at these, especially followed by the next slide of "I only had cranberry juice today" kek jog on. Srsly who's she fooling!
I also reckon this was just an opportunity to post her bloody plaster on her arm after her step dad made her do it the day before

No. 1170210

Her dumb ass also thinks she's able to purge out literally everything she ate and then decreases those calories from her total.

No. 1170215

anorexia in Italian lol

No. 1170224

No. I used the post to demonstrate her whole account is still about recover when the point of her being here is she didn't really have to recover in the over exaggerated way she over exaggerated her ed

No. 1170269

I didn't screenshot because it would just be a picture of her smug face, but Anna is bragging about how she has hyper metabolism and isn't gaining on the amount she's eating 'which SUCKS!11!'. I'm sure it does, Anna. She's only been doing her 'all in' thing for three days and said she her body has been 'rejecting a lot of it' so what did she expect?

No. 1170274

also apparently her consultant said Anna lacks insight and doesn't realise how sick she is and will never gain weight, c'mon Anna it isn't bone rattling to say your ED is not and never has been Ash-tier.

No. 1170285

A med student. So sick she manages to study medicine. Not to sound nasty but for potential future patient's sake, I hope she fails her exams.

No. 1170291

it made me piss myself quite frankly, if her consultant ever did say that, which i very much doubt, they obviously haven’t seen many anorexia patients if she is their epitome of “soooo sick”

No. 1170304

Ughhh, she isn't likeable at all, she's just as annoying as the pro ana cows imo. She needs to get inpatient help for her ED instead of parading her gross body on tiktok for attention.

No. 1170305

impossible, anon! Didn't you know Anna 'came in the top 4% medical school'?

No. 1170308

These cows always have the most negative, unmedic like professionals on their team. Always say how irreversibly ill they are like they might as well go ahead and die because no chance of escape from hell. They'll never recover because ~too broken~.

Generally, even with illnesses like cancer, doctors tend to give encouragement even if a prognosis isn't great.

Funny, that.

No. 1170311

Phew. Thank god her severe anorexia hasn't affected her brain at all. Or concentration. She must have to fight harder than any severely sick ana EVER.

No. 1170317

I get everyone is different and some people are very high-functioning but most anas' grades fall when they are really ill (and she says she was soooo sick in the first term, when she took the exams she did so well on) Does that mean she is really in the top 0.00001% of her class?

No. 1170359

File: 1614284243180.png (184.85 KB, 1851x783, Untitled.png)

It's sad that the majority of followers adding to Ham's fousands are bots. Some are obvious ones, others deserted accounts taken over by whoever she's using to pay for followers. How does she get a buzz out of this when people know what she's doing?

No. 1170366

not to wk, I don't know anything much about this cow(?), but depending on where she lives it might be very hard to get ip treatment; I doubt insurance in the US would cover it for example.

No. 1170391

Right? She's a run-of-the-mill anorexic, I doubt any normal medical pro is that worried. What is she, 20?
>>1170269 Insufferable. CICO isn't rocket science

No. 1170394

File: 1614285991821.png (Spoiler Image, 4.52 MB, 750x1334, 32FE94F7-AA76-4B52-980C-5A9E99…)

Nitpick but even N2F’s fruit looks unwell.

Spoiler because even frozen strawberries shouldn’t look like this and I don’t want to put people off them. Lol

No. 1170403

They're waterlogged like there was a hurricane flood in the UK and this is the spoiled crop. They look like infections.

No. 1170404

I genuinely don't believe those are strawberries
I am really sorry to strawberry sperg, but jesus christ, look at those things

No. 1170405

Yet you didn’t spoiler. Bog body strawberries 2021.

No. 1170409


I’m pretty sure I did….

No. 1170410

File: 1614286751862.jpg (43.42 KB, 481x421, canned strawberry4.jpg)

Could be canned ones? Canned strawberries are past being strawberries.

No. 1170412

she did go inpatient a few weeks/months ago. If she's in the US she must've been pretty fucked up with electrolytes or something to get in there

No. 1170414

I dunno dude, they look even worse than that, plus they still have their hats on

No. 1170419

The hats. Yeah. Never seen them in canned strawberry mush. Frozen strawberries gone wrong? If freezing strawberries is a thing.

No. 1170421

>have their hats on
bitch cute, shut up tho lol

No. 1170458

Uh…you ok, anon??? It is spoilered.

No. 1170460

frozen strawbs usually look like that when they’re defrosted
eating gone off fresh fruit is too gross even for n2f

No. 1170463

ntayrt but it's not spoilered for me

No. 1170491

wtf she legit JUST went IP. She has just come out. Seriously her whole tiktok is about that.

No. 1170493

File: 1614292017047.jpg (438.72 KB, 1080x1894, 20210225_162632.jpg)

So the eat a vegetable challenge, Ham

No. 1170494

No. 1170520

Fresh food. Home prepared food. Wholefoods. Fruit salad. Vegetables. Something that wasn't bought in a box or packet. For a WHOLE DAY.

No. 1170521

She was anorexic for years. These pics aren't old. She is not at all underweight.

No. 1170546

What is up with her eating foods semi-frozen? It's disordered as fuck (and disgusting).

No. 1170550

I think, at most, she's "atypically anorexic" but finds the "atypical" part invalidating so LARPs as a normal anorexic. I think anons have showed in past threads that she tagged older posts with "#AtypicalAnorexia" ?

No. 1170587

i was not expecting that at all, i thought she’d never even lost anything and was completely making the ed up. ednos perhaps?

No. 1170678

File: 1614303963781.jpeg (458.71 KB, 1125x1927, B1285CD6-5516-4D70-9789-35245F…)

Ham asking people their fear foods. My bet is that she’s gonna take this as ‘research’ and adopt some of these scawwy fear foods for herself - Now she’ll have more foods to cry over on camera

No. 1170714

How about don't talk about anything related to food or eating disorders for a day?

No. 1170717

Her eyebrows have been solid pretty much throughout all this, I'll give her that

No. 1170807

What are you on about? She never had an ED and has looked the same in all her old photos anons dug up.

No. 1170837

expecting what.. she looks pretty much the exact same?

No. 1170873

File: 1614321622011.jpeg (563.74 KB, 1125x1956, A96D3C04-EB3B-4D46-9806-C7AB9B…)

I wonder if Georgia will be striving toward having a portacath from now on. This might be a tinfoil but I think she’s slowly dropping the ED to go the full munchie route.

No. 1170894

I think it's supposed to be frozen Yogurt which isn't that unusual but then again it's N2F so who the fuck knows

No. 1170908

I can't deal with the lid on the blanket with the yogurt side down.. even if she licked it clean.. still gross

No. 1170911


This seems wildly excessive for IV fluids and ECT. They usually only put those things in for people needing chemo, or other illnesses needing regular access over a prolonged period of time.
Not wannarexics who could live for weeks sustained only on the body fat they’d burn off.

No. 1170916

is she too lazy to drink water?

No. 1170919

that barely even seems like tinfoil given that she's talking about getting a fucking port. Any type of indwelling catheter is a huge infection risk and generally reserved for only the most grave of illnesses. Sepsis saga when

No. 1170932

There's something very Kadeelyn Konstantino about her lately. We already know how that story ends.

No. 1170941

It probably tastes like nothing and doesn't give her a sugar rush so it's a big no no

No. 1170969

Am I missing something? Apart from the makeup she looks exactly the same. Maybe she lost a few lbs at some point but that’s hardly the same as “restricting for 3 years”
Don’t even see how she’d fit OSFED criteria tbh. What a clown.

No. 1170971

The constant challenging of foods seems more and more ridiculous the more old photos we see. What did she eat then? Did she binge on fruits and vegetables during her ed so she maintained or something? Is that why she never eats healthy foods because she was "sick" when eating them lol

No. 1170975

I don’t understand why she still makes that ghastly grinch smile. She hasn’t been bullied enough.

No. 1170981

She might have deleted the posts now but we all saw her challenging shit like pizza, pasta, cake, crisps, chocolate, Maccies etc. at the beginning of her account so…like, what are her fears? Not saying fear foods are always ‘junk’ or carbs or even totally rational but 8 agree with >>1170678 she’s defo fishing here. Low key hoping one of her followers suggests broccoli or at least some kind of vegetable not in potato form

No. 1170984

She is by no means underweight now and definitely not anorexic, but I think she does look heavier in these pictures, look at her arm

No. 1170986

File: 1614339330646.jpeg (301.84 KB, 1200x1115, E4C189FF-7B1A-4732-B5D3-95A5B2…)

Samefag but comparing these pics she looks like she lost a liittle bit. Not much but still enough for hammum to notice

No. 1170987

that could just be down to the angle/posing

No. 1170992

File: 1614340639582.jpeg (141.73 KB, 554x293, AE4D0209-3A0A-4745-9DC1-97E215…)

i know she’s obviously posing her collarbones but there’s definitely atleast 15lbs difference. when you start decreasing your cal intake at a high bmi the weight comes off super easily, she most likely just skipped lunch for a month or so. none of this “restricting for years” crap

No. 1170993

she gained fast

No. 1171001

What teenage girl hasn't been on a diet? Losing a bit of fat off her arms isn't anorexia. More likely she cut down on the iced gems and chocolate biscuits for a bit. Shame she didn't consider it a diet and graduated to eating healthy snacks and not back to eating crap. Nothing about ham's behaviour says eating disordered. Unhealthy diet is a different thing, which she has.

No. 1171006

There's sooo many people out there who cry eds when they only tried to diet for a while and failed.

No. 1171013

And what teenage girl hasn't been 100% happy with how they look/their weight/etc. The majority will have thoughts of "I wish I looked a bit like this/weighed a little less", but that doesn't automatically equal eating disorder. Ham's put 2 and 2 together to get 5 because now she can larp Ana warrior and feel like she has friends through her online presence of utter bullshit. She truly thinks she's helping others and is an inspiration, when really she's doing the complete opposite and invalidating people that actually suffer. A passing thought of wishing a part of you was different is definitely not the same as being mentally ill with an Ed.

No. 1171015

She claimed to be unable to bathe herself because she was so weak, that’s not happening with 15lbs weight loss. She’s absolutely lying about the severity of her ED, or her having an ED at all.

No. 1171017

Ever since an anon said Ham looks like Lillee Jean I can’t unsee it

No. 1171018

…..tbf she doesn’t seem to bathe that often now either. I wonder why (inb4 she replies indirectly to us claiming ~shower gel has calories~ or something equally ridiculous)

No. 1171020

dear lolcow, i cant wash my oily face because cleanser has calories that might get absorbed through my pores :(

No. 1171022

Oh anon, me too now! They have a lot of similarities, thinking about it…both have deluded mothers. Crazy facial expressions. Awful “skills” (Ham LARPing anorexia, Lillie Jean makeup) the overinflated sense of self importance, the zero self-awareness, the blatant lies, the list goes on……
Ham = Lillie Jean of eating disorders confirmed.

No. 1171023

My bubble bath smells like vanilla pudden how many cals in air?!?!

No. 1171058

File: 1614350149308.jpeg (168.28 KB, 750x1334, BDAB017E-7E96-4916-B230-C1DC68…)

Anna is begging people to share her FDOE video to ‘raise awareness’, and not at all because she is desperate to get more followers

No. 1171064

>>1171015 To be fair you feel very weak very quickly after not eating for a few days. My theory is Ham maybe went a few days a week only eating a small amount of calories or fasting and that's why she said she was too weak to bathe. It's a bit of a stretch considering I doubt she was fasting or eating low cal regularly but it doesn't seem that out of the realm of possibility.

Sage for blogpost, I don't consider myself a hardcore anorexic but when I went for a few days without eating, I would be too weak to stand up in the shower and some days even too weak to get out of bed. I doubt Ham was "anorexic" for more than a month though.

No. 1171070

i seriously doubt that's the case. i don't think she's ever restricted. she's just larping entirely, she probably got that "too weak to bathe" thing from some other ED account.

No. 1171077

highly unlikely she ever properly restricted or fasted. weight comes off very easily when you’re that big and if she restricted as much as she says she does she would’ve been spoopier to start with

No. 1171089

exactly. in one of her posts she claimed to have forgotten how good apple tasted. so that implies she didn't even eat fruit and veg during restriction

No. 1171090

what /didn’t/ she get from some other account. or here kek. anons mention compensatory behaviors, next post “no compensatin’!!!” people wonder why she never eats fruit, suddenly10 wild grapes appear!

(she requested to follow me ages ago bc ED i guess? yeah no way is she getting the opportunity to use my shit for her LARP. /blog)

No. 1171118

Wonder what made Ham go for anorexia when there’s literally a whole book of disorders she could make more believable. Did her mum read a ~shocking~ spoop article in one of those take a break type mags and freak about her daughter losing some puppy fat? Did Ham watch some old Skins episodes and decide Cassie was ~~lovely~~?
I feel almost sorry for her sometimes cause she obviously doesn’t have any friends irl but inserting yourself into an ED ~recovery community~ is an odd way to go about it. The non bot followers encouraging her prob just enjoy seeing her get bigger

No. 1171122

How long until she goes the same route as the jiggly aussie recovery chick whose name I can't remember

No. 1171138

keep an eye out for bought followers, if Ham can afford them Anna definitely can

No. 1171140

File: 1614357501880.jpeg (778.16 KB, 828x1726, 1D4261E9-802E-4E04-B474-64EC6E…)

I’m bloated and nauseous just looking at ganer’s latest concoction. So many carbs. So much salt. And the plain, dry spinach?! Just why?!!

No. 1171144

At least she seems to be eating more now. Maybe she's actually trying to bulk for real this time? She seems to have a new nutritionist or something like that.

No. 1171150

agree. I never thought I'd see the day where she ate white (gasp!!!) bread

No. 1171154

honestly it just looks like she’s sucking in/tending her stomach. arms look exactly the same

No. 1171162

Not necessarily, also remember that blood samples can be drawn from it. It can be a good decision for patients with somewhat regular iv treatments/blood draws who are extremely difficult to cannulate even if the treatment itself doesn't require central venous access, if cannulating otherwise takes ages or you always need to call anesthesiology for assistance.

No. 1171163

Completely agree. If she ever legitimately fasted/lost any real weight, she's definitely the sort to have photographed it, even for herself, let alone to post online.
I think she just discovered how many accounts exist on ig, the "recovery" trend, and just how rife eating disordered accounts are, and jumped straight on the train, seeing she could potentially make a name for herself as someone inspiring. She's so very clearly done her research on what she would have experienced if she was actually sick (eg being too weak to bathe, which is common with genuine sufferers) and carbon copies this as her own story.
Her videos are cringe af for a reason, that being she is completely an over exaggerated act. She's sick in the head but it's not anorexia, thats for sure.

No. 1171170

File: 1614359258477.jpg (568.84 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20210226_170627.jpg)

Same anon, but prime example of what I was just saying.

You struggle with this do you!? Funny that, so do I!!! What are the chances!

No. 1171176

She’s only difficult to stick because she’s fat - she should lose weight, not have a central line installed.

No. 1171195

nitpick but the way she says “hugs x” in every inspirational story post pisses me off

No. 1171206

I think she also probably aspires to have an eating disorder. A lot of people who have real EDs first wished to have one. I think it’s not just that she found a niche where she could get insta famous, but rather wishes she had an ED so created an online recovery account to make her feel how she imagines it would feel to have an eating disorder (insta famous, supper from friends/family/strangers, etc. )

No. 1171307

File: 1614370148379.jpeg (171.69 KB, 1024x1024, A7298315-C179-4BBF-B276-42BA33…)

Ham did something incredibly scawwy tonight and had bread wif bu’ah as a fear food! You can’t imagine how long she hasn’t had butter for!!!
Her acting is actually getting worse, which is disappointing.
Also, please note that I suffered through 10 slides for this, 9 of which were videos of her munching. Migraine incoming.

No. 1171309

Samefag but I’m dumb and don’t know how to post IG vids, so if anyone wants to volunteer… unless it’s just boring at this point that is?!

No. 1171324

File: 1614371859003.jpeg (197.74 KB, 695x900, bwed.jpeg)

No. 1171325

I can screen record but it usually ends up being too long for me to upload anywhere. Ham (and we all know you're reading this), stop rambling so much. The videos are obviously edited.

No. 1171326

I love you, anon.

No. 1171331

thank you for this

No. 1171332

those videos, especially her facial expressions, are making it harder for me to believe shes not on the spectrum

No. 1171336

File: 1614373359380.png (1.77 MB, 970x1704, Peter Pettigrew.png)

>>1171324 Anon, you missed the best one!

No. 1171364

this looks like a normal plate of food for someone who works out. a bit carb heavy sure, but why do you care, anachan? shouldn't that be a good thing given that she's supposed to be recovering?

people in their 20s without serious medical illness are not "extremely difficult to cannulate," anon.

No. 1171371

Top marks anon. I howled.

No. 1171381

But her obesity is a serious medical condition

Good thing in emergencies they can just drill into her bone for access I guess!

No. 1171407

She’s in Canada (Toronto) so I’m assuming she was inpatient at TGH which I was surprised about because usually only people who are legit dying get IP beds. Pretty sure that’s the same hospital Dasha was in.

No. 1171414

File: 1614378648038.jpeg (856.65 KB, 828x1550, 443709E0-DF63-4B7D-862B-5E0AA1…)

are we talking about Grace or? tried to do a quick browse through the past few threads and couldn’t see her posted anywhere but maybe i’m blind
5 minutes of going through her videos tells me she’s an obese Australian claiming to have severe anorexia and desperate for any inpatient program to take her. rare plot twist, her dad is feeding these delusions of hers and not her mom

No. 1171417

Whoops — I meant Dharma, not Dasha.

No. 1171434

Early vote for next thread pic for sure

Speaking of which, can we add "Wannarexic/LARPers" to the next thread title to remind the munchies they're not valid

No. 1171442

she’s been mentioned. Look up through this thread.

No. 1171446

File: 1614381140044.png (1.04 MB, 696x1164, twat.png)

one of the other patients on the unit came into the hallway mid-body check and, rather than have a bit of decency and 1. delete the footage, or 2. keep the footage to herself (because let's be real, none of her followers give a flying shit about what she's wearing or her body checking) - she does a half-ass scribble over the door. fuck off.

No. 1171448

It’s more confidentiality than she affords the nurses, so I guess that’s good?

No. 1171450

Is she on an EDU/ psych ward now? Maybe she scribbled it out because they're spoopier than her?

No. 1171457

I can’t believe how little awareness she has for others?? Blatantly bodychecking in the corridor of a fucking edu and in front of other patients? The other poor girl looked so uncomfortable as she quickly walked by (the scribble doesn’t really cover her in the vid)

No. 1171459

Yeah she got moved to the EDU a couple days ago

No. 1171464

surely she can bodycheck in her room? and who parades around an EDU in tiny shorts and a tank top? I hope she gets kicked out for the other patients' sake.

Is it bad that I think if she is so determined to not recover she should just get it over with and die now rather than a few years down the road? It would free up a lot of resources for people who actually want to recover, not to mentioned save a lot of the girls in ip from her pro behaviour

No. 1171475

She posted on her story that apparently she dresses in barely anything because being “cold burns off more calories”

No. 1171482

there’s no way you can think having a body like this is worth that god awful hairline

No. 1171490

Maybe a silly question but why doesn't Ham just call herself orthorexic… It is the perfect excuse/explanation for her current situation and "recovery" aims. You can be cripplingly afraid of certain foods but that doesn't make you anorexic. This fixation on anorexia only prevents her from actually becoming a healthier person, although I don't think the "orthorexic" label would do much good either.

No. 1171497

orthorexic would be the least believeable one for her. you have seen her diet right? she’d be better off larping ARFID

No. 1171521

sage for blogpost, but i've been on the ward she's currently on. either they've loosened their rules or she changed straight after this was filmed, but they used to have a strict policy about not wearing tight-fitted clothes around the unit and to avoid wearing shorts outside of your room. surprised a nurse didn't pull her up on it.

No. 1171523

oh thx anon I am blind. Gonna be watching out for her, I see a lot of milk in her future unless she grows up and gets over herself

YIKES look at the size of that fucking forehead. someone tell her the tight ponytail isn't doing any favours for her hair… looks like it's holding on to her scalp for dear life

No. 1171526

nice to see shes gained

No. 1171528

File: 1614389698875.jpeg (680.66 KB, 1562x1800, 9B6B6875-393F-46FB-B9CA-9608A9…)

Rem is being discharged, is claiming some vague physical problems requiring a 5-day-a-week carer, physiotherapy and a service dog even though her only diagnoses are an ED, ptsd, and ocd. If she was so physically compromised wouldn’t she be still in hospital?

No. 1171552

So someone who just panic bolts…getting a service dog? Idk how that would work. Smells like BS.

No. 1171553

File: 1614392311877.jpeg (198.18 KB, 1125x1234, A35487ED-E11B-41ED-A2CE-4D3C43…)


No. 1171565

amazing recall for a “PTSD attack”. super detailed. definitely needs a service dog to abuse. is it just me or are loads of the aus cows going the munchie route?

No. 1171587

Wasn’t there a rumor going around a while ago that there’s a doctor at NF or another Aussie cow hang out handing out munchie diagnoses? Specifically POTS and EDS and GP

No. 1171764

Doubt it’s NF handing out the EDS/POTS/GP bullshit, totally different specialty (plus they make enough money zapping Porgie and tubing not so little Lee)
Check out the munchie subs maybe idk

No. 1171816

I've mentioned her a few times! She's nuts!
Here→ >>1168984

No. 1171840

Yes, the idea is to separate your sense of self from disordered urges. In a therapeutic setting, externalizing the disorder may help minimize guilt over egodystonic symptoms. Failing this is how we end up with vapid husks like EC who define themselves by their ED and have no image of who they are without it.

Problem for Ham is that this requires you to have some kind of personality outside your mental illness. Seems with "Millie" she's just inventing an imaginary friend with extra steps.

No. 1171849

Yes because frozen pizza and chocolate bars are well known orthorexic staples

No. 1171853

I wonder if these some of the cows have feeder fetishes??? Or are they just this glutinous?

I'll never understand why someone with an eating disorder ahem 'aNoReXiA' would go out of their way to gain weight and make every mood 'fear foods'?
I've never met someone with suffering with an ed that would go out of their way to gain weight and document all their weight gain on social media. (Elanzi is an exception, same with N2F, etc.- I'm talking our 'anorexia' larps). It honestly makes me think they have feeder fetishes kek. Or wanting a feeding tube? Most likely the personality disorders kicking in but why would you want to be a normal bmi with a weight gain tube feed? I guess they're truly cows kek.


Bread and butter 'fear food', do people really believe this shit?? I've never seen such poor acting in my life

No. 1171858

Guessing that’s a typo anon but I lol’ed, perfect adjective for Ham. Bread n bu’ah is gud

No. 1171862

ham didn't even eat actual butter in that video. it was just margarine.

No. 1171865

File: 1614419017930.jpg (925.53 KB, 613x817, 3fPWWwc.jpg)

idk what this pose is

No. 1171867

I call this composition

….. ‘constipation in pink and grey’

No. 1171877

Where are the nurses? Why is another patient taking care of her including covering her floor etc? Why is another patient even in her room? What the hell is NF?

Usually even if it's an over reaction if someone is on leave and requires an ambulance then when they get back they are on increased OBS,given PRN etc. If it was just a stunt then the nurse in charge wouldn't properly increase their observation level but would keep an eye and would definitely discourage input from other patients.
UK fag here in allied health profession so we don't have clinics like this lowest observation level would be hourly whilst on the unit.

Just a few weeks ago she was pushing ARFID and Autism now it is back to Anorexia but with 'bolting' put down to PTSD but often seen in autism (not in late dx people because it's a bit obvious and running regardless of danger and unaware of risk to self tendsto rule you out of 'girks just fly under the radar and are missed when it comes to autism'!)

No. 1171898

Swear the only muscles Ganer works are the ones in her face. She always looks like she’s in agony. Relax your jaw, gal

No. 1171925

Just catching up on Ham. Yes, that is margarine not bu'er. Yes, those videos are way too fucking long.

Dont believe she has a ~fear food~
Wish she'd quit this pathetic stunt. Tbh, I wish people with genuine eds would just get in with it and not document all on sm. I don't get it. People recovered before internet, sm helps nobody.

No. 1171928

Get on* with it.

Adding, Molly showing her message to Gwyneth paltrow is embarrassing. All for asspats. As if paltrow gaf about anybody's opinion. Putting paltrow views into the spotlight even more is only spreading that opinion for more ppl to see.

No. 1171929

File: 1614437422251.png (496.22 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210227-144854.png)

Because imageboard.

Her other story is im_powering quote LOL

No. 1171937

sage for no milk but why is ganer's face so lopsided and strained-looking? is it ED-related or is she just fucked?

No. 1171938

Idk but who's worse, Ganer or Laura?

No. 1171944

Ganer’s an unfortunate looking thing with shit eyeliner but she doesn’t go Freddy Krueger on her face or have an unnecessary tube taped on. Laura wins gargoyle round #1

No. 1171956

She looks mildly better but that could just be because of how the pose makes her thighs look

Optimistic about gainer atm, she's eating more and she has a new instructor; crossing my fingers this goes well!

No. 1172050

Yea anyone knelt down like that has beefier looking thighs

No. 1172052

Kek I nearly spilt my drink over gargoyle, thanks anon. Laura wins for sure

No. 1172059

File: 1614453101476.png (586.54 KB, 1125x2436, DA0264AB-6258-4DAA-9ADD-02BBF1…)

I think Ham forgot to check her On The Go Ham & White Bread ingredients bc it does, indeed, have butter in it. Sorry hun, better go delete that quicko

No. 1172067

File: 1614454420521.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1125x1786, 17D25976-53D0-4E1D-9D09-87054B…)

Lee is putting no effort into her larp anymore. She’s sitting in New Farm complaining about ‘muh anorexia’ while gorging on dominos?
Couldn’t handle the fortsip so instead she has a two people serve of fast food.

No. 1172073

What's the dog shit in the box?

No. 1172076

A lot of things she eats has butter in them. She has a sarnie meal deal every week. Aren't sarnies bread? Over Georgia, Ham is my most disliked cow. Georgie's mental to crave medical care and obviously binges. Ham is nothing. The friendless nothing of a person is faking an eating disorder to try to get people to like her for once in her life. It's gross how the shittier her food becomes, the greasier her skin and more acne. She's repulsive.

No. 1172083

File: 1614456030114.png (797.14 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_20210227-195855~2.p…)

Hasn't had bread rolls since she was a kid…in January.

No. 1172094

She just wants those asspats for being an ana warrior and conquering scawwy fear foods

No. 1172106

had a quick look through the dominos aus menu. my guess is either the mini chicken meatballs or mini dutch pancakes

No. 1172112

Jfc the way she arranges her face in these pictures makes my ass chafe. seriously does she have more than one expression besides ‘stalker in your bathroom window’?

No. 1172123

File: 1614460535769.jpeg (519.57 KB, 585x1008, 8B4652A9-48F8-4217-8994-5FD8A7…)

wtf is happening to rorecoverings elbow…. the shopping is getting worse

No. 1172139

Yeah, this girl isn’t claiming “muh anorexia” and it looks like she was at TGH or CVH. There’s almost no larping in Ontario medical hospital adult ED wards, you literally only get a bed when you’re on the verge of death. No milk!!

No. 1172151

File: 1614463790118.jpg (659.49 KB, 1046x1648, 20210227_170844.jpg)

Cececilarecovers claiming to be below a size 00

No. 1172153

i think its just lightinga and zoomed in camera quality

No. 1172163

File: 1614464595885.jpeg (293.66 KB, 1125x1954, 1D58858B-1C7A-4DE4-A670-AF32B6…)

FDOE would be good from Remi. Claiming to have several mean increases every other day. If you are increasing so much, then show us! As for the body checks, while She may not post OOTDs, she blatantly shows of her body in clear body checks in pretty much every post. Claims to be constantly unable to walk or stand, yet goes out of NFC for extended periods of time, and is able to do TikTok’s!

No. 1172164

File: 1614464612673.jpeg (85.4 KB, 412x326, 50206D0E-CA10-476E-A36B-414284…)

Ovi relapsed again. I don’t follow the account though, so not sure what caused it this time

No. 1172169

File: 1614465355084.png (4.73 MB, 828x1792, 1846402C-ED5D-496B-8299-FABA49…)

piss off ro. look at the weird slanting arm and lumpy shadows.

No. 1172170

shows off a relatively normal looking body, may i add, kek.

No. 1172180

calm down anon. saying its the lightning doesn’t mean im ro.

No. 1172182

File: 1614466768653.jpeg (534.53 KB, 828x1252, 36F62327-D2AB-4D3C-9B4F-82A467…)

this traumatic loss triggered it

No. 1172187


No. 1172190

>killing a succulent
kek ovi has the same amount of ability to care for plants and successfully larp an ed: fucking zero

No. 1172213

File: 1614469865617.jpg (830.12 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20210227-174506_Ins…)


I wonder what was so ~triggering~ about the video

No. 1172227

Ironic considering Remi loves to show off her tube.

No. 1172246

This is just disgusting and she should be ashamed. This is not anorexia or anything close to it, this is just a selfish permachild who needs to be swiftly banned from every care facility in her country. Everything about this is so insulting to people who are really suffering. Fuck you, Lee (oh, and New Farm, too). Gross.

No. 1172255

File: 1614473200986.png (2.9 MB, 1242x2208, ED40EC76-40B5-4D1A-9523-B20045…)

more of porgie encouraging binge eating

No. 1172278

Med fag here. Doesnt look shopped. Looks like previous lateral epicondyle fracture or injury to the joint that looks more prominent with a lower bmi

No. 1172290

It disgusts me that therapists are doing this. Yes, non-larping recovering anorexics often have a period (sometimes forever) where they struggle with binging and normal eating obviously but encouraging them to do it and continue doing it wtf.

No. 1172328


i bet it was the fact that

a) it was margerine, not butter
b) ppl here called her out on having butter in her sandwiches.
c) ppl here also noticed it aint her first time eating a bread roll either.

so what does Ham do after lurking here? deletes the post before too many people see it and judge her, then puts up an apology post for asspats. FFS

No. 1172342

Is she the one with the YouTube channel? Another one doing the 'all in recovery' thing- only she isn't .

No. 1172400

File: 1614485352463.png (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 828x1792, 059B21B6-546F-42D4-A509-5389E3…)

Spoilered because triggering af but we love when not so dainty Aly publicly posts her fast to her thousands of followers without any warning

No. 1172403

File: 1614485797412.jpeg (652.62 KB, 1213x3284, BBD300FE-FFE9-483C-8D89-D4780C…)

I think this ones been posted before. Personal trainer who gives diet and workout advice, now claiming to be recovered and all preachy about it. Looks exactly the same as she’s always looked

No. 1172408

>dinner was legit fowl so I leveled up

Does Lee not like chicken or something?

>my guess is either the mini chicken meatballs

I guess she does.

No. 1172412

File: 1614487262137.jpg (704.25 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210228-173529_Ins…)

Gosh you reckon she charges for these 'services'?? So sick.

No. 1172445

>I have a following

No. 1172450

Porgie needs to read this and read it again: Binge eating is not recovery, it's a disorder (which you have).

No. 1172488

imagine a severe bulimic (which georgia is not lol) doing this shit - they'd b/p until there was nothing left

like i don't think some of these people realise how bad it can get? Think of n2f's shaking hands as she's binging because she probably just purged and her blood sugar is scary low so her body is screaming at her to binge again before the guilt catches up and it starts all over.

No. 1172548

I think she might be somewhat trying. Not 'all in' level of trying, but not nothing. Idk, she just doesn't give me the vibes people like Sarah Cranny who are completely faking it do.

No. 1172553

File: 1614506005257.png (Spoiler Image, 2.69 MB, 1167x2048, Screenshot_20210228-025140.png)

N2F posted a ootd and… Yikes. She does not look well.

No. 1172554

nor does that mirror

No. 1172561

File: 1614507019769.png (51.2 KB, 605x537, ovi sexting.png)

she's probably trying to act super traumatised because of pic related, ever since she discovered that she gets posted here all her tweets feel like trying to get our attention. she hasnt been milky at all recently, bet this "relapse" is a way to stay relevant

No. 1172566

is she so dizzy that she can't see how disgusting this mirror this?

No. 1172567

haha she is seriously trying to preach about whats disordered as a thirty something woman making tiktoks in which she tries desperately to appear as sick as possible

No. 1172568

god thats grim

No. 1172570

its the only true ed thing she does>>1172067
if you can eat that, you dont need fortisip

No. 1172586

Unless she lives in a parallel universe, she obviously wasn't going out. The veins on her arms, the bruise turned brown on her hand, her matted hair…ofc I want every cow here to recover, even arrogant twats like Ganer, but above all, I wish n2f would. She must be so lonely.

No. 1172611

She looks like she's decomposing. Not even trying to be mean. I hope she gets better too. She's really sad.

No. 1172624

those bulging veins tell all

No. 1172634

File: 1614520803020.jpg (201.83 KB, 1399x836, 0.JPG)

Ham's upset she doesn't have any spoopy pics.

No. 1172636

File: 1614520955289.png (197.84 KB, 1900x569, fucking idiot.png)

No. 1172639

>people with eating disorders are extremely vulnerable and can be easily be influenced by others opinions/judgements

So stay off sm

No. 1172642

File: 1614521380221.jpg (278.24 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20210228-155248_Ins…)

Is this what ganer is after? That body looks photoshopped and or operated, no way that's just from lifting

No. 1172645

File: 1614521706327.png (45.54 KB, 297x463, 42926C21-1D4E-4E7B-BEE5-4E9EDA…)

No. 1172650

Ffs Ham. It is not like we are judging your solely on your weight - it is also your bad acting, lack of consistency, very un-ana behaviour and so on

No. 1172651

Deformity. No no no! That's HIDEOUS.

No. 1172653

those legs look like something someone with an inflation fetish would get off on.

No. 1172654

People here have been okay about her weight. Others have been ripped to shreds. She gets "chubby faced", "average weight". IT'S YOUR LARPING, HANNAH,

No. 1172656

you missed her caption, which is the best part.


(with photoshop)

Apparently also an ~anorexia survivor~

No. 1172659

File: 1614522605739.jpg (359.11 KB, 1080x1282, IMG_20210228_152820.jpg)

Either she's Slenderman's long lost sister, or her Photoshop addiction runs deep.

No. 1172661

File: 1614522854501.jpg (59.73 KB, 583x443, this.JPG)

She looks like the back part of a horse.

Yeah, legs look not as thin as they would be, waist too long.

No. 1172673

Too add, the shooping is obvious it you take a look at the wave that does some Moses thing and isn't straight. It bends away from her.

No. 1172810

Get off the cross Ham, we need the wood. She’s just sour because she doesn’t have her coveted anorexia diagnosis. She fits none of the criteria (even for ~atypical~) and she knows it. Is she huge? No. Does she/has she ever looked even close to underweight? NO.
Imaging shoving yourself an ED ‘community’ when you’re totally clueless and have no experience of what it’s like to struggle. The UK’s ED awareness week starts tomorrow so we’ll probably be treated to a whole load more of this bullshit. If she’s that fragile about people pointing out her puppy fat she should get off the internet.

No. 1172821

Ham's "following" she created (ahem) is nothing. None of the good recovery youtubers follow her, all she does is regram others posts (like she does on twitter), half her "likes" and "followers" aren't even sentient beings (bots). She's trying to make herself feel important when really nobody cares. It feels like only us take notice of her lol.

Even Molly was mentioned as a good channel on mpa. Nobody gaf about Ham and it's amusing watching her think she's something. Pissed off she's larping an eating disorder, but it's so apparent at least others won't think she's serious.

No. 1172835

File: 1614541064575.jpg (369.35 KB, 1080x1316, IMG_20210228_203505.jpg)

Samefag but this chick is hilarious, look at her left hand lmao, thank you Ganer for this gift.

No. 1172841

The fence is wonky.

Looked at her account. Her body is disgusting. Why do that?

No. 1172846

File: 1614542140843.jpg (244.49 KB, 1080x1253, 20210228_134731.jpg)

I don't know, maybe we should feel bad for her. It must be hard to have been born without a ribcage

No. 1172852

File: 1614542354563.jpg (73.3 KB, 520x775, elephantitis.JPG)

It's the first time I've ever said that, but her "anorexic" body, fucked by PS and all, is preferable to what it is now.

This is just horrible. She's like an extreme Pete Burns,

No. 1172853

> you can have an ed at any weight!!1
Yes, Ham, you can - but not with anorexia.

No. 1172917

File: 1614546995677.png (76.41 KB, 149x214, 4200.png)

Anna posted a tiktok where she said her team made her count calories to prove she is eating enough - and then she posted the number to her thousands of followers. I highly doubt any responsible team would make you count calories - only write down what you had and quantities, which wouldn't be hard since most of what she had is prepackaged.

No. 1172931

bet she purges in front of the mirror

No. 1172936

Yeah, this is bullshit. Calories are a no no as much as weighing quantities. Why is she so full of shit? 4200 my arse. I mean, she's slightly underweight so her stomach's not used to quantity, but she wouldn't be able to move if she ate that quantity. That's like 2 indian takeaways with poppadoms and a naan or something.

No. 1172939

Also, I think that if she was struggling to eat enough, they wouldn't dump 4200 on her as an outpatient. They more or less tell you to manage what you can and build up. She wouldn't have to "prove" anything, weigh ins say if she's eating enough, and no, she's not super special metabolism. God, she's a fuckwit.

No. 1172941

Also she had friends around for dinner, aren't we still in lockdown?

No. 1172942

Absolutely definitely depressingly so.

No. 1172943

TBH at this point I think she is doing the italian Aly thing of maintaining at a BMI of 18.49 to be able to say she is still underweight

No. 1172945

Is Aly still doing that? I need to check on her. Last I saw she was eating seafood and not much else.

No. 1172947

I don't think so, I'm thinking back to when she had first started actually gaining and was doing her histrionic black post things and underwear photoshoots

No. 1172950

File: 1614549057568.jpg (126.44 KB, 996x2048, grace 2.jpg)

Major kek at the song

No. 1172951

File: 1614549085319.jpg (133.71 KB, 996x2048, grace 1.jpg)

No. 1172952

Well, that bed did have her name on it after all.

No. 1172957

Can't be arsed to get a screenshot by Anna also made a tiktok about people commenting on her body with the soundbite 'it's like nobody's fucking business' which is all well and good until you recognise Cassie's voice (from Skins)

No. 1172959

File: 1614549658899.jpg (185.73 KB, 1080x1450, 20210228_155054.jpg)

Ham rechallenged "butter" today.


No. 1172963

The margarine challenge. She's so gross. Can't she at least turn the fucking tv off for a minute? Must be a challenge to not wolf it all down. Her only struggle is to eat slowly.

No. 1172971

File: 1614550961672.jpeg (198.2 KB, 1024x1024, 66C8099D-FA57-491B-A4EC-CC6EEF…)

A painful to watch play in four acts. The margarine saga.

No. 1172973

who the fuck eats margerine? correct me if im wrong but its worse for you than butter right? its like shes trying to eat as many calories as possible

No. 1172975

not to sound like a poshfag but having a tv on in your kitchen while you eat is extremely povvo

No. 1172983


Man, loneliness is pretty sad. This girl films herself eating and believes har hyperfixation on food is disordered eating rather than her intense need to be apart of a community. That same toothy expression with each food and paragraphs of the same shit damn near begging to be paid attention to.. yikes.

Why is it that those who claim restrictive EDs constantly binge on sugar/carbs and call it winning against an ED, by the way? Learning how to put together a balanced and healthy meal is winning, not eating 50g of sugar in one sitting.

No. 1172987

Oh ffs, that’s a bit of an anachan thing to say. Personal preference, some people eat butter and some eat margarine. It’s a normal thing. It’s not like she’s drinking lard.

Obviously ham doesn’t need to “challenge” these things, since she never stopped eating them in the first place, but let’s not pretend that using margarine on bread is akin to a deep fried Twinkie of some shit

No. 1172989

Care to share what ward it is?

No. 1172990

She eats packet "chav" pancakes so it's no surprise, kek

No. 1172992

Aww how tragic
>>1171553 thank you lmao

No. 1173002

OK, you're wrong. They have approximately the same amount of calories (regular margarine often has a bit less, but not significantly less caloric content). There are lots of margarines marketed to dieters, often "whipped" or "lite." This is much less common for butter - you'll see like 5 types of "light" margarine for every 1 of whipped/light butter. And it's pretty common for EDed people to be afraid of butter, since it's hyped up in the media as BAAAAD. Only recently has there been some pushback about that. Well, and when I was a kid, I remember some mumbling about it, but that gave way after awhile.

No. 1173004

Me too actually. She has abs there. I kinda feel bad that some part of her obviously wants to get better but the best she can do clearly isn't enough. I think she legitimately wants to look like the other fitness models and is probably bummed on some level that she knows she can't

No. 1173005

samefag but I agree with you, ham doesn't need to be challenging herself with butter.

sage for mild blog:
But I guess, thanks to cultural conditioning, even I have a tub of yoghurt-margarine (not sure how to call this in English) in my fridge and dislike using butter except for cooking. It's true that unsalted butter on fresh bread is the best though.

No. 1173012

I find this extremely suspect. Don't people still have "exchange-based" mealplans? That seems much less triggering to me than fucking calorie counting.

No. 1173047

Can anyone with access update us on our serial absconder (and lurker) Soph? Still the same old headbanging, mother hating bullshit?

No. 1173089

4200 seems crazy high unless you're on death's door

No. 1173100

4200 is excessive even then. no need for it at her current stage.

No. 1173162

who the fuck doesn't?! I eat margarine! How do you even spread butter on a sandwich, it's almost rock solid? Marg goes on so smoothly!

No. 1173172

that's why you don't keep butter in the fridge lol. margarine tastes gross

No. 1173184

File: 1614586526992.jpg (564.39 KB, 1080x1799, 20210301_181249.jpg)

Thick is posting on their other account about "recovery goals" of drinking diet coke. Surely they're joking.

No. 1173192


No. 1173194

I highly doubt it was actually 4200
- either she is be overestimating (not the best at eyeballing though)
- or she is lying about what she had and including videos of things like her popcorn, fancy yoghurts and mug cakes on days where she does not have them

No. 1173195

John Cade Unit at the Royal Melbourne.

No. 1173213

NTA but context for what? Half a diet coke is blatantly not a "recovery goal" even for ash tier spoops, which this girl blatantly isnt.

No. 1173214

forgot to sage sorry

No. 1173217

ayrt, sorry didn't notice it was thick and wasn't sure who the post was referring to

No. 1173221

sage for blog but 4200 is crazy high unless her metabolism is super fast, which i doubt. anas need a lot to gain, sure, but at my old place the highest anyone got to was 3900 and that was because she over-exercised so much that it burned pretty much everything off. if anna is “all-in” then she’s presumably not exercising to that extent, if at all so there’s no reason for that many cals.

No. 1173224

poor girl. she’s gotten so much worse

No. 1173227

>4200 is crazy high
I think i.t's safe to believe that anything she says is a lie.

No. 1173229

File: 1614598242606.jpg (84.54 KB, 515x708, Capture.JPG)


No. 1173230

> everyone has different fear foods. keep your opinions to yourself
pot calling kettle black here.

No. 1173232

File: 1614598687693.jpeg (282.01 KB, 750x1213, 5E530020-206A-4B05-96EB-7A92DE…)

Oh no poorly ana is so poorly. I personally don’t consider knowing she is soooo I’ll triggeting but I’m sure a fair few of her 12k followers do.

No. 1173238

File: 1614599101231.png (27.89 KB, 300x214, bad-doctor.png)

I really really hope she's larping being a medical student, ffs.

No. 1173240

Also just to let everyone know it is ED awareness week in the UK now!! Get ready for the spoop olympics! (even though the theme this year is BED)

No. 1173245

File: 1614600191618.jpeg (82.91 KB, 480x531, BB103036-1B68-42D2-AE05-C3A832…)


Don’t really think she’ll be missed much.

No. 1173251

nope, she’s studying medicine at the university of St. andrews.

No. 1173253

she spends an unholy amount of time complaining about how her team don’t understand recovery, don’t support her “all in” recovery blah blah blah. she’d be better off giving the space to someone else

No. 1173257

File: 1614602074845.jpeg (349.13 KB, 828x1144, E59285A5-8724-4814-B072-83ECA3…)

anyone else seen the weird influx of ed/period recovery 'dietitians' on instagram encouraging women to binge on fatty foods to restore their well-being? and they're all specifically hyperfocused on periods? this one is adamant that every single woman needs to be eating a minimum of 2500 calories kek. i feel like her and the elena kunicki chick have some sort of strange feederistic fetish or a period fetish gone wild.

No. 1173258

File: 1614602117114.jpeg (224.82 KB, 762x803, 01913DC8-CC81-4E00-B9A2-2AF31A…)

a+ advice in the comments

No. 1173271

wtf! I'd have to be a BMI of 61 to maintain on that without exercise. It definitely feels like some sort of eating through other people/ getting other people to gain so you dont feel bad about your own/ schadenfreudeshit

No. 1173276

Not the best move for an anorexic to spawn when their head's fucked up.

No. 1173291

Not to butter in, but I think they >>1172973 meant more along the lines of butter is from cattle whereas margarines are more along the lines of chemicals, now featuring olive oil

No. 1173294

People generally thought butter was more "fattening" and calorific, but apparently it's because bu'uh is so hard people use more because they have to use chunks to spread.

The salt content was traditionally high in butter, but now they do low salt. Butter's gross tbh but then vegetable spreads really have no taste. They'd just make her crumpets all soggy.

Ham's had bread A LOT. Bacon sarnies, supermarket sarnies, hot dog. She's really dense if she thinks people don't notice.

No. 1173297

can any uk anons say whether the university of st andrews is like a safe school for rich kids, or did I pick up this misconception somewhere?

I don't mean postgrad obviously

No. 1173301

Not too familiar with uni in general but I’ve defo heard of St. Andrews being one of the more ~prestigious~ ones. According to Google their acceptance rate is 8.35% so genuinely baffled as to how Anna swung that. Maybe a posh school &/or family connections? I mean I can kiiiiinda forgive the spelling mistakes personally but she does seem thick for someone aspiring to practice medicine. Then again the twins both have medical degrees and they’re legit spoopy so idk

No. 1173302

St Andrews is where rich english kids whose grades were too bad to get into oxbridge go, or people who want to sperg over "prince william met his wife here!!1!" more than they want an education. Acceptance rate is probably inflated due to the amount of people who apply to all the 'prestigious' schools and then go somewhere better than St Andrews if they have the choice. Also worth noting that St Andrews isn't particularly known as a med school or anything, there are better schools in the UK or even just in Scotland for medicine.

No. 1173311

To add to the sperg: St Andrews is known for their art history course (I believe) which is only really a thing at private schools. I’m sure there is probably bias to private school kids like at Oxbridge, although that has somewhat improved in recent years.

Anna strikes me as the sort of girl who would need to know everyone’s grades at school to make sure hers were highest, and was always studying because they think doing lots of work = genius

No. 1173312

I wouldn’t care about the spelling mistakes but she acts like she has crippling perfectionism (but is okay with “fetta” and “themselfs”)
It is more the fact she is stupid enough to doxx herself, consistently post inconsistent information and think people will buy her melodrama

No. 1173313

>St Andrews is known for their art history course

Is that because Wills did that degree?

No. 1173317


St Andrews is a good school. I don't know about its art history course but it's well known for international politics. It's NOT known for its medicine degree and doesn't even really have a medical school. You take two years of basic science classes there and then go somewhere else for the actual medical training. I don't know why anyone would go there to study medicine

No. 1173320

to add, St Andrew’s is known for golfing, being the third oldest UK uni and the tradition of wearing those gowns. These probably add to the posh stereotype. Either way we know Anna definitely is very wealthy

No. 1173337

File: 1614614051150.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)

So far haven't seen one Brit with a shitty tat. A few MY STORY posts, which weren't milky. Lots of confusion because they'd been thinking it was last week. Nobody's going to say they have BED, but I think they'll show some support in the ~ED community~ to shoehorn their own frail battle themselves. (Img - "working from home" does not work at home).

No. 1173339

> No such thing as too much food
> BMI is irrelevant
This is literal deathfat HAES nonsense, yikes.

No. 1173342

Really there's no difference between this account
and the stuff Ham comes out with. Saying crap like there's never too much food and eat if you're hungry and high sugar isn't bad is as damaging as the proana hints n tips bs.

No. 1173343

you guys do realise that anna has dyslexia, she’s said about it before

No. 1173347

hey anna(hi cow)

No. 1173351

No. 1173356

your point being????

No. 1173360

> BMI is irrelevant
Funny that this is not the case for people with single digit BMIs though
(of course that's not ok, but a BMI of 40 is probably just as bad as a BMI of 10)

No. 1173361

This just didn't happen though did it, Ovi?

No. 1173363

File: 1614617049417.jpg (54.68 KB, 453x814, shim.JPG)

I would've thought Molly would've chipped in with Her Story, but it's a cake and trans shit instead.

I'm okay with BMI. It's only a problem when people have muscle innit. It works for usual people though.

No. 1173369

Oh no, we're gonna get those "hilarious jamie is trans!!!" tinfoilers back

No. 1173388

I’m so glad molly is back for this reason the tinfoiling about Jamie and all the memes were my reason for living

No. 1173413

Its definitely not

No. 1173434

ham, you are an overweight white girl who has no muscle mass. BMI is fine for you, stop coping

No. 1173437

when will she return to youtube, its not the same without her…

No. 1173473

File: 1614625752380.png (257.48 KB, 810x472, anasduet.png)

To add to the Anna stuff, she has started doing these 'duets' on TikTok where she takes another TikTok vid and 'reacts to it'. I don't know if the person in this one agreed to this, but Anna doesn't do anything in it - just looks vaguely sad. Just seems like a clickbaity thing to do

No. 1173478

even if she had some muscle mass it still wouldn't make BMI an inaccurate measurement. unless you're a bodybuilder it works fine

No. 1173484

The HAES people never seem to mention how for Asians the overweight cut-off is at too high a BMI, which is why Singapore classifies overweight at 23. Oh wait, it's because being obese isn't bad …

No. 1173486

Dreading it already. I just want to see how many new cereals she’s discovered since her super serious relapse break.

The BMI is bullshit!!1! has always been a cope for fatties and tards like Ham who need a convenient excuse for why their body checks make zero sense compared to their ~scared of bu’ah~ captions. The examples they use to illustrate how those nasty BMI measurements are soooo outdated and discriminatory always seem to be real athletes with a shitload of muscle. Walking to the fridge thirty times a day doesn’t count as exercise and underweight is a thing however much they wish it wasn’t lol call me a bone rattler idc

No. 1173492

dyslexia doesn't make you a straight up retard like she is tho

No. 1173493

she's such a cliche christ

No. 1173500

And I bet most of them tried and got section!

No. 1173513

dyslexic or not, for a self-confessed “perfectionist” she’s pretty sloppy with what she shares. plus as a future medic and bonafide *~ana~* (she had a tube once so she’s totally legit guise) she should know plenty of people self-discharge AMA and if she was bad enough they’d do something. she’s barely underweight and functional enough to land a place on a competitive course as well as go running in the middle of lockdown. just give the place to someone on the waiting list who wants to recover innit

No. 1173519

Since today seems to be Anna-themed, did anyone notice her post a few weeks ago about ' the dangers of not having periods'. It referenced a few papers and all, but has been taken down now. anyone know why?

No. 1173534

But it melts if you don't keep it in the fridge?

No. 1173539

Uh no it doesn't, how hot is your house?

No. 1173551

I guess you live in Australia
I guess you have never been there

No. 1173553

File: 1614632964548.png (974.32 KB, 700x1134, croc tears.png)

another new farm nose-hose waif having a meltdown because someone in the shops told her to die. crocodile tears galore. makes Ham's acting look oscar-worthy.

No. 1173593

File: 1614635422920.jpg (166.58 KB, 720x931, 20210301_214935.jpg)

Pretty sure this cow hasn't been mentioned before, wish I mentioned before she restarted her feed as it was milky af, but one to keep an eye on for future milk. Shes in a group of a few girls with genuine AN, some also seem a bit milky but this one made my eyes roll… she genuinely used to call herself a fortisip fairy, and referred to hospital as if she went inpatient but turns out she never was according to her close pals who have been. Anyway. Anyone want to teach this girl to shop. My ribs hurt.

No. 1173620

Was about to ask if anyone else is seeing it. She’s super hot on weeding out snitches so didn’t want to share, but so wanted to see if any of you guys caught her “die cunt” sperg.

No. 1173636

File: 1614639023185.jpeg (326.25 KB, 828x823, BE082D64-2558-404D-A010-A668F1…)

ovi i am begging you to shut the fuck up and stop victimising yourself.

No. 1173642

File: 1614639924155.jpeg (945.22 KB, 828x1497, E0F10159-C187-4604-81D5-6CF9D8…)

i see mollys ~channeling~ her inner child again.

No. 1173697

> common for EDed people to be afraid of butter, since it's hyped up in the media as BAAAAD
i mean, it's dense in calories for minimal flavor benefit

No. 1173714

imagine sharing this publicly? yeah they’re totes gonna take you seriously Ovi (see >>1161384 for more disgusting bullshit)
I find her offensive on the eyes but not reporting her bushpig lookin ass for existing. what a gross specimen

No. 1173725

File: 1614644832524.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1125x1919, A93942EC-7178-466F-962C-01D3CC…)

Yeah no thanks, adulting is actually alright compared to whatever this is meant to be.

In other news Ham is pushin fru wivvout compensatin. Bread is scary.

No. 1173726

ham is not overweight like idk why so many of you say this. an exaggerating, attention-seeking child? yes. fat? no. quit bone rattling

No. 1173730

Very plump. Really showing anorexia whose boss!

No. 1173731

It's hardly bone rattling if she's not a spoop. She's at the high end of the healthy weight range at least.

No. 1173732

She’s closer to overweight than underweight and she claims to have anorexia. Pointing out the discrepancy there isn’t bone rattling, it’s simply a fact

No. 1173769

ha she’s ~challenged~ bread in front of the camera so now she can share it. How many slices of toast did she really eat? How many packets of iced gems she have for dessert? Did she wash it down with angel delight? Where are the grapes? Hope queen isn’t relapsing

No. 1173811

OMG JFC she has enough annoying personality traits to pick on but calling her plump? You’re just being a pro Ana asshole trying to cause her a relapse. Let her make an ass of herself without calling a normal sized person fat ffs.(back2twitter)

No. 1173822

I didn't call her fat. I said she looks plump in that photo, which she does. Snowflake. That's not pro-ana, it's an observation. She's gotten plump, and she's really showing anorexia whose boss. Isn't that a good thing?

No. 1173824

File: 1614650316802.jpg (50.59 KB, 463x748, lolcow.JPG)

newfag here, hope i'm doing this right.
surprise surprise s0ft4ngel posting more bodychecks on her story. can't wait to hear her follower's excuses

No. 1173826

The rexia gotten to your brain anon you can’t even grasp basic reading comprehension. I literally said plump. And plump is a synonym for fat.

No. 1173829

came here as soon as i saw they posted this lol #notabodycheckjustbodypositivity

No. 1173869

>trying to cause her a relapse

Disclaimer, I don't think she's overweight at all.

Relapse? Anons forget why she was posted here. She went from starting uni in September to munching her way through Waitrose in less than 6 months. How can she relapse when she didn't have an ED? She's a rich kid whose parents freaked out because she can't use a knife and lost a few pounds so they got her private healthcare.

No. 1173879

Plump is plump. Fat is fat. I would not say they're the same thing. I called her plump, not fat. What are you, a friend of hers or something? Are you lost? Shoe.

No. 1173884

> shoe
kek KEK you really are retarded

No. 1173889

stfu y'all with the infighting. this is an image board for cows

No. 1173892

Fair. But I don’t understand the anachans insistence on picking on her weight when it can not even be reasonably surmised from close up pix of her face at weird angles. Why not talk about how unflattering and stupid she looks taking a pic looking directly up her nose instead of fabricating that she looks fatter. Once she posts a picture where we can actually see her body, fine. Fair game. But it seems like anons are just trying to start something with her by saying she looks bigger when you cannot even tell what she looks like from the pic.

No. 1173908

Are you denying that she's gained weight since her reappearance? Because she obviously has. At least in her face.

No. 1173910

File: 1614656291259.jpg (623.33 KB, 1079x1395, Screenshot_20210302-033621_Ins…)

sage for OT but i've followed this spoop for years and her front teeth never used to be this fucked up, is it from purging? (obviously i don't mean the fake vampire teeth)

No. 1173969

They don't look worn down from purging. Looks like they may have been warped by some filter, as you can see they kind of poke outwards.

Any other pics to refer to? Who even is this? Where's the milk

No. 1173973

no milk, hence the sage, was just wondering. they're really just like that tho, not a filter

No. 1173989

Stop the infighting and same fagging. You’re arguing over semantics at this point and it’s boring af

No. 1174010

Molly’s always had a moon face y’all need to stop. Don’t scare her off already, milk isn’t exactly abundant rn

No. 1174119

File: 1614678369229.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1077x1661, D395D745-AC3A-4609-8065-69491E…)

Lee is supposed to be released on Monday but says ‘intake has gone downhill’. Alcohol and late night binge calories don’t count I guess kek

No. 1174140

Looks like she has been sucking on her thumb for years.. weird shaped definitely.

No. 1174147

File: 1614683363023.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1645, BD1928FD-76E2-4B67-9D42-8FDCFF…)

Gracesfight has apparently been admitted to a ward - one that I’m guessing she’s a local at. I would say a banksia tattoo is a close second to Georgia’s neda one, but at least it’s not as forthright. Can’t you just imagine her waiting for someone to comment on her tatt so she can launch into this big monologue about her supposed x27 admissions

No. 1174155

to be fair, that’s a pretty abysmal intake. just not an anorexic one

No. 1174177

File: 1614685121953.jpeg (206.33 KB, 729x1195, BAFD8C05-B6D3-4D3B-8E3D-946503…)

Rio got her account deleted and is doing an Anna if trying to get her followers to get her unbanned

No. 1174185

>”quick update”
>writes a whole book
If links below are the hospital she’s on about she’s full of shit. Doesn’t even look like they admit ED patients to Banksia…certainly not little Grace for skipping her third helping of cake, anyway

No. 1174189

Good. Happy ~ED awareness week~ one and all!

No. 1174214

Ain't it sad when kids, or anyone, drops the lingo of hospitals into conversation so casually. What a boring, hopeless, useless generation.

No. 1174234

i shouldn’t laugh but kek where can she bodycheck now

No. 1174257

What I don't understand is how they get multiple temporary bans but can act shocked when they are permanently banned

No. 1174259

same thing happened to dora too. good riddence!

No. 1174266

File: 1614694550348.jpeg (782.88 KB, 828x1463, 9902AB71-CF47-4C84-A14C-2768D9…)

kek the cows are banding together to fight for their right to bodycheck to thousands of people

No. 1174268

File: 1614694722011.png (326.47 KB, 591x741, away.png)

genuinely why make stuff up for 4 likes on twitter

No. 1174269

some thoughts:
- if you don't feel 'safe' without your account it is probably because you are no longer getting validation and have to hold yourself accountable for recovery
- people like Anna and ro are not 'recovery positive'. They don't care who they hurt as long as they can get the views/followers/likes etc. Anna especially clearly does not give a shit about anyone but herself.

No. 1174277

File: 1614695531123.jpeg (181.97 KB, 739x1131, D29A8D97-CB93-4162-AECC-94E97B…)

Anna’s post for EDAW is here! Tube photo of course to prove she is the sickest. I want to know who took that photo. Did she ask her Mum ‘hey will you take a photo of me sucking my thumb with my tube on display?’ or did she carefully arrange it on a timer?

No. 1174307

usually when someone's teeth are deformed that way it's because they continued to suck their thumb as their teeth were growing in and it permanently misshaped them. not milky.

No. 1174311

How is it not milky to also post it to social media as an emphasis of what a delicate whiddle baby she is? How was this picture taken and why the fuck post it?

No. 1174318

Am I missing something? She posted the pic to show off her dumb vampire teeth. It's stupid, but she's not infantalizing herself

No. 1174325

A tiktok account means the world to them. Get a grip lol.

No. 1174328

Sage for blog but I sucked my thumb until 3rd grade and my teeth a perfectly normal (I mean I needed headgear and braces to correct an overbite but the shape of my teeth is normal). You sure this so from thumb sucking? I would have thought it was from years of purging.

No. 1174347

File: 1614701795062.png (2.45 MB, 828x1792, 54F497E0-9CB6-41BF-943F-6FAA8B…)

Looks like tiktok is banning all of the spoops. The same happened to paris but she got it back so I don’t have much hope that the others won’t

No. 1174349

but Anna didn't get hers back either of the two times she was banned, so I've still got my fingers crossed

No. 1174397

Some time this weekend, Paris posted in a story (didn't feel the need to ss) was lamenting the loss of her old insta that had a shit load of followers. The need these cows have for attention is astronomical. It's not like they had their only photo of their dead gran burnt in a fire. Tiktok are pussies if all it takes to get an account back is a few dickheads asking them to give it back.

No. 1174400

File: 1614705312421.jpg (119.43 KB, 1024x1024, veneer-smile.jpg)

That piercing's the last thing she needs with her teeth. I think this girl just has those tiny little front teeth (like lady in img). Looks like she has a crown and other things going on in her bottom molars.

No. 1174407

anon who originally posted her; she used to have completely normal front teeth in 2015ish but she's gotten real spoopy since then and always complains about dental issues, i always assumed it was purging

No. 1174408

Okay. Sounds the case then, especially since she has obvious dental issues at the back of her mouth. She's lucky she got to keep them.

No. 1174412

The other anon was talking about Anna, you're referring to different people

No. 1174461

it's just a filter. it stretches out weirdly in the video. idk why she got her premolars done because canines are the pointy ones

No. 1174480

File: 1614712628749.jpeg (1006.06 KB, 1125x1809, 08407C9B-E8AC-4B99-BE02-A3632A…)

You guys remember this cow ? she had a YouTube channel enviemalicemikky or something like that. She is back on IG after months of being MIA, and wonders why people "idolize her". Who the fuck idolizes this bitch that has basically LARP every disorder she found on line ?

No. 1174491

>>1173714 bushpig KEK

No. 1174506

sage for nitpick but the bottom picture was posted by her on her personal last month, march my ass

No. 1174509

Breaking social distancing regs there. That's my comment. Not surprised you got the lugry.

No. 1174518

Not trying to wk but I think they’re her household although she broke the rules as recently as yesterday? with her nacho night

No. 1174528

I stand corrected in that instance then. Imagine being her housemate? I'd be encouraging her to do more running to get her out of the house.

I'm looking forward to the reaction of the cows when lockdown's eased/over in June. (UK) I mean, will we see Ham with friends? Will she do anything other than go to a drive in for a coffee with her mum? Will Paris be back at the cafes? Will Laura behave so she can go out and do her dance classes?

No. 1174534

File: 1614717805486.jpg (130.16 KB, 893x837, aaaahhhhh.JPG)

Really couldn't deal with watching this bullshit, but Ham filmed a binge, ahhh.

No. 1174537

the only people that idolise her are preteens who are trying to force themsel to become anorexic by watching her ed related vids. wheres this milk about her larping disorders? ive never seen anything about that.

No. 1174538

she doesnt even have any friends on ed twt. i used to be on there and she got so much hate back when it become “pro” in the summer and loads of 14 y/os started fatshaming her (kek)

No. 1174552

That bacon wrap.. just bacon and ketchup in a wrap. How lame. She really seems to be afraid of vegetables. Even some lettuce would have made it better. And funny how her followers' fear foods were also hers. Who would have guessed.

No. 1174558

Didn’t she send herself a lot of hate too?

No. 1174566

This Ham post was the biggest joke I’ve witnessed so far. She was gloating about challenging scaryyy oat milk a few weeks ago and now she’s making us believe that she’s never had COWS milk in “recovery” (defo not from anorexia). She also has oats/porridge all the time which is way higher in Cals than a 25 g pack of shreddies (also I swear she’s had cereal b4). This wrap was a joke compared to the monstrous pizzas she “ChAlLeNgEs”. Finally people who go on bloody DIETS eat those belvitas so soz Ham you ain’t fooling anyone!

No. 1174575

ganer would be inspired by all those belvitas kek

No. 1174583

Laughed out loud when her mum said pizza's the same as a cheese and tomato sarnie.

No. 1174621

File: 1614723579685.jpeg (37.11 KB, 461x393, C532CA56-6CDD-4349-86E3-FFF696…)

A face only Hammum can love

No. 1174641

They come to Glasgow for their clinical years, they are on average posher than Glasgow med students but not by much. They seem to know their shit so the med school must be half decent.

It's def known for being the Uni in Scotland that English people go to.

No. 1174648

Are you a med student anon? Any chance you might meet Anna in the future?

No. 1174654

Yeah, so there's a chance once she is in 3rd year that I will see her if she chooses glasgow uni for her 3rd-5th years.

No. 1174662

File: 1614726836020.jpg (89.61 KB, 634x580, DHdUKi5XUAAvoG6.jpg)

No. 1174676

File: 1614727730336.jpeg (248.66 KB, 750x1334, 39BBE3E0-AD04-4ADF-BB6D-CC80EE…)

Anna is sad people are not professing their love for her on social media

No. 1174678

absolutely right, in scotland it’s known for being absolutely infested with tories and the english. think a colder, smaller oxbridge.

No. 1174679

Also if she had lost a noticeable amount of weight surely people would already know?

No. 1174691

Depressing how these girls can't do anything themselves. You don't need input from the internet on everything. Tell staff you want to discharge AMA and you'll get all the info you need
Like the "how I gained weight!"-type posts… you eat more, end of story, doesn't need a community forum

No. 1174696

we’ve already established that she had a mild case of anorexia. no dramatic weight loss, pulled out of school after two weeks of minimal restriction by over protective parents.

No. 1174704

Totally, I absolutely hate when they forget how to talk normally and say shit like "I was noncompliant" or "I had urges to use behaviors"… that girl a while ago who posted a vlog while "absconding" still pisses me off

No. 1174711

I want Ham to go to NF so bad. Not sure if that's even in her area but don't care

No. 1174713

what the fuck is up with those freckles?

No. 1174716

Sadly it’s literally on the other side of the world for her, she’s in England…

No. 1174724

why???? like what is the point in that kek, she’s doing just fine eating a shit tonne at home. she almost never mentions treatment of any sort

No. 1174751

The absolute worst drawn on freckles I've ever seen.

Her family and friends probably don't care cause they see her outside of her larping online persona.

No. 1174768

thats the joke anon, NF loves the fat wannas like “littlest” lee and porgie

No. 1174817

And shay and the fooddrools.dartsrule chick.

No. 1174876

File: 1614745601290.jpg (283.98 KB, 1080x1726, 20210302_222605.jpg)


No. 1174976

They're henna freckles. They've looked okay in other photos, she has just overdone them here

No. 1174983

File: 1614760363887.jpeg (274.47 KB, 828x1511, BD6DDCC7-3274-4A75-9F94-567786…)

This is so disordered it’s embarrassing.

No. 1174988

Especially because the other reps' goals are things like 'do more sunrise swimming' and 'go hiking more' and hers is 'eat more healthy fats'

Also in her story a while back she said she would never go into dietics or mental health because 'it would not be appropriate with her past even if she did fully recover'

No. 1175002

File: 1614764589393.png (5.68 MB, 828x1792, 8697FE0A-59ED-48C8-9C78-F1C4BE…)

sorry for bad quality pic but ovis larping as a witch and attempting to hex her “abuser” kek

No. 1175007

god this is so cringe

No. 1175026

Would've been a tiny bit more authentic if she'd crushed it herself in a witchy pestle and mortar rather than it being straight off a shop shelf. Fucking Muppet lol.

No. 1175029

File: 1614767875493.png (112.12 KB, 710x659, Screenshot_20210303-103530~2.p…)

Ham started following vegans. Will she LARP as vegan to be with the in crowd?

No. 1175031

It's not super milky but just bunging it in here for posterity. Anna made a tiktok replying to a comment (presumably on one of her posts about what not to say to an anorexic) which said something along the lines of '…when people say my face looks fuller. It has happened to me three times'. However, Anna interpreted this as meaning her own face looks fuller and so made this preachy video about not commenting on other peoples appearance and how 'she doesn't need reminding', tagging the commenter in it. I don't understand how someone with such poor comprehension skills could get into med school. She has taken down the video now, unfortunately.

No. 1175033

maybe she’ll actually lose some weight if she goes vegan

No. 1175047

She'd eat Oreo's all day and crisps with peanut butter.

No. 1175058

fighting over who gets to be famine

No. 1175059

Ntayrt, but imagine Lee, Porgie, Shay and Ham in NF. The four horsemen of the apocalypse.

No. 1175061

File: 1614771513853.jpeg (231.31 KB, 750x1147, 20FA2572-FE95-4FF9-9BA5-BA6277…)

Not sure if this is a nitpick but Anna is letting everyone know she is the better anorexic because she doesn’t gain on 4200 calories because of her fast fast metabolism.

No. 1175062

File: 1614771614264.jpeg (156.54 KB, 750x566, C7EA2598-D6E0-4985-BC80-783B25…)

If someone who looks like this is fucked, the St Andrew’s ED team must have more funding and time then the rest of Scotland combined. (Not saying she isn’t slim, just that she isn’t critically underweight)

No. 1175071

Does she even need to gain? She looks fine. Non anas can weigh less than she does and they're okay. It's just that as anon above says, she has no problem running and shit.

No. 1175073

I'd say she's probably a little bit below her set point/ pre ED weight but any further gain would probably only be for mental benefit/ she is at no risk physically

No. 1175090

i know for a fact that scottish ED services are ridiculously underfunded and overstretched. she’s saying it for asspats, ill never understand this girls passion for appearing sicker than she really is.

No. 1175094

samefag but this this this. she’s not chubby or anything and probably not her healthiest, but she’s not visibly underweight which is what makes her whinging so tiresome

No. 1175136

She didn't even bother to take off the walmart store brand label, let alone put it into a more witchy container, kek

No. 1175138

File: 1614780201187.jpg (332.46 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20210303-160010_Ins…)

Totally not sucking in at all

No. 1175140

File: 1614780304971.jpg (308.14 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20210303-160019_Ins…)

And again, different poses with the legs so of course they look different and "smaller" in the after photo. Easy to debunk right away by trying yourself. She really thinks people don't know these tricks?

No. 1175144

Samefag but gotta point this out too, she's sitting on the floor in the before and laying in bed in the after so can't really compare those. She's dense af

No. 1175198

I reckon she (and others who do this) know there's no difference, but like Ham et al, they think their followers are thick.

No. 1175201

Haha anon. Exactly.

No. 1175243

Oh please NO, veganism doesn't need anymore crazy wannarexics that end up quitting after six months cause they got sick from eating nothing but bread and oreos.
Sage for vegan mini sperg

No. 1175249

Nah she's gotta take it home afterwards and put it back in her mom's spice cupboard lmao

No. 1175255

File: 1614790104793.jpg (47.72 KB, 717x539, wish i'd thought of that.JPG)

Or smoke some and convince herself she's high. And film it.

This new bot of Ham's has an amusing name.

No. 1175262

she's back

No. 1175263

I honestly don't know how I feel about this. Her jacket's putting me off…and god, there's her mother. Bingo, anyone?

No. 1175271

Still trying to get that Manilife sponsorship… Moll, it ain't happening.

No. 1175279

Nah didn't get past the way she says "homemade granola"…and the music. Watch Ham comment about it in a post.

No. 1175280

kek call me a suck up but she's changed quite a bit, she's not really milky to me idk, she's going more the "uwu inspirational vlog" route
still has potential

No. 1175282

she mentioned ruby granger so i wonder if she's going to try and shift her content to productivity/studytube

No. 1175285

that makes sense, it would be better for her own sake
don't let ham see! she might "relapse" because her favourite influencer isn't an anachan anymore

No. 1175288

Molly fans should enjoy these videos while it lasts. Hopefully she'll go back to uni in September (apologies if she's spoken about that). Really, I'd sacrifice any Molly milk to see her do something useful with her life and opportunities.

No. 1175310

christ i forgot how posh she was

No. 1175340

Chavvy Molly brought you back to the gutter.

No. 1175348

I mean Ham. How did that happen? World's apart.

No. 1175351

File: 1614795727150.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.68 KB, 750x1334, 89E01884-3200-483C-ABF1-A9DEB5…)

Ro got her account back but to keep things in balance Anna was deleted

No. 1175355

I hate that my life's so shit that i'm excited to watch this.

No. 1175362

she’s looking…well fed. and a bit bloated imho. she wasn’t underweight in the first place so idk what weight restoration was supposed to do for her. good for her for trying to take her channel in a more personal direction tho.

No. 1175366

File: 1614796272538.png (4.41 MB, 828x1792, A37D9969-9B00-4B97-A35E-EC7838…)

god i‘m so tired of may begging for money, now she‘s threating to hurt herself sooo much if she doesn‘t get any money. no one cares, jesus

No. 1175368

At least you're not May. >>1175363

Thing's get better, anon. Stay strong.

No. 1175390

Whats her username? Can't see it on here clearly enough

No. 1175393

File: 1614798891855.jpeg (428.28 KB, 828x1694, 9C4216FA-4A6F-4805-9385-0AE66E…)

Showing off her self harm but it’s not her fault because she’s just a victim kek. Pathetic. They need to just send her home and stop indulging her oh poor me attention whoring.

No. 1175394


No. 1175397

This is so disgusting and so obviously planned that whoever sends her money is fucking retarded. But glad to see that her breakdown let’s her type the important stuff!

No. 1175409

File: 1614799907133.png (1.74 MB, 1914x737, molly.png)

Watched it. Boring af. No milk.

So you don't have to watch - walks her dog, has a zoom yoga class with mummy, gets a coffee, lights a candle in daylight and reads a book with mummy, makes fancy toast, has a bath, has soup and bread with hilarious Jamie, does a long ass dull baking segment then chats for ages really and you will zone out. Goes to bed.

Oh yeah, and the dog is common and talks like Ham.

No. 1175434

i thought was a bottle N2F dumped into the bushes lmao

No. 1175442

Be careful, anon, or you'll trigger her lurking friends who'll accuse you of "deliberately trying to cause a relapse" and "bone rattling", kek.

No. 1175449

File: 1614801977608.webm (776.74 KB, 1030x564, scurry.webm)

No. 1175485

lmao that's embarrassing! Haha!

No. 1175497

stay tuned for the impending orthorexia larp.

No. 1175500

we have news! molly's video description says she's going back to oxford this year. She's doing good, focusing on her interests instead of anorexia

However, I started studying English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford in 2019, and was forced to take some time out due to my mental health, but I am hoping to return in October (2021). Other than that, I have a beautiful lil pup called Benji (the real star of this channel), I am a peanut butter fanatic, and I aspire to be an actress!

No. 1175506

File: 1614806802244.jpg (802.98 KB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20210303-151842_Ins…)

It's kind of weird that you used to make someone snap a picture of you at the exact moment you started your terrible acting. How many outtakes do you have, Ham?

No. 1175509

At least she realises how utterly ridiculous her facial expressions are?

No. 1175527

>goes to Oxford reading literature
>aspires to be an actress


Anyway, no milk from Molly so I'm waving bye to that one. FWIW, I think her weight is totally fine and she seems to be maintaining that weight by eating healthy food with food that doesn't have to be bang on healthy. Cake is good etc. I know we're a bunch of ana chans mostly, but really, her body is good. I don't even like her (at all), I think she was really v fortunate to catch any disordered eating really quickly and her start to now is remarkably fast. She gets to eat well. Some envy there, but as with Crying Emily, it's refreshing when a cow isn't a Paris/Becky/May/etcetc and there's a jolly good ending. Hurrah for Molly.

No, Hannah they're not "too funny to share". They're too "embarrassing to share". You look fucking stupid and not in a cute way.

No. 1175529

OH AND HANNAH - your bots are really, REALLY obvious and embarrasing. Some are even following your personal. Don't make yourself seem worse than you are. Six fousand isn't worf making yourself look desperate.

No. 1175530

my god she is SO posh, ew

No. 1175537

File: 1614810411178.jpeg (15.21 KB, 300x250, mgid_ao_image_mtv.jpeg)

She has such a mardy face, you can just tell she's insufferable to be around in real life

No. 1175542

File: 1614811293263.jpg (84.39 KB, 634x422, mad fer it.jpg)

I've never met anyone so posh tbh, and I've been around. There were middle class kids at uni (ok, not Oxford lol) but Molly makes them look like img.

Being scared of where the pandemic's at now is worrying with Molly. Will she ever leave the house again with peasants in close proximity? She needs to toughen up.

No. 1175546

oh but didnt you hear anon, molly is too scared to watch the news! posh twat really lives inside her own little bubble of cereal and wealth.

No. 1175662

What is Molly's YouTube ? Or is she doing it on Instagram?

No. 1175670

Scroll up more.

No. 1175683

File: 1614825584063.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1848, E8434E9D-3E2F-4294-AD60-49ED7D…)

Lee claiming ‘negligence’ because the staff aren’t bending over backwards for her, and coddling her like a baby. She sits in that bed malingering and expects people to treat her like a dying ana waif because she decides that skipping the odd meal constitutes anorexia

No. 1175700

File: 1614826476989.jpeg (237.39 KB, 1125x1918, 6EC96C40-0EE2-41EB-A403-2320E4…)


Came to say the same thing, only on this TikTok of hers. Not just showing of self harm, but making sure we can see that skin. Still positive these tiktoks are body checks for her.

No. 1175701

File: 1614826624530.jpeg (334.64 KB, 1125x1772, C8163156-DCA2-49EE-897B-0A0EA4…)

And to add to her drama she has to have her bedroom set up in the bathroom cause life is too hard to handle. Still claiming discharge from NFC next week, but who knows what will happen. Will she stay? Or will she go home and be back in like the other NFC cows? Watch this space!

No. 1175708

I imagine her waiting eagerly for the nurses to do obs, hungry for some extra attention and ready with a panic attack, meltdown or whatever. Nurse pops head in and before she has a chance to act out her dramatics pops out again. Have been in wards with her type many times and its astounding really how many SH-attempts/fainting episodes/ etc coincide with the exact moment a nurse opens the door.

No. 1175786

It depends on whether there’s a window on that door. Checks are commonly done through the window when the patient is in plain view, not ideal but not negligent either

No. 1175794

File: 1614838499573.png (451.13 KB, 720x1085, Screenshot_20210304-060924~2.p…)

This is the closest to an awareness week post I've seen a cow post.

Why does Paige wear a clinical face mask in her own home? She wears it flipping pancakes, showing clothes in her bedroom, p much everywhere.

No. 1175795

File: 1614838726757.png (469.88 KB, 720x816, Screenshot_20210304-061743~2.p…)

No. 1175843

Fairly certain that’s a kitchen at the hospital/hospital-step down house thing she’s at, so her and staff wearing masks wouldn’t be unusual

No. 1175861

Technically shes right, that is negligent. They need to visualise the patient not just hear them

No. 1175877

What other cows have had good endings? Crying Emily, Elzani, Aly (to an extent) - any others?

No. 1175879

who was 'crying emily' ?

No. 1175880

File: 1614850553887.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 456.61 KB, 828x1340, BEE7D670-4344-478C-B693-DCCB4F…)

Fia is doing well but had to remind us in her edaw that we need to see some milk.

No. 1175882

It's unusual to wear it in her room and in bed while crying.

Speaking of…she was one of the earliest cows. Incredibly spoopy at one point. Posted pics of her crying constantly. Also huffed gas out of deodorants. Friend of Laura. Used to fake bring missing/suicide. Ended up getting knocked up and it changed her completely. She looks underweight still but seems to be happy and a fantastic mum. She's in early threads and briefly had her own

No. 1175885

File: 1614851850724.png (503.39 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_20210304-095502~2.p…)

She looks like the seed of Chucky.

Happy World Obesity Day! Expecting snowflakes triggered.

No. 1175919

But is anyone else waiting on tenterhooks to see if Anna gained weight or not

No. 1175922

no1curr because it’s hardly necessary or lifesaving.

No. 1175927

I'm pretty sure she has, her face looks much fuller. She is probably still mourning her TikTok

No. 1175959

I would adore this reality show
>>1175880 some of these cows seem to look like total shit when spoopy (fia, ganer) and some others look a lot more normal, just awkwardly skinny. Wonder if it's just degree of spoopiness or actual bad luck?

No. 1175962

Infinitely less annoying than EDAW. Obese people don't tend to center their entire lives around it.

No. 1175964

Cry me a river, another teenager that's totally faced down death. Makes me want to take an Insta census of who admits they have not seen their life flash before their eyes

No. 1175970

Frankly ganer looked better as a super spoop than she looks now with her attempts to flex and pose. It could also be the terrible eyeliner and skin though.

No. 1175975

I'm not an Insta-famous #anawarrior but I'll be the first to admit I have never 'faced down death' - and why does that still seem to be a prerequisite for being ~valid~? EDs still make your life hollow and take away your quality of life even if they don't actually kill you.

Similarly, is the whole '1 in 5 people with anorexia die from it' actually accurate? On Wikipedia it says 1 in 5 are chronic but that doesn't neccesarly mean they will die from it(not the most reliable source, but still)

No. 1175981

cant remember the source but ill try to find it, somewhere said that 1 in 5 AN sufferers will die either directly bc of it or as a result of suicide, suicide being more likely than low weight.

No. 1175986

File: 1614871249238.jpg (223.42 KB, 720x1144, 20210304_151802.jpg)

This spoop just died. Bets on how long it takes Emma to start bragging about knowing the dead girl?

No. 1175991

Similar thing happens with skinny men who are just skinny. They can either look hot in the face with cheekbones, or they look like they're on smack. Genetics?

I think Ganer's face looks unfinished. There's so much face which is all forehead that it looks like it needs more features. Idk, but the wonky eye doesn't help.

Oh, she was best friends with her. At least, that's what she'll claim.

No. 1175993

Nah, but most wish they were dead at some point. Tubes and ~almost died~/dramatics mean shit. If the recovered ones put more emphasis on recovery and didn't feel the need to be seen as the bravest brave warrior, then things could be different. The recovery accounts that help never get a look in because recovery's for losers, right? /s

No. 1176000

File: 1614872671860.jpeg (610.74 KB, 828x1645, 3CF7E9DC-B180-4E57-BAAB-8F564C…)

that was fast anon, there’s only one comment on the most recent post

No. 1176032

(no source, just going off something of herbs and altars said once) but the 1 in 5 thing is such bullshit. you can survive for years as a spoop but people dont start dying til after their mid twenties.any teenage girl that says they nearly died from anorexia is exaggerating or they must’ve been a super spoop.

No. 1176040

i disagree. you can nearly die without being a spoop. for me it was my heart from over exercise. remember that a lot of anas go to hospital, and it’s near impossible to die there because of staff intervention. i suppose it also depends what one counts as a near death experience.(blogpost)

No. 1176051

I have heard without treatment 20% will die but with treatment that drops to 2-3%. Not sure how valid that is but it seems more believable to me

No. 1176092

File: 1614878055911.jpg (763.15 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210304-091015_Chr…)

>Chooses to use the anorexia forum on MPA to promote her only fans
>Is fat as fuck
Sage because I'm not sure if she exactly fits here, it just made me laugh

No. 1176093

The 1 in 5 things always sounds really wikipedia. If anyone's interested there's a breakdown of stats here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4120076/#:~:text=A%20meta%2Danalysis%20of%2025,been%20reported%20recently%20. but it's as boring to read (to me) as the url. If it works.

No. 1176095

Whaaaat? Caitlyn Willis, have you no shame, lol. Fetlife as well. Deviant!

No. 1176104

File: 1614878541169.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42 KB, 532x448, omg.JPG)

Here she is. Looks like she's from NFC.

No. 1176129

File: 1614880093575.jpeg (376.72 KB, 828x1518, 35E4E73A-4DFB-446C-85CD-857389…)

I’m honestly not sure if she’s bullshitting us at this point. “Re-challenging” fucking biscuits she ate with gusto a DAY ago?!

No. 1176138

really channelling the ~disordered food ritualz~ there, breaking up the biscuits like she doesn't wolf them down whole off camera

No. 1176143

similar to the 1/5 thing, when people go on about anorexia being the most deadly mental illness it always confuses me a bit - it's one of the only mental illnesses requiring a physical health issue (being underweight) to qualify for diagnosis, so of course it will have higher death rates than others right?

No. 1176149

File: 1614881124541.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.93 KB, 328x360, hqdefault.jpg)

The self congratulation is as hilarious as Jamie. Ahh.

Didn't realise that was supposed to be a ~ritual~. I presumed they bought them at Poundland and they were already busted in the box.

Why do wanarexics eat this junk?
>"These are essentially glorified cookies, filled with processed grains and added sugars and are virtually low in natural vitamin and mineral sources," says Marissa Ciorciari, MS, RD, LD/N, CLT and Functional Nutritionist for Carillon Hotel.

No. 1176151


To add, I don't know if these studies take into account other MH issues. I've never hear of anyone with an ED who does not have other illnesses but plenty of people with depression or anxiety or so on don't. Surely this adds to the risk of suicide?

No. 1176152

didn't mean to spoiler, its only a fat girl

No. 1176173

File: 1614882794549.jpeg (235.31 KB, 750x1108, B0AFDAF4-9C2D-4B86-AFB4-950A93…)

Apparently not, despite her 1200 calorie + snacks. I hate when anas say this, it just makes people who don’t have a super special metabolism feel like shit for something out of their control

No. 1176174

Anorexia is common af. They need to have something else going on to feel special. If she's eating that and not gaining, it'll be the running she does. Okay, though, your metabolism is WOW!

No. 1176176

oh and the next post on her story was an example message people could send to TikTok to get her unbanned which went something like this 'her posts are super helpful and don't go against community guidelines' and personally I don't think watching a shitty dancing with her saying 'my team think I'm SUPER SICK' is going to help anyone but her

No. 1176180

I thought it was one in ten but I could be wrong.

No. 1176186

That was the stat of unemployed people in 1981 where UB40 were from. Easy to confuse the two.

No. 1176189

Does she mean she can’t have supplements for dietary/medical reasons or she just doesn’t like them kek

No. 1176192

Got to suck in to make those cheeks look smaller

No. 1176193

Probably that she doesn't like them, I think she did a reel a while back rating ensure flavours

No. 1176195

File: 1614884606603.jpg (17.21 KB, 251x238, dainty.JPG)

But she's very gaunt without sucking in.

No. 1176203

Why the hell is she eating so much carbs?Why do anachans not understand that it’s not about engorging yourself in a large quantity of food, it’s about having balanced meals everyday

No. 1176214

is this sarcasm lol??? no she’s not

No. 1176217

she can’t have supplements because scottish Ed services would never waste their money prescribing them to someone who is clearly fucking fine lmao: anna is not top of the priority list

No. 1176222

anyone with access to N2F's account got an update?

No. 1176226

File: 1614887471190.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1649, F1360766-5CDF-4B22-9A3A-E58B58…)

this says it all

No. 1176227

the caption is pure word salad and the food is pure misery

it's time for another intervention

No. 1176234

File: 1614888045518.png (4.66 MB, 828x1792, 192ED455-EE81-4018-AED0-810146…)

someone take this woman’s pen away PLEASE i can’t deal with millions more cows quoting her all in mental hunger “feasting” haes bullshit

No. 1176242

Where is Molly posting videos again?

No. 1176249

thought it would be obvious but her youtube channel lol

No. 1176262

As if the smell in her room isn't enough, she's going to be blasting chilli bean mince and REAL pork mayo veg baconaise saucenwekfjwio.

I buy budget. I shop at Tesco, but Stockwell brand is really terrible. If you eat baked beans, Heinz. That's the end of story. Heinz. Large tin under a quid.

I'm predicting more hanging out of the window shots now it's later longer. Just when 2021 was looking up, still locked down with n2f in her cesspit.

It takes a certain kind of snowflake to find self help books useful. Bless her dad, though. Anon, charge your phone.

No. 1176277

That makes the AN death rates dishonest. Lots of drug addicts kill themselves, no one says they died of addiction, because most people would assume dying of addiction=overdose.
Kek exactly, no young person dies of AN unless everyone around them ignores them, including their school and CPS, which is child neglect and an actual crime, in the US at least.
Imo "near death" means you were resuscitated and would've died if that didn't happen quickly enough or if you signed a DNR.

No. 1176278

Samefag, dying of addiction could also arguably be something like dying of alcohol-induced cirrhosis. Maybe a nitpick, just wanted to cover my bases.

No. 1176282

There's too much comorbidity with eating disorders as well. Depression could be said to be the reason for suicide, so which one do you chose to write as the cause of death.

No. 1176286

The mortality rate for anorexia isn't 20%, lmao.

No. 1176292

It's more like one in twenty.

No. 1176297

File: 1614892516210.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 3C9F026A-C55A-4314-AF44-7D48B0…)

Remi, get off the internet already. I know some of you think she’s not so bad, but, honestly, she’s just an insufferable attention whore.

No. 1176308

Nobody needs to act out like that. I hate the dramatics cows have to put into everything. This is why it's best to do recovery out of hospital.

No. 1176328

File: 1614894725805.png (3.74 MB, 828x1792, DBEAF0ED-83E8-41D8-A8D0-C998B6…)

sage for derail but the stupid “inpatient story time” tiktok trend was the worst thing i ever had the misfortune of encountering.
img related

No. 1176329

File: 1614894797523.png (4.07 MB, 828x1792, A27B74FF-00AB-496E-BB15-234C37…)

samefag and same cow lol but this is another example of the classic “i have no personality aside from my mild mental health issues”

No. 1176334


I want to blame Girl, Interrupted and the like for this. How do these people not get to the point where being mental becomes really boring? After a year it's all so monotonous you cba to even talk about it anymore. Certainly cba to stories. Reminds me of Jenn ofherBSandaltars. Getting off to telling psych stories is so zzzzz. Stfu, woman.

No. 1176335

I actually like her, she got into a disagreement with Anna about what constitutes 'all in' and called her out on the calorie counting vid. She seems a lot more authentic than the other TikTokers, it's a shame if doing the ~quirky~ thing

No. 1176336

cba to listen to other peoples stories*

No. 1176337

wow thank you so much for finding that for me. appreciate it. Will go have a look.

No. 1176342

that's sad, she was young. rip.

No. 1176343

This thread's got a lot of Emily content

I think we all thought she'd end up dead, but she's doing great…which is rare for this lot.

No. 1176391

>with mayo and chips & wedges seasoning with broccoli seasoned with veg seasoning
Why am I laughing at this so much? It's like a broken robot glitching out. Kinda sad, too, actually.

No. 1176396

sage for nitpick but i cannot stand that girl, she’s one of the internet police keyboard warrior types .

No. 1176407

Congratulations on your blog posting, you must be a very special snowflake. Get lost, we don’t want your attention whoring here.

Cow awareness is just another asspat grab for them. Paige can’t let go of being sick nor that she once had a toob.

Kek does she think they’re going to hand over pain medication for made up “stress pain”? Ofc it is New Farm so she had a decent chance since made up shit is their bread and butter. Amazing how she manages to make herself more and more pathetic every day.

No. 1176428

Except Susanna Kaysen was really ill, did not want to be in a hospital, and worked hard to move on with her life. Seems like the cows featured here ignored all those parts.
Like the hospital is a goofy place ripe for funny anecdotes rather than a place where most people are having the worst days of their lives

No. 1176444

File: 1614909431392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 468.33 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20210304-195549_Ins…)

I thought this was n2f at first. Looks like something my cat would puke up.

No. 1176459

doesn't mean its anorexia babe, athletes die from overexertion

No. 1176460

irony is impmon does the same

No. 1176466

>>1176459 tons of athletes have eating disorders. Probably an even higher proportion among athletes that died from overexertion lol

No. 1176537

where did you get that information

No. 1176619

File: 1614925728422.jpeg (588.38 KB, 1112x1618, 6899F031-0156-4E89-8112-0CBBCF…)

Sage for nitpick but I find it’s so dumb that cows will add their vitamens and crap to their list of meds. No one gives a shit that you’re on omega 3 - and nearly every girl that age is on the pill. Anything to make that list look longer, though, right?

No. 1176647

and melatonin lol.. ima healthcare worker and most of my colleagues take that and share it around.

No. 1176663

File: 1614932283866.jpeg (200.99 KB, 750x1334, DE02297A-D628-4193-BE13-2033A3…)

Not sure if anyone else is interested but Anna seems like such a cunt here. She didn’t share anything when the other ppl were trying to get their accounts back and now she expects ppl to drop everything for her? And it’s probably because this was your fourth violation, you’ve had your chance. At least the others don’t post tube pics or calories.

No. 1176678

I’m not familiar with psych meds - are seroquil XR and seroquil different things or is did she list the same pill twice? I do like that she lists iron like she’s some sort of fainting dainty waif though.

No. 1176682


We may mock, but at least we're not in any danger of her becoming another Kaydee, unless she gets a bad batch of iron capsules.

Does melatonin work? It's not available in the UK and so can't test it out.(derail)

No. 1176686

From google, Seroquel XR is extended-release which means it acts over a longer timeframe than typical Seroquel. It seems like an odd distinction to make unless you want to bulk up your med list.
Melatonin is available by prescription in the UK. It is legit, although it does not work for everyone.

No. 1176707

true but dora was fond of posting the same “crying over pasta with cornrows in” video over and over again for clout, and ro likes a good over posed, arm flexed bodycheck. i think they should all be scrapped lol

No. 1176708

File: 1614939584118.jpeg (210.23 KB, 1125x1950, 6CD4EC63-20BC-4253-B1C3-939024…)

What?! No body check or skin showing?

No. 1176713

Absolutely, but if I had to vote one out it would still be Anna

No. 1176714

Needs physiotherapy, a service dog, and a carer. Sure, Jan. Keep telling yourself you’re a sick fragile flower

No. 1176715

Ta for melatonin info. I read it was a bit of a scam but others say it's good.

Not even being a bitch, but Grace really does sound a bit slow. I know we say that about others, but she seems a bit of a sped.

No. 1176717

Bad news, it is now back. <Insert Michael Scott NO GOD! PLEASE NO! here>

No. 1176718

And she has already made a hypermetabolism 'eating 4000 cal and not gaining' soooo sad vid. Please just kill me now.

No. 1176722

she’s such a blatant liar?? do you think it’s genuine lack of intellect making her think we believe this or is it manipulative fiction???

No. 1176724

Also she complains about being too hot whilst wearing a thick hoodie? I don't know about St Andrew's but all the uni accommodation I've ever been in is overheated.

No. 1176734

File: 1614944049972.png (990.27 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210305-113157.png)

Gamer's days are so painfully routine. Has she ever mentioned OCD?

No. 1176735

File: 1614944101860.png (1.03 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210305-113212.png)

Ganer* ofc

No. 1176737

I don't think so? I doubt she would as then she would have to acknowledge that she might not be doing the things she does because 'she loves it so much' but because of compulsions.

No. 1176739

File: 1614944502964.jpeg (239.31 KB, 828x1472, AAFF6888-F9AA-496F-A888-94201F…)

No. 1176744

File: 1614945065514.png (296.3 KB, 660x588, zara.png)

ok but has this Zara girl been mentioned before? she seems to like to brag about her sooper severe mental illnesses

No. 1176760


She’s a rich Edinburgh girl who loves to let everyone know she’s the illest.

No. 1176762

I'd love for someone like Ash or the twins to start a TikTok to disprove that silly notion

No. 1176764

Is the cereal in her sleeve a Weetabix in Uggs scenario?

No. 1176771

File: 1614948826784.png (49.3 KB, 712x361, Screenshot_20210305-125320~2.p…)

No. 1176777

She has clearly gained, probably why she is wearing a hoodie to hide her body

No. 1176784

not milky just boring

No. 1176787

this girl is underweight and clearly has anorexia kek, not rlly on par with porgie’s LARPing.

No. 1176805

File: 1614952679159.jpeg (996.08 KB, 828x1335, DB89B602-E74F-42BF-A88F-6B525F…)

forgive me if i’m ignorant but surely even if she’s purging nourish would be a bit heavier if she ingested a whole easter egg?

No. 1176809

the whole egg (both shells, not sure if she just had one shell) is 388 calories. So that would be around 200 absorbed? I'm sure she spends the time she is not b/ping exercise purging. This actually looks quite appetising although I'm sure it would put you into a sugar coma after a few mouthfuls.

No. 1176810


Sage for nitpick but at least she doesn't list the chemical makeup of her birth control to make it seem more ambiguous, like the bc might be another psych med. I see that stuff on Pancakes all the time and it drives me nuts. There is literally 0 reason to share what meds you're on in the first place, let alone a reason to try and seen like the MoSt MeDiCaTeD ever

No. 1176813

I mean, it's uncommon, but not unheard of for severe bulimics to get down to spoopy bmis eating 6k+ cals per day, especially if they don't keep any meals down.

No. 1176815

i second the appetising aspect/ it’s surprising

No. 1176828


No. 1176832

It’s not that uncommon… prior to the update to the DSM there were essentially 2 flavors of bulimics, the normal-overweight ones and the underweight ones. Now if you’re underweight and puker you’re AN b/p subtype. Lots of super spoops b/p. Ash definitely purges, May is an outspoken b/p-er, Becky (solostinmymind) would admit to purging. From my person observation I think it comes down to how frequent and effective of a purger you are and also what you do with the rest of your time, as other anon mentioned. Fat bulimics love to binge and purge to make room for more food. They also probably keep down normal meals. Spoopy b/p-ers basically purge everything they eat/purge until they get to bile and blood and also engage in other compulsive calorie biting activities like exercise, walking, fidgeting, standing etc.

No. 1176848

File: 1614956238861.png (2.7 MB, 828x1792, A60C1DA0-8E2E-4B4F-A545-99629B…)

#sponsored #ad kek

No. 1176885

File: 1614960532998.png (1.36 MB, 828x1792, 4B1E1033-A385-434E-9078-FB0C84…)

who cowtipped

No. 1176896

i mean… this is such a blatant lie though lol it’s almost completely impossible to maintain weight on 4200 calories and even if she had maintained for the first short period of consuming that amount, she wouldn’t continue to be hypermetabolic unless there was some sooper special medical condition we don’t know about. or if she was a burn victim. i wonder why she thinks this claim is believable? considering shes …………… a med student ?

No. 1176898

there’s no actual formula to count absorbed calories from a b/p. the ‘you keep at least half down’ thing is absolutely a myth — it’s individual, and it’s especially more complicated when the person has been purging for a long period of time and has very delayed gastric emptying. in n2f’s case i doubt she actually gets more than 20% of what she shoves in her face, and that could be pretty generous.

No. 1176903

I smell selfpost. She was posted here, nobody really engaged with it, and somehow she found out right away? Look like a massive attention-whore too.(self post)

No. 1176904

Someone is cowtipping hard - @fooddrools.dartsrule was tipped this week. No ss cause I don’t want to give her the satisfaction.

No. 1176917

sick of ppl calling self post lol. she’s put everything on private so i can’t see any milk, if she wanted the attention that’s not exactly expected behaviour. also p sure someone was sending her tellonym s about posting her on lolcow and she was freaking out. vendetta ? yes. no milk? also yes.

No. 1176918

She’s exercising quite a lot. But she eats quite healthily even if she is eating a lot. Maaaaaybe she did eat 4200 that one day but I seriously doubt she’s eating that much every day. Her snacks are mostly weetabix which is ~200cals for two and milk. I don’t get why her focus is on weight gain now when she’s clearly eating well, has her period and can exercise in a non-disordered way. Just let go of the ED already.

No. 1176919

Between you me and the gatepost, anon, I sometimes wonder what the self-poster to farmer ratio is…

No. 1176928

I was op, it's not a self-post but she could definitely be lurking here. Maybe she is bitter that she was deemed boring? I'm pretty sure she sent herself that tell, why would anyone be livid she was mentioned then promptly dismissed?

No. 1176935

File: 1614965381475.jpeg (82.18 KB, 395x640, C8F70CBA-272F-4D5E-8D7D-A925FD…)

Not sure how to add the video directly, but saw this girl’s videos on Tiktok and was confused, she almost reminds me of Ganer because of her fitness obsession while seeming like she has some kind of ED.She seems obsessive about the number of steps she gets (50-60k every day) and eats almost the exact same things every day, but she acts annoyed when people ask her if she has an eating disorder. At the same time she also posted herself tackling a “fear food” which was a low carb spinach tortilla?
She posted a vlog here where she mentions having an active job, but it feels like there’s something else at play imo: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeMHxCob/

No. 1176943

Yep, definitely orthorexia at the very least. tags 'calorie deficit' and 'volume eating' ….

No. 1176945

my knees hurt just thinking about this amount of steps

No. 1176974

Unless she’s delivering food on foot or some similarly physical job there’s no way in hell anyone can get that many steps AND do anything else productive with their life.

No. 1176995


idk she just looks like a random tiktok girl that has an active job, an elyptical and a need for clout.
I do nothing all day then go on a 2h walk and im slow and unfit and manage to get 1k steps, she can definitely manage to do her numbers with the elyptical and the instacarting job

No. 1176996

samefag damn it 14k steps

No. 1176998

File: 1614970336231.png (1.11 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210305-185134.png)

She would, wouldn't she.

No. 1177001

god no please

No. 1177003

Although… she already listed her private account there. She must've forgot.

No. 1177017

true. unless you have a treadmill desk. but that many steps daily cant be healthy…

No. 1177025

Do orthorexic actually like working out or is it a pain in the arse compulsion like it is to restrict?

No. 1177033

Bit of both, usually. There's often some genuine start to it and if they could keep it to a reasonable amount they'd enjoy it. But after a certain point it is more compulsion.

That said, many would argue to the death that they totally enjoy it, even if they're passing out or exercising in secret in the middle of the night, etc.

No. 1177034

It's not fun for anas with exercise compulsion so I see no reason why it would be different for orthorexics. That being said, there might be a higher level of denial because it is generally praised and regarded as healthy?

No. 1177055


Yeah, I always hope that Ganer's actually getting some pleasure from the way she lives. A general exercise class becomes a punishment after half an hour (I'm lazy), but feeling compelled to exercise would do me in. Exertion was even out of the question when trying to lose weight. Ganer gets praise from all the gym bunnies. Idk, I don't see how she can enjoy the relentless drive to do what she does.

No. 1177063

Way more denial yeah, especially if they look like a healthy weight.

No. 1177068

I think Ganer(and others) have found a way to live with an eating disorder. Tbh I think that's okay, recovery becomes less and less likely for chronic ppl and there's been some recent studies on the benefits of harm reduction in SEAN as opposed to the cycle of involuntary treatment/relapse etc. Complicates things when they insist on posting everything to social media and giving advice to others. Plus denial that they are still sick. As for whether it's compulsion/pleasure I would lean towards compulsion which offers some benefits in terms of anxiety/mood regulation and so when you're coming from the rather miserable existence of an ED could easily be mistaken for something enjoyable.

No. 1177076

I get where you’re coming from and it definitely puts a lot less pressure on healthcare this way but I’m sort of sceptical they’re any happier this way - ‘quasi’ recovery was mentally way worse than being actively ill for me - it might be different for someone a weight as low as ganer’s was though. It would be fine as long as they were honest, it’s the way she presents this as totally healthy to others that annoys me

No. 1177080

I'd rather blindly embrace being born again over having to do what Ganer et al do. Shame she didn't explore other recovery options before getting on gym equipment while still looking like a skele.

No. 1177084

oh yeah like it's one thing to find a way to personally cope and another to portray it as aspirational etc. I see periods of quasi as being an improvement on other periods. Still miserable just without the medical/legal ramifactions of full-blown ED, and allows better level of functioning in terms of social life/work/education etc. Would never promote though. Esp to the mostly younger instagram audience.

No. 1177085

Is this cow fat? Because Olanzapine is often given to people with AN to induce weight gain (idk who she is and what ED she has - if any).

No. 1177088

File: 1614976877917.jpg (39.4 KB, 429x432, uhhuh.JPG)

No. 1177089

File: 1614977133551.png (726 KB, 545x805, oh nonono.png)

gracie? spoopi as it gets

No. 1177092

If quasi is the best someone can do right now, that might be better than nothing and it might help them to get to a place where they can go for full recovery - as long as they can acknowledge it for what it is.

No. 1177095


No. 1177096

>>1177092 full recovery might not even be possible for some, so if quasi allows them to be a somewhat functioning member of society then that's okay tbh. Not optimal ofc, but better than dying young.

No. 1177101

Christ. Someone this big shouldn't be given Olanzapine. Put her on a different antipsychotic.

Kek, sorry, didn't recognise her from the username.

No. 1177104

File: 1614978717060.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, D45246AC-E8DE-4327-8626-E0C08A…)

She’s made one. @hannahfightsthis.
The only person she’s following is another porky LARPer doing recovery posts. Picrel.

No. 1177114

still relatively new here, didn’t realise that counted as a blog. no need to be a cunt

No. 1177126

Why is her eyelashes like that though? Why?!

No. 1177136

File: 1614982294513.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.1 KB, 1102x736, Capture.JPG)

Clumpy mascara and too many coats, I think.

Related in a way, if you want to be repulsed, click on img and see this https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/a20979210/scary-result-of-not-removing-mascara-makeup/

Spider legs mascara is disgusting. I can't see that being a filter because…no.

No. 1177147

50000 steps is between 6 and 8 hours of walking. Depending on your speed and stride length.
She's wearing an amazon cap in the video. Maybe she works as someone picking out out delivery items in a warehouse, that job pretty much consists of walking.

No. 1177150

Basic west London posho.

No. 1177151

Or Mancunian chav on the town

No. 1177162

>soz 4 random post hehe
Yeah, so random, Ham. How is this girl both thick as pudden shit and this manipulative at the same time? Can you even buy followers on tiktok?

No. 1177167

File: 1614984662418.jpg (104.59 KB, 464x827, o rly.JPG)

Ham "managed" somehow to get a ~breakdown~ chat with Hammum on video. Not planned or anything. She's worried about weight gain. She should be. She doesn't need to gain.

No. 1177168

Haven’t you ladies heard of Younique? She’s inviting Ham to her next party

No. 1177173

File: 1614985238306.png (3.24 MB, 828x1792, EFE84987-DEFC-440D-BC6C-191428…)

i hope she gets dropped from her classes

No. 1177176

This is the part of Ham I truly don't get, why does she keep bringing up weight restoration? If I was LARPing AN and normal weight I'd sure as hell avoid the topic of my weight

No. 1177181

What happened to her camming or whatever she was doing

No. 1177187

File: 1614986029289.jpg (37.71 KB, 400x300, mmmm.jpg)

Oh noooo! Soz, May. I exhausted all my hardship fund on myself. Oh, there's some left for when the lockdown ends and I'll buy a few outfits, y'know.

Not skinny enough for the pervs?

No. 1177189

She thinks anorexia is all about a) being scared of being fat and b) being scared of what food tastes like.

Nobody in recovery for 6 months shows their bloat on ig. She's clueless. Can you buy followers on tiktok?

No. 1177194

Someone asked on her last post whether she was scared of weight gain or just food. This has puzzled me, like why is she hyperfocused on the immediate experience of the food itself and not the long-term impact it is going to have on her body? For someone with a history of anorexia, she doesn't come across as remotely body conscious.

No. 1177214

Retarded and probably and a prostitute. Absolutely deserved it. Hope the lazy bitch lost her eyes.

No. 1177215

Sage but I love how I came up with the nickname of "Ham" for Hannah and now everyone is using it, kek. I feel valued, anons.(no one cares)

No. 1177217

File: 1614989795731.jpg (368.51 KB, 2880x2880, 20210306_130920.jpg)

lmao yes she likely has been on Olanzapine since 2018. She claimsto have atypical anorexia.. but she fails to realise that you have to have still been restricting and losing weight to claim that title!

No. 1177219

who does she think shes fooling? gaining 80+ lbs isnt anorexia kek

No. 1177229

bless u anon, i’m glad you got some pure joy despite the scummy cows featured on this thread. thank you for your contributions

No. 1177260

File: 1614994859543.png (4.72 MB, 828x1792, 866E05DC-72CE-4F30-A246-235C67…)

@watermelons looking fresh for a 50 year old concentration camp victim… jeez.

No. 1177265

b-but anon! she had to ~weight restore~, she was such a waif! /s

No. 1177271

File: 1614996347210.jpg (284.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210306-020417_Ins…)

No. 1177275

my god she’s swelled up

No. 1177280


A bit like the twins-stuck- don't see them ever recovering but going by their posts and hospital stays they are still very much in denial and can't hold a stable-if very low-weight.

No. 1177331

I've developed a real interest in bored_with_ana. I happened to look at this thread (abandoned it awhile back when elzani got very boring) and saw Anna's tiktok stuff. She's kind of an intriguing little cow with an insufferably smug attitude. Do I need to comb through all the old threads to find out more? (is there a summary on another site, like, e.g., Anelise Dao)? What were her other usernames? Ugh I wish I hadn't missed out on this cow's development. I really appreciated this gem: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CG5WlIDpBWi/?igshid=1gj6lsk50mkuy "If I had been diagnosed with CANCER, you wouldn't have made me pay school fees." LMAO

No. 1177338

Her accent bugs the crap out of me but I also somehow like listening to her inauthentic-sounding voice when she breathily discusses her food for the day.

Is she from southeast England? Why is she going to school in Scotland?

No. 1177353

yeah agree, I think this 'harm reduction' thing is okay, it's when these people use 'recovery' and 'anawarrior' hashtags and influence the likes of Ham and Porgie .. filling them with ideas and shit ha

No. 1177609

Her tiktok is both bored_with_ana, but she has a running account (Anna_beats_21) a bread account (bread_learning) and her personal is annadebeer_

She is from London but at university in St Andrews - I don't know where you are from but this is entirely normal.

First mentioned in thread 45, here: >>1078778

Onto her milk:
- generally agreed she had a very mild case of anorexia, which was caught early by overprotective parents, but likes to act as if she were seconds from death
- Ignores her followers whenever they say something is unhelpful. FDOEs, tube pics, posting on her story about running, posting calories eaten in a day and bragging about how she has hypermetabolism. I may not agree with these being triggering but it is accepted you don't do this shit in the ~community~, right?
- Has been banned from TikTok 4 times but refuses to accept it might be because of her content
- went out running while sick with COVID, in London of all places
- Inconsistencies in length of illness/ how long since she has eaten x
- begs followers for fan art, to comment and post her in their stories
- she talks about having bad perfectionism but has made some laughably bad spelling mistakes (she does have dyslexia, but surely she would put it through spellcheck if her perfectionist was that bad?)
- cringey tube pics like this one >>1150621

Generally what is annoying is her attitude though. Sorry for the long post, got carried away

No. 1177620

Who does she think she's fooling? "Getting lots of help in the community, I'm fine" and "I'm not sectionable right now". It's very obvious she's losing weight again

No. 1177637

File: 1615024336231.png (94.05 KB, 966x454, Screen Shot.png)

I found it funny she replied to doras comment about not mentioning calories, and then dora left another comment on her reply saying people, including her, were jealous of her metabolism (when dora has talked extensivly about her hyperthyroidism and how she was barely gaining on 5000 while she was inpatient at newbridge)

No. 1177641

She only made the 'apology video' because of Dora's comment, tonnes of people complained but it was only when the famous TikTok idol posted that she did anything about it.
She said 'I didn't realise people were triggered by calories.' If that is true I am pegging her intelligence at toddler level.

No. 1177660

Can anyone else not see Anna's tiktok? Has it been deleted again?

No. 1177669

i just checked. Yes, it says it's been banned due to multiple community guideline violations. KEK here comes her crying for asspats

No. 1177670

File: 1615030811058.png (791.01 KB, 708x1198, Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 11.39…)

sage for samefag

No. 1177671

FFS she lasted one day

No. 1177673

File: 1615032299200.jpeg (715.68 KB, 828x1548, 3C57841A-82CA-460F-96F5-09CA2D…)

It’s been a couple of days since ganer posted a progress pic. Just in case anyone forgot she was the spoopiest spoop ever to spoop!

No. 1177686

thanks! this is great, not long at all. I'm a slut for long helpful posts anyway.

I wondered about the weight issue, yeah. Is her family well off? I assumed as much, not the least because she eats prepackaged things so often. Where I am, eating prepackaged mug cake (whatever that is) and oats/gruel every day would be so much unnecessary cost. But idk.

What is CAMHS exactly? I was shocked she was nearly sectioned(?) and still went to uni a month later. I can't imagine that at all.

It's good her parents caught the ED early, though. That's a positive thing. That pic with the tube and her dad is cringe.

No. 1177689

OK, why exactly are these people getting banned? It's funny, except it also pisses me off that tiktok censors people for seemingly no reason. I've seen someone pull a tube out of their stomach on tiktok and that is still up.

No. 1177692

Her family is very well off, she went to a boarding school which cost £29,790 a year, has frequent holidays to places like South Africa and the US, lives in a fancy part of London (Highgate) and it looks like and it looks like her uni accommodation is very nice.

CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and they are responsible for treating people under 18 with Eds. They are very stretched in terms of time, funding and beds so TBH I highly doubt they would have actually sectioned her considering her weight has never been critically low. Sometimes they threaten it to get people to comply though.

No. 1177693

I'm not sure tbh, there doesn't seem to be much consistency to it. Maybe it is to do with ratio of reports to views? People who seek out pro-ana content aren't going to report it but people in recovery might take issue with the quasi accounts. I wish that you could write a little explaining why you were reporting someone, so they have the option to change what the post if they want.

No. 1177697

I think she has a group of lurking haters on TikTok. She posts triggering things generally like fdoes, ‘I can’t gain weight’, calorie content (although not often), tube pics and never listens when people say it’s triggering.
She gets banned and comes back and makes posts straight away with no change in content and zero thought for why she might have been banned - there’s just a constant refrain now of ‘you are not responsible for people’s triggers!!!!’ and actually if you are marketing yourself as a helpful pro-recovery account um yes you are.

No. 1177698

File: 1615035649916.png (99.38 KB, 720x1166, Screenshot_20210306-125828~2.p…)

Ham just started following Anna. Hi, Ham. She's also following yet another of her own accounts.

No. 1177700

I've seen a few analogies recently comparing triggers to allergies. Like, you'd be a cunt if you didn't warn somebody something contained nuts unless you know they are definitely not allergic to it. It's not really about responsibility in the case of Anna's account but more about giving a shit about anyone but yourself. I personally don't find her lying about her intake unhelpful but I can see why naive people at the start of recovery might.

No. 1177721

she wasn’t nearly sectioned, that was just an exaggeration. like her entire anorexia lmao. her weight has never been very low, she’s never been as ill as she likes to suggest (and she is a great one for reusing the same three / four very tame pictures over and over again, probably with intended shock factor “look at me” value, but unfortunately for anna she looks pretty much the same in every single one (minus the god awful freckles).

No. 1177723

when did dora say this? ive stalked her tiktok for a while and she doesnt seem to be gaining anything and she cant be eating more than 2000 cals a day and shes also active (going for walks, going to see friends etc)

No. 1177724

samefag but forgot to mention- she claims to have a “nose deformity” from her toob lol

No. 1177727

File: 1615039533243.jpeg (365.75 KB, 828x1444, 105413FE-2722-45DE-AEBF-358EAE…)

also interesting about anna- she used to write captions about how camhs made her feel not sick enough for not being a low enough weight, and then at a later date went back and deleted all of those captions. (maybe to make it seems like she was physically more ill??)

No. 1177728

File: 1615039612947.jpeg (354.89 KB, 828x1118, D7D4AD59-11C8-44D7-A385-2DA89F…)

again, caption of this post was edited and totally unrelated to comments about not being sick enough.

No. 1177729

File: 1615039785990.jpeg (266.67 KB, 828x1447, 612B1C49-CA68-4439-9CB0-B329A8…)

also sorry if this isn’t milky or boring, just a bit more info about her day programme she did - it wasn’t because she was so sooper ill like she implies now- it was just a rather tame way of making sure she followed a meal plan.

No. 1177732

File: 1615040342969.jpeg (252.99 KB, 750x864, 280A0092-4B8C-41A0-88AE-3914A8…)

Psst Anna, you left up evidence of not being sick enough.

No. 1177738

There was one time where someone commented on her TikTok saying ‘this other user has the same dress as you but she looks better in it because her BMI is 13’ and Anna replied saying ‘been there, done the whole BMI 13 thing’

Just going to leave that there

No. 1177739

No way has her BMI ever been close to 13

No. 1177744

File: 1615041550211.jpg (Spoiler Image, 434.77 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210306-142526_Tik…)

Looks like we have someone on the gracie spoop level. Same shit different cow.


No. 1177745

File: 1615041707771.jpg (367.46 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210306-134549_Tik…)

No. 1177750

How does she have almost a million followers? Most of her videos that I can see have less than 10,000 views. Bots?

No. 1177763

could just be shadowbanned, lots of tiktok accounts who post that kinda content get it

No. 1177773

she talks about her hyperthyroidism on live a lot and thats when she mentioned barely gaining on that amount, don't think shes posted it in a tiktok, yet.

No. 1177776

i call bullshit on that, shes not eating nearly enough to gain and properly recover. i know elzani isnt the best example because shes lowkey binging now but even when she was recovering she was eating a lot more than dora is

No. 1177782

File: 1615046322953.png (4.37 MB, 828x1792, 4672FBB2-2F74-4584-BDA8-1B518C…)


No. 1177789


Is she seriously trying to sell her ugly, splattered,half done colouring book "art"? I've seen kindergarten kids do a better job

No. 1177795

I don't follow Dora but it doesn't look like she has gained anything. How long has she had an ED? Is she another rich girl? Does she have any milk other than the hyper metabolism thing?

No. 1177796

File: 1615047222005.png (942.53 KB, 1139x843, ro.PNG)

new rorecovering video, glad to see shes still flexing her weird arms

No. 1177799

maybe next she should challenge the rule of wearing vests all the time and eye fucking her own spoopy arms in the camera

No. 1177803

skimming through the video, she didn't show her legs once but kept her arms on view for most of it. Apparently her legs are COMPARATIVELY large which has been pointed out to her (whoever did that is fucked up) Got to give the spoopiest impression possible, eh?

Also it's a bit of a nitpick but she is extended her arms in an unnatural way. Nobody would sit like that normally, they'd let their arms rest at their sides. Or maybe it's just an armpit gap?

No. 1177805

bahahahhahaa that’s fucking hilarious

No. 1177806

you’re right anon, she’s known for her strategic arm positioning. must be hard to live in such discomfort all the time kek

No. 1177807

This ~not sick enough~ line is a relatively new thing. Even ten years ago nobody ever said those words. Makes me wonder where these new pity me lines come from. This one in particular makes me want to poke them in the eye. Every ana chan knows they're not right and need help unless they're Ganer tier denialists.

No. 1177810

Unfortunate face. Eyebrows. She looks like an owl. Her arms didn't even register with those caterpillars on her head.

No. 1177814

>>1177807 idk I feel like health care providers push it too. With the NHS, only the sickest get proper treatment because of underfunding. You literally get told you're not sick enough for treatment.

No. 1177816

It's bc social media makes comparison so easy when people have 'ip' highlights and post their transformation pics and so on and it starts a snowball effect. People start competing to be the sickest which draws more people in and so on. IDK about other anons but until I discovered the 'recovery community' I never felt invalid

No. 1177821

I agree that the fact you have ling waiting lists can make it feel you must be okay because you're not about to drop dead, but Anna's family could probably have paid for private treatment, like Molly's. Her being at CAMHS seems odd if she'd really been at BMI 13 and her parents didn't do anything. Ofc she never was, but yeah.

Nobody realises there's poor funding and want everything NOW.

Definitely another sm phenomena. It's asking people to tell you you're spoopy or need attention even if you're a LARPer.

No. 1177822

File: 1615050010612.jpeg (772.8 KB, 828x1365, 38DEE482-AC7D-4DC5-847F-239AC8…)

sage bc zero milk but just saw this (there was a photo of someone else getting one of her books) and can’t believe TF’s words have crossed languages…

No. 1177824

Are there photos of her before she got sick? I'm so curious to see her real face without the lines

No. 1177830

File: 1615050939612.png (267.44 KB, 327x840, Screenshot_20210306-171407~2.p…)

2014. There are more on her FB but my phone's not letting me copypasta the URL. Just Google Hannah Gane Facebook.

No. 1177831

File: 1615051105943.png (480.56 KB, 720x1343, Screenshot_20210306-171708~2.p…)

Both 2015, so the year it all began.

No. 1177832

I'm stupid one is late 2014, then she gets spoopface in 2015.

No. 1177841

Her hair looks so HEALTHY

No. 1177844

There’s something about her smile that really unnerves me. It’s like the early version of faceapp, really flat and like all of her teeth are facing forward.

No. 1177847

i feel bad for her because of those tellonyms about her legs. people cant control their fat distribution or natural body shape

No. 1177849

wheres her wonky eye in this?

No. 1177856

File: 1615054993892.png (145.33 KB, 720x396, Screenshot_20210306-182035~2.p…)

There's a hint of a droop. I think perhaps the lack of facial fat is what makes it more prominent. Idk. Losing weight really threw her features off.

No. 1177891

She looks so pretty there

No. 1177898

File: 1615060608350.jpg (154.52 KB, 1390x771, eye roll.JPG)

No, I'm not watching this twat have a pre planned cry on camera, but you might want to.

No. 1177900

you’d have to hold me at gunpoint: anyone else up for the sacrifice?

No. 1177909

If it was a tell, it's always possible she sent it to herself so people would validate her and told her she was spoopy?

No. 1177913

has she ever posted a picture of her “old ED self”?

No. 1177914

No. There isn't one.

No. 1177925

ham's larp is grotesque enough I could see genuine anorexics being turned off of recovery out of fear of turning into… that

No. 1177926

File: 1615062663185.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, C01FB279-79DF-4D54-BD47-6C95CF…)

It’s worse than you even imagined. She has to ditch the collarbone cardie.

No. 1177927


imagine how much weight you would have to gain to actually "outgrow" a baggy cardigan

No. 1177929

1. Ham, you did not need to gain in that first shot anyway.
2. You would still fit in that. It's a fucking cardigan. Stretch it over your knees.
3. Stop trying to gain more. You're above average weight.
3. Stop buying followers. It's embarrassing.

No. 1177931

Oh, and can you throw out your heroin joggers and hoodies. They fit, but they're a crime.

No. 1177943

next can she throw out that disgusting dressing gown

No. 1177947

>"weight gain is so difficult to deal with"
you dont need to gain weight ham, put down the biscoff porridge and angel delight, delete your account, go back to college and get a fucking life. make some friends while youre at it. give up the larp and you might actually find your life improving.

No. 1177961

idk. sage for semi blog but I've seen it discussed in tx groups and online spaces for as long as I've been in them (like 15 years). many/most ed memoirs (real books not daily mail articles) discuss similar feelings. it's def a cope for people who are in denial and don't want help.

the difference is when people who really AREN'T that sick are coopting the language bc they want an AN dx or a tube or w/e. instead of "i'm not sick enough to need a tube" it becomes "you think I'm not sick enough to need a tube, validate me." and tbh that's been a trend since online wannarexics became a thing in the mid-00s and especially after LJ, Skins, Wintergirls, and tumblr made it trendy. but you're right that it's gotten bigger lately with the obese ana larpers on tiktok etc.

No. 1177967


It definitely started as ‘you are sick enough for treatment/recovery’ which I 100% agree with and fine. But it’s been adopted by young insta-ana-influencers as ‘you are sick enough’ and they forget to add ‘for xyz’. There’s just a bunch of kids reassuring each other they ARE sick. No end goal.

No. 1177976

Yeah, the "not sick enough" but in different words and with a different intention (I'm okay, don't need help)


I can't think of a cow who ever didn't think they needed treatment. Loads check themselves in! (Apart from those like Ash and the skeles who just reject treatment because they don't want it). Anorexia as a trend needs to end. I don't see how it's lasted as something to want.

No. 1177981

File: 1615069433446.png (28.3 KB, 573x445, Untitled.png)

>Aren't your team helping you?


I hope she feels like a cunt for making the other two feel like they're doing something wrong.

No. 1178013

File: 1615072981343.jpg (288.22 KB, 720x1013, 20210306_232154.jpg)

No. 1178016

honestly this is literally me
like not even just being annoyed in a petty way - i do not want to move in any positive direction and keep relapsing bc i don’t want to be like her !!!!!(blog)

No. 1178017

like i wish she would just delete her account it’s NOT helping anyone jesus

No. 1178022

fucking pisses me off that a med student is so goddamn thick and has no concept of proper spelling, god bless any future patient of hers if she becomes a doctor

No. 1178024

You won't. For starters, she doesn't have anorexia. She isn't in recovery.

Don't care at all if I'm red texted, but say she's gained, what?, 14 lbs since "all in". Nope. Honestly, if you have a meal plan you can take it slow if you're not at risk of immediate medical crisis. I took it slow. Increased intake. It took forfuckingEVER to start gaining even a few lbs. Really! It was disheartening at times, but also builds confidence. Last week I ate what I thought was an insane amount (wasn't really) and gained…a quarter of a pound. Yeah.

Ham is gaining because her body isn't fucked by restriction. She's eating mostly sugar when it's best to get the proteins, healthy fats, carbs thing. Also eat something you think's "forbidden", like a cookie or w/e. NOT total sugar like her.

There's a really underated recovery channel "Stephanie Marie Frank" and her uploads are really honest. I'd recommend watching them from the start. She was a spoop, you watch her eat and now she's a med student and looks really healthy. Just sharing because she's what I wish Elzani would be (down to earth) and there's nothing cowlike about her at all - I'm looking at you Ham.

Ganer should look her up. She's into fitness but not orthorexic. In a few years she's really sorted herself out.

Okay, red text blogpost, but fuck the cows on here.

No. 1178026

File: 1615074862444.jpeg (923.63 KB, 828x1512, 4CEB792B-B935-4B19-B2EC-3EC19F…)

Darma’s very normal, not at all disordered Starbucks order. Imagine being the barista fielding that order.

No. 1178028

Yum, a tea that's a fat burner with water, water, ice, water.

No. 1178029

Na .. 2010 this was a thing defo. But you'd only know that if you actually were sick enough to be in treatment and discuss this with others in treatment with you.
There was no instagram or tiktok. Pro-ana sites were rampant, but you didn't get your average teenager stumbling across those sites - you had to go looking. Youtube "my anorexia stories" were BIG back then, but they were all pretty legit.. but maybe that's where the saying 'got out there'

No. 1178031

The version of it going around social media today is probably fishing for compliments / validation.

But there are plenty of people who had this concern before entering or during ED treatment. It's a classic feature. You think you'll allow yourself to get better or eat more after a certain point, but you never reach that point. It's even in the few ED autobios from idk the 80s/90s, can't remember.

But that genuine kind of worry also is connected to dysphoria.

I agree that the phrase means something different on IG and tiktok. It's meant to be manipulative for people exposed to it.

No. 1178034

WTAF is that ganer… noooooo. Her face has taken such a tragic turn.

No. 1178039

that is so fucking embarrassing… imagine the staff at that place having a right cackle at this "light non-fat" .. light IS non fat. And extra water and extra ice TIMES 2. Jesus.

No. 1178041

ikr? She's definitely gonna misspell something important one day. How does a dunce like that get into med school? I'm pretty sure drs need to be literate.

"desert" instead of dessert
"your loved"
"your enough"

No. 1178042

anon shes not a dunce, she has anorexia brain rot obviously. her brain hasnt recovered from reaching bmi 13!

No. 1178046

This is really sad to see, I kinda regret asking, but thank you for digging that up! Her eyeliner looked better too, makes you think.

No. 1178048

Definitely heard of professionals saying people are not sick enough for certain treatments but I think the point of having to prove that you are is just increased thanks to social media. People may not have felt like professionals thought they where sick enough but the point to prove it wasn’t around til the pro Ana online scene

No. 1178049

File: 1615077142393.png (7.06 MB, 828x1792, A3DC727B-3E26-4FBC-94C6-D1A492…)

the bmi 13 things is the worst lie she’s ever told tbh. img is from less than 3 weeks after she became so sooper ill and obtained her beloved toob. no way was she ever anywhere near a bmi of 13, kek.

No. 1178052

sage your shit

No. 1178053

how short is she? she literally looks like a child there. as an anachan i'd say she probably only got to bmi 16 at the very lowest. also, learn2sage.

No. 1178054

holy shit, when did she have covid? how could she run with it?

No. 1178055

ayrt, apologies for my autism i was too busy working out how the fuck someone in med school thinks anyone would believe this shite.
agreed re: bmi but p sure guessing numbers is banned on this thread

No. 1178056

think it was around 2 months ago? she did it during national lockdown too.

No. 1178057

This makes no sense. Infections can be cleared up in people who are extremely sick, underweight, even newborn infants. If the current antibiotics don’t work they give stronger ones. This is just another sooper sick snowflake ana chan/munchie larp for asspats. Nice try, Emma, but we all know you’re fine and just a whiny self-centered attention whore.

No. 1178058

File: 1615077652516.png (3.65 MB, 828x1792, F877A725-129B-437B-8B5E-4E2E2F…)

img is anna’s ootd from when she was at her day programme. that’d be some insane weight gain to get from a bmi of 13 to that in such a short time.

No. 1178059

i dont think she was ever close to spoopy. shes just another skinny short person with a small bone structure.

No. 1178061

even 6+ hours at a restaurant on my feet I only got like 12+ k steps she has to be literarily walking ALL day for those kinds of numbers

No. 1178063

thanks for the pic, I didn't think it needed to be saged. Yeah nowhere near 13.

it's good she never got that low, idk why she wants to larp as a super sick girl. She could fill a different niche: I/my family noticed I had signs of disordered eating and beginning anorexia. We took action before I got too bad. Here is what I struggle with even though I never was extremely ill.

That could be an interesting position for building a platform or whatever. I presume she wants one, since she seems so concerned about followers and likes.

It's unbelievable that she claimed refeeding syndrome and now hypermetabolism. The latter tends to occur at beginning of treatment, to individuals who are very malnourished. It doesn't suddenly pop up when you are a normal thin weight. Refeeding syndrome is a serious issue and would require hospitalization for treatment.

No. 1178064

seeing hams food posts piss me off from a financial pov too like… so many people struggle to make enough money to have snacks every now and then and i swear she probably makes hammum buy all these expensive things to have 5 meals and snacks a day for the ~anowexia recovowy~ or she throws a tantrum

No. 1178065

Mods, sorry, didn't know numbers were banned. Hard to delete and repost on mobile.

No. 1178067

Is she digging a grave wtf

No. 1178068

File: 1615078387407.png (4.07 MB, 828x1792, F47A16CC-87FA-4677-BCE2-0BC1D0…)

Nitpick but I found this in her highlights. I can’t with this cow

No. 1178069

same kinda situation as molly where the overprotective posh parents intervene before they actually get properly sick. not saying its a bad thing, but larping AN when you really only had disordered eating for a few months is ridiculous. also just a thought, why does no one ever admit to having ednos? why larp AN?

No. 1178071

File: 1615078597833.png (90.36 KB, 337x632, oat.PNG)

exactly anon. just an example but hammum buys these when a 1KG box of plain oats is £1.75. also possible nitpick but in those videos ham posted earlier is she throwing away the old clothes? what a waste.

No. 1178077

wait.. numbers are banned here? yikes.

No. 1178079

technically yes but it’s p much ignored as it does add to the thread.

No. 1178090

Wow, that's so sad. Anyone know if she's ever been inpatient or gotten any kind of treatment? Despite what most cows believe, 6 years isn't actually that long to have had an eating disorder, I actually had assumed she'd been sick longer. So maybe there's still a way out for her.

No. 1178092

Welp EDNOS technically doesn’t exist anymore and the criteria for AN was relaxed (no specific weight criterion). Now it’s just “a significant weight loss” plus other symptoms and then there are levels of severity based on BMI, but there is also no BMI maximum. Other things were relaxed as well like you no longer need to have amenorrhea to meet diagnostic criteria. So it is theoretically possible that people like Anna and even posh Molly did meet the criteria for an AN diagnosis, but it’s not so cool to be like I’m diagnosed with mild anorexia.

No. 1178095

File: 1615083204717.jpg (85.54 KB, 754x494, clip.JPG)

According to the experts at bodybuilding.com she's been anorexic for 12 years?

No. 1178096

So I was looking at her profile and it’s hard to say for sure when it started.. yes, she didn’t get sooper spoopy bone Lorre on deaths door until 2014/2015 but she was very thin in a lot of the photos before that. It very possible that she struggled for a while before reaching such a terrifying weight. Also she is not old and is extremely far from any sort of true recovery/normal, healthy lifestyle. She still is many years away from any kind of freedom and that is assuming she would be motivated to actually making the changes necessary to heal herself. I think she’s going to be a lifer.

No. 1178104

How is this milky?

No. 1178107

File: 1615084226428.jpeg (909.25 KB, 1125x1689, 1187B0E9-65AC-4872-8C77-CE8811…)

No. 1178108

You are valued, anon. Valid too. And you need to gain weight very badly because weight gain is healthy always!

No. 1178114

Nah that's a classic ana pose
Yeah I think the big difference is social media leading to people talking about it so openly. A while ago, like 20 years ago, wanting to be sick/sicker was something no one admitted to because it was trendy instead to act like you've never ever heard of an ED before one almost killed you because you're so naturally ana. But people still hated getting their period back, hated when they didn't need frequent blood pressure checks anymore, jealous of the person having a seizure lmao same munchy shit but also from people who actually were "sick enough"

No. 1178117

sage for mild blogpost, but yeah. It's kind of a trip seeing these ppl post everything about their mental illness online. It was a shameful thing still when I was in school. Everyone was private about it unless they wanted to sell their add drugs

No. 1178123

File: 1615085888019.png (2.72 MB, 828x1792, AC59E0D8-67CE-4306-A477-3FC4C8…)

forgive me if this one has already been mentioned but @louise recovery on tiktok is a fucking pile of milk imo/ the choice of profile picture is a red flag for a start.

No. 1178125

samefag but i apologise for that on reflection any milky stuff is older and recent content is boring. sorry for being such a twat

No. 1178130

Sorry what’s this in response to?

No. 1178131

Shits forgot to sage sorry

No. 1178137

You have a 30 minute window to delete posts, anon

No. 1178158

fuck i missed that sorry. i hang my head in shame

No. 1178172

Sorry put sage in the wrong field

No. 1178174

Feel like if there was more ‘influencers’ that admitted Ednos or other Ed’s more treatments would open up for them. Like supply and demand. If people stoped larping Ana and just told the truth, what they actually struggled with it would be talked about and helped more. Larping just hurts so many people but they couldn’t give a crap unlesss they are the spoopiest Ana ever

No. 1178175

As long as you’re not bone rattleling numbers are normally let slide

No. 1178178

So then what is the point of atypical anorexia that is still being used to diagnose people? And ednos has changed to osfed but they pretty much mean the same thing. Unless I’ve missed something important osfed and atypical anorexia are still diagnosis used it’s not just anorexia like it seems you’re saying? Can you provide a source for your findings?

No. 1178179

Nah can confirm that even 20 years ago denial was the norm, people could see others as sick but themselves couldn't imagine what everyone was kicking up a fuss about. Was practically a criteria for anorexia.Then in the 90s awareness increased, a bunch of memoirs came out and people would pour over their copy of wasted looking for numbers and comparing themselves. Nowadays with social media there's so much more awareness and opportunity for comparison and unfortunately one way ana chans can measure themselves against others is by IP admissions/ng tubes etc as well as bmi.

No. 1178182

I- I can’t tell if this is real or not at first glance. Gold star anon

No. 1178216

Kek, I thought this was real.

No. 1178220


They're comments from Ham's latest weight gain video posts.

No. 1178244

Anyone who’s overweight and claiming anorexia / thirsting for treatment is milky imo because it’s just ridiculous. But the fat anas are my fave so

No. 1178252

She has mentioned CAMHS who she probably wouldn't have experience with if it started in 2014/15. It's quite possible it just got really bad then. I think your skin and hair bounce back from spoopiness easier when you're younger as well?.

No. 1178268

File: 1615108352677.jpg (251.74 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20210307-221123_Ins…)

Did we ever find out what happened to Jen peach? No posts since Dec 5th and her tiktok has gone?

No. 1178283

File: 1615110198618.png (513.74 KB, 750x1334, F57456BD-CCA3-4626-8E1D-8517FA…)

We have a lurker!

No. 1178300

Yea it’s called the DSM 5. There’s this cool thing called the internet where you can look up diagnostic criteria, you should check it out. The AN diagnosis is more relaxed, is what I am saying. Atypical anorexia falls under OSFED and is for people who experience the symptoms of the AN criteria including weight loss but still are not at a “significant low body weight in the context of the age, sex, developmental trajectory, and physical health (less than minimally normal/expected).” You still have to be skinny for the AN diagnosis but it’s no longer associated with a specific BMI. If you meet some but not all of the AN or BN criteria you fall into OSFED. Again, google DSM 5 if you do not believe me.

No. 1178315

File: 1615116661606.jpeg (325.4 KB, 1125x1399, F86D5761-CB96-4D7C-8E14-8884A1…)

This is so a body check with the obvious bandaged arm to remind us all that she is sooper sick and needs all the extra help when she goes home or she might do something serious and end up back in hospital.


No. 1178319

File: 1615117063998.jpeg (537.3 KB, 1125x2009, BB438009-AA6E-416D-9D23-F3B97F…)

And not to mention the “snack haul” she had to share with us all. Vegan approved food. She is in recovery but gives all this advice on what to do or not to do when recovering. This is just screaming disordered. Vegan, keto, gluten free, dairy free. Ticks all the disordered box’s in my opinion. What a total contradiction to herself. Complete eye roll material here.


No. 1178333

The DSM 5 is only used in the USA, everywhere else uses the ICD-10, sorry to medfag

No. 1178340

File: 1615119307431.jpg (102.11 KB, 524x558, 20210307_220959.jpg)

Watch out new farm, shay is on her way back with her soopa severe anorexia. Remi leaving. Shay arriving. Lee floating in and out. This place really has all the action

No. 1178346

what's the point of putting on foundation 3 shades darker than your skin and no other makeup

No. 1178350

did she get tipped or does she just obsessively google her name? hi ro!

No. 1178354

File: 1615120535245.jpeg (424.55 KB, 828x1127, 5AC07657-A804-4E5F-BB79-1F1585…)

Okay, but if we’re going to go by the DSM 5 I want all these ana-larping, ‘sick enough’ girls to start referring to their diagnosis as “mild anorexia” rather than atypical. Of course they would never do that because godforbid they not paint themselves as the sickest snowflake.

No. 1178368

Body checks aside, shes pretty open about the fact shes still disordered as fuck.
Dont know why you insist on posting her, she’s just a boring recovery account. Seems to be going in the right direction even if shes only quasi, so good for her ig.

No. 1178430

she tagged that dora girl (average looking tiktok girl with that one video of her crying with her parents) so maybe she tipped her?

No. 1178471

Was just asking because was trying to go through a ‘recovery journey! why not just say atypical anorexia if that was it is. Wasn’t aware of the update on the dsm-5 and have been curious as to why some people are diagnosed an and others a-an when physically I can’t see a difference. You can share information without attacking people, they’re more likely to listen…(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 1178513

I found Anna's Pinterest if anyone is interested.


Nothing super milky but I found this quote ironic:
'You are always responsible for how you act, no matter how you feel. Remember that'
Considering she loves to avoid taking any responsibility for her more unhelpful posts

No. 1178522

Is she still married? Sorry for the off-topic question but I just don’t know how anyone could stand to be around her for more than two minutes. She’s so insufferable

No. 1178529

Eh she’ll be back in hospital again in a few months or less because she likes the attention and has no intention on recovering. Posting ~triggering~ content like body checks, tube, self-harm, low cal food, detailing all of her sooper serious complications whilst pretending to recover is exactly what a pro-ana scumbag does.

No. 1178531

File: 1615140562238.png (871.01 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210307-180850.png)

The book tho…

No. 1178532

I’ve long since thought this bitch was a farmer. She has a pretty distinctive way of typing. She and her lil mate Dora probably post here.

No. 1178552


Not to go too far into this but I've heard that the first time the general public (in the US at least) became aware of eating disorders was when Karen Carpenter got one, and no one really understood what was going on. How times have changed

No. 1178555

That's sort of similar to how people didn't know about MPD before Sybil, then cases went up massively.

No. 1178556

File: 1615143478438.jpg (55.75 KB, 760x443, 1.JPG)

No idea if these girls are friends or what but this was an uncomfortable comment

No. 1178558

sage for derail but they remind me of those bitchy girls in high school who act sweet but are total cunts.
dora gives me posho private school mean girl vibes for sure, part of me reckons she didn’t like the fact that her pal was getting more attention on tiktok and posted her here? total tinfoil tho

No. 1178560

Criteria for the EDs is largely based on weight. So if you think and act like someone with AN but got sick when you were overweight, you'll eventually have your diagnosis changed to AN when you get underweight (which hopefully you don't because you got into recovery before that point). Same way as someone who looks and acts like a bulimic will have their diagnosis changed to AN if they become underweight even if they can't restrict for their lives.

No. 1178562

They also used NG tubes much, much less often then. Getting one was pretty unusual, like you might see 1-2 people with one max, now it seems to be pretty much the norm

No. 1178568

I'd be happy if everyone just stopped saying they're severe and chronic and untreatable etc etc, like they think anorexia isn't a big deal and the reason they feel the way they do is because their anorexia is very unique and tragic

No. 1178579

doras currently on tiktok live talking about lolcow. prepare for a spam tonight farmers…

doraisexploringpt2 is the username

No. 1178582

shes talking about how lolcow "made her friend relapse" and stuff about how we bodyshame elzani here

No. 1178587

wtf? people have body shamed Elzani but they get shut down pretty quick as bone-rattlers.

No. 1178588

what friend? Ro? I'm petty sure the ~ recovery community ~ has caused 50 times the relapses we have

No. 1178589

the threads getting read out on live. hi dora and friends, we dont care about you enough to report you. tell your friend anna to sort it out

No. 1178595

we dont cause relapses because 90% of the cows we talk about are larping anyway.

No. 1178608

Even if reading here causes ~relapses~, get the fuck off the internet. Obviously not at the point where any criticism is tolerated, but ofc they love the attention.

Everyone's who recovered, who isn't a larper and gained (ie Elzani, not Ham) is left alone except by the bone rattlers. Seeing them get their shit together is always good.

I don't care for this dora or ro. They remind me of the relationship Crying Emily had with Laura and Gracie. It was boring with them and it's worse with thee two.

No. 1178624

Love the fact we - in our private quarters - are talking about the shit they themselves post, yet they still insist on coming over here instead of minding their own business.