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(For post deletion)

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No. 208597

This thread is being re-allowed for now. It may be banned again if it becomes too shitty.

Do not discuss:


Or anyone associated with those people.

If linking someone unfamiliar, post clear reasons of why you think they are a snowflake or you may be banned.

Any new users found to be shitting up other threads with anorexia nitpicking or blogposting will be banned and possibly exposed.

No. 208600

we do not want nor need this

No. 208602


No. 208603

They crave attention. Don't give it to them.

No. 208607

stop it.

No. 208608

i was always entertained with these threads. so if they're allowed back, neat.

No. 208614

These were seriously my guilty pleasure. I would come home and read them and feel better about my life haha. This actually made my night!!!! I'm so happy this is back.

No. 208616


No. 208629

I'm so glad to hear that about Aly :)

No. 208630

Please name at least one of these people who you think are worth discussing, and why.

No. 208636

I feel like that's a trap… Jenna got outed recently. Someone from her school made a change.org petition to ban her. They also knew that she didn't graduate on time and graduated without honors. I didn't realize she went to a private school for an English degree. That's INSANE.

There's been a lot happening lately and it seems like a logical place to discuss these cows.

No. 208637

Aly is doing better :) Does anyone know about that tv thing she was doing?

No. 208647

Not a trap. Won't ban anyone for providing suggestions.

And Jenna already has a thread at >>204361.

No. 208663

has ginger come out of hiding yet? i know she still posts to her private facebook (i think), but out of that is she even in the public eye anymore?

i think that's the question admin was asking, who is still milky today. Since the banning of the anachans threads i'm out of the loop of who is still active, i never followed their drama on other platforms.

No. 208664

OOH what happened to fitveganginger? Did she end up getting help, or did she delete?

No. 208665

Thank you for allowing this thread!!!!! This literally made my night.

No. 208687

Just hope the two E's don't find out otherwise this thread will just be those two insulting each other again…

No. 208727

She deleted. She's under a new Instagram account called "breathing4god" and she claims to have cystic fibrosis, but she doesn't accept anyone she doesn't know. It seems Kiwifarms really spooked her.

No. 208739

File: 1480914178193.jpg (203.49 KB, 750x1290, IMG_2604.JPG)

omg. acidburnbaby on Tumblr. major pro ana, posts about how she wants to lose 30 lbs (claims she's 99 now), posts about her "soup tea and fruit only" diet, lots of body check style pics and she claims to have a following

she's been posted about in the nicole dollanganger thread but I think she belongs here

No. 208754

Do you really need to talk about her in two different threads? Isn't it enough to talk shit about her in the Dollanganger Copy Thread?

No. 208755

Why do you wanna talk about Eugenia so badly? She really doesn't do anything interesting except existing and we had so many threads for her already

No. 208757

Just let it be here and ban E and E if they shit it up.

No. 208760

Seriously. Eugenia is skinny and she has a YouTube channel. Who cares?

No. 208761

It's not just that thread. In the Munchausen thread a few people have been wanting to post about fake ED peeps. Let them have their containment thread then refer them here if they post ana stuff in other threads.

No. 208793

she doesn't like or associate with Nicole, and idgaf about the rest of those girls or know who they are. I do however love the pro ana scum bag thread and have missed it since it was moved to manure. ppl in the Nicole thread don't care about pro anas, I think ABB should be moved here. not 2 threads necessarily

No. 208798

does anyone remember turtl.ed aka modifi.ed aka recovery owls lol

No. 208811

Oh jesus. I forgot about that. What's she up to these days?

No. 208843

Did she start claiming CF with her new account? And what happened on kiwi farms, if you can sum up a TL;DR

No. 208848

But… why fake CF? It's something you're born with and it makes exercise really difficult. She obviously doesn't have it.

No. 208852

Just so we're clear, are we allowed to talk about Emily/Ember in this thread?

No. 208862

I'm actually surprised to see a thread. Would love an answer too, because Embers shoops are getting worse and some of the crap she tries to pull is hilarious.

No. 208863

bc she's claiming some ultra-rare form of it (as yet not understood form of it), it keeps her parents and family off her back - like then she has a reason for all her "food allergies" and weird skinny appearance. she was already faking a bunch of diseases and taking this unprovable, mysterious form of CF has given her what she needs (for now).

No. 208869

File: 1480940236366.png (646.14 KB, 887x661, wana1.png)

This mess…the hashtags are killing me.

No. 208873

> #thingirls #sizezero #skinnygirl
> gut hanging out

I know some rolls while you sit down are normal, but this, lmao

No. 208880

This. She's grasping at straws and has to have some kind of super speshul rayr illnuss because then she can evade being called out for the neurotic anorexic she is.

>Includes pro-ana and pro-recovery hashtags.
I really hate when people do this shit. If you're going to promote self-destruction, which is fucked in and of itself, at the very least have the decency to not hijack recovery hashtags and drag down people trying to recover with your bullshit.

No. 208882

200 followers… self post?

No. 208885

File: 1480943135854.png (109.63 KB, 529x515, 87e0d385-9e1f-430c-a7b1-d9294f…)

Emily made a "secret" insta that got leaked and is still sucking up to lilith & holli.(banned cow)

No. 208895

Did anyone see embers post a few weeks ago (didn't cap because I didn't think this thread would ever exist again) where she claims to be struggling and said she's "lost over 35 pounds since leaving treatment" my sides almost split from laughing so hard. Sure ember, sureeeee.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 208907

I read about it on tumblr, wish I could see it but ember blocked me way back in the first threads.

No. 208911

I saw that. Like bitch where. If anything she's been gaining.

No. 208916

Nope, I'm the anon who posted >>208869. Found her under the #undiagnosed tag while looking for MBI accounts.

No. 208919

File: 1480949510255.png (298.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-05-15-50-22…)

It's just so embarrassing.

No. 208924

File: 1480950679271.jpg (245.28 KB, 1280x1280, 8a7fbe44-d30d-4ca7-89e2-cf0c44…)

You forgot the best one

No. 208944

File: 1480954364407.jpeg (398.41 KB, 1440x2072, Capture _2016-12-05-10-42-00-0…)

Imskinnybeautiful2 or Rhonda or whatever her actual name is, is back and has been for a bit now. I had followed her a ways back and recently saw she had posted again. Still photoshopping, still pretending she has Crohns, still pretneding shes not in her 40's) & acting like nothing ever happened. I'm certain she is delusional. I just want to know what she is getting out of all of this. She is so persistent in keeping that account going. It's just unsettling.

No. 208948

What the fuck, Admin. The only good thing this site ever did was ban the anas. Get your shit together

No. 208953

I have a feeling this is a honeypot to catch self posters. I've noticed some suspicious posts in other threads lately.

No. 208955

The only knew i cared about were Aly and Ginger. Aly is recovering and I'm very happy for her and Ginger went MIA, but she looks worse in her FB pictures and will be Ash-tier pretty soon if she doesn't die of heart problems while doing starved cardio (that poor heart).

No. 208972

I'm so glad this thread is back, I'm super happy for Aly too, she looks so well recently!

How long until Ember comes crawling back?

No. 208976

She had a book signing event. A person from Kiwifarms went. She was fat and autistic. Anna got upset that a legbeard went to her public event. She bawleeted everything.

No. 208984

Doo do doooo! Shit admin here to fuck everything up again! Yaaay

Really? You dont do shit about threads just constantly bickering and getting nowhere but unlock the pro ana? Are you ok?

No. 208986

As long as Crocker and Whann don't start posting, I reckon this thread will be okay.

I used to like the randoms on ig anons found who were lulzy. The main ones have had their own threads, but the ones mentioned above from old threads must still be hammering away with their lolness.

If this is allowed to stay it's probably best it doesn't turn into a debate if it should be allowed. Like, go to /meta for that. Just post snowflakes we've known/newly discovered and it'd be okay?

Seriously, discussing the thread here is doing it no favours if we might be able to keep it.

(self posters can be funny too. just not the usual two).

No. 208991

I agree fully with this. I think this thread has a lot of potential as long as ember and Emily stay banned.

No. 208994

Pretty sure they've been posting in other threads.

I really hope these threads are properly back because they're my favourites, but they draw a really undesirable set of people to lolcow so it's a blessing/curse.

No. 208995

If you don't like it, get the fuck out of the forum. We're trying to have a conversation.

No. 208996

English please?

No. 209000

not that anon but;
Anna had a book signing event at some health store/grocery for her (failed) cook book. A denizen of kiwifarms who lived in that area went to the event and was obnoxious and creepy. They were fat and spergy; taking photos on the sly, being sus and asking really obvious phishing questions and giving backhanded compliments. Anna was upset about the interaction and later deleted her internet presence, save for her blog.

iirc that how it went down. someone can correct me if i'm wrong.

No. 209009

you really are a dense fucking person arent you? how on earth did you think saying that "we're trying to having a conversation" added anything to this. Pro ana threads are just a bad idea. Old (smart) admin knew this.

No. 209010

Emily definitely has been in the alt-cow thread talking about Lilith, and given how much she needs attention she'll be in here soon talking about "did you hear how Emily faked rehab so pathetic." Pro-Ana thread is shit thread circle jerk and self-posting. Thumbs down.

No. 209014

File: 1480960945660.png (1017.54 KB, 1634x1204, Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 17.5…)

In terms of finding new snowflakes I'm on instagram now, and I know posting about her might be a bit not-kosher but I've been holding in my laughs about this photo since it was posted.

Ember your thighs aren't double the length of your shins.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 209016

No, no, no. This is what ruined the last thread. Do not speak of her.

No. 209022

It's the first and last time I will, but that's one of my all time favourite shoots.

No. 209029

It's not a forum it's an imageboard you fucking retarded ana scumbag

No. 209035

So glad this thread is back! I hope it stays - this and the spoonie threads are my favourite.

No. 209036

get out newfag.

that was english newfag.

No. 209041

r u ok

No. 209042

Here's a video of said KF sperg being fat and autistic. She(?) looks like CWC and Kailyn had a baby. More pathetic than Ginger tbh

No. 209043


That's got to be a trans? At least his/her presentation of the food is better than Ginger's.

No. 209047

To be fair, I'd be fucking scared if that showed up at my event too.

No. 209053

why does it sound like she's always on the verge of crying

No. 209062

same omg

No. 209063

I guarantee I've been around longer than you.

No. 209066

And yet you don't sage your ot posts on this "forum".

No. 209069

English is not my first language, newfag. Forum is a pretty universal word. There's no need to get picky about it. Literally everyone would've understood what I meant.

No. 209074

Second this.

No. 209077

Aaaand there's Ember. Can u not?

No. 209107

File: 1480972762643.jpg (64.87 KB, 606x597, ashleys mate.JPG)

Its been ages since I looked for fresh meat on ig for one of these threads. The poses and angles haven't changed.

Remember icovery? There aren't any full body pics, but she looks like she's trying to get more calories into her system.

It it's her, ban her ass.

Here's a nice pic of the fetishist friend of Ashleys. Weird for an old guy to be posting teenage style body checks of himself. I imagine his house stinks.

No. 209110

I don't understand why she's so disgusted by the first dish. Yeah, the curry powder is weird, but it's just veggies.

Then again, she looks like she would do that with any veggies since it's not "muh corndog." kek

No. 209112

File: 1480973412347.jpg (22.73 KB, 320x326, eatdick.JPG)

>she looks like she would do that with any veggies since it's not "muh corndog."

I thought the exact same thing, but held back.

She went to a lot of effort making the recipes just to be a twat to Ginge. Those dishes looked the least offensive of some of hers I've seen. I'd struggle with the ones that look like diarrhea and SUGAR on veg, but her reactions are way OTT.

Strange Ginge disappeared. I thought she'd be back by now.

No. 209113

Woah, woah, edit - STEVIA not sugar (omg sugar)

No. 209114

>those dick sucking pictures
Lmao this makes me miss ginge.

No. 209120

If ginge saw this she would be so triggered.

No. 209121

>my therapist left because I have too many crazies I'm such a poor manic pixie dream girl look at me don't look at me I'm just so fucking special.

No. 209122

Probably smells like unwashed laundry and cat piss.

No. 209124

Couldn't admins just label all of E&E's posts so they stay gone? Without the self posters and Emily obsessively talking about herself the thread could have potential as a containment thread for otherwise irrelevant fake anorexics/malingering bone lords. As much as some users hate them, heaps of us still get a giggle out of it.

If the people who want the pro-ana General to be about them, label all their posts with their name and 32inch waist chan and they'll go back to crying on Instagram.

No. 209126

File: 1480975345471.png (267.7 KB, 490x608, hangryroth.png)

No. 209130

Don't start, please! This was one of the things that ruined the last threads.

No. 209131

the dirty panties irk me more than anything

No. 209132

File: 1480975949451.jpg (55.6 KB, 551x595, 1.JPG)

That Braydon guy's as bad as Roth.

Natalya Olkhovskaya's comments call them out as paedos and perverts. Amusing if it wasn't so ick.

I was hoping that was unfortunate shadow.

No. 209134

The 'wish your daughter has anorexia' part was a bit much, although I get why she says it. Hopefully those creeps are also starving like that Henry guy and will just drop dead ASAP. I'm surprised Henry produces enough testosterone to even have sexual thoughts anymore. Isn't he an anachan as well?

No. 209136

I wonder if he's legitimately anorexic, or if he just starves himself because skinniness is his fetish.

No. 209137

The "wish" thing might not be the word she meant if English is her second language.

Yeah, Henry's an anachan. He posts updates of his weight loss with pics in his filthy room. He might lose weight to get in with skinny women to get them to "confide" in him?

Erika's his friend on facebook.

He wasn't skinny when he was 45
https://www.facebook.com/bill.bockmann (1st Oct post)

No. 209172

File: 1480981637532.jpg (78.77 KB, 750x880, IMG_2655.JPG)


Posted this earlier in a diff thread that is dying & it didn't get much traction, but she belongs here

No. 209173

File: 1480981704695.jpg (177.27 KB, 750x1290, IMG_2654.JPG)


No. 209177

File: 1480982739882.jpg (182.5 KB, 750x1278, IMG_2653.JPG)


I'm so sure you clicked on this page and didn't realize it was a thinspo blog lol

No. 209180

File: 1480982793526.jpg (164.99 KB, 750x1276, IMG_2656.JPG)

3/4 sorry posted out of order.

No. 209188

Why are you so obsessed with Acidburnbaby? It's creepy please stop. Unless it's self posting, in which case it's still creepy. Please stop.

No. 209221

you sound like her
it just takes to go through some of her asks to see that's how she types

No. 209227

Does anyone know why Jenna Lewis (strongerjenna/lord–swoledemort) deleted? She said her mom was dying in the hospital with lung cancer, but given her track record with lying about everything (including cancer,) I kind of have to question the legitimacy/severity. Usually she deletes like this when she gets called out.

No. 209229

File: 1480990815753.png (414.76 KB, 547x371, violetell.png)

has anyone heard of this spoop? I don't know if she heavily photoshops or she is this strange looking. Her bone structure hits uncanny valley levels. I haven't seen candids of her nor photos of her taken by others except this interview http://lookbook.nu/interview/76-Violet-Ell where she definitely looks heavier, but also that was in 2012 and she has lost weight since then.
IG violet_ell
tumblr vi0lettae
lockbook http://lookbook.nu/user/79093-Violet-E
website http://www.violet-ell.com/

No. 209230

Look at the side of her face.. it's totally shopped either that or she's lost a big chunk of her face.

No. 209234

photoshop, if you look at her lookbook you can see her proportions change drastically from pic to pic

not sure why you'd want to shop yourself to look like eugenia cooney

No. 209237

not the same person but shes cow her shit fits/persona are ridiculous and her tumblr is her entire life from what we can see she doesn't have friends or do anything else all day, unless she's not bragging about every little thing, which she is.

she's a total snowflake
why should we not talk about her???

No. 209239

also lol this is ABB's "tumblr crush" she copies her make up and shit lol this is her #goals

No. 209240

No. 209248

lol interesting that you specifically named yeva's (abb) best friend as distraction bait

No. 209249

what? why?

also i don't think they're friends, yeva just worships her.

No. 209256

I haven't been following her long but I can't stand when ppl do shady things, like she's made multiple posts saying that she just drinks tea and eats soup to lose weight, she constantly promises to tw tag ed posts but never does it. I think the worst thing about her is that she can't just admit that she's a pro ana blog. it's exactly how e & e (& lots of other ppl) claim they are "pro recovery but not in it". she is very obviously looking for attention that validates her ed, but she rants endlessly about ppl "getting attention because of their sexuality". she's asexual and openly critical of ppl who blog about sex/porn blogs (not the robot kind, ones with actual bloggers). but like… the thing idg about that is that she would be pissed if someone attacked her and said she was looking for attention with her sexuality

I don't like porn blogs either, lol but to blog incessantly about hating them and get into anon flame wars about it just seems so obsessive and extra

No. 209258

File: 1480993280391.png (10.03 KB, 565x207, ummgross.png)


No. 209259

I didn't once say ABB wasn't a cow, just there is one anon in particular who is scarily obsessed with her, constantly posting about her in the Dollanganger calves thread, and now here.

Most of the posts (like 85%) about ABB sound like one samefag.

No. 209262

she also says she doesn't hate sex workers but "what they do is heartbreaking" wtf
she's so judgmental and holier than thou and thinks she's so interesting but really she's just a joke and rather useless

and, correct me if i'm wrong but she's NEET

No. 209264

pretty sure that is several people. bitch needs her own thread.

No. 209267

Maybe she died, what with her weight and those insane cardio marathons, it wouldn't be a shock for her heart to give out, especially with the protein deficiency
But for real she provided quality lulz and cringe

No. 209271

This thread is being re-allowed for now. It may be banned again if it becomes too shitty.

Do not discuss:


Or anyone associated with those people.

If linking someone unfamiliar, post clear reasons of why you think they are a snowflake or you may be banned.

No. 209325

Anyone got an update on old thread favourite CryingEmily?

No. 209331

She's got a whole thread to herself. Check the catalog plz.

No. 209334

Called bongingandmonging on IG now. Posting videos of herself crying, rolling around in an ambulance off her guts, and still behaving like a six year old. She won't get up to anything new until mummy gets sick of her and kicks her out or puts her in rehab. I think she enjoys it all too much to bother doing anything else, especially since anything else would mean responsibility and accountability which she cannot handle for anything.

No. 209336

Does this sort of editing actually fool anyone? She's almost got goddamn tentacles for legs in this pic.

No. 209397

Apparently she's changed her ig name yet again and is now emilycrazell.

No. 209434

The lookbook interview photos aren't candids. The interviews are done over phone/email and the photos are just pulled from their lookbook posts.

I'm bad at spotting shooping but even I know something's up when someone's thigh is longer than their entire torso

No. 209446

i thought her leg right (left? lol) was a fucking baseball bat

No. 209542

This is common with anorexics. Wanting to look like a child to feel like you're closer to that period of your life and reject unwanted attention/sexual advances. She might have 'recovered' but I think it'd be hard to have some of your work based around your ED and not want to go back to it. However if she just wants to look like an eight-year-old for her apparent DDLG fetish then that's another thing entirely.

No. 209543

complete wrong thread, thought this was about nicole because i have both tabs open, ignore me

No. 209545

why is it "obsession" when we post about ABB but totally fine to talk about/make entire threads about other girls? yeva lurks and probably posts here, so I'm guessing this is just her trying to derail the way Jenna and every other cow does

Also : https://acidburnbaby-is-a-cunt.tumblr.com

lmao I guess other people don't like her either! crazy

No. 209550

yeva is not recovered she loves bragging about her anorexia lol she definitely idolizes cassie from skins too which is so sad cuz she thinks she's SUCH an intellectual yet she bases so much of herself off a fictional character from a young adult tv drama lolz

No. 209554

File: 1481041361015.jpg (132.51 KB, 360x528, 4-ada9fdc7014257e046b3676eff5f…)

Just ban the fucktards who mention them. It's not like we've not been warned.

I'm late with this, but I want to know how to stretch your legs to make them long but not thin (I got hobbit legs).

Hers are normal length on her pics as anons have said. Maybe she thinks grunge is heroin chic skinniness and that's what she's going for but got it all wrong. I don't get how these naff pretentious IGers get so many followers.

I looked at her profile and her make up's atrociously applied and her contouring is way too high up her face. She seems to be copying Frances Bean Cobain's poses and style in some pics.

Anyway, this looks like a one off so definitely not an anachan, though misguided.

Could stick Crying Emily in here from now on? Keeps the site tidier and she's only up to her old attention seeking tricks anyway.

No. 209559

I gotta say that hate blog is pretty cringey to be fair.

Compared to other people on tumblr, ABB isn't even close to being the worst. What I hate the most about tumblr is this faux social justice thing they've got going on. Instead of focusing on a young girl who made a few albeist, and rude comments towards people how about they focus on the actual racist, transphobic, albeist blogs and social media accounts?

But this is Tumblr, where calling someone out online is considered activism and not just constructive criticism.

No. 209583

I'm not ABB. I'm saying obsession because every post about her bar 2/3 are the exact same typing style with shitty grammar, spelling and punctuation. A few mirror her own typing style so it's either someone with a massive hate boner for her or her herself.

On another, more interesting note, Julia Boer might be interesting to some of you guys. I'm not sure where she fits exactly - she's not pro ana she's pretty much the reverse because she's "recovered." She's a cow in herself and follows Freelee's diets, consuming something like 3000 calories per day. There's a lot of speculation that she's going to break and relapse soon. Her videos are all really long so I've never been able to personally sit through them, but it's pretty sad to see that she's flipped one unhealthy extreme for another.


If she's not allowed here just say and I'll delete, but I'm not sure where else to throw her.

No. 209601

a lot of the racist/sexist/ableist blogs on Tumblr are either trolls shitposting or nameless crazies with almost no followers. it's pointless to "go after" them because Tumblr won't delete them if they claim free speech, and IMO they don't do as much damage as someone like ABB who a) has a bit of an actual following and is influencing a lot more people & b) is doing it in a subtle enough way that she isn't immediately written off as not credible

lolcow isn't for racist bloggers, it's for cows, and she is one.

No. 209602

I didn't know we were expected to have perfect grammar here, lol. stop derailing or I can only assume self post

No. 209604

It is several people posting about her on the calves thread lol I made a few posts and I wasn't the only one doing it.

No. 209608

All this squabbling is making Crying Emily spaz out

I get the jist of what freelee's about, but it is sad to see this Julia girl eating so many carbs. If she cut down and stuck to the healthier foods on her insta she'd be better off.

At what point do you STOP doing the Freelee diet because nobody can eat so much hi carb food indefinitely and not become overweight.

No. 209628

if it hadn't been for that vile lip piercing i wouldn't have recognised her

No. 209634

It's cos she's not doing her usual sucked in cheeks trying to look gaunt with lighting and filters trick

No. 209650

several people. I was the asexual™ anon who stopped dragging her because I realized how sad her life must be but then came back and saw other people bashing her and remembered she is likely a psychopath and need to be stopped. Have a few of her RAEG ATTACKS

No. 209651

File: 1481056366110.png (12.6 KB, 535x531, mad.png)

>> 209650
forgot picture srry

No. 209657

if she hates being reblogged by porn blogs maybe she should stop posting nudes? like really
i guess she just wants her followers to compliment her on how ~aesthetic~ her body is but lbr, if you post pictures of your tits "bigdicktom55" is going to reblog them

No. 209673

File: 1481059122707.jpg (42.01 KB, 516x272, transformer.jpg)

You're not wrong.

Amazing what pale foundation and angles can do. Not even sure that "bruise" isn't just eye shadow.

How odd she looks so much healthier when she's having a ahem near death experience than when she's posing at home.

No. 209683

She's got nice/ideal boobs too so she's bound to end up on a lot of porn blogs when she posts photos like that. She sure does sexualize herself quite a bit for someone who doesn't want to be sexualized.

No. 209685

What's the story behind the video? It's really odd behavior. Is she waking up from sedation or something?

No. 209687

Looks like somebody ODying to me. She's hooked up to a heart monitor in the ER and clearly look drugged/sedated, the doctor is checking if she's responsive.
Probably tried to kill herself. Who filmed that shit?

No. 209689

That's what I thought at first too, but then why would someone film that?

No. 209690

In the description on insta it's a long winded story about how she basically smoked weed, drank some "85%" rum and done cocaine. Then claimed she was drugged/spiked. Also apparently signs of sexual abuse/rape. I think it was her mum or sister who filmed it, according to the description anyway.

Basically she was fucking stupid and got too drunk/fucked up on drugs. She was discharged after like 8 hours or something so I'm assuming they just kept her in to monitor her, then sent her home. Nothing seriously life threatening.

No. 209692

but she doesn't want breast reduction or try to make herself look like she's prepubescent at all? she's caked in layers of make up wearing lingerie????

No. 209693

Apparently she went on a hardcore 'sesh'' with her friends and ended up taking to much weed, cocaine and alcohol. Her sister recorded the video and wrote about it on her instagram.

No. 209695

File: 1481061596160.png (2.15 MB, 3000x3000, image.png)

She took something and overdosed. Here's the story from the videos of her lolling around the ambulance. Sorry for tater quality.

No. 209696

What a sister. Posting a video of your sibling babbling in the hospital, nice.

No. 209697

sage for bloggin but if you give me all three of those things they actually even me out into a nice person. haha

No. 209708

>sage for blogging
>doesn't sage

No. 209709

File: 1481062175506.png (3.55 KB, 472x118, evaisajoke.png)

i snorted audibly when I saw this omg she's sooo oblivious to herself while being so obsessed with this fake image of herself she wants to achieve but omg girl you are doing poorly

No. 209710

Crying Emily is going to grow up to be MyLifeStruggles.

No. 209715

I wonder if acidburnbaby is even aware that she's montioned here. I think she's only noticed the hate blogs so far…

No. 209717

I don't see how you could end up in a coma from that unless she just took that rum straight to the face

No. 209718

It's funny bc someone on this thread literally just called her a psychopath

No. 209719

File: 1481062898462.png (92.02 KB, 507x253, evaisalazycunt.png)

>days you can afford to sit around and do nothing

come on yeva, that's everyday. you do nothing.

No. 209737

CryingEmily makes me kind of sad. She's never going to grow out of this clowning.

No. 209740

Does anyone remember the last thread where CryingEmily was bloo bloo-in about how she and her Mum were getting kicked out of the house if they didn't raise some money and started a GoFundMe? Guess that money went on drugs

No. 209759

I really don't understand what the milk is. She's just your average 3edgy5me tumblr attention whore as far as I'm concerned. Unless you can come up with something more than "lol look at how mean and slutty she is" then none of us really care.

No. 209760

File: 1481069643700.png (1.33 MB, 744x739, boarfatty.PNG)

I feel like there can't be anything worse than being an underweight anorexic and then developing BED. She looks bloated and like she probably never shits. With the amount of carbs she consumes I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 209763

Mean, slutty, pro ana, ableist, lies about being a thinspo blog, and I suspect she lies about her weight and other details about herself too. She's hitting all of the criteria of most of the other cows discussed here, the only thing shes missing is a gofundme scam. I suspect that she is also photoshopping her pics, since she's wildly insecure, and I know as soon as she finds out she's on here she'll start self posting.

If you have better milk, post it. But that kind of "no milk here" type of distraction is the same thing They Who Shall Not Be Discussed used to pull when self posting, and now Jenna too. If you don't want to come off that way, I would suggest that you shut tf up instead of trying to change the topic. Post milk, discuss the milk being posted or gtfo.

No. 209767

Wait, didn't she come out against Freelee a bit ago? Her whole spiel is in one of the other threads…Freelee The Banana Twat maybe, or another one with Freelee and DR in it, I can't remember. Basically lots of vegans have abandoned the 'Raw Till 4 Cult' because, well, it's bullshit and both Freelee and DR are frauds.

No. 209843

File: 1481084954163.jpg (58.48 KB, 272x274, BeautyPlus_20161206212808_save…)

No. 209855

Did she change her ig? I can't find emilycrazell

No. 209867

Still under that name. Are you blocked?

No. 209871

Not that anon, but I get a page not found error and I don't remember ever interacting with her.

No. 209873

It definitely works. Try it when logged out of IG.

>This video was taken last night after me falling unconscious and almost dead after mixing cannabis, cocaine and 85% rum.

You're in for a real treat.

No. 209890

Oh how weird. It works on the safari app. Not on instagram app. And insta search doesn't even show. Maybe a glitch. Thank you for confirming it still works though

No. 209891

Also not blocked. I don't have instagram so was using a friends login who doesn't know of her. Thank you though!

No. 209925

>CW: 222
>UGW: 129
how is that pro-ana? it's just thinspo

No. 209930

Most of the thinspo and ""pro ana"" tumblrs are run by obese chicks. It's pathetic

No. 209931

Crying Emily looks normal in her video which just goes to show how much she shoops.

No. 210008

It's hard to tell to be honest. When you OD they pump you full of liquid and vitamins which would make someone who's anorexic plump up from being fully hydrated.

Also ODing may cause someone to throw up a lot so she may just have the purging bloated face.

No. 210048

File: 1481128664712.jpg (236.82 KB, 1200x900, IMG_2370.JPG)

Here's a photo from her FB in October. Not looking particularly spoopy next to the other girls.

No. 210091

When she kicks at the blanket you can see her leg and it looks like a regular size leg, so unless it bloats your whole body I don't think it's that.

There's no treatment really for cocaine overdose except benzos.

She was just wankered on that Jamaican rum. My housemate brought us a bottle back from barbados, 90 something proof, and seriously - after a double we were so pissed pissed we couldn't speak or move.

Whoever called 999 were probably freaked out. She was massively pissed, her heart might've been racing off the coke and it looked worse than it was. I can understand her being in a stupor because…that rum.

Of course that isn't as dramatic as she wants the incident to sound.

No. 210103

>>209925she wants to not be overweight? How is that anorexic at all lmao.these girls are fucked in the head in an entirely different way than they want to be if they think this is anorexia or that it's awesome to have.

No. 210131

She's just hammered in the video.
She would've had a bad hangover the next day.
Of course, she had to make it seem more dramatic than it was.

No. 210133

If Emily's mum and sister really though she was going to die, why would they stand there and film it? They're just enabling her histronics.

No. 210263

Either because they new it was nothing and wanted a laugh. Or they new she wasn't going to outright die but still show her what her ~*super serious behaviors*~ actually look like in an attempt to get some sense into her. (Though whether that comes from a place of true concern or one of being simply fed up, I'm not sure)

No. 210267

File: 1481161949140.jpeg (219.05 KB, 750x1117, image.jpeg)

>wiggly mirror
Yea, ok. Jonzie is so annoying, so is her inappropriate Doctor "mama bear"

No. 210272

Please post more about her! I've been curious since you mentioned her in the Munchie thread but you didn't post anymore.

No. 210288

File: 1481166904734.jpeg (326.78 KB, 750x1182, image.jpeg)

I'll do my best! She seems to have a deleted a bunch of posts recently, I wonder why. She'll never stop entirely tho, she craves attention too much
>just laid down on the ground
She would, she is always in crisis, though now we know it's because she's been eating laundry detergent.
>a lot of kiddos coming in
Always has to remind everyone that she's just a kid! And being admitted to a Children's hospital (which only seems to fuel her ED and craving for coddling)

No. 210293

I know nothing about her except she calls her doctor Mama Bear, wtf? Is her doc even real? Do people believe she's really IP? If there is anywhere with more info on her I am definitely interested.

No. 210301

What's the comment about purging?

No. 210318

Someone asked her if she purges, because she always posts pedialyte and ice pops for babies, and also because she's always ending up in the hospital. It's not purging though, its detergent. I'd like to know why she's led her followers to believe her organs are in such bad shape because of ~chronic severe ana~ …when its really because of eating things like laundry detergent. I wonder if "mama bear" or a more objective professional from PHP was getting suspicious?

oh yes, her Dr. is definitely real, and her relationship with Alexy's is really inappropriate. Theres an amazing satire account about jonzie on IG, but I don't know if they'd want me to post it here. Try searching the #anorexic #pediatricpatient tags

No. 210320

"I want to be a good mom and home maker that's why I post trashy pics of myself in dollar store clothes and disgusting hair to prove it"

No. 210327

That's interesting. As a mixed race person myself, I wouldn't see her as an anorexic. It's not as common for people of color to have EDs, and it just wouldn't come to mind looking at her. Most people wouldn't suspect an ED.

There's a higher concentration of people with pica within the african american community. I had an aunt (sort of my cousin, but i've always called her auntie) with pica.

It just makes sense now. It does make sense.

No. 210332

Does she shoop or what? Some of her old stuff she looks legit.

No. 210395

Omg she is so frustrating! Her doc is such an enabler holy shit. Why was she in an IP ED program for a couple of werks? Obviously she left - no way she actually completed a program. She needs to always get her way, which is why she has only ever half recovered. You don't get to choose to stay at a ridiculously low bmi because it's easier for you. She looks like a pre pubescent boy and claims to be weight restored. Grrrrr

No. 210398

That satire account is amazing and so on the nose, thank you

No. 210414

She's been thin, but not the "emaciated about to die" anorexic she makes herself out to be. She wanted everyone to think her body was breaking down due to long term starvation, when really it was because of fucking detergent. You don't get as many asspats for ending up inpatient due to detergent.
>Why was she in an IP ED program for a couple of weeks?
To get back to her precious Mama Bear and Children's hospital. Gotta get in as many admissions as possible before she can no longer be treated by pediatrics. I think her hospitals policy will admit until 25 unfortunately, especially if you've been treated there as a child.
you're welcome, glad you found it! it really is so accurate.

No. 210459

I think she exaggerates her "thinness." She wanted everyone to think she was starving to death and in such horrible shape because of that. But nope, she just eats laundry detergent.

It's so weird because I've never seen her as an anorexic!!!! It makes total sense that she has pica.

No. 210493

Does anyone know what her Tumblr is? I'm curious to read her "eating disorder story" as she has two posts completely contradicting herself.

No. 210496

File: 1481212786065.png (182.71 KB, 640x989, IMG_0613.PNG)

In this post she says she was never abused, never experienced any trauma, has no reason for her eating disorder.

No. 210497

File: 1481212832036.png (218.28 KB, 640x986, IMG_0614.PNG)

And then a year or so later says she was allegedly abused…ok but that's not what you said a year ok????

No. 210521

File: 1481219566356.jpeg (261.36 KB, 746x977, image.jpeg)

July 20
>bubble boy
>everyone needs masks and gloves because I'm so fragile and sick

No. 210524

File: 1481219842296.jpeg (212.29 KB, 746x1109, image.jpeg)

July 21
This bitch. She totally controls when she gets sick. When she wants attention and to be coddled like a baby by mama bear and child life at the children's hospital, she eats detergent. When she has plans to fly to her brothers for vacation, she's fine. Her mom is a medical professional too, how does everyone allow this to continue?

No. 210530

File: 1481221418434.jpeg (234.07 KB, 750x1203, image.jpeg)

>threw a tantrum and my phone
>music therapist played tunes she knows i like
>eventually caught a breath and fell asleep on one of the nurses
Does she read what she posts? How old does she think she is? idk who annoys me more, Alexys for acting like a bratty toddler, or her dr for allowing and enabling it.

No. 210547

File: 1481223931009.jpg (258.26 KB, 1199x666, UVdes-3T7JE.jpg)

been keeping tabs on this mess for years

No. 210553

File: 1481224733866.jpg (337.23 KB, 1165x993, 35479718_lestnica_1zhest.jpg)

No. 210585

Things That Didn't Happen

No. 210588

>those short, stubby legs.

No. 210602

90 proof means it's 45% alcohol…..

I think she meant 80 proof in her post, which is standard for a lot of liquors.

No. 210604

File: 1481236861381.jpeg (153.27 KB, 750x1195, image.jpeg)

>just for you
>and my 4K followers on Instagram
She makes her doctor look so stupid. I know who she is/her name, a few people do, and we're all laughing at her. I wonder how Dr R, aka Mama Bear, would feel if she knew Alexys was making a fool of her online. I'm not going to tell her, it'd just give Alexys another reason to play victim, but I'd love to see her reaction.

No. 210700

My exact thought too. Nice faux storytime, Jonzie. The soap-operatic Munchie fantasy is strong with this one.

No. 211046

Found it! Dying! LOL

No. 211054

You should say what her doctor's name is. This is dangerous very unprofessional behaviour.

No. 211080

Nah that is some serious HIPPA violation shit on its own, and doxing/engaging with cows and people in their lives outside the Farm is not allowed (with good reason).

No. 211097

Am I the only one who sees the wavy bench? Looks like it's going to explode between her legs

No. 211113

Why does her hospital pics from July and October have the same chipped blue nail Polish? Something is not right with this girl

No. 211215

File: 1481309758243.jpeg (235.83 KB, 750x1194, image.jpeg)

I'd have to be one of her providers for it to be a HIPAA violation. If Dr. R's full name and email gets posted here, it's Alexys fault for being such an attention seeking whore and making her supposed ED Specialist Doctor look like a fool.
Nah you're not the only one, that's why i posted it. She even called it a "wiggly mirror" idk what to make of that.

And why does she always say "mum" she's from Ohio.
>they're pacing me don't worry
>I'm just small, so
What 21 year old needs their drinks to be "paced" by others? And why is she drinking if her kidneys are supposedly in such bad shape? Can u guys tell I can't stand this girl?

No. 211219

File: 1481310135387.jpeg (251.65 KB, 750x1193, image.jpeg)

>so sick can't leave my room
>meds for my "episode"
Is everyone in that hospital high? If she needed meds for a flashback episode, they were probly PRN benzos, so why tf would you also give her Starbucks?
>cute kid movie
Yes, poor widdle baby Alexys. Vomit.

No. 211220

File: 1481310450476.jpeg (334.13 KB, 750x1191, image.jpeg)

>give her 1mg Ativan, a large coffee, a Disney movie, cuddles, and play some tunes on the guitar while you're at it.

No. 211233

So overdramatized

No. 211250

Why is a 21 year old being treated at children's hospital? Is that common?

No. 211262

File: 1481318119749.jpeg (219.75 KB, 750x1190, image.jpeg)

A lot of Children's hospitals treat adolescents which go up to 24? I think her fave hotel aka children's hospital will admit until your 25th bday IF you were seen there as a minor.
>weekly visits with my pediatrician keep me delusional and needy af

No. 211276

Wonder if this is where kadee got her ideas from lol

No. 211281

File: 1481320255567.jpeg (235.72 KB, 746x1115, image.jpeg)

>too sick for residential
>a first for insurance in the ED community
She's truly deluded herself into thinking she's the sickest most delicate "kid" there is. I blame mama bear.

No. 211289

File: 1481321490400.jpeg (259.34 KB, 750x1107, image.jpeg)

>I've done a lot of damage through restricting.
And by "restricting" she means eating detergent. I can't believe she sits there, wasting a pediatric GI specialists time as if she's some medical mystery to be solved, when she knows damn well she's eating laundry detergent.

No. 211311

I wonder if Denver acute will tolerate her insistence on being treated like she's still 10. She's gonna lose her shit without mamabear and paediatric everything.

No. 211319

she really thinks she's that special huh? plenty of people are told that they need a higher level of care than residential. That's why they have inpatient and places like Denver ACUTE. It's really NOT a "first for insurance in the ED community"
this ~3sick5me "kid" needs a reality check, stat

No. 211323

File: 1481326652175.jpeg (233.55 KB, 750x987, image.jpeg)

She ended up not going to ACUTE and went to Johns Hopkins? I think for a short time instead. Came back, went back to day tx and mama bear, and immediately started getting "sick" again. She did the same thing over spring with residential at The Emily Program. Gets out and goes right back to getting admitted to "Children's"

No. 211328

File: 1481327227091.jpeg (236.9 KB, 750x1188, image.jpeg)

I can't believe she's 21, or that her mother..oh sorry, mummy is a doctor. I wonder if she'd actually prefer having Mama bear as her mom instead, if she could.

No. 211331

Wow so she totally refused treatment that would actually help so she could go back to the children's ward with mamabear and her other enablers. What a waste of resources.

No. 211333

As a mother and as a daughter of a mother, I want to smack her.

No. 211350

File: 1481331149433.jpeg (286.79 KB, 750x1197, image.jpeg)

>such an exciting patient

No. 211389

File: 1481337677965.png (80.62 KB, 750x749, IMG_2382.PNG)

>1 mg ativan

No. 211400

JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST. Dis bitch…she's so Munchausen it's disgusting. I wonder if any of this is real. The whole thing could be an MBI rouse. Does anyone know Alexys or her doc or mom or anyone IRL?

No. 211406

File: 1481340415468.jpeg (310.1 KB, 750x1199, image.jpeg)

>mama bear made me so excited
>I'm the sickest ana she's had since 94'
>I need to stay sick so she'll take care of me forever
That was 47 weeks ago, so I guess it wasn't her "year to recover"

No. 211410

File: 1481340621919.jpeg (202.96 KB, 750x1192, image.jpeg)

>the nurse kneeled down and softly talked me thru the super triggering process of switching rooms in a hospital I've been admitted to countless times.

No. 211430

File: 1481344680351.jpeg (174.06 KB, 750x1188, image.jpeg)

Sage for photo dumping but jfc
>pee pee on the potty
Promise I'm done for now, shes just so insufferable, i wish she were trolling.

No. 211432

File: 1481344797496.jpeg (205.43 KB, 750x1187, image.jpeg)

And of course I forgot to sage, I need a "nap" like Alexys.

No. 211448

Holy fuck anon, post away. I am mesmerized by her bullshit. Just, nope, nope nope. She is so full of shit. This account has to be an MBI catfish fantasy. HAS TO BE.

No. 211489

File: 1481374044361.jpeg (176.67 KB, 750x1192, image.jpeg)

As long as you guys are entertained, my pleasure. She even thinks she needs toddler laxatives, she just so delicate

No. 211515

File: 1481381623063.jpeg (167.52 KB, 750x1203, image.jpeg)

And the complete lack of boundaries extends to the receptionist too. I wish it was a catfish, but I know it's real. My good friend sees mama bears partner and has seen Alexys walking around children's, ugly beanie and all.

No. 211522

Is mama bears partner a dr also?

No. 211525

Yes, but she's nothing like mama bear and doesn't treat 21 year olds like toddlers. It is so tempting to tell her what a mess her colleague is, but i contain myself.

No. 211531

File: 1481385133685.jpg (631.47 KB, 807x478, Hangover25.jpg)

She's healthy enough, and her kidneys are functioning well enough when its convenient for her

No. 211534

File: 1481385629672.jpg (229.66 KB, 899x227, verynextpost.jpg)

but the very next damn day she's "double arming it". She's not knowingly and intentionally making herself sick when she wants at all, no.
I forgot she went to Remuda maybe a year ago too, and then right back to day tx and constant admissions to Mama bear. Then she did the same thing this Spring with The Emily Program, she truly is the biggest waste of resources. I think thats one of the reasons she pisses me off so much. There are genuinely sick people who aren't eating detergent and don't have the insurance coverage to get quality care, or any care, and then theres Alexy's.
I wonder where her munchie behaviors come from. Like the best guess for Robyn is definitely her speshul medical attention as a young child, but Alexy's was a healthy kid. Does having a parent, like Mummy, as a doctor maybe influence it at all? Or the fact that she was the youngest, until her much younger siblings came along and she misses being the baby? Sage for armchair psych and continued photo dumping.

No. 211545

File: 1481387588323.jpg (345.64 KB, 919x370, last.day.jk.jpg)

So 29 weeks ago was her "last night" in residential at TEP, but she ends up needing to be admitted to Children's, back in Mama Bears arms, 4 weeks later. I wonder how many tide pods she eats per day.

No. 211557

ALOT of her hospital pics look like they are from the same admission (see blue nail polosh). This sounds more and more like the blueyedbarbie cystic fibrosis scam and reposting sick pics making us think she was in the hospital every week and really it was once maybe twice.

No. 211611

Jonzie08 pisses me off more than any other ig snowflake. Also why the fuck is she taking up child life's time and toys and such when she's 22? Don't get me wrong anyone can watch a disney movie but shes obsessed with all things childish. Its nauseating.

No. 211631

File: 1481402457326.jpeg (212.38 KB, 750x1201, image.jpeg)

I agree

>vroom vroom

She's addicted to acting like a child.

No. 211634

File: 1481402556531.jpeg (181.61 KB, 750x1181, image.jpeg)

No. 211659

File: 1481404792255.jpg (373.61 KB, 899x305, Tues.april12.jpg)

Im looking at the whiteboards and trying to figure out if your theory is a possibility. Unfortunately I think she's been eating detergent when she wants Mama bear cuddles for years.

No. 211662

File: 1481405367447.jpg (430.57 KB, 907x340, jan.15.2016.jpg)

>jan 15, 2016
I think she really is admitted that often. I wonder if mama bear thinks any differently of her since the detergent confession.

No. 211666

I cant find the exact post but once she said "its too much for my tiny tummy" c r i n g e

No. 211673

File: 1481406882110.jpg (556.25 KB, 917x442, soap.opera1.jpg)

>All I heard her say was ohh yeah, you bought yourself a hospital bed w that alone.
Such drama, really does read like a soap opera.

No. 211674

File: 1481406995332.png (282.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-10-16-50-34…)

No. 211675

File: 1481407034592.jpg (577.86 KB, 923x454, its.ok.my.love.jpg)

>Mama Bear's next to me softly stroking my head, telling me, "this sucks.. I know, I know. it's okay my love.."

No. 211679

File: 1481407398082.jpg (675.28 KB, 910x441, pediatrics1.jpg)

Yea, that'd be all well and good if being admitted to pediatrics wasn't fueling your ed, and just because you're 21+ in a "children's" hospital doesn't mean you should act like you're 3. jfc. I will try to control my rage, for now, i think.

No. 211681

More like
>when your doctor keeps that unhealthy, no boundary having, detrimental relationship alive while fueling my cravings for detergent at the same time

No. 211683

File: 1481407895365.jpg (423.81 KB, 920x327, justifications1.jpg)

jk, 1 more.
>dont question mama bear
>enabling and coddling works best for me
>Sorry (not sorry)
If that approach was working so well, why does she keep ending up back at Children's? I'd ask her, but she's either ignore or block me.

No. 211688

No. 211690

Same here, wanted to ask about this too

No. 211693

hmm if you guys can't see them, maybe something is wrong with my laptop? Thats how I always post pics and never had a problem. Screen shotting from my phone is slightly more annoying/can't fit as much in

No. 211698

I definitely can see the pics /screenshots. I'm on a mobile device.

Also can somebody explain the detergent thing a little more in depth? Is she eating it because of the pica or because it helps her to look thin to go on with the facade? I mean shouldn't they be treating her for pica in that case? Sorry for all the questions. I just get a bit confused when people say things like "she's lying because they think it's the eating disorder but it's because she eats detergent"

No. 211705

Can't see the pics either, on mobile

No. 211708

On mobile, can see

No. 211715

She's been to a few residential programs, but always ends up right back at Children's suspiciously fast, like max a month, then blames it on
>complications from chronic starvation
>some peoples bodies fail more quickly than others
and now she's recently admitted she's been eating detergent, but doesn't specify how long its been going on. Its all very shadi Her hospitalizations were odd before the detergent, she's always been thin but not on deaths door from chronic ana like she leads everyone to believe, so detergent would explain all the damaged organs. Maybe someone can explain her fuckery more? I have to rush to meet my parents for dinner, that is if my tiny tummy can take it ugh, I hate her.

No. 211719

Surely "mama bear" (ugh, it pains me to type that) must be massively breaching her doctor code of ethics. In the UK, people lose their qualifications for less than this. This doctor has major boundary issues, it's really unhealthy and abnormal.

No. 211720

Nope, I can't see it either. I'm on a computer as well.

No. 211721

Alexys is very vague about her serious organ damage. That screams MUNCHIE to me.

No. 211723

It's probably fake. Besides it being a breach of ethics, doctors aren't going to sit around giving out therapy for free when they could get paid $200/hr to do so.

Reminds me of Kadee's fake texts from her doctor

No. 211732

I swear she has some kind of pedo/adult baby fetish.

ps: stop namefagging and using your email

No. 211735

Because you want to be the only smol child who is actually in their 20s?

No. 211737

Lol creeped the tumblr too

No. 211748

"Sorry not sorry I get to have enablers and indulge in my fantasy of being the worlds most sickest ever 10 year old. Not my fault other people have real professionals and have to do hard stuff like be a grownup. Ur all just jealous cause I get to stay a widdle ana pwincess and you don't teehee"

She really is a total piece of shit. her doctor is just as bad. Totally incompetent, totally inappropriate.

No. 211750

Looks like Jackie (nevertrustmysmile123) is cozying up to mylifestruggles. I s2g she lurks here looking for friends.

No. 211782

As long as alexys' insurance is paying, Mama bear and the hospital are good. (Remember it's not like the UK, US = private healthcare, so it's not about how sick you are but what insurance coverage you have). As long as Alexys ingests toxic things, her labs will be off, which is the concrete proof of "need for tx" insurance companies want to see. It's really moms insurance Alexys is on, I'm sure it's decent considering she's a doctor, and she can stay on it until her 26th bday as per the Affordable Care Act.

No. 211785

File: 1481421845915.png (1.14 MB, 987x1649, Screenshot_2016-12-10-21-02-22…)

No. 211841


I'm blind - where did she actually admit she eats detergent?

No. 211848

One of the small things that pisses me off about Jonzie is how she pretends so much to be a child, but at the same time also does adult shit like drinking alcohol, going to see movies like Sausage Party etc. It's like she wants to go out, get drunk and then go to the children's hospital to be treated for her hangover.

No. 211850

Lol how pathetically melodramatic. How much of a keyboard warrior do you have to be to make a big deal of a kid eating some bits from a happy meal like that's the most serious issue in society? Fucking rexics.

No. 211852

i don't they they work on chrome. I can see on internet explore and safari but not chrome

No. 211926

Can't see pics (on Chrome) either. I think >>211852's theory is correct.

Okay, MBI research fag here. I am 99% convinced she is full of shit. She sets off every fucking red flag in the book.

No. 211938

I'm not a fan of Dr. Phil, but this is a great expose on a ~*muh suhveeyer ana*~ faker. This bitch says she has 5 months to live because her heart is affected by anorexia…but her medical records say "well-nourished" and "heart normal." Really?

No. 211948

nice trips. you don't have to put your email in the field

No. 211993

File: 1481465998463.png (170.47 KB, 676x966, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.19…)

No. 212030

File: 1481473023493.jpeg (237.91 KB, 750x1186, image.jpeg)

Yes! I saw that episode and that will probably be exactly what Alexys is like in 10 years.
>you can totally peep my kid cuisine
I wouldn't have noticed it if she didn't say it, and I can still barely see it. I see her healthy muscular thighs very clearly though, and yet, she's always 1 bad food day (or a few sips of detergent?) away from an admission to Children's. I'm sure her insurance company can't wait for her 26th birthday.

No. 212048

I had to search the picture for five minutes to find the kid cuisine.

No. 212065

I must be blind because I can't find it kek

No. 212137

File: 1481489479000.jpeg (136.83 KB, 750x1228, image.jpeg)

Took me forever to find too

No. 212272

File: 1481504429571.png (956.76 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_2016-12-11-19-58-14…)

No. 212348

File: 1481509490223.jpeg (180.96 KB, 750x1097, image.jpeg)

Always so dramatic and inb4 ana-chan, she doesn't look on deaths door to me? Especially considering the bs she posts next.

No. 212351

File: 1481509575149.jpeg (231.9 KB, 750x1103, image.jpeg)

Right, I wonder why so compromised.

No. 212361


Who takes all these pictures for her? In the wheelchair, in the hospital bed, etc. Like does she just hand off her phone to the nearest person and say "take a pic of me looking as sick and pathetic as possible while posing like I don't know you're taking my picture"?

No. 212373

More like take 30 pictures of me looking sick and like I'm not paying attention so I can pick the one with the best skinny-angles. Don't forget to focus on the tube. It's probably her mummy being made to take 100 photos a day just so alexys can continue her fantasy.

Airports can't force you to use a wheelchair, you have to ask for them. She doesn't even look sickly so idk why she thinks anyone would force her to use a chair on sight. Other than she tube she looks normal.

No. 212441

Incoming…SPERGY RAAAAAAAGE! Jesus fuck she pisses me off!

No. 212447

File: 1481523539101.png (258.39 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1634.PNG)

Incoming newfags from the jonzie parody account.

Remember… don't tip the cow!!!

No. 212448

>what is lolcows?
>off to lolcows!

No. 212460


Warning to all the new, unintegrated users coming from this Instagram account: read the rules before you post. Do not put your email in the email field. Thanks in advance.

No. 212579

She posted her pica diagnosis and it says "pica of infancy and childhood: wtf she was diagnosed a few days ago and she is 21

No. 212580

I compulsively ate inorganic compounds as a kid sounds a hell of a lot better than "i eat detergent to be coddled by my mama bear in pediatrics."

Would someone be willing to make alexys her own thread? Shes a wackadoodle

No. 212582

she's fascinating so yes please

No. 212589

This has reminded me that I used to chew paper as a kid because I wasn't allowed gum. I was only about 6 though.

No. 212750

File: 1481579069457.jpeg (217 KB, 747x1187, image.jpeg)

>she's so dramatic
Fucking seriously? Moms the dramatic one?

No. 212755

Maybe "mummy" is tired of having a 21 year old 4-year-old?

No. 212763


some people are short, anon

No. 212793

I feel like most of her text messages are fake, something's off

No. 212796

Alexys hasn't been admitted to Children's Hospital since about October. This must be a record for her.

No. 212798

Her poor mother if this is real. Imagine having a 21 year old kid calling you mummy and riding in your shopping cart still.
You'd be watching her peers go to college, get married, have kids, travel, start careers..and then there's alexys, vacationing at hospital when she's not getting enough attention at home and demanding she take photos of her in every wheelchair and hospital bed she can crawl into.

No. 213080

Yes, but she photoshops them a mile long. In comparison to her shoop, she looks like a dwarf.

No. 213180

Violet is 5'8 or claims to be.

No. 213253

File: 1481655589632.png (786.37 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_2016-12-13-13-48-19…)

No. 213616

File: 1481675695155.jpeg (246.32 KB, 750x1190, image.jpeg)

More like
>guess how many tide pods Alexys ate

No. 213669

MBI research fag here. I am currently archiving as much of her fuckery as I can, and I promise to write up a thread at some point. I have an ongoing project for the RobynMunch thread which I need to finish first though, so bear with me. It will likely be a while, there is a LOT to go through!

No. 213676

Jealous…of some compression stockings because she's apparently starved almost to dead. Who the hell would be jealous?

No. 213700

>MBI research fag here
I love you. If I wasn't so lazy and terrible at statistics, I'd write a dissertation on MBI+social media for my PhD.
Just curious, what do you think Mama Bear would say if she saw all of Alexys' fuckery and attention whoring? (no worries, no cow tipping, i was the one who first posted her) would she be pissed at her for making her look like a fool? coddle her more because "online bullies"? transfer her to adult services?

No. 213707

As another one of the research fags from the Robyn thread, bless you anon. I look forward to the thread.

No. 213709

Bless. The storyline thing going on for Robyn has been so informative. I "patiently" await a thread on this girl. (*patiently, geddit).

No. 213711

If Mama Bear values her license, she'd transfer. Coddling and enabling behavior like this is an ethics shitstorm for helping professions. Plus there's always the risk of an MBI turning against them and suing for malpractice.

No. 213805

she def needs her own thread

No. 213826

File: 1481691902346.jpeg (90.86 KB, 725x829, image.jpeg)

She even whines in her captions
>my tubie feed is beeepinggg

No. 213841

>tubie feed
Fucking REALLY?!

Oh and look, she made sure to get that 'Child Life' brochure thing in the foreground of the shot. Totez coinkidink I am sure. #whatthefuckeveralexys

No. 213853

I noticed that too.
What's she going to do in a few years when she can't pass as a 17 year old anymore?

No. 213857

for about 10 years i was in and out of treatment for bulimia starting about 97-07 and at least from the majority that ive seen in that time, the people who got feeds were desperate to -not- have them. like doing everything under the sun to get them out or dilute or whatever. there was one girl that i was ip with that wanted one but it was for mommies love.
is it because of instagram that feeding tubes are sick chic and actually sought out?? even at my smallest i would have killed anyone coming near me with one.

she seems so fucking happy to have it. her and just so many other girls. whats with glorifying ed? it used to be more or less hidden from the net so no one would stop you.

No. 213861

No wonder she runs from Denveracute and any real treatment places.

No. 213883

nice blog post

No. 213890


She never would have qualified for Denver ACUTE. You have to be significantly underweight and she looks NOTHING like the patients there (I've done the ACUTE program). They accept people who are genuinely sick and stabilize them enough to go to a regular treatment place.

No. 213893

It's just weird that from the way she talks, you'd think she was emaciated and dying. She just wants to be coddled and taken care of, which is rather sad. I've followed her for a while and she's never looked super underweight or anything.

No. 213894

Trust me, the vast majority of ED patients will still run the other way if they see a tube coming.

No. 213896

At this point I 100% believe this is a weird kink for her. She doesn't sound like a regular self-infantilizing ED sufferer, she sounds like an adult baby fetishist.

No. 213900

She seems to absolutely love any kind of tube or mask as well as anything that makes her look like a kid. How in the hell is the hospital still admitting her when she's admitted to drinking soap when she's been out for more than a week?

No. 213952


I love how she just had to mention that the nurse called her "small". It's a paediatric hospital for fucks sake, she must be the biggest 'baby' they've ever seen.

No. 213966

>as well as anything that makes her look like a kid
Yup. And she's hardly "drowning" in that shirt.

No. 213967

File: 1481717665976.jpeg (142.15 KB, 747x965, image.jpeg)

No. 213997

File: 1481724468409.jpeg (197.89 KB, 750x1096, image.jpeg)

>you look like a totally different kid!
So either every professional she sees feeds into her widdle kid fantasy, or she's lying about the shit they say.

No. 213998

What I want to know is why she always wears the fucking beanie

No. 214002

She looks like a smelly vagrant wearing it. Why do all these hospital malingerers (mylifestuggles, Kadee Konstantino, Kelly, Robyn etc) all look so unwashed and stinky? Fuck

No. 214005

Because half the pics are from the same hospital stay (note blue nail polish) I can see she's been in maybe twice, not every few months like she posting and claiming to be.

No. 214010

File: 1481726528606.jpg (476.31 KB, 845x457, poor.mum.jpg)

>my mum being difficult as usual
>it really affects me me me
>she can't control herself
>I'm 20, I have my own life, can make my own decisions.
Her poor mother. No Alexys, you are the one bringing stress to everyone in your family, not your mother. And you're an adult who can make her own decisions when its convenient for you, but a delicate kid who needs to be admitted to picu when she needs attention. Right.
Also, can most people see the image when I post from my laptop?

No. 214011

File: 1481726643101.jpg (509.77 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20161214_084019.jpg)

The emergency room as not ICU. Stop lying, stop taking care away from real sick kids and move on with your ridiculous life. This is just like the other liar/scammeryear delt with last year

No. 214012

Can't see image

No. 214013

god dammit! wtf is wrong with my mac, I have so many munchie screen caps from her :( I never had this problem before.

No. 214014

Ugh bashing your parents on social media is so fucking cold blooded. Makes me sad. Hope none of them follow her. Assuming it's real

No. 214016

I'm not computer savvy but try not renaming your file without the periods in it. And then upload

No. 214017

Try renaming *

No. 214020

File: 1481727649400.jpg (85.71 KB, 310x458, tryagain.jpg)

I have a feeling this won't work and then ill break out my old black mac just for her.
is this cap Alexys talks about how "mama bear" >won't let any other hospital or facility take care of me w/o her orders
>goes all mama bear grrr thinking i was put in harms way

No. 214025

Still can't see pic

No. 214036

I see it (text cap from 59 weeks ago)

No. 214133

File: 1481738363761.png (371.65 KB, 1079x1673, Screenshot_2016-12-14-12-56-58…)

"Tummy ill"

No. 214159

File: 1481740822634.jpg (198.91 KB, 535x779, IMG_20161214_123430.jpg)

She's "weight restored" now
And those doctors are completely inappropriate and Crossing major medical guidelines, if she wasn't lying about 90% of her imaginary text, phone calls and hospital stays

No. 214165

Good thing it took less than 8 weeks.

No. 214206

File: 1481745239058.jpg (28.23 KB, 450x538, 64848-large-165096.jpg)


I don't get this girl. I can understand why that blob Kaydee does what she does, but this is over my head. Really imagine her going to one of those sex places for "adult babies".

She looks healthier than I do and I'm not even ill. Her colouring, her weight…she's never looked ill even with a fucking tube up her nose.

My diagnosis - Paraphilic infantilism.

No. 214243


How super serious can your anorexia be if you can gain all the weight you need in 8 weeks?! Especially as Alexys has a super serious metabolism problem (she needs to eat 60000000 calories a day just to gain weight).

To be honest, yes she certainly was underweight but she shoops and contorts her body to make herself appear thinner.

No. 214248

File: 1481750193682.png (37.19 KB, 497x441, IMG_6621.PNG)

Youth sizes are not special wtf. An adult woman can wear a YM-YXL (unless she's tall) and still be fine. Hell, I buy youth sizes to save money (it's only like a $3 difference but what the hell). T-shirts tend to run on the bigger side, anyway. When she's drowning in a women's slim-fit small then she can feel sorry for herself.

No. 214267

File: 1481753135389.png (689.43 KB, 1079x1612, Screenshot_2016-12-14-14-59-19…)

Shes uses baby laxatives wtf

No. 214268

was the produce a poo part essential? i guess anything to sound more juvenile.

No. 214333

I imagine she really does get off on all of this.

No. 214352

File: 1481765023441.png (124.71 KB, 638x949, IMG_1274.PNG)

This was one of her early posts from like 3 years ago but I thought the caption was interesting. She took this pic sitting in a baby stroller. Because that's totally normal when you're 18.

No. 214425

I mean she looks fine… I think being weight restored is the least of her problems. She's manipulative and attention seeking. Actual sick kids need help. She needs to get out of the childrens hospital. If she were there and my child needed treatment, I would say something…

No. 214455

I mean, for all you know, she could just be a really fugly 15-year-old.

I wouldn't trust this bitch around kids.

No. 214624

How does she fit in a damnSTROLLER?? She'll break it

No. 214659

she probably wanted to test out how her super cereal ana~~ is and see if she could fit in toddler shit

No. 214663

File: 1481819623992.jpg (166.31 KB, 527x732, IMG_20161215_103031.jpg)

Not getting enough attention lately?

No. 214681

Just thought I'd let you know that so far I have been able to see every single photo on my iPhone. So it works for me.

No. 214757

i want and need this

No. 214758

No, it's not just instagram. Was in treatment too for a while and afaik a lot of pro-anas want them to appear to be the sickest one, y'know that whole kind of mindset. I am sure instagram hasn't helped anything, though.

No. 215102

Alexys Jones is never going to get a normal job if she continues to be obsessed with everything childish. She's like a pedophile. She looks like a adult who role plays as a baby. I don't remember what that's called, but it's the weird fetish. I would never allow her near my children. If she was at the children's hospital and my child were actually ill, I would definitely have something to say about her being there. I would be so uncomfortable.

I'm just so embarrassed for her.

No. 215120

Alexys is private now

No. 215169

Idk where the post is, but she's definitely mentioned she'd like to work in the Children's hospital one day. I forgot as what, occupational therapist? Art therapist? I agree she's obsessed with being a "kid" but I don't think she'd hurt an actual kid or baby…unless they were taking too much of mama bears attention and time away from her.

No. 215208

Alexys is an attention seeking brat but I don't think she'd ever hurt someone.

No. 215732

I disagree… I think she's totally capable of hurting someone if it means more attention for herself. Let's hope she never has children. She'll be one of those munchausen by proxy mothers we see on tv. I honestly wouldn't feel comfortable with her around my kid. If it means getting attention from doctors, she would hurt that child.

No. 215733

I feel like she'd be jealous of the actual sick kids and punish them for that somehow. I would not be ok with her alone with my kid.

No. 215734

How much "work" could she get done if all she does is try to fit into the cribs and strollers.

No. 215738

Has anyone ever talked about Bekah Georgy on here? Talk about an ~AnA aTtEnTiOn SeEkInG QuEeNNnN~*

No. 215742

Links or anything?? Come on dummy

No. 215766

What did she do to hurt your feelings?

No. 215786

Links or GTFO

No. 215798

Competition for attention is internal in cases like hers. She's too invested in being the frajul viktum, not hurt someone else. If anything her goal would be to make herself sicker than any other of Mama Bear's patients. Female Peter Pan Syndrome with a Munchie bent is different than being a child-hurting pedo.

No. 215929

Yeah I agree. If she hurt a child, it would take attention away from herself. Can't be having that!
I also doubt "mama bear" is as incompetent as she seems. Jonzie is more likely to be doing a kadee and sending texts to herself and shit. Too many of her posts sound too much like fantasy to be real life.

No. 215936

Fucking hell, it's sarcasm. Lighten up.

No. 215938

A distant relative of mine was sent to Denver Acute, no idea how far gone she actually was but I get the impression that it's a last chance saloon kinda place ED-wise? Is everyone there at <11 BMI or something?

No. 215957

Yup, this. I was at Denver ACUTE and actually laughed out loud when I read (maybe it was here, maybe it was on jonzie's page) that Alexys claimed to almost be sent there. Denver ACUTE is where the actual sick people go. Like the REAL sick ones. It's very much the last chance for a lot of patients. Most treatment programs (and even HOSPITALS) will not accept someone who is so obviously dying. That's what ACUTE is for- get them stable enough for a regular hospital or IP program. It's the shortest stay possible just to get someone to 65% of their normal weight. I can't remember the actual numbers. I spent 2 weeks there. I think the average stay is probably 4-6 to get medically stable. Alexys looks way better than patients who are DISCHARGED from ACUTE. Even at her "lowest" weight, she wouldn't have qualified. She's too healthy.

No. 216116

Alexys claimed ro be too unstable to fly to acute

No. 216174

Bullshit of course; she could have been transported by ambulance.

No. 216214

File: 1482023563031.jpeg (258.9 KB, 749x1114, image.jpeg)

But she was fine to fly to a differen program, I think it might be Johns Hopkins but I'm not sure. She was fine to fly, she's such a spoiled, entitled bullshit artist. And of course she was so sick but was home in weeks.

No. 216219

I always thought it was for people in conditions similar to Rachael Farrokh.

alexys looks no different in her 'look how weight restored' photo than the ones where she's supposedly dying and tubed and more immunocompromised than a newborn going through chemo.

Alexys doesn't need ACUTE she needs a parent to discipline her and a therapist who won't coddle her.

No. 216250

lol. the point of ACUTE is to be a resource for those who are TOO SICK TO DO ANYTHING dumbass. They would have figured out alternate transportation. Guess what?? Pretty much everyone who goes to ACUTE is "too sick" to fly.

No. 216252

Exactly this. Rachael Ferrokh is a good example of an ACUTE patient. Alexys would have to lose half her body weight to qualify. That's just fact. (i was a pt there, do not judge)

No. 216253

*I was calling Alexys a dumbass, not you.

No. 216291

ACUTE wouldn't put up with the wuole "im a widdle baby" shtick either…no child life visits either there lmao. She'd probably check out asap if she did go and say its bc she was too sick bc they won't coddle there

No. 216312

She was the most far gone one I could think of that actually seemed to try. Honestly I think alexys likes the idea of being in acute but likes PICU more. If there was a youth specific centre like acute she'd be at the door chugging bottle after bottle of Ajax in order to secure a permanent place.

Hopefully she's in some sort of therapy she doesn't mention for her refusal to accept an adult role in life. It's a little sad to think of her at age 40 still mad that she isn't the poster girl for the starlight foundation.

No. 217233

Any update from Alexys?

No. 217278

File: 1482161529702.jpg (179.64 KB, 532x824, IMG_20161219_092951.jpg)

Still lying

No. 217343

File: 1482171431250.jpeg (180.1 KB, 750x1085, image.jpeg)

Someone plz explain why she needs this apt near her treaters when she finished yet another program and is weight restored? Shouldn't she be looking for an apt, idk, near a school or job? God forbid…

No. 217345

File: 1482171592026.jpeg (173.99 KB, 750x1099, image.jpeg)

>by a .1fucking5 value
We all know by "so relieved" she means "so disappointed"

No. 217357

File: 1482173289517.jpg (212.03 KB, 532x846, IMG_20161219_124539.jpg)

Which is it? You're staying because you're on your death bed or bad weather conditions. She can't even keep up with her stupid lies

No. 217358

File: 1482173307770.jpg (113.55 KB, 536x705, IMG_20161219_124521.jpg)

No. 217390

Treaters?!! Erghh.

No. 217453

Because she's totally going to be the most super seriously anorexic and chronically ill child at least once a week and this cuts down a lot of the price of fuel and driving time. Plus if she's alone she can chug all the soap she wants without mummy making her go grocery shopping without a stroller

No. 218593

File: 1482334486263.png (592.86 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_2016-12-21-10-31-51…)

No. 218595

>they told me go to the ER to get labs
This is how I can tell she's making it up… No one would tell you to go to the ER, where you'll have to wait for hours among ACTUAL sick people, for bloodwork when you could just go to a walk in clinic.

No. 218621

>> I am okay, no one worry.
If you didn't want people to worry, why post this?

No. 218669

Aaaaaand she's been admitted. Right on schedule.

No. 218677

I don't know how it works in the US but in the UK, they desperate try to discharge as many patients as possible before Christmas, so she won't be there for long. I'm sure that'll devastate her.

No. 218678

I did have a giggle at "check my organs". Who the fuck speaks like that?!

No. 218709

Maybe she can be discharged straight to mamabear's house for Christmas. That way she can be close to her treaters.

No. 218740

File: 1482361313460.jpg (226.53 KB, 530x845, IMG_20161221_165921.jpg)

Weight restored, binges on french fries every other day, cleared to play soccer. You're not sick, you don't need your ogans checked and your obviously not restricting

No. 218747

Anas have ruined this thread again I c

No. 218766

Quit whining. No one is ruining it except people like you.

No. 218767

I feel bad for the sick kids and their families who see Alexys at the hospital. I would be really uncomfortable (and a little creeped out) by a 20-something healthy looking girl whining "My tubie feed is beeping" and speaking like a baby.

No. 218773

File: 1482366714914.jpeg (190.48 KB, 750x1090, image.jpeg)

Fortunately for Alexys, Mama bear is Jewish, so she can give her plenty of attention this weekend.
Logic would agree with you, but the program she goes to actually would do that.

And Santa can visit her again! She must be so pleased with herself.

No. 218778

PUUUUUUUKE this creeps me out. Sage for sperg.

No. 218799

File: 1482371378040.png (417.71 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_2016-12-21-20-46-53…)

Her "tum"

No. 218800

File: 1482371525099.jpeg (192.03 KB, 750x922, image.jpeg)

Poor baby

No. 218807

File: 1482373038409.png (47.44 KB, 420x294, MjAxMy0zMDY5ZDExNjgzZjUyMjdl.p…)

HOW OLD IS THIS BITCH AGAIN???? I bet this is what the nurses are thinking

No. 218850

Why are they dropping an NG if she's weight restored?

No. 218882


If you're thinking of the same Dr. I am her name is the same as the capital of Italy amirite

No. 219865

Wait, so is "Mama Bear" her consultant? If so why is her consultant stroking her head and giving her hugs? In the NHS medics rarely even hold a patients hand let alone treat them like their first born baby.

I don't understand why at 21 she would be in a children's ward, in the UK children's wards only admit kids up until the age of 13 normally.

No. 219870

Apparently she's gonna be treated by her pediatrican until she's like 25 and then probably end up either threatening suicide if she gets a referral or she'll bounce around various GPs until she gets an enabler.

The other-other option is she gets kicked out of mummy's house and trapped in a shitty government house with no education, skills, friends, prospects, and nobody to pat her widdle head and put on a special cutie-patootie kids movie.
Nobody there to snuggle her in a blanky, take photos of the special ickle babies every big scary day.
Either way she's pretty much fucked.

No. 219897

Yes, correct anon

No. 219899

She's a pediatrician who specializes in ED, which is shocking considering she's only fueling Alexys to stay a sick widdle baby. Her practice is part of a hospital, which is why it's so easy for mama bear to admit so fast and stay with Alexys to stroke her back.
Adolescents technically goes up to like 24, after that insurance won't pay for pediatric specialty care.

No. 219904

File: 1482415116267.png (359.24 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_2016-12-22-08-55-58…)

No. 219906

the NGT she is talking about is larger, less flexible tube than an actual feeding tube. NGT is used for gastric distress type situations, also inserted in the OR to decompress the stomach. basically NGT is for your run of the mill sick people not super special anorexic feeding tube. but you won't find alexys making that distinction to her followers.

No. 219913

Why does she always say "we"
We concluded….
We're thinking….
She does it all the time.
Also, someone in the comments asked if it was pica related and she said no kek

No. 219918

When was this posted, date?

No. 219925

Posted December of 2015, and it was "exactly one year ago" so she spent Xmas with Santa at the children's hospital in 2014.

I think she's 22. Her time with mama bear is running out, gotta get as many admissions as she can now.

Really? All her NG pics seem to be pediatric tubes, of course.

No. 219934

File: 1482418344421.jpg (412.35 KB, 960x960, caesarapp_2016122284912958.jpg)

This blue polish is in a lot of pics and supposably got it from the nurse in April at the hospital. But this color sure is in a lot of hospital, treatment facilities and non hospital pics.

No. 219939


According to the hospital program's website, they serve adolescent and young adult patients through the age of 22. I wonder if they will make an exception for baby bear. There are some (albeit rare) adolescent programs that will see patients up to age 40 if they have been going there all their lives.

I see that this admission was timed perfectly that she gets in for her baby bear coddling but will still get discharged just in time to be able to fly (wait, even when so immunocompromised??? And with medically unstable organ function???) out of state for the holidays to enjoy the perks of adult life like independence and alcohol.

No. 219946

Left pic is at the Emily program, a residential program that mama bear sends her patients to. When they get super sick, like baby bear, they send them/Alexys back over to see mama bear. Of course, TEP allows phones, all the biggest attention whores go to treatment places that allow phones/laptops, like erc and now TEP.

No. 219971

Can you imagine if you were the parent of an actual sick kid in that hospital? It's a few days before Christmas, your child is unwell and you're scared for them. Maybe you're worried about other kids at home, maybe you wonder if you'll be home for Christmas, maybe you wonder if your child will leave the hospital, maybe you're worried about being away from your job and the financial implications. Then, you cast your eye on Alexy - the adult baby in a beanie hat - sucking on a popsicle, furiously posting on social media and taking photos of herself. Fucking bonkers.

No. 220002

File: 1482430790712.jpeg (154.88 KB, 750x1027, image.jpeg)

>organs in such bad shape
>especially kidneys
>need to be hospitalized
>but will be flying+drinking in 48 hours
>ask questions
>just not about pica or my love of hospital
Seems reasonable.

No. 220007

File: 1482431273847.jpeg (182.76 KB, 750x1189, image.jpeg)

>Johns Hopkins is for more severe cases
>however, if you say you have medical complications
Does this sound kinda condescending to anyone else?

No. 220008

File: 1482431443837.jpeg (208.83 KB, 750x1203, image.jpeg)

Sure it's not pica related, whatever you say baby bear.

No. 220051

Lmao "johns Hopkins is for severe cases" says she who weight restored in record time to another sick person

No. 220054

Being proud of paediatric treatment is almost a mental illness in itself. My mum once took me to a paediatrician when I was 16 and I was horrified and embarrassed. The paediatrician, fortunately, didn't say "call me daddy bear" and referred to me as a "young woman" because he was normal and I am normal.

No. 220075

Right? The idea of continuing to see a pediatrician into your 20s in the absence of a severe mental defect is hilarious.

No. 220081

she can't stand the thought of anyone else being sicker than her. i think she's an arrogant, self absorbed twat though

No. 220186

File: 1482453494201.jpeg (214.06 KB, 750x1099, image.jpeg)

Yup, it's sickening.
Pic related, this time last year.

No. 220220

File: 1482459648080.jpeg (178.05 KB, 750x1089, image.jpeg)

>admission timed perfectly

>short admission really refreshing

No. 220234

She doesn't even look tired lol

No. 220240

washed out selfies with chapped lips prove that she is suffering. so brave

No. 220243

it's funny how she has to specify "CHILDRENShospital" in the hashtags or Picu. Pathetic. My sister was a legit sick kid (and didn't make it) and we never ever referred to the hospital as the "CHILDRENS" hospital because why woudlu we do that???

FUCK you, alexys. Fuck your wannarexic normal body taking away from kids with cancer. FUCK you.

No. 220314

My face says it all… I'm a fish. Blub blub blub.

No. 220459

Does Jonzie know about this thread? I would be mortified if I were her. But she's embarrassed herself enough and this shit isn't going away. When anyone googles her name, a pedo wannarexic will pop up. Lovely.

No. 220548

Does anyone here still follow Eleri? She just posted and called her body type conventionally skinny. Maybe it's because I'm European, but here she would never be considered skinny. Is that normal for America??

No. 220549

Idk. In my state, she'd be totally normal, not skinny. She's not really thin but just healthy. She has meat on her bones. Maybe it's because she's in Kentucky and most people are obese there.

No. 220551

File: 1482519119423.jpg (128.25 KB, 457x810, tumblr_oiczm8Ue8J1vr1i05o2_540…)

Just look at that super skinny arm. She's absolutely wasting away!

No. 220553

The only thing that's thin about her is her lips. Or shall I say lip, as she doesn't seem to have a top one.

No. 220554

Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head. I went to school in the south and constantly got called "too skinny" when my BMI has always been normal and in my hometown (Portland, OR) I'm actually a lot bigger than people here because so many of them are health conscious vegans. I was so shocked at how people ate in the south haha. So yeah, I think people have told her she's skinny becasue most people there are fucking obese.

No. 220555

This is going to sound really petty, but I found it really weird that on her poshmark, she made a big deal out of getting rid of 'anorexic clothes' but most were normal sizes. I'm the European anon and American sizes are HUGE in comparison to sizes here due to vanity sizing. Her clothes were all size 5ish, which would be like a UK size 12. Again, it's because of vanity sizing.

No. 220556

File: 1482519511228.png (669.43 KB, 498x780, Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 10.5…)

Wasting away… thuper thkinny guys.

No. 220557

That awkward moment when one thigh is wider than your waist.

No. 220560

She reminds me of a chipmunk. I've never heard of this one. Does she claim to be anorexic or something??

No. 220561

Yup. She did treatment 3 or 4 times, taking a bed away from someone who actually needed it. Disgusting.

No. 220563

File: 1482519967881.png (162.4 KB, 304x314, Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.0…)

No. 220565

What is with these stupid anas making themselves out to be heroes?????

No. 220566

turns out she's behind lord–swoledemort. Someone called her out on it and she stopped posting to that blog.

No. 220567

this chick is a cow and a half

No. 220570

Is this her mugshot? Did she steal a cake?

No. 220574

Jonzie thinks even polite comments asking about the inconsistencies in her storied are "hate" so I doubt she knows

No. 220723

File: 1482539200712.png (859.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1327.PNG)

Unreal. Hope they provided a complementary bib and booster seat.

No. 220732

They probably thought she was retarded.

No. 220741

I think I have a possible cow to post. Always posting about "muh anorexia" and claims to have numerous other chronic illnesses, constantly posting hospital pics, tubie pics, reusing hospital pictures, and attention whiting and whatnot, should I post her?

No. 220754

If you need to ask, you should probably fuck off.

No. 220759

is she genuinely sick? if so don't post her.

if she's faking a bunch of illnesses of which anorexia is just one, I suggest the general Munchies thread as a good place to post her for evaluation.

it's a good idea to LURK. it's itnformative.

No. 220760


No. 220809

Reusing hospital pictures is a big red flag, and OTT attention-whoring is par for the course with this crowd. As >>220759 said, please post about her in the OTT Spoonie/Munchausen General thread. I'm definitely curious.

No. 220878

How old is this chick??? She probably hopes people will think she has cancer.

In reality they probably think she's retarded.

No. 220936

Are we able to create a pro ana thread in /sty/ so that we can talk about Ember and Emily etc? It seems like that board will be mostly unmoderated so we can talk about who we want, especially the people who aren't necessarily cows or snowflakes but are douchebags nonetheless. I would create the thread but I don't have access to Embers account - I'm also not sure if admins would allow it. I just enjoy the shitstorms…!

No. 220948


"hopes people will think she has cancer"
that would explain the manky beanie

No. 220982

YUP. She probably wants people in public (like her pathetic airport wheelchair selfie) to think she's a KID (not 20 year old woman) dying of cancer.

In reality, she's an adult who drinks laundry detergent for attention.

No. 220985

Much anorexia.

No. 220989

Yeah i thought that was weird too. I went on her poshmark thinking "oh ok i can get some clothes my size" expecting 0, but they're all large. Like… why did you gain weight when you didn't need to?? It's probably a southern thing. Obesity is just normal there.

No. 220991

When i lived in Tennessee, I constantly got called skinny and small and "girl get some meat on your bones" but i'm like 5'3 and 125 pounds. My family really got a kick out of that one.

No. 220992

This bothers me so much. Just because she's wealthy/has good insurance and parents that support her, doesn't mean IP is necessary. She's had programs "help" her aka profit off her and her little anorexia fantasy has been indulged for years. Meanwhile my 76 lb sister (who's 28 fucking years old) cannot get treatment even when it is to save her life. Eleri you are a disgusting PIG.

No. 220993

Eleri Steele should be ASHAMED of herself.

No. 220998

Alexys ignores all questions about the beanie lol probably bc she's using it to pretend she has tons of hair loss from her speshul sickness

No. 221077

Why are her eyes oval? These flakes and their editing is so dumb. They look retarded

No. 221141

That's fine, under two conditions:
1. unlike all other /sty/ threads, there may be some moderation to keep ana-chans at bay
2. this is a trial and if it leads to a massive influx of ana-chans or other undesired posters invading the site, we will lock it again.

No. 221147

File: 1482628247219.png (1.3 MB, 1036x1510, Screenshot_2016-12-24-20-07-45…)

No. 221319

if she is trying to pull off the swallowed up in baggy sweats look, nothing about her looks eating disordered. other than the dried up fish face she looks pretty normal

No. 221376

Ok thanks!

No. 221449

It kind of amazes me that people like Alexys and Eleri exist. Pretending to have a super serious ED when they just want attention and ass pats.

No. 221461

File: 1482687332486.png (820.61 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_2016-12-25-11-40-55…)

No. 221480

Sorry to hear about your sister, anon. If you don't mind me asking, was she in the same situation as Alexys (but, y'know, not fake) or did she suffer from something else?

No. 221497

File: 1482692645396.jpeg (210.51 KB, 750x1192, image.jpeg)

She will ignore all of their questions, drink alcohol, fly home, cry "my widdle organs are damaged," and get admitted again.
But will it be before or after New Years?

No. 221517

I feel like adiostoana is just taking the piss.

No. 221584

lazymazy got that shit right, stage 4 ckd? we would be seeing her sick sad life from a dialysis bed a few times a week. stage 5 is complete failure, so she so full of shit.

No. 221637

Thanks, anon. She was only 9 and I was 14 at the time. She had a ruptured appendix, but we didn't know it for a really long time. They thought she had leukemia and she almost started getting cancer treatments (she shouldn't have lived past the appendix rupture), but we didn't learn that until after the autopsy. She got sick in January, was hospitalized in February (my parents wouldn't believe she was sick and somehow she survived the appendix rupturing), then died in May. It damaged her organs and basically everything shut down and the doctors didn't realize what was wrong because who's ever heard of someone surviving a ruptured appendix for months??

Sorry for the long bloggy post.

So yeah, that's what happened. It's been 9.5 years and still gets to me. The fact that people like Alexys take up doctors' time and energy makes me SO angry. What if she took time away from a sick kid and the doctors missed something MAJOR?? Like if Alexys were next door to my sister's hospital room (she was also in a childrens hospital) and constantly yelled things like "MY TUBIE IS BEEEEEPING" when my sister is dying…

Alexys needs to grow the FUCK up. She's a grown ass woman who isn't sick. She needs to stop with the Munchausnes and Peter Pan syndrome.

Kids are DYING. Actually DYING in those hospitals. I've been there and experienced the pain- 5 months of being scared and not knowing. It's awful.

Alexys goes there for FUN. She ENJOYS feeling like a cancer kid. She loves the attention and being treated like a toddler. She disgusts me.

No. 221661


taking the piss?

No. 221671

Taking the piss means pulling their leg/stringing them along/making fun
It's a very Aussie and English term.

No. 221710

File: 1482726790291.jpeg (222.54 KB, 750x1171, image.jpeg)

This one might be worse than jonzie, if that's possible. She's been going from one tx center to the next for years, always looks the same, also obsessed with staying a kid.

No. 221713

I have no idea why but my initial reaction was to feel bad for her.

No. 221720

File: 1482728139457.jpeg (189.8 KB, 750x1107, image.jpeg)

I agree, she has a very…sad? Look about her. She does a lot of the same attention seeking shit though. She's also admitted to, and brags about, children's hospital in her 20s

No. 221723

File: 1482729197624.jpeg (201.09 KB, 750x1087, image.jpeg)

35 times? And always with that giant bow. Something is just off with this one and I was curious if anyone else followed.

No. 221732

What a miserable looking creature

No. 221738

I hate these bitches. I'm a patient at Johns Hopkins, I have to stay there for months & months as an inpatient with a week inbetween stays to go home. Jonzie is 99% lying about more than half this shit. You can't run around throwing water at nurses or just goof off and play pranks. I've been there since I was 12 (over a decade now) and not even in the children's ward (ESP children's hospital) does that shit happen rarely, daily is just ridiculous. It pisses me off that this bitch/all these bitches are taking up SINGLE rooms, doctors time & appointments (which can take over half a year), nurse care, etc. when they don't need it & just want attention. Over here in reality, it's gloomy & dark & business as usual, if you get to know nurses & doctors over a while they're nice to you, but not this shit (mama bear coddle me 24/7 blow up docs texts with minor ass shit) it's depressing, everyone wants to leave, roommates die, it feels like an eternity and it's excruciatingly painful. You miss your birthdays, holidays, school, friends, pets, everything, & living itself. It disgusts me that she adopts this ~I'm sick aesthetic shit. But jonzie obv has a rich fam & good insurance so she goes in for every scrape & cut while being a size 4 & for just basic anorexia. When you have to go to hosp for months & months you will do anything to not go unless you're dying, not excited, eager, & wanting. I owe over $300k in medical bills, will never get to grow old, and got to spend the first xmas in 4 years inside my home today, glorifying this is so wrong. Sage for pity party.

No. 221745

Just saw this. I'm the Johns Hopkins anon from the post right above this, pretty sure that's the Baltimore Johns Hopkins, could be wrong, but looks like north Charles street next to the convention center.

No. 221748

I'm glad you got to spend Christmas at home, anon. Sorry that the world is made up of people who are actually sick that want to be better and people who attention whore it for all that it's worth.

No. 221836

File: 1482758335748.jpeg (239.32 KB, 750x1093, image.jpeg)

No. 221837

File: 1482758399710.jpeg (269.01 KB, 750x1108, image.jpeg)

So now they're flying home early and she's being admitted. She didn't even come close to making it until New Years.

No. 221838

File: 1482758596641.jpeg (293.62 KB, 750x1089, image.jpeg)

>they said this will be my last treatment center
Spoiler: no it won't.

No. 221857

File: 1482763329524.jpg (188.05 KB, 528x936, IMG_20161226_083717.jpg)

No. 221866

fucking seriously?! was that in her story? she seriously did blow with her "failing kidneys"?? i hate her so much.

No. 221871

Poor sweet baby Alexys, so sick that she's able to get on an airplane, back to the arms of her mama bear. I guess they don't have hospitals where she is.

Seriously. Fuck this shit. I'm really, actually unwell. Not fake "I eat tide pods" sick and no, I can't get on airplane like this.

No. 221876


Not really. The very next photo explained that it was really aspirin powder for her hangover headache.

No. 221878


I had the same thought - pretty damn sure they have an ER wherever she's visiting. But then she'd be treated like a normal person with a hangover instead of a fragile widdle baby with speshul organs that can only be cured with popsicles and Disney movies.

No. 221880

It's probably all that's wrong with her. She drunk too much and feels like shit

No. 221881

Dr "mama bear" R* needs her medical licence revoking. She is the worst doctor.

No. 221896

and she's supposed to be an ED specialist!! like the top in her state and her credentials are seriously impressive. and yet, she lets alexys pull this shit and continues to fuel her ED/detergent cravings by treating her like a toddler.
I'm starting to feel like she'd deserve it if i posted her name and the hospital where she is the Head of Adolescent Medicine. Dr R is almost a cow herself at this point.

No. 221898

I have a sneaking suspicion that "Mama Bear"'s mannerisms are fabricated. They read way too much like a television drama and nothing like how real doctors behave. But if for some reason it is true (for the sake of the rest of her patients I fucking hope not), she definitely needs her license revoked because she's violating the "do no harm" oath.

No. 221901

If its not true she should be made aware of what Alexys is doing to her reputation. Unfortunately i believe it IS true. My friend sees R's partner and has seen Alexys prancing around the children's hospital, stupid beenie and all.

No. 221902

On Instagram I mentioned doing something similar (don't worry folks I'm not doxing interfering with the cow) and got a message from a chick saying the doctor is legit & to please not report her etc etc.

So is Jonzie making this shit up and poor Dr R doesn't know? Either way it's character damaging!

No. 221906

A. its real and Dr R needs to take a step back, evaluate how she does things, and immediately refer Alexys to adult services.
B. Alexys has been lying about the way Dr R conducts herself, is damaging R's reputation as a competent doctor, and needs to be sent to adult services with a note in her file about what a malingering munchie she is.
Either way, i see no good reason why she shouldn't know.

No. 221913

Alexys's presence in the hospitals and /her/ behavior could be real, but I have a hard time believing her stories about Dr. R. If she's damaging her reputation, it's going to make it harder for her to treat other patients down the line should they find out. Alexys could even potentially get sued over it. If it's real, then her coddling Alexys could very well be leading to medical neglect for other patients (no proof of this but with the amount of time she'd be spending with Alexys, it's hard to imagine it wouldn't be there, she can't be in two places at once). In which case it's a violation of the Hippocratic oath. Those patients could sue Dr. R if they had solid proof that she hasn't been or can't do her duties for their care. Either way, Alexys and her behavior have become a huge liability for Dr. R and the hospitals she stays at, but outing munchies is not an easy thing to do in the field. It has to be done with extreme care because they can and will retaliate. Attempting to out or refer a munchie is pretty much asking for a lawsuit, and hospitals are required to treat medical symptoms even if they are self-induced through things like eating detergent. And she can easily ham it up to being PICA and not being a munchie, and they'll have little to no defense against it.

No. 221928

She's sick with failing kidneys but can fly and eat Christmas dinner?! Wow, it's a miracle.

No. 221932

True, but they don't necessarily have to confront her as a munchie. R could simply tell alexys "at this time, due to your age, it would be best to begin your transition of care to adult providers". Alexy's can't sue on the grounds of not being allowed to stay in pediatrics forever, and R would be free of her.

don't forget "and drink alcohol"

No. 221939

Anyone else think that Alexys' "vomiting" is just hands-free purging? She never even gets any treatment in hospital, just fluids and cuddles. It's always viral with her.

I've had a crappy Christmas with pyelonephritis and there's no way I could drink alcohol or even eat normally. I am mostly laying in bed and chilling because I'm so wiped. This is a simple kidney infection and Alexys apparently has kidney failure, yet she can do all these wonderful things when it suits her. I couldn't imagine getting on a plane right now.

No. 222022

Have you guys noticed that Alexys screenshots an iphone for "mama bear" and "mama bear's receptionist"but screenshots texts from her actual phone on normal conversations? She's using one of those "create an iphone" fake conversation apps and having conversations with herself and pretending they're from her doctor.

I feel like her doctor needs to know about this. She could have her medical license revoked if people believed this shit and Alexys would be liable for slander.

I don't normally want to get involved in this shit, but I was a patient of "mama bear" the real doctor and there's no way Alexys is telling the truth. I want to say something, but I don't want it to jepordize my own treatment. Can we send an anonymous email? I know Alexys is lying about this doctor. This doctro is REALLY good in her field and has helped me sooooooo much. She would NEVER EVER indulge Alexys like this. Can someone help me decide what to do? I really want to say something because I'm worried about my doctor's reputation if people find out and believe this shit.

No. 222023

Same anon/Dr R patient here. The receptionist story is bullshit and I want to report that as well. Can someone help me decide how to do it? The receptionist can lose her job over this and I'm crying and don't want Alexys to get away with ruining two peoples' careers.

No. 222030

How does one make an anonymous report to a hospital/hospital department?

No. 222031

Both are in all likelihood violations of HIPAA guidelines. I'm glad you spoke up because those conversations always strike me as fishy, offices don't do that because texts are not a secure form of communication. Her lies are making it appear as if the office and Dr. R are violating HIPAA guidelines, which is a serious offense and could get them in serious trouble. I don't know how to go about doing it, but if Dr. R gets in trouble for a patient's lies, she can't help other patients in genuine need.

No. 222032


Are you sure they are fake? They look pretty real to me. I could be wrong.

No. 222033

Call and ask for HR or a patient advocate as you have info about a patient trying to damage a DR reputation. Use the name Jane or John Doe

No. 222039

I'll dig into the details later but my gut instinct is to believe that they are fake. Doctors do not casually text their patients. They don't have time and texts are insecure. I mean, you have to sign a release just to use online portals and those are supposed to be structured in a way to be HIPAA compliant. Those releases do not cover texts and they wouldn't anyway because intercepting SMS is child's play for skilled hackers. It's also a huge violation of doctor-patient dynamics, as doctors and patients are not meant to be buddy-buddy with each other. Doing so increases dependency and encourages the patient to violate boundaries. People being trained in medical or mental health fields are constantly warned about the risks of enabling behavior that could lead to dependency and boundary crossing. Dr. R would have been briefed on this extensively. Hospitals in particular have even more strict rules than smaller offices do because more patients and more staff = higher risk of liability just from a statistics point of view.

No. 222040

Dr R comes across as very professional on social media.

No. 222041

If she's smart enough to know that social media presence represents her as a professional, she's smart enough to know that texting patients and enabling them is professional suicide. It seems strange that someone would go through the lengths to protect their reputation on social media but then do something so stupid as to text their patients like this. It doesn't add up.

No. 222047

They are 100% fake. I am afraid of making the call because my phone number and information are all on file. Would someone be able to call? I'm afraid, but this NEEDS to be sorted out. Dr. R is awesome and i can't watch her career be over because of Alexys.

No. 222050

Yes, I agree you shouldn't make the call if you are receiving treatment.

Any takers?

No. 222051

What about emailing their HR department with screenshots and an explanation? What would one even say to explain this situation??

No. 222052

I'd do it but I'm in another country and I don't know enough about your system. I would strongly suggest that people take screenshots either way,

No. 222054

If we found all the information you needed, would you be able to do it?

No. 222055

If it happens, I'd suggest it be done by someone who is familiar with HIPAA requirements for secure connections, requirements for communication between doctors and patients, and ethics surrounding doctor-patient relationships.

No. 222056

Ok farmers. We need to compose a draft of an email to send with screenshots.

I'm the patient of Dr. R. I will not allow her to lose her license over Alexys. And the receptionist. We need to go to the head of Dr. R's department or HR at the hospital.

No. 222057

I know a fair amount about HIPPA and ethics violation. I can write the majority of the email.

Can someone else collect screenshots and evidence?

No. 222059

I'll sage dump photos and try not to repeat too many. Anything in particular i should look for? more text screen caps?

No. 222060

Yes, we need text from Alexys claiming that this is her doctor. I want to include posts that show she takes advantage of the hospital, but I feel like the real issue is her impersonation of Dr. R.

No. 222063

Guys, I'd love to hear your thoughts about what to include in the email. If you'd like to write a paragraph with ideas, I'd gladly include that.

No. 222064

File: 1482783386372.jpeg (115.7 KB, 749x1108, image.jpeg)

New year, more bullshit.

No. 222066

Where is the receptionist fake text conversation?

No. 222068

File: 1482783552821.jpeg (144.2 KB, 750x1105, image.jpeg)

In here somewhere…

Perhaps there should be an Alexys thread now to keep things straight?

No. 222072

Which doctor would send this kind of emojis? wtf

No. 222073

File: 1482783805363.jpeg (148.79 KB, 750x1101, image.jpeg)

Found it

No. 222074

Why don't we keep it on the forum. We are not an autistic illuminati. There is no evidence of malpractice. Seriously, it's weird and stalker ish.

No. 222076

File: 1482784015500.jpeg (142.55 KB, 750x1099, image.jpeg)

According to Alexys, this one

No. 222077


I find Alexys and her love of "mama bear" quite stalkerish.

No. 222081

She mixes android and ios texts. So unless she has two phones, they are definitely fake. Also they're cropped instead of being uploaded straight from a screenshot on mobile.



No. 222083

File: 1482784260575.jpeg (169.83 KB, 750x1097, image.jpeg)

If I ever get to be considered an "expert" in my field, and a client/patient makes a fool of me online like this, I'd seriously want to know about it. Just bc Alexys will never have a career doesn't mean she should be jeopardizing dr R's.

No. 222085

All the proof I needed that it's fake, doctors would not discuss current symptoms with a patient through text and without a visit. If she was having chest pain, she'd be told to either go in or see an urgent care facility, not asked about the type of pain she's dealing with through an insecure connection.

No. 222088

i think she was supposedly texting Dr R from her day program that time.

i think this evidence is more damning. Dr R has texted patients in the past, but i don't believe it was so inappropriate.

No. 222101

File: 1482785049040.jpeg (214.67 KB, 745x1097, image.jpeg)

Or maybe there's a reason for the different texts? This is 1 year ago.
>posting off mums phone
>not android savvy
There was also the time she "threw a fit" and threw her phone while being admitted.

No. 222103

No, it's not. We have proof that a doctor could lose her license and you want to sit around??? I am a patient of Dr. R's and I don't know what else to do.

No. 222106

Why couldn't the day program contacted her physician instead of asking her to do it in a way that is insecure? The day program would have ways of keeping the patient's primary physician in the loop about new symptoms, since she would need to be able to continue her care after being released. They'd also have the means to do so while retaining her rights to confidentiality.

No. 222107

File: 1482785275045.jpeg (149.37 KB, 749x1111, image.jpeg)

No. 222108

File: 1482785333021.jpeg (235.22 KB, 749x1103, image.jpeg)

>we'll just fix you up with gauze, bandages, and kisses

No. 222114

File: 1482785636406.jpeg (175.05 KB, 750x1110, image.jpeg)

>back and forth all day
You'd think Alexys was her only patient

No. 222120

Nothing this dr has done would compromise her license.

No. 222123

Not the point, Alexys is making a complete jackass out of Dr. R and it is damaging her reputation. There are more than a few people who think much less of her as a doctor due to her behavior with Alexys.

No. 222125


omg this made me cringe

No. 222129

File: 1482786846153.jpg (81.06 KB, 531x674, IMG_20161226_151315.jpg)

No. 222130

File: 1482786949150.jpg (109.06 KB, 531x814, IMG_20161226_151259.jpg)

No. 222131

They prob should think less of her. She's an enabler ha. But if she is a good dr with you, then who cares. If ppl involve the dr or hospital this cow is going to end up deleting. So can you not

No. 222145

I'm familiar with ethics/boundaries/HIPPA and TRUST ME, this doctor could lose her license. I know a case manager and two therapists who have lost their licenses for this behavior.

No. 222150

File: 1482788998086.jpg (130.5 KB, 539x748, IMG_20161226_154855.jpg)

More orders via text just posted

No. 222158

Why does Alexys erase the numbers? Is it because they're not as bad as she makes out?!

No. 222224

File: 1482797633381.png (519.92 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_2016-12-26-19-04-48…)

No. 222237

screenshots are only useful as an example of the material being posted. while I think it's OTT to do this, if you do it you'll need to provide real live links and archived, live backups.

No. 222279

Alexys is in the ER getting Zofran. Why does she need to be in the hospital for that? She has it so often, they should just prescribe it for her!!

No. 222322

BUt she's so frail and much more important than the boring regular 6 year olds with cancer or whatever regular sicknesses non-special people get!
She's in stage 3 kidney failure (unless she wants a cider then they work just fine) as well as having a very sicky widdle tum and swollen feet. Totally an emergency.

No. 222407

File: 1482815618706.gif (441.03 KB, 298x218, j7KxXbx.gif)

NO. No, no, no, no, no. Alexys is a munchie in fantasy land. These text exchanges are complete bullshit.
Regarding contacting anyone IRL, I know you anons mean well, I really do, but please step back for a second and think about this: how is anyone, let alone someone who is familiar with imageboard culture, going to take shit said on here as credible persuasive material? I also think we need to realize that the rule against contacting cows or people associated with them outside of lolcowchan exists for good reason. It never ends well.

No. 222411

I've been doing some digging on jonzie, and I'm really starting to doubt this "mummy's a doctor" thing. Nothing worth screencapping yet.

No. 222417

It's against the doctors code of ethics to have that kind of relationship with a client. If the HR department knew there was something fishy, they would open an investigation. If Alexys is faking the texts, she needs to be removed as a patient. If the doctor is somehow really behind this, it's something they're really not allowed to do.

No. 222435


More lies?! I love it! Keep digging!

No. 222524

File: 1482837261384.png (182.73 KB, 381x427, ddddd.png)

the thing that bugs me about alexys (besides the spelling of her name but thats another issue) is that she never truly looked emaciated or even very thin to me, yet she includes something about her severe anorexia in almost every single post. her pictures show that she is thin, sure, but id put her bmi at low average, maybe a little underweight at her lowest.

definitely not the sick kid she portrays herself as, and when you add that she's eating detergent to get sick and that its NOT medical complications from her eating disorder, its a million times worse.

No. 222525

File: 1482837655730.png (210.65 KB, 413x383, oi.png)

she also stands with her legs so far out in every picture that its impossible to tell what her body really looks like

No. 222526

File: 1482838048320.png (44.17 KB, 444x287, IMG_0793.PNG)

This bitch
I almost wish doctor Rome could see this shit. No more PICU for the widdle pwincess once mamabear knows she's doing this on top of drinking detergent to get admitted.

No. 222529

Except in this case this idiot is posting them on public social media and if anons here have already figured out who this doctor is and where they work, other people have as well. If the doctor has nothing to do with this then they're going to wind up losing their job when someone who is familiar with the hospital sees Alexys' social media and thinks the caps are real and gets both the doctor and the secretary? fired.

No. 222537

I'll admit it took less than five minutes to find out the doctors name and work locations it seems like it's going too far to get involved.

the people in charge of handling hipa violations would have to investigate each case and it would take very little investigation to prove which texts are fake using the doctors phone.

No. 222538

and the milk would dry up!

No. 222540

Her thighs are shopped

No. 222543

File: 1482840369886.jpg (77.11 KB, 341x605, IMG_20161227_060423.jpg)

I see no anorexia. Looks like a normal heffer to me

No. 222550

She just posted another photo on ig that's supposedly a screenshot of her phone, but it's an android.

No. 222551

Guys I don't know what to do. We know she's impersonating her doctor and the receptionist. They could both lose their jobs over this and Dr. R is really awesome. I don't think it would be going too far to send Dr. R or her office an email? I feel like she deserves to know and I've had trouble sleeping because of this. I'm a patient of Dr. R's and I'm scared to say anything in case my own treatment is jeopardized. Do you think there's a place to make anonymous reports at the hospital?

No. 222552

Or if we just sent an email, doesn't have to be that descriptive, that she's being impersonated and some screenshots. Idk.

No. 222553

>shit said on here as credible persuasive material?
nothing we say matters, Dr. R knowing about what Alexys is doing to her reputation does though. If someone on my caseload was doing anything like this, id want to know and id discontinue services with them asap.

No. 222554

HR in that hospital honestly won't care, but if alexys is lying, Dr. R certainly will.

No. 222555

I support this honestly just no talking to the actual cow unless she comes on here to defend her lies..

No. 222556

I would be horrified if one of my case load was doing this to my reputation and pretending to be me.

Does Dr. R have an email address?

No. 222557

>the milk would dry up!
I know, otherwise I would've tipped Rome off a long time ago. Alexys used to have an ask.fm, a year ago i asked "what would Rome think of your instagram and the fact that you have no identity outside being sick?" Alexys put her IG on private for like a day and said she was "going to be more private from now on" bitch didn't last more than 72 hours before she was posting "texts" and look at me i'm sick pics again.

No. 222559

Sending an email simply stating that they've been worrying statement of misconduct and what's look like privacy breach on social media by Alexys accompanied by the screenshots should be more than enough to let dr R know what's up and let her decide if the widle baby still need coddling.

No. 222560

thats recent and she claims to be weight restored for the moment, she went to Johns Hopkins ip program in the Fall after spending a month at the childerns hotel, i mean hospital, first.

No. 222561

I'd agree. All that's really needed is for Rome to be aware something is going on. She can make her own investigations from there. Of course, if she chooses to turn a blind eye, that's another matter entirely.

No. 222562

She's very professional and I really don't think she would do that.

No. 222563

But I do think she needs to know.

No. 222566

They won't lose their jobs because even if this somehow reaches the ethic authority at the hospital, they didn't make those communications with her, she's making them up. Try to stop freaking out about this, nothing will happen (unless some farmer fucks things up).

No. 222567


No. 222568

Do you know her name in real? Who is she?

No. 222569

Mama bear isnt a ped?? You are confusing me….

No. 222575

(New to this so sorry if I have done it incorrectly)
I wouldn't contact HR - they will either ignore or stir up an investigation. HR has no control over jonzie and if they want someone to blame they can find a reason to blame the doctor. If you really feel you must do something, the best thing to do would be let the doctor or the receptionist know. For all we know, they already know this since we only see jonzie's view of the relationship.

I do think the pre-holiday hospital admission was totally made up. I will have to get the pictures later but the picture of her eating a popsicle in bed has no nail polish on and the other hand popsicle picture she is hiding her nails. Immediately after her "discharge" and since then her pictures have all had purple nail polish which is very worn down, like she has had that polish on for a while.

No. 222588

>mama bear isn't a ped??
Of course not, I never said or implied she was. At worst she's a fool for allowing Alexys to revel in her sick kid identity, which only makes her restrict and chug more detergent. Much as I enjoy the milk, Alexys won't want to recover until she's treated as an adult.
Yes, Dr. Ellen Rome at the Cleveland clinic.

No. 222589

File: 1482848237469.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I agree. I think emailing Rome and the day services at The Emily Program would best. I feel bad posting it, but it's not the most revealing pic and Alexys already put it on the internet anyway…it is NOT ok to take pics of other patients at program! Alexys is such a selfish little cunt, its people like her that cause policies banning electronics to be made. But she doesn't care about others privacy, Romes reputation, ruining things for others, or recovery, Alexys only cares about herself.

No. 222590

WHAT THE FUCK???? You can't take pictures of other patients!!!!!!!! I was at the Emily program. Holy fuck if I found out someone posted sneaky pictures of me ont he itnernet…

No. 222592

-Alexys is impersonating her and her secretary, making it appear that Dr. R violated HIPPA and her code of ethics. Lying and saying things like "we'll patch you up with kisses" when she would never say such a creepy thing.
-Taking pictures of other patients and posting them to the internet.

Obviously she lied about her admissions, etc. I think that should be mentioned (so the doctors know what they're dealing with), but that's not the primary reason for the anonymous email.

The two reasons listed above need to be emailed to Dr. R.

No. 222593

Think about it this way. What if one of your caseload was impersonating you and making it seem like you are unprofessional, cross boundaries, doing things that show you violating HIPPA, you would want to fucking know.

She needs to know about this. We don't have to get into detail, maybe link Alexys' account, keep it short and just an FYI. I just really feel uncomfortable not saying something.

No. 222605

Of the texts are real, the joint commission has already banned use of sms messaging. You can NOT send orders or lab results or diagnosis over am unprotected text message when you have no idea who's reading it. Its against the fucking law! If the text are fake, then the staff needs to know that A is impersonating them in a way that is completely unprofessional and illegal and grounds for termination and hugr fines

No. 222606

Alexus is starting some Kadee level shit with fake texts from supposed medical professionals

No. 222614

Agree anon.
There's some fucking idiots who are going "don't report it, the messages are fake!"

Yeah dumbasses, even if they're all 100% fake it still needs to be reported because it's making the doctor look like a real fool because people will think they are real.

No. 222642

What's her email?

No. 222688

Even Alexys' name annoys me. Why do these cows not have normal names?!

No. 222699

Yeah, a lot of them (if they aren't called Ashley/Ashleigh) have chav names. Never sure if chav is similar to white trash. Chav names in the UK: Kai, McKenzie, Courtney, Tyler, Morgan, Lacey, Skey, Skylar, Cortney, Shannyn, Chardonnay, Mercedes, Chelsea, Paris (place names), Lily-Mae, Summer, Madison, Savannah, McKayla, Kaylee, Paige, Tegan, foreign names when it isn't even part of your heritage (ie Irish names for boys), Lola, usually ordinary names spelled in a weird way.

These snowflakes have common chav mentality.

No. 222701

Sky* not Skey

No. 222710


No. 222722

taking photos of other patients, especially when at a meal (wtf??) is going way too far. it's also against the rules, major breach of privacy, etc etc
i would be absolutely livid if a sneaky photo of me was taken when already in a vulnerable place. fuck this bitch.

No. 222723

She took a lot more during yoga, but I didn't want to post a super revealing one. The one I did post is bad enough. Alexys has been one of my favorite cows for years and I will be sad if/when her milk dries up, but ruining Romes reputation and violating the privacy of unsuspecting patients is too much.

No. 222729

hmph, lily mae/may and paige aren't chav names (not my name btw, even tho i'm sure im suspicious)

No. 222832

If she's taken a lot more photos of other patients, that's something that should be also sent to "Mamabear" because she'd put a stop to it.
I'm all for people politely emailing this doctor to tell her what's going on because that'll nip it in the bud without it having to go any further than the two of them.

I also predict it may make some extra milk come in as well because there's no way Alexys will take having her made-up text enabler cut her off without a fight. She'll have enough material to blog about for weeks.

No. 222836

Where I live putting Mae as a middle name is a chav thing. Also using a hyphen between the names. They've also took names I used to think pretty (eg Poppy, Lily) and made it chav.

I've never been involved with dobbing cows in, but showing other patients crosses the line. Phones with cameras were a handy invention, but it's things like this that wish they didn't exist.

No. 222842

File: 1482888455788.jpeg (206.39 KB, 748x1114, image.jpeg)

>peds floor social worker
Apparently staff aren't safe from Alexys either

No. 222843

it's wrong even if she never shows their faces?

No. 222852

File: 1482890721912.jpeg (139.33 KB, 750x1110, image.jpeg)

>ohh just sitting on her lap, browsing the web

No. 222862

File: 1482891813734.jpeg (194.55 KB, 750x1112, image.jpeg)

If I caught her taking pics of me while I was in treatment, I'm pretty sure staff wouldn't be able to stop me from kicking her ass.

No. 222864

File: 1482891961615.jpeg (190.13 KB, 750x1095, image.jpeg)

She has though, even if she didn't, it's inappropriate and shows how obsessed she is with medical attention/professionals

No. 222883

Is Alexys on private?

No. 222888

Look and see?

No. 222892

>sitting on my therapist's lap
I'm sorry, you what? This is an adult, right?

No. 222912

File: 1482898574286.gif (1.59 MB, 300x225, LkF8EKQ.gif)

>sitting on [my therapist's] lap

No. 222982

Bitch is fake. The whole thing is an MBI fantasy trip.

No. 222985

That's either call-the-fucking-police-creepy or histrionic-level-of-lying-for-attention. Take your pick.

No. 222988

Could lap be short for laptop? As in she's using her therapists' laptop.

No. 223017

File: 1482930517010.jpeg (195.74 KB, 750x1100, image.jpeg)

I really hope that's what it means

Did she photoshop on the right? I can't tell

No. 223018

I can't really tell either since it's sort of a blurry pic. She is doing the ana angling though, where they lean forward slightly to make themselves look more skelly and have a wider thigh gap.

No. 223019

the pics showing other girls almost come off as catty; she knows she's violating their privacy. who the fuck allows them to take a phone into a yoga class anyway though.

No. 223022

Jonzie has never been thin enough to have super serious anorexia health complications. Who is she kidding?!

No. 223024

Seriously what treatment does that gal get in the hospital? Fluids and back rubs, aside. She doesn't get antibiotics, oxygen, X-rays, scans or anything really. There is nothing much medically wrong with me. She's vomiting from washing down tide pods with some alcohol over Christmas.

No. 223051

who the hell shorten "laptop" in "lap"? That's just dumb.

No. 223052

don't know where she lives, but if I knew some bitch was taking pictures of me in treatment, I'd be talking to a patient's advocate in a heartbeat…

No. 223057

Unlikely. Being on her therapists laptop is risking breaches in confidentiality for other clients. Patients are not supposed to touch a provider's computer systems because there's the chance they could see information they shouldn't, which is also a HIPAA violation.

No. 223083

File: 1482941720667.jpeg (146.63 KB, 750x1094, image.jpeg)

Seriously. The girls in those pics could sue the Emily program for not protecting their privacy and Alexys too, but TEP has more $$ and their insurance would settle. I wouldn't be surprised if Alexys were banned from TEP if they found out.
It's fucking infuriating to know that if TEP were informed, they'd probably just start banning electronics instead of banning Alexys.

The floor on the left in this one looks warped to me.

No. 223086

that floor is trippier than a fucking fun house

No. 223107

Look at how wavy those arms are

No. 223133

Guys, please read this.

I did the Emily Program in Seattle. Phones were NOT ALLOWED IN GROUP ACTIVITIES like yoga. The Emily Program is a massive organization and when you call the main number, I think it's somewhere in the midwest. Which Emily Program is she at?


The Emily Program has all my information on file and I'm really scared to call in case they can look up my phone number. Even if I use *67, I'm scared that it won't work and they'll figure out the phone number.


Her last name is Jones, correct? Which Emily Program is she at? CAn someone PLEASE CALL RIGHT NOW???(fuck off)

No. 223135

why don't you do it? We're not your personal army.

Ffs in every ana/munch thread there's that one sperg who keeps posting this kind of shit.

Sage for not contributing.

No. 223137

For fucks sake, can you see that this is not about anon's "personal vendetta." This is about patients' privacy being violated.

No. 223138

I will call.

No. 223206

Update us when u can anon - am interested to find out if and when anyone from her medical services she uses does look into her social media postings and we can find out whether she faked the texts or not…

No. 223209

I am makin popcorn.

No. 223228

im cant be fucked to screenshot it right now but jonzie just posted: "Via this account: At some point there was a bit of a confidentiality breach that recently threatened a relationship of mine. It's my fault, I just know from now on certain things will not be shared. And I'm completely ok with that. Whatever is appropriate and will keep the other party protected."

No. 223230

She's really got no right to complain about confidentiality breaches considering she takes photos of other patients in treatment centers and posts it to thousands of followers.

No. 223235

Has her account always been private? I went to look for myself for the post.

No. 223239

File: 1482962063082.png (250.09 KB, 750x1211, IMG_6073.PNG)

No. 223254


Wouldn't that be a huge HIPPA violation? Pretty sure a Doctor wouldn't make that mistake. And if they did, they wouldn't treat it as an "oops lol I gave the info to some random jackoff then, my bad."

This is weird.

No. 223257

Sounds like Mamabear found out. I'm surprised she let her off so light. Maybe the texts were real?

No. 223258

I'm the anon who called. Had a REALLY good conversation and they're taking it really seriously. I have to be somewhere, so I can't write that much right now.

I did the Emily Program and they make you sign loads of stuff about other patients and confidentiality. I would be HORRIFIED if my face appeared on her blog.

So that's why I called. I don't want to appear creepy or stalkerish, but she's REALLY crossed the line with this one. It's NOT okay to post pictures of other patients or threaten her doctor's credibility.

No. 223262

Good! I'm not one to tip the cows but this situation is unique and I agree "Mama Bear" needed to be made aware of all this. Not that my number one priority is Alexys's well-being, but it's for her own good that she gets confronted about this shit.

No. 223269

Did you tell them about any of her other shenanigans or did you just talk about taking pictures of other patients

No. 223271

>>223258 Please come back and write a more detailed post when you have time. Who did you talk to and what did you say? Do you mean you called the Emily Program? Or Mama Bear? A more thorough report would be greatly appreciated.

No. 223272

>Sounds like Mamabear found out.
I think the cow was tipped/alexys saw this thread. I don't think rome has been informed(yet)

No. 223278


This is proof we cant have ana threads. Go back to fucking pull, this is a website for lols not for starting investigations and saving the world. No one cares if you love your doctor you sound almost as obsessed as jonzie. And stop calling us "guys" we are not your personal army

No. 223281

Can we please stop tipping the cows? I don't care if you're trying to hurt them or save them, it always makes everything worse and ruins the milk for us.

No. 223323

Think it's gonna be best to just report them and hope admin puts down some bans.

No. 223325

Well lets please not get the anon caller banned as u want to hear what the heck happened in that phone conversation - i still want to know if jonzies texts from mamabear are faked or real!!

No. 223338

It's fun to make fun of cows, but when they cross a line I feel like anyone has an ethical obligation to report it. I'm a nurse… it just doesn't seem right to me to NOT say something, especially when the doctor's employment could be questioned.

No. 223342

It is absolutely not okay to do what jonzie did. How can you sit there and think it's just okay???

No. 223345

Ok, Alexys

No. 223349

Nobody is saying it's okay. Some are saying it's getting too personally involved to start contacting either alexys or the people in her life. Can you not read?

No. 223351

If you're that emotionally invested in this kind of shit, you're on the wrong board.

No. 223352

File: 1482971202339.png (116.48 KB, 1520x774, Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 4.18…)

Anon who did some digging on jonzie's "mummy's a doctor" story here


She's not.

She's a radiology tech. If you want proof this is her just ask. I don't want to spam the board with images if no ones interested.

No. 223354

…Go on.

No. 223362

this girl has milk of course, but is there anyone else we can talk about?

No. 223363

recoveringindeed is milking away on ig tonight. Has just rewritten an essay post trying to embelish and blow up all the reasons why its "impossible" for her to work because of muh autism & bpd & anxiety & hypermobility. Says her boyfriend keeps asking her when she is going to get a job & its making her down! Someone already commented to her that many people "have it much worse and still find ways to work" kek!

No. 223364

Alexys lies and makes up shit for IGnattention. It's hardly news. It's obvious to anyone with half a brain cell. I have never believed most of what she says. She's boring as fuck.

On a different note, what is child life? Are they a charity?

No. 223371

Can you provide us with screenshots?

No. 223378

Nah, they're basically "play" and child development experts. They help kids in the hospital adjust to bad news/communicate in a way the kid understands. My roommate is a child life specialist and my sister interacted with one when she was in the hospital (age 9).

A 20 year old has no business with a CLS.

No. 223382

I was a patient at TEP, which is where Alexys is receiving treatment. It's NOT getting personally involved to let MY OWN treatment center know that their patients are being exploited. Do not try to tell me that's unacceptable.

No. 223387

File: 1482974194507.jpg (138.27 KB, 1024x768, fibber.jpg)


Picture related.

1st is a picture jonzie posted with her mum (see red underscore)

2nd is her mum's Facebook profile

3rd is a page her mum liked on Facebook, which is what led me to search for a database of radiology techs in ohio. This was after trying to search for her mum as doctor and coming up empty.

No. 223390


It's not that it's getting personally involved per se, it's just that there's a rule against cow tipping or interfering with the milk supply

also, is she back at TEP? I didn't know that

No. 223393

I didn't tip the cow. At all.

TEP has a strict policy about confidentiality. I would be horrified if that were myself plastered all over Alexys' instagram. She broke the rules, the program needs to know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223406

File: 1482976925099.jpg (459.53 KB, 1197x1661, IMG_1903.JPG)

screenshots of recoveringindeed as above

No. 223432

File: 1482980459365.png (70.37 KB, 640x941, IMG_4080.PNG)

I'm a twat but this had me laughing

No. 223433

File: 1482980492196.png (31.43 KB, 640x221, IMG_4081.PNG)

No. 223435

You're on the wrong website.

No. 223439

File: 1482981862379.jpeg (54.19 KB, 379x450, 1441651347600.jpeg)

she puts more effort into excuses than working. surely if it were the other way around maybe she could actually be a contributing member of society. or in the very least get mean ol boyfriend to stop making her feel down.

lol wanting a job thats stress free, little reading or writing, no lifting or standing, within walking distance, no talking. jfc

No. 223449

It almost feels like Alexys took those pics of other patients to subtly show she's "sicker" looking than them

No. 223453

she's sick, in the head

No. 223609

But She's Not.

No. 223654

lol she said mummy was a surgeon and just got a biiiiig new job …..

No. 223656

i am not english what does ttipping the cow mean?

No. 223658

No. 223659

like 50k ??? Is she insane??????

No. 223662

interacting with the cow (person)and possibly spoiling the milk sometimes

No. 223669

I can't believe people are actually donating to this. Although it seems quite a few are relatives.

No. 223670

That is insane. She obviously has VERY good insurance. Give the money to someone who actually needs treatment.

No. 223674

Looks like no one has donated since she first made it.
But she clearly had someone else funding her existence. She doesn't know the meaning of a home cooked meal unless she made it with her OT as part of her "recovery". Even her fruit is precut from WF - that isn't cheap. (And why is it always vegan pizza when clearly she isn't vegan)

No. 223686

Where is the anon caller from yesterday? Could you tell us what happened in the call and if you found out if she has been faking the texts from mamabear?

No. 223696

Well damn… Jonzie has a serious DR fetish over here. Would love to see her and Robyn competing with each other for attention

No. 223848

what the actual fuck? A gofundme?! For what…diapers?

No. 223855

why doesn't she just get a job in a fucking office or receptionist etc. there are 100s of easy jobs.
she's on dla (benefits) at the moment because of her knee right? what's gonna happen when her knee is better?
is she a) gonna drag it out with physio and shit.
or b) gonna make everything else get worse in the meantime so she can get on it longterm?

No. 223901

How come there are names listed that aren't allowed to be talked about in this thread?

No. 223905

Only $600 in 23 months

No. 223923

You mean the part saying don't discuss them? Seems pretty self explanatory anon.

No. 223927

Lurk moar.

No. 223953

How is it self explanatory? I'm new to this website. Only heard of it through the parody IG account about alexys so I was just curious why there's weird rules and stuff on here

No. 223958

Spoonie Olympics!

No. 223959

File: 1483062794279.jpeg (81.32 KB, 750x600, lurk.jpeg)

No. 223960

So lurk more, learn to reply to specific posts, and get some reading comprehension.
How can 'don't talk about these people' followed by their names be any more self explanatory?
Goddamn newfag, integrate before speaking don't just blab on because you saw some idiot mention lolcow on @ bearcub08.

No. 223961

or Munchie Olympics, take your pick.

No. 223963

Lurking = hanging around, reading, seeing how things are done and how the conversations are framed. Googling things you don't understand (such as how to "sage"). Just getting a feel for the place, learning the history of the threads and the cows.

No. 223966

Why is it necessary to be so rude? I imagine we're all on here because we have eating disorders ourselves. I just had surgery, so I am tired, not fully coherent, and so I figured someone would be kind enough to just explain it to me instead of calling me names and shit(this is not an ana forum)

No. 223971


not all of us are ana chans lol

No. 223980

No one cares about your blogpost or your feefees kys

No. 224000

No we don't all have eating disorders you're thinking of myproana and other retards.

Nobody is here to read your diary, look for sympathy elsewhere you needy fuck.

Learn what image boards are and then learn what cesspools are. Now you know a little about lolcow.

Learn how reply to specific fucking posts and lurk moar.

No. 224007

File: 1483067700418.jpg (132.13 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Alexys deleted all her "texts" with dr R, I wonder why.

No. 224012

Who shit in your cereal today? Lay off the anon holy shit. And if you don't have an eating disorder then why are you even on a thread revolving around eating disorder accounts? That thirsty for drama in your life and needing to lash out at anons asking a simple innocent question? Even I've been on here a few months and don't know why we aren't allowed to talk about the names outlined.

No. 224014

File: 1483068415064.png (133.98 KB, 640x838, IMG_0897.PNG)

"To get a kid to get in some liquids"


No. 224015

Also #nevertooold well the funny thing about that is the fact that you ARE too old to be acting like a fucking child. Ugh she infuriates me.

No. 224016

and still with the #childrenhospital. this chick is fucking nuts

No. 224017

No. 224038

Tbh, nobody should whave to explain lolcow or what's going on in a specific thread.

I don't have an ED but that's like saying why do I lurk weebo threads when I'm not one.

We've been allowed this thread back and are trying to stop friction, blog posts, Ana chans sperging here.

Ok, you reported posts, but try not to br so butthurt. We all get bitchiness targeted at us at one point or another. It's what this site is. Maybe this isn't a site that isn't for you.

No. 224041

Scuse typos n that

No. 224048


There's a bunch of fucking ana chan retards coming in from instagram who follow an Alexys parody account. I've lurked all their accounts they're either dumb ass wannarexics or "in recovery" chans who keep calling it "lolcows" and "I can't find the lolcows help!!!1!"

No. 224050


No. 224065

Ugh… I used to live in the same city as this dummy and we attended the same recovery group. She's a mega bitch. Loves to flaunt her eating disorder. Also has semi-inappropriate relationships with our doctor and dietitian (not as bad as Alexys). Ariana needs to grow the fuck up. She's actually volunteering at our local children's hospital now. Gag.

No. 224067

God damn it. Whoever does the Alexys parody account needs to stop before this gets out of hand.

No. 224086

File: 1483077387504.jpeg (244.51 KB, 750x1102, image.jpeg)

I would love more IRL stories about her. I've never seen someone go to so many tx centers. She's up to 36? And she makes a photo collage for most of them, its her entire life. What was bitchy about her? She seems like she tries to come off as "sweet and innocent" with her giant bows and corny captions.

No. 224091

Damn… she is UGLY. No amount of starving will fix that face.

No. 224094

She has that meth addict look going on.

No. 224108

That treatment center that she is going to in St. Louis isn't going to keep her for 6 weeks. Maybe 2 at the max. They do really intensive tests pre-admission to see how sick you are.

No. 224168

I don't have an eating disorder but I post on this thread. I'm usually only interested in the Munchie threads but the Alexys drama has a bit of a munchie feel to it and it drew me in.
As everyone else says. Lurk and you'll figure things out. Anytime I don't understand something someone says I just google it. Urban dictionary usually has the answer.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 224188

File: 1483103665616.jpeg (204.08 KB, 750x1025, image.jpeg)

She's not at treatment center in St. Louis, I'm sure she's been there, but she's spending this holiday season at the ERC in Denver.

No. 224190

File: 1483103884920.jpeg (234.5 KB, 750x1103, image.jpeg)

And I guess last Christmas/New Years was at Center For Discovery. She goes from one facility to the next, with a week to a month at home in between. She's probably cost her insurance company 7 figures at this point, all so she can see every treatment center in the country

No. 224193

File: 1483104797711.jpeg (286.21 KB, 750x1092, image.jpeg)

I know, her dad and bro aren't terrible looking, so I'm not sure what happened there.
>Carolina house
Gotta see em all.

No. 224196

Britfag here, so apologies for lack of in depth understanding of US health systems, but surely people like this girl who just hop from tx centre to tx centre for years without any actual desire to change or take any accountability for their own recovery are the reason genuinely sick people who REQUIRE tx for their actual life-threatening EDs are denied tx by their insurance or it cuts off after just 1 or 2 weeks after medical stabilisation?!! If she hasnt been able to recover after 32 different tx stays & the probable insane amounts of "therapy", skills work, life skills, dietician input etc, then she OBVIOUSLY isnt going to recover no matter how many more millions of $ worth of tx she gets…?! This is where the profit making side of private healthcare actually screws over genuinely sick people and enables munchies like her - cos these businesses dont care if she doesnt actually want to part from her ED and has been in 32 different unsuccessful facilities; they just want her $. Whereas in a public system where resources are like golddust, if people are seen to not have to personal motivation to recover and part with their EDs, they are usually told to "take a therapy break" & services wont accept them back for a year…

No. 224216

File: 1483110372131.jpeg (289.7 KB, 750x1108, image.jpeg)

>these business don't care if she doesn't want to part with her ED
For a Brit fag you understand what goes on here very well!! I'd take it a step further with some of these business and say they don't even WANT these girls with the golden insurance plans to recover. The more they come back, the more $$ they make and they lie about their "success rates" on their websites anyway. People like Ariana and Alexys got so fucking lucky with the affordable care act. It used to be u could only stay on parents insurance until 26 IF u were a full time student. Now u can stay till 26 student or not. Im sure their insurance companies HATE them. I'd love to know how these tx centers justify billing with the likes of Ariana. She can't be medically unstable within weeks of leaving treatment when she always has lengthy stays (by US standards)

>McCallum Place

>children's hospital at OU
Like Alexys, she loves to mention children's hospitals even though she's 23.

No. 224219

well fuck i was blocked and even dont know what for?? Like i was all nice and idealizing her….she is such a gorgous fighter and bla….maybe she knows about this thread and freaks out? Now i have to make a new account and try to follow her (she is private, is she?)

No. 224227

Yup I just tried looking her up and its private. She def knows

I just want all these sick fucks to go to a treatment center in like the midwest or something. Like make these places in the middle of nowhere. Don't come to my golden state bitch

No. 224231

Yea, she loves coming across as nice but really, she is a rich, spoiled snob who LOVES being SOOO sick. She isn't even thin. She just has a weird face. Her family has more money than they know what to do with so she can easily afford to live her life in treatment centers across the country. She likes to come back home for a few weeks, soak up the "I'm recovered!!" spotlight then go right back to treatment cause she is suddenly sooper aNa again (and she needs that "I'm so sick, love me" feed again). She is nothing without her eating disorder. Graduated HS a couple of years ago and hasn't done shit yet. Unfortunately she unfriended me years ago cause she knew I couldn't stand her BS so I can't post the weird pics of her and our dietitian anymore. Or any other nauseating material she posts 24/7.

No. 224234

Read her blog. It only has one entry but it's deliciously cringe-worthy. Arianamagro.wordpress.com

No. 224240

That smile is so … what's the word??? So… Oh god, no words.

Okay, so what make of ED does she have?

Seriously, that first pic. You can see her collarbones, but she isn't skinny as such. She just looks slim/ a bit underweight and she tenses her neck.

Also, >>224188 Bospital bands are for ana points, yes? Why offer all this info? You could probably do some identity theft if you knew how with her DOB etc. There again, who'd want to be her.

No. 224241


No. 224244

Alexys went private a while ago. I'm still on there but I don't comment.

No. 224246


Her 'anorexia story'. Literally just a 25 minute slideshow of pictures of her (in most of which she doesn't actually look remotely anorexic)…

No. 224248

She's new to me so I haven't seen her insta However, looking at her fb pics I can't see when she was supposed to be ill. Even though she's talking about anorexia, she looks a UK size 12 (US 16?)

She also had a fundraising page for her treatment? http://grapplingwithaneatingdisorder.blogspot.co.uk/

No. 224251

File: 1483118399172.png (161.28 KB, 640x884, IMG_2075.PNG)

shouldn't she be MORE careful now about showing other people in her pictures? this is one of the worst ones…

No. 224256

>that comment

No. 224261

File: 1483119513755.png (1.08 MB, 1023x471, anorexia in pictures.png)

>she doesn't actually look remotely anorexic

…and the part where she writes her weight "plummeted". Huh?

If anything it's her tiny head compared to the rest of her body that makes her look like a pinhead compared to everyone, and therefore looks smaller.

Why the fuck is she in treatment?

"Belly" is less nauseating than "tummy" though.

No. 224268

She's also posting pics of other patients and people constantly while in treatment…do these people know?

No. 224269


The only thing that looks sickly is about her collar bone, and only because she's smiling so hard that all her muscles are contracting. Does she really need all that treatment???

No. 224272

She posted on her fb (irs not private yiu can see her posts) in Oct about finally living life to the fullest and being an adult…how so?! Ha looks like she couldn't handle being an adult and working and had to go back to her life in treatment. How is she ever going to function?

No. 224277

File: 1483121560949.jpg (157.55 KB, 532x490, IMG_20161230_120911.jpg)

Looking healthy as a horse here in November. Those are not Ana thighs lol

No. 224294

Along with everyone else I'm seeing a perfectly normal body, so how does she permanently have a feeding tube and heart monitor electrodes stuck to her chest? I'm so confused.

No. 224299


maybe it turns her on? Stop kink shaming… :(

No. 224315

When she's tubed she wears a stupid headband thing. It reminds me of Jonesy and how she wears her beanie. Do they think it makes them look iller like a chemo patient?

I was wondering why she's got heart monitors too. Still can't find a pic where she looks legit anorexic.

No. 224341

File: 1483127267394.png (946.56 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5685.PNG)

She kind of does here but that's about it for full body pics where she looks sick

No. 224366

just from that one entry she sounds like a pain in the ass to be around. I would hate to have to be in treatment with her.
her writing is terrible and isn't as great as she thinks it is.
and even though she wants to "show what suffering with an ED is like" all she can think to talk about is the refeeding meal plan ~look at how much i have to eat poor widdle me~. A puddle has more depth than this bitch.

No. 224370

Not sure. I stick with her little head and prominent collar bone making her look tinier than she is. And that headband?

I'd believe her if she was having some monthly check up for an ED like Aly did, but tube feeding and heart monitors seem way too OTT for someone who might've slimmed down a bit.

No. 224388

Idk her legs do look kind of small there for once though.

No. 224391

But I agree it seems way OTT. But that's why I'm so confused because it's not like treatment centres or hospitals tube just anybody or put heart monitors on just anybody. I mean idk maybe because her weight fluctuates so much that has caused some damage? I really don't get it I can't think of any other explanation.

No. 224421

Standing with feet apart and one knee bent to get the gap look. She is not underweight. She's normal while poping the veins in her neck like someone else we all know

No. 224434

Some people have prominent bones whatever weight. I could (but won't) post a pic of an overweight friend wearing her bra and knickers. Her rib cage sticks out and her bottom ribs are visible. Must be similar to having knees that're knobbly.

No. 224454


Idk personally I think she looks underweight there compared to all the other pictures where her legs are twice that size. She had that picture in part of a collage too where it showed the full length of the photo and her feet were together. I just didn't post it because the picture was so small so it made more sense to post the blown up one.

No. 224458

No. 224463


sry I´m a newfag - why the f. does she wear a cap all the time?

That makes no sense. If she is cold, why she does not wear long trousers?

No. 224464

I wear hats even in the summer. Maybe she likes to wear one all the time?

No. 224468

File: 1483133184868.jpg (25.99 KB, 600x399, newborn.jpg)

Because that's what all widdle babies wear

No. 224470


I thought maybe it is this "It makes me look sick" thing?

No. 224471

Hey Scarlett, maybe crop your profile pic out of the screenshot next time. This is an anonymous site afterall.

No. 224475

File: 1483133441891.jpeg (425.17 KB, 1426x2040, Capture _2016-12-30-16-21-42-0…)

She has been posting on her story all day, but hasn't answered these yet.

No. 224477

Are the comments from people who joined the ig account her? I don't know the insta url so can't check.

No. 224487

File: 1483134237924.png (161.33 KB, 640x1013, IMG_0906.PNG)

Ew she looks like someone's drunk old mom wtf

No. 224489

dat smile

No. 224492


What happened?!? Her smile was not anything like that in the pics of her as a little kid. Is she missing teeth or wearing bad dentures?

No. 224497

It seems like she's got shorter front teeth than usual, or her mouth is lower than her teeth…idk. Tried to figure it out with this video


She actually looks okay when she's not smiling.

No. 224499

It makes her look like she has cancer. She wants people to think she is a cancer kid.

No. 224500

Maybe that Ariana mango girl looks huger because her head is so tiny? It's like she's a pinhead. If she didn't stick out her neck and smile like manic fitveganginger, she might be ok looking.

No. 224501

That Ariana girl makes me so upset. Some people need treatment to live and then there are people like her who don't need to be there and just want the attention.

No. 224504

Is alexys at John Hopkins hospital? Or the Emily program?

No. 224517

Adriana just has an underbite. It could have been fixed when she was a child. Too late now though.

No. 224563

File: 1483143106065.jpeg (300.02 KB, 747x1110, image.jpeg)

it also looks like shes wearing a back brace, maybe she has scoliosis? Idk, something about her proportions are just not right.

No. 224567

Good news!!!! I get to go back to treatment for the 472nd time!!! Praying insurance will cover it but let's face it, my family will pay anyway. Insurance says they'll give me one more inpatient stay but I'm sure I'll go at least another 894 times. It's my life's goal! My only goal, really.

No. 224581

File: 1483144714418.png (1.67 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161230-183353.png)

…this bitch. She's more confusing than a dyslexic at a math tournament. Started at A&M, then went to Australia? Then won beauty pagents and became a movie star? Even published a book about her eating disorder. Super speshal shit. Pretty sure she's fake.

No. 224605

Oh wow yeah no amount of skinny is gonna make that face cute.. she'd probably be a particularly scary skeletor just cuz the face her skull must look crazy.

No. 224608

That says "Austin" not "Australia." It's still in Texas.

No. 224616

Read her profile, you walnut. She supposedly moved to Australia a few years ago.

No. 224621

File: 1483148694872.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161230-194218.png)

Cassandra Marie fucking Peterson. Loves to talk about her supposed eating disorder. Just has naturally skinny-ish legs. 100% idiotic and annoying. TF happened to her eyebrows?

No. 224624


Why does it seem like everyone is posting personal vendettas now? Show some fucking milk or don't post them. Posting one single selfie of a person doesn't mean they have milk jfc.

No. 224646

Has she blocked everyone questioning her shit storm yet?? She pisses me the fuck off.

No. 224648

Seriously this needs to stop no one cares >>224621
Her face is fucked up tho lol

No. 224650

What happened to Alexys' nephew? She used to hang out with him ALL the time. Is she not allowed to see him anymore because of how crazy she is? Oh, and her poor dog! Her "son" or whatever the hell she used to call him. Had to give him up because she's too selfish to even try to take care of anything. She just wants to stay a poor wittle helpless baby. Rude and spoiled brat!

No. 224655

File: 1483152353824.jpg (1.37 MB, 1432x2256, Screenshot_20161230-204401.jpg)

Having a blast in treatment, yall!!!

No. 224656

Enjoying a cup of 58g of sugar I see. Real anorexic of you! I guess a week in treatment and suddenly you're cured enough to drink 500 empty calories.

No. 224683

File: 1483154682450.png (521.33 KB, 937x549, detox.png)

has tee-thrives ever been posted on here? there is no doubt that she has an actual eating disorder, but she plays up all of her issues a lot and is constantly in and out of the hospital so much its dizzying. her latest post talks about a "full detox" and a "a number of planned inpatient stays" which i find ridiculous. she cant go more than one post without mentioning ptsd or flashbacks or how she dissociated and lost time, but she always calls other instagram users out on triggering people. her followers coddle her so much lol

No. 224685

File: 1483154772303.png (451.14 KB, 914x545, soreal!.png)

the amount of time she must spend on her makeup is shocking as well, she rarely posts things like this

No. 224686

File: 1483154816262.png (432.23 KB, 935x545, wowowowow.png)

No. 224687

File: 1483154878054.png (446.33 KB, 916x459, ohwow!.png)

and the obligatory tube picture

No. 224743

File: 1483161707677.jpeg (223.27 KB, 750x1101, image.jpeg)

That kiss makes me uncomfortable, a lot of her posts about her "perfect daddy" are a little OTT

No. 224768

I want to stick something in that neck gap.

No. 224770

Well, now we know where her fucked up face came from.

No. 224786

I don't think she's ever been diagnosed with anorexia there's no way, ednos or osfed if anything. You have to be significantly underweight to be anorexic.

No. 224837

She looks really dirty on all her pictures…

No. 224864

Generally speaking I wonder how professionals, nurses, doctors, whatever react to their patients telling them that they Instagram their ~recovery (if they do ever tell them). Like, pro-ana is not going to be some great enigma that nobody who isn't fucked up has ever heard of kek? Surely there's gotta be some alarm bells ringing if your patient brings up spending massive amounts of time on social media grouping in with other sick people? I know it's harder now to prevent hospitalised people from obsessively using the internet but jesus.

No. 224870

did she say she gave him away? I saw some ppl were asking, but did she answer?

No. 224872

i dont think thees a lolcow. She seems to be a nice person with severe mental health issues.

No. 224890

Guys there are way more entertaining ana cows out there!

I know one of you knows what Erika's doing since she quit social media. I've always been kinda fascinated by her unique background. She must have a new account somewhere…

No. 224941

Nope the comments are still there

No. 224972

She's still on Facebook with creepy ana fetishists on her friend list.

>haaaaay Henry Roth

No. 225015

i was wondering when she'd end up in here. she is a very very nice girl but honestly (minus her PTSD issues) i really believe she relishes in the attention she gets from constantly posting/talking about her ED i had to unfollow her on snapchat because it got so fucking annoying

also she has the worst skin and when shes not covered in makeup i can't stand to look at her face

No. 225016

i sound like i have a agenda against her haha but i don't

No. 225021

She definitely likes the asspats she gets when posting about her ED/ip admissions. But she's not much different from most of the aussie girls who treat that Hollywood Clinic like a hotel.

No. 225317

Yesterday, poor sick Alexys couldn't eat much as her "belly" was adjusting. Today, she can eat a chicken burger and fries.

No. 225503

I'm honestly starting to think Alexys is fucking with us

No. 225591

I wish she was.

No. 225618

Her nose and face shape looks like Glen Quagmire's from Family Guy

No. 225619

Guys, I'm actually scared now. I'm being admitted to IP on Tuesday for anorexia and IS EVERYONE LIKE THESE INSTAGRAM WHACKJOBS????? I'm genuinely terrified after seeing this stuff.

Please tell me what kind of people I'll meet??? There are 24 beds at an ERC facility. UGH. Help.

No. 225625

Dude, you're wrong here. This is not a place to ask for advice. Anyhow, don't focus on other people. If you happen to be with instagram whores ask them not to take pictures of you and think about your own life. Good luck

No. 225634

i was wondering the same as her posts sound even more childish?! And this pic with the nurse doing whatever she does….and the ballon "the nurses gave" her….and her instastory is full of childcare and stuff.

No. 225637

You will be amongst your own. Fuck off.

No. 225638

I entertained this shit like a week ago, but please stop trying to turn this thread into myproana

No. 225640

i wish everyone here knew german. there is one girl on insta - meinrecoveryweg - who is such a cow. but she writes in german only. she now has about 33k followers - most of them underage i think, miserable little girls - she always posts selfies, a lot during only one day. She claims she wants to help others, but all she wants is attention for her scars and several mental issues.

No. 225641

she is one youtube aswell

No. 225643

That's not interesting at all. Lurk moar, newfag.

No. 225666

Her posts are all the same. I've always wondered what her deal was, but don't understand a word of German. Not long back there were some pics of her in hospital… what was the story?

No. 225670

File: 1483281884347.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.34 KB, 933x597, IMG_0241.JPG)

i can't find the exact image but this gives me Gains Goblin selfie vibes

No. 225679

like others told you, not the place for that. But if you're going to ERC, please ask Ariana why she insists on living in treatment and how she gets insurance to cover it when she's not underweight at all.

No. 225705

File: 1483292804380.png (150.23 KB, 750x1114, IMG_6112.PNG)

No. 225709

she has borderline personality disorder…she loves showing her scars and she has severe anxiety and ptsd bc she was kidnapped for few days when she was 6. this all according to herself tho. she also says that she became anorexic at 8 and she was born with bpd…

No. 225711

She's full of shit. People aren't born with BPD. Genetics are a factor but BPD is caused by a combination of environmental and biological factors, such as genetic vulnerabilities and chronic trauma in early developmental years.

No. 225732

>I want to go home and lose weight
>takes picture of food

No. 225763

Is she kissing her fucking father on the mouth? Jesus fucking christ. Must be the Electra complex causing the attention seeking. Or the fact that she couldn't get any non-related male to look at her busted face without puking.

No. 225820

Ew.. Who kisses their father on the mouth? That's disturbing.

No. 225838

File: 1483312253269.png (1.46 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3806.PNG)

At this point she HAS to be fucking with us

No. 225850

So it seems like she got a talking to abou the photos of other patients, but they left the subject of her fantasy stories about her doctor alone because she's still doing it. This doesn't surprise me too much, the first is a very obvious rule break while the second is harder to address.

No. 225851


No. 225854

No way is she serious. Haha

No. 225855

Do we really believe that Dr. Rome came in and laid in bed w Alexys while she had a meltdown?? This shit cannot be real.

No. 225893

Haha that's actually exactly where I'm going, but there are multiple facilities.

No. 226119

That reads like the beginning of a terrible fan fiction.

No. 226136

she looks like she's standing on the edge of a sofa

No. 226152

Alexys & Dr Rome Fanfiction.

"Mama, my tubie is beeping!" 21 year old Alexy's cried from her private room in the children's hospital.

"Well maybe if you stopped drinking detergent and too much alcohol you wouldn't need a tubie dear," said the doctor.

Alexys felt hurt by the comment and the inference that she was somehow "doing it to herself" when in reality it was her super serious anorexia causing her kidneys to fail despite all lab results saying otherwise.
Alexys bottom lip trembled as she struggled not to cry. She decided to make an ambiguous post about it on Instagram however when the comments rolled in asking if she had been drinking detergent again, she had a full meltdown. She flung herself on the bed and onto the floor, crying and wailing and heaving and vomiting into a bucket the nurse held. A code blue was called - medical emergency - because he delicate kidneys could not stand to lose anymore water & salt from her tears. An entire team of doctors and nurses came rushing in, including Mama Bear. She lay on the floor beside Alexys, rubbing her back and patting her diapy bottom while Alexys cried and heaved and moaned and groaned and writhed on the floor.

Meanwhile, a little boy with cancer and his family across the hall watched.

(Sage lol)

No. 226180

That's really disturbing tbh.
She's making her doctor sound like some kind of predator.

No. 226186

She posted a video on insta w her nurse talking to her and she responds in a high-pitched baby voice. Creepy AF like I'm legit terrified. I hope she posts more videos of her baby voice bc damn that shit is just too good.

No. 226196

Never once as a child or adult has a doctor or nurse put their arms around me. It doesn't happen. If she was having a meltdown (but still able to do ig), she'd be given some tranquilisers to shut her up. Sounds harsh, but that's what they do.

If nurses were really touchy feely I'd be well suspicious. Even wrapping a patient in cotton wool during a bad time isn't something I've seen happen. They're not nursery nurses (even in kids wards). They've got too much to do.

No. 226199

It's as if she thinks she's so special that it seems perfectly reasonable to her to assume doctors would have 45 minutes to sit and cuddle her whenever she decides to throw a tantrum.

No. 226222

WowShe's literally living via some doctor/patient munchie fan fiction that she believes is real life

No. 226251

At least she's making up absurd stories about cuddles and falling asleep in her doctor's arms instead of making up stories about how she's fucking them all.

No. 226260

damn yes! its incredible

No. 226279

File: 1483346720594.jpg (41.74 KB, 600x468, msds.jpg)

>her delicate kidneys could not stand to lose anymore water & salt from her tears

No. 226333

I honestly don't know if America is different to the UK but over here at most a DR will shake your hand, and a psych nurse perhaps hold your hand whilst taking to you, if you're in a lot of distress. No hugging, no tucking into bed, no sitting on laps. They'd get struck off! One grown woman once clung to a nurses legs like literally all the time, and the poor nurse could do fuck all about it, besides trying to tell her to let go. Bitch was like 40 acting like a toddler. As for therapists, they won't touch you at all. When therapy finishes -as in for good- they may shake your hand. It's really irresponsible to have lax boundaries. Not to blog post but one time I needed a hand up and my therapist left the room to get another therapist to do it. No touching means no touching.
Obv jonzie is full of shite, but is it more lax over there?

No. 226338

I've been in very intense mental health care in the US and no doctor has ever tried to touch me in a way of comfort as nor would I want them to? This is so vile as wrong if it's true. Even if it's not, jonzie is fucking fucked in the head obv.

No. 226431

I'm the one you replied to and I'm in the UK. When I was writing it I wondered if it was just a British thing where medical people don't do the bff thing, but >>226338 confirmed it's not.

Yeah, hospitals are places to receive drugs and be monitored, not to have some overworked nurse singing you lullabies at your beck and call.

I wonder if anyone else on ig has tagged Jonzie's facility on a pic. Could get a better idea of how the staff treat patients. Bet they aint getting lullabies at night time (but then they're not as special as Jonzie).

No. 226434

With how sick a large percentage of the US population is, nurses and doctors don't have the time to make friends with their patients. Especially in hospitals. And that doesn't even go into the ethics of the whole thing. Alexys acts like Mama Bear has no right to free time or a break if she's making up stories about her coming in on her few days off to come cuddle in bed.

No. 226436

I've spent time in the hospital in Canada and Sweden since I was a tiny child and no nurse or doctor ever hugged me or tucked me into bed. That's not their job. I don't think it's their job anywhere. They have much better shit to do.

No. 226496

The funniest thing about the video is that you can hear actual babies crying in the background. Because that's where babies are supposed to be, not her grown ass attention needing self.

No. 226501

This WOMAN is ridiculous. She needs to stop wasting resources that are there for children. If, for some reason, your medical needs are best met in a children's hospital when you're not a child, then you should at least have the good grace to decline services that are designed for real kids.

It's actually a bit creepy, some sort of fetish. I'd be worried if my kid was in hospital with an unknown, unchecked adult. In the UK, this would never happen .

No. 226528

I used to work in a children's hospital in the UK and we used to begin transitioning patients to an adult hospital at 17. I find this situation with Alexys extremely creepy.

No. 226531

File: 1483400631301.jpeg (165.47 KB, 750x1098, image.jpeg)

I feel like this has been addressed a few times, but in the US, insurance will cover pediatric specialty care until your 25th bday. So unfortunately, the attention seeking resource wasting "kiddo" will continue to get admitted to peds until she turns 25. I'm sad I have a to wait that long for Alexys to lose her shit when she's no longer allowed to be admitted to Children's.

>there are children

And you wish you were one of them
>fairy dust in their IV bags
I am starting to believe her obsession with being a kid is bordering on a fetish

No. 226537

ugh… that's a quote from grey's anatomy.

No. 226570

This is legit creepy. Jonzie, you are not a "tiny human", you're a full grown fucking adult.

No. 226591

She's not gonna cope in adult medical services. If she doesn't lose it so hard she has to live in her favourite psych ward she's gonna an hero after a month or two of being treated like the adult she is.
Any expectations of responsibility or maturity are too much for her, I mean look at the tantrum she threw when her mother texted her saying she was tired of watching her starve and sleep.
She's not gonna go to college, get a job, or have a meaningful relationship with anything but her beepy widdle tubies. She's better off dropping dead from chugging tide and Palmolive than becoming another MLS.

No. 226599

Any time she mentions "child life" or whatever the fuck the people are that bring her movies and toys and stuffed animals, I get so pissed off. Tell me how a 21 year old attention seeking adult-baby deserves those over an actual sick child? And how selfish of her for accepting those things. I understand being in a hospital is probably boring but taking resources that are meant for children is so low.

No. 226625

She is so fucked up!! If my child were sick in the hospital and I saw her prancing around like the little shit she is, I'd punch her in her fucking head so hard I'd send her beanie flying. How can her family even stand her?? Must be so proud.

No. 226641

If she actually looked or acted her age. Maybe that's part of why she does it. To not get punched?

No. 226751


She'd probably enjoy being punched. It would give her more attention and cuddles.

No. 226784

I know right? Any normal person would ask to move to adult, cause they'd feel like a tit and a half in a childrens ward. Not sure how possible it is to do that, but nobody in their right mind would want to be treated as a child

No. 226797

isn't that partially the hospital's fault, though? someone should put their foot down and make her move to an adult ward.

No. 226821

It's dr Romes fault, she's the head of child & adolescent medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. For a supposed eating disorder "expert" she's really oblivious. She thinks coddling Alexys is helping her, but it's doing the exact opposite. Anyone without an inoperable brain tumor can see being coddled by mama bear at children's is only encouraging her to stay sick, because it's her identity, and it gives her an excuse to be a failure in life.

No. 226825

Well, someone should really contact Dr. Rome then…

No. 226826


Done. Alexys will be getting a good talking to very soon.

No. 226839

i am not sure about this. There surely are a lot of other ppl like nurses and other medicals who see how dr rome alexys treats. IF she does all these things - she dont do them secretly. The nurses call her to come in at sundays to little kiddo (if all this is true). So why should alexys keep all the cuddlings as a secret?

No. 226842

yeah, if we take all this shit for real, there are enough ppl who see Rome snuggling with Alexys. Wonder why noone ever says a word?

No. 226850

I read her twitter just now (the Dr) and I can't see her being the person Alexys says she is. Sounds like she's an advocate of "connecting" with patients by smartphone of ipad and not running into work to cuddle an adult baby.

No. 226856

Not to mention the most obvious thing… she writes like, you know, an actually educated woman, not like a teenager who spams emojis and has only a vague grasp of grammar.

No. 226857

She only follows people in medicine too, not a bunch of teenies.

No. 226860

I can understand wanting to stay with pediatric medical teams into your 20s because the staff tends to be nicer and they try to prevent patients from remembering any procedures, but patients who stay into adulthood don't act like fucking babies. I hope they shove her into the world of adult medicine asap

No. 226861

I was looking at hashtag Clevelandclinic and there're kids with leukaemia and ones having brain ops. At her age it'd depress the fuck out of me living around having to see sick kids. Also, living around kids would bother me. She's totally wacko not to want to leave the child thing behind.

No. 226874

Please stop blogposting in this thread. Bans will commence.

No. 226875

bit late to the party here but yeah tee has a legit ed however she is a massive cow. sadly most of her milk is offline and basically amongst all of the hollywood clinic girls (who all hate her but kiss her ass bc shes one of the "ana qweens")

No. 226884

oooh tell us more!!!!!

No. 226888

File: 1483475112032.jpg (54.12 KB, 505x796, am.JPG)

Two/three weeks in treatment and her fatass can suddenly scarf down giant ice cream cones. What a waste of treatment space.

No. 227001

File: 1483492449746.jpeg (228.07 KB, 750x1110, image.jpeg)

>home 14 days
>after almost 4 months IP
>already worse than when I left
How is that possible?! Is she chugging detergent like Alexys? This is one of her older posts, but it's the same cycle of long ip/res stays (by US standards) a short visit home, and on to the next facility. She always uses the hand with hospital bands on it for peace signs, of course.

No. 227007

File: 1483493313511.jpeg (214.49 KB, 750x1095, image.jpeg)

>made security leave
>never has happened before
Because she's just such a special snowflake. How convenient the Demi concert was during one of her short breaks from living in residential facilities. She loves going for the "drowning in baggy clothes" look too, but she doesn't look thin, she just looks like Quagmire.

No. 227087

Why does she always have that damn leg brace? Is that the result of another "medical complication?"

No. 227099

I wanna know why she wears clothes that are ten times too big for her???

No. 227100

Makes her look small.

No. 227102

ugh and the little girl hair bows. Damn these girls and their need to remain childlike.

No. 227118

I disagree. I think it makes her look WAY bigger. If you're super tiny and you wear oversized clothes it's cute. Her body type is weird though and it makes her look way bigger than she actually is (maybe, all she wears is big clothes so who knows what her actual body size is)

No. 227136

File: 1483504985730.jpg (91.95 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2741.JPG)

Found a post on insta from 4 weeks ago where she posted asking about another Ed center. Planning her next hotel I mean treatment stay already?!

No. 227141

File: 1483505892376.jpeg (159.8 KB, 750x1114, image.jpeg)

>little girl hair bows
This one is the worst
>will be last 4th of July in the hospital
Sure, and I'll be a millionaire before 2018 ;)

No. 227142

Does she… not have teeth?

No. 227152

She has an underbite, so her top teeth are way far in her mouth compared to her bottom teeth.

No. 227154

Plus I think she's also sticking out her tongue a bit.

No. 227157

Ariana makes VIDEOS…

No. 227159

And there's more where that came from…

No. 227161

She's gotta be developmentally disabled.

No. 227166

She actually looked underweight (and not quite as odd looking) in the much younger pics. I guess now she's damaged her metabolism so badly from all the restricting she can no longer get skinny. Sad.

No. 227167

Okay? She still thinks it makes her look small, which is what anon asked.
She and Jonzie should meet up and have special widdle sick kid pity party. Jonzie can go in the stroller with mamabear to stroke her poor little head and Ariana can wear her biggest dress and bows and idk, look like someone's grandmother some more.

The infantilisation they deliberately do is creepy as shit.

No. 227193

Why would they hate her? Btw here is another hollywood clinic cows

No. 227194

i wonder why is she always changing the treatment center? Like clinic hopping tho

No. 227195

a lot of anorexics do so. bc they feel too fat for normal sized ones.

No. 227197

you cannot damage your metabolism. If it is damaged you will die.

No. 227237

Basically Tee is just a massive bitch and no matter how many times she denies it she romanticizes the fuck outta her mental illness. A lot of the hollywood girls hate her because she doesn't actually try to get better, like at all, yet still gets constant asspats over insta for being so ~~brave~~ and such a FIGHTER. All of her ~~posi~~ posts on insta are sickening and she has all the professionals she sees wrapped around her little finger. None of them will hospitalise her for her ed, last time she was ip (for ptsd related stuff) all she did was pace the halls and refuse meals and ensures and drink liters of diet drinks lol.

Nina is frustrating lol, hasn't been admitted for ages but every time a new girl comes on the scene she follows her on insta, adds her on fb and acts like they are best friends yet in reality they haven't even heard of Nina.

Not sure if anyone knows of Lara ( larz.recovers on insta) - she had a video on her alopecia go pretty viral recently and got lots of asspats over it… ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3780944/Perth-model-Alopecia-areata-shares-video-without-wig-encourage-people-accept-imperfections.html ) she's a manipulative bitch, uses her ed body to further her modeling career all while preaching about how underweight she is and how no one should aspire to look like her. All her insta posts detail her laxative abuse, and every time shes admitted to hollywood she is the most dramatic bitch ever which resulted in her getting temporarily banned after one admission.

No. 227308

Nina tells everyone she is recovered and shit and now she exercises for hours every day and does not eat carbs and weighs herself for and after every meal on 4 different scales like wtf. If anyone dares to question all this, she deletes and blocks. bahhh she is SUCH A BITCH

No. 227323

Can you not? Just go back to tumblr so that you can have annoying petty arguments with fat acceptance blogs.

No. 227358

She's not even skinny

No. 228051

File: 1483648808693.jpeg (257.87 KB, 749x1099, image.jpeg)

Gotta see em all!
>I'm doing my part
To review every facility in the country?

No. 228067

No. 228081

Thanks, friend! Got any more juicy Alexys info?

No. 228084

If she was really intent on doing anything she wouldn't leave after a couple of weeks because she doesn't like the program. She's treating treatment centres like Pokemon and all that wasted money could have been used to fix her terrifying granny maw instead.

No. 228098


Missy, you really shouldn't post your e-mail and especially not your work/school e-mail. Also this is an imageboard, so you should've posted a screenshot instead of copy/pasting that stuff.

No. 228103

How can I delete my email

No. 228104

Her BMI was less than 14?!

No. 228106

I love how in that Facebook post she had to include "I'm taking high doses of an off-label medication only the FDA approves people like Vets to take when returning from combat." bullshit. She herself admitted she never had any sort of trauma happen and then immediately switches up her story about this oh so crazy trauma she's been through but won't give details. Mmmkay alexys, sureeee.

No. 228107

File: 1483655364754.png (27.51 KB, 640x327, IMG_1011.PNG)


Well there ya have it folks, she wants to be a "child" forever.

No. 228108

File: 1483655540466.png (685.04 KB, 900x1062, alexys.png)

No. 228109

Can you please delete my name?

No. 228112

Careful, I can see your e-mail.

No. 228113

What are your opinions on Eugenia Cooney?

No. 228114

Please delete that. It was unintentional

No. 228117

No one gives a shit about Eugenia

No. 228260

Wait she's engaged? To what? Her doctor?

No. 228276


I'd say she is going to die soon, but Ash is still alive to prove us you can live long as a skeleton.

It's just so sad how her fans are always posting and asking about her eating habits and she doesn't give a shit about them. She's not much of a cow or something, tbh.

No. 228287

i think she means in the energy sense, like she could participate in life or whatever (alexys being engaged is a scary, scary thought)

No. 228680

Well at least we know now she really does never wanna grow up

No. 228830

Sage for blog but I know an ana-whore whose completely active going in trips all the time and every time she says "this will kill me" and she's super convenientionally beautiful I just want to show her Ash and be like "OR YOU COULD LIVE FOREVER"

No. 229237

Aaaaand she's drinking again per her latest Instagram story post. Of course. Widdle baby wants to drink like an adult but be treated like a baby

No. 229242


She's probably trying to make herself sick enough to need an admission.

No. 229344

She's being kept on a "tighter leash" than anyone in the program because of her "medical instability and fragility". Give me a break.

No. 229347

So fragile that she can eat burgers and drink alcohol.

No. 229652

Hopefully they've "really" put her on a tighter lease cause they're onto her drinking detergent.

No. 229653

Is an instagram story post something different to regular instagram?

No. 229742

File: 1483892118822.jpg (218.88 KB, 530x833, IMG_20170108_101111.jpg)

Always the sickest

No. 229898

its like snapchat. You can post daily updates and after 24h they are gone

No. 230044

where is she? the emily program?

No. 230266

>> 229742

pretty sure they won't let her skip any days because she has a history of skipping program whenever she feels like it. not because she's "medikally unstabul and frajul".

>> 230044 yeah I'd like to know where she is too

No. 230537

She doesn't have a job or go to school. Why would she need to skip program?

No. 230562


To stock up on laundry detergent.

No. 230657

She probably just got tide up with something.

No. 230834

File: 1484067473326.jpg (35.17 KB, 600x575, 6fd.jpg)

Uk anon still

No. 230835

File: 1484067588980.jpg (59.04 KB, 500x500, bold-2in1-washing-powder-janit…)

Need some proper shit Jonzie

No. 230841

File: 1484068336639.png (60.52 KB, 272x342, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.0…)

Apologise in advance if I fuck this up… her older posts are a goldmine

No. 230845

I call bull on the six drawers only for her, therapists aren't supposed to play favorites like that. Some will offer snacks before a session (I had one that did this, her reasoning was that it's not good to do intense MH work on low fuel), but it's an all or nothing thing. Not filling entire drawers for specific clients and ignoring the rest.

No. 230846

File: 1484068950203.png (32.75 KB, 286x185, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.1…)

Nope darling that's just not how therapy works
REAL therapists NEVER just continue on…
No Jonez you're not that special
I'm getting so riled, I'm relearning to screencap. My godz

No. 230853

File: 1484069344059.jpeg (320.68 KB, 1440x2092, Capture _2017-01-10-12-23-21-0…)

Isn't this women like 40 or something? Why is she taking selfies in an examination room? There is so much shoop happening here too, I'm embarrassed for her. I guess she has no job or anything.

No. 230854

File: 1484069519438.png (33.55 KB, 263x175, uh.png)

> If this isn't LOVE….

No. 230875

This woman is a predator. I feel like it's different than Jonzie in her case.

No. 230914


Ya she's older but that doesn't even touch on what a headcase she is. Serious predator issues

>>230875 right! Remember all that ig drama about 6 months ago?

No. 230921

Can we not talk about her, you'll just summon that one E bitch. Wouldn't be surprised if she posted it.

No. 230946

Okay McKenzie.

No. 231035


How so? Is she like a certain skeleton?

No. 231047

She is a 40 year old woman who claimed to be 17. She had dramu with a banned cow but that's literally irrelevant and you can find it by going back a few threads or googling her username.

No. 232367

shenever anwsers

No. 232959

File: 1484405209058.png (98.22 KB, 384x540, callout.png)

Aug 2015
Therapist calls her out on her shit pretty well. Jonzie has a BPD meltdown. It's a really long entry, will post the whole thing if anyone is interested.
But yeah…
Even after such drama she continues being "the most special patient her docs have ever treated for x,y,z"
Present day: She's been quiet since the post about a "confidentiality" leak which I find interesting. Although she claims she's training to work as a child life specialist….

No. 232960

yes please, do post it.

No. 233071

lol she's mad cause someone actually called her out on being an attention whoring woman-child

No. 234795

I hope to hell she doesn't go into any field involving children or toys.

No. 234797

Hopefully doctor mamabear called her out for making her look like a predatory idiot so publicly.

No. 235210

File: 1484515744452.png (1.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170115-152541.png)

Here we go again!!! She's been at ERC in Denver the past month or two and now she's suddenly in California?? So while normal people her age backpack through Europe or something, she's backpacking through treatment centers. And a fort?!? Is she becoming our next Jonzie? God I hope not…somebody smack the shit out of this fat cow, please!

No. 235321

Thank god someone posted about her, I've been gone from this site for awhile, but she drives me crazy on insta, always asking for prayers. Plus I am pretty sure she just smiles super hard so that her collar bones and neck muscles show…

No. 235348

File: 1484531298490.jpg (338.47 KB, 2048x1365, granny.jpg)

She looks like an ugly grandma.

No. 235371

Looks like the entire family got stuck with ugly squared mouths but Ariana's stretched out maw is a bit scary. It's how you'd expect a horror-movie puppets face to look when it clunks around the corner to steal souls.

No. 235410

Kek - "backpacking through treatment centres" ?

No. 235487

If I didn't know better, I'd think she was the oldest person in this photo.

No. 235611

File: 1484585553323.png (647.95 KB, 1699x767, pinterest.PNG)

Found Magro's Pinterest. Anyone else think this is pro-ana tier attention seeking shit?

No. 235614

File: 1484585613799.png (1.35 MB, 1655x765, ugh.PNG)

Samefag, but look at this board. Kek.

No. 235619

It's like she's trying to prove to people that she has an eating disorder or something. I'm honestly embarrassed for her.

No. 235637

Oh look, it's almost been a whole 2 weeks, time for Jonzie to go get admitted again.

Notice how sporadic her posts are when she's not in hospital.

No. 235644

File: 1484589942706.png (97.7 KB, 640x1067, IMG_1176.PNG)

Aaaaaand she's back

No. 235687


Tide overdose?!

No. 235706

Why is she always getting admitted on holidays? Jesus. Anyway I'm annoyed those anons from above who said they would contact Dr Rome never did… might have to do some contacting… Alexys shouldn't get away with shit she's a cunt

No. 235710

So anorexic that leg is

No. 235718

File: 1484601959667.png (129.99 KB, 640x1048, IMG_1194.PNG)

Restricting? She's been posing pictures of her food all week.

No. 235720

"I never want to be here" yeah fucking right alexys you fucking love the hospital and all the asspats you get for being a sick widdle baby

No. 235722

>nip whatever puts me here in the bud
>whatever puts me here
>nip it in the bud
>tide in the pod

No. 235777

Alexys last post has been deleted. Maybe she didn't really get admitted.

No. 235792

I can't imagine how much the PICU staff must resent her.

No. 235814

I think her doctor or treatment program was told of online shenanigans. However, we will likely never know the outcome - the primary focus for them is making sure she isn't violating the privacy of other patients.
It's actually not really easy to give patients the boot - especially the risky ones like her where you have to worry that she will sue with her made up "evidence" or hurt herself in retaliation.
Her posts have changed since she was "reported" but it always just looks like she is trying new strategies to gain "support" since the "I'm a sick widdle baby" routine isnt convincing people anymore. If she is struggling to recover so much then why is she eating every meal at a sit-down restaurant. It's always burgers, fries, and alcohol but I guess that makes a prettier picture than a tide-vodka shot

No. 235815

^^^ exactly…she talks about struggling with her meal plan but eats burgers and fries constantly.

No. 235822

SHes also maintained her weight for ages. I think she's totally unwilling to drop her anorexic identity even though she's normal sized and eating plenty now.

No. 235932

She recently claimed that she can't take any anti-inflammatory medication because of her kidney disease - but somehow her kidneys can process her high sodium diet. But then again, anything that will get her back to her cozy adjustable bed with endless supplies of playdoh, cartoons, and baby mobiles may be worth it.

No. 235960

She must not be eating very much tide.


No. 236065

Lol one of the comments….
> Yes, this sucks! And, there's always a secret bright side to being admitted into children's like child life trying to make things slightly entertaining and nice for you, nurses calming you when you've just had it, music therapist coming and comforting you, having a routine, feeling physically better when you may have not felt your best… so being hospitalized is no way to live, there are some positives, rt? And you've been so many times

> secret bright side

No. 236082

It's not a secret. Alexys is crap at hiding how much she loves being in hospital. What a waste of resources.

No. 236092

>having a routine

This is probably the #1 reason Alexys loves the hospital.

No. 236109


but a job or college also would let her

>having a routine

No. 236110


maybe she´s the new Aly

No. 236161

File: 1484683369700.png (2.11 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1852.PNG)

No. 236162

File: 1484683407013.png (2.11 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1850.PNG)

More hospital photos….

No. 236163

File: 1484683440695.png (1.86 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1849.PNG)

Such a widdle baby, mama bear puts my medicine in juice.

No. 236164

File: 1484683471133.png (4.16 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1851.PNG)

Just showing off hospital bracelet.

No. 236166


She's deleted that photo now. She must be watching. Hi Alexys!!

No. 236197

Yes, but that involves effort.

No. 236207


And she'd get fewer internet ass pats.

No. 236210

Not to cowtip, but Dr Rome definetly did receive pictures and info that pointed out to Alexys impersonating her. It'll take a month or two before it moves from them knowing to her knowing they know and finally her being moved to a new location/kicked out. It takes A LOT lot of paper work and hassle.

No. 236213


No. 236271



No. 236298

don't post receipts until a) it happens or b) sufficient time has elapsed to indicate that it won't

Little Lexi is watching

No. 236391

>> 236162
I had quite a laugh at that video. Just like a toddler. Also like a toddler that when they figure out something new they do it over and over again, like boomerang videos.

Also, does anyone know what @nourishing.kell.bell changed her username to?

No. 236396



No. 236580

Not being able to view Alexys' IG is killing me. She won't accept my follow request.

No. 236586

It's a whole bunch of nothing right now. Literally everything that's being posted here is what's on it.

No. 236597

Yeah just a couple of random food pics and she's deleted 2 hospital pics from yesterday.

No. 236651

Which "children's" hospital is she in?

No. 236835

File: 1484779710551.png (924.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2805.PNG)

While other 20-something year olds are working, jonzie is making people wheel her to the hospital gift shop to take pictures of her riding stuffed unicorns - because if your IG life isn't ridiculous enough, add a stuffed unicorn.
And the beanie with her hair stuffed in it to make her look like a sick cancer patient drive me nuts (note - she doesn't seem to wear the beanie when posting selfies on her way to drink)

No. 236839

File: 1484780405457.png (180.8 KB, 740x1129, IMG_2806.PNG)

Because sick widdle kiddos need special scented soothing stuffed animals
But let's not forget the wires/monitors sneaking in so we can ask her what super special sickness she has this time

No. 236941

Any guesses as to why she brought a blanket to the giftshop?

No. 237018

Probably the same reason she always seems to be snuggled in a blanket and wearing a beanie. She's a widdle sick kiddo

No. 237072

Since she hasn't exactly been looking deathly thin, she might be trying to do creative angling and just revealing a bony arm to insinuate she's more skinny/frail than she is. Lots of anachans do this shit.

No. 237078

and why is she not weraing shoes?
Wanna bet she forced a nurse to bring her into the hospital's giftshop in a wheelchair?

No. 237120

I thought the same, especially as she deleted that revealing pic of her leg.
I wonder why she isn't saying why shee's in hosp this time. We usually get a full run down

No. 237205

Maybe she's realized that she's tide up in some drama with mama bear.

No. 237216

File: 1484854696268.png (2.1 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1854.PNG)

I didn't know they let kids drink coffee let alone when they have heart problems.

No. 237217

File: 1484854756094.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1221.PNG)

Guys the sick widdle baby is on bed rest LOL

No. 237257

Kids shouldn't have coffee. Doesn't she know that? Only grown ups drink coffee.

No. 237260

I also find it quite odd that no one ever visits Alexys in the hospital. Does she not have any friends or do they all sick of her acting like a baby too?

No. 237262

I'm sure nobody wants to babysit her 20 year old ass. I bet she's embarrassing as fuck.

No. 237281

This probably pisses me off like nothing else. It's one thing to bother your resident nurse in your room but to go down to the gift shop and harass some poor cashier to take photos of you putting your grubby hands all over their merch?

No. 237294

Where would she meet friends? She doesn't work, she not involved in education, she doesn't have any life.
The only people she's meeting are nurses (who would tolerate her at best, or hate her for taking up so much time and being a malingerer) and seriously ill kids who alexys is likely resentful towards, since they're getting her attention by having stupid cancer or car accidents.

No. 237319

File: 1484870730987.png (1.05 MB, 900x681, alexusfood.png)

If you can eat this daily, you don't have an eating disorder or anything wrong with your liver.

No. 237350

She has been playing this game for too long to have any friends left. I am sure her twisted brain thinks that the sicker she is the more people will care about her. However, she clearly isn't making an effort to get better at this point. Nobody her age wants to hang around the hospital all day playing with playdoh, watching kids movies and fish, and hugging stuffed animals (Maybe for an hour or some sort of throwback to childhood night but not day in and day out). Everyone else has moved on with their life. Alexys is young and could have a decent future ahead of her - but she needs to get help for the real problem - the one that is causing her to pull these attention-seeking medical crisis causing stunts.

No. 237354

Also fun fact - in order to be a child life specialist you pretty much need to have the Certified Child Life Specialist accreditation from the Child Life Council. This requires at least a bachelors degree, coursework in child life or related fields, 480 hours of clinical work, and passing an exam.
Does Alexys know that forcing the child life specialist to come visit you when you are inpatient doesn't count towards the 480 hours of clinical work?

No. 237609

Alexys is back in residential at TEP.

No. 237610

File: 1484941078371.png (236.29 KB, 750x1238, IMG_6364.PNG)

No. 237630

Does Alexys do anything apart from get admitted to a children's hospital or attend eating disorder programmes?! She seems weight restored to me or even if she isn't, it's not like she's super thin.

No. 237645

Good that she's in residential. Anyone can see that constantly being admitted for short periods of time is a bandaid solution. She needs intensive therapy for her attention seeking need. And need to be cared for and treated like a child.

No. 237659

Time to play at a new treatment centre! Hooray!
She's treating hospitals like Pokemon gyms.

No. 237731

Omg she's stretched the hell outta this pic trying to make her wrist look spechul. Im cringing so bad rn.

Wonder if this snowflake & alexys have been in treatment together at some stage… it wouldn't surprise me seeing as they both have done nothing but move from one ed place to another.

No. 237781

how do you know?

No. 237834

How can you tell she stretched it? It looks normal dimensions to me?

No. 237842

anyone here follow crumpetlikephoebe on IG? she has a diagnosed ED but didnt get that underweight and still flaunts her disordered meals for attention, it's pretty cringey

will post caps if anyone's interested

No. 237853

Sure, post them.

No. 237872

File: 1485006195814.jpg (266.56 KB, 1080x1553, _20170121_133933.JPG)

some info:
-apparently just underweight, looks perfectly healthy
-friends exaggerate how skinny she is in comments
-has been posting the exact same restrictive lunches for months now
-starts recovery for a boyfriend/crush, gets rejected/dumped and starts crying over her story
-used to post crying videos like emily, not sure if she still does?

No. 237873

File: 1485006254268.jpg (224.46 KB, 1080x1551, _20170121_133840.JPG)

#posi #justunderweight #givemeasspats

No. 237875

File: 1485006320920.png (890.11 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20170121-133002~2.p…)

>you look so sick babe :((

No. 237877

File: 1485006434431.jpg (176.82 KB, 1079x1565, _20170121_133711.JPG)

pic rel - cap of that same video

No. 237878

File: 1485006527062.png (628.38 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20170121-133125~2.p…)

from her dramatic story last night along with several other quotes/tumblr movie caps, think her new boyfriends dumped her

No. 237887

what is this "story" app people are talking about?

No. 237888

I honestly don't think Alexys likes being in treatment. She likes being in Children's hospitals. Treatment centers don't coddle her the way the Children't hospital does.
She actually goes through inpatient programs at a rapid pace compared to others that have "super anorexia."
My guess is they don't give her the attention and she get's the hell out as fast as possible by eating everything because she will eat pretty much anything and everything at this point.

No. 237890

'stories' are referring to either Snapchat or the new Instagram feature (you can't see the Insta stories unless you have the Insta app I think).

No. 237919

You're right, she'll be out of The Emily Program asap. She loves the Children's hospital and mama bear, not residential programs. Apparently TEP has locked up the tide pods since the last time she was there, i wonder if Alexys is the reason…they didn't used to be locked up.

This girl is boring. Tell her she's looking "so healthy!!" and post if she spergs out. The girl that liked her pic, fairydustcaitlin, she's a mess.

No. 237927

How do you know they locked up the tide pods?

No. 237969

File: 1485032806115.png (855.59 KB, 900x867, lexy.png)

Is she in the hospital or TEP. She just posted this

No. 237996

Children's, she's not at TEP.

I don't feel like I should answer that, sorry. Let's just say Lolcow, particularly this thread, isn't unknown to the girls at the Emily program.

No. 238046

I would seriously love to see Alexys in a public eating disorder ward here in Australia. She would be miraculously cured in a second. No asspats or speshul treatment there. Even in private they wouldn't take the shit she pulls!

No. 238056

Interesting, would love to know what the other patients thought of Alexys!

No. 238068

yep I would pay good money to witness that. even the hollywood "hotel" would scare the fuck outta her. the psychiatrist in charge of the program is a dragon and would have no issue setting alexys straight

No. 238096

Me too.

No. 238304

File: 1485101409229.jpeg (210.66 KB, 750x1091, image.jpeg)

>what are some good sedentary things to do?
Not take pics of the other patients for starters. I can't believe The Emily Program continues to admit her and lets her have her phone when they 100