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File: 1522936667497.jpg (44.89 KB, 540x439, b220f95223c0f0a833b7f2b5448945…)

No. 546984

thread to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking spoops.
previous thread: >>>/snow/500530
don't discuss:

No. 553543

File: 1523554263477.png (885.44 KB, 1634x1202, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.0…)

I thought you weren't checking lolcow anymore, Aly? No one in the comments of her posts with the scratches across her neck (>>551757 and
>>551753) was telling her that her soft BDSM is another destructive criticism. They were all very "aw man I wish I had a dom/daddy."

No. 553547

*destructive coping mechanism. Was going to word it as "no one was giving her criticism" to begin with. sage for neuroticism.

No. 553803

"This guy didn't rape me! Wow! What a keeper!"

That…that's the bare minimum for decent human behavior. Oh my God.

No. 553962

File: 1523580549307.png (1.05 MB, 752x1370, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 8.47…)

In one of her fifty thousand videos on her story, she says that her "hookup" is a part of the kink community and is "bi, he's poly… basically everything, you know?"

I audibly laughed when she said that with the most forced nonchalance. This bitch loves being the center of attention and couldn't handle being in a poly relationship for even a week if she tried. She even went so far as to say that "regular sex" is ruined for her now. It's like she doesn't realize that most people enjoy being tied up and spanked lmfao.

No. 554085

File: 1523587387988.jpeg (138.3 KB, 750x937, 311CC1BD-5A30-4F4F-AD67-490312…)

Tune in to _brookeleblanc ‘s latest string of videos on Instagram talking about her nasty crotch sweat and flabby cooch. Gotta end it with her crying of course.

No. 554226

Nasty, major cringe, does she realise that she looks like a complete fool

No. 554270

OP, your choice of pictures cracked me up for a solid 3 minutes at work.

No. 554487


You didn’t really explain why though. Personally I feel it’s because society very much validates anorexia and those who experience the weight loss symptom of eating disorders, and invalidates or minimizes all other EDs because apparently if you don’t look sick you must not be sick. Having an AN diagnosis is like having an official label that makes you feel like your ED is valid in society’s eyes. Because if you don’t get thin enough to warrant an AN diagnosis it feels pretty invalidating unfortunately. Despite the fact that all EDs are serious and torturous. Sorry for novel

No. 554535

Okay so Ik this might be the wrong place to ask but do you guys have any suggestions for good/inspirational/honest (aka not pro Ana scumbag) eatingdisorder accounts?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 554538

…you mean recovery accounts?

No. 554556

@merryrosehowley is the first one that comes to mind. she also has a youtube channel.

No. 554615

Anyone else suspect Crying Emily is going to go all Lacey Spears on her chunky monkey once it's born?

No. 554713

File: 1523651368125.jpg (814.35 KB, 2048x1956, IMG_9007.JPG)

When someone tells Brooke off. I'm sure she'll follow up with more crying videos.

No. 554715

Did you know she's about to turn 40?! She still lives with her parents.

No. 554719

>>554713 I originally followed her because I was interested in her physical recovering from severe laxative abuse, but then I realised what an entitled brat she is. Her parents buy her everything, but yet she still plays the victim card. She says it's all their fault she has an eating disorder. She acts like a teenager.

No. 554726

That's beyond unacceptable. at least the other girl works & has a family. I hate moochers.

No. 554776


Oh my god. That woman who commented on her post - used to be friends with her on MySpace - literally in like 2004/2005.

She was on an episode of Dr Phil or similar to do with her eating disorder and the burns she got as a child.

No. 554799

If so she doesn't talk about either one. I've followed her a couple yrs and never heard that.

No. 554822

File: 1523658007139.png (1.67 MB, 1125x2436, C9D41426-AADC-4356-9CF2-D3DE23…)


It was Tyra she was on.

I am positive it’s the same person, but if I’m wrong it’s some coincidence that she would look so similar and have the same type of burns.

No. 554841

Oh wow. Idk about that. Really similar. She's way sicker now if the same person. That's really sad she isn't better but I don't think she's wanted to. That's why she hasn't been to treatment in so long.

No. 554865


They are ‘both’ called Cassie too so I would say it’s 100% her.

No. 554866

>I don't think she's wanted to. That's why she hasn't been to treatment in so long.
It is the same person, Cassie. I've been friends with her since the myspace days too and if i recall correctly… Tyra sent her to Timberline Knolls, but she wasn't medically stable and TK sent her to inpatient, which Tyra didn't pay for and so Cass got fucked financially. That girl has been through a LOT. I can't even imagine what I'd be like if I lived though what she has. She may not be the picture of "recovery" but she's much improved from where she's been.

No. 554871


Yeah I don’t think she seems like she wants attention or anything. Just a lost soul I guess.

Fun fact: when I originally went to her ig from the screenshot and realised who I thought it was, the only person it showed me who follows her also in common with me is Bekah.

But now an hour later, smorven is now following her.

Hi smorven.

No. 554913

Ive never seen her like other anachans/munchies. She never asks for money or anything, give tips, feel entitled. she finished college and became a teacher. She also got married and has a little girl. She doesn't fake being sick with 8,000 illnesses. She was doing better but she's been going backwards lately. That's all I know.

No. 555230



No. 555330

Another anachan who conveniently found veganism in recovery

No. 555391

I'm the anon that recommended her. I just discovered her the other day so if she's "problematic" or "dishonest" then go off but at least give reasons. She's not a big YouTuber so there's no drama threads about her online outside of MPA, and there they're just screeching about "she's vegan to continue restricting!!"

No. 555599

File: 1523733471668.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, CDA334C3-2115-4A20-9FF0-99D50E…)

Suuuuurre Bekah you’re not at ALL trying to get attention for being so soooper sick, you just wanna post about your pup. You just happen to post yourself with tubes galore too. Ugh

No. 555695

The heart monitor isn't even hooked up

No. 555807


peep that stark difference between this bulls hit and when legit people pose their pets and take cute flattering photos of them..

No. 555885

She sure loves being sick. It’s actually pretty disgusting (I only say that because she’s been given loads upon loads of intensive help yet has never chosen to use it). Plus she literally taught people in ED treatment how to purge though a feeding tube.

No. 556065

File: 1523785986633.png (987.21 KB, 750x1334, 2BA3994A-3BD5-4974-ACDB-8C5295…)

In completely unsurprising news, Bella is once again claiming gross negligence from the hospital and is begging for escape tips.

Was she always this stupid or has her diet of energy drink, Diet Pepsi, and the misery of everyone she knows caused her brain to shrink?

How many days until she is back on her futon to scam donations and document how many days she goes wearing the same pair of underpants?

Will her dramatic claims of medical neglect go anywhere?

No. 556139


I doubt she’s even really in erc (has phone but no real pics?), but I’m amused at the image of her trying to scurry over the Colorado border to freedom clad in nothing but her sweatshirt and granny panties like she does in all her pics.

No. 556159

I completely agree. Way too many pic opportunities for her to get asspats in erc if she were there not to have posted by now

No. 556694

Absolutely OT but I've been thinking of making a MPA General thread since last thread's infiltration of their users, the fact that it's now against their rules to mention lolcow, and how when MPA users were brought up in the last Pro-ana Scrumbags thread people were bitching about "this thread is about Instagram anas only!"

There's also the recent site glitches on MPA, people on looksmax saying the admin was really an aging pedophile and that's why the glitches haven't been fixed in months, etc. to go off of.

I wanted to see what anons that frequent the pro-ana scumbags threads thought before I just went ahead and made a thread.

No. 556959

def in favour of that, anon.

No. 557016

File: 1523882107318.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 0928FFD8-7D98-45D6-9C0E-801EE7…)

Here’s a tip: Stop purging then!

No. 557051

File: 1523887569207.jpeg (325.88 KB, 750x1174, F762495E-D4C6-4F12-9F7F-8175FB…)

I never see this girl talked about. She claims to be eating 3000 cal. Vegan and has had multiple IP stays.

No. 557085

I agree - I think everyone with bp-an or bed wishes they could be r-an. The thing will Allegra is she admits sh doesnt want to gain weight so how the fuck will she recover ?

No. 557097

Oh I hate this bitch. A while ago I saw someone comment on her photos something like "Don't take this the wrong way, but you don't look like you're gaining any weight?" and she responded with "I'm not, I'm maintaining, my doctors say it's okay."

Even if her doctors did give her the ok, I can only see that being because they'd literally take ANYTHING over her losing even more weight, not because it's healthy. And it's so fucking hypocritical too, pretending like you're in "recovery" when in reality you're just strictly maintaining your underweight, malnourished body. It's not recovery, you're just an anorexic (and an active one, at that) who is maintaining her weight.

No. 557157

I like the idea but not all lolcow users like the Ana threads and don't seem to know about the 'hide thread' button so could it be better just have some kind of general eating disorder thread when this one is full? It'd also be all the more interesting because those who complain about MPA users being posted probably are MPA users and don't want to be seen as fair game. Might as well lump them all in together.

No. 557299

I would just integrate it into this thread if you must since there isn’t really a difference, but the reason people are against it is because it attracts the wannarexics which is exactly what got these threads shut down in the first place. It’s why the disclaimer exists that you cannot discuss certain cows, because all it takes is giving attention to the wrong batshit e-whore for the entire board to go down in a self-posting, cat-fighting shit storm discussing which of their bonelord friends (or themselves, in crockpot’s case) is actually fat or a bitch or some other shit nobody cares about.

No. 557366

seconding this, and also the entire point of lolcows is that they have a visible, public internet presence. MPA is just a forum and most of it isn't even public (right?). obviously there are cringey people there but unless they are posting that cringe elsewhere like insta etc, it's not really lolcow material imo.

it's really just drama among wannarexics and that's the kind of thing that shits up this thread, brings in white knights, and makes the admins ban all ED cows.

No. 557394

i agree but i wish we would discuss people besides the same insta bitches again and again and stop ignoring every new cow that gets posted in here. it doesnt have to be mpa but lets talk about /something/ else

No. 557444

This girl is honestly ridiculous. Does she not understand that she's going to die?

No. 557487

yes. what you waiting for. do it. do it now.

No. 557500

File: 1523913941464.jpeg (303.65 KB, 750x1178, 83002A1F-251B-4C8A-9F58-D8F9D0…)

Surprised no one has mentioned bree.gets.better. She blogs her hospital visits and stays, looooves posting selfie and selfie with her tube in, etc, and is absolutely refusing recovery despite acting like she’s all for it.
Here’s her YT:

No. 557501

Samefag, meant *vlogs

No. 557700

Agree but from talking to her personally she is very sick, but yeah I think she vlogs and stuff because she has nothing else going on in her life that’s interesting whatsoever, because she’s too incapacitated by mental illness, so hence she chooses to document on her life on the internet.

No. 557735

The head tilt infuriates me. She’s been on instagram body checking and posting grim food for years.

No. 558275

No. 558276

No. 558279

File: 1524005633231.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, ED4CF08F-2833-40CE-9DBE-0C4059…)

Aaaand again….profile pic. Can’t show off that damn tube enough

No. 558397

And what about all the people who are actually sick & very underweight but NOT posting all this stuff online, huh bekah? Someone needs to tell her she isn't as sick as she wants to be. I don't even think she's underweight. If so, marginally.

No. 558402

Man she’d be super gorgeous if she actually put on some weight

No. 558412

her obvious shoulder straining is so fucking embarrassing

No. 558594

File: 1524039192505.png (45.97 KB, 472x251, wp_ss_20180418_0001.png)

Crying Emily's baby's been born. I've left the pic off because it'd be unfair to post the baby on lolcow.

I hope this really does change Emily for the better, or at least she gets some decent help for the mentals.

No. 558841

File: 1524066898737.jpeg (426.87 KB, 750x1122, 73896E91-9D46-4669-99EF-DC852E…)

No. 558860

so confused by her barrage of glamor shots from a hospital room. like who actually does that??? it looks like she got hair extensions WHILE hospitalized smh

yah for real. also the fact that she had to make sure it was soooper obvious that she is celebrating her bday in a hospital bed boohoo

No. 559022

i truly hope she matures quick to be a good mom to this baby, maybe its what she needs

am i the only one thats just a bit put off by the name? maybe its the associating of the name ember and anorexic pissbabies

No. 559086

First thing I thought of when I saw the Ember name, yeah. I wonder if she saw it here first because it's not common at all in the UK. Evelyn-Rose is pretty though. I'm not even a clucky female, but the baby's cute for a baby.

No. 559744

File: 1524113165307.png (1.62 MB, 1067x1342, 20180417_201442.png)


Seriously. Jesus, obsessed with yourself much Bekah?

No. 559801

Might want to change your avatar (in the bottom corner).

And does Bekah wear a wig out of curiousity? In those pictures it seems like she always keeps her hairline covered or trimmed out.

No. 559810

haha, you're right. looks like she is wearing a wig recently. fuck, i hate seeing her on here. that crusty tube makes me want to barf.

No. 559916

This girl isn't a cow, she is genuinely very nice and struggling.

No. 559985

File: 1524150896756.jpg (317.87 KB, 1072x1843, Screenshot_2018-04-19-10-10-36…)


Yea it must be a wig because look at her hair before

No. 559986

File: 1524150929624.jpg (154.61 KB, 1078x1841, Screenshot_2018-04-19-10-11-05…)

No. 560000

I haven’t seen many people as obsessed with themselves and like pleased be sick and in hospital.

I understand like making the most of it but like in one pic she’s poseing appear sooper skinny and in the next she’s like a model with a wig and all this?

She’s really adding to that whole glamorizing ed and mental illness thing in my opinion it’s hypocrytical Bc on her secret insta she’s so pro anorexic

No. 560007


I feel like she’s looking for compliments on the hair so she can say it’s a wig that way she can point out how super thin and weak her hair is Bc she’s so sick … just another attention seeking thing.

I actually think her hair looks fine without it but she constantly must do things to draw attention to her illness and how sick she is

No. 560320

Not sure, and sorry if this pushes the lines of what's allowed to be discussed, but weren't those two friends at some point? Crying Emily and the E-who-must-not-be-named. Makes the name choice even more odd.

No. 560401

I literally cannot believe she wears that shirt. It makes her look mentally challenged.

No. 560458

and to add to it she's holding her arm like… away from her body so it can look as thin as possible. she tries SO HARD

No. 560643

File: 1524217948733.jpeg (207.73 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

No. 560646

I though it was a boy with tits


No. 560657

what the fuck even

No. 560696

File: 1524228198989.jpeg (89.85 KB, 640x1136, 9EE60206-3437-411D-8218-9F120A…)

Can we talk about she’s support to be 19/20 yet she acts like a 5 year old?

No. 560707

Even if I did quite like my body I wouldn't post shots like that on Instagram

No. 560713

Common trait of people with anorexia- revert to liking childish things- look at the way Paris collects soft toys , eats with kids cutlery and generally acts as though she is 5 years old.

No. 560732

I wonder if Bechah has Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

No. 560887

Does anyone know if Bekah actually changes her tube or its just for the “aesthetics”?
I know from personal experience(recovered anorexic) they have to change it weekly because of bacteria growing in the tube(can lead to infection) and change the sides of the tube due to the fact having it on the same side can leave trauma on the skin.
From what I can see in the pictures she posted it looks really dirty and still on the same side.

No. 560898


Did you see her live? Like do you think people give a fuck about her babyish mugs? There are people out there who waste their tax money so girls like can sit on her arse all day buying babyish mugs and teddies whist not accepting the help she is getting

No. 560914

Good question I wonder…. I think the longest I’ve had the same one in was about two weeks, I feel like it’s never hooked up so I wonder that as anything to do with it? Also she may have an nj which you need imaging for placement so she probably has it more long term I’ve never had experience with home feeds so I don’t know the protocol but she’s doing something wrong it looks grimy and she’s always slathering on makeup! Who even cares when your in the hospital anyway about makeup why bother! She cares so much about her sick image but isint that the last thing she’s have energy to do hair and makeup?

To me it looks likes she’s bored not sick and is trying to blow time by posting her photo shoots

No. 560916

Its possible, she really disregards the feelings of others, I mean Ik at a time she was sick but she’s being ott now it’s unbelievable what she puts her family through… faking passing out and hitting her head so she can have an ig photo with oxygen and a headbandage .. I feel bad for her family like she’s healthier but still wants to manipulate her body to appear sick

She already overexagerates her medical state to her friends followers for attention why wouldn’t she manipulate her family too, I wonder what they think of all this

No. 560918

She try’s so hard and mostly ends up looking average like that shirts giant wouldn’t s thin person wear a small and then that would be big? Like duh an xl shirt is big on everyone… she wears it to make the arm smaller by comparison

She’sd benefit from stopping social media she only posts photos to prove something like she’s thin or sick or a child whatever motive she’s trying to get across she’s living her life based on the reaction of others which has not served her well by any means

No. 560994


Exactly, you can tell she’s not that sick at all as if she was really ill, she’d take it out at any given opportunity. I know this for a fact as I would rip mine out when I was angry.
Also most people who are having feed via an NG would have someone next to them monitoring them due to the fact they could disconnect the feed as no anorexic wants to gain.
I was very ashemed to keep mine in and took it out when I had the chance to.
It’s like a fashion statement to her.
From her recent photo, it looks like she is connected however she clearly enjoys being the sick one. Alot of anorexics love getting tube fed for that reason as it proves that they’re “sick enough” and valid. It’s quite sad really.

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