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File: 1459268229729.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.46 KB, 962x890, ember whann emily crocker.jpg)

No. 112288

Because the previous thread is reaching it's reply limit >>106059

A place to discuss ALL of the edgy attention whores, proana wannarexics, and eating disordered snowflakes on Instagram/Tumblr or elsewhere.

Original thread: >>44088
Second thread: >>74624
Third thread: >>79031
Fourth thread: >>83974
Fifth thread: >>89109
Sixth thread: >>94114
Seventh thread: >>99329

No. 112301

File: 1459269866197.png (305.73 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Wtf is with this entitled bitch turtle.ed

No. 112303

How old is turtl.ed?

No. 112304

18 iirc

No. 112306


Omg shameless chubby chick

No. 112309

You can make $40 in one shift regardless of what minimum wage is in any state. How hard is it to get a fucking job

No. 112310

If people actually give her money/buy her shit ima have to rethink my entire life

No. 112312

People donated money to Ember back when she "needed money to afford to go into IP", if you didn't know. Some poor souls are stupid as fuck.

No. 112313

Treatment (it turned out to be a scan though right?) is at least a legitimate reason to request donations. Asking strangers (mostly teenage girls) to buy you a corset because of "financial difficulties" is just utter bullshit imo.

No. 112314

File: 1459271230225.gif (9.77 MB, 269x336, 1450201578738.gif)

Here are the thread number's to Ember Whann's threads (before the admin merged her into proana scumbags general) in case any of you want to take a stroll down memory lane or just get caught up on her shitty internet antics.


No. 112315

Oh look at that she already deleted it. Hope she's embarrassed as fuck, a bunch of people gave her shit about lmfao

No. 112317

That gif is making me want to vomit

No. 112319

File: 1459271449201.png (65.1 KB, 500x226, ember whann scam.png)

It was a scam, she ended up never going and used the money which was donated to her to buy Twitter followers. The entire incident has been documented quite well here:


After people found out that she used the money for other reasons, someone attempted to get a refund but Ember said pic related and the rest is history.

No. 112321


Yeah but now we know why photoshop apps are her best friends.

No. 112322

>Practicing witch
>Successful author

LMFAO what a beautiful screenshot.

No. 112323

Eh we could all tell anyways

No. 112329

File: 1459271830994.gif (9.24 MB, 311x338, 1450114794416.gif)

That's not even the best/worse one.

No. 112330

File: 1459271894637.gif (3.96 MB, 500x506, 1450110020387.gif)

No. 112335

So no one on tumblr said ANYTHING about Jenna? Sad.

No. 112336

File: 1459272940641.png (574.47 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This is pathetic…

No. 112337

I saw a couple people talking about it

No. 112349

IKR, no one gave a shit lol

No. 112350

I haven't seen anyone denouncing her. Just support. Bullshit.

No. 112351

Yes, but mostly asslicking and "it was long ago!!! maybe she had cancer and doesn't want to talk about it!!!!!!! maybe she has trauma from her rich parents!!!!!!!!" Like nah bitch she made it up on her tumblr with a few hundred followers to become the fitblr that survived cancer and is in a long distance relationship

No. 112353

Hi Jenna. Just know that your two faced friend Eleri and your role model Ally will talk so much shit about you :)

No. 112354

Jenna obsessively checks the blog lol and it looks like she keeps wanting to send a message.

No. 112355

Wonder how long till she's back on tumblr.

No. 112357

Maybe her fall risk was cuz of her "severe scoliosis" lol

No. 112358

The Jenna thing is getting boring and ember is old news. I need some new train wrecks to laugh about, where they at?

No. 112359

lol at least she's gone. that's the important part. if she ever comes back, she won't have the same following she did before and her loyal slaves will want to know wtf was up with the cancer lol

No. 112361

not her but okay?
anyway I was honestly expecting people to come up with more excuses for her and make more supportive posts like they did for Ally but no one really talks about it which I think is rather sad bc, you know, no milk

but yes this sums it up nicely

No. 112365

Hahahaha Jenna went on one of the blogs from the previous lolcow thread ten minutes ago :')

No. 112366

this has to be Jenna, it was obvious she was on the last thread trying to change the topic

No. 112367

can we censor the fucking op image that shit is nasty to scroll past

No. 112368

Idk about the last thread but I'm definitely not her on this one. I'm just bored.

No. 112370

No. 112371

Yes Jenna we believe you. Because you would totally admit you post here. What does your ~white male privileged~ dad say about your sad sad cancer btw?

No. 112374

I'm not Jenna but obviously I have no way to prove that SOooo… Moving on.

No. 112377

File: 1459276409841.png (913.83 KB, 1110x681, Untitled.png)

Hide the image.

I'm with this anon even if it's Jenna. A new batch of snowflakes is due, surely?

That fakeboi is still sucking in but looking incredibly average when not lying down and sucking in. Also turning the macho up to 11 wanting to "deck" pesky boys who disrespect her woman.

(No, no milk or anything new, but there hasn't been any on these threads for a long time).

No. 112380

Absolutely riveting.

No. 112381

Someone sent edcynic the details and she's made a couple comments but I think most people just want to stay tf out of edrama or they're too busy talking about other cows to care.

Agree we need some new cows though, disappearing off the internet isn't milk.

No. 112385

File: 1459277404310.jpeg (112.85 KB, 618x681, image.jpeg)

Out of the hospital after a heart attack and organ failure in less than 3 days? Sure, Jan.

No. 112386

Got anything better to offer?

No. 112399

>I'm better now!

Rolling my eyes so hard.

No. 112401

you can tell this is one particular anon because they actually type anonymous into the subject field kek

No. 112404

I tried with the wastingzoe post, but I got nothing else tbh

No. 112406

It's saged.

No. 112410

not only that, as much as clothes are a necessity, i highly doubt she is wearing tattered rags to justify begging for clothes/cash for clothes.
also love how this "non ember's personal thread" has returned to being ember's personal thread. idgaf, but the lengths to avoid giving this girl her own thread have been extremely futile. case and point, this thread—its always bitched about when new wannas are introduced and very active when discussing ember shit.

No. 112412

I don't deny it.

No. 112413

You newfags are really bad at the "hi xyz self poster."

No. 112414

doesn't she have her own thread? i remember seeing the same pic in this thread as in her own thread if im correct.

No. 112418

Nah it's just that the self righteousness of the post reeked of Jenna, like "lol you idiots thinking her faking cancer is bad". But I just realized the anon probably meant "no one gave a shit enough to defend Jenna", so, not Jenna.
But Jenna definitely reads and probably posts here.

No. 112420

Someone made a thread about her but they were closed.

No. 112422

this is the problem with you retards. youre never satisfied with what people bring to the table, nor do you bring anything to the table. this thread should honestly die because you find it soooooo booooorrrring or at least let ember's retarded ass reclaim it since its mostly about her antics anyway.

No. 112429

it looks to still be open >>73482

No. 112430

Nah it's closed.

No. 112432

my bad, thanks anon…know why?

No. 112439

The post says "this already exists" (there were two threads but only one was active now both are closed) but not more than that

No. 112440

Hate to be 'that farmer' but I can't find the Trashley thread. She just posted a picture of her with starbucks, labelled with Pokemon Master that she was 'too afraid to drink'.

No. 112442

It's in /pt, first page.

No. 112443

How the fuck did I miss that, just found it. Thanks.

No. 112445

because youre used to browsing these generic wanna trash whores that you missed the true MS. Skeletal thread in glorious pt.

No. 112448

That's pretty accurate actually. I'm kinda surprised the inevitable Ember drama hasn't kicked off already.

No. 112453

I try but honestly I just want another ember-like piece of trash, besides ember herself.

No. 112456

why though? what would be the difference? i mean, ember is so insanely fake that it is legit entertaining. we have seen her gradual growth/transformation so its more interesting/we're invested. These other whores are too "bwaaahhh" to a trite extent. Ember is stupid, but her stupid is o.g. stupid.

No. 112459

Why? Entertainment purposes. Yes, there is a certain amount of investment in the ember story which is why I'm obviously still reading up on her/following her after all this time but sometimes one is just up for some new drama.

No. 112461

File: 1459282683903.png (339.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-29-16-17-11…)

We're waiting for her to post her "IP story".

No. 112463

i get it but we cant have our cake and eat it too.
i hate to say that im only invested in the drama ember and that pregnant girl muster up. its like cheap gold, cant help myself.

No. 112464

Exactly, I'm surprised her talking about it wasn't the first thing she did, considering it's been her dream.

No. 112508

Just because you're not interested, doesn't mean others aren't

Don't shoot down other cows because of the investment you've put into Ember, it's not the Ember board

No. 112561


The real question is how did ember manage to appear on multiple people's stat counters whilst in hospital??

No. 112577

the blogs about Jenna on tumblr are important and they need to stay up so that if/when she comes back, she can't just conveniently escape the issue. explaining and apologizing for the lie, or at the very least explaining the inconsistencies, is the bare minimum LEAST she can do.
people aren't talking about it on tumblr because their heads are too far up Jenna's ass, or because they don't know the whole scope of the lie. so keeping the blog up on tumblr with the truth is essential

No. 112582

the thing about Jenna is that she sort of created her own hype and "fame", if you can call it that. she was the one saying she got tons of anons when in reality she probably barely ever did. she was so boring but always made it sound like her followers were so interested in her. I'm hoping some of the more popular fitness blogs will finally do something about it given all of the evidence and asks they're getting that they can't ignore

No. 112591

Photoshop or they have the wrong IP address.

No. 112633

File: 1459304108264.png (28.49 KB, 292x316, Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.14…)

this is so awkwardly jenna

No. 112641

File: 1459304713693.png (51.29 KB, 572x551, eleriisstupid.png)

why are all recoverywarrioz / proana scum so fucking retarded?

No. 112653

e-leri woke af

No. 112659

File: 1459307885462.png (293.28 KB, 563x501, emilyologist.png)

LMAO I knew she was going to do this.

>reblogeged from 90s90lbs

>#I wish I was like this again ?

We ALL wished you looked like this again Emily. Have fun forcing a relapse by looking at thinspo accounts.

No. 112770

She's like jenna in many ways. Spewing pseudo inspirational bullshit for notes

No. 112778

No one cares about Emily anymore now that she's at a healthy weight. Of course she has to force a relapse. Tumblr attention > health

No. 112781

yeah every time I sent her an anon she replied to it. I doubt all my messages just so happened to be at the top of her inbox

No. 112806

Holy crap this is such an embarrassingly obvious lie

No. 112813

Jw does Ember block everybody who screenshots her snaps? I was going to screenshot her cringey ghetto latte snap but the last time I did she blocked me and I don't want to make a new account every time I screenshot something

No. 112821

you can get apps where you can screenshot without her knowing

No. 112850

lol someone is saying lying about cancer is just like any other lie on the internet, ok and not disgusting. the lengths these people go to to excuse the piggy's actions is nauseating. faking cancer is wrong because it takes away awareness for those actually suffering from cancer, is emotionally manipulative to followers who believe the cancer faker and if the goal is attention there are thousands of other ways to achieve that. jenna is an attention whore - faking cancer, becoming a camwhore, exaggerating and lying about an eating disorder, lying about her family life. she needs serious treatment but definitely not for her "anorexia"

No. 112855

who is saying that?

No. 112866

Someone messaged the lord–swoledemort blog then reblogged the reply and added more bs. It's the non-anon message. Look in the notes for the added comment

No. 112867

It's potatodotdaisies.tumblr.com one of Jenna's irrelevant asslickers

No. 112870

The only good thing is that Jenna didn't lie for money. But it's still very gross and it harms those who are actually suffering cancer.

Cancer is a horrible thing. My uncle had it three different times and the chemo and radiation weakened his already weak heart and he died a couple of years ago after battling decades of health problems due to his cancer, like leukemia from chemo, myelofibrosis, etc.

No. 112878

I had cancer and believe me the last thing you do during treatment is a 24/7 online whining about your illness. You can distract yourself with many things, blogging or writing is one thing but repeating a 'fuck cancer' online vent is so not real. You don't waste your time anymore with dumb tumblr once you battle cancer.

No. 112887

File: 1459344190190.jpg (158.17 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I really wish this one would stop trying to push her collarbones out, it makes her look constipated and gives her a double chin. I think she's more of a hypochondriac than anything though, not sure if she's private.

No. 112888

this. there was always no one as sick as her but somehow no one better than her at the exact same time. even her cancer post about her hair was, literally, simultaneously praising herself for having beautiful curly hair while also pandering to her followers for pity and sympathy. even the people defending her don't believe she had cancer. that one person white knighting her so hard on tumblr says "what Jenna did was fucked up but we should forgive her" ok but… you're admitting you don't even believe she had cancer??? lmao there isn't anyone left on your side, Jenna. It's over. come clean about your lies, both about your cancer and your ED. or don't come back at all :)

No. 112889

Did your hair fall out? Jenna claims here hair was unaffected, and I know that's true in some cases depending on the type of chemo. But those of who I know who had cancer did lose their hair.

No. 112931

Depends what chemo people have

No. 112934


Yes my hair said goodbye. It depends on what kind of cytostatics you are given.

What type of cancer did this Jenna claim to have ?

No. 112940


So glad she is private with her account. 4900 posts on Instagram. Lol. Some people have no life.

No. 112943

She never said, which is part of the proof that it was all bullshit.

No. 112945

She's trying so hard it's hurting me. How pathetic. Also I really hope she's like 45 because that's how old she looks, but at the same time, I'm hoping a 45-year-old would know better than to do this shit.
(Also, she's private)

No. 112953

Like another anon said, Jenna never stated what type of cancer she had.

No. 112958

it's concerning that so many people excuse jenna faking cancer. just because she didn't ask for donations doesn't make it ok.(look at the anon on lord–swoledwmort.tumblr.com)

No. 112959


Not surprised.

No. 113010

the entire fitness community went crazy when fitaj was outed. but with Jenna they claim they "don't want to start drama". lol by ignoring it they are starting WAY more drama because we want to know why

No. 113058

Is this Jackie?

No. 113064

What's the story with fitaj? I have no idea who that is.

No. 113066

Jackie is way darker, and has very dark brown hair, so no.

No. 113077

File: 1459360976491.jpeg (195.44 KB, 750x1174, image.jpeg)

How does wastingzoe have a whole Instagram dedicated to lush hauls and demos and yet she's begging for money from her followers so she can go meet her online friend

No. 113079

Dumb chick on tumblr that photoshopped her fitness pics to sell her plans. She allegedly lied about cancer (there's no proof) and getting into med school, basically lied about who she is and is still at it (fitaj100 on IG)

No. 113081

I can think of two reasons for this (though I don't know for sure or course): one, Jenna may not be objectively attractive but I guess people find her more attractive than AJ and two, AJ had/photoshopped herself a quite athletic body. Maybe the ~fitblrs were jealous of it and had schadenfreude when it became apparent it was photoshopped? And AJ posted some controversial opinions about Ally and Jenna. Before that, Jenna was licking her ass.

I do not know for sure because I never followed AJ, so I didn't pay that much attention. But from what I've read: AJ was supposed to meet up with two other fitblrs for the Arnolds. She had some stupod excuse as to why she couldn't come. Something that could easily be checked. I think she said she was stuck in some airport due to a blizzard but they checked and there weren't any blizzards in that area AJ claimed to be. And apparently AJ said she was in med school but she was like 20 or 21. Then they said AJ photoshopped all her pictures. Here's the kicker: they said if AJ lied about med school she must have automatically lied about everything else too, like people breaking into her house and being raped and also cancer. And they considered her deleting when they threatened to expose her to be proof that she lied. Jenna was soooooo happy when all this came out.

So with AJ it was ok that one lie meant everything else was a lie. And deleting was proof she had lied. And no one said "what's wrong with lying about going to medical school/being raped/having your house broken into/having cancer?" No one.

No. 113085

I forgot to add, people even said "what if she didn't even have an ED?" Can you imagine the rage if someone said that about jenna?

No. 113105

Because fuck exhibiting a shred of self-awareness or shame online!

No. 113111

she's obsessed with lush and iphones and other expensive shit. i remember her posting one time about how she followed some stranger around because they had a rose gold iphone 6

No. 113142

I wouldn't be surprised if the reason why everyone reacted lie this was because of the photoshop? A lot of people in the fitness community seem to be offended if someone shoops their body.
idk just throwing around ideas

No. 113207

I would hope that anyone with an actual ED could see that Jenna is wannarexic at best. The only part of her that's mentally ill is the part that pathologically lies.

No. 113301

she's literally exactly like ember, I'm so mad that a handful of people on this board won't recognize that. same lies, same self righteous bs

No. 113314

I know this seems like a question for the camwhore thread, but is it illegal to screencap a camgirl's session on a free camming site? I think it's not but…? Anybody know?

No. 113354

this girls name is dani/danielle right? because if it is i have definitely been in treatment with her and her now kind of hate-follow her life through her Facebook posts lol. I have never seen anyone complain and pity themselves at the level she does and I know a lot of ed people that are great at playing the victim card

No. 113374

File: 1459385514335.jpeg (140.38 KB, 750x1044, image.jpeg)

not me lol

No. 113388

I'm very sure they photoshop IPs

No. 113422

File: 1459392524672.jpeg (660.62 KB, 2048x1787, image.jpeg)

Really confused here. This girls been in "recovery" in August 2015. She just posted the photo on the right today.
Is her idea of recovery just posting pictures of food but not actually eating it because there's like 0 progress. We've got another Aly

No. 113425

I have to agree. That ourdonutz person was 14.

No. 113427

File: 1459394295738.jpeg (694.99 KB, 2048x1596, image.jpeg)

First photo tldr: my ED has ruined my life this is no way to live I'm going to trigger my followers and tell them that I weigh less than I did in high school when I'm in college now etc etc eating disorders suck

Second photo: tehehe look at my thigh gap

And every photo in between these two is her posting her scale of her new lowest, proana body checks, and she had a post once that said "if you tell me im getting smaller you'll get blocked" but I can't find it. Tf ? Dk if she's private or not I just follow her on my sock puppet acct

No. 113428

File: 1459394506736.jpeg (198.53 KB, 735x1090, image.jpeg)

JFC she deleted the one showing off her thigh gap while smiling (it used to be the third photo on her feed) shortly after I made that post.. She lurk here ?

No. 113431

Holy shit she's ugly. Looks like one of those progeria kids

No. 113440

File: 1459398036159.jpg (69.82 KB, 750x626, image.jpg)

The amount of energy that YOU spend seeking validation and attention from strangers on the Internet is just…astounding. Go outside, get a job, stop freeloading off your parents and faking mental illness

No. 113445

lol da fuck. I didn't know typing a couple sentences took the wind outta ppl. Attention whoring takes way more energy than casually typing in a forum. I just had to say it cause there's too many dumbasses who get that conclusion when they lurk here

No. 113451

Are you talking about the tumblr bog?

No. 113454

It's you. The typing style is identical. Fuck off.

No. 113455

You have a horse mouth and your glasses are retarded.

No. 113458

Aaaaand this is precisely why I never want to post smaller proana accounts.
Y'all fuckin scream self post because you're too busy sucking ember's dry ass titty and licking Jenna's boring ass

No. 113461

File: 1459406187907.gif (4.67 MB, 300x300, CaptainObvious_Popcorn-Spectat…)

Wonder who this is

No. 113465

File: 1459407508432.jpg (7.75 KB, 300x168, Fighting!.jpg)

Keep posting, anon!

No. 113481

Jenna will never explain or apologize, she will try sweeping it under the rug.

No. 113521


I follow her and think she really is struggling, but trying. Unlike Aly, she admits to her faults and shit.

No. 113522

File: 1459431235344.png (1009.3 KB, 1997x1123, PhotoGrid_1459431154402-1-1.pn…)

No. 113523

File: 1459431287113.jpeg (155.98 KB, 750x1235, image.jpeg)


No. 113524

She's trying so hard to be like aly with those emojis

No. 113525

That was already posting, stop spamming the thread with the same shit.

No. 113526

Good one, anon!

No. 113528

>getting back in touch with my spirituality

Wonder if she'll start posting about being a witch again

No. 113531

Hilarious and tragic.

Why does a fall risk band give extra ana points?

No. 113538

Idk what that thing even is but if it means that shes *~too weak and fragile~* to walk or whatever then yea, more ana points for being a "lil delicate ana butterfly"

No. 113539

Stfu piss baby
My thoughts exactly. Wtf does she mean? She's flaked on everything she's ever attempted except for this. Guess she focused all her strength into trying to prove a few cow bloggers wrong.

No. 113541

If you're prone to fainting, have osteoperosis or some other condition that results in being unsteady on your feet or uncoordinated without help from another person or a mobility aid like a walker, you get labeled a fall risk. I had a fall risk bracelet when I had sepsis because my b/p was so low that I couldn't stand up.

No. 113542

She posts these things from hospital as if she's proud of them like they're souvenirs from seeing a band or been to a festival.

She learned
>self care

Here's hoping she's washes that grubby face if she's going to spam her fug at us again.

Those emojis. Waiting for the ~inspirational quotes~

No. 113543

You must be the fucking idiot who posted the same image 5 minutes after it was already posted.

No. 113544

Jesus fucking Christ that update is so embarrassing. She's abusing emojis and it's actually making me feel uncomfortable for her bc it's THAT embarrassing. Why does she split up every two words into different lines like it just makes things hard to read and hard to take anything seriously

No. 113545

Literally both images were posted 1 minute apart lurk moar retard
Sage 4 ur whining

No. 113546


I am not in the US. Is it normal that you get a survey with your name on it ? Whenever I had to rate something it is a) voluntary and more important b)anonymous.

Why would you rate a nurse for example bad behaviour with your actual adress on it ?

No. 113548

I think the survey itself will be a separate letter and her details won't be on it.

No. 113550

I don't think it's a survey. It says "checklist," so it's more likely a form you fill out to make sure you have everything, that you're safe, and you have plans for emergencies. (By "safe" and "for emergencies," I mean that if someone were at risk of b/ping or something, they'd know a distraction or have someone to call.)

No. 113567

Nope. It's a survey. Hospitals in the US get more reimbursement from Medicare if they get higher ratings on these "surveys". Too bad the highest rated hospitals also have some of the most deaths. A "satisfied" patient isn't necessarily a healthy patient. America's health care system is retarded.

No. 113570

Cause there are only 2 people in this thread. Fuck off, it's an anon board you moron, only admin would know for sure.
I'm on mobile so I appreciate the bigger cap, unlike some spergy cunt.

No. 113574


Did some research. It is a patient satisfaction survey. I have no idea why she took this with her at home. Normally you complete this in the hospital, leave this there or you give it to the staff.

Sorry but I don't believe that she was in there for Anorexia, these papers don't proof anything.

No. 113578

Tbh, I don't think she's ugly. Her glasses just make her look stupid.

No. 113585

File: 1459445600623.png (280.96 KB, 952x552, 70.png)

Lol "dominque" is http://fleshcvlt.tumblr.com/tagged/my_face and this is a basic summary of her and Emily's friendship:

>Dom is an eating disordered snowflake who shares ~triggering~ content on her blog

>she found emily after lurking truth blogs
>they buddied up after dom stuck up for emily and now i guess they had a following out

I'm sharing this because something about a person pretending as if they have no recollection of a name which belonged to a person who they were close friends with is super cunty. Ember has done this countless times but to see Emily back to reblogging thinspo and then acting like she is too good to remember an old friend's name is disheartening.

Emily is turning into a huge bitch again. I wonder if she back to getting drunk every night? (did she even stop drinking)

No. 113588

You're wrong! Those papers prove that ember can snatch and hoard any medically based form she comes across.
But seriously, I'm guessing the lack of other paperwork prompts her to use anything from the same facilities she's talked about in order to seem legit.

No. 113589

1. I've never seen Dominique suck up to Emily first (like how would you know who hit up whom first?). If anything, she had a presence in the stupid truth blog community as a side bitch to pick on occasionally (defend more often though).
2. Emily was always a stupid petty bitch, nothing out of the ordinary. Especially since she only wants to stir shit so she could be discussed again (I mean coming on here to defend herself? Desperate slag).
3. You shouldn't feel disheartened. She's a sad boring little whore that is desperately trying to find some way of getting people's attention back onto her because she realizes she's BORING AF.
Be an alcoholic again Emily, that was entertaining.

No. 113590

are "fall risk" bracelets issued to ED patients by default? I can't imagine Ember being seen as especially fragile

No. 113592

That's what I was thiking. I'm willing to bet that's the case.

No. 113599

i wonder how many times ember had to pretend to fall down before they gave her one of those lmfao

No. 113641

I had a fall risk bracelet even when I was weight restored from my facility

No. 113642

The saddest thing about that post is that most 19 year olds are posting pictures of gig wristband/tickets, festivals, something nice they've bought themselves or a loved one has bought them, pets, friends and family.

Yet here she is posting a hospital wristband and some paperwork for a bunch of children.

No. 113644

For all you CryingEmily fans, she posting all her bullshit and naked body checks on 'recoveringemilyvents' after spouting that crap about 'recoveringemily' being a more positive account.

No. 113652

She looks familiar. I think she was buddies with Hancesolo but then they fell out.

No. 113676


This paperwork seems off; not like something you'd get upon discharge. Also, does anyone know what's blurred on her bracelet?

No. 113677

She used to go by cvntfetish; she got a few asspats for being incredibly clever about changing a 'u' to a 'v' and, like, totally subverting shit and loved it.

Haven't looked at her blog in a while but it used to be edgy b&w fashion, "underground" music on autoplay and a lot of "look at me don't look at me".

iirc they fell out over hancesolo posting something about cvnty faking her follower count at 666 (or maybe 6666) and cvnty swore she wasn't. Totes edgy and would be a flake if she posted more self content.

No. 113688

lol this cvntfetish chickisn't even that thin, she looks like a healthy slim, not a sickly skinny.
Truth blogs suck her ass and say she doesn't post thinspo/glamorize her disease, but she sure has/does.

No. 113692

I'd love to slap those stupid glasses off her face. What look is she even going for?

No. 113695

Hancesolo 'falls out' with every one of her friends though.

No. 113697

I always got hancesolo and dominique mixed up. They're very similar to me

No. 113708

She reads here, she adds literally everyone mentioned ITT.

No. 113724

I never got why cvntfetish and hancesolo had their assholes licked by truth blogs when they did pro-ana shit too

No. 113729

File: 1459469258695.jpeg (398.9 KB, 2048x1683, image.jpeg)

Fuck is this shit

No. 113736

File: 1459469989504.jpeg (144.4 KB, 750x657, image.jpeg)

>Hi, my name is Felice Fawn (aka wannabe FF), I've been gone off social media for some years, but now I'm back guys! I also made my legs look half their actual size because YOLO! (I need attention, love me)

No. 113738

No. 113739

Wouldn't doubt this was a self post from Emily since she made it known she lurks / posts here ?

No. 113741

not a self post. If only she would be so clever.
Sage bc who cares

No. 113742

Am I the only one that thinks her legs look… Odd…?

No. 113743

wooowww, i wish my mental illness and issue with self harm were cured by instagram likes!

No. 113744

look shooped cuz she lost weight restored in that video of her singing so the legs seem off

No. 113747

File: 1459471894920.jpeg (518.21 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

ehh her legs have always had a weird curve to them, even when she was fat. I don't think it's weird. Her most recent pictures lately have seemed like she's lost a bit of weight anyway. Not a lot, but just barely enough that it's noticeable.

No. 113749

File: 1459472223628.jpeg (607.4 KB, 2048x1822, image.jpeg)

Are they not…. The same.. Fucking.. Picture

No. 113752

Duh, of course not. You can see more of her wrist and she's not doing a weird hand posing. (joking of course, I know what you are getting at)

No. 113757

Post on ig that if you your followers all post a comment and tell their followers to follow you then you'll be all better.

I've seen this >>113729 a lot. It must work!

No. 113764

It definitely looks like she's probably slowly relapsing because I agree, you can tell she's losing.
>inb4 photoshop

No. 113774

She's one of those people who only look really good thin.

No. 113775

I think Laura is a nice girl, but her delusions about being good enough to model bother me. Her expressions are all the same, and she's pretty but her face is too chubby (she is really thin, though) and regular. If she didn't open her eyes in every-fucking-photo she wouldn't look so speshul>>112288

No. 113784

Probably purges

No. 113785

I doubt that, she used to make comments about how she only feels safe consuming liquids and that she doesn't consume solids (I think she eats veggies and fruits now), and I'm sure her daily intake is less than 1000 cal. She has never been the purging type, I'm quite sure she'd make references about it. Even when she was overweight, she looked fatter because of her face

No. 113786

A lot of people that purge don't admit it because it's not as ~glamorous~ as Anorexia.

No. 113788

i know her irl & shes never purged. Its just her natural face shape. Im getting so bored of the constant filtered selfies that she just reposts over & over for validation. Its gone way 2 far its getting cringey now

No. 113794

Oh you know her irl? And whether she's ever purged or not? Even though that's a completely private thing that most people don't disclose to everyone? Why don't you tell her about this thread then

No. 113821

She knows because that is her.

No. 113844

>implying that i'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call. o,o

No. 113873

File: 1459502582179.jpg (34.36 KB, 728x540, Cinderella-disneyscreencaps_co…)



so cute, fatty chan cunty lolcow.

No. 113901


enjoy your ban (◡‿◡✿)

No. 113905

i'm dying loo at those man hands

No. 113910


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No. 113924

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No. 113926

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No. 113932

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No. 113951

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No. 113952

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No. 113954


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No. 113955



No. 113977

File: 1459528959060.jpeg (519.67 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

she's an emaciated wrinkled bitch tho o,o

No. 113982

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No. 113983


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No. 113986


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No. 113989

File: 1459531822110.jpg (160.64 KB, 528x754, IMG_20160401_122003.jpg)

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No. 113992


blatantly shooped.

No. 114000


go away OP. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No. 114001

File: 1459534725444.gif (467.68 KB, 500x255, image.gif)


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No. 114002


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No. 114007


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No. 114009

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No. 114013


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No. 114014

File: 1459538105606.png (330.33 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

dat mira fac

No. 114015


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No. 114016

ashley detected, fatass

No. 114018

wtf look at da greasy face

No. 114020

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No. 114021

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No. 114022

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No. 114023


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No. 114027


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No. 114030

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No. 114031

>implying that i'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call you fucking vile pullfag. (∪ ◡ ∪)

No. 114032

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No. 114033

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No. 114034


>implying that i'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call

No. 114035

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No. 114036

laughing @ her nasolabial folds

No. 114037


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No. 114043

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No. 114044


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No. 114047


No. 114052

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No. 114060

File: 1459546684146.jpeg (203.62 KB, 750x1230, image.jpeg)

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No. 114061

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No. 114069

File: 1459548205455.jpg (141.06 KB, 486x486, emm.jpg)


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No. 114071

File: 1459548843666.png (2.07 MB, 1950x1534, emm.png)

hahahahaha you shud have been aborted

No. 114072


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No. 114074


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No. 114075

File: 1459549121096.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 084.png)

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No. 114076


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No. 114078

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No. 114079

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No. 114081


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No. 114082

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No. 114084

File: 1459550220131.png (356.32 KB, 424x782, emm.png)

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No. 114086

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No. 114087

File: 1459550604803.png (1.49 MB, 1238x1042, dd.png)

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No. 114088


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No. 114098

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No. 114103


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No. 114110

File: 1459557194788.jpg (55.86 KB, 522x544, lol.JPG)

This girl is a damn sjw

No. 114112

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No. 114116

laughing at the fake tits

No. 114126

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No. 114127

File: 1459563713706.png (46.53 KB, 555x283, jenna.png)

Such an obvious fake boob job.

No. 114132

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No. 114135

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No. 114136


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No. 114138

File: 1459566036639.png (80.78 KB, 769x561, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.59…)

lolling at her grubby hands.

No. 114145

No. 114147

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No. 114149


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No. 114150

this girl really looks like keira knightly.

No. 114151

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No. 114157

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No. 114259

File: 1459614381795.jpg (222.69 KB, 551x364, oh-my-god-when-will-it-ever-en…)


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No. 114260

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No. 114263

File: 1459614810514.gif (188.02 KB, 300x100, 52.gif)


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No. 114265

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File: 1459624385442.jpg (157.83 KB, 535x740, IMG_20160402_140904.jpg)

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No. 114312

File: 1459630332378.jpg (552.96 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160402_142615.jpg)

god i hope she contracts ebola tho

No. 114314

File: 1459631007673.jpeg (112.82 KB, 750x1080, image.jpeg)

I hate this mouth breather.

No. 114316


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No. 114322

File: 1459633472388.jpg (39.01 KB, 422x527, 6tag-263037174-121979186290111…)

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No. 114323

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No. 114325

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No. 114329

File: 1459635809515.jpg (479.16 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160402_172134.jpg)

god i literally hope this girl contracts ebola -.-

No. 114331


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No. 114332

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No. 114348

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File: 1459646295692.jpeg (260.54 KB, 1254x1460, image.jpeg)

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No. 114356


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No. 114358

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No. 114360


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No. 114383

File: 1459657588151.jpeg (91.33 KB, 611x640, image.jpeg)


Even Emily herself appears to be molding….

No. 114387

Those pants make her look like a giant toddler. Why does she wear them?

No. 114395

Any of you ana-chans want to explain what the fuck that discoloration is?

No. 114398

Jenna is back at it on rebuildingjenna.tumblr.com and acting like she just so happened to quit tumblr the moment the expose blog was announced but it had nothing to do with her being exposed lol

No. 114399

Honestly no idea. Not even sure Ash would know.
I am truly deeply shocked at how disgusting her room is though. I'm gross as fuck and my room is a mess and there's puddles of beer drying out all over but it's clean compared to hers… just wtf

No. 114410

Would've said bruise or shadow but it looks like it's almost black on the back of her leg?

No. 114415

STFU. Tights didn't make that big of a difference. This BITCH shops and there's plenty of proof in previous threads.

No. 114420

maybe varicose veins? or a zombie infection.

No. 114423

Looks like a cobweb shadow

No. 114438

From cutting, maybe?

No. 114445

It looks kinda like spilled ink to me.

No. 114448

Old skin layers often look greyish.

No. 114449


No, that happens when you're extremely malnourished. It's like a patch of discolored skin that's super dry and scaly. I had it when I was sick. I'm not sure what it's from… dehydration? Liver problems? Who knows.

No. 114469

She probably had the greyscale, or has it now and she's dying.

No. 114475

Nice abs!

No. 114478

File: 1459700194839.png (675.07 KB, 757x1341, PhotoGrid_1459642905195-1.png)

Embers back at it again with her anorexic gitl fetish.

No. 114479

OP here: I can't believe admin censored a cartoon titty..

No. 114481


Ember disgusts me. She's not only pro ana in the sense she thinks restricting automatically makes her anorexic but she fetishizes girls that are actually sick and hunts them down on social media. She's creepy.

No. 114482

Anyone know wtf embers been posting in her last like 5 ig posts that she deleted? I have post notifications on for the bitch but I swear she deleted everything after 30 min

No. 114483

File: 1459701004725.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_2016-04-03-12-28-40…)

Embers back at it again with begging for attention.

I'm gonna keep an eye on those she promotes to see how many followers they actually get lmfao.

No. 114484

She keeps begging for people to join Quirket (some app scam) and for instagram likes/comments. You ain't missing shit.

No. 114485

File: 1459701081287.png (465.2 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-04-03-17-30-28…)

What is it with this book?!

No. 114486

>good book about eating disorders

No. 114487

She doesn't even go after fellow proana scumbags, she goes after girls who LOOK as sick as they claim. It's so fucked up.

Go stalk someone your own size Ember, these chicks want nothing to do with your proana antics, ya fat piece of shit.

No. 114489

So much this.

Some easy ways to know is someone is pro-ana/mia is if they are reading Wintergirls or if they have watched Starving in Suburbia. If they have enjoyed any of the above or claim that they show a real portrayal of eating disorders they mostly likely are a wannarexic.

No. 114491

Uhh I read that book and watched that movie but I don't have an eating disorder or am I trying to lose weight. I also didn't enjoy them but that's my own personal opinion

So, I would say if they are RE-reading that book or RE-watching that movie, and bragging about how many times they have endured through them, then they are definitely proana.

Doesn't Ember continuously brag about how she has read one of those proana bibles 5 times or some shit?

Also, I don't believe anyone is pro-mia. I just don't think anyone wants to be that person who has to puke after every meal since they have no self control. They would rather be proana, because they want to be perceived as strong, as if they're in control of their life/body.

No. 114493

it's okay to watch/read it I guess (no idea why you would want to though), but anyone who thinks they're accurate portrayals of ED's is delusional

No. 114494

No. I'm sticking with the tights theory. She's got weird shaped legs and tights make them look thinner.

No. 114495

(Samefag) I've watched almost all of the anorexia/eating disorders documentaries/movies and even read some of the 'teen health' novels (aka Go Ask Alice, Perfect, Wintergirls, etc) out of morbid curiosity. I mean, why else do you think I lurk this thread? I know they're mostly fakers and delusional but their behavior interests/humors me.

It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I get off watching people crash and burn. It's a little sadistic, I will admit.

The entire between her legs in that image is so blurred and liquifed. The lines in the tiles are even warped. This must be Emily, who the fuck here even cares enough to defend her?… (No one)

Emily, you have no idea how much you fucked up by coming in here and trying to defend yourself because all you did was make us believe that EVERY defensive anon that targets you is indefinitely you by beyond a reasonable doubt. Just fuck off already, you're fair game and we'll probably never stop trying to take the piss out of you now.

No. 114496

You would be surprised. Some people believe that Bulimia is "awesome" because it allows you to eat all you want and lose weight, supposedly (and there are some bulimics who DO lose weight by b/ping). As much as you don't want to believe people want to give themselves eating disorders it happens.

Like you said, Anorexia is the more "popular" because it gives the illusion of control.

Sorry if I offended you by implying every single person on the planet who has read the book and watched that movie must be pro-ed. But after being around so many pro-ed people saying that they aspire to be like x or y from WG or SIS you tend to pick up on generalizations and warning signs.

No. 114497

Oh no, you did not offend me.

And now that I think about it, doesn't Ash brag about all of the foods she eats then purges later? I believe she posted an image of a large box of donuts, then mentioned how her "toilet will hate (or love?) her" later for it.

Obviously, Ash isn't a faker but I would consider he pro-mia/proana since she KNOWS she is engaging in disordered behavior, she KNOWS that is why she is so popular, and she KNOWS she will die if she continues to refuse treatment. BUT she has starved her brain severely, so she isn't able to think clearly and for that, I don't hate her for being (what I consider) proana/mia since her disorder is extremely real and has taken over every aspect of her life and the only way she will ever recover, is if someone FORCES her into an IP center.

Anyways, you were right and I was wrong. Sorry about that!

No. 114498

No worries here.

I agree with you to be honest I would consider her pro-ed. Honestly I think that if you have an eating disorder and decide to post really triggering things on your social media accounts you are pro-ed. Maybe not in the original sense but you are promoting your eating disorder to a whole bunch of vulnerable and impressionable people. I'm sure if you looked up the ages of the people following Ash you would see they are young. Or at least under 18 for the most part. Or they are severely mentally unwell themselves.

To say that these people aren't responsible for other's actions is a stretch when their follower's are so young and are mostly likely mentally ill themselves.

I don't mean that these people shouldn't have tumblrs or instagram, but they should take the steps to protect their followers if they really care that much. I believe I've posted a big rant about this in one of the other threads, so I don't want to continue to hammer in the message, but yeah. Sorry for the rant.

No. 114499

File: 1459706283425.png (1.57 MB, 2682x862, lmao.png)

The only people who fell for that SFS shit had between 7 to 144 followers

Ember gained 3 followers but lost 2 lmao

(Also only 2 of them actually left comments on 3 of her pics)

No. 114502

File: 1459706702620.png (891.59 KB, 2676x620, lmao.png)

Here's a comparison pic, so you can see that being promoted by Ember (a person who supposedly has over 15k followers) only results in you getting 1 to 3 new followers. Maybe.

She's such a fraud lmao, everytime she does this SFS shit, all she does is prove to the people who fall for it that she buys her followers. I never see the same people asking for promos from her twice.

No. 114506

File: 1459708037441.jpg (178.17 KB, 539x806, IMG_20160403_132441.jpg)

This is what she is posting and deleting! Her begging for fucking money again to scam people (teenagers)

No. 114507

what adult can't afford a pack of markers oh my god

No. 114508

File: 1459708833115.png (294.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-04-03-19-39-55…)

Here we go again…

No. 114509

She's trying to relate to her underaged followers

>wee i love coloring and stuff animals too!! hehehe

No. 114511

do you think one of the reasons ember refuses to quit faking an ed is so that she can shove her amazon wishlists in people's faces?
>im sick buy me things so i can be in ~*super positive recovery mode*~

No. 114512

File: 1459709878188.jpeg (349.21 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)


No. 114513

Umm inpatient is expensive didn't you know. I guess not, only Ana queen ember knows ;)

No. 114514

With half of these "anas" I suspect they fake or heavily exaggerate their EDs so they can at some point start "recovery" and stuff their faces.

No. 114515

There's a lot of reasons why she won't stop. That being one of them, yes.

Why has she not posted her "IP story" yet? I want to read the lies she comes up with.

No. 114516

give her some time to finish making it up first :)

No. 114517

That cunt had a fucking month to come up with some bullshit story, she has been acting extra retarded ever since she returned.

No. 114520

Maybe she convinced the doctors to lobotomize her.

No. 114522

File: 1459710700357.png (299.58 KB, 965x497, lmao.png)

aw yay more content to report (glamorizing drug use)


No. 114525

File: 1459710933210.png (23.33 KB, 567x196, weeight.png)

Btw Ember Lexapro causes weight gain so have fun trying to hide how fat you are getting right now

No. 114530

Sometimes it's hard to control my anger when I see all these girls post about inpatient/therapy like it's a vacation. All I can think about is how a lot of the people posted here (especially Ember) are taking away resources from people who want to recover and move on with their life.

It bothers me so much that to these girls their eating disorder and other mental illnesses are all they ever talk about and becomes their only sense of identity. This is what recover and therapy is supposed to help you learn. You're not supposed to cling to these illnesses, you're supposed to move on with your life and become (as much as possible) a functional member of society.

Maybe it's time I quit hanging around this place. I only get more bitter and angry at these assholes. Fuck them for wasting everyone's time and making it harder for people who want to recover and get help. I probably sounds like a broken record and I don't want to make this about me, but I (and many others) would kill to get as much treatment and help as some of this people have gotten and we wouldn't waste it.

No. 114531

File: 1459711447603.png (69.51 KB, 880x219, lmao.png)

Ember lost over 25 followers since posting that picture of pills. Looks like people are getting tired of her shit.

I mean, if I had a recovery ig account and followed her, under the assumption that she legitimately had an ED that she needed to recover from, I would unfollow her as soon as I saw her posting photos of that 'fall risk' bracelet, as if it was something special? I mean, there's a reason she deleted that photo off of her page, she knew it was a bad idea and tried to cover her tracks but it's too late >>113522

Only proana dwits >>114502 actually interact Ember, no one with common sense or even an ounce of dignity would humor that big nosed cow.

Bye bitch!

No. 114534

Ember is still acting exactly the same because it's impossible to recover from a disorder you don't actually have.

No. 114536

File: 1459711727254.jpeg (29.55 KB, 750x140, image.jpeg)

Such an artsy photo of medication
Also lol@ this comment (idk what the original one she's replying to said) but the fact that she's letting people like that follow her reeeeally shows how gr8 she is at recovery
Also ember technically medication is bought, even if prescribed.. Unless your health insurance is bitchin' and covers everything. Which I doubt yours is.

No. 114537

Ember hasn't posted any selfies or full body shots since coming home.

No. 114538

An adult without a fucking job who has to make money using a bullshit app lmfao

No. 114539

File: 1459711876830.png (187.42 KB, 702x339, uhh.png)

Why would joltography want to reassure a person, who apparently is so severely underweight that they needed to be hospitalized, that medication that take for their disordered behavior won't cause any weight gain?

I could never tell if joltography's presence was sincere or not but after seeing this, it's obvious that joltography does not take Ember's "eating disorder" seriously and actually wants to help her not gain weight.

No. 114540

Looks like the Ember obsessives are posting now the sites gone back to normal. Retards.

No. 114541

If I were Ember, I would tell joltography that I wasn't focused on "my weight" and that she needs to stop making comments like that since it's incredibly fucked up to say these kinds of things to someone who already is obsessed over their weight.

Buuut I'm not Ember and Ember probably will thank this person for their "help" and "advice", since she doesn't have an eating disorder, doesn't need to gain weight since she has always been at a healthy BMI, and has never actually struggled with being triggered by those types of things.

>inb4 I give Ember any ideas and she actually chews jolt out

No. 114543

I hope you guys are reporting that image before she takes it down.

No. 114544

I find it odd Jolto follows EWs bf.

No. 114545

I don't. I just wonder why Ember hasn't already blocked her since they both know that jolt lurks here more than she does..

No. 114546

She's a WK though.

No. 114547

True, I just don't understand why jolt would actively white knight a girl who she discovered from a lolcow thread about how she is a fraud and promotes eating disorders.

I just don't understand the motive here.

No. 114548

She can't wait to see Ember stuffed with fat.

No. 114550

Suuuuure, Ember. As if you had a social interaction without taking photos to prove it

No. 114554

Boredom, I assume.

No. 114560


Exactly. "From a close friend" my ass. There was a similar program for OP (general mental health, not ED specified) that dealt with hand-made blankets. You never meet who made you the blanket, but same basic ideas as "Recovery Buddies".

No. 114578

if I read "-chuckles aloud-" one more time I swear to god, how are you in every thread saying ending every comment with that retard

No. 114579

Those buddies are made by volunteers. You request one and they'll make you one. They don't know who they're sent to, the people who make them just knit them as charitable thing. (Source, know a kid who got one).

No. 114580

File: 1459715934555.png (204.96 KB, 993x620, ember whann recovery buddy.png)

Wow… how sad. Ember had to order herself a recovery buddy and pretended a friend gave it to her http://www.myrecoverybuddy.net/

No. 114582

That was part of the simulator. Idiot.

No. 114583

File: 1459716322297.png (873.29 KB, 2048x1241, PhotoGrid_1459716254476-1.png)

Nice to see Ember is still preying on underaged whannarexics.

No. 114584

But they still don't get it. Re: >>114540

No. 114587

The simulator needs to be indefinite kek. To keep all these autist tumblrfags at bay

No. 114590

Anyone and their dog can get an SSRI prescribed to them

No. 114592

According to the comments on that photo, everyone and their dog is already on one.

No. 114593

I used to be prescribed an SSRI and it ended up costing $100 a month because I didn't have medical. I don't understand how so many kids can afford to pop this shit like candy. It's expensive af.

No. 114594

If she can scrounge together $2000 dollars (insurance or who knows what else) for inpatient she doesn't need I guess she can get enough for meds she doesn't need. Girl is gonna try to get on an antipsychotic when she realizes everyone has an antidepressant

No. 114596

She reminds me of those people who are addicted to surgery.

No. 114600

Ember Whann is very clearly suffering HPD and Munchausens. Although in her case, there's not much suffering going on.

No. 114603

I don't know anyone who isn't on SSRIs. Does she think it's special? To me its ad if she posts a pic of some antifungal nail infection. She really gets off to ED paraphernalia in the way tumble "spoonies" obsess on medications and fucking splints.

No. 114604

Nail infection treatment *

No. 114605

Wasn't Ember the one who posted a picture of her hardxcore amoxicillin?

No. 114606

Everyone who posted on that image was on a ridiculously low dose as well. They might as well be popping sugar pills.

No. 114608

If you're not fucked up before you go on SSRIs, you're fucked up forever after.

No. 114615

Lmao thanks dr. Armchair.
Did you read a wiki page or take a high school psychology class?

No. 114617

Joltography is an attention seeking psycho. She's up everyone's ass.

Honestly, who isn't on an SSRI these days?
What's next, she's gonna lie her way to a bottle of seroquel and get huge?

No. 114618

File: 1459722128307.jpeg (163.92 KB, 1265x1645, image.jpeg)

Turt's pulled a crying Emily, vague posted & deleted all her other posts & only has this, everyone's looking for her apparently, same attention whore behaviour, different day.

No. 114619

The discoloration you're thinking of is basically dying blood vessels. I can't remember the exact name. Tbh this looks more like a shadow of a branch. The webby looking discoloration anorexics get is usually more red.

No. 114620

She's so upset nobody brought her clothes.

No. 114621

Jolt's got serious issues, she's got her head up everyone cows ass mentioned on this site.

No. 114625

I fucking hate her but I want to request her to see all those comments. Then again she can't approve my request if she's dead :///

No. 114626

She's also got a huge purgeface.

No. 114627

I read an article in the reader's digest.

No. 114629

File: 1459723323072.jpg (17.97 KB, 251x242, image.jpg)

No. 114631


Hahaha how can someone not love the wannarexics pretending to have a meltdown but before having a lot of time to delete all 1000 pictures and to upload a new one with the 'dramatic' caption 'I can't do it anymore'……………………..
I think this is their big problem. They can't do anything. What have these girls done before Instagram existed ?

No. 114632

File: 1459724419944.jpeg (172.5 KB, 750x1189, image.jpeg)

Ok this is creepy as fuck
I didn't look at much of her feed but her dad fucking took a body check photo for her… Is he fucking encouraging her eating disorder (if she has one) what the fuck

No. 114634


more important thing would be Did her father follow her into the bathroom ? Creepy stuff

No. 114640

What the ever loving fuck.
Creepo dad.

No. 114641

I think it was done more like trying to show she's not fat, that it's just angle. Like a father would do in good faith, not knowing what else to do seeing her body checking.

No. 114643

why the fuck would anyone tell their parents that they're bodychecking, or bodycheck in front of them

No. 114644

Probably. When looking down at yourself you tend to look bigger than you are, so he was most likely saying "If you take a photo from a straight view you will see you're so tiny already"

No. 114647

because they are attention whores and want mummy and daddy to worry over poor little sick girl

why do these instarexics do anything? for attention. dur.

No. 114649

Best thing her dad could've done for her was take her phone away.

No. 114653

Ain't that the truth.

Never taking those again. Ruined my goddamn life.

No. 114656


There are over 100 comments of the same "no bby don't do it" shit, it's exactly what she wants, she'll be back within 24 hrs, bitch can't stay away! She's probably upset that her followers aren't active enough again.

No. 114666

Nah that was that retarded Eboni Eden girl who made 3 threads for herself and was banned from here a couple times for being underaged.

No. 114668

I hope she gets put on quetiapine because she will fucking BALLOON.

No. 114676


BC she is autistic as fuck and stalks every single anachan ever posted here

No. 114681

It would be pretty funny tbh. Her starfucks intake would triple and her boyfriend will be up at two am making those gross capsicum fried eggs because she's got the seroquel-hunger.
She wants to look interesting because medicashuns! But being on psychotropic cocktails sucks.

No. 114690

she's on what looks like a low dose of an entry level antidepressant. hopefully it fucks her head out of her normal thought process and she gets some motivation to do something out of character and improve her life, or forces her to confront her failures.


fuck off.

No. 114693

Thinly changed her username I wonder why?

No. 114699

Why is thinmissyy even supporting Mckenzie it kind of sickens me and if thinmissyy really needs to stop photo shopping her photos people are noticing…..

No. 114701

Hi emily

No. 114722

File: 1459733908610.jpeg (248.6 KB, 1242x1795, image.jpeg)

Looking like she gained ten pounds where is your photoshop now missy?

No. 114731

What the fuck, clean your damn sink

No. 114736

All these Instagram anorexics live in filth. I can't comprehend it, but they seem to be weirdly proud of being dirty.

No. 114737

File: 1459738476867.jpg (177.36 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

What is she doing to her face

No. 114738

their little hollow ana butterfly bones are too fragile to even touch a broom

No. 114739

File: 1459739383628.jpeg (303.34 KB, 1242x1986, image.jpeg)

I feel like thinmissyy is faking her ed honestly and just using photoshop to gain followers.like she doesn't look that small here like she does in the rest of her photos? I really dislike her so much she's my least favorite of them all

No. 114756

She's also wearing a looser top here.

No. 114760

File: 1459744948645.jpg (75.3 KB, 800x450, Tawny-frogmouth-chick.jpg)

No. 114769

File: 1459749519537.jpg (103.55 KB, 640x640, A3uVEUd.jpg)

Is putting chocolate bars on your porridge a trend now? Over here we just have salt and water!

No. 114778


Did Ember say what dose she was on? She's since taken the photo down

No. 114780

Does it matter?
Competing about what dose of antidepressants you are on is even more pathetic than bragging about your bmi.

No. 114796

File: 1459760774346.jpg (126.51 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 114802

eugh. i wouldnt feed that to a fucking dog if i wanted to kill it

No. 114814

File: 1459763437397.jpeg (174.97 KB, 640x1002, image.jpeg)

She just couldn't stay away, "you can leave me nice comments" fucking lol

No. 114815

So she wants followers to DM her to arrange what she wants them to buy her? HAHAHAHA.

No. 114817

File: 1459764508527.jpg (143.33 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


Oh shit i forgot to mention, she claims to weigh 80 lbs.

No. 114819

Maybe she wants people to DM her so she can tell them not to? I'm new to this chick so I have no idea what she is like but yeah.

No. 114820

>>114817 I think she means her tits weigh 80lb

No. 114821

She asks for cash on her account >>112301

No. 114822

You read my mind, heh.

No. 114825

Oh my bad. I didn't realize that was the same chick.

No. 114826

That's a marble pattern.

No. 114835

File: 1459776343638.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

"I accept my body SO much I still photoshop :)"

No. 114836

Holy fuck ember has the most unflattering figure… She's built like a solid plank of wood. She needs curves ASAP.

No. 114838

was just about to say the same, that sink looks pretty clean

No. 114839

Gotta hold up those saggy tits

No. 114842

dem thighs doe

No. 114844

Wtf is up with that elbow?

No. 114845

Raptor claw thumb

No. 114846

Heree's the direct link to this image >>114835
for archiving/reference purposes


No. 114848

File: 1459779298054.gif (625.08 KB, 601x1077, ember-whann-gif.gif)

>I really didn't gain as much as I thought I did


No. 114850

those jeans are squeezing the life out of her

No. 114854

File: 1459780366577.png (462.37 KB, 612x958, 1449773972256.png)

I miss skinny Ember already :"(

No. 114855


Her elbow is the victim of the BeautyPlus application

No. 114856

What would cause her belly button to grow like that…. wtf (Is she just pulling her belly fat up, which is why it's so stretched out looking?)

No. 114857


No. 114858

Gotta hide that fupa somehow

No. 114862

Fuck off anachan. She looks skinny af to me.

No. 114863

File: 1459781087180.png (20.83 KB, 789x232, ember whann.png)

Ember's gonna need to buy a new app for followers because her's have been dropping like dead flies lately.


No. 114864


What kind of dumb bodycheck (and yes that ellbow looks badly edited) is that at all ? Lifting up your T-Shirt tells you what ? Bitch is such a dumbass.

No. 114867


The crybabies are helpess without photoshop. They do have several types of disorders, but anorexia nervosa diagnosis needs a solid BMI <17,5 and they look way above this and way too soft.

No. 114869

well there's a reason this thread is titled "proana scumbags"

No. 114870

File: 1459781748740.png (683.76 KB, 1503x2048, PhotoGrid_1459781607647-1.png)

New day, new 15 year old wannarexic Ember now follows.

No. 114873

Because this fatass cunt is stretching the fuck out of her pics and too dumb to compare them to her old edits before posting. Didn't you know IP makes you grow tall and wide while you're there.
Great job gaining you fucking cow lol

No. 114875

File: 1459782242789.png (254.16 KB, 374x590, 012.PNG)


-victimizes herself over the most trivial of situations
-the occasional crying selfie
-weird obsession with disney, recently gave herself a shitty dye-job to look like Ariel

No. 114876

To hide her fucking gut that she's unable to suck in anymore

No. 114878

her fucking square ass elbow is making me die
look at that shoop

No. 114879

What in ugly forever 21 hell are those pants?

No. 114884

File: 1459784399799.jpg (459.67 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20160404_102549.jpg)

She's huge now!

No. 114888

She posted a ~thy gap~ photo on snapchat and she couldn't even have her feet touch because she got so fat

No. 114890

Post pics if you're going to reference snapchat

No. 114892

Soon she wont fit into the ana chan category, wonder if shell try to become a "recovery" guru or some shit now that shes becoming sooo much better…or she just stopped shooping herself so much so she can "relapse" again, get more pity from kids and more ana/edge/tragedy points

No. 114894

File: 1459785194180.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x2375, PhotoGrid_1459784753158.jpg)

Fixed the stretching but not the bad shoop

No. 114898

File: 1459785735546.jpg (166.73 KB, 539x770, IMG_20160404_105947.jpg)

Lol, she hasn't even noticed this yet?

No. 114906

Ember is so bad at faking a recovery she's not really going through.

Doesn't she know recovery is all about posting every single thing you eat and hashtagging it recoverywin ? Not body checks and following underage wannarexics :((

No. 114907

Top fucking kek

No. 114908

They are triggering me :((

No. 114914

"I didn't gain as much as I thought I would!" hunches over "I'm proud of my body!" sucks in

No. 114915

File: 1459788949772.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.86 KB, 1300x865, image.jpg)

No. 114919

Yeah, I expected her to go full Aly.

No. 114921

File: 1459790254769.png (167.42 KB, 621x320, ember whann.png)

Yassss finally someone said it

>I'm sorry if this sounds rude but if you're a recovery account and doing better after ip why are you still posting body checking photos

Anyone else report that pic btw? I did a couple times though I do believe more than once, from the same account, is overkill. Which is why you all should report it too, it'll be hilarious if her account was terminated.


No. 114923

File: 1459790640962.png (851.24 KB, 1080x1084, 1440017174744.png)

i just cannot get over how thick her thighs look now when she used to post shoop'd pics like this

No. 114924


Wow it appears that I have missed some shoop. It looks absolutely gross but even editing needs some skills, which she clearly has not.

No. 114934

File: 1459794133437.png (50.46 KB, 302x470, ember whann.png)

beef_n_pickle sounds like a moron.

If you don't know how big of a fraud Ember is and how non-existent her ED is, then seeing her post "body checking" photos is very upsetting because it means she is still engaging in disordered behavior. Like, some of those people really think she is being genuine and are aware that she just spent a month locked down in an IP center. Soo, of course someone is going to be concerned and question why she is acting this way still. I mean, it hasn't even been a week since she got home yet here she is, pulling up her shirt for instagram once again.

Normal people don't post photos like that, just saying.

No. 114935

File: 1459794260290.png (25.13 KB, 303x206, ember whann.png)

Posting these before Ember hops on and deletes everything.

I was really hoping an arguement would break out on that photo.

No. 114936

So according to beef, as long as you sound cheerful in the caption, you can post all the body checks you want?!

Wow, sounds like a life hack.

No. 114944

File: 1459796167374.jpeg (233.98 KB, 1235x1971, image.jpeg)

Bmi of 14 my ass missy looks like a healthy weight to me

No. 114950

Seems to me like you're self posting. You keep on using the same words to describe yourself. All that's missing is an emoticon.

Other posts for reference:
>>114722 (You also deleted the post before this one because it should the instagram dash bar at the bottom… I wonder why?)

No. 114951

I left a pretty long comment (fucking didn't screencap) in response to all this felling her she's transparent , irresponsible and not exempt from criticism especially when she's feeding off of young , impressionable, mentally ill people. Alllll evidence deleted lol. Fucking cow. I'm so sick of her. Imma just report her dumb ass page.

No. 114952

Just wanted to add that it's either a self post or a vendetta. This person has around 100 followers and only 9 posts… seem fishy as fuck.

No. 114955

File: 1459797578100.jpg (115.12 KB, 504x639, IMG_20160404_141753.jpg)

Fatest Jedi I've ever seen. Lol thunder thighs

No. 114956

That is the most unfortunate pose , I can't with this idiot , who does she think she's fooling.

No. 114958

File: 1459797917758.jpeg (271.83 KB, 1254x1460, image.jpeg)

Post from above. My point though is why/how did she take an ugly selfie while waiting for paramedics?
This girl really confuses meshe contradicts herself every father post

No. 114962

File: 1459798477863.jpeg (271.68 KB, 750x1292, image.jpeg)


No. 114963

Why would anyone talk about a private account with less than 200 followers lol stop it

No. 114964

File: 1459798570173.jpeg (304.4 KB, 750x1290, image.jpeg)


No. 114965


I posted her in the last thread I think, she obviously lurks and a self-post would not surprise me.

(I'm not sure what you mean with 100 followers/9 posts, she has 107 k followers

No. 114966

File: 1459798628905.jpeg (191.38 KB, 750x1126, image.jpeg)


No. 114968

Jenna: "omg guys it was a total coincidence! not related at all!! I did it because of my totally grown up very adult job!! I didn't lie about anything! it felt so good to be off of the Internet, I came right back three days later! #recovery #newblognewme"

No. 114969

I just realized I was looking at the wrong account, sorry about that. I searched "thinmissy" instead of "thinmissyy". Ironically enough the account I did find seems to be an old/inactive one of hers which is why I got confused. But yes, I'm pretty sure she's posting herself or someone is trying to get back at her by posting her here. Who knows for sure though.

No. 114970

File: 1459798850047.jpeg (61.85 KB, 750x744, image.jpeg)

107k? bitch where??

No. 114972

Jenna did exactly what we all thought she would, shocking.
It must suck to be a puppet, huh Jenna ??

No. 114974

Woops ya made her upset she deleted it

No. 114976


At thinmissyy's insta?

No. 114978

I wanna see embers ~*totally~* recovered face. Wonder if she still got those sucked in cheeks

No. 114980

Agree. Bitch is thirsty af

No. 114981

I know that no one really talks about Mckenzie since Ember was outted for creating a thread about her, but after going through my sock puppet account I couldn't help but notice her name under almost every single girl posted here under the "followed by" sub that comes up when you search for accounts or view profiles. I've never doubted that she lurks here, but she seems no better than Ember when it comes to following underagers/pro Ana's etc. Her account is nothing but thinspo body checks and I'd put money down betting that she loves the attention she gets even though she always has to point out that she's crowns to thank for her tiny (and really shooped) body. And I wouldn't doubt that she posts here regularly either, if you actually have a kid Mckenszie where are you finding all this time to shoop and take shitty selfies… Honestly.

No. 114982

You seem to be desperate for attention too. Why the fuck would you want to be posted about? So everyone can tell you that you're fat and you can show it to your followers for victim points?

No. 114986

She's trying so hard to look thin, I can't wait for her to post even more photos.

No. 114987

File: 1459801504906.jpeg (546.53 KB, 750x3279, image.jpeg)

MPA should be posted more, it's a goldmine

No. 114989

aaaaand ember went private

No. 114990


Rolleyes @ Ember.
Same as McKenzie both use the slimming tool in a way where their body proportions look off, they don't realize that your shoulder can't have twice the size as your photoshopped waist / hips.

No. 114991

She also deleted this photo >>114835 lmfao

No. 114992

What is up with that baby chair in the background though

No. 114993

Ember would be the type of loser to tuck her shirts in lol

No. 114995

She's into using baby spoons and bowls, maybe she's a little

No. 114997

What if her boyfriend has a kid of his own?

No. 114998

That's just unrealistic, 2x the work

I doubt he'd make enough to support 2 screaming brats

No. 115001

Got a notification that ember posted a photo and the moment I opened it (seconds after the notification) the photo was deleted

Wonder what she accidentally posted & if anyone caught it

No. 115004

File: 1459803540086.png (801.11 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_2016-04-04-16-56-57…)

this made me laugh, poor delusional girl

No. 115011


How do you get a notifaction ? With an app ?

No. 115014

I wonder if this is a fake account Ember made herself. I'm skeptical to believe anyone who says that the e-drama about Ember is "senseless."

No. 115016


Same feeling here. Role model, victim, frail, inspiration, maturity that's how Ember sees herself.


No. 115018

I wonder how many of her 15k followers are actually her posting generic pro ana shit

No. 115019

Ember's BF kicked her out. They're not together anymore. She's back at her mom's house.

No. 115021

No one cares unless you have proof.

No. 115023

I got the notification too but missed it, sorry pal.

The app is called Instagram. Just turn on notifications for Ember's account.

Yeah and she broke into his house just to take body check images in his bathroom. Fuck off with this bait. They're obviously still together.

No. 115024

Ember only posts "thinspo" images of herself tho

No. 115066

Ember probably is posting pics of baby spoons to work her way into having DID and soon enough she will have an alter lmao

No. 115073

This honestly wouldn't even surprise me. Hasn't she claimed to disassociate before? Though I believe it was when she was talking about having BPD or some other personality disorder, not too sure.

No. 115086

That 17.5 is only true for the DSM-4. We're on the DSM-5 abd 17.5 is a loose guideline. I mean you're still not anorexic if you're not underweight, but ah, regardless.. sage for tangents.

No. 115094

I can't even with this photo.

No. 115095

File: 1459821698199.png (646.46 KB, 781x633, autism.png)

It's either Ember or autism.

No. 115096

Her oldest photo is 3 days old, and yet she's supposedly been following Ember "for a long time."

No. 115106

And no face pics

No. 115107

Ember doesn't even follow her. It's embers lame fake account. This is pathetic.

No. 115108

Looks like Ember's phone's pics too.

No. 115109

Nah ember has a toe thumb this isnt her

No. 115110

How is that not a toe thumb?

No. 115111

Trust me fam, that ain't Ember.

No. 115113

Could be Ember using a fake pic.

No. 115116

Nah. I'm pretty sure it's her.

No. 115117

It's not her, Ember doesn't have clean looking photos

No. 115134

Gonna need some better proof than that.

No. 115135


Her nails are too long for it to be ember

No. 115139

No. 115140

Don't spam the thread by quoting all the posts

No. 115142

Forgot to sage, but I sure as hell wasn't spamming.

No. 115153

her vag looks really fat

No. 115169


And that 'hommage' is totally out of the context viewing her previous posts. Nice try Ember.

No. 115174

File: 1459847635735.png (291.61 KB, 720x1000, Screenshot_20160405-084637~01.…)

is she for real lol

No. 115226

File: 1459858222970.jpg (1.47 MB, 3552x2000, WP_20160404_001.jpg)

Ur welcome.

Looks weird to me, has she edited her jaw bigger?

No. 115227

I know we like to troll her for her looks, but she looks TERRIBLE in this picture holy shit

A lot of weight went to her face, she looks the same age as her mother too

No. 115228

I'm trying to think of another way she could have acquired this but I think you're right. Now I can't decide if it's hilarious or tragic.

No. 115229

She looks middle aged.

No. 115232

I'm thinking it's possible that her "friend" had a recovery buddy and just gave it to her as a gift or a hand-me-down. I can see Ember being all "wah wah life is so hard I was forced into recovery wah wah I hate this place wah wah" and this girl out of the kindness of her heart (or wanting to shut Ember up) gave her that thing. Or maybe Ember stole it from her "friend".

I have no fucking clue. But like I've said before this recovery buddy thing I think is supposed to be for children with ed's not 20+ year olds. I can't see it being in anyway effective to an older person in recovery from an eating disorder unless they're clinging to the whole child-forever mentality.

Wouldn't it be creepy if Ember got this from a child in her inpatient group because she coerced a kid into believing she was her "friend." Fuck. That gives me chills just thinking about it. I'm hoping that they keep the kids and adults separated…

No. 115233

Holy Doughboy she's fat! KARMA lol

No. 115239

That seems very far fetched. Chances are she just ordered it.

No. 115240

Dat sum purgeface?

No. 115243

Word, aren't they free?

Honestly do people forget Ember is a selfish person who has no problem lying to everyone

No. 115244

File: 1459863717599.png (401.2 KB, 492x612, that guy.png)

Her boyfriend kinda looks like the unfortunate looking one in a boyband. Almost every group had that guy.

No. 115249

Well, assuming that she did go to inpatient how could she have ordered it from there? Also is it possible that the place she was at just gives every person there one?

No. 115250

File: 1459865120825.png (901.44 KB, 1080x1049, Screenshot_2016-04-05-10-03-14…)

>social media
>time to escape my eating disorder

Someone psychoanalyze this bitch and tell me why she made this ugly piece if shit.

No. 115252

That's what I assume. Like the center just has a bunch in a back room and they give it to the biggest crybabies

No. 115255

File: 1459865243420.jpeg (119.64 KB, 640x917, image.jpeg)

This chick just needs those asspats anyway she can it them it seems

No. 115258

I'm starting to wonder if Ember actually does have bulimia. It would explain all the Starbucks and restaurant outings. And why she's managed to stay the same weight (not all bulimics gain weight). And why she was able to get into an inpatient program. I'm assuming they just don't let anyone in.

Let's say that her ekg and blood results came back abnormal. How easy is it to get an abnormal result? Isn't it more likely that she's purging and that's what threw off her results?

I can see Ember being so embarrassed of having the "ugly/bad" (in her mind) eating disorder that she clings to the label of anorexia. Maybe I'm just over-analyzing this. But all those photo's of b+j's, creme brulee, fried foods… it doesn't seem that someone with a normal relationship with food would eat junk food all the time. Also explains those detox/laxative teas she's promoted.

No. 115262

Inb4 she fucking claims her AN turns into bulimia during ~recovery~.

I mean no one here could ever really know for sure if she was bulimic, but she sure as shit doesn't seem it. I don't think she'd be able to suck in bulimia cheeks the way she does (I have cheeks that look like bulimia cheeks but aren't and can't do it), and she'd look a lot more bloated if she was binge-purging because it tends to cause delayed gastric emptying. Ember's body looks like a standard skinny-fat healthy body and always has. She has absolutely zero visible symptoms of any disorder and hasn't tried to even shoop any in besides her fake spoop bones. At most she has some disordered eating habits but most teenage girls do.

No. 115263

I think you couldn't be more right if you tried

No. 115264

But she does have a point. Like how the hell is she eating whatever the hell she claims to be and keeping it down… No anorexic at her size could keep it down even if she didn't have bulimia

No. 115265

I'm trying to find screenshots but Ember used to claim she had anorexia with b/p subtype then after someone point out that Embers fingers/nails/knuckles look perfectly fine, she posted close ups of small scraps on her hands which looked as if she just scrub her knuckles across concrete.

But c'mon, Ember loves herself too much to ever actually self harm/force herself to throw up. She doesn't have an eating disorder and the one you guys ~diagnos~ her the bigger her fucking head gets.

She's just a wannarexic who manipulated her way into an IP center for the ana points. Nothing more, nothing less.

No. 115268

You seriously never met a super skinny person who shovels garbage into their mouth while maintaining their figure?

It's called genetics and a fast metabolism. The fact that Ember hasn't ever ballooned up (on her own) means that she has never fucked up her own metabolism by starving.

And I'm positive she was put on a super high calorie diet over the past month which is why she is so fat now. They cooked her normal sized meals which had a ridiculously high cal counts and because she is such a lard ass, she probably ate seconds or even thirds to satisfy her hunger.

No. 115269

File: 1459867020047.jpg (84.54 KB, 750x1189, image.jpg)


No. 115270

File: 1459867061540.jpg (186.27 KB, 750x1099, image.jpg)

Real original url, Jenna. She was there first

No. 115271

you need to download photogrid and stop posting multiple times just to make one point, shits annoying and wasteful.

No. 115272

I've never seen her say she was anorexic, just bulimic.
She's boring. You're either a vendetta poster, or her. Either way: piss off.

No. 115273

I just wanted to maybe debate you a bit more on this. Someone with bulimia or bulimic tendencies doesn't always show physical signs of it. They can use a toothbrush to purge, exercise it off or use laxatives. Or a combination of any of these. Also in my experience not everyone bloats after purging. It depends on the after care of the purge and how frequently they do it. If she hydrates herself, brushes her teeth, takes electrolytes or vitamins after and is able to keep down a meal like a salad or smoothie the physical signs would be virtually undetectable. She doesn't have to purge everything every single day to be bulimic or have bulimic tendencies.

Now, is it likely that she does ALL of these things? No, not really. It depends how long she's dealt with it and how well-read she is on what bulimia does to the body. But it could explain her not showing physical symptoms.

Okay maybe you have the ego thing down, but how could she manipulate her way into treatment? I'm open to believing you, but these places have very limited beds most of the time and it's not like they've never met a malingerer before.

No. 115274

>no anorexic
you're right. because she's not fucking anorexic.

No. 115276

Uum, I don't think an inpatient setting would allow people to get seconds or thirds because it could trigger bulimics to relapse or anorexic's to pick up b/p behaviour.

And no there is no such thing as genetics and "fast" metabolisms contributing to skinny people being able to eat heaps of junkfood (more than a fat person) and staying thin. The reason why skinny people are skinny is because they don't eat over their TDEE. The opposite of this is why fat people are fat. They don't have "slow" metabolisms, they eat way over their TDEE.

In very, very rare cases people can have unnaturally high metabolisms (see: Lizzie Velasquez). And yes, people with thyroid conditions can gain some extra weight but not as much as most of them claim.

You sound like the typical HAES believer that believes they're fat because of their genetics and "slow" metabolism and not all the massive amounts of shit they put into their body.

No. 115277

Sure, lack of physical signs doesn't mean she's not bulimic. It just raises eyebrows when you're someone who tries so hard to look sick, yet doesn't seem to understand the symptoms to fake. If she was exercising by purging she prob wouldn't be skinny-fat either. As an anon above mentioned, she also lacks a Russels Sign, so probably not self-induced vomiting.

I've never been bulimic though, so my education on the matter is pretty much limited to Wasted and these threads. But it doesn't make much sense to me that she would have displayed no signs of it, even faked signs beyond times when people have specifically called her out on them, in the years that she's been publicising her fake eating disorder. Plus exercise bulimia and laxatives are the least "effective" forms of bulimia so I'd doubt she'd maintain her weight as she has unless she was actually vomming, and she's sure as shit not doing that or she'd have a clue what it was like and IIRC she once claimed purging caused her to "vomit blood every day".

No. 115278

She's obviously gained weight the last couple years, but it's been slow because she has an active job and probably eats around 2000.

No. 115279

I don't think Ember is bulimic and I think she did manage to manipulate her way into treatment. I think she did starve herself and lose a lot of weight and purposely injure herself somehow, but out of a desperate need for attention and nurturing rather than out of true self hatred. Ember is textbook HPD. As much as I think people will try to debate me on this, she's relatively intelligent and I wouldn't put it past her to consume something like salt water to make herself look even sicker.

No. 115283

why are people trying so hard to make this more than it is? she's a lying brat with some disordered eating habits that she puts on show. she's skinny, despite what a million proanas in this thread want to say. it's not difficult to get an abnormal reading on an ekg when you haven't been eating well. for a while when I was vegetarian I was eating mostly sugar and junk food, but in small portions and stayed at a low calorie count. I started having all kinds of health issues and lost weight, after only a couple of months I had vitamin deficiencies and abnormal test results. that's literally all ember did, she ate like shit for a few months and viola, ticket to inpatient. the joke is on her because she's going to have lasting health issues, osteoporosis, terrible skin, no muscle tone and generally look like a troll for the rest of her life all just to prove strangers on the internet wrong. I'm done giving her the time of day, she had her two minutes of fame and she's boring now. next cow please!

No. 115285

Well if you have an overactive thyroid, your metabolism will increase and you can eat more while staying thin. But 1. it's not really that common and 2. once you get medication your metabolism wil go down a little.

No. 115286

>lying brat

Basically this.

No. 115293

File: 1459870732259.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Attention seeking and she looks like she's got the Black Plague. Pity my I'm in recovery but still hate myself wahhhhhh.

No. 115297

Joltography and Lauren LOLer in one Ember post, it's like magic.

No. 115298

>I'm trash!

She looks like she's been digging through it at least. How does she always manage to look so filthy?

No. 115300

Suck those cheeks in harder.

No. 115301

What little you can see of her eye makeup doesn't look horrendous here at least. I just hate how in every photo it looks like she's used the pinch tool on the bottom of her face and squints.

piss-poor filter choice imo.

No. 115304

yeah I also thought the eye-make up looks ok. she has huge eyelids. they are so huge it isn't a compliment anymore. it's a good idea to make them appear smaller by using a darker color.

another plus: can't see her fucked up banana eye brows.

colors suit her as well.

>>in b4 hi ember.

No. 115305

cranked up the contrast so her collar bones stick out. unfortunately it also makes the shadows look like dirt.

No. 115306

I think she has some kind of learning disability or autism.

No. 115307

Yeah exactly this. Shame she has to desperately try and accentuate her ever-fading bone structure at expense of looking cute in selfies. Like, thats what instagram filters are for isn't it? Over-exposing your face until it's smooth af?

No. 115308

Maybe that stupid bindi thing she used to wear fucked up her brain.

No. 115309

Ember doesn't have autism at all. She's too manipulative for that.

A lot of her followers are autistic and/or learning disabled, though.

No. 115310

What's the deal with Lauryn?

No. 115311

The greasy hair returns. Was she not allowed to shower in IP or what?

No. 115313

She's just trend hopping. Latest stop, ED IG.
Here, have a thread. >>>/pt/44324

No. 115314

can we not talk about her and get back on topic

No. 115317

Eating disorders are not a trend are you dumb

No. 115318

File: 1459873386057.jpeg (40.5 KB, 748x201, image.jpeg)

People are angry at us, it seems.

No. 115319

because that's what they did in thin and other ED documentaries that you can watch online.

No. 115322

i thought they didn't allow magazines in treatment centers because of ~*triggering*~ content

No. 115323

>back on topic


No. 115324


No, she is slim. 0 muscle tone but high on fat. Skinnyfat at best. How can you tell she is skinny ? Her shooped pics are to hell and back.

No. 115325

Clearly you are. It is painfully obvious that being disordered is tumblr/Instagram trendy rn, otherwise, this thread would not be a thing.

No. 115326

You sound like an expert on the subject.

No. 115331


Rofl YOU just wrote half an essay why Ember is how she is. But I agree she got her two minutes. She is nothing more than a laughing stock.

No. 115333

File: 1459875023121.jpeg (341.87 KB, 1217x1438, image.jpeg)

No. 115335

Yes. Every anon is the same person.

No. 115338

Eating disorders aren't a trend, faking one is a trend.

DID is becoming one, or rather faking one. What don't you understand? You must be new.

No. 115339

i really wish anachans would quit talking about lolcow and making all the underage wannarexics flock here to anonymously discuss their bmis

No. 115340

I'd say she is relevant seeing as she is chummy with all the wannarexics? She's got 11k followers but they're all bought just like ember.

No. 115342

They should post their BMI and their age. It's a lot easier to have a low BMI when you're over 18 due to having more control over your food choices, so if you're 14-16 with a low BMI that's extra impressive. Who else agrees?

No. 115343

File: 1459875748221.jpg (2.47 KB, 125x70, 1457469926022.jpg)

No. 115344

File: 1459875847085.jpeg (106.73 KB, 750x1168, image.jpeg)

Turtled is hopping on the recovery buddy bandwagon and making these poor excuse for owls for people in the ED community to buy.
Doesn't she know half the ED community are 15 y/o wannarexics with gofundme's and Amazon wish lists because they can't afford any shit for themselves?

No. 115347

File: 1459876080042.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, 1434916587526.gif)

>order an owl, get a follow

No. 115348

You'd think teenagers would mostly be skinny because they're still growing and have faster metabolisms, but most of the teenagers I see today are really fat. I think it's because fast food is being advertised to kids more, and today's teens spend more time playing video games or posting on the internet than playing sports and stuff. Honestly, whenever I see someone under 18 talking about having anorexia, I just assume they're lying, because it seems like ALL teenagers these days are fat. Prove me wrong.

No. 115350

I actually think shes very pretty in this, but I really like strong jawlines so

No. 115352

why do none of these people want to get jobs, no one wants to buy your cheap crafts

No. 115357

It looks like she's storing up for the winter, in her cheeks lol

No. 115362

Girl is thirsty AF for any sort of attention & I guess this is her newest way of feeling special in the ED community. When she posted about the owls on her account earlier someone had asked how the owl was supposed to help with recovery and she gave a lame answer along the lines of it helps bring positive vibes etc & when the girl asking said she still didn't get it Turt deleted the whole post. She needs to get a job & stoplooking for online asspats.

No. 115365

Ember the gerbil. I bet she loves having nuts in her mouth too.

No. 115367

I will reiterate forever that she's extremely attractive in a middle-aged lesbian kind of way. That pictures highlights it all the more.

Good thing she isn't gay and has an unimaginably shit personality to discourage online infatuation.

No. 115368

How old are you, anon?

No. 115375

No. 115376

Needs proof in the form of photographic ID.

No. 115377

File: 1459880238088.jpg (37.26 KB, 520x332, fake.jpg)

Oh okay. Here you go!

No. 115379

Ugh you could have at least injected some humor by photoshopping the date and having some fun with the filename.

Stop derailing if you aren't going to be entertaining about it.

No. 115382

You're derailing.

No. 115383

for fucking real! sage just because

No. 115407

>though she be but little, she is fierce
but.. you were never little, jenna?

No. 115428

File: 1459889859876.jpeg (200.37 KB, 1276x1631, image.jpeg)

I believe these girls were mentioned in a previous thread, but I've been on my sock puppet a bit today and I couldn't help but notice they posted several times about deleting "ghosts" & each post gets more & more aggressive. These kids are so obsessed with likes & followers & it's really sickening, & how can anyone not call out such rude bullshit. Do none of these little twats have irl friends??

No. 115434

Has anybody seen Jenna's camming pics?

No. 115435

I read this as fiz-KO-tiks

No. 115440

File: 1459891832066.jpeg (160.63 KB, 750x1052, image.jpeg)

This is the Calysta from the felice/emily battle days, correct? Her caption is "gypsy"….

No. 115735

Those tags are cringey as fuck.

No. 115738

>It's a lot easier to have a low BMI when you're over 18

you're obviously a minor. its so much easier to have a lower BMI when you're younger, thats why BMI isn't supposed to be used for people under 18, they use percentile for age/height instead.
its easier to have a lower bmi when you're not fully developed yet.

No. 115741

File: 1459893232860.jpg (18.26 KB, 425x404, 1428880419037.jpg)

No. 115753

I'm crying over all the fat logic.
Weight isn't determined by genes. You cannot destroy your metabolism by dieting jfc.

No. 115754

File: 1459895688808.gif (985.41 KB, 499x320, spacekitty.gif)

is this two people sharing a pro ana account or is this some D.I.D. stuff?

lol who would want to be friends with these people in real life let alone on the internet

No. 115759

If your account needs a "backup", you know you're shady as fuck.

No. 115832

File: 1459909644787.png (338.42 KB, 405x529, Untitled.png)

checked jennas tag to see if she had addressed anything at all (no) but this is pretty accurate id say

No. 115837

I hope it's some DID shit.

No. 115838


You are sorely uneducated. You can most defiantly ruin your metabolism by starving. Ask a professional. Not the Internet

No. 115842

No you can't.
However, what I think you might mean is that after a period of starvation, you will eat more. Sometimes a hell of a lot more than you normally did before. That is very common.
Even a normal diet (as in eating less calories than you expend) can cause it. That's why anorexia isn't some cute disease. You are literally addicted to that feeling, even children sometimes. It's not something you "catch" but it can be a sort of temporarh self harm

No. 115846

It's been proven that you can't speed up or slow down your metabolism by certain foods or the way you eat. It's a myth and you're the one who looks "sorely uneducated"

No. 115847

Please refer to my post
For recovering anorexics, binge eating behaviors are not unheard of, in fact they're quite common. Usually though they will "settle" after a while, but that isn't always true.
I'm not a doctor but I do work with many patients with eating disorders and yes. I have had severely emeciated patients who, for example, ask for seconds or thirds because "fuck everything right now". What you must understand is that they have literally no concept of normal eating behaviours, and sadly we are not equipped to deal with that atm.

No. 115856

Go back to tumblr and read your own hug-box "studies" haeslord.
Facts are facts, and one relevant fact here, is that pretending you're more educated than you are doesn't work. Enhance your own education, fatty.

No. 115866

Yes that's why the "Minnie Maude" diet is so dangerous as it actively encourages binge eating behaviour which could lead to development of bulimia or B.E.D. Contrary to the idiot creator of it's advice, you CAN binge during recovery of anorexia, some foods aren't healthy or ideal to be eating during recovery. It's like there followers go from one extreme (restrict/clean eating) to another (binge/feel unwell because of said bingeing/boast about never eating vegetables).

No. 115868

Lol. She was going to post a video but she hasn't.

No. 115922

>>115868 apparently she's on a meal plan and is trying to make exchanges look cute. But of course she's lying. If you asked her to post it she'd go "OMG my life is not your business" just like her cancer, even though she had no problem posting a scale picture.

No. 115923

Pretty much this.

No. 115932

I'm really confused as to how this Jenna thing blew over so quickly. I think a lot of people believe that she lied about cancer, but don't want to be seen as the kind of person to accuse someone of lying about. If she posted actual proof, they'd look like terrible people. Now she's back, pretending like she has a meal plan, but it's clear she isn't actually struggling and is exaggerating her 'problems' for the sympathy. It's disgusting.

No. 115942

I was expecting a shitstorm too.
I guess no one really cares about her?

No. 115947

They are all fake bitches that pick their Tumblr friends based on popularity. As long as being associated with Jenna puts them in a positive light they don't care. I don't want to defend fitaj but when someone said she had lied about cancer, rape etc everybody made fun of her and there wasn't any proof. The person spreading that based this solely on assumptions. Jenna joined in despite acting like BFFs with AJ.
And keep in mind Jenna has the option to only publish ass kissing anons.
And yeah I don't believe for one second Jenna is on a meal plan. I don't even think she's seeing a dietician. No ED dietician in their right mind would force a client that recently overcame obsessive calorie counting to count their calories. Also considering she's obviously at a healthy weight her "meal plan" can't be "scarier" than what she's eating without it anyway.

No. 115950

"Men can be rude and no one gives them shit, the world needs more rude women" MUH FEMINISM!!! Also good luck Jenna with your rudeness in the professional world. Maybe you can act rude towards your ~*white male privileged*~ father that you mooch off, but you need to lose that attitude if you ever want a job that's not folding sweatshirts or updating a nonprofits Facebook page ;)

No. 115953

Uh, isn't the logical progression of that quote that the world needs fewer rude men - in fact, none, ideally, nor rude women either? I'm so glad I never even started to bother with tardblr.

No. 115955

Yeah… How about no one is rude?
She's also reblogged and posted some questionable things about Tindr. Like "every guy on Tindr is awful, all of them" (I assume the post was about appearance) bitch you look like a horsefish, 95% of the guys who saw your profile probably thought the same. And "omggggg so many guys on tindr need therapy lol!!!!!! Insane guys who wanna have in depth conversations!!!!!!!!!" Those Tumblr feminists think they are funny as shit with these posts but if a guy is not interested in a conversation they are women hating walking penises.

Tldr Jenna is a stupid white Tumblr feminist. She also calls herself a hippie but she's so materialistic and wasting her parents' money lol. Your marijuana addiction does not make you a hippie sweetie.

No. 115976

I remember the times when getting a "professional" or "adult" job or career meant being careful about what you post on your social media pages and deleting any previous things that could lessen your chances for employment. I mean she's lucky that she works at a non-profit because they are usually really chill and understanding of alternative viewpoints, but dang if she ever leaves the non-profit sector she's in for a rude awakening. She'll have a hard time getting/keeping a job if she's posting so liberally about her opinions.

Hell, when I was in high school and you were applying for entry-level jobs they made it very clear that you should never have anything online or on your person that shows your religion, political or sexuality views because it gives you less of a chance.

I'm glad that most places nowadays have this "no-discrimination policy" but in most cases it's complete bullshit and just covers the company's asses. They'll just say you couldn't do the job properly or that they found someone that better fit the position and no-one can question them for it. No-one's going to be dumb enough to say you didn't get the job because of your alternative hair colour, piercings, tattoo's, social media persona, religion, sexuality, gender etc but it happens all the fucking time.

No. 115979

She wants to go into journalism

No. 115981

I don't understand why Jenna thinks she's not. Her body is weird, she has an ugly face and her breasts are flat saggy udders. Wow. Every man's dream. Every woman's goal.

No. 115982

* hot lol

No. 115986

Jenna just answered an anon that said they received a screenshot of a video of someone looking exactly like Jenna peeing. Jenna said it's not her but I wouldn't put it past her? There are pictures from a camming session where she's half dressed and squatting in a bathtub and I guess you could assume she's peeing.

No. 115989

Also does anyone know if Jenna has posted what her job actually is at this non-profit?

I used to work for a non-profit company quite a few years ago. Basically they would hire anyone that could bullshit their way through a group interview. What they had you do was stand on street corners talking to people about the charity you were assigned and then convince them to sign up for a monthly donation of around $50 bucks. And the thing was you had to ask EVERYONE that looked over the age of 18. So this meant students, homeless people, drug addicts, etc. And if you didn't you could get written up or have a strike against you. Basically if you were caught in a low-income area for that day or week you were fucked. And if you didn't get enough "donators" you would lose your job and be replaced. This wasn't just a one-off thing either. Lots of non-profit company's work like this. Hell, the company I worked for got most of the money for all the big non-profits most people know and love.

It really opens your eyes to how "nice" these non-profit organizations are. I also have had friends that have worked for years at organizations like Free the Children and the like. Basically most non-profits or grass-root organizations will change to more of a corporate business once they make enough money and end up fucking over the people who they were supposed to be helping. And yeah you'll get paid lots and have benefits but it's disgusting to be taking money from people that can hardly pay rent or have lots of debt.

I didn't last very long and I still feel guilty for accepting the job. They lie and say that you're helping all of these people, but you're just taking money from the needy and giving to the more in-need or the CEO's. And the percentage of the money that goes to these people in need isn't that much (but it's standard for all non-profits really). You're training is usually a few days of being taught how to manipulate and pressure all different sorts of people into "donating". And in most cases there's not a one-time donation option. You have to cancel your monthly subscription and go through all that guilt-tripping shit over the phone.

To actually work in places like this for more than a few years you have to either be some sort of non-feeling/caring person or be really dumb and naive or be paid enough not to care. So, Jenna either hasn't found out the truth yet or is okay with being a shitty person. Or she somehow managed to find a job at an actually great non-profit organization (I would say that there's less than a 5% chance of this happening).

No. 115991

File: 1459959325670.jpg (94.5 KB, 750x570, 1eovxgh.jpg)

No. 115994

She says she's their "social media manager" aka she makes Facebook posts lol.

No. 115998

File: 1459960099743.jpeg (225.1 KB, 1290x1482, image.jpeg)

So now Turtl.ed needs $$ for packaging to send her recovery owls out. This chick is fucking pathetic.

No. 116001

Maybe the people who thought Jenna was finally growing up and starting to become a better person because she got a job at a non-profit organization? Most people don't have any clue how these organizations work so I thought I would share how corrupt they and the people that work for them are.

I'm sorry, but what are you contributing to this discussion, friend?

Great, so she deals with their social media pages and guilt-trips people who want to end their monthly "donations" and calls people at hellish hours to try and get them to donate. What's better than being guilt-tripped and manipulated over the phone? At least she doesn't have to be the workers who have to see the people who actually help pay their paychecks.

No. 116004

I don't think it's a great job seeing as she got this job before a waitressing job

No. 116012

File: 1459961556999.jpeg (277.3 KB, 1264x1482, image.jpeg)

Has anyone ever talked about Andrie at all? I think she was mentioned before. She's another whiny IG obsessed ana who constantly deletes photos and redoes her profile "aesthetic". She used to post her before and after photos when she want deep into her ED. Tries to be edgy, but just comes off as hangry & cringy.

No. 116013

oh gosh her cam session pictures are so embarrassing. i will never understand camming, especially not camwhores who act like they are models. she might as well have been in a porn.

No. 116015

she's so cringey. way too old to be obsessing over asking alexandria, and iirc she denied having an ED even though she would post about it all the time

No. 116025

16 retards ordered them lmao

No. 116035

Anyone else find it highly suspicious when anas claim "new beginnings" and start deleting all their photos?

No. 116036

$10 says these "owls" never ship

No. 116043

File: 1459968452304.jpg (169.94 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_2016-04-06-14-45-08…)

No. 116048

This is beyond pathetic. Ember, you're no better than her. Stop trying to convince yourself that you are.

No. 116050

omfg. pot calling the kettle black. ember admits she has a wishlist. she also makes several posts to IG a day literally begging her followers for likes/comments/attention.
ember, you are no better than her, you're probably even more pathetic and creepy at that. I mean what kind of loser spends all her time trying to keep up this facade of ~fragile sick ana butterfly~ to impress 14 year olds on the internet?
keep crying about all the weight you piled on ember. hey, since the whole "thinspo queen" thing didn't work out, maybe you could try on a fitness IG persona? I mean, you already got dem gainz, so…

No. 116053

Didn't she take money off people for her dead friend or something?

No. 116055

yup, she did

No. 116056

Why not take the photo facing the mirror? Why the sucked in tummy? Why you still not skinny?

No. 116057

File: 1459971194124.jpeg (109.1 KB, 500x667, image.jpeg)

Fag dropped photo

No. 116058

I don't understand why you wouldn't tidy up your room if you're going to be taking a picture in it..
does your mommy know what a pigsty your room is, jenna?

No. 116061

Did I mention I have a wishlist?

No. 116062

REALLY FUNNY the way Ember posts here

No. 116066

Yeah ember stop bullying yourself are you just gonna pretend that you've discovered all this hate so it's an excuse to slip back into anorexia lmao

No. 116073

She doesn't like posting pictures in which she completely faces the mirror because people will see she doesn't have a thigh gap. In frontal pictures she ALWAYS has one leg to the side. (inb4 she posts a frontal picture in which she magically has a thigh gap to prove the mean bullies wrong)

No. 116075

She lives in an untidy pigsty-like room in her parents' house, gets an allowance from daddy and fakes illnesses for pity online. She's basically a middle school kid.

No. 116083

Holy fuck Ember shut up.

No. 116094

Can we have an Ember/Turtl.ed face off? Who has the biggest following? Whannafans vs Turtl.enthusiasts?

Ember is so rude and hypocritical.

No. 116098

Idk how she has friends at all, she's like Cady from Mean Girls right before she threw up on Aaron's lap

No. 116099

This is dumb

No. 116103

>implying the milk from bitchy 14yo insta comments wouldn't be bountiful if they found out their respective ana-queens were being disrespected

I'd just straight up say Regina, without the whole epiphany.

No. 116106

> not making sense at all
> is also dumb

No. 116108

Christ you're dense.

No. 116113

Maybe you should re-read our conversation. Your reply had nothing to do with what was being discussed. Wtf do bitchy instagram comments have to do with an ember/turtl.ed face off? Like what are you even talking about?? Explain more because i dont see a connection.

No. 116115

It'd be like watching two speds fight over a pencil.

No. 116116

I think anon was implying that if they got into a catfight, the children that follow them would also start fighting.

No. 116117

I thought I made it clear that I was referencing the loyal teen followers with my poor play-on-words fan descriptors. I apologise if I made it seem like I wanted turtle.ed and Ember to fight to the death or w/e. Just thought it'd be funny if fans of one engaged with fans of the other after seeing these snide tweets. What a clusterfuck that'd be. I'm surprised it hasn't happened on a notable scale already.

Yes, this.

No. 116120

I'm imagining this like picking teams for dodgeball.

No. 116123

Turt has sold 32 owls.. Cant wait for the shitstorm when she fucks up shipping.

No. 116124

I say Cady because Regina was actually popular and cute, Cady was living as a catty persona at that point from what she'd learned mimicking Regina

No. 116127

Ember would be a worse fitness persona than Ginge.

No. 116129

>copies Emily

literally no one cares about the emily/ember comparison

No. 116130

Clearly you're wrong.

No. 116131

File: 1459979024156.jpg (145.5 KB, 536x791, IMG_20160406_164153.jpg)

The only thing oversized on you is your ass Ember

No. 116133

What a weak, emaciated game that'd be.

But yeah, like, occasionally "fans" or "friends" come here and bitch, why haven't we seen the same on other platforms after Ember posts to her endless stream of vitriol?


I don't have a hipflask big enough to carry around for this.

Yeah that's a good point to be fair. Although Regina's 'popular' was dweeby girls dreaming of being like her and ignoring her abuse, so that's pretty close to the Ember/idolizing teens thing.

No. 116134

File: 1459979152965.jpg (23.47 KB, 476x471, 543939_10151967754250682_56700…)

No. 116135


Lmao! lolcow bingo drinking game ??

No. 116136

Pls stop you moron
Agreed. It's Emily who is always trying to insert her name into the ember drama.

No. 116138

How far does she have to spread her legs apart and lean forward to have that disproportionate of a body…

No. 116140

File: 1459980496026.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1459980255799.jpg)

Don't forget about her abuse of the "adjustment" feature on instagram to stretch herself thin. ;)
Here i fixed it. :)

No. 116144

Thank you ugh, all of her photos since being released have been so fucked up! She's stretched her self so much her torso is twice as long as her legs and she still looks a normal weight

No. 116145

Lol her feet are so far apart AND she's standing pigeon toed and still her thighs barely don't touch. Poor ember, no more thinspo Queen for u.

No. 116146

Except ember just begged for crayola markers two days ago…

No. 116149

File: 1459981431196.jpg (177.17 KB, 450x678, canitreallybeso.jpg)

gross i didn't know about that. damn she needs to log out

No. 116153

sage for ot but i'm actually really glad you posted this. there are greenpeace people that stand around a well traveled place downtown and they always get me with "do you like tigers? . . . do you want tigers to DIE? no? you can help for just $$$ a month" and it's so stressful and sketchy and i feel bad for them because i'm always going to turn them down but i listen to the spiel anyhow. i know they can pick me out of a crowd and i usually just walk way out of the way to avoid them. still feel bad that they are out there in shitty weather all day dealing with the myriad public. anyways glad you moved on, that sounds rough anon.

jenna is really uninteresting tbqh and i guess her eating disordered fitblr efame is the only thing going for her. alas

No. 116154

File: 1459982097884.jpg (53.46 KB, 480x479, whan.jpg)

suggestions welcome for new ana bingo

No. 116156


> recovery win!

> couldn't finish it/eat it at all
> nude using emojis to cover nips
> sucking in

No. 116157

> "Anyone need an ana buddy?"
> "A bite on the lips is forever on the hips!!!"
> Butterfly/dragonfly necklace or bracelet
> Avatar/Signature of Cassie from "Skins"
> #GOALS #SkinnyForSummer
> Any talk of today being a "free" day or allowing themselves a binge day bc holidays or bday
> "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
> Anorexia Nervosa "diagnosis" but overweight/obese BMI

I could go on for almost forever here…

No. 116158

File: 1459983045734.png (49.47 KB, 480x321, I LIKE LIFE.png)

a solid start!

>black coffee

>long-ass body posi post
>long-ass self hate post
>gained LIFE not WEIGHT!
>not pro ana not pro recovery!
>shitty black and white quotes
>hashtag abuse #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #ana

No. 116159


thanks for fixing but it's still not close to reality.

EMBER, your upper body is twice as wide as your lower body ! Body proportions don't work this way.

No. 116161


I can't believe that there are girls who pay or donate ? I find turtl.ed is the worst of all. Ugly outside and even more inside.

No. 116162

File: 1459983465506.jpg (71.46 KB, 480x479, whan2.jpg)

Stellar suggestions! I've combined some (such as the typical quotes of 'lifetime on the hips', 'nothing tastes as good', 'not pro anything', and then self hate post with emotional selfie) but if anyone thinks anything else can be combined for the addition of other suggestions, let me know. I love making these.

No. 116165

She looks like a goose in a sweater.

No. 116167


Number of times "IP" "IOP" "attempts" "hospital admissions" in bio.

"Before & after" 'recovery' pic comparison blatently posted for reinforcement of how skinny their LW was.

Recovery buddy / penpal appeal

No. 116169

>bow-legged thigh gap pose

maybe thinspo pose/bodycheck stuff should all be one square

No. 116171

What the fuck use the money from selling the fucking stupid owls that's why you charge postage.
This girl needs a fucking backhand at this point, where the hell is her mother?

No. 116172

Sadly, I think she's an adult.

No. 116174

That's sad. This is something you'd expect from a 14 year old making their first etsy account or something.
I hope she has to pay everyone back for this stupid little ploy, although there'll be yet another begging post if she does.

No. 116176

File: 1459985620435.jpg (75.3 KB, 480x479, whan2point0.jpg)

Amended! Felt like a few poses deserved their own square. sage because I feel I'm overloading the thread.

No. 116177

32 people gave her their money. This is going to be a mess. I hope she gave out her irl contact information.

No. 116180


No. 116182

File: 1459988269292.jpeg (448.41 KB, 1200x1800, image.jpeg)


Has this girl ever been mentioned on here b4? Shes another long-term IP malingerer & is totally institutionalised. Whilst i am not questioning the validity or her ed or other health issues, she BLATENTLY has bpd and has been diagnosed in the past but conveniently leave that diagnosis off her log list & # spam. Also did a funding page for her treatment a few yrs ago & lurks & white knights pretty much ANYONE who is currently IP or going IP in the uk!! She CONSTANTLY talks numbers and likes to get one up on anyone she can….definitely has an obsession with being the sickest and proving she is still totally unwell.

All in all a massive professional patient and anytime shes about to be discharged or transferred she ensures she does something to remain sectioned or appear too risky to discharge!

No. 116183

She'll never pay them back. She just scammed 32 people.

No. 116184

Is that blood in the toilet? Dafuq?

No. 116187

This might sound like a really newfag question, but how do all these girls have cell phones in inpatient? I've never seen or heard of that. I understand now why they have been banned from the place I went and every place I've heard about; they're very counterproductive to these girls' treatments.

No. 116188

Yep - if i remember correctly it was a uti or something to do with her kidneys… She also likes to post actual pics of her vomit & vom bowls. Sure, its one thing to have these symptoms & talk about them online, but is she really that desperate for attention/recognition that she needs to publically share her photographic proof?!! Also, pls correct me if im wrong, but when does any normal person who is that physically sick ever feel the need to take a pic of their puke or pee immediately after the event and share it with their social media following?!!

No. 116189


In england the rules vary massively from place to place. Mostly depends on how secure the ward is (general locked acute wards and ed wards usually have much more leniant rules, or at least the staff dont feel the need to enforce them), meanwhile low, medium and high secure places are much stricter & do ban smart phones & cameras etc. But ur totally right, they need to get serious about banning them &enforcing the rules accross the system as its completely unhealthy, fuels attention seeking and disordered behaviours and puts patients & staff right to privacy and safety at risk. I wonder if professionals actually saw what half their patients actually posted online, they would ban phones & internet in an instant?!

No. 116191

File: 1459990492510.jpg (187.11 KB, 1074x1348, imskinnybeautiful2.jpg)

So much Photoshop

No. 116192

I'm pretty borderline myself, but holy fuck. Never have I looked down into my toilet bowl and thought anyone but myself and my doctor needed to see that. That's piss and blood! That's disgusting. She is disgusting and I'm glad she's locked up.

No. 116193

is that a dick

No. 116194

That's what I was gonna ask

No. 116197

I wish these wards knew what was happening. I've heard of self harmers sneaking blades in inside of their phones too.

No. 116198

File: 1459993337714.jpeg (104.24 KB, 640x896, image.jpeg)

Ok she just topped the attention seeking records… Found a post on her ig talkng about how "lol" it was when she found out the nurses in her ward had been googling her. Then SHE goes and writes a post about it Wtf?!!

No. 116202

And she takes pictures of her bloody piss. I wish they'd euthanize her.

No. 116210

No. 116213

Ehlers Danlos is becoming a trendy illness. Is this a thing where doctors stick a label on something too readily? I mentioned a gofuckme scammer who always jumps on the on trend illnesses of the day and her latest is EhlersDanlos.

No. 116214

At mt local psych unit the phones are left locked in the nurses station and you can only use them to make calls.

The patients are mostly over 30 so not into ig whoring. Also, begin legit depressed and ill, I doubt most would feel well enough to take random snaps of themselves.

No. 116217

please tell me you have screencaps

No. 116221

Everybody I've met who has EDS is also batshit crazy. They also talk about it constantly. IDK how to know if a person is faking? (I've never given it much thought) They love to show off the hypermobility bit, but that's only one criterion. Shit, I meet the hypermobility criterion but I don't have it!

It does seem to be trendy, though. Gastroparesis is trendy that way as well. (Plus it increases your chances of being a #tubie!)

No. 116224

I've been offered this same job before. all she does is make Facebook posts and sit on conference calls listening to higher ups talk about how many likes their fan page has. there's no way she's making as much as she wants everyone to think.
I'm so grateful that this thread and the people who made the tumblr blogs accomplished one thing: Jenna lost her ~popular blog and all of her followers, anyone with half a brain can see how much of a tryhard sketchball she is now, I'm so satisfied. she will never recover from this online and she will most likely just fade into the background unless she lies about having another disease. good work, lolcow

No. 116225


Almost seems like she may have made that youtube video herself.

Also I remember seeing her comment on another persons ig bout how she was in an induced coma on life support cos she refused the antidote to the od she took…. Yet she makes out to the press that it was all cos of her anorexia. Yes shes battling a shitty ed but shes had more treatment than anyone iv ever heard of. Time to cut the cord and actually make her recover in the real world cos if shes still claiming to suffer as much as she does Its clear no IP unit is helpful for her…she just feeds (no pun intended!) off the constant attention and being cared for by others.

No. 116227

I'm pretty sure I saw her on BBC news last night, they were covering eating disorder awareness. Too bad she is exploiting that for pity points.

No. 116228

I bet one million dollars and my left tit that Jenna posts a thigh gap pic in the next 48 hours

No. 116239

the people who insist they're not 'sick', even though you can see that they're literally dying before your eyes, are the scariest individuals to deal with, but I've never met someone in all my bouts in inpatient to speak or boast about their illness. There's more of a stigma here attached to eating disorders/mental health I guess, it's not like America or other places.

Except online, everyone's a wee snowflake when they hit the interwebs.

No. 116243


I wonder what did actually happen to any money her family raised from the public appeal for her "life saving" treatment…as far as she has talked about on all her social media profiles, shes never had to spend any money for her treatment as the nhs have actually funded it all (despite it not always being her preferred unit). as if anyone else wuld be so choosy.

No. 116250

I followeed her AGES ago, it seems like she hasn't made any progress then? I found her to be quite frustrating as she blamed her staff for her vomiting and other self harm behaviours, rather than to take responsibility for her own health and actions. I can't imagine the money she's wasted on the NHS, it costs thousands every week to place someone in inpatient, she's been there for years and clearly doesn't want to get physically or mentally better whereas there are so many patients denied treatment because of lack of beds.

No. 116251

If that's the case then it's pretty poor. From my experience ANY psychiatric unit be it unlocked to high security phones are just banned be they have internet/phone access to just nokia bricks.

No. 116252

>oversized jeans
Really? Because I'd say those jeans fit you pretty well, Ember. Just because they're not digging into your fat doesn't make them oversized.

No. 116274

Those jeans are practically skin tight. Ember is a moron. Saying your jeans are too big doesn't actually make them too big

No. 116282

When taxpayers are paying for some ungrateful bitch to body check in a hospital and refuse food maybe it's time to just send her home with an asspat and hope for the best

No. 116283

this is not how you sage…

No. 116294

File: 1460031048078.png (1.05 MB, 1319x635, crycrycry.png)

That mark isn't new - you can see it in old photos of her too.

No. 116304

>sage goes in all fields

No. 116317

She's finally gotten herself a decent pair of underwear

No. 116327

Oh my God she is ugly.
And I am sick of those ana bitches being like "teehee I can recover and not gain weight and eat 400 calories"

No. 116328

Was she burned?

No. 116344

It's a hairy nevus.

No. 116348

Frayed knot. These are old pics.

No. 116349

I image searched this on google and wish I hadn't.

No. 116354

I knew a boy at school who had that on half of his face, but it didn't look like that mark on Emily's leg, and neither do the Google images; it's rare that it's not a solid patch of very dark pigment, unlike the cobweb nature of Emily's mark.

No. 116359

Could be varicose veins. I'm sure CryingEmily will explain what it is soon, just like she did with the shopping trolley in her room, since she constantly lurks.

No. 116360

Good ol' Cryingemily "Granny Bloomers" Hazell.

No. 116367

File: 1460049300234.jpg (672 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_20160407_121222.jpg)

I had no idea recovery makes your fingers grow

No. 116368

Of course it does. All the extra weight goes to your finger bones first.

No. 116369

>E.T. phone home

No. 116371

File: 1460049894510.jpeg (370.59 KB, 2048x1712, image.jpeg)


No. 116373

I mean, in Tardl.ed's defense, she's not Ember.

No. 116374

Those are some saggy boobs :/

No. 116376

I'm convinced that Margo Palermo, Ember, Ginger Bronson, Lacey Spears and Ashley Isaacs all have the same underlying mental disorder presenting in different ways.

No. 116377

What traits do you think they all share to come to that conclusion? Apart from narcissism. Genuinely curious to hear your musings!

No. 116379

Lmao u beat me to it!! Omg im cringing so hard at the shooping… Does she not realise how obvious all her edits are, i mean seriously, is she that desperate?! And someone claiming to b as skeletal as shes trying to appear wouldnt even have boobs to worry about migrating south, so the fact her bad stretch edit has made her look like she has 90 yr old saggy boobs is even funnier/desperate!

No. 116380

She looks like a granny who bakes for a living in that outfit

No. 116381

Why do I get the feeling that whenever Ember posts something new she comes here hating on herself

No. 116382

Ashley has Borderline Personality Disorder. She is not on the same level as Ginge and Ember.

No. 116384

When will they do a ed-mental illness "cheaters" tv show that exposes all the fakery online? And wuld any of the fakers hav the sense to admit defeat when caught out on tv?!

No. 116385

They all have this consuming need for attention and they all lie compulsively.

No. 116386

Ember you obviously know about lolcows existence stop trolling around

No. 116387

This kind of reminds me of that show that Kim Kardashian and the creators of Intervention made. I think it was called "Red Flag." I believe it was supposed to highlight how social media affects mental illness or something along those lines.

I couldn't even get through one episode tbh. It was incredible cringey and really triggering which is pretty odd for me. Like they openly show the tweets or instagram posts of self harm or home video's of the people being in a critical situation. They do offer them like a month or a few weeks of therapy sessions I believe.

To be honest, Intervention was 1000% better than this show. But watch it if you want to cringe, I guess.

No. 116388

File: 1460051510836.gif (1007.59 KB, 500x257, tumblr_mcuce2Zwq11qabynso1_500…)

>Caption to the right photo: #OOTD yoga pants are my life rn

No. 116389

looks like her left leg is wider at the end? do the pants get wider at the bottom or is it just me? lol

No. 116390

They're yoga pants lol

No. 116391

File: 1460053133215.jpeg (240.97 KB, 640x674, image.jpeg)

Begging for attention again

No. 116393

As per usual

No. 116402

File: 1460055618230.jpg (321.83 KB, 2048x2048, turtl.ed.jpg)


I smell a scam

No. 116403

called it

No. 116404

This is somehow leading up to more donation-begging, I bet.

>Halp I can't access paypal I lost all that money now I'm in debt oh noes plz don8.

No. 116408

I have to admit I've never seen ones that aren't skin tight so I had to Google it

No. 116413


No. 116414

Fuckin' emver

No. 116415

File: 1460059292920.jpeg (384.83 KB, 1198x1745, image.jpeg)


WOW!! What a hypocrite… Cant believe she thinks she has the right to go dobbing other girls into her local ED charity ot whatever that she accuses of being proana when shes just as bad, if not worse. All Emma posts is how sick she is and has been and how shes lived off supplement drinks for 10million yrs and real food is too scary for her and she does 60 laps of the pool and gives us all the numbers and calories or her weights, intakes and outtakes despite being in hospital and supposedly a ミ★recovery warrior* !!!!! Its like shes trying to deflect the proana vibes she gives off onto other people in order to maintain her facade of being a model anafighter and #edsurvivor !!! ?

No. 116416

Does having a name that begins with "em" predispose one to being an attention whore?

No. 116418

Lol possibly… Jeez EMmas now rallying an army of her brainwashed followers to go reporting this other girl even tho the post shes moaning about is a yr old!! And the stuff emma is saying in comments to others on her post is just highlightig her obsession with wanting to be the sickest and feeling threatened by anyone that claims to be thinner or sicker than her!!! ?

No. 116421

hahaha this is so classic.

No. 116422

Emma = CryingEmily's future.

No. 116424

File: 1460061230530.jpeg (127.89 KB, 636x996, image.jpeg)

Holy shit this girl is retarded

No. 116425

Hahahaha the fuck.

No. 116426

File: 1460062034998.jpg (205.19 KB, 1074x1527, Screenshot_2016-04-07-16-45-15…)

No. 116427

Why did she put a fitbit on her ankle? shes hiding it?

No. 116430

File: 1460062621054.jpeg (129.13 KB, 615x918, image.jpeg)

Because god for this #edfighter not account for five calories burned…

No. 116431



No. 116432

Probably wants "the most accurate reading" of step counts

Turtled is spending all this time asking advice on Instagram instead of opening a case with a service rep. That's how you know a scam's a brewin'

No. 116439

Nobody gave her money so she's gonna shut up shop and find a new way to squeeze something out of her followers.

What kind of grown-ass woman begs for forty bucks from strangers? She's no better than panhandlers on the street.

No. 116441

Its just blood vessels. I've said it a million times. She's not burned, its not a birthmark, its her shitty dying capillaries and veins.

No. 116443

Someone probably reported her either on here or IG

No. 116444

Samefag- livedo reticularis if you wanna get fancy.

No. 116445

My obese friend has discoloration but it's chub rub

No. 116448


No. 116460

File: 1460072244812.jpeg (159.39 KB, 750x920, image.jpeg)

No. 116461

File: 1460072325539.jpeg (160.99 KB, 750x822, image.jpeg)

> complains about freelee
> reblogs a photo where OP uses six fucking bananas in a single meal

less than 24 hours apart

No. 116462

Peachy Panda - skellington/eats S0o0o0o0o0 muUuuCh but can't gain


Also, ASMR cringe factor.

No. 116463

File: 1460072727858.jpeg (122.49 KB, 750x694, image.jpeg)

so many things to talk about here.
1. If Jenna is really using unhealthy "behaviors" enough to talk about it multiple times every damn day, she needs more intensive treatment.
2. BMI 19 is not the "minimum lowest healthy weight", it's 18.5, which seems like a small error but that can amount to a difference of 20 lbs for some people depending on height
3. She simultaneously says that BMI doesn't correlate to health, AND that she is staying at the "lowest healthy weight" that she can be. so which is it? Does BMI have anything to do with health or no, Jenna?
4. Subtle not-so-subtle post about how she's "at the lowest healthy weight for her height", implying that she's not really healthy, but continues to describe her "behaviors" to impressionable online followers

No. 116466

This video did nothing but make me want ramen

But girl you have a hair tie on your wrist. Use it

No. 116488

Did someone from this thread break into Jenna's car

No. 116489

File: 1460085668986.jpeg (29.69 KB, 403x389, image.jpeg)

No. 116493

File: 1460089596476.jpeg (182.44 KB, 750x1182, image.jpeg)

No. 116494

File: 1460089773252.jpeg (69.2 KB, 750x660, image.jpeg)

um… not storing your valuables in plain sight is like Car Owner 101. who leaves their purse in their car when they go inside anywhere??? like where were you going that you didn't need to bring your wallet or personal items

No. 116497

If it's so obvious then why weren't you doing it retard? God she's so stupid.

No. 116498

She is so vapid

No. 116499

File: 1460094257623.jpeg (124.27 KB, 750x694, image.jpeg)

> so busy with my job that pays so much money
> (but not enough money that I can live on my own instead of with my parents, who I hate but still mooch off)
> literally never stops blogging

No. 116501

I literally don't know anyone who would keep any valuable items in plain sight in their car even if they have limo tint Windows. She's a fucking idiot. How old is she?

No. 116504

Yes, surely when she was a child her parents told her the basics of safety like don't leave out valuables in plain sight unattended in the car.

No. 116505

23? but as smart as a 13 year old

No. 116512

File: 1460101569977.png (440.39 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Looks like Ember is using her ask.fm again, I saw she updated her bio and added the link. God help us if she ever gets a tattoo

No. 116513

She fucks around on Tumblr all day including while she's at work but uploading a video takes too long? Sure.
She's also said her annual salary is in the 30k range which is not a lot if the cost of living are as expensive as where she is. And it's a 6 month contract. But she's making sooo much money you guys.

No. 116515

Jenna is shameless, she has no problem whining about her parents and telling everyone about her mom's severe mental health issues and alcoholism. She acts like a stupid teenager.

No. 116516


I had a friend who used to purposely burn herself with a hot water bottle, and the marks look exactly the same. Its left scars on her abdomen and inner thighs. At her weight, Crying Emily probably is cold all the time, so I figure it's likely that heat is the culprit? It also would burst capillaries if it is that hot, surely?

No. 116519

>thinking 6 bananas in a single meal is at all comparable to 10s of bananas every single day

anon stahp

No. 116520

It's just livedo reticularis in Emily's case.

No. 116521

$50 says it'll be the ED recovery symbol or a butterfly

No. 116523

I think I figured it out!


It's caused by repetative and prolonged moderate heat exposure insufficient to produce a burn. Anorexia results in a higher pain threshold, so anorexics, being cold all the time, wind up holding heating pads/hot water bottles/etc. against their skin for a reaaaaaaaally long time. Voila, erythema ab igne!

Or they could intentionally burn themselves like your dumbshit friend.

No. 116529

Yup, it will be that or based on whatever her phase of the week is. She's claiming to be ~spiritual~ again atm.

No. 116532

File: 1460111844013.jpg (34.62 KB, 313x470, image.jpg)

Yeah sure provided she's strapping hot water bottles to her damn legs.
Its not what Emily has on her thighs, that was answered ages ago.

Pic related, its livedo reticularis in someone else.

No. 116542

I think she just posts these so all her followers get fat and she can reign supreme (read as: no longer be so obviously chunky)

No. 116544

Like that posted she made complaining about how she bought ingredients to cook dinner for her and her mom but her mom is a drunk hungover bitch who won't eat and SHES SO TRIGGERED AND ITS ALL HER MOMS FAULT HER MOM IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TREADING EGGSHELLS WITH THIS 23 YEAR OLD WHO WONT MOVE OUT!!!

Love that maturity

No. 116550

Yes. Does she not realize she has the option to move out? She's an adult. Her parents don't have to let her live with them.

No. 116561


If it was livedo reticularis, wouldn't it be widespread like in that image, instead of one random spot on her thigh?

No. 116562

Isn't it simply that her body has poor circulation, is slow at healing, easily bruised, dry skin all common symptons of being severely malnourished and underweight. Also when you stop menstruating and your hormones are unbalanced it can affect your skin health too.

No. 116566

It can be localized or widespread. In anorexics its usually the abdomen and inner thighs. Sometimes around the knees. >>116562
Pretty much.

No. 116567

Jenna is lurking again, she set her blog to private after the posts about her complaints about her mother

No. 116572

she stretched the ever-loving god out of this picture :/

No. 116574

I know a lot of kiddos would just use it as a who-to-follow directory, but we seriously need a list with definitions and links for all these girls. I can't keep track.

No. 116582

Hi ember. Sad no one fucking cares about you or your stupid askfm?

No. 116583

Lurk moar, thats basically what /cream/ is

No. 116590

File: 1460135578763.jpeg (100.79 KB, 750x696, image.jpeg)

I don't buy for one second that that's the price of the only apartment she can afford. median isn't the same as the low end of affordable lmfao she's so dumb

No. 116591

I preferred when she was gone from tumblr but now that she's back at least theres someone to laugh at again. she's a trainwreck just like ember

No. 116592

She was gone for like a day

No. 116593

yeah I know. best day of my life

No. 116594

File: 1460136371987.jpeg (153.9 KB, 750x1106, image.jpeg)

Can someone tell me what the deal is with this girl ?

No. 116597

She's a man pulling CryingEmily-tier shit.

No. 116601

No it isn't? wtf

No. 116602

Yeah, self-post

No. 116603

I don't think he's self posting, but I also don't think he belongs in this thread.

No. 116604

now I know what melanie martinez would look like as a crack addict

No. 116616

wasn't that a documentary, not a show?

No. 116617

She looks like pastel Mirandasings

No. 116620

Whoops, I guess you were right. I think where I was it was split into two episodes though, so I just assumed it was a series like Intervention.

No. 116622

File: 1460145230669.jpeg (174.68 KB, 1264x1479, image.jpeg)

Good old Jolty's buying an Owl from Turtl.ed, guess she's been lurking a fair bit recently. Enable the Anas some more Jolt, you clearly have issues.

No. 116623

File: 1460145382441.jpeg (196.89 KB, 750x1210, image.jpeg)

I can't tell if she's on drugs or anything??? What's the low down on her? Anyone know?

No. 116628

she takes loads of xanax and probably something else (or at least has in the past, i stopped following her)

No. 116634

File: 1460150401550.jpeg (780.05 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Crying Emily posted a new crying selfie with a rather cringe worthy caption. This girl is going to be 18 this year and still wants to be a little girl protected by her mommy.

No. 116635

File: 1460150783500.jpg (56.6 KB, 496x608, 94be18dfe0593e1ae7814e8335b185…)

No. 116637

Does she even have an ED? I'm guessing anas only talk to her because she pays out. It must be nice living with your parents and having no expenses.

No. 116639

File: 1460151653696.jpg (400.18 KB, 1024x768, et-replica-hand-with-light-up-…)

damn her stretch fingers just remind me of pic related

No. 116640

Ember looks like ET in a wig with crusty makeup on.

No. 116641

She belongs in an institution.

That's a man, baby.

No. 116642

It's like one of those ankle monitor bracelets you have to wear when you commit a crime and are waiting for trial

No. 116644

She needs to learn punctuation.

No. 116645

But she types like that on purpose to soubd damaged and rambly and like a bad Emily who belongs in the worms with the dirt I'm sorry mummy I just want to be little again I'm sorry I just want to be a tree in the dirt I just love the dirt.

No. 116646

she's been in ip more than once so she has been given the tools to recover! she's choosing not to because ~instagram~

No. 116647

She admitted she waterloads when she bothers to go for outpatient appointments, so I've got no sympathy for her.

No. 116648

I seriously do not see her ever recovering. She will be like Emma Duffy in ten years.

No. 116652


She's slowly starting to put her crying selfies back on her RecoveringEmily account because she has hardly any followers on her RecoveringEmilyVents account therefore not as much attention.

She's also trying to hop aboard the latest 'craze' of DID. She's already mentioned 'Alice' but a couple of days ago on the venting account she said 'Rosanna' was out and feeling happy.

No. 116653

DID needs to go on IG attention whore bingo.

No. 116654

Really? Ahahahaha. Wtf? Did anyone comment?

No. 116655

File: 1460154320362.png (309.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-04-08-23-23-21…)


Someone asked who Rosanna was but in typical CryingEmily style she ignored it and proceeded to post the next day

No. 116657

Thanks for posting. Oh god, this is tragic. I wish she'd get rid of that bath robe. When she does close ups it looks infested.

No. 116658

She always looks unclean.

No. 116659

I bet she reeks like sweat, ammonia and sour milk.

No. 116660

And rabbit cage.

No. 116661

It's just shitty pompoms and some cheap beads it doesn't even look like an owl. I can't wait until she has to pay everyone back because she doesn't understand how shops work.
Of course joltographys right into it, she's such a creep.

No. 116662

Robe looks like it could almost walk away without Emily in it. Does she even realize how dirty her room/clothes/probably body are?
I bet she smells like Ash.

No. 116664

She's said before that she does not.

No. 116665

File: 1460158729905.png (1.26 MB, 1906x1701, PhotoGrid_1460147879121-1.png)

Surprised no one has posted this yet lmao

No. 116667

When? And why tf is she hanging around anas then? What is she recovering from? Where are her parents?

No. 116668

File: 1460158968061.png (1021.86 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_2016-04-08-19-40-25…)

Jesus christ, every image is exactly the same.

Baggy clothes which hide how fat she is with the classic thinspo pose and the neck strain.

I can't wait for her to show her back again lmao.

No. 116670

Haha god I literally hope this chick gets bitten by a fox.

No. 116671

That smiling pillow is dumber than tardl.ed's owls.

No. 116672

her desperate attempts to push out her chest bones make me laugh every time

No. 116674

I am pretty bored with Ember, she's trying to sell us the same damn milk every time

Smells sour

No. 116676

agreed. the recovery owl scam is way more interesting

No. 116677

She churns selfposts out here frequently enough that by now she's practically butter.

No. 116679

File: 1460160499411.jpg (96.55 KB, 915x960, 1459897840733.jpg)

Honestly we could just post the same damn picture every time because the pose and weight never changes

It's like groundhog day, everyone reacting to an almost identical picture every time she posts one

No. 116681

we need another ember blackout until she does something noteworthy. there are plenty of other cows to focus on.

No. 116686

>Buy my pom poms if you have an ED.


No. 116688

Why does ember always post two pictures side by side???? Just upload one fucking photo Jesus Christ it's annoying as shit.

No. 116690

She does it because if you use the instagram app to post multiple pictures they can stay longer, the rest of the pics she post like that are most likely for an attempt at a theme

No. 116697

Tardle has made €160 selling pompoms.

No. 116701

Kinda want to make a wannarexia account to earn some spare cash now

No. 116703

And yet she needs more money from followers to ship them. Bet she's already buying shit from her wish list.

No. 116705

Does she at least make them from scratch or are they like pound store shit glued together?

No. 116706

Do it. These tardles pay out.

No. 116707

Does it really make a difference?
First graders regularly make stuff of this quality. Hell, lots of them make way better things. 10 bucks worth of shit hotglued together and she's got a whole new $40 wardrobe. She probably thinks she's a genius.

No. 116708

I'm taking notes for when I make recovery ants with three pompoms and pipe cleaners.

No. 116710

I'm gonna make recovery snakes with socks and googly eyes

All we need to do is "sponsor" the 10k wannas

No. 116711

File: 1460166186463.jpg (55.77 KB, 417x560, nailedit.jpg)


>the level of craftsmanship expected from this fraudulent opportunist.

No. 116718

>Here's a hot mess of glue and glitter to remind you to pretend to be sick!

No. 116719

I recommend Professional Glitter Glue.

No. 116721

File: 1460168761989.jpg (2.37 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg)

Recovery bandicoot. $30 aus.

No. 116738


anon did you make this just now as an ironic example, or is this real life im seeing here?
still lmao

No. 116746

I'm cured!

No. 116750

Ember is a 20 year old adult, that "recovery buddy" should have been given to a child with an actual disorder. Not this fat ass mess.

No. 116763

File: 1460190759129.png (561.6 KB, 1440x2457, Screenshot_2016-04-08-13-43-48…)

No. 116766


Ha ha love kida

No. 116769

Jesus fuck what is going on with her NECK?! Stretch much?

No. 116770


No. 116772


Lol the remark is gone. She deletes with speed.

No. 116806

File: 1460210889189.png (187.64 KB, 750x1334, 025.PNG)

bullshit it costs $4 to glue together pom-poms and beads, and they could probably be shipped with little more than a stamp. nothing to do with recovery either, just a gimmick to sell crafts

No. 116808

topkek at all the craft talk, you anons are fucking funny!

No. 116811

Underrated comment

No. 116812

Nah, you do have to mail them as a package, which costs at least $2.56. (If there's a bump, it's considered a package. Source: I've shipped tiny plastic toys.)

Of course, if she does try to ship them as a letter/flat, the owls could get destroyed in the mail. They'd jam up the letter sorter, possibly get burned, and the receiver will be lucky if that get the remains. That'd be pretty funny.

No. 116816

I agree.

No. 116818

for someone who hates ember and has way more followers, she really wants to be like her? the recovery owls are an obvious nod to embers dumb smiling pillow
why put ed in your username if you don't have one? I saw turt post a while back that she "doesn't have an eating disorder but just has some unhealthy habits"
she's promoting her 8429 other accounts and threatening to delete her main account but not getting even close to the same amount of followers on those accounts because of "the ghosts" lol
she also says she "only accepts requests from similar accounts" wtf does that mean? Only wannarexic accts?? and if the person requesting to follow you isn't public then how would you know if they're similar

No. 116821

I've been out of the Ember-loop for a while now but I just have to ask - what the hell are those from? Did she have an awkward wannabe cam girl phase that I missed or …?

No. 116824

It's from her younow live streaming app

No. 116827

File: 1460217333138.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.37 KB, 1078x1517, Screenshot_2016-04-09-11-53-06…)

No. 116829

Calls herself Twiggy, but thinks she's fat. Pic in the bath. GIMME ATTENTION NOW!!!!!

No. 116830

"nor do i claim to have one"
>had "ed" in username
>calls herself "twiggy"
>only accepts similar wannarexic accs

No. 116836

"i think im too fat" = "tell me im skinny"

No. 116838

Does she… Want pity for having celiac disease?

No. 116839

wasn't there a celiac disease bandwagon a while ago

No. 116841

I guess it became less ~special~ now gluten-free foods are widely available. Should tell her that Dahlos thing and DID are the new trend with ED snowflakes.

No. 116845

ember's dying her hair red (so she says on snapchat)

No. 116848

File: 1460225125143.jpg (45.7 KB, 550x284, evr-1114-9.jpg)

Can't wait.

No. 116863

this was posted in a previous thread weeks ago

No. 116864

this was posted in a previous thread weeks ago

No. 116866

the pic she posted is especially funny bc she's bending over so far you can't even read the shirt

No. 116869

Yikes, didn't know. Deleted it out of good faith, I have never seen it and I can't find where it was previously posted but I'm trusting you anon.

Would you post it's post number for me?

No. 116872

I can't remember if it's the one immediately before this or the one before that. im on my phone so it would take an hour to find

No. 116873

File: 1460228035245.png (79.52 KB, 652x353, cringe.png)

looked at her ask.fm for the first time and the top message is an obvious self sent anon referring lolcow, i dont even want to scroll down at this point.

she is obsessed with us talking about her

No. 116880

File: 1460228406671.png (882.99 KB, 2272x664, 1.png)


Just to avoid confusion, this is the image that everyone is replying too

No. 116881

File: 1460228467488.png (222.87 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-04-09-19-59-12…)

She deleted the comment but what a delightful reply.

No. 116883

it didn't take long at all for her to start baiting. congrats ember, we're talking about you again

No. 116885

what a precious fragile ana-chan

No. 116886

I think we should just do an Ember blackout. Let's just stop posting about her until she does something worth talking about.

Getting tired of her photoshop fails being the most interesting aspect of her cringeworthy behavior.

No. 116889

File: 1460229120225.png (333.93 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-04-09-20-10-27…)

More of CryingEmily's 'DID'

No. 116891

File: 1460229830510.jpeg (158.77 KB, 640x718, image.jpeg)

Emma recently posted this. im no expert but ive never heard that claim before AND more interestingly, i have never seen Emma mention being in any pain?

Also love the fact shes playing the woe is me card yet again when there ARE plenty of people out there who genuinely ARE so much sicker than her but who never once act as if they are entitled to attention or sympathy like she does

No. 116898


Googled and her illness has thousands symptoms, one lives better with it while others have huge problems in daily life. Stop the drama. Stop comparing it to cancer.

No. 116900

>my chronic illness is deemed to cause more pain than cancer
Wouldn't this a) depend on the type of cancer and the type of ehlers danlos and b) only be proven by a big selection of people who had experienced both ehlers danlos pain and cancer pain

No. 116902

File: 1460231611926.jpeg (506.47 KB, 1275x1465, image.jpeg)

If this chick sucked in any harder I'm sure her rib cage would collapse or some shit. This kind of stuff is just sad af.

No. 116903

Why is Emily pretending to have DID now? Jesus, this girl is just embarrassing.

No. 116905

wtf emily. stop pretending to be demented. i seriously want to slap her.

No. 116906

cryingemily is creepily obsessed with her mother. it makes me uncomfortable.

No. 116908

second this

No. 116915

File: 1460232823794.png (2.07 MB, 1854x874, 1.png)

Emily ffs! Stop shooping your pictures. If you want to be skinny, stop getting drunk everyday and start working out instead.

>lol @ how her right thigh is twice as big as her left


No. 116917

"made creamy with water" oh dear

No. 116919

The sitting one doesn't look shooped, she looks like she's average weight now.

No. 116920

AHAHAHAHAHA OMG JESUS WEPT. Incredible. Too funny. Oh, Emily. You're a spacker, innit. Hahaha (etc)

No. 116921

File: 1460233660339.jpg (1001.5 KB, 1063x591, 1.jpg)

If it's not shoop'd, why are some parts of her legs blurred and darkened?

And no one is debating that she is an average weight now. That's been quite obvious for months now.

No. 116922

CryingEmily is the UK Ash for sure.

No. 116924

looks like she used a pinched tool right above her knee. i mean, one thigh looks normal and the other looks frail as fuck? even the pillow is curving with her thigh.
obvious photoshop is obvious. this anon >>116919 is probably emily crocker just whiteknighting herself for the trillionth time today.

No. 116927

Crying Emily WISHES she was the UK Ash.

No. 116931

File: 1460234328528.jpg (483.93 KB, 2275x1700, 56453264256.jpg)

fixed it

No. 116936

Sit like that, see what your thighs do.

She probably did shoop it but her anatomy is fine, the one leg is farther away and tensed. The other is relaxed and resting against the couch.

I don't give a fuck abut Emily, but y'all need to start learning anatomy if you're gonna call shoop. Honestly, I'm just gonna consider every Emily shoop call out Emily.

I've seen her self-submitting enough shoop anons attacking herself to have doubt.

No. 116937

Most likely the angle she took the picture at. It seems as it was taken lower so as to be looking up at her making the leg closer to the camera bigger and she moved the leg on her left further away and back. It's a simple trick, anyone can do it. Try.

No. 116939

Notice how her head is considerably smaller? It's because she's leaning back and her right leg is the closest body part to the camera. I see no shoop. Yall need an anatomy lesson.

No. 116942

That's what I'm saying ayy

No. 116943

File: 1460237063020.jpg (566.96 KB, 2131x1500, emily fawn.jpg)

did emily buy the same shirt as felice again

No. 116946

Lmao fuck off Emily. This person >>116921 made it obvious that that photo is shoop'd and nobody cares enough to whiteknight you.

No. 116947

>emily fawn

pls stop emily, its obvious when you post here bc the thread fills up with whiteknights and then more photos of yourself.

No. 116948

I think Emily is smart enough not to make her shoops redic easy to tell. She's leaning on a pillow so it's more than likely that the pillow is being bent/crushed, causing a crease in it………

No. 116949

Kill yourself emily

No. 116951

too far.

No. 116952

Emily is updating her blog right now, so she is clearly here. None of these whiteknight showed up until after she started replying to anons on her blog.

No. 116954

You should kill yourself too

No. 116961

File: 1460238443758.png (1.19 MB, 1150x652, bad photoshop fail.png)

If Emily didn't shoop her leg, the entire outline of her leg/thigh/feet would be solid white but it isn't. She didn't attempt to slim her foot down, which is why the outline isn't as highlighted as the rest of her leg.

When an image is liquefied, the outline will look similar to Emily's photo and if the image is raw/unshoop'd, it'll look like the image on the right.

No. 116962

Fotoforensics doesn't work properly unless you have the actual image, not a screen grab of it.

No. 116963

Add a filter to the unshooped leg/wine picture and then try the forensics again. A lot of the forensics come back false bc of filters.

No. 116964

Don't be an idiot, I'm not reading the megadata, I am analyzing the actual highlighted artifacts.

No. 116965

You're either both morons, or this is Emily samefagging.

No. 116966

Emily instead of whiteknighting yourself here, post a video of yourself.

If this is what you look like >>116915 a simple video would get these photoshop accusations to stop.

I mean, we know you're here. Stop whiteknighting yourself and post a video already. If you don't, obvious photoshop is obvious. End of discussion.

No. 116967

File: 1460239317456.png (253.67 KB, 560x800, proana emilyologist.png)

>i dont have time for proana bullshit
>reblogs thinspo from proana blogs


No. 116968

File: 1460239709776.png (136.84 KB, 773x525, Paro-chans.png)

Are you fucking retarded

No. 116969

Just stop. Emily is a retarded self poster anyway. She's beyond her average weight days so she doesn't belong in this thread until she starts her bullshit again like this >>116967 pic's tag.

No. 116970

File: 1460240104810.jpg (3.72 KB, 250x187, 1458787492954s.jpg)

I'm not even defending Emily at this point, it just blows my mind that you guys use fotoforensics and call shoop but can't read Metadata properly and don't understand how unshooped thighs work

No. 116973

>can't read megadata

I said here >>116964 that I am not going by that but by the highlighted artifacts.

Emily pls go away already, you're dumb as fuck.

No. 116974

because unshooped thighs looked as if they've been pinched and liquefied. ooookay emily

No. 116975

File: 1460240651844.jpg (19.8 KB, 274x275, 1445991155155.jpg)

No. 116982

why is Emily insisting on wearing oversized shirts? Bc now that she's a healthy weight, they make her look really fat

No. 116984

File: 1460241172224.jpg (166.63 KB, 750x1289, image.jpg)

??? Is she trying to pretend that her 'boyfriend' took that obviously posed picture of her? Her arms are holding the camera lol

No. 116988

File: 1460241580799.png (44.12 KB, 1141x507, ember whann.png)

This is old but relevant, Ember has always preferred 14-16 year olds.

Meaning her behavior isn't new, she has always been seeking for a young teen to groom.

No. 116989

File: 1460241589544.jpg (109.53 KB, 640x1000, Lol.jpg)

No. 116995

File: 1460243194819.jpeg (123.09 KB, 1267x857, image.jpeg)

It's called taking a dump

No. 116996

This reminds me of the girl who tried to say her dog took the picture.

No. 117001

File: 1460244575305.jpg (669.01 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_20160409_182551.jpg)

Seriously the worst haircut ever

No. 117002

Reason 200000 on why to go to a salon/stylist

No. 117003

The red looks good, makes her look like an adult.

That haircut though, kinda makes me want to die.

No. 117005

holy shit, this is the first time she actually posted an image of that monstrosity and it's even worse than i assumed

No. 117006

File: 1460245486571.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_2016-04-09-19-43-13…)


No. 117009

You can lose weight by not eating through the day it water weight not taking a dump not that milk

No. 117011

I'm sure it's just the shirt wrinkles contrasted to shit, but it looks like she missed some strands on the hack job

No. 117014

"rose gold" honey that's brassy pink

No. 117020

Emily actually looks really good here. I don't know why you guys hate on her so much. She'll never be as ugly as Ember.

No. 117025

no emily, you're ugly

No. 117026

Not as ugly as Ember tho.

No. 117029

She looks like the generic brand of felice LOL

No. 117038

Emily isn't even slightly smart tho

No. 117040

it looks like someone quit cutting her hair halfway through and gave up

No. 117041

That ain't me son. I just let em troll her on that. This ain't the ~truth blog~ community

No. 117042

Different anon. Emily C is the most boring person on this thread. Every time someone posts about her the thread dies. Save your vendetta for when she actually produces milk

No. 117046

That's not a haircut, that's a chemical meltdown

No. 117047

Let's just say we're Emily when accused honestly, there's nothing better to do ITT

No. 117048

lol what the actual fuck jenna

her "boyfriend" probably took an even more unflattering photo of her and she wanted to take a better one, but could only produce this. lmao

I'm just waiting for Jenna to start Photoshopping like every other idiot on tumblr. It's only a matter of time

No. 117050


Can you guys give it a rest with the "idk why you guys say she's xyz, she's not even xyz"…have you not realized this is the biggest trolling thread ever?

No. 117051

Emily Crocker is Great Value/Dollar tree brand Felice Fawn

No. 117054

File: 1460255109917.jpeg (102.24 KB, 500x733, image.jpeg)

….that was made in China & came out five yrs after the hype.

No. 117069

Did Andrew cut her hair, or some girl she met in the ward?

No. 117081

That's disturbing.

No. 117083

Nope, then we'd just claim she photoshopped the video. I've seen it happen, and that wasn't even on a gossip forum.

No. 117092

File: 1460271211210.jpeg (133.79 KB, 750x968, image.jpeg)

Look who's licking Ember's asshole now