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File: 1612685817111.jpeg (2.03 MB, 4096x3353, 85A0FA0A-BDA5-4310-BE8A-A13BB3…)

No. 1154718

In the last thread we continued the discussion on Recovery warrior Ham, who continues her larp, having shared not only bloated belly photos but also videos of her crying over a plate of pizza. This wasn’t enough to stop our qween, as she managed to get it down with a smile! Farmers have speculated why her diet consists of mostly processed junk (except her daily 10 grapes, of course!). It became blatantly obvious Ham has no proper knowledge on nutrition. Farmers suspect she is buying followers on Instagram. More Hammum tinfoiling.

Little Lee was released from new farm just in time to hear a hot 100 music countdown. She’s now gearing up to return to nf with a pot belly full of alcohol. Booze calories don’t count, of course.

Anorexiadiary steps mercilessly on her dog during a body check, drives while at risk, and takes a trip to the ED. Potential toob pics incoming.

Soft4nge1 shows herself pulling out her toob to millions of people on tik tok, claims her body checks are fine bc ‘body positivity.

Gainer continues her delusion, disregards doctors advice as she attempts to restore her period. Bangs on about bodybuilding and claims to be eating a sufficient amount of calories.

Laura’s dreams of being a ‘dainty waif’ with a tube have finally come true. Tube selfies galore.

Bored with Ana continues to run and travel despite testing positive for COVID.

Ovi is recovering continues to claim ‘severe anorexia’, providing body checks which leave farmers confused as to which is ‘before’ and which is ‘after’. Also writes a poem about muh struggles

Georgia has been mostly silent - her ECT is ongoing.

Nourish to flourish is looking more sickly by the day. Farmers pointed out that her neck glands are nearly ready to pop! That won’t stop our girl, though!

Cemented.calories deals out diet pills to her ‘friends’. Followed by a fully documented breakdown and too much self pity.

Elzani was mentioned a few times - Farmers believe youngest sister Satara shows signs of having and eating disorder in the making.

A new cow was mentioned, claiming to have starved her unborn fetus. Farmers quickly realized her profile consists of stolen images.

Brief mentions of other cows

Cows and new milk mentioned in previous thread:


No. 1154721

Previous thread

No. 1154730


amazing thread OP could not tell newfag at all. Thought you were a seasoned pro.

Kek for this thread picture.

No. 1154736

Wow that's sick

Thank you for the thread anon!!

No. 1154744

I made the last bazillion threads, but your first ever fills me with shame. You're a natural at it. Ty, anon. A++++++

The pic is haunting, so thanks to artist anon also.

No. 1154810

Missing link to Ovi
And under-rated cow, my favourite genre of pro ana scumbags is the obese ones who seem to think they're dainty and starving

No. 1154813

The angel delight logo does it for me.

No. 1154833

File: 1612703880277.png (721.06 KB, 932x588, spoop.png)

Guys guys I was anorexic remember pay attention to how spoop I was

No. 1154835

File: 1612704185883.png (560.89 KB, 828x1792, E44866C9-6B91-430E-BA6A-75C884…)

she rlly needs to stop sending tells to herself kek

No. 1154838

ganer's weekly routine:
1. post spoop photo
2. get ass pats and read validating comments of how spoopy you were/are
3. get post removed by insta
4. cry on your story about how insta removed your post
5. repeat

No. 1154844

Is Ganer aware of lolcow? Given how long she's been around I'd be shocked if she hasn't been tipped.

No. 1154859

is this thread made for cows claiming to recover for anorexia or pro-ana cows?

No. 1154872

No. 1154874

Answering this q like it’s asked in good faith, but it’s both. People who are trying but struggling to recover and aren’t otherwise cows aren’t milky. Recovery accounts that exist only for asspats without any effort to recover (n2f, ganer) are milky.

And fatties that pretend to be anorexic are just funny kek

No. 1154913

did soph doxx herself or did we know her surname already?

No. 1154917

Very thin-to-nonexistent line, as the ""recovery community"" is what would be known as pro-ana before instagram was invented
I wonder this too! I really can't believe anyone can miss being discussed on here but she doesn't seem to react to it and is in her own world enough that I can believe it. Kinda a bummer though, I honestly like when they post things that are responding to us but totally not responding to us

No. 1154933

File: 1612716524923.png (575.34 KB, 690x947, Screenshot_20210207-164734~2.p…)


No. 1154934

File: 1612716783732.png (52.41 KB, 685x318, Screenshot_20210207-165121~2.p…)

Major creep vibes. She follows the sisters as well.

No. 1154935

she wants to be n2f so bad dude

No. 1154936

should've put a spoiler on this, now im feeling sick

No. 1154937

File: 1612717227165.jpeg (145.36 KB, 747x1082, 480005BC-52AA-4BB2-A610-348516…)

Ganer is on a podcast tomorrow! Looking forward to humble bragging about her level of spoop and delusion about her progress

No. 1154984

File: 1612720408942.png (825.32 KB, 508x830, ARGH.png)

Ironically, a protein bar is one the of healthier things she has challenged herself to
please try some vegetables next

No. 1155008

>has no problem scoffing hundreds of cals of kids snack food
>has to 'challenge' herself to something somewhat nutritious

No. 1155027

File: 1612722440653.png (862.28 KB, 982x1014, make it make sense.png)

No. 1155063

remember when she was shaking and making a fuss about a 140 cal nakd bar kek

No. 1155065

god idk which of her facial expressions annoys me the most, this shit or the retarded "yum" one she pulls in her food videos

No. 1155111

have a goddamn vegetable challenge though

No. 1155185

are those "haters, doubters and non-believers" medical professionals? doctors telling her to weight restore before exercising? family concerned with her health? people with two eyes and a functioning brain that can see how un-recovered she really is? nobody's hating, gainer, you fiveheaded twat.

No. 1155193

>does no form of exercise whatsoever
>eats protein bars

han, if you're concerned about getting more protein, eat some chicken breast and vegetables.

No. 1155228

File: 1612736225598.png (1.36 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210207-221539.png)

Wouldn't ana chan's find "creamy" anything other than "wow"? Apparently not.

No. 1155230

(Stray apostrophe was autocorrect)

No. 1155436

File: 1612750551633.jpeg (301.09 KB, 1125x1382, 865FFFAE-652C-40F1-A2D5-28A0B7…)

No. 1155454

Sage bc no milk, but look at Anorexiadiaryys dog. It looks at her like she’s gonna hit it, and always has its tail between its legs. Probably scared it’s going to get stepped on again. In her last ootd she tried to pet him and he just ran away kek

No. 1155456

File: 1612752031067.jpeg (200.23 KB, 883x1045, DA1C8B6B-19B0-47D3-A724-86C86B…)

Forgot to link the photo ffs

No. 1155479

She obviously doesn’t care about her dogs they always look so frightened & she stepped on one in that video a few weeks ago, didn’t even look down to see if it was ok
she’s so self absorbed


No. 1155482

Do anorexics not get embarrassed going anywhere or seeing anyone with legs like this? I'd be so uncomfortable

No. 1155521

you’re giving her too much credit, options hot choc is actual anachan material… i’m sure ham uses a few packets of normal hot choc mix and stirs it up with some full fat milk. maybe a splash of heavy cream to ~challenge~

No. 1155523

Brilliantly done job, thanks so much anon! (That office reference still has me in stitched. I love you)

No. 1155527

File: 1612758689283.png (634.48 KB, 712x734, Screenshot_20210208-043002~2.p…)

There's a type who want to emphasize their thinness by wearing tight clothes and best tops in winter. The attention seekers. Then there's those who cover up to avoid comments and attention. Insta is for the former.

I often think the reason McKee wears disgusting clothes is to draw attention to herself, though she's covering up more now it's freezing ATM.

No. 1155528

Vest* tops

No. 1155533

File: 1612759056043.jpg (99.17 KB, 694x1200, gallery_197209_16626_755741.jp…)

Also has been known to do the leggings and best thing.

No. 1155536

File: 1612759510201.jpeg (177.77 KB, 1024x1024, 8D920937-4059-4C63-B02A-15B46B…)

Can’t unsee.

No. 1155539

File: 1612759661788.jpg (1.26 MB, 1079x1996, Screenshot_20210207-224626_Ins…)

Hmmm. No acknowledgment from Ham yet.

No. 1155546

File: 1612760231850.jpg (1008.54 KB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_20210207-225412_Ins…)

Could you imagine N2F and Ham meeting? They'd inhale sugar together for sure.

No. 1155556


No. 1155568

only difference is N2F would puke it away
looks like a preschooler dressed her.

No. 1155589

Is Ham really so dense she doesn't realise n2f pukes it all up, or is she encouraging her to keep doing her b/p sessions?

No. 1155619

Probably just doesn't care because she's a larper without any actual understanding of how devastating EDs are, and also she probably wouldn't want to alienate anyone from the ED community in fear of being scrutinized herself. Gotta get those likes and comments!

No. 1155628

File: 1612770224071.jpg (367.43 KB, 1080x2035, 20210208_173902.jpg)

Anyone follow this person? Always wayyyyy over the top, majorly exaggerates everything to seem as though she's sooper Dooper sick. Carries on about "severe muscle wastage" due to how "sooper severe" her Anorexia was yet never actually looked that underweight. Also goes on about her pronouns being "they/them" yet always dresses more feminine than most Females I know. Her TikTok is full of attention seeking behaviour too, username the same as Instagram

No. 1155641

Ya, loves a good tube too. In and out of IP. Think there is a behavioural disorder going on than an actual ED. Goes missing at times too (family get worried sick) so loves attention. Rattles on about pronouns and gets angry when her therapist doesn't pander to it. Doubt there is muscle wastage in her case.

No. 1155644

She is such a major cow that it is painful to watch/read whatever. When called out, she blatantly denies said thing she is called out on. She seems to be striving off the attention she is getting. It’s all about her and how sick she is. She gives advice on how to “recover” but then claims that she doesn’t need to follow that advice because her sooper severe medical ptsd means that she doesn’t have to follow those same rules. She makes me sick even thinking about her. She needs to grow up, get a life, and stop being such an attention seeker.

No. 1155646

she has made an identity out of this nonsense. she does need a life for sure and she loves telling people they don't need XYZ to be valid but just doesn't stop the tube brag.

No. 1155651

Absolutely agree! She has made it her identity. And even without the tube, she enjoys bragging about it. She makes sure everyone knows how unwell she is while constantly taking tube selfies or talking about having a tube.

No. 1155660

Don't resist integrating and learn to sage.

No. 1155665

How do you sage properly?

No. 1155666

type SAGE in the email slot

No. 1155668


I think I did it right. Thank you.

No. 1155679

She LOVES showing off her toob then talks about "comparison in EDs". Hypocrite. She's fuelling that. It's not a fashion accessory.

No. 1155681

File: 1612775127707.jpeg (335.97 KB, 750x1074, 61109009-03C8-4E13-96C3-7B79F3…)

Um Dharma … that’s not how you recover from volume eating

No. 1155683


She certainly uses it as a fashion accessory. Claims to not want it, claims to resist it, then accepts it. She gets it out and talks about it straight away. As if she is expecting it to go back in. I don’t know for sure, but judging by the background in her photos and tiktok’s, I think she is in NFC which doesn’t surprise me. A cow like her hanging out with other cows. I bet she is having all the fun in there.

No. 1155705

In my honest opinion, I think Remi wins biggest cow of NFC

No. 1155707

I don't believe that she resists it at all.
A tube from NFC is meaningless, doesn't mean you're sick at all.

No. 1155709

File: 1612778230688.jpeg (670.14 KB, 2048x2048, 292596D6-6127-4A01-A2E1-E13A87…)

Another bpd headbanging australian ana larper on instagram, throughthickandthiin. Long history of attention seeking behavior, currently bouncing around hospitals in Melbourne claiming to be unable to stomach things other than ice at home, but stays high normal/overweight. Current milk: self discharged the other day from a public hospital, went back by choice and is angling for a tube - which staff rightly didn’t give. Now is requesting transfer to a new hospital tomorrow. Surprised hasn’t been mentioned yet. Account is private but it’s worth following for the show. Here’s a caption on a January photo to explain their theatrics: “I had a fight with M today. He wouldn’t let me in the toilet to throw up and I manipulated him and he just gave up eventually. He left the house for a while and started drinking when he got back. Came into the bedroom to tell me I’m gonna die if he doesn’t leave me because I’d get more supports”

No. 1155715

Let’s not mention her nude body checks

No. 1155716

File: 1612779365233.jpg (600.99 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210208_111410.jpg)


damn it anon i was about to say the same

No. 1155719


They like handing out toobs at NFC. Honestly not surprised she got one. The way she larps is painfully obvious though. Talks about having anorexia then ends up with a tube. Talks about trauma and brags about her behaviors that are apparently triggered by ptsd. Claims to get diagnosed with OCD then suddenly she is sooper ocd about everything. Claims she can’t walk because of muscle wastage then walks a day later. She is such a larper it is sickening. If I could slap sense into the NFC larpers then we wouldn’t have anyone to talk about!

No. 1155734


No. 1155737

When is this picture from? She looks so much older/ more haggard now

No. 1155748

Looks like she wants a tube. Lowest weight highlight on her instagram is bmi 19 kek. Defs an Ana larper.

No. 1155750

File: 1612785172339.png (1.58 MB, 1042x788, on brand behaviour.png)

Georgie continues her behaviour of "it's so hard to eat" and then eating out a few hours later, kek

No. 1155753

For anyone wondering it is 509 calories

No. 1155756

File: 1612785839098.jpeg (526.52 KB, 2048x2048, 0540350E-DA25-4994-89D0-612315…)

It’s been a farm full of not-quite-pro-ana wanarexic ~*warriors*~ in here lately. Is it weird that I find dharma is a breath of fresh air with her in-your-face pro-ana approach? Here she is pretty much handing out high volume, low density, horrific sounding recipes to all her ana friends. And keep in mind: this is her “”trying to reduce my volume eating and take a more intuitive approach!!1!1”

No. 1155761

File: 1612786564759.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 200.58 KB, 828x1332, 4F6FD4AB-D81A-42D6-82A3-4FAAA3…)

This is horrible . . .

No. 1155765

out eating hot meals….how contradicting. For someone who allegedly b/ps…no way she has no appetite.

No. 1155766

I agree, she makes me pretty angry with her 'recovery' shtick (although you'd have to be an idiot to fall for it) but at least she isn't posting on her recovery account anymore.

No. 1155777

File: 1612788583585.png (475.09 KB, 498x876, skinni legend.png)

Ham was anorexic that she forgot what food tasted like but she also had hair loss now

No. 1155779

her hair looks thin and awfully cut. its genetics, thank your britishness Ham.

No. 1155783

she's just blonde and white, her hair is no different to how it was months ago
but she likes to fake these recovery milestones, like saying she's gained weight when actually she just stopped forceably popping out her collarbone
wannarexia makes sense to me as crash dieting but faking anorexia recovery should be its own mental illness

No. 1155784

File: 1612788838697.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 665.23 KB, 828x1442, 830A185E-1B9A-40CA-A6BF-9B4519…)

Muh anorexia

No. 1155788

checked her account, it's private but of course georgie follows her kek

No. 1155860

Nutrients improve hair, not sugar and Barny bars.

No. 1155861

no way they will tube that unless she threatens starvation induced an hero

No. 1155881

maybe she just started washing it

No. 1155893

File: 1612797279843.jpeg (80.56 KB, 627x589, CF1C3AE1-4E0B-4E54-9DE1-EF0434…)

The face of anorexia

No. 1155895

File: 1612797751826.jpg (5.3 KB, 192x231, hannah.jpg)

No. 1155896

yikes, there are troons with better tits

No. 1155936

File: 1612802194583.jpeg (267.43 KB, 750x1006, 66B164FD-8A4C-408C-9B81-1D9E6E…)

I haven’t watched all of it yet, but this guy did a podcast on Jen.peach (the girl who claims to eat 4000 calories of vegan food a day and stay tiny. She also does ED recovery mentoring) she hasn’t posted since December so people are speculating whether she is ip or dead.

No. 1155949

hopefully ip. shes either purging all that food through vomit or exercise. no way could someone eat 4k and have a stomach that flat everyday

No. 1155976

File: 1612803847337.png (66.81 KB, 256x256, hammoon.png)

No. 1155986

Yeah pretty obvious she never lets herself starve kek

No. 1155987

the glands on the of her face are screaming theyre so inflamed

No. 1156002

shes N2F’s orthorexic twin

No. 1156010

Is this shooped? Why are her shoulders the widest part of her body?
Thought the same damn thing lol
She's in New Farm too?? Do all these girls know each other??

No. 1156013

I guarantee she started that entire interaction by telling him she was going to go purge. You know you can just keep that info to yourself, right?

No. 1156014

No. 1156020

I totally agree, if people "want" to be anorexic and crash diet for a while, more power to you, lol. But seriously would love to see LARPers start being diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome, which they actually have

No. 1156057

File: 1612809246581.jpg (435.09 KB, 1080x1669, 20210208_123313.jpg)

>an Ed warrior

No. 1156063

File: 1612809572557.jpeg (729.1 KB, 2048x2048, D9EE06D5-3397-43F3-912D-C8AEB2…)

Literally yes. Yes she is.

No. 1156071

>a good friend
to who? where are your friends ham?

No. 1156073

She’s not horrific. She’s cute here, she looks like a normal 17-18 year old girl. The only thing making her ugly is her bullish insistence she’s a recovery warrior from an eating disorder she never had.

No. 1156095

>I love my big blue eyes
lol ham your eyes are the only thing about you that’s small

No. 1156127

Not a lot of recovery weight gain going on there then!

No. 1156144

she fills an entire page with what makes her "more" and still there is not one thing that's at all interesting or indicating of an actual personality or passion

>I have dreams and goals

where tho

No. 1156162

Still don't understand how anyone can say "I'm an ED warrior" with a straight face

No. 1156165

>I'm honest

The only one I believe is "I'm a daughter…"


I'm not seeing it. >>1155893 is horrific tbh. Like a greasy Regan MacNeill.

No. 1156190

Wait for the twist that Hammum is not her mother and actually kidnapped this poor unwitting girl to larp as her recovery warrior daughter as part of her masterplan to get free manilife as anons were tinfoiling a couple threads back

No. 1156192

ooh here's some points she missed!
>i am delusional
>i am a hypochondriac
>i am afraid of vegetables
>i am determined to skinwalk as elzani singleton

No. 1156197

File: 1612818387757.jpeg (816.02 KB, 828x1259, D72B8D08-9414-490F-8811-2B3DF1…)

Uhhhh sis said that she had no friends 4 posts ago

No. 1156202

She and n2f are gal pals now

No. 1156203

On her personal account she has no irl friends. Odd. Most are blue tick minor celebs she's following (and the Singleton sisters), and her followers are a mix of randoms and bought bots.

I know it's lockdown so nobody has a social life, but she's never once mentioned missing her friends or doing pre-lockdown things. Idk about other anons, but it's something I think about a lot of the time and if I had an ig, I'd be posting old pics of us together on a personal account. Good friend, lol.

No. 1156206

You forgot "uses mummy's money to buy followers".

No. 1156222

File: 1612819446378.jpg (166.92 KB, 857x761, Capture.JPG)

Speaking of, not only is n2f's health visibly declining, her bakes are looking a bit wonky too. This one's from 3 weeks ago.

If bakeranon's recovered from her recipe induced stomach issue, there's a recipe for some things with heart shapes on top if you want to go all Feb 14th.

No. 1156260


NFC, the place to be if you want a toob and to get fat. Unless of course you are Remi who apparently is not the same as other anorexics in there. She gets away with so much. Apparently she has now lost weight since coming off the toob. Bets on how long till it is back in?! And to top it off, she is setting up her room in her bathroom! Does she want to larp as a child as well? It’s only a matter of time before the doc’s realise what she is doing and starts to call her out.

In other NFC news, littlestlee claims to be needing TMS and will be back in there within a few weeks to get said treatment.

Seems like the place to be. Now all we need is Porgie to be back in there and we will have all the toobies together!

No. 1156287

>littlestlee claims to be needing TMS

After that, ECT ofc.

No. 1156297

im not surprised she has no irl friends, she seems fucking unbearable to be around

No. 1156312


Considering she's creative, loves travelling, loves learning new things, loves fashion, is adventurous and loves to read, I can't imagine she could hold a conversation longer than 30 seconds without faking some ED talk bs.

No. 1156318

>loves fashion
>never takes off her dirty dressing gown

No. 1156438

throughthickandthin needs to go there then. that land whale would fit right in.

I don't think any of them have actual depression, just BPD tantrums mayhaps

No. 1156459

This one has been around for ages, was 'dyke_recovery' or some such back in the glory days of tumblr 10 years ago. Claimed to be lesbian while being in a long term relationship with an older man with kids. Has gone through periods of being quite functional with working a proper job etc. More recently married to a woman. Not sure what happened there. Basically changes name/identity every few years. Unfortunately the latest identity seems to be sick little girl. Don't doubt theres geniune mental issues most likely underlying bpd

No. 1156491

File: 1612836868155.png (3.13 MB, 828x1792, 60FC9C5E-170B-4B12-B24D-69ACE3…)

It’s sooper hard for frail wittle georgie to eat but she can scarf down this massive tub of vom!!!

No. 1156503

This seriously looked like scrambled cow brains for tacos before I enlarged the pics, absolute wtf.

No. 1156524

Part of me wants to condemn you for posting this here, but it's too hilarious. How long until she makes it to NFC?

No. 1156546

File: 1612840367226.jpeg (312.66 KB, 827x1385, D39036DF-3351-48D8-A88E-17D270…)

Throughthickandthiin has already been tipped (can only guess who). No surprises with her antics over the last 12 hours: she has discharged from hospital already, complete with a post complaining about how she wasn’t force fed by the staff, and a few selfies of her in the car showing off the face self harm ranting about lolcow and her sooper life threatening weight loss. With Georgia in the comments buttering her up, no less.

No. 1156563

Yeah they’ve been around for a while. I don’t think she’s cow material though. Just someone who’s been sick for a long time and still going through it. Very different from back in tumblr days too. I’ve never gotten attention seeking vibes from her personally? I don’t what these others are on about.

No. 1156570

i’d rather relapse than call myself an “ed warrior” lmfao

No. 1156620

File: 1612844995202.jpeg (302.13 KB, 895x1077, D0960DDF-D059-4C7B-BD8A-158029…)

most boring shit ever. the only interesting thing about her is that she LARPs anorexia

No. 1156651

I say this is bs. Its the same as before. And no regrown baby hairs visible

No. 1156655

File: 1612848559136.jpg (262.97 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20210209-072843_Ins…)

Someone took georgies diet advice

No. 1156670

>My favourite colour is porridge

Had a laugh at this,anon. Hope she isn't relapsing. No snack plate last night.

No. 1156696

"I am not diagnosed" lol there it is. we been knew.

No. 1156701

>I'm creative with the truth
Fucking kek, anon

No. 1156781

File: 1612865626030.jpg (535.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210209-125105_Tik…)

Just take a look at this land whale.. posting toob pics but still horribly obese

No. 1156783

I posted this chick before, underrated milk
She loves to get a tube, talk about needing to gain weight, a fear of being fat
she's aussie too and from these threads, in australia they will tube anyone
She has a generally normal twin too which is kinda sad

No. 1156787

Her dancing on tiktok saying how fat she is (true) whilst still showing her entire body and how flabby it is.. bleh

No. 1156791


Ausfag here. Tbh they only really tube anyone and everything in NFC here. I’ve only been in public and they don’t tube you unless you are underweight and need refeeding. Even then it’s only short term. These NFC girls seem to be on tubes 24/7

No. 1156800

It says not available?

No. 1156804

File: 1612867853743.png (31.78 KB, 720x840, Screenshot_20210209-105018~2.p…)

SS. See, am I doing something wrong or has she taken it down?

No. 1156811

Account is private

No. 1156812

File: 1612868760015.jpg (353.95 KB, 1080x1879, IMG_20210209_120324.jpg)

…says a woman who obsessively walks miles on end on rest days.

No. 1156816

Ohh, bah. Thanks.

such an odd shape

No. 1156818

Looks like it's her turn to use the xbox.

No. 1156820

Her hands are so red, what is going on there, shitty circulation?

No. 1156830

That and ocd-induced overwashing of them

No. 1156836

man, i'd really like to see her do this pose but relaxed. i'm sure she looks 100x better not tensing the fuck out of every muscle in her body… this is genuinely frightening.

No. 1156842

No. 1156846

Is this a pose or is it meant to be "resting"? It's very blokeish, like I'd expect her to be sitting with her legs wide apart like men do, "manspread". Not that it matters, but she sets off my gaydar.

No. 1156860

She looks like the aliens from the Eiffel 65 I'm blue music video

No. 1156863

She wasn't even NFC, though she'd fit right in she kept going to hospital to get a toob.

No. 1156864

On her story she is talking about comparisons and says 'do I look really pathetic to these people?'Ganer, you look pathetic to normally people.

No. 1156886

File: 1612876441564.jpeg (715.33 KB, 828x1696, 4ED8D2D7-CFB1-4A5A-BA80-CAA375…)

Ganer’s story about how she hasn’t been posting much (whut?) speaks to just how delusional she is. She talks about how she didn’t post because she was comparing herself to bodybuilders on Instagram and feeling like she wasn’t good enough (correct) but then says that she “knows that’s wrong and I look good”. She then goes on the sperge about how she knows the gainzzzz will come if she just keeps being consistent and having trust in the process. A KEY PART OF THE PROCESS IS EATING MORE. She has consistently made abysmal progress for 3 years because she eats the exact same shit and walks a couple of hours a day. Forget comparing yourself to IG bodybuilders, love, you look weak next to a normal human being!

No. 1156888

File: 1612876473128.jpg (530.24 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20210209_131330.jpg)

Tags North Face to tell them their slippers are ugly?

No. 1156899

More like it‘s her time to use the gym equipment now.

No. 1156900

So she understands struggling with comparison but keeps posting ‘“look at how spoopy I was” pictures

No. 1156925

she regularly posts pictures of her eating meals while watching body building shows, which is very not disordered and totally not reminiscent of the age old 'ana tip' of eating in front of a mirror or while looking at thinspo

No. 1156934

It’s okay when she’s not the one who has to feel inadequate. What a narcissistic little(!!!) twat

No. 1156946

File: 1612882143435.png (949.62 KB, 512x846, the whole farm.png)

cow tagging other cows kek

No. 1156949

I think this is Georgia’s way of subtly snarking on people, since she knows we watch and will gossip about whoever she tags, gossip which she surely participates in.

No. 1156950

File: 1612882610607.png (515.83 KB, 720x1078, Screenshot_20210209-145259~2.p…)

I had a look at Ganers tagged pics. This is from June '18. When did she drop this woman as her coach/advisor (those she says she's not her coach?). Looks like she stuck with her a while because there was a meet up in Jan '19. Another "online coach". She helped her train when she was a spoop and getting called out here.

No. 1156956

It honestly doesnt matter, she shouldnt have been exercising at that low of a weight and shouldn't be now - not with her horrific bone health
Ganer tries to justify it saying building muscle can help bone health (true) not realising that when you're spoopy and you weight restore, your body naturally focuses on restoring lean mass as well as fat. Now she's not as spoopy, but mostly muscle and in shit health. No sensible trainer would take her on

No. 1156997

I get a Morven vibe from her, like nowhere near as insane and navel-gazing, but a similar situation where she seems to have been IP a lot for a long time so is admitted and kept there more easily than someone who had the same behaviors but hadn't been admitted before

No. 1157014

File: 1612885641518.png (31.73 KB, 762x220, kek.png)

Ovi hasnt been up to much (some gross selfies, talking about starving) but this made me lol as she really missed the fact this tweet was directed at underweight, actual anorexics
Ovi if youre getting chest pains it isnt because you're tiny and dainty

No. 1157016

…what the fuck kind of EDU has open and unmonitored bathroom access…

No. 1157034

File: 1612886710236.png (2.29 MB, 1920x2048, the toobies.png)

No. 1157093

File: 1612889943776.jpg (313.33 KB, 679x776, IMG_20210209_1.jpg)

Does she edit her shoulders?

No. 1157101

I think it's from a very low angle, shoulders hunched up and also forward a bit?

But they do look odd.

No. 1157104

The one on the left (her right) looks especially sus

No. 1157112

>>1157014 Of course people of any weight can suffer from issues related to food, but Ovi, if you're getting chest pains, it's most likely from cholesterol and fat blocking your arteries! Not from your heart being weak from malnutrition or whatever you think it is kek

No. 1157145

File: 1612893549081.jpg (117.99 KB, 532x866, healthy.jpg)

Ganer has bad hand tremors she's showing off

No. 1157146

File: 1612893587678.jpg (304.5 KB, 1080x1847, 20210209_115935.jpg)

Back to the face scratching. She says she hates the tube but seems to be taking more selfies lately.

No. 1157153

Her face is so dry and red it looks uncomfortable

No. 1157155

someone please explain what happened to her face? she's been answering tells on her story about her toob but no one has asked about her face apparently

No. 1157163

It's the equivalent of when people complain about how tired they are due to overwork. No one is impressed.

No. 1157164

She's not answering questions that are "too personal or rude" so someone probably has and she ignored it.

No. 1157179

Looks like a stroke or bells palsy

No. 1157184

note she's wearing straps and using chalk for weights that absolutely don't require them, it's so weird and at home will make a huge mess

No. 1157190

someone get this yung cow acting classes jfc I'm so sick of her lies on the daily

No. 1157195

Some kind of facial palsy, Bell's palsy or Guillain-Barré syndrome.

No. 1157209


No. 1157211

tension in your shoulders can affect circulation in your hands and she's uh…quite tense there

No. 1157214

nah anon could you imagine her having sex? she'd probably be posing the whole time and not even into it. i think her anorexia and all the time she spends obsessing probably killed her sex drive ages ago.

No. 1157224

KEK. Now I'm thinking about Ganer and the way she poses with her back facing the camera. It's how she'd attract a mate.

No. 1157235

Disagree, she seems totally straight to me.
Why does she keep looking worse? It's not the scratching but her actual face shape seems to be changing, it's so bizarre.

No. 1157267

Yikes! Her face paralysis looks like it is progressing! Man she makes Ganer’s wonky eye look almost perfect. This is nuts. I thought Bell’s palsy doesn’t get worse? Can a medfag corroborate?

No. 1157298

elzani uploaded another "just be happy! food is amazing! life is amazing!" motivational video. i don't get why she won't actually talk about recovery in way that would help her followers (Eg. coping with weight gain, etc). she seems to have an overly simplistic worldview.

No. 1157300

me at the age of five in the doorway of my parents bedroom after i peed the bed again

No. 1157304

Medfag here, it’s probably not bells palsy as that usually spontaneously gets better, not worse. Judging by the length of time it took her face to turn into Quasimodo she probably has guillian-barre syndrome

No. 1157307

tinfoil, but what if shes hospitalised for that, not the ED? guillian-barre requires hospitalisation

No. 1157308

Seems Ganer and Ham have one big thing in common! They're both delusional as hell.

No. 1157316

File: 1612906040798.png (265.96 KB, 419x739, Untitled.png)

You're VALID even if you haven't had a diagnosis, despite your chosen pronouns (LOL), YOU DO OR DON'T EXPERIENCE ED SYMPTOMS (wtf?), you have anorexia but you eat junk food…


No. 1157318

in all fairness you do get some anorexics who choose to save the little calories that they're eating for junk food. ham is not one of them tho.

No. 1157319

Also, it really bugs when people say "mental health" when they mean "mental illness".
>You've had mental health for 24hrs…
Everyone has mental health all the time, it's either good or bad. God she's thick.

No. 1157320

>she seems to have an overly simplistic worldview

I think that's the way she is and that's why "autism" gets thrown around so much.

No. 1157322

Also imagine going to a GP in the UK and saying you've been experiencing MH problems for 24 hrs. I don't think you'd be told you're valid.

No. 1157330

Ok but what if you've had "mental health" for 24 hours AND have no symptoms?

No. 1157332

File: 1612906938205.gif (4.38 MB, 640x364, dont matter.gif)

Still valid.

No. 1157334

I wonder what her idea of an ideal set of diagnostic criteria for EDs would be? Nothing?
I have been lol at this every time I scroll up and down to plan my stupid posts

No. 1157337

>her idea of an ideal set of diagnostic criteria for EDs

A recovery account.

No. 1157339

having grapes instead of a fuckton of sugar once

No. 1157341

~Struggling~ with a frozen pizza because you wanted a Domino's (with garlic bread).

No. 1157397

It doesn't even make sense, though… She doesn't consume enough protein for her hair to grow thick and strong. Are people really this stupid?! After skeptically lurking a while, I am beginning to see the appeal of lolcows, although it's honestly just frustrating. What an ignorant obese girl. I hope she grows out of this phase.

No. 1157402

Girl, read a book on nutrition!!

No. 1157466

File: 1612915989309.jpg (128.9 KB, 1080x1662, goblinfood.jpg)

someone call n2f, weetabix have been checking her account for inspo

No. 1157495

File: 1612917162621.jpg (155.31 KB, 1080x1666, 20210209_183224.jpg)

Weird, she's answering questions about her face now.

No. 1157498

File: 1612917282297.jpg (189.52 KB, 566x693, Screenshot_20210209-183150_Ins…)

I think she's making it look worse than it is. This one is from 2017

No. 1157516

File: 1612918718970.jpg (110.78 KB, 998x789, marketing win.JPG)

Had to make sure it wasn't April 1st (really no concept of time atm). That's just no. The tomato sauce mushing up the Weetabix. This is definitely n2f level food crime.

Laura tries too hard to look nuts. She can go from dry lips, eye bags and fucked face to glam 2 go in a matter of days (with makeup). Hope she grows out of this phase. It's doing nobody any good.

No. 1157519

Lmao that stood out to me as well. It really bothers me too!

No. 1157563

seething Bitterfag here but I'm sick of her motivational speaker, life is so wonderful and amazing bullshit now, girl has the most comfy middle class life I've ever seen, nearing her mid 20's with zero responsibilities or commitments. Glad she recovered from anorexia but she's starting to sound up her own arse.

No. 1157576

Yeah, it's difficult to relate to her womderful 2020 experience when you're stuck in a 5th floor flat with no coast for miles, no transport, etc.

2020 really wouldn't have been much different to her because her life's so closeted.

No. 1157577

looking like a middle aged woman

No. 1157581

how can you have an ED without ED symptoms?

No. 1157585

I'm sorry but no, not everyone IS valid.

No. 1157588

File: 1612922252009.jpeg (90.59 KB, 683x1040, 08000249-98DB-4D70-A4A7-3495A8…)

I realize I’m nobody to y’all , but these ppl y’all are making fun of are genuinely good ppl. I don’t understand the hatred? This group y’all are making fun of are my friends and they’re very good ppl. So what if you think someone is a wanna-rexic? Who gives a f what y’all think anyway? Your opinion doesn’t matter. Who the f do you think you are ? Your opinion isn’t special ! So go f yourselves Bc these are my friends and they’re damn good ppl . What gives you the right ? You could prob afford to lose a few lbs yourselves!(bye emma)

No. 1157592

Same way you can be pregnant without being pregnant, I suppose.

No. 1157593

>Who gives a f what y’all think anyway

Obviously YOU do, y'all.

No. 1157597

File: 1612922947017.png (317.82 KB, 1818x722, amberjean at mpa lol.png)

No. 1157600

not the smartest person clearly

No. 1157603

35 years old? kek

name is Emma Harte apparently

No. 1157605

No. 1157607

No. 1157608

File: 1612923440754.jpg (41.66 KB, 467x476, 35.JPG)

Lookin ravaged for 35

No. 1157611

> You could prob afford to lose a few lbs yourselves!
why do they always close out their whiteknighting with this? surely this makes them just as bad of a booley as us anons are?

No. 1157613

why would you use the same email and username for your fucking email and your mpa account let alone post it here.

attention seeker or just calorie deprived? in any case, grow up.

No. 1157616

File: 1612923704013.jpg (37.46 KB, 410x441, not so spoopy.JPG)

Idk, but she's deffo preojecting

No. 1157617

all her MPA posts are pro ana scumbaggy, she runs a pro ana discord and is mates with throughthickandthiin.

No. 1157630

File: 1612925033635.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1861, 20210210_124408.jpg)

Anyone else have access to this cow?

No. 1157642

lmfao what's with all the y'alls! And did you ACTUALLY plug your email address in here… no surely you can't be that stupid? What an embarrassment!

No. 1157645

Seems on MPA you're pretty fuckn desperate for friends. You don't truly believe these online people are your friends do you?

No. 1157653

kek savage

No. 1157667


No. 1157673

File: 1612929905142.jpg (979.13 KB, 1079x1698, Screenshot_20210209-215824_Ins…)

Countdown to going back to New Farms

No. 1157685

There are a bazillion things to criticize her for, but calling someone on the higher end of a healthy BMI obese is not it, anachan.

No. 1157690

35 and playing pro ana buddies with teenagers? Yikes. Both pathetic and ridiculous, just like the cows here. No wonder she’s friends with them all, tards travel in packs.

No. 1157712

I’d be anxious too if I was 24, morbidly obese and pretending to have anorexia, doing unpaid “work” while sitting on a 30k hecs debt and bludging off my parents. Maybe this “panic attack” was a sudden realisation that she’s contributing absolutely nothing to the world, never has, and likely never will. She’s the definition of pure greed and gluttony, not only with the sheer volume of food she must eat to sustain her size but the amount of medical/financial resources she wastes on a daily basis. That’s ok hun, you just take your PRN and waddle home

No. 1157720

Is this self posting

No. 1157756

Being ~miserable~ is not treatment resistant depression. You don't need magnets or zaps. Learn some breathing techniques or meditation to help anxiety instead of slobbing in your bed feeling sorry for yourself. There are hundreds of thousands, probably millions, who feel the same but don't have funds to check into NF to watch TV.

No. 1157757

Idk. Never heard of her before the mpa woman speed. Not bothered if they're private and she looks low quality.

No. 1157759

Sperged not speed. Autocorrect is a twat, innit.

No. 1157777

File: 1612944030050.jpg (554.79 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20210210-095837_Ins…)

Exercising is diet culture lol

No. 1157799

kek has she never heard of three year olds doing gymnastics or some other sport?! not everything remotely healthy is diet culture, even actual recovering anorexics can see that

No. 1157814

Obviously I'm glad she's recovered but it seems like she hasn't had any other mh issues. Most people with EDs, especially as severe as hers was, do so it's an added barrier to the whole ~life is great!~ thing she has going on.

No. 1157821

Kids like to be active and they do P.E at school. Hardly paedo style lycra bodycon wear, lazy bitch.

No. 1157827

her only workout is pacing down the wine aisle

No. 1157851

Anorexiadiaryy was set for admission to an ED unit today. Apparently she didn’t make that far - either way we got our toob selfies!

No. 1157853

File: 1612954943794.jpeg (287.92 KB, 1125x1125, B192751A-4072-43A1-A56B-ED9F55…)

Forgot to link ^

No. 1157876

fuck off emma

No. 1157918

File: 1612963924825.png (3.11 MB, 1242x2208, 0FE908D2-8116-4D09-8227-F8C748…)

christ almighty, her face is melting

No. 1157919

Just wondering if any of you have access to Molly’s personal Instagram account. Is she still milky ?

No. 1157924

File: 1612964634334.png (Spoiler Image, 3.34 MB, 1288x2074, ovi bra pic.png)

just why

No. 1157925

let sleeping cows lie, she exited gracefully

No. 1157934

Lack of scarring on her face shows the damage she does to herself is superficial.

They make bras that size, well I never. Could be a double hammock for 6 month old twins.

No. 1157948

the hairy ass armpits under the obese girl arms. crikey

No. 1157966

He coulda got tiddies that hang past your navel when you take off that industrial underwire bra bitch

No. 1157998

what a dainty, frial ana
imagine posting this while you also talk about your weight loss and ask your followers if you look skinni

No. 1158022

I feel like it’s Porgie posting since they removed so many followers.I have no doubt she’s a fake friend and throws people under the bus.

No. 1158075

I love how cows REEEE about their sooper severe ED and BDD traits yet are happy to post semi nudes whilst looking a hot mess.

No. 1158207

holy hell she writes like an ESL

No. 1158213

No. 1158339

I agree with previous anon who said she's skilled at making herself look half dead to pretty to insane to normal etc. within super short timeframes. I doubt she'd be looking like this if there were no medical professionals around

No. 1158342

This isn't the face of someone who's so weak she feels like she's dying and is far too sick for an edu…

No. 1158357

Anyone know how she's paying for that expensive-looking apartment?

No. 1158364

Oh holy mother of Christ I hadn’t noticed this. Now cannot unsee.

No. 1158385

File: 1612991572694.jpg (666.63 KB, 1073x1430, Screenshot_20210210-151051_Ins…)

Ganer never stops learning. Maybe she'll learn how to actually bodybuild someday.

I don't follow her too closely but it seems like she's taking a lot of "rest days" recently.

No. 1158392

nitpick but her eyelashes look like they're about to snap off. what is it with these chans and their shitty eye makeup (ganers eyeliner? do these people not have access to youtube tutorials?)

No. 1158407

File: 1612992599142.jpg (134.59 KB, 1080x1080, 20210210_152002.jpg)

Ham eats pasta, tells her eating disorder to sod off, and films her mother spazzing.


No. 1158428

File: 1612993287225.jpeg (966.15 KB, 828x1546, C2F9A736-0CA1-4A76-81DF-AAAC40…)

Ah yes « feeing » like the main character. Maybe she should go back to primary school and learn how to spell instead of doing MEDICINE(nitpick)

No. 1158431

What the fuck did I just watch
>realises pasta is AMAZING
>overwhelmed after a few bites and leaves to take a 5 minute break
>returns even more determined to finish!!1!
>hammum promises to run around the house if ham finishes her plate
>she only runs around hams bedroom, to the viewers chagrin

No. 1158452

It's not really a nitpick if you consider she's saying she's claiming she felt like she was dying, so weak from throwing up all night yet managed to make sure she applied several coats of mascara and put some makeup on her brows and a bit on her eyes.
My nitpick is not having her mask over her nose.

No. 1158471

File: 1612995465373.gif (2.11 MB, 580x331, 8F35B538-AC94-42BC-895D-D04E98…)

Newfag. sorry if I make a mistake posting. Any of you seen food wars the anime??? They pretty much orgasm at every food they taste and reminds me sooooo much of Ham..

No. 1158474

nah anon that’s not a nitpick either - if she’s really on deaths door she should be taking every step to avoid getting the coof.

No. 1158482

I don't think I've ever smiled at my food like han, even my favourite food. Do I need to go inpatient? Argh!(Nobody cares)

No. 1158485

File: 1612995915446.png (357.24 KB, 1920x1080, fousands.png)

That pasta looks bland as fuck. I think her "overwhelmed" expression would be more "bored" at chewing the blandness.

A family of twats. Her mum's fat, which gives more fuel to the thing about how she'd think her daughter might be underweight when she's not because she isn't a size 18.

At least those bought follower bots are liking it.

No. 1158496

File: 1612996152968.png (458.25 KB, 600x576, 1.png)

How embarrassing.

No. 1158499

File: 1612996270536.jpeg (702.2 KB, 828x1507, 86D382CF-B675-496E-8266-6318B7…)

Every day. For three years. My mouth hurts just looking at this. So much salt and acid. And the raw spinach leaves, just why?!

No. 1158506

The sauces, pickles and veg make it look like she's eating a lot more than she actually is. Probably pushed the salmon and rice down to make it look more also, like marybitch does.

No. 1158508

File: 1612996683973.jpeg (442.72 KB, 1004x469, C6F4B0BB-820F-4CE5-9D76-B83EB3…)

>>1157563 There's also another one about her Bday. There's a glimpse of self awareness at one point when she says something like "can't believe I'm 24.. still feel like I'm 16. Maybe I should do something..". Yeah, it's called growing up and you should get on it ASAP.

Also She and alisha (who is quite beautiful ngl) go to the beach, where anyone can see that at least physically her recovery is very real.. Mentally, that's another story.

No. 1158516

Yes. Even if you have no symptoms you are very sick and deserve treatment xx

No. 1158517

Is that a gift in the centre pic? What is it? Soz can't watch the vid because. She's upped her pancake quota. As much as she annoys me, got to say that's the nicest she's looked on the right.

No. 1158522

The only protein on her plate is that bare minimum portion of salmon. Surely she isn't naive enough to think she'll gain muscle this way? I don't think she actually intends to ever compete, just needs an excuse to restrict that will keep concerned people off her back.

No. 1158525

A lot of the time brain heals slower than the body after being as malnourished as she was. I hope she stays in recovery and at some point hopefully her interest in other things and in leaving the house will naturally come back and she'll be motivated to move on

No. 1158526

You are valid

No. 1158534

it is a gift. it's one of those fluffy potable armchairs you put on sofas/couches (if that makes sense)

No. 1158535

portable, sorry. dumbfag

No. 1158550

Kek I have but haven't thought about it, now I can't unsee lol

No. 1158552

Googled one. Never seen those before. Looks like a fancy camping bed.

Yeah, she needs to do something with her life. I know it's difficult to do anything atm, but at 24 a person should at least start thinking about getting things together. Having no goals isn't motivating.

No. 1158590

No clue but I noticed the other day in her stories that it is 2 bedrooms! Makes me think she must own it because why would a single person pay rent for a spare empty bedroom.

No. 1158597

I legitimately feel bad for Ham, she probably was never fed proper, nutritious meals based on what she shares. She doesn't know any better and knows subconsciously her diet isn't right, like every person would. But combined with her lack of social life and interaction with the outside world, this natural repulsion expresses itself like… This. Soz for potential armchair but I think it's a worthy point to make, we don't always have to be unabashedly negative

No. 1158610

I assume her mum pays/paid for it. Seems to be a common trend among parents whose kids got seriously ill around 16-18 to end up being willing to take care of them without question for a pretty long time. (Similar to Elzani's parents i reckon)

Tbf makes sense to me, if your daughter had been skeletal you'd probably be desperate to help them any way you can and that comes out in coddling them (potentially more than is good for them).

No. 1158612

File: 1613004800391.jpeg (91.66 KB, 828x1015, CBC2FBA5-4463-461B-9041-00CD8C…)

kek she looks so pleased with herself and the attention she gets from mum
atleast she didnt fake cry this time though

No. 1158615

File: 1613005353634.jpg (164.37 KB, 1206x844, not pasta.JPG)

She had pasta in October.

No. 1158616

File: 1613005583128.jpg (135.34 KB, 1197x830, ranga.JPG)

Can people make a post private on ig? I noticed this just now and never saw it before.

She fucks around deleting things on her profile. It'd be great if she spent the time developing a personality instead so she might be able to make real friends.

No. 1158635

that retarded face she makes as soon as the foods in her mouth genuinely makes me so mad

No. 1158654

Pretending to be anorexic? I'd see it more as her attempt to be popular. She noticed Elzani somehow and how popular she became so larps recovery hoping others will like her. She tried a giveaway, but didn't have much happen with that, now she's buying followers for that account and her personal one.

I feel bad that she doesn't have a single friend, but if she pulls stunts like faking an eating disorder to make friends then that's a reason to dislike her.

I'm still with Elzani's fanbase being a mix of girls with a similar life but also ones who aspire to have the family closeness, financial stability, popularity she has. Being fake ill keeps Hammum close by when she needs attention. She obviously wishes she had sisters like E has because she follows them all. That's plain odd, or just really needy for affection.

Whatever, Ham behaves much like a 14 year old than a 17 yo.

No. 1158660

Unsaged white-knighting? Please, learn2intergrate

No. 1158670

I think she must archive posts then unarchive them.

No. 1158684

Thanks. My only account is sockpuppet to follow or spy. I noticed another one out of place last week and wondered how she'd done it. I'm waiting to see what she uploads on her other account. Curious to see if there's anything else in her world.

No. 1158691

File: 1613013672462.jpeg (536.44 KB, 1409x1878, 4331AA98-22C0-4FAF-A4D7-FB546F…)

Why do they all claim potentially fatal complications while being home and working and such?

No. 1158726

She probably wouldn't have this problem with low iron (assuming she isn't lying) if she just took bloody supplements. Are anachans stupid, or do they want to get very malnourished for the attention? I can understand wanting to be underweight, but malnourished as well? Why? Just take supplements so you can underweight and reasonably well-nourished if you want to be underweight so badly.

No. 1158743

wtf? Never fed nutritious meals? Um no way. Let's not start accusing her mother of neglect and causing her "eating disorder." Ham is eating like Elzani, she's practically trying to BE Elzani. Pizzas, pastas .. the comments she makes almost sound like a tape recording of Elzani, watch this vid >>1141331.

No. 1158750

I cannot stand her. Fake and attention seeking, but pretends to be the image of recovery and puts down anyone who isn't. Also: creepy. Her recent youtube video is weird (and full of body checks…) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVmj_iIMoRs

No. 1158751

She's looking good, as in not pale, for an extreme anaemic. Spinach and broccoli are low calorie. She should try them.

When they're not.maling an effort to recover,no sympathy. Esp when they have ~ recovery~ in their name yet claim to be close to death. Where's her transfusion if her iron is "undetectable"?

No. 1158753

Read rules (sage and embed) or you'll get banned.

No. 1158762

shes the never been underweight version of Elzani

No. 1158816

File: 1613033116066.jpg (550.8 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20210211-104027_Ins…)

Does ganer have a new coach perhaps?

No. 1158839

File: 1613037446905.png (195.67 KB, 687x731, Screenshot_20210211-095400~2.p…)

I hope so because it sounds like she's more food focused which would do Ganer some good (if she listens).

No. 1158852

File: 1613040045780.jpeg (232.76 KB, 750x1180, 9F8B2E8F-A4CE-44FD-B02D-61321B…)

I’ve got a new potential cow, im_powering
- she is Australian, ofc
- studying to be a dietitian but refuses to acknowledge this could be disordered
- constant faux-motivational posts
- but is still skinny and has very clear lanugo in some posts, despite being in recovery for at least a year
- a few months ago plagiarised another account very blatantly. I don’t have screenshots but it was something like ‘low weight: 9 lb 8 oz (thick straight of the womb bb) which is from someone with like a tenth of Imogen’s followers (not milky albeit a bit
of a sjw)
- when another account made a post addressing this plagiarism (not directly addressing her) she commented saying she was being bullied my members of the community
- her most recent post about ‘body love’ is just an excuse to post full body photos. She is not really really underweight in any of them but clearly not weight restored
- has criticised toob posts but is a massive hypocrite and keeps hers up

She’s got quite a big following and gives me quasi-recovery Korey-vibes. Thoughts?

No. 1158853

She’s the worst. All talk and no action. The Korey of the 2020s

No. 1158855


Don't think she's got a new coach, the girl she tagged is a bikini/figure competitor at the same gym as Ganer and around the same age.

They've been commenting on each other's posts lately, I think she's actually made a friend. I hope she has, hopefully Rosie shows her that she does need to gain weight to be successful and Ganer follows her lead.

No. 1158859

File: 1613040894964.png (421.52 KB, 708x731, Screenshot_20210211-105432~2.p…)

Looks miserable as hell.

I noticed Ham regramming her stuff and now I see why.

No. 1158861

At the risk of being an ana chan, lots of restrictors dont want to take iron suppliments or other suppliments for fear of calories in them (this is also why some anas dont brush their teeth, fear of toothpaste calories)
Iron meds from a doctor you need to take with orange juice, which can 'waste calories' and is pure sugar
taking iron suppliments is associated with weight gain, medically

I will see myself out for this comment, but felt it worth noting

No. 1158871

doesn't seem that milky, kinda bland, there's lots of quasi-recovery accounts out there
is there anything actually milky about her? delusional like ganer? crying over food like Ham?

No. 1158882


this bitch right here really shits me and im gad someone has brought her here!
constantly is posting about how recovered she is, yet still sticks to the same foods/snacks everyday because its ~rOuTiNe~ and defs not ED related at all.

also, not to nitpick on her fashion sense, but she has worn that flowy-white dress/top thing in basically EVERY fucking post/story she does. trying to hide her body or?

No. 1158883

ayrt here. I know she's not super milky, It's just she has 36k followers which is comparable to Elzani and way more than Korey who I consider one of the bigger accounts.

No. 1158886

File: 1613047973565.png (2.33 MB, 821x1418, korey.PNG)


ahhh yes, i checked on Korey just then. glad to see she has moved on from posting spoopy bodychecks, to this. Normal bodychecks. kek

No. 1158887

And yet no one here ever wants to talk about chii? She’s got more followers than these girls and she’s doing the exact same quasi-recovery preachy bullshit

No. 1158888

I think it's more that Chii (and the other quasi girls) are very predictable (other than the patreon drama a few months back). I'm interested in her though. She has 60k followers which is more than any other account I can think of.

No. 1158889

You can take iron capsules with water though

No. 1158890

Why doesn’t she post her body anymore? DAK if she got fat or something?

No. 1158894

Did she ever abuse lax? Doctors don’t like to give you iron tablets if your intestines are irritated because they’re a pretty heavy irritant themselves. They’d probably prefer her to get iron from her diet especially if she’s meant to be gaining. Although i do agree she looks way to pink to have such extreme anemia kek

No. 1158895

File: 1613050316964.jpg (326.93 KB, 1080x1225, IMG_20210211_233147.jpg)

Coffee cats recovery now known as coffee cats healing is anticipating yet another needless admission

No. 1158896

File: 1613050351887.jpg (361.56 KB, 1079x1595, IMG_20210211_233159.jpg)

Sage for double post

No. 1158920

No one has pointed this out yet but the link to Hannah Elizabeth is wrong
are her socials. More tube pics, more e-begging

No. 1158922

Naw she didn’t get fat. Actually I thinks it’s the opposite. She’s still underweight but is claiming she’s uber recovered.

No. 1159004

C vitamin helps the absorption of iron, that's why the orange juice. Or just an orange.

No. 1159109

sorry to go all anachan/medfag but its not necessarily that simple. some anorexics are scared of taking vitamins because of calories, and even if you do take vitamins or supplements they wont undo the effects of malnutrition. no matter how many vitamins you take you cant be healthy if youre malnourished from long term calorie restriction and/or underweight

No. 1159166

Can we pls talk about lifeofhxn and ro recovering on here. Never see them mentioned and honestly some of the biggest cows in the uk “recovery” community. Both triggering af, Hannah refuses to engage in recovery and is blatantly rude to get followers and Ro just constantly posts spoops in fake recovery

No. 1159174

>>1159166 this is an imageboard….post caps

No. 1159180

What do you mean >>1159174

No. 1159186

ro was briefly mentioned in previous threads, shes not particularly milky though and doesnt post bodychecks either. only slight issue i have with her is constantly bragging about how she hasnt had X food in X number of years

No. 1159194

u could just take a vitamin c supplement with the iron then

No. 1159225

When you post and aren't posting new content like an image, write "sage" in the e-mail field of your reply so you get the blue "anonymous" on your post then rather than the green one (which means it's new content)

No. 1159244

File: 1613077258411.jpeg (153.55 KB, 750x1334, F96EA2B5-F2A7-43F7-888A-331EAA…)

Can anyone make out what she is saying?

No. 1159252

Her sketchy middle aged man roommate (I’m not sure what to call him, I think he was giving her a free place to stay?) assaulted her. Staples in her head. Wasn’t sure if this was okay to gossip about because domestic assault, if true, is serious business.

No. 1159275

File: 1613078184504.png (2.71 MB, 1850x1184, Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 7.14…)

tube pics as predicted!
bet her dog is happy he won't be getting stepped on for a while.

No. 1159284

Honestly, I hope she stays there for a while so the other people in the EDU don't have to suffer her presence for as long.

No. 1159293

>>1159275 Why is it that these insta-anas do everything in their power to draw attention to themselves? Scraped back ponytail to accentuate 5head; thick, spidery mascara; straggly vest top to show off that bony chest; and of course, the precious tube

No. 1159309

File: 1613080399857.jpg (441.03 KB, 1080x1891, 20210211_155054.jpg)

It was a picture of her night snack and the usual rambling about "recovery."

No. 1159329

File: 1613080867802.jpg (2.1 MB, 1500x2072, dainty.jpg)

Sounds like she's totally on very very strict observation due to very very high risk if she's able to turn her NG tube off without anyone finding out…
They all pose like this, it drives me up the wall. Make Anorexics Stand Up Straight and Put Arms Down Like A Normal Person again

No. 1159361

Oh she self deleted a another? Old be the dodvybut likes and followers thing fucking with her account.

No. 1159365

Could be the dodgy buy*
O ffs

No. 1159366


sage for armchair blog, but my guess is they crave the attention that mummy/daddy/others never gave them as a child. also explains the age regression and the obsession with all things childlike.

65% of the time in my intern practice it turns out to be that. 30% is a victim of SA (although many cases of the 65% are suspected at risk/"closet cases") and they are using their ED to show internalised struggles and cry for help/remain at the age of where the trauma happened by emaciating their bodies to appear more 'childlike'.
if it sounds too textbook its because it is.
the majority of these cases are copied from others, who copied them from others (coughHamcough), who read a copy of the DSM while watching Skins or To The Bone and became woke anachans.

then there are the 5% who are just fucking nutjobs delusional whales, i.e. OVI, Porgie; what goes on in their heads is a mystery.

No. 1159368

God that’s depressing as all hell, guess the instant family gym edition is pretty dysfunctional. girl needs to stop LARPing as a poor and go back to mommy and daddy’s house. Either way she’s leeching but nobody deserves to get beat up.

No. 1159407

Ooh do you work with people with EDs?? Are the people you see different from these cows? I'd have to assume people actually seeing a professional and not just trying to gain a social media presence would be a very different crew… but if you get people with cow-behavior, what do you do with them? Like do you just stroke their ego until they leave or secretly treat them for Munchausens or what lol
(Send to NF for a validating tube?)

No. 1159409

If below a certain body fat percentage the body can't process fat soluble vitamins properly. Some anas wind up with sky-high vitamin levels on labs because they are taking the doses for an average sized adult and their body can't handle it.

No. 1159476

If you want to be getting less calories, wouldn't you do something that wouldn't be dead obvious, so you could keep doing it and so you wouldn't just have the calories replaced as soon as someone notices? Like turn it off then right back on before you're checked on and then play dumb? I'd be annoyed if I was a nurse walking into that situation, and infinitely more if I knew she was posting that online with selfies instead of, you know, being sick like everyone else in the hospital.

No. 1159490

File: 1613093532221.png (5.56 MB, 1125x2001, 16D63AC4-8EE0-4889-9EC0-BAC792…)

These ‘outfit of the day’ posts are obviously just body checks in disguise. No one is tuning in just to see you in the same cotton tank top and jersey shorts every day. She reassured her followers that she will continue these ootd posts while inpatient. How else is she gonna brag about hitting her lw and being sooper spoopy

No. 1159507

which doesn't even look low, she just looks dehydrated and overly tanned to look like Otzi the Ice Man

No. 1159508

the saturation filtering to bring out the bones lol

No. 1159511

she lives on ensures and likes reminding everyone how chronic her ana is.

No. 1159548

don't forget the forehead lanugo

No. 1159557


2/10 bonerattle.

No. 1159597

File: 1613102227406.png (2.15 MB, 828x1792, 083CC289-ED7A-42B8-943A-CCA6A9…)

sage cuz she hasn’t been mentioned here enough that i’m sure anyone cares but savingshan is now so sooper special and sick that her fellow patients have to be hand-selected to make sure they don’t bother her. astounding

No. 1159604

If the nurse actually said that it was not meant in a nice way. She’s likely the most obnoxious patient on the unit. That nurse would much rather take care of someone who wants their help not an ana chan scumbag. People are still dying by the thousands from COVID and this bish is ignoring medically recommendations to take spoopy selfies.

Sure, han, your dr picks patients based on what’s best for you. Stratospheric levels of narcissism on full display here.

No. 1159621

This is nonsense. Iron/Multivitamins supplements have NO calories in them, you're not supposed to take Iron with food anyway, and you can take it with Vitamin C instead of orange juice since they only recommend taking it with orange juice for the Vitamin C that it contains, to enhance absorption. Even if there were calories, they'd be negligible, and these cows are not the type to be "afraid of toothpaste" because of the "calories", they're just attention seekers who exaggerate or frauds. If they were genuinely severe spoops, I could understand fearing supplements or toothpaste, but not these cows. I've never heard of taking Iron supplements being "associated" with weight gain. Is that similar to how diet cola is "associated" with weight gain? (Obvious bollocks, btw.)

No. 1159628

What calories? I've never heard of there being calories in vitamin supplements (besides like Omega-3) and even then, it'd be a negligible amount (less than some diet coke), and as I say, these cows are either LARPers or they exaggerate their difficulties. They're not severe spoops who fear water or toothpaste because of "calories", so really there's no excuse for them not to be taking vitamins. I think it's deliberate because they want to be malnourished. I'm aware it won't "undo" the effects of malnutrition, but it is harm reduction. The three types of malnutrition are: obesity, protein-energy malnutrition and micronutrient/mineral deficiencies. Vitamin supplements would help a lot with that last type.

I'm pretty sure the dietary fat you take with the supplements matters more than the amount of body fat you have, though I'm sure low body fat would affect the storage of fat-soluble vitamins, however it shouldn't effect them being utilised by the body when taken with some dietary-fat. I'm pretty sure most fat-soluble vitamins taken are utilised by the body and only a minority of it is actually stored, unless you're taking mega-doses.

No. 1159629

Did you mean Roocovery? Couldn't find a "ro recovering".

No. 1159656

thats a headbanger that loves the good old IP setting. hears voices apparently and milks everything for attention. think theres more of a BPD going on than an ED but of course is toob dependent.

No. 1159667

And fuck the natural sources? The less pills you take the better imo. It's way easier to get c vitamin than iron so the iron supplement I understand but having to take c vitamin when you're not deficient just seems unnecessary

No. 1159708

>so weak and exhausted
>still has energy to do ootd's in hospital

No. 1159713

Meh. It's a water-soluble vitamin so you'll just piss away any excess, but very few people take stand alone Vitamin C supplements. If you had mildly low Iron levels, taking an Iron-containing multivitamin (which would likely also contain Vitamin C) would probably be enough to correct that. Or you could just take the Iron supplement with a multivitamin which wouldn't necessarily have Iron in it, but would most likely have Vitamin C.

No. 1159739

File: 1613125013001.png (1.08 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210212-101701.png)

So dull she's posting old updates.

No. 1159762

File: 1613127057236.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1941, D964E555-AF12-4D1D-83B1-2495D7…)

She’s a head banger too! And after all of that she’s still allowed free access to her phone?

No. 1159770

Why do they post every detail? "So I've been banging my head on a wall, tried to hang myself and was restrained. How are you?"

No. 1159786

and this is somehow NOT bpd?

No. 1159800

File: 1613131819143.jpg (237.8 KB, 1036x828, ect go brrr.jpg)

Georgie continues to get her brain zapped completely unnecessarily and looks like she's gained weight

No. 1159804

Is there something wrong with her hands aside from fat? They look painfully tight.

No. 1159812

thats bs, she was “recovered” about a year ago, so she’s making that up if she says that at all. not milky tho other than her photoshopping phase, just like every other boring “recovery” account

No. 1159814

ro.recovering/recovery can’t rmeber exactly

No. 1159820

those pupils.

No. 1159822

Anyone else follow lifeofhxn on ig, loves to brag about how she’s chronic and is so rude and immature

No. 1159839

lol at thinking you're ~severely malnourished~ enough for fucking erc to reject you. a lot of the patients there are teetering on elzani-level spoop.

No. 1159845

learn2sage self poster

No. 1159862

Ganer's guest episode of a podcast is up, if anyone can be arsed with listening to it. https://open.spotify.com/episode/42RgX9xMTdTmweQwFpXSI1

No. 1159869

Ganer's podcast:

- works at M&S food hall but it's just 'serving a purpose' so that she can pursue her real dreams (she cannot seriously be thinking about pro bodybuilding, surely?)

- competing next year

- been anorexic since she was 13 since her dad killed himself (no two ways about it, that's some shit to go through at that age and I'm not surprised it messed her up)

- got mandated medical help because she was under 16 but she says it made her worse

Then the apparently idiotic podcaster starts asking an unqualified Ganer what her advice is for family members and I might tap out because it's painful to listen to.

No. 1159880

Apparently I hate myself because I continued:

They go into detail about her 400 calorie days in the past because triggering people isn't their problem, But she won't share her current macros - what bullshit? If it's 'dangerous' to share your current stats why share your past ones?

She also won't share her lowest weight, but she will share pictures of it…

Horrifyingly, her mother set up her first personal trainer while she was still in the hospital because she wanted to start bodybuilding. And surprisingly, that PT wasn't very successful so she lost the weight again. Again, she admits she shouldn't have been in the gym and doesn't want people to copy her - but she still shares the pictures.

No. 1159883

I'm really sick of people thinking that because someone suffered from an ED that automatically makes them qualified to give out advice.

No. 1159884

Chriiiiist - she thinks her ED will work "in her favour" when she preps and competes because…. some handwaving about how she'll know she needs to regain the weight to try again or something.

They're both adamant that bodybuilding doesn't cause eating disorders - I'd argue at the professional level for men at least an ED is practically required to succeed, although yea it's not anorexia.

The level of cognitive dissonance in this podcast is mad, the host is now describing how she felt faint and foggy during prep, and asks the anorexic whether she used to feel like that too. But bodybuilding is different, honest.

No. 1159885

It gets worse, they're now talking about how therapists just don't understand if they haven't had anorexia themselves, and Ganer is complaining about how a fat nurse in the ED unit tried to get her to eat and how that wasn't 'right'.

No. 1159887

Thank you for your service anon, this sounds like a complete car crash of a podcast

No. 1159892

She's still scared of being asked out to go for a meal with someone - because she's scared of not being able to track and weigh her food. The justification for this is that she thinks she would undereat, and she'd be worried about hitting her macros or something.

Apparently during the first lockdown she "got very close to not being here" which I'm pretty sure is her trying to say she nearly killed herself… this girl is still so unwell and still refuses to get mental health help.

Anyway, didn't learn much that we didn't already know. To sum up it's 53 minutes of two unqualified people giving unqualified advice and pretending they're not telling people to copy them.

No. 1159900

File: 1613142263153.jpeg (876.47 KB, 828x1696, 2BB2AE2C-C8C1-46C4-B175-45A752…)

Youre telling me this isn’t the face of a perfectly recovered, high performing, well rounded athlete?! I’m shook.

No. 1159905

Why on earth was she on some sort of psych ward alone? Did they staff it all just for her? That makes no sense

No. 1159907

I only got about 5 minutes in but from the sounds of it she has nothing positive to say about services. Is that correct? I get CAMHS is not much help but even so, her message of 'all professionals are incompetent and don't understand my special special case' is really harmful.

No. 1159909

Yeah, I'd say it's actually the exception rather than the norm that she's feeling well enough on her first few days inpatient to be up and around shooting selfies. Most stay in their bed for a while due to being tired, weak, depressed, mentally exhausted, etc.

No. 1159911

Pretty much. It was an odd 10 minutes of "I didn't find any of the help useful, they don't understand" followed immediately by "oh but I'm not a doctor so erm don't ask me what is actually helpful".

No. 1159912

I'd think that actually people with eating disorders are not the ideal people to be giving advice about not having an eating disorder

No. 1159921


Yes, she insists she is SEED despite being 19 years old ffs. Sage bcos have no screenshot.

No. 1159927

File: 1613143918120.jpeg (141.1 KB, 750x1010, F0B5ADA2-900E-4D5F-BA90-BAB0B1…)

Oh god. This is not healthy. Please someone tape this woman’s mouth shut before she influences other orthorexics even more than she already has.

No. 1159935

saged bc also no screenshot but a few days ago she was joking about her sister developing an ED on her story (I think it was in the context of the sister picking up habits from Han) and personally I would NEVER ever even joke about that because the idea of helping cause an ED in my siblings due to my behaviour or whatnot is
terrifying. I just don’t understand how people can be so callous about that.

No. 1159948

Thank you for the summary, anon(s?). I was considering listening if no one else had the stomach for it, but now I definitely won't.

No. 1159965

i hâte to WK but going through her tell i remember her saying she hasn’t been diagnosed as SEED. chronic yes.

No. 1159989

File: 1613149047588.jpeg (65.72 KB, 828x493, 223B245C-2A7D-4BE7-890F-8BD864…)

sage for samefag but my apologies, i stand corrected

No. 1160007

short fingers

No. 1160008


Thanks for finding that. It’s such bullshit. She always has to be the most unwell.

No. 1160094

"chronic" means 5+ years, which is probably the majority of EDs and doesn't really matter in any way, the only people that bring it up are children who think it makes them sound old and impressive or something
Same kids that like to say they're so very sick and complex that they've been abandoned by the system and are having organ failure when they're 16

No. 1160104

Not trying to wk but has lifeofhxn ever actually claimed to be in recovery? If she hasn't, that makes her less milky in my opinion.

No. 1160112

It's not GBS period. Her smile is too symmetrical relative to the eye area for a facial nerve palsy.

No. 1160117

I honestly think she's just making a dumb face on purpose to be cute/quirky. Looks like the infamous Dreamworks face.

No. 1160124


Honestly Hannah makes me so sad. Yeah she can be milky and bitchy but the fact that she’s 19 and has spent years in hospitals making no progress shows how shit this illness can be. Compare her to people like ham and porgie for example. She also doesn’t claim to be in recovery at all so I think it’s uncalled for bringing her up here

No. 1160139

File: 1613164802442.png (755.1 KB, 1193x2048, picked.png)

sage bc not milky but italian aly is still doing the same "validate me" thing she used to do every few posts, while trying to be a lifestyle/travel influencer and hashtagging everything. except now she gets 30 likes per post instead of thousands. it's good she's doing better than she was, but she still needs to be sick and wants validation for it, and she also still replies to bot comments. kind of a bummer of a life.

No. 1160149

Someone claiming to be in recovery isn't necessary to be talked about here.

No. 1160165

Take your whiteknighting and gtfo. Bitchy, in and out of hospital ana chans is the original purpose of this thread. Being sick doesn’t give someone the license to be a scumbag, and it’s people like you who let them get away with it.

No. 1160207

File: 1613171587332.png (4.89 MB, 828x1792, 7106251C-A3EA-424D-9492-CB8339…)

Anna adds 100 more calories to her intake and acts like it’s a massive deal, so much for being in a healthier headspace like she claims

No. 1160212

File: 1613171848291.jpeg (95.51 KB, 796x492, 3A65677C-2E02-49A2-9B7A-45865E…)

…when cows collide

No. 1160214

I feel so bad for her mother. Imagine how traumatic it is for her to witness her daughter bang herself around like an unhinged fool.

No. 1160221

I can't be arsed to post a screenshot but she also made a tiktok about how she is scared to use big spoons, touch oil, try new food etc. I think she'd be recovered now if it weren't for social media because she clearly wants to appear smol and fragile uwu.

No. 1160225

File: 1613172632063.png (3.95 MB, 828x1792, 1CD5F610-AB0F-45A1-89D7-52A24B…)

screenshot from ro’s recent tiktok, her arm doesnt look that different than the ‘photoshopped’ one on her ig

No. 1160274

Well said.
Social media now is so much more toxic for people who have/want eating disorders than pro-ana sites ever were.

No. 1160298


TOO RIGHT!! Problem with social media is that it's accessible to everyone, anyone can be exposed to that shit and think it looks fun to try. At least pro-ana sites were reserved for only those truly sick enough to think of even looking.

No. 1160310

Han is such a brat. I hope she gets the Smorven treatment eventually. Forcefully tubed and refed beyond a healthy weight.No more of her little ensure diet game.

She says she has no dietitian or ED team so how does she get "blessed" with IP constantly?

No. 1160323

Posts like these just prove to me that eating disorders are narcissism and nothing more. Like jfc who cares.

No. 1160334

Most of the girls in these threads who post every single stupid thing online? Yes. But there are anorexics who cover up and basically hide at home trying to kill themselves through starvation, or at least make themselves suffer really badly. These ultra online attention hungry types are their own annoying breed.

No. 1160348

Is smorven overweight?

No. 1160433

File: 1613193144658.png (1.05 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210213-045305.png)

1. Who are "them"?
2. Where did she hear about the "nasty people"?
3. What is she posting that she thinks is against ToS?
4. She's bullshitting, right? Attention posting?

No. 1160444

Kek, if "them" are mass reporting her posts to have them taken down, why do "them" only target some posts? Her "wow pasta is actually amazing!" post is still up, along with the one where she's crying because she can't decide what to eat because it's "too much."

No. 1160460

File: 1613197502090.jpeg (231.99 KB, 1118x1970, 4543B42E-D847-4A73-B3C8-6EC05F…)

Remi has gone to a whole new level. It is so obvious she is body checking in her TikTok videos. And what’s with the airport hair? Like seriously?

No. 1160473

She's clearly archiving her posts and pretending that they're being taken down by Instagram, for attention.

Her body isn't even spoopy, so I don't see why she feels the need to body check. Nobody is going to envy you, Remi.

No. 1160529

Is shay still at nfc? Her and remi could be tiktok besties

No. 1160537

LMFAO airport hair!!! So sorry I just about pissed myself laughing, this is the best thing I've read in a long time. I know you mean 'armpit' but that typo just about gave me a hernia. Thanks for making me laugh today anon.

No. 1160546


I do wonder if Remi is self posting or closely following on here just to give herself content. Keep it coming I say!


Yup! They are there together! Gotta love the fact that the farm is full of cows!


No worries! Wasn’t on purpose, but glad it made your day!!!

No. 1160547

I thought anon actually meant airport, like it's a style of body hair. The way they call a thin pube strip a "landing strip", the bushy pits are entire airports.

That's some jungle growth.

No. 1160553

exactly, otherwise she would show us the reports

No. 1160658

File: 1613227200231.jpeg (958.69 KB, 828x1542, 6F047A42-7AAA-4BFF-A50B-997A65…)

Looks like dharma is trying to rebrand again. She is neither fit nor a foodie, nor are her recipes “macro friendly” unless macro friendly means “90%+ protein bolstered with enough artificial sweetener to make a normal human shit waterfalls”

No. 1160659

She is also in no way 'flexible.' A few days ago when she was talking about getting her head cracked open she sounded almost happy because she would 'need extra goodies to heal her skull'

No. 1160686

File: 1613230761146.jpeg (1.27 MB, 828x1516, 20526164-96D7-47F4-B33E-4F8A0C…)

Sure she’s flexible! Just look how happy and willing she was to have dinner for breakfast! Lol at cauliflower rice fried in egg white and claiming she “loves her sweets” because she eats anabolic ice cream. No actual bodybuilder of athlete eats like this, her recipes are catering 100% to other anorexics looking for tips on how to volume eat.

No. 1160708

File: 1613233871505.png (2.79 MB, 828x1792, B263819D-4E3F-4956-A3E4-2552EF…)

the nurse is laughing at you because your blatant body checking whilst in hospital is possibly the most insane thing she’s seen all day.

No. 1160709

Was this a video? Because if not I call shooping

No. 1160721

It was a video

No. 1160735

File: 1613236852953.png (236.56 KB, 2156x830, Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.40…)

sage for not-exactly-milk but thought those of you that know oki from mpa might find this… interesting.
for context, he commented this under an underage girl's fasting thread

No. 1160744

He needs checking by the police. Being mental and an autist doesn't excuse his predator behaviour.

No. 1160756

Has this been removed? I wasn't able to find it.

No. 1160775

Does the 'paid supporter' thing in the corner mean he pays MPA or they pay him? Either way, he needs his account deleted, this is low even for them.

No. 1160778

I just read that thread and can't find the post either. Ugh, she lost a lot in 30 days and he's rubbing his tiny dick over a kid fucking herself up.

No. 1160780

File: 1613240893952.png (39.34 KB, 720x478, Screenshot_20210213-182334~2.p…)

He pays them.

This though… he's almost 50.

No. 1160784

Either way Oki is a peverted piece of shit, but do you believe the people on these threads actually fast as much as they say they do? ( don't have an account so can't access links to bodychecks on peoples bios to judge from their weight)

No. 1160791

No idea if the fast is real, but I have doubts as fasting for more than a few days at an already very underweight bmi is incredibly difficult and usually leads to vomiting/fainting/hospital stays pretty quick. That said, she is definitely emaciated.

No. 1160792

Removed for what? In the photos of her body you can clearly see she’s at a high-healthy BMI and it’s not like the crap she shovels into her mouth is ever a small enough portions to ~triGger~ anyone. She’s just made this up because she’s been caught out deleting previous posts to make her past self look more ~restrictive~ (remember the pizza? pasta? cake?)
Oh well, at least if/when any of her braindead acolytes wake up we have a fine compilation here kek

No. 1160796

She posts pics and her weight loss is noticeable and not just angles. Fasting is so stupid.

No. 1160799

File: 1613242692588.png (706.1 KB, 720x848, Screenshot_20210213-185530~2.p…)

Sure Ham…

No. 1160802

File: 1613242746403.png (546.3 KB, 720x822, Screenshot_20210213-185543~2.p…)

No. 1160808

File: 1613243838332.png (782.88 KB, 534x665, Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 19.17…)

ham says she wants to recover bc she wants a bum. pretty sure at her weight she would have one. why's she acting like she's skelly

No. 1160814

Taking selfies after midnight? So goofy!

Arghhhhh you beat me, anon.
>to grow taller
Ham, you're 17. I have some bad news for you about growing.

No. 1160816

>To reinvent myself and become a new person

The irony

No. 1160818

>Glowy skin

Hint, skincare.

No. 1160820

>to not be the girl with an eating disorder
Ham, don't shoot the messenger but nobody other than yourself thinks of you as that

No. 1160821

Nitpick but does it bother anyone else that she does not capitalise the 'd' in ED?

No. 1160824

It's not just you, anon.

No. 1160825

File: 1613244666580.gif (4.92 MB, 498x371, nice one.gif)

No. 1160830

does anyone know how long this girl claims to have had an ED for? Because it smells like such bullshit to me that it hasn't physically changed her in anyway.

No. 1160834

File: 1613245428940.jpg (132.28 KB, 1200x718, Capture.JPG)

"So long".

Noticed she hashtagged atypical.

No. 1160835

probably thinks it means 'a typical anorexia' patient. It's frustrating, I for one am really interested in hearing from people who are open about their atypical diagnosis

No. 1160836

Is it bad that I feel a little sad for her? She’s not got a single pic with a friend, only alone or with her parents….

No. 1160838

She should make more of an effort.

No. 1160846

flexing her wkd KEK thats what 13 year olds drink in the uk. this girls an actual spastic

No. 1160853

That pic looks recent-ish as well. She's trying to pass it off as "pre ED?"?

No. 1160857

All her photos are pre-ED

No. 1160858

usually when recovery accounts post these kinds of throwbacks to their ‘old selves’ they wanna get back to, it’ll be a bunch of pics of them out with friends, partying, doing normal fun teen/young adult stuff. ham’s is literally just her making stupid faces alone & one with her mum . a bit beyond pathetic

No. 1160859

im sure she’s one of the weirdos who sometimes refers to it like it’s a person. ‘Ed’s so hard to deal with today i can’t stand him!’

No. 1160862

Wow even "pre ed" she had no friends. If you're reading this ham, drop the fake ed bullshit go to college and make some friends, Jeez even get a hobby or join a club because currently you have no life outside insta and mummy.

No. 1160863

Ham's world is iced gems, nutella porridge, malt loaf, processed pancakes, larping anorexia, filming it and her mother.

No. 1160867

Gotta pop out them collarbones to look extra sick and spoopy!

No. 1160882

i hâte to white knight but what makes this girl milky isn’t shopping or LARPing, as she’s pretty fucking skelly, it’s being a blatant undisguised pro ana scumbag.

No. 1160993

File: 1613257407913.png (5.5 MB, 828x1792, 66CC6263-985F-4CF7-ABF1-5CAD05…)

No, you don’t look healthy. You look the exact same as you did when you were hospitalized lmao.

No. 1160997

This isn't a flattering photo but she normally looks healthy to me - but she always has, even when she was ip.

No. 1161002

File: 1613258096051.png (664.5 KB, 452x1016, Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 9.15…)

"i want a bum"
you have one. just looks small in comparison to your bulging stomach.

No. 1161005

How long until she starts crying "chronic"?

No. 1161007

File: 1613258301588.png (1 MB, 738x1126, dribble douche.png)

couldn't bodycheck in a clean shirt?

No. 1161032

wtf sort of self posting is this? she’s always looked relatively healthy that’s why she’s so entertaining lol. and she wasn’t hospitalised, she went to a day programme and snapped a few pictures with a much-coveted tube.

No. 1161042

I'm pretty sure the day programme was private as well, I don't think she was ever low enough to be accepted into a CAMHS unit.

No. 1161044

it was a camhs unit, she mentioned it a while back. Also, she was hospitalized in general for a while. do your research

No. 1161094

Isn't the whole premise of "OOTD" supposed to be that you're looking cute or put any shred of effort into looking good and want to share?

No. 1161123


no you big dumb-dumb everyone knows that ever since their conception, OOTD's are nothing but re-labeled bodychecks.

No. 1161195

File: 1613275143604.png (1.71 MB, 1186x1096, Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 1.59…)

It's the fake crying for me.

No. 1161197

Wow, Justine Littlewood sure looks rough

No. 1161236

Jonzie made herself a new blog dedicated to her sooper special illnesses and it's so bad, fam. https://alexysfightsforlife.blogspot.com/

No. 1161252


Tbh anyones eyes would water with their hair pulled back so tight

No. 1161263

File: 1613285101461.png (206.41 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-064301.png)

Wow, these feeding tubes sound incredible! More energy, motivation, peaceful sleep! Now I know why they're so popular. We ALL need one. Don't need any feed in it, but most of our cows don't either. Just leave it hanging there.

No. 1161267

it's the stopping crying to glance over and see if the staff are watching - for me lmao

No. 1161268

File: 1613286441827.jpg (383.55 KB, 1700x2200, Untitled document-1.jpg)

sage bc she's already been mentioned but can we PLEASE talk about this cow @im_powering. biggest hypocrite on the platform imo

No. 1161269

File: 1613286545382.jpg (186.43 KB, 1080x1288, melancholy.jpg)

Guys, do you remember how spoopy I was? Because maybe you've forgotten how spoopy I was, so here's the 60th reminder this year of how spoopy I was.

No. 1161277

She's been sharing other people's stories who have shared her spoop pics as inspiring and I guess that's what she wants. Attention and validation from her peers and heroes

No. 1161278

i agree! biggest hippopotamus on insta these days. so high and mighty and 'better than thou' attitude all because her "recovery" can be done while still remaining underweight and so clearly still eating disorderly. preaching her bullshit to the masses while still stuck deep within her disorder = infuriates me.


what is with the sudden influx or ganers stories? is lockdown in the UK that boring? not complaining as im loving the delicious, creamy milk its producing.
also , why does her hair look better here than in her recents?

No. 1161279


*hypocrite, not hippopotamus.

No. 1161296

Her skin looks more hydrated than now. She obviously feels she gets more praise for maintaining her weight while ~training~ because she was a spoop. Therefore, asspats are pity as opposed to congratulating her on any muscle progress (of which there's none).

No. 1161316

File: 1613294278654.png (Spoiler Image, 3.61 MB, 1125x2001, 182EB472-2008-441E-A8FB-4540C1…)

Lee preps to get back to new farm ASAP. Her return was short lived but that’s no surprise. It’s just rediculious that she treats New Farm like a holiday inn. In the time that she’s been out she has been functioning fine (considering she has no job or priorities it must have been a breeze). She being admitted ‘just cuz’? Or is because she gets a wittle bit stressed and overwhelmed by the lack of anything she has to deal with in her day to day life

No. 1161338

File: 1613297099891.jpeg (63.47 KB, 724x262, 550CD0A4-FAC1-48CB-8B69-76EAE6…)

- one thing that annoys me but is probably a nitpick is her bio. The whole ‘if I can do it so can you’ thing irritates me - not in a bone rattler ‘I’m sicker than you way’ bc I’m
not, but because she implies recovery is harder for her than anyone else. She appears pretty well off, has a supportive family and access to services though.
— also she constantly makes posts about how ‘her ED is not a result of wanting to be thin or dieting’ and acts superior because she’s not vain like all of the other anas. Your ED isn’t better because you have more trauma or whatever.

No. 1161340

Excuse me for not wanting to trawl through her self-indulgent posts to find the details of exactly how uwu poorly she was.

No. 1161356

Kek this made my day

No. 1161361

File: 1613301617014.jpeg (197.45 KB, 828x899, BD391C71-6FB0-431C-B8F7-776C3A…)

Thick lasted 3 days out of hospital before heading back into emergency again to waste everyone’s time during a lockdown/pandemic. Previous posts complaining that she is about to have a seizure (I’m sure if she actually did we would have heard all about it) and complaining about “eating too freely”. She seems to be accepting followers slowly, got to get that attention, so it’s worth a look for the entertainment

No. 1161370

her dietitian must be a complete idiot

No. 1161377

File: 1613305971054.jpg (67.97 KB, 1080x1271, IMG_20210214_223234.jpg)

So apparently the new wording for binge eating is "recovery feasts". Leithsrecovery made some guide that everyone is now sharing

No. 1161379

File: 1613306006476.jpg (364.62 KB, 1080x1797, IMG_20210214_223110.jpg)

No. 1161380

File: 1613306038059.jpg (338.07 KB, 1080x1664, IMG_20210214_223030.jpg)

Gotta love some testimonials!

No. 1161382

this has to be a fucking troll. blog but i've dealt with bed before and my binges weren't even that extreme

No. 1161383

my tinfoil: the Anas lie about their binging to encourage other people to eat as much and gain

No. 1161384

File: 1613307094086.jpg (105.11 KB, 720x560, why.jpg)

"I feel so sick remembering what I was wearing, anyway here is some pics of what I wore"
why would anyone share that

No. 1161388

I agree. They LOVE seeing others gain.

No. 1161390

Agreed. There's no way their shrunk stomachs could handle that much food. Or they purge and don't admit to it.

No. 1161391

Attention whore

No. 1161401

File: 1613309814131.jpeg (1012.19 KB, 828x1567, 780AE197-A4AF-4357-BB23-C8D6A1…)

But- she can’t even spell on half of her videos

No. 1161412

I guess spelling isn’t indicative of overall intelligence but she also doesn’t come across as particularly eloquent. I love how she acknowledged she was bragging and just wanted views but went ahead and posted it anyway

No. 1161414

Aw man she deleted it!

No. 1161415

exactly. a lot of these "all in" recovery accounts are HAES supporting wannarexics looking to justify their binging under the guise of "recovering from restriction"

No. 1161426

Never heard the rearm before, honestly seems like a dangerous idea to feed people with eating disorders that could easily flip the other way. Don’t know, maybe I’m wrong

No. 1161427

How is this not binging? Like I know extreme hunger is a real thing but like come on…. even if this is what they eat it should in no way be normalised because once they’re out of the extreme hunger phase and their body regulates they can’t be eating that stuff so regularly or it will have negative health complications. Smh obesity has just as bad side affects as anorexia

No. 1161428

exactly, even when i was recovering (granted i was not elzani spoopy by any means but i was underweight) i had extreme hunger, but that is straight up binging. come on, until you are in physical pain?!

sage for blogpost

No. 1161444

soz for blogging but when i was an impressionable young 14 yo trying to recover these types of posts were what made me develop bed. promoting binging as a form of recovery is so so harmful. these recovery accs are
a) just a bunch of recovering anorexics trying to justify their binging
b) a bunch of anorexics trying to get other people to binge for their satisfaction

No. 1161461

some of this is legit more than actual 400lb fatties with BED can eat in a binge. so fake and weird and damaging to promote

No. 1161462

Professional treatment teams recognize extreme hunger but they won't tell the patient to just give in to it and binge. They will give them a meal plan, which compared to what an average person maintaining their weight needs to eat is very high calorie, and if they are still hungry beyond that they will explain that the body's hunger cues are not reliable right now and support them thru it. Binging, even if in response to extreme hunger, is considered a behaviour.

No. 1161463

File: 1613320202595.gif (589.14 KB, 480x270, number one in bullshit.gif)

They have shit therapists if they're being told it's okay to do this. They usually keep a check on intake so they don't develop binge eating after becoming friends with food again.

Let's normalise sitting on public transport rubbing peanut butter into our breasts!!!!!!!!!!!


No. 1161466

File: 1613321053110.png (140.06 KB, 591x1280, EEC35A17-EDE6-41EF-AA3D-CCA748…)


That caption tho

No. 1161469

Okay, but your heroin sweatpants are supposed to cover your knickers.

No. 1161473

That caption makes no sense to me. Is she trying to say only flat stomachs are okay or..?

No. 1161479

File: 1613323956414.jpeg (178.74 KB, 750x1334, 8E854AC3-EC0E-4CE5-9F00-BA421D…)

So ana posted this to her story

No. 1161480

File: 1613323992023.jpeg (212.77 KB, 750x1265, 88A6CA13-9D4B-46EA-8EDF-390512…)

But this is from her FDOE a few days ago. So is she lying about eating the doughnuts or if being her first one?

No. 1161491

the body and the striped pjs truly make her look like a holocaust victim

No. 1161493

The pink DONUT is in recovery. The first one ever to seek treatment. Brush up your comprehension skills!

I was wondering if she'd had any of the ana army tell her it's wrong for her to say others should look like her.

No. 1161496

she hasn't changed a single bit

No. 1161501

betting on parents' money tbh

No. 1161502

She did get comments on it but she already deleted them

No. 1161505

Typical (comments and deletion)

No. 1161515

Trying to get attention for CSA is some next level shit. For all the anas hoping to trigger people with their skele nudes, this is pretty much the only actually disturbing image I've seen

No. 1161519

anon are you feeling okay

No. 1161521

File: 1613327246229.png (4.88 MB, 828x1792, AC71237D-2B61-48E1-8749-35CCE6…)

watermelons looking pretty good for a ninety year old woman my god

No. 1161524

File: 1613327599747.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1169x1864, 6D1C2058-9BE9-45AD-AEDB-B06B46…)

In other news, Laura’s still got the tube and has scratched up her face some more. Loads of people on tellonym have asked her what happened but she’s pretending she doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

No. 1161571

Why is the time ago this story was made blotted out?

No. 1161574

File: 1613331553188.jpeg (169.57 KB, 828x670, 9752EBA1-4663-466E-8A01-FE3030…)

I don’t follow but the bio made me lol. “Putting the ex in anorexia” Are we sure about that?

No. 1161586

I'm not the anon you're replying to but it is sensible to blot out the timestamp(?) If the cow lurks here (which we know Laura does) they can identify who viewed the story at that time and block them,

No. 1161589

File: 1613332525193.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, 88DF2A76-26A9-4542-915C-477E64…)

when will may stop fucking begging for money?? „for food“? why, you‘re gonna end up throwing it up anyways soooo

No. 1161596

has anyone there congratulated her on ticking off #1 on her bucket list yet? she's so delighted to finally have that tube (not difficult to achieve on a pd unit, apparently)

No. 1161614

She doesn't look human anymore. It's strange. Wtf is going on with her face.

No. 1161617

File: 1613334532934.png (1.43 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210214-202802.png)

Jesus. Ham had a bath and loved herself.

No. 1161637

basic personal hygiene AND apple instead of grapes?! really pushing the boat out there, Ham

No. 1161648

Why is it always nutritionally devoid food? I'm a dumbfag and just can't understand why the body wouldn't automatically crave something nutritious and hearty not 10 packets of dry ass oreos and a tub of Ben and Jerry's

No. 1161671

File: 1613338051737.jpeg (557.88 KB, 750x1206, D5B26463-D595-4C22-927F-801C89…)

She’s very proud of the state of her face

No. 1161685

Being close and being dependent ain't the same thing. Elzani can't function as an adult without her family, and her parents allow her to stay a teen forever.

No. 1161689


It really is normal to crave that kind of food during extreme hunger in recovery from anorexia, the body really just goes for the highest calorie options that are the easiest to eat in large amounts. It isn't really about "nutritious" at that point, it's about getting in as many calories as possible so the body can return to some kind of sustainable state that is less life threatening. Part of it is also due to those kinds of food often being restricted or completely banned during the illness, so when rules are loosened and the aim is to gain weight, you kind of go crazy with calorie dense food for a bit while the extreme hunger phase is active.

Most people will get over extreme hunger eventually if they can stick to recovery and work on regularly eating adequate amounts, slowly working towards a normal, unrestricted balanced diet (usually with a meal plan of some sort). That's when they usually start craving more nutritious foods and lose interest in eating calorie dense foods in such a huge amount because the body is returning to a more normal, safe state and it's biologically more important to get a balanced, nutritious diet rather than quick calories in large amounts to increase body weight and body fat.

No. 1161702

File: 1613340943086.png (211.54 KB, 639x484, Screenshot_20210214-221531~2.p…)

No. 1161706

haha thank u anon my thoughts exactly…

No. 1161716

File: 1613342051223.jpg (1.36 MB, 1407x2568, Screenshot_20210214-222632_Ins…)

sage for boring predictable content from ganer but the blue measuring cup with choc in every fucking morning cracks me up, what a sperg.

No. 1161719

She has to weigh everything for macros, duh! You totally need an exact amount to log it, right? Makes total sense for someone with an eating disorder to do it.

No. 1161729

File: 1613343373824.png (289.89 KB, 1233x1122, thickcunt.PNG)


i disagree. she appears to be culling followers down to 36 of her 'close friends' in order to eliminate the farmers who follow her.

I wonder how many innocent followers she chopped and how many of the other 36 that remain are also farmers (such as myself) good luck finding me Em, haha

No. 1161743

This made me physically sick what a creep.

No. 1161764

Be careful anon, best to scribble out even the number of likes/accounts who liked… we don’t want to lose your access!

No. 1161792

She, for me, the the #1 most detestable cow (followed by a narrow margin by Smorv). She is literally in front of a house who the hell is going to believe she’s stranded in snow. This whole story is such blush it she is just a scummy ebegger. Go show your wilted clit to creeps on the internet if you want cash for binge food, May.

No. 1161871


LOL, she just deleted 6 more followers but not me, keep on trying Em. how many more have to be cut before you give into the fact that your too old for this 'sickest wittle chiwld' shit. she's definately a lurker here.

No. 1161924

100% a lurker, 100% quietly angry about finally being outed as an illness faker

No. 1161928

The best part is I haven’t been removed yet. Less than 30 followers to choose from til you find me

No. 1161947


LOL, so out of 30 there are at least 2 of us?! haha. i also just noticed she cut 3 more, down to 27 followers now.
did you survive the chop? i did, so can still share the milk if need be.

this is hilarious!

No. 1162006

fukn LOL, down to 20 followers and im still in the list!! just goes to show that you really cant trust no bitch in this day and age. we are all two-faced. i apologize for those legit followers she culled in the hunt for me and the other anon.

No. 1162041

File: 1613372150691.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1125x1833, 56CB77D9-6115-4F42-AAE7-53A48F…)

This is about the 3rd time she’s pulled her own tube out, not including her tampering with the feeds and turning the machine off. It’s beyond me as to why they don’t have her on some sort of security watch, or one on one with a nurse? COVID has just hit Melbourne again so maybe that is why, but she just keeps carrying on. Keeps on saying that she’s sick but ‘Not sick enough to die’ yet bangs on about refeeding syndrome and all of her spoopy woes. Top tier pro ana shit too - sharing with a bunch of disordered people the idea of fucking with tube feeds.

No. 1162054

File: 1613374633999.png (1.22 MB, 1622x802, nose hose.png)

uploads a video of her and the 'lovely nurse' re-inserting the tube (this cow has had it done so many times she can basically do it on her own, wow congrats, much accomplishment). the nurse is literally taking the piss out of her the whole time.

but she's not! pro! ana! guyz!1!1!!!1

No. 1162063

You can totally detect the bpd in these cows, most anorexics like avoiding hospitaisation but when personality disorder attention seeking comes into play, the more tubing the merrier.

No. 1162081

Yeah, the BPD and attention seeking is strong. One minute you're so distressed you're pulling the tube out, the next minute you're helping a nurse put it back in? I can't with these bitches.

No. 1162091

THIS! These recovery accounts like saying this sort of binging is different to regular binging but its a disordered behaviour. Not to sperg too much but this is a good read for anyone who wants to know why its all nonsense to encourage binging: https://debunking-minniemaud.tumblr.com/tagged/debunked
and you're SO distressed you film it.

No. 1162093

It is awful to encourage people to follow all mental hunger cues, because to eat up to thousands upon thousands of calorie is dangerous. Its not easy to deal with it for the body but for sure it is not for the mind!! These people simply deny that switching from one ED to another - like from An to BE is possible and that if you raise that, you're fatphobic. Sorry, but this is - bullshit. There are lots of studies proofing this.
"There is no such a thing like binging in recovery"

Some even say obesity is a social construct and that all the studies who show that being obese is horrible for the body, are wrong and that there may be people who have their natural BMI around 30…40….


Also sure a lot of AN sufferers do need up to 3000 cals + a day. But not everyone! Its crap, that just says: if you are XYYY old and XYYYY height you have to eat…..
I mean - individuals?? Ever heard of?

And yeah, most of us are ED sufferers ourselves. Does this make us unable to do scientific research? No.

But lets be fair: To say: being sedentary and eat enough to gain, stop purging and using other bulimic coping mechanism as a guideline to recovery is valid. But for sure its not these ana chans right to take credit for. Its quite common, though.

This shit may help SOME sufferers…to others, it does great damage. People who believe this "there is no binging in recovery", who are now wr and are bulimic or have BE. Or are obese would think otherwise.

No. 1162115

christ im sick of this chick, people have called her out numerous times and she's still insisting that shes just sharing her raw experiences and not being pro ana kek

No. 1162116

I want to rip the patchy hair out of her receding hairline so bad

No. 1162122

she thinks it makes her look sicker lol

No. 1162167

File: 1613394471746.jpeg (276.42 KB, 750x1292, 7C7AE0A3-AFB4-41BC-A7A4-439803…)

Yeah not really. She recently posted a pancake recipe consisting of egg whites, 0 cal syrup, 0 cal sweetener and some oat flour.

No. 1162170

That's so gross and depressing. Just eat your celery at that point.

No. 1162171

Got to turn up that saturation to emphasise the bones. How old is this girl? She seems to have been hit by the premature ageing stick earlier than most spoops.

No. 1162172

There was no need at all to put her wrist/arm in that shot. The filter is very Dasha-esque.

No. 1162173

Not to blog but relevant to the discussion. Unfortunately I have encountered psychiatrists in Canada encouraging binge eating in anorexic patients because they think "at least they won't die that way" and it's the safer ed. It's unbelievably shitty and predictably sends the patients into spirals of self loathing and sometimes even worse mental illness. Going from anorexic to gorging 10,000+ cals in a few hours shouldn't be accepted or encouraged by professionals.

No. 1162175

File: 1613395401916.png (542.99 KB, 1080x1300, Screenshot_2021-02-15-07-22-48…)

Looks like she got some negative feedback.

No. 1162179

File: 1613396125888.jpg (2.62 MB, 2389x1230, coffeecatsandcuntiness.jpg)

coffee.cats.recovery has in one day been self-admitted to hospital, had a fit because no one there was giving her any ~speshul awtention~, including not giving her the VIP tour of the fucking ward and showing her where the dining room is, or even talking to her (the nurses prob know whats up with these cows by now), and self discharged home already.

like i get it, your mum died and you need the attention that the nurses give you to fill that void, but expecting the VIP treatment when you are a self-tubing, wig-wearing, 30-something year old virgin in the middle of a global pandemic who cracks the shits and self-discharges because of the lack of arsepats and attention is really something else…

No. 1162192

How old is she?

No. 1162193

She said she was already being watched around the clock with someone assigned to sit next to her bed at all times bc so high risk and special kek

No. 1162196

IP is literally only for people who "absolutely medically need it", does she not understand what a hospital is?

No. 1162200

File: 1613399896149.jpg (161.52 KB, 600x400, hate her.jpg)

>settling in

Ruined by a patient AND staff. Staff wouldn't give her 4 checks on.the.dot. Nobody bothered to "show her around". That damn patient still being a pain in the ass and the staff wouldn't even have a chat with her to grass on the patient for making her feel uneasy. Grr.

Yeah, go home, stay in bed. Stay there.

Never take an adult that uses a kid's plaster/band aid to stick their tube to their face.

Her cats hate her.

No. 1162212


She's only 18. I've followed her for a while and other than her "OOTDS" being blatant body checks, she doesn't seem milky, just really seriously ill.

No. 1162230

Yikes. I don’t follow her but given that 1) her profile picture is a healthy face, not a spoopy full body pic when it could be and 2) her account is private )so she has less of a responsibility to avoid posting triggering content) I’m going to concur on the non-cow status

No. 1162231

Anyone seen kittyflo.fights.back on tiktok? I see her going on about hospital but idk she doesn’t look that bad to me. She cried over chocolate and seemed more believable than Ham but still overkill possibly. Also on insta someone asked if her weight was dangerous and she said it wasn’t helpful to answer which makes it sound like the answer is yes but I don’t see it. Thoughts?

No. 1162232


No. 1162234

>>1162231 "seemed more believable" she doesn't have that many views and her instagram isn't tagged, this scream self post. for anyone thats curious, the chocolate video is worse than ham, worth checking it out if you want a laugh

No. 1162236

>this scream self post

My conclusion also because "Thoughts?" is usually a selfposter. Plus no screenshot.

No. 1162240


Not a self post!! It was my first post, I normally just lurk, so was probs awkward phrasing!

No. 1162241

File: 1613406128122.png (5.43 MB, 1125x2436, 8BEF4377-B9AD-4EC2-87BC-B2E90A…)

No. 1162243

idk the fact that it's the first time she's brought up and the only question is whether we think her weight is dangerous or not seems pretty obvious it's someone seeking validation kek

No. 1162244

File: 1613406380208.jpg (130.66 KB, 1458x541, Capture.JPG)

w/e but I see this person's raised a good amount of cash for care packages https://uk.gofundme.com/f/recovery-packages-and-letters which is good of her. I get the impression she's been in the system a while (because of follower count). Nah. I don't think she's dodgy and I'm not going to be a twat about her. I don't know her story.

No. 1162255

File: 1613407826179.jpg (1.34 MB, 1417x2050, Screenshot_20210215-114509_Ins…)

Not super milky per se but this one follows a bunch of cows and is always ridiculously photoshopping herself to look more spoopy. Has been called out but denies it.

No. 1162257

Miss the good old days where anorexics were self-conscious. Probably not healthy to feel like you have to hide your body but a hell of a lot less annoying
>>1162231 doesn't look dangerous to me either

No. 1162258

File: 1613408021277.jpg (1.27 MB, 1440x1835, 20210215_115337.jpg)

Same fag but apparently her bf isnt in on the gag, and doesnt post photoshopped pics of her

No. 1162262

what a poor job

No. 1162275

File: 1613410986032.png (700.71 KB, 1136x580, Screenshot_20210215-123803_kin…)

Yeah someone with legs like this would be inpatient not day program >>1162258 good find

No. 1162279

File: 1613411623951.jpg (62.77 KB, 522x849, radiatorsaccordingtocelinearew…)

The wonky radiator

No. 1162285

File: 1613412091077.jpg (1.78 MB, 1439x2493, Screenshot_20210215-130147_Ins…)

Outs herself here in the caption

No. 1162293

This whole part of her is wrong. Her waist is out of proportion and did she stretch herself?

Why is she popular? All I see is unfortunate looks, awful clothes, some kind of midget boyfriend and really terrible style.

No. 1162294

File: 1613412551437.jpg (90.72 KB, 779x700, Capture.JPG)

No. 1162297

Meh, even if not milky, her page is lolz

No. 1162305

File: 1613413478308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.94 KB, 1080x1752, 20210215_122049.jpg)

Dry skin? Yes. Whatever the fuck is happening here? No. (Spoilered because gross)

No. 1162306

File: 1613413654247.jpg (405.39 KB, 1752x1080, ewermagahd.jpg)

What the fuck. Rotated.

No. 1162308

Lol she got her tube out for sure and thats why the camera cuts off at her nose

No. 1162310

looks like psoriasis or eczema plus it's apparent she doesn't moisturize her face at all

No. 1162315

I just noticed that her face doesn't look like half of it is melting (or at least not as much as it usually does)

No. 1162319


I´ve been following her for I think 5 years now. Imho not milky. She´s in and out and in and out of several hospitals and never recovering.
Often saying how great she´s doing but a few months later admits about her lying.
Pobably chronic case, but not milky.

No. 1162320



No. 1162341

for f's sake, why would you post that. embarrassing

No. 1162353

Sure you responded to the right post?

No. 1162378

File: 1613420470182.jpg (80.91 KB, 641x898, 20210215_141907.jpg)

Ham posted videos of herself eating. Same old stuff. She also shared a page of her "book of fears."

No. 1162390

any sane person is scared of black pudding that shits disgusting

No. 1162393

File: 1613421359771.jpg (462.47 KB, 1080x1084, Screenshot_20210215-143532_Vid…)

Samefag. Ham shows off her double chin while telling Hammum she had an egg custard.


No. 1162394

I've seen quite a bit of discussion about how sharing long lists of fear foods is harmful because people who were previously ok with x item then feel that it is too high calorie. Be careful Ham! you don't want to trigger your followers!

No. 1162401

Now that you say that, Them might mass report her post and make instagram take it down again.

No. 1162408

Re: coffecatsrecovery, if she legit has such issues with her sugars and needs 4hrly BGL checks, you'd think she would be taught to do this herself and have her own equipment to do so. Even kids can do finger prices. She does not need nurses doing that for her.

No. 1162410

Speak for yourself! Black pudding is delicious.

No. 1162412

She posted a question sticker asking people to send in their "assumptions" of her.

Here's mine: desperate, selfish, attention-seeking twat with no regard for the people around her.

No. 1162415

I understand that fear foods are irrational, but c’mon ham! Poached egg? How is she expecting anyone to take her seriously when she considers low cal foods so ‘scawwy’. Fried egg would make since but jeez. Your Larp is showing again, ham.

No. 1162417

"wasn't planned. spontaneous. totally spontaneous."
sure, jan.

No. 1162424

Wow I can't believe she faced her fear of "breakfast buffets." What an inspiration.

No. 1162426

Yea I second this. Have also followed her for ages and she is chronic and not particularly milky nor interesting. Leads a pointless life in and out of hospital, briefly working bagging groceries or something similarly menial. She maybe was slightly milky in the past when she had an Ed-dedicated account (freetheflan? Cecetheflan? I don’t remember) but now barely acknowledges her ED. I do think she might sometimes shoop but she is also pretty spoopy. But generally speaking her account is boring AF.

No. 1162451

Don't understand why anyone would post this, the only people I see posting disgusting shit like this are munchies, kek.

No. 1162460

I'm not anachan so please could someone explain, is having multiple brands of cereal as a fear food a thing? Like to me i'd have thought fearing cereal in general would be how it worked…I can't see the logic in fearing frosties when you don't fear shreddies?

No. 1162467


plot twist, she does have a BGL checker at home and does it herself, ive seen her flaunt it and her results many times on her stories.
the one thing that machine cant do is help with your mummy issues and coddle you though, hence the requirement for the kids facial tube sticker thing and the frequent IP holidays

No. 1162468

Fear foods are often irrational (not talking about ham, hers are just ridiculous). Soz for blog but I've had some cereal as fears but not other. It's more of an ocd thing, like fearing yellow bell pepper bc it has a few more cals than green.

Sage for blog

No. 1162471


not sure exactly, but late 20's/early 30's. looks like a 50yo crackhead though with all her facial scars from SH and loose skin, bonus points for constantly ripping bongs too!

No. 1162472

Ah okay that totally makes sense, thank you for sharing!

No. 1162486

Op here and did say she wasnt milky but that the shooping was funny. Agreed shes generally quite boring

No. 1162582


Not wanting to go on and on about our own experiences here but I followed heaps of the accounts that promote binging when I was in recovery and ended up gaining too much weight lol but at least I have the insight to realise this and move to a meal plan and stabilise my weight. Ham and co don’t seem to realise that what they’re doing is binging

No. 1162592

File: 1613438708064.jpeg (298.44 KB, 828x1472, 391A126C-2ED9-4CD7-8FD1-DF545A…)

Why do cows feel the need to post their anorexia diagnosis like woohoo ur sooooo sick

No. 1162601


I've never heard of this Coe so I don't know if she's proana or a munchie or what, but I noticed she's in Aus too. Just FYI literally anything can be put into those notes without verification. Blogpost, but when I had a baby and they took my medical history everything I said was put down without any checks for validity. Porgie posted a similar form as "proof" a few threads back too.

Tldr; this form is not a diagnosis. It is a nearly meaningless note the doctor made based purely on what she said.

No. 1162613

too bad the psychiatrist diagnosed her with atypical anorexia under osfed because shes over bmi 18 kek

you're not valid Zoe

No. 1162614

the oat muffin, of course is a fear….she only just heard of it of course but now she will just HAVE to challenge the current popular ana recovery food item

No. 1162639

She just has to show everyone that she has Anorexia on a piece of paper. Wonder if she thinks she can subtly slide into the AN diagnosis for attention bc she certainly wasn’t happy about the atypical Anorexia diagnosis. She does whatever she can to come across as a sooper sick anachan, when realistically the weight loss is probably a result of the ritalin and duromine she keeps pumping into her body.

No. 1162644

We get it Zoe, you self post on here to make sure we all know your diagnosis

No. 1162646

That picture doesn't say atypical anorexia though? Am I missing something?

No. 1162662

Smorven is looking like shit.

No. 1162698

read the post above the one you replied to

No. 1162712

Everytime she "challenges" a food she does the same faces. It feels like she's trying to mimic what "ana" would do when she sees food. She tries to look so disgusted and scared and then she eats it and POOF ana's gone and the shit food is OH SO DELICIOUS "I can't BELIEVE I've never ever ever had this before!". It's the same video over and over again with not even new foods. Ham you fat piggie stop eating so much crap, please, taste real foods for a change and maybe then your over the top reaction would be warranted..

No. 1162739

File: 1613454572032.png (631.68 KB, 719x739, valentines.png)

Imagine basing real life transactions around what an obese fascist said on a podcast.

No. 1162740

Blood and fat. That's n2f tier disgusting.

Please seek help.

No. 1162742

File: 1613455018872.png (100.33 KB, 745x775, druscilla.png)

What is this person's deal?(wrong thread)

No. 1162745

Hi. I think you're in the wrong thread. Jsyk.

No. 1162755

Seems like a self post. No one cares

No. 1162767

fuck off self-poster, no one cares

No. 1162844

File: 1613471907680.png (7.98 MB, 1125x2001, 80073022-3BBA-4B91-8AC0-2E3760…)

Lee claims a breakdown over dinner, right after a post about how she was bothered that the kitchens closed for supper so they had to have only fruit and biscuits. The real tears probably came from the fact that they’re limiting her benzos

No. 1162847

What… when did not so little lee slip back into NFC? Shay, remi and now lee. Just need georgia and its the whole gang.
Speaking of, shay is being discharged friday apparently (although shes currently riding the grieving bandwagon) and shes moving out of home. How is this possible if she has no job or income? Did we miss something?

No. 1162855

I love when they realise that going ip means they lose some of the things they have freedom to do/use at home. All hospitals limit benzo doses because duh.

No. 1162861

File: 1613474282696.jpg (82.33 KB, 950x960, ham.jpg)

It's "Pancake Day" in the UK. Will Ham pass off those atrocious rubbery things as the real deal or will she #challenge herself to the real deal? Hell, she could smear them with Lurpak and face her fear head on.

No. 1162878

i'm sorry i don't know how to put videos on here, ovi showing her super amazing recovery diet


No. 1162884

"i was so full" i smell cap

No. 1162904

File: 1613482562230.gif (15.93 MB, 414x560, 5DFCE11F-9123-4DBC-9769-75E97C…)

>>1162878 I’m sorry but the way they aggressively ate that strawberry made me laugh

No. 1162906

In the US treatment centers collect data on how people are doing after discharge, how many re-admit, what impact specific treatments are or aren't having. Maybe could give some tips to AU where it looks like treatment is basically nothing and you just continue your normal life in a different setting for a few weeks

No. 1162911

Oh god, she's like a toothless old woman chomping on that end bit.

No. 1162913

who the fuck does she think she's kidding?

No. 1162946


No. 1162955

we need some new cows. ham is getting boring

No. 1162961

She's so repetitive and easily predictable.. I wish porgie would make a comeback.

No. 1162988

I miss molly. she genuinely made me laugh

No. 1162993

I'm honestly wondering if she might be doing better, she seems to be faking less and it seems obvious (to me at least) that she has some underlying issues that may be coming to the surface more. I could also be reading into something that's not there, but I'd be really happy for her if she was able to open up and get help. I'd wonder if it's the ECT doing it, but I'd think ECT would have pretty much the opposite effect given it's effects on cognition.

No. 1162994

Samefag to clarify, I was writing about Porgie, not ham.

No. 1162996

File: 1613492307041.jpg (63.4 KB, 444x500, mellow birds madam.jpg)

I want Ham to stick around. Interested how far she's going to go with the larping and how more ridiculous she's going to get. If she left, I'd miss being disgusted at her lack of shame at wanting to eat blood pudden and gutter foods. Also want to see how big she gets and how long until ig detects her fake followers.

I hated her while she was here, but her loss is felt. It was that special type of dislike same as when you hate yourself for liking some catchy shitty pop song.

Yeah, I hated how middle class she was and her decadent 10 boxes of cereals, but her Greek day was educational because I don't live near a Greek cafe. Ham's choice of food is very 1970s, except she'd be wanting to try a Wimpy Burger and not a McD's one instead. The rest is very 70s, iced gems, frozen pizza, lurpak ("best butter").

No. 1163009

File: 1613493719336.jpeg (130.48 KB, 640x619, 224B30B4-BFBC-4C6C-9245-E49467…)

Another Ovi update: she has PCOS even though she actually undereats.

No. 1163040

I dunno if ham could afford anything from a Wimpy, they’ve got a weirdly overpriced menu (I assume because there’s less than 100 left in the country so they can’t do things in bulk like a larger chain) However, her county does have one left so maybe it could be a special pilgrimage for her…

No. 1163044

the only reason this is anonymous is to protect my identify , and to stop you freaks stalking me.


you are all fucking sick in the head , what is your fascination with bullying and insulting unwell people?
do you get off on this shit!
what the fuck is wrong with all of you
how about you grow a pair and say this from your “recovery” accounts instead of hiding behind a screen.
your the ones who want this illness and live off of being jealous of those struggling.
get a fucking life and learn some respect
you are disgusting
i hope you realise your the cows
fucking bunch of cowards
- i hope one day your identity is revealed and you get the karma you deserve.
carry on posting about people and making their lives a misery , but you’ll regret this when your to blame for a suicide.
words can fucking hurt.
you absolute low life cunts

No. 1163045

pcos and thyroid problems don’t cause weight gain. overeating causes weight gain. i’m sure ovi is actually a dainty queen somehow maintaining her obesity on a handful of strawberries and the light of the sun

No. 1163052


kek, die mad you sperg

No. 1163054

>public social media profiles


No. 1163055

>thyroid problems don't cause weight gain
sage for derail, but that just isn't true

No. 1163056

It's "you're". You are.

Recover account. Lol.

No. 1163059

Yeah but levothyroxine fixes it.

No. 1163063

The ~muh thyroid~ excuse is so typical of cows like this, isn’t it practically a meme at this point? Like yeah, hypothyroidism can make it harder to lose weight but it’s not necessarily that hard to remedy. Are we supposed to believe Ovi lives off fresh air? Kek

No. 1163064

A lot us here HAVE these problems, that’s why it’s so easy to spot fake, LARPing twats like you (assuming you’re one of the fatties/BPD/ED crossover lowlifes/Ham - apologies if you’re one of the scumbag spoops instead, then yeah sorry but you’re still a cow)

Stay mad kek

No. 1163068

having an eating disorder is not an excuse to be a shitty person. Even if georgia and han are faking it, you're just as shit of a person as them.

i'm generally a lurker but ya'll have gone too fucking far. You've sent molly into a relapse, you could have indirectly killed her.

all you with an eating disorder on this website do is seek validation because you happen to be skinnier than the "cows" discussed.

you are just as horrible for laughing at molly, ella, elzani, N2F etc. 1 in 10 people with an eating disorder fucking die. it is hard to get treatment. The diagnosis is forever. not everybody with anorexia is underweight. they did not just magically fucking get underweight overnight, they had the disorder beforehand. This shit kills.

you are just as pro ana as Georgia, you are not a better person than her or han just because you call the out behind a screen. you are pathetic.

again, even if they were faking it, it is none of your fucking business and it's disgusting. freedom of speech does not equal freedom of consequence.

No. 1163070

its so frustrating when fat people use pcos as an excuse for being overweight. there are plenty of sufferers who maintain a healthy weight and if you watch what you eat you could even be skinny. no health condition is going to make you obese, shoveling food into your mouth will.

No. 1163071

* them

No. 1163072

nothing posted here is breaking any laws. cope harder.

No. 1163073

It is fucking our business when people clearly fake EDs. They take up beds and resources others desperately need and promote the idea EDs are an attention-seeking thing young women choose to develop in order to be quirky. We don't make fun of Ovi because she is fat, but because she talks about how much she restricts without any weight loss. We acknowledge atypical ana exists and as far as I know, have never made fun of someone for simply not being underweight

No. 1163075

proof of mollys “relapse” anyone?

No. 1163076

if you were so fucking concerned you wouldn't be laughing at them or putting "kek" after every inpatient admission georgia has. (granted i do think she's faking too")

if you were that concerned you would've piled together evidence and submitted it to her care team by now since she's so open about it. Not sitting your ass behind a screen waiting for her next ip admission so you can laugh at her and say called it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1163079

File: 1613500606099.jpeg (10.62 KB, 303x166, images.jpeg)

No. 1163081

>1 in 10 people with an eating disorder fucking die
Actually, that's anorexia nervosa specifically and the mortality rate is a 5% risk of death over 10 years according to Wikipedia (which cites other, primary sources). So actually, 95% of people with anorexia, the most deadly ED, won't die from it within 10 years, so I can only assume most people with less deadly EDs (like most of these fat, LARPing cows) won't die from theirs either, lmao.

No. 1163083


do your research. and wikipedia is nowhere near reliable, anyone can edit that shit.

No. 1163084

Nobody here cares about them. It's not a hugbox.

No. 1163085

it has stats on every single ed. including binge

No. 1163086

LMAO true.

No. 1163087

File: 1613500909889.jpeg (64.25 KB, 750x560, B986DDDB-62E2-4CCE-B0D9-9A57E7…)

Why don’t you go fill this in and get back to us

No. 1163091

now how do you know molly relapsed?

No. 1163093

do you not feel ashamed that ur posting anonymously about people suffering from a mental illness? it’s so fucking low of you all(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1163094

wah wah my feefees

No. 1163095

I thought you said having a mental illness isn't an excuse for being a shitty person? Because we're not picking on people for the sake of having an ED

No. 1163097

File: 1613501665137.png (636.54 KB, 720x1124, Screenshot_20210216-185408~2.p…)

Molly looks fine to me

No. 1163098

No. I don't. And…?

No. 1163099

free speech anon

No. 1163100

No. 1163101

What’s with the sudden influx of mongs who think we’re literally killing the cows with our cries of ‘lol fat’ ? Three in the last couple of hours seems high.

No. 1163104

some insta “recovery warrior” we dont know of has probably lurked on here and has told their followers. unlikely to be one of our usual cows or we wouldve heard about it by now. im not complaining though its funny as fuck

No. 1163107

It cites primary sources, but whatever. Your link says "Anorexia has an estimated mortality rate of around 10%", so that anon (you?) was wrong as they referred to EDs in general, not anorexia specifically, having a mortality rate of 1 in 10. It annoys me when these special snowflakes think their BED or OSFED is sooo deadly when actually it's specifically anorexia that's the most deadly mental illness, not EDs in general. It's also infuriating that they want or LARP anorexia because it's the most deadly ED and the highest in the hierarchy of seriousness. Though if 1 in 10 anorexics die, that means 9 in 10 don't die from their anorexia, and I said 95% don't within 10 years, so I was pretty close in any case.

No. 1163108

sorry are we ruining your threads
awwwww moooooooo
your kink for anorexics is nearly as wierd as this page xxxxxxx
why don’t you reveal who you are , or are you to scared 😳😳

No. 1163109

Honestly, she looks well to me. Good for her for moving on with her life though.

No. 1163110

do you lot have nothing better to do? like, you’re actually spending your fucking time writing about other people’s lives because clearly yours are that boring. you are all insecure as FUCK. go and find something better to do, find a hobby or some shit, fucking buy a colouring book. idgaf. just grow up.

No. 1163111

You’re getting rather boring, please see yourself out before you’ll inevitably get banned. Ta!

No. 1163112

pipedown emojifag
also, bold of you to assume anyone here has a "kink" for AN when quite a lot of us are anorexic ourselves

No. 1163113

you are literally causing relapses, are you proud of yourselves???? ur sick as fuck

No. 1163114

if you have AN yourself then surely you know how horrible it is to feel invalidated then? I don’t understand why you’re bringing others down who are struggling. you are actually so embarrassing lmao.

No. 1163115

litreally lmao these lot are weirdos with nothing better to do , than slate anorexic people.
if ur anorexic urself then u should know it’s a MENTAL illness not about weight loves xxx

No. 1163116

i think they're referring to when molly stopped posting on her recovery account bc she had a relapse (before she left)

No. 1163117

do you have ANY evidence of relapse for anyone mentioned on this thread?

No. 1163119

i have a feeling this is ham >>1163044 maybe she got offended by the anon who called her boring

No. 1163120

the way you type is extremely jarring, i assume youre a 15 year old twitter comedian kek

No. 1163122

You’re giving it too much credit, anon.

No. 1163123

the way u use ‘kek’ is embarrassing. and who even says jarring lmfaooooo. pipe down x

No. 1163124

these retards spamming the thread have a very similar typing style to british teen girls who think they're "sassy". def either ham or some other uk cow

No. 1163126

>uses lmfaoooo
> "pipe down x"
you've just proved my point.

No. 1163128

who tf uses the word jarring
how old are you mate
what do you get out of this

No. 1163129

> why don’t you reveal who you are , or are you to scared
‘Don’t post your real name or face online’ is basic internet safety that you get taught in primary school, don’t get assmad because you’re retarded and did and now mean internet people are calling you fat. Here’s the usuals advice we give to cows - If you weren’t an attention whore on social media you’d never have been posted.

No. 1163130

Sassy HAHAHAHHHAHA. As if u just said sassy wtf.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1163133

i'm impressed you know how to sage for someone who's only just found lolcow. how long have you been lurking here anon?

No. 1163134

She hasn’t been posted sis, bold of u to assume she has

No. 1163135

It’s not fucking rocket science

No. 1163137

did your undeveloped brain skip over the quotation marks you utter retard?

No. 1163138

who is the illustrious "she" you're referring to? i'd love to know.

No. 1163140

Hey newbies, please post your credit card information so we know who not to mess up with, if you don’t have a credit card, use one of your family member’s credit card or your friend’s/SO’s credit cards.
That’s how we know that we can trust you and stop posting about certain things that might trigger you.
Just make sure it’s easy to read and maybe add some handle we can use to contact you.

No. 1163144

It doesn’t matter if ‘she’ was posted or not, the advice goes for all cows. People come into the thread and demand anons reveal their identity because they’ve been stupid enough to post their faces and names and get angry we don’t do the same.
I think the thread’s on autosage, considering the amount of posts.

No. 1163145

Yeah, her singing's got better.

n2f types U for you etc. Who cares who it was though. It's not like it was the first, won't be the last. Always a vaguely amusing interlude.

No. 1163146

Don’t you girls have some “snack” plates to prepare? Run along, us nasty people need content to post later.

No. 1163147

pancake day has really put our cows on edge and caused them to snap

No. 1163148

File: 1613503927565.jpg (17.93 KB, 235x215, lolcow.jpg)

No. 1163151

File: 1613504092422.png (210.98 KB, 300x379, ana rage.png)

No. 1163152

Kinda ironic when their goddess Elzani regularly eats a stack for breakfast. Wonder how many packets of Kingsmill Ham’s demolished today in her quest for “Ed” to “sod off”

No. 1163153

I bet it's ganer kek she's been having a lot of tantrums lately for being called out on her bullshit

No. 1163204

File: 1613508907014.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1932, 483C9DC1-5270-465E-8679-B035A2…)

Nah, she’s still got it and is still milking it for all it’s worth. That scaly patch on her forehead is making my skin crawl; she needs topical corticosteroids, not NG feeding.

No. 1163207

File: 1613509036972.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, C8915087-3E86-4FB8-8328-782453…)

Sage for ‘I’m probably wrong’ lol but could this be where our influx of crying children came from?

No. 1163210

Cemented.calories also posted a story ‘directed to the farmers’ or some shite. Wouldn’t doubt she has a small army of uwu internet frens that would come straight here

No. 1163214

They read to be brain dead enough to be the type to worship cemented.calories

No. 1163216


i agree. the influx was probably her bogan junkie friends

No. 1163227

File: 1613511242614.jpeg (778.34 KB, 828x1625, A9EEA0EC-B65C-459D-BF31-55D4D1…)

what the fuck happened to rorecovering’s hand kek

No. 1163234

File: 1613511898874.jpeg (229.48 KB, 1109x1922, 5B692E9F-C0EF-4F90-A0E7-9CE51A…)

Remi’s wanting the toob. she gets the toob out. But she has sooper sever muscle wastage causing her to her to need a wheelchair. she looses weight. She is flaunting her body like there is no tomorrow. But it’s not a body check! KEK just waiting for the toob selfies to come back cause clearly she needs the toob. The time is ticking Remi! You are giving us all a good show over here. As for those boundaries, we all know you just want to show off just how much siicker you are than every other wannarexic.

No. 1163258

aww cute. don't bother, anon. these people here know they're lowlifes, you can't do much about it. being a lurker is not a better position either. I give you a 10 for effort

No. 1163267

I think it's just from how she is gripping the jug?

No. 1163268

File: 1613515676377.jpeg (183.49 KB, 1125x1125, A42F361E-1462-4835-B614-43DBDC…)

I don’t find this cow particularly milky, but out of boredom I took the pic to Facetune and dragged it back slightly to where I assume she would have to make herself look spoopier. Hard to say wether she shopped it or if her arms are just wack. Left is her original, right is the fixed image

No. 1163280

wouldn’t be the first time she’s done a shit shoop

No. 1163293

you can see in her tiktoks and youtube vid that shes just got really weird spoop arms. her shitpost insta account is @iwantasausagesandwich

No. 1163298

had a quick look through her YouTube. For part of the reason she is just wearing a tank top - it is cold in the UK at the moment, there is no reason for that other than to show off her arms

No. 1163323

> moralfags take your whining back to twitter

Yes i'm a bad person for laughing at obnoxious cows, what now?

No. 1163325

no luv x

No. 1163326


Iunno as much as I’m side eying the increase in crop tops and body flaunting lately it doesn’t seem like remi is angling for the tube again. Going through her account she appears to be engaging in treatment. I don’t know what particular beef you have with remi anon, but she’s clearly just someone who is genuinely in recovery. Not particularly milky at all.

No. 1163352

File: 1613523565929.jpeg (773.01 KB, 828x1464, D13E9F56-F7F1-4320-9330-08700B…)

han, having a bowl of porridge as a bedtime snack is not normal unless you’re weight restoring, which you clearly dont need to do

lets assume shes having quaker oat so simple porridge, 1 sachet with 180ml semi skimmed milk is 180 calories. 1 tbsp of biscoff spread is 116. a cup of tea is usually around 80 cals each depending on the milk and sugar, and most britfag biscuits are 50-70 each. scoffing down over 400 calories for her bedtime snack and calling it ‘recovery’ is just ridiculous, especially when you consider all the other shit she eats during the day.

No. 1163357

Your anachan is showing a small bowl of oats is fine for a bedtime snack, especially in winter. It's all the added junk that's the issue for ham.

No. 1163361

Even conditions that slow your metabolism do it by a few hundred a day, max. It seems like people think they're burning 1000+ less calories than everyone else.

No. 1163363

Yikes, your anorexia is showing. Go rattle somewhere else, that's a normal amount of food.

No. 1163372

I regularly eat 400 calories of ice cream after dinner and I'm a normal weight, porridge is at least better for you than Haagen Dazs lol(no1curr)

No. 1163373


Your samefag is showing. 400 cals as a SNACK is not normal, especially for someone normal weight and sedentary like Han.

No. 1163379


you dont have to be anachan to know 400 cals of ice cream for pudding is different to 400 cals of slow release carbs and sugar before bed

No. 1163381


Let’s face it. She is only appearing to engage in treatment cause she is getting what she wants. She is at NFC but refusing to follow the EDP as her ‘trauma’ is too bad to be able to follow the EDP as it is meant o be followed. We all know that NFC wants to fatten up their cows, but Remi is using her sooper bad trauma to not get fattened up like the rest of them. We all have trauma. It is like hers is the only one that is so bad that she has to flaunt the fact that she doesn’t have to stick to the EDP that NFC actually sets out. You wait, she will go home and be back in NFC within weeks.

No. 1163392

most of these people aren't unwell, just with munchausens

No. 1163395

truth and are we supposed to be fine with her anorexia larping because of it? no

No. 1163406

I’ve been circulating her page looking for milk, I hardly ever find anything more than the regular ‘uwu ed warrior’ crap. I actually assumed she was initially a self poster because her page is so boring. Am I missing something? Always looking for new cows but this one hardly seems to be a source of entertainment - her level of bs seems pretty average for an instagram ed account

No. 1163428

Agreed, and at this point I’m gonna guess >>1163381 is a fellow inpatient at the same place and is pissy at remi for some reason. How else do you know that remis treatment plan is different to the normal edp? She doesnt post about her eating plan much at all, just the other recovery warrior crap typical of these sorts of accounts. What are u mad about, anon?

No. 1163450

File: 1613535108991.jpeg (233.88 KB, 1242x839, AF91F5E0-CD4E-4E2A-8945-29E997…)

not about the tweet itself, but the fact that ovi is the one retweeting it- ironic if she applies that to herself even with her hypothyroidism

No. 1163461

also, I didn’t think to screenshot it the first time I saw it and it’s now deleted (i wonder why) but she responded to the tweet “confirming” that her tdee is over 2000 as if she doesn’t realize that she’d have to eat that much to maintain?? It’s basically her confirming that she doesn’t just eat an orange a day like her tweets say because if she did she’d actually be losing weight

No. 1163481

She loves to show off her toob when she has one and is a massive hypocrite. She absolutely is milky.

No. 1163486

Hi Remi.(hi cow)

No. 1163493


Lol i’m not her, nice try tho. If thats all you have to say in response then youre just proving me right and you ARE some fellow cow in NFC. Take your personal beef back to your dinner table sweetie and stop posting boring accounts here. Find some real milk for us to laugh about instead of your boring recovery rival.

No. 1163504


Not a fellow patient. she openly states in her IG page that she doesn’t have to weight restore and that she is not planning on weight restoring. NFC’s EDP is to weight restore. I haven’t met Remi, but I know nfc policy and EDP and she is flaunting the fact that she isn’t doing what they do for other ed patients in there. I think what is really going on with her is that she is getting what she wants. Every other hospital rejected her cause she was too hard and in the public hospital she was so behavioural that she had to be sectioned. She is milky as fuck in suck a sly why

No. 1163525


Really sounding like a stretch. Remy could be a total ass for all we know but she doesn’t portray that much on the net - and sure, she might love showing off the tube, but the idea of being ‘sick enough’ to even be tubed in the first place is validation for a lot of anas, pro or not. Either way, she’s clearly not milky enough for this thread and it comes off weird that you’re pushing it so hard(samefagging)

No. 1163530


It has been clear to me since I started following Remi, she desires to show off how ‘unwell’ she is. She thinks she is sicker than others. She plays the victim. She is definitely milky.(post caps)

No. 1163535


Ok but more than one farmer here clearly disagrees with you so maybe you ought to just sit down and stop. If remi actually does some shit worth being on here, she’ll end up on here. Otherwise just stop.

Depends on what she eats the rest of the day i suppose. If all her meals are around that 400 mark, it’s definitely not an abnormal amount.

No. 1163566


Uh the defining characteristic of a "snack" is being less than a meal, fatty.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1163573

Someone cowtipped on Wateremelons tellonym as well. She's British so it could have been her

No. 1163575

So you have a personal dislike for her then, no one else here gives a crap. If she does something actually noteworthy then by all means post away, but as it is, comes of as vendetta posting

No. 1163592

And more than one farmer agree that she is milky. Shes been mentioned a few times by diff ppl. So its a case of scroll past it if you dont like it.

No. 1163625

File: 1613555248707.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1125x1805, 596C8B6B-AFAD-4996-84FA-D52E3B…)

New Farm admission incoming! Haven’t heard much from Porgie Lately. Maybe all the nf cows will unite again kek

No. 1163633

>I'm not a cow, you are!!1
Remi is milky, period. And pretending that she isn't so we stop talking about her isn't going to work. You're either her or a friend of hers.(hi cow)

No. 1163634

>Ok but more than one farmer here clearly disagrees with you
Wouldn't be surprised if it was just one person pretending to be not just one farmer, but multiple. You seem really desperate for us to stop talking about Remi. Very suspicious. But no, of course, I must be a cow rival of hers; you're totally not just projecting.(tinfoil)

No. 1163636

>I can barely move so depressed
Yet can be arsed to pose, write caption and upload on IG. Jog on, Georgia, idle lump.

No. 1163637

Quit the infighting. Nobody's going to post that reminds if nobody gaf.

No. 1163638

Yeah autocorrects her name to remind…Remi

No. 1163669

File: 1613561608730.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1501, 22A8D458-56E3-479E-A7CB-A1100E…)

I find it interesting that she paints her father as borderline abusive and neglectful when he’s not waiting on her hand and foot and treating her like a pwettypwincess. Grow up Porgie, let your dad have his own gd life. Anyone remember the tantrum she threw when her dad took her brother to the hospital last year?

No. 1163687

Remy IS milky because she does runners and does attention seeking crap. She makes posts all about how everyones ED is valid and that tube pics aren't helpful yet because shes super severe she needs her tube. Anyone who can handle an acai bowl or other cafe food doesn't need a toob.

No. 1163688

is tagged by another attention loving cow, Jac.

No. 1163702

Not the anon you responded to, but either bring some milk or don't complain about the milk

No. 1163703

Her dad's in his SEVENTIES. Fuck's sake, at that age she should be doing things for him. It's not as if his life's been easy being married to a woman who left for another woman and he cares for their spawns.

Yeah, she hated her brother getting hospital attention because he hurt his eye and she was left alone. He's a kid, she's an adult. Imagine being 70 and you have a bratty 20 something leeching off you. A fat brat pretending she's suicidal and anorexic.

I'm grateful I'm not Georgia's dad. Or brother.

No. 1163723

How is she so depressed but still able to teach and laugh. Teaching takes a lot of energy, particularly with little kids. Madness.

No. 1163732

I'd like to hear these cows explain their definitions of depression, anorexia, etc. They really see things in a different way. Same with Ganer and her non progress progress and n2f's amazing recovery and not knowing everyone knows she purges.

No. 1163742


Not sticking up for Porge because she's a fat lying piece of shit, but that's not how depression works guise.

Much like Porge fakes megadepression and anorexia, many actually depressed people can fake humour/laughter and perform a job.

No. 1163745


Yes, but deep depression is generally low functioning depression, close to catatonia. I understand limitations to this when people have to work to survive, but that generally doesn't last very long when someone is in the depths of their depression.

No. 1163751


Ayrt. Tbf, Porge hasn't had to fake at her job for long. But I entirely agree with you and you've clarified far better than I did. Ty.

No. 1163758

Sage because I'm stupid but do you mean because ice cream will digest more quickly before bed and oatmeal is meant to fuel your day?

No. 1163775

That doesn't make sense, I'm sure Remi isn't the only anorexic who really doesn't want to gain weight lol. Isn't that kind of the point of an EDU?

No. 1163801

How long has she been attending this day program for? In the UK we have nothing like that (apart from ED daypatient) so I can’t help being a little sour when so many here would give their right arm for that kind of support. She doesn’t seem like she puts any real effort in to taking responsibility for her ~recovery~ just expects shit like ECT to fix everything. Lazy and entitled af and also ridiculous how IP ALWAYS seems to be on the table. What would she & these Aus cows do if NF got shut down?

No. 1163845

General psych daycare was a thing in my health authority area during the 90s. There was a nice OT unit and transport to and from. This was NHS, but funding was cut and it was baleeted around ten years ago. It really was a lifeline/helpful/therapeutic. Sucks it's not available anymore, especially when beds for inpatient are so sparse. Can't imagine Georgie bothering to take pottery, woodwork, art therapy to help her special depression. She would've loved the free meals though.

No. 1163868

w/ the ice cream point i was referring to anon saying they eat 400 cals of ice cream as dessert and stay a healthy weight, but oatmeal is more of a meal than a snack no matter what toppings you put on it and its a bit excessive for anyone (especially if youre overweight and sedentary like ham) to have a 400 cal snack of oatmeal and biscuits before bed. thats on top of her usual binging she does throughout the day too.

No. 1163871

NF getting shut down would probably save porgie from debt. im not sure how the mental health system works in Aus but she'd have trouble getting into IP anywhere else

No. 1163914

File: 1613586950308.png (18.67 KB, 589x117, dnd.PNG)

Oh no I'm sooo scared

No. 1163916

what’s she gonna do?? eat me?

No. 1163917

watch her try to hex us and it ends up coming back to her 3x worse kek

No. 1163920

oh no is she gonna rub a couple stones up her asscheeks and cast a spell on us? whatever will we do?!

No. 1163928

File: 1613587699217.jpeg (165.68 KB, 750x1334, E6472AD8-E681-499B-984B-E8015F…)

Dharma looking fresh (out of the grave) as she announces she has been accepted onto a paramedic course. Personally, if I saw this person approaching me after I’d been in a car accident or something I’d assume it was the Grim Reaper’s protégée coming for me

No. 1163938


oh great co-opting witchcraft as well. have at it, sabrina

No. 1163946


That looks like psoriasis. Eczema is scaly and patchy as well, but the skin turns very red. Plaque psoriasis is white and reminiscent of cradle cap.

No. 1163947

File: 1613589296555.gif (587.04 KB, 450x244, tenor.gif)

Light as a feather, stiff as a board…

No. 1163950

>light as a feather
she wishes!

No. 1163966

File: 1613590443846.jpg (394.96 KB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20210217_203254.jpg)

No. 1163969

is she american? or australian? bcs they would kek

No. 1163972

samefag but eating disorder treatment =/= anorexia treatment lol, binge eating disorder??? yes

No. 1163976

KEK fatty

No. 1163977

She’s from the states

No. 1163978

posting about lolcow on ed twitter of all places is so funny. looking forward to the inevitable spam of neopronountards and 15 year old kpop fans on the thread tonight.

No. 1163979

she's from indiana

No. 1163980

All anons in this thread have medical degrees and relevant psychiatry diplomas. We know what we're talking about and obese people do not have anorexia.

No. 1163981

oh so it was Ovi spazzing out here kek, keep us posted anon and let us know if you get cursed

No. 1163985

i don't think the spergs were ovi, they sounded too bri'ish

No. 1163987

Not to beat a dead horse but this feels pretty nitpicky… a calorie is a calories and frankly if she were eating a pint of ice cream a night we would be ripping her apart as well. Lastly not WKing at all because I find ham to be a total tard, but she didn’t say she had oatmeal and biscuits. She said she had oatmeal and biscuit (flavoured) tea. So yea, of all the absurd, LARP-y, obnoxious things ham does, banging on about a night snack of a sachet of oats with knock off biscoff spread and tea feels a little bone raddley.

No. 1164001

Yes. Ham is a young woman with a very healthy appetite.

No way could she have had a biscuit as well after she'd downed a dozen pancakes 3 hours previously. Hammum would've left her a bag of iced gems under her pillow so she could finish her snack plate if she woke up during the night feeling extreme hunger.

No. 1164002

Her whole attitude makes her incredibly unlikeable, even if she were a mega-cow!

No. 1164017

you can be obese and malnourished, a lot of americans are due to shit food. Didnt you see her "what i eat in a day recovery edition" shit?
also ovi we arent saying you fake an ED, you just aren't anorexic or dainty like you think you are and your "am I thin" bodychecks are a joke, go to therapy

No. 1164021

new cow ? lydialearnstoeat on everything i've seen. Followed her for a while and she's always in and out of recovery but never really underweight. Very annoying bored with ana vibes and super entitled.
We need new cows i'm bored of ham(post caps)

No. 1164033

Image board.

No. 1164041

File: 1613594859541.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, FF1B4884-3F2A-4B55-AD67-FB17E2…)

Clear body checks all the time, gains weight then loses it again a month or two later and just remind me of bored with ana

No. 1164050

probably just ednos but larping as AN. also nitpick but the misspelling of fashion is annoying. shes so quirky!

No. 1164054

exactly, just wondering if she's milky enough for here ?

No. 1164061

Wonky mirror. Shooped.

No. 1164069

I think its a fisheye filter or something like that?

No. 1164077

File: 1613596786217.jpeg (513.85 KB, 1242x1011, EF5E503F-2A3D-41F1-8DFD-D93B62…)

Apparently it’s “ableist” to say this is fat. So to be correct I’ll refer to them as morbidly obese. But 5”8 and that big… they have to be over 300lbs. Porgie looks slimmer compared to this new cow

No. 1164083

Had a quick look through her insta. The only thing I find a bit naive is her '12 week recovery plan' where she plans to stop purging in the first 2 weeks, but if that works good for her. Other than that she doesn't really seem milky. Far less cocky than Anna imo

No. 1164085

My vote is for Wateremelons

No. 1164123

Reminder this isn't a thread for your vendettas. Provide screencaps of the flakes' cow behavior, not just bodycheck photos they post on Instagram.

No. 1164132

“They”? Kek

No. 1164163

their pronouns are they/them. you can dislike them without being a transphobe :)(>>>tumblr)

No. 1164164

i don't think you belong here

No. 1164166

although I highly doubt Ovi is actually non-binary I agree. Don't give the twitter mov another reason to dive-bomb us.

No. 1164172

No. 1164177

File: 1613603585719.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x1465, D53C769F-021F-42F7-B1B6-F6BABA…)

What kind of "services" does she offer ? Also of course she is "accepting donations at the point" , at which point you didn't accept them ? you talentless crazy ass b**ch

No. 1164180

porn for Skelly fetishists

No. 1164181

Go home, anons, this ain’t the place for you. Smiley face.

No. 1164193

guys we're fucking dead she's gonna sit on us

No. 1164195

are you lost babe

No. 1164202

No we can't though

No. 1164212

anon you're on the wrong side of the internet, run along now

No. 1164229

File: 1613608194498.jpeg (32.94 KB, 655x472, EE5C1C76-15BF-44A0-87BE-A333AB…)

No. 1164231

File: 1613608317548.jpg (571.67 KB, 1080x1703, 20210217_183002.jpg)

She was just begging earlier. This story got deleted at some point.

No. 1164232

Okay retard, from now on your pronouns will be retard/retarded, leave and don’t forget to put them in all of your bios.

No. 1164234

File: 1613608644352.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, 881E7C83-12CA-400D-AC3C-F61B26…)

lurk more

No. 1164236

File: 1613608878550.jpg (314.27 KB, 1080x1764, 20210217_183954.jpg)

I thought she didn't look at lolcow anymore

N2F is still doing her thing

No. 1164245

Is she wearing that fabric she puts her food on? It was a top? That pile of clothes (?) on her window ledge. This is confusing. This is squalor.

No. 1164254

also trying to figure out what shes got on her toast
strawberry yogurt and bacon?

No. 1164263

that quadchin

No. 1164278

Just looking at that inflamed gland is giving me a sore throat.

No. 1164285

File: 1613613010362.png (709.39 KB, 828x1792, E12EBF47-96FD-45A1-B64F-BEE91B…)

how else are you planning on coming off the bloody toob laura? inhaling through your asshole?? kek

No. 1164288

File: 1613613665968.jpg (109.8 KB, 1080x382, 20210217_195926.jpg)

Here's the description from her breakfast post

No. 1164297

File: 1613615160306.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1806, 6C1B92D4-8EB6-49EB-AE4A-CA7F2D…)

Has Jen.peach been mentioned here before? She gives off ganer energy. Claims to be completely recovered and says she eats upwards of 3000cal a day bc of her fitness regime. Her body doesn’t look healthy, and she has the type of jawline that bulimics like n2f have. The worst part is that she ‘helps’ young girls in recovery and fitness.

No. 1164309

when girls are like “oh noooo I can’t lift weights, I’ll get all muscle-y and gross,” this is what they’re imagining

No. 1164318

think she was mentioned last thread

No. 1164342

She's clearly using clenbuterol come on

No. 1164343

This is the strangest type of body i have seen on a human, how does even achieve it

No. 1164350

File: 1613622259583.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.07 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

It's a secret, come closer. it's photoshop

No. 1164390

File: 1613628036201.jpg (152.22 KB, 1080x1066, Screenshot_20210218-075836_Ins…)

This reminded me of ham

No. 1164393

I'm bad at picking it out- this is shooped, right?

No. 1164407

File: 1613630301455.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 2FEBFABC-0F68-493D-BE02-652FEE…)

Rumour has it Remi has actually been discharged. Apparently she’s taken multiple photo’s of her Hospital room and uses the green screen filter to make her TikToks on to make it look like she’s still in Hospital lmao

No. 1164410

File: 1613630448692.jpeg (224.79 KB, 1125x1560, 8137B9AE-C87C-4670-A2C8-86E1A7…)

I would say she’s edited it to some degree but she looks the same in her Instagram videos

No. 1164420

Still gotta emphasize that she's small

No. 1164426

File: 1613632781172.png (536.82 KB, 720x595, Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 5.41.…)

Yeah idk if she edits heavily she really is quite ill looking. I hadn't heard or her till recent youtube videos about her from fitness influencers calling her out but seems she 'recovered' from anorexia got to a healthyish weight but went downhill more recently while still claiming to be eating tons

No. 1164429

I think she’s relapsed.. or whatever you call a relapse when you weren’t in recovery in the first place

No. 1164443


That is so sick and twisted. If she has been discharged and is using the green screen, clearly she wants everyone to think she is way sicker then she says. Though her posts seem to indicate she is in hospital. Which would mean she is making up one hell of a web of lies!

No. 1164445


Is there any evidence of these 'rumours'. Seems like a weird self-post or someone trying to make her seem more interesting than she is.

No. 1164471

Weird tinfoil.
You can see the shadows moving on the wall behind her in the video, and if you use the green screen effect it tells you what is being used on the video, see "Color Flare" for this one.
Not WKing her but that's a really weird reach.

No. 1164478

She was, a guy called More Plates More Dates did a YouTube video picking apart her 5000 calorie a day claims. She says shit like 'you don't have to be afraid of gaining because you can gain pure muscle' and how people can 'heal their metabolism so they maintain on 5000' She has been silent since December, speculation as to whether she is in hospital or dead

No. 1164486

that’s weird rumor to peddle. where are you seeing that anon. she’s said recently she’s off the EDP but still is in hospital.

>>1164410 there is nothing healthy about that physique. No way 5000cals a day would keep you looking that sinewy.

No. 1164490

shes at new farm so shes there, its believable because they take anyone in

No. 1164494

File: 1613643591642.jpg (56.51 KB, 403x801, 1.JPG)

Her Halloween costume tho…

No. 1164497

yeah I saw this and rolled my eyes. Like of all the things to dress as this just seems a tad attention grabby

No. 1164508


No. 1164509

File: 1613646954216.jpeg (876.54 KB, 1125x2154, 495E7BE4-FF33-41D6-8094-4AA4E5…)

Just to prove she is so sick and can’t leave the hospital she has to go and brag about how she can’t step on lines and cracks and needs the help of the hospital. Like really Remi? You are so anxious yet you have the time to take a photo of the lines you can’t step on?

No. 1164512

File: 1613647078750.jpeg (781.68 KB, 1125x1926, 3B8C1862-1998-47BE-AB4B-D3ED20…)


And she really thinks that she is going home so soon. Guess we will see about that! Bragging about weight loss since coming off the toob and flaunting your body. Now the sooper sever ptsd that no one else could have possibly been through and ocd so bad you can’t even step outside the hospital! You are a joke!


No. 1164522

Ugh, life is one disaster after another, innit. Thank god for Uber.

No. 1164529

File: 1613650251136.jpeg (1.17 MB, 828x1552, 5FDBD5AF-307D-4C84-BCAC-C49C73…)

Dharma can’t decide if she wants to be N2F or Ganer, so she’s gonna be both. I’m not claiming my stove is spotless, but I would probably give it a wipe down before using it as the backdrop for pictures of my anorexic meal concoctions.

No. 1164531

This girl hasn't posted for a long time now, not on insta, not on tiktok, nowhere. People are worried that she might have died.

Her tiktoks are very concerning and a bit cringe. But she genuinely seems like a nice girl, just very ill

No. 1164532

apart from you know, pushing Anas who want to recover into orthorexia

No. 1164534

600g of veg? so much for healing from volume eating

No. 1164540

Do we have a disproportionate number of cows who want to be medics? Anna, Dharma, Paige, Sophie (Venting and Westling) and probably a tonne more. The only cow with any other specific career goals is Georgia

No. 1164542

She wishes

No. 1164559

yeah exactly.

No. 1164563

She posted on yt at Christmas. Do people get concerned if someone isn't seen on sm for a few weeks??

No. 1164564

I really hope she's not promoting this kind of eating. On the one hand I totally get it because her meals look kind of like something I would come up with but on the other hand can't imagine sharing them online. Apart from anything else it's kinda embarrassing

No. 1164571

If they normally post frequently, have not mentioned taking a break and look as sick as she does then yes.

No. 1164585

Good to hear that some people in some fitness "communities" actually call out the obvious nutjobs
Yeah they all want to be in hospitals as much as possible. Wanting to go into healthcare should be a AN criteria.

No. 1164636

File: 1613666384255.jpeg (688.17 KB, 750x888, C7B6D044-914F-4E5B-AF33-E0E2C6…)

Was looking at n2f’s feed for a sec since I noticed more crap in the bushes below her window and I noticed this photo from Jan 29th, that mustard expired in 2019. I know that many sauces can last well over their dates, but I can’t help but wonder if she does these things in purpose. I know it’s been speculated before.

No. 1164712

File: 1613671661106.jpeg (29.56 KB, 242x381, CC570E53-762E-4170-BB5A-20958A…)

According to Dr Anna, celery and cucumber scream eating disorder. I know it’s a nitpick but these types of video irritate me. Like, congratulations, you can name a few low calorie foods! You are accepted into the ana club! What is she trying to prove?

No. 1164820

File: 1613680472230.jpeg (363.73 KB, 1125x1720, D9FA9056-9F44-4026-BD61-21699C…)

What is this about ?

No. 1164822

>>1164820 who gives a flying fuck tbh

No. 1164825

>>1164820 sophie is an ana chan that just died for context

No. 1164839

sophie who?

No. 1164867

It's not the tranny, anon

No. 1164870

File: 1613684379090.jpg (290.14 KB, 720x1280, 20210218_213817.jpg)

No. 1164875

She's obsessed with knowing dead people.

No. 1164877

It's so distasteful. Obviously a way to prove she is in the chronic clique

No. 1164882


For sure. Every time someone in the mental health “community” dies Emma reminds everyone that she “knew” them and fishes for all the sympathy.

No. 1164976

Are you new here ?

No. 1165033

Nta but says the one not saging, fucking sage

No. 1165035

No but you must be. Sage retard.

No. 1165041

How did she die? Her weight looks okay and if she's been tubed for 9 gd years she must be as nutritionally okay as someone having no actual vitamins or fiber can be

No. 1165111

put your mask over your nose ffs

if she really didnt want anybody to know the name of the person the rumours are about why would she even post this? even worse is giving an initial ffs

No. 1165153

God forbid someone wants to eat something healthy and not garbage junk food

No. 1165154

File: 1613713530922.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2021-02-19-15-44-29…)

How embarrassing and pathetic

No. 1165157

I've never heard of her before.. just checked her page. you're right that she looked a good weight. Heavily covered in scars though. My guess would be suicide?

No. 1165159

hope she got permission to post that. Patients in most hospitals are not allowed to take pics of staff without their consent.

No. 1165174

doubt it

No. 1165193

This is so ridiculous. She really has no self awareness at all. During the incident in which she supposedly removed her tube, then started banging her head on everything, and had to be subdued, she said that ‘her mum was standing in the corner just crying’ and then ‘I think I traumatized my poor mum’. Like no shit - simply looking at her must make her family upset, and she’s clearly very resistant to treatment. It’s like watching a lost cause, and she’s too far up her own arse to care about the affect she has on others. Poor staff having to deal with this twat acting like an absolute child, meanwhile there’s a huge COVID break out in the state she lives that started around the time she was admitted

No. 1165200

I wouldn't really call 8 new cases a day a huge outbreak, especially considering the state was having 100+ cases every day for weeks on end last year… A bit of a nitpick there

No. 1165201

Who took this pic? Does she say?

No. 1165212

Pretty sure she does hands-free recording (this is a screenshot of a video)

No. 1165228

She really is a twat in that case, if it needed confirming.

No. 1165230

File: 1613730605213.jpg (308.65 KB, 720x1006, 20210219_102654.jpg)

Another dead girl for Emma to gush about

No. 1165231

>>1165157 sophie says she has had her heart stop 4 times in the past. Shes never been a spoop though. Maybe she was a purger/laxative abuser?

No. 1165232

File: 1613730953919.jpg (247.32 KB, 712x950, 20210219_103342.jpg)

I went to go and get caps about sophie's heart stopping in the last and found this. Shes obsessed.

No. 1165236

File: 1613731400519.png (237.84 KB, 665x472, Screenshot_20210219-104106~2.p…)

Ha! I did the same. All her FB posts are medical things and dead people who've gone to heaven.

This is on her pro ana board, so probs a purger.


No. 1165244

File: 1613732911088.jpg (303.75 KB, 720x1222, 20210219_103839.jpg)

This was one if the last things she posted on social media

No. 1165248

>>1165231 I could be wrong, so feel free to correct me, but I believe purging puts a lot of strain on the heart, and can lead to having a heart arrhythmia (unusual heartbeat), or heart failure in more severe cases. I think this is due to purging throwing your electrolytes out of whack, so yeah possibly purging

No. 1165249

Silly games, silly prizes

No. 1165266

depends on the person. clearly her heart actually ended up stopping if shes dead, bone rattler.

No. 1165268

>>1165266 pointing out shes never been a skelly isnt bone rattling, its stating the obvious. We don't know what she died of yet either, it could have been suicide.

No. 1165269

Oh well, she's dead now. Hardly unexpected with her history and sad for the family. Emma's a cunt for turning it into drama, but that's what she does. Even farmers are more respectful when one of them croaks.

No. 1165270

File: 1613736809605.jpg (278.2 KB, 720x998, 20210219_121152.jpg)

No. 1165271

File: 1613736945157.png (536.56 KB, 702x731, Screenshot_20210219-121206~2.p…)

Not Ash tier, but underweight. Especially on the far right pic. Whatever her issues were it fucked her system up even if it might not have killed her.

No. 1165278

I know Emma being obsessed with dead people has been a theme for many moons now but I’m still baffled?? Like these were REAL people with REAL issues and she’s making them about her and how it effects her life? Let the “drama” go and let these girls Rest In Peace I’m sure their families don’t appreciate her posts like this either. I don’t care how anachan you claim to be leave dead people alone jfc it’s a weird fantasy/fetish/fascination and quite frankly disrespectful

No. 1165280

100% Emma will claim all these people were her close friends. She has posts where she has photos with her in hospital of everyone she knows who has died etc.
I should get caps but it's sickening so CBA. Obviously she's the main Brit cow to be in the news etc aside from the twins.

No. 1165287

are there any threads on here she has a lot of mention in?she looks like the posterchild for IP reliant brits.

No. 1165295

She's never been discussed too much, she's just…there. Google "journeytoemma lolcow" and it'll throw up some threads she's mentioned in. I think this was first mention, 4 years ago. She never changes >> 246177

No. 1165296

No. 1165310

Zero qualms about showing off her slashed up arms. Classy.

No. 1165313

Maybe make some friends that don't have an eating disorder..?

No. 1165315

Kinda vweird for her to die in some sort of program, how can you purge enough to kill yourself and the clinic ignore you enough to not notice you're dying?

No. 1165319

File: 1613744811817.jpg (112.65 KB, 800x651, clip.JPG)

No. 1165328

The wall's wonky.

No. 1165345

Wow, good call…it's pretty ballsy to submit a clearly (in retrospect) shooped photo to the media

No. 1165360

File: 1613749866318.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, A9AE8960-79D9-436B-ABDA-09EE91…)

This girl popped up on tiktok. Why is it always the overweight anas who are so thirsty for treatment? And guess what, she’s Aussie too

No. 1165364

not to wk but it literally says bulimia in the hashtag. Is she claiming ana?

No. 1165367

She tagged anorexia too

No. 1165373

How did I miss that? I rescind my earlier statement. on her insta profile she lists her 26 hospital admissions. a promising cow

No. 1165380

Bet she knows Georgia irl.

No. 1165382

File: 1613751488558.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 03DA3114-D2F5-42A8-B461-A72DE1…)

I’ve just had a scroll through her posts and it looks like she only started tagging bulimia on the 5th January, so I guess she’s going for new year/ new mental illness. The anorexia tag was added on the 29th Jan. Gosh January must have been a tough month.

Before Jan, she was on the BPD train. She posted this and didn’t put Eating Disorder for the letter E. So it’s definitely a new illness she’s trying out for attention.

No. 1165389

File: 1613751947822.jpg (45.06 KB, 424x718, lol.JPG)

No. 1165393

File: 1613752026010.jpg (40.59 KB, 416x284, 0.JPG)

Her "dietician" has a wicked SoH

No. 1165402

17 years old currently but been claiming BPD for a long time? No, you cant diagnose BPD until someone is at least 18. You can suspect someone under 18 of having an emerging PD, but not that
Unless any ausfags wanna correct me, that's how it works here
BPD is trendy I guess

No. 1165404

File: 1613752454774.jpg (36.82 KB, 1137x287, 0.JPG)

Self diagnosed.

No. 1165405

File: 1613752474125.png (3.5 MB, 828x1792, BB3E3251-B5FD-403F-AF6C-F67664…)

han, braces are free for under 18s, better get your teeth sorted quick because god knows you wont be able to afford them.

No. 1165408

And yet she hasn’t lost any weight. In fact, it looks like she’s gained since the start of her insta. Anorexia works in mysterious ways

Also, I’ve just realised she’s only 17. I thought she looked older. She’s 18 soon though~

No. 1165409

She swapped aaargh for ahhh. Becky the dog used to say that.

Can't watch her today. Feeling too queasy after seeing her face here.

No. 1165412

16 year olds have their own threads, so I guess that's the non minor age now. I used to think it was 18, but…

No. 1165414

File: 1613752703571.jpg (90.33 KB, 510x838, dietician.jpg)

self diagnosed anorexia, but on an ED plan?

No. 1165416

File: 1613752787191.jpg (145.82 KB, 538x764, kek.jpg)

No. 1165418

Her teeth look totally fine and nowhere near crooked enough to cause issues. Why would she need braces? Your comment is nitpicky as fuck.

No. 1165420

File: 1613752870851.jpg (140.37 KB, 494x790, pizza.jpg)

Grace has N2F levels of gross food

No. 1165426

Well isn't that a rustic pizza. Struggles with that thing yet feels okay chugging calorific chocolate Ensure.

No. 1165427

You make it sound easy to get braces when you're under 18 on the NHS. They only really will consider you if you have really bad teeth. Most people aren't helped.

No. 1165431

Nta, but Ham recently said her teeth keep moving and she hates them, so if she had the opportunity maybe she'd take it. (Britfag so used to bad teeth and not bothered by em).

No. 1165432

They'd probably refuse her because her teeth aren't that bad and, as I say, the NHS only really care if you have really bad teeth and/or severe jaw issues. Also isn't she like 17? That makes it even less likely they'd help, as they seem less inclined to help the closer you are to 18.

No. 1165436

Yeah, agree with that. Usually they do the brace thing when you're a kid or early teens. My dentist doesn't even give free pink stuff to swill your mouth out any more!

No. 1165440

She has a whole tub of ensure powder at home? At her size.. She should just eat her damn vegetables and stop larping anorexia.

No. 1165446

File: 1613753947378.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 83C4C160-A049-4F50-8E51-51877B…)

She must be binging in secret but of course won’t admit to something like that. If she doesn’t mention it on social media than the calories from binge eating don’t count. It’s much more fun to pretend to be anorexic instead

No. 1165464

File: 1613754801086.jpeg (925.24 KB, 828x1562, B34F768F-27D7-4D4B-9DD5-2139DF…)

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA-gasp-HAHAHAHA. Okay dharma. Looking forward to that 6mo update! Those hashtags.

No. 1165467

how can she “not know” if it’s AN or BN? pretty obvious differences between the two

No. 1165472

just another person who has no idea what they're talking about trying to larp an ED lol, nothing new here

No. 1165473

Going back to read that thread… those were really the good ol’ days, weren’t they?! The cows were mad, the milk flowed freely. Now were stuck with just a small handful of wannarexics and LARPers.

No. 1165498

hashtag anoress1a fucking kek

No. 1165501

File: 1613756663574.png (4.81 MB, 828x1792, 438598D1-BA3F-48C4-8FB7-A59154…)

oh wow her tik tok is a fucking gold mine. not one person is saying these things to you

No. 1165507

Shes so greasy, wouldnt be surprised if she eats processed foods all day kek

No. 1165514

>>1165035 at least I'm not crying over pronouns, you twat

No. 1165516

So sad to go through life only leaving behind pics with a tube and emo illustrations. What a waste.

No. 1165536

Sage or kys.

No. 1165539

Being a skelly isn't a requisite for dying anon, most anas that die are the ones that binge/purge and have constant weight fluctuations.

No. 1165574

File: 1613762413571.jpg (192.94 KB, 1058x535, Screenshot_20210219-131925_Ins…)

Anon in this thread: Molly looks fine

No. 1165597

When and where was this posted?

No. 1165598

File: 1613765562308.jpg (890.53 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20210219-141154_Ins…)

She posted it earlier today.

No. 1165604

Wants a life more than about what she's eating. She should thank us for drawing attention to her ridiculous eating videos and putting a stop to that bullshit.

No. 1165649

File: 1613770458242.png (1.67 MB, 814x1435, ganeranasmile.PNG)


ganer, when reading Dharmas post (probably)…

on what planet does she live in when she spergs about recovery and gaining weight, yet she is so terrified of weight gain she clearly avoids fluids as much as possible causing her 'ana-smile lines' and dehydrated skin?

No. 1165657

File: 1613771114548.jpeg (227.67 KB, 744x1223, 11D599E3-A760-4396-A8E9-F70114…)

Anna will not SHUT UP about her dilemma on whether or not to go all in. She keeps talking about how scawed she is of her fear foods and how she doesn’t want to be 40 and still anorexic and still needs to gain a bunch of weight . Probably a nitpick, it just annoys me that she acts like she has been ill for years.

No. 1165664

she makes ganer look ripped

No. 1165692

sage because not milky but doraisexploring is apparently planning to work with bored_with_anna to try increase funding for camhs ed services

No. 1165708

Regarding Journeytoemma's friend who have died. Sophie died in a car crash and Sarah died of Covid but she doesn't mention this as it doesn't fit the anorexia narrative.

No. 1165709

Good for them I guess, but we already know it will be a bunch of 'I almost died!!!1!' posts

No. 1165714

>>1165708 source?

No. 1165715

No. 1165723

File: 1613776847784.jpeg (695.67 KB, 750x1067, 7CFE3E46-29CE-488E-B530-EA165C…)

>ED plan

No. 1165732

lol she is saying she has anorexia??? this bitch is a landwhale wtf? the larping is strong with this fat slut. Wow its always the landwhales that do this kind of shit

No. 1165741

Calm down Ana-chan gatekeeper, most people with EDs have significant weight fluctuations

No. 1165745