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File: 1637883811493.jpeg (243.17 KB, 975x742, 4CD0D79F-E574-46CC-9777-1E350D…)

No. 1375940

our previous thread saw a vomit of tiktok attention-seekers plastered across our screens, each one barely distinguishable from the next.
amid the rabble:
niamh the narcissist can’t stop bodychecking, sucking in and tensing every body part, and was exposed for telling another recovery account “i’m sorry if you feel bad because you eat more than me”.
apology not accepted.
scarlett the skelly “fitness coach” has donated her bedroom to her weightlifting, as real fitness coaches don’t need sleep.
fiona lives a tale of two lives.when she’s not tortured in a freezing cold hospital, she’s happily zooming around supermarkets and cosplaying as dobby the starved christmas elf.
good old porgie is back, getting her brain fried with unnecessary ECT.
nourish is her usual spastic self,
ham is eating herself towards diabetes,
anna’s MCAS has dissipated into thin air
anons miss nik the lizard,
and even eugenia has made an appearance lately.

remember that cows 16+ CAN be posted (as per the rules), so quit WKing.
put sage in the email field.
bring the milk, not the cheese

previous thread: >>1361980

No. 1375942

No. 1375944

File: 1637884030167.jpeg (748.55 KB, 828x1481, 549AE19D-0F8A-47DB-87ED-F71005…)

the meat of shan’s atm is a very jarring contrast to the tensed jaw and strained neck, kek.

No. 1375959

File: 1637886800870.jpeg (193.51 KB, 750x860, A9B96B1F-BF1C-46E6-8AF6-E19301…)

Cece update. She has consumed multiple milk tea bobas, Thai food, fish and chips, pasta with peas and butter, and a full breakfast lately. Here’s her Kate farms supplement because she’s “having trouble getting her nutrients in”

No. 1375962

She also had her half birthday. She’s officially 29.5 and moaning about how she isn’t where she thought she’d be. Shes still living at home with no mention of applying for jobs. I assumed other anons would screenshot her story replies but it appears I assumed incorrectly. They were the usual. Lots of pity me, I’m so ill, and humble brags. She is very proud of graduating early. For any international anons, this isn’t impressive when her degree does not require many classes to be taken in sequence like a STEM degree. Cool that she finished early but she’s never stayed at a job for long because she always BPDs

No. 1376000

Can you add Fi’s on it?

No. 1376061

the way zara had to post like 5 selfies in a row after getting a tube “for non ed reasons”

No. 1376083

Attention whore gotta attention whore

No. 1376087

File: 1637914840806.jpeg (229.27 KB, 828x1556, E4284EF0-828D-45DE-AEEE-BB1927…)

Purge alert. @emsinrecovery (previously mentioned cow known for the occasional milk, most recently called out niamh on tt) uploaded a tiktok clearly showing her russell’s sign.Letting all her recovery followers know she is still sick and is purging. In the same day, she’s posting recovery challenges where she’s managing to eat chocolate. .. no doubt it was purged immediately after. Either the niamh drama got to her, or we have another n2f on our hands.

No. 1376088

File: 1637914945096.jpeg (444.71 KB, 828x1279, 53A22F8A-40CD-4973-A2EA-7BB9ED…)

(2) Still bodychecking on her personal account. Ironic she called out Niamh when they’re not so different, kek

No. 1376091

Cheers for the thread, anon!

No. 1376094

what is it with anorexics and making sure everyone knows they are relapsing? good one em, posting a pointless tiktok in what looks like a public bathroom showing your russell’s sign to your recovery followers. recovery going well clearly, kek. she did post a week of dinners that all looked identical - veg, veg and more veg! at least we know she’s not purging on n2f’s slop or ham’s sugar frenzy breakfast. this one might actually be eating healthily. if only she kept it down, but no, because then she would actually be ~recovering~. how many fake recovery periods can these anorexics convince their followers into having before they lose their followers? so hungry for popularity, but knowing them, they’d probably purge that up to.

No. 1376103

File: 1637919035555.jpg (534.45 KB, 1080x2167, 20211126_192923.jpg)

Here's another obese one who's constantly in hospital begging for the tube… Username is @brianna.recovery

No. 1376104

File: 1637919110956.jpg (438.36 KB, 1080x2149, 20211126_193129.jpg)

Claims to have been "dying" kek

No. 1376106

File: 1637919172984.jpg (353.06 KB, 1080x2175, 20211126_193221.jpg)

In this video she's having a whinge about people calling her fat

No. 1376108

File: 1637919238720.jpg (333.13 KB, 1080x2178, 20211126_193335.jpg)

Really loves taking herself to hospital every 2nd day

No. 1376109

File: 1637919386072.jpg (309.85 KB, 1080x2163, 20211126_193603.jpg)

She's literally obese dont know why they tube her

No. 1376110

At least she tags BPD

No. 1376135

File: 1637922778307.jpeg (484.08 KB, 750x1042, BBBD92FF-C22F-4BD5-81C4-4DFC29…)

But her eating disorder is so bad guys. She’s an aussie and we know that they just love to tube fatties so nobody is surprised

No. 1376153

Aw, it’s Georgia Jr.

No. 1376154

File: 1637927552106.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1948, 129DC0A1-5B3E-4A50-BCA4-AEBA8A…)

Speaking of BPD, wonder if Sharni/Skylar’s still claiming anorexia? I’m not sure “Lego” works as a nickname anymore guys…

No. 1376159


Lego is far gone. bitch has gone full Duplo now…

No. 1376167

(a little late to this, soz)
I was gonna ask about her as well. I remember her from waaay back, but I couldn't find anything recent of her.

No. 1376170


She was in a medium secure for ages that’s probably why. She’s moved now I think but not much milk so far

No. 1376172

File: 1637931915907.jpg (127.06 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20211126-150408_Ins…)

I feel like these posts are lowkey geared towards ham

No. 1376180

I might have said this before but also the same kinda people who think IP is like a fun extended sleepover with nurses braiding hair and DIY placemats. The type to ~challenge~ different cutlery with generic hashtag ED warrior strong arm emoji stuff stamped on. Imagine how insufferable Ham would be IF she was genuinely anorexic and admitted to hospital.

No. 1376181

File: 1637934478170.jpeg (330.12 KB, 824x1044, BCC7C046-0B7C-44E5-8803-298401…)

Dropped pic sorry

No. 1376221

bitch looks like a mix between oswald patton and that special needs kid from stranger things

No. 1376224

god how I hate zoomers

No. 1376257

>>1376135 another crazy eyes, just what we needed

No. 1376280

That one is looking like a medieval cow maid on a painting from a 19th century, third-rate artist that everyone forgot about.

No. 1376372

yipes someone's been on the antipsychotics diet

No. 1376423

File: 1637965199228.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1519, 54413574-4340-4489-9967-0AAEAD…)

niamh has announced shes “at her lowest”, but looks surprisingly non-spoopy?
maybe it’s because she’s not sucking in for once(don't post minors )

No. 1376484

Even though in her recent (deleted) tiktok she said that she’s doing so much better mentally

No. 1376536


No posting minors, just in case you forgot about it..?

No. 1376566

Read the rules and STFU

No. 1376879

Dude I think you need to read the rules 16+ is fine to talk about

No. 1376881


All of her outfits look like they were stored in a zip loc bag.

No. 1376888

Australia has no consistency with their mental health practices. Tube wasn't even an option for me when I was underweight & refusing to eat on a psych ward, but these cows get it any time… is it purely having private health or parents involved that causes these disparities?

No. 1376904

I think she’s from Queensland. QUEDS is stricter than any of the other states. My guess is she refuses to drink for a few days develops postural tachy and gets sent to medical where she refuses to eat and they tube her. Honestly sometimes I think QUEDS just think fuck it and give these cows what they want. Seems to be the way with Shay/Soph/Georgia.

No. 1376919

The last 3 posts of this girl got redtexted saying "don't post minors" despite the rules clearly stating 16+ is fine and we shit up most of the last thread arguing over it.
Can we PLEASE get a farmhand to clarify the inconsistent application of the rules here?

Not saging because for fuck's sake jannies, make it make sense

No. 1376924


What part of

(don't post minors )

didn't you understand..?

No. 1376928

File: 1638003830618.png (333.03 KB, 596x546, ganer_tramp.png)

Let me present to you:
Two masters of (rather) silent comedy.

No. 1376933

Why was it ok to talk about Ham when she was 17? Why are other under 18 but above 16 cows been ok to talk about?

No. 1376935

She's just getting more and more disproportionate. Her body dysmorphia is wild.

No. 1376936

don't post minors

No. 1376937

File: 1638004820966.jpg (15.43 KB, 716x42, OMDabLK.jpg)

No. 1376941

File: 1638005260505.png (4.61 KB, 458x22, Screenshot_2021-11-27 lolcow f…)

so what

No. 1376945

File: 1638005487078.jpg (589.07 KB, 1080x1378, Screenshot_20211127-032959_Gal…)

If there is an exception to the global rules, we need a farmhand to announce it properly so the infighting can stop. She meets the criteria for a cow well enough to make the op, so if we're not allowed to discuss her we need more than a redtext that contradicts the global rules so nonnies can stfu already

No. 1376947

What are the chances that the "don't post minors" sperg is niamh herself trying to stop us from discussing her?

No. 1376951


Nope. For that shes too much involved in watching her own belly button.

No. 1376959

God she looks fucked up. She looks more like an oedema patient than a body builder. See ghost, this is what it looks like when your kidneys are failing! (is she still whining about how the doctors don’t believe her weight gain is her body shutting down by the by?)

No. 1376960

File: 1638009116089.jpg (291.3 KB, 1080x2183, 20211127_202905.jpg)

I really don't understand people with EDs who buy a blood sugar monitor for home… Like, what's even the point?? If you don't have diabetes, it's not necessary. Most legitimate EDs don't care about their physical health. It's the attention seekers who do this

No. 1376962

Wouldn't say it's just attention seekers using them, and some EDs are centered around health anxiety. Shouldn't really shame people who are trying to keep well during their ED either. As far as I'm aware some even track ketones. That being said, she probably is attention-seeking if she is putting it out there to an audience. Just can't keep that shit to yourself. Now the bloodletters are something else.

No. 1376967

See, looking at a person like this with a glucose monitor I’d automatically think “type 2 diabetes” not “restrictive eating disorder”

No. 1376971

This screams "I'm lying about being diabetic" never seen someone with an ED use a blood sugar monitor in recovery or otherwise

No. 1376992

How do you even get one of these without being given one by your doctor? Are they that readily available? They’re going to ANY lengths to gain some sympathy now, the sadposting and recovery dribble clearly isn’t cutting it anymore

No. 1377003

or just…don't fucking post niamh cause she's not worth talking about, lol.

No. 1377004

You can get them easily for about 20 quid. Pretty sure Ganer has one.

No. 1377005


I'm also pretty sure that it is in its place, lying in an exact right angle to the wall.

No. 1377006

Has Katy Ball or Lucy Fischer been mentioned here? Lucy seems to be doing alright at the moment but has been milky in the past. Katy however has been insufferable the past 24 hours. 10 tiktoks in one day all showing off the tube and collarbone poppin

No. 1377021

File: 1638025919236.png (103.09 KB, 717x509, Screenshot_20211127-151044~2.p…)

No. 1377033

File: 1638028800398.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2188, 0175E619-1A9B-4211-97BD-6E821A…)

Jesus Dora lost weight and fast.

No. 1377035

She said she was minutes away from death in one of her videos. That’s why they tubed

No. 1377036

image. board.

No. 1377042

It’s an old photo if you actually watched the whole thing she shows herself now like 2secs later

No. 1377057

What’s she like now?

What happened to that mackkee girl Hannah who went off to get married/ have a baby - almost in denial of how I’ll she was.

No. 1377061

File: 1638033778964.jpg (57.8 KB, 537x809, Capture.JPG)

>What happened to that mackkee girl Hannah

Still dressing like a 1980s childrens tv presenter.

Georgie's struggling with food, it seems.

No. 1377064

File: 1638034270408.jpg (177.01 KB, 1548x734, Capture.JPG)

Why even pretend?

No. 1377070

Normal. But appears to have deleted the video since being discussed on here.

No. 1377073

I know Hannah and she isn't pretending anything. She's aware she is very ill and isnt making changes. She never discusses what she does or doesn't eat on IG and rarely mentions anorexia these days. No milk. Just a woman who will likely die young.

No. 1377077

>She's aware she is very ill and isnt making changes.

Sure, Jan, she eats all that chocolate she posts. Doesn't mention her anorexia because her selfies say it all. She's a special snowflake >> 1013000, but admirable friend you are.

Great role model for those kiddies she teaches.

No. 1377078

This huffing puffing pork chop really adores the "ed life". Tubes, ensures, hospitals.. They're like accessories to her.

No. 1377079

File: 1638036840034.png (106.01 KB, 275x275, 1594123869615.png)

Fucked up link >>1013000

No. 1377080

Can you read? I said she ISNT making changes. And she never claims to eat it. She deliberately doesn't answer comments asking about food. Someone just existing with chronic, severe anorexia doesn't make them milky. Well done for posting a selfie of her from literally 6 years ago minimum

No. 1377081

File: 1638037234404.jpg (88.63 KB, 652x694, checck check check.JPG)

Can't YOU read, I didn't say she said she's making changes. Why post cooking magazines and pretends to eat loads of chocolate. Not making changes makes her pro ana. Old selfie, but this >>1377064 isn't

No. 1377083

No, being a chronic anorexic doesn't automatically make you pro ana. It just makes you chronically ill. None of her selfies are body checks. She is just living her life. Christ almighty, do you think anorexics just never eat? They do. And whatever she eats is offset by her severe exercise addiction, but you wouldn't know about that since she doesn't post anything about it. Pretty sure that wouldn't be the case if there was milk here

No. 1377085

>you think anorexics just never eat?

You must be new.

No. 1377088

Not new. Just shocked that anyone would be surprised that anorexics hoard cooking magazines and are food obsessed. It's pretty much common knowledge

No. 1377092

It's pretty common knowledge that taking selfies showing your twig legs is a bodycheck. Food obsessed Hannah should get some fucking help then instead of exposing young children to the illness she thinks is fine.

No. 1377095

Oh ffs, no it's not. Underweight people aren't banned from taking standard pictures. She's a classroom assistant for 4 children with additional needs, not a teacher or in a mainstream school. She has been there for years so they obviously deem her fit to do her job. Good on her for trying to live a life despite her illness, unlike actual cows.

No. 1377098

She's a pro ana twat. End of. Nice try, though.

No. 1377100

Nice way to say you've been proven wrong without actually saying it, anon.

Now, on to the milk

No. 1377101

Would rather Georgie be teaching the children in my world than a woman that looks this ill and looks like she could keel over at any minute.

No. 1377105

File: 1638039685073.jpeg (419.75 KB, 828x1012, 4FE4D695-6280-4626-BFB6-20D346…)

heres your daily ootd - body check

No. 1377106

File: 1638039719830.jpeg (846 KB, 828x1530, 1CF57859-3121-4959-B03C-143449…)

and since no more over night feeds, heres your daily meltodown

No. 1377110

Also she “treated herself” to a new ‘BE BRAVE’ spoon!! Usually 24 year olds treat themselves to clothes, days out with friends etc. Her videos are so repetitive and no night feeds now?? Give it a day or two before it’s ‘too hard’ to eat and she slips until that precious night feed is back.

No. 1377114

Different anon here and I totally agree she is pro ana. Followed her years ago and she was one of that group of posh girls trying to fabricate enviable lives while just happening to fuck themselves up at the same time… Sick of seeing people promote that shit. But I’m not surprised she never made the effort to actually recover

No. 1377116

File: 1638040802599.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 639.89 KB, 821x1470, F05CD956-BECE-4B32-A3B5-6E4F78…)

here you go

No. 1377122

‘It may sound silly’. At least she has some insight into how cringe she is, Kek.

Also Fifi, people are ‘so kind’ to you because you pull the bullshit recovery qween larp and have done for so many years they’re probably oblivious to the actual insight you have behind your manipulative behaviour and motivations kek

No. 1377126

In recovery but still reading/posting on lolcow… yikes

No. 1377127

File: 1638042180416.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1973, 7F4E0C8B-356F-486C-811E-6089BC…)

It was taken down by tiktok

No. 1377129

Also maybe she should just use all her money and rinse IKEA for magical cutlery and bowls she can decorate if it ‘helps her so much!!!’ Instead of rinsing and draining all of the already severely strained NHS services and support that she’s had (and still has) handed to her since being a teen

No. 1377135

File: 1638042622686.jpg (1.64 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_11-27-07.47.36.jpg)

N2f looks beautiful

No. 1377138

Omg she actually really suits that hair style and colour. Good for her I’m actually happy for her, I’ve always had a weird and almost protective soft spot for N2F

No. 1377139

I see that hair, I just think of crazy Aly and shudder. But anything is better than the rats nest hair. She's scrubbing up well, i think.

No. 1377147

File: 1638044237661.jpeg (780.8 KB, 1125x1429, 407E5808-B276-495C-A972-E65B5B…)

I know we have collectively moved on from Cece but wow such recovery, filming herself eating tiny bites while you can hear her family having a normal holiday behind her

No. 1377149

Aww she does look nice! Good to see tbh as she’s always been one of the least offensive cows to me (at least in terms of personality)

Cecelia every holiday/event: how can I make it about ME
Nobody cares, crazy eyes.

No. 1377159

Honestly, she’s insane but glad to see she’s doing things that aren’t staying in the binge cave or taking inappropriate garden pictures. Helps that I’ve always had a soft spot for ginger hair on people too.

No. 1377162

Good job, cecelia! You have successfully made your whole family feel uncomfortably aware of your sooper serious ED and you have dampened the holiday spirit for everyone.

So glad our recovery warriors are ensuring the world remains revolving around them, God forbid someone forgets to be thankful for their bravery this thanksgiving.

No. 1377174

File: 1638048581796.jpeg (256.45 KB, 828x1404, 733C441F-E4B4-4791-9544-A40A7E…)

Her hair looks so lovely now it is shorter and better cared for. Her transformation has been a pleasant surprise, let’s hope it continues

I still love to hate Cece. This was her thanksgiving dinner - of course she had tiny, separated portions because she is such a dainty sick ana. Her WIEIAD on tiktok was unnerving as well because she filmed herself eating for way to long. It was sort of uncanny valley (not quite to the extent of Nik’s though)

No. 1377185

If the toned down makeup is staying, I'll say I'm thrilled for her to be getting a life and a good body. Hope she isn't puking.

No. 1377187

Overlooking the fact that she clearly doesn't need to be tube fed, just look at the difference between the amount of feed in the bottle, in comparison to the few drops in fi's. i still can't get over the fact that they're actually allowing her to have a toob for such a tiny amount of feed. absolute joke.

No. 1377198

Honestly I don’t believe a word Fi says about that feed having ‘just started’. In the picture it’s all up the sides of the bottle, so it actually looks like it’s nearing the end. I find it hard to believe a feed that pitiful would ever even be drawn up. just sounds like a case of even with an ng she has to be seen as having ‘as little amount’ as possible because she’s just that sick. Or else some serious re-feeding is going on.. it doesn’t make much sense otherwise

No. 1377227

She’d probably make a big song and dance if she didn’t have something through that trophy toob. Honestly she cannot be deemed that medically unstable if she’s allowed out daily, sometimes only with friends accompanying her, if she was so super duper sick. Yet she harps on in numerous videos about her low blood sugars and blood pressure constantly. I call bullshit somewhere. It’s a ‘who’s the sickest’ competition with her, and always has been.

No. 1377232

File: 1638058880294.png (Spoiler Image, 6.21 MB, 1125x2436, F81C5042-D135-41D8-B93C-700DA7…)

how on earth is this information helpful for anyone to have? what purpose does sharing this serve, Cecelia?

No. 1377240

Crazy eyes been watching hambeasts videos? De ja vu

No. 1377241

the way she turns it upside down as well. she's so uncool and old-school mental illness insta. this isn't how things are done now, cece

No. 1377250

Have never ODed to be an hero, but doubt I could be arsed to count how many pills I was swallowing.

No. 1377253

I'm suuuure she was minutes away from death lmao

No. 1377255

Cliche ~recovery warrior~ caption, "I was minutes/seconds from DEATHHHH".

No. 1377259

But did she have a bed with her name on it just like our old friend Molly?

No. 1377271

She doesn’t look like she’s put on any weight at all in the three weeks - especially in todays vlog.
The feeds are tiny- look like just one bottle of ensure. A full one would last several hours ( no trips out).

No. 1377272

What’s he friendship with smorven like?

No. 1377284

But anon, if she bothered to put on any weight or even try recovery attempt #fuckknows, then she wouldn’t need that hospital bed or tube anymore - then what would she do apart from have to actually act like and be a functional adult in society, and not get babied?!

No. 1377299

Her purposely tiny bites are laughable. Cling harder Cece. Your ability to maintain above a minimally healthy weight gives it away

No. 1377329

Existing with chronic anorexia and posting full body checks with a sizable internet is milky. Is she worth a ton of airtime on here? No, but because she’s boring, not because she isn’t kind of a cow. not sure why you are so vehemently defending her when she undoubtedly does some suspect shit online.

No. 1377377

thicc neck Eugenia has me laughing my ass off

No. 1377379

her ribs are also so low? idk this picture is a head fuck

No. 1377380

I always felt bad for this one it's such an inspiration to see her graduate. You don't even have to squint through grime to see her. She looks so much happier, I hope she continues to be good to herself.

She probably just downed a full bottle or gave an estimate. ODing has a pretty low success rate since it takes so long it leaves a lot of time for someone to find you and bring you to hospital to pump your stomach. Typical cry for help. Cece didn't want the sweet release of death, she just wanted some attention. Oversharing details like a pill count sure is tacky though, not sure what kind of attention she expected for that

No. 1377386

File: 1638088157481.jpg (1.16 MB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20211128-082551_Ins…)

Also can we just admire the fact that her outfit is…nice? Just normal and pretty, not even close to the hot mess we've seen in the past. I'm actually really happy for her.

No. 1377406

File: 1638091650303.jpeg (220.66 KB, 828x1210, 3392C494-7470-4D20-B6E7-3B1857…)

Was checking on Eugenia’s sub (pretty much dead) and came across this … it is Niamh. Controversial cow crossover!

(she deleted a post a few days ago because she was getting called out so much but is back to the crazy angles already)

No. 1377407

Do they seriously think Niamh is a good person and nothing like Eugenia?? Reddit is filled with dumbasses.

No. 1377415

Silly cows. If it was really just about the outfit and you didn't want to body check, you could always lay the clothes out on your bed. Fashion inspo does not require a model.

No. 1377420

File: 1638095436788.jpeg (23.42 KB, 189x267, 75EE4928-B511-4435-94D5-5DD871…)

Low quality pic but all these unnaturally tensed cow selfies be reminding me of the time tomoko tried to look like a popular girl in watamote

No. 1377421

If that were the case there wouldn't be magazine or runway models, or mannequins anon.

No. 1377427

File: 1638096633105.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20211128-044641_Chr…)

They use models because they're trying to sell you something. It's not necessary, it's just more effective marketing because people like to look at people. Models are not required to show clothing, or sell them for that matter. Plenty of items displayed on a hanger still sell.

No. 1377434

With social media it's easier and easier to make cool outfit posts without ever having to put the outfit on a model, or even buy the clothes. Niamh could do flat-lays if she has such a passion for fashion… but she's such a wannarexic she'd have to specify all the sizes lol

No. 1377440

You’re probably one of those people who comments ‘she’s in recovery and doing really well! She can post whatever she wants!’
She complains about hate comments but constantly posts literally the only thing that gets her hate comments. Many people are underweight (and very underweight) and don’t post pictures of their body. Pictures of their body in very skimpy clothing with distorted angles designed to show ribs and hips and shoulder and collar bones. She could keep doing the face thing - annoying but not triggering.
Posting content that gets hate comments and complaining about hate comments is just dumb. It’s not about the fashion it is literally a body check.

No. 1377441

Don't overdue it with the compliments. She'a still weird as hell and probably has some sort of brain damage. I mean she looks okayish FOR NOW. Idk for how long though if she cakes herself full with horrible makeup again and styles herself like a cheap hooker on drugs.

No. 1377442

Idk what ur on anon but that doesn't look beautiful for me. The haircolour doesn't suit her at all…

No. 1377446

you get "banned" by instagram for posting old healed scars and that bitch is out there telling people how many pills she swallowed? Knowing full well that suicide and self harm sadly is a competition between some people. I just can't deal with her, she is old enough to know what could cause harm to others and what not.

No. 1377450

I agree with anon, it's not my first choice of hair colour but she still looks great. Maybe she doesn't care about attracting people and just wants to look good to herself? I can't say, just here for the slop.

No. 1377468

File: 1638109131077.jpeg (610.03 KB, 828x1379, 2E8B8F0C-5F93-4578-84B2-4CF1BB…)

i feel like she is asking it at this point (1)

No. 1377469

File: 1638109216318.jpeg (680.98 KB, 828x1377, 4DE5C49E-A3D8-46A6-B6D8-F702A5…)

llama everything (2). also why does the pitch of her voices changes throughout the video? one minute is super cute like talking to a 3 month old, next is regular?

No. 1377470

I don’t love the color, but it’s nice to see her hair clean and brushed, and with the dead ends trimmed

No. 1377475

Yeah it's good to see her have genuinely clean hair since someone else washed it but I can never get with her manky makeup, cake on porridge and yellow teeth

No. 1377479

Tbf everything seems to be llama themed in shops, clothes shops etc atm & the immature af voice is probably because she needs to sound like the most frail anorexic whilst in hospital. Her normal tone of voice appears when she’s pissing about with her friends outside however, kek. So transparent Fi.

No. 1377480

That fucking smirk though.

No. 1377482

i would agree with you, if it weren't for the fact that she regularly poses next to her feed, and there is never more than a few inches in the bottom - also, if she were having actually decent amounts of feed three/four times throughout the day, she wouldn't have time for her endless home leave and supermarket excursions.

i honestly think she's been told that, alongside her porridge and yoghurt and protein bar snacks, she needs to drink a couple of bottles of ensure a day, but sooper sick fi has claimed she can't manage it and demanded a toob - because why even be in hospital if you can't waste resources and post toob selfies to prove how sooper sick you are. I'm not sure why they're agreeing to empty a bottle of ensure into that larger plastic feed container, when it's possible to get far smaller bags of feed to attach to her toob, but i assume fi loves the fact that it makes the situation look far more dramatic. if you only saw a few of her selfies, you'd assume the poor darling was being fed multiple full containers each day - it's only when you watch her vlogs that you notice she's being given less ensure than the amount she drinks in a coffee.

No. 1377491

Happy as a pig in shit (or cow in Ensure). My Christmas wish for Fi is a nice swift discharge. All they’re doing atm is enabling her.

No. 1377498

Oh anon, but we all know straight after ‘get fi home for Christmas!!’ has ended there’ll be a massive relapse because that’s how the most severe cases of anorexia work!!!! Magically improves for celebrations, holidays etc. Then once said event is over, anorexia is back - shock, horror

No. 1377503

Not really, but I can imagine with the way the world is going only obese+ will be able to show off clothes for sale as any other body is a banned body. Original point is just that at the moment, people do like to see how clothes work on normal people before buying to try and imagine themselves wearing said thing. You can't get it from a flat lay, it's why clothes that are advertised on ebay on a hanger or flatlayed don't do as well as something on a form. You like to see how things drape, and fit, especially in fashion and craft communities. Pardon the sperg but non of that was to do with the kid.

No. 1377517

that's always how it is with her

No. 1377540

They would do quicker just to put the pitiful amount of ensure in a syringe and put it through the ng - far quicker and less faff.
She moans about being full but those protein bars are pretty filling and dense.
Out of interest which EDUs has she been to?
Which uni is she at?

No. 1377543

She was at Glasgow for a longgg time. iirc from following her on insta she was admitted to Glasgow in 2016 after months in general, and sent back to England around Christmas 2018. Then once in England she was transferred to another ED unit and very quickly ended back on NG, then discharged home about 3 months later? More years of intense treatment than anyone else would ever get on the NHS. And surprise surprise, she’s gone full circle kek.
Think she goes to a relatively small uni.

No. 1377544

bucks uni

No. 1377556


she was in edus and different other units far before Glasgow. since she was 14 i believe

No. 1377566

She has said previously that she has never been in an EDU before Glasgow, she’s been ‘threatened’ when she was in CAMHS and being treated for the ED there. She has been in general god knows how many times for a blood transfusion, but mostly for the copious and repetitive overdoses and self harm etc (anyone from tumblr will know
It was every other day at one point)

No. 1377567

She’s been in a CAMHS unit where it was pure BPD shit, suddenly ‘hearing voices’ and copying other patients’ behaviour, then an adult inpatient unit when she turned adult age, where I think they saw through her manipulative behaviour almost instantly. Then ended up inpatient again within months after constant self harming and suicide threats after mummy and daddy kicked off at her CMHT, then went straight from there to general after restricting then Glasgow. She’s spent more time in units than out, yet it’s still enabled time and time again. When you’ve followed her for years, you’re constantly reminded by her on posts and FB about how super mentally ill she is.

No. 1377568

for some reason i thought she was at Cotswold House and day patient. might be wrong

No. 1377569

I know when she got transferred from Glasgow she got sent to Cotswald house (the compulsory ‘standing outside the hospital sign upon discharge’ confirmed that on her insta. Then has has intensive weekly support, therapy and appointments they she constantly banged on about for the past 2 years. Working wonders for her I see

No. 1377580

It’s a shame with many of these cows they don’t address the BPD which probably drives a lot of the ED shit. Sure some places want you at a certain weight before starting but it’s not always a hard and fast rule - if Fi’s already got all the support outpatient and isn’t improving, why not palm her off elsewhere and let someone motivated have a crack at it? I get services are a state but food for thought

No. 1377583

She claims its all autism though

No. 1377586

I thought she would do, it’s a fairly recent diagnosis, but before that she claimed it was all BPD. Seems she can’t make her mind up, kek.

No. 1377606

File: 1638128359238.jpeg (422.92 KB, 1117x1454, 093BEC54-EA4B-4CE3-887F-AFF357…)

anyone know what happened here? and/or what ash (formerly coffee.cats.recovery) is doing these days? she won’t accept me but I’m curious how far she’s gone with the munching kek

No. 1377608

It’s just her being a twat, she can blame it on whatever label she wants. Plenty of people with the same diagnosis’ recover with less support than she has had, and still gets despite constantly going backwards when they support decreases even slightly. She just doesn’t want to get better, anorexia has always been her identity even when she was a teenager, but more so since she got sent to Scotland and they went to the media kek

No. 1377609

Ah, of course it is. Another cow trend (inb4 someone screeches - I know genuine misdiagnosis happens).Those adult assessment centres must be making bank

No. 1377614

Was thinking the same anon. Sage for blog post but I spent time with Fiona in the CAMHS unit she was in, and I’ve met her a few times in person outside of hospital. Not once has she ever struck me as having ASD (I have ASD as well as numerous female relatives who also have ASD). I know in females it can be misdiagnosed or portrayed differently but her behaviour (specially copying others behaviours and symptoms, and constantly trying to get attention from staff) was pure BPD, she even labelled her own behaviour as BPD when she was diagnosed with it. It seems all the BPD cows will go as far as they can to get an ASD assessment now, and if they play the system right it’s not that hard to get. It gives them a new ‘act like a colossal cunt’ card because they know they’ll get more sympathy and support than if it was labelled as PD pathology.

No. 1377621

nonnie you've just reminded me of that Brief Psychosis Period TM she had with the hearing voices stuff

No. 1377622

I feel like us BPD people get bad names from these twats who act up when in reality, its not really like how it appears in this thread. Many BPD'ers get ASD assessments now because the signs can be very interchangeable and similar, the biggest difference being abandonment issues and how much they do actions for attention.
sorry for my own asd 'tism

No. 1377624

This drives me nuts. I follow someone who’s done the same - started off typical BPD, paid privately for an autism assessment which gave some wish washy NOS dx and is now complaining about CMHT signposting elsewhere after previously exhausting their resources for literal decades. Huge rejection issues. Typical EDS munchie seeing every medical speciality under the sun. Generally OTT and care seeking from countless agencies. How do these people not realise how transparent they are? Fi will porobably claim pots soon.

No. 1377625

KEK i remember that. She seems to have forgotten about that and the voices she suddenly and magically developed only whilst around genuinely very unwell people. Fucking hell what a throwback. She irks me so much because she puts on this fake persona, a lot of us have seen it for yearsss

No. 1377626

intrigued, is it in previous thread?

No. 1377627

I like that there's a bunch of us ex-tumblr people exposing it now. A while back fi was mentioned and it was shot down, some anon said she was genuinely ill and not a cow. But this behaviour stretches back many years. She was a really big influence on tumblr in that specific community. Sage for sperging but I don't get why that website doesn't get mentioned more for how influential, contagious and toxic it was. I saw so much shit on there

No. 1377628

On Tumblr, followed since around 2014 and the wild rides her tumblr took were quite intense. Like a DSM free for all kek

No. 1377629

File: 1638129445357.jpeg (347.07 KB, 828x1005, 6D4E2545-2346-4997-BCF5-D6F433…)

paige has released her new “book”.
look at the fucking grammar in that last sentence?!

No. 1377630

Tiktok’s taken up the torch ig (evidenced by all the rugrats posted in recent threads)

No. 1377631

‘Rugrats’ made me inhale my coffee. Thank you nonnie, I needed that simple but short laugh!

No. 1377633

Oh lord. Wonder what the therapist thinks? I won’t be taking one for the team on this

No. 1377634

gosh i remember tumblr era. she would post everything. And then her parents found it out i believe and she moved to ig community

No. 1377636

She had so many blogs! The one we are all referencing is still active but she doesn’t post on it anymore. A previous anon posted the url after being asked and all the bullshit is there , seems she’s forgotten about her past malingering tho, kek

No. 1377640

This is the issue with people who constantly get intensive support all their mental lives. Never have to fight for themselves, never have to do anything themselves. All they have to do is sit in a hospital on NG, go to therapy sessions and not use them, and know that whatever happens they can go back to a ward and piss around.
The reason others recover with much less support is because they realise no one will save them (because they’re TOLD no one will save them) and they actually start to do it for themselves.
The most Fi has had to do for herself is eat porridge and make YouTube videos.

No. 1377641

THIS 100%

No. 1377645

File: 1638130321358.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1170x1608, 1DD364A5-7A1D-4ED7-A84A-45AE0C…)


No. 1377646

>>1377634 im pretty sure her followers called the police on her multiple times too

No. 1377647

File: 1638130375469.jpeg (544.64 KB, 1169x1421, 54F1285F-7F0D-43DC-B1D2-CE588F…)


Cmon Fiona, why not take some inspiration from our recovery hero Ham here

No. 1377649

>love from future you
I fucking hope not

No. 1377664

She used to contact Childline a lot when she was like 19 and would get the police sent round her house. I remember someone called out saying 'you're not a child tho' and she got really really angry.

No. 1377667

I don't understand how they're supposedly getting this ASD diagnosis so easily. Sage for blogging, but a friend had an assessment and the assessor said that it didn't matter how many autistic answers were given or boxes were self ticked, it fundamentally came down to the assessor's gut feeling on the person, since they were so familiar with autistic people's non-verbal communication (lack of gestures, blank face, etc). So they could say everything right, read all the manuals, but none of that mattered compared to gut feeling.

No. 1377671

Jesus - that’s my adult cousin’s favourite fake threat to tease my aunt. I didn’t realise people actually called childline to tattle on their parents, especially as an adult.

No. 1377673

No she'd call them for MH reasons, saying she was gonna harm herself

No. 1377675

"Socialising" bitch where? All she does is hang out with her mum. Imagine 'recovering' just to spend all weekend taking photos of food with your mum, it's sad honestly.

No. 1377676

A lot of them are v good actors lol. Plus if they have friends who have ASD, or watch a lot of videos of people with ASD, behaviours and such can be mimicked. I actually saw a video today of a child psychiatrist saying there’s been a massive increase of teenagers presenting with ‘tics’ after saying they’ve seen it on TikTok, and these tics aren’t congruent with what they’ve seen in genuine cases, or what is defined as a tic, and also when there’s never been any history before in said teenagers. It’s actually been recognised by a lot of professionals that many of their referrals are mimicking a lot of symptoms of things like ADHD, ASD, Tics etc in genuine cases they’ve observed on social media.

No. 1377678

Fiona also has an anorexic sister idk if this is milk but it's wild to me how you can have two sisters both with anorexia and one of them is a complete cow, and the other doesn't mention it online at all.

No. 1377679

Off topic but there needs to be a separate service for these people. Munchausens, factitious disorder, whatever it is. At least give them some help to stop doing this? idk

No. 1377680

Bloody hell, that must be absolutely awful. ED sisters are bad enough as it is without the competition someone like Fiona must induce.

In fairness all the comments who knew it was Niamh were talking about how awful she is.

No. 1377682

She has never mentioned her younger or older sister having anorexia before?!

No. 1377690

if you look at a pic of the younger one its fairly obvious

No. 1377693

If you’re correct it wouldn’t surprise me. It always seems to be about Fi, and has for a long, long time. So, i suppose it wouldn’t be hard at all for sister to fly under the radar if she was disordered.

No. 1377696

>>1377682 she mentioned it on Tumblr ages ago but of course made it about herself. How her sister must have seen her starve herself and copied her behaviour.

No. 1377699

Because god forbid somebody else got a shred of attention kek

No. 1377700

There is literally a news article about how she skydived to raise money for BEAT BECAUSE OF seeing Fionas illness, not because she herself struggles. Sounds like she has more of a life and is a nicer person than her sister (not like that is a hard thing) so good for her

No. 1377701

>>1377700 she goes to uni, has a job, a social life, doesn't attention seek on social media, doesn't waste NHS resources. She seems like a far better person than her sister despite everything her sister has put her through.

No. 1377702

she's visibly underweight, at least was, when i last saw a pic of her.

No. 1377703

They love a good news article - is the vibe that I'm getting, Kek.

No. 1377728

Has she done the Take a Break mag circuit yet? They even pay! More £££ for tacky Christmas stuff and ~uwu ~ cutlery

No. 1377730

Best she’s looked in years. Can’t believe n2f is doing better than these other girls. She’s legit mental but she’s clean, dressed appropriately, and doesn’t look like she’s dying. The rest are playing hospital same as always

No. 1377733

Sorry if I'm being oblivious, but what is Fiona's tumblr url? The recent conversation in this thread has me intrigued.

No. 1377736

recovery-vs-relapse19 (iirc). You can see all the malingering and shit if you just search through the tags on her texts posts kek

No. 1377737

based, tyvm.

No. 1377752

i actually think she did do one of those trash mags

No. 1377872

150 of what? Fucking jelly vitamins?

Sounds like a load of shite.

No. 1377891

Private autism tests aren’t recognised/accepted by then nhs.
She hasn’t got autism - she has none of the traits . BPD yes definitely.

>>1377667 yes my assessor said she and most others know as soon as they meet you.

Not forgetting collecting llama stuff and teaspoons.
Can she even work a washing machine?

No. 1377903

Doubt it, the only time she’s spent away from home is when she’s been in hospitals or years-long inpatient admissions where she was getting everything done for her I would assume. The typical 24 year old life style all young adults have, y’know - Kek. Maybe that’s why the cows love those hospital and psych admissions, because then they can avoid growing up, getting a job and reality slapping them right in their smug fucking faces

No. 1378041

Damn bone rattler, is this her job? I thought she was a student. Tiktok doesn't pay its content creators & nobody's talking about her depop. She's not trying to sell the clothes, she just wants attention for how her body looks. The clothes are just an excuse. At least with that "w-well you're just not allowed to be anything but obese anymore!1" cope you admit your attention is on their bodies more than the clothes, because if it were really about the clothes and how the fabric hangs or what have you, the awkward poses to look spookier and focus on bones would distract from what is supposedly a "fashion" post. She could always buy a dress form. If you need to display your body in a non-commercial fashion post, it's not about the clothes, it's about your body. If she doesn't care about triggering her followers just don't pretend to be better than Eugenia, who actually gets paid for her body checks and is therefore doing her job.

No. 1378049

The chronic iconic?

No. 1378063

how the fuck did she manage to get 150 pills of anything when she was ip/hospital at the time? i call bullshit on this.

No. 1378080

so is Eugenia actually pro-ana or do pro-ana scumbags just latch onto her? I remember watching willymacshow's vid and the hate she gets is really obsessive.

No. 1378083

Everything about her stinks of bullshit! She would have some damage for sure especially as she's so super fragile anyway!

No. 1378085

She was in day treatment so conceivably could have purchased tablets anywhere

No. 1378093

Autism assessments require a 2nd person present from early childhood to confirm symptoms and behaviours were there as a child. They do where I’m from anyway. So she almost definitely has an enabler at home.

No. 1378099

Please learn to
1) spell
2) sage
3) integrate

No. 1378100

Considering she hasn't stopped posting about butterflies for the past few months, I would say yes.

No. 1378105

I KNOW I remember I tried to bring that up a few threads ago and anons were like 'iT's CoRrEcT LiKe ThE kiNg aNd i OR Me MySeLf aNd i'
Top kek, it definitely should be 'me' - me is used when you are an object.
Example: ham's meals make other anons and me want to brush our teeth OCD style
If you took out 'other anons and', the sentence would still work. Had you used 'and I' the sentence no longer does.

Do anons care? Probably not but if you're writing a whole fucking book you probably should.

No. 1378107

Her parents are absolutely under her spell. They actually look like sweet people though especially her dad.

No. 1378108

Isn't 150 a kind of weird number though?
I guess I have no idea what tablet she took but assuming they were OTC, they typically come in packs of 16, right? So wouldn't it be more likely to have taken 160 or 144?
Unless she took SSRIs or something, which typically come in packs of 30.
I thought it was fairly well known that paracetamol or ibuprofen overdose typically won't kill you and is easy (as far as ODs go) to treat, and that if you really want to die you take a huge load of SSRIs or anti psychotics. You probably won't die straight away, but you'll die of kidney failure in hospital 2-3 months later.

No. 1378109

paracetamol OD can definitely kill you if you don't receive medical help and you take enough. It's a long, slow, agonising death though.

No. 1378111

They also seem quite well off too. Likelihood is they paid for a private assessment. An NHS ASD assessment at the moment has a waiting list of years which would explain the quick ‘diagnosis’. I still call bullshit on it all though she’s a very good actor and manipulator, plus private make major money and NHS don’t have to accept a private diagnosis. They would probably accept Fi’s tho under duress of being slandered in tomorrow’s paper, kek.

No. 1378121

My mother told me that when she was a student nurse a woman died ODing on less than 30 paracetamol, can’t remember the exact number. Obviously I don’t know if she had other health conditions that would have impacted that but time is the biggest factor in OTC overdoses. If you’re sure nobody will find you and intervene you could absolutely do it. However people like Cece only overdose when they’re sure they’ll be found because it’s first and foremost an attention seeking behaviour.

In the UK at least you can get prescriptions for bigger lots of paracetamol, like boxes of 100, if you take the max amount a day. Doctors will sign off on it so you’re not constantly running out to buy it every couple of days. This is usually for elderly patients though, who obviously won’t be using them to fake an overdose - because they’re like 85 with dementia. Still I doubt she had a access to something like that.

No. 1378131

In the UK (is it the same elsewhere?), if you have a history of ODing on meds, or they consider giving you a month of meds would be risky because potential OD, they only give a script for a week or two. If CeCe was day patient (can't remember her timeline), I'm not sure she'd have access to that amount of pills. BUT, yeah, she probably wouldn't chance it with anything stronger than over the counter painkillers. If she was serious, she'd take her tranquilizers and go to be with a plastic bag over her head. Instead, she ~attempts~ in the Georgie fashion.

No. 1378136

she said in a video that the hospital is accommodating her asd diagnosis and helps her. if it was like that, private not accepted by nhs, they surely wouldnt care?

No. 1378145

Sorry I phrased that badly - I meant under the intention of almost immediately changing your mind and calling for help.
Whereas if you take anti psychotics or anti depressants and call for help the damage has usually already been done.

No. 1378147

private diagnosis is accepted by the NHS and put on records, although I don't think it'd be seen on the same level as NHS diagnosis internally. And if you're paying for private assessment, you're basically paying for the diagnosis. common knowledge. She just had to say the right things

No. 1378168

Sperg incoming, but if we look at promotion in a career context like actors promote the movies they star in, Eugenia promotes very ana content, thus she is proana. At 27 years old, Eugenia earns an income by modeling disordered behavior to girls half her age while saying she's just naturally skinny, using "body shaming" as a red herring defense for her bizarre posing, gestures, camera angles, and weather-inappropriate attire.
She sadposts ad nauseum in Instagram captions about how tragically misunderstood and unique she is between "love and light"-style platitudes, she uses her instagram stories to feed trolls who send dumb hate comments so she can fish for sympathy when she's not reposting every shitty fan edit of her own photos she's ever been tagged on, and she filters youtube comments about her family but never about her body, because she uses triggering comments as meanspo and so do her anachan audience. I don't use Twitter but I doubt it's any better. Eugenia also denies having an ED despite confessing to Shane that's why she was in rehab for a short time in 2019, going as far as having that portion of their video deleted and saying she was just confused. Eugenia may be a low-yield cow, but she is a cow and she belongs here.

I'd have no pearls to clutch if she made her money off fetishists & adult anas, but people learn by example, so exposing girls too young to be discussed here to eating disordered behavior disguised as normal content makes Eugenia Cooney a real Pro Ana Scumbag in my book. If you had to say you're proana to be proana, this field of the farm would be barren.

No. 1378174

File: 1638199281775.jpeg (296.06 KB, 828x1480, 30A4AE44-E0BB-4972-A601-D7A2A3…)

No. 1378201

Nah, in the US it's quite common for things like Tylenol to be available OTC in bottles of 150 or even 250 pills. It would be way more uncommon and expensive to buy it in blister packs or a small quantity.

No. 1378202

same anon, but as an examples of things that you can just order from Amazon:



That's probably why she had a ready answer like "150 pills" - she probably just took the entire bottle of something OTC.

No. 1378204

Her Twitter is a goldmine and even worse than Insta by a country mile. She’s called out on her behaviour a LOT on there, usually only responds by posting indirects in the form of quotes about how everyone is different and haters are nasty. Very manipulative. Eugenia’s parents are also constantly under fire in her youtube replies as being enablers - a few have compared it to gypsy rose type munchausen’s by the mother. Which makes sense as it’s her mother taking most of the pictures.

No. 1378207

File: 1638202513630.png (916.98 KB, 1284x2778, 58896054-DCB8-46CA-A45F-493900…)

No. 1378294

Or maybe they’re just doing whatever it takes to stop one of her ‘tantrums’ and get her out asap. She knows how to play the system when she wants to, she’s had plenty of practice kek

No. 1378298

Or maybe she's just lying and interpreting staff being superficially nice to her as them caring about her

No. 1378316

AYRT - nah but same energy with wildly impulsive extravagant spending on the side (would be destitute without PIP though apparently). If they didn’t have such a tiny following I’d submit to a munch sub/thread in a heartbeat but alas, they’ll have to remain a personal cow for now

It’s a nice round number, duh. Would Cecelia take 150 paracetamol? No she would not. How could her widdle shrunken tummy handle all of them for starters?

No. 1378332

File: 1638215897565.jpeg (39.59 KB, 929x269, 526097EC-AB1F-4108-AAC3-BF9E15…)

always the way isn’t it

No. 1378346

needed the laugh

No. 1378375

KEK well done anon

No. 1378379

I have such a soft spot for N2F she looks absolutely electric here.
Not what I'd wear makeup or outfit wise but suits her really well. I love her fortnightly appearance on these threads now, she's a far cry from the way she was even Sox months ago. Also glad she's not posting low key porn lolol.
Has anyone considered she might have bipolar? That nude photo absolutely screams 'mania' to me, coupled with exercise addiction after long periods of hiding in bed.

No. 1378428

I’m so hungry for munch, rip to the old threads

No. 1378472

File: 1638227965861.jpeg (179.08 KB, 828x902, 4D17F6DB-BA5A-48ED-A81E-70C092…)

narcissistic niamh has been booted off tiktok again, you’d think even her level of self obsession would start to dwindle given the constant backlash and negative feedback?!

No. 1378602

Now narcissistic niahms tiktok is banned (surely for good this time?) drop new tiktok cows accounts- there are so many to pick from but I feel like some are so blatantly pro Ana it’s time for them to be called out on their bullshit

No. 1378655

File: 1638245292355.jpg (345.86 KB, 1080x2186, 20211130_140743.jpg)

Fatty is somehow back in hospital with a toob

No. 1378669

her and Porgie are LARP twinning - fat, tubed & exhausting resources

No. 1378683

Hide your vendetta better, idiot

No. 1378687

What's the Instagram account ?

No. 1378710

I can't imagine how uncomfortable it'd be to be obese and on top of that tubed. Just pumped more and more full of calories when you need the exact opposite.

No. 1378723

Fangirl harder, idiot

No. 1378749

She's got DID now

No. 1378766

File: 1638261305567.png (929.7 KB, 580x755, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 2.33…)

a particularly egregious "no, I totally didn't stretch this picture to make myself look thinner" picture from @lauraingrampoet

her comments are always just fangirls

No. 1378767

Oh look, a shark bit a chunk of her leg off.

No. 1378777

Once you get banned you're not supposed to make new accounts to ban evade, so it's no wonder regardless of content why she'd keep getting banned.

No. 1378778

File: 1638265953228.jpeg (225.31 KB, 828x1596, 6864A7A9-C288-4A51-B6DB-7799E6…)

I think she thrives off any attention. She must have been banned over 20 times by now so at least she never gives up on her quest for validation. Does anyone think her left (out right) thigh looks shooped here? Only asking because it was brought up a few threads back and it looks wavy to me.

No. 1378780


I think it’s just tensed in a weird way.

No. 1378783

I hope some real milk turns up instead of being constantly flooded with a child's body checks.

No. 1378796

Legitimately looks as though she has two knees on that leg

No. 1378806

File: 1638270099196.jpg (597.22 KB, 1250x1981, Vastus-Intermedius-Muscle.jpg)

No, that bulge is just the vastus medialis muscle and a trick of the lighting behind her. She has one foot in front of the other. Bit ironic to acknowledge she laps up any and all attention while validating her thirst for attention on her adolescent body though.

No. 1378812

Not a child. She's 16 and it is not against the rules to post people of that age. Spent long enough talking about Ham, Zara and Dora when they were 17 ffs

No. 1378814

^^. what’s with the WKing? she isn’t even posted that often, just ignore it

No. 1378822

What is with all these ana larpers looking so… Porcine? This one has a straight up snout, Ham has her tiny piggy eyes, and Porgie is… Porgie.

No. 1378823

Porgie is drop dead ugly & pale as sin, but for some reason this girl's face annoys me more. So piggy.

No. 1378824

File: 1638273304898.png (469.98 KB, 373x658, brianna.recovery.PNG)

Oh no! but she had come so far!!

Seriously y'all should watch this video, it's ridiculous she's LARPing a restrictive ED when she clearly loves food & doesn't care about eating it, how else would she be so overweight?

No. 1378827

File: 1638275363913.jpg (300.18 KB, 1055x1976, Screenshot_20211130-121915_Ins…)

Someone PLEASE take this girls phone off of her?

No. 1378829

Wasn’t she discharged 9 hours ago (from her tiktok)? Is this from before that or has she already been readmitted?

No. 1378833

10 hours ago she was discharged, 2 hours ago admitted again (posted self harm on her legs but now deleted) she's been to hospital NINE (9) times this week and hasn't been admitted to psych once. She took an OD I think for the one 10 hours ago, I called it when they sent her home with all those painkillers.
She needs to be on 1:1 in the psych ward more than any of these cows. Also I'm curious about her feeding tube as she's clearly not under a doctor's care right now, I wonder if she's technically outpatient somewhere?

No. 1378834

Did you drop a number between ‘hospital’ and ‘times’ fren?

She actually isn’t as fat in the lower body as I expected - which means she unfortunately just has a disproportionately fat face. Is she on meds associated with facial bloat or is she just unlucky?

No. 1378837

File: 1638276513996.png (7.14 MB, 1125x2436, 4E113300-0178-4E32-A412-507772…)

woe betide the attention not be on our ana kween cece for a moment. cecelia is absolutely infuriating. she's literally 30 and pouting on tiktok bc her parents (who support her like she's a child) wanted to go and work out?? her tiktok is a goldmine of milk, but god, i had about 15 rage aneurysms from seeing her horse face.

also, your displeased expression makes you look like a toddler squeezing out a shit, croce.

No. 1378841

File: 1638277296069.png (615.96 KB, 603x522, brianna.PNG)

this is tinfoil but I feel like Brianna started out in hospital for completely non-ED reasons & continues to vague-post about specifics because of her poor general health is helping along her LARP.

No. 1378842

God forbid her parents want to stay physically fit and not just laze around even though it's thanksgiving. It's not a personal attack against you to EXERCISE and TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY when they're not even disordered, Cece. Fucks sake, she is infuriating indeed.

No. 1378847

Can’t believe this is the same woman who preaches she is ‘not responsible for your triggers’ and happily shares her LW with pictures, describes how sick she was and behaviours in detail and tells her followers how many pills she took

No. 1378848

So infuriated by her I forgot m to sage, sorry

No. 1378864

fi is clearly on about two/three bottles of ensure a day and demanding she is fed them by toob. she has breakfast, has a feed, but it's always finished before 11am as she has a snack, then she has a pot bar and spends hours at home or on shopping trips, then later has a few more snacks and is hooked up to her bottle of ensure "overnight feed". if she was having full amounts of feed, she'd be connected for hours and wouldn't have time for her daily adventures - if she's physically stable to be allowed hours of leave then she's literally in hospital because she's refusing to drink a couple of ensures. total waste of resources and they're fully playing into it by giving her a toob!

No. 1378875

It's like every day she tries to think of new ways to be more of a shameless narc

No. 1378881

File: 1638282674224.jpg (317.92 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20211128-132241_Ins…)

Cece's Saturday questions are always a goldmine. Complete with a pout

No. 1378893

Because she’s an attention seeking woman-child, always has been the way with her because she knows she’ll still get consistent support and resources regardless. One of the biggest players of the system I’ve ever come across.

No. 1378898

And given the state of the NHS and lack of beds atm, I’m sorry but if she can piss about outside daily and go home (when there’s plenty of very sick people who can’t, aka maybe go visit the children’s ward Fifi to see those who ~won’t be home for Christmas!!~) then she can be fucking discharged home. She knows fine well that the longer she refuses to drink those literal mouthfuls, the longer she gets to stay in that NHS hotel room of hers. For me, she is one of the most infuriating atm.

No. 1378911

File: 1638284837443.png (539.99 KB, 1027x1200, happy_merchant.png)

no no guys, i hate being a victim… i swear!(racebait)

No. 1378912

File: 1638284900964.jpeg (873.3 KB, 828x1530, 1C4CF5D4-58ED-4E9A-B330-03F410…)

first off "i painted"
then, i will never get how these anorexics who refused and were so scared to eat before suddenly admitted to general
hospital and can eat anything without support.
Thats a millionaires bar

No. 1378916

as if any genuine writer would post trashy ana content

No. 1378922

File: 1638285874238.jpeg (327.96 KB, 828x1558, 627F52E3-3C97-4098-84F6-0DB37A…)

Laura’s poetry is worse than Cecelias

No. 1378925

Not to worry but looking at the date/ following her as long as I have that poems from early highschool

No. 1378927

*white knight fucking autocorrect. She was super cringe back then too but to be fair theres poems floating around from when she was 13-14

No. 1378928

That’s fair enough. But she published her poetry collection in 2020 so surely she’ll have chosen to include it and is seemingly unaware of how cringe it is

No. 1378930

>>1378925 AYRT I read the collection out of morbid curiosity iirc it's all newer stuff. Nothing special, but kek I like my cyber bullying to be fair

No. 1378933

File: 1638286912935.jpg (311.52 KB, 971x1935, Screenshot_20211130-103704_Ins…)

I've been sitting on this one for a while but her tiktok is pure cream. Has had recovery accounts on and off since 2015 or so, in and out of treatment several times a year, toobed

No. 1378934

File: 1638286959942.jpg (339.59 KB, 1080x1953, Screenshot_20211130-104018_Ins…)

Kek also brings her guitar to treatment

No. 1378936

She'd lose an easy 15lbs after a jaw shave, holy shit.

No. 1378938

File: 1638287358726.jpg (269.46 KB, 927x1790, Screenshot_20211130-104555_Chr…)

Acts like she's sooper spoopy unsure if I'm desensitized or she doesn't look severely underweight to me

No. 1378939

I don't think she knows what a lot of these words and phrases mean.
It seems like she's just used an online thesaurus for everything. As for carbon dating… Jesus

No. 1378940

File: 1638287579397.jpg (378.38 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20211130-105202_Ins…)

More milk from her ig

No. 1378943

File: 1638287662822.jpg (381.4 KB, 1080x1349, Screenshot_20211130-105025_Ins…)

Kek strain those tendons

No. 1378945

Not just you, she looks fine. Is she in an EDU or one of the PD rehabs that tube anyone?

No. 1378946

Ah cause no body allowed to outshine her. No one allowed to get heathy or go for a walk cause it triggers there wery swick baby adult child.
They are trying to improve themselves just like she is but no that wrong
I get the sense she a adult tumblr gay book queen snowflake who triggered at everyone and everything

No. 1378947

>>1378938 looks like ERC in the US

No. 1378948

File: 1638287999911.jpg (327.7 KB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20211130-104700_Ins…)

Treats every one of her ten thousand ip stays like a slumber party or summer camp

No. 1378952

File: 1638288270864.jpg (413.57 KB, 1080x1980, Screenshot_20211130-110231_Fac…)

Blames her relapse on get this her dead rabbit

No. 1378955

File: 1638288741230.jpg (288.66 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20211130-110841_Ins…)

Also engages in the most bizarre posing I've ever seen

No. 1378959

Nothing like horrible bone rattling poetry to get the bowels moving…

But you say she PUBLISHED this crap?

No. 1378967

File: 1638289597230.jpg (359.45 KB, 1077x1914, Screenshot_20211130-112349_Ins…)

Older pic from her recovery account but shows her history of umpteen erc stays

No. 1378968

>>1378922 yep and it's not even self-published she's released I want to say two or three collections all with publishing houses. Crazy

No. 1378970

File: 1638289767033.jpg (323.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211130-104403_Chr…)

Last one from tiktok always whinging and moaning about how high her meal plan is

No. 1378971

>>1378952 spoiler that shit anon christ why is her head so long

No. 1378985

>>1378952 God should tell her to stop pushing out those collarbones too

No. 1378989

ok wow I obviously haven’t been staying abreast of the cow world enough, kek

Anyone know who she conned into publishing her? The manipulation of anachans knows no limit

No. 1378990

>>1378766 what I don't get about this one is she's clearly spoopy/emaciated or what have you so why the stretch Armstrong treatment. Sad. Hoping she'll write a book about something entirely unrelated to her ana chan state someday and cut her hair.

No. 1379029

And doesn’t she have her own room?

No. 1379031

I’m just hoping they get tubed on a deficit as it’s the only way to trick them into a diet

No. 1379048

As much of a narcissist she is you would think she would learn to dress herself better. All of her outfits just look so sloppily thrown together.

No. 1379058

and she lives in edinburgh,
where it’s been snowing this week.
she doesn’t wear this shit out, just for strategic, tensed posing in her pigsty of a bedroom.
must be sad though, imagine not having any real friends at all and spending your time swapping in and out of raggy items of clothing, and planning how you can best pose to look thinner for instagram.

No. 1379061

then don’t reply? jeez.

No. 1379066

where do you think you are, twitter? are your feelings hurt or something? You waited here for 7 hours just in case someone replied? ew and pathetic and sage for offtopic

No. 1379076

Of course, only the best for her! Even when she was in for her constant overdoses every other day she had her own room, if she was on a bay with severely unwell people she’d get a fucking wake up

No. 1379120

does anyone have more screenshots of her recent poems? shitty ana poetry is personally the content i live for

No. 1379138

Someone needs a Snickers

No. 1379179

16 isn't legally a child in Scotland. That's where she lives. Accept it, she's not a kid. Plenty of young cows have been discussed over the years

No. 1379192

The fact that it’s ONLY that tiktok narc that they get worked up over being 16 suggests to me it’s some whiteknight. I’ll be the first to say I don’t find her particularly interesting either but I just ignore posts featuring her, not shit up the thread or backseat mod.

No. 1379198

I dont care that Niamh is a minor, I care that she's fucking boring and not milky

No. 1379212

File: 1638302769594.jpg (236.85 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20211130-150503_Tik…)

She stole fi's look

No. 1379226

we care about your feelings and state of boredom even less though

No. 1379256

Fiona yesterday didnt wear her safe hat. Someones reading here?

No. 1379439

File: 1638310205028.png (1.74 MB, 848x1471, grannyhands.PNG)

this is your daily reminder to stay hydrated, otherwise you'll end up with skin just like Granny-Hands Ganer here…

you'd think being ~sOoOo~ into fitness she'd have gotten over her fear of fluid weight, but here we are.

No. 1379456

Little thief, Habsburg Hannah stole all of Fi's hats!

No. 1379500

i hate to sound like a WK but i vaguely remember ganer saying she has pretty bad OCD and hand washing rituals so her hands get super dry and crack… but still not eating or drinking normally definitely doesn’t help

No. 1379627

File: 1638314933803.jpg (292.92 KB, 1063x1662, Screenshot_20211130-150329_Tik…)

This was also pretty lulzy

No. 1379702

I wonder if she has mild eczema. That's more than dehydration.

No. 1379731

No. 1379938

But did you see the llama one she had on the other day?!

No. 1380215

I want to vent about Ham. She has been popping up in my discovery a lot lately and every time it's either a bowl of diabetes or she's out eating with hammummy. There is nothing else on her insta nowdays. Just oats, eating out and gushing about how she finally ~ loves herself ~ or some shit. To her recovery is eating out every day. At least that's what I get from her insta. I've not seen one home cooked meal ever since she bought so many followers she became a "mini influencer" wannabe. What a privileged fucking cunt she is. She's so out of touch with reality, the reality of an actual eating disorder and actual recovery. I want to a log so bad the more I even think about her piggie face, eyes gleaming with joy as she stuffs her face with pizza and preaches about self acceptance…

No. 1380365


>every time it's either a bowl of diabetes or she's out eating with hammummy.

Lucky you. The two times she's been on mine, she was flashing her flesh.

Not sure what their living situation is atm. If Hammum is still not at the family home, Ham can barely cook for herself. Could be why she's getting to eat out.

Nobody with anorexia ever pulled recovery that quick. Even those doing the all-in shit like To are going to feel crap about their bodies for a long time until they get used to it. Ham doesn't even acknowledge the struggle of living without their ED when weight restored. Her moronic grinning face dishing out advice when she doesn't even know how it feels. A year after w/r and I'm still awkwardly covering up parts I think look gargantuan, not stripping off for the world to see it's flaws because they're ~uniquely you, big hugs X~ I'm just relieved no company's ever sponsored her.

Is she still at college because she never mentions it.

No. 1380366

Sorry, Ro not To. (I don't particularly like her, but she's worked hard at it).

No. 1380381

File: 1638351877976.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x2025, 644EDB72-9B72-427C-BAD3-6005B1…)

It’s ok Ham, we won’t tell if you scoff the lot in one go

No. 1380382

God she looks like a greasy goblin. She sure weight restored and then some.

No. 1380385

Assuming she had any weight to restore…
She’s probably got 5 other calendars squirrelled away because one bit of chocolate is ~~deprivation~~

No. 1380452

I watched the video and lord she looks swollen in the face

No. 1380480

Fucking hell, she's erm filled out oink

No. 1380485

kek doesn’t even have a lindt calendar fucking pooro scrub

No. 1380493

Quality's wasted on her. Piggies don't care. Laughed at how desperate she was to get the chocolate out on her vid. One advent calendar to go, 24 left in her room to go.

No. 1380502

File: 1638368598894.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1170x2019, A765C91E-CC95-4487-99DB-535112…)

And this was her breakfast…
How anyone can start the day with that much chocolate is beyond me. Guess she’s used to it

No. 1380528

I mean, just eat cake for breakfast if you’re going to have a sugar bomb
and also nobody needs to see this poopbowl

No. 1380542

ham's bulimia saga when

No. 1380558

Personally, i hope not, once you start purging it goes downhill fast. Not a fan of ham, or people calling her food diabetic coma dreams (come on bonerattler sugarphobes - can already tell you don't have PMS when you fear chocolate to this spergy degree), but bulimia is a special kind of hell compared to anorexia, to me it's a worse eating disorder than just not eating. So whilst ham is infuriating with her escapades and how she depicts recovery, I wouldn't personally wish bulimia on her. It's why I'm surprised N2F got out (if she has), over the moon for her if she has. Just hope it sticks because of the relapse rate.

No. 1380595

At least that would be semi-believable. I’ll never understood the LARP but anorexia in particular? Shows what she really thinks of all the validity uwu she preaches, otherwise she’d have picked one that isn’t so glamourised

No. 1380601

Ham's only experiences with any ED is probably from hollyoaks and pastel infographics - so she wouldn't know that anorexia is also an ugly disease and shares a lot of the grossest, most shameful symptoms that bulimics suffer from.

No. 1380602

>bonerattler sugarphobes
or just don’t have a sweet tooth and find it sus that this normal weight person began her *~~recovery journey~~* with cake, pizza and McDs at the same time as mentioning admission. This is not a girl deathly afraid of weight gain and from what’s posted her diet has always looked objectively shit. I don’t exactly wish bulimia on her either but she needs to pull her head out of her arse, focus on college and make some real friends to call her out.

No. 1380604

kek wasn’t the anorexic girl in Hollyoaks called Hannah too? The irony (and nostalgia! I remember soo many pro ana fanvids of that storyline)

No. 1380605

ah, but it's a millionaire's shortbread in the form of a protein bar - high protein, low sugar so totally manageable! obvs fi has no problem eating chocolate - if it's coating a protein bar - or super sweets snacks - as long as they're low sugar - yet drinking an ensure - which is basically the same calorie content and also high in protein - is totally unmanageable and she HAS to have it through a toob solely she she can remain in hospital and pretend she's sooper sick.

No. 1380606

wow, that hollyoaks storyline brings back memories! the way hannah was so sick, went into hospital, then one day she ate all the food she'd been hiding while in hospital and was suddenly cured and able to eat again! no more anorexia!

No. 1380607

But normal people lean towards sugar especially when energy levels dip sugar provides a spike in energy, ed or non ed. Other points are valid, just suprised people are dog piling someone for actually having sugar - not even binge eating ham planet pre-diabetic quantities. Never had too much sugar on your cereal as a kid or too many spoons in your cuppa tea as you've gotten older? or gasp relied on energy drinks to get through a work week? I would worry more if it wasn't so common in non ed fitness communities to eat shit with their oats. It's as if water and oats isn't enough for people. But at least it seems as though she eats fruit with her oats, not just refined sugar.

No. 1380621

Almost like it's a TV show. Gave all the pro-ana shits goosebumps back in the day, probably where some get the larp from now, same with skins.

No. 1380624

But anon she needs all the sugar she can get because she’s super unwell and as she reminds everyone at the beginning of her boringly repetitive and predictable videos, every morning she always has really low blood sugars!! (Sugars and BP are always making sure they’re ffine when galavanting outside and in shops and cafes tho! As is tradition, kek)

No. 1380626

5 slices of banana and half a dozen blueberries doesn't count. It's not that she eats sugar/chocolate as a treat a couple of times a week, it's every fucking morning.

No. 1380628

File: 1638377462384.png (3.14 MB, 828x1792, EEA07F42-D42F-42F5-9A74-E5C175…)

not an established cow but a horrendous shoop, kek. @smoothiebowlmia- this ones just left newbridge house (brum), fully weight restored but using old pictures of herself and photoshopping and stretching her legs out like crazy.

No. 1380634

File: 1638377792434.png (5 MB, 828x1792, F850BD88-C96A-41CD-B2E0-1B09DC…)

a more recent photo shows she’s not got those dumb photoshopped pipe cleaner legs

No. 1380639

File: 1638377964092.jpeg (364.37 KB, 1253x828, 65819F77-42BD-4E89-B6F5-A3CD3E…)

more recent photos- even her hands are a dead giveaway. does mental illness make the cows blind or stupid, out of interest?

No. 1380650

Theory. Let's say Ham DOES have an eating disorder, however it's always been BED or ARFID; she started 'recovering' aka preach to normalise her way of eating, and just larping another eating disorder to uwu-fy her picky piggy behaviors. Thinking ARFID too because parents and such often mistake it for anorexia so it was easy for her to go along with a story like that.
She never fucking eats a veggie. Goes 'scared' (repulsed) into a burger to actually take off/drop the floppy damn piece of lettuce.
Then oh wow can still justify eating burg cus anorexia!!deadly!!
The captions about exercising make sense because well it did lead her to….ham.

No. 1380655

File: 1638379732187.jpeg (841.58 KB, 828x1682, 3F346CB1-8F60-41A1-9CD2-5E3B06…)

The most pro-Ana username.
Also not a self post. I just thought the username was funny. She hasn’t posted anything other than outfits. I’m not sure if she has another account, but obviously she has an Ed.

No. 1380658

Now this is a tinfoil I can get behind. I’ve said before she reminds me of one of those kids who end up blind from only eating chips

No. 1380676


kinda sus posting about an account that was just created though, says her other account was deleted so how did you find this one with only 66 followers?

No. 1380678

Oh I guess she did have another account.
I follow Little Hungry Devil and she posted a shoutout for this account. I thought the username was ridiculous so I wanted to see who it belonged to.

No. 1380701

Her face looks chubby rather than swollen. Of late she has just been posting carefully posed photos, prob with face filter, this just looks like its natural and what she actually looks like after all those fucking oats drowning in chocolate

No. 1380707

Her hair is so fucking greasy. She needs to download Tinder, meet a guy in a hotel for hot sex and then she'll start to do something with her grimy self. (See n2f).

No. 1380711

>>1380628 sage for dumbfag but I don't see any warping

No. 1380856

I swear none of these anachans could dress well to save their lives, but maybe zoomer fashion is just a disastrous postmodern clusterfuck overall.

No. 1380860

>>1380634 zoomer fashion/tiktok y2k fashion is a fucking disgrace

No. 1380868


It's basically all of the ugliest trends of the last 40 years combined.

No. 1380877

I'm a zoomer and is annoying how other zoomers think the "Skater BDD clothes on a skinny frame" aesthetic looks good, it's frumpy, uninspired and unfashionable asf

No. 1380880

Sage for dumbfag tinfoil but I’m convinced she suffered from a bit of bad body image and went on a crash diet that made her miserable and decided that that was anorexia and she needed to recover from it. I do not wish a real ED on her because they really do suck but a little bit of healthy fear of a diet filled with sugar and processed foods would probably do her some good, and I’m no sugarphobe bone rattler either.

No. 1380883

No clue who this is but piqued my interest.

No. 1380912

When I saw someone roaming around my town in Tripp pants this year I knew it was all over.

No. 1380914

pretty well tbh, thanks for asking

No. 1380935

Anyone see that Fiona was out again today with her friends? Soooo lickle and ill. Also really quickly, how old is she? I genuinely cannot work her age out.

No. 1380937

Holy shit can you make it more obvious that you're from twitter

No. 1380942

?? I saw on her Instagram. And I don’t have Twitter? weird. It was just a question lmao

No. 1380951

Then why can't you sage or show receipts, retard

No. 1380957

lmfaooo I can't with these edtwt newfags

No. 1380962

Lack of nutrition has clearly rotted their brains

No. 1380964

aw babbys 1st imgboard

No. 1380965

she's in her mid-20s iirc.

No. 1380972

Drop the pic for those of us who don’t follow her.

No. 1381002

File: 1638396868075.png (39.68 KB, 598x501, minnie on Twitter.png)

No. 1381003

did i miss something or who are these random new edtwitterfags

No. 1381008

She’s 24, almost 25.

No. 1381012

Naur you guys are right and while I’m not on Twitter, I literally do not get how to use this sight at all. Like I just watch you all bitch about people and I never say anything myself lol. Help me out here plz - what does sage mean? Soo embarrassing that I don’t know but I’ve got to start somewhere I guess.( Read the fucking rules)

No. 1381014

File: 1638397904074.png (6.05 MB, 828x1792, 82D7865F-D5C7-4C2A-A5CF-BC8DD4…)

No. 1381024

Read the rules all in there

No. 1381037

from what I can tell with a quick search, Lucinda (unicorn girl who got her own thread) outed someone's trans and now there is a lot of drama. Since she has edtwt followers that might be where they're from. Not including screenshots as unsure of ages (presumably minors if they're stupid enough to be on pro-ana twitter)

No. 1381051

Also you're probably lying, it's impossible to be a lurker and not know any of the site rules. Unless, that is, you're retarded.

No. 1381065


Lucinda didn't out anyone, anons made speculations about the narc bitch harassing her and then the narc bitch outed and doxxed herself sending brigades of dumbass edtwt users here in the process.

No. 1381068

Except she didn’t out anyone. The other kid basically brought all of the drama on himself by trying to get both and his follows to go after her and it backfired and blew up in his face. And unlucky for everyone else we now have to deal with the fallout, having edtwt showing up here.

No. 1381071

*both lolcow and his followers

No. 1381090

not the same anon but Fiona posts on twitter as well? is there any social media she doesnt use?
btw the video is on tiktok as well

No. 1381125

File: 1638400543123.jpeg (159.52 KB, 787x813, 65FA5AB5-C13C-4C2C-A932-604DAA…)

No. 1381149

KEK omg

No. 1381329

File: 1638406076396.png (2.63 MB, 828x1792, F26B7700-A5A9-4D36-82E2-9A18E0…)

embarrassing at this point

No. 1381335

i don’t understand how people don’t think this is milky like … wtf

No. 1381344

eating a balanced breakfast helps most people do well on exams

No. 1381351

Hunny it’s a bit late for exam tips if you’re taking it tomorrow

No. 1381384

The fake bitch has got the arm length of someone 5ft 4" yet stretched her legs proportionally longer than mine are at 6ft 2".

No. 1381405

right? the thigh length is embarrassingly disproportionate- i guess someone didn’t get any GCSEs or else they might have the brain cells to edit it better

No. 1381793

File: 1638422734829.jpeg (426.68 KB, 750x670, 7B9E0819-44DF-4485-A462-6ABBC7…)

I don’t frequent this thread but just looked at eugenias Instagram and she’s gotten WAY WORSE. It’s horrifying. Then noticed this on her most recent post. Dfck?

No. 1381807

>>1381793 shooping. Baffles me that most if not all shoop anachans are genuinely spoopy yet insist on giving themselves ridiculous proportions

No. 1381853

File: 1638429631999.jpg (87.28 KB, 508x457, Screenshot_20211202-010920_Chr…)

Wtf is going on around her belly button? Self harm, stretch marks, endometriosis, kicked by a horse, or is she just dirty?

No. 1381858

Looks like the burns you get from an uncovered hot water bottle

No. 1381860

File: 1638430244087.jpg (46.72 KB, 960x637, Salad-Fingers.jpg)

No. 1381892

Dead giveaway you're a twitterfag.

No. 1381898

yep it's def erythema ab igne(sage)

No. 1381945

File: 1638441674538.png (649.46 KB, 720x1065, Screenshot_20211202-103828~2.p…)

No shampoo behind day 2 of her advent calendar. I'm going to presume she dropped out of college.

No. 1381949

She says it’s from using a hot water bottle

No. 1382227

Yet made sure to wear only crop tops in -3 degree cold so everyone showed their concern for validation. There’s definitely milk, she just doesn’t make it as painfully obvious or beg for it. But it’s there

No. 1382296

File: 1638464993952.png (753.51 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_20211202-134110~2.p…)

Lolitaisdead76 wouldn't bother me at all if she didn't insist on vest tops.

No. 1382309

I noticed in Fi’s new video her acting skills are getting better, kek. Also ironic how just yesterday in her video she said she had a meeting with her team/dietitian where they discussed her discharge and today she did nothing but go on about how difficult and hard she’s suddenly finding it, as well as repeating numerous times how she’s finding it hard to ‘believe how unwell everyone is saying she is with her anorexia’. Didn’t see any of that fucking coming, kek.

No. 1382319

at first glance thought this was dusty kek

No. 1382333

Think this is what Ham believes she looked like
when she claimed to be so weak she couldn't wash her own hair and was fainting all the time not to mention that bed with her name on it kek

No. 1382373

Her arms aren't hacked up like Dusty's. I'd ask how she's doing, but no doubt still playing Girl, Interrupted.

No. 1382426

File: 1638469546637.png (1.3 MB, 1010x1663, Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 8.24.…)

llama blanket, llama pj's, llama bowl

No. 1382432

she did say that they discussed with dietitian discharged plan. Marked my words she would either be home by xmas or she will have leave

No. 1382437

Am I dreaming or is her face actually looking better

No. 1382450

If she just stopped to dress like a fucking child would do.

No. 1382475

File: 1638471306885.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x1586, B6E2A4D8-ADDB-4982-A3A1-2C2007…)

Can we talk about just how BAD her photo editing is. 1st: she looks crippled. 2nd: you can see part of her calf shopped off in a square. 3rd: for legs to be that small there would be a massive thigh gap that there isn’t & she’d have massive muscle loss in her body & face. She’s also usually dressed like a child & surrounded by stuffed animals. I pity her.

No. 1382492

Would you sage that shit, plz

No. 1382496

>>1382475 lurk moar, this was already posted. Also is honestly just sad. She's genuinely a very low weight and doesn't need to make herself look like slenderman. Fucking giraffe looking ass

No. 1382562

>>1382475 not a wk, she's embarassing as hell with her plushies, but sperging about an already posted photo is beating a dead horse. She's boring, and behind her bizarre shoops and cutesy bullshit is a severely underweight NEET who needs to stop fucking around and decide if she wants to get better

No. 1382581

File: 1638475150097.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, 77E7BF4A-CC4E-4CE9-8E3E-6485C0…)

This tiktok calling out Niamh has so many comments - with follow ups responding and more comments. The backlash is growing not just on here.
Honestly think she will be IP soon though - last body check looked very similar to last time she was sent IP

No. 1382582

Sudden relapse after Christmas though. Anorexia can obviously be put on hold until after the festivities, kek.

No. 1382586

Probably her new found ~special interest~ now that she’s got that ASD diagnosis she, and every single other cow it seems lately, has been grasping for. I’ve met her irl, how she comes across on her videos and insta is so fake, she’s fuck all like that at all which makes it even more infuriating. Only started blaming every on autism when it was printed or a piece of paper. glad I cut that toxicity out when I did.

No. 1382590

File: 1638475583832.jpg (244.5 KB, 1075x1480, Screenshot_20211202-150248_Ins…)

Laura's ridiculous but she honestly looks pretty deathly to me in general if she stopped stretching pictures I think she'd graduate to cringe vs scumbag

No. 1382593

>>1382432 incoming Christmas day post about how eating disorders don't take days off kek. Just afternoons at the mall off then

No. 1382622

File: 1638476830497.jpeg (638.77 KB, 828x1381, 4E7C25AC-3F65-41AB-97AD-DCAF32…)

oh cece found a new platform to cry how sick she was

No. 1382628

>>1382622 how are her thighs that meaty when her top half is spoopy

No. 1382663

Sucking in and contorting

No. 1382672

people carry weight in different places. she may also just have a larger ribcage/shoulder structure so her bones are visible there sooner

No. 1382684

In my experience, being even a little dehydrated can make your chestbones appear, even if you’re a healthy weight. If she intentionally dehydrated herself before her doctors appointment (which she almost certainly did to throw off her bloods) that is probably why her xylobones are so prominent

No. 1382685

Oh and of course she turned off the comments. Wouldn’t want people calling her out for posting her body checks, would we?

No. 1382699

> xylobones

top fucking kek nonny

No. 1382711

yeah, she's up to the same old. also been reposting a ton of EC shit on her story, to add to the mountain of cringe. cows never change their spots…

No. 1382739

File: 1638481868999.jpeg (695.81 KB, 828x1471, 46B02970-DAC2-4C43-A90B-8B781F…)

probably these are the stuff she watches and educate herself

No. 1382772

God give me strength. It’s nothing to fear because you’ve probably researched the fuck out of it, to learn the diagnostic criteria kek

No. 1382776

didn't she something like "I don't have to post pictures of how I looked at the worst"? Well, this hasn't been her worst then, am I right?

And for her chest bones/ribs, at a BMI from 17.5 and without much hydration my bones would look the same, I just have "large" bones. It's not an indicator how underweight/sick you are.

such a nice word, love it

No. 1382782

her legs dont look bmi 17.5

No. 1382785

Ah, I was inpatient with her at Glasgow, said she had BPD and acted like the stereotype (ik not everyone with BPD is like this before people jump). When a mutual friend got diagnosed with ASD late last year (said friend also has(d) an Ed) she suddenly started almost mimicking mutual friend’s autistic behaviour. After being with her 24/7 for longer than I care to put myself through remembering kek, she does not and never has struck me at all as someone with ASD. It baffles me how she managed to get the diagnosis that she’ll now use as an excuse to act like even more of a cow.

No. 1382791

What was she like in person? Give us some insider gossip

No. 1382793

i dont know if we are talking about the same person but her best friend who was with at glasgow also has asd and anorexia. the one who keeps sending her gifts.

No. 1382807

Very difficult to explain. She’s quite confident, social, can be nice (at times does not act like an adult in comparison to friends) but isn’t as anxious or softly spoken as she is on her videos, in the slightest. Always used to make sure people knew how mentally ill she was, put literally everything about therapy and hospital on Facebook and didn’t nothing but complain about her treatment.

No. 1382848

>>1382475 eh in fairness its pretty hard to tell from that kind of distance/ in a heavily filtered photo (looks like she played around with ig filters over top of whatever the fuck else) about muscle wastage hair quality etc. My issue w her is that she goes ip, leaves while still emaciated to do "harm reduction", rinse and repeat. Most of these ana-chans need fucking jobs.

>>1382622 holy pear shape batman kek

No. 1382870

I don't understand how these cows don't worry about the doctor/nurse/whoever walking in while they're posing for these pictures, kek

No. 1382871

Flashbacks to May straight up rubbing her bean in a hospital bed

No. 1382880

I know a lot of people think she isn’t milky but the fact there are 500 comments on this video and everyone immediately knows it’s about her says something about her notoriety

No. 1382954

that was epic lols, seeing her tits-out&vag-out while she was bedbound in hospital, having a mazz whilst camwhoring was a genuine highlight of any proana lolcow thread

No. 1383028


There is no way she has autism . I think she just uses it as an excuse to not have the BPD diagnosis, and because it means she can eat limit foods and cry a lot. She is normal with her friends.

Love to know the conditions of her discharge .

No. 1383149

Pretty sure i've seen multiple interactions (on tiktok) between this one and Niamh.
She's notorious on Instagram for both shooping, lying about her weight and claiming to be the best at anorexia ever.
Would post screenshots (imageboard- I'm aware) but was blocked a while ago

No. 1383178

You sound like a wk, she’s literally publishing shit pro ana poetry and spreading the idea you can be sick and be “a writer”

No. 1383188

>>1380628 bitch looks like gumby

No. 1383228

File: 1638515831467.png (7.43 MB, 1125x2436, 71788EAC-DE38-4896-94EC-350AF2…)

i don't need to imagine.

No. 1383263

Wow I almost didn't recognize her! This kind of look fits Cece way more than the preppy psycho face and all beige style. But yeah, keep flexing with your bad mental health. At least you have the privilege to go to therapy three times a week, make some use out of it why don't you?

No. 1383267

Is that dandruff all over her screen

No. 1383272

File: 1638521588921.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, 99B692DE-9C79-4104-92D4-9AE4A7…)

Cecelia has been on tiktok for 5 minutes and has already learned the lingo and managed to turn it all into an illness brag. Way to go Cece.

No. 1383273

Worthless attention seeker. Burden to her parents.

No. 1383275

imagine struggling so much to get pitied by strangers

No. 1383279

Not just strangers either, most people on that app are more than 10 years younger than her. How pathetic. She’s such a narcissist I bet she is hell to be around.

No. 1383284

Her content is only about her mental health struggles on every platform. Same shit regurgitated. She lives for pity and validation from strangers.

No. 1383286

>I've failed to unalive myself 4 times
doubting those were real attempts

No. 1383290


what a nice little woe-is-me!

No. 1383306


She did not fail 4 times to get some cheap attention and IP time.

More like that.

No. 1383310

"my arms are barcodes" No, they're really not Cece, we've seen your arms and they're literally fine. Pretty embarassing to be honest.

No. 1383334

>I'm terrified of butter

That must severely affected her quality of life.

No. 1383357

I hate her more than any of the others posted here because she’s so much older. She should fucking know better by now but she’s going to force everyone around her to caretake her forever. A miserable self indulgent sponge of a person who sucks up all the energy in the room. How can she live with herself being this fucking pathetic? Everything about her is fundamentally hateable and she thinks she’s entitled to pity and understanding? Absolute scum. I hope her parents toss her out on the street. She’ll have a lot more to fear then than just butter.

No. 1383364

File: 1638536612038.jpg (34.05 KB, 512x512, baa2bcf6-004c-4dc3-a17b-d5ea22…)

amen sister.
There's something so infuriating about her. I think it's the incoherence of "Imagine HATING ME" and "I tried to unalive myself :(((" I mean if she really had all the problems and ED she claims to have she could easily imagine hating herself. fake and attention seeking I hope she gets reality checked soon

No. 1383376

Imagine NOT hating her? Imagine actually pitying her? You’d have to be just a demented as she is to do that, and people like her never feel pity for anyone other than herself. This is why I hate people like her, everyone around her suffers, struggles, fights to keep their heads above water while they just cling like a monkey and drag everybody down. No matter what shit her family has to put up with, she will NEVER show them an inch of empathy. She sees other people as hosts to leech off of and not individual humans with needs and emotions like her. She paints everyone as “neurodivergent” and “neurotupical”, and the divergents are always, ALWAYS the priority because the divergents are perfect. She probably has the exact same brain chemistry as the people she leeches off of, but just chooses not to take responsibility. I fucking despise her.

No. 1383377

She’s not saying she can’t imagine hating herself, she is saying she can’t imagine anyone hating her as much as she hates herself/she is too sad uwu to be hated (although we know that in reality she has a very high opinion of herself),

No. 1383378

File: 1638537503167.jpeg (828.5 KB, 828x1545, E8300F5B-8BF5-41C4-8841-65E70D…)

the comments are fucking hilarious- hundreds of likes, universal agreement that niamh macdougall is a piece of shit. do you reckon she’ll stop NOW or is the narcissistic need for attention just too much

No. 1383422

>my arms are barcodes
kek, I'm dying over here. Sure, barcodes and other self harmers have the markings of a zebra. As a self harmer with barcode arms (kek, what bullshit) I can't put in words how much I hate her. She should be old enough to be a better example and not make the life worse for everyone around her, including the ones trying to recover in peace without having to face more prejudices as they already do. Would really love to meet her one day, my scars would trigger her into another attempt of "unaliving" herself.

No. 1383428

File: 1638540616242.gif (1.81 MB, 498x316, grimaceface.gif)

>At her age
That's the thing. A lot of the ones we post are younger or/and haven't had any life experience. She's had relationships,been to uni, has a career. She has no excuse to pile on the pity me. At 30, from personal experience (as in not recovered then), there's no fucking way I can imagine saying shit like that. It's embarrassing to pretend she's so in need of help and saying I hate me. The twins are 40 something and okay they're p useless, but they're weird twins, and genuine spoops.

It feels creepy reading what she writes when looking at her face and knowing she's capable of winging it through life if she wasn't an attention whore. Thirty and ED tiktok. Mon dieu!

No. 1383430

Imagine being 30 and referring to your self harm as "Barcoding" for tiktok likes from 14yos. I agree with other anons here - I hate her more cos she's way too old to do this. 17-24 year olds? I'll give more slack, you're figuring yourself out and the internet is very influential.

No. 1383433

File: 1638540857486.png (366.59 KB, 720x812, Screenshot_20211203-141332~2.p…)

Barcode arms.

No. 1383483

She is putting so much focus on her scars which you wouldn't even notice if she wouldn't mention them constantly. Remember the time she warned her Co-Workers because she has scars? They wouldn't have seen them and if they would have, they wouldn't have cared.
She also makes it seem like life won't get better and that's such a bad sign for young people. Seeing her and imagining that your life will be like hers and you still will be suffering in 15+ years and that therapy just won't work? Well, thank you for nothing, she is helping no one except her need for being a whining attention seeking child.

having such amount of scars on your arms is really tough, makes life very hard, everyone sees it and everyone will instantly know that you are just a lost cause. She should get herself some skin grafting to be able to wear short sleeves without getting stared at.

No. 1383498

File: 1638545894197.jpg (756.23 KB, 1300x975, unlive.jpg)

Ohh, you wrote it how it is in that first paragraph. If I was a teen and read what she writes, I wouldn't bother trying to recover because - what's the point? It doesn't work. As much as I hate the recovery accounts all about how recovery's like a cult where you feel amazing and stand on mountains at sunset with your arms open, what Cece does is a lot worse. Doubt the kids are going to take to her, though.

Her arms are too Freddie Kruegered to be fixed. Just like Cecelia, they're unfixable.

No. 1383533

You sound like a twitterfag flexing with your barcodes. No better than Cece.

No. 1383547

File: 1638548696467.jpeg (289.94 KB, 828x1443, D934BE44-4491-4046-B88F-7A6F55…)

bet they are were doing the same thing the 4 yr olds at school today

No. 1383566

Imagine being nearly 25 years old and doing this for fun. My niece does similar things and she’s 4, kek

No. 1383568

File: 1638549752235.jpg (62.87 KB, 650x650, superior.jpg)

4 year olds aren't self centred and their art is cuter. They know how to thank people for their help.

No. 1383572

(I'm aware this artist is 10, but it was my favourite out of the kiddie drawings. Is the lady far left weeping? Must be Cece).

No. 1383585

File: 1638550365456.jpeg (395.98 KB, 1900x1416, 0B4946C9-6580-4061-BEF1-AA7933…)

Mary always posts the kind of stuff. She can’t be less than a bmi of 18 yet she talks about how skinny and ill she is. Every time people try to give her helpful advice, she’s full of excuses. She regularly gets tellonyms saying she looks completely fine and to stop attention seeking and she always responds she is deathly ill and so skeletal. Then she posts about how fat she looks.

No. 1383596

Lmao this bitch just looks regular slim. No one would look twice. The internet is rotting peoples' brains.

No. 1383658

As in Fi and Niamh?

No. 1383666

File: 1638552758835.jpeg (229.92 KB, 828x1342, DDA3E39C-E42A-4C6E-895D-37F5B4…)

No chance, she was not-so-subtly flexing her jeans being too big earlier today.

No. 1383669

She’s almost 30. If it bothered her that much she could get laser.
Many people in their 20s with recovery accounts are embarrassed by their mental health history. It’s out of the ordinary that a woman nearly in her 30s is obsessed with being a drain on the system

No. 1383671

File: 1638552909038.jpeg (161.9 KB, 828x748, B12E994F-4027-43F6-972C-B71ACE…)

Very barcoded. On another note, I’m still not over the ‘’day in the life of an anorexic’ video she posted on YouTube but deleted -

No. 1383675

Dying to be the preppy Eugenia.

No. 1383676

The only barcodes on her arms are the arm hairs.

No. 1383714

File: 1638554152503.jpeg (2.22 MB, 1284x2380, A2296B55-7BFB-44F2-9C95-C43722…)

IDK if this has been posted yet, but Laura has a new “fashion” account, too. Not exactly posting about her ED, but chock full of body checks, shopped pics (obviously), and clothing choices that intentionally make her look like a child. Weird and sad. Also yikes.

No. 1383725

uwu kawaii skeleton, go to therapy Laura

No. 1383728

>>1383714 no1curr

No. 1383729

This woman has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen

No. 1383731

No. 1383734

Notorious leg shooper from the past threads. Boring asf.

No. 1383740

>>1383731 so sick of people trying to make her happen she's irrelevant, depressing and boring.

No. 1383749

Do you think she even knows who jenny holzer is?

No. 1383816

She may be all those things but I’d rather have her than fucking Niamh on here.

No. 1383823

File: 1638559338642.jpg (169.79 KB, 961x1539, Screenshot_20211203-141753_Chr…)

>>1383714 kek she looks like this.

No. 1383830

>>1383714 she gets brought up sporadically but she's not interesting enough to be a regular cow

No. 1383900

Yea I actually think she’s just saying the second part, imagine hating someone as sad and pathetic as me, how could you hate me you should just be nice to me and feel sorry for me. I don’t think she hates herself, I think she actually has a decent opinion of herself but she’s BPD so she hurts herself to get the love and attention she craves (ie: she spiraled after her fiancée left her)

No. 1383904

Even chii who is the same age ish at least works and lives alone and actually has seemingly made some advancements in her recovery, although she still kind of lives for the gram and has not progressed past her online recovery persona. Cece is really just a drain on society and totally out of touch with reality.

No. 1383909

Obligatory “hi Chii!”(obligatory " hi cow ban" )

No. 1383912

ngl i read her username as frillyskeleton at first

No. 1383913

K, dumbfag. Not Chii. I have said a ton of shit about her and was not even being particularly nice, just as a point of cows of roughly the same age comparison.

No. 1383914

No, just because of how she was shown to be posting here and she’ll see it

No. 1383921

>>1383714 kek would be more accurate

No. 1383926

File: 1638564242009.jpg (100.3 KB, 1063x568, Screenshot_20211203-154304_Chr…)

Cece on tiktok

No. 1383928

File: 1638564271332.jpeg (987.18 KB, 828x1530, 5C01CD7E-81B0-4023-846A-3EDDC0…)

she might be spending more time at home than any other average person her age

No. 1383933

she is too beige for the young ones to admire her and I really hope no one will care for her recovery advice, as much as I hate those positive unrealistic recovery accounts, after all they give you some feeling of hope.

> too Freddie Kruegered to be fixed

kek, love that

you can get laser treatment for such intense scars? No way she could get help, who would she be if she was cured?

that's also one feeling I get from her, she doesn't hate herself, she just does everything for attention. Everything she posts is like an idea she had in her mind, nothing to be too embarrassing, nothing to show how ugly she is, how bad she is, if she would hate herself she wouldn't care for anything of that.

No. 1383940

You've posted this three times you absolute retard

No. 1383941

I hate calling people ugly but………. i just… mole rat does spring to mind

No. 1383944

>>1383928 amerifag, don't understand this britcow being "so severely unwell" yet allowed daily hours of leave?? Surely an unstable patient needs to stay where they can be monitored

No. 1383952

~NeUrODivergent~ She missed out #malingerer. Also note the shitty smirk has made an appearance again. Smirking bc she knows she’s pulling the wool over god knows how many people’s eyes and treating a NHS hospital like a personal pit stop, kek.

No. 1383955

She keeps the NHS in business and all the staff on their feet and has done for years and years kek. So many cows would legit shit themselves and actually grow up and make the effort to recover if our healthcare wasn’t as free (well most of it anyway) as it is. Shame half of them aren’t tax payers either, so it’s us that fund their holidays in hospitals too kek.

No. 1383960

love you, too

No. 1383980

File: 1638567118087.png (402.45 KB, 433x624, Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 3.29…)

Cecelia continuing with her Judaism LARP.

Pretty lazy that she can't even bother to buy sufganiyot when she lives in a major city so it's not like they might literally not be sold anywhere.

Also kek at her making such a big deal out of what's actually a pretty minor holiday.

No. 1383983

Oh wow now there's a good photoshopping opportunity for someone who has too much time on their hands

No. 1383984

Of course the sickest daintiest ana ever didn't eat the whole thing, don't even think about that! She only had a bite.

No. 1383985

but kek that the bite she did take is a totally normal bite instead of the weird anachan nibbling

No. 1383990

Can someone with more time than me see if we have the post where she said sex toys should be banned and superimpose this image on it

No. 1383991

Apparently sufganiyot can range from 400 to 800 plus calories. She was probably too scawed to have one. I don’t like to question cows religions but I don’t understand the judaism if she wasn’t raised in a religious household and also does (did?) Wicca stuff - she doesn’t seem the type to accept an Abrahamic god.

No. 1383995

tbh I've always thought she just wants another "persecuted" identity to feed her victim complex / make her feel special

No. 1384000

>>1383980 kek she's so inconsistent her tiktok the other dad said a splash of milk in her coffee was scary but she can snarf a 500 calorie donut, and have 3 thanksgivings?

No. 1384003

Love that she specifies how she “tried a bite” and not “the whole thing” - I’ve noticed with most of the BPDcows they’ll always exaggerate how much they’re ~struggling~ never the reverse. Lots of people with anorexia actually tend to minimise and downplay shit, even on social media. sry if this is armchair or w/e but I’ll risk the redtext. That’s not an insubstantial bite lmao

No. 1384004

No- Mia (smoothiebowlmia with the super long legs) and Niamh

No. 1384019

Ayrt, I was trying to see if others felt the same way without racebaiting but I agree it seems like she wants more points in the oppression Olympics. Reminds me of the meme about the white girl who thinks she is Native American because she is 1/16th Cherokee.

Yeah, if you were just ‘trying a bite’ you’d tear or cut some off, you wouldn’t be deepthroating it

No. 1384023

>>1383980 fi is the same every tiktok starts with how difficult she's finding it

No. 1384027

File: 1638569012171.jpeg (268.29 KB, 750x1116, 169E5262-94C9-4A1E-B810-B4AC59…)

The dog is such a mood, kek. Honestly the same facial expression I have whilst enduring her repetitive, FB and Insta posts & YouTube videos of ~pretending to suddenly be scared of porridge complete with rubbing face every now and again, then the super big feed, stupid spoon and yogurt time, protein bar time again acting scared, arsing around outside with friends after a cheeky little OOTD aka body check, back to the hotel for chickpeas and spoon followed by a big feed again and patronising inspirational quote~ rinse, repeat tomorrow.

No. 1384039

you are not alone, I feel the same with her new found religion. Many people have different parts of religious backgrounds in their family but most of them won't milk it like Cece does, after all Judaism is still a very rare "big" religion around the world and you can count on history to find something that happend to your people why you are still oppressed today. If she was so serious about it, she would have taken steps to convert completely and told the world about it in every detail.

No. 1384044

Yeah, life must totally suck for Fiona(!) Greedily gobbling up NHS resources like the Grinch who stole Christmas

No. 1384046

Phoebe Tickner has entered the chat

No. 1384051

Kek, whilst the hospitals hit the annual winter crisis point with added pandemic bonus(!!) and people are literally dying outside hospitals lying in the back of ambulances because of the wait to get admitted to a bed, then you have people like this who have their bed kept warm for when they come back from their daily shopping sprees and cafe trips.

No. 1384075

Imagine LARPing as a Jew, of all things. Kek.(racebait)

No. 1384092

f those whiny bitches and their heart attacks, Fi needs signing out for another Starbucks

No. 1384131

Kek, I know right. 95 year old Maureen who’s been waiting in the back of an ambulance for hours in pain, after paying into the system for 60+ years, will never be as much as a priority are the most severe, dainty ana qweens

No. 1384162

I wonder what she actually eats all day, she can't be only eating a yoghurt and a protein bar some porridge and that piddly amount of ensure.

No. 1384171

Came here from the Ambrose thread. Anyone care to do more digging on dietdollie? From what I can tell she’s an 18 year old neotard who’s obese but claims to be a “fatphobe.” Should be very milky.

No. 1384178

reeeeefeeding syndrome
(…will see myself out now)

what’s stopping you from bringing the milk yourself?

No. 1384215

sounds boring, or you could do the digging yourself to convince us otherwise instead of asking to be spoonfed.

No. 1384236

Idk if she really lists everything she eats (if she’s as sick as she’s been making out all of the professionals are telling her she is, no competent dietitian would allow her to be discharged on the measly food she’s ‘eating’, no matter how much they know she gets worse in hospital purely for arse covering purposes) I think she eats a lot more than she documents on camera, because the daintiest and sickest of anas need to emphasise how little they eat and make it look as scary and overwhelmed as possible bc ~refeeding~, kek

No. 1384237

File: 1638581332084.jpeg (322.96 KB, 828x803, 34B0DCFF-7B48-4D29-AA13-60B59A…)

Not really anything of interest there. Just another ugly neopronoun user who LARPs as a skinny waif queen, and kisses the ass of any perceived-as-cis man on EDtwitter.

No. 1384263

What’s with the ‘#edsheeranrecoveryy’?!

No. 1384264

Neither do I understand- either she’s the high risk medical at deaths door she makes out, or she’s well enough to go shopping numerous times…

At least she buys most of her own food.

No. 1384270

Don’t forget the chickpeas!

No. 1384272

Mummy and daddy buy her own food, she uses her money for shopping sprees and spoons. Why do so many of these adult cows in their mid-twenties have such intense attachment to their parents, and their younger siblings almost seem forced to ‘grow up’ for them and get on with life.

No. 1384273

And she can’t still be on reseeding risk after 6 weeks. I’m sure she eats more than on camera.

No. 1384283


it's common tiktok slang to avoid getting flagged, that's why the other ones are misspelled too

No. 1384303

sounds like you came from twitter lol, nobody cares about this fatty. Present your own research if you want to participate.

No. 1384318

The Judaism Larp is odd. It’s a closed religion and rabbis actively discourage conversion. It’s honestly disrespectful for her to be engaging in practices incorrectly. If she’s after the perpetual victim card she is not trying hard enough

No. 1384321

Personally I've experienced 2 BPD & 1 'autistic'/ADHD girls irl who have tried to convert to Judaism for the oppression, alternative & attention points. One of my personal lolcows is an ex-witch now LARPing as a Jew. One of the other girls I know started becoming obsessed with judaism during a psychotic episode & messaged our local Rabbi some really fucked up, disrespectful rants about how Judaism is going to save her.
I think it's an easy LARP because of the loud minority on social media that encourages non-traditional conversion because 'ableism' or something.

No. 1384322

samefag, just like self-diagnosed autistics & DID folks like to say shit like "accessibility to professional diagnosis is gatekept by racism/sexism/transphobia! self diagnosis is valid!"

No. 1384341

the pub house of mirabilis (kelsay books) is a vanity press so she paid $$$ to get this out there kek

No. 1384368

File: 1638594712469.jpg (314.42 KB, 1080x2279, Screenshot_20211204-000930_Chr…)

>>1378968 do you have a source for it being a pay to pub press nonnie bc I did some digging on it the other day and it seems like there's a reading fee but that's pretty standard. Doesn't mean she's Mary Oliver, but I couldn't find anything about it not being legit.

No. 1384375

File: 1638595309682.jpg (195.16 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20211204-001913_Chr…)

Saged for mild litfag sperging but this is the founder/showrunner I was actually really surprised to see she got an acceptance from kelsay. It's amazing who these ana chans can fool

No. 1384409

File: 1638596968598.jpg (322.85 KB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20211204-004825_Ins…)

Kek cece did you try a bite or did you eat the donut guess it depends on what gets more asspats

No. 1384479

File: 1638602344058.jpg (473.45 KB, 1080x1936, 20211204_171745.jpg)

Yeah Georgia, you're "really struggling with food"… What's the bet that after this she went back to the clinic and cried to the nurses that she hadn't eaten so that she can get her precious toob?

No. 1384504

Not real racebaiting, ModTard.

No. 1384512

File: 1638603873189.png (15.85 KB, 916x60, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 5.39…)

I bet it's the same mod that called out someone via redtext for literal shitposts

No. 1384545

Grow up, you’re 30 next year. Nobody grieves a fuck if you eat a doughnut or not. How about get a job?

No. 1384546


No. 1384555

File: 1638608758484.png (Spoiler Image, 50.49 KB, 150x240, 263003894_4598053930277669_120…)

Found this potential new cow. Obese and tubed, claims anorexia is teaching her things kek

No. 1384559

File: 1638608787579.png (Spoiler Image, 65 KB, 150x240, 262886746_636708424260157_8959…)

No. 1384561

File: 1638608928506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.28 KB, 1242x1815, 262856686_3886346841467653_674…)

And then there's this girl I find even milkier as she's supposedly recovered but looks exactly the same as she did 4 years ago at her 'worst'. Lots of spoop pics, 41k on tiktok where she just talks about her ED, generally just a cow.

No. 1384585

This one irritates the hell out of me. She is always posting about protein bars and most of her posts she is in workout clothes and doesn’t get called out for it. Recovery accounts that only post in exercise clothes should get called out more.

No. 1384586

She also tags all the brands of her protein bars & powder. Why do these spoops always think GymBros Protein would endorse them of all people?

No. 1384605

why is your screenshot so fucking tiny

No. 1384607

I sent it from my phone to my laptop and posted from there lol

No. 1384608

but yeah idk why it did that just for those two

No. 1384630

File: 1638617854022.jpeg (671.2 KB, 828x1473, 2E2121EA-3836-41EB-8689-8C4447…)

did Fiona got sponsored/gifted or did she spend crazy amounts on chickpeas?

No. 1384644

lol wut

No. 1384647

She is spending a ridiculous amount on hoarding all that food, how many boxes of protein bars does one person need

No. 1384648

Totally not disordered at all! she's such a weirdo I wish they would release her, she's completely fine to be in the community and doing things on her own.

No. 1384664

File: 1638620686512.jpeg (320.8 KB, 1169x2198, 64421C09-7DFF-466B-991A-874D6F…)

kek her new tiktok about doing autist stuff in hospital with her ‘stimming’

No. 1384665

File: 1638620704352.png (188.02 KB, 720x463, Screenshot_2021-12-04-13-10-39…)

This will be the only post about edtwt from me because they all act and talk in the same Regina George wannabe manners, but i came across this girl's tweets that get up to 2k likes and no one could tell they're photoshopped. Now I'm just sure every girl on edtwt is brain rot level of stupid

No. 1384666

File: 1638620758503.jpeg (83.44 KB, 666x900, FA6QNcUXsAA0lzx.jpeg)

Just wtf is this kek

No. 1384670

not a chance. was with her in an admission, never once she ve done that

No. 1384675

this doesn't loook shooped to me, allt he lines on the door are correct and straight

No. 1384679

Doesn’t looked shopped. What about it looks that way?

No. 1384680

Not really, look by her elbow

No. 1384681

Danke. I'm guessing the mod in question is one of (((them))), kek.

No. 1384685

File: 1638621480360.png (672.28 KB, 1181x659, fiona.PNG)

Fiona has been lurking so much she's obsessed with addressing her lolcow followers - in this video she addressed our questions of whether llamas are her new spastic interest, and just WHY she wears hats indoors. it's all cuz she's autistic!

No. 1384686

File: 1638621526889.png (623.76 KB, 1204x654, fiona2.PNG)

No. 1384687

it doesn't look shooped

No. 1384696

The lines of her goddamn body are straight nonnies, and the muscles in the first picture… That's not how muscles work kek. It looks like a bad digital painting

No. 1384701

That's what a skinny person's arm looks like

No. 1384709

More like 4 days apart, not 4 years

No. 1384726

>>1384666 you autists are ao desperate for milk you're just spouting bullshit. It's not shopped, and >>1378968 it's not a vanity press. Making shit up just gives the cows an excuse to whinge about boollies. If it's not true, it's not milk.

No. 1384763

Lol who put bets on her blaming everything on her “ASD” and having every single behaviour under the sun once it was diagnosed. She’s such a transparent twat who needs to grow up and stop acting so special. That smirk will fly right off her ratty face when reality hits her like a train to the face.

No. 1384769

so her special interest is what happens to be popular tat in every store? A few years back it was unicorn themed everything, now it's llama's.

No. 1384771

It’s her special interest because we suggested it was, she’s covering up for being a cringe, basic bitch with no sense of self outside her eating disorder

No. 1384802

Literally. For years llamas have suddenly appeared on everything and anything, just like that weird period where everything was avocado themed. Doesn’t make you special or justify your fake ass autist acting Fiona, stick to the badly acted eating disorder that you use as your identify and have done for years, kek.

No. 1384806

Or, maybe (just a stab in the dark) wearing knitted hats is the norm in the UK for December because it’s, idk absolutely fucking Baltic in winter here?? Wind your neck in Fi fucking hell kek you tell yourself it’s for those super sensitive sensory issues you developed after your diagnostic assessment. This cow never fails to piss me off that little bit more each time she appears

No. 1384860

Her special interest is anorexia.
Can’t believe she’s stopping feeds and going home.
She’s approaching the irritation level of smorven.

No. 1384863

Forgive me for even validating this stupid bitch by asking this but with special interests in normal ASD - aren’t people driven to find out facts and read everything about said special interest? Like if your special interest was llamas, you’d know breed names, habitat and distribution etc like actual facts about the animal, not just buy cheap industrially produced tat that so happened to have a llama on it? I doubt she even knows the latin name or taxonomic group.

No. 1384874

sage for more litfag sperging– kelsay books is like finishing line press—not explicitly "vanity" but she said in an interview (http://katiehoerth.blogspot.com/2012/09/a-conversation-about-publishing-with.html) that she prefers manuscripts that are basically ready to print b/c she wants to publish as much shit as possible. so it's like her own vanity project and she does little to support the authors she works with

also, the pub house page has a "testimonials" page which i've only ever seen in vanity press sites like atmosphere press(learn2sage)

No. 1384875

Watch out, she’ll start calling them Lama Glamas soon (kek HOW is that their Latin name).
She is exactly like the kids on tiktok who watch a shit video on the symptoms of BPD and decide they have it because they cried AND laughed yesterday.
Wait until the sloth obsession comes back and that will be her special interest again.
She must really piss off the actually autistic kids.

No. 1384906

Sage for upcoming blog post but I can confirm. As someone who followed her since around 2014 on various platforms and met her in real life, and someone who was diagnosed with Aspergers as a child (ASD it would be now, also if Asperger was still a diagnosis in the UK that’s exactly what she’d get on that piece of paper) YEARS before any ED diagnosis, I agree with your statement regarding special interest being very intense. Often it’s around having above ‘normal knowledge and time committed to interests, being hard to move onto other things or priorities etc’ (which is the fucking point) she pisses me off. As you said, it’s the massive increase in TikTok videos practically giving these cows symptoms to choose from and imitate. Iirc another anon mentioned an actual child psych talking about the increase in kids displaying atypical symptoms bc of TikTok.
Maybe Fi should malinger the not so quirky, stereotypes that aren’t shown on TikTok. Buying shit with llamas on and dressing like a child isn’t a cute autistic trait , it’s something my 8 year old sister and her friends do. Maybe she should dig her special interest into what it can actually be like living with ASD in pure reality, then she might stop being a pretentious, histrionic cunt.

No. 1384912

I think she's a good actress and probably acted her way into the diagnosis. It's possible to fool professionals, happens all the time. Shame she didn't go to drama school instead of making being ill into a lifestyle

No. 1384916

well i bet exposing herself and her diagnosis and her special llama to the world would help her when she gets her degree as a psychologist

No. 1384917

I mean, she’s has years practicing whilst being a revolving door patient in the system (is it revolving if she never actually gets discharged from a service tho bc suicide threats magically re-appear kek) she’s a real drama llama, if you will

No. 1384922

As someone who is autistic and is doing a Masters in psychology, it’s fucking hard getting recognition in the field atm, especially if you want to take and progress your degree further into an actual profession (e.g PhD,research assistant jobs). Add onto that the extra difficulties with ASD when it comes to needing to ‘stand out’ and be competitive amongst thousands of other applicants, it’s even harder, it shouldn’t be but it is, that’s life. So if she’s serious about wanting an actual job, never mind a career, but she’s still going to CHOOSE to act like an immature toddler and broadcast it online for any prospective employers or institutions to see, I say good luck to her because she’s going to fucking need it.

No. 1384934

nonnie, first rule here is don't blog.

No. 1384940

File: 1638646532443.jpeg (575.88 KB, 750x1072, 8DF91D53-3386-4A3E-8E0E-9D5ACF…)

Ham got the hats indoors = frail waif memo
Maybe she’ll start larping autism soon too

No. 1384942

look at the person behind her wearing a big ass coat it’s been freezing in the uk. i don’t get why this is milky

No. 1384947

She actually looks cute here, she's not bad looking and her style is decent. She needs to get some interests other than the fake ED

No. 1384955

Oh you autist it was a fucking joke

No. 1384982

Apologies nonnie! I did sage but often do swerve from the blog posting, but it slipped my mind with this cow. She infuriates me more than the others with her larping and her ‘oh woe is me’ attitude when she’s had everything done for her and everything handed to her on a freshly painted Christmas plate and still acts like the world owes her something

No. 1385004

File: 1638651788489.png (3.03 MB, 828x1792, 511F8420-623D-4BDE-8E45-CB418D…)

how very jewish of you, cecelia!

No. 1385052

File: 1638656516155.jpeg (481.08 KB, 750x1236, E57A1412-15C0-4950-9342-932ED4…)

Jewish when it’s eating doughnuts, not Jewish if it’s missing out on Christmas.
She has a ‘higher powers’. I want to know what a rabbi thinks about that before accepting her into the faith… she doesn’t even believe in a God/g-d.

No. 1385061

not to jewsplain but you're not one of god's chosen people if it hasnt passed down your maternal side. im assuming she's one of those 'special' jews who gets to capitalise of the privilege and victimhood but will never step foot inside a synagogue unless it's to take aesthetic pictures and thinks eating kosher is a good way to detox

No. 1385063

Yeah and some denominations accept interfaith families or at least make it much easier for you to officially convert if you have paternal Jewish heritage. It would not be difficult for her to make it formal but I suppose Christmas presents are more important kek

No. 1385085

But accepting somebody who doesn’t actually believe in god??

No. 1385097

Isn’t higher power just another word for god? Pretty sure they’re the same thing. Like Christians call god “Holy Spirit”(learn2sage)

No. 1385110

There's no way she's actually converting. Imagine how much she would be posting about the actual process instead of her improvised menorah and journal prompts for the high holy days

No. 1385117

she was posting for awhile about going to shabbat services every week

No. 1385153

This whole conversation is frankly boring and not very milky. Cece is an ugly cow but boring as hell now that she’s not LARPing as a sooper severe anorexic

No. 1385180

would be zero problem for a Reform or Reconstructionist shul

No. 1385208

Very well said .

No. 1385209

Higher power sounds like some AA shit but kek don't tell crazy eyes that or she'll double down on her addiction larp

No. 1385210

Pretty sure she did- private tests are different to nhs ones- private consultants/psychs probably get more money the more they diagnose.

No. 1385250

Oh, for sure the more they diagnose he better it looks for them. A lot more cows go down the private route and find the £100’s for these types of assessments I’ve noticed lately, probably because it’s easier to malinger a complete stranger (if a NHS consultant/GP knows the cow very well, they’re less likely to be persuaded by referral requests bc they can probably see through the acting) and they’re effectively paying for a diagnosis so it’s a win-win for both parties really, kek.

No. 1385360

File: 1638687273710.jpg (237.78 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20211205-075210_Ins…)

normal things to whine about as a 30 year old woman. I pity her parents who probably thought they would finally get to live their lives again being done tending to toddlers

No. 1385396


Problems of people half her age. That would be teenagers.
When will this woman grow up..?

No. 1385399

I want Nik and his crazy kitchen antics back.
And with "crazy kitchen antics" I mean "gay".

No. 1385433

File: 1638696217912.jpeg (908.74 KB, 828x1516, 95C6C3E6-8C94-48F0-A617-D4F188…)

shan has gone round the twist. no, pouting and putting your forgeas close to the camera doesn’t make your ugly face look skinny.

No. 1385434

File: 1638696241516.png (4.14 MB, 828x1792, 0C3436B2-3244-47F9-A47A-CAB1CC…)

forehead. sorry

No. 1385436

this is just awful

No. 1385438

File: 1638696845582.jpg (198.05 KB, 1152x2048, 263238966_1205069439898944_341…)

Sophie was at the hospital earlier today (she plans on self-harming and returning), she got stitches out and the nurse told her she needs to stop self-harming in a certain spot or she could lose a limb, and if she comes back with S/H in the same spot there's nothing they can do for her… Soph disagrees and is scared for when she goes back later today after she's self-harmed again and the nurse being mad kek
Again, HOW is she out in the community? WHY has nobody taken her phone, or admitted her at least, when she admits for S/H literally every day

No. 1385439

File: 1638697056938.jpg (77.02 KB, 531x450, grinch-1050x450.jpg)


Did she steal Christmas?

No. 1385440

not practicing because you dont want to find a temple seems like such a weird excuse but especially if shes in san francisco?? she didn’t move to some small town in the midwest, its one of the biggest and most diverse cities in california finding a place to practice is extremely easy for any main religion

No. 1385441

nah thats Fiona

No. 1385443

why would you announce your self harm like that?

No. 1385444

It might get you a lot of delicious attention..?

No. 1385446

literally every day she posts at least a reference to her self harming and attending hospital, she occasionally posts the blood and cuts too… she announces it because she's a brain-damaged attention seeker

No. 1385474

Admission usually just reinforces behaviours for some of the cows like this. Those poor, poor nurses who are already run down into the ground and then have to bite their tongue and treat her when Sophie returns.

No. 1385483

File: 1638705122194.jpeg (594.5 KB, 828x1476, 4E0805D9-4357-467E-9545-1ACC97…)

dare i say she’s looking fuller in the face?

No. 1385485

yeah, that's a good thing

No. 1385488

I think it would help for her to be away from sharp objects and her phone for a while, i k now lots of BPD cows don't do well in wards but man…… she needs some kind of intervention

No. 1385494

yes, shes IP and being NG fed. weight gain isn’t a big surprise

No. 1385495

They can't let an attention seeker live on a ward for life just because she wants to. She's already sapping time and funds cutting for attention. Bitch should be given a box of steristrips and told to piss off.

No. 1385497

the fact that shes doing this to herself and won't stop, she has issues. she needs therapy or some sort of guidance

No. 1385499

I don't mean to a-log, but do you think disabling herself a little would be a wake up call? Seems a waste of resources to admit her only for her to go home and do it again so she can come right back. Addicts don't change unless they want to.

No. 1385501

She can do DBT without being institutionalized. There's still a pandemic floating around and medical attention is neither free nor infinite. She's not entitled to waste scarce resources just because you feel sorry for the poor emo cutter girl.

No. 1385518

I don't feel sorry for her, I genuinely think she needs medical intervention on her mental issues - like sedation & 1:1. She's tubed, which I hardly understand how as she's outpatient & refuses other help, it only makes sense for her to be away from the public & her phone. She's doing these things not for medical attention specifically imo, it would not hurt to have her in a psych ward for some time - give her a break from literally every day self-harm.
I think it would be a wake up call, but I'm not sure it would be enough. Why I suggest inpatient isn't because I think she'll get better, it's cuz I think without a break she's going to die, impulsively cutting anywhere she wishes.

No. 1385546

File: 1638715133884.jpeg (874.32 KB, 828x1454, 80051B82-50A7-407B-9FCD-FE1C74…)

i dont understand how in every video is “hopefully her last feed” yet is never?

No. 1385553

Was thinking the same nonnie. She said in a video about a week or so ago that the mouthful worth of ‘feed’ she was having was ‘going to hopefully be the very last one!!!’ Also love how she says she’s never going back to it again, never heard that before. We all know after your break from anorexia to enjoy Christmas at home the tube will make a reappearance.

No. 1385565

Ew, why the hell would she post that

No. 1385566

are you new to social media, nonnie

No. 1385571

Someone needs to dedicate a thread to Rachael Farrokh and her husband/“full-time caregiver” Rod Edmondson. She raised $260,000 for recovery in 2015, yet seems to have only gotten worse as the years have past. Something is going on.



No. 1385573

She's been meantioned before, and currently uploads youtube videos about once a month about how well her recovery is going. Not a frequent enough poster to bring real milk, but I keep my eye on her for my personal interest

No. 1385580

Just take away her access to social media and guaranteed she'd snap out of her attention seeking bullshit pretty soon after

No. 1385581

>without a break she's going to die, impulsively cutting anywhere she wishes.

She knows what she's doing is damaging. She isn't retarded (not in that way anyway). If she dies through fannying around, then she dies. Some people are too stupid to live. Not even being an edgelord here, we don't know what help she's having for her BPD, but there's a reason she's not IP, and help she's getting out of hospital she's not taking, so…

No. 1385583

The whole board's going to be full of ana chan cows at this rate. This is what the containment thread's for.

No. 1385584

Yeah, it seems she’s been mostly forgotten or thought to have been recovered. Hell, there’s dozens of articles showing her “SHOCKING!1!1” recovery that use old pictures.

Most of their Facebook photos of her now are years old, before the *heavy fentanyl abuse, with the occasional news article or television appearance update showing how she really looks.

*fentanyl hasn’t been confirmed, but there’s several accusations of that being the reason behind her failed recovery


No. 1385587

how old is she?

No. 1385588

What the hell, saw her YT channel.
Why is she using mAd cApS aLl tHe tImE??

No. 1385592

As someone who watches every video she posts, I do find it interesting every video is "I am healing, I am healing on the inside and I feel good" with no weight gain. But she says she's in college and therapy and working on herself, and isnt pro ana scumbaggy about it. She doesnt show off a skelly body and go on about her struggles. I think she's just a sick person and someone I find interesting in the morbid "will she live?" way. Pretty sure she did get hooked on painkillers at one point though, due to her needing them to keep existing at such a low weight. And it's not like she could instantly be fed 4000cal/day, she would need slow refeeding, so let's just hope she gains weight. Either way, not milk imho

No. 1385593

Rod seems like a nice enough guy, but it’s shitty that they’re using the same tactics as real “___’s Road To Recovery” accounts.

I just hope more exposure to the lack of improvement will help to start actual improvements.

He’s alright at art:


No. 1385594

File: 1638719760549.jpg (46.36 KB, 740x425, Capture.JPG)

Hammum is in Sheffield out with friends. Ham tagged along or is she alone doing this? Idk which would be saddest.

No. 1385596

Ive enjoyed Ham's account for a while, but now it is getting tiring. How long is Ham gonna keep up this LARP?

No. 1385598

File: 1638719995106.jpeg (89.15 KB, 864x648, mcp.jpeg)

No. 1385599

This morning I thought something similar. Is she really going to do a video of her eating a chocolate from her advent calendar for 18 more days??

No. 1385600

We can make collages of Ganer's slop bowls and collages of Ham's scared of food face

No. 1385601

No. 1385602

I'm currently tracking how often Ham washes her hair with the daily upload. She washed it yesterday.

No. 1385605

lol, sorry about the accidental repost of the video link. Didn’t realize it stayed in the box.

No. 1385606


"Road to Recovery"

My ass. She's still a skelly.

No. 1385608

It’s been 6 years and her jawline is becoming more prominent, as well as her eyes falling deeper in her skull. There’s no way she could be refeeding as often as she says she is, is it relapse or what?

No. 1385610

Probably to be cute. My aunt does the same thing for email subjects.

No. 1385613


Alright at art? You've got to be kidding. Also something is off about him. To be attracted to her still after all these years - he either has extreme low self esteem or a fetish.

No. 1385617

I mean, all those pictures are definitely from painting classes or YouTube tutorials. Not bad for a copy.

He definitely has some shame towards the situation, he only posts old pictures of her on his personal accounts, but he’s genuinely affectionate in videos. So, idk, she was pretty thin in their wedding photos, though.

There seems to be DDLG thing going on, honestly. Well, that’s how I read her decor and aesthetic.

No. 1385623

File: 1638721361103.jpg (314.22 KB, 1080x2195, 20211206_022035.jpg)

Sophie's back in the ER yet AGAIN. She INFURIATES me!! Biggest waste of time and resources, all she's doing is attention seeking. How is she not embarrassed to present multiple times a day???
On another note, she looks like she's gained a fair bit of weight

No. 1385630

File: 1638721603333.png (536.45 KB, 1280x1280, wishlist.png)

Gift idea.

No. 1385637

who cares… apart from you

No. 1385639

Creepy that you did this anon. Isn't there a rule about stalking family member's social medias?

No. 1385658

How is looking at a public facebook page "stalking"? I didn't post her name (although Ham's said it) and I certainly don't want to write to the woman. "Creepy" - gtfo.

No. 1385670

Not OP but Sophie is a widely accepted cow who infuriates a lot of people. Her tiktok account probably doesn’t have any genuine followers because she is so obviously flaunting her self harm.

No. 1385671

File: 1638724646641.jpeg (737.41 KB, 828x1454, 32081059-9A65-4F37-8DFB-345153…)

do you think that she might be doing something to drop her blood sugars each morning (if shes not lying)? like taking something

No. 1385678

Perhaps it's the hats. Is that unicorn? I thought she was into the llama trend.

No. 1385679

Except if you are Fi who doesn’t looked like she’s gained anything being in ip and on a( pathetic) ng

No. 1385680

Cos it’s got fuckall to do with this thread. No cow, no milk. Screenshotting her mum’s activities is bizarre.

No. 1385682

The whole of this board is ~bizarre~ in that case. Have you seen any of the other threads, because you'd shit yourself (ie some anon posting aerial shots of that Lucinda's house). Stop being a reactive little sperg.

No. 1385691

And they got called out on it, bore off trying to find something out of nothing

No. 1385696

File: 1638726589595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.68 KB, 564x731, save.JPG)

Okay, I'll never be ~creepy~ again and never offend you and your love for Ham. You might want to head over to the alt thread and report this, minimod. Mental note to self - do not engage with yawnanons

No. 1385712

How has she been in hospital so long and not gained weight

No. 1385715

Okay I’m a retard and know nothing. Isn’t the point of the toob to get calories into the body because the person won’t/can’t? Like isn’t it fucking clear to a blind person she has no problem consuming calories on her own? I don’t understand the medical justification to push calories into someone clearly overweight.

No. 1385717

Does Zara still have the tube?

No. 1385727

Wouldn’t surprise me. The porridge and especially the protein bars and yogurt would have some sort of sugar in it, and the feeds as well. She’s been in hospital long enough her bloods shouldn’t be low every morning. Unless they’re not and she’s bullshitting

No. 1385729

I'll give a Georgie Porgie Re-cap best I can. Always been fat, been the size of a hamplanet for a while now. Gets private Aussie healthcare to go on regular inpatient holidays for a toob and ECT. I've lost track of how many rounds of ECT she's had. The hospital throws all this unnecessary care at her - including the uneeded toob - due to money. That and anons have always noticed how Australia will toob anyone, and many patients can get toobed for behavioural reasons anyway - eg BPD cows refusing to eat for attention

No. 1385749

But Georgie is so starved that she faints and requires hospital treatment for her injuries. She also has extreme diarrhea.

No. 1385800


Hypoglycaemia and even reactive hypoglycaemia are common when someone is v underweight, even if they're going through the process of gaining weight. But she doesn't look like she's gaining, with her bars and yogurt and porridge and tiny amount of ensure she must be on like 1,200 cals and that'll maintain her weight.

No. 1385820

Yeah it is fucking creepy looking at her mum on facebook in your spare time.

No. 1385829

sometimes people can take in tons of calories but not enough actual micronutrients
there are low calorie tube feeds and TPN for those people

No. 1385860

Either way, she’ll be sure to update her viewers on how she’s still super sick!! Doing the bare minimum to make sure she’s home to make it for Christmas. Epitome of ‘recovery qween’ right there, kek.

No. 1385869

File: 1638742438969.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 1170x2031, 8ACEA18B-9C64-4325-BD1D-3752BA…)

She’s blown up like a pig

No. 1385877

File: 1638742721932.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 354.63 KB, 1170x580, 2E4E4271-86E8-4E41-8FF6-555948…)

Sophie Venting doesn't have BPD anymore

No. 1385888

What swelling is she referring to? Used to follow this one a few years back, has she landed herself back in IP yet?

No. 1385913

File: 1638744080635.jpg (445.77 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20211205-162056.jpg)

Couple updates on Eugenia, saged for skim milk:
Smartly dressed for her latest youtube video, actually focused on makeup instead of using every opportunity to body check. She looks nice. It seems the negative comments are getting removed for a change too, but idk if she's doing that herself or outsourcing the task as she should. I don't know if she's ever cleaned up her shithole comment section before but we know anachans have been using it as meanspo so it's nice to see her acting unusually responsible.

She did some interview recently and may be on her best behavior as a result, but I hope these changes stick. Sorry I can't offer a summary, I didn't have the patience to sit through an hour of Eugenia martyring herself, but at least it's an interview with a woman and not another moid whiteknight villainizing other women to rescue poor Eugenia. Linking in case anyone's autism runs deeper than mine on this.

Instagram's another story. She's playing nice for youtube but still lending her platform to be a voice for insane trolls in passive aggressive instagram stories. Can't cut your fans off that meanspo fix too fast I guess. I dont see an end to the spoopy full length body checks on twitter/insta anytime soon either, but the youtube changes are good. I probably shouldn't get my hopes up

No. 1385917

your autism is showing. this is an unnecessary essay

No. 1385949

no, whoever posted her is stupid as fuck tho.
her face is still utterly unchanged, no weight gain, but it’s clearly deformed and swollen around her jawline (im guessing dental surgery…? or similar.)
that’s not weight gain, so no, OP, sarah hadnt “blown up like a pig” because she’s not anywhere near recovering. she’s begging for money online and making zero progress.

No. 1385969

previously she’s been known to purge through various means (including via the ng tube) so it wouldn’t surprise me if she doesn’t have adequate supervision if she’s just eating and yeeting again

No. 1386023


"my parents don't think i have it" ah yes. . . her parents are definitely going to able to objectively assess their own daughter's mental illness

No. 1386032

Just curious so feel free to ignore, but does anyone here know the story of how wateremelons managed to somehow get down to a BMI of 9 before she went to hospital? If someone is young and known to mental health services it seems almost impossible to me that could happen but I don’t doubt that it did, it’s just that it was shockingly low and somehow she didn’t drop dead. I know about her threatening her poor mom with a knife, don’t know anything else about her except that she seems to only care about starving

No. 1386037


> Reminds me of the meme about the white girl who thinks she is Native American because she is 1/16th Cherokee.

Elizabeth Warren?

No. 1386050

If she’s been on a feed all night her blood sugars should be fine. Unless she’s pouring it away or diluting it with water.

No. 1386052

I’m sure these ‘issues’ that would inevitably prolong her hospital holiday are really upsetting for her, kek

No. 1386068

File: 1638758932026.png (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 1170x2532, 419D0F1D-51D6-4C95-BD61-2980AD…)

Eugenia Cooney loves to flash her scrote followers it’s so disgusting.

No. 1386083

Don’t give her any ideas. Any one of the BPD ED larpers here would love to be on TPN. All that would do would make them feel justified that they’re soooper sick as well as give them an extremely easy way to actually make themselves ill via fucking with whatever picc or central line is placed to deliver TPN. Plus Porgie’s already a munchie and TPN is a munchie’s wet dream and usually used to create more and more complications by that crowd.
Really she doesn’t need any sort of nutritional support, but New Farm continues to indulge Porgie’s delusions and guarantee themselves an income.

Whales have always been profitable.

No. 1386100

I got caregiver PTSD from this, reminds me of grandma asses

Why doesn't she just make an onlyfans at this point?

No. 1386217

Kek. What's this from?

No. 1386262

she moved out of her family home (according to her mum) and into her own flat, refused MH intervention or something. probably lots of lying about weights too- but it was during lockdown so thats afactor

No. 1386269

File: 1638787566406.gif (589.03 KB, 480x270, jewbilee.gif)


Reminds me of Moses from South Park's Jew Camp, which would fit in with CeCe's Hanukkah celebrations also.

No. 1386282

File: 1638790032504.jpg (54.82 KB, 801x558, Capture.JPG)

Congratulations on graduating to the sick fucks of VK groups. 500 dirty old men pulling their dicks over your 16 year old body.

This is why it isn't all about being popular with ana chans. It honestly makes me retch.

(Cut her face off, but you know who it is).

No. 1386288

File: 1638791479461.png (2.6 MB, 828x1792, 35E40C85-9F5A-4BD7-B173-640ADC…)

> dear lolcow

No. 1386294

Probable a lot of faking her weight

No. 1386300

I'd say being discharged at a low weight and refusing treatment during lockdown

No. 1386311

No. 1386314

I dont like posting about Niamh as I dont find her milky, but this makes me want to vomit. Fucking scrotes

No. 1386325

Am I the only one who's suspicious of her mother? I don't feel sorry for her because of how transparent her fishing for sympathy is. Both daughters deal with eating disorders which are commonly related to mommy issues, she airs out the family's dirty laundry on Facebook, and all I really see is her complaining about how hard it is for her to deal with mentally ill daughters with no consideration for how hard mental illness is for her daughters to deal with themselves or why they developed those maladaptive coping mechanisms in the first place. Even if the BPD daughter sides with mom it's common for there to be a scapegoat and a golden child in fucked up family dynamics. She's the parent. It is at least partially her fault they're like this.
Idk I don't mean to wk I just get bad vibes off the mom. She's the one controlling the narrative so I can't help wondering what she's left out of the story.

No. 1386329

File: 1638796770369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 708.9 KB, 1078x1696, Screenshot_20211206-081536_Ins…)

Has anyone mentioned this person before? I just stumbled across their account today and it shocked me. No way it's real. She's also been given $350 just in the last 3 days for nothing?!?! Disgusting!! Claims she has DID and one of her alters has anorexia. Uh what

No. 1386330

File: 1638797041394.jpg (Spoiler Image, 596.38 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20211206-082320_Ins…)

This is just so gross

No. 1386333

>>1386329 integrate
that said, KEK

No. 1386343

At least she knows she's a piece of shit. Shame anon didn't bother to elaborate. Looks like potential cow material.

No. 1386347

File: 1638799105276.jpg (Spoiler Image, 616.91 KB, 972x2072, Screenshot_20211206-085334_Ins…)

Not much to go on really, claims she has DID, one of her alters has anorexia, one is a 52 yr old man who tries to kill her, about 2 days ago she made a gofundme to try and move out and get assistance. The entire gofundme is a trauma dump with graphic details of back to back S/A apparently she was real desirable to men and women all the way until she turned 18, now she's constantly in and out of hospital and begging people to give her money or she will remove you from following her, talks all the time about how she poses 2-3kg a week even with a NG

No. 1386348

File: 1638799230289.jpg (310.16 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20211206-085918_Ins…)

She's not spoopy or anything. Maybe desensitized but looks average to me

No. 1386350

She's aussie, so that explains alot right there

No. 1386356

>>1386347 Your profile pic is showing anon

No. 1386360


No knee should be formed like that. Ever.

No. 1386362


Some Gen-Z won't know.
It's the Master Control Program from the movie "Tron".

No. 1386479

File: 1638811664774.jpg (394.68 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20211206-122425_Ins…)

No. 1386513

File: 1638814299888.jpeg (246.82 KB, 828x1420, F6297539-1941-4D9F-B5A8-96FC66…)

Fiona still flexing autism

No. 1386515

What the absolute fuck is this??

No. 1386568

File: 1638818737891.jpeg (239.76 KB, 828x1396, AC704F52-F2CE-4EE9-8EDB-9E9636…)

Ham is so proud of her amazing warriors for also eating chocolate with their breakfast

No. 1386576

Eating 10 grams of fake chocolate that tastes like shit, AMAZING WARRIOR

No. 1386583

This ding dong has 89 followers, how do we know she isn’t self posting in an attempt to get more donations to her go fuck me?

No. 1386618

u really think anons are gonna go donate tho? kek

No. 1386659


im 95% sure this is all self-posting with the pfp included in >>1386347 as a distraction/red herring.

This bitch is on private, has only 89 followers & seems super picky with those who she allows to follow her.
Add that to the fact she has only 11 posts, is a fuckhead aussie, and a psychopath who keeps their phone fully charged ( >>1386347 )
. 95% self poster!

but whatever, milk is dry af right now, bring it on…

No. 1386663

Just stalked that ~warrior~ and she’s pretty funny but not amazing. Ham could learn something

No. 1386752

File: 1638831861368.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1170x1864, D2C705B7-028E-41DF-AEDE-B7CEC0…)

The hospital has finally given up on Sophie

No. 1386754

given up or had enough of her attention seeking bullshit?

No. 1386756

File: 1638832005480.jpeg (184.17 KB, 750x1118, B66348B0-CB6F-4161-895E-DBD9D8…)

Does Anna still irritate the shit out of anyone else?
She really thinks she is the first med student to ever exist and that using a few big words puts her on a higher plane than anyone else
(and before anyone comes for me I am a medfag and know exactly what she’s talking about)

No. 1386759

as if that means anything to any of her followers as well, kek

No. 1386761

From the looks of things they’re not treating her anymore because she keeps returning 15 mins later for stitches again

No. 1386773

Well they can't just let her bleed out for liability reasons so she must not actually need stitches. Will she stop wasting hours of medical resources for attention or just cut deeper? I do have sympathy for cutters who go too far and are embarrassed to genuinely need medical help, but then there are munchies like Sophie here making it real hard not to a-log

No. 1386775

If Anna actually graduates this degree she’ll be struck off within 3 years, She’s so incredibly dim that she could do something criminally negligent. She’s also completely incapable of being introspective, living proof that people who are too stupid to question what they don’t know think they know everything. Has her MCAS larp gone the same way as her ana larp (only brought up when she wants attention?)

No. 1386778

It's also just bizarre because … no shit, dude, if you've been learning about ECGs/EKGs and X-rays then they'll probably ask you to interpret some. Wow, how rare, you might have to say something about how you shouldn't prescribe antibiotics willy-nilly. Nobody could possibly know that unless they were first in their class or whatever the fuck she's claiming now.

I also swear that her spelling has only gotten worse.

No. 1386779

Why are they all priv ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1386802

She still really pisses me off even though sh has pretty much given up on the LARPs. Clearly just using big words to try to seem intelligent. She defo has a superiority complex about being a medical student.

No. 1386875

File: 1638841784018.jpeg (227.95 KB, 1620x2089, C68FEF94-05DE-4C44-BDF2-BCC854…)

Oh my God this is sickening… Making her followers PAY TO FOLLOW HER and then getting shitty at the community for not donating… Does she not have a brain? Most people in that community have their own expenses!!! I just had a look at her Go Fund Me and these are the medical equipment she’s claiming she needs… SERIOUSLY!? I think there’s some munching going on here… Why would she need a Hospital bed at home!? It’s absolutely absurd

No. 1386889

Amazes me that the twins ever managed to becomes drs- quite scary really!

No. 1386891

What was the point of her post? The quote is silly.
What’s her instagram name?

No. 1386905

bariatric, kek

No. 1386906

The point of every single one of her posts/videos/her as a person is to be the most super, sickest recovery queen. Years of ‘recovery’ yet has remained the same, revolving door attention seeker, rinsing all and every bit of support and service possible. Some cows will never change their spots, just change their diagnosis’ preference to excuse their childish, arsehole behaviours and add to their bio’s, kek.

No. 1386920

My thoughts exactly!

No. 1386938

If she genuinely needed these things (who the fuck genuinely needs a $21,000 hospital bed for their home?) then there would be services in place to help her obtain them, payment plans are very easy to get for medical equipment when you are disabled and low income.

No. 1386956

Exactly. In Australia there's NDIS where they literally cover the cost of all necessary medical equipment. She states in the Go Fund Me description that she doesn't have NDIS. If she genuinely, actually needed all these things, they'd 100% accept her and cover all those items. Considering she hasn't been accepted by them makes it pretty obvious that she's just munching and doesn't actually need them. What a scam; begging for money for unessesary equipment smh

No. 1386993

Sorry dumbass here. They pimp their med students with questions in clinicals right? Her faculty will realize she’s socially inept and brainless

No. 1387063

you can heal some pretty gnarly injuries without stitches. it takes a lot more fastidious wound care, sure, but its not unheard of for a&e to refuse to treat an injury if they feel like someone is going to interfere with the treatment or otherwise be mega non-compliant. maybe they're hoping a wound care nurse coming by will reduce her constant a&e visits.

No. 1387118

Just so everyone knows, money their @secretshoosh has changed her name to @heyho_ohno

No. 1387119

Oops I meant theif*

No. 1387141

Think you meant *thief

No. 1387215

File: 1638890852615.jpg (290.13 KB, 1080x1809, IMG_20211207_152351.jpg)

Nourish drunk on her story, not particularly milky just quite funny, I think it was a video of her very drunk talking to her friend telling that she'll drink more tomorrow and tell her about it. Shes so Northern though I was surprised, wish I could attach a video.

No. 1387236

File: 1638893315729.jpg (768.82 KB, 1078x1858, Screenshot_20211207-110737_Ins…)

Interesting enough once she got mentioned on here she changed her posy captions on Instagram. Maybe she's realizing how sickening she is

No. 1387237

And she took the link to her gofundme out of her bio

No. 1387246

File: 1638893753801.jpg (685.57 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211207-111416_Tik…)

Money theif,wannarexic has a tiktok too and if you think her gram is bad you should see this

No. 1387247

Her voice drunk annoys me more than sober

No. 1387255

Absolutely, alot of these cows just go to the doctor for attention. You don't actually ever need to go unless you can't stop arterial bleeding. Wounds even open and deep can and will heal just fine without stitches or staples 99% of the time especially if you keep it clean, So Sophie really is just wasting resources and doing it for the attention.

No. 1387260

im not a medfag and i know what shes on about, her "flexing" doesnt get rid of her dyslexia tho kek

No. 1387268

exactly, if it doesnt stop bleeding for 10 minutes solid (with pressure applied) or you have genuine signs of sepsis, those are usually the 2 main reasons for A+E sh visits
If not, GP will almost always see you on the day or the day after, and they can do stitches and sutures there.
Sage for 'tism

No. 1387279

I meant what the point of her autism thing?the rest of the videos I get the reason she does them - to keep us entertained!

No. 1387288

This is BS. You can't have a gaping wound in your arm showing fat and not get stitches because it's an infection risk, and also those wounds scar much worse without stitches.

No. 1387291

File: 1638899001714.png (408.18 KB, 512x841, Watery Cow.png)

If Scarlett uses the word watery one more time I swear to God I'm going to scream. WTF is that bitch? I thought she was meant to be sooper scientific expert PT of the year. If you don't want to retain fluid and you can't deal with inflammation, dial your damn training back a bit and fight your exercise bulimia or STFU.

No. 1387296

Extra special recovery warrior points I suppose- it’s a current theme with the cows I’ve noticed, kek

No. 1387304


its still good to get wounds closed if its something that would warrant it if it was accidental, but that's more for people who aren't constantly showing up to a&e multiple times a day and presumably being very non-compliant.

No. 1387306

Who gets drunk on malibu

No. 1387320

n2f is just the kind of girl who i'd imagine getting drunk on malibu

No. 1387337

I love her. I'm so glad to see she's enjoying her life more and not just staying her binge/purge lair.

No. 1387372

remember 6-7 years ago were BPD was a flex and everyone wanted the diagnosis and self diagnose? now we moved on to autism

No. 1387429

yup everyone realised bpd was a bad diagnosis to have and attracted stigma from services. It is true that some people diagnosed bpd actually were just depressed women with autism though.

No. 1387439

File: 1638906866771.jpeg (843.62 KB, 828x1529, 536BDCD2-C279-4035-BBE2-152BCF…)

Fiona got her face back (1)

No. 1387440

File: 1638906898619.jpeg (867.58 KB, 828x1530, 74BB18EF-04EF-427D-931B-BAD605…)

and she showed us the whole process (2)

No. 1387468

Looks like such a forced smile, almost as if she’s having to pretend to be so happy that she’s had her tube peeled off her face, kek.

No. 1387528

yeah its probably because it means she has to actually eat

No. 1387571

It's not like she's using it anyway with half an ensure down it or whatever

No. 1387617

Why does everyone insist on showing the entire taking out process these days? It is frankly disgusting having to see the removal of a tube covered in slime and stomach juice. Do a before and after pic, I will still believe you had a tube and now don’t.
I also wonder how many of these videos are covertly filmed - a lot of healthcare professionals I know refuse point blank to be filmed and they all look at awkward angles. It’s just a fucking weird thing to film. It’s literally your internal juices on screen.

No. 1387762

I’m sure a few months/weeks after Christmas it will be back. There is no way she can gain weight on porridge chickpeas yoghurts and ham sandwiches ! And if she refuses to drink ensure - she’ll be back before long.

No. 1387788

“I predict they will ask us about what they’ve been teaching us and I’m a snotty cow!” I’d rather live with chronic sinusitis than see her for so much as a broken fingernail

No. 1387802

It’s not BS. It’s 100% possible to care for and heal open wounds with fat tissue or more showing. They WILL leave it if it’s not life threatening and they deem it a waste of resources (because she’ll keep going back and back and back) emergency departments are for life threatening injuries, they’ll probably refer her to a general nurse practitioner doctor for check ups and dressing changes/monitor signs of infection but no. It’s not BS. 98% self harm doesn’t “need” treatment, it’s just better if you get it. The body heals all sorts eventually. Wise up

No. 1387809


No. 1387829

File: 1638938324438.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1348, 9EFFA40E-57D0-4927-8E1B-89C630…)

Does anyone follow this woman?

No. 1387838


No. 1387878

>>1387288 not bullshit. Very common. You 100% can have exposed fat. Even muscle or tendon and leave it open and it heal fine as long as you keep it clean. Stitches and staples are mostly to help reduce scar size not because the wound needs it to heal.

No. 1387886

The drawing on her face to try and look emaciated and sick is worse than shmegehs black eyes what an absolute tit

No. 1387900

Wait why does she need a bariatric shower? Bariatric products are for obesity

No. 1387901

File: 1638953804497.jpeg (553.31 KB, 750x1059, B6E4CA80-94E1-41E2-A2B8-676A72…)

Idk hannah how many body checks can we fit into one account

No. 1387903

File: 1638954512912.jpeg (870.6 KB, 828x1428, BAF82D86-3A2F-4587-AAAE-A64EB0…)

what a flex came to my fyp

No. 1387905

She's literally full of shit, and just wants people to pay her and support her lazy wannarexic ass so she doesn't have to grow up and get a real job or act like a normal person. She's an uber special snowflake

No. 1387906

What's with spoops and loving the tacky christmas clothes? They're hideous.

No. 1387910

Oops i fudged up, I was talking about the money theif cow @heyho_ohno

No. 1387913

It makes them feel like children because only children would wear something like that seriously.

No. 1387916


sage and learn to integrate newfag. is this a selfpost? because no one but you seems to care about this person.

No. 1387931

File: 1638960667281.png (230.14 KB, 750x1000, 1_9rdcjqho80ulRumeCca8rQ.png)

All Hannah's clothes are disgusting, but the only people I see wearing Christmas outfits are children and anas. These cows are wasteful though, so buying something they wear twice then throw isn't something they think about. Becky the dog has a really OTT thing about Christmas.
I do wear a paper crown out of a cracker eating Xmas dinner tho.

No. 1387948

File: 1638963633469.png (401.69 KB, 493x861, Screenshot (4842).png)

Not milk but I was creeping ofherbsandalters Instagram and noticed she does just as much spoopy bodychecking as the other cows, even though she's so adamant that she doesn't. Maybe I'm reaching but to me poses like this always scream "look how tiny my waistline is!!"

No. 1387950

She's always been a cow, and imo fitting for pro ana scumbags

No. 1387958

For sure. She glamourises anorexia more than any other yt bitch. In so many ways she's an embarrassment.

No. 1387965

Maybe her WKs can tell us again how she’s just an innocent little ana who doesn’t deserve to be posted here

No. 1387967

what does being white have to do with anything. why are coloureds so vindictive. either way she clearly still have issues

No. 1387971

Are you in the wrong thread or something?

I know. She's pro ana but apparently that's okay because she isn't pretending to be in recovery.

No. 1387972

YT as in YouTube, you dumbfuck. Learn to sage, racist.

No. 1387974

Idk what integrate means, and no self post but I am the one to originally posted about her although I'm not the only one talking about her. And even if I was, Idk how no one else would care, she's one of the milkiest I've seen in a while.

No. 1387977

Wtf is this anon? I don't even know what yt is except YouTube. What the fuck.

No. 1387987

It’s a word outside of this forum so unless you’re fucking retarded yes you do.

No. 1387992

You don't know what integrate means? Nona, you have to be 16 to post here.

No. 1387994

>>1387958 I think just because she's in the alt cows thread people can be a bit against posting here, but I'd like to see more of her
>>1387967 retard

No. 1388011

File: 1638971213371.jpeg (50.81 KB, 320x401, 8570DF77-32DC-4656-A7A0-8D4508…)

>idk what integrate means
Holy fucking shit

No. 1388012

I guess I am what some would call retarded lmao im autistic and uncultured aswell so I'm sorry but I genuinely don't know what it means.

No. 1388014

It means adapt to the culture of your surroundings so you can function properly without making it obvious that you're an outsider

No. 1388015

I am well above 16, just spent 23years extrmely sheltered and practically in a cult. Maybe I'm just old idk I just don't know what integrate means in the context it's been used towards me. I'm sorry that's upset so many of you. If it's genuinely as annoying as it appears I'll stick to lurking no worries(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1388016

Never change Nonny

No. 1388017

File: 1638971951048.jpeg (793.67 KB, 828x1394, B7C7BB98-D86E-439C-9A05-624249…)

why is she back on the toob?

No. 1388030

KEK get off lolcow

No. 1388032

Im sorry your cult wouldn't let you read a dictionary for fun nonna

No. 1388044

File: 1638974059868.png (315.88 KB, 396x597, soph.png)

hospital finally taking action about Sophie filming hospital staff and police

No. 1388059

Lol shit Nona I'm sorry I was just playing with you, integrate in this context just means to try to blend in with the other posters here and not make mistakes when posting. But it's all good it takes time to learn everything, but if the people insulting you gets to you then you shouldn't post here cause it happens a lot, lol

No. 1388071

speak of the devil… dorain made a (currently unlisted) video about ed twitter

No. 1388078

im not subscribed to her patreon but someone on ed twitter is and they posted the link. its causing an absolute spergfest over there

No. 1388086

Yeah all of the comments on the video are saying it's a bad take, I'm only about 15 minutes in but so far it doesn't seem very controversial. Is the drama just because ED twitter is upset she called the entire community toxic? That seems to be what the comments are bitching about.

No. 1388098

God she talks shit.

No. 1388102

Lol she started cutting because Richey Edwards did it.

No. 1388119

Why are her eyebrows shaped like a parenthesis? Is that her natural shape or did she just pluck them all weird? I thought the kiddos liked thick brows now.

No. 1388121

The only thing I like about her is she doesn't have the werewolf eyebrows. Was she only having her tube changed and not removed full time? She should stick to the hair plaits. Better look than the woolly hat.

No. 1388156

If you can use lolcow you clearly have access to the internet, which can tell you the definition of integrate. We have a culture and specific rules for posting on lolcow, learn them.

No. 1388167

And making the point she still fits in childrens clothes! Hasn’t she got a baby?

No. 1388169

No idea- she’s just posted a vlog having it out and about going home. She also can’t count- she’s been in hospital about 62 days - yet claims she’s had the tube for nearly 3 months.

No. 1388178

File: 1638985621947.jpeg (847.92 KB, 828x1466, 965F8D30-5208-4D44-8A49-4D56E0…)

did she actually wore the questionable llama badge around?

No. 1388179

Wish I was as mature at 24 years old as she’s showed in her ‘vlogs’ , kek.

No. 1388197

Google is free nonnie

No. 1388199

File: 1638988073211.jpg (643.58 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211208-132514_Ins…)

Fiona thinks she's a comedian

No. 1388208

I think that anon came from the past in a time machine. Who the fuck calls black people "coloureds" in 2021? Or she was over 80 years of age.

Why is that ironic though. Doesn't she scoff protein bars? Whatever, if you want to pretend it's sad you can't eat snacks, then go ahead.

No. 1388213

Lmao she’s such a twat. We can’t forget that Fifi can’t eat!!!

No. 1388218

what else does she post on her main?

No. 1388227

File: 1638991576738.jpeg (701.82 KB, 828x1457, 973B019D-D368-4198-8662-F62F4D…)

shes discharged

No. 1388239

She might want to put a jumper on.

No. 1388246

she is getting discharged, nourished enough to not be a snowman today

No. 1388254

i know she's a revolving door but discharged when her arms look like that?

No. 1388258

File: 1638994250698.jpeg (337.85 KB, 750x1157, 21BB7BEF-55F4-4C37-9C95-2D28AF…)

Just incase anybody forgot she was in hospital despite the daily photos and videos!! Also is it super-sick anorexia tier etiquette to get a photo beside a sign outside a general hospital, not just a sign outside a psychiatric hospital/EDU now? Kek

No. 1388259


There is people in the UK known to ED services having no support looking worse than that! She's got to have people fighting her cause.

No. 1388260

Also if she’s straining her hands (that you can’t see) that would make them look even more spoopy. Although can’t resist wearing a short sleeve top to show them off, weird how she’s constantly “so, so freezing” all the time.

No. 1388261

She has the whole NHS wrapped around those fingers of hers kek. Whenever and wherever Fi wants support it’s there, handed on a plate. Will still complain and revolve around that door tho kek

No. 1388302

Maybe I just don't know that much about anorexia. But to me she looks terrible. Don't people drop down dead at that weight?

No. 1388328

If she’s medically and physically deemed stable enough in terms of observations, bloods etc by numerous professionals she can be medically discharged home, that’s how most of the NHS works, especially at the moment with severe bed shortages. If you’re medically well you’re promptly discharged. Also the fact she’s been on periods of daily leave for a number of hours would argue she’s medically well enough to be discharged from general, even if she’s still underweight.

No. 1388331


I think this anon is maybe using English as their second or third language, judging by their poor spelling upthread (see: 'theif'), outdated language (see: 'coloured') and lack of understanding of basic words, syntax, and sentence structure.
Please go and look at the lolcow rules (at the top left corner you can find these, by clicking on the word [Rules] ), read a book and understand that you have Google available to answer all of your questions immediately, instead of waiting for random folks on an (mostly) anonymous imageboard to respond to your every burning question.

No. 1388343

File: 1639002344006.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1170x2136, D0D2485A-19EE-4A8E-AD3D-DAC350…)

How does this girl need a medical admission she looks so fine what a mega larper(sorcha)

No. 1388350

noone say anything regarding above post

No. 1388361

top kek

No. 1388362

Cross over episode, she's wearing Lucinda

No. 1388473

File: 1639015830370.jpg (328.47 KB, 1080x2165, 20211209_120839.jpg)

Another BPD attention seeking Aussie chick. Just like Sophie shes in and out of hospital on the daily. Calls ambulances on herself. Self harms so that she can get surgery. Her and Sophie are very much alike… constantly calling ambulances for non life threatening things, harming themselves for surgery and attention. Definitely a potential cow.

No. 1388475

File: 1639015972054.jpg (403.28 KB, 1080x2176, 20211209_121232.jpg)

Constantly says she's going to undergo refeeding but never actually does

No. 1388480

File: 1639016113522.jpg (407.55 KB, 1080x2157, 20211209_121441.jpg)

I STG she only self harms so that she can post about going into surgery. If you scroll down her TikTok every 2nd post is about waiting to go into surgery

No. 1388483

File: 1639016310644.jpg (421.1 KB, 1080x2152, 20211209_121639.jpg)

Another post about how she was gonna get tubed, but again, it never happened. It's all for the clout. I think she's only been tubed once in her life and it was only for a day. Seems that the doctors wherever she's from catches onto her attention seeking behaviours

No. 1388484


maybe I'm stupid but how do you self harm in a way that gets you skin grafts?

No. 1388485

File: 1639016417260.jpg (229.31 KB, 1080x2195, 20211209_121938.jpg)

She's another Georgia! Look at the size of her, yet tubed. How was she not embarrassed!?

No. 1388493

How many times in the past has she said exactly the same thing on discharge ?!

No. 1388564

same types of injuries that would need it in other contexts, like 3rd degree burns

No. 1388566

Christ, her arms.

No. 1388725

for anyone who doesn't want to spend 40 minutes watching this (it's not really worth it, dorian repeats the same idea over and over)

summary/key "points":
- calls everyone on edtwt wannarexic
- thinks it's ridiculous that people would try to "Manifest" being deathly thin (it is, but this is hypocritical coming from a "proana veteran")
- is annoyed that people are using pics of her friends as thinspo/bonespo
- says people are disgusting on edtwt for using recovery photos as fatspo
- says that kids are being influenced to selfharm by looking at pics of it online
- talks about a 13 y/o who allegedly was bullied into suicide by edtwt (as if teenagers don't suibait online all the time)
- randomly tries to justify things that people did "back in her day" on pro ana forums with the same self-righteousness as always, boomer energy tbh
- says edtwt is worse than proana forums because it's public and unfiltered, as if either are a good use of one's time??
- all in all just comes off as a bitter and out-of-touch hypocrite with a superiority complex

also just for clarification I'm not an edtwt user either, i just think this video is stupid coming from dorian kek

No. 1388848

openly admitting she is doing it to get surgery - addicted to the attention

No. 1388857

They hack up the skin repeatedly and deeply and eventually it’s all just tight scar tissue that never gets to heal up properly. If they’re hacking away near their forearms or shoulders they can fuck with mobility cause the scar tissue is tight and firm and doesn’t allow the movement normal skin does.
Or the wounds become infected and because its like twenty smallish wounds all merging up it can no longer be closed up and needs a graft to replace the sliced up and dead skin.

Bpds are fuckin nasty if they really crave that attention. Hope she gets slapped with tilapia skin and gives it up once she’s just fishy and not special.

No. 1388874

or burning. with a lot of them its setting fire to arms, shit like that

No. 1388884

as a bpd'er, i hate to be lumped in the same boat as them, they are a different breed of bpd
that shit sounds like a nightmare

No. 1388958

>- talks about a 13 y/o who allegedly was bullied into suicide by edtwt (as if teenagers don't suibait online all the time)

The best part of this is NOBODY knows who she's talking about. Nobody knows what incident this is, because it never fucking happened, yet she's openly talked about girls dying on pro-ana forums in the good ol ana years.

No. 1388960

File: 1639058918180.png (6.95 KB, 326x155, citation needed.png)

Basically her entire video

No. 1389010

Everyone on edtwt would be raging over this if it were true. She's such an asshole, making up stories for clicks and to get people to sub to her patreon.

No. 1389029

File: 1639068155675.jpeg (681.98 KB, 828x1537, 6FB64D1E-1116-4E19-AA83-2362AC…)

fucking kek at this. the neck straining is totally pathetic, who would post this???

No. 1389030

File: 1639068181280.jpeg (745.89 KB, 828x1481, B92FE9E2-B68F-46F7-AA18-6568C3…)

nvm it got even more embarrassing

No. 1389032

File: 1639068507612.png (3.49 MB, 828x1792, DDFC364A-60E9-4867-9AA9-DD111F…)

tiktok number 356432166

No. 1389084

File: 1639076070269.png (2.98 MB, 1620x2160, 7CF34A22-2CAD-46D6-B34C-C9B261…)

Wow, Sophie really has gained a lot of weight, her face has ballooned. Also, why does she ALWAYS smudge her mascara/eyeliner for videos!!

No. 1389085

Her life seems so miserable, raging bpd there. Are her parents not doing anything?

No. 1389105

don’t be stupid. 1. weight gain isn’t milk. 2. sophie has always been a normal looking weight. 3. she’s a schizo attention seeker, that’s why.

No. 1389112

I know Shanny's not a regular cow but there's no where else to post her and I know I'm not the only lurker who finds her milky. She uploaded a video where she ~disassociates~ and discusses her current ED. She starts off by saying she's been in severe pain all throughout her legs, hips, back and ribs. As well as her usual teeth pain. Although the pain still didn't stop her from binging and purging twice this week, which of course made the pain worse. She's considering going to the hospital for pain meds if she can't see her doctor soon enough, great drain on resources there Shanny. About halfway through the video she starts staring off into the distance and blinking rapidly, darting her eyes back and forth like a lizard. I've seen many videos and livestreams where she pretends to dissociate and her eyes have never done that before, so I guess she's trying to make it look more convincing now. She sits there for a minute closing her eyes and shaking her head. Taking deep breaths, pinching the bridge of her nose and rubbing her face. She starts rocking back and forth at one point while hugging her chest, never seen her do that before either, perhaps an autism self diagnosis is coming. She starts whispering to herself at one point saying "I'll probably just edit this out," which she doesn't do, and never does when she catches an "episode" on camera. She narrates through the whole thing saying "I'm dissociating hold on" and "I'm only half here guys I'm just trying to bring myself back." She finishes the video humming to herself while hugging her knees to her chest. Sorry for the long ass sperg but this shit really gets to me, she's a class one munchie and has been from the start of her channel. She's obviously not dissociated, just like she wasn't really anorexic, and didn't really have gastroparesis and DID and BPD and OCD and EDS and every other diagnosis she's given herself.

No. 1389115

She's a sad stunted bulimic in her 30s.

No. 1389119

you can also get that if you want to "remove" your scars, even though no sane doctor would treat you if you are still self harming.

don't have bpd, but self harmed for many years and I know how you feel. I just don't want to hide my scars forever because such stupid people are a bad example and ruin a normal life for people like us.

No. 1389172

File: 1639084542818.jpeg (549.24 KB, 828x1429, E9F16506-0810-4854-A17E-770978…)

a p.o box? she really things she is an influencer

No. 1389177

Why does she always sperg about how guilty she feels and how undeserving and a precious little angel she is, who always puts others before herself, when in fact she's the complete opposite? She has no qualms taking resources from the NHS and disability benefits. She quite literally hasn't worked a day in her life for anything.

No. 1389193

nah she doesnt care. she wants attention and now with tiktok and her 70k+ followers shes on another planet. maybe she will even move to LA like the big influencers for a career. wait, thats far from mummy and daddy

No. 1389200

‘After a lot of encourage from my best friends’ kek bullshit. She doesn’t need encouragement to sponge off the system and off others, she absolutely loves it and always has. What a self-obsessed cow.

No. 1389208

File: 1639086829919.gif (3.61 MB, 400x272, 87D578AF-D01C-48C9-8FE7-7C7699…)

No. 1389248

KEK. Who tf does she think she is with a PO Box for her little fan base recovery warriors. God give me strength

No. 1389263

dissociation isnt really like this i dont believe, its more described as things feel unreal and hazy and like your watching yourself. Is she a bulimic with a self given anorexia diagnosis?

No. 1389282

Yeah she says she's been bulimic since 11 or something absurdly young like that. Her teeth are destroyed by the enamel erosion, most of them had to be removed so now she wears dentures. But for a period of time she was not eating during the day but then binging at night, she did this for about half a year then tried to get her doctors to give her an anorexia diagnosis. When they told her she's not anorexic and in fact needs to lose weight she "self diagnosed" herself with atypical anorexia. She doesn't really claim it anymore but still says stuff like "I've had every eating disorder there is." Even though she's only ever been officially diagnosed with bulimia.

No. 1389334


Isn’t it interesting how she got through the whole video and able to update on everything going on first before her lil “dissociation” episode (putting it in quotation marks bc I’ve dealt with dissociation from trauma and it’s not at all like that for me)

No. 1389336

that's depersonalization fyi

dissociation is a trauma response where ur essentially blocking out ur reality

No. 1389421

File: 1639105149785.jpeg (1.11 MB, 828x1326, 7AC016E1-D954-4C66-917B-511B97…)

Imagine taking a photo with someone like this

No. 1389469

Imagine having your hand wrapped around her chilly bony carcass to pose for it

No. 1389520

I’d be scared of breaking her rib

No. 1389529

File: 1639120216807.jpeg (794.81 KB, 828x1529, 4228DD76-5AF0-4CB0-8885-F50B7D…)

whats all the L’s? im confused

No. 1389531

lumbar vertebrae, the bones in the lower part of your back.

No. 1389539

File: 1639121387691.jpg (269.2 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20211210-082401_Ins…)

the irony. we all know inpatient IS a holiday to you cecelia

No. 1389542

loving that she asked that questions not be triggering and then low-key used them to brag about being the sickest ana ever

No. 1389551

File: 1639122797747.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211209-233841_Ins…)

Is it just me or do those glands look swole

No. 1389572

Dirty fingernails
And long toenails

These people make me feel sick someone send them nail clippers for god sake

No. 1389600

slightly but glands can appear swollen just due to malnutrition alone. not denying she might be purging, god knows what she does. but i reckon it’s just starvation

No. 1389620

If only Cooney was as thin skinned as 'erbs. Good to see Jenn deactivated her ig off the back of that edtwt/casual racism backlash. Ofc she's going to blame it on being aspie special.

No. 1389621


No. 1389631

are you lost?

No. 1389633

broken spine, broken heels, still bodychecking. never change ana-chans

No. 1389637

Who is this? Sounds like they really fucked themselves right up.

No. 1389642

File: 1639141662348.png (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 640x1136, 3E3BFB00-0702-4C45-8BA1-08EB5A…)

Is anyone else seeing the drama between niamh & other previously mentioned cows she was in IP with? Am finding this hilariously entertaining tbh. The Bethany girl has been posted on here before and while she’s not Niamh level of triggering she’s definitely cow status

No. 1389657

comments are hilarious

No. 1389658

well do post some caps dear nonnie

No. 1389659

File: 1639144117421.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1541, C7569239-3AE4-40DE-A7FF-562E59…)

the video has been deleted?
this ones still up tho

No. 1389660

File: 1639144240761.jpeg (895.65 KB, 828x1584, E8D6CBDB-8023-4B8D-B203-9D00AB…)

No. 1389661

File: 1639144597256.jpeg (908.92 KB, 828x1626, D22529E7-5725-476B-A763-0962F5…)

No. 1389717

>>1389539 why does she always say "never again" or "last ever" when it's obviously bullshit

No. 1389777


Just like smorven - same comments about deserving, same sponging off the nhs ( do either of them know what a gas bill is or how to arrange a grocery home delivery?)- at no cost at all to them or sponging off their parents.

No. 1389813

File: 1639159012564.jpg (284.02 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20211209-211729_Ins…)


No. 1389818

>trigger free plz
>posts only things related to triggering shit

No. 1389820

So brave for doing something every mammal does for survival. These proana dipshits demand praise for the most basic shit imaginable. Drinking water as an act of bravery kek. Was there literally no other example she could come up with? Must be nice.

No. 1389838


She's so weirdly depressing. The point of recovery is moving on with your life. Why is she so stuck in her past ED? Might as well relapse. Currently she is just in an average normal body but has no life or interests outside of ED. The worst of both worlds.

No. 1389850

"P.S.: You are NOT a jew. Best regards, J*hwe"

No. 1389870

Weird way to admit you just dehydrated yourself to get your weight down kek

No. 1389879

Is she implying she spent 10+ days without water with the ‘xx’ rather than ‘x’. And surely she’d be gagging when the water hit her throat if she was that dehydrated?

No. 1389881

kek no way she went over 10 days without water. maybe 1 or 2 tops if even that

No. 1389894

>>1389881 you can go three days without any fluids. Clearly she were taking something in or she would be dead

No. 1389938

Cecelias ED is a cope for being fugly.

No. 1389951

File: 1639170245005.jpeg (1.24 MB, 750x1036, D9436740-8CAE-480A-A62A-523B38…)

I find it interesting that Zara regularly posts stuff like this whilst also often fairly openly defending Niamh

No. 1389956

I think she may have gone a long time without water but not without fluids. She posted recently something about self care for her is drinking water i stead of black coffee. So I’m guessing she drank coffee but no water for 10+ days. So she’s making it seem more extreme than it was.

No. 1389961

That's definitely not that extreme. A lot of people don't drink water and just drink caffeinated drinks. Can't believe she's in her 30's and thinks drinking a bit of water is brave

No. 1389967

Apparently a lot of people who are friendly with her don’t actually like her. Juulpod(?) was dissing her/ admitted this in the comments of Niamh’s tiktok (no screen cap as her account has been deleted again)

No. 1389981

Cba to find this evidence but I have definitely read that coffee has a net hydrating effect so really, drinking coffee lots counts as your daily water intake anyway.
outside of a cow context definitely not good for your MH/physical health but for Cecelia haven’t we seen many times a claim that ‘no I wasn’t eating/drinking I swear!’ Whilst posting food/fluids… then some excuse ‘well only coffee/chai/turmeric tea/posting things I was lying about eating and drinking’

No. 1389996

when has she defended her?

No. 1390021

Idk if she's ever defended Niamh but she does regularly body check so this is very hypocritical.

No. 1390100

She has not made direct posts maybe in a while, but I think every time there is a resurgence of posts she has shared stories about not bullying people, about what is not a body check, has answered tells publically about her opinion on Niamh (‘lovely girl, her IG is not Ed related and gets unfair hate because people think she is a recovery blog’), made I think a pointed post about what is pro ana basically saying Niamh isn’t pro ana.
Niamh often posts things that go very against Zara’s principles (and the real rapunzel’s) but they both make a lot of posts essentially calling people out whilst both defending her.

No. 1390133

Is Paris still doing her usual shit on IG? In a knot over “ the bridge”, dancing while eating her snacks and weighing 97g of strawberries.

No. 1390191

File: 1639196752679.jpg (299.63 KB, 1080x1890, Screenshot_20211210-161503_You…)

Have you guys ever heard of 50shadesofchestpains? He has been making videos demystifying anorexia and this person who I remember as "anonymously thin" (in a video where she just bitched about "anorexics not feeling like they can post anywhere on the internet because people may say they're not sick enough") is trying to retaliate and say he's just capitalizing off of ed just as much as eugenia

No. 1390199

No ones cares about your shitty yt channel

No. 1390220


I literally drink nothing but coffee and am not dead so living proof right here. The dehydrating effect of coffee is so minimal, drinking water is not a big deal. Such a weird flex.

No. 1390257

Bethany posted above is juulpod nonnie

No. 1390260

how does Ganer have this recovery story when she's clearly still disordered

No. 1390270

File: 1639205135470.jpg (263.31 KB, 1528x775, Capture.JPG)

She posted that she's a year self harm free, and she's gone all Ham by posting herself eating an advent chocolate. The rest is the same as always.

No. 1390277

I can respect the research he puts into his content but titling all his videos "the Eugenia cooney of ___" is fucking embarrassing. Idk his story but nobody's that obsessed with ED content creators unless they have an issue themselves

No. 1390333

File: 1639213460511.jpeg (515.04 KB, 828x1214, 0596CCCB-4598-4E8B-BB58-DEBE03…)

N2F starts going down the alcoholic route

No. 1390336

She’s a northerner so bet she can really knock it back. She needs to watch out because alcohol wreaks havoc on a previously anorexic body, if you’ve been emancipated or bulimic and damaged organs: can give you early chirrosis of the liver or pancreatitis

No. 1390344

File: 1639216369103.png (3.01 MB, 1665x1268, ntf boozehound.PNG)


when she starts adding rum to her fkn breakfast, you can tell shes heading downhill fast…

No. 1390349

umhiimzara’s posts regularly call NIAMH out in my opinion. not directly but things like her post about “you’re not a fashion icon”, her most recent one about “you’re not responsible for triggers BUT”…. etc etc. plus her post about posing/ using angles strategically.

No. 1390350

Sadly most ana’s go from one addiction to another. I hope she doesn’t go down that path she doing so well and it so nice to see how happy and confident she has become.

No. 1390359

File: 1639222888670.jpeg (818.45 KB, 828x1459, 310E02A9-7849-4686-A333-58D0DA…)

aaand we transition from beanies to santa hats

No. 1390363

From what we've seen of n2f, I don't think you'd know if she was drunk or not.

She's raiding her parent's crimbo booze.

No. 1390364

Zara annoys me a lot because she calls people out on things to deflect attention away from the fact she does these things herself. If you look at the tiktoks she has pinned, she’s chosen the best angles of the video to show how skinny she is. You can choose the video cover from any point in the video but it’s always to show bones. And then had the audacity to ‘call out’ other anas. It’s so strange.

No. 1390373

File: 1639227590577.jpg (459.06 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20211211-065345_Gal…)

She's like a drug addict warning people not to do drugs and pointing out tells of drug use. Being a hypocrite doesn't invalidate her insight. I find that self-awareness less aggravating than the delusional toxic positivity like pic related.
"Ignore the pain" take your hand off the stove idiot, pain serves a purpose

No. 1390378

No. 1390457

Is that all of her hair in that braid? Starting to understand why she prefers wearing hats, malnutrition is just ruining her looks
Just imagine what the scalp would look like

No. 1390474

Thanks - I’d forgotten the 18g of lettuce!

No. 1390475

And she has teaspoons like Fi……

No. 1390507

Nah she has relatively thick hair in her other photos and on her Facebook pictures, usually wears two braids too.

No. 1390513

File: 1639247073815.jpeg (804.31 KB, 824x1435, ABD214E2-CB53-4B8E-9162-1A5DAC…)

all complete with bells

No. 1390514

File: 1639247121414.jpeg (871.15 KB, 828x1513, 835990F1-D24D-4D52-917D-D829DC…)

just in case you were wondering, heres what she wore today - or in general terms body checking

No. 1390526

how much christmas crap can one person have?? disgustingly hideous, even more so than her skelly state

No. 1390543

Anyone else already over Christmas because these cows have already done it to death? I even want CeCe go full on Judaism. Bring on the dreidels. Skeles in elf hats is too pathetic.

No. 1390555


Channeling Elzani from her hospital vid with those leggings.

No. 1390559

she posted her p.o. box crying how guilty she is feeling. funny if someone sends her a cow beanie

No. 1390574

Ganer posted a pic with her sister (twin?) and jeezus the sister is so much better looking/more attractive than her. They don't even look related. Dunno if anorexia royally fucked her looks or if it's just an awkward and unfortunate situation, but if that was my sister I'd be so insecure.

No. 1390576

File: 1639251729275.png (494.82 KB, 417x731, Screenshot 2021-12-11 194028.p…)


Pic because I'm too retarded to post it the first time.

No. 1390580

They do look related anon are you blind? But yes her sister is way more attractive than her. Anorexia fucked her up.

No. 1390583

No guessing what she spent her time in hospital watching then.

No. 1390585

Now that’s a good idea….

No. 1390587

File: 1639252551075.jpeg (261.43 KB, 1363x398, 23B5002A-49D5-4E2F-80D6-0CC7CD…)

Anyone watched her? Yes she’s over 16. Pick the best photos for a thumbnail .